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'. 1 I N , R! f, 1 4 4 w 4 I 1 i l i , A . . C76 -gif' fd CTT' fr U5 5' t:wT'w'3 11 .4"!1f I :plff.'11'f ff A-- , ."5-11 31 fP"",f" "I " " 7,4 jg IQ! Jw' yy- ff .rf , J ., .7711 'XM ,fl '-Q5 yi ,y 'fl ff, N' l'LN,"v"':1" f ,1-'I ,','x',., fx - . 'J '-.'--ff W 'fl ' HP 1 af 1 14" Ak 192 A- -J QE COl'YRIUII'l' 'I'I'I1'l 1928 S'1'EPI-IICNSOIWIIA C0llyl'ig'lltl5d by BIARION Gum' I"1uN1cL1N ............ --- Idzlifoz'--in-fYlzivj MARGAR1-:'r '1'1L111cN ..... -H l31r.si11ff.s'.v jItl7LIlg'c'?1 S P X r x , Q fl AA 1 6 Dhgbv Uhe 1928 Published by The Senzor Class f STEPHEAZS' COLLEGE at COLUMBL4, MISSOURI X995 - s I 1 Y va v acc D Omni S7716 FO O RD Stepllensophia means "Stephens wisdom" :md thus it is fitting that the 1928 Stephen- sophia staff' should have tried to give its Alum Mater :1 year bunk which not only flavors of the present, but also pointedly predicts the future. The 1928 StCIJllCllSOPl1l!1, even as its college, stands for Advancement in the fields of education and SIICCCSS at all times for Stephens. 9 -Q fr .Q adams UMW Ufze CF ADVANCEMENT HONOR GI RLS ACTI VITIES ADMINISTRATION CLASSES ATHLETICS SORORITIES FEATURES Ga ' aaa Dun "A ll1'C!ll1l0l' of drcmns. thc- educator who Uhe cmlsidcrs it no sacrifice to lcuvc the well known field for 'thc small if he secs in it the field whcrc his urhluntimml ideals may lm c:x1'ric:d out-" Edna Yost llarpcrs--J uly, 1927 B To Jnmcs M. Wood, the president of Stephens College, thc 1928 Stephen- sophin is sincerc-ly dedicated. SCIENCE HALL ' Page 9 Page I0 THE AUDITORIUM Y - 1 1 I 4 WOOD HALL 1 Page II . V N X . 1 . El! f f Q I V . I W X i l In Q bi, J., Lg".n: - gg rg I, 'L-fa' ? Lug , 'I J I '-li' V 'i " I ww t . - V I I VA .A 2 TI' T42 ,',. , - Aw , V, g Y In 11-1N,-:gym-m,L",.f',GH -. - 1 1 h -- ,L :ln - I -v.- .- 1-, V W V ' W ,,- , -1 1-.-. .I . , 11?wf,'-I'bf','f f 1 . ,UZ XL ,, 1 , L . .- 1E-qiiff .-gut' .V YY -:M A' "' ' ' " ,. ' ..' n.-. . F m . I' ., 1 fig: if-ELHL- P ,, gr- -E.','j"'I' "r -4 , f ,H ' w-. . - 13. .. --- '. ---. ie- :- I -:L,.. , , , , V 'ii-jig'-1'-'I-"J, -."lf' E' ,-' .1 F54 ,- f'.g'- - -N 4 ' Q. -- . " ' . - V-, - . '-'.-5 ww. ' . , V ' ll! ...ffl , .Wynn I,'I:,'.L'L .gin .,:. f -I-,H-' 'T'-u'g,Lf'. :xg - - - X! - nv.-,n ,I .:.- -.-. ,. . - . : . . ' I-"QG.U,41f.-F11-. 'Z 'D','-'.. .f"i' .' F- 'ii Lf W E., Q ...WTIH I. .I ,KI .-1,1 I LV- . -., -4, Mi -4 -. P--7 - I, '- .-Q. . - I-..1. -H. , -1 '- -3-Q xr ." 1-7-F L--JL. V. Page I2 S OUTI-1 HALL COLUMBIA HALL Page ff Page I4 EAST HALL MAIN HALL Page I5 F f H A My i I 1 I 1 1 N 4 -," riff,-Sf L-.-.. 551' , Q. Q. ' - , ,. -'x- - , 'Ts-fyji, .. . ..! - , .'." ' Y -1 P f,hi..L. . 4 4, , - ,- . , THE STEPHENS GATE Page I6 D I il-ii-1 Kg DOOKVQ A U fu A J L H015 M 135- un nu :Q E EGCQBQBQ 1 2 ll!!! wQ iQ r U U WHAT SHOULD BE THE FUTURE OF STEPHENS COLLEGE? .lmms M. Woon, P1'e.eidfm.i Stephens College First: The curriculum should cover n period ot' Your yours prohnhly cover- ing the time now given 'to the junior :find senior years of the high school :uid thc fresliman and sophomore yours of college. This work should :ill bc 0l'g'fl.I'llZCfl on the collegiate lcvcl and should ultimately lead to the b:'xcczila11i'c:1tc' degree. Sccond: The courses must bc: organized to me-ct fully thc physical, thc in- tellectual, the practical, and tho spiritual ncucls of woman. In other words. it should he :1 College for W'omc:n. Its grudimtes should possess the hrozxd Clllllllfill buckgroiind nc-cdr-d in the roaring of children :md in the organization :ind direction of the home. They should also have thc training needed for the sau-cessful pur- suit of work in some special st-hool ol' the university. .l'lllI'lZllCl'lll0l'f'. they should he prepared adequately for some speciiic form of economic production. Third: The IJllYsic:il should ho extundccl to ziccouiuiorlntv an minimum of l"rom twelve: hundred to uiwlitccn lumdrcd S'lIllflt?.Ill1S. Those should he orfnmizvd into units U D of :1J11'oxi1'11:.xtq-lv six hundred. Each cum Jus should have :i c-om mrutivvl ' inch-- , . 5 pendant orgzmizfxtion p:irticul:1rly in mspcct to its liberal :irts and :xdministl':1tivv f:.xcultic:s. ' Fourth: The luwilth Centro should he located south oi" W':nluut Strock ou thai hill overlooking the country club grounds. This contre' should include hospital. clinic, foods lRJ,lJ01'4llQ01'y, gynm:1sium., and swimming pool. The zxthlctic Holds should he adequate to Cover all outdoor sports including bridle paths, lrikc-s for cruiooiug. golf Cours:-I, rifle range, lloukcy :md soccer fields, etc. Pagr If Fifth: There should he a common fine arts centre for all units. This should include ax chapel and likewise an auditorium, each with ample seating capacity. There should be a Little Theatre for the dramatic arts department and an outdoor ampitheatre for mass productions. There should bc ample provision also for art studios and exhibit rooms. Sixth: Adequate provision must be made for science halls and librarics. Thcsc should be centrally located and should be made available for the use of all students. It has been with a few to advancing this program that the recent purchases of land have been made. ' Seventh: An endowment suiiiciently large to insure thc financial integrity of the college should be provided. Since the incomc from this endowment should never he used to meet the ordinary operating budget, it is quitc probable that ade- quate reserve funds for the meeting of cmergency situations can bc created from an endowment of 3a5o0,0o0. Eighth: Because of the fact that the public schools including the state universities have been forbidden by thc constitution to deal specifically with the spiritual forces of life and because these forces are so vital not only in the lives of women but in an intelligent understanding of human problems, special emphasis should continue to be placed upon the work of this department. It is in this field that Stephens College can make a unique contribution to education. Page IS GEORGE F. Zoox, President The University of Akron, Akron, Ohio The increase in the number of junior colleges which have been established in recent years is clear proof of the prophecy of some years ago that the junior col- lege movement is the most significant movement touching the field of higher edlu- cation to-day. I am convinced that as a result of the development of the junior colleges the present universities and colleges will devote :1 large proportion of their energy and financial resources to advanced and professional education and that the present secondary schools will gradually take ovcr much that is now done in the first two years of college work. If this is accomplished we shall have 51 very much sounder division between secondary and higher education respectively. Stephens College is conspicuously prominent in leading the way toward this end. I con- gratulate the college on the progress which has been made under President YVood's Wise leadership. Page I9 L. D. Colvmiixn, Presin'en.t University of llinnesotu, BIl.I1l1CIfl1J0llS, Minnesota The junior college uiovelnent is probably the most important movement in the field of higher education, and in the lust five years the number of unior colleges in this country has increased nearly one hundred per cent. Two types one pri- vately endowed and the other representing the expansion of the public schools. are coming into existence. Neither the advocates of such schools, nor the public which supports them, regard them merely as preparatory institutions for the higher col- leges of I1 university. They do prepare for professional schools, but in uddition they provide all sorts of general training for iinishing courses. The chief handi- cap in the way of the junior colleges has been the lack of public support for them, and that, in my opinion, will be overcome as the colleges now in existence demon- strate their usefulness and value. Q Page 20 VV. YV. CIIARTERS The University of Chicago, The School of Education, Chicago, Illinois I believe that the junior college movement is permanent, :md I also believe that Stephens College, under the direction of President lVood, is making :1 distinctive contribution to the movement. E HE Page 21 STRATTON D. BROOKS, President University of Missouri, Columbia, Missouri The University of Missouri has a very vital interest in Stephens College, bc- causc of the fact that so many of its graduates attend the University. Quite apart from this however, we are also interested in the work of the college, and particu- larly in its participation in giving serious effort to determining the most recent suggestion in educational adniinistration-namely the combining of what is now the last two years of the high school with the iii-st two years of collcfe. I feel con- fident that Stephens College, during the next tive years will be able to contribute much of value to educational progress. - Page 22 R. A. KENT, Dean College of Liberal Arts, Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois The junior college is a very natural result of the development of education in America. First, an elementary or grade education was thought to be the least that anyone should have, next it was a high school courseg now it is rapidly bc- ginning to be two years beyond high school. A few criticize the movement and try to stop it, but its importance to large numbers of people is too great to have its progress thus impaired. It is already an integral part of our national educational scheme, both public and private. It will certainly be improved upon but it cannot be over-thrown. Thc experiments now being carried on at Stephens College are outstanding in their significance. They represent one of the first attempts to apply scientific principles to :Actual procedure in the field of higher education. This fact in itself places them in the forefront of importance for those who wish to see higher edu- cation develop more nearly in conformity with sound educational principles, rather than merely to accept it in its purely traditional forms. The experiment in curriculum making it important for two main reasons. First, there has been little real desire and almost no opportunity to organize curricular niaterials in higher education on other than traditional lines. Antagonism to sa .- ' Vq- Page 23 "pedagogy" in this connection is a by-word. Second, this experiment deals with a curriculum for women. Since we first admitted women into our colleges, we have not until very recently seriously asked the question: what is the best college train- ing for women? lVe have scarcely been willing to admit even the propriety of the question itself. For Stephens College to attempt to work out a defensible answer makcs the institution a pioneer in one of the most important aspects of higher edu- cation. The measurement and recording of the scholastic success of the students is another worthwhile experiment. It is not the first one, but it is a unique one. In many respects it is a decided improvement over other similar experiments. School marks are, and have been, a snare and a delusion to both faculty and students. To bc able to place them on a basis approaching the impersonal deserves no small commendation. The latest experiment, to combine the last two years of secondary schools with the two following it, is another step forward. The theory underlying it is ad- mittedly sound. Your school is perhaps the first to have the courage to put that theo1'y to a trial. It will be watched witl1 cordial interest by scores of persons throughout the country. You are making yourself a creditor to secondary progress in America. Not the least important to my mind is your experiment in the social adminis- tration of the school. Logically, by reason of your location, you should have some of the most perplexing problems that might face any girls school. Problems you doubtless have, but they do not baffle. Many a school boasts of its spirit. You do not boast of it, but you wield it in an unusually effective manner. Many schools have tried many kinds of government. The contribution which your school seems to be making is this: the strong, wholesome spirit and successful disposal of natural difiiculties of social administration have come as a development witl1 the other pro- gressive fcatures which you have. The progressive, experimental attitude seems to be enthusiastically and intelligently supported not only by your faculty, but by the student body as well. Page 24 QKMgl I If -, -Y - 'JJ J ' I QT- , i ' J- g f-Qvx ig 1- ,fxg ,XL mol HONOR GIRLS Stephens College recognizes as its Honor Girls, those girls chosen by a com- mittee of faculty and students to represent the highest honors which can be be- stowed by the college. The Honor Girls are the Four-Fold Girl, the Best Private Citizen, the members of the Honor Roll, and the representatives of the Ten Ideals. The Theta Tau Epsilon sorority gives a cup to the girl selected as the Four-- Fold Girl-thc girl who, as an individual, most ably represents good citizenship, high scholarship, worthy activities engaged in, and true service to the school. The Lindsay Prize for Citizenship is awarded to the senior who as a private citizen has taken the strongest stand for right and who has shown by her conduct that she has the best interests of the college at heart. The Honor Roll consists of those girls who have contributed some specific things, to thc college life, which make them worthy of' recognition. The girls chosen to represent the Ten Ideals stand for good citizenship, high scholarship, worthy activities engaged in, and true service to the school, as well as being outstanding in the representation of an Ideal. Only a girl who has been in Stephens two years and is a incrnbcr of tl1e graduating class is eligible. 'rum TEN 1nE.xLs Courtesy in speech and action. I"orcei'ulncss in accomplishing what one sets out to do. Health in body. Honesty in word and dccd. Sell' discipline of sutlicicnt power to control thought, speech, and action. I.ovc ot' scholarship which is careful and exact. Appreciation of the heautit'ul as an intimate and integral part of one's life. Hcvcrence toward the spiritual. Dedication to service in the interest of one's home, one's friends. and one's connnunity. Maintenance of a cliccrfulllcss of manner and a happy outlook on lite. Page 25 June Ibuise Wood 1 I T' IIIGZ 7.1-.l , f - V' .VVV TL A,,f H KC' Jldzehwerence 13 est Private Cifi,'ZL'1L mir ., ,J LX -- x' X 3 Rf 3 MED. THE HON012 ROLL 'l'c1npor:u'y BIAXINE B.-xnnvs for consistent :uid superior work on the Stephens Stmzdnrcl. :XNNA AIARIE Clxszc for developing the oH'icc ot' fire chief by liar active interest and constructive ideas. 1'li.Ll-:N CL'NNiNu11:ix1 for grnt-ionsnc:as in sharing liar 1!1l1SlCill talent. llxnium' livun for licrr willingness to entertain with dancing. Miniox Gum' 1"n.xNlc1,lN for lic-r foresight in making plans for the SfC1IlI8ILSUlJllifl and her cure in completing them. XVICLIJA PIALI. for conscientious attention to all the duties of :i censor. ANNE I-.OUISI-I Hoon for original organization :md outstanding executive ability in legislature. Coiuuxic INGLISII for :iblc :1cln1i11istr:itio11 of ri new sorority. XVIHGINIA .l.xiuuc'r'r for efficiency in iuziuaging thc Ten Room. BIARY I.ownY for instignting plans to encourage and improve E'Xt1'?1'CllY1'lC'1llil1' ac- tivitics. rXlGNES McfC.x1.I. For c-renting :i liospitnlilc lltlll0SPllE1'C for new juniors. l'lS'l'llI-Ili Mousic for skill in conducting thc: l"rc-ncli table and the Frcncli Club. I-I.xnnIr:'r'r S'1'l:i'r1nN.xur:1, for lit-r unobtrusive assistance in training dancing choruses XvIRGlNI.X lV.xL1i1-in for her cntliusinstic lcnclcrsliip of Pun-Hellenic, l'u,sf1' 28 r .I -1, 414 Bemzbe Wzi! -- Bm, ,. 'aw .gg 5 ?3"JiV1Sf Y C'r111r1e.vly in 811148611 and action. Page 29 Y. I VIE ,- . z, , .,L,,LgSP 'isa Q hi, 1 ' 'z. ' 7 '- ' " WW .N '. ' -f r 'm f -'V53'-'z - '- 7 . , J: .. A, 4 ry.-Ypy., ,-L.. - f-iw Mu. Q . - 1 A , ,.,.l.gL 12116-'P12r f:f'rP'z2 K I' - 4 I I , I 1 1 N 1 1' A l v 4 1 X 1-If i- r A.,i.L , Wrqinia walker 2' A .-, '- Forcefulness in arcomlzlisllirzg what 011,13 seis out to do. P g 30 N, H Fir- --1-i-7-1-1. T- -, . V .TT Y 7 v , rf, Y 1 11- - 'I V 1l-E'.L- 1,-,J .,. :ax . -, . A ' - ,- , 'jf T 'N' V ,tx 5- -3--1 f :, Y E ,-ggq-. -, . , Jasamyn Sanders r e .- ' -4.---:J Health in b dj P33 x ,AH- 1-' W ,Q Qi' , ,-,.,.'4 A 4 2312: " f"71f"51':5'3l wy,1,:.':' 1'-',,,1.. ,, - . . f, ... ,, . I we ,-ww. fix., "" , ,,,,v. '-W. X. ,Q ,, lags ' 1.QQ.gwi'i9" Si , ,,.K-'-- " fa Clam Yricke Pnga Homfsfy in word and deed of A , 4311515 ,., H ,v-ug " .Mn .. ,., 5, -, ,f--.,- w ,I W, ,-3, ,L Sl oi A -Ly Pose 'Pomeroy Self rlisr-ipIi11e of .9z1.ffirim1t power fo control fl10Ilg'IIf, .s'peer'l1, and action. Pngf 33 V Y-fr-if-, . - -- .. x..VY, Yf,.,. Y..Y V ,i Y.., ,,.- .,,,, ., ,r,,..,.,- .,.,,, W . N 1 Glzzalyezflz Yijazfflewso W 6 ' . . 2: M132 ucffw' N Page 34 love of scholarslzip vvlzich is careful and ewavf N .-1. ii -MW ii V X my i I W ,3 5 Q Q ' x K J cweovneks ' 1 Appreciation of fha beautiful as an intivmafe and inivgral part of o'ne's life. Page 33 if H31--"I - ,4a'f',f4, ,.u.' 1 i i W Wlaxine Barrus Page 36 1fl"l'6l'6IlC6 fovvard the spiritual. 3 1 .gx 7fczrrze1fz'f5'feuernage! . Dr'11'iz-ntinn fo .v1'1'1'ir'e in the inierest of OUP,-S' home, o'11u'.s frimzds, and om-'s life. P1130 37 L A 1 'I A Doroflz lE'e P0!!zz't fA MI: .. -1 , , .5 , - ' U V, . 3 ' , j 1 , - -1 'ink' . - - , f 1 1, . 2 Y 51-'A-1-x-3y,f--7-1:57.-7--A I -, fm v',, T ' fm 1. A :v---- Y, ' K. f : ,.,- esf wli F:s:'9fST - " ' - - V- " ' A - wfsfv ' V 5 ' k ' ' , Q p , - ' ,LQ Dlnintenfuzce of ll dzeerfuluess of mrmuer and zz happy outlook on life. Page 38 R BOOK THREE Q Y 9 9 A rg A A A 4 if as 'E -- Ea 'D STUDENT ADIVIINISTRATIGN V N, - A, 1 1 I i i 4 1 I 4 l W 3 5 ! I ANNE I.OUISE Hoon I,7'6'SiI!l'llf of C"i1'iv .Al-S'.S'0l'i!lfiUIl Page 40 1 1 1 Miss DUDLEY l'res1dmzt ................ ............ I 'ice-P res irl en f CIVIC ASSOCIA TION ANNE Sec'1'efa1'y .... ............................ LOUISE Hoon IRENE BEALE CLARA FRICKE CLEO HICKS Treasurer - ............... ................. - S poozsor ...... - - - Every Stephens student upon her entrance into the College automatically bc- comes a member of' Civic Association, the Stephens organization of government. Like our nation's government the executive power is vested in the Cabinet, composed ot the officers of Civic Association-President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treas- urer, and the Presidents of' each of the four divisions, Student Government Division, Pan-Hellenic Division, Student Activity Division, and Campus Service Division. Every organization upon campus comes under the jurisdiction of one of' these four divisions with Civic Association acting as the controlling, centralizing body. The duties of' the ofiicers are many and varied. The President presides at all Cabinet and Mass Meetings. She also fills the intellectual and social requirements of' a President. The Vice-President presides over Legislature and is responsible for group meetings. She acts as Student Chairman in the absence of' the President. The Secretary of the Association in addition to keeping accurate minutes ot' both Cabinet and Legislature meetings, supervises the Census Bureau. In the Census Bureau all the activities and points of each student are recorded. In order that leadership qualities may be developed in many, rather than in a few, no stu- dent is allowed to carry more than fifteen points, and it is the duty of' the Secre- tary to notify any student carrying more than the specified number of points: The Treasurer of' the Association collects all of' the dues and keeps the finan- cial records for both Legislature and Cabinet. Also, she acts as chairman of the Social Engagement Committee which arranges the schedule for all social events throughout the year. The Stephens College Civic Association represents every girl on campus. Every student is a member ot' a group which meets at intervals throughout the vcar. In this frrou 1 she mav ex Jrcss anv su restion or criticisms which are taken . U cv . . 2 to Legislature by the Group Leader, who is a member of that body and wlll see that her ffrou fs su r restions are discussed there. D The Civic Association endeavors to uphold high standards of democracy, loyalty, school spirit, scholarship, and honor, as well as a better appreciation of' citizen- ship and government. Page ,rl Page 42 CIVIC ASSOCIATION CABINET STEUERNAGEL, Hoon, KURRUS VVILSON, WALKER Hxcxs, BEALE, FRICKE ' LEGISLA TUBE R, . CIl.1II7"I7ld7l, .................. ,..... -,,...., - - IRENE BEALE VIRGINIA XVIALKER IJOROTIAIY LEE POLLITT ALLIE LAWERANCE RIARIAN MOSES JEWVELL BIIOWN LA RUE JOHNSON HIKLCYON WEAVER Lucy' GILLESPIE 'VIRGINIA STILLAIAN FRANCES BENTON EVA SPELLBRING AIARION GREY FRANKLIN AIERTIS FOSTER l.EE'1'A JARRARD BERNICE 'VAIL CORRINE INGLISH BIARTHA TROXEL FAYE FOUSIIEE HORTENSE HAZEN PEARL BEAIRD JOSEPI-IINE MAC DONALD BIAY LAYLIN AIARGARET TILDEN ANNE SHELEY CLARA FRICKE CLEO HICKS HIKRRIETT STEUERNAGEL CATI-IERINE VVILSON FRANCES KURRITS ANNE LOUISE Hoon LIARY LOU DOWNING I.CgiS1iltlll'C makes and has final vote upon all laws and rules of our govern- mentg it considers all campus problems and sponsors the Group Meetings. The actual democracy of our government is made evident through Legislature, sincerthe group leaders represent the individual groups. Pflgf 43 STUDENT GOVERNMENT DIVISION President ..... ....... .... H A RRIETT STEUERNAGEL Vice-President --- .... .............. B IAY LAYLIN Secretary ........ --- .... --- BERNICE VAIL Treasurer ........... ........ - - ROBERTA NELSON Sponsor ................................ Mas. CALLOWVAY The aim of Student Government Division has been to make the government ot' the school a construction force. To do this, an honest endeavor was made to help the students adjust themselves to community life and to encourage the students to give freely of their service in little things, as well as in undertakings of more gigantic proportions. The ideal of the Student Government Division has been to promote self discipline and service, and to give the campus a broader conception of campus attitude. The idea begun last year of bringing prominent speakers, to the college con- vocations, under the auspices of Student Government has been continued this year. Miss Comstock and Mr. J. VV. Hutson talked at mass meetings and made worthy contributions in support of the college ideals. Student Government also sponsored a plan which was passed favorably by Leg- islature--that of having house officers elected in the spring rather than in the fall. The object in changing the time of the election was that under the new plan, the individual house rnanagements would be assured of a high type of officer, interested in her work, who can be trained in the spring, and thus can put a more efficient tone to her work in the full. STEU1-:RNA GEL VAIL NELSON LAYLIN Page 44 STUDENT ACTIVITY BOARD President - ......... ........ P 'RANGES KURRUS Vice-President -- --- JEAN SELLARDS Secretary .... --- --- ..... DIARY Lownv Treasurer ................ - ..... -- FRANCES BENTON Sponsor ......... ---- ......... .... lt Ilssi WVHITE The Student Activity Board is composed of representatives from every organi- zation on campus, except those included under Pan-Hellenic, Campus Service Di- vision, and Student Government Division. It attempts to regulate, control, and en- courage all clubs on campus. The purpose is: 1. To define the aims and functions of the respective or- ganizations: 2. To initiate a proposed program for the purpose of establishing a precedent for student activities in the college: 3. To exercise control over student organizations classed in this division, in regard to time and place of meeting and special stuntsg 4. To foster or reject new organizationsg 5. To establish a school for ofiicers. To foster further interest in school organizations, a cup is awarded each year at commencement to the club considered by a S. A. B. committee to be the best club on campus. A club winning the cup forthe third consecutive year is awarded the cup permanently. Bnivrox KURRUS Lownv SELLARDS P1122 45 CAMPUS SERVICE DIVISION President .............................. IQATHRYN XVILSON SHc1'eta1'y .............. .... - .-- ........... VERA Fomas Trea.s'1n'er ......... .- ................... ----- Louise Lam c --'-"" "' '--"--- ' '-'--'-'--' ' Bin' Sister NIABEL LAIDLAXV Tea Room Manager -- ............ ...... V IRGINIA JARRETT Chairman of Social Service .......... ELIZABETH MCDANIELS Sponsor ......... - ......................... 4 Miss SEARCY Campus Service Division occupies a place on Stephens College similar to that held by the Y. M. C. A. on other campuses. One of the important phases of the organization's work is the sponsoring of the Big Sister Movement. Each junior girl is assigned, before she enters Stephens, some senior girl as her Big Sister, and the two correspond during the summer preceeding the junior's arrival. The Big Sister Movement eliminates a great deal of homesickness at the first of the year. The Campus Service Division maintains and operates a tea room. in the base- ment of Columbia Hall, which is a popular place at all times of the day. A, Loan Fund is another of Campus Service Division's main projects. The loans are available to any girl who is considered worthy. The Social Service Chairman of Campus Service Division sends flowers to girls who have been ill for more than three days, besides doing other work of this nature. In addition to these projects, Campus Service Division each 'year decides on an- other material project which will be a benefit to every girl on campus, and make every girl happier. i Page 46 PAN HELLENIC DIVISION Presidevzt .... ...... ..... - - - VIRGINIA WALIQER Vice-President --- .... ............ E VA SPELLBRING Secretary .... -- ,......... ALLIE LAYVERANCE Treasurer ....... .... .... D o ROTHY NOBLE Sponsor ......................... -. ...... Miss CARPENTER Pan Hellenic Council is composed of representatives from each of the twelve sororities on campus. Besides the routine of controlling pledging and initiation, Pan Hellenic has fostered the selling of the college Courtesy Book, compiled by students, thereby carrying out the division's ideal project-courtesy. Pan-Hellenic also fosters a plan by which each member of each sorority is judged by a Personality Rating Sheet. The sheet includes the girl's rank according to dependability, attitude toward class work, friendliness, courtesy, voice, grooming, and sense of honor. i Pan Hellenic also requires that every sorority sponsor a project for the good of the entire school, and, in addition, Pan Hellenic offers a scholarship to worthy students. I l SPELLBIIING XVALKER LAWERANCE NOBLE Page 47 Page 48 2 V CLUBS BURRALL BIBLE CLASS President ........... ...... - ..... C ARROLL Lm: Tuoiursox First Vice-Presiclent --- ----- -- ....... IJOLL HOLCOINIB Second Vice-President .............. ELlzA1slf:'rH lhlCDiXNIEI.S It was not an ordinary event when President Xlfood brought Miss Jessie Burrull to Stephens College to found a student Sunday School Class. Nor was it usual when the university men and women :isl-:ed pcrmi-ssiou to join that class. The students have entire control of thc cluss work, even to read- ing the scripture, offering prayer, ushering, and taking the collection. The Burrall Class is now composed of four divisions: the Stephens College girls, the Christian College girls, the University men, and University women. Rach group has its own officers, with whom it meets for weekly leadership discussions, in which current national, international, and social problems are presented :md dis- cussed. ,The organization of The Burrall Class is unique in its deep-rooted spiritu-il basis. The credit for founding a class which operates on such spirit goes, of course, to Miss Burrnll. - M-:DANIELS T1-1oMPsoN I'IOLCONIB Page 50 BIZOOCHEM 1,1-esifleazt ..........,................. BIAXINE PRESSMAR Vice-President .......................... MAIIIAN XVILSON Secretarly ........................ ---- X7-IRGINIA HlTBB.XIlIl Trwaszzrer .............................. LUCILE VVILLI.uIs S. A. B. Representative ................ BIARGARET MEREDITIVI Sponsors .... Mxss WI1I'rI:, Miss VVALKER AND Mus. CRAYVFORD Bizoochem, the science club of Stephens College, was organized in October, 1927. The purpose of the organization is to further the interest of science on cam- pus, while the greatest aim is to emphasize the recreational possibilities of science. The name Bizoochem is il junction of the first syllables of the sciences taught in the college. The encouragement of the sponsors, as well as the enthusiasm and fi1ltl1flllIlCSS of the Inembers has helped make each meeting a decided success. The various scientific depaftinents have charge of different meetings, when each brings, from its particular Held, a sample of the lHOSt interesting and untechnical phase of its work. To tlIe future Bizoochemists the charter members extend a greeting and the sincere hope that they may be successful iII furthering the purposes of the science club. Page 51 LE CERCLE FRANCAIS President ............ - .................... E s'1-HER Moasrv Vice-President .........-.................... Mmm, CLU1-'F Secreir'z.1'y-T1'easuTer .................. INIARY LIC INERNEY S. A. B. Representative .,............ BIARGARET BUCKNELL Sponsor ................. -. .............. Miss STRICKLER Le Cercle Francais is a departmental club organized to stimulate an interest in the study of French and the history and customs of France. In order to pro- mote fluency in speech, all the conversation is held in French, and to acquaint the student with the culture of France, the programs this year have been devoted to the major arts. For the music program, Miss Noel played and discussed French music. Later Miss Anderson gave an illustrated lecture on French art. The students them- selves, participated in the farce Le Czwier to show the development of French drama. La Fontaine's Fables were dramatized by members at another meeting. A program on provinces was given. This included talks in costume regarding the cus- toms, songs, and folk dances of each province. In December, Le Cercle Francais with the Spanish and German organizations sponsored a language party at the country club. Each department furnished a program typical of its country and tried to depict tl1e various ways of celebrating Christmas in each country. The club has also maintained two French tables in the dining roof for the entire year. The last event of the year was a spring fete at the country club at which tiirc reHection over past accomplishments assured the members of a most successful and happy year. Page 52 e I CARMENCITA Presirlenf .... ..... ....... B I ARGARET Rnoron Vice-President ............ ...... E LEANOR Gisr S. A. B. Representative ..... --- HORTENSE KAUFMAN Publicity Agent ....... --- GERTRUDE HAMMER Sponsor .................... - ....... ..... lt IISS IJARRETT The Spanish Club wl1icl1 was organized as the "Carmencita" Club in 1926 has been continuing its activities this year under the sponsorship of Miss Parrett. Any girl who is taking Advanced Spanish is eligible for membership in the club. A new project sponsored by the club has been that of having a Spanish table in the dining room. There the students have had an opportunity to practice the practical Spanish which they would not otherwise get a chance to use. The club programs have been instructive in the intimate, social life of the Spanish speaking peoples. At one of the meetings, President VVood talked about Havana, Cuba. He gave the club a panoramic, impressive vision of the island. Spanish plays, games, and songs have held a prominent place on the programs of the year. They have served as a method of gaining an easier use of ordinary Spanish terms. Though a new club, Carmencita has attempted to gain a strong foothold and thereby prove its worth to campus. Page 53 BOOK CLUB President ...... ............. ....... - - - IQATHRYN Bmsrnui- Vice-President ........ .................... 1 IERTIS Fosrsn Secretary-Treasurea- .......-.............. PAULINE STOUT Librariwrm .......... ................ R 'IARGARET BUCKNELL SQA. B. Representative ..... ....... .......... G R ACE NEAL Sponsor ............. ....................... A Ilss FRICK An interested group meets twice a. month in the cozy back parlor of East Hall to heir at review of one of the newer books. We are quite versatile in our choic-e of the better volumes: they range from No-121 PVe Are Sin: to Trader Horvz. Later, over cups of chocolate, the members discuss freely the author, the book, and the view- points presented. Individualism rruis rife. Everyone has her own opinion. The Book Club Library, contributed by the members of the club as dues, is one of the most popular institutions on campus. As soon as the shelves are filled with books of vari-colored wrappers, they are emptied by eager readers. Pagf 54 CURTAIA' IMI ISEIBS P1'8Si!l67li ........................... - 3l.Xl!GI.'l'lRi'I L: Snrlu Vice-P1'esiJe11t ....... ................ NIARLXNNE Bl-:nav Secretary .............................. LoL11'.i Siiouicros fI'1-easuw-er ......... -- ..................... LEETA .lfmuzn S. A. B. Representative ................ Manovmrwrm ING: ia Sponsor ................... I ................. Miss KEPPEL Curtain Raisers Club has tried to give its members a better understanding ox the drama and its influences. Several meetings were devoted to the production of plays, others to play readings, and others to the discussion of the theatre. Theta Alpha Epsilon, honorary dramatic sorority is the nucleus of Curtain Raisersg and it, too, has tried to foster a wholesome interest in dramatics and to encourage activity in that direction. - One of the chief aims has been the betterment of the drama in our own school, so that when the girls leave, they can take the correct idea of drama to their com- munities. - If those who have been Curtain Raisers this year have created within them- selves a love for good plays and have learned to distinguish the good from the bad, then the club's purpose has been fulfilled. Page 55 HOME ECONOMICS CLUB President .... --- .AMINE Plcnmmc Vice-Presirlent --- -.. JANE CANNADY Secretary ........ - -- RIARY FRANKLIN Treasurer .............. -- JEAN I'IUNTER S. A. B. Repfresentatiive -- ..- K:X'fI-IRYN Brms Sponsor .................................. Mus. Coorncuon The Home Economics Club is composed of girls who are majoring or minoring in Home Economics. The object of the organization is to find out the possibilities open to young women who expect to enter the field of Home Economics, to fur- ther interest in this field, and to develop social unity among the members of the club. During the year, three projects in which every student on campus takes a part are sponsored by the organizationg a Scientihc Eating Cmnpaign for the pur- pose of teaching all the girls in school the importance of diet in relation to healtlig a Personal Grooming Campaign which consists of lectures, demonstrations by ex- perts, and personal advice on all problems of appropriate dress :md personal groom- ingg and a Style Show which, although largely sponsored by the clothing depart- ment, is also aided by the Home Economics Club. XVith the work of the club and the interesting monthly meetings, thc girls are enabled to be together in a series of delightful social gatherings. Page 56 HYPA TIA HEXA GON President ..... .......... - - JOSEPHINE RUPPEL l'ive-President ..... ..... ..... B I Ama FARQUI-Ian H Secretary-Trezrszzrcr --- -- MARY IRENE ROBERTS S. A. B. Represenfaiive .... -- ..... NIARY RUTH -AIILLEN Sponsor ............. .................. B Ins. CALLOXVAY Hypatia Hexagon was organized in 1919 by the thirteen girls who were mem- bers of the Analytical Geometry Class. Perhaps some girls would have hesitated to launch a club that had a membership of thirteen, but the faithful followers of mathematics were not superstitious. The club is named Hypatia after the first woman who accomplished anything significant in the field of mathematics. The Hexagon is the symbol. The purpose of the club is to foster an interest in mathe- matics and to enable the students in that department to become better acquainted. Each year the club attempts to do something really worth while for the benefit of the entire school. At present, the club buys each year The Science News Letter and places it in the library so that it will be at the disposal of the student body. Also, this year a fund for mathematical apparatus and texts has been started. Hypatia Hexagon, "a social club organized on a mathematical basis," is glad to welcome any girl as a member who is taking or has taken some course in college math. The club meets once a month at the home of the sponsor. These meetings are preceded by tea, and the Hypationirs are quite reknowned for the number of cups of tea and the quantities of cookies they can consume. Page 57 JUNIOR LEAGUE OF WOMEN VOTERS IJ7'6Sif1f'7It .................... .. ........... LOUISE BROWVN T'ic'e-Presidem' .......................... DOROTHY NOBLE Sevret111'.y-Tl'eczs1L1'er ...................... XYIRGIXIA SMITH S. A. B. Representative ................ CATHERINE SHARP Sponsor ............................ DEAN OPPENI-IEIAIER The Junior League of XVLOIDCII Voters is under the auspices of the State League of XXYOIUCII Voters, and as the junior branch it carries out the principles and policies of the National League as far as is possible on the campus. The League has this yr-:xr been affiliated with an organized group of state college leagues. The purpose of the Junior League of VVomen Voters is to arouse enthusiasm :Ind interest among the students in discharging their political duties, and to nmke known the vast number of openings for work after college in their respective leagues. Page 58 SE CRE TA RIJL President .... - ELOISE NELSON I'ic'e-Presirlenf --- ......... BIARY VVELCH Secretary-Treasurer ..... -.- VIRGINIIX LEE BUnRoUGHs S. A. B. Rrfpreserztlli-ve --- ........ BIARY RECIINER Sponsor ............. ...... - - -- Miss TYIIRELL The Secretarial Club is composed of those girls on campus who are interested in secretarial work, and who, no doubt, will continue that type of work after they leave Stephens. The club meets thc third Yliednesday of each month, and many times at these meetings, prominent speakers discuss with the girls the problems they will have to face as they continue their work. Although the Secretarial Club is newly organized, it has accomplished a great dcal, in so much as it is a club of which the entire campus is proud. P030 59 HI BETA STEPPO Most High Pill ..... --- HARRIET EYER Newt Most High Pill --- --- EDITII VQKNDERZYL Dlinute Pill --- .... Im-:NE Rocxwoon Cash Pill --- --- RIARY JEAN BEAVEN Low Pills --- ........ All Numbers Pill Keeper, .............................. VVILMA HAYNES Purpose: To aid suffering and homesickness Colors: Silver and green. Flower: Castor Bean. Hi Beta Steppo, the mock sorority, was organized for the purpose of getting the girls acquainted with each other, and to banish the blues. It takes particular care of the forlorn and homesick and tries to help them forget their germ of un- happiness by taking a few pills of nonsense and comedy. Any girl on campus may become a member of Hi Beta by presenting a clever stunt on stunt night. The High Pills must be convinced that the candidates have a sense of humor, and are good sports. During the school year, the Pills are called upon to supply amusement when- ever there is a time of depression. These times appear frequently-especially after the Christmas vacation and on the first day of spring. Nonsense, a light heart, and much cleverness are the requirements for the title of Pill. Page 60 ' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION President --- ..... .... ....... B I ARTHA Tnoxaz, Vice-President ...... ....... R IERTIS Fosrnn Secretary ........ -- RIARTHA LONG Treasurer ................ ....... - - PAULINE Jovcn S. A. B. Representative --- .............. MARJORIE REID Sponsors ...... ........ - ..... L IISS I-IAYNES AND Miss PARKER One of the first things that the Juniors hear about after they get to Stephens is the Athletic Association. Any girl who has even the slightest interest in athletics: hockey, basket ball, tennis, track, swimming, horseback riding, baseball, soccer, croquet, or even horse-shoe pitching may become a member of A. A., provided she has won fifty points by her indulgence in the sports. In the fall, hockey and hiking are the most popular activities. Then, when the weather becomes uncertain and disagreeable, basket ball is the outstanding sport, and it is at this time that the sorority and inter-class tournaments are held. The A. A. Circus and the Rhythm Recital are two important events which come in the spring. Everyone enjoys the circus, with its animals, clowns, acrobats, and side shows, while the Rhythm Recital, with its esthetic beauty proves the versatility of A. A. A. A. sponsors the water play given during Commencement week. The play is written and presented by students. Page 61 Page 62 U PUBLICATIGNS STEPHENSOPHIA Someone on the staff' has said that putting out an annual was almost as much fun as it was work. Well, it has certainly been fun. Besides Saturday afternoon staff meetings, with a week of work between each Saturday, the staff' found time to have a very dignified party at the country club: and the Senior members, getting extravagant, honored the Junior members with a carefully cooked breakfast, after which the newly appointed Senior members were allowed to wash the dishes-all in honor of the "dummy's" departure to the printers on April twenty-first. YVe have typed 3 we have pestered business establishments for adsg we have made drawings and announcements 5 we rather think we have put out another Ste- phensophia. lVe are tired, but no one could ever know how happy we are. Mums FRANKLIN TILDEN Paze 64 STEPHENSOPHIA THE 1 928 STAFF Editor-in-Chief .................. RIARION GREY FRANKLIN Assistant Editor ........................ CATHERINE SHARP Associate Editors ........ BIILDRED KNAI-P, VIRGINIA HUBBARD Feature Editor ........................ BIARGARET GAINES Assistant Feature Editor ................... DIARY GARDNER Art Editor ................................ DIARY DRAKE Business Dflanager A ssis tant B usi ness M an :Igor ...... .... .... A dfvertising Manager Assistant Advertising Dlamzger ............ DIARGARET TILDEN DOROTHY MARTIN ---- DEBORAH BIILLS JOSEPHINE YOUNG Advisor .................................... MISS PEIRCE 1 MAR'fIN DRAKE HUBBARD KNAPP GXINES SHARP GARDNER YOUNG Page 65 THE S TA NDA RD Editor-i1z-Clzief .......................... BIAXINE BAREUS Poetry Editor .4.............................. CLEO Hlcxis Alunzvme Editor ...................... ElLI.S'ABETH NEYMAN Photography ............................ CAROLYN CONDRA Hzmzor ................. ,- .......... MARY HOOVER ROBERTS E.l'C'llH71g'C Editor ...................... K.ATI-IRYN BIDSTRUP Assistant Poetry Editor ...................... ADAH ALLEN .-lrt Editor ............................ IMOGENE HANNAH Secretar.y and Proof-Reyader ................ PEGGY NEUBAUER Business Dlmzager .....,.................. GRACE AIUELLER .A11l1'ertisi'ng Blanager ---- ............ .... .... S A RA ABBOTT Aflvertising Assistant .............. ---- AIARY LAURA DENNY The Stephens Standard is the official literary magazine of Stephens College. Here satirical outbursts and variations in verse find the light of day through ai wide circulation of approximately thirty-tive hundred. This year six numbers have been issuedg one more than has ever been published in the eight years of the Standa1'd'.9 existence. It is to be hoped that the issues published have been as much pleasure to their readers as editing them has been to the board members. Bumvs, I ALLEN BIUELLER Bms'rRUP NEUBAITER HANNA1-r NEYMAN Hlclis CONDRA Page 66 ff .Awmmsmmw LMMNQ Inms AIADISON YVoon, A. B., B. S., A. M. Presirl ent Page 67 YVERRETT VVALLACE CHARTERS JOHN JULIUS OPPENHEIMER Director of Research Dean of Fafulty K Jrzssui LocAN BURRALL Tuaonosxfx TUCKER CALL.-xwAY Dirertor of Religious Edumiion Dean of II'omen Page 68 ADAH Pnmcrs Dean of Perfnzssions KENNETH IRVING BROWN PEARL BEAUCHAMP Pmfemo, of Lmin MARJORIE K. CARPENTER Professor of Latin Profefsor of Biblical Literature Page 69 ERNEST LINCOLN Cox Loulsli Dumuv Professor of Vain' Prolrxsnr of Euglisfl Pagf 70 BASIL D. GAUNTLETT XVILMA DOROTHY I-IAYNES Dirfflur of Conserwzlory Prafenor nf l'l1y.a'l1'al Elhzcatzozz Clucn L PEMBE ' E. XVALLACE H1cKM,xN ' O WE R.mN J Dirertar of IJVIIIIIIIIIC flrts Irofm-'wr of Edumtmn A E. L: Yfpx Busxuuc BIRGER SANDZEN Dzrccior ol 5l'lL'IH'L' Ijefuzrlfnfnt ,gl-,jug Dingo, of A,-1 Departmgn, Page 71 " ' ! I HELEN I- ANDERSON FRANcEs RAPHAEL ANTOINE I"-""'d0" '71 Aft Inslrurlor in Bras: and Reed Instrznnenta' Page 72 I 1 VIRGINIA LEE COLE HELEN COOLEDGE Inslrurtor zn Engluh Instructor in Foods HELEN HAYES CRAWFORD - D Donsm' B 1, OROTHYI l Imtfudor In 0 any Imlrzzctor In History MABEL A. E1.L1o1'r RUTH BOWEN GoonSMm4 Ilufrurtor in Sociology If1.vtfuc'tnr in Piano and Theory Pngf 73 -,M ' Q-. . 1 w N' '- pw, , E ' I.-yur . 1 Lois THELMA HADLEY . , C'x'rm3R1Nn Hx G11 Inslrurtor nz Cello K ' U lrutrxxrmr in Hixlory ETHEL MAE HILL Y 1 1ll.ff!'1lt'f0f in Physiml ElillL'!Ilifl7l BELUE LEE limi Page 74 Imvirurlor III llllgllih VERA JANE klzvvm. JOHN BAILEY KYD Imlmdor in Dgf5hZ'Z'lixl4g7"t'f mf Public Prilzfijial of High School Department EVELYN L.-uzsox ELN-K MYGDAI- U 1,,5ff,,,'1,,,- in fjf,,11,j,,g Imlrzzrtor In Physzml Edumizon Page 75 Q, ., .-,' -.F W-r.:-fwfr "x . V -x n 'gait ' Na. J. 5- . -L iii 'wif V iisdxlf , A275 Y a r an a I nj -v ,. ' v 'Q W 4 J a J 1 .f - Ag .1- v ... ' , 'ft' ',.., ,- MARY ASBURY MCKAY IHCZELQ Mxgxilfollf Inxlrurtor in Social Scienve M nw or In lo In Y: Direffor of Health Department Page 76 DR. F. G. NIFONG OLIVIA DYSART Nom. Cvllfgf Physician Inyirudor in Piano and Theory -J I-IELEN PARKER EULALIE PAW lnrtruvlor in 1'hy.viz'aI Education Instrudor in Romanfr Langungcs MAURINE PARKER Associate Dean ISLA H. Pnxsrr Ifzsfrzwfor in Spanish Page 77 n LA VON RALL CARL N. Rnxnozm Ivulrudor in Exprfsxion Pfvff'-'ffl' of PfJ'fh"l"XJ' D ELSE RUS:I'E LAURA Amm Smxcx' Instrurlor zn Secretarzal Department Inslructor in English fflllllfllliilillll Page 78 . if t , -ff' xf3:2mfgE:x - ' V, , i ff, ,. ,., .. .:E?i':.'3, H :-52:2 f JEANETTE STRICKLER DORIS TYRFELL Im.t,.m.m,. in French Instructor l7l Sevretarml Deparlmmt DOROTHY E. VETTER MOLLIE G. VVSHITE Imtruftor 171 Voice Inslruclor in Chemistry Pflgf' 79. Nasm YVILLIAMS ALLEEN YVOODBURY Instrurtor ln Organ lnslrurtor in flrl Page S0 H. S, VVALTERS MARY R. QUISENBERRY Sefremfy Registrar S'rE1,l.A HAGAN DORCAS LINDSEY BU"-mr Reszdent Nurfe E' , S.. VL, 1 w ! x BLANCHE VVARD RUTH BOGART Rnxiflmzl Nurxe Librarian Page SI ETHLYN HOPKINS FRANK NENVTON .-Ilrurznae and Radio Secrttrlry Sfefward Page 82 JKATHERINE NEXVTON ELLA H01-T Supervisor of Dining Room nfaffon ARDENIA B. CHAPMAN jsssm KYD Pn.rtrni.ftrr.r: Ch f'f'ff0'1 HELEN Pkocrok GRACE PEPPERDINE Srrrelary In Ihr 1'rf'xi4lz'1zl .'1.s'sufi.nIc Dmn Page 83 Page 84 HENRY LAKE W' atrh man ,BOOK FIVE Q fp 'll-Mlml-Q in u 45 "Hill SENIORS . l SENIOR CLASS President .......................,.......... FAYE FOUSHEE Vice-President .................. ...... F Loi' BUCHANAN Secretary ................................ R,UTI-I XVILLIAMS Treasurer ................. ..... K ATHRYN CARTER S. A. B. Representative .................. EDITH 'VANDERZYL Sponsor ................................ Miss PEISIBERTON The Senior Class of 1928 has had a happy, successful year from the moment it burst forth lustily with "me are the Seniors" at the first mass meeting to the time when each of us has settled back on the plush seats of our last Stephens to think of Senior pleasures-pleasures which we shall always remember. As we review the year, we see the vivid green hairbows inflicted on the Juniors to 1'lliH'C their newly-acquired college dignity, the stern Ten Commandments which laid down the law in no uncertain termsg the Senior Court which administered jus- tice in large doses to erring faculty members and J uniorsg the "Keep oil' the Grass" campaign, when the struggling blades were championed by our chivalrous policemen, and, too, the Faculty Take-Off wherein our professors were permitted to see them- selves as others see them. We remember our two especial ideals, "Honesty in word and deed," and "Main- tenance of a cheerfulness of manner and a happy outlook on life," and how the latter helped us survive the results of the Thanksgiving hockey game and retalliate with a victory in soccer. YVC think of the breakfast for the Juniors on Thanksgiving, the formial Friday evenings, the Senior Tea, and the dance to honor the faculty. Our memory then drifts to the Senior play, Class Day exercises, Senior V espers, and at last Commencement. Here mingled with the sadness at leaving our school is the hope that we may ever carry with us the great Spirit of Stephens. Page S6 BERTRICE BATEM.-XN, 603 YV. Main St., Seymour, Iowa. Hypatia Hexagon. IRENE BEALE, -I-o1i,T::T,oAE,::1'r,KA41 Republic, Mo. Vice-Pres. Civic Asso. FRANCES EI.i.RN BENTON, T P3 T, 1' A 'F Malvern, Iowa Treasurer S. A. B., Legislature, Bizochem, Hi Beta Steppo, A. A., Senior Hockey Team. M.xRx.-xNNE FRANCES BERRY, 9 A E 602 N. Ninth St., Arkansas City, Kansas Pres. 9 A E, Vice-Pres. Curtain Raisers, Hi Beta Steppo. l I VBRN ABERCROMBIE, E I' 1', 'I' 'P 'KP Barnard, Kansas Secretary E 1' T. FRANCES ARNOLD, 14.03 VValnut, Columbia, Mo. FLORICE BARNEY, 1706 W. Main St., Belleville, Ill. Secretarial Club. MAXINE BARRUS, X A 'I' ru East 25th St., Tulsa, Okla. Editor in Chief Standard, Legisla- ture, Book Club, A. A. Page 87 JANICE BRHJELL, E 1' P, H 'I' 1' 7415 Flora Ave., Maplewood, Mo. ARLICE BROWN, 9 I 1617 Barrett St., Sedalia, Mo. Curtain Raisers, J. L. W. V., Hi Beta Steppo. JEVVELL BROVVN, 902 S. McGregor St., Carthage, Mo. Legislature, Secretary C. S. D., Fire Chief East Hall, Hypatia Hex- agon. Louisa BRowN, 'P 9 K, H T 1' . 214 Adams St., Jefferson City, Mo. Vice-Pres. H T T, Hi Beta Steppo, Pres. J. L. WV. V., Senior Hockey Squad. Page 88 KATHRYN BIDSTRIP, fbergxtx-b,rb-114, Carrollton, Mo. Pres. Book Club, Sec. 'I' 'P CP, French Club, Standard Board, Grail Board, J. L. W. V. ELMA MARIE BLIXIN, K A fb 1407 St. Louis Ave., Edwardsville, Ill. ' Home Economics Club, J. L. VV3, V., H'i Beta Steppo. FRANCES BRADLEY, Z M E 1927 N. Tejon St., Colorado Springs, Colo. KATHRYN BRAS, 312 N. 4th St., Okemah, Okla. JANE CANNADAY, Houston, Mo. A Vice-Pres. Home Economics Club. MARGARET CARNEY, fl' 9 K, K A 'lf 917 N. 12th St., Ft. Smith, Ark. Treas. K 25 42 Sec.-Treas. fl' 9 K. French Club, Hi Beta Steppo. MARY KATHRYN CARTER, Z M E 2311 Washington Ave., Cairo, Ill. Treas. Senior Class, Home Eco- nomics Club, Hi Beta Steppo. JUSTINE CARTER' 'I' 9 K, K A fb 555 N. 14th St., East St. Louis, Ill. Censor Main Hall, Vice-Pres. K A fb, Hi Beta Steppo, Spanish Club. I FLOY BUCHANAN, B T3 B Wray, Colorado Vice-Pres. Senior Class. M.-xRJoR1E BUNTZ, 4075 VV. Clarinda, Shenandoah, Iowa Hi Beta Steppo, J. L. VV. V. LILLIAN FRANCES BURRIS, fi' A E, T A 'P R. I, Box 239, Pueblo, Colorado Home Economics Club, Curtain Raisers. VIRGINIA LEE BURROUGHS, 267 S. Adell, Marshall, Mo. Page 89 Vxkcxxu 721 E. CLEMENT, 16th St., Oklahoma City, Okla. Hi Beta Steppo. ESTHER CLEMINGS, II B I2 College Ave., Columbia, Mo. Vice-Pres. H B T. MARJORIE Meat. CLUFF, 2? I 'I' 3439 Agnes Ave., Kansas City, Mo. French Club, J. L. W. V. IRENE COLE, 'I' 9 K, K A fl' 104 College Ave., Columbia, Mo. Page Q0 ANNA lvlfumz Cass, A P A Concordia, Mo. Fire Chief, Social Chairman South Hall, J. L. VV. V., Vice-Pres. A A P. ZME FRANCES Casseu., Raytown, Mo. Donorm' CHILCOAT, 9 A E, fl' A B Yuma, Colorado Hi Beta Steppo, Curtain Raisers, Pan Hellenic Representative Ll' A B. ARLA Ro CLAPHAM, fl' fl' 'lf Snyder, Oklahoma House Manager East Hall, Home Economics Club, Curtain Raisers, Hi Beta Steppo, Senior Hockey Team. IQATHRYN CROWDER, B E B 619 N. nth St., Manhatten, Kan. House Manager XVood Hall. ELLEN CUNNINGHAM, E I' l', II T I' Muskogee, Okla. Pres. 2 I' F, French Club, Hi Beta Sreppo. lx-lARGARI-IT DAMERON, B E B Moberly, Mo. Vice-Pres. B 73 B. Minus DANIELS, ZI75 Grand Ave., Pueblo, Colo. C.-XROLYN CONDRA, El'I',XA'If,I'AfI" Seymour, Iowa Sec. S. A. B., French Club, J. L. WV. V. DoRo'rHY AGNES COOPER, K A -If Hedrick, Iowa A. A., Spanish Club, Senior Pep Squad, Hi Beta Steppo, Soccer Team, Senior Sextet. ELIZABETH HELEN CRARY, 2 r r, Z M E St. Cloud, Minn. ETHEL MARIE Cnorrs, 'P 'P 'P Lander, Wyo. Secretarial Club. Page 91 HORTENSE BLANCHE DRACE, E I X 3624 Meramec, St. Louis, Mo. J. L. WV. V., Hypatia Hexagon. ELEA NCR Louxsls DUERR, 622 3rd St., Council Bluffs, Iowa Bizcochem, J. L. W. V., Hi Beta Steppo. MARGARET ELY, Q I Ashland, Kansas Pan-Hellenic Council, Hi Beta Steppo, Hypatia Hexagon. I'IARRlE'1'I' A. EYER, E I' 1', 1800 Cheyenne Road, Colorado Springs, Colo. Treas. E I' T, House Pres. Hall, Curtain Raisers, A. A. E I X East Page Q2 GEORGIA DAVID, II B T 601 Osage, Bartlesville, Okla. Sec. H- B T, Hi Beta Steppo, J. L. XV. V. MYRA KATHERINE DAY, I' A fb 1502 S. Boulder, Tulsa, Okla. Treas. I' A 'l', J. L. VV. V. FLORENCE DOME, A P A Utica, Mo. MARY LOUISE Dowmwc, 9 A E, 'if 'P 115 Canon Hotel, Canon City, Colo. Pres. '15 'P 'l', Legislature, Hi Beta Steppo, Curtain Raisers. MERTIS Fosrsa, E I X 915 Olive St., Shreveport, La. Legislature, Vice-Pres. A. A., Vice- Pres. Book Club, J. L. VV. V., French Club, Senior Pep Squad, Hi Beta Steppo. FAYE Fousi-Iss, E I X Stroud, Okla. Senior Class Pres., Legislature Life Saver Curtains Raisers, J. L VV. V., Hi Beta Steppo, A. A. MARION GREY FRANKLIN, X A fb, 9 T E 924 N. Lawrence St., Wichita, Kan. 1 Editor-in-Chief Stephensophia, Legisla- IUFC. MARY FRANKLIN, Mardell Ave., Maco, Mo. Sec. Home Economics Club, J. L. YV. V., A. A., Sr. Hockey Team. HELEN FAIR, H T 1' 415 W. nth St., Trenton, Mo. J. L. W. V., Curtain Raisers. MARIE FARQUHAR, fb 4, fi' 210 N. Frederick, Cape Girardeau, Mo. Vice-Pres. Hypatia Hexagon, Man- ager South Hall, Curtain Raisers, J. L. YV. V., Hi Beta Steppo, Senior Pep Squad, Soccer Team. ANNETTE FILLIUS, fb 9 K, T E Cardin, Okla. Hypatia Hexagon. WILMA FINNELL, Shenandoah, Iowa French Club. T,ZM E Page 93 l GERTRUDE ELIZABETH GREINKE St. james, Mo. LUCY F. GILLESPIIE, 'lf 9 K, X A fb, K A fb zxo N. Kansas Sr., Edwardsville J. L. WV. V. INDIAMAE I-IIAAS, Adrian, Mo. Hypatia Hexagon. , 111. : 1'1',Q 1 ANNE LOUISE HALL, Kb 9 K, E 1' 1' Page O4 Essex, Iowa CLARA VIRGINIA FRICKE, E I X 325 N. Prospect St., Sedalia, Mo. Secretary Civic Association, Legis- lature, J. L. W. V., Senior Pep Squad, Hi Beta Steppo. , LORETTA FRIIZIIERICK, II T B 1400 Norfolk Ave., Norfolk, Nebraska Hi Beta Steppo, L. VV. V. NIARJORIE GADDIE, K A if Duenweg, Mo, HELEN K. GEREN, B E B 304 S. 13th St., Ft. Smith, Ark Pres. B E B. Nfmxxlz ELIZABETH HAYNES, H T I' 523 N. Morley St., Moberly, Mo. Hi Beta Sreppo, Pep Squad, j. L. XV. V. HoR'rENse HAZEN, II T 1' Newkirk, Okla, Pres. II T 1', Legislature, Book Club, Hi Beta Steppo. JANE Louise HERMCK, fl' 9 K, 6 T E 701 S. 37th St., Omaha, Nebr. Sec. 9 T E, S. A. B. Representative, Hy- patia Hexagon, Hi Beta Steppo. V CLE0 PIICKS, X A Clt, 9 A E, B E B 700 E. nth St., Pawhuska, Okla. Treas. Civic Asso. 8: Legislature, Curtains Raisers, Standard Board. XVELDA O. HALL, K A KI' Lamar, Colorado. Censor East Hall. Rosma HAMEL, La Plata, Mo. Lois HARJO, H B T 421 South Morton Ave. Okmulgee, Okla. Treas. U B T, Hypatia Hexagon, French Club. JANE HAYES, Fayette, Mo. Home Economics Club. Q I K A 'I' Page 95 LENA MARIE HOOVER, . Princeton, Mo. Home Economics Club. RUTH M. HUNT, 9 T E 411 S. GI-and Ave., Lee's Summit, Mo. JEAN HUNTER, 4' 9 K, Z 31 3 Fairfax, Mo. Treas. Home Economics Club, Bizoochem, A. A. DOROTHY VIRGINIA IDOL, Robinson, Kansas. Censor VVood Hall, Book Club, A. A., Sr. Hockey Team, Hi Beta Steppo. l Page 96 I.oUIsB HILL, Athens, Ill. Spanish Club. KATHERINE IDA HOFFMAN, 'If -Iv fl' 211 Shepherd Place, Hannibal, Mo. A. A. DoI.I. HoLcoMB, B E B Mansfield, La. Sec. B E B, Vice-Pres. Burrall Bible Class, Pep Squad. ANNE LOUISE Hoon, II' T K, 9 T E Osceola, Iowa. Pres. Civic Asso., Book Club, Hi Beta Steppo, A. A., Sr. Pep Squad. LA RUE JoHNsoN, E 1' I', K A fb gI2 XV. 5th St., Sedalia, Mo. Pres. K A 'l', Legislature, A. A., j. L. VVP. V., Hi Beta Steppo. FLORENCE NEVADA JONES, 219 N. Taylor, El Dorado, Texas Hypatia Hexagon, Hi Beta Steppo. PAULINE joYcE, K A fl' Bethany, Mo. Treas. A. A., Hockey Team. ELEANOR MARGARET KLUMPP, xzo E. Park Ave., Rich Hill, Mo. MARGUERITE INGLE, fb 9 K 146 Helfenstein Road, VVebster Groves, Mo. CORINNE INGLISH, Chilhowee, Mo. SAB Pres. 9 A B, Hypatia Hexagon, J. L. VV. V., Hi Beta Steppo, A. A., Legislature. MARGARET DAHL JACKSON, 5745 Cherry St., Kansas City, Mo. LEETA GRACE JARARD, fb 9 K, 9 A E New Sharon, Iowa Treas. Curtain Raisers, Legisla- tllfe. Page 97' MABEL Howfmn LAIDLAW, K A fl' 1338 Chestnut St., VVestern Springs, Ill. Big Sister, Hi Beta Steppo, J. L. VV. V. MARY Louise LAMM, E ,I X 909 VV. Ioth St., Sedalia, Mo. ALLIE LAWRENCE, B E B Mansfield, La. Sec. Pan Hellenic, Home Economics Club, Legislature, Bizoochem, Pep Squad. ELISABETH ANNETTE LAWTON, B E B 540 7th St., Traverse City, Mich. Page 98 1 w . l IRENE KUHN, Z M E 1543 Nebraska Ave., Mound City, Mo. 1. L. VV. V. ELIZABETH KUNKEL, :I 1' F Oregon, Mo. HELEN M. KUNKEI., T 23 T Oregon, Mo. Sec.-Treas. T 3 T. FRANCES LICHTNER KURRUS, E I X 1464. College Ave., East St. Louis, Ill. Pres. S. A. B., A. A., Pep Squad, J. L. WV. V., Home Economics Club, Legislature, Hi Beta Steppo. 3 MARY LOVVREY, KP 9 K, I' A CP Perkins, Okla. Pres. I' A 'l', Sec. S. A. B., A. A. Board, Sr. Hockey and Basket Ball Teams, Book Club, Hypatia Hex- agon, Bizoochem, Hi Beta Steppo, Legislature. AGNES MCCALL, II B T Perry, Iowa Pres. H B T, A. A., French Club, Hi Beta Steppo. ANN ELIZABETH MCDANIEL, 'li 'P fi' 3860 Charlotte St., Kansas City, Mo. Vice-Pres. Burrall Bible Class, J. L. VV. V., Social Chairman Columbia Hall, Hi Beta Steppo. MARY MCINERNEY, fl' 9 K, II B T 500 Gladstone Blvd., Kansas City, Mo. Vice-Pres. H B T, Sec. French Club. MAY LAYLIN, fl' 6 K Vandalia, Mo. Vice-Pres. S. G. D., Hypatia Hex- agon, Legislature. ADELEE LE MARR, Q I Braman, Okla. MARTHA Lows, A P A 1008 N. 6th St., Garden City, Kansas. Sec. A. A., Social Chairman XVood. PAULiNE ELx.1o1'r Lows, Ragan, Nebr. Hypatia Hexagon. QPSK Page 993 I 1 JOSEPHINE MACDONALD, 9 A E, E I X 1216 E. Armour Blvd., Kansas City, Mo. Pres. E I X, Legislature, I. L. W. V., Curtain Raisers, Sr. Hockey Squad, Pep Squad, Hi Beta Steppo. MARTHA ANN MACKAY, 23 I X 3719 Forest, Kansas City, Mo. Treas. E I X, Sr. Hockey Squad, Hi Beta Steppo, J. L. VV. V. Juua AMMA MARSHALL, E 1' l', II T 1' 311 East Com. St., Charleston, Mo. Secretary H T F, A. A., J. L. W. V., Hi Beta Steppo, Spanish Club. ELIZABETH ANN MAR1-iN, A P A Daniphan, Mo. Sec. A P A, Hi Beta Steppo, j'. L. VV. V. Page 100 CAROL McKEE, Denmark, Iowa Hi Beta Steppo, J. L. WV. V. .lVlILDRED lVlCKlNNEY, Garden Grove, Ia. T Vrncmm NICNIURTRY, E I' F, K A 'l' l Pres. Main Hall, Curtain Raisers Hypatia Hexagon. KATHERINE MCPHERSON. 4088 Clements, Detroit, Mich. MARY RUTH MILLER, fb 9 K, E I X 337 VV. Kansas Ave., Liberty, Mo. Sec. E I X, S. A. B., Hypatia Hex- agon. M. IMOGENE MxLLER, 1528 N. Nevada Ave., Colorado Springs, Colo. IJEBORAH MlI.LS, fb 9 K, B E B 218 E. Second St., Claremore, Okla. Advertising Manager Stephen- sophia, Leadership, Burrall Class Cabinet, Hypatia, Book Club. RUTH MOLLENKAMP, Higgensville, Mo. A. A., J. L. VV. V. ZM In PARLINE C. MARTIN, H B T Bloomfield, Iowa Pan-Hellenic Representative, Home Economics Club, Hi Beta Steppo. ELIZABETH T. NIATHEYVSON, -boK,:1X Box 233, Vlllausaukee, Wlisc. Pres. 'lf 9 K, Bizoochem, Book Club, A. A. MARGARET MEIER, YVeeping Water, Neb. MARGARET MERIDETH, Z H E Allerton, Iowa S. A. B., Curtain Raisers, Bi- zoochem, Hi Beta Steppo. Page Ioi Fr.oRENcxz MARIE MYERS, A P A 6x8 N. Byers, Joplin, Mo. Spanish Club. GR.fXCE NEALE, 1756 S. Victor St., Tulsa, Okla. S. A. B., Rep. Book Club, French Club, Home Economics Club, Bi- zoochem, Book Club. E1.oIsE NELSON, B E B 2627 VVabasl1, Kansas City, Mo. Pres. Secretarial Club. IRENE NELSON, Page 102 413 YV. Cedar, Rogers, Ark. Curtain Raisers, Hi Beta Steppo. V l ESTHER ADELINE IVIORSE, 'lb 9 K A 930 Wl. 34th St., Kansas City, Mo. Pres. French Club, Book Club. MARIAN ISBELL Moses, 9 A E, K A 41 2614, Forest Ave.. Great Bend, Kan. Pan-Hellenic Rep,. Legislature, Book Club, Curtain Raisers, Hy- patia Hexagon, J. L. W. V., Hi Beta Steppo. APA DELPHIA MOSIMAN, 516 YV. "oth St., Falls City, Nebr. GR:xCE MUELLER, St. james, Mo. Business Manager Stephens Stand- ard, J. L. XV. V. fb9K,TE1' Gsunvnzvn Nonmz, 312 S. 8th St., Okemah, Okla. Curtain Raisers, Hi Beta Steppo, J. L. VV. V. RAMoms'rrE NOLAND, H T I' 2 Windsor Place, Moberly, Mo. J. L. VV. V., Pep Squad, Hi Beta Steppo. OLIVIA XVII.:-xELM1N.x NORBLADE, 9 I Axtell, Nebr. Pres. VV'ood Hall, Vice-Pres. J. L. W. V., Hi Beta Steppo, Home Eco- nomics Club, Pep Squad, Spanish Club. JOAN NULK, 'lf 9 K, 'I' 'I' fl' 242: Lane St., Fall City, Nebr. Sec.-Treas. Nebr. Club, J. L. XV. V., Hi Beta Steppo. ROBERTA NELSON, E I X 3403 Oline St., Kansas City, Mo. Treasurer Student Government, J. L. W. V., Spanish Club, Pep Squad, Hi Beta Steppo. Dokori-IY Nswcoma, IOI4. VV. Adams, Creston, Ia. ELIZABETH NEYMAN, X A fb 406 VVl Jackson, Corydon, Ia. DOROTHY NOBLE, HBT 1603 Argyle St., Hamburg, Ia. Page 103 RUTH PERRINE, B E B 223 Story St., Boone, Iowa Treas. B 2 B, Hi Beta Steppo. VALERA C. PETERSON, Essex, Iowa Hi Beta Steppo. ETHLYNE PHELPS, Z M E Roanoke, Mo. Sec. Z M E, French Club, Hi Beta Steppo. , DOROTHY LEE POLLITT, E I X 3530 Chestnut, Kansas City, Mo. Legislature, Pep Squad Leader, A. A., Social Chairman East Hall, Sr. Soccer Team, J. L. WV. V., Hi Beta Steppo. l Page 104: ,. ,.,.+-.'...4ut.- .. x MARJORIE OCHS, Keota, Iowa Dolus CYDONNELL, sb 'I' lb 426 VV. 3rd St., Junction City, Kan. Pres. 49 KP '19, A. A., Pep Squad, Hi Beta Steppo, Sr. Soccer Team. LUCILLE OLDH.-XM, .X P A Earlham, Iowa Home Economics Club, Hi Beta Steppo. AMINE PERRINE, B E B 223 Story St., Boone, Iowa Pres. Home Economics Club, Hi Beta Steppo. RUTH RANoUs, 9 XI' Keota, Iowa Head of Dining Room. Bmmxce RATLWF, 1' A 'I' 508 Idaho Ave., Ordway, Colo. iw.-XRCARET RECTOR, fb 9 K, K A -I1 Tucumcari, New Mex. Pres. Span. C'lub, Secretary A. A., Hi Beta Steppo. DOROTHY F. Reeves, 637 Marshall Ave., VVebster Groves, Mo. A. A., Pep Squad, Hi Beta Steppo, J. L. VV. V. IITI' Rose POMEROY, fb 9 K, A 715 New York Ave., Holton, Kansas . P A Treas. A P A, French Club, A. A. DAWN PoRTeR, PA lb zoo High St., California, Mo. J. L. W. V. ' LETTA BELLE PoTTs, T E T, fl' 9 K VVil'liamsfield, Ill. S. A. B. Rep., Curtain Raisers, Hi Beta Steppo. MAx1NE PRESSMAR, fl' 6 K, I' A QP Hillsboro, Ill. Pres. Bizoochem, S. A. B. Rep., Book Club, Home Economics Club, Hi Beta Steppo. Page 105 DoRo'rHY LEE SALLEE, 9 A E Polo, Mo. Hypatia Hexagon, Pep Squad, Hi Beta Steppo. LENITA -IASAMYN SANDERS, I' A 'I' Hayti, Mo. Vice-Pres. 1' A 42 Captain Sr. Soccer Team, A. A. Board, Burrall Class Captain, Hypatia Hexagon, Cur- tain Raisers. DOROTHY SANDERSON, K A li' 3108 Broadway, Crest Bend, Kan. French Club, Hi Beta Steppo. u NIARGARET SANDZEN, Lindsberg, Kan. Page 106 CELESTINE RoB1NsoN, S2 XI' Adrian, Mo. Hypatia Hexagon. MARY Hoovmz RoBER'rs, X A 'I', A P A 208 E. VVashington St., Xvashington, Iowa. Pres. X A 'l', Standard Board, Book Club, Hi Beta Steppo. HELEN Rooxsv, T 3 T, A P A Haddam, Kan. JOSEPHINE RUPPEL, fl- 9 K, Q XI' 604. Johnson St., Springdale, Ark. Pres. Hypatia Hexagon, -I. L. VV. V. Esruen SMITH, 320 N. Main St., Memphis, Mo. Home Economics Club. lX'1'ARGUERI'l'E SMITH, 9 A E, II T I' Cherokee, Okla. Pres. Curtain Raisers, Vice-Pres. 9 A E, Nl.-XRYALYCE SMITH, eA12,fIwe1i,B:B 206 S. Main St., Fairfield, Iowa Hypatia Hexagon, Hockey Team, J. L. W. V., Curtain Ra.sers, Hi Beta Steppo. VIVIAN RENA SMITH, 9 T E 342 Merrick St., Shreveport, La.. Treas. 9 T E, J. L. VV. V., Hypatia Hexagon, Hi Beta Steppo. KATHRYN Scorr, 4' A B ZI4 E. 2ISt St., Tulsa, Okla. Home Economics, J. L. VV. V., Hi Beta Steppo. LOUISE SEARS, 4' A 15 7334. Mercier, Kansas City, Mo. French Club, Hi Beta Steppo. JEAN SELLAIIDS, fl' 9 K, E 1' T, B E B Solomon, Kansas Vice-Pres. S. A. B. MILDRED SIPE, 318 N. 2otlI St., F't. Smith, Arkansas J. L. W. V., Hi Beta Steppo. Page I07l ANNE SHELEY, 'I' 'I' KT' College Avenue, Columbia, Mo. RUTH STEBBENS, 'I' 'T' 'T' Olkaloosa, Kansas Curtain Raisers, Pep Squad, Hy- patia Hexagon, J. L. WL V., Hi Beta Steppo. ELEANOR STEEN, Z M E Ordway, Colo. Pan-Hellenic Treas. JANE STEEN, E I' T, 9 T E 1702 3rd Ave.. Scottsbluff, Nebr. Pres. South Hall, Vice-Pres. Cur- tain Raisers, Hi Beta Steppo. Page 108 Hazel. SNYDER, K A fl' 123 NV. Cleveland, Sapulpa, Okla. Home Economics Club, Hi Beta Steppo. ETHELENE Scum.-xnn, Cortez, Colo. Treas. Z M E. Ina SPAHT, fl' 9 K, 'l' fl' 'I' 609 S. Emma, Christopher, Ill. Vice-Pres. ll' 9 K, Spanish Club, Hi Beta Steppo. Eva SPELBRING, ,V Silver City, Iowa Vice-Pres. Pan-Hellenic. ZME QTE l l Lonmi STOCKTON, 'P 'I' 'T' 1915 Elizabeth St., Pueblo, Colo. Sec. Curtain Raisers, A. A., Hi Beta Steppo. PAULINE STOUT, 'I' 'I' 4' Medicine Lodge, Kansas Sec.-Treas. Book Club, Curtain Raisers. JANET Srnoxo, E I X 3211 Highland, Kansas City, Mo. Donorm' Lee SUTER, Q XP 1842 South Barrett St., Sedalia, Mo. Hypatia Hexagon, Hi Beta Steppo. HARRIETT STEUERNAGEL, 9 T E 3928 Lindell Blvd., St. Louis, Mo. Pres. S. G. D., A. A., Legislature. HAZEL STEPHENSON, SOI Sampson Ave., Dyersburg, Tenn. I-ITI Pan-Hellenic Representative, Home Economics Club, Hypatia Hexagon IRENE Sroclcan, 530 N. Union St., St. Louis, M 0. VIRGINIA STILLMAN, E 1' F, U T 1' 36 Center Drive, Hampton Park, Clayton, Mo. Page 1094 LoUxsE TR.AUTM:XN, 524. N. VVahsatcl1 Ave., Colorado Springs, Colo. Secretarial Club, Hi Beta Steppo. NIARTHA JANE TROXEl.l,, EI'1',9.-XE,APA 5x3 Broadway, Sayre, Okla. Pres. A. A., Legislature, Book Club, Curtain Raisers, Pep Squad. HELEN UNDERWOOD, T E T, 0 T E Unionville, Mo. Pres. 6 T E, J. L. VV. V., Hi Beta Steppo. BERNICE VAIL, lb fb fi' Hotchkiss, Colo. Sec. S. G. D., Legislature, Home Economics Club, Bizoochem, Pep Squad. Page 110 I HELEN SYVIFT, 233 N, Cecil, Memphis, Mo. CARROL LEE THOMPSON, II T I', 6 A E Harlingen, Tex. Pres. Burrall Class, Hypatia Hexa- gon, A. A. DOROTHY' ANN THOMPSON, A P A, -1, 9 Ii 26 E. Street Southwest, Miami, Okla. - Pres. A P A, Book Club, French Club, Life Saver, Hi Beta Steppo. MARY ISOBEL Tool. Murdock, Nebr. Hypatia Hexagon, 1. L. VV. V., Curtain Raisers, Hi Beta Steppo, Fire Chief lVIain Hall. HALCYON YVEAVER, flf fb fi' 2.1.6 Dunsmere Ave., Pueblo, Colo. Pan Hellenic Rep., A. A., Soccer Squad, Pep Squad, French Club. UPALENE VWELLS, 4' 9 K, I' A fl' Baring, Mo. Home Economics Club, J. L. W. V. Tuozvms LORRAINE XVI-IITEMAN, E 1' T, X A fb Marceline, Mo. - S. A. B., J. L. WE. V. RUTH ELLEN VS'II..1..I.1.Ms, E 1' F, 1' A fl' 204 E. Grand Ave., McAlester, Okla. Sec. Senior Class, Sec. 1' A fb, Social Chairman Main Hall. MARY VAN DEVENDER, A P A Clarinda, Iowa Home Economics Club. MADELINE VANDERVVILT, Knoxville, Iowa Home Economics Club, J. L. XV. V., Hi Beta Steppo. EDITH VADENRZYLE, qfeK,TET,1i.xfI, 814 A Ave. East, Oskaloosa, Iowa Vice-Pres. T 2 T, S. A. B., Senior C'lass, A. A., Pep Squad, Spanish Club, Vice-Pres. Hi Beta Steppo. VIRGINIA VWALKER, A l' A 902 C Street, Lawton, Okla. Pres. Pan Hellenic, Legislature, A. A., Pep Squad, Hi Beta Steppo. Page 111 VIRGINIA LEE WVILLIAMSON, E 1 X, T 2 'Ir 6003 East Etzel, St. Louis, Mo. KATHRi'N LOUISE VVILSON, E I' F, Excelsior Springs, Mo. Pres. C. S. D. MARIAN FRANCES XVlILSON, 5518 Grand Ave., Des Moines, Iowa Vice-Pres. Bizoochem, Book Club, Home Economics Club. KATHRYN VVINN, KP 'If 'If IIT 1855 E. 16th St., Tulsa, Okla. Hi Beta Steppo. Page 112 VIRGINIA Wrrr, nz Prospect, Cameron, Mo. MARGARET Woons, 99 'XVillis Ave., Columbia, Mo SECOND SEMESTER SENIORS MARX' l'7'llANClS BAILEY, H T 1' I745 South Maple, Carthage, Mo. NIARGARET BALLINGER BUCKNELL, :Ir 0 K, Ii A fr, 1761 N. Thirty-sixth St., East St. Louis, Ill. S. A. B., Book Club, French Club. IJESDA JANE CARMACK, Z3 NV. Tenth, Hutchinson, Kansas Hi Beta Steppo. MELINDA XVLXDE Coox, T A 'P 45 Mason, 'Webster Groves, Mo. A. A., Hi Beta Steppo. MARY LDUISE DAVID, E I X 902 High Street, Davenport, Iowa MILDRED M.-IRIE DICKMAN, Jackson, Missouri J. L. VV. V. VERA FORBES, B E B Boone, Iowa Sec. C. S. D., Legislature, Home EC. MILDREIJ HANSER, 3615 California, St. Louis, Mo. Page 113 PHYLLIS PETTEGREXN, LOUISE KOEHLER, K A -If Geneva, Nebraska. MARJORIE MORE, B 3:2 B 5770 De Giverville, St. Louis, Mo French Club, Hi Beta Steppo. ALLIE Munn, Skiatook, Oklahoma. Hi Beta Steppo. LEOL.-X N1cHoLs, II T I St. Angelus Hotel, San Angelo Texas Hypatia Hexagon, Curtain Raisers 325 XV. Sixth, Bristow, Oklahoma. IRENE Roc Kwoon, M. THAN RITTER, K A 'lt 6164 Crescent Ave., St. Louis, Mo. Curtain Raisers, A. A. SIX 2,300 XV. "D" Street, Oklahoma Citv. Okla. Vice-Pres. of 3 I X, Sec.-Treas. of Hi Beta Steppo, A. A., J. L. XV. V. Page 114 Maumrcs Vmclxu SLO.-XN 'If 'I' 'P 820 VV. Fourth St., Cameron, Mo. Home Ec., Hi Beta. N KATHERINE ELIZABETH STROUP, Fontanelle, Iowa MARGARET A. TILDEN , VIY 43 White Place, Bloomington, Ill. Bus. Man. Stephensophia, Legisla- ture, A. A., Hi Beta, Pep Squad. Page 115 Page 116 JUNIOR PROM SONG Tune "Among My Souvenirs" Senior's youive taught us the meaning Of Stephen's Ten Ideals, Beauty that we knew in dreaming YVe found in you to he real. Chorus Oh, Seniors this we do That Y0u'll remember true- V The years when you are looking o'er your souvenirs The class of twenty nine lVh0 dared your right sublime lllhen this small fan you find among 5 If we had treasure store Vl'e'd like to give you more But we have done our best To show our estimation- All though we've fought all through. lVe really do love you And we will ne'er forget the Class of twenty nine. llfords by 'our souvenirs. Adah Allen '29 , Ai I JUNIORS JUNIOR CLASS President ................ ........... .. BIARION APPLEGATE Vice-President ............. -, ..... -- ......... - Lois ADAMS Secretar -T1'easurer .............. - ....... BIARGARET EISELE .V S. A. B. Representative .................... PEGGY PROSSER Sponsor ............................... ----.--- Miss Hom' The Junior Class of 1928 has seen a very successful year, which began when the Juniors succeeded in keeping their song from the Seniors and singing it first at the annual barbecue. The Junior Jollies, under the direction of Mr. Hickman proved most enter- taining, and with this accomplishment behind them, the Juniors set forth to work on the Junior Prom. And the Prom? It proved itself another milestone in the Junior's path of success. The Vesper service sponsored by the Juniors was an attempt to create a singing processional for the religious activities of Stephens College. The Juniors of '28, pzfssing on as the Seniors of '29, leave behind them Z1 tra- dition and a standard which they hope may be attained, and even surpassed by each succeeding Junior Class. .Auuus EISELE APPLEGATE Pnossizn Page 118 MAXINE ALLEN, E I X I3 Allen Place, Columbia, Mo. Hi Beta Steppog Curtain Raisers. MARY BERNIECE ANDERSON, Chariton, Iowa Hypatia Hexagon, A. A., Hi Beta Steppo. ELIZABETH ANDERSON, I' A 11' Green Ridge, Mo. Hockey Team, A. A., Hi Beta Steppo, L. W. V. M.ARJoR1E ANDERSON, Gideon, Mo. MARION .APPLEGATIL II T 1' 137 C St., N. YN., Miami, Okla. Pres, Jr. Class, A. A., Hi Beta Steppo, Curtain Raisers. RUTH ARM.-RNTROUT, fir fb KI' Scott City, Kansas I SARA ABBOTT, A P A 600 North x5tl1 St., Clarinda, Iowa Adv. Manager Standard, A. A., Hockey Teamg Spanish Club. CORNELIA LOUISE ADAMS, 3047 VVesr Coleman, Kansas City, Mo. Hi Beta Steppo, French Club. Lois ADAMS, Smithland, Ky. Vice-Pres. jr. Class, Hi Beta Steppo. MARION AISTHORPE, 2907 NVashington.Ave., Cairo, Ill. Hi Beta Steppo. ADAH ALLEN, 9 T E, X A fb loo College Ave., Columbia, Mo. FLORENCE ALLEN, A P A 134 YVoodlawn, Topeka, Kansas Page 119 GLADYS BAKER, 'I' A B Beaconsfield, Iowa. Curtain Raisers. VELMA M. B.-XRKHURST, 1308 ISC Ave., Nebraska City, Nebr. HELEN LUCILLE BARNES, 4' 'I' fb 1700 VVest Ave., Pawhuska, Okla. French Club. GLADYS BARR, 303 N. Pecan, Nowata, Okla. Hi Beta Steppo, Sextette. ROVVENA BAss E I X Steelville, Mo. Curtain Raisers, J. L. XV. V., Span- ish Club, Hi Beta Steppo. L0UxsA D. BERRY, 1232 S. Owasso, Tulsa, Okla. Hi Beta Steppo, bl. L. W. V. Page 120 BILLIE ARMSTRONG, Z M E, T E T IOS South 3rd St. Albia, Iowa Hi Beta Steppo. MARY jo ARPE, 9 T 3948 Connecticut, St. Louis, Mo. Soccer Team, I. L. XV. V. P.-XULXNE F. ARTZ, 99 Riverside Ave., Charles City, Iowa Home Ec., Curtain Raisers. MARY LoU1sE ASKEXY, B 3 1609 Polk, Amarillo, Texas NIUIEL L. IAYMER, 443 N. Pine, Nowata. Okla. Hi Beta Steppo, J. L. YV. V. E B N.-XRLEE BAGBY 9 XI' 30.1. S. Collier, Centralia, Mo, ELIZABETH GLENN BOYNTON, 9 T E xz XVest Dewey, Shawnee, Okla. Hi Beta Steppo, J. L. VV. V. ELIZABETH Bowmsn, lb 9 232 Grove St., XVichita, Kansas FRON.-X A. BUNZE, Z M E 202 3rd Ave., Charles City, Iowa Hypatia Hexagon. ANTIONETTE BURT, 9 T Benton, Louisiana CLARA BUTLER, zoo West Court St., Atoka. Okla. Spanish Club. LUCILLE BUTLER, S2 KP Spring Hill, La. GRACE LOUISE vor: BEUTTLER, I' A 24.01 E. Solway, Sioux Citv.,Iowa QP Hi Beta Steppo, Life Saver, Soccer Team, A. A., Curtain Raisers. RACHEL BLANCHE BLOKER, 9 T E 600 Carleton Ave., Carnthersville, Mo. Pep Squad, Hi Beta Steppo, Cur- tain Raisers. LUCILE BLUE, H T 723 7th So., Alva, Okla. Pep Squad, Hi Beta Steppo. Emma STUART BOND, Elizabethtown, Ky. ls BE B Curtain Raisers, Hi Beta Steppo. LUCILLE OLIVE BOND, B E Elizabethtown, Ky. Curtain Raisers, Hi Beta Steppo. NELLIE MAE BOYD, 415 Blvd., Enid Okla. Curtain Raisers. B EIX Page 121 CI-IARLOTTE ANS CHASE, Q 'I' 727 Oregon St., Hiawatha, Kansas Hi Beta Steppo, A. A. LOUISE CI..-XUSON, 4' 'P 4' Knox City, Mo. MIIRTI-IA CLINTON, 9 T E 50 East Orchard Ave., Bellevue, Pa. Home EC., Spanish Club. M A Rx' ERNESTINE CoE, 2203 Polk, Amarillo, Texas. LUCXLLE CoLE, H T I' 1317 Court, Pueblo, Colo. Hi Beta Steppog Curtain Raisers. Page I2 MILDRED CONN, Grandview, Mo. Z RUTH BERNICE BUTTS, A P A, fi' 9 K T 216 horth Istll St., Muskogee, Okla. Soccer Team, Curtain Raisers, A. A. ELIZ 'XBETH CAI.LIsox, EIX 1361 Pennsylvania Ave., East St. Louis, Mo. I Pep Squad, J. L. XV.'V. JANET NIARIE CATVIPEELL, 714 Clinton Place, Bellevue, P Curtain Raisersg Home EC. LII.LIAx C.1RoI.1':c CARLEN GTE Zi. sb 311 fb ,TBI 1516 E. 17th St., Pueblo, Colo Hi Beta Steppo. VIRGINIA CARI.ow, II T 1' 703 North F St., Muskogee, Okla. French Club. lVlATILD.-X CARTER, ZM Skidmore, Mo. Hi Beta Steppo. EI,Iz.-IBETH NAN DAVIS, E I X I948 First Ave., Cedar Rapids, Iowa CHRISTINE DAVIS, 'If A B 70.1. Conley, Columbia, Mo. HELEN DEAN, York, Nebraska HELEN GRACE DE.-XRDORFF, 'lf A B Clatonia, Neb. Sec. Club, German Club. NIARY LOURA DENNY, A P A R. F. D., Box 273, Phoenix, Arizona. A. A., Hockey, Life Saver. LE ETTA DEXTEY, IIO8 S. Sixth St., Ponca City, Ukla. Curtain Raisers. ANNA LYNN Come, E I X, E F I' 1225 Vliest 19th St., Oklahoma City, Okla. Hi Beta Steppo, J. L. XV. V. ELIZABETH FRANCES Coon, 45 Mason Ave., VVebster Groves, Mo. A. A., Hi Beta Steppo. MARTHA ADELLE C'oNsTAI3LE, Emerson Hotel, 2017 Linwood, Blvd., Kansas City, Mo. HELEN LOUISE COULSON, Irey Apts., Abilene, Kansas A. A. RUTH EDITH CRAWLEY, lf' A B 408 Bradford Ave., VVebster Groves, Mo. Hi Beta Steppo, Hypatia Hexagon. MARGARET CREIGHTON, 204 E. 7th St., Fairfield, Ill. I'A'l' 1' .X fll Page 125,- DORIS DUFFHELD, Z M E VVilliams, Arizona. LAURELE DUNHAM, 1' A -lf Callao, Mo. Hypatia Hexagon. ETX M.-XRGARET LOUISE EISELE, 5324. Maple St., St. Louis, Mo. Sec. Sz Treas. Jr. Class, Hi Beta Steppo, J. L. VV1 V. IWAXINE Eucusn, fl' A B Watliona, Kansas Curtain Raisersg Hi Beta Steppo, French Club. MARY ALICE ESSICK, 'I' fl' 'l', 3 1' 1' 373 E. Park St., Du Quoin, Ill. French Club, Hypatia Hexagon. VERA L. FARRELL, II T 1' 1121 7tll St., Clay Center, Kans. Page 124 I ESTHER DICKSON, K A 4, 1502 S. Cheyenne St., Tulsa, Okla. Pep Squad, Hi Beta Steppo. ELE.-XNOR LUCILLE DINSMORE, 9 T E 1615 E. Benton Ave., Albia, Iowa. Math. Club. MARY DONOHUE, 1' A fb Ashland, Mo. MAURINE Doxovax, Dewey, Ill. Hi Beta Steppo, Math. Club. RUBENA DowNs, ll' A B Los Olivas, California. Book Club. MARX' EI.Ia.xBIzTH DRAKE, 2 I R, T 2 T 1500 N. Emporia, YV?ichita, Kansas Art Ed. Stephensophia. Y- sg. . ALLEEN PEGGY FLOWERS, 'I' B T Harper, Kansas GENEVIEVE FRANKLIN, 1532 S. Owasso, Tulsa, Okla. QNI' Hypatia Hexagon, Hi Beta Steppo. DoRoTHY TRIX FRAzIER, B E B 1519 XV. Main St., Enid Okla. FLORENCE ELVA FULKERSON, jerseyville, Ill. J. L. XVY. V. NI.-SRG.-XRET H. GAINES, 3 I X 822 N. VVeber, Colorado Springs, Colo. Feature Ed. Stephensophia, Spanish Club, Curtain Raisers, J. L. VV. V. MARY GARDNER, 1001 East Jefferson, Bloomington, Ill. Stephensophia Staff, Book French Club. Club, MARGARET FAUREST, Elizabethtown, Ky. VERONA FELLERS, KAfb Sox N. :oth St., Beatrice, Nebraska A. A., Hi Beta Steppo, Curtain Raisers. NIARGARET HESTER FERGUSON, S! 'I' 1419 VVest Fourth St., Sedalia, Mo. MARY VVILMA FLETCHER, Lewis, Iowa K A fl' Curtain Raisers, Book Club, French ' Club, Hi, Beta Steppo. BE.-x'rRIcE IRENE FLETTER, Z M E 5605 YVaterbury Road, Des Moines, Iowa' Home Ec. EMILY FRANCIS FLORANCE, 804i E. Washington St., Bloomington, Ill. J. L. W. V. KA4' Page 125 IMOGENE GINN, A. P A 858 2nd Ave., Cedar Rapids, Iowa jr. Rep. S. G. D., Hi Beta Steppo Spanish Club, J. L. XV. V. ELEANOR Gxsr, B E Ii, fb 9 K 1700 Vlfashington St., Amarillo, Texas Sec. Treas. Spanish Club, Hypatia Hexagon. FAY GORDENIER, 333 S. Chestnut, Olathe, Kansas DARLENE GRANT, II B T Orient, Iowa ROBERTA G-RAHIXM, ' 6 T E 419 S. Okmulgee, Okmulgee, Okla. Doxorz-xv Gmvss, 9 T E 518 S. Main St., Osceola, Iowa Hi Beta Steppo, J. L. VV. V., Span- ish Club, Prince of Wales Club. Page 126 MILDRED E. GARMIRE, 505 N. Center, Clinton, Ill. Spanish Club, Science Club, Home EC. IRHNE GARNER, 1215 S. Peoria, Tulsa, Okla. Hi Beta Steppo. HELEN GAST, Z M E 394.1 Flad Ave., St. Louis, Mo. IVMRG.-tam' ANN.-x Gmsow, Barnsdall, Okla. French Cluh, Hi Beta Steppn, j, I. VV. V. ALBER'i'.x L. Gmssmc, li A fl' 32X N. jefferson Ave., Farmington, Mo. A. A., Hockey Team, German Chzh, I-I Beta Steppo. KA'1'HRYN GILLIHAN, Gallatin, Mo. Hi Beta Steppu, -I. I.. XV. V. 5 BARBARA RUTH HAMBLETON, 'lf A B 2nd Delaware, De Soto, Kansas Hi Beta Steppo, I. L. XV. V. ETIA MAE HAMILTON, II Michigan, Oswego, Kansas CIERTRUDE HAMMER, A P A 733 E. Main St., XVashington, Iowa A. A., Spanish Club, Hockey Team, Pep Squad. IMOGENE H.ANN.-In, IITI',T:I',xAfI1 Lexington, Mo. Art Ed. Standard, Hi Beta Steppo. lhlARY joif HANOR, Q QP J Tecumseh, Okla. HJILDRED HA NSER, 3615 California Ave., St. Louis, Mo. Soccer Team. ANNICE GREENLEE, Kahoka, Mo. LAURA A. GRIEFE, li A 'I' 606 E. Benton, Windsor, Mo. FRIEDA ,AUGUSTA GRIENKE, K A fl' St. James, Mo. MARION GRITZINGER, QTE I928 4th Ave., Scottsbluff, Nebr. LILLIE HAGGEMEYER, E I X 394x Connecticut, St. Louis, Mo. Hockey Team, I. L. W. V. GARNET VIRGINIA HALL, E I X 202 East-5th St., Caruthersville, Mo. Hi Beta Steppo, J. L. W. V. Page 127 MILDRED HAYS, A P A, 'P 9 K 137 N. Oak, Osborne, Kansas Curtain Raisers, Hi Beta Steppo, J. L. W. V. KATHRYN HAYES, H T 1', CP 9 K 2022 Houston, Kansas City, Mo. Hi Beta Steppo, J. L. NV. V., French Club. LUIS M. HENCH, I-I T T, E I' I' u5o S. Main, Carthage, Mo. Hi Beta Steppo. ALICE ELIZABETH HERR, II B 'I Keota, Iowa M.-IRCELLA HILL, E I X 720 XV. 16th St., Oklahoma City, Okla. Pep Squad, Hi Beta Steppo. Nl.-RRY RUTH HOLBROOK, B E B Perkins, Oklahoma Curtain Raisers, Hi Beta Steppo. Page 128 I JEAN ELIZABETH HARDESTY, 7 Duncan Place, Jacksonville, Ill. A. A., French Club, Home Ec. PAULINE E. HARI-LEX, 1' A 'I' 1628 Beuer Ave., Cedar Rapids, Iowa Hi Beta Steppo. JANET LOUISE HARKER, Z M E 200 E. x2tlI St., Horton, Kansas Hi Beta Steppo. ENOLA HARRIS, Rose Hill, Kansas FRANCES HART, H T 1' 604 N. Penn. Ave., Nlangum, Okla. Hi Beta Steppo, Home Ec., I. L. VV. V. DOROTHY BARBARA HARTMAN, B E B 228 S, Madison, lVIaco1nb, Ill. H'i Beta Steppo, Curtain Raisers. RUTH ELISABETH HOWARD, fl' 9 K 6ox XVisconsin, Charles City, Iowa Curtain Raisers, Home Ec., Hi Beta Steppo, J. L. VV. V. CHARLOTTE HOWSLEY, E I X, E I' 1' Guymon, Okla. VIRGINIA HUBBARD, K A 'Ii Carrollton, Illinois Stephensophia Staff, Sec. Bizooch- em, Sec. Club, Curtain Raisers, Pep Squad, 1. L. XV. V. ' ELIZABETH HUEY, I' A fb 7367 Maple Blvd., Maplewood, Mo, French Club, j. L. VV. V. IQATIILEEN Louise HULL, Emerson Hotel, Linwood 8: Garfield, Kansas City, Mo. ' FRANCES Hose, li A 'I' 2624 Thayer, Evanston, Ill. Hypatia, Hexagon. l ELIZABETH HOLSTINE, B E B 324 E. Jackson, Macomb, Ill. Hi Beta Steppo, Curtain Raisers. NAOMI HOLT, 536 Missouri Ave., W'est Plains, Mo. Hypatia Hexagon, J. L. YV. V. HELEN HooPER, I4I9 4th Ave., Scottsbluff, Nebraska IRENE A. Horxms, Farmington, Mo. K AIP Standard Board, Home Ec., Hi Beta Steppo. ISABELLE HOPKINS, -K A KI' 127 Wroodlawn, Topeka, Kansas I-Ii Beta Steppog Curtain Raisers, 1. L. W. V. MARY House, Appleton City, Mo. l Page 129 IONE K.-xRscH, K A -If Leadwood, Missouri RUBYE .ADELAIDE Ii.-XRO, 1' A fit, fb 9 K Lyons, Nebraska Curtain Raisers, Hi Beta Steppo. HORTENSE JEAN KAUFFM.AN, E I X 6o7 36th St., Des Moines, Iowa S. A. B., Spanish Club. JEANNE KEISTER, II22 VVest 39th St., Oklahoma City, Okla. French Club. MARY LYSBETH KELLEY, A P A xoxo VVI:-zkefield Ave., Savannah, Mo Hi Beta Steppo. E.-XRLEEN KENNED!', 20.1. S. 5th St., Okernah, Okla. 6TE,E1'1' V J DOROTHY HUTCHINGS, K A fb 1307 Madison, Amarillo, Texas Hypatia Hexagon. VIRGINIA JARRETT, 'I' fi' 'I' 505 E. Front, Bloomington, Ill. A. A., Hi Beta Steppo, Tea Room Chairman. JEANEWE JOHNSON, A P A 427 S. Brooks, Sheridan, VVyo. Hypatia Hexagon, Curtain Raiser, Hi Beta Steppo. NI.-XRY KATHRYN JOHNSTON, 744 N. Main, Pontiac, Ill. LEITY .AGNES JONES, T E T Bonno Terre, Mo. Hi Beta Steppo. n lVI.-XRY VIRGINIA JORDAN, Il B T 1717 S. Newport, Tulsa, Okla. l 7 I age 130 i LOUISE LAIN, li A 'l' III7 VVoodward Boulevard, Tulsa, Okla. Treas. C. S. D., A. A., Hi Beta Steppo. MARGARET LAMIIERT, 1400 O Street, Auburn, Nebraska FRANCES LUcII.I2 LANG.-KN, 2700 NV'aslIington Ave., Cairo, Ill. Home Ee., Hi Beta Steppo. RUTH LAY, I' A fb Browning, Mo. Home EC., Bizoochem. LOUISE LEARNED, 2800 N. Robinson Ave., Oklahoma City, Okla. IRIS LEHMANN, Q 'I' Ford, Kansas Home Ec., Sec. Club, J. L. YV. V. LIIRENE KERSEY, E I X 600 Laurant Ave., Caruthersville, Mo. Hi Beta Steppo. - EVALYN BARBARA KING, l' .S fl' 164.5 Park Place, VVichita, Kansas Hypatia Hexagon. ICATHERINE KI.INGEL, 'If A B 24 N. Pennsylvania Ave., Belleville, Ill. J. L. VV. V. MILDRED KN.APP, B E B, fb 6 li 4.72 Pasadena Ave., Webster Groves, Mo. Stephensophia Staff, A. A., Life Saver, Bizoochem. VERA E. KR:XU5HAAR, H T I' 7451 Flora Ave., Maplewood, Mo. Loxs KYD, Green Ridge, Mo. Jr. Rep., S. G. D., J. L. XV. V Page 131 FLORENCE EVELYN LUFFMAN, 420 N. Sth St., Ponca City, Okla. IRAS MACEACHRAN, K A fb Geneva, Nebraska NIILDRED MANFIBLD, 500 Turner, Columbia, Mo. SELMA NI.-XRGOLIS, Emerson Hotel, Linwood Sc Garfield, Kansas City, Mo. SARAH ANN ,NL-XRSHALL, 321 N. 13th St., Quincy, Ill. Hypatia Hexagon, Sec. Club. DOROTHY MARTIN, H T F, 9 A E LeMars, Iowa Curtain Raisers, A. A. Page 132 LILA MAUDE LEHMEN, Z M E II37 3rd Ave., Horton, Kansas Hi Beta Steppo. ELLA HARRIETIE LEWIS, 11 B T 309 Kennedy, Algon, Iowa J. L. XV. V. HAZEL NIARGARET Lewis, 9 T E 812 23rd St., Belleville, Kansas Sec. Club, Soccer Team, I. L. VV. V. Dorma BELLE LIGHT, K A KP Liberal, Kansas , Hi Beta Steppo, I. L. XV. V. NIILDRED M. LONG, 1620 E. Broadway, Columbia, Mo. K.ATHRYN LONGUEVILLE, A P A 2035 Blake Blvd., Cedar Rapids, Iowa Spanish Club, Hypatia Hexagon, Curtain Raisers, Hi Beta Stepps. LOUISE A. MILLER, 6710 Oakland Ave., St. Louis, Mo. Home Ee., Hi Beta Steppo. ELOISE ARN MILLER, A P A Stroud, Okla. Curtain Raisers, I. L. VV. V. MAE MILLER, B E B 109 N, VVaslIington, junction City, Kansas MARGARET ISABEL MILLER, I' A fl' Thomas, Okla. Hi Beta Steppo, J. L. XV. V. lVlAXINE A. MILNER, H B T Knoxville, Iowa. ORVA LORAINE MITCHELL, 'P fi' li' 1630 Park Ave., Cedar Rapids, Iowa Hypatia Hexagon. BETTY CAROLYN MATHIS, fl' 'I' 'l' 2003 Tyler, Amarillo, Texas. Hi Beta Steppo. WILLOLA MAY, Z M E 620 N. 4th St., Louisiana, Mo. sec. Club, J. L. W. V. GERTRUDE MELTON, E I X 323 5th St., Sedalia, Mo. MARIANNA MEYERS, E 1' 1' KalIoka, Mo. BARBARA JANE MICRALEK, 1' A fb 1620 Holsted, Chicago Heights, Ill. Hypatia Hexagon. DOROTHY RUTH MILLER, Z M E 2307 Holbrook Ave., Cairo, Ill. Curtain Raisers, Hi Beta Steppo, Hypatia Hexagon, Bizoochem. l l Page 133 NANCY JANE MORRIsoN, 71.1. N. 3rd St., Atchison, Kansas French Club, Hi Beta Steppo. Rozma MoRRow, 1' A 'P Lawson, Mo. J. L. W. V. Lois lvl.-XRIAN MoI"r, Q 'I' 3743 Virginia, Kansas City, Mo. A. A., Hi Beta Steppo, Curtain Raisers. FLORENCE MYERS, A P A 6:8 N. Byers, Joplin, Mo. HELEN M. MYERS, B E B 307 Harrison, Newton, Kansas Hi Beta Steppo. GALE MCBRIDE, Q II' 822 Okfuskee, VVewoka, Okla. Page 134 'ESTHER MORGAN, Ii A fl 203 E. Stoddard, Dexter, Mo. Hi Beta Steppo. MAEEL MOIQGQXN, Hamburg, Iowa MARY Lou MORGAN, 1' A fl Memphis, Mo. Home Ec., J. L. XV. Y. MRXXINE GERTRUDE MORRIS, go: N. 7th St., Garden City, Kansas SERETA MORRIS, Il T I' 521 E. Oklahoma, Blackwell, Okla. Hypatia Texagon. ELIZABETH ANNA NIORRXSON, Box 552, YVewoka, Okla. Mfirqoiua Ocns, Koota, Iowa CAROLINE OLD!-IAM, II T I' 547 North l2tl1 St., Muskogee, Okla. DEL MOTTE .ADELAIDE OLLNE, A fi' A Essex, Iowa Hyparia Hexagon. SARA JEAN OLIVER, 1' A fl' VVray, Colo. Curtain Raisers, Book Club. CLARICE VERGNE ORTON, A P A 310 Boulder, Pawnee, Okla. Leadership. DoRoTHY PARCHMAN, 9 T E 820 S. Okmulgee Ave., Okmulgee, Okla. S. G. D. Rep., A. A., Hi Beta Steppo, Curtain Raisers. Louisa MCCREERY, I' A -If, E I' I' 2233 Clermont, Denver, Colo. French Club, Hi Beta Steppo. FRANCES MCINTYRE, 2 I X 118 E. zgth, Tulsa, Okla. Hi Beta Steppo, Sec. Club. DoRoTHY HELEN NEAL, H T I' 823 Michigan Ave., Evanston, Ill. PEGGY NEUEAUER, Blulfside, Rockport, Ill. BEB Standard Board, Hi Beta Steppo. CARLYN NUSSBAUM, E 1' F, I' A KID 221 North Ellis, Cape Girardeau, Mo. MARGARET NOLAN, 403 YVest 7th St., Larned, Kansas Page 135 MELBA PIPKIN, K A fl' 1402 Monroe St., Amarillo, Texas Book Club, Hi Beta Steppo. CATHARTNE PLANK, K A 'P 409 East !Se-minole, McAlester, Oikla. JOSEPHINE PORTER, B E B 604. West Adams, Purchell, Okla. French Club, Curtain Raisers, Hi Beta Steppo, J. L. VV. V. HARRIETT K.ATHRYN POWELL, 'I' A B 315 Plant Ave., Webster Groves, Mo. French Club. PEGGY ANNE PROSSER, E I X 7830 Greenfelder Rd., St. Louis, Mo. Jr. S. A. B. Rep., Pep Squad, Hi Beta Steppo. ALMA ELIZABETH PRYOR, A P A 805 VWest 4th St., Webb City, Mo. A. A., Sec. Club, Hockey, Hi Beta Sreppo. Page 136 RUTH PATCH, 9 T E 481 Hawthorn, Glen Ellyn, Ill. Hi Beta Steppo. MARTHA PEARSON, II T 1' Montgomery City, Mo. Home Ee., Sec. Club. ELLEN PENNELL, Barnsdall, Okla. Sec. Club, Hi Beta Steppo, J. L. WV. V. BERNICE F. PETERSON, I' A fl' 316 N. 36 Ave., Omaha, Nebr. Curtain Raisers, Hi Beta Steppo, J. L. VV. V. HARRIETT E. PHILIP, B E B Ft. Lupton, Colo. Hypatia Hexagon, A. A., Hockey, Basket Ball. AVA AILEEN PHILLIPS, II T 1' 720 Vine, Macon, Mo. Bus. Manager Grail, Hi Beta Steppo, J. L. W. V. MARY ELIZABETH RECIINER, .poo Vllarwick Blvd., Kansas City, Mo. FRANCES REED, E I X 42+ VV. 4th St., Larned, Kansas AZILE REEvEs, A P A 1401 Main, Hamburg, Iowa J. L. WV. V. IXIARRIETI' REID, B E B Vllilliamsbtirg, Mo. Home Ee. MARJORIE REID, 9 fl, E 511 N. Ukmulgee, Okmulgee, Okla. A. A., S. A. B., Curtain Raisers, Hi Beta Steppo. HELEN DEVOTA RICHARDSON, K A ll' Bethany, Mo. ' A. A., Hockey Team, Hi Beta Steppo, J. L. VV. V. IRENE LEE RACE, Z M E, fl' 9 K 2245 Clermont, Denver, Colo. Hypatia Hexagon, Bizoochem, Hi Beta Steppo, German Club. MARJDIIIE RAINEY, df fb fb MCF all, Mo. Hi Beta Steppo. VIRGINIA RAI.I.s, Z M E 922 Mansfield, Winfield, Kansas Pep Squad, Curtain Raisers, Hi Beta Steppo. BLANCHE DAVIS RATCLIFF, H T I' 416 West nth, Oklahoma City, Okla. CORINNE RAY, H T 1' 311 S. Miss. Ave., Atoka, Okla. Book Club, Hi Beta Steppo. DOROTHY LEE REAvIs, 1937 Troupe, Kansas City, Kansas . I l Page 137 MARGARET KATHRYN ROCHE, 830 26th St., Cairo, Ill. Hi Beta Steppo. ALDINE ROCKE, 912 E. Oakland, Bloomington, Ill. CLEO E. ROCKE, 912 E. Oakland Ave., Bloomington, Ill. MARY VEE ROLLSTIN, A P A 317 E. South, Wfinterset, Iowa Sextette, Hi Beta Steppo. MARGARET ELIZABETH ROOT, II T I' 5515 Crestwood Drive, Kansas City, MO. I-Iypatia Hexagon, Curtain Raisers. JANE BERNTCE ROTH, Z M E 238 W. VViscOnsin, Russell, Kansas Hi Beta Steppo, J. L. W. V., Span- ish Club. Page 138 MARY ANN ROBERTS, 9 T E 248 Gladstone Blvd., Shreveport, La. DOROTHY ROBERTS, 'P KP 'l' 216 N. Folger, Carrollton, MO. Sec. Club. EVELYN BERYL ROBERTS, 1' A fb 796 jefferson, Hillsboro, Illinois Spanish Club, Book Club, Bi- zoochem, J. L. VV. V. MARY IRENE ROBERTS, B E B, 'I' 9 K Adel, Iowa Sec. Hypatia Hexagon, Quartette, Pep Squad, Hi Beta Steppo. NINA MAY ROBERTSON, li A 'P 202 N. 6th, Ponca City, Okla. MARGARET IRENE ROBINSON, 79 High St., Bradford, Pa. Bizoochem, Hi Beta Steppo. ETHEL ScHoPPENHoRs'r, fl, A B Marthasville, Mo. IMOGENE Scnmrrr, A P A zozg' Stone, Falls City, Nebr. J. L. VV. V. MARGARET B. SCI-IMITT, 9 T E 606 E. Wea, Paola, Kansas Hypatia Hexagon. MARY ELIZABETH SCHOOLEY, K A fb 2246 Cleveland Blvd., Granite City, Ill. Curtain Raisers, Pep Squad. FRANCES Sci-IAUP, A P A, fb 9 K 211 S. 2nd St., Obsorne, Kansas Curtain Raisers, J. L. VV. V., Hi Beta Steppo. Hitnxuzn Scmverran, 411 A B zu S. Clifton, NVichita, Kansas CONSTANCE E. RUPP, Q 'T' 1509 3rd Ave., Dodge City, Kansas Mltmuzn JEANNETPE SANDHAUS, 5804 McGlee, Kansas City, Mo. French Club, Hi Beta Steppo. NELL SANTEE, Jet, Okla. Curtain Raisers. MARY FRANCES SAWYER, E I X, E P 1' Caruthersville, Mo. Hi Beta Steppo. MAURY SAYLOR, 3707 Utah, St. Louis, Mo. Hi Beta Steppo. HELEN Sci-IABACK, 103 Short St., Weston, Mo. ZME Hi Beta Steppo, J. L. W. V. Page 139 JOSEPHINE E. SHEPPARD, II T 1' 210 S. Myrtle St., Creston, Iowa Spanish Club, I. L. XV. V. JAYNE SHOVER, Monticello, Iowa HELEN SHULTZ, Belvedere Apts., Columbia, Mo. Bsssuz SIEBER, 655 49th St., Des Moines, Iowa Sec. Club. CONSTANCE SIEBER, Z M E 1313 N. Hudson, Oklahoma City, Okla. ELxzAm2TH SIMMS, 9 T E 605 Clara Ave., St. Louis, Mo. w Page 140 ' I l LILLIAN F. SEARS, Z M E 52.1. Pecas Ave., Raton, New Mexico Spanish Club. VIRGINIA SEMPLE, Z M E 1841 VV. 1oth, Oklahoma City, Okla. CATHERINE HURST SHARP, I-I T I' 702 Pearl, Macon, Mo. Asst. Ed. Stephensophia, S. A. B. Rep., Hi Beta Steppo, J. L. NV. V. DOROTHY CAROLYN SHARP, II B T Craig, Mo. ALYCE SHAWVER, Grimes, Iowa Curtain Raisers, Hypatia Hexagon, Hi Beta Steppo. MARGARET SHELTON, I' A fb Unionville, Mo. Hypatia Hexagon, Curtain Raisers. HAIuaIIs'I'r JANE SMOCK, II B T Keota, Iowa RUTH SNooIc, Q XI' Iorr First Ave., Dodge City, Kansas French Club, Curtain Raisers, J. L. W. V. LYDIA KATHRYN SQUIIU3, H T F, 'I' 9 K 324 North Caroline Ave., Mangum, Okla. Curtain Raisers, Hi Beta Steppo. BERYL JOSEPHINE STANVVOOD, H T 1' Ridgway, Colo. CORINNE AMANDA STAUB, 815 E. Eastwood, Marshall, Mo. Sec. Club. HELEN ELIZABETH STAUB, 815 -E. Eastwood, Marshall, Mo. Home Ec. FANCHON SIMS, K A fly 9 A E 201 N. Jackson Ave., Joplin, Mo. French Club, Curtain Raisers, A. A., Soccer Team, I. L. W. V. MARION SIMPSON, 'P CT' 'P 2II W. Broadway, Columbia, Mo. ALICE L. SMITH, ' . 24.5 Lebanan Ave., Belleville, Ill. DoRo'rHY SMITH, Z M E 1440 Central, Horton, Kansas Hi Beta Steppo. FRANCES MARGIE SMITH, B E B, T E T 615 May Ave., Ft. Smith, Ark. VIRGINIA SMITH, H T 1' Shelbina, Mo. Sec. J. L. W. V., Curtain Raisers, Hi Beta Steppo. Page 141 Caussra LORRMNE RTURM, 1' A 'I' Box 204, Hayti, Mo. Basket Ball Team, J. L. W. V. ALICE K. SULLIVAN, H B T 403 Cedar, Quincy, Ill. Curtain Raisers, Hi Beta Steppo. FAULINE SVVYGARD, Mediapolis, Iowa ELEANOR TEMPLE, K A fb Farr, Colo. Sec. Club, Hi Beta Steppo. ELIZABETH W. TEENEY, fl' 'I' 'IJ 546 Oakwood Ave., VVebster Groves, Mo. Hypatia Hexagon, Hi Beta Steppo. EFI' NOELLE Toon, 215 Elm, Leavenworth, Kansas French Club, Hypatia Hexagon. Page 142 ' JBANNE Srsvamsox, 9 T E 701 N. 4th, McGel1ee, Ark. MARY Louisa Srolcns, Q I' 121 S. Okfuskee, Wewoka, Okla MILDRED STONEBRARER, Z M E 8344 Pine, Trinidad, Colo. A. A., Hockey Team. Dom FRANCES S'rRA'rroN, Hardin, Mo. Bizoochem, Hi Beta Steppo, J. L W. V. EDITH STUART, 2 I X 4252 Cleveland, St. Louis, Mo. Hi Beta Steppo, Home Ec. FRANCES Louisa S'rurrLEuaAN, H T I 309 Linn, Brookfield, Mo. MIRIAM VAN SYoc, NVinfield, Iowa Sec. Club. IIBT ELEANORE M. VINER, 9 T E, 9 A E 1916 Spencer, Omaha, Nebr. Hockey Team, A. A., Hi Beta Steppo, Curtain Raisers. IVIARION D. WAIss, 7032 34th St., Berwyn, Ill. I KAIIH Curtain Raisers, Hi Beta Steppo. BARBARA VVALI., fi' 'II 'If 145 Gray Ave., VVebster Groves, Mo Spanish Club, Hi Beta Steppo. EVELYN XAVALTER, 430 Columbia Place, East St. Louis, Ill. S. A. B., A. A., Quartette, Steppo. MILDRED VVAYBILL, 203 S. Folger, Carrollton, Mo. Sec. Club, Hi Beta VV. V. 1' A 'Ir Hi Beta II B T Steppo, I. L. MARIE E. TRACY, 6 T 1306 Park Ave., Fremont, Nebr. E Pres. Nebr. Club, Hi Beta Steppo. Louise TRAUTMAN, 524 North Walmsatch, Colorado Springs, Colo. GENEVIEVE TUCKER, Z M 404. E. Washington, Albia, Iowa E Sec. Club, Hi Beta Steppo, 1. L. W. V. - VIRGINIA LOUISE TUNNELL, KiAP 724 St. Louis, Edwardsville, Ill. Home Ec., French Club, Hi Beta Steppo. VIRGINIA UNDERHILL, K A fb 14,40 Nevada, Colorado Springs, Colo. Pep Squad, Bizoochem, Curtain Raisers, A. A., Hi Beta Steppo. Jun. Rep. to S. G. D. VIRGINIA UNDERYVOOD, 9TE 215 Adams, Jefferson City, Mo. Sextette, Pep Squad, Hi Beta Steppo. Page 143 MIRIAM VVHITTINGTON, fl' 'I' 'I' 214 Lafayette, Jefferson City, Mo. French Club, J. L. WV. V. KATHERINE CORNELL VVILLIAMS A P A, 2031 Grand, Everett, Washington EJAE Life Saver, Curtain Raiser, Hi Beta Steppo. LUcxLE VVILLIAMS, McCool junction, Nebr. NVHUVE XNVILLIAMS, Cedar Bluffs, Nebr. FREDRIKA W1LLxFoRo, 'I' 'I' 'I' 303 Sherman Ave., Fort Leavenworth, Kansas Hypatia Hexagon, French Club. Louisa WILSON, Turrell, Arkansas '-Dfifflf Page 144 DOROTHY IRENE Wars, T E T 333 Terry, Longmont, Colo. MARY VVlELCI-I, 328 C. Camden, Richmond, Mo. FRANCES WELLS, 1' A fb Baring, Mo. Hypatia Hexagon, I. L. W. V. RUTH XVEST, Z M E 204 Greeley, Corgdon, Iowa Hi Beta Steppo. Dixie WHITAKER, A P A Brownington, NIO. Book Club. FRANCES YVHITE, H T 1' 405 S. Locust, Pana, Ill. Book Club, French Club, Hi Beta Steppo. IRENE ELIZABETH VVOOD, , K A 'If 311 Douglas Ave., Edwardsville, Ill. MARY VVYLIE, III East A, St., Atoka, Okla. HELEN MAUIIINE YOUNG, Palmyra, Mo. Jo YOUNG, B E B I07 N. Wasliington, Junction City, Kansas Pep Squad, Stephensophia Staff. " TORA ZAKRISON, Essex, Iowa Hypatia Hexagon. .ANNA GAIL YVILSON, A P A, Z 1' I' 814 E. Main, Clinton, Ill. Hi Beta Steppo. MELVA VIRGINIA WILSON, K A ll' Kinsley, Kansas Pep Squad, Curtain Raisers. PEGGY VVISE, B E B Wellston Station, St. Louis, Mo. Sextette. HELEN RUTH WIicsoN, E I X 903 Clough, Waterloo, Iowa ELDII WGNSETLER, II B T Larned, Kansas EVALYN Woons, K A fb 107 Howard, Evansville, Indiana Page 145 Page 146 vm A L-Q - F72-i" '44 -- 5:55,-'F SGPI-IGMORES 1 S OPH OM ORE CLASS ' President ............................ RIARY JEAN BEAVEN Secretary-Trenasurer .................... llIlLDRED BIAIN.-'ARD S. A. B. Representative ................ DoRo'rHY LIUELLER Sponsor .................................... Miss HAUGH The poor, little, innocent "aes" of last year have been transformed into a dig- nified group of Sophonrores. Wfith such a worthy appellation, the Sophomores be- gan to come into the limelight, first, at a dinner party given at the country club, and later, at a week-end 'house party, with the Freshmen as guests. During the inter-class basket ball season, a team was formed for a game with the Seniors. In joining sororities, the Sophomores were let in on a good share of the social campus life, and thus, they have more than ever before met the Juniors and Seniors on a basis of equality. It has been hard, though, to impress on the worthy Seniors the fact that the Sophomores are no longer the "petit Academsn of last and former years, but that they are now on a college basis with their upperclassmen. Through the Sophomore group, pop was sold at several of the recreation room dances. ' We hope that the Sophomore class of next year will carry the reputation of this year's class as high as it -has been carried in this, the first year of the Sophomore Class. MUELLER BEAVER BIAINARD Page 148 RUTH FITZGIBBON, H T 1' 464. Baker Ave., Webster Grove, Mo. MARY GABRIEL, Gillespie Ave., Garden City, Kansas FRANCES IS.-XBELLE GAINES, E I X 822 No. Weber, Colorado Springs, Colorado FANITA DOLL, 38 So. Walnut, E. Orange, N. J. 1 'K 7 l MARY JEAN BEAVEN, II T I' 52 Birr St., Rochester, N. Y. Pres. of Sophomore Class, Treas. of Hi Beta Steppo, French Club, A. A., Honor Roll. KAT1-1ER1NE CHEAP, fb A B Kinsley, Kansas Hi Beta Steppo, Spanish Club. DOROTHY CHURCH, E I X 217 Linden Avenue, Clayton, Missouri DOROTHE PARKE COLE, Ii A fl' 61.1, Lee St., Columbia, Mo. Page 149 RUBALEE PARSHALL, Q Depew, Oklahoma Hi Beta Steppo, 1. L. W. V. HELEN RQUNTREE, Q NI' Signal Hill Place East St. Louis, Ill. EUGENIA WEBBER, Galatia, Illinois Hi Beta Steppo, A. A. Page 150 EVA jo Hnnnmz, 6 T E Red Bud, Illinois Honor Roll, V.-Pres. of Social Science Class, J. L. XV. V., A. A., Hi Beta Steppo. DORlJTl'IY ANN MUEI.uzR, Q 'I' I2 S. Maple Ave., WVelmster Groves, Mo, S. A. B. Mxmnnn MAINARD, 60: S. Okfuskee Ave., WVlewoka, Oklahoma Treas. of Sophomore Class, A. A. Hi Beta Steppo. RUTH E, HliMl'llIl.I,, ZZ I X 618 S. Rock Hill Road, W'ebster Groves, Mo. Hi Beta Stcppo, I-Iome Ec., Cur- tain Raisers, J. L. VV. V. wMWWL!f Qniimfm' F R E S I-I M E N IRLLSHUAA CL4.SS 118871101111 DoRo'11n XVFIBLE Sponsor Nlxks lVxLKFR No l0l10'E1 0111 the UlJPL1'CllSSl11CIl smff Where, ol1 'vYl1C1C, are the shv xounfr '1LlClCl1lS because the '1C1dCIDQ 11'e frone forex er from btephens the Ireehxnen 'md SOPl10ll10lCS h ue twhen tllC1I' pllce 111 thc college, 110W Soon after Cl111Stll'l ls, the Sophomores muted the Il1'CSlll11CI1 to -1 dmner xt the countrx club And the freehmenf W ell thev had so much fun tlmt thex st 11 ed all nlfrht 'md ID 1dC the dmner panty '1 house party 'lhe F1'ebl11nc.n cl'1SQ IS small tl1lS Xen, but sonletunes there 1S '1 1 xlue IH hung Sl11'ill Es en the Sophomore cl'1ss was too lflrge to be 1I1K1tCd to spend 1n ex cnmg together at Prcsulent Wood s home Slnce tlllb IS the hrst xelr th mt the Fresh1n'm clfxss his been orgmlzed per haps 1t IS best to forgue them 11 they 11 ue seemed Just cl lxttle blt slow, but from now on yust wxtch them Cxruuuxs Bu M 1014 XVakefieId Axe Savannah, NIISQOLITI Dlxu: DoL1 38 South YValnut E Orange, New jersey EMIIX BKRRETT 1 NX7lllIHUlS Bav xX7'lSCOl'lSlI1 French Club J L YV V H1 Beta Steppo Hono1 Roll A A LUCRETU CXXNNIINI 2505 South 1"1fteenth, St I0'4eph MISSOUII l Page 1-,Q 1 pu 1 v Q 1 . J- ,V v , f ' - .........-.... --------------..---.. 1 Q 1 . v - as v . 1, 1 :N 1 C- , 1 1 Y - . Q , A D' ' ' . . an ,, - v 1 1 -'I . '4 4. i . Z b 1 T ' ., , 1 ' 2' r' ,I ' ' . ' J ' 4 ' 1 , I 'N' . . . ' J v " r J 'FV' 5 1 : - 1- ' 'f -. . ' - A ' ' 1.'. ' ' v. ' 1' L.. I 1 L '1 t . 4. L . 1 v 1 3 f, . 1 1 1 ' ' Yi : 4 C . 1 z ' -- . ' 7 . .Q . .Y .. Y F' . 1 . . . 1 1 V. . J, -b.x1z . - r., . 1, a 1 'qw w 1 ,f , , 111' ,-1 1 .y , . . . ., , , . . : 1:f.l ' 4. .- . , 1 l 1 ALICE LEE WEST, S2 XI' Depew, Oklahoma DOROTHY VV EIBEL, H T I' 7II East Elm, Enid, Oklahoma Pres. of Freshman Class, Hi Beta Stermo. NORMA JEAN TURNER, -If fb fi, 401 North Third, Canon City, Colo. Hi Beta Steppo. MARJQRIE Snfwoon, 323 VV. Main, Enid, Oklahoma JIMMIE CAROLENE GoDw1N, BEE 600 N. Seventh, Tonkawa, Okla. BILLIE LEWIS, 712 Claytonia Terrace, St. Louis, MO. HELEN GARDNER SALVETER, 609 Sunnyside Ave., Webster Groves, Mo. Hi Beta Steppo. EIX Page 153 ANNE SHELEY, 'I' 'P fl' 106 College Ave., Columbia, Mo. NIARY Louisa Fosrrzrz, B E B Chariton, Iowa VIRGINIA MYERS, K A 42 Ambasador Hotel, Kansas City, Mo. SPE CI A LS N Page 154 Mll.DRED CONSTABLE, 2417 Linwood, Kansas City, Mo. SUSAN CAMPBELL, Congress Hotel, St. Louis, Mo ' South Hall Censor. 5 ,W QW ff A nas' ATHLETICS 1927-1928 The department of Physical Education cooperating with the Athletic Associa- tion has the responsibility of developing the physical character of each girl on cam- pus. Recently a series of lectures by prominent physicians and specialists have been given at the convocation hour in the interest of better health, with the definite purpose of bringing to each individual girl the theorems of physical education. The fundamental purpose of the Athletic Association is to make the theorems of physical education practical by the proper encouragement of mass participation. The entrance requirements to the association are fifty points, which may be earned by hiking, horse-back riding, playing basket ball, baseball, tennis, golf, croquet, and hockey. A Stephens sweater is given to the girls who in two years earn one thou- sand points. This year the seven girls meriting sweaters are: Frances Kurrus, Jasmyn Sanders, Mary Lowry, Pauline Joyce, Halcyon Vifeaver, Maitha Troxel, and Faye Foushee. From the sweater girls, the blanket girl is chosen. A committee composed of the Physical Education Department staH' and members of the Athletic Association Board consider each of the sweater girls on a basis of her capabilities in: tennis, dancing, baseball, basket ball, soccer, hockey, riding, track, swimming, hiking, general attitude, posture, health, sportsmanship, and participation. The girl meriting the highest average is awarded the much coveted blanket. This year the Blanket Girl is Pauline Joyce. Activities in which every girl has an opportunity to participate take place throughout the year. There are intcrclass hockey and soccer games, as well as sorority and class contests in basket ball. There are swimming meets, track meets, the A. A. circus, the Dance Drama, and the water play. Variety is the keynote to Stephens College athletics. Page 155 iiii if K K X - , V W R kg 'Pauline Joyce I I THE BLANKET GIRL 1 SANDERS, Lownv VVEAVER, FOUSHEE, Tnoxm. J oYcE, KURRUS Page 157 H0 CKE Y Hockey marked the beginning of the fall activities. Much rivalry, as well as clean playing was exhibited between the opposing teams. From the large group of girls who tried out for places on the teams, squads were chosen, and the teams in turn were chosen from the squads. True to tradition, the weather on Thanksgiving, the day of the big game bc- tween the Juniors and the Seniors, was unfavorable, in fact, so unfavorable that the game resembled a movie mud slinging contest. But on Thanksgiving Day, another tradition was sadly broken, when the Juniors, led by their mighty captain, Sara Abbot, defeated the powerful Seniors led by Pauline Joyce. For the first time in the known history of Stephens College and hockey games, the Senior team has been defeated by the Junior team. Page 158 SOCCER One needn't be an Englishman to be a soccer enthusiast, since Stephens Col- lege affords fertile fields for the soccerbugs. Even sprained toes failed to cool the interest in the soccer games, and the biggest squad ever was out this year. From those who tried out for teams, squads were chosen to represent both the Junior and the Senior classes. A. A. gives one hundred to those girls who make the first team, and twenty-five points to those who make the squad. On 'Thanksgiving Day, after the Seniors were defeated in the hockey game by the Juniors, the Seniors retaliated with a victory in the soccer game, and the honors of the Turkey Day games were evenly divided. Page 159 HORSE-BA CK RIDING "Boots and spurs V' That is the cry that is constantly going around the campus. There are also cries of agony and pain from the girls who, unused to the rigorous exercise that riding affords, are riding for the first few times. As the spring weather comes on, more and more girls are wanting to take out of door exerciseg and so, the popularity of horse-back riding increases. But the spring is not the only time for ridingg there are classes throughout the entire school year. WVhen the girls are first learning to ride, they are taught in the acadernyg but as they become better riders, they are allowed to go out into the country for ridesg and when the girls become very efiicient, they are allowed to jump. And to jump is the supreme desire of every girl who rides. , ' v Page 160 BASKET BALL The 1928 basket ball season was marked by unfaiiing enthusiasm from the be- ginning of the year to the end. This keen interest might be traced to the fact that most of the players had had experience on their high school teams. Every sorority was represented in the sorority tournament. The Gamma Delta Phis won the cup by a very close score. They defeated the Beta Sigma Betas one point in the semi-finals, and took the finals by a score of two points over tl1e Delta Rho Alphas. ' There were five teams in the class tournamentg both the Junior and Senior classes were represented by a first and second team, While the Freshmen and Sopho- more classes had one team to represent both classes. The final game was played between the Junior and Senior first teams. The champions of 1928 are the Juniors, who beat the Seniors by a score of 31 to 8. 354 , 44-.M Page 16I SWIMMING We nught Judge that the mterest 1n SYVlIHID1Hg has been unusually hxgh, 1f we use the class enrollments as a basxs for our concluslon Each class has been enrolled to 1tS capacltx for es ery quarter of the year There are begmnlng classes for those who have only a small knowledge of swunmmg, mtermedxate classes for those beyond the begmnmg stage, but not yet masters of all the strokes, and advanced classes for those who are nearmg perfectlon 1n form and are mterested 1n fancy d1YlIlg For all, the ann of lnstructlon IS the same ease of stroke CXCCUUOII for through mmlmnzed ewzecutxon comes maxlmuxn prohclencv and perfectlon of form To proude for interested glrls who were not enrolled ln classes, the pool has been kept open on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons Durmg these recreatlonal hours, tl1e S1VlIDl1'llIlg meets were held The annual water play, Hlawatha was gnen Hay 26th Page 162 l w 1 l 7 . . . . . - . . f - ' ' . v - . . Y 7 .I . ' ' .. 1. ' '. L .. 1 Y . I 3 ' w . . I . Y. . . . ' 1 . c u - n . L ' Y ' -V . l BASEBALL The Baseball season was very successful and helpful. The enthusiasm for the game was started when South Hall challenged East Hall-something that had never been done before. VVith the help of the captains of the hall teams an exciting Baseball tournament between all the halls was fostered. The girls proved that men and boys are not alone in their enjoyment of our national game. VVhen the weather permitted, the ball and bat were much in evidence. Regular classes were started, and all the girls who were out proved that they were masters of the game. Page 163 TRA CK VVl1en Gym for the Spring quarter was signed up for, track proved to be one of the popular sports offered. The events scheduled for this division were: dis- cuss, javelin and baseball throwg hop, step, and jumpg running broad and high jumpg hurdles and dashes. ' The technique of each of these events was first acquired by every girl, and then each girl was allowed to choose three from the number on which she wished to concentrate, and in which she might compete in the final track meet between the Junior and Senior classes. The class teams were composed of those girls who placed inlany one event of the meet. Ofne lnuldred points toward an "S" were given each member. The result of the track season was not only the bettering of Stephens' records, but the development of good form in the different events of each class. Page 164 TENNIS The tennis courts were put into condition the last of March and activities began as soon as the girls signed up for the hours they wished to play. Aside from those who played at odd moments, the tennis classes were unusually large. Since a number of girls entered, the tennis tournament proved very exciting. In spite of the fact that tennis does not arouse as much enthusiasm as swimming and basket ball, nevertheless it is just as important an athletic feature. President lVood has made plans for several new courts next year, with the hope that even more interest will be shown, and that some more "Helen VVills" will develop. Page 165 ARCHERY Archery, although the newest sport to be introduced at Stephens, is fast be- coming one of the favorite recreations. There were not many girls who reported in the fall, but the spring classes were filled to capacity. Archery is a very fascinating sport, even if, at first, the arrow does go on all sides of the target. After a little practice, the arrow can be taught to behave it- self and go where it is supposed to, thus saving the shooter many steps, and many exasperating hunts for a flighty arrow. This revived sport is fast becoming a major sport in all colleges. Some day it will probably be on an equal basis with hockey and baseball. It takes just as much skill to shoot an arrow as it does to shoot,a ball. As soon as a greater number of girls become more adept in the art of hitting a target, tournaments will be as ex- citing in archery as they now are in tennis and basket ball. 9' 4:4 Page 166 SCRDRITEZS' 'H - ih -x ' HQNQRARY SORORITIES PHI THE TJ KAPPA CI-Ionomry Scholastic Sororityj POMEROY, LAYL1N,.M1LNER, HOWVARD, 'NUL1-I, THOMPSON, LOWE, BOVVDISH ROBERTS, SCHWAUP, KYD, G1sT, MCINERENEY, JORDAN, YVELLS, BUCI-:NELL INGLE, SQUIRE, RACE, MUELLER, KNAPP, MILLEN, HOOD, VVIHITAKER CARTER, BIDSTRUP, BARRUS, BROYVN, COLE, CARNEY, GILLESPIE, F'ILL1Us VANDERZYL, HERRICK, NIILLS, MATHEWSON, MORSE, PRESSMAR, RUPPEL, OCHS SM1TH, JARARD, HALL, HUNTER, K:XRO, RECTOR, CONSTABLE, BUTTS SPAHT, PO1'rs, HAYS, HATS, M., VVILLIAMS, BEALE, LOWREY, SELLARDS Page 168 PHI THETA KAPPJ BETA CHAETER Q ,f-I , vc, WI as n V is fv . 7 Founded 1917 PV!!-Yiflenf ...... - ...... ............. E LIZA BETH MATHEWSON 7- . T' ll'8"I,l'l'Sll1C7lf ........ ..-..-.,., - .,,--.. , ---H IDA SPXXI-IT SC'l'1'0fIl7"U'T1'6IISIll'Pl' ....-,,,,,., ,,- ,- S. xl. B. Repre.s'eII1'afivc' Sponsor ............ BIAXINE BAIIRUS IIIENE BEALE IQATHRYN BIDSTIll'P ELIZABETH Bowmsu LoIIIsE BROWN BIARGARET BUCENELL RUTH BUTTS BIARGARET CARNEY JUSTINE CARTER IRENE COLE BIARTHA CoNs'rAIsLE ANNETTE FILLIUS LUCY GILLESIJIE .ELEANOR GIST IIOUISE HALL MIIJIIIEII HAYS KATIIIIYN HAYs JANE HISRRICK ANNE LOUISE Hoon RUTH HOWARII JEAN HUNTER BIARGUERITE INGLE IYEETA JAIIARII M A RY VIRGIN IA JQIIIIAN RUEYE KARO MILIIREII KNAIJP LOIS KYB MAY LAYLIN MEMBERS --- BIARGARET CA RN EY -------- JANE PIERRICK MISS STHICKLER PAULINE LOWE BIARY LOWVRY ELIZABETH BIATI-IEXVSON BIARY RUTH BIILLEN DEBORIXI-1 B1-ILLS MAXINE BIILNER BIARY BICINERENEY EST-HER BIORSE GRACE BIUELLER JOAN NULK XIARJORIE OCHS ROSE POMEROY LETTA BELLE PoTTs BIAXINE PRESSMAI1 IRENE RACE BIARGARET IIECTOR BIARY IRENE ROBERTS JOSEPI-IINE RUPPEL JEAN SELLARDS FRANCES SCI-IwAL'r' BIARYALICE SMITH IDA SPAHT I,YDIA SOUIRE - DOROTHY TI-IoM1-soN EDITH VYANDERZYL OPIXLEINE XVELLS DIXIE XVKHITAKER RUTH XVILLIAMS Pa ge 169 SIGMA GADTMA GAMMA fH01z0rary Music Sororityj ABERCROMBIE, GADDY, CRARY, JOHNSON, MOLLENKAMP, KUNKLE, HALL STEEN, Svwfcmzn, Toon, CUNNINGHAM, MCMURTRY, SELLARDS Tkoxsr., BARRm'r, WVHITEMAN, WILSON, A., STILLMAN MCCRARY, CONDRA, BRUJELL, HAAS, BEALE, EYER, Esslcx VVooDs, MCBRIDE, HENCH, WILSON, MYERS, WILLIAMS, MARSHALL Page 170 SIGMA GAMMA GA MMA Presiflcwlt ............................ ELLEN CUNNINGI-IAM Vice-Pl't?.S'if16llt ..........................-, JANICE BRIDELL Secretary .............................. VERN ABERCROBIBIE T7'6l1SIH'C7' ................................ HARRIET'D EYER- S. A. B. Represeiztative ................ LQRRAINE YVIIITELIAN Sponsor ...................................... EQIISS NOEL VEIIN ABERCROMBIE IEMILY BARRETT JANICE BRIIIELL IRENE BEALE CAROLYN CONDRA EELIZABETI-I CRARY ELLEN CUNNINGHAM BIARY ALICE ESSICli I-IARRIET EVER BIARJORIE GIAIJDY LOUISE HALL INIJIAMAE HAAS LA RUE JOHNSON LOIS HENCH EJIIZABETH KUNKLE RUTH BIOLLENKAMI' MEMBERS JULIA AINIA BIARSHALL VIRGINIA MCMURTRY GALE EICBRIDE LOUISE EICCRARY AIARIANNA MYERS JEAN SELLARDS JANE STEEN VIRGINIA STILLMAN PAULINE SXVYGARD NOEL Tonn BIARTHA TROXEL RUTH VVILLIAMS LORRAINE XVI-IITEMAN MARGARET VVOODS ANNA GIXIL NVILSON IQATHRYN WILSON Page 171 CHI DELTA PHI CI107LO7'Il7'y Literary Sorority CONDRA, GILLESPIE, FRANKLIN Rossms, Bmsrxup, ALLEN Hicks, BARRUS Pane l72 CHI DELTA PHI ,. 44 , H ,,-e'P-.ff Q QE ,, N J. .. Pmsidmzt ,........... ,... - -- RIARY Hoovx-:R ROBERTS Secretm-ly-Treasurer .... .......... A Dar-I ALLEN S. gi, B. Representative --- -- CAROLYN CONDRA Sponsor ........,....,. ...... D R. BROWN Founded 1919 Alpha Gmnmu Chapter founded 199.6 MEMBERS ADAH ALLEN RIARION GREY FRANKLIN BIAXINE BARRUS LUCY G1LLEsP1E IQATHRYN BIDSTRUP CLEO HICKS CAEQLYN CONDRA MARY HOOY'ER ROBERTS Page 173 TAU SIGMA TAU fH0'n0rary Art Sorority VVILLIAMSON, FILLIUS, KUNKLE, SANDZEN, HANNAH JONES, OCHS, ROONEY, BENTON, CLAVVSON PoT'rs, WHITAKER, KYD, ARMSTRONG, CARLEN MUELLER, Coma, DRAKE, WEESE, TENNY VVOODS, SMITH, UNDERWOOD, VANDERZYL, BEALE Page 174 THETA ALPHA EPSILON CHon0ra1'y Dramatic Sororityj I VI NER, SMITH, INGLE, Hxcxs, XVILLIAMS, BEALE, JARARD, BURRIS THoMPsoN, MACDONALD, MOSES TRoxEI,I., DOVVNING, MARTIN SMITH, M., C1-IILcoAT, BERRY Page 175 SOPHOMORE AND FRESHMAN HONOR ROLL fHon0ra,ry Scholastic Societyj BARRETT BEAVEN YVEIBLE SALVETER HELRER Page 176 Founded 1928 MEMBERS HELEN SALVETER EVA Jo HELBER DOROTHY WEIBLE NIARY JEAN BEAVEN EMILY BARRETT if X flw 6 ' SOCIAL SORORITIES ETA UPSILON GAZVIBIA CSocial Sororityj BAILEY, SQUIRE, REEVES, ROOT, RATLIFF, RAY, SHEPPARD, STUI-'FLEBEAN HAYNES, BARRETT, WEIBLE, OLDHAM, INGLE, SANIJZEN, NOLAND, NEAL CUNNINGHAM, BROWN, BLUE, NICHOLS, APPLEGATE, BEAVEN, BRIDELL, CARLDW KRAUSHAAR, COLE, FITZGIBBONS, FARIIELL, FAIR, HAYES, HART, HAZEN THOMPSON, HANNAH, PHILLIPS, PEARSON, NEWCOMB, MARSHALL, MORRIS, INGLE STILLMAN, MAR1'1N, STEPHENSON, STANYVOOD, SMITH, WHITE, SMITH, VVINN Page 178 ETA UPSILON GAMMA PI CHAPTER 51 I .S-"un 'L -Vw I v , , .I ,.. 1 '-.f wr P7'l?Si116'?lt .............................. HORTENSE HIKZEN VICE-P1'13Silfellf ...-.,,....,.,.,,,,-----,, -- LOUISE BRQWN S6'CP'CifIl'y -......................... JULIA AMA DIARSIHIALL T1'G11S1l7'6'1' .-........-................. RIARGUERITE INGLE Sponsor ............,.............,,...,...,-, MISS HQLT MEMBERS BIARIAN AI'vI,EGATE EMILY BARRET1' ,DIARY FRANCES BAILEY IJUCILE BLUE I.OUISE BROWN JANICE BRIRELL LIARY JEAN IEEAVEN VIRGINIA CARLONV IIUCILLE COLE ELLEN CUNNINGHAAI HELEN FAIR V'ERA FARRELL RUTH FITzGIRuONs IMOGENE HANNAI-I FRANCES HART IQATHRYN HAYES NIXIJINIE HAYNI-:s HORTENSE I'IAZEN BIARGUERITE INGLE VERA :KRAUSI-IAAI1 THIRZA RIARSHAI.L JULIA AMA BIARSIIALL SERETA FIORRIS DOROTHY NIARTIN DOROTI1Y NEWCOMR DOROTHY NEAL LEOLA NICIiOLS RAAIONETTE NOLANO CAROLINE OLDIIAM AILEEN PHILLIPS B1-ARTHA PEARSON DOROTHY REEVES CORRINE RAY BLIKNCI-IE DAVIS RATLIFF FILIZABETI-I ROOT MARGARET SANDZEN PIAZEL STEPHENSON VIRGINIA STILLMAN LYDIA SQUIRE JOSEIIHINE SHEPPARD FRANCES STUFFLEBEAN BERYL STANWOOD BIARGUERITE SMITH VIRGINIA SMITH CARROLL LEE THOMPSON DOIIOTHY VVEIBLE FRANCES VVHITE KA1'IIRYN WINN Page 179 SIGJIA IOTA CHI CSocial Sororityj STUART, CHURCH, XVIXON, GAINES, MELTON, ALLEN, KAUFMAN HALL, MACDONALD, KERSEY, POLLITT, MACKEY, DAVIS, SALVETER MCINTYRE, FRICKE, Pkosssk, Rocxwoon, HEMPHILL, KURRUS, REED FOUSHEE, EYER, DRAKE, I. GAINES, CALLISON, Coox, NIATHEYVSON NELSON, EISELE, BOYD, S.-xwvsn, HOWSLEY, BASS, LAMM I'IAGEMEYER N1II.I.EX RECHNER TII.,DEN CLUFF FOSTER HILL 3 1 3 7 l I ,Page 180 ' SIGMA IOTA CHI D1 ra lv O 'T' P4 Lv 'U -I D1 :I N40 'Tl o :s : Q.. Q P1 h-I to O cm A . 416- ..k- . , "Y - ' C " A , . 5 A IU ' 1- nf- -' - 1 nv f P1'6'Sfl1f'11'f ..-...-... .............. J OSEPHINE MAC DONALD V- -P-ff HP 11911-wt ............. ........... - - IRENE Rocmvoon SC'f'l'l'flll',ll ..... I- .................... -- BIARY RUTH LIILLEN ,. IWW!-Y1ll'L'1' ............ .................. A IARTHA RIACKEY PHIL 1161101156 RC'117'86'0llfIlff1Yl' ............ BIARY LOUISE LAIIM SPUIISUI' .--....... ............ .......... IX I ISS PEPPERDINE MEMBERS AIAXINE ALLEN ROWENA BASS 'NEI,I.IIc BOYD 1iLIzAIII-:TII CALLISON IJOIKOTIIY CI-IIIRCIYI MERI. CLUFF :XNNA LYNN COOK lil-IT'l'Y DAvIs BIARY DRAKE BIAIKGARIVI' EISELE H.XRRIET EVER BIERTIS FOSTER PAYE FOUSI-IEE C'I.ARA FRICKE MA1IGARE'r GAINES IsAIII-:I,I,Ia CQAIXES CQARNET HALL LILLIE H.XGEBIEX'ER RIITII HEAIIIIIILL AIAIICELLA HILL C'IIAR1.OT'I'E HOWSLEY HORTENSE KAUEEAIAN LORENE KERSEY FRANCES KURRUS RIARY LOUISE LAMM JOSEPHINE MAC IJONATID RIARTHA LIACKEY BI-:TTY RIATHEWVSON GERTIIUDE MELTON BIARY RUTH RIILLEN FRANCES AICINTYRE ROBERTA NELSON IJOROTHY LEE POLLITT PEGGX' PROSSER :XIARY RECKNER FRANCES REID IRENE ROCKWOOD LIELEN SALVI-:TER BIARY FRANCES SAXVYER EDITII STUART RIARGARET TILDEN HEIJEN XVIXON Page ISI THETA TAU EPSILON CSocial Sororityj KENNEDY, Hoon, UNDHRHILL, ARPE, CLINTON, BOYNTON, BURT CAMPBELL, HELBER, HUNT, HERRICK, Lewis, PARCHMAN, SMITH DINSMURE, REID, GRETZTNGER, GRAHAM., STEEN, STEPHENSON TRACY, SCI-IMIDT, STEUERNAGEL, VINER, Urgzmznwoon, V. SIMS, ALLEN SAL,I.121s, Romans, FRANKLIN, PATCH, BLOKER, GRAVES, SPELLBRING Page 182 THETA TAU EPSILON ALPI-IIX CHAPTER I zum Uwe . ' Founded 1921 PIELEN IJNDERNVOOD P7'66'ilIOIIf ........ - ..,., , ,.,,,,,... -,- ,',iC'!?'1,I'f'SiIll'lI1 ....... ----- JANE STEEN JANE HERRIC'Ii S0c'rr'fa1'.y -,--,,,,--,- R -,----,------.--,- , 1,1171 llfllrfnir' EVA SPELLBRING MISS MYGIJ.-ILL S110 u so r ....... ........,.... ,..- - .....,.,. AIIAII ALLEN AIARY Jo IXRPE RACIIEI. BLUEER GLEN BOYNTON .AN'l'lONE'1"I'I'I BERT JANET C.xMI'IzEI.L M.xR'I'II,x CLINTON ELEANOR. DINSIXIORE AIARIUN GIIEIY FRAN1 RIIEERTA GRAHAM ijOIl0TI1Y CQRAVES BIARION CSRETZINGER Ev.x .Io I'IELBER JANE HICIIIRICK ANNE :LOUISE Hoon RUTII HITNT ERLEEN KIENNIEDX' MEMBERS :LIN HAEEL LEWIS IiU'l'Ii PATCH IBOROTI-IY PARCHMAN BIARJORIE REID BIARY ANN ROBERTS XVIVIAN SMITH DoRo'rI-IY LEE SALLE JANE STEEN EVA SPELLERING HTXRRIETT STEUERNAGEL .IEANNE STEvENsoN BIARGARET SCHIIIDT ELIZABETI-I Slams RIARIE TRACY VIRGINIA IINIJEIUVOGD HELEN UNDERWW'00D ELEANOR VINER Page 183 KAPPA DELT.-1 PHI CSocial Sororityj 1 , 7 Y, COLE, FLETCHER, HOPKINS, BUCIQNELL, VANDERZYL, BEALE, MORRIS, CARTER, BLIXES SIMS, COOPER, SNYDER, ROBINSON, JOYCE, SANDERSON, LAIDLAW, COLE, GILLESPIE LAIN, GIEssINc, fl.-XYES, HUSE, KARSI-I, VVOOD, PIPRIN, FLORANCE, YVAISS HOPKINS, LIGHT, RICHARDSON, GREIEE, TUNNEL, TEMPLE, DICKSON, FELLERS, MYERS HALL, MCMURTRY, VV'O0DS, HUTCHINGS, MOSES, PLANK, VVILSON, UNDERHILL, RITTER G.XDDIE, CARNEY, KOEIILER, RECTOR, SCHOOLEY, HUBB.-KRD, HousE, MACEACHRAN, JOHNSON Page 184 KAPPA DELTA PHI IXLPHA CHAPTER ,V-is-Uris, 4 Founded 1 921 P1'eS111c'nl ........................ y- . I" me Presulent - ................... S core tu ry .... - ........................ - f LA RUE JOHNSON -- JUSTINE CARTER .RIARGARET RECTOR RIARGARET CARNEY l'7'L'P!1S1l7'67' ............................ Pan Hellenic Rep1'ese11tati11e - ...... - .... ---- EIARION MOSES MISS XV'HITE Sp011,.s'0r ....... - .... --..------- ..... -------..- IRENE BEALE ELMA BLIXEX RIARGARET BUCKNELL RIARGARET CARNEY JUSTINE CARTER DOROTHY COLE IRENE COLE IJOROTHY COOPER IESTHER DICKSON VERONA FELLI-:RS RIARY YVILMA FLETUIIER FRANCES FLORANGE RIARJORIE GAIJOIE ALBERTA GIESSING IJUCY GILLESPIE LAURA GRIEEE XYELOA HALL RIARY HOUSE JANE HAYES IRENE HOPKINS FRANCES HUSE VIRGINIA HUBBARD ISARELLE HOPKINS 1301-IOTI-IY HUTCHINGS LA RUE JOHNSON PAULINE JOYCE LOUISE KOEHLER IONE KARSCH MEMBERS DONNA BELLE LIGHT EIABEL LAIDLAW LOUISE LAIN VIRGINIA EICRIURTRY EIARION MOSES IRIS MAO EACHRAN VIRGINI.A MEYERS ESTI-IER RIORGAN RIELBA PIPRIN CATHERINE PLANE HEIIEN RICHARDSON RIARGARET RECTOR JEAN RITTER EIARGARET ROBINSON HAZEL SNYDER DOROTHY SANDERSON FANCHON SIMS RIARY ELIZABETH SCHOOLEY VIRGINIA TUNNELL ELEANOR TELIPLE YVIRGINIA UNDERHIIIL DIARY BETH VVOODS EDITH VANDERZS'LE EIELA XVILSON IRENE XVOOD EYALYN VVOODS EIARION XVAISS Page 185 ZETA MU EPSILON CSOL-ial Sororityj HARRER, BRADLEY, ARMs'rRoNc, ROTII, STEEN, LEIIMAN, RALLS STONEERAKER, TUCKER, MEREDITH, CIxssELL, MILLER, Bums, FLETTER CARTER, IQUHN, GAST, CARTER, M., FILLIUS, SEMPLE, PHELPS MILLER, BEAIRD, BUNZE, SOUTHARD, RACE, HUNTER, SMITH SEIEER, MAY, DUFFIELD, SEARS, SHABACK, CRARY, YVEST Page 186 ZETA MU EPSILON IXLPI-IA CHAPTER E Riff. . C'- Foundcr 1927 I l'G-Yilllfllf .................................. PEARL BEIAIRD Tim'-I'I'esir1e11,t ................,,..,....... KTXTIIRYN BRAS 6ez'1'r'ff1ry .............................. ET!-!ELEN'E P1-mms 1'7'UllSll7'ff7' .......................... E'r1'usL1-:NE SoU'r1f1ARn Pun, I1l?NC'l1iC' 1?1'lJ7'f'SClIf1!fi1'f? ......... ,- ...... ELEANOR STEEN Sponsor ..................................... Miss RLYSTE MEMBERS BILLIE ARMSTRONG PEARL BEAIRD FuANc'r:s BRADLEY K:X'FIIliX'N BRAS FRONA BUNZE KATIIRYN CARTER BIATILDA CARTER I"R.xNc'Es CASSELL EL1zAm-:TH CRARY Doms D1'1vF1xcLn I3EA'I'Rlf'E FLIGTTER ANx14:TT1c FILLIUS I'IELEN GMT JANET HJXIIICEIII JEAN IAIUNTER IRENIC KUHN AIAUDE L1cuM.xN YVILLQI..-x Mu' BIARGARET RIEREDITH IMOGENE MILLER DOROTHY RITTIYI RIILLER IETI-IELENE P1-IELPS IRENE RACE - XIIRGINIA RAXLLS JANE BERNICE ROTH HELEN SHABACK Vmamm Smu-LE LILLIAN SEARS CONSTANCE SIERER IELEANOR STEEN DORO'FI'IX' SMITH RIILDRED STONEBRAKER E'r1IELxcNE SOUTHARD GENEVIEVE TIYCKIER RUTH YVEST Page 15' DELTA RHO ALPHA fS0cial Sororityj 1 MOSIMAN, TRoxEL, PETERSON, VAN DEVENDER, ROONEY, OLDHAM, ABBOTT ULHQE, SEIBER, CONN, MYERS, BUTTS, CASE, DENNY JOHNSON, HATS, RoLsToN, REEVES AI,LEN, KELLH', LONG, NVILSON, YVILLIAMS ORTON, HAMMER, MILLER, THOMPSON, SCHMIDT, DOME, LONGUEVILLE Pommzov, GINN, PRYOR, SCHWJTUP, MARTIN, RQBERTS, VVHITAKER Page 188 DELTA RHO ALPHA ALPHA CHAPTER N 'hi '-e:......,:P ,L 'FDI' 1' ' . i I' V'-, H. a' Founded 1921 lresident .......... - ............... -- DOROTHY THOMPSON I ICG-P1'L'Sifle1z.t ...... -.- .................. ANNA BIARIE CASE ISec1'eta1'y .,.,.,...,-,-,,,,--,,----,--- T7'GIlSIl7'67' .....,..,,.,-..,.,.,,.,--,,-,--- Ian Hellenic' Representaz'izIe .............. Sponsor .....,,.-,, A, ..,-,-,-,.,,-,---,--,-,- SARA ABBOTT FLORENCE ALLEN RUTH BUTTS ANNA BIARIE CAGE AIILDRED CONN DIARY IIAURA DICNNY AIARY VAN DEVENDER FLORENCE DOIN-IE IMOGENE CIINN CQERTRUDE HAIIIMER BIILDRED HAYES JEANETTE JOHNSON DIARY IJYSBETI-I KICLIIX' KATIIRYN LONGUEVILLE BIARTI-IA LONG :ELIZABETH AIARTIN' DELPHIA BIOSIMAN ELOISE AIILLER FLORENCE RIYERS ELIZABETH BIARTIN ROSE POMEROY VIRGINIA YVALKER MISS HQXUGI-I MEMBERS CLARICE OIITON DEL MOTTE OLINE LUCILE OI.IJIi4khI ALIIIA PRYOR ROSE POMEROY VALERA PETERSON HELEN ROONEY DIARY HOOX'ER RORERTS DIARY RIkLLS1'IN AZILE REEYES IMOGENE SCI-IMITT FRANCES SCI-IWAUP BESSIE SIEBER DOROTHY TIIOAIPSON BIARTHA 'PROXELI ANNA GAIL XVILSON IQATHERINE XVILLIAMS DIXIE YVIIITAKER VIRGINIA XVALKER Page ISO GAZWMA DELTA PHI QSOcial Sororityj NIORGAN, VVALTERS, OLIVER, Rorxmrrs, Nusslmum, Wu.L1AMs, BonT'rLRR RATLIFF, LOWERY, MCCREERY, DAY, COULSON, PETERSON, HUEY MICHALEK, MoRRow, MILLER, I'iARKEN, DUNHAM, DONAHUE CONDRA, E. COOK, BURRIS, WELLS, ANDERSON ARMSTRONG, KARO, LAY, STURM, SHOVER, SANDERS, Kms KELI,EY, PRESSMAR, PORTER, BEN'roN, YVJZLLS, O., SHELDON, DICKMAN Page 190 GA M111 A DELTA PHI ALPHA CHAPTER - -I. Founded 192 1 . - - ZXIARY LOWERY Prrfszrlmli ............,..............,-. -- ,. . I' 1c'c-Pl'e.9zrIm:1 ......... ...... .... ...... - S ec reta ry ....... - , JASMINE SANDERS I'reasu1'er .........,.........,.......,... ,..,. srl tnfzze ............... Pau Ilvllelzifr Iicprep 1 'I RUTII VVILLIAMS MVRA DAY - .... RITTI-I LAY SIIUII-Y07' .................-................. --- MIss RALL BETI-I AN DE HSON MEMBERS EIIINE IXRMSTIIONG LILLIAN ISURRIS FRANOES BENTON GRACE IBUETTLICR CAROLYN CONDIIA ELIZAEETII COOK BIELIDA COOK PIELEN LOUISE COULSON AIILDILED DICIIIIIAN RIYRA DAY DIARY DONJXIILTE' LAURA DLYNIIIXAI PAULINE HIXRliI2N BIARY ELIZAIIETII RUBYIC KIXIIO EVELYN KARO HUEY RITTI-I LAY M ARY LOWERY :ROZINA LIORRDWV BIARY RIARG LOU BIORGAN ARET HIILLER IJOUISE BICCREERY BARB.GRA MIOI-IALEK CAROLYN NUSSBAUM JEAN OI.IVEl1 DAWN PORTER BERNICE PETERSON RIAXINE PRESSMAR IEERNICE ILATLIFF RIARGARET SI-IELTON :EVELYN VVALTERS FRANCES VVELLS 0I'.1I,ENE XNFICLLS a Page IQI PHI PIII PIII CSocial Sororitlyj CARLEN, BIDSTRUP, ARNOLD, VAIL, O'DONNELL, STOCRTON, MCDANIELS Bfxnxns, ABERCROMBIE, DOWNING, HOFFM:KN, TURNER, CROFTS, SLOAN NULK, JARRETT, KYD, MATHIS, RAINEY ROBERTS, STOUT, STEBBINS, SHELBY, SPAHT CL.-XUSON, TENNY, VVALL, WRHITINGTON, VVILSON, VVILLIAMS, XVLLLIFORO Esslcxc, FIARQUHAR, VWEAVER, CLAPI-IAM, ARMANTROUT, SIMPSON, MITCHELL Page 102 I PHI PHI PHI LALPI-IA CHAPTER Xy, 1 . fr,-N, V " 5 Founded 1921 President .......... -- ...... - ..... NIARY LOUISE DOWNING Vive-P1'6Sid6'nt ........... ............. - - DORIS O,IJONNELL Se01'efaI'y - ........................... K:KTIiIlYN BIIJSTRUI' Treasurer ............. -, ............... FRANCES ARNOI.D Pan Hellenic Representative ............-. HALCYON XVEAVI-:R SPOWL-901' ......... -- ......................... Miss H.XIJI.EX' MEMBERS RUTH ARIIIENTROUT FRANCES ARNOLD VERN ABERCROLIBIE HELEN BARNES IQATHRYN BIDSTRUP LILLIAN CARLEN LOUISE CLAUSEN ETHEL CRAFTS ARLA Ro CLAI-HAN RIARY LOUISE DOWW'NING RIARY ALICE ESSICK LIARIE FARQUHAR KATHERINE HOFFBIIXN LVIRGINIA JARRETT Lols KYD BETTY MATIIIS ORVA BIIITCI-IELL ELIZABETI-I LICIDANIELS JOAN NULII DORIS O,DONNELL LIARJORIE RAINEX' DOROTHY ROBERTS BIARIAN SIMPSON LOLITA STOCKTON LIAURINE SLOAN RUTH STEBBINS ANNE SIIELEY IDA SPAHT PAULINE STOUT ELIZARETI-I TENNI' NORLIIX JEAN TLYIINER BERNICE V:-.IL BARBARA YVAL1 RIARIAM XRvHIT'l'ING'1'0N HALCYON YVEAVI-:R KATI-IRYN XYILSON FREIJRIRA XVILLIEORD KATIIRYN XVILSON Page 193 OMEGA PSI CSocial Sororityj E ROUNTREE, PARsHALL, HAMEI,, HANON, SCHULTZ, LE Mmm RUPP, SUTER, RANOUS, ROBINSON, MUELLER, NORBLADE BUTLER, MCKINNEY, CHASE, SANOERSON, STOKES BROWN, FERGUSON, FRANKLIN, SNOOK BAGBY, LEHMAN, MEIR, MORRISON, Movr, Bumzoucus RUPPLE, HAAS, BARRUS, ELY, YVEST, BuN'rz Page 104 OMEGA PSI ALP1-IA CHAPTER . , ' Q . 3 . U x. ax ' V Founded 1926 1,1'l?8iI1L'llf Se1'rc1f111"y , M.x1m.x1xE'r LIEIER A ILUTI-I RANQUS l'1'ea.s' ll rm- .... .....,. ..,.,,.,-,,,,,,,, 1,1111 Ilellen iz- 1?l'1ll'l'Nf'Ill'Ill'iI'l' AIILIJRED XICKINNIQX' M.xRG:xnE'r RLY Mlss IZLLIOT Sponsor ....... ....-.-.,,,,, ,,,, - - ......... - M NARLEE B.xum' AIAXINE BAIIRUS A1iI.IlIE BROWN LIARJORIIC BUNTZ XIIRGINIA LEE BGVHROUGIIS LUCILE BU'r1.Eu C'I'mnI.0'rTE C'n.,xsE M,xuGAuE'r Em' M.xRcaAnE'r CLENEVIEVE INIHAMAE Rosum H.xME1, AIAHY JOE Ixus IJCIYIMAN ADELE LE Mmm 1"Euu1'snN FRANIQLIN 1'Lx,xs H:XNON MA1m.xnE'1' LIEIER Dono'r1-:Y M UELLE11 EMBERS LIILDRED RICKINNEY Omvm Nomzmnm RUBALICE PARSIIALL RUTH RANoUs CELEs1-INE ROBINSON HELEN ROUNTEEE CONSTANCE RUPP JOSEPHINE ILUPPEL HEI,EN SCHULTZ RUTH Sxoorc .ELIZA BETH SANDERSON LIARY LOUISE STOKES IDOROTHY LEE SUTFIR ALICE :LEE XVEST ELIZAXBICTII MonmsoN Lois Mo'r'r Page 195 BETA SIGDIA BETA CSOcival Sororityj NELSON, REID, LAWTON, HOLCOMI3, LAVVRENCE, HIcKs, SELIARDS GEREN, PERRISE, KNAPP, GIST, GODYVIN, NEWBOWER, VVISE ROBERTS, SMITH, NIILLS, MORRIS, YOUNG MILLER HOLSTINE, MYERS, E. BOND, L. BOND, FAUREST BUCHANAN, FRAZIER, M. SMITH, PHILLIPS, R. PERRINE, DAMERON, FORBES MORE, SIPE, ASKEV!', CROYVDER, HARTMAN, PORTER, FOSTER Page 196 BETA SIGMA BETA ALPHA CHAPTER OID 1' sji-am Founded 1926 Pv'e.vident ................................ HELEN GEREN I,iC6'P7'6Sid6llf ...................... RIARGARET DAINIERON S6C'7'6fl17'y -............................... DOLL HOLCOAIB T1'6I1S1H'PI' .-.............................. R,UTI-I PERRINE ALLIE IEAXVERANCE Pan Hellenic Representative .............. Sponsor ..... MEMBERS -- Miss QLTISENISERRY RIARY LOUISE JXSKEWV FLOY BUCHANAN EDITH BOND :LUCILE BOND KATIIRYN CZROWVDER RIARGARET DJXLIERON XIERA FORBES DOROTHY FRAZIER BIARGARET FAUREST RIARY LOUISE FOSTER HELEN GEREN ELEANOR GIST JIMMIE GODWIN DOLL HOLCOBIB CLEO HICKS BETTY HOLSTEIN DOROTI11' HARTMAN RIILDRED KNIAPP ALLIE IDAWVERANCE BETTY LAYVTON BIAE RIILLER RIAXINE MORRIS HELEN MYERS RIARJORIE LIORE DEBORAI-I RIILLS ELOISE NELSON FAYE O,BRIAN ALIINE PERRINE RUTH PERRINE JOSEPHINE PORTER HARRIET PHILLI1'-I, RIARY IRENE ROBERTS HIXRRIET REID RIILDRED SIPE RIARYALICE SMITI-I PEGGY VVISE JOSEPHINE YOUNG PEGGY NEUBAUER JEAN SELLARDS FRANCES SMITH Page 197 PHI LAMBA BETA CSocial Sororityj CRAYVLEY, INGLISH, SCHWEWER, HAMBLETON, BAUM SCHOPPENHORST, HARMS, DEARDORF, DOWNS, , POWELL, CHILCOAT, CHEAP, C. INGLISH SEARS, BAKER, KLINGEL, ScoT'r, DAVIS Page 198 PIII L.A1JlB.f1 BE TA ALPHA C1-IAM-E11 CQREINE INGLISI-I IJTI'-Yl!ll'71f ....- .....,..,.-....... , .,., , , . J . DoEo'r1-IY CHILCOAT I Ive-I 7'l'.S'1!Il'Ilf ..... ..-... ..-. .....,... KA'rH1wN Sco'r'r S z'c1'c't111'.y ........ - ...................... Inn 1:I!'UC1liC Repnfsenfrltive ........ ,-,- .Sponsor - ............. -- CSLAIJYS BAKER CATHERINE BAUM KAT1-1E1z1NE CHEAP IDOROTHY CmLc'oA'r RUTH CRAWLEY CHIQISTINE DAVIS HELEN DEARDOE1-' RYBERNA Dowxs AIAXINE Exumsxi IiI"l'I'I HAMEL1-:'roN MEMBERS Donoruv C1-uLc:oAT Miss STRICKLEE ENGLIX IQIARRIS CORRINE INGLISI-I KA'141-IERINE KLINGEI. HJKRRIET POYVELL I.OUISE SEARS ' ETIIEL SCI-IOPPENI-IORST K:XTI'IRYN SCOTT HILDIIEIJ SCI-IWVEITEh Ross CLAIR SAcs Page 199 PI BETA TAU CSacial Sororityj DAVID, YVAYBILL, LEVVIS, SMOCK, CLEMING FREDERICK, GQRDAN, MARTIN, NOBLE, MORGAN HERR, SHARP, NEYMAN GRANT, VVOODS, MCCALL, VVONSETTER, MCINERNEY FLOYVERS, BARRHURST, SULLIVAN, VAN Syoc, HARJO Page 200 PI BETA TAU ALPI-IA CHAPTER I 's'o1rc'o" 1 'ln Ia o o , . 1 . L nut, . I I resulmnf .....,..,.,...,-,,- -,,,.-- AGNES LICCALL EST-HER CLEMINGS I ll'l"I,1'l?-91110111 .......... - ...........,.,- .S ec'rei111'.y ..... - .... - GEORGIA DAVID LOIs HARJO l'reasurer ....,..,... -- ,-,,,--,-, --- lun Hellenic R1'present111ive .---.- -------- 'Sponsor .......... L ..-.-..--------- VELMA BAIlKIIl7llST DOROTI-Iv CASTLEIIIAN ESTLI'1ER CLEAIINGS :LENORE DAAIMAST GEORGIA DAVID LORETTA FREDERICK ALLEEN FLOWERS DARLENE GRANT ALICE HERR Lois HARJO MEMBERS LIARY VIRGINIA JORDAN :ELLA LEWIS PAULINE BIARTIN PAULINE MARTIN MISS WINER ELIzAIaETIAI NEYMAN DOROTI-Iv NOBLE BIABLE MORGAN AGNES BICCALL BIARY DICINERNERY MARGARET PARSONS DOROTIIY SHARP ALICE SULLIVAN HARRIET SMOCK LIILDRED VVAYBILL LIARGARET WOODS MIRIAAI VAN SYOC ELDA XVONSETTER Page 201 Page 202 ,BOOK 'EIGHT Q 1 f Does ANNIE Lou C ANYTHING? 'Ivy DOES F UGIT . PAYE ALWAYS DID LIKE FLOWERS . ,W , ,, ,I . ,Ei Ur. W ' N f 5 I. f HARRIET WANTS TO PLAY 'inn-I 32 4' '- f xi fp ,V . ll ' A I . -Q px ,X Aonm- I 2:53 LVM 1 ' THATIS POLLY 31,3 NERTIS lSN'T ' I ALvvAYs so I SERIOUS WHAT oo You sea, I " I BETTY? A BERNIECLV HASU AN - me Foa susmess 5? I Q LET'S Go, MARION can :Tj--S 'E1-fi ',, rfmgxs DOES ELLEN HEAR MUSIC? WE HAVEYOUR NUMBEIQPEGGY ' PEARLIE V,WI'IERE ARE YOUR CURLS? Page 203 w N P r q V illa Q . 4 12 ff :MU A . -.1- VJ. .L Nr Y 3 ' r K -,L '11 J 1 5195 V Y 5!Qljf.,i' 5 FINA. i-.'T' ff f A-34 -ff 'ff " 'M "Q iw j' - X X, H gi 4 ,- .. Et' 1 x n K ' h -WK : - Z, . 1' A .X WAY- X ' -1 wwf w M -- 5, X, , . iig eP u,4v J , ' I! X lr " , ,- V3 x V , . 1 .RQ : : ,A ff' -. ' JI .' . ' , N.. : .." ,i, W .,, ,n,.A r 4, " , 'I 'P 1 .M F ! " ' ' A , xfg A H ' -ff , - -gk X fa ,il 1 bn in f I I 3 , ' . ew S' KF' 1' ,I -4 , '1 ffl, NJ .. , ,,,, . ,Y --- KT ,. - , J fi ff I:-Enix '9 rm EEE A-gmgguws, T5 em mf, I AUX . V - - -5 -ww' A. ,. .F . Q'j"-LJQ'-38212-,.',,5-Vit.. Hin- QW" lr, T'1r'1'-" -, ,-1 Y - , - ,-. W Y ., i , - . . 1... . 7 -1" Af ws, can V , 1 K' , 311- ' -V ' 1, L M - if ff ' ' . 1- ., I 1 li ik 1 1. p ,V ,, - uyfngr I ..L' X ' .!., , HMI r' .ILA U m. ' , ' 'mu' ' 5 L L" ll-7: ---U ' 1 , "U" ' , 'J'-rf? "f ' 'H 'V "f. - 'f -iii fu- "T"f' '. ':'fF. Ja. , '?' Q LW" 'fEi?fNihaFYfT XW'4ii Y . F fin! : :ei g -f. , My - : - if 1 f .4 A-2. - , ' 'in w, ,-, gm. -v 1.4 , .N 17, ,. : --P' D " --Jghmflwnial ff K, -'H '. .Fifi 5,-1. A if 1 "' A f . -lf-- b ' -'--Q .- - -J 4 -f , 5 . -0 , ,, I A.G:g,i - 4. ' -gQ.'.."' , ii- 'i'Lt1.---'Y ' K f K K .lzgffm t , A f- X 4' . -fu H 5: Y--gg-'-' H, Y k ' I, -Y ,mi-.Q i,j,'L:.'7a'f k:i1-3E.2:QvY 'li W 42+ N' 'Sf As'-T3 353. gb -, ,-- -sn-V ,Y .-12? we ,Sw 1.4: Q- 3 is , '-K H- -. ,,. 1' -4' 'T .- ef -'Q -s. Y A '53 qfs!m'1f'- ' -T' 1.53 E5 3"-ff'?3f5,5g"f' . .L - 5-Q AL L ,LQ .fbi CAN YO U IMAGINE? KAY YVYNN ..................... ,--,siaying sizzgle? BLXIIGARET TILDEN -.- .............. ---being meek? w RIITII CROXVLEY --- .,.,........... H-.- HOli'l'lfINSE HIXZEN -........ ,- ......,... O zz fancy dancer? with curly llfflif? K.vrI-IEIIINE Hom-IIIAN ..............-. vviilzont a smile? ESTI-IER MORSE ..................... ncutting class? LUIS .ADAMS .................. - .,... ,keeping quiet? ANNE LOUISE Hoon ...............,.. losing her poise? BIARTI-IA 'FROXEL ........ .- h......N... unlmpply? IQLOISE XELSON ........ .............. 1 uzkinrl? KATIILEEN HULL .... .. .... ..,....... - mnsserl up? M:xImUEIu'rE SMITI-I .................. not at play practvice? DOIIOTIIY IXIARTIN .................... wearing fl, hat? JO RUPPEL ....... . ..............d T---n'ith bobbed hair? BE'r'1'Y BIATIKEYVSON .................. rviilzout her lessons? BEIINIECE VAII. .,.. POLLY POLI,I'r'r --,.- ..... --- in II bmi hunzor? without sonzrftlzin ---------- io say? XTER.-X PQORBES .................,..,... without bewiiclzizzg eycx? PIAZEL SYNIJEE .......... .- ........... not looking cute? CLI-:O HICIis ........,..Mh......... .-n'itl1 big feef? M.xRGAEE'1' EISELE ..............,..... nfiflzout red hair? F.'1JlOL'S SJYINGS OF F.-IJIOUS PEOPLE MIss SEARCY .........-...H.......... "Dill I :assign ll Iffs.s'o11?" Mlss ELLIOT ........................ r'-ipso facto." MII. HICKMAN ...................... "Rotten bad acti-1zg.", Mus. BEAUCIIAIIP ....... ........... - "Ss.s-iz-" .ANNE LOUISE Hoon IJEAN CJPPENHEIMER MRS. BIISS MIss 1 311535 x Mlss Mrss ' MIss PIERCE ..............,......... KEPPEL ........................ BUREALL .... ,- .................. IIINDSEY ....................... M ARD .......................... I'IOLT .,................. ------------------"T7ze feelivzg of IC'gi-S'I!lfIlI'C'U ------------,.-----"I Hunk we c-an arrange II." CIILLOWIIY ........,........... .."I know you only nerd fo Im-" "Of c'0ur.9f', Fm going to folk." "You dirI1z'1 c0nzw'rsf." HLYSIIHF, Hzere are Semis-" fi v !,7 lou need 1nf'rc'1z1'm'l1rome. "IVl1af do you wont?" n.Xv0'IU -nvhen Connf Kr'y.s'o1'li11g-" DR, IJUDLEY .....---................ "JIinimn'nz e.9senfiaI.s' arf'-" Mxss KYD ................ l ......... "YozflI have fo nvzif your turn." MISS HAYNEs ........................ "Con-nt yourself, Susie-" Mn. Cox --.......................... "Chorus practice at-U Page 206 r rs 1' 1 if 2 4- A .4 . ,um if-g,x,l4 I5 , X ' .ilzgaf +- ..n, v 1 , ,Q - I .4 -is -'- -4 1 1 S irc , W 'Z-L?'i,xy .. ,. f 4 , :'gf1,15g,, , K 9- M ' A ' 1 ,, I -ji , Y L... 3. F, :xv A, if. ' ' 3 1 A- Q .-,.. - x ,A ,. -. b , ...Je gf.. , - 7 . ,N fr ' 555 X 5 . , 'kitty 'jjv L, ff' ., Y l - K N J ligx QR. , 3 HQ f . l s f ' ll, " 4' 5 111' 1' v ' 'f'-3 -- 14, :A , -' Q. 1 1- V A KWH, - ' ' , 4'-P p ' 11.1 t vi . : 4 W -- 1 , 'L X ,H fx. ,"' V ix 'X' ' fa:- 'I ii ' , m 'V iff' ,V xl, lo iq 15' Y -.,,,,-. -Y Y ,gzrf , ' fs '- ,QE lg Fw 327 -1 fc va ' Zi -L-' f W Q f' 1 'A L- ' M' ' A 2 I. "1"-.. va , 5. Y . .- .fqltgjif ., Q X f 3 ' fl:-- 1 I 5'5" 'E -'1 . ' 1'-Lf E N- U X "'7:2"ff 5.2: - ' ' x .'3-- 4 73351255 ' .-li ., H . ..' . 1 'if M , . V- , I 4 ,. J rig.-J A ,v 1 K Y , X ,".w,, ' n " I 1, -nl A 1 525: -I an j ,, l - IM? ,, 'N 'Z I - 5 , ' "3 f? Q- Llj:!-53531 ' i 1725.1 , . ' -Hg WJ:-VC? A V -, A4iE?3:,IL,A4v .-., . Fw Li. N u 1 lm ,3 in ' .-. 5 f 3? 'fl' 1 A f f - 'PI ix ,gil RY 'A "A"'11f'Ti'141f A., .AT .Q - , X' ,' J PL, , APS! '4- 'av me 'K.,.4 M iz 3 in .- ,. ,-2 k ' ' k ' '7!B51B!i:9"3 . , ,Wgifggiilggsr A va., ji? THE STEPHENITE April 1. 1950 HOOD CROSSES PACIFIC SUPERFLUOVS CONTRAPTION COMPLETED Wash. D. C.-Miss Hor- tense Hazen today ,present- ed Congress with the last possible invention. an "AN- TI-SNORERT This inven- tion, when attached is so made as to awaken a Con- gressman the minute he falls asleep. The Anti-Snor- er will probably become very popular because by keeping Congress awake, the work will be completed soon- er, and there will no longer be a need for long sessions ot' Congress. ELECTION RETURNS Jeff. City.-The latest re- ports from Jefferson City show that Miss Louise Brown has been elected Head of the Street-Cleaning Department. Miss Brown has long been noted for her extraordinary work in clean- ing up cities. Have You Paid Your Subscription fo the S'r1-:P1ncN1'rn Q.xDv.j Page 210 NOTABLES TO PARIS Tile U, S. Georgia sailed yesterday for Paris. Among the notables aboard were Miss Frances Kurrus, the famous frrlternity wom- an, and Miss .lane ,Steen in- terested in the same work. The Superintendent of Chi- cago sehoolsf Miss Clara Fricke, is. going to Europe to study kindergarten work. Miss Evelyn" lValters, ae- eompanied by Miss Roberta Graham, has gone to Lon- don to open the theater sca- son with "Hell Bent for Heavenf, Miss Kay Wiynn, the famous double for Greta Garbo is planning to make at least one picture in Ger- many. Miss Mary Lou Dow- ning, noted scientist, has sailed for Switzerland in an endeavor to discover why Swiss cheese contains so many holes. Miss La Rue Johnson, leader of the "fl-UO," is planning to reeup- erate in sunny lirance. Miss Helen G e r e n, American Beauty., is entering for in- ternational honors. HOOD FINALLY CONQUERS OCEAN Hawaii, May 1-Anne Louise llood realized her lil"e'.s ambition today when she swam the mighty Pa- cific. Miss Hood. who re- cently won the Olympic medal for all round sports swam the seemingly uncon- qucrable ocean in 81 hours. She intends fCont. on p. :ij MAKES FORTUNE Miss Mary l-Ioover Rob- erts had a record-breaking sale ol' her new shampoo, "I"LAMING BIJIAUTIFI- ICR," which adds life and luster to the hair. Miss Rob- erts has greatly increased her sales by appearing in person at her .Beauty Salom. DEDICATE SCHOOL "The Pollitt School ot' Aesthetic Dancing" was ded- icated today when Miss Mar- garet llameron President of the IV. C. T. U., laid the cornerstone ot' the beautiful edifice which Miss Pollitt is building for her studia. ATTAINS HONOR RADIO NEWS i ADOPTS ELEPHANT Columbia, M o.-M is s Harriet Steuernagel was in- stalled in the ofhce of Chief of Police today, winning by 300 votes over May Laylin, who is noted for being a strict diseiplinarian. Panic at Fulton Fulton, Mo.-There was a panic in this city today when it was discovered Miss Bernice Vail had disap- peared. P a n dim o n i u-in reigned for several hours un- til Miss Vail was discovered digging angleworms in the outskirts of the city to com- plete her new experiment that angleworms are edible when served with tomato sauce. FOUSHEE HOME FROM CHINA New York.-Miss Faye Foushee, noted actress, has returned home after com- pleting a tour of China. Miss Foushee for the past season has been playing the part of "Juliet" in Shakes- peare's "Romeo and Juliet." Have You Bought Your New York.fMiss Kath- erine Hoffman and Miss Halcyon lYeaver arrived in the city today. Yve consider ourselves exceedingly lucky to have with us two such famous evangclists. This evening Miss Hoffman is holding meeting at the "Hippodrome." Hollywood.-Miss Doro- thy Church today lost the famous Church temper and so forgot herself as to throw a pie at Cecil de Mille. The famous director taking no offense, tried to oppose her, but it seems she has decided to run for May- or of Los Angeles and his pleading was of no avail. Atlantic City.-Miss Kate Roach won the Atlantic City Beauty Contest. She has re- tired from the facial clay business and is about to fi- nance an "old maid's move- ment." C o l u in lm i a, ltlo.-Miss Dorothy Reeves has started giving pointers on going YVest, as she has such a lik- ing for lvest-Pointers. She STEPHENITE? Lsays it is very interesting. Marion Grey lfranklin, famous play-wright, has adopted a pct elephant named "Trixie." She seems to believe that elephants are a source of inspiration. Miss Franklin is quite a noted play-wright, her best known play being "Two Minutes and a Half in The Coal- Sllllttlu Chicago.-Miss Marguer- ite Ingle today found out that Chicago is all it is re- puted to bc when three ban- dits tried to rob her of her purse containing her week's salary, 5143.000 However, Miss Ingle with great pres- ence of mind and agility pulled out her trusty pistol and shot all three. '-: Society Notes Bliss Deborah Mills, the former tiddle-winks vamp, has recently announced her engagement to the Presi- dent's son. Miss Marion Moses has just returned from Reno with her eighth divorce, and has again resumed her maid- en name. Miss Lois Mott has in- vented a new "Itoom-Clcan- er," and she is already a millionaress as Stephens girls are quite pleased with it. Page 211 I r i ia! A ,-452,44 J f' A' H Q r Q ,fwfr 'J ,h E f ff "f L PQ 5 41"-33. 4 U , C in A 'f!4z"1,.f' if 'Q 2' , 5 ' .Q-pil gg ,fri ,Q , 4,9 41 . gtg' 4.13.1 .: .,-.L - g 5, Y X, Y" ' xjg.'ij?Q'11x' S fl' ff jill V , 54,-f-7 , Q4 " 1.-' i ?m. "'Zf' Q :f re fa my , , ., Qsffif , , f..- s :J -fl ,- Q' r. 'Y-2 'sv vc V V -X'-- px A uh -I .4-e.2,g,,11 4 n -' , Y " -' 5 ' 1'-K" R ff .ix ' 7.-ffl? 1 Ah,,'." -2. ' 'V 5 '- . , Q-, -f5.eR' , .-Q 2'-v.. 1 Yi -, ., -yh f y 51,5 u 3 ff-wx f , af., F1 v . QE -Af, V-. . , y 'L "J", 23,v,.:-Z1"11!j4f7,.7 533: 1 'f'3.,T'gf-fn7Q'L s 1 S A Q .1 S-,iigf,1?U.-3--Exsrfh xg, xg-. . . H .fx ,:.. Q, V 1" ' -'iw .."5- 2 1- fffw z-,- -'fa ' 7' 1:-2.3 V + ff?-fi' f " 'FQJ ' 1' al 4 r' 'K . . 1, .W . u , H, . ,, J L 1 'f 5 "-YW' ' 1 Y 9""'?nf! " ' ' ' sq, 9, r x 1. ,, . Z, 41' -' 3 -,.w'fE1dih'1A,,,QTl, ' W. Q-'63, 1 " ",f', f'3 f"+ " 1,1 5 4 ' f 3 Q t . ., ! L I:-t 1-FJ! Y -.L fue. . y - f .fblizlr k w:"E5,,': , - ' U 5.1 H . A 5: 'E ,Qe is -iw , f' , fl- L? R v Q, I ,-.Q ' "HUA Q 1. :Wi we ,I l. -1 gm 5-L71 gi: fn ,r f J 1. 5' if Jn!! P gl f 1 ' 'C' 4 f X :" 'Q' f lf, X 7 x . A , x 1 r, s 4 ' :'iQ'. X f I J if QQ, ' 'ir 4 bf W ' 4 5 , dv ,424 ,K CLASS PROPHECY Dramatis Personnae: President and Mrs 'Wood Jimmy VVood. Voices from the radio. Time: 194-O. Place: The living-room of President Wood's home. President Vilood is seated in a large wing chair by the radio. Mrs. Vifood sits facing the President read- ing the Missourian. Suddenly she points out an article to him. MRS. iVooD: James, they'rc broadcasting the first annual convention of the found- . ers of the American School of YVisdom. Judge J. Steen is to be the speaker of the evening. It's coming over Station BRAINS. iV'e can tune in while we are waiting for Jimmie to come home from the Stephens formal. President XVood turns the dials. Voice from the radio: This is Station BRAINS, owned and operated by the American School of XVisdom, Knowledge Heights, Mount Hood, Oregon. M. Al Smith announcing. xiiifibiel1g0t'g,ciyl1fls Mus. iVoon: That's static. PRESIDENT XVOOD: It sounds to me like Doll Holcomb. Mas. iVooD: I believe it does, James. Voice from thc radio: Among the well-known people present tonight are Attorney General Hood, Mrs. Margaret Dameron, a leader in the Lucy Stone League, Miss Louise Brown, Democratic candidate for the Presidency, whose political rise from committee-woman of the Fourth Precinct of Jefferson City, Mis- souri has been phenomenalg her campaign manager, Dorothy Lee Pollitt ac- companies her. Fire Chief' Anna Marie Case of Passyunk, is seated at the speakers' table. Her recent heroism is rescuing single-handed thirty children from a burning building has won for her the Congressional Medal. Chief Case modestly disclaims all glory saying that the mothers' frantic cries of, "Casey, save my child," gave her superhuman strength and courage to go on. Miss Hortensc Hazen of the Diplomatic Corps is seated next to Helen Rooney, the internationally known portrait painter, who is doing so many charming sketches for Le Dernier Cri, a fashion magazine owned and edited by Maxine Barrus and Marie Daniels. Bliss Hazen persistently denies the humors of her engagement to Count Trop d'Argent, chairman of the French War Debt Commission. Bliss Mary Hoover Roberts, Dean of VVomen of the American School of iVisdom, will now introduce the speaker. Page 216 Miss Ronrzrcrsz A voice faintly reminiscient of Iowa, replaces the hearty tones of Mary Alice Smith, "Fellow founders of this school and all the friends who are listening in tonight, it is my great pleasure and privilege to introduce to you a former classmate of mine, Judge Jane Steen, who will tell you of 'her ex- periences while on a lecture tour in Japanf' ' Time has not changed thc lovely lyrical quality of Judge Stee11's travel- broadened a's: "My dear friends, I am so happy to be with you tonightg to bring to you the message of the women of Japan. I spoke in several of their large cities where my address on "XVhy VVomen Should Ride in Street Cars" was most enthusiastically received. In Tokio I was entertained by Deborah Mills Gordon who, with her husband, is a Baptist missionary. I was greatly dismayed to learn that I had missed by only a few days a party of school chains. The party was in charge of the former Faye Foushee, who, since her marriage to the ex-coxswain of theicrew at Rowhard College, has man- aged personally conducted tours around the world. Vfith her is Georgia David, who joined the company after securing her fourth divorce in Paris, Marion Grey Franklin who keeps the ship's Logbook 5 Elizabeth Neyman, the author of "Ten Knights in a Bar-room" and other short storiesg Mabel Iiaidlaw who was 011 a vacation from her position as Big Sister to the Zulu Islanders." The voice drones on and on and President and Mrs. Ivoods lullcd by the smooth cadences of Judge Steen's speech doze off. The hands of the clock move rapidly from ten, to eleven, to twelve. As the last strokes of twelve die away in the Sunday silence, Jimmy W'ood creeps past, shoes in hand, on his way to' hed. President and Mrs. VVood awake with a start. The sturdy tones of lNIaryaliee Smith came from the loud-speaker, "And this concludes our program for the evening. Tomorrow at ten Major B. Vail, the famous artic explorer wl1o discovered why Norwegians live in Norway. In the after- noon at three Miss Jane Hayes who specializes in psychopathic cases will lecture on "Insanity in the Home," using Miss Elma Blixen as an example. This is Station BRAINS, owned and operated by the American School of YVisdom at Knowledge Heights, Mt. Hood, Oregon, signing off at 12:02. Good night. Pace 217 LAST WILL A NIJ TES T.-I .VENT lVc, the class of 19528, being about to pass ont ot' this sphere ot' education in possession of a crammed and almost superhuman understanrlinggg, do make and Qpub- lish this. our last will and testament, hereby revoking and mal-:ing void all l'Ol'llll'l' wills or promises by us at any time llEl'ClI0l'0l'C made. XVhat the gods have given us, we dispose as follows: To Catherine Sharp, Anne Louise Hood rclnetantly surrenders the reins of C. A. with the 1'CC0lTil1lCllCliltl0I'l that Catherine take care ot' Dr. Dudley. Virginia Mac Murtry leaves her ability to get in the newspaper headlines to Kate Roach. To Antoinette Burt, we leave Ramonette Xoland's thesis "How to Xl'rite a Term Paper in Thirty-five minutes." This bequest includes an option on the lin- eyelopedia Brittanica with full copying privileges. Rosina Hamel bequcaths her embonpoiu! to Jeanette .lolmson with the fond hope that Jeanette will realize what it is and will use it to the best advantage. To .lo Young, Cleo Hicks leaves the joyous tasli ol' collecting money for C. A. dances. Harriet Eyer leaves her squatter's right at Stephens to Virginia Jarrett. n IC in eres 0' ie mem e's o' 'urtain Raisers who are lettinw' their hair I tl t t f tl bi f C ,,, grow, Dorothy Pollitt and .lo Mac Donald sympathetically hope that the plays of next year will belong to the period when men wore curls and doublet and hose. Inasmuch as Harriett Stenernagel, deceased, left no will. her place as head of S. G. D. passes automatically to Mary Irene Roberts. To the Junior Class as a whole we will and bequeath the senior steps, the "right" section of the auditorium, the dignity attained by us at Senior Court, the guardianship of the new juniors, and the privilege ol' using our names in referring to the ideals of perfection. In witness whereof we set our hands and seal this twenty first day ot' May in the veal' of our Lord, one thousand nine hundred and twenty-eight. CSignedj Class ot' Twenty-Right Witnesses: PI-IYLLIS FULLER IMA FLOP Ueson DowNs Page 218 "Beautifzgl Shoes F or Beautiful Girls" Largest Shoe Store in Central Missouri 2112 Columbia AWS 5 Leaders in SUPERIOR FOOTWEAR EXQUISITE HOSIERY Broadway at 8th 'Phone 63 "Where Shoe Fitting Is A Fine Art" Page Q "A Beauty Aid for Every Need." MARINELLU BEAUTY SHUPPE PERMANENT WAVIN G EUGENE MARCELLE NESTLE CIRCULINE REALISTIC Tenth at Walnut Phone 535 Pg COLUMBIA M 0 Phone 194 SUSIE STEPHENS DIARY Sept. IS. Seniors greet Juniors meet. Sept lik. Big Sisters cntcrtziin on the lawn. Getting :icquuinted is the main idea. Sept 16. Our first C. A. mass meeting ends a busy day of registration. Sept. 19. Junior forclocks decked in green. Sept. 520. Juniors conduct suddenly regulated by the ten comniandincnts of the upper classmen. Authentically Styled H Is O S , S I S P S O E E R FOOTWEAR Y S5 to S8 Buys The Smartest Styles for Every Occasion GTZ'-5U"'P'Ul'lllU Page 221 W55EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE5 Looking Back on Your School Days The gruesome classes - - - but the afternoons spent lounging in one of JIMMIE,Sib00thS, served With excellent service, While listening to the music, makes the recollec- tion of school much brighter. But beyond the charming, restful environment is a cuisine that from the standpoint of excellence of food and novelty of menu, makes the Stephens girl's rendevous a fond remembrance. And the place to find the gang upon re- turning for a visit. J IMMIE'S COLLEGE' INN 55555EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE P 2 1 Two Columbia. Owned Food Stores. Always Friendly to Sl'L'PllO1lS College Studerlts. GOLDMAN'S READY-'ro-WEAR MILLINERY SHOES IIOSIERY UNDERTHINGS AUCESSORIES - The Store Where Shopping Is a, Profitable Pleasure. Sept. 214 K. C. Oct. 21. . lxci 1-men mrevni .- 4 1- 'nc io : -s 'unnev 1' t t ls x Ju 1 l mnounce '1 5 also won. t -11. Bur-B-Q. l?lve1'yone out to look over the new country fznc-ulty serve rx fine dinner. YVQ had inusie too, the Jr. t. 9, C. A. Cllt01't?llllS with :1 fornml opening of the Country Active l Hi Br-tu Steppo ripplicnnts prcforin :md become :lc-tiv winner. Others club and sec the song! Club. e pledges. Very PARSON SISTERS BEAUTY PARLOR Phone 795 1019 Broadway Page 223 -I nn" nl Hlllllllllllllllllllllllllll Through The Years u' n' -I Bl -l -l -l -1 -l -l 1' n' un' E. When you recall the many happy college :: days you will too recall the happy hours I' .I spent in Harris'. Welcome back always I' .: to another delicious meal or refreshing - n: confectlon at Columb1a's leading eat shop. -l I ll -I Confections - Meals - Candies - Catering -l I l :I HARRIS' ' MILLARD and SISSON llllllll lIllllllllllilllllll l!llllll llllllhlll llllllll '. -I 2- 22.4 Nov. 4. "The Famous Mrs. 1":1ir" makes us more than proud of our line dramatic department. OUR FLOVVERS Nov. 8. lvoe to the little "Pills," Hi Beta initiation tonight. are Nov. 241. Juniors upset tradition and win the ALWAYS FRESH hockey game. Seniors retaliated with :L sucker victory. Nm-. 25. BERNARDS, The Junior Jollies prove the versi- tnlness of our llI1dC1'ClflSS mates. It was truly ai successful production. D , The Florists ec. .J. Sigma Gamma Gzunina brings us an entertaining lecture hy Dr. Sigmund Spocthe. 919 Bdwy. Phone 2121 Dec. 6. YVe fill orphans socks :md enjoyed :in Xmas. thrill. Don't. you often think of having a. spread? Then let us help you. Call 207 and ask for Mrs. Meliaine and she will help you select from our kitchen the pies, meats, fancy cheeses, sand- wiches, salad dressing and everytlling' else thatlwill make that spread soinething different. Jacksons Grocery 11 so. 8th 1919 HWOLFF-BERGERSH 1928 ls a by-word 10.2111 older students of Stephens College, synonymous with all tl1at's smart in READY-T0-WEAR - MILLINERY and ACCESSORIES To the students who are leaving, we sincerely appreciate your! past D2ll1'O112l.g6, and welcome the privilege of serving the new students. WOLF F-BERGER COMPANY Columbiafs Largest Women's Specialty Shop Page 225 HOTEL COLUMBIAN Dec. 10. .lush five more Clays. YYC C:m't stucljff ' Des. 11. Thlllk ' Curiclle lighting service in vcrspvi-L prcprxres us for the Xmas season. Of The lJCC.' l'l+. Y ' Alter Dr. Hunters :xcltlrcss m mass meeting we all decide we :uc "star- llLl1'31CCl.H Sensible Rates DCC- 16- I-lomewarcl Bound! Jan. 8. at the lvc 1'Ctll1'll with memories of Xmas pleasures :md presents. Jam. 5. lee skates on Gortlon's Lake. Jun. 6. Hell Daryl I wonder if they feel :is lmd they look? Columbia, Missouri Jim, 10, Plans begin to form for au lflustm' To u 1'. - y I I I DAVIS COAL C MPAN Dealers In The Best Grades Illinois Coal 10 Ash Street Opposite Wabash R. R. Page 226 .fai r Say It With Fresh Flowers From 1 'Ney fi: H. R. MUELLER, Florist l R We mio the only florists in COlll1l'1lll2l. who grow the Howors we sell. ii Qualify and Vzlriofy of the finosli blooms C0111- ', lminecl with oxpc-rf zlrfisfic arlmigelnents. ' FLOWERS BY WIRE ANYWHERE. Flower Shop, 16 S. 9th Greenhouses-West Bdwy. THE DRUG SHOP 'Wo Solicit Your fPz1l'1-omige l FIANCEE KARESS VIE GAY W. C. Knight, Prop. Jun. 6. BaQl'ct lm-mll Qcwon wtA11'tQ 'md wr lin .x . . .., . 1 . . A cl VVO IIIIVQ5 SONIC ENC tililfllt. Jilll. 12. Sororitv sing contest :md wf: hors? some colnpetition for ciIlUi'Clll'Cill. Jun. QU. A talk by Miss Bcnuctt gives us :1 new iclon of "wo1'k.,' Jun. QS. Junior Class govs to Harris for thi ili'tCI'll00Il while thc Hrs. enroll. .l:u1. 2-1-- Sonmrs slocp wlxilo Juniors bccomo :lf-qunintcd with sonic botllersolne minors' :md nmjors. Feb. l. Our Hrst political move--S. G. D. clccts council 1llUlllllCl'S. FREDERICKS METHOD of Permanent Waving Fredoricks Vita-tonic Clllllplbllllkl insures greater Bcauty, Safety, Comfort, and PG1'1l12lllGllCY for the hair of the wolncn who care. OAK BARBER Beauty Shop I3 North 9th St. BAUMGARTNER BROS. Page 227 On the VVAY down stop at H'P Wayland'S The Best Family Flour On the VVAY back stop at Red The B6St Poultry Feed The POPCORN MAN Corner of Bdwy. 8: Hitt Manufactured by BOONE COUNTY MILLING K ELEVATOR COMPANY Columbia, Missouri Feb. 3. Feb. 41-. CIIIIIPIISCC-l and 1,111 so glad Feb Feb Fashion shows lots of pretty nights. . 13. The Count arrivccl! . 1-lf. things :md we so wish we could sew. we have "rec" room dances on Siltllldll Count Herniun Kesierling lectures to an cnraptured audience. Feb. 15. Candy and fiowers still coming in. Rah for St. AV:ileutinc! " 'M 1 -Q3 L,"g l K .- ffl., N,,,'A 'l l Q15'fpQ'lf X K 'V ' oi ' C7 ,gg WX lb? . . 1 Q X- lldl y 'nl if .I iff-e-5 f f X lx I XX Ki 5 Q HATS f In a Word, 'xx L Your hat is here, whether you want a simple sport affair of felt, or 2. large dress hat. Variety is the keynote. Each hut is an exclusive model designed especially to attend you at your college. All they have? in common, is their very low price. METTY HAT SHOP Broadway ---- 313 'Hitt "Climb The Stairs And Save Money" Page 228 623 623 Cab HERTZ Cab Co. Co. DRIVE-UR-SELF The only System Covered with Property, Damage Sz Public Lib- erty Insurance. "Why Take A Chance?" 623 CAB CO. 29 S. 10th Be Sure An cl Always Have A Few Bottles of Coco-Cola In Your lee Box. Good Entertainment Always at HALL, COLUMBIA AND VARSITY TPIEATERS Feb. 17. S. A. B. Carni ing. I-eh. QU. The Junior Prom! val ornzunents Science :ind we spend a line ufulli' even T110 Seniors :xdd "Among Their Souvenir'S" pleasant memories of' :1 l":i1it':1rv3. Feb. Q-11. "Beyondtl1c Horizonf, A l Mar. 1. StCPllC1lS0plllI1 Stud' xcrfoi curiosity aroused. crznnutic production we slmll never forget. 1 'ins in court aided by :1 noted jury. Much SANDWICHES CANDIES HOPPER-POLLARD DRUG CO. Phone 1414 The Rexall Store 'Alt it's new-we have i COl7R'l'ESY 907 E. Bdwy. t.77 SE RVICE Page 2.29 Phone 2249 "YOUR WORK IS BEAUTIFUL" A Coninient paid IIS by Darticulzu' Stephens Girls. J. GUY MOQUITTY 8z SON I Quick Printers 21 N. 10th Stationers Mar. 2. OH' for our Eastern Tour on the biggest Of StCPl1C11,S Specials. Much anticipation ! Mar. 10. Back :xgnin and wc have so nmcli to talk about. Lets go again t01H01'l'0XVl Mar. 11 Mar. 30 Mar. 19. Virginia "male" is heavy today. Athletic Association b1'in's us : ' Il ' 7 ,g x 1e1 CIILUS. Y :irions and well trained animals, freaks, clowns and much food. A dandy side show. Dr. Be:iven's innchly applauded talk will serve as an inspiration that will not be soon forgotten. X il I MUNSING HOSIERY ff' I GOTHAM GOLD STRIPE ONYX POINTER fl I-IUMMING BIRD HOSIERY ff' A I YEAR ROUND PRINTS ' H19 I Need? CHENEY SILKS FRENCH GINGHAM 1... Sm.. of Sfa a handi e- VIRGINIA GLOVES SKINNER SILKS -RELAND GLOVES X MUNSING VVEAR Xxx X WARNER OORSETS Q. HAND MADE LAOES EVERFAST FABRICS X XX X 1 Page 230 A CLEAN S TOR Y A D oing Dry Cleaning that is the best O f the kind to stand the test. R eally old clothes brought in here, N ew we make them just appear. Cleaning to chase dirt away, L et us prove this fact to-day. Old clothes always are made new, N ow in a way just to please you. E Xpert service done on time, Y our clothes are cleaned sublime. L adies, gents, we re-new your clothes A nd in the way experts knows. U p-to-date facilities, too, - N ow to make your old clothes new. ID ainty work is done the best, R eally right your clothes are pressed. Y es, we help to do your bit, C lothes we clean make you feel lit. 0 ur phone is one, one, four. We please best of all. I Pg 31 The Latest In Photography PARSONS STUDIO Consistent With Good Taste See us for ELECTRIC IRONS CURLING IRONS GOLF BALLS TENNIS BALLS TENNIS RACQUETS McAllister's Market, Inc. DELICATESSEN Sz MEATS Make this store youri headquarters Hays Hardware CO' for all a spread needs to be different. Winchester Store 10th 8: Bdwy. Phone 244 Phone 147 808 Bdwv Mar. 23. Sunior Court tries the czunpus criminals. The Hall Sing Contest ond-. :1 h us y week. M:1'1'. 26. Cznnpuign lVcck. 'Tis the week of action for all youthful politicians :md budding artists. April 1. XV:xs only fooled twice. April 3. Election Day. NVQ learn to votc' in the morning and the results of our efforts that night. of wishes to thc officers of 1929! GREENSPONS Golumbiafs Most Exclusive Ready-To-Wear Shop Is Always Ready to Serve Stephens College Girls with the Latest in Chic Styles Page 233' Exclusive Millinery SATTERLEFXS and . Novelties Books Gifts at the WOMEN 'S EXCHANGE April 6 April 10 April 11 April 13 ive don our furs and go hoine for five days vacation. On our return we End spring much in evidence. Vcspers and the reminder that we have only six more weeks of school. The Seniors begin to dread the passing of this time and the Juniors are glad they can return. Stephensophia and Standard Staffs are announced. Congrats to our publication sharks! YELLOWAY SYSTEM IN C. Phone 2516 MISSGURI TRANSIT BUS CO. Phone 779 New Bus Depot Daniel Boone Tavern Building Page 234 Pan Hel formal in the gym which was nej oyed by everyone. Good music plus refreshments. April 20. The much looked forward to Dance Drama takes place and we all wish for a bit of the grace possessed by some of our talented fellow students. VVe attend our last group meeting of the year. Another mile stone of our journey. Vifhen You Think of Your Shingle or Bob Think of THE UNIVERSITY BARBER SHOP 11 S. Ninth It Pays To Look Vilell. A NA rfolv- wins ' INSTITUTION- JCP NN "quality-always at a saving " 708-10 Broa.dwa.y Columbia., Mo. QUALITY - - THAT IS WHY WE HAVE WASTE-BASKETS The trasli-bin is always larger than the strong-box. The waste- basket is usually twice the size of the letter-tray. Quality, or the lock of it is what determines the importance of everything in life, whether it is shoes or sermons, poetry or pigs. Some people claim that price is the most important consideration in our stores. They are wrong. No article ever crosses our counters that ha,sn't a backbone of Quality. Seconds, job lots, articles that won't Wear Well are too expensive in the long run for us to offer to our customers. Quality - always at a saving. This is more than 21 slogan with us. It is the fomiclation on which we built a successful business. 5-Zfa--7 Page 23'-7 THE DANIEL BOONE TAVERN 157 Rooms-90 Baths COFFEE SHOP AND CAFE Exclusive Popular Luxurious Drive Yourself Cars Low Rates on Country Trips COUPON BOOKS I2 Passengers for 31.00 60 Passengers for 3145.00 I or 2 Passengers, 25C 4. or 5 Passengers, goo n'n'u'n'n'n'n'n'u'n'u'u'u'n'n'n'u'u"n'u'n'n'h'n'u'u'n'u' 491 CAB CO. PHONE 491 BONDED AND lNSURED Safety First IS Year.: Sm'rc.vs I7 Passenger Bus for Special Occasions April 21. The Halls vie for honors ut the annual C. S. D. Council Fires. lir- freslnnents too. April 27. House l11Cf"ti1'lgS :md wc clout our next yours ll0llHC officers. April 30. Seniors sing on steps after a lovely vcspcrs. May 11-. The Seniors, ever nclvsxnc-ing, refrain from the usual l':1c'ulty nievting and stage il most clever "radio take oil." PECK'S DRUG COMPANY Columbiafs Leading Drug Shop Tennis Sa Golf Goods WHITMAN'S and MRS. STOVER'S IGUNGALOW UANDIES The Place 'Where You Fan H01 lf. Pa ge 226 r l l i CALL L. MODEL BAKERY for Fresh Pasteries M Rolls DWCQQ 19 N. 9th Columbia Here's your favorite, ALL H. J. SELLMEYER PRODUCE COMPANY Receivers and Distributors FRUITS and VEGETABLES. Quality always. 835 N. Third. st., sr. Louis, Mo. DRESSED UP, Nile wish to call your attention to the fact that if you cannot obtain Dimitt'S Maigic Touch from your home merchant, we will be glad to niziil you direct, 500 per ibottle, prepaid. You use an skin lotions NVl1y not use Diniittfs, made in dear old Coluni-biz. and by your friends. Dimitt's Inc. Barton Robnett, Pres. "Buch1'0ede1's Better Built Badges" J. A. BUCHROEDER 85 COMPANY Fraternity Jewelers lj6Sl0'1101'S of fine 'ewelry class rings iins and bad es D v 7 7 1 7 also exclusive designers of all college and university jewelry. STATIONERY FAVORS BAR PINS PROGRAMS PLA CTQUES BRACELETS ANNOUNCEMENTS DORINES Page 237 STOWE PHARMACY Phone 49 MONTAGS STIVDQIONERY CRANE'S CANDY 1MPoRTED NOVELTIES DRUGS h SUNDRIES 914 Broadway JUST YGU! Mere likenesses mean nothinf' to your friends-Your picture must have that elusive thing called "PERSONALITY" WESLEY BLACKMORE ST Y LE SHOP CoA'1'e AND wlmlfe Flxoolce ANID GOWNS Ready To Try On. Gifts for the Folks at Home Co1umbia,'s Leading Gift Shop A complete ZlSSO1'lf1I'lGlllL of gifts for every member of the family. We llll1'11lSl1CCl. Columbia, East, :md South Halls for Stephens College. Columbiafs Leading Gift Shop PARKER FURNITURE COMPANY Page 2 38 Electrical Gifts Curling Irons Smoothing Irons John L. Platt THE ELECTRIC SHOP Boudoir Lamps Parchment Shades Toasters Ph 829 17 S 9th PQ BANKING IS TO BUSINESS WHAT THE JUNIOR COLLEGE IS TO EDUCATION Our Women's department, conducted by college Women Who know your needs and problems, is merely one of our many means of meeting the needs of the college student. Wisdom is the attribute of Seniors. Prove yours by visiting and using the most up-to-date banking firm in Colum- bia. BOONE COUNTY TRUST OO DAVIS TEA ROOM Have dinner here before the show, Frm Delivery Across from the Red Campus YVHERE ALL STEPHENS BUYS HER FRUITS UNIVERSITY FRUIT CO. Fresh Fruits Of All The Seasons HEAD and JUDGE SHIRTS, TIES, SNVEATE Gifts for All Men A SCOTT'S BOOK SHOP YVhere Stephens, Buys Her School Supplies. RS Let us serve you always. 902 BROADVVAY May S. Our lust C. A. mass meeting program is truly a fitting one for the oc- eusion. May 11. The Class of '28 present "Ci-aig's VVife" and we hope that the class oi' '29 will have as fine dramatic ability as this play proved there is in '28. ESTES-PARKS The House of Fashion ALXVAYS THE NEWEST AND SMARTEST FASHIONS Page 24I HE VIRGINIA Bowling Lumber' Co. T It Established 1865 If you can drive nails in it, We have it." PHARNIACY If you need it- flmi fwe knofw it Ife hum' it. PHONE 2 STH 8 CHERRY Phone 72 + 109 S. 9th SIGOLOFFS LADIES ' WEARING APPAREL AVG: Invite You To Pay Us a Visit. Meet Your Friends In Our Ladies' Rest Room. THE EXCHANGE NATIONAL BANK Columbia, Missouri flxfliilllllixl' Federal Reserve Systemj RESOURCES fi5l,300,000.00 Your account always appreciated and given our DG1'SOUEl.l attention. "The Bank of Friendly Service" Quite rn suv SH elf" 1 fe '5 Page 242 - PRATHER BROTHERS DRUGS XVl191'C Stephens Meets and Eats A COMPLETE STOCK IN TOILET GOODS ,I TI-IE HERALD-STATESMAN PUBLISHING Co. STATIONERY Eat0n's best paper in the 'fancy box ur pound style, all with envelopes to match. PRINTING Anything from the smallest job to the big book. Offers For Your Selection PARTY GOODS Tallies, Place cards, Bridge sets, Favors and Playing cards. Greetiiig Cards fm' every oeezision EIVIBOSSING of F'raternity or Sor- ority crests or initial munograms. GIFTS Mottoes, Calendars, Line zi Day's Pen, Sets, Leather compacts. IZNGRAVING XVcdding Announce- ments, Invitations, Calling cards, and any commercial en- graving. THE HERALD-STATESMAN PUBLISHING Co. Sainples sent-Mail orders given Virginia, Building Columbia, Missouri May 1-11. Cfnnpus Service Division proves it's title by giving us :i party tonight. May 20. The Senior Tea was held at the country club. There were many guests present :ind we see the senior dignity on display. May QI. The .Iuniors register for next year while the mighty Seniors try on their dignified caps and gowns. May The Bookis Out! More surprises and oh, so much to see. Page 243 MR? B l QS iIi9S1n r W H6118 ma anal' X65 usfm waw a'19m5 nl f'TlQ'E 51 Ml 31.8 4 swf! 'an ff QNLNW FJ 1?1'f56'5"111e Im 1 YJ: S e Jr' OM W I 5 ,.,.. .... .. 1 ' EEEEESEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE: as-' 'J' 911- 'x ' 1 . ffiiff' Y 1: ggffl: 9 ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::1 X .' 'QQ L ' A "' , 4 "IIC A 'JH P' " Z- V -2222221t2::2::1:11: e ' T IEE' L 4 4.9 hai" Tk-it . 235255325225EEEEEEEEEEEESEE I :im 1 'L HQ' 2 " ' vw, N- ,' EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE p I Q., F3151 F - N33 K L w':?!w:..n , L ::::::::::::::::m:1 41 l, -" 4---- 2--H1 H V " ' :G 1 fmt!! --'- Hiwll' ',--A-fx. " r::r::1::::: ...44..4.....,,A4,A.A.AA .,.A.,,.4 A... ' H E if nf' M f nns Ga K xx K 2' 21" 5 Y X 'J R fe f will It's easy to To and rrom St LOUIS or any of the larger Cltles of 2 Oklahoma orTexas two fme fast trams The Llm lted and The Katv Flyer make It easy and comfort able to GO on the Katy O11 burnmg locomotlves orled Cdustlessl road bed and dmmg cars wlth an envlable reputatlon for tasty food and affable attentlon msure mlles of travel comfort MISSOURI 'KANSAS TEXAS 'LINES Page 2.14 y Serves all the A TEXAS A-'AST bn 53' x oldalloma 'ml G0 on the "Katy" . WMF IKGPAMKTRR 54RyEhBldgStL 2 "MAKE SURE OF THE YEARS AHEAD.. BANK SOMETHING REGULARLYH' Your Business YVi1l Bc Appreciated and Guardod. 71 Continuous Years of Banking. THE BOONE COUNTY NATIONAL BANK 1857 R. B. Price, President 1928 COLUMBIA'S DOMINANT CLOTHING W. J. PALMER STORE 7 6 ' ' PAINTS WALLPAPER Gpgdf' Q29 svxss s- BROADHEAD THE TAVERN DRUG STORE Heath 86 Lightner, Props. DELICIOUS TOASTED SANDWICHES Exclusive Agents For: GlLBER'l'S UHOCOLATES BUSY BEE CANDIES ELIZABETH ARDEN TOILET ACCESSORIES GREYHOUND MOTOR BUS LINES Oni' New Location 715 Broadway Find Style and Economy In Gifts, Millinery, and Ready-to-YVcar. YVl1c1'c You'1-c VVCICOHIC Wflletller You Buy or Not. KENNED Y'S 1005 Bdwy. Page 245 H. A. Dofy and R. J. Foerst P1'oprieto1's COLU1VIBIA'S DEPENDABLE DEPARTMENT STORE Dry Goods - Notions - Drug Sundries Hosiery - Underwear -Draperies Linoleum - Rugs - Window Shades Household Utilities HEADQUARTERS FOR LADIES READY-T0-WEAR COLLEGES, HOTELS 85 CAFES can obtain up-to-date and present day service from Sid Condict on all high grade, dependable equip- ment. Dollar for Dollar, hegvvill give you the greatest values, if you Will Write him, deliver your message to the West- ern Union or phone 124. SEDALIA, Mo. COLUMBIA DAILY TRIBUNE Furl. LEASIZD XVIRE Fon Assocxfxrian 452397 TRANSFER 8 Pknss SERVICE. COMPLETE LOCAL SERVICE University-Colleges City-County Stories, Comics, Fashions and many other features. H . . . Feat 1n e i" Sflffllll Sludcnt Rains ur gl S rvlce 51.25 jmr .vmne.rter. l 9 E I ll l F 1 I "Footwear For F ashionablesn May 25-5. Senior Va-spurs. Juniors don white and pay homage to the Seniors in honor of our last vespers together. May 26. The clever water play ends a busy day in a delightful way. May 27. Bac-c-:1laure:ite sermon at the church and Seniors feel the deepest ap- preciation of events of the past two years. Juniors aspire. May QS. Class Day is a review ot' all aceoniplislnnents with such features as the crowning of the May queen, Many guests present. -I , :Ls '. 1.7-if 45 , 4' -me T -' ESQ. '- BOSWELIJ'S5?' DR-Y GOODS AND READY TO NVEAR 1007-1009 Broadway Page 247 Established 1870 TAYLOR MUSIC 8: FURNITURE CO. Columbiafs Most Interesting Stores Music Store Furniture Store 101-03-O5 S. 9th st. 23-25 s. 9th st. This is a picture of the new l101l1G of the Central Dairy, Columbia, Mo., 1106 Broadway. It is considered by a great niany who have seen it, to be the finest Dairy building in the state of Missouri. Dairy products delivered from this plant are of tl1e hig'hest quality. Vile specialize in Milk, Cream, Cottage Cheese, Cultured Buttermilk, Ice Cream and Fruit Ices. Visit our plant often, you are always welcome. CENTRAL DAIRY Page 248 May 29. Tears, furewells, and cIep:u'tnrc's mzxrk the close of the seventy-first :1nnn::l Connncncement, For Seniors. 8 "The song is ended, but the munou lingers onf' Cleaners We Prmt PERIODICALS PRUGRANIS-PLACARDS PANIPHLETS-POSTERS RIDGEWAY PUBLISHING CO. 13 SO. fltll Phone 5381 just across from the P. O. THE GEM DRUG SHOP Known The Town Over For Its PROMPT SERV ICE COFRTEOUS TREATMENT FINE STATIONERY KEENLEY'S CHOCOLATE The Stephens College Drug Store Phone 777 Free Delivery TIES, SHIRTS, SWEATERS, RIDING TROUSERS, RAINCOATS AND SWIMMING SUITS FOR THE COLLEGE GIRLS The Latest in Style and Color Can Always Be Found Here. VICTOR BARTH CLOTHING Co. The Big Clothers Page 249 Ours Is 'The,Trade That .fervice .Made Everything For The School And Library MISSCDURI STGRES CQ. OPPOSITE UNIVERSITY LIBRARY COLUMBIA, - MISSOURI P115 The Home of K F R U It Is The Endeavor of STEPHENS COLLEGE To make the memorzes of her students happy memorzes Columbla MISSOHTI ' f ll .,, A 5 .x .R . A 4. ,I , xxx 1. ,X . 'v Page 252 :X"5TEp"fw :Q i l l AN Qsqzw affgv I w w mmf mm pmnwurmms or QUAILHW as well as We print exquisite stationery HENSOPHIA beautiful books like your STEP . W, Stephens lGomp any EQ Pa 53 2 1 N w WN. I , , N , I V E 1 j g w W4 1 Y I 1 Q A V 3, 47 5 'F HT,

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