Stephens College - Stephensophia Yearbook (Columbia, MO)

 - Class of 1947

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Stephens College - Stephensophia Yearbook (Columbia, MO) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 328 of the 1947 volume:

N 9 fr... A 1 I 1.,,,,. , .. I I I I . I 5 I I I I I L l I I I I I I I I I I I I I , . I I I 3 II I . I2 If , ar I If IE 11. I I I I si I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I Ii I I IIE I I I I nv ,..:,F5:1w,j, gf- ,K . Silfffi, K A-xf?!JRbefSUe'iif:ff'g ff' aww wp- -so-fog':. fwfe , .W..M,.,,,,Lm6Jui?f , b f mqigti 4 fvzwfmwgeevwf' c..., . hav. .WAN MM, TEP ENS P I fm 'zfl ' IF! Qulfgje Qs It .IIHI saszssa :aaasagu aaafaw 15--,sa:.... -:nazi-gg.:: gig ffing I HI- 'glls 'g -jigs" : 5 x ifgif last' 4 X si' fzaifae -- aaaasr 1' I s.J:ga?',1, I 'I F. L: if "4 if J' fs ML, ff!! ,fy 1,1 r-4 , : :ix-1 Fin. if "" E - F ' E 'f ww 6 amish Q wg --- :ex ,.+,,,1 ,gk-.-5, WW 1 , ff, .:, - ,.f'- - I A WM X797 sruufur PUB or STEPHENIS c 2 E S Q, E E S 'S- XM Q, -Q 1 1 5 W! MMI IIIIIMII I HOLLAND AT BRITAIN Ll... FRA Nc HAWAII I-I I JP? JP'- SOUTH AMERICA INDIA sw Y fa' I NO ,f ff 'f f, If .f 1 z 'Q V, f La Z , f 1? 5, 4: Q fi Z7 pk :c fc Q2 f ,, 10 vt 2 ai 6 5 rf Z Q 5. F K. 5 4 k I wh N 'lo the- N1-u XX urlfl uml Youth This IUI-T Sfl'Illll'llS0lIllill ls llupvfullx Ih'4li4'zll4'1 lf: thx- X-'xx XM1r'lfl, llx t'llX'lFl1Illl'1l hx mhml- uhm hmm' v.u'm'5llx ws-I qlhwul Liu-mfkw! hmlfhugqil,rw1l1vrl1.,.,fl4,l ll.lll1rllwHllllL'lllIl'I'l' l uf iullm' pvgu'v41l1rl Nt'1'llI'llY. KIM' llll' l1h'g1lsw! lhv l Nu ln- F-U1 INJFIH ir ' rm' 'nxt 1 '-v1'4 ' .' u. ' an u l x umtx Ipurpm nullttnl nn thi put I lll lllkll xxh lu p1':u'4'41l14l hgnlm- xxgmr, wha, prim- juwliu- gnhmv 51-II'.uix.1l1l41gv, .mal uhm amhvt har' all llkllllillw .mul In-uplm-5 lrwwlmln lmm lm-.u'.1mi lbIilll'l'55llIIl Umhl lll lhm ll .Xml IwXulllh,wlmhul1i ilu-1l1-5111111-.Hi lhv X1-xx ' h.m1ls lu thu j4t'lll'I'2lIlHll ni ufllm-gn wlhfh-hlx. Illl'll .xml XKHllll'll gnhlu vmlm rp sham- lhm- I'l'r-lJUllSlllllllY lor wlmpnng lhv lllllll'l', KIM' lhvx' In vc-cl with vlvnl' Yiwiun11Il4l1'ulll'z1g1-mlwlllilulsf NIM tha-3 lmxw- lhn thc put to clmmnr xl rm 1111 :ml In I1 hun 1 sight to pmlw - if , W ' 5 Eg 4 -N, . Q X NS world 5? l X. if 1 ei , 3, if of pczwa- fur all gm-m-rnlimmf lu num-f 1 1 i 5 1 i 3 x 3 3 W fi X iii? F IEIEI? X x X Nw , -fu ',xx .IH ,L 4' af, 'I ff: f , .A nf .ax-yt , , , 15 .U-1 ,+-. , f ' ,, - ,f fr . r,rw,,5,,, , 4, 1+ Q - I Q1 scoff- - -'w .fer ww k,,,,Q-'72-. . - . 1, . v V 1 . 1 ,, ,, .. , 11 - , V .' "'f' .- A ' LL ,vw 1 , Af,-:,l,t,1,,4 :gyr ff! ,bl -via..-1, .,5Nf,1f,, . - . ' ' 1 V nf . i , . Q' ' 1, '-4, Agkfp-"J-l,.'. fgkvntf' Q. I v 41 , , , , ,Q ,, f ' ,-l,.,'.g 1711, .fu g1'.",y,i,. ,.eg, f,.,QjS-- 1' 'f --' ' , iYQl'.'fR1" "'5.'4' 'Qji' ',4'V' ,l ' k , ff, flfiffgf' 'fff' ..5'iiL'9:'-51455 Lg f'f'2fi5?"'Tg1W'r f '-14 .!"ff,,f7 ',f,ff'1'q, 3 cy'gf7i' 'X 1 ,5,'f'f417 f hjtf, fdffi, . 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No longer can anyone live to himself, or remain unconcerned about human welfare elsewhere in th world. We are presented with the most challenging opportunities mankind has ever known. we have it within our power to make life secure and creative, or to destroy civilization as we have known it. Each individual is surrounded by circles of relationships -- the smaller circle of the family whose welfare depends upon the larger circles of the community, the Nation, and the United Nations Unless we work together to use the tools we have created for constructive ends, we face the prospect of being destroyed by these powerful tools. Just as the combined power and effort of all people were required to d feat the common enemy during the war, it will take the devoted interest of people in every country to defeat the much more destructive common enemies of hunger, disease, and ignorance. We now have the United Nations through which to wage this struggle. We must face the future with good will, with patience, with vision, we must face it with a full sense of our responsibility as world citizens. We must face it with the knowledge that ours is the era which can fulfill the ancient dream of a world where men may live as brothers, an work for the good of all. " ' " 'fqfffi-'f'l .'3 x'..- '-:' - U. . Lifwfif-.. ' 4 13 Riff?" 5532? 51" .F :i'i'fiSE"' 5 Miz FT JI, " fc ,L P, Y lyygvff fglcxxgiff gn ,Emi .,'Zf4'1'.9-v-T., Y: L.ff,145.'.v.:iP,? '4",-Q41',f:: J ,pf '-11 ' L'-' f'O-' eflfffixi '.'-432.11-.H' c,.3-v-Q' .lfiivflf .- "'7l:'A ".f - " 1-,1f.','QU'f: -mH3y"erf ,-V. yin? 1 ..-I H it Lf -.v, ,":', V' :.4.73'1,:' -. ,:1.'j3ff!,','x v-l.'l J-1, An," 31-.!,!'.':-,,.xf,, -1' SJ' ,.rJ,'.51- ' ' ,-Am T ,, 2 w Q 1' I: f '- ,,f, -at-SAx.f V."-. .I 014 Za' 5 .wi '0".'ffif ff, 5 Q-4!yl'lg!", 'jc 'i'1',',j U1X"II!'l ffl r. Mu V., ,ray ,, f ,. fU.'f..3:1,' 11'?z,5,. .f.w.x,g.' mg: 5, dk -Jin.: A I' ,YH ,,.V, ,V ,. 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'YL ' if Pi 'fill lffliiifli'15'E12g5fff3f.gqf'f-:23..gf12'r59f?Ft1ifgfrg2fL'Ze'7Q'I "QF I-.1..Ze2ffijf'Zff15'?QQ'fga1'Zfbf?' l- L ft If ,I ji 523245, A 1 ' f ,J',E1i2?S.?',sf, Q Wil' wit iff 'W Ati' fm' W3 lift, 1, jrifr,p,fji!Fgjl'i fl! mi idea ofa lfnited Nations Organization is undoubt- fhlgfdlltf fbi edly il noble sentiment inspired by a noble purpose. But it will succeed J ' or fail according to the wisdom with which it interprets and applies the lj lllekvfxfwgy Ziff lessons of the past. The method of social evolution that lool-cs toward 4 P I greater human freedom through the development of a system of checks t ' J" 4, , N ' ' . . - ,M l,PA5,42,r lvgfd and counterchecks IS a slow process. find any universal Bill of Rights t ,gags - I Elggigfaultlmatelyf drafted for a world society must walt on these essential ,P It af v ar r s. H2 lllwfliflfglgl lily - Then, too, there must be a deep and compelling motive force that 3. ii BF will carry the nations of the world forward toward effective international X I 4 L1 ,pkwyfg g gi! cooperation in the interest of world peace and world justice. Here again ,,,,J 45, jak' I ' history gives us a clue. Two great movements of the world have at- N , biigfvlgqwvig A .t l v tamed depth and permanence.-one racial and one institutional. I l ll M w Alxjjilfil' 311-Nl ' f?i.'fi refer to the Jewish nation and the Christian Church. And behind both i lliye flf ' ' was the moving power of religion, a force that emanates from the recog- 1 nition of spiritual values rather than the material. lf the council of ,ifQ,,x','ll'F5?2 nations is to build an enduring structure, it must be founded upon those 'l l same spiritual values that have moved men and women in the past to the noblest achievement. Material force will not do. lt has failed in K ft' U.. f it 2 x . J 1?-Sl f fr tti a 'tv 5 ' .,i.5h1,'ZQ 9,5 3, it ey firwhttt i F Witt, Q' i it 'Eg ,519 x 'Wg tl f 'A ,tif 'rl if ii ,f llvisii iiltffzqgrl , ai tm s Wive sdiltt ll M I 2 C li Til Jli g ai l ' ii 31 f a- 2, Q 31' 4 9 'frail' 1 Eli Q, , gt Mtv wi ef't, , ' f: fi' if jg F yi K yi 1 'gif rf HL Napa, gf' J 4 F"' ,.' f i fm it t hi tai ' I ai , . -,ll ,psf 'm i 'WV Pri' A ti ii li 't5!r9J E' 'gi 3 jr , J i zz 52' 6 f fb 'gy EBL: A I ,-J-q fi 1 5 iyttffliitti " ., ' ,ff i ts it gl? r' Q' ,'lh 5:3l'f",' isp'- q ,A 7,21 ,tit tf,llzllf t, i 5 gf tliiill 2 E9 :dh 2 -2. f' fffiifllf All lt th' K ff ,E I 1 AW tt ' It Zy l" "1I1f4S12i.' N15 ,Q ,,5iii,t.illt f Y A qvilgft,i,1':EQgFf'?-Tl' f +517 1 lm tt? lwgfffff 530155 i -ztiiiifafl' Ag, 'lv ya lm., 1..I,, .f,4f,Q,. f' fm! fi it l flat... , Ju... J 'W fig? if l if ,t ,f w.'1Mie:s'U f lit f ,N Q, .iw ,L-Qw,5rffl' 22 ffjf ff fix 'Milf fill' ' K 1 tt'il?M ',,f?t'5fPf2 my Tala 3255 fly, if .4 WJ Ju"f'i"ll Liillffflg 1 NES' 'WML 4 li l SWS' wiv' Us J 115 ,LF 45 2,1 :gtg the past. lt will fail again. The unit of society that exemplifies most fully the spiritual values of living is the family, with its concern for individual rights, its coopera- tive sharing of responsibilities, its spirit of love and service, its unselfish partnership of effort. lf we are to have a true family of nations, it must rest on the same type of concern for human rights, the same spirit of sharing and serving, that characterizes daily, responsible living in a con- secrated home. lf it is to attain its objective, the council of nations must admit women into full partnership in shaping its policies and planning its program. Through women's instinct for service, their capacity for love, their sensitiveness to spiritual values, they will help to provide a language of international understanding that is intelligible to the heart as well as the mind. My final word to you, then, as Stephens women, is to hold true to your purpose-and to your ideals. You will live in a world beset with problems and needs. Your contribution to that world is indispensable if it is to rebuild itself into some semblance of order and goodness. 'Where men have failed, in their dependence on dollar-diplomacy, you will not fail. My faith in you sustains and supports my faith in the future. bf 34 1' i I 1 1 I x 1 I n i l i 1 r ,, 1: F, I PRESIDENT WOOD AND His FIRST FACULTY OVE, leadership, laughter, FUI' lhiflj'-llV0 !'C2U'S,laines Nladison Wood h2lS l n these qualities in lull measure to the L Stephens girls who have passed in and out of 1 5 gateways. llc has invested his llle in the ll 3 dents and has given himself w ff direction ol' their minds and hearts toward ll lieller living. . lly exemplifying in his own standards the y . 1 lil.-HIS ol' the College, President Wood has li philosophy ol' Stephens. lle has manifested axiffpuny eompromising sense nl' spiritual values in a world A whieh seemed to he ruled hy materialism. This is the ff intrinsie and distinguishing characteristic ol' the pro- ? grain ofedneation whieh he has fostered so faithfully at it Stephens College. ' M pi No girl. whether she was the lirst to enroll in l9l2 1 or the last Senior lo reeeive her diploma in l9lT. will ever forget his humhle. llillivlll l1H'ill:l-liiINllN'SS- And IlH'llIUl'y is one she will always eherish. A .x . . 'Nw , , . , , V Q , X I X V fr ,' H , , 'I ,V-'QY5 , . ffiff ww i" , . 7- ' ,X f K 'V' of, - 12 W, -- 1 xsf-. l lil ' 2,3 . "i:ff'11fEL " A - U 215 K - . ' f 1 . 5- 13, ,- l ' t F ff:'Z,rQg,fL:N- E7 13' , : ' . ,Q-.i.'t-gp: T- fb, - M- :V - "ffm f-. -f -'51 s 1- l . ' ' fji . 71,2 .'LT'7f-W .fly- i .4 hd, ' , Aff' fy.-, Q '1 ' ' --'fL+r"?gi,r3f' "X 5' . 7121- v -' T-'15 'S- J :-:1 F' .pl 111259 :ls ss E A' I j,,f.lE4!,,Q,.C.,-l.'g,. ' e K "? If ' J-'ici-,,.jf' 5- -1 'ii 'JFLALD , f T, ,,gf.f,,-ff x aux -4 1 'fg', Yggl, 1-rn J , .1 9 'rig pp 51 -' sf: jafgi ' f"r4T:'. A ...- "2 17- :El S 'i'55g1.E11gi-- i , -- , --f-fu. sw- f':,..-- :!'4' 5? ff.5EL: Lim llgx 'iiftb F- :r:,7E..v.4,. xgp-,K . A, ,guard if-L V lr-lflj rw'y-, 06:1-fig: . 51 l1s2-,:'TfY aw W. S 1,5-'A 1'gf73,j ri X '- ', ., I - 1145: cf .3',, X, ,H f A ag .,f4f.g- :Q-.1455 1. T ...J W, ,-ss -we Iv- -' . I? 1 QW. more T .1 of the south puses and on to the letie grounds. the stables it has reached out to include site the airport. 4 , ' ' Q f. 4 .1 I W ' f , . ,1 fx l ,. '4,,"'f',, ,V 11' 1 ,aj '- Q " .Z U' ., ,. xv- ., 7-ai,-., ' .-1 X . -WP -..4 1 . ,f"? 4467 But , .... . .N,,.,.,,,MwMw1 Basil Deane XCEPT for a brief interval, Basil Deane Gauntlett served as director Of the Stephens College Conservatory of Music from 1909 to 1946. In his death, at the opening of this school year, the College has suffered a great loss. He was an outstanding member of the staff and an outstanding artist in music, known with favor nationally and internationally. He has left a place which it will be difficult, if not impossible, to fill. In recognition of his sterling character, his wholesome influence upon students, his reputation as a great artist, and his distinctive service to the College, the Board of Curators has directed that the Conservatory of Music at Stephens be hereafter known as the Basil Deane Gauntlett Conservatory. t l i f i 1 1 i l Q i l 1 i l I 1 l I Gauntlett f l l l N 4. i 1 Pagg 16 Page 17 tt 11414 M Page I7 In Grateful Memor NA E HAS left us a rich heritage. He was not only an artist in the creative sense, a great master of his own medium of expression. He was also a humanitarian. He found in music the way toward beauty-and therefore the way toward truth. And he helped thousands of others to fine it. Every lesson to every student and every performance at the piano was a source of inspiration. He touched miraculously and beneficently the thoughts of his listeners in music audiences at Stephens and in the far cities of the world. V He has left us a memory to be cherished, the memory of a man who knew how to live at once above the world and in it, who wore humbly the honors of the great and walked proudly in the common paths of friendship and human service. The dynamic quality of his life was the result of one formula, one principle: "Self- investmentf' He said, on one occasion, "One must not think too much about what is best for himself." His life perspective was always broad enough to include others. He never sacrificed outlook to inlook. He gave to life much more than he asked from it. He has left us, too, an example and a watchword. The example is that of a life geared to a purpose and an ideal-a life that acknowledged no end to growth, no ,period that could estop the progress of personal effort. And the watchword he has left us is as vital as his example. It is a kind of verbal similitude of his nature. His mind, to the very last, was busy with the demands of tomorrow. He was chart- ing the future. The burden of his thought was "carry on." Again there must be no period to achievement! That is the watchword, he has left us. If we can visualize him at the piano, his skilled Hngers on the keys, we can hear it in counter- point fortissimo: "Carry on." It is the one way to pay him the tribute he de- SGYVCS . -Adapted from the faculty tribute to Dr. Gauntlett, September, 1946. Board of urators EIAIIND the scenes of the College ad- ministration stands a distinguished group of people, eighteen in all, who constitute the Stephens Board of Curators. Periodically this group convenes on campus to hear reports, to discuss administrative and instruc- tional policies, and to take whatever official action may be necessary in furthering the progress of the College. Mr. H ugh Stephens, of the Exchange National Bank in jefferson City, Missouri, is chairman of the Board. Mr. J. D. Ellilf, vice-chairman, is Professor Emeritus at the University of Missouri. Mr. Frank XV. Dearing handles the various duties of secretary. Other members of the Board include: Mr. XV. M. lfitch, attorney at law, Mr. AI. P. Hetzler, retired merchant, Mr. R. L. Smith, master farmer: Mr. C. lillsworth Huggins, manufac- turer, Mr. james R. Angell, public service counselor of N. B. C.: Nlrs. H. .-X. Brinkman of Hinsdale, lllinoisq Mr. john .-X. Robinson, banker: Xlr. .-Xlvin fi. lfurich, vice- prcsidcnt of l.t-land Stanford lfnivt-rsity: Mr. Ben D. XYood. director of Bureau of Collegiate liducational Research al fiolumbia l'nix't-rsityg Nlr. Robert I.. Suther- land. director of the llogg l-'oundation in Austin. 'lit-xasg Miss l'rndenrt- Ciulrighl. assistant supc-rintendt-nt of schools at Nlinnt-apolis. Nlinnt-sofa: Nlr. ll. L. Morrill, president of the l'nix't-rsity of Klinnm-sofa: Nliss Gr-neva l7rinlcwalei'. former professor of history: at Vassar Col- lege: Nliss Kale Stamper. public school instructor: Don- ald Nelson. presirlent, Society of lIlfll'l'H'l1fl1'l1f Notion l'irt'urc Producers: and Scott R. 'l'immons. attorney at law. l l MR. HUGH STEPHENS To the Board of Curators the students and faculty owe a debt of gratitude for their unselfish interest and their unfailing and faithful service in behalf of the Col- lege. lt is a body of distinguished men and women who are interested deeply in the problems of education and particularly in the interpretation of education and edu- cational needs as represented in the Stephens program. Two highly significant actions have been taken by the Board of Curators during the past year. The firS'C is the appointment of Dr. Homer Price Rainey to succeed flames Xl. XVood as president of the College. And the 50150961 is U10 announcement of a new Twenty-Five-Year P , . - . mgmm Of DCV0l0Pment designed to provide necessary funds for future building and endowment Page 18' Page 19 Service he l"i' ll gram, ln ll, V Posed that wt ld' the necdS 21""l ml that Progfffeflli' talking giboul. pfacticalb' U' ll"' The Research 51" been steaflib' l""'f' tion, adviging, an them meet faithl students. The people in research are nume: division make con year, experiment The small staff of i has found its mai: and stimulating th As a new tw Director of the Rt ' I2 OR twenty-Eve years the Research Service has been quietlx xx orl'ing on the Stephens Pro- gram. In 1921 President james Madison Xl ood Jio I ' - posed that we build a college xx hich xx ould be based upon the needs and interests of xx omen. This xx as a nexx idea that progressive educrtors at that time were merelx' ex a not as yet applied practically to the actual dex elopment of the curriculum. The Research Service accepted the challenge and has been steadily working upon courses methods of instruc- tion advising and administrative procedures to mal'e them meet faithfullx the needs and interests of the students. The p e ople in the college xx ho carry on the necessarxf' research are numerous. Members of the facultx in everx division make contributions. The students year after year experiment with many ideas and improve them. The small staff of what is known as the Research Service has found its main function to be that of coordinating and stimulating the efforts of the faculty as a whole. As a new twenty-live-year period begins and the Director of the Research Service withdraws from active Research Servlce responsibilities, he is confident that the passion for im- prox ement through sound experimentation xx ill not abate. He hopes that Stephens College xx ill alxx ays be an institu- tion where any promising idea will be tried out and tested. He is confident that as long as research and xx ise judgment are major functions of the administration the College will do no uncorrected wrong and the daughters . i . . i .K 1 l 1 I I X 1 i .x X L A 117 1 'nfl 1 r C x x X 7 X fc 5 I L 2 C , x r talking about, but which th' f h d f x c c A 7 ' x c J c 4 " X -1 1 , c , c x Q I C 7 J z e 7 7 1 1 4 y f y I V D V I 1 . facultl' est and he Col- Qn who on and H1 edu- Ugram- lqrfl by first 15 Hf.CCQfl nfl lhli ,,,Y4'Slf ,vlilrll ,..,,f If Q DR. W. W. CHARTERS Page 19 of the class of 1972 will ind a better program when the come to Stephens than their mothers found in 1947. Y In his twenty-fifth annual report to the faculty, Dr. W. VV. Charters, director of the Research Service, reviewed the scope of the research activities at Stephens and submitted recommendations for its future develop- ment. He pointed out the superiority of the cooperative faculty-wide program, pursued on a voluntary basis, as opposed to the staff of specialists who carry on studies for the faculty instead of with the faculty. He also stressed the importance of applying the results of investi- gations to the immediate problems in hand. "The kind of research we are interested in," says Dr. Charters, "is applied research-rather than pure research." new ' N 1 ! E lu' X . fx EIA, xx X ' X .. v ' X ,mfg ,,..4Qn.... ' ..,. -.. c ., X. . , - Q-, xwyk...-.--v-,z. -, -f -rw-r::..s.x x:::s-.4 :f-7:--4 ,-.-- .....,,. --M-.,s .z f : lm, , V. 1 -fiffifll ' I ,ii ' I 5 V .0 1 ' f - Mi ,1 5 -,E i I DMN B. I,.xMAk joHNsoN 66 IKE many busy and successful men, he had no resources except those that could be pur- chased." These words, used by Curtis Bok in referring lo a cliaracter in one of his books, suggest by contrast the central :lim of the Stephens College educational program. 'l'h:1t aim is to aid each student to develop inner personal rcxnzzrfex for effcrfive living-resources which are above and beyond purchase. Wie are living in a time of rapid clizmge and of shifting values: culture patterns and social modes are upselg money :ind property values fluctuateg dlninistrative i .' .,.nnx. unix K Ag gags periods of inflation follow those of deflationg habits of living are undergoing necessary change and adjustment. In the midst of these conditions, however, there re- main certain permanent values in the lives of individuals -values that run deeper than economic, political, or social change. These characteristics , and capacities which are above purchase by money must be the goal of the educated person. Such goals include the ability to appreciate the best, in art, literature, and music, the tolerance, the courage, and the understanding essential to intelligent citizenship, the Hexibility, the insights, and the capacity for sharing which are so necessary in home and family living. These goals, fused in a design for living, are essential aims towards which members of the class of 1947 have been working in their years at Stephens College. And they are the goals towards which all suc- ceeding classes must direct their interest and effort if they are to achieve the best that education has to offer. fficf don P, Shofswii ment 35 chief ' the German V under the flireft ernment in CU was granted lea take this inipf Marjorie CUP? ing dean of adni Wood. Dr. Carpen of the humanitif has been active tegrating all-ca served as faculi wartime activi tie launching the W which has done e citizenship on ca ward broader in our cooperative peace. Dr. Carpem ,S0Pl1ie to all Ste "How can W are learning more feSD0nsibilify hen pared to take Ou communities? T1 li. .'xliHSl'RUNli, Rl'Q'li5fN1V flluynnac Ohwce MISS BIGELOW In C onferencg Page 20 Page 21 I 0 ffloers AST fall Dean XYel- don P. Shofstall accepted an appoint- ment as chief of the research unit of the German Youth Activities program under the direction of the military gov- ernment in Germany. Dean Shofstall was granted leave of absence to under- take this important duty, and Dr. Marjorie Carpenter was appointed act- ing dean of administration by President VVood. Dr. Carpenter has been a member of the humanities staff since 1940, and has been active in promoting and in- tegrating all-campus activities. She . served as faculty coordinator for the wartime activities of the College and was instrumental in launching the W. C. O. CWorld Citizenship Organizationj which has done excellent work in promoting the ideals of citizenship on campus and directing student thinking to- ward broader international understandings and toward our cooperative responsibilities for maintaining world peace. Dr. Carpenter's message to 'Sophie and through 'Sophie to all Stephens students, is the following: "How can we learn more about ourselves while we are learning more about the world? VVhere can we take responsibility here on the campus so that we shall be pre- pared to take our places as responsible citizens in our communities? These have been the questions of which ELOVV In Conference Travel Bureau DEAN lVlAR-IORIE CARPENTER students and faculty have been aware more than ever before this past year. The juniors entered a world in which there were regulations to govern the community, they found themselves in the midst of other girls from various parts of the countryg they were exposed to new ideas, new points of view. The Seniors found them- selves with new responsibilities. The administration of regulations has been for many of us a new experience in citizenship. In the midst of mistakes and experiments we have had to learn and move on. We have faced changes in ourselves, changes in the College, and changes in the world. VVhile the nation was forced out of self- centered growth into adult responsibility as a leading world power, we have had to move from adolescence into a mature recognition of our assets and our liabilities. It has been an exciting year." Mlss MARY COLEMAN, Alumnae Secreiary Page 21 ' I SCOTT HENRY XVhen President Vtlood first came to Stephens College in 1912, he was able to visit personally the homes and the high schools of each of his hfty-two students. However, as the school grew larger, this became an impossible task, and he decided that a number of capable "held assistants" should be added to the stafl' to act as the personal repre- sentatives of the College and to serve as a "communi- cational link" between the school and its patrons. O O i The AdIH1SS1OHS Counselors N 1913, Harvey S. Walter joined the staff and later became Director of Admissions, a position which he held until his death in October of 1945. J Scott Hemry, who has served eighteen years as a held counselor, succeeded Mr. Walter as the director of the admissions program. The admissions counselor is often the first member of the Stephens "family" whom a prospective student and her parents meet. After talking with the girl, her parents, and her high school faculty, he makes a full report on the prospective student's interests, needs, her qualities of personality, home background, and other items of information that may be helpful to the student's adviser. The counselors spend a certain amount of time on campus at different periods of the year, particularly during the opening weeks, when they cooperate closely with the faculty advisers. After her arrival on campus in the fall, the "field man" may be-depended upon to help the new "Susie" through some of her adjustment problems. As the year pro- ceeds, he endeavors to keep in touch with each girl's progress and make reports to the parents. In the spring he is again on campus during the Commencement activities to assist each student in evaluating her year's work. ., .fast Eg., .- lhkiak liuowx CAR it l Jimi-1-:R f..xl.l.l-:mania tlxlmxlik li'fl1 llll,lllilYR.XXIP NIc'C1..xun liIlII.l.ll'S Su xxx- wx Sr-wKnxl,i' TRI-iFz XYim,i5 XYIl.1,i.uis Page ZZ px ti tl F C d I 'E i t b s d El P S K B N g Ir R su ov D th an as di sh grz de th Page staPf l he has llter the ents ligh nt's ind, the 1 of irly the the sie" iro- ress on ach I 2 . '1 1 1.7 y Q Z ' W W 0 Z Z W H , 72.1 7 ' f Business Department CC T IS the duty of the Stephens Business De- partment to collect student fees and all other financial obliga- tions that are due the College. Then it is the responsibility of the Department to disperse the collected funds," explained Frank W. Dearing, Comptroller and Secretary of the Board of Curators of Stephens College. "The war years and the years since the war have been most difficult because of rationing and shortages," continued Mr. Dearing, "but We believe that economic affairs will soon be back to normal, and we can proceed with our new program of build- ing and campus development." Assisting Mr. Dearing in managing the business offices of the College is the following personnel: Thomas A. Utterback, bursar, Lucille Sonksen, assistant bursar, Minnie Christman, as- sistant bursar, Margaret Howe, assistant bursar in charge of stu- dent employees, June Ridgway, secretary to the Comptroller, Elma G. Barton, paymaster, Bernice johnson, assistant to the paymaster, Fred E. Winger, president of the Student Bank, Sue Gilman, cashier of the Student Bank, Elizabeth Bryson, Kathryn Reeves, and Marjorie Warren, tellers in the Student Bank, Merrowee Wiggins, bookkeeper for the Student Bank, M. W. Sparks, manager of the College Store, Mrs. E. W. Mus- grave, assistant manager of the College Store, Henry M. Belden, Ir., superintendent of buildings and grounds, Frances C. Ronayne, supervisor of dormitories, Faye Nowell, assistant supervisor of dormitories, and S. K. Hartley, engineer. Also it is the responsibility of the business department to oversee the seven thousand 'meals each day. Chief dietitian and Director of Food Service is Miss Zoe Harris, who is in charge of the one hundred and twenty fulletime employees, the one hundred and eighty student helpers, and the forty university boys, who assist in the dining rooms. In her department are included four dining halls and separate preparation units, a laundry, bake- shop, main office, and an accounting office. ' "As the director of food service, I purchase only the highest grade food supplies for Stephens girls. I endeavor to give stu- dents well-balanced meals which are at the same time meals they will like," said Miss Harris. FRANK W. DEARING The Dietary department this year prepared hand- books for the student waitresses and other student employees, and for all assistants. , Miss Carrie Davis is relief dietitian, Miss Juanita Shuck, is dietitian in charge of the largest preparation unit, which is in Tower Hall, Mrs. Bess Damon is in charge of Tower's dining room, Miss Lila Hartley manages the Laura Stephens dining room and prepa- ration unit, Miss Pearl E. Peterson has charge of the Terrace dining room and preparation unit, Mrs. Margaret VVharton is supervisor in Senior dining room, Mrs. Mary Anderson is in the Senior preparation unit, Miss Desyl McCahon and Mrs. Mabel Anglen are in charge of the store rooms and pay roll, Mrs. Elizabeth Mines is Senior assistant, Mrs. Hazel Bell, Laura Stephens assistant, Miss Nora Lee Derrieux, Tower assistant, Mrs. Kate Jacobs, Terrace assistant. Mrs. Bessie Burnett and Luther Hartley supervise the laun- dry, and Thomas VValton manages the bakeshop. l Miss HARRIS Dietitian s Page Z3 Public Relations HE Public Relations Department, headed by Robert J. Sailstad, keeps the alumnae, parents, and educators all over the country informed regarding the aHairs of the College. Through a carefully organized program of systematic publicity, the News Bureau with Mrs. Peggy Phillips as director sends out newspaper re- leases to home-town newspapers and national magazines concerning both the work of the entire College as well as personal news stories about individual students. Photo- graphs for all public relations releases are furnished by Mr. Townsend Godsey who this year published a book, Free Lance Photography, featuring many photographs taken here on the campus. In addition, the public relations staff continuously works to keep all the members of the Stephens "family" interested in current and future developments here on the campus. Special reports, student publications, lit- erature about the Twenty-Five Year Plan, and movies and slides of campus life are distributed to those inter- ested. This past year, the Department published a bro- chure entitled "Chartered for the Future" as a part of the nation-wide program which calls for an 818,000,000 building and endowment fund. Public Relations field representatives keep in touch with the 30,000 Stephens alumnae and patrons located in every state in the Union and many foreign countries, Their objective is, first, to arouse a wide-spread interest Cumfm ign Office MR. ROBERT f. SAILSTAD in the affairs and projects of the College and, second, to organize that effort for the support of "Stephens To- morrow." VVorking with Mr. Sailstad are Mrs. Peggy Phillips, director of the News Bureau, her assistants, Darrell Meyer, Mrs. Una Lilleyg and the campaign directors for the current year, Philip C. King and Lawrence B. Avison. The Public Relations Office is located in the Endowment Building at Tenth and Broadway. The News Bureau, however, continues to operate from its old offices at 16 College Avenue, News Bureau I Page 24 i li li l i l tior doe Res cou the twc the phi cou acti the 'Ike Q L f ' : , . 1 ki, 1 -' c. W i . -,A .' , -V I , ' -W I ' 1 fr 4 , Y 4 , , A' i ' ,fig We ' . v I ' ' 2 ,i .7 ',. ff, ' l 'l ., by ' ' ' f l if V? fi' - X? L '1 l af- rw ,475 r 1 mu' ' f wg ,, , 3- k ,V M 5 4 -- 9 1 w f X f., " ' - l A, 1 .sg ' ef , 4 4 : ' Q ' ' , '. - ' i ' , " M X 5' 9 1 ' W rr'-N - 1 1 l P : V , to To- ips, 'rell for son. lent eau, t 16 3 .ff Miss GRACE CURTIS 66 STUDENT receives as much educa- tion in human relationships in her residence hall as she does in the class room," said Miss Grace Curtis, head of Residence Counselors for the past nine years.' As counselors, advisers, coordinators of hall activities, the twenty-tive residence counselors and the twenty- two assistant counselors are extremely important in the lives of Stephens students. Under the Stephens philosophy of, education for the individual, the residence counselors give instruction through-the extra-curricular activities of the girls in their halls. Thus, in a true sense, they are Stephens "out-of-class" teachers. Residence Hall Counselors Among the stated objectives in the program of the residence counselors are intelligent participation in stu- dent government, achievement of maximum individual development for the student, and provision of extra-cur- ricular experience for each student which will enable her to adjust successfully to group living. The counselor helps plan and coordinate all of the activities within her own hall and those which involve the campus as a whole. At the annual Fall Conference, held in late August, the counselors meet to discuss the program for the com- ing year. During the year they hold bi-monthly group meetings to discuss current problems. The policy com- mittee meets twice a month to form the campus-wide policies of the group. The counselors also send repre- sentatives to all the major faculty committees on cam- pus, and serve as advisers to the Council of House Man- agers and the Senior Sister Council. Through their widespread activities on the Stephens campus, the residence counselors form an important branch of the educational program. As "out-of-class" teachers, they provide an important part of the edu- cation in human relationships which is found outside the classroom. Page 25 . ,,,. -.. -..-x .-.-x..-.,,'ax1: 35.-?........,-,...: ,, !fvg-f:-:...-.5bL:,...,sg-e-..,,......,.,,,.,.-...-, Libraries IBRARIES and books are found in all parts of the Stephens College campus. It is sometimes said that the College aims to locate books so that every time a student turns around, she will "trip" over a book. This goal has been achieved to the extent that there are libraries in every building on campus except two-the Audi- torium and the Heating Plant. The libraries range in size from thirty thousand volumes in the General Library, located on the ground Hoor of North Hall, down to the six or eight books that a resident of Aviation Hall Cor some other dormitoryj might have in her personal library. The General Library in North Hall includes, besides books, three thousand phonograph records, Hve hundred pictures avail- able to students for loan in their rooms, and the general catalog- ing department to which more than three thousand new books were added this year. Among the other libraries are the division libraries-Social Studies Division Library on the ground Hoor of VVindsor Hall, Science Division in Hickman Hall, Home and Family Division in Sloan Hall, Foreign Language Division on the ground floor of Lela Raney Wfood Hall, Communications Division in Sampson Hall, and the Visual Education Library in Hickman Hall. -un DR. B. LAMAR JOHNSON The importance of the Visual Aids Library is shown by the fact that over five thousand reels were shown to students during the 1945-1946 school year. An indication of the relationship which the College believes the librarians and the teachers should have is sug- gested by the fact that the Dean of Instruction is also Head Librarian. Dean B. Lamar Johnson feels that the library is a necessary part of teaching. In 1939, his ideals, along with those of others on the library staff, were set ,j forth in a book entitled Vfitalfizing a College Library. , "The librarian at Stephens College indeed has an opportunity to become more than casually acquainted with teaching: she knows teaching by observing its re- sults as students work in the library, she studies current course outlines, she visits and participates in classes, she has both informal and regularly scheduled conferences with teachersg she is a working member of faculty work- fhops and of departmental groupsg and she participates in planning and carrying out the teaching program." Page 26 f2:1?f a e t k the Q quali Ivan lege, style cann are f 1 Year' l'i0n3 bit Hari tells Kress and , UD s are , Drogr C0urs riage nique The backg Sh0L1lm throw Page 27 -xt lege -ug- also the eals, 2 set s an nted s re- 'rent ssesg nces 'Ork- mates yi in f DR. ROY IVAN JOHNSON 'C 1 B. . ,. -9631.3 ,lsyjggtf-1. wxlvsifl X :Ng .Qs , .gi .1 N ,.: .Nw-XB ...A x..ix 5 1. is v.3g,sf1Q1. we X 5:14's1i:x'Ns:s5 .,e..L.a..1esx.1s4N4sQ- N .sxi I 4 Publications "The scope of the Stephens Vollege publications program suggests that the Office of Publications is a busy one," commented Dr. Johnson, explaining the types of publica- tions which his office oversees. These publications fall into four groups: C15 student publications, including the Stephens Life, Stephens Standard, Within the Ivy, and Stephen- sophia, CZQ official college publications which contain reports of the Stephens educational program, and which are sent to edu- cators and prospective patrons Ce. g., the catalogue, special issues of the Stephens College Bulletin, and the Stephens College News Reporterjg C32 occasional bulletins and announcements for general faculty and student information, MD educational monographs, books, and magazine articles, all of a professional nature. The maps of Stephens and of Columbia, Compass Points Ca book for the orientation of new studentsj, Occupational Planning for College Women Can Occupational Guidance Manuall, and a Faculty Handbook are handled in this office also. Since 1931, Dr. Johnson has supervised most of the official publications, and in 1942, he was appointed Director of College Publications. His assistant is Mrs. Lillian Keene. Dr. Johnson TUDENTS and patrons of Stephens take great pride in the high standards maintained by the college publications. They reflect in their pages the quality and spirit of the institution. Says Dr. Roy Ivan johnson, Director of Publications at Stephens Col- lege, "The importance of clear and accurate information, style of expression, and attractive format and appearance cannot be overestimated. The publications of a college are the face which it shows to the public." Outstanding among this year's publications is Explora- tions in General Education, edited by Dr. Johnson and published by Harper and Brothers. This book tells of Stephens College's pro- gressive program of education and of the experiences in setting up such a program. Included are chapters on the research program, the basic humanities course, the basic course in mar- riage education, the clinical tech- niques, and extra-class activities. The book explains Stephens' background and viewpoints, and should be of interest to educators throughout the country. Page 27 himself sponsors the Stephens Standard, Miss Minnie May johnson and James E. Baxter sponsor the Ste- phensophiag Howard Baker is the adviser for Within the Ivy, and Mr. Baxter sponsors the Stephens Life. Miss Mary Coleman edits the Alumnae News. Co-edi- tors of the Stephens College News Reporter are Miss Mary Isabel Omer, Mr. Baxter, and VValter B. Fulghum. Stephens College News Reporter Staff r i V, ,.,. ,--. e. .. x. .c.,Yx,.te,-,A-.k....,v-.rgr-A -17511--fff:..f-x5,,::f...... :Y s--1--. ,f---- - - 2 , f DR. M131u.15 C. PRUNTY ACULTY members and students alike at Stephens have always felt that the extra-class activities are among the most important factors influencing a col- lege girl's life. By cooperating with other students, a Stephens girl may develop high ideals and principles while learning the practical side of government at the same time. lfull legislation and executive authority over all non-academic activities has been given the student body, and these powers are exercised through Civic As- sociation. Dr. Nlerle C Prunty, as the faculty director of the lixtra-Class Division, stresses individual growth and opportunity for leadership through participation in the organized activities of the campus. Extra-Class Dlvlslon Legislature, the governing body of Civic Association, is composed of the executive board of the association, the presidents of the residence halls, and its sponsor, Dr. Prunty. The chairman of Legislature is the president of Civic Association. The presidents of Campus Service Board, the Pan-Hellenic Division, the Student Activity Board, the Senior Sister Organization, the Independent Division, the Board of Publications, the Stephens Rec- reation Association, and the World Citizenship Organi- zation are associate members without vote who give semi- annual or special reports. For a description of these various divisions which hold membership in the all-campus Civic Association, see the section of this book which is devoted to student or- ganizations. One of the unique facts about the Stephens curric- ulum is its recognition of the value of non-class activity in the all-round development of student ability and stu- dent personality. Therefore, the Extra-Class Division is given a position coordinate with the more traditional "subject matter" divisions of the curriculum. Thusa girl's total college experience, in class and out, receives educational direction. The result is apparent in a greater integation of student learning and a more rapid development of individual personality, self-confidence, personal responsibility, and the qualities of leadership. :me 4 Page Z8 l , 1 -f . 1 .,,, Q, , Z Jw! , 1 l 'K M ,, ff J. 4 T? we he ir? ' Mg H' , I X gf 29 -, I K A , ?I 1 I vii , l . - A i , lf ' V . I 1"' ' f ' un, he Dr. of ice itv ent ec- Lni- ml- Ach see or- 1ic- xity stu- ,mis anal us a ives n a apid -nce, zhlp- fv , ff ff f 2777, f M X Q1 , I f ,Ag , 1 ,iz--fry--j-D f29V4nw6a,Q 4 ggw52gwQ?zwWLff WW, Mfg ' My' 47253 5 1 ' , f i 7 g??Af Q , , VA nl' , , I A,-ww 1 ,,,,, A-H , fix, V ,WWE if WW ,f , ,T-kgxym Fyaax Page 29 W X 0 0 , Division of Communications f ECOGNIZING the need for proficiency in reading, speaking, and writing, Stephens College es- tablished the Communications Division, of which Dr. Vllesley A. VViksell is head. Methods of communications were one of man's first contributions to human society, and great progress has been made since those prehistoric times. lt is to make the Stephens College student aware of her specific com- munications problems and interested in doing something about them that this Division of the curriculum has been organized. By constructive criticism of each student's class work, the Division faculty tries to bring about in- dividual improvement. I Speech is so much a part of everyday life that some- times careful pronunciation and articulation are neg- lected. The general speech course helps form better speech habits. For students who have a great interest in speech, or who need it for careers, special courses are offered. Problems of Peace, a course which discusses impor- tant local problems, congressional issues, and world events, puts into practical use the communications skills. The students themselves plan the class work, preside at Du. XVESLEY A. XVIKSELL l l 44 meetings, arrange for guest speakers and conduct outside meetings. This course serves the double-purpose of en- couraging outside reading to acquire current events in- formation and providing practical opportunities for speaking, reading, and writing. . Reading has become a universally favorite pastime, but even so, many people are hampered by a small vo- cabulary, habits of slow reading, or poor interpretation. These defects may be corrected by any of the reading courses offered. Specialized reading courses are Real- istic Reading and Newspaper Reading. For the Real- istic Reading class, each student reads two books a Week, while class periods are used for discussion and lectures by the instructor. Advanced English'Composition stimulates intensi- fied work in a field of writing in which the student is par- ticularly interested. The work in Creative Writing is de- termined by the student's own interests and abilities. Directly responsible to the editors and sponsor of the Stephens Standard, the Standard section of Advanced Composition assists in planning and producing the Col- lege magazine. In the journalism sections, students learn high jour- nalistic standards. Besides Work on the Stephens Life, weekly campus newspaper, the classes study feature and editorial writing, paper make-up, typography, radio, and advertising. Communications will remain the primary link be- tween men in achieving common understandings and in Df0m0'fiHg common ideas and ideals. Stephens College is doing its Daft to improve the standards of communi- C3tlOl'l and the ability of each student to handle ideas effectively. E. j 1' ...wmmgg f J ffffff l . fl" fb 1 Page 30 Page 31 tsidg fen- S 111. for :l1'I'1Qg 1 vg- tion, ding Real- leal- seek, is by Ensi- par- s de- ities. f the ,need Col- jour- Life, t and , and : be- qd 111 ,liege numi- ideas I Nw. I' Reading, writing, and speaking-all the 'way from telephone procedure to soapbox oratory-are included in the Covninunica- tions courses. One lesson you soon learn: You have to "take in" in order to "give out." Also good conversation is as .much listening as it is talking. Page JI .1 I H Division of Health and l1ySiC31 Educatlflll , - , W - 'H "W" I.'f-"iii --t V'f1.,g.e 'if 2 5 'i 5. A f 'Z ' , , sQkgt.e,a. - "L+ l 1. . . Z .: -141 amps.. fs wif -Wife Wifyg Q .2 '1 '21fa?. ' AF? VXI' 4 5 ' ,- nge-Q., 5- , 15-,f, 5 gi ' gr Y 4 : .e vi-'Lf f 2" WFWAVK ' 1 K ,Y A .WF 1 - . - ' . iz:-'ufwfv t'.iQj,5mfF2f2? 3vgfWiif5fZz . Q . ' u 'N Q i7Z4S':fi1T ' V - : A ' ' 1 . 'f 1' inw- . . . . ' Amir - . .. '11 -1 " .- - .. :: 2' 11 " " V. f ,li 3 .ai "" . gm 5291325 gd Q- " '- . - . ,.- - -A' ,- . .,, .5 .gpg 1-gpg, 'tg-".4.i1xz'?Q-m-ex 'Q lf f ' ' ....- --" , ' j ,g .riffs vvfwyf' fim5'..51,1Q-1 Ifiigv-We st, 1 . 1 ,- fx- xy, .M wa hh .m,,a,,. miie f Agp? N- 41 ,Q T, : . It W ,- z . 5,59 4, W1Maas.,,mgwsfttme ala, - - 1 4 - , A V "hx ' .aiv w?5QyrffiE2"'Qhtff-i'fZt?fifi:fffftzaxf ji' I " 8 A if ' ' 4 ' .. ,. 1. .F 5 . 'I "' T. ' 9 ' , .Y I ,f . .A V, ,,,, , ,ml -U -, . x ef, av, R Q 1' , jf ff A A 71 7 4A,527i'f"V f . 1 A DR. CARL L. KLINE IIIS year, Dr. Carl L. Kline, chair- man of the Division, and his co-workers have worked consistently toward their objective and have expanded their efforts in directions heretofore not attempted. livery effort has been made to utilize to the utmost the facilities and personnel of the I-lealth Center and of the entire College. The prevention of illness and improvement of stu- dent health was the first consideration. The staff firmly believes that preventive medicine must highlight any intelligent medical program and that the techniques and fields of applicability of preventive medicine are many, Constant alertness, foresight, and ingenuity are being exercised with a view to preventing illness and injury. Before a student reaches campus, the preventive approach has already begun through the health examina- tion required for admission. During each year, every girl has a health conference with one of the staff phy- sicians of the Health Center. In addition to this routine all students are urged to come to the Health Center at any time with their problems or questions pertaining to health. Preparing each student for healthful living in the future is an objective that cannot be overlooked. It is the policy of the Health Center to make every visit an educational experience, with each physician making an effort to teach as well as to treat each patient that he sees in his daily work. Publicity is given to health matters by means of posters, student publications, and bulletin boards. P The Physical Education department works in close cooperation with the Health Center under the direction of Miss Wilma D. Haynes. The department firmly be- lieves that only students in sound health will be capable of entering wholeheartedly and with enthusiasm into college life, giving their best to every undertaking. The department is the only group in the College that has every girl on campus in classes. It also sponsors, with the Recreation Association, extra-curricular activities in which over a thousand participate. 1 i i Pagf 32 he , 5 1 i 1 239' ' e ' ' l 2,273 W .,,, at I dm Ee 9 .,, E , 511 stu. irmly 1 any S and nany, being emive ming. every phy. Jutine IGI' Ht ing to in the It is isit an ing an he sees matters nulletin n Close rection nly be- gapilble m intO 54 The 11215 with 111535 IH L 2 fr . 1 I f ,,,-..., W w 'D , ,..,.,,, .ff- I 'P v . .' f, ,fl iw Page 33 ,......,-- ! 1 .. ... Q.-f 1---sv - -. K -,i X- -vu-s x--N-......,-.-H-: ng ,.,.,,.,..,.:--, ,xkgrgm-. T. Q-,--,J I "W U qw Division of Home ' I S51 . V- ' 2 o It vm.. I! 'tl . , 5 1 , ,f ' .X v Du. HENRY BOWMAN ' on girls interested in marriage edu- cation, consumereducation, foods and nutrition, fine and applied fashion, or child study, the Division of Home and lfamily, headed by Dr. Henry Bowman, becomes the most important division at Stephens College. The courses in this division are designed to give students contact with facts, principles, attitudes, skills, and prob- lems that are likely to play a part in marriage, home- rnaking, and child rearing. Since this three-fold area of activities is common to the majority of American women, these courses arc planned to prepare a student for what ln-conn-s. in most cases, her basic role in life. The courses are lu-pl llcxihle so that they may be adjusted to indi- vidual nt-cds and to changing social conditions. and Famil To those girls who are worried over or interested in the problems surrounding marriage, a basic course in marriage and the family is offered. It is intended to give the students a better understanding of behavior differ- ences between men and women, the influence of tradition, the place of woman in the modern world, preliminaries to marriage, the courtship process, choice of mate, eco- nomic problems, the problem of divorce, and many other pertinent questions of the modern age. The future homemaker is also offered courses in food and nutrition, applied fashion, child welfare, clothing designing, fashion illustrating, and food preparation. In connection with the clothing department, Steph- ens has a non-profit dressmaking shop where new gar- ments are made and old ones are remade. This shop is not run on a competitive basis with the Columbia stores. The counselors in the shop believe their work is of a gen- eral educational nature. They wish to eliminate mis- conceptions about fashions and develop a wholesome sense of "clothes consciousness" on the part of each girl. The Personal Appearance Clinic, having recently moved to the new and' colorful surroundings in Senior Hall, aids individual students with their grooming prob- lems--such as make-up, hair styling, and choice of clothing. For training in child care, a nursery school is main- tained. It is designed to give students a thorough under- standing of the social, emotional, physical, and mental development of the child from eighteen months to four Years. Other aspects of the child-study program HFC lectures, assigned reading, and personal conferences with parents. x . , 1. . ' fs . 1 1 . l 1 , X . Pagf 34 P atc 35 ll Q 'steal in lrse in KO give differ- anion, illafieg ey 600. Y Other in food Othing JH. Steph- fW gay- shop is stores. f a gen- re mis- nlesome ich girl. 'ecently Senior g prob- .oice of is main- i under- mental ro fOur 'Um fire fe.,-5 with ... .. .,,,,,, 1 fpfjf , ,wffy , ' f iww, ff, 'WWW ,wwf f, WWW mf mmf ,, ,W ij' ,fv- -1 O ,!J REMEMBER THE PERCENTAGE! -and be prepared. fly.--V f 'i f 7 vp- Pagc' 35 P L E 3 Ptllre, ivisign Chers band depart. 1 Sings, Ih Mrs. h books ndingf' 'rams 50 but life I Course, .gned by :ction of .ramatics sets and he begin- xses and mach year in drama. 1 Klcgroth xhe com- gfrinciplei. 13mflLlC6d, 'El nbc arti fyrg ufldef' Ur. I,0uiSC f, N' Xa -pg Whether you play sang, sketch, or aspzre to the theater, the Humamzfzes dwzswra ojerv a jirm foumiataora 'm all helds of the arts Page 37 D1v1s1on of Languages 1115T1s1L2R it is le francais, el espanol, Deutsch, or 0 porfuges that a student wishes to study, she will find the Stephens College Language Division has evolved an efficient instructional program to aid her in acquiring proficiency in speaking, understanding, reading, and writing the language of her choice. . The modern language section, including classes in lfrench, Spanish, German, and Portugese, is staffed by twelve faculty members. This year there were approxi- mately eleven hundred students enrolled in the language classes with Spanish enthusiasts outnumbering the sec- ond-place l-'rench eleziex. liighty studied German, and ten girls chose l'ortugese. Guiding the policies of the llivision is a steering committee composed of Mrs. lfdith Kendrick tchairiuanj, George I-locking, and lliil- fred li. Xell. lu addition to the regular language class periods, students were invited each weelc to attend informal con- versation hours. lfrequently games in which partici- pants spoke only a foreign tongue were played. 'liliere were also lfrench. Spanish, and German Clubs which met once each month. Nlovies, lectures, discussions, games. and picnics highlighted these club activities. Of interest to all linguistically inclined sttldgfmg ig the language lilirary located in l,ela Haney YX'ood Hall, llere are found not only language hooks, hut. also cur- ren 1, fm-eign language magazines and newspapers. ln one corner of the library is a rooiu familiar to all language students. lt is here that once a week thex' gather to don earphones and listen to language i'e-corflg-thc Same type forinerly' used so effectively in teaching .Xmerican servicemen . EDITH J. KENDRICK Approximately nine full-length foreign films, in- cluding the French "Carnival in Flanders," and the German "Mein Leopold," were brought to the campus by the departments and were open to all students. Another feature offered by the Division is a one-hour course which stresses French, German, Spanish, and Italian pronunciations, and is of particular value to voice, drama, fashion, or radio majors. . ,.:1iiiria:rzw? Q, ' '5MVl!!l""l .ff,:,ffffffm,, "1:771::::7--4 2212 nv. ,WMM-H ff, fjsfesn uz f ri: 'm X, X ZW -l---i- we' ' - 1',.,t, ' :ff f0f3fmfW 9' Pgge 38 Og, 39 'a x S Uh, H1- gmd the campus iudents. HN:-hOl11' +h. and 'ffllllfi to ivision of Religion and Philosophy is I M R. PAUL XVEAVER N ORDER better to realize the primary importance of persons in the universe and particularly the importance of the motivation which moves people to action, the Division of Religion and Philosophy, headed by Paul XVt-aver, has through the years built a broad program of instruction and inspiration. This program has expanrlt-cl as the needs of individual students have bt-eoine apparent. 'l'Ot'll1lllll.' tht' stutlt-nt to unclerstanrl the nature ofa problem, to give her :i st-use of perspt-t'tive by making her fzimiliair with tht- evolution of philosophical and religious youu-pts :intl to iinprovt- her thinking by critical atten- tion to the processt-s involvt-tl in thinking, a number of philosopliy :intl religion voursi-s have been crc-att-cl. Not only are tht-se :ispt-vis of lift' flisvnsst-tl in class meetings, but they are also rlt-alt with in the religious problemg vliniv. l'lt-rv tht- vtlrions or ronfust-rl stnrlt-nt may obtain Ll trut- pivturt- of her putt-ntirtlitivs. ht-r wt':iki1t'sst's and strengths. :intl ht-r ability to mztkt- social mijustmentg, llvrlizips the gn-qitest. campus :iirl to a rc-zilizgltifm gf lifes problems as they exist today lies in the Burrall program. This unique organization has, for more than two decades, served to evoke and stimulate enthusiasm for the consideration of vital issues and the development of a sound philosophy of living. Burrall Class, a Sunday morning program, has been created not to take the place of a church service, but to find the answers to young people's problems through study and thought. This class is open to students from the University of Missouri and Christian College, as well as to Stephens girls. Realizing-that the student must learn to face exist- ing problems with greater emotional stability, the Vespers program has been established. Here, with the aid of soft music and inspirational talks, the student's capacity to respond to spiritual values is enlarged. ' Music plays an active part in the Burrall program. The Burrall Symphony Orchestra, the Burrall Choir, the Sunrise Choir, and the Evening Prayer Choir all serve to enhance the beauty of the thoughtful gatherings. VVorking directly with Mr. Weaver, the Burrall Cabinet makes it possible for problems to be brought out into the open through group discussions. The "Sundays at 7:22" and other discussion groups show the campus- wide approval of this method. For those who wish to contribute in a personal way to the solution of social problems, Burrall Social Service has been created. A number of social service activities are sponsored. Among them are orphan adoption at Christmas time, hot lunch service for school children, hospital work and newsboys' breakfast on Sundays. In this way, an outlet for the beliefs and attitudes estab- lished through the Division of Religion and Philosophy has been achieved, and action rises to meet the strength of inspirational words. C ..... Q tug .3 -uf-wx f!ilig'4:?X 1-ffrni tiff ,. f -tt- ,,V,. X .4 .... X t , X::-."",,f hgywrff Page 40 Page 41 f 'f fd 1 4? 7 l g 5 1. K .I 1 f g, ftp il I f X .- 4 I I A l than 'iamn 'Hwut mday Place 70UHg This ssouri e. exist. Gipers aid of pacity ngram. Choir, oir all erings. Burrall ght out undays ampus- ml way Service 'itivities ,tion at hildren, LYS. ln - estab- TuSODhY ,rfrgmgfh The annual Easter egg hunt at the lake. Dr. Hudson looks serious. Burrall on a snowy rrtorning. The G-rnen capture .Mansour in " You Can't Take It With You." IVI r. VVeaver in philosophy class. IN 1 .,, ,,f, A ,f,, M .,,f,..W ,M -, ,W,t...., .... N- Page 41 i ld? lx N ORDI-IR to live a more intelligent and complete life in the scientific world of today, each individual should have some knowledge of every held of science, according to Dr. Carl Rexroad, head of the Division of Science at Stephens. These fields include lmaeleriology, biology, hotany, chemistry, geology, mathe- matics. physics, physiology, psychology, and Zoology. There are two main purposes of the Division at Stephens. The lirsl is enlightenment, the development of ri broad hziclcgrouml of scienlilic knowledge which will enable :1 person lo live successfully through recogni- tion :ind :ipplienlion ol the laws of science. lt is the :iiin ol the division lo help each girl realize the part which the great. lmocly of sen-nliln' lcnoxrleclge plays in her life ru-gnrrlless ol' the roqnl she chooses Io lollou' or the work Slim' l'l1'IilS lu flu. 'l'l1e nr-xi iniporlqinl purpose ol the di-p:u'lmenl is Io hi-lp 1-very girl linrl si 4-li-:ir :ind sein-nlilic method of solving Ihr- prolnlenis of life, llr. lim-xronrl points out lll.ll svn-live ls not ini-rely :in orgnnm-rl liorly ol facts, Xlore lnisinilly .inil more iniporlnnl lor its eyeryrlziy im- plications, il is .i xxpiy ul- worlqing, :in r1!.'1'l11rlc lowgn-fl pi-olwli-ins. liolli infl1yi1lu.ils:infl soriely are continually wlllw-i1'Vl1'1l IH sll'i'S-es. slllillls, :mfl c'l1oi4'i'S lo ln- I11flflff. 'lilli' rflvlllllll' lll'1Il'l'lllll'l' ls llfri In :li-limp 1114- In-f,l,h.lnS rlv.n'ly. then lu gailnr fl.i1:i. lHI'lNlll.ll1' liypolln-ses, gmfl ellvvli ixlfll rlvli Jlgdillsl lllf' l-.i1'lr. .illrl lingglly lf, ilflupl .inrl DHI inio .noon thi- plan x-.'hn'li ln-sl his the lziels, 5l.ll1'll mlllil'i'l'm'I1ilfv. llif' r1'ii'Hlili4' .'iIrI1I'u:n'l1 mpg-n-111i11fl4-rl oliji-viixw-. rnxilisti-'. iiN.igiii.iEix'i-, :mil slIlf'l'I'1'. :ind this Science Division approach is advantageous whether the problem be in some field of science or some aspect of daily living. The Division accordingly strives to give as much practice in scientific procedure as possible and to show how the method can be used in all phases of living. The material in the Science Division is selected on the basis of its value to the student in her present and future living. Science is no longer a routine study of catalogued facts of nature and the laws controlling their inter-relationship. lt is the application of the scientific attitude of living. DR. CARL REXROAD f 1 r fe? ff 1 f I ' 2 aff: ,,f I I x is :' we !'L.r.Q' : lo I rs-,,, ,,.,W,,, Page 42 pa E643 E some The actice W the cd on 1: and ldy of 5 their emiiic i .Q A I e X .Xi 3 I ' .. b '1 I l I 1 i ' r, 5 i n Page 43 For wzszde 'L1zf01'ma- 11011 fake a sczence COZU'S6 . Lower' left: Some fun outszde, Zoo. X--40 DR. JOHN A. DECKER o Piuzruxlzis Stephens students to ac- cept responsibilities as intelligent citizens and as pro- gressive civic leaders is the goal of the Social Studies Division. During the past few years, the aims of the Division have expanded to meet the recent developments in the world, and its instruction has been adapted to changing conditions in the current scene. If students are to become the best possible citizens in their home communities, in the nation, and in the world, the College program of education must keep in step with the times. Dr. john A. Decker, head of the Division, believes that a good citizen of today is one who realizes, first of all, what the imfmrlrinl problems are that face us. Also she tor hel is one who is inleresfcrl in these problems and their solution: she has the feeling that the problems are Dlvlslon of Soelal tudles worthy of her time, thought, and effort, and finally, she feels responsible for doing something about them. In order to create this frame of mind and this inspiration to action, the Division trains students in the study of social problems. They learn to approach a problem with an open mind, calmly and intelligently, "using their heads instead of their emotions" and recognizing clearly their inherited and environmental prejudices. The basic course of the Division is Social Problems. All members of the staff collaborate in planning the material and share in the teaching. It is designed to introduce students to the basic and vital problems of American life, both through the text materials and through contacts with points of View expressed by con- temporary authorities. It provides the necessary back- ground for an intelligent approach to modern social problems, and it gives each student a better perspective on national and world affairs. ' A correlated course is International ' Relations, planned to promote a greater understanding of present situations and problems of international scope. The Division sponsors several important and interesting campus activities. One of these is the Foreign Relations Club which sponsors annually an outstanding lecture series. A weekly discussion of current events t"What'S News?"j is held by members of the Division, who dis- cuss first the affairs of the day and then open the meeting to questions about the meaning, the cause, or the proba- ble effect of these current happenings. Page 44 Pate 45 al Y- she 1. In tion to Social ith an heads T their blems. ig the :ed to :ms of is and Qon- ' back- sociai pfctive AUOTIS. - bf. H .SEHY The wiring z,1i10H5 .AVTUTC ffmfs 'rm dis' . ming 'Nzbii' Im .Sm zu! .Sfmfzu flf J41ffHIt7If IH flfbflflfl. .lf vcufvr ure' flu' fluvzzf- Nw! mfz.w'1z!z'm' Zmzizzs of Savill! .S'!mlz'e' x ici!!! xnzofcv in Hzvfr c"x'v.v. --f'rfZ 1 ,W . 1 ,, - Page 45 H , N INTEGRAL part of any functional program in general education is intelligent guidance in occupational choice together with the opportunity to explore fully the advantages and disadvantages of special occupational fields. ln other words, career adjustment is more than training oneself for a job. In the development of normal personality, it is as valid as any other moti- vating factorg fig., interest in marriage 2111Cl home life or the needs for culture enjoyment. It is an important means of satisfying a basic urge for creative expression. Occupational guidance, therefore, is included as an in- tegral part of the total guidance program for the College. Thus education for l'fZ'1i7Ig includes, as a logical and com- ponent factor, education for uzakiiug ri living. Iiiaxxi-itll Niiwlhxxn N ATl O N A L iiii fi iii A Division of Occupations has been organized to cooperate with the all-student guidance service and to provide special training courses in a number of selected occupational areas. A careful study has been made of those occupations for which women are especially Fitted by temperament, aptitude, and experience. As rapidly as possible, programs are developed for specific training of women in these selected vocations. It is recognized, however, that occupational interests occupy only a small part of the total time available to an individual. There- fore, students taking courses in the Division of Occupa- tions are urged to elect as much Work as possible in other divisions in order to prepare themselves to meet their numerous personal and social responsibilities. The Division of Occupations includes, in addition to the work in occupational guidance, specific training in different phases of business education, merchandising, radio, photography, aviation, and other selected fields. The training given in these fields provides a student with an opportunity to check her special aptitudes, re-examine the opportunities in the Held, and fif she so desiresj pre- pare for gainful occupation after two years at Stephens College. Kenneth Newland, head of the Aviation Depart- IUCHL 15 flcting chairman of the Occupations Division. Occupations Division Page 46 age 47 5. Q . 1 1 Si' ' iized to and to selected made of ly hrted A rapidly training oognized, I a small There- Uccupa- : in other een their iflitiou to aiming in andieing, .ffl flffldi. 1,591 with -,famine i 'Q-1, ple' Siephene I lfx'iEl0fl -Z7 Cv few, w aff' , if 4 R ,4 ,f ,Vx Nfl? s. -S e W-5 fa Page 47 Fulure career girls-Take your choice! lYill it be aviation? Business? Social work? Dramatics? Radio? The Occupational Guidance Counselors may help you to decide. V I I v k 1 I i I I I Y"-'W E l L...,-J pf-fexiff,.-fv1fZ9:9vvi5L',1..- ' Q- W , . -,"P:1.fQ,3gi 321,233"?ir':'H""1f'.ff 1 Lf , , ,,Q.44.,53,3f?-i:Qg'i2 'f5?1f',''gigQQ"-E5ib?11,i,g:ig2EF, f V, ,V 5,115 ii'?' EQ 1-,' ,--'s,- -1-Zz' ' ','..,,. 1 ' t -nj--,'-J"g-,Vy',,g'.a-f',f,-f"', ,mv -xfwszm?-7, '5,".fvty'Y1a:r1ff.Q? I lim ,zx-ulfqfggglJrf'1-A',ww.'.5-.wfr1,-,ayfff', .- f ,f A-My -51' fgggfgwggyilf-3114 ' .f +. -W f af few. -:',:Af1.211LWarne'-r 2 33 , I"--'ffgft X' . . ., ' "e ,--v 'mf . 1 ' Bfvd'-'?4ff,"S,--:wwcmf2fw1.?:'f' EEF S HI-YS TOXVER xSXXiBOL l.r'1:!5.i,g. mlm Iggfggfu? pk, f.Q.KI:14 h,...x.l. llJ.W'f,uf,-1 1- AMOUS TEP 2, 1 - - .f . ,Jw M I-X - Q - 1 w ' J.. - fm fI':?e q-4.-:Jx3:m.5f6z -LL-11wr QM . v , , I 1 . 4, , QN.'m,-f-- 11, l-.-,junf f,,-, ,- OF PROGRESSIVE AMERICAN EDUCATION "Q-2"u"' "J QW 2' ST "x X W 92 4 fifxef-fav'-',' QL? V' x Ig' .141 I 4 V, ,V . -'flwf-F,-.. 5"fQf, Hi fm. x ,-. lf '-W ' ,LAW-, lvuffs X 122' .31 ,L',1I'M rn' 'rpm 'lm Gv'fJ':4 1 Fgrf, 2155'Vf3.iT:9.Fr9ff X Alia.-H1gfv1"'.'f.?,l X ' ' 'Q lif-. 1.5'15Q7':l:yq: sw-I K 4 v n 14 :gp .. nv: 11. ff, 1 gf. 53- ,f : gg 3. ,- 1- in n -Q n U ,A 1 ' ' ' J x C a 1 X X X 1 x Y Y v x X X . .fxff I Y 4 , x . x I . I . 'v ff rl-A L:-au' .., . ,. lf 1960-" NR' I 'U I if - ,1-ww, 7 ff q.3fJ7f-14, ,, f mf, ,, .,.,f,.L if' 17 Q71 if Q! S XZ' aL7"5'J7xJ"i 11535, ' X fx , , rw 5w:.,fSgfg, A fi 1-. ffii3f':i'1 Q 'A -msffyvyg-N f '- 'J To ,. -'. v w Wvj- "-,TQ','Nk4?1'J- w.'f7'5"J'-1' ' A ' A x 73 . ' . Ji 2 U21ix1'?'VN"f'2!Q9E2v'r2'.a3ff'ivf' 1 .15 :'. r' 'Axrf 1- ' wg' .if,X3gN3':'hlJEfx ' 3m ,ynkwji-'QQ','fi1g!Q7g: . . -I , - - ,L , GffX"m'7 --x,a,1A gf L. . 715' Qf "W ire. fl Sf 515574,-4w,rf gi M 4 9 Q7..f53Wkx,-:fx W1 ' -5 4 fx gi ' Q 4+mf,,,-'Mas-5'i 1qgjLJ3fl -:JlJ9.isC1'Qv -- - :H f.mH'f4 ay' 100.-flrf. , wc- Q 'K .A-2 .- H- 5 rET!qiQgrfgff?,,:fff.g'f'f :k 53n!J"Q'l -'J' 's fi Wm Il l .ll Ill ll Ill I! L!! 'IE Wu? -44-4 Lk. x I ' ' -mn I' 31357. vu, ":,'1m..nJ'4l - mix' tliix iuziltc-riivcl wzillq to the frmit floor of PVCSI flffiii XXRMI! Iiuiiiv. UAICJLISZIINIS of feet have wz1lkCCi im-Ii u.ii. fyirls zifsurccl wi. Q1 i1C2lI'fX' WQICOING and 3 ' 1 :iii-iifllx mill lizixv vmiiu to "call" cm their liclovmi iiiixiilr-iil ' niirl lmxv c'z1ri'ic'cl ziwziy with them new in- i'1i.1iiflIlIfJiP11IlI 11 I N' " ' -' iiiikiiig zmcl lic-titer living. If 15 'W' wi llii HIIlC'INf7I'f' spins" iii c'x'vi'y Stculicns girlb , 1 X I HW! -IX NIU' Vf'V'1H llil'f+L1'fli tliv X'L'i1I'9 llin' im' Ui. hc' xi1'1uHi'jiN4lil'X X A b i . . 4' VI., .ff '15 'Qi' .ffifi 'l iFDTi7 T Y '10 21914 'I Spring on two campuses. Above: An in- terlude in the class day on North campus. At the right: Senior Tower on the Main campus, time-honored landmark of Stephens. Ist row: YOKLEY, BUKACEK 2nd row: JURY, DR. PRUNTY, GLATT, ISERN Civic Association Vieux' stiuh-nt at Su-plu-ns is a mem lu r ul' Viviv .'Xssoci:xtion. 'lihus tlu- College, with its livully, is ai comniunily of twenty-live huiulred peol ile erm-slecl in widely vziru-rl ziclivities. It is the task of 1 win' .'Xssoc'i:iIion Ioc'orvl'rlil1:il4' llu-se zictivitic-s, lying to ct llu-r tlur t'XlV11-t'lll'l'ltilllJll' events :infl class work. Ac corcline to llu' lH'llN'llllt'S of th-nuu'r:u'y, stud:-nt opinion is tlu- mlm-uwniining lllflfll' in llu- Civic .'XSSOt'l!lllUl1'S de- i lsions. llnough this oig.in1z.xI1on. llu' College strives lo it ilm- ilu- tll'FlI'Jllbll' prnuwplt-s of t'U1iIbl'l'illlUIl :incl elu-c' IIYQ' group living. Unly lip' high jlfilflt'1'lNlt'JlX'O!' on llu plfl ol ilu' wluilr- college roinmnnny is this possible eplu-ns' extlui-rl.iss lift- is set up on llu- lJl'UfllIC't'I'-Ffyll' nnu-1' basis of :in actual cominnnity. ll gives ilu- sm- tlvnlszinoppox'l1i1lily'olplm-lyr'ons1lnu-1'-lil4a-sitlenrlznuc ul plays. l'1't'llLllS.Ul' lvciiin-s whivh :i sr-lvrlr-fl gffjlllj pl-f, drum' lor ilu miuvrilv Un ilu ml ini s - .' l . ' u-r hand. nizinx' or miioiis olu-r qi rliziiuw- lor nu'1nlu'rship llJll'llf'lIJilllfyH in 'irm.':1r:r:Q.uc1ix'1iu's. As in all civic groups, representatives of the student body go to Legislature where the non-academic activities which affect the campus are controlled and coordinated. liach of the twenty-six hall presidents, elected in the spring, and the Civic Association executive board are members with voting power. The heads of the eight divisions are associate members of Legislature and af- tend its meetings at specified times to give repo1'tS and ask for approval of their activities. These eight divisions are the Student Activity Board, which is com- posed of members of clubs and honorary sororitiesg the l'an-Hellenic Division, whose members belong to social fOl'Ol'lllCSQ the Independent Division, whogg members are enrolled in the Independent organization, the Board of l'ublu'ations, which coordinates the student periodicals on campus, the fiampus Service Board, which managCS the campus tearooms, the Lost and Found, the Swap Shop. and other service activities on the campus: the SU'l1lN'HS Rfrcrezition Association, which stimulates stu- Page 54 dent zens zens who Step trati whit govt QTOK SOCiz ago, the H1611 3b0l tivin 0Ve1 Jo . Dfcs. UQUI C301 beg. Pale I the student iic activities norrlinattd. 'Vifjtl in the board are ,t the eight ure and at' ,M feporii These Eight wh is COHI' . ' F, 6 .UI-jflfjm H ,V to 50531 'it-YUl1Cf5are zo' utririfllfali 3, mztrlilfii at -' tri thi It t' i,1.'- flu' ,,,,,ff jo GLATT dent interest in recreational activitiesg the World Citi- zenship Organization, which promotes interest in citi- zenship and world welfareg and the Senior Sister Council, whose function it is to help orient new juniors to life at Stephens. Operating under a grant of power from the adminis- tration, Civic Association has charge of making the rules which govern its members. In the beginning, the student governing organization at Stephens was a disciplinary group concerned only with rule enforcement. Civic As- sociation, as we know it today, began twenty-five years ago, and it has grown to a position of vital importance in the present college life. This growth and the develop- ment of the extra-class program of activities has come about gradually through studen effort and demand. With Dr. Merle Prunty, director of extra-class ac- tivities, as its sponsor, the Civic Association is presided over by an executive board. This year's officers were: jo Ann Glatt, president, Marjorie Yokley, first vice- presidentg Gretchen Isern, second vice-presidentg jean- nette jury, secretary, and Carolyn Bukacek, treasurer. Each year the Civic Association sponsors a Student Government Week when its members are encouraged to become thoroughly acquainted with the Stephens system Page 55 of government and their privileges and responsibilities in connection with it. This year, hy means of posters and special programs which emphasized student government, each girl was made more aware of her campus organi- zation. One of Legislature's objectives this year was to unify the three campuses and the outlying halls. lfeeling that unity and friendliness could be achieved through music, it encouraged the Singing Campus project. Directed by Oscar Clymer, this program was promoted by a song leader from each hall, with an all-campus song leader, joyesjoplin. Throughout the year, girls sang in various groups all over the campus. The Ten Ideals are the code of the Stephens com- munity. Stressing the Principles of Living Qlegislation agreed on by the Civic Association membersi, Legisla- ture's objective is to set the best possible example by ex- pressing the Ten Ideals in their personal living. Another project undertaken by Legislature this year was the Chapel Fund, begun eight years ago by Stephens girls to erect a new chapel on campus. VVith the actual design for the chapel as a stimulation for its campaign, the group began soliciting donations early last semester to aid in the completion of the fund. Both students and Stephens alumnae gave generously. Outstanding "community values" are achieved through participation in Civic Association's organiza- tions, according to Dr. Prunty. The girls become sen- sitive to the rights of others, and they work for the com- mon good. They conform intelligently to established social regulations and defend minority groups. They are able to recognize, select, and follow wise leadership. Civic Association participation also develops the ability to lead without dominating and to abide by majority de- cisions with a spirit of sportsmanship. They develop a sense of personal responsibility and learn to share the re- sponsibilities of group living. , imma., ..... .:.1..fff::::f.ff:z., ....-c...,,1 X., ....... 1, 1 if .- ,X Wx ,sg 51:--ff igsmx it K Z awww!! aff' .4,,-Mx Presidents of Residence Halls XX . 1 ' . We - i ' Q ft .t a ::Q, 53, .,,,,f '? -wa 'N ..::1"' 'A Nt. C V - S 'iv 1 S ' e"',. t , X gt t . ,,,, 5 5 4' 1 ,.:: 5 ,,.z 5 ffm'-Q E xx-X Senior f HE "heart and spirit" of the Stephens campus is typified by the organization known as Senior Court. It is composed of the six senior halls-Senior, Columbia, Wood, Lela Raney Wood, Fielding Smith, and White-and every senior residing in those halls is a member of the court. The guiding body of the organi- zation is the Senior Court Council, whose members are the presidents of the senior halls, a representative of the Senior Sister Organization, and the counselors of the halls, who serve as advisers. The purpose of the Court Council is to promote a unified class spirit among the Senior girls, to maintain a high quality of class morale by sponsoring all-class activitiesg to work with the Senior Sister Organization as closely as possible in making the juniors an integral part of campus life, and, above all, to cooperate in every way possible with all the other campus organizations whose purpose it is to make cam- pus life a more unique, valuable, and rewarding expe- rience. President of Senior Court, Nancy Schuleing social chairman, Evelyn Lashleyg treasurer, Elaine Milli- kang publicity committee, Donna Olsen, Yvonne Brown- ing, and Evelyn Eatong Senior Sister representative, jean Sherman. Page 56 Pqg A :ding Srniih K A X TQ Q . if ' I 'i -A I .M - 'Y' ZW. .. - , 1 5 Q , , , ,X ' , 1 'I S M QM? f f , I rf.. fhsff, A if S, f I nv l1i01' Court the Stephens wn as Senior .EI is-Senior, halls isa I' :he organi- mmbers are A 'wfive of the fifiors of the fi ine Conn 1' among the .fiflii IIIUIQE :th the SEHIUI ' I, . Mnkmgtni O I 'ibove nil. iw ine oiher 'fake can- HIFI' . gfhnlein: 1 ' fo' BIOM' . ,f , ,I rfii ',1'i,f1ue' ip Firsi row: Sccond row: First row: Second row First row: Second row: First row: Second row: First row: Second row: First row: Second row: Third row: Page 57 SENIOR HALL COUNCIL MISS CURTIS, EATON, GREEN, COTTON CONNELLY, GRAY, GUNN, GOODING WOOD HALL COUNCIL SCHULEIN, MISS OMER, JONES, LUPLOVV, LEHTI OFTEDAHL, RANDOLPH, IVIABRY, SKUSE COLUMBIA HALL COUNCIL CRONE, WILLIAMS, MCKINNEY, FORD ' ANDERSON, LASHLEY, MISS TANDBERG, SCHAAP WHITE HALL COUNCIL AMMONS, HANNUM, MISS GLASGOVV, BROVVNING HOTARD, YUILL, IVIIRRIELEES, VVITHERINGTON FIELDING SMITH COUNCIL MCGOYVAN, POLLEN, LEVERTON, MYERS OLSON, CRISXVELL, MISS CHAMBERLIN, DOTEN LELA RANEY WOOD COUNCIL IVIILLS, DONOVAN, IQELLY, LYNCH ROLPII, SCOTT, MRS. POTTS, NIILLIKAN HONADER, SCHILLING Ffliix Q 5: 4, nf l, l 7,1 'H Jr xr- I fs. -V K' . 15 Q--' I .b,5',.Q,, Q C: fx A O fJI'C'.S'I.Ifl'lIf5 of lSl'.S'I.lfC'lIl'l' Hriffx Aim:- ii -Q. S' 4- , x P I x V 'V W 1 r .A'1-If N. ,Q 1 4 ,fn -. 4 l. Q7 1. Nw, 1 qv , , ' AVIATION HALL lst row: COURAND, LEAKAS, ARNOLD SON, PARKS COUNTRY CLUB lst row: BIELKIEWIEZ, RANDOLPH, STEBBINS Znd row: MRS. LOUCKS, MAST, METZGER 'NG ELMHURST HALL lst row: HARDING, lVlOREHOUSE, FLETCHER Zud row: COBB, GUITERAS, VVOODARD GORDON MANOR Isl row: CREEK, ROWEN Znd row: MRS. DEPREE, BORLEY 3rd row: ROBINSON, KERLIN, SHADEED I-IATCHER HALL Isl row: CIIENICK, MCMANUS Znd row: ROOMIE, MISS PHIPPS, REYNOLDS 3rd row: IR1ON, GRAFF, GRIFFITH -L 'QE qfifggiqm H ETZLER HALL Is! row: I-IOUOHTON, THOMPSON, FREIED A Zan! row: F1':1mzLxmN, MISS OYNIEIL, FREITAG Halls and Hall Councils Znd row: DEARMIN, MISS PARRISH, ERICK- 3141 Ist row 21103 roz Ist row. Znd mu 3rd row IJ! row! 21ld 70-L SOI 3rd mu. Isl fow 2nd ,oi 3711 you Page 59 - 52,13 "Z ' Z X I Ellis, ERHIII N l IZGER HILLCREST HALL ls! row: BooNI':, 'llURNl'1R, I'IIJr1III-is 2111! row: GLIQATQN, MRS. SRINNI-LR, RAY- I, IIURN i 3rd row: JENKINS, l.,OVl'1l.ACli .A- LAURA STEPI I ENS HALL Is! row: VVILLIAMS, Lol-:PPI-LRT, H,xwoRTII, ADEN Znd row: PICARCE, MUssI5'I"rI-:R 3rd row: BOSLIEY, MISS joIINs, BR,xND'r LINDEN HALL Isl row: ROCK, BARNUM, MALLOY Znd row: HERREY, MRS. PATRICK, PERRIG0 THE LODGE Ist row: KIDD, CULLUM, PATERSON Znd row: DORSEY, Miss SUDDERTH, LEHMAN 3rd row: CAMBIER, JENTZEN MAPLE HALL Ist row: ICAECHELE, Cox, BRODERICK Zud row: SVVEENEY, M155 HUSTED, ANDER- soN 3rd row: BEDELL, XVARD, HERBERT NORTH HALL Ist row: AULD, XVAGNER, PHETTEPLACE Znd row: TENNIS, Miss GILCHRIST, HULL 3rd row: H.AUGH, NIORRISON Halls and Hall Councils OAKC REST HALL Ist row: MCNAY, BIDDLE, YODER Zud row: TYLER, MRS. COCHRANE, ROGER 3rd row: FYFE, FEESE PRESIDENT WOOD' S HOME lst row: COLT, PLECK 2nd row: ORMEROD, MISS MOULDS, MALEY 3rd row: DOYLE, DEUEL SOUTH HALL Ist row: OGDEN, HOLLOWELL, JONES Znd row: GOLLUSCH, PETRANOFF, MRS. ANDERSON, BRACKEN 3rd row: PETTY, PECKENSCHNEIDER TERRACE HALL lst row: STIGAARD, MISS MOORE, BELL Znd row: IRVVIN, STOUDER, W1LKlNSON TOWER HALL lst row: CONGLETON, YOST, VVHITEAKER Zml row: GIVSON, ROBBINS, MRS. GROVER, KNAW 3rd row: FLEMING, O'l'lAIR, SCOTT WALES HALL Isl row: LE1Tz1NGER, STICKLEY Bud row: XVALKER, M155 CUSACK, BOULDIN 3rd row: CQODSHALK, NlEl,SON, GARVEY ' alls and Hall Councils , Page 60 1 Is! row: Znd row: Page fl ROGER 5- MALE C Mas. . -:QB v-:Q J 2 WI NIJSOR HOI,'Sli CUVNCI I, Isl row: SlfVl'1RKIlITl', CRAIG, lirmixlms, Ii,xKlc1c, I,,uIm1,xxN, Axnlansux 21111 row: Pl-Llmv, P,xI:1. 3nl row: Miss Nlusmrrxx, I.,xxmu4,r.r. TOWN HOUSE COUNCIL Isl row: XVILSUN, CH1I.Co'r'1', IAIQGAN, I-I11.1. Zml row: SAMPSUN, ORMAN -af V ' 'xr ' A lol goes on wilhin lhefozzr walls of college halls Page 61 V,-..-V- VVfVV-, ,,,, ,, ,,,, .,...-. -..-,,. ........ ..... -,v, a-.. e-.w-,-5-'-1:-f. -2 ,xx--ff77jfs? tT,.w:7?f-f::..sVgq,:,.... :- f-Q1-V-f ,H----.---.ff - - -- 4 A MV- Y -V -V .. . . V . . " ' - 10' ' "" '---A-' . ,V VV.:V - ' CV , .Q -. . V V . V V V' -p - ' vf Council of House Mana ers 66 HIC Council of House Managers is being granted much authority for hall policies and is be- coming, more than ever before, a worthwhile organiza- tion," Ann Phetteplace, 1946-47 chairman, remarked. "Our main object is to work in close cooperation with ANN Pieiiarrizimxcil: Legislature, and to take responsibility for daily routine regulations in the halls." Composed of the house managers from every hall, the group elects its chairman and secretary in the spring for the following year. Each assistant house manager also attends the bi-weekly meetings, but has only the power of discussion. Meetings with group speakers through the year help the Council discuss and clarify current issues and disciplinary attitudes. The Council's main project this year was to estab- lish a guide to the standardization of hall rules and the penalties for their violation. This proved that a system of regulations may be Htted to individual problems and yet may be reasonably uniform with respect to itS major requirements. In keeping with the Stephens tradition of having students make their own rules, the organization appoiI1tS the Principles of Living Committee in early spring. This group of girls, who are from both Council and Legisla- ture, studies the Principles of Living, making additionS and revisions which are submitted to the Legislature fOr approval. XVhen approved these revised regulationS bt-come the 'lprinciples of livingu for the next YCU-l',5 lift- at Stephens. I-Qarli member of the Council writes out the poliCiCS of her hall and makes a list of her own duties to infO1'm the newly elected house manager of her responsibilities. 'l'hr-se lists of responsibilities are compiled as a handbook at the end of the year, and one of these booklets is left in wich hall for the incoming ofhcers. Ufticers for this year were Ann Phetteplace, chair- man. who was also thelrepresentative to Legislaturfii and Betty .lane -Iones, secretary. Mrs. Nladolin Grovef and Xliss Klary Isabel Omer were sponsors. Parse 62 I S Q X 3 Was org: Ollicers. the Cou as all CXI The Senior C of the 0 Ffeghma Class, it f is the fm tion of 1 C our fepl 0UHci1. At t of the el Program 1ZQd late the Diist WQH 0 1 ii rg' een HSS et, Pa!! 63 I, ily routine even' hall. the spring fe manager as only the ji speakers ml clarify Lg QU 'fiilall' ': Qlilfl Ill? 1 ,i sjreteni , Hhgms and to Hr naiinl 'Z VLUQOIHIS 'iii lhli . llrjflflil' ,.5ljin0H5 ajft fn . 'fliflllli 1 'L l. ,l-,JH A " :1 l y 4 my O M7 WE sro C7 vu i l, -f ii., . fix Standing: GILLESPIE, XVATKINS, SALSTROM, HUDDART, N1cHoLsoN, CRANZ, STRONG Sealed: LARKIN, HURD, CLAYBORNE, LEVINSON, Nici-1oLsoN, Hircncocx Council of Class Government HE Council of Class Government was organized this year to replace the Council of Class Ofhcers. By coordinating class projects and social events, the Council promotes unity among the classes and acts as an executive committee of the class councils. The chairman of the Council is the president of the Senior Class. The other members include the presidents of the other three classes, one representative from the Freshman Class, one representative from the Sophomore Class, three representatives from the junior Class, and four representatives from the Senior Class, one of which is the first vice-president. Each member, with the excep- tion of the chairman, holds equal voting power on the Council. L At the Weekly meetings the projects and social events of the classes are discussed, and conflicts in the various programs are ironed out. Since the Council was organ- ized late in the year, its opportunities for service during the past year were limited, but its machinery has been Well organized and its place in campus government has been assured. - Class sponsors acted as sponsors for the Council. Page 63 SYRIL LEVINSON ,ky X f --.Ml 6 1 , lo, I oh li JULIE ELDER CTING upon the premise that well- planned leisure time is an essential factor in the life of each college student, the Student Activity Board, under the presidency of julie Elder, has encouraged the organi- zation of clubs which correspond to individual interests of students. Other officers are Nancy Hale, vice-president, Barbara Huser, secretary, Maria Ackerman, treasurer, Arden Marr, publicity chairman. Miss Cynthia Press was faculty adviser. The promotion of outside interests in fields related to study is one of the group's major objectives. For ex- ample, language clubs were recommended to those inter- ested in a foreign language, and the Foreign Relations Club to those interested in social studies, particularly in national and international problems. A second objective was the establishment of a closer relationship with other colleges through honorary socie- ties. By means of exchange papers and magazines the projects of society chapters throughout the nation were transmitted to the Stephens chapters. Each club and honorary society on campus sent a representative to the Student Activity Board's weekly meetings to discuss activities and future plans of their respective groups. In this way every club was able to know the plans of the other clubs, and conflicts in pro- grams were avoided. Student Activit Board Isl row: STHXVARD, BARNIQTTE, OLTMANUS, HALL, GREBNBAUM, PERRY, XVI-IITMAN Bud row: VoT.Run,x, Hnnoxcst, XYALL.-XCE, PEASLEY, BARTON, Wnix, NIILTON, SKILLENBERG, EXLEY, CAVANAUGH, GLOCK 3fl1f,li'.' M ' P F - ' f - f - ' ' 1 L iss RLss, IILSLR, ELDLR, llALI:, ACKILRMAN, NIARR Page 64 CHFUP' Servio YOUU2 tion Q1 IX 1 C, Sli lts Chl Swap f ten teal C. S, B other S1 day din day girl Pre presider secretar Shop, ai Hale, m Pen lanes Te The nex Jeanne: ln t Board by Margare Carol Sn age 53 l l I 3 l ' Q l 5 i l P . I 1 Ihr me if lltll. ol QA . Irtl, under Ili , N Ofidni, It mtem its It-pregidm, I. Treasures gs nrliia pm' K ri, For I Nh ei. L 056 Inter. R li Relation: rtitulafly in W ll H closer 'Nall' socie. iqazmeg the A . .1 LIOH were WJLI: ' fs weekly .is ol their able I0 its in pm. R,xCTIC,xI, service to the Stephens campus is the aim of the Campus Service Board. This service organization was begun in 1923 as a project of the Young XVomen's Christian Association, under the direc- tion of Miss Louise Dudley. Now under the sponsorship of Miss Laura Searcy. Cf. B. istready to assist with any campus service project. Its chief administrative duty comes in managing the Swap Shop, the Lost and lfound Department, and the ten tearooms which were estalnlished as "social retreats." C. B. was responsible for sending flowers and rendering Other services to the inlirmary. lt staged special hirth- day dinners in the dining halls each month for the "birth- day girls" Of the month. President Dana Richardson Officiated with vice- president JO Speery, manager Of Lela Raney 'liearoomg Secretary Nancy Stephens, manager Of Puff lnn, the Swap Shop, and the Infirmary services, and treasurer Marian Hale, manager of VValter Hall Tearoom and the Pantry. Pennant Dining Room in Aviation Hall and the Slay- lanes Tearoom were supervised by Mary Lou Voltruba. The new exclusive Senior Tearoom was managed by Jeanne Alice Peery. In the fall, Junior representatives were elected to the Board by the Junior Class. They were Sherry Hartman, Margaret W'illcinSOn, Gloria Sessions, Harriette Anthony Carol Snyder, Nancy Fay, and Joan Harris. DANA RICI-IARDSON Campus Service Board Ist row: HARTMAN, ANTHONY, SESSIONS, SNYDER, HARRIS, WILKINSON Zud row: IQRIEDER, JAMES, PERRY, HUNT, XVRIGHT, HALE 3rd row: SPERRY, MISS SEARCY, RICHARDSON, STEPHENS Nc! C7 'CY Page 65 1 'Q' Z' , .,...., ..,-,,, ...-.,... H-,,-Xe--rss.-f'-,s5g....,-,--r., A--fr . ------N.r::s-.... --- - - -- --we - - - -- - - - -- - V- V lsr row: ELSIEY, C.-tI'oSEI.L,x, CI-IAPAIAN, BAILY, XVISE, l'IERRLY, XMILLIAMS, ELLINOR, GRAHAM 21111 row: M.tK,xItIUs, NICHOLS, MISS l'lOXV1ELL, BELL, GREEN, SI-IEFFIELD 3rd row: Siooixs, Brxnv, MI5'rzcEI:, YOUNG, BURNSIDE, REIER, WIIITEHURST Pan-Hellenic Council PEN and closed rushing," "prefer- ence day," "pledge tests"--these are familiar terms to sorority girls in general and to Pan-Hellenic Council 'l'It.xcY Blil,l, ir i members in particular, for it is within this group that sorority-wide activities are originated. Acting as a joint operations board, the council is composed of the executive officers, who this year included Lois tTraeyD Bell, presi- dent, Marcia Nichols, vice-president, Ann Green, secre- tary, Pat Sheffield, treasurer, Ann Makarius, project chairman, Mrs. Louise Howell, faculty sponsor, aIId the sixteen sorority presidents. Meetings were held each Thursday. Pan-Hellenic-sponsored activities included Courtesy Day, during which each sorority demonstrated one ph21SC of Stephens life in which courtesy could play a more in- tegral part, and Pan-Hellenic Feature Night with its theme of "something old, something new, something bor- rowed, Something blue." Sorority girls lustily joined voices with the Inde- pendents during Independent-Pan-Hel sings, and the two organizations eomhined their efforts in promoting other 1-ampus events as well. Social highlights of the year were the Pan-Hel balls, while the Pan-Hel Follies provided Stephens studentS wit h many a laugh. As a grand hnale for the school year, Sorority girls enjoyed a farewell picnic at the lake. ln addition to all of these activities, the Council supr-rvisf-fl the rushing, pledging, and initiation ritualS of the sororities. Each girl who wishes to join a SoroI'i'CY must pass through the stages of open rushing, closed rushing, preference day, formal and informal plCClglnZv :Ind hnally actual initiation, after which She is entitled 'CO vpezir the pin of her sorority. Page 66 acts as a campus opinion DHS, it I tivity gg Ojlicers 2 Behind 3-f10ther lt ls an 4 The Nanq-1 Phyuis fellfeser DfQSlClQf from th, al5DOint elected, are the ei Sl llllliof f edlttbrs, sell H- In lvhich t to Dron SDl'iI1 S Club. Bflarql , Page 67 TWG tif' 'oup tis: as a jc-it execute Bd' pref- .A. .. til. SEQE- :. Mm.. , .I 1.1. . QHU ,Z I I ' . ,ff My one f H 4 . T s I , ?. 0 ra 9 1 , .',. . HY H- . L, Standing: LUTHER, EVERSZ, FELIX, HARTAIAN, JOHNSTON, lVlURPI'lY Sealed: MCGEE, MR. FOWLER, ROBINSON, SMITH, BROWN, SHAW Board of Publications HE executive Board of Publications acts as a service organization and advising council to the campus publications, it conducts surveys of student opinion on various subjects of major interest to the cam- pus, it publishes and sells song books and semester ac- tivity calendars, it also publishes the Directory of Campus Ojicers and takes polls for any publication that wishes it. Behind the Ivy, now sponsored by Stephens Life, is another feature initiated by the Board of Publications. It is an original cartoon book by students about students. The board this year was composed of president. Nancy Robinson, vice-president, Betty Smith, secretary, Phyllis Brown, treasurer, Loisgail Eversz, and junior representative, Betty McGee. The president, vice- president, and junior representative are elected at large from the student body. The secretary and treasurer are appointed by the previous year's board and the newly elected president and vice-president. Assisting this board are the editors of the three major publications, Stephens Life, Stephens Standard, and the Stephensophia plus a junior from each of the staffs. During the year the editors of Within the I ey were elected by the board. Rus- sell H. Fowler sponsors the group. In the fall an open house was given by the Board to which the staffs of all publications were invited in order to promote better acquaintanceship and understanding. Spring brought another informal party at the Country Club. Remembering that variety is the spice of life, the Board of Publications tried to maintain a happy balance Page 67 between social activities and the actual service functions of the board and all of the staffs represented. NANCY ROBINSON fm!! ff'-7,112 ', e 2 'Q 1,1 I ' , l ,ff " , .4 ,M . , , , f fgff-If, 1 9 z ft '75 ' ' - ffl . V, 15 we . . 'iii' . . L gg fr-,E g s :, Midi' 3 . 1 imffki' . in Q 1 .IANICE McC'ONN1s1.l. ROM the minute she arrives on cam- pus, a new student may rely on her "senior sister" for friendship and advice. These seniors begin a leadership course in the spring after they are carefully chosen by each hall council. They return to school a week early in September for a fall conference with the other school of- ficers and with faculty members. By means of faculty lectures, discussion groups, and council meetings, they are well prepared for problems they will face in guiding their junior charges successfully through the maze of new experiences that confront them. The Senior Sister Council, made up of the chairman from each senior sister hall group, sets the over-all policy and Objectives for the year. Wforlcing in cooperation with the faculty and extra-class division, the senior sisters help to promote interest in all campus activities. This year, for the first time, senior sisters assisted in supervis- ing occupational guidance tests during registration week. Coordinating the entire Senior Sister program, this year's executive council was composed of the chairman, Janice McConnell, the co-chairman, Margaret Strode Qboth of whom were elected in last spring's campaignjg and june Hall, the secretary-treasurer Cappointed by the Senior Sister Councilj. Miss Florence Gilchrist and Miss Marie Moore were co-sponsors of the organization. Senior Sisters Slaudzng XLYLD, PERRY, AlURll0l'Sli, I-IAWORTH, LEITZINGIEIQ, OGDIEN, RUDOLPH, ROBINSON, SHERMAN, ANDERSON, JENKINS Sum d X Oman, XYILKINSON, McCONN1a1.l., Miss GII.CRIiST, STRODI2, DIEUIEL, GR1FF1T1-I l Ag p 7, .... A ip .f Page 68 any for Ship 1 by il' in lot ulu- they Cllllg IIQXY 'man Oliey with Sters This I'Yi5. ieek, this man, :rode ignlli 3' the Miss Independent Council BJECTIVES of the Independents for the past year Were: CID to promote unity by practicing the motto, "Hands Across the Campus," CZJ to make small and outlying halls a part of this large campus group, C3j to provide opportunities for leadership and social activities, and C45 to evaluate all hall activities for the purpose of improving future events. The campus-wide officers were Patricia Brown, presi- dent, Joan Ferris, social chairman, Nancy Roberts, evaluation chairmang Paula Maclachlan, campus group chairman, Doris Mitten, secretaryg Dorothy Douglass, treasurerg and Jo Ann Zimmerman, publicity chairman. These girls made up the Independent Board which met with the Independent Council in carrying out the poli- cies and programs of Independents. The president met with the division heads of Civic Association twice a month and with Legislature once a month. The pur- pose was promotion of cooperation between the different divisions and halls on campus. The sponsors for the past year were Miss Ruth johns and Miss Claire Sud- derth. The season started in early October with an Inde- pendent convocation to introduce Independents to the new students. It was followed in November by the cam- pus-wide Independent tea and the Independent and Pan- Hellenic sing. In December came the Frozen Fantasy ball. During the second semester the Senior Independ- PAT BROWN ents at Stephens met with the Senior Independents of the University of Missouri. ln February came the Valentine party and later the spring formal. The climax of the year's events was the annual Independent circus held in the arena. In the spring a dinner for the past president, new president, and sponsors was given. I Page 69 i I l-uurfffs ,- 'ii'lt::z,1 'N Q9 i Q 9 isrjl 1 155 199' K 6 Isl row: HILTON, Ennv, NIESBITT, TURNER Znd row: Miss LEUENBERGER, HAND , SPEARS, ALLEN, Miss CASEY S ephen Recreation Association j .-XNIST Sl'l?I.XRS O GIRLS who are interested in recrea- tional activities the most important organization on campus is the Stephens Recreation Association. ThlS organization has as its main objectives the encourage- ment of good sportsmanship, higher standards of health, and a systematic program of relaxation. It sponSOrS 21 physical htness program throughout the year which in- cludes competitive sports, dancing, and other forms of recreation. liach year guest artists are brought to the campus, so that students may learn to appreciate a high type ol skill and strive to achieve greater prohciency themselves. liach girl who fulfills the qualifications for membership is given a chance to participate actively IH the projects sponsored by the association. K lemlnership is open to anyone who can fill one of the following requirements: participation of seven hours during one quarter in one or more physical activities in the campus recreational program, the lulhllment of thc refpiirements for a class team: meeting the general re- quirements of any group under the Associationg or pal'- iicipation in the quarter nnals of a tournament of any 1n- flividual sport. The .-Xssociation's activities may lie generally classi- tied in four groups- physical activities, social activities, invitation of guest artists, and providing opportt1nitiCS ' leadership. The physical activities include individual Page 70 Z5 trea- i on This 'age- alth, irs a 1 in- ns ol the high ancy s for V in e of DLU5 -5 IH tile ft' pat' , in. iS5l' ieSi tics ual ,, 7ll and team participation in such sports as archery, ljaql- minton, basketball, boating, dance, fencing, hockey, bowling, softball, swimming, tennis, volleyball, and rid- ingj The social activities consist of open houses, tennis court dances, barn dances, bonfires, play days, picnics, and other affairs of similar nature. The guest artists have included Miss Patty Berg, American's number- one woman golfer, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hare, the English tennis stars, and Charles Vlfeidman and Com- pany, special dance guest artists. The opportunities for leadership are numerous since the offices and duties of the association are well dis- tributed and divided. The executive council includes the president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, pro- gram chairman, publicity manager, and physical fitness chairman. The executive board is composed of officers, hall representatives, and group chairmen. Faculty Sponsors work hand in hand with the students to make this division of Civic Association a beneficial organiza- tion for its members and for the campus as a whole. The officers for the year 1946-47 were: president, Janet Spears, vice-president, Phyllis Allen, secretary, Eloise Hand, treasurer, Evelyn Hilton, program chair- man, jean Turner, publicity chairman, Jean Eddy, physical tltnt-ss chairman, .-Xlene Nesbit: and faculty sponsors, Ann Casey, lfinnia Spencer, and Margaret Leuenberger. S. R. A. Awards .XCII spring, at the annual awards Convocation, the Stephens Recreation Association pres- sents honor awards to its outstanding members of the year. The awards presented at this time are second- year awards, to be eligible for this honor, the girl must have received a Hlirst award" in the previous year. The second-year award, a gold initialed SR..-X. pin with oak-leaf-clustered background, is merited by thorough interest in the work of SR..-X., demonstration of a sporting spirit, and participation in SRA. activi- ties. A minimum of 40 hours participation, 20 hours in sports and 20 hours on committee work, is required. In addition to the regular awards, SRA. presents to the best senior hockey player a hockey stick. This custom is now in its second year and the senior honored for 1946-47 was Catherine Pace. ALLEN FOGG HONAKER PACE TUTTLE BECHTOL HAND P JAMISON SHORT WmnzR1NcToN EDWARDS HOLTON V KRAKOW SPEARS ZACKEY Page 71 J' 'HW JEAN BRYAN HIL XVorld Citizenship Organization was created to help the students maintain high standards of citizenship on campus and to emphasize the importance of good citizenship on a national and international level. World itizenship Or anization To introduce new students to the activities of XV. C. O., a VVorld Carnival was held in collaboration with S. A. B. International flags decorated the ball- room, while booths representing various countries of the world sold food and fun amounting to 3315. This money went to the campus fund which aids foreign students who plan to come to Stephens College. A clothing drive in December collected in only five days a vast number of shoes, sweaters, and other garments for the needy in Europe. A thousand dollars was collected this year to reestablish the educational facilities of a Greek college. Hall contributions were concluded in March. Extensive plans have been prepared for future campus drives in view of the ever-increasing interest of foreign students in the Stephens College program. Two members of the VV. C. O. Council attended the XVoman's Share in Public Service Conference in Chicago. After this meeting, discussion groups were held on campus to pass on the information obtained. VV. C. O. sent out questionnaries to discover the extent of campus knowledge about the United Nations. From these questionnaires the council was able to judge the educational need and arrange activities designed to familiarize the campus with the work of the UNO. Movies and informal discussions were brought to campus as a part of the W. C. O. educational program. A campus-wide campaign stressing the various aspects and World Cilizenslzip Organization . 'cn , -.N , , 1' i 33 .N I . 6-. O .., - .J . - x, I, , . ' 1 S ff f i . , if V, .i ,, J, , . , 'J , , 'J' V, ' .1 ' V, . I v- ' . I f I I s Page 72 f a lg l z F SP st ar St W Pa, ii lleg of lfiilion 5' ball. nes of H This ioreign ie- A days 3 Hts for llected 5 ol 3 ltfl in future rest gf ll. Gd the licago. fld on er the ations. judge red to UNO. impus ri. A ts and I 1 responsibilities of private citizenship was carried on throughout the year, with emphasis on conservation group cooperation, etc. The W. C. O. Council consists of a representative from each hall, a representative from the Stephens League, a representative from the Foreign Relations Club, and the executive board members. jean Bryan served as president this yearg Phyllis Terry was vice- presidentg Mercia Oliver acted as secretaryg and Nancy Beltz worked as treasurer. Miss Marjorie Carpenter was the sponsor of VV. C. O. for the first semester, while Miss Dorothy Martin served as sponsor for the second semester. Miss Agnes Tand- berg represented the hall counselors. World Federation Committee NDER the World Citizenship Organi- zation at Stephens is a group known as the World Federation Committee. This committee was organized to sponsor and promote interest, knowledge, and under- standing of the United Nations, its purposes, working arrangements, and its current activities, and to instill in Stephens girls the desire to give active support in every way to this organization for world unity. PHYLLIS TERRY Page 73 z -..Jr -4 A it .Q N ORMA TENNIS The world is working toward the goal of unity and peace by the formation of an effective world federation, which must be backed by informed citizens with opinions based on facts. The aim of the committee, through its educational program on campus, is to provide essential and important facts about the UN and to help to build a sound foundation of understanding for constructive criticism and thinking. In the halls the World Federation Committee works through the WCO and hall representatives, encouraging attendance at the lecture series, promoting prominent bulletin board displays of United Nations news, sending slides to hall and sorority meetings, and arranging for speakers in the halls. During this year, the committee prepared and distributed a questionnaire intended to measure the present knowledge of Stephens girls about the UN. . The committee keeps off-campus contact with other colleges by writing letters and exchanging ideas and programs. They also write individuallybsigned'letters and "peti'ti0ns"'to newspapers,mirnagazines, and congress- men. This year's World Federation Committee was under the supervision of Norma Tennis. Her committee mem- bers Were Judy Balser, Sue Avery, and Barbara Temple. f 3 ,' 5' l. f ! . , L, . , W X ,f"'xiilPm ,,. -.. x, Y xv xv-L , W ,, . f - -V gf , ,. ."5QT"""" " ' 5, 1 flaw'-1 , if K Sli M .J, 'v ' xx .xv-A 'yi ----f...,,-..,...... . ., . ,. . '17 i IIIHWHHII -I -FO ' , Le.. ..i..-,,'.i 'f-I ' if-5. -. .. " . Isl row: Fiusieo, Miaimztizias, NELSON, Mas. ROTH, Mk. BAXTER, HAGAMAN, JENTZEN Znd row: MCCORMICK, Rooxna, XVILLIAMS, Miss JOHNSON, LECKRONE, WORTH 'T e Stephensophia ANN SHAW ins Slephensophia has returned to its pre-war size. Anne Shaw, 1946-47 editor, planned the layout with the help of the staff last spring. The HLIITI- her and nature of the divisions of the book were set up then, and the plan sheets were approved and sent to the engravers as a kind of "master dummy" to be followed. The junior staff members were Chosen in the fall. ll is traditional for the theme of the Slephensophia to be kept a seeret from the junior staff until after Christmas, when it is disclosed at a social party. The theme is not I'l'X'L'Jlll'fl to the campus at large until Sophie appears in the spring. I-'illffd with memories of the good times at StephenS Ihr- lake, parties, formal dances, and the fun of college lift-fSnpl11'c is il relrospc-vt which has a place in the heart of 4-vi-ry Sir-phens girl, This year's hook is a memory hook of Ihr- lasl yi-ar of President XVood's active presi- fi4'l'l!'f. of Str-plivns f'ollr-ge. Ifor that reason it has a rllfflill siunilir':im'r-. 'lhf' rlill-li was headed by .Xnne Shaw.-.', editor: BCUY 1,1-wlzronfn business manage-rg Betty Lou XYerth, assistant Page 74 business manager, Frances Hagaman, assistant in pub- licity, Dorothy MCCormick, literary editorg Betty Nlir- rielgcs, assistant literary editor, Betty Freed, copy Qfli- tor: Mary Roome, advertising editor, Ann jentzen, as- sistant advertising editorg jennifer VVilliams, pho- tography editor, and Mary Nelson, assistant pho- tography editor. Miss Minnie May Johnson served as sponsor, with james E. Baxter acting as co-sponsor. At the end of the year, the senior staff was the guest of the Burger-Baird Engraving Company in Kansas City. Here the girls saw some of the technical workman- ship which goes into the book to insure its high quality and attractiveness. Last year's Stephensojnhia won All- American college rating, and the present staff hopes for a similar award of honor. This year, for the first time, the-Yearbook staff was organized on a part-credit basis, meeting regularly with the sponsor twice a week to check on the progressof work .and plan the "next steps" in the big job of producing a big book. Both the effort expended and the experience gained are ample justihcation for the allowance of cur- riculum credit for "Yearbook Planning and Production." BETTY LECKRONE ifvf5"'x ,I . ff .f, Xxkx go , .... ..... A T ""A' 3 --'-- 1 JUNIOR STAFF MEMBERS 6x Q 7 if 'f -ni? K ,' ,,- ,V g Q, -f fa Page 75 EDITOR-IN-CHIEF, lVlARY FRANCES JOHNSTON S h L'f t 6 P 6 11 S 1 6 O PROVIDE enjoyable reading and useful information concerning all activities that affect the campus or the students is the purpose of the Stephens Lzfe, weekly campus newspaper. Covering beats is the duty of the students in Survey of Journalism classes who serve as reporters. Each stu- dent is assigned several organizations and departments to interview each week, and the rest of the news is written as "special stories" and features. On Tuesday nights the copy comes back from the linotypists, and then the Student Publications Building at 9 Price resembles the bustling newspaper office of fic- tion. The task of checking all material falls to Mary Frances Johnston, Editor-in-chief, since she is respon- sible for everything that is printed g and the Managing Ed- itor, Betty Brand, begins "rnake-up," planning the ap- pearance of the finished issue. VVhen the final design for the paper is completed, the Staples Publishing Company prints the twenty-eight hundred copies and delivers them at 9 Price in time for the Circulation Manager Cand the reporters who help herb to count and deliver them to the halls each Friday morning. The Stephens Life had its share of post-war difficul- ties this year, which included skipping three issues be- cause of the paper shortage, and finding a substitute linotypist for the months their regular linotype service could not be had. This last problem was solved by the 151 row: Mu. BAXTER, KRAKOW, SCHAAP, Tizxsmzn Znd row: KYLE, INcR,xn,xM, CAVENAUGH, DUDLEY, LOGAN, BLAKEY 3rd row: Scimmr, jouNsTON, POWLEN, CAPOSSELA, BASKIN TT' t 1 W, ff Page176 rect Spol Man Schn Edi Tee Dor Sara him by A gain lege Bet F Dairy Goat Journal, a local printing establishment, which set the Lzfe type at night. New this year was the inclusion of more hall news which indicated the staff's determination to print more general campus news. Another objective easier to attain was the planning of more social functions for the staff members. Picnics at Pop Collins' Cabin, and other par- ties, helped the staff become better acquainted. Rated All-American by the Associated Collegiate Press, the Stephens Life is sponsored by James E. Baxter, journalism instructor. The staff is as follows: Mary Frances Johnston, Editor-in-chief, Managing Editor, Betty Brand, Business Manager, Martha jean Dudley, Campus Editor, Courtney Cavenaugh, Editorial Di- rector, Anne Baskin, Feature Editor, Leslie Powlen, Sports Editor, Pat Ingraham, Assistant Editorial Editor, Marie Capossela, Proof Reading Editor, Martha J. Schmidt, Public Relations Editor, Nita Logan, Headline Editor, Phillis Blakey, Circulation Manager, Jean Teemer, Cartoonist, Nancy Meyers, Picture Editor, Doris May, and Lzfe photographers, Gloria Kyle and Sarah Krakow. A new addition to the Stephens publications is Be- hind the Ivy, a collection of Stephens cartoons sponsored by Stephens Life. Started only last year, this book has gained great popularity with its original cartoons of col- lege life. Nancy Meyers was the Editor-in-chief, and Betty Smith was Business Manager of this year's edition. BUSINESS lxl.-XNAGER, JEAN DUDLEY Stephens Life JUNIOR "LIFE" STAFF Page 77 ,Q 3d'.gf,v.s, , ,, J Ls St.',3v.1,tv - "ly dxf s 2 sf' . ' -" it A: ,. is .., e 1- Coxcu rox B1 TTS MURPHY, LEIGH, MERREM HE Stephens Standard, creative, in- spirational, a reflection of Stephens standards and Ste- phens spirit, has achieved the status of a tradition on campus. For twenty-seven years it has been the literary and feature magazine of Stephens, published to give an opportunity to Stephens girls to see in print their crea- tive work, to give to all girls a chance to know the work of their fellow classmates, and to present a picture of the College program as seen by the students. The Standard's contents include all types of outstanding student literary composition: editorials, campus features, critical book and drama reports, short stories, essays, and poetry. 'lihe Standard now has a circulation of about eight thousand hve hundred copies per issue. Every student receives the Standardg many members of the faculty are subscribers: hundreds of copies are sent to high School and college libraries over the country, and many hun- tlrt-tls more go to future Stephens students to help them become acquainted with the Ciollege before they arrive fill f'illlllJllS. 'lihe Standard is a literary organ to which every stu- dent is invited to ctmtribute. "Standard could not have btttfome tht- outstantling publication that it is without the tint- mztnustrripts submittt-tl by students on the campus at large." t'ommt'ntt'tl lilizabt-th Nlurphy, managing editor, Nlany of tht- msmtiscripts art- submittetl by C'hi Delta l'hi. tht- honorziry writing sorority, the Xvriters' filtlbt :mtl tht- JttlY5ll'lf'f'fl t'rt':itiyt- writing class of Dr. Roy lVZlI'l -lohnson. who sponsors the ptiblicittion. 'llhis class is 1 ,fzitox-. it :ts tht' i'.Svffl7ttltt7'If ftaxx," and its members are stuff its-lftltllts. lpztt h l-Fllt' of tht' Standard, relt-asetl traditionally in Xoyt'ittltt'r. lit-t-tfmltt'r. l7t'ln'u:try, .-Xpril, and Klay, is built Page 7lt up are with 2 to hig creaset pearaf for tht illustr the wt Colleg, worki issue Hpictt ally S phot Ghost Yetiri abilit valut plan Want Worlt of Q real limit largg to Q adv Cng trip Grd thg to X Pug up around a theme of timely interest, with a goal of originality, adherence to high literary standards, and in- creased improvement in general ap- pearance and "lay-out." The copy for the magazine is supplemented and illustrated by photography, which is the work of Townsend Godsey, official College photographer, or of students working under his direction. Each issue of Standard features a selected "picture of the month ," which is usu- ally submitted by a student from the photography classes. The Standard staff members are chosen in their junior year by the retiring staff on the basis of creative ability. Membership on this staff has values and advantages forrthose who plan to follow literary careers and want actual practice in publication work. The girls have the opportunity of experiencing the "workings" of a real magazine that reaches beyond the limits of the campus and commands a large "reader audience." They learn to cope with the problems of lay-out, advertising, copy selection, and theme planningg they observe the process of -engraving and printing during a spring 'trip to Kansas City, where the Stand- ard engravings are made. Moreover, the staff members grow in their ability to write and learn to criticize construc- tively their own work and the work Of others. Page 79 tantitl as X e..+....-fig:--f-51-1::...,.5,,,2-,...N g- ,...,1...,, ,-W' . ...f1, ........-, 1 M R. TowNsEND GODSEY l 4 A HE girls on the photog- raphy staff probably devote as much time to the work of Stephens publications as any other group on campus," comments Townsend Godsey, supervisor of all-campus photography. Margery tlylargej Bennett, Sarah tGigj Krakow, Gloria zunpusIWuno Staff ,- .,....., J Q ST? wr ' ..,... A. I ,ga-ezft THORNE, KYLE, BENNETT, KRAKOW tier? U .5 ' , ' Jzg,-fa ! s QGIOD Kyle, Patricia tPatj Thorne, and Mar- garet tGaryj Bolinger, who are majoring in photography, take and print nearly all the pic- tures of campus activities for the Stephens Life and Slcplzerzsoplzia. 'lihcy also clo some work for the Sleplzerzx Slmulzlrrl. Since each picture must meet requirements for use in the College publications, antl must be approved by these eclitors, the stal'l's work provicles an excellent opportunity for practical experience. The photography stall' was organized last year when ll1l'lHlllllt'Rlll0l1S stalls felt the neecl of enortlinatecl photographic work. ln arlrlition to its task of plt'l1ll't'lllJll4lllQ. the senior photog- raphy stall' helps train apprentices who will then take nyer the nrgganinatirni the following year. ilihese apprentices are chosen lirwni tht approximately eielily-live stuflt-nts enrolletl in 1 f I 5, 5 H I l 1 I 1, l 1 l X l 2 l l I l l, 1 . fz Q 1 Z t pluwtoeraphy classes. anal are seleetefl for fini stancling interest antl ability lvy Nlr. fillflflfy anrl Ft 3,25 . . . f Philip ling til the plum-g:'.iplij. flepartnieni. anfl - t r'-- ' ' - t' ll '- - l l' r' ' - E 7 5! Lff'f'! i' 'V lu tht sm-iisfus ol tht f- 4,1 -n 1 it ations. Fi . . . f, . . l l . A. Page 30 Page 5 jp ,gf , 1" . ' ., 1 3, -f ," f'-1 H ,Q g V f, ' - --4 gr ' , , w , -fr ,,, ' ig 74.,,f-,rf-,ffszx-. . f ' ff x- -, ,A fl: 'V . ' . A 1 IZA. M" , y, ,, 14, , 1 Lzfsm 479' ,i X ,, M ff 4, 3178, I , !5:'f.'f: 0741! ,'11ff1!z1w:!zA0n ...Il , . . , I fn' 4 v4,'1j.' If '::f:.'.'f'1z,' lm' . , , .'j.'f2c' 1-' wig .Girlz fur' mffx' gun fu fm' 10111- VMHZAIIQ hlftlflf dm! Ula' fl-I!17."'.'Af1!-X.'. Tiff' vn- :fmzwv Him flu' fNlIIt'f.N' uw! flu' xfwiv is prizzfnf. .S'4'f'r1z'.v -f-Hill! lin' SM pfvx Pr1'11lz'n:f cwfllllfltlll-V. -zulm priul I.zl!'e' t'lll'll 'IL't'C'!x','l5llI"Ql'l'-H11lhfff !fIlNLfl'1lT'I.IIlQ Cozrzjnzzzy 111111 .lllhll-.S'fflfl' Prinl- ing Crmzpfzny, who pm- rlnfv vsllflll ie. P01411 81 Democracy in Llvlng and Learnlng EMOCRACY did not "happen" to Stephens. lt grew out of the basic philosophy on which the College is founded. lts primary educational goal is the development of individual personality. Such a goal is compatible with the fundamental principle of democracy, respect for the worth of the individual and the rights of the individual. lf education were merely a matter of conjugating verbs, or memorizing historic dates, or recording statis- tics in a notebook, it might well go hand in hand with dictatorship or any other ideology of government. But conjugations, dates, and statistics are not the summit of achievement. They belong somewhere along the road, but they are less important than the learner. Fact is subordinated to the growth of the individual who as- similates it. When we say that our campus is a democratic campus, we mean that every girl is granted the neces- sary "elbow room" to expand her interests and develop her fullest capabilitiesg that every girl is challenged with the responsibility of governing herself and helping to govern others for the best interests of ally that every girl, under a system of democratic representation, lives under her own jurisdiction in a free community gov- erned by the will of free citizens. This "will" of free citizens is expressed on campus through duly elected representatives--the officers of the all-student C'ivic .-Xssociation Cthe C. A. Executive lioardl, the presidents of the residence halls, and the heads ol the various activity divisions of C. A.-in all, thirty-nine otlicers who have been commissioned by popular choice to act for the good of all. Through these thirty-nine voices the will of the campus is ex- pressed and democratic government is administered. liy crediting students with discrimination--with the ability to choose, to elect, to set up laws and regulations - --Stephens has added to our stature as .-Xmericans. Xte have acquired the habit of assuming responsibilities as citizens: we have learned that living together happily and successfully is a matter of "giving" rather than "takiug": our concept of citizenship bas enlarged: we see IIS duties and responsilnluies as well as its rights and privileges. XXI' are about to graduate into a political and social democracy. lt is appropriate. therefore. and forttmmc, that our training has been such as to fit us for our ma- ture roles as citizens in modern adult society. It would be as senseless to apply dictatorial and coercive methods in the training of young people as to teach them to walk in button-top boots when button-top boots are no longer worn. Obsolete education produces obsolete citizens. One may replace outmoded shoes, but outmoded edu- cation cannot be so easily shuftied off. If college fails to provided experience ini responsible democratic living, there is no convenient counter at which one can buy the missing commodity. Society, as well as individuals, must pay for the neglect. The growth of responsibility expresses itself in many ways-in residence hall living, in club membership, in voting, in discharging the duties of office, in class at- tendance, in study, in voluntary activity, in the relation- ship with friends. Governing our "civic selves" means governing our "personal selves" too. It means taking ad- vantage of every opportunity for personal improvementg it means exercising initiativeg it means applying the prin- ciples of self-control, or self-discipline, to every situation. In the Stephens curricula are listed over two hun- dred courses which offer varying opportunities for self- directed study. Among them is a two-year-old experi- ment in the simon-pure principles of classroom democ- racy. The course is catalogued as Speech 4 and titled "Problems of Peace." The professor has a reserved seat -in the back row. His function is to counsel, en- courage, and give instruction as needed. The class, or- ganized as a democratic body, takes the initiative in selecting projects of work, producing class programs, re- solving its own problems, and evaluating its progress. While this is an extreme illustration of how demo- cratic procedures can "spill over" into the academic life of the College, it marks the direction in which modern educational philosophy points. The quota of learning is increased by placing responsibility upon the learner. That "No education is achieved except through self- education" is more than a punch line. lt is a cardinal principle. To quote from the Stephens Standard, "Edu- cation's greatest contribution to democracy will be in the awakening and developing of and intelligent sense of responsibility. Only such inner compulsion and initia- tive can guarantee progress and improvement." Page 82 Z W f, Wx! A 7 fb -,,,.r'w, , , Q V ,MW 1 V 0 A mf f W Lf A W I I L y M -I .,: if Q 'H ..:::.,1-2:1 I- mf" Q. . - . . ,, , - 0, f 3 ,gi x ,K x, : x F X ., FA B. 1 m -11 Ll' 1 1 E I 5 I 1 XX ,,5gq,:,..,,, f-5 ......V,.-.- .-...- ,Y ....,- . ,..'. ccS Thus 5 xx-L ggxci-as-n-'v' -fr'--1' ,J 'W , l t ' x r t p i 'E l 1 l QW W' - I t 4 x 1Ct X .PL 5 IQ l.lGlI'l'Nlili, Bowxmx, ELDRIDGIQ, PACE, Ricimsiz, EPSTEIN, Pmvroiz, SHANTZ, CONSTANTINE 4 l Burrall Cabinet ooItlJlN.t'l'lNG the various under- takings ol' liurrall Cilass is the responsibility of the rall talunet. The liurrall program, as ealunet and the lacultx' stall, under the d 't-aver. ht-:ul of the Division of Religion and l'hi set up lay the irection of l'1 Bur los- oplty. is tlt-signed to assist each individual girl in dt vt-lopine lu-r own worlcalilt- philosophy of life. The lll47Slt'Ill1t'llSlilll'l'Jllll'Jlllllll'lXX'1lSt'Ulllll0St'tlUi nine seniors. with l.ou t,onstantine. pres lflt'lll. l',:1t'l1 ol these eirls. with the ht-lp of a laettlty stall menilmt-r,x ' t s 'lin in cliargt- ol one ol the manx' llurrall enterprts-J. V19 liring the llnrrall t'al1iut-t toeetlier as a worlcalrle oi . 1 , eantzatiou was the ioli ol' this you-ar's pri-sidt-nt lo'tn I' p- stein st-iv-tl as ptililitity .intl proinotif-n nianager. lht- Social St-rx'it'e l'rojt cts wt-re under tl1t'tlii't-titioim of Xltet- Ricliter. Klufh ol the responrtlulttx' for lunior and Senior Yi-spt-rs was given to f'.-tht-rine l'.u-t-, while llernitont- Shantz was in rliarqe of l'x't'ntn'f l'rixt-r i 3' ' 1 I1l'U!l'lllll'l.0l' tht- sturlt-nts fri' the sitlflftits. .X numltt 1- ml ex'.tlu.ttion voiititiittt-es were set up to judge tht fiudt nt'tion to tht xuiriouf tindt-:' ol llurrall liliio- lielxxi l.i"htnt-r was in vliaree ol' 2lu-1-'roinmitttst- ln insure tht- Ntiret--N ul the livrrall sofial i11'llX'lll' - ...q.. -F ...lg t'arol Praytor acted as social chairman for the cabinet. These social activities included a number of informal parties, ineludingfan open house at the home of Mr. and Nlrs. XVeaver. ' 'l'he now traditional 7:22 discussion groups, held each Sunday evening at the home of faculty members, were headed by :Xlyce lildridge. A new group that promises to become a tradition, the Burrall Liaison Group, was headed lay' Gayle Bowman, head of Burral personnel. This new group, made up of students who were aware of the needs of the campus at large, served as a link between the geographically separated residence halls and the fiollage. lo malce the liurrall program even more complete, the liurrall symphony concerts and the annual l5urrall play were lnrought to the sttirlents. No girl can attend Stephens without having felt the influence of the liurrall :irtivities in her life, l'nder the management of the liurrall t':iliinet, the unique plan for helping young 'women derivt- the most from their college experience has lv f'f' onu- an inflespr-nsalnle part ol the spirit, and program fr! tlit- f ollt-gnu Puffs 86 ..- -- , H' I l t l l r t l l ll' a vt an of! boyS' H0SPi that i 'Il Projet person obtaii Tl vision stude: Burra the pi new it projec partie Cross Page wr, Zf ,jireilfw 'V . . M W4 , ,, . 4 we TW 'V 5,7562 , H5242 ww' - 'W inet. rmal and held oers, that iison .irral who d as ence letei 'fall end 'fall the UTI!! has vim M 1 i i 1 l l l l l sg URRALL Community Service Proj- ects give the student an opportunity to translate her con- victions, interests, and abilities into practical service. Thus it is an integral part of the Burrall program and has a very important place in Stephens life. By adopting an orphan, working in a kindergarten, serving the news- boys' breakfast, or working at the Crippled Chilqlrclfs Hospital, the student is aided in building a philosophy that is meaningful, practical, and mature. The purpose of the Burrall Community Service Projects is to give each individual student the chance for personal and social growth through the experience she obtains in college and community cooperation. There are fifteen projects, which are under the super- vision of a faculty adviser, Harold R. Bottrell, and the student chairman, Alice Richter, who is a member of the Burrall Cabinet. Each week the student chairman and the project leaders meet to discuss problems and present new ideas pertaining to the projects. The leader of each project was chosen from last year's workers in that particular field. Many of the projects, such as Red Cross, Girl Scouts, Campfire Girls, and the Social Service Burrall C01111T1ll11ity Service Projects Society, are -2 ' l HI ill llll Ir! i'1'11j1m'l'1Ii1,Il Xxitll civic grsvlllls, QIVIHQ the sturlm-nts xrlni norlt 1-gtcli net-li on liurraill projectsz -Q '- - i th inn lo htlp promote t'f'II'llll'l'llX' xrt-ll'n'e The fifteen projects for the y -. ' . . A 1 , xx cr nlnt h ni-re -uperxiseil lay the Burrzill Community Service -lull' in-re the folltnirg: Project Can Sunday . Hot Lunch . . . Nexvsboys Brealcfast , Girl Scouts . . Campfire Girls , . Services to Local Churches Nursery School Kindergarten . Orphan Adoption . . Social Service Society Burrall Office Assistance . Crippled Children's Hospital Red Cross . VV. S. S. F. Drive . . Community Easter Egg Hunt Burrall Class seeks opporlunities for praclfcal service Pfr'i1'1'f l.1'dlf4'r I.l',s1,li'. Sxixxi-Lic S.x1.1.x' Iii-:sr Nln.nin-in Hman li.xlu:.xn.x tim-:icon . . Nlsnv XX'.xnNi':ic lie 1 IX XX Il.l.lS and Nlsnioim-1 SKli.1.1mzni-:nn . , ji-:NNY XYll.l.l.XMS li.xiu:.xR,x Bt"rl.ian Blain' 3IcN.m.xn,x . Kixiux Roern . ARLINIC I2s'1'1.uNn PAT CROCKliR11IHl 13.-xicixixlm Kxixm' junior Appointments junior Appointments junior Appointments Page 87 Sundays2u'k22 UNDAY evenings found Stephens girls at home with the faculty and enjoying the opportunity to discuss the problems that confront them in their college experience, problems that the world is facing to- day, and they themselves will face in the future as ma- ture women in the world. This valuable and unique op- portunity, a Stephens tradition, is known as "Sundays at 7:22." , Q The Burrall program at Stephens recognizes the need of college-age girls for such discussion, for intelli- gent sharing of ideas, for self-expression with respect to persistent problems, and for a large fund of knowledge and understanding to enable them to take their places as responsible citizens in the world which will be theirs tomorrow. Therefore, recognizing these needs, the Bur- rall Cabinet has set up a council to plan a series of dis- cussion sessions which will be as valuable as possible in meeting these needs. The topics chosen for discussion cover a wide variety of subjects, attempting to appeal to the interests and needs of a large number of girls, therefore, there is al- ways a new group, a turn-over of participants. Typical questions for discussion involve personal, local, national, international, ethical, and religious material. After the topics for the three series of discussions Qfall, winter, and springj are chosen, a faculty member who is well- versed on one of the topics is asked to hold that discus- sion in his home. This plan gives the girls a chance to become better acquainted with faculty members and to enter a home atmosphere in which they can relax and de- rive more personal value from the discussion than in a more formal environment. At 7:22 the faculty member presents the subject in a short introductory speech, and then the topic is thrown Iiri-zxlxo l'R.xx'i-:R . I u ,A !.'j,:,r'l ,,,, I Q ' 2 is SUNDAYS AT 7:22 A open to free discussion and debate until 8:45. The dis- cussions are friendly and informal, but of real worth to the participants because of the motivating interest of all who are present and the unobtrusive leadership of the faculty host. The groups are small, and each girl is en- couraged to forget her shyness and participate in the discussion as well as listen and observe. Head of this year's council, which had the duty of selecting topics and arranging for the meetings, was Alyce Eldridge. Other council members, who are chosen because of their interest in the project, were three juniors, joan -LaMar, Mary Lou Mason, and Edith Morris, and three seniors, Dolores Albers, Mary Met- calf, and Marian Wlesley. james Ranck sponsored the activity during the Hrst semester, Robert Allard the second semester. A Evenin Prayer Mtn Sunday evening at 9:10 o'clock has come to symbolize, for many Stephens students, a time of rest and meditation, a time for relaxation at the end of the ui-ek. This occasion is greatly enhanced by the music of the livening Prayer Cihoir. livc-ning Prayer is participated in solely by students to gain :1 clearer understanding of personal goals through an exrlinnge ul ideas and ideals about life purposes and values. An opportunity to hnd the answer to many of 'he problems which youth must meet is provided by the discussions of the girls themselves. Their ideas often help an individual who is experiencing some temporary Page 88 . confusl person A Evenii strong Shant: Page 89 ihe dis- orth to it of all of the 'l is en. IH the duty of gs, was 1 chosen e three . Edith 'jr llet- fred tilt? ard the t l 1 l 0'ClOCif rjlliit 3 N at the 3 rjfgfi bl' tijfltftllm 'tfflblgh .. and ini' of L5 till? Ufttjll ,,,r:tVf' I confusion to think her way toward a more satisfactory personal philosophy. Evening Prayer is under the direction of Klair L. Arm- strong, of the Department of Religion, and Hermione Shantz, chairman from Burrall Cabinet. t L A l fespers . ' t ' 1 - - . t . - xl. tri tin Illliet ilu-it tel tl Nts' pht-ns traditions i' Xt I " . s 'sit-rs. lr git'tvx'1t!t's .t utreklx ex- .Fl ir ' 4 ' perit-nee ol "entotional t-tltttxttitirf' uliielt ertaliles stu- dents to untlerstantl the lull ntt-.tning tit' try.-r' living in a simple and spiritual way. Xl,-spt-r's is nut. in the n.n'- row sense of the word, tt religious st-rviet-3 rxitlier' it ntay' lie described as a spiritual serviee in whieli t-'tt-li -'irl' 1 5 5 thoufh - -1 1 ' ' ' g ts art dirttted touartl .t deeper appr't-etattrtiri ol beauty' and an understanding of valut-s. One of the four elements of Yespers is its tratlititmttl atmosphere of silence and dim lights. This is the kintl ol- background that olfers peaee of mind and at feeling ol quiet in which one can think clearly of the events of the day and weigh the worth and value of this experience, or that. Other elements considered important in the Vespers program are color, line, and design of the stage setting. This use of the artistic in creating an appropriate and beautiful Vespers environment is one of the unique char- acteristics of the service. Also the words and thoughts expressed in the talks of the Vespers speaker relate t0 timely student needs. The soft music of the organ which stimulates and inspires to reflective moods, accents the spirit of reverence in the service. Special services are held at Thanksgiving, Christmas time, and Good Friday. The large white Christmas candle is burned at the Christmas vespers symbolizing the enduring spirit of Stephens. Senior Farewell Vespers and the Recognition Vespers are also traditional in the life of the campus. Page 89 L l I 'M9T'Al'k A i II u ' A o - , " '1 llmnuuliillmv M II meth-wt Affsrrmiaiiaiealia-.s, 4 ' KN - '-"E J ' v 1 Qlwillllllfglllllflwj L Nelillllllllkllllllgkf I v IIIIIIIIK gul f i:eQ5,ii::eEM"' I HE thirteenth season for the Burrall Symphony Orchestra marked the return of its conductor, james Adair, who had served three years with the armed forces. The Symphony is maintained for a three-fold purpose: first, to give students experience in playing in a full symphony, second, to play for Burrall Class each Sunday, third, to present a series of public concerts featuring noted soloists. Percy Grainger was the first soloist this year. He has long been a favorite pianist in the Burrall Concert Series. This was Mr. Grainger's farewell tour, and as usual he was greeted with an enthusiastic attendance of students, faculty, and townspeople. The distinguished violinist, joseph Szigeti, played with the Symphony in December. joel Berglund, leading baritone of the Royal Opera in Stockholm, was heard in February. Mr. Berg- lund made his debut with the Metropolitan opera in jamiary, 1946. Iivlmu: The Concert Chorus and the Burrall Symphony in joint Concert Stephens College's own duo-pianists, Richard John- son and David Milliken, also appeared with the Burrall Symphony, presenting the Mozart "Concerto in E Flat." Climaxing this musical year, the orchestra appeared two nights with the New England Opera Theatre. This is the sixth year that operas have been presented here, and it is hoped they will become a permanent part of the musical schedule. Below: The Burrall Symphony Below: Percy Grainger, Burrall Guest Artist Page 90 cat ova pre pea pre the the pez Th spr cor ser thi as M 4 Hz Pa! d .l0l1n. A Bllrrall Flat," led two This is fl here, Daft gf 1 -ii. 15, .I Q 5 ri' My aff' 7? nf' 'riff' W unrise Choir HE Choir was given its name be- cause it originally presented a program of sacred music over the radio each Sunday morning at 7:45. The present broadcasting time, however, is 9:30. Stephens people have many opportunities, in addition to those presented by the regular, weekly radio schedule, to enjoy the excellence of musical entertainment characteristic of the Choir. Several times during the year the Choir ap- pears at Vespersg their traditional programs are at the Thanksgiving Vespers and Farewell Vespers in the spring. The Sunrise Choir also takes part in various concert programs of the year and in the Sunrise Easter service at the lake. The sixteen girls participating in this activity are chosen for their sense of responsibility as well as for their demonstrated ability in music. Miss Margaret Colby sponsors the choir, with Miss Marilyn Hanna of the music faculty serving as accompanist. l-LXR to tlu- lu-.trt of every Stephens girl is the liurrrtll Vhoir. whieh provides tlu- liflflitlfotiiul for liurrttll Vlgtss every' Sunday in tlu- audi- torium. fionsisting of 130 yoiees, lnoth Stephens women and Klissouri liniyt-rsity nu-n, it is un outgrowth ul. the Student Choir. fouiuled in 19225 us :tn .-X Vgrppellgt choir of some 42 voices. ln 1036 its director, lfrtu-st l.. Vox, conceived the idea of enlarging the group lor tlu- purpose of presenting religious oratorios. ln the spring of 1037, the 100-voice ehoir presented Klt-ndelessohn's "lflij:1l1." Since then these oratorios hztve lu-en annual events. at different selection lu-ing used each year. This year, however, in eelelmrating the ehoir's tenth anniversary, it was decided that it would lu- most appro- priate to repeat the "lilijah." The soloists were Nliss Ruth Pinnell, Mrs. Margaret Sheldon, Mrs. liattlu-rine Durrett, Irwin Umlauf, and Uscar Clymer. The musical score was performed by the Burrall Orchestra under the baton of james Adair. VVilliam Schumann's "A Free Song," with words by W'alt Vllhitman, was presented in a joint' concert with the Burrall Symphony Orchestra in March. The choir also performed at the Third Baptist Church in St. Louis. Mr. Cox is assisted by Mr. Umlauf, and the choir is accompanied by Miss Doris Miles at the organ. The student officers for the year were Peter Larue, presidentg Lois Clark, vice-presidentg Anita VVentworth, secretaryg Catherine Gregory, treasurerg and Bert Raeger, librarian. Burrall Choir Page 91 Concert Chorus NY musical event on campus bearing the quality trademark "Concert Chorus" is assured a capacity audience. This group of approximately eighty voices, under the direction of Miss Margaret Colby, is noted for its skillful and beautiful presentation of great musical works. The Concert Chorus made its first appearance of the year in a concert following President XVood's birth- day dinner. A major project of the year was a concert presented by the Chorus after the annual Christmas formal dinner. A third major undertaking was the prepa- ration and production of a spring concert. Each year the Chorus is invited to give a concert in St. Louis. This out-of-town event is a high spot of interest. This organization is outstanding in its quality of performance. lts concerts reflect excellent professional training and capable leadership. The Cihorus is organ- ized as a scheduled class for which any student with the required musical background may register. lt is an excellent opening wedge for students who are interested in participating in the lield of musical activities at Stephens. l-'ormerly known as the filee Clttb, the Von- cert Chorus is one of the oldest of Stephens "music tra- ditionsf' Ulticers in Cioncert Chorus for the past year were lidith Klorris, president: Carolyn I-Illis and l"rt-dericka hh'lllKQllllI'SL'. secretaries: llatricia lirorkhurst treasurer: and Dorothy Hunter. accompanist. Q I ,......... x . DDING spirit to college life as it interprets the enthusiasm of the different campus events in music is one of the purposes of the Symphonic Band. It also serves as an opportunity for students to continue their band experience and further their musical training. It is an organization of which the students, the faculty, and the community may be justly proud. The fifty-member band presented formal fall and spring concerts in addition to appearances at the Jeffer- son junior High School in Columbia and Kemper Mili- tary Academy in Boonville. Informal concerts were given at the annual barbecue, at two horse shows, and at the March elections. In accordance with its custom, the band made a concert trip later in the year. Thirty members of the band organized into the Band Club, whose social functions included waffle dinners, hay rides, skating parties, and picnics. Band officers were Joyce Hollowell, president: Mary Kreider, vice-presidentg Harriet Mitten and Patricia Schaaf, secretary-treasurersg and Margaret jenkins, librarian. Conductor Hosch, one time member of the Laurence Wlelk and Glenn Miller orchestras, was sponsor. mphonic Band Page 92 plilj dan is tl: The Col' SPP ing mu: Elle Tro pho M11 Pia Via ma ana l can exp mu - 5 . M WZ Pa, as ii exyents Band. lmflnue allllng' 9-Culty, ill and Jeffer- r Mili- S were and at istom, Thirty Club, ' rides, Mary atneia nkins, if the onsor. Y K5 92 O FULFILL the student's desire to play popular music, and to provide music for campus dances and programs as well as for their own enjoyment is the purpose of Stephens dance band, the Brigadettes. The Brigadettes presented a musical program at the Columbia Chamber of Commerce dinner in addition to appearing on a Junior Feature Night program and play- ing for date dances in Lodge Auditorium. The members and instrumentation of the fourteen- musician dance band include the following: Trizmpelss Ellen Parent, Dolores Campbell, and Marilyn Siems. Trombones: Marian Aden and Shirley Simcox. Saxa- phones: Joyce Huffstutler, Martha Norman, Harriet Mitten, jane Ann Driggers, and Patricia Hayden. Piano: Marjorie Campbell and Joyce Nimtz. Bass Vial: Margaret Jenkins. Vocalist: joan St. john. Ellen Parent served as president and business manager of the Brigadettes. Kermit Hosch is director and sponsor. This organization, like every other music group on campus, serves an important need as an outlet for niusical expression and musical enjoyment. The work of the music organizations adds life and spirit to campus living. Brigadettes rgan Guild HIE Stephens College Group of the American Guild of Organists was founded on campus last November. It was the fifth student group to be organized under the national guild. The group belongs to the central chapter of Missouri with headquarters in Columbia. This chapter of the guild was founded in 1895 and has been a chartered national organization ever since. Church organists, students of the organ, and teachers make up the membership of the guild. Its ob- jectives are to advance the cause of worthy church music, to elevate the status of church organists, and to raise standards of efficiency by examinations in organ play- ing, theory of music, and general musical knowledge. The once-a-month meetings, some of which are dinner meetings, consist of special musical programs. The president of the Stephens Guild is Dona Lee Bendixeng vice-president, Ruth Scharlackg recording secretary and treasurer, Mary Harper Polingg and corre- sponding secretary, Maxine Erickson. Miss Nesta XN7illiams and Miss Barbara Twyeffort are sponsors. 1 2 1 , H e"'A' ,'.. Page 9.7 ,-,,...,. K ,, ,, -M M... ,,..S. ..:,vy.,xNr.......,-.-,ggii-,-it ,,,.....-.-5b -,....,1-j ..,:..... ,,,,-, .....,,. .... l i HE Personal .Appearance Committee, composed of both junior and senior members, is a new addition to Stephens campus. The thought behind its organization was enthusiastically encouraged by the late l-larvey S. Vllalter. ln 1934, Miss Pauline Crook was brought to the campus to give personal counsel in groom- ing. ln the following years the need for a special campus- wide committee was felt. Although the grooming de- partment was teaching some girls in its classes, it did not reach the majority of the student body. Then, too, the rules for campus dress recommended by the student government were often disregarded. As a result of these conditions, the Personal Appearance Committee, as it is known today, wasorganized. The objectives of the or- ganization are Q17 to promote beller grooming and personal 1lll'.1 ' 1 . .- - , 4 5'- ling the slamlnrrls of dress. Hy son 2lllfll'lK1llll'241lIlfl good care of clothes, 44' lo mform Slllfll'lllr 5 5 :ivanlable vhuirs. :md lil lu set examples ol good personal np- I1l'Jll'.llll't' lor the campus. liuskirk. vliairnmuz Nlary .lam- lnlollou. swxw-t,ii'y: Miss .-Xnuie X lello l llmlm lx. Fllflllbfll. Personal ppearanee Scholarship Committee O PROMOTE better study conditions and habits on campus, the Scholar- ship Committee was formed. The board is composediof one member from each hall elected from the officers of the hall. In each junior hall there are committees composed of jun- iors serving under the hall's representative to the board. The number varies according to the size of the hall. Helpful ideas on how to study, how to use quiet hours, and how to promote ia good attitude toward scholarship in the halls are dis- cussed in the meetings of the board. The meetings are held on the first and third Mondays of each month, and the girls report on the study progress made in the hall in the past weeks. Encouraging the girls to study and improve their Individual Progress Reports is one of the main functions of the committee. Scholarship Wleek was held as a reminder that the best grades come from the best methods of regular study. The project for this year was making a booklet on campus study habits. A copy was given to each girl with the hope that it would be of personal benefit to her. Billie Moore was chairman of the board this year and Nan Snodgrass was secretary. Miss Mary Bigelow and Miss .lane Phipps were sponsors. Page 94 stt tio to ye. W c Nz Fu me gal the T165 cuj dir flig acl ser pri gol Dc Lo era Ot clu Mi pre Va De ch we Pa 96 QOMQ1-E S and -Ch0laf. Ofmedl of One elected we hall. EVE are Of jun- l'1Hll's boflfdl Tording low to ll10fQ6 ra re dis- lgs are Zh, and he hall ily and of the rat the study. :let on Zh girl to her. s year igelow 1, V. . al' 94 AV13tl0H lub .o l'RU5IU'l 1-3 student-wide interest in avia- tion, the Aviation Cilub brought to the Stephens campus this year such well known men and women asjames Doolittle, Nancy Harkness Love, Dr. john lfurbay, and Miss Betty Suo- mela. The purpose of the or- ganization has been to "spread the importance of airminded- ness" throughout the campus. The winner of the Aviation cup was announced at an award dinner held in the spring. Any ls! row: Mk. Nizwtixxu, Dmmrix, Powucx, llwunizx, Bliss O'K1-:lar Znd row: VOTRUIZA, K.xxna.x, Xlxx Dnasr flight student is eligible for this award. Three awards for achievement in the use of the Aeroncas were also pre- sented at the dinner, and girls who had earned either private or commercial licenses received their silver or gold wings, according to the type of training completed. In February, the Aviation Club visited the Mc- Donnel Aircraft Corporation at Lambert Field in St. Louis. Here the girls saw demonstrations of new air- craft and observed types of research now being done. Other activities of the club throughout the year in- cluded breakfast flights to Salem, Illinois, Versailles, Missourig and other parts of the country. Mary Lou Votruba headed the club this year as president. Eleanor Kandra was vice-presidentg Elaine Van Diest, secretaryg Mary Harden, treasurerg Dee Dearmin, parlamentariang and Lesley Powlen, program chairman. Miss Eleanor O'Keefe and Kenneth Newland were Cosponsors of the club. MCGOXVAN, SAMUELSON, GATES Page 95 - IIE Book Club is one of the oldest clubs on the Stephens campus. lt has for many years devoted a part of its efforts to a collection of autographed books, now kept on permanent display at the General Library. The collection is valuable for its richness and variety as well as the personal significance which the authors' autographs lend to the books. The Club is dedicated to all who have found a fundamental "brotherhood in books," and who attain a deep satisfaction and comfort from them. The purpose of the Club is to bring each student into closer touch with the type of literature she most thoroughly enjoys, and to broaden her acquaintance with good books. The programs consist of faculty lectures, student book reports, round-table discussions, plays, and "gala-fests." This year's officers were Helen Carolle Samuelson, presi- dentg Peggy McGowan, vice- presidentg and Helen Elizabeth Gates, secretary-treasurer. The - -A sponsor was Mrs. Carolyn Cocke- fair, of the department of Liter- ature. , ..--r -t be ff fy --- V-ff '. gl. Book Club areer Club HE Career Club is open to all students on campus who are interested in preparing themselves for a "career" in the business world. The meetings of the club are de- voted to a discussion of business opportunities and to programs of general interest to the group. Throughout the year, speakers were invited to speak to the girls about successful business careers. Also out-of-town trips were made to study the procedures and or- ganizations of various business concerns. These field trips gave the members of the club a gen- eral understanding of the func- tions of firms visited. Another objective of the club this year was to encourage a friendly and coopera- tive spirit among students and faculty. The social activi- ties included a waffie supper in the fall and spring picnics at Pop Collins' Cabin. Officers for the year were Kingsley Hargest, presi- dentg Betty Jane jones, vice-president, Rosemary Barr, secretary, Joyce Nimitz, treasurer. Miss Estelle Vllhite acted as sponsor. PIi,xsL1zx', FAUST, BUYS Ist row: JoNEs, NIMITZ Znd row: HARGEST, Miss WHITE, BARR ONGS and jokes filled the air, games were in progress, and there was an overall buzz of con- versation when nearly fifty people, at least ten of whom were from Spanish-speaking countries, met at the weekly Spanish conversation hours on VVednesday afternoons.. Through these conversation hours as well as regular meetings, the Spanish Club seeks to acquaint its members with the Spanish-speaking countries and to help them appreciate the art, literature, and culture of Spain and South America. During the informal conversation hours which the club originated two years agO, the speaking of English is pro- hibited. A joint meeting of the French and Spanish Clubs WHS held at Christmas time. The program included Christmas car- ols which were sung in bO'Cl1 French and Spanish and the Christmas story which was read in both languages. The "naci- miento" fnativityj scene fur- nished the decorations. panish lub '. games of con- wf whom :weekly ernoons. regular lemhers p them zrature, South iformal th the 'S 21,201 ls pro- f the .5 was The LS CHF' both l the read maci- fur- 194 , A V i KW as ,..,, cv- 5' W FHSIIIOII ef' Club " " ' ' llll ' 'W' ' 1 an cya' toward interesting sturlt-nts in clioosing proper clotltes, promoting fasliions ul- ' l-'i:, 2 ' ' 1 .yi 4 if '.'- 1' more about nationally known it f . A designers of xxomen's clothes. .Xt their meetings. held Top row: HliliATY, Piaiuw, SMITH Boflom row: Piauiaizsiax, Miss Loizlaiwx, G.xR'r1.15x' ln-it-L. 21 month on ylomlm. N-L., RENCH Club members proved that French can be fun when they met on the first Monday evening of each month to promote an interest in the Freiich language and the French people among language students. "Every man has two countries, his own and France," was the motto of the organization. The meetings included presentations of speakers of interest, including a number of faculty members and others who speak French. Full use was made of all available French music records, sheet music, and guest soloists. Frequent guests at the meetings were members of the University of Missouri French Club, many of whom are service men returned from France. Members of the Stephens club were in turn wel- comed at meetings of the Uni- versity organization. During the year, the club sponsored a variety of oppor- tunities for students to have "fun with French." At the beginning and end of the year, Pop Collins' Cabin was the site of a picnic for all French students. In the spring, a bus load of students went to St. Louis to see the Metropolitan opera, Lakme. A conversation hour, "Causerie," featuring "free fun, free food, and free French," was held regularly each week. Vilorking again as president of the group this year was Claire Exley. She was assisted by vice-president Christine Brins- madeg secretary Pat Lyons, and treasurer Ferol Deaderick. French lub nings, the memliers diseussecl various problems of style as they affect the college girl. 'l'hey also answeredaquestionnaire-survey,which wasconducted by a clothing manufacturer, and considered some of the pet clothing "peeves" of college students. ln addition, the group sought to coordinate the work of the faculty Fashion Board with that of the students, thus bringing the fashion department and the campus as a whole into a closer working relationship. This year's officers included Valerie Peclersen, presi- dentg June Heraty, first vice-president: .-Xnne Perry, second vice-president and coordinatorg Barbara Gartley, secretaryg Anne Marie Smith, treasurer. Miss Elise Loizeaux was sponsor of the group. Top row: BRINSMADE, DEADERICK Bollom row: Exusv, MR. Niarr, Lvoxs Y F E l 3 me I 'l if 7 l l If fl at V 4 ,Z fi gl 2 tl ,X S I Ist row: MITTEN, LEIGH CE 2 lax Q... v.w.m.w.N 'z'1'!: ..., , .... . Foreign Relations lub 2nd row: COCHRAN, LASCHINGER, MOLLE, ALVERS, DR. DECKER S the name implies, the purpose of the Foreign Relations Club is to promote among students an understanding of world affairs and problems of inter- national importance. One way by which the club seeks to arouse a campus-wide interest in these problems is through its popular Foreign Relations Lecture Series. This year's series, the ninth sponsored by the club, included such outstanding authorities as Clyde liagleton,one of America's foremost speakers in the held of international govern- ment, XVilliam McGovern, pro- fessor of political science at Northwestern University and war-time member of the Com- bined Chiefs of Stall in XYashing- ton: l-lelen Gahagan Douglas, C'ongi'esswoman from Valifornia :ind member ol' the Foreign 873' Allairs Committee of the I-louse 6' , , 'X ol' Representatives: and Ran- " " dolph Churchill, journalist son of l3ritain's XYinston Churchill. ln addition to managing the public lectures, the club held meetings twice each month fea- turing special speakers. faculty debates. or student panel dis- cussions on current topics. :Xt- tendauce at these meetings aver- aged from eighty to one hundred. These excellent turn- outs gave the Foreign Relations Club undisputed "first place" in terms of interest expressed in attendance Figures. Dolores Albers served as president. Other officers and members of the executive board included Aileen Leigh, vice-presidentg Nancy Molle, secretary-treasurer, and Harriet Mitten, Sarah Laschinger, and Peg Cochran, publicity chairmen. Dr. John A. Decker was the effi- cient sponsor of the club. CocHRAN, MR. McGovi2RN, LEIGH kvw-sf W Page 9X 1. 4? fi? f . i the fori Get sta me nu: Th pai clu Ga nit in me va TO wt P2 V i la Ft Pg! 3 turn- Hirst gures. fricers lileen surerg ihran, 2 eth- Y , V , -v-fv7 + Af.. 'Q' U -Efwzgizfa ,' rf-5 ,fl 'i .A -. Nail' OHM, Knumrcic, GLOCK, MR. Mrxxsouiz 66 E try to get our members to use the German language at their meetings and other in- formal occasions," said Adrienne Glock, president of the German Club this year, "in order to gain a better under- standing of it for the classroom." During the year the club had many interesting meetings. The German Christmas party is held an- nually and is one of the high spots on the club's calendar. The Rathskellar, which was held in january, was "a beer party without the beer." The club also sponsored the Cider Garden at the SAB-XNCO Car- . ' nival and had an outdoor picnic in the spring. At the regular meetings the members heard various speakers on German cus- toms and sang German songs. The officers for the year were Adrienne Glock, president, Patricia Ohm, vice-president, Virginia Kimmiek, treasurer, and jane Madsen, secretary. Mr. Ferris Mansour was sponsor. 'T Homarts lub ' iouiv, wln-ilu-r or noi if shi- is taking courses mliiw-rlly' pertaining lo the lllllllldllillillltf lit-Id, is tht- olijt-t'live ol' the llouiarls Vlulm. XYhile il serious purpose dot-s lit- Iwhiud lht- IJI'OgI'1lIllb pri-sented by this or- ganization, a good tiim-isol'I1-red to all students who attend tht-ui. The yt-ar's varied activities included discussion meetings, walile suppers, a tea dance, and a trip to St. Louis. Wlhile in St. Louis, the group visited exhibits of sil- ver patterns, fabrics, and modern home applirauees. Marjorie VVallace served as president of the l-loniarts Club, Pat Braskamp acted as vice-president: Mary Alice Barnum was secretary, and Mary Cole served as treasurer. Miss Martha Kiser of the nursery school acted as sponsor. Ist row: COLE, KUSHEL Znd row: XVALLACE, BRASKAMP, BARNUM 4 -,-fl German I1 , Page 99 lf.-,,.-.- ,A -F N- - ,.--5--?-v-rvQ---f-r-"a-.,-- :sz .. --r--x:...s---. --:--.- -Av-----f--'--' -An- Prinee of V ales Isl row: RUST, TAYLOR Znd row: MILTON, Miss LAMONTE, Rizizsiz YPATIA Hexagon, founded in 1919, was formed to help students taking courses in college mathematics to gain a better understanding and appre- ciation of the subject and of its practical applications in everyday life. The club met twice a month in Sampson Hall to listen to talks on the many helds of mathematics and oRsEs are the prime interest of the mem- bers of Prince of 'Wales, the equitation club. One of the most active and enthusiastic club groups on the campus, its members believe in the theory that next to actually riding a horse, the most fun is talking about it. In order to become a mem- ber of Prince of XfVales a girl must be able to put a horse through three gaits, bridle and saddle a horse, and pass a writ- ten test on breeds, aids, and gaits. At the meetings the girls hear speakers on various phases of horse activity. One of this year's highlights was a trip to the American Royal Horse Show in October. The club sponsored the spring horse show which is held in April every year. Other important events were the initiation dinner for new members in November and a Christmas party. The officers for the year were Kathleen Milton, president, Marjorie Reese, vice-president, Fae Taylor, their importance in modern living. For the first time treasurer, and Billie Rust, secretary. Miss Anne this year the members of the Hx' atia Hexa ron com- l,aNlonte was s onsor of the rou . . . P g bined their ellorts to help their fellow members who were having dimcultics with cspcciallx. - tm.- lst row: Biziuzv, Evfxxs 2nd row: BARTON, Miss WHITMER, HOFFNER ing problems pertaining to their courses. They have also had their share of fun. The soeial season began with a picnic at . . , , . . Pop Collins Cabin. l.ater in the year a wallle supper at the t'ountry t'Iub was held. , I ,f 1 w lhe oliieers for the year were: l,ois -lean Barton, presi- dent 1 ,lean Berry, vice-president: Xladee llollner, secretary: and Rat-delle lfvaiis. treasurer. The "NN -46 sponsor was Kliss lfclith lf. XYhitnier. patia Hexagon Page 100 ancf mot on Gui con' Pen old grai Gai piai Mil the Tl'1Ol the hor in hat Pa Of S are m8m. ES, the of the USIHSHC jusi Theory ding a Talking mem- fi girl horse le and L writ- , and 3I'l0u5 '55 nv in show irtant ers in ilton, iylor, Anne 0 C3 iusie Service uild 'ln-qv N accord- ance with its program of pro- moting and encouraging music on campus, the Music Service Guild this year inaugurated a concert artist series. Leonard Pennario, gifted twenty-one year old pianist, appeared on the first program. Other pro- grams included Guy Maier, music consultant of the Gauntlett Conservatory, and his wife, Lois, in a two- piano recital. A tea was given by Richard Johnson and David Milliken, sponsors of the Guild, for senior members at the beginning of the year. On the day set aside for pro- motion of the Ideal of Appreciation of the Beautiful, the Music Service Guild and Sigma Gamma Gamma, the honorary music sorority, sponsored the playing of records in the dining rooms. At the Christmas party which had a surrealistic theme, two members did an imitation ,fx K fs 1 Y-v lsl row: Bistrz, Giuacoitv, I-loucias Znd row: Mit. NIILLIKIQN, Sri4:w.xRD, MR. jonxsox of the sponsors' duo-piano team. Vhristmas carols wt-rc also sting at the homes of the music faculty during the Christmas season. Mr. johnson and Mr Milliken frequently play for the meetings which are held twice a month and are open to any music lover on campus. XVith a membership of one hundred and forty, the Music Service Guild was one of this year's largest clubs. Officers of the Guild wereg Dorothy Steward, presi- dent, Velma Timm, vice-president, Nancy Beltz, secre- tary, and Dorothy De Meritt, treasurer. Through the efforts of the Page 101 music lovers on campus, and an enthusiastic music faculty, in- , terest in music has spread to l every corner of every quad- rangle. The music department i has the largest voluntary enroll- ment of any non-required sub- ject. DR. GUY Mania The Ufzderstanding Physician X A-s s.,w4-.......- .,,.,.3T:Z,-3,,5.X,::s-4 :-: ...,.v,,.-.- .--..-,.f,-amp ...L . ' I Stephens l League o PREPARE its members for participation in the National League of VVomen Voters, the Stephens League, col- lege member of the national organization, examines forms of Government and politics. This year the League placed special emphasis on city government, and local speakers explained Co- lumbia's methods of municipal regulation. The girls took an active part in the campaign for a change in local government from the mayor-council type to the city manager form. Helping to inform the public before they voted, the girls gave talks and passed out pamphlets from door to door, telling of the advantages and changes the city manager government would bring. Mrs. B. Lamar johnson, state sponsor of the College League, helped to organize the Stephens League as an active group, and gave advice as the girls progressed through the year. Sponsors were Howard Baker and Harry F. Jackson. The officers for this year were Betty Lou Geneva, presidentg Eleanor Vllhitman, vice-president, joan Rice, secretary, Carol Brandenburg, treasurer Cfirst semesterl, and Virginia Deuble, treasurer Csecond se- mesterl. Wu.l,IAMs, S'row1i1.I., MR. THOMPSON, Ennv 1 A-5 '. f".ra f '95 Ist row: XVHITMAN, DEUBLE, BRANDENBURG Znd row: GENEVA, MR. JACKSON, RICE HE VVriters' Club, revived this year on campus, was organized to encourage girls interested in any form of writing as a means of self-expression. Meet- ings, held twice each month, were primarily devoted to the discussion and constructive criticism of the members' works. Occasionally, however, special programs with guest speakers were held. The girls also enjoyed a number of parties. Gnce sponsored by Chi Delta Phi, the national honorary creative writing sorority, the Writers' Club now operates independently under the Student Activity Board. Once each semester, how- ever, the Writers' Club and the local chapter of Chi Delta Phi meet jointly for a program in which both groups participate. Membership in the club is not limited to those enrolled in creative writing or journalism classes, but is open to anyone interested in the aims and pur- poses of the club. jane VVilliams served as president this year, Jean Eddy acted as vice-president, and BarbaratStowell was secretary- treasurer. john H. Thompson was the sponsor. VVriterS, , lull Page 102 .. ......-....-as-ai -- --a I 4 umm MW? 4 ,mf NWA! f ,f the the tryi mei stu J ur Ho Gil Fo spc Mi YC: trij let Bu for a r en: of D61 at ' hel Pug year :ed in .fleet- ed to bers' with ed a onal :lub vity .ow- the Phi in ite. I is in sm :HC ir- HS Y d Y- I1 C6 N oRcHEs1s, the college dance club, there are two groups," explains Jean Pollen, president of the organization. "Senior Orchesis membership is by tryout only, and is open to any girl who successfully meets the requirements. junior Orchesis is open to any student who is genuinely interested in dancing. The Junior group serves as a preparation for Senior Orchesisf' The officers are: Jean Pollen, presidentg Mary jane Holton, vice-presidentg Pat Edwards, treasurer, Betty Gibson, costume mistress, and Kay Evans and Marcia Ford, social chairmen. They, with the help of the co- sponsors, Mrs. James Adair and Miss Beverly Bliss, planned the year's schedule which included a ' l "ee ls ll trip to St. Louis to the Yoss Bal- 5 let, entertainment for veterans' ' l Burrall parties, a dance program for the SRA Tennis Court Dance, l T a modern dance program at the e , 3 rehesis die V , . X tx. , I rrp IU., ,La , XX, lx! mm. l'.X.xNs, Nllss Buss, lrll.5lIN l':lJXX'ARIbS Zml mar: Irlulqrox, Nlus..-Xmm, IN 11.1.1-:N bringing the Charles XVeidman ballet troupe to Stephens. Finishing off their year of performances, the Senior Orchesis group gave a recital for which the members composed the dances. Two parties-one a picnic at Mrs. Adair's home early in the year, the other a Country Club waffle supper at Christmas-ended periods of initiation 3 and girls who had been wearing ballet shoes over their hair as a pledge duty were taken into the group as members. At the last party of the year, new officers for the following year were elected. end of each quarter for members I je' of the dance classes, and a dance performance for Senior Vespers at Christmas. The Orchesis group e e sf-X helped also with the plans for Illr. Charles Weidman and the Illodern Dance Class Page 103 Qi' K . xx W f., .A I , I ., -J W W 5 -1 .,.,.L,'g,, . 'r 3-s,,yf,k,"' Il ' 'ri' "Ak -'13 1 7' A r y W, ,, 'f .I gf' f- 'ff' 'ff . 9 ' v -r ,. H nv , 4 ff W f f'if.:f'c+ "lf F 2 4 ,iq ,li If-1, -v . ' K ,, ky ,, i .fk..,0'r X g ."jQ A f .3 - , W .. 44 N..- ,, , , f . . ... rw , M , ,..- H M-M , ., Q ...M my ff- , .,,,,.,...- f lg . w,:. f+ - .4 - .I - L - 4 . .1 1 - ' " usi Cosmo Comes to S eph 4 -I I I I ,mil 3 I f-...A-' , , , , . lxmflmg 1,-mu I1-11 Irs Vlghl. ilu- slmlvnls pirlllxwrl Jll'1'I Slilllflillg,kI21i'Cllli'liHQ H.nllg11.u1n. lffliuflliq Inxxvtlf- Xurlfm C' ' A . fum! lnufg Xlillfillllll' I,:1mI1c-c-, ,1I01zleUi1le0, If-ffgfw-x'.' l'.!l!.ll!l'lI1 llfwmwr, llflTL'HZ4Z... She-lin firm-ig. flllTL'II1.1.,' Nlzlrx' cJfll'll2lhly I 1 ,U,,vzff!f,'. fly!!-!l ,'Jy,Jl'lll' lxlflmlxg Xlixvmflqu Skl'Ilfli'l'. liflfflffflll, frflqg I,l'l'Sifli'I1l slzlmc-S XI XXW.flg X141-XI14, IM-. .Slmz1g!m1. Cvflllllllf IJJIQINEII' VIJIIHIQUYEI, Pifxen, Czeffl- fvqfmzffl-1f,'g XIzl.1fl,1 Si1U1'IiflYil. PI'fNl'7l. C,'ff'l'fl0Xf0I'lll?7.fl,' Nlzxrizm XXX-ally, IIIIYLVIIZ-Z',' ,lam Iirum. !'lf1nw11'1'.' Iflxfm-1-N 'l'lum1lmw11. lll1TL'flI.I-,' Vzllllim- Hovk, Cnnrelilion. 1' f'.' llxlmf-I Imw. llf1t.w1z'z',' ,mfl XYilm1u li1'fm11. llr1u'r11'2'. Izumi wx-.,xf,11'fI. Nl.u'jw1'if' Hl'IIll1'11. ,l!f'l'I-ffl CY!-v,' Xillilliil I5rrm'l1, ffIl'ZiJ1li'f,' If-,up fLI.llI-till. ,3!fw:,'f 'f-f'fj.', ,lfljff-ffil' ,XIIH Nw. .'ll'fHlff'7'7'P-Y, .1lf.X'Z'f0,' km-4-ling, Nzxnvy' Xkvxf-' Ziff. Uffvx. I'2:.'w':'f1. !l1uf1f.'Ux.' IH-gg Klnllm. fffliL'Ill'Z',' Klilfjflfil' Stulmlmins, .N fr' .'1.'.f','ff "f'lK,f'V" i!1I"4l!' Ilflf-:1'I11fm1pXfm.llf1m11'z','Shirlf-yClriiiilh,Ufzlfzrio, 4 xv: 1 Hz: if-I 'H-wi, !lf.'7.w.'z'z'.' l,,lx'ix1i:a XX-UIIQ, lff1iufz1'z',' xIJ1I'glll'I'ill? XIV- Ir. H51 Mr- fmililwlm. H1f.'ffv'z'ff. C'fl7IllfffI.' XI:11'cYi:1 Iimvc-rs, lffzuvzii. lx' 11 t' X ,:' :AJC V at 1f.1:'f'T WM" xirlx K.'. lm nw- Ni'llll'fI. :mf .Xlicw Rcmrlim-Hi Mt- 1 N1 K . l.'w:1.j Nlfwj. fl14f11'f1uzf1ff1,' :mfl Urmris Kim, ffrlu'f11'z'. I'u,qr104 ,.-umm X u N m 3 .1 'Q .' 'T . rg? - 'fssszssezsss 1 f 5 15255 1 'F - M '11, .2 P UHF 105 E 'v lr S if tv H Y 5, 91 4 1 1,. li ,L Z, 104 H-I """ .... ........ -u. - W. W nwwm- ' 1 ..:'fE:EiE::::."' ,- H .:1g:::::::::::"' -. . .,' ,:a:szazssaz:nf .: '. : X 1 'A f' ,' f .f " I Z ' .R f' ae 5- 1' 1 M 1 .. ,f 'lv ln- ff ! f . rf I f 1' . H. .fl ff 1 ,, if ,, .., ff JL V- ' - - X if W " J! I an ..... I v 12 .J - - ' W' ' -- ,- -- . iEEEEE-' " " in 1' - , 4- n "' - 'fxqxr "ff: u ,M .. ,,.- G , g. '.:::::::::::::'?!!1.- ' 'f 4- A r. . pu- u . .- - '4.EEE::::::::z:.'::- I o w 6 4 ' ':::"""::::...- .. . ru. .nm 5- ,. :-:::' 1 :- ' ,,. ' 0 ' . ..:-l' 1.,n3 dv f.",,'9 4,115 .Aff:m5:E:::. 5 ' .'::::::::::: 1 2--:pg ,. af 8-F4 a ' . m::m:n:i?E E - ,,,.,,f. if -. 9-rp-,iv E ' Page 105 Q 3 ,Hn . D ,, L uv-1 'fri Ig -' + .. -zz: u , " 0 -1, ,- , -Q ,, zz.. . ...... U ,Nga :L J, U ,EL -1 . , -:zz ,Q-9: -- ,Q , 4- -fx, In 0 5 a a u n r rr :: 1i:::::35553-' ,, 4 1 1 lo' J.. ., .4 '-: ' .':1EE:::::::..' r,.',: n U -1 ,Q " if vu:-fa, 'Q by ':'z:::::::., :vor a, s A if ,I .uri u ...I -:-:::::- . 4 . - , 1 .x L v -' 1 " ,. if "Hill" .' , 4 " mzfl fj ,, '1 '..',,"3-1 ri' . :,: . - ,P H 0 Q . 9, 0 .. . -1 , Q--. rc N -535, -- .. 1 4 .. v--1" .x ,, .ar l,u...,,,,y 'N .......-v ,:mmi" mv ,.... H, -51-In -1. Wh-vu -w,'l-,m,x "" ""l-'W ,fr.:" ...,"" 'N-an -.... vm -W- PIGQCIIUHQ' The I-Ionorarx SOYOFIUQS, the en Ideals, and the Honor Roll l ,A L l ha E silon Rho P P V, Q ,-A i P":l-.p"'i"'- O BRING to its members a better understanding of radio, and to correlate the activities of the radio department with the campus as a whole were the goals toward which members of the Stephens chapter of Alpha Epsilon Rho, national honorary radio fraternity, have striven. W'ith an eye to bringing some of radio's well-known artists to Columbia, the group this year presented stu- dents with an evening's entertainment by Rush Hughes, one of the foremost radio "disc jockeys." In conjunction with the Conference on College Radio such radio person- ages as Virginia Payne, radio's "Ma Perkins", Millard Lampell, radio writerg and Judith Waller, author and honorary president of Alpha Epsilon Rho, were brought to campus. Miss VValler is also director of public relations, Central Division, NBC. Members of the group took part in a radio program presented at President VVood's birthday celebration and acted as hostesses at the Conference on College Radio held here last fall. Several girls went to Chicago to parti- cipate in the School Broadcast Conference at the National Association of Broadcasters Convention, and all were active in the organization and operation of the campus radio station, KVVVVC. All thirteen student members of Alpha Epsilon Rho were radio majors with above average grades who showed outstanding interest in radio and ability in furthering the campus radio program. . Nan Snyder, this year's president, was assisted by Joann Young, vice-presidentg Evelyn Oltmanus, secre- taryg and Ann Glascock, treasurer. Hale Aarnes, chair- man of the Radio Department, was sponsor of the group. SNYDER, OLTMANUS, MR. AARNES, GLASCOCK, YOUNG Q ,MET ,,, .. .,,, ,.,, "' " : ' . f ' " -'f' "1 Q. fi 7 gf -3 . F Q - H ' 12" -'gi ' fi . f ff, , Lrg ' 7.3 gr: ' ,. 1, v ,Q 4 gg 32 'i n w: 'H .3 ' 5 . 'ef fl rf-upfv' .Ha-if Page 106 ipati for r soroi of cr carri eligil field the 5 tuni1 orga: been have Pulls i radio program celebration and 1 Coll iliieaggt ege Radio 0 Darti. . at the National W. and all were i of the campus lm Epsilon Rho Il les who Sliowed fl' lil furthering was assisted by llrmanus, secre- ic .Xarr1es,chair- :sor of the group. -1 f if . , Fw Ifbl Page 107 Alpha P Epsilon it nf is-A .ff-....... .V 'E J ff" E',f,f,-V.,--1.1 4' ww 'r vi J . I . :'ffr'5'. P, V' f ' V' .gif .-s ., 'uf , 3 f x. ., 3' ,. Q .flikkf . I ' ,I 1 , 1 , - . 9722-7 4 ,, 1 ff il , '15, . 11 IGH scholastic grades, active partic- ipation, and interest in the business world are required for membership in Alpha Pi Epsilon, honorary business sorority on the Stephens campus. At least six hours of credit courses in the secretarial department must be carried, with acceptable standards of scholarship, to be eligible for election to the group. Throughout the year, speakers of authority in the field of business were invited to the meetings to talk to the girls about business careers and the various oppor- tunities of this field. Through the activities of the organization, campus interest in business education has been broadened and high standards of business traininj have been encouraged. Members participated in a field trip to Kansas City this year to visit the Federal Reserve Bank, insuran companies, and other business firms., C0 Also, through informal social "get togethers," the girls of Alpha Pi Epsilon continued the traditions of friendliness that have always characterized the organiza- tion. Through parties and other social activities, they broadened their interests, found fun and relaxation, and increased their circle of friends and acquaintances on campus. Officers for the year were: Jane Perry, presidentg Gloria Vanderbilt, vice-presidentg Sue Martin, secretary- treasurer. Kermit Crawley served as sponsor. MARTIN, PERRY, MR. CRAWLEY, VANDERBILT 1 1 . W f, r ,. -is w J Ziff' R ti f f f L, ww' , X I .4 CAVENAUGH, MCCORLIICK, MR. BAXTER, RooME AMES of outstanding journalists on campus will be found on the rostrum of Beta Phi Gamma, national honorary co-educational journalism fraternity. The Stephens chapter was organized in 1943. Each of the original thirteen members held an important executive position on one of the school's journalistic publications. Effort has been made this year to activate the group by means of a number of social get-togethers. Activi- ties, however, remained somewhat limited because of the time-consuming journalistic duties of the members. Officers were Courtney Cavenaugh, president, Klary Roome, vice-president: and Dorothy McCormick, secretary-lreasurer. james li. Baxter was the faculty sponsor for the group. The purposes of the organization are to give recogni- tion to those student journalists whose work is deservingg to perform a definite service to the campus through the field of publicationsg' to cooperate with the Board of Publicationsg and to unite, in a congenial fraternity, students interested in journalism. One major project undertaken was the creation of a basic fund to be used to bring an outstanding journalist to campus. The initial part of this fund was raised through the sale of the Columbia Missourian by members at the beginning of the school year. Beta Phi Gamma is the goal of every young journal- ist at Stephens, for membership in the organization means that the individual is recognized not only as an outstand- ing student in his special field but also as a person of responsibility and promise. 2, ,.z - ,T -, Q 1 3 . 7-,4 A .,,, . E' lflfi 1 tj I gr i-ll-5 3? . i, l, Beta Phi amma Page 108 the fu of Cli sorori to ex forms work T varioi and li are 0 Conte durin for tl teach j0in 1 write Page 101 . J give recogni- k is deserving, ls through the the Board of al fraternity, creation of a ing journalist was raised i by members rung journal- mtion me2iIlS ,rn Outstand- il jqrgl'SOfl of l'f1z' W V: , . ,ze ig, If Nh . E 'F r l G' STOWELL, CONGLETON, MR. WINETROUT, METZEROTT F A GIRL is interested and talented in the field of creative writing, she may become a member of Chi Delta Phi, national honorary creative writing sorority. This sorority offers opportunity to each member to express her thoughts creatively in various literary forms and to share appreciatively and critically in the work of others. This year the members of the sorority asked the various teachers of English composition, humanities, and literature to submit to them the names of girls who are outstanding in creative writing. A campus-wide contest for the best essay, poem, or story was also held during the period when new members were being selected for the sorority. The students recommended by the teachers and the winners of the contest were invited to join Chi Delta Phi. But in order to join, they had to write three pieces of literature to be judged and voted on unanimously by the members. After the girls had been accepted by the sorority, they were informally and formally pledged. The sorority met once a week, with one meeting every month a social meeting. At the business meetings during the spring, the girls worked on Lante1'ns,Arch'ways, and Vine Leaves, a student anthology of creative writing, published once every two years at Stephens. This book contains the best literary efforts of the students on cam- pus during the preceding biennial period. Preparing the material for this publication was the main project of Chi Delta Phi for the year 1946-1947. Barbara Stowell was this year's presidentg Sara Metzerott, vice-president, and Dorothy Congleton, secretary and treasurer. Kenneth Winetrout served as sponsor. . -ii"1,""'-4 K ' it -1 'ff SQ'- '-.P XA!!! -. .' .' " iz! ' X 'Q A. -u" hi Delta Phi Page 109 De ta ima A? Di. iqyrf I -viii? fl-' Ji? .1143 V .ff 1. Mfg, ELTA Sigma, honorary science sorority, was founded on the Stephens campus in 1939. Its members are deeply interested in the higher ac- complishments in the held of science, and they seek to serve the whole campus through this interest. The sorority members had several picnics and a waffle supper during the year. At the bi-monthly meet- ings speakers gave talks on various subjects of scientific interest. Delta Sigma also sponsored an interesting ex- hibit at the VVCO-SAB Carnival. Over one thousand persons attended the General Electric House of Magic Show sponsored by Delta Sigma. SCHAR PENBERG, VALERIUS, M 3 5 : f X In order to become a member. of Delta Sigma, a student must have an S+ average in two laboratory sciences for one semester and have a strong interest in scientific achievement. After becoming a member, the student must maintain an S average in one course of science each semester in order to retain her membership in the organization. The officers for the year were Lois Scharpenberg, president, Delphine Greenbaum, vice-president, Eliza- beth Ann Valerius, secretary, and Frances Hageman, treasurer. VVilliam L. W'axler, a member of the science staff, was the sponsor. R. XVAXLER, HAGAMAN, GREENBAUM Y-' 'TT' 'TNQ' ' A" 'M-T' ""T"m"-"" ""' """ "' 4 . fx f i 1 i gf' 4-W' 'G Page 110 M: we-rm.: L E l " '1""'lf'..v!' Kappa fratern to claii countr the sta Tc rank ii must h must h citizen. Tl love of with ol in out- ship an lasting whicht Pagejll 3 Sigma, a lboratory interest in Ember, the 5 C0urse of lembership afpenberg, mf? Eliza- Hageman, ihe science ww W Phi Theta Kappa IDGJK Q1 E I 1 T HE Alpha Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa, national junior college honorary scholastic fraternity, was founded at Stephens. Stephens is proud to claim that not only is her chapter the largest in the country but also has done outstanding workin promoting the standards and objectives of the fraternity. To be elected to Phi Theta Kappa, a student must rank in the upper seven percent of the student body, must be carrying at least twelve academic hours, and must have proved herself a constructive and responsible citizen. The main purpose of the fraternity is to promote love of scholarship and to provide opportunities for girls with outstanding scholastic ability to apply their talents in out-of-class projects. Furthering the spirit of leader- ship and cooperation among its members, and cultivating lasting and helpful friendships are also purposes with which the fraternity is concerned. Many projects were sponsored during the year. In the fall, a committee of Phi Theta members wrote a movie script about campus life and offered it as a basis for a film to be dedicated to President Wfood. During the Ten Ideals Wfeelz the group sponsored Scholarship Day. In February a Scholarship Wfeek was held, and talks relating to scholarship were given in the residence halls by members of the fraternity. At the end of the year a fifty dollar scholarship was awarded to a girl with outstanding scholastic ability. A five-dollar prize was awarded to the girl who wrote the best term paper during the year. The officers for the year were Marjorie Skillingberg, presidentg Gwendolyn Platt, vice-presidentg Pat Durbin, treasurerg and Sara Lashinger, secretary. The co-spon- sors were Miss Mary Bigelow and former Dean Weldon P. Shofstall. Standing: DURBIN, LASHINGER Seated: SKILLINGBERG, Miss BIIGELOW, PLATT l l Page Ill 'V' 'A5""""- f -""""""" ' """ "' 1"' "' F''imfwfVv"f-+"ff1 : s-wc:-:-:::-e-s.s -es--.:----1f-...,,.-.-....-.,.-....,.....,,. . -......, . . ,if - . - -1, - -,,,, .. if . CHENowETH,ENsEY,NhssvoN'THURN,VAUoHAN O DEVELOP in each member an ap- preciation of the best music and to impart to the world, through music, a higher interpretation of the finer things of life is the goal of Sigma Gamma Gamma, the honorary music sorority. Wforlcing with these ideals in mind, the sorority sponsored weekly half-hour radio programs which gave its members a chance to perform. Each program was centered around the music of a diHerent country and included vocal numbers as well as instru- mental selections. .-Xny student who has been recommended by her instructor is eligible to audition for membership in Sigma Gamma Gamma. 'l'he auditions are judged by a group of members and a faculty committee on the basis of technique, interpretation, tone quality and stage pre- sence. These tryouts are held each semester. The second meeting in january included a movie, "Golden Nlountainsf' based on the life of Dimitri Shosta- 5. kovitch. Miss Marilyn Hanna of the music faculty played some of his works and a paper on his life was read. At another of the meetings, William Waxler of the Science Division presented a talk on "The Science of Sound" and showed movies illustrating his subject. Movies, lectures, and the history of musical instruments were given at other meetings throughout the year. Sigma Gamma Gamma sponsored coffees which were held in Senior Hall parlors after the Burrall concerts for the guest performer, orchestra, music faculty, and Music Service Guild. A coffee was also given in Columbia Hall parlors for all music majors and the music faculty. Campus sings are also supported by this organization. Officers for 1946-1947 were Doris Chenoweth, presi- dentg Pat Vaughan, secretaryg and Bobbi Lou Ensey, treasurer. Fred Duffiemeyer and Miss Rita von Thurn served as sponsors. Sigma amma amma Page IIZ 'W l 1 l 0 l l s l l l J i 1 l l I l art sc art at the ca to giv their it is n play 4 well at memb T rangir art st the fa fOr the Page113 K lic faculty - was read. :ler of the Science of subject. struments 22111 es which Iconcerts Ijlty, and folumbia r faculty. nization. gh, presi- 1 EHSCBU n Thuffl f'1Hf'j 'QS -lvslriii A-1 -sisssssm - - . M... .N M, Q 07 N.-.nun-. sims Q2 ao -..S 5 2 HALL, JEROME, MR. SWAN, KELLER INCE Tau Sigma Tau, the honorary art sorority, was organized, it has striven to promote art appreciation not only among its members but on the campus as a whole. It also encourages its members to give earnest thought and effort to the development of their personal abilities. To be a member of Tau Sigma it is not necessary to be an art major, but one must dis- play some ability in art, photography, or fashion as well as a genuine, appreciative interest. Initiation of new members occurred both in the fall and in the spring. The sorority's projects for the year included ar- ranging the art display in the general library and the art studio, making caricatures at the SAB carnival in the fall, making posters for clubs and campus activities for the campus bulletin boards, and sponsoring the Beaux Arts Ball early in January. This was the first time that such an affair had been held, and Tau Sigma is hoping to make it an annual affair. The proceeds were used for an art collection for Stephens. The theme of the ball was Dada-surrealism, and many of the residence halls con- tributed murals painted by the girls themselves. A scavanger hunt, a party at Pop Collins' Cabin, an initiation tea and dinner for new members, meetings honoring guest speakers, and a farewell dinner in the spring in 'honor of the senior members were among the sorority's social activities. The officers of Tau Sigma Tau this year were Inez Hall, president, Elaine Keller, vice-presidentg and Phyllis Jerome, secretary-treasurer. Robert Swan, art instructor, served as sponsor. Tau i ma Tau Sa Page 113 QM' Standing: Fowuziz, DREHER, SIMPSON Sealed: Wizix, MR. XVENSTROM, CARTYVRIGHT 0 GIVE recognition to girls exhibiting outstanding accomplishments in drama, to cooperate in presenting good entertaimnent on the campus, to enjoy the good fun and comradeship of "back-stage" activities, and to promote development in students through participation in dramatic activities are the objectives of Theta Alpha Epsilon, honorary drama sorority at Stephens. ln its year's program it strives to promote an intelligent understanding of and enthusiasm for the theater arts on the part of the campus as a whole. 'l'heta Alpha Iipsilon admits twenty thespians each year. At. the end of the year, fifteen juniors are chosen to become the next yea:-'s actiyesg the remaining hve members are seniors chosen at the beginning of the year. Prospective members are judged on the basis of the num- ber of points they have acquired for actual working hours in the field of drama outside of class requirements. 'llhese points are gathered by participation in any dramatic production or activity on campus, in Vespers, or Evening Prayer, through actual stage performance or work on lighting, costuming, stage sets, or any other production activity. Girls with the highest number of "participation points" are admitted to membership. Sorority meetings were held regularly in the Scene Shop on Sunday afternoons. One important project was to provide adequate and effective publicity for the major dramatic productions and to render any other services desired by the directors of these productions. A number of Saturday night meetings, open to everyone interested, were devoted to the reading and discussion of plays. President of the sorority through 1946-47 was Mary XVeix. She was assisted by Doralyn Cartwright, vice- presidentg Alice Fowler, secretaryg and Ann Dreher, treasurer. Publicity was handled by Mildred Simpson. The organization was sponsored by Dean VVenstrom. Theta lpha Ep ilon Pam' ll-I P Pagej 1 of K i striv 1 for I thro com dom facu reprf Com: THE J. ROBINSON, GARVEY, OILPHANT, AULD, DR. CHARTERS, Miss BEBOUT, O'HA1R, OLSON, N. ROBINSON I ' tr e e THE Standlng Ideals Commlttee I 1 RGANIZED to gixyc Cverb' girl on the Ten Ideals," chose to announce his retirement. Also in- s Stephens campus a better understanding of each of the Clurled in rhe Program were readings by Committee mem' Ten Ideals, the Standing Ideals Committee this year bers Donna 0150111 Mafjfme Auld, NHUCY Robinson, was under the chairmanship of Mary Oliphant. As its Marian GZIVVCYI Karllerirle O'H21lr1 lean R0brU50r1? Zllld iirst project of the year, the committee directed the the presentation of the newly composed Ten Ideals song. sale ol framed 'I'en Ideals cards throughout all the halls. The preparation of a booklet on the Ideal of "Rever- In November the group sponsored Ideals Wreck, ence Tgwardg thg Spiritual" was another projeet under- during which eaeh ol the major organizations on campus token by the group, VVhen it is completed, it will be sent K cooperated hy choosing one of the Ideals to stress par- to HCXV Students before they' eome to the eampusl Also, tieularly in their activities. During this week the com- in an effort to keep thc 'fgn Ideals Constantly in the minds prese mittee presented an impressive Ideals convocation. :Xt of the Students, tllc eommirtee placed reminder Cards in girls this all-campus gathering new students were introduced eaeh hall. These Cards bore quotations applicable to the to, and old students reminded of, the meaning of the Various Ideals. APP1 Ideals. which are the hasis of the Stephens way of life. t It was during this convocation that President XYood, at Dr. XV. XV. Charters was sponsor of the group, and 11 the close of his address on "The Baelcgground of the Bliss Betty Bebout co-sponsor. t CHE iiii Page 116 Page 117 Y . rg mf fi 4 Also in- ee mem- obinson, song and als song. "Rever- t under- be sent -5, Also, Q minds :ards in e to the lp, and PM The Ten Ideals ANY years ago, a student-faculty committee adopted ten ideals which every Stephens girl strives to personify. These ideals form a code of living for Stephens girls not only during their residence, but throughout their entire lives. The Ten Ideals have be- come a part of the College tradition and form an integral, dominant part of Stephens life. Every year, a student- faculty board elects ten "Ideals Girls," each of whom best represents one of the ideals in her attitude and actions. In addition to the selection of the "Ten Ideals," the committee also makes two other awards: THE FOUR-FOLD GIRL, who possesses mental strength, physical health, social poise, and spiritual vision. THE BEST PRIVATE CITIZEN who has shown a consistent constructive influence through her re- spect for campus laws and her power of leadership. She does not hold a major campus office but main- tains, both in attitude and action, the ideals of the school. 39 On the following pages the Stephensophia proudly presents the winners of these two awards and the ten girls chosen to represent the Ten Ideals. APPRECIATION OF THE BEAUTIFUL . An ability to see loveliness in ordinary surroundings as well as in art, music, or literature, and to inspire love for the arts in others. CHEERFULNESS - Consistent maintenance of a buoyantly cheerful outlook on life and a cordial friendliness which brings gladness to others. 6,115 ' Page117 COURTESY - Gracious refinement and friendliness which express themselves in marked consideration for the comfort and feelings of others. FORCEFULNESS - Tried ability in office, especially as evidenced by success in tactfully influencing others to work, and in exerting a wide and constructive in- fluence over the campus as a whole. HEALTH - Radiant health of body, excellent physi- cal and mental well-being, not necessarily the ability to star in sports, but a real interest in them. HONESTY - Courage in one's own convictions, eager- ness to acknowledge aid and achievements of others, and intolerance of dishonesty of any sort. LOVE OF SCHOLARSHIP - A sincere appreciation and enjoyment of learning, combined with accurate attention to detail, a questioning attitude which leads to voluntary study. SELF-DISCIPLINE - A personal control of suffi- cient power to enable a girl to do what she knows ought to be done, absolute dependability, involving a wise organization of time and money and a wise decision between loyalties. SERVICE - Dependable service to Stephens and to one's friends-not particularly conspicuous services which yield honor to the doer, but more especially small, unobtrusive, but constantly-repeated serv- ICGS. REVERENCE TOWARD THE SPIRITUAL . Loy- alty to high ideals, a desire to be a positive force for good, tolerance of religious beliefs of others, and a real sincerity in the individual practice of a per- sonal religion. The large "Ideals" pictures in the following section were produced at The Studio fGibbons and Griffinj. J p N I I v I ! I n I s K "fav 'if'-f--M---Y.. .JT -T.-ff .-1--.,....-. .ff ,'ff!42f W1 45 'my.g:.'.d..',iw...a,',,.-.-,.f..,-.,- YEEHC1 f'xy4hUf,7. SZ. 7 M, ,l, min, kmjwilkq-L,u.:'lv,. lt' C"'mT. " 'fn' ,if 'i -f-"- ','P.5f', 4,,.f7 '-Q .. 5. J 'ff-0-'' ag, fa f. . .W .ffm fm 51' :Maw 4,+.'..- .. .b .f.f..'4fn -KC' 'f 'I L F '. .. 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BETH l'lOI,GREN, for helping others through her radiant sincerity, dauntless honesty, and inspirational goodness. Nl.-XRY RIETCALFE, for her out- standing work as Senior Sis- ter of XVindsor and the true Christian spirit which she radiates to all. P1-nfl. BLAKEY, for her buoyant personality and her constant and unselfish extension of service to all. PAT BROWX, for her dependable efficiency coordinated with friendliness, initiative, and foresight in her duties as President of Independents. NIEME BURNSIDE, for outstand- ing work as sorority president and in sharing her time and talent to bring out the "best" in all with whom she works. ALYCE LOUISE ELDRIDGE, for her quiet helpful influence on the campus and her out- standing work as discussion chairman of Burrall Cabinet. PEGGY HITCHCOCK, for her un- tiring generosity and unsel- fishness as a sincere, coopera- tive campus citizen. BARBARA KNAPP, for her con- structive participation in the Council of House Managers and her keen interest in de- veloping leadership and re- sponsibility in others. 1 5 l , I Nl.-XRCIA NICHOLS, for construc- I tive and objective service to the campus as Vice-President of Pan-Hellenic. 1 1 i Honor Roll Pggg 142 55: 5 ....,,:.- 12 Cie 'T'I-- --- ' .. gig- T+4' V-- -., 3 il px- NL- -gg +L ,AL ,X X, - lf Clk: gr-.ix . .. Ti JDYT E -Exe xtfiq. tx ,- N ----1: U13-y X W'3'i1Cii iff 1, Wi- TS siliql,-T, Fl l Q l Ll..Xlil'.Y, forh QI' Jil-llllx llnd unst-llish extrfnll. in- no ,111 A elm: mx N, for her de l lllllf f'1fv' Li00I'CllIlZllflii mlllll " ' E l i t llllllilllvq Qlglll in her duf itll-nr Qf fr Hiwexsing, for Om- I 4 wrk as sorofitvprel in sh41rinQhertimE. IL In lrrinqoutthehk. l with xx'h0mSheW-E l .1 ilflrlf. ELDRIDGEV jun-I helpful inlluenlg lnirripus and hui fling uorlc as dixu rrimri of Burrallfalf' lim Illlitl-.. lorlf: , K'-Inf-msiIj.'anfl.:r A. .i- .I sinffurmrfgf . l?71IIfl'VllflZt'll. . , ,. , , .5 I lv. iw. llff G . ,lrfifzifilfilf ,I llwilv' ll?- ,, inn-fffii' 1 ., ,jl'l'i V .Il fl ' -v"I ll 1,4 .l' ull I ndependg KAY O'HAIR, for her cheerful- negs, her constructive, sub- stantial influence and de- pendable work as Senior Sister Chairman of Tower Hall. BARBARA OMEROD, for the re- sourceful leadership and val- uable guidance which has characterized her work as a House Manager, Senior Sis- ter, and Burrall Project leader. ' NAIDA PETRANOFF, for her pro- found interest in people and her continuous contributions to a wide variety of campus activities. NANCY RoBINsoN, for her effer- vescent spirit and personal and vital contributions to the campus community. HERMIONE SCHANTZ, for her unique understanding and naturalnessg for the strength- ening effect she has upon all who know her. PHYL TERRY, for her outstand- ing service as Vice-President of W. C. O.g for her radiant goodness and her extensive contributions to the entire campus. JEAN TURNER, for her unselfish devotion in serving the needs of her fellow students and for her fllllgellt interest in the success of all school activities . VVANDA VVAGNER, for her excellent and unselflsll work as a Senior Sister in helping many JUHIOVS In their adjustment to life at Stephens. . BETTY WILI,IS, for her diligent, cooperative, and IHEOH- Spicuous participation in campus-wide enterpflses' Honor Roll Page 14.3 DONNA QLSON. for her inspiring 5l31I'1t and warm, cordial man- ner by which she has enriched the tone of our campus. ANNE PERRY, for her universal friendliness, constant cheer- fulness, and dependability in all her associations. ALICE RICHTER, for her sincere and helpful service as a Senior Sister in VVindsor Hall and her work with the social service projects of Burrall. NTARY ALICE RooME, for unique efficiency in discharging her responsibilities to the campus as House Manager of Hat- cher Hall and Advertising Manager of the Sophia. JANET SPEARS, for her creative forcefulness in S. R. A. and student government, for her keen fairness and discrimina- tive foresight in all situa- tions. . VIRGINIA TRUSLOW, for her gen- uine friendliness and con- scientious posting twice daily of publicity material on the Campus-wide bulletin boards. j. A A r fl' ' . T A A a s 'H KN 2 5 .' . .ul 1995 qt, ,. X A ' J Q A X , I. , Q --f-rw ,1 I "JI ls ,I R 112 if Q' A 1 v S l , , r fs -ex e jf? ii if 3 l 6. i f 1 T :J slr I ffff' ffm RECREATION '52 4 f H I ,K I 0 MQ' Sw X-'A f 4 X, f f M f 0 ,552 X Mffwlkqiv I In coufw QQ NWN, . jj Q'!'5Q3iJf:'ffJJJ fw ,ff lg! f2":f'j' 1 if f S W . ELV C' Meliiiif K , "K'J?ULff 1 ., .. 'fp f-'M .-, f, . -.-J. ,.,l,,V,,',. 3.5 ,,5 r. w. .- .L .. , 4, . 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M., 4-, ., 3 an vu- W r ' Q Wx lju: F521 +L ' fa J GX A 31 k -U Zmfxxf V1 .Q ,I g 4... 7 Wy, ,ff 1 ." , X ,gif A , ' 1 fly? ,. " f 'V , '45 ff' 'W' 3 , f .6 In '4 R J,-Q. ' 171 W , , L .1 I 'I if ,V 9 N naw' 'P "' Q'n'lfiL ,fh j":r 'P ' "1 fi? ' 'P' , ' -6. ,. , r Q, .y .qi 3 Y A. V I ' 4 7 A 'vw j, 4 , , , , ' I, A . 4, Q., 4 5 Y 5 r , 6 I ?,, . C u. 1 .1 'vw f , Q vx 3 Z GV ,L .,.. f Z ,J ,- 2 1 , 4, 5 W 1 2 gn' a W , , , www-..,,f -hr, 5 f I 235 11:4 ,fam f . if 1 V in , , ,, V f , f 2f71f'7U', , " ? 5 V17 1'6" Zi E as-fe y if ' . " i- 1 f , . 444 f V Q ' fff Y ,f-1 ff! , f Q2 ?? ,,Qi,x:.: , . sn: Q- xx I 7 , x ' .fwvmf ' .- wffw 'mx IKM Q 4 , my A- W 1, V,V, E. Aff ,ne fi: -,', E 43-0 f Zfvif 'W Qffiai gym . 'V ,4",."V I, " ff?ff7Qff-T Qi A Y"53j?fs5'S 3 , Q f , if . vw X ,.,, 4, V V: I my wing, V. 75' fg'M"f 3 K WM if Slisf' R 'f f. 4 , fi , Q 'E . . 6 Ms... A., ,Q ,QA X . ,.-.N . . V.. W 1' f 4i j'wz mx,Vhs,.-signs A Q I f.'g.. ....., ,Hy g 51.7 f 'iN + 5 J is l E E I Ae if iv 14 52 Z 52 3 se LL' 1 5 Q jf. Q Cir-'71 Hi. i-i1 fr A-lie 8-9+ 3, ' 9 Qkllw fvfr , ,,, , K ,DQQTBGU D N 5 Q POXD5 Ip! The Greek Gals blossom out on Hel Day: Them Cola hm the 572015. Kappa Kanls fowzfhfor brwfge. leg W 4. Q fm Alpha Maze 'wmnem They'1'e lovelyg llzegfre engager1l,'llzey'1'e Sigma Ponrlfs' girls. Name il and jfs jV0IU'.S'. flll'lrLrly'.s' rrlmperm, wiilz IL fare inside. Awe le .smiles 011 Jrnmflc. X ffgx a ,nv gn. 17:3 .0 4 all Presiden S of Ind p ndent ' 1, , ff .n ,nv Associa ion , .- Q , p A if wx NX v Q V ix fa- A . .X,,X,,-1 5 A aww: 1 5 S5 X, yy ,, Mx A - -Q ' 'Ni M X X S l . X X ,Q - ,flags 1 x N, 32 wx N, 1sKiQ H X fs S' . ff X ,, . ,, . wx gzl f f qssq fl 1, ' x. , J 3+ ,gsm as X bf, W X , fx M V E ' N Y' 'f '- 1 i '5'6? 1 I i 'YR if '27 x 4 Q yr '4 1 n I A I ix 'rm '53 QW, E ! 1 I I I 1 'K' M11 Ffrxl rms: CxRfu,x'x limilrxll-Lvl-QR. .1:'f'f:ffm:,' Xlxm' LMI' f'1l1us'111xs1f,N, c'lI!YHH!lIAf1,' -If-gxxxl ElIli1IJl7'.V1'.' HI-1l.l-LN l3l'XI.,Xl', F:'w111'r'1:g .N'u:f'!1z 1 IWNIIICJK, CflN77ffJ' Clubg jrfm' V.fxx IJ15x'1ax'1'15R, Srf-mn! m:.',- lmxyx IQ1qx1,,U,1,, cj,-,rdffu ,Ufmf,r.- .XRLIXL I-511.1 xn, llulrlzfrg Sm. XVI-.lSHlzI4f2, llffzglf-r,' Iixflm' 1lr,1.gCKpgL, jj,'fjCmSlI- JO jgm5LER, If H11 N"1f7fu7K ff- v .-,- 7'lzf'rd rnis: Hf411'l'x' XX'n,1,1s. Lfifz RC7II'j' II',,,,J.' l4m.1f1x.x XX'11.swx. l,:'z1ffffz:.'lI-.nwf11f,r.H.1.1,x'I, l,f,f1:gw,' Alf-.l4f2,XI4li'I ANN K.,x1Lcu1-11,1-L, Llf11ple,'I'A'1'R1CIA H1-QXRY. .Mu-fl: Ffmrfl: mas: klfxxx XIHRRISII. fml:frfx.',' lfI,I..X KIM' Sc'11fw1.x',x1 .SIVIII-If7.' XAxxr",' 141-gm, .S'mz!lz,'wlf:.1.N lI,x1u.mN, Tnrmczg' I'I1-LLIQN KINUSLEY, Tower Iwffiz rims." Przum' I'li,xIc5wx, Tffzsfzg RXHIHP-1.'xRll'. Ilmfsclxs. IVf1.H'-f,' X mf.1ts1.1. f,Jauoxr411, Ii'1'm!mr,''I'.x1-1-Y If.-X551-.x, U"nr1d,'SU1i RUss15I,I,,President U Nod' 5 Hvmiia' , 1 I age 154 wa? -0, :1 1:1- 4 " w.t,,q. wg: , kv, V- ' ., -4' ' 11,1 -.13-f"'M'. w ff -, S z. J:-1'--.'-22'-2, ,u U". u-1.5 vu-1 -... v- f Av ' J' T T55 ,H ff af 1. i f - ,xffw 4 i l A 5 Ev 4 5 5? 4 fe lf 4- yi g 1 f w f , 1 1 9 fi 5 Q 155 , 1 f 1 'if Page 155 "Q I M JNJW. Q? l ,sf 5 :,i - ' 5, .- lv" 4 ' '.", Lx' 75 4 F , A 1 ' J 1 5 -.L 1 I ' f' First row: BREUNINGER, LINEBACK Second row: ELLINOR, MISS XIAN GUNDY, RUDOLPH 66 AITH, HOPE, AND LovE" characterize the Tri Alpha girls. On their blue and gold shield, out- side the Alpha Alpha Alpha rooms on second floor Senior, and reproduced on the pin of every active, are these words and the three candles symbolizing the sorority's motto. The shield is also crossed by two arrows, one as a symbol of friendship and the other as a symbol of en- during loyalty. Twenty-eight of the Fifty-two members were pledges at the beginning of the year. During their social meet- ings these fifty-two enjoyed their special Tri Alpha fun: when it came to project meetings, they worked on phases of the Burrall projects when special help was needed. The sorority supported the Burrall program in its en- tirety instead of undertaking a special sorority project. In other words, each girl chose her own service activity in accordance with her interest or her feeling of need. The cultural meetings of the month presented a calendar of interesting speakers, including Dr. Henry Bowman of the Home and Family Division. During Pan-Hel Courtesy Week, the sorority cooperated by staging a dramatic skit centering around the courteous use of the telephone in the dormitories. A hayride at the first of the year, an ice-cream and cake snack for pledges at the Fireside Inn, a formal pledging dinner later, and lots of good times at Pop Collins' Cabin provided the Tri Alphas with much good fun and recreation. Al.KRl.-KN .XCKICRMAN JETTA BAi.L.-xRn Al.XRY .-XLYCE B.xTmi.xN BEvERl.x' BELI. JINN BREVNINMQR 'l'IMOR.Xll l3RmvN Nom MAE C.xRl.soN Rrrn Col.i.INs :ANNE DOVER FRAN lL:I.l.lN0R KATHRYN l2y.xNs OFFICERS FOR THE YEAR FRANCES ELLINOR, Pensacola, Florida, president AlARY LINEBACK, Brinkley, Arkansas, UIICL'-PfI3S1idL'7lf BEVERLI' Rl,'D0l.l'll, Brush, Colorado, secretary-treasurer JEAN BREt'NINmcR, Elkins Park, Pennsylvania, projec! chairman Miss RosEMARY VAN GLTNDY, sponsor Yx'oNNIi EVANS I'.x'r FIcI.I'I2N CATIIERINE FI.:-:TCHER l,n-A'l'ClIliR Joyce Gll,lllER'T f,iliRTRl'Dli Gll.lfll,l,.XN GI.flRl.X GoI,InNr9 Jo GREIIJER Al.XRY Gmxm l':l.UlSIi HAND l.RSI'I.,X HARLAN Cl'l.eXl"I'l-ZR ROSTER Nl.XRY FRANCES I-lAYwARn BE'r'rY O'DANlEI. CLARICIE l-lENnRix l3EI"rx' JANE ORR BI-:TTY Jlawi-Ll. l3E'I"l'0 PARR SVSAN liIIa1fNliR l'A'rRlcI.-x l,llZI'IiR Al.XRY l-INIcn.xcR ' f1.XIl, l,IllI.l.lI'S l'l.'XRRYli'lTIZ LUXViiXS'l'lilN CoRR1NIa Al.kJUR Jo NIcCoRx1.xcK liImINI-: NICCVSREI' CARUI. Allilell S115 NloRIil,,xNI: JOA N RoI,1,IaI' Lois ScIIoriN fiI,ORI,-X SCfJ'l'I Joyce Sco'r'r SARAH SIIARI' liliX'liRl,Y RI'noI,I'1I MILDREIJ SIMPSON CORA JANE SKILLERN SUZANNIE SPEAR NIARGARET S'rRonE SHIRLEY SUNFIELD YVONNE 'I'U'rTI.E JANET XVARIEHAM CARoI,vN VVHITESIDE JAN WIII'r'rAKER JliANNIi'l'TE XVINGFIELD BE'rII W YSE IDUnI.Ev YEWELI. Page 156 ha ' project. c actixity of need, calendar Bowman Pan-Hel :raging a se of the eam and a formal - at Pop ich good Vw N ,x,l,K4 WIN, QI: 1 .Wiz ,s HMI ,K ,,, n, 1 I Page 157 4, W ,i OK , la X -'ww 1 lpha Alpha Alpha Q 364, Beta hi gmma Page' 156' 9 C . I 4' .Q a', IJ' 2 f 1 K g Fill' I Beta Phi Gamma 66 HROUGH Our pin we are one," said Janice Herrly, president Of Beta Phi Gamma this year. One of the most important ideals Of this Sorority is unity-unity of effort, unity of Spirit, unity of purpose. By living up to this ideal, the members of Beta Phi Gamma achieved a high degree of Success in their group projects and developed many close and lasting friend- ships. During the past year, both in their serious and lighter moments, Beta Phi Gamma girls had many good times together. The Christmas dinner which the pledges gave the actives and the farewell party at the end of the year were two ofthe outstanding Social activities in which the members participated. Being active in nursery school work and Burrall projects during the year, the Betas extended the Scope of their sorority interests and broadened their held of service. AS in other sororities, Beta Phi Gamma Stressed the Ten Ideals as a means Of living congenially with one another. The SOrOrity's colors are purple and white and the flower is the pink rose. OFFICERS FOR THE YEAR JANICE HERRLY, Atlanta, Georgia, president DORIS KING, Temple, Texas, vice-president 53 ANNE BASKIN PATRICIA BASSHAM BETTY BIDDLE PATRICIA BOUCHELLE MARGENE BRANCH MARY BURMEISTER DOROTHY CHAPPELL NANCY CLARK CAROLINE COLLEY MARGE CHRISTY IRIS CULTRA PATRICIA LUNDIN, Minneapolis, Minnesota, secretary-treasurer ELIZABETH MCKINNEY, Elkton, Kentucky, project chairman MISS BARBARA FISCHER, faculty sponsor BEVERLY DOBBS JEANNE DORSAM ANN DREHER DOROTHY EVANS RHODA FISHER JEAN ANN FLEENER VIRGINIA FRANCIS LOIS GRABE IDA HARMONSON JOAN HANKINS MARGE HARWELL MARGE WALLACE CHAPTER ROSTER JANE HENRY JANICE HERRLY JUDY HOUSE GRACE HOLDEN EVALEE HUDDART SHIRLEY HUMMEL LETTY HUTTON DOROTHY KAVANAUGH CHARLENE KIKER DORIS KING KATHERINE KARRAS MARGARET LACEY BETTY LECKRONE NANCY LIGHTBODY PATRICIA LUNDIN ELIZABETH MCKINNEY JEAN MCNAY ' MARY MCNEASE JAN MORGAN BONNY MOSIER BETTY MOULTHROP TALLULAH OGDEN DOROTHY YATES fi BETTY OSTERMANN IVIILDRED REED SHIRLEY ROSHONG LADY ANN SAPP CAROL SHARPE JANE SIEBRAS NIARIANNE SPANGLER MARILYN TILTON SOPHIE TONEY DIANE TUCKER THELMA VAUGHN 2 f ' 5 I - ,A s fx 5: 4 f 3 i I . ,,,,, ' I .aw ff . VX :,.z-' -' -il, , nav'-CQK i g ,V if Gi I-. 7 5 J " . 7 K 1 C: 212531, H V . .A get af, ' .W . , First row: MCKINNEY, KING Second row: HERRLY, MISS FISHER, LUNDIN Page 159 ! es.f5 Q7 - A--T 1, ,, wulai -7.-f' ' I-,V X :ff . l ' : -,' N . A 'T Ls, K . I ., . I. . I.. I ' 7 '.', , :-',s- ,-. . ,,, .. Is- . ,err , I Beta igma Beta ., f, w 1 AX, - ITH seventy-four members strong, Beta Sigma Beta completed one of its most successful years, making the silver and pink shine brighter than ever before. This sorority will long remember the "Beta Sig Angels" theme of the rush parties, and the wonderful times they had at the informal pajama party and semi- formal dinner. Every year the Beta Sigs have a skating party with their sister sorority, Delta Chi Delta, and an annual party with the Kappa Alpha Phis. These are tradi- First row: DREVDEIIL, ENSLEY, GIVENS Second row: MISS POWELL, BUNDY tional and are looked forward to by all the membefs- They also Work on Burrall projects and credit is given t0 each girl for her participation in both Burrall and the Stephens Recreation Association. Loyalty, love, and laughter are always encouraged among the sisters in Beta Sigma Beta. A good example of this could be found in the meetings each ThursfflHY night in the sorority rooms. They were happy meetlngs in which the high qualities of loyalty and friendship were evident. OFFICERS FOR THE YEAR BETTY BUNDY, Houston, Texas, president DoRo'I'IIx' DREVDEHL, Detroit, Michigan, vice-president ELBERTA LOUISE ENSEY, Altus, Oklahoma, secretary-treasurer B , . . . I . y . l.T'IX CIXENS, Henderson, lxentucky, project ohctirnzan Miss All'RIEI. PowELL,foouIly sponsor CHAPTER ROSTER l'l.XRRlli'l' .XN'I'IIoNx' J EAN .Xl'l'l,l'ITUN SVI-1 .XVI-:RY NANCY B.xII.I2x' TRACI' l3liI,I. RVTII .XNN BIQRGI-:VIN DIANE BoRImI5Rs Al.XRIl,YN BRAIIIA-ii' BIQIITY lJrI'NIJY C.xRoLx'N CARTER VIRGINIA CI.AIIIoRNI- l,.XTRICl.X CooI'IiR JANIQT Com-3I..xNII X.XXCYCt1I'SINS lf.XTHl.I-ZEN CRoxx'I,I-:Y CYNTIIIA CI'xIxIINGs -JEAN Al.XRlli I7ANIfoRTII HIXBS lY3IZSl'.-XIX .XI.x'CIi DINIIN BARIIARA lJoI,IIY lmr l'JRIix'IJAIII. PATRICIA DWIIQIQINS Al.XRII.YX EIILING BoIIIIIi l':NSliY SLIM l'1STIl,l. -lIl,I. GIl.I.liTTli BIiT'I'x' GIVIQNS .XNN Cl.'IX'liR Sifooks GODSI-IALI. ORLHANNE CSOODXYI N ELEANOR HARRISON KIAIJGE HoGAN JoI'cE HI:Ifrs'I't"I'LER EI,Ii.XXOR l'lL'GI'IES JANE HULL GRE'IscIIIaN IsERN HELEN KI5I.LI2x' LUIS KI'r'rINGI2R PIQGGI' 3IAI.I.m' CATIIY Al.'XRSlIAI,l. Al.kRY ATCCORD BIi'r'I'x' AllLI,liR BARBARA NTILLS BILLIE MooRE NTARY NTORRISON BARBARA NIUE!-ILIG CAROLYN JANE TVTUELLER EUGENIA NOTGRASS KAY O'H.AIll ATARGARET PARK JEAN ROBINSON MARJORIE SAMs GER.-XLDINE SORIX Joni' STICIQLY ANN S'roDnARn PAM S'I'onDARIJ DONNA SVVARTZ BETSYE TURNER JEANNINE VANDERPOOL BARBARA WALKER BOBBIE WALKER K. LEE XVALLACE LAURETTE WALTER VVACKY YVEIX JoAN XVELDIN JOAN VVELLS GLADYS XVICKS NTARGARET XVICK5 JEAN XVRIGHT JEANNE YVRIGHT Page 160 Q l l l l l l I l I ff' I 't 47' ,A I I l 3 i i Pa E ? I ,f f, K., members. l given to and the :ouraged example 'hursday neetings iendship HIIJUL W V ,1- full I , rg f If jx, Page 161 .',,,. WL uf' Cr Beta Si ma Beta M W Q7 -n 1 X f , . . , f I 21 1? Q! . 1 1'- ,,!""' m . xi nv I. K e fx .IX R W.- JV , H, :,. ' ,. " 5. , 9, 4 -mi 4, "v. N- I I a fi ay L , x - ' J ,- ,. 'L' V " eff , CF 5 , 'ZXV J Delta hi Delta I W, Page Q VT' N fi i by The rati and HPD' plal l'l'13.I AMUz AUU BAK1 BISH Bnor Buck BYRL CHAI CHAI if 5 5 1 fl ,Q Page FIU MZ Delta hi Delta OLLER skating parties with their sister sorority, Beta Sigma Beta, a Halloween parm, and scavenger hunt, a Christmas dinner, and a farewell banquet in May were a few of the social get-togethere enjoyed by the fifty-three members of Delta Chi Delta, Of particular interest was a Christmas party given by the girls for students of the nearby Deer Park school. The sorority girls had as much fun as the children deco- rating a.tree, playing games, singing, opening presents, and eating. The party was such a success and was appreciated so much by the children that the group projects and in all events initiated by the Pan-l-lellenie Council. On Courtesy Day in November, Delta Chi Delta girls presented skits in the blue rooms on the sub- ject "Language in Public," stressing the importance Of public Courtesy in speech. They also renewed an Old Delta Chi traditions by keeping memory-type Scrapbooks Containing clippings, pictures, and mt-Inentoes of their Sorority doings. Close relationships and friendships between pledge mothers and pledge daughters were goals toward which plans to make it an annual event. all members strove throughout the year. This, however, is only one example of the sOrOrity'S many activities. It cooperated heartily in the Burrall AMUNDSON, CLAIRE AUTRY, PATTI BAKKAN, VIVIAN BISHOP, NANCY BRODERICK, CAROL BUCKLES, PATRICIA BYRUM, LILLIAN CHAPMAN, JOAN CHAPMAN, JOYCE Blue and white are the sorority colors, and the white Carnation is the Delta Chi Delta flower. OFFICERS FOR THE YEAR BARBARA YOUNG, Hollywood, California, president PAMELA QUINBY, Zanesville, Ohio, vice-president LUCIA KESSLER, Reading, Pennsylvania, secretary-treasurer IQAY PITTS, Sylacauga, Alabama, project chairman MISS RUTH JAMES, faculty sponsor DANIEL, BARBARA DAVIS, JOAN DUSKIN, LOUISE FARRELL, JANE GRAHAM, JOAN GUNNISON, MARGARET GUY, NIARJORIE HALE, NANCY HARTWELL, MARY JANE HEIDY, SALLY CHAPTER ROSTER HONAKER, PHYLLIS JADIN, CAROL KERR, NATALIE ICESSLER, LUCIA ICIRBERGER, KAROL IQOMANICH, VALERIE IQRAMER, NANCY LARAWAY, ALICE LARSON, ANITA LIGETT, BARBARA 4. A, S' E" t Page 163 - I LOGSDON, PHYLLIS PECKENSCHNEIDER PHILLIPS, JULIA PITTS, KATHERX'N POST, PATRICIA PRATT, ELIZABETH QUINBY, PAMELA RAMSEY, SUSANNE , IVIARY REYNOLDS, BARBARA SCHULZ, CYNTHIA l 5 . 2 3 Nvvv' L SEBALD, ELIZABETH SHORT, BEVERLY SNODGRASS, JULIA TRIBOLET, NIARY ELLEN TURNER, BETTYE, JO WATERS, CAROLYN W ENTWORTII, ANITA VVINGIRD, LOIS YOUNG, BARBARA la 51 ' fi , ,H '7 First row: QUINBY, STENEHJEM Second row: IQESSLER YOUNG, MISS JAMES, Delta ho lpllfl n Av -4 u ., ,- N , ,- Kr .- 1 P . ' Q Q a up Us in .rv R1ENDL1NEss and unity are given particular emphasis in Delta Rho, one of the Oldest sororities On the Stephens campus. Headed by its presi- dent, Dorothy Chapman, it promotes the attitude of service in all sorority undertakings and in all campus projects. This attitude accounts largely for the high degree Of success which has characterized this year's program. - Seeking to serve the campus as a whole by dedicat- ing its efforts to the promotion Of the Ten Ideals, the sorority arranged for different speakers from its Own group to discuss the ideals and to explain their meaning and value. One of the results of this project was the in- creased self-development Of those who participated. Picnics at the lake, dinners, parties, and many other enjoyable social events were On the year's calendar of activities. But being a Delta Rho 'girl is not all play, though it is fun-every minute Of it. To attain the goals Of the sorority and tomaintain the high standards which the members set for themselves requires hard work- but it is the kind of work that brings its own reward in terms of scholarship and achievement. Red and white pledge' ribbons identified the new members Of'De1ta Rho Alpha during pledge week last fall. OFFICERS FOR THE YEAR DOROTHY CHAPMAN, Tarentum, Pennsylvania, president RUTH RUESELER, Cape Girardeau, Missouri, vice-president ELLEN CALL1sON, Columbia, Missouri, secretary-treasurer DOROTHY FLOWER, Wichita, Kansas, project chairman Miss ELIZABETH BENSON, faculty sponsor First row: RUESELER, FLOWER Second row: CHAPMAN, Mlss BENSON, CAL L1sON gi" ,,, l C . KJV. I fr' Q Z 4, . , ,t,, f -, 4 , 1 , , f 55551 ' ,L ' 3 5 2 45 i '73 to 'ix M ' -1-. ' Page 164 RC l E D L D P E1 H G1 A R1 L1 P ate 165 Nas Elle ini fared. 1aHB'orheI alendar of I all play, H fhf 302115 lfds which V C1 workx reward in S new ek last fall, ,,, , 14-4 VMI ..- .... ..,.. Q11 ROSTER OF MEMBERS Delta Rho Alpha JUDITH BLOOMGREN 'ELLEN CALLISON DOROTHY CHAPMAN LAVON DUPREE DOROTHY FLOWER PAT MITAU ELEANOR MUSDRAVE HELEN REED GERALDINE REESE ANNE RIEMANN RUTH RUESELER LIVONIA VVONG Page 165 T' N.r f f 4 3 ! Q -A .- mf, y .7 1 5. I,-,X Eta Ep ilon Gamma CHA ANN AMMONS JOAN ANGELL JUDITH BALSER GLORIA BARNETTE ELIZABETH BIERHAUS HELEN BOULDIN NIARY CATH. BRACHEN BETTY BRAND NIARJORIE CAMPBELL BETTY LOU CANNON SARA NIEL CHUNN MARILYN COLLINS JANICE CONOVER BEVERLY DICKERSON JUNE MARJORIE EIDE JEAN GALLAHER MARY GILDERSLEEVE NANCY GLADDEN JO GLATT LILLIAN GRAHAM SALLY GOODING MARY JANE GUI'fERAS MARGARET PAT HALEY INEZ HALL DOROTHY HARRELL LILLIAN HO'fARD DELIGHT HUNT LENORE JOOS BETTY JORDAN W-K-,7W,,,.. J 5 5 g, ,.... A L2 - .af . az, f f--A PTER ROSTER SARA ANN LAYTON SYRIL LEVINSON NANCY LIGHTFOOT MARY JUDSON LILLY MAY JEAN LIPE G. G. MCCALL ANN MCDOUGALL JEROLANE MATTESON BARBARA NELSON KATHERINE NICKLESON CHARLOTTE OGDEN JOAN OLSON BILLIE JO PARKER YVONNE PERRY CAROL' PRAYTOR ELIZABETH REED SHIRLEY RICH CYNTHIA SCOTT BARBARA SISK DOROTHY SNOW ELENOR THRASHER JEAN TURNER JOHANNA VESTER MURIVEL WANZER MARIANNE JIVILLIAMS RUTH WIRICK J EAN VVITHERINGTON fizaiiwizaa 44, wwf'--f' :X ffffzff mx ...,, I I ,..... I.... Page 166 I' un Eps soro eigh wit aim a dil In au culu N Page ll 'ON ,OT .ILLI- .L 'ESON 'X KLESOX EN ZR ER IABIS TON MZ' W Eta Epsilon Gamma O WORK together harmoniously, to function as 0, unit, was the goal toward which the Eta Epsilon Gamma president, Lillian Graham, and her sorority sisters strove during the past year. Thirty- eight girls Went through the rigors of pledging and joined with the twenty-four active members to help attain this aim through a carefully planned program of activities. The Gammas, as did most of the sororities, enjoyed a different type of meeting each Week of every month. ln addition to their monthly business, social, project, and cultural meetings, the members held a Christmas Dinner, their traditional skating party with the Kappas, and :I formal farewell dinner in May. They also participated in the various activities sponsored by the Pan-Hellenic Council. As in years past, the Gamma spirit was founded on friendliness, service, loyalty, and honor. Upon these four ideals the sorority has been built. They are the same ideals which underlie all successful group relationships, whether in the sorority chapter rooms or on the campus at large. OFFICERS FOR THE YEAR LILLIAN GRAHAM, Glendore, Mississippi, president MARILYN COLLINS, Hazelhurst, Georgia, vice-president SARA CHUNN, jackson, Alabama, secretary-treasurer JUNE EIDE, St. Paul, Minnesota, project chairman 'MRs. ROBERT SWAN, faculty sponsor Ftrstrow: COLLINS, EIDE . 'Second row: GRAHAM, MRs. SWAN, CHUNN Page 167 it 4-v-. xr 'Q' Y Gamma Delta Phi V1 'I I H 4. W is Q4 ' vs in vs' 6' A " 1,4 sp -.3 CC I ' O PROMOTE lasting friendships which will continue after our Stephens days are over is the main objective of Gamma Delta Phi," explained Clarinda Reier, president of this social sorority. "VVe have always stressed courtesy, because we feel that it encourages affection and cooperation, both within the sorority and with our friends over all the campus." Miss Carmelita Rosasco, the sorority's sponsor for the first semester believes that "the organization pro- vides an opportunity for a congenial group to work and play together." ' Only forty-two girls wear the club's pink and lavender colors. This comparatively small number, the members believe, is a distinct advantage, since m be accomplished by the smaller group for each individual. There is more opportunity for genuine understan and the development of deep and lasting friendships. As they sing and talk, as they discuss their common problems, as they work and play, the girls achieve a truly sisterly feeling for each other. Ore Call ding Concerts and other all-school programs were loyally supported by the Gamma Delts, as their attendance records show. The social program was well planned and a source of good fun throughout the year. I It was fittingly climaxed by the Pan-Hellenic Ball. OFFICERS FOR THE YEAR CLARINDA R EIER, Westfield, New jersey, president MARY MACKENZINE, Baxter, Iowa, vice-president JANET SCHWAGER, Zion Illinoi y y y SYLVIA HINZ, Sheboygan, Wisconsin, project chairman s seeretar . ,--mf. sf 1 A Y i 1 i 'T 1:1 Ffr.vlrmv.' xlACKFY71E HIY Sermzd row: FREIER, 11155 ROS-AS Co, SCIIWAGER Page 153 HELk WELL MARU JOYCE Doaoi VIRGIF JEAN f LILLIA MARIO BETTY -IEANXE KATHY RUTH E SIILVIA IVIARIOR POLLY If YUIII D1 MARTHA LORAINE CATHERI1 BARBARA MARY Mi BARBARA P.ITIzIcIA ROBERTA DOROTHY CLARINDA 'ANN Rosa SUzANxE I BETTY SCH JANET SCH' JOIN SEAN MIILINDA S LESLIE SK13 MARILYN T PATRICIA T3 Vim IEAX JOIIX Tm GLEIIJ A Yu Pate 169 1 V , LE 1 . ,IIGIg,idIJa1l lthtgnding ifffHdsfIifh El' A Lflmmon aghjeve A we lowly med and L . 11,1 4 uf - CHAPTER ROS1 EIN HELEN JANE ALLEN XVELLES ATKISSON MARILYN BOONE JOYCE BUCHEIT DOROTHY BUCKLEY VIRGINIA CANAN JEAN CASE LILLIAN COBB MARJORIE FISCHER BETTY LOU FREED JEANNETTE GLEATON KATHY HALSEY RUTH HILL SYLVIA HINZ MARJORIE JENKINS POLLY KEELE XIUKI DEAN LAMB MARTHA LEAKAS LORAINE LOVELACE CATHERINE MACFADD BARBARA MACKENZIE MARY NIACKENZIE BARBARA NIEALS PATRICIA NIOWRY ROBERTA NEVIS DOROTHY RAYBURN CLARINDA REIER ANN ROSE SUZANNE ROWE BETTY SCHLESINGER JANET SCHWAGER JOAN SHANRLE MIRANDA SKENDER LESLIE SKINNER MARILYN THOMAS PATRICIA THORNE VILMA JEAN TIMM JOANN TURNER GLENDA VINSON Page 169 K TI, . if' K A .-Cf? -. R - f MJ4 ' wr A . T f we 1 1 x X A. 1 V5 z.Qf?g X Tiff X? swf X f . ..,, ,,,, Z ,.., , R ,.,., W I 2 5 ,Y f A-ful I M fif , -pq Ik X N J l 1 -. I ,. I 'A .ffm ,RT I ' 5 ffm-TEN' ff, A af: ,y R' H I s L25 L I ev Nix , ,Ilif f fozwf. , 12:-' A' gf ez Jw, ,W M45 A , , , . , new I I , ,,,' , ,WS-.M ff" W IQ, Q ' 145: ' R' if f I fi ! ,A t J 3 1, ,gi 1: 52 an 'Q 4 1 YQ? I I l Af' f ' If f 6 4 "' , Z wr- 5 Ons. 9 , Z I WC rw 1 , I If CHAPTER ROSTER PAT AUGHE RIVERS BARTOW ANN BEESE PAT BRENNAN RUTH CARLSON ROSEMARY CARTER LOU CONSTANTINE DARLO COPLAN JO COTTON VIRGINIA DANNEHOWER KILLEEN DIDDY MAXINE ERICKSON NELL FELIX RENEE FISHER MARTHELLA GORDAN ANNE GREENE ELIZABETH GRUBBS MARIAN HALE MARY LOUISE HALE ANN HARRIS VIRGINIA HOADLEY SUE HOHMAN ANN HORTON JEANETTE JURY DONNA KADING LOIS, KENNISTON JOYCE LEVIS SHIRLEY LUX ROSEMARY LYTLE SALLY MARSH BETSY MARTIN DOT MCCORMICK ANITA MCCREERY BOBBE TVIETZGER TVIARGE MORGAN ""I' .. I Z , I rw 3 N, MARY JEWEL NIEMAN DONNA OLSEN LOIS OLSEN MARY JANE ORMAN PAT O'SHEA JOAN OTTO SALLY PATERSON SUGAR PRUNTY MINO RATLIFF PAT REAKIRT MARIANNA REEVES ALICE RICKTER NANCY SEYMOUR BETTY SHAW CHARLOTTE SHEARER JEAN SHEPARDSON PEG SHERMAN MELVA SHOLENBERG BOBBY SMITH CHRISTINE SORENSON JEANINE SPATZ JO SPERRY CAROLYN STEPHENS PHIL TERRY BLANCHE THOMAS OLIVIA TRAYWICK JACKIE TRITT CINDY WALTON TONY WATKINS MARGARET WILKINSON RUTH XIVILKINSON CALLIE WILSON FRAN WILSON NANCY WUICHET ZR. ,ug I 'S-f, ,44- Page 170 song, ' sevent bore t B Thurs social pating were Gamr Page SWEL IEMAN DLSEN SEN x K E ORMAX IEA I0 REX-H. TLIFF xIR'f A REEVES IKTER ZYMOUR AW YE SHEARER PA RDSOX Sli-XX QLENBERG lTH Somsxsoy im TEPHEXS Y Hoins l rwlcx 'T 'ov 'XS lnxixsox NEON OX EET It l L ll , J L 1 Kappa Alpha Phi :HL W A q It N np. 1 fr r vi if . , 'r ! ii P j T. 1 5' r .. . 9 r l ' 4 l ll First row: TERRY, lVlARSI-I Second row: METZGER, Miss RILEY, HOADLEY ROM the words of the popular Kappa song, "that pretty girl in orchid" might be any one of the seventy-four members of Kappa Alpha Phi who proudly bore the Kappa torch in '46-'47. Not only did this year find the Kappas at their Thursday night meetings and busily engaged in'Burrall social service projects, but it also found them partici- pating in a number of unique parties. These parties were highlighted by a skating party with Eta Epsilon Gamma, a bridge party with the Beta Sigs, and the annual get-together with sister sorority Sigma Alpha Chi, a festive Christmas party, and a pledge banquet. The Kappa scrapbook was enlarged this year by more clippings, pictures, programs, and favors to become a cherished memory of "Greek gal" days at Stephens for the '47 Kappas. The successful year was brought so a close with the annual and traditional Kappa farewell banquet. The Kappa colors, orchid, bronze, and straw, were used for decorations. ' OFFICERS FOR THE YEAR BARBARA METZGER, Frankfort, Michigan, Presidfinl SALLY MARSH, Waban, Massachusetts, vice-president I IOADLTY Bloomington Indiana secretary-treasurer X IRGINIA Ir 1 V 1 U ' , PI-IYLLIS TERRY, Amarillo, Texas, project chairman Miss ANNIE LAURIE RrLEY, faculty spvnwf Page 171 me a Psi .. . Ivo, ,If N. 1.94 ultqx .5 n .L--IJ.. ,. N MEGA Psi came through this year with flying "red and gold" colors. Vlfith friendliness as the goal, the sorority made the year successful by stressing high scholastic and citizenship standards. The close re-, lationship between every pledge mother and her pledge daughter aided greatly in attaining this goal. I At the first of the year, Omega Psi did its part by helping to make the rushing season a period of enjoyment and good cheer. Among the long-to-be-remembered good times of the year were an informal skating party and a semi-formal dinner for all members. Christmas-time found Omega Psi girls busily pre- paring for the annual buffet supper with their sister sorority, Zeta Mu Alpha. The girls of both sorori- ties drew names for presents which were delivered by Santa Claus, who was dramatically impersonated by one of the members. A The sorority also took an active part in the Pan- Hellenic feature night and frolics and all other social events of the campus. Throughout the year a series of gay and colorful occasions called forth a keen and lively interest on the part of all members. OFFICERS FOR THE YEAR REBECCA BAILY, Los Angeles, California, president REBECCA ANN GERLACK, Livingston, Texas, 'vice-president PATRICIA BYRD, Winter Haven, Texas, secretary-treasurer GLENADINE CLAYBOURNE, Lincoln, Illinois, project chairman ' NIARILEE LUNDIN, Denver, Colorado, sergeant-at-arms M RS. MARGARET TALKINGTON, faculty sponsor fri I. ill 5 'ik 4'- f9'- First row: GERLACK, BYRD, CLAY- , BOURNE Second row: BAILEY, MRS. TALKING- 'rox it x -v Page 172 NATALIA ROBERTA IEEE B51 IERJORIE GLORIA I PATRICIA DORALYX joix CIE GLENDEA PEGGY C' JANE Do JEAN Do llAECARET ll MERRI FESN MAYME GAII REBECCA GE IAN GRIEEI11' gi ,IE Page 173 fl busily thai Dre- T Sister Io . th SOTOTI. elmred by md bE' one in the Pan. other social Y 51 series of and HVQII' 1' 'I IH" NEW' ,1 T fn ,IZ 4 1 TH E CHAPTE R ROSTER NATALIA BAILEY ROBERTA BAILEY JEAN BERRY MARJORIE BILGER GLORIA BLACKSHEAR PATRICIA BYRD DORALYN CARTWRIGHT JOAN CHANDLER GLENDEANA CLAYBOURNE PEGGY COCIIRAN JANE DORSEY JEAN DORSEY MARGARET DOYLE MERRI FENN MAYME GATES REBECCA GERLACH EVELYN HILTON BETTY JARRELL BETTY KEARNS IQAROLINE IQINCAID GAIL KREMERS MARILEE LUNDIN MARGARET MARSHALL PEGGY MCGOXVAN NANCY MCGREXV JEANNE MCINTIRE BARBARA PERRY Jo ANNE PECK ADELE SKUSE BARBARA STUART JOYCE VVAGERS HELEN WILLIAMS IAN GRIFFITH 'M ,,,, . RYZU' 5 .f N. I 1 gf ' .,,,J I 7-J.w,, , 7' ,. fwfg, TA., '44 .XT '-A 1 2.4 at K 'Wil 5 , Y! .LL W., , ,L ,i 1 I I I I I I VZ Wm, ' Page 173 ,ywcxfill ' T, Rmb, , I f -A-, ,Aww ,. A-4, A .E "5-W,-, H., :A+ i- i s 44" n 5 I ff? Z ,MQ hi Lalnbda Beta for shi? tions by eve exemp' JEAN Bw BARBAH JANET I Jmx B PAT BU PAT CA Paks 4 l ' i I l 35? ,ef rf-QW . fff , fi "7 Z, I7 Phi Lambda Beta HI LAMBDA BETA accentuated friend- ship and fun Combined with a planned program of servicg this year. It was their goal to promote a more friendly atmosphere On campus by working together and playing together-On the theory that cooperation is the basis 'for better understanding. V Many Of the activities were in the nature Of tardi- tions already lirmly established in the sorority. For ex- ample, the MOther's Day breakfast, with faculty mothers as guests, was carefully planned and eagerly anticipated by every member. Also the spirit Of Christmas was again exemplified by the group, as it has been in years past, by providing gifts for underprivileged children. Une new 3SDeCt of the year's program was systematically planned to promote interest in health and physical fitness. :Xt regular intervals this objective was stressed and a number Of meetings were given Over to the study of health exer- cises and their importance in keeping physically lit. These and many other worthwhile enterprises furnished the basis for happy and cooperative effort. The hours spent in Senior Hall in the Phi Lambda rooms on second floor, as well as the social parties and Pan-Hel Balls, will long be remembered by the "Grecian girls" who wore the Phi Lambda Beta pin. OFFICERS FOR THE YEAR BEVERLY SIGGINS, Detroit, Michigan, president MARJORIE SMITH, Birmingham, Michigan, vice-president GLORIA KYLE, Gary, Indiana, secretary-treasurer PATRICIA CAssIDY, Evanston, Illinois, project chairman Miss ELISE HUNT, faculty sponsor - CHAPTER ROSTER JEAN BRACHELDER ANN DAVIS GERI HARDING NANCY NICLEAN NIARJORIE SMITE BARBARA BLACKWELL BETTY EBERL SUE JOHNSON MARY MCNIANUS PAULINE SOUTHCOTTE JANET BOWEN PAT ELLIS JEAN KARRSEBOOM JOAN NUSSEY KATHERINE SPENCE JEAN BRUMIT JEAN FELDHUSEN MARILYN KIRKLAND PHYLLIS ROEEiNs GLORIA SPENCER PAT BUTLER HELEN GUERNSEY GLORIA KYLE PAT RUsE ' MARGARET TILLMAN J PAT CASSIDY SUE HALBERT LYNN LASHLEY MARIANNA SCHUPPENER JOYCE XR ILLENEORG J BARBARA HANNUM JEAN lWEEK BEVERLY SIGGINS l I First row: CASSIDY, SMITH, KYLE l Second row: Miss HUNT, S1GG1Ns 31.5, fl A :Q .hifi l , ii l - gym' , 4 321: JL mr' l E 4 Page 175 I ,ww QV ,f ,pf I 1 1 7. g is I ' . ? f . L gg K , -f 127 First row: KEIMLING, MOAN, MAKARIUS Second row: XVHITEHURST, MRS. DEIMUND, FRANCIS Phi Phi Phi HE members of the Phi Phi Phi sorority have strivcn for the past year to strengthen the bonds between pledge mothers and pledge daughters. This has been one of their important objectives. To promote social life and to maintain high standards of scholarship, citizenship, and service is this sorority's purpose. The Tri Phi's met each Thursday night during the year in the gay Tri Phi suite in Senior Hall. The meet- ings each month included a business, a social, a cultural, and a project meeting. Some of the Tri Phi's social highlights for the Year were a song contest for new sorority songs and a waffle dinner at the Country Club. Besides taking part in social activities by themselves, they worked in cl0SC cooperation with the Pan-Hellenic Association and its activities in which all sororities took part. The sorority colors are lavender and yellow. OFFICERS FOR Tl-IE YEAR Fniinicx u'III'I'IiI'IIfRST. Ashland, Kentucky, president .hNX.XIiI2I.I,Ii Mr, J NI HN. 0I'ChCE1Cl, Minnesota, 'UICC'-P7'CSI.dC7ZI Yniaizx Fiuxcis, Kankakee, Illinois, secretary 'IIi.KNIiT'I'Ii liliIMl.IXG, Pa Isl I rris ant , South Carolina, treasurer .-XXX Kl.XK.XRlI'S, Dayton, Ohio, Pf0jC'CfClI!lIifIlIfl71 MRS. I-I.ii.i.iia IJismt'Nn,frirul1y ,vpfmmr Page I76 Iltural, e year wafiie art ifl close 1d itS fl? CHAPTER R FRANCES BAIRD NIARIANNA BANSE NIARCIA BOWERS EMILY BRYSON PHYLLIS CHILCOTT PEGGY DAVIS NANCY DREES EVELYN EWING MARY LOU FINLAY THELMA GRAY BARBARA GREEN JOAN HALTERMAN SUZANNE HARBAUGH NIARY HAVENS BEVERLY HILL JEANETTE KEIMLING ANN MAKARIUS NANCY MASTERS SUE MCCULLOUGH Jo ANN MCKIBBEN MARY LORA MERCER SALLY NIETZEROTT LOIS MILLER ANNABELLE MOEN JOYCE MOORES MARY OFTEDAHL JO ANN PRICE JEANNE PRUDHON JERRE QUIN PATRICIA RAYNEY SONIA SANDEEN CONNIE SCHENK CAROLYN SCHWALL AMY SHADEED BETTY SHAPLEY ANNE SHAW IIJES SIERRA VIRGINIA SORENSEN JEAN STANLEY MARILYN STEBBINS FRANCES THOMPSON OSTER HELEN LADD THOMPSON ROSEMARY TIERNEY EDITH WEGMAN JEANNE WELCH FREDICA VVHITEHURST COLLEEN YTELL 6 Page 177 if an A Z1 , 1 CHAPTER ROSTER ROBERTA ALANDER JANE ARTZ GENE BARRINGER PAT BECKER NANCY BENNETT KAY BLENNERHASSETT CHRISTINE BRAASCH ICITTEN BROTHERS ROSALIND BROTHERS YVONNE BROWNING JOAN BURLINE BARBARA L. BURRIDGE CONSTANCE CARLSON COURTNEY CAVENAUGH LOR CHENIK CHARLOTTE DORECH EVELYN EATON KATHY ELSEY DEBBY FOG NAOMI FREUND SHIRLEY FULTON ADDRENE GLOCK JANE HAUGH JERRY HINDS ALICE HUFFARD MARY EVALENA JACKSON BETTY JERMIAS ELAINE ICELLER NIARY ANN KING MARY JUNE KREIDER MARY ALICE IQUHN HELEN LEMLY DIANE LENVINSKI MARY LOU MASON IVIIMA NICCRARY TERESA IVICICENZIE LORELEI IVIEILICKE LIB NIERREM SHIRLEY NELSON SUZANNE NICKUM NIARCIA NIICKOLS JOYCE PARRISH SUE SI-IAAP DOROTHY SCHWARTZ AIARGE SEYBOLD JOAN SHARP BECRY S'l'IEPI'Il5NS IJIANNE STOCDER BILLY SUMNER CAROL VENERABLIE JEAN RENEE XVARNER NANCY JANE XVATSON JEAN XYILLIS BARBARA XVILSON JANE XYILSOX il' Psi hi micron URING the past' year the Psi Chi's have worked together as one indivisible unit. Their objective was close friendship with other sororities, with the Independents, and with the actives and pledges in their own intimate group. In carrying out the year's program, the girls worked with the Burrall Class on Bur- rall service projects, cooperated with the Stephens Recre- ation Association, and made the sorority room on second floor Senior Hall a place for all the members to come and enjoy themselves at any time. Each girl, was given a job to do so that she would feel that she was really "a working part" of her sorority group. This contributed directly to the success of' any 'fe If 0 9' iii? particular activity which was undertaken and indirectly to the total success of the sorority in all phases of its program. A The twenty-four pledge mothers- helped the thirty- eight pledges safely along the road during some of the trying times that inevitably come in that first year at college. This instilled in the new members a better understanding and appreciation of the true meaning of "sorority sisterhoodf' - The colors of the sorority are maroon and silver. Its motto, "Quality, ,not quantity," suggests the high standards which the sorority strives to maintain. OFFICERS FOR THE YEAR KATHERINE ELSEY, New Rochelle, New York, president BETTY JEREMIAS, Highland Park, Michigan, vice-president JOAN SHARP, Lewisburg, Tennessee, secretary-treasurer JUNE BROTHERS, Los Angeles, California, project chairman MRS. MARJORIE MCCLELLAN, sponsor A 5 , S f 1 l First row: ' JEREMIAS, BROTHERS Second row: ELSEY, MRS. NICCLELLAN, SHARP Page 179 1, ' 'l' l 1 1 H . f eff' i 1 I :.,c 4 2 if V. 5 w X dren of onth- ngaged lth the arts of . The lghout at that I If Ml! F T Page HH vi xy... kl Q1 1 W g , ,YN - hi ' Slgfna and for V- only in tin JOAN MARJ DORIS BETTY PHYL1 LUAN A ME-A f CARO DoLo ANN V Lols ,X fl . 3 P9-TT jo Ai , V DEE f X nf!" A ,'lZ?-A A 24, ' as . 'V .,, I f if N' faq F KM I 2- ' ' , -V .3 411, l I V H '-1 1' Q 4 in ,f,bf S f , HZAJXHV j W V 1 I gf Y 1 ' ' ? x' ' A 1" , ' ' V ,TW 5:4 Y Q ,,,. ' f 1 ' I fy ' I gl V4 M 51 jf .1 w fi J? Aw 'Theta'fau Inega Page 18.2 ,pax Theta Tau HETA TAU OMEGA had a large number of actives On campus when the girls returned in the fall. After renewing their traditions and reafhrming their standards, the members were filled with an infectious Spirit quickly caught up by the pledges. Throughout the year Theta'S spirit highlighted their Social, cultural, and religious activities. The sorority hopes to give each girl a social Outlet. In addition to participation in the group'S own activities, members are encouraged to support other organizations on campus and to take advantage Of their opportunities for valuable social training and experience. A Theta not only broadens her friendship by joining a sorority, but in time she becomes acquainted with all the Pan-Hellenic lllliga clan. Girls are given a Chance to show their leadership bE' hC21CliI1g a committee at some time during the year. If they possess leadership qualities, they are L'llL'UlII'1lQL'll to develop them IHOYC fully. This year Special emphasis was placed, in the study program Of the sorority, On the part that religion plays in molding a college giI'l's life. Since Tau, one Ol' the symbols Of the sorority, means I'61', it was a tilting study for the group to undertake. One of the challenges held Constantly before each Theta is the challenge Of scholarship. Another is the challenge Of service through cooperation with the Burrall projects. For achievement in these lields, the Thetas received the two honor cups in 1946. OFFICERS FOR THE YEAR MARY ALICE BURNSIDE, Charlotte, North Carolina, presidenl Jo YOUNG, VVashingtOn, D. C., vice-president BARBARA HUGHES, Orlando, VViSCOnSin, secretary-treasurer HAZEL SANSOM, George West, Texas, program chairman MISS MARTHA KISER, faculty adviser ' CHAPTER ROSTER BEVERLY DUPREY JEAN EDDY AUDREY ELLIOTT ELLEN ESPY ANN EWAN ADELE GILLESPIE LUANNE GOODNIGHT NANCY GRANRUD MARY JO GRAY ANN GREEN BARBARA GREGG MARY WYNEE GUNN JODY HACKLER .MARILYN HALL JENIFER WILLIAMS JOAN ALE MARJORIE ANDERSON DORIS AYERS BETTY BETHEA PHYLLIS BRINKMAN LUANNE BROWN ME-ME BURNSIDE CAROLYN CALVIN DOLORES CAMPBELL ANN CHANDLER LOIS CHAPP PATTY COLEMAN Jo ANN CRISWELL DEE DEARMIN RUTH WHALEN FRANCES HARDENEROOR MARY HAR'fNE1'T PEGGY HEASLEY MARGE HILER MADGE HOFFNER BARBARA HUGHES ANNE JENTZEN JOYES JOPLIN EDDIE LEE KESSLER JOY KUYPER JEAN LANE MERRI LANVRENCE LILLIAN LEVERTON JOYCE LEWIS HAZEL SANSOAI JULIA SCOTT CARYL SCI-IMIDT GLORI.A SESSIONS POLLY SIMON BETTY SMITH DOTTIE STEPHENS SUSIE STEVENS JUDY STIRNAIAN NIARGIE ST. JOHN JANE TIGRETT PAT VAUGHN NIARY XVARNER ANN TAYLOR AVEBB ROSE MACON ELLEN MEYER ZOE ANN NIILES JEAN MILLER JANICE MCCONNELL CYNTHIA NEEDHAM SANDRA PANTIEL LETHA PARRISH MARGIE PATTERSON JEANETTE PETERSON ANN POE MARY FRANCES RICHARDS NANCY ROBINSON JEAN ROSENRRANS NIARJORIE YOKLEY JO YOUNG F 6 l First row: fs ' SANSOM, YOUNG I ' Second row: BURNSIDE, MISS ICISER, HUGHES A 5 ff Q 25 , I :J HI h .Page 183 . First row: RANSDELL, PEAVY, ORERIJN Second row: VVISE, Miss MILLIKAN 'ooo' - I Pvt .3 Q if Zeta T11 Alpha FTER receiving the recognition cup of improvement for the year 1946, Zeta Mu Alpha chal- lenged each member to strive for a higher goal this year. Their main objective was to raise the scholastic average of each girl to a "new high." This goal Zeta Mu be- lieves to be of first importance. Many interesting speakers from the faculty high- lighted Zeta Mu's educational meetings. VV. Clark Ellzey of the Home and Family Division and Howard Baker of the Social Studies Division were among the speakers. Another sorority was usually invited to attend these meetings with the Zeta Mu's so that as many as possible could benefit from the talks. In their social program they had a variety of amuse- ments such as skating, bowling, and bridge parties, plus combined meetings with other sororities. They also stimulated inter-sorority competition. Most of their social events were held with their sister sorority, Omega Psi, and with Zeta Phi Delta. Pat Wise, Zeta Mu president, stated that "The basic aim of the sorority is to promote the growth of itS members, religiously, socially, educationally." Forty-five girls this year wore the ZMA pin. Their officers were as follows: PATRICIA XVISE, Hillsdale, New jersey, president LAURA PEAVY, Clark, Colorado, v1'ce-presidwzl .-XUDREY On1iR1.iN, Culver, Indiana, secretary-treasurer Nlaizjokrla Raxnlitl., Kansas City, Kansas, project clzafrnzan Miss BARUAR.-x MILLIKEN, sponsor Pggg 184 MAR MAR MAR AUD SAR! LAU: MAH Vnu Euz MAB jam ARL Mm CAR V ini PM LU: Page V , IIS I I ' I f amuse- ies, plug Iey also of their Omega i 'The h of its Their , M4 CHAPTER ROSTF R ANNE RUBY BELL MARICLAIRE BENAGE ALICE BRANDT ANNE CLARDY LORAINE FARRIS BARBARA GARTLEY GRETCHEN GRIFFITH ROSALYN JOYCE HAINE JANET HOLLOXVELL PATRICIA HUGHES MARYANNE LARRABEE MARGUERITE MCGOWA MARION NICKMAN AUDREY OBERLIN SARASUE PADDOCK LAURA PEAVY MARJORIE RANDALL VIRGENE ROCK ELIZABETH RICKER MARTHA SAMPSON JANET SHUIRMAN ARLOINNE SOMMERS MARY JANE STEVENS CAROL STRONG VIRGINIA WILSON PATRICIA WISE LUCY ZUNIJEL Page 185 CHAPTER ROSTER DOROTHY ANDREWS C. BETTY BOROWSKY SALLY BREMERKAMP A NORMA BURGOYNE MARIE CAPOSSELA PATRICIA CREWES 'VIRGINIA DURRETT MARCIA FORD BEVERLY ANN FRY MARJORIE GITTLESOHN BARBARA GOETHE RUTH HEGGBLUM JOY ANN HUDMAN JEAN HULLEY DORRIS IRION MARGARET IRVIN MARGARET JENKINS MARY JANE JOHNSON DOLLYE LITTLEFIELD NITA LOGAN ANN MARTH MARY LOU MCLURE PATRICIA MOSELY DOROTHY PARKER BETTY NEWIiIRK ADA LOU ROBERT DORIS ROBERTS ' LYELL SCHNITTJER THELMA SHAINBERG PATRICIA STEWART SHIRLEY STRATTON BETTY STRONG JOAN UTTERBACK X7ERNA VLIET LORNA YODER RACHEL YORK Page 186 all durin part5 inter- Pa TER 'all IM Zeta Phi Delta 'ffgzgjia Q - . gf' 5, ,s A :gf I t 'ag REVIOUSLY a winner of the sorority scholarship award, Zeta Phi Delta, youngest social sorority on the Stephens campus, stressed scholarship among its members again this year. There were many social activities for the Zetas during the year, including bridge parties, a Christmas party, a barbecue rush party at the Lake, and various inter-sorority tournaments and contests. The colors of Zeta Phi Delta, rezl and white, were carried out at the sOrority's parties as a decoration motif. The red carnation, floral symbol of this sorority, was presented to new members at a formal pledging. Through their social activities and their cooperative efforts to maintain the sorority's high standards of scholarship and courtesy, the members of Zeta Phi Delta found themselves drawn into close bonds of friend- ship throughout the year. OFFICERS FOR THE YEAR MARIE CAPOSSELA, Tarrytown, New York, president MARCIA FORD, Kansas City, Missouri, vice-president N ITA LOGAN, Austin, Texas, project chairman ADA LOU ROBERTS, Brechenridge, Texas, secretary-treasurer Miss NLYDIA BACK, faculty sponsor Q . E is , 3 ii First row: FORD, LOGAN Second row: CAPossE-LA, MISS-ABACK, Roisizizrs Page 187 unc V. The Value of Recreation T in College Life ROXVTH in college is not based OH creative activity alone but on re-creative activity as well. The best creative work is impossible when one is mentally or physically tired. The drooping spirit doesn't blossom into success. Recreation is essential to the maintenance of vigorous health and spirits and an optimistic outlook on life. It also opens a broader horizon for many girls who feel that they are "marking time," that their energies are not being fully used. College is not made up of books and classes alone. Neither is it made up completely of recreative activity. Ideally, it is a perfect balance between work and relaxa- tion. It is up to the student to jimi the balance that best suits her needs and to keep it. The important thing is to realize that one is living while he is in college-not just getting ready to live, not just waiting for the future but making the future out of the present. Every day in college is a step toward maturity, but it is a step which we lake. Nobody else can take it for us. g One test of maturity is the ability to find self-enter- tainment in everyday life, in the resources of one's en- vironment, in one's own well-springs of interest. One certainly does not expect to spend his whole life solving geometry problems or translating Caeser's Gallic Wars. You will probably spend most of your life in contact with people. What happens if your education has left you socially ill-at-ease? How well will you "fit in" to your community? Your college degree is aimed at preparing you to be a competent person. lt may prepare you also for a special job. But first of all, an effective worker must be an effective person. He must live with peopleg he must have broad and sympathetic interests, he must he socially well adjusted. One of the best roads to social adjustment is the development of a wide range of recreational interests, Such interests, in addition to insuring one's own physical and mental hygiene. provide common points Of Contact with people and a basis for mutual understanding. You do not have to "retire within yourself." You have a sense of "belonging"-by virtue of your common interests and your social adaptability. At Stephens, recreation is certainly not a forgotten factor in education. The forms offered are many and varied and their scope is wide enough to recognize each student's ability and to invite each student's interest. From the first Feature Nite in the fall until the Com- mencement Ball hardly a week goes by without some form of recreation and entertainment. The calendar is filled with carnivals, formal and informal dances, and campus- wide parties. The spring elections furnish a profitable foil to the college-day routine. g ' For the student who is sports minded, Stephens pro- vides ample opportunity for recreation and for perfecting her mastery of her favorite games. Open hours are offered in riding, golf, tennis, and many other sports. Special- ized instruction is given for all students who wish it. Hall tournaments, student-faculty games, and play days give a competitive spirit to the sports on campus. Other forms of recreational activity are provided by clubs, sororities, and other organized groups. Each of these groups sponsors worthwhile programs and projects which serve the interests of all. The lectures, concerts, and plays given during the year add a cultural touch to the recreational opportunities at Stephens. OutSidC artists are brought in and faculty members are featured, but the backbone of these activities is student participa- tion and student interest. In them students find 'Outlets for self-expression and inlets for new enjoyment and appreciation. These various forms of recreation which are found at Stephens are, in reality, parts of a well-planned and well- h integrated program of educational experience. Throug fl highly organized Extra-Class Divisioni, all student activities on campus are brought under directive control- It is significant that the Recreation Associati0f1 holds major membership in the all-student Civic Association through WhiCh the Year's program of activities iS Planned and administered. Thus, education at Stephens is bflfh creative and re-creative. Page 133 J 7 , , if q , P Q ,T l l 2 ?, 1 'Q f, 1: 'v 1, x- 'Z 3, Z 'Z Z E LZ. Si Z! S1 if ? 5 5 er ni 2 if 5: E 3 1? az we 5 f 5 I fi 3 37 53 sa 5 if if 5 9 35 5, if 33 fs 2: Q li R? f ,J 1 ,, 1 f i 5 7 Z 4' 5' A ,I 43 1 L . F an f x ff , 124441 A Q3 ,- 5 G my 116- fl e ,I 7 ' u 'V' f,s, w if N 0 4 tw- f 5 Q 1 ' X NH ....2 ,.,,,.,.,..A. , XV M wx N , , 4, - frvv JV.- I A Lg v I 4 , I D A 'si' ff , -'fe' ,V , X J i ,W nh f,"f9vE'? The winding Walk on the main campus on 21 quiet winter afternoon is the scene at the left fon the opposite pagej. The walk leads toward Senior Hall with a -detour toward the Post Uffice. Af the right is the Stephens Lake, the spring- time resort for outdoor fun. :PX UU' ' 'l'o11.1-r ll.1ll1 1l11 llF"L'4l ul 1l11 5 . IllX 1111- 1'11Q11l1-111'1- l141lls ll gll'IDllL'llS, I11 'l'o11'1'1'11ls11 is 11111 nl llll ltblll' l 11ll1"1'1l l11l1lQ1'1111ll II11-1' ll11'1'1- Illlllll llllllll 1'o11111s am' i11 l.Qllll'Ll Slvpllt ll.1ll, llll.lll ll.1ll. Alllll S1-111111 llalll. an A Page 193 Senior .--"7 M21 X ,,,,. ,E ,.,,..-g :fi ,KL 5 -N QD K : f" I HE Senior Cabinet is the governing body of the Senior Class. It is composed of thirteen members, including the Senior Class officers, one repre- sentative from each senior hall, and one Senior Sister representative from each campus. The cabinet has unified class spirit and coordinated the activities of the Senior Class with those of the rest of the campus. During the year all Senior girls were encouraged to participate in the social functions of the ablnet class. Early in the school year, the cabinet sponsored the sale of green ribbons to juniors. Later activities in- cluded senior rallies, feature nights, dances, musical suppers, the Senior farewell dinner, and the farewell dance at commencement. The cabinet also introduced the maroon and yellow senior caps as a symbol of "Senior- Ship." , The officers of the 1947 Senior Class, who constituted the major part of the cabinet, were Syril Levinson, presi- dent, Peggy Hitchcock, first vice-president, Yvonne Perry, second vice-president, Nancy Hellyer, secretary, and Pat Ellis, treasurer. Dr. Henry Bowman was the class sponsor. This cabinet represented the last group to graduate under the administration of President Wood. It is proud of its honor, but it passes along its responsibilities to its successors with confidence that they will give their fullest loyalty and support to Dr. Rainey. They, too, will have a place of distinction and honor-as well as of responsibility. First row: CONNELLEY, YUILL, ANDERSON, OFTEDAHL, LEITZINGER, AULD, CRONE, IQELLEY Second row: ELLIS, HELLYER, LEVINSON, HITCHCOCK, PERRY ir Page 194 Sponsored .ixdties ins Y mL1SlCal Welldance lueed the f i'Seni0f- Dnstituted 5011, presi- 1 Yvonne Seeretaryj H was the J graduate Jd. lt is Jnsibilities give their They, too, as well as G- l'flZ' M4 Message from ROM the moment we entered the gates of the Stephens campus, many of us had a feeling of entering a new kind of world. Wfe knew we were taking an important step toward maturity, and we found that knowing just the material Stephens-its buildings, its campus-was not enough. Through sharing with each other the thrill of ac- complishment, the exciting social functions, and the many inspiring messages from the speaker in the organ-filled darkness of Vespers, we found the spirit and the heart- beat of the College itself. The Farewell song we sang together at the Farewell Convocation meant much more to us than just the words and melody. During our two years at Stephens, we have acquired an understanding of the truths of experience, we have developed a truer sense of values, we have gained inde- pendence in judgment, we have discovered a new spiritual wealth and made it a living part of us. Wfe feel in our Page 195 the Senior lass hearts the full joy of achievement which tempers our sadness in leaving. Now, as we place our diplomas among our Stephens treasures, we feel we have passed the introductory tests and are ready for the next step toward mature responsi- bility. VVhatever our new situations may be, we know that our success will depend on the way in which we use our Stephens heritage. SYRIL LEv1NsoN, president of the Senior Class -,A Y lg .... A legflgqs ff" fi aww. f .. A A 45 ,197-sf' 4,3 C 7 ie ,..-.,,.,.,. Q, 1, ., K 6 1' Q tcm 1 f FT' , 5 ., S f 5 4 'N X ' ks Wh N., f SX if J s 5 2 is .4-3 9211 y 1 'sail' X 1 , , 1 , R 4' 14 if ' S x ,.,. I B A ': :f:- ABNEY ACKERMAN ALBERS ALE ALLEN, H. ALLEN, P. AMTCK AMMONS ANDERSON, ANDERSON, ANDERSON, ANDERSON, ARNOLD ARTMAN ARTZ ASCHER ATWOOD AULD, J. AULD, M. BABBITT BACHELDER BAILEY, J. BAILEY, N. BATLY BAKER BALDRIDGE BALLARD BANTA BARBAT BARNUM BARR BARRETT BASKIN BASSHAM BECHTOL BECKMANN BEDELL BEELER BELL BELTZ BENNETT, M BENNETT, N BENTLEY BERESFORD BERRY BEST BETTS BIDDLE Page 190' .MAN S V, H, 'I P, Ns R SON, B. j, RSON. B. RSON, H. RSON, M. LD A N ER HOD ,Y jj ', M. :ITT IELDER EY, J. EY, N. Y SR BRIDGE ,ARD ts an V UM R RETT UN SHAM PITOL KMANN ELL l,IiR L tx NI','I'ft M- fi I-JIT, N' I I,I'.'1' ,ijt URI! I' 'tj I I5 rl. I3 Itdgl I 96 AMN!-LY, NIARIAN, llouslon, Y'4'.1:rzs, lfpsilon Nlu fizttutna - ACKIQRMAN, NIARIAN joAN, Sl. l.Ulll'.B, .lll-Nllllfli, 'l'ra-at-nrt.-r SRA, Prince of Xlfales, Alpha Alpha Alpha - .Xl.i1I-.Rs, ltoI.oRl-.s I-il.otsl-., Dzmdas, tltlliilllliflllfl, Independents, President Fortgigtt Relations Clttb, Senior Sister, Bttrrall Service Projects, Till Board - .'Xl.l-Q, jOAN AkLl'2AN, .fIllI'r1nrn, lvl.',ll'll.X'k!l, Ilomarts Club, Inrlepentlents. Theta 'I'au Ontega, Senior Council Colutubia Ilall - .Xt.t.t-LN, I'Il'1l.I-LN jANI'l, l51'll7l.Yl'IiHl', lnrllann, Alllmit' Service Guild, 'liatt Sigma iljau, Senior Sister, Coordinating Board, Senior Ideals Cotnntittee, Bttrrall Projet-ts - .'xl.I.I'iN, l'IIvt.t.ts Nl.tttu-1, Craitg, .X't'lmtska. Vice-President SRA, Independents, Senior Sister, Captain jttnior Basketball 'I'eam. AMICK, Ifl.l.l'lN IYIARIIQ, Loup City, 1Yl'l1l'll.Ykll, Independents, Sigma Gamma Gamma, Phi Theta Kappa, President Student Health Council - IXMMONS, .ANN lfVlil.YN, l'lzot-nix, .-Irisona, SR.-X, lita Iipsilon Gamma, Coordinating Board Chairman, Bttrrall Liaison Group - ANuIcRsoN, BARIIARA ji-IAN, Joliet, Illinois, Independ- ents, Phi Theta Kappa, Senior Sister Chairman Maple Hall, Senior Cabinet - ANIJIERSON, BE'r't'v, Indianapolis, Indiana, Aviation Clttb, Independents, Senior Sister, Scholarship Chairman - ANDERSON, I-IARRIEI' IVICITALL, Clemson, Soztllt Carolina, Foreign Relations Clttb, Independents, SRA, Senior Sister, Secretary- Treasurer Windsor Hall Cottncil, junior Representative to CSB . ANDERSON, IVIARJORIE LYNN, Johnson City, Tennessee, Spanish Clttb, Theta Tau Omega, WCO Representative, Columbia Hall Hottse Council. ARNOLD, IVIARTHA LOU, Owosso, Illiclzigan, Aviation Club, Inde- pendents - ARTMAN, NIARY FRANCES, Iilorysvillc, Kansas, WCO, Independents - ARTZ, j.-XNIE ADIELAIDIE, Johnson City, Tennessee, Prince of XVales Club, SRA, Psi Chi Omicron, Senior Cabinet - ASCIIIER, ELEANOR, Barbourztllle, Kentucky, Gamma Delta Phi, Alpha Pi Epsilon, Prince of XVaIes, Foreign Relations, Independents - Atwoou, PAULINA HELEN, Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Inde- pendents, French Club, Senior .Advisory Board - AULD,jOAN, Kerrville, Texas, Prince of XVales Clttb, SRA, Homarts Club. AULD, IVIARJANIE, Kerrville, Texas, SRA, Swimming Club, Inde- pendents, Senior Sister Chairman, jttnior Representative to House Council, Senior Class Representative, Standing Ideals Committee, Bttrrall Liaison Group - BABBITT, IVIARY ELLEN, Nortlzztllle, ll!!-Ch'I.g!11I, Independents, Music Service Guild, Foreign Relations Club, Senior Cabinet, WCO - BACHELDER, JEANNE NIARIE, tllarion, Ohio, Phi Lambda Beta - BAILEY, jOYCE IONE, Baton Rouge, LOIUIXI-51710, Phi Theta Kappa, Spanish Clttb, Independents, II"l1cre's the bas? ORS .Aviation Club - l'lXll.l-IX, XANLA j I-AN, littnr, ltlalztt, lit-ta Sienna Beta, ioortltuttuut litttrtl Xkootl llall - li.Xll.X, X.XI.Xl.l.X. Los .lnzff-Irs. C't1l1fornI'tI, President tltut-ea Psi. ISAKI-ZR, NANCY l.l-LI-L, Fttllrrlon, L-dllglittflllill, Independents, ,Xlplta lfpsilon Rlto, Senior Sister, llouse Connt'il, ltireetor of Popular Alllsit' Radio Station WWC -, lit-Lttx' jsst-L, .Iles- ttntlrtn, l.Illll-Xlillllll, Spanish Club, Intlepentleuts, Coltttnbia llall Senior Council -, jl-lll.X l':YIi, llnnlinelon, ll'r.vl l'if- tginzn. .Xlpha Alpha Alpha - BANIA, lf.X'IIlI,l-QIQX ANN, L'rti:t1t'orti.v- ville, lntliana, Stephens League, Independents, Personal .Appear- antfe - B.xRn.t't, ji-:ANNI-1't'tt-1 .Xntat.t-1, Taft, C'tIltjt'ornitt, 'lltu Sigma Inu, lrttlept-ntlt-tits - B.xRNt'sI, AIARY .ALICI-1, .lliles C'1'l,v, .Ilon- lttna, SRA, Sigma Alpha Chi, Scltolarship Cottuttittee, St-t'retat'y Ilontarts Club. BARR, Alsttts.-YRI-:'t' Rost-:sI.xRY, l.roti, Ktutstts, Itttlepetttleuts, St-cretary Career Clttb, Senior Sister - Bsttttt-:'tit', AIARY St's.tNNt-1, Olrl Forge, .Yew York, Spanish Clttb, Career Club, l'lti 'lilteta Kappa, Independents - BASKIN, ANNE 'l'liNN.xN'I', Rmtnttlce, .-llttlnima, SRA, Beta Phi Gamma lsocialt, Beta Phi Cantina tjournalisntt, liditorial Editor Slvpltt-ns l,t1t't', Senior Sister, Lift' jttnior Board - IIASSIIAM, I,A'I'RlCIA Rtfttt, llorltut, KI-ttlttrky, Spanish Clttb, SR.-X, Aviation Clttb. Beta Phi C-antma, Senior Sister, Scltolarsltip Com- mittee, Bttrrall Project - IIICCIITOI., FIAIRICNCIQ I,ot', Cltttntpnign, Illinois, Tau Sigma 'l'att, Physical Fitness Chairman - BECK- MANN, CAROLYN BIARIIE, San .-lnlonio, Texas, Spanish Clttb, SRA, Senior Sister, Scholarship Chairtnan Lattra Stephens Hall. BEDELI., CAROL, Norwall, Ohio, Foreign Relations, Yit'e-l'resi- dent Maple Hall Independents, Senior Sister, House Manager - BIEIELER, jOSEI'IIINE, Twenly-Nine Palms, Cttlifornia, Spanish Clttb, Chairman Coordinating Board, Hillcrest Hall, Secretary Lattra Stephens Independents, Senior Sister, President Lattra Stephens Independents . BELL, LOIS IRENE, Oak Pork, Illinois, Beta Sigma Beta, Pan-Hellenic President - Btetxrz, NANCY IIAUMI, E,,g6,,6, Qyggon, Spanjgh Club . BENNIa't"t', BIARGICRY CARoL, Illexico D. F., Illcxico, Spanish Clttb, Independents, 'l'att Sigma Tau, Secretary jttnior Advisory Board - I?vIiNNli'l"l', NANCY, Illarshall, Illinois, Psi Chi Omicron. BENTLEY, BIIARIAN, Webb City, tllt'ssourz', Independents - BIERIESFORD, RIIARY LOUISE, Bloomjield Hills, IIIIICIII-QIHZ, SRA, Prince of XVales, Independents, Hockey Chairman, LRW Meditations Chairman . BERRY, jEAN NI.-XRIE, Lufkin, Texas, President Hypatia Hexagon, SRA, Hillcrest junior Class Representative, Bttrrall Project Leader . BEST, SALLY, Random Lake, Wisconsin, Homarts Clttb, SRA, Independents, Bttrrall Project Leader, jttnior Steering Committee, jttnior Class Council - BE't"I'5, SHIRLEY LEE, Stale College, Page 197 Pennsylvania, Prince ol XVales Club, Assistant House Man- ager, Independents, Bttsiness Editor Sleplzens Standard - BIDDLE, BETTY, Fl. Wayne, Indiana, SRA, Homarts Clttb, Beta Phi Gamma, Senior Sister, Secretary-Treasurer Oakcrest Hall, WCO Repre- sentative. l BISHOP, NVANCY, River Forest, Illinois, Delta Chi Delta, Army-Anchor Brats, Foreign Relations Club - BLAKEMORE, JOYCE E., Lib- eral, Kansas, Independents - BLAKEY, PHYLLIS, Coral Gables, Florida, Independents, Beta Phi Gamma, Stephens Life, junior Board, Headline Editor Stephens Life - BLAND, GLORIA A., Terre Haute, Indiana, SRA, Independents, Senior Advisory Board - BLETCHER, BARBARA LOUISE, Mankato, Minnesota, Foreign Rela- tions Club, Student Cabinet Representative, Independents, Jllade- nzoiselte College Board - BLOOMER, BARBARA SUZANNE, Newark, New York, Aviation Club, SRA, Secretary-Treasurer Senior Hall Independents. BODIN, jEAN, Atlanta, Georgia, Secretarial Club, Career Club, Glennon Club, Independents, Choralettes, Georgia Club - BOND, NANCY, Illansfield, Ohio, Independents, Tau Sigma Tau, Vespers Evaluation Committee, House Council - BONNETT, LOUISE, R1'vers'1'de, Calrifornia, SRA, Independents, Senior Sister, Coordi- nating Board - BOOKWALTER, JOANNE, Indianapolis, Indiana, Secretarial Club, SRA, Beta Phi Gamma, Alpha Pi Epsilon, Hall Scholarship Chairman - BOOTH, ELIZABETH ANN, Groton, New York, Prince of Wlales Club, German Club, French Club, Sigma Gamma Gamma, Phi Lambda Beta, Scholarship Chairman, Coordi- nating Board, Susettes, Choir, Band, Briggadettes - BORLEY, JEANE, Illill Valley, California, Independents, House Manager, Senior Sister, President Gordon Manor. BOROWSKY, FLORA JANE, Ilfanila, Arkansas, Spanish Club, Independents, Burrall Projects - BOSLEY, BEVERLY, Callaway, Nebraska, German Club, Independents, President Laura Stephens l'lalI,SR.tX.Sunrise Choir, Burrall Liaison - BOUCHELLE, PATRICIA CJOULD, Bollgee, .f1labanIa, Aviation Club, Beta Phi Gamma - BOVLDIX, HELEN, Clarksrlale, Ilfississippi, Swimming Club, SRA, Eta Epsilon Gamma, President XVales Hall, Legislature, junior Class Council, junior Advisory Board, Senior Sister, Aviation Queen, junior Ivy Fete - BOWEN, jAXliT, Dallas, Texas, I-Iomarts Club, Phi Lamba Beta, Senior Sister, Scholarship Chairman . BOW- Bl.-XX, G,-xYl.Ii, Fort Bragg. California, Burrall Cabinet, Burrall Projects. BRACKEX, AIARY CATIIERINIE, Ocala, Florida, Eta Epsilon Gamma, junior Representative House Council, Senior Sister, Co- ordinating Board Chairman, Burrall Projects - BRADLEY, -IOLINE, .Yt'lI'QlI, Nebraska, Independents, Concert Chorus, Alpha Epsilon Rho - BR.xnLEY. AIARILYN Rt"rII, Elzalmrsl, Illinois, Beta Sigma Beta. Senior Sister, Personal Appearance Chairman. Coordinating Board . BRAND. BETTY, Clerirzvaler, Florida, SRA. Eta Epsilon Gamma. Florida Club. Managing Editor Slvpluvns Life. Senior Class Cheerleader - BR.xNDIiNlIt'RG. CAROL El..xlNIi, Clllifllifll, 1lll'7l0l..S', Phi Lambda Beta. Treasurer Stephens League. junior .-Xdvisory Board . l3R.XXD'l'. .XI.IcIi VIAYNE, .S'pr1'ag.rifl1l, Illinois, Zeta XIII NI i The Bowery! They do such things in the Bowery! . Alpha, Senior Sister, Aviation Club, House Council, junior Advisory Board. I BRANT, LENORA MARGUERITE, Canton, Illinois, French Club, Independents, Scholarship Committee - BRASKAMP, PATRICIA HOPE, San Francisco, California, Treasurer Homarts Club, Secre- tary-Treasurer Linden Hall Independents, Secretary-Treasurer Wood Hall Independents, Vice-President Homarts - BRIET- MEYER, CAROLYN ALICE, Mt. Clemens, Michigan, President of Avia- tion Hall, Ftench Club, Independents - BREMERKAMP, SARA, Fremont, Ohio, Zeta Phi Delta - BREUNINGER, JEAN, Elkins Park, Pennsylvania, Career Club, Alpha Alpha Alpha, Burrall Project Chairman - BRINKMAN, PHYLLIS, Westfield, New Jersy, Theta Tau Omega, Senior Vespers Evaluation Committee. BRINSMADE, CHRISTINE, Madison, Wisconsin, Spanish Club, Independents, Delta Sigma, Vice-president French Club, Burrall Projects - BROCKWVAY, CAROLYN, Petoskey, Michigan, Inde- pendents - BROCKWAY, RUTH, Clermont, Florida, Aviation Clubi Independents, Treasurer Concert Chorus - BRODERICK, CAROL, Detroit, Rlichigan, Senior Sister, Secretary-treasurer House Council - BROODER, PATRICIA ANN, Sheridan, Wyoming, Literary Club, Independents, Health Committee - BROTHERS,JUNE,LosAngeles, California, Psi Chi Omicron, Burrall Projects. BROWN, BARBARA ANN, Phoenixville, Pennsylvania, Independ- ents, Book Club - BROXVN, NATALIA IVIARIE, Honolulu, T. H., Secretarial Club, Independents - BROWN, PATRICIA A., Ak1'01l, Ohio, Senior Sister., President Campus-Wide Independents, Civic Association - BROWN, PHYLLIS, Montclair, New Jersey, Secre- tarial Club, SRA, Swimming Club, Independents, Secretary Board of Publications, Career Club, Foreign Relations Club - BROWN, SUSANNE, Huntington, Indiana, Sigma Alpha Chi, Independents: Senior Cabinet - BROXVNE, MARGARET ANN, Midland, Michigan, Gamma Delta Phi. BROWNINO, YVONNE, San Antonio, Texas, Psi Chi Omicron, President XVhite Hall, junior Advisory Board - BRUMIT, JEANNB Donelson, Tennessee, Phi Lambda Beta, National Organ Guild - BRYAN, JEAN ELIZABETH, Hawaii, T. H., President WCO, Spanish Club, IIICICDCUGBIILS, junior Class Council, Council of Division Heads - BUCKLEY, NIARGARET JANE, Mission, Texas, Inde- pendents, Homarts Club, Band . BUCKACEIQ, CARQLYN, Omaha, -Wtfft-fkfti Independents, 'Music Service Guild, Treasurer Civic Association, Junior Advisory Board . BUNDY, BETTY, Houston. Texas, Music Service Guild, Sigma Gamma Gamma, President If-Cla Sigma Beta, Eta Mu Gamma. IURS 9 iifsws " SSRSSQ' ,xl Y M 54 fffwi : 1? 75 iz X S YS . W if 0 fif. L - 1 get-1' pc., 2. A 221W ,.,, fgw.-,M 45 New :Q .,4gf.,Ol., f iv, ff? 295 R A . C7 5 ' 2 N x- 0163-4-, R- A mwah .A..m.siRz4ML?. :Advisory ch Club, PATRICIA b, Secre- freasurer BRIET- of Avia- P, SARA, i1zsPa1'k, , Project y, Theta sh Club, Burrall 1, Inde- nri Club' CAROL, Council ry Club, Angeles. idepend- , T. H.. Akron. 5, Civic .V Secre- Board BROWN. ffndentsi 'ffh fgmz, nrriirjfflflf IIAQANNE' Qvlilfi ' Sp21V155h 'wivivlfff' Inflfr fmflflff' F f11x,lf, f,,,,f,!n11. .-,wjrlfffll ff? " ' H 5.1-f' .f ,- Bisurw BLA s-:mmm I-. Bm KIA' IiI,.xNn iil.l'.'l f'lH'.ll iil,UHXll',lt IZOUIN HIJNIJ BONNI-.11 Bm nc W.xl.'l I-, R Burn H lifml.l'.Y Bonmvsiq Y Busuvzi' IiOI.fc:1i1':i.r,i': BOur.m N BOW1-:N BOWMAN BRACKIEN BRADLIQY, j. Brmmiav, M. BRAND BRANmQNm'Rfz BRANDT BRANT I3RASKARIl' BRE1'rMI3i'13R B RIEMERKAMP BREUNINGIER BRINKMAN BRINSMADE BROCK WAY, C . BROCKWAY, R BRODERICK BROODIER BROTHERS BROWN, B. BROWN, N. BROWN, P. .-X. BROWN, P. BROWN, S. BROWNE, M. BROWNING BRUBIIT BRYAN BUCKLEY BUCKACEK BUNDY Page 199 L tx WIT' rx .lf .- . if , St l ff-- 3' A 'N -2,- I 2- rx QA - X :H -nz I Z4 . -qu., ,., f 'UI . N' ' 'ef -. A ' fy O EM ' L r ., , XL, W , ,AL ,V. . 1 if 1 W If ' Y 1 X f f- at 5 1 I X wx . VA. V V X . .L, .X fl . ,. SQ! '. BURGOYNE BURKE BURMEISTER BURNETT BURNS BURNSIDE BURROWS BUSH BUSKIRK BUTLER BUYS BYARS BYERS BYRD BYRUM CAIN CALLISON CAMBIER CAMPBELL CANOVA CAPOSSELA CARLSON CARON CARPENTER CARTNVRIGHT CASSIDY CAVENAUGH CAVERLY CHAPMAN CHAPP CHENIK CHENOWETH CHILCOTT CI-IRISTENSON, M CHRISTENSEN, P. CHRISTY CHUNN CLAPP CLARDY CLARK, J. CLARK, L. CLARK, M. CLAY CLAYBOURN CLAYTON COCHRAN, D. COCHRAN, M. COLE Page 200 IOYNE 1E lEISTER 'ETT as SIDE, OWS IRK ER S 5 M ISON IER BELL VA SSELA SON NI ENTER VRIGHT DY LAUGH ILY IAN K DWETH DTT IENSON, M. IENSENI ll'Y I Y IJ' IL' IM' DURN DN ANI D' iN, M- P41115 200 P. S I BURGOYNE, NURMA LEE, Detroit, Michigan, Career Club, For- eign Relations Club, Book Club, Zeta PIII Delta - ISVRKE, BARBARA JEAN, Cherakee, Iowa, SRA, Aviation Club, Independents, Coordinating Board - ISURMI-:Is'I'I-:R, AI.-XRY, .lIonroe, ll"l.5f0P1Sl.7l, Prince of Vllales Club, Beta Phi Gamma, Phi Theta Kappa, Senior Sister - BURNETT, CLAUHYNE SUE Hyun, Pampa, Texas, In- dependents - BURNS, MARIIIQRY, Albert Lea, .llinnt-sota, In- dependents, Burrall Choir - III,'RNSIDIi, AIARY ALICE, Charlotte, North Carolina, President Theta Tau Omega, WWC staff, Burrall Evaluation Committee. BURROWS, BEVERLY JEAN, Boise, Idaho, Independents, Tau Sigma Tau, Senior Sister - BUSH, IVIARY IZLIZABETII, Las Animas, Colorado, Foreign Relations Club, Independents - BUSKIRK, MARTHA JANE, Huntington, West Virginia, Senior Sister, Swimming Club, Independents, Personal Appearance, SRA - BUTLER, BARBARA, Springfield, Illinois, Spanish Club, M. U. Creative Writing Club, Independents, Vice-President Health Council, Burral Projects, Senior Sister, Coordinating Board - BUYS, ETHYL JEANNE, Highland Park, Illinois, Vice-president Spanish Club, SRA, Independents, Personal Appearance - BYARS, IVIARCIA, Colum- bia, llafissouri. BYERS, ISA LOUISE, Uniontown, Pennsylvania, German Club, Independents, Student-faculty Club - BYRD, PATRICIA, Winter Haven, Texas, Secretary-treasurer Omega Phi - BYRUM, LIL- LIAN, Edinton, North Carolina, Carolina Club, Delta Chi Delta, - CAIN, RUTH CORDELIA, Oakdale, Louisiana, Spanish Club, Aviation Club, Independents, Burrall Projects - CALLISON, ELLEN, Columbia, Illissouri, Secretary-treasurer, Delta Rho Alpha, - CAMBIER, MARILYN, Orange City, Iowa, Independents, Secretary- treasurer Lodge Council, Senior Sister, Junior Steering Committee, CAMPBELL, PATRICIA AINSXVORTH, ElPaso, Texas, Independents, WCO, Spanish Club, Homarts Club - CANOVA, ELAINE, Allen- town, Pennsylvania, Independents, President Country Club - CAI'ossELA, MARIE CATHERINE, North Tarrytown, New York, President Zeta Phi Delta, Editorial Associate Stephens Life, Editor Oakcrest Hall newspaper, Chairman News Club - CARLSON, JANICE, Chicago, Illinois, Spanish Club, SRA, French Club, Inde- pendents, WCO, Hall Steering Committee - CARON, ANN, Salt Lake City, Utah, President Hall Independents, Junior Member In the spring a young girl's fancy I Page 201 tl' CSIS, Senior Sister - CARI-I-:N'IIaR, ISI-fist' .-Xxx, Sliowltf-gun. .llIll.lIl', Independents, llouse Council, Junior Representative. CAI-CIWRItlII'l', IJoRAI.x'N, .III-.Alle-.slr-r, Oklahoma, Yiee-president Theta Alpha, Burrall Projects - CASSIDY, I',x'I'R1cIA AIARIIE, Evanston, Illinois, SR.-X, Phi Lambda Bela, Burrall Project - C.-XYIiNAI'GII, CoI'R'I'NEx', lliglilend Park, lllirmis, Prince ol' Wales Club, SRA, Psi Chi Omitrron, Phi Theta Kappa, President Beta Phi Gamma, S.-XB, Campus editor Stephens Ltlfv, Secretary 'l'errat't- lrlall - CAVIQRLY, GWEN, Toulon, Illinois, Prince ol' XYales Club. Independents - CHAI-MAN, IIOROTIIY, Tan-ntum, I,c'!HISj'll'!UIltl, President Delta Rho Alpha, Spanish Club, XYesley Players, Pan- Irlellenic Cotmcil, Production, announcing, engineering XVXYC, Methodist Church Choir - CIIAPP, LOIS ANN, Oak 1'ark,1llinuis, Theta Tau Omega, Theta Alpha Epsilon, Burrall Project, WCO Representative. CIIENIK, LORETTA, Weslaco, Texas, Stephens League, Psi Chi Omicron, Senior Sister, Burrall Projects - CIIENONVETII, DORIS NIARIE, Center, Missouri, President Sigma Gamma Gamma, Chi Delta Phi, Scholarship Committee, Independents - CIIILCo'r'r, PHYLLIS, Columbia, Illissouri, Secretary Town Hall, Hypatia Hexagon, Phi Phi Phi, House Council, Senior Sister - CIIRISTEN- SEN MARX' LOU, Shelby, Illonlana, Homarts Club, President Columbia Hall Independents, Burrall Projects - CI-IRISTENSEN, PIIYLLIS Los Angeles, California, Vice-president Sophomore Class, Senior Sister, Personal Appearance, Independents - CHRISTY, NIARJORIIE LOUISE, Butler, Illontana, Beta Phi Gamma, XVCO. CHUNN, SARA NIEL, Jackson, Alabama, Secretary-treasurer Eta Epsilon Gamma, Tau Sigma Tau, .Assistant Burrall Publicity Chairman - CLAPP, IVIARY, Hemphill, Texas, Independents, Aviation Club, Spanish Club, Stephensophia Business Stall' - CLARDY, HENRY ANNE, St. Louis, Illissouri, Zeta Mu Alpha - CLARK, JOYCE IVIARGARET, Birnzingham, Ilfichigan, Swimming Club, SRA Chairman, Independents - CLARK, LOIS, Northfield, Min- nesota, Senior Sister, Vice-president Burrall Class - CLARK, NIARGUERITE LOUISE, Duluth, Minnesota, Independents, Spanish Club, Beta Sigma Beta. CLAY, ELIZABETH ANN, South Fargo, North Dakota, Independ- ents - CLAYBOURN, GLENADEAN, Lincoln, Illinois, Omega Psi Burrall Projects, Aviation Club - CLAYTON, DOROTHY ANN Corydon, Iowa, Independents, NVCO, Methodist Student Organ- ization - COCHRAN, DOLORES, Holcomb, Missouri, Independents, Music Service Guild, Scholarship Committee - COCHRAN, . IVIARGARET ANN, Sheldon, Iowa, Foreign Relations Club, Omega Psi, Senior Sister, Coordinating Board, Foreign Relations Board, Burrall Projects, WCO - COLE, JEANNE YVONNE, Zanesville, , z' Ohio, Independents. r I ! Pl. r 2. fl gl X W I f XX Z N' COLE, IVIARY FRANCIS, Fremont, Nebraska, Treasurer Homarts Club, Independents - COLLINS, NIARILYN, Haselhurst, Georgia, Vice-president Eta Epsilon Gamma, Spanish Club - COLLINS, RUTI-I, Omaha, Nebraska, Spanish Club, Burrall Choir, Alpha Alpha Alpha - CONGLETON, DOROTHY, Charlestown, West Virginia, Secretary-treasurer Chi Delta Phi, Sigma Alpha Chi, Coordinating Board Chairman, Associate editor Stephens Standard, Burrall Liaison Committee - CONNELLEY, IVIARGARET JEAN, Annapolis, Mary- land, Army-Anchor Brats, Secretary Homarts Club, Independents, Senior Cabinet, Senior Hall Council, Senior Hall Cabinet Chairman - CONNER, VIRGINIA RUTH, Wichita, Kansas, Independents, Concert Chorus. CONNERS, GUYLYN SHARREY, Tulsa, Oklahoma, Independents, Foreign Relations Club, French Club, Spanish Club, Aviation Club - COOK, IDOROTHY RUTH, Columbia, Missouri, Senior Sister, Prince of Wales Club - COOKE, JANE STEXVART, Nashville, Tennessee, Independents, Health ClIairman, Senior Sister - COPE, BI5'l'TY JEAN, Jlrilden, .Uissouri, Independents, Participations Committee, Aviation Club - COPLIN, SANDRA JEANE, Cisco' Texas, Homarts Club, Indepentlents,MusicService Guild - CORSON, MARILYN JEAN, Genoa, Illinois, Independents, Burrall Projects Fashion Show. COTTON, JO.-XNNIS l,ot'IsI-3, Clmrleslon, West l'Y1.I'.tfI.7lIAll, Kappa Alpha Phi, Senior Hall l-louse Manager, Evening Prayer Council - COURAND, MARGARET ANN, Son Arzlmiio, Texas, Aviation Club, IINICDCIICICIIIS, Secretary-treasurer Aviation Hall, Senior Sister - Cot'sINs, NANCY JI-QANNE, St. Josvplz, .llI'ssourI', Beta Sigma Beta - CON, LOUIS!-2. Colunibirs, .lfI'ssissipf21', Independents, Coordinat- ing Board Chairman. Senior Sister - Cox, AIARTIIA l2I.IzAIsE'I'II, lliirsnzv, Imliinm, Independents - CRAIG, l3.'XRB.XR.X ANN, Fair- mont, ll't'sl lIl'l'4QI.lIIAlI, Independents. CREEK, .-XRx',x G.. Liberty, Iizrliczrm, President Gurdon Nlanor Independents. S9t'l't'lIlI'A'-IFCLISIIFCI' Gordon Klanor, Coordinating Board, Senior Sister. Burrall Liaison Group - CRIsxx'EI.I., Jo .XNN, Dnrlrlson. T1'lIlIl'.Y,Y1'1', Sigina Gilllllllil Gamma, Theta Tau Omega, SSCl'ClLlI'j'-lI'ClISlII'Cl' Fielding Smith Hall, House Council - CROCKER, lJ'.XTRlCl.X JANE, Cliirngo, IHllII7l'.Y, Stephens League, Music Service Guild: l'lUl1l1ll'lS Club. lnflepentlentsg Clllllflllill Bur- rall Project - CRoI.I-:xx HANNAII Jt'NIa, lJI.ll0Z'I-HF, Kentucky. Stephens League, I:l"Cllt'l1 Club. :xlllljfitfilll Guilrl OI Organists, lIltlCDCllllClll'5,SQHIUVSISICI' - CRDLICY.AllI.lJRlil'J,lliI'lll'111IlSlI1l7'vQ. Kt'lIlllt'kj'. Senior Sister. C'l'II'-'llllilllllf Boftrrl. .American Guild oi Organists. Stephens League. Yespei' lSY.lllI'1llUIl Comznittee - CRONIZ. AIARIANNA. ll'rst Lvliirinzi. Illllllillllfl, lmlt-pt-II'leI1Is: Sllfllllrll T here's nothing like a hayride! Club, Burrall Choir, Music Service Guild, Tau Sigma Tau, Senior Council Chairman, Senior Cabinet. CROSBY, JANET NOEL, Carlsbad, New Mexico, Independents, Secretarial Club, Theta Alpha Epsilon - CROss, PATRICIA ANN, Kansas City, Missouri, Spanish Club, Foreign Relations Club, XVPO - CULLUM, JANE ANNE, Donelson, Tennessee, French Club, Independents, SRA - DANIELSON, BETTYE JOYCE, Ot- tumwa, Iowa, Sigma Alpha Chi, Radio announcer WWC - DAVIDSON, SOPHIA, Monroe, Louisiana, Independents o DAY, JANET, Washington, D. C., German Club, Phi Theta Kappa, In- dependents, Junior Advisory Board, Senior Advisory Board. DAY, PATRICIA LOUISE, Royal Oak, Michigan, Spanish Club, Book Club, Tau Sigma Tau, Independents, Junior Cabinet, Junior Council, Personal Appearance Committee - DEADERICK, FEROL, Peoria, Illinois, Senior Sister - DEARMIN, BARBARA DEE, Odon, Indiana, Spanish Club, Aviation Club, Theta Tau Omega, Delta Sigma, House Manager Aviation Hall . DEERMAN, JUNE, Canutillo, Texas, Independents, Music Service Guild, Health Com- mittee - DE HOVITZ, DORIS, Flat River, Missouri, Music Service Guild, Health Committee - DEIVIERITT, DOROTHY MARIE, Illorenci, Ildichigan, Treasurer Music Service Guild, Independents- DEMMERLE, GLORIA F., Fort Thomas, Kentucky - DENS, JEANNE CAROLYN, Westfield, New Jersey, Foreign Relations Club, .Aviation Club, Tau Sigma Tau, Independents, WCO - DEUBLEI VIRGINIA ANN, North Canton, Ohio, Treasurer Stephens League, Follcigfl Relations, Independents, Senior Sister - DEUEL, BETSY CROSS, Rockford, Illinois, Senior Sister, House Council, Foreign Relation Club, Coordinating Board . DEWEY, ALICE CLEVE- LAND, Denver, Colorado, Prince of Wales Club, Independents, Army- .-Xnchor Brats, Colorado Club, Theta Alpha Epsilon, Senior Sister, Participations Chairman, XfVW'C Production Staff - DIBBLEI Df'ff0f'!, Hiichigan, Independents, Church Attendance Com- mittee. DICREY, NIARY LOU, Detroit, Michigan, Prince of Vilales Club 'J UILLMAN, LORRAINE, Joliet, Illinois, Independents, Burrall VVUIHCLS, Scholarship Committee - DIMIT, DONNA, Grinnell, Iowa, Independents - DISOSXVAY, ELAINE POTTER, Sheldon, H1""0"sI- lndCl-Wnllfiflts, Aviation Club, Stephens League, American C'l'lld.0IOf5!21f1iSlS - DODGE, PHYLLIS P., Harndea, Connecticut, .Aviation Club, Yice-president Aviation Hall Independents ' DONMN' DOROTHY IEBIILLIE, Chicago, Illinois, Independents, An- nouncer, XYXYC, Health Committee. I S Page 202 U, Senior Jendents, CIA ANN, ns Club, French ICE, Ot- IWC . - DAY, ippa, ln- id. sh Club, t, Junior 1, FEROL, QE, Orion, a, Delta , JUNE, th Com- : Service 1'lARIEf ieridents- DENS, ns Club, DEUBLEV League, ,, BETSY Foreign CLEVE- ,, Army- ,r Sister, lJIBBLEv jr: COTI1' lljil Club Burrall jflnnell, ','lzf'ld01l, ,nqriffan ,,,fgzz'f1z!, ,Hi e ' NE ,Xm- , , gli! X I 'r ,... ,-- EJ, Com-,, Nl. f.1n.1.iNN, Xl f:fII,l.l5-5, R CfJNf1I.l'.'l wx c,.fJNNl'.I,l.l'.X UJNNI-,if Cfuxxl-,ns Cami Comm, ClJl'l'. f.Hl'l,lN Cfmswx Cfwmx Coulmxn Cousrxs Lux, I.. Cox, M. Crum Cluzla K CRISWICLI. Cizoclciilz CROLEY, I-I. CROLIEY, M. CRONE CROSBY Cizoss CULLUM D.-xN1EI,soN Dixv1DsoN DAY, J. DAY, P. DEADERICK DEARMIN DEERMAN DE Hovrrz DE M ERITT DEMMERLE DENS DEUBLIE DEUEI, DEWEY DIBBI.E DICKEY DILLMAN DIMIT DISOSWAY DODGE DONIAN Page 203 mrs T' QM ,-4,s - SN H ' ii' S f 1 'i.. -K 'S s 1 yg .7-N lim 3' .', ,M-Q, .xxavx if ,. 'ru rv. 'Cf' -:Ti , V,.-..,.. l ff- n n 5y 1-V il 3 'fx E030 C7 'GW' 1-' ?s. -9' ff' gf'N yur' ' 5 -Sr ' 5 lv. 31454-5 1' QT 1--, f X f 5,77 I ,, . , , 7 X f X, J f ff f I f A ,Ag 4 " A J X f Q 2 A f ,,., ,A . VX, 4, f W f ...W 7,314 V Z,...,,.. 4' . ' q WVU!!! gm' ,ff ,,. my e 'A 0 A If, M W .I Af I. I -952 W . fa f " ' I 4,3 242 Y '. .4 i .1 M, 'WW X W7 DONOVAN DORSEY, JANE DORSEY, JEAN DORSEY, M. DOTEN DOUGLASS DREHER DREVDAHL DUDLEY, J. DUDLEY, M. J DUNLAP DURAND DURBIN EATON EDDY EDWARDS, L. EDXVARDS, P. EICHENLAUB EIDE ELDER ELDRIDGE ELLINGER ELLINOR ELLIS, M. ELLIS, M. C. ELLIS, P. ELSEY ENSEY EPSTEIN ERICKSON ESTLUND EVANS, B. EVANS, D. EVANS R. EVERSZ EWELL EXLEY FASSEN FEESE FEIBELMAN FELDIIUSEN FELTEN FERRIS FIRCHOW FLANAGAN FLEENER FLEMING FLOWER page 204 OVAN SEYI JANE SEY, JEAN SEY,hL EN GLASS HER VDAHL 'LEY, lEY,NLJ. ILAP lAND :BIN oN Y IARDS, L. IARDS, P. LIENLAUB ER RIDGE INGER mon Is, M. Is, M. C. Is, P. EY EY IIEIN IKSON QUND NS, B. Ns, D. NS R. Rsz ILL EY 'SEN SE :ELMAN DHUSEN IEN IIS 'IIOW JAIJAN QNER IINO VER para W S I IJUNUVAN, I'A'I'ItICIA, Worthington, Ohio. Independents, SRA, Stephens League, Song leader, Senior Yespers I-Ivaluation Committee, Announcer IVXVC - IJOIISHY, JANE, Hillsboro, Illinois, Omega Psi, Burrall Projects - Ilottsl-LY, JEAN, Ilillsluoro, Illinois, Omega Psi, Senior Sister, I-louse Council - IJoI4sI-Lv, NIAIII' I.UI'ISI-L, lllclfessport, Perzrtsylvrtrtia, Alpha Pi Epsilon, SRA, Spanish Club, Independents, Health Chairman - l2o'IIaN, JEAN, Camhridgi-, lwassaclzusrflts, Phi Theta Kappa, Senior Council, House Council, Independents, Photo Club, Book Club - IIUl.'tiI..XSS, lJoI4o'I'III', Marshatttown, Iowa, Orchesis, Treasurer Catnptts-wide Independents, Burrall Ideas Committee, Ilorse Show Award, Outstanding Service Award. DIIEIIIQR, KA'I'ItEIuNIz ANN, Gadsden, Alabama, 'Beta l'hi Gamma Csocialj, Treasurer Theta Alpha Epsilon - IDIIEVDAIII., IJOIIOTIIY ANN, Detroit, Illichigan, Vice-president Beta Sigma Beta, Aviation Clttb - IDUDLIQY, JEANNI5, Fillmore, California, Spanish Club, Independents, Scholarship Committee - IiIUIJI.IiY, AIARTIIA JEAN, Sunzntil, New Jersey, Business manager Stephens Life, In- dependents, Advertising stall' Stephensopltia - DUNLAI-, IAIIQLEN L., Ontario, California, President Fielding Smith Independents, Homarts Club - DURAND, PIIILLIS, Hudson, Massachusetts, Prince of XVaIes Club, Independents, SRA. A DURBIN, IJATRICIA BLY, Barrington, Illinois, Prince of Wales Club, SRA, Phi Theta Kappa, Independents, Scholarship Chairman - EATON, EVELYN IVIARIE, Charleston, West Virginia, West Virginia Club, Merchandising Club, Psi Chi Omicron, President Senior Hall, Publicity Chairman Senior Court - EDDY, JEAN T., Belmont, lIflLSS!l6lI'll56'ltS, French Club, SRA, XVriters Club, Theta Tau Omega, Tau Sigma Tau, Burrall Project - EDWARDS, LOUISE ANN, Richland Center, Wisconsin, Production stall XVXVC - EDWARDS, PAT, llIad'ison'uillc, Kentucky, Treasurer Orchesis, SRA, Independents, House Manager, Senior Sister - EICIIENLAUE, CoI.LET'rE, Ft. IIIKLIZIISDH, Iowa, Independents. EIDE, JUNE, St. Paul, IIf1i7Z7l8S0lUf, Eta Epsilon Gamma, Burrall Project - ELDER, JULIE, Arcadia, Missouri, President SAB, SRA, Independents, Swimming Club, Theta Alpha Epsilon - ELDRIDGE, ALYCE LOUISE, Chico, California, Phi Theta Kappa, Burrall Cabinet, Senior Sister - ELLINGER, HELEN, Park Ridge, This -is 'where the birdies live Page 205 O S Illinois, Independents - I-II.I.Isox, I'IR.XXCIS, lla:-ana, Florida, Florida Club, President .Alpha .Alpha Alpha, Junior Class Council - I':I.I.lS, AIAIAIINN, llaafard, L'atir'araia, Secretary North llall In- dependents, Senior Sister. I-1145, Msgs' C,yitol.YN, Alnnfortl, Trrtrtrssrr, Independents Concert Chorus Board, Partieipations Chairman, Senior Sister. SRA - I':I.l.IS, I'.x'I RICIA, Cltirtigo, Illinois, Treasurer Junior Class, Treasurer Senior Class, Swituming Clttb, I'IUIIlllI'lS Club, Phi I.QIIIIllllll Beta . liI.sI':x', KAI IIRYN, .Yew Rorlirtlt-, .Yi-zu York-, l',i Chi Omicron . l':N5I-LY, I':l.IIliR'I'.X l.oI'IsI-:, flltns, tlktaliama, Secretary- treasurer Beta Sigma Beta, Treasurer Sigma Gamma Gamma, Secretary XYCO, Junior Steering Committee, Junior .Xtlvisory Board, Senior Ideas Committee - IfI'S'IiI'IIN, JOAN If., lI'illia1nsI'illr', New York, Chi IJelta Phi, Phi Theta Kappa, Junior Class Council, Make-up editor Junior Jubhers, Public Relations Chairman Burrall Cabinet, Standard Apprentice - l2ItIcKsoN, IIARIIARA I-Hl'ISIi, El11L'tlf!lSI'lillt', Illinois, Aviation Club, Independents. ISSTLUND, ARLINE, Fort Dodge, Iowa, President Hatcher Hall Independents, Burrall Projects, SRA, Spanish Club, Stephens League - EVANS, BONNIE JEAN, Grand Rapids, Ilflifllljllfllil, In- dependents, Spanish Club, Burrall Projects - EVANS, DOIIOTIIY, Detroit, .IIichigan, Beta Phi Gamma - EVANS, RAIEDIELLI-2, Grand Rapids, Illichigan, Treasurer Hypatia Hexagon, Independents, Spanish Club, Burrall Project - EVERSZ, LOIS GAII., I3o:f'rnan, Illontana, Treasurer Beta Sigma Beta, Board ol Publications . EWELL, AIARGARET, Lakeland, Florida, Independents. ENLEY, CLAIRE, Wasltinglon, D. C., President French Club, Psi Chi Omicron, Burrall Liaison Group, Phi Theta Kappa . FASSEN, NIARILYN JANE, Shaker Heights, Ohio, Spanish Club, President XVood Hall Independents, Junior Advisory Board . FEESE, JOAN, Wymore, Nebraska - FEInEI.AIAN, EMILY, Illiami, Florida, Independents, Hottse Manager, Secretary-treasurer Linden Hall, Coordinating Board Chairman Hetzler Hall, Senior Sister - FELDHUSEN, JEAN, Kimberly, Idaho, Prince OI IVales Club, SRA, Phi Lambda Beta, Burrall Choir, Idaho Club - FEI,'I'EN, I'A'rItICIA LOU, Hays, Kansas, Independents, Secretarial Club, Alpha Alpha Alpha. FERRIS, EMILY JOAN, Harvard, Illinois, SRA, Social Chairman Campus-wide Independents, Social Adequacy Committee, Foreign Students Committee - FIRCHOIV, CLAIRE, Western Springs, Illinois, Spanish Club, Independents, Meditations Committee - FLANAGAN, DONNA LOUISE, Colzonbzts, Ohio, Independents, Senior Sister, House Cottncil, Hottse Manager Council - FLEENER, JEAN ANN, Indianapolis, Indiana, Beta Phi Gamtna, Burrall Project - FLEMING ROBERTA, Carthage, Illinois, Independents, Tau Sigma Tan, XVCO Representative, XVCO Planning Board, Senior Sister - FLOWER, DOROTIIY, Wichita, Kansas, Spanish Club, Homarts Club. Program Chairman Delta Rho Alpha. 11 I 5, .V 4 Is Af nitrtwlft it ,fa ...., ..---f -sa..- I 1- I I -:fn-'A ,ff x f X I A , 3. ff :WM ..4 0hAQ ' , 1 ,rw .... .., Z 71 fx C. ki , A: . ' 1 I- :zz A ' f "3v.ff'? l zzz " - 1 . 9: 3 5 555 7,1--f-f , 1 as zz ' , 2 A f:- gt-' ?.,,wf1"--2 9 . ,V 4 Z'2' ""4m.. FOGG, DEBORAH E., West Hartford, Connecticut, Stephens League, Psi Chi Omicron, SRA Representative, Coordinating Board . FORD MARCIA ELWELL, Kansas City, Missouri, Co-social Chair- man Orchesis, Vice-president Zeta Phi Delta, SRA, Pan-Hel Follies . FORD, IVIARGARET EMMA, Athens, Texas, Independents, Spanish Club . FORD, VIRGINIA, Amarillo, Texas, Independents, Book Club, Burrall Projects - FOUST, BARBARA LOUISE, Grass Lake, Illiclzigan, Aviation Club, Secretary Spanish Club, Independents, Phi Theta Kappa, Senior Advisory Committee, Scholarship Com- mittee - FONVLER, SLICE, Hamburg, New York, Foreign Relations Club, Stephens League, Independents, Secretary Theta Alpha Epsilon, SRA. FOXVLER, NANCY JOAN, Olmsted Falls, Ohio, French Club, Writers' Club, Independents - FRANCIS, YDEEN, Kankakee, Illinois, Music Service Guild, Phi Theta Kappa, Secretary Phi Phi Phi - FREELAND, ANNE FRANCES, Somerville, Tennessee, Independents, NVCO, House Council - FREELAND, ELOISE, Clarinda, Iowa, Independents - FREITAG, SONIA, Atlanta, Gerogia, Prince of Wlales Club, Independents, junior Class Council, Senior Sister, Evening Prayer Council, Burrall Liaison Group, Senior Vespers Evaluation Committee - FRENCH, NIARILYN, Niles, illiclzigan, Independents, Senior Sister, Health Chairman. FRITTS, LIYDER LOUISE, Rockwood, Tennessee, Independents - FYFE, CORINNE, Wasliington, D. C., Senior Sister, Participations Chairman junior Steering Committee, House Council, Burrall Liaison Group, Independents - GALLAIIER, JEAN, Mare Island, California, Army-Anchor Brats, Eta Epsilon Gamma, Delta Sigma, Senior Sister, WCO - GALLATIN, ELGENIA ALTA, Son Antonio, Texas, Spanish Club, Independents, Burrall Choir - G.-XRVEY, NIARIAN, San Anlorzio, Texas, Independents, Tau Sigma Tau, Secre- tary-treasurer XVales Hall, Standing Ideals Committee, Senior Sister - GATES, l'lEI,IiN lEI.lZABETl'l, Lockhart, Alabama, SR.-X, Independ- ents, Senior Sister. Secretary-treasurer Book Club. GENEVA, Burris LOC, lilonmington, Illinois, President Stephens League, S.-XB, XYorld Federation Organization, Phi Lambda Beta, Senior Ideas Committee - GIQRLACII, RIQBECCA. Ll'Z'l'7l4Lf.Yl0?I, Texas, Music Service Guild. Yice-president Omega Psi. XYCO . Gmgoyy ELIZABETH ALYIR.-X. .lI1I11sjiclc1', Ohio, Orehesis. Independents. Theta Alpha Epsilon. Participaiions Chairman - GlfiNlLl,l.-XT. JEAN, Ft.La1Irlrrdalr, Florida, Secretarial Club, Health Chairman, Secretary Florida Club, Senior Sister. President Lodge Independents . GII,DI5RsI.I2I2vIa, Al.XRY BIQATIRCH. ll'i'llmes. Calilforuia. Eta Epsilon Gamma. Foreign Relations Club. WCO - PilI,l.IiT'Ili. fifxll, D.XRl3AR.'X. I.a Verne. Calziforniri, .'Xx'iation Club. Phi Theta Kappa. IfIf'ho's rushing whom? T GIOVAN, NIARY PETER, Chicago, Illinois, Independents, Music Service Guild - GITTELSOHN, MARJORIE GENE, Coos Bay, Oregon, Stephens League, Music Service Guild, Zeta Phi Delta - GIVENS, BETTY J., Henderson, Kentucky, Aviation Club, Secretary Beta Sigma Beta, Project Chairman Burrall Projects, Personal Appear- ance Committee - GLASCOCK, ANN TURNER, Spartanburg, South Carolina, Independents, Treasurer Alpha Epsilon Rho, Chief en- gineer KWWC - GLATT, jo ANN, Los Angeles, California, President Civic Association, Eta Epsilon Gamma, Burrall Liaison Group, CSB - GLEATON, JEANNETTE HOUSTON, Savannah, Georgia, President Hillcrest Hall, Stephens League, Gamma Delta Phi, Phi Theta Kappa. GLOCK, ADRIENNE ADAIR, Johnstown, Pennsylvania, President German Club, SAB, Psi Chi Omicron, Burrall Project o GLOVER, ALMA JEANNE, Canutilto, Texas, Independents - GODSHALL, MARILYN ALBERTA, Los Angeles, California, SRA, Swimming Club, Beta Sigma Beta, Sigma Gamma Gamma - GOLLUSCH, NIARIAN KATHERINE, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, House Manager South Hall, Senior Sister, Prince of Wales Club, German Club, Independ- ents - GOLZE, BONNIE MAE Phoenix, Arizona, Aviation Club, Senior Sister, Independents - GOODING, SALLY LOUISE, Lockport, New York, Eta Epsilon Gamma, Assistant House Manager Senior Hall. GOODMAN, SHIRLEY ZOE, St. Louis, Missouri, Independents - GOODNIGHT, LOUANN ELIZABETH, Lafayette, Indiana, Theta Tau Omega, junior Advisory Council, Senior Advisory Board, Social Committee - GRABE, LOIS, Wilkensburg, Pennsylvania, Music Service Guild, VVCO, Beta Phi Gamma - GRAFF, MARY VIR- GINIA, Crescent, Oklahoma, French Club, Phi Theta Kappa, Inde- pendents, Senior Sister, VVCO, Chairman Foreign Correspondents Committee - GRAHAM, LILLIAN, Gtendora, Mississippi, Prince of XValeS Club, Aviation Club, President and Secretary Eta Epsilon Gamma, Senior Ideas Committee, Publicity Chairman Pan-Hellenic Council - GRIXNADE, NANCY CAROLINE, Chaton, Alabama, In- dependents, XVCO, Meditations Committee, Concert Chorus, Secretary Senior Advisory Committee. GRANT, DORIS MAE, Detroit, Michigan, Independents ' GRANT' SVI-VIA IANET, Alpena, Michigan, Spanish Club, Career Club, Independents, Secretary-treasurer Senior Hall - GRAY GEORGIA, Iilforland, Wyoming, Independents . GRAY, MARY Jo Austin, ilfznnesola, Theta Tau Omega, Chairman Coordinating Board, House Council, Burrall - GIZEEN, ANN, Daytona Beach, Merida, SRA, Theta Tau Omega, Secretary Pan-Hellenic Council, President Florida Club . GREEN, ELEANOR IRVING, Bala- Ci3"lfU3'di PC7171-Y3'lUfl11l'fl, Spanish Club, Sigma Alpha Chi, XVCO Chairman, House Council. IO S Page 205 ts, Music Yi Oregon, GIVENS HU' Beta l Appear- Wg, South Chief en- falzlfomia 1 ll Liaison Faoannah, ma Delta President GLOVER, ODSHALL, wimming OLLUSCH, ger South ndepend- on Club, Lockport, er Senior dents - ieta Tau d, Social L, Music lRv VIR- Iga, Inde- pondents fi, Prince 1 Epsilon -Hellenic mm, lfl' ChOI'U51 dents ' V Career GRAY ,IARY Jo flinatiflg fl l3KU5hv fj,,,,,nf:ili V Holo- jr WCG ,iw 406 Q l l , .- - .-r, l7r,r,r, lwnm, Xlflnr Ifmm, Nl. lffmn, Y. lim '51 l"mx'l.i-,R, ,X. l"fJWl.l'.l4, N. l'll4ANClS .I.X l'Rl':1cl.,xNn, .X, li Rl-31-QLANIJ, FR l'll'l'Ali FRI-zxcfu IFR l'I"l'9 ' v lf x' If I-3 GA1.r.Aul-1 R GAl.l.A'l'I N GA R wiv GAT:-is GENEVA GlClll.:XCll GIBSON CvIGNIl.LIA'I' GILDERSLEE GILI.lE'l"l'E GIOVAN G1TTEi.soHN GIVENS GLASCOCK GLATT GLEATON GLOCK GLOVER GODSHALL GOLLUSCH GOLZE GOODING GOODMAN GOODNIGHT GRABE GRAEF GRAHAM GRANADE CSR.-ANT, D. GRANT, S. GRAY, G. GRAY, M. GREEN, A. GREEN, E. Page207 p V If ,, 2, 1- .4! P K f .42 6- CD 4'5- J-X za 5' -'J q'. 1 15- rqg Fl- Q4 1 f x f -'R -77 -as "" S24 y 4' l' 4. "-IIZ7 f 'Psa- w,,, 1, ,- : 5 If .,,, ,,,. 7 1 'IFTEF' IU' f 127 A tlry, QQ: ,1 X Q-, r l A 5 , f f va. lip 4. ,f fs -15 J' x ,.,,, 'F 'Zo K' 45 'Cf' I, J. ,. QR '1IS7 S 1 1-pn ,K GW fi. SL .191 GREENBAUM GREENE GREGORY GREIDER GRIFFITH, G, GRIFFITH, J. GRISSON GROSS GROTNES GROVE GUERNSEY GUNDRY GUNN GUSTAFSON GUTIERREZ HAGAMAN HAHN HALE, M. HALE, N. HALL, I. HALL, J. HALL, MARION HALL, MARILYN HALL, V. HAL'PERMAN HAM HAMILTON HAMMEL HANCOCK HAND HANNIS HANNUM HARDEN HARDGROVE HARGEST HARNSTROM HARRELL HARRIS, B. HARRIS, H. HARRISON, M. HARRISON, R. HARTMAN HARTNESS HARTWVELL HARYVELL HASKINS HAUGH HAWORTH Page 203' SREENBAUM GREENE GREGORY FIREIDER ERIFFITHI G. IRIFFITH, J ?RIssoN IROSS 'ROTNES Rove UERNSEY UNDRY INN JSTAFSON ITIERREZ nGAMAN .HN LE, M. LE, N. LL, I. LL, J. LL, MARION .L, IVIARILYN ,L, V. TERMAN I ILTON MEL :ocK J IIS 'UM IEN GROVE esT STROM ELL s, B. 3, H. sos, NI- -sox, R- AN LSS ELL gi, 'J II W zor S E I CiRl'll'INIiAlfM, IDI-:I,I'IIIxI-3 liit,-ini, Ca.w-adv, Idaho, Senior Sl-lt'I', Vice-president. Alpha lipsilon - Gitiaiaxia, MARI' lfII,l'l-.N, ,ll-rt,-iv City, New Jersey, Independents, XYCO, Steering Cfoiiiiiiittee, Yit--M president Maple Hall - Gitiaooitv, CA'IIII-:toxic CARY, ltirlrmmifl, Virgirzia, Treasurer Music Service Guild, 'lireasurer Bnrrall Choir. Librarian Burrall Symphony Orchestra - tliu-Qioi-ZR, joxxsig PRICIIARD, Charleslon, Wes! Vliftflillllfl, .Xlpha .Xlpha Alpha, Signrt Gamma Gamma - GRII-'IfI'I'II, fiRli'I'CllliN MAY, Orzlario, Canaria, Senior Sister, Zeta Mu Alpha, French Club - filtll-il-'l'llI, j.XNl-.'l LEE, Frankforl, Indiana, Omega Psi, jtinior Steering Committee. junior Class Cottncil, Secretary l'lall Scholarship CfJllllIlllIL'L', Senior Advisory Cabinet, Co-editor LRXY paper. GRIssoM, LEONA GAII., Ml. Pleasarzl, Tenrzessee, SRA, Inde- pendents, Senior Sister - Gitoss, Norm hl.-tRt:ARIc'I'IIA, Olympia, Waslzirzglon, SRA, Burrall Project, Coordinating Board - CvR0'l'- NES, CAROL HILDA, Park Ridge, lll1'r1o1's, Senior Sister, Independents 4 GROVE, NINA RUTII, Monlgomery, Alabama, Independents - GUIEIRNSIEY, I'II5I.I'IN, Jacksonville, Florida, Phi Lambda Beta - GUNIJRY, ISAIIEI. ANN, Flint, llI'l.ChI'gll7Z, Independents. GUNN, MARY XVYNNE, Adairville, Kentucky, Theta Tau Omega, House Council - GUSTAFSON, IVIIRIAM ELAINE, Burlington, Iowa, Spanish Club, Independents, Symphonic Band - GUTIERREZ, ALICIA, Wellesley Hills, Illassaehusells, Spanish Club, Aviation Club, SRA, Sigma Alpha Chi, Personal Appearance Chairman - HAGAMAN, FRANCES RUTH, Ranger, Texas, Independents, Music Service Guild, Treasurer Delta Sigma, Assistant publicity chairman Slephensophia, House Council, Beta Phi Gamma - HAIIN, VVANDA DELLE, Springfield, Illinois, House Council, Independents, Spanish Club - HALE, IVIARIAN, Marshall, M-fchigan, Treasurer CSB, Manager Walter Tearoom, Kappa Alpha Phi. HALE, NANCY joANNE, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, Vice-president SAB, Delta Chi Delta - HALL, INEZ JEAN, IfV1'ClZf1.lU., Kansas, President Tau Sigma Tau, Eta Epsilon Gamma, Prince of Wlales Club . HALL, jUNE, Toledo, Ohio, Career Club, Independents, Secretary-treasurer Senior Sister Council - HALL, NIARIAN VIRGINIA, Denver, Colorado, Independents, French Club - HALL, MARILYN LOUISE, Oswego, New York, Homarts Club, Stephens League, Theta Tau Omega, Chairman Pan-Hellenic Group - HALL, VIRGINIA LOU, llliarni, Florida, Treasurer Florida Club, NVCO. Going home-Going home! ORS llXl.Il-.R3l,XN, lots, tlfff. ,Yfze .lfrtf-'Ig ,Xt'i.IIion t'lnl-. l'hi l'hi Phi, Senior Sister, Svliolai'-liip fill.lll'lll.lll North ll.tll. News sl.tIl KXX'lX'C', Burr.tll l'r-pie-I - llxxt, l'iXlil.l.Xl:, li:q l..:kr. mutt, liulepeiitleiits, Spanish Club - ll,XNlll.ItlN, Ll.l.3ll-.XIlNl, llflilfxllfl, tlforgI'iI, lip-ilon Xlu ti.tllllll.l, Setlltit' litlllllfll, "Xlusit'.tl Silliouettt-s" Klfltl' - llXNlXll-.l., Ntstw' Ass, tlmuiiorirttt, .thn- rtrxola, Senior Sister, littlepeiult-nts - ll,xNt'Ot'R. lil-1 .hlllx .XXX- ll?-tl Palm lirftflt, lflorltla, SRA, Kletlitatioiis l'oIIIIuittt-t' - ll.XNll. SARA lftntsl-1, ffnttvlnrl, l'w,t'iIs, .Xlpha .Xlplta .Xlph.t, St-t'rt-tart SRA, iillffllll l'rojet'ts. ll.xNxIs, Citi-LRRI, Ulm-y, l'i'.t':ts, llItlt'l7t'lIllt'lllS - llftsxrsi, li.XRIK.XR.X, Lllillllll, lruliami, SRA, Phi l.:unbtla Bt-ta, Wiftl Repre- Sentzttive, White llall llouse l'ount'il - ll.XRlJl'lN, NIARY l.ot'isI-2, .lIl'CIlII!lt'll5I'l-llf, .Yew York, lmlt-pt-Iitlt-tits, .Xviation Club . l'l.tRutzRox'E, AlAR1i.XRli'l' ANN, .llma ,llI'rliitgan, liidepentlents, Glennon Club, llomarts Club - ll.XRlil'QSl', lfINtiSl.l'IY, llurrislutry, l'er1r1sylt'ar1la, President Career Club, lntlepentleuts - HARN- s'I'RoxI, GLORIA lfl,IZ.-Xlll-l'l'll, C,'lI1'roIgo, Illinois, Prince ol' Wales Club, SRA, Aviation Club, Phi Theta Kappa, Senior Sister. HARRIELL, BIi'I'I'x', Laurel, .llI'sxissippI', Independents, Music Service Guild - HARRIS, IIll.l.lli IfAx'I-3, Siilplmr .S'pring.v, Tizvas, Homarts Club, Rostrum, Independents, Phi Theta Kappa, Scholar- ship Committee - I-IARRIs, HELI-is MARY, Clziraya, Illinois' Independents, Aviation Club - HARRISON, NIMH-il, lit.l-1ANoR, Illiami, Oklahoma, Beta Sigma Beta, junior Advisory Council, Representative junior Class Council - I'lARRIsos, Roiu-:R't'A, Charleston, IfI'esl Vlifgl-lllill, French Club, Prince ol XVales Club, SRA, Independents, XVPO Steering Committee, Ifvening Prayer Committee, Bttrrall Project - I-IAlt'I'MAN, l'IARRl SlllRl.I'IY, Jack- sontfille, Florida, Church Attendance Committee. I'I.-XRTNESS, CLARA LOU, Pharr, Texas, SRA, Independents - HARTWIELL, RIARY jANIE, Arriba, Colorado, Delta Chi Delta - HARWELL, AIAR-IORIIZ, Pulaski, Tennessee, Beta Phi Gamma, Participations Committee - HASKINS, BIARY jANlE, Columbus, Ohio, Prince of XVales Cltib, Independents, Tau Sigma Tau, junior Advisory Board, SRA - HAUGII, jANli EI,IzAIIE'IiI, Hartford, Conrzeclicul, Senior Sister, Secretary-treasurer North Hall, Psi Chi Omicron - HAWORTH, SYLVA ALYS, Des Moines, Iowa, Independents, Sigma Gamma Gamma, Senior Sister Chairman, Sunrise Choir, junior Representative to Hotise Cottncil. Page 209 .""7 2 ,Q ,llylni ' A t",,,.--.. - 1 ,,-r I 5' I X. 7"f-A-, ' NX! ie OS .X I fx LU HEDEERG, DOROTHY ANN, Fort Worth, Texas, Spanish Club, Independents - HED- DEN, IVIARY JANE, Dalonega, Georgia, Army-Anchor Brats . HELLYER, NANCY MAC FARLAND, San Bernardino, California, Independents. Junior Class Steering Com- mittee, Junior Class Council, Secretary Senior Class, Senior Council . HENDERSON, IVIARJORIE JAYNE, Ferridoy, Louisiana, Independents, Senior Council, Burrall Or- chestra - HENRY, JANE, lllontclair, New Jersey, Prince Gamma, Junior Class Council, Burrall Projects - HENRY, PATRICTA, Portsmouth, Ohio, President North Hall Independents. of Wales Club, Senior Sister, Beta Phi HERATY, JUNE, Walnut Creek, Calffzrniz, Homarts Club, Vice- president Fashion Club, Independents, Fashion Show - HER- MENCE, NIARY JANE, Westport, Connecticut, Independents - HERRING, GENEVIEVE, Brookhaven, Mississippi, Independents - HERRLY, HELENE JANICE, Atlanta, Georgia, President Beta Phi Gamma, Glennon Club, Spanish Club, Georgia Club, Personal Appearance - HERVEY, HELEN JANE, Arlington, Virginia, Senior Advisory Council - HIDEY, SALLY LoU1sE,Allen, Vermont, Music Service Guild, Delta Chi Delta. HILL, BEVERLY, Columbia, Missouri, Phi Phi Phi, Spanish Club, Senior Sister - HILL, NANCY LEE, Wellesley Hills, Massa- chusetts, Music, Service Guild, French Club, Sigma Alpha Chi, Senior Sister, Coordinating Board, Health Chairman, Burrall Projects - HILLEGEIST, EDNA LEE, Corpus Christi, Texas, Inde- pendents, Senior Sister, Scholarship Chairman, Coordinating Board, Junior Steering Committee, Junior Class Council, Junior Advisory Board - HILTON, EVELYN JEAN, Bloomington, Illinois, Band, Omega Psi, Treasurer SRA, Senior Sister, Burrall Choir . HINDS, GERALDINIE, Tolzlequolz, Oklahoma, Stephens League - H1NEs, SALLY, Brentwood, Tennessee, President Prince of VVales Club, Aviation Club, Independents. Htxz, SYLYIA, Sheboygan, W1'seo1zs1'n, Homarts Club, Gamma Delta Phi - Hircucocx, PEGGY ELATNE, Laramie, Wyoming, French Club, Independents, Junior Steering Committee, Secretary Junior Class, Yice-president Senior Class, Xhlyoming Club - HLAVACER, AIARGARET ANN, l'I"'IlIIl1l'Ht', Illinois, Independents, Avi- ntion Club - HoAuLEY, X'1RG1NtA GANT, Blooziiifnggony 1,,d,',,,,,,1 Secretary-treasurer Kappa Alpha Phi . HOUSES, BARBARA, Clmrlrston, ll'rs1 l'irg1'r1i11, Vice-president Music Service Guild, Secretary Sigma Alpha Chi, SR.-X . I-IODGKIN, CORNELIA DAY IIIIIVVCIIIDII, l'1'rgir11'o, Independents, Coordinating Board Saud , . leader. Choroleltes, Burrall Projects, D lrlomzsox, :hl.BliRTlNli Llili, Frcderirk, Jfarylond, Indepe,,de,,,S SRA, Political .-Xction Committee - HoERscH, DOROTHY, Betten-A dmjt, Iozvn, Independents. Band, Burrall Project - I-IOFFNER AIARGE. Jurksmzz'1'llt', Florida, Secretary Hypatia Hexagon, Thetgi ,l1LlllOi1lL'Q21.SlN.'X . H'JIfSIIil'liR, IJUROTHY JANE' p,,,,0,,, Oh!-0 Bozilc Club - lTl0G.fXN. Xl!-INDI-Z. Crvlllnzhfo. .lIl.S.VOIl7'I', Berg Sigma, I Row, Tow, Tow Your Boat! Beta, Sigma Gamma Gamma, President Town Hall, Burrall Sym- phony Orchestra, Senior Sister, Legislature - HOLLOWELL, JOYCE, Danville, Indiana, Hypatia Hexagon, Secretary Senior Hall Independents, President Symphonic Band, VVCO Council, House Council, Senior Sister. HOLMGREN, BETH, Bear River City, Utah, Treasurer Tower Hall Independents, Senior Sister - HOLTON, NIARY JANE, St.Augustine, Florida, SRA, Vice-president Orchesis, Personal Appearance Chair- man, Independents - HONAKER, PHYLLIS JUNE, Bellepoint, West Virginia, French Club, SRA, Delta Chi Delta, VVCO Representative - HOPKINS, RUTHMARIE, Binghanipton, New York, SRA, Swimming Club, President VVales Hall Independents, Senior Sister, News Editor KWWC, Alpha Epsilon Rho, Independent Evaluation Awards Committee . HORTON, ANN, Seattle, Washington, - HOTARD, LILLIAN BROWN, New Smyrra Beach, Florida, SRA, Florida Club, Eta Epsilon Gamma, House Manager, VVhite Hall, Junior Advisory Board. HOUGHTON, EVELYN, NIARGERY, Ionia, Michigan, Secretary- treasurer SIA - HoUsE, BARBARA JEANNE, Payson, Illinois, President Independents Fielding Smith Hall, Progress Chairman Campus-wide Independents, Prince of VVales Club - HOVENDEN' BARBARA, Park Ridge, Illinois, Independents . HOYKVLAND, MARY L0Uf Jellrersonville, Indiana, Music Service Guild, SRA, Treasurer Laura Stephens Independents, Burrall Evaluation Committee' Senior Advisory Board - HUGHES, BARBARD, Eau Claire, Wt-9' consin, Secretary-treasurer Theta Tau Omega, Phi Theta Kappa' Chi Delta Phi, Prince of VVales Club, Coordinating Board, Personal ADDC-Barance Chairman - HUGHES, PATRICIA LEE, Henderson, Texas- HULL, NIARTHA JANE, Newport, Oregon, Spanish Club, Beta Sigma Beta, President North Hall, Burrall Choir, Occllpatlonal Guidance Council, Junior Ivy Court, Junior Council, Burrall and Vespers Ideas Committee, Meditations Committee - HULLEY, KATHARINE JEAN, Lafayette, Indiana, Prince of Vtlales Club, Zeta Phi Delta . HUMMEL, snmtty ANN, Houston, Texas, French Club, Beta Phi Gamma, Personal Appearance Chairman, WCO' Assistant House Manager Laura Stephens Hall - HUNT1 MAFSHA DEI-IGHT, Olympia, lflfisconsin, Eta Epsilon Gamma, Senior Slstef' Campus Service Board - HUSER, BARBARA JANE, Hunttnglvfh Indiana, Secretary SAB, Sigma Alpha Chi, Tau Sigma Tau, EXW" UVB Committee Foreign Fund - HUTCHtNsoN, PATSYJANE' May- hilli New llfC'x1'C0, Spanish Club. Independents. WCO, Pafticlpauons Committee. I P4136 710 rrall Sym- JLLOWELL, enior Hall til, House ower Hall iugustine, ,ce Chair- Jini, West lsentative wimming fr, News valuation igtan, . ., Florida l, junior fcretary- Illinois, hairman VENDEN, 1, NIARY reasurer umittee, 'e, Wis- Kappa, 'ersonal , Texas. J, Beta iational all and ULLEY, 9, Zeta French WCG, VARSHA Sister, inglw, Execu- ,Way- ,giiions ,, Ziff Aff, w lll'lAlJlilil4G Ill-Lum-LN l'llcI.l,w-114 ll:-Qxm-.nsox Ill-1Nlcv,j. lllcxlw, l'. l'l1-:1m'rv H ICRMIQNCIC ll ma RING l-lriluzmf l'lliRVIEY ll I DIEY l'lll.L, B. l'lIl.L, N. I-l ll.I,lEGliIS'l' I-I1L'roN HINDS l'lINES H INZ HITCHCOCK HLAVACEK HOADLEY HODGES HODGKIN HoDGsoN HOERSCH HOFFNER HOFSTETER HOGAN HOLLOVVELL HOLMGREN HOLTON HONAKER HOPKINS HORTON HOTARD HoUoHToN HoUsE HOVENDEN HOWLAND HUGHES, B. HUGHES, P, HULL HULLEY HUMMEL HUNT HUSER HUTCHINSON Page 211 76- , M. ,, x IR A ""'6 ar Q""7 va T . Q, sr cf'- 4'- if er QS A 11:1 ,yr li 2, A' N 49 .EV I iv -m- xx gon, ., "' I. - ' X KX Exif-S 35" w"X -JW?" A ,, -ffl , i , 5.1, J. , J s J 1 ' 8 Wm 'll ' ,- vllx 62 Fil? HUTH HU'fTON INGRAI-IAM IRION ISERN IVIE JACKSON JAMERSON JAMES, B. JAMES, M. JAMISON JANAK JANZEN JARBEAUX JAERRELL JENKINS, B. JENKINS, M. JENTZEN JEREMIAS JERONE JEWVELL JOHANSEN JOHNSTON JONES, BARBARA JONES, BETTY JONES, M. JOYES JURGENSON JURY KAECHELE KAHL IQAHN KALLINGER KANDRA KARR KARRAS IQEIMLING KELLOG KELLY KENT IQERLIN IQERR KESSLER KIDD, B. KIDD, R. KIEFNER KILGORE KIMMICK I Bram GRAY mzl, Seniol Partif ville, Secre Projt presif Burn Little JAME Alph f06, WCC MAR Trea Prin ANN Leag JEAN JEAN Boar peni Kan Sistf Ome Step Leag PHY Clul Siste Olzic ' I in-C Boa lzan Sisi if ag J E "1 x I Page 212 Pa, HHH HFTTON INQMHAM IRION ISERN lus lscxsox lsutxsoy lssisg, B. lAMts,IL lxsusox IXNAR lxxzts j.xRBs.Irx lERRELL IHNKISS. B, IHNKINS, M. livztx Js.RI1ul.xs JRRHXH ,I 9.-.x ILLL JI 'si xxstx J- In-4sTox lusts. B.uua.uu Jiiws. BETTY ,lfPNr..7. JIFIHS Ji gI,I,N5oN Ji HR 5-I wtnrgtt K im. I-Ixus ,, r, kl.l.lVil',R aj y'.DRA Q-IIN I-Iwsus 5-fi I'AI.IV7 ' I ,,,i,4, I-'QI I 'I url'- 1- H gl SE IOR HUTH, MARY ANN, Fayetteville, North Carolina, Army-Anchor Brats, Carolina Club, Prince of Wales Club - HUTTON, LETTY GRAY, Shelbyville, Tennessee - INGRAHAM, PATRICIA, Point Pleas- ant, West Virginia, Career Club, Independents, Senior Sister, Senior Vespers Evaluation Committee, Sports Editor Stephens Life, Participations Chairman South Hall - IRION, DORIS, Jejferson- ville, Indiana, Spanish Club, Aviation Club, SRA, Zeta Phi Delta, Secretary-treasurer Hatcher Hall, Junior Advisory Board, Burrall Project - ISERN, GRETCHEN, Joplin, Missouri, Second Vice- president Civic Association, Legislature, Prince of Wales Club, Burrall Liaison Group, Beta Sigma Beta - IVIE, BETTY LOU, Little Rock, Arkansas, Spanish Club, Homarts Club, Independents. JACKSON, JANE MONTAGUE, Decatur, Georgia, Independents - JAMERSON, DORALEE DALE, Twin Falls, Idaho, Independents, Theta Alpha Epsilon, Burrall Choir - JAMES, BILLY JACQUELYN, Mon- roe, Louisiana, Independents, CSB, Manager Tuck Inn Tearoom, WCO Steering Committee, Mademoiselle College Board - JAMES, MARY, Arnory, Mississippi, Spanish Club, SRA, Independents, Treasurer Phi Theta Kappa - JAMISON, SALLY, Joplin, Missouri, Prince of Wales Club, Spanish Club, SRA - JANAK, EVELYN ANN, Crystal Lake, Illinois, Foreign Relations Club, Stephens League, Independents. l JANZEN, SHIRLEY, Matrill, Oklahoma - JARBEAUX, JERRY JEAN, Corpus Christi, Texas, Aviation Club - JARRELL, BETTIE JEANNE, Columbus, Georgia, Senior Sister, Omega Psi, Coordinating Board 4 JENKINS, BETTY LOUISE, Nashville, Tennessee, Inde- pendents, Participations Committee - JENKINS, MARJORIE ANNE, Kansas City, Missouri, Stephens League, Gamma Delta Phi, Senior Sister - JENTZEN, ANNE HARRIET, Atlanta, Georgia, Theta Tau Omega, Social Chairman Lodge Hall, Assistant advertising editor Stephensophia, Burrall Liaison Group. JEREMIAS, BETTY JEAN, Highland Park, Michigan, Stephens League, Vice-president Phi Chi Omicron, Ivy Fete - JERONE, PHYLLIS JEANNE, Peoria, Illinois, Music Service Guild, French Club, SRA, Sigma Alpha Chi, Treasurer Tau Sigma Tau, Senior Sister, Burrall Project . JEWELL, ELIZABETH ANN, Mt. Vernon, Ohio, AlphaAlphaAlpha o JOHANSEN, JO ANN, Napa, California - JOHNSTON, MARY FRANCIS, West Palrn Beach, Florida, Editor- in-chief Stephens Life, Prince of Wales Club, Beta Phi Gamma, Board of Publications, Independents - JONES, BARBARA, Wil- liarnsville, Illinois, Prince of Wales Club, Independents, Senior Sister. The Dining Roorn was never like this! . JONES, BETTY JANE, West Palm Beach, Florida, Vice-president Career Club, Secretary Council of House Managers, Independents, Florida Club, Alpha Pi Epsilon - JONES, MARGARET, Bellevue, Washington - JOPLIN, JOYES WARREN, Elizabethtown, Kentucky, Theta Tau Omega, Sigma Gamma Gamma, Prince of Wales Club - JURGENSON, BONNIE JOAN, Marshalltown, Iowa, Independents - JURY, JEANNETTE, Newark, Ohio, SRA, Kappa Alpha Phi, Phi Theta Kappa, Delta Sigma, Secretary Civic Association, Stephensophia staff, Evening Prayer Council, Junior Class Council - KAECHELE, MARGARET ANNE, Allegan, Michigan. KAHL, FREDA, Speed, Indiana . KAHN, ELEANOR ADELE, Terre Haute, Indiana, Independents - KALLINGER, DOROTHY ANN, St. Joseph, Missouri, Independents - KANDRA, ELEANORE MAE, Tule Lake, California, Vice-President Aviation Club, Inde- pendents, Phi Phi Phi, Senior Sister, WCO, Burrall Choir - KARR, DOT JIM, Florence, Alabarna, SRA, Sigma Alpha Chi, Senior Advisory Board White Hall - KARRAS, KATHERINE, Orucern, Utah, Senior Sister, Beta Phi Gamma, SRA, House Council, Coordinating Board. KEIMLING, JEANETTE OLIVE, Norfolk, Virginia, Army-Anchor Brats, Treasurer Phi Phi Phi, Chi Delta Phi, Senior Sister - KELLOGG, HILDRUD, New Orleans, Louisiana, Independents - KELLY, SUE, North Little Rock, Arkansas, Stephens League, Spanish Club, House Council LRW, Senior Class Council, Burrall Liaison Group, Independents - KENT, DOROTHY M., Ornaha, Nebraska, French Club, Independents, Secretary Coordinating Board o KERLIN, MARY, Horner, Louisiana, Vice-president Gordon Manor, Independents - KERR, NATALIE JANET, Coldwater, Michigan, Homarts Club, Delta Chi Delta, Behind the Ivy staff, Fashion Show Committee. A KESSLER, LUCIA KLINE, Reading, Pennsylvania, Delta Chi Delta - KIDD, BOBBY MAE, Menard, Texas - KIDD, RUTH-. MARY, Piedmont, California, Senior Sister Chairman, House Council, Independents . KIEFNER, SUSAN, Houston, Texas, Alpha Alpha Alpha . KILGORE, JEAN, Mission, Texas, Independents, Burrall Choir, Burrall Projects . KIMMICK, VIRGINIA CLAIRE, Buckeye, Arizona, Treasurer German Club, Sigma Alpha Chi, Senior Sister, Burrall Liaison Group Coordinating Board, Campus Scholarship Committee, Senior Burrall Evaluation Committee, Junior Vespers Ideas Committee. 't'-'fllkdiaaq Page 21 7 Yi, I nfl i if l ,fi ll- I A i , II, , ' wt ' 4 If 1 ' , 1. , uf , 4'4" A I g I 1 L ..... ., L. 2 I .. . x N fl! I v I I , . IQING, DORIS IVIARIE Temple, Texas, Spanish Club, Hypatia Hexagon, Vice-presi-- dent Beta Phi Gamma, SRA, Music Service Guild, Orche- sis - KINGLSEY, NIARY HELEN, Falls Church, Vir- ginia, President Tower Hall Independents, Senior Sister - KIRBY, AMANDA, Rogers, Ark- ansas, Independents, Alpha Pi Epsilon, Assistant Hall Manager, Participation Chair- man - KIRKLAND, lVlARI- LVN LOUISE, Darrowville, Ohio, Phi Lambda Beta, Senior Sister, - KNAPP, BARBARA JEAN, Wichita, Theta Kappa, Senior Sister, House chairman Burrall Project - KOCA, braska, Independents, Campus Group ance Committee. XV CO, Staff member KWXV C Kansas, Independents, Phi Manager Tower Hall, Co- BETTY MAE, Milligan, Ne- Chairman, Personal Appear- KOMANICI-I, VALERIE LOUISE, East Chicago, Indiana, Delta Chi Delta, Student Council - KREIDER, IVIARY JUNE, Palmyra, Penn- sylvania, French Club, Swimming Club, Psi Chi Omicron, CSB, Vice-president Symphonic Band, SRA - ICRIGBAUM, ESTHER JOANNE, Atchison, Kansas, Independents, Spanish Club - KUHN, NIARY ALYCE, Leavenworth, Kansas, Psi Chi Omicron, German Club - IQUSCHEL, IVIARY ANNE, St. Joseph, Michigan, Inde- pendents, Homarts Club - ICYLE, GLORIA ANN, Gary, Indiana, Secretary-treasurer Phi Lambda Beta, Tau Sigma Tau, Phi Theta Kappa, Photographer for Stephens Life and Stephensophia, Campus Photo Service. LACEY, IVIARGARET NELL, Palestine, Texas, Foreign Relations Club, Homarts Club, Beta Phi Gamma, Burrall Project, Com- munity Service Project, Literary staff Stephensophia, Columbia Hall newspaper staff - LAI-IRMANN, EDITH VIRGINIA, University City. IlfI'SS0lt7l., Aviation Club, Independents, Coordinating Board Chairman, Senior Sister, Burrall Project - LAMB, JEAN HELEN, Jamcsvitte, l'VliSC0lISl'II - LANGRELL, NIARJO, Coos Bay, Oregon, President XVindsor Hall, Chairman Junior Advisory Board, Junior Class Council, Junior Steering Committee, Junior Ivy Fete Princess, Senior Sister - LARAXVAY, ALICE VERNIE, Warren, Ohio, Delta Chi Delta, Burrall Project Leader - LARRIN, SHIRLEY JEAN, North Platte, Nebraska, Independent, Burrall Project. LASCIIINGER, SARAII JANE, Gilmer, Texas, Prince of Wales Club, Foreign Relations Club, Independents, Secretary Phi Theta Kappa - LASIILEY, EYELYN LOUISE, Cumberland, Maryland, Phi Lambda Beta, President Columbia Hall, Yice-president Senior Court, Legis- lature, Burrall Liaison Group, Steplzensoplzia Editorial staff, Burrall Project - LATIMER, Lt'Lt' MAE, Bloomhheld, Iowa, Symphonic Band. Social Chairman Fielding Smith Independents - LAXVLER, BISVERIA' M., Gtmulatv, California - LAWRENCE, AIIZRRI IRENE, Seattle, II"asl1i11gton, SRA. Theta Alpha Epsilon, Theta Tau Omega - LEAKAS, AIARTII.-X LOUISE. Dayton, Ohio, SRA. LECKRONE, BETTY ANN, Rochester, Indiana, Beta Phi Gamma Csociall. Beta Phi Gamma thonorary journalisrnl. Business manager Stvplzcnsopliitz, Burrall Project. AAAA Award - LEHMAX, MARY SE Illajoring in knitting? JANE, Port Huron, Illichigan, Legislature' - LEHMAN, NANCY JANE, Detroit, Illichigan, President Lodge Hall, Secretarial Club, Independents, Senior Sister - LEHTI, GLORIA, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Independents - LEIGH, AILEEN, Beverly Hills, California, Phi Theta Kappa, Chi Delta Phi, Vice-president Foreign Relations Club Board, Senior Sister, Literary editor Stephens Standard - LEITZINGER, BARBARA ANNE, Clearfield, Pennsylvania, Army- Anchor Brats, Independents, Senior Sister Chairman, Senior Cabinet , Burrall Project. LEVERTON, LILLIAN HARRELL, Rockville, Ilifaryland, Theta Tau Omega, House Council, Coordinating Board Chairman, Concert Chorus - LEVINSON, SYRIL, Stockton, California, SRA, Eta Epsilon Gamma, President Senior Class - LEVIS, JOYCE, Alamo, Tennessee, Music Service Guild, Kappa Alpha Phi, Personal Appear- ance Chairman - LEWIS, ESTHER GRACE, Pittsburg, Kansas, Sigma Gamma Gamma, Spanish Club, Independents, Burrall Symphony - LEWIS, JOYCE, Brownsville, Texas, Theta Tau Omega, Senior Sister, Personal Appearance Chairman - LIGGETT, JESSIE, Columbus, Ohio. LIGHTNER, BELVA JEAN, Guymon, Oklahoma, Independents, French Club, Evaluation Chairman Burrall Cabinet, Burrall Project, Junior Ideals Committee, Junior Evaluation Committee, Burrall Cabinet Ushering Committee, Evaluation Committee Re- ligion and Life Vlleek - -LINDSAY, JANE CAREY, Boyce, Virginia, Stephens League, Foreign Relations Club, Coordinating Board, Scholarship Chairman - LINEBACK, MARY EVELYN, Brinkley, Arkansas, Orchesis, SRA, Sigma Gamma Gamma, Physical Fitness Chairman, Vice-president Alpha Alpha Alpha - LOEPPERT, IVIARILYN ELIZABETH, Evanston, Illinois, SRA, Assistant treasurer Independents, Alpha Epsilon Rho, Coordinating Board Chairman, Senior Sister, Radio station KWWC staff - LOGAN, BEVERLY JEANNE, Mishawaka, Indiana, Independents, Burrall Orchestra ' LOGAN, NITA, Austin, Texas, Writers' Club, Zeta Phi Delta, Beta Phi Gamma CHonorary journalismj, Public Relations editor Stephens Life, General Library Committee. LODGSDON, PAULINE ANN, Shawneetown, Illinois, Prince of XVales Club - LoGsDoN, PIIILLIS JEANNE, Nevada, Iowa, SRA, Delta Chi Delta, Senior Advisory Board - LOHRENZ, IRIS, Chicago, Illinois, Independents - LONGSTAFF, GLORIA, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Prince of lVales Club, Swimming Club, Independents, SRA Representative, Coordinating Board - Loo, ETHEL KAM YUK, Honolulu, Hawaii, Sigma Alpha Chi, Tau Sigma Tau, Senior Sister, Junior Advisory Cabinet, House Council - LOWTHER, NONA JEAN, Webster Groves, M'issouri. A IOR Page 214 KIN KIN KIF KIR Rs. A KOC Kos KRE KRII Ku Kes KIT LAC LAH LAN LAA LAR LAR LASt LAST LAT LAII LAII LEA LEC LEH LEIII LEE LEI LEI LEI- Nuo' Club. Q . .lbfdc -'ma , . ..1r:ons 1 S'f1 - .XrrIII.'- IUIIIQI I 'Im ',D1,:I'L IZKZL .jwjm 'Ij1v:LxV- ,F In --III 1 'ini 1,1 I-vv w1'.I. -If. Iv -.- I ,HI V. , V www, ,Q ICING ICINGSLEY ICIRBY IQIRKLAND ICN.-XPP Kocfx IQIOMANICH ICREIDER IKRIGBAUM KUHN IQUSCHEL IiYLE LACEY LAIIRMANN LAMB LANGRELI. LARAWAY LARKIN LASCHINGER LASHLEY LATIMER LAXVLER LAWRENCE LEAKES LECKRONE LEHMAN, M. LEIIMAN, N. LEHTI LEIGII LEITZINC-ER LEVERTON LEVINSON LEVIS LEWIS, E. LENVIS, J. LIGGETI' LIGIITNEII LINDSAY LINEIIACK LoEI'rEIc'r LOGAN, B. IJIGAN, N . LUIJGSIJON Ixmossum I,oIIIucNz l.UNfiS'lkA1"l" L00 l,fIW'I nun l'u1g:' !!5 7 ' X, X I if f, V , A I I f ' V 1 ff ' A Eff! ' ' nas X Xu.. r ' 4, pl? gpg E LUCAS, B. LUCAS, P. LUNDIN, M. LUNDIN, P. LUPLOW LYNCH, I. LYNCH, K. LYONS LYTLE, R. MARRY MACKENZIE MACLACHLAN MAINZER MAJOR MAKARIUS MALEY MARR MARSH MARTIN, F. MARTIN, L. MARTIN, M. NIARTYN MATTHENVS MAY MAYNI3 MCADOO MCALEER MCCALL MCCARTHY MCCOLLUM MCCONNELL MCCORMICK MCCRARY MCCUMI3 MCDONALD MCDOUGALL MCGOWAN MCGRAN12 MCGRIZGOR lYlCHENRY MCICENZIE NICKINNEY, E. NICIQINNEY, MARTINA NICIQINNEY, MARY NICLANE MCLAUGIILIN MCLEAN MCNIANUS Page 216 l, . Lf, Musif. Burral miner: MARH LOTS. A SRA, LUPIJ. Club. ANN, L Club, Seniol PATRI Indep Wyoz: treasw MAC1 Deltz MAR Caml r Guild BER5 staff Pan-l ingtoa Relax wood. Cour chase I Secre senta Club Photl Proje gram mittm THEY DORA WCK an 'li Y 24... . I Page . A, .. 4,'Wi 1 L , .,,, V . A . I ' If 1 ,.z1.,-i,'51..-.-1:1 1' 1 A LW-is. B. LW-NS. P. LINDIN' M' LLIXDIN, P. LrpL,,w LYNCH, J. LYNCH' LIONS LITIE, R. hlABRy NIACRENZIE A l ACLAQHLAX Nlsixzsg MAJOR xl.-XKARIUS Xl.xLEy NIARR MARSH NIARIIX, F. MARTIN . L. ?.l.iRIIx, M, Nl xRtI'x Xl xrrusws Elm' Nl vast I-l1I.l'.Em4l Mlfj1l.I.IaER NIJ, ILL l. . MCIRIIIII' Nlwb 11-1151 lylfijl NJNELL Nl' VTIRIIICK Q .lui fR.xRY A ll 'hilt ,I f 5l'1NXi.D ytwi 'IKLL 4,f r'.'..l?5 1 I ,gt I'-lu ,norm I ,141 rj, .lllu ,il -'tlillf TIS! we .sf.. Nl-ll' I . 'f' SE LUCAS, BETTY BURNHAM, Ft. Benning, Georgia, Independents . LUCAS, PATRICIA MONTICELLO, Shreveport, Louisiana, SRA, Music Service Guild, Foreign Relations Club, Louisiana Club, Burrall Projects, Participations Committee, Scholarship Com- mittee, Meditations Committee, Stephens Life staff - LUNDIN, MARILEE, Denver, Colorado, Omega Psi - LUNDIN, PATRICIA LOIS, Minneapolis, Minnesota, Secretary-treasurer Beta Phi Gamma, SRA, Homarts Club, Foreign Relations Club, Stephens League - LUPLOW, BARBARA JEAN, Arlington, Virginia, Career Club, French Club, Treasurer Windsor Hall Independents - LYNCH, JEAN ANN, Wabar, Massachusetts, Homarts Club, Independents. LYNCH, KARSA DREW, Ethel, Missouri, Independents, Spanish Club, Co-House Manager Lela Raney Wood Hall, House Council, Senior Vespers Evaluation Committee, Burrall Projects - LYONS, PATRICIA ELIZABETH, Peoria, Illinois, Secretary French Club, Independents, Spanish Club - LYTLE, ROSEMARY, Cheyenne, Wyoming - MABRY, JO ANN, Vandalia, Illinois, Secretary- treasurer Wood Hall, Spanish Club, Burrall Liaison Group - MACKENZIE, MARY ELEANOR, Newark, Ohio, Vice-president Gamma Delta Phi, Assistant Girl Scout leader - MACLACHLAN, PAULA MARIE, West Newton, Massachusetts, Homarts Club, Independent Campus Group Chairman. MAINZER, JOAN MARIE, Erie, Pennsylvania, Music Service Guild, Honor Music Group, Sigma Gamma Gamma - MAJOR, BERNICE, Washington, Pennsylvania, WCO, Radio Station KWWC staff . MAKARIUS, ANN ELIZABETH, Dayton, Ohio, Phi Phi Phi, Pan-Hellenic Project Chairman - MALEY, JULIA, Omak, Wash- ington, Legislature, President of President Wood's Home, Foreign Relations Club, House Council - MARR, PHYLLIS ARDEN, Holly- wood, California, French Club, Campus Group Promotor for Senior Court Independents, SAB . MARSH, SALLY ANN, Waban, Massa- chusetts, Vice-president Kappa Alpha Phi. MARTIN, FRANCES SUE, Columbia, .Missouri, Independents, Secretary-treasurer Alpha Pi Epsilon, House Manager, SRA Repre- sentative . MARTIN, LAURA ELLEN, Danville, Illinois, German Club, Independents, Phi Theta Kappa, Meditations Chairman Photographer Stephensophia staff, WCO Committee, Burrall Project . MARTIN, MARILYN MAE, El Dorado, Arkansas, Pro- gram Chairman Tower Hall Independents, Senior Ideals Com- mittee - MARTYN, MARGARET, Dallas, Texas, SRA - MAT- THEWS, JOANNE, Mt. Clemens, Michigan, Independents - MAY, DORIS JANE, New York, New York, Picture editor Stephens Life, WCO Steering Committee, Independent. Gleaming oars and sparkling water! IOR MAYNE, HESTER ELLEN, Cincinnati, Ohio, Spanish Club, Inde- pendents . MCADOO, BETTY, Union City, Tennessee, Independ- ents - MCALEER, PATRICIA, Chandler, Oklahoma, Independents, SRA - MCCALL, ANN, Lexington, Tennessee, Eta Epsilon Gamma - MCCARTHY, ELLEN ELIZABETH, Toledo, Ohio, Glennon Club - MCCOLLUM, BARBARA LOU, West Frankfort, Illinois, Independents, Spanish Club. MCCONNELL, JANICE LOU, Coldwater, Michigan, Phi Theta Kappa, Theta Tau Omega, Senior Sister Chairman, Burrall Liaison Group, Sloan Library Committee - MCCORMICK, DOROTHY ANN, Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan, Secretary-treasurer Beta Phi Gamma, Writers' Club, Kappa Alpha Phi, Literary Editor Stephensophia, Junior Board Stephens Life - MCCRARY, MILDREN JANE, Hot Springs, Arkansas, Psi Chi Omicron, Chairman Foreign Student Fund, Psychology Discussion Group - MCCUNE, MARY LOU, Bowling Green, Missouri - MCDONALD, ELIZABETH, Columbus, Georgia - MCDOUGALL, MARY LAURA, Suttgart, Arkansas, In- dependents, Participations Chairman LRW, Methodist Student Organization. ' MCGOWAN, MARGARET ELIZABETH, Glendale, Arizona, Vice- president Book Club, Omega Psi, Phi Theta Kappa, House Manager Fielding Smith, Burrall Liaison Group, Burrall Evaluation Com- mittee - MCGRANE, MARY LOU, Grosse Pointe, Michigan, Independent Association Publicity Committee, Bulletin Board Committee, Burrall Choir - MCGREGOR, 'MARGARET' ANNE, Fillmore, California, Independents, Spanish Club, SRA, Foreign Relations Club, Coordinating Board, Health Council - MC- HENRY, PATRICIA, Minerva, Ohio, Independents, Campus Participa- tion Committee, Coordinating Board - MCKENZIE, MARJORIE PAYE, Baxter, Iowa, Independents - MCKINNEY, ELIZABETH DUNCAN, Elkton, Kentucky, Foreign Relations Club, French Club, Beta Phi Gamma, Health Committee. MCKINNEY, MARTINA, Birmingham, Michigan, Independents, Coordinating Board Chairman Columbia Hall - MCKINNEY MARY GLEN, Nacodoches, Texas - MCLANE, JOAN, Piedmont Missouri, French Club, Foreign Relations Club, Independents - MCLAUGHLIN, AUDREY, Glendale, California, Independents o MC- LEAN, NANCY, Hauer, Wisconsin, SRA, Phi Lambda Beta, Senior r Sister - MCMANUS, MARY ELIZABETH, Glenwood Springs, Colo- ado, Stephens League, Spanish Club, PhifLambda Beta. l'age:2I7 l MCMATH, ANN CALHOUN, Americas, Georgia, Independents, Spanish Club - MCNAMARA, MARY I., Huntington, Indiana, Independents, Burrall Project - MCNEILL, PAULINE, Tulsa, Oklahoma, Independents - IVIEANS, PATRICIA CLOTAIRE, Bruns- wick, Maine, Independents - IVIEEK, JEANNETTE, Alligator, lllissis- sippi, Music Service Guild, Phi Lambda Beta - MELLENKAMP, NIARION RAE, Park Ridge, Illinois, Independents, Secretarial Club. IVIERCER, IVIARY LORA, Columbia, lllissouri, Army-Anchor Brats, Concert Chorus, Phi Phi Phi, Treasurer Town Hall, Independents, Senior Sister, Burrall Project - NIERREM, MARY ELIZABETH Houston, Texas, Psi Chi Omicron, Chi Delta Phi, Associate Editor, Stephens Standard, IVithin the Ivy StaII, Pan-Hellenic Review, SRA . NIETCALFE, MARX' ELIZABETH, Madisonville, Kentucky, Inde- pendents, Senior Sister, Evening Prayer Council, 7:22 Committee - IVIETZEROTT, SARA LOUISE, Washington, D. C., Army-Anchor Brats, Orchesis, Phi Phi Phi, Tau Sigma Tau, Vice-President Chi Delta Phi, Stephensophia Staff - NIETZGER, BARBARA, Frankfort, Michigan, President Kappa Alpha Phi, Burrall Ideas Committee, Chairman Senior Open House - IVIEYERS, NANCY IVIARIE, Wil- melte, Illinois, Secretary Tau Sigma Tau, Editor Behind the Ivy, Cartoonist Stephens Life, Independents. I BIICHEL, FLORENCE, SI. Paul, Minnesota, Independents - BIIDDLETOX, STEPHANIE, Brouxville, New York, Independents - NIILES, ZOE ANN, Terre Haute, Indiana, Career Club, Radio VVorlc- shop, Theta Tau Omega, Religious Attendance Committee, Missouri liniversity Radio Xliorlcshop, Editorial staff Tawertime - NIILLER, BIE'I"I'Y RAY, ilfiami, Florida, Independents, Burrall Project . hlIl,l.l'IR, BI.-XRGARET lSLlZAIiE'l'II, Columbus, Georgia, Prince of Wales Club, Homarts Club, Senior Council, Independents, lVCO,SRA . BIILLIER, PATRICIA ANN, Por! Angeles, Washington, Independents, Spanish Club, Sloan Library Committee. AIILLIKAN, ELAINE, Grand Prairie, Texas, Independents, Ste- phens League, French Club, President Lela Raney XVood Hall, Secretary-treasurer Senior Court. Legislature - BIILLS, NANCY, .llnzmlaiu Lakes, .Yew -ler1L'ey, Prince OI XYales Club, Homarts Club, SRA, Treasurer LRXY Hall Independents - BIILLS, PATRICIA, Springfield, Ohio. Secretary LRXX' Independents, French Club, I-louse Manager. Burrall Project - AIILTOX, KATI-IRYN LOUISE, illiami, Florida - AIINER, VIRGINIA, Sain! Cloud, ,lI1Tm,,g3,,m, Independents, Burr-all Project - BIIRRIELEES. HELENA ELIZA- BETH, Cliicaga, Illinois. Homarts Club. Beta Phi Gamma, Inde- pendents, Secretary-treasurer lYhiIe Hall, Assistant Literary Editor Sleplzeizsoplzza, Editor Lfznralirzes. S E I 'Twas the night before Christmas MITTEN, HARRIET, Goodland, Indiana, President Briggadettes, Spanish Club, Foreign Relations Club, Alpha Alpha Alpha, Secre- tary Band Club - MOEN, ANNABELLE, Moorhead, Minnesota, Vice-President Phi Phi Phi, Tau Sigma Tau, Concert Chorus, WCO Committee '- MOLLE, NANCY ELLEN, Marshall, Minnesota, Secre- tary-treasurer Foreign Relations Club, Hypatia Hexagon, French Club, Rostrum, Phi Theta Kappa, Independent Steering Committee - MOODY, DOROTHY ANNE, Austin, Texas - MOORE, BILLIE JEAN, Winchester, Kentucky, Chairman Scholarship Committee, Representative Junior Council, Senior Sister, Beta Sigma Beta - MORGAN, RAMONA L., Cadillac, Michigan, Independents, Tau Sigma Tau, Stephens League. MORIN, ANN MARIE, Pontiac, Illichigan, Treasurer Sigma Alpha Chi, Concert Chorus - MORRISON, FRANCES, Hyattsville, Mary- land, Radio Workshop KVVVVC, Sigma Alpha Chi - MOSIERI BONNYBELL, Waterloo, Iowa, Beta Phi Gamma . IVIOULTHROPI LUCY ELIZABETH, Eufaula, Alabama, Beta Phi Gamma, Senior Vespers Evaluation Committee, KWWC staff - IVIURPHEYI GEORGE ANN, Boyce, Louisiana, Independents, Tau Sigma Tau f MURPHY, ELIZABETH A., Grosse Pointe, .Michigan, Editor-in-Chief Stephens Standard, Board of Publications, Aviation Club, Chi Delta Phi, Independents. MURRAY, BARBARA ANN, Olean, New York, Independents, Par- ticipations Chairman, Coordinating Board - MUSSETTER, MARI- LYN, Des Moines, Iowa, Senoir Sister - IVIYERS, CATHERINE EVALINE, Boone, Iowa, Phi Theta Kappa, WCO Chairman, SpaniSh Club, Music Service Guild, Sigma Gamma Gamma - NASH, NINA JEAN, Dallas, Texas, Coordinating Board, Independents, FOP- eign Relations Club - NEIL, VIRGINIA ANN, Palestine, Texas, Spanish Club, Zeta Phi Delta . NELSON, CHARLOTTE ANN, SW Antonia, Texas, Independents, Coordinating Board Chairman, Senior Sister. NELSON, GREI'A NIARIE, Santiago de Cuba . NELSON, MARY MARTHA Albert Lea, Minnesota, President Swimming Club, SRA' Assistant Photography Editor Stephensophia, Advertising stafff Sfwllensopliia - NESBIT, ALENE, Syracuse, New York, HYPf1Ua Hexagon, Independents, Campus Physical Fitness Chairman, SRA - NEVIS, ROBERTA, Anderson, Indiana, XVCO, Gamma Delta Phi, Phi Theta Kappa, Theta Alpha Epsilon, junior House Council Vesper Evaluation Committee - NENVKIRK, BETTY GAY, Green- ville, Illinois, Zeta Phi Delta . NICHOLS, IvIAReIA JANE, Elyfrfl Ollie' Phi Theta KHDDH, SRA, Vice-president Pan-Hellenic Council Psi Chi Omicron, Alpha Pi Epsilon. Page 218 fi:-'l u "Dba- guiezneg, . Secre- I: vzexofa, S. XYCO . Secre- French :miuee HILLIE KTLIEICC. . Sigma I Xfpha "-my ISZER. LIQOP. 4f:niOr '1 NUI" ....,I, , f'k3,.f TJUNZL VIV- ',f2F'I- Aff: ,312-H I-'I I r.. Puf- fm i 1 I MCMATH NIC1NAM.-XR.-X 1VICNEILL NIEANS NIEEK MELLENKAMP MERCER M ERREM NIETCALFE NIETZEROTT NIETZGER NIEYERS MICHEL NIIDDLETON MILES MILLER, B. MILLER, M. MILLER, P. NIILLIKAN NIILLS, N. MILLS, P. MILTON MINER NIIRRIELEES NIITTEN MOEN MOLLE MOODY MOORE MORGAN MORIN MORRISON MOSIER MOULTHROI' MURPI-IEY, G. MURPHY, E. M URRAY 1VIUSSE'l"l'ER MYERS NASH NEIL NELSON NELSON, C, NELSON, M. Nlcsnrl Nlivfs NLWKIRR NICHOLS lHOy'dl0 w -m- E-:E--M-S:w,,,u . , if 'WJ 'V .,. ' ,lfi ", ,W , Q2 4 R, 5, .4 N ICKMAN s NIMTZ NORMAN NORTON N OTGRASS NUTTER D , I OBERLIN ' I OETEDAHL 4 OGDEN I O'HAIR OHM E ? OLIEE 5 F .S OLIPHANT S G OLIVER C O P, LSON C OLTMANNS M OMARA j l O ' NEAL A, Se M. ORMAN Al, ORMEROD if OSBORNE BU 1111 OSTEN-SACKEN . PACE Inq mal PARKS Cou PARR Fen PASEK gig PATRICK f Indl - 1 PATTEN gal PAUL E1 ADD PEARCE Spax Bun Rep PEASLEY I PCM PECKENSCHNEIDER PEERY PERRY, E. PERRY, 1. PERRY, M. PETRANOEE PETTY PHIETTEPLACE PHILLIPS PIERCE PILATSKY PITTS PLATT, G. PLATT, J. PLECK POE POINDEXTER Page 220 Page Y X N iss N HL INT R xxs I ,L s zoo xt -Sscxtx , li AQCIIXEIDER 3 I.. , Nl. tal IFF 1- rv, ICE ri. I I 2 V NH, :ill SE NICRMAN, NIARION JOAN, Hinsdale, Illinois, Spanish Club, Zeta Mu Alpha, Student Cabinet Representative - NIMTZ, JOYCE EDITH, Des Plaines, Illinois, Treasurer Career Club, President and accompanist Choralettes, Independents, Alpha Pi Epsilon - NORMAN, IVIARTHA JANE, Fredoria, Kansas . NORMAN, IVIARY Jo, Fredoria, Kansas, Independents, Band Club, Career Club . NOR- TON, FAYETTA, Balboa, Canal Zone, Homarts Club, WCO Steering Committee, Independents, Baptist Church Choir - NOTGRASS, EUGENIA, Nashville, Tennessee, Beta Sigma Beta, Sigma Gamma Gamma - NUTTER, IVA, Honduras, Central America, Foreign, Relations Club, Stephens League, Spanish Club, Independents. OBERLIN, AUDREY JOYCE, Culver, Indiana, Stephens League, Secretary-treasurer Zeta Mu Alpha - OETEDAHL, MARY ELLEN, Wayne, Indiana, Phi Phi Phi, Senior Cabinet, Tau Sigma Tau, Senior Vespers Evaluation Committee, Chairman Foreign Student Fund Drive, Junior staff Stephensophia - OGDEN, TALLULAH, Sulligent, Alabama, Beta Phi Gamma, Phi Theta Kappa, Senior Sister Chairman - O'HAIR, KATHERINE ANN, Flagstaff, Arizona, German Club, Beta Sigma Beta, Senior Sister, Standing Ideals Committee, Engineering and production staff KWWC - OHM, PATRICIA LOUISE, Eau Claire, Wisconsin, Vice-president German Club, Independents - OLIFF, JACQUELINE, Chicago, Illinois, Music Service Guild, Independents. OLIPHANT, MARY Goss, San Diego, California, Orchesis, Army- Anchor Brats, SRA, Spanish Club, Tau Sigma Tau, Independents, Senior Sister, Chairman Standing Ideals Committee - OLIVER, MERCIA LOUISE, Apalachicola, Florida, Career Club, Florida Club, Alpha Pi Epsilon, Secretary WCO - OLSON, DONNA RAE, Fort Dodge, Iowa, SRA, Chairman Terrace Hall, Kappa Alpha Phi, Presi- dent Fielding Smith Hall, Secretary Standing Ideals Committee, Burrall Liaison Group - OLTMANNS, EVELYN JEAN, Lincoln, Illinois, Senior Sister, Secretary Alpha Epsilon Rho, Independents . OMARA, JEAN, Oak Park, Illinois, French Club, Delta Sigma, Independents, Participations Chairman, Coordinating Board Chair- man - O'NEAL, ANN, Trop, Alabama, Sigma Alpha Phi, Senior Council. ORMAN, MARY JANE, Columbia, Missouri, Secretary-treasurer Fencing Club, Kappa Alpha Phi, Tau Sigma Tau, Senior Sister, Treasurer Junior Steering Committee, Junior Class Council - ORMEROD, BARBARA ANN, Short Hills, New Jersey, Stephens League, Independents, Senior Sister, House Manager, Burrall Project Leader . OSBORNE, VIRGINIA, Santa Ana, California, President Windsor Hall Independents, Career Club, Senior Sister - OSTEN-SACKEN, HELEN ELIZABETH, Hart, Michigan, Sigma Alpha Chi, Personal Appearance Committee - PACE, CATHERINE, Plainview, Texas, Spanish Club, SRA, Independents, Junior Steering Committee, Burrall Cabinet, Social Adequacy Committee, Evening Prayer Representative - PARKS, JANE H., Petoskey, Michigan, Inde- pendents. They've got a monopoly PARR, BETTY CHARLINE, Houston, Texas, Spanish Club, Foreign Relations Club, Alpha Alpha Alpha, Prince of NVales Club - PASEK, ELIZABETH JANE, While Plains, New York, Independents, Evening Prayer Representative, Burrall Project Leader, Participa- tions Chairman, Secretary Coordinating Board - PATRICK, MARY JOYCE, Jasper, Alabama, Independents, Tau Sigma Tau, Senior Sister, Campus Publicity Chairman - PATTEN, IVIARJORIE MAVIS, Winston-Salem, North Carolina, Independents, French Club, Theta Alpha Epsilon - PAUL, ROSEMARIE, lllilwaukee, Wisconsin, House Council, Senior Sister, Prince of Wales Club - PEARCE, BETTY, Birmingham, Alabama, Delta Rho Alpha, Secretary-treasurer Laura Stephens Hall, Senior Sister, Independents. PEASLEY, MARY LOU, Lomax, Illinois, Treasurer Spanish Club, Independents - PECKENSCHNEIDER, MARY LOUISE, Halstead, Kansas, German Club, Delta Chi Delta, Secretary-treasurer South Hall, SRA, House Council - PEERY, JEANNE ALICE, Odessa, Texas . PERRY, ELIZABETH ANNE, Charleston, West Virginia, Vice-president Fashion Club, President West Virginia Club, Tau Sigma Tau, Independents - PERRY, JANE TURNER, Troy, Ohio, Secretary German Club, Vice-president South Hall Independents, President Alpha Pi Epsilon, Secretarial Club, SRA - PERRY, MARY YVONNE, Phoenix, Arizona, Second vice-president Senior Class, Eta Epsilon Gamma. PETRANOFF, NAIDA, Indianapolis, Indiana, President South Hall, Music Service Guild, German Club, Senior Sister, Independ- ents - PETTY, BETTY JEAN, Daytona Beach, Florida, Treasurer' South Hall, Secretarial Club, Career Club, Independents, Junior Advisory Board, House Manager, Senior Sister, House Council - PHETTEPLACE, ANN, Eugene, Oregon, Purple Cowl, Chairman Coun- cil House Manager, Senior Sister, Independents - PHILLIPS, JEANNE, Doniphan, Missouri, Independents - PIERCE, UYVONNE, Alexandria, Louisiana, Independents, French Club, Foreign Rela- tions Club - PILATSKY, MARGUERY, Rockville Center, New York, SRA, Tau Sigma Tau, Orchesis. PITTS, MARY KATHRYN, Sylacauga, Alabama, Project chairman Delta Chi Delta, Social Committee Fielding Smith Hall, Sigma Gamma Gamma - PLATT, GWENDOLYN, Wheaton, Illinois, Vice- president Phi Theta Kappa, Secretary-treasurer Columbia Hall Independents, WCO Steering Committee, Campus Photo Service staff, SRA, Senior Swimming Club - PLATT, JEAN TODD, New Britain, Connecticut, Independents - PLECK, MARY ALICE, Stur- geon Bay, Wisconsin, Foreign Relations Club - POE, ELIZABETH ANN, Vincennes, Indiana, Music Service Guild, Homarts Club, Spanish Club, Theta Tau Omega - POINDEXTER, BERNICE, Huntington, West Virginia, Delta Sigma, Independents. Page ZZ I Ls.. xnteaf PoI.LEN, JEAN, Winnetka, Illinois, President Orchesis, Delta Sigma - POPE, BETTY, Richton, Illississippi, Independents - POXVLEN, LESLIE JOAN, Logansport, In- diana, Feature editor Ste- phens Life, Life Junior Board, Aviation Club, Writers' Club, Gamma Delta Phi, Junior Class Steering Committee, Junior Class Council, Senior Vespers Ideas Committee w PRAYTOR, CAROL, Hattiesburg, Illississippi, Spanish Clttb, Secretarial Club, Phi Theta Kappa, Alpha Pi Epsilon, Eta Epsilon Gamma, Social Ade- quacy Committee, Bttrrall Cabinet - PUGSLEY, PATRICIA ANN, Cleveland, Ohio, Aviation Club, Swimming Club, Independents - PURDY, JOANNE IVIARIE, Caro, Michigan, Beta Phi Gamma, Secre- tarial Club. QUINBY, PAMELA RUSR, Zanesville, Ohio, Vice-president Delta Chi Delta, WCO - RAMSEY, BILLIE, Grinnell, Iowa, Independents, Senior Advisory Board - RAMSEY, SUZANNE, Springjield, Ohio, Homarts Club, Delta Chi Delta - RATHJE, HELEN, Peotone, Illinois, Secretary-treasurer Lela Raney Wood Independents - RATLIFE, IVIINNIE V., Birmingham, Alabama, Kappa Alpha Phi, Sigma Gamma Gamma - RAYBURN, DOROTHY, Savannah, Georgia, House Manager Hillcrest I-Iall, Homarts Club, Gamma Delta Phi, Sophomore Steering Committee. RAYMOND, RUTH A., Barberton, Ohio, Homarts Club, President Linden Hall Independents, Campus Group Chairman - READ NANCY JANE, Los Angeles, California, President South Hall Inde- pendents, Army-Anchor Brats, Alpha Epsilon Rho, Senior Sister, Script director KVVWC, Junior Advisory Board - RECH, DORO- THY EVELYN, Swansea, lllassachusetts, Orchesis, Independents, SRA, Senior Sister - REDMAN, DELORES, Streator, Illinois, Independ- ents, Spanish Club - REECE, LOUISE, Washington, D. C., Homarts Club, Independents, Scholarship Committee - REED, IVIILDRED H.-KIRSTON, Silver City, ilfississippi, Beta Phi Gamma, Stephens League, Burrall Project Leader. v REED, IJHYLLIS, Chicago, Illinois, SRA, Independents - REEDER, LYNN, Portagetiille, ilfissouri, IIIdependeIItS - REESE, AIARJORIE, Columbus, Ohio, Prince of Wlales Club, Independents, Senior Sister, SRA Chairman - REEYE5, BEVERLY, Salinas, California, German Club, Beta Sigma Beta - REIER, CLARINDA AIARGARET, llrsfneld, .Yew Jersey, President Gamma Delta Phi - lIl3TTERl3l'Sll, PAMELA ANN, lltinclzeslrr, Indiana, Spanish Club, Independents, Bttrrall Project, I'Iumanities Award. REYNOLDS, BARBARA ANN. Sturgeon Bay, l'lfI'SC0l1Sl'7I, Delta Chi Delta. Spanish Club. SRA - REYNOLDS, Al.-'RRY I':LlZABETH, Uplarttl. California. President Hatcher Hall, Spanish Clttb, SRA, Stephens League, Independents - RICE. JOAN, .Uilu'aukee, lliis- rnusirt. Secretary-treasurer Oakcrest Independents. Secretary Ste- phens League - RICHARDSON, DANA PAYE, lkvilde, Texas, CSB, Tau Sigma Tau. Independents - RICIITER. .ALICE VIRGINIA, llkslfifld. Next' .lt'r,vt'y, Kappa Alpha. Senior Sister. Burrall Cabinet SEI All set for the game . RICKER, ELIZABETH ANN, Orlando, Florida, Zeta Mu Alpha, Vice- president Florida Club, Senior Council. RIDDELL, MARGIE LOU, Brookfield, Missouri, Vice-president Country Club, Independents - RILEY, PATRICIA, Green Bay, Iflfisconsin, Independents, Spanish Club, WCO, SRA Representative, Senior Advisory Committee - RIVES, ALICE LAIRD, Las Vegas, New lllexico, Secretary Civic Association Division Heads, Secretary Coordinating Board, Senior Sister, Personal Appearance Chairman, Alpha Pi Epsilon, Independents - ROBBINS, SALLY RUSSELL, Longmeadow, Illassachusetts, President Prince of Wales Club, Presi- dent Tower Hall, Chairman Junior Advisory Board, Independents, Burrall Liaison Group, Illadernoiselle College Board - ROBERT, ADA LOU, Breckenridge, Texas, Secretary-treasurer Zeta Phi Delta, Music Service Guild, Participations Committee - ROBERTS DORIS JEAN, Dalhart, Texas, Career Club, Spanish Club, Foreign Relations Club, Zeta Phi Delta, Choralettes. 7 ROBERTS, NANCY, Barnweld, New York, Vice-president Inde- pendents, Senior Sister, Burrall Liaison Group, SRA - ROBERTS PEGGY ANN, Pittsford, New York, Independents - ROBINS, PHYLLIS SYBIL, Youngstown, Ohio, Homarts Club, Phi Lambda Beta, Personal Appearance Committee - ROBINSON, ELIZABETH SUSAN, Farmington, Missouri, Aviation Club, Independents, Senior Sister Chairman - ROBINSON, JEAN MARIE, Winchester, Virginia, Beta Sigma Beta, Senior Sister, Standing Ideals Committee - ROBIN- SON, NANCY ANNE, Concord, North Carolina, President Student Board of Publications, Theta Tau Omega, Phi Theta Kappa, Beta Phi Gamma Chonorary journalismj, Editor Within the Ivy, Standing Ideals Committee, Burrall Liaison Group, Council of Division Heads. ROGER, CLAIRE, Detroit, Michigan, Homarts Club, SRA,f'House Manager, Senior Sister, Independents - BARTOW, RIVERS ROG- ERS, Greenville, Ildississippi, Kappa Alpha Phi, Senior Advisor to Junior Class - ROLPH, ICARAN HOLMBURG, Los Banos, California Secretary-treasurer Lela Raney VVood Hall, Spanish Club, Inde- pendents, Burrall Project Leader, Vespers Evaluation Committee, Sophomore Council - RONDINELLI, ALICE MARGARET, Arecibo Puerto Rico, Secretary Aviation Hall Independents, Spanish Club, Aviation Club - ROOME, IVIARY ALICE, Eugene, Oregon, Adver- tising editor Stephensophia, Vice-president Beta Phi Gamma Cjour- nalismj, SRA, French Club, Independents, Stephens League, Senior Sister, I-louse Manager, House Council, Vespers Evaluation Com- mittee, Burrall Projects . ROSE, ANN THOMAS, Henderson, North Carolina, Gamma Delta Phi, Participations Committee, Burrall Project Leader. 1 ! IOR Page 222 I'ttl,l.lz I york pgwtli IHIAYT' PUGSLIE Patti' QUIMBI RAIISE' RAIISE' RATHII Rnur RAYBU RAIIIO READ RECH REDIIA REECE REED, REED, REEDE REESE REEIE REIER RETTEI REYNO Rtrsti RICE RICHA RICHTI RICIIE RIIJDE RILEY RIVES ROBBI Rossi Rossi Rout ROBI5 ROBIQ Roan Ronig Rotaig RQGE BART Rotp Roxn RGOI R053 Page L Yige. wienn R Ja Is, Live, my, ALJ' 'SILTY rman, NS-I --J., J K, -SI. Jffllf. BERT. nba ...O f:Hff, Trilfl I P l'Z 51135. I" u I :V .ffl .':S' .J IV I1'fI,l ffm! -IDU POLLEN POPE POWLEN PRAYTOR PUGSLEY PURDY QUIIIBY RAIISEY, B. RAMSEY, S. RATHJE RATLIFF RAYBURN RAYMOND READ RECH REDMAN REECE REED, M. REED, P. REEDER REESE REEVES REIER RETTERBUSH REYNOLDS, B. REYNOLDS, M. RICE RICHARDSON RICIITER RICKER RIDDELL RILEY RIVES ROBBINS ROBERT ROBERTS, D. ROBERTS, ROBERTS, P. ROBINS ROBINSON, li. ROBINSON, j. ROBINSON, N. ROGER B.xIz'I'Ow ROI,I'II RONIIIxIcI,I,I ROOMI13 ROSE ,JUMP 22.3 I ,g WM - fm ' My f ff? V' 2 ,wx 7 ' ..A -.h-.1-. ,qw KN. J K Y Y . i '- , rm L vl I Q-'-X 4? ' . I. . I "r a -... . X -- '.:...,:, II ..uv"m. ' 7 ff f ROSHONG ROTH ROYER RUDOLPH RUESCH RUESELER RUHL RUST ST. JOHN SALSTROM SAMUELSON SAMSOM SCHAAF SCHAAP SCHARDT SCHARPENBERG SCHILLING SCHAMDEKE SCHMIDT SCHOOLEY SCHULETN SCHUSTER SCHWAGER SCOTT, G. SCOTT, J. SCOTT, L. SELLERS SEXAUER SEYBOLD, A. SEYBOLD, M. SHAINHERG SHANTZ SHARP, J. SHARP, S. SHAW A SHEAF SHEFFIELD SHEPARDSON SHERMAN SHIPLEY SHORT SHRIVER SHUNR SIGGINS SILBERSTEIN SIMPSON SISR SRTLLINGBERG Page 224 SR RTI C11 1071 Br C11 CA De Prf art Bu mix We Ha Cal 8l'1C fora der Sig B01 Ste dpi WC Pre XA We Co Inc U6 Pe. Ste Ca I SEI S 'l ER M SON NBERG YG ERE QY Y -fs LA J. 4 - A. , Nl. 4 I ROSHONG, SHIRLEY BIAXINE, Oberlin, Kansas, Beta Phi Gamma, Tau Sigma Tau - ROTH, BARBARA, Columbia, Missouri, Stephen- Sgphia stati secretary - ROYER, EENA LoUIsE, Laramie, Wyorning, Independents, Homarts Club, President Wlyoming Club, Burrall Choir, Choralettes, Participations Committee - RUDOLPH, BEV- ERLY ANNE, Brush, Colorado, Spanish Club, Secretary-treasurel' Alpha Alpha Alpha, House Manager, Senior Sister . RUESCH, VIRGINIA, Peoria, Illinois, German Club, Sigma Alpha Chi, Senior Sister, Participations Chairman - IRUESELER, RUTH ALICE, Cape Girardeau, Ilfissouri, Music Service Guild, Sigma Gamma Gamma, Vice-president Delta Rho Alpha. RUHL, IVIARGERY NIAE, Birmingham, Illichigan, Independents, SRA Representative, Coordinating Board Chairman, VVCO - RUST, BILLIE JEAN, Tacoma, Washington, Secretary Prince of Wales Club, SRA, Independents - ST. JOHN, JOAN MARIE, Bingharn. mn, A7910 York, Independents, Theta Alpha Epsilon, Concert Chorus, Brigadettes . SALSTROM, JOSEPHINE ANN, Britt, Iowa, Spanish Club, Independents, Health Committee - SAMUELSON, HELEN CAROLLE, Twin Falls, Idaho, Independents, Tau Sigma Tau, Chi Delta Phi, President Book Club, Coordinating Board, Senior Sister . SANSOM, HAZEL NIARIE, George West, Texas, Theta Tau Omega, Project Chairman. SCHAAF, PATRICIA LEE, Jasper, Indiana, Spanish Club, Hom- arts Club, Music Service Guild, Secretary Band Club, Independents, Burrall Symphony Orchestra, Symphonic Band, Participations Com- mittee . SCHAAP, SUSAN NIAE, Sacramento, California, Prince of Wales Club, SRA, Psi Chi Omicron, Secretary-treasurer Columbia Hall, Stephens Life staff - SCHARDT, PAULINA JOYCE, San Mateo California, Independents, Coordinating Board, Personal Appear- ance Chairman - SCHARPENBERG, Lois ANN, Bakersfield, Cali- fornia, Student Activity Board, Independents, Spanish Club, Presi- I 'dent Delta Sigma - SCHILLING, BARBARA JEAN, Beno, Oregon, Sigma Alpha Chi, Secretary-treasurer Hillcrest Hall, Coordinating Board Chairman, Vice-president Campus Coordinating Board, Stephensophia staff - SCHMADEKE, IVIARILYN LUCILLE, Indian- apolis, Indiana, Sigma Alpha Chi, Senior Sister. SCHMIDT, NIARTI-IA JANE, Madison, Nebraska, Independents, WCO . SCHOOLEY, ELLIE, Janesville, Wisconsin, Independents, President Senior Hall Independents, Burrall Choir - SCHULEIN, NANCY GRACE, Spokane, IfVash1'ngton, Alpha Epsilon Rho, Treasurer Wales Hall Independents, President XVood Hall, President Senior Court . SCHUSTER, MARY GAIL,El111IZ1t1'Sl, Illinois, Aviation Club, Independents . SCI-IXVAGER, JANET, Zion, Illinois, Secretary- treasurer Alpha Phi, Burrall Project - SCOTT, GLORIA ANN, St. Petersburg, Florida, Alpha Alpha Alpha, Alpha Epsilon Rho, Junior Steering Committee, Production manager KXVVVC, Senior Advisory Cabinet. No one can say we're camera shy OR SCOTT, JANE WILSON, Akron, Ohio, Independents, Tau Sigma Tau, Senior Sister, House Manager, Burrall Liaison Group - SCOTT, LYDIA SANDERSON, Northhampton, Massachusetts, French Club, Independents, XVCO Representative, Burrall Liaison Group - SELLERS, JEANNE GLIFFORD, Palo Alto, California, Aviation Club, Spanish Club, Independents, Personal Appearance Chairman, Senior Sister . SEXAUER, FLORENCE ROWENE, Los Angeles, California, Burrall Projects, Independents - SEYBOLD, ALICE, Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, Independents, Spanish Club - SEYBOLD, NIARGARET, Cincinnati, Ohio, Psi Chi, Senior Cabinet. SHAINBERG, THELMA RUTI-I, New Madrid, Missouri, Music Service Guild, Band Club, Zeta Phi Delta, Symphonic Band, Burrall Symphony Orchestra - SHANTZ, HERMIONE, New Haraford, New York, SRA, Independents, Burrall Cabinet, Burrall Liaison Group, Junior Ideas Committee, Evening Prayer Chairman, Physical Fit- ness Chairman - SHARP, JOAN, Lewisburg, Tennessee, Secretary- treasurer Psi Chi Omicron - SHARP, SARA FRANCES, Pulaski, Tennessee, Alpha Alpha Alpha, Coordinating Board - SHAW, ANNE FRANCES, Ashland, Kentucky, Phi Phi Phi, Theta Alpha Epsilon, Beta Phi Gamma, Editor-in-chief Slephensophia, Sunrise Choir, Mademoiselle College Board, Student Board of Publications . SHEAF, MARY LOU, Columbus, Ohio, SRA, Independents, Foreign Relations Club. i SHEFFIELD, PATRICIA ANN, Paris, Texas, Sigma Alpha Chi, Tau Sigma Tau, Treasurer Pan-Hellenic Council - SHEPARDSON, JEAN, Wellesley Hills, Massachusetts, Kappa Alpha Phi, Participa- tions Committee - SHERMAN, JEAN, Rochester, New York, Inde- pendents, Senior Sister, Windsor. Hall Cheerleader -' SHIPLEY, VERNELL JEANNETTE, Mt. Dora, Florida, Independents, Secretarial Club,Alpha Pi Epsilon - SHORT, BEVERLY JEAN,Harnlet, Indiana, Delta Chi Delta, SRA Representative, Senior Sister, Burrall Liaison Group . SHRIVER, MARY ANN, Gallatin, Tennessee, Independ- ents, Alpha Pi Epsilon, Senior Council. A SHUNK, ROSALIE, Columbia, Missouri, Music Service Guild, Sigma Gamma Gamma, Independents - SIGGINS, BEVERLY ANNE, Detroit, Michigan, President Phi Lambda Beta - SILBERSTEIN, NIARGIE SYBIL,A1LSlfi7'l, Texas, Independents - I SIMPSON, MILDRED IANNE, Arnarillo, Texas, Alpha Alpha Alpha, Theta Alpha Epsilon - SISK, BARBARA JEAN, Nashville, Tennessee, Eta Epsilon Gamma, Senior Ideas Committee, Burrall Choir - SKILLINGBERG, .MAR- JORIE LOUISE, Portland, Oregon, Independents, President Phi Theta Kappa, Chairman Burrall Project, Senior Sister, Chairman -Medita- tions Committee. l'11tg1' .255 -:'-'- ....... lg GN... Q f . ,f"' "-- 4 fag.- , .... ..., , ...,,, fe if ' V' ...,,..:.. SKINNER, LESLIE BRECK- ENRIDGE, Leavenworth, Kan- sas, Burrall Choir, Gamma Delta Phi, Burrall Project Chairman, Chairman For- eign Student Fund Drive - SKUSE, LOUISE ADELE, Cha- grin Falls, Ohio, SRA, Ho- marts Club, Omega Psi, Phi Theta Kappa, WCO Council, Senior Court Representative WCO - SLAGERMAN, MAXINE JOY, Gonvick, Minnesota, Spanish Club, Independents, Senior Advisory Board, Evening Prayer Choir s SLOCUM, JEAN, Pelham Illanor, New York, Aviation Club, Prince of Wales Club, Swimming Club, SRA - SMITH, BARBARA ANN, Sedalia, Missouri, Secre- tarial Club, SRA, Kappa Alpha Phi, Student Cabinet Representative, Senior Vespers Evaluation Committee - SMITH, ELIZABETH EUNICE, Phoenix, Arizona, Vice-president Student Board of Publica- tions, Theta Tau Omega, Managing editor Behind the Ivy. SMITH, EMILY JANE, Hinsdale, Illinois, Senior Sister, Inde- pendents - SMITH, ESTHER PHYLLIS, West Frankfort, Illinois Independents, Stephens Life staff, Burrall Symphony Orchestra '- SMITH, JUNE HELEN, Pewukee, Wisconsin, Senior Ideas Committee Independents, Campus Group Promoter, Personal Appearance Com- mittee - SMITH, MARJORIE XVRAY, Birmingham, Michigan, Vice- president Phi Lambda Beta, VVriting staff Station KWWC - SMITH, ROSEMARY WHITING, Martinsville, Indiana, Independents, VVCO Steering Committee - SNODGRASS, NAN, San Marino, Cali- fornia, Senior Sister, Delta Chi Delta, Orchesis, Scholarship Com- mittee. 1 1 SNYDER, NAN, Papillion, Nebraska, Homarts Club, President Phi Theta Kappa, Alpha Epsilon Rho, Independents, Service Direc- tor Station KWWC - SOMMER, ARLOINE, Crawfordsville, Indiana, Career Club, Zeta Mu Alpha, Burrall Project - SOMMERMAN, JEAN FAY, Warren, Ilfassacliuselts, Aviation Club, Secretarial Club, Phi Theta Kappa, SRA, Independents - SPARKS, SUSAN SANDRA, Rocky River, Ohio, Independents, Spanish Club, VVesley Players, Participations Committee - SPEARS, JANET, Crawfordsoillg, In- diana, President SRA, Independents, Tau Sigma Tau, Behind the Ivy staii - SPENCE, ICATHRYN, San Angelo, Texas, Stephens League, Phi Lambda Beta. SPENCER, NORA LYNN, Dalharl, Texas, Spanish Club, Homarts Club, Senior Sister, Independents, Alpha Pi Epsilon . SPERRY AIARTII.-X JOSEPIIINE, Bushnell, Illifnofs, Yice-president CSB, Kappil Alpha Phi, Senior Sister, Junior Yespers Evaluation Committee . SPURGIN, RIARJORIE ANN, Tulsa, Oklahoma, French Club, lnde- pendents, Personal Appearance Committee, Burrall Cabinet . STAIILY, Ex'I5Lx'N, Normal, II!1'noz's, Independents - STARZ, JANE AIARIE. llIUIlTL'f1f0Xt1. ll'I'.Yft77lSli7l, Independents. Theta Alpha Epsilon, Scholarship Committee - STIZBBINS, Nl.-IRILYN, Gothenburg, Ne- braska, Phi Phi Phi, President Country Club. President Wood spreads Christmas cheer STEELE, LORAINE, Decatur, Georgia, Independents - STEIN, MARY VIRGINIA, Laredo, Texas, Independents, Aviation Club - STENEHJEM, GERALDINE ANN, Minot, North Dakota, Foreign Rela- tions Club, Stephens League, Treasurer Delta Chi Delta - STE- PHENS, BARBARA, Tyler, Texas, Phi Chi Omicron - STEPHENS, MARY JANE, St. Louis, Missouri, Music Service Guild, SRA, Zeta Mu Alpha, President Merchandising Club, Concert Chorus - STEPHENS, NANCY RAE, Broadhead, Wisconsin, Independents, Sec- retary CSB. ' . STEWARD, DOROTHY ELIZABETH, Marshalltown, Iowa, President Music Service Guild, Delta Sigma, Burrall Symphony Orchestra - STEWART, ROSE ELLEN, Mernphis, Tennessee, Campus Group Repre- sentative Independents . STICKLEY, JOSEPHINE JANE, Bing- harnton, New York, Senior Sister, WCO, Beta Sigma Beta, House Council - STILES, CYNTHIA, San Antonio, Texas, Aviation Club, German Club - STOCEK, BETTY LOU, Berwyn, Illinois, Music Service Guild, Omega Psi - STODDARD, ANN LEE, Fort Bragg, California, Beta Sigma Beta, Assistant House Manager, Serlipf Sister, Burrall Project. STONE, I0 ANNE, Spokane, Washington, Independents, SRA, Swimming Club, Senior Sister - STOWELL, BARBARA KINGSLEYI Bronxville, New York, French Club, Writers' Club, Gamma Delta Phi, President Chi Delta Phi, Vespers Evaluation Committee, SAB - STRAUSS, GWEN SUE, Pontiac, Michigan, Vice-president Sigma Alpha Chi - STRODE, MARGARET MAHIN, Maysville, Kentucky, Alpha Alpha Alpha, Co-chairman Senior Sisters - STRONG' ELIZABETH LUCY, . Bakersfield, .,,California, f-Senior ,,Sister, Zeta :Phi Delta - SUMNER, BILLIE LYNN, Memphis, Tennessee, Psi Chi Omicron, Senior Advisory Board. SUVERKRUP, MEREDYTH ELISE, San Bernardino, Califvmiaf Alpha Epsilon Rho, Secretary Windsor Hall Independents, Senior Sister, House Council, WCO Representative - SWEENEY, MAR' JQRIE GERTRUDE, Webster Groves, Missouri, Independents, Selllol Sister Hall Chairman, Burrall Project - TAYLOR, FAE, Scobeyf llhttldna, Treasurer Prince of Wales Club, Independents, Health Chairman, WCO - TENNIS, NORMA JEAN, Chicago, Illinois, SIQFIYIB. Gamma Gamma, Sigma Alpha Chi, Senior Sister, WCO Chairman, VVorld Federation Board . TERRY, PHYLLIS LEE' 4 . ice-president VVCO, Kappa Alpha Phi, Burrall PVOJCU Chairman, Burrall Ideas Committee Executive Board Iioreign Student Fund Committee . THOMAS, ANNIE LAURIE, ,f rf ' Miglia' Geoffllfl, Independents, Senior Sister. A znarillo, Texas, V Pas! 226 A I F -I Sw' T f '-. R E SKIBB SI-:USE SLOCUM SMITH, B- SMITH . SMITH, E . SMITH, E. . SMITH, .T- SMIT 1 . ' SMITH . SNODGRASS SNYDER SOMMER SOMMERMAN , ,,. QW, U .-I. I, KX Y I XS VSN I I 4 " 1 IER 'Z I 'f 4 . W hx ". SLAGERMIIN Q 2' ' T ' n N ak , E E - W 4 fl " 1 fgf ' J P I H, NI I 'kt' I 7 R STEIN, -lub . TH Rela- - ' bTE- QPHEXQ -X. Zena omw . I CS. bec- csidenr -IE . Repre- Eng- House . Cub. Music 3"3ZZ- DQHEOV SRA. u5LE'I', Uelw 1. SAB 2.23171 ,. ,'., T.J,Z:. 'FING- vg Phi , Chi JMC. '1 A 1 ff, ,l. SPARKS SPEARS SPENCE SPENCER SPERRY SPURGIN STAHLY STARZ STEBBINS STELLE STEIN STENEHJEM STEPHENS, B. STEPHENS, M STEPHENS, STEXVARD STEWART STICKLEY STILES STOCEK STODDARD STONE STowEI.L STRAIJSS STRODE STRONG SIJMNER SIJVER KR VI' SWEEN li I' TA YUM! 'HNNI5 lik!! Y 'l'lffmAa Prlgf 2,47 si th f hh f 07" an wr' f xl ,Y - K Clif Q? R I IIOMI SON S. TI-IOMPSON lisa F' .1 5. I ff1 M rcwwwf ,," ff W , ,.,,,, , I W, - if W if I ff my ,A . . 4 , .yi B, THOMSON M . TIIOMSON THORNE THURMAN T ICE TIFFANY TIMM TODD TRINKLE TRUSLOW A. T UCKER M. TUCKER TURK TURNER TUTTLE TYLER' TYREE VALERIUS VANDERBILT VAN DIEST VAUGIIAN VOTRUBA VVAGNER WALKER J. WALLACE M. WALLACE W ANBAUGH WA NZER WARD XVAREHAM WARNER XVARREN YVATKINS XVAYMIRE VVEIGEL WEIX WENTWORTH WERTII WE STLY W HEELOCK W I-IITE WIIITEHURST XVI-IITESIDE WHITMAN W HITTAKER W IBERG Page 226' 'Soy Sox SON Soy x ER ER S XILT ST C RCE .ACE GH M ,NH l-f THOMPSON, RAMONA, Omaha, Nebraska, Hetzler Hall President, Senior Sister, Legislature, SIA - THOMPSON, SHIRLEY E., Green River, Utah, Independents, VVCO, Participations Committee . THOMSON, BARBARA JEAN, Topeka, Kansas - THOMSON, IVIARTHA, Deferiet, New York, Independent - THORNE, PATRICIA, Riverside, Illinois, Prince of Wlales Club, Gamma Delta Phi, Tau Sigma Tau, Senior Orchesis, Stephensophia statf, SRA . THURMANY SUE, San Angelo, Texas, Independents, Texas Club. TICE, BARBARA JEANNE, New Haven, Connecticut, Independents, Burrall Choir, Senior Hall Advisory Board, Aviation Club - TIF- FANY, JEAN NVALLACE, Lincoln, Ilifassachusetts, Independents, Prince of Wales Club - TIMM, VELMA JEAN, Spring yield, Missouri, Span- ish Club, Fencing Club, Gamma Delta Phi, Vice-president of Music Service Guild, Burrall Symphony, Burrall Projects, Columbia Stu- dent Religious Council, Columbia Hall Participations - TODD, PATRICIA ANN, High Point, North Carolina, Sigma Alpha Chi . TRINKLE, ANNE NVHEELER, Lexington, Virginia - TRUSLOXV, VIRGINIA, Charleston, West Virginia. TUCKER, ANN RAE, Grand Rapids, Mfinnesota, Independents, SRA, Vice-president Senior Hall Independents, Physical Fitness Chairman - TUCKER, IVIARILYN, Ypsilanti, Illichigan, Independ- ents . TURK, MARGARET, Anthony, New Mexico, Sigma Alpha Chi, Spanish Club, Radio Committee - TURNER, JEAN ESTEN, Montgomery, Alabama, Spanish Club, SRA, Eta Epsilon Gamma . TUTTLE, YVONNE OLGA, Houston, Texas, SRA, Prince of Wales Club, Alpha Alpha Alpha, First vice-president Junior Class, Senior Song Leader, Senior Class Cheerleader - TYLER, BARBARA LOU, Union City, .Michigan, President Oalccrest Hall, Senior Sister, Inde- pendents, Stephensophia staff, Senior Ideals Committee. TYREE, NANCY, Corpus Christi, Texas, Prince of Wales Club, Independents . VALERIUS, ELIZABETH ANN, University City, Mis- souri, Prince of VVales Club, SRA, German Club, Independents, Delta Sigma Secretary . VANDERBILT, GLORIA MARIE, Chicago, Illinois, Vice-president Alpha Pi Epsilon, Assistant house manager Columbia Hall . VAN DIEST, ELAINE, Prairie View, Kansas, Aviation Club secretary, Burrall Choir - VAUGHAN, PATRICIA ALICE, Farmington, Illinois, American'Guild of Organists, Theta Tau Omega, Secretary Sigma Gamma Gamma, Scholarship Com- mittee Columbia Hall - XIOTRUBA, IVIARY LOU, Des Ilfoines, Iowa, President Aviation Club, Independents, CSB Board, Senior Sister Manager Pennant Tearoom. Convocation IDR WAGNER, NMANDA, Columbus, Ohio, Independents, SRA, Co- ordinating Board Cliairman, Senior Sister, House Council - WALKER, BARBARA GRAY, Long Beach, California, Beta Sigma Beta, House manager Walker Hall, Senior Sister, Burrall Project - WALLACE, JOAN K., Rochester, New York, Homarts Club, Independents ' WALLACE, MARJORIE ANN, Chicago, Illinois, President Homarts Club, Beta Phi Gamma, Scholarship Committee Chairman, Personal Appearance, SAB - WAMBAUGH, NANCY JANE, Elkhart, Indiana, Aviation Club, Independents, Senior Sister - WANZER, MURIEL, Hinsdale, Illinois, Eta Epsilon Gamma, SRA, Burrall Choir. NVARD, MARIBETH, Decatur, Illinois, Independents, SRA, Social chairman Maple Hall, Senior Sister - VVAREHAM, JANET JOAN, Highland Park, Ivfichigan, Alpha Alpha Alpha, Senior Sister, Medita- tions Chairman Tower Hall, Coordinating Board, Editor Tower Talk, Stephens Life, Announcing staff KVVWC - XVARNER, MARY IVIAGDALENE, Fremont, Ohio, Theta Tau'Omega, Burrall Project, Campfire leader - WARREN, PATSEY RUTH, Independence, Mis- souri, Sigma Alpha Chi, SRA Representative, WCO Steering Committee - WATKINS, JUDITH, Visalia, California, Kappa Alpha Phi, Participations Committee - WAYMIRE, MARY JEANNE, Illadison, Kansas, Independents, Homarts Club, Secretarial Club, Participations Committee. VVEIGEL, PHYLLIS ARLENE, Beatrice, Nebraska, Aviation Club, Independents, Senior Hall WCO Steering Committee - WEIX, NIARY KATHRYN, Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, SRA, Beta Sigma Beta, President -Theta Alpha Epsilon - WENTWORTH, ANITA, Clear- water, Kansas - WERTH, BETTY LOUISE, Rochester, New York, Spanish Club, Aviation Club, Assistant business manager Stephen- sophia, Independents, Burrall Projects - WESTLY, MARIAN, Honolulu, Hawaii, Spanish Club, Secretarial Club, Foreign Rela- tions Club, SRA, Head of Independents in White Hall, 7:22 Com- mittee, Chairman of Foreign Student Fund - WHEELOCK, PRIS- CILLA, Auburndale, Massachusetts, Independents. WHITE, RUTH, Memphis, Tennessee - WHITEHURST, FRED- ICA WEBER, Ashland, Kentucky, Music Service Guild, President of Phi Phi Phi, Secretary Concert Chorus, NVCO Council - WHITE- SIDE, CAROLYN ANN, Tulsa, Oklahoma - WITMAN, ELAENOR L., Stanford, Connecticut, President Stephens League, Senior Sister, Stephensophia staff, WCO - WHITTAKER, JANIS MARIE, Whittier, California, Alpha Alpha Alpha, Secretary-treasurer Tower Hall, Senior Sister, Choralettes - WIBERG, CHARLOTTE, North Haven. Connecticut, Aviation Club, Personal Appearance Committee, Inde- pendents. Page Z! 9 H5 ,... A-.-.A-.-.--i-4--,-wg, 'rf:g:::7't ,sr f -1--f-Q I: I Y if- ig I, 'fx -,e 1. fi, f . :ii I' we : :rr w .- I 1 1 Il I A ..,,.......... ,.,....... , 9 ff 1-'sf -egsiqrf f , , ...,.. ,. 0 M'fW l A, 2 '- 1 ,,,.uu-- ,si E X, Q- ,,.-as XVICKS, IVIARGARET, Alligator, Illississippi, Beta Sigma Beta, Aviation Club - VVILKINSON, RUTH JANET, Calipatia, California, Second vice-president Sophomore Class, SRA Representative, Senior Sister Chairman, Kappa Alpha Phi - WILLIAMS, DOROTHY BEL- LAMY, Coral Gables, Florida, President Sigma Alpha Chi, Florida Club - WILLIAMS, ELIZABETH LORRAINE, Atlantic Beach, Florida, Independents, Participations Committee, Aviation Club, Music Service Guild - WVILLIAMS, GLORIA EDITH, Gary, Indiana, Prince of Wales Club, SRA, Independents - WILLIAMS, JANE WALDEN, Nashville, Tennessee, President VVriters' Club, Scholarship Com- mittee, Stepltensopltia staff, Spanish Club, Book Club, Music Service Guild. XVILLIAMS, JENNIFER CRUIKSHANK, Washington, D. C., House Manager, Advertising staff and Picture Editor Stephensoph-ia, Bur- rall Project Leader, Theta Tau Omega, Tau Sigma Tau, Phi Theta Kappa, Beta Phi Gamma - WILLIAMS, ROSE CATHERINE, New Hyde Park, New York, XVCO Council, House Council, Senior Sister, Independents, Aviation Club, Stephens League - XVILLIAMS, XVILDA ELIZ.-XIKETH, Ethel, Illissourzf, Secretary-treasurer Fielding Smith Hall Independents, Burrall Choir, Secretarial Club - XVILLIS, IELIZABETH BIARIE, Marianna, Arkansas, Junior Class Representative to Evening Prayer, Burrall Project Leader, President Lela Raney XVood Independents, Junior Class Steering Committee, Junior Class Council - XVILSON, AIEREDITH JEAN, Portland, Oregon, Independents - XYILSON, YIRGINI.-x LAURA, Columbia, .lfl'X.YOIlfI., XYCO Representative, Senior Sister, Zeta Mu Alpha. XYISE, P.-xTRIC1.x l30R'l'IIliY, I-lillsdale, .Yew Jersey, President Zeta Blu .-Xlpha, Stephens League - XYITHERINGTON, JEAN, Cozihzglon, Temzessee, Participations ClIairnIan XYhite Hall, Junior Steering Committee, Eta Epsilon Gamma, SR.-X - XYITTEN, BETTY JEAN, Long Bvarll, California, Independents. Senior Council . XYOOD, J.-XMI-QS AIADISON, Ph.B., XYarrensburg State Normal School, 19015 BA., B.S., in Ed.. I'niversity of Missouri, 1907: KI..-X., Columbig S E I Here's hoping . . University, 1911, LL.D., Hiram College, 1930, William Jewell Col- lege, 1942, Public School Administration, 1900-103 Professor of Education, Southwest Missouri State Teachers College, 1911-129 First president American Association of Junior Colleges, President, The Woman's Foundation, Stephens College 1912-1947 - WOR- LEY, FRANCES MARIE, Monte Vista, Colorado, Music Service Guild, SRA, Independents, Proofreading editor Stephens Life - WRIGHT, JEANNE, Phoenix, Arizona, Beta Sigma Beta, Alpha Epsilon Rho, Junior Advisory Board, Announcer Station KWWC, Junior Class Representative Opening Convocation, Voice of Junior Class Closing Convocation. WRIGHT, WILLA JEAN, Williston, North Dakota, Prince of Wales Club, Beta Sigma Beta, Personal Appearance Chairman - WYSE, ELIZABETH ADAMS, Hutchinson, Kansas, Alpha Alpha Alpha - YOKLEY, TVIARJORIE YATES,NMoitnt Airy, North Carolina, Spanish Club, Hypatia Hexagon, SRA, Theta Tau Omega, CSB Repre- sentative, First vice-president Civic Association - YORKER, V ERENA JAN, Lapeer, Michigan, Independents - YOST, IVIARILYN, Santa Ana, California, Independents - YOUNG, BARBARA JEAN, Hollywood, California, President Delta Chi Delta, Pan-Hellenic Council, SRA Representative, Coordinating Board, Independents, German Club. YOUNG, JOANN, Washington, D. C., Vice-president Theta Tau Omega, Vice-president Alpha Epsilon Rho, Program manager Sta- tion KWWC - YUILL, NANCY, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, SRA, Inde- pendents, Senior Class Council, Senior Advisory Board Chairman, Semor Cabinet Representative, House Council, Burrall Liaison QVOUP - ZACKEY, GRACE, Brattleboro, Verrnont, SRA Representa- tive, Senior Sister, Coordinating Board Chairman, Independents, GGFIUHH Club - ZIMMERMAN, JOAN, Winchester, Massachusetts, Independents . ZURN' BARBARA, Highland, Indiana, Independ- ents, Foreign Relations Club, French Club. Page 230 Page 231 WICK5 WILPIIW ll'Il,l,IA WILLIA WILLIA WILLIA WILLIA WILLIA W ILLIA WILLIS WIL505 WILSON Wise WITHEI WIIIE: Wooo WORLE WRIGH' WRIGHT W ISI: YOKLE' YORRE Yosr YOUNG YOUNG YUILL 1 ZACKE ZIMIIE ZURN 0 fu! fs col- A of -l2g QUE Q R. Iild, IHT, , kHO, .lass sing Iles 'EE DTE- ER. H, I 5. Qi' 'Wil' I 1 YVICKS WILKINSON WILLIAMS, D. XVILLIAMS, E. YVILLIAMS, G. XVILLIAMS, J. W- WILLIAMS, .l- C- WILLIAMS, R. XVILLIAMS, W. XVILLIS WILSON, M. YVILSON, V. WISE WITHERINGTON W ITTEN WOOD XVORLEY XVRIGHT, J. VVRIGHT, W. WYSE YOKLEY YORKER YOST YOUNG, B. YOUNG, J. YUILL ZACKEY ZIMMERMAN ZURN l I 1 i I I FM ' I fy? Q' HUS endeth the pictorial panorama of the Senior Class of 1947, the class which was honored as no other Stephens class has ever been, President VVOod's own graduating class. VVearing that happy Commencement Smile, President VVoOd received his honorary A. A. degree, Summa cum laude, with all the "rights and privileges appertaining thereto." Brlmnm Splilsffvr our Sivpllcnx Dreanzboy-Pvnnarzfo Hinlselfl Fw 2.11 First row: JOHNSON, HUDDART, GUY, STEWART, CHANDLER, GRAMLING, NICHOLSON, COPLAN, WORCH, MAST Second row: MOORE, MCGEE, KELLEY, OLSON, WALKER, WHEALTON, STULTS, SORIN T Junior Steering Committee ACH fall a number of Stephens juniors are chosen to comprise the Junior Steering Committee These girls, hand picked by a faculty group, are selected after a careful study of their high school records, char- acter, acceptance of responsibility, and willingness to work. The job of the Junior Steering Committee is to organize the Class and lay the basic plans for the tem- porary Council. This is all done in two weeks time. The Temporary Council then takes Over the manage- ment of class affairs and arranges for the election of permanent class officers. Usually girls from the Junior Steering Committee and the Temporary Council are ,,-at 1 JN nominated for class offices, since they have shown that they possess leadership ability. After the election, the junior Class Council Cmade up of the new officersj takes over the affairs of the Class government. They sponsor feature night, junior sings, "get acquainted" teas, and all the many class functiOnS which help to strengthen and unify class spirit. The officers of the Junior Council Were: president Katharine Nicholson, first vice-president, Anne Chand- ler, second vice-president, Barbara Walker, secretary, Billy Jo Parker, treasurer, Jean Davis. The senior ad- visor for the council was Rivers Rogers, and Dr. W. D. Van Deventer served as faculty sponsor. 7 . 5 77 n Ifgftjgx page 232 :hat lade lass nge, ions 5I'1f .nd- 'lfj , :id- , D- Thfi Junior Class Organization NDER the presidency of Katherine Nicholson the green-ribboned juniors of the fall rapidly became an important part of the Stephens campus life, junior officers Cincluding Anne Chandler, first vice- presidentg Barbara Vifalker, second vice-president, Billy jo Parker, secretary, and Joan Davis, treasurer, met each Monday evening throughout the year with approxi- mately forty junior Class representatives to plan forth- coming activities and to act as the governing body for the class. Among the projects initiated by the group were the junior Sings, 'organized by Betty Shawg Junior Jabbers, edited by Bessie ElleniiMcElhaneyg the organization of a Sister-Suite movement, by': B ettyfTMageeg junior Choral Group, and a number of junior Feature Nights with masquerades and variety programs. One high point of the year was the formal inaugura- tion of the junior officers just before Christmas. At this time light from the candle of Rivers Rogers, Senior advisor to the junior Class Council, was transferred to the candle of the junior president who, in turn, lighted the candles of the other officers. Plans for the junior-Senior Banquet and for the Junior Prom, which followed the spring-like theme of a rainbow, were also instigated and carried out by the class council. In cooperation with Burrall and VV. C. O. the juniors attempted to do their share in promoting world peace. The Council secured the names of girls who were inter- ested in writing letters to students in Germany and in other countries in Europe. Itfsivvas hoped that through such exchange ofletters better understandings might be 'juniors on the committee were Shirley Lux, Kay Lee Wallace, and Katherine Nicholson. William C. Van Deventer was faculty sponsor for the Class. A new system was inaugurated this year which pro- vides for the continuation of class sponsorship year by year under the same faculty counselor. Therefore, Dr. Van Deventer, this year's junior Sponsor, will be next year's Senior Sponsor. CHANDLER, WALKER, NICHOLSON, DAVIS, DR. VAN DEVENTER Page 2.3.3 l AAMOTI-I ACKERSON ADAMS ADEN ADKISSON AGOSTINI AIKEN AINSWORTH AKER ALANDER ALDERMAN ALDERSON ALLEN AMUNDSON ANDERSEN ANDERSON, C. ANDERSON, L. ANDERSON, S. ANDREXVS, D. ANDREWS, N. ANGELL ANSHUTZ ANTHONY APPLETON ARBOGAST ARENDT ARMSTRONG ARMSTRONG ARMSTRONG ARNOLD ASHBACH ASHBY AAMOTII, DIANE LEE, Fargo North Dakota - ACKERSON, DOROTHY HELEN, Beverly Hills, California - ADAMS, BARBARA, Morristown, New Jersey - ADEN, NIARIAN, Saratoga, Wyoming - ADKISSON, XVELLES LENORA, Pineville, Oregon . AGOSTINI, We came Io Stephens in the Fall-- But never will we quite forget Full of UIIfI'Cl'PClfI'0II, The crush of registration. JO, Bartlesoille, Oklahoma 0 AIKEN, ERNESTINE, Chevy Chase, Maryland - AINSWORTH, LUCY RAY, Weslaco, Texas - ', AKER, DONNA JEAN, Warsaw, Indiana - ALANDER, R0- BERTA ANN, Columbus, Georgia . ALDERMAN, LORELEI ANN, St. Louis, Missouri - ALDERSON, ANN ELIZABETH, Hilton Villate, Virginia - ALLEN, JEAN, Tampa, Florida - AMUNDSON, CLARE ANN CAMILLE, Toledo, Ohio . ANDER- SEN, AUDREY MARION, Chicago, Illinois . ANDERSONI CAROLYN GENE, Boise, Idaho . ANDERSON, LLEWELLYN JUNE, Thief River Falls, Minnesota - ANDERSON, SHIRLEY ANN, Bay City, Michigan . ANDREWSI DOROTHY JEAN, Youngstown, Ohio . ANDREWS, NANCY LOUISE, Tacoma, Washington . ANGELL, JOAN ALLENEI South Pasadena, California . ANSHUTZ, BEVERLY SUE, Cincinnati, Ohio . ANTHONY, HARRIET JEAN, Spokane, WffSl1f'lgf0n - APPLETON, JEAN, Ivfalverne, New York ' AREOGAST,hdONTE PAT,Cb7PUS Chmsh,Iexas - ARENDV B4-ARJORIE MAY, Falls City, Nebraska . ARMSTRONG, CAROL, Washington, C. H. Ohio . ARMSTRONG, JO ANNE, Tolono, Illinois - ARMSTRONG, JO ANNE, Winchester, V1'rg1'1lr1'fl ' ARNOLD, NIARILYN ALYCE, Washington, D. C. - ASHBACH' LETTY SUZAN, Chicago, Illinois . ASHBY, XVILMA LEIGHI Owensboro, Kentucky - Page 234 If R- f :f?wen7 Q A.:-.I gg. Sf:-:cf 3 's-I I ,I . . ASHER BAHAY A BANSE BARTON ASH PAT1 Mis: JEA: Alex lga rt BAIL STU Cal i BAR Mag rgdo Page 2 A -4 'RTH ON, C, ox 1, Chevy Weslaco, ER, Ro- LORELEI ZABETH. orida ' ANIJER- mzxzsoxy esoat ' YDREWSI NANCY XLLEXE, II, SLE, gpakant, folk ' XKENDT, CAROL' 140107101 urrfa ' AIIIIACH- l,lzlGHf ,151 ,A W.. W S A 'R - ' A E' .. 2, , "A, , L " :,.g.A.i? ASHER AUGHE ILXUTRY AVERY BAHAN BAILEY BAILY BAIRD BANSE BARRY BARE BARNETTE BARTON, M. BASS BATEMAN, M. A. BATEMAN, M. ASI-IER, CARMAINE CRAFT, Barbourville, Kentucky . AUGHE, PATRICIA ANN, Frankfort, Indiana . AUTRY, PATTI ANN, Clayton, Missouri . AVERY, SUE, Fort Worth, Texas . AYERS, DORIS JEAN, Rosella Park, New York . AZIMOW, NIAXINE ELIZABETH, Alexandria, Indiana . BABB, ISAEELLE BARBOUR, Flint, Mich- igan . BABBITT, VALERIE RAE, Chicago, Illinois . BAIIAN, KATHERINE, Shreveport, Louisiana . BAILEY, VIRGINIA STUART, Stajord, Arizona . BAILEY, ROBERTA ANN, Los Angeles, California . BAIRO, FRANCES ELLEN, Columbia, Missouri . BAKER, GAII. MARIE, Porzliuc, Ilfffcltigan . BLANDA, JANE, Wabftn, Massachusetts . BALLINGICR, SIIIRLI-:Y BRADLEY, Longmont, Colo- ffldv . BALSIEK, JIJOITII, Long Beach, Cultfornia f'f1er2J5 AYERS AZIMOW BABE BABBITT BAKER BALANDA BALLINGER ' BALSER BARNUM BARRINGER BARTELSON BARTON, L. BATES BATTLE BAUER BEIALE ' BANSE, MARIANNA, Omaha, Nebraska . BARRY, BEVERLY MARIE, La Verne, Oklahoma . BARE, NANCY JANE, Newport, Rhode Island . BARNETTE, GLORIA, Lexington, Kentucky . BARNUM, PIIYLLIS, Mt. Pleasant, Iowa . BARRINGER, EUGENIA, Sumter, South Carolina . BARTELSON, AUDREE YVONNE, Hartley, Iowa . BARTON, LOIS JOAN, San Angelo, Texas . BARTON, MARY E., Orange, New York . BASS, SUZANNE ELIZA- BETH, Decatur, Illinois . BATEMAN, MARY ALICE, Berea, Ohio . BATEMAN, MARY JANE, Clarendon, Arkansas . BATES, KAY, Owosso, Michigan . BATTLE, GRETCHEN, Mt. Pleasant, Michigan . BAUER, JOAN, Auburn, Maine . BEALE, IVIARJORIE ANNE, Buffalo, New York . I S BEAVER, NANCY, Redlands, California . BEBEE, SUE, Colorado Springs, Colorado . BECKER, GE JUAN ETHEL, Atlanta, Georgia . BEENE, BETTY JANE, Shrebeport, Louisiana . BEESE, ANN COM- STOCK, Des Moines, Iowa . BEHR, ELSA, South Pasadena Cali- A fornia . BELKNAP, JACQUELINE, Wailuku, Maui, T. H. . BELL, ANNE RUBY, Madisonville, Kentucky . BELL, BEVERLY NIARGARET, Houston, Texas . BELL, PATRICIA, Dallas, Texas . BELLENGER, ANNE, Miaini, Florida . BENAGE, MARICLARE, Pittsburg, Kansas . BENDICK, JEANNE, Mesa, Arizona . BENDIXEN, DONNA LEE, La Mars, Iowa . BENNER, JOY LIVERETT, Memphis, Tennessee . BENNETT, DOROTHY, 0'wenboro,Kenlucky . . BETTS, CAMILLE, Glendala, Arizona . BENTLEY, DONNA SMITH, New Curnberland, Pennsylvania . BER- GER, ELSIE ELLEN, Wheaton, Illinois . BERGEVIN, RUTH ANN, Winjield, Kansas . BERRY, BARBARA, Macon, Georgia . BETHEA, ELIZABETH, Atlanta, Georgia . BETTES, ELIZABETH XNHEELER, Orlando, Florida . BETTIS, JOAN, Brownswood, Texas BIELKIEWICZ, DIMPLE MARIE, Alexandria, Louisiana . BIER- HAUS, ELIZABETH JUNE, Vincennes, Indiana . BILGER, MARJORIE LEONORA, Columbiana, Ohio . BIRD, MARTHA JEAN, Charleston, West Virginia . BISSONNETTE, JEAN, Middleboro, Massachu- setts . BLACET, JUNE, Highland, Illinois . BLACKBURN, CHAR- LOTTE, Wink, Texas . BLACKSHEAR, GLORIA, 0pelika,Alabarna . BEAVER BEBEE BECKER BENNE BESSE BEHR BELKNAP BELL, B. BELL, P. BELLENGER BENAGE BENDICK BENDIXEN BENNER BENTLEY BERGER BERGEVIN BERRY BETHEA BETTES BETTIS BIELKIEVVICZ BIERHAUS BILGER BIRD BISSONNETTE BLACET BLACKBURN BELL, A. BENNETT BETTS BLACKSHEAR 'ark 'fix 'A MA glgh., K . . ' . , Q, . ,V I . .- .fp-1 if' Page Pa BLACK SX jlifwll' ,llafffwt ELIZABE 5LooIIo , Bock Illinois nption, SIIIMP0' ALIE, BUS BOLTZ,R' BooXE, I California Santa Fe CAROLYX BOIIs, G Bom, 1 CaIU'nrnia Wisconsin Zulu, T. H BowEs, M Allante, 6 BRADFORD Fl. Riley, . nos, Bm BLACKW Bom Bomss BRECK 1, X' I if ' , 5 I Regs? N I 1 I N W I im. N N P - NETH has I I I I NIER- DRIE Ffforz. N 'chu- N FIAR- N T s N I A. N ETT SHEAR WELL, BARBARA RUTH, Bonne Tom-, BLACK w550,,f,T . BLENNERHASSETT, KAY, San mmm,C,,1,,:forr11'a . BLETCHER,JANET ELIZABETH, Hfankato, IU1'nnesota . BLOOMGREN, JUDITH, East LIT1'l6'7'P001, Ohio , BUCK, BARBARA CARLEEN, Charleston, Hm,0.,j5 . BOCR, PAULINE ANN, Con- wpgfgn, Chile - BOLINGER, NIARGARET, Sllmepgfl, Louisiana - BOLTON, NAT- ALIE, Bastrop, LOZt'I'51.6Z7lll - BOLTZ, RUTH IRENE, Pottsvilte, Indiana . BOONE, NIARILYN JOAN, Rolling Hills, Calzfornla - BORDERS, ALLAN DIANE, Santa Fe, New Mexico - BOROXVSKY, CAROLYN BETTY, Manila, Arkansas . BOTTS, CLAUDIA, Amarillo, Texas . BOWE, NIARY MILDRED, San Mateo, C,,10f,,,,,,'a . BOWEN, GRACE, Alontreal, pyrimmffn . BOXVERS, NI.-XRCIA, Hono- Zulu, T. H. - BOWES, MARY CAROLENE, Clzesterlown, Maryland . BQYET7 BETTY ANN' Atlanta, Georgia - BOYKIN, JUNE ELIZABETH, Waslzington, D. C. . BRADFORD, JOANNE, Terre Haute, Indiana - BRADLEY, FRANCES ANNE, Ft. Riley, Kansas - BRADY. JOYCE NIARIE, Houston, Texas - BRAG- DON, BETTY, Waterloo, Iowa - BRANCH, BKIARGARET, Atlanta, Georgia - BLACKWELL BLENNERHASSETT BLETCHER BLOOMGREN BOLTZ BOONE BORDERS BOROYVSKY BOWES BOYET BOYKIN BRADFORD BRECK BRENNAN BRIDENBAUGH BRIDGMAN V67 Oh! What a mess BRECK, ELEANOR FRANCES, Chicago, Illinois - BRENNAN, PATRICIA LOUIsE,Kendallville, Indiana - BRIDENBAUGH, DORIS ADELE, Patterson, California - BRIDGMAN, PHOEBE PARRHURST, Hampton, Virginia - BRILL, SALLY, Milwaukee, Wisconsin - BRONKIE, MYRA ELIZABETH, tVilZianzsvilte, New York - BROTHERS, IzOSALIND,E'ULZ?ZSIf071, Illinois - BRONVN, JILL, Flush-ing, New York - I BOCK BOCK BOLINGER BOLTON BOTTS BOWE BOWEN BOWVERS BRADLEY BRADY BRAODON BRANCH BRILL BRONKIE BROTHERS BROXVN 1-Q I V1 9 ,,, 34. jk We 'P-.Pl Pao 2.37 I H BROXVN, L. BROWN, M. J. BROWN, M. L. BROWN, N. J. BROWN, T. A. BROWN, V. L. BROWN, W. BRUNNER BRYCE BRYSON BUCHEIT BUCHITINCK BUCK BUCKELS BUCKLEY BULL BULLINGTON BURCH BURCHARD BURCHFIELD BURKS BURLINE BURNETTE BURRELL BURRIDGE BUTLER, M. BUTLER, H. CAIRNS CALLAN CALVIN CAMPBELL, D. CAMPBELL, M.G, BROWN, LUANNE CAROL,Eau Claire, Wisconsin - lulu, T. H. . BRUNNER, ANN MARIE, Marked BUCK, LOLA CHARLENE, Vaslrop, Louisiana - BROVVN, MARGARET JOAN, Washington, D. C. - Tree, Arkansas - BUCKELS, PATRICIA, Leesburg, Florida - BUCK- BROWN, NIARILYN LEE, Oklahoma City, Okla- LEY, DOROTHY, Dallas, Texas - BULL, M-'ARI' honza - BROXVN, NANCX' JEANNE, Parkersburg, BRYCE, NANCY IVIARGUERITE, Troy, New York - LYN LOUISE, Park Ridge, Illinois v Wesl Virginia - BROWN, TIMORAH ANN, BRYSON, EMILY, Tenafly, New Jersey . BU- Sweeiwaler, Texas - BROWN. VIRGINIA LEE, CI-IEIT, JOYCE ANN, Youngstown, Ohio - BUCH- BULLINGTON, MARY JANE, Hillsboro, 11550055 ' Soullzerland, Iowa - BROXVN, XVILMA, Hono- FINCK, ELIZABETH JEAN, Alliance, Nebraska - BURCH, RUTH CAROL, Atlanta, Georgm ' BURCHARD, IRENE HELINA, Delroit, Michigan - Nzfghfy-nigh!! I I . A Q 'A I 1. I. I , ilfsyfeuy I Mmm. LQ. BURCHEIELD, NANCY LEOLA, Maryville, Ten- nessee - BURKS, ROSALIE JOYCE, Columbia, Tennessee - BURLINE, PHYLLIS JOAN, Tulsa, Oklahoma - BURNETTE, WHITNEY NVHEELER, Somerville, Tennessee . 'BURRELL, BARBARA, Cedar Rapids, Iowa - BURRIDGE, BARBARA, Alenoniiriee, Rlichigan ' BUTLER, MARGARET, Benton, Arkansas - BUT' LER, HELEN, Elyria, Ohio - CAIRNS, PATRICIA ANN, Libbey, Monlana - CALLAN, BETTY, L05 Angeles, California - CALVIN, CAROLYNI LU Hlarque, Texas - CAMPBELL, DOLORES ANN' Eldon, Missouri - CAMPBELL, MARJORIE GENE, Jejerson, Iowa - Pagv 233 CAIIPBEL CARPENT CILAXDLE CLARITI' CAMI Clock Grove CARL -4fI'I'1 III ing CARP Cm 101012, CASE. 01101 is CASH P6961 ,xx 'B ws gi RW X ww fm 11 I x i oi ' z Q . E- -- 'SER ELL BELL, M. G ozlisiana . 1 - BLCH- L'LL, MARI- lllinois I Georgia - I irlzigarl - xille, Till' Colunzbllly my Tulsa, XYHEELEKI BARBARA, flrfzigdll ' . BUT' . l'.LImc1A I1L'II'1U LM l ,NIE nv-ex 'QW 5 ' WK CAMPBELL CANNON, B. CANNON, J. CANOVA CARPENTER CARTER CARTVVRIGHT CARVER CHANDLER CHAPMAN, J. CHAPMAN, J. M. CHAPMAN, M. J. CLARITY CLARK, M. CLARK, N. CLARK, R. CAMPBELL, NAN, Phoenix, Arizona . CANNON, BETTY LOU, Clocksdale, Mississippi . CANNON, JANE CHARLOTTE, Dawners Grove, Illinois . CANOVA, SYLVIA ANN,Allentown, Pennsylvania . CARLSON, CONSTANCE, Chicago, Illinois . CARLSON, DONNA MAE, Argyle, Minnesota . CARLSON, NORA MAE, Western Springs, Illinois . CARLSON, RUTH, Dayton, Ohio . CARPENTER, -JOANNI5, San Bernardino, California . CARTER, CAROLYN, Merriam, Kansas . CARTWRICI-IT, SUSAN, Marshall- town, Iowa . CARVER, SHIRLEY DOLORES, Normandy, Missouri . CASE, HELEN, El Dorado, Texas . CASE, NORMA JEAN, Minne- apolis, Minnesota . CASSELMAN, MARY NIELL, Midland, Texas . CASTLE, RUTIIANNE, Des Moines, Iowa . CARLSON, C. CARLSON, D. CARLSON, N. CARLSON, R CASE, H. CASE, N. CASSELMAN CASTLE CHAPPELL CHASE CHILCOTT V CLAPP CLARKSON CLASTER CLEMMONS COATES CHANDLER, ANNE, Macon, Georgia . CHAPMAN, JOAN, Madison, Wisconsin . CHAPMAN, JOYCE MARIE, Madison, Wisconsin . CHAPMAN, MARILYN JEANNE, Detroit, Michigan . CHAPPELL, DOROTHY GAYE, Miami, Florida . CHASE, NANCY ANN, Eugene, Oregon . CHILCOTT, FLORENCE, Columbia, Missouri . CLAPP, SALLY, Hemphill, Texas . CLARITY, DOLORES ARLENE MARY, Minneapolis, Minnesota . CLARK, MARILYN JEANNE, De Witt, Iowa . CLARK, NANCY REUELLA, Rushville, Indiana . CLARK, RUTH ELLEN, Conners- ville, Indiana . CLARKSON, ELIZABETH PORTNER, New Orleans, Louisiana . CLASTER, IVIARGIE, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania N. CLEMMONS, JANE MCADAMS, Lexington, Kentucky . COATES, MARGARET ELLEN, Pasadena, California . jfllldfx' fl ,uf 'XFX' ,XI ,II I'. itil , li f 'wr 2.10 COLDREN, JULIE, Denver, Colorado . COLEMAN, PATRICIA, Canton, Illinois . COLLENS, SHIRLEE NORCROSS, Newton Center, Massa- ORS COOKE, JACQUELINE, Versailles, Kentucky . COONEY, MARY FRANCES, Wilson, Kansas . COOPER, LOIS JEAN, Beaumont, chusetts . COLLEY, CAROLINE LOUISE, Venon, Texas . COL- LIER, ELIZABETH CAROLINE, McAlister, Oklahoma . COLLINS, NANCY, Omaha, Nebraska . COLQUETTE, BETTY INEZ, El Dorado, Arkansas . COLE, SUZANNE, New Hope, Pennsylvania . COMP- TON, EVE DE BRATH, Glencoe, Illinois . CONLISK, PAULINE CLARE, Brownwood, Texas . CONNELL, NANCY SUE, Dallas, Texas . CONNER, ELLEN, Parkersburg, West Virginia . CONNER, RAMONA, KATHRYN, Columbia, Missouri . CONOVER, JANICE, Winnetka, Illinois . CONRAD, BEVERLY JEAN, San Marino, California . CONSTANTINE, LOUISE CHRISTINE Dodge, Iowa . COOK, SALLY, Ardmore, Pennsylvania I o , Ft. Texas . COOPER, PATRICIA ANNE, Chicago, Illinois . COPE- LAND, JANET FAY, Davenport, Iowa . COPLAN, DARLOS, Macomb, Illinois . CORMACK, PATRICIA, Glencoe, Illinois . CORNELL, MARY CHARLOTTE, Westerville, Ohio . CORWIN, NANCY ELLEN, Hastings, Nebraska . COUCH, PAULINE, Shreveport, Louisiana . CRAIG, JANET, Bridgeport, Connecticut . CRAIG, LEONORE ANDREWS, Mt. Kisco, New York . CRANDALL, QUITA, Boise, Idaho . CRA'NZ, SUZANNE., Everett, Ohio. . CRARY, PAULA LYN, T eaneck, New Jersey . CRAVER, MARY LOU, Youngs- town, Ohio . COLDREN COLEMAN COLLENS COLLEY COLLIER COLLINS COLQUETTE COMPTON CONLISK CONNELL CONNER, E. CONNER, R. CONOVER CONRAD CONSTANTINE COOK COOKE COONEY COOPER, L. COOPER, P. COPELAND COPLAN CORMACK CORNELL CORVVIN COUCH CRAIG, J. CRAIG, L, CRANDALL CRANZ CRARY CRAVER pr 'Q'- -.s is I 1 AS 1 QA .Y ,- 'RPS 1 1 1 5? 1 ,, cette Z-A f 2 19911 YES' 1...-. 09' wean.,- Page 240 CRAV Michi India JORIE KATH York New J ERINE IRIS I MINGS CUNN CYPIO York Alabaz field, MARII DANIE Califot Califor Denver DANN1 ANN, I Wiscor LYN, G DAVIS sort, Ir CRA CUN DAR DAY Page 24 D xI,R, Wifi IOPE. Cmyybv XIII, LINE DALL, AARI, ,.,. "FN -LL ,II :R ' In UN I C WFORD ELIZABETH ANNE, Deiroit, RA ' I VI-6h,g,,,, . CREWES, PATRICIA LOUISE, I Idzanalfolis, Indiana - CROWE1 MAR- 7l ' JORIE, TalIadega,Alabanza. - CROWLEY, KATHLEEN JNIARIE, Garden City, New York . CUDDEBACK, JOAN, Paizferson, Newfmey . CUI.LETON,HEI.EN4!C.-XTH' ERNE Montpelier, Vermont - CULTRA, L Y IRIS BERNICE, Rives, Tennessee - CUM- UNGS CYNTHIA, Auburn, Ikfaine - J A I CUNNINGHAM, ANNE, Boise, Idaho . , CYPIOT, BARBARA ALISON, Brooklyn, New Wk . DABNEY, PATRICIA, Florence, A1,,1,,,,,,a . DANENBERG, DALE, Fair- , Md, Conneciicnt . DANEORTH, JEAN AIARIE, Sonia I11'onica, California . DANIEL, BARBARA JANN, Beverly Hills, ' California - DANIEL, JACKIE, Afadera, 3 Cawofnfyl . DANIELSON, CAROL LOUISE, Denver, Colorado ' DANNEHOWER, VIRGINIA LEE, Wesgfield, New Jersey . DA ANN,Eng1ewood, New Jersey - DAUGHERTY M RROW, POLLY- , ARY JOANNE, Illilwaukee, Wismmfn . DAVIDSON, JOANN, Evanslon, Il LYN Geneseo Illinois - DAVIS, ANN EL Z linois - DAVIES, CARO- ' , I ABETH, Northville, Alichi an - 8 DAVIS, JOAN, Buffalo, New York - DAVIS, MARGARET LOUANN, An son, Indiana - CRAWFORD CRE ws C ROXVE CUNNINGHAII C YPI OT DA BNEY DANNEHOWER DA RRO W DA IJGH E RT Y DAVIS, M. DAVIS, P. A. DAVIS, P. f'N an I9 WY' ff ,,. GY' 1'- 4:15 "nf 241 der- CROWLEY DANNENBERG DAVIDSON DAVIS, S. E. " X' , .. f-A1 . l l .Nm 4 --4, X , fs- GQ '41 DAVIS, MAXINE .i Lel's go lo Europe , Cleveland Heights, Ohio - DAVIS, PATRICIA ANN , Detroit, Michigan - DAVIS, PRISCILLA, Reading, Illassachusells - DAVIS, SYLVIA ELAINE, Peoria, Illinois . DAWSON, SHIRLEY ANN, Princeton, Illinois . DEAN, MARJORIE JUNE, Fort Leavenworlh, Kansas - DECHERT, PEGGY, Jnnclion, Texas - DEES, ILA MAE, Ellsworlh, Kansas CUDDEBACK CULLETON CULTRA CUMMINGS DANEORTH DANIEL, B. DANIEL, J. DANIELSON DAVIES DAVIS, A. DAVIS, J. DAVIS, M. L. DAWSON DEAN DECIIERT DEES ,grin M - DOYLE, NIARGARIET NIARY, Rapid City, I 7 I F 2 DELANEY DEMICK DENIO DENNE DESMOND DE SPAIN DEU PREE DE WITT DICRERSON DICKSON DIDDY DIEDRICHSEN DIEHL DIERCKS DIXON, A. Y DIXON, P. DI DOAN Domas DODD DODGE DOERNER DOLBY DONALDSON DONOHOE Dt DORROH DORSAM DORSCH DORSETT DOUGLAS DOVVDLE DOYLE, E. DOYLE, M. ED EL DICKERSON, BEVERLY, Indianapolis, Indiana - DICKSON, CAROLYN FRANCES, Evanston, Illinois - DIDDY, ICILLEEN, ANN, Perry, Iowa - I DIEDRICHSEN, JOYCE, Bancroft, Nebraska -' DIEHL, DOROTHY DELIGHT, Geneva, Wisconsin - DIERCKS, DONA JEANNE, Worthington, Ohio - DIXON, ALYCE FRANCES, Hollis, Oklahoma - DIXON, PATRICIA NORVELL, Waterloo, Iowa - DOAN, MARTHA, Roseburg, Oregon - DOBB51 BEVERLY GRIFFITH, Atlanta, Georgia . DODD1 RUTH, Walnut Ridge, Arkansas - DODGE, YVONNE, Bronxoille, New York - DOERNERI NORMA E., Chicago, Illinois - DOLBY, BAR' BARA ANN, Lake Charles, Louisiana - DON' ALDSON, JOAN ALINE, Mt. Vernon, Indiana ' DONOHOE, BETSY ROSS, Porlsniouth, Ohio ' DORRAH, IVIARGARET JANE, Caruthersoille, Mis- souri - DORSAM, JEANNE MARY, Mt. Carnel, Illinois - DORSCH, CHARLOTTE, Merriam, Kansas - DORSETT, NIARYE LOU, Tvnkawa' Oklahoma - DOUGLAS, ADALINE, Waverly: Ohio - DOWDLE, DOROTHY, Deineng, New Mexico - DOYLE, ELSAMAE, Milwaukee, Wisco11SW South Dakota . Pagf 242 'x .fi ix XVIII ox, P, DNOHOE T111-I, BI. I:5, Indiana . 'n5!0n, Illinois r ry, 1011741 - Nebraska - Ilistonsin - -yon, Ohio I Oklahoma - rm, Iowa - . Doses, . DUDDI . Dance, UOERXERI 'I-am, BAR' ,,, . Dos- laiifttlfl ' ftaffl ' r flili. 'ms' iff. Wil' ,fltflfm fhntaifa' ':i"'!Qf'0hm .r jfgxftt fl: Wm I, ,Wil fl! .,,f, I f' Z , ,, ,If ,,..,, 3 . f N X ., X Ao-as ,y K ,. 65 ,h f f lm ' QD' X ei f ,ff ff fe! I f fi f 1 , ,ff ' , 3 V f fi" ,I , , , , ,MQ , . 1 f , f fi , if ent 9 E Z2 , j , , 'f 2 "QL ,if " , N . 1, - , if fl I ' an , 0 if t WT DRAPER DREES DREI-IER DUNN DUVALL DWIGGINS DYE EADDY EDWARDS, D. EDWARDS, G. EDWARDS, M. EILERS ELMORE EMRICH ENGIQE ERICKSON DRAPER, MYRA JO, Corpus Christi, Texas . DREES, N.ANCY, St. Louis, Missouri . DREIHER, LUANNE, Madison, Wisconsin . DUNN, LAUREL LEE, Alexandria, Texas ,. DU PRE, BEVERLY BELL, Victoria, Texas . DURRETT, VIRGINIA ANNETTE, Kansas City, Missouri . DUSKIN, LOUISE, Columbus, Georgia . DUTT, DOROTHY JEAN, Great Falls, Montana . DUVALL, CATHERINE, Clarksville, Missouri . DWIGGINS, PATRICIA ANN, Goshen, Indiana . DYE, JULIANNE, Rochester, New York . EADDY, BETTY LEE, Spartauburgh, South Carolina . EASON, ROBERTA, El Dorado, Arkansas . EBERL, BETTY LOU, Dubuque, Iowa . EBIN,ELINOR MIRIAM,La Crosse, Wisconsin . EBLING, MARILYN, Enurnclaw, Washinglort . Page 243 DU PRE DURRETT ' DUSKIN DUTT EASON EBERL EBIN EKSTROM ELEY ELLIOTT, A. ERSKINE ESPY ESTILL EBLING ELLIOTT, B. EULENCAMP EDNVARDS, DOROTHY JEANNE, Kansas City, Missouri . EDWARDS, GWENDOLYN, Kirkland, Illinois . EDWARDS, MARGARET ANN, Oakland, Louisiana . EILERS, LYLE MYRTA, Storm Lake, Iowa . EKSTROM, ANNE-MARIE BRIGGS, Norwick, Vermont . ELEY, ELIZABETH Jo ANN, Oketo, Kansas . ELLIOTT, AUDREY, Farm- ington, Illinois . ELLIOTT, BARBARA ANN, Groton, Connecticut . ELMORE, DOROTHY, McCracken, Kansas . EMRICH, ROSE, Ty- ronza, Arkansas . ENGLE, EMMA JANE, West Jejerson, Ohio . ERICKSON, MAXINE, Boone, Iowa . ERSKINE, LORRAINE, Eliot, Maine . ESPY, ELLEN KATHRYN, Beverly Hills, California . ESTILL, ELIZABETH, Moberly, Missouri . EULENCAMP, DOROTHY LOUISE, Great Neck, New York , . I IR S UNIO EVANS, ALMA ELLEN, Breckenridge, Texas . EVANS, ELIZABETH LOUISE, Springfield, Illinois . EVANS, ICATHRYN ALICE, Casper, Wyoming . EVANS, YVONNE, Houston, Texas . EVERETT, PATRICIA, Manising, Michigan . EVES, MONA ELAINE, San Marino, California . EWAN, ANNE, Lewistown, Illinois . EWING, EVELYN MARIE, Seaton, Illinois . EVVING, SHIRLEY MARGARET, North Hollywood, California . FARB, LEAH, Texas City, Texas . FARNUM, ESLATENE LEOLA, Arlington, Virginia . FARRELL, JANE, Madison, Wisconsin . FARRIS, LORAINE, Dallas, Texas . FAY, NANCY ELLEN, Watseka, Illinois . FELIX, NELL HURST, Atlanta, Georgia . FELLIIAN, JOANNE, Memphis, Tennessee . EVANS, A. EVANS, E. EVANS, K. EVANS, Y. EWING, S. FARB FARNUM F ARRELL FINLAY FISCHER FISH, D. FISH, J. FLOM FONVIELLE FORSTER FOSDICK ff! me N '97 on "" 5' if 7 41 I ! I, R 12,4 W 'V Na!! t -it I ni ,, T-R , , ,,,. , ff G .tr 55 A V I ,I , E I' I tiff" . T: fix I f I-C' ' '52 fn: T T.- " - '-A L- I C 5 gt., I If 'VX' 7 'lo ' C- V M . f e Wg , ,, ,W A X 1, f Z 1 f J 6 J", 15,5 , . L, . , , , I f 'nf W , I' V Z ,LA ' ' 2 f 1 'Ahh g FINLAY, MARY LOU, Columbia, Missouri . F ISCHER, RENEE, San Antonio, Texas . FISH, DOROTHY JEANETTE, Jackson Heights, Long Island, New York . FISH JANET ANN, Maplewood, New Jersey . FISHER, DORIS MAE, Teb'ord,Pennsyloania . FISHER, MARJORIE, ,Fontiac, Michigan . FISHER, RHODA, San Angelo, Texas . FLOCK, MARGARET, Eugene, Oregon . f FLOM, JO ANN, Tampa, Florida . FONVIELLE, PATRICIA LELAND, Galveston, Texas I . FORSTER, JEAN ELIZABETH, Bajalo, New York . FOSDICK, PATRICIA CROMWELL, Galveston, Texas . FOSTER, MARILYN LEE, Palatine Bridge, New York . Fox, BARBARA JEAN, New York, New York . FOR, ELEANOR, Dallas, Texas . FOX, GERALDINE RUTH, Hailey, Idaho . EVERETT EVES EWAN EWING, E. FARRIS FAY FELIX FELLMAN FISHER, D. FISHER, M. FISHER, R. FLOCK FOSTER FOX, B. FOX, E. FOX, G. , W 4 ,H ,'..- Page 244 'Nerf I I I I I I I I S1121 Igllfs, ' New IHERY J ' gelo, J AND, lark QIEII, ,EAN 1:03, P. E. -IAN N- X G. . 6 ,, I H FRANCIS, VIRGINIA CLYDE, Swarthmore, Pennsylvania - FRANK, TERRIE, Waterloo, Iowa - FRAZEE, NANCY, Cedar Rapids, Iowa - FREED, BETTY LOU, Marion, Ohio - FREESMEIER, JEAN, Clayton, Missouri - FREIDANK, JANE, Monroe City, Missouri - FREUND, NAOMI, Delphos, Ohio - FRIEDMAN, SUZANNE JAYNE, Manistee, Michigan - FROST, EMILY JEAN, Biqfalo, New York - FRY, BEVERLY ANN, Pocatello, Idaho - FRYAR, BETTY JEAN, Miami' Florida - FULTON, SHIRLEY, Illilton, Illassachusells GABBERT, PATRICIA, Portland, Oregon - GALLATIN, BETTY LEE, Greensburg, Pennsylvania - GANTT, NIARIAN, Corpus Christi, Texas - GARDINER, CAROLYN, Racine, Wisconsiri GARTLEY, BARBARA, Vernon, New Jersey - GATES, IVIAYMIE, Wichlga, Kansas - GEISSINGER, JOAN, Hemel, California - GEORGE, JOY, Waterloo, Iowa - GERKE, ARDEN, Santa Monica, California - GERON, ANN ELIZA- BETH, Charleston, Ohio - GIBSON, I-IARRIETT, Platsburg, Missouri - GIBSON, JEANNETTE LOUISE, Longview, Texas , I made it! - Niles, Michigan 0 GILOMEN, LORAINE ELIZABETH, Dearborn, Michigan - GIMBEL, GIESEKING, JEAN, Spfing Lake, Midtigfm ' GIFFORD, JOYCE, Dayton, Ohio - GITTINS, LUCY ,1VIARIAN, University City, Missouri - GLAD JACQUELINE ROSE, Toledo, Ohio - GILLETTE, IDAMAE, DEN, NANCY DELL, Coronado, California - GLAMANN, DOROTHY, Wellington, Kansas FRANCIS FRANK F RAZEE FREED FREESMEIER FREIDANK F REUND FRIEDMAN FROST FRY F RYAR FULTON GABBERT GALLATIN GANTT GARDINER GARTLEY GATES GEISSINGER GEORGE. GERKE GERON GIBSON, H. GIBSON, J. GIESEKING GIFFORD GILLETTE GILOMEN GIMBEL GITTINS GLADDEN GLAMANN Page 245 r ,,,.-I H ' .n l ' I Qi me sw. 4, , r 3' ' ggunqg WN f I 9521 I me rs 1. ,r - N "' '- 1 It 1 1' H2 - Y R I fn A S 'ff f , f - , fi MQ,-g's A "- ' , f V - e 9 0, 3 4, I 1 -- I I 4 7 , N i' X 3' 1' T, , ,,,, 1 fweaw ,I ss 2,-get . we? ' ff, f f 7 WI ri, , f e Q yn GLASS GOEHRING GOETHE GOODWIN, J. GOODWIN, O. GOODNVIN, P. GORDON GOTTLEIB GOULD GRAHAM GRAMLING GRANRUD GRANT GRASSMAN GRAVES GRAY, B. GRAY, M. GRAY, T. GRAYSON GREEN, B. GREEN, J. GREEN, M. GREENLEAF GREOG GREIG GRIEEITH GRISELLE GRISHAM GRUBBS GUITERAS GUNNISON GUY GLASS, MARION ESTELLE, Charleston, West RUTH, Fort Smith, Arkansas - GORDON, MAR- NELWYN JOYCE, Henderson, Texas - GRAN- Virginia - GOEHRING, MARGARET JEAN, Hen- THELLA, Commerce, Georgia - GOTTLEIB, RUD, NANCY MARION, San Marino, California - derson, Kentucky - GOETHE, BARBARA, Wil- lows, California - GOODWIN, JEANNE MARIE, El Dorado, Arkansas - GOODXVIN, ORLEANNE, El Dorado, Arkansas - GOODXVIN, PATSY ALICE, Brooklyn, New York - GOULD, JEAN, Woodstock, Illinois - GRAHAM, JOAN CLAIRE, Nuevo Leon, Mexico - GRAMLING, Is this tes! really necessary? . Fx- -.,-f GRANT, MARJORIE RUTH, Grand Junction, Colo- rado - GRASSMAN, PAULA FORRESTER, Fay- etteville, New York - GRAVES, BEVERLY NVAYNE, Chicago, Illinois - GRAY, B. MAVIS, Detroit, Michigan - I GRAY, MARY ALMENA, Ann Arbor, Michigan - GRAY, THELMA ROSAMOND, Lodi, Wisconsin f- GRAYSON, DOLORES, Arnold, Pennsylvania A GREEN, BARBARA, Jejerson, Wisconsin GREEN, JO ANNE, Kersham, South Carolina - GREEN, MARGARET JANE, Fulton, New York - GREENLEAF, BETTE JANE, Syracuse, New York - GREGG, BARBARA ANNE, Eau Claire, Wis- consirz - GRICIG, SHEILA, Aiea Oahu, T. H. - GRIIPFITH. SHIRLEY, Port Nelson, Ontario - GRIESELLE, SUZANNB, Winnetka, Illinois - GRISHAM, BBT- TYE JANE, Fulton, Kentucky - GRUBBS, ELIZA- HI'l'I'lI, Riverside, California . GUI'I'ERfKS, NIARY JANIQ, Denver, Colorado - GUNNISON, NIAR- rz.xRli'l', Girarrl, !'ennsylz'a111'1t - GUY, MAR- JORII-:, I'Vl'C1lI'fIl,1X,ll7IX!LS . Pug! 246 no-A -A ,,,w,-,,....-.. I .- .....- . - O " Y ,ff , :A f . "- ' ' " , if' ' 12355, V , - ,I " f i 31,1 f. f , ,J .1 a t , . ,, W" fl' fr J' ,V -- , D I A ' W A "ff we ' . L A fr' nw WA! N ,ft 5, A , ,, , if I . - A ' Y 'A ..,. , 'f H '63, f ,,,, " Dv . - ..1v'xE W ki X ,f I .,1'3'ii .. , ,, . - A fy f ' RV C- ! 1 IQ. , vvvv J wb. :iff "" QQ - cf , ..AA. , .,.,,,,........, ' ,Ca .,......,,... ,Eg . ., . Q .EIB V B- HACKLER HAGEMAN HAGEN HAINE HALRERT HALE HALEY HALL is HALSEY HAMITER HAMMOND HANE HANER HANSON, B. HANSON, J. HARBAUGH HARDENBROOK HARDIN HARDING HARLAN HARMONSON HARP HARRELL HARRIS, A. HARRIS, J. HARRIS, P. HARTINIAN, J. HARTINIAN, S. HARTNETT HATCH HATCHER HATHAWAY - Gm- :ltfornia . rtion, Colo- I' HER- Fil- . . . . . . HACKLER OAN MARIE, Pekin, Illinois . HAGEMAN, SUSANNE, HARDENBROOK,FRANCES,Fllnl,M1Ch1 an . HARDIN, SARA ANE , g , BEVEIILI' Lon mont, Colorado . HAGAN, MYRNA ANN, Monitowoc, Wis- She eld, Alabama . HARDING, GERALDINE, Swanton, Ohio . . . MI , B NI s g consin . HAINE, ROSALYNN, JOYCE, Indianapolis, Indiana . HARLAN, URSULA, Glasgow, Montana . HARMONSON, IDA, Keller, HALBERT, SUE, Sylvania, Ohio . HALE, MARY LOUISE, Halties- Texas . HARP, SALLY LOU, Everett, Ohio . HARRELL, DOROTHY Wigan Q barg, Mississippi . HALEY, MARGARET PATRICIA, Clearwater, NIARY, Coronado, California . HARRIS, ANN, Dayton, Ohio . yfonsin I Florida . HALL, VIRGINIA ANN, McComb, Ohio . ylrania ' ,man I A HARRIS, JOAN VIRGINIA, Seattle, Washington . HARRIS, PATRICIA, Imlim ' HALSEY, KATHERINE, Bronxvilte, New York . HAMITER, MARI- Tacoma, Washington . HARTMAN, JOYCE, Grand Rapids, Mich- ' Wk ' ANNE, Shreve ort, Louisiana . HAMMOND, PATTY SUE, El Dorado, ivan . HARTMAN, SHERRIE, Charleston West Virginia . HART- b Y b I',w fall? I I "" Arkansas . HANE,JOANNE, Colambia,Soath Carolina . HANER NETT, MARY CATHERINE, Hempstead, Long Island, New York . '1tVf'- UH' . . , RITA RAE, Raton, New Mexico . HANSON, BELA BRADLEY, HATCH, BARBARA JEAN, Amarillo, Texas . HATCHER, BILLEE Madison, Wisconsin . HANSON, JEAN, Mahnomen, Minnesota . MARIE, Washington, District of Columbia . HATHAWAY, CAROLYN HH HARBAUGH, SUZANNE ELIZABETH, Perrytown, Texas . JOANNE, Hollister, Missoari . QIIIFF I ,,I1seI,I,I. ILLBET' ., ffl.lZIN' ,NIWA HAR' JIIK- ,M Page 247 VMI, HAVENS, MARY LOIs, Klamath Falls, Oregon . HAWKINS, ELIZA- BETH, Shreveport, Louisiana . HAWTHORNE, JUNE, Miami, Florida . HAY, ORIANA, Oshkosh, Wisconsin . HAYDEN, PA- TRICIA, Ghoyville, Illinois . HAYS, PATRICIA, Branson, Missouri . HAYSLIP, MARY LEE, La Canada, California . HAYWARD, MARY FRANCES, El Paso, Texas . HAZARD, PEARL, Saguache, Colorado . HEAD, JANICE, Miami, Oklahoma . HEASLEY, PEGGY JANE, Orlando, Florida . HEATH, CHARLOTTE RICHMOND, Franklin, Indiana . HEATH, DOROTHY CARLINE, Columbia, Missouri . HEGGBLOZVI, RUTH, Detroit, Michigan . HEILBORN, MARY ANN, Edgewood, Rhode Island ORS HEITZMAN, BARBARA, Dallas, Texas . HELWIG, MARY ANN, Los Angeles, California . HEMPHILL, BEVERLY ELLEN, Pendleton, Oregon . HENDRIX, CLARICE, Houston, Texas . HENRY, VIR- GINIA, Albert Lea, Minnesota . HERBERT, JEAN ELIZABETH, San Mateo, California . HERMAN, ANN, Jejerson City, Missouri . HERVEY, ELIZABETH, Des Moines, Iowa . HEss, MARY, McLean, Texas . HEWITT, MARJORIE ELIZABETH, Wynnewood, Pennsylvania . HICKAINI, BONNIE FAY, Columbia, Missouri . HICKMAN, PATRYCIA ARLENE, North Manchester, Indiana . HIGBIE, PATRICIA JEAN, Birmingham, Michigan . HILER, MARJOR'IE, East Aurora, New York . HILL, RUTH GALE, Evanston, Illinois . HILTON, DOROTHY L., New York, New HEINZ, MISSIE DIXIE, Los Angeles, California. York . HAVENS HAWKINS HAWTHORNE HAY GAYDEN HAYES HAYSLIP HAYWARD HAZARD HEAD HEASLEY HEATH, C. HEATH, D. HEGGBLOM HEILBORN HEINZ HEITZLIAN HELWIG HELIPHILL HESS HEWITT HICKADI CS? fn? 'Q- ly .ff HENDRIX HICKLIAN 4-N HENRY HIGBEE if nv A" HERBERT HILER HERMAN HILL HERVEY HILTON nw W-'37 'Q as "f"f Aw' ,Q-A 49' ZW -il..-J Page 248 H wa H C1 M1 A . HI Ce H1 NI M N4 H4 JU In FR Ill Dc HI Ab HI LE Ko JA ww ,...,.,. 'r , . , .. X . , ,L A., I -' 1 L05 1 J ,tony VIR. J Sa ll J. ,I - W W IETH v ,IbIG, fifer, In ' ALE, I New N N N N N WARD QY Y , ,AE -R, , U I. F f Q HINCKLEY, ALICE NIARY, Maguoketa, Iowa - HINES, ANNE, Brent- "" wood, Tennessee - HITCIICOCK, NIARY ANN, Hibblin, Minnesota - HITE, BEVERLY, King City, Alissouri - HITES, NIARILYN, Kansas City, Missouri - PIOFFMAN, VIXVIAN, Coral Gables, Florida - HOH- MANN, SUSANNE, River Forest, Illinois . HOLDEN, GRACE FLORENCE, Atlanta, Georgia - HOLIN, DOROTHY, Ilifianzi Shores, Florida - HOLLANDS, JEANNE gif? Cedar Rapids, Iowa - HOLLOWELL, JANET, Danville, Indiana - HOPKIN, HAZEL, Lovell, Wyoming - HOPKINS, JULIE, Staten Island, New York - HOPSON, BLAND, Long Beach, California - HORNER, MARGERY ELIzAIzE'rH, Honolulu, T. H. - HORTON, PATRICIA ANN, Newburgh, Indiana - ggi! 'X-FB:-fi, V . , X 4,41 HOTCHKISS, PATRICIA ANNETTE, Covington, Kentucky - HOUSE, x 'mb' I JULIA, Atlanta, Georgia . HOUSE, SHIRLEY JEANNE, Royal Center, 3555 - Indiana . HOUSER, MALOTTE, Coral Gables, Florida - HOWARD FRANCES, Santa Ana, California - HOWE, ANITA JANET, Rockford, Illinois - HOWLETT, PATRICIA, Buchanan, Jllichigan - HUCKINS, DOROTHY, South Bend, Indiana HUDDARD, EVALEE LUCILE, Healdsburg, California . HUDMAN, JOY ANN, El Reno, Oklahoma - HUENINK, DORIS, Evanston, Illinois - V HUFFSTUTLER, JOYCE, Guthrie, Oklahoma - HUGHES, ELEANOR W," LEIGH, Henderson, Kentucky - HUGHES, PATRICIA JANE, Topeka, Kansas - HUGUS, MARY ANNE, Wheeling, West Virginia . HULL, JACQUELINE JEAN, Dearborn, Missouri 0 Strictly Oriental HINCKLEY HINES HITCHCOCK HITE HITES HOFFMAN HOHMANN HOLDEN HOLIN HOLLANDS HOLLOWELL HOPKIN HOPKINS HOPSON HORNER HORTON HOTCHKISS HOUSE, J. HOUSE, S. HOUSER HOWARD HOWE HOWLETT HUCKINS HUDDARDT HUDMAN HUENINK g HUFFSTUTLER HUGHES, E. HUGHES, P. HUGUS HULL Page 249 HUMPHREYS HUNT, L. HUNT, P. HUNT, S. HUNT, V. HUNTER HURD HUSAR HUSE HUSTON HUTCHINSON IRVIN IRWIN IZZARD JACKSON JADIN JAMES JENKINS JERSEY JOHNSON, L. JOHNSON, M. JOHNSON, M. J. JOHNSON, R. JOHNSON, S. JOHNSTON JONES, D. JONES, M. JOOS JOSSERAND JOURDAN KADING IQALABZA IJUMPHREYS, LAURA, Baton Ronge, Louisiana - Washington - HUNTER, DOROTHY ANN, Wheel- HUSE, NANCY CAROL, Western Springs, Illinois HUNT, LOIS ANN, Red Lake Falls, Minnesota - ing, West Virginia - HURD, CAROLYN LOUISE, - HUSTON, ANNA MARIE, Minneapolis, Minne- HUNT, PATRICIA JOAN, Parkersburg, West Vir- Mission, Texas - HUSAR, NIARGARETE, Tak- sota . HUTCHINSON, PEGGYANN, Mayhill, New ginia - HUNT, SHIRLEY LUCILE, Beeville, orna Park, lllaryland - Mbxigg . IRVIN, MARGARET CATHERINE, Ar- Texas - HUNT, VIRGINIA CLAIRE, Sealife, lington, Virgnia - IRWIN, ELAINE, Sanita Rosa, New Mexico - IZZARD, MARILYN ANN, Amarillo, Texas - JACKSON, MARY EVALENA, Bu! I want to litre -in While! Springfield, Illinois - JADIN, CAROL PHYLLIS, Green Bay, Wisconsin - JAMES, JANET, Mnldane, Kansas - JENKINS, NIARGARET ANN, Dallas, Texas - JERSEY, LOISJEAN, Boyne City, Michigan - JOHNSON, LUCIA, Dallas, Texas - JOHNSON, MARILYN, Waseca, Minnesota - JOHNSON, NIARY JANE, Calfax, Washington - JOHNSON, ROSEMARIE JANE, Grasse Pointe, Michigan - JOHNSON, SUZANNE, Manistee, Michigan - JOHNSTON, JOAN CAROL, Gettysburg, Pennsyl- Tania - JONES, DORIS, Hollandale, Minnesota - JONES, MONA JEANNE, Center, Texas - JOOS, LENORE, Los Angeles, California - JOSSI-JRANO, YVONNE, Dodge City, Kansas - -IUI'RD,XN, BETTYE, Iuka, Mississippi . KAD- INC, DONA LEE, Boone, Iowa - KALABZAI AI.-XRYLIN .-XNNE, La Grange, Illinois - Page 250 LOW A KS ,Q N 1 YN e W - ..,, I 5 l 'Q' 111171015 mmf zll Ne' amla x Xxx ALEX 8, HX LLIJ XI-IINJI LR:EM ,rx ON PILHN JANE BHRIF I fp., ri tl ffl' , H ,f 'olfl 4 0 if IH' ,MH 'r V.. X ma if are 4: 53 f JW! 4-A 1 1 if 'sf- f :wr WN. A ...I.....A..i .AAA ,pr-'ln 471: '?' KARSSEBOONI KAL KEITH, M KELLLR KEND ALL KERISTON ICIKER KINCAID KAUFFMAN ICE! LFY, KENNEY KING, A F IQIIAINL ICELLEY IQENT IQING KARSSEBOOM, JEAN LORENE, Wanwatosa, Wzsconszn KAL DORIS, YUN TSIN, Oahu, T H KAUFFMAN, BILLIE SUE Benton 4rkansas KEANE, PATRICIA Larchrnont, New York IQEARINS BETTY, San Antonto, Texas KEATING, PATRICIA Lynbrook New York KEFLE PAULINE, Manchester, Tennessee KEITH CARMEN, Perryton, Texas N KEITH, MARTHA JANE, Nashzhlle, Tennessee . IQELLER, ELAINE VIRGINIA Colnrnbna, Ohro . ICELLEY, EMMA JEANNE, Wrnter Garden, Florrda . KELLFY, HELEN JOYCE, Altus, Oklahoma . KELLEY, PATRICIA, St Lonrs, Mtssourr . KELLOGG, JOAN PAGE, Rochester, New York . KELLY, ADALFNE, Jef, Alabama . KENIPER, JEAN, Harrisonville, Missouri . Pala: 251 KE KRNS KELLEY, P IQERR KING, M ICENDALL ICIIATING lx DLLOGG KESELER KING W Kr ELE KELLY KESTNER ICIRBERGER IQIIITH KEBIPER KIETZMAN KITTINGER DONNA, Rook Island, Illftnots KENISTON, LOIS Wellesley Massachrtsetts KENNEY, JOAN, Denver Colorado IQENT, ELIZABETH LOUISE, Lfttehjield Connectrcnt KERR BAR BARA, Arnarello, Texas KESSLER, EDDIE LEE Oklahorrza Czty Oklahoma ICESTNER, CHARLENE BARBARA Chzcago, Illtnozs ICIETZMAN, LIJCILE BENNIE Canton, Illrnors ICIKER, CHARLENE LOUISE, Beaumont, Texas . KINCAID, KAROLINE, Gladwater, Texas . ICING, ALICE CAROLINE, Fort Worth, Texas . KING, EILEEN M , Ft Srmth, Arkansas . IKING, MARY ANN, Tnllahorno, Tennessee . KING, WILMA JEAN, Quaker town, Pennsylvanra . IQIRBERGER, If-XROL, Warren, Pennsylvanza . ICITTINGER, LOIS, Buffalo, New York . I R S IQLAGES, JANICE MEREDITH, Columbus, Ohio . KLINGEL, BETTY, Salinas, California . KLOECKER, PHYLLIS, Lexington, Kentucky . IQLOSTERMAN, BETTY, Shawano, Wisconsin . KNAUST, VIRGINIA RUTH, West Camp, New York . KNIGHT, LOIS, Rosiclare, Illi- nois . KNOWLES, CORNELIA, Montgomery, Alabama . KNOWL- SON, BARBARA, Hinsdale, Illinois . KNUDSON, FAYE JANE, Brigham City, Utah . KONOUGRES, HELYN GEORGE, Las Vagas, New Mexico . KORNEFFEL, PATRICIA ANN, Pleasant Ridge, Michigan . KOSTER, LOIS, San Mateo, California . KRAKOW, SARAH, Davenport, Iowa . KRAMER, NANCY JOSEPHINE, Milwaukee, Wisconsin . KRANC, LORRAINE JANE, Decatur, Illinois . KREBIERS, ABIGAIL, Minneapolis, Minnesota . IQLAGES KLINGEL KLOECKER KLOSTERMAN KNUDSON KONOUGRES KORNEFFEL KOSTER IQUYPER KVAM LA BOTEAUX LA BREC LANDIS LANE LANG LARSON, A. OR KUYPER, CLEO JOY, Pella, Iowa . KVAM, AUDREY FLORENCE Milwaukee, Wisconsin . LA BOTEAUX, EMILY, Glendale, Ohio LA BREC, MARILYN, Walworth, Wisconsin . LADD, PEGGY ANN Phoenix, Arizona . LAHM, PHYLLIS, Barrington, Massachusetts LAMB, YUKI DEANE, Pond Creek, Oklahoma . LAMBERT, BETTY, New Orleans, Louisiana . LANDIS, GENE, Wyomissing, Pennsylvania . LANE, JEAN, Grand Junction, Colorado . LANG, LORNA JEAN, Hallock, Minnesota LARSON, ANITA, East Chicago, Indiana . LARSON, BARBARA JEANNE, Bayton, Washington . LAWSON, LINDA ELIZABETH, Tulsa, Oklahoma . LAYTON, SARA ANN, Rosemont, Pennsyl vania . LEDBETTER, CHLOE, San Antonio, Texas . KNAUST KNIGHT KRAKOW KRAMER LADD LAHM LARSON, B. LAWSON KNOWLES KNOWLSON ICRANC KREMERS LAMB LAMBERT LAYTON LEDBETTER , 3' F al, I .5 ,Q N I 1- I ,.4f4.,,g.xl .s I 1: . ,., it, 9 -gf' I A 4 ' fe gag. ,A 1- 4 fc g igwz, 1 ' 4 Ivy, fl in It VA I t. 5' ' A I ?- 5 X' " Q , ,, A , 0,y,tf,E . , ll.,L...... 'll lin! , ' 1 I , ' QW N :I Q 4 1 l Page 252 YQE, 7 AN' S n TTY. 'and 1 I FARA ETH, zsvl- LSOX ERS .RT TTER 'F r 1 2 1 wr, 'Wav LEE, NIAI IVIIE, Shanghai, China - LEEPER, NEL, De Queen, Arkansas . LE MAR, JOAN, Omaha, Nebraska . LEMLY, HELEN ADELAIDE, Arlington, Virginia - LENNOX, JUNE A., Ann Arbor, Illichigan - LEONHARDT, JANE, Shejield, Alabama - LEWINSKI, DIANE, Arlington Heights, Illinois - LEXVINSON, ANN, Los Angeles, California LEXVIS, ANN, Minden, Louisiana - LEXVIS, BETTY JANE, Urbana, Ohio - LEWIS, JACQUELINE, Orlando, Florida - LEWIS, MAR- GARET, Stittville, New York - LIGETT, BARBARA, Middletown, Ohio - LIGHTBODY, NANCY JANE, Grosse Pointe, Michigan . LIGHTFOOT, NANCY LEE, St. Petersburg, Florida - LILLY, MARY JUDSON, Valdosta, Georgia. - LIMBERT, IVIARTHA, Springfield, Massachusetts o LIPE, Bri.-XRY JEAN, Vance, Mississippi - LITTLEFIELD, DOLLYE ANN, Crosby' ton, Texas - LoCKWooD, WINIFRED, Kaneohe, Oahu, T. H. . LooM1S, MAXINE, Marengo, Illinois - LOOTS, LILA LEE, Chicago, Illinois . LOVELACE, LORAINE, Syracuse, New York - LOWEN- STEIN, HARRYETTE, Ardmore, Oklahoma LUCE, JOAN, Boise, Idaho - LUNA, ROSELYN, Belen, New Mexico - LUTHER, WINIFRED GERALDINE, Kalamazoo, Michigan - LUX, LEE LEWIS, A. LIMBERT LUCE ,pw K' 4-f Page 253 n f f, ,e , LEEPER LE MAR LEWIS, B. LEWIS, J. LIPE LITTLEEIELD LUNA LUTHER J I LLL J Guatemalan Emmy SHIRLEY ANN, Buffalo, New York - LYNN, MARGARET CARISTINE, Ports- mouth, Ohio - LYONS, ANNA L., Rockford, Illinois - L-YONS, JEAN, Auburn- dale, Massachusetts - LYONS, MARILYN MARCH, Washington, D. C. - LEMLY LENNOX LEONHARDT LEWINSKI LEWINSON LEWIS, M. LIGETT LIGHTBODY LIGHTFOOT LILLY LOCKWOOD LOOMIS LOOTS LOVELACE LOWENSTEIN LUX LYNN LYONS, A. LYONS, J. LYONS, M. I ,iff ' it, ' J ,fam ,,,, i f , f . f 1. rfb mg, ' WTF' I , . 5 I i LYVERS NIACDOUGALL MADSEN, J. NIADSEN, A. NIANTHO MARKIIAM NIARXMILLER NIASON IVIACE MACGEE NIACINTYRE NIACKENZIE MACON MADDOX A MAGEE MAJOR NIALLON IVIALLOY IVIANDEL MANN NIARQUIS MARSHALL, C. NIARSHALL, M. NIARTH MARTIN, B. NIARTIN, M. IVIASSEY IVIAST M ASTERS NIATTESON MCAFEE IVICCANN 4 Have you heard about . . . W i LYVERS, MARY FRANK, Amarillo, Texas - IVIACDOUGALL, ANN, Forrest Cily, ' Arkansas - MACE, LUANNE, Springfield, Alassachaselts - MACGEE, IVIAR- GARET ANN, Boise, Idaho - IVIACINTYRE, MARILYN, Denver, Colorado - NIACKENZIE, BARBARA JEAN, Newark, Ohio - IVIACON ROSE, Hickory Point, Tennessee - NIADDOX, CARLA JEAN, Jackson, Tennessee - Nl.-KDSEN, JANE NIARIE, Houeoge Falls, New York - MADSON, ADA, La Crosse, I'I'I.SC07ISI-71 - NI.-XGEE, BETTY, Phoenix, Arizona - NIAJOR, CORINNE, Ollunzwa, Iowa - NIALLON, PATRICIA, Malone, New York - MALLOY, MARGARET LUCILLE, Honolulu, Hawaii - NIANDEL, JOAN, New York, New York - MANN, PEISCILI..-X JOAN, Grosse Poinle, Michigan . AI,-'ANTI-IO, BIARION HELEN, Alliance, Ohio - NIARKHAM, EMILY, Salinas, Call- fornfa - A'IARQljIS,vIERONA CHARLOTTE,P1'6llIJ1071l, Calzfornla - NIARSHALL, CA'l'IIERINE, Pasadena, California - NIARSHALL, NIARGARET ANN, Auslfin, Texas - AIARTH, ANN, Savanna, Illinois - NIARTIN, BETSY NVOODS, Shaker Heiglzls, Ohio - MARTIN, AIARY ANNIE, Foresl Clly, Arkansas - ' J AI.-XRXMlI-LIZR, BETH, Dubuque, Iowa - NIASON, Al,-'kRYI.OL', Delroil, Michigan - AI.-XSSEY, RAAIONA JISANNIL Des .1f0l'7lL'S, Iowa - NIAST, CAROL FRANCES, New York, .Yew York - AIASTERS, NANCY, Casper, Ififyofning - MATTESON, JEROLANE, Wes! Los Angeles, Calzfornfa . Alflzxlflili, GLORIA, Macon Georgia - W AICCANN, MARY, Pasarlena, California - Page 254 L F 5. 5 A ' A f 5 , ' I 1 A 1 F A if P i Y' 5 si V, PX S, M. YY nest City, EI-:, MAR- Qlorado - ary Point, La Crosse, Ottzmzaa I IRGARET or ms CU KRSHA 11511711 ghnker I ll It rw III 9 UMW ,,,,, ff Its. Ziff iv? WM X 'Qi YW'-A gf' 5' 4 V st I ,gt I 7 Q 1 K M K I ere , i r f Aff A ,- ,pf-N six' es? i I I ,. I . t Y 4... X MCCLEAN MCCLURE MCCREERY MCCULLOUGH MCGREW MCINTIRE MCPHERSON MCROBERTS MCCONNELL MCCURDY MCKENZIE MCWILLIANIS MCCORD MCELHANEY MCKIBBEN MEALS NICCLEAN, HELEN LOUISE, Minneapolis, Minnesota . MCCLURE, MARY LOU, Owensboro, Kentucky . IVICCONNELL, MARY ENGLAND, Montgomery, Alabama . MCCORD, MARY, Detroit, Michigan . MCCORMACK, CORINNE JANE, Elk Point, South Dakota . MC- CORMACK, JOAN, Marshalltown, Iowa . MCCOY, INEZ LORENA, Rome, Georgia . MCCRACKEN, PATRICIA ANN, St. Joseph, Mich- igan WCCREERY ANITA Macomb, Illinois MCCULLOUGH SUE Kansas City Missouri MCCURDY PATRICIA Chariton, Iowa MCELHANEY BEssII: ELLEN, Phoenix, Arizona MCFADDEN CATHERINI' MARGARET, Detroit, Michigan MCGE1: BETTY JANI' Shinnston, West Virginia MCGINNIS, VVANIA JEAN Wichita, Kansas MCGOWAIN, MARGUERITE,A16a, Oahn, T H Page 255 MCCORMACK, C. MCCORMACK, J. MCCOY MCFADDEN MCGEE MCGINNIS MCKINNEY MCLAREN - MCNEASE MEARS MEILICKE IVIELICK MCCRACKEN MCGOWAN MCNEEAR MENDENI-IALL MCGREW, NANCY, Hindsale, Illinois . MCINTIRE, FRANCES JEANNE, Ottnmwa, Iowa . MCIQENZIE, TERESA, Mexia, Texas . MCKIBBEN, JO ANN, Barnsdall, Oklahoma . MCKINNEY, JOYCE, - ' Bowling Green, Virginia . MCLARE'N, MARGARET CAMPBELL, Shnmaker, Arkansas . MCNEASE, MARY ANGELYN, Fayette, Alabama . MCNEER, BARBARA, Crescent, Oklahoma . MCPHERSON, DORIS JEAN, Pueblo Colorado IVICROBERTS MARGERY ANN, Boise Idaho MCWILLIAMS MARY ANN, Cedar Rapida Iowa MEALS, BARBARA ANN, Belpre, Kansas MFARS, NIABIIL, Jacksonville Beach, Florida IVIIIILICKF, LORF LEI, Lincolnwood, Illinois MICLICK, IVIARY JANE Neligh Ne braska MFINDERHALL MARCIA AAN, Indianapolis, Indiana IOR MENGER, JEAH LOUISE, San Antonio, Texas . MERRITT, MARY ADELLE, San Gabriel, California . MERTZ, CAROL JEAN, Fayette- ville, New York . NIESSING, JANE ANN, Indianapolis, Indiana . METTERNICH, JOYCE YVONNE, Ashland, Wisconsin . METZGER, JOAN, Springfield, Illinois . NIEYER, ELLEN, Lafayette, Indiana . MIETZNER, PATRICIA, Fairfield, Illinois . MILKS, FRANCES, Midland, Michigan . MILLER, DOROTHY JEAN, Daytona Beach, Florida . MILLER, EMMA LOU, Louisville, Mis- sissippi . MILLER, GENEVIEVE, Westlake, Ohio . MILLER, GLADYS, Jeannette, .Pennsylvania . MILLER, LOIS ANN, Charleston, West Virginia . MILLER, NIARILYN ANN, Lansing, Michigan . ' MILLER, THOMASINE, West Point, Mississippi . NIENGER MERRITT NIERTZ MESSING MILKS MILLER, D. MILLER, E. MILLER, G. NIILLER, V. A. MILLER, V. L. NIINSHALL NIITAU NIOECKEL MONTAGUE MONTGOMERY,B.J. MONTGOMERY, H. 'N At' vi J W ' I K... Q fi ing gl 6' ' ORS MILLER, VIRGINIA ANNE, Brady, Texas . MILLER, VIRGINIA LUCILE, Junction City, Kansas . MINSHALL, Jo, Rockford, Illi- nois . MITAU, PATRICIA, Menlo Park, California . MITTEN, DORIS, Goodland, Indiana . MOAK, DOROTHY PRENTICE, Utica, New York . MOATS, VIVIAN, Clinton, Michigan . MOBLEY, BETTY FONTAINE, Columbus, Georgia . MOECKEL., EMILIE, Atlanta, Georgia . MONTAGUE, MARJORIE, Houston, Texas . MONTGOMERY, BETTY JEAN, Dallas, Texas . MONTGOMERY, HELEN, Wayne, Pennsylvania . MONTIQUE, SUZ- ANNE, Mt. Clemens, Michigan . NIOOERS, JOYCE EVELYN, Skaino- kawa, Washington . MOORE, BARBARA JOAN, Clarksburg, West Virginia . MOORE, HELEN, Ft. Worth, Texas . METTERNICH METZGER MEYER MIETZNER MILLER, G. MILLER, L. MILLER, M. MILLER, T. MITTEN MOAK MOATS MOBLEY MONTIQUE MOOERS MOORE, B. MOORE, H. W 465 ,urn 1 , .... . .W Q 1 W yi! M X 'QM' '09 f fat it Page 256 YVIOORE NIARILYN, Denver, Colorado MOORE NIARTHA HELIIIN Portland, Oreffon MOORE, MARY FRANCES Fairfax Oklahoma MOORE, PHXLLIS, Bethany Alis- souri MORELAND, SUE, Clauneh, New Alexico MOR- GAN, GLORIA JANET, Panama City Florida MORGAN, MARILYN LOIS, Kenmore, New Yo NIORGAN NIAR- JORIE JEANNE, Phoenix, Arizona ...... nov I I I 1 I' Q l I 4 Y, G l 4 Y l I e Y . V I A 0 f o I I i ' ' 6 Tk 0 ' , 5 NIA I , III EN Ito y .Eyy RIF, ISU- N10- Vest sm R. T ZY 1. H. f fee 2" 1 is 5, 9 I MORRILL, JANE, Marietta, Georgia - MORRIS, CAROLYN, Monticello, Illinois - MORRIS, EDITH NAOMI, Ithaca, New York - MORRISH, JOAN, Sandy Spring, Jllaryland . MORRISON, MARY MARGARETT, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma - MORY, EMMY, Guatemala City, Guatemala - MOSLEY, PATRICIA JEAN, Alliance, Ohio - MOSSBERG. PHYLLIS, Hamden, Connecticut - MOWREY, PATRICIA ANNE, Williams, Arizona - NIUEHLIG, BARBARA ANNE, Denver, Colorado - MUELLER, CAROLYN JANE, Evanston, Illinois - MUELLER, MARY ANN,'Wiehita, Kansas - MULLEN, JOYCE, Brighton, Massachusetts - MURCI-IISON, NOLA FAYE, Glava, Illinois - MURPHY, BARBARA JEAN, Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan - MUSGRAVE, ELEANOR, Columbia, Missouri - Q,-er , The Christmas Spirit NALTY, ELEANOR JEAN, Brookhaven, Mississippi - NAUMANN, LOUISE, Hinsdale, Illinois - NEEDHAM, CYNTHIA, Bayside, L. I., New York . NEEL, PATRICIA, Rochester, New York . NEELY, EVELYN, Corydon, Iowa - NELSON, BARBARA ANN, South Bend, Indiana - NELSON, CAROLYN JUNE, Minneapolis, Minnesota - NEL- SON, SHIRLEY, Muskogee, Oklahoma - MOORE, M. MOORE, M. H. MOORE, M. F. MOORE, P. MORELAND MORGAN, G. MORGAN, M. L. MORGAN, M. J. MORRILL MORRIS, C. MORRIS, E. MORRISH MORRISON MORY MOSELY MOSSBERG MOWREY MUELHIG MUELLER, C. MUELLER, M. MULLEN MURCHISON MURPHY MUSGRAVE NALTY NAUMANN NEEDHAM NEEL NEELY NELSON, B. NELSON, C. NELSON, S. Page 257 NEVILLEE NEXVKIRK NEWMAN NEWTON NICI-IOLSON, J. NICHOLSON, K. NICKS NIEKULI NIEMANN NIGGEMEYER , IMMO NORRIS NORTH NUTTING OBERHUEER ODISEOS OGDEN OGG O,LEARY OLIVER OLMEN OLSEN, J. OLSEN, MARY OLSEN, D. OLSON, L. OLSON, M. J. OREM ORGAIN ORR O'SHEA OSTERMANN OTTO NEY'ILLE,NANCYEARLE,Okllttllllgdti,OklG,1l0HId - York - NICKS, NANCY, Redlands, California LEE, Pasadena, Calzfornfia - NORTH, JOAN, NEXXVKIRK, JO ANN, Columbia, Missouri - - NIEKUM, SUZANNE, Arlington, Virginia - Neosho, Missouri - NUT1'ING, SUE GARRETT, NEWMAN, PATRICIA ANNE, Houston, Texas - Piedmont, California Q OBERHUBI-ER,BEA'l'RICE, N'EWTON, NIARTHA ANN, Atlanta, Georgia - NIEMANN, NIARY JEXVELL, House Springs, Mis- Chicago, Illinois - ODISEOS, MARY LOUISE, NIcIIOLSON,JANIcE, Mez'nneapolis, Minnesota - souri - NIGGEMEYER, LUANNE, Tyler, Texas Greenwich, Connecticut - NICIIOLSON, IQATHARINE, Port Washington, New - NIBILIO, JEAN, Cleburne, Texas - NORRIS, Pony Boy OGDEN, CHARLOTTE, Phoenix, Arizona - OGG, THALEN REDFERN, New London, Iowa - O'LEARY, KATHERINE EDITH, Houston, Texas - OLIVER, JOYCE ANNE, Perry, Kansas . OL- MEN, LOIS ELIEANOR, Minneapolis, Minnesota - OLSEN, JOYCE, Rigby, Idaho - OLSEN, MARY 1-""' fi JOY, Denver, Colorado - OLSEN, DOLORES NIARIE, Park Ridge, Illinois . OLSON, LOIS JOAN, Fort Dortge, Iowa - OLSON, AIARJORII5 JOAN, Nashville, Tennessee - OREM, A SUZANNE, Vlflzittier, California f ORGAIN, BET- -Qi, ',-LA ..i, cr' 1 4":fT'f'--"r- 4 .M ,, ' ' A M45 ll TYE, Huntsville, Alabama - ORR, BETTY JANE, Detroit, Illinnesota - O'SI-IEA, PATRICIA ANN, New York, New York - OSTIERMANN, BETTY, Grosse Pointe Farms, iiliehigan - OTTO, JOAN, Glendale, CCtl'IJOt'7Z1.fL - Page 258 IIERUII 'DISEOS 'LSEX, D. 'TTO NORTH, Jon, SUE GARREII, BER, BEATRICE, MARY LOUISE, :ana - OGG. don, Iowa - fston, Texas - ansas v OL' ,Minnesota - OI,sEx, MARY DOLORES ,ll , 01,503 Y, , OREIII QRQAISY BET' fiP1'ITYJASE' IIRICIA ANN XY 55, BETTY' UITUI lm' 111135 ZH ' 1... K X ,- efu., P5 ' ' H ! I e Z 'V' M , if KW . 711 I I ,if f .1 : fr' y . A ,. f , , A . ' t 'fr - , ,K A ' I if Q? ,bu 1 ,L , , A . Iv ., .,-e A ri in 4 1 x T ' V I ,i V V in ' ', A A f fm .5 1- ,, , , ' lm mg - ' .- 4144 in tr.- , 1 f, 5,1 ' R 'Q . -we . fv- . f,, . , . A -'i- ,X , R, ,, S, V , fit PACETTI PADDOCK PAGE PANTIEL PARKER, D. PARKER, J. PARKER, M. A. PARKS PATERSON, S. PATTERSON PEABODY PEARE PEDERSEN PEEK PERO PERRIGO PACETTI, BETTY, St. Augustine, Florida . PADDOCK, SARASUE, Frankfort, Indiana . PAGE, MARY EILEEN, Dallas, Texas PANTIEL, SANDRAHRHODA, McAllen, Texas . PARENT, ELLEN KATHRYN, Foley, Minnesota . PARK, MARGARET JEAN , Bemidji, Minnesota . PARKE, JACQUELINE, Newport Beach, California PARKER, BILLIE JO, San Antonio, Texas . PARKER, DOROTHY ANNE, Nashville, Tennessee PARKER, JEANNE, Odessa, Texas . PARKER, MARY ALICE, Corpus Christi, Texas . PARKS, JANET SUE, Charleston, West Virginia . PARR, RUTH KELLOGG, Kansas City, Missouri . PARRISH, JOYCE, Moultrie, Georgia . PARSONS, VIRGINIA LEE, Ballirnore, Mary- land . PATE, JOAN, Brownsville, Texas Page 259 fi GIS' ff-V PARENT PARK PARR PARRISI-I PEARSON PEAVY, E. L. PERRY PETERS rffQ""u,, 'lf A, of PARKE PARSONS PEAVY, L. PETERSEN ,nv P 1 x A A f-A A as Q ., N, QQ: ft gifs:-H . WI ,. PARKER, B. J. PATE PECK PETERSON PATERSON, SALLY, Tucson, Arizona . PATTERSON, MARGARET ROSE, Toledo, Ohio . PEABODY, CAROL, Mason, Michigan . PEARE, ELIZABETH JOHNS, Schenectady, New York . PEARSON, PEGGY ILOUISE, Columbia, Missouri . PEAVY, EVA LEE, Beloit, Kansas . PEAVY, LAURA BARNEY, Clark, Colorado . PECK, JO ANNE, Norfolk, Virginia . PEDERSEN, VALERIE GENE, San Francisco, California . PEEK, CAROL, Midland, Michigan . PERO, MARIA MCDONALD, Miarni, Florida . PERRIGO, JEAN, Highland Park, Illinois . PERRY, BARBARA JOANNE, Burlington, Iowa . PETERS, BETTE, Santa Fe, New Mexico . PETERSEN, AUDREY LEE, Boone, Iowa . PETER- SON, JEANNETTE ANNE, Red Wing, Minnesota . UNIO I P ILLIPS BENNY PONSFORD, LOUISE, Grand Junction, Colorado . POPE, ANN, PETERSON, MARILYN JOAN, Melbourne, Iowa . H , GAIL,OZ07'll1, Texas . PHILLIPS, DOROTHY, Rochester, New York . Macon, 60 8 PHILLIPS, ELITA COOK, Denver, Colorado . PHILLIPS, JULIA bama . ELIZABETH, Orroille, Ohio . PIEPER, PATRICIA, Northport, Long FIELD, Island, New York . PINNEY, PATRICIA, San Diego, California . n I PITCHER, MARILYN, Elmira, New Ygrk , . POULIKOVA, DAGMAR,PlS671,, Czechoslovakia G r ia . POPWELL, BARBARA ANN, Birmingham, Ala- PORTER,JEAN FRANCES, St. Louis, Missouri . PORTER- ANN MASON, Tulsa, Oklahoma . POTTS, MARY LEE, I I dianapolis Indiana . POUCH, HELEN, Staten Island, New York M l orner ,Alabama . PRATHER, JANE PITMAN, HELEN ANN, Hereford, Texas . PLATTT, DIANE, Gladwin, POUNDSTONE, MYRTLE, on g y ' PRATT ELIZABETH Bafksaaze Fun, Michigan . POLACHEK, EVELYN LOUISE, Orange, New Jersey . Wheatland, Indiana . , , POLASKY, CORNELIA ANN, Cedar Rapids, Iowa . POLING, MARY Louisiana . PREBLE, ROSALIE ELIZABETH, Five Islands, Maine . HARPER, Blackwell, Oklahoma . POLK, HELEN RUTH, Washington, PRICE, JO ANN, Fremont, Ohio . PRICE, MARY PAT, Charles City, D. C. . POLLACK, SONIA JOYCE, Loveland, Ohio . POMEROY, Iowa . PRICKETT, JOAN, Beaumont, Texas . PRYOR, LOUISE RUTH, Glemiive, M0nif1rw - DOROTHY, Milwaukee, Wisconsin . I PETERSON PHILLIPS, B. PHILLIPS, D. PHILLIPS, E. PHILLIPS, J. PIEPER PINNEY PITCHER PITMAN PLATT POLACHEK POLASKY POLING POLK POLLACK POMEROY PONSFORD POPE POPWELL PORTER PORTERFIELD POTTS POUCH I POULIKOVA POUNDSTONE PRATHER PRATT PREBLE PRICE, J, PRICE, M. PRICKETT PRYOR Qs Page 260 ..... M I ' ' v , fr 1 ' A: I f ' 1 , . I 1 PE xx. 4 1 1 ' . ' B' 4 I . R H I R, ' 'UI . ' 1 ER I EE, PURCELL, NIARY JOE Rector, Arkansas PURVIS, CIZCYLE Lake Ozark, Missoztri PUTT, SALLY ANN Frankfort Micltigan QUIN JERRE ANN Kansas City, Illissoztrz' RANDALL, MARJORIE ROSE, Kansas City Kansas RAN- DOLPH, BETTY BEVERLY, Wynnewood Oklahoma RANKIN ' :S HEI.IIN JANE, Charleston, Illinois AII, CATIIRYI' IG H' ' f' Upper Darby Pennsylvania PORT . xx- L A-ew York RASMUSSEN, GEOIIGENE, Grand Island, Nebraska . RATH, BETTY JANE, Waterloo, Iowa - RAY, NORMA, Grove, Okla- homa . RANEY, PATRICIA, Oak Park, Illinois . REAKIRT, NANCY ELIZABETH, Illiami, Florida . REED, ELIZABETH PRIDE, Memphis, Tennessee - REED, HELEN, Granville, Stephens' end of Fraternity Row Texas - RICHARDS, RAMONA NIOORE, Spokane, OTHY, Walters, Oklahoma - RICHARDSON, S - RICHMOND, CAROLYN, Boston, Massachusetts - RIEDEL, MARIE ANN, St. Paul, Minnesota ER- JANE, Ohio - REED, JO ANN, Larned, Kansas - :le Field, . lla' , ,me I REESE, BETTY GERALDINE, Columbia, Missouri - REESE, 'mms City' DELILAH VIRGINIA, Lancaster, Pennsylvania - REEVES, 'R' LOUISE JOAN LOUISE, Carleton, Michigan - REEVES, MARIANNA, RICHARDS, NIARY FRANCES, Athens, Oakland, California - REIMANN, ANNE SELLERS, Hull, Washington - RICHARDSON, DOR Iowa - REPPETTO, MARY, Fremont, Ohio - RHODES, ZANNE MARIE, Erie, Pennsylvania MILDRED, Tuscaloosa, Alabama - RICH, SHIRLEY JANE, La RIDLEY, PHYLLIS, Alrnosa, Colorado , Habra, California - RIEGER, ELIZABETH LOUISE, Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania - I PITCHER PWEROY PURCELL PURVIS PUTT QUIN RANDALL RANDOLPH PUCLIKOYA RASMUSSEN RATH RAY RAYNEY REAKIRT REED, E. IIRYOR REESE, B. REESE, D. REEVES, J. REEVES, M . REIMANN REPPETTO RICHARDS, M. RICHARDS, R. RICHARDSON, D. RICHARDSON, S. RICHMOND RIDLEY W Q a . in ffl Page 261 I RANKIN RAPP REED, H. REED, J. A. RHODES RICH RIEDEL RIEGER QNX M rift I I RIGG RILEY RINCLIFFE RINKE RIOPELLE RISSER ROBB ROBERTS ROBERTSON ROBINSON, J. ROBINSON, S. ROBISON ROCK ROESLER ROGERS, A. ROGERS, D. ROSENKRANS ROSEVEAR ROSS ROTH ROWAN ROWE, A. ROWE, S. RUFE RUMRILL RUSE RUSSELL, F. RUSSELL, M. RUSTEBERG RUTH RUTHERFORD RYAN RIGG, NANCYANN,Evanston, Illinois . RILEY, ROBB, GERALDINE, Livingston, Montana - fornia - ROBISON, DONNA MAE, Salt Lake BETTY MARIE, Des Moines, Iowa - RIN- ROBERTS, NIERRIEHELENE,Shehfl8ld,Altlbtlml1 - City, Utah - ROCK, MARILYN VIRGENE, In- CLIFFE, CLAIRE, Swarthmore, Pennsylvania - RINKE, JANET BUNKER, Old Greenwich, Connecti- cut - RIOPELLE, JOAN, Toledo, Ohio - RIS- SER, NIINETTE KAY, Bay City, Alichfgan - ROBERTSON, BUNNIE, Great Falls, Montana - ROBINSON, JEANNE CAROL, Bradenton, Florida . ROBINSON, SUE BOOKER, Beverly Hills, Cali- Aly Stephens Dream Boat B-Rf.- -V E 5 "W" J , . 735.4 dianapolis, Indiana - ROESLER, MARILYN JEAN, Milwaukee, Wisconsin - ROGERS, ANNA LAWSON, Greenville, Nlississippi - ROGERS, DONNA, Pittsford, New York. ROSENKRANS, JEANE ELLEN, Plainfield, New Jersey - ROSEVEAR, MARY LOU, Dearborn, Michigan - ROSS, PATRICIA JEAN, Denver, Colorado - ROTH, JEANNE, New York City, New York - ROWAN, NONA RUTH, Hollywood, California - ROWE, ALLY LOU, Great Falls, Hlontana - ROWE, SUZANNE, Rochester, New York - RUFF, CATHERINE FRANCES, Los An- geles, California . RUMRILL, JANICE, Pittsford, New York - RIJSE, PATRICIA ANN, Hzimbolt, Iowa - RUS- SIQLL, FRANCES SUE, Charleston, Missouri - RUSSELL, NIARY NIILTON, Nlaysvtlle, Kentucky - RUSTEHERG, BE'I'TY, Iirownsville, Texas - RUTII, PATRICIA ANN, Haverford, Pennsylvania - RUTIIIQRIPORD, ELAINE, Niles, Michtfgan - RYAN, PEGGY, Colzmrhzts, Georgia - Page 262 RYOI- SAPPI SCHE SCHU I t il L .L if - :1 ERTS ERS, D. F N . Salt Lake IRGENE, In- n, MARILYN 1GERS.ANXA - ROGERS, afield, .Yew . Dearborn, Denver, fork City, lfollymcoodi ,wif Falls, fn' fff, -xgw , La? rin' ,Hifi ' ' If V5- ," flllff . 1" "ki" A Af, 1,1 1 ,mm ,,v , . ,I Iwo. J, N T, T W7 1 Are., I 5 1 X ,fr , lr - fl. 'R 1- I !" If 1 Y v ' -... c f of' i' !" -nn I 1 , 2 RYON SAHA ST. JOHN SAMPSON SAMS SANDEEN SANDERS, F. SANDERS, S SAPPERSTEIN SAUNDERS SAWYER SCHAEEER SCHANCK SCHARLACK SCHECTER SCHENK SCHEPPKE SCHER SCHMIDT SCHNEIDER SCHNITTJER SCHOON SCHULTZ SCHULZ SCHUPPENER SCHUTT SCHWALL SCHWARTZ SCOTT, C. SCOTT, D. SCOTT, J. A. SCOTT, J. RYON, PATRICIA GLENN, Dallas, Texas . SAHA, LEILA SINIKKA, SCHEPPKE, CAROL, La Crosse, Wisconsin . SCHER, MARILYN, Staten Island, New York . ST. JOHN, MARGARET EVELYN, Gov- Mt. Clemens, Michigan . SCHMIDT, CARYL ANNE, White Plains, nor's Island, New York . SAMRSON, MARTHA, Columbia, Missouri New York . SCHNEIDER, LA FELTA, Muskogee, Oklahoma . . SAMS, MARJORIE GREY, Macon, Georgia . SANDEEN, SONIA, SCHNITTJER, LYELL, Earlville, Iowa . SCHOON, LOIS, Holland, Rockford, Illinois . SANDERS, FLORENCE ALAN, Lancaster, Ken- Michigan . SCHULTZ, VIOLET, Portland, Oregon . SCHULZ, lucky . SANDERS, SALLY LOTA, Phoenix, Arizona . CYNTHIA, Akron, Ohio . SCHUPPENER, NIARIANNE, Milwaukee, Wisconsin . SCHUTT, CATH- SAPPERSTEIN, DORRIS, Hattiesburg, Mississippi . SAUNDERS, ERINE, Royal Oak, Michigan . SCHWALL, MARY CAROLINE, MARY DELL, Grand Rapids, Michigan . SAWYER, BETTY JO, Winnetka, Illinois . SCHWARTZ, DOROTHY, Tallulah, Louisiana . Framingham, Massachusetts . SCHAEFER, RUTH, Great Neck, New SCOTT, CYNTHIA ELLEN, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania . SCOTT, York . SCHANCK, ELEANOR GAYWOOD, Crystal City, Texas . DOROTHY NICHOLSON, Winchester, Virginia . SCOTT, JOYCE SCHARLACK, RUTH JEAN, San Antonio, Texas . SCHECTER, SARA ANN. Guthrie Center, Iowa . SCOTT, JULIET, Murfeesboro, Ten- SUE, Georgetown, Illinois . SCHENK, CONsTANCE,Alton, Illinois . nessee . Page 263 UNIO S SCOTT, MARY ALICE, Santa Mcnica, California . SCOTT, META, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania . SCOTT, XVILHELMINA, Mobile, Ala- bama . SEBALD, ELIZABETH KATHRYN, Middletown, Ohio . SELBY, JOANNE, Orinda, California . SELWAY, PATRICIA, Miami Beach, Florida . SERPELL, JEAN IQATHRYN, Daytona Beach, Florida . SERVATIUS, VIRGINIA MARGARET, Colorado Springs, Colorado . SESSIONS, GLORIA, Enterprise, Alabama . SEYMOUR, NANCY, La Grange, Illinois . SI-IADEEID, AMY, Wellsoille, New York . SHAMBLIN, JEAN CAROLYN, Tuscaloosa, Alabama . SHANAFELT, ELIZABETH, Bryson, Texas . SHANKLE, MABILYN, Muskogee, Oklahoma . SHANNON, ELIZABETH, Royal Oak, Michigan . SHAPLEY, BETTY ANN, Big Rapids, Michigan . SHAW, BETTY LUCILLE, Houston, Texas . SHAW, RUTH, Ccdy, Wyoming . SHEARER, CHARLOTTE, Dayton, Ohio . SHERMAN, MARGARET BURDICK, Evanston, Illinois . SHERRELL, JEAN, Deltrose, Tennessee . SHERWOOD, ANN, Greenwich, Connecticut . SHEWALTER, MARILYN, Green Bay, Wisconsin . SHIBLEY, GENEVA Blytheoille, Arkansas . SHIRLEY, MARIANNE, Great Neck, New York . SHERRELL, JEAN, Deltrose, Tennessee . SHOLENBERG, MELVA MILLER, Utica, New York . SHOMO, BETTY ANN, Harrisonburg, Virginia . SHUIR- MAN, JANET ELIZABETH, Flint, Michigan . SIEDENBURG, SARA LOUISE, Steubenville, Ohio . SIEMS, MARILYN MILDRED, Williams, Minnesota . SIERRA, INES ISABE-L, Columbia, Missouri . SIM, DOLORES ELENE, Manhattan Beach, California . SCOTT, M. A. SCOTT, M. SCOTT, W. SEBALD SELBY . SELWAY SERPELL SERVATIUS SEssIONs SEYMOUR SHADEED SHAMBLIN SHANAFELT SHANKLE SHANNON SHAPLEY SHAWN, B. SHAW, R. SHEARER SHERMAN SHERRELL SHERWOOD SHEWALTER SHIBLEY SHIRLEY SHOLENBERG SHOMO SHUIRMAN SIEDENBURG SIEMS SIERRA SIM. N2 96. .af gs . 5' 71' Q t ,3-' kv 412' ,N ii fi. 7? ., 5' 'it 11. 4i"""'7 ,. tn "" Q. bi . A Page 264 MIL Texas SIN K, Loui Idaho SMA1 Joy, Arigf SMITH, GLO1 WEA SNOW, BARBAI' ANN, - VIVIAN, T enness . SOR! VIRGINI SORIN, COTTE, I Smco SMARI SNOW SORIIN xx R... -QQ R, puke 265 .Wm -If ,R TH' Cfdy' 5 HERMAXI 'L' JEAN, 'Ic'CI1'f-HI ly- GENEVA 'LL' JE.-XX, . . ICQ, New - SHUIR. -RG. SARA Hvllllilllli, - SIM, SERV.-XTIUS SHAPLEY SHIRLEY F! xi in J, I s I M 1,1 41 SIMCOX, SHIRLEY, Assumption, Illinois - SIAIECROVA, MILADA, Pilsen, Czechoslovakia - SIMON, POLLY, Victoria, Texas - SINGLETARY, ICATHERINE, Atlanta, Georgia - SINK, SARA, Bryant, Indiana - SRAOOS, ROSE ELLA, Louisa, Kentucky - SKILLERN, CORA JANE, Lewiston. Idaho - SLAUGHTER, SUZANNE, Dallas, Texas - SMART, MARY EVELYN, Delaware, Ohio - SMITH, ANITA JOY, McPherson, Kansas - SMITH, ANNE NIARIE, Los Angeles, California - SMITH, BETTY ANN, Golf, Illinois - SMITH, BETTY GENE, Greenville, South Carolina - SMITH, GLORIA ANN, Bridgeville, Delaware - SMITH, IMOGENE VVENDIE, The Dalles, Oregon - SMITH, MARY ELIZABETH, St. Elmo, Illinois . SNOW, DOROTHY MARION, Jackson, Mississippi - SNYDER, BARBARA, Republican City, Nebraska - SNYDER, CAROL ANN, Newton Centre, Massachusetts - SNYDER, HELEN VIVIAN, Lowell, Wyoming - SOLOMON, CLARE, Brownsville, Tennessee o SOMMERMAN, PATRICIA, Warren, Massachilsetts, . SORENSEN, CHRISTINE, Cincinnati, Ohio - SORENSEN, VIRGINIA, Bismarck, North Dakota - SORIN, GERALDINE LOUISE, Columbia, Missouri . SOUTH- Our snake charmer! RUTH ELIZABETH, Detroit, Michigan - SPANGLER, MARIANNE, gan - SPATZ, JEANINE MARIE, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania . ANNE, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - SPEIGHT, BETTYE BROVVN, Cl COTTE, PAULINE, Colorado Springs, Colorado - SOUTHWICK, SPENCER, GLORIA, Springfield, Missouri - SIMCOX SIMECKOVA SIMON SINGLETARY SINK SKAGGS SKILLERN SMART SMITH, A. J. SMITH, A. M. SMITH, B. A. SMITH, B. G. SMITH, G. SMITH, I. SNOW SNYDER, B. SNYDER, C. SNYDER, H. SOLOMON SOMMERMAN SORENSEN, C. SORIN SOUTHCOTTE SOUTHWICK SPANGLER SPATZ SPEIDEL SPEIGHT Page 265 WN. it - ............,. ,,WW, ' 1 I I NUI ,V flop? e Cedar Rapids, M ichi- SPEIDEL, PATRICIA arksville, Tennessee - SLAUGHTER SMITH, M . SORENSEN, V. SPENCER f '-" -::.,.e- Rw:s:s:a:::a:5f15 A .A ' t A fazg . Ns., , , ,f 2 N' , 'V A h?fiK. if ,V h 1 , ' " " , A. ,, ., L fu gg A ',- - A ,.,. A . AS- ' ' 5:5,g"2 -5 .. " 'T ffwn? r f A ef' A A , ..... V- ? ,,,,,, K 0 . ,..,., . ff K , X 5? 4' ......,...,....: A I SPIEKER STEBBINS STEWARD STRATTON STAEBLER STEKL STEWART STREIT STANG STANLEY STARCH STARRETT STEARNS, M. C. STEARNS, M. L. STEPHENS, B. STEPHENS, C. STEPHENS, D. STEURER STEVENS, S. STEVENS, V. STIGAARD STIRNEMAN STIVER STODDARD STOTT STOUDER STROBEL STRODTBECK STROMAN STRONG STRUTHERS STUART SPIEKER. MARY, Toledo, Ohi'o - STAERLER, DOROTHY JEAN, Kalamazoo, Alichigan - STANG, SHIRLEY, BurlI'nglon,Iowa - STANLEY, GANELLA JEAN, Hope, Kansas - STARCH, ELEDA, Lincoln, Nebraska - STARRETT, DORO- THY, Refugio, Texas - STEARNS, NIARION CARLA, Columbia Station, Ohio - STEARNS, IVIARY LOU, Des Aloines, Iowa - STEBBINS, NIILDRED CLARE, Madison, Wiscon- sin - STERL, SANDRA, Baraboo, Wisconsin - STEPHENS, BEVERLY JOAN, Jacksonville, Florida Prosperlhm Greek Gals X . V ..,.V I t - f ' , I ,,,,' I iil' ' . I , -',,.". r I WI, 1 .--4 ,si ' :Q - STEPHENS, CAROLYN, Northville, Michigan - STEPHENS, DOROTHY, Lakewood, Ohio - STEUR' ER, JANET, Tarrytown, New York - STEVENS, SUSAN JANE, Miami, Florida - STEVENS. VIRGINIA, Joliet, Illinois - - STEWARD, JO ANN, Pretty Prairie, Kansas - STEWART, PATRICIA JEAN, Fairfax, Missouri - STIGAARD, MARGARET JEAN, Pipestone, Minne- sota - STIRNEMAN, JUDITH, Winona, Minne- sota - STIVER, JEREDITY, Goshen, Indiana ' STODDARD, PAMELA, Fort Bragg, California - STOTT, MARILYN JEANNE, Indianapolis, Indiana - STOUDER, DIANA, Coral Gables, Florida - S'rRAT'I'ON, SHIRLEY JEAN, Chagrin Falls, Ohio ' STREIT, PI-IYLLIS ANN, Boone, Iowa - STROEEL, NIARY ELIZABETH, Wheeling, West Virginia ' STROOTIIECR, BARBARA ANN, Mt. Vernon, OM0 - STROMAN, BILLIE MARIE, San Antonio, Texas - STRONG, CAROL CI-IARLENE Denver Coloradv y I - STRL"I'IIERS, .-XLLEGRA, Arniret, Minnesota ' SFU.-XR'l', ISARIIARA, Oak Park, Illinois - Page 266 STUBB SWENE TEMPU THOM1 ST D 'wt SL Sv W W SI- M .Wm I 1 M STE.-XRNS. M. L, STEVENS, V, STOEDER STUART file, .Vichigan I .Ohio . STEUR- rk - SIEMENS, L1 . STEIEIS, Qjll-K, Kansas ' lr, Missouri - 'gpeztone MW' lffrlonfl. -UWM' lm, Indiana ' ,, 5,1,'fornia ' m9,,g,gy Indiana , Ffvffflvdfl ' , ,I my OW ' . , SIIOBEL' iuww ' ,, ",-VIJII71 0,110 ,,,w1, TOMS , f',I,'arf1fl1" u I W QI lf' "W: ff I fl!! f nu W fm oo- C5 STUBBINS STULTS STURGIS STURTZ SWENSON SYDNOR TACK TAMM TEMPLE, P. TERRELL THAGGARD THEIS THOMAS, J. THOMAS, M. THOMPSON, F. THOMPSON, M. STUBBINS, MARJORIE ANN, San Juan, Puerto Rico . STULTS, DEBORKAH, Boca Grande, Florida . STURGIS, JUNE ELAINE, Ingle- wood, .California . STURTZ, DONNA LEE, Boulder, Colorado . SUMMERS, MARION CONSTANCE, San Francisco, California . SWALLUM, BETTY JANE, Macon, Georgia . SWARTZ, DONNA, Waupin, Wisconsin . SWEENEY, MARY KATHLEEN, Parkersburg, West Virginia . SWENSON, JEAN, Hollywood, Florida . SYDNOR, LOUISE HINES, Mannboro, Virginia . TACK, NANCY, Pittsford, New York . TAMM, BARBARA CLARE, Denison, Iowa . TAYLOR, JOAN LITA, Kalamazoo, Michigan . TEEMER,JEAN, Elizabeth, Pennsylvania . TELLIS, PATRICIA ANN, Detroit, Michigan . TE-MPLE, BARBARA HELEN, Golden, Colorado . Page 267 I 4 'I I 'Za 4? L X 4-.7 'Q' . ' " V If . Q'- 5-. SUMMERS SWALLUM SWARTZ SWEENEY TAYLOR TEEMER TELLIS TEMPLE, B. THEOBALD, B. THEOBALD, J. T HOLEN THOMAS, B THOMPSON, R. THOMPSON, W. THOMSON THORNTON TEMPLE, PATRICIA LOUIVSE, Omaha, Nebraska TERRELL, NITA LOU, Temple, Texas . THAGGARD, ANN, Altus, Oklahoma . THEIS, VIRGINIA, Webster Groves, Missouri . THEOBALD, BETTY ANN, Kearny, New Jersey . THEOBALD, JUDITH, Beverly Hills, California . THOLEN, PATRICIA, Leavenworth, Kansas THOMAS, BLANCHE MARIE-, Bloornjield Hills, Michigan . THOMAS, JOAN LUTHERA, Sioux Falls, South Dakota . THOMAS, MARILYN ANN, Dayton, Ohio . THOMPSON, FRANCESANTOINETTE, Honolulu, T. H. . THOMPSON, MARY LOUISE, Red Oak, Iowa . THOMPSON, RUTH ANN, Minneapolis, Kansas . THOMPSON, W ILMA LOREE, Kansas City, Missouri . THOMSON, PATRICIA, St. Louis, Ilafissouri . THORNTON, HELEN FLORENCE, Rochester, New OR THRASHER, ELEANOR WOOD, Corinth, Mississippi . TIERNEY, ROSEMARY, Green Bay, Wisconsin . TIETZ, IVIARIAN, Oshkosh, Wisconsin . TIGRETT, MARTHA JANE, Newbern, Tennessee . TILTON, MARILYN, Newton, Massachusetts . TIMMERMANN, DORIS, New Braunfels, Texas . TOBIN, NIARY VIRGINIA, Vinton, Iowa TOMLINSON, JACQUELINE, Avondale, Colorado TONEY, SOPHIE, Amory, Mississippi . TOURVILLE, REGINA MARGARET, St. Louis, Missouri . TRAMMELL, GRACE HORTON, Thompson's Station, Tennessee . TRAUBITZ, EVANGELINE, Lead- wood, Missouri . TRAYWICK, MARIE DUDLEY, St. Simons Islands, Georgia . TRAYWICK, OLIVIA ARRINGTON, Atlanta, Georgia TRERICE, SHIRLEY, Pleasant Ridge, Michigan . TREXLER, LOU ANN, Washington, D. C. . THRASHER TIERNEY TONEY TOURVILLE TREY TRIBOLET TURNEAURI5 TURNER, B. R. TIETZ TRAMMELL T RIssELL TURNER, B. ORS TREY, ELEANOR, Marshalltown, Iowa . TRIBOLET, MARY ELLEN, Coldwater, Michigan . TRISSELL, PHYLLIS, Pontiac, Michigan . TRITT, JACQUELYN, San Antonio, Texas . TROBAUGH, JOANNE, West Frankfort, Illinois . TROUP, NANCY ANN, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania . TRUITT, NORMA ELAINE, Hillsboro, Illinois . T UCKER, DIANE, High Point, North Carolina . TURNEAURE, DONNA JANET, Madison, Wisconsin . BETSY RIDGWAY, Nashville, Tennessee . TURNER, TURNER, BETTYE, Columbia, Tennessee . TURNER, JOANN ELIZABETH, Rupert, Idaho . ULVANG, CORALIE, Duluth, Minnesota . UTTERBACK, JOAN, Terre Haute, Indiana . VALLENTINE, BETTY, Texarkana, Texas . VAN AMBERG, ANITA, LaCrescenta, California TIGRETT TILTON TIMMERMANN TOBIN TOMLINSON TRAUBITZ TRAYWICK, M. TRAYWICK, O. TRERICE TREXLER TRITT TROBAUGH T ROUP , TRUITT TUCKER TURNER, J. ULVANG UTTERBACK VALLENTINE VAN AMBERG ft Qi',, ' l 3 I gm Ff 4 A 'T' Cv ka 7 4 , W . Et wwe., . as fi' Page 268 POOL, J Dalla5 I A laba NON, JOHAA Sylaca VINTON1 Lake l VOSSLERI WAGERS1 PAT, M 0 Wisconsif Nebraska XVALLIN, , LAURETTI ANN, Clog Iowa - WASSON, CAROLYN, lumbus, G WATLING, NANCY JI VANDEI VINTON WALLII WATLIE I , i' 'X , a i. 1 , 5- xr C is s. N t Page 269 VANIJERLOO, VIRGINIA MAY, Dubuque, Iowa - YANDIER- POOL, JEANNINE, Galveston, Texas - VAUGHAN, DOROTHY, , Dallas, Texas - VAUGHAN, TIIELMA ANN, Birnzingham, Alabama - VENERAELE, CAROL, Cobden, Illinois - VER- , I NON, LAURA MAY, Reading, Pennsylvania - X'vES'1'ER, " VARY FLLEN JOHANNA, Clearwater, Florida - VINSON, GLENIJA ANITA, ! llirlzigon Sylacauga, Alabama - . , . SH' 50-WH. . . VINTON, CYNTHIA, Coldwater, Michigan - VLIET, VERNA, HIIrrz'sburv I 1 g .1 5' LakeBluj,Illtnois - VOSBURG, JANE, Owosso, A11'Ch'igd7l - H IIII ' . . H015 ' VOSSLER, CYNTHIA, Grosse Pointe Farms, Alichigan - WAGERS, MARGARET JOYCE, Conroe, Texas - WAGNER, PAT, Mattoon, Illinois - WALKER, BARBARA, Milwaukee, J Wisconsin - WALLACE, ICATHERINE LEE, Seottsblujjf, . TURNER, 4 Nebraska - - HR. BETTYE, l , I WALLIN, JEANNE LORRAINE, Cheyenne, Wyoming - VVALTER, ETH. R . . . upm' LAURETTE ADELE, Chiea o, Illinois - WARE, PATRICIA K LTTERBACK, ', ANN, Clayton, Missouri - WARNER, JEAN RENEE, Waterloo, Y, Texarkana, J Iowa ' WARRICK, GLORIA MARILYN, Sheldon, Illinois . I . . 'rzfa I WASSON, SALLY, Laguna Beach, California - WATERS, . I I CAROLYN, Cozad, Nebraska - WATKINS, ANNETTE, Co- M'-Putnam Shows hw map! J lumbus, Georgia Q Boise, Idaho - WEBER, MARTHA, Akron, Ohio - WEED, CAROL JANE, Inspiration, I WATLING, JOANNE, Webster Groves, Missouri - WATSON, Arizona - WEGMAN, EDITH MARTHA, Portland, Oregon - WEINEL, JEANNINE, l NANCY JANE, Ontario, Canada - WATSON, VIRGINIA LEE, Webster Groves, Missouri - WEISBERG, SUZANNE, New York, New York - TosII.Ixsox TREK,-ER VANDERLOO VANDERPOOL VAUGHAN, D. VAUGHAN, T. VENERABLE VERNON VESTER VINSON TECKER I VINTON VLIET VOSBURG VOSSLER WAGERS WAGNER WALKER WALLACE , J WALLIN WALTER WARE WARNER WARRICK WASSON WATERS WATKINS X M -WBERG WATLING' WATSON, N. WATSON, V. WEBER WEED WEGMAN WEINEL WEISBERG I 65 1' ' I , I 0- , f , Page 269 l ,I , ,IW . .. I li' ,, ,,,. lf" 3 1-'F' f " 1 ,, ' ,W I . 211 4 XVELCH NVELDIN WELLS, J. WELLS, P. VVEST VVESTERBECK NVESTHAFER XVHALEN WHEALTON NVHEELER, B. NVHEELER, J. VVHIPPLE VVHITAKER ' WHITE, C. WHITE, M. WHITESIDE XNHITFIELD XVI-IITTINGTON VVIBLE VVYICKERSHAM WICKS WICKXVIRE WIGHT WILCOX XVILKINS XVILKINSON XVILLIAMS, M. WILLIAMS, P. XVILLIAMSON WILLIS WILSON, A. WILSON, B. WELCH, JEAN, Olean, New York - NVELDIN, JOAN, Garden Cily, New York - XVELLS, JOAN VON XVALDA, Forest Hills, New York - WELLS, PATSI, Baton Rouge, Louisiana - XVEST, ANN, lllidland, Texas . XVESTERBECK, JANE EL- IEANOR, Lee's Summit, Missouri - XVESTHAFER, By the lake, By the lake . . ' ' A' . ' 'T l I J - VVHIPPLE, LOIS CORINE, Longmeadow, Massa- chusetts - VVHITAKER, MARIE, Fallon, Nevada - VVHITE, CAROLYN JOYCE, Cedar Rapids, Iowa - WHITE, MARILOU, Muncie, Indiana - VVHITESIDE, NADINE, Spearville, Kansas - VVHITFIELD, BEVERLY JEAN, Orlando, Florida - NVHITTINGTON, MARTHA ELLEN, Richmond, Ken- tueky - WIELE, EDITH ROSE, Farmersburg, Indiana - XVICKERSHAM, NIILDRED CADWAL- LADER, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania - WICKS, GLADYS HARRIS,Alligator, Mississippi - WICK- WIRE, JACQUELINE BOYD, Mountain Lakes, New Jersey - VVIGHT, LOIS JEAN, Colorado, Springs, Colorado - VVILCOX, JO ANNA, College Station, Texas - VVILKINS, NIARCIA JANE, Ft. Wayne, Indiana - XYILKINSON, NIARGARET, Shreveport, Louisiana - WILLIAMS, MARIANNA,Lake Coma, Florida A W ILLIAMS, PATRICIA ANNE, Vista, California - XVILLIAMSON, RUTH ELLEN, Williamson, Iowa - XVILLIS, JEAN BRANTLY, Orange, Virginia - VVILSON, ALICE CATHERINE, Fort Wayne, In- diana - XVILSON, BARBARA JEAN, Merriam, Kansas . Page 270 I' '-.42 e-A I fr .0 F Y . V I A 7 r I A ,K I. g r .We 2 S f I-.rdf I D WII WI: WY WILSO ville, . WILSCI H oust, WINGJ Valdo. W ITHII SHIRLI ' Wu URUSI Longo. l0'wn, va L ' 5 ,.' 4? ' . fl' . r e f ig, ' ' .if 1, E T! 5 J 3 XYHALEX XYHITESIDE XYILCOX XYILSON, B. l.orzgn1eado1c, ,Vassa- X! XRIE. Fallon, .Ymzdi ff 2 . Cedar Rapids, Ira 1g':uzt:'e, Indiana - l Elf, Kansas - , -, lr,trfrL7!fl0. Florida - I ,. 5, C Richmond, ln' 5 . , Hirmersburl- NI :amen CIDIIIL- ,, , .,, . Wifi, Rapp, . Wics' U,jI::n Ltldflv 1l,'f,!'ldf7,-llmll' X , fj,,'ffga.S!u!ii'f. I , 1' 'Y A., yy, lfdlw I l f' Lllflfflill m,A,:J,i!li1 ' fx' '." ml: r I 1 I ,,,, ,n ln'-' 'milf' ' Y 1 ,fl- 1f,r"'f' M9 E I I WILSON, C. WILSON, E. WILSON, F. WILSON, R. WINFREY WINGERD WINGFIELD WIRICK WITHROW WOLTERING WONG WOOD WORCH WRIGI-IT, B. J. WRIGHT, B. A. WYKLE WYSE YATES YEWELL YODER YORK YOUNG YTELL ZAPPAS ZIMMERMAN, J. ZIMMERMAN, J. A. A ZOBLE ZONTELLI ZUNDEL WILSON, CALLIE, Iowa City, Iowa - WILSON, ELIZABETH JANE, Louis- ville, Kentucky - WILSON, FRANCES CAROL, Piedmont, Califronia - WILSON, RAMONA, Woodward, Oklahoma - WINFREY, AUDREY MARIE, Houston, Texas - WINGERD, LOIS MARION, Brownjield, Texas - WINGFIELD, IDA JEANNETTE, Houston, Texas - WIRICK, RUTH ELVA, Valdosta, Georguz . - WITHROW, LAEL CATHERINE, Minneapolis, Minnesota - WOLTERING, SHIRLEY MAE, San Antonio, Texas - WONG, LAVINIA, Honolulu, Hawaii - WOOD, JOANNE ELSIE, North Hollywood, California - WORCH, URUSULA-ELIZABETH, Port Crane, New York . WRIGHT, BARBARA JEAN, Longrnont, Colorado - WRIGHT, BETTY ANNE, Coral Gables, Florida . WUICHET, NANCY, Dayton, Ohio - WYKLE, FRANCES JANE, Marshall- town, Iowa . Page 271 WYSE, MARY ELIZABETH, Sparta, Michigan - YATES, DOROTHY, Stam- ford, Texas - YEWELL, DUDLEY, Charleston, West Virginia - YODER, LORNA JEAN, North Industry, Ohio - YORK, RACHEL MARIE, Sacra- mento, California - YOUNG, DORIS MAY, Twin Falls, Idaho - YTELL, COLLEEN, Ashbury, Missouri - ZAPPAS, EUGENIA3 Jariestown, North Dakota - ' ZIMMERMAN, JANET ANN, Mason, Michigan - ZIMMERMAN, JOE ANN, Fort Meade, Maryland - ZOBLE, PATRICIA LEE, Casper, Wyoming . ZONTELLI, JOYCE ANN, Crosby, Minnesota - ZUNDEL, LUCY, Denver, Colorado - V ORS 1,H,l' M 'ww ', wah I A Q . Qu 2 I wi' 1 X 'hm 1f?'f1'Fff1"ff4 Mwjlfzg - ,571fff:f,fA ,gh , AQ 70125 if ""-'venus -" , vu-.J A.. hu, IL-HI! 'Q WJ! Ill Page 272 f m J A .. K Il III I III D1 II ll 1 YAXXO ?,4l"1 -A , , V, 4 1 , , I ,,, . ' , , , i , , L A ,i , I W f 1 Q? , , ' 4 1 4-32519 Z5 feieix x , ,I M 5 ' A pw I Q . , U, X - F ' A ,. nlm 5 I 'j- - 'I . - , Y , i 1 , . I un i , I ,, III!!! 5 V mn, , Q ,Q A .ffm A , 7 V .ff f. Sophomores and Freshmen HE Freshman and Sophomore classes at Stephens College Cequivalent to the last two grades in high schoolj are made up of students who are completing their high school work preparatory to entrance into the Junior Class. Together the members of these two classes are sometimes referred to as "The Academsf' ow g This year one hundred and six girls of the Sophomore Class occupied Terrace Hall. A new addition was added last summer, complete with new dining room facilities for six halls. The hall also has a blue-room in the base- ment and a game room. The enrollment in the Sophomore Class this year was larger than ever before. Class objectives were stated as "promoting citizenship on campus, working for unity with the other classes, and establishing greater prestige." In November the Class held a party at Pop Collins' Cabin to introduce candidates running for sophomore offices. The winning candidates were Mary Ann Hurd, president, Chris Braasch, first vice-president, Betty Miller, second vice-presidentg Pat Becker, secretary, and Pat Johnson, treasurer. A Valentine's Dance was held February fourteenth in the Lodge Auditorium for all sophomores and other girls in Terrace Hall. A tea for President VVood was held in the spring, a waffle supper in March at the Country Club, a picnic with the Freshman Class in May, and a Commencement Formal with the seniors before gradua- tion. The Class of 1950, now the Freshman Class, resided at Elmhurst Hall, with Mrs. Caroline-Shoemaker, hall counselor, acting as class sponsor. Officers of the Freshman Class were Virginia Clai- borne, president, Sally Miller, Hrst vice-president, Ann Glover, second vice-president, Jocelyn Short, secretary, and Joyce Gilbert, treasurer. In October the Steering Committee entertained the Freshman Class with a Halloween Party at Pop Collins' Cabin. Before Christmas vacation, the Class serenaded the Middle Campus with carols. Their annual tea for President VVood and an annual party for the Sophomore Class were held in the spring. CSWN9 This year, the Freshmen have written a constitu- tion, the first one by any Freshman Class at Stephens. Though the "academ" years are years to be enjoyed to the full, the members of the Freshman Class are eagerly looking forward to the spring of '48 when they will gradu- ate into the junior Class and become "full fledged" college students. CLASS OFFICERS Bracmau, AIILLIER, Hmm, BRA.-KSCH, hllLLS SHORT, GLOVER, GILBERT, CLAIBORNE Page 274 P XI df,-3279 .. , , W 9232 f av g CAI FIN Got BAUDB STON, BORK, CHRIS' Evans: CAPOR CARTEI New LILLIA Virgin New age the Comm lux reslded lumalxer hau l1VQ1n1a Cla, VL Idenr inn 'lf '6CY6tarx Tl as -1:9 'N uv-X 'Sf I ,. ,,,,, ,,,,,, , , , , i I , I A ,-1, ,- , , ' I f' n 7 , V f' .W . ' x A , I je ll, Z , , A f C i , ga, V . 1, fU,f , V , , . v 2 X 5- , , 2 V , A L::. ' I I - , ' ' y X .J f of I U W H .g .ff-':. . U V l 1 ,..,.,.AM, AS 1 4 A ' ,..V ' - tu-stained the ., Pop Collins' :ss serenaded mnual tea for fs .sg Sophomore .I constitu- L1 Stephens. M- enjoyed to 1-- ,Ire eagerly j -,1.' ill gradu- fl fleflgedu BAUDER CARTER F INCKEL GOLD BEARDALL CHANDLER FISHER GREENE BECKER COBB FLETCHER GRIFFITH, J. BORK DEPUE FRANKEL GRIFFITH, M. BAUDER, MARTHA, Columbia, Missouri - BEARDALL, SHADIE LIVING- STON, Orlando, Florida - BECKER, PATRICIA, Millburn, New Jersey - BORK, CORAJEAN, Williston, North Dakota - BRAASCH, ISABELLE CHRISTINE, Sheboygan, Wisconsin - BUTLER, PATRICIA LOVELAND, Evanston, Illinois - CANAN, VIRGINIA, Wesl Lafayette, Indiana - CAPORAL, MARY, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma . CARTER, ROSEMARY, Mexico, Missouri - CASTRO, GIOVANNA, Riverdale, New York - CHANDLER, JOAN YVONNF, Miami, Florida . COBB, LILLIAN, La Grange, Georgia - DEPUE, NANCY ELLEN, Spencer, West BRAASCH BUTLER CANAN CAPORAL DILLINDER DOUGLAS DRIGGERS FENN GASSER GILFILLAN GILLESPIE GINSBERG HALL HARDING HARMON HARRIS FINCKEL, NIARYALICE, Washington, D. C. - FISHER, MARY JO, Ann Arbor, Michigan . FLETCHER, CATHERINE, Murfreesboro, Tennessee . F RANKEL, MARY, Racine, Wisconsin - GASSER, NANCY, Jensen Beach, Florida - GILFILLAN, GERTRUDE, Memphis, Missouri - GILLESPIE ADELE, Canton, Ohio - GINSBERG, GLORI.A, Denver, Colorado - 7 GOLD, HERMINE GERALDINE, Amarillo, Texas - GREENE, EVELYN ANN, Birmingham, Alabama - GRIFFITH, JANE, El Dorado, Arkansas Q Virginia - DILLINDER, ANITA, Long Beach, California - DOUGLAS, New Mexico - FENN, MERRI Page 275 MARY ANN, San Antonio, Texas - DRIGGERS, JANE ELLEN, Santa Rosa, ELIZABETH, Independence, Missouri - GRIFFITH, MARY LEE, Albuquerque, New Mexico - HALL, CLAIRE, Rolling Hills, Caldornia - HARDING, JANE, Fort Thomas, Kentucky - HARMON, JOAN LEE, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - HARRIS, PHYLLIS, Alex, Oklahoma - HILDEBRAND,PATRICIAANN,lU'67Zf1Shll, Wisconsin - HOUSTON, CAROLYN E., lllillington, New Jersey - HUFFARD, ALICE COYNER, Bluejield, Vir- ginia . HURD, MARY ALICE, Great Falls, 'Adontana - IRWIN, SUE, Grand Rapids, Michigan - JACKLEY, MARY LOU, Parkersburg, West Virginia - JOHNSON, PATRICIA ANNE, Coronado, California. 0 KAL- MAN, JANE, Chattanooga, Tennessee o IQINGSFORD, KATHERINE ANN, Kirkland, Arizona - E NIEE, ANN SANFORD, Monterry, N. L., Mexico - MILLER, BETTY JEANNINE, Houston, Texas - MILLS, BARBARA JEAN, Phoenix, Arizona . MOFFITT, MARY LOU, Houston, Texas - MOORE, ELIZABETH PATRICIA, Green Mountain Falls, Colorado - MOREHOUSE, SALLY, Miarni, Florida . MUNCH, MARGARET C., West Chester, Pennsylvania . MYERS, FLETA GRACE, Port Arthur, Texas - LANE, ELIZABETH LUCILLE, Arvada, Colorado - LARRABEE, MARYANNE NAGEL, RITA ELAINE, East Chicago, Indiana - OWEN, RICA, Lake . ' . . . Forest Illinois PEACE MARY CAROLYN Kin sville Texas PELTA- LOVE, Montevideo, Uruguay - LEE, IVIARGERY CLAIRE, Chicago, Illinois ' . ' ' g ' . SON, JILL, Wichita Falls, Texas - PERKINS, EDITH STEVENS, Warren, C LOCHER BETTY Boulder Colorado - LOGSDON LUCY Shawneetown ' ' ' ' ' ' Massachusetts - POLLOCK, CELESTE, Denver, Colorado - POST, BAR- mmals ' LORIOI BETTYJUNE'Baf0n R0uge'L0umaM ' MCCUSKEYT BARA, Flint, Michigan - POST, PATRICIA ANN, Fort Leavenworth, EDDINE, Cambridge, Ohio - MCEWEN, CARYL, Houston, Texas - Kansas '- HILDIEBRAND HOUSTON HUEFARD HURD IRWIN JOHNSON KALMAN KINGSFORD LANE LARRABEE LEE LOCHER LOGSDON LORIQ MCCUSKEY MCEWEN MER NIILLER MILLS NIOFFITT MOORE MOOREHOUSE MUNCH MYERS NAGEL OWEN PEACE PELTASON PERKINS POLLACK POST, B. POST, P. PRCDH' MARI A Texas JANE A Illinois INGER, SCOTT, H ollyvw SMITH, SPAIDI Superic Spring: Texas STROY, H oustoi nati, 1 WATLIJ TAYL01 Denison S 0 WIECH BETH L PRUI SCOT STRO WILI 5 ,N 2 , fi -Q Page 276 Page 'N ' XIILLER, BET . TY 'W' P7'0fV11'x, wlri ' 50110 Nl wx . X LLRE. ELIZABETH . LNREHO ' USE , D y ry A Bllngylilania I OWEN. RICA Lake IMS ' PELTA. .EI STEVENS, IVarre1I, . 51 a POST, BAR- N Fwf Lgggwwmhl KINGSPORD XICEWES XIIERS Emir. P. i Z PRUDHON, JEANNE, Watertown, New York - RICHARD, MARI ANN, Brush, Colorado - ROGERS, GLORIA, Odessa, Texas - IQOLLEY, JOAN, Topeka, Kansas - RUMSEY, JANE ANN, Ithaca, New York - SALZENSTEIN, SUE, Peoria, Illinois - SAPP, LADY ANN, Cullman,Alabama - SCHLES- INGER, BETTY, Riverside, Illinois . SCOTT, MARGO, Omaha, Nebraska - SHERRON, NIARY ANN, Hollywood, Florida - SHIELDS, BETTY, Houston, Texas - SMITH, MARTHA WILLSEY, West Palm Beach, Florida - SPAID, ESTELLE, Phoenix, Arizona - SPEAR, SUZANNE, Superior, Wisconsin - STEWART, MARGARET ANN, Yellow Springs, Ohio - STREIT, CATHERINE ANN, Amarillo, Texas - STROY, DONNA LOU, Osceola, Iowa - THAIN, NORMA, Houston, Texas . THOMPSON, SHIRLEY MARTHA, Cincin- nati, Ohio - TILLMAN, MARGARET, Menard, Texas - WATLING, ISABEL JOAN, Hinsdale, Illinois - WEBB, ANNE TAYLOR, Shelby, North Carolina . WEBSTER, MARJORIE, Denison, Texas - WERNER, MARILYN, Neenah, Wiscon- S1:17, 0 WIECHERS, JUDITH, Racine, Wisconsin - WILBER, ELIZA- BETH LOUISE, Jejersonoille, Indiana - WILLENBORG, JOYCE V The parade to the P. O. after White Sunday services ANN, Louisville, Kentucky - WILLIAMS, HELEN ICING, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida - WOODARD, JANET ANNE, Saguache, Colorado - WRAY, N North Dakota o YOUNG, PRUDHON RICHARD ROGERS ROLLEY RUMSEY SCOTT SHERRON SHIELDS SMITH SPAID STROY THAIN THOMPSON TILLMAN WATLING WILBER WILLENBORG WILLIAMS WOODARD WRAY EDITH MAY, Jerome, Idaho - SALZENSTEIN SAPP SPEAR STEWART WEBB WEBSTER YOUNG ANCY ANN, Devil's Lake, SCHLESINGER STREIT WERNER Page 277 BAKER DENNY HANKINS NIILLER 6' ,I -- BOWE BOXVYER DOVER FIELDS HARMON HOUSE NICKOLICH NUSSEY CALDXVELL FLETCHER JETMORE OMAN Freshmen Whipple danced here CLAIBORNE GILBERT JOHNSON REES CRUMBAUGH CUTSFORTI-I DAILEY GLOVER GOTTHELF GRIMM LONG NICKINNEY MCRAE ROBINSON RYAN SHORT BAKER, NIARILYNNE ANN, Oklahoma City, Okla- homa - BOWE, MARY MARGARET, Glen Allan, Mississippi - BOWYER, EDNA MARIE, San Diego, California - CALDWELL, CAROLYN, Daytona Beach, California - CLAIBORNE, VIR- GINIA, Fort Worth, Texas - CRUMBAUGH, RUTH ANN, Columbia, Missouri - CUTSFORTH, DOROTHY IVIAE, Lexington, Oregon - DAILEY, PAMELA, Albuquerque, New M exieo - DENNY, MARY VIRGINIA, New York, New York - DOVER, ANNE NOLAN, Shelby, North Carolina - FIELDS, FRANCES LEE, Anguilla, Mississippi - FLETCHER, LILA FORCE, Piedmont, Cali- fornia - GILBERT, JOYCE, Minden, Nevada - GLOVER, ANN ELIZABETH, Palana, Ohio - GOTTHELF, BARBARA JEAN, Tucson, Arizona - GRIMM, MARY, Piedmont, California - HANKINS, JOAN, Daytona Beach, Florida - HARMON,HEI.ENJEAN,Osborn,Ohio - HOUSE, SUSANNE, Payson, Illinois - JETMORE, LYNDA SUE, Olathe, Kansas - JOHNSON, BETTY JANE, West Lafayette, Indiana . LONG, GEORGIA M., Stockton, Kansas - NICICINNEY, MARY JOYCE, Los Angeles, California - NICRAE, JANET LOUISE,Akron,Oliio - NIILLER, SALLY, Joplin, Nlissouri - NICKO- LICI-I, NIAXINIE, Los Angeles, California - NUS- SEY, JOAN MARILYN, South Bend, Indiana - OMAN, ETIIEI. NIAY, Prairie View, Illinois - REBS, JACQUELINE NIARGARET, Narberth, Penn- sylz-ania - ROBINSON, JOAN OLIVE, New Or- leans, Louisiana - RYAN, JOAN, iJfCCI'GCk67l, Kansas - SHORT, JOCELYN, Covington, Ken- tucky - Page 275' Quia, gf-A 1 K fs' , , f. is, W sl I il Ii, l I r X s 7 I ' i :rn DAILEI' U' Gianni s H MCRAE SHORT fifei: f,w ma C1'ly,0lela- xk-QARET, Glen Allan, Elini MARIE, San siriwatt, CAROLYX, - CL.xIBORxE,YIR- ' - Cizrsiastcii, f - C Uisrokm, v inlay: o DAILEY, llffczfo - 'J-A5 York, .l-'KL' lv07l? M' -,, ,Yortlz Cafolivlfl nfl,-fla llississippl 5. f'yllV?70Vll. Call' . 1,lgygij'fI:,.l"?1'l1dl1 - ,ff,,j,:,,,5, Olzia ' , I 'V NNI. .lfffffla ' 4, L .' 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' 1 , f f -Z f,g..,,...f, ,T 1-5 Y r I r Q , Zvi I ' Y ' I f-f-- - f , ' , ' A ' ', 77,4 , 1 ' l , , ' , ' ' 0 pprentice Plan EVEN girls returned to Stephens for post-graduate work this year, initiating the sixth year Of the Apprentice program On the campus. The plan was established with the following groups of students in' mind: those who wish an additional year Of terminal general education, either in a variety of fields or in selected fields of special interestg those who for any reason wish to have additional training before transferring to another educational institution g those who wish further vocational training which will equip them for useful and profitable employment, and those who wish to test further their qualifications in some professional field before deciding to pursue specialiiied training in that field. ' If an applicant is admitted to the apprentice plan she must submit a statement Of objectives for the year, a program or activities designed to attain her particular goals, and a statement Of evidence indicating her ability successfully to follow the plan. Each apprentice works with a master teacher whom she selects. This teacher aids her in planning and carry- ing Out her program of individualized activity. The apprentices live in a senior hall and abide by the rules of this hall. They have senior privileges, but they are not required to go to vespers, church, special convocations, Orvtake physical education. U In all cases, the entire facilities of Stephens College are available to each apprentice on an individual basis. . BAKER, JANICE H., Colnrnbia, Missoilri - CORBIN, SUZANNE, Minneapolis, illinnesola - EGGERT, ELAINE, Kirksville, Missouri - PRICE, ANN ROAN, Evergreen, Alabama - RAN- DOLPH, ELIZABETH ANN, Bakersfield, Calyfornia - SHEEHAN, NORMA JEANNE, La Grange, Georgia - THOMPSON, HELEN LADD, Honolulu, Hawaii - CORBIN EGGERT RANDOLPH THOMPSON Page 279 af EPTEMBER-memories of summer va- cation and leftover tans, everyone singing "The Things VVe Did Last Summer," accompanied by appropriate nostalgic expressions! The Faculty had the campus all to themselves for a week and some of them finally got a look at the Dairy. Then-we arrive on the milk run: the Wabash streaks in again! Seniors re-enact Old Home VVeek with greetings and get-togethers, while juniors wait impatiently to be conducted to their new hall and rooms. Registration Cis there a doctor in the ballroom?j makes things hum for the first few days. You finally stagger out with a full schedule of yo-yo, basket-weaving, minuet, and abnormal fossil development. Stephens, proud of the largest junior class and Senior class in its history, also the largest enrollment of "students beyond the borders," makes us feel cosmopolitan. 'Sophia adding to the confusion, armed with butterliy nets and bear traps, bars the outgoing door of the ballroom. The 'Sophie subscriptions pour in most gratifyingly. Then the quiet and satisfaction of the first Vespers and Vilhite Sunday in the tent! Finally, the first letter home makes life worth living again. The juniors practice Pagg I Page nf I F l l ' va- ings riate all got Z1 run: lome :uors l and lrfllff frilly ruin: in-rms L" lla -onfl l . xflfl ll, l f1,l'f. Hi' Page 281 ju jitsu in preparation for the P. O. stampede. To our surprise, no rain for weeks! The familiar sign of servi- tude, the green ribbon, finally shed after the Cokie-okie at the Barbecue. Mimi, the College Widow, becomes the new Stephens dream girl. The success of the first Open House is attributed to a plentiful supply of a once-scarce commodity-men! KTX is renamed WWC in honor of Dr. Charters. "The Singing Campus" becomes a well-known slogan, and Mr. Clymer does his part. The sky was looking like Old Buttermilk a la Hoagy Carmichael, and the Juniors left tips on the dining-room tables. President Wood's birthday brings the formals out for the first time. Candlelight and after-dinner coffee and the faculty concert were features of the occasion. Dr. Bowman informs his class: "If you've got a big secret, put it in the syallbus and no one will every know." Rushing inspires a new sorority in Senior-Un Kappa Pepsi Cola, meeting bimonthly, twice a week, or willy- nilly. Coke dates overflow the tearooms, new friendships begin to bud. The absolute mayhem of the first Stop Day leaves the juniors aghast. Nothing to equal that thrill! Crowds leave every hour, on the hour, for Dutch's, Ernie's, the Dairy, and even the library. The Seniors adopt maroon and gold caps, "for women of distinction." ! I H- I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I Ii I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I II I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I , I I I I I. Ig ,I I II ,, II, I I Ili I I I . I I The Autumn Ball and the W. C. O.-S. A. B. "Around the World" Carnival come and go. Miss Cusack wins the box of food and gives a spread for the Wales gals. Life and 'Sophie win All-American ratings. Cplugj Inmates of Senior Hall going around with a per- petual twitch as drills and hammers indicate that the new basement recreation rooms are nearing completion. A few optimists are already counting the days till Christ- mas vacation. Hallowe'en arrives, old legends come to life, numerous ghosts walk. Winnie Gunn organizes a posse to track down the Senior ghost after its annual appearance. CHead him off at the gulch, menlj "Fashion," first major dramatic production of the year, introduces some "new" song hits, "Alice Ben Bolt," "If Your Foot Is Pretty, Show lt" fnylons are backj, and "My Mother Was a Lady." Mr. Wenstrom entertains backstage with "I Brought Culture to Buffalo in the '90's" and "She Did the Tarantella in a Colorful Umbrella." Ah yes, November's here, and everyone takes up knitting as a precaution against an empty purse at Christmas. The Alumnae Conference-and former occu- pants come investigating their old rooms: "Quick, roomo, hide the wash." There ain't no justice, when Y you're informed you can't creep out the window at 4 a.m. for gym registration. "Pack me a light lunch, mother, and bring it to the gym." And then there was the night the water went off just before a formal dance. Brrr! remember the cold water? The "Just 'Fore Christmas" spree was evi- denced by the scales taking on added weight. CSub-title jokej President Wood announced that he would gradu- ate with the class of '47, and presented his successor, Dr. Rainey. Music enrollment went up after Leonard Pennario furnished plenty of, shall we say, pianistic appeal? The chief topic for December was a certain article in a certain news magazine-we had Time on our hands and in our hair. The new stop lights went up on Broadway-more like New York every day. The Snow- ball and Frozen Fantasy brought the holiday spirit to the campus. Christmas decorations went up in the halls. The coal strike brought a dimout and wild rumors and inspired this headline in Life: "Turn Off the Lights When Not in Use, for Uncle Sammy Needs the juice." Forever Amber came to Stephens-in a bottle. Aviation students flew to their breakfast at 6 a.m. Came the Senior pep rally, with President Wood as our Christmas present tied up in red ribbon. Farewells and gifts were exchanged, as once more the VVabash steamed out ll - D 1 ,,. ylfjfgzl 111zr 1 llffflll F4-:ii pivlii 2 K 'I 4, 5 3 S ' 8.1 5 i ,.-"H" I I M S I W MII' F 9 I7 X I 3,4 I mf I U, 'hill 'T iw: if I' X I . X .fill 4 t 2 --'f 0 A -Q, 3 I Q " III' " ""-"' A 3.5.1, 5 , A Y 011' "'-'I 1 If .2 II 01.4. 'I - If s R I . , X Q I ' X 4' f ix f ' ' I ' " 1 , Q i -' - W.. . .L . Page 282 Z 3.1 ff cz he ta pe- ev an sta th- lu Willdgw at 4 L1 light lunch, water Xvent Off member the Cold Spree Xyas evi fl . . qsubstitle he Wguld gradus mis successor, Dr i after Leonard W S353 Dianistie er was 3 Certain had Time on our lights went up on '19-B1 The Snow- holiday spirit to int up in the halls. wild rumors and 'ri Off the Lights Xeefls the juice." bottle. Aviation rim. Came the i as our Christmas --its giml gifts were i-is steamed out R li lily. L andthe first semester began to take its place in our retrospect. January-with lingering memories of Christmas carols, parties, and our own personal Santa Claus! Re- hearsal for the Faculty Show produced much hidden talent and many aching muscles. Many Susies, it ap- peared, had decided to work for their M. R. S. degree, as evidenced by the number of engagement rings floating around. As if there weren't already enough lines to stand in on campus, we lined up for blocks to see "Till the Clouds Roll By." The ringing of bells late at night announced the ever-present fire drill, with a variety of "sights worth seeing" filing down the stairs. The big night came with the super-terrific "Flying Sixties," introducing Pavlova Dudley, Powers Girls Rexroad, Weaver, and Stickler, "One-line" Cfeor 'i, and 3 Holy Hank. Need we sayithat Russian ballet was re- tarded twenty years after the performance of the 'ski boys, better known as the "Terpsichorean Tillies"? Mr. Baxter scared his children on the front row when he ambled out with a Frankenstein haircut, and Mr. Clymer's number-one fan was his son who didn't miss a performance. All in all, the Faculty Show was the best cure we know of for the "january slump." Page 283 CGLD KDHTER nf' AQ" S 9499 QR 7 8'3" If . its f l ii Ol - , Qc 0 1 f 5 ' X f V , i f T Ex-Susie, Virginia Welles, was on campus, complete with press agents and studio photographers. By popular request, we have been asked not to mention mid-sem- ester exams. So consider them unmentionable. F ebruary-and the mercury took a turn downward. Upon its arriving at 10 above, we paraded into the dining room in slacks. Election petitions were due and re- minded us that once more THAT TIME of year was coming around. Helen Gahagen Douglas brought glam- our and good sense in her Foreign Relations lecture. Valentine's Day arrived, accompanied by red dresses at dinner. Mr. Brown's definition of a lazy southerner struck us in a tender spot: "Born tired and never got rested." Mr. Raymond's Spanish classes put on dark glasses when tipped off that the senor was wearing his favorite blue tie, with a piano keyboard spiraled around it in fuchsia, black, and cwhite. Caramba! Senior's Kitten Brothers was crowned queen of the March of Dimes Ball at M. U. and Senior started Purrin! "Lady Precious Stream" was a smash hit, offering Beautiful and novel entertainment in an authentic Chinese manner. The Tri-Alpha girls won out in the Hel Day parade. Then came the Pen-Hel "Star-Studded Scandals," with Mimi giving that incomparable imitation of Bette Davis: "But he ranin front of my cah, Uncle." Snow fell more and more frequently. We were campused for a "lost week-end" as a precaution against-well, shall we say, the "respiratory illness going around"? The first olympic race at Stephens was caused by the Sunday morning swim through the P. O. The Burrall play "You Can't Take It With You" boasted aerial advertis- ing and a formal first-night premiere. Campaign speeches were muttered under the breath, and the smell of tur- pentine filled the air. She's a doozy of a goil, So vote for Poil For Pop Collins Hoil, kid. ' At this point, with Spring Collapse looming on the horizon, the printer is barking at the heels of this old Retrospector. Ahead of us yet are the thrills of election night, the arrival of spring, the Easter sunrise services at the lake, that attack of spring fever as we round the home stretch, the debut of 'Sophie Cwe said it and we're gladj, and the last days racing by. Soon, all too soon, comes cap-and-gown time and the tramp of marching feet as once more we stand in line-this time to secure a di- ploma, signed, we hope! The year is so full of so many memories, it's impossible to include allg but we hope that this rapid thumbing through th'e months has sharpened your memory of this year at Stephens. T Postscript. just as we go to press, with the sound of july firecrackers all but popping in our ears, we seize this belated opportunity to speak from the post side of Commencement and look back across the graduation line. Now we are alumnae-but that feeling of grown- up-ness which we expected to have didn't materialize as we walked across the stage, gripped President Wood's hand, seized the precious parchment, and shifted the tassel of our cap from left to right Cor was it from right to left?j. Maybe this business of education is more than a "two-year shot in the arm" after all. Maybe Commencement is commencement. Maybe it is more important now to look ahead than to look back. At any rate, as we take our places in the ranks of the honored alumnae, we feel that we are still 'a part of the "Grand March" of Stephens. New things are in prospect for ourselves and our Alma Mater. And it will be our re- sponsibility to helpgto bring them to pass-with credit to ourselves and to our College. So here's to the years ahead, with their potential success and achievement, which the years gone by have made possible. k Wp,5A5H 1 ' 'ms W ii ' I . xy. ., ul," ' , f . ! -P 'ik' S 'xr ll 4' 4 'X' i K at "f' ---., .Aj 2 ln' la ,bs . xi' 4 QA - J . :,1"'Mi!f i lllei N , M 'TLT L "Sf GE-.. an 6 K fi iw' Page 284 . .f 74 4' V. gf ,, ' 1-ZIZMY5 Y fa 'za f S654 OM iw M if 2:44 X, ,W ' if .f r . s bww! fz .X , ,Q f. ,f ,y Z 7. 'L 1' 3 , .71 . fi ff! ff! 1 . 1 1 f Qgglw I Til 1 Z9 v 4, Q 4 'zifvx l 1 f Rafi? . my 'pf' ia L 2 495 '-vi? iv if 7 Y A . , N ,,. awk mf- fzwgg,-2 IJ 1' - , ., ' 1 ... ' a P Ded UT UTI Th- At f 0 fi 1 4 N has s . . bhfll IJQHEC1 wah ph Us mound of arc, - . N We Seize r X x' Qgvgf Side of .'i r .ie graduation ill of grownx . tr' w ar materialize 4iriQllI Xyoodys Shifted the Q iz from right .L I KOH is more . all. Maybe Fe ir is more back. At 4 the honored the "Grand it prospect for .-,ill be our re- ' with credit --ff potential by have pf' fi? df, Q t if-v ' igfb' f 3 P U- l l if-ft . W., N we- M f'Bon Voyage" to President VVood, who leaves on a flight to London, June 14. Below is reprinted, by courtesy of the Stephens Standard a poem which expresses our farewell sentiments, our love and best wishes, and our pledge of loyalty to his ideals. ur Answer Dedicated to President Wood on his retirement from the presidency of Stephens College after thirty-iive years of outstanding service and leadership. "The time has come to step aside," said he. "Time frees the hand, but the heart is never free. Though tower and bell and ivied walls may stay, The arch, the court, the same as yesterday, lt is not these that bind my thoughts to you. 'Tis sound of laughter, footsteps passing through The thousand doorways, down the winding walks, The memory of friends-and friendly talks. The Stephens I have loved goes ever on, And I shall go on with it, closer drawn By ties securely knit in mind and heart, At one with you, of all your dreams a part. Whatever bloom the future years may bear Willibe the bounty which my soul will share. Page 285 Your peace will be my prayer, and your success The crowning smile of my own happiness." Our more than thousand voices raised as one, VVe answer him: 'fLove's race is never run. You fathered us in spirit, helped us grow. Our rooted faith is anchor 'gainst the blow Of storm and changing winds. Like father, you Have molded us to your own likeness true. 'The time has come to step aside' you say. A phrase! As April steps aside for May! As nurturing June, beneath a sun-filled sky Gives way to golden harvests of July! But love lives on, as changing seasons run, And autumn warms itself with April sun. We taken the road ahead, as you have planned. ln common faith, we take it hand in hand." f l i 'Q .XXX Page 286 1 1 x I 4 1 I I i w I 1 1 I i , 1 Y 1 I XI Page 387 . , .gg 3,-,B -. -,-. ' ., Q. . ,..,,., - V 'nw Page 287 .1 s f 5 ' 2,5 -i 3-"' 2 f " l :t 1 H ., , X fa ,. 3 X 1,1 ,l , "' ,,...1lQ L - tl-21 Ql .. 'l 1. .. . - 4? " TL 44111 5952 rf- QT?--1 f af i , f-2-'ls -ii - ,Q .l- -" - . ff 3-Ll ' lx - ' -ei' 2F :li ?fl:-Sh 1 ,-- X 1 lx .i.. - - ,i L? , f , 'Z'-f?-: c-'f ff-,l-..-T-- - i-li -T ,- i lig 1- X - s i- sE X ,AX ,f ' - Q f--- - X. 0-f f--f-'Q-t kb' . fi' --.. : 1 Q F- if 7, LN V tT- i -31" Y f J up F ' ,F Sgfffgg gf -- ,.. :ss-7 s 5 -.iF:" HE "Flying Sixties," as presented in this year's faculty show, was a light-hearted ,vt picture of the Stephens of the future-a truly incredible school, whose students , think nothing of hopping into their planes Cjet propelled, naturallyj and streaking back ' F f and forth across the world to get their knowledge "on the spot." No corner of the globe '3 is too remote for these intrepid Susies of tomorrow to penetrate. , x .ggi VVe more-or-less earthbound students of 1947 laughed at the idea of siesta in Hawaii and Applied Fashion in Paris. And yet . . . And yet, how do we know? What would ""' a Susie of twenty years ago have said if she had been iven a icture of the cosmopolitan 5 , g P Q U' ' Stephens of today? It may be stretching things a little far to call the "Flying Sixties" 'Il 3 a preview, but our world-conscious campus of today does give promise of far wider 1 1 il horizons tomorrow. e im Look, for example, at the student body. Fifteen foreign countries and possessions t , ' are represented in this year's enrollment. Girls have come to Stephens from such distant if lands as China and Chili, Iraq and Czechoslovakia, Hawaii and Honduras. And each 47 brings with her a little touch of her home land to lend a colorful and cosmopolitan quality to our American school. J, Conversely, Stephens graduates are to be found in all corners of the globe-where their own careers or their marriage vows Cuwhither thou goest I will go"j have taken K A them. And with these girls goes the story of Stephens, kindling fires of interest and ' ,Y curiosity that will light the path of other girls toward our campus. For the things which ' Stephens represents are not limited in their importance on the campusg they are uni- XE versally validg they are the ideals and values toward which the entire world is thought- X 'ily fully and earnestly striving. '13 , 1 . '.9- l v ' I OF cop RSE . t ,df 4 T H E J- N S.! I Q , Royal Venetlan Bllnd WI C00 J - : H YY fd ig KM BLINDED STEPHENS nh ST. LoU1s, M1ssoURI Page 288 The ch students he and promoi the world t Stephens xx educational another for ofa Hforeig Much i keep its me world affaii Capable spe. Churchill's Turnin bl' another centers." 5 of France, 1 outlined 3 t Surbonne, 3 ful Pf0mise. Dhens of roi the College is E l l X Page 380 l l i I E a p ef X- six ' ww' WHS 21 lighthearted. school. whose student, rally: and streaking basl " No corner of the globe Q. if idea of siesta in Haw in are krzow? WhatwouId E-'ture of the cosmopolitaii ,iw promise of far tidal ff fzmtries and possessing sw-piiifris from such glistas: isp? llfmfluras. Andean? . jg: a'U5mOpOllIE1H ,..,,, Ui the globe-whea .- I will QOH? have tiff: - Viz: f tires of interestiliy T i Lforthf:thiI1g5lliff .-.miptmsg thel' Mel? gift- world is tllougi .4AM! linfl .X fig Isl' f - will the 'flying Sixties, The challenging task of fostering this new World awareness in the minds of Stephens students has been ably assumed by the World Citizenship Organization, which sponsors and promotes an all-campus program for the development of a better understanding of the world today and our responsibilities in it and to it. No picture of a cosmopolitan Stephens would be complete without this unique organization which strives to relate educational goals to world needs and World service. Thanks to the efforts of W. C. O., another foreign country, Greece, will be represented at Stephens next year, the result of a "foreign student" scholarship driveg ' Much credit goes also to the Foreign Relations Club, Whose purpose has been to keep its members-and the entire community-well informed and interested in current world affairs. Each year the club sponsors, in a lecture series, four well-known and capable speakers. Topics for 1946-47 included Asia, The United Nations, and Randolph Churchill's vigorous defense of the British empire. - Turning our spotlight again on the Stephens of the future, our attention is caught by another much-dreamed-of development-the establishment of Stephens "extension centers." Already rumors are afloat about the Stephens of South America, the Stephens of France, the Stephens of England. Last spring, during his vist here, Andre Maurois outlined a thrilling picture of Stephens in Paris, with trips to historic spots, classes in the Sorbonne, and vacations in the south of France. With'the future holding such wonder- ful promise, Why should we limit our dreams and hopes for the years ahead? The Ste- phens of today is explained only by the fact that those who have held the fortunes of the College in their hands have refused to limit these visions of its possibilities. -Nancy F owler COMPLIMENTS OF The Leon Godchauxis Clothing Co.5 L.T. NEW QRLEANS, LOUISIANA Page 289 nf ' ' 3, 9 S VI. 4 Ll -X w WK? 9 oe A X . A ' ' A 'sr I jfs Yr .pp Nw- l : C LL ' u 'C a , N F l Do You now a effelf' way TO Paonuon Ynkanooksp IN Mosr CASES the yearbook staff is entirely new to the work ahead of it. Yet the part-time editorial and business staff has a more technical and complicated task than most full-time publication organizations. , To meet this problem, can you think' of a better way to aid a yearbook staff in its work than by our service program, as outlined below? CD Let the staff take the leadership and give full play to its own ideas, thus developing journalistic and business initiative. CZJ Provide the necessary technical advice on printing and binding Qand secondarily on photography and engravingj. Q35 Give guidance on planning and maintaining a budget, and on editorial policy and practice. C45 Provide a forthright informational service for faculty and student committee, including frequent personal conferences. C55 Let the staff benefit from our experience of more than a quarter of a century of printing, binding, and production of college yearbooks. GIVE YOUR YEARBOOK the advantage of our services. Many of the same individuals who handled the yearbooks of your fathers' and mothers' college years are still here to give your book the benefit of their experience. Above all, however, we appreciate the importance of keeping "out in front" of the trends and developments of the present. - MID-STATE PRINTING COMPANY Jefferson City, Missouri p 290 , L ., --, L I x U SD ft XX Oyk vlxlligkgl ix Sfllff fl iclrigisp ' :md mjf 1 H f I Q vfwif-rut wi' si ,N' :I-" - Y BURGER-BAIRD has been producing quality engravings and at- p Wir tractive layouts for yearbooks for over 30 years. Let a Burger-Baird L representative help you work out your plans for your 1948 yearbook. . 1,413 BURGEPVBAIRD ENGRAVING CO NN Kansas City. Missouri P 291 A 92 3 :I I V ,-1-' X 4-1 l -,,..... P1 101 , I I ,.. 9 -DEAN S The Tiger Laundry COLUMBIA,S MOST CO CLEANING - PRESSING MPLETE 7 1 X SPORTSWEAR DX EING - STGRAGIL S LAUNDRY HOP PHONE 4155 10 S. NINTH STREET PERSONAL APPEARANCE SPECIALISTS I-'RI' ITS PARSONS SISTERS FOR ALL THE NEWS 1 A ' q Q READ THE J I Columbia Daily Tribune Beauty Salon C0Z1,Lmb1Ia's Leading 1019 BROADWAY DIAL 5616 Newspaper 1 I DINING AT THE TEA-BERRY1 it Co. it ' -1,-,ff .5 . X, Tn - ! lhwjw X P Z 293 1 Ml COLLEGE AMUSEIVIENT CO g I ,920 I Q 43 N! , l I Columbiafs Finest Theatres. MISSOURI HALL Q VARSITY O QQ AMERICA'S GREATEST STARS IN THE WORLD S BEST PICTURES P P COR age 295 3 I . I I I Y . 920 BROADWAY PHONE 3769 MILLER-WAYLAND CO. BOOKS-GIFTS STAT I ON E RY SCHOOL SUPPLIES HUNT,S DRUG STORE STH AND BROADWAY COSMETICS DRUG SUNDRIES VVHITMAN'S CANDIES SANDWICHES AND FOUNTAIN DRINKS SERVICE AND SATISFACTION IS OUR MOTTO CORNER 9TH AND ASH DIAL 9797 Daniels Lumber CO. AN D E R S Q N HARDWARE AND APPLIANCES BUILDING MATERIAL STORE SPORTING GOODS AND . STUDENT ROOM SUPPLIES Plan Serznce I Home Planners NINTH AND WALNUT PHONE 5120 FREDENDALLIS COLUMBIA'S BETTER DEPARTMENT STORE FEATURES NATIONALLY KNOWN BRANDS OF FAMOUS MERCHANDISE A COMPLETE NEW MODERN LAYOUT Conrzfeons, Ejicient Service Pg 295 IT HAS BEEN A SOURCE OF GREAT SATISFACTION TO SERVE THE STUDENT BODY OF STEPHENS COLLEGE WE APPRECIATE YOUR BUSINESS O DOR - LONEY Laundr and Dr -Cleaning Compan f E ,M 2 fffi 1 5 D P e 296 X Page 397 S I T V I I I I 1 E I I 1 . I MM fu I 1 RING-COOKED SEALED-FLAVOR STEAKS O Exclusive Rights for Columbia DANIEL BOONE HOTEL COFFEE SHOP WE HOPE YOU'LL REMEMBER LIE'S FOR THE LATEST IN HAIR STYLES SUSIES LIKE .... 23 SOUTH TENTH STREET V PHONE 4900 ATKINSON TIRE COMPANY NEW TIRES AND USED TUBES WE SPECIALIZE IN RECAPPING AND VULCANIZING TIRES AND TUBES PASSENGERHTRUCKSA-TRACTORS A'Wo1fkmcmship Guaranteed" 206 N. 8TH STREET PHONE 3312 COLUMBIA, MISSOURI .,+Y Pe 297 PACKING BAGGAGE SHIPPING SERVICE The Transfer SI Storage CO. Member.' N. F. W. A. Agents: ALLIED VAN LINESQINE. FIREPROGF STORAGE G : b 1 9 SMART HATS 3 6 6 I. S By KNOX AND GAGE Black 81: Gold Inn PERSONALIZED HATS By LONIDER " The Center of S G15 SIVIITH'S MILLINERY 1012 BROADWAY Student A etivitiesn CONLEY AVE. AT GENTRY PLACE UPTOWN THEATRE Where the newest and best A FIRST RUN PICTURES are Shown LUMBER - LIME - CEMENT MILLWORK - BUILDING BOWLING LUIVIBER COMPANY MATERIALS BOONE THEATRE O,HiC6-RANGELINE AND ROGERS STREET WESTERN AND ACTION PICTURES DIAI, 3125 COLUMBIA, MISSOURI Continuous Shows Daily-1:00 to 11:00 P. M. SUPERIOR QUALITY DEPENDABLE SERVICE I HGIlCl'I'Cl71f66dF10?L'6fS', Member' F T D A FLOWER SHOP-16 S. OTII GREENH0USES!W' BQVD FLOWERS CEROVVN IN OUR OWN GREENHOUSES P 298 X O CULI Bs-XCGQX f , Nil Q T . Ver H . 6 CQ. THE i SGPHIE STAFF . i HAS A d WOMGE NIG HT Xi OUT 0 ms , INERY ' , CATRE l THE WIGWAM J. J. NEWBERRY -fZ'.".R H 4 ATRE Q i fl . 21,4141 P. NI. ! . RK'If'l'l I 5, 10, AND 25c STORE CULUM B IA'S LEADING VARIETY STORE It's a wise student who stretches his nickel with ' a big big Pepsi-Cola- good. good. good. On campus or on a date, Pepsi's the leader in all-'round goodness. smsr'WU4 Smith Beverage Co. f - 1 1 Imljgq' P g Zjj SERVICE "" 66 . DA 44 3 NATIOM' 6301 f ll? VIN I I I lx G I I I I I l I l RI JR ITIOY I . I WV T A Q95 C l.'olumbialS Smartest Shoes l G31 COMPLIMENTS I I I I 0f E. Stephens Publishing Company I. G. A. BRAND FOOD PRODUCTS The Highest Quality 44Ask for Janet" packed DIAL Nowell Wholesale 9 7 6 7 Grocer Co. COLUMBIA MISSQURI D BUY WITH CONFIDENCE . . A LUMBER GLASS HARDWARE ROOFING "MASTERS IN OUR LINE" PAINT CEMENT and LIME 909 CHERRY STREET 3394 - DIAL - 5422 " Wear Clean Clothes" ' La Cross Lumber Co. Member of 408-10 BROADWAY NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF CLEANERS AND DYERS Dependable Building Materials Since 1873 RIS, COLUMBIA'S TRADITIONAL DINING SPOT - PRIVATE ROOMS FOR SPECIAL PARTIES I P I 1 X OUR SPECIALTY - PECAN PIE! HARDWARE-PAINTS 5 T 0 V E S Red Sandwich Shop Q , 10 NORTH 10TH STREET COLUMBIA, MISSOURI A QTHANDWALNUT DIAL7233 FAMOUS FOR TFOOD THANKS TO THE ARTCRAFT PRESS SUSIES FOR ANOTHER PLEASANT ' YEAR! 9 - E D I T I O N PRINTERS - O DIAL 4450 914 BROADWAY From Idea 250 Ideal 10 WATSON PLACE COLUMBIA, MISSOURI Since 185 7 .... Boone County National Bank R. B. PRICE, President 1U6mbef.' Federal Reserve System Jfembef: Federal Deposit Insurance Cor BROADXX AY AND EIGHTH STREETS porauon COLUMBIA, MISSOURI pg 302 5 IIS f P I I I I DEVELU MANUF OFF X M 16 N. I age 303 KIQXN P I I P I i IE! YOU'RE ONLY AS FAR PROM HOME AS YOU ARE Sho FROM A TELEPHONE P f l'.Ff 1 i . I MISSOURI TELEPHONE COMPANY H H O D TRAVEL BY TELEPHONE Q 5 RESS 5 "AUTOMATIC" SPRINKLER conPonATIoN in fhe science of DEVELUPMENT V ENGINEERING MANuFAcTunE INSTALLATION "AUTOMATIC" SPRINKLER CURPURATIUN UF AMERICA . . . YOUNGSTUWN, UHIU . . . XWQSOCRI OFFICES IN PnINcIPAL cmss or Noam AND souru AMEnIcA - TY-FIVE YEARS OF 3 McLaughlin Bros' mOEE1IEE1IfIDIQ13AELE INSURANCE g Furniture CO. SERVICE j COMPLETE Columbia Insurance HOME PIIRNISPIERS Agency I MI 16 N. 10TH Sqmm PHONE 4334 906 BROADWAY M, IA-J I Y 5 , f Fil, Page 303 4 Q "?2,,.,.ff-A I I R. II. ARMBRUSTER I I A MANUFACTIURING Co. Flying is the way W to travel- - TENT5 ,- 0 FLAGS 4 and TWA flue way , WINGS B0 to fly I 408 SOUTH FOURTH STREET SPRINGFIELD, ILL. 18 N. E TRANS Wana Amulvs . BL E SIIIIP 1108 BROADWAY I " lflflzere the Szzfsies Jlfecf' ' 2, . ,, ,, ,, ,,,4.,,,, ,-ff My www vefgmg PW 304 X A138305 I i 'Z' 5 STER . Central Missouri 'PU DP U Qc 'PUD fa F' :PUD 33+-1 l-462' QU Z4 O VUL" may Z "U UD in Q T 5 26 Ll. C F' 5 G O li E CT' is SJ UI OF . . AME gl SON CHINA CO. ICANSAS CITY, MISSOURI -4 -' C5 53 Us 5 4 Q C7 U-'1 L1 0 po Q ' 5 m ,. ' Q 2 5-I P-Q' ,U CD :Ii O U, rn 2 E F5 S D E S 5 O V' G rn 'U Z E E-' 3 Z9 :' rf P: pp ,-1 ro N E 5 ,T 5 H 2 E H- as ? CD ng' - : H, O E, P CD UD rn C H, Ui cn Hr Q Cs F7 CZ 3 UQ P! r-U 9 f-+ 5 5 3 99 m E Q: gd O O 5 ' "" Z Q A n D1 O 2 ? Q 2 3 0 T' P-4 Z FJ 5 U1 5' 3 Q Q' "1 'Q FD Up E S. 3? 03' g Q : S331 Q. m s: Q K? FDD co U3. U7 H, :P 3 O 5 B 'SS- '55 W4 3"-4 " E-f so 1-:N Q' I3 V-T 'Q ,X Z' :Zh U7 f iv -- Q' ,, ' if fp fb 1437 J' LIIIOSSI P Jos X For Furniture to Suit Your Taste Q, ., MQ "iii 1 '-' . ., l,A'3c,,,.,,, ,- ,M MISSUURI FURNIT RE CU. 1440 N. 20TH ST. LOUIS, Mo. ,I P Vi 1-,,., t 1 1 Y VI I -X Ken Lawn MUCH U Q0 1 P g 306 X P09307 H X USIQ I a i. 7 i ik if .eg III .iv If gl I K1 J ' I LIU. I 5 If PM! 306 I I I I I I I I 1 I I I I I I I I I I 1 I I , I , I I I I I I I I . I I I I I I I I I I Q . I I I I I I I I I I I I I . I Pe 307 Z Lawn Mowers and Power Mowers Sharpened by FICKLINQS BOX LUNC-HES FOR ALL OCCASIONS THRIFT MART I G A I SUPER MARKET Low Prices Every Day P 4407-3 HONE RD AND BROADWAY PHONE 3135-36-37-8TH AND CHERRY ' I'LL ALWAYS REMEMBER ' ALL THE CUTE I'LL BETCH'A YOUR CLASSY LITTLE COTTON IS FROM AT TUR ER'S I CATALINA SWIM SUITS GAY- EROCR TIGER HOTEL I BUILDING All Sportswear . DRESSES, SKIRTS, BLOUSES I I SWEATERS, JACKETS INSECTI-CIDES - DISINFECTANTS CHEMICAL MATERIALS and I KINDRED PRODUCTS Kenton Bros., Locksmiths Inc. 11 EAST 8TI-I ST.-1116 E. 31sT ST. KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI ATKINS MFG. CO. 406 LOCUST ST. COLUMBIA, Mo. Machinery. Door Closers Rebuilt. Combina- V tions Changed on Any Lock or Safe. 50 YEARS OF DEPENDABLE SERVICE PHONE 5341 NARDIS of Dallas Stars HBOTANYH BRAND GABARDINE in a New Long jacket Suit for Spring. Tailored Skillfully in Marchan, Botany's All-Wool Gabardine Beige and Aqua 10-20 31339. 75 SUZANNEQS In I I l l l I l 1 l l l A l l r l l r St. Louis, Missouri FROM : ONE MIssoURI INSTITUTION TO : ANOTHER SUBJ ECT: RESUL1'S ACHIEVED Congratulations to STEPHENS COLLEGE, its faculty, its student body. lts progressive, effective methods, representing the highest calibre of educational standards at the college level, attract students from through- out the United States. GENERAL AMERICAN LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY, also a Missouri insti- tution, likewise seeks to render the highest calibre of service in its held of life insurance in the 25 states and territories where it operates. N -"LE ' ' ' GENERAIAMERIQAN LIFE INEVURANCB COMPANY Lv, GE Page 308 Page 309 In the Peach State . . . IT'S TI-IE LTR 5 GE ' Missouri I F I I I I I i I 1 I V I I 1 I r I 1 I 5 ,Aw 303 "GOES A LONG WAY TO MAKE FRIENDS" GE ERAL TIRE ERVICE CO 100 SPRING STREET ATLANTA, GEORGIA P 309 V v 1 ,.f-""" 31 , S Page 310 X P056 211 ., tg 1 .t , , Y X ,sf Ross ylfl. CAULK Portrait Photographer C You will always cherish your college portrait. Be sure it is the best possible. We keep a permanent frle Of your "SOPHIE" pictures. A Fine Portrait Sketch Will Be Enjoyed a Lzfetfime. T 5 I O I THEY ARE MADE ONLY IN COLUMBIA AT THE ROSS B. CAULK STUDIO TELEPHONE 6397 COLUMBIA, MISSOURI Z GRE I I 3 1 2 . I 0 T I W W 1 P00313 XM ROADXVAY ELL.-x 9 STYL-EST Beauty Shop "Il'S Stylish Z0 be Styled at the Sty!-est" F. TURNER SPECIALTY SHOP for those SPECIAL TOTS 1012 BROADWVAY CENTRAL DAIRY Seems We've Heard . "You haven't really been to STEPHENS until you have been photographed at Juliesf' . We are mighty proud that our per- sonalized style of photography has be- Come such a traditional part of Ste- phens College life. Our summer will be spent workingout new and exciting ideas for your por- trait next fall. 'Course what we really want to say is . . . Thanks for another swell year. Sincerely, GRIFF AND EDDY P. S.-Hope you like the " Ideals." GIBBONS M ,, fdfvlulies 553 GRIFFIN - QI6 BROADWAY PHONE 78ltlt ' Pg, 314 CUPIIIVII 0 zd-,,,.. A n l lT'S TH li JACQ FOR H .llilgafgv CSUXXH THE jg X l Z' 1005 ls Bi DI.-XL Q Page 315 . ,-,.,.--- P ,,..--" I I I i I V I I I I I I I I I I I 4 JI -I 4 I I 1 I I I I I I I 'YW' I --... R,-3, -rw.. ,.,. f.. , , ' - Wfgiff- " I I e suv ' . J - ' Z' -AYP S Cosmeucs B Mi- Kodaks 'SINCE IQOIT PROMPT FREE DELIVERY 0 PHONE 4-IDI ' I I f'3 i 1 . , ,f' CREAM OF CREAMS S 2 1 5 F 4 fx- f . I , ! - l , ' -- ' 1 U. 5. TIADI MARK 0 NO. 192950 ICE CREAM I' Svefq OCCBSIOFL... Mussouru 'rs-IeAme BLDG. m4oNe uf-I33 WS IIZIQUELINE SHOP UPTUWN COFFEE SHOP FOR FEMININE FOOTWEAR MARQUISE ORIGINALS - JACQUELIN HGUR SPECIALTY CONNIELTOVVN AND COUNTRY SHOES IS I SERVING YOU" THE JACQUELINE SHOP A 910 BROADWAY Conveniently Located 1009 BROADWAY R DIO ELECTRIC HOP MUSIC THAT AMERICA LOVES COMPLETE PHOTO SUPPLY DEPARTMENT RCA VICTOR R 1005 BROADWAY DIAL 6236 ADIOS AND RADIO PHONO. COMBINATIONS 903 UNIVERSITY AVENUE DIAL 3363 R Pe 315 The Stephens Ckdlege Store ECONOMY COURTESY CONVENIENCE 1 JUST A STEP FROM THE BEATEN PATH WOOD HALL, NORTH ENTRANCE THAN QS FUR CALLI G YELLO CA i 320 B 1 l 1 ,-,,..- 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 5 I 4 Y ' 1 1011 H X Dorff to subscril keg - b 151111014 Q 1 . a AXQXX Page 317 V 'hens 1 olu ' 1 lege 00 and 01'6 l l r Storage C , O Phone 4143 'MY ESY NIENCE an 'NTKXNCE -'ill , ' I . ,,, A 814 Broadway l 1 I' Th R ' e ed alsle , Inc. Smart Gifts For Every Uccasion Across from Uptown Theater l 1011 Bf0-Hflway Dial 34.43 3 D07l,l Wait f-f i j to subscribe for the 1948 S!efJlzen.s'0fQhirL. Order your copy this summer or early this fall. What better way to l keep m touch with your Alma Mater? l,et's have a large subscription from the alumnae! The 1948 book will 9 be 21 "New lim" book. D0n'l wait! , Q l BARBARA BERRY, Edztor, 1948 Stephensophza ,L Stephens College, Columbia, Missouri 4316 it Pm JI7 tetfgftmsvfa ,et ' M api? A WS! l hs C Q: if 4 Q, . I XR 5' ff fe ff f X so Q ' lg. 0 L9 X X R R . S ff F w l fl-Q' 'i '26 27 X 3 0 -Q fy' 30 Ja Qi X X 5 fn Hi i fi lo 2. N . - 4 ry YV Q - MB 4 B G9 'E' it e tr f if 'V Q so . ,gf A cp R Oo' is R ff A f Q, - 6 Q? iw dpi C: X9 f J 1-' O ix . F 2 6 " ,. lx H 0 VJ Q t in QJEG6, HELLO! 1 Iv 1 1 ' ' x A l 3I'llElflSFAHfLlv l'l3l'ZlBlllS CQJQQLKLO l'lHI'ZlElllSC' l'lHfZlElllSCQWfllM l'lilfZlElllStl,6?lMl1l'lElI'ZlB S IT TAKES a lot of cooperation to make a book-especially a book like this one, which endeavors to present a comprehensive picture of a Stephens year. First is the machine-like cooperation of sponsors and staff, then the cooperation of the photographic assistants, of students and faculty, of the administration of the College, of the engravers and printers, and finally the indispensable cooperation of the Szfephensophia advertisers. The business hrms represented in these pages are our "honor roll." They have helped to make the book possible. VVe invite you, in your shopping, to give priority to these Stejihevzsophia friends. Good will for good will is only fair exchange. ADVERTISING STAFF FOR THE 1947 Stejnlzensophia NIARY ROOMF, Chaiifman Boone National Savings and Loan Association 14 9th St. - Columbia, Mo. H W E P PM H P 5, 318 ACUfll'mf' Adminisir AdmiSS5"'l Admission- Advcrtisiii Alpha Alp Alpha HPF Alpha Phi Appremici Austin, Sc-2 Aviation fi Band, Syn' Beta Phi C Beta Phi C Beta Sigmz Board of C Board of P Book Club Brigadettes Burrall C' al Burrall Ch: Burrall Cl or Burrall S09 Business D. Campus Ph Campus Se: Career Clul Chi Delta I CMC Assoc Clubs ...,, College Liv Cmnmunica Confefr Ch. Councils, S1 Collflcil of Q C0UHcil of I Curators, B Dance GFGU Deen of Ad, P095 310 Liffff 1 1 I l 1 30 A f I9 I SIZE S I l I 1 l iq PHE' HX Academs ............... Administrative Officers. . . Admissions Counselors .... Admissions, Director of .... Advertising. ........ . . Alpha Alpha Alpha. . . Alpha Epsilon Rho. . . . Alpha Phi Epsilon .... Apprentice Plan.i. . . Austin, Senator .... Aviation Club ..... Band, Symphonic ................... Beta Phi Gamma, honorary journalism ........ Beta Phi Gamma, social ............. Beta Sigma Beta ...... . . Board of Curators ...... Board of Publications .... Book Club ............. Brigadettes. . . Burrall Cabinet. . . . Burrall Choir .......... Burrall Concert Series ......... Burrall Social Service Projects .... Business Department ......... Campus Photo Staff ..... Campus Service Board .... Career Club .......... Chi Delta Phi ..... Civic Association .... Clubs ................... College Living, Literary ...... Communications, Division of. . . Concert Chorus .............. Councils, Student Government .... Council of Class Government. . . Council of House Managers .... Curators, Board of ......... Dance Group COrchesisj .... Dean of Administration .... . Dean of Instruction ..... Page 319 In dex l Page 274-278 . 20, 21 22 22 285-300 156, 157 ... 106 ... 107 ... 279 8,9 95 92 ... 108 158,159 160,161 i.. 18 . 67 95 93 86 .. 91 90 87 .23 .80 65 .96 109 ..54, 55 .....95-102 188 .30 . . . 92 . . .62-69 63 . 62 . 18 103 .21 .20 Delta Chi Delta, , , Delta Rho Alpha .... Delta Sigma .... ................. Dem0Cf3CY in Living and Learning ..... Dlefafy Department. . . Director of Publications Division Heads. . . . . . Division Pages. . .14, 15, Drama, Informals .... . . Eta Epsilon Gamma. . . Evening Prayer ......, Extra-Class Division. . . Fashion Club .... Field Men .......... Fine Arts, Literary .... . Foreign Relations Club. ....65-71 50, 51, 84, 85, 146, 147, Foreign Relations Lecture Series ..... Foreign Student Group Picture .... Freshmen ................... . . . Freshmen Officers .... French Club ...... Gamma Delta Phi .... Gauntlett Memorial .... German Club .... .... Guild of Organists ..... Hall Counselors .... Hall Councils ......... Health and Physical Education, Division Of. . Homarts Club .......................... Home and Family, Division of ..... Honor Roll ........ .... Humanities, Division of ..... Hypatia Hexagon ....... Ideals .... ........ Ideals Committee ..... Independent Council. . . Independents, Hall Presidents. . . Independent Informals. Informals, Drama .... . ..- . --,,. . 14.1. ....J..-.,,! ..., .-Y.,.,,..1l ,L 4, 1.5: Page 162,163 164,165 ... 110 82 23 27 190,191 ... 115 166, 167 88 .. 28 .. 97 .. 22 144 .. 98 .. 98 104 .274-278 274 ... 97 .168-169 17 .. 99 .. 93 25 ...56-61 .. 32 .. 99 34 .142,143 36 100 .117-141 116 .. 69 154 155 115 . .,..,w..... ,... W... Iridex-Continued Informals, Physical Education .... . . lnformals, Social ............ . - - Juniors ..... .............. . . . Junior Class Organization .... Junior Steering Committee ..... . . Kappa Alpha Phi ......... . . . . . . Languages, Division of ............... League of Women Voters CStephensj ..... Libraries. .............................. . . . . Literary Summaries .... ..... 8 2, 144, 188, Music Service Guild .... Occupations, Division of. . . Omega Psi .............. ,... Orchesis .........,......... Orchestra, Burrall Symphony .... . Organ Guild. .............. . Pan-Hellenic Council ............ Personal Appearance Committee ..... . . Phi Lambda Beta. .............. . . . . Phi Phi Phi ........ .... Phi Theta Kappa .... Photography Staff ............ . ,. H Physical Educatio Informals .... President Wood ............... . Prince of Wales ..... . , Psi Chi Omicron ....... .... Publications, Board of ..... Publications, Director of ..... Public Relations .......... ..... Religion and Philosophy, Division of ..... Research, Director of .........,...., Residence Hall Counselors. . . Residence Hall Councils .... , , Retrospect .....,. ....... ,,,, Scholarship Committee. . . Science, Division of .... Page ... 33 . 148-153 .234-271 233 232 170,171 .. 38 102 . . . 26 280-284 101 46 172,173 103 . 90 .. 93 .. 66 94 174,175 176,177 ... 111 .. 80 ... 33 ...10-13 100 178,179 ... 67 .. 27 .. 24 .. 40 .. 19 25 . .56-61 280-284 94 .. 42 Senior Cabinet ........ Senior Class Messagej. . . . Senior Court ......... Seniors ...... . ...... Senior Sister Council. . . Sigma Alpha Chi ....... Sigma Gamma Gamma ..... Social Studies, Division of . . . Sophomores ....,. ........ Sophomore Officers. . . . Sororities, Honor .... Sororities, Social .... Spanish Club .............. Standing Ideals Committee. . . Stephens League ............. Stephens Traditions, Literary .... Stephens Life Staff .... . ....... . Stephensophfia Staff . . . . . . Stephens Standard Staff .......... Stephens Recreation Association ......... Stephens Recreation Association Awards. . Student Activity Board. .............. . . Student Government ................... Student Literary Writeups ..... 48, 82, 144, Sunday at 7:22 ........................ Sunrise Choir .... Tau Sigma Tau. . . . . Ten Ideals ......... Theta Alpha Epsilon .... Theta Tau Omega ..,. Vespers ............ ..... W0Od, President james Madison. . . World Citizenship Organization ..... Writers' Club ..... ............ Zeta Mu Alpha. , , , Zeta Phi Delta, . Page 194 195 ....56,57 . 196-231 68 ....180,181 112 . . . . 44 .274-278 274 .106-114 .156-187 ... 96 ... 116 ... 102 48 ..76, 77 ..74, 75 ..78, 79 ..70, 71 . 71 ... 64 ..54, 55 280-284 88 91 '113 .117-140 ,., 114 182,183 ... 89 ....10-13 ..72,73 ... 102 184,185 186,187 Page 320 Page 1-. 194 -2. 195 ' 196-231 68 130,131 22 .. 112 11 .274-223 2.274 .. ,106-114 M156-187 ., 96 116 102 48 .76, 77 1 ,:1,7s ,rs.29 .ro,r1 1 1 71 , 2 61 ,..54.5s , 230-284 , ss .91 , 113 117-140 A 111 1542.183 . 89 111-13 - -'V 12.13 1 102 4 IH 1146, V K 5 A i x 1 Q i 1 f 4 . V P m w 1 - 4 l l 5 A I I I I I I I I I I 5 I 1 I I I I .5. 2 I I I I .44

Suggestions in the Stephens College - Stephensophia Yearbook (Columbia, MO) collection:

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