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Text from Pages 1 - 294 of the 1945 volume:

W B 44 fl 111 1 Q W ' wxw if nn 15 I p Q f-'-T..... .'--- X -AN gg- wig' Iv Z ' My "1 on " 7 Q- :J X L X 1.9 ,ll Y i - kk Was . K I X . S xiii W XV O, xx A ' Q if X Q? -. ,Z , 4 R I 1 I 1 X if I , XX ' F XF Q ' 1'f,'f I " X .X X' D., ., I-g il... V I ' ',. 1 I K :Ig 5 J A ,r 44 is Q fx' 1-X-5 WE EWERICHN 'Um 'lT"i'X Ty' 'H HA.. 'lvl-V7 ' ' ' we X5 'A J9' i Q,,,1, ,5-Q", 3 J Qs iw HJR - li 1 ,Q-9 ,, if 9 WRX 2 x ,A sf' X x 'Vx' Tr 35 jf, Q Rum , -'raw Qwkggi .S A v 5, X ,Q s 45. I ,E L. T- fm',, ' a in ' I 74 X? AX Q , I X x . x x x ff Nix mill ,K X xv 1X if sl Q I X my E D I C Q To a spirit of fellowship, democracy, and cooperation among the nations of the New World . . . 01 Through fellowship among faculty and students, democracy in student leadership and religion, and sincere X cooperative effort, it is our hope that Stephens students, individually and collectively, may exemplify those qualities of citizenship essential to constructive Pan-American relations and the ideals of World peace. 1 A I ,ff S ' 9 v" ,ff ,X f' X X FACULTY 0 STUDEXTS I :":'::':Z':::,"i.-'DIVISION ll STUDENT GOVERNBIENT AND LEADERSHIP RELIGION 0 ORGAXIZATIDNS JM . O A 1 Y A 4 R X I 1 Q, ' 1 ' x 'K , I 3 x v. f z Q A x I 1 LV ,L X Ir' K , 'Y. X r M. .. 1. X 1, X XX ,fyfw X XXX? X X XX KX X X X X XY, . .XXX , X S ,X is x Q' X X X X 4. if '. :.X , X X X 'I f I Af '. ' 2' ' I , , 1 'H ' all ' . ,,, f 1 3 f ' , ll le n l, , -I Q ,, 1 X F x SX .T A X XX X, X X XQXX SE XX SX S x x z X X X X S XXV K 1 i E 3 5 , E 1 X, 5 . Y 5 X . .V Q. L fri? N S . 9,5 X X X . KY 5 ? 1 1, 5 V sfo' fzf . 1 Z? ,, 2 vs f an , f . I 1 4 4 ff , 4 7 f ff fc ' s mg! ,. f, f :w,f?el ' z ' f 1 'V I' u H !,, W, W X, , . 7 f I , . ,JY .f ,, , f . ' , . fm' f, "K, f ,, " 'N' 45 4 W W' , ,M ww N I '52, 'X ,:, .f w 4,5 wg , WW' ,hi "J, " H' 'ff 47, 2,4 , f' f 'Q 752' 4 fs - ,fn A W ,, . , ,,,lH'fzf1 uf., MA? M n Wax, -iff, :- " MH f , f fa f . W, I 1 ' 2 W' f 4' H wi' P' , ,, 5 - fc. f I 4 ,, V?",,,sX. I ff 1 Z 7 K Q f f - , ,Mffwff ff .,., 4.4 Q! ,M , V I ,fn , 94 f f W ' ,, Q, 4. I 4 Q f 7 ,,, - 1 ' gf " W ,I wwf 5 ,sv N . , Q I Vx Swag Q 1 f at K A , ,ff ,zW7ff""C,., 5 X X X 4141, .D , 1 ,, h Ziff gf , 1' ' ff ff We w W , , Wx " 3' Y , f Z ,f Q,Wffm,a W ,, , ,4 X! f my if 0 ' ' Q, , .ff , Q Q , M- L , 7, 4, I Q f - f my-ay Z 141 f 47 , 2 'W , , ' ' , 17 ,MW ff, f , W1 Q , I , If mf f ' XWM7 ' , ZJQQW Af flgggj , .V L, W V ff ' ff? 5 K' X. X' XZ "Q 0 If 2 ' 1, , WW, X ,. M 4671 gm A Evf DIVISIGN I Board ol Curators Twice annually a group of intelligent, distinguislied people come from all parts of the country lo discuss various administrative policies related to the success of Stephens College a11d to take such ollicial action as may be necessary. They constitute the Stephens College Board of Curators. Among their many duties are the approval of all college purchases of real estate and the approval of statl' appointments. Since Stephens College does not operat.e for profit, it is the duty of the Board Io hold in trust all college property. Since the Board is self-perpetuating, each year new members are elected or old members are re- elected as their terms expire. Mr. Hugh Stephens. chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Exchange National Bank of Jefferson City. Missouri. is the chairman of the Stephens Board of Curators. Mr. J. D. Elliff, vice-president of the Board. is a Professor Emeritus at tl1e University of Missouri. Mr. Frank W. Dearing handles the various duties of the secretary of the Board. Other members of the Board include: Mr. W. M. Fitch. attorney at law: Mr. J. P. Hetzler, retired merchant: Mr. G. W. Humphrey, attorney at law: Nlrs. E. S. Pillsbury of St. Louis: Mr. R. L. Smith, master farmer: Mr. G. Ellsworth Huggins, manu- facturer: Mr. James R. Angell, public service counselor of N. B. C.: Mrs. H. A. Brinkman of Hinsdale, Illinois: Mr. John A. Robinson, banker, Dr. Alvin C. Eurich, vice-president of Leland Stanford Uni- versity: Mr. Ben D. Wood, director of Bureau of Collegiate Educational Research at Columbia Uni- versity: Mr. Robert L. Sutherland, director of the Hogg Foundation in Austin, Texas: Mrs. Hortense Odlum. president of the Bonwit Teller, Incorporated, Miss Prudence Cutright, assistant superintendent of schools at Minneapolis, Minnesota: and Dr. J. L. Morrill, newest member of the Board, who this year was appointed to the presidency of the University of Minnesota. I gfllhl- t . I Z ei 7 fl Mn. HUGH STEPHENS Chairman of lhe Board Page I2 Page I3 Business De pertment MR. FRANK W. DEARING Com plroller Behind the Scenes of campus life throughout tl1e year, there is a business staff working constanllx Hugegledgers have to be kept. The dining rooms must run smoothly so that every "Susie" can hax e her meals On time. The routines of the student bank and book Store take endless time. The business staff responsible for this Work includes: FRANK W. DEARING . THOMAS A. UTTERRAOK . ELMA G. BARTON . CAPITOLA M. ARNOLD . RUTH S. LANG . . IRENE STOOKEY . JEAN COLE . . BUSINESS OFFICE . . Complroller and Secrelary of Board of Curalors . . . Bursar and illanager of Sludenl Bank . Paymasler and Assislanl Bursar Seerelary lo Complroller . . Assislanl Bursar . Assislanf Bursar . Assistant Bursar in Charge of Slualenl Help STUDENT BANK VIRGINIA EDWARDS . ..... . Cashier SARA E. B. DEV ICTOR . . Bookkeeper MRS. MILEY D. DOWNS . . Teller DOROTHY RAPP . . . . Teller MARJORIE E. WARREN . . . Teller MARGARET M. SHEMWELL ...... . Bookkeeper COLLEGE BOOK STORE M. W. SPARKS ........ . . . .llanager MRS. E. W. MUSGRAVE ....... . Assislanl .llanager MRS. A. H. NEWNi.AN MRS. M. L. LIPSCOMB MRS. J. E. SULLIVAN MRS. O. M. EDWARDS MRS. W. YICTOR BICCRAY MRS. C. E. LESLIE MRS. GEORGE L. QUINN Director ol Research ftllif A significant letter came in the mails today from a Stephens mother. It says: "My husband and I are deeply grateful that our daughter who lived under Nazism for seven years can attend Stephens while such a tragic war is going on. She appreciates her privileges as an American in America. l hope that every Stephens woman comprehends to some extent, at least, the great blessings which she possesses." Our blessings are gifts from a long line of capable ancestors who worked with sincerity and intelli- genee to bequeath substantial treasures to their descendents. Their most notable gifts are not financialg they are the moral and social values and customs which together constitute the American way of life. Tln-se they gained through "blood, sweat, toil, and tears." tjifts by ancestral donors demand the intelligent responsibility of the recipient to maintain and improve them. She who accepts gifts without a commitment to improve them is a parasite who ac- eepts all and gives nothing. ll' Stephens women achieve the aspirations of their alma mater they will be known in their spheres ol' life as partieipants in all movements to maintain the heritage of the youth of America. They will wateh the etiieieney ol' democratic proeessesg they will cooperate with their neighbors in improving the methods by which American ideals are realized. They will forever remember that every individual is a person of worth who must be given a democratic opportunity to develop the best of which he is eapahle. he the amount great or small. They will voteg they will drive for better thingsg they will co- opfratl-Z and they will enjoy the life which they will help to build. Stephens women should be nobly r-liar-:lets-rizefl as those who give more than they have received. -W. W. CHARTEHS W. W. CHARTERS Page I4 Dietary Department Page I5 Miss Zoe: lliannls A well-trained dietary staff is responsible for the planning and preparation of the meals at Ste-pliens. In preparing the menus for each week, Miss Zoe Harris, head dietician, and her assistants attempt to have nutritionally balanced meals and to give the girls what they like. All of the numerous dining rooms on the campus have exactly the same menu each day. Although the food supply is very much restricted in variety and quantity because of War-time conditions, meals at Stephens are suited to the tastes and needs of the average student. One new experience which many girls encounter soon after their arrival in September is the experience of 'fdieting scientificallyl' at special tables in each dining hall under the supervision of the health department. K Administrative Qiiicers W. P. SHOFSTALL 'N'NlNn- i L At Stephens College students are important. This importance shows itself in many Ways: 1. In the way classes are conducted. Teachers know students as individuals. 2. In the extra-class facilities. Clinics of many kinds are available. The extra-class program allows for the participation of any interested student in a great variety of activities. 3. ln faculty-student relations-a friend-to-friend relationship rather than the relationship of the mighty and the weak. -1. ln the philosophy underlying the curriculum, which is built in terms of student needs. I n these four ways, Stephens-through actions as well as words--states its belief in the importance of the students, and back of this conviction is another even more significant assumption. This assump- tion is that the essence of a democracy is respect for the individual. Stephens College believes that respect for the individual student must be shown in the conduct of classes, the opportunities of the extra-class program, faculty-student attitudes, and the curriculum. If it is to prepare citizens for the df-morraey of tomorrow, this philosophy must be maintained. W. P. SHOFSTALL, Dean of Administration Page I6 Page 17 Administrative Qilicers B. LAMAR JOHNSON As each graduating Senior leaves Stephens she will take with her a number of tangibles gained during her years at college-a diploma, a Stephensophia, a group of favorite books. and perhaps pennants, photographs, a class ring, and other mementos. Much more important. however. than her tangible possessions are the intangibles which the graduate takes with her: attitudes. habits. knowl- edge, skills, interests, insights, traits of character. These unseen possessions are indeed the foundation upon which her life and happiness alld her contribution to society will be built. During the years that lie immediately ahead, leadership of the type that tl1e Stephens woman can give will be particularly needed in the horne, i11 the church. in the community-and in the nation as a whole. It is my hope that, as each graduating senior leaves the campus this spring. she will be conscious of those "intangible possessions" as the most important acquisitions of her college years. Such pos- sessions will constitute her major capital for useful living. B. LAMAR .lonxsox Dean Qf Inslrzzvfiolz li I -as l Public Relations Division MR. ROBERT BIRD X l. Keeping "the folks back home" informed aboutLStephens is the job handled by the Public Rela- tions department, now in its seventh year of service on campus. Its responsibilities vary from publi- cizing new courses, of which the aviation program, featured in a summer issue of Colliers' is an example, to campus projects, such as the radio conference in November. A special service of the division this year was supplying speakers to campus groups. Among these were well-known editors, newspaper and magazine writers. These guests were entertained by student committees who showed them a cross-section of Stephens life. ln the excitement of holidays and packing, girls often forget that it is through this department that the airplane, train, and bus reservations are made both at Christmas and Spring vacation time. The faculty too depends on its services in this respect. Under the direction of Mr. Robert Bird, this hard-working organization puts emphasis on the activities and accomplishments of individual students. Yews material and pictures of these activities are sent to the girls' home-town newspapers. Special credit goes to Mr. Townsend Godsey, the man behind the camera, who has produced numerous photographic illustrations for feature articles in newspapers and magazines and for t.he campus publications. Mr. Godsey, in addition to serving the Public Relations Division as photog- rapher, is director of the campus photo service. ?f Page I8 6 Extra-Class Division DR. MERLE PRUNTY The organizations of the Extra-Class division is administered through the Student Civic Associa- tion, of which every Stephens girl is automatically a member. Civic Association operates under a grant of power from President Wood. In this Way the Legislature of Civic Association is given execu- tive and legislative authority over the non-academic activities of the College. The activities of Civic Association are carried out by the following divisions: Student Activity Boardg Pan-Hellenic Councilg the Independentsg Board of Publications: Campus Service Board: Council of Class Officersg War-Peace Organizationg and Student Recreation Association. The affairs of this huge organization, therefore, become the concern and responsibility of all students on campus. Each year the Legislature makes rules to cover all campus problems in order that through a demo- cratic form of self-government, it may efficiently control all matters relating to individual conduct. This division of the college program provides a testing ground for Stephens girls to show initiative and leadership ability. By participating in the well-organized life on campus. the students profit greatly through the cooperative experience of group living. Dr. Merle Prunty, faculty director of this division, believes that extra-class activities should offer to students an educational experience that involves correct social behavior and cooperative living. It is his belief that all the girls should have some type of definite responsibility and learn to carry it creditably in order to prepare themselves for responsibilities in later life. I9 A.. Admissions ,Ol '-djllstq Mm RVEY SW ALTER Em lift An admissions counselor is often the first member of the Stephens "family" whom a prospective Stephens Susie meets. ln order that he may get to know each girl's personality and anticipate her needs at Stephens, an admissions counselor Cor "field manul visits each girl's home and confers infor- mally with her and her parents, and with faculty members at her high school. After her arrival on campus, each girl may count on her admissions counselor as a friend who will help her adjust to the new and sometimes bewildering experiences of college life. The field man is the "contact" between home and the college. He keeps in close touch with each girl's family and is always interested in her progress. Nlr. Harvey S. Walter has been director of the admissions staff for many years. Working in close eooperation witw President Wood, he has helped in developing many of the progressive features of Stephens life. liaeh counselor has a thorough background of college training and has had experience in dealing with educational problems. Tie staff now includes: William A. Baker, who covers Ohio and western Pennsylvania, George W. lialtzer. Tennessee, Kentucky, and southern Indiana, Wm. Justin Brown, northern Indiana and all of Illinois exeept the Chicago area, Walter L. Cooper, Kansas and Missouri, William David Carr, West Xirginia, X irginia, North Carolina, lVlaryland, Delaware, Eastern Pennsylvania and the District ol' tlolumbia, Xrdys J. Draper, Iowa, South Dakota, and Nebraska, Roy T. Gallemore, Mississippi, fit-orgia, Xlahama, South Carolina, part of Florida, the Hawaiian Islands and Alaska, Machin Gardner, Xtashington, Oregon, and California, .I Scott Hemry, Chicago area and western New York, Lowell llildf-brand, Wiseonsin, Nlinnesota, and North Dakota, .Iohn B. Kyd, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana: Lynn A. Phillips, eastern New York, New .Iersey, the New England, States and Canada, .lar-ol, ll. Trefz, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, lltah and Nevada, Rider Stockdale, southwest. Texas, Xrizona and New Nlexieo, lialph lf. Wible, lVliehigan, lVlrs. Vernon lVI. Williams, northeast Texas, ll. S. Walter, part of Florida, Cuba, and South America. Nlen from the admissions stall' now serving in the armed forces include Vernon lVl. Williams, Hit-hard P. l'oolf-5, and li. T. llarold. WILLIAM A. BAKER GEORGE W. BALTZER WILIJIAM J. BROWN DAVID CARR WALTER L. COOPER ARDYS J. DRAPER ROY T. GALLEMOBE J SCOTT HEMRY LOWELL HILDEBRAND JOHN B. KYD LYNN A. PHILLIPS RIDER STOCKDALE JACOB H. TBEFZ Page RALPH WIBLE MRS. VERNON WVILLIABIS ASU? publications DR. BOY IVAN JOHNSON , H? 'D Q ff x The Director of Publications at Stephens College is Dr. Roy Ivan Johnson, who is also associated with the program of educational research. The Office of Publications is charged with the responsibility for supervising and issuing four general types of publications: CD student publications such as the Stephens Standard. ll'z'Iln'n the Iry, Stephensophia, and Stephens Life, C25 official college publications which contain educational information of interest to prospective patrons and educators, such as the catalogue. special issues of the Stephens College Bulletin, and the Stephens College News Reporter: t3,1 occasional "special purpose" bulletins and announcements required by the administration for general faculty and student informationg C45 purely professional publications, including books, educa- tional monographs, and magazine articles. This last aspect of the publications program contemplates the release in the near future of books and monographs setting forth the background of Stephens' plan of general education and its development of such aspects of the program as the Research Depart- mr-nt, the Humanities Course. Training in Communications, Marriage Education, Clinical Techniques in lidncation, and Training for Citizenship. "The publications of a college," says Dr. Johnson, 'fare the face which it shows to the public. The importance of clear and accurate information, the importance of appearance and style of expres- sion cannot be overestimated. The quality of the college publications should reflect the quality of the institution." ,Xssistant to the Director of Publications is Mrs. Lillian H. Keene. Other members of the staff tw ho have assume-rl sponsorship or who lend assistance in the preparation of materials are Miss Minnie Nlay Johnson tSlephen.eopln'u1, Robert J. Sailstad CStephen.sophiaj, Russel H. Fowler CBoard of f,llflllf'8ilUllSj. Howard Baker tltithin the Iryj, Clarence W. Hach CStephens Lzzfeb, and Mrs. Mary ll. With-rnan tfllunmae ,Yell-sy. Also, assisting as co-editors of the Stephens College News Reporter, are Toimi Kyllonen, James H. linochs, and Sherman P. Lawton. Page 2 28 Libraries 1-y, no K' DEAN B. LAMAR .loH1vsoN To quote from the Stephens College Bulletin, "Education, if it is to represent permanent gains for the student, must move toward self-dependence in learning. To be able to command the services of books, to be efficient in securing needed information, to acquire delightful familiarity with books as purveyors of pleasure, to be able to turn intelligently to literature as a source of knowledge or inspira- tion is to be equipped with one of the important essentials of continued educational growth. Accord- ingly the library plan which is being developed at Stephens College reaches into every department of instruction and offers inviting opportunities both for class study and for leisure time reading." The Stephens system of placing the books "where they're needed" has greatly increased the number of books borrowed from the libraries. ln order that every Stephens girl can learn to appreciate the best the world has to offer in the fields of art, music, and literature, libraries have been provided in twenty-seven buildings on the campus. During the years from 1927 to 1932, each Stephens girl borrowed an average of 9.2T books per year from the Stephens general library. Witli the decentralized system. however. the average number of books borrowed by each girl per year is now 35.00-Ma definite increase. The personal library, which allows each student to borrow eight books to keep in her room all year, has helped to make recreational reading play an important part in the life of every Stephens girl. lQ6SIClZl'lCC C:OUl'lS2lOI'S Residence Counseling plays a large part in the program that gives individual attention to each and every Stephens "Susie." This and other counseling services on campus are coordinated under the direction of Dean Weldon P. Shofstall. Under the sponsorship of the residence counselors are the Senior Sister Organization, the House Council. the Leadership Training Program, and the Coordi- nating Board. There is a residence counselor. with several assistant counselors. in each of the twenty-four resi- dence halls on campus. The counselors selected have about the same qualifications as instructors in other departments of the College. Nluch of the counseling. especially in the larger halls, is done indirectly through the Senior Sisters, who work directly with the hall counselors. The governing body of each hall is its House Council, which is composed of the hall officers and the chairmen of hall committees. Guided by the hall coun- selor and her assistants. these groups work together in the interest of the girls in the hall. Every two weeks there is a meeting of residence counselors to discuss problems and formulate counseling policies. X ew ideas and suggestions for uniform policies are brought out by a Policy Com- mittee and voted upon by tl1e group. Speakers are often invited to talk on various topics related to hall counseling. This year a new handbook was compiled which describes the latest and best practices in hall counseling. Residence Counseling is designed to instruct Stephens students in the art of graceful living. Man- ners and bearing. health. and citizenship are the fundamentals upon which a successful life is formed. "Susie's" big problem. time-budgeting. is considered as well as the social activities and personality traits necessary to "round out" her college education. lYorking with the counselor in her hall, the student becomes capable of solving. for herself. the problems she will have to face in the World of tomorrow. XXUXL l -1 i 1 Ono u. Miss GRACE CURTIS Page Z4 ge 25 f Mrs. Grover lalks lo two of the girls A cozznselofs lea 4...-..1.....-..1... .11-1.1-. .l..l1--I .,...1..1-1-1- fp, J" Division of Home and lzamily Da. HENRY BOWMAN -"!"iTC.4,., Fife- ' pn , ",,"G2tf4f "Every girl should be prepared for what, in most cases, becomes her basic role in life," say the members of the Division of Home and Family. In order that Stephens girls may receive the best of such preparation, they are offered courses that are obvious and direct contributions to woman's place in the World. These courses are kept flexible a11d are adapted to contemporary problems and needs. There are specific courses in nutrition, pre-natal education, clothing and grooming, personal finance, consumer problems. and marriage education. They are directed toward the needs of girls who plan to be future wives, mothers, and homemakers. The importance of training girls for vocational work is also stressed. The Division of Home and Family supervises campus service agencies such as the personal appearance and personal finance clinics. It also supervises the campus nursery school, and co-operates with two community nursery schools. Stephens was one of the first colleges in the country to stress marriage education. Dr. Henry Bowman, Yale graduate, who is head of the Division, and his staff feel that marriage education is an important and essential factor in the education of young women. The department now offers a course in marriage education, taught by three full- time instructors. which has been extensively studied by educators from all parts of the country. Dr. Bflll'lllfIll holds rr conference A class in Fine and Applied Fashion Page 26 ,,,m,mv Division of Foreign Languages id MR. GEORGE SCHEBER War brings about changes in the way people think, and this year many Stephens students have thought about visiting Latin America and Europe after the war. To prepare these students to speak foreign languages, a special emphasis was put upon teaching the oral approach. The Steering Committee of the Foreign Language Department is headed by Mr. George Scherer of the German department. Assisting him are Mrs. Mary Lou Bilsborough of the French department and Mrs. Edith Kendrick of the Spanish department. The activities of the year were highlighted by informal coffee hours o11ce a week in each of the language departments. Students who were interested came, conversed, heard music, and sang in the language which they were studying. Miss Kathleen Nicholaysen organized a foreign language chorus in which seventy students participated. The purpose of this chorus was to train girls to sing in all three of the languages. Later in the year the girls Worked out folk dances and gave them in costume at the different club meetings. ge Z7 .,.-"""" ' Learning by seeing . and by lzezzring lgolucation Dn. L. M. FOLKERS Especially now, in time of war, health is of vital importance both to the individual and to the nation. The Health Division, under the leadership of Dr. L. M. Folkers, has taken new steps this year to promote the health of the Stephens College student body. Everything that may affect health, even "airsickness" sometimes suffered by beginning aviation students, has been taken into consideration in working out satisfactory steps for the promotion of health. Dr. F olkers, who has been in health work since 1935 in various colleges throughout the nation, stated that the organization had three main objectives for 1944 and 1945. They Were: QU the evalua- tion of the present health of Stephens students, C25 the maintenance of good health on the campus, and t31 the return of students to their communities with a better understanding of health problems in relation to themselves, their families, and their communities. These objectives are being attained through health conferences and physical examinations. They are also being gained by sympathetic understanding of students' problems combined with treatment based upon modern scientific medical practice, and by controlling the environment of students as it is related to personal and community health. Senior health conferences are another important addition to the promotion of health at Stephens. During the course of the year, Seniors will be given private conferences at which time their school health record will be evaluated and a special program for good health for the rest of their lives will be set up. Nlt is believed," said Dr. Folkers, "that these conferences will be of great help to homemakers in formulating their future plans as far as healthful living is concerned." Physical education is an important factor in maintaining good health. The physical education department, which is part of the Health Division, is in charge of Miss Wilma Haynes, who has directed physical education activities for many years, both in this country and abroad. The physical education department gives each student a well-rounded motor experience through individual and group sports and through the rhythmic activities of the dance. It is hoped the student may develop and maintain good organic functioning through the habit of regular exercise according to her individual needs. Another important objective of the department involves development and maintenance of good body mechanics Cposturej. Relaxation has always been an important phase of the entire physical education program. The department emphasizes relaxation in all sport and dance skills. and has been the sponsor of Siesta since it was first started by President Wood. As a result of the influence of these two agencies, Stephens women now go forth with health habits and recreational skills that will enable them better to cope with the problems presented by a World recovering from the blows of war. l-leolth and Physical NAI Page 28 A Strike? Page 29 l2'Ll'lfI.Hllfl Xlflfllflll Rc'1a.rafz'0n . Social Studies "The goal of the Social Studies Division," according to Dr. John A. Decker, head of the division, "is to prepare the young women enrolled in our classes to assume their responsibilities as intelligent citizens and progressive civic leaders in their home communities. The members of this division feel that college- trained women are in a position to exert a determining influence in national and community life. For this reason, it is the ambi- tion of the staff to make Stephens students aware of America's major civic problems, to teach them how to study these problems critically, and to develop each studentfs desire to work construc- tively toward their solution. This year, in all courses offered in the division, special attention has been given to the changes in American life resulting from the war and the new problems which will arise in the post-war worldf' The basic course offered by the division is Social Problems, which attempts to introduce the student to the major civic problems of contemporary American life. The division also offers DR- JOHN A- DECKER courses in history, economics, sociology, government, and international relations. Last spring a new course in Com- munity Leadership was inaugurated. It challenges campus leaders with the possibilities of civic leadership in their liunie communities after graduation. Columbia is used as a laboratory, and students enrolled in this division have a chance to visit local institutions and interview local civic leaders. Among the clubs sponsored by the Social Science Division are the Stephens League, which sponsored the mock political campaign last October, and the Foreign Relations Club. xxliosf- major project was the international relations lecture series. Ur. ,Vlelom looks irileresled . . . Dr. Decker looks .surprised Page 30 Division of Humanities Page 31 in 1. 5? L me Miss LOUISE DUDLEY Heading the Humanities Division which brings all the arts "down to earth" and "up to date." is a faculty committee whose members represent the five basic fields of study offered in the division. Miss Louise Dudley, chairman of the committee, is specifically concerned with the Introduction of Literature classes. This particular course is necessary for an evaluation and comprehension of all the arts. Representing the literature department is Mrs. Zay Rusk Sullens who, with the other instructors in the course, helps the individual student discover a source of recreation and inspiration in literature. The aim of this department is to encourage students to form the habit of reading good literature. The field of drama has, as its committee delegate, Mr. Cameron King. This section includes not only instruction in acting, but also lessons in the intricate backstage work that is necessary before a production can be put behind the footlights. This year the beginning acting classes produced forty one-act plays on the Lodge stage. Four major productions were given in the auditorium by the ad- vanced classes. The scenery and lighting were conceived a11d executed by the students in the Scene Shop. Through this type of course, the department develops a further awareness of drama and the technical proficiency necessary for vocational work in the theater. "Music for pleasure and music for a vocation" is the slogan of classes offered by the music depart- ment, represented on the Humanities committee by Mr. Basil D. Gauntlett. The Conservatory. the college music center, contains both classrooms where the theory of music is taught and rooms where the students may practice. In the new music building on Broadway. a listening room and a library equipped with literature about music has been established this year. Orchestra. Student Trio. Band. Glee Club, Sunrise Choir, Choristers, Dance Band, Music Service Guild. and Burrall Choir are a few of the musical groups sponsored by this department. The art department, headed by Mr. Russell Green. studied better city planning in this year's photography, painting, and industrial design classes. The picturesque Art Center houses the class- rooms where the art courses are taught. A new addition to the department is an art gallery where various paintings of national and international interest are displayed. The Division of Humanities, consisting of the art, music. literature. and drama departments. is a coordinated group which helps at Stephens to keep culture alive in a world at war. 2 is GIIPSS wha! ITS going to be? Miss Ruth Dean Mr. Swan rnalzes a suggeslion, Page' 32 ag., .gf " .. Page 33 Tense Moment in S'Thunder Rock Hlvory Door" cast makes up They work hard bu! never hi! lhe slage . . Nm Communications Realizing the importance of reading, writing, speaking, and listening in each student's daily life, the Division of Connnunications. under the direction of Mr. Wesley A. Wiksell, has this year broad- ened its entire program. Many new courses have been added to it.s curriculum, and attractive new quarters have been acquired in Sampson Hall, including a writing laboratory which contains the llattie .lean Falk Memorial Library. At the beginning of the school year the Division, through a series of diagnostic tests, analyzes the eomnninication abilities of each student. Deficiencies in the use of any skill are corrected indi- vidually in the reading. writing, speaking, and listening classes and in the special clinics. Outstand- ing students are given a chance to do "honors" work. There are opportunities for such study being otfered in radio. realistic literature, semantics, propaganda study, oral interpretation, and story telling. Special courses in vocational journalism, for girls especially interested in writing for women's maga- zines. and business-aviation speech are also offered. A broad program of integration with other divisions is being developed and students are encour- aged to increase their skill in communications through work in other classes. This improvement is facilitated by the latest methods in the use of radio programs and motion pictures for classroom work. Following the example of Stephens, a number of other colleges have recently organized integrated courses in beginning English in which the communicational skills in reading, writing, and speaking are taught in a basic orientation course. T .fig E' Q -'27 ,,,,- WESLEY A. WIKSELL Page 34 'Hill' Remember reading tests? ' ' vc I . 1 7 4 b Q4' Z: ,F ' 1 Oh, oh! A faculty conference! Page 35 Is lhaf JI Y voice? fe gm. Division of Vocations lnder the Division of Yocations. which is headed by Dean Weldon P. Shofstall, are the Secre- tarial. Nlerchandising, Radio, and Aviation departments, and the Vocational Guidance Clinic. When a girl enters Stephens. she is given a series of aptitude tests which form a yardstick for measuring her ability and aptitude in several major fields of interest. The Vocational Guidance Clinic uses the results of these tests in assisting each girl to find goals for herself, and in helping her choose a vocation in which she can best use her talents. Besides the standard courses in shorthand, typewriting, and accounting, the secretarial depart- ment otiers courses in business organization, stenotypy, and the operation of business machines. The department cooperates with several business organizations in downtown Columbia, and thus makes it possible for secretarial students to gain practical experience in office work. N The merchandising department first seeks to help its students determine whether or not they are definitely interested in the field. For those students who find that their interest is real and lasting and who meet qualifications for the work, opportunities for merchandising experience are provided in the Stephens College Store and other stores in Columbia. KTX. the campus radio station, is operated entirely by students majoring in radio. It offers initial training and experience similar to that which they would get at a small local station and prepares them to continue work in the radio field after graduation from Stephens. The aviation department at first restricted its training to preparation for work in airline offices. Xow it includes ground school training, drafting for use in aviation manufacturing plants, and actual flight training in the college-owned planes. The fact that the program is sponsored by an advisory board composed of executives of the major airlines is proof that the department's courses are designed to be of real value to the girls after college. Y Ziyi WELDON P. SHOFSTALL Page 36 E N Q ' 1 , f Z 'ff "1 ' A , l 1 kg , Mr. Newland explains it A7'lllll0ll porlrail 5 U Page 37 i ., i A Q Ki 1 c M Q if X Q V.-5: vga: Q Q X Xxx Q Q N -XXX A 5 Sound ejfecls, please A1'iafrz'r io Zoologisi . . . l'0C'flll.0l1C1lglI1.l'lflI1CP les! Jflr. Boyer is corzsalled Think Bz1.g?"lI .eprozzf uings? 'mx fa' Division of Science Important work and hard work, combined with practical experience, make the Science Division indispensable to Stephens' program for turning out women as better citizens. A look into the future shows that these trained citizens will be badly needed in new industrial fields that are likely to develop as a result of recent discoveries in science. This division, headed by Dr. Carl N. Rexroad, takes in seven departments: psychology, geology, biology, zoology, bot- any, chemistry, and mathematics. By applying the specific S'human" interests of women to scientific fields, these courses are directed toward tl1e goals of mental health and scientific orien- tation. The purpose of the division has been expressed as "the ad- ministration of a unified plan to present materials directly or indirectly bearing on the student's everyday problems in such a way that she will be able to look forward and adapt them to her - after-college experiences." DR. CARL N. REXROAD "Fox hunts" and all-day field trips are taking the place of pre-war science trips i11to various parts of Missouri and adjoining states. An attempt was made to bring the classroom and nature together. The honor of serving the community in an effort to gain personal experience has been won by some fifteen girls, who work as laboratory and clerical assistants at the State Cancer Hospital. Although the number of girls who may participate is limited, it is an unusual opportunity for getting an externship and part-time hospital experience during their period of training. Students have also been found useful in meteorology work both at the Columbia airport and downtown. The Science Division has always been one of the outstanding divisions at Stephens. The war has made many new demands on it. but its job is being well done. n i i Aiiiilnl. A A Sciencejeld trip--Dr. Van Dezventer explains Ewperimefli Page 38 Page 39 Religien and Philosophy Keyed to the needs of the students at Stephens College is the Division of Religion and Philosophy, directed by Mr. Paul Weaver. The philosophy of the division has always been to anticipate the needs of students and to help them to prepare for the crises of post-college years. This year, with a larger campus and the added problems of war and impending peace, there had to be unity and integration in a program that was to meet adequately the religious needs of the stu- dents. To help achieve this unity, the plan of having Burrall attendance run through eight consecu- tive Sundays rather than on alternate Sundays has been put into practice. Another new idea is that of having Senior and Junior committees that work to keep the Burrall staff informed about student problems. The Burrall Choir and Burrall Symphony Orchestra are integral parts of the program as are the weekly Vesper programs. The '6Sundays at 7:22,' discussion groups and the Sunrise Service help round out the program. This program is campus-wide in its scope and gives every activity a truer purpose and a finer meaning. Mn. PAUL XVEAVER Mr. Berry in class 5 an "" I i, K 5 Q . 3 kb S x- if I Q x E ,NN .lhxgjv N gf K 4' X--I, +9 Q . , Q 2 ' i Term pffpers. no rlonblf Keep 'ern flying, Mr. Newland! Hzflflflff llilflfnff ffflppenf' Mr. Boyer, is this okay? Sorghum in lhe rawf Mr. Downs cheeks advertising layout Page 40 ""'ln-1 'L 'E "ff L .- , Mijn, 'f W 'am-,' ... "UW M in ia M 'v I ! Page 41 Up and over! TOl1l'1?t'.' Fore! The zfverslczgws Players in acfion Phanlasy 'ur Retrospect ol the Senior Year CAROLYN MALONE lht You who have lived at Stephens, and with Stephens, for the past year know its spirit well. You need not read here a description of the campus or the Stephens way of life. The map of Stephens campus that you first saw in Within the I vy has become to you a real com- munity. Names of buildings are now associated with classes you had and with new knowledge, appre- ciation, and skill acquired there. Your teachers, you have discovered, are real friends. Now they are men and women in whose wealth of knowledge you want to share, and in whose lives you see pat- terns to follow in your own. Pictures of dormitories have transferred themselves into pictures in your mind-pictures of people, parties, bull sessions, an endless kaleidoscope of living with friends. The names you read on pages of this "Sophie" have become living people-people with whom you've shared experiences that will stay alive for you when your college career is long past. I t is probably hard for you to believe now that yours is no longer the new class on campus. It is hard to believe that you have suddenly become the person to whom others, new and uninitiated in the ways of Stephens, will look for help and guidance. You are shy though proud, as we were, to take this new status and responsibility. But you will discover more and more as the year moves along that you now have opportunities that you could never have before. You now have the opportunity to make yourself a living example of what Stephens wants to teach. You can show the way to those who seek it--the way to a constructive, satisfying life at Stephens, and the way to a joyously complete life in the- years to follow. New-r forget your new opportunity. As you help those who live here with you, so will they help you. They will add their contributions to the treasure of ideas, talents, and accomplishments that huilrl Stephens. Thus they will help to build a world in which the spark of friendly Stephens living is kindled into a fire that will brighten the lives of all within its reach. You are a part of the Stephens way of life, and its strength and beauty are for always a part of you. Let Stephens give you everything it will-and give Stephens all you can. Page 42 Page 43 Apprentices Girls who wish to return to Stephens after graduation for further study may enter as Xpprv-nlifrv-A. Special training is given these girls, in order to prepare them more oornpletely for professional work. Most of these girls hold semi-faculty positions, with regular hours for olliefe or instructional work. Apprentices may use their own discretion as to "light rules" and number of permissions. Eight girls were Apprentices this year These girls and their fields of s ccialilatifr wr f l' . . . , , . .p::' In '-rf: ,ar- bara Harris, music, Janet Lovelace, radio, Elizabeth Wilson, Aviation, Marilyn Link, Aviation, Jeanne Sonricker, Aviation, Kay King, Music, Alice Riddick Nursery School. Barbara Harris and Janet L group respectively. , Pre-medicine, and Nlaxine Lirrhtenstein, ovelace served as president and vice-president of the SK X X i fuk Adm W Q 1 fs New davis.. 'mv' 1:9 QLNQP. . Btwn Q XA as 5 V A HARRIS, BARBARA LINK. 31.-XRILYN SONRICKER, Lou JEANNE RIDDICK, ALICE B. TOBIX. PATRICIA Wmsox. ELIZABETH XXX kfN 1. yr lik 'QQ I I XI . -Y x I. A 3 QQ N 13 f ,. ' wiizkvl QOH!! 'Q W AW' 71W 1 MUHIEL JEANNE ABBOTT ELAINE MAE ACXERSON FAY ACUFF JEAN D. ADAMS JOAN ELAINE ADAMS NANCY LENVIS ADAMS JO CLAIRE ADAMSON MARGARET ANNE ADLER MARTHA JEANNE ALBERTS DELORES ELEANOR ALBRIGHT SARAH ADAMS ALDRIDGE CYNTHIA CHASE ALEXANDER FRANCES ROBERTS ALEXANDER GEORGIA LEE ALEXANDER MARY KATHRYN ALLEN MARY LYNN ALLEN DOLORES ALLMAND BETTY BAY ANDERSON BONNIE MAE ANDERSON ELLEN MAY ANDERSON .IEANNE ANDERSON MARY FLORENCE ANDERSON VIOLETA ANDRADE IAUTH ANDREWS Page 44 -if - I JOAN CURTIS AIl!VlS'l'RONG DOROTHY MAlllI'I ARP JOAN ROREX ARTHUR JANICE ALAIIXE ASCIIEIIMAN ELIZABETH ANN ATHENS BEBNICE D. AUGUSTINE EVE AUSTIN HELEN AYCOCK FREDRICKA BAKER LOUANNE BALLWEG PEGGY ALICE BARFIELD BETTE JEAN BARNES PHYLLIS BARR HELENE DEAN BARTH CATHERINE LOUISE BAUMHAUER BETTY JANE BAYER MARY' JANE BEAGHIIER MARGARET BEALI. SARA ANN BEATTIE ELIZABETH PATRICIA BEAVER LOIS NATALIE BECHSTEIN EUGENIA ANN BED.-KRD JEAN PONVELL BEEBE MARY BEVERLY BEESON Page 45 w f H-"9Bm'vis 'NX X . x U ,AAR .J xxw yan. XXN MXN can 5 133 '75 419' ' :Q RXN J i U 47 ff? vw "M uv' Fm ' 991A 'SIM' .J I . Q53 I -e--- WD' , f J '1!"'1 xxx ' I 1 , is I. I' Q I X l R 3 C 9 QS X F is Wx xx X R A ,Si X ,Q I ,X XI 40' ,f""sf, BETTY JEAN BELL K.ATHRYN ANN BELL MARY ELLON BELL MILDRED M. BENJEGERDES MONA BERNICE BENSEL ELIZABETH HANNAH BENSON PATRICIA ANN BERGLUND ELIZABETH ANN BERGMAN RUTH A. BERRY FRANCES JOYCE BEYSTER SARAH EMILY BICKLER ELIZABETH BIERSBORN MARION LEE BIXBY RUTH MAE BIXLER BARBARA ANN BLACK BONNIE JEAN BLACK MARY BURNETT BLACK JACQUELYN ANNE BLACKMOND BETTY CATHERINE BLAIR SYDNEE BLAKE GLORIA JEAN BLANKE BARBARA BI.EIwEIss SHIRLEY JANE Buss EMILIE ANN BOHNHORST Page 46 BARBARA LEE BOLAN PEARI. ELINOIK BOOTII NIARJOIKIE BO'I"l'lCNFIELll NANCY BOUGHTEI! JEAN MCCULLOCH BOYLE DORIS M.ARIE BRAMMER MARY ANN BRANDON DOROTHY JEAN BRANTING JUDITH CLAIRE BRIER JOAN KATHHYN BROADRRIDGE ANN BOYD BROSIUS BETTY M. BROWN ELIZABETH BRUCE BROWN JANE CUSHING BROWN MARILYN LEE BROWN MARGARET Lois BROWN MARTHA MERCEDES BROWN BARBARA JEAN BRONVNE MARTHA ANN BRUMBLY DEE BRYAN MADELINE JANE BUCHFINCK EDITH LORRAINE BUCK MARY ELIZABI-:TH BUCKIJEY MARTHA MARIE BUDDE Page 47 DOROTHY JEANETTE BUEHIKLE BARBARA ANNE BUERGER JEAN LOUELLA BUMGARDNER V ELINOR BURKE MARY LOUISE BUBKS MAE KATIiRYN BURNS JOYCE KATHLEEN BURRINCTON VIRGINIA MARIE BURRIS .JANICE BUTLER GARNETTE ELIZABETH BYRON J UDITH CADY CATHERINE ANN CALLAWAY ALICE CAROLYN CAMP BARBARA JEAN CAMPBELL PATRICIA CAMPBELL JOAN CAPPS BETTIE LOU CARPENTER ELEANOR BROWN CARTER SHIRLEY LOUISE CHAMBERS HOPE CHANDLER .JOYCE CHANDLER JO ANN CHASE JEAN MACPHERSON CHEW FLORENCE DOROTHY CI-IUDIK Page 48 MAIKY JANE Cmuu:ulLL MARGARET CATHERINII: CLANIIY ANNA ROSE CLARK MAIKY VIRIZINIA CLARY ELEANOR ANGEIIL CLAYTON CAROLYN CLINE JOAN CODNER JEANNE FRANCES COFFEY NADIA ALICE COHEN BETTY J O COLLIE MARY TASCHETTA COLLINS PATRICIA LANDER COLWELL PATRICIA CONINE PATRICIA HARRELL CONNOB JOAN DUNN CONZELMAN AMBER GAYLE COOK MARIAN LU COOK AMELIETTA COOPER MARY JEAN CORBITT MARY ELEANOR COSSMAN CLAIRE COURI SARAH FRANCES CORLES EVELYN' JOYCE Cox JENNIE ERLE COX Page 49 VN 1 XXX ' 5 JU' -1. Q fi-'J M fs 4:5 .AA yn R nf 1-dl II .QA 3159? 1.5597 PATRICIA COYNE FRANCES EUGENIA CRANDALL BARBARA MURPHY CRANE BARBARA JEANNETTE CRAPO J ASMINE LAURA CRAWFORD PATRICIA AURELIA CRAVVFORD ANNE FOSTER CRENSHAW ALICE CRIPPIN JEANNETTE MARIE CROSIER MARY MARSHALL CROW ALICE FRANCES CUDDEBACK LILLIAN WINIFRED CULP ELEANOR VIRGINIA CURRIE BUBYE ELIZABETH DANCE ELIZABETH G. DANNEHOWER JUNE DARNALL CAROL ELIZABETH DAU SYLVIA RUTH DAVIS I.OIS ELIZABETH DAWSON BARBARA DAY DOROTHY MAE DAY CAROLINE DEBOLT SALLY DEE JAYNE DEEDS Page 50 RACHEL DENI-:I-:N HOBERTA DEVELRISS MARY KATIIARINE DISWITT LORENE DIBELLO BARBARA LYNN DICKEY JOYCE DILLINDER FRANCES DIMMOCK LORANDA DINHAM HELEN CHAMBERS DODDS MARY STEPHANIE DOHERTY MARGARET ELIZABETH DOHR ELIZABETH ANN DONDINEAU DOROTHY DOUCETTE CHARLOTTE ANN DOWNARD BARBARA EDITH DOWNS N.ANCY BEVERLY DOWNS SHIRLEY MAE DRAKE FRANCES JOHNS DRENNEN RUTH HELENE DRYER MARGARET LOIS DUBOSE SYBIL ANN DUFFY PATRICIA DUGGAN VIRGINIA DULING DOLLY DUNB.AR Page 51 Q? 5? svn N hd uv vw, 'K lik PFA fi? -fr 1 ,W Q 4 ,Ii iw, qv S R5 NX S QA A N RX X A J 'Q I .1 KXN XJN KXN NJN K -:r fa if 'R'- A Xu I Q 01' '1 -7' 1 I? Q 9, i 145- at Q .aus Us E. JANE DUNCAN GERALDINE LOUISE DUNCAN CAROLINE DUNN MARCIE JEANNE EATON SHIRLEY JANET EATON MARJORIE EBLING BETTY ANNE EDSON MARIETTE EINEN FRANCES EIRING MARTHA DOTSON ELLIOTT BARBARA EMBLETON NANCY EMERY EDNA ENGLANDER ELIZABETH EPSTEIN DOROTHEA ESCHEBICH ELEANOR ELIZABETH EVANS LETITIA JEAN EVANS HELEN ELIZABETH EWING BETTY EZELL MARGARET LOUISE FAAST ANNAMAE FANTLE SONIA FARB MABIIIYN FARHAR JUNE MARIE FARRINGTON Page 52 BONNIE ANN FI-:LIIMAN VIRGINIA LOUISE FELIIMANN MARIANNE FENN NANCY SEVILLA FEUIINER DORIS JEAN FIELDS EVALINE ANNE FISHER GLORIA JEANNE FISHER HELEN GLORIA FISHER MARTHA FISHER PATRICIA JEAN FLANIGAN CLARA LOUISE FORD NANCY ANN FORMHALS SYBIL ANN FOSTER JOANN DAVIS FRAKES MARION JEANNE FRANCIS PHYLLIS FRANKLAND INEZ MARIE FRASER VIRGINI.A LEE FRAZIER EVALYN LOUISE FREEMAN MARTHA FRENCH MARY' LOU FRENCH SARAH JEAN NE FRESHMAN DOROTHY NJ.-UUE FROST JANET ALYS FULKER Page 53 ,rs Ili? utfv 4 A.: A r X . V.. wp I 'VW yy, X1 Q - me, Km AH 9 . n,4 T' - - X Ea IAS u ' A If 'K AR Agw- iigx Y AA- x 1 3 wx M XXX kfN xwjhk YW , cup ' " , '. I 47725, fly 3 'WX' f 'W Q , gf!! , ,. - ?g' , A2 " '75, A-114 , ,W , ,W w'i4'f 0, 2 BETTY LAVON FULLER NANCY' PATTISONAFYFE DORIS RUTH GAINES BARBARA JOY GARLAND SHIRLEY ANN GARLAND EILEEN CONSTANCE GARNER ELDIERE J OSEPHINE GABVEY YVONNE GARWOOD MARION DEAN GAULDIN LOIs MAE GEBERT ELIZABETH GETZ BOBIE JEAN GIBBINS E. JOAN GIESE NORA GILL SARA EARL GILLILAND J ACQUELING JUNE GILMORE NANCY VIRGINIA GLEICHMANN MARJORIE MAY GLESSNER JANET ISABEL GLITHERO ANNA BELLE GOCHENOUR ANN COLLEEN GODFREY MARILYN GOELITZ SUSANNE LUCILLE GOERNER JANET LEE GOETHALS Page 54 BETTY GOETZ PHYLLIS JEANNE GOLDMAN .JEAN GOCJIJSITT' VIRGINIA GORDINIER CATHERINE GORDON JULIE JEANNE GRAHAM PATRICIA FRANCES GRAMBLING J ANICE GREAVES BETTY RUTH GREEN EDITH E. GREEN JANE WRITTEN GREEK CATHERINE B. GREGG ELIZABETH GREVE GRETCHEN MAE GRIFFIN CAROL CRAIGIE GRIFFITH J O ANNE GRISSO BETH LORRAINE GROVES DARLENE DANITA GUBNEY PHYLLIS ELAINE GURWITZ LOIS LOUISE HAAS MARX' WILNIARTH HAGGERTY JUDITH LOUISE HAIGI,ER ANN CHRISTINE HALEH' BILLIE SUE HALL 1 Page 55 55,9 l M' 'Wil 5 1 'QN- IW! 4 I ' ' I-I f hw' V 4 fo. C 3 If I .lf-, 4 Q is. I 39 ,hz 8 Y Y' I . -1' -91 1? SSRN 1 Nm S ,,.guun- :S XMB .I 1 3 R3 sa 47? Cl' -v 'D RIN k.!N kfN XXX I X i 'Jw' Q' x S XI X X 1, , qw- IIW ff, ,, ,ilk , ., , If I IX S ff - W. , F fm my- 'Q' 6'-W I 2 BARBARA LOUISE HAIII FRANCES HEARTT HAM ,IS ILTON IDA OPHELIA HAMILTON MARTHA PAGE HAMILT ON NANCY FRANCES HAMMOND NORMA JEAN HAND MARTHA JANE HANNAN MARGUERITE HANSON JANE BROOKS HARDIN ISABEL HARPER PEGGY HARRIMAN BEVERLY ANN HARRIS ELIZABETH ANNE HARRY KATHI,EEN HARRIS MARTHA OLIVIA HARRIS PHYLLIS HARRIS SUSAN IAITLAND HARRIS NATALIE HARRISON PHYLLIS HARRISON DEVENE H.ARROLD PATRICIA JANE HARROLD JANE STOREY HARWELI. ANNE HASTINGS CAROL ELAINE HAYNES S Page' 5 6 DOIKIGEN AIIIIRY IIAYTIGIK ELAINE CAIKOIIYN IIICCIIT MAROAIIET LOUISE IIELM MARGAIKIGT' LEE PIENDERSON MARIAN EDITII HENSON MARJORIE .JANE HERNANDEZ PATRICIA NANN HERNANDEZ SUZANNE HERSIIMAN BARBARA MARIE HETLAND ELIZABETH EVA HICKINBOTHABI SUZANNE CAROLINE HICKS PATRICIA ANN HILBUN M.ARY JANET HILL VIRGINIA HINTON BETTY ANNE HOBSON CLYDE JOHNSTON HODGKINS DOROTHY JEAN HOFGREN ERNESTINE HOFMEISTER ARIJYS ANN HOGI.E JEAN CAROL HOHENSEE IELIZABETH ANN HOLABIRD JANET .ANN IJOLDEBFIELD JOAN LYNNE IIOMANN IIELEN .I AYETTE PIONEY Page 57 WY 499' XX wxx' Xkss vi Q -4 , . 1 V if ' Z ' -'QESW , Z . z '92, ff I J i I ' Q 4' ,Ay IQ., 2, 'W 2 , :f '24 714- ,ff Cgfhwff had s " T1 I Y ,, b 9 x w X 9' 2 ' 'A- 'Q S ' . I ' , , XXX kfN LA 1 XXX 'U S uv Q? fig' I '55 f I -9 ' Bm, wnwwz YOLANDA A. HOTTINGER BETTY .JEANNE HOUK MARJORIE JEAN HOWAY PILENE LAFLEUR HOWELX. HELEN ELIZABETH HOWES ROGENE HUBBARD MARIIANNE HURIPHREY BARBARA JEAN HUNT MARGARET ANN HUNT MARGARET ANN HUNTER FLORENCE BARBARA HUNTER HELENA HURST BETHANY LOUISE HUSCIIPIIK PHYLLIS HUTSON MARJORIE ELIZABETH HYDE MARGERY I MBODEN ROSEMARY RUTH IRWIN MARY CURTIS IVY EUNICE JACK MARY ANNE JACKSON JACQUELINE JAMES B. BELL JEFFERS JOANNE JEFFREY LOUISE YOUNG JENKINS Pagr 58 R. NIAIKYLUU .JENKINS JANE JENNINGS PAMELIA V. .JENSEN LOIS MARIE JESSE JEANNE JIRDON BETTE JOHNSON ELEANOR JOHNSON K. FRANCES JOHNSON MARTHA ELEANOR JOHNSON SHIRLEY J EANNE JOHNSON SHIRLEY L. JOHNSON MARILYN BETH JOHNSTON MOXENE JONES PATRICIA LOUISE JORDAN BARBARA ANNE JOSEPH BOBEBTA J OSTEN MARTHA L. JOY KAROL ANN KAISER MARY ELIZABETH KAMENSKY FRANCINE KARKLIN LOUISE KAROW ROSENIARY KARB BARBARA KAVANAUGII HEI,EN LEETE KEEI-'ER Page 5 9 Y, ,, ..,. 3. ..,.. .......,.. ....... . ..., . . . .ML 1 'r'f""7 43? . 49 i 53" ul ,4--Q x A MXN if 57 XXX an Q C7 XXN XXX Q in Al all! B fi, UQ K ul an 49 1 1 'FY' 1 ,Ov 'gb 40" ?""1-I 3 '45 vi L ANNE KEII-'FER BARBARA NAN IQEMMERER NANCY MARIE KEOGH JANE LAVVRENCE KERBY BARBARA JEAN KERR DALE A. KERR GENIE KILCUP ELEANOR LOUISE KILGORE MURIEI. KILLINGSNVORTH JEAN CAROLYN KILPATRICK VIRGINIA ROSE KIBIBERLIN IQATHARINE KING LILLIAN KING ELIZABETH KIRKERIDE CAROL KIRKPATRICK JOY VIRGINIA KLECK EVELYN ESTHER KLEIN JANE KLEIN MARILYN KLOSTERNIAN MAIKGERH' ELIZABETH KNAPP BELVA .IO KNIGHT .IUANNPZ LOUISE KNOLI, JANE KOIILEIX MAHCZERY ANN LKONOLD Page 60 MAIXY WILLIS KOPECRY ISABEI. MCMEI-:RIN KOPMEY MAllG.Al!E1' LOUISE ROSTER MARILX'N KRAFT KATIIRYN JEANNE KRANIER JEAN CAROLYN KRIENER FLORENCE ELIZABETH KRO CAROL LITA KRONER JUNE FERN KROPP SUE KROPPACH IROSEMARY KRUEGER MARION XVILSON KUEELER HELEN LORBAINE KYSELA EVELYN JANE LACKEY SUZANNE LAFORCE JANE LOUISE LANCASTER JOCELYN ANNE LANDVOIGT N1-KNCY W. LANG ELAYNE J. LARSEN ELE ANOR MAE LARSEN LOIS LA SHELLE IONE LAUJERDALE COR.-K .JANE LAWRENCE JOYCE ELIZABFZTII LEETII Page 61 -nr. 'Q K Jia -'N XXX uf: ,N- XXN A ! F05 WE? " Y -sw S? ,nm xml' 1 OW lv ' M, ff, JUNE MARIE LEFTWICH MARILYN EMILY LEHMAN JOAN DALE LESAGE SUZANNE LEVY MARIE ELIZABETH LIGHT MARGARET JOYCE LIGON BERNICE E. LIND JOY LIND JANET LINDSAY DOROTHY ELIZABETH LINGLE EDYTHE ADELE LINK HELEN ELIZABETH LIPSETT MARY JEAN LITTLE VIRGINIA M. LITTMANN 0VA LEE LOCRE EUNICE E. LOEWE KATHERINE J O LOHMULLER VIRGINIA LOHRER DOROTHY MOSBY LOVE DORRIS JEANNE LOVE VIOLA LAVERNA LOVEJOY HARRIETTE EWING LUTZ MARGA'RET MARIE LYMAN BARBARA LYNDE Page 62 MEIIIKILYNN JOYCE MARRITO MAIKJOIKIIC MAIIMILIIAN ELSIE MAILMAN DOROTHY M. MHAJOIK CARYL MAKEEVER PATRICIA NEWSOM MAGENNIS CAROLYN MALONE PATRICIA ANN MANNING MARY MARGARET MARKEL MARGARET JANE MARKIN PAMELA MARSHALL GERALDINE MARSICANO ANN DAVES MARTIN CATHERINE ALICE MARTIN MEBEDITH MARTIN POLLY ANNE MARTIN PHYLLIS IRENE MATSEN GLORIA MATTHEWS BARBARA JEAN MATTSON BETTY LOU MAUCH MAZE DAVIS MAYHEW MARY MARGARET MCADOO JOANNE MGCARTHY EDNA JEAN MCCLAVE Page 63 Q97 IU5, ,,-MQ ,MM y W IX X 1, 'Z ,V f tx R x x 5 A NI X1 At' 'X . XI sg xg G X -Q '3 4 A ! ,gy Q X kfN XXX aff' . If QQ VIJBIXIE LOSSEN MCCLUNG SUSANNE MOCLURE PHYLLIS ANN MCCUE JANE WISTA MODANIEL MARY JANE MCKENZIE JOANNE MCKIM PATRICIA JEAN MCKINNEY MARY ADEI.AIDE MCLARTY DOROTHY ROY MCMURTRY KATHLEEN MAY MEACHAM ELEANOB C. MEAD MARGARET LOUISE MEE ANGELA M. MEISOH BARBARA ANN MERCHANT JOAN SHIRLEY MEBRICK ANN METCALFE IRENE V. MEYER MARJORIE RUTH MEYER MARCIA LU MEYERS MARJORIE CECELIA MIAzzA EDNA IRENE MILES ANNE PAMELA MII,LER MARILYN MIAE MILLER MARY LOUISE MIIILEB Pace 64 RITA lNEz MILLI-:R SYI,vIA IIIITII MlI.IIl'IIK DOROTHY LUCAS MINNIIIII FAY ALENE MITQTHEIII, MARTHA JANE MOBLEX' GRACE ELIZABETH MOHLER SUSANNE MOHLER PATRICIA MARIE MOLLRINO BETSY LOU MOORE MARJORIE MOORE MARTHA JANE MOORE LOIS K. MORIARTY COLLEEN JOAN MORRISON NOANIE BEE MORRISON MARY MOSELEY MARII.YN MOSSMAN LOUISE BEIATRICE MUDGE HERMA Roz MUHIIENBROCK JOANNE MULLER MARJORIE CLAIRE MULLINS PATRICIA MULLINS DKJROTHY JEAN MUNS JANIS JUNE MURPHY' M.AR.IORIE MAE MURRAY Page 65 Q We , U 45 f yf 1 . 3 6 M if , f 0 4 f , W A JL fg:"r IQ x NNW Xxx XXN XXX kfN MXN 4? : Q. . BWI ' I 3 X 49' um, ps- Ni A A A fi '73 45' W 10' -HM, if 1 . MA, MAXINE MUSSETTER HELEN MADELON MYERS MARY JANE NEAL RUTH MARY NEEDHAM BETTY GENE NEEL MARGARET A. NEEL BARBARA NELSON GLORIA NELSON MARJORIE SUE NELSON MARTHA MAE NEWELI. BETTY JANE NEWTON BEVERLY NICHOLS JANE HUNT NIEHAUS PATRICIA JANE NIELSEN PATRICIA MARY NIPPE PHYLLIS NITARDY SALLIE BOYD NODEN PHYLLIS JEAN NOE ELINOR CLARICE NOREN BERNADETTA NORMAN PATRICIA LEE NORMAN VIVIAN NOVACHEK HELEN l1OSEMARY O'DONNELI. TONY RUTH OELGOETZ Page 66 JEANNI3 IIELEN 0,NEll.L VIRGINIA OSBORN CAROL CLARK OSMAN HELEN SUSANNE OSWALT M.ARTHA ANNE OVERSHINER JEAN M. OWENS JEAN AUDREY PAGE LELAND FRANCES PAGE MARY TRIBLE PARRISII ALICE LUCILLE PARSONS MARY ANNE PASLEY RACHEL KATHERINE PATTILLO MARTHA ADILEEN PEED ELLEN BARBARA PEIRCE SARA ELIZABETH PENNEY DOROTHY ETHEL PERKINS NANCY LEE PERKINS LEE MARGARET PERRY NIANCY GORDON PERRY MARION MASON PETER BARBARA JEANNE PETERSEN MARGARET E. PFINGSTEN SARA ,ANN PFREMMER AUDREY'ERLEEN PHELAN Page 6 7 Z, 4 ff f M 34 fy 1 fr f 1 . wh V S 4.77 'N fi PY X A Wk W N Snr- X 2 Nw x X f L .V . on www 6 I I kfN MXN KXN G 9, .., E Rev 'WN 3 sw 4? 4 N YN VN Xi S 4 X V A N mm aw- N 'CY -5 I GERRY PHELPS MIGNON PHILLIPS BARBARA JANE PIELEMEIEIK BETTY FLANDERS PIERCE PATRICIA ELLEN PIERCE M.ARY VAN LIEII PIKE MARILYN ELEANOR PLANCK MARION M. POOL VIRGINIA ANNE POOLE ELAINE PRENTISS MARY PATRICIA PRESTON JOY BEATRICE PRIEHS VELMA ELAINE PROSSER IRENE PULLMAN BETTY ELWYN PURINTON JOSEPHINE ANN PYLE VIRGINIA ANN RAKES ALICE JANE RAMBO JANE HARRIET RANDALL LILLIAN CATHERINE RANKIN MARY GILL RAYBURN BETTY FRANCES HAYMER NORMA LEE REED RUTH ELIZA REED Page 68 SHIRLEY REED BETTY .IANE REESE NORMA HEGEZ JACQUELINE IESTHER REUI, FAITH ARCHER RIACH BETTY LEIGH RICE RUTH STERLING RICE ELAYNE LEELA RICHARDSON MARYLLIS ANN RIEGER NANCY PATRICIA RILEY MARGARET ANN RITTENHOUSE MARY ANN RITTER MARY EDITH ROBERTS PATRICIA ANN ROBERTS SALLY ROBERTSON ANN EIIIZABETH ROBINSON BETTY SUE ROBINSON LERA JANET ROBLING CLEO JANE ROGERS DOROTHY VIOLA ROGERS ELIZABETH EVELYN ROGERS JAYNE AILEEN ROHAN RHODENE LOU ROHVVEDER VAI.ENE,MARIE RONAN Page 69 Af MIN ,av A5 ' ,W -Is 'S EA A X' E.-., 5 ' , ,S 'Rigid - I V ., L . vw Q4 MXN 7 is A iQ NJN Y V 'G 'Q N ' V gag-, 67 flldlh ,KW rm4M 42? 7' CAROLYN ALICE ROSS NANCY JANE IAOVVELL GUINEVERE ANNETTE ROYCE MARX' JANE RUGEL NORMA KATHLEEN RYAN ELEANOR MARIE RYDER AUDRY EBVILLA SAMS BEVERLY ANN SANDERS BILLIE PAIGE SANDERS DOLLY CLARKE SANDERS LOUISE MARIE SAUNDEHS JANE MARVIN SCATTERGOOD JANET ANN SCHAFFER LOIS CAROL SCHEAR NANCY MUNRO SCHERRER PATRICIA LOUISE SCHIMPFF MARCARET LOUISE SCHLESS IRENE FAE SCHMIDT PLUTH LORAYNE SCHMIDT BILLIE DEE SCHUEPBACH JANICE L. SCHUKEI DURETTE SCOTT JANE ll UTI1 SCOTT LUIS LEE SE LLE Page 70 MAIKTI-IA ANN SHANNON MAIKTIIA .JEAN SHANNON ELEANOR MABEL SHARP MATHIIIDE ELIZABETH SHAW PEGGY B. SHAW WANDA ELIZABETH SHAW PATRICIA JEAN SHEARER HELEN SHELDON NANCY LOU SHEPPARD AUDBEY MURIEL SHERMAN SARAH ANN SHEBRILL MARY WATSON SHERROD BLANCHE BLAKE SHORE BETTIE LOUISE SHORT SALLY LOU SHUTTLEWORTH ELEANOR RUTH SHUTTS RUTH LOUISE SIHLER LAVONNE SIMIAN BETTY ANN SIMON BONNIE JEAN SIMPSON HELEN FRANCES SIMPSON DOROTHY Pl0S.-ANNE SINGLETON PATRICIA SINOPOULO GLORIA JANE SITLER Page 7I 'Vw ff' 'W' 6 75 QT mg .- 19' 4' 1 I 4-s .Mrk , . 1 WWW? A gb I j L 'A ' A - A .1-,Q d"x xv, Y 1 'VK -x R- ...ff XXN kfN MXN XXN Q I Us i vf 'V' Q31 M 1 o A 'E -A lu '37 S W V 5 0 pr' ' ff! I ' ' ff ' 'P f ng f , I, , 'I , I If AS A is ' 4 I ,f ffffg Waf'7'f'urV"'f 5, f, ,Af-wg I 4, , ,, ROSALIE MARGARET SKIDMORE CHARLOTTE SLAUGHTER J ACQUELINE LOUISE SLUTSKY MARGARET JANE SLOOUMB ALISON HALE SMITH ALISON HILLIARD SMITH DARYL LOWRY SMITH ELIZABETH LUCAS SMITH PATRICIA LOUISE SMITH SARA JEAN SMITH DOROTHY JEAN SNAPP EMMA JEAN SNIVELY PATRICIA JEAN SNYDER PHYLLIS RUTH SPANGLER DORIS ANNETTE SPARKS NATALIE WOOD SPEER ALICE MARIE SPITZER HELEN GERTRUDE SPORRY ROSEMARY IONE SPROUT JEAN STAEGEMANN GLADYS BERTHA STEMBLER VIRGINIA BLAIR STEPHENSON ANN STEWART CATHERINE STEWART Page 72 CATIIERINII: DICYOUNG STEW LOLA STEWART MARIE STEWART MAIXY JULIA STEWART CAROL JANE STIEFEL PHOEBE E. STIEGELMEIER KATHERINE EATON STOEHR .AVIS DARLEENE STOREY NANCY ANNE STOVALL HELEN STRAUS PHYLLIS LORAINE STROBERG SUE FRENCH STROTHER PATRICIA JANE STURGES JOYCE SULLIVAN BETTY ANN SUTLIFF MARYJO SUVEBKRUP CAROLYN JOY SWAIN DOREEN MURIEL SWANSON DOROTHY JANE SWEET NIARY ERMYNE TAYLOR NANCY TEN BROECK NINA LUCILE THOMAS KATEI.AIRINE M. THOMPSON PHYLLIS ANN TIIONIPSON Paar 73 ANT 'Aw-A ,ZA MA. Wh -A-4 al!! A 1'--Q ff I .gli l rv! -Q i 'Q QNX SX gr 5, Ong- I XXX XXX vw 1 NXN Q 1 I 1277 .1-9' 5' , C7 .N N' E I Vai "4 ef? I , I '-fx, X ,f s . W-sei, 1 1- gif' Ksfmqr. I f .5 'ITS X 5. 41NA,, pg 1 , ,v.- l sv A 'fqkl - ' A" 6 45,-Lf A ,- 5,5 , A f Q. Y , , A X r 4 x 55 ,Q XTX ik K K , AYX R N X l DOROTHY LOUISE THORLEY LUCILE AMANDA THORN CLARA ELLA THORNBURG SYLVIA ANNE THORSEN DONNA MAE THYKESON ELIZABETH LESLIE 'TIBBETTS MARGARET SPROTT TILLMAN VIRGINIA TIMMONS EVELYN TINDEL PATRICIA B. TISCHER MARY LOUISE TODD J ACQUELINE L. TOMPKINS MARGARET HINTON TOUART CAROL JEAN TOWLE BETTY LLOYD TOWNSEND JOANNE LEE TREESE LOIS SHIRLEY TREVELLYAN LEE MARGARET TROBAUGH MARGARET LEONA TRUMBULL FLORENCE RANDOLPH TURNER MARILYN ANNE TURNER MARY JANE TYLER JOAN TRAVERS ULLIKICH JEAN LOUISE UNDERWOOD Page 74 PAULA AIIELE IJNGEIK REBECCA CLAIIE VAN ATTA ROSEMARY VAN GUNIJY PATRICIA JEANETTE VENTUIXA ARLEE VEBMILLION SHIRLEY ANN VERNER EUGENIA .JUNE VINCENT LEILA ALLEN VOIERS JEAN FREEMAN VON SCHRADER MARY CAROLINE WACHTEII PEGGY LOU WADE ANN WAONER GLORIA W.AI.KER JANE WALKER MARY JEANNE WALL ROSEMARY WALL ROSE MARY WALLACE MARY CATHERINE WALTERS EDITH ELIZABETH WARNER LISBETH ANN W.ABREN CLARA CHRISTINE VVATKINS ADFILAIDE ELIZABETH NVATSO JANE TENIPLE WATSON SARA M ARIQN VVATSON Page 75 N r'-7. 'Uv 4 , wi 4 W' R ,L W vp VJ, QL, Q? 1 5 3 , 5 -WW? I ,I dn- 3 'QQ 9 qs AJ K H V A ES Ai I . Y -Mb ,, X X , ,, XXX XXX kfN MIN N 1 if '90 ,4 ,l Q ASQ! 45 'Q' ami .JW6 J 'QW 4 WW V217 'U 2 eg 5 VIVIAN MAY WATSON PATRICIA WEATHERBEE RUTH NORA WEATHERBY RUTH MARIE WEBER OLIVE VIRGINIA WEISNER LINDA JANE WELLS HELEN MAR WEIILER WII,DENE WEST LOIS BARBARA WHEATLEY MARILH'N ALICE WIIEELEB PATRICIA ANN WHITE ROMONA LEA WHITE XVANDA YVONNE WHITE MARGARET JEAN WHITTENBURG JEAN ELISE WIEGANII CATHERINE JEAN WIGGINS ELLEN MERWIN WIGGINS ANNA MARY WILHELM CAROLYN WILLIAMS DOROTIIY ANN WILLIAMS HELEN PERSON WILLIAMS MARGAIXET HELEN WILLIAMS HELENA FLORENCE WILSON .JOYCE ELAINE WILSON Page 76 BERTA WIL'l'SEK CECILLE WINlJI'IlK SUSAN E. WINKLER LILLIAN JANE Wmuzx BEATRICE E. WISHABD PEGGY ANNE WITHEBINGTON BETTY ANN WITTE MARJGRIE WOLENS THELMA WOLFE EVELYN HARDING WOLFRAM POLLY ANN Woons BARBARA WGODWARD CHARLOTTE WRAGE CATHRYN WRIGHT SHIRLEY ANN WRIGHT RUTH J OAN XANDERS BETTY YARBROUGH ADDIE E. YELVERTON LUCY JANE YOUNG VIRGINIA YOUNKER Page 77 Q:-2 i R M, YK PD! 'GSM 1 A A -, ,I 1 A , .-.. , , G - T .Sr - K E QN X T ' Nix Q5 E if! NX For addifiorml seniors see' pvge 110 V 5 .W if XZN RIN A 475 ...A 4-5- x NN: UQ ,-4... 5 vw - ,F fi PN! 43 AJ A GI Jflfi 3 , ' t M Ak cr up sa- A-r 1 fb 'ml md' C? M 'Q 6. 52" " '7 hm W' Q 'ZW 'Q 5. JZ ,, C9 "es I ,,. X X X S I SSQYN I Q -NBR X I 'QS' F M-up , A " -,aw , N I K mn -,Me Ii M '-1 may - 4 . , f- , , ,ff f ' , Q 'W 16710 V, 7 Q 1 A ' W' ' f""' M' 2 f, 1 O 11 I 4 ,, +5 1 'Pb ,ff I if A f ' ff , f. f W 45" 5 ,I A.. Af 'QM' QM? TX: ' .Ax X I A X X A I . XA 9 A xx , ISL , ,S Q3 fx ASX NN . A,-9,3 ff 04" A se dr 'fi I 'Fig' 1 f , ,, Q4 I .away wig." ' -Q-9' I f ,v,.f, ,My W-X AF I x SN I W JULIUS FRANCES ABERNETHY VIRGINIA LEE ADAMS MARCELLA LOUISE ADEN ANN TALBOT ADRIANCE BETTE LOU ALBERT KATHRYN CECELIA ALCOTT SHIRLEY MAE ALFORD BARBARA JEAN ALLEN BEVERLEE JEAN ALLEN MARY F ARLEY ALSTON PATRICIA RUTH AMES .JEAN VALBIE ANDERSON MARJORIE LOUISE ANDREWS JOAN APPLEBY JANE MARGARET ARCHIBALD MARY KATHRYN ARCHIBALD CHERRY GRAY AUSTIN ELAINE AUSTIN MARY ELLEN BADGER BEVERLY STARKE BAILES PHYLLIS JEAN BAILEY JEAN MACDONALD BAIRD JEWEL BAKER MARTHA BALDWIN JOAN BALYEAT REVA JEAN BANNISTER JEAN BARBER NELL LUTEN BARD JOANA GERTRUDE BARKER VIRGINIA F. BARLOW .JANE BARNES BARBARA BARNETT Page 78 MARGARET JEAN BARNEY PHYLLIS JANE BARNHILL KAY BABNUM DORINE BARRETT MARY CAROLINE BARRETT DIANA BARROTT BETTE LOUISE BARTHOLOMEW CAROL BASSETT PATRICIA ANN BATES BETTY JEAN BAUMGARTNER CHARLOTTE ANNE BAUSERMAN LOIS HARRINGTON BAXTER MARJORIE RUTH BAXTER MARGARET ELIZABETH BAYER DOROTHY ELLEN BEALE BARBARA LOUISE BEARD MARTHA ELIZABETH BEARD MARGARET LOU BEAUCHAMP BARBARA GAGE BECKWITH JOSEPHINE G. BEELER DONNA JEANNE BELAT GERVAISE H. BELLING LOUISE BENDIXEN JO ANN BENWAY MARY ELIZIABETH BERGER BEVERLY JEAN BETTS FBEDERICKA BETTS SALLY M.ARIE BETTS MARGARET SUSAN BEUTELL SALLY H. BEVAN I , CARROLL BEVER fiVVP1N ANN BICE Page 79 1 . 'M Wx Q X 3 M Wfgfzil, lffti ou :f!f,311'wi4, 'J 1 1 1 f 41 , I in X7 Q91 ' W! f , 7 4 X ANR- ij , ,- A-2: 32.-E15 A- WN z A , vw, A A ESQ A X A A X X xx A N A S Y 3 x 'KKK AAR, X ARAB g A xi K, ,, , ui I X 1 A K vw S X - X XS X 5 , r I in ' f. "" . .. 22 4 'JN ,WF .. i 'i QQ fi' w..N I MQ.- i' QT 6? as T7 .. XXX 5 J w Q Tx LA p ! . xv L he G' A A-os, C? , N, N1 K ,fx VX 'X N A S QS A Wx A X C :ix NBR C-T? MS GV' I S.. JM S. Ki fx ,- v if f A .LA '3' A ' N52 'Z 'f'2f'I' :LQ ff ' ,f ., '44 f ,A '- A ,' V Nzfeff- , gi f 5 - 2 ,- xv- II. S2 344 is My Al ,yi .I .V 5 , V ., A 'X M an .ff l , 1. fx, 9 5 fy ' sr WW - 4-dy , -i I 'f M'f'C,l' N. ,f X 1 ' 2 fl, A,,w.,, M' ' A f I X ' A 1 ,nf-V? ' ' K9 ' J I if , 'wif X .' 'W yf::a.:12:J-f'w1.f".f. . A 1-I y' A' , -,Y ' , X. , 5 Y f QA M f ,4 Q' , f wb- v pw f .1 3 A, J f ff if 2 5, 'if ' 8 A , , 1 W X f W' J, PATRICIA ANNE BINGER SIIILEY Ti. BIRD I BEVERLY BISHOP JUNEANN BISHOP MIRIANI BLACK BETTY JANE BLAKE SHIRLEY ANN BLOCKI BARBARA LEE BLOEDORN BEVERLY JANE BOLTON PHYLLIS J. BOLTON VIRGINIA LOUISE BOMKE DORIS VIRGINIA BONNER GRACE IRIS BOOTHE BARBARA ANNE BOSCH BETTY LOUISE BOTT RUTH DANBY BOULTON ANN BOVIK EVELYN REESY BOWER SHIRLEY MARGARET BOWER LOUISE BOWSER DORIS BOWSKY DOROTHY BOWSKY BETTY A. BOYD MARY KATHEIXINE BRADLEY JOYCE E. BRATTON LOIS M. BRATTON BARBARA ANN BREW CONSTANCE AROA BREWER MARGARET BREWSTER DOIQOTHY ELINOR BRIEGS BEHNADENE BRIGGS JANE BRIGGS Page 80 MAIKY BRIGGS EVELYN L. ISRIGNULI. ANNA MAE BRITT PEGGY BROIIRICR PHYLLIS BHODY MARJOIKIE LINDELL BIXOMLEY NANCY LOU BROMSTEIJT VIRGINIA MAE BROOKE MARILYNE BROOKS MARY LELAND BROOKS MARGARET MORROW BBOWDER BARBARA ELIZABETH BROWN JANICE JOY BROWN MARION FAY BROWN MATIL BROWN ANNE ELIZABETH BROWNING LA VERNE RUTH BRUNNER ELIZABETH TITUS BRUSH SHIRLEY M. BUCK PEGGY ANNE BURDEN MARGARET BURKHART BARBARA ANN BURNETT PATRICIA GRACE BURNETT VIRGINIA C. BURR JEAN BURROUGHS RUTH GERALDINE BUSH BEVERLY ANN BUSSROHL JOYCE CAHOON SYLVIA CALDWELL PATRICIA CALHOUN TVIARY LOUISE CAMERON WINIFREIJ .IUANITA CAMPBELL Page 81 3 4-45 my X Ie X X 1 , av? Q ' Rx iv ' S A X SN X I Q 4'9" Y' 3.x-ww ll I r M' gs., I' f 'mf 'ww 5 I N .I+-wp A - Q 1 - - K A . A Q SIN? Q , AXA? 5 A A C3 x A . A . ' '- C X s . .f' KXN k 4. fd Qf 6 R: Tx 'CII' iw cfs-V X, X I .XX QI A 5, , I ' x 'N N X' X N I NN' N. '- RRR " N - ..1. : 5 x Y X 'Q' 5 if Y'-f 5 1 I N ae ' I A XA W ., ER A ' 5 ss W , " A A : ' 1' I- 56" EWG! C' fwd Q, 1- .- C7 C: ,1 'L ' ,V A ' - gl... Mm.. , , My lb- -W If .,, is -v. 4' '77 A-mx I PB A-A 1 I , f ' 1 f 0 ELEANOR GAYLE CARLSON ILA JANE CARLSTROM MARILYN L. CARLSTROM CLAYTIE CARNEY ELIZABETH VARNELL CARNEY DOROTHY ANNE CAROTHERS MAIKJORIE FANSLER CARPENTER OLIVIA ANN CARPENTER SUE POWELL CARR CAROLINE CARSELLE MARY JANE CARWARDINE BARBARA JEAN CASPERSEN CATHERINE JOAN CHAMBERS MARTHA EVELYN CHATFIELD BETTY LOU CHRISTENSEN CAROL CHRISTIAN GEORGIA DEL CLARK MARJORIE ANNE CLARK JEAN CLAUSEN KATHRYN JANE CLIFFE CONSTANCE ANNE CLIFFORD JO RENE COCHRAN PATRICIA ANN COGGAN CHRISTINE COLEMAN MAIXY JANE COLEMAN DOROTHE ANN COLGLAZIER DOROTHY COLLIER AUDREY JEANNE COLMAN LUCY JANE COMPTON JULIA FAYE CONN .JANE BRONSON CONRAD LIEDDYE JEAN COOK Page 82 MAIKY MARGARET COOK ILA MAl'1 COOPER PATRICIA COOPIGIK .I E A NETTE A N NE CORBET HELEN CORCORAN BARBARA ANNE CORKINS BLANCHE EUNICE BETTY JANE CORWIN MARY ELIZABETH COTTINGHAM VIRGINIA E. COURTICE ELLA BORDEN CRAIG FRANCES ANNE CRAIG DOROTHY ANNE CRANE ROSEMARY PHYLLIS CRANE J IMMIE FRANCES CRENSHAW PATRICIA ANN CROOKSHANK FRANCES WHITE CROWDER ANNE MARGARET CUNNINGHAM BETTY JAYNE CURRIER MARGARET CURTIS JEANNE HAMMOND CUTTER ROSEMARY DABNEY MARJOHY ANN DAIWIERON MARCIE LEE DANIEL CHARLOTTE JANE D,ARRAGH DOROTHY DARROW DOROTHY ANN DASHIELL LAURA LEA DAV'ANT ELIZABETH LOU DAVIS EMILY DAVIS HELEN ELIZABETH DAVIS IIELEN CLAIRE DAY Page 83 HM, If -dim 'ff' I Pri, 0. y ' X f., ,,, f .2 , Z' , ! 4 1 W , 1 .,GI ' 1 in , . .v.. - a . 1 5 QNQQ3 xg? f WM 'F y A A . , . - I I I- I x 2 ff Q Wk Q M X ,Y ws x A I 'G I A In A x -1 - A W .55fg'iigQ .Q . , X XS . 'Q A ,C :ASSE . . . ,-I ,gf wax, z4.:.:,M. wk 2 -. Hy, 3, nw ""'-57" s 5 ,P 1- J' h 913' ' A24-A ' 5 S-'bu wi I 'S 5.91- sb l? .41- A ". Q'x ,I r' I ,wa-5 X A X U- 9' . X x 15 Nb '13 45 KXN XXN C' P. 5,5 rv-S. F B- A bg S D 4-7 Zur -...Q A 'QR R Av .5 'G 43' r, 'A Nr' 1 1 1 3 , A MAA x .O .SN was N A xx'Xt X I NN 'nf A ,vw-. 6 wwf f A DORIS INEZ DEAL DONNA DEANE DONNA GAY DELLINGER CONSTANCE DEMING DONNA BAE DENKERS ANNETTE DETAR DOROTHY DETHERAGE PATRICIA DIBBLE PATRICIA .JEAN DIDDLE HELEN ANN DILLMAN CHARLOTTE LOUISE DILLS JANICE ANNETTE DIVEN CAROLYN MARIE DIXON JOAN CHARLOTTE DIXON DONDA DODSON JANE F. DOMANSKI MARY E. DONALDSON DOROTHY MARGARET DOUGLAS VERA DOUGLASS NANCY DOYLE ELIZABETH ANN DRAKE DORIS LORENE DRESSER HELEN MIDDLETON DUBOIS ELIZABETH ANN DUDLEY PEGGY JANE DUGAN MARY FRANCES DUNKELBERG GIETHEN JANE DUNKELBERGER BETTY DUNN MARY VIRGINIA DUNN DOROTHY .I EAN EADS MARY ELIZABETH EAGAN ROSEMERRY EASTLACK Page 84 MAIKY JANE ICRLINII JACQUELINIC ANN Enwfums EILEEN EI.lZABIf2'l'H ICIRIIRO SHIRLEY MORRISON 14111114 MARGERY L. IEIDEMILLEH IRIS EILERS DOROTHY PEARL ELAM MARTHA JANE ELLIOTT BETTY ANN ENGELHARD GERALDINE M. EPPING HARRIETT LUCILLE ERHART LINDA LEE ERMISCH MARY DAVIDSON ERWIN SALLE JUNE ETHERIDGE BARBARA COLEMAN ETZEL MARY ANN EVERSOLE ALMA FLORENCE EWING ROSE PATRICIA EXTON MARILYN ANN FADER BARBARA JOAN FAIRBANKS ELLEN HARRIETT FAIRLEY MARY LOU FAKE SALLY MARIE FALKNER MARIAN FALLOON ROSEMARY FARBER BEVERLY FARRINGTON ISABEL FAUROT MARGARET ANN FEGLEY DOROTHY JEAN FENN SHIRLEY FERNEDING LARRAINI-7 FAY FERRY ELEANOR FLEGAL Page 85 .iff -hgh -rg-Q, ,, ,,, 4, 412,-, If rx Q : 5 '. Q , 494 4 ' .gi QI ' N fi- 'J I. Agqji iw 'X jf I .TX B al A I B sg 1 1 .X W 'I R X X x X A XX N X N XX I R XX X I W N A N AAI X XX X A R XXX X . A I X E A M A R SQ L x A ,I A X A I A T -NNE, -QAQ 5 . Q, 'HUM fl I 53 1,31 I - -. M' . f 'N 1 4 !? 'Wx G v Kg ix . if I X X ? . Q A A x xx x ,I L 3 'X' - - . f I RI L X ek . L R -:Ibm L' O N. Rs L -A. ' .f my 1 '50 Q7 mv' QT fi al 49 ,lr 9 Uhr 'QT 13 E I Q 9x XXX MXN H"Xs W I 14 2 x X 'Q K 50 is , In-N J W Q- ' - Q- J 3 'CP' I 12 Y, 2 .7 ' I., I I X A X I , 30 Vi 5 Es" X, X A A4 52M . :,, - I M. Af . 'f ,fs 5 J A W , g,,,,,f 'G' f 5 , my: f I n 'wg' 4 ,M A 77 1 4, ,4 j f- .ef""'l,j?2 V Mi X'-"K CAROLYN RUTH FOLEY FLORA MAE FORD IJELEN JUNE FORESMAN ELLIE MILES FORT CHLOE FOSTER MARY' LOUISE FOSTER MARY PATRICIA FOWVLER D.-XPHNE ELAINE FRANCE NANCY RUTH FRANK BARBARA JEAN FRANKLIN PATRICIA JANE FRANKLIN CAROL FLORENCE FREDERICK MARILYN FREEMAN MARTH.A LEE FURR MARY LOUISA FURST ELVERA GADDIS VIRGINIA JANE CALL JULIA J. GALLINA MARY FRANCES GALPIN MARY HOOD GARDNER GLADYS GARLAND MARY LOU GARLAND DORTHE MAE GARRETT NANCY RUSSEI, GARRETT BEVERLY GASSLER CHARLOTTE VIRGINIA GATES PHOEBE JANE GAVAN GRETCHEN ISABELLE fiAYNOH MARGAIKET ANN GEBSEN VIRGINIA GENRICH JOANN GILI,ESPIE MINNIE LEE GILLESPIE Page' 86 ffAlLSUPPI'1S GII,LMOnIf: JI-:ANNE CAMILIIIC GILLUM ESTHICR JANE GILMOII MARY GIOVAN ALICE LEE GIST ELEANOR DANIEL GLASGOW JEAN ALECIA GLEED JANET MARIA GLISSON MARGARET GLOAR MARY ALICE GLOSSOP BETTY GLUSMAN SHIRLEY ANN GOOD PATRICIA LOU GOODRICH MARTHA JANE GORDON GLORIA GORTON BETH JOANN GOSSMAN DIANA GOULD BARBARA ANN GRACE ELIZABETH ANNE GRANAU GWEN GRANT JOANNE M.AXINE GRAVENGAARD ERIMA ADELE GRAVES ANNA JEAN GRAY PATRICIA ANN GREEN MILDRED MARY GREIS ADELAIDE ALICE GRIFFITH SHIRLEY ANNE GRIGG MARCUERITE GRINER JOAN GROUT FRANCES CAROLYN GRUPPE SHIRLEY IRENE CTUENTHER DOROTHY' ANN GUNKELMAN Page 87 -Ofy hr' A, .. ,fw 3 3-,.rXA.QA , 55 :1 1 ,,,.. 1 wr " 1 A A tw QV A N is V5 ff LY I Q' -. f :ffif-f ' 2i..:. i A A X X wx 5 A X A A A NISE f 1 I . A N, N S A Yr X x xxx? N AX R EM A-Q91 5:8 99' Y. ,sw 'W A N96 V' ' Q- X A X E I I 'Z ,,. 1 7 , , , -ww '. uf , I -C my ' ff I If f As.. A z '41 1 4 r f , K f f 11 1 J Saw ,.., r ik 'Weil' P .2 , 5 ,, Y ya, is 'QS S J N3 my 94 64' if Hg A 4 lv A .W A QQ , M A SRA.-Q www Qu 'IX NX , 9 V7 I I P' I an fi in Y s.. taxi. I , i 6 , .is e. Q, .A Eg Q is H I ' R ' I A I .L ' B' A 4 A I S ww! . ,AM ,es E 3 C, A b 1 . A 'ZA X SD I S e A I 'Q' ' J - 515 I I LfN XXX 40 -r-Q Y w I 7- ' Q L.. e ., h I3 h 74, hw 401 x 1 fb V? ,ag -'W "' 4 ..-9 W' 1 ., ii .Q 'mi V A I FQ' 5 Q. 1 'rf' 4 , 4 I2 .1 5, ffjw .qi mf 51, 5 Y fvwd' 9 ,Q 1 ff 9 .1 7 f f Y f f 2-4 f ffff 'M 0 ,H 2 In 7 f X f ,f IM! ,. Mx -yr. . . :S ' Aw I X A X KN VKX xx A XA N XX I X XR X S RX X EQ NG S Q, I I 2 MTN S S "TF 'S A A -A A Mws QA A X X ,QRS 3 xx SN' X Q 'S XE ,dawg X Rx? N A J A I X XX N Y X X Q ix we N X x wa +3 V ,'-'5 3. I . . my 'M' fy, , 7 f. f . , -1221" A 4, GW ANNE HINDS GURNEY ELIZABETH HAASE MARY JANE HACKWORTH VIRGINIA MAE HAGSTROM JEAN ANN HAIGHT REBECCA LILLIAN HAILE OLIVIA HAINES CONSTANCE RAY HALDERSON FRANCES LONA HALE GEORGIA NELLE HALE JANE HALL .JUNE G. HALVORSON BETTY JANE HAMMAN DOROTHY ELIZABETH HAMMOND MARY VIRGINIA HAMMOND VIRGINIA LEE HAMPTON J ANICE M. HANCOCK PATRICIA HANSEN BETTY JEAN HANSON MARJORIE LOUISE HANSON ANNE E. HARGIS DOROTHY E. HARGIS NORMA ELAINE HARLOW ELIZABETH JOANNE HARPER BROOK GWATHMEY HARRIS EDITH ELEANOR HARRIS MAIKY VIRGINIA HARRISON CKTHARINE LOUISE HART HAHMOI,YN IJART MARY JOANNA HAUK NANCY LYNN HAWKINS GLORIA LIAYNES Page 88 SARA MAIXTIIA IIAYS NIARJOIXIIG ELLEN HAYTER JOYE IJAZICLRIGG SHIRLEY LEE IIEATII BARBARA IJEBERT MARTHA LANE IIEBSON GEORGIANA HEIJENBEIIG DORIS .JEAN PIEDLESTEN JEAN ANN HEINZINGER BETTI HOPE HELLER BARBARA C. HENDERSON EMILY ANN HENLEY NANETTE HENNINGS JEAN HENSON JEANNE HERALD DOROTHY ANN HERRMANN MARY BESS HESTER BARBARA HICKEY IRIS HICKS .JANET RHODES HICKS PATRICIA ANN HILDEBRAND DORIS MARIE HILL ANNA MARIE HINKLEY 5 N ,, A N A BEVERLY ANN HINES w 9, x Y X BILLIE MARJORIE HINKLEY LOUISE I. HINKLEY PATTY HINTON CHARLOTTE HITCHCOCK GRACE LLEWELLYN HOBBS HEIIEN IIOCHRIEM A A XVILMA KATHRYN IIOEFS PATRICIA ,ANNE HOFF Page 89 Q' X 2 ff'-Q 'T 464 , Q 2 ? M IC' S V. X Y MX ., MX fi R' f l , Y , I . - , gl- JK ' ' . x 5 19 'J' 'M 'E-'pf 6? lj 5' wi 49 rg 4'- xm Mug ,Ai .li NO '-.I 3 A s RXN Nl C f? Q' Q sS ? -A cf 1'2" 4? NEAR? Y Ai' ,, wg: 1 -41? va 1 lr f 2' 2, I -A Us S,g": ' 4,,,.. S Qu 1' WX ' ', ,? W V 'A X , I . 4, Z2 .J J: A , may , A ':'s1'Z?'Xf 4 ' X 4 I , 'U Y ' 1 in 1 , QW' ,Z f A9 f ff I 41 f 1 f f 27' in ww ' , ul if J, , ,,. , f J . fy!! ' 4 A I f fm ,, w ff , A L , Q f Q, f ' , 4 1 wg l' , ' 1 , ,L ,,,,,H 14 I f , uw 'K , Q CAROLE .JOAN LIOFFMAN JANICE LEE HOFFMAN DEBOIKAH WHITTLESEY HOLE BARBARA ANN HOLLAN SHIRLEY M. HOLT BARBARA ANNE HOLTER CAROL ANN HOLZBERGER MARILYN JEAN HOOLEY CATHERINE HOPSON HELEN MAUREEN HORAN ANN HOSEMAN CARLOTTA MARY HOUCK GERALDINE HOUSE AUDREY JEAN HOUVENER SHIRLEY JEAN HOWE KATHRYN MAE HOWEY CHARLOTTE G. HUBBARD BEVERLY DOLORES HUBINGER MARY LOUISE HUFFMAN KATHLEEN GAY HUGHES LETHA LOUISE HUGHES MARJORIE L. HUGHES PATRICIA M. HULL JANISSE ANNETTE HULTGREN GLYNNA GENE HUNT ELAINE KOOI HURST JOAN HUS1'lNG JOANN ELEANOR HUTCHINSON CAROL LOUISE HUTSON MARY .IEANNE HUTTON JOAN ICENOGLE PATRICIA ANN IRELAND Page 90 IIILLIAN I'IS'l'lIIcn INVIN BETTY .IO lvl-:S SARA JACKSON ANNA LOUISE JAGOIC JERENE JOANNI-1 JAMES NORMA JEAN JAMESON MARGO BETTE .IANSEN MARGAIXET JANSSEN VERA JEAN JAQUES NICKY JANE JEATRAN BARBARA JEAN JEFFERS JANE ELIZABETH JEFFREY BARBARA JESSE EDYTHE MAE JOHNS ELIZABETH ANN JOHNS BARBARA C. JOHNSON LOIS ELIZABETH JOHNSON PHYLLIS ELAINE JOHNSON UNA ROSE JOHNSON ANNE JOHNSTON MARGARET M. JOHNSTON BETTY MARILYN JONES CAROL ANN JONES JANE ELIZABETH JONES MARGED CAMILLE JONES MARILYN J OOS GLORIA ANTONETTE J USTESEN PHYLLIS ANN JUSTICE HELEN JOAN KABELIN LOIS JAN K,AHLE ROMA KAINER KARLA KAISER Page 91 hm ,. 4 ,Y 1 I ,V... , A QQRR I? nf as ,, -5 5. A 3:23 r I. X6 1 x x mg 4 W Q .Q f S x x X A x . I 23: ,I ., S ,A ' 'lfffgi 'G' ,N , Q14 4 63 If I A X A 1 if ' 2 !1 ' , ,Q ,A 2 QL H ' A fvwa '-21124 '97 1 NI A:-sw QS' 2, ,pr :WN 'Q fm Pi C7 041' 4- -J ..... 4-9 gr-A I 2 44 Q s .-X ani ur- 'G7 MXN RIN 1? out ar"'y .., xr E X I ,A M N A I N1 X AAS x N N... ,- I A IN. .A NY' X Xi X I .-,-mf :s g 1 1 5' , a A "R ., :lt H . 4 1 X. 3 fs .A f . A cr . 55? 5 'Q-Af" vm. ' J . gt Q: K ' -Sf? Q 9 , Q ' rf IWW X my . in an If 'S A V ,z 'Q W J , -asv - 'ffl .J fb 'S " ' L 1, i 5 ffE E , 9 ' P Qu Lf Q"" v-nl' W -vu 'TD' 23? 1' 6 ff ' "" G V . , A X f .ff f 1 Q, W 1 f 'I UW ' 0, If , ., M 7 f A1V,, Z' J W 4 'Z , M' 'Q 45:1 A ff A f if' 19' W1 MARILYN EDITH KALIEBE PAULA JEAN KALLOCH ELEANOR -KA MOI KAM DOROTHY LOUISE KARIIN CAROLYN JANE KASLER UNA KATZMAN JEANNE H. KAUFMAN BETTY BLUE KEELER ELAINE KEENETH PATRICIA R. KEIGHTLEY BARBARA W. KELLEY MARIAN JEAN KELLY PATRICIA LEWIS KELLY JANE ANN KEMP CAROLYN KENDALL EDNA JOY KENT CLARABELLE KENYON THELMA JOSEPHINE KERR BARBARA FRANCES KERSCHBAUM JEAN MARIE KIENAST SHIRLEY T. KILMER JANET KIMBALL J O ANNE KIMBERLIN BETTY JEAN KIMES RAY KING PATRICIA JANE KINGSLEY DONNA LEE KIRBY FREDERICA A. KIRKLAND BERNICE LILLIAN KIRSHON MARY LOUISE KNEELAND ANN KNODE LUCILLE RICKS KNUDSON P age JEAN MAIKLIIA KOBZINA DOIIOTIYEA MAY Knorr JEAN ELIZA!-lE'l'll KRAUS JEANE KRAUSE 1 V. 'M mv 4 I IN ROBBIE KRENZLER , JANICE MAE KIKEUZIER I A CAROLYN ELIZABETH KUPPE A , ' 'J T uf 'QV ,,, BETTE LEE LA BROT W JEANNE LA BURT ' 1 dak an WILLO PATRICIA LA FLEUR I 5 I """' y. JUNE ELIZABETH LANE , 7 I ,Haj '5 PHYLLIS ADELE LANER SHIRLEY JEAN LARKIN 35 A MABILY'N JEAN LARSON J T ' 'IAV 3. EUGENIA LATADY 15 A If ' MARGARET LATHAM l m ' 1' -H A KATHLEEN PATE LAVENDER SUZANNE LAW hit w' SARA MAY LAWRENCE SONIA HELEN LECOMPTE s. L, N. , ROBERTA JEANNE LEE I. 'J . A . f -ff'-A , I 1, . A I ELOISE LEHNLANN 1 ,335 I M A . Av 1 f NS 'L BARBARA JANE LEHMER 'A A J ' my I LORRAINE LEMAR Q, I T3 AA. T . I- ...I sg Ag S ' BARBARA LENZ A RENEE LOUISE LESTER W A A E ELIZABETH ELLEN LEVY A fx ' VIRGINIA ANNE LEWVIS ' X X xx XX A I E X RUTH LILLIBRIDGE LEOTA NIJRYX LIPSCII v ay NANCY LEE LIPSETT LENQRE IJISK J A V ' .gp '- Page 93 ,-. Av- ' 'N' ' 1 Y 747 if 41 IQ' no 'P I I sv '55 X fs 9 , f7 -s-9 "N .P f it 4D Y KXN MXN l R Fi Q IS' gi XNEH .L J Jig ix X QS A 4- r-5 Q 3' wx h 3 "'3? X, v k ,XJ k.- l I . ,, Y 3 A bk 'RN W I :. - A 1.129 mi, 6 ff Ru SF Q' .047 6? 1' 049' pf' 'Q' 55" .envia- f I 'Na -'fu R. , 'Y I ff Ev 'S A x I tm J "WS J 5 is 4 f f XA wa' M 1 W ,X , Y W1 , FZ , W7 K S x I . I 5355 L MINXINE MAUDE LISKEY BRENT ROBINSON LOCKE IQATHRYN MARGUERITE LOGAN HONOR LYNETTE LOLMAUGH FRANCES MARGARET LONG HELEN LOUISE LONGFIELD MARGARET LOUDERMILL PEGGY LOUGHMILLER LOUISE LEONARD LOVELL PATRICIA RUTH LUCY EVELYN J. LUKOVSKY HELEN LOUISE LUNG JANE ANN MACDOWELL KATHRYN MACKERETH LUCY JEAN MACLEOD MARTHA MACMILLIN MARGARET ELIZABETH MADSEN MARY ELIZABETH MALONE FAYE DELL MANLEY FRANCES RUTH MANN CARROLL PI. MARCH JOAN IRENE MARCOLIN JEAN ANN MARKS MARILYN LOUISE MARSH BARBARA LOU MARSHALL RU'I'H MAIXIE MARSHALL MARILYN JANE MARTIN MARY JANE MARTIN PATRICIA ANN MARTIN GRACE FRANCES MARTYN ANN ELIZABETH MASEK MAIXNINA MARGARET MASON Page 94 FRANCES MASSIQIY MAlKflAIIE'l' K. MASSl'IY SUE MASSIPJ MAIKGAIKET MA'l'liPlS MARY ANN MATHIS BETTYE A. MAXWELL DORIS VIRGINIA MAXWELL PATRICIA JANE MAY MARY MAYES GRACE ELINORE MAYFIELD SYDNA IDELL MAYO MARY VIRGINIA MCADAMS MARIAN PATRICIA MCCALL AIDA LOUISE MCCARTNEY MARILYN MCCLURKIN HELEN MCCLYMOND ELEANOR LOUISE MCCORD MARGARET JO MCCOY JANE ANN MCDONALD BARBARA MCEWEN PATRICIA ANNE MCGUIRE RUTH MCINTYRE JANE MARGARET MCKAY JACQUELINE MCKEE CONSTANCE MCLAIN LUCILLE MCLAUGHLIN PATRICIA MCMANUS BETTY MEAD ELIZABETH MARIE MEANS ANNE MEIKEL BETTY JEAN MENSIK MARGARETTA C. MEIXEDITH Page 95 .f:s:,f,,::f-ggwxxx " "? tv! f 'Qi fu... . J 'inf' , Q "ff ,f X rr-.K .Mu QW my PM R News JP" ' 5 5 ,L ' Vw S x, NA A Q- Q. . Wk ,L 'F :Sf A W' p H .T , R - Q5 ,,.' 4 VX NF X JXQ'iii5,' N X WM wx Aw X A N x Vx, X 1 l A VN., W ' Ng Q .z fa. lr . , ' ' L J X X- . L . I , I K ax J S 9 X K XX 9 L, YR -. ix irq' is X , A Sm Lg' -. 'Xxx x X S KN I K. in Q K J" 62' -W wi? 'u A . . S 'Z ZF Q0 : at' 17 I J ' x . x94 sg , W N NK 'ei fl Ox 'ik r X 1 Vx Q7 4-P ...V V' l LIN -Q: 41? f . V ' so Af 'K Us A IQ Y 4 'o .3- 11 Y 4:5 is L1 M 45?- -0 1?- 1' -A '27 A i .X 33. WN' xr- h I X X nib XI -eggs S' , 'H 1- ' Tl: - x J' Cf? A . 35, .N IM I Ti A A . Y as XXX Xx I I L A ,553 P 2.. W f -A , 1 f I iq ,., 7 'V 'Q 2 1 ' .A-I -I I , M Z: RM' I Q27 1 J 1' , .4 ' ,Q 1 may 1,0 f , f , Q: f ,ff 'g IJ Q'- ?' ,anv- Z 7 , , ' f - Q' Z V14 'VZ Aj ., 4 ' A K , Q A I f . Q NN ,AQ Ie A . Ab, , . I .-, 4 R, , A , ' . 543:- , I A v 9b.,"?", ff elm . I ', f, " 45 4? J M4012 fp NORNIA JUNE MERKI.E MARY SUE MEIXKLEIN PHYLLIS MERRILL ' JOAN HEIIEN MEIXRIMAN ALICE LEE MERRITT BARBARA NELLE MERRITT LUCY METZEROTT MARJORY ROSE MEYERS JEAN MICIIAELSON CANDIDA MICHELENA ELEANORE JANE MICELLI MARY ALICE MICKEL BETTY MAE MICKELSON SALLY MILES BARBARA ANNE MILLER EILEEN M. MILLER INEZ MAE MILLER MARGARET JANE MILLER MARILYN MILLER PANSY IONE MILLER VIRGINIA JOY MILLER JOYCE MILLHOUSE EUGENIA MILLIKAN JOAN MILLS URSULA MINOR PATRICIA JEAN MITCHELL VIRGINIA MOBERLEY BARBARA ANN MOFFETT AGNES MOHOR VMUIKIEL RUTH MCJNTEITH ANNE MCPOBE DOROTHY GENE MOORE Page 96 JEAN AUSTIN NIOOIKIC MAIiDl'INE li. JVIOOIKIC PATRICIA NIVOORE I FRANCES M. NIVORAII NANCY SWAN MORGAN SYLVIA MORRILIJ PATRICIA ANNE MORIKISON FRANCES ARMOR MOHRONV I PHYLLIS MARGUERITE MOSLER BEVERLY JEAN MOTT MARY-VIRGINIA MOTz PATRICIA MOUNT LOUISE ANN MUELLER A , A I MARCIELE MUELLER ' T'- . MARJORIE CARLENE MUELLER 'AA' I MARCIA MULLIN AAA i Q: -'-7 l N 4 W A I 4' S, A ' W55' ,g b 7 Ii Y ANN MARGARET MULROY MARTHA JEAN MUNN JOYCE MYERS DOROTHY JEAN NACHAND PHYLLIS JANE NAGLER MARY' JOYCE N APPER KATTIERINE E. NAXER.A W KQN DAWN NEHER NAT.AI.lE ANNE NEILSON ARLENE NELSON JEANNE DEWITT NELSON SHIRLEY NELSON DORIS ELEANOR NEVE ALICE NEW DOROTI-IX' N'EWMAN MILIJREIJ FRANCIS NEYW'TON NV Page 97 rf. nw 17' ,sf,?'5'9'3 A N H x ,gig M S- Q X A N A A X5 A X V 'fx X MAY 5, Q I IN 3 -QNX Nb XXX NXN A .. NC' 'SRA 'v A NN Q if W N ., X SS ?S 5-5 Q' 98 'O 'Q AQ , W 'ai .,,, -:A-7 W R wax Q Q' 51' I, - f , ,, . 1,2 x 'WI J L.: M . ,gf L M Q Y Ig ?-I g . . f , ' , W 'A Nw 5,3 .,' Q H 4-:A ,R - fb' as , Q1 I i I - 'W' . . y , ,. f' 17" ilu: -. 4 5, V WY, V. W, , .1 A A 1- AZ f f 7 fy 49" MARTHA GENE NEYLAND ELIZABETH RICE NICHOLS SHIRLEY ANNE NIESEN CAROL NIGH MARION ELAINE NORALI. CHARLOTTE NORRIS JOANN DELLORA NOIKRIS JUNE LEE NOYES NEVA CLYDE NUCKOLS MARGARET NUNNERY PEGGY J OYCE OAKES BARBARA OESER MARY BELLE O,HALLOHAN JEAN ESTELLA OLSEN PATSY JEAN O,MALLEY LENORE ONSRUD MARILYN B. OPITZ CHARLOTTE M. OSTERMAN DORIS MARIE OSTRANDER HELEN CLARE OTT RUTHEIJLYN OTTEN MARY OWEN DOROTHY FRANCES OWENS BETTY JANE OYLER MARION OZMENT NORMA GAIL PACRER ELIZABETH GREEN PAGE JOAN PALMATEER BARBARA ANN PARKER EIJIZABETII MARIE PARKER JANET LOUISE PARKER MAIXY IIIENE PARKER Page 98 FRANCES l,A'l'lKICIA PARRISII BETTY JO pA'l"l'liN JANE ANN PA'l"l'l'2lKSON WILMA PA'l"l'EIlSON JANE PATTISON DOROTHY ANN PEARCE CHARLOTTE PENNOYER ROSEMARY PERKINS SARA ELIZABETH PHELAN EMILY RUTH PHILLIPS MADELINE PHILLIPS BETTY VIRGINIA PHILPOTT CATHERINE PICKARD BARBARA ALICE PICKENS IQATHRYN GRACE PICKENS JANICE PIERCE NAN IHENE PIRSIG M.ARION BALLWIN PITTS ELEANOR PLANCK ELLEN PLATTE JANE POLLACK MARY E. POOLE EMILY AUGUSTA PORTER MARY ELIZABETH PORTER JANE ELLEN POSTLEWAIT BEVERLY JOAN POTTS CIENEVIEYE MARIE POVYELL EX'ELYN LAWRENCE PRESTON ILAH JEAN PRESTON ERYIALI-:YE JANE PRICE NIARY ALICE PRICIIARD FLORA NI. PRINCE Page 99 ed S17 'T' 5 I I A-ff :Q , ' Ifh ., - - ,IQ,.,.,,I 5 I ' ' .N Y W Q , ig? x ' J' ' .. . .- -93 ' XR ,,. Wg K, ' 1 8. , I f s ' hh 1 409' I E5 ..,, , AS .lam 69 ,I .Ms , 2, , f' qv 5 vw 'Q' 1- Q XXX MXN 15 N6 Q N .,, YQ 'xx z"""' v"'N. Z ,Hg , fv' 'Vx "'N,.JW "3. s jf Q K! I n -A QS?" 3, 'U , 1' W ,f -- fm..- 1 " 1 I KA4 wqvlq' -77 .sw ' ni I A .. Sw 3.2.9 wh- N:':.,.c 1 ARK ,fx A 9 X A ' -www ILM.: MAJ S3 i 3 A26 , M, ? 'bfi' f A 2,32 -4 - wqghf. an-f f fy ff ff 5 4 W x X ..- xx A x 'A Y' Aiwa. V9 4 5 MN A A f' .W My in e A If I 2 -vpvqu. '-ww Q9- EL LOUISE PRUNTY RONIA JO PRUNTY ANNABEL PUGH JEAN PURDY BETSY PUTMAN T HELMA RAGLAND NORMA JEAN RANDOLPH J ACQUELINE RAYZOR SALLY LOU READ MARJORIE REDPATH DORIS ERMA REED JEAN REID BARBARA ALLEN REPPARD ALISON BEPPERT YOLANDA REVESZ BETTY JEAN REYNOLDS JANE MCCOY REYNOLDS H. LORENE RHAY ELIZABETH MAY RICE WANDA LEE RICE CHARLOTTE BERNICE RICHARDS GRACE RICHARDS VIRGINIA LEE RICHMOND JOAN RIDDELL MOLSIE AMMONS RIDDICK MARILYN JOYCE RIDNOUR MARGARET LEE RIGGIAN JEAN EMILY RILEY WANDA RILEY LILLIAN CAROL RISSER SUE KATHARINE RIVES CAROL JEAN ROBBINS Page 100 I U. LA FOIKIIC FON'l'AlNI'I 1JOIlI'IIK'I'S by HEl.I'ZN IRICNE n0I!I'Jll'l'SON I 5. 5 .hw ELYNLPIA ROBINSON ' I f K EUGENIA PAIG-Ii ROIIINSON I f A .A 19 499' MARIAN R. ROBINSON IDA GWYNN BODEIKICK MARY' LOUISE ROEMHELD BETTY LOU ROESE TFP , O , MARGERY RUTH ROGERS I A I ,f x .V , - 7 NATALIE ROGERS ' QM-+:I 'Q 'A 1 f Wm? ..,, wi I A KITTY J EANNE ROHMAN I -gp? A 5 ' L 5: 1 ,lly ,' 1 X if Q, V' 1 BETTY ANN ROLFS " 73 MARY ELIZABETH ROONEY SHERRY ROSEBERRY "J W THELMA ROSENLOF COURTNE L. ROSS ' DORIS JANE ROSS 5 5 JOYCE SELMA ROUNDS 9 A f X, BEVERLY ANN ROWE X Q g -9, I I ' . A I EA"" ' HENRIETTA ROWE . A I lm I 'T F' I NANCY JANE ROWE SHIRLEY ANN RUDOLPH RUTH ANNE RUHI, ELEANOR JEAN RUNG I BETTY JEAN RUSSEY A PATRICIA ANN RUSSOM F LORENCEMACKEYRUTHERFORD f 'I - LOIS ANN RUTLEDGE A .,,, 6 lqxw : N Ixisf PATRICIA JANE RYE . 5 MARY JANE 'SALE 4,3 b - ' P' .ax CATHERINE SALE M lg A - P A X MARY IIARRIS SAMFORD A , Ri I R Q R' Page 101 YZ? J 1 'Y X ' x A Y' ig. I , I A x .xxdh , , - ., gg i : A . V , I 555 FK N, ' ' ' Ng., P G' ,nfl YQ lk 2 I X xx L f A .Sf ,AF IQ . 4 H 4' -Q ,S 1- , PX' V1 H X , 4513322 K f .,.. ly I A f , U l r f gifwf , f X ' iw x X x S X X A mx X SX ANN fx s AX' 'I A K X X X X N A x NN W . Qi , I R X xg X A A 5 .S A A ,Ax AN X: AQSXNSIN--A 3 , A fi , A ' ff ' 'W ,,2.., ' , gk , X Y , I .. 1 'avuxfr S ' f , 1 ,fzq fy, A A 1 I I : I 1,1 v .,,' ,pf 4, ,W M , 1- 7 4 . , Q, V my ,. '74, I, X 1' , " ,,", ' 'Z ' , " -, 1 I . ' "" ' , I ,f I 123, V A 5, , ...,?,Z,:, , , , ., V, , ,I V M If . I " ffffm , 5 ,if ff, fy , , ai Q f' ,K , - f ,7 i ff ' SUSAN SAMPLE DORIS EMILY SAMS IQATIE LOU SANDERS HEIIEN JEAN SANDONV JOYCE SAUNDERS DORIS M. SAWVIN VIRGINIA RUTH SAXTON VIRGINIA D. SCATTERGOOD RUTH AURELIA SCHERF ELEANOR JEAN SCHMIDT HAIKRIET F. SCHNEIDER HEIIEN SCHNEIDER LETTIE LEE SCHOO MAXINE SCHOTT JEANNE SCHROEDER SHIRLEY SCHUBERT NANCY JANE SCHUELE CECELIA SCOGIN BETTY SCOTT BEVERLY BROWNE SCOTT MAEGIE SCOTT MARGARET BROWN SCOTT MAllG.NRET MAROLYN SCOTT DARLENE SCOVEL ELIZABETH ANN SEELY FRANKELEEN ELLEN SEELY EILEEN SELLE DONNA M. SELLERS JANET SENEGAL BETTY .JEAN SENKEWITZ JOANNE SHAFFER BIIIIIIIQ RUTH SHAFFNER Pago 107 JEANNE LOUISE SHANNON LOUISE K. SIIAIII1 NANCY MAXWl'IIIl. SllA'l"I'lH1K 'I' WI JOAN SHAW 1 I NORMA JEANNE SHEEHAN MARY ELIZABETH SHEFFELS CAROLE ANN SHELLEY f 'T' 'zz-gy. MARY LOUISE SHEPARO ESTELLE JEANNE SHIRLEY ELEANOR SIBLEY ANNETTE ELIZABETH SICKLER MARY JANE SIDWAY GLORIA HERMANIA SIEDHOFF ALEXANDRA W. SIELCKEN . Q MARGIE SILBERSTEIN JEANNE S. SILLS NANCY LOU SIMES NANCY JANE SIX N, BETTY SKAGCS VIRGINIA MARIE SKERRITT JEAN EILEEN SLAUGHTER BETTY LOU SLEDGE AVALON MARIE SMITH BARBARA ANNE SMITH . BETTY JOAN SMITH DARLENE ANN SMITH FRANCES ELIZABETH SMITH . ' GEORGIA SMITH is S 'hr 'lv' "V ,, f ,A 1 M Hi 455 A, A :X N X xg X ,X I .W A. V V .Ax-3 .K V .NA ' u g D x il A I A Y Y 1 Aix JOAN ELIZABETH SMITH .T KATHRYN ANN SMITH 4 KA'rHRYN'H. SMITII ' C, NIARY ANN SMITH h -:mtg Ni -h k g m X Page 103 ,. I - Q23 X I I ' 0 H . I I. .Y ,3 -:9 A ' 7 9 ,Q , Q. ' XXX -if 4? Q ' Q.. . KXN C? 1 A Q' QP .409 fx .gps Ns 1-sw. 1 QQ ,Q 5 . xx Q A X S X X ' ill r 'WT' 4 Y A N. C" A j if ,, , 7' 'GR R 59 Q .54 x QF 40 ' . -.Q "fb YS ? 1' Q7 459 '7 ll .6 ? f 1, ,f 7 I -Wh ff-up 44" A sw. I Q9 X S fb QSM. Q05- A I ,SOI Y ab 9 X ws , Q X RIMA? if I ,. , 1. .-71 53 ' ' V ' -L . V f Q , g 1-11 - , , ,, 'I-J, I- V 'Q 2 ,j a 1 ' ,, X I . .- I ' . :fl I 12' 4 , i y i K, ZZ A, , 2 5 1 "za, ., 446 x . A ..,W- Q. I., , , MARX' LOU SMITH MILDRED ADELA SMITH PATRICIA LOUISE SMITH WY'NONA SMUTZ CLAUDIA MARY SNEED ESTHER RUTH SOMMERS JANE HENDON SOUTH SHIRLEY J. SPANN MARSHALL SPEARS LOIS MARJORIE SPECKHARD MARY E. SPEIRS ANN THAYER SPENCER MARIAN SPENCER VIRGINIA SPENCER MARY ELLEN SPROTT WINIFRED CAROL STACHER GERALDINE ARLYNE STALEY LOIS MAY STANLEY VIRGINIA LEE STEELE CONSTANCE STEIGER SHIRLEY ELAINE STEIMAN LOIS CAROLYN STEPHENS MARGARET ANN STERRITT LOUISE STETSON MARGARET STEVENS ALLIS WEIR STEVENSON ELIZABETH JEAN STEWART MARTHA STEWART MARY ANNE STEWART PHYLLIS STIEGELMEIER BETTY LOU STOCER CYNTHIA STOKES Page 104 JANICE ELAINE STONE MAIKIAN STONE GI.AlJYS LOUISE STORM ANN STORRS JANET STBACHAN JERALDINE DELIGHT STRAWN MARTHA REBS STREET EUNICE JEAN STIKOMQUIST LEWAYNE STROUD MARGARET DALE STURGES SHIRLEY LEE STUTH ADA LEE4SULLIVAN ANNE SUMMERS MARY LOUISE SUMNER NANCE SUTTON PIIYLLIS SUTTON LA VERNE SWAIM JO ANN SWEATT SUZANNE SWEET DORIS JEAN SWINDLE HELEN IRENE SYTZ JOYCE ANN TARNUTZER MARIAN TARR ANNA COMPTON TAYLOR BABETTE TAYLOR MARGARET LOUISE TAYLOR CYNTHIA JANE 'FEMPLETON ROSE BURNETT TERRY MARY MILLICENT THIES ADRIENNE JANE THOMAS MARIAN VFHOMAS MARJORIE M. THOMAS Page 105 ., ,,,. ,...., bar 'E cv f 'R 9' ,I A-fs ' W' , M A w nz' "V, A N -',- X JV jr "' ' ...ce N' X Q8 in Q M ,. I X xx N S x NMS. ,ws 'T 1 35' G' -' 'J .1-9 .XS vw fr ' xr- J 4 , " as S 'S f' 7 as .I 7 X 5 1 kfN . xlflf Yi H as 13 v Y 1 ,K ,Q 3 :Y - F3 v---17 I 5 T ig:- 5: rs 85? i an-Q --A V? 'J -. I iixx x Nw .I 'S' J I YN F Q - 3 XX X A RS I . QQ X X Y ' X 'QW' R N QP A X X R E X A -A, . X Q R mi X A X Iv x px i v- Y? Y' , 7 'ff' , f P 'Vw M A 4' f , Lp I f 1, ' ,hx l f' 3 ,W in Y' f' 4. , X 6' 'W' ,ah , 111 'id' ,X A gif " : , .,,, if , 'il' I., f , ! 'Z 'S f ff X , , I aw' 'SI Z EDITH L. THOMPSON HEIJEN IAADD 'THOMPSON LAURA ANNE THOMPSON LUOILLE THOMPSON MARY ELIZABETH THOMPSON MARY LYNN THOMPSON ELIZABETH ANN THOMSON HELEN J EANETTE THOMSON JANE ANN TIEFEL SADIE BAOBY TILLMAN MARY JANE TILTON JANET TINGLOFF ANN MAXINE TIPPETT ALMA MAE TOHULKA RUTH ANN TOLF VIRGINIA TOIVILIN IOLA TOMLINSON GEORGENA ETHEL TOOLE MARY EIJIZABETH T OWNLEY CHARLOTTE KAY TOWNSEND J L LIANNE TRAYLOR GLENDENE T RIOKEY LOUISE ANN VFRIPPE BETTY JEAN TROWER KATHERINE ANN rl-'RUESDAIL VIRGINIA M. TRUSLOW DIXIE LEE 'FURNER PHYLLIS JEAN ,TURNER ANN CTILBERT UNIJPIIKWOOD MEMORIE MAE UPPEIK JULIA CATHERINE UTRECHT RUTH MIITIJIXICD VALENTINE Pagv 106 ANN VAN E'l"l'I'2N FAYE VAN IIIICKIA: DONNA CATIIERINIC VAN N ROSANN VITALIC ALTHEA ROSE VOSS NAN BEVERLY WADE FLORENCE L. WAKEMAN GWENDOLYN NAE WAIIKIEII JERI WAIIKER HELEN CLIFTON WALKLEY DOREEN J. WALIJACE GWVENDOLYN WALLACE WANDA JOAN WALLACE MARGARET ALICE WALLS JEANETTE WALN MIRIAM LENORE WALTER EMMA ELIZABETH WALTON SARAH WAMBAUGH EDITH WARR BARBARA JEAN WATSON ELEANOR A. WATSON JEAN ELINOR WATSON BEVERLY MADGE WAY GRACE GENEVIEVE WAY WILMA RUTH WEBSTER PATRICIA JOY WEIR MARGARET WTEITZ EUNICE WVELCH M ARILYN B'1lN'E'I"I'E WVELLER ROSRYIARY J. WVELSH JACKLYN LOUISE WVENTZ JULIA BIQRNICE WVESIIJNY Pagf 107 3 we 'D H 'M eta. if Agiig. A , gf A, ,I av, f 1 fff f 1 f f Ove- f E, ff, ,153 'F ,-3' Cf? SHN' Hina' ali" 'ev 'GF' W. gf- ll s 5 Wi. N9 ? AD 4-5 .-. MXN E o . S - '55 1-v l -5-1' kfN k - 'S FX J FL 1" A ff' , 3 fr " in 9 ff, '77 "gfU5 '19 f"P as I' I 3' ggx A I 0 so f ' In fn gf ,- I ia, Q, 'MW ev 5, bu viz 9 , KY' , wg, j,,. qi g . SSN NN X was Q X? , .,.., , .ww 'IQ' Y J .,. ff jjc , ,, .,, 2 2 5 ' ff, I, fa, :,, A Q , f, f' Q, , , ' ,, ff 2 ' V7 . - f Q, 1 'ffm ,. ' ' Wy" ' 'W-, - , ,,,,4 ,, X MARY ANNE WEST GLOIKIA WESTERBERG MARY ELIZABETH WESTINE AMELIA SHELBY WESTINE CORINNE C. WHEALY CLAIRE ANN WHEELER KATHERINE ANNE WHEELER SABRA WHELESS ELSIE ANN WHITAKER JEAN WHITAKER MILDA LAIN WHITAKER CATHERINE LOUISE WHITE CHARLOTTE LORENE WHITFIELD JANE WIIITMER PHYLLIS JUNE WHITMEYER JAYNE MARGARET WIGHTMAN ZOE ANN WILBURN LUCILE WILCOXEN JEAN WILKERSON PIEEDA WILKINSON SUZANNE WILLE BETTE RUTH WILLIAMS BILLIE ED WILLIAMS FRANCES CAROLINE WILLIAMS JEAN COLLISTER WILLIAMS MARY WILLIAMS MARY JOYCE WILLIAMS IAITA-JANE WILLIAMS VIRGINIA ANN WILLIAMS MARY JOAN WILLIAMSON DORTHA JANE WILSON JANET WILSON Page 108 BUTII WILSON SALLY BARBARA VVINIJIJG MAIXY ELINOR WlNfiA'l'l'I CONSTANCE MAIKY WINTIIIRS A BARBARA ANN WIRE ' Lg BARBARA Wl'fTICK Yi A A' GWENDOLYN GRACE WOFFIJIXD " R' ' MARY MURRAY WOLF ' ,Lf BETTY J O WOLFE MARGARET CATHERINE WOLFE 437' BARBARA LOUISE WOOD CLARIGE M. WOOD MARTHA ANN WOOD MARTHA JANE WOOD BETTY JEANE WOODABD MILDRED CEIL WOODRUFF MARJORIE JEAN WOODS H , 3?N?, AQyb?SQ 9 :" "' "e G., MARGARET LOUISE WOODWARD I MARY KATHRYN WOOLSEY ::k, 53?: 'ii:q A ANN WRIGHT "' SHIRLEY JEAN WRIGHT . :Z Y LYLA SUE WYATT U I ,A GLADYS YACOBIAN I ' BARBARA JEAN YAw ELLEN JEAN YOAST CARROLL ANNE YODER BETTYE LOU YORK CAROLYN JANE YOUNG DI.ANA YOUNG JUNE ELLEN YOUNKIN NIARY ZAImEI. fjFIRAI.DlNE D. ZAJKOWSRI Page 109 i?y7fy fvmgff 'f M1 W 30' Q: 'W 4? 'W W, " if Q iff 'G A sm qiii'II!!IviY IIZ J,IJ ,IJZI AII, I - A ' .pf RQ' 5 N I S Xxx NYG X A 35 9 A X A A X X S X N .- X NS A X V ,EXW X N A A . xai A S 'S I x '- J' vue NX X A Ssgx Y 5 X Y WA A X X X A A Q N 'ST FW QAQSQ X 1-SR ' - " L. S SNL , Q wx A - 515, S: N . - mn Ill 4'z:?, 1 X.- 5 Q -J 17 'S G-5 ll' Wx I6 tim fs 3 lx 475 i 'R 'Q' Q Rf. if 43 Xv iw' QQ- KX . Y X RIN MXN E . I Y - ' -f-' ,gp 3 'ST 4 if f f -If-,-,- wr 5 , I X QQ If Mg! ti N I , 'AL 405 Y- -35 -X Y ,dl I 3 'QQ' X x . :Q-N 1 J J ' Or' Q i: ' I Fw -.I I 4Yw,,., 4, X. ff, f' fbi' , A 4 A , 3 Q, 6 52 I' 1' :Mqff f' Wh' ' W 4 ,, A2 fi , jg V ,I-'Y l f f' -J 'dk ' , , fgii V Q 1 A V ,1A.,C, Z . 1AA .W 'f H J, W , X 3 ,,,, . ,, , lj 9 . Vw ., ,152-5 I 'SM W A4 7 fl: 39 iff' I A 4 'W' 4 Vg ,Ii-Ig Y: " ff Q" V ' 'f"w,22Qf'13' I H ,f ,QA 1 wife W' " 2 , ,W w'?f 'Gaia '- fi Zi f, 'Nw zz - 11.1" J 'W!?ffc"2Q , 'X I-7,5'3:f2zf VJ 9 Wiffiz' ff f JW? A gy, ff f' Kp f I , , A ff 1, f f Af ' 1 if, 1 MURIEL ZAVIS JEAN CAROL ZEITLER MARY' JANE ZIEGIQER PATRICIA ERIKA ZIEMER JANIE MAUREEN BLACKWOOD BOBBY CARLISLE BETTY JANE COLEMAN MILDRED DAILEY FRANCES RUTH DEBRUYN JEANNE M. ELDREDGE PATRICIA B. FELTON BETTY GWYN FINLEY SYBIL GRAMLICH LELA GENEVIEVE JOHNSON MARY LOU LAFIELD BILLIE ANN LUCKETT MARTINA VIRGINIA MARTINEAU JO ANNE MORGAN NANCY ANNE NELOWET EVANGELYN HENRIETTA REIN JEAN ROCKWELL THELMA JO STEDHAM MARGARET ANN STONEBRAKER EDYTHE JOY IIOWARD SENIOBS KATHARINE ELIZABETH NIBLO .IOYCE MAIXGARET PINAULT 'AUTH ELOISE ROMSTAD EILEEN JANE SHELLEY BARBARA METHOD SNYDER MARY EDITH WILLIAMSON SAMMIE SAMUELSON Page 110 i 1 I k 5 1 I I I I I l I 4.1. ELICANOR ARCHER BARBARA BANRIIEAII MARGARET BOLINGICR PAULINE CLAIRE BUTT BARBARA ANN BROWN SARA JEAN BROWN BARBARA BURCESS IRMA JEAN C-ARTWIKIGHT JOYCE MARGARET CLARK BETTY LOUISE CLAYTOR MARY JANE CREW ELIZABETH DAWSON PATRICIA LOUISE DAY MARY LOU DICKEY JEAN E. DOTEN ANN KATHRYN DREHER JACQUELINE ELLIOTT BIARCIA FAHEY SHEILA FAY FOSTER JEAN GENZBERGF.R LILLIAN GRAHAM HOPE GUTHRIE ANITA VIRGINIA HARPER PATTIE SUE HENEGAR JOYCE HIRSCHY NANCY HOLMES JOYCE LOU HORSVITZ BARBARA JEANNE HOUSE CJANIILLA IHIUBBARD VIVIENNE IIUTCHENS MARY ANN ITIUTH BARBARA J. JOHNSON Page Ill , ,. ' 1, K ,pr is I X NX 3533 Q sv J K A A C NH' X X A A A X 6 QS x ., 3 ' I K , hhnn . Y 'Z D Q f ff, 'MV' ,avi , I ff I, Ad , ' wg Gf J f 4 1 "B' A ,:-13,55 1 I .e 4- 3 at 1 ff-W A V 'W , I 5 N M x A NX X XR 3 J , gg C ' A ax :NB N Ax xx N A I K G.. 'W 14 .fi J wi 'fi' 3 I if xp 5 'N W, A S S 'N x W9 if X A N xy xx-X , A. N ,N X X Nil R X X N x ws. QD' QE K MXN RIN 1 BNN YA wax 3 W3 I: W? Y- jk QQ :A Q- : J x xl SKB. Q ,, S A - CJrffQ"""' U17 K,-.lg ww if' if lv X 4 v ' f Mu G 4 Wig! . S , ' M761 ,jf X 1 xg! f . N V. Ig .- ' - Y ' X Q S . A A X X Q X 5 x?XX xxx 'H WA: QNX Q 'I 'wiv if ' 'mv' K ff 6 f I A an B! , f f A J, ' U-7, . lf '42 W If , .Sv U4 A ,UIJNE AN JONES MARX' VAN LIEVV IQIMBERLY MIARJORIE M. LARSEN SUSANNE LATHROP JACQUELINE LEE ELIZABETH LIVERMORE JEANE M. MCKENZIE BETTY JO MCNA'fT JEANETTE PARK MEEK KATHERINE H. MELAND MARY LOU MINER PATRICIA ANN NICKLOW MARY JEAN PAUL ELOISE WHITNEY PEARCE KATHERINE DENNY PFEIFFER JEAN TODD PLATT 1 DOROTHY ANN RAYBURN BEVERLY JANE REEVES ELIZABETH JANE RICE DIANE RICHEY JANE COLUMBINE RITTER SALLY RUSSELL ROBBINS LOIS EVELYN SALMON BARBARA JANE SCHLESINGER MARGARET JANE STEWART BARBARA STOWELL CAROL ELIZABETII SWANSON MARY ALICE TAYLOR CYNTHIA THORP VIRGINIA SUE VFOWHY LITA UNSEIJI, MARTHA PATRICIA VERMIl.I,ION Page 112 ANN WAIIKPIII .IACQUELINE .IULE WAI,RI'1n PATRICIA ANN WAl.Kl'1ll .JUAN WAl,l.ACIIC DEANNE WALLENDORF JO ANN WASSON GEBALDINE BOBERTA WHALE GALA C. WILHITE BETTY WILLENS ELIZABETH MARIE WILLIS FRESHMEN BARBARA ANN BENSON MARTHA BERKSHIRE ELIZABETH ANN BOOTH BARBARA ANN BOWES MARGRETTA ANN BURDICK MARY LOUISE BURDICK ANNETTE ELIZABETH CRAMER LOIS FONTAINE MIARIEL VIRGINIA FRITZ EvE GRAHAM ELIZABETH HERVEY KAREN JEAN JACKSON PATRICIA A. JOB SARAH F. KRAKOW' ELIZABETH JEANNE LEWIS NELL LINDSEY LARUE MALOUF SHIRLEY JANE MILLHOUSE BEVERLY L. MOODY JEAN PERRIOO IQ.-ARIN H. ROLPH NANCY STANLEY Page 113 Gnu? an .5 qw 6 Q9 Q F' -nv" . ,Ip MV if , Q , V 1 W . mfs ,f I 'X . x ,K K xr X sf ix A A A , L N LII S X X . 3 , A I ,Y A A A N X x X A N SNP' , no 5 0 ,.. . Aa, 5 '47 at IZ-L.. 1 .3 1:19 A is 'f I 2, I 'W - ,I Sh, A, v I S Y gg . A V I 47 I .- Q ' l. ' '2 G K. Y gg K" Q 1 ,Ar --4 Q A . A 'R SQ N li at 9- .lou VAN YOORHI-IES Num X nl3rwx1'ru lsrmtu Axxr NN Urn Xlxm XXI-llXlkN . . Y Q -2- ' X j E11-ixxon lnrlsr: Wrtxxlxu K ' Ylxoux Horn IIEREFORD 51,1012 l..xR1'E xx-OODRUFF rw .. A Word bv the Faculty Sloonsors The sponsors of the Siephensophia have watched with interest the Ways in which the members of the staff have anticipated and met the problems which beset the editors of a Wartime college year- book. The limitation of materials, such as films, printing paper, cover stock, etc., as well as increased production cost, has presented a real challenge. But by ingenuity and cooperation, the challenge has been met and another Siephensophia has been produced. The student body, particularly the seniors, are to be congratulated on having a hard-working and loyal staff who have, through wise planning and persevering effort, made it possible for the class of ,115 to have this treasured memento of their gradua- tion year. Some things, of course, have had to be sacrificed. Individual faculty pictures, which have been a feature in recent Sfephensophias, do not appear in this edition. To conserve film, student photogra- phers have limited their coverage of campus events. To conserve engraving time, many student panels were sent in early, thus necessitating some miscellaneous groupings of late pictures, as on these pages. The book has been redesigned in size and style in order to conserve cost and utilize to best advantage materials available under government regulation. livery member of the staff deserves high credit. And the group as a Whole must be commended for the spirit with which they have faced and accomplished a difficult job. To them it has been not only an educational experience but also a labor of love. As their sponsors, We bespeak for them your gratitude for the 1945 Stephensophia. They have produced it for you under unprecedented difficulties. MINNIE MAY JOHNSON ROBERT J. SAILSTAD Page 114 .ff if 704, f' All fha! work . . Lanivrn hung gtlft' And Ihe resulfs . . . More reszzifs It rained fha! day, too! And fllvkffllfll reszzlzi' PX Nffniass . - 'J H 'f I -al? v 59" .ad xv., an auf 'i'r- 6 I 'K A s 'VI F x Q 5 N? , x 1 x 'S X x x K ji! a b x Y x ' s 5 5 . ' N. Y c ,rj ' . , K I 1 'yi 5 Q It 2 -Y F 1 'Q Q 5 E f ,wr . t?' 2 he f aff N9 12 7 ,f EQ g,g,f,,,v, ' Q 'i Q f K , f . y - Q 1 L1 ,, f .jeu ' -qs 5, ?ni 4 Q- ' J' 1 wx 2 fl, iff 1 , ., ' 8 5 Q, .. f SK? if X f Rf J ' f' X 'X R! 'R Ti '-F13 Q . ff., N 'S X if .X X J -fl QXNW K N 1' Awmlir A it ,NX 5 Q 5 ra 2 fi Q A X - K Q i Q N gs Q. E fi e - A S N -as x x . . , i s .P a-1.5 N Xe: 5 NX - iq 11- 5 -eg . ,F f X "..TQFx, E x Q if fr ' Q U x , A N lx x x ' K' 'X-if! -. I 45? ' 3 5 , f,',., 3 If i ln, , 7 ,ff 'Z - f c 1 'im Q 91' 5 . W E, 4 N g K T. .. A 3? ie .ff 39 f 7 H ,W .. x, , x 7 3550 Q Af 2ff. A Ha .Q ,,,. df0f 1 V J, K, , Ei fi? Q' fy' ,fm ,, V ., I 2 mkf fi 3155? ik fi j, f ' 3 r I . . ,V W 1 ? ,Q L1 f 30.4 W... Pi 4 I i ,X f as x.X ri 1 Eggs Wi ps. .-as ,fx ' .av :QL A f , if- ' ,fi p , t , 1 I L LL if' .-z!. f. 'W 1, , ,V if ff 6 W., -v fp-. A -- ff gf uri , M511 g .y f guy- . V a af wk. , , Q .Rx- "'f"!'W"""""' I- am' 'in --.s Page II7 Demoeraey in aelion lI'z'I1you sign my program. llr. Graz'11ger7 Presidenl Wbod is I'I7f6'I'I'I.6'IUFd by STANDARD Dr. Deeker Iafks fo Dr. Hossain and Llnzrff De P He learn somelhing new every day . Cqffee for Cllllllf De Prorok 1.1. .f- - 1 r- S O X K XX N XX N ff za 1 N W Xxx xXXX g ,- ,- g -,, l uv' O iv in ceo DII IO II 5? I . 'Ub- hg ,x 616' 'X Civic Association 5jg "Did the petition pass?" "What is Legislature doing nowP', These and many more questions have run through the mind of every girl at Stephens at one time or another. Just what position does Legislature have at Stephens that makes it so important? Legislature is the student self-governing body. It is the agency which enables the Civic Associa- tion to represent every girl on the campus. Legislature is the final authority in the administration of all extra-class activities. The success of Legislature this year was due to the initiative and the capabilities of the girls who were chosen to represent the student body. As the head of Legislature, Virginia Poole, president of the Civic Association, displayed outstanding ability, and in doing so, she served every girl on campus. Holding the most important executive and administrative job, "Ginni" has given it her constant and enthuasistic attention. Not once has she been too busy or preoccupied to pass any Susie Without a friendly smile and "hello.,' Her outstanding attribute has been the thoroughness with which her many jobs have been performed. In her final statement to the junior class, Ginni said, "There is something beyond the academic routine at Stephens that is worth a lifetime of experiences-perhaps this is called the Stephens spirit, and eau be found in friendship, campus participation, and living by old traditions, but through the Ten Ideals this spirit and all its experiences can be realized and built into a valuable philosophy." This is Ginni, and completely brings out her true attitude toward life on the Stephens Campus. 6.9 , K VIRGINIA PooLE f Page 120 Civic Association All the activities ol' Civil Association of' Stephens College are adrninislered through the flounffil of Division Heads, which is composed of all the presidents ol' the following major divisions: Studi-nt Activity Board, Council of Class Ullicers, lioard of' Publication, Campus Service lioarel, Pan-llv-llv'nif' Council, the Independents, Stephens ltecrcation Association, and the War-Peace Organization. The council also includes in its membership: Senior Sister Chairman and liurrall Class, l'f'Slflt'llf'f' hall presidents, and the presidents of the junior, sophomore, and freshman classes. For many years Dr. Merle Prunty has served as the sponsor of Civic Association. ln thi- I9 13- l 1 campus-Wide election, Virginia Poole was elected C. A. president, Pat Preston, first YlClf'fJl"l'5lfll'lll1 Mary Kopecky, second vice-presidentg Helen Lipsett, secretary, Bernice Lind, treasurer. All of' these oflicers worked cooperatively and effectively with Dr. Prunty to represent all of the girls at Stvphf-ns in a business-like manner. Through their guidance, the girls at Stephens have been able to experience the purposive effectiveness of true democracy as exemplified in the administration of campus activitif.-s. Each spring the new officers of Civic Association are elected from "nominations by petition" approved by the student Legislature. These officers receive six weeks of training in a course called "Campus Leadershipfi Front row: LIPSETT, PRESTON, PooLE, KOPECKY, LIND M zddle row: KAISER, SCOTT, GREER, YARBROUGH, HARRIS, WARNER, DARNALL, DUBOSE, ALLEN, CARTER Back row: SHEPARD, O'NE1LL, KILLINGSWORTH, ANDERSON, VON SCHRADER, DR. MERLE PRUNTY, LAVVRENCE. .ADAMS FRAKE DICKEY, FOSTER Not pictured: WATKINS ii assi" C.-XROLYN NIALONE Council of Class Qfficers Headed by Carolyn Malone, who is president of the Senior class, the Council of Class Officers is composed of the officers and sponsors of the Senior, Junior, Sophomore, and Freshman classes. The Steering Committees of the various classes serve on the Council until officers for the different. classes are elected. The Board of Councils, as it is sometimes called, has as its main purpose the developing of unity, harmony, and efficiency among the classes and is striving to spread throughout the stu- dent body an appreciation of the things for which Stephens stands. The Board is also encouraging participation in extra- class activities and war emergency work. In connection with its War-Peace Organization project, the Board is stressing the im- portance of post-war planning and thinking. The handling of class activities is another duty of the Coun- cil of Class Officers. Some of these class activities consist of p ,it mint proms. Junior Nights, bond rallies, and the big bonfire in the fall. Tuite a month the meetings of the Council are held. During these meetings class and inter-class problems and primal are discussed. I at h student is represented on the Council by her class officers and sponsor. However, the Council wants each ul to fi 4 I she has an active part in the function and development of her class. It is the hope of the Council that class ar t ix it lt xx ill be an enjoyable and influential part of each girls college life. Faculty sponsor was Dr. Henry Bowman. lfronl row: WJ-Lxwlxfi, WI'I"I'Ii, MALUNE, lVlonmLL Huck mul: Nlrxrm, W'nmn'r, WINIJIQIK, DUNN. lVllcnnlcK, Blmmck Page 12.2 Campus Service Board Campus Service Board, commonly referred to as C. S. li., is the organization behind the people "behind the counters" ol' the tearooms and blue rooms on Stephens campus. In this group, the word service is the key to all activities which the Board undertakes. Headed by Midge libling, presi- dent of CSB, the Board maintains the tearooms, blue rooms, the Lodge and Aviation Hall dining rooms, coke machines, the lost and found department, the Swap Shop, and even mail service and the distribution of flowers and magazines for girls in the infirmary. Eight girls, under the sponsorship of Miss Laura Searcy, are responsible for this work. Midge Ebling, directed the stu- dent managers who included: Betsy Moore, vice-president and manager of Lela Raney Wood tearoom, Betsy Brown, second vice-president and supervisor of the Swap Shop, lost and found, infirmary service, and Puff Inn, Jeanne Graham, treasurer and director of Walter Hall tearoom and the Cupboard. Betty Neel represented CSB at the Lodge, Sally Dee was in charge of 1 'it BIIDGE EBLING "Skylanes',g Hope Chandler managed Windsor blue roomg and Mary Lou Burks was "major demo of Tuck Inn Miss Laura Searcy was faculty sponsor. During tl1e year, CSB has sponsored the complete redeeoration and management of Windsor blue room Puff I nn Tuck Inn, and the Cupboard, and the reupholstering of the furniture in Lela Haney Wood tearoom. From the murals on the walls to the luncheon cloths on the tables, the Board has been responsible for the entire decoration and management of the new Lodge dining room. 17122 123 Front row: BURKS, BRiJNN'N. EBLING. Mooms, GRAHAM Back row: CHANDLER. IRELAND. KEEI.ER. DE.ANE. TLAYLOR, DOLCETTE, XEEL Q LEE PERRY Student Activity Board By means of the Student Activity Bo-ard under which all the honorary sororities and clubs operate at Stephens, all students are encouraged to participate in well-organized leisure activities. This year SAB has undertaken as its campus-wide discussion project, education for peace and rehabilitation. This work has all been done through the clubs and honorary sororities, and the results were presented at the War-Peace Organization convoca- tion this spring. The W.P.O. is the organization with which the Student Activity Board is directly associated. Every club and sorority on campus is given a project that is significant in terms of some war or postwar problem. S.A.B. meets once a week to discuss the activities which connect it with other student divisions on campus. The mem- bership of the Board consists of the presidents of all clubs and honorary sororities. In former years, the Board has sponsored a hilarious, fun- filled carnival each spring. This has been discontinued for the duration of the war. Student Activity Board annually awardS a cup to the organization working under it which does the most outstanding work. Neve clubs under S.B.A. this year were the Writer's Club, and the Army-Anchor Brats. Ofhcers of the Board were: Lee Perry, president, Mary Lou Pike, vice-president, Loranda Dinham, treasurer, and Pat NICIXIIIHQY, secretary. Miss Cynthia Press, of the Spanish department, served as faculty sponsor. I Irs! rmr: lJ1NuAx1. Plxlc, Prcnnv, MIJKINNIGY lliflflle rf,ux: xh'IlI'l'li. flHH'PIN. fiAliNl'1Ii, fiUS'l'AVSON, BELL, ALEXANDER, DAY, KILGOBE, BIXBY I ack muy' Bnmw. NlA.1on. Iiolmmo, ANDERSON, ll0HENSICE, VEN'rImA, SIBLEY, CHKIFFITH, NEWELL No! fltCflll'Ufl.' Miss Purzss. HAmLEn, fiAH'I'HWAI'I'E, BLAKE, REED, PIERCE, PETERS Page 124 BOdfCi of iDUhDIICc3tIOl'lS A publication program that would tax the facilities ofa large, commercial publishing house is the main concern of the Board ol' Publications. This year was one of the most successful years in its history. Guided by president Mary Jean Corbitt, the Board features the publication of the Siephensophiu, Standard, Life, and a handbook for in-coming students, Within the Ivy. The Board is made up of four executive officers, two of whom are elected by campus-wide vote, the three editors of the major publications, three juniors from these publications, and a repre- sentative of the junior and senior class. Last fall the Board delegated the responsibility for Stephens' new Cartoon Book to the Stephens Life staff. The new book, first of its kind at Stephens, is filled with original cartoons con- tributed by students. Another project of the Board this year was a revision of the Stephens song book, which involved the elimi- nation of unused songs and the addition of new ones, This group is sponsored by Mr. Russell H. Fowler. V BIARY JEAN CORBITT Success at last appears hopeful with respect to the Board's efforts to secure a suitable "home" for the major campus publications. With the cooperation of President Wood and Mr. Dearing, prospects are bright for nevslx equipped quarters adjacent to Sampson Hall. Left fo Right: GREEN, MR. FONYLER. XYAGNER. GOELITZ, CORBITT. .loRnAx. HILL. B.kRER. G.4.RTHw.uT1-I Slamling: XVHEATLEY, JESSE. H.ARRlS. EASTLACK Page 125 .4 -44" PHYL THOMPSON Pan-l-lellenic Council Making the Ten Ideals a vital part of every girl's life is one of the goals of the Pan-Hellenic program. Eacl1 sorority pledge becomes thoroughly acquainted with Stephens history and tra- ditions before her formal initiation and is expected to uphold these high standards of living in her associations on campus and throughout her life. Pan-Hellenic Council is composed of tl1e presidents of the sixteen social sororities at Stephens College. Through Pan- Hellenic Council all sorority activities are coordinated so that sororities may achieve their aim-that of building friendship and spreading a feeling of sisterhood among the sororities. Some of Pan-Hellenic Council's activities have become annual events and are eagerly anticipated each year. The group sponsors the Pan-Hellenic Ball, a traditional sorority sing, a bridge tournament and the '4Pan-Hel F ollies," the pro- ceeds of which go to a war charity. Again this year, all sororities turned out for work on war projects sponsored by the Burrall Council. Each sorority elected a chairman who was trained by the Burrall Council to dnt tt sornf specihc community project. Each project chairman then instructed and supervised a group of students who carried on the project during the year as a campus-wide activity. Th Pan Hellenic officers were Phyllis Thompson, president, Jane Newton, vice-president, Doris Brammer, secre- tarx and Bt ttx Creve. treasurer. Mrs. Louise Howell, counselor of Senior Hall, served as faculty adviser. lfmnl rmr: Sn tw. Sponnv. Surrn, Avcocx, Houowri-nn, Bnmvnom, S'rEwAnT, BUCHFINCK, GnEvE Huck rmr: Huwrrmn. lnwn. lhnnonn, Hum-Ll., IJm,nvo, linftmmmx, DEWI'fT, SHORE, Non Page 126 lndepenclent Council The Independents of Stephens serve as a campus social organization for non-sorority members. Originated hy the Pan- Hellenic Council it was, until four years ago, a division of Pan- Hel. Independents now have the largest organization on the campus with the exception of Civic Association, of which the Independents are a major subdivision. The main purposes of this organization as slated by Linda Wells, president, are: "To maintain a feeling of democracy on campus, to educate the girls for peace, and to provide social as Well as service opportunities. Projects this year were planned with special care. They included faculty speakers, debates, and discussions. Tl1e theme of the main project was "The Post-War World." The Inde- pendents contributed more of their time and effort than ever before toward making the Burrall Service Projects successful. Social activities sponsored by the Independents were numerous: Sadie Hawkins and Valentine parties, the Inde- pendents' Bonfire, Independent Formal Ball in lVIarch, Inde- pendent Sing in April 3 and the Circus in May at Stephens stables. Tl1e Independent Board included the following girls: Linda ,avi LINDA hx-ELLS Wells, president: Anne Pasley and Lonnie Hcttinger vice-presidentsg Carol Stiefel, secretaryg Sarah Bickler, treasurer, Mary Chappell, VV. P. O. representative: "Sammy" Samuelson, publicity manager, and Jean Kriener, project chairman. Miss Helen Exley contributed her efforts a sponsor. Fronl row: ADAMS, XNEATHERBY, BIXBY Middle row: SAMUELSON, STIEFEL. xVELLS. BICKLER. KRIENER Back row: DAU, Irlnnvnr, BLACKNIOND. CRANE. CHAPPELL. IXIARTIN. TRLMBVLL. FISHER. SANDERS. NYILSDX Pngf IZ7 Sealed: ALBRIGHT. BERRY, MISS DRAHEIM, MISS CARPENTER, MISS TANDBERG Front row: BROWN. ANDERSON, KRIENER, GORDINIER, HANSON, SCHLESINGER, LEWIS, FREEMAN, WRIGHT, FRESHMAN, MERRICK, PIKE. STROTHER Bark row: DODDS. BRADLEY, BLOCKI, THORSEN. CLINE, FULLER, SAMS, CURRIE The Stephens War- War-Peaee Organization serves to stimulate both students and faculty in a total college war and peace effort. W. P. O. carries out student suggestions as to how Stephens as a college can help to win the war and plan the peace. The "Zip the Lipi' campaign developed from the suggestion of a Junior that Stephens students should he more conscious of the harm done by spreading careless gossip. live-ry hall is represented on W. P. O. Council, along with a representative from Pan-Hellenic Counr-il, the Independents, Student Activity Board, Victory Speakers, the Senior Class, the Consumer lidur-ation Department, and the campus War Stamp chairman. Miss Marjorie Carpenter and Miss xlf'lYf'llf' Draheim were faeult y sponsors and Miss Agnes C. Tandberg represented the hall counselors. Thi- pr:-sirh.-nt of W. P. O. for l9fM-1945 was Chrissie Lou Berry, with Frances Hamilton, vice-president, and De Lorf-s Albright, secretary-treasurer. liarly in Or-toher, W. P. O. and Burrall Council, with which W. P. O. works in close cooperation, flI'f'Sf'lIif'll Pri-sidf-nt Wood as a eonvoeation speaker. ln his talk, he emphasized the importance of the rolf- young women must play now and later when the fighting men have returned. To help stu- flf'tllS make a wise choiee of community or war work for the year, the various Burrall Service Projects ww-re outlined in detail. Page 128 W 7 CHHISSIE Loc BERRY Peace Qrganization Page 129 With the help of the Pied Cross, W. P. O. set up a course in Nurses' Aide training. When the mobile unit was in Columbia, W. P. O. publicized it and stimulated interest in donating blood. Con- tributions for the '6Mile-O-Dimes" campaign for Infantile Paralysis relief were collected through W. P. O. Under its direction, Stephens Life sponsored the Bond Rally in the fall and collected 59.000 during the Sixth War Loan Drive. All War Stamp Sales were managed by the War-Peace Organi- zation. The final event of the year on the W. P. O. calendar is the "awards" convocation held in the first part of May. Its purpose is to give recognition to girls who have made an unusual contribution to any phase of war work or community service. The prize of a War Bond is awarded along with te11 honorable mention prizes of 955.00 in war bonds each. In addition to the effective work of tl1e student officers, much credit goes to tl1e faculty sponsors. Miss Marjorie Carpenter and Miss Melvene Draheinl, for their supervision and coordination of the campus activities directed toward War-peace goals. Senior Sister Council ggi. Each new student at Stephens receives help throughout the year from her Senior Sister, a girl especially trained for this job. Heading the Senior Sister Organization this year was Nancy Stovall, assisted by her co-chairman, Elinor Boothg and Miss Catherine Spooner sponsored the organization. The Senior Sister chairman from each hall serves on the Senior Sister X WCY STOVALL Council, which regulates the group's activities all over campus. One girl for about every six Juniors, or only two hundred girls in all, are chosen in the spring by the House Council to become Senior Sisters. They are selected on the basis of personal integrity, understanding, patience, tact, willingness to work. determination, dependability, and good scholarship. Soon after appointments are made, a breakfast is held to welcome the new members into the organization, and they begin taking leadership training, which is continued after vacation for a week before school re-opens in the fall. Senior Sisters are very active during the year and plan the social events in junior halls, in addition to each girl's acting as confidant. helper, and friend to her Junior sisters. Their job is especially important at the beginning of the term- when new girls often need advice and assistance in planning their college careers. Senior Sisters are always willing to listen to girls' problems and help in whatever way they can. Since its beginning in 1921, the Senior Sister Organization has come a long Way. It has won a vital place in our campus lives. Leflln righl: hh'ALKP1l't, Born, FAnnAn, MERCHANT, HARHIMAN, IIUMPHREY, STOVALL, Miss SPOONEH, Boorn, DAY, MEYERS, Cu,r,Aw,u', Mn,l.En, Nhsrunn, Bum, Prrrrznsr-LN, ENGLANDER Page 130 Stephens Recreation Association "Don't be a hot-house flower, come out and join the fun!" The Stephens Recreation Association was organized to encourage the participation of every student on Stephens campus in some physical activity. This depends, not on the girl's ability to play a game Well, but on her active participation. Only seven hours of participation in some physical activity during a six-week period is required for membership in the Stephens Recreation Association. This organization promotes attitudes of good sportsmanship. It cooperates with other campus organizations, and gives each girl a chance to display leadership. Promotion of post-war fitness was the project of the club this year. Under the sponsorship of Miss Cowdry, Miss Spencer, and Miss Pederson, the post-war fitness committee has repre- CAROLINE XYILLIABIS sentatives in each hall who help girls keep physically fit. Student officers for the year were Carolyn Williams, president, Elizabeth Hickinbotham, vice-president: Margaret Witherington, secretary, Anne Keiffer, treasurerg and Betty Pierce, program chairman. Each spring, the Recreation Association sponsors an all-campus Play Day, which features a wide variety of sports in which students from all classes and all residence halls participate. ' i i Front row: HICKINBOTI-IAM, Miss SPENCER. Miss Cowomx XYILLIMIS Back row: PIERCE. TILTON, XYITHERINGTON, LITTMANN, KEIFI-'ER Page 131 Stephens Recreation ln recognition of outstanding par- ticipation in athletics, Stephens Recreation Association annually awards gold pins to nine of its members. These girls have dis- played outstanding ability in sports, a spirit of Fair play and good sportsmanship, and loyalty to S.R.A. They have also helped to promote good campus attitudes toward 4 A4 x li it' P 132 Association Awards health ancl recreation. But these girls have more than their golcl pins--they possess a sense of physical and mental well-Being from which they will profit the rest of their lives. Stephens and S.R.A. are proud to present these girls. JM W5 P2 133 21 ,lv HONORABLE MEXTIOX Q F 6 N I LITTM.-XNN,X'IRG-INI , 9, ' 'Q as. t 3 'S'-3' I X 1 Mil' CAROLYX WIALONE Senior Class Qiiicers The establishment of friendly, realistic standards of cour- tesy on the Stephens campus was the main objective of the Senior Class of 10-L5. Early in the year a few seniors formed a courtesy committee. which made all students aware of the need for cour- tesy in every area of life at Stephens College. A new tradition in the senior class this year was Senior Night, a "stunt program" and "fun night," arranged by and given by the senior class. The class officers carried o11 the tradition of selling green ribbons to juniors in the fall and class rings to seniors. They also sponsored "singing suppersf' which were held on the first Friday of every month. Plans for a loan organization to be set up in each hall were worked out by the class officers and committees were appointed. In the spring, the class officers planned the traditional farewell dance and dinner. They were also in charge of the plans for activities during commencement week. Carolxn Nlalone headed the senior class this year, with Cecille Winder, first vice-president, Betty Witte, second nn president Jane Klein, secretary, Caroline Dunn, treasurer, and Joan Merrick, W. P. O. representative. Dr. He nrx Bon man served as class sponsor. Front row: Wmmfzn, MAIJONE, WITTE Huck row: KLEIN, DUNN, Mrsmucx Page 134 Junior Class Qlliccrs In the impressive Civic Association room in Lula ltaney Wood at 8:15 each Wednesday evening, the meeting of the Junior Class Council is called to Order. Around the table are gathered the elected ollieers ol' the class, special activities chairmen, and representatives from each hall Of campus. These students gather for the purpose of originating and utilizing new ideas that will promote and enliven the junior class pro- gram. Through the hall representatives, it is possible to "tap" the Opinions and ideas of the class as a whole. This year is the first year that Junior Class Council has been for- mally recognized as a part of campus government. This comparatively new organization was originated by Katie Overholt, president of the 1944- junior class. Evening Prayer, held each Sunday evening at 9:10, is a project of the Council that was first planned by Jean Kilpatrick. Junior Nights, ,F R3 BETTY Brea the Ivy Fete, the Junior-Senior Banquet, the mid-term party for new juniors, a few of the outstanding undf Fldlxlll of the Council. Heading the Council are: Betty Rice, junior class president, Jan Williamson, vice-president: Carol Xnn Jone second vice-president, Pat Morrison, secretary, Mary Parker, treasurer, Jane Barnes, Evening Prax er chairman Cay Yoder, Junior Night chairman, Rosemary Eastlack, publicity chairman. Faculty sponsor was Dr Bowman Hall and Steering Committee representatives are: Helen Ott, Margaret Loudermill, Bette Ruth William Marion Batty, Nancy Simes, Dorothy Briegs, Nancy Lipsett, Mary Kimberly, Kay Chambers, Barbara XX ood Nlnrll x Ferneding, Gene Millikan, Marilyn Larson, Marshall Spears, Diana Gould, Wilma Ruth Webster. La 1 erne Brunner Jane Hall, Jerry James, Pat Martin, Beverly Bolton, Jane Young, Jean Fenn, Wilma Woodruff. Helen Nlcflxmond and Virginia Barlow. JONES, PARKER, RICE, TNIORRISON, XYILLLLNISON Page 135 Fronl row: q SHIRLEY WRIGHT, lst Vice-President MRS. ALICE P. YATES, Sponsor SYLVIA MORRILL, President Back row: VIVIENNE HUTCHONS, Secretary MARY LOU MINER, 2nd Vice-President N01 pictured: JANE ANN JONES, Treasurer Sophomore anol Freshman Class l"rf,r.l rmr: lil,IcAvnz XYENNING. Pre-sidcrnt Miss .IA mas. Sponsor fIHP1'l"l'A Blznnrcu, lst Vim:-Prcesiflrsni, Huck rout liumum Bowrgs. 2nd Vim:-Prfesicla-IIL JEAN Pmmmo, Sf-r'r4rI,ary Nluum. Fnrrz. Trfeasurfer Qfficers Page 136 Junior Steering Committee , WIT. Front row: MCCLYMOND, WILLIAMSON. DR. VAN DEVENTER. EASILAIQK. YIIIIER Back row: JONES, BARNES, JAMES, PARKER, H.ALL, XFOIQNG, Fzxx. RICE. NIAHTIA. WOODRUFF, BRIGGS i -tiiiii . , Y I 5.16, izrestimari and Sooiiomore Steering Committee Front rrrw: HUTCHENS, HEREFORD, MISS YATES, MISS JAMES. XYENNING. BOWES. BURDICK Back raw: WRIGI-IT, SMITH, Downv, RAYBLJRN, DOTEN. XVHALE. BOLLINGER Page 137 FRED1 BAKER Jonv GIESE Stephensophia After a year or two at Stephens, we leave with a desire to take something with us. Our parties, studies, and planning ses- sions have been experiences that we can never forget. College life has been crowded with such memories-visits with President Wood, the Senior tower, the blue rooms, the lake, our roommates and friends, that dance at Lela Raney Wood ballroom, worries over psychology Cor was it zoologyilj, the gym classes that tied us in knots, and the first time our suite-mate, aviation enthusiast that she is, flew through the air with Qahemlj considerable ease, a11d we put her under the shower, swanky flying togs and all! Stephensophia is a memory book of such a year at Stephens. In it are pictures of our friends, our halls, our teachers, our spreads, and even our beloved "Centralia Bullet!" In it are reminders of club colors, banquets, long weeks of effort, and the goals we set for ourselves. Now and then we have dared to be serious and look ahead-sometimes dreaming, always hopeful- to a world that shall know peace. We hope you will like your "Sophie"-1945 wartime style- and that you find it more than a book. It is, we trust, a tangible representation of the intangible-a year at Stephens. J fa-A THE 1944-1945 STEPHENSOPHIA STAFF FREDBICKA BAKER . . Editor-in-Chief JOAN GIESE . . . . Business Manager J OYCE CHANDLER . Assistant Business Manager BETTY JANE BAYER ...... Literary Editor J OAN CAPPS and NANCY KEOGH . . Photography Editors MARGARET KOSTEB . . . . Advertising Manager CHERRY AUSTIN and PAT KELLY . . Advertising Assistants Miss MINNIE MAY JOHNSON and MR. ROBERT J. SAILSTAD . Sponsors Page 138 Front row: MR. SAILSTAD, MISS M. M. JOHNSON, BAKER, BAYER Back row: AUSTIN, KEOGH, CAPPS, CHANDLER, KELLY, GIESE Pagz 139 Fronl row: MCKAY. RUSSEY. QIREEN. HOLLAN. ENVART. CQLEMAN Back row: CLARK. RIDDELL. SHEFFELS. XCODER. ARCHIBALD. Dousox Lo1S J ESSE Stephens The steady clack-clack of typewriters, stacks of' yellow "copy paper" marked with heavy black lead, and a group of hard-working girls seated at a round table make up the inevitable Tuesday night scene which precedes the publication of Stephens Life, the ofhcial weekly Hnewspapern voice of Stephens students. Compiled by a senior Staff of journalism students, Life not only brings news of interest to the campus, but also provides practical experience for the many students on the staff. The senior staff members, with the assistance of Mr. C. W. Hach, Life sponsor, edit the publication. At mid-term, a Junior Apprentice Board is chosen from the reporting staff to assist the senior staff and to carry on the work during the following year. Many senior staff members work several hours a week at the Columbia Tribune, a local daily paper, for additional expe- rience in newswriting and advertising. .S'lumling: Snraumw, KILCUP, CRIPPIN, JESSE, BARNES, ARMSTRONG Sealed: rllllj-l5l'l'I"l'S, Goonswr, WAGNEIK, HUNTER, Ronmvrs No! Piclured: Frmss, BLACK, LACKEY, HICKS Page 140 fafai X 0 lfiffli f if ff This year's Life has been a streamlined paper which has exemplified modern principles of makeup and "humanized" news. An annual Life project is the War Bond Bally lo raise money for war bonds. This year, the rally netted 9fEl0,000 which was used to help purchase a B-25 bomber. Dot Escherich, editor-in-chief of Life, graduated at the end of the first semester and was replaced by Lois Jesse. Other staff members were: Jean Goodsitt, campus editor, Alice Crippin, feature editor, Pat Roberts, editorial director, Ann Wagner, makeup editor, and Bette Jean Barnes, news editor. Mr. Charles W. Scarritt, first semester sponsor of Life, left ,Q at Christmas to teach at the School of Mines at El Paso, Texas. " ' ' -. ...U .a Q, , He was succeeded by Mr. C. W. Hach, present sponsor of , . . . Dor ILSCHEBICH Stephens Life, who came to Stephens from the University of Iowa. , . Front row: SYTZ. SALMON, SMITH. NICCALL Back row: WALLACE. Funsr. DuBois. Spoxson C. W. HACH. Your-:R. RIALOXE. Cninnox No! pictured: EASTLACK, HE.ATH Page 141 1 wife Lois AVHEATLEY The Stephens The Stephens Standard staff, headed this year by Lois Wheatley, included Phyllis Noe, Jan Garthwaite, Bee Jay Houk, and Rlene Howell. Marjorie Bottenfield was the business man- ager and Dr. Boy Ivan Johnson, Director of Publications, was the faculty sponsor. The members of Dr. Johnson's class in advanced composition contributed much material to the Standard and served on its staff. Apprentices are chosen each year after Christmas vacation from the juniors in the creative writing classes. They serve the rest of the year and learn the routines of magazine editing from the senior staff. Then, the next year's senior staff mem- bers are chosen from their ranks. The Standard comes out five times a year-in November, December, February, April, and May. According to tradition, Lfqfl lu righl: l5o'rTr3w'1m.n, Holm, GAn'rnwA1'rE, llowlzm., Non, WHEATLEY Page 142 Standard the last issue is taken over each year by the honorary creative Writing sorority, Chi Delta Phi. The short-story contest in the spring was again sponsored by the Standard. This contest gives recognition to some of the best writers on campus. Photography, as usual, has been one of the features of the magazine. One of the most widely advertised photography projects on campus Was the Cover Girl Contest sponsored by the Siandard. The Standard enables many students to develop and evalu- ate their creative literary efforts. What's more, it provides the entire campus with a stimulating, up-to-the-minute magazine that accurately mirrors the tempo and spirit of student thought and action at Stephens College. Q! Fronl row: Looms. Cook. .loixn.xN. NIESEN 35a Back row: TEMPLETON, MoFFETT. Roslxsox. Rxzvxoums. BOLTQN. Hircncocx Pagr 143 Nh. Standing ldeals Committees Careful planning and organization on the part of the Standing Ideals Committee has given Stephens students new insight into the meaning of the Ten Ideals. This committee of seven girls is chosen each year by the Standing Ideals Committee of the previous year. Their purpose is to further understand- ing and appreciation of the Ten Ideals in order to make them a part of the life of every girl on campus. Last year the committee sponsored the publication of a booklet, "Be Your Best Selff' which pre- sented an analysis of the Ideal of Self-Discipline. The booklet Was mailed to new students before they arrived on campus. In the fall of the year. an impressive convocation was held at which ten girls explained the quali- ties that must be possessed by the students chosen to symbolize each of the Ten Ideals. Student and faculty'-led discussions. Yespers, Burrall, and Civic Association projects helped students gain a realistic understanding of the Ideals. These discussions are held during "Ideals Week." At the beginning of the year, every junior found a small white card in her room with a short explanation of each of the ideals written upon it. They also discussed the ideals at their junior-senior sister meeting. Headed by Yelma Prosser, the committee responsible for the success of the proiect included Jean Kilpatrick, Ann Godfrey, Shirley Garland, Mary Trible Parrish, Bettie Lou Short, and Lois Jesse. Dr. W. W. Charters served as faculty sponsor. f is X :fi . ire 4 4' 4 f ' Q U f ws We vim ' A Frunl row: I'nossr:n, DH. CnAn'rr-ins, Pfuuusn Hack row: UAm,ANn, GODFHEY, Suoirr, .I HSSP: Page 144 13" ,l 'Rx 10" '35 5 i , J ' fb I l f""Qa sf? f if-'HY f "9 '? J' 4-s s Top row: MARY BELL, JOYCE BEYSTER, ELINOR BOOTH, PAT COYNE, ELEANOR CURRIE. LYNN DICKEY. LIBBY EPSTEIN M1'ddIe row: JOAN GIESE, NORA GILL, MARGUERITE HANSON. MARION POOL. PEGGY HARRINIAN. BONNIE HOFFERT. EvELYN XX-OLFRABI Bottom row: Lois WHEATLEY, ANNE THORsEN, BARBARA SNYDER, LERA PIOBLING, SKIP NENVELL, NOANIE BIORRISON. CAROLYN KIA.I-oxE. NANCY KEOGH MARY BELL, who, as president of Stephens League, Organized the campus national elections, and who assisted in distributing Missouri Constitution literature. Her rare sense of humor has enlivened the morale of many Stephens girls. JOYCE BEYSTER, who has worked competently and with an enthusiasm which inspired others, both in South Hall and on campusg also for excellent work in Stephens Recrea- tion Association. ELINOR BOOTH, for her competent and untir- ing efforts as co-chairman of the Senior Sister Council and for her many services to Stephens. PAT COYNE, who, as first vice-president of Tower. has loyally and competently ac- cepted all her hall and campus responsi- bilities, and for her cheerful and friendly spirit on campus. ELEANOR CURRIE. for her many hours of un- tirmg work and steady supervision as chair- man of campus war stamps sales. LYNN DlCKEY', for outstanding service to the juniors of Hillcrest Hall and for effective contributions to unity in student govern- ment. I LIBBY EPSTEIN, whose consideration and friendliness, as president of' Gordon Manor helped the girls in her hall to love and appre- ciate Stephens, and for faithful work in religious programs and on the Ideals Com- mittee. Page 145 Honor Roll JOAN GIESE, for her organizing ability and effective work as Production Manager of the Sophia and also for her loyal and un- iizlfish work as a Senior Sister in Windsor all. NORA GILL, for her continuous work with Bur- rall, her thoughtfulness and sincere contri- butions toward the furthering of' the Ste- phens Spirit. MARGUERITE HANSON and MARION POGL. for effective direction of' participations within their halls and for the creation of extra-class participation records for cam- pus-wide use. PEGGY HARRIMAN. for diligent. work as Senior Sister Chairman. North Hall, and for fre- quent aid. as a member of Tau Sigma Tau. to Organizations or individuals with art displays or posters. BONNIE HOFFEIKT. for her unfailing service to the campus through conscientious and de- pendable work at KTX. NANCY KEOGH, for outstanding and untiring efforts in campus-wide photographic serv- ices and for permanent pictorial memories of campus life. CAROLYN TNIALONE. for the enjoyment and entertainment contributed to the entire stu- dent body through music: and. for her de- pendable, cooperative spirit. NOANIE MORRISON, for her genuine interest in campus affairs and for assuming and carrying her responsibilities far beyond duty in connection with the promotion of the Foreign Relations Club lecture series. SKIP NEWELL. for her untiring work with her class in her junior year. her service as un- official senior advisor to the Evening Prayer Committee and for her campus-wide in- fluence as president of Phi Theta Kappa. LERA ROBLING. who. as president of the For- eign Relations Club. has inspired the cam- pus with a greater interest in the organiza- ti0Il. and has generously given much extra attention to the welfare of the club. '13,-XRBARA SNYDER. who has contributed much to the campus life through her untiring. con- scientious work on RTX. and who has been an outstanding house manager and senior sister in North Hall. ANNE TIIoRsEN. for unusual and etfectix e re- sponsibility in organizing and sponsoring the Nurses Aides during the first semester of 194-1-1945. LoIs NYHEATLEY. for her outstanding work as editor ofthe Stephens Standard. and for her enthusiasm Hlld sincere judgment which have influenced the campus spirit and development. EvELYN XYOLFRAM. who. above and beyond her work as 2nd Yice-President of Tower Hall. and Iuember ot' Theta Alpha Epsilon. has sacrificed her free time in doing work for radio. drama. and the campus as a whole. 9 " P pw 522. 592 Z:-' 4:32 1 I-1 " C ' I5 frnmljj S0125 iliot gi 1:12 'o::: 'J Ulm, Q-':n-1-.1 E1 .34 O..,5f-ai 5..- f-+- VJ'4 D'-4-'fd '-'- ,.,fD :'.::' fl 2 r-497 :fb Q: -' 'I' Ei:II,"ji2 5' Em 125413 mg 32 35.29 -1 g ' an :Q-' :Q-fngm 1 :Q-.2 Oirimclfv- "'O- 5.7 'D'E. rom ,-,Ee Qfflgvfb HE. V' fo -sb fe Q2 'cigar' C3 5: 7D-Tmg? 5' QPU' Ho: -, 2,3 :gag .-f 5"1 YTLQA Q Ei' gf-'QC O -... :E fb 57.4-1 2. O Cn:-5 C: CH' --'Z-' ,..,fD I-ffjq'-P Q. -JH Q: ,D 2 rv-G: 45551: "' FD CD'-1 5? CD - rs-mg, ga P-walt gf'-O 23 'im O93 t u-'CD o -fb 2 gf- 55:2- Q 5-Q was UQ , "' S ,Ga E093-:. cr: Dbfnu HST? 2 Em' 9553+ :H 'CD 1:11-+-S if: 29 ESE 99 'B G'-'cu' 2, E91 s-254: H-I OV mi QFD-cp H Sr Haig a so 'De'-:H co z-B 301:14 Q 'UU' "" am Q-'F' 3 152, FF2'-3? U-'O' 5 3-1 S"5 1-1 5 ig cub Q Q-I mmm -s 'E :Paqq Q' 'ED FEW 5 co' '-15192. Q9 mm 'I-5 H CDO B I-H Q.. 5 U4 rn Q-+5 mich - UJCD 560-FD These additional aw s mental strength, physical health, social poise, THE FOUR-FOLD GIRL, who possesse and spiritual vision. t uctive influence through THE BEST PRIVATE CITIZEN who has shown a consistent cons r her respect for campus laws and her power of leadership. She does not hold a major campus office but maintains, both in attitude and action, the ideals of the school. I ,, APPRECIATION OF THE BEAUTIFUL . . . An ability to see loveliness in ordinary sur- roundings as well as in art, music, or literature, and to inspire love for the arts in others. I I L CHEERFIQLNESS . . . Consistent maintenance of a buoyantly cheerful outlook on life and a cordial friendliness which brings gladness to others. I Q COURTESY . . . Gracious refinement and friendliness which express themselves in marked ' mfort and feelings of others. consideration for the co Page 146 IDEALS Page 147 FORCEFULNESS . . . Tried ability in office, especially as evidenced by sur-cess in tar-tfully influencing others to work, and in exerting a wide and constructive inlluenr-ff ow-r the campus as a whole. .4 W HEALTH . . . Radiant health of body, excellent physical and mental well-being, not necessarily the ability to star in sports, but a real interest in them. l - HONESTY . . . Courage in one's own convictions, eagerness to acknowledge aid and achieve- ments of others, and intolerance of dishonesty of any sort. if LOVE OF SCHOLARSHIP . . . A sincere appreciation and enjoyment of learning. combined with accurate attention to detailg a questioning attitude which leads to voluntary study. fab SELF-DISCIPLINE . . . A personal control of sufficient power to enable a girl to do what she knows ought to be doneg absolute dependability, involving a wise organization of time and money and a wise decision between various loyalties. Tl- SERVICE . . . Dependable service to Stephens and to one's friends-not particularly con- spicuous services which yield honor to the doer, but more especially small. unobtrusive. but con- stantly-repeated services. swv RIEVERENCE TOWARD THE SPIRITUAL . . . Loyalty to high ideals. a desire to be a ' positive force for good, tolerance of religious beliefs of others. and a real sincerity in the individual practice of a personal religion. JMQJ vi Wwivwxy G 3' 4 . ,Va ,, ,., ,.v-- 'mi f- P'1',.f", 459: ,L'wEf1f' 1 QM? Q ,r' ' 1 I Wu' .1 I i of 1 5 1 I i E I ik 'w I 12' gfeae-H-kv ' a'f' OQMWUW 9,2 JMJW ifg'Q". + lf' sr A 1 g,yAqw9f4":4 4 1 W7 WV! ,M 'Q 4 , rf- 'K ' ff fm ,t f W 'ww' M13 " L. ff ff f 1 if ., 7' 4 f ..'ff,p,: , W ' ,, ,,,,4,, V ".,-2-rw' . ' . 1. ..!. f ,V Q 1' G? T" gg Un xv Ll? 4 V r l ff 3' 251 fE,MmMz f-LWM 20-W' . , gg ..-.,,. ., l,'1flffr'lof11l1mr1lfor for f1.vf'y live 4 fr Corps In Leia Haney ball room ell. lfflk fry fl again Somebody got a Zeller "No more rlrflplm-.Q l"rfrlf1yx . " Uff io For! l,eon,ard Wood Uohf Snow! V-s.1:.:ag:'gs, - - 4 1.1 Page 160 Paar' l6l V 1' s 4 -v-nh.. ,-., Comply annozzncers The Izlv Fefe' qzmvz The male build c1rI1'slsC?D Ring ou! H20 old . llerv comes the bride . . . Dr. Bozvnzan Ring in H10 neu' JJ fllzff .5 , i 5 . P 1 ,..- I 1? w'ozz'1w1' QR! wdjl' I ...-in f 'Q ,E v L"4.l-4? Q.. SY an-I-. I If 'f tv x 1 'x JA' 1 9 v' 'Q' w AHS' 9 'MQW if 0. Fx N . Nj ' X M ' R 15 Nm? im' N'fWi v J' R X xi' f , we , -i,, 4, b V f m. ,nw , C7 ' ' 1 X B ., l if f 3 . 42 df. X. 1 .P- Q C f Q .2 91 3 -1 :H 179 of xxks .X personal religion for each girl. full of meaning and sincere understanding, is the goal of Burrall Class. Organized to meet student needs and desires, Burrall Class activities are administered by the girls themselves. Student thoughts and wishes are voiced through seven senior girls, who make up Burrall Cabinet. The Burrall faculty staff guides the Cabinet in carrying out the Burrall program. lfach member of the Cabinet is in Charge of a special division of Burrall activities, and Works with a member of the faculty staff. For example, Nora Gill was in charge of Wednesday and Thursday v espers. and ,Knn Godfrey of Sunday evening prayer. Other members of the cabinet included Betty tioetz and Hlene Howell, directors of publicity, promotion, and public relationsg Rachel Deneen, leader of the "Sunday 7322" discussion group, which meets in the homes of various faculty members on Sunday evenings: Sue Strother. project chairman: Eugenia Bedard, social chairmang and DeVene Harrold. president. The regular Sunday morning Burrall Class meetings, '6Can Sunday," oprhan adoptions, and, social service projects are among the activities of Burrall Cabinet, and Burrall Class. Various cultural func- tions such as an annual play and the Burrall Symphony Concert series are also sponsored by Burrall Class. linder the leadership of President Delvene Harrold and with the help and guidance of Mr. Paul Weaver. its faculty head. Burrall Class sought, to help each girl at Stephens find and build a philosophy that is spiritually practical-one that will help her live a full and rich life. Gn,r,, Brgmxnn, HowEu,, HAnno1,n, Srnornnn, GoE'rz, GODFREY, DENEEN Page 164 Sundays at 7:QQ The congenial and challenging atmosphere ol' Sundays at 7:22 is ff-lt by 1-wry Str-plwns girl who attends these group meetings-aand they are open to all. This activity provides a f'll?1Ilf'f' for seriou- discussion by interested students from all over campus. Dr. liobert li. Davidson, ol' the liurrall stall. is sponsor of the organization., which meets at dill'erent, facult y homes each we-ek. This gives 1-wry girl a chance to know informally more members of the faculty as well as other students. This Sunday evening discussion group stimulates clear thinking and develops an unflfrstanfling of important viewpoints which will be valuable in helping the girls face the problems of tomorrow. An atmosphere of freedom and informality dominates the discussions, giving each me-mb:-r ol' thw- group an opportunity to raise questions and express opinions frankly and sincerely. From sur-h expe- rience springs a feeling of self-confidence and a broadened attitude of tolerance toward the problems which confront all intelligent people. The.organization is under a steering committee composed of Juniors and Seniors. The Senior members of the board this year were Betty Goetz, Pmlene Howell, and Anne Thorsen. Page 165 Sw- Fronl row: THORSEN. Gorzrz Back row: LUCY. DENEEN. Hl1XX'EI.L lp Vespers ,, P J Soft organ music . . . quiet . . . the dim-lit auditorium . . relaxed spirits . . . atime of meditation and prayer . . . an inspiring talk. Vespers . . abeautiful and cherished tradition at Stephens. Yesper services that girls especially look forward to through the year are Thanksgiving Vespers, Christmas Yespers Cwhen the traditional Christmas candle, symbolizing the Stephens spirit, is lightedb, Senior Farr-we-ll Ye-spers, Good Friday Vespers, and the Recognition Vespers Chonoring outstanding Juiiiorsj. Some day Yi-spers will be held in a small chapel where the organ and speaker are not seen by the gathering. Pri-sid:-nt Woorl and the members of the senior class of 1939 felt the need of such a chapel, and sim-e that time students and alumnae have been contributing regularly to the Chapel Fund. The flliapf-I will have a small meditation room Where students may come at any time to worship. The flliapf-l will be built nl' sound-proof brick walls providing an air of quiet and privacy. It will serve as a met-ting place for Xespers and will be used for other religious services. It will also be open to Str-plir-ns alornnae vi ho wish to he married there. In architectural design and structure, the new Chapel will he simple, fllillllllfffl, warm, and friendly. wtf? Page 166 Page 167 Burrell Social Service Projects The 'Burrall Service Projects have a three-fold purpose: first, giving girls experience in group situations, second, helping the surrounding community, and third, assisting in the war effort. At the head of these projects are a faculty director, lVlr. llarold Bottrell, a student r-hairrnan. and a member of the Burrall Cabinet, Sue Strother. They preside over the lixecutive tlounf-il. l'rojf-ct leaders, who are in charge of specific projects, are responsible to this council. Project workers are students who have volunteered. Stephens girls not only aid others through this program, but they receive valuable experience in social work. They become better informed and more interested citizens of' the community. They become leaders with first-hand practical experience and judgment in community affairs, and, there- fore, are aware of and sympathetic to the problems and procedures of various community agencies and groups. They also come to understand the differences between professional and non-professional services in the community. Burrall Service Projects are based on the assumption that what is done well here on the campus, with interest and understanding, will tend to improve and enrich post-college living. At the Cancer Hospital Teen W Town Fronl row: WALLACE. MEYERS, SHORT, COOPER, BUSSKOHL, WOOD, JUSTICE Back row: ACKERSON. FENN, CARLSTROM, BICE, DICKEY, FROST, JOHNSON, HOWES unrise Choir Many years ago, President Wood had another of his good ideas. In 1924, he told Miss Nellie Lee Holt about it, and as a result, Sunrise Choir was founded as a part of the Burrall program. Today, the Sunrise service is an informal radio program based on the International Sunday School lesson. The Sunrise Choir, composed of fifteen members, is under the able direction of Miss Margaret Colby. The girls are carefully selected for their musical ability and sense of responsibility. They have two rehearsals each Week. This year, the Choir made several trips to Fort Leonard Wood in order to sing in the chapel there. The Choir also gave a program at one of the faculty concerts and sang at vespers. Among the special programs given this year by the Choir were the Easter Sunrise Program, presented in connection with the Burrell liaster service at the Stephens Lake, and the commemorative vespers, held in the College auditorium on April 12 following the news of President Roosevelt's death. Page 168 iH....a..4d..x-s..4..--.f..- au..-...-.wa - ' ,.... ,nf-f.::f Page 169 Choir practice. Burrell Choir Since 1925, when Burrall Choir came into existence, it has been gratefully appreciated by all who have been privileged to hear it. Forty-two voices composed the first choir, which sang at the Baptist Church in addition to its regular Burrall duties. In 1936 the campus had grown so much that the choir was enlarged to 120 voices. It is now composed of Women from Stephens and men from the University of Missouri. By means of alumni activities, the fame of the choir has spread. Miss Louise Carhart, Miss Martha Meers, and Mr. Irwin Umlauf are a few of the well-known people who have belonged to the Burrall Choir. The West Point Glee Club has had three former Burrall choir directors in various parts of the country. The director of the choir is Mr. Ernest L. Cox, who is a singer, teacher, and director. Mr. Irwin Umlauf is his able assistant director, Miss Nesta Williams is the organist: and Yirginia Hampton is the piano accompanist. The main purpose of the choir is singing at Burrall Class meetings. However. the choir's many "extra-curriculari' activities include an annual performance at the Third Baptist Church in St. Louis and a trip to Jefferson City to sing for tl1e Federated Churches. For music week. the third week in May, Burrall Choir presented, for the first time in Columbia. Handel's great Work. Judas Maccabaeizs. Participation in the Burrall Choir has become one of the most popular activities on campus and the worth of Burrall Choir can be estimated i11 terms of its local a11d national reputation. Burrall Orchestra Burrell Concert Series In a local dance band in 1921, Burrall Concert Series had its beginning! Some members of the hand formed an orchestra, and by the following year, Dr. Basil D. Gauntlett, head of Stephens' music department. was conducting the group. Burrall Orchestra is now composed of students from Stephens and Christian Colleges, the University of Missouri, and Columbia townspeople. The orchestra has given five concerts featuring famous guest soloists this year. Its opening con- cert starred Percy Grainger, pianistg its second, Jean Carlton, soprano, and its third, Max Steindel, violoncellist. Dr. Basil D. Gauntlett appeared at the next concert, and the orchestra finished the season with a program starring Patricia Travers, a young violinist. In May, Burrall orchestra presented the score of Flotow's opera, "Martha" In this production, the ballet. orchestra. and chorus were composed of students and a New York cast. Annette Burford, soprano: Gean Grccnwell, baseg and Jean Browning, contralto, sang the chief roles. Providing fine music for Columbia students and townspeople and developing proficient sym- phonists among students are the aims of the Burrall Concert organization. Nlr. Edward Murphy, conductor of Burrall Orchestra, is a graduate of the Eastman School of Xlusic and has studied in Vienna. He was solo cornetist with the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra and with the All-American Orchestra, under the direction of Leopold Stokowski. Since 1931, Burrall Concerts have been providing symphonic music for the students and towns- pf-oplc of' Columbia. llr'xs .lean ffurflon and Ur. IZIIIIIVIFII 1lIll'fIlI.V fl'ffPf' lim ffnlmerl. Page 170 Page 171 Front row: LARSON, HANSEN, KNODE, DoDsoN, MEACHAM Back row: ONSRUD, FULLER, VAN ETTEN, ROBBINS, FELDMAN, SHARP Evening Prayer From the hushed darkness ofthe auditorium on Sunday evening at 9:10, come tl1e solemn 11otes of an organ prelude. On the stage, dressed in robes of classic white, stand the members ofthe Sunrise Choir. After the students have entered quietly, and occupied, according to tradition. "every other" seat, three students clad in robes appear on the stage. Tl1e scene is set for Sunday Evening Prayer. This Sunday service is relatively new on campus. In the early part of 1944. the Junior class con- ceived the idea of sponsoring a semi-religious service on Sunday evenings. Attendance was voluntary. but the plan had such power and scope that it soon became a Stephens "tradition." The Junior class of 1945, under the guidance of Dr. W. C. Yan Deventer. .lane Barnes. student chairman, and the steering committee, formulated the type of program that is now Evening Prayer. After tl1e singing of a hymn by the choir, a prayer is read. A period of silence and meditation follows, which is terminated by the lighting of a candle and a second prayer. this one for the safety of our men and women in service. Again the voices of tl1e choir join in so11g. A student speaks brietly about, for example, a way of life or a set of values. The service ends with a prayer sung by the choir. Evening Prayer is designed to provide a time and a place for silence and meditation. lt is produced entirely by students, and it has now established itself as one of those cherished practices which enrich the student's campus experience. 'fi . ' ., 'N fi if if n 8 X1 si Sv Y ' i Senior Court Surrounded hy traditions, Senior Court is nearly as old as the school itself. Being a senior IS some-thing: special, and "Senior Court." is a traditional organization that holds seniors together Sf-nior Court is made up of five senior halls: Senior, Wood, Columbia, White, and Lela Ptaney Vioorl. ,Xi,i.r.s. Nl new lx xii XNIILI1-UN.NlxHW lt l11mcls.Xlw,lxIx,Nl. flxmi-.r1. l'Qr,r.xxon li. lines xi.l.. .lr Nr,,w.l1ufmm Liss Thr- pre-sidf.-nts of these halls are the ofheers of Senior Court. With the help of the five hall 'Z i n '4' , 161 f .12 . QW!! rounselors. Senior Court promotes cooperation among the senior halls. .,,. I fm? lil Ho-r-,. NTxm,x1:i,'l l,ol l'iF'S'H.lN. l'Qr,iz1.m-:rn l'o-Tue. SHr,ll,x L- FH mas. .loxswn fQnr.r,n. .I xv, il-'lHIiIi.BkHHAl1A I xg wld , Q 1 1,7131 M, - I I1 54' XI-V' i C7 1, Hall Councils Officers this year were Jane Greer, presidentg Jeanne O'Neill, vice-presidentg "Brownie" Carter. secretaryg and Phyl Hutson and Jane Kirby, senior representatives. Miss Agues G. Tandberg spon- sored the Court. Joint social activities are carried on throughout the year, and other student activities are spon- sored. The girls in Senior Court strive to uphold the Ten Ideals, and to practice them. Senior Court is fondly remembered by all girls after they leave Stephens. FP? ,gm-F YS -QA Ns X Htrsox. PHYLUS KAISER. K.1.RoL R1LLINGswoRrH. XILEHIEL KIRBY. JAXE LAXYRENCE. Loss JANE LTXEILL. JEANNE REl'L. ,l,xcQt'EL1xE Scorr. DLJRETTE vox SCHRADER. JEAN WARNER. E. ELIZABETH Wcxrmxs. CLXRA Y.mBe.oL'oH. BETTY ,ff APPRENTICE HALL Lcjfl lo righl: HAIXBIS, LovEI,AcE AVIATION HALL Front row: WEBER. WISHARD. HAYTER, DUNCAN Back row: DODDS, MILES, BEUL, TOMPKINS, KAINEIK COUNTRY CLUB Front row: MULROY, KEIGHTLEY, PIERCE Back row: MILLIKAN, ANDERSON, BLOCKI, BECHSTEIN DAY STUDENTS Left lo right: PRUNTY, SIMPSON, WATKINS, TURNER CAPPS Pager! 74 FIICLDING SlVll'I'll IIALI. Firsl row. lqfl lo riglll: ALLEN, Sl-:wEf:A1,, IJGVINIC Second row: JOHNSON, BEEBE, SIIICPAHIJ, S'rl4:wAn'r, BROWN GORDON MANOR F irsl row: JANSSEN, IEPSTEIN, MEIKEL Second roun- LEXYIS, BRUNNER, TILLM,AN. GAYNOIK HATCHER HALL First row: BEESON. HUMPHREY, IQILLINGSVVORTH, SAMS Second row: HY'DE, JOHNSON, LUTZ. COLLIE HETZLEH HALL Front row: BOYD, FOSTER, SCHLESINGER Back row: BERKSHIEE. RICE Paw 175 ,i XRS X 3 -r - Q, x "., Y 1 5 5 :W- ,pam llll.l.CllES'l' HALL Ffrs! I'lfll'.' BFI-tu-tu. Du'Rm'. li xxmx N Tvlimf f'1fll'.' .NRI-ins. Xl lc11H1.RNA. xx-INTERS. X11-TRN li ILXLRA STEPHENS HALL Frollf rull'.' ARP. xox SCHRADER. STROBERG. HAN- SUN Burk rozr: Hun. BARR. FREEMAN. SCHMIDT LELA RANEY WOOD HALL First row: ANDERSON, KILCUP, GOCHENOUR Second row: LOCKE, BEATTIE, HUTSON, KRAMER THE LODGE Firsl row: MCDONALD, WATSON, DUNBAR, LY- MAN Second row: DOWNS, KYSELA, FRAKES, JACKSON, MILLER Page 176 OAKREST HALL Front row: WALLENDORF, HANSON, BHODRICK Back row: SNYDER, LAWRENCE, GLOAR, AMES PRESIDENT WOOD'S HOME Front row: NICHOLS, WESLOWW' Back row: ALBEHTS, ENGELHARD, DUBOIS, STORES Not pictured: BURRIS, Page I77 N1Al'l.l'Q HYXLI. First rrm,-: l'lvn..Axm.n, XX nexus. .Irm---Ir -Svffffflllll rnu: .' l'I,'Ll,I'lH. fll,u11'H'. N1u1m.w,n, .lorfxwrfn NORTH HALL Front row: CJVVENS. SNYDER. Sufwvn. Htxmu MAN Back row: MUHLENBROCK. LVIEACHAM. Ym BROUGH, LEHMAN. EVANS A . qt V 11' X ma-' T., M SEZ? 1 FL: 1. 'T Z I ,,,, , rlryqr ,, wa y , H40 ,W SOUTH HALL' Firsl row: BEYSTER. DARNALL, MARTIN Second row: CALDWELL, KOSTER, GAULDIN, CLINE, PHELAN, DELLINGEE WALES HALL F irsi row: SOUTH, DAY Second row: LIGON, DUBOSE, ROBINSON Third row: BELL, GORDINIER, TINDEL, ROHWEDER TOWER HALL First row: FARRAR, PIELEMEIEB, WOLFE Second row: WOLFRAM, KILPATRICK, COYNE, KAISER, CAMP, WRIGHT TERRACE HALL F irsl row: YTAKE, BRADLEY, THOMPSON Second row: BENJEGERDES, MUSSETTER, LANCAS- TER, ALLEN Page 178 Firsl row: CAMPBELL, WblA'FlIl4IliI3Y, S1NoPolu,u Second row: Kumv, ADAMS, IIARRIS, SCHLANGER Fronl row: KEMMERER, DEEDS, SCOTT, LINDSAY Second row: MABKEL, GARLAND, MAUCH, FRESH- MAN, WINKLER Page 179 WINDSOR HALL WIIITIC IIALI, W v Pop Collins Cabin Qs X lloufs' Ihr: ufmlfmr up lhere? Poor pledge on Hel-day H'f1f1l'.v ffm mailer, gals? Whf1.98 mann? lhe handsomesl? lL'lIlf'f'fllI'llfIlPlIf for lim lndepwndflrrls Page' 180 f- is A Y Z., . .,. 5 N VIN A iriple birlhday pariyf A fhrill during rzzshing Remember Hawaii? C111 il. ifs fire Sfsvici' The 'Forly-siaf Sophie editor Ccenierj sieps ou! in jeans! The din ing room gals af Ieiszzre Page 181 Aloha Epsilon Rho K To it f Alpha lipsilon Rho. national honorary radio fraternity, encourages girls to take an interest in radio broadcasting. lt organizes and promotes student radio activities and recognizes outstanding work done by radio majors on campus. The radio conference was the outstanding project of the organization last fall. Members of the fraternity acted as official hostesses and helped the radio teachers with the little jobs which had to be done. The standing job of the fraternity is to keep KTX, student radio Workshop, running smoothly. livery member of the organization has a responsible job at the station, and takes an interest in all its activities. Besides working at KTX, these radio enthusiasts presented a speaker during the last semester and sponsored a booth at the S. A. B. carnival. Social functions attended by the members were waflle breakfasts, informal luncheons, and formal dinners. To qualify for Alpha Epsilon Rho, a student must have above average grades in radio, average grades in other subjects, and do outstanding radio Work on campus. Some of the capable members have been working with the radio staff on programs presented over KFRU, the local station. This year's president of the fraternity was Judy Haigler, vice-president was Barbara Bolan. Lee Page served as secretary-treasurer, and was succeeded by Doris Gaines. Mr. Sherman P. Lawton served as faculty Sponsor. GAINES, CHAMBERS, HAIGLER, BOLAN Page 182 Aloha pi Epsilon fiik Alpha Pi Epsilon is the national honorary secretarial sorority at Stephens. .lean llol1en-f-f- was president this year and the vice-president was Bethany Huseher. Betty Baynier served as secretary and Betty Getz as treasurer. Miss Merle Gallatin was sponsor of the organization. Alternating business and social meetings gave the members, who are chosen on the basis of a high scholastic average in all courses, a chance to broaden their interests and circle of acquaintance on campus. The members of the Alpha Pi Epsilon sorority have done typing and dictation projects for the Burrall Ofhce. Page 183 Ryrnnn, HUSCHER. HOHENSEE. GETZ Beta Phi Gamma its .3 L, Ng l at -gg A-gy Beta Phi Gamma members are the embryo journalists on campus. This fraternity was estab- lished to promote an interest in journalism, to achieve a higher type of news dissemination, and to give special recognition to outstanding journalism students on campus. On the social side, Beta Phi Gamma entertained Alpha Epsilon Rho, the radio fraternity, and Chi Delta Phi. the creative writing fraternity, at a banquet this spring. An initiation dinner and several parties at the Collins cabin were given during the fall and spring for the Beta Phi Gamma pledges and members. Officers of the organization were Alice Crippin, president, Pat Roberts, vice-president, and Betty .lane Bayer, secretary-treasurer. Mr. Charles W. Searritt and Mr. C. W. Haeh have served as spon- sors for the group during the current year. BAYER, CHIPPIN, ROBERTS Page 184 Chl Delta Phu .I xzicb' -. '3'..,6r-fi Chi Delta Phi functions to encourage writers and to raise the standard of literary mate-rial pro- duced by students of Stephens College. Membership in the sorority honors girls who rleserw: recog- nition for outstanding work in the field. The sorority's activities are not confined to the club itself but are of interest and benefit to every girl at Stephens the year around. Their poetry contest in the fall and the short-story contest, in the spring are open to all budding literary geniuses and usually unearth a great deal of unsuspeeted talent. In cooperation with Theta Alpha Epsilon, Chi Delta Phi gives a Senior Vesper service once each year. The commencement issue of Stephens Standard is traditionally sponsored by Chi Delta Phi. Because of a paper shortage, Chi Delta Phi was unable to publish the 1944 issue of "Lanterns" "ArchWays," and "Vineleaves." This year, however, the chapter compiled material for a two-year an- thology, representing the best creative writing done by students during the school years of 1943-44 and 1944-45. The officers of Chi Delta Phi Were: President, J an Garthwaiteg vice-president, Dorothy Munsg and secretary-treasurer, Pamela Marshall. Serving as sponsors during the year were Miss Marguerite Malrn and Miss Mary M. Wills. Page 185 MARSHALL, GARTHNNAITE, MUNS Delta Sigma To give girls who are interested in science a chance to share their ideas is one of the purposes of Delta Sigma. honorary science sorority. The organization has sponsored many Worthwhile projects on campus such as the bulletin board in Hickman Hall and the series of science lectures. This sorority also gave aid to the Health Council and sponsored two radio programs each Week dealing with prob- lems of scientihc interest. The social activities of the club included teas and picnics. Girls who have a high scholastic average in two or more laboratory sciences are eligible to join Delta Sigma. To maintain her membership in good standing, a girl must continue her studies in science and maintain a superior standing in her science courses. The club was under the sponsorship of Miss Ethel Sue Lumb. The officers were: Carol Griffith, presidentg Ann Hunt, vice-president, Jean Fields, secretary-treasurer. HUNT, GRIFFITH, FIELDS l l Page 186 Phi Theta Kappa fgx 'vu' li-iii 'Q fini ' llxhziff T ' 4 l The largest chapter in the country is the proud boast of the Alpha chapter of Phi Theta Kappa. national junior college honorary scholastic fraternity. Throughout the year, Phi Theta has sponsored three major projects. Working in co-operation is ith the senior sisters, the fraternity has been active in rewriting and distributing Cornpass Pm'nl.s-. the orientation booklet for new students. Problems of health are of vital interest to Phi Theta Kappa. Each year this organization con- ducts a survey to analyze the cause of any health problem which may arise on campus. To promote the ideal of scholarship is the primary aim of Phi Theta. In connection with this goal, Phi Theta members presented talks in residence halls during scholarship week. Ofiicers of Phi Theta Kappa are: "Skip" Newell, president, Maryjo Suverkrup, vice-president: Barbara Embleton, secretaryg Margery Imboden, treasurer, Betty Kirkbride, publicity manager: and Cleo Rogers, project chairman. Miss Elizabeth B. Stanton is the Phi Theta sponsor, and Dean Weldon P. Shofstall is co-sponsor. .1 f .':':"'fl "". "" Th' "" 2 'EES,-aassa2s,:sw5fgg5g,,e.s:S , ' meeL Page 187 Left lo right: ROGERS, EBLBLETON, NEWELL, SUVERKRUP, IMBODEN. KIRKBRIDE E Sigma Gamma Gamma Sigma Gamma Gamma, honorary music sorority, was founded in 1923 by Dr. Basil D. Gauntlett and the music faculty. The purpose of this sorority is to develop in girls an appreciation of fine music and to give them an opportunity to hear such music. Music recitals are held every other Monday night. ln these recitals, music students of the College perform.. In order to become a member of Sigma Gamma Gamma, a girl must be a music major. Candidates are recommended by members of the music faculty and elected to membership by vote of the active members of the sorority. The 1944-45 oflicers were: Lois La Shelle, presidentg Barbara Day, vice-presidentg Rose Mary Wallace, secretaryg and Janet Goethals, treasurer. Miss M. Jeanette Hansen and Mrs. Margaret Sheldon of the music department were the sponsors. Sigma Gamma Gamma is the oldest departmental honorary organization on campus. It has always been an active group and has contributed much to the musical appreciation of the campus as a whole. WALLACE, Ci0ETHALS, DAY Page 188 Tau Sigma Tau Over twenty-four girls were elected to Tau Sigma Tau, the honorary art sorority, this year. They were recommended by their art instructors and selected by the club members on the basis of their achievements, they were not necessarily art majors. The purpose of the organization is hto honor students who have shown outstanding interest and ability in the field of art, and to help them to develop their talentsg also, to render service to the campus through the medium of art." Sketching picnics, guest speakers, and waffle breakfasts added zest to the sorority's regular activi- ties, which included the arrangement of new library displays every two weeks. Having "live" models present at a number of the club meetings tended to help the members combine business with painting and a "good time for all." Officers for the year were Georgia Lee Alexander, president, Margaret Helm, vice-president: Nina Thomas, secretaryg Gil Underwood, treasurer, and Natalie Speer, program chairman. Mr. Robert Swan sponsored the group. i Page 189 THOMAS, HELM, AKLEXANDER. Uxnisnwoon Theta Alpha Epsilon Theta ,Xlpha Epsilon. the honorary dramatic sorority, this year made several trips to different camps to entertain soldiers. In February, members presented an all-student musical revue based upon an original script. Showing an admirable spirit of cooperation, the sorority sold Missouri Uni- versity Workshop tickets on the Stephens campus, and thus helped to support the University dramatics program. Theta Alpha fosters interest in drama by holding a contest in the spring to encourage students to write one-act plays. A scholarship is awarded to a girl on campus who shows exceptional ability and interest in the theater, and a certificate of merit is given to an outstanding drama student. Officers for this year were: Barbara Lynde, president, Kathy Thompson, vice-president, Pat Connor. sccretaryg Glorida Fisher, treasurerg Jean Chew, S. A. B. representative, Joan Xanders, pub- licity chairman. Mr. Cameron King was the faculty sponsor. WY . . iffgf .MX . .N v.,,tg X. i ff 1 f 4 v 'N xv- . , gm? xi 5, 15 ,L mw- X: 6 Aff' V we wwf- QN 'fax ,fwfr ,fd 'MY' xx is Aw , .... angst " s,t.s,x Y' 'X-9:e'.. 7 ,. f,mfy. ,jf 514'-I My fy- ffl: Q 1,9 5 ff,,gg,.Q.fs,f4' jx, 1 ff ff ,ft 57' ww? 2 4 2, 'f f 6 fx. 5, .f f ,f g ,ffv 4, Q 'V Ui? 12.4 ,121 3 .1 ,,, ,V f, , ,Z 5 ' X' ?1Q,ffff,g,2i5! if? 2 t f ,L 7 1 i ' fe I Cuuw, LYNUH, Comivon, Frsrmn, 'l'HoMPS0N Page 190 Pg 191 MISS MAUDE ADAMS ER dignity and laclc of atfectation have moulded us into one serene group who snare, in common, admiration and respect for a great actress whose star did not set when ner vvorlc on the stage was done. And there will always remain with us the treasured memory of a rare gentle-Woman. - A Student Tribute Alpha Alpha Alpha .jig K . Ju O 93- Q . Alpha Alpha Alpha, headed by Pat Harrold, is dedicated to achieving all of Stephens Ten Ideals, but this year friendliness and courtesy were given particular emphasis in the Tri Alpha activity program. One social get-together and three business meetings were held each month. A banquet was given at the beginning of the year for actives and pledges and in spring a farewell party was given for the seniors by the pledges. In addition to Pat Harrold, the officers for the year included: Nancy Ten Broeck, vice-presidentg Mary Jane Neal, secretary-treasurerg and Frances Eiring, project chairman. Mrs. Vera Washburne was faculty sponsor. Left lo righl: TEN BROECK, EIBING, NEAL, HARROLD Page 192 MARY' ANDERSON DORIS VIRGINIA BONNER LAURA LOUISE BOWSI-:R JUDITH BRIER JEAN CHEW JO RENE COCHIKAN LORANDA DINHAM NANCY' DOWNS FRANCES EIIKING A JACQUELINE ELLIOTT LIBBY EPSTEIN DORTHE GAliRE1'T SUZANNE GOERNER JOANNE GRAVENGAARD BILLIE SUE HALL FRANCES HAMILTON PAT HARROLD MARJORIE HERNANDEZ PATRICIA HERNANDEZ MARILYN JEAN HOOLEY ANN HUTH JACKIE JAMES JERENE JAMES GLORIA J USTESEN ELEANOR KILGORE BOBBIE KRENZLER JANE LANCASTER SUZANNE LEVY KATHRYN LOGAN KATHLEEN MEACHAM JEANE M. MCKENZIE ADELAIDE MCLARTY MARY JANE NEAL JEAN OWENS MARY JEAN PAUL BARBARA PICKENS EIILEN PLATTE MARION POOL GENEVIEVE POWELL BETTY REESE SHIRLEY ANN RUDOLPH MARY HARRIS SAMFORD BONNIE SIMPSON CHARLOTTE SLAUGHTER MARY LOU SMITH DOROTHY SNAPP GERALDINE STALEY HELEN STRAUSS JOYCE TARNUTZER NANCY TEN BROECK SADIE B. VFILLMAN JACKIE JFOMPKINS MARILYN"l'URNER MARY MIIRRAY' VVOLF Page 193 1 Q-. fe J A-If Swv., I Z A ,Q O KSA A X NA 5 , J Q A l.. I A , .. ,I T 5 Qmz-G? QV' I ' ul'-N 4 Xi Xt NW N 4 A SA A I X X 1 Q X W R X X Ns A I A NN A X '-1 xx A X xi X A A 014' , A 7V 'QQ W, X A xi , , wap .I .A X v SMR wi X Q!! A S83 A xN I IX '5. :L X I Q I SANQAQ i fflxi .. J , Ji: .A 'N FS K- -5-. ,I t 1 Www C N ' ' I K X x ,gf-xg-xp., xx-"TNQ A A A X E Xi SSW I A A A SQ A X , I Sin W4 fw- Xl Q S-Q-vw 5 A A 4 A M "' X Ss 5 X S A A A-. x I EA Q A -.ASQ xQ X X N Ax 'W X 46, , .A A L Q 1. A if X "X FN x f., I 'A K Q . E ' . - ' A YT "fl y, x. -: rx S A XX 5 we PW All-A X I Ss M .L W Q A A X ...X RS , V. , x. ,l X' i 'ifl 42' ,- Q 1 - 4 I , ' s fa 9 'lu r IRS 7:7 N.. N45 ig in F' 6 QS -A. A 'fd' K I 1 9 ' '47 Beta Phi Gamma Striking black and white pledge ribbons identify future members of Beta Phi Gamma, founded in 1932. The sorority tried this year to develop closer relationships among members and a friendly spirit toward the entire campus. The Ten Ideals serve as a constant guide. Their activities were highlighted by skating parties, banquets, picnics at Pop Collins' Cabin, and an hilarious Kid Party, at which each member dressed to represent one of the 'fyounger genera- tion." The officers of Beta Phi Gamma were Phyl Noe, president, Marion Francis, vice-president, Marty Peed. secretary-treasurer, and Dot Frost, program chairman. Miss Barbara Fischer was the faculty sponsor of the group. Left io right: Non, FRANCIS, PEED, Fnosr Page 194 MARGELLA ALIEN MAIKJlJllll'l ANIIIUAIWH CHERRY GRAY AUSTIN VIRGINIA FAYIC BAIKLOW DONNA .JEANNIG ISELAT GLORIA BLANKIC BOOTS BYRON MIDGE CLARITY GEORIGA DEL CLARK AMBER COOK IJELEN CORCORAN JENNIE Cox ANN KATHRYN DREHER BETTY GWYN FINLEY MARION FRANCIS DOROTHY FROST JANET FULRER MARTHA LEE FURR ELIZABETH ANNE GRANAU VIRGINIA MAE HAGSTROM JUNE HALVORSON NATALIE HARRISON JANE HARWELL NANCY' LYNN HAWKINS PAT HILDERERAND CURTIS IVY JANE JENNINGS NICKI JOHNSON CLARE KENYON MARILYN KLOSTERN MARGARET KOSTER ELIZABETH ELLEN LEVY LENORE LISK PEGGY MEE SALLY MILES VIRGINIA MOBERLEY MARTHA JANE MOBLEY LOIS K. MORIARTY FRANCES MORROW MARJORIE C. MUELLER DAWN NEHER ARLENE NELSON PHYL NOE SARA ELIZABETH PHELAN MARTY PEED BETTY RAYMEB JOAN RIDDELL LOIS EVEI.YN SALMON JANE SIDWAY JANICE EALINE STONE MARTHA REBS STREET DORIS JEAN SWINDLE EDITH THOMPSON ANN MAXINE RIPPETT ALMA TOHULKA JEAN UNDERWOOD GLORIA NVESTEBBERG JANE WIIHICK NlAR'I'HA ANN XVOOD Page 195 if mi n 1, ,ff ,KT A J. , S' -rf .., H 1 a 4 ' , , M , , Mr, V 9 ,.f . ga. .qs h ,, ' -M " C' T? J!! . " I4 f q -, , .M Q Q.7,f 'Qf 1 S. A 'V I B 1 A ' when A ' A - ' 49' I I 4 ' .1 " . -1 4 -' " , .A 'Q '7 'f' I' f V f , N an 8 3 , 1.19" ' . ' I' " ' 1 ' " ., I E,-Q A- 1 ff- 3 M. : ,Iv A, 'Q 5 Lf., -D 9 'C ,. ' jfwfff V ' 'M' 'f ,. ' ii-. . ,, L 0 X. , .,., f Q ' -, - A L L., -2 1 ' vu , , J , V i I i, Lk Q? ,- Z 2521, 3' ' f 3,-LA. A- ' K' 9 My M A Agp X -, , ,,. A . x H., v 'T ' RAL v X E' A J K-'-- ----- S -7- IW-- .,,,.v,,,,, X. . ,,., , x V F' J ff! K Lf S YIAWS , di G . v' -. A I :ff . E . V, 4 . ,N Q . A" , ,,, ' "Q -.S A 1 - J -, i7fs1+,L X ' 95" A Q A I .NS X' vm. f I X . S W- I ' ' ' ' X 5 5 L- -if If 4--.M.MM,I.L.,.....I...IA ,M 'QR VN, Hx vi, : Q JF QMAZA., I QQQ af hablx Fr, Q t v A XA Nh ., . , Ns - x If ISN A ' M I- -, if , ' X X J ' T 9 Q - 'wi ' M 0' . 'Gia + 1:2 A ' 5 "" QW: ' X N ' I A ,f-A W I 9 S ms , J N 3 Q. S L x S 1, 3 W 3 m Q - an ii in W Jw G xwi , x . TTS , - R X z ' Ni x I- ' N. - A A f, S S M 1 J . 'F - N X Sxx ' l N A "Ex ,Q "" J 'S .R " .' ,, . M , ' NF K gg -:S R Q .h Sy Q 'HTFR W :AS I .1 3 -. ' '::.:? A A Q' 535 AQ N X X RN X 4 I I. N , ' F1 sg Y N L, ' V -A P I. ,X 'f , - m -an b 11 ,gh A -w ' 5 A ,:" ' ' tx ,Ax an i., 5- ,. I Q' . X gygg-I , A A ,. A A J is 1 -.4 'T fb ,- , 1' 'R -. fr uv S1 .- s :- ,- z Y . Beta Sigma Beta The rooms of o11e of the largest sororities on campus, Beta Sigma Beta, are located in the old part of Senior Hall, directly below the traditional Tower ghost. These spacious, attractive rooms overlook Senior Court. Pink and silver are the club colors, while living up to the Ten Ideals is their main aim. Showers, hayrides, marshmallow roasts, and a prophecy party prove that the Beta Sigs' can be original. Officers for the year were: President, Nan Boughterg vice-president, Kay Gordon, secretary- treasurer, Joanne Knoll, and project chairman, Dee Schuepbach. Miss Martha Patterson served as sponsor. I A Lefl io right: SCHUEPBACH, BOUGHTER, GORDON, KNOLL Page 196 MAIKI9Al!l'1'l' BARNEY FREDIGIKICKA lSE'I"I's MIRIAM IIUSSELI, BLACK BARBARA ANNE IJOSCII NANCY BOUGIITER ANN BOYIK JANICE BROWN BEVERLY ANN BUSSKOHI. SUE POWELL CARR JOYCE CHANDLER MARY JEAN CORBITT JUNE DAIXNALL LAURA LEE DAYANT ELIZABETH ANN DRAKE LOIS DUBOSE PEGGY JANE DUGAN MARY JANE EBLING DOROTHY ELAM SHEILA FOSTER JOANN FRAKES ALICE LEE GIST VIRGINIA GORDINIER KAY GORDON DIANA GOULD BARBARA HENDERSON LIZ HICKINBOTHAM BILLIE M. HINKLEY BARBARA HOLLAN ANNE HOLTER HELEN ANN HOSEMAN AUDREY JEAN HOUVENER CAROL HUTSON PHYLLIS HUTSON CAROL ANN JONES KAROL KAISER GENIE KILCUP MARY KIMBERLY EVELYN KLEIN J OANNE KNOLL MARY KOPECKY MARILYN KRAFT SUZANNE LA FORCE MARJORIIA LARSEN ELOISE LEHMANN PAT MANNING ANN ELIZABETH MASEK JANE MCKAY BARBARA MERRITT J ODY MULLER JANE NEW'TON CAROL NIGH MARY POOLE J OANN PYLE JACQUELINE BAYZOR BEVERLY REEVES H. LORENE RHAY EUGENI,A P. ROBINSON NANCY HOWELL JOYCE SAUNDERS DEE SCHUEPBACH JEANNE STENVART SILLS MARGARET SLOCUMB JANE HENDON SOUTH MARY ELLEN SPROTT VIRGINIA STEPHENSON CATH STEWART JANET TINGLOFF ELEANOR A. WATSON POLLY ANHITAKER SHIRLEY NVRIGHT Page 197 4 ., ,R I ' ' Wo. Q A, A: , E N' S - A Lf' 21 ., ,, 2 A P M vb . Y . AN W .pkg , , J ? ii.-vm. . ' A W if ,X 4, 1 'Rfb if all f Ha I 7 ' 1 ! 4. J 0 f , ,K f .iff W. 12,4 W'y'f" J" Q , ' i ' J G 157 AJ- 1 hw' 6 Y :ev N-fr 14, A , ' ,X -. f-Q 'Q "" 1 x Q A ., ,-1:2 gf - ' A:,,,.,, -A,,1f-.-Az.-if 533,35 1-5. 52 A wt . XG, A -f-A ,g My N x x Y ,A Y Y N .S . gv.. ..., . I A X X NU 'TQ' A x I ., I' Y X KM NW G' 9, lf GZ? AJ A 6 A Q ,Q .L ,im I1 f gy ,, , A , gf' -. C 34 I " ff, ' 1' 'Q A Q! , 3 , 1 -, Hrfzif f 'ff " I , ,, B Y. I Mp ,4 Q :lx fe LQ.: , vw I 'P' , 5 . h x 5 5 A , .- in A Q x - Pl af- QI ' N x x kv N Q I vm ' Q. Ag ,Qu 3 . 64 ,. .-. .-E, 4' I ii 9 , ff' gr a. 1 f- 9 .5 wx" X A A Q K I A ,bi 1 A - Lf- 'Y , gg, gs- 2- I A., Q A- ,ww A 1 S As Q A 'J . Q-:A T if -oy V I N5 A Axis .X ix QA A gg cv " A S' 1 am- 5 SS E' -N . sg -' fx X ' f F Y , 5 K, A pct Q ' A 5 . 1 A 1 ' - P E 2 A ,I., tx mi ., X V 'E cpl J I iq ' QA ' X ' N Lqfl lo righl: sv. DONVNABD, IRWIN, SANDERS Delta Chi Delta One of the newest sororities, Delta Chi Delta, was founded in 1937. It has won a place on campus by basing: its activities on the promotion of friendliness, scholarship, leadership, and democracy. Delta Chi Delta's social calendar for the year consisted ofa roller skating party and a dinner party. Several joint parties were given with other sororities. Hosf-mary Irwin served as president with Beverly Sanders, vice-presidentg Charlotte Downard, sf-f-rf-Iary-treasurer, and Beverlee Allen, project chairman. Miss Marjorie Wells cooperated with the group as faculty sponsor. Page 198 BI':vIf:RI.I1:I': ALLEN JEANNE ANDERSON JOAN AlK'l'IllJ'll LOIS BECIaS'I'I':IN f:ElKVAlSE Il. BI-:I.I,INII BETTY LOUISE HOTT PHYLLIS BROIJY MAlK.IOlllE CLARK MAIKIAN LU COOK CHARLOTTE DOWNARD GETPIEN DUNKELBEIKGER GLORIA FISHER ELMERE GARVEY J EANNE GILLUM ANNABELLE GOCHENOUR ADELE GRAVES SHIRLEY ANNE GRIGG MARY JANE HACKWORTH ANN HALEY DOROTHY E. HAMMOND KATHLEEN HARRIS SUE HERSHMAN ANNA MARIE HINKLEY PATRICIA HULL JOAN ICENOGLE 6'IRISH" IRWIN MARCO BETTE JANSEN BOBBE JOSTEN SHIRLEY T. KILMER JO ANNE KIMBERLIN JOCELYN LANDVOIGHT IONE LAUDERADE ROBERTA JEANNE LEE PEGGY J. LOUGHMILLER DOROTHY LOVE MARILYN MARSH GRACE E. MAYFIELD MARGARET JO MCCOY CATHERINE PICKARD ELEANOR PLANCK CECELIA CARROLL SCOGIN JANICE SCI-IUKEI BILLIE RUTH SHAFFNER ALLISON SMITH FRANCES E. SMITH GEORGIA SMITH CYNTHIA STOKES AVIS STOREY CYNTHIA BLAIR THORP ELIZABETH THOMSON LOUISE THIPPE EUGENIA VINCENT JUNE WTHITENIEYER Page 199 Nl' 07 vf f 5? Q W yr' J' A . I in A f, as 'AN A. eg gi ', and 3 -Q7 - , A M X 15 NA I 75 1 U '- ', I W W ,gm 1' C IX? fig? J , 4 .1231 Ir- I ,X 'aww IJ N, .-., If , ,,:,.I:: A . xv? RQ x N3 f QP I O X .fuln- 'V '7 .ag 3 9-1- ,-4 ' 07' 1 .nw 4, Q, .7 627 f f 1 422 Q f fn , 4+-0,46 , 05 Lv-kk 94 9 x f-Arif? ,sv Q' Cs' .- -es Q 1 qs E A-aw" G7 'I .N A YS .r Q 4 . SS 3 9 ' 'HF' A WN 3 I A Q:-:ern 1 .- Lx A ,, X XR S fm 'I me ' , . . Q, 'QQ wfx Q ws.-fav -Q9 vo 0 ? 2- '77 5 fb Q' Delta Rho Alpha 'Q rx sv any 1 . . -Q w . . .I Il .. . I' LQDI u.hl h,l1ug.' Delta Rho Alpha, one of the oldest sororities o11 the Stephens campus, attempts to exemplify the Ten Ideals of Stephens through a spirit of friendly cooperation. The goal of Delta Rho Alpha is unity and its motto is friendliness. An attitude of service and willing cooperation in sorority and campus projects is also encouraged as well as loyalty to the ideals of the sorority and to high standards of scholarship. Jane Buchfinck headed the sorority this year. Other officers were Sybil Duffy, vice-presidentg Marcia Fahey, secretary-treasurer, and Jan Greaves, project chairman. Mrs. Sara Ann Fay served as sponsor for the year. ar 'W Lefl to right: FAHEY, BUCHFINCK, DUFFY Pagr 200 IRIELENIY: BAIKTII BETTY JANE BAYER JANIE BUc:uEINfL:K MARGAliE'I' BUBKIIAIVI' OLIVIA ANN CARPENTER MARCIA FAHEY SYBIL DUFFY JAN GREAVES ANNE HARGIS PAT JORDAN JEAN KOBZINA RUTH LILLIBRIDGE DORIS MAXWELL VIVIAN NOVACHEK PEGGY JOYCE OAKES WILMA ROSE PATTERSON DOROTHY ANN PEARCE LILLIAN CAROL RISSER CATHERINE SALE GLORIA SITLER R OSA N N VITA LE HEI,EN CLIFTON VVALKLEY ' Q QGERALDINE ZAJKOWSKI Page 201 ' f ff, Q, J 52 . gf' ':I- I . 54' QNX gf , A 'I ' 5 N A YY RY x X Eta Epsilon Gamma Friendly laughter bursting forth from the tower room on second floor of Senior proclaims to all passersby that the Gamma girls are having a session. Eta Epsilon Gamma is the official name of this sorority. which boasts a membership of sixty-nine girls, all of whom carry on the spirit of friendliness, which is thc password ofthe Gammas. In cooperation with Pan Hellenic decision, sororities abolished the traditional Hell Day, crazy costumes, and hectic hazing this year. To take the place of this annual day of punishment, Eta Epsilon Gamma cooperated with the rest of the sororities in contributing to the Red Cross, buying War Bonds, and aiding the milk fund. Presiding as president of the Gammas is Sally Smith. Nancy Adams is vice-president and Sarah Aldridge and Lucile Thorn are treasurer and project chairman, respectively. Miss Elizabeth Hilts served as faculty sponsor. THORN, SMITH, ADAMS, ALDRIDGE Page 202 NANKIY ADAMS SARAII ADAMS ALDRIDOE GI'IOIililA l,IA:I4: AI,If:xANDEII KA'I'HLElflN BEACOM JOANN .BENWAY BARBARA ISLEIWEISS M ARJORIIGJ . J50'l"l'ENFll'1LD CONSTANCE A. BREWER SYLvIA CALDWELL ELEANOR BROWN CARTER BARBARA J. CASPEHSEN MAIKY JANE COLEMAN JULIA FAYE CONN LILLIAN CULP BETTYE JAYNE CURRIER JAYNE DEEDS DONDA DODSON JANE DOMANSKI BETTY CLAIRE DUNN MARTHA FISHER CHLOE FOSTER MARY PATRICIA FOWLER MARY GARDNER NANCY R. GARRETT ELEANOR GLASGOW LILLIAN GRAHAM JANE GREER MARY VIRGINIA HAMMOND J ANICE HANCOCK PHYLLIS HARRIS GLORIA HAYNES MARTHA LANE HEBSON CLYDE J. HODGKINS PATRICIA ANNE HO1-'F CATHERINE R. HOPSON ROGENE BETTY HUBBARD GAY HUGHES PATRICIA ANN IRELAND BARBARA J EFFERS JANE JEFFREY EDYTHE MAE JOHNS THELMA J O KERR BETTE LEE LABROT SARA MAY LAWRENCE JOAN MERRICK F AY ALENE MITCHEL JEANNE HELEN O,NEILL BEVERLY POTTS CATHERINE RANKIN LERA JANET ROBLING LETTIE LEE SCHOO BEVERLY BROWNE SCOTT HELEN FRANCES SIMPSON SARA JEAN SMITH M.ARY JULIA STEWART DOREEN SWANSON MIARY LYNN THOMPSON LUCILE ffl-IORN MARGARET V1-'ILLMAN MARY JANE VFYLER ROSEM.ARY VAN GUNDY SABRA WHELESS CATHERINE L. WIHITE WYANIJA YVONNE AVHITE MARC. J. XVITHFJRINGTON BETTY ANN XVITTE C.ARROI.l. ANNE YODER Page 203 S..-A qv f 'IO' mf A Il. ff: A' 'WSE - L .K x xa. 'Q 4 'fb' .I,: ' ,, na , MM . 2 1 N if A Aw - 'S Nt 6 -, N X W, 8 Z xg Y . Q Q NA Suki I K mm , , VG! 'Q 5 . X ,C X -as ffiwgw N sw A K X R SA 'ik :A 1 A Q. 4. J ,f .-I e f ,fz A ,fm ff g .7 Jw 'M AC M .. pn, 'N , A , 2 ag , 'E' -9 'fn . ' ng' . .4 a- 'MQ :A ff., Q J. Q A . I 69" a . 85, OA. '50 J za P 129 x 'K A f 5, .L 5 I uk. 'AE Y 1 . 3 Aa A , 57 W 5 - f"1' " 413 ' L ,f.' A NM" '2 'W 'iff i. A I ,A max es I A Q' ' . ville t G01 mv F in Ag., .. Y, e A A Q AA S ., Ax., CD4 fi . ', ,. U' f, 4? 44 fa ,.. x 725- , I '41 v td 'Q QP? Q z. 3 'R ' .' -. 'O Av, I7 Q, 'A '7 - , Y-yf' 1: T' :J A 5- , 1? f ff I ' '- If l A Q., 1 yn! 'K R A, AB 1: N.,.,,.t., 9 'F K J A X .x A ' X 'J V' " R N - A . X gg , b 5 KX 9 aries . A Yi' -A 'A S ' ' . tjfk J- xx A - A X .. A " X t X H in -A , 5 A X A-N .fx S Y I 5 N , Q it 1 N .Y X A N A -Af A ,,, A N' A NR A Si Aw- "' A A W3 ' Pixy 1 ' 'A , A ISS . ' A1 XK5 I -A NX A Al' .A A X fx TX A "J AA AR S PS . - W R+ mix-. f S FA A , .-'N ,. ' NN S Q3 4 ' " . A 5 Q -RNA xx I A5 0 f. -4 A , , X N Q Q' z A xii Q t. ' , Q' M xx J A A A ' I I- X- A if , X I X I AI "" A 'A R A Lf ,, A 5 , AX . ax. A hx - ' 9 A . 'J SS 1 ' 'Q ' ' X . T: v xt - A5 .-I K X: A .. I N .ga A . U , A I A C X A X ASX X . Iv I 1 ' A Ax "" Q.:- Lefl to right: HETLAND, RUGEL, ANDRADE Gamma Delta Phi With Mary Jane Bugel as president, Gamma Delta Phi, had a busy, but enjoyable year. Each member of this sorority was urged to take on a project and the new members were especially enthusi- astic about their social service activities. Nliss Lou Williams, faculty sponsor, worked cooperatively with the student officers who, in addi- ' ' ' l t Andrade, vice-president, Barbara Hetland, secretary- tion to Nlary .lane Rugel, included. V10 e a treasurer, and Rosanne Singleton, project chairman. .Ns social activities the "Gamma Delts" enjoyed formal dinners, picnics, a Valentine party, blinking parties and a joint social meeting with Omega Psi. The main objectives of the Gamma Delta Phi for this year were to promote friendship among ' -' 1 ' ' -l l activities as a group, and thereby to create both school girls all over camp us, to participate lfl sc ioo spirit and sorority spirit. I Page 204 VIOLETA ANDIIADIC EIIEANCJII ASCII-llflli LOU ANNI-: BALLWEI: BARBARA ANN BENSON MAIIN' BURNIf:T'I' BLACK MAIKY COTTINGIIAM BARBARA CRAPO HELEN CLAIRE DAY PATRICIA DAY PATRICIA JEAN DIDDLE JOYCE DILLINDER HELEN ANN DILLMAN BARBARA ETZEL YVONNE GARWOOD EVE GRAHAM CAROL CRAIGIE GRIFFITH BETTY ANNE HARRIS BARBARA HEBERT BARBARA HETLAND BARBARA KELLEY LOIS LASHELLE VIRGINIA ANNE LEWIS MARTINA MARTINEAU ELEANOB MCCORD MARY LOU MINER PATRICIA ANN MOORE ROSENIARY PERKINS ILAH JEAN PRESTON BETTY RICE CHARLOTTE B. RICHARDS BETTY ANN ROLFS MARY JANE PIUCEL PIOSANNE SINGLETON BARBARA SMITH PHOEBE STIEGELMEIER PHYLLIS STIEGELMEIER NANCY VAN DEVENTER 13.-XRBARA WATSON ELEANOR L. XVENNING BETTY VVILLENS CAROLYN JANE YOUNG Page 205 'f'7"' ,gn l "inf -Q. no , 16? fm 1' in Mtv 8-AY X X A A: ,S ,K X ,I., MSS, ,Y -S Y 45 S ,Q A A X xxx wif . -:sw AA.-. :wizerx-' NA Af A - S- -I C -.414-MIA' X-A A A x..A?N,. A XX XTX... ifxiiw xg A 5 I A A gog X My- A ,NAA I fiai A-8151345 -W x: A M F , 3 J w H' I 12 'il 2 ' 5 4 M A V f gf U .. 'Q ,W fy A h ' 1 I 'Y W4 A W ...Q .QQ .i A V C 1 X -6 I B Q A I B A I ' ,Q .FNS fl ' ' ' , 1. af' x S C, A I, R . xv 'Q Q 'K A ci ' N , , X , Rv . .fx 1? ".-21" Left fo right: RIACH, SPORRY, DRYER Kappa Alpha Phi Helen Sporry, president of the Kappa Alpha Phi, guided the sorority through one of its most purposive and fun-hlled years. One of the first social activities enjoyed by the club, was the banquet given by the pledges for the actives. Later on, the members attended breakfasts at the Country Club on Sunday morning and then went to Burrall in a group. Parties were also given with the Sigmas, a sister sorority, and with the Beta Sigma Beta's. The sorority emphasizes the value of scholarship. The club colors are orchid, bronze, and straw. Thr-sc stand for beauty, friendship, and democracy. Other ollicers of the club are "Bcegie" Knight, vice-president, Ruth Dryer, secretary-treasurer, Faith Hiafrh, project chairman, and Miss Georgiann Partridge, faculty sponsor. Page 206 sf-fn-aa 'A 1 -ff-F' MARY l5EI.I. MllNA BIGNSEL ELlZAIlI'I'I'll BENSON ELIzAIsE'I'II BROWN PEGGY ANNE BIJIIDICN MAIKY' LOU ISURKS WINIFlllfIlJ CArvIPREI.I. PATRICIA LUCILLE DIRRLE STEPHANIE DOIIERTY NANCY DOYLE FRANCES DIKENNEN RUTH DRYIEIK HELEN EWING MAIXGARET' FEGLEY VIRGINIA GENRICH JANET GLISSON ELIZABETH GREVE MARGITERITE HANSON SARA MARTHA HAYS NANETTE HENNINGS JEAN HENSON DOROTHY HEBRMANN SARA JACKSON GENEVIEVE JOHNSON ELEANOR KA MOI KAM JANE ANN KEMP JANE KLEIN MARY LOU KNEELAND BELVA JO KNIGHT MARION KUEBLER EUGENIA LATADY JOYCE LEETH HELEN LIPSETT NANCY LIPSETT PATRICIA LUCY SUE MASSIE JEAN MACLEOD FRANCES MASSEY BARBARA MCEWEN BETSY MOORE JEAN AUSTIN MOORE SYLVIA MORRILL MARY VIRGINIA MOTz PATRICIA MULLINS BETTY GENE NEEL HELEN OTT MARY OWEN MARIAN OZMENT BARBARA ANN PARKER JANET PARKER LEE PERRY VIRGINIA POOLE FLOBA MINA PRINCE EL LOUISE PRUNTY ROMA J O PRUNTY FAITH RIACH DURETTE SCOTT MAEGIE SCOTT HELEN SPORRY VIRGINIA LEE STEELE NANCY STOVALL LAVERNE SWAIN PHYYLIS THOMPSON JEAN VON SCHRAIJER SHIRLEY VERNER JAYNE WAI.KER JREEDA WILKINSON JEAN C. WILLIAMS MARY JOAN WILLIAMSON SUSAN WJINKLER MAHJCJRIE JI-:AN WOODS ANN WRIGHT Page 207 U4 :sv L fav 1 J' L i -If '- 4 uw. 4: 'A7 1: 'fx' A 1 A 3 'gx I ' 3 - F I A A 13 fx, M' -7 V. ,, 9, , is I fl V v-A., v -. Ji f- I ? ' f C ,Q 'S K ' ' 'W 1 . , ,. t , , lx, I.. I f MQ. I ' if I .. , A. , , Y, 1'7" A fi f ,I A ff' ' " 1 M' ' " ' A 1 Q ' "" f I A ' V' 4- my I Ao Q7 . - 1 V -f "Q , GTM? ' ", ' .4 Vg ' 1 , A , ff 'R Q:-f ' V ,W fy N Q 'W 1 1 ,. ,, 'I M., ' ai! ' fm f I ff 'R g E A M I 'A . f E: I W ,f 'U l Y I Ziff A - ' In .-', I ww, If ., I ,Q W V , gg., " .- 7 7 Q-1 A 1 ' 'N 5 'M 'F' , ' 1 '- 'SS 1, . ' -:S . Riva ' 1 ' f' - I-V W , , Xffyzx X ,Inv 5 A , 1:9 A 'R 1 X ' .Y.E.,l,. , V . -rw , 3: 'B V1 ""-' 4 4 ,fwwfs-.:14'3r,.1-r.. P Qllxfiiffe- VJ.: . iff . J . ,I , . S f - - , A , 'AN ' I I I ff' "' A K. Q.. ,gli f',i. 1 M ' , .,,. 4 , 'Gb ' J -A J' A - I 4' I J ' - had J 3' Q? -6 Q Rf 5 J Sf , . ' 'X gi: .N-. Sv A . -OA R 1 In . 1. wig? S X .. .: r ' 3 A S -.5 -N, Y L J Nu , , :QA 'Tn " A S 1 4 A, q 50, K QS '4 'I' 'I.A I 'N A-Sz, A A 1 .1:. .-., f I X 1- N36 J J N A JT ' .SQA Q ., si Q X . , 2 -.S 3.53 S45 .:,. ' K X wx A SSSX I .-.Q - I 'NK A x X 1 I fox' X N X B 5 M ,NK ,X As-Q I A '55, ff AXA Y .Sf Rl Lefl to right: UNGEB, BRANDON Qmega PS. Boasting a roll call of fifty-two members, Omega Psi can speak proudly of the Work its members have done this year. Instead of the entire sorority conducting a project, each girl has had her separate project and thus, the sorority has accomplished a great deal in a variety of Helds. Some girls have taught Sunday School and others have done nursery school Work, but in all cases they have tried to help in some cooperative community effort. The officers of Omega Psi Were: President, Mary Ann Brandon, vice-president, Paula Unger, sf-cretary-treasurer, Marianne Fenng and project chairman, Katherine Stoehr. Omega Psi's sponsor is Miss Arlene Shoemaker. Page 208 DELOIKIES ALBRIGHT CYNTHIA ALEXANDICIK FRANCES ALEXANIJIJIR PEC BAILEY LOIS BAXTER BARBARA LOUISE BEARD MARTHA ELIZ. BEARD MARY ANN BRANDON ILA MAE COOPER BARBARA CORKINS FRANCES CRANDALL PATRICIA CROOKSHANK MILDRED DAILEY DOROTHY JEAN FENN LORRAINE FAY FERRY JOANN GILLESPIE PAT GRAMBLING NICKY JANE JEATRAN JAN KOHLER JEANNE E. LABURT KATHLEEN LAVENDER SUZANNE LAW LORRAINE LEMAR JOAN LESACE BETTY MEAD NORMA JUNE MERKLE AIDA MCCARTNEY BETTY MCNUTT AGNES MOHOR ALICE MAY NEW PAT NIELSON PATTY NORMAN JUNE LEE NOYES EMILY AUGUSTA PORTER GWEN ROYCE AUDREY SHERMAN THEIJMA JO STEDHAM ALLIS STEVENSON BETTY LOU STOCEK DICGIE STOEHR LAURA ANNE THOMPSON PAULA UNGER MARTHA VERNIIIILION DORFLEN WALLACE MARY ANNE WEST CLAIRE ANN WHEELER PATTY WHJTE Page 209 ? 6- Yr- .f W , R. ,Z ,, I V' ,' , 1 ,Q ,..., ,. N? 5 I W -.I. " 1-IQ WY is Q 1 1 1' I VI QV 66 1' nf 15 ' .atv if 5? ,. - If .. .4 3 -r-7 A ,. I '7'-5 f ,gf-. A lf, 1I",,.,g 1 Y .ma r il, . R, I N ' ,fc A jf' bg!! Qu, s at R. 1' " ' Q I... 4? 'W' I A f, A , ' my 94 -' W A L 4: -S C' " cc 3 N, ' 'O V tg? , Lf! in , Y uk sf 7 W , , " -- f C . , ' .5 2-N 'flfy 419' 5 R L 50' 3 'J " 'i wx- r J., J 4 v A li , X 5 X fig Q N X, .3 I ,X -A I '2 's +C A , vw IN x ,fs as Q? Lefi to right: WATSON. HENSON, CHUDIK, AYcocK Phi Lambda Beta Phi Lambda Beta is a sorority which stresses friendliness, not just among girls in the sorority, but among girls all over the campus. To carry out this idea, the sorority rooms in Senior Hall are kept open every Saturday night in order that the members may come and relax with friends and enjoy informal get-togethers. An alumni letter was sent out by Phi Lambda Beta again this year. This letter explained all the activities and purposes of the club to former members. To encourage scholarship and loyalty, the sororit y each year gives an award to the most outstanding Junior and Senior members. ,Kr-tivities were also shared with Phi Lambda Betais sister sorority, Tri Alpha. In the winter months, the annual pledge-active banquet was sponsored by the seniors. In "turnabout" fashion, the juniors entertained the graduating seniors at a farewell banquet in the spring. Officers of the club this year were: President, Helen Aycockg vice-president, Dolly Chudikg secretary-treasurer, Marion Henson: project chairman, Betty Watsong scholarship chairman, Marcia Meyersg and sponsor, Miss lflizabeth Chinn. Page 210 BETTE LOU AI.Bl'IlK'l' ELAINE AUSTIN HELEN AYCOCK FREIII BAKER MAIXILA RET II. BEAUCIIAMI' EL1ZAlSIiI'l'II ANN BOOTH BARBARA BREW BARBARA BROWN ANNE ELIZ. BROWNING MARY VIIXGINIA CLARY DOLLY CHUDIK ROSEMARY EASTLACK SHIRLEY JANET EATON MARTHA DOTSON ELLIOTT MARTHA JANE ELLIOTT ELEANOR EVANS CAROL FREDERICK BARBARA GARLAND E. J. GILMOR JAN GOETHALS BETH GROVES MARY VIRGINIA HARRISON ELAINE HAYNES PAT HENEGAR MARION HENSON LOUISE HINKLEY BETTY HOBSON CAROLE HOFFMAN ERNESTINE HOFMEISTER ANNE ESTELLE JOHNSTON DOROTHY LOUISE KARHN VIRGINIA KIMBERLIN BETTY KIRKBRIDE KITTY KRAMER JEANNE KRAUSE HELEN KYSELA ELAINE LARSEN ELEANOR LARSEN JACQUELYN LEE CAROLYN MALONE CARROLL MARCH JOAN MERRIMAN MARCIA MEYERS BEVERLY JEAN MOTT MARGARET NUNNERY NORMA PACKER ELLEN PIERCE BETTY PFINGSTEN MARGARET PIITTENHOUSE JOANNE SHAFFER BETTY R. SKAGGS KATHRYN H. SMITH MARTHA STEWART MARY THIES DONNIE 'FI-IYKESON CAROLYN XVACHTEL BETTY WATSON SARA AVATSON ZOE ANNIWILBURN B.ARBARA NYIRE Page 211 I v-M ,Q-. ,L MA tilt to I Q R 1 , S - 4. A .. ... ., U ' s I Q A 1' ,-.5 J ' ' jg .-- ,MI I f 1 ' If , an -n , N. gr A W A K 1 A , 4-v A I E N, X 1,4 X .I.,,-.L.Q.. ,..,,, . ,,.. . ,,.,.N,,.,, 1 I Q e ,. A I , - f A , I - A Q 9,3 -1 , 1, I pf 1 4 ., VT: 'Q' ' ' . ' K' ig ,- .f 1 V 'A I VV I . - If - I f ' 'V'b., fn, 1 V ' , ., 'I ' A '- ' NA I I - rw g' Sv ' ? - -o " -cs: 'V - V .' 6 '3 A '7' f A f - J A 5 . I I, ' 1 , , I -,A , 'IA ' f' S , F 5 ' "S QA -"' . F - ,,,, IIQAE x - :M II TQ., A Q SN A A 5, X.,, I -: 'S X 7 in' N9 6 . 'Q , N A I, C H K. ..,. A gm Q , ,- SI XMB- I 1 I - ' f , mfg 2 AX - ' , 5 I if ,F 1 S I I 5 'S I I Q' Q I 1 Q5 Ai 55 -R f I ..I ,Q A ,- IX A f . sg 2-A 9 X555 . . I I we Q I 4 J XR bg .'.I I 5 . 1. I I I- if Q f A - A I -vi 2 ' an-I I J X ' SWT, ' I Q I I, :I Q I I Ns IM .X ww ,-3 X I ,, - NN-H Q I it, X I - it A ,wx Y Y V " -32 : 5-' S O H X X X A :SESS L. 'Aw J I A V : :,,- I NI X X: 1, SI . AIN VF' 'AX wi X b -:I A S ,Six 5 .4 I - SAN 'A-SQ: I II X ov . 'Y A S'i I L, -" Si' N3 .I I I 'ii Q 'xx A I .. Q Q sg: . S- Y.. Q Phi Phi Phi Phi Phi Phi. the largest sorority on campus, was founded in 1924. Since then, it has played its part in upholding the standards and ideals of Stephens. ' The main ideals stressed by Tri Phi are high standards of scholarship, good citizenship, honesty in work and deed, appreciation of the beautiful, and reverence toward the spiritual. Tri Phi also attempts to emphasize the value of sisterhood and a well-rounded social life. Mary Kay DeWitt heads the sorority with Peg Markin, vice-president, Elizabeth Holabird, secre- tary: Betty Purinton, treasurer, and Elizabeth Kamensky, project chairman. Mrs. Earl Deimund served as Tri Phi sponsor this year. I HOLABIRD KAMENSKY, DEWITT, MARKIN, PUBINTON, Page 212 NIAIKGIAIIKIVI' ADLEEIK MAR1'IlA ALBliR'l'S MARY KAY ALLEN PAT BERGLUND BETTY ANN BICIIGMAN SALLY BEVAN EMILIE BOHNIIORST DOR0'l'HY' BUEIIIKLE PATRICIA BURNETT MARJOIXIE CARPENTER CLAIRE COURI PAT COYNE ROBEli'FA DEVELBISS MARY KAY DEWITT MARILYN FARRAR EILEEN GARNEII MARY' ALICE GLOSSOP BETTY RUTH GREEN REBECCA L. HAILE MARJORIE HANSON SUSAN HARRIS MARY JO HAUK BETSY HOLABIRD MARYLOU JENKINS PAN JENSEN JANE ANN JONES ELIZABETH KAMENSKY JANET KIMBALL JUNE KROPP EUNICE LOEVVE PEG MARRIN GRACE FRANCES MARTYN PAT MCKINNEY LUCY METZEROTT EILEEN MILLER INEZ MAE MILLER JOYCE MILLHOUSE KATHERINE NAXERA NATALIE ANNE NEILSON GLORIA NELSON RUTHELLYN OTTEN KATHRYN PICKENS NAN IRENE PIRSIG BETTY PURINGTON BETSY PUTMAN NORMA JEAN RANDOIJPH SALLY LOU READ BETTY JEAN REYNOLDS CAROL JEAN ROBBINS SUE ROBINSON FLORENCE RUTHERFORD DORIS SANVIN RUTH AURELIIA SCHERF MARG.ARET SCHLESS JANE RUTH SCOTT JEANNE SHANNON VIRGINIA M. SKERRITT KATHRYN ANN SMITH LOIS CAROLYN STEPHENS NANCE SUTTON JO ANN SWEATT IIELEN LADD THOMPSON RUTH ANN TOLI-' .IOANNE JFREESE Page 213 Q J '35, 9 41994 Q- , f"' X 4,5 x ,ws .W 'ffif I I ,W .I gn I+ X C. L , .. . . 7 5 v,' 68' uw, - - ax? . ' QNX . ' Wg W' M. Sq. gm, '- G . x . N 4 . 7 ffl' Az? - 1 .S - A 1. . K , ,X A 45" 2 X SS N. Jg.,QQ E X xx 'Q A YN N X X xx N 1 A ag 'Q A A A A gzx Fw., . X 1 X ad Y X KX I s,i A YA xxx Y A C NJ X NK X R N A af XV it 1 ' ' wwf 1 372, nlu , , , L9 ' 'R .2 f'C' f ' Af? '- ' x W .A A ' ' . ns ff' Q ' - V S S-4 4 , -0 L"U1v,fv,. v 4 , A 'I x , 41 A , , A. 'J 2 "S v -' " 49 fb . f V4 " X 1 , x ,, -',f, 2f1'9' 'f ' an if g 1, - xr. -A -- XW' s f-I Y- --we-224, A Q ' fs- Q' X :Q .V ' 1 P -4- Ql -"- za AQ 7 .1 , Y- Q-'Y ' .1 1 S ' ASL ' ji' G R8 l. ,J ' ' n ' 'I . , J A . . - 1 - F AS .. - ,,,,. -P f' . - C X' x 'i 3 'SQA-.5 .r , " A 1 A - I -,Il n A AI , A ,Lg Ny QSNN N W X iS9,f- S' Q +A' .S A SQA S N, 1 qrififgs g XX X x X J Q -R-1 1 M , Y N SS - .Y 'A Q XRS S I , B N ' ,X X A Y ,N t f xx? is .31 A gjsf' - N N" E t SN A-S :- if , S, X. gm f -X: X X l X .S I -A-Q "N I . .. A- K S - ' ' ' ar ifwl - A f I ' Q ' A. L :ZA ' x. 'J - N X K 'S' -Q 1 P ,G S SN: x A S YQ-5 N i I X R mf R-xi 5:-Af wx X . L A, Y, I vsf Q A P ' A, -' , A x A: S vu R , N I 'T i 5 ' 1 . G L SHAW, NIPPE, FHAZIER, O,DONNELL psi Chi micron Y 1 4.23, 'fi' ,. it LLQLAH 2 Q, J ,yiif xx . wr"- This year the Psi Chi's have worked to achieve closer companionship among their members. , Their program for the year was based upon an expedient, effective combination of group work and indi- vidual responsibility. i Many hours were spent by the members doing nurses' aide work, serving hot lunches, assisting at the nursery schools, and helping in Burrall office work. Psi Chi Omieron officers for this year were: Wanda Shaw, presidentg Pat Nippe, vice-presidentg Virginia Frazier, seeretaryg Rosemary O'Donnell, project chairmang and Miss Aune Toivola, faculty sponsor. Page 214 JEWEL BAKER BEVERLY IJICICSON BE'l"l'Y JANE BLAKE ELEANOIK BOOTH MAIKY JEAN BRIGGS MYRA JANE BRIGGS N ANCY BHOMS'l'ED'l' MATII. BROWN MAISIE BURNES RUTH GERALIJINE BUSH DOROTHP3 A. COLGLAZIER PAT COLWELL FRANCES CROWDER DOT DAY DORIS INEz DEAL PAT DUGGAN ROSE PATRICIA EXTON FLORA MAE FORD VIRGINIA FRAZIER MARY FRANCES GALPIN MARION GAULDIN BETTY GOETZ J ODY GRISSO GEORGIA NELLE HALE IDA OPHELIA HAMILTON MARIANNE HUMPHREY' JOAN HUSTING LOIS JESSE SHIRLEY JOHNSON PHYLLIS ANN JUSTICE CAROLYN KASLER HELEN KEEFER MUBIE , KILLINGSWORTH PATRICIA JANE KINGSLEY MARGE KONALD CAROLYN KUPPE MARGARET LATHAM MARY ELIZ. MALONE MARILYN JANE MARTIN POLLY MARTIN TRIXIE MCCLUNG PAM MCCUE IRENE MEYER SUZANNE MOHLER ELIZABETH R. NICHOLS ROD O,DONNELL PATSY JEAN O,MALLEY' FRANCES P. PARRISH AUDREY PHELAN ERMALENE PRINCE MARIAN ROBINSON MARY LOU ROEMHELD HENRIETTA ROWE AUDREY SAMS JOAN SHAW' XVANDA SHAW' PHYLLIS SPANGLER LOLA STEVVART ADRIENNI-3 JANE THONI.AkS BEA WISHARD KATHERINE WRIGHT BETSY YELYERTON Page 215 A A ' C? km, V V '3 , f f if nl . .mf 'A f ' ' , .. , 501 , - :rm - V ,,,,,4 X593 if D , f H. ' . ' 2, -A .,4.,-,f f ' , 1, ,fl IN J :W 2 ,N 5 ffx , 'HX vw , ,. 'Q Sv M A Y A U fl! 41 ,Q 1 Jw igox ,s.. G 5.4 , wr-s ,ivy .,, cv I 9 ' 9 'V I A of A . . P ""' A 47 0 . I A A A If-.A A-Ag Z f f :f 1 f.,,,Q' 7,1 -5 -0 f5 Qi A A-A ' 4 -- . 1-543: ga jo., V' - VI, it ll , 1 ,X k Y X l, , . A -X I 2 ,M '- -' . . ,, T 'ff' SX Z2 we X Y Q? we t X K, ,L , " - 195 I 3 I -- , A-I. , E in xxsk -- I+ ..--5 ' , V '- A F " ,an Q.: XS W .. -QA 1 . '- D Z. x N w X S -Y- 9 f . I X , NSN - 5 .cm Q , ww A 1-f , , we U, X 8- f .. 3+ .. S Y NN W gp -A . .X N WS SM N 3 ' gn.. I X 'V' DULING, ATHENS, MCKIM, AUGUSTINE Sigma Alpha Chi The gay colors of yellow and lavender signify Sigma Alpha Chi, formerly a chapter of the national organization, Sigma Iota Chi, and one of the oldest sororities on campus. The Sigmas are active socially, their affairs, in addition to the traditional dinners for pledges and actives, included Lela Haney Wood get-togethers and parties at Pop Collins Cabin. F riendliness and scholarship are their main aims, while an Honor Roll, prominently posted in the sorority room gives credit to deserving members. A special effort was made this year to make members of the group well acquainted with one another. Officers were Gwen Mitchell, president, Ann Athens, vice-presidentg Virginia Duling, secretary- treasurerg and Bernice Augustine, project chairman. During the second semester, Virginia Duling served as president. Miss Elinor O'Keefe sponsored the group. Page 216 JOAN ADAMS PATRICIA AMES ANN A'l'lll5NS BEHNICIC AUGUS'l'lNlC CIIAlXL0'l"l'l4I BAUSICRMAN EUGENIE BIAIIIARD PAULINE CLAIRE BOTT DORIS BRAMMER ANNA MAE BRITT JOAN CAPPS PAT CONINE EMILY DAVIS ELIZABETH DAWSON VIRGINIA DULING DOLLY DUNBAR GERALDINE EPPING MARY ANN EVERSOLE PATRICIA F ELTON PAT FLANIGAN ELLIE MILES FORT JOAN GIESE MARILYN GOELITZ EDITH E. HARRIS GEORGIANA HEDENBERG PEG HELM JEANNE HERALD GRACE LLEWLLYN HOBBS JEAN HOHENSEE HELEN JOAN KABELIN BARBARA KAVANAUGH PEG LYMAN JOANNE MCKIM PANSY IONE MILLER NANCY MORGAN PAT NICKLOW DORIS OSTRANDER BARBARA J. PETERSON SALLY PFREMMER MARION PITTS JEAN REID PAT ROBERTS SALLY ROBERTSON SHERRY J. ROSEBERRY CAROLYN ROSS SUSAN SAMPLE NANCY SHEPPARD ESTELLE SHIRLEY SHIRLEY SPANN ANN SPENCER MARGARET ANN STERRITT MARG. A. STONEBRAKER SUE STROTHER KATHERINE TRUSDAIL JOAN ULLRICH AMEIIIA SHELBY VVESTON VIRGINIA WILLIAMS Page 21 7 ws Aff" M .4 'S 5 2:1 if 43 W T ,-,. 2 S :I . mv ff 4 I w I xl I 5 I A , 'E ,A.X,Q1kia2fw. J A9233 -Af' max ' ,. XA , -- bar.: , ,A 4: I v-1 rf I 'I 'Q' v- 9 4 C' I Lx. 47 ' -we l ' 49 I- 4 ff: ' , A, ,A fv ,Aw 4 w vw Gm 'Q V I - ' S "yy, V1 r ,A mv AQ fn .3 .. lv' 'ff 0 ,M I vw "iff" gp M, f . W., uv X lzfrcaif' ,iff H , A I 1' A I , ,A 4 A. 1112 S' " " uw 5 v 1,1 1 L 253 1? W ? 'F If Q A ,I ' A kv- .- ' frm A fm ,. hh W . ,Ah G., A Q4 'uf' 9' f 'Q' A 1 I Q, Q- 5 w . A-S ....., S' IL , 4- ... Q x 4-5 5 Q I Am Q A Q, 1-. I U A .NA Q83 .A -1- -0 Rus ' 'Z' 3 5 ' ' A X, g x. ,wg-: EITC' x A Q ' - .ur fs .5 'X A , W., A fx , my X -f-3 er I 1- ' X' N I. If QR ' 6 er wt '- X '- If S - K 3 I I " 1' ww 3 .- 1 -QI. -' A A 1'-' 9' ' f I , , ,B , 1 at - 1-. -qw -A 4 , 'X nv Theta Tau omega This year the girls of Theta Tau Omega chose volunteer Work for their War project. Some worked in the nursery schools repairing books and toys. Others assisted in different service projects. The sorority varied its usual business meetings in Walter Hall by playing bridge on Thursday evening, thus combining recreation with the more serious business of the year. The officers for the 1944-45 school year were: Peggy Barfield, presidentg Patricia Connor, vice- president: Betty Edson, secretary-treasurerg Lillian King, project chairman. Miss Martha Kiser served as faculty sponsor. Left lo right: KING, BARFIELD, CONNER, EDsoN Page 218 PEGGY BARFIELII SALLY BEA'l"I'IE CARROLL .BEVEIK PEGGY BROWIIIIR FAY BROWN EDITH BUCK ELIZABETH BUCKLEY VIRGINIA BURRIS CLAYTIE CARNEY PATRICIA CONNOR AMELIETTA COOPER JEANNE CUTTER BETTY DONDINEAU DOROTHY DOUCETTE BETTY EDSON IRIS EILERS BETTE ENGELHARD MARY ERWIN ISOBEL FAUROT PHOEBE JANE GAVAN BARBARA GRACE JEANNE GRAHAM PATRICIA GREEN GRETCHEN GRIFFIN JANE HALL SHIRLEY HEATH CHARLOTTE HUBBARD KARLA KAISER BETTY KEELER PATRICIA KELLY LILLIAN KING FREDERICA KIRKLAND JEAN KRAUS MARGARET LOUDERMILL PEGGY MEREDITH JOAN MILLS JEAN OLSEN ELIZABETH PARKER DOROTHY PERKINS JEAN PURDY MARY ROONEY ELEANOR RUNG PATRICIA RUSSOM MARGARET SCOTT DARLENE SMITH PATRICIA SMITH IRENE SYTZ IOLA TOMLINSON DIXIE LEE TURNER GWEN XNALKER GYVEN WALLACE BETTY RUTH WILLIAMS CATHERINE WOIIFE VFHELMA xv'0LFE BETTY YARRROUGH Page 219 S A 5 'f Q Q? X f Q9 5 , , I E 8 R x N25 A Q2-E' , I M QR I .fu ' ' 'J T! ' 'V 41 1 If IA-. M 95 Q' Q' tl If ' 'E L2 u " W 'ff .4 'K 4,- 3 is .4-., A W 1 ' I ff' , aw: A- - Q .C JUN V lfxczfgx J Q Us . I . C . .4 " ., I f"' . I 0 an I Ig, may I A . . ,I-.Q I .XL if asv -, 5 6 1 ji 0 1 I' Us il I fs. . Q9 . . 5 '- ll'- Q' , I ry . K. X ff' v1 EWW X R . I A 1 5 f 'X - 1 P Qg"..Y1f. A A f NI ' ?' RS I X J N5-M. ,gm 1 .G , I - A . .I wb S A . PWS O A S A . -'R 'U vxxw C X xi ,.: ,ff dxf N x N A 1- -rx VN Q' Alix V' 1' Q NG ,K 4-5. I I' ..- C.. .di A--9 ,L .3 M. 1 qi 49 er Left lo right: MEAD, SHORE, HARRISON, FAAST Zeta Mu Alpha 4 rang-gf F' F'-fy' 3,1 .K 3' rr' IZ 5 11555 'ft its K -fsf:!Hf?Q" N Ub i Zeta Mu Alpha was one of the first sororities to be organized at Stephens. Stressing citizenship, scholarship, and friendship in its activities, Zeta Mu Alpha annually awards a cup to a pledge most outstanding in these qualities and showing unusual participation in sorority activities. This year, each member worked for several hours a month on one of the Burrall service projects. Margaret Faast acted as the sorority's project chairman. The sorority program also has its lighter moments. Early in the year, Zeta Mu Alpha gives a party for its pledges. Later, the pledges "turn about" and entertain the actives. The annual spring party is a more informal affair, which usually takes the form of a picnic. During the year, 1944-1945, Blanche Shore was president of Zeta Mu Alpha, with Phyllis Harrison as vice-president, Eleanor Mead, secretary-treasurerg and Margaret Faast, project chairman. Mrs. .Nlary Wideman sponsored the sorority. Page 220 .JANICE CLAIRE ASc1IERIvIAN JEAN MACDONALII l3AllKD MAHGAIXET BAYEII DOROTHY ELLEN BEALE LOUISE BENDIXON SHIRLEY RUTH BIRD MARTHA BROWN BETTY LOU CLAYTOR JEANETTE ANNE CORRET DOROTHY A. CRANE MARGARET FAAST ANN FANTLE ELEANOR WREN FLEGAL MARTHA HARRIS PHYLLIS HARRISON JANE HARDIN MARY LOUISE HUFFMAN JEAN ANN MARKS ELEANOR MEAD PAT MOLLRING LOUISE ANN MUELLER BARBARA ALLEN REPPARD DIANE BICHEY DORIS JANE ROSS FRANKELEEN SEELY ELEANOR SHARP BLANCHE SHORE MARY SPEIRS MARILYN WHEELER JEAN WIGGINS Page 221 I Y A I Sm X X Y ,RQ R R ws 0 X X bs N 'Q ' -In 5 'i A ' I QI X 'O' A YW 1 I fl I f, ,.,.2 0 I W Z I if . ' fm " ,EW A4 V4 QR 'W I " ' 9 fi, - ,M , 5-sw my - 4 .. A I A 'Y A 2 Y Eg 5 , T12 S 'N A L QI S X we x S N' X Q Il . . X -. Ax xx X X A x X X X A N xx X A AX A A R im A ,sir fx, Q? f A , if I at , ff, , 9 , if I X , ,. 'ff f 4 DMN Q 8 ww 14, 4 I . A A QR RQ .Q Y JFS X x X 'Ki x M' X - A 1 -mx R x X A x S N I NS Siwv Y X R xx X XX S A X A X J . , V Yi X :x,.... . xg Fw A X., '1 'Y JI' I Q5 5 Is Left Io righf: MORRISON. STEWART, SIMON Zeta Phi Delta I: . W.,-1, L D Qgziiauw'-350 7 Q ' '-X, ,,,, ,,,,. X' 'Q' f- J' la 'x AM ,Q X VJ 'Zi if- , N xi ,K M ,,-,,, as This year, Zeta Phi Delta's war program included serving hot lunches, acting as nurses' aides, and helping out at the nursery school. The sorority planned many social gatherings in order to stress good fellowship among the members. One meeting a month was social, and the girls planned bridge parties and had a get-together at the skating rink. The officers for this year were: Marie Stewart, president, Colleen Morrison, vice-president, Betty Simon, secretary-Ireasurer. Miss Eleanor Volberding served as faculty sponsor. Page 222 .JEAN ANIIEIISON GWICN ANN BICE JOYCE BURRING'l'0N IQATHRYN LILIFFE HEDDIE COOK FRANCES ANNE CRAIG HELEN EIIIZABETH DAVIS LORENE DIBEI,L0 MARY ESTHER DONALDSON EILEEN EIBERG EDNA ENGLANDER SALLY MARIE FALKNER VIRGINIA JANE GALL CHARLOTTE HITCHCOCK BARBARA HUNT EVELYN LUKOVSKY PATRICIA ANNE MCGUIRE MARY JANE MARTIN ELEANORE JANE MICELLI COLEEN MORRISON LEE RICHARDSON COURTNE LYMAN ROSS JANET SCHAFFER MARGARET M. SCOTT BETTY LOU SHORT SALLY SHUTTLEWORTH BETTY SIMON LOUISE STETSON MARGARET J. STEWART M.ARIE STEWART JANET STRACHAN MARJORIE THOMAS LUCILLE THOMPSON PAT TISHER JULIA UTRECHT RUTH VALENTIN OLIVE XYEISNER NTENNIE EUNICE WELCH BARBARA LOUISE VVOOD Page 223 1' A4 'eng' 1 sf 4 f fi 'K' E. X ., 'We J " X. KQIF Y Q 2 Ls X .' " A fe' f 96' Ya 2, A N iv I, . ev- A .Q AE' .A S 3 Y I EN A A x ,. A - N S . I A X f QL -R N SA N , Q' 49 I 5 I 1 - If Y? ""' 9 , Lg! iq ff" 1-1 Wh? I I' . ' ' .ta as I Q Vx Q! V - ln: ' 'QQ' ,J .V A .E .., Y 4? KX cg , - 'Q ex A ' ' ' ' 4. 'Q 'wx X 5,55 5 x 4"-fy .9 Q ,C fb gk 'XXXL 1 5 A? vi 0' .G-X -,S QS M 1 49 av fs,- 'Ti Q6 Q 1 up C' 1 ,NCQ 0 A 3 Q' fm- qw 'flying Him! fl rirlff? Could be Halloween l'.N'lPljfjl.flg um will gal Back lo nalure Why walk? Pagr 224 wr- Pnge 229 ,.- N354 fa, ""'vf ,. Q E Y E 3 5 S .5 X 1 Q 5 3 Sophie siajf eais Shoofifzgfor sims? When does ihe train leave, Dean Przmty? Dorff spill 1.11. Ur. Dom'hz'a1z.' lflmmm, flowers! The "SIIIl1I'fI.FSH in 11 fypivaf pose gk -Ziff ,?Z4".'u -Q ,I r 2 l 4 a On oar trip to Russia . . . M iss Dudley is inleresled in Mr. Gilsorfs singing And in Cuba . . . Oarfacully UQ backstage Holy Hank" lion,-man holds class "Superman" Shqfslall, the dean who flies! Page 226 5 52 CEL JM HALL he I ak EE A llrne you mired yd? Say, now! Palriotir' decoralirms Leis dance, sludenls Home Qf lhe collnn queen Make you feel cold? S3 sz' U' RP' Q QQ' W' Front row: CUNNINGHAM, STEDHAM, KARHN, THOMAS, PHELPS, N IBLO Middle row: BUEHRLE. JENSEN, SHUTTLEWORTH, GEBERT Back row: BEARD, LAW, STEWART, LILLIBEIDGE, HANSEN, HOWES, HUBINGER Scholarship Committee Three years ago a group of faculty members and students met to discuss the problem of better scholarship and decided to organize a scholarship committee, composed of one representative from ear,-li hall, lu help promote good scholarship on campus. Miss Mary Bigelow, a member of the original eommittee. and Nliss Eleanor Norton, served as faculty co-sponsors, with Sally Shuttleworth, chair- man. and Pam Jensen, secretary. Proper stud y eouditious, efficient methods of work, the importance of learning to the full extent ol' our daily opportunity, attitudes and incentives, and other related topics were considered by the group. Tlieir suggestions were brought back to the halls where improved study plans were set in motion. Sf-liolarship Week served as a reminder to each student, to do her best in the new term. 'ls a speeial project this year the committee worked on a new honor roll which will give credit to the "all-around' girl instead of relying solely upon class grades. Page 230 Page 231 Front row: CARTWHIGHT, MASEK, MATTHEWS, MENDENHALL, ROYCE, MILLER, LITTLE. JOSTES, LUCY Back row: HETLAND, HOWELL, WALKER, SAMS, CODNER, LoNG, KLOSTERDIAN, LIPSCH Personal Appearance Committee In order to acquire the personal assurance and poise that are fast becoming a part of "The Ste- phens Look," President Wood this year brought to the campus Miss Muriel King, one of Americas leading fashion designers. Miss King now is the director of the Fine-and Applied Fashion department which offers a program of courses in Personal Appearance, Clothing and Fashion Design. taught by Miss Mauri Helda, Mrs. Patricia Hungerland, and Mrs. Patricia Rowe. Mrs. Hungerland represents Miss King as coordinating chairman of the staff in the latter's ab- sence. Mrs. Hungerland thoroughly believes in the idea that Stephens girls should be neat and trim in appearance at all times and should not mistake Mdowdiness for distinctiveness." With the addition of many new staff members to the Fine and Applied Fashion department. new classrooms, offices, and consulting rooms were made available, where more specific and individual attention could be given each girl. "Since fashion means applied intelligence, and also a vast amount of critical discrimination." says Mrs. Hungerland, "the girl with the Stephens Look will have a mark of culture and refinement under all circumstances and in all places." l-lealth Council "Know Your Blood" and "Watch Your Weight" were two of the many campus-wide programs carricd cut this year by the Health Council, which is composed of o11e representative from each resi- dence hall. This group is in charge of all campus health activities and acts as a connecting link between the Stephens Health Center and the student body. liaeh month a new project is undertaken and an authority O11 the subject speaks at open meetings. The selling of tuberculosis seals at Christmas time, the distribution of booklets on "Campus Health Practices." and an address by Dr. Lois Boulware, physician to women at the University of Iowa, were also included in the year's events. The board works in cooperation with the Stephens Recreation Association in planning recreational programs with an emphasis o11 good health. Whenever necessary, the members help by enforcing health rules. Oflicers for the year were: President, Frances Dimmock, who was succeeded by Marcie Mobley, vice-president: Beth Carney, secretary-treasurer, and Arlee Vermillion, program chairman. Co- sponsors ofthe group were Mrs. Reva P. Vaughan and Dr. L. M. Folkers. Front row: Bowlzs, MIl,LEH, CRENSHAW, JACK Middle row: VERMILLION, MOBLEY, CARNEY Back raw: Urmzcnr, APPLEBY, HOWAY, NAPPEH, Gmnms, NEW, SHANNON, MUNS Page 232 Page 233 ROBLING, BIXLER, GUSTAVSON, BALLWEG, SKIDMORE, BEESON, WHITE, HUMPHREY, THUMBULL, SCOTT Nurses' Aides Stephens, the first school in the Middle West to offer Red Cross Nurses' Aide Training. has suc- cessfully carried out its program for the past few winters. Fifty-seven girls served as volunteers this year at the Boone County and Noyes Hospitals. In order to be accepted for training each student had to fulfill the requirements of scholarship, leadership, and fitness. All of the Aides are members of the N urses' Aide Club, which tries to stimulate cooperation and friendliness among the group. Officers were Ramona White, presidentg Natalie Gustavson. vice- presidentg and Phyllis Harris, secretary-treasurer. Mrs. Jewell Somerville served as faculty sponsor. ln the past year. Stephens College students have had an oppor- tunity to hear live outstanding personalities interpret and analyze some ot' the major issues of the war. The Foreign Relations Club in its seventh annual lecture series has brought to Columbia: Dr. li. X. Lin. speaking on China: Count Byron de Prorok and Dr. Syud llossain. debating the question: "Should lndia Have Her Independence Xowlluz Dorothy Thompson. interpreting the news of the Inoinent as she saw it: and Maurice Hindus. discussing modern Russia. The Foreign Relations Club has grown in seven years from a small group ot' girls who gathered in a dormitory room to discuss the news ot' the meek over a Sunday night snack of milk and sand- niches to its present size and importance as a highly significant. it 1 W1 W i ff , Stephens eampus ar tivity. Its purpose is to make students aware of' the importance of current events. This is acrzomplishcfd through the If-et ure series and by means ot' discussions lcd by gl1cst,spcakers from the liniversity' and Stephens faculties at the f:lub's bi-weekly meetings. International Peace. thi: Dumbarton Oaks corlferelicc, and the future ot' the flood Neighbor Policy have been discussed as outstanding: topics in current history. The officers for 1911-15 were Lera ltohling, prcsidcnlig Lola Str-wart, vice-presidentg Helena Hurst., scorel,ary-treasurer3 Genie Kilcup. publieity cornmittee fzhairmanj and Noanic Boo Nlorrison and Betty Witte, promotion directors. QVlr. John A. Decker sponsored the club DR. B. A. LIU Front row: PIOBLING, DP.. DECKEB, MORRISON Back row: STEWART, KILCUP, WITTE, MARTIN lzoreign Qelations Club A dinner for M iss Dorothy Thompson MAURICE HINDUS Aviation Front row: RAYBURN, C01-'FEY Back row: SHAW, MCCLURE, WHITE Club , Ji The Aviation Club has two principal objectives: first, to promote air-mindedness at Stephens, and second, to bring to the campus prominent figures in the field to give students an understanding of the role of aviation in the world of the future. In meetings, held every Monday night at 7:30. those interested in aviation presented panel discussions. Suggestions were also made for the project bulletin board in Hickman Arch. The 1944-45 officers were: Sue McClure, president, Jeanne Coffey, vice- president: Patty White, secretary-treasurer, Mary Gill Rayburn, publicity managerg Peggy Shaw. parliamentarian. The faculty sponsor was Miss Eugenia Voss. GXKQ - This club, originated in Texas University, is an organization for sons and daughters of people in service. The only chapters in the United States are found at Texas University, Penn Hall, University of Louisiana, and Stephens College. This year the Brats, dressed in colorful club uniforms, took charge of the decorations and taxi dances for the War Bond Rally. Also intense rivalry was displayed during the broadcast of the Army-Navy game. Col. Stephanie Doherty is president of the club, Lt. Col. Ruth Rice holds the position of vice-president, and Major Janet Glithero performs the duties of secre- tary-treasurer. Mr. P. Donchian is faculty sponsor of the club. Page 235 Army- Ancho firets RICJ5. Dol-IERTY. GLITHERO l i I' QxX.,,s.,,,., we REED Creating a library of autographed books is the work of the Book Club, established in 1935 for the purpose of providing students with a library of popular books. At that time such books were not avail- able in sufficient numbers to satisfy the reading demands. This year's thirteen members had as their WPO project the building of a scrapbook of favorite poems. which upon completion was to be presented to a servicemen's rehabilitation center. A breakfast at the Country Club, during which Mr. Chisholm spoke on Semantics, was among the activities en- joyed by the 19-15 members. Book Club ofhcers were Ruth Reed, president, Jackie Slutsky, vice-president, Jean Doten, secre- tary: Nadia Cohen, treasurer, Barbara Brown, project chairman, and Betsy Page, librarian. Mr. E. S. Hiller was sponsor. MOHLER GARNEB RUSSEY As girls interested in the Spanish-speaking people and in their language, the members of Carmen- fgita are given an opportunity to hear and practice speaking the Spanish language, and to learn about the customs of Spain and the Latin-American countries. Throughout the school year, a number of stimulating and informative programs were held which featured Spanish dances, skits, moving pictures, and many other interesting novelties. Officers this year were Eileen Garner, president, Betty Hussey, vice-president, and Betty Mohler, secretary-treasurer. Faculty sponsor was Miss Johnnie Allison. BRONVN, DOTEN, SLUTSKY, PAGE Carmencita Page 2 French " Club Front row: MARSHALL, PETER Back row: MCLARTY, BEAGHLER, DASHIELL Vive la Francel With the heroic liberation of France, interest in the French Club has definitely increased. and membership has become even more of a privilege. The club carries on its program for the benefit and enjoyment of all girls interested in the French language and subjects pertaining to France. Its officers this year were Xlarion Peter. president, Pamela Marshall, vice-president, Mary J ane Beaghler, secretaryg Joyce Dillinder, treasurer: Barbara Hallis, social chairmang and Nancy Beebe, publicity chairman. Mme. Bilsborough was faculty sponsor. A meeting of the entire club is held once a month. During these meetings various programs concerned with France and her language are presented. At meetings, members of the club converse only in Frenchg tlns experience glV6S the members invaluable aid in correct pronunciation and ease in speaking. French movies presented in the cinema laboratory are sponsored by the French Club. These afford an excellent opportunity for students to become acquainted with French life and customs. German Club Left to right: MARTYN, ZIEMEB MAJOR, BIOBRISON, SIMPSON . More than ever this year, students on the Stephens campus were war-conscious. Realizing the need that would arise after the war, German Club members were eager to learn the language and traditions of the German people. Inaddition to meeting twice a month, they sponsored a coffee hour every Wednesday afternoon to which everyone who wished to come was 1nv1ted. At each meeting a faculty member was invited to speak on the traditions and folk- lore of the German people. The members sang traditional songs of old Germany, including Christmas carols. W This year the club was under the sponsorship of Mr. George Scherer. Officers for the year were: President. Dorothy Nlajorg vice-president, Patricia Zlemerg secretary, "Bunny Fenn: and treasurer. Frances Xlartyn. Page 237 lrloine-nialdng and the relationship between the home and the community are the main interests of the lloinarts Club. The program this year included a turkey-carving demonstration by Mr. Russell Green and. at Christmas. a demonstration of how to plan a child's party. The sponsor, Miss Martha Riser. and other faculty members of the Home a11d Family Division participated in the club's activi- ties. lnder the direction of Miss Marjorie Momyer is the HSiltil6l'S Club," the W.P.O. project of lloruarts. The officers were Natalie Gustavson, president, Betty Dondineau, vice-president, Jean Wiegand. secretary: Peggy Douglas, treasurer: a11d Harriett Erhart, publicity chairman. l-lomarts Club Left to right: ERHART, YOUNKEB, DONDINEAU, GUsTAvsoN, WIEGAND .,,i l-iypatia l'-lexagon r Left to right: ANDERSON, VAN CAMP, MEYER, EVANS The first eluh organized at Stephens was Hypatia Hexagon, the mathematics club. Any girl who has had or is taking a mathematics course is eligible for membership. Programs presenting practical and useful information about mathematics were enjoyed by the club's twenty members throughout the year. Hypatia Hexagon's 1945 officers were Ellen Anderson, president, Marjorie Meyer, vice- presirlentg Letitia Evans, secretary-treasurer, and Edythe Link, program chairman. The faculty sponsor was Miss Edith F. Whitmer. Page 238 The Guild has set up and equipped, down to the last piece of' furniture, a new Ulllwlff library. in the Conservatory Annex. The library also contains a listening room and a constantly growing fol- lection of recordings. Sunday afternoon concerts, presenting music: majors, and weekly broaflf-as! s of' recorded music over KTX are sponsored by the club. AI, flhristrnas lime, the club carols "en rriasstf' at faculty homes. The officers for the year were Pat Pierce, president, liosalie Skidmore, vif'e-presi- dent, Mary Lou Hocmheld, secretary, Marian Bixby, treasurer. ,Vliss Wary Jane Hantz served as faculty sponsor. Two artists featured in the symphony concert series, Annamary Dickey and l'atrif-ia Travers, were made honorary members. , T Music Service Guild Front row: MORE Back row: PLOEMHELD. BIXB1' Page 239 PIERCE, Miss TIANTZ. Sam- prince ol WGIZS KIM. BERGMAX Imagine a club being started by a girl falling off a horse! Way back in 1926, the Prince of Wales Club, whose original charter was signed by Will Rogers, admitted to membership only girls who are been "involuntarily dismounted." Now, however, in order to join the club. one must pass a written test plus a riding, saddling, and bridling test. The program for the year includes rides. tantalizing f'feeds," horse shows, and regular meetings at which prominent authorities are invited to speale. Officers for the year were Eleanor Kilgore, presidentg Joanne McKim. vice-president: Betty Bergman. treasurer, and Hedda Wilkinson, secretary. Faculty sponsor was Miss4Annie M. Lawson. XYILKINSON. KILGORE. BI C Club HE NEGAP. The sixty-eight members who compose Rostrum have one of the busiest programs on campus. Leading the group is Ruth Berry, presidentg Sarah Sherrill, vice-president, Pat Berglund, secretaryg and Pat Henegar. treasurer. Rostrum meets twice a month under the sponsorship of Miss Margaret Wood and Mr. Dave Phillips, members of the Division of Communications. Again this year, Ros- trunfs major project was Victory Speaking. In this work, the club is affiliated with the state and national organizations. Hall meetings, convocations, KTX, KFRU, sorority meetings, and club meetings were a few places available for volunteer speakers. The club's outstanding social function in the spring is a banquet given in honor of the Victory Speakers at which the pins and certificates are awarded and the officers for the following year installed. GSNXN9 The Secretarial Club not only brings to the campus interesting and worthwhile speakers, but it also gives the members a chance to widen their acquaintances and to develop the poise needed for a business career. Four out-of-town speakers were presented this year. The clubs social program in- cluded such activities as Waffle Suppers and picnics. Through W.P.O., the Secretarial Club did typing, mimeographing, and filing in connection with various war projects. Officers were Patricia Ventura, president: Jean Bumgardner, vice-presidentg Joyce Saunders, treasurerg and Joanne Jeffery, secretary. Nliss Estelle White was the sponsor. 3 SHERRILL, BERRY, BERGLUND, ldostrum Secretarial Club SAUNDERS VENTURA, JEFFREY, BUMGAHDNER, Page 240 Stephens League , BELL, STEWART l Stephens League of Women Voters had one of its best years. It has demonstrated its major purposes "by doing"- the purpose of promoting good citizenship on campus. At the time of the national election in the fall, Stephens League sponsored a 'gstraw ballot" on the campus. Directed by Mary Bell, president of the League, this project. with its posters, banners, speeches, and rallies, enabled all the students to participate in the national election. In the Social problems department all the instructors devoted their first unit to "Democratic Process," in which they discussed the platform and record of each party. At a required convocation there was much party spirit shown when Mr. H. P. Baker, Mr. D. C. Smucker, and Mr. Wm. H. Form presented campaign talks for the Republican, Democratic, and Socialist candidates. In the League itself, all the major issues up before Congress were studied. The Dumbarton Oaks plan for inter- national organization and the Bretonwood Intermonetary Conference were studied thoroughly and explained in detail. Mary Stewart was vice-president of the League this year, and Jane Hardin was secretary-treasurer. Mr. Robert Carson and Mr. Howard Baker, co-sponsors, also guided the League by making a study of community affairs which included a visit to a meeting of the Columbia city council. GNXQD Some three years ago a new club made its appearance on campus. It was the Writers Club, organized under the sponsorship of Chi Delta Phi, honorary creative writing sorority with membership open to all Juniors interested in writing. The club's project for this year was the publication of Maelstronz, a magazine designed to give girls the experience necessary for later work on Stephens Standard or Stephens Life. The president for this year was Anne Neisen. Mary Malone was vice-president and Margaret Bollinger was busi- ness manager. Eleanor Sibley acted as secretary and Mr. Kenneth Berry served as the club's faculty sponsor. Writers - Club E! MALONE, NIESEN, BOLINGER, SIBLEY Page 241 WN BX XX Q xx 'N manor'-Q 'X -wing-Q1-fum Q 'G S-mwuwns-.sahsrlib ' 'I N ,-s 'fmlkw if 1 , tru -. INS, ' , Q 'bb rsmcxm . Z ,- V xx x . M ' N. You rlorft .S'fl.V, Lllllflfl? Whrn,tt win? lforrnot dinner Mr. Weaver tatks with M iss Dorothy Thompson white Dr. Teo for lhe rrlshees Decker and Lera Robttng took on After the hike we need refreshment! -1 Page 242 - V- N' if T , , M. '4 n if . . ,A 1 Q 5 y U g ff' N, ', W A. ' Y JA 8 1' -v 1 -mx I , ,Ap W' ,fx f as 3, xg 2 A gg' ev. 'Y' al Qt I v,,f 1 I . Q x 'i'5f'f, X 'ff ' 4 ' 9 in "" I Y ss Y WIP , sf' , I Q :Q A, aw-. -6' Page 245 xx ,X .,,,-?-iff I e i Q 6 I 2 ,,.- , gi YXWSXQXY Y Yi gi 9 I Here s how you do il! He has a good l.I7IUgl.IIl1fI'072 Understand? And who are you girls fori The airporfs a busy place 7 ,E X 3 Retrospect ol Now that we're leaving Stephens, we look back over the year, trying to memorize all the little things we don't want to forget. President Wood was nice to us . . . Some nights, after we had crammed for tests and rushed to meetings until we were contemplating a rest at the health center, we heard a sudden burst of screaming from the halls. HSTOP DAYV' We screamed, too. "For heis a jolly good fellow . . .H Remember thinking out problems in the dimly lit auditorium . . . listening to soft music? And Burrall on Sundays . . . White Sundays and Can Sunday . . .9 Then there were the green ribbons. One night there was a big barbecue at the lake . . . white-clad chefs guarding barbecue pits . . . bus boys running from pits to tables with sizzling barbecued beef and pork . . . entertainment while we ate. The big moment of the evening came when the bonfire was lighted and juniors threw their ribbons in . . . full-fledged Suzies! Dean Prunty displayed true genius when he got us dates for our big dances. We wrote home, "I had a blind date, but everybody else had a good time!" We did have fun anyway! Sorority rushing . . . girls dressed in their best . . . aetives as nervous as rushees. But in a few weeks they were sisters. Who could forget the post office!! We spent half of our lives at Stephens standing by our boxes, wishing. Busy hours in the P. O. were worse than a fire sale, but we always managed to reach our boxes! With the first snow, we began singing "White Christmasn in the blue rooms, and a sign in the window Page 246 the year over the P. O. stairs announced the number of days till vacation. CWe counted them ourselves to make sure, thoughj. Soon we were packing . . . What clothes could we possibly leave here? The Wabash was late, but we finally got home! We thought we'd never get enough of sleeping late and eating home-cooked food, but when we did get back, it was good to see our pals again. The faculty show broke that after-vacation let- down, bringing the Russian ballet, a Paris style show, Cuban and Egyptian dances right to our own audi- torium. '6Three hundred and seventy-five laughs in ninety minutes," the faculty advertised, but they under- estimated the number. There were Burrall concerts, plays, lectures and election campaigns to keep us busy, and before we knew it the warm weather came . . . trees were budding and the sun shone. Sun decks opened and we started our summer tans the hard way . . . with a good sunburn. People hurried around campus carrying tennis racquets or golf clubs. When spring rest came, the campus over- flowed with visiting parents. We slept and wasted time and slept some more. Then the Ivy Fete and commencement week . . . Time to pack clothes again! Everyone was trying to finish work, the Swap Shop was crowded. Coupled with our happiness at the prospect of going home, there was a feeling of sadness . . . we were leaving Stephens . Q f lt's been fun, this year at Stephens, hasn'l it? One of those years to memorize! Page 247 Sem Activities ABBOTT. 5ll'RlEl. J.. Columbia. Missouri. Secre- tary-lreasurer Delta Sifuia. S.R.A., Foreign Relations Club, S.A.B., lndepen ents. Stephens League. ACKEMANN. ELAINE LOUISE. Elgin. Illinois. Spanish Club. S.R.A., Independents. ACKERSON. ELAINE. Princeton. Illinois. Student Congrezw. Secretary Burrall Choir. Independents. Sigma Gamma Gamma. Sunrise Choir. ACLFF. FAY. Long Beach. California. Tau Sigma Tau. Army-Anchor Brats. ADAMS. JEAN D.. East Tau-as. lwirhigan. Independ- ents. Stephens League. House Council. ADAMS. JOAN ELAINE. Chirago. Illinois. Personal Appearance Committee. Publicity Committee. Sigma Alpha Chi. Tau Sigma Tau. ADAMS. NANCY LEWIS. Clayton. Missouri, Vice- president Eta Epsilon Gamma. ADAMSON. JO. Little Rock. Arkansas, Health Com- mittee. French Club. ADLER. MARGARET. Ilinriepeg, Manitoba, Canada, Tri Phi. French Club. Publicity Committee. ALBERTS. MARTHA JEANNE, Phoenir, Arizona, Yfar-Peace Organization, Publicity Committee. Vice- presidvnt President Woods Home. Vice-president Tri Phi. Army-Anchor Brats. ALBRIGHT. DELORES E.. Webster City, Iowa. Omega Psi. Life staff. Secretary VV.P.O., Alpha Phi Epsilon, .Aviation Club. ALDRIDGE. SARAH A.. Eslill, Mississippi, Secre- tary-lreasurer Eta Epsilon Gamma, Hypatia Hexagon. ALEXANDER. CYNTHIA, Alexandria. Louisiana, Omega Psi. ALEXANDER. FRANCES. Alerandria, Louisiana, Omega Psi. Stephens League, Aviation Club, Foreign Relations Club. ALEXANDER, GEORGIA LEE. Orinda. California, Eta Epsilon Gamma. Publicity, Chairman Senior Hall, Art Club. ALLEN. MARY KATHRYN, Perryton, Texas, Tri Phi, S.R.A., Speech Club, President Terrace Hall, Senior Guide. ALLEN. MARY LYNN, Pine Bluff, Arkansas, Inde- pendents. Alpha Pi Epsilon, S.R.A. ALLEN. NANCY SUE, Denver, Colorado, Student Congress. Independents. French Club, Senior Sister, Vioe-president Fielding Smith Hall. ALLMAND, DELORES, Lima, Peru, Independents, Spanish Club. AMES. EVELYN SHERWOOD, Selma, Alabama, In- dependents. Student Congrms. ANDERSON. BETTY RAY, Miami, Florida, Swim- ming Club, S.R.A., Homarts Club. ANDERSON, BONNIE, Tacoma, Washington, Student Congress, Chairman Columbia Hall Independents, Army-Anchor Brats, Burrall Orchestra. ANDERSON, ELLEN MAY. Birmingham, Michigan, Independents, Senior Sister, President Hypatia Hexa- gon. S.A.B. ANDERSON. JEANNE, Pawnee City, Nebraska, Sen- ior Sister, W'.P,0., Scholarship Chainnan, Delta Chi Delta, French Club. ANDERSON, MARY F., Elmhurst, Illinois, President Country Club, Tri Alpha, Book Club, Stephens League. ANDRADE. VIOLETA, Birmingham, Michigan, Vice- president Gamma Delta Phi. ANDREWS, RUTH, Ogden, Utah, Independents, Hy- patia Hexagon. ARMSTRONG, JOAN CURTIS, Piqua, Uhio, Life staff, Stephens League, Aviation Club, Within the Ivy st,aH. Vice-president VVriters' Club, Independents, Phi Theta Kappa, Spanish Club. ARP, IJUROTIIY MARIE, Cheyenne, Vlfvnming, Stu- dent Congress. Independents, Burrall Choir, Rostrum. ARTHITR, JOAN RUREX, Lillie ltock, Arkansas. ASCIIER MAN, JANICE, San Mateo, California, Zeta Mu Alpha, Spanish Club. ATHENS, ELIZABETII ANN, Duluth, Minnesota, Sigma Alpha Chi. ATKINSON, MARY, Erie, Pennsylvania, Thfzta Tau Um:-ga, Study Proctor. ATTKISSUN, GLORIA JEANNE, Indianapolis, Indi- an11,Tl1fcta Tau Omega. AIfGIfSTlNl'l. BERNICE, Albert Lea, Mr'nnesf1t11, Sigma Alpha Chi, Aviation Club. AUSTIN, EVE, Laredo, Texas, Senior Sister, Inde- pendents, Vice-president Tower Independents, Sigma Gamma Gamma. AYCOCK. HELEN, Du Ouoin, Illinois, LUe stef, President Phi Lambda Beta, Aviation Club. BAKER, FREDRICKA, Rock Island, Illinois, Senior Sister, Editor Stephensophia. Phi Lambda Beta, Board of Publications, Theta Alpha Epsilon, Beta Phi Gamma, Aviation Club, Spanish Club, Victory Speakers. BALLWEG. LOUANNE, Salt Lake City, Utah. Student Congress, Gamma Delta Phi, French Club, Prince of Wales Club. Homarts Club, Army-Anchor Brats. BARFIELD. PEGGY ALICE, Henning, Tennessee, President Theta Tau Omega, Aviation Club, Student Congress. BARNES, RETTE JEAN, Dallas, Texas, Independ- ents. Beta Phi Gamma, Rostrum, Victory Speakers, Life staff. BARR. PHYLLIS, Reading, Massachusetts, Senior Sis- ter, Chairman Laura Stephens Hall, W.P.O., Inde- pendents, Aviation Club. BARTH, HELENE DEAN, Hume, Illinois, Delta Rho Alpha. Aviation Club, Spanish Club. BAUMHAUER. CATHERINE LOUISE, Atlanta, Georgia, Senior Sister, S.R.A., Independents. BAYER, BETTY JANE, Evanston, Illinois. Literary Editor Slephensophia, Secretary-treasurer Beta Phi Gamma, Delta Rho Alpha, Writers' Club. BEACOM, KATHLEEN L., Pickford, Michigan, S.R.A., Independents, Camera Club. BEAGHLER. MARY JANE, Denver, Colorado, Secre- tary French Club, Rostrum. BEALL, MARGARET, Williams, Iowa, Independents, Spanish Club. BEATTIE. SARA ANN, Denver, Colorado, Student Congress Chairman, Theta Tau Omega. BEAVER, ELIZABETH PATRICIA, Jamestown. New York, Independents, Army-Anchor Brats. BECHSTEIN, LOIS NATALIE, Evanston, Illinois, Vice-president Country Club, Delta Chi Delta, Schol- arship Committee, Orchesis, S.R.A. BEDARD, EUGENIA ANN, University City, Mis- souri, Burrall Social Chairman, Burrall Cabinet, Sigma alpha Chi, Scholarship Committee, Sigma Gamma amma. BEEBE, JEAN POWELL, Weston, Massachusetts. BEEBE, NANCY, Chicago, Illinois, President Fielding Smith Independents, French Club, Senior Sister, W.P.O., Stephensophia staff, Standard staff. BEESON, MARY BEVERLY, Little Rock, Arkansas, Senior Sister, Psi Chi Omicron, Homarts Club, Stu- dents Congress. BELL, BETTY JEAN, Mobile, Alabama, President Health Council, Independents, Congress Representa- tive, Spanish Club, Second Vice-president Wales Hall. BELL, KATHRYN ANN, Mount Vernon, Ohio, Inde- pendents, Homarts Club. BELL, MARY ELLEN, Oakland, CalUornia, President Stephen League, Kappa Alpha Phi, S.R.A. BENJEGERDES, MILDRED, Beaver, Oklahoma, Vice-president Terrace Hall, Secretary-treasurer Band, S.R.A., Glee Club, Briggadettes, Health Council, Treas- urer French Club, Independents, Phi Theta Kappa, Delta Sigma. BENSEL, MONA, West Palm Beach, Florida, Kappa Alpha Phi. BENSON, ELIZABETH H., Syracuse, New York, Kappa Alpha Phi. BERGLUND, PATRICIA, Boone, Iowa, Secretary Rostrum, Tri Phi, French Club. BERGMAN, ELIZABETH ANN, Duluth, Minnesota, Senior Sister, Treasurer Prince of Wales Club, Tri Phi. BER RY, CHRISTEL LOUISE, Kalamazoo, Michigan, President W.P.O., President Sophomore Class. BERRY, RUTH, Lemogne, Nebraska, Senior Sister President Rostrum, Independents, S.A.B. BEYSTER, FRANCES JOYCE, Detroit, Michigan, Vice-president South Hall, Independents, S.R.A., Avia- tion Club. BICKLER, SARAH EMILY, Poland, Ohio, Senior Sister, Scholarship Committee, Treasurer Independ- ents, S.R.A. BIERSBORN, ELIZABETH, Stale Center, Iowa, Inde- pendents, Delta Sigma, Homarts Club, Stephens League. BIXBY, MARION LEE, Cleveland Heights, Ohio,Presi- dent Columbia Hall Independents, Secretary-treasurer Music Service Guild. BIXLER, RUTII MAE, Indianapolis, Indiana, Stu- dent Congress, Independents. BLACK, BARBARA, Lawton, Oklahoma, Independ- ents, Homarts Club. BLACK. BONNIE JEAN, Wellington, Kansas, Secre- tary-treasurer Gordon Manor, Independents, Foreign Relations Club, Life photographer, President Gordon Manor Independents. BLACK. MARY BURNETT, Brownsville, Texas, Gamma Delta Phi, Hypatia Hexagon. BLACKMOND, JACQUELYN ANNE, Niles, Michi- gan, Independent.s, Student Congress Chairman, Senior Sister, President Maple Independents. BLAIR, BETTY CATHERINE, Athens, Tennessee, Independents, W.P.O. BLAKE, SYDNEE, New York, New York, Theta Alpha Epsilon, S.A.B., Student Congress. BLANKE, GLORIA, Kentland, Indiana, Beta Phi Gamma. BLEIWEISS, BARBARA, Columbia, Missouri, Eta Epsilon Gamma, Senior Sister. BLISS, SHIRLEY JANE, Visalia, California, Inde- pendents, Student Congress, Spanish Club, Army- Anchor Brats, Burrall Choir. BOAGNI,'GLADYS M., Opelousas, Louisiana, Omega Psi, Aviation Club, Senior Sister. BOHNHORST, EMILIE ANN, Springfield, Illinois, Tri Phi, Senior Sister, Vesper Choir. BOLAN, BARBARA LEE, Dallas. Texas, Independ- ents, Vice-president Alpha Epsilon Rho. BOOTH, PEARL E., Pulaski, Tennessee, Psi Chi Omi- cron, Senior Sister, Aviation Club. BOTTENFIELD, MARJORIE, Tulsa, Oklahoma, Eta Epsilon Gamma, President Writers' Club, Foreign Re- Etioss glub, Board of Publications, Business Manager an ar . BOUGHTER, NANCY, Port Huron, Michigan, Beta Sigma Beta, President Homarts Club. BOYLE, JEAN M., Richmond, Virginia, Independents, Senior Sister. BRAASCH, JEAN, Jasper, Indiana, Independents, Phi Theta Kappa, Scholarship Chairman, Prince of Wales Club, Aviation Club. BRAMMER, DORIS. Huntington, West Virginia, Sigma Alpha Chi, Secretary Pan-Hellenic Council, Idllealth Council, Aviation Club, Spanish Club, Burrall oir. BRANDON, MARY ANN, Natchez, Mississippi, Presi- dent Omega Psi, Secretarial Club. BRANTING, DOROTHY JEAN, Bauxite, Arkansas, Independents, Band, Spanish Club, Burrall Choir. BRIER, JUDITH CLAIRE, Attica, Indiana, Secre- tarial Club. BROADBRIDGE, JOAN, Detroit, Michigan, Stephens League, Independents. BROSIUS, ANN BOYD, Washington, D. C., Zeta Mu Alpha, Independents, Music Service Guild. BROWN, BETTY M., Emporium, Pennsylvania, Inde- pendents, Foreign Relations Club, Band, Aviation Club. BROWN, ELIZABETH BRUCE, Bronrville, New York, Secretary C.S.B., Student Congress, Kappa Alpha Phi, S.R.A., Homarts Club. BROWN, JANE, Toledo, Ohio, Independents. BROWN, MARGARET L., Mechanicsburg, Ohio, In- dependents, Glee Club, Senior Sister. BROWN, MARILYN, Austin, Texas, Independent. BROWN, MARTHA, Columbia, Missouri, Zeta Mu Alpha, Senior Sister, Council of Class Officers. BROWNE, BARBARA, Midland, Michigan, Phi Lambda Beta, Homarts Club. BRUMBLY, MARTHA, Huntington Park, California, Independents, Secretary-treasurer Prince of Wales Club, Senior Sister. BRYAN, DEE, Pine Blujf, Arkansas, Independents, Spanish Club. BUCHFINCK, MADELINE JANE, Alliance, Ne- braska, President Delta Rho Alpha, Foreign Relations Club, Aviation Club, Secretarial Club. BUCK, EDITH L., Hughes, Arkansas, Theta Tau Omega, Student Congress. BUCKINGHAM, ANNE P., New York, New York, Omega Psi, Aviation Club. BUCKLEY, ELIZABETH, Brownsville, Texas, Phi Theta Kappa, Student Congress, Spanish Club. BUDDE, MARTHA, Mt. Union, Iowa, Independents, Spanish Club. BUEHRLE, DOROTHY J., Muskegon, Michigan, Avi- ation Club, Geography Club, Delta Sigma. BUERGER, BARBARA ANNE, Mobile, Alabama, Homarts Club, Independents. Page 248 BUMGARDNER, JEAN LOUELLA, Indianapolis, Indiana, Alpha Pi Epsilon, Independents, Vice-presi- dent Secretarial Club, Senior Sister. BURKE, ELINOR, Springfield, Ohio, Theta Tau Omega. BURKS, MARY LOUISE, Decatur, Illinois, Kappa Alpha Phi, Campus Service Board. BURNS, MAE KATHRYN, New York, New York, Psi Chi Omicron, Hypatia Hexagon, W.P.O. BURRINGTON, JOYCE, Rapid City, South Dakota, 'gri Shi, Aviation Club, Rostrum, Prince of Wales Club, an . BURRIS, VIRGINIA M., Phoenix, Arizona, Theta Tau Omega, Vice-president Hillcrest Hall, Homarts Club, Foreign Relations Club, German Club, President President Wood's Home. BUTLER, JANICE, Ft. Stockton, Texas, Independents. BYRON, GARNETTE, Nashville, Tennessee, Health Council, Beta Phi Gamma, Aviation Club. CADY, JUDITH, Waban, Massachusetts, Independ- ents, Burrall Choir, Aviation Club. CALLAWAY, CATHERINE ANN, Earl Park, Indi- ana, Independents, Senior Sister. CAMP, CAROLYN, Brownwood, Texas, Independents, Senior Sister, W.P.O. CAMPBELL, BARBARA JEAN, Sheboygan, Wiscon- sin, Co-ordinating Board. CAMPBELL, PATRICIA, Chicago, Illinois, Blue Room Committee. CAPPS, JOAN, Columbia, Missouri, Secretary Diay Students, Sigma Alpha Chi, Phi Theta Kappa, Senior Sister Chairman, Stephensophia photographer. CARPENTER, BETTIE LOU, Montgomery, West Vir- ginia, Independents, Writers Club, Foreign Relations Club, Standard staff. CARTER, ELEANOR B., Jacksonville, Florida, Eta Epsilon Gamma, President Columbia Hall, Stephens League, Homarts Club, S.R.A., Swimming Club. CHAMBERS, SHIRLEY L., Huntington Woods, Mich- gyizng Alpha Epsilon Rho, Independents, Geography u . CHANDLER, HOPE, Akron, Ohio, Independents, Stu- gent Congress, Prince of Wales Club, C.S.B., Senior ister. CHANDLER, JOYCE, Macon, Georgia, Beta Sigma Beta, Delta Sigma, Spanish Club, Prince of Wales Club, French Club, Senior Sister, Assistant Business Manager Stephensophia. CHASE, JO ANN, Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, Independ- ents, Treasurer Laura Stephens Hall. CHEW, JEAN MACPHERSON, Washington, D. C., Tri Alpha, Theta Alpha Epsilon, S.A.B. CHUDIK, FLORENCE DOROTHY. Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Vice-president Phi Lambda Beta, Foreign Relations Club. CHURCHILL, MARY JANE, Brandon, Vermont, In- dependents, Senior Sister, Prince of Wales Club, Band, Student Congress. CLARITY, MARGARET CATHERINE, Minneapo- lis, M innesota, Beta Phi Gamma, Senior Sister, Student Congress. CLARK, ANNA ROSE, Walkerton, Indiana, Homarts Club, Independents. CLARY, MARY VIRGINIA, Beverly Hills, CalU'ornia, Phi Lambda Beta, Homarts Club, Aviation Club. CLAYTON, ELEANOR A., Providence, Rhode Island, Independents, President Writers Club, Aviation Club. CLINE, CAROLYN, Bloomington, Indiana, Senior Sister, Chairman W.P.O., Spanish Club, Independents. CODNER, JOAN, Dunlap, Iowa, Personal Appearance Chairman, Stephens League, Aviation Club, Student Congress, Tri Alpha. COFFEY, JEANNE F., Middletown, Ohio, Vice-presi- dent Gordon Manor, Independents, Aviation Club, Alpha Pi Epsilon. COHEN, NADIA A., Martinsburg, West Virginia. Treasurer Book Club, Independents, Phi Theta Kappa, German Club, Medical Club. COLLIE, BETTY JO, Little Bock, Arkansas, Senior Sister, Student Congress Chairman, Independents, Glee Club. COLLINS, MARY T., Kansas City, Missouri, Sigma Alpha Chi. COLWELL, PATRICIA, Miami Beach, Florida, Sec- retary-treasurer South Hall, Psi Chi Omicron, Phi Theta Kappa, Tau Sigma Tau, Army-Anchor Brats. ' CONINE, PATRICIA, Larchmont, New York, Sigma Alpha Chi, Student Congress, Aviation Club, Foreign Relations Club. CONLY, MARY JOYCE, Dallas, Texas, Homarts Club, Independents. Page 249 Senior Aciiviiies CONNOR , PATRICIA IIAIIB ELI., Sun Antonio, Texas, Vice-president Theta Tau Om:-ga, Theta Alpha Epsilon, Glee Club. CONZELMAN, JOAN, lftfllltllflhllffl, Alabama. COOK, AMBER, Gillett, Wisconsin, Beta Phi Gamma. COOK, NIARIAN LEE, Du Quoin, Illinois, Delta Chi Delta, Secretarial Club. COOPER, AMELIETTA, Corpus Christi, Texas, Sen- ior Sister, Foreign Relations Club, Theta 'I'uu Omega, Music Service Guild, Stephens League. CORBITT, MARY JEAN, Parkersburg, West Virginia, Stephens League, Beta Sigma Beta, Phi Theta Kappa, President Board of Publications, Homarts Club, Span- ish Club. COSSMAN, ELEANOR, Ashland, Kansas, Aviation Club, Independents. COURI, CLAIRE, Cape Cottage, Maine, Tri Phi, Stu- dent Congress, German Club. COWLES, SARAH, Menasha, Wisconsin, Aviation Club, Independents, S.R.A. COX, EVELYN JOYCE, Dallas, Texas, Senior Sister, Independents, Aviation Club. COX, JENNIE ERLE, West Point, Mississippi, Senior Sister, Personal Appearance Chairman, Beta Phi Gamma, Rostrum, Aviation Club. COYNE, PATRICIA, Joplin, Missouri, Vice-president 'gimwer Hall, Tri Phi, Stephens League, Secretary Junior ass. CRANDALL, FRANCES E., Carlisle, Arkansas, Omega Psi, Alpha Pi Epsilon, Secretarial Club. CRANE, BARBARA, Jacksonville, Florida, President Tower Hall Independents, Senior Sister, Rostrum Club CRAPO, BARBARA J., Mt. Pleasant, Michigan, Stu- dent Congress, Gamma Delta Phi, Homarts Club, Courtesy League. CRAWFORD, JASMINE, Shreveport. Louisiana, Inde- pendents. CRAWFORD, PATRICIA, Mobile, Alabama, Inde- pendents. CRENSHAW, ANN F., Lubbock, Texas, Chairman Health Council, Senior Sister, Independents, Rostrum. CRIPPIN, ALICE, Cisne, Illinois, President Beta Phi Gamma, Life staff, Book Club, Independents, S.A.B. CROSIER, JEANETTE M., Dearborn, Michigan, In- dependents, Homarts Club, Secretarial Club. CROW, MARY MARSHALL, Nashville, Tennessee. CUDDEBACK, ALICE F., Canandaigua, New York, Independents, Student Congress, Standard staif. CULP, LILLIAN, Birmingham, Alabama, Eta Epsilon Gamma, Alpha Pi Epsilon, Tau Sigma Tau, Student Congress. CURRIE, ELENOR, Enterprise, Alabama, Senior Sis- Eafgblndependents, Foreign Relations Club, Spanish u . DANCE, RUBYE, Shreveport, Louisiana, Independ- ents, Geography Club, Army-Anchor Brats. DANNEHOWER, ELIZABETH GORDON, Westfield, New Jersqv, Secretarial Club. DARNALL, JUNE, Coatesville, Indiana, President South Hall, Beta Sigma Beta, Rostrum. DAU, CAROL, St. Louis, Missouri, Senior Sister, Presi- dent North Hall Independents, S.R.A. DAVIS, SYLVIA, Cleveland Heights, Ohio, Independ- ents, Spanish Club, Science Club. DAWSON, LOIS ELIZABETH, Shaker Heights, Ohio, Independents, French Club. DAY, BARBARA, Lawton, Oklahoma, Independents, Student Congress, Sigma Gamma Gamma, Army- Anchor Brats. DAY, DOROTHY, Birmingham, Alabama, Senior Sis- ter, Psi Chi Omicron, Student Congress. DEBOLT, CAROLINE, Fairmont, llest Virginia. Treasurer Aviation Club, Independents. DEE, SALLY, Marion, Ohio, C.S.B., Student Congress, Tri Alpha, Homarts Club. DEEDS, JAYNE, Cincinnati, Ohio, Eta Epsilon Gam- ma, Senior Sister, Spanish Club, Stephens League. DENEEN. RACHEL, Johnson City. Tennessee. Bur- rall Cabinet, Stephens League, Independents, Foreign Relations Club. DEVELBISS, ROBERTA, Piedmont. California, Phi Phi Phi. DEWITT. MARY KATHERINE. Skokie. Illinois. W.P.O., President Phi Phi Phi, Alpha Epsilon Rho, Spanish Club. BIBELLO, LORENE. Eggerlsville. New York, Inde- 1E:cinmgent.s, Aviation Club, Spanish Club, Prince of Wales u . IDICKIOY, HAHHAHA LYNN, lllllfltflll. llllllljll, Virgi- Writfllillcrest Hall, lrulependenu, Herman Club . '. I. Dll.l.lNIJl'lR, JOYCE, San llirgo, California, fiamrna Helm Phi, President Hillcrest Hall, Arrny-Arurhor rata. IHMMOCK, I"I'lANCI'lS, Atlanta, fnorqia, Serrvvtary- treasurer Health Council, Irulependenls, l'resident Health Council. IJINIIAM, LOHANIDA, Arfinneu folip, .MIIIYIIVJIL Sen- ior Sister, Trmsurer S.A.B., Yi:-tnry Speaker, Tri Alpha, Rostrum, Student Congreas, S.A.B. DOIJDS, lll'll.l-IN CIIAMBEHS, fjluirnpaigri, lllinnil W.P.O., Independents. DOHERTY, MARY S'l'El'HANll'l, Philarblphia, Pennsylvania, President Army-Anchor BraLn, Student Congress, Kappa Alpha Phi, Aviation Club. DOHR. MARGARET ELIZABETH. .'Wadimn, Hu- consin, Independents, Spanish Club. DONDINEAU, ELIZABETH ANN. Detroit, .Wichi- gan, Independents. DOUCETTE, DOROTHY. Houston, Texan. C.S.B., Theta Tau Omega, Alpha Pi Epsilon, Secretarial Club. DOWNARD, CHARLOTTE ANN. Webster City, Iowa, Secretary-treasurer Delta Chi Delta. DOWNS, BARBARA E., Detroit. .'l'Iichigan, Independ- ents. DOWNS, NANCY BEVERLY, Seattle. Tlhshinglon, Senior Sister, Secretary-treasurer Tri Alpha, Vice- president Lodge, Prince of Wales Club, DRAKE, SHIRLEY MAE, llashinglon. D. C.. Seen-- tary-treasurer President YVood's Home, Independents, DRENNEN, FRANCES JOHNS. Birmingham, Ala- bama, Student Congress, Kappa Alpha Phi. Book Club, Army-Anchor Brats. DRYER, RUTH HELENE, San Diego. California, Secretary-treasurer Kappa Alpha Phi. Stephens League. Stephensophia staH. DUBOSE, MARGARET LOIS, Shamrock. Texas, Presi- dent Wales Hall. Beta Sigma Beta, C.S.B. DUFFY, SYBIL ANN, Blacklirk, Ohio, Vice-president Delta Rho Alpha, Aviation Club. DUGGAN, PATRICIA. Bemidji, Jwinnesola, Psi Chi Omicron, French Club, W.P.O. DULING, VIRGINIA, Huntington. Best Virginia. Secretary-treasurer Sigma Alpha Chi, Senior Orchesis, Burrall Choir. DUNBAR, DOLLY. Troy. Alabama, Senior Sister, Sigma Alpha Chi, Homarts Club. Foreign Relations Club, Glee Club. DUNCAN. JANE E.. Detroit. Blichigan. Senior Sister. Vice-president Aviation Hall Independents. DUNCAN, GERALDINE, San Jlateo. California. In- dependents, Homarts Club. Secretary-treasurer Hill- crest Independents. DUNN. CAROLINE. Springfield. Tennessee. Treasurer Senior Class, Senior Sister. Personal Appearance Com- Emitgee, Independents. Slephensophio staE. Homarts lu . EATON. INIARGIE, Papillion. Nebraska. Senior Sister, Independents, Aviation Club. Secretarial Club. EATON. SHIRLEY J.. Hellesley Hills. .llassal-hu,ggU,, Independents, Senior Sister, Aviation Club. Secretarial Club. EBLING. INIARJORIE, ll'esl Englewood. .Yau Jeri-ev, Sigma Alpha Chi. Student Congi-ex. Senior Sisggr President C.S.B. EDSON, BETTY ANNE. Houston. Texas. Orchesis. Secretary-treasurer Theta Tau Omega. S.R.A. EINEN, MARIETTE. Cedar Rapids. Iou-a. Briggg- dettes. Burrall Choir. Band. Vice-president Burrall Choir, Independents. EIRING. FRANCES. Pllllflfiflf. Tel-as. Alpha Alpha Alpha. ELLIOTT. MARTHA DOTSON. Sl. Jlarys. Rest Vir- ginia. Phi Lambda Beta. Aviation Club. EMBLETON. BARBARA. Learemrorlh. Kansas. Inde- pendents, Phi Theta kappa. Spanish Club. Aviation Club. EMERY. NANCY. Summit. New Jersey. Psi Chi Omi- cron. S.R.A., Foreign Relations Club. ENGELHARD. BETTE ANN, Chicago. Illinois. Theta Tau Omega. ENGLANDER. EDNA. Long Island, New York, Zeta Phi Delta. S.R.A.. Senior Sister. Chairman Maple Hall, EPSTEIN. ELIZABETH. l'l'ilIiamsrilIe, Nea- York. Independent, Phi Theta Kappa. Beta Phi Gamma. Life staff. Prince of YVales Club, Foreign Relations Club. Camera Club. F,SClll'fRlCll. DORO'l'lll'fA. .4lIadenu. California. lmlependvnts. Phi Theta Kappa. Rota Phi Gamma. Editor Life llriiicv of Wales Club. Foreign Relations Club. litllllvfll Club. EYANS. I-il-l'f.-KNOR E.. Hume. .N'Q'll' York, Phi Lainbdn Beta. llonmrls Club. Rostrum. N irtory Speaker. Senior Sister, EX ANS. Ll'fTl'l'lA .Ili-KN. Oak Hill. Ohio. Independ- ents. Svvrvlary-trensurer llypnlia Hexagon. French Club. EWING, lllfl.l'fN l'fI,lZABli'l'll. Larned, Kansas. Kappa Alpha Phi. l'1Zl'fl.I., l'nl'f'lt'l'Y, l.0Ul4S1'l-llQ', lX't'llilIl'k-V, Independents, Axiniiou Club. FAAST. NIARGARET LOLISE. Eau Claire. llisron- sin, Zeta Nlu Alpha. French Club. FAN'l'l.l-f. ANN.-XNIAE. La Crosse. Wisronsin. Zeta Blu Alpha. Spanish Club. FARR. SUNIA. Tn-as Cily. Tiaras. Independents, Hy- patia llewagon. Spanish Club. FARRAR. MARILYN. .Yea-ark. .Yew York. Phi Phi Phi. Senior Sister. Chairman Tower Hall. Secretarial Club. Rostrum. Stephens League. Alpha Pi Epsilon, FARRINGTUN. Jl'NE MARIE. Orchard Park. New York. Independents. S.B.A. FELDMAN, BONNIE. Hay Cilhv. llisconsin, Inde- pendent. Aviation Club. Music Service Guild, Burrall Choir. Yesper Choir. FELDNIANN. VIRGINIA LOUISE. illarzhassel, New York. lndependents. Senior Sister. S.R.A. FELDNER. NANCY S.. Akron, Ohio, Independents, SRA. FIELDS, JEAN. Louisville. Kenlackv, Secretary-treasf urer Delta Sigma. Independents. French Club, Senior Sister. Nurses' Aid. FISHER. EYALINE ANNE, Gidden. Iowa, Independ- ents President South Hall. Senior Sister, Secretarial Club. Glee Club. .Aviation Club. FISHER. GLORIA JEANNE, ll'iImelle, Illinois, Delta Chi Della. Student Congress. FISH ER. HELEN GLORIA, Del Rio, Te.:-as, Phi Lambda Beta. Treasurer Theta Alpha Epsilon, Glee Club. Senior Sister. FISHER. MARTHA. Cincinnali, Ohio, Eta Epsilon Gamma. Tau Sigma Tau. FLANIGAN. PATRICIA. Geneva, New York, Sigma Alpha Chi. Secretary Council Division Heads. FORD. CLARA LOUISE. Evanston, Illinois, Independ- ents. Prince of Vtales Club. FURNIIILLS. NANCY ANN, Delroil, Michigan, Inde- pf-ndr-nts. FUSTER, BARBARA, Delroil. Michigan, Independ- f-nts. llypatia Hexagon. FOSTER. SYBIL ANN. Oshkosh, l'Visconsin, Inde- pffnrlf-nts. Student Congress. FRAKES. .IOANN DAVIS, Oak Park, Illinois, Vice- prf-Sirirfnt Windsor Ilall. lic-ta Sigma Beta, Phi Theta Hamm, S,-nigr Sister. President Lodge. FRANCIS. MARION .I EANNE, Minneapolis, Minne- ,,,,1,,, X'iCff-prf-sid:-ril Br-ta Phi Gamma, Orchesis. FHANKLANIJ, PHYLLIS, Jackson, Tennessee, Inde- pr-nflf-nts. FH ASEH. IN!-LZ MARIE, Sunla Fe, New Mexico, Inde- pe-ndf-nts. Spanish Club. FH NSS, l':l.l.A NIA If. Kansas Cily, Nfisffouri, Life staff. 1,,,jq,,-mir-rits. Hustrum. Student Congress, Beta Phi Garnma. FH .gzip-LH, VIRGINIA LEE, Los Angeles, California, 'f,.,.,,,,,,,.,.,- psi Chi Umicron. Stephens League. FHFLHNI AN. HX HLYN LOUISE, Bells, Tennessee, film. flluh, Indffpfendents, Book Club, Music Service Guild, Burrall Choir. l"lll"QNCll, NIA HTIIA, Thornson, Illinois, Independ- f-mg, flhnirrnan Burrall project, FH HNCH. .NIA ll Y l,Ul.', Churlrslon-. l'Vesl Virginia. ln- ,j,.I,,,,,,jur.ts. Spanish Club, SWIHIIIIIIIK Club, Ilomarts fllub, Student flongrfcss. FHPLSIINI.-NN. SARAH .Il'IAfNNl'l, Omaha, Nebraska, Imiffpf-ml'-rits. Stephens lnzagiie, W.P.O., Foreign Rela- tifmg Club. Splllflf Sister. FROST, IJOHOTIIY MARIE, Kansas Cily, Missouri, Hem Phi Uarnrna, Sunrise Choir, Glue Club, Music Service Guild. FLLKHH. JANl'Q'l' A LYS, lxlrmfrlg, lllinuilf, Beta Phi Garnma. HUYTIHYI5 Chih- FIfI,I,EH, BIQTTY l,,, Ilaxlings, Nebraska, Independ- ,m,,,,. 5,H,,.g,, Senior Sister. W.P.O., N' esper Choir. FYFH, NANCY l'A'I"I'lSUN, Covinglon, Tennessee. GAIXI-LS, DORIS HIQTII. New York, New York, Inde- pendents, Alpha lipsilon Rho, Glee Club, Senior Sister. Senior Activities GARLAND. BARBARA. ll'er1aic'hee, lfashinglon, Phi Lambda Beta, Secretarial Club, Homarts Club, Foreign Relations Club. Senior Sister. GARLAND. SHIRLEY. ll't?7lllil'll??, llashinglorz, Inde- pvendents. Stephens League, Senior Sister, Phi Theta kappa, Delta Sigma. GARNER, EILEEN. Mexico, D. F.. Mexico, Phi Phi Phi. President Spanish Club. GARYEY, ELMERE, San Anlonio, Texas, Delta Chi Delta. Tau Sigma Tau. GARYVOOD, YVONNE. San Anlonio, Texas, Vice- president Gamma Delta Phi, Aviation Club, Secretary North Hall, Senior Sister. GAULDIN, MARION DEAN, Dallas, Tegras, Psi Chi Omicron, Senior Sister. GEBERT, LOIS MAE, Merrill. W'isconsin, Tri Alpha, Senior Sister. Theta Alpha Epsilon. GETZ, ELIZABETH, Tyrone, Pennsvlvania, Independ- ents. Treasurer Alpha Pi Epsilon, Secretarial Club. GIBRINS, BOBIE JEAN, Midland, Texas, Senior Sis- ter. Health Council, Treasurer Lela Raney Wood, Independents. GIESE, ELINOR JOAN. Colorado Springs, Colordo, Business Manager Slephensophia, Student Congress, Sigma Alpha Chi, Spanish Club, Aviation Club, Beta Phi Gamma, Senior Sister. GILL, NORA, San Antonio, Texas. Beta Sigma Beta, Spanish Club, Burrall Cabinet, Student Congress. GILLILAND, SARA, Edenburg, Texas, Independents, W.P.O., Alpha Pi Epsilon. GILMORE, JACQUELINE, Roadhouse, Illinois, Inde- pendents, Secretarial Club, Senior Sister. GLEICHMANN, NANCY, Venlura, California, Inde- pendents, W.P.O., Foreign Relations Club. GLESSNER, MARJORIE, Minneapolis, Minnesota, Lndependents, Aviation Club, S.R.A., Foreign Relations lub. GLITHERO, JANET, San Diego, California, Army- Anchor Brats, S.R.A., Foreign Relations Club. GOCHENOUR, ANNA BELLE, Clarksburg, Wes! Vir- ginia, Second Vice-president Lela Raney Wood Hall. GODFREY, ANN, Wenalchee, Washington, Senior Sis- ter, Ideals Committee, Sunday Vesper Chairman. GOELITZ, MARILYN, Oak Park, Illinois, Sigma Alpha Chi, Vice-president Board of Publications, Senior Sister, Slephensophia staff. GOERNER, SUSANNE LUCILLE, Claylon, Missouri, Tri Alpha, Homarts Club. GOETHALS, JANET, Mishawaka, Indiana, Phi Lambda Beta. GOETZ. BETTY, Chicago, Illinois, Senior Sister, Psi Chi Omicron, S.R.A., Burrall Cabinet. GOLDMAN, PHYLLIS JEANNE, Sain! Augusline, Florida, Senior Sister, Secretary-treasurer W.P.O., Stu- dent Congress, Aviation Club, Theta Tau Omega, GOODSITT, JEAN, Ladysmith, VVisron.s-in, Campus editor Life, Student Congress, Foreign Relations Club, Writers' Club. GORDINIER, VIRGINIA, Newark, Missouri, W.P.O., Student Congress, Beta Sigma Beta. GORDON, CATHERINE, Oak Park, Illinois, Vice- president Beta Sigma Beta. GRAHAM, JULIE JEANNE, Peoria, Illinois, Treas- urer C.S.B., Theta Tau Omega. GAMBLING, PATRICIA F., El Paso, Texas, Student Congress, Omega Psi, Sigma Gamma Gamma, Spanish Club, Briggadettes. GREAVES, JANICE, Crea! Falls, Montana, Student Congress. Delta Rho Alpha, Prince of Wales Club, Sec- retarial Club. GREEN, BETTY RUTH, Springfield, Illinois, Senior Sister, Phi Phi Phi. GREEN, EDITH E., Norlh Fallon, New York, Inde- pendants. GHEER, JANE WIIITTEN, Louisville, Kenlucky, President Senior Hall, President Senior Court, Student Congress, Eta Epsilon Gamma, Phi Theta Kappa. GR EGG, CATHERINE B., Sl. Joseph, Missouri, In- dependents, llomarts Club. GREVE, l'Il,lZABE'l'll, Allanla. Georgia, Treasurer Pan-Hellenic Council, Kappa Alpha Phi, Student Con- grass. GRIFFIN. GR ETCIIEN, Grand ltapids, Michigan, Student Congress, Independents, Theta Tau Omega. GRIFFITH, CAROL CRAIGIE, San Anlonio, Terms, President Delta Sigma, Gamma Delta Phi, Phi Theta Kappa, S.R.A., Army-Anchor Brats, Senior Sister. GRISSO, JO ANNE, Indianapolis, Indiana, Psi Chi Omicron. Spanish Club, Homarts Club, Nurses' Aid. Gnovns, BETH LORRAINE, Lake airy, Iowa, senior Sjiftgr, Phi Lambda Beta, Aviation Club, Secretarial ll . GURNEY, DARLENE D., Charleslon, Soulh Carolina , Independents, S.R.A., Secretarial Club. GURWITZ, PHYLLIA ELAINE, Three Rivers, Texas, Independents, Secretary French Club, Delta Sigma. GUSTAVSON. NATALIE. Geneva, Illinois, President Hamagti fllglub, Vice-president Nurses' Aid, Independ- en S, L. . . . HAAS, LOIS LOUISE, Cenlralia, Illinois. Publicity Committee. HAGGERTY, MARY W., Zachary, Louisiana, German Club, Foreign Language, Chorus, Independents. HAIGLER, JUDITH LOUISE, University City, Mis- souri, President Alpha Epsilon Rho, Independents. HALEY, ANN, South Zanesville, Ohio, Senior Sister, Independents, Delta Chi Delta. Spanish Club. HALL, BILLIE SUE, New London, Texas, Tri Alpha, Homarts Club. EFELIS, BARBARA, Grosse Poinle, Michigan, French u . HAMILTON, FRANCIS H., Huntington, Wesl Vir- ginia, Senior Sister, Vice-president W.P.O., Tri Alpha, Army-Anchor Brats, Aviation Club, Rostrum. HAMILTON, IDA, Hope, Arkansas, Student Congress, Spanish Club. HAMILTON, MARTHA P., Nashville, Tennessee, In- dependents. HAMMAN, BETTY JANE, Wichila, Kansas, Burrall Social Service. HAMMOND, NANCY F., Carry, Pennsylvania, Span- ish Club, Business Manager LU'e. HAND, NORMA JEAN, Sedgwick, Kansas, Senior Sister, Secretary-treasurer Laura Stephens Hall, Steph- ens League, Independents. HANNON, MARTHA J., Gary, Indiana, Independ- ents. HANSON, MARGUERITE, Larchmoni, New York, In- dependents, President Laura Stephens Hall, Senior Sister, Kappa Alpha Phi, Student Congress, Burrall Choir, Prince of Wales Club. HARDIN, JANE, Birmingham, Michigan, Secretary Stephens League, Zeta Mu Alpha. HARPER, ISABEL, Selma, Alabama, Independents. HARRIMAN, PEGGY, Pasadena, California, Senior Sister, Student Congress, Tau Sigma Tau, Art Club. HARRIS, BEVERLY, Muskogee. Oklahoma, Independ- ents, Student Congress, Spanish Club, Rostrum. HARRIS, ELIZABETH A., Old Hickory, Tennessee, Vice-president White Hall, Student Congress, Spanish Club, Stephens League. Gamma Delta Phi. HARRIS, KATHLEEN, Troy, Missouri, Delta Chi Delta, Glee Club. HARRIS. MARTHA, Columbia, Missouri, Vice-presi- dent Zeta Mu Alpha, Prince of Wales Club, Treasurer Day Students, Senior Sister. HARRIS, PHYLLIS, Toledo, Ohio, Treasurer White Hall, Eta Epsilon Gamma, Homarts Club, Nurses' Aid. HARRIS, SUSAN R., Morgantown, West Virginia, Senior Sister, Tri Phi, Phi Theta Kappa, Spanish Club, Stephens League. HARRISON, NATALIE, Hot Springs, Arkansas, Beta Phi Gamma, Aviation Club. HARRISON, PHYLLIS, Columbia, Missouri, Senior Sister, Vice-president Zeta Mu Alpha, Secretary Day Students. HARROLD, DEVENE, SLA ugusline,Florida,President BurrallCabinet, Student Congress, Theta Tau Omega, Alpha Epsilon Rho. HARROLD, PATRICIA J., Rushville, Indiana, Presi- dent Alpha Alpha Alpha. HARWELL, JANE S., Pulaski, Tennessee, Beta Phi Gamma. HASTINGS, ANNE, Garden Cily, Kansas. Independ- ents. HAYNES, CAROL E., Evansville, Indiana, Phi Lambda Beta. HAYTER, DOREEN A., Walkerlon, Indiana, Senior Sister, Secretary-treasurer Aviation Hall, Independ- ents, S.R.A., Geography Club, Aviation Club, Phi Theta Kappa. HECHT, ELAINE C., La Salle, Illinois, Independ- ents. HELM, MARGARET A., Los Angeles, California, Vice-president Tau Sigma Tau, Student Congress, Sigma Alpha Chi. Page 250 HENDERSON, MARGARET IC., Willard, Ohio, Sec:- retary Band, Vice-president Tau Sigma 'l'uu, Sigma Alpha Chi, Phi 'l'hct,n Kappa, Foreign Relations Clulr, Stephens League, Briggadcttns. HERNANDEZ, MARJORIE J., Caracas, Venezuela, Tri Alpha, Foreign Relations Club. HERNANDEZ, PATRICIA, Caracas, Venezuela, Slu- dent. Congress, Tri Alpha. HENSON, MARION, Lake Foresl, Illinois, Secretary- treasurer Phi Lambda lfleta, Aviation Club. HERSHMAN, SUZANNE, Los Angeles, California, Delta Chi Delta, Prince of Wales Cluh. HETLAND, BARBARA M., Jefferson, Wisconsin, Sen- ior Sister, French Club, Stephens Courtesy League. HICKINBOTHAM, ELIZABETH, Slocklon, Califor- nia, Vice-president S.R.A., Beta Sigma Beta, Delta Sigma, Swimming Club. HICKS, SUZANNE C., Piqua, Ohio, Independents, Secretarial Club, Aviation Club. HILBUN, PATRICIA A., Henderson, Texas, Student Congress, Independents, Aviation Club. HILL, MARY J., Dallas, Texas, Independents, Swim- ming Club, Board of Publications. HILTUNEN, BETTY, Red Lodge, Montana. HINTON, VIRGINIA, Lockharl. Texas. Senior Sister, Spanish Club. Independents. HOBSON, BETTY, Ithaca, New York, Phi Lambda Beta, French Club. HODGKINS, CLYDE, Cleveland, Tennessee, S.R.A., Eta Epsilon Gamma, Orchesis, Stephens League. HOFFERT, MARY B., Racine, Wisconsin, W.P.O., Production Manager, K.T.X., Independents, Alpha Epsilon Rho. HOFGREN, DOROTHY, East Alton, Illinois, Inde- pendents, Nurses' Aid. HOFMEISTER, K. ERNESTINE, Springfield, Mis- souri, Phi Lambda Beta. Band. HOGLE, ARDYS A., Palmyra, Wisconsin, Independ- ents, Alpha Pi Epsilon, Secretarial Club. HOHENSEE, JEAN C., Wauwalosa, Wisconsin, Sigma Alpha Chi, President Alpha Pi Epsilon, Scholarship Committee. HOLABIRD, ELIZABETH ANN, North Haven, Con- neclicul, Secretary-treasurer Phi Phi Phi, Secretarial Club, Student Congress. HOLDERFIELD, JANET ANN, Delrofl, Michigan. Independents, Aviation Club, Secretarial Club, S.R.A. HOLSER, JOYCE MARILYN, Midland, Michigan, Psi Chi Omicron. HOMANN, JOAN LYNNE, Omaha, Nebraska. Inde- pendents, Aviation Club, Secretarial Club, S.R.A. HONEY, HELEN JANETTE, Harlford City, Indiana, Senior Sister, Independents. Stephens League. HOTTINGER, YOLANDA A., Chico, CalU'ornia, Inde- pendents, Senior Sister, Aviation Club. HOUK, BETTY JEANNE. Turlle Creek, Pennsjvlvania, Associate Editor Slondord, Independents, Chi Delta Phi, Foreign Relations Club. HOWAY, MARJORIE J., San Maleo, California, Senior Sister. HOWELL. RLENE LAFLEUR, Birmingham. Michi- gan, Chi Delta Phi, Eta Epsilon Gamma, Aviation Club, Associate Editor Standard. HOWES, HELEN ELIZABETH, Bradford, Illinois, Senior Sister, Independents. HUBBARD, ROGENE, Chicago, Illinois, Student Congress, Eta Epsilon Gamma, Phi Theta Kappa. Homarts Club, Foreign Relations Club, Stephens League. HUMPHREY, MARIANNE, St. Simon Island, Geor- gia, Senior Sister Chairman Hatcher Hall, Psi Chi Omicron. HUNT, BARBARA JEAN, Liberal, Kansas, W.P.O., Zeta Phi Delta. Aviation Club, Secretarial Club. HUNT, MARGARET ANN, DeWi!l, Arkansas, Senior Sister, Independents, Phi Theta Kappa, German Club, Delta Sigma. HUNTER, ANN, Denver, Colorado. HUNTER, FLORENCE BARBARA, Wheeling, VVest Virginia, Senior Sister, Independents. HURST, HELENA, Sun Anlonio, Texas, Secretary Tower Hall, Independents. , HUSCHER, BETHANY LOUISE, Higginsuille, Mis- souri, Vicc-president Alpha Pi Epsilon, Independents, Homarts Club, Secretarial Club. HUTSON, PHYLLIS, Hinsdale, Illinois, President Lela Haney Wood Hall, Beta Sigma Beta, Student Congress, Music Service Guild. Burrall Choir. Page 251 Senior Activities IIYDIC, lVlAllJUIlll'l I'll,IZAlll'2'l'Il, llurlhuqf-, Min- souri, Senior Sister, Sccrutury truusuraer llulrlmr Hull, lritl1:pcmlcrit.s, Delta Siginu, Foraeigii llc-Iulinlis flluh, Courtesy lmugim, Book Club, flurnaeru Club. IMISUDICN, IVIARGICIKY, Enrlhum, Iowa, lmlvpueml- ents, l'lii 'l'hctu Kappa, llriggmlv-t,I,cr4, liuml. IRWIN, RUYSEMARY llll'l'lI, Newark, Ohio, Primi- dent Doltu Chi Delta. Student Corigrm-is, First, Vim:- prusident South llall, Alpha Epsilon llhn. IVY, MARY CURTIS, W1'sll'oinl, Mi.s'sr'sxippi, Senior gilstfr, Beta Phi Gamma, Alpha Pi lipsilon, Sucrceturiul u i. JACK, EUNICE, lirflwlry, llllllf0I'ILl'U, Senior Sister, Independents, Phi Theta Kappa, Prince ol' Wales Club. JACKSON, MARY ANN. Dyer, Tennesxee, lndfepcml- ents, S.R.A., Student Congress. JAMES, JAQUELINE, Huslon, LOUIISIIIINI, Alpha Alpha Alpha, Delta Sigma, Aviation Club. JEFFERS, B. BELL, Birmingham, Alabama, Student Congress, Eta Epsilon Gamma, French Club. JEFFREY, JOANNE, Akron, New York, Secretary Secretarial Club, Independents, Alpha Pi Epsilon. Foreign Relations Club. JENKINS, LOUISE Y., La Grange, Georgia, Senior Sister. Independents, French Club, Student Congress, Vice-president South Hall Independents. JENKINS, R. MARYLOU, Columbia. Missouri, Sen- ior Sister. W.P.O. Chairman, Tri Phi, Independents, Homarts Club. JENNINGS, JANE, Brownsville, Texas, Student Con- gress, Beta Phi Gamma. Geography Club. JENSEN, PAMELA, Arkinson, Wisconsin, Tri Phi, Phi Theta Kappa, Spanish Club. JESSE LOIS MARIE, Cherrfv Poinl, North Carolina, Editor Life, Standing Ideals Committee, Psi Chi Omi-A cron, Beta Phi Gamma. LLRDON, JEANNE, Morrill, Nebraska, Kappa Alpha i. JOHNSON, BETTE, Grosse Pointe, Michigan, Vice- president Maple Hall, Beta Phi Gamma, Student Con- gress, Aviation Club, Spanish Cluh, Rostrum. JOHNSON, ELEANOR, Syracuse, New York, Senior Sister, Independents, Hypatia Hexagon. JOHNSON, K. FRANCES. Markesan, Wisconsin, S.R.A. Chairman, Phi Theta Kappa, Independents, Aviation Club. JOHNSON. MARTHA ELEANOR, Eldorado, Illinois. Secretary-treasurer Columbia Hall, Independents, Ger- man Club. JOHNSON, SHIRLEY JEANNE, Coronado, California, Psi Chi Omicron, Homarts Club, Army-Anchor Brats. Book Club. JOHNSON, SHIRLEY L., Ilhseco. Minnesola. Psi Chi Omicron, Independents, Foreign Relations Club, Army- Anchor Brats. JOHNSTON, MARILYN BETH, Alvdo, Illinois, Inde- pendents. JONES, MOXENE, Seallle, Vlfashinglon, Senior Sister. Delta Sigma, Independents, Phi Theta Kappa, Prince of Wales Club, Life stalf. JORDAN, PATRICIA L., Greal Falls, Monfnna. Senior Sister. Secretary Board of Publications, Delta Rho Alpha, Phi Theta Kappa, Slephensuph ia staif, Secretarial Club, Glee Club, Slandard stall. JOSEPH, BARBARA A., Richmond. Virginia, Inde- pendents, Army-Anchor Brats. Homarts Club. JOSTEN, ROBERTA, Owolonna, Minnesolo. Delta Chi Delta. JOY, MARTHA L.. Glendale. Ari:ona. Independents, Aviation Club, Beta Sigma Beta. KAISER, KAROL A.. ll'ilImur, Minnesolo. President Tower Hall, Beta Sigma Beta. Phi Theta Kappa. Sigma Gamma Gamma, Student Congress. President Band. Rostrum, Victory Speaker. KAMENSKY. MARY ELIZABETH. Dunedin. Florida. Phi Phi Phi. KARKLIN, FRANCINE. Cleveland Heighls. Ohio. Inde- pendents, Spanish Club. KAROW, LOUISE, Ferndale. Michigan. Senior Sister, Independents. KARR. ROSEMARY. Ollawa, Illinois. Yice-president Secretarial Club. Slephensophio stall. Secretarial Club. KAVANAUGH. BARBARA. Turson. .AN-20710. YY.P.0.. Sigma Alpha Chi. C.S.B. KEEFER. HELEN LEETE. ll'l.ll7lf'lklI. Illinois. Phi Chi Omicron. Hypatia Hexagon. German Club. KEIFFER. ANNE S.. Treasurer S.R.A.. Independents. Prince of VVales Club. KELLEHER. MARIE THERESE. San .-lnlonio. Terus. Aviation Club. K l'Ll.l.Y, HAH HAH A .IHA Nl, ,,'fIfIl'IllI, fnlafofrnrl lille- Wflululitn. K ICM NI ICH ICH, HA ICH A H -K N A N, Irirlflvmlrnff lfmqv Senior Sinner. Stud:-nl fllnigff-nn, Irulf1n'rulf'nlf. f'lY4'iKll lhelulirmrs Club. KIGNNICDY, Hl'L'l"l'Y, ,Mll1IllI, IJIIIIVIIII. 7,1451 Phi hi-hh, Wrilurfs Club, Hurrnll Choir. Kliflfill, NANCY VlAllll'l. lfujuln. 'Vfvr York, lull-- pmirlnrihs, Swrrlelurial Club. KICHHY, JANE l.AWlH'lNfll'l, fjliimqu. lllfnofz l'rf1i- dent VVhiH- Hall, lmlnpfzmls-nln, W.l',0 lti-l,n-.,-,,u,ri.a- KICH ll. HAH HA HA. Lux Anqvlrx. flullfnrmu. Iruli-,ful- eerils, Frlcrifzli Club. llonmrh-s flluh. KICRH, DALE A., lwemphix, Tfrznrnw. lrulefwlviwiln, Student Cririgrumes, llypatia llfexagrm. K ILCUP, GHNIH, Purllulul, Urwum. Y iw'-pf:-sill:-np I,-I3 Haney Wood Hall, Life staff, Slqflwnmphm utaff, QIIIIIVUI Comgress. Beta Sigma Beta. Phi 'fhma Kappa, Hou, phi Gamma, lforeigri Rrelalifms Club, liiritvr-, Club, KILGORE, EIJCANUR l.0lflSI-1. Conlon, flfifu. l'n-,i- dent Prince of NVal4:s Club, Tri Alpha, Ind:-pw-nd'-nn, Stephens League, S.R.A. KILLINGWORTII. Ml,'Hll'Il.. York. .Nhr York, Senior Sister, President llatchur llall. lki Chi Umifrmn, glouse Council, Student fl0Ilgl'f'SH. l"renr:h Club. Hurrall oir. KILPATRICK, JEAN CAROLYN. firunrl ffuplrlg, M1'chl'gr1n, Senior Sister, Chi Della Phi. Phi Thr-ta Kappa, Stephens League. Independents. Studs-nt Cun- gress, Rostrum, Spanish Club, Slundarrl staff. KIMBERLIN. VIRGINIA ROSE. Ukluhomu f,'f1v,0k1,,- homa, Phi Lambda Beta, Glee Club. ' KING, KATHERINE, Lincoln, .N'ebru.sku. Ind:-pf-nd- ents. Glee Club. KING, LILLIAN, Murfreesboro. Tennessee. Theta Tau Omega, Secretarial Club. KIRKBRIDE, ELIZABETH. Sun Nluleo. California, Phi Lambda Beta, Phi Theta Kappa. Spanish' Club, Secretarial Club. KIRKPATRICK. CAROL. Terarkuna. Inde- pendents. Prince of NYales Club. Slundurd staff. KLECK. JOY VIRGINIA. Phoenix, .4rl:unn, Il-ide. pendents, Rostrum. Foreign Relations Club. Foreign Language-:Chorus. KLEIN, EVELYN E.. Sikeslon. .Wissourzl Beta Sigma Beta, Student Congress Chairman. KLEIN. JANE. Cincinnoli. Ohio. Senior Class Secre- tary. Kappa Alpha Phi. French Cluh. KLOSTERMAN. MARILYN, Shmmno. II'1'.wmn.t-in. Beta Phi Gamma. Senior Sister. KNAPP. NIARGERY E.. ,Harsh-field. Oregon, XY,P.0,, President Senior Independents. Beta Phi Gamma. Axia- tion Club. KNAUTH. HILDEGARD. Cheslnul Hill. .Uo.fsnrh11se1ls. gicfgpresident Aviation Club. Independents. Aviation u . KNIGHT. BELYA JO. Jlidlnnd. Texas. Yiee-prfsident Kappa Alpha Phi, Glee Club. KNOLL. JOANNE L.. Unk Park. Illinois. Seeretary- treasurer Beta Sigma Beta. Spanish Club. Prince of VVales Club. KOHLER. JANE. Cholszrorlh. Illinois. Omega Psi. KONOLD. INIARGERY. Columbus. Ohio. Psi Chi Omi- cron. Student Congres. KOPECKY. MARY XY.. San .-lnlonfo. Teams. Yic-QL president Civic Association. Rostrum. Beta Sigma Beta. Chi Delta Phi. Phi Theta Kappa. Spanish Club. Writers Club. Yictory Speaker. Slondnrd staff. KOPMEYER. ISABEL. l.ouisriIle. Kenlttrky. Rostrum. Foreign Relations Club. Slandard staff. KOSTER. BIARGARET I... Tusmloosu. .-I lubumu. Beta Phi Gamma. Foreign Relations Club. Sleplzensophiu staff. Senior Sister Council. KRAFT. MARILYN. Jlendoln. Illinois. Beta Sigma Beta. Theta Alpha Epsilon. KRAIIER. KATHRYN. Erunsrille. Indimm. Phi Lambda Beta. Stephens League. KRIEXER. JB-KN. Flint. .Hit-hi5:u1z. Independents Ganuna Delta Phi. Independents Council. XY.P.0.. Rostrum. Aviation Club. KRODEL. FLORENCE. Poinl Pleusunl. ll rs! I':'f,:fn:h. Independents. Secretarial Club. KRONER. CAROL L.. lluhomrl. Illirzois. Independ- ents. S.R.A. KROPP. JUNE F.. Clzimgv. Illfnois. lxhi Phi Phi. Stu- dent Congres. Spanish Club. KRUPPACK. SLE. Durenpu,-I. lou-ti. Ind ependents. Scholarship Conunit tee. KRLEGER. ROSENIARY. Denrer. Colorado. Independ- ents. Rl'l-IRl.ER. XIARIUN YYIISON. llausau. lfisdlllsin. Kappa Alpha Phi. Vim-president Senior Hall. KYSELA, HEl.l-IN LORRAINE. Los Angeles. Cali- fornia. Phi Lambda Beta. Rostrum, Stephens League. Seen-tary-treasurer Lodge llall. Senior Sister. LACREY. JANE. Raton. .Yew Rte.:-iro. Independents. Senior Sister. Life staff. Camera Club. Prince of Wales Club. l-xl-'ORCI-1. SPZANNE. .'Hidland. 'I'e.ras. Bela Sigma Beta. Glee Club. LANCASTER. JANE. San Marcos. Teras. Alpha Alpha Alpha. LANDYOIGT.JOCl-IIXN ANNE.JaeksonviI1e. Florida. Delta Chi Della. French Club. LANG, NANCY W.. Evanston. Illinois. Independents. Aviation Club. LARSEN. ELAYNE. Chimgo. Illinois, Phi Lambda Beta. SRA.. Homarts Club. Aviation Club. Swimming Club. LARSI-IN. ELI-IANOR. Chicago. Illinois. Phi Lambda Beta. Homarts Club. .Aviation Club. Spanish Club. S.R.A. I..x SHELLE. LOIS. Junction City. Kansas. Gamma Della Phi. President Sigma Gamma Gamma, NV.P.O. l.AI'DERDALE. IONE. Hernando, Mississippi, Delta Chi Delta. Spanish Club. LAWRENCE. CORA JANE. Columbia, Missouri. Inde- pendentsi President Oakcrest Hall. Delta Sigma, Glee Club. Yesper Choir. Army-Anchor Brats. LI-IITH. JOYCE. Cullman. Alabama. Kappa Alpha Phi, Student Congress. LEFTNYICH. JLNE M.. Lubbock, Texas. Independents. LEH Nl.-KN. MARILYN. Normandv. Missouri, Inde- pendents. Senior Sister. Student Congress. LESAGEBI. JOAN DALE. Butte, Montana. Omega Psi, Senior Sister. Scholarship Committee, Aviation Club. LEYINE. BEVERLY J., Eau Claire, Wisconsin, Inde- pendents. Senior Sister, Secretary-treasurer Fielding Smith Hall. LI-IVY. SVZANNE. New Orleans, Louisiana, Tri Alpha, Prince of Wales Club. LICHTENSTEIN. MAXINE, Clayton, Missouri, Homarts Club. S.R.A.. Independents. LIGHT. MARIE E., Akron. Ohio, Independents, Bur- rall Choir. LIGON. MARGARET J., Colorado Springs, Colorado, Vice-president Wales Hall, First Vice-president Council of Class Officers. Tau Sigma Tau. LIND. BERNICE. Portland, Oregon, Independents, Student Congress. Homarts Club, Treasurer Civic Asso- ciation. LIND. JOY. Cranford, New Jersqv, Omega Psi, German Club. LINDSAY. JAN ET, San Jose, California, Independents, Vice-president Windsor Hall. LINGLE. DOROTHY E., Brooksville, Florida, Inde- pf-ndf-nts. Music Service Guild. LINK. EDYTHE A., Lafayette, Indiana, Independents, llypatia Hexagon. I.lPSl'ITT. HELEN H.. Brooklyn. New York, Kappa Alpha Phi. Secretarial Club, Army-Anchor Brats, Secre- tary Civic Association. LITTLE. MA RY J., Jarkson, Tennessee, Independents. Personal .Appearance Chairman, Spanish Club, Aviation Club. l,lTTN1ANN. VIRGINIA, Pine Iiluf, Arkansas, Inde- pf-nrlcents. S.R.A. LUCKE, UVA Llili. flainesrille, Texas. Independents, Sf-crfetary-treasurer Lela Raney Wood Hall, Glee Club. l.0l'lVlili, EPNICIC If.. La Grange, Illinois. Tri Alpha, Spanish Club. LOllNllfl.l,l'QR. KATHERINE, Centralia, Kansas, In- depf-nfl'-rits. IJIIIRER, VIRGINIA, Claylon, Missouri, Independ- ents. Health Council. S.R.A., Burrall Choir. l.OT'l'l'lRf'lR. I'Il.AlNl'l, Fl. Scott. Kansas, Stephens lfcayue, lndepfendenls, Yime-presirlent Country Club, Aviation Club. LOVFQ. DOROTHY TVIOSHY, Raines, Tennessee. LOW li, DOR RIS .IHA NNE, Jonesboro, Arkansas, Or- fghffqtrn. Theta Alpha Epsilon. LUYICJOY. VIOLA. Lexington, Kenlurrlqv, Student Con- gress. Kappa Alpha Phi. LOW ELA CIC, JANET, Kenmore, New York. LIITZ. HARRlI'Q'I'Tli li., Augusta, Kansas. Senior Sis- ter, Phi Theta Kappa. Independents, Stephens League, Hypatia Hexagon. LYMAN, MARGARET, Jamestrrwn, New York, Senior, Sigma Alpha Chi, Slephenmphia staff, Prince of Wales Club. Senior Activities LYNDE. BARBARA, Beverlv Hills, California, Vice- president. .President Wood's Home, President Theta .Alpha Epsilon, Independents. MARRITO, MERRILYNN JOYCE, San Antonio, Teras. Student Congress. Independents, Rostrum. MACMILLAN. MARJORIE. Louisville, Kenluclqv, In- dependents, Scholarship Committee. MAGENNIS, PAT, Akron. Ohio, Phi Phi Phi, Phi Theta Kappa, Student Congress, Music Service Guild. MAILMAN, ELSIE, Chester, Pennsylvania, Independ- ents, Foreign Relations Club. MAJOR. DOROTHY M., Wilson, Kansas, President German Club, Student Congress. W.P.O., Independ- ents, Spanish Club, Aviation Club. MAKEEVER. CARYL, Davenport, Iowa, Secretary- treasurer Maple Hall, Briggadettes, Independents, Ros- trum, Aviation Club. MADLONE, CAROLYN, Franklin, Kentucky, President Senior Class, Phi Lambda Beta, Music Service Guild, Student Congress. MARKEL, MARY, Aurora, Illinois, Secretary-treas- urer Windsor Hall, Senior Sister, Independents, Alpha Pi Epsilon, Homarts Club. MARKIN, MARGARET, Ironlon, Ohio, Tri Phi, Aviation Club. MARSHALL. PAMELA, Houston, Texas, Secretary- treasurer Chi Delta Phi, Vice-president French Club, Business Manager Standard staff, Phi Theta Kappa, Army-Anchor Brats. MARSICANO, GERALDINE, Manhasset, New York, Theta. Alpha. Epsilon, Army-Anchor Brats, Health Council, Foreign Language Chorus, Scholarship Com- mittee. MARTIN, ANN DAVIS, Greenville, Kentucky, Inde- pendents. MARTIN, CATHERING ALICE, Niles, Michigan, Senior Sister, Independents, President Windsor Hall, Foreign Relations Club. MARTIN, MEREDITH, Artesia, New Mexico, Stu- caenrt gongress, Independents, Treasurer Columbia Hall, MARTIN. POLLY, Hughes, Arkansas, Secretary-treas- urer Psi Chi Omicron, Senior Sister. MASTORAKOS, BETTY NIKKI, spfmgpeld, Illinois. MATSEN, PHYLLIS J., Bickleton, Washington, Senior Sister, Independents, Homarts Club. MATTHEWS, GLORIA, Pine Bluf, Arkansas, Senior Sister, Aviation Club, Spanish Club, Independents. MATTSON, BARBARA JEAN, Jackson, Michigan, Phi Lambda Beta. MAUCH, BETTY LOU, Bassett, Nebraska, Senior Sis- ter, Independents. Delta Sigma, Burrall Choir. MAYHEW, MAZE, Youngstown, Ohio, Independents, Writers Club, Spanish Club. MCADOO, MARGARET, Union City, Tennessee, Senior Sister, S.R.A., Independents. MCCARTHY, JOANNE, Benton Harbor, Michigan, Sigma Gamma Gamma, Independents, Band, Music Service Guild, Burrall. MCCLAVE, EDNA JOSEPHINE, Maplewood, New Jersqv, Independents, S.R.A., Aviation Club. MCCLUNG, TRIXIE LOSSEN, Winona, Texas, Psi Chi Omicron, Senior Sister, S.R.A. MCCLURE, SUSANNE, Youngstown, Ohio, Independ- ents, President Aviation Club, Secretary Hatcher Hall. MCCUE, PHYLLIS ANN, Eureka, Kansas, Psi Chi Omicron. MCDANIEL, JANE WISTA, Elsa, Texas, Independ- ents, Music Service Guild, Alpha Epsilon Rho, Burrall hoir. MCKENZIE, MARY JANE, San Antonio, Texas, Inde- pendents, Senior Sister, Aviation Club, Orchesis. Mr'KIM, JOANNE, Imperial, CalU'ornia, Sigma Alpha Chi, Scholarship Committee, S.R.A., Aviation Club, Vice-president Prince of Wales Club. MCKINNEY, PATRICIA JEANNE, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Phi Phi Phi, Secretary S.A.B., Senior Sister, Rostrum. MCLARTY, ADELAIDE, Water Valley, Mississippi, Alpha Alpha Alpha, Treasurer French Club, Senior Sister. MCLAIN, CONSTANCE, Morgantown, West Virginia. MCMURTRY, DOROTHY ROY, Silverton, Texas, Sfxzretary-treasurer Country Club, Independents, Brig- gadettes, Band, Aviation Club, Homarts Club. MCNEELY, BETTY JO, Dallas, Texas, Independents. MEACHAM, KATHLEEN, River Forest, Illinois, Sen- ior Sister, Vesper Choir, Homarts Club, Alpha Alpha Alpha, Secretary-treasurer North Hall. MEED, ELEANOR, Luling, Texas, Secretary-treair urer Zeta Mu Alpha, Rostmm, Tau Sigma Tau, Burrall Choir. MEE, MARGARET LOUISE, Fremont, Michigan, Beta Phi Gamma. MEISCH, ANGELA, Sanf rd, Fl 'd , I d d ts. MERCHANT, BARBARA? Detrotil.: 1i1'!icfliigizIii?nS:h1ior Guide, Independents. MERRICK, JOAN SHIRLEY, Chicago, Illinois, W.P.O., Student Congress, Eta Epsilon Gamma, Ste- phens League, Foreign Relations Club, S.R.A. METCALFE, ANN, Madisonville, Kentucky, S.R.A., Senior Sister, Independents. MEYER, IRENE V., .Madison, Wisconsin, Psi Chi Omicron, Spanish Club. MEYER, MARJORIE R., Washington, Pennsylvania, Xicegfegdent Hypatia Hexagon, Independents, Avia- ion u . MEYERS, MARCIA LU, Grundy Center, Iowa, Phi Lambda Beta, Student Congress, Burrall Choir. MIAZZA, MARJORIE CECELIA, Dallas, Texas, Sen- ior Sister, Independents, Aviation Club. MILES, .EDNA IRENE, Albuquerque, New Mexico, Vice-president Aviation Hall, Treasurer Secretarial Club, Independents, Alpha Pi Epsilon, Rostrum, MILLER, ALICE ELIZABETH, Louisville, Kentucky, Independents, Aviation Club. MILLER, ANNA PAMELA, Springfield, Missouri, Seinor Sister Chairman, Stephens League, Independ- en s. MILLER, CHARLOTTE L., LaCrosse, Wisconsin, In- dependents. MILLER, MARYLYN MAE, Louisville, Mississippi, Independents, Prince of Wales Club. MILLER, MARY LOUISE, Tonganoxie, Kansas, In- dependents, Aviation Club. MILLER, RITA, Flat River, Missouri, Senior Sister, President Lela Raney Wood, Independents, Student Congress, Homarts Club. MILLER, SYLVIA RUTH, Paterson, New Jersey, In- dependents, Phi Theta Kappa, S.R.A. MINNICH, DOROTHY LUCAS, Lewisburg, Tennes- see, Senior Sister, Independents, Spanish Club. MITCHELL, FAY ALENE, Lula, Mississippi, Em Epsilon Gamma, Spanish Club. MITCHELL, GWENDOLYN, Clarksburg, West Vir- ginia, President Sigma Alpha Chi. MOBLEY, MARTHA JANE, Shreveport. Louisiana, President Health Council, S.R.A., Stephens League, Independents, Secretarial Club, Swimming Club, Beta Phi Gamma. MOHLER, GRACE ELIZABETH, Mexico D. F., Mexico, Orchesis, Secretary Spanish Club, Independ- ents, Nurses' Aide. MOHLER, SUZANNE, Baltimore, Maryland, Student Congress, W.P.O., Psi Chi Omicron, Homarts Club, Foreign Relations Club, Stephens League. MOLLRING, PATRICIA MARIE, Fresno, California Zeta Mu Alpha, C.S.B. MOORE, BETSY, Huntington, West Virginia, Vice- president C.S.B., Kappa Alpha Phi, Spanish Club, Stephens League. MOORE, MARJORIE, Lewisbury, Tennessee, Inde- pendents. MOORE, MARTHA JANE, Odessa, Texas, W.P.O., Eridgpendents, Phi Theta Kappa, Rostrum, Spanish u . MORDY, VIRGINIA, Oakland, California, Vice-presi- dent Aviation Hall, Student Congress, Independents. MORIARTY, LOIS K., Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Sen- ior Sister, Vice-president Maple Hall, Independents, Beta Phi Gamma. MORRISON, COLLEEN JOAN, Joplin, Missouri, Vice-president Zeta Phi Delta, Music Service Guild, Phi Theta Kappa. MORRISON, NOANIE B., Astoria, Oregon, Vice- president Wood Hall. Vice-president Foreign Relations Club, Independents, Phi Theta Kappa. MOSELEY, MARY, St. Augustine, Florida, Student Congress, Independents, Aviation Club. MOSSMAN, MARILYN, Baraboo, Wisconsin, Inde- pendents, Spanish Club, Book Club. MUDGE, LOUISE, Helmuth, New York, Aviation Club, S.R.A. MUHLENBROCK, HERMA ROSE, New York, New York, Senior Sister, Aviation' Club, Phi Theta Kappa, Independents, German Club. MULLER, JOANNE, Cincinnati, Ohio, Beta Sigma Beta, Foreign Relations Club. MULLINS, MARJORIE CLAIRE, Trezevanl, Tennes- see, Independents, Aviation Club. MULLINS, PATRICIA, Winnetka, Illinois, S.R.A., Kappa Alpha Phi. Page 252 MUNS, DOROTHY J., Beaver, Permsylvuniu, Vice- president Chi Delta Phi, Independents. MURPHY, JANIS JANE, Hrmloul, Illinois, Secretary- treasurer Wood Hall, I ndcpendcnls, Spanish Club, Writers Club. MURRAY, MARJORIE MAE, Chicago, Illinois, Presi- dent Columbia Hall, Independents, Phi Theta Kappa. Tau Sigma Tau. MUSSETTER, MAXINE, Des Moines, Iowa, Secre- tary-treasurer Terrace Hall, Independents, Student. Congress. MYERS, HELEN MADELON, Dallas, Texas, Senior Sister, Independents, Secretarial Club. NAGLER, PHYLLIS, Columbia, Missouri, Independ- ents, French Club, Standard staff. NEAL, MARY JANE, Minneapolis, Minnesolu, Sec- gqtary-treasurer Tri Alpha, Burrall Orchestra, Senior ister. NEEDHAM, RUTH MARY, Des Moines, Iowa, Secre- any Music Service Guild, Independents, Sigma Gamma amma. NEEL, BETTY GENE, Bonne Terre. Missouri, Kappa Alpha Phi, Stephens League, Burrall Choir, Glee Club. NEEL, MARGARET A., Rorhesler, New York, Inde- pendents, Music Service Guild, Burrall Choir. NELSON, BARBARA, Marnaroneck, New York, W.P.O., Independents, Homarts Club, Foreign Rela- tions Club, French Club, Tau Sigma Tau. NELSON, GLORIA. Park Ridge, Illinois, Secretary- gggigzggr Prince of Wales Club, Secretarial Club, Phi 1 1. NELSON, MARJOBIE SUE, Monlpelier, Indiana, Senior Sister, Independents, Spanish Club. NEWELL, MARTHA MAE, Arvada, Colorado, Presi- dent Phi Theta Kappa, Independents, W.P.O., Vice- president Band, Music Service Guild, Briggadettes, Orchestra. NEWTON, BETTY JANE, Washington. D. C., Vice- president Pan-Hellenic Council, Beta Sigma Beta, Army-Anchor Brats. NIBLO, KATHERINE E., San Anlonio, Texas, Sigma Alpha Chi, Army-Anchor Brats, Stephens League, Foreign Relations Club. NICHOLAS, BEVERLY, Piedmont, CalU'ornia. Senior Sister, Vice-president Tri Phi, Spanish Club, Book Club. NIEHAIJS, JANE HUNT, Akron, Ohio, Vice-president Columbia Independents, Rostrum, Homarts Club. NIELSEN, PATRICIA JANE, Oak Park, Illinois, Senior Sister, Omega Psi. NIPPE, PATRICIA MARY, Perryburg, Ohio, Vice- president Psi Chi Omicron. NI'I1ARDY, PHYLLIS, Sl. Pelersburg, Florida, Schol- arship Committee, Independents. NODEN, SALLIE BOYD, New York, New York, Sen- ior Sister, Independents, Student Congress, Rostrum. NOE, PHYLLIS, Dayton, Ohio, Associate editor Sland- ard, President Beta Phi Gamma, Chi Delta Phi. NOREN, ELINOR, Pierre, South Dakula, Vice-presi- dent Burrall Choir, Independents, Sigma Gamma Gamma, Music Service Guild. NORMAN, BERNADETTA, Kenmore. New York, Student Congress, Aviation Club, Hypatia, Hexagon. NORMAN, PATRICIA LEE, Alexandria, Louisiana, Omega Psi. NOVACHEK, VIVIAN, Moorhead, Minnesola, Inde- pendents, Delta Rho Alpha. OTQONNELL, HELEN R., Columbus, Ohio, Psi Chi Omicron, Student Congress. OELGOETZ, TONY RUTH, Bexley, Ohio, Independ- ents. O'NEILL, JEANNE, Sl. Paul, Minnesota, President Wood Hall, Vice-president Senior Court, Student Con- gress, Eta Epsilon Gamma, Stephens League, Spanish Club. OSBORN, VIRGINIA, Le Sueur, Minnesola, Inde- penden Ls, Band. OSMAN, CAROL, Rochesler, Minnesola, Geography Club, Independents. OSWALT, HELEN SUZANNE, Springfield, Ohio, In- dependents, Geography Club. tOVkERSHINER, MARTHA ANNE, Hopkinsville. Ken- uc . OWENS, JEAN, Slroudsburg, Pennsylvania, W.P.C., Senior Sister, Alpha Alpha Alpha. ' PAGE, JEAN A., Whuwalosn, Wisconsin, lndepend- ents, Homarts Club. RAGE, LELAND FHANCES, Franklin, North Caro- lzna, 'Treasurer Prince of Wales Club, Student Congress, Secretary-treasurer Alpha Epsilon Rho, Standard staff, Independents, Phi Theta Kappa. Page 253 Senior Activities PAHRISII, MARY 'l'llll5Ll'1, ffllllllllbill, MlTYHllllfi, Prresidenl, Urchesis, lmlcepcndaznts. Sucrcwrinl Club. Standing ldenln Conlrnittuc, S.R.A., Victory Speaker. PARSONS, Al,lCl'I, Miami, Florida, lmlepazmllenue, Tau Sigmu 'l'nu, Stephens Lcumue. PASLEY, MAIIY ANNE, ffulrlwelf, Idaho, Senior Sin- tcr, Vice-president I nllepfendt-nl,s, Phi 'l'hf:l,u Kuppn, Student Congress, Treasurf-r Windsor lndaepumlentx. PATTILLO, llAClll'IL, Ilurlsellr, lilllllllfflll, W.P.O., Sigma Gamma Gamma. PEED, MARTHA, Kansas Cily, Kururus, Secretary- treasurer Beta Phi Gamma. PEIRCE, ELLEN BARBARA, Chqffzw, New York, Phi Lambda Beta. PENNEY, SARA ELIZABETH, Corinlh, Mi.v3is.s'fppi, Independents, Student Congress. PERKINS, DOROTHY ETF-IEL, Sweelwlllrr, Trams, Theta Tau Omega, Band, Glee Club. PERKINS, NANCY LEE, Nashville, Tennessee, Inde- pendants, Army-Anchor Brats. PERRY, LEE MARGARET, Bronxville, New York, President S.A.B., Kappa Alpha Phi, Prince of Wales Club, S.R.A., Stephens League. PERRY, NANCY GORDON, Reading, Mussachusvlts, Senior Sister, Student Congress, Independents. PETER, MARION MASON, Lake Forest, Illinois, President French Club. PETERSON, BARBARA JEANNE, El Paso, Texas, Senior Sister, Independents, French Club. PFINGSTEN, MARGARET ELIZABETH, Hondo, New Mexico, Phi Lambda Beta. PFHEMMER, SARA ANN, Columbia, Missouri, Sen- ior Sister, Student Congress, Sigma Alpha Chi, Spanish Club, Hypatia Hexagon, PHELAN, AUDREY ERLEEN, Lebanon, Tennessee, Senior Sister, Vice-president Student Congress Coun- cil, Student Congress Chairman, Psi Chi Omicron, Rostrum, Victory Speaker. PHELPS, GERRY, Grinnell, Iowa, Scholarship Chair- man, lndependents, Aviation Club. PHILLIPS, MIGNON, Rochester, New York, Senior Sister, Independents, Student Congress, Music Service Guild, President Glee Club. PIELEMEIER, BARBARA JANE, Vincennes, Indi- ana, Senior Sister, Secretary-treasurer Tower Hall, In- dependents, Foreign Relations Club, Stephens League. PIERCE, BETTY FLANDERS, Daytona Beach, Flor- ida, S.R.A., W.P.O., Independents, Aviation Club. PIERCE, PATRICIA E., Fair Oaks, Pennqvlvania, President Music Service Guild, Independents, Burrall Choir, Glee Club. PIKE, MARY VAN LIEU, Aurora, Illinois, Vice-presi- dent S.R.A., Stephens League, Delta Sigma, W.P.O., Tri Alpha. PINAULT, JOYCE MARGARET, Sl. Cloud, Minne- sola, Senior Sister, S.R.A., Rostrum, Phi Phi Phi. PLANCH, MARILYN, Grosse Poinle, Michigan, Inde- pendants. POOL, MARION, Phoenix, Arizona, Senior Sister, Stephens League, Tri Alpha, French Club, Foreign Relations Club. POOLE, VIRGINIA A., Canandaigue, New York, Presi- dent Civic Association, Kappa Alpha Phi, Student Congrws, Sigma Gamma Gamma, Chi Delta Phi. PRENTISS, ELAINE, San Anlonio, Texas, Independ- ent, Burrall Choir. PRESTON, MARY PATRICIA. New Castle, Pennqvl- vania, Vice-president Civic Association, Aviation Club. President Country Club Independents. PRIEKS, JOY B., Flinl, Michigfzn, Independents, Per- sonal Appearance Committee, W.P.O., PROSSER. VELMA, San Antonio, Teras, Independ- ents. Chairman Standing Ideals Committee. Phi Theta gappa, Army-Anchor Brats, Spanish Club, Senior elster. PRUNTY, EL LOUISE, Columbia, Missouri. Kappa Alpha Phi, Alpha Pi Epsilon. PRUNTY, ROMA JOSEPHINE, Columbia, MiSS0llfi. Kappa Alpha Phi, Alpha Pi Epsilon, Scholarship Com- mittee. PULLMAN. IRENE, Sidnqv, Iowa, Treasurer Inde- pendents, Secretarial Club. PURINTON, BETTY E., Columbia. Missouri. Phi Phi Phi, Senior Sister. PYLE, JOSEPHINE ANN, Los Angeles. California, Beta Sigma Beta, Vice-president President, Wo0d's Home, Student Congress. S.R.A. RAKES, VIRGINIA. ll'uverLv. Illinois. Independent. S.R.A., Aviation Club. RAMBO, ALICE JANE. Websfer Cily. Iowa. Inde- pendents, Burrall Choir. HANDALI., JANE H., .lurksom .vll!llIlfIfllA Avinlhm Club, I mluguendfzn 1 q. HANKIN, LILLIAN flA'l'lll'llllNl'l. Colrunhfu, Hu- iilqillllf, lim Epsilon fiamnm, xlf'lf-IIYPH-BAVII' Hillfrrv-sl n . HAYHUHN, 'WAIIY fl., -Sllbflllllllh, flrnrqlu, frxdvpffvf- vents, Della Sigrma, Aviation flluh. RAYMEH, liI'l'l"l'Y F., Arrribo. l'ufrIo lffff, he-uf Phi Gamma, Sm'rfet,ury Alpha Pi Iipsillm, Spanish fll-nh, Secretarial Club, Illilill, NORML Lurrufrl, Kumuu, Hypalia HI-xagvm. Illilill, HIITH. Arnold, Almivlunrl, lndlfpf-ndf-nba. Spanish Club, S.R.A., Pre-airlenl. Hook Club. Aviation Club, Junior Orch:-wifi. Il ICED, SlllHl.l'lY, Sun llfrnurrlirm. flllliforlzifl. Army- Anchur Brat!-x, W.P.O., S.H.A., lndupendf-nLs. HHESE, Bl'l'l'TY JANE, Ukluhorrul Cily. flklulwrnu, 'fri Alpha, Prince of Wales Club, S.R.A. REG!-ZZ, NUHVIA, Nlrmruv, Hfxrnruin, lmlrpf-ndf'nLH1, Homarts Club. REUL. JACQIJELINE, -IP,H9f'80ll. ll'l'xC-frlxifl. l'l"fSid"fIl Aviation llall, lndffpfrndentn. HIACH, FAITH, Laguna Heath. ffulllfnrniu. Kappa Alpha Phi, Secretarial Cluh, French Club. RICE, BETTY LEIGH. flmuhu, Nrllruslzn. Gamma Delta Phi, Sigma Gamma Gamma. Senior Hall. RICE, RUTH, Camp Bulner. .Yorlh Cnrolinn. Inde- pendents, Student Congress, Y ice-president Army- Anchor Brats. RICHARDSON. ELAYNE, Delrofl. .Wifh1'quq. Zeta Phi Delta, French Club, Prince of YN ales Club. Student Congress. RIEGAR, MARYLLIS. Erie. Penngvlmnifz. Treasurer Aviation Club, Independents. Homarts Club. Spamsh Club, Vice-president Burrall Choir. RIGGAN, MARGARET LEE, Spring Gran-. Virginia. Student Congress, W.P.O.. Independents. RILEY, NANCY PATRICIA. Clez-eland Heighls, Ohio. Independents. S.R.A. RITTENHOUSE, MARGARET. Daylop. Ohio. Phi Lambda Beta. President Gordon Manor. N ice-preiident Columbia-Hall, Burrall Choir. RITTER, MARY ANN, ilrfarked Tree. Arkansas. Secre- tary Burrall Choir. Independenls, Senior Sister. Homarts Club. Hypatia Hexagon. S.R.A. ROBERTS, MARY E.. Owalonna. .'lfl1'nnesoln. Inde- pcndents, Student Congress. Theta Alpha Epsilon. ROBERTS, PATRICIA ANN. Delroii. 'Mal-higan. Sigma Alpha Chi, Vice-president Beta Phi Qamma. Writers Club, Foreign Relations Club. Stephens League, Life staif. ROBERTSON, SALLY. llinnelka. Illinuis. ROBINSON, ANN ELIZABETH. Winchester. Vir- ginia. Independents. Student Congres. Hypatia Hexa- gon, Senior Sister. ROBINSON, BETTY SUE. lfarrensburg. Jlissouri. Tri Phi, Alpha Phi Epsilon. ROBLING, LERA. llhukesha. Wisconsin. President Foreign Relations Club. Eta Epsilon Gamma. German Club. Victory Speaker. Rostrum, Semor buster. ROGERS. CLEO JANE. Dallas. Texas. Phi Theta Kappa. Senior Sister. ROGERS. DOROTHY, Shrereporl, Louisiana. Inde pendents, Army-Anchor Brats. ROGERS, ELIZABETH. Perciml. Illinois. Independ- ents, Music Service Guild. ROHAN, JAYNE AILEEN. llorris. A Illinois, Inde- pendents, Aviation Club. Health Council. ROHWEDER. RHODENE. Toledo. Ohio. Indiepend- ents. Senior Sister. Student Congrex. Homarts Llub. ROMSTAD. RUTH ELOISE. Minol. .Yurlh Dakula. Treasurer Independents. RONAN. YALENE. Gallup. .Yew .'lIe.r1'i-0. Independ- ents, Victory Speaker. ROOT, BARBARA XIAE. Kenion. Oh io. ROSS. CAROLYN ALICE. Salem. Wes! .V5f9f"15'J- Sigma Alpha Chi. Secretarial Club, Alpha P1 Epsilon. HOWELL, NANCY JANE, Akmn. Ohio. Beta Sigma Beta. Aviation Club, Personal .Appearance Committee. ROYCE. GIVINEYEHE. Tmrersr Ci!-v. .Uz1'higun. Omega Psi, Personal Appearance Committee. RIVGEL. II.-XRY JANE. Kansas Ci!-v. Bffssuuri. Presi- dent Gamma Delta Phi. Sigma Gamma Gamma. Avia- tion Club, Sunrise Choir. Burrall Choir. RYAN. NORMA KATHLEEX. .Va-Cmckfn. Kanms. Independents. Music Serviee Guild. Hypatia Hexagon. RYDER. ELEANOR MARIE. Hibbing Minnesota. Independents. S.R.A. SKXIS. NIADREY E.. Ray Cily. Mi'-higan. Senior Sis- ter IN .l' U. Fhnirmnn. Personal Appearance Commit- tm-. Psi Chi 1Illlll'l"0lI. SANll'I-IISON. AIXCE RENI-I. Por! .-11151.-If-s. Ilash- mgfon. Independents. Tau Sigma Tau. SANDERS. REYI-fRI.Y. .Yi-wlon. lozra, Yice'-president Delta Chi Dr-lla. SANDERS. l':lLLll'i. l.e.ringIi:n. Krliillvkv, Tlwta Tau Ulnegfz. SANDERS. DOl.l.Y. Ke-nlurkv. President NN hlil' Ilall Illllt'1N'IIfIl'lllS. Book Club, Aviation Club. S.-KPN DI-TRS. LUIAISE MARIE. E1Paso. Tfxras. Secre- 1ElI'y'II'l'llQllI'l'l' Hillcrest Hall, President Phi Theta apps. SCATTERGOOD. JANE Nl.. .larksonriIIe. Florida. Independents. French Club. Sfli.-KISFIQR. JANET. Grosse Poinlv. .Wirhiyan. Zeta Phi Dvlta. Rustrum. Scholarship Committee. SCIIEAR. IDIS CAROL. Evansville. Indiana. Inde- pendents. Theta Alpha Epsilon. SCIIERRER. NANCY. Auburn, .Yew York. Yice-presi- dent Ilatr-her Independents. Book Club. Aviation Club, Ni-mor Sister. President Hatcher Independents. SCIIINIPFF. PATRICIA L., .lel7'ersonvilIe, Indiana, Independents. Secretarial Club. SCIIILANGFR. SHIRLEE. Chicago. Illinois. Rostrum, Foreign Re!atxons Club. NY.P.O.. Stephens League. SCHIJCSS. MARGARET L., Downers Grave. Illinois, Tri Phi. Rostrum. SCIIBIIDT. IRENE. San Anlonio. Tefas. Student Congress. Independents. Rostrum. Victory Speakers, Stephens League. Sf-nior Sister. Vice-president I.aura Stephens Hall. SCH NIIDT. RI'TII. Sheboygan. Ii'isconsin, Tri Alpha. Axlalion Club. SCIIVEPRACH. RILLIE DEE, Har-Iinqen, Teras, Hall Congress. Beta Sigma Bela. SCIIIIKEI. .I XNICF. Ilalerlon. Iowa. Delta Cbi Delta. I'ln Theta Kappa. SISUTT. 'DI'RETTI'f. Los Angeles. California, Second tice-pri-ardent Junior Class. Kappa Alpha, Phi, Presi- dent Xlindsor Hall. SCOTT. JANE RI'TH, PI-vmoulh, Michigan, Student Fonsrv-ss. Tri Phi. Nurses' Aide. SEI.I,I'I. LUIS LEE. II'auu'alosa. II'isronsin, Independ- ents. linmarls Club. SHANNON. ANN. l.e'7anon. Tennessee, Phi Lambda H1-lg. Sv-nior Sister. Treasurer North Hall, Sfandard sta . SHANNON. NIARTIIA JEAN. Clay Cily, Illinois, Indf-pr-nrlr-nls. Prr-side-nl Band. SIIAIIP. I'lI.I'fNNUII. ffnlumbia. lwissouri, Ze-In MU Alpha W.I'.O.. Phi Thr-la Kappa. SIIA VI, NIv'k'l'IIlI.IJl'I E., Mounds. Illinois, Independ- PIIIS, SIIAYY. I'l'lGliY. H alnrloo. Imra. Independents, Avia- tion ffluli. Furl-ign Hr-laliorls Club. SII ANN , VI ANIJA, Klamulh Fails, Urrlgon, Student Il'JIlL'T"Si. S4-niur Siqatf-r. Pri-sidi-nl Psi Chi Umicron. SIIH-Xlilfli. I'fk'I'IiIfIIA, .fl,lI.i"llV', Kansas, Tri Phi, Furl-ian Rv-lations Club. SIIIil.IJUN. III'II.IiN. Haro, 7'f'.fIlS, Inrlr-pr-nflunts, Sf-nior l,ifp staff. SIIFLI.I.Y. IfII.I'lI'fN J., Ho-ky lfiwr. Ohio, Indvpfenll- I-nts. l'rl-sill'-nl A VIHIIUII Club, Sf:f'rf:Iurial Club. SIIFLI'l'XIiIJ. NANCY I.UIf, ffuiirniiiiu, Ml'.?.YflIlII Siuma Alpha Chi. Spanish Club. SIIICH NI NN. AI IJIIIQY. Ilfhilr Plains. New York, Urn'-ya I'-si. A viatiffn Club, Health Culmnilti-cz. SIII'lIiIiII.I.. SVKHAII. Kenilmnrlh, Illinois, Ind4'p4-nd- 1-nts, Spzmish Club, S4-nior Sister, Vicf'-pre'aiflc:nt. Ros- lrum. SIIIZIIIIUID. NIARY. llirmingham, Alabama, I"rfenr:h fllub. Hoslrum, lrirlfcplzrnlvrnts. SIIUA FI". A N N. .'VlaIImm. Illinois, Senior Sister, Sigma Alpha Iflli. SIIUHH. I'rI.NNf1III'1 BLAKE. Plunl ffiltv, Florillu, VI',I',O., Zeta Phi Delta, Standing Ideals fTornmiltf:f-. SHORT. ISIi'I"l'IIi LOIQISIC, Columbia, Mi.-rxnuri. IN.I'.U.. Z1-la Phi Delta. Standing Ideals Committee. SHI'T'I'I.I'1WOHTII,SALLY LOU, IJ3llI7l?fl1l70I'ih, Kan- xun. Zfela Phi Dr-lm. Army-A nr-hor Brain, Aviation Club. Sf-nior Sister, Scholarship Chairman. SIII'T'I'S, I'LI,I'1ANOIi, Lake ffhlllllf-If, Louixiarui, Avia- Lirm Club, Senior Sislur, Independents, Delux Sigma. Senior Activities SIIILER. RUTII. Lifrhjield. Illinois. Independents, Homarts Club, Foreign Relations Club, Student Con- gn-ss, SI M I AN. LA YONN E. Srollsbllilf. Nebraska, Independ- PIIIS. Secretarial Club, IV.P,O. SIMON, ELIZABETH ANN, Columbia. Missouri, Zeta Phi Delta, Secretary-treasurer, Foreign Relations Club. IIon1arts Club, S.R.A., Senior Sister. SI MPSON. RON NIE, II'asl1inglcr1, Iowa. Tri Alpha, X csper Choir. Spanish Club. Homarts Club. SIMPSON, HELEN, Columbia, Missouri, Eta Epsilon Gamma. German Club, Treasurer Day Students. SINGLETON, DOROTHY R. San Francisco, Cali- jgornia. Gamma Delta Phi, Prince of Wales Club, Senior . ister. SINOPOULO, PATRICIA P., Oklahoma Cily, Okla- homa, Vice-president. White Hall, Gloe Club. SITLER. GLORIA J., York, Pennsylvania. Delta Rho Alpha, Secretarial Club, Alpha Phi Epsilon. SKEAKMAN, BETTY, Phofnir, Arizona. SKIDMORE, ROSALIE M., Lincoln, Nebraska, Music Service Guild, Burrall Choir. Independents. SLAUGHTER, CHARLOTTE, Columbia, Missouri, Senior Sister, Tri Alpha, Stephens League. SLOCUMB, MARGARET J., Piedmonl, CalUurnia, Independents. SLUTSKY, JACQUELINE, Indianapolis, Indiana, Independents, Spanish Club, Scholarship Committee. SMITH, ALISON HALE, Vancouver, B. C., Canada, Student. Congress, Delta Chi Delta, Foreign Relations Club, Science Club. SMITH, ALISON HILLIARD, New York, New York, Student Congress, Secretary South Hall Independents, VVriters Club, Homarts Club, Swimming Club, Foreign Relations Club. SMITH, DARYE, IfVilkinshur-y, Pennsylvania, Student Congress, Independents. Senior Sister. SMITH, ELIZABETH, Louisville, Kentucky, Student Congress, Delta Chi Delta, S.R.A., Orchesis. SMITH, GWENDOLYN, SI. Joseph. Missouri, Avia- tion Club, Music Service Guild, Independents. SMITH, PATRICIA LOUISE, Greenfield, Indiana, Theta Tau Omega. SMITH, SARA JEAN, Meriaold, Mississippi, Presi- dent Eta Epsilon Gamma. SNAPP, DOROTHY, Grand Rapids, Mil,-higan, Stu- dent Congress, Tri Alpha, Scholarship Committee, Senior Sister. SNIVELY, EMMA JEAN, Monroe, II'isconsin, Inde- pendcnts. SNYDER, BARBARA, Flossmoor, Illinois, Treasurer Junior Class, Tri Alpha, Vice-president North Hall, Senior Sister. SNYDER, PATRICIA, Republican Cily, Nebraska, Independents, Vice-president Oakcrest Hall. SPANGLER, PHYLLIS R.. Columbus, Ohio, Psi Chi Omicron, Senior Sister, Personal Appearance Com- mittee. SPARKS, DORIS, Slurqis, Soulh Dakola, Independ- ents. SPEER, N ATALIE WOOD, iVIlll'S, Pennsylvania, Inde- pendents, Aviation Club, Tau Sigma Tau. SPITZER, ALICE MARIE, Parma. Missouri, Indc- pendants. SPORRY. IIELEN GERTRUDE, IfVesIern Sprinas, Illinois, Prizsidvnl. Kappa Alpha Phi, Spanish Club, S.R.A., Orch:-sis. SIIROUT, ROSICMARY IONE, Iowa Falls, Iowa, In- dependents, Delta Sigma. S'l'AlCGEMANN, JEAN. Evanslon, Illinois, Student, Congress-1, Foreign Relations Club. STAIIMISAUGII, ROBICRTA ANN, Ada, Ohio, Inde- pr-nde-nls, S.R.A. STICINMAN, CIIARLENE M., Chicago, Illinois. STEM I4I,I'iI'I, GLADYS H., Killawog. New York, Presi- dent Senior Independents, Aviation Club, Prince nf' Wales Club, Glen Club. S'I'IfI'IIIfNSON, VIRGINIA, Kansas Cilrv, Missouri, Si-nior Sister, Beta Sigma Beta, Tau Sigma Tau. STICVENSON, NANCY. Highland Park, Michigan. STEWART, ANNE, Minden, Louisiana, Independ- ents. S'I'I'lWAR'I', CATHERINE D., Cincinnali, Ohio, Beta Sigma Beta, Omega Pai. S'I'I'IWAR'l', I,0I.A, Ahlblllllll ffily, Alabama, Student Cfmgresa, Psi Chi Omicron, Vice-president Foreign Rc- lations Club. STEWART, MARIE, Leavenworlh, Kansas, .President Zeta Phi Delia, Army-A nchor Hrats, Senior Sister. STEWART, MARY JULIA, Chesleirfield, Missouri, Vice-president. Stephens League, Eta Epsilon Gamma, Foreign Relations Club. STIEFEL, CAROL, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Secre- tary North Hall Independents, Senior Sister. STIEGFLMEIER. PHOEBE, Normal, Illinois, Gam- ma Delta Phi, Homarts, Club. STOEHR, KATHERINE, Terrace Park, Ohio, Omega sl. STOREY, AVIS, Waierloo, Iowa, Delta Chi Delta. STQVALL, NANCY ANNE, Greenville, Mississippi, Chairman Senior Sister Organization, Student Congress, Kappa Alpha Phi, Spanish Club, Treasurer Junior Steering Committee. STRAUS, HELEN, Dallas, Texas, Student Congress, Tri Alpha, Aviation Club. STROBERG, PHYLLIS LORAINE. Cambridge, Min- nesota, Senior Sister, Independents. STROTIIER, SUE FRENCH, Welch, Wesl Virginia, Vice-president W.P.O., Senior Sister, Student Congress, Sigma Alpha Chi, Orchesis. STURGES, PATRICIA, I'Vichila, Kansas, Senior Sis- ter, Independents. SULLIVAN, JOYCE, Bufalo, New York, Student gimlgress, Independents, Homarts Club, Secretarial U . SUTLIFF, BETTY ANN, Columbia, Missouri, Hom- arts Club, Foreign Relations Club. SUVERKRUP, MARYJO, Carson City, Nevada, Vice- president Phi Theta Kappa, Theta Alpha Epsilon, Independents. SWAIN, CAROLYN JOY, Boone, Iowa, Health Coun- cil, Independents, Foreign Relations Club, Music Service Guild. SWANSON, DOREEN, Porl Angeles, Washington, Senior Sister, Vice-president South Hall, Student. Con- gress, Junior Steering Committee, Eta Epsilon Gamma, Spanish Club. SWEENEY, ANITA, Richmond, Virginia. SWEET, DOROTHY, Akron, Ohio, Student Congress, W.P.O., Independents. TAYLOR, MARY E., Cornwall-on-Hudson, New York, Army-Anchor Brats, S.R.A., Rostrum, Independents, Student Congress, Victory Speaker. TEN BROECK, NANCY, Grand Rapids, Michigan Senior Sister, Vice-president. Tri Alpha. 9 THOMAS, NINA, Ausiin, Indiana, Secretary Tau Sigma Tau, Independents, Spanish Club, Prince of Wales Club. THOMPSON, KATHARINE, Baliimore, Maryland, Student Congress, Vice-president Theta Alpha Epsilon, Phi Theta Kappa. THOMPSON, LUCILLE, Modesto, California. THOMPSON, MARY LOU, Keltys, Texas, Omega Psi, Music Service Guild, Burrall Choir, Glee Club. THOMPSON, PHYLLIS ANN, Binghamlon, New York, President Pan-Hellenic Council, Kappa Alpha Phi, Student Congress, Writing Club, Aviation Club. THORLEY, DOROTHY LOUISE, Cedar Cily, Utah, Independents. TIIORN, LUCILE, Birmingham, Alabama, Eta Ep- silon Gamma, Aviation Club. THORNBURG, CLARA ELLA, Dunkirk, Indiana, Independents. THOSSEN, ANNE, Riverside, Illinois, Independents, W.P. . THYKESON, DONNA MAE, Sl. Paul, Minnesola, Phi Lambda Beta, Homarts Club, Aviation Club, Sec- retarial Club. TIBBITTS, ELIZABETH LESLIE, Columbia, Mis- souri, S.R.A., Life staff, Independents, Army-Anchor Brats, Prince ol' Wales Club. TILLMAN, MARGARET, Selma, Alabama, Eta Ep- silon Gamma, Prince of Wales Club, Student Congress, Aviation Club. TIMMONS, VIRGINIA, Kansas Cily, Missouri, Inde- pendents. TINDEL, EVELYN REBECCA, Graceville, Florida. Independents, Senior Sister, Secretary-treasurer Wales Hall, Foreign Relations Club, Student. Congress, Span- ish Club. TISCHER, PATRICIA, Des Moines, Iuwa, Zeta Phi Delta, Alpha Epsilon Rho, Stephens League. Student Congress. TODD, MARY LOUISE, Columbia, Missouri, S.R.A., Fencing Club, French Club. TOMPKINS, JACQUELINE, Dedham, Massachusells, Tri Alpha, Phi Theta Kappa, Aviation Club. TOWLE, CAROL JEAN, While Bear Lake, Minnesota, Independents. Page 254 H TOWNSEN D, BETTY LLOYD, IIYJIHIIIIIIIII, lAlILIA'l'llII.ll, Independents. TRAVER, PIIYLLIS ANNE, Ilurrisburll, I'en.n.1:yl- vania, Student Congress, Independents, Aviation Club TREESE. JOANNE LEE, Ilensdale, Illinois, Tri Phi, Spanish Club. TREVELLYAN, LOIS SIIIRLEY, Ilavenporl, Iowa, Independents. TROBAUGII, LEE MARGARET, Wesl Frankforl, Illinois, President Gordon Manor Independents, Sigma Gamma Gamma. TRUMRULL, MARGARET LEONA, Los Anyrrles, Calvornia, Gamma Phi Delta, Independents, Army- Anchor Brats, Nurses Aid. TURNER, FLORENCE, Memphis, 'I'enn.essee, Student Congress, Independents, Tau Sigma Tau. TURNER, MARILYN A., Columbia, Missouri, Vice- president Day Students, Tri Alpha, Chi Delta Phi, Writ.ers Club, Life stall, Standard stall. TYLER, MARY JANE, Drew, Mississippi, Eta Ep- silon Gamma, Senior Sister, Theta Alpha Epsilon. ULLRICH, JOAN T., Clemens, Michigan, Sigma Alpha Chi, Spanish Club, Prince ol' Wales Club, Aviation Club. UNDERWOOD, JEAN LOUISE, Klamalh Falls, Ore- gon, Beta Phi Gamma, Hypatia Hexagon. UNGER, PAULA ADELE, Sonia Monica, California Vice-president Omega Psi, Orchesis, Rostrum, Health Council, Phi Theta Kappa, S.R.A. VAN ATTA, REBECCA CLARE, Albuquerque, New Mexico, Independents, Spanish Club. VAN GUNDY, ROSEMARY, Arcola, Illinois, Eta Ep- silon Gamma, Student Congress, Homarts Club. VENTURA, PATRICIA J., New York, New York, Sen- ior Sister, President Secretarial Club, Independents, Alpha Pi Epsilon. VERIVIILLION, ARLEE, Ifllichila, Kansas, Senior SiS- ter, Health Council, Independents, Delta Sigma. VERNER, SHIRLEY ANN, Dayton, Ohio, Student Congress, Kappa Alpha Phi. VIGEN, RUTH CAROL, Nebraska Cily, Nebraska, Treasurer Independents. VINCENT, EUGENIA, Tulsa, Oklahoma, St.udent Congress, Personal Appearance Committee, Delta Chi Delta, Aviation Club. VOIERS, LEILA ALLEN, Jefersonville, Indiana, Or- chestra. VON SCHRADER, JEAN, Ollumwa, Iowa, Student Congress, Illilhin lhe Ivy staff, C.S.B., Kappa Alpha Phi, Rostrum, President Laura Stephens Hall. WACHTEL, CAROLINE, Oklahoma Cily, Oklahoma, Phi Lambda Beta. WADE, PEGGY LOU, llfenalchee, Ilfashinglorz, Inde- pendents, Foreign Relations Club. WAGNER, ANN, Indianapolis, Indiana, Student Con- gress, Treasurer Board of Publications, Phi Theta Kappa, Beta Phi Gamma, Health Council. WALKER, GLORIA, Evansville, Indiana, Independ- ents, Senior Sister, Student Congress. VVALKER, JANE, Evansville, Indiana, Independents, W.P.O., Senior Sister, Student Congress, Scholarship Committee. WALL, MARY JEANNE, Staunton, Illinois, Inde- pendents, Student Congress, Aviation Club, German Club, Foreign Relations Club. Senior Activities WALL, ROSEM A ll Y, IIICILIIJIIIIII, Uhio, S1-an-tary SIKUIH Gamma Gamma, Sunrise Choir, Ilurrall Choir, lmle- pemlents. WALLACE, ROSE MARY, Iles Moines, Iouxu. WALTERS, MARY CATIIERINE, Camilla, 'II'lIl'lll,fl. WARNER, EDITII ELlZAlll'L'l'Il, Ilrooklvn, New York, Slephensophia stall, S.R.A., Independents, Presu- deut Maple Ilall. WARREN, LlSlll'l'I'lI, Ilouslou, Texas, Iiiflfeperiflelltt-S. Prince ol' Wales Club. NVARREN, PATRICIA, Gilmer, Tefus. Imlepemlf-nts, Aviation Club, Della Sigma. WATKINS, CLARA CIIR ISTINA, Columbia, Mix- souri, President. Day Students, Chi Delta Phi, Tau Sigma Tau, Phi Theta Kappa. WATSON, ADELAIDE El.lZABE'l'II, .lm:ksonville, Florida, Phi Lambda Beta, Foreign Relations Club, Homarts Club, Gamma Phi Delta. WATSON, JANE TEMPLE, Albuquerque, New Mer- ico, Student Congress, Independents, W.P.O., S.R.A. WATSON, SARA MARION, Jacksonville, Florida, Phi Lambda Beta, Phi Theta Kappa. llomarts Club, Stu- dent Congress, Gamma Phi Delta. WATSON, VIVIAN, Challanooga, Tennessee, Inde- pendents, Homarts Club, Senior Sister. WEATHERBEE, PATRICIA, Honolulu, Hawaii, Stu- dent Congress, Independents. WEATHERBY, RUTH NORA, Spring Hill, Alabama, Senior Sister, President Wales Independents. WEBER, RUTH MARIE, Hamburg, New York, Inde- pendents, Aviation Club, Student Congress, Senior Sister, Health Committee. WEBSTER, JOYCE ENID. Sall Lake Cily. lllah. In- dependents. WEISNER, OLIVE, Auyusla, Monlana French Club, Homarts Club. WEI.LS, LINDA JANE, Chicago, Illinois, Student Congress, Senior Sister, President Campus-Wide Inde- pendent Organization. WELLER, HELEN, Kingsville, Teras, Tri Alpha. WEST, WILDFNE, Chico, California. Independents, W.P.O. WHEATLEY, LOIS, Delroil, Michigan, Board of Pub- lications, Llfe staff, Student Congress, Independents, Chi Delta Phi, Editor Slandard. WHEELER, MARILYN ALICE, Hoaslon. Texas. Zeta Mu Alpha, Personal Appearance Committee. WHITE, PATRICIA ANN, Bloomfield, 'Vew Jerscv, Omega Psi, Spanish Club, Aviation Club, Foreign Relations Club. WHITE, RAMONA LEA, Mission, Texas, Independ- ents, President Nurses' Aid, Standard staff. Vicc-presi- dent Gordon Manor. WHITE, WANDA YVONNE, lllilliamsbarg, Ken- lurky, Eta Epsilon Gamma. WHITTENRURG, MARGARET .IEAN. McAllen. Texas. Independents, Spanish Club, Homarts Club. S.R.A., Stephen s League. WIEGAND, JEAN ELISE, Corvallis. Oregon, Inde- pendents, S.R.A., Health Committee. WIGGINS, CATHERINE JEAN. Maplewood. New Jersey. Zeta Mu Alpha, Delta Sigma. VVIGGINS, ELLEN, Rochester. Miz-higarz. Independ- ents, German Club, Scholarship Committee. W.P.O. WII,lll'iI,AvI, ANN A Nl RRY. Ilomorllf. lrffzlfnlrf lui-- pr-mlentn, Alpbi Pi lipnilon. IDAIIIILYN I'l1fIllIlul1II1 UIIH1 l'f"!ilI-'ll' S,ll A., Student flonyrf-.-, lwlf-gn-ml:-m Sf-nior Slat'-f WlI.I.IA lJUltO'l IIY .ANN .'l'Iunr1r Inflfuhll ll:- rlepenrll-nts, Alpha Pi lifr-ilou, llypalia ll'-rayon WII,I,IAAIS, Ill'iI,l'iN l'l'.ltSUN, fnlrlnlul Aflfunwl Theta 'I'au Omega. Rook Club. WILLIAMS, IICAN, !1ll.!IllI, Tffuz. WILLIAMS, N'lARfiARl'L'l' lll'll.l'LN. l'orlloml Un- oon, Ind'-pr-mlf'ntf4. llomarts Club, Nlusifz S4-ni' 1- Guild. l"reneb Club. WILLI-XNISON, NIARY l'lIJl'l'lI. I'rofIor, flrlfonuu. 'I.lll'l.5l 'l'au Om'-ya. WILSON. IJUltU'l'llA JANE, Kunzov fjilv, Kanun, Life stall, Rostrum. WILSON, IIELENA, llolerrille. lt u'hfnolon. Sf-nior Sister, lnrlepr-ndent. Presidf-ul Laura St'-ph'-ns llall. WILSON, JOYCE, Greenfield. .lrlixx-mri. IIlfI4'IP"IIfI"lllH. WILTSEK, RERTA, Neuf York. New York, lnfI"lH-nfl- ents, S.R.A. WINDER, CliCILl.l'I. El Paso. Tenn. lndepf-nd'-nts. Senior Sister, Vioe-president Senior Cla'-s. WINKLER, SUSAN E.. Vinrelirwx. Infliunu, Kappa Alpha Phi, Aviation Club. llomarts Club. WISIIARD, REATRICE Ii.. Sun Frunrino. California. Slephensophia staff. Psi Chi Omicron, Sigma Gamma Gamma, Senior Sister. WITIIERINGTON. PEGGY ANNE. florinql-m. Tm nessee, Homarts Club. S.R.A.. Eta Epsilon Gamma. WITTE, BETTY ANN. Cinrinnuli. Ohio. Junior Steer- ing Committee. Student Congress. lita Epsilon Gamma. Senior Sister. Hornarts Club. Foreign Relations Club. Stephens League. Second Vice-president Sf-nior Class. WOLENS. NIARJORIE. Corsicanu. Texas. Independ- ents, Spanish Club, Foreign Relations Club. l'hi Thr-ta Kappa. WOLFE, THELNIA. Sl. .4 uqusline. Florida. Theta Tau Omega. Student Congress. Stephens League. VVOLFRAM, EYELYN ll.. East' Ininsing. 'llirhigan Independent, Theta Alpha Epsilon. Stephens League. Senior Sister. WOODS' POLLY. La Salle. Illinois Indepezidffnts. Homarts Club. S.R.A.. Orchestra. YVOODYVARD. BARBARA. Parkersburg. Iles! liir- ginia, Independents. VVRAGE. CHARLOTTE. Hollvxrood. California. Inde- pendents. Sigma Gamma Gamma. XVRIGHT. CATHRYN. San .-lnlonio. Terai. Psi Chi Omicron, Alpha Epsilon Rho. WRIGHT, JOYCE ANN. .'lll. Plcasanl. I-ara. YVRIGHT. SHIRLEY ANN. jlclfanvbora. II71fno:'s. Independents. Spanish Club. Senior Sister. W.P.O. XANDERS. RUTH JOAN. AQ-V!'tl"lIS',, Indiana. Inde- pendents. Army-Anchor Brats. Theta Alpha Epsilon. YARBROUGH. BETTY. Lnion City. Tennessee. Theta Tau Omega. Secretarial Club. Senior Sister. President North Hall. YELYERTON. ADDIE E.. Goldsboro. .Ym-IH Carolina. Psi Chi Omicron. YOUNG. LUCY JANE. Snr: .-lnlonio Texas. Student Congress. Personal Appearance Conmiittee. YOUNKER. VIRGINIA. Fremonl. Ohio. Homarts Club. Independents. NV.P.O. Edilor's Note: This list of seniors' activities has been collected by the staff at the urgent request of interested students on campus. The activity lists available in the extra-class office were used as the source for most of the data. The editors are aware of the fact that many errors occur in the list, but are presenting it here. even with itsinaccuracies. rather than omitting it altogether. Page 255 HERE IS CUURAGE HERE, T00 No medals, but sincerest congratulations to you who have had the courage to fight through over- whelming discouragements to produce and finance a yearbook in this year of 1945! You needed no compulsion but your own deter- mination to hold on to this one phase of American college life, to preserve it for those who might have been here to take part in it and who will be glad you had the grit to carry on. This is the kind of courage we admire as much as any other. And we are glad we have been able to help you, as much as we could, "to build with broken toolsn this chronicle of student and faculty life. MID STATE PRINTING COMPANY Printers, Binders and Cover-Makers for School Yearbooks JEFFERSON CITY, MISSOURI lVl1ere Your Annual Is Planned and Serviced We here at BURGER-BAIRD'S have a special interest in publications of educational institutions-their yearbooks, viewbooks, magazines and bulletins. We have maintained a special College Department to handle this business for the past thirty years. Our College Department has earned its distinguished reputation, which is genuinely national, by bringing top rating again and again to the publications which We serve. BURGER-BAIRD has one of the finest publication libraries. We want you to feel free to use it. Make BURGER-BAIRD your headquarters for working out your problems of art, photography, engraving, art, printing and binding. Runnin-Minn Graphic Arts Bldg. Home of Bu rger-Baird 1 Gnivlig mo. KANSAS CITY l4Z7 .ll lm, Music' America Loves . . . 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COLUMBIA COCA-COLA BGTTLI G COMPANY Pg 261 - l Q 19.4.4 The c-c ca C0llllllbia,S TO SERVE the interests ' and needs Of Stephens S students and faculty S T 0 R E is Our aim and purpose. ee f , onus Stones Stephens College Firsl for S to re YALLES - ITEMS - SERVICE ll' 904 EAST BRO.-XDR AY - OWNED AND OPERATED BY THE COLLEGE - BEAUTIFUL SHOES FOR BEAUTIFUL GIRLS ' Q SMARTEST GOROEOIES TONES 'M Q - Ln I in 6UpERlUFJ EHUES I FOOTWEAR SHEER CHIFFONS Where Stephens Girls for Love to Shop COLLEGE WOMEN 800 BRO,-XIDWAY DIAL 7303 FUR COHPLETI-3 EYESIGHT SERVICE, HAVE YOUR EYES EXAMINED BY O Dr. C. Rlchard Farmer flptometrist fSuf:r:r:ssOr IO DR. ROGER A. WALTERSD Urerulistfs l'resr:riptiOns Ifillecl Broken Lenses Duplicated Cul, 3638 FUR A PPOIX'l'NlEN'I' 8 SOUTH 9TH STREET -L L - I LL Lf we eee eee eeLM A 1 we R I P gf 262 A Friendly Bank . . SA FE SOUN I J DEPEN DA ISLE A ecoanls Solieilerl 1865 - 1945 EXCHANGE NATIUNAL BANK COLUMBIA, MISSOURI BUY WITH CONFIDENCE . . 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Vlle are proud lo have played a part in the building of American youth . . . proud that house- wives the country over have appreciated the superior quality of 1cH.lIf'f QUALITY FOODS SPRAGIE WARNER DIVISION SPRAGVE WVABNER-IQENNY CORPORATION C H I C A G O Y. .... A -1 ' 1, SSSW:yy,.. , . x... ..,.- .- -. .. MN Q 1 A ,awe 45? f' if x N ..4.. 4-: -. I A ' ,-N -:saga 3 we gfgffff' """'-'f-Q--sgv,f..I,,g:: E.: -,-I:::::-'H KI' b. C . I V b .. .::L:Z?.g5::.:A:,W1,-- . -. Irmsfi-ffsa2s.:f' , . I .4 .' 5:3:s--.1:.- .ff . if5ff:::i5EfEiF:5EfEii'-' E 3' - fl xt-.flligikirf ' 'r-.-rr-" lf: .Qu -. e' .g.y- . X... .-g,g.3Q.- . Q I Y Nm, V N , -0,x-.- '- y Q 33 I 24... Wg,f...xA X 3ff2fHQT:f: .-jig?-iiilftfifflff3:C:3l3E7f5. Q f:f:2:9f:-. 3 "9 ,lf y , -:gc-. :-:142-Sw Q N I e x 15.5155 : gzggciy f f I KP , :i:?'5:iQ:5?? ,,.-fbi' I'- , :V-25511 PEPSI COLA BOTTLING COMPANY 8 N. SEVENTH PHONE 3332 if 814 BROADWAY Slllllfff 7857 . Boone County National Bank R. H. PRICE, Presidenl Mernber: Federal Reserve System gwernber: Federal Deposit, Insurance Corporation liRUf'lIJXYA Y AND IEIGHTH S'l'RFIE'I'S COLUMBIA, MISSOURI Page 268 4-A..-.Ln l Your lleadquarIc1'.s- Fr ' N Locksmiths, Inc. S H O E S lg A G S I I Ii. 8111 fl 0 S I E R Y Kfxxsfxs Cl'l'w', NIO. 9 S LOCKS . . . DOOR CIIIIQCIXS Columbia Savings Rank Member of THE FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION 9TH AND RROADw.u' CORNER 9TH AND ASH DIAL 9797 DANIELS LUMBER FOR THE QUICIQEST . AND BEST FOODI BUILDING MATERIAL 0 STORE HOME PLANNERS , PLAN SERVICE Red S3l1dWV1CI1 Shop 10 XORTH IOTH STREET 269 ll 44VVe wish to express our appreciation to the student body for their generous sup- port this sehool yearn 0 DORN-CLONEY Laundry and Dry-Cleaning Company STEPHENS HSUSlI'ZS,, CHAVE I I lLlSBETH LINGERIE X PARSONS LIBSON Hoslsrzv X MMM at STUDIO McLaughlin Bros. X . Furnlture Co. X C O M P L E T E HOME X FURNISHERS 813 BROADWAY 16 N. 10TH STREET PHONE 4334 FIRST STOP ON THE WAY DOWN TOWN LAST STOP ON THE WAY HOME THEIHHHJSHOP . . R, . E.rvIus1z'e ,-lgenl U1 6101117111110 FOR DOROTHY GRAY . - . . BARBARA GOULD . . TUSSY 815 BROADNYAY I T R U LY The Tiger Laundry COLUMBIA? CEiZTLZG.'STEEfL1G D DMI NANT LAUNDRY S H 0 P PHONE 4155 PERSONAL APPEARANCE SPECIALIS ' PARSONS SISTERS 0 JULIE' Beauty Salon 1019 BROADWAY DIAL 5616 TAXI DIAL 4159 RED CAB CUMPANY 911 CHERRY l OF COURSE .... VOR S'I'lil'lII'lNS SIiHX'lfll'Q . . r-IBPIE CMJ, 'rm-1 Royal Venetian Blind , YELLOW CAB ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI Mfg. Co. HBLINDEDH STEPHENS COLl'RlBlA'S SBIARTEST SlIOES 9 TRIXIE RIQCLLNG. POLLY RIARTIX. IND BETH GROYES SPEND THAT PRECIOL1 TX IP HERE QQAART55 PARAMOUNT 5' 3. SPALDINGS 3 5 n 4 fa, Q RICE-OINEILL 3 w CROSS-COUNTRY CASLALS SORORITY SHOES the n 5,10 p DAYTIMERS O The Red Palsley, Ine. SMART GIFTS FOR EVERY OCCASION I ACROSS FROM IIPTOWN THEATRE ' 1011 BROADVS AX DIAL 34-18 273 .Q l-l COLLEGE AMUSEMENT CO 9 Columbia? Finest Theatres MISSUURI ' HALL ' VARSITY 0 6 AN'IERICA'S GREATEST STARS IN THE WORLD'S BEST PICTURES ...L L... Q- AL 'lI'IIlE1fJLD AND NEW S'I'l'IJI'lN'I'S WAYS ARIS Wl'll,flfJxt1l'l A'I' GREENSPON'S 9TH AND BROADWA Y TIGER HUTEL Gaeblefs Black SI Gold Inn GNQ "The Center of Student -4eIiz'i!ie.s"' New and fireproof CONLEY AVE. AT GENTRY PLACE 0 C rule lll a Headquarters tor C AMPU S C AB Student Acmmy Prompt and Courteous Service with Co1umbia's Largest Cab CO. AIR-CONDITIONED DINING ROOM I Allt-COOLED ROOMS . 7 Sleep In Comfort and Safely 6 PACKING BAGGAGE ' SHIPPING SERYICE I 7 Q I Th Transfer Si .I Q Storage Co. 1 ' II b N F Vt' A I em er: IT. . .I . 'A Agenzy ALLIED VAN LINES, INC. FIREPIIQQF STORAGE l I--- .L ,AA - Page 7 C H EFS Y I 'Se COORS! NUGGLFS vi i N Specialized Products RARILRS For Dependable Results "Gelade" Gelatine Dessert Pie Topping Powders Colors-Spices-Flavors Hot Chocolate Powder Baking Powder Preserves-Jellies Paper Goods-Tinware Machinery and Equipment Specialisis in KITCHEX AND OVEN SUPPLIES for Hotels. Restaurants. Bakeries, Cafe- terias. Hospitals. Colleges. and Public Institutions Values Proven Through 08 Years QfSerz'1'ce lo the Trade The S. IV. Noggle Company Kansas City 6, Mo. JUST THE HAT .... Fon ANY OCCASION Cleaning and Repairing, A Too SMITH MILLINERY CUSTOM-MADE HATS 12 S. 9TH DIAL 7232 FOR GOOD FOOD FOR COURTEOUS SERVICE FOR PRIVATE PARTIES FOR QUIET ATMOSPHERE Make reservations ,fx at , DRINKS-No GOOD FOOD-YES H A R R I S 9 WE CATER Q TO PRIVATE VVe find an inspiration in PARTIES catering to the wishes and appetites of people with ex- exquisite taste for fine food. 9 0 ACCONINIOD.-KTIONS Fon SPECIAL PARTIES WIGW Pg276 E.. - - l Y Von 32 Ymns WI.: ll.-wr-3 Svlafgu1.m-'n IN I A X I , IJ:-zsmxlxn ,un Nl,xxu-'ug'l'u mxn LIfiH'l'lNfi l"lX'I'I,liI-LS FOB QUICK SERVICE . ll i a l 3 l l l Cross Chandelier Company HECKER CAB CO. C LOUIS TO BE STEPHENS' CINDERELLA GIRL, GO TO - - - ,lel L E D 0 B E A U TY S ll 0 P le ee E H EE 6, T, I g ,A Y, gf- ' 23 SOUTH 10TH STREET HALAU, , f "": S .C""' ff kg, PHONE 4900 T! ,f "'C RX T a,,,,,f THE BLUE SHUI' WHERE STEPHENS GIRLS BUY THEIR CLOTHES Pat Colwell Helps June Darnall Select a New Formal P 277 l ll ,fgilzk I, M' ' , - f U I Q jg" . -V Q bm'-f,? I, Au Vs .an-n-90v"" 4 , H-4 I"n We ' -V I w 1 V j"'1 'V. vs, .W N53 w- gl . fkiax , Q, - f .4.,.Q if 4' '61 vi , -- , IS, ,. V ' , ,- ' Qs ' xyug, 1 mf' A 4 f , F G -. ,.-.1 off. A 34 I gi. , 93.3 Af". I "i ' ' ' ' .. '-'ff .' ' f 'w' Yfffhl ' 7' 542781 ff.. if . V, ff? 2 --9 I If I r 4, ff ,EIA I, 5, f nuff, 5 . 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Suggestions in the Stephens College - Stephensophia Yearbook (Columbia, MO) collection:

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