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Text from Pages 1 - 284 of the 1940 volume:

1 ff 1 'A ' , . " '. ,. ,'f.'.!'-'LCA-f'-E 'JT32 -'CFI' '17'f'3?s'T?7'7+5Vf"-'l'?'7"fEF3.4473"' """""v ' 1' "'1f' 1' -A x , 11:-:-Ma fff. :f-ssgggf . ' V ' f . -, . A 1 ' -KA Q' . 'Q ' 'D snr 'G af H' 64091 , W, , I , v 1 1 0 ' .,..9,,,. 1 I ' Y 5 M - ' ' X 5. .Q , -an-f .fd WN A an ' 0 I' x '+'v,WQ . .1-f ,M PM xY3V,Q,S4m.Afx m Lfcf hL Q S49 w INTER N N WRU fax?" ' s,s?isJg L- mst asm. ,.z15f,,, F . , . Q ,.f,,,,1.x,,,w,1,15--L+: f of six ' had wifi ,,-na, ev: wi ,. -,www ' V 'QM W .,LL ,,.V 1 Q My . J K Q g,lg1q.f.f.x K-M Vfs,55557fkifi?s?kzfzizfhagrf:f3?a7 5f':5:L5f5w ' if ,f-mfg, ffvgwf, nvma17'f,-Pier wiwkffw .-wzffxfesfgigfi-Lffwgfgf,if1f:ffQ?Rs:r43922'f" .M ,.,,hyf ,,,.,lm,,, -"xx4w.?1,gg5,W1g 3.211571 'en aww-' Q Qww,1.lgMW.x,, ., , ,,..W,: wg M1521 w,,g1wff 4-. jk 430 W E I l p ' ' Q M- '7 A i5 O STEPHHNS COLL , C P R ECTING THE THRIE Q P S Y F WINTER-I-SPRING K,- LJ I SEAQ3 N THE Fall . . . the ivy leaves turning wonderful colors . . heckled juniors wearing green ribbons . . an intro- duction to Winter . . . with Christ- mas vacation . . back to school . . some studying, dances, and Bil1's orchid for the Midwinter Formal . . then Spring . . . outdoor sports again . . more dances . . thoughts of Commencement . . finals and packing to leave . . moist goodbyes. FHLL V wi TEH svn: GQ This copy of the long-awaited Stephensophia represents a solid year of careful planning and patient execution. It has made pencil-chewing addicts of the junior staff, ink-smudged worriers of the senior staff, and gray-haired men of the sponsors. In spite of deadlines and dummies, however, working on the 'Sophie has been a glorious, exciting opportunity. And fun! We've tried to arrange the sections for your utmost enjoyment and convenience. QThe Table of Contents, for instance, is an innovation that we hope will prove useful.j The theme of the book is the three seasons of the college calendar: fall, winter, and spring. Each has its special color and symbols. This system neatly clarifies the continuity of the year's events, and will provide a permanent record in the future. Our photographers and writers have earnestly endeavored to capture an elusive, intangible, invisible atmosphere and plunk it down in black and white. Nothing could be quite so perplexing to put into words as the spirit of anything, let alone the original spirit of Stephens. We may show you various connected phases of how the college works, but to photograph the imperceptible bonds that hold it together is slightly impossible. There is a feeling of equality and democracy and mutual helpfulness on campus. How can we diagram the spontaneous comradeship that exists between girls from almost every state in the union? CNaturally, the Civil War is periodically refoughtlj How can we explain to you why the Ten Ideals stand for all that is line and clean and admirable? And it is just as absurd to try to convey exactly how we feel about silly songs and traditions . . . You needn't hunt for a football section, nor one on Beauty Queens. Nor will you be able to iind Grandpa's picture, Susie, when you are a decrepit but well-groomed Grandmother. We hope, however, that our concern over the angle of every picture and the length of every line of copy in this 'Sophie has produced for you a poignant memory book which will be the next best thing to re-living two happy invaluable years. EUZTE T5 7 M Page The Stephens Year .... . . 5 Administration. ................. . . 7 President James Madison Wood. .... . . 8 Administrative Ofiicers. ........ . . 10 V 5 F L L Fall Calendar .... .......... . . 17 Faculty ......,... . . 23 Humanities. ........... . . 24 Skills and Techniques. .... . . 28 Science ............. . . 31 Social Studies. ....... . . 33 Consumer Education ..... . . 35 Religion and Philosophy. . . . . 37 Health. ............... . . 39 Physical Education. .... . . 41 Extra Curricular .... . . 43 Student Government .... . . 45 Fall Activities ........ . . 57 Within the Ivy .... . . 58 Stephens Life ....... .. 59 Athletic Association .... . . 60 Academs ..............,... . . 63 Senior Sister Organization. .... . . 66 Clubs. .................... . . 67 Autumn Leaves. .... . . 77 WI T E R . . Winter Calendar .... . . 83 juniors ,........ . . 89 Traditions. .... . . . 110 Winter Activities. . . . . Stephens Standard .... Conservatory, Glee Club ....... Student Concert Choir, Sunrise Choir. ........ . . Burrall Symphony Orchestra ..... Burrall Class ............... Vespers ..... Sororities. ..... . Winter Drifts. . . . . .PRIG Spring Calendar., . . . Seniors. ......... . Campus Guests .... . Spring Activities .... Stephensophia .... Drama. ....,..... The Briggadettes.. . . Radio. ........ . Art ...... Ideals. ..... . Honor Roll. . . . . Athletic Awards.. . . . Honoraries ..... Spring Flowers. ....... . Goodbye to Stephens. . Q . . And to Columbia.. . . . Index .............. Page 111 112 113 114 115 116 118 119 155 161 167 200 201 202 204 206 207 208 209 225 226 227 237 240 241 264 The administrative heads and their assistants organize and enforce the policy of Stephens. They are responsible for the departments of finance, admissions, registration, publicity, and alumnae. To be less dignified and more speciiic, these harassed people juggle Camong other thingsj Wclass cuts, the post oflice, the switchboard, three dining rooms, the spring trip, President Wood's engage- ments, and guests of the college. PRESIDENT JAMES MADISON WOOD HIS MESSAGE o "The new prominence of women in social, political, economic, and religious affairs is the most important fact that confronts the World today. Traditional ac- tivities have ceasedg traditional training no longer suffices. Rather than upon the intellect, education for women must rest upon much more fundamental elements in her nature-the emotions of sympathy and service which lie back of her greatest contribution to humanity and civilization. It is only as education passes over from the dominance of the intellect into the realm of the fundamental emotions that it can truly function in the life of woman. The ultimate in education is not thought but action, not the search for Truth but the application of Truth to human life and human conduct." li 15 1 5 x E. E Q E ,Q I . L 1 I 4 , ' Q Z 6 2 3 4 i 1 Q i i E K Q 7 1 ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICERS DEAN CIIAETERS, Counselor During his periodical visits to the campus, Dr- Charters checks up on the continuous re-vamping of Stephens curriculum and extra-curricular activi- ties. His vigorous prodding helps keep Stephens a leader in progressive education for women. He spends a great deal of time finding out if there is any real difference in a Stephens graduate, and careful records indicate that there is-a favorable one. DEAN JOHNSON Exuberant, friendly Dean Johnson holds the dual position of Librarian and Dean of Instruction. He is interested in improving the content of the courses at Stephens, in making the library a vital part of the instructional program, and in leading the students to know and love books. DEAN SHOFSTALL Wise and practical Dean Shofstall explains his work thus: "I deal with the unimportant prob- lems of the student, for I feel that the important will take care of themselves." These "unimportant problems" include the advisory system and con- stant experimenting with new ideas. Dean Shof- stall is so sincerely unassuming and understanding that his waiting-room is always jammed with girls in need of counsel. - 'N y 1' Wy L DEAN W. W. CHARTERS 1 If DEAN B. LAMAR JOHNSON l H DEAN WELDON P. SHoEs'rALL rw I an al. ly: ., I , ln! 4515, ' flu! I j " , " g,H:1iy.3:.h 6 I r f ,. , -f' F f , ' Page 10 sow V, x if V. 4 V xl i 2 l l l Miss ELIZABETH CHINN, FRANK W. DEARINGQ B. S.g Acting Registrar Comptroller BARRY J. HOLLOWAYQ Mrss ANN SORENCY, HARVEY S. WALTER, Director of Public Relations B. A.g Alumnae Secretary B. Pe.g Director of Adm ssions ' 7 vm ig' l P 1 M1ss MARY Cor. N AN, X A. B.g Extra-N PE' rticipations 5 K MRS. HAIGH, A. arg? to mean of In st ff? fc' if .fE1' Agltf Matron U MRS. ALICE SUMMERS HULETT, A. A.g Secretary to Dean of Ad- ministration MIss JESSIE Kyng Postmistress MIss GRACE LARsoN, A. A.g Secretary to Direc of Extra-Class Activities Miss GRACE V. PEPPERDINE, B. A.g Secretary to the President Mlss FRANCES SILKNITTER, A. A.g Hostess ROBERT SUTTON, M. A.g Research Assis nt A WILLIAM TINGEYQ Campus Delivery Service ' JOHN ALLAN WAITE, A. M.g Assistant to Dean Administration MAURICE D. WOOLF, M. A.g Guidance Clinic Page I A ADMISSIONS COU IELOR ROBERT D. AMADEN, Ph. M., Iowa, South Dakota . WILLIAM A. BAKER, M. A., Ohio, W. Pennsylvania . GEORGE W. BALTZER, B. A., S. Illinois, S. Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee . ROBERT BIRD, B. A., Arizona, S. California, Colo- rado, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah . L. W. BOWMAN, M. A., N. Indiana, Michigan ' WILLIAM J USTIN BROWN, B. S., Denver, Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska . CLUM BUCHER, M. S., Missouri . WILLIAM DAVID CARR, B. S., Delaware, Maryland, North Carolina, E. Pennsylvania, Virginia, Washington, D. C., West Virginia . RAYMOND DOOLEY, M. A., Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, Vermont V' J. SCOTT I-IEMRY, M. A., N. Illinois . LOWELL HILDEBRAND, M. A., Minnesota, North Dakota, Wisconsin . JOHN B. KYD, M. A., Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma . RICHARD POOLEY, B. A., Idaho, N. California, Montana, Oregon, Washington, Wyoming . VERNON M. WILLIAMS, M. S., Texas Page 13 .5 .fm : Iii? gx: , 3- Y 1 fp.5x'3'7 - ff,- WL? 'bw Q my-35m-A , w .,,, - gf my 'R ff:F'Jf2,:ffaaff T if f ' :' ' W dgwgwtdf frmv f m- - -:Am-W-:: -3--:. -1 ,gf-sw yf-ff-.-Fifi I' i' ' f L M AM W m H LQQTIH .121 If 55. ,Wg f: ,,N,,.w - - ,sl Q Qffeafm ,WN , .,,., ,. . , f . ,. Mwwg A W A W37mg.i,,ffg,,gqM 1v1w,,w,,f-4 ggggwkf,mm-fw,q4qA:fg:,,Q wp- gm' ,i 4 , 1 - ,--' W V L kgjw ,A fs, ggi ' f wyiggni fm Wm W M, ,- M3515-iw' 1 f '- wesQz,'sfLr2m?e:vas2ksQsixz'-2-w1seAs1z'iass1sQgfQiS7i isles x x V if J if Wiz ffl M' JK TMS, F J, L Vjp ff' X I ix I N I 1 I I , 7 lf! f 7 I -fx, ff ff Who can stay indoors when Indian Summer beckons? Page 16 s evf EWBEQ f e-EV' 60 n 136919 Wolf' pl 3 Q 1'1101'S fe ng 1 CFC E, ll 0 9 ere a SP r'Xs.1 e fi!! 1en 1on rug gr1p1ng about v o tflgw r1 Q9 ence to tra1l through e earnest C A 1nduct1on serv the Barbecue was upon us' Informa color, who could ever forget Mr Dooley at ba Then came Rush1ng Wlth 1tS exc1tement hasty spruc1ng of soror1ty rooms and company manners The flrst Open Houses revealed a new crop of twelve year olds from Kemper and plenty of Ag students to go round Burrall was 1ntroduc 1ng the Jumors to Mr Weaver and the hot St1Cky Weather was turmng crlsp tangy Remember brunch on Thanksglvlng and the hockey and soccer games? Although studymg was our ma1n past1me Stuart Chase var1ous concerts a mar1onette show fall elec t1ons Carleton Beals the Pan Hell dances soror1ty sw1mm1ng PgJ7 meets, and the superb Chantecler helped make that stop day Welcome when We finally got it! Arrivals. Which is which? . . . Rosalita helps locate a junior sister . . . In the ballroom: "No homesickness, Susie!,' smile Hope, Mary, President Wood, and Rosa- lita . . . Remember those long lines? . . June Davis and Mar- garet Koch sell Cappy Marker the required insignia of the new junior . . . H. Branum again with Dude Genz in the Senior Hall skit at the Barbecue . . . In the heat of the auditorium juniors struggle with endless tests . . . White Sunday, and President Wood enters the tent for the eve- ning services . . . Physical exams with those snazzy angel robes! . . . The Thetas sign a rushee . . . Everyone must have her stu- dent activity ticket, so Deb Ber- genthal checks them as they come . . . The A. A. Open House . . . Franchel Harrison croons "Rock Iti' at the junior talent show. Page 18 . 4 2- 93 my si l 3 ,, l, A 1 1 3 , , R 1 3 xi 1,-, 5 Q X Q Q MS .. ..,.. F get ff N1 gf ii wr 'L Y 2 W A . W . ., Q 1. .S, m an-fe ,My ,,, A , 2 Q fw:ei?5if'1,ag. .41 W H-ft W,w:.g:-2, .. , ,5M -r- - xx A W-M,ffwf. - fvsfiafufzfw ww - f 6 . .,--.2-nfiiz: ' .,,,, H ., , .,-.. , -.-:m.f:,.-- ---- f- f MV, v.,. W .A WA ,J ,if EW ,sg 2 ,g f -g QL .ef '- iii 25 A birthday candle for President Wood on October 2 . . . On the front lawn Miss Spencer and Mrs. Adair register gym classes . . . The Sigmas have a rush party on their "roof garden" . . . Another rush partyg this time a good old- fashioned hayride . . Ever see so many unattached men in the ball- room before? They're waiting for the girls to arrive at Open House. Bids are out! Everybody happy? . . . Marge Chaney reads the pedi- grees of the candidates for the fall elections . . . During Pan-Hell's Courtesy Week a faculty panel made excellent suggestions about our manners. Here are Mr. Wil- liams, Marnie Prahman, Dean Shof- stall, Miss Curtis, Miss Judd, and Miss Colby . . . Two enterprising Susies prepare for Halloween as October days slip quickly by. Page Z0 Jerry Allen and Betty Protzeller help Audrey Beatty at the ballot box . . . Marge O,Mara, Lita Laurenzi, Barb Matzke, and Janie Puterbaugh count votes for junior representatives to student govern- ment . . . Mr. and Mrs. Carleton Beals talk to "Socks" Stocking while waiting for the Wabash . . . Rooters for the Thanksgiving Day hockey and soccer games freeze cheerfully . . . Jean Toole and Bill Raidt at the Pan-Hell tea dance . . . A few fowl from Chaniecler . . . Mon- sieur Marcel Dupre, organist at the Duke of Windsor's wedding, plays the Auditorium organ for Stephens . . . Sorority swimming meetg Moller leads in the back lane! . . . The plants in the "S" are taken away for Winter . . . And at the end of November Mr. Parsons takes the last "Sophie" pictures. Page 21 gf -flfw . 3 Q 2:4 i v 3, . "L Lv E31 3 ' M ff?- 5 5 aim? if m a Q "Q QQ Ki ful' mfg ,, we Pg23 " LTY When the 203 faculty members march in the academic parade, well represented are such honorable trappings as the ermine of Oxford, the bonnet of London, Yale blue, Harvard crimson, and an unusually large percentage of Ph. D. gold tassels. We are proud of their ac- complishments, of the explorers, chess players, popular textbook Writers, artists, critics, musi- cians, dramatists, and scholars in their midst. The spasmodic Faculty News illustrates their right to be called interesting people. Perhaps most commendable of all is the ability of these faculty members to tackle the tribulations of their jobs with gusto, wisdom, and friendli- ness-the latter requiring no puny sense of humor. HUMANITIES DR. LOUISE DUDLE Y "Interest" might well be the watchword of the Human- ities Division. Through its courses in music, art, dra- matics, and literature it strives toward one ultimate aim: to increase the student's awareness of the beauty in life. There is only one thrill comparable to that of devising a work of art, be it a polka, a painting, a piece of acting, or a poem. That is the thrill that comes to the untalented person who learns through intelligent appreciation to live more abun- dantly. One need never be bored. Dr. Louise Dudley is the forceful, stimulating director of the Division of Humanities. With a delightful sense of humor she points out to her staff and their bumptious charges that there are very practical sides to appreciation of the beautiful. Relaxation and knowledge are gained from a cultivation of excellent taste. The division is as interested in teaching girls to choose aesthetically pleasing clothes as it is in the correct structure of a passacaglia. Girls learn that there may be no more "beauty" in an El Greco than in a simple, functional, well-designed coffee-pot. Page Z4 JAMES ADAIR, B. M., Violin Mlss JANE M. ALEXANDER, M. F. A., Dramatic Arts FRANK R. ANTOINE, Wood Wind Instruments ADOLPH BAK, Violin MRS. PEARL BEAUCHAMP, B. S., Latin, Library KARL HENRY BRATTON, B. M., Voice Mrss EsTI-IER BUCHANAN, B. S., Dramatic Arts MIss VIRGINIA CARPENTER, M. A., Literature MIss MARGARET COLBY, B. F. A., Voice Mlss MARY ELLEN COWLING, M. A., Art ERNEST LINCOLN Cox, Mus. B., Voice Miss PAULINE CROOK, B. S., Personal Grooming GIBSON DANES, M. A., Art ROBERT DETCHEMENDYQ Personal Grooming M1ss FRANCES GUTHRIE EMBERSON, Ph. D., Piano AUSTIN FARICY, B. A., M. A., Oxon., Humanities, Classic Lan guages Miss ELIZABETH HELEN FRETZ, Mus. B., ViO1Once11O BASIL DEANE GAUNTLETT, Mus. Doc., Music MISS MAYME BARBARA GIESSING, Piano GORDON W. GILKEY, M. F. A., Art Page 25 NORMAN GOODBROD, Mus. M., Piano, Organ Miss RUTH BOWEN GOODSMITH, Mus. B.g Piano, Theory Mrss BE'1fSY GRAVES, B. F. A.g Interior Decoration RUSSELL GREEN, M. F. A., Art Miss HELEN KARIN HAFNER, Ph. D.g Humanities C. M. HENDRICKS, B. S., Band Instruments Miss HELEN LOUISE HIGGINS, Mus. B.g Harp, Piano, Theory HARRY H. HILBERRY, M. A., Humanities WALTER R. IHRKE, M. M., Piano MISS MYRA J ERVEY, A. B.g Costume Design MIss ELLEN JOHNSON, Mus. M.g Piano DAVID JOLLY, B. S., B. S. in L. S.g Library, Communications MIss WINIFRED JULSRUDQ Voice Miss MARTHA ELIZABETH LOGAN, A. M.g Spanish Miss MARTHA MCDONALD, M. A., Spanish EDWARD J. MEGROTH, M. A., Humanities STEPHEN MILLER, Art A. LAURENCE MORTENSEN, A. M.g Dramatic Arts X MIss MARJORIE MARIAN ORTON, ' B. M., Piano 0, ROBERT MORTVEDT, J Ph. D.g English Literature Yr Page 26 PAUL EVERET PARSONS, A. B.g Art MISS ANNA RAIKE, B. A.g Dramatic Arts MISS ELISABETH JOHANNA RECI-IT, B. S.g Voice DARRELL E. Ross, M. F. A.g Dramatic Arts MISS DOROTHY BERYL SCIIIELE, M. S.g Clothing FREDERICK SCHWARTZ, M. A., German MISS ELIZABETH B. STANTON, A. M.g Literature ALFRED M. STERLING, B. A., Humanities MRS. ZAY RUSK SULLENS, Ph. D., Literature MISS BEATRICE TERRY, M. S., Spanish MISS DOROTHY TIGWELL, Mus. B.g Piano JAMES D. TRACY, Dramatic Arts ARTHUR E. TODD, M. A.g Voice MRS. MAYBELL TOWNSEND, B. M. E.g Piano MISS WILDA TINSLEY, B. M., Violin MISS GOLDIE TRIPPLEHORN, B. S., Interior Design MISS PAULA SIEBS VOGELSANG, M. S., Clothing KURT voN FORSTMEYER, M. A.g German MISS WILMA WIGHTMAN, B. S., Clothing MRS. NESTA LLOYD WILLIAMS, A. M., Organ, Harmony MISS RACHEL F. WILLIAMS, M. A.g Piano Page 27 i SKILLS AND TECHNIQUES DR. Roy IVAN JOHNSON Of students who desire proficiency in certain basic skills and techniques, there are three kinds: CD those who want to earn their own living, QQ those who want to live a more rounded, informal, and effective life, and CSD those who want to do both. The Division of Skills and Techniques offers for all three types extensive courses in art, music, education, foreign languages, secretarial studies, physical coordination, and communications. The last named includes three vitally interesting fields of human relations: reading, writing, and speaking. Whether a girl is learning to Write business letters or poems, to speak over the radio or merely to improve her everyday conversation, she has certain practical needs which must be satisfied. Discerning, thoughtful Dr. Roy Ivan Johnson is the busy director of the Division of Skills and Techniques. Besides Writing best-seller textbooks on English Composition and conducting a class in creative writing, he tenders criticism and encouragement to aspiring authoresses on the campus. He believes in the importance and value of a general education keyed to the student's total life program. Pag 28 MADAME MARIE GERMAINE ALDRIDGEQ French Miss J EAN BAILEY, A. M.g Communications Mlss HELEN M. G. BARR, M. A., Speech Miss WILMA AGEE BATTERSON, M. A., Secretarial Studies ROBERT L. BEACHBOARD, Doctorate d'Universiteg French MISS LoU1sE A. BENNETT, M. A., Secretarial Studies MISS BERNICE BURLING, B. S.g Kindergarten, Nursey School Education MRS. HELEN SELVIDGE CAMPBELL, M. A.g French CARVEL COLLINS, M. A.g Communications Miss WINIFRED L. ELDRIDGE, B. S., Secretarial Studies Mlss MARY ELEANOR FILKIN, M. A., Journalism, Communications Mlss BARBARA FISCHER, B. S.g Kindergarten, Nursery School Education GEORGE GUYANQ Radio Mxss VIRGINIA L. HANSONL Kindergarten, Nursery School Education Mlss JOSEPHINE HENRY, M. A., French WILLIAM INGE, M. A., Communications EUGENE F. IREY, A. B.g Secretarial Studies Page 29 SHERMAN P. LAWTON, Ph. D.g Radio, Visual Education MISS ORRELL LITTLE, M. A.g Secretarial Studies MISS JANE MANCILL, A. A.g Radio HUGH MCCAMMON, M. A.g Communications MISS MARJORIE ELIZABETH MOMYER, M. A. g Kindergarten, Nursery School Education WILFRED B. N EFF, Ph. D.g French MISS ELEANOR PARLE, B. A.g Secretarial Studies STUART POSTLE, A. B.g Radio PHILIP L. RAY, M. A.g Communications MISS HELEN LOUISE SAUNDERS, M. A.g Communications MISS LAURA ANITA SEARCY, A. M.g Communications MISS MARY HELEN SIMPSON, M. A.g Communications FRANCIS PRESCOTT SMITH, Ph. D.g French MISS IRENE CHARLOTTE STEUBER, M. A.g Secretarial Studies WILLIAM JOHAN VON LACKUM, M. A.g Reading Clinic WESLEY A. WIKSELL, Ph. D.g Speech FRED E. WINGER, M. A.g Secretarial Studies Pag SCIENCE w Page 31 DR. CARL N. REXROAD The Division of Science takes in four fields: physical science, biological science, psychology, and mathematics- Girls with a penchant for precise thinking and careful obser- vation are fascinated by cutting up little green frogs or scour- ing the Missouri countryside for dirty pebbles or manufactur- ing odoriferous gas. In general, however, science instills in them a knowledge of the fundamental principles of the universe and their relation to human beings. Dr. Carl Newton Rexroad is the scholarly, unassuming chairman of the Division of Science. Of tall, slight build, with a kindly manner and twinkling blue eyes, he may be seen daily jogging across campus to his psychology classes. Dr. Rexroad believes firmly in giving Stephens girls an under- standing of the scientiic method of procedure. This involves the careful formulation of problems, painstaking testing of theories, open-mindedness and care in arriving at conclusions. The final aim of the division is to help girls develop a scientific attitude toward the problems of life and to derive a keener enjoyment from the complex beauty of Nature. MRS. THEODOSIA TUCKER CALLAWAY, A. M., Mathematics MISS CONSTANCE CHANDLER, Ph. D., Psychology MISS CAROLYN S. GRAY, M. A., Chemistry MISS MINNIE MAY J OHNSON, Ph. D., Botany CHARLES JUDD MARSH, Ph. D., Psychology MWF 5 TRUSTEN E. PEERY, Q M. A., Geology PHILIP N. POWERS, Ph. D., Biology MRS. JEWEL W. SOMERVILLE, R. N., B. S., Home Nursing JAMES C. STAUFFACHER, Ph. D., Psychology EDGAR FLANDREAU VAN BUSKIRK, Ph. D. g Hygiene WILLIAM C. VAN DEVENTER, Ph. D., Biology WAYNE W. WANTLAND, Ph. D., Biology X I. MISS MOLLIE GRACE WHITE, Ph. D. , Chemistry Page'3Z ' . SOCIAL STUDIES Page 33 DR. PAUL W. PAUSTIAN The subject matter of the Division of Social Studies is "people" Girls study the complex problems of human rela- tions by combining two methods: CD making field trips to investigate prisons, orphan homes, vocational schools, court- rooms, and civic institutions, CZD having discussions and contro- versies in the classroom rather than lectures. The division tries to lead the student toward a critical, understanding evaluation of group customs, ideas, and situations, so that she will be qualified to interpret her experiences and steer her life wisely. Able, well-informed Dr. Paul Paustian and his inevitable pipe together direct the brilliant, widely-traveled staff. CDr. Paustian himself taught for five years in Indiaj He believes that the student's grasp of an idea is the important thing, and that instead of memorizing data she should master a method of gathering facts about any social problem in which she may later become interested. Toward this end, Stephens girls are offered a large number of courses under the general headings of Contemporary Civilization, Home Economics, Career Orientation, History, and Social Science. MRS. MARY JEAN ABERNETHY, M. A.g Social Studies HENRY ADELBERT BOWMAN, Ph. D.g Social Studies ROBERT E. CARSON, M. A.g History Miss ELIZABETH VAN WYCK CLAPP, M. S.g Home Economics, Consumer Education Miss ELOISE COFER, M. S.g Home Economics Joi-IN C. CRIGHTON, M. A.g History J oHN ALVIN DECKER, Ph. D.g Government, International Relations ROBERT BowER ECKLES, Ph. D.g Social Studies MRS. HELEN GILLIsfJGARvEY, A. B.g Social Studies THOMAS HITCH, Ph. D.g Social Studies WALTER INMAN, Ph. D.g Social Studies Miss DOROTHY M. MARTIN, M. A.g Social Studies MIss LOUISE PORCH, M. A.g Home Economics BLAINE TAYLOR WILLIAMS, M. A.g Social Studies Page 34 CONSUMER EDUCATION Page 35 DR. JOHN CASSELS "Wise consumershipf' says the catalogue, "will express itself in greater individual and social well-being." Quite right. If every woman demanded her' money's worth, dealers would be obliged to fall in line. The Division of Consumer Education tries to give Stephens girls an idea of just what their money's worth should be. It goes into the methods of buying intelligently, of budgeting time, energy, and money, and of keeping records. Through courses outside the division Csuch as Economics of the Household, Consumer Textiles, Social Problems, Marriage and the Family, and Principles of Interior Designb girls are taught to use good judgment in selecting goods and services. They are shown the relation between in- dividual problems and the problems of society as a whole. As the director, Dr. John Cassels is justly proud that the division has progressed so Well and so rapidly. It has acquired a firm foothold on the Stephens campus. He is ever planning Ways to help girls become careful consumers: to teach them economic values, to assist them with their buying problems, to plan for the future, and to learn what to look for in buying the drawing room furniture. Miss MARGARET HART BENSON, B. A., Consumer Education Miss HELEN DALLAS, M. S.g Consumer Education, Editor of Publi cations E. GORDON HUBBEL, B. A., Consumer Education, Radio Director Miss LOETA LO1s JOHNS, M. A., Library, Consumer Education JOE MELIA, B. J .g Consumer Education, Editorial As- sistant Of Publications JAMES E. MENDENHALL, A. B.g Consumer Education Miss RUFIE LEE WILLIAMS, M. S., Home Economics, Consumer Edu cation Page 36 I RELIGION AND PHILOSOPHY I I Pg37 PAUL WEAVER Slicing vertically across all phases of Stephens girls' college experiences is the emphatically necessary Division of Religion and Philosophy. The division has six broad ob- jectives: CU to evoke and stimulate normal student enthusi- asms for solving problems related to a sound philosophy of life, CZD to enable students to discuss and think through signiiicant problems together, C35 to enlarge the capacity of students to respond to spiritual values, C45 to provide students an opportunity to create techniques and to acquire habits that make for the cooperative solution of social problems, CSD to furnish individualized and experienced counseling in the solution of special personal problems relating to philosophy of living, and C65 to offer systematic instruction in the fields of religion and philosophy. Read those againg they are vitally important. Keen, purposeful Paul Weaver is the director of the Division of Religion and Philosophy. He is ever stressing the word "growth" in his frequent talks to Stephens girls. He makes sure that the subject matter of ethics, religious training, and character building is not confined to the courses offered in the division. I I KLAIR ARMSTRONG, M. A., M. Th.g Comparative Religion, Religious Fundamentals Toivr BINFORDQ College Staff Photographer ROBERT E. CARSON, M. A.g Religious Education Mlss CAROLYN COLLIER, A. B., B. S.g Religious Education MRS. LUCILLE M. FRISTOE, B. S.g Religious Education Miss HELEN MEDING, A. B.g Secretary CECIL MILLER, f M. A4 Philosophy Page 38 ,ll ,ss-:,,,:g:1, ,-,, mr., 1 5 im-gfgsgfgim 5 fqmggigsfggggii 9fS3355ShiExiliiffiwlglfifili 955 isilfswfiifiis ma. ails-mike 'i'w'f?Ti if55821522332i??lKiZfffhiii'Zvzi5kfliillkiviiiriiilfiii ig?!3i2Z5i'1?ifii?5E3lf'EfI ,l xggv5gf2lmflwm!liwmmll sfiziflzlwrfy ,6m,W,,f My f gs ll7s'.z'iisi2r'fz 'EEmil?iiwiih?im57EWi15fHK'513 gina ,.,, . h,,,.,., . ,. q, , fiwigligiififif f fiwiifsieuggvs Xiiiiiifll sw WZ- , iziizfeglivfzii ilgEfiii5i2E?i1 eizffv ' ,. f f eff?-flyfw an t . ffqwyx X 141.5511sgigigigilzrisggikv Q il-Wgiigffh . s 1 N- -'ag -gf-isis , 1125:1224i,ylmSx1lv,-sl, w?w2gffEff' 'zgsfgiw an ,'mf1.f.:1 Ws1fgsm2zsz',a, -'-- Kr VT ,'g5r1f:"iz S:KZ:'VWS3'4?"li'lV . -. fltitl' ii?7ii'!f?'? er:,3Krf'2ff2?ff,fiffff- f"7Zfff,Eefew+fS -, 'L A- f my4,1,22gzz,gwwg g9gg.s'g3if:'ff , lf?fisliyslmirlifzffgi' 'S ms ii?55,255253Ulflliieillfilriiigifii ?l2lZ?iii?422i452Ei2?E1'fl 5 rs- if vgvK. ksQ1z,g2vE+51l1f-gi ff,s+gg:z,sms'fg vmezw isfiifx An - L , lgjfg :iz.,sf.:Q,,ggqggiE1fs.s1zlf2 Us-15. -?jffS,'f',l1f'f-W U-W, K5 a,.,,. ,.,,.,,v.ffq5fy.g5,', gArmg,3,qzgfw7y, 1:frBit'Jw l1Eef2iir:25.e fi if V E W ,llaifiiiifgiil 'H griasgiaigsifiifiliiiaffii ' jfs ' , Hi a ZlfiilliiflggiViiriiaiiidil'LSIQW , .k . ., Q xi .xy if 5 mms wslw-wx-, .,,f,,:f, ,V V Q, A ,,,z gr, vwwkigll We, EW.fst1mms,1f4i?iff , W, ,,,, mm m , 4,,g,,,,,,QN..,,,..,,.,,,-.,SM 1 5i?" '- 'iiii i gy iis iililiiiiii2fiiii?si3?'si3'f'iiff 3 55 Srl, W siilfiifiiifiiii-' Q ' 54 If : ' asm, gf: 'f:,f::,. 35,5 ..5 -wx 33,5 ...p ,K,sws-lvmzf . at .iff -,-21:45 gg 25,52 kbs wu'e72 .vS f-s lqggifi-iw 9, ,'n,..5,,.,, .,, ,, ., Bmw, 4. , ,sw , is 'ffl' . -sg-IM 'r ,Wg ,,vgSzfa?fQYlz9ff 7-ffflii-hill' E. .151 :Q ,w l f hgg M-yi1.,srfg, ggraswggg. -: .f Eli, A, .:+l,1w?svgfz .um-. vw-wg-. LESS -51. .af1:.1Eff+sfw H' SENT., l,.fw.w, , new-.ey ,..g - dl W . : -1 M Q " LIAM BYRNE BROWN Mental and physical health are two of the seven areas of interest common to all women. Since Stephens girls will directly or indirectly determine the standards of health for their families and communities, it is of primary importance that they have intelligent attitudes concerning health. The Division of Health Education at Stephens gives girls three safeguards: CD a strong defense against cure-alls and health superstitions, CZD a lifelong habit of periodic health examina- tions and individual hygiene, and C35 experienced discrimi- nating judgment in the selection of scientific health services. Dr. William Brown, head of the Infirmary, wants all Stephens girls to become health "conscious," A lesson in health is taught each time a girl comes to the infirmary. Dr. Brown has discovered that by seeing more girls in the infirmary each day, fewer go to bed. He is also interested in all phases of the student's college life, for they are intimately related to her mental and physical health. By taking into account the total situation, her health needs can be discovered and worked out. Be it hangnail or the flu, the Infirmary believes firmly in an ounce of prevention. Mns. HELEN E. BRUENJESQ Supervisor, Senior Hall Dining Room MRS. BEss R. DAMON5 Supervisor, Tower Hall Dining Room Miss Lois FORSYTHE, B. S.g Assistant Dietitian Miss ZoE HARRIS, M. A.g Dietitian LA RUE S. HIGHSMITH, M. D.g Resident Physician MISS DORCAS LINDSEY, R. N .g Supervising Nurse Page 40 P YS I AL EDUCATIO N T Pg41 Miss WILMA HAYNES The Physical Education Staff encourages girls to develop skill in a variety of sports, to strengthen their bodies, and to enjoy using them. The college owns its own riding stables of forty saddle horsesg it owns the nine-hole golf course at the Country Clubg it has tennis courts, hockey and soccer fields, archery grounds, gymnasiums, modern dance studio, and swimming pool. Besides the above named, Stephens girls have the chance to learn basketball, volleyballg tumbling, tap, modern, and folk dancingg badminton, ping pong, shuffleboardg and deck tennis. The joys of taking physical education are many: CD girls develop proficiency, Q25 have a lot of fun, and CED develop more proficiency. Brusque, fun-loving Miss Wilma Haynes directs the Physical Education activities. Under her forceful leader- ship students participate eagerly in indoor and outdoor sports. Miss Haynes appreciates the need for recreation outside of social and scholastic achievements, and she thoroughly enjoys providing wholesome relaxation for the girls. Her main interest and object is the health of her little charges. M1ss CONSTANCE BAUM, B. S.g Fencing Mrss ELIZABETH A. BENSON, B. S.g Correctives, Archery Miss JANE FORTEQ Modern Dance Mlss MURIEL HENSLER, B. S.g Body Building, Tennis Miss MARGUERITE J Unng Social Dancing Miss ANNIE LAWSONQ Horsemanship Miss MARJORIE MUEHL, B. S.g Modern Dance MRS. HELEN PARKER NELSON, M. S.g Correctives, Relaxation MAJOR ROLF RAYNORQ Horsemanship Miss EMMA SPENCER, A. M.g Tennis Miss DORA WALTON, M. S.g Basketball Miss MARY YOOUM, A. A.g Horsemanship Page 42 EXTRA CURRICULAR DR. MERLE PRUNTY P g 43 The Extra Curricular Division serves as a testing ground for initiative and leadership. Its aim is to assist in the total program of the college in discovering the out-of-class interests and needs of the students, and to satisfy those needs by pro- viding outlets for them. From highly organized campus life, girls derive invaluable experience in getting along with their fellow-sufferers, and in meeting problems that continually arise. CSuch as when a roommate wants the window down all the time D The divi- sion also cooperates with other divisions and is heartily inter- ested in the unorganized activities of the student's time. Tall, unruflied Dr. Merle Prunty is Director of Personnel and Head of the Extra Curricular Division. Since the activi- ties of the division are administered through Civic Associa- tion, Dr. Prunty is the sponsor of C. A. Extra curricular activities help develop avocational leisure-time interests. One of Dr. Prunty's main objectives is to see that every Ste- phens girl has membership in and responsibility for some ac- tivity. In other words, every girl has some office, but to be perfectly fair, only one. MISS ELAINE ALLSEBROOK, A. B.g Hatcher MISS HELEN BATEMAN, B. A., M. N.g Laura Stephens Miss LoIs BELLINGER, M. S., M. A.g South MISS HELEN BREMER, A. A.g Country Club MRS. ARDENIA CI-IAPMANQ McDonnell Mlss CATHERINE CUDLIP, M. A.g Tower Miss GRACE CURTIS, M. A.g Senior MIss DAPHNE GALLEMORE, A. B.g Lela Raney Wood MRS. MADOLIN GROVER, B. S.g Daniel Boone Hotel Mlss JESSICA JOHNSON, M. S.g Maple Miss MYRTLE LE COMPTE, M. A.g Gordon Manor Mlss MARGARET MARGRAVE M. A.g North MRs. FRANCES MEEKER, A. B.g President Wood's Home Miss DAVIDA OLINGER, A. B.g Wales MIss MARY OMER, M. A.g Wood , MI I IA NE, .g Se etary of ' f vm 1ssi ' ISS " - I- f . . Q ' ite gy! UM ANE A ml l I Mx fl' S ss '." 'f Wlylg ,3 ! -i v 2- 0, S EY 111A -WOELKY S . Pg45 1 NM In 1922 the late Mrs. Lela Raney Wood devised and established the rules for Civic Association, after combining the best points of the many systems of student government in the country. She did her job well, for the C. A. of today is a highly effective organi- zation. It operates under a grant of power made by the faculty and has broad powers within that grant. It includes every member of the student body, and its officers are elected by student vote. Any student or group of students may initiate changesg referendum and recall are also provided. As C. A. is essentially a co- operative government, it is one of the major forces unifying Stephens. J EAN ARTHUR President of Civic Association CIVIC ASSOCIATION Every Tuesday at 4 p. m. the nineteen elected members of Legis- lature prop their elbows on the T-shaped table in the C. A. room, and get down to the business of governing all extra curricular activi- ties at Stephens. Legislature, Civic Association's functioning medium, is headed by friendly, poised Jean Arthur. As president of the student body CCivic Associationj, Jean is aided by first Vice- President Teckla Cederquist, Second Vice-President Celia Pearce, Secretary Marjorie Chaney, and Treasurer Jerry Allen. These live officers have been dependable, loyal, sincere, and-hard working! The rest of Legislature is composed of Sponsor Dr. Merle Prunty, the three class presidents, the president of Burrall, one academ and four junior representatives, and the presidents of the live major divisions. The live divisions of C. A. are: Administrative Council, Campus Service Board, Student Activity Board, Board of Publica- tions, and Pan-Hellenic Council. Pg46 LEGISLATURE CHANEY, CEDERQUIST, ARTHUR, PEARCE, ALLEN The members of Legislature feel their responsibility, and cherish their opportunity to help make the wheels of a large and complex school go around. They weight the sentiments of the entire campus before using their power to make, add, or change rules. They take charge of the Guidance, Student Library, and Convocation Committees. Their foremost aim this year was to provide a continuous program of orientation for all students, so that they, in turn, might hand down the traditions and meaning of Stephens. Legislature is a strong, compelling force, free from jurisdiction by the faculty, although Dr. Prunty occasionally speaks up to keep it on the straight and narrow. And it democratically represents the most powerful organization on campus, Civic Association. When a girl enrolls at Stephens she automatically becomes a member of C. A. She votes in the fall and spring elections, and any suggestion or criticisms she may advance are eagerly considered. She is encouraged to participate in extra-class activities as her abilities, desires, and time indicate. She comes to a personal realization of what the Ten Ideals mean, and is, through these channels, made a happier, more complete, and more stable woman. LAURENZI, WIGTON, LOVELL, BRANUM, PRUNTY, CAMPBELL, OMARA, PRAHMAN DR. PRUNTY, CHANEY, CEDERQUIST, ARTHUR, PEARCE, ALLEN 47 Pan-Hellenic Council administers and directs the programs of both the social sororities and of the non-sorority girls. Pan-Hell is a necessary body to keep the democratic spirit in the sororities, it encourages the sororities to participate in individual as well as similar activities. Marnie Prahman is president of Pan- Hellg Gertrude Genz is vice-president, Patricia Kirk is secretary, Doris Bergen- thal is treasurer, and Miss Louise Forsythe is sponsor. One of eachlfour weekly meetings is devoted to a party for the actives and the pledges. The aims of Pan-Hell this year: CD to introduce girls to experi- ences with small, organized groups by means of projects, social meetings, and regular meetings, C25 to give adequate social experience through rushing, dances, and parties, C3Q to orient the new students to the policies and traditions of Stephens through pledge tests, Courtesy Week, etc. MARNIE PRAHMAN Student Activity Board encourages membership and active participation by each student in the extra-class organizations on the Stephens campus. These include the clubs, hobby groups, honorary sororities, and the four classes. S. A. B. tries to coordinate these extra-class activities with the academic program and serves as a source of guidance and instruction for its member organizations. The board is composed of a representative from each of these organizations, the sponsor, Mr. John Crighton, and the five officers: president, Betty Wigtong vice-president, Jane Burgettg secretary, Melissa Hib- berdg treasurer, Shirley Plonerg and hobby chair- man, Marguerite Schubert. The Student Activity Board conducts a Parliamentary Law School for all officers on campus, a comprehensive exam was given this year after the model meetings had been held. The Carnival Committee has charge of the annual The Stand- of the Stu- carnival of the S. A. B. organizations. ards Committee rates the organizations dent Activity Division and presents a cup to the most outstanding group. The Hobby Committee sponsors hobby exhibits and arranges hobby pro- grams for convocations. BETTY WIGTON r PAN-HELLENIC COUNCIL STUDENT ACTIVITY BOARD Page 48 I sf l N Mlss FORSYTHE, sponsorg MARNIE PRAHMAN, presidentg GERTRUDE GENZ, vice-presidentg PATRICIA KIRK, segrgffm ,mx taryg DoRIs,13E1gGiNTIIAL, treadrifer Q ,fi ,f yi i U is ',, ' W! ,I Q . ' f LI' . A I , , dl I L I wi A e Y , A .au L Ty 4 IJ at .V rf 'V ' I My F . Q30 j'f!,V,'l .EI A XJ. - nv A ,, , QW ' ,Lili if ., M I Af W. , A , 'TI JI W' NI - Gt: ' I IJ 5 fig, SHIRLEY PLONER, treasurerg JANE BUR- GETT, vice-presidentg MR. CRIGHTON, sponsorg BETTY WIGTON, presidentg MELISSA HIBBERD, secretary E Imam TSI fk"': 1ly4,xw-QWPAN HELLE IC COU CTL L'Tb7!wfII - gbm E5 TUDE T ACTIVITY BOARD Us W V+'-A v,S3QQ,9AA T LQRY -Q ff'XC?..5..9. N I I' ff:3!sQ,x KTLA' x5 .1-Ju. , ' I 5 I RI NfI,k mx Vw TYLKY 'T I- F " V A . ' QTAITQJ ' 5' F-"'VN5l'h"lk -ig' XD NN'fg,L9, f' aus " 4 I IM hc' 'K ATL' f, X P- , IJMXJ rfvx-RTK .mx I Em .Ir fi 4 f fwlxx, 1-I' if 13.1 ., 1', -4,,.u..f I -1 ,xmkxx b A A in Kyla' xtyx Vvgl -Ir I I-I I If ,NXT-I Q5 U V f xfgf-'lyil' L wmv- 'wn ww I IM ' 'S gs? .'N"X,vw,:,.x,i-.X MQ L'xs'Eql.- H 'TX 4' I wuqww R' qvnkk 'QA IQ' 4, Q X-N59 ' 4I71,I-Q C MPUS SERVICE BOARD BO RD OF PUBLICATIO S CAROLINE MASSEY, secretary, JEAN CAMPBELL, vice-presidentg JUNE DAVIS, presidentg CAPITOLA KOENIGER, treas- llfel' ELINOR BOYES, editor-in-chief, Ste- phens Lzzfeg BETTY Ross, editor-in-chief, Siephensophiag MR. INGE, sponsor, MARY LEE PRUNTY, president, JANE RHODES, vice-presidentg BONNIE SHEL- DRICK, treasurerg BARBARA BLEND, sec- retaryg SALLY REMSEN, editor-in-chief, Stephens Standard Page 50 CAMPUS BOABD BOABD OF PUBLICATIONS Page 51 Campus Service Board lives up to its name, serving the whole campus adequately and efficiently. It is no small job to have charge of the four tea- rooms. This year the Columbia Hall tearoom was remodeled and named "The Cupboard", a new tea-and-blue room was built, called "Tuck Inn", hamburgers were sold for ordering out, and luncheons for faculty and guests of the college were served. The money from the tearooms goes SE into the Loan Fund which enables deserving girls to remain at Stephens. Campus Service Board also supplies the infirmary with notes, flowers, and maga- zines, has charge of the birthday dinners each month, sponsors the Lost and Found Department, and runs the popular Swap Shop. The officers of C. S. B. are: president, June Davis , vice-president, Jean Campbell , secretary, Caroline Massey, treasurer, Cappy Koen- iger, and sponsor, Miss Laura Searcy. JUNE DAVIS The Board of Publications acts as a central office to direct campus thinking and to mould campus opinion through its Work with the three student publica- tions-Stephens Life, Stephens Standard, and Stephensophia. The Board serves as a representative and consultant group for these publications, and carries out research projects for them. This year the Board of Pub. published the Stephens songbooks, Within the Ivy, the Ten Ideals cards, Christmas cards, acted as hostesses to journalists visiting the campus, and sponsored a bi- monthly broadcast over KFRU. The officers are :pres- ident, Mary Lee Prunty, vice-president, Jane Rhodes, secretary, Barbara Blend, treasurer, Bonnie Sheld- rick, and sponsor, Mr. William Inge. The Board of Publications has the responsibility of presenting the Ten Ideals to the student body in such a way that they will become practical, applicable traits and an essential part of each girl's life. This year the Ten Ideals were made more real to the average girl: Board of Pub., therefore, reflects and interprets col- lege objectives and procedures, and helps the three publications achieve their individual aims. MARY LEE PRUNTY ADMINISTRATIVE COUNCIL Miss CURTIS BILLINGS BRANUM, LINDQUIST, S'roU'r, DR. PRUNTY HOPE BRANUM Striving to mold a feeling of unity on campus, discovering prob- lems and Working out their solutions, helping girls to better under- stand and keep our ideals, are the objectives of Administrative Council. As president of the division, poised, forceful Hope Branum has welded it firmly this year. She is assisted by Vice-President Dorothy Lindquist, Secretary Joanne Billings, Treasurer Sara Stout, and the faculty advisers, Miss Grace Curtis and Dr. Merle Prunty. The council is also composed of the presidents of the residence halls, four junior representatives, and the Senior Sister Chairman. Its area of control includes the halls, and it works through them by cooperating with the various house councils. Administrative Council keeps abreast of the college's progress, and frequently revises its t Principles of Living, which contains the rules and regulations of social conduct both on and off the campus. A. C. is not a board of judicial review, but merely a group work- ing for a common aim. In its decisions it never sacrifices the indi- vidual for the prestige of the group. It is that division which helps the students to adjust themselves to campus life. g52 GANZ, MILLER, BROWNLEE, Errswom-H i 5 There are nineteen dormitories on "'l" , Izzz . s s the Stephens campus. They range 2- , ir: "Ll: i - - from mammoth Tower Hall with its it i P ,"i . T' 'i" ' ""i 228 ' 1 1' ' ' ee,r, 3 q,i, y E gir s, to 1ttle McDonnell with its H 13. Life is made soft for the girls -:3. ,g, 's" A esh gg by 1ce-water fountams, candy kitchen- V1., yesysslsy g cysc yss i s ettes, coke machines, telephones, and V... yy - elevators. The parlors are home-like if i i ,e.:: ,..::. . and attractive, most of them have real C01 mb, fireplaces for Sunday night marsh- u 1a , mallow-toasting! Every hall has a counselor or two who guide their little cherubs with astonishing patience and wisdom. 3 Senior Hall is the oldest, most Lela Raney Wood Tower famous hall on campus. It is steeped in interesting traditiong Miss Grace Curtis is the popular counselor, the campus officers live in Senior, the sorority rooms are there, and so is the dining-room. Columbia Hall contains the post office, tea room, and school equipment store besides its 175 resi- dents. Counselor Mrs. Regina Ewalt helped with its successful Advisers' Tea. Lela Raney Wood Hall is re- served for seniors, as are Columbia and Senior. It contains the beautiful new ballroom. Miss Daphne Gallemore is the counselor. This is Lela Raney's second year. Tower Hall is in its second year, and boasts the largest dining-room on campus. Miss Cather- ine Cudlip is counselor. Most impres- sive was Tower's Induction Service for its officers this year, which will be passed down as a tradition. DORMITORIE Senior GREEN, NYDEN, Sco'r'r, DAVIS, HURT Columbia MARS, BYE, MCDONALD, WALLIN, ERNEST Lela Raney Wood Tower ALLEN, YOUNG, TOOLE, HANSEN, BALCH, EPPINGER SHREVE WAPLES, SINCLAIR, O,BRIEN, CORNISH, CASPERSON North GEVEDON, ROBERTS, THOMPSON South KELLY, BEGALE Wales LAMASTER, TENER, BARNETT, HEWES, WEBB Wood Miss Margaret Margrave is the energetic counselor of North Hall. Besides the General Library, North is known for its Sunday evening coffees, sun roof, Farewell Party, stray dogs, and the ever-friendly "Dorothy". South Hall is usually chock-a-block with southern girls, this year 352 were from Texas! South has a recre- ation room. Its counselor is Miss Lois Bellinger, who was once a Stephens Susie herself. Wales hall is a popular junior dormitory with Miss Davida Olinger as counselor. Ping pong, shuffleboard, or records may be placed in the "rec" room, where there are also some new murals going up. Wales holds an annual bridge tournament. Wood Hall was the first junior hall erected at Stephens, and as President Wood's namesake it enjoys visits from him. The girls have a great deal of spirit and friendliness, and like their counselor, Miss Mary Omer. Hatcher Hall holds an annual dinner for Presi- dent Wood. It is a small, homelike dormitory, holding 56 girls and Miss Elaine Allsebrook, the counselor. Laura Stephens Hall is extremely attractive, and Miss Helen Bateman, the counse- lor, is proud of it. Because of the diet tables in its dining room, Laura Ste- phens gets to know girls from all parts of the campus. One of the newest resi- dence halls is lovely Fielding-Smith, which was named for two members of the Board of Curators. It is furnished in moss green and wheat, a striking combination. The girls are very fond of their counselor, Miss Jane Woelky. North South Wales Wood HAMPTON, NIMNITCH, THOMPSON, KNUTH, BOREN Ha tcher Hatcher Laura Stephens FOSTER, BRIGHAM, ROBINSON, WHITING, LICHTENBERG Fielding-Smith LEWIS, CLEM, LACAZE, JACKSON Laura Stephens ' ,,., , Fra ' 1 iw i ,W 5 iff W wr x 9 1 fi 1, ef 1 A- f -ff 11+ 21,55 , 3 Sf' W agua F gy 'Q '--' Q-Em r,.,,1r2.,, -11-'Was 1 A ' ' , 21-E1,s-QE-1,-M--11- -f I -, V H V, H N V--3 1-355-1- -': if Q .. ,A 352 fiizwfesfee, 2.1: I 11 -1 . .- .1 .1 .... ..., gg, 9555, Wge-m1- 535 t 1 H. . rg.: --Mg,,,w., .,, R ,1 X li? xr E 11, , gf , 5 K gg P lik 22,7 .rgm ,-.E gk , K is A-,,,,,MSr mm 3 35 '25 Mrk- 'Q Q 2 S 1, A 5, 1 1.1, --M W were M, rg Q mi 311 me af, S ,, U r M Q W 1 "W 'P+ 113.-,.2.,H-,Q iQp,,1 . M12 'x Wgmsml 5 ,- W .1 E A 3 1 ,-52 -1 1 W 1-me -- -www ' H "" ,.... - 'V Mita-,ww-My 5' E- ' " ' ' Maple Country Club McDonnell Hillcrest Gordon Manor Nine seniors and thirty-seven jun- iors room at Maple Hall. They have their own blue room, and often dance to "Vic" or radio music on the sun porch. Miss Jessica Johnson is coun- selor. The Country Club is famous for its waffle suppers and picnics. The girls living there revel in the vast grounds and patronize the stables, Miss Helen McDonnell which are not far away. Bremer is the counselor. Hall is a small, closely-knit dormitory. Mrs. Ardenia Chapman, the counselor, has been there for over a score of years, and is very popular with the girls. Hillcrest looks much like a sorority house, except for the pear orchard in back, and the fireplaces in several of the rooms. Miss Jane Rollo continues the line of "youngest counselors on campus." Gordon Manor is located near the golf course and the enlarged lake. Miss Myrtle Le Compte and the girls have their hall parties, wiener roasts and steak frys in Pop Collins' cabin. White Hall is really white, and its girls are a happy, congenial group. They often get together with Miss Elena Schley, their counselor, and sing around the piano in the old-fashioned way The Hotel has been used for four years to take care of the overflow from the regular Stephens dormitories But the girls who live there wouldn t trade for love or money' President Wood s home 1S the hall most like a real home, for it is that The girls who live there only wish that President Wood could stay at home more often FRITZ, BEATTY, BLACKWOOD, MONFORT, MIXER Maple LUCAS, W1LDERsoN Country Club KISHPAUGH, SHERMAN, KOONTZ, JAMEYSON McDonnell GENTSCH PENNE MooRE WETMORE VANDERBECK Hzllcrest Hotel KURTZ CHURCH TROWLAND DARBY WIPKE Gordon M anot DALMBERT COOPER PHILLIPS BURGAN HAAs Wh'te White RAE BLACK MAJOR SIEGEL ADAMS . . . . , ' 7 . - . . - . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 , 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 BROWN, PULLER, RONALDSON, MCHUGH, president Woocys Home ROBERTS A private bull session with Urban, Dix, and Davis telling all . . . Cleaning saddle shoes! For shame! . . . Ruth Shaeffer says, "Help yourself" . . . Margaret Bohnert puts in a hard eve- ning . . . Garlow Iiendishly glares at a dead mouse . . . A neat room. Wonder if anyone lives in it . . . Wales has a giddy party in its "rec" room . . . Andy and Davis relaxing . . . Briggs presses on . . . "Let's read your letter." Nothing left of her private life now! I Page 5 6 FALL SHILIAILDV WITHIN THE IVY Selecting the cover paper the morning of Commence- ment last spring, Editor Ruth Ganz with her staff of six- completed Within the Ivy, the handbook sent to every incoming Stephens girl during the summer. The main purpose of the "Ivy" is to acquaint the girls with campus life before entering Stephens. It contains descriptions of the campus offices and has information about all clubs, hobby groups, and other extra curricular activities. The staff for the 1939 W1'thin the Ivy Cin addition to Ruthj was composed of the assistant editor, Melissa Hibberd, and associate editors, Barbara Garlough, Wanda Utterback, Adelheit Viets, and Florence Wilson. Constance Glover was student sponsor and Mr. William Inge, faculty sponsor. HIBBERD, GANZ, UTTERBACK, GARLOUGH, Vnars, W1LsoN RUTH GANZ Page 5 6' STEPHENS LIFE The Stephens Life staff under the guiding hands of Elinor "Jeri" Boyes, editor-in- chief, and Miss Mary Eleanor ELINOR BOYES ADELHEIT VMS Filkin, faculty adviser, tears through copy each week to make an ever-present dead- line. But as a worthwhile consequence, each Stephens girl finds a copy of Life under her door on Friday evening. The publication shoots at three main objectives: CID .serving as a challenge to stu- dent thought, CZD operating as .a medium of communication 'between the students and re- flecting campus opinion, and C31 interpreting the Ten Ideals from the practical point of 'ViCW. From the Life YICWS- SAss, Vmrs, CUNNINGHAM, Miss FILKIN, LIVELY, Boyes, NETTLES, PEAVEY, STANDISH, GRISSOM .room the paper is conducted 'under a copy desk system comparative to those of metro- politan newspapers. A new style of make up was introduced this year, and a second innovation was the Collegiate Digest, a nationwide rotogravure section. A staff of fifteen face together the problems of make up, copywriting, headlines, and covering beats. Efficient Editor-in-Chief "Jeri,' Boyes, and blonde Managing Editor "Heidi" Viets head the staff. Campus editors are Claudia Nettles and Marybelle Kimmel, news editors, Fay Grissom and Jane Cunningham, sports editor, Ann Peavey, feature editor, Betty Ruth Sassg make up editors, Marji .Atwater and Nancy Sturtevant 5 staff photographer, Jayne Standish, art editor, Clara Kay Smithmeyerg business managers, Mary Margaret Lively and Virginia Trowbridge, and circulation managers, Virginia Smirl and Julia Test. ,Page 59 I ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION MARGARET WHITWELL Back row: HAMILTON, CAMPBELL, WEISENER, JONES, GARDNER, ALLEN, MARKER, DAVIS ,Q 'Q p as X, Second row: Ross, Miss SPENCER, Miss WALTON, WHITWELL, Miss HENSLER, MOLLER, GARLOWQ Front row: KIEKHOFER, HARRIOT, URBAN, HOLMES The Athletic Association of Stephens Col- lege is a member of the American Federation of College Women, the national organization for all those interested in dancing, sports, and all forms of recreational activities. Any Stephens girl may become a member of A. A. by fullling certain requirements. The sponsors of A. A. are Miss Muriel Hensler, Miss Emma Spencer, and Miss Dora Walton. 'Rs A gp A. A. exists on the Stephens campus for these main purposes: to promote active interest and widespread participation in all kinds of recreational activities, to bring to the campus guest artists in the fields of sports and the danceg to give students a chance to display initiative and leadershipg and to help other campus organi- zations to promote and maintain the highest standards of college life. Page 60 Page 61 Reading from lower left to upper right: Alice Moller represents basketball . . . Kurt Graff, artist of the Graff Ballet, at the A. A. coffee after the performance . . . Miss Walton and Miss Hensler time the sorority swimming meets . . . Archery is a favorite in the fall and spring . . . Guest Mary K. Brown plays a demonstration set in the spring sunshine . . . One of the stable thoroughbreds gets spruced up a bit. . This year A. A. sponsored, among other guest artists, Mary K. Brown, several prominent golfers, and the Graff Ballet. A. A. also sponsored the class hockey and soccer Thanksgiving games, the inter-sorority and inter-class swim- ming meets, inter-hall and inter-class volleyball and baseball, inter-sorority and inter-class basketball, individual tournaments in badminton, ping pong, tennis, archery, and golf, the Student Dance Recital, the Horse Show, tap dance programs, the Commencement Water Show, and social activities such as the annual banquet. Athletic Association is directed by a board composed of three sponsors, officers, and the head of each of the fifteen major sports. Reading from upper left to lower right: The officers of Prince of Wales Club CBarbara Smith, Bess Davis, Miss Yocum, Betty Jane Davis, Lois Nordlingerj . . . Mem- bers of Orchesis practice in the gym . . . Dorothy Robin- son represents Hola Touche, the fencing group . . . Ruth Whitaker wallops a mean ping pong ball . . . Dottie Kiekhofer rides with R. S. in the ring while Major Raynor maintains order. Hockey: Seniors 3 Juniors 3 Soccer: Juniors 5 Seniors 0 s K Independents Swimming : over Beta Sigma Beta Juniors 71 Seniors 62 Volleyball: Wales Hall over Senior Hall Juniors over Seniors Basketball : Independents over LDelta Chi Delta Seniors 67 Juniors 12 Pg63 AC DE S, N MERRILL SMITH J ONES LACY CRAIN This year's Academs boast ninety members, the largest number ever en- rolled at Stephens for prep school work' They have the same privileges as juniors, take part in the same activities, and attend the same classes Calthough fewer of themj. Elected last fall were their oflicers: Joan Merrill, Lucille Lacy, Dorothy J ones, Barbara Smith, and their representatives to S. A. B. and Legisla- ture, Kathryn Crain and Joanna Huggins. Sponsor? Dr. Prunty. HILDA MA NLY ARNOLD, Texarkana, Arkansas . LAURA PATRICIA BAIRD St.P 1 M' , au , innesota . DOROTHY MAE BATES, Carlsbad, New Mexico . PRISCILLA PARSONS BENNETT, Shaker Heights, Ohio . PI-IYLLIs RENE BERGI-I, Madison, Wisconsin . ANN SCUDDER BLOCK, Paragould, Arkansas . MARIAN RAE BOLLMAN, Chicago, Illinois ALBERT ELIZABETH G. CHAs1vIAR, Bridgeport, Connecticut A LEE BRINKLEY, Clarksburg, West Virginia . MARGARET BRoUwER, M 1 ontc air, New Jersey . PATTI BROWN, Carroll, Iowa . GEORGENE LoUIsE COVERSTON, Mexico City, D, F., Mexico . ALMA CRAGGETT, Kansas City, Missouri . KATHRYN CRAIN, Boise, Idaho BETTY JANE CURRELL, Great Falls, Montana . MARY ANN CURTIS, Kank k Ill' a ee, inois . DOROTHY ANNE DELL, Los Angeles, California . BETTY DowNs, Indianapolis, Indiana . JANE DUNKERL E ' T JORIE MAY EVANS, Toledo, Ohio FAITH F GIEFEL, Ann Arbor, Michigan . FRANCES CATHERINE GI Minneapolis, Minnesota ELI Illinois . NANCY HEYwooD, Evanston, Illinois . VIR . JOANNA BROOKS HUGGINS, Montclair, New Jersey EY, nnis, exas . JACQUELINE ECKLEY, New Kensington, Pennsylvania . MAR- AYMAN, Merriam, Kansas . CI-ILORIS I. FREEMAN Chica o Ill' ' . M , g , mois ARGARET LOUISE GIBBS, Canton, Ohio . MARJORIE ES, Monarch, Montana . DAWN GORDON, Denver, Colorado . JEAN GROUT, ZABETI-I ANNE HAMM, Goshen, Indiana . HELEN MAXINE HARTER, Louis 'll K t k vi e, en uc y . CONSTANCE HASENWINKLE, Bloomington, GINIA LEE HILL, Columbia, Missouri . JANE HUDSON, White Plains, New York Page 64 JACQUELINE HUGUELET, Lexington, Kentucky . ELIZABETH ANN JACKSON, Spencer, Indiana . FRANCES MARY JOHNSON, Madison, Wiscon- sin . DOROTHY JONES, Evanston, Illinois . SALLY MURIEL KAHN, Chicago, Illinois . LUCILE LACY, Waco, Texas . ELIZABETH LEACHMAN, Dallas, Texas YVONNE LILLEY, Kansas City, Missouri . BETTY LOU MCGLOTHLIN, Corsicana, Texas . MARY FRANCES MCNABB, Bedford, Indiana . JOAN MERRILL, Lakewood, Ohio . MARJORIE JEAN MEYER, Greeley, Colorado . MAXINE ROBERTA MEYER, Eggertsville, New York . JANE MCNAB MILLER, Tonganoxie, Kansas 2777 V ll? . Q 1 4 AV sh. . . . . . 1? 'Z-ff,f,f-'T GENE VANCE NEFF, Abingdon, Virginia . MARY CAROLINE OMACHT, South Bend, Indiana . BARBARA OPPENHEIM, North Manches es, gd 1 ,, 12.3 L 'Ii Indiana . BETTY DORINTHA PERDEW, Wichita, Kansas . MAUDE KITTREDGE PETERS, Amherst, Massachusetts . MILDRED ARIss 2552. L-IRL' PETERS, Great Falls, Montana . POLLY BANKS PINNEO, Duluth, Minnesota . . "1" MARIAN REED, Larned, Kansas . PATRICIA ANN SEIBEL, Fort Wayne, Indiana . NANCY DEANE SHERMAN, Marquette, Michigan . BAR- '1,,,,, Q1 BARA JEAN SMITH, Columbia, Missouri . MARGARET ANNA STANLEY, Wichita, Kansas . ELIZABETH URMSTON, Bay City, Michigan . J V. HELEN VANDERBECK, Virginia City, Montana ELEANOR WALLACE, Rochester, New York . JUNE WATKINS, Evansville, Indiana . ANN WHITE, Belleville, Illinois . HELEN WIENER, Toledo, Ohio . ELEANOR YATES, Glendale, California Page 65 SENIUR SISTER ORGANIZATION I I . X' ,, H -1, .lx I lx X, I 5 F ll' .x . .-. Q -1 1 W ,Jil " V ' D ' I IN' '-4' " ' " IAN " , ROSALITA LAURENZI ' - + f ' tj S J, 1 1 , . , I 1 Although Chairman Rosalita Laurenzi lives in Tennessee and I Assistant Chairman Mary Cummings lives in Iowa, the two of them managed to work together all summer long on the Senior Sister Organization. With their lists of how many juniors each senior thought she could handle and which seniors had preferences, they sent out hundreds of letters. Soon they had senior and junior sisters writing to each other, and exchanging snapshots. They also had writer's cramp. As soon as school opened, the senior sisters met every train and bus, eager to find their junior sisters. For those who couldnlt, . . . MARY CUMMINGS however, there was an information desk on Senior Hall porch President Wood welcomed the new and the old students at an in- formal Senior Sister Mixer in the Lela Raney Wood ballroom. Seniors wore pink name tags, and juniors wore white. From then on, the juniors were speedily oriented. Even at mid-semester, Rosalita arranged a waffle supper for new girls, and saw to it that they had senior sisters to make them feel at home. Miss Grace Curtis is sponsor of the Senior Sister Organization. This year, petite, friendly "Lita" Laurenzi has helped to cement junior-senior loyalty, and has encouraged Stephens spirit. Page 66 Page 67 More dues to pay? Just one more activity to take up time? Not by a long shot! Clubs are fun. Members make Held trips to St. Louis and Kansas City, pop popcorn in the 'fire- places of their obliging sponsors, in- dulge in thoughtful discussions, are stimulated to improve their skills, relax for one evening every two weeks. There are sixteen clubs at Stephens, and a fluctuating number of hobby groups. All concerned are enthusiastic about the educational advantages-and the refreshments. Dissect "Bizoochem" and you have biology, Zoology, and chemistry, but the members of this lively club are interested in more than that. They discuss problems of health with M. U. speakers, trade scientific ideas, and sponsor the yearly Science Exhibit. Among others, Sandburg, Mann, Kipling, Shaw, O'Neill, and Millay have autographed their volumes for Book C1ub's library project. To stimulate reading, the club this year inaugurated a book contest, also reviewed current and classical literature. MARY ELLEN BAILEY, President SUE DURRETT, Vice-President MARY ELLEN FOULK, Secretary-Treasurer CONSTANCE HILLS, SAB Representative DR. VAN BUSKIRK, Sponsor INZOOCHENI First row: REMSEN, VANDERBECK, GOODRICH Second row: MR. PEERY, SALVIK, STOLTZ, BAILEY, DR. VAN BUSKIRK Third row: NoIsoM, HAMMER- SMITH, HUSTED, WHETMORE, FOULK JOSELIT, HAMILTON, LAMBIE, HAMMELL, WEILL, JONES, RAL- STON, Miss DUDLEY, WELSH, HULL, KRELITZ, PEAFF BOOKQCLUB HARRIETT GOLDBERG, President CAROLYN GOUWENS, Secretary-Treasurer KATI-IRYN JONES, Librarian PEGGY WEILL, SAB Representative DR. Lou1sE DUDLEY, Sponsor Page 68 DORIS PRIDEAUX, President JULIA LOUFEK, Vice-President ANN PEAVEY, Secretary BETTY THOMPSON, Treasurer MARJORIE WEITI-I, SAB Representative Miss MINNIE MAY JOHNSON, Sponsor BOTANY CLUB First row: COLLIER, WALKER, JONES, STANLEY, FLETCHER Second row: BAILEY, WEITH, SEMPLE, TEETOR, BARR, MISS MINNIE MAY JOHNSON, LACOCK, PRIDEAUX CRAGGETT, SUMMERS, WHITLOW HOLLOWAY, SMITH, MONTGOMERY, Miss MINNIE MAY JOHNSON, STANDISH, CONCKITE, SMITH CAMERA CLUB MARGE HOLLOWAY, Chairman JACKIE YOUNG, Assistant Chairman DIXIE MONTGOMERY, SAB Representative Miss MINNIE MAY JOHNSON, Sponsor Page 6 0 Botany Club members mother homeless plants during the holidays, sell narcissus, tulip, hyacinth bulbs to add to their greenhouse fund, sponsor trips to Shaw's Gardens and the flower shows in St. Louisg and supply iniirmary victims with fragrant blooms. Girls who make "Hold that pose!" their password around campus usually end up in Camera Club sooner or later. If they're good, their priie photos are displayed on the bulletin board, and they put the best scenes on post cards and Christmas cards. Spanish Clubbers delve into the rich lore of old Spain's art, literature, music, politics, and language. By spring they can flaunt polished accents as well as gaudy sombreros at their Fiesta. They add also to their Museo of dolls and colorful curios. Well-organized, industrious Child Study Club holds a fall "kid's party" to get acquainted. All year the future mothers help Columbia parents with childreng answer questions of Stephens married alumnaeg and assist in teach- ing at the Colored Nursery School. JANE SPENCER, President BEVERLY SUE EPPINGER, Vice-President MARTHA GILBERT, Secretary-Treasurer NANCY DILLON, SAB Representative MISS MARTHA LOGAN, Sponsor LA CARMENCITA First row: HECHT, HOLEN, DILLON, HANNA, Miss TERRY, BETTs, DoR- CHESTER Second row: GILBERT, NEWBERRY Mrss LOGAN, SPENCER, ROBERTS THWEATT 9 2 Third row: BAILEY, HAMILTON, REEDER, WARNOCK, ALBERS, WEIs- NER, EDERINGTON, COHEN, GAR- BRECHT, TUCKER, SCHLOSSER, Cov- ERSTON, GATES First row: EVERITT, ALEXANDER, WOLEE, BURLING, SANDRIDGE, LOEB, NORBERG Second row: RAGLAND, FINKEL, BASORE, SMALLEY, GOLDBLUM, FRANK, ELDEN, PETERS, CARL, DEANE, SIVERIGHT Third row: LEvY, HALE, KRUEGER, LUNOTT, BECKER, DAVIS, ROBIN- SON, BARNUM, SPENCE, FEIGHTNER, SMITH, HUNTINGTON, ENGEL CHILD STUDY CLUB CAROLYN LOEB, President GEORGETTA ALEXANDER, Vice-President BETTY KRUEGER, Secretary FAITH PAYNE, Treasurer DOROTHY FEIGHTNER, SAB Representative Mrss BERNICE BURLING, Sponsor Page 70 JOAN FEISLER, President HELEN STEVENS, Vice-President MARION DOOLEY, Secretary MIRIAM FOLTZ, Treasurer FRANCES CLARDY, SAB Representative DR. HENRY BOWMAN, , MISS RUFIE LEE WILLIAMS, Sponsors COSMOPOLITAN CLUB First row: FEISLER, BELL, DOOLEY, MISS PORCH, MEYER, ABERNATHY Second row: CONRAD, CLARDY, FARLEY First row: BRACE, HUNT, ADAMS, SERNES, MINTON, HARTT, MON- TAGUE Second row: GEANOPULOS, TUTTLE, ELLSWORTH, TOMS, ELTINGS, HAY- DEN, ASKEW, SMITH LA CERCLE FRANCAIS DOROTHY SERNES, President VIRGINIA SLOVIK, Vice-President COSETTE MINTON, Secretary-Treasurer MARY WOOD, SAB Representative MADAME GERMAINE ALDRICI-I, Sponsor Page 71 Cosmopolitan Clubbers discuss, at their bi-monthly meetings in the home economics rooms, various Ways of preparing food, new trends in housekeeping, practical problems of the modern home, family relationships, budgets, and how best to use leisure time. I The burning desire of French Club is to acquaint its members with "the living France." T O this end, the girls sponsored French cinemas on campus, learned French songs and dances, and gave a riotous puppet show Ca real Guignol D at the Carnival this Winter. "Deutsche Gesellschaft" often holds friendly joint meetings with the M. U. German Club to study the German people, language, country, and customs. Their project is to enlarge the scholarship fund which one day will enable some student to study in Germany. l Mathematics is the interest of Hypatia Hexagon, now in its 20th year and the oldest club on campus. Members dabble in astronomy, ancient science, mathematical puzzlesg they sponsor a fortune-telling booth at the Carnivalg have erected a sun dial on main campus. GERTRUDE WEAVER, President JANICE CROWDER, Vice-President MARY RACHEL WILHELM, Secretary, MARY SCEARCE, Treasurer JANE DALTON, SAB Representative KURT VON FORSTMEYER, CHARLES SCHWARTZ, Sponsors GERMAN CLUB First row: MENK, COTNER, DAL ToN, GEORGE, MIDDLETON Second row: GARLow, WEAVER MR. VoN FORSTMEYER, MR SCHWARTZ, CROWDER, SCEARCE Third row: WILHELM, OTTo LUCKAS, BLASBERG, SCHUBERT WHITE, EIB, PEARsoN First row: HAMMONDS, WRACKER, WARNOCK, MCGAUGHEY, ALLEN, KELLY, HILDRETH Second row: WETHERALD, ISALY, SNODDY, KNODEL, CUMMINGS QHYPATLA HEXAGON CAROLYN MCGAUGHEY, President MARGARET ISALY, Vice-President MARGARET WETHERALD, SAB Representative MRS. THEODOSIA CALLAWAY, Sponsor Page 72 y a KATHERINE KENDALL, President SARA ADAMS, Vice-President ANN MEGGERS, Secretary RUTH WI-IITAKER, SAB Representative DR. WILLIAM VAN DEVENTER, Sponsor NATURE CLUB First row: LARGE, SUMMERS, DEM- ING, WHITAKER, MELLON, CURLEY Second row: ALLEN, BLASBERG, BALL, WHITE, HAYDEN Third row: Woon, MULLINS, REMSEN, ELLIOTT, FOULK, BER- INGER, SMITH Fourth row: SCOTT, NoIsoM, DR. VAN DEVENTER, KENDALL, ADAMS, MEGGERS Left to right: NEWPHER, BAILEY, JAcoBs, CASTERLINE, DENNEY, PERCY GRAINGER at piano PRO MUSICA GERALDINE CASTERLINE, President JANET NEWPHER, Vice-President ELEANOR BAILEY, Secretary JUDY DENNEY, Treasurer MARY ELIZABETH JACOBS, SAB Representative MR. ARTHUR TODD, Sponsor Page 73 Getting up at early hours of the morning is one of the joys of being a Nature Clubber, the girls go on bird hikes and commune with Nature. They mount bird pictures, too, have picnics in the fall and spring, and speakers in the winter. All students are eligible for Pro Musica, an organiza- tion which creates greater interest in good music. This year the club sponsored Dom Anselm Hughes, held a recep- tion for Albert Spaulding, and sponsored a convocation for Percy Grainger. A Rostrum is a club to CD help girls overcome all varieties of stage fright when speaking in public, and QD develop qualities of leadership. The members bring speakers from other colleges to campus, and hold forums, panels, and dis- cussions with them. The lively members of Secretarial Club spend their meetings CD doing things they can't do in class, C25 listen- ing to directors of business firms, schools, beauty shops, etc. explain modern business practices, CSD trying to decide on a vocation, and C4D eating. MARY LoU HITT, President MARJORIE YOUNG, Vice-President MADELYN MEANS, Secretary-Treasurer PATRICIA MCELROY, SAB Representative DR. WESLEY WIKSELL, Sponsor ROSTRUM First row: THOMPSON, MCELROY, MR. WIKSELL, HITT, MR. BIRD, DoRwEILER, REED Second row: FRITS, YOUNG, HILLS, LAKRITZ, MCGREGOR, CoLE First row: PARKS, DOKKEN, LEWIS, CHIDLEY, THo1vIPSoN, BERINGER Second row: TOON, HALE, SMITH, CURRY, GEBHART, LYON Third row: LowERY, WEBB, OTT- ING, MOORE, HALL, HEWES, JACOBY SECRETARIAL CLUB JANE CURRY, President DORIS GEBHART, Vice-President ELEANOR SMITH, Secretary BETTY LOU LYONS, Treasurer MARY HALE, SAB Representative MISS IRENE STEUBER, Sponsor Page 74 BETTY PROTZELLER, President CHRISTINE PQPE, Vice-President ELIZABETH WHITE, Secretary-Treasurer JULIA LOUFEK, S. A. B. Representative THOMAS Hrrcx-1, Sponsor STEPHENS LEAGUECHV YWUWEN VOTERS Davis, Robinson, Baggaley, Prot- zeller, Pope, Mr. Hitch, Brown, Scott, Day, Smith, Blackeney, Davis ROCKHOUNDS: Foulk, Elliot, Church, Mr. Peery, Remsen, Cotner, Hagen, Mullins KNITTING HOBBY GROUP HOBBY GROUPS Social Service Rockhounds Knitting Photography Page 75 Stephens League represents the junior branch of the State League of Women Voters, and takes part in the con- vention in February. Members strive for a better under- standing of national affairs and post a news sheet each week summarizing world events. In any large group there are bound to be like-minded hobbyists. Some girls go in for knitting and purling, some prefer the gentle art of flower arrangement, some take huge pleasure in chasing butterflies. Whatever the hobby, Stephens has a place for it! FOREIGN RELATIONS CLUB NETTLES, STOCKING, KIEKHOFER, DR. DRCKER, JARVIS, WINSTEL Like everyone else interested in international events, Stephens girls have a hard time making head or tail out of the chaos. Foreign Relations Club sponsors eminent speakers who throw a great deal of bright light on the tangled situation. Carleton Beals discussed South America, Lord Marley ex- pounded the British war policy, S. Wilhelm Sollman shared his inside point of view on Hitler, and Louis Fischer explained "The Russian Enigma." College authorities spoke at the bi-monthly waffle suppers. And there could be no better proof of the wide popularity of this well-rounded program than the huge, enthusiastic audiences it drew. President Julietta Jarvis has strengthened Foreign Rela- Club immensely in this, its second year. Head of - o tion Elizabeth Stocking, treasurer Dorothy Kiekhofer, ty chairman Claudia Nettles, and Burrall representa- tive Doris Winstel have efficiently cooperated with "Jetta" as.-, . YQ :- . is I l I . and the club's popular sponsor, Dr. john Decker. Page 77 AU UMN September in Columbia, Missouri, is so hot the trees lie down and pant. October, however, is gor- geous, with that indeiinable tang of wood smoke in the air and vari-colored leaves on all the trees. November with its several Thanksgivings ushers in the chilly days of almost winter . . . Q X G w V I 1 1 4 X 0 E 1 1 1 1 3 1 1 i I 5 1 5 l I ! V 1 V ff 0 o O k DECEMBER-1 F S NN -x' 9 M 0 - 9,-1 wtf 63 an nv' t Q Cafe g H 2- m on o 1 ce SQ, -,a . ..'. .u e relgsi . ion, de g Then began t tg w est1v1t1es Vespers ZH! Pg83 t . 3 i' . Sa . . . a 1 packing, an v o !1Thr Joyous, flying weeks of it before the inev a e gr' ' 1 recommenced. In between the A. A. Banquet, S. Wilhelm Sollman, the C. A. dances, volleyball and basketball, we sandwiched mid- semester. Unbelievable that half the year had gone so quickly! And perhaps a little saddening .... Then it was February, and everybody turned out for the festive S. A. B. Carnival, with its hot dogs and potted bulbs and roller-skating rink and puppet show. The Percy Grainger concert drew capacity crowds, as did the famous Graff Ballet. Iphigenia was followed by Louis Fischer, who left us all something to think about. And still the weather, freez- ing and thawing by fits and starts, kept us laying in supplies of Kleenex. Hell Day produced some of the oddest specimens: everything from this now extinct jailbird in a gilded cage to . . . dozens of chilly Santa Clauses anticipating Christmas and a warm chimney . . . What's wrong, Jean Mullins? Dot Redden looks angelic, D. J. munches a hamburger and Nanette grins knowingly . . . Prexy Miller Lovell presides at the Senior Prom. HEEEHIHEH Part of the decorations for the Prom . . . Jerry Frise Waves at an unknown quantity . . . Lord Mar- ley says goodbye to Jetta Jarvis after his interesting lecture for Foreign Relations Club . . . Mr. Weaver swings a wicked ping pong paddle at a Burrall party . . . Washday? Yes, Missouri is grimy . . . Miss Curtis and Miss For- sythe open their presents at the Senior hall party . . . Merry Christmas! P I 4? , ? O p Q Page 84 ,... 'iw Q ,gl 5 52095 ws WW 4 WF! Q ig 3 W ,Y K , , , Q3 f Q f 5 1: . mm K . , W K ,, ? A-T5?!a Quad" L42 ' 53" .wax ' 157 2, Percy Grainger autographs a program for Betty Miles after a Burrall concert which the orchestra enjoyed as much as the audience . . . The S. A. B. Carnival coming up! . . . Kurt and Grace Graff have a spot of coffee after their excellent ballet performance . . . The Independents play a fast game of basketball against the Delta Chis to win the coveted cup again. FEHH HH A Stephens gal becomes a Greek maiden for the chorus of I phigenia in Tauris . . . And here is the set of the same production, a Greek altar . . . Louis Fischer speaks on the Russian enigma . . . At the Spring Trip Style Show Miss Jervey describes the models . . . Gerry Wheeler stops practicing scales in the Conservatory to chat with a couple of friends. Oh, well, it's almost March, and in the spring . . . I' :X 9 ' O s . , Page 87 Pg80 ALDRIDGE, TAYLOR, DR WIKSELL Mrmzs THATCHER DEANE UNIOR Ten hundred and seventy-live juniors, the largest number ever to enroll at Stephens, have now Finished with Religious Fundamentals forever. They can look back at their first days of college life when the Steering Committee of fourteen picked girls was organizing the hall talent showsg when the fall elec- tions gave them real officers Cin the persons of Betty Miles, Corrine Aldridge, Louanne Taylor, Virginia Thatcher, and Peggy Deanebg and when the sight of a green hair-ribbon was as a red rag to a bull. The junior-senior banquet, the Jollies, the Prom with Larry Clinton are things of the past. The Ivy Fete and Commencement marked the juniors, attainment' of seniorhood-a metamorphosis truly remarkable in ones so young. But then, Sponsor Dr. Wesley Wiksell helped.- E92 W 9 Q2 as an Sis E '32 23 iss Qi? X Zi? 314 Q P32 N W ik 31 xii F36 Ke i 2 w 5 5 22 S 5 5 3 3 B :- E ii 2 S Z 2 2 2 3 3 A 5 9 s I i x 5 K 3 1 w 5 5 I THE CLASS 4 s 6? gi 5 nf: E255 W Mi 535 mf X55 Q -SM SEHZEQSZBWJS M5913 iZEBEl's ? ESQ iii?-E LE, THE CLASS , 2 3 a Q iw fi ii 1 'Q KZSQKQSAWAYN5W'A!fz!9f3Sk'Wf.m'w4fr4m1.eM1ewxw,.a.:wwf'-MW-,wfAwNm-,x-.w..w,.,,. .MWA Nm. .......v , ,.,,. , 5: Q55 ls, e,: 3 555 525 55 5.5 1 Si ff 2 'Eel 5,55 ,L 1.5 fi fi is 5? as 3 Sis as f sa as 5 I 5 E 2 E i Q " " -- mm'-"Hx" " Q-' 22 fm' " Y D?4n.s+- Hifivv' flgqr 5cS+ MK' oficm Y3,er1Lqg,fl7 gffravtd ICPIDMJMQ S S O F 1 If! fi.-ra bud- acqdully Gfvue,-rf 941 g .xml fpaulsi Ik' Tiki fmvt lb w Q 0 Liz- in THE CLASS Q X2 W fff S Ls? up i KgggywggggyggygmQ,g,wggQg5Qg9fb:gy,:,f,-wzgffgz-fwwfnrewf 2-y--ww-F, i ,,, Lwlwmf., , f ..., W .,-,..W.+... , , W ST if 25 39 Q, 3 if 5: ,sz ,QR iw 3 S45 5. C if 25 Q2 -A SE? V Q 5 - 1: i 2 ,IE 'w Ss fx- ya M as Sf SE is Sf! ,,x:xfm:4z':mrf,x-'ev-1-1-eN52I'1v,a.5 52 S? 5 9 pf! gr e si 2 E I THE CLASS 2 is 5? 3 923 W Qs 3 9: 92 314 K. 25 S1 Q, 52 3 z 5 5 s 5 5 1 E s r I 1 5 w M: A5 me el? 5-. Ei? -2: 4, 5 , 3 Q E si Z Q 32 5 ES 5 2 E 2 2? 3 5 i i Q I TRADITION S Stephens Special Stop Day Stephens is richer in traditions than this sentence is in s's. When- ever the students are tired and tense, President Wood calls a "stop day"-which means that every- thing is canceled for one Whole blessed day! No classes, appoint- ments, meetings, or anything! "Stephens special" is a delicious combination of bacon, apples, baked beans, and gooey pecan rolls which is served on campus as a surprise treat. One of the most practical of Stephens traditions is "siesta,'. Every Week day an hour after lunch is set aside during which girls must be in their own rooms and quietly relaxing. Then there are the traditions of bell ringing, green hair ribbons, ghosts in Senior Hall, burning of the Christmas candle, the Ivy Fete, and many, many others. Siesta Page 110 , WINTER ACTIVITIES i i STEPHENS STANDARD oasting the largest distribution of any college magazine in the United ta es, the Stephens Standard is also a magazine distinctive for the prose and poetry Csubmitted by Stephens studentsj which it publishes. A writer of excellent creative ability herself, Sally Remsen edits each of the five issues published during the year. Dr. Roy Ivan Johnson, sponsor, has been seen at times mixing colors for the cover at the printing office. William Inge has also had a hand in the publication as assistant sponsor. Eleanor Glassen as business manager handles all of the advertising and business matters. The advanced composition classes do most of the Writing, but contributions from other classes and individuals are enthusi- astically welcomed. For each of the five issues Sally chooses one or two girls as assistant literary editors. Chi Delta Phi, honorary literary sorority, has charge of the assemblance of one issue of the magazine. l SALLY REMSEN ELEANOR GLASSEN Page 112 CONSERVATORY Sparkling rhythms, intricate scales, and vocal arias heard floating over campus originate in the Conservatory, the nucleus of Stephens music activities. Under the supervision of Dr. Basil D. Gauntlett, training is offered to students who wish to become professional musicians, music teachers, or pleasure musicians. Courses include instruction in piano, voice, violin, organ, violoncello, harp, and the wind and brass instruments. An accomplished staff of talented musicians teaches the students. For twenty-eight years, Dr. Gauntlett has exerted all his efforts toward the building of the fine reputation which our Conservatory now holds. Well-known throughout the United States for the magic of his touch and his skill on the key- board, Dr. Gauntlett serves as an inspiration as Well as a teacher to aspiring young musicians. GLEE CLUB 22' 4 is Pg 113 O The Stephens College Glee Club is represented by a membership of 130 girls and is open to any student who can carry a tune Cwith or Without a bushel basketj. Besides being an accredited class, the Glee Club meets twice Weekly for the mere pleasure of singing together. In the fall, the girls are coached by Miss Margaret Colby, their able director, so that they will have a program of carols ready for the Christmas concert. A spring concert is also presented Ccomposed of secular musicjg and throughout the year the Glee Club sings on various occasions. First row: RINGO, JOHNSON, SHELBY, HARCOURT, JENKINS, MEANS, CASTERLINE, HUNT, STANLEY Second row: HOPPER, LEWIS, MILLER, BISSETT, BAILEY, MR. Cox, REISCHER, GEORGE, MANEVAL, LASKEY, GARDNER Third row: JONES, CHANDLER, JOHNSON, RAINS, KREUGER, CRUM, SAPP, BENEDICT, RINGO, CASSIDY, DOUGLAS, WEAVER STUDE T CO CERT CHOIR The Student Concert Choir under the direction of Ernest L. Cox, was organized in 1928 and is the only Columbia member of the National Federation of Choirs. The thirty-six members of the choir are selected for their tone quality from Stephens, Christian and Missouri University. The choir has an excellent repertoire of early Italian music, Russian liturgic pieces, and modern a cappella anthems. It sang this year at Burrall Class, the First Baptist Church, out of town fSt. Joseph and St. Louisl, and at the Christmas Vespers. SUXRI E CHOIR Girls chosen from the private Voice students make up the Sunrise Choir under the direction of Miss Margaret Colby. Each Sunday morning the choir broadcasts over KF RU. First row: MILLER, MARS, SMITH, FILLMORE, DUENK, CUMMINS, NIED Second row: Miss COLBY, SORENSEN, ILLING, DENNIS, ARTHUR, SIKES, SHRINER Third row: VARY, ELTINGE, MOYLE, WAGEMAN, TRASK, JACOBS Page 114 9 X ' x m :X BURRALL SYMPHONY , , , ORCHESTRA S ,fl .. p Composed of Stephens students, students from the University of Missouri, residents of Columbia, and four professional musicians the Burrall Symphony Orchestra, under the direction of James Adair, presented this year for its sixth season a series of famous solo artists, including Albert Spalding, violinist, and Percy Grainger, pianist. In addition to the five pairs of concerts played in the Stephens Audi- torium, the orchestra also gave their third annual concert in Kansas City at the Nelson Art Gallery, a concert at Kemper Military Acad- emy, two public school concerts in Columbia, and played each Sunday at Burrall Class. Presenting many Well-known compositions such as Schubert's Overture to Rosamunde, Beethoven's Seventh Symphony, and compositions by Percy Grainger, the orchestra proved a real enjoy- ment to music lovers. Albert Spalding played Tschaikovvsky's Concerto Cfor violin and orchestrajg Percy Grainger played the Bach Brandenburg Concerto accompanied by the orchestra. He also introduced his latest composition, Tribute to Foster. Much of the success of this unusual group of musicians may be attributed to the diligent, unending work of their conductor, Mr. Adair, as well as to the hours of practice which the members have put in. Page 115 BURRALL MR PAUL WEAVER MILLER, Jo!-INSTQNE, OMARA, MENDENHALL, WINSTEL, MATZKE Burrall Bible Class and Vespers are two vitally important factors in the religious education program of Stephens College. Burrall Class is composed of Stephens women, and University of Missouri men and women. More than thirty-five hundred students in Co- lumbia attended this past year, and a vast radio audience also listened to the stimulating talks of Paul Weaver. Mr. Weaver stresses the indispensability of straight, unfuzzy thinking to solve the myriads of big and little problems faced by everyone. He discusses problems pertinent to college youth, the claim of religion on solving those problems, and on the achievement of intelligent growth. The Burrall Class program includes an orchestra, a choir, and a dramatic guild, in each of which students receive special training by members of the Stephens College faculty. This year the Burrall play was Family Portrait by Coffee and Cowen. Page 116 CLASS Burrall Class carries on extensive social service Work in order to give students training in volunteer leadership and to acquaint them with problems of social adjustment in the community. For instance, Can Sunday, which falls around Thanksgiving time, pro- vided a stage-full of canned goods and other commodities for needy Columbians. Then, too, Stephens girls "adopted', over five hundred orphans for Christmas, sent their old clothes to the School of the Ozarks, Went on deputation trips, sponsored the Hole-in-One laundry project, and staged an Easter egg hunt for the children of Columbia. Burrall Cabinet is composed of: president, Marjorie Omara, chair- man of "We Moderns", Virginia Miller, social service chairman, Betty Johnstone , vespers chairman, Barbara Matzke, social chairman, Elizabeth Mendenhall, and publicity chairman, Doris Winstel. O Jo Howard and a Beta at a Burrall party, Mr. Sollman and a cup of tea, Mrs. Jessie Burrall Eubank with the Weavers at the annual Birthday Tea, Dr. Prunty at We Modems, the Phi Delts have refreshments at another Burrall party. VESPERS Vespers is a weekly oasis which en- larges the capacity of girls to respond to spiritual values, and to face problems with emotional stability. It provides a relaxing, meditative mood which creates in the individual a sensitivity to and awareness of her inner resources. Vespers helps create a con- fidence in life, an appreciation of beauty, a rest from pressing campus problems, and the desire to "grow" into maturity. Page 118 Page 119 ORURITIE Snobbishness is a negative factor at Stephens . . . even Inde- pendents agree that the seventeen social sororities put little emphasis on superficial qualities like clothes, money, looks, dates. A girl who can try out for the swimming team, or splash off posters, or do committee work, or just be her own likable self is excellent sorority material. All officers live in Senior I-Iall, try to keep the rooms clean for the regular Wednesday night meetings. Anyone may join a sorority-and many refuse. PHYLLIS WIESENER Mlss JANE ROLLO 'Navi Q ALPHA ALPHA ALPH ACTIVES: ELLEN CARY, BETTE JANE DAVIS, BETTY RAY DENNIS, ALICE ELIZABETH FIELDS, JEAN HALE, VIRGINIA JACKSON, MARY ELIZABETH JACOBS JANE LEE JONES, DORIS NATALIE PLOUGH, BETTY LU PRIESTER, HARRIETT JEAN REEDER, EDGARETTA SCOTT, MARJORIE SUDDARTH, PHYLLIS ANN WIESENER Page 120 Happy, smiling, and friendly, the Tri Alpha girls are a well- loved group in Stephens campus activities. Led by competent Phyllis Wiesener, president, Harriett Reeder, vice-presidentg Jane Jones, secretary, Ellen Cary, treasurer, Edgaretta Scott, pledge sponsor, Doris Plough and Betty Dennis, social service co-chairmen, Marjorie Suddarth, social chairman, and Miss Jane Rollo, sponsor, these girls helped at the White Nursery School as their social service project. PLEDGES: MARGARET MARIE BRASE, CHARLENE FLETCHER, BETTY Jo HAMILTON, BEATRICE HAYDEN, MARGARET HURsI-I ZENA WILMA LAKRITZ JANICE LARKIN, HELENE LIVINGSTON, RUTH MCHUGI-I, LUANA MELLON, BARBARA J EAN MOYLE MARIANA PEMBLE, MARTHA JEAN PICKETT, MARTHA LOUISE POLK, ELIZABETH PULLER, MARTHA jo TIURNER, LOIS WHITNEY Page 121 MARY FIEDLER MISS MARY ALICE MESSERLY ' ' A . A .xr H- I , r v 1. : ,sf 3' - 'I vi' QQ ig-:Spf E A ' num.. ic K' 1 cg K, P 'fi 17 . - ACTIVES: KATHRYN ALBERS, BETSY ROGERS ANDRUS, BETTY BARNES, DORIS BERGENTHAL, MARYLYN BRADFORD, ELAINE CAREY, TECKLA ANN CEDERQUIST, LOUISE COMPO, KATHARINE COON PHYLLIS COOPER, MARY FIEDLER, FRANCES FREEMAN, GERTRUDE GENz, ELEANOR GLASSEN, BETTY BELLE HARRISON, ANNE HEUER, PATRICIA LOCKRIDGE, CAROLINE MASSEY PATRICIA MCELROY, ALICE MOLLER, SHIRLEY PLONER, ANNAMAY REID, JULIE CAROLYN SHECKLER, BARBARA THOMPSON, SCOTTA THOMPSON, ALICE WALLS, MARGARET WOOFENDEN Page 122 Open houses, teas, dinners, dances, and inter-sorority contests have helped make Stephens college life a delightful experience for the Beta Sigs this year. Their project, the Negro Community House toy library, was carried on by the efficient Work of Mary Fiedler, president, Julie Sheckler, vice-president, Annamay Reid, secretary, Marylyn Bradford, treasurer, Kay Coon, rush captain and pledge sponsor, Anne Heuer, social chairman, Pat Lockridge, project chair- man, and Miss Mary Alice Messerly, sponsor. 2 , 1 ..,, I LURLINE RAINS MIss BARBARA FISCHER I Q. 2 BET PHI GAMMA ,H J QW- ge-'-N5 5 BQ? F 2: 5 Sz. G -.iff gf ACTIVES: ELEANOR LOUISE BAYNE, BETTY JANE BEARDSLEY, JEAN BRUNER, JANE CHAEFIN, MARTHA Jo COPPLE, LOVELLA LIGON, RUTH MCDONALD SARAH ELIZABETH MCLEAN, BARBARA MORRIS, BETTIE MARIE PRox, LURLINE HOWARD RAINS, ALICE REISCHMAN, SHIRLEE ROME, J EANNE WEST Page 124 Sorority meetings each week, formal dinners, and informal parties hold memories dear to each Beta Phi Gamma. A happy year was spent under the guidance of their cheerful president, Lurline Rains, vice-president, Jane Chaffing secretary, Alice Reischrnang treasurer, Bettie Proxy social chairman, Jean Bruner, pledge sponsor and rush captain, Lovella Ligong and sponsor, Miss Barbara Fischer. The girls helped at the Grant School kindergarten for their special social service project. PLEDGES: PHYLLIS ALLEN, ERNESTINE BAKER, ANN BARTER, ANN SCUDDER BLOCK, ROMA ELOISE CAMERON ROBERTA ANNE CAMPBELL, ELIZABETH JANE DAVID, CAROLYN DAVISON NANCY JANE DILLON, FRANCES ANN EGAN, DORIS JANE ENGELHARD, DEE JAY FULKE, MARY MARGARET HILLIS, ELIZABETH LEACHMAN ANN MEGGERS, MARJORIE JEAN MEYER FLORENCE MAE OBERG, DORIS OZMENT, PATRICIA ANN SEIBEL, MARY JANE SIKES, JUNE WATKINS, MIRIAM WATKINS SHIRLEY DEAN WELSH, VIOLA WESTRIP, VIRGINIA JANE WILKINS Pag 125 DELT CHI DELTA LQ ., .iso D JQ 5, Q ACTIVES: MARJORIE ARNOLD, KATHRYN BOOZE, CAROLYON BYRNE, MARGARET CASE, MARILEE ELLSWORTH, IRENE FREUND, DOROTHY JANE GEORGE, ANNE HARRIOTT, J osEPHINE HARRIS JANET MARIE KAYSER, LAVERNE MENK, JOAN MooRE, SHIRLEY NYDEN, BETTY O'BRIEN, MARJORIE OMARA, MARY PORTER OWENS, FRANCES RALSTON, JANET REINKEN CBETTY Ross, VIRGINIA RYAN, JANET SAMPSON, ATHALIE LOUISE SMITH, HELEN JANE SORENSEN, HELEN STUART, MARGARITA THOMPSON, DONNA MARIE TYRHOLM, KATHERINE WAPLES Q ' I N A 0 I dx J K a 13 , 11 5 Q ,fin Page 126 . Active participation in inter-sorority contests, and gay meetings have made life at Stephens interesting and enjoyable for the Delta Chi Delta girls this year. Aiding the Douglas School has been the social service project for the members and officers: Kathryn Booze, president, Janet Sampson, vice-president, Athalie Smith, secretary, Carolyon Bryne, treasurer, Mary Owens, pledge sponsor, Janet Reinken, social chairman, Irene Freund, social project chairman, and Miss Wilda Tinsleyhspiiiolffg p t ,if L M ,, X! A - Aw 5,5 . ii 'rx G , My - Xa 7 S ' U, 7 I -AH, A ' X 09 O K 'A Y K 1 X X YQ U I, 4 0h I, I N a PLEDGES: LILLIE MASON AVENT, BEVERLY BECHSTEIN, ALBERTA LEE BRINKLEY, FRANCES ELIZABETH BROOKER BARBARA JANE CHESTER, ANN CORN, JANET GARLOUGH, HELEN GENTSCH, CAROLYN GEORGE MARY ELIZABETH GETHING, BETTY GREEN, ELAINE ESTELLE HENKE, MARGERY ELAINE HOLLOWAY, VIRGINIA HUNTER CAROLE FRANCES KRAL, MARY EVELYN MARRS, DOROTHY MAY MUILENBURG, NANCY NEEDHAM NORMA NEWCOMB, HELEN MARIE OLIVER, BARBARA HELEN ROBINSON, DOROTHY ELLEN ROBINSON, MARGOT SEELIG, JULIETTE STROLE MARY VANDER ZANDEN, MURIEL ALICE WATT, ANN YOUNG Page 127 fx. f.,.f 27 ' R ,,A,J ,J 4, up A.. l 1, . f B k LORAINE BENz MISS ELENA SCHLEY DELT HO LPH ACTIVES: LORAINE BENz, PRUNELLA CHRISTOPHER, MARJORIE GARBRECHT, NANCY JANE GRAHAM, MAXINE GROMER, AMELIA HEAD, BETTY LUCILLE I-IUSTON MARGARET JEAN ISALY, LENORE JAMEYSON, PATRICIA ANN KIRK, MAXINE KRIETZER, MURIEL JEAN MACDONALD, BARBARA JEAN SHELDRICK, HARRIET SHUMWAY JANE SPENCER, ANNA CLAIRE STEWARD, MARIE WARNEKE, HELEN LUCILLE WEBB, WINIFRED WEBERG, MARGARET WETI-IERALD Page 128 Rated highest scholastically among the sororities, Delta Rho Alpha leaves a splendid record of this year's activities under the direction of Loraine Benz, president, Penny Christopher, vice- presidentg Harriet Shumvvay, secretary, Marie Warneke, treasurer, Muriel MacDonald, social service chairman, Amelia Head, social chairman, Betty Huston, rush captain, Nancy Graham, pledge sponsor, and Miss Elena Schley, sponsor. Helping the Boone County Old Peoples' Home was their social project. ,, .wx , -X 'B . ff ,Q X I N A, fix- A ' f 1 X 'Q Q . x , 4 , w - ' .P ,if f - . V ,"" I 1 ,- f .Y V Aff , ,V I I 2 . K: 4 1 Q'-,D-In I ij, f ff 0,- ., x -1 PLEDGES: MARTHA ELLEN BOYD, JANE RUSK DALTON, MILDRED DAVENPORT, BARBARA JEAN DAVIES, DAWN GORDON, ANNA LAURA GRAY, EUNICE ELAINE HEDGES, MARY FINLEY HOLMES J DOROTHY JAMEYSON, EVELYN JARRELL, SARA EMILY JONES, HELEN ELIZABETH MURPHY, MARY BETH PARRISH, GERALDINE POWELL BERNICE RATHEURN, CLARA FRANCES SANGER LoIs STREET, ROBERTA LOUISE SWAN, SARA WALLACE WADE, FRANCES WEBSTER, SUE ANN WILDER, MARY LOU WILLARD MARY Wooncocx Pug: 129 'L BARBARA NELSON MISS MARTHA LOGAN ETA EP ILO G M MIA ACTIVES: ISABEL ANDREWS, BARBARA BAGGALEY, MARY Jo BROWNLEE, MARJORIE CHANEY, JERRY FRISE, MARTHA GILBERT, VIRGINIA GUM DOROTHY HANNA, JULIETTA JARVIS, BETTY JOHNSTONE, GLORIA JONES, PAT KNUTH, MARY LOUISE KOOPMAN, CHRISTINE KRIEDLER CORINNE LAWRENCE, BARBARA ANNE NELSON, BETTY RUTH SASS, JANE SEMPLE, MARY SIVRIGHT, VIRGINIA LEE SMITH, RUTH WALLIN, RICE NELL WYNN Page 130 I Gay memories of fun, frolic, and festivities at this year's meet- ings and parties will live in the hearts of each Gamma member. Through the capable work Of Barbara Nelson, president, Isabel Andrews, vice-president, Mary Sivright, secretary, Dorothy Hanna, treasurer, Gloria Jones, pledge sponsor, Christine Kriedler, social chairman, Virginia Gum, project chairman, and Miss Martha Logan, sponsor, the sorority helped pay the expenses of a girl student at the School of the Ozarks. J PLEDGES: GEORGIA ADAMS, MADELON ANDERSON, MARY ARMBRUST, DOROTHY MAE BATES, ELLEN BATTEURS BETTY BECKER BETTY BLAIR, CONSTANCE COLE ELEANOR COLLIER, BEVERLY ANN DUSTON, ELLEN FRASHER, SHIRLEY HALL, Lois HODGES, HENRIETTA LAMM, MARGARET LANDERS JEAN LARZALERE CONSTANCE LO VELLETTE, JANICE MILLER, CAROLYN NELSON, ANALE NEWTON, PHYLLIS NEWTON, PAT OLIVER, MARTHA PALMER SHERRY PRUGH I'LEE RIPPETOE, ANN ROBERTS, MARY LOU ROBISON, HELEN Ross, DOROTHY SCRANTON, BETTY THIELE, BETTY WIEGMANN JEANNE WOLFE, MARY WOOD Page 131 JOSEPHINE HOWARD MISS Lois FORSYTHE wb-www GAM DELT PHI 3 Q .. ,, ev-i ACTIVES: MARY ELLEN BAILEY, ANNA MARY DEMYER, HELENE HAMMEL, GAYLE VIRGINIA HILLEGEIST, MARY Lou I-IITT, SHIRLEY HOLMES, JEAN LAMASTER, JANE LEVY, EVELYN MOBERLY, LIDA STOLL Page 132 Formal and informal gatherings have made a gay social life for the thirty Gamma Deltas this year. Through the efforts of their president, Josephine Howard, vice-president, Anna DeMyerg secretary-treasurer, Jane Levyg social chairman, Lida Stoll, project chairman, Evelyn Moberlyg pledge sponsor, Shirley Holmesg and sponsor, Miss Lois Forsythe, a successful social project was carried on at the White Nursery School. PLEDGES: ANN BRADLEY, JoYCE BURTON, BARBARA ALVES CHENEY, ANNE ELLIS, LUCY ANN GLENN MARY LOUISE HARVICK, JULIA JACKSON, MARJORY JEAN MOORE, LORRAINE NEUMANN, ANNA DEANE PACE, VERA MAE PHILLIPS BETTY ANN POINDEXTER, LUCY LEE SANDRIDGE, MARY LOUISE SCEARCE, HELEN SELLERS, BETTY URBAN Page 133 KAPPA ALPHA PHI I 5 4 Il I LII! , gig., , ,P ii ACTIVES: MARY BAUER, HOPE BRANUM, BETTY ANN BRANG, MARGUERITE BENTLEY, OLIVE JANE BRIGI-IAM, JEAN CAMPBELL, MARY CUMMINGS, FRANCES DoRcHEsTER JEAN HAMILTON, VIRGINIA HAY, CYNTHIA HOUSTON, CAPITOLA KOENIGER, ELLEN LICHTENBERG, MILLER LOVELL, GLORIA MAJOR, ELEANOR JANE MILLER, VIRGINIA MILLER MARY ANNE NoEsINGER, MARNIE PRAHMAN, MARY LEE PRUNTY, MARGARET JANE PUTERBAUGI-I, JANE RHODES, DOROTHY RUNALS, RUTH STAMAN, MARGARET WHITWELL, MARGARET WULBERN Page 134 With a membership of sixty-eight, the Kappas have become one of the outstanding sororities on campus through the friendly, ener- getic Work of Jane Puterbaugh, president, Ruth Staman, vice-presi- dent, Frances Dorchester, secretary, Margaret Wulbern, treasurer, Cynthia Houston, project chairman, Mary Bauer, social chairman, and Marguerite Bentley, co-social chairman. For their project they helped to care for the crippled children at the Noyes Hospital on the University of Missouri campus. B G E BELL, BARBARA ELIZABETH PLEDGES: BARBARA ANN ALBRECHT, JEAN ARMSTRONG, MARION BARNETT, EVELYN Tom: EAN, EN CHAMBERS, KATHERINE CLAIRE CoE, MARJORIE CoE, KATHRYN CRAIN, BETTY DORCHESTER MAMIE RUTH FARIS, ANNE REESE FREDERICRSON, MARGARET GoRsUcH, FRANCHEL HARRISON, CONSTANCE HASENWINKLE, PEGGY Lou HUDDLESTON, ELISE HUNT, MARY JOHNSTONE, DoRoTHY JONES, BARBARA LOUISE MATZKE, ALICE MCCUNE CAROL RUTH MILLER, RUTH NAUDAIN, SUZANNE NESBIT, ETHEL ANN OGLESBY, ILSE OTTO, PATRICIA PETERSON, JEANNE RECTOR, JACQUELYN ROGERS, ISABEL RONALDSON, CHARLOTTE ELIZABETH SEWELL LYNN SINCLAIR, BARBARA SMITH, JANE ELIZABETH STEIMER, MARTHA ARLINE TARVER, MARY ALICE THEBO, ANNA MAY TIEDEMANN, ELEANORE MILLS TOUCHSTONE, GERTRUDE ELIZABETH TUCKER, FAYE W1-IYTE, SUSYBELLE WILKINSON, ANNE YOCUM Page 135 ? I PEGGY HOUGHTON Mrss PI-IYLLIs GRAHAM , ,cf 'A ACTIVES: VIRGINIA ALsoP MARGARET B M , ATEs, ARY Lou BREUER, DOROTHY BRUNSON, BETTY CAMPBELL, EDNA JEAN ELLIOTT, BERNICE ELTINGE, DOROTHY FIEGHTNER MARY ELLEN FOULK, GLORIA GINDE , , GAUGI-IEY, AUDREY MCLAUGI-ILIN DOROTHY VIRGINIA MEYER JANET ANN NAY D R, JANE I-IEDIN, PEGGY Tonn HOUGI-IToN, MARY ANN JONES SHIRLEY MATTOX CAROLYN Mc- , , OROTHY JEANNE SERNES, MARGARET STAFFORD, DOROTHY JANE TooN, SYLVIA VARY, MARY ELIZABETH WATSON Page 130' Personal conferences between the officers: Peg Houghton, president, Jane Hedin, vice-president, Peggy Bates, secretary, Peggy Stafford, treasurer, Virginia Alsop, pledge sponsorg Bernice Eltinge, project chairman, Janet Nay, social chairman, Miss Phyllis Graham, sponsor, and the pledges have helped to carry out the principles of helpful cooperation and individual responsibility, the aim of Omega Psi. The White Nursery School was their project. Omega Psi won third in the inter-sorority play contest. PLEDGES: HELEN ALEXANDER, JACQUELINE JEAN BAXTER, MARJQRIE BLUM, JUNE BURGESS, ELIZABETH CHASMAR ALMA CRAGGETT JEAN ETTELSON BETTY ANN ERZINGER, RUTH HAWKINS, NANCY HEYwooD, EMMA CLYDE HORNEY, HELEN HOUGHTON, MARY NEWBERRY MARJORIE MAY PEAVEY VIRGINIA ROCHE, ANN HELEN SEBEK, ORA FAE SIEvERs, BETTY ANNE SNODGRASS, MARILYN TILLERY, ELIZABETH ANNE TUCKER BETTY Woon Page 137 CARROL FRANK WATSON MIss SHIRLEY SHERMAN PHI IIA VIBDA BETA I I I I ACTIVES: MARIE ALLEN, BARBARA BARNUM, JANET MAE BISSELL, MARJORIE BYBEE, MARY ELLEN CAMPBELL, PATRICIA CAROLYN CARR, DAVIDA CLARK SARA ELIZABETH DAMON, JOAN DAVIS, RUTH DAVIS, JANE HARTT, BARBARA HULMES, JANET HUDSON, ELIZABETH ANN MILLER BARBARA RANG, DOROTHY ROBINSON, LUCY BARBARA Ross, MARIAN LOUISE RowND, CARROL FRANK WATSON, MARY RACHEL WILHELM Page 135 W Listening to favorite songs on the sorority phonograph, playing bridge, and sharing happy hours the Phi Lambda Betas have a host of pleasant memories of this year at Stephens. Their project at the Negro Grade School was carried on through the competency of Carrol Frank Watson, president, Janet Hudson, vice-president, Patricia Carr, secretary, Dorothy Robinson, treasurer, Marjorie Bybee, project chairman, Janet Bissell, social chairman, Marie Allen, pledge sponsor, Marian Rownd, rush captain, and Miss Shirley Sherman, sponsor. PLEDGES: BETTY LEE BARNETT, ANNA MAY BASKETT, LORRAINE CHAMBERS, ALICE COCHRAN, MARY KATHERINE CUNNINGHAM JEAN GRANGER, MARJORIE RUTH HUME NANCY ANN JACKSON, MARTHA FRANCES JONES, KATHLEEN KOBEL, MARY PATRICIA ORRISON, MARIAN REED, MATTIE SUE REEvEs FLORENCE RICHARDS HELEN LOUISE ROWND, MARILYN SHANE, GERALIJINE MARIE SMITH, JEANNE SPELSBERG, DOROTHY JEAN WEDEKIND BETTY JANE WOODBURY Page 139 BARBARA BURRINGTON MRS. RUSSELL GREEN ,- . ul, an ,.,..., PHI PHI PHI ACTIVES: BETTY LUCILE ALLEN, HELEN JANE ANDERSON, ARDITH PAULINE BARTLING, MILDRED BRADSHAW, BARBARA RUTH BUR- RINGTON, BETH DEMING MAXINE DORWEILER, RUTH ANN GANZ, BETTY Lou GLADWIN, CORINNE HAMMOND, LUCILLE HARTSEIELD, CONSTANCE HILLS, DOROTHY JOHNSON HELEN MAE MATZ, JOSEPHINE PEET, BARBARA PETERSON, ELINOR RUTH TURNER, WILHA MAE VOLKLAND, JEAN WHITING Page 140 Through the combined efforts of the sorority members the Tri Phi presentation of Will O' The Wisp won the Theta Alpha Epsilon loving cup in the inter-sorority play contest. Their special project at the Negro Nursery School has been carried out by the capable supervision of Barbara Burrington, president, Betty Gladwin, vice- presidentg Helen Matz, secretary, Ardith Bartling, treasurer, Betty Allen, project chairman, Beth Deming, pledge sponsor, Corrine Hammond, social chairman, and Mrs. Russell Green, sponsor. PLEDGES MARY ANN ADAMS BETTY RUTH ARROWSMITH MARY LOUISE BAILEY BARBARA GRACE BROWN KAY BROWN MILDRED CAIRY BARBARA ELLEN CHASE ELLA Lou DUNNING OLIVE RAINER ELMORE BETTY JEAN FARRINGTON MARY Lou FINDLEY JEAN MARIE HARTER BETTY JEAN HATCHER MARGARET HOLT BETTY JEAN HUNT INGTON BARBARA VIRGINIA JoNEs JANE KOONTZ MARTHA HELEN LAcocK SI-IIRLEY MILLER CLARA SMITI-IMEYER RACHEL ANN SNODDY ESTHER MARGARET STAHL DOROTHY STEENBERGEN ELEANOR WALLACE MARY KATHERINE WARREN BETTY JEAN WHITLOCK MAUD LEE WILSON Page 141 ,lg ' ,. , fl .., W K I e x HARRIET APPLEGATET Miss ALICE MITCHELL P I CHI OMICRO Him mf V- 'Q IJ, Ei N ,i .ff ACTIVES: HARRIETT APPLEGATE, CATHERINE BISSETT, ELINOR BOYES, JANE DENTON, JANIS DICKEY, ROSALITA LAURENZI, MARY Lou POINDEXTER MARY ALYCE ROBERTS, GENEVIEVE SHREVE, ROBERTA LEE SMITH, MARY Jo STALSBURG, ELEANOR THOMAS, JEAN TOOLE Page 142 Organized last year, this group of versatile, attractive girls has become an active participant in campus life under the capable direction of Harriett Applegate, presidentg Jane Denton, vice- president 3 Mary Stalsburg, secretaryg Mary Lou Poindexter, treasurer, Roberta Smith, social chairman, Alyce Roberts, project chairmang and Miss Alice Mitchell, sponsor. Helping at the Benton Kinder- garten school has been the special project. Psi Chi Santa Claus pledges received honorable mention on Hell Day. PLEDGES: RUTH MARGARET BABCOCK, MARY BUECHLER, BARBARA CARTER, VIRGINIA CAsI-IEL, SUZANNE CHAPMAN BEBE DABBS DOROTHY MAIE DAVIS, JUNE EMMERT, BERNICE HAMMETT HELEN MAXINE HARTER, MARION HOLEN, BEVERLY HUMPHREYS, BETTE KNODEL, PRISCILLA LEATHERWOOD, DORIS LYONs MURIEL MACCONNELL, FRANCES MECKLENBURG, VIRGINIA DOROTHY NICHOLS SUZANNE ELIZABETH RYAN, JANE SARGEANT, MARTHA SIMPSON, BLISS STREET, LOUANNE TAYLOR, HARRIETT VIRGINIA THATCHER, ELIZABETH TIDWELL, JANE VAN HOOSER, MARGARET ELIZABETH WARDLAW Page 143 ALENE TURNER Miss JULIET HARDTNER IGMA ALPHA CHI ., .n ff .I ,, -, 'il G as Ivlu-uhh ,. ACTIVES: BILLIE MARIE ALLEN, MARGARET LEE BEATY, BARBARA BLEND, VIRGINIA BREWER, BARBARA JEANNE CAMPBELL, ELIZA- BETH JEAN CARR, JEAN COAPSTICK, LILLIAN COOKE HELEN LEE HANSEN, ELEANOR HURT, MIRIAM RUTH J ESSEN, JEAN JOSEPH, JOANN MILLER, HAZEL MOODY, PEGGY ANNE Moss, RUTH PETERS JEAN RONAYNE, MARY EMILY SEARCY, TELULAH MARGUERITA TRUEMAN, ALENE TURNER, DORIS RUTH WETMORE, BETTY WIGTON, CHARLOTTE WINDLE Page 144 To live and perfect the meaning of the word "Sisterhood" is the purpose of this group of friendly, likeable girls. To help others and themselves to reach the highest standards possible mentally, morally, and physically has been the aim of Alene Turner, presidentg Emily Searcy, vice-presidentg Jean Joseph, secretaryg Miriam Jessen, treasurer, Miss Juliet Hardtner, sponsor, and the members of Sigma Alpha Chi contributing to the School of the Ozarks has been their ',p"".a' e-X I ' - , 1- . project. x" ,1 ,, W' ,- -Msn .af F4 ' '1, ., - is by .. . v . I A wx ,fn ' 'Q r? v up 'lla' J ' 'I F J am, .Ji P-I . 5, 5 tj, I. l 1 rf" V E . ' -' vfz -4' uf , " ' 4 75 9' ,iv .- L -- ,- - L J 51 J ' I , ,J k D' ,B ,myifh 1 Q X ' ufa ,ig 4 . 4 .av x in S' '.,4:,'r ' 1 ' - Q r X ,A f, ,M .9 , A X' -'JH ,nv ,X lx' W, 9 f , , . ,fy 4: .J , .:' ' ,Q f, Q 1 C-'N' 'aj :M ' gs ei fl 0 J A N is ' . , W 5 ' 5 I 0 .f 7" ' " , f . . 0 'J' . I4 - fl nf" JEAN YORK MIss HELEN MEDING T HET AU EG ACTIVES: DORIS BALDWIN, SARAH REBECCA BARRET, JOANNE LOUISE BILLINGS, JUDY MARIE DENNEY, HARRIETT GOLDBERG DORIS JEAN HARGIS, BETsY ANN JACOBY, CHARLOTTE MATTHEWS, DORIS MCGUGIN, DOROTHY MCGUGIN, PEGGY MOORE DORIS PRIDEAUX, HELEN ROBERTS, PATRICIA SCOTT, MARY ELIZABETH THOMPSON, JEAN YORK Page 146 Characterized by large representations from Texas, Kansas, and Indiana the fifty-one Theta girls share an enjoyable out-of-class companionship. Under the friendly, energetic guidance of Jean York, president, Mary Elizabeth Thompson, vice-president, Doris McGugin, secretary, Dorothy McGugin, treasurer, Mary Virginia Thweatt, pledge sponsor, Sadie Bashara, social chairman, Rebecca Barret, project chairman, and Miss Helen Meding, sponsor, these girls installed a toy library at the White Community House. TTS BARBARA GRIFFITH MIss SUE AMMERMAN jvror? 'Q' E I I J LPHA A ff,,,,p ACTIVES: MARY JEANETTE BACHTOLD, HELEN IRENE BAKER, VIRGINIA CARL, MARILYN EIB, BARBARA GRIFFITH, JEAN GROUT, ANNE HALLEY, JEAN HILLS, MARIE IRR, CAROL JACOBS MARGUERITE KENNEDY, ALICE JANE LUSK, MARGARET MCALPINE, WILMA MCEWEN, MADELYNE MEANS, MARY BETH MILLER, DIXIE MONTGOMERY, MARY EVELYN OPP, CELIA PEARCE, JANE REEVES MARTHA ELIZABETH REPP, JUNE RUUD, SUZANNE SINCLAIR, BARBARA SOMERS, ELIZABETH STOLLENWERCK, LUCY THOMAS, HELEN TOWNSEND, HELEN TRIPP, NANCY Lou WERMUTH, OLIVIA RUTH ZELLER Page 148 Country Club waffle breakfasts, outings at Pop Collins' Cabin, chapter room parties, and sorority dances provide a Varied social entertainment for Zeta Mu girls, members of one of Stephens' oldest sororities. Led by Barbara Griffith, president, Alice Lusk, vice- presidentg Helen Baker, secretary, Olivia Zeller, treasurer, Nancy Wermuth, pledge sponsor, Madelyne Means, social chairman, Mary Opp, project chairman, and Miss Sue Ammerman, sponsor, the girls helped at the Ridgeway Grammar School. PLEDGES: AUDREY BEATTY, JULIA ELEANOR CLARK, DORIS KATHLEEN DENIKE, JACQUELINE GATES, BETTY JAYNE GUMMERE MARY LoUIsE HARSCHER, RUTH SUSAN HUSTAD, MARY SUZANNE LAUERMAN, HARRIET LEE, RUTH ELIZABETH MILES MURIEL PARKER FRANCES IRVIN PERRY, WILMA DEAN SCI-IUBERT, MARGARET SCHWEDES, DOROTHY JEAN WATT, FRANCES LEE WOLFORD Page 149 JOYCE HAWKINS Miss BETTY JENNINGS ZETA PHI DELTA ,, - LW, , ,LS L' aff' 1' r ' J M1 J 1 ' ACTIVES: BEATRICE BEG1-IToL, EMILY BILL, JANET Brscx-IOEE, JANE CURRY, CAROLINE FINKEL, DORIS MAE GEBHART, JOYCE ANNE I-IAWKINS MARGARET HEBARD, MELISSA HIBBERD, JEAN HELEN KETCHERSIDE, JEAN LAEITTE, JEAN MCGREGOR, MARGARET MIDDLETON, MARY HELEN O'CONOR HELEN PATTON, HARRIETT PENQUITE, ELIZABETH PHILLIPS, BETTY STANLEY, SHIRLEY STOCKWELL, DORIS WINSTEL Page 150 .im Newly organized last year and the sixteenth sorority to receive a charter at Stephens, Zeta Phi has become an important functioning group in campus activities through the efforts of their cheerful presi- dent, Joyce Hawkins, Vice-president, Jean Ketchersideg secretary, Helen Patton, treasurer, Margaret Middleton, pledge sponsor, Margaret Hebardg social chairman, Emily Billg project chairman, Carolyn Finkel, sponsor, Miss Betty Jennings, and honorary sponsor, Miss Louise Bennett. pf' l PLEDGES: WILMA ANN ADAMS, MARJORIE ALLING, MARILYN BAILEY, MARTHA ANN BLAKENEY, JEANNE P1-IYLLIS BRODBECK, WILLYNE ANN COHEN, BETTY ANN COLE, ROSAMOND ANNE DEEDS, MARION HALL CELIA ANE HAWKINS, CONSTANCE JANE HERMANN, ELAINE LUCILE HIRSCH, MARY ELIZABETH HoovER, MARILYNN HOSTETTER, HELEN J V MARIE ISALY, JEANNETTE ISALY, LAURA MARIE KENNA, MARJORIE ANNETTE KING BETTY JANE LEGGETT, ROSEMARY LUCE, CAROLE MAIGATTER, MARY Lou MASON, CAROLYN MERRIMAN, PHYLLIS KERN NoIsoM, E NORLING SARANNE OTTING RosE ANN PENNE Mm 'f W ' ff' W 'iN My if wUJm0W.':'vk"E.'-t1.U..1s Q CI-IARLOTT , , MILDRED RosE, JEANNE FLORENCE RYAN, ANN LEE SCHLESSELMAN, BARBARA B. SMITI-I, BARBARA SNYDER, EI.IzABETI-I EvANs STARR, ALPHA SIGMA NU President, Claire Tillmang vice-president, Evelyn Cotnerg sec- retary, Elizabeth Mathews, treas- urer, Lois Lindsayg social chair- man, Eleanor Srnithg project chair- man, Marie Belascog pledge spon- sor, Wauneta Fisher, sponsor, Miss Elaine Allsebrook. ,:.I:.,,f4 ?55.,,'n,. Sf' 1 I ,. ,W ,. ACTIVES: MARIE BELASCO, EVELYN COTNER, MARY WAUNETA FISHER, JEAN FosTER, LoIs LINDSAY, BETTY Lou LYON, ELIZABETH MATHEWS, MARY CLAUDIA NETTLES1 FAITH PAYNE, FLEANOR SMITH, CLAIRE TILLMAN. PLEDGES: CATHERINE WILLSON ADAMS, BARBARA ANDERSON, LYNETTE ANN FAYTINGER, PATRICIA JAEGER, MIRIAM CLAIRE KIssELLE SARA ELIZABETH LAYToN, MARGARET JANE MINIER, ELEANOR NEWELL, NANCY DEANE SHERMAN, SALLY TEETOR, MARGARET TUTTLE, HELEN WIENER, RUTH WOEMPNER Page 152 I ,?. fn Q Kocx-I, VESELY, GARLOW, BAILEY x X. f . A . S INDEPENDENTS For the eighth consecutive year, the Independents have carried off the coveted basketball cup, and they also won the swimming j meets. This year they entered the one-act play contest, held two formal dances and scads of parties, sponsored an old clothes project, tripped to Boonville and Jefferson City to entertain the reformatory boys, and ate mountains of Waffles at the Country Club. Eliish, active Marjorie Garlow is campus president of the Inde- pendents, who number more than all the sorority girls put together. Blanche Vesely is vice-president, Winnifred Bailey is secretary, and Margaret Koch is treasurer. Co-sponsors are Miss Helen Bateman MARJORIE GARLOW and Miss Jessica Johnson. These oflicers, together with the officers of each hall, meet to form the Independent Council, which plays a part in the activities of Pan-Hell. The aim of the entire Independent group is to establish a strong bond of friendliness and cooperation between sorority and non-sorority girls, to accomplish a great deal of good in its individual hall social service projects and its united projects, and to have as much fun as possible! The Independents are a highly organized group, and a united one. They have a definite part ilfl the social life on campus, having all the advantages and none of the disadvantages of the sorori1:ies. Page 153 December in Columbia, Missouri, is usually a "nawsty" bleak affair. In Janu- ary the Southern girls put on their first ski suits and dance wildly in the snow. By February, however, they are used to it, and everyone plunges into the million and one activities planned before spring. DRIFT Pg 155 15' xSXsm4efL 2, w -M Q3 New fb :MM 2 aw, Q gg fax A gg Y f was Th f SA. . , gg X ffl i m 4 i , 1 E 4 , L V 3 an S N S1 r 3 K r ...,.,.. . I 1 W I 4 r v r 1 AE T A is W A A Q, .E ,L 5 QQ? , view as kg? fam 53. K9 MQ N ..... --:ewcnaifgmf -- 15 W ,:w:,::.-. X X ,J "' . 351 Awww W I v N GI' ei 01 L, 5 D. wgw' m mg W 1 , I M A A :Z 35 is W I X zz Egg B Q ' mass' fx wW?1, 'L q"gi'5 my .sig k fb . mmf' M ' Q ' ' MQW: A h Y 7 y We W, Ni? is S I ik 1 w ml 4 Q Ji Mead ,gm X M M., H A N3 WMM, M ,, ,N-kr - -- x KL .. Qi " 1 R ' 2 4 Uifl im' ff I .7 , - , ' ' SSH, .1 Q 'wig f s Q My K Y -- ' 1 ,Agp-?i"?",-FV65f" , M ,fgfiggqfwri 'V Q GW, My ' ' 'V ' J f"'4i'f Q-?W,'5f1A5 -, bWi'2",, .v ' ., , M, . , ?'37ffw 'SJW ' ,,.,, Qs , f lm, V . 1 g.giA?1f553-iii WY " ez Q. -155, Y 5335, 'W AQ gm r 1 65 - . A ' :ry I 2 . 1 M W 5, - 7'f5?5gl"fvi-x.,, V if 1 A A .1wA?Tii, 1 ' f- ' - i .,.. x A , A 4 Q J O MAP-CH Ci s M T M Ri lpl Qi O ,., f A 9 pi' PA v n Pg 161 MP9 4262 U B 1 I ' C S or lf' fy fo Q C v 1 Q 4 i S t b ga " arch gil? itwas rJol - - o A ., . . -W A . aaoll ,t g ffl 1 n el hile the C. A. cam- - Sp cis ere el ere rom a real live stump the - os - ' b1llboards banners and sundry s 1 s a1t1ng for the returns fairly disorganized ut t , , , pe iVB.g . W .. . . . an a ely e ' ed student body, but the candidates were all such fin irls that we couldn t miss. And, of course, we didn t. On March 21 the trippers entrained for Mexico via Texas .... Randolph Field vied with the gory bullf-ight for top thrills . . . and the ancient Aztecs crumbled away when the thundering herd passed over their graves. All too soon 'we were back to English Composition and Humanities and juicy April weather. Remember the Prince of Wales show in the new riding arena? C"Spectators will please refrain from fluttering their programs in front of the horses."J The Junior Prom QLarry Clintonj, badminton and ping pong tournaments, Mary K. Browne, and-oh yes, our classes-rushed us into a very warm season Cfor Mayj. And -finally wonderful Dick Jurgens for the Senior Farewell dance. Is it all over-this wonderful, busy, enlightening year at Stephens? 22 fi ' The senior class goes into the drammer with Sorority House. Here are the Omicron Chi girls all tuckered out after a strenuous rush party . . . Mrs. Eubank talks with Mr. Weaver between guests . . . The Junior Jollies' "Dictator Special" . . . Campaign speaker Jean Stevens . . . Scotta pulls for D. J. Brown as signs go up . . . Senor Ploner bursts forth into "Si, si, si!" . . . 'V 'TH fig I "'9 if 4+ ' - 1 I r Q gi if l il lj? f? ii if y ,. 4 , y L, 3 ,4 2, jj l ll il ,, I J . , 1 w f ' 1 K,-'Y 3 That tense moment just before election returns were quoted . . . A date party at Pop Collins' cabin with Shirley Holmes and Barb Griffith doing the honors . . . This may be a fight or a greeting during The Fan . . . Wales Hall bridge . . . Maurice Hindus . . . A swingy Serenade from some excellent sere- naders . . . Jean Arthur entraining for Mexico City and points south. ,ff"V"--: 1 ,f-.4 -Q, Wm, 1 iv lm, 'fy gf' if ai fi--"1-5' 1-Ei li .- ' 1 I il? , " , ' . lil 53 ' Jil ii. I 11.,f,. V, +, . fb lf? if ij f . M"'fl"wrLaeLQ,L- ,ix ii i Writ-' 'JA H wifi?-I 'E if -X .,i2.J"'t"-I x A 1 Z V , r, VJ, ,rg 11 i, , ,, , .f-,, ,,,' -. .i J,--'1 f:f'.,fMx': 5f M la fi: A NEW 15 agp- fmfffi, L in fa all if V Nw4:w,,wff: if f. AQ?irAvQi:fl,:'m5:'il-,Ti X 5.5,-' ,f X, iff 515' ' lfigf?Ii?f " EV" " Page162 Page 1 63 THE COUNTRY CLUB , J f , 1 55 f .J W., ., .::,,.' -Q V 41 4 N A' X I, ,- -X Y-"nz: a, ,v f 1 3 - gs ., -fum , ,. , .W " ' X-.--rj .1 Xkq -, ww. L ,142 'VW 1 A f , E N K.m,.,wvJ Q- ' -hz, V' KC- ivm, . ,, z. X i ix 7 . if ff 0 fy x j Q --aw: -1 9,5 iv u ,fy . ll' P. gf. .. ,M Q ,, A ' Ass, 1-w. . A 1' ' Wood Hallites indulge in a little strenuous spring cleaning . . . Blackie perches for no apparent reason . . . Displaying the season's footwear . . . Jean Bruner unsel- fishly shares an apple with a canine friend . . . Maybe they're playing bridge-or could it be marbles? He's not so sure . . . It can't be spring fever already! She must be in love . . . A conversation on Laura Stephens porch . . . PR The Senior Hall coke machine does a noble job. Consumer Garlow isn't really that angelic, even asleep . . . Barb Matzke emerging from the post office with what is ob- viously a letter from Larry . . . Part of a Humanities class sketches architecture downtown . . . Study- ing QD in the sunshine . . . Mere- dith "Tarzan" Goodrich swings on Senior gate . . . Betty Whitlow taking a picture. l 12 ' ri fl E1 E21 psf ln'p-i'l - .g yixx V '-l.. -- -"t - "" f Page 164 A pile of make-up in the dress- ing rooms anticipates the final offer- ing of the drama department, Patience . . . Lillian Cooke and Betty Lou Gladwin seem happy about the whole outlook . . . This is the time to concentrate on econ. or psych ..,. It's time already for the men to set up the platform for the Ivy Fete . . . Kind of warm, but anything for a luscious tan . . '41 an H' f-r D' ro UQ O D-4 D- Eh U1 D' SD '1 .. ru ID Fl' E H' 23" rn H ff' 5j?v1Ef-efff 4 ' K A Y,-we . 5 , girls . . . Mr. Bak enjoys a picnic lunch on campus during Com- mencement activities . . . Mustn't forget to pack that Ten Ideals card . . . The front lawn is gay with students, mothers, fathers, faculty, aunts, uncles, and friends . . . The only stag party of the year at Stephens, to entertain Dad during the last days of school . . . Under the late May sunshine, the final parade! '-'J' we an :N ffswgi Ez if-fcf. .- I 1' H fir? '-2 f , 5-. ,isif ii H ,r., X ,ri ' ff' I ' l 1 rf--w Pug. 165 THE PRI G TRIP Harriet Reeder, Dot Hanna, and Jean Arthur ready for the en ineer on th M ' S ' l g e exico pecia to start out any time . . . Sherry Reischman and Howers . . . Dr. Bowman goes Mexican withasombrero . . . Randolph Field . . . Dr. Prunty and Mr. Wood also go Mexican . . . One of the younger generation . . . Who can forget all the Manuels, policemen extraordinary . . . The bull fight . . . Senorita G1 B B s assen, eaty, oos, Joseph, Dickey, and Simpson line up by a pyramid . . . An "interested" crowd at a lecture on o ' h . N tration . . . Jean A. again, proving she reached Mexico. s me sig t ote the concen- Page166 Pg 167 IOR Two hundred and Hfty girls bigger than last year, the senior class of 1940 leaves Stephens with many a pectoral pang. Officers Miller Lovell, Shirley Stockwell, Barbara Campbell, Jane Sorensen, Elizabeth Briggs CS. A. B. representa- tiveb, and sponsor Dr. A. Bowman have had a merry year of it accomplishing these three projects: CD making every single girl Ten Ideals-conscious, C21 orienting new students throughout the whole yeargC3D trying, by hook, crook, and comparing us to cows, to keep us off the grass. DR. BowMAN, CAMPBELL, LOVELL, SORENSEN, STOCKWELL, BRIGGS 1940 MELBA G. ABERNATHY, Concord, Illinois . BETTY SHANKLIN ADAMS, Centralia, Illinois, Social Chairman, Lela Raney Wood Independents . KATHERINE ADAMS, Lake Providence, Louisiana, Vice-President White Hall, Alpha Sigma Nu, Glee Club. KATHRYN ALBERS, Muskegon, Michigan, Beta Sigma Beta, Spanish Club . GEORGETTA ALEXANDER, Evansville, Indiana, Vice-Presi- dent Child Study Club . HELEN ALEXANDER, Lawrenceville, Illinois, Omega Psi. BETTY LUCILLE ALLEN, Kansas City, Missouri, Project Chairman Phi Phi Phi, Athletic Association, Nature Club, Foreign Relations Club, Prince of Wales Club, Hola Touche . BILLIE MARIE ALLEN, Deni- son, Texas, Vice-President Tower Hall, Sigma Alpha Chi, Tower Advis- ory . EDITH MARIE ALLEN, Independence, Missouri, Pledge Spon- sor Phi Lambda Beta, Hypatia Hexagon, French Club. GENEv1EvE ALLEN, Churdan, Iowa, Treasurer Civic Association, Inde- pendent, Alpha Pi Epsilon, Secretarial Club, Stephens League . VIRGINIA IRENE ALSOP, Oskaloosa, Iowa, Pledge Sponsor Omega Psi . HELEN JANE ANDERSON, Maywood, Illinois, Phi Phi Phi,-Athletic Association. - 1 , ' if to a V1 , X11 , , '- w , V., V' 1' fps. ' -, Maid'-. A em., it or, L.: . I., In . N My AW ,M . 4 'Na ky. t s- d ' Y 1 rf, Y , ' I I Mf-,wi ' v AJIJEMJJ ffflif n by-.N A f4A4g4lVifwJ!-"V-H 'I-'7f"Fj'14!46Vq? ' Sfffln: MARCIA ANDERSON, Fairfield, Connecticut . NANETTE DEARMAN ANDERSON, McComb, Mississippi, Independent, Pro Musica . DOROTHY NELL ANDREWS, White Plains, New York, President Wales Hall, Phi Theta Kappa, Library Committee, Wales Advisory. ISABEL ANDREWS, Paris, Illinois, Vice-President Eta Epsilon Gamma . BETSY ROGERS ANDRUS, Caldwell, New Jersey, Beta Sigma Beta . HARRIET APPLEGATE, Toledo, Ohio, President Psi Chi Omicron. Xxx Page 168 MARY JEANNE ARCHER, Anchorage, Kentucky, Beta Sigma Beta, Athletic Association . DOROTHY ARNOLD, Audubon, Iowa, Zeta Mu Alpha, Athletic Association, Child Study Club . MARJORIE ARNOLD, Wilmette, Illinois, Secretary Tau Sigma Tau, North Advisory, Delta Chi Delta, Art Club . BETTY RUTH ARROWSMITI-I, Kansas City, Missouri, Phi Phi, Phi . JEAN MARGARET ARTHUR, Tuscola, Illinois, President of Civic Association, Independent, Briggadettes, Cowl . NADINE ARTHURS, Bristow, Oklahoma, Sigma Gamma Gamma, Wales Advisory, Glee Club, Sunrise Choir, Pro Musica . MARJORIE JEANNE ATWATER, Grand Island, Nebraska, Make-up Editor of Life MARY JEANNETTE BACHTOLD, Salina, Kansas, Zeta Mu Alpha, Beta Epsilon Phi, French Club . ELEANOR LOUISE BAILEY, Summit, New Jersey, Secretary Pro Musica, Independent, Sigma Gamma Gamma, Glee Club, Student Concert Choir, Burrall Chorus . MARY ELLEN BAILEY, East Lansing, Michigan, President Bizoochem, Gamma Delta Phi, North Advisory, Prince of Wales Club . MARY LOUISE BAILEY, Dunwoody, Georgia, Secretary Botany Club, Phi Phi Phi, Laura Stephens Advisory . WINNIFRED BAILEY, Portland, Oregon, Secretary Independents, Athletic Association . HELEN IRENE BAKER, Greeley, Colorado, Secretary Zeta Mu Alpha, Columbia Advisory . DORIS BALDWIN, Jackson, Mississippi, Vice-President Orchesis, Theta Tau Omega, Wales Advisory, Athletic Association BETTY BARNES, Syracuse, New York, Treasurer Burrall, Beta Sigma Beta, Glee Club . BARBARA BARNUM, Minneapolis, Minnesota, Phi Lambda Beta, Child Study Club . SARAH REBECCA BARRET, Kerrville, Tennessee, Social Service Chairman Theta Tau Omega . ARD1'rr-1 PAULINE BARTLING, West Allis, Wisconsin, Vice-President Wales Hall, Treasurer Phi Phi Phi, Wales Advisory . ELEANOR BASORE, Valley Center, Kansas, Independent, Glee Club, Child Study Club, Pro Musica . MARGARET BATES, Davenport, Iowa, Secretary Omega Psi, Columbia Ad- visory . MARY NORGRESS BAUER, McComb, Mississippi, Social Chairman Kappa Alpha Phi Page 169 SENIORS 1940 ELEANOR LOUISE BAYNE, Manitowoc, Wisconsin . BETTY JANE BEARDSLEY, Frankfort, Indiana, Beta Phi Gamma, Foreign Relations Club . MARGARET LEE BEATY, St. Joseph, Missouri, Pledge Sponsor Sigma Alpha Chi, Tower Advisory. BEATRICE BEGHToL, Hastings, Nebraska, Zeta Phi Delta, Tau Sigma Tau, Athletic Association, Art Club . SHIRLEY BEHYMER, Suttons Bay, Michigan, Tau Sigma Tau . MARIE A. BELASCO, North Arlington, New Jersey, Project Chairman Alpha Sigma Nu, Senior Advisory, Guidance Committee, French Club. MARGUERITE BENTLEY, Shreveport, Louisiana, Social Chairman Kappa Alpha Phi . LORAINE BENZ, Marengo, Indiana, President Delta Rho Alpha, Phi Theta Kappa, Burrall Orchestra, Pro Musica . DoR1s ELIZABETH BERGENTHAL, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Treasurer Panhellenic Council, Beta Sigma Beta, Athletic Association. MARY ELIzAEETH BICKLEY, Clovis, New Mexico, Burrall Chorus, Foreign Relations Club . PATRICIA RUTH BIEN, Coldwater, Mich- igan . EMILY H. BILL, Erie, Pennsylvania, Social Chairman Zeta Phi Delta, Wood Advisory, Cosmopolitan Club. JOANNE LOUISE BILLINGS, Birmingham, Michigan, Secretary Admin- istrative Council, Theta Tau Omega, Alpha Pi Epsilon, Secretarial Club . JANET E. BISCHOFF, Cincinnati, Ohio, Zeta Phi Delta . JANET MAE BISSELL, Evanston, Illinois, Phi Lambda Beta, Phi Theta Kappa, Pro Musica. CATHERINE BISSETT, Shaker Heights, Ohio, Psi Chi Omicron, Sigma Gamma Gamma, Tower Advisory, Student Concert Choir, Burrall Chorus, Glee Club, Pro Musica . RACHELLE BLACKMAN, Wartrace, Tennessee, Vice-President Wood Independents, Burrall Chorus, Glee Club . BARBARA B. BLACKWOOD, Pasadena, California, President Maple Hall. Pag 1 70 SENIOR ,, ,, ,, . ,..-. ., ,..,,. umm, , , .. , A.. -1-f I::::sz.,'z:.:2sr.':H.'.:m:az,:'a:mr:I::f -:im:arm:Emu-:cars'smzrzrmzzrxmwmfmxmnxsamzzmmatmrriazwwmumsrwfwrmn-"v.Lf.e.z1,xAnmmm:.s.:I,L:uLxcr:Lfan-z.mfI..,,f.nw, -f 'M BARBARA BLEND, Chicago, Illinois, Secretary Board of Publications, Sigma Alpha Chi, Tau Sigma Tau, Foreign Relations Club . PI-IYLLIS ' BOCKHOFF, Richmond, Indiana, S.A.B. Representative Art Club, Athletic Association, Prince of Wales Club . FRANCES E. BODINSON, Kearney, I Nebraska, Independent, Laura Stephens Advisory . KATHRYN BOOZE, Cincinnati, Ohio, President Delta Chi Delta . MARGARET ANN 1 BOHNERT, Jasper, Indiana, President Hatcher Independents, Hatcher Advisory, Botany Club, Foreign Relations Club . MARIANNE BOYD, l Covington, Tennessee, Treasurer Wales Independents, Wales Advisory . ELINOR G. BOYES, Glen Ridge, New Jersey, Editor Life, Psi Chi I Omicron. ELIZABETH MARIE BOYNTON, Evanston, Illinois, Independent, Cosmopolitan Club . MARYLYN BRADFORD, Rock Island, Illinois, Treasurer Beta Sigma Beta, Guidance Committee . CONSTANCE M. BRADLEY, Alvord, Iowa, Independent, Senior Advisory . 'MILDRED BRADSHAW, Chicago, Illinois, Phi Phi Phi, Nature Club . BETTY ANN BRANG, Minneapolis, Minnesota, President Beta Epsilon Phi, Kappa Alpha Phi . HOPE BRANUM, La Grange, Illinois, President Administrative Council, Kappa Alpha Phi, Delta Sigma, Phi Theta Kappa, Cowl . MARY LOU BREUER, Rolla, Missouri, Omega Psi, French Club VIRGINIA BREWER, Alexandria, Louisiana, Sigma Alpha Chi . ELIZABETH CLAIRE BRIGGS, St. Paul, Minnesota, S.A.B. Representative Senior Class, Independent, Athletic Association, . OLIVE JANE BRIGHAM, Boise, Idaho, Vice-President Laura Stephens Hall, Kappa Alpha Phi, Laura Stephens Advisory . CI-IARLOTTE MARIE BROWNLEE, Mallard, Iowa, Independent, French Club . MARY Jo BROWNLEE, Atlanta, Georgia, President Senior I-Iall, Eta Epsilonf Gamma, Phi Theta Kappa . JEAN BRUNER, New York, New York, Social Chairman Beta Phi Gamma . DOROTHY E. XBRUNSON, Detroit, Michigan, Treasurer Tau Sigma Tau, Omega Psi ' J f lx X x X i , , K . - l LLXAYMIQ 'fjfy' f- fyjgiffwl 'YQ I I M 'ff Ky, -i , it ,itll I A U X B 3 ,. EMy,i -4, exif . 'I A, 5 f X 1-eff I I fiiwr iv' iw i f 1940 JANELOU BUCK, Detroit, Michigan, Vice-President Theta Alpha Epsilon . JUNE E. BURGAN, Spokane, Washington, Vice-President Hotel . JUNE M. BURGESS, Brockton, Massachusetts, Omega Psi, North Advisory, Bizoochem. ELEANOR JANE BURGETT, Newman, Illinois, Vice-President Student Activity Board, Theta Alpha Epsilon . BARBARA RUTH BURRING- TON, Rapid City, South Dakota, President Phi Phi Phi, Pro Musica . MARJORIE BYBEE, Idaho Falls, Idaho, Project Chairman Phi Lambda Beta, Tower Advisory. DOROTHY MAE BYE, Chicago, Illinois, President Lela Raney Wood Hall, Independent, Athletic Association, Orchesis . CAROLYON D. BYRNE, Kent, Ohio, Treasurer Delta Chi Delta . MILDRED RAE CAIRY, Eagle Grove, Iowa, Phi Phi Phi, Pro Musica. MARJORIE CALVERT, Columbia, Missouri, Treasurer Day Students, Alpha Alpha Alpha, Delta Sigma . BARBARA JEANNE CAMPBELL, Chicago, Illinois, Secretary Senior Class, Sigma Alpha Chi, German Club . CATHERINE ELIZABETH CAMPBELL, Lakewood, Ohio, Omega Psi, Laura Stephens Advisory, Secretarial Club, Pro Musica. MARY ELLEN CAMPBELL, Barry, Illinois, President Sigma Gamma Gamma, Phi Lambda Beta, Glee Club, Pro Musica. . JEAN H. CAMPBELL, Wynnewood, Pennsylvania, Vice-President Campus Serv- ice Board, Kappa Alpha Phi, Athletic Association, Lela Raney Wood Activities Committee, Participation Committee . LEORA JEAN CAMPBELL, Phoenix, Arizona, North Advisory, Athletic Association, Rostrum. PAULINE ALEESE CAMPBELL, Welsh, Louisiana, President Senior Hall Independents, Foreign Relations Club, Secretarial Club, Burrall Com- mittee . ROBERTA CANDLER, Detroit, Michigan . ELAINE M. CAREY, Racine, Wisconsin, Beta Sigma Beta. -to N fa L h ' 1:1 I - A I , ,, X4 . - " N' ' AH " V A Q9 ' V. 2 Ll . 1 W I 3- fu . ' Page 172 VIRGINIA CARL, Detroit, Michigan, Zeta Mu Alpha, Theta Alpha Epsilon . SYLVIA L. CARLSON, Park Ridge, Illinois . ELIZABETH JEAN CARR, Shaker Heights, Ohio, Sigma Alpha Chi, Art Club . PATRICIA CAROLYNN CARR, Minot, North Dakota, Secretary Phi Lambda Beta . ELLEN E. CARY, Dubuque, Iowa, Treasurer Alpha Alpha Alpha, Athletic Association . MARGARET CASE, Oak Park, Illinois, Chairman Student Health Council, Representative on Administrative Council, Delta Chi Delta, North Advisory . Lois E. CASPERSEN, Houston, Texas, Chairman North Advisory GERALDINE CASTERLINE, Plymouth, Indiana, President Pro Musica, Independent, Sigma Gamma Gamma, Burrall Orchestra, Burrall Chorus, Concert Choir, Glee Club . TECKLA ANN CEDERQUIST, Buffalo, New York, Vice-President Civic Association, Beta Sigma Beta . JANE CI-IAFFIN, Kokomo, Indiana, Vice-President Beta Phi Gamma, Alpha Pi Epsilon, Secretarial Club . LORRAINE CHAMBERS, Detroit, Michigan, Phi Lambda Beta, Tau Sigma Tau, Pro Musica . MARJORIE CI-IANEY, Rock Island, Illinois, Secretary Civic Association, Eta Epsilon Gamma, Athletic Association . DOROTHY JANE CI-IILCOTE, Clayton, New Mexico, Independent, Wood Advisory . MILDRED JEAN CHRISTIE, Breck- enridge, Texas PRUNELLA CHRISTOPHER, Wichita, Kansas, Vice-President Delta Rho Alpha, Athletic Association . PHYLLIS LOUISE CHURCH, Chicago, Illinois, House Manager Gordon Manor, Independent, Pro Musica, Rock Hounds . FRANCES CLARDY, Roswell, New Mexico, S.A.B. Representative Cosmopolitan Club, Independent, Foreign Relations Club . DAVIDA CLARKE, Ravinia, Illinois, Phi Lambda Beta . WILMA L. CLEM, Bed- ford, Kentucky, Secretary-Treasurer Fielding Smith Hall, Student Health Council . JEAN COAPSTICK, Frankfort, Indiana, Sigma Alpha Chi, Secretarial Club . KATHERINE CLAIRE COE, Tarkio, Missouri, Kappa Alpha Phi SENIORS Page 173 jx ggi X is 940 , A 7, " 7 'M ,555 . 3' - X 2, ix O 5 Q fs XC- -' is MARJORIE M. fkioffbjissour , g2,Alpha Phi, Briggadettes, -o, Prince of,SVdi:QClumt eration .N IRENE comme C3LE, arla Kent . LIL . C E, Fulton, Kentucky, pr n gd of ag5'o , Si'gsQAlplia Chi. Y ff 9593 F-Q Q Qs. Q? O gg Q, AQ X O Q57 65 cg " S92 KBSIQIIEIDQEJPQ COON, Buffalo, New York, Pledge Sponsor Beta .4 . 9 g 9-gm AN COOPER Kalamazoo, Michigan, Secretary ,f a e v , Q GX 5 n end , Hotel Advisory, Guidance Committee . PATRICIA 5 O A ane, Washington, Laura Stephens Advisory. l PHYLLIS E. COOPER, Los Angeles, California, Beta Sigma Beta . ' MARTHA Jo COPPLE, Tulsa, Oklahoma, Beta Phi Gamma . ANN 5 -N REBECCA COREY, Chardon, Ohio, President South Hall Independents, South Advisory, Foreign Relations Club. .1 X ANN H. CORN, Macon, Georgia, Delta Chi Delta, North Advisory u A S . MIRIAM CORNISH, Chicago, Illinois, Vice-President North Hall, 3 NS fur-rall Committee, North Advisory . EVELYN COTNER, Bronx- . J 444305121-ew York, Vice-President Alpha Sigma Nu, North Advisory, A 1 rm Club. i , x , ' A . Q jk U ' 1 ir' lhxg "x FE X Q5 xi mi 5 Ffa' f X 4 5 'I W, , jlvlin NORMAN CRAIG, Greenwood, Mississippi, Vice-President Chi I Ui QD? ta Phi, Treasurer Senior Hall Independents, Phi Theta Kappa . ' 2 3 .LNMARY ELIZABETH CRANWELL, Pikeville, Tennessee . JUNE E. ' 3 G Ircl-IFIELD, Lincoln, Nebraska, Athletic Association. I' ,, - 4 x i I 0 I x ,I JANE CROPP, Columbia, Missouri, Independent, Sigma Gamma Gamma, ' w Q. Burrall Orchestra, Pro Musica . BETTY RUTH CRYSLER, Caruthers- x . ville, Missouri, Independent . DoRo'rHY ISABEL CUBBERLEY, Salina, Kansas, North Advisory, Art Club. Page 17 SENIORS BETTY BIRD CULP, Gainesville, Texas, Independent, Delta Sigma, Photo Hobby . MARY CUMMINGS, Spencer, Iowa, Co-Chairman Senior Sister, Kappa Alpha Phi, Hypatia Hexagon . JANE CUNNINGI-IAM, Marietta, Ohio, Secretary-Treasurer Kappa Phi Delta, News Editor of Life, Student Health Council . NANCY DAU CUNNINGHAM, Pasadena, California, Independent . JANE CURRY, Wooster, Ohio, President Secre- tarial Club, Zeta Phi Delta, Alpha Pi Epsilon, Chi Delta Phi . VIRGINIA RUTH CUTLER, Washington, Missouri . JANE RUSK DALTON, Jefferson City, Missouri, Delta Rho Alpha, Phi Theta Kappa, Cosmopolitan Club, Foreign Relations Club SARA E. DAMON, Elkton, Kentucky, Secretary Day Students, Social Chairman Phi Lambda Beta . ANNE DARBY, Kansas City, Kansas, Vice- President Gordon Manor, Independent, Pro Musica . BETTY JANE DAVIS, Hannibal, Missouri, President Prince of Wales Club, Alpha Alpha Alpha . CATHERINE MAE DAVIS, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Sigma Gamma Gamma, Burrall Orchestra . ELIZABETH DAVIS, Webster Groves, Missouri, Athletic Association . JOAN DAVIS, Glasgow, Montana, Secretary-Treasurer Columbia Hall, Phi Lambda Beta, Stephens League . MARGARET HELEN DAVIS, Farmington, Missouri, Library Committee, Book Club NORMA JUNE DAVIS, Crescent, Oklahoma, President Campus Service Board, Theta Alpha Epsilon . RUTH J. DAVIS, Denver, Colorado, Phi Lambda Beta . SUSAN ROBERTS DAY, Clarksville, Tennessee . ELIZABETH DEMING, Evergreen, Alabama, Rush Chairman Phi Phi Phi, Athletic Association, Child Study Club, Nature Club . ANNA MARY DEMYER, Princeton, Kentucky, Vice-President Gamma Delta Phi, For- eign Relations Club . SARAH HORTON DENISON, Grand Rapids, Michigan, Independent, Guidance Committee, North Advisory, Athletic Association, Hypatia Hexagon . JUDY MARIE DENNEY, Mountain Grove, Missouri, Treasurer Pro Musica, Theta Tau Omega, Sigma Gamma Gamma, Glee Club, Burrall Orchestra 1940 BETTY RAY DENNIS, Clovis, New Mexico, Social Service Chairman Alpha Alpha Alpha, Sigma Gamma Gamma, Glee Club . JANE DENTON, Memphis, Tennessee, Vice-President Psi Chi Omicron . JANIS DICKEY, Evanston, Illinois, House Manager Tower Hall, Psi Chi Omicron, Tower Advisory, Burrall Committee. VIRGINIA DOKKEN, Bozeman, Montana, Independent, Pro Musica, Secretarial Club . MARIAN DOOLEY, Papillion, Nebraska, Secre- tary Cosmopolitan Club, Independent . MARY EVELYN DoPP, Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, Independent, Tower Advisory, Secretarial Club. FRANCES DORCHESTER, Shreveport, Louisiana, Secretary Kappa Alpha Phi . MAXINE DORWEILER, Chokio, Minnesota, Phi Phi Phi . FANNY LOU ECHOLS, Houston, Texas, Alpha Alpha Alpha, Hotel Advisory. MARILYN EIB, Joliet, Illinois, Zeta Mu Alpha, North Advisory, Ger- man Club . BETTY JANE ELDEN, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Child Study Club . MARILEE ELLSWORTH, Sidney, Nebraska, Secretary- Treasurer Senior Hall, Delta Chi Delta, Phi Theta Kappa, French Club, Foreign Relations Club. BERNICE ELTINGE, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Project Chairman Omega Psi, Glee Club, Sunrise Choir, French Club, Pro Musica . JEAN ELIZABETH EMDE, Lakewood, Ohio, Secretarial Club . BEVERLY SUE EPPINGER, Denver, Colorado, Vice-President Spanish Club, Sigma Alpha Chi, Tower Advisory, Botany Club. VALAURA M. ERNEST, Dearborn, Michigan, Assistant House Manager Lela Raney Wood, Child Study Club, Pro Musica . LILLIAN EVANS, Houston, Texas . FRANCES EVERITT, Wichita, Kansas, Wales Advisory, Child Study Club. Page 176 JOAN FARLEY, Bancroft, Nebraska, Independent, Pro Musica, Cosmopolitan Club . MOLLIE FARNAND, Portland, Oregon, Sigma Alpha Chi, Botany Club, Foreign Relations Club . DOROTHY FEIGI-ITNER, Fort Madison, Iowa, S.A.B. Representative Child Study Club, Omega Psi, Columbia Advisory . MARY JOAN FEISLER, Erie, Pennsylvania, President Cosmopolitan Club, Independent, Wood Advisory . MARY FIEDLER, Morgantown, West Virginia, President Beta Sigma Beta . BETTY FIELDS, Tupelo, Mississippi, Alpha Alpha Alpha, French Club . CAROLINE MAY FINKEL, Paducah, Kentucky, Zeta Phi Delta, Child Study Club MARY WAUNETA FISHER, Hubbell, Nebraska, Pledge Sponsor Alpha Sigma Nu . MIRIAM RUTH FOLTZ, Westerville, Ohio, Treasurer Cosmo- politan Club, Independent, Foreign Relations Club . JEAN EBERLE FOSTER, Sheridan, Wyoming, House Manager Laura Stephens, Alpha Sigma Nu, Laura Stephens Advisory, Secretarial Club . MARY ELLEN FOULK, San Antonio, Texas, Secretary-Treasurer Bizoochem, Omega Psi, Nature Club, Rock Hounds . ELIZABETH P. FOUNTAIN, Chatham, New Jersey, Pro Musica . SARAH LOUISE FOUNTAIN, I-Iot Springs, Arkansas, Art Club . MARJORIE G. FRANK, Chicago, Illinois, Independent, Child Study Club ELLEN G. FRASHER, Riverside, California, Eta Epsilon Gamma . HENRI TERESA FRAss, Darrouzett, Texas, Independent, Art Club . FRANCES FREEMAN, Chicago, Illinois, Beta Sigma Beta, Pro Musica . IRENE C. FREUND, Wilmette, Illinois, Social Project Chairman Delta Chi Delta, S.A.B. Representative Tau Sigma Tau . GERALDINE B. FRISE, Minneapolis, Minnesota, Social Chairman Tau Sigma Tau, Eta Epsilon Gamma, Art Club, Foreign Relations Club . BETTY A. FUNK, Athens, Michigan, Independent, Secretarial Club . RUTH ANN GANZ, Alvo, Nebraska, House Manager Senior Hall, S.A.B. Representative Kappa Phi Delta, Phi Phi Phi, Phi Theta Kappa, French Club, Nature Club Page 177 SENIORS 1940 MARJORIE GARBRECHT, El Paso, Texas, Delta Rho Alpha, Spanish Club, Pro Musica, Craft Hobby . JEANNE MARION GARDNER, Ypsilanti, Michigan, Secretary Art Club, Independent . MARY ADELAIDE GARDNER, Kingston, Ohio, President Columbia Hall Inde- pendents, Delta Sigma, Briggadettes, Athletic Association. MARJORIE GARLOW, Morgantown, West Virginia, President Inde- pendents, Beta Epsilon Phi, Athletic Association, German Club . PEGGY ANN GATCH, Terrace Park, Ohio, Independent, Athletic Asso- ciation, Hatcher Advisory, Foreign Relations Club . HELEN GEANOPULOS, Evanston, Illinois, French Club, Foreign Relations Club. DORIS MAE GEBHART, Los Angeles, California, Vice-President Secre- tarial Club, Zeta Phi Delta . HELEN M. GENTSCH, Lakewood, Ohio, Vice-President Hillcrest, Delta Chi Delta, Athletic Association . GERTRUDE GENZ, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Vice-President Panhellenic Council, Beta Sigma Beta, Phi Theta Kappa, Participations Committee, Cowl. DOROTHY JANE GEORGE, Shreveport, Louisiana, Delta Chi Delta . RUBY Jo GEVEDON, Lexington, Kentucky, House Manager South Hall, Secretarial Club . MARY KAY GIESELER, Shaker Heights, Ohio, President Laura Stephens Independents, Laura Stephens Ad- visory, Secretarial Club, Burrall Choir, Pro Musica, Nature Club, Prince of Wales Club, Foreign Relations Club. MARTHA GILBERT, Paris, Illinois, Secretary-Treasurer Spanish Club, Eta Epsilon Gamma . GLORIA GINDER, Columbus, Ohio, North Advisory, Omega Psi . HARRIETTE F. GIVENS, Wise, Virginia, President Tower Hall Independents, Tower Advisory. BETTY LOU GLADWIN, Des Moines, Iowa, Vice-President Phi Phi Phi, Phi Theta Kappa, Burrall Chorus . ELEANOR GLASSEN, Moberly, Missouri, Business Manager Standard, Beta Sigma Beta . DORIS ELIZABETH GLENN, Osborne, Kansas, Vice-President Laura Stephens Independents, Foreign Relations Club, Glee Club. Page 178 5 2 i l SENIORS HARRIETT E. GOLDBERG, Gastonia, North Carolina, President Book Club, Theta Tau Omega, Phi Theta Kappa, Theta Alpha Epsilon, Library Committee . BETTY JANE GOLDSTEIN, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Independent . MEREDITH Goonmcr-1, Wheatland, Wyoming, Treasurer T rer Book Club, Burrall Chorus, Foreign Rela- Art Club, North Advisory, Bizoochem . CAROLYN GOUWENS, Harvey, Illinois, Secretary- reasu tions Club . NANCY JANE GRAHAM, Jameson, Missouri, Pledge Sponsor Delta Rho Alpha, Foreign Relations Club, Child Study Club . ANNA LAURA GRAY, Julian, California, Delta Rho Alpha . ELIZABETH JANE GREEN, Crystal Falls, Michigan, Chairman of Lela Raney Wood Student Activity Committee, Delta Chi Delta, Glee Club, Athletic Association, Foreign Relations Club ELOISE GREEN, Greeley, Colorado, House Manager Columbia Hall, Independent . HELEN GREEN, San Diego, California, Assistant House Manager North Hall, North Advisory, Art Club . JACQUEIIYN GREEN, Downey, Illinois, Lela Raney Wood Activity Committee, Foreign Relations Club . BARBARA GRIFEITH, Racine, Wisconsin, President Zeta Mu Alpha, South Advisory, Cosmopolitan Club . VIOLA GRISWOLD, Ashtabula, Ohio, Theta Alpha Epsilon, Phi Theta Kappa . MAXINE GROMER, Pattonsburg, Missouri, Delta Rho Alpha, Secretarial Club, Glee Club . VIRGINIA ANN GUM, Alton, Missouri, Project Chairman Eta Epsilon Gamma Lois JEAN HAAS, Normandy, Missouri, Secretary-Treasurer Hotel, Hotel Advisory . MARY ELIZABETH HAGEN, Seattle, Washington, President Delta Sigma, Bizoochem, Rock Hounds . JEAN HALE, Monroe, Louisiana, Alpha Alpha Alpha, Child Study Club . MARY LoUxs HALE, Meridian, Mississippi, S.A.B. Representative Secretarial Club, Theta Tau Omega, Foreign Relations Club, Tower Advisory . RUTH HALL, Eddyville, Iowa, Independent . ANNE HALLEY, Antlers, Oklahoma, Zeta Mu Alpha . JEAN HAMILTON, Shreveport, Louisiana, Secretary- Treasurer Wales Hall, Kappa Alpha Phi, Delta Sigma, Bizoochem, Wales Advisory , Page 179 fr l 5 A 1 J 1940 A 65 HELENE JEAN HAMMEL, Chicago, Illinois, Gamma Delta Phi, Sigma Gamma Gamma, Pro Musica, Book Club . CORINNE HAMMOND, Kansas City, Kansas, Social Chairman Phi Phi Phi, Laura Stephens Advisory, Hypatia Hexagon, Foreign Relations Club . LILLIAN HAMPTON, Worland, Wyoming, Secretary-Treasurer Hatcher Hall, Secretary Secretarial Club, Independent. DOROTHY JANE HANNA, Marion, Alabama, Treasurer Eta Epsilon Gamma, Spanish Club, Foreign Relations Club . FRANCES HANS, Valentine, Nebraska . HELEN LEE HANSEN, St. Joseph, Missouri, President Tower Hall, Sigma Alpha Chi, Tower Advisory, Rostrum. Donzs JEAN HARGIS, Evanston, Illinois, Chi Delta Phi . ANNE HARRIOTT, Terre Haute, Indiana, S.A.B. Representative Athletic Association, Delta Chi Delta, Student Health Council, Foreign Rela- tions Club . JOSEPHINE HARRIS, Cleveland Heights, Ohio, Delta Chi Delta, Tower Advisory. BETTY BELLE HARRISON, Miami, Oklahoma, Beta Sigma Beta, Laura Stephens Advisory, Foreign Relations Club, Pro Musica . LUCILLE A. HARTSFIELD, Atlanta, Georgia, Phi Phi Phi, Laura Stephens Ad- visory . JANE HARTT, Avon Park, Florida, Phi Lambda Beta, Burrall Chorus, Glee Club, French Club, Pro Musica. BETTY JEAN HATCHER, Des Moines, Iowa, Phi Phi Phi, Guidance Committee, Laura Stephens Advisory, Child Study Club . JOYCE ANN HAWKINS, Urbana, Ohio, President Zeta Phi Delta, Student Health Council . VIRGINIA HAY, Cheyenne, Wyoming, Pledge Sponsor Kappa Alpha Phi. ANN HAZEN, Portland, Oregon, Secretary-Treasurer Gordon Manor Independents . AMELIA HEAD, Clovis, New Mexico, Social Chair- man Delta Rho Alpha, Burrall Chorus . MARGARET HEBARD, Buffalo, New York, Pledge Sponsor Zeta Phi Delta, Secretarial Club. L .4 nf " f,v V 5 :fi ,f '19 fn , V, Ir P Page 18 f . ,f J wfvgii yi JANE ET!-IEL I-IEDIN, La Grange, Illinois, Vice-President Omega Psi, Secretarial Club . ANNE I-IEUER, Davenport, Iowa, Social Chairman, Beta Sigma Beta, Rostrum, Pro Musica . RUTH MARGARET HEWES, Chicago, Illinois, Secretary-Treasurer Wood Hall, Stephensophia Typist Alpha Pi Epsilon, Secretarial Club . MELISSA C. HIBBERD, Richmond, Indiana, Secretary Student Activity Board, Zeta Phi Delta, Alpha Pi Epsilon, Secretarial Club, Foreign Relations Club . MARGARET VIRGINIA HICKLIN, Jacksonville, Florida, Child Study Club . GAYLE VIR- GINIA I-IILLEGEIST, Corpus Christi, Texas, Gamma Delta Phi, Burrall Chorus, Athletic Association, Pro Musica . CONSTANCE HILLS, Brooklyn, New York, S.A.B. Representative Biaoochem, Phi Phi Phi, Child Study Club J EAN HILLS, Jackson, Mississippi, Zeta Mu Alpha, Hatcher Advisory . MARY LOU HITT, University City, Missouri, President Rostrum, Gamma Delta Phi . PATRICIA HOBART, Aurora, Illinois, Wales Advisory, Burrall Chorus, Glee Club . MAZEE J' EAN HOLKE, Higginsville, Missouri, Independent, Wood Advisory, Child Study Club, Pro Musica . JEANNE HOLLISTER, Seattle, Washington, Secretary Delta Sigma, Wood Ad- visory, Athletic Association, I-Iypatia Hexagon, Nature Club . MARIE HOLMES, Wheaton, Illinois, Treasurer Lela Raney Wood Independents, German Club, Pro Musica . MARY VIRGINIA HOLMES, Wilmette, Illinois SHIRLEY A. HOLMES, Grand Rapids, Michigan, Pledge Sponsor Gamma Delta Phi, Cosmopolitan Club . DORIS HOLTER, Helena, Montana, Glee Club . VEvoNA DOROTI-IEA HOLMES, Whittier, California, Secretary Athletic Association, Independent, Botany Club . MARY ELIZA- BETH HOOVER, Salem, Illinois, Zeta Phi Delta, Art Club . MARILYN HOUGH, Akron, Ohio . PEGGY Toon HOUGHTON, Bronxville, New York, President Omega Psi, Athletic Association . CYNTHIA HOUSTON, Wheaton, Illinois, Project Chairman Kappa Alpha Phi, Book Club Page 181 SENIORS 1940 JOSEPHINE HOWARD, Versailles, Kentucky, President Gamma Delta Phi . JANET HUDSON, Libertyville, Illinois, Vice-President Phi Lambda Beta, Library Committee, Pro Musica, Foreign Relations Club, French Club . SUE VIRGINIA HULL, Indianapolis, Indiana, Secretary Phi Theta Kappa, Independent, Book Club. BARBARA HULMES, Houston, Texas, Phi Lambda Beta . MARY FRANCES HUNTER, Lafayette, Indiana, Delta Sigma, Athletic Associa- tion, Foreign Relations Club, Prince of Wales Club . ELEANOR HURT, Slater, Missouri, Assistant House Manager Columbia Hall, Sigma Alpha Chi, Book Club. BETTY LUCILLE HUSTON, Anderson, Indiana, Pledge Sponsor Delta Rho Alpha, Columbia Advisory . SHIRLEY JUNE HYMAN, Cleveland, Mississippi, Gamma Delta Phi, Pro Musica, Book Club, Foreign Rela- tions Club . MARIE AGNES IRR, Cleveland Heights, Ohio, Lela Raney Wood Activity Committee, Zeta Mu Alpha. MARGARET JEAN ISALY, Youngstown, Ohio, Vice-President Hypatia Hexagon, Delta Rho Alpha, Phi Theta Kappa, Sigma Gamma Gamma . VIRGINIA J. JACKSON, Sheridan, Wyoming, Alpha Alpha Alpha, Laura Stephens Advisory . CAROL JACOBS, Lamesa, Texas, Zeta Mu Alpha. MARY ELIZABETH JACOBS, Muskogee, Oklahoma, S.A.B. Representa- tive Pro Musica, Alpha Alpha Alpha, Sigma Gamma Gamma, Laura Stephens Advisory, Sunrise Choir, Burrall Chorus . BETSY ANN JACOBY, Wilmington, Delaware, Theta Tau Omega, Secretarial Club . MILDRED L. JAMES, Little Rock, Arkansas, Hypatia Hexagon. LENORE JAMEYSON, Wichita, Kansas, President McDonnell Hall, Delta Rho Alpha, Pro Musica, Foreign Relations Club, Nature Club . J ULIETTA JARVIS, Troup, Texas, President Foreign Relations Club, Eta Epsilon Gamma, Book Club . CoI.I.ETTE JEFFORDS, Spartan- burg, South Carolina, Independent, Cosmopolitan Club. Page 182 SENIORS MIRIAM RUTH JESSEN, Kansas City, Missouri, Treasurer Sigma Alpha Chi, Delta Sigma . DOROTHY JOHNSON, Glendale, Arizona, Phi Phi Phi, Glee Club, Student Concert Choir, Burrall Chorus, Pro Musica . MARY LOIS JOHNSON, Bloomington, Illinois, Independent, Foreign Rela- tions Club . MARIAN E. J OHNSTONE, Overbrook, Pennsylvania, Burrall Cabinet, Eta Epsilon Gamma, Athletic Association . GLORIA JONES, Tulsa, Oklahoma, Pledge Sponsor Eta Epsilon Gamma . JANE LEE JONES, Columbia, Missouri, Secretary Alpha Alpha Alpha, Publicity Chairman Day Students, Secretarial Club . MARY ANN JONES, Dallas, Texas JEAN J OSEPH, Belleville, Illinois, Secretary Sigma Alpha Chi . SYBIL F. KAHN, Auburn, Michigan . JANET MARIE KAYSER, White Plains, New York, Delta Chi Delta . MARCIA KEATE, Vancouver, British Columbia, President Theta Alpha Epsilon, Stephens League, French Club . ADELE NINA KELLY, Roswell, New Mexico, House Manager Wales Hall, Wales Advisory . MARGUERITE KENNEDY, Clear Lake, Iowa, Zeta Mu Alpha, North Advisory . JEAN HELEN KETCI-IERSIDE, Phoenix, Arizona, Vice-President Zeta Phi Delta, Alpha Pi Epsilon DOROTHY KIEKHOFER, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Treasurer Athletic Association, Phi Theta Kappa, Prince of Wales Club, Foreign Relations Club . MARYBELLE KIMMEL, DuQuoin, Illinois, Campus Editor Life, Kappa Phi Delta, Phi Theta Kappa, Wales Advisory . JANE ANN KIPLINGER, Toledo, Ohio, Chairman Library Committee, Independent, Phi Theta Kappa, Delta Sigma, Bizoochem, Burrall Orchestra . PATRICIA ANNE KIRK, Dearborn, Michigan, Secretary Panhellenic Council, Delta Rho Alpha, Alpha Pi Epsilon . PATRICIA H. KNUTH, Campbell, Minnesota, House Manager Hatcher Hall, Eta Epsilon Gamma . MARGARET E. KOCH, Elmhurst, Illinois, Treasurer Independents, Phi Theta Kappa, Glee Club . CAPITOLA KOENIGER, Cynwyd, Pennsylvania, Treasurer Campus Service Board, Manager Walter Tearoom, Kappa Alpha Phi, Alpha Pi Epsilon, Secretarial Club 1940 KATHLEEN KOHFELDT, Denison, Texas, Pledge Sponsor Sigma Alpha Chi, Tower Advisory, Rostrum, German Club . HELEN LUCILE KRAAS, Dewitt, Michigan . CHRISTINE KREIDLER, Arkport, New York, Social Chairman Eta Epsilon Gamma. MAXINE KRE11-zER, Richland, Missouri, Delta Rho Alpha . BETTY KREKEL, Grand Rapids, Michigan . JANIS KRELITZ, Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania. ELIZABETH JANE KRUEGER, Madison, Wisconsin, Secretary Child Study Club, Wales Advisory, Glee Club, Independent . JEAN GERTRUDE LAFITTE, Summit, New Jersey, President Art Club, Zeta Phi Delta, Tau Sigma Tau, Columbia Advisory . JEAN BURTON LAMASTER, New Castle, Kentucky, President Wood Hall, Gamma Delta Phi. ROSALITA LAURENZI, Memphis, Tennessee, Chairman Senior Sister Organization, Psi Chi Omicron . CORINNE LAWRENCE, Doniphan, Missouri, Eta Epsilon Gamma, Wood Advisory, Art Club, Burrall Chorus, Pro Musica . SARA ELIZABETH LAYTON, Orlando, Florida, Alpha Sigma Nu, Secretarial Club. GRACE LEE, Galatin, Tennessee, President Wales Independents, Wales Advisory, Foreign Relations Club . SARA G. LEE, Grand Haven, Michigan, Independent, Child Study Club . FRANCES MARY LEVINE, Birmingham, Alabama, Lela Raney Wood Activity Committee. JANE LEVY, Holly Springs, Mississippi, Secretary-Treasurer Gamma Delta Phi, Child Study Club . EMMA FRANCES LEWIS, Columbia, Missouri, Vice-President Day Students, Secretarial Club . MARY JANE LEWIS, Indiana Harbor, Indiana, President Fielding Smith Hall, Guidance Committee, Spanish Club. Page 184 ELLEN W. LICI-ITENBERG, Bexley, Ohio, President Laura Stephens Hall, S.A.B. Representative Theta Alpha Epsilon, Kappa Alpha Phi, Athletic Association, Cowl, Laura Stephens Advisory . LOVELLA LIGON, Wewoka, Oklahoma, Pledge Sponsor Beta Phi Gamma . DOROTHY JEAN LINDQUIST, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, Vice-President Administrative Council, Independent, Phi Theta Kappa, Tau Sigma Tau, Athletic Asso- ciation . LoIs LINDSAY, Virginia, Minnesota, Treasurer Alpha Sigma Nu . MARY MARGARET LIVELY, Mattoon, Illinois, Business Manager Life, Vice-President Columbia Hall Independents . PATRICIA LOCKRIDGE, Columbia, Missouri, Project Chairman Beta Sigma Beta . CARO- LYN ROSE LOEB, Atlanta, Georgia, President Child Study Club, Phi Theta Kappa PATRICIA RUTH LONGFELLOW, Oregon City, Oregon, Tau Sigma Tau . JULIA FRANCES LOUFEK, Minneapolis, Minnesota, Vice-President Botany Club, S.A.B. Representative Stephens League, Secretary Tau Sigma Tau, Phi Theta Kappa, Foreign Relations Club . MILLER LOVELL, Nashville, Tennessee, President Senior Class, Kappa Alpha Phi, Sigma Lambda Chi, Foreign Relations Club . ALICE JANE LUSK, Fort Wayne, Indiana, Vice-President Zeta Mu Alpha . ADA BELLE LYKES, Arden, North Carolina . BETTY LOU LYON, Delta, Colorado, Treasurer Secretarial Club, Alpha Sigma Nu, Laura Stephens Advisory . MURIEL JEAN MACDONALD, Tacoma, Washington, Social Service Chairman Delta Rho Alpha JEAN MACGREGOR, Aberdeen, South Dakota, Zeta Phi Delta . GLORIA FRANCES MAJOR, Monroe, Louisiana, Kappa Alpha Phi . MIDGE MAJOR, Chicago, Illinois, President White Hall, Independent, Foreign Relations Club, Pro Musica . MARIAN MARKER, Montclair, New Jersey, Phi Phi Phi, Athletic Association . CARRIE LOU MARKLEY, Parma, Michigan, Independent, Foreign Relations Club . ESTHER MARRIOTT, Downers Grove, Illinois, Gamma Delta Phi, Laura Stephens Advisory, Nature Club, Child Study Club . JANE ALMEDA MARS, Middlesboro, Kentucky, Vice-President Lela Raney Wood Hall A SENIORS 1940 DOROTHY MARTENS, Newcastle, Wyoming, Independent, Stephen- sophia Typist, Delta Sigma, North Advisory, Secretarial Club, Pro Musica . CAROLINE MASSEY, Haverford, Pennsylvania, Secretary Campus Service Board, Beta Sigma Beta, Alpha Pi Epsilon, Athletic Association, Secretarial Club . ELIZABETH MATHEWS, Elcor, Minne- sota, Secretary Alpha Sigma Nu. HELEN MATTESON, Southhampton, New York, Independent, Alpha Pi Epsilon, Secretarial Club, Athletic Association, Guidance Committee . CHARLOTTE MATTHEWS, Atlanta, Georgia, Theta Tau Omega . SHIRLEY MATTOX, Madisonville, Kentucky, Vice-President South Hall, Omega Psi, Burrall Orchestra. V lf XQQ-2923 i, , We my MQJMYT- it EHELEN EAE S0315 Sio x City, Nelzigska, Secretary Phi hi QQ Qrwyuithl icQAssg9fation, c ' Study Club, Prince of waits ciub . F5 L GIXSE IVIAFTZKE, Duluth, Minnesota, Burrall Cabinet, Q C I afipaf51fphaPhi, hi7I'hetaKappa,ForeignRelationsClub . JANET IQ? V1 tpms, Detroit, Michigan, ztta Mu Alpha, Glee Club, fs tixjgro Musica, French Club. -4' rf- DENISE MCCONNEY, Des Moines, Iowa . MARGARET McCoY, Hanover, New Mexico . RUTH MCDONALD, Smackover, Arkansas, House Manager Lela Raney Wood Hall, Beta Phi Gamma. - 'T i It Qigef, Y A , s Q u Ser 3-tw K .,a3 1- 4, ix?-f -,., ctw- W -RRP 'V sis ,LAO A -. or T -,D ee Tift. Gifs es-Ny W , Q7 ug Qs, L: .L A' ,J "e1'j-"ig-'-A 'ts PATRICIA MCELROY, Winnetka, Illinois, S.A.B. Representative Ros- trum, Beta Sigma Beta, Athletic Association . HELEN MARIE MCEWAN, Grand Rapids, Michigan, Glee Club, Burrall Chorus, Pro Musica . WILMA CELESTE MCEWEN, Hutchinson, Minnesota, Zeta Mu Alpha, Foreign Relations Club. CAROLYN L. MCGAUGHEY, Joplin, Missouri, President Hypatia Hexa- gon, Omega Psi . DORIS MCGUGIN, Kansas City, Missouri, Secre- tary Theta Tau Omega, Delta Sigma, Phi Theta Kappa . DOROTHY MCGUGIN, Kansas City, Missouri, Treasurer Theta Tau Omega, Delta Sigma, Phi Theta Kappa. Page 186 SENIORS GLADYS E. MCKEAN, Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, Independent, Book Club, Foreign Relations Club, Pro Musica . AUDREY E. MCLAUGHLIN, Clayton, New York, Omega Psi . SARAH ELIZABETH MCLEAN, Grand Rapids, Michigan, Beta Phi Gamma . OLIVE MADELYNE MEANS, Columbia, Missouri, Social Chairman Zeta Mu Alpha, Secretary-Treasurer Rostrum, President Day Students, Burrall Chorus, Student Concert Choir . BETTIE JAYNE IVIELCHER, Oeonomowoc, Wisconsin, Independent, Tower Advisory, French Club, Pro Musica . ELIZABETH MEN- DENI-IALL, Ithaca, New York, Burrall Cabinet, Independent, Phi Theta Kappa . LAVERNE MARGARET MENK, Shaker Heights, Ohio, Adver- tising Manager Stephensophia Delta Chi Delta, Athletic Association, German Club, Foreign Relations Club, Pro Musica DENNY MENZER, Creston, Iowa, Independent, Art Club . JANET MEREDITH, Indianapolis, Indiana, Independent . DOROTHY VIRGINIA MEYER, Concord, Illinois, Independent, Athletic Association, Cosmopolitan Club . MARGARET MIDDLETON, Saranac Lake, New York, Treas- urer Zeta Phi Delta, Bizoochem, German Club . DoRRIs MILAM, Tupelo, Mississippi . ELEANOR JANE MILLER, Oklahoma City, Okla- homa, Kappa Alpha Phi, Phi Theta Kappa, Hypatia Hexagon . ELIZABETH ANN MILLER, Junction City, Kansas, Secretary Sigma Gamma Gamma, Phi Lambda Beta, Sunrise Choir, Glee Club, Pro Musica FLORENCE MILLER, San Antonio, Texas, House Manager Hotel . JOAN MILLER, Chicago, Illinois, Sigma Alpha Chi . JOANN MILLER, Crawfordsville, Indiana, Sigma Alpha Chi, Foreign Relations Club . MARIAN E. MILLER, Britt, Iowa, Vice-President Senior Hall, Independent, Child Study Club . MARY BETH MILLER, Fabens, Texas, Zeta Mu Alpha, Athletic Association . VIRGINIA M. Q I M W id-fi-ff Page 187 Burrall Cabinet, Kappa Alpha Phi . EVELYN S. MOBERLEY, Sterling, Kentucky, SOciaFService Chairman SQg My f 2' 1940 ALICE MOLLER, Montclair, New Jersey, Vice-President Athletic Asso- ciation, Beta Sigma Beta . MARILYNNE MONTAGUE, Houston, Texas, Laura Stephens Advisory, Burrall Chorus, Rock Hounds, Foreign Relations Club, French Club . DIXIE MONTGOMERY, Abilene, Texas, Stephensophia Photographer, S.A.B. Represent- ative Camera Club, Zeta Mu Alpha. HAZEL Moonv, Belleville, Illinois, Sigma Alpha Chi . JOAN LINDSAY MOORE, Montclair, New Jersey, President Hillcrest Hall, Delta Chi Delta, Art Club, Athletic Association . LORRAINE MooRE, Bloom- ington, Illinois, Independent, Foreign Relations Club, Camera Club. MARGARET L. MOORE, Centerville, Iowa, Independent, Columbia Advisory . . MARGARET PRISCILLA MOORE, Minneapolis, Minnesota, Theta Tau Omega, Tower Advisory . BARBARA MORRIS, Water- town, South Dakota, Beta Phi Gamma. RUTH ELIZABETH MoRR1s, Des Moines, Iowa, Treasurer Phi Theta Kappa, Independent, Library Committee, Athletic Association ' . JANET Z. MORSE, Trinidad, Colorado, Independent, Secretarial Club . PEGGY ANNE MOSS, Meridian, Mississippi, Sigma Alpha Chi. ALICE DOROTHY MUESSEL, Olympia, Washington . JEAN MULLINS, Santa Fe, New Mexico, Business Manager Stephensophia, Independ- ent, Phi Theta Kappa, Kappa Phi Delta, Nature Club, Rock Hounds . MARGARET ANN MYERS, Pontiac, Illinois, Independent, Wood Ad- visory, Camera Club, Foreign Relations Club. VIRGINIA MYERS, Lancaster, Missouri, Omega Psi, Child Study Club . JANET NAY, Battle Creek, Michigan, Social Chairman Omega Psi, North' Advisory . BARBARA ANNE-NELSON, Atlanta, Georgia, Presi- dent Eta Epsilon Gamma. Page 188 Hi SQ? , W af ,J AQMMRHZ MARY LA TLEj, Santa Barbara, .avg moving, an 5 tm e 0 'N , ss. Qfsm K az. l I N aa eg ,LV Q, I., me Q 4 L Y , as mf, zo A 4: ' I a QL Y , Editor Life, Vice-President Kappa Phi Delta, SigmaiNu, Poreign Relations O ll ' ' ' I Club . NORMA NEWCOMB, Daytona Beach, Florida, Delta Chi Delta . JANET NEWPHER, Gates Mills, Ohio, Vice-President Tower Inde- C ll pendents, Vice-President Pro Musica, Sigma Gamma Gamma, Tower Advisory, Athletic Association . ANALE NEWTON, Little Rock, Arkansas, Eta Epsilon Gamma, Foreign Relations Club, Pro Musica, Secretarial Club . VIRGINIA NIMNICHT, Birmingham, Michigan, Vice-President Hatcher Hall, Independent, Hatcher Advisory, Hypatia Hexagon . MARY ANNE NOFSINGER, Louisville, Kentucky, Art Editor of Con- sume:-'s News Letter, Kappa Alpha Phi, Tau Sigma Tau,-Art Club . Lois NORDLINGER, Hawthorne, New York, Guidance Committee, Athletic Association MARY LOUISE NOTT, Indianapolis, Indiana, Independent, Child Study Club . SHIRLEY NYDEN, Chicago, Illinois, Vice-President Columbia Hall, Delta Chi Delta, Beta Epsilon Phi, Pro Musica . BETTY O'BRIEN, Grand Rapids, Michigan, President North Hall, Delta Chi Delta, be U. North Advisory . MARY HELEN O'CoNoR, Cincinnati, Ohio, Zeta Phi Delta . JEANNE MARIE O,DONNELL, Olean, New York, Delta Rho K Alpha . ETHEL ANN OGLESBY, El Dorado, Texas, Kappa Alpha Phi, Spanish Club . PATRICIA OLIVER, Corning, Arkansas, Eta Epsilon Gamma, Hatcher Advisory, Book Club MARJORIE OMARA, Oak Park, Illinois, President Burrall Class, Delta Chi Delta, Phi Theta Kappa, North Advisory . MARY EVELYN OPP, Detroit, Michigan, Project Chairman Zeta Mu Alpha, Foreign Relations Club, Spanish Club '. MARY JANE ORR, Grand Rapids, Michigan . MARY PORTER OWENS, Wilmette, Illinois, Pledge Sponsor Delta Chi Delta . DORIS REBECCA OZMENT, Dyersburg, Tennessee, Beta Phi Gamma, Athletic Association, Foreign Relations Club . MARY REBECCA PAGE, Russellville, Kentucky . MARGUERITE PALMQUIST, Helena, Montana, Zeta Mu Alpha Page 189 SENIORS v 'sit 1940 MARY ELIZABETH PARK, Metropolis, Illinois, Independent, Secretarial Club . HELEN PATTON, Ashland, Ohio, Secretary Zeta Phi Delta, Secretarial Club . FAITH PAYNE, Dayton, Ohio, Treasurer Child Study Club, Alpha Sigma Nu. CELIA P. PEARCE, Lake Linden, Michigan, Vice-President Civic Asso- ciation, Zeta Mu Alpha, Phi Theta Kappa, Foreign Relations Club . ELEANOR PEARSON, Burlington, Iowa, S.A.B. Representative Ger- man Club, Independent, Sigma Gamma Gamma, Laura Stephens Advisory, Burrall Orchestra, Glee Club, Pro Musica . PATRICIA JoAN PEASLEY, Freeport, Illinois, Guidance Committee. ANGELINE PEAVEY, Twin Falls, Idaho, Sports Editor Life, Secretary Botany Club, Independent, Athletic Association, Prince of Wales Club, Child Study Club . JOSEPHINE ANN PEET, Great Falls, Montana, Treasurer Delta Sigma, Phi Phi Phi, Phi Theta Kappa, Hypatia Hexagon . GENEVIEVE PENNER, Whitewater, Kansas, Independent, Burrall Chorus, Pro Musica. HARRIETT L. PENQUITE, Hillsboro, Ohio, Chairman Guidance Com- mittee. Project Chairman Zeta Phi Delta . RUTH PETERS, St. Louis, Missouri, Sigma Alpha Chi, Columbia Advisory, Child Study Club . BARBARA PETERSON, St. Louis, Missouri, Phi Phi Phi, Sigma Gamma Gamma, Tower Advisory, Burrall Chorus, Glee Club, Pro Musica. NATALIE LYMAN PFAFF, Shelbyville, Indiana, Secretary Columbia Inde- pendents, Guidance Committee, Book Club . ELIZABETH HASKINS PHILLIPS, Stanford, Connecticut, President Hotel, Zeta Phi Delta . MARY ERNESTINE PIERCE, French Lick, Indiana, Vice-President Alpha Pi Epsilon, Independent. RUBY EVELA PIPSAIRE, Longview, Texas, North Advisory . PoLLY PITTS, McLean, Illinois, Wood Advisory, Glee Club, Athletic Associa- tion, Hola Touche . RUTH ELIZABETH PLAss, Iowa City, Iowa, Inde- pendent, Student Health Council. Page 190 SENIORS JEANNE CAROL PLATT, New Haven, Connecticut, Social Chairman Senior Hall Independents . SHIRLEY JANE PLONER, Michigan City, Indiana, Treasurer Student Activity Board, Beta Sigma Beta, Delta Sigma, Student Health Council, Athletic Association . DORIS NATALIE PLOUGH, Memphis, Tennessee, Social Service Chairman Alpha Alpha Alpha, Child Study Club . NANCY JANE POMEROY, Carmi, Illinois, Tau Sigma Tau, Art Club . ELLEN CHRISTINE POPE, Memphis, Tennessee, Vice-President Stephens League, Foreign Relations Club, Pro Musica . MARY LOUISE POWELL, Columbus, Kansas, South Advisory . ARKIE LEE PRATT, Murphysboro, Illinois, Independent, Foreign Relations Club LILLIAN PREYSZ, Elkins, West Virginia, Independent, Burrall Chorus, Athletic Association, French Club . DORIS PRIDEAUX, Archer City, Texas, President Botany Club, Theta Tau Omega . BETTY LU PRIESTER, Minneapolis, Minnesota, Alpha Alpha Alpha y . BETTY PROTZELLER, Fairmont, Minnesota, President Stephens League, Independent . BETTIE MARIE PROX, Terre Haute, Indiana, Treasurer Beta Phi Gamma . MARY LEE PRUNTY, Columbia, Missouri, President Board of Publications, Kappa Alpha Phi, Sigma Lambda Chi, Athletic Association . MARGARET JANE PUTERBAUGH, Denver, Colorado, President Kappa Alpha Phi, Tau Sigma Tau, Art Club, Pro Musica HELEN RAE, Butte, Montana, House Manager White Hall, Independent . LURLINE H. RAINS, Okmulgee, Oklahoma, President Beta Phi Gamma, French Club . FRANCES RALSTON, Cincinnati, Ohio, Delta Chi Delta, Tau Sigma Tau, Burrall Committee . BARBARA RANG, Washington, Indiana, Phi Lambda Beta, Hatcher Advisory, Athletic Association . DOROTHY SUE REDDEN, Peconic, Long Island, New York, Literary Editor Stephensophia Independent, Chi Delta Phi, Phi Theta Kappa, Athletic Association . HARRIETT JEAN REEDER, Tuscola, Illinois, Vice-President Alpha Alpha Alpha . JANE REEVES, Hackett, Arkansas, Zeta Mu Alpha, Botany Club, Pro Musica 1940 PM ANNAMAY C. REID, Brooklyn, Indiana, Secretary Beta Sigma Beta, Secretarial Club, Foreign Relations Club . JANET REINKEN, Evans- ton, Illinois, Delta Chi Delta . ALICE MARIE REISCHMAN, Brecken- ridge, Texas, Secretary Beta Phi Gamma. SALLY HALTER REMSEN, Comfort, Texas, Editor Standard, Chi Delta Phi, Delta Sigma, Bizoochem, Nature Club, Photo Hobby Group, Rock Hounds . MARTHA ELIZABETH REPP, Greeley, Colo- rado . KATHERINE JANE RHODES, Breckenridge, Texas, Vice-Presi- dent Board of Publications, Kappa Alpha Phi, Foreign Relations Club. HELEN PEG ROBERTS, Dallas, Texas, President South Hall, Theta Tau Omega, Spanish Club . MARY ALYcE ROBERTS, Huntsville, Ala- bama, Social Project Chairman Psi Chi Omicron . DOROTHY ANNIS ROBINSON, Leachville, Arkansas, Treasurer Phi Lambda Beta, Foreign Relations Club, Stephens League, Pro Musica. S1-IIRLEE MAE ROME, Park Ridge, Illinois, Project Chairman Beta Phi Gamma, Chairman Traffic Committee, Cosmopolitan Club . BETTY VROSS, Webster City, Iowa, Editor Stephensophia, Delta Chi Delta, Kappa Phi Delta, Foreign Relations Club, Cowl . LUCY BARBARA ROSS, Lake Bluff, Illinois, Phi Lambda Beta. MARIAN LOUISE ROWND, Shaker Heights, Ohio, Pledge Sponsor Phi Lambda Beta, North Advisory, Prince of Wales Club, Athletic Asso- ciation . DOROTHY RUNALS, Olean, New York, Kappa Alpha Phi . . . j' J VIRGINIA RYANjLSJaJina, Kansas, Delta Chi Deltam I 4 X ' A ll-Ji, , Ni MMJILIN fvffJ1"lJfb5l'l'9f 11-I if , Jkf E' -1 ,A JJ VJ L ,MJ ,ffffJf- ,of lifyf f' X ffC.I,,W.P JANET SAMPSON, Wausau, Wisconsin, Vice-President Delta Chi Delta, Laura Stephens Advisory . BETTY RUTH SASS, Willow Springs, Missouri, Assistant Literary Editor Stephensophia, Feature Editor Life, Eta Epsilon Gamma, Kappa Phi Delta, Chi Delta Phi, Book Club, Pro Musica . MARYON C. Sci-IINI, La Crosse, Wisconsin, Independent, Athletic Association, Prince of Wales Club, Foreign Relations Club, Pro Musica. 1 , ,,.,, , Q Ks N : 'Q' 1 , , 5 . ---- A, xl Z .,,- 2.0 ,L , f +. 0 1-- I s, 3 runny- s-.rxsg .ev "' X-,' Q J X 5 U' a , ., - I , , I , . ... , .- - V . - .. A abgx -Lv .D -y J' ,,..-,..:--.,,' -' we--.. .,.ga,v..,,e..i -f -Q i . ' N - bw V In ' - vp, 1 5 5 , :K 4 I N , ' s Q X I -N 1 .QL I 'N-Xi+..- as .xi '3'hfL..,- fm- 11:-e'+- fr' "'?"'e-an I- -it "- it "'2..." ,ia fx-tk ws--A I an ' A - ,, ,. . . 1 ,Mak Q X X , N E 'P ' -T.. L, ,,-, g , .,- - gy, J My 3,34 ., ,,,, .ng I 'Q :M r,,,xf- --.L.s.,.,,,.,Ji .,,.,s ' N, L, 1, .gutu Wm.. ,, - - ,, , I . .g , ,v'-X. 'N 'Qi I ' f A Y it - ,,, -."x2,t ,I ,. A .. f 3 - 0 is X mhmll- MIS law.wlMl, XULGWH' .So a wi- N2e299.,l XM W-fe -QBW1 'fx -- . - sa- ,Q,,il.w,, e 2814 atvi.b..La s 4 , I W, In okh-1 'Mc emma ----- in-I HOPE H. Scx-IMIDT, Franklinton, Louisiana, Wales Advisory . MARGUERITE Scx-xugkzr, l1vi , Missouri, Vice-President Beta Epsilonm M Phi, Sigma Alpha Chi, Rostrum . VIRGINIA SCHUTT, Morrison, Illinois, Wales Advisory EDGARETTA Scorr, Cleveland Heights, Ohio,M'm Pledge Sponsor Alpha Alpha Alpha, Glee Club, Sunrise Choir . PATRICIA GLENN SCOTT, Kansas City, Missouri, President Columbia Hall, 1 51 . Theta Tau Omega, Stephens League, Camera Club, Foreign Relations Club . MARY EMILY SEARCY, Tuscaloosa, Alabama, Vice-President Sigma Alpha Chi, Burrall Orchestra, Athletic Association, Pro Musica, Prince of Wales Club . MIRIAM SELIGMAN, Bastrop, Louisiana, Inde- Gm"- pendent, Spanish Club M JANE SEMPLE, Tulsa, Oklahoma, Vice-President Botany Club, Eta Epsilon Gamma, Guidance Committee, Tower Advisory . DOROTHY JEANNE SERNES, Kansas City, Missouri, President French Club, Omega Psi, Guidance Committee, North Advisory . SARAH ELLEN SHAFFER, Ypsilanti, Michigan, Independent, Burrall Chorus, Foreign Relations Club . RUTH SHAEFFER, Auburn, Indiana, Secretary Alpha Pi Epsilon, Independent, Hatcher Advisory . JULIE CAROLYN SHECKLER, La Grange, Illinois, Vice-President Beta Sigma Beta . MARY KATHRYN SHELBY, Cape Girardeau, Missouri . BARBARA JANE SI-IELDRICK, Dearborn, Michigan, Treasurer Board of Publications, Delta Rho Alpha, Cowl ALMA SHIREMAN, Columbia, Missouri . GENEVIEVE SI-IREVE, Fort Madison, Iowa, Secretary-Treasurer Tower Hall, Psi Chi Omicron, Tower Advisory . CARLA SHRINER, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Sunrise Choir . CHRISTINE SHULTS, Blue Mound, Illinois, . HARRIET P. SHUMWAY, Evanston, Illinois, Secretary Delta Rho Alpha . SUZANNE H. SINCLAIR, Austin, Minnesota, House Manager North Hall, Zeta Mu Alpha, North Advisory . MARY SIVRIGHT, Minneapolis, Minnesota, Secretary Eta Epsilon Gamma, Child Study Club SEN IORS -Q. 1940 JANET SMALLEY, Douglas, Arizona, Independent, Burrall Chorus, Glee Club, Athletic Association, Child Study Club . MARION VIRGINIA SMIRL, Kirkwood, Missouri, Circulation Manager Life, President Lela Raney Wood Independents, Student Health Council, Foreign Relations Club . ATHALIE L. SMITH, Spokane, Washington, Secretary Delta Chi Delta, Laura Stephens Advisory. CHARLOTTE L. SMITH, Cody, Wyoming . ELEANOR E. SMITH, Alton, Illinois, Secretary Secretarial Club, Social Chairman Alpha Sigma Nu, Alpha Pi Epsilon . EI.IzABETI-I GILLAN SMITH, Seattle, Washington, Secretary-Treasurer Stephens League. JEANNE SMITH, Portland, Oregon, President Wales Independents . NANCY SMITH, Portland, Oregon . ROBERTA LEE SMITH, Jerseyville, Illinois, Pledge Sponsor and Social Chairman Psi Chi Omicron. VIRGINIA LEE SMITH, Salt Lake City, Utah, Eta Epsilon Gamma, Senior Advisory, Guidance Committee . CLARA SMITHMEYER, Topeka, Kansas, Art Editor Stephens Life, Phi Phi Phi, Tau Sigma Tau, Tower Advisory, Art Club . BERYL SNYDER, Red Bank, New Jersey, Inde- pendent, Foreign Relations Club. BARBARA SOMERS, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Zeta Mu Alpha . HELEN JANE SORENSEN, Terrace Park, Ohio, Treasurer Senior Class, Delta Chi Delta, Phi Theta Kappa . MURIAI. BARBARA SORENSEN, Fort Pierre, South Dakota, Independent, Sigma Gamma Gamma, Glee Club, Sunrise Choir, Pro Musica. EI.IzABETH HARRIET SPANGLER, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Pro Musica, Nature Club, Child Study . JANE SPENCER, Caracas, Vene- zuela, President Spanish Club, Delta Rho Alpha, Glee Club, Foreign Relations Club, French Club . MARGARET STAFFORD, Des Moines, Iowa, Treasurer Omega Psi, Vice-President Delta Sigma, North Ad- visory, Bizoochem, Pro Musica. SENIORS ANNIE LEE STAGG, Jacksonville, Florida, President Phi Theta Kappa, Independent, Beta Epsilon Phi, Theta Alpha Epsilon, Rostrum . MARY Jo STALSBURG, El Paso, Texas, Secretary Psi Chi Omicron, Athletic Association, Stephens League, Pro Musica . RUTH STAMAN, Shreveport, Louisiana, Vice-President Kappa Alpha Phi . JAYNE STANDISH, Bedford, Indiana, Life Photographer, Camera Club . BETTY STANLEY, Lead, South Dakota, Zeta Phi Delta, Burrall Chorus, Student Concert Choir, Wales Advisory . BARBARA STERNBERGER, Indianapolis, Indiana, Athletic Association . HELEN A. STEVENS, Park Ridge, Illinois, Vice-President Cosmopolitan Club ANNA CLAIRE STEWARD, Carthage, Missouri, Delta Rho Alpha, Tau Sigma Tau . MARGARET STEWART, Chicago, Illinois, Independent, Guid- ance Committee . JEAN STILES, Shreveport, Louisiana . ELIZABETH C. STOCKING, Columbus, Ohio, Secretary Senior Hall Independents, Foreign Relations Club, Athletic Association, Pro Musica . SHIRLEY STOCKWELL, Hillsboro, Ohio, Vice-President Senior Class, Zeta Phi Delta, Columbia Advisory, German Club . LIDA STOLL, Lexington, Kentucky, Social Chairman Gamma Delta Phi, Athletic Association, Foreign Relations Club . ELIZABETH STOLLENWERCK, Memphis, Tennessee. Zeta Mu Alpha HELEN ROGENE STUART, Montclair, New Jersey, Delta Chi Delta, Stephens League . MARJORIE SUDDARTI-I, Kansas City, Missouri, Social Chairman Alpha Alpha Alpha . ALTHEA LOUISE SUMMERS, Hutchinson, Kansas, Secretary Camera Club, Independent, Tower Advisory, Nature Club, Pro Musica . MARY LoU1sE TAGGART, Cody, Wyoming . WILMA JANE TENER, Riverside, Iowa, Vice-President Wood Hall, Independent, Wood Advisory, Glee Club, Foreign Relations Club . JULIA C. TEST, Hinsdale, Illinois, Assistant Circulation Manager Life, Independent . JESSICA LEE THOMAS, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, South Advisory, Cosmopolitan Club 1940 LUCY PAXTON THOMAS, Denver, Colorado, Zeta Mu Alpha, Athletic Association, Foreign Relations Club . BARBARA THOMPSON, Muske- gan, Michigan, Secretary-Treasurer South Hall, Beta Sigma Beta . MARGAR1'rA THOMPSON, Winnetka, Illinois, Delta Chi Delta, Burrall Choir, North Advisory. MARY ELIZABETH THOMPSON, Kansas City, Missouri, Vice-President Theta Tau Omega, Treasurer Botany Club . SCOTTA THOMPSON, Ardmore, Oklahoma, President Hatcher Hall, Beta Sigma Beta, Bur- rall Orchestra, Athletic Association, P. of W. Club, Hatcher Advisory, Pro Musica, Rostrum, Foreign Relations Club . ANNA MAY TIEDE- MANN, Waterloo, Iowa, Manager Lela Raney Wood Tearoom, Leader of Brigadettes, Kappa Alpha Phi, Pro Musica. CLAIRE ANN TILLMAN, Gainesville, Florida, President Alpha Sigma Nu . JEAN D. TOOLE, Evanston, Illinois, House Manager Tower Hall, Psi Chi Omicron, Tower Advisory, Foreign Relations Club . DOR- OTHY JANE TOON, Oak Park, Illinois, Omega Psi, Secretarial Club. HELEN L. TOWNSEND, Worcester, Massachusetts, Zeta Mu Alpha . HELEN R. TRIPP, Brownsville, Tennessee, Vice-President Sigma Gamma Gamma, Zeta Mu Alpha . EILEEN TROLAND, Portland, Oregon, President Gordon Manor. MARY FRANCES TRUEBLOOD, Freeport, Illinois, Independent . TELULAI-I MARGUERx'rA TRUEMAN, Bedford, Indiana, Sigma Alpha Chi, Symphony Orchestra, Art Club . ALENE TURNER, Wausau, Wis- consin, President Sigma Alpha Chi. ELINOR RUTH TURNER, Kansas City, Missouri, Phi Phi Phi, Secretarial Club, Camera Club . RosA LEE TURNER, Colby, Kansas, Phi Theta Kappa . MARY KATHLEEN TUTTLE, Metcalf, Illinois, Independent. Page I 9 MIRIAM ELIZABETH TYLER, Richmond, Virginia, Sigma Alpha Chi . DONNA MARIE TYRHOLM, Brainerd, Minnesota, Senior Representative Campus Service Board, Delta Chi Delta, Burrall Orchestra . BETTY JANE UNDERRINER, South Orange, New Jersey, Independent, Tower Advisory, Book Club, Pro Musica, German Club, Art Club . BETTY FRANK URBAN, Tulsa, Oklahoma, President Hola Touche, Gamma Delta Phi, Pro Musica . WANDA JEAN UTTERBACK, Columbia, Missouri, S.A.B. Representative Sigma Gamma Gamma, Burrall Orchestra, Pro Musica . SYLVIA VARY, Elgin, Illinois, Pledge Sponsor Omega Psi, Glee Club, Sunrise Choir . BLANCHE C. VESELY, Riverside, Illinois Vice-President Independents, North Advisory, Foreign Relations Club ALICE VESTAL, Park Ridge, Illinois . ADELHEIT VIETS, Girard, Kansas, Managing Editor Life, Chi Delta Phi, Kappa Phi Delta, Phi Theta Kappa . WILHA MAE VOLKLAND, Bushton, Kansas, Phi Phi Phi, Secretarial Club, Child Study Club, Camera Club . HAZEL JEAN WALDROP, Winnett, Montana, S.A.B. Representative Delta Sigma, Independent, Phi Theta Kappa . MARY BATES WALKER, Richmond, Kentucky, Independents . RUTH ELIZABETH WALLIN, La Paz, Bolivia, Secretary-Treasurer Lela Raney Wood Hall, Eta Epsilon Gamma, Student Health Council, French Club . ALICE WALLS, Highland Park, Michigan, Beta Sigma Beta, Beta Epsilon Phi KATHERINE WAPLES, Oak Park, Illinois, Secretary-Treasurer North Hall, Delta Chi Delta, North Advisory . MARIE WARNEKE, Webster City, Iowa, Treasurer Delta Rho Alpha, Alpha Pi Epsilon, Secretarial Club . CARROLL FRANK WATSON, Louisville, Kentucky, President Phi Lambda Beta, Sigma Gamma Gamma, Pro Musica . MARY ELIZABETH WATSON, Denver, Colorado, Treasurer Sigma Gamma Gamma, Omega Psi, Glee Club . GERTRUDE GLADYS WEAVER, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, President German Club, Independent, Burrall Chorus, Foreign Rela- tions Club, Pro Musica . EST!-IER M. WEBB, Shaker Heights, Ohio, Treasurer Chi Delta Phi, Tau Sigma Tau, Tower Advisory, Athletic Asso- ciation, Prince of Wales Club, Poetry Group . HELEN LUCILLE WEBB, Forsyth, Montana, Delta Rho Alpha, Alpha Pi Epsilon, Secretarial Club, Pro Musica, Child Study Club SENIORS 1940 MARIAN LUCILLE WEBB, Lakewood, Ohio, House Manager Wood Hall, Delta Sigma, Student Health Council . RUTH CAROLYN WEBB, Nashville, Tennessee, President Chi Delta Phi, Chairman Poetry Group, Phi Theta Kappa . WINIFRED WEBERG, Paris, Illinois, President Alpha Pi Epsilon, Delta Rho Alpha, Library Committee, Secretarial Club, Pro Musica. PEGGY MARIE WEILL, Atlanta, Georgia, S.A.B. Representative Book Club . NANCY Lou WERMUTH, Fort Wayne, Indiana, Pledge Spon- sor Zeta Mu Alpha, Secretarial Club . JOAN WERT, Ames, Iowa, Secretary Lela Raney Wood Independents, Chi Delta Phi, Athletic Association, Spanish Club. JEANNE E. WEST, Clayton, Missouri, Beta Phi Gamma . MAR- GARET V. WETHERALD, Grand Blanc, Michigan, S.A.B. Representative Hyaptia Hexagon, Delta Rho Alpha, Nature Club . DORIS RUTH WETMORE, Detroit, Michigan, House Manager Hillcrest, Sigma Alpha Chi,Bizoochem.I 7fffu'f-- 5' '7f'M-' f-""" rg' yawn. -W'-"JJ2"" U ' A arte... fs4rYa.4,-fi.-if-o - NL-6-LTCF AA' fu-f v-Yf fwfr- - Lew-Q , 'B ware MARTHA GERRY WHEELER, Haworth, New Jersey, Independent, Bur- rall Chorus, Foreign Relations Club . ELIZABETH MARY WHITE, Murfreesboro, Tennessee . PRISCILLA WHITE, Davenport, Iowa, Vice-President Hatcher Hall Independents, Vice-President Phi Theta Kappa, Glee Club, Burrall Chorus. HELEN E. WHITING, Streator, Illinois, Secretary-Treasurer Laura Stephens Hall, Gamma Delta Phi, Phi Theta Kappa, Laura Stephens Advisory, German Club . JEAN HOWIE WHITING, Evanston, Illi- nois, Phi Phi Phi, Foreign Relations Club . BETTY WHITLOW, Tulsa, Oklahoma, S tephensophia Photographer, Independent, Library Committee, Glee Club, Camera Club. NANCY WI-IITTIER. Streator, Illinois, S.A.B. Representative Phi Theta Kappa, Chi Delta Phi, Foreign Relations Club . MARGARET WHITWELL, Merion, Pennsylvania, President Athletic Association, Kappa Alpha Phi . PI-IYLLIS ANN WIESENER, Tuscola, Illinois, President Alpha Alpha Alpha, Athletic Association, Spanish Club, Bizoochem. Page 10 SEN IORS BETTY WIGTON, Cerro Gordo, Illinois, President Student Activity Board, Sigma Alpha Chi . JANICE A. WILCOX, Joliet, Illinois, Treasurer South Independents, South Advisory . MARY RACHEL WILI-IELM, Kansas City, Missouri, Secretary German Club, Phi Lambda Beta, North Advisory . BLOSSOM WILLENS, Chicago, Illinois, Secretary-Treasurer Beta Epsilon Phi, Secretary Chi Delta Phi, Project Chairman Phi Theta Kappa, Book Club . SHIRLEY WILLIAMS, St. Louis, Missouri, President Fielding Smith Independents . FLORENCE WILSON, Nacogdoches, Texas, President Tau Sigma Tau, Art Club . GRACE WILSON, Omaha, Nebraska, Theta Alpha Epsilon CHARLOTTE WINDLE, Red Oak, Iowa, Social Chairman Sigma Alpha Chi . DORIS WINSTEL, Fort Thomas, Kentucky, Burrall Cabinet, Zeta Phi Delta, Foreign Relations Club . ROSE MARIE WIPKE, Kirkwood, Missouri, Secretary-Treasurer Gordon Manor, Independent, Pro Musica . MARGARET WOOFENDEN, Highland Park, Michigan, Beta Sigma Beta . ELIZABETH JANE WORTLEY, Wakefield, Michigan, Independent, Wales Advisory, Burrall Orchestra . HARRIETTE WRENN, Omaha, Nebraska, Independent, Child Study Club . MARGARET WULBERN, Pine Bluff, Arkansas, Treasurer Kappa Alpha Phi, Prince of Wales Club NELL RICE WYNN, Providence, Kentucky, Eta Epsilon Gamma, Student Health Council . GEORGANNA YEAGER, Duncan, Oklahoma, Inde- pendent, French Club . JEAN M. YORK, Indianapolis, Indiana, President Theta Tau Omega, Athletic Association, Prince of Wales Club . MARJORIE YOUNG, Anderson, Indiana, Vice-President Rostrum, Assistant Chairman Camera Group, Independent, Tower Advisory, Pro Musica. Book Club, Art Club, Cowl . MARY VIRGINIA YOUNG, Perry, Missouri, Treasurer Columbia Independents, Foreign Relations Club, Pro Musica . OLIVIA RUTH ZELLER, Kirkwood, Missouri, Treasurer Zeta Mu Alpha, Treasurer Delta Sigma, North Advisory . MARNIE PRAI-IMAN, Webster Groves, Missouri, President Panhellenic Council, Kappa Alpha Phi, Delta Sigma, Phi Theta Kappa ,gdgul,Q,, ,Qf-,,,,,6,,,.,.,.,f7f1.-.WIS ' fc-fe-ov ',gx,a,,.,2,Q,a,a-' fi4fvLo76 gf-N fam' ,' Q"d"Ab 'zo AW nm' 'Zi , 0 .... I ' 2 ' ,,aZ. -r Af p W3 ' ,l...a - 01-- ?5fEi'3:1'i"m ' mu-lzwf 1, .,,,. V,x,,. r CAMPUS GUESTS Miss Joanne Taylor of KMBC, Kansas City, and Miss Judith Waller, of the NBC Edu- cational Department, guests of the Radio Department . . . Don Bestor cheerfully scribbles his name for a fan at the Pan-Hell dance . . . David Lawrence, noted columnist and Mrs. Lawrence visit daughter Nancy . . . The Oxford and Cambridge debaters with Scotta Thompson and Mr. Wiksell . . . Miss Ruth Millet, columnist, learns about ,NSusies for her syndicated feature . . . Miss Forte chats with Lord Marley about the "Agthenia', disaster. QLord Marley was one of the speakers in the Foreign Relations Cliilb lecture seriesj . . . Miss Irene Rich with President Wood on the steps of the wf,vl.1m..m:w ' ,,,, A,....,,,,i Additorium after Convocation . . . Stuart Chase s eaks of "Words" . . . Ton D1Pardo fwfflfmqewiel ft 'Wi 51 . . 'li' anti ban A-elgn at the Senior Prom. , f ,il iwlfvllf N R , , f 4 1 L qgtgeggh ,Mil ' ji X ff! if P 300 1 1 ,-. , A,,,, y R 5 ??E':lffTf ' SPRING ACTIVITIES 71' V HMM .5 552114-fm 'lf :' -if :,fGQ1:1g:,gxs .1 Ll ,- W 'PWR uf' in mmm! gi 2-- ff., 'si-sxnjgiij 5, wig, 2 'K '.:,f.Q.. V, 5 as '.-HL,-. . W -1 9 4 :.- FG' M ff. .52 ., T V,-55-:glQ3,.'1,1-'Lv,5',4 , ,j :Sq 'Qii.iil'?!L" ig ,qi ,iff " .. 9 fsff' ' "12f'fi?Tffl-1"ff,.-. -if 1'wWf':.'f,v.,-3111 If .1 "'- ' ., .X .f,3-,yy W.:-1 V X I ,:g.'5':'- '- . .- 14:65 -, X ,- X fifa I 'K 5' ::--'. X gf of' f k' f995fNP'JfQxfx' amy. Q9 STEPHENSOPHI A N I :Egg 2 Q l -2 3 5 5 UQ!! REDDEN, MARTENS, MENK, HEWES, Ross, SAss, MuLL1Ns, WHITLOW, MONTGOMERY, CUMMINGS up BETTY Ross MR. DECKER, MR. COLLINS Optimistic, persevering Betty Ross is the hard-working editor-in-chief of the volume you hold in your hands. Her aim, to which she has been loyal, has been to publish, for the students, an annual that would reflect the year 1939- 1940 on the Stephens campus. Literary Editor Dorothy Redden, like a distracted hen with four chicks, Worried faithfully from September until the April deadline was met. Her junior staff CVirginia Anson, Phyllis Babcock, Sherry Prugh, and Pauline Shannonl helped Dot turn out what she fondly calls copy. Business Manager Jean Mullins shooed the entire student body through Mr. Parsons' photography studio. Aided by her junior staff CBarbara Ann Albrecht, Joan Carey, Mary Jean Hammersmith, and Pat Kellyj Jean arranged successful steak dinners at the Pennant and "kept the books.', Page 202 FOR l JEAN MULLINS lf 1 I5- , r, If K V ,. Pg 203 9 40 Advertising Manager LaVerne Menk topped last year's record for ads. Helping LaVerne solicit Qand collect D were Vir- ginia Hunter, Saranne Otting, Vera Mae Phillips, and Harriet Shea. Betty Ruth Sass held the ofhcial title of "Chief Flunky". She did most of the identification of the pictures. Four photographers took the array of pictures on these 276 pages: Dixie Montgomery, Reese Fredrickson, Betty Whitlow, and Mary Cummings. As typists, Dorothy Martens and Ruth Hewes did a great deal of tedious Work. Sponsors Carvel Collins and John Decker guided the annual over the bumpy spots on the road to publication. And so, like Carter's Iron Glue, the entire staff has stuck to the Stephensophia, to the jobs at hand, and to each other. ' KELLY, FREDRICKSON, SI-IEA, SHANNON, ALBRECHT, HAMMERSMITH, CAREY, PHILLIPS, BABCOCK, HUNTER, PRUGH, OTTING Chantecler Sorority House Th F DRAMA The drama department expresses itself in three types of production: those of the Stephens College Theater, the senior class play, and the Burrall Class Play. A. Laurence Mortensen, Darrell Ross, Miss Jane Alexander, Miss Esther Buchanan, and James Tracy are the "names" in this department. They select for study and production the plays which they feel the students ought to know better. They choose not only great plays, but ones which are entertaining as well. This year the three plays produced in the Stephens College Theater were Chan tecler by Edmond Rostand, Iphigenia in Tauris by Euripedes, and The Fan by Carlo Goldini. Gilbert and Sullivan's Patience was presented at Commencement. The senior class under the very excellent direction of Mr. Mortensen presented Sorority House by Mary Coyle Chaseg and the Burrall play which was directed by Mr. Ross, was Family Portrait by Coffee and Cowen. e an I phigenia , . "X it i f if 5' 5 3 E, B . HQ yi A . 'lf 'iff' ' . V rl, 'K 4 A- i- MR. MORTENSEN Miss ALEXANDER, MR. Ross Pug 204 Mxss MAUDE ADAMS Miss Maude Adams supervised this year, among other productions, her beloved Chantecler and the Greek tragedy Iphigenia. She graciously consented to describe these two plays to the student body, and did so with such a vivid touch that every girl felt their wonder and beauty. Miss Adams has just com- pleted her third year at Stephens. She has brought to the campus a charm and inspiration which is all her own. The girls who work under Miss Adams come to love and appreciate the drama with all their hearts and minds. Pg 205 CARROL FRANK WATSON in Iphigenia J THE BRIGGADETTES Tall, brunette Anna May Tiedemann leads the Briggadettes and also plays saxophone and clarinet. Although this is only the band's second year, it has been in popular demand at hall dances, broadcasts, benefit programs, feature nights, Kemper dances, and even the M. U. Jayshow! The band keeps about seventy-five play- ing pieces on tap, just in case. It possesses four assets in its singers: Laura Marie Kenna, Nadine Arthurs, Betty Nelson, and Mary Jane Menke. The Briggadettes is composed of saxaphones Cjean Arthur, Julia Hahn, Mary Jane Menke, Virginia Schuttb, trumpets CMary Gardner, Carol Maigatter, Betty RoutD, violins CMarjorie Coe, Janice Gollobith, Shirley Mattoxb, trombone Uuanita WoodyD, cello CDorothy Morrisb, piano CRuth Shaefferj, bass Uane Shackle- fordj, and drums CB1anche Deschampsj. Charles Hendricks is the Briggadettes' adviser. ANNA MAY TIEDEMANN W Page 206 RADIO The Murals in the Radio Rooms Sound Effects Strange as it seems, the radio department at Stephens has for its primary aim not so much teaching girls to become career women in radio as to become intelligent listeners . . . consumers as it were. A great many girls, however, go into the professional Held of radio. The classes are devoted to writing scripts, rehearsing shows, planning programs, and also to studying social implications and the philosophy of radio as an art. There are a number of Stephens programs broadcast over the local station, KFRU. Most of these are done exclusively by people in the radio classes. These programs range from interviews to round table discussions to drama. Sherman P. Lawton efficiently and 1 capably heads the Radio Department. Other instructors are Miss Jane Mancill, Miss Alice Walls, Stuart Postle, and George Guyan. Page 207 l ART Mr. Gilkey at the Etching Press The Art Department, of which Miss Mary Ellen Cowling is the acting chairman, offers courses in watercolors, painting, abstract composition, costume design, interior decoration, murals, modeling stage sets, etchings, photography, and the designing of monogrammed sta- tionery, Christmas cards, book plates. A series of fourteen exhibits was placed on the Lela Raney Wood mezzanine during this year. Q The Stephens Traveling Exhibit is a group of student work which is sent to various places such as the William Rockhill Nelson gallery at Kansas City, the Art Institute in Chicago, and the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis. The Art Department also chooses forty outstand- ing art students to attend the six weeks summer session at Stephens. 4 Jane Puterbaugh puts some hours on her murals for the Psychology Department . . . One of the Lela Raney Wood Mezzanine exhibits. 4 so c D A Page 208 IDEALS THE MEANING OF APPRECIATION OF THE BEAUTIFUL . . . An ability to see loveliness in ordinary surroundings as Well as in art, music, or literature, and to inspire love for the arts in others. CHEERFULNESS . . . Consistent maintenance of a bouyantly cheerful out- look on life and a cordial friendliness which brings gladness to others. COURTESY . . . Gracious refinement and friendliness which express them- selves in marked consideration for the comfort and feelings of others. FORCEFULNESS . . . Tried ability in office, especially as evidenced by success in tactfully influencing others to work, and in exerting a wide and constructive influence over the campus as a whole. HEALTH . . . Radiant health of body, excellent physical and mental well- being, not necessarily the ability to star in sports, but a real. interest in them. THE F OUR-FOLD GIRL is the senior girl chosen for the noteworthy attributes of mental strength, physical health, social poise, and spiritual vision. P g 210 THE TEN IDEALS HONESTY . . . Courage in one's own convictions, eagerness to acknowledge aid and achievements of others, and intolerance of dishonesty of any sort. LOVE OF SCHOLARSHIP . . . A sincere appreciation and enjoyment of learn- ing, combined with accurate attention to detail, a questioning attitude which leads to voluntary study. - SELF-DISCIPLINE . . . A personal control of sufficient power to enable a girl to do what she knows ought to be doneg absolute dependability, involving a wise organization of time and money and a wise decision between various loyalties. SERVICE . . . Dependable service to Stephens and to one's friends-not par- ticularly conspicuous services which yield honor to the doer, but more especially small, unobtrusive, but constantly-repeated services. REVERENCE TOWARD THE SPIRITUAL . . . Loyalty to high ideals, a desire to be a positive force for good, tolerance of religious beliefs of others, and a real sincerity in the individual practice of a personal religion. 4. E E THE BEST PRIVATE CITIZEN has shown a consistent constructive influence through her respect for campus laws, and by her power of leadership. She does not hold a major campus office but maintains, both in attitude and in action, the ideals of the school. Page 211 H91 ,L ri? flif is as' 3 .. . ' W Q mf '- T in i . , 1, Jmr, X1 1 ,,-,,:.:::51g,-ug, 2 K 2' K 2 k X 1, ,J Q Q 2? rs . V., ffgggf 4 Hg, , 2, ,, ?f':6LY5fEHIf2y4?,fw'.. 35- W fs if S 2' sm 'xii , kg f ,i4 'iii Wg, ,dmv a?fl?2?E5:iiL5f"ii?' ,z :si wgzw ,T aw w yy ,ii M gw L ,S ,A ia W, .. f-fLSwEf2:' X .5?iE521is1 :S 2? W QT 5253? SY RQ H25 . aiiamigitgwl 1 , 3, W, ,,. L, W . ' ff my-za 552112 3,45-'f, 'V ,, J -22 M www. .5 .wk gg ,M . ,L I V' I 'f 5 ' ,!ffmZVKYf'Z,k , ' Lfwfifxl' --,-ff? f ' ' , ' 'wi -'E'vLf.,' -7-Tw vm ifrffvgww-w Y . 1, A. Q : pu- M, Rf E:-:Q -Le,2',f,. s A 'f-pm, -I Q jf KV 'wg E, 4, Vg 'gy 7 QW, 2 , A ,-5:Q,:a5g w 1z a ' Kg , 1 f Kg guiqqk, ,,f,,,,f, ,,k . ,,, 2 Q55 msf,fs.f.4.f ?ii,21gM fw241 ,QM k 2,55 V "VLisz1,s'vE,fnf1,1??? ii ' ff - W-iffzgfQ'- , gh fffga+Gzw.,ffqgsef,, , fx .,f14+f4Wi'iQ"' 5g7,'f,', wk 5' "JA-',1 f!f'gj-i Kiln L -'g',i'7fJf,fT','1,f' , ia?f"g-wig. K, , L ,Aw ' -fwfz: mf-,, -Qggl, N, :-,L -.a:95,gga3,,Qag:g a f. yi. 5 - M, 2 ,zsif-is f.,ifg',,w Wgyf, W W r-ggi5,,?LgfqQ.mQgi lim: ' 12,54-.L Ai gi?-'Z121112-5+?5'f7aai ML MJ w,,,,m,,,,M ,, .Q ,ggi ,,sW,, ,, ,,,.,,,..m ,,, fi .1-.iw zeiigivg -411Y::gzL,fxlyfg, 13.2. 'JS .5 "JN -N, ' " we i w:-- 1 , 'V Jil? 5 , 2, K iki i G63 E' f'f55?'5: f ,,.. 5 MW , M, , ,,,,,,,,,, ,, K M , ,f,,,,, f , '-22551 ' K 2 N I xx A , ,Ny M 7 -mfs,-1, 7 A ,xml f W f we if MIR 1 E, E f M em t X xg Ss fig wg S, P L 1 P Q eg af ,A , ,. t , ,iw K is 1 1 2: . 5. . -' X ,,.. I : R751 av' hvaiiid K '-171252522 E51',:5",::'5:- ',gF,, - 3-sf: Jug Q, ' 1 W,-, X :Wai , X :I ..v,, N512 A 5 ' H 'full M .. ,gg 19, X , , X -1 N Y ,VM V . k 2 2 L13 H E .: .. 32 ,65- W ig, 2 'i::g5Eiub. www ,i w Sf 2131 ,, 332 32 ,fn 'N M221 ui, ,EFL S W,.., . e., Sex 15 Q - 756. Mm uw 3 was ' .5 ,-sgxxaghygfg-', N z 5 Piir1f?T'W ,afgff , I W3 wwf 'gn fx' ,uw W whim 4- 'NfihiggggfvwgywySig X t X23 .Ain W ,A qty .A ' 7 ,'lf.L5'?i!f::g,fff4siff"' A is A.,5f-i,:.1Q53f" W' V., ,Q .,.. w.p',,As ' 26515231 122381953igsfggziwsf ' M,.L,X,3x,M Q. .5 W QQ A? SE ,1 gi F JQQSLQA, X YN i 5 3 M, W ,?g,Q --L- g Qgvgg ljf' X, :-Q.' ,?.: ' :K 4,3 fig: , 'T 2 - 4gHe'svf4t -zfag iiiigffw -M kigg g im 5 gg ' .I P3255 A Q5 ,L wgpf M vp, far.:- ,1 5557 ' my glit- Aw .Q f ig , ,-Hg. Page 225 BOYES, STAGG, CASTERLINE, V1E'rs KENNA, CARL, REMSEN, RHODES MULLINS, MONTGOMERY, Ross, BRANUM, LAURENZI JOHNSTONE, CHANEY, THOMPSON, CASE, MATZKE, PEARCE HONOR ROLL ELINOR BOYES, for her excellent and original contributions to the campus as editor of the Stephens Life . HOPE BRANUM, for her outstanding work throughout the campus as president of Administrative Council . VIRGINIA CARL, for her outstanding service in taking charge of the lighting for Vespers . MARGARET CASE, for her line efforts as chairman of the Student Health Com- mittee . GERALDINE CASTERLINE, for musical contributions to the campus, both officially and unofficially . MAR- J ORIE CHANEY, for her competent filling of the oflice of secretary of Civic Associa- tion and excellent management of the campus elections . BETTY JOHN- STONE, for her commendable work as social service chairman of Burrall Class . LAURA MARIE KEN NA, for her unusual contributions to campus, especially as solo- ist with the Briggadettes . ROSALITA LAURENZI, for her devoted Work as senior sister chairman . BARBARA MATZKE, for her constant Work on Bur- rall Cabinet, especially as Vespers chair- man . DIXIE MONTGOMERY, for her distinguished photographic 'contribu- tions, especially as Stephensophia photog- rapher . JEAN MULLINS, for her efficient Work as business manager of the Stephensophia . CELIA PEARCE, for her general constructive influence on cam- pus and for the way she headed the Partici- pations Committee . SALLY REMSEN, for her excellent work as editor of the Stephens Standard . JANE RHODES, for her line spirit on campus and for her efficient Work on the Board of Publications . BETTY ROSS, for her sincere apprecia- tion of Stephens spirit and for excellent work as editor of the Stephensophia . ANNIE LEE STAGG, for the fine quality of her Work in the field of radio and drama . SCOTTA THOMPSON, for her leader- ship in obtaining senior privileges in junior halls . -ADELHEIT VIETS, for her positive influence for good and for line Work as managing editor of Stephens Life. ALLEN CAMPBELL GARLOW HARRIOTT HOLMES L1NDQUxsT WHITWELL WIESENER ,W-as fwfr H fffh XQQWKAQESK A , Wi if ,if 2, l fre wa f Ari A I H L EI' I IC A W ARDS For service, participation, interest in sports, and skill, eight girls have been selected by Athletic Association as deserving of SAA honor award pins. These girls are Betty Allen, Leora Campbell, Marjorie Garlow, Anne Harriott, Venona Holmes, Dorothy Lindquist, Phyllis Wiesener, and Margaret Whitwell. They have been loyal to A. A. and put forth a great deal of effort for it, they have been outstanding athletes and have exhibited fine, clean sportsmanship, they have enjoyed a variety of sports, and helped to promote on campus an attitude of interest in a healthy body. All in all, Stephens and the Athletic Association is proud of them. These eight girls may be particularly happy in the invaluable possession of good health, and for the rest of their lives they will profit from the hours they have spent in outdoor exercise. The greatest joy comes to those who play the game for its own sake, fairly and well. These girls have more than a small gold pin of three letters to show for their partici- pation in sports: they have a priceless physical and mental well-being. Page 226 .V ik. L. ,Q .1 Q w K Q U , . .Qs N . I Q. l A , A Q e - , ' my D Uf4Ja's" -me X , x Page 227 What greater distinction comes to a joyous Stephens girl than being invited to join one of the nine honorary sororities? None, for that little symbol of achievement, an honorary pin, is a most precious acquisition. Especially since the nine sororities fscholarship, music, creative writ- ing, art, drama, secretarial, radio, science, A and journalismj are persnickety about extending their membership list. To belong to one of these junior college honorary sororities is perhaps a significant omen of future success in life. It's almost as thrilling as being pinned to an S. A. E.! ALPHA PI EPSILON First row: CHORPENING, WEBERG, Miss STEUBER, SHAEFFER, BILLINGS, HEWES, KETCHERSIDE Second row: JACKSON, MAssEY, HAWKINS, GUPTON, IRVIN, HIBBERD, CHAFFIN, KOENIGER, CURRY, WEBB Alpha Pi Epsilon, newly organized honorary secretarial sorority for junior colleges, stimulates interest in secretarialship as a vocation. Members are elected on the basis of scholarship, and must have taken a minimum of twelve hours of secretarial work. Frequent jaunts into the business world of Columbia and near-by cities provide an oppor- tunity for the girls to explore offices and learn the secrets of how to become a competent secretary. At the close of the year the speediest typewriter puncher and shorthand scribbler are given awards for their abilities. Through the careful planning and efficient direction of Winifred Weberg, president, Mary Pierce, vice-president and S. A. B. representative, Joan Billings, secretary, Ruth Shaeffer, treasurer, and Miss Irene Steuber, sponsor, enjoyable meetings and social gatherings during the year have helped to develop dependa- bility, efficiency, and interest in both members and non-members of Alpha Pi Epsilon. Page 228 BETA EPSILON PHI MR. LAWTON, BRANG, STAGG, SCHUBERT SHELBY GARLOW BACHTOLD Beta Epsilon Phi was founded to honor those girls who achieve outstanding success in radio work. The members are chosen on the basis of their interest, ability, and active participation in radio work. Beta Epsilon Phi stimulates interest in the listening to and apprecia- ting good radio programs, and creates publicity for Stephens broad- casts. Miss Judith Waller, central educational director of NBC in Chicago, and Miss Joanne Taylor, fashion editor of KMBC in Kansas City, visited the campus under the sponsorship of Beta Epsilon Phi. Members of this sorority help with the program "Drama Time" every Tuesday evening over KFRU. The active participation of Beta Epsilon Phi this year may be attributed to the constant efforts of Betty Brang, presidentg Blossom Willens, secretary and treasurerg Marguerite Schubert, S. A. B. representative, Mr. Sherman Lawton, sponsorg and the wholehearted cooperation of the members of the sorority. Page 229 fn"'Y'1 'x N3 - ,-I' fl XAQ LZQ 1 fx - 'H H .sa My I H .Mane CHI DELTA PHI To foster and stimulate interest in creative writing within the group and on the entire campus is the aim of Chi Delta Phi, national honorary literary sorority. Girls with definite writing talent and interest in creative work are elected to uphold the honor of being part of Chi Delta Phi. The sorority annually publishes the student anthology composed of student literary contributions under the divi- sions: Archways Cshort storiesjg Vine Leaves Cprose fragmentsbg and Lanterns Cpoemsj. During the year the sorority sponsors one junior and one senior vesper service and publishes one issue of the Stephens Standard . Chi Delta Phi also sponsors an honorary junior writing club. Waffle suppers at the country club and evenings in the home of Mrs. Zay Rusk Sullens, sponsor, with Ruth Webb, presi- dent, Mary Craig, vice-presidentg Blossom Willens, secretary, Esther Webb, treasurer, and Elaine Carmichael, S. A. B. representa- tive, have made this a pleasant year for Chi Delta Phi members. E First row SAss, GRISSOM, WILLENS, R. WEBB, E. WEBB, CRAIG, RBDDBN Second row RBMSEN, CURRY, VxE'rs, WHITTIER Page 230 DELTA SIGMA A newly organized honorary science sorority, Delta Sigma pro- motes interest in science and science courses and encourages a higher standard of achievement among students enrolled in science courses. A student must make and maintain a superior average in three science courses to be eligible for membership in this sorority. The enrollment is not limited, all girls who meet the requirements may become mem- bers. Delta Sigma brings people outstanding in the field of science to speak on campus, sponsors trips to places of interest, such as the Noyes Hospital on the University of Missouri campus, and holds various social gatherings, waffle suppers, teas, and coffees. The Delta Sigmas have spent an enjoyable year at meetings organized by Betty Hagen, president, Peggy Stafford, vice-presidentg Jeanne Hollister, secretary, Josephine Peet and Olivia Zeller, treasurersg Jean Wal- drop, S. A. B. representative, and Dr. Wayne Wantland, sponsor. ,4 Page 231 First row: CoLE MARTENS HUNTER SMx'rH CHRISTOPHER, BAIRNSON, HAMILTON, PRAHMAN WHITAKER Second row: JESSEN, BRANUM, HOLLISTER, HAGEN, DR. WANTLAND, WALDROP, ZELLER, HART Third row: MEGGERS GARDNER REMSEN CALVERT WEBB, SWENSSON, PLONER, McGUGrN, Mc GUGIN CULP SPRAUER ADAMS KAPPA PHI DELTA I VIETS MULLINS NETTLES GANZ Ross Miss FILKIN, CUNNINGHAM, KIMMEL, SAss Journalistically--minded students who have done outstanding work on Stephens Life, the Stephensophia, Stephens Standard, or Within the Ivy, and who have a superior scholastic average, are eligible for membership in Kappa Phi Delta, honorary journalistic sorority. Organized last year by ten editors from the publications, this sorority aims to raise the standard of quality of journalistic writing at Stephens and to create more interest in the journalistic iield. One business meeting and one social meeting are held each month. The sorority sponsors lectures and trips and entertains visiting journalists who are on campus. Through the work of Fay Grissom, presidentg Claudia Nettles, vice-presidentg Jane Cunning- ham, secretary-treasurerg Ruth Ganz, S. A. B. representativeg and Miss Mary Eleanor Filkin and Barry J. Holloway, sponsors, Kappa Phi Delta is an outstanding group on the Stephens campus. Page 232 PHI THETA KAPPA First row: GOLDBERG, ELLSWORTH, LINDQUIST, BRANUM, OMARA, MENDENHALL, VIETS Second row: GENZ, WILLENS, HULL, S1-AGG, MORRIS, CARMICHAEL Third row: PEARCE, BENZ, WEBB, GANZ, MULLINS, MILLER, WHITING, LOUFEK, SORENSEN, Kocn LOEB Phi Theta Kappa national honorary scholastic sorority, promotes scholarship and companionship. To become a member of this sor- ority a girl must rank in the upper live percent of her class and show evidence of constructive citizenship. To encourage finer workman- ship and to stimulate scholastic interest the sorority collects and publishes the best term papers written on campus during the year. A bound volume of these papers is presented to the library. Activi- ties of Phi Theta Kappa under the capable supervision of Annie Lee Stagg, president, Priscilla White, vice-president, Sue Hull, secretary, Ruth Morris, treasurer, Nancy Whittier, S. A. B. representativeg Blossom Willens, project chairmang and Dean Weldon P. Shofstall, sponsor, included lecture groups, discussion groups, and social gatherings such as Wiener roasts, coffees and teas. The president and a junior representative attended the national Phi Theta Kappa convention at Lawton, Oklahoma, in March of this year. Page 233 N G7 K I as .S f Mx xiii' IGMA GAM A G MMA Sigma Gamma Gamma, honorary music sorority, serves as a goal toward which music majors may work and encourages interest and appreciation of music on campus. A student becomes a member of this sorority upon the members' unanimous approval of a written recommendation presented by a music teacher. Under the friendly supervision of Mary Campbell, president, Helen Tripp, vice-presi- dent, Elizabeth Miller, secretary, Mary Elizabeth Watson, treasurer, Wanda Utterback, S. A. B. representative, and sponsors Norman Goodbrod and Miss Margaret Colby, Sigma Gamma Gamma spon- sored musical teas, a program of Norwegian music, trips to the St. Louis operas, QPagl1'acci and Amelia Goes to the Bally, and the senior recitals given by each senior music major in the spring. In cooperation with the Board of Publications, Sigma Gamma Gamma published a Stephens songbook with the words and music to all the Stephens campus songs. A special Sigma Gamma Gamma convoca- tion was held to stimulate interest in music. HM it llil 5 W E ..... ... il H I 8 En Bl l First row ARTHURS CAMPBELL, TRIPP, MILLER, PETERSON, SORENSEN, DENNEY Second row UTTERBACK, PEARSON, ISALY, DAVIS, DENNIS, BAILEY, HAMMEL, CROPP, BISSETT. MR Goonnnon Miss COLBY, JACOBS, CASTERLINE Page 234 TAU IGMA TAU Tau Sigma Tau, honorary art sorority, encourages honest and sincere devotion in pursuit of art and creates a deeper understanding of art among Stephens College women. Tau Sigma Tau helps to create a cultural environment on campus by sponsoring lectures by well known artists and arranging exhibits of paintings and other works. A girl need not be an art major to become a member, but she must take at least one course in art and show interest and ability. Senior pledges are elected in the fall, and juniors may be admitted the following spring. Meetings held every two weeks during the year include lectures, coffees, dinners, and informal suppers. Enjoy- able companionship and interesting art studies have made this a pleasant school year for Tau Sigma Tau members and officers: Florence Wilson, president, Bee Beghtol, vice-president, Marjorie Arnold, secretary, Dorothy Brunson, treasurer, Irene Freund, S. A. B. repre- , T r, sentativeg and Miss Mary Cowling, sponsor. Page 235 29 X .4 First row: LAFITTE, FREUND, BBHYMER, LINDQUIST, SMITHMEYER, Compo, STEWARD Second row: BRUNSON, Miss COWLING, WILSON, ARNOLD, BEG1-rror., CHAMBERS Third row: Smfm, LoNoFEL1.ow, LOUFBK, NOFSINGBR, FRISE, WEBB, PUTERBAUGH, Pomznoy THETA ALPHA EPSILON First row CARL KEATE STAGG Second row BUCK Lrcr-ITENBERG Third row MR Ross WILSON, GOLDBERG, DAVIS One of the foremost honors that can be achieved by a dramatics- minded Stephens girl is membership in Theta Alpha Epsilon, national honorary dramatic sorority. To be eligible for membership, a girl must have shown marked interest in the theater and have worked in at least two major productions. The membership is limited to fifteen seniors and five juniors per year. A new project this year is the handling of publicity for Saturday night Studio Theater produc- tions. Each member must work in some capacity on every campus production. Theater trips to St. Louis and Kansas City are sponsored by the sorority to stimulate interest in the drama. Theta Alpha Epsilon presents a silver loving cup to the social sorority winning first place in inter-sorority play contest. Marcia Keate, president, Janelou Buck, vice-president, Virginia Carl, secretaryg Viola Griswold, treasurer, Ellen Lichtenberg, S. A. B. representative, and Darrell Ross, sponsor, directed the activities of the group. Page 236 Page 237 PRI FLO ER v March in Columbia, Missouri, comes in like a lion and goes out like another. April term papers and the spring trip keep everyone unbelievably busy. But May arrives at last, and the survivors begin dreaming of beaches and sunburns and moonlight sails. The question is, Whither now? 1 Q ,Q i I s X f K ig Q2 Q Sf! EQ 'H S55 1? Q, ii 2 Y fr 5 e X 5 Eg 3 E r E E L i I E Q-' - -- 'W-A hffk f- smnunmm fwuiassawx-in awww- 1 is www Wir: 32 'jgww Mgww Hag GOODBYE TO STEPHENS Its Tower Its Lanterns I A hway 1 y sw -4,. N AW! -J' Qi U SV M 1.4 Y Al N A gl .L 1,' L.- -1 f 5,4 MDN J ti' Kill' F N M ,r .1 K JI IR J i It A sf" . ",f I, ,ffl xg J M ,. X., e 'L n V ' ' A ki X 'iw ka, I M fi V4 1 ffm. I p f l. ig, 5 N f f A . u AND TO COLU BI Page 241 In two years, we who have come to know it through rain, sun, snow, and coal dust have become attached to Columbia. 4Those of us who are being graduated may never again breeze downtown for a coke or a new hat, butrthose of us who aren't are looking eagerly forward to next year. John Epple Construction Company GENERAL CONTRACTORS COLUMBIA, MISSOURI Contracts Executed for Stephens College: North Hall, Tower Hall, Laura Stephens Hall, Walter Hall, Lela Raney Wood Hall, Sloan Hall, Extension of Columbia Hall, Extension of Din- ing Room, Raynor Gables Stables, Fielding Smith Hall, and Extension to Hatcher Hall. KENTON BROS. LOCKSMITHS, INC. Smith Millinery CUSTOM-MADE HATS GAGE and STETSON 11 E' 8TH KANSAS CITY, MO. ' 0 Wlselggriiafglgazld HI WHEELS Fon ANY LAWN MOWER To CUT GRASS "3 INCHES HIGH" 12 S- 9TH TEL- 1232 LOCKS- DooR CHECKS COMPLIMEN TS OF One of the many dances mms E. W. STEPHENS PUBLISHING happy . . . Margie Davis and Andy DeMyer have a reading fest . . . Gerry Gardner and B. Wigton . . . jo Billings and Lon Prunty . . . Makeup for "Sophie" pictures . . . p 1 242 Gerry and T iedie. E 5 5 WE WELCOME YOU ALWAYS I GrREENSPON'S 9TH AND BROADWAY i 'HOW TO FURNISH YOUR "IDEAL ROOM" O SEE PARKER FURNITURE CO. V 16 NORTH 1oTH STREET U. S. Supply Company The Barbecue stunts .1. . h th t O 's th s a lett 9 he re g 1 e WHOLESALERS Plumbing and Heating Materials University queerest Two Bobs KANSA'S CITY WICHITA OMAHA OKLAHOMA CITY dance in . . . What . . . T f r Op Sophi P3243 e m men ave e initiations! . . . dt Betty h B 11 Ho dt adb s ge T 2 President Wood White Sunday girl A quartet. It was a 1 cold and so . . . How about a bonfire, Buff Rowe s . ittl 11?... ITIS Marcia Shaugnessy . LaVerne Menk and her Sunday date just leaving . . . Jean Toole, those cold days. PACKING SHIPPING 66 Member: N. F. W. A. Agents: ALLIED VAN LINES, Inc. BAGGAGE ,, SERVICE Transfer CE, Storage Co. FIREPROOF STORAGE We Are Here LUMBER PAINT GLASS ROOFING CEMENT and ' LIME 3394 - DIAL - 5422 If You're in a Hurry for . . LA CROSSE W1'ay's LUMBER C0. 408-10 BROADWAY Dependable Building Materials 25 NORTH 9TH STREET Since OW! MY EYES! - Where Shall I Have Them Examined? X ff ,E DR. R. A. WALTERS, Optometrist, gives you a thorough eye examination with the latest precision instruments. Glasses built to lit your features with latest style of mountings at the most I I I f s 4 'ff 'if, Y ll a "M I A, I ' N reasonable prices. UT r OPTICAL PRESCRIPTIONS FILLED-BROKEN LENS' DUPLICATED In uz iff 5 All Types of Optical Repairing- One-Day Service M DR. R. A. WALTERS, optomerrist 8 scum gm STREET P g 244 Tradition and Success MEAN SECURITY A IN A BANK AND GLORY IN A SCHOOL 0 BOONE COUNTY TRUST COMPANY WISH THIS FOR YOU Member: Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Daily Cleaners "MASTERS IN OUR LINE" 909 CHERRY STREET "Wear Clean Clothes" LARGE VARIETY OF GIFTS NOVELTIES JEWELRY PURSES HUARACHOS SANDALS LINENS and LACES Qeriental Eagaar 22 S, 9TH STREET DIAL 4444 Mail Orders - We Deliver YOU'RE ONLY AS FAR FROM HOME AS YOU ARE FROM A TELEPHONE Missouri Telephone Co. TRAVEL BY TELEPHONE JEWELERS FOR THREE GENERATIONS I. A. BUCHROEDER and COMPANY Fraternity Jewelers PHONE 32 22 1015 BROADWAY Pg 245 From a high-up viewpoint . . . "Wiggy" . . . A group from Columbia Hall . . . Snow. Kind of cold but plenty of fun . . . From the Junior Jollies, maybe s i n r d o Rusas...Acow f Greek-garbed, chariot riding Kappa pledges. Gee, that sun's kinda bright . . . President Wood speaks . . . Soro- rity bids . . . This is Jean Mullins unpacking some- thing. Books? . . . Cappy Koeniger and Mary Anne Nofsinger, fugitives from archway breezes . . .Read it. "VVe wish to express here our appreciation and thanks for the business received from the student body of Stephens College" DORN-CLO EY Laundry CE, Dry-Cleaning Company Page 246 "Sally Ann" The World's Most Famous Popular Artists' on BLUEBIRD and VICTOR RECORDS CLASSICAL AND POPULAR A COMPLETE S'rocK RADIO ELECTRIC SHOP Sexton Service Uffers You . . . Q The only nationally-advertised brand of foods prepared exclu- sively for the institutional market. Q The security of endorsement by all the leading trade associations in the institutional field in the United States. Q The facilities of the only whole- sale grocery company operating plants in the two principal Ameri- can markets-Chicago and New York. Q As rendered. by America's larg- est distributors of number ten canned foods, a distinctive service on a complete assortment of qual- ity foods packed in this institu- tional size container. J-CHN S E XTON 8'--CO' gublished was Edelweiss Quality Faod: 1005 BROADWAY 6236 cuxcflco nnoox1.YN P gc 247 A portion of the famed Briggadettes . . . "Lita," always happy . . . Snow scene . . . Burgett and Can- dler of Sorority House . . . At the A. A. open House . . . Libby Briggs, principal of Duluth H. S. for the minute. RIN G- COOKED SEALED- FLAVOR STEAKS 6 EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS . FOR COLUMBIA DANIEL BOONE HOTEL COFFEE SHOP GET THE U PT OWN HABIT CONTINUOUS-1:00 TO 11:00 P. M. - ADULTS, 25c-35cg CHILDREN, 10c BEAUTIFUL SHOES FOR BEAUTIFUL GIRLS O 9 SMARTEST GORGEOUS TONES M Q in in EUPERID ' Sl-H355 FOOTWEAR R. Ganz and a friend put SHEER CHIFFQNS for up a campaign sign . . . ' ' Dot Martens and La- Wh.ere Slloe Fitting COLLEGE WOMEN Verne Menk and a back- as a Fme Ari ground . . . "Billie" Of Columbia Han . . n Mr. soo BROADWAY PHONE 7303 Wood smiles down at us . . . A lovely campus view . . . Balch Branum. Pg 248 TIGER BEAUTY SHOP AT STEPHENS LEONA JONES, Proprieto Stearns and Foster TELEPHONE 341 1 916 BROADWAY M a 1: -t I- C S S C S - Since 1846 - COLUMBIA'S SMARTEST SHOES STEPHENS GIRLS RECEIVE THEIR We Invite You HOOMPHU to :aspect WHILE RESTING ON ur S O0 STEARNS 85 FOSTER novus debs 5' MATTRESSES 'nefe REE j fwfr' "',E I Roberts CE, Green "': I HARDWARE-PAINTS- A sTovEs 1 , wfjaf' 'W MW! MCCORMICK-DEERING TRACTORS AND IMPLEMENTS COLUMBIA, MISSOURI 18 SOUTH 9TH QTI-I AND WALNUT DIAL 7233 FOR A DELICIOUS SPREAD AT THE END OF THE DAY DO IT THE MODEL BAKERY WAY 0 MODEL BAKERY 19 N. NINTH STREET DIAL 6311 I1 Page 249 Mrs. Weaver, Mrs. Eu- bank, and Mr. Weaver at the Burrall Birthday Tea . . . The Spring Fashion Show . . . A Rush party hayride for the Delta Chis . . . Bobby Swain plays for the Independent hop . . . A Burrall party . . . Decorations. ,r,A,4,I,b,.,P.,.:.,4.5,11:,gy::gr:,:I:::E:-:-:2:-:-:2:I1ez::-:-E.:-:-:-:+:----2-:-:-: FREDE DALL'S DIAL 43 10 COLUMB IA'S DEPENDABLE DEPARTMENT STORE 71 6-718 BROADWAY ,ESZIEIE2E-5rE5E255S3E55f53E5EE55E:5E:5ffrE555E511EjS5E555Ei55EE55555E55555555555553555555555555555E3E355E555555E5Egigigififffifiiiff52E5E555E5555fE:E1E'EEEEEFEEEEEEIEIEE HTWUIWD 65252522525252525ii525252525225255552Efffieifiiiiffiififii5222525.55?5'5rff5E:5:If52Ef5f52?f5f5fi '-1-2r:1:E:5:5::::,:g55:5E5:5:3:5:5:5:5:5:g1y5gg::55:Qf:E:.1.':3:5.g1.5:j5r,3,5.e5:5:g:5.5:5 'I55ffif5555:555552E55ZiffEIE2515IEIE15'E:5:5IE:5:5:E:555:f5,''ff-'ijfIE'frE25If:E2jri:5:5:E:--I:5:3:I:1:I:I:I:2:2-I:I1r-11risf:::gz::2:::--I:-12:1:arg:Erg:g:-rg:gn:Zz::::-:-:-:-1-:-xr:-f.:.f.:.,.:.::-sr . . . . . ... 3-I-:-9:3 15551 ff'11-g55E5i:5f" ::::g:.:g::2g:-' .Arf'f'1'1'f """A" ' " ' ' SUPER SERVICE hy Super-Coach It costs no more to buy the best in highway travel- world-famous Greyhound service and reliability, plus the incomparable Grey- hound Super-Coach. So whenever you travel- wherever you travel, insist upon the name GREY- HOUND on the ticket you buy and on the bus you ride. GREYHUUND TERMINAL 10TH AND LocUs'r STREETS PHONE 7433 J. LOUIS CRUM SANITARY PLUMBING-SCIENTIFIC HEATING STEAM, VAPOR, VACUUM AND HOT WATER HEAT COLUMBIA, MISSOURI Page 250 Daniels Lumber Company BUILDING MATERIAL STORE Home Planners Plan Service CORNER 9TH AND ASH DIAL 7236 if '-: -'fi-1 1.2.-':'3:I5" "" in FOrest 6870 LUCKS ORWIG INTERIOR DECORATORS New and distinctively styled quality FURNITURE, DRAPERIES, UPHOLSTERY FABRICS, GIFT OBJECTS, CARPETS, and RUGS. Many pieces and suites available exclusively here. MARYLAND AT EUCLID ST. LOUIS, MO GAs Is Your Quick, Clean Economical Servant Missouri Utilities Company Pg 251 A plug for C. S. B.'s de- livered hamburgers pro- ject . . . Briggs puts up a sign . . . The "mam- mies" on Hell Day . . . J. Arthur, a portrait . . The dates wait as usual. Location: Wales Hall . . . Miss Coleman inspects. THE WELL-INFORMED NOW CHOOSE AIR-CON DITION ED ICE REFRIGERATION 1. Ice cubes in live minutes 3. Constant cold 2. Pure washed air 4. Balanced humidity 5. Plenty of pure, taste-free ice at all times COLUMBIA ICE CR, STORAGE CO. DIAL 4143 320 BROADWAY hiv, J TIGER HOTEL ll illl NEW AND FIREPROOF DISCRIMINATING HOSTESSES The traditions of hospitality have car- - ried for centuries the enjoyment of fine SLEEP IN COMFORT AND SAFETY foods . . . foods that transcend the com- monplace. Every place fine foods are served you will find RICHELIEU De Luxe 0 Quality Foods. You can order Richelieu from better food merchants everywhere. SPRAGUE, WARNER 85 CO. 1g'HELIElf Popular Priced Dining Service HEADQUARTERS FOR STUDENT DE LUXE QUALITY FOODS ACTIVITY FAMED FOR EXCELLENCE ' S I N C E 1 8 6 2 ' THOUSANDS OF FEET OF FLOOR COVERINGS INSTALLED IN STEPHENS COLLEGE BUILDINGS KANSAS CITY NATURAL SLATE CO. 111 WEST 18TH STREET KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI Leading Contractors of the Midwest for RESILIENT FLOORING LINOLEUM ASPHALT TILE RUBBER TILE Pg 252 I l x file 66 cg , l I y f l.f! . N 'in X , iiiiiagll li nig ninilii 2. - ! s hi! -is-L, fiii-Tbxx 1- f i' 1 2 aee. I , if . N - .Q 1 mi" 3 17 1 5 ' Q I pf , ,LS F 'aud io f rf-nh-i. THOSE hardy pioneers, who blazed new trails if across the western wilderness of these United States, believed in liberty, and equal opportunity for all. Today, that same ideal of "live and let live," is still a guiding factor in the business life of General Grocer Company. We do not seek the elimination of any source of dependable food distribution, the salesmen and other workers serving the retail grocery store. These, and other workers, are providers for the American Home. We know that the more people employed be- tween the grower and consumer, in this great industry of food distribution, the greater gen- eral prosperity for all. GENERAL GROCER COMPANY ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI NATION -WIDE GROCERS - UNITED SERVICE GROCERS American Lady or Topmost Foods, Cobcut Corn, Manhattan Coffee Page 25 3 With a tearoom near and some friendly bridge part- ners . . . Hell Day Sig- mas . . . Greek goddesses study homework between scenes . . . Campaign posters do well . . . Friendly Ed . . . Nanette and Betty. Burrall dances at one of parties . . . Gardner ays fanfare Ploner MILE POSTS in your Stephens daysg we hope to add another at some future date QQEMW 3 Qfark JMR " The Cen ter of Student Activities" CONLEY AVE. AT GENTRY PLACE The Tiger Laundry CLEANING PRESSING D Y E I N G STORAGE LAUNDRY O PHONE 4155 O Personal Appearance Specialists A , E- FOR SPIC AND SPAN GROOMING . . . SELECT lfQ ' J en ' YOUR TOILETRIES FROM OUR 6 EXCLUSIVE LINES A'4' ' DOROTHY GRAY EVENING IN PARIS BARBARA GOULD EARLY AMERICAN TUSSY COURTLEY The Best Place in Town for Your Photo Finishing THE DRUG SHOP . . . , W. C. KNIGHT h ppy bargain seeker . . . ' r. Wood and some visi- Proprietor to s. Son Jimmy was there DIAL 4101 DELIVERY FREE . . . Bobbie Cham- b s, campaign speaking . The ten o'c1oCk P. O. sh. Pg 254 Since 1857 .... Boone County National Bank R. B. PRICE, President Member: Federal Reserve System Member: Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation BROADWAY AND EIGHTH STREETS COLUMBIA, MISSOURI If You Would Reach the Top . . . Always Keep Yourself "TOPS', To Get the "TOPS" of Every- O thing in Beauty Service, Make Your Appointment at ESTES-PARKS The Styl-est Beauty Shop "It's Stylish to be Styled Q at the Styl-est" 1007 EAST BROADWAY DIAL 4724 CONGRATULATIONS AND GOOD LUCK TO THE STEPHENS' GRADUATES O Sigoloffs' O Exclusive Ladies' Ready-to-Wear The Red Paisley, Inc. SMART GIFTS FOR EVERY OCCASION K. Watson and H. Gold- berg, a couple of Greeks, ACROSS FROM UPTOWN THEATRE talk it Over - - - H611 Day crowds . . . The Burrall party "broadcast" . . . 1011 BROADWAY PHONE 3448 Good Deeds I l U ,,Ah, snow!" ys Dot... Mary Lee and jean "And P g 255 Miss Nesta Williams poured. " x l V ! l The Stump . . . From directly below the radio tower . . . Some of one of the orchestras . . . Mr. Green! Why that far- away expression? . . . Study materials just to disprove certain public statements . . . Mrs. Ewalt . . . WHAT ARE LITTLE GIRLS MADE OF! Well, we should know! For years we have seen them come and go. Thousands of them- short, lean, fat and tall. But size and shape have noth- ing to do with what a girl is made of. What, then! Smiles and kind words, willingness to help others, politeness and love- that's what littleggirls are made of. But time will not stand still. Little girls grow into fine ladies and must go upon their separate courses. We know what YOU are made of-go now into the world and prove that we are right. But do remember us! for the corridors shall ring with empty echoes of your departed footsteps. REMEMBER your friends at the College Store. -JUANITA SAPP The College Store a branch of THE MISSOURI STORE CO. P g 256 Coeds Smartest Coiffures PARSONS SISTERS goncf Jlffamofzizz - - LISBETH LINGERIE LIBSON 'I-IOSIERV wwmswww me X J X 813 BROADWAY ONE OF THE SUPPLIERS OF FRESH Foons T0 THE STEPHENS COLLEGE DIETARY DEPARTMENT WISHES YoU GOOD FORTUNE Sweets for Sweets O FINE CANDIES SALTED NUTS SPECIALTY SWEETS and Spring Trippers . . Why, Mr. Sutton, doncha like it? . . . Two from . 7 The Fan . . . Miss Law son and one of the stables beauties . . . Two peopl looking at something which just went by . . Pg 257 Miss Forte and Mr Kreutz dance. The Stephens special to Mexico . . . Mr. Williams wasn't Sleeping-the flash bulb startled him . . . Miss Haynes teaches an open air class . . . The barbecue's chief cooks . . . Polly Allen grins . . . From the jollies. C A N D I E S PERSONALIZED STATIONERY SODAS - SANDWICHES DRINKS BAR AND MEZZANINE Hopper-Pollard Drug Co. "The Rexall Store" DIAL 4171 907 E. BROADWAY Columbia'S Newest, Most Beautiful Beauty Bar, Featuring CARA NOME, LUCIEN LELONG, MAX FACTOR, COTY, CARON, and many others. Uptown Concession Would Like to See Each and Everyone of You O Located in Uptown Theatre Building FOR A QUARTER OF A CENTURY 1'I Ly lg 'r I if 'Iv nf' CRE AM or TIREAMS 7 THE LEADING ICE CREAM CREATORS OF LIGHTING FIXTURES FoR STEPHENS COLLEGE BUILDINGS GROSS CHANDELIER COMPANY ST. LoUIS, MISSOURI A Friendly Bank . . SAFE SOUND DEPENDABLE Accoun ts Solicited 1865 EXCHANGE NATIONAL BANK 1940 COLUMBIA, MISSOURI Pg 258 l J O Smart Sophisticated Apparel CO11egeflZNOmen O BROADWAY SINOLAIR PENNANT HOTELS ROOM RATES: 5250 and S300 Two Double Beds, Tub and Shower, and Circulating Ice Water in Every Room FREE GARAGE Complete Table d'Hote and A La Carte Food Service Luncheon-from 40c Dinner-from 50c WE INVITE BANQUETS AND BRIDGE AND DANCING PARTIES AT COLUMBIA, MO. AT ROLLA, MO. Con U. S. Hy. No. 403 Con U. S. Hys. Nos. 63 85 661 Geo. Petterson, Mgr. R. W. Lochrie, Mgr. 5 1 M Page 259 Misses Hensler and Spen- cer . . . Why the frown, Mr. Inge? . . . The engi- neer is off for Mexico, too . . . The Stump Speaker who almost wasn't there . . . Seeing the trippers off . . . Major Raynor and the pussy. Ploner brings Christ o ounse ors . . . t c l M Marsh with two Susies . . . Miss Curtis leaves for Mexico . . . "Socks' reads of B. Robinson merits . . . Attentive 1 teners . . . Mr. Hollo way and Mr. von Forstmey HOTEL REFORMA MEXICO CITY 6fThe Hotel of Tomorrow" Mexico's Headquarters for Stephens College Visitors I 250 ROOMS - 250 BATHS COMPLETE AIR-CONDITIONING SYSTEM European Plan THE SOCIAL CENTER MEXICO ALBERTO R. PANI, Managing Director P 260 DESOTO CADILLAC MISSOURI MOTOR COMPANY AUTOMOBILES-PARTS-TIRES-ACCESSORIES Sales and Service TELEPHONE 3163 15 NORTH SEVENTH COLUMBIA, MISSOURI PLYMOUTH LA SALLE i HarzfeId's . ,LLEALE.C If Q 1":'1 gig X IV A SHE LEADS THE . . -..'-- X and with very 11tt1e A effort on her part! She does her shop- X N ping at HARZFELD'S, X X XX so she knows her wardrobe's a success! I V i THOSE WHO KNOW PREFER . f . F, V I '- 9? "Guaranteed Flowers" Member.' F. T. D. A. FLOWER SHOP-16 S. 9TH GREENHOUSES-W. BLVD. P g 261 I Miss Harkey of the phy- sical ed. office . . . Stump speaker with "Susie Baby" . . . A pair of rain weather boots . . . The inevitable saddle shoes . . . Sherry Reischman and Janie Rhodes . . . Spectators for Spring. Excellent Service EVERY HOUR OF THE DAY Harris' Cafe 118 S. 9TH STREET O PRESCRIPTIONS MOST ANYTHING YOU NEED AT MONEY - SAVING 814 BROADWAY O TOILET GOODS Gay Frock ' CANDY 803 BROADWAY O DRUGS Colurnbia's Popular Price Shop for Women COATS - SUITS - DRESSES PRICES l Stop in or Call Your Turne1"s Sport Shop J Your Headquarters l' for SPORTSWEAR I I A ' '72 Everything in SKIRTS, SWEATERS, "Go db ! I'1l brin O 3 I " a Nfexifgnw U U ugffhg fx DRUG STORES BLOUSES, SLACKS, SWIM SUITS, Jean Arthur, Car 6 . . . SHORTS, PLAY SUITS Campaign posters go up ' Even Jean Stevens 904 E. BROADWAY PHONE 3173 809 BROADWAY hstens to her stump speaker . . . Dr. Shepard, new psych teacher . . . Field men take up cook- P ing. "!l40ll1er May We Have More" 1' I Wm x 1 ' 164,65 Z , f fx yxagw, 1 Q ' I I Q 4' 'f X 1 M, I ICE CREAM IT'S DELICIOUS TRULY COLUMBIA'S DOMINANT SHOP J LIE' BAGGAGE TRANSFER YELLOW CAB CO. DIAL 4191 A Prompt Cab Service BON DED CARRIER 7-Passenger Sight-Seeing Cars Rented by the Hour 19 N. 10TH ST. COLUMBIA, Mo. Pg 263 Bob Zurke beats it out at the keyboard . . . Kem- per . . . Percy Grainger converses after the con- cert . . . Two members of the Graff Ballet . . . Mr. and Mrs. Weaver talk it over with Maurice Hindus. TUDE T GUIDE TO PICTURE SENIOBS Page Candler, Roberta... .............. 172 A Page Carey, Elaine. .... ......... 1 22, 172 Abernathy, Melba G .... . .. 168 gzgaonfrlrilrfalrzfra """"' ' ' '148' 173 225 Adams, Betty snanklin. .. ..... 168 Carmichael Olirraararrrr' ' "---'-"- ' -- aaa iflbams' Igatrlserine' """ ' Carr, Elizabeth Jean. . .' ' ' ' .. .n 173 ers' at ryn """" ' " ' Carr, Patricia Carolynn.. . ..... 138, 173 Alexander, Georgetta .... .....,...... 1 68 Cary Euan 120 173 Alexander, Helen .... .. .......... 137, 168 Casa' Margarar """"' ' 173 225 Allen, Betty Lucile .... . . .60, 140, 168, 226 Casrrarsanr Lois ""' "' ' " '54 173 213 igen' ggigllfaarlge " """ 53' Eg' Casterline, Geraldine.. . . ..... 173, 225, 234 Allen' 1 . ane "" """" ' Cederquist, Teckla Ann. . . . . .47, 122, 173, 223 en, Genevieve. ....... ...47, 168, 218 Chamn Jana 124 173 228 gage Vifggig Ifgne .--- - - -gig, ggg chambers, reliant: 3 1 1' . 1 1 1 3:1393 173 235 Andefigg' Me :ga ane' ' ' ' " 168 Chaney, Marjorie. ...... . . .47, 130, 173 225 Agdgrson' Nsueiata "" ""' 1 68 Chilcote, Dorothy Jane. .. ........... . 173 Andrews 'Dorothy ' ' ' ' 168 Christie, Mildred Jane .... ......... . . 173 Andrews' Isabel ' ' ' ' 168 Christopher, Prunella .... . . . 128, 173 231 A ' ' """" ' ' ' Church, Phyllis Louise .... ..... . 55 173 ndrus, Betsy Rogers. . . . . 122, 168 Clardy Frances 173 Applegate, Harriett. . . . . 142 168 Clarke' Davida ' """" ""' 173 Archer, Mary Jeanne .... .... 1 23, 169 Clam' Wilma """' ' " 54 173 Arnold, Dorothy ....... ......... 1 69 Coapstickr Jaan' I r r I H H I H144 173 Arnold, Marjorie ........ . ..126, 169, 235 Coe Katharina Claire 135 173 Arrowsmith, Betty Ruth .... ........ 1 41, 169 Coe' Marjorie ' ' ' ' ' '135 174 Arthur, Margaret Jean .... .... 4 6, 47 169 221 Cola Irena """" ' ' ' 174 Arthurs, Nadine ........... ........ 1 69 234 Combo Jaarr """" ""' 2 35 Atwater, Marjorie Jeanne .... . ...... . . . 169 C00ka,'Liuiara """" ' 174 Coon, Katharine Louise.. . . . .122 174 Cooper, Marian. ........ . . .55 174 Baehtola, Mary Jeannette. .. .... 148 169 229 geepefi Pamela' Ann -4-- ----- - 174 Baggaley, Barbara Alden.. . ......... 130 Ooperf Phylhs -'---'- - ' '122 174 Bailey, Eleanor Louise .... ....... 1 69, 234 Copplel Martha JO' ' - - - -124 174 Bailey, Mary Ellen, ..... .... 1 32, 168 169 Gere? Ann Rebeeee- '- ---- - 174 Bailey, Mary Louise... ..... 141 169 gem: Sega,-, ----'-- ' - -127' 174 Bailey, Winnifred ..... .... 1 53 169 Germs -E 'fem ---- ---- 5 4 174 Baillie, Gertrude Jean. . . . . . . Conner' ve YH """-"- - - -152 174 Baker, Helen Irene .... . . 148, 169 Craig' lgary' '-"' , '-"-'- - ' '174 230 Baldwin, Doris' I r r r I I r 146 169 Crangvg 1, Mary Elizabeth .... ..... 1 74 Barnes, Betty ........ . , 122, 169 Ute e d' June -----'-" --'-- 1 74 Barnum, Barbara ....... .. 138, 169 Cwpp, Jane .... ......... . . 174 234 Barret, Sarah Rebecca.. . . . . .146, 169 Cryslerf Betty Ruth ""-- - - -- ' - - - -- 174 Bartling, Arditli Pauline .... . . 140, 169 ggfpbeggxynrafrgfalhy Isabel- - - '----------- E2igSf'r,1Eafga1rfQ'tI r H rurr A r 136, 123 Cummings, Mary. ........ . . .65, 134, 175 202 Bauer, Mary Norgrass lrrr r r 134, 169 gunnrngham, Jane ....... ..... 5 9, 175 232 Bayrre, Eleanor Louisa.. 4 I r r 124' 170 Cunningham, Nancy Dau .... ............. . . 175 Beardsley, Betty Jane .... .... 1 24, 170 urry' aneu ' 3- 3 --'--'- - - -150- 175, 225 230 Beary, Margaret Lea. r Q r lrlrrll 144' 170 Cutler, Ruth Vlfglhla ..... ............. 1 75 Beghtol, Beatrice ...... . . .150 170 235 Behymer, Shirley .... ..... 1 70 235 Belasco, Marie. ...... .... 1 52 170 Bentley, Marguerite... ..,.. 134 170 ggggairr' 'gig ' ' ' Benz, Loraine .......... . . .128 170 233 Darby,'Anna "' """ ' 55' 175 Befgennnn' Dons. ""--" 'H49' 122' 170 Davis Betty Jane ..... .... 6 0, 62 120, 175 Sickle? Mairy1?hT'beth' ' ' """' ' ' ' Davis Catherine Mae, . . . . . . . . . 175, 234 Brgnlra egnele H1 -'-'-- ---'---- r aa 170 Davis, Elizabeth ....... ...... . 62, 175 B. Z ml y ""' "" . "" """"' D a vis, Joan Winifred .... ..... ...... 1 3 8, 175 llllngs, Joanne Louise. .. . . .52, 146 170 228 Davis Margaret Halen 175 grschoff, Janet. ....... . ........ 150 170 Davis, Norma June. 1 r H 1, 53, 175' 222, 236 issell, Janet ........ ....... 1 38 170 Davis Ruth 138 175 Bissett, Catherine... . . . .142 170 234 Day Susan " "" " ' ' " 175 Blackman, Rachelle. . . ......... 170 Dealing Bath " ' """ ' """' 175 Blackwood, Barbara.. . ..... .55 170 DaMyarj Anna " ' H132 175 Blend, Barbara .... .. . . .50 144 171 Denison' Sarah Y" " "" ' 175 llggggggi' "" " """" Denney, Judy Marie .... . . .146, 175, 234 Bohnera 'Mar ' """' ""' D ennis, Betty Ray. .... . ..120, 176, 234 , garet Ann... ........... 171 Danton Jana 142 176 Booze, Kathryn. ........ .........., 1 26 171 Drckayjanis """" """ 1 42 176 Boyd, Marianne ......... ................ 1 71 Dix Batty ' "" ' " ' ' Boyes, Elinor ............. .... 5 0, 59, 142, 171, 225 ' I ' ' ' "' " Boynton. Elizabeth Marie .... ............ . . . 171 gglgffairndxalrgiarga' "" ' ' ' Bradford, Marylyn.. ..... .... 1 22, 171 Doppr Mary " ""' 176 Bradley, Constance ..... .. ........... 171 Dorchester, Frances- H ...134 176 Bradshaw, Mildred.. . . ............. ,... . . 140, 171 Dorwailar Maxine 140 176 Brang, Betty Ann... . .................. 134, 171, 229 ' ' ' ' ' " Branum, Hope. ..... 47, 52, 134, 171, 225, 231, 233 Breuer, Mary Lou ..... ..................... 1 36 171 Brewer, Virginia ......... .... 1 44, 171 A lrrr r lrllrr r Briggs, Elizabeth Clair. . . ..... 167, 171 U 1 -' rrrl 148 132 Brigham, Olive Jane ---- - ' -54' 134 171 Elden, Betty Jane .... .............. 1 76 Brownlee, Che1'10t'1e--- ---- 130' 171 Ellsworth, Marilee.. . . . .53, 126, 176 233 Brownlee, Mary 'TO-' - - --'- H531 171 Eltinge, Bernice ...... ........ 1 36 176 Bruner' Jean "-'-'-- --'-- 1 241 171 Emde, Jean Elizabeth .... ........... 1 76 Bnnnson- Dorothy' ' - - - -136' 171' 235 Eppinger, Beverly Sue.. .. .. . .53, 145, 176 Buck- Janelov '----' --'-- 1 72' 236 Ernest, VaLaura. ....... ....... 5 3 176 Burgan, -Tune ---f---' ---- - 551 172 Evans, Lillian Lucile .... ........ 1 76 Burgess, June ........... . . 137, 172 Everittr Frances rlrrar H 176 Burgett, Eleanor Jane .... . .49 172 Burrington, Barbara Ruth . . 140 172 Bybee, Marjorie ......... . . 138 172 Bye. D01'0U11Y Mae- ---.- - -- -53 172 Farley, Joan ....... ..... . 177 Byrne, Carolyon ...-- . . 126 172 Farnand, Mollie. .... . . .145 177 Feightner, Dorothy. . . . . .136 177 Feisler, Mary Joan .... ..... 1 77 Fiedler, Mary ......... . . . .122 177 Cairy, Mildred Rae .... . . ..... 141, 172 Fields, Alice Elizabeth.. . . . . . 120 177 Calvert, Marjorie ............ ....... 1 72, 231 Finkel, Caroline May. .... ..... 1 50 177 Campbell, Barbara Jeanne .... . . .144, 167, 172 Fisher, Mary Wauneta.. . . .... . . 152, 177 Campbell, Catherine Elizabeth... . ........ 136, 172 Foltz, Miriam Ruth. ..... ....... . . . . 177 Campbell, Jean. ............. .... 4 7, 50, 134, 172 Foster, Jean. .......... .... 5 4, 152 177 Campbell Leora Jean .... .... 6 0, 172, 226 Foulk, Mary Ellen ..... ...... 1 36 177 Campbell Mary Ellen. ..... .. .138, 172, 234 Fountain, Elizabeth ...... ....... . 177 Campbell Pauline Aleese,. . ..... . . . 172 Fountain, Sarah Louise. . . . . . 177 Page 264 THE CLASS PANELS A AND THE IDEALS FOR THE 1940 STEPHENSOPHIA ARE FROM THE PAUL PARSUNS Pg 265 Frank, Marjorie.. . . Frasher, Ellen ..... Frass, Teresa ........ Freeman, Frances. . . . Freund, lrene .... . . Frise, Geraldine .... Funk, Betty ..... . Ganz, Ruth Ann ......... .. .... 53, Garbrecht. Marjorie.. . . . Gardner, Marion Jeanne. . . . . . . Gardner, Mary Adelaide .... Garlow, Marjorie ...... . . . . . Gatch, Peggy Ann. ..,. . Geanopulos, Helen .... Gebhart, Doris Mae. . . Gentsch, Helen ........ Genz, Gertrude. ....... . George, Dorothy Jane. . . Gevedon, Ruby Jo .,.... Gieseler, Mary Kay. . . Gilbert, Martha ..... Ginder, Gloria ..... Givens, Harriette .... Gladwin, Betty Lou.. . Glassen, Eleanor ...... . . Glenn, Doris Elizabeth.. . . Goldberg, Harriett .... . . Goldstein, Betty Jane.. . Goodrich, Meredith. . . Gouwens, Carolyn.. . . . Graham, Nancy Jane .... Gray, Anna Laura ...... Green, Elizabeth Jane. . . Green, Eloise ........, Green, Helen ........ Green, Jacquelyn.. . . . Griffith, Barbara .... Grissom, Fay .... '. Griswold, Viola .... Grorner, Maxine ..... Gum, Virginia Ann.. . . Haas, Lois Jean. ..... . . . Hagen, Mary Elizabeth. . . Hale, Jean ............. Hale, Mary Louis. .. .. Hall, Ruth ........ Halley, Anne ........ Hamilton, Jean. ...... . Hammel, Helene Jean. . . Hammond, Corinne. .. Hampton, Lillian ....... Hanna, Dorothy Jane. . . Hans, Frances ........ Hansen, Helen Lee.. . . Hargis, Doris Jean. . . Harriott, Anne .... .... Harris, Josephine ...... . Harrison, Betty Belle.. . . Hartstield, Lucille ...., Hartt, Jane .......... Hatcher, Betty Jean.. . . Hawkins, Joyce Ann.. . . . Hay, Virginia. ....... . Hazen, Ann ......... Head, Amelia. .... . Hebard, Margaret.. . . Hedin, Jane ............ Heuer, Ann .... ........ Hewes, Ruth Margaret.. Hibberd, Melissa ....... Hicklin, Margaret Virginia: . l U Hillegeist, Gayle Virginia .... Hills, Constance ........ Hills, Martha Jean .... Hitt, Mary Lou.. . . . . Hobart, Patricia ..... Holke, Mazee Jean .... Hollister, Jeanne ...... Holmes, Marie ..... ...... Holmes, Mary Virginia .... Holmes, Shirley ........ Holmes, Venona ........ Holter, Doris ............ Hoover, Mary Elizabeth. . . Hough, Marilyn., ...... . . Houghton, Peggy Todd.. Houston, Cynthia ....... Howard, Josephine .... Hudson, Janet. ..... . Hull, Sue Virginia ..... Hulmes, Barbara. ...... . Hunter, Mary Frances.. . Hurt, Eleanor .......... Huston, Betty Lucille. . . Hyman, Shirley ...... . Irr, Marie Agnes .... . . Isaly, Margaret Jean .... Jackson, Virginia ....... Jacobs, Carol. ......... . Jacobs, Mary Elizabeth.. Page ..... 177 .... 131,177 ..... ... 177 ....... 122,177 ....126 177,235 ..130 177,235 .......... 177 58,140,177,232,233 ........... 128,178 . .............. 178 ..........6O,178,231 .60,153,178,226,229 ............... 178 ........... 178 ........ 150,178 .......55 127,178 ...49,122 178,233 ........ 126,178 ... ... .54,178 ...,.. 178 .. 130,178 .. 136,178 ........ 178 ..... 140,178 .....112 122,178 ............... 178 ...146,l79,233,236 .............. 179 ............ 179 . ... 179 .. 128,179 ...129,179 ...127,179 ...53,179 ... 179 . .... 179 ...148,179 ...59,230 ....... 179 ...128,179 ...130,179 ...55,179 .. 179,231 .. 120,179 .. 147,179 ........... 179 . ....... 148,179 ...60,134,179,231 ...132 180,234 , .... 140,180 .... .54,180 .. 130,180 ........ 180 ....53 144,180 ......... 146,180 ...60,126 180,226 ........ 126,180 . ..... 122,180 .. 140,180 ...138,180 ....... 180 ...150,180 ...134,180 ..... 180 ...128,180 ...150,180 ..........136,181 ............122,l81 ....54,181,202,228 .49,58,150,181,228 ............145,181 ..........132,181 ...140,181 ...148,181 ...132,181 ..... 181 ..... 181 ...181,231 ....... 181 ........ 181 ......132,181 ...60,181,226 . ....... 181 ...151,181 ....... 181 ...136,181 ...134,181 ...132,182 ...138,182 ...182,233 .....138,182 ......182,231 ...53,144,182 .....128,182 ....... 182 ......148,182 ...128,182,234 .....120,182 ......148,182 ...120,182,234 Jacoby, Betsy Ann.. .. . James, Mildred ...... Jameyson, Lenore .... Jarvis, Julietta ...... Jeifords, Collette ...... Jessen, Miriam Ruth .... Johnson, Dorothy. ......... . Johnson, Mary Lois ............ Johnstone, Marian Elizabeth.. . . Jones, Gloria .............. Jones, Jane Lee. ........... . Jones, Mary Ann. . . Joseph, Jean .... Kahn, Sybil .......... Kayser, Janet Marie. . Keate, M arcia ....... Kelly, Adele Nina. ..... . Kennedy, Marguerite .... . Ketcherside, Jean Helen .... Kiekhofer, Dorothy ...... Kimmel, Marybelle ..... Kiplinger, Jane Ann. . . Kirk, Patricia Anne .... Knuth, Patricia... . . . Koch, Margaret ............ Koeniger, Capitola. ....... . . Kohfeldt, Kathleen Krass, Helen Lucile ........ Kreidler, Christine ......... . Kreitzer, Maxine .... Krekel, Betty. ...... . . . . Krelitz, Janis ............ . . Krueger, Elizabeth Jane .... Laiitte, Jean ........... LaMaster, Jean Burton.. . . Laurenzi, Rosalita ...... . Lawrence, Corinne ...... Layton, Sara Elizabeth. . . Lee, Grace ............. Lee. Sara. ........... . Levine, Frances. .... . Levy, Jane ..... ...... Lewis, Emma Frances. . . Lewis, Mary Jane.. . . . Lichtenberg, Ellen ..... . Ligon, Lovella ........... Lindquist, Dorothy Jean .... Lindsay, Lois. ......... . . Lively, Mary Margaret. . . Lockridge, Patricia. ....... . Loeb, Carolyn Rose ......... Longfellow, Patricia Ruth.. . . Loufek, Julia Frances ...... Lovell, Miller ............ Lusk, Alice Jane .... Lykes, Ada Belle.. . . Lyon, Betty Lou.. . . MacDonald, Muriel Jean. . . MacGregor, Jean ........ Major, Major, Gloria .......... Mildred .... . . Marker, Marian. ..... . Markley, Carrie Lou.. . Marriott, Esther ..... Mars, Almeda Jane .... Martens, Dorothy. . . Massey, Caroline ...... Mathews, Elizabeth. . . Matteson, Helen ...... Matthews, Charlotte .... Mattox, Shirley ..... .... Matz, Helen Mae ........ Matzke, Barbara Louise.. . . . McAlpine, Janet Margaret. . . McConney, Denise ......... McCoy, Margaret .... .... McDonald, Ruth. .... . , McElroy, Patricia. .... . . McEwan, Helen Marie .... McEwen, Wilma. ...... . McGaughey, Carolyn.. . . McGugin, Doris ....... McGugin, Dorothy .... . McKean, Gladys ..... . McLaughlin, Audrey .... McLean, Sarah ....... Means, Madelyne. .... .. Melcher, Bettie Jayne .... Mendenhall, Elizabeth .... Menk, LaVerne ......... Menzer, Mary Jane ...... Meredith, Janet. .......... . Meyer, Dorothy Virginia.. . . Middleton, Margaret ..... Milam, Dorris .......... Miller, Eleanor Jane .... Miller, Elizabeth Ann. . . Miller, Florence ,..... . Miller, Joan ......... Miller, Joann.. . . . Miller, Marian. .... . Miller, Mary Beth. . . Elizabeth.. . . Page 146, ...55, 128, 130, . ..144, 183, 140, ...116, 130, 183, 130, 120, 136, 144, . .1156 126, 183, .54, 148, 183, .60, 183, ...49 ....54 .....153 . . .50, 134 128, 130, 183, 183, 145, 130, 128, ........150, ..........54, ....47, 65, 142, 134 52, 185, 212, 226, 184, 132, 184, 130, 152, 132, . 54, 185, 124, 233, 152, . 59, 122. 185, 185 ....185, 233: . . .47, 134, 167, 148, 152, 128, 150, 134, . 55, .... f .'1e6,' . . .5o, 122, . .'..1.1.6., '1'36,' .' .' .146 . . .146 ...116, ......126 . 53, 202, 186, 152, 146, 136, 140. 186, 148, 122, 146, 136, 186, 186, 166, 124, 148, 216, 187, . .1.3.4. . ...138, 136, 150, 167, 187, 144, . 53, 148, Pug 182 182 182 182 182 231 183 183 225 183 183 183 183 183 183 236 183 183 228 183 232 183 183 183 233 228 184 184 184 184 184 184 184 235 184 225 184 184 184 184 184 184 184 184 236 185 235 185 185 185 233 235 235 185 185 185 185 185 185 185 185 185 185 185 185 231 228 186 186 186 186 186 225 186 186 186 186 186 186 186 186 231 231 187 187 187 187 187 233 202 187 187 187 187 187 233 234 187 187 187 187 187 e 266 Part of the game ,Q . Q' I eeee The ause Xxx -.::: ,::,,::,:::,:Z:::.,.,:,,,.. ,:4::: : , .. Y xx Ixzzz: E :1" ' .-....,,.- A A that JU h 'E T9 T95 95 X X N 4 ' 3 Q- A ffz " A " tra' , ev Cx C0 .131 COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. 16 HITT STREET COLUMBIA, MISSOURI Stephens Susies COLUMBIA Say It,S INSURANCE Swell and DEAN , S RENTAL AGENCY O O N 9TH AND BROADWAY Co1umbia's Most Complete Sportswear Shop 10 S. 9TH STREET Pg 267 126 Miller, Virginia.. . . Moberly, Evelyn. .... . Moller, Alice ........,. Montague, Marilynne.. . . Montgomery, Dixie ..... Moody, Hazel ........ Moore, Joan ...... Moore, Lorraine .... Moore, Margaret L. .. . Moore, Margaret P .... .. . Morris, Barbara .......... Morris, Ruth Elizabeth .... Morse, Janet. ......... . Moss, Peggy Anne ....,.. Muessel, Alice Dorothy .... Mullins, Jean .......... . . Myers, Ann ........ Myers, Mary Virginia. . . Nay, Janet Ann. ....... . . Nelson, Barbara Anne .... Nettles, Mary Claudia. . . Newcomb, Norma. .... . Newpher, Janet .,.. . . . Newton, Anale. ..... . . . Nimnicht, Virginia ....... Nofsinger, Mary Anne. . . Nordlinger, Lois ....... Nott, Mary Louise .... Nyden, Shirley ...... O'Brien, Betty ........... O'Conor, Mary Helen. . O'Donnell, Jeanne Marie.. . . Oglesby, Ethel Ann ....... Oliver, Patricia .......... Omara, Marjorie .... Opp, Mary Evelyn .... Orr, Mary Jane ........ Owens, Mary Porter... . Ozment, Doris ........ Page, Mary Rebecca. .... . Palinquist, Marguerite. . . Park, Mary Elizabeth. . . Patton, Helen ......... Payne, Faith ...... Pearce, Celia ........ Pearson, Eleanor. ..... . Peasley, Patricia Joan. . . Peavey. Angeline. .... . . Peet, Josephine ....... Penner, Genevieve .... Penquite, Harriett .... Peters, Ruth ....... Peterson, Barbara .... ..... Pfa1T, Natalie Lyman ....... Phillips, Elizabeth Haski Pierce, Mary Ernestine .... Pipsaire, Ruby Evela .... Pitts, Polly. ............ . Plass, Ruth Elizabeth.. . . Platt, Jeanne Carol.. . . . Ploner, Shirley Jane .... Plough, Doris Natalie .... Pomeroy, Nancy Jane .... Pope, Ellen Christine. . . Powell, Mary Louise .... Prahman, Marnie ..... Pratt, Arkie Lee .... Preysz, Lillian ...... Prideaux, Doris ....... Priester, Betty Lu ..... Protzeller, Betty .... Prox, Bettie Marie ........ Prunty, Mary Lee.. . . Puterbaugh, Margaret I1S.... Rae, Helen. ............ . Rains, Lurline Howard. . . Ralston, Frances .... . . . Rang, Barbara .... ..... Redden, Dorothy Sue .... Reeder, Harriett Jean .... Reeves, Jane ........ . Reid, Annamay ........ Reinken, Janet .......... Jane... Reischman, Alice Marie .... . . Remsen, Sally ........... Repp, Martha Elizabeth. . . Rhodes, Katherine Jane. Roberts, Helen .......... Roberts, Mary Alyce.. . Robinson, Dorothy.. . . Rome, Shirlee ...... Ross, Betty .......... Ross, Lucy Barbara ...... Rownd, Marian Louise. . . Runals, Dorothy ....... Ruud, June. ......... . Ryan, Virginia.. . . ....116 ..ffff00 . . . .148, 188 "ffffff55 .......... , , 203, 225 ffff50f152 .. ..134, 189 ....53 ....54 .47, 116, 126, 189 Page 134 187 132 187 122 188 188 202, 225 144 188 126,188 ... 188 188 146,188 124 188 188,233 ... 188 144 188 ... 188 232 233 ... 188 ... 188 136 130 189 127 131 .54 214 .62 126 126 150 135 131 217 148 126 125 . . . .47, 148, 190, ffff140 ffff55 ,.1f4e,122 . . .47, 48, 49, 134 ..Q4iQe0Q51f104 ..........134 ffff101 150, 152 225 190 f00 140 150 144 100 150 100 191 120 191 100 146 120 124 101 191 . 55 124 126 138 202 120: 148 122: 124 v v v 1 1 .50,112,192,225,230: ......54 148, 192, 146, 142 138 124: .50, 126, 192, 202, 225, 138 135 134 126, 188 188 232 189 189 189 189 235 189 189 189 189 189 189 189 189 233 189 189 189 189 189 189 190 190 190 233 234 190 190 190 190 190 190 234 190 190 190 190 224 190 191 231 191 235 191 191 231 191 191 191 191 191 191 219 235 191 191 191 191 230 191 191 192 192 192 231 192 225 192 192 192 192 232 192 192 192 148 192 Sampson, Janet. .... . Sass, Betty Ruth.. . . Schini, Maryon ..... Schmidt, Hope. ..... . . Schubert, Marguerite.. . . Schutt, Virginia. ..... . Scott, Edgaretta ....... Scott, Gloria Carroll.. .. Scott, Patricia. ..... . . Searcy, Mary Emily.. . . Seligman, Mariam. ...... . Semple, Jane ............. Sernes, Dorothy Jeanne.. . . Shaefer, Sarah Ellen .... . . Shaeffer, Ruth ......... Sheckler, Julie Carolyn. . . Shelby, Mary K .......... Sheldrick, Barbara Jane. . . Shireman, Alma. ........ . Shreve, Genevieve ...... Shriner, Carla ..... Shults, Christine. . . Shumay, Harriet.. . . Sinclair, Suzanne .... Siveright, Mary. ..... . Smalley, Janet ..... .... Smirl, Marion Virginia.. . . Smith, Athalie Louise .... Smith, Charlotte ....... Smith, Eleanor ....... Smith, Elizabeth .... Smith, Jeanne ..... Smith, Nancy. ...,. . Smith, Roberta Lee. . . Smith, Virginia Lee. . . Smithmeyer, Clara. . . . Snyder, Beryl. ..... . Somers, Barbara. ..,... . . Sorensen, Helen Jane. .... . Sorensen, Muriel Barbara.. Spangler, Elizabeth Harriet.. . . Spencer, Jane. ............ Stafford, Margaret .....,.. Stagg, Annie Lee .... Stalsburg, Mary Jo.. . . Staman, Ruth ...... Standish, Jayne.. . . . Stanley, Betty .... .... Sternberger, Barbara. . . Stevens, Helen ........ Steward, Anna Claire .... Stewart, Margaret.. . . . Stiles, Jean ........... Stocking, Elizabeth. . . . Stockwell, Shirley. .... . . Stoll, Lida .... .......,... Stollenwerck, Elizabeth .... Stout, Sara .... .......... Stuart. Helen. ....... . . Suddarth, Marjorie... . . . . Summers, Althea Louise. . . Taggart, Mary Louise .... Tener, Wilma Jane.. . . . Test, Julia ............. . Thomas, Eleanor Louise. . . Thomas, Jessica Lee ...... Thomas, Lucy Paxton .,... Thompson, Barbara.. . . . Thompson, Margarita ..... Thompson, Mary Elizabeth. . . Thompson, Scotta ........ Tiedemann, Anna May .... Tillman, Claire Ann ...... Toole, Jean ........... Toon, Dorothy Jane.. . . Townsend, Helen ..... Tripp, Helen ........ Troland, Eileen .... ....... Trueblood, Mary .............,.. Trueman, Telulah Marguerita .... Turner, Alene ........... ..... Turner, Elinor Ruth. ....... . . Turner, Rosa Lee. . . . . . Tuttle, Mary Kathleen .... Tyler, Miriam ..........,. Tyrholm, Donna Marie .... Underriner, Betty Jane. . . . . . Urban, Betty Frank. .... . Utterback, Wanda Jean. . . . . Vary, Sylvia. .... . Vesely, Blanche. . . . Vestal, Alice .......... Viets, Adelheit ..... .... . Volkland, Wilha Mae.. . Waldrop, Hazel Jean. . . Walker, Mary Bates .... Wallin, Ruth. ....... . Walls, Alice .......... Waples, Katherine .... Warneke, Marie ...,. QQ150'120'102'202' .1.4.5., . ...53 53, Page 126, 230, 191 120, 146 144 180, 136 100, 122, 193 128 142 128, 148, 130, 120 152 141 142, 130, 194, .IfI105'225' 126, 167 148, 194, 194, 220' 128, 136. 233, 142, 134, .59, 150, 128, 195, .ff54f 1.5.6, .... 167, 132, 148, 126, 120, .54 122, 135 fee 148, 58, 59, 197, 225, . 54, 148, 122, 126, 146, 196, 196, 152, 142, 136, 148, 196, .55, .60 .58 200f .53 .54 144, 144, 140, 145, 126, 100, 197, 136 153, 232, 140 197, 130. 122, 126, 128, Pag 192 232 192 193 229 193 193 193 193 193 193 193 193 228 193 229 193 193 193 193 193 193 193 193 194 194 194 194 194 194 194 194 194 194 235 194 194 233 234 194 194 194 236 195 195 195 195 195 195 235 195 195 195 195 195 195 52 195 195 195 195 195 195 142 195 196 196 196 196 225 206 196 196 196 196 234 196 196 196 196 196 196 196 197 197 197 197 234 197 197 197 233 197 231 197 197 197 197 197 e 268 ffzvffsf with the Newesfff OF COURSE Th? The mm dw?-H019 ROYAL VENETIAN BLIND COMPANY NATIONALLY-ADVERTISED S H O E S "13LINDED" STEPHENS I JACQUELINE O NATURAL POISE I CONNIE O O LELAINE I PARIS FASHION IN AMERICAS LEADING The ROYAL VENETIAN MAGAZINES BLIND MFG. co. College Footwear Our Specialty ST. LOUIS, MO. X. COLLEGE THEATRE CO. MISSOURI 0 HALL 0 VARSITY 0 AMERICA'S GREATEST STARS in THE WORLD'S BEST PICTURES Page Watson, Carrol Frank ..... .... 1 38 197 Watson, Mary Elizabeth.. .... 136 197 Weaver, Gertrude ........ ..,....... 1 97 Webb, Esther .,........ .... 1 97, 230 235 Webb, Helen Lucille ..... ...... 1 28 197, 228 Webb, Marian Lucille .,.. . ........ 54, 198 231 Webb, Ruth Carolyn.. . . .... 198, 220, 230, 233 Weberg, Winifred. .... ...... 1 28 198 228 Weill, Peggy. .......... ............ 1 98 Wermuth, Nancy Lou .... . . . 148 198 Wert, Joan ........... ....... 1 98 West, Jeanne. .......... ... 124, 198 Wetherald, Margaret ..... ..... 1 28, 198 Wetmore, Doris Ruth .... . . .55 144 198 Wheeler, Martha Gerry. . ........ 198 White, Elizabeth Mary. . ....... 198 White, Priscilla ........ .......... 1 98 Whiting, Helen .... . . . . . .54 198 233 Whiting, Jean ........ .. . 140 198 Whitlow, Elizabeth.. . . ....... 198, 202 Whittier, Nancy ...... ......... 1 98, 230 Whjtwell, Margaret. .... ........ 6 0, 134 198, 226 Wiesener, Phyllis Ann.. . . .......... 60, 120 198 226 Wigton, Betty ......... 47, 48, 49, 144 199 215 Wilcox, Janice ........... .................... 1 99 Wilhelm, Mary Rachel.. .. .............. 138, 199 Willens, Blossom .... .... .... 1 9 9, 230, 233 Williams, Shirley ..... . .......... 199 Wilson, Florence.. . . . .58 199, 235 Wilson, Grace ....... ..... 1 99, 236 Windle, Charlotte .... ....... 1 44, 199 Winstel, Doris. ....... .... 1 16 150, 199 Wipke, Rose Marie. .... ..... . 55 199 Woofenden, Margaret .... .. . 122 199 Wortley, Elizabeth Jane .... ..... 1 99 Wrenn, Harriette Virginia. . . ...... . 199 Wulbern, Margaret. ....... .. . .... 134, 199 Wynn, Nell Rice. ........ ...... ..,. 1 3 0, 199 Y Yeager, Georgauna .... ...... ..... 1 9 9 York, Jean ........... . . . .... 146 199 Young, Marjorie ....... . .. . . 199 Young, Mary Virginia .... .... ........ 1 9 9 Z Zeller, Olivia Ruth.. .. ................. .. ,.148, 199, 231 J UNIOBS A Aagaard, Jacqueline ...... .... .... 9 0 Abney, Clementine ........ ..... 9 0 Adams, Catharine Willson... . . .90 152 Adams Georgia Lovell .... . . . .90 131 Adams Jadienne ..... .... .... 9 0 Adams Sara Elizabeth .... ..... 9 0, 231 Adams, Wilma Ann .... ...... 9 0 151 Agnew, Barnetta ....... .......... 9 0 Albrecht, Barbara Ann. . . . . .90, 135 203 Aldrich, Nina Bernadine. . . ...... . . 90 Aldridge, Corrine ........ ...... 8 9, 90 Alexander, Betty Jane .... .... 9 0 Allen, Jane Lea ........ ..... 9 0 Allen, Phyllis .... ...... . . .90 125 Alling, Marjorie ......... . . .90 151 Alter, Josephine Eleanor. . . .. . . 90 Anderson, Annie Louise.. . . . . . . . 90 Anderson, Barbara ....... . . .90 152 Anderson, Madelon. .... . . . . .90 131 Anderson, Mary Floyd.. . . . . . . 90 Andre, Eleanor ........ . . . 90 Anneke, Jean .............. . 90 Anson, Virginia ............ .... 9 0 Applegate, Martha Elizabeth. . . . . . . . 90 Armbrust, Mary Frances.. . . . . .90 131 Armistead, Jane Lindsay .... ..... 9 0 Armstrong, Jean ......... . ..90 135 Arnett, Janice ......... .... 9 0 Arnold. Elaine ...... . .... 90 Arrowsmith, Jane .... . . .90 123 Askew, Annabelle ..... ..... 9 0 Avent, Lillie Mason .... . . .90 127 Ayers, Joanna Morley ..,. .... 9 0 Babcock, Janice Fay. ..... .... 9 0 Babcock, Phyllis ..... ..... . . .90, 203 Babcock, Ruth Margaret. . . . . .90 143 Bailey, Madye Jo.. ........ ...... 9 0 Bailey, Marilyn Donna .... . . .90, 151 Bairnson, Thielrna Jean.. . . . . .90, 231 Baker, Ernestine ......... . . .90 125 Baker, Frances Mae .... ..... 9 0 Baker, Jean ........... ....... 9 0 Balch, Nancy Clarkson.. . . . .53, 90 145 Ball, Betty Elynor ..... ....... 9 0 Balsiger, Betty. ........ ..... 9 0 Barbier, Florence Jean .... ..... 9 O Barnes, Bonnie Jo. ..... ....... 9 0 Barnett, Betty Lee.. .. . . .54, 90 139 Barnett, Marion ..... ..... 9 0 135 Barr, Barbara ..... ..... 9 O Barr, Betty Lou. .. . . .91 123 Barter, Ann Ayers. . . . , .91 125 Baskett, Anna Mae. . . . . .91 139 Bassham, Sue. ........ .... 9 1 Bastian, Charlotte. ....... ..... 9 1 Batteurs, Ellen Louise ..... . . .91 131 Baxter, Jacqueline Jean.. . . . . .91 137 Beals, Betty Anne. ....... .... 9 1 Beaman, Anne ......... Bean, Evelyn Todd ...... Beardsley, Mary Beebe. .. Beatty, Audrey ......... Beatty, Elizabeth ...... . Beatty, Mildred Louise. .. Beaty, Margie Ellen ..... Bechstein, Beverly ...... Beck, Mary Margaret ........ Becker, Doris ................ . Becker, Elizabeth Jane CD. CJ. Becker, Elizabeth Jane flllinoisj .... Becker, Jeanne. ................ . Beeman, Julie Del. .... ...... . Begole, Barbara... . Bell, Gene. ........ . . Beringer, Betty Lou.. . Berry, Joan .... ...... Bertram, Lo Raine ..... Bertsch, Virginia Jane .... Betts, Anne Hobbs ....... Bewick, Helen Jane ....... Bierbaum, Elizabeth Ann .... Bisagno, June ............ Black, Doris Jean ........ Black, Mary Henderson .... Blackstone, Mary .... ..... Blair, Harriette Elizabeth .... Blake, Mary Ann ......... Blakeney, Martha Anne. . . Bland, Jane ............. Blasberg, Anna Ruth. . . Blum, Marjorie Lou ..... Boehm, Betsy ........... Boineau, Betty Trippett. . . Bond, Joy. ............ . . Boos, Virginia ......... Boren, Alice Lee ...... Bothman, Constance. . . Bothwell, Lois Mae.. . . . Boulware, Betty Jane... . Boyd, Martha Ellen .... Bradley, Ann Forrest .... Brase, Margaret Marie. . . Bresky, Marjorie ....... Bresnick, Ruth Lucile. . . . . Brodbeck, Jeanne Phyllis .... Booker, Frances Elizabeth. . . Brown, Barbara Grace. .... . Brown, Dorothy Jeane. . . Brown, Katherine ....... Brown, Margery Wilson. , . Brown, Brunin Mary Virginia .... s Ruth g , .... ...... Bryant, Wilma Jean ....... Bryhn, Margaret Evelyne.. . . Buechler, Mary ........... Burgess, Helen ........... Burk, Pearl Aldene .......... Burkholder, Mary Frances. . . Burns, Joan Elizabeth ..,.. Burr, Lucetta Irene ...... Burton, Joyce ........ Calkins, Rose Mary ...... .... Cameron, Roma Eloise ..... Campbell, Roberta Anne. . . Card, Helen Louise.. .... . Carey, Joan Elizabeth .... Carr, Catherine Evelyn .,.. Carruthers, Frances ........ Carter, Barbara ............ Cashel, Virginia Dorothy .... Caspersen, Rita .... ....... Castor, Mary ........... Chambers, Barbara ...,.... Chandler, Emmasuzanne. . . Chapman, Martha Jane .... Chapman, Suzanne ...... Charbonnet, Helen Ann. . . Chase, Barbara Ellen ..... Cheney, Barbara Alves. . . Chester, Barbara Jane .... Chidley, Geraldine.. . . . . Chorpening, Dorothy.. . . . Clagett, Betty Burtch .... Clark, Carolyn ........ Clark, Georgia Ann .... Clark, Julia Eleanor ..... Cochran, Alice .... , . . Cohen, Arlene Jane. . . Cohen, Willyne Ann .... Coldwell, Patricia Ann. . . Cole, Betty Ann .... ..... Cole, Constance ........... Collier, Eleanore VVatson.. . . Colvin, Dorothy Jane .... Colvin, Kathryn ....... Compo, Louise ...... Conrad, Mary Jean .... Cook, Doris ............. Cooper, Florence ...,..... Copeland, Eleanor Ruth. . . Corcoran, Suzanne Marie .... Corwin, Reta ............. Cossaboom, Sylvia .... Crane, Patricia ....... . Cronkhite, Rosemary. . . Croom, Nancy Gene .... Page 91 .....91,135 91 .55, 91, 149 91 91 ...91.145 ...91,127 91 .. 91 91 ...91,131 91 91 ....54,91 ...91,135 .... 91 . 91 91 . 91 . 91 .. 91 .... 91 ...91,147 ....55,91 ...91,145 ...91,147 ...91,131 ..... 91 ...91,151 .... 91 ..... 91 ...92,137 .... 92 ..... 92 ...92,145 92 ....54,92 .... 92 .... 92 ...92,147 ..... 129 ...92,133 ...92,121 .... 92 ...92,123 ...92,151 ...92,127 ...92,141 ......92 ...92,141 ......92 ...92 ...92 ....92 ......92 ...92,143 ......92 ..,....92 ...92,123 ......92 ......92 ...92,133 .......92 ...92, 125 .. ..92, 125 92, 123, 203 92 ,123 ...92,145 ...92,143 ...92,143 .... .92 ...93 147 ...93 135 ...93 147 ..... .93 ...93 143 .... .93 ...93 141 ...93 133 ...93 127 ..... .93 ...93,228 .... .93 .. .93 .... .93 ...93 149 ...93 139 ..... .93 ....93 151 ........ .93 93,151 231 ....93 131 ....93 131 .... .93 .... .93 ...93 122 .... .93 . .93 . .93 . .93 ...93 ...93 ...93 ...93 ...93 ....93 Page 2 70 Cnr Real Selling Begins The Mark Of Quality g gi the Contract is Signed In too many cases, the actual signing of a yearbook printing contract is the high point in the efforts of the printer. But when a contract is awarded to Midland, the printer's real effort does not begin until after the contract is signed. Midland always thinks of the future. The one best way to "sell" future staffs is to treat the present staff well. The only way to treat an annual staff well is to give hammer-and-tongs service, and to deliver thoroughbred quality. There's little cleverness in that kind of selling, but clever selling wonit build a record such as Midland's: 26 years of successful yearbook service, without a serious flaw in a sparkling string of annuals. MIDLAND PRINTING COMPANY Jefferson City, Missouri Hamilton, Betty Jo ...,.. Crowder, Janice .... Cummins, Jane .......... . . . Cummins, Jeanne ..,........ Cunningham, Mary Curley, Christine. . Curtis, Bette ..... . Dabbs, Bebe ...... Dalmbert, Maxine. . . . . Daughton, Marjorie. . . Davenport, Mildred ..... David, Elizabeth Jane .... Davie Davis Davis Davis Davis Davis Davis Davis Davis s, Barbara Jean. . . , Dorothy Maie ...... , Edith ..... .......... , Georgia Katherine .... , Jo Ann ....., ...... , Joan ............. , Mary ......... , Ruth Hayden .... on, Carolyn ....... Katherine .... Deane, Margaret ......... Deeds, Rosamond Anne .... De Moulin, Elizabeth Ann. . . De Nike, Doris Kathleen ...... Deschamps, Blanche LaRue.. Devendorf, Jane Miner ...... Dickson, Doris ............ Dillon, Nancy Jane .... Donnelly, Peggy ..... Dorchester, Betty ....... . . . Drinkard, Eleanor .......... Duenk, Miriam Elizabeth .... Dunigan, Margaret Sue ..... Dunning, Ella Lou ....... Durant, Lois ........... Durbin, Deborah Ann ..., Durrett, Virginia Sue .... Duston, Beverly Ann. . . Earle, Elizabeth ........... ...... Eastburn, Virgie Elizabeth. . . Easton, Margaret Elizabeth. . Ederington, Helen Joyce .... . Edwards, Betsy ........ .... Egan, Frances Ann ...... Elkin, Stana Lee ........ Ellars, Mary Elizabeth. . . Elliott, Edna Jeane ..... Ellis, Anne. .......... . Elmore, Hester Fay. . . Elmore, Olive Rainer .... Emmert, Jeanette ..... Emmert, June ..... ..... Engel, Joan Elizabeth.. . . Engelhard, Doris Jane. Engleman, Virginia Lee. . . Erzinger, Betty Ann .... Ettelson, Jean ......... Ewald, Margaret ..... Ewing, Mary Louise. . . Faris, Mamie Ruth .... Farrington, Betty Jean. . h ' I I . ' Faytinger, Lynette Ann .... Fickling, Ann ......... Fillmore, Frances ....... Finch, Norma Irene. . . Findley, Mary Lou .... Flavell, Mary Olive ........ Fletcher, Charlene ..... Forman, Margaret Frances... Frederick, Doris ............ Frederickson, Anne Reese. . . Freilich, Helen ............ Fritz, Rita Rose ......... Fulke, Dee Jay... Gale, Dorothy Jeanne. . . Gardiner, May ....... Garlough, Janet ......,. Garrett, Nancy Louise. . . Gates, Jacqueline ....... George, Caroline ....... George, Myrabelle. . . Gerber, Charlotte ....... German, Nona Marie ..... Gething, Mary Elizabeth. . . Giese, Jeanne Claire ...... Gilbert, Gorinne Anne .... Gillis, Mary Matilda .... Gips, Kathryn Klee.. . Glenn, Lucy Ann .... Glick, Edith .......... Goldberg, Miriam ....... Goldblum, Harriet ....... Goldcamp, Mary Edith... Gollobith, Janis ........ Gooding, Jean ......... Goodnough, Esther ..... Gore, Patricia Louise .... Gorsuch, Margaret. .... Graham, Marie ...... Grahl, Betty ...... Granger, Jean ...... Granger, Suzanne .... Page ......93 ,139 93 . . .93, 145 93 ,147 ,143 93 ....55,93 ....93, 129 ....93, 125 ....93, 129 ...93, 143 ......93 .......93 ,...94,145 .......9-4 ........94 ........94 ....94,125 .89,94,123 ....94,151 . ....... 94 ...94,149 ......94 ....94 ......94 ...94,125 ......94 ...94,135 ......94 ....94 ......94 ...94,141 ...94,145 ...94,145 ........94 .. ..94, 131 ...94, 123 ......94 ....94 ....94 ......94 ...94,125 .......94 ........94 ....94,136 ....94,133 ,......94 ...94,14l ....94,143 .......94 ........94 ....94,125 .......94 ...94,137 ....94,137 .......94 ......94 ....94,135 ....94,141 ....94,152 ....94,123 ....94,145 .......94 ...95,141 ........95 ....95,121 ........95 ........95 95,135,203 ........95 ....55,95 ...95, 125 ....95 ......95 ...95, 127 ........95 ....95,149 ....95,127 .......95 ......95 ........95 ....95,127 .......95 ......95 ,....95 .......95 ....95,133 .......95 ......95 .......95 ....95,145 ....95,147 ...95,123 ......95 .......95 ...95,135 ......95 ......95 ...95,139 ...95,123 Graves, Frances ..... Green, Harriet. ........ . . Green, Virginia Ruth ..... Greenwood, Frankie Lee. . Griflin, Sara Mae ........ Griflith, Martha Lynn. . . Griflin, Ruth .......... Grimm, Betty Louise .... Griswold, Dorothy ..... Grubb, Jackie .......... Gummere, Bette Jayne. . . Gund, Jeannette ..... . . . Gupton, Vernelle ..... . Habberstad, Fay. .... . . Haeherle, Marjorie ....... Haggerty, Jane Patricia. . Hahn, Julie Marie ...,.. Hall, Marion ...... .... Hall, Shirley .....,...... Hammersmith, Mary Jean Hammett, Bernice ....... Hampton, Eva ....... . . . Haney, Ruth .......... . Hansen, Carolyn Marie... Hardesty, Harriet Irene. . Harlan, Lois Janette .... Harlan, Virginia ......... Harman, Mary .... ...... Harmstead, Mary Patricia. . . Harper, Anita .......,... Harper, Netha ..... Harris, Louise ....... Harrison, Franchel ..... Harrison, Joan ......... Harscher, Mary Louise. . . Hart, Barbara .......... Harter, Jean Marie. . .. . Harvick, Mary Louise. . . Hatcher, Betty Jean .... Hathaway, Elizabeth .... Hawkins, Celia Jane. . . Hawkins, Ruth .... ..... Hayden, Beatrice ........ Heaton, Mary Margaret.. Hecht, Cecelia ........... Hedges, Eunice Elaine. . . Hedrick, Marjorie Jean. .. Henke, Elaine Estelle. . . Henyon, Isabel. ....... . . Herbert, Elizabeth ....... Hermann, Constance Jane Hexter, Jane ............ Hicks, Jeanne ........... Hildreth, Margaret.. . . , . Hillis, Mary Margaret .... Hinshaw, Mary Jane .... Hirsch, Elaine Lucile .... Hodges, Lois .......... Hogan, Catherine .... Holen, Marian .......... Holke, Mary Bess. ..... . . Holloway, Margery Elaine Holmes, Mary Finley... . . Holt, Barbara ........... Holt, Margaret .... .... Horney, Emma Clyde... Hostetter, Marilynn ..... Houghton, Helen ........ Hovden, Mervane June. . . Howard, Eva Mary ..... Howard, Mercedes ..... Howell, Joan ....... Howle, Sue Nell ........ Huber, Iowa Jean ........ Huddleston, Peggy Lou. . Huffsmith, Billie Bert. . . Hume, Marjorie Ruth.. . Humphreys, Beverly .... Humphreys, Marjorie. . . Hunt, Elise .... ....... Hunter, Virginia ........ Huntington, Betty Jean. . Hursh, Margaret .... . . . Hurt, Betty Lucile ..... Hustad, Ruth Susan. . . Illing, Elaine Audrey .... Ingley, Ruth ............ Inlander, Helen Frances. . Irby, Sue ............... Irvin, Gwendolynn Marie. Isaly, Helen Marie ....... Isaly, Jeannette Anne .... Isbell, Jane ........... Jackson, Julia ........... Jackson, Martha Florence. . . .. . . . . . .. Jackson, Nancy Ann. . . . . Jaeger, Patricia ........ James, Jean ........... Jameyson, Dorothy .... Jarrell, Evelyn ...... Jay, Mary D ........ Jirdon, Joyce .... ....... Johnson, Alee Stewart .... Johnson, Ann Josephine. . Page ffffee, ....96, .fffee, .f.fee, ....96, 96 , ..... 96, ,, ....... 96, 96, 123, ,, ....... 96, ....96, ffffee, ffffee, ffffee, ....96, ....96, 96 , 96, 151, 96 ....96, ffffei, ....97, ....97, ffffez, .fffei, .fffQz, ffffez, ....97, ....97, ....97, ffffei, ....97, .fffez, ....97, ....97, ....97, .fffQi, ffffei, .fffQz, ....97, ..'ffffffei, 97, 127, , ....... 97, .....97, ....97, ....97, ....97, ....97, ....97, ....97, .....97, 97,133, te .. ...,. , ....9s, f.'ffes, ....9s, Pag 6 .95 .95 .95 . 96 . 96 . 96 .96 .96 .96 145 149 . 96 228 .96 147 123 .96 151 131 121 203 143 .96 123 .96 .96 123 .96 .96 .96 .96 135 .96 149 231 141 133 141 .96 228 137 121 .96 .96 129 145 127 .97 .97 151 .97 123 .97 125 .97 151 131 123 143 .97 127 129 .97 141 137 151 137 .97 .97 .97 .97 145 .97 135 .97 139 143 .97 135 203 141 121 145 149 .97 .97 .97 147 228 151 151 147 228 .54 139 152 .98 129 129 .98 .98 .98 .98 272 Csooner than you thinkj you'll be buying printing plates. Against that clay, fix in your mind the name of BURGER-BAIRD. It will then be a more important fact to you than dates Chistorical -not the other kindj or irregular verbs or formulae. For while there are other good engravers, there is only one Burger-Baird. Good plates? Yes, the best, and pride in their craftmanship. Prompt with them, too. But the main thing that keeps Burger-Baird the best known name among middle-west en- gravers seems to be-well, call it "savvy." It means interest and understanding, not merely for the engravings, but for your larger objectives as well. People seem to like that, and so, no doubt, will you. Keep us in mind, won't you? BURGER BAIRD 5 ' Elm J 'V Mo Remember J 6006!-'R BA IR D fd I l .. O , BUREE BAIIDRU ENGRAVINB EU KANSAS CITY 1 l l 1 Johnson, Barbara Alice. . . Johnson, Marcia Ruth .... Johnson, Mary Jane .... Johnston. Judith Jean .... Johnstone, Mary ....... Jones, Adelaide .......... Jones, Barbara Virginia. . . Jones, Catherine ......... Jones, Laura Frances .... Jones, Martha Frances. . . Jones, Priscilla Gifford.. . . Jones, Sara Emily ..... Morrill, Peebles, Kangas, Norma ...... . . Karnopp, Martha Jean. . . Keene, Betty Lee ...... Kellaway, Ida Louise... Keller, Alice. ....... . . Keller, Ruth Phellis .... Kelly, Patricia Ruth ..., Kendall, Katherine. . .. Kenna, Laura Marie .,.. Kerns, Julia Virginia. . . Kevil, Kathryn ........ Kimberly, Susan ......... King, Marjorie Annette. . . King, Marjorie Charlene.. . King, Peggy Jean ........ Kinne, Margaret Ann ..... Kirkpatrick, Margaret .... Kishpaugh, Dorothy .... Kisselle, Miriam ...... Knight, Nadyne ...... Knight, Paula Marie. . . Knodel, Bette Jane ..... Kobel, Kathleen ...,... . . KOOHEZ, Jane Bennett .... Koopman, Mary Louise. . . Kountz, Margaret Ann. . . Krainik, Elizabeth Jane. . . Kral, Carole Frances ..... Krunson, Jean ..... .... Kurtz, Louise ....... La Caze, Lilette ........ Lacock, Martha Helen .... Lakritz, Zean Wilma ...... Lambie, Annette Robertson. . . Lamm, Henrietta ......... Landers, Margaret .... .... Lane, Jean Lee ........... Large, Dorothy Carlotta.. . Larkin, Janice ....... ..,. Larzelere, Jean ....,...... Laskey. Merilynn ......... Lauerman, Mary Suzanne. Lavine, Joanne ........... Lawrence, Nancy Ellanor. . Lawson, Helen ........... Leatherwood, Priscilla. . . . Lee, Harriet. .......... . Leggett, Betty Jane. . . Levi, Louise ......... Levy, Maurene ........ Lewis, Ina Elizabeth ..... Litz, Dorothy Elizabeth. . . Livingston, Helene ....... Loeb, Marjorie ........ Logan. Alice Lyon. . . Long, Virginia Lee .... Loud, Carolyn ...... Lovdahl, Barbara ...... Love, Sarah ............. Lo Vellette, Constance. . . Lowry, Betty Jean ..... Lucas, Celia .......... Luce, Rosemary ........ Luke, Florence Louise .... Lurnbard, Frances ...... Lynch, Patricia ....... Lyons, Doris ........ MacBain, Esther Belle. . . MacConnell, Muriel ...... . MacGregor, Comora Ellen. Maddy, Betty ............ Madsen, Earlene Louise. . . Mahoney, Frances Leona. . Maigatter, Carole ..,...... Manhardt, Ruth Ann .... Marker, Katherine .... Marriott, Marian ...... Marrs, Mary Evelyn .... Marshall, Dorothy .... Martin, Barbara ..... Mason, Mary Lou. . . Martz, Margaret.. . . . May, Betty Jean ...... Mays, Norma Olene ..... McBride, Ella Mae. ..... . McCaskill, Florence ....... McClure, Catherine Jane. . McCrea, Mary .... ....... Page ....98 ...98 ....9S ......98,135 ..98 .60,98,141 .....98, 123 ...98, 139 ...98, 145 ...98, 129 ...98 ...98 ...98 98123203 98, 151, 225 .' ........ 98 ......98 .......98 ...98, 151 ......9s ...9s,123 ......9s fff55'es McKee, Frances Evelyn. . . McLean, Virginia Dunham. Meador, Mildred ..... .... Meals, Jean Eleanor ...... Mecklenburg, Frances .... Meggers, Ann Mitchell.. . Mellon, Luana ....... .... Merriman, Carolyn Irene.. Merryman, Constance Joy. Meschke, Joanne ......... Middleton, Edith Lorraine. Miles, Ruth Elizabeth. ...... . . . Miller, Carol Ruth ..... . . . Miller, Eileen, ....... . Miller, Janice Louise. . . . Miller, Margaret Mary. . . Miller, Shirley Conway. . . Minier, Minton, Margaret Jane. . . Cosette Lee .... Mixer, Nancy Glenn .... Moehlm an, Jean.. . Moitoret, Phyllis .... Monfort, Betty ..... Montague, Jeanne. . . Montgomery, Anne .... . Moore, Betty ........... Moore, Helen Elizabeth. . . Moore, Marjory Jean ..... Moose, Frances Marie ..... Morehouse, Barbara Mary. R oberta .......... ...152 ee ......98 ..55, 98 . .... 98 ffffe ....5 35599 ,..99 .ffee :fiat .ffee ,..99 :fits .ffee ..98 ..98 , 143 ,139 , 141 , 130 . .98 , 123 , 127 ..98 5, 98 4,98 , 141 , 121 ..99 .131 , 131 , 147 ..99 , 121 , 131 ..99 , 149 ..99 ..99 , 143 , 149 , 151 ..99 ..99 ..99 ..99 , 121 ..99 ..99 ..99 ,123 Morris, Dorothy Louise. . . Morris, Janette Faye ...... Morse, Margaret Virginia. . Moyen, Florence ......... . Moyle, Barbara Jean ...... Muhlitner, Vera Louise .... Muilenburg, Dorothy May. Murphy, Becky Jane ...... Murphy, Helen. .,..... . . . Murphy, Mary Elizabeth. . Murray, Kathryn ........ . Mutter, Patricia Anne .... Naudain, Ruth ...... Needham, Nancy ..... Nelson, Betty .......... Nelson, Carolyn Ruth .... Nesbit, Suzanne ........ Neumann, Lorraine. . . Newberry, Mary. . ..... . Newcomer, Maribelle .... Newell, Anne ...... . . . Newell, Eleanor ......... Newton, Phyllis .......... Nichols, Virginia Dorothy. . . Nied, Phyllis Ann ......... Niekamp, Lucille ........ Noble, Mary Kathleen. . . Noisom, Phyllis Kern. . . Noll, Mary Roberta. . . Norlin, Evelyn Todd .... Norling, Charlotte .... Norris, Barbara ...... Norris, Susan .... Obenchain. Jane .......... Oberg, Florence Mae ...... O'Boyle, Margaret Lucinda O'Brien, Courtney Patricia. Ogilby, Dorothy Anne ..... ...,..99 .......99 ...99,131 ......99 ......55 ...99,151 .......99 ...99, 145 .......99 ...99,14-3 ...99, 147 ...99, 143 ......99 ....99 ....f..99 .......99 ...99,151 ......99 ....60,99 ........100 ... 100, 127 ......100 .....100 ...151 ...100 ...100 ...100 ...100 .....100 Ohrt, Janet Louise ........ Oliver, Helen Marie. . . Olmstea d. Betty Jean. . . Opp, Ruth Ann ...... Orchard, Bette ......... Orrison, Mary Patricia. . . Orthel, Mary Ann ..... . .. Osborn, Patricia Jeanette. . Ott, Florence Amelia ..... Ott, Virginia Jean ..... Otting, Saranne ..... Otto, llse ............ Overall, Frances Jane, . . Pace, Anna Deane. . . Pace, Elizabeth .... Page, Peggy ........ ...... Paige. Marie Jean ........ Pal mer, Pal mer, Pal mer, Parker, Parrish, Patrick, Pat terso Paxton, Albertine Charlotte. . . Martha Jane ....... Patsy ........ Muriel ....... Mary Beth ...... Julia Gold. ....... n, Anne Elizabeth. J11ne .... Pearson, Elaine .... ...... Pearson Elma Harriet .... Peavey,,Marjory May.. . . Barbara Jean .... ......100 McCune. Alice ......... .. .100, 135 McDonald, Elaine ....... ........ 1 00 McFerrin, Grace Ward .... .. .100, 147 McGough, Elizabeth Jean. . . ........ .100 McHugh, Ruth ............ ...56, 100, 121 Pehrson, Ellen Joan ..... Pemble, MarlAna .... Penne, Rose Ann. . . Perrow, Carolyn ..... Perry, Frances ........ Peters, Martha Dale .... 100, . . . .1.d2.,. Page .....100 ....100 100,147 ....100 100,143 125,231 100,121 100,151 ....100 ....100 100,147 100,149 100,135 ....100 100,131 ....100 100,141 100,152 100,123 .55,100 ....100 ....100 .55,100 ....100 ...100 ...101 ...101 ...101 ...101 ...101 ...101 ...101 ...101 ....101 ....101 101,121 ....101 101,127 ....101 101,129 ....101 ....101 ...101 101,135 101,127 ....101 101,131 101,135 101,133 ....137 ....101 ....101 101.152 101,131 101,143 ....101 ....101 ....101 101,151 ....101 ....101 101,151 ....101 ....101 ....101 101,125 ....101 101,147 ....101 ....101 101,127 ....101 101,123 ....101 101,139 ....101 ....102 ....102 ....102 151,203 102,135 ....102 102,133 ....102 ....102 ....102 ....102 102,131 ....102 102,149 102,129 102,123 102,123 ....102 ....102 .,..102 102,137 ....102 ....102 102,121 102,151 ....102 102,149 ....102 Page 274 Peterson. Mavis Louise. . . Peterson, Patricia Jean. . . Peterson, Susan Ann .... Phillips, Jean ......... Phillips, Kathryn .... Phillips, Vera Mae.. . . . Pick, Marjorie ..... ...,. Pickens, Jean Martha. . . Pickett, Martha Jean ...... Pierce, Dorothy. ........... . Pierce, Elizabeth Perkinson. . Pilliod, Frances Geraldine .,.. Poindexter. Betty Ann .... . Poindexter, Mary Lou .... Pointer, Mildred Lillian. . . Polk, Martha Louise ..... Powell, Geraldine ....... Powers, Betty Carolyn. . . Preysz, Josephine ....... Propstra, Annette ,...... . Prugh, Sherry Patricia. . . Puller, Elizabeth .....,... Pulsifer, Eleanor DeWitt.. . Purdy, Marie .......... Quin, Mary Jean... Radloff, Helen Louise. . . Raeder, Mary Ann .... Ragland, Frances ..,... Raizen, Jeannette ..... . . Ralston, Janet Muriel .... Robinson Rash, Barbara Ann.. . .. .. Rathburn, Bernice Vivian. . . Rauch, Marjorie Regina. . . Raymond, Phyllis ........ Reager, Nancy ......... Rector, Jeanne Thomas. . Reed, Betty Jeanne .,... Reed, Nancy ........ Reeves, Alta May ........ Reeves, Mattie Sue ..., ..... Reinfried, Marilyn Isabelle.. . Reisher, Jean ............. Rex, Eva Ogilvie ........ . Reynolds, Marjorie Ann. .. Rhodes, Sarah Dorothy... Rice, Marilyn. ....... . . Richards, Florence ..... Richwine, Lois Alice. . Riley, Mary Frances ..., Rippetoe, I'Lee. .... . . Roberts, Ann Louise ....... Roberts, Ann ....,......... Robinson, Barbara Helen .... Robinson, Barbara Wright.. . Robinson, Dorothy Ellyn .... Robinson, Marian Louise .... Robinson Marjorie Jean.. . Robinson Mintabel ...... Patricia ...... Robison, Mary Lou ..... Roche, Virginia ...... ...... Roelkey, Irene Margaret. . . Rogers, Jacquelyn ....... Ronaldson, Isabel ...... Ronan, Amelia Rose. . Ronayne, Jean ...,.... Rose, Mildred ...... .... Roser, Eleanor Marion. . . Ross, Helen Carpenter. .. Ross, Marjorie .......... Rout, Betty .... .......... Rowell, Mary Elizabeth ..., Rownd, Helen Louise .... Rudd, Nathelle .,......... Ruddick, Elizabeth Ann ..., Rudolph, Anita ...,..... . Rummans, Martha Sue... Rupp, Beverly Jane ..... Russell, Dorothy Lea ...... Ryan, Jeanne Florence ...... Ryan, Suzanne Elizabeth .... Sanders, Margaret Mary.. . Sandridge, Lucy Lee ..... Sanger, Clara Frances. . . Sankey, Betty ......,. Sarasy, Jean. ....... . Sargeant, Jane ...... Saults, Zane .......... Sawin, Jean Louise ....,,. Sawtelle, Ermina May .... Scearce, Mary Louise.. . . Schear, Elizabeth ..... Scheer, Virginia May .... . Schlesselman, Ann Lee. . . Schlosser, Bonnie ...... . Schneider, Jayne ...... Schneider, Lois ............. Schubert. Wilma Dean ....... . . . Schwedes, Margaret Elizabeth .... Scott, Harriet .............. Scranton, Dorothy Harris .... Searcy, Betty Ann ....... Sebek, Ann Helen .... See, Carroll ........ See-lip, Margot.. . . Page 275 - . . .1.d2.Y . 102, .56 .56 .56 .60 Page 102,147 102,135 ....102 ....102 ....102 133,203 ....102 ....102 102,121 ....102 ....102 ....102 102,133 102,142 ....102 102,121 102,129 ....102 ....102 ....102 131,203 102,121 .,..103 103,123 ...103 ....103 ....103 103,123 ....103 ....103 ....103 103,129 ....103 ....103 103,145 103,135 ....103 ....103 ....103 103,139 ....103 ...103 ....103 ....103 103,147 ....103 103,139 ....103 ....103 103,131 103,131 103,145 ....127 .54,103 103,127 ....l03 ....103 ....103 ....103 103,131 103,137 ....103 103,135 104,135 ....104 104,144 104,151 ....104 104,131 ....104 ....104 104,123 104,139 ....104 104,147 ....104 ....104 ....104 ....104 104,151 104,143 ....104 104,133 104,129 ....104 ....104 ...104 ...104 ....104 104,133 ....104 ....104 104,151 ....104 ....104 ....104 104,149 104,149 ....104 ....131 ....104 104,137 ....104 104,127 Seitz, Elsa. ....... Seligman, Betty ........ Sellers, Helen ......,...... Sensenbrenner, Maribeth. .... . Sewell, Charlotte Elizabeth. Shackleford, Jane ........... Shane, Marilyn ..... ....... Shannon, Pauline .......... Shaughnessy, Marcia May. . . Shea, Harriet. ............ . Sheppard, Betsy Jean .... Sherman, Josephine .... Short, Patricia Ann .... Siebert, Helen Louise... . Siegel, Mary Bert. . . . .. Sievers, Ora Fae ...... Sikes, Evelyn Lois .... Sikes, Mary Jane .... Simpson, Martha ...... Sinclair, Mary Lynn .... Sitter, Dorothy Marion. . . Skelton, Marcia. ...... . . Skelton, Marjorie ........ Slavik, Virginia Louise. . . Smith, Barbara B ....... Smith, Bettejane ...... . Smith, Betty Jane ...... Smith, Eleanor Marie. . . Smith, Kennon ......... Smith, Geraldine Marie.. . . Smith, Marion. ....... . , Smith, Suzanne Jane. . . Sneed, Helen Lucille. . . Snoddy, Rachel Ann .... Snodgrass, Betty Anne .... Snyder, Barbara ....... Sommers, Charlotte .... Speck, Peggy Ann. . . Spell, Vassar .......... Spelsberg, Jeanne ....... Spence, Mary Elizabeth. . Speyer, Elizabeth ....... Sprauer. May ......... Stafford, Virginia ....... Stahl, Esther Margaret .... Stallings, Billie Marie. . . Stanley, Mary Jane ..... Stark, Elizabeth Evans .... Steenbergen, Dorothy. . . Steimer, Jane Elizabeth. . . Stevens, Dorothy ......... Stevens, Jean Harrington. . . Stoltz, Susan Ann ......... Strasburger, Joan Helene. . . Street, Bliss ............. Street, Lois ............ Strickland, Marian ..... Strole, Juliette ......... Sturtevant, Nancy Jane. . Summers, Dorothy ...... Susman, Lynette. .... . . Swan, Roberta Louise. . . Swank, Helen ......... Swensson, Lazelle. . . Swingle, Stella ..... Tarlton, Terese ........ Tarr, Virginia June ...... Tarver, Martha Arline ..., Taubeneck, Evalu ...... Taylor, Betty Jane ..... Taylor, Louanne ........ Taylor, Margery Dean. . . T86-BUOY, Sally ........... Templeton, Louanne. . . Terry, Charlotte ..... Tharp, Eva ..... ...... Thatcher, Harriet ...... . Thebo, Mary Alice ........ Thibaut, Mercedes Betty. : Thiele, Elizabeth ........ . Thomas, Emily ........... Thompson, Charlotte Ann. . . Thompson, Jeanne .... ..... Thomson, Eloise .... . . . . . Tidwell, Elizabeth. . . Tillery, Titley, Marilyn ..... . . Bonnie Jean .... Toms, Margaret ...... Touchstone, Eleanor. .. Towsley, Louise .... . . . Trampe, Jane ....... ..... Trask. Aleen Helen ....... Trettel, Catherine Elizabeth.. . Trimble, Martha .......... Trowbridge, Virginia ...... Tucker, Elizabeth Anne ....... Tucker, Gertrude Elizabeth. . . . Tucker Martha Ann ...... . . Tucker, Robin Elma. .. Turner Turner , Martha Jo ..... , Shirley Ann .... Tutt, Marian ........ Tuttle, Margaret . . . Underwood, Billie Jean. . . Underwood, Rosemary .... Uri, Sophia Elmo ....... ag ids, ,.. -...1.d6., . Page 105 123 ... 105 105 133 ... 105 105 135 ... 105 105 139 105 203 105 105 203 ... 105 .55 105 ... 105 105 123 .55 105 105 137 105 125 ... 105 ... 105 105 135 ... 105 ... 105 ... 105 ... 105 135 151 ... 105 105,231 ... 105 ... 105 105 139 ... 105 ... 105 ... 105 105 141 105 137 105 151 105 147 ... 105 105 145 105 139 ... 105 ... 105 105,231 ... 105 105 141 ... 105 ... 105 105 151 105 141 105 135 106 145 106 123 106 151 ... 106 ... 106 106 129 ... 106 106 127 ... 106 ... 106 ... 106 106 129 ... 106 123 231 ... 106 ... 106 ... 106 106,135 106 123 106 145 .89 106 ... 106 106,152 106 145 ... 106 ... 106 .89 106 106 135 ... 106 106 131 ... 106 ... 106 106,123 ... 106 ... 106 106 137 ... 106 106 123 106 135 ... 106 .. 106 .. 106 .. 106 ... 106 ... 106 106,137 106 135 106 147 106 147 106 121 ... 107 ... 107 107,152 ... 107 107,147 107 147 V Vance, Virginia ....... . . .... . . Vander Zanden, Mary .... . . Van Hooser, Jane ..... . . Volberding, Jayne .... ....... W Wacker, Charlotte. . . .. . . . . . Wade, Sara Wallace... . . . . Wageman, Bette Jo. .. Wahl, Joyce Betty ...... Walker, Joyce Ann ..... . . Walker, Marjorie May. . . Walton, Margery Rose ...... Waltrip, Beatrice ,...... ..... Wanamaker, Chalis Margaret. . . Ward, Madelyn Elizabeth ..... Ward, Nancy Elizabeth ...... . . . Wardlaw, Margaret Elizabeth. . . Warner, Elizabeth Anne ....... Warnock, Mary Elizabeth. . . Warren, Elsie Durham .... Warren, Jean Katherine .... Warren, Mary Katherine. . . Watkins, Miriam ........ Watt, Dorothy Jean .... Watt, Muriel Alice ...... Webster, Frances ........ Wedekind, Dorothy Jean. . . Weed, Ruth Ann ........ Wegener, Ruby Eileen .... Weiler, Betty ...... ..... Weinberg, Jean ....... Weis, Alberta ....,..... Weith, Marjorie .........., Welch, Catherine Emily ..... Wellbrock, Jean Elizabeth. . . Welsh, Shirley Dean ....... West, Betty ...... .....,. Westlund, Beverly Ann.. . Westover, Janet ........ Westrip, Viola Muriel. . . Whayne, Treva ......,... Wheeler, Mary Ann .,...... Wheeler, Mary Elizabeth .... Whitaker, Ruth ..... ...... White, Frances Helen. . . White, Janet. .......... . White, Nancy Carolyn. . . Whitlock, Betty Jane. . , Whitney, Lois ..,.,..... Whyte, Faye Lovelace.. . . Wiegman, Bette Alice .... Wiese, Cynthia Louise .... Wilder, Sue Ann ..... . . . Wilderson, Eleanor Sue. . . Wiley, Shirley Ann ...... Wilkins, Virginia Jane .... Wilkinson, Susybelle .... Willard, Mary Lou.. . . . Williams, Annadele .... Williams, Dorothy ,...,.. Williams, Mary Amelia ..... Williams, Mary Elizabeth .... Williams, Sarah Jo ........ Wilson, Flora Elizabeth .... Wilson, Katherine .....,. Wilson, Maud Lee ....., Wines, Hallet Fry ...... . Wingert, Martha Jane .... Woempner, Ruth ....... Wolf, Jeanne Marie .... Wolf, Otalee, ...., . . Wold, Elise Helen .... Wolford, Frances Lee ..,. Womack, Carroll .... Wood, Betty B ..... Wood, Margaret ...... Wood, Mary ........... Woodbury, Betty Jane.. . Woodcock, Mary .......... Woodland, Virginia .......... Woodworth, Bernice Vivian. . . Woody, Juanita Rose ...... .. Wright, Dorothy Jane ..... Wright, Marjorie Corinna .... Wurzburg. Dorothy Louise ..... .. Yaffe, Shirlie Jane. .. Yocum, Anne ..... . . Young. Betty Jane .... Young, Marie. . .. .. ., Young, Mary Ann ...... Young, Mary McKay. . . .. Young, Ruth Ellen ........ Younglof, Minnie Charmian ...... Zittel, Joan Wooster ...................... SOPH OMOBES Adams, Mary Ann .... Arnold, Hilda Manly .... Bates, Dorothey Mae. . . Page ...107,123 ...107,127 ,..107,143 ......107 ...107,147 ...107,129 ......107 ...107 ...107 ...107 ...107 ...107 ...107 ......107 ,......,107 ...107, 143 ......107 ...107,147 ......107 ........107 ...107,141 ,..107,125 ...107,149 ...107,127 ...107, 129 ...107,139 ...107,145 ......107 .....107 . ,... 107 ....,,107 ,,.107,151 ......107 ,,......107 ,..107,125 ......10S ...10R,145 ...,..108 ........108 ...108,145 ......108 ......108 ...108, 231 ..,...108 ......108 .......108 ...108,141 ,..108,121 ...108,135 ...108,131 .......108 ,..108,129 ...55,108 ......108 ...108,125 ...108,135 ...10S,129 ...108,147 ......108 .....145 .......108 ...108,147 ......10S ......10S ...108,141 ......108 ...108,145 ...108,152 ,..108,131 ....,.108 ......10S ...108,149 .......108 ...108,137 .......108 ...108,131 ..,109, 139 ...109,129 .....109 ...109 ..,109 ...109 ..,109 ...109 ......lO9 ...109,135 .........109 ..........109 53,109,127 . ......,.. 109 .. .....,.. 109 ...109 ...109 ...141 ..,64 .. .64, 131 Chasmar, Elizabeth .... Craggett, Alma ...... Currell, Betty Jane. . . Dunkerley, Jane. . . Eckley, Jacqueline .... Evans, Marjorie May. . . Fayman, Faith ..... Freeman, Chloris ....... Gies, Frances Catherine. .... . Grout, Jean ............. Hamm, Elizabeth Anne. . . Harter, Helen Maxine .... Hudson, Jane ........., Jones, Dorothy ..... Kahn, Sally Muriel.. . . Lacy, Lucile .... ...... Leachman, Elizabeth .... Lilley, Yvonne ........ McGlothlin, Betty Lou... McNabb, Mary Frances .... Meyer, Marjorie Jean .... Neff, Gene Vance ....... Omacht, Mary Caroline .... .... Oppenheim, Barbara ..... Perdew, Betty Dorintha .... . . Peters, Maude Kittredge. . . . . . . Peters, Mildred Ariss .... . Reed, Marian. .. Smith, Barbara Jean .... . . Stanley, Margaret Anna .... .... Vanderbeck, Helen. . . Wallace. Eleanor. . . White, Ann ...... Wiener, Helen .... Yates, Eleanor. . . ....... . . . . FRESHMEN Baird, Laura Patricia ..... Bennett, Priscilla Parsons.. Bergh, Phyllis Rene ....... Block, Ann Scudder ...... Bollman, Marian Rae. .. Brinkley, Alberta Lee. . . Brouwer, Margaret .... Brown, Patti .............. Coverston, Georgene Louise ..... Crain, Kathryn .... ......,. . Curtis, Mary Ann .... Dell, Dorothy Anne. . . Downs, Betty ....... Gibbs, Margaret Louise.. . Giefel, Marjorie .... ..... Gordon, Dawn ......... Hasenwinkle, Constance. . . Heywood, Nancy ........ Hill, Virginia Lee ........ Huggins, Joanna Brooks. . . Huguelet, Jacqueline ..... Jackson, Elizabeth Ann.. . Johnson, Frances Mary.. . Merrill, Joan ........ 1. .. Meyer, Maxine Roberta. . . Miller, Helen Guthrie .... Miller, Jane McNab. .. Pinneo, Polly Banks.. . Seibel, Patricia Ann ...... Sherman, Nancy Deane. . . Urmston, Elizabeth. . . Watkins, June ...... Page 64, 137 64. 137 . . . .64 ...64 ...64 ....64 64, 147 .,..64 ....64 64,148 ....64 64,143 ....64 65,135 ....65 65,147 65,125 65,147 65,147 65,145 65,125 ....65 65,145 ....65 ...65 ...65 ...65 65,139 65.235 ....65 .55,65 65,141 ....65 65,152 ...65 64,147 .-.64 ....64 64,125 64, 123 64,127 ....6-4 64,123 .,..64 64, 135 ....64 ...64 ...64 ....64 ....64 64,129 64,135 64, 137 .-.64 64,123 .,..65 ...65 ..,.65 .63, 65 'feb ... .65 65, 125 65, 152 ... .65 65, 125 Page 276 S mm ww bww-MQ 'wmifwmwf' x ' Mu- . wwYxS9'QSmwmQ2D6LXSmSigSa1bQfi.S'Q3QJqwkv? Rmmwm lb Www M 53mm-aB M191 mfn'LQlQm61 Q9052 him Qbbflxxsuwx mmbxaxm Wm fuymlwguhigxw 'KO M1 Km mmm H3935 Q . D N Mm is Wmkxmg gmgiqmm 'mwx mkQw eww -mm as QQ mm. ww Km ww QQQMM. MX www- Qmqm UGQQCLLA mm Yofmi TO SQQQNQMMQHWLMW YRMMLMND lvHQB.lNWx'U Nwcksmkwk .MMM msg it Mau ,CS1LL?iQrQLLW MKQQQVMSQM. i X Wim? Um qw-MQQIAXMLNNM 'MS mmmmmog fm aqua my QM: Timulu U Mx Mmm KXSBCXKXD. ww 'ug Q, - WMM. Mmm Ts. 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