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F' s K. xx gf-f , W5 - -.. ff ,X fs - - x f -Af' ,A rx MAMA ,Q w,1,g,.....,-.N.Qkgn'i.:,1m..-- ,hv.+v,f.v-sw ' ' , ray. . J ja-L ,Mai ,Q -aug ,rm ww-' 'lf if-SNK'-'w Q 1 9 n zffif, . .v 9 I X ,., , 'f A fa. fx. x. ef 'E 4 , , Jn. , V.-U' ,K m Uh .- dm 'fr Kd I ..r,1 , W 'Vs '.,.v J' Lf? ffl' A NS Sh fi sl 5? , ,M ii W - 5 -s-3 x A. 'YE 1 3 ,131 if sim 5.4 955! 1 J qv- ' if 2' .- sf 'L , 1 -, "" , 4? A w xi fix, , , "K" rr 473 1 . - ,cg 2 l " ' V I .,'A,y- D I ' fx f 44 +R .' .51-K' 2, M Q -1' A - Mu. - x , . M . I, .gk ' 'P ' ' . Lai! A "V ul?- , x A - P ' . 7 Yfigfi ' fr ' 'J fr: 4 ,Www . ,Ig X zzz! ,' ,l,, F: j' , : -Q, ,. ' 1 P X 5 S-1. k J. f , "1 ,V 1 , 'J .AQ ' , ' ,Ai KA 4 gf., , Ky: A F ' wr' V -' - . e. fi, v-111 5 " af2,4-14-1251 'K if 52 575 ,,:.u. X' W. il wiv 1- H ' L' ., -. 'Q '- sw- 1 ' f , , ME, A ' --fl ' ' N '1 X fr v. A-.J--.,. 3 2- - X - .V , I I, M . V ,uw , ,, , ,A,,,,7-,. .A , . , 7' 'bw-2..:w.m..-,., 1 Lu' , V .11 ,. ,,,, - , - -- ............, ,.-........4.,.A..,..,,,.. ' ,glhihd 1' "-f -.f'.'f-.':.'Q','5" a', sv! 1 - ,, t M H Y. ,,. A., H, -.,:,, -f5kf-- 1 ...-Arpt. , , - . ..-- ' f , , 'M ' ' V' "l w W 2-'W -1- , 'D "' j ' gg "'Q32j.1.'-""P15T" MTA- X-- M '- - f Y ' , , . t A Y , I wut. , 1 .. ,.,Hn.L,. ,M-,L490,f ,.,,5,i W -vw , Q -4 E? uw Qt x A E' ,Su 1 32 .Ji .Q"5 ' ,, in n ,Q 4. 4 MM. L , F ' ' ' ' ., 3, , Kg -1 . 'Q fx W, , - . 14 5, Y "'fulLL-.1 Y V ,..uL!,,i, I-1-Q3 4 -1 'i - 'li ' M W lk Q xg, . ,gm ' f af . x 1' if Q .A O-' 5 W-A A ' f 'I '91, V 1 . f av fs' 1 ',,., il g . nu at .Pi it 1 1 . V 15 x Am I , w- , A fi ' FW ' uf A '1 'H Q. ' r v -fx , , f . .," ,. 4 t ! ker- yq i , gr , H L" ff " A5 ,W iq wa :Q iff Q 1 ' , . ,, , win , N ' A , 'wi' -C' W' -I " x ' My ":.. s ix k 'B , fi' . f' R . ' i 'hr' yi , Q .ag if , 5 5 ,W ,, -4 f. . '.5s c ,P 6, M '1""x, 1' H. qc., i. Q , f V Q K W. ,+W- K Wi. , f, ' - , ,K Q -W ' N fe K, E xv ,F H ' V '54, x if -my .M W i, B' J . 9. 1 , sh Z 'ul .aw b .-9. k - k , P I " ' ., it -' f 1 if F I 'KQV Q My if i V I YK 5 i vi ,. ' yi " V wi- J ,Q 41 in N?" 5 , 4- fail- fy M:- ,, 1 T ,, V. it i A f'f:4'T"' 31' J Y '.-v 3 fn. U 'mx 2, PI-IENSOPHIA QPU' Idmfor - Grace War net' Busmcss Manager- Paulmc 31-CP1'L2iClS pM.!hQQ1!T1Nsmr Pusuc U EMR!! i " g I ,eat .. A V-5 23- THE STEPHE SUP I 1925 Rlblwlwd 1-,Y ru Stuilenqt' B dy f S e hens College olumlna. 6 . o 0 C ' Mo. D Page 3 51 531. 51" ,, -: Page 4 ,, -YR- "1Q-Aw SX-5' 1 Q-335 U-fx., .g.?.-r., , e A x JULIUS JEAN OPPENHEIMER, Ph D 4 an li fe 5. .5 3335 I P Eh! 9, . .- une: A , i , 'Ang'-':::h' V MID-CONTINENT PUBLIC LIBRARY IINIQVIIIMIQIMVIIMI Q1lMl!MIIK MID-CONTINENT PUBLIC LIBRARY Genealogy 8. Local History Branch 317 W. Highway 24 Independence, M0 64050 G E I gg . .. . Q 'QVHI I 4 r, jj. E. Gmopenheimer Q9ur5i111:ere zxhflizer emit helper in I I R I I iimes-za uf iruuhle sinh ennfwz'-inn, I nur helnfleh beam H1121 - nur entrwaieh frienh Ulqe 1925 Sieplqemanplqiar is rea-apeeifullg ' hehieaieh bg the staff. Page 5 E ' 95- 'M ., A W , 3 Q I fix. 93 i 6. Editor-in-chief ........ ....-. - ---GRACE VVARNEB Assistant Editor ........ ' ......-. ANNA TRIMBLE Business Matnager .............. -PAULINE STEPHENS - - LOUISE HIETT Assistant Business Dlcmagers ..... S KELIZABETI-I STANLEY ' Feature Editor ................ ANNE T. JOHNSON Associate Editors ............... SCLARA BEARDSLEE lMARY GORDON Art Editor ................... --GRACE JONES F if rf- ' af." Sei' ite' ' -"u.?"'::35' 3 ..s.l4.3?If:,,. --V- Page 6 'L we 19 QV fa Wifi' BOOKS 0 Bge asses 'C'gG.'D.lZE, 10115 C 'lVl LCS 0T0'Ct 'LCS CS. UYBS . , . -:ff 5-TQ ff: 'Zi' 51 4 T Q C11 JF tr Pg7 , ,-' 1... s. ,lu v T: fm . . - ' PM Q 1552 A .,... -. , V '-35531. ...e-4, -+1-'1-' , If ,.- . , 4 . 1 l' BBW RD As We leave Stephens College campus our hearts grow sad, for We realize that the years just passed are the happiest We have ever eXper1eneed, and W1th the eXeept1on of a few, they are the happlest We shall ever spend But Wrth us We carry our rnemorres through Whreh We may aga1n l1VC those beloved days and through vvh1eh our sp1r1t l1ves on Here, 1n these pages We have tr1ed 1n the best Way possrble to br1ng to gether and preserve those assoe1at1ons Wh1eh have been dear to our College 1 e . f . L . 7 A 4. , lf . g ' - if ii e'.- 1 . 1 . - ' ..s.uff,,,, , V . V X f sf X 0 ' s.0 , 'Llw 'Q ,S-, 0 fo wlv if' Lolfeqe - 4 lx V! H I! , iw 1 A gk iiiigff ' A' if v Ill k f, V .A-, QV!! i f '- Q 5 Q W ,X Q 5 la, ' , ev' 4, 'A L 12'9l5f'3"fQ,E'f "xl1M."'f1L'. g"7fEf."' ' A:""' 2 "WV '- Ll' "Qf..w"5 , Z A , H51 I ,u.Q1.' 114- , 1 . .-1. k .. 3,225 , 'r ig t ff,,f",vV ..ffW1.13,k . 1 A, l Y , 0, . , ,7,l..:A:5. if . in fill ' Q - ' M f 'f -1 1" Tfffaiiiff. J r ,Pa 1 mx. P 1 A Mu ff! ,- . 1' 1 ,134 '- ' 4 PM fe" 1- A, yr iff, Q' - wa- ' a .a.-4 rm: fQw-Q! - Aff. 'KT' . 5 M 1 A F, F'r"Q?A ij: , Tl' ,. 11-"vw" . Q -Ma . .-rw M 11- ., ,I .. , 1, ,ii my , fy A ' .. ,, 4 , 11 X ga A .4 , x 1, , .H t v . L.. 3. M, 'bl , .. .l. Mahi 3 -, ,-UQL , .,. 1 , , 4 ,413 - avi' - , 'Y ' 4 ., M., x c Mu.. ,-A .',.w 1 Q .:., .-f..g,,v: .sw g :J-1'-' Wia- ,,. "' .5311 My W4 1 N-ff wA'4.Y'-wifi Arfuib fe- x f A 3'iNJ19!mrRX!?d?i:Xix m f ga. f. - W V ff flf f f Q JUL, . 1 .Nw 1 f ': L. fr y 92 ,cv ,f I +0 Ax ORN NDN X4 1 " 1. X: Q, yn X X g Q ,g -:xv ff W N A -5 'af S4 , I Wqw - MX. ff. if-, ,,, , f ,K - A , 1. f :Za f, hw -4 pf'-WN Z wwf ,, f 'Vg x K WINTER ON THE CAMPUS 2 X X fi M ,f 1721, ,, 2??iif5Q"' -. Qi fu ' fi 5, , - 4, , ff ,. . -f , 3 . K ,,'r Ak ,. 3, 1. , fn fyf 4 f 'ar f 1 7 f I ' ,, ' I 'X ' 'aff f ff .X fw f ,' ' I. , ,jf , f 1,1 W! NX K 'N VKX AXX NNN NN xv K .,.. .125 lk f?i?i2R'.:?ifl75Jl'ZN':7K,: ,Asn --Y. ,. 1, ww 1 N-...M ,--,-. . eff -f,.r4?iYi1"91i-'5"'i"!?XZh-S-.K-H'??..'fJsf2-LAY.-,f3',j fx'-iw -x.A ,., 1 ffjfh. 2 gif i2'2f?2fl 5165 I wfwacv .' gg.,-, ,lv ,,,, Ah f ff'f5i61 1 Ny - 244, T, 52134 ' , ' I 9 kk x.-sf .- . Q .MN X414 -- XSM .' i 2 5 1 Z 2 Z . 2 E 5 5 s 2 5 5 E 5 3 2 5 3 Z 1 Z 2 5 X i ! 5 s I I 5 2 I Pagf I7 J wwf:-an V , - ,, K 1 Q. . a , ,mf f ' -I f 1" if X S vx 4 . ,- . , ,W Y ,Wg W. Ft?" x.,.wf- 43' A K K, 1' JAMES BIADISON VVOOD, A. B., B. S., A. M. President Page 19 HELEN ANDERSON R. ANTOINE 1 ,Z Fine Arts Instructor zn Instrumental Muszc Inftructor i Page 20 1 PEARL BEAUCHAMP RUTH BOGART U Pfvffffvf of Lat1n Catalog Librarian 'D J ' 1 I XVUXI IRENE BOYER Mugs. J. M. Woon Inyfrugfor in Expfgmion Member of fldministratifve Board HELEN BRELOS JESSIE LOGAN BURRALL Inxfrucfor in lfozce Dzrecior of Religious Educazfion Page 21 .DJ x ,s .iv 5 K f P? xuo. X MN R4 ,5 M - 'f V x E KXA5 R x S I kj MS X. I , ,.. . THEODOSI5 CALLOWAY. MARJORIE CARPENTER Professor of Matlzematzfs Instructor in Latin Pago IVI'-XRY CH -XNIDLER A , U U ' DR. WERRETT VV. CHARTERS I7I5f7'1lCl'0l' 171 Home Nzzrszng Di,-eflor of Rgjganh 99 i l , W i V V I GENEVA DRINKWATER RUTH R. CURRY Q l Inslructor in Biological Science Profesmr 0lL H1-'f0"J' N Q 1 z 5 MRS. MAMIE E. DUEEORD LOUISE DUDLEY ' Profgyyor of Engligh Imlruclor in Plano and Theory I Page 23 GRACE ECKELBERRY KATHERINE FARRAH Instructor in Piano 171-9lfUCf0" 171 V019 Director of Comerwatory and Pago 24 BASIL QS.-XUNTLETT RUTH GOODSBQITH l 1 U Instrurtor in Piano and Theory Profexsor of Plano N - RUTH GRAHAM E V PATIENCE PIAGGARD Imffllffof W Food-V Instructor in English Literature WILMA D. HAYNES ETHEL MAE Hmm, Profesfor of Physical Education Inxtructor in Physical Education Page 25 ,, , ALIDA HURTUBISE . ' ROY IVAN JOHNSON u n Instructor in English COWPO-Wflon Professor of Englzsh C0111P0-'U1071 MARY XVQINSTON JONES if U v MARGUERITE JUDO KW Instructor in Secretarial lffork Instructor in Physical Efiucalion Page .26 .S- JOHN B. KYD I VALBORG LELAND Instructor in High School Subjects Instructor in Violin 1 1 1 3 I S I ELLASUE LEMMON DORCAS LINDSAY Instructor in Education Nurse 2 Page 27 MARY ASBURY MYCKAY Instructor in Social Science LYCIA MARTIN Inxtructor in Psychology Page 28 MR. ELMER MCKAY Instructor in Social Science J. J. OPPENHEIMER Dean of tlzg Faculty EULALIE PAP12 Instructor in Modern Languages GRACE PEMBERTON Professor of Education MAURINE PARKER Instruflor in Public Speaking DOROTHY PROCTOR Insfructor in Foods Page 29 L... H 1 W . , . ,,,,, ,. , , .... , ..,. , A 4 Rl LAURA SEARCY Instructor in English Composition Instructor in Clothin TH ETA SEARCY E ELIZABETH STOCKTON Inslrurtor in Spanish C0llggg.Pl1y5i5ia71 Page 30 DR. J. E THORNTON H. S. WALTER IVHARIANNE WHITAKER Secretary P Professor of Frerzffz ' Q MOLLIE WHITE EVA VVINEGARDEN Instructor in Cfzemzstry Irfffructor in Piano Page 31 FRANCES RUML HELEN PROCTOR Administrative Seffetdfy Secretary of Religious Department MRS. ELLA HOLT JESSIE KYD lwflfffm Postmistress Page 32 I LUCILLE GUNN BERNICE HARRIS Asszstant in Dean? Ojfce , L.,,. J Axsixtanl in Dean? Oyfife i ELIZABETH G. COURTNEY STELLA HAGAN Axsistanf Secreiary Buffaf Pagff 33 Page 34 THE OLD MAROON AND GOLD Oh, to Stephens, dearest Stephens, Our thoughts will ever turn, On thy altars, Alina Mater, The fires shall ever burn, And all thy dearest mem'ries Our hearts will sacred hold, We pledge our true allegiance To the old Maroon and Gold. Through the busy days of striving, Midst the laughter and the tears, Day by day our hearts are learning 'To conquer all our fears, And when the tasks are ended, And when our lives grow old, More fondly shall we-love thee, Love the old Maroon and Gold. To achievement, joy, and conquest V Our steps we onward bend, But our gayest, gravest moments Fond thoughts to thee will lend, WVe'll never cease to love thee And, as thy fame is told, VVe'll stand steadfast and loyal To the old Maroon and Gold., Lf lge 35 LAURA COLBY BARRETT President of Civic Association I l i E I w F Page 37 Fi I Pa ge 38 CIVIC ASSOCIATION CABINET Top TOWV+ALLISON, CANNADAY, CARRIGAN Second row-BARRETT, BLOKER Third IOXV-KEENS, BECKER, FAUDREE f 4 L 'V A I 1 1 F .1 Q Ll 2 J ' l ,fn IP 4' ,4 I 1 1 A ,pl fa. M CIVIC ASSOCIATION President ------ - ---LAURA BARRETT Vi06'P7'6Si0l611f--- .... ---GENEVIEVE BLOKER SeC"6tfl1'y ----------- ------..-...-. - BERTRAM CANNADAY T1'eaSw'er -------................. ..... E DITH BECKER The Civic Association represents a government in miniature. The entire student body corresponds to the people of a country, and they become members automatically with their entrance into Stephens. Tihe organization of the Civic Association carries on the student administration of the college. Tlhe executive power is vested in a cabinet which settles questions of student policy. It consists of the President, Vice- President, Secretary and Treasurer of the Association, and the presidents of the four large divisions of the college :-Student Governmlent Division, Student Activity Board, Religious Activity Divisions and Pan Hellenic Council. Every organization on campus is directly connected with one of these divisions which is centralized in the main controlling body, the Civic Association. . ' Legislature is a body presided over by the Vice-President and comprises the members of cabinet and a representative from each group of eight or ten girls in every house on the campus. Through this medium every girl has a direct part in the administration and can offer constructive ideas to the central body through her representative, and receive the suggestions from the Faculty and the student ad- ministration board. , A At student Assemblies which are held once' a week, each girl is again brought in touch with the ideals and problems of the organization. Every student law mustube passed by legislature, the groups, and then accepted, by the student body in mass meeting before it can become effective. The Secretary of the Association, besides the usual recording of concise minutes is supervisor for the Census Bureau in which the activities of every girl and the number of points due her, are kept. No girl can hold more than fifteen points, thereby bringing out the abilities of many girls rather than a few. A V , The Treasurer is chairman of the Social Calendar committee which plans for all student activities. I H The Association was established to develop leadership in its members and to ,prepare each one for efficient service in larger communities with an intelligent knowl- edge of the organization of local, state and national government. School spirit is fostered through the ideals of coopera.tion with fellow students. Page 39 l i LEGISLA TURE Chai,-man -------,---. -.,-,.... ......... G E NEVIEVE BLOKER In the Civic Association, the Student Organization of Stephens, every girl is not only represented in its government, but has a definite time and place to express her opinion on the rules and regulations under which she lives. That is the purpose of the groups and legislature. The halls are divided into groups of from 12-1,5 girls and for each group there is a group leader. These representatives sit in legislature in conjunction with the: members of the Civic Association Cabinet, the Vice-President of Civic Association being chairman of- Legislature. This year the purpose of Legislature has been three-fold: First: To intake laws and perform all other duties given to itin the Civic As- sociation Constitution. ' Second: To be a school in leadership. T At Legislature meetings we have had talks by students and faculty on the qualities of a leader. These qualities have been adapted to the work of the group leader and along with other suggestions on "how to be a. good group leaderi' have been compiled into a booklet which will be given to all the group leaders next year. Third: To foster constructive policies on the campus. Page 40 I . h I " sz "" ' "'i- "7 " 5 32119: 0 Q .XV ,I .5 :,rw ' 1 -' E ' "- 'xc qv. I 5 4+ -4 45:3 ig . f 4 xg :ul ' 3 1 W A H. FUNK D.'ALLISON H. VON BOSTON P. MUEGGE I STUDENT GOVERNMENT DIVISION Prwivlent ..-.......................... - DOROTHY ALLISON Vice-President -- - ...... HELEN FUNK Secretary ..... ......... P AULINE LIUEGGE Treasurer ............................ HELEN VON BOSTON The Student Government Division' is the Organization to which the students have entrusted the supervision of Order on the campus. To the members of this organization has been assigned the maintenance of the established law and Order of the School, but tO each individual has been delegated the maintenance of the standard of honor which is the basis of all law and order. It is a form: of ,govern- ment which will work Successfully only when each individual feels responsible not only for her own ideals and actions, but for those of the other girls with whom she comes in contact every day. I ' Student GOvernmlent's real business is not merely to act as a court System to inflict penalties, but rather to act as a training school for citizenship SO- that every girl may know ,what kind of Service will be expected of her when She leaves college. O The aim of Student Government Division for the past few years has been to build up a public Opinion in favor of the policies of the division so there will be the least need of penalties. Page 41 STUDENT ACTIVITY BOARD President ........ Vzce-Preszdertt ....... ....---- ----- Secretary ........ Treasurer- - ......... .---.-- ----- - Sponsor ......... BIILDRED MAGEE DAISY WHITMEYER GERALDINE HALL VIOLET HARDTNER VENEVA DURFEE TI-IELMA VVICKERS JEWEL BARR ELIZABETH FISHER BIARIAN BENEDICT H------,,-,,,,-- DORQTHY CARRIGAN TlHELlNIA VICKERS --an--U,----,- JEWEL BARR ELIZABETH FISHER -----..-..---NlISS MARJORIE CARPENTER Representatives MARTHA BURKEHOLDER FRANCES HARDY - BERT SHOEMAKER GERTRUDE BRAUN FRANCES ARCULARIUS HELENA Roos HELEN DURRUM THELMA KIRKPATRICK Fach club, including honorary sororities, sends a representative to serve on the board, the primary duties of which are: to define the aims and functions of the various organizationsg to indicate a proposed program for each for the purpose of establishing a precedent for student activities on the campus 5 to supervise all activities and to exercise intermediary control over organizations in regard to time and place of meeting and special stuntsg to specify methods for the maintenance of certain standards and to foster or reject new organizations. Page 42 E. SUTHERLAND ' L. FAUDREE. A. ADAMS E. NUss , RELIGIOUS ACTIVITY DIVISION Prwident ...-............................ LEOLA FAUDREE Vice-President --- .... -- ELIZABETH SUTHERLAND Secretary ....... ...... A DRIENNE ADAMS Treasurer .................................... ELSIE Nuss The Religious Activity Division is one of the newest divisions on the campus. It was organized in the Fall of 1924+ as a. large head under which all religious ac- tivities might function. The Y. -W. C. A. is the largest organization in the care of the Religious Activity Division. As one of the most active organizations on the campus, the Y. W. C. A. maintains loan funds, carries on social service work, both on and off the campus, conducts a Tea Room, and off ers practical opportunities for service and for spiritual growth. The Y. W. A. 'or Young Womien's Auxiliary, also is a working factor in the Religious Activity Division. During the past year it has held monthly group meet- ings at the homes of various Baptist women of Columbia, as well as Weekly meetings on the campus. It is an organization mainly for the purpose of discussing, practical problems on the campus and spiritual problems connected with college life. Page 43 SAWYER FLEET KEENS KAYS LONGMUIR WATERMAN KELTNER ' ROSEGRANT ST. CLAIR PAN HELLENIC COUNCIL P1-65-idemf -,,,,,, ' ,.,- ..-,,.. - .-.. ' .... N IARION KEENF Vice-President M' ..,. ........... F RANCES SAVVYER Secretary -,,,, ........ C LARA LOGAN FLEET Treasurer ,,..... --- - .... L--- ALICE L. WATERMAN "5 Faculty Adviser .......................... MISS STOCKTON The organization of Pan Hellenic Council exists on the campus for the pur- pose of granting charters to new sororities, and regulating and conducting the policies and activities of sororities. Pan Hellenic Council is composed of one representative from each of the nine social sororities on the campus. It governs all inter-sorority miattersg regulates rushing, application and pledgingg and has the right to take away active member- ship from a, girl who is not living up to the standards set for a Stephens sorority girl. The rankings of the sororities in scholarship and citizenship are posted at the end of each six weeks period, thus helping to promote better scholarship and citizenship of sorority girls. This year Pan Hellenic granted permission to two new groups to operate as sororitiesg these groups naming themselves the Phi Phi Phi sorority and the Gamma Delta Phi sorority. Page 44 1 I , ' ,ri N I . bf. - C5 1, r ' , ' ' . , . N'-. . . -. 4 , . x . rf, '--Q:."'- x I '-T 1,'vc'.l.' 551' - . H fr Q, 5 ,-:w.3.,z:. ,sux V A :sg-".."nrf' 'a .' I 111. 'I' q'.,,n. f ' -'Q.V,,Q'.f, C 5 ' M ' ' ' -5 I a .- l ' -u ' 3-'f:f'l. , . . pf.- .t- '97x..' , ' :Tile n l A . - TW: I X I k n 747 ,.,,.,,,, xlV 7 cows.: j m k 1' 1 Ji dal KO 's .,. 3 f X ji. N V :E Upo R ' 51992 G .Q V . -1: Ev ' Q, , .5233 'H NK 4,50 ,V I Q1 f v .-A mvff i Q " , X Q IF H, E n .1 .dur-7-W N Page 45 if s. , if .J ' Q h I if y M: X' X be T1 .-Z a' f gf R l IJATTA GREGORY DURFEE GILBERT SENIOR CLASS Pregident--4 -,,--. ...... H ELEN GREGORY Vice-President ......... - - - DOROTHY GILBERT Secretary-Treasurer ...... --- CAROLINE LATTA A S, A. B. Representative .................... VENEVA DURFEE Besides the various activities that were theirs by inheritance to carry on, the Seniors of 1925 made -new contributions to Stephens life and attemspted to raise old and new standards toward which future classes would strive. I The plans of the class were ably carried out by the newly created executive com- mittee under the chairmanship of Frances Klein. There were the 'KKeep off the Grass" campaign, the tremendously successful Senior play, and the Faculty Take-Off. The monthly formal dinners were the fruit of the ingenious minds of '25g and it was those same minds that conceived the idea of placing the purple and gold Hag on the summit of Stephens-in spite of Junior opposition. The final class gift to the school was a painting of President VVood. It is the hope of the Class that others to come will carry on the Stephens Spirit, more gloriously as the years go ,byg and that others may gain hope from its storv long after the purple and gold banner has ceased to proclaim the spirit of the girls who were loyal to old '25, - Page 46 JOAN ABSTON, 111 9 K, Z 1' I', Z M E ' Independence, Mo. President of Zeta Mu Epsilon, Y. W. C. A. MARY MARGARET ADAIR, E I X 603 S. Main St., Clinton, Mlo. Y. W. C. A., Ir. League of WVomen Voters, Hi Beta Steppo. ADRIENNE ADAMTS, CID 9 K, E I X 305 W. Cherokee, Okmulgee, Okla. Big Sister Chairman, Y. W. C. A. DOROTHY AIKINS, A P A . Winterset, Iowa Curtain Raisers, Hypatia Hexagon, Y. NV. C. A. I VERNA MAE ALFORD, I' A fb St. Louis, Mo. Y. W. C. A. . DOROTHY ALLISON, fb 9 K, A P A 731 Okmulgee, Okmulgee,-Okla. Pres. of Student Government Division, Hy- patia Hexagon, Sorores Arvales, Y. W. C. A., J. L. VVl. V. EILEEN ANDERSON, i Green Ridge, Mo. Hi Beta Steppo. WILHELMINA ANDREWS, K A if 602 N. Third St., Mlf:Alester, Okla. Curtain Raisers, Athletic Association, Hi Beta Steppo, Legislature. Y . . I 75 wi yi 5 fu-bi' Sl' A otxitfi' 4LL1f'- . .- Q ,. H Y -A ,fx Y , ' l .f' .1 "l I X ' 1 I , lupeovq . s I' u Jw 'J' ll , y I iab.r.nB- Page 47 Page 45 FRANCES ARCULARIUS, I K A C11 ' Joplin, Mo. Glee Club, S. A. B., Hi Beta Steppo, J. L. W. V. HELEN JANE BAKER, E I' T Centralia, Mb. Y. W. C. A., Hi Betla Steppo. ' LGRENE BAKER, ' X A ' . Green Ridge, Mo. Hi Beta Steppo, Y. W. C. A. JOSEPHINE BARNES, . A ' Memphis, Mo. MARY BARNES, , Duncan, Okla. Y. W. C. A., J. L. W. V., Home Economics Club. ' JEWELL BARR, 9 T E I 303 N. Pecan St., Nowata, Okla. S. A. B., Curtain- Raisers, A. A., Y..W'. C. A. LAURA COLBY BARRETT, H T 1' Williams Bay, Wis. Pres. of Civic Association, A. A., Art Club, Y. W. C. A., Life Saving,Corp's. AVIS BEAUMAN, E 1' I' I L Pawhuska, Okla. . . W. V. EDITH BECKER, CID 9 K, A P A , r Belton, Mo. Treasurer of Civic Association, A. A., Cur- tain Raisers, Y. W. C. A. ' . ANNIE D. BELL, B E O . Shreveport, La. A. A., Hi Beta Steppo, Volley Ball Team, Hockey Team, Y. W. C. A., J. L. W. V. MARIANNE BENEDICT, CIP 9 K, E I' F, A P A 706 Maple Ave., Shenandoah, Iowa French Club, J. L. W. V., Hiypatia Hexa- gon, S. A. B., Standard Staff. GWENDQLYN BENTLEY, 2 r F, K A cb Bosworth, Mo. Y. W. C. A. GRACE BERKLEY, A 'r Colorado Springs, Colo. EGENEVIEVE BLOKER, kb 6 K, E 1' T, 9 T E . . 600 Carleton Ave., Caruthersville, Mo. Vice-president of Civic Association, J. L. VV. V., Art Club, Y. W. C. A. RIITH BLOIOMER, H T F Kansas City, Mo. Y. W. C, A., International Relations. ALMA GERTRUDE BOYLE, AP A ' ' 38 S. Adam St., Henderson, Ky. I. L. W. V., A. A. 1 Page 49 Page 50 MARGIE BRATTEN, Z M E Peculiar, Mo. Eastern- Star Club, Y. W. C. A. GERTRUDE EMIILIE BRAUN, cb o K, 2 r r Sabetha, Kan. S. A. B., Y. VV. C. A. MlARTHA BLISS BURKEHOLDER, E I' I' Trenton, Mo. Hi Beta Steppo, Y. W. C. A., J. L. W. V., S. A. B. RUTH CALDWELL, K A 'fb ' Vivian, La. International Relations. , RUTH CAMERON, 6 T E Rolla, Mo. Y. W. C. A., I. L. WL V., Curtain Raisers. BERTRAM CANNADAY, ' Houston, Mo. Secretary of Civic Association, Y. W. C. A., J, L. W. V. MARGARET LEE CARLYLE, fb 9 K, 11: cp-fr: Chula, Mo. Y. W. C. A., J. L. W. V., Hi Beta Steppo. RUTH CARPENTER, Carthage, Mo. Y. W. C. A., Hi Beta Steppo. DOROTHY ANN CARRIGAN, E I X Sandoval, Ill. Pres. of S. A. B., Y. W. C. A., Curtain Raisers, International Relations, Legislature. GLENELLE CASSITY, B E O 817 N. Okmulgee, Okmulgee, Okla. A. A., Curtain Raisers, Y. W. C. A., I. L. W. V., Standard Staff. ISABELLE CHAPPLE, ' B E O Little Rock, Ark. Y. W. C. A., Hi Beta Steppo, Hypatia Hexa- g0I'l. 'I Q HELEN LUCILLE COOPER, ' 'I Oklahorna City, Okla. Y. W. C. A., I. L. W. V., Home Economics Club, Legislature. HELEN M. cooPER, e T E 305 H. N. VV., Miami, Okla. Y. W. C. A., Hi Beta Steppo, Curtain Raisers. MILDRED COOPER, 9 T E 2731 N. Main St., Dayton, Ohio. Legislature. MIABLE CUNNINGHAM, R 2 P F, B 2 0 Carthage, Mo. MILDRED DAVIS, A P A Fort Scott, Kan. Athletic Association, Hi Beta Steppo. l . Ty' P l 1 I if l I x l V l K' if I Lid, sal.. UC .Lui ' 1135 .5 Q: if 'L . X 1 V .-.-,A , grwxqrgm . ,U ,, v, ,X . Xu, X.k . .J I gif f... grit: -L5 ' A , . 1 11- f I , -4 .. .. g.2v,...'L'i ,. ,f -,,.. Z W-92 47W1.QJ 17 fifffbffw- il. 7x09 A- ll fm Page 51 Q-ZXJSZ.-ff' OIC - .af-4? 'J-df" If: Q 1 1: l ll Page KATHRYN DAWSON, CP 9 K, H T 1' I607, S. Elwood, Tulsa, Okla. President of Phi Theta Kappa. MARIE DECKER, F A 'I' 428 Marion Ave., Wlebster Groves, Mo. RUTH EARP, 119 qi fb Carrollton, Mo. Y. W. C. A., J. L. W. V. FRANCES EATON, 9 T E Miami, Okla. Y. W. C. A., J. L. W. V., International Re- lations. ' ROBERTA ELY, ' A P A ,690 Princeton Place, St. Louis, Mo. Y. VV. C. A.. Curtain Raisers, Home Eco- nomics. MARGARET ENGLAND, 9 T E 1436 Luce St., Cape Girardeau, Mo. Home Economics Club, J. L. W. V. J LQUISE ENSIGN, B 2 0 Herington, Kan. Hi Beta Steppo, Y. W. C. A., Curtain Raisers, J. L. W. V. ANNA MAUDE EVANS, H T r 1012 Cooper St., Glenwood Springs, Colo. Curtain Raisers, International Relations, J, L. Wl. V., Y. W. C. A. A ' 'V I Quik -' l. P' . . EJ. wi E Q I fb., . g ' if -'-'51-in blk ,L bw- "'1sf-Vi, Hannibal, Mo. Q.. 1 ' ,fi ' A 5 Hlome Economics Club, Y. W. C. A., S. A. B., X x J' 2, "NVQ Hi Beta Steppo. Xa" 1- 1... J X mp- ' ALICE FITZGERALD, Z M E l lm ii A Kent, Iowa Hypatia Hexagon, J. L. W. V., Y. W. C."'A. CLARA LOGAN FLEET, 1 E I X I BURNICE EVANS, Neosho, Mo. J. L. W. V., Y. W. C. A. BERTHA EVANS, Greenfield, Mo. Athletic Association, Y. W. C. A., Home Eco- nomics Club, J. L. W. V. BERENICE FALK, Clarinda, Ia. Hypatia Hexagon, J. L. W. V., Hi Beta Steppo, Y. W. C. A. LAURALEEN FARNHAM, E 1' F, 9 T E Duncan, Okla. ' Y.'W. C. A., J. L. W. V. LEOLA MAY FAUDREE, 115 9 K, 9 T E I Cairo, Ill. pjqljk President of R. A. D., J. L. W'. V., Inter- Av O, Us Jxnational Relations. ,H '.. ' 5. . New Franklin, Mo. Pan Hellenic Council, Curtain ,Raisers, I. L. , W. V. Y-.Jl!'1,!Llj W1 ,ULF . ' , , , M .4 X ffffifff I I0 ff?" Azifff' CL,fLf,f.f,ff n ca .wifi if Lzffzplglj .1f.lf".ffLJf1": ive ' . Fwgieeseki . 'fi ,4 If . , V , , x., . f ,- '. 'F . "' MARY FOCKELE, K A fi? Ottawa, Kan. Y. W. C. A. K MILDRED FQUSHEE, , Strand, Okla. Y. W. C. A., Hi Beta Steppo, Athletic As- sociation. LOUISE' FRANKENFELD, B E O 'Winfield, Kan. Hi Beta Steppo, J. L. W. V. HELEN W. FUNK, 9 T E Festus, Mo. Q Student Council, Y. Wl. C. A., I. L. W. V., Curtain Raisers. DOROTHY GILFILLAN, I Milton, Iowa Art Club. RUTH GREEN, K A 112' Bloomlield, Mo. J. L. W. V. MARGARET GREIFE, K A CID Windsor, Mo. Athletic Association, J. L. W. V. HAZEL GREMP, E I X Dixon, Mo. LOUISE I. GROSS. Boonville, Mo. Song Leader, Y. W. C. A. MTARION GRUPE, 1 - T A CID Burlington, Iowa Art Club. ALICE IHADLEY, K A ff Gladstone Blvd., Kansas City, Mo-. Athletic Association, Y. W. C. A. CARMbEN HALEY, Greenville, Moi FRIEDABELLE HIALEY, H T' 17 1o1o W. 17th St., Oklahoma City, Okla. Y. W. C. A., Athletic Association, J. L. W. V. MARY MAXINE HALL, A, 'P Bloomfield, Iowa Y. WI. C. A. ' JOSEPHINE HAY, 2 1' P, 9 T E Rock Springs, Wyo. Y: W. C. A., Hi Beta Steppo, International Relations. HELEN HENDRICK, 11 A 4? Route 2, Columbia, Mo. Home Economics Club, AY. W. C. A., J. L. W. V. Page 55 ' "" ll gr. . .. . .. Il :xi up Ni it l li ,. I l l l l I fl, , b 11' ' 1 ,il mx by Qllwfiwpe i 'V' l-..f. My lwf""'N gfgdfjf' v 1 W . r. i c r- 'N Q. WL' Km ,I ll K Pg lg' I ,J -lf! . V., j ly I .Auf rg.. . i1L"HiiP"Ni. . gi. . - ,, l l il I i I i 5 I l Page 50 l I MIRIAM HENDRICKS, H T 11 Oklahoma City, Okla. MIARGUERITE HENLEY, 118 W. Newton Ave., Eldon, Mo. Y. W. C. A., Hi Beta Steppo, Home Eco- nomics Club, J. Y. W. V, ' LAURA HERD, Higginsville, Mo. J. L. W. V. RUTH HIBBS, I 2 I X I Smithland, Ky. Art Club, Vice-President of Burrall Bible Class. BETTY HILL, E I X 3700 E. 63rd St., Kansas' City, Mo. Curtain Raisers, Athletic Association. I, HELEN HONE, K A fb Knox City, Iowa J. L. Wl. V., Hi Beta Steppo. ELIZABETH HXOPKINS, Hickman Mills, Mo. J. L. W. V., Hi Beta Steppo, Y. W. C. A. CAROLINE HooK, ' A fp, o T E Cameron, Moi. Y. W. C. A., J. L. W. V., Standard Staff, President of Delta Phi. HELEN HOSKINSON, 922 W. 12th St., Oklahoma City, Okla. W'ILMA L. HUMPHREYS, 729 Cory Ave., Jennings, La. J. L. W. V., Curtain Raisers, French Club, Y. W. C. A. 'L . GLADYS INGLISEH, Chilhovvee, Mo. Y. W. C. A., Eastern Star Club, Standard Staff, J. L. W. V., International Relations. ELIZABETH JENKINS, Slater, Mo. Hypatia Hexagon, Athletic Association. JOY JOHANNES, A P A Columbia, Mo. Curtain Raisers. ELOISE JOHNSON, B 2 0 Y Greenwood, Miss. Y. W. C. A., J. L. W. V. S I JESSIE A. JONES, ' qw df fr ' ' Belton, Mo. Hi Beta Steppo, Athletic Association, J. L. W. V., Home Economics Club, Legislature. RUTH JONES, V J Cameron, Mo. Y. W. C. A., J. L. VVl. V., Athletic Association, Latin Club. l I .J 1 ,fx-Qu,-v-2 wirgdri J"'f E QMJ. 'Yr-J 'Ra Jbwl .gffffi GWCX, wt lv!-1,4 I ' 911.11-fl QUIZ, ,lfarfg I if Page 57 wi-' o 1 W, . tsfi. I ,if'fi3'5f'..f I Jvfdxwttf Page 53 MARTHA KAYS, K A 'P Bixby, Okla. Y. W. C. A., Pan Hellenic Council, Athletic Association. -' LESTER KEATHLEY, F A 'P Ironton, Mo. Y. W. C. A., Sorores Arvales, Hi Beta Steppo. MARION KEENS, H To I' Sedalia, Mo. President of Pan Hellen-ic Council, Home Ec- onomics Club, International Relations, Y. W. C. A. I MARION KELLY, E F I' West Frankfort, Ill. Sorores Arvales. LILLIAN KELTNER, I' A KID Joplin, Mo. Y. W. C. A., Athletic Association, Curtain Raisers. BOBO KERR, K A CID Bentonville, Ark. Legislature. ' RUTH KIMES, Clinton, Mo. Home Economics Club, Y. W. C. A. OLGA KING, Muskogee, Okla. THELMA KIRKPATRICK, fi, 9 K Keota, Iowa J. L. W. V., Y. WL C. A., S. A. B. . FRANCES KLEIN, APA 838 W. 34th St., Oklahoma City, Okla. President of Delta Rho Alpha, Hi Beta Steppo, Art Club, Riding Club. EUNICE LAM?SON, H T I' Neosho, Mo. Y. W. C. A., Art Club, Curtain Raisers, Ath- letic Association, French Club. FRANCES LEA, CIP 9 K Clifton Hill, Mo. Y. W. C. A., I.. W. V., Hi Beta Steppo. MARY LEACH, 412 9 K Holdenville, Okla. Sorores Arvales, J. L. W. V., Y. W. C. A. MARY ALICE LEE, CIP G K, K A CID Chillicothe, Mo. President of Kappa Delta Phi, Glee Club, Hi Beta Steppo. MABLE LESLIE, B E 0 1411 WI. Main-, Enid, Okla. M'ARY GALE LETTS, '17 9 K, HAT T Y. W. c. A., J. L. w. V. Ainsworth, Iowa -.- Page 59 MSM 7- -"Yr " lf' ,145 W 5 fyifjiififf QQ N322 M 4 ,jj A fi A ,ifgyyl aussie.. SJLSUJ-19-J 1 1 i i Page 60 ALICE LINE, Z M E Diller, Neb. Glee Club. CHARLOITTE LOEST, King City, Mo. I. L. W. V. HELEN JANE LONGMUIR, B 2 0 2617 Francis St., St. Joseph, Mo. Y. VV. C. A., Home Economics Club, Pan Hellenic Council. DOROTHY LOOMIS, 703 Broadway, Nebraska City, Neb. Legislature, Y. W. C. A., J. W. V. VERA MCARTHUR, Z M E Steele, Mo. Y. Wi. C. A., J. L. W. V. COREENE MSCCORMACK A L B E 0 Shreveport, La. Athletic Association, Y. W. C. A. Chorus. FRANCES MCGINNIS, - Liberty, Mo. Hi Beta Steppo, J. L. W. V. l NADINE McKEE, CID 9 K i Deepwater, Mo. H1 Beta Steppo, Sorores Arvales, J. L. W. V., Athletic Association. EUNICE MCLEOD, . A Palmyra, Mo. Home Economics Club, I.-L. W. V. MARY LEE MCVEAN 'Ul,4..j J - Tipton, Mo. lf' Srfjjl !"flC1" 4 M Y. W. C. A., French Club, Home Economics Club, Hi Beta Steppo, J. L. W. V. ni I 'fl L, .J GLADYS MALLETT, I' A fIJ 2405 West Ioth St., Little Rock, Ark. Y. W. C. A. SARAH MANSFIELD, , Denison, Texas Home Economics Club, Y. WZ. C. A. SUE CATHERINE MATNEY, fb 9 K Dearborn, Mo. Y. W. C. A., Athletic Association, Sorores Ar- vales, J. L. W. V. LGUISE YEAGLEY, H T T Shreveport, La. . Curtain Raisers, International Relations, J. L. W. V., Athletic Association. VIRGINIA MORGAN, Z M 13 Ha ti Mo y 2 ' ' J. L. W. V., Y. W. C. A., Home Economics Club. ' , PAULINE' MUEGGE, 9 T E I Lamont, Okla. Student Government Division, J. L. W. V., 1 l 1 J l ll Il I l I I l 2 Cllr - , J ,alta new M Ahfiim ' -Igersl EKG -nlxtl. W mud' f 'wil R l ,- 4 1 In W V! L 1 , Le-1' , ' 'Li E JUQCIKL, ., fl I I M 7 'J ' dr-6' gil,Q'tf"iii ' JH qi, i'ii,e,,x.r'- :yy 65 l Page 61 4 1 e LJ Lv - 1 J l Page 62 SARA AUGUSTA MUNCASTER, A P A Corydon, Ky. J. L. VVl. V., Fire Chief, Hi Beta Steppo. ELSIE SONYA NUSS, A A P A Hoisington, Kan. Y. W. C. A., Athletic Association, Hi Beta, Steppo. PAULINE NUTTER, CP 9 K, B E O Liberty, Mo. Y. W. C. A., J. L. W. V. LENA OF FUTT, Orrick, Mo. J. L. W. V., Home Economics Club. NORIVEA ELIZABETH OLSEN, 2 11 E, 1' A fb Little Rock, Ark. I. L. W. V., Y. W. C. A. HELEN PARKER, ' Sedalia, Mo. Sorores Arvales, Hi Beta Steppo. Y. W. C. A. ROWENA PATTERSON, I' A fb 1023 E. 9th St., Sedalia, Mo. Hypatia Hexagon, Athletic Association, J. .L. W. V., Y. W. C. A. , MARGUERITE PEARSON, B Z O I Liberty, Mo. Presldent of Burrall Bible Class, Hi Beta sfeppo, Y. W. c. A., J. L. W. V. FRANCES LOUISE PENNIWELL, ' Leon, Iowa Hi Beta Steppo, Y. W. C. A., J. L. W. V., Legislature. BEATRICE PETTY, CIP CID fb Noel, Mo. Athletic Association, Y. W. C. A. CORA PEUGH, H T I' Hoisington, Kan. President of Eta Upsilon Gamma, I. L. W. v., Y. W. C. A. I ELIZABETH PHILLIPS, E I" I' Holdenville, Okla. J. L. W. V., Y. W. C. A., Home Economics Club. MARTHA POAGUE, K A fb Clinton, Mo. Hypatia Hexagon, Hi Beta Steppo. ' BEREN ICE POWELL, Slater, Mo. Art Club, Home Economics Club. HILDA PRICHARD, 142 Arbor St., Hot Springs, Ark. Hypatia Hexagon, Eastern Star Club. HELEN QUIGLEY, ' Cameron, Mo. Page 63 .3z.aAuv'rrvlloe2fv-ll, J0f.....3i'X 'm u-JJ0'4'v"oWx Liv- W - C M 12,9-.,r,r4.4.' W4 n use Jvc ,OL .JAJJN 0---f .lf M- fv -IW ' fm. az,-M34 A-of Jwu.w2E- 1"'d""" sa Pa ge 6,1 HASSELTINE RAMSEY, Monroe City, Mo. Art Club, Hi Beta Steppo, Y. W. C. A. I ETTIE CAROLYN ROEMER, if 9 K, A fb, 9 T E 617 Merrick St., Shreveport, La. President of Theta Tau Epsilon, Y. W. C. A., J. L. W. V., Athletic Association. HELENA ALICE ROAOS, A CP, 2 I X 3334 College, Kansas City, Mo. President of Sigma Iota Chi, Editor of Stand- ard, S. CA. B., J. L. W. V., Y. W. C. A., Hi Beta Steppo, 3 , MARION L. ROSEGRANIT, fb 0 K, rib 111 fb I hdacon, hdo. Hi Beta Steppo, I. L. W. V., Y. W. C. A., Pan Hellenic Council. I MARY JULIA RUCKER, H T I' Dyersburg, Tenn. Curtain Raisers, Y. W. C. A., French Club, J. L. W. V. ' - KATHRYN RUSH, A if , Beatrice, Neb. Y. W. C. A. ' ' la VIRGINIA FRANCES SAWYER, 'SID 9 K, A P A Henderson, Ky. Pan Hellenic Council, Cheer Leader. M-ARGIE SCOTT, H T I' I 1126 S. Bo-ulder, Tulsa, Okla. Art Club, Chorus, Home Economics Club, Hi Beta Steppo. LOUCILLE SEIBEL, Sigourney, Iowa Y. W. C. A. I ELIZABETH SHARER, 1 Colorado Springs, Colo. NovYcE SHAW, o T E 939 Delaware, Shreveport, La. Home Economics Club, Hlockey Team. VADA SHEPHERD, Lancaster, Mo. J. L. W. V., Y. W. C. A., Hypatia Hexagon, Curtain Raisers. BERT-SHOEM:AKER, K A CID 307 W. 4th, Carthage, Mo. Hiypatia Hexagon, S. A. B. ADA SIMMONS, P F A CIP P Grant City, Mo. Curtain Raisers, Y. W.,C. A., J. L. W. V. IDA SMITH, fb cb cp Pavvhuska, Okla. Y. W. C. A., J. L. W. V., Athletic Associa- tion, Home Economics Club, Hi Beta Steppo. JGSEPHINE SMITH, , 2 11 r, B 2 0 Kansas City, Mo. French Club, Y. W. C. A. l I Page 65 ffl 1. lf-f--v"""' " "' . C iii 1 I ' 4 ii af fi Vi' 'fe-if . li A L J in il .- .1 url J., h ,Ax In 1 atb, .f , ,xl U X . in V K fr Y f- 4 . fiwgjv iffy, 2 'if' '75 Q wjbup c ff' .Lf"' MQW. My .gi . Vi,Dvi'X q4 iigvj Page 66 E f . TJ . 1 .XK'u .gs iq if 'Qi V lsr J Wi W iw ' ALTA ST. CLAIRE, IX Z M Blue Springs, Mo. Athletic Association, J. V., Y. W'. C. A., Curtain Raisers. A V LORENE ST. CLAIR, fi' 'IP fb Noel, Mo. Hi Beta Steppo, J. L. W. V., Athletic As- sociation. ' RUTH STEELE, 9 T E ' Bismarck, Mo. Y. W. C. A., J. L. W. V., International Re- lations. PAULINE STEPHENS, E I X ' Hobart, Okla. Business Manager of Stephensophia. MARIE STEFFENS, Russellville, Mo. HARRIETTE STEWARD, qw 9 K, A P A Carthage, Mio. J. L. W. V., Hypatia Hexagon, Y. W. C. A. X ELSIE LEE STROMATT, A P A Muskogee, Okla. Glee Club, Chorus. HERMINA STURM, 1' A CIP . Hayti, Mo. President of Gamma Delta Phi, Y. W. C. A., Home Economics Club, Athletic Association, J. L. Wi. V. . A FLORA SUMNER, Havvarden, Iowa Glee Club, J. L. W. V., Standard Staff, Y. VV. C. A. ELIZABETH SUTHERLAND, E F I' Windsor, Mo. Y. W. C. A., Hi Beta Steppo. - ALICE SWIN GLE, Bixby, Okla. J. L. W. V., Y. W. C. A., Hi Beta Steppo, MARGARET TAYLOR, H T F efferson Cit Mo. J 'y, Hi Beta Steppo, Home 'Economics Club, RUTH TEACHOUT, fp o K, B 2 o I3,I4 University Ave., Columbia, Mo. 5, J. L. W. V., Aff Club, French Club, Y. W. AW C. A. . Z 35-, NLF' LEILA THOMAS, 2 1 X -5 i117 Bough Ave., East St. Louis, Ill. TSS yt! Y. W. C. A., J. L. W. V., Curtain Raisers, W X5 Athletic Association. I ,fi 5 v LOUISE TIGER, Ix A fp Black Apartments, Okmulgee, Okla. Athletic Association, Home Economics Club, Hi Beta Steppo, J. L. W. V., Hockey Team. MTARY TOWLE, I' A LID . ' Fang City, Neb. Y. W. C. A., I. L. W. V., Athletic Associa- tion. Page 67 I I i l Page 68 ,. v 'ash Ai. 1' , 'W' ,Y-f' r I , J f-X,fAx.J I B! j X N .1 --1 f . . .wx . ffj 7:1 2 x. yy ,gh ,X HELEN LOUISE TRACY, Z M E iBeaver, Okla. Y. W. C. A., Hi Beta Steppo, J. L. WL V. MARIAN, TRUBY A CP, 9 T E Colorado Springs, Colo. Art Club, J. L. W. V. L LUCILIA TURNER, fb fb fb Carrollton, Mo. President of Tri Phi, Y. W. C. A., J. L. W. V. THELMA VICKERS, CID 9 K Bristow, Okla. Y. W. C. A., S. A. B., Sorores Arvales, Hy- patia Hexagon. WILMA VICKERS, . Bristow, Okla. Y. W. C. A., Home Economics Club, Curtain Raisers, I. L. W. V. MARY HELEN VINCENT B 2 0 314 Kisner Apartments, Enid, Okla. Hi Beta Steppo, Athletic Association, Y. W. C. A. THERESA VINSON, E I' F, H T F Little Rock, Ark. Y. W. C. A., J. L. W. V., Hi Beta Steppo. HELEN VON BOSTON, K A fb II4 E. Del Monte, Colorado- Springs, Colo. Athletic Association, Curtain Raisers, Stu- dent Government Division, J. L. W. V. Hy- patia Hexagon, Y. W. C. A. Z -7 . 5-' 2' Pr xxli j 'Eg s.fL-pf1f"ffA! ,Q 'L 'ff , Vp .Maw ffzi..-A-4 MYRTLE WADDELL, Home Economics Club national Relations. YVONNE WAGGQNER g Athletic Association, Y. VV' C A GAIL WALTER, 1603 Parls Rd, Columbia Mo RGNEGLA WALTER, , E I X IO4. Westwood Ave Columbla Mo French Club. AGNES WAMSLEY, Y. W. C. A., Hi Beta Steppo J L W V Home Economics Club., GRACE WARNER, fb 9 It B 2 0 2409 Linwood Blvd Kansas City Mo Editor-in-chief of Stephensophla, Y W C A Standard Staff, French Club Art Club ALICE LOUISE WATERMAN 9 T E Y. W. C. A., J. L. W V Pan Helel Council. A EMMA WELTY, A J. L. W. V., Y. W. C. A H1 Beta Steppo P W L Page 70 RUTH VVHITENER, Humboldt, Tenn. Home Economics Club, Y. W. C. A., Hi Beta Steppo, J. L. W. V. DAISY VWHITMEYER, B E 0 Shreveport, La. Athletic Association, S. A. B., Hi Beta Steppo, Y. W. C. A. I ' IVDILDRED WILLIAMS A P A Turney, Mo. Y. W. C. A., Athletic Association, J. L. W. V. MIRIAM WILLITS, B 2 0 3631 Penn. Ave., Kansas City, Mo. President of Beta Sigma Omicron, Y. W. C. A., J. L. W. V., Hi Beta Steppo. LELIA WILSON, ' B 2 o Hot Springs, Ark. Y. Wt C. A., Hi Beta Steppo. MILDRED WISNER, 1234 Bird, Hannibal, Mo. LEAH WITHERS, H 'I' I' 2636 Wabash, Kansas City, Mo. J. L. W. V., Y. W. C. A., Burrall Bible Class. BLANCHQE WOOD, Springdale, Ark. Athletic Association, Hi Beta Steppo. Page 71 TIGNER FRIEDE Lam HARDTNER THE JUNIOR CLASS President -,,,-,,, ---LUCILLE FRIEDE Vice-President ..... ---LESLIE LEE TIGNER S56-retary -------------- ---CATHERINE LAIN S. A. B. Rep1'esentp1tive--- --- VIOLET HARD'TNER Sppnsgr --------------- --- Miss GRACE PEMBERTON The members of the Junior Class of 1924 came to Stephens September the 16th bringing with them every, qualification possible for adapting themselves to College campus life. ' - They unpacked their sense of humor first and so triumphed over all other classes, according to one faculty member who expressed the opinion that there were fewer homesick Juniors this year than ever before.. ' The Erst public appearance ofthe Junior Class was in the Junior Jollies, a tra- ditional class program, consisting this year of a. one-'act play, "The Trysting Place" and several vaudeville acts. With the proceeds of this production the Junior Class contributed to the fund raised by the Civic Association for the Painting of a picture of Mrs. E. VV.'Stephens. The greatest enthusiasm shown by the class was in the' Junior-Senior fight but the blows of the paddles soon came to an end and shortly after the Junior victory the class gave a formal dance for the Seniors. As an event of Commencement Week the Junior Ivy Queen was crowned by the 19241 Queen. The Junior Class was victorious in all sport contests. The class is joyously anticipating its return to Stephens next year, as glorious a Senior Class as it has been a Junior Class. Page 72 .9 J f. AMA-it BENITA ACUFF, ' Garnet, Kan. Hypatia Hexagon. AILEEN, ADAMS, A Crescent, Okla. Y. W. C. A., Art Club, Hi Beta Steppo. GERALDINE AGGAS, ' 802 S. Florida, Okmulgee, Okla. Y. W. C. A., Hi Beta Steppo, Home Economics Club. MAURI NE AKERS, E Cordell, Okla. French Club, Hi Beta Steppof, Y. W. C. A., Curtain Raisers. ELIZABETH ALEXANDER, K A CID San Diego, Cal. Curtain Raisers, J. L. W7. V. JEANE ALEXANDER, - B zo Tulsa, Okla. Y. W. C. A., Hi Beta Steppo, A. A. MARY ALLERSMEYER, Z M E I Union, Mo. J. L. W. V., International Relations. JANE ANDERSON, fr o K, A 11 A Clarinda, Iowa Glee Club, Art Club, Y. W. C. A., Curtain Raisers, Hi Beta Steppo. X x9 rl" .lar , duty . ,ri ,JJ Wy ' 'iff It , A ,yu A 'Lx 0 VW yaifftg. . 1'f1i.Qfff 73 .DLMG , 11,0 -vtpo-.14 - Siam fvfjiwwi ovvu 'dawg MAL Q---.KiLNp,g, x I., ' flu' ' mu Page 74 'MILDRED ANDERSON, I' A 'P A Belton, Mo. Home Economics Club, Y. VV. C. A., Curtain Raisers, A. A. MABEL BALLENGER, Columbia, Mo. VIVIANBARKER, r Z M E . VVinfield, Kan. I Y. W. C. A., J. L. W. V., A. A. VIRGINIA BARTLEY, A P A Duncan, Okla. A. A., Latin Club. RUTH BEALE, Z M E ' St. Joseph, Mo. Y. W. C. A., Hi Beta Steppo, Chorus. CLARA BEARDSLEE, fir 9 K, H T 1' Webster Groves, Mo. French Club, Stephensophia Staff, Y. WL C. A., Curtain Raisers, Hi Beta Steppo. MARIETTA BEASLEY, ' K A fb Fort Wortll, Texas LILIAN BECKWITH East St. Louis, Ill. ALLENE BEEGLE, 9 T E Alva, Okla. Y. W. C. A., Hi Beta Steppo. BERNICE BENDER, I ' Z M E Holton, Kans. Y. W. C. A., Hi Beta Steppo. ELIZABETH BENNETT, Greenridge, Mo. Hi Beta Steppo. FRANCES BERKEMEYER, A P A St. Louis, M10-. Sorores Arvales, Hi Beta Steppo, Y. W. C. A. CLEORAH BIRD, ' . . Maysville, Mb. Hypatia Hexagon, I. L. V. FRANCES BLACKBURN, KID 9 K, H T F 457 Hawthorne, Webster Groves, Mo. A. A., Curtain Raisers, French Club. PRISCILLA BONFOEY, Kirksville, Mo. Y. W. C. A. MARY BYRD BOULWARE, . H T T Monroe City, Mo. Y. W. C. A., A. A., Curtain Raisers, Hi Beta Steppo, Hockey Team, Legislature. Page 75 1 S Page 76 BERNADINE BOWNE, B 2 0 302 E. Mlaple Ave., Ottumwa, Iowa Curtain Raises, Y. W. C. A. I HELEN BOYD, E I X Enid, Okla. Curtaini Raisers. BETTY BRASHER, ' Orrick, Mo. Hi Beta.Steppo, Y. W. C. A., A. A. GRACE LOUISE BRENGLE, fb 9 K, HIT 1' Chillicothe, 0. 7 Hi Beta Ste po, Glee Club, Yx C. 5 f . 0 M IN EQ O s ,a tl, J .A .ti Be a S 0, Q ' gil ture, - f , EL JANE BRO WAY, n Kansas City, Mo. ELIZABETH' BROWN, I z M E ' 1390 Ash St., Denver, Colo. Y. W. C. A., Sorores Arvales, Curtain Raisers, Chorus. BELLE BURNS, , Appleton City, Mo. Home Economics Club, Hi Beta Steppo. LOLA BURRALL, , o T E 625 Taylor Ave., Avalon, Penn. Art Club, A. A., Y. W. C. A. EVELYN CALDWELL, V M2 1,15 .. D MJ J- -wa . f 2' N93 FfEfP?f33 . J, 'jjlj -5 XB' iff' or . N I V ' . ALY Vjgqff V21 - h , ! .ix I K . ., M., X. Steppo. D012 Cfl Y, H T r I Fort Scott, Kaus. MAR-IORIE CHEYNEY, 9 T E Glenwood, Iowa Y. W. C. A., A. A. FRANCE MARIE CLARK, 9 T E Russell, Kans. I Hi Beta Steppo, Curtain Raisers, Y. Wi. C. A., A. A. ' ' RUTH CLARK, 1 Iberia, Mfoi. HELEN GREGSON COE, A P A ' Iool S. 3rd St.,' Burlington, Iowa i Page 77 I III X MQ my Xwx 5 X LJ-N-FO... x .zx.N,X- 55512 ECL, ID ref ...A L. , , V ' if JIM' 'Q' wiilm g ,LX-1. ws QQ VLLQQQ. f M S 1 l jk ' avian Sl-Q aff' of .ff we PM " S' .K m 3 I, 1 I Page 78 L? I A ta JB . GENEVA COLLEY, Hominy, Okla. I. L. W. V., Curtain Raisers, Y. W. C. A. DALETH COLLIER, J. L. W. V. ANN COMPTON, H T I' Osceola, Iowa H T I' Seattle, Wash. Y. W. C. A., Art Club, J. L. W. V. Interna- tional Relations. KATHRYN COMPTON, Y. W. C. A. MARION COOKE, A. A., Hi Beta Steppo. MARIE' COOPER, Ioo Oakvvo Y. WL C. A. . LU CILE CRAVEN, Y. W. C. A. MAYMIE CRISSMAN, H T I' Seattle, Wash. Allerton, Iowa 9 T E od Ave., Dayton, Ohio A P A Salisbury, Mo. E I X Sedalia, Mo. RUTH WARREN CROUCH, H T 1' Long Beach, Cal. Home Economics Club, Curtain Raisers, Cho- rus, Hfi Beta Steppo. HELEN CROW, A P A Excelsior Springs, Mo. Hi Beta Steppo, French Club, S. A. B., Eastern Star Club. A MARIE LOUISE CROYSDALE, Kansas City, Mo. Y. W. C. A., L. W. V., Hi Beta Steppo. DOROTHY CUMMiINGS, Springdale, Ark. Y. W. C. A., Hi Beta Steppo, Hypatia Hexa- gon. , VIRGINIA DALY, ' K A dv Pasadena, Cal. FREDA DAVIES Z M E Mladison, Neb. Glee Club, Chorus, Y. W. C. A., A. A. ALDENE F. DAVIS, ' ., 627 W. 62nd St., Kansas City, Mo. Hi Beta Steppo, Legislature, Curtain Raisers, Y. W. C. A. LILLIAN DAVIS, K A fl? A New Franklin, Mo. A. A., Y. W. C. A., Curtain Raisers. ! Pa ge, 79 MTARIE DECKER, ' MADELEINE DAVIS, A P A Fort Scott, Kans. A. A. 42 M 'oc Ave., W ter Groxes, Mo. . Jfqoq. ' Q .Y Z N i ,Jin illi O. 5 H a H I . . A., . , W. . es CS. ALBERTA DRIN ATER, V B 2 0 Charleston, Mo. A. A., Home Economics Club. A NANCY KATE DUCKETT, H T I' . Hope, Ark. A. A. , EDITH MAE DUNN, o T E V 129 S. Main, Burlington, Iowa Curtain Raisers, Y. W. C. A., French Club, J. L. WV. V. HELEN DURRUM, K A fb Cincinnati, Ohio International Relations, Y. W. C. A., French Club. MILDRED DUVALL, Audubon, Iowa Y. VVl. C A., Curtain Raisers, A. A. FAQ ' HELEN EASTLAND I '1 1 Curtaln Ra1sers Y VV C A ROBERTA ELY A P A . Y s M L LIB Hi Be SARAH Y. W. go-n. TWILA A A H1 Beta Steppo Y W C A KATHLEEN FOUNTAIN K A QP Gkecuw Y wfc A A HELEN-FUHR L gg Mo A. A., Y W C A f I 'N--annsinQ...H Uf ew f .1 V I JDIAAJVI ll, if 3. ROBERTA GARDNER, B 2 0 Greenwood, Miss. A. A. MERRILEE GAULT I H. 'I' I' I Oklahoma City, Okla. International Relations, Riding Club, Curtain Raisers, Y. W. C. A. ' ELIZABETH GILL, B 2 0 - Kansas City, Mo. Hi Beta Steppo, Y. W. C. A. h HAZEL GOMEZ, y B 2 0 Orange, Texas Y. W. C. A., Curtain Raisers, A. A., Hi Beta Steppo, Home Economics Club. MARY GORDON' E I X I Kansas City, MPO-. -Y. W. C. A., Stephensophia Staff. f"T"'4 I' ' Ll' y VIQLET GRAHAM-, R A cr, lil' K' I 'U Li Weleetka, Okla. Quad A1 mul Hi Beta Steppo, Y. W. C. A. it 1.e.eftg, 1, 5.7 iihijw 1 NELL, GRAY it Mtv f if.-.f I .f 1. ,S l, . ,I Page S2 i Minden, La. Y. W. C. A., Hi Beta Steppo. MAURICE GREGIQRY, ' , H T, 1' Mi. C .- F Af fl! ,VJ V! JFS if0kmgj'Qee,f,Okla. A. A., Artsgilubmfjli Beta Steppouf 5 . - jf . ,y Y .Qui Q X 'V i ci c: V J if . l , , oi!! ii . Qty is B :il ML' .' V 53. 'J Ai t MW' ,J Q. 9? ao A , ,. .z, 1 ,AN 64 MARION GRUPE, A I' A CID Burlington, Iowa Art Club. DGLORES GUYMON, . K A 111 A Bethany, Mo. A. A., Y. W. C. A., Hockey Team, Volley Ball Team. P BERENICE HALL, 9 T E Jefferson City, Mo. -- ELLA FRANCES HALL, 15 23 0 Hannibal, Mo. Home Economics Club, Hi Beta Steppo. . . U ,fi 'x ,,V,',.,x- fgff- 5-if if'J3"Ji HELEN HALL?" ' , 2 I X JCL!!-fl-""J 6? Jizz CETFTTI-YT? ", . 4, S gnal Hill Pl ce, Eagt St. Louis, Ill. Hi Beta Steppo, A. A., Volley Ball Team, Legislatuee.0i2,,',s,,Ix1l Q I N.,,'1 yuan , ...AW f.. ,.v,T.,.,,,,, U,v4,,.i EUNICE HAIVIIDJIER, xi CID CIP CID Wasliington, Iowa Y. W. C. A., Art Club, Curtain Raisers. , FRANCES H-ARDIE, A P A Ottumwa, Iowa -Art Club, S. A. B. V FRANCES HARRIS, S Newbern, Tenn. Page 83 'yrs af uv-1- ,-fi '-24: If 555 Aw'- , fwmz 5 ' feb- ff' , 43.254, jig '71.f. I fm H-4 ,lv 1, , .V -4 I, , ri 'anim .1 1 'Eff'-"Lf -,id-1:10. I' A' f I if V5 A Ajit! , , c 5 ' 1 ' 1 1 wtf 9 fi 5 ,. V, X fa px-jolt! I A i ' fi , fr.. . , ., -. .rpfh Q.. I N V. X 4 I yy 'fi up iffy X' YN . -XSQ5-,X!?kjVJf'Za,3 yi' t X2 A S gi , ' . I 7 :JV .Q le " ' n- fl yy Q' l EDITH HAS R, 2 I X Webster Groves, Mo. .45 , A BETTY' HAW, , 2 I X i -.L 2IOvO2kW'0Od Ave., Otturnwa, Iowa fxex, Y. W. C. A. :tj MILDRED HEMRY, I X Gallatin, Mo. Y. W. C. A., Curtain Raisers, Hi Beta Steppo. r . A Q GRACE4 VIRGINIA HENLEY, ' Q Eureka, Kan. Hi Beta Steppo, Y. AW. C. A., A. A. . ' ,M gf: . QA' ELIZABETH HENNINGER 2 I X . , in 0 A4 5 ' A Q . If , . YAAI ' Q Y Ju ' ' 'L V. "' ,V Enid, Okla. QJVLJ tn I 3 " 4' JVIV H Curtain Raisers, ' H , 'I-AAA ' Di ' -A K' ' ' 1 ,, , Q .to MARY HENSCHEL, , j L " -' ' P I' 1 ly v Kansas City, Mo. I l 'Q ,V H W., A. A., Y. W. C. A. I' 1: 'Ii ', , , I LOUISE HIETT, fb 9 K, 9 T E -Malvern, Iowa Glee Club, Y. W. C. A., A. A., Hockey Team, 3 Volley Ball Team, Curtain Raisers, Hi Beta Q Page S4 Steppo, GLEE Stephensophia Staff. ' , 1 HILL, I K A 41 5 Webster City, Iowa 3 Q 1 s l l f l l ROSALIE HILL, H T I' . Oklahoma City, Okla. Glee Club, Curtain Raisers, Hi Beta Steppo, J. L. W. V., Y. W. C. A. 4 HELEN FLGRA HIRSCHFELD, Z M E SII Summit Ave., E. St. Louis, Ill. Hi Beta Steppo, Curtain Raisers French Club. LEWINE HOEFER, ' 2 1 X V Higginsville, Mo. Y. W. C. A., Hi Beta Steppo, A. A., French Club, Curtain Raisers. A CATHERINE HOMAN, . Eufaul 1, Okla. Y. W. C. A. ' REBA HOMAN, . Eufaula, Okla. Y. W. C. A., Hi Beta Steppo, Riding Club. MARJORIE HOOKER, W . Dixon, . Mo. Y. W. C. A., Chorus, -I. L. W. V., Curtain Raisers, Hi Beta Steppo. I THELMA HOOVER, Olathe, Kans. A. A., Y. W. C. A. KATHRYN HOSTETTER, 9 T E Wellsville, Kans. Y. W'. C. A., Hi Beta Steppo, A. A., Chorus. WMM ,QUQQUWVQ XOJXQOL nfaw Page 85 F i ! 3 A .021-A , K 1 C I f',?.,,g.x I N Page S6 .ff . ,fl .Ci ,X H .. . . A . al E .fr bf 1. ' .X IJ : p l I y U 5 'll Q ,d i - 'I ,swf ji! ,--'ly 1 - . 9 ' 7 I ul f' 'kd X ,A A in 3 Sli" 'V '1 A T f i H 3 A . in iff 'if A 1 iv +2 , li A l .1 V1 rf S I. J .' 2 l I JJ 'li' A J ii :J fi Ab i XX l ",' "1 ,r lr 'J I '96 X 1 J in if ix l ' .MJT I . 'X R ' A L' J ' A . .- .X .1 ,J N il V-,J ggi' I l X 5 DOROTHEA HOUGHTON, - if' ,X nj - 902 W. Main Ave., Enid, Okla. ' 1' " Y. W. C. A., Hi J. L. W. V. Beta Steppo, Curtain Raisers, Y I .1 WAVE HOWELL, , Houston, Mo. , V ALICE E. HOYES, O-Yuki' ug' , 835 Lincoln Str Topeka Kans S O. 'Q L Legislature, Curtain Raiserls, Y. W., C. ' Hi Beta Steppo, Sorores Arvales, I. L. W. V. Q HILDA HUMMEL, 2 r , H 1319 Anthony, Columbia, Mo. T HELEN HUMMEL, 1319 Anthony, Columbia, Mo. GAYLE HUNTER, K A fb 1 Webster City, Iowa A .vi RUTH JACKSON, Eldon, Mo. Y. VW. C. A., J. L. W. V. MARY FRANCES JARVIS, 915 4th Str., Lawton, Okla. Curtain Raisers, A. A., Hi Beta Steppo, Y. W. C. A., J. L. W. V. 1 4 l l Q ANNA MAE JOHNSON, A Fairview, Okla. Curtain Raisers, Latin Club, Y. W. C. A., East- ern Star Club, J. L. W. V. ANN T. JOHNSON, 1' A CIP Fort Smith, Ark. Curtain Raisers, Stephensophia Staif. CLARA JOHNSON, A Trenton, NIO. Glee Club, Chorus, Y. W. C. A. SADIE JOHNSON, Craig, Mo. Hi Beta Steppo, A. A. ANNIE CLAIR JONES, H T 1' C 1 , Shreveport, La. Y. W. C. A., J. L. W. V. GRACE JONES, E I X Kansas City, Mo. Stephensophia Staff, Y. VV. C. A., Hi Beta Steppo. NONA JOYCE, B 2 0 , Raytown, Mo. Hi Beta Steppo, Y. VVI. C. A., Cheer Leader Junior Class, A. A., Glee Club, Hockey Team, Volley Ball Team. . LOIS KELLY, ' Rockport, Mo. Y. VV. C. A., A. A. 1 Page S7 01-ol-Z., 7 ' ' 70"-os dura.- Y fs- 1 i Pa :ge SS' MARY EMORY KENDRICK, H T I' Knobnoster, Mo. Home Economics Club, Y. W. C. A. - NADINE KING, Oklahoma City, Okla. JEANNE KISTLER, E I X 6722 Cleveland Ave., Kansas City, Mo. A. A., Home Econornics Club. HELEN KLIE, 5 , A fp K n J - East , Ill. Legislatur . . . ' , fl X I' 1 9 ' ' . NI ' ' RBQS, Q., I- A P A 0 gli 7 l I f East St. Louis, Ill. A. IQA4,fJQ VV. C. A., J. L. VV. V., Hockey 6 U , fl . MIL RED LEINWEBER, E I X Lee's Summit, Mo. J. L. W. V. Hypatia Hexagon, Y. W. C. A. EIHEL LIMBIRD, A P A Olathe, Kans. Y. W. C. A., Hi Beta Steppo, LILLIAN LIMERICK, D Galatia, Ill. H1 Beta Steppo, J. L. W. V. 4 . LUCILLE LOES L, King City, Mo. Athletic Association, J. L. W. V. MARY R. LOFFTUS, fb 111 fb Burlington, Iowa Curtain Raisers, Y. W. C. A. NADINE LONG, E I' T, 9 T E Coffeyville, Kans. Y. W. C. A. ' h CRYSTAL LOPP, A P A Hobart, Okla. Y. VV. C. A., Athletic. Association, Curtain Raisers. . Q MARTHA LUCBQIE, V f , - Ji Ui' Coliirnbia, Mo. MARIAN LYON, K A fb Kansas City, Mo. Y. W. C. A., J. L. W. V. SIBYL MCCLAIN, 1201 Mt. Scott Ave., Lawton, Okla. Curtain Raisers, Athletic Association, Y. WI. C. A., Hi Beta Steppo, J. L. W. V. ROBBIE LEE MCCRGRY, B E O 328 "I" S. W., Ardmore, Okla. Hi Beta Steppo. I Page S9 Pagf 00 LORENE MCDONNELL, B 2 0 Tulsa, Okla. Athletic Association, Hi Beta Steppo, Y. VV. C. A. DOROTHY MCGEE, Ielferson City, Mo. MILDRED MBGEE, 2 I X Kansas City, Mo. Hi Beta Steppo, J. L. W. V., Curtain Raisers, S. A. B. LOIS MCHENRY, Cameron, Mo. MONA MCKELVY, . E I X - 711 N. 3d St., Atchison, Kans. Curtain Raisers. - HELEN MCLEOD, A Palmyra, Mo. Hi Beta Steppo, YI Wi. C. A. ANNA MANGELSDORF, A qw fi' qs ' Atchison, - Kans. Athletic Association, Y. W. C. A., Home Eco4 nomics Club. GERTRUDE MANN, i I Council Bluffs, Iowa Curtain Raisers, Sorores Atvales. f fi 5- - .Y .. 4- 1 . ff 6Rffl'i'.f.Qr,f1f4s.'9"f f!f0f,.,6 . :1:"f"-Qlf'-f-.ffrf-749 ax.-f--"""'j ' Cf' ""'J" 4 ' ,. ' ,, g .- " Q. l ' I , N , . ,ff-S K R I ,-,.. -WX Mira 'ff-44 f- L - ,4 I Q -lf 'V ' ' , ff" X.. .'... EVELYN MARTIN, if' '- Nebraska City, Neb. Y. W. C. A., Athletic Association. MARIORIE MASON, AAT Springfield, Mo. Athletic Association, Home Economics Club, Y. W. C. A. ZELIA MATHIESON, K A 111 Bosworth, Mo. IVRENE MAUPIN, KACID Bloomfield, Mo. Hi Beta Steppo, Home Economics Club, Y. WL C. A. VANNIE MAYS, fP Q CIP R Greenwood, La. Y. W. C. A., Hi Beta Steppo, Legislature. BEATRICE MEIER, S ' 9 T E Council Bluffs, Iowa Curtain Raisers, Athletic Association, Y. VV. C. A., Hi Beta Steppo, LUCY MERCER, B 2 O Shreveport, La. MILDRED MJEUSER, 2 1' F, 9 T E Paola, Kans. Curtain Raisers, Hi Beta Steppo, Y. W..C. A. 'V' 'K twat-ww swf as . 5 a1d,J2 f .0 J' A391-I Wggwmw P' W' cP""'Uv,IfW 'J"'X5J9t""W A N":'t f ,u . , v'tX",',Q,,,wS 1? gaoufw ,Qty Page QI q A 7 I Pa ge ae RUTH MILLER, K A da Ponca City, Okla. ERANCES MILLSPAUGH, B 2 O Jefferson City, Mo. Legislature. IRENE MEINERSHIAGEN, fb 9 K Higginsville, Mo. Y. W. C. A., Athletic Association, Hi Beta Steppo, Student Government Division. HAZEL MITCHELL, 9 T E Cairo, Ill. Y. W. C. A., International Relations, Home Economics Club, J. L. W. V., Standard Staff. LOUISE MITCHELL, La Cygne, Kans. Y. AW. C. A., Hi Beta Steppo, . JULIA FOREST MOORE, A KID, A P A A ,505 WL Main St., Clarinda, Iowa Art Club International Relations, Y. W. C. A., Curtain Raisers. MABLE M-'O SELEY, Bloomfield, Mo. Hi Beta Steppo, Y. W. C. A., Athletic As- sociationf MAMIE MUIR, Oklahoma City, Okla. KATHERINE MURRAY, 9 T E Cairo, Ill. Y. W. C. A., Athletic Association, Home Economics Club. ' ALICE NEWEIQL, 2 IHX . Marshall, Mo. NADINE NORMAN, K A fb Y. W. C. A. MILDRED OCHS, Kansas City, Mo. ,Keota, Iowa Eastern Star Club, Hi Beta, Steppo, Y. W. C. A.. I 'ERA GFTELIE, ' 2 I X J-la' ' Q N 'H t I 5153 Lalie Ave., Webster Groves, Mo. ob Pc' Curtain Raisers, Y. C. A., Athletic As- ,N x 3 soci ation. LUCILLE OLDHAM, A P A Earlham, Iowa Home Economics Club, Y. W. C. A. DONNELL OWEN. Y. W. C. A., Hi B tion, Legislature. EUNICE PARKER Curtain Raisers. 7 . Okemah, Okla. eta Steppo, Athletic'Associa- TAKIJ St. Louis, Mo. .Hb 5. Page 93 7 Ll, L MQMJ Zfaif' I f' '-JJL N' , t,,L,x.zL- ,a4,.f-""" X, if libxjf " l . v...+4,..l4. 'igzll 1 XL, -L+' 7- 7 ., Q5 ' jialapjfaflb ,, 'J' - E . H JXSAUWQMJC gf L .,- A"'f:J,T, .JJ-I-BX JU-ix. U 'NC JD-JD-!T-,J JW? 'A ' CIJJJJ-qui!-5'3JJJ, K -:7.....3i E: .,',, .A Q'-1' ' ' Qwf"" 3 '.a i 1 l I I Page Q4 RACHEL PARKER, H T F Jefferson City, Mo. HARRIET' PATTERSON, ' Rogers, Ark. Y. W. C. A., Hi Beta Steppo, Home Economics Club. CORINNE PEDIGO, 2 11 T, 9 T E Lawton, Okla. Hi Beta Steppo, Y. W. C. A. THELAMA PEUGH, H T 1' Hoisington, Kan. Curtain Raisers, Hi Beta Steppo. RHODA PHILLIPS, 419 fi? fir Buckner, Mo. Y. W. C. A., Curtain Raisers. IUDITH PICKERING, Richmond, Mo. Curtain Raisers, Athletic Association. MARIE PIEPER, I' A if Quincy, Ill. Hypatia Hexagon, Y. W. C. A., Athletic As- sociation. ' MAUDE MILLER PITCHFORD, E 0 V Greenwood, Miss. Athletic Association. A ' DOROTHY POWVELL, 9 T E , Albia, Iovva J. L. W. V., Athletic Association, Hi Beta Steppo, Curtain Raisers. LOIS RAINEY, CID fl? fi' ' Mcrall, Mo. Athletic Association, Y. W. C. A., Curtain Raisers. ' ' KATHERINE REDD, ' Carrollton, IVI-o. LEO NA RED FORD, . Clinton, Mo. French Club, Y. W. C. A., Hi Beta Steppo. HELEN RUTH RENEKER, A P A Falls City, Neb. Hi Beta Steppo, Chorus, Curtain Raisers, Y. W. C. A. DOROTHY RENFRO, . 2 11 r, B 2 o Tulsa, Okla. Hi Beta Steppo, Glee Club. IRENE RENSCH, Laredo, Mo. Y. W. C. A., Curtain Raisers. NELLE RICE, A P A Blackwell, Okla. Y. W. C. A., Athletic Association, Art Club. Page Q5 .Mi .RW wt bkffg gf' aJ4'f'u5'f1.Jj5 4, I f' Irallfi yy ff C . ffm ff ' . .f Swim 'ffl ragijv li!!! K J Page 96 VIRGINIA ALICE RICE, 2 I' 11 Milton, ,Iowa Y. W. C. A., Hi Beta Steppo. AVERIL RICHEY, AP 4, '17 ' Mound City, Ill. AMNA RIDER, ' 9 T E Muskogee, Okla. Curtain Raisers,-Y. W. C. A., Hi Beta Steppo. TRACYE, RINGER, ' 2 I X U Dexter, Mo. Y. W. C. A., Hi Beta Steppo. FRANCES RQBERTS, o T E Shreveport, La. Y. W. C. A., Athletic Association. LADORA ROBERTSON, - ' fb gp qw I Carrollton, Mo. Hi Beta Steppo, Y. W. C. A. FLORENCE ROBINSON, fb 9 K, A li? St. M.ary's Ave., Hannibal, Mo. Hi Beta Steppo, Y. W. C. A. i MILDRED ROBINSON, B E 0 U Kansas City, Mo. Athletic Association, Hi Beta Steppo, Student Government Division. HOPE' ROECKER, ' H T r - ' Council Bluffs, Iowa Home Economics Club, Y. W. C. A., Hi Beta Steppo, Athletic Association. ' OPAL ROQUEMORE, E I X . 1148 Kings -Highway, Shreveport, La. Hi Beta Steppo, Y. W. C. A., International Relations. V KATHERINE L. ROSS, I A P A I . Kansas. City, Mo, Athletic Association, Hi Beta Steppo. HELEN LOUISE RUPPELIUS, K A CD V Olathe, Kan. Y. W. C. A., Legislature. MARY LOUISE RUSSELL, K A CID 340 Randolph St.. Macomb, Ill. Y. W. C. A., Athletic Association, Chorus, Home Economics Club, Hi Beta Steppo. BEATRICE SEYNLORE, Doniphan, Mo. Glee Club, Chorus, Hi Beta Steppo. SYBIL SHAFER, 9 T E Herington, Kans. Y. W. C. A., Curtain Raisers, Chorus. ALICE SH ULTISE, Wichita, Kans. Legislature, Athletic Association, Hi Beta Steppo. i ,H I 1.. 1-----v--v-Q,-g Wf, -ff w-f l .Lf - . l, 4 ,--M , Page O7 A X. J ' ,A ,.-. -is " f Qicw-YXQ .. .9 5' A ITL --1 r r. U , To MW' l Q w r l l l w l l,. l 2 i i Pa QP of FRANCES SLEMP,- B 2 0 Oklahoma Citv, Okla. Y. W. C. A., Home Economics Club. KATHERINE SMITH, 11 A 49 Webster Groves, Mo. Athletic Asociation, Y. W. C. A., Hi Beta Steppo. MTABEL SMITH, 9 T E ' Gallatin, Mo. Y. W. C. A., Athletic Association, Interna- tional Relations. NELLE SMITH, Houston, Mo. Y. W. C. A. THYRA S DER f I 2 I X 'l'Vl Y ' ' ' A 612 Selma Ave., Webster Groves, Mo. . 6 2 liixieia Eteppol1Curtain n aigisgap 5 M. i ' ,f ,s -- . x ARION ?ENCER, , N45 1 ' 3'4"-A JU?-ini a-Zafriftlf'-f'-f"""k ' "Vai xp OLDLQJJQ. Sabetha, Kans. Y. W. c. A. ' ' 0 CRA LEE SOUTHERLAND, Garnet, 'Kans. CATHERINE SPRINGER, E I X 1630 N. 36 St., East St. Louis, Ill. Athletic Association. 1 A .,Q,,.. 4 I ' W T-I .fi A - ' pi J . , 4 .-, v , fs 5' il , 2 .f "Th i' if f ty 1-'J I Q I A F, A Ar .gf it If 1 5 . .P - 91' A' ,I .fp K I if i A , 1 T' f" if A i.',..f .3 Ji. x n ' , . 4 J, if ,ft ,I.' ,mx I, I -,If i .WV I 2257 rf' CSL ,f V I ,351 A 9 fp . f I lib-' 'W A - 2.1 'rg . if-' 5-6 , sf ,ff 07 of ,ff Y T ..- Y 1 , w-A' M X, ...X x Q tt fu X. .Shj I ELIZABETH STANLEY, I E I X Carthage, Mlo. Stephensophia Staff. BESSIE STEPHENS, B 2 0 ' ' I Coushatta, La. Hi Beta Steppo, Y. VV. C. A. LOUISA STEPHENS, V H T L Jefferson City, Mo. Curtain Raisers. EDITH STOCKTON, I - H T F' I Kirkwood, Mo. Glee Club. LILLA STEWART, K A CID Minden, La. Y. W. C. A., I. L. W. V. MARIORIE SUTTON, . - Kiefer, Okla. oPAL TAYLOR, Oklahoma City, Okla. KATHERINE TERWILLIGER, B 2 O 902 Kirby Pl., Shreveport, La. Athletic Association. Page QQ SF-1 Pug 1' 100 bf.,,v.-v RVN -:LQ-wsawg-N t lug -so-. fL...M. , T1 . pl lxxax in ,V,'4 :l.,:.A.,f,,,l,.,..,, V, 5--uL,l'ff,,,., I MARGARET LUCY THOMAS, 9 T E Springhill, Kans. Curtain Raisers, Y. W. C. A., Chorus, Hi Beta Steppo. CHARLOTTE THOMPSON, fb 9 K, A P A Holton, Kans. Y. W. C. A., Athletic Association. GRACE THOMSON, 9 T E Bartlesville, Okla. Home Economics, Y. W. C. A. RUTH TICE, , Herington, Kans. Y. VVT. C. A., Curtain Raisers. J. L. W. V., Athletic Association. ANNA LEE TOALSON, 9 T E ' Centralia, Mo-. Curtain Raisers, Y. WL C. A., Hi Beta Steppo. MARGARET TRAMP, K A fp . Creston, Iowa Y. W. C. A., International Relations. ANNA TRIMBLE, CIP 9 K, B E O 610 Herndon, Shreveport, La. Athletic Association, Sorords Arvales, Hy- patia Hexagon, Hi Beta Steppo, Stephensophia Staff, Y. W. C. A. HELEN TROUSDALE, K A CII Idaho Falls, Idaho Athletic Association, Y. W. C. A., J. L. W. V. wx 'Q KAY-rs,-so . x F "' 'J-.4"x1, X. V f SJ v BESSIE TROWBRID GE, Adrian, Mo. Athletic Association, Hi Beta Steppo. VADEN TUCK, B 2 0 Tulsa, Okla. Curtain Raisers, Hi Beta Steppo, Y. W. C. A. ELIZABETH TURNER, A P A Harrisonville, Mo. Y. W. C. A., Home Economics Club, J. L. W. V., Hi Beta Steppo. - LUCILLE TURNER, K A 111 427 S. Grant, Springfield, Mo. Home Economics Club, Y. W. C. A., Athletic Association, Legislature. AGNES VAN BUREN, Leavenworth, Kans. I. L. W. V., Sorores Arvales, Hi Beta Steppo, Curtain Raisers, Y. W. C. A. VIVIAN VICKERY, 2 I X Atchison, Kans. Athletic Association, Curtain Raisers, Y. W. C. A. A DORGTHY VOLLMER, Shelbina, MO. J. L. W. V., International Relations. VIRGTNIA VOORHEIS, A CID, K A QP East St. Louis, Ill. ,AAL A -Inn!! 'f,yf,A, ?f,f 9144- .KJQJX '77 Qfrrr' , WM f -CEM' ' " 1' .1 .eewm ffm -Vu D fi e ,gb,f'.fg,,sf1,u.f J: L! "if,-gi Luxe., 9- N-f'-'-f"' Z4 I 'K ' f LORENE WARDER, ,if :www E I X Corydon, Iowa Y. VV. C. A., Athletic Association Legislature, Hi Beta Steppo. MARGUERITE WATSON, H T 1' Shreveport, La. Athletic Association, Y. W. C. A. BERNYCE GERTRUDE WEEKES, B 2 0 Curtain Raisers. MERLE VVEBB, Hi Beta Steppo, Curtain Rai MONA RUTH WEBB, Chorus, Hi Beta Steppo. HANNAH WELCH, Y. VV. C. A., Athletic Steppo, Art Club. GRACE WILLIAMS, Beatrice, Neb. E I X Oak Grove, Mo. sers, J. L. W. V. 2 1' 11, H T 11 Ardmore, Okla. Hiomeiiville, okla. Association, Hi Beta APA , Excelsior Springs, Mo. Hi Beta Steppo, Athletic Association, Y. W. C. A. ALLALIE VVILSON, Laredo, Mo. Home Economics Club, Y. VV. C. A., Curtain Raisers. A-Q Q f fl' 2 X f Qj"Zz.L: ,,fff22.7ffffMf . HELEN WILSON, Y. W. C. A., Hi Beta Steppo. L-ILLIAN YOUSE, B 2 0 Y. W. C. A. :jf ft,--.,JT?Z4.!' ,Zh-dp! jzjfl 'fs 0-'f0"-'-:Nag Nebraska City, Neb. Baxter Springs, Kan. A K 1 n Page 103 .-. ni .I 04 Memory W'1'1'tten in loviszg 111e111o1'y of Catherine W'1'lls The sbadofwy moon is dim fo-nighf: -A misf is oBer all, And far afway, like an echo faint, I can bear the nigbf-bircfs call, The fworld is 'tbearing ifs robe of black: Cflze fwind is 'whispering low, ' While ou! of the silence of somewhere comes A boice that I used fo know- A 'boice tbaf is nofw bafa memory, A memoryeolr, so soon! Bafimy lofve has 'woven if info a dream Under a pale fwbife moon. -Miriam Wllifs 10,1 Page 105 ACADEMS President, ------, -,-.. OPAL BTONTGOMERY Vice-President -- ---,- MARY CURTIS Secreiajy -,,,. .... A NNA SUE TUCKER I'reasu1-er--- .... RUTH SHIRE Yponsor .........-.......,...-...-....-... Q ............ MR. KYD A meetingnof the Academs was called early in the school year to elect officersg Opal Montgomery was elected presidentg Mary Curtis, vice-presidentg Lillian Lim- erick was secretary for the first semester, but Anna Sue Tucker took the office the second semesterg Ruth Shire, Treasurer and Geraldine Hall, S. A. B. Representative. The first activity was a swimming party for the class. Some of the girls made a great deal of progress toward getting a Stephens Duck. A picnic in the spring is a well-remembered activity. - The faculty challenged the Academs to a basketball game. VVith Anna Sue Tucker as captain of their teame, the Academs fought bravely to win. In the S. A. B. Carnival in the spring, the Academs carried out the plan of "Small but Mightyf, 1 Page 106 VIRGINIA BOUDIN, Kansas City, Mo. EMMA LOU BOVEE, Polson, Mont. Hi Beta Steppo. l ALY is BRIGHAM, X xxx Colorado Springs, Colo. ' X X x X ELIZABETH DE LANO, Fulton, Kans. Hi Beta Steppo. GERALDIN E HALL, I H ' . Cardwell, Mo. Hi Beta Steppo, Athletic Association, Y. W. C. A., S. A. B., Home Economics Club, Curtain Raisers. HILDA HUMIMEL, ' 1319 Anthony, Columbia, Mo. MARCILE MATTHEWS, Wichita, Kaus. Curtain Raisers, Hi Beta Steppo, Y. W. C. A. FAY MITCHELL, Cairo, Ill. ---iq I . 66160,-4ff5.,47-if Mwawlmq ff' fi ,-...f i 20,5-', A ff., ,W 1,16 H , 4' " t. . M' jlgkvf' T ilk 'V ,fb I ,,!": l f f A I EV. -41 , Z' Il f I I I-n Q l' l Page 107 I l l l 1 l 1 4 Page 103 ANNA SUE TUCKER, - Ripley, Tenn. MAXINE WINSTON,f A Calf. , . fre! Q. f , eff. -NM-We eY:"'?T,, Q ,.i...-.3H25112i.,Qk1a. . ' -. -, '?1Qi'll1't,h u'-Pt f A " if A ., ,L-C:?1"" , R 'Ami . Si' t U L 'l LCUISESALBRIGHT, . A P A j .5506 Hnflmes, Kansas City, Mo. Hi Beta Steiupo, Y. C. A., Eastern Star Club. . A CECIL THOMPSON, 1 I 518 S. Halcomb, Springdale, Ark. Y. W. C. A. I1 H 3 L: X X 9 f 4 X 'Y 4 Q 4 x i- f . x T 1 Y IEIYUZ 'lf' i ' x c ,Q 4 4 Q N ,J S f ! my 'Tx ' rw I no , , . if Q J gg 'if' V Q . ICH" fx J 45 FM X egg? 9 xg if v ' r Cr . ' I .K f Af "H JL I ' .' X, F if 1 9 H ' , .tl 5 H1 f , -,,-s. I-.- ' ,S YNVII A , r X f Q - X - X f-1:59. , Q Els. E Z:szf1efs ""?'T-x' N ,. 'rr WP 1:13 11 ,. ,w w ' - 1..44--- ..K'w. -'Q-f -+A'--71.1. , Q -,-MN, - -- - - ,f . A ,.?'.J:r'- '..'rs xl .L 4,14 , - PW--, Q, uv A .1 ,, ,h 1 r' . f 1.1-.v.QL ' I .. .' Q ff. 1-.,. . ., f- yy .f,..q pgs'-. Wy, . N., :mg gr M' Fl? af' . ' ' Q '5 ' ' 'l' ' ' - V' ' 4 L' g iff f-lg ' fd: Mb . . . 5 . H", W- 3 " " 'W ? . 0 .- f. J fb ' -Q :J , ".- 1 . ,.,. . -fl ' Q . ,- a 'y, ".. , ' t, - - :"""5v, 11. , ' . v gif- ff'-, , f", -, " 3 if ,, V . , -vga , V Q - v, ' ' 5 'YU' gn' . f - H - , f . ' , T12 . 13", ,L-'F my ' 4 ' , ' . - Br' - .A N r Q - it 5 - A' X D.-I-1. -'QV A.,-NA' . r , ' -tw, - . - ,f - XAHV- . QTY- K ..-,, .. .li-J LA, .A -+-. -. A- , -, V- ' .-4,.- 1 , P 1 r 4- - ,Kp ,X .1 V555 H , , 5 F A , F .sv V QA "1 . 1 1' 1 A , 'T " J 5 . fl 'E s ' -9 " ' 1 vs ,, ' -1 , 4 , . A ., . , 'Vu ,,,: I 1 Qu" . 1 , x . V ' , W? ffsfil, ,- .,,.':' "jf , 'YH 1. 1 4 ':",ffq" Q- H l .Qiv " ' -, 5' '1 . , . 1 :ig A ' My 1 , , ,. ,,"' ' N -1 QI,fAq3fg1 -3, ' vw?" rw fl 'nie K '? ,X ' , 3? M . isp- A a wig ,fy ' wa, ,M 1 ' A, A, , . ?r.1iav5i -' A A Amer -:rm T ,-s - 1' K , A . Fm ' '7 we' ' 'QA 1,3 Iv I vnfiigg "-':vl3g.M " , , A Y X I 4 , f'g,A--3 K5 ,Y E , -E i ,MEC gg' xiii-wi L" ' ' ' .' . ' ' :"fWf'5'f"ffr'. if, ' , 1 In ' if m, I . .Ni ,Wi I , ' f f'f'?EfL . '-Avi W4 L, 54?-. - "A , H , K qpilgqhx -:Q s Q me ff k H 'M s ' K K K ' 1 if V f' ' ff- f - . xl, , 'uv - '-. K 1 "1 ,, Wm. ' 3 f Q , If J A , Iwi? M 4? . , ' ,T if Q i A - iw ., ,wg . f. in-5 ' fy. . , E , ,- L lb' 5 x . - ,1 .A at' iv " , Q "f s .ve gif, , .4 3 ., "F : a , A fi " 'F' -' 'Z A , rwfgff ,ff V ,I . -'+A . ,W Z' ff' i 2 131, , f ' 'if '- ,, , -. . .,,,,,Q :4 3 , ,K ' ,K-arf' , ash. W - - .- fx, , ja. ., - . 45.-,g r Tai? 13' gh J X g r 5 ,iff ,. hw L M Q gp I D : .1, - ,. li, Hi., EQ, 'A' il 13 M' ' Eff M, . I I . i I . V .-. . , ' L1 , 'HSV K, W 3 .Ha , 'WJ W 1- :Q 1 L 43. -I M, , 5, ' 'S' - J , rl L , 'J' X A 5115? . , .4 .Q mr' .T ,,Qi, .ai Q A--3 9, . Vw. ' 'WIT' 2, .f ' ng' - 65 4 u y aa. . A M ' - ., r wi , ' a xi . K s- . 4 A. 1 s N 1 'F :- 211:33 A , - . , , M . , X, x .. ,, -.Q e 1' 1, Q.-' -' ' . ' , ' , ' -'+ A..Mwf?Q .. ' -- :.'P':w 'M if? Y' ' L " 5 'xl 1.4 ' f 11' ,f " 11.5, , 1- ', , T., . , - , ' . ,Y J 1, 'fx' '-f if .:'zJ9f"'TF'fi ' 'W . ' N 5 5.5 .Iliff . f i- ,Q ii . - . - Q 'M .F, TM. .1 9:35.-'fminx-m.:.aQ , -N ,M X' . I .Q Y- M, , 1 . , f , , .- K. . AA: :ff 1 4 v ,,. . gms V ,qw V 'V .1 ..f- Jifhi A-..,.. , f ,- ., . W , 's . U1 . .' 1 ,, , ,... . .-1140 " ff Q- , A .' '- rf. ...ww u.:::f '1r,,-n,LJr.- 1 1-P1 - . wi-usr.::.F' , ' R. HIBBS M. PEARSON L. VVITHERS B URRALL BIBLE CLASS P?'6Si0Z6nf --------------- 4 ------------- MARGUERITE PEARSON First Vice-President ..... ,--, RUTH HIBBS S6C07Ld ViC6-P7'6'Sid67Mt---, .............. LEAH xR7ITHERS Approximlately one thousand University and College students have attended the Burrall Bible Class in Stephens school year 1924-1925. Their loyal attendance has made this class the largest of its kind inthe world. The lesson, the practical spiritual message, which Miss Burrall brings to the class each Sunday is the true reason for the success of the class. In her half-hour talks Miss Burrall discusses campus and every-day probems, with their relation to the great principles of Christianity. S One of the main purposes of the Burrall class is to train young people for Christian leadership, to fit them for service in their home churches. For the members of the class who are especiallyinterested in the fundamentals of leadership, groups have been organized, one for the University men, one for University Women, and one for the Stephens College girls. B ' ' The main activities of the class this year have been the banquet which is to be an annual occurrence, several hikes, and a breakfast given by Stephens College for the class members. P The Burrall Class, Working in close cooperation with the churches of Columbia, has proved that students are interested in Christianity and in its practical application on the campuses of Columbia. Page 100 ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION P1-65-ident -,---,.,,,-,,,,,,,,.,,,-.,-.. - MARGARET GRIEFE - Vice-President -- .... BEATRICE PETTY Sem-gmry --,-,,--,,, --- KATHRYN SPRINGER Treasurev' .......... -.- --- ......-. ANNIE D- BELL S, A. B. Representative -- M............ DfAISY VVHITMEYER Sponsors ............. ....... iN TISS I-IAYNES AND Miss HILL The name of this organization easily indicates its purpose, that of promoting athletics. A tacky dance was given during the winter months and a beautiful ten-cent prize was awarded for the "best looking" couple. The surprise of the year was the A. A. Carnival. It took the form of a circus, and everyone enjoyed the animal antics. To those who won one hundred and fifty points in athletics, the A. A. pre- sented the well-known "S" sweaters. Four sweaters bearing the Stephens emblem were awarded this year. The sports were fostered by the Athletic Association: hiking, horseback riding, and many others. In fact every type of sport has a place in the Stephens curriculum of athletics. The swimming meet occurs during the spring in which a large loving cup was presented to the winner. Also during the spring, the tennis tournament took place when cups were awarded forsthe winners in both singles and doubles. The yearis program ended with a "free for all" track meet. Page 110 HI BETA STEPPO ETA PILL CHAPTER Founded at Stephens College, February 26, 1916. Purpose ..-.-......... To AID SUFFERING AND HoIvIEsIcKNEss COZOTS -------- ----.---..... ........... P I NK AND GREEN Flower ------------ ........ ....... ........ C A s TOR BEAN PILL-ARS 310815 High Pill .-..-............. I .... LOUISE FRANKENFELD Next Miosl Ifiglz Pill ................,,,,,. 1?RANCES KLEIN A Capsule of Records and Aspirin of the Treasury .-,,,,.,,,-! -------------------------.----------- lliABLE CUNNINGI-IAM Sponsor' ................-........... Miss VVILMA HAYNES . Democracy, good sportsmanship, and a sense of humor-these are the re- quirements of' the sorority on the campus that is "different," u ' Hi Beta Steppo aims at fun in the highest degree-anything that is sensible is spurned-anything that is commonplace is out of question. Hi Beta is the oflicial murderer of' "Ho-me Sick Bluesw, the distributor of' mirth and the one organ- ization which throws cares to the Winds and thrives on "pep" and more "pep". Hi Beta doesnit even have the conventional names for its officers, for the bigger the pill, the better they fill their oflice. Even the memlbers themselves are un- conventional-but their outstanding cry is: "Hi Beta for all-All for Hi Beta". Page III . JUNIOR LEAGUE OE WOMEN VOTERS Prggidgylt ------.--,-----m--,.......- ..... L EAH WITHERS Vice-President ..... ......... - --.- LORENE ST- CLAIR S6'CT6tGi?':lj'T7'6CLSU7787' .............. - FRANCES MCGINNES S. A. B. Representative .................. NIILDRED l'vIEGEE Sponsor ,,--,-W,,-.,,,.., J, ,.-......... DR. OPPENHEIRIER In the furthering of clean politics and better citizenship on the campus, the Junior League of VVomen Voters has made a. place for itself. The group as a whole, while it is active throughout the year in the promotion of democracy and in the civic and social life of the college, plays an especially important part in the annual elections, when it stands not for any one candidate, but for cleaner politics, better citizenship and bigger elections. , The Junior League is under the auspices of the National League of VVomen Voters, and as a Junior branch of such, it follows the principles, and practices the policies of the National League, in so far as is possible on the campus. The organization keeps in constant touch with the National League through bulletins and visiting speakers, and through its regular meetings it performs its part in the task of preparing the citizens of this campus for future participation in civic life. Page IIB i ART CLUB President ------ -.--... - .'--- --- E-UNICE LAMSON ViC6'PT68id6Hf -..... ----- JULIE IVIOORE S6C7'CtaTy'T7'6USuT6f -..- .-.-,-.----- ---- J ANE ANDERSON Sponsors ------....-.... - MISS BRADWAY AND Miss ANDERSON For those students who are truly interested in art, the Art Club has tried to provide a medium through which they can come together once a month and broaden their knowledge of it by the -exchange of ideas and by talks and papers on various phases of it. . ' The December meeting was given over to the discussion of how to make clever Christmas cards and ggifts. One meeting took the form of a Russian Tea and de- voted itself to a study and criticism of the ultra-modern art. Each girl made a pastel after the cubist manner and entered her Hmasterpiecei' in a mock- exhibit. Gladys Turley gave a 'Russion dance and Jane Anderson and Frances Louise Penniwell read papers. During the course of the year the club broadened its knowl- edge of the old masters and their paintings and also kept in touch with what is being done by the artists today. u I Page 113 INTERNA TIONAL RELA TIONS CLUB President ................................ RUTH BLOOMER Vice-President ....... --- BTARILEE GAULT Secretary-Treasurer .... --- 'ANN COMPTON S. A. B. Representative .................... HELEN DURRUM Sponsors .......... DR. J. J. OPPENHEIMER, MRS. M. McKAY It is the aim of the International Relations Club to acquaint its members with an intelligent knowledge of the leading international problems and movements of the present time. The women of today are taking an ever increasingly active part in world aff airs. This activity is being fostered by the interest developed in the wide- spread organization of colleges and universities, both here and abroad. At the monthly meetings of the club, the members often have the privilege of hearing prominent men and women lecture on subj cts of world wide interest. Thus the International Relations Club of Stephens College offers to its members a pleas- ant opportunity for coming into contact with the vital problems which are to con- front them as future citizens. Page 114 HYPA TIA HEXA GON Preszdent ..............,...........,,. Vice-President .......... ........ Secretary and Treasurer ................ S. A. B. Representative -- ........ - - Sargent-at-arms .......... --.-- ...... -- Sponsor ............................ -- Motto-"Let none ignorant of geometry e --- BERNICE FALK ELIZABETH JENKfNS ---- MARIE PIEPER - BERT SHOEMAKER SARAH FARRELL -- MRS. CALLOWAY nter here."-Plato Page 115 E CURTAIN RAISERS President .................................. BETTY HILL Vice-President -- --- ELIZABETH ALEXANDER Secretary .... ...... L oU1sE YEAGLEY Treasurer ,........................... MARY JULIA RUCKER Everyone who is a Curtain Raiser is proud of the fact, for the Curtain Raisers have accomplished some really worth-while things this year. The head of the Dra- matic Department, Miss Boyer, and her assistant, Miss Parker, reorganized the club early in the fall, and helped t.he girls to make this year one of the best. The girls studied the Little Theater Movement, play production, and the drama. Each member has had a part in some play, so all had real dramatic training. Among the leading plays of the year were "Suppressed Desiresu, "Tradition", and "Pantaloon', the three one act plays which were put on at Thanksgiving time, "A Doll's House" produced in the spring and "Mrs Pat and the Law", given on Mothers' Day. The girls work to make the Curtain Raisers a success, and to make the club one of real dramatic value. Page 116 ,-- --+W SORORES ARVALES President ------ --- ..-..-.......... NADINE RICKEE , ViC'6'P7'6-S'id6??1f --... ...... DIARY LEACH Secretary-Treasurer .... -,, AGNES VAN BUREN S. A. B. Representative --c ,- THELMA VICKERS SPOHSTOT ---------.---................... Miss CARPENTER Sorores Arvales has as its chief aim the creation and development of interest in Latin, the Romans, and Latin literature. By'way of accomplishing this pur- pose, topics of interest, instruction, and amusement are discussed at the regular meetings of the club. During this year the following subjects were -discussed: Roman Literature, Roman Law, Roman Art and Architecture, Roman' Religion, Mythology and the Roman's Private Life. In addition to holding the regular social and business meetings, the Latin Club, on January twenty-ninth, sponsored a lecture on "The Two Caesars" delivered in mass meeting by Dr. Louis Lord, Professor of Latin at Oberlin College. No one who has attended the annual Roman Banquet, which takes the place of the regular meeting in April, will admit that it is possible for any club to have more fun than the toga-clad? Romans who, reclining without too much discomfort on improvised couches, partake of a delightful feast without the aid of knife, fork, or spoon. The Latin Club hopes to reach all the new girls who have had some Latin or who are interested in Latin, and to overcome any impression they may have that Latin is a dead language or one particularly hard to understand. Page 117 HOME ECONOMICS CLUB President .......................... ELLA FRANCES HALL Vice-President .... -- ........ lVIARY LEE NICVEAN Secretary ,......... .... ........ L E ILA VVILSOINT Treasurer ......,........ --- BIARGUERITE HENLEY S. A. B. Representative ..... -- .... ELIZABETH FISHER Sponsor .................................. BTISS GRAHAMT The Home Economics Club is composed of the girls who are interested in the field of home economics, and who expect to take up such work after they have finished their college education. This organization is one of the largest on the campus. Two important activities, the Scientihc Eating Campaign and the Style Show, were sponsored by the club. The campaign was put on by the Foods department, its purpose being to regulate the eating habits of the girls, and to show them how they can increase or decrease their weight. The Style Show, given by the Clothing department, was an attempt to aid the girls in their selection of clothing which would be becoming to their type and which would also be appropriate for the occasion. The programs this year dealt with problems which girls Inight meet in every- day life, and those which they might meet if they -continued in their work in Home Economics. The club had several hikes, candy pulls, and parties which were enjoyed by all the Inembers. Page 118 V GLEECLUB P7'6Sifi6111f -......-.................. ALICE LINE A ViCe-President ,..,.,- ------ J ANE ANDERSON Secreta,ry-Treasurer--L-- .... FLORA SUMNER S. A. B. Representative-, .... ---FRANCES ARCULARIUS Di1'eCf01' ............... ..... A ---Miss KATHERINE FARRAH MEMBERS JANE ANDERSON NONA JOYCE ' FRANCES ARCULARIUS MARION KELLY GENEVIEVE BLOKER MARY ALICE LEE GRACE LOUISE BRENGLE ALICE LINE FREDA DAVIES BEATRICE SEYMORE KATIILEEN FOUNTAIN FLORA SUMNER IJOUISE HIETT A EDITH STOCKTON CLARA JOHNSON , The Stephens College Glee Club has surpassed every previous record of attain- ment this year. The organization is composed of trained voices chosen from a large group of girls, with the purpose of furthering the musical interests of the College. Under the skillful direction of Miss Katherine Farrah the club has given concerts twice during the year, has sung often in Vespers, has taken an active part in the choruses of the Burrall Bible Class and has also assisted in many special entertainments. Page 119 Page 120 LA UDAMUS TE Stephens, Stephens, loved Stephens, 'Ever will our hearts be turned to thee, Patron thou of love and duty, Stately in thy classic beauty, Daughters proud to claim thy name are Stephens, Stephens, loved Stephens, Steadfast we forever and a day, In devotion laudatory, Ever strong to chant thy glory, Nos laudamus te, Alma Mater, Nos laudamus, laudamus te. ' Stephens, Stephens, loved Stephens, p Steadfast is our hope, our faith in thee, Throu-gh the years that wait before us, In thy future yet more glorious, Constant will our real affection be, Stephens, Stephens, loved Stephens, Be to us a beacon light for aye, Leading on towards great endeavor, In each heart the words forever: Nos laudamus te, Alma Mater, N osilaudamus, laudamus te. Stephens, Stephens, loved- Stephens, Dear the mem'ries of thy hallowed halls, Till our' hearts within us burning, We in spirit still returning, Dwell within the towered and ivied walls, Stephens, Stephens, loved Stephens, Lingers still in dreams our gowned array, Till each sister long departed, Swells the cl1orus, joyous-hearted Nos laudamus te, Alma Mater, Nos laudamus, laudamus te. W I r ' i' "1 X X Q Sw f X EQL 4 'N .f 43 5. Y P 7 N gy E ,N iff' if - HQ fi I " r Q V. X 'fi I , Q IU K 0 nlfxgzlbx " X X 5355533 ' X 'X FE , N f' f , , N 1 Y 11+ f' Q m x in sr " 2 -4-4.-CF.. V R f,'fa:',, X , , .- , . ,vp , ..L flfiz 5,1-"F .41 ,..vj1 ,MQ '.'.j1.."1- ,lip Wy: 5, Mm,-,," 1' Av Q I .Y fri , a s fgiiv. 11,-L Q a l'-'Q i Z .v V F11 225' 44 jw ' " A .- ' ' '-'ii ' , 1'ff'f"+gg GK. ' "rv -4 'f F- , -nr ' U 'A ' v- I 1 1 1 ,X iw " kip ' "x-:gf-1-"f-4.. ff- V- " 1 - hbn-T' 9.7 WM V ,.1 ',.', V . -1-5:-1 . 1 F , :A 3 .S 2 3 - ' ' J .- Q , ,-, , - ,- f 5, -V M, .t.-g,. Q. ,,,, .K-:NJ .x 4, . . , Ju- xv , Q., E., X H4 , la ,fsxw A . , , ,gk . A. J 41 4 w Q , , 5. L A 1. L4 4 s P g v 1 X 1. . , 5 v M , 1 -F W I A . Q ' 4 P. 4, . M17 ' fi 1-'mi 1 W, , . x V, ., Mk ,A V Q .AZ i ., 'i 'V a .- ,K lk , , 1 4 1 y .y- , .e, .- . a Q 4 ,flg . .5 ,. ,- w - .-x"L t , , I ' 'wwf if 1' '22, X I - . f ' ' 5 V - ,z J H ,V -qv, -Egg' , 1 ., - ,,,,. ., A , . , , , ,' f,f:vl ,.:-wx '-ul -f A 9 f ' H , - V V A 4 ' " i - -- i ii, ' ' -, im-.2151 ,mf .. 1 Page 121 Page 122 1171111161 0 the Swplzevzs Blfmlxei 1 Jf 'kk , W DAXISY' XVH1'mf1EYER, Shreveport, Louisiana ' V ATHLETICS 1924-1925 As never before, athletics have taken a place in the lives of girls. Twenty years ago girls, schools offered very refined calisthenics for the boarding school student, and Stephens was no exception. A few years after the Civil VVar conditions were much worse, and girls instead of playing tennis, hiking, and living in the out-of- doors as much as possible as they do now, sat in the parlors with a milder equivalent of "Flaming Youth" and ate chocolates. To-day Stephens is better equipped with athletic facilities and opportunities than the majority of girls' schools. The new hockey field and the new tennis courts are in continual use showing that the Stephens' girl has been initiated into the joys of fresh air, wholesome exercise and good ol' sunshine. Hiking was popular in the Fall and Spring along with horseback riding and croquet. Horseshoe pitching was a favorite also particularly among the long-armed girls. . T "Our athletic program is planned so that the mass will benefit and not just a few individuals," said Miss Haynes, and no one who had seen the gymnasium classes playing hockey last Fall could doubt that all the girls were getting their full share of attention and exercise. ' . This year athletic work has been particularly spirited. The enthusiasm and good sportsmanship shown in the inter-sorority basketball games in which Kappa Delta Phi championed, was only a sample of the splendid spirit shown throughout the year. I T . The standard for Stephens sweaters was raised tot a hundred and Hfty points this year for the first time. Last year one hundred points were required, but although the road to the sweater was more difficult four girlsfmade the grade by fulfilling the requirements in hiking, swiInJtning,.the keeping of health cards and participation in the major sports. The sweater winners were Yvonne Waggoner,a Daisy Whitmeyer, Margaret Griefe: and Louise Tiger. The much-coveted Stephens blanket which is awarded to the best all-round girl each year, was presented to Daisy VVhitmeyer. The swimming meet was held in May. Tlhe track meet also was heldpin this month and its features were dashes, hurdles, the running high-jump, the basketball throw and the baseball throw. p The faculty-student basketball game brought all enthusiasts to the gymnasium where the battle waged hot and fast between the two parties and endeduwithvictory for the faculty. ' I The rivalry between the Junior and Senior classes was at its highest pitch during the Junior-Senior basketball game in which the rivals played off a tie to the ad- vantage of the Juniors. t Cups were awarded to the winners in doubles and singles in the tennis tourna- mlent held in May, and the winners in the swimming, mieet were presented with cups. The following girls passed the Red Cross life saving tests-Daisy VVhitmeyer, Lucile Friede, Katherine Springer, Laura Barrett, Katherine Redd, Edith Hasner, Virginia Marrs, Virginia Bartley and Rowina Patterson. ' The inter-sorority baseball games proved the Stephens girl's ability to think quickly, hit hard, and run fast. The inter-class soccer game was not lacking in pep and good spirit although many of the players kicked. p . So it is with swimming, hiking, soccer, horsuback riding, basketball, tennis, cro- quet, horseshoe pitching, and baseball that the Stephens girls are fitted for the big battle of life and given a love of sports that lasts a life-time. Page I23 ' VOLLEY BALL 'fi . . Captazn of Jumor Team .............. --- BERNICE KURRUS Captain of Senior Team ............ ...... V IRGINIA BROWN Enthusiasm for volley-ball began early in the fall. Games were played between the different halls until Christmas vacation. After Christmas vacation there was a series of three games played between the Juniors and Seniors. The final and deciding game was played the day of the exciting Junior-Senior fightg the day of the Hght for the steps. The Juniors came through victoriousg a beautiful tin cup was the coveted prize. Page I24 HOCKEY in I The clashing of hockey sticks heralded the opening of the athletic season. It was greeted with much enthusiasm and hard play, and the spirit created by this first sport remained throughout the year. Its value and popularity were much enhanced by the coaching of our physical directors. T The gym classes began playing the last of September and for weeks the teams worked hard to improve their game. In November the tournament was begun and each team fought valiantly for the class championship. Because of heavy rains it was found impossible 'to 'terminate the tournament. The final class game, however, was to be played between the two-thirty and four- thirty classes on Monday. I Page 125 i Top' row: Ross, SPRINGER, WOOD, DUCKETT, MEIER, GRIEFE, FRIEDE, V PATTERSON, REDD. Bottom row: DURRUM, Davis, WHITMEYER, LAIN, NICDONNELL, FOUCHEE, HASNER. RED CROSS LIFE SAVERS More girls than usual, this year, worked hard for their life saving emblems. They begjan a few weeks after the beginning of school and worked up to the time that they took their examinations, the first week in December. The girls were fortunate in being able to take their examinations in the Uni- versity pool, and under the direction of Captain Law. Page 126 HORSEBACK RIDERS' CLUB i The first instruction of horseback riding at Stephens was given this year. Miss Haynes appointed a student to the position of instructor and beginners were taught under her supervision. Because of the few horses which were available, only the girls who were inter- ested and who had obtained permission from their parents were allowed to learn to ride. i But, next year, Miss Haynes plans, not only, to continue the instruction, but to make horseback riding a regular part of the physical education course. Points toward receiving an "S" sweater will be given to those who mfakeh the most progress and who show signs of becoming accomplished equestriennes. Page 127 Forwards .... Guards .... Centers .... Substitutes THE INTER-SORORITY TOURNAMENT Line-up of Kappa Delta Phi Team: liLOUISE TIGER, Captain QYVONNE VVAGGONER gDOLORES GUYMAN QVIRGINIA VOORHEIS MARGARET GRIEFE QCATHERINE LAIN ALICE HADLEY 4iKATHLEEN FOUNTAIN After three hard-fought contests, none of which were easy victories, the basket ball' team of Kappa Delta Phi earned the right to call the silver loving-cup its own The usual process of elimination was used. The final contest was played be tween the Kappa Delta Phi team and the Eta Upsilon Gamma Team. In addition, a losing tournament was played. It was won by the Gamma. Delta Phi Team which deserves considerable praise' for playing well under an unavoidable handicap. Page 128 1' X ' 2 life W5'ZZ."f7il U IC azzo s Page 129 .mum nnmxxun-mum:-ml-mmm :L mr ' ' . To-p row-JONES, BEARDSLEY, GORDON, STANLEY. Second IOWTTRIMBLE, WARNER, STEPHENS, HIETT, JOHNSON. STEPHENSOPHIA A Eciifw' .....---...---.-.-. -.-......... G RACE WARNER Business MGHdg'67' ........... ........... P AULINE STEPHENS Faaculty Adviser ........................ -ROY IVAN JOHNSON Here we have a small space into which we must cram the story of our existence, the history of our noble deeds, and the recording of our accomtplishments. There are nine in the hard-working band-nine initiates in the Order, all of whom have dutifully, sometimes tearfully, put into play their never-ending originality and their untiring efforts. A 5 No band of knights, unless it be King Arthur's own band, has ever shown more valor or more courage in face of Defevat than has this One. It has indeed worked and looked forward to the attainment of its goal until its members are worn and Weary. In fact, We are too Weary to go on with this little story. Please turn the page. Page 131 STEPHENS STANDARD Dlanaging Editor .......................... HELENA ROOS Associate Editor .......................... KAT'HRYN RUSH Business Manager ---. ................... MARY GALE LETTS Staff Secretary ............-............. HAZEL MITCHELL Assistants: JOAN ABSTON, ADRIENNE ADAMS, RUTH BLOOMER, ALMA BOYLE, GERTRUDE BRAUN, DOROTHY ANN CARRIGAN, GLENELLE CASSITY, HELEN LIUCILLE COOPER, LOUISE GROSS, MARY ELIZABETH HOPKINS, GLADYS INGLISH, EUNICE LAMSON, FRANCES LEA, MARY GALE LETTS, JULIA BIOORE, PAULINE MUEGGE, ELSIE NUSS, ETTIE R0ER'IE15l, FRANCES SAWVYER, FLORA SUMNER, LUCILLE SEIBEL, PAULINE STEPHENS, AIARIAN TRUBY, ROMOLA VVALTER, GRACE WARNER, BIIRIAM VVILLITS. I Here is one sentence the purpose Of which is merely to Say that work done for the Stephens Standard has been a pleasure. Page 132 1 -U f wb. Z1 ' Av 1 1 Doloilfies V w M gb Q f X 1' 5 . .79 1 i ug' .3 5 .I ' it : r 5: , is 9 " 0 . 7-T P :- . . nv, 3,065 ' x , .4 Q-4 5 1? fllcigx fag as g, ri. 91 f , x XWJ I f . xg J ? ,, 11" k V X 1 g I Vx v f v D P lb K f 1 2423523 ..-1 , A Xl . 1 1 Q S as Q' E .. .f ff z u I X .1 ,'v:'o.' X .-4 ' 1 -fs f a 1' X " ' L 'in 1 .ng f ,fF"'74 'V 1 ' A W3 ,J ' 'm v A Page 133 Top FOVVZSAVVYER, IQIRKPATRICK, ACUFF, MCKEIQ, ADAMS, ABSTON. Second I-ow-BECKER, BRAUN, GILFILLEN, BEARDSLEE, MEINERSHAOAN, FAUDREE. Third I-ow-FISHER, LETTS, STEWART, ROSEGRANT, HALL, BENEDICT. - Fourth row-LEE, ALI,ISON, DAWSON, LAIN, NUTTER. Fifth row-BLOKER, ROEMER, ANDERSON, LEACH, CARLYLE, VVARNER. Sixth 1'OVV--BLACKBURN, BRENOLE, PHILLIPS, VICKERS, TRIMBLE. Bottom row-TEACHOUT, BRAUN, HOEFFER, LYONS, VOORHEIS, NIITCHELL, ROBINSON Pagf 134 PHI THE 1'A KAPPA Hr ,Q A i s , X W g. S4 ..., 54 ' - Wt 151 1 . Aqgfwggf I , I W ' HONORARY SCHOLASTIC SORORITY SZUOTLSO7'--BIISS MARIANNE WHITAXKER Pfesidenf ------ ---- - -- -----.. ..... . - .... KATIJRYN DAWSON Vice-President -..,,n.,-- .-.-w -,,-- ---------- 1X 1 A RY LEACH SC07'6fa7'y-TTCGSIWG1' ........ ........... - MARION ROSEGRANT S. R6P7'6SCHtafiU0 ...,..,.-- ,-g----- G ERTRUDE BRAUN MEMBERS JOAN ABSTON DOROTHY ALLISON EDITH BECKER GERTRUDE BRAUN PAULINE NUTTER HIARRIET STEWART MARY LEACI-I FRANCES SAVVYER GRACE WARNER LEOLA FAUDREE KATHRYN DAWSON MARION ROSEGRANT THELMA VICKERS M'ARY GALE LETTS IRENE MEINERSHAGAN ELIZABETH FISHER MARY HALL CLARA BEARDSLEE DOROTHY GILFILLAN ETTIE ROEMER ADRIENNE ADAMS -, , , -,--,,,.,.-,...... I ,-A. ...... ..,.......-....-......--............- ,.. TLHELNIA KIRKPATRICII NADITTE MCKEE BENI'FA ACUFF HQAZEL MITCHELL 'ANNA TRIMBLE MARGARET CARLYLE RUTH TEACHOUT NIARIANNE BENEDICT VIRGINIA VOORHEIS MARY ALICE LEE FLORENCE ROBINSON NIARION LYON LEWINE HOEEER KATIIRYN LAIN CHARLOTTE THOMPSON LOUISE HIETT GRACE LOUISE BRENGLE RHODA PHILLIPS FRANCES BLACKBURN JANE ANDERSON GENEVIEVE BLOKER Page 135 ,guna -..,,..-..- Top row-PH1LL1Ps, BURKEHOLDER, LONG, BRENGLE, RENFRO. Second row-VINSON, BURKEMEYER, KELLY, MTEUSER, BENTLEY Third TOVV-VVEBB, BAKER, HAY, SMITH, BEAUMAN. Fourth row-SUTHERLAND, OLSEN, BRAUN, ABSTON, BENEDICT. Fifth FOYV-RINGER, FARNHAM, PEDIGO, BOULEVVARE, JOHNSON. Sixth row-R1CE, SEYMORE, FOUNTA1N, K. COMPTON, OWEN. Page 136 GAMMA SIGMA GAMMA , n HONORARY MUSICAL SORORITY F0l11'1dCd 1923 Stephens SPOVLSO7'-B'IISS GOODSMITH Pfesiclevri ..... .................. ......... J O SEPHINE HAY Vice-President ................... -. ...... JOSEPHINE SMITH Secretary ....... A ................... A .... THERESA VINSON Treasurer ............................ ELIZABETH PHILLIPS S. A. B. Representative .... Q ...-..... BIART1-IA BURKEHOLDER MEMBERS DONNELL OWVEN CLARA JOHNSON KATHERINE COMPTON - AVIS BEAUMAN JOAN ABSTON MARIANNE BENEDICT BIABLE CUNNINGHAM ELIZABETH PHILLIPS MARTIiA BQ BURKEHOLIJER JOSEPHINE HAY ' JOSEPHINE SMITH THERESA VINSON GENEVIEVE BLOKER NORMA OLSEN GERTRUDE BRAUN HELEN JANE BAKER LAURALEEN FARNHAM FRANCES BURKEMEYER MARY BYRD BOULWARE BEATRICE SEYMORE J TRACYE RINGER PAULINE FAY A , GWENDOLYN BENTLEY NADINE LONG VIRGINIA RICE MONA RUTH VVEBB 1 ELIZABETH SUTHERLAND MARION KELLY I I - DOROTHY RENFRO GRACE LOUISE ,BRENGLEV BIILDRED MEUSER I CORINNE PEDIGO KATHLEEN FOUNTAIN Q College Page 137 I DELTA PHI Delta Phi, the third honorary sorority in Stephens College, was organized in the spring of 1924. The sorority was established to recognize marked literary ability among the students of the college, and to foster and promote an interest in creative writing. Only students who show actual creative ability, who maintain a. uniformly high standard of scholarship, and who manifest an interest in literary work are eligible to membership. The candidates are chosen by a joint commiittee of members and faculty. Delta -Phi cooperates in publishing the Stephens Standard. During the year, one number of the magazine is issued as the Delta Phi number to which alumnae as Well as active members contribute. ACTIVE BIEMBERS HELENA Roos ll'IARIAN TRUBY MARY HALL KAXTHRYN RUSH CAROLINE ILIOOK VIRGINIA BROWN ETTIE ROEMER JULIA BIOORE I VIRGINIA VOORI-I,EIS FLORENCE ROBINSON Page 138 ! E N-lil Pagaf 139 Top row-ALEXANDER, HALL, BELL, VINCENT, LONGMUIR, VVEEKES. Second row-NVILSON, BOWNE, CHAPPLE, ROBINSON, TRIMBLE, TERWILLIOER. Third row-YOUSE, JOHNSON, NUTTER, PEARSON, SMITH, GILL. Fourth IOW-MERCER, VVHITMEYER, WILLITS, FRANKENFELD, TEACHOUT. Fifth row-SLEMP, GARDNER, MCCORMACK, CUNNINOHAM, PITCHEORD, ENSIGN. Sixth row-CASSITY, VVARNER, JOYCE, LESLIE, DRINKWATER, RENFRO. Seventh TOW'-MACDONNELL, GOMEZ, TUCK, STEPHENS, MCCRORY, MILLSPAUGH Page 140 ' BETA SIGMA OMICRON ETA CHAPTER ' ,.., A ' w FOunded'1888 Columbia, MO. Sponsor-MISS GENEVA DRINKWATER Preividenlf .................. .............. IN IIRIAM YVILLITS ViCefPresident ........... .- ......,....... ELOISE JOHNSON Recording Secretary ........,....... LOUISE FRANKENFELD C0rreSp0nding Secretary .............. MARGUERITE PEARSON Treasurer ................. ........... I SABELLE CHAPPLE Pan Hellenic Representative --,- ..... HELEN JANE LONGMUIR Editor .- ...........,..... 4 ............. PAULINE NUTTER MEMBERS MIRIAM WILLITS HELEN JANE QLONGINIUIR ISABELLE CIYIAPPLE NIARGUERITE PEARSON MARY HELEN VINCENT KATHERINE WILLS LOUISE FRANKENFELD LIABLE LESLIE ANNIE D. BELL DAISY VVHITMEYER LEILA VVILSON GRACE VVARNER JOSEPHINE SMITH RUTH TEACHCJUT PAULINE NUTTER ELOISE JOHNSON JEANE ALEXANDER BERNADINE BOWNE GLENELLE CASSITY NIABLE CUNNINGHAM ELIZABETH EVANS ELIZABETH GILL HAZEL GOMEZ LORENE LICDONNELL NONA JOYCE ROBBIE MCCRORY FRANCES SLENIP DOROTHY RENFRO LUCY MERCER KATHERINE TERYVILLIGER CORENE BKICCORMACK BESSIE STEPHENS ALBERTA DRINKWATER BERNICE WEEKES FRANCES NIILLSPAUGH MILDRED ROBINSON IAILLIAN YOUSE ANNA TRIMBLE LOUISE ENSIGN VADEN TUCK ROBERTA GARDNER A ELLA FRANCES-HIALL BIAUDE MILLER PITCHFORD Page 141 Top row-VVEBB, HILL, HALEY, BRENGLE, KENDRICKS, PARKER. Second row-STOCKTON, SCOTT, DAWSON, WYEAGLEY, EASTLAND, COMPTON. Third row-GAULT, CROUCH, COLLIER, GREGORY, PEUOH. Fourth row-TAYLOR, LAMSON, C. PEUGH, RUCKER, EVANS. Fifth row-VINSON, LETTS, VVITHERS, COMPTON, STEPHENS. Sixth row-BEACKBURN, BEARDSLEE, BARRETT, DUCKETT, KEENS, ROECRER. Seventh row-CHENEY, TIGNER, H.LXRDTNER, XVATSON, BLOOMER, BOULEWARE Page 142 ETA UPSILON GA MM-A in ,-O PI CHAPTER Q t , 'gif .5 X 1 'I' '91 Founded 1 90 1-Christian College SP0'7ZSO7'L'B'QIISS ELLASUE LEMMON ,A P1eszde-nt ............... Vzce-President .......... Secretary ..................w. T1 easurer .................... Pan Hellenic Representative .... -------------- CORA PEUGH ----..----lVIARY JULIA RUCKER MARGARET TAYLOR -------LOUISE YEAGLEY -------MARION KEENS MEMBERS VIRGINIA BROWN L-AURA BARRETT RUTH BLOOMER KATHRYN DAWSON ANNA MAUDE EVANS FRIEDABELLE HALEY MARION KEENS EUNICE LAMSON' MARY GALE LETTS CORA B. PEUGH MARY JULIA RUCKER MARGARET 'IXAYLOR THERESA VINSON LEAH WITIIERS LOUISE YEAGLEY ROSALIE HILL DOROTHY BURNETT LOUISA STEPHENS CLARA BEARDLEE ' BIONA RUTH VVEBB DALETH COLLIER VIOLET IIARDTNER RUTH CROUCH EDITH STOCKTON HELEN EASTLAND MARY BYRDBOULWARE NANCY KATE DUCKETT RACHEL PARKER DOROTHY CHENEY MARY E. KENDRICKS FRANCES BLACKBUVRN .1 TLHEL-MA PEUGH MERRILEE GAULT MARGUERITE VVATSON :NIAURICE GREGORY ANNE COMPTON KATHERINE COMPTON LESLIE LEE TICNER HOPE ROECKER B4ARJORIE SCOTT GRACE LOUISE BRENGLE Page 143 Top'row-JONES, HOEFFER, ADAMS, SNIDER, GREGORY, MCKEI.VY. Second row-FLEET, HILL, OETELIE, HASNER, THOMAS. Third row-HxDDs, KISTLER, RINGER, H.AI,L, STEPHENS, SPRINGER. Fourth row-NEWELL, VVEBB, Roos, HENSCHEL, GORDON. Fifth row-STANLEY, HENNINGER, ROQUEMORE, VICKERY, LEINXVEBER, XVARDER Sixth row-ADAIR, GREBIP, CARRIOAN, FRIEDE, VVALTER. Seventh row-HAW, BOYD, CHAMBERS, CALDWELL, MRCGEE, CRISSMAN. Page 144 SIGMA IOTA CHI ETA CHAPTER 4-1b'fL5, if 4 I, ' 9 f s I T i., If I-'5fF'!" bd! Founded 1903-Alexandria, La. SZJOTZSOTHRIISS ' DOROTHY PROOTOR Presidenf ......................,...-.,,.... HELENA 'Roos Vice-President .............................. BETTY HILL Secretalry ..................,............... HAZEI. GRELIP Treasurer ..... I ..L..- .,,,-,--I ,--,---, L,-, ----- .RUTH HIBBS I Pan Hellevzic Representative ...........-..,... CLARA LOGAN FLEET 3 MEMBERS BETTY HILL MARY MARGARET ADA'IR HAZEL ,GREMP PAULINE STEPHENS DOROTHY .ANN 'CARRIGAN . CLARA LOGAN FLEET ADRIENNE ADAMS HELEN GREGORY RUTH HIBBS LEILA THOMAS R.0MOLA VVALTERS HELENA Roos HELEN BOYD EVELYN CALDWELL RIAIYIIE CRISSMAN ALYCE CHAMBERS LUCILLE FRIEDE BIARY GORDON HELEN HALL EDITH HASNER BETTY HAW ELIZABETH HENNINGER MARY HENSCHEL LEWINE HOEEER I GRACE JONES JEANNE KISTLER MILDREDSS LEINWEBER RIILDRED MEGEE RIONA RICKELVY - ALICE NEWELL VERA GFTELIE TRACYE RINGER OPAL ROQUEMORE KATHERINE SPRINGER ELIZABETH STANLEY TIIYRA SNIDER VIVIAN VICKERY LORENE WARDER - RIERLE VVEBB I Page 145 Top row-HAY, HIET'f, BLOKER, FUNK, THOMPSON, SHAW. Second FOYN'-DUNN, TVIEIER, POWELL, ENGLAND, H. M. COOPER, MITCHELL. Third row-DUREEE, LONG, MEUSER, ROBERTS, HOOK, RIDER Fourth row-CLARKE, FARNHAM, YVATERMAN, ROEMER, FAUDREE, PEDIOO. Fifth row-CHEYNEY, MURRAY, BURR.-XLL, STEELE, THOBTAS, EATON. Sixth row-M. COOPER, TRUBY, IVIUEGGE, BARR, M. COOPER, GILBERT. Seventh row-TOALSON, SMITH, SHAEER, BE.-XGLE, H.-XLL, CAMERON, HOSTETTER Page 146 THE TA TA U EPSILON .74 !9d!fi4:"' - ALPHA CHAPTER A A gBY'fr , ' iff' ig! Founded 1921-Stephens 'College Sponsor-MISS VALBORG LELAND 1376856116115 --------- ---. ......-... ...... E T T IE ROENIER Vice-President ......... ,.,...-.,... - ,,-,MARION TLRUBY S6C16fCl1fy -------.. - -.-.......... ...... A IARGARET ENGLAND Treasurer- ............. - - -------A-,--- IDOROTHY GILBERT Pan Ifdlenic Representative ............. ALICE VVATERMAN MEMBERS ETTIE ROEMER JUDY BARR MARION TRUBY RUTH CAMERON HELEN FUNK DOROTHY GILBERT IIAURALEEN FARNHAM GENEVIEVE BLOKER NOVYSE SHAWV HELEN M. COOPER PAULINE BIUEGGE JOSEPHINE HAY ALICE VVATERMAN CAROLINE HOOK RUTH STEELE FRANCES EATON EIARGARET ENGLAND LEOLA MAY FAUDREE GLADYS TANDY HELEN SMITH ALLENE BEAGLE LOLA BURRALL VENEVA DURFEE CHANDLER EIARJORIE CHEYNEY FRANC MARIE CLARKE BERNICE HALL LOUISE HIETT KATHRINE HOSTETTER NADINE LONG BEATRICE EQEIER EIILDRED BIEUSER HAZEL BIITCI-IELIQ KATHERINE MURRAY CORRINE PEDIGO DOROTHY POWVELL SYBEL SHAEER MABEL SNIITH FRANCES ROBERTS AMNA RIDER GRACE TI-IOIVIPSON ANNA LEE TOALSON EIILDRED COOPER MARIE COOPER EDITH MAE DUNN BIARGARET L. THOMAS Page 147 Top row-TURNER, ANDREWS, ALEXJXNDER, BEASLEY, DALEY, ARCUL.AR1US. Second tow-TROUSDALE, VOORHETS, HILL, 'TRAMP, LYONS, QSREEN. Third row-DAVIS, QIR.-XHAM, DURRUM, FOUNTAIN, GUYMON, XV.-XGGONER. Fourth row-HUNTER, RUPPELIUS, LEE, KAYS, HONE, POGUE. Fifth 1'0WV-GRIEFE, SHOEMAKER, BENTLEY, VON BOSTON, CALDWELL, KERR. Sixth row-MILLER, LAIN, H.XDLEY, NORMAN, RUSSELL, TIGER. Seventh TOVV-CLIE, MASON, NIATHESON, STEWVART, MAUPTN, FOCKELE. Page 143 imfihsiz 7 1 I I KAPPA DELTA PHI ALPHA CHAPTER L .fi 22? f 59k ' ,-M1 - f il, Founded 1921-Stephens Colleofe 23 Sponsor-MISS PATIENCE :HA GGARD Preszdent ......,-,,,-, --,,------------ - -- Vice-President ..... L .... L - Secretary .........., .,--h-,,---- ----- - 1 --- Treasurer ........ ...,,,.. Pan Hellevzic Representative MARY ALICE LEE RIARTHAV POAGUE RUTH CALDVV-ELL LOUISE TIGER ' RTARTHA KAYS' MEMBERS DIARY .ALICE LEE RUTH CALDNVELL HELEN HONE FRANCES ARCULARIUS HELEN VON BOSTON MARY FOCKELE RUTH GREEN MARTHA KAYS BERT SHOEMAKER LOUISE TIGER ETI-IEL CHATWVIN TYIARTHA POAGUE YVONNE YVAGGONER- GYVENDOLYN BENTLEY BOBO KERR RIARGARET GRIEFE ALICE H.ADLEY VVILHELMINA ANDREWS ELIZABETH ALEXANDER RIARIETTA BEASLEY VIRGINIA DALEY LLILLIAN DAVIS HELEN DURRURI KATHLEEN FOUNTAIN VIOLET GRAHAM DOLORES . -GUYMION GTLEE, HILL GAYLE HUNTER HELEN KLIE KVATHRYN LAIN I MARION LYON ETARJORIE MASON ZELIA MATHIESON RUTH MILLER IRENE MAUPINL NADINE NORMAN TNIARY LOUISE RUSSELL HELEN RUPPELIUS LILLA STEVVART MARGARET TRAMP HELEN TROUSDALE LIUCILLE TURNER A VIRGINIA VOORHEIS Page 149 I Z I Top row-STROMATT, MUNCASTER, STEVVARD, RICE, COE, THOMPSON. Second row-KURRUS, M. DAVIS, ROSS, JOHANNES, BECKER. Third row-OLDHAM, BOYLE, HARDIE, LIMBIRD, LATTA. Fourth row-ANDERSON, KLEIN, CRAVENS. Fifth row-BURREIIIEYER, FORD, ALLISON, SAWYER, G. VVILLIAMS, NUSS. Sixth row-DAVIS, ALBRIGHT, RENEKER, BENEDICT, ELY, CROXY. Seventh row-AIKENS, BARTLEY, MOORE, M. XVILLIAMS, LOPP, TURNER Page 150 ' DELTA RHO ALPHA ALPHA CHAPTER A , - I 1 , Q f I if 13 1' 'fn , I A1354 1 . .pg ' Q P. "Q-'-'vIuu.x ' Founded 1 92 1+StephenS College SPOHSOT--RIISS IRENE BOYER P1'6Sidf?11f -----.- Q ..................... FRANCES KLEIN Vice-President .......-....-,.-.,,,.,,, -ALMA BOYLE S60T6ifl1'y -.-..-...................... - HARRIET STEWVART T1'6flSu1'61' ........................... ,--ELSIE LEE STROMATT Pan Hellevzic Represeniaiizpe .....,...,,., FRANCES SAWVYER MEMBERS DOROTHY AIKENS DOROTHY ALLISON ALMA. BOYLE NIARION BENEDICT ERNESTINE FERRILL JOY JOHANNES FRANCES KLEIN CAROLINE LATTA A SARAH MUNCASTER ELSIE LEE STJROMATT FRANCES SAWYER HARRIET STEYVART CHARLOTTE THOMPSON FRANCES BURKEMEYER ROBERTA ELY LUCILLE CRAVEN 'FWVILA FORD HEIJEN CROYV HELEN COE VIRGINIA BARTLEY NELL RICE MADELINE DAVIS MILDRED DAVIS CRYSTAL LOPP FRANCES HARDIE JULIE MOORE JANE ANDERSON EDITH BECKER GRACE EVILLIAMS ELSIE NUSS BERNICE KURRUS HELEN RUTH RENEKER LUCILLE OLDI-IAINI ETHEL LIIVIBIRD LOUISE ALBRIGIRIT BETTY TURNER Page ISI Page 152 Top row: MCARTHUR, BROVVN, BEALE, VANBUREN, DAVIES. Second row: TICE, BRATTEN, ST. CLAIR. ' Third row: FITZGERALD, ABSTON, HOOVER. Fourth row: DEIS, BARKER, ALLERSMEYER, LINE, BENDER. Fifth row: FISHER, TQRACYE, NICARTHUR, MORGAN, HIRSCIIFELD ZE TA M U ,EPSILON ALPHA CHAPTER, I , M , fsNw.e .fa-, , -A Q I 'x-- ..-H Founded 1921-Stephens College Sponsor-Miss, THETA SEARCY President .... A ...... . ...... ,-, -...-. L-, ..... .JOAN ABSTON Vzce-President ............A............. HELEN HIRSCIIFELD becretary ......... . .... ---I ...... A ........ -VERA M'CARTHUR Treasurer .........A....... , ....... .--..--- ALICE LINE Pan Hellenic Representative .E.. ,-4- ....... ALTA ST., CLAIR. MEMBERS JOAN ABSTON VIVIAN BARKER RUTH BEALE BERNICE BENDER MARJORY BRATTEN ELIZABETH BROWN DOROTHY DEISII FILIZABETI-I FISHER ALICE FITZGERALD HELEN HIVRSCIAIFELD VERA M CARTHUR VIRGINIA MORGAN NIERWIN NESBITH ALTAST. CLAIR RUTH TICE LOUISE TRACYE' MARY ALLERSMEYER FREDA DAVIS ALICE LINE AGNES VAN BUREN THELINIA HOOVER Page 153' Top IOW-KELTNER, OLSEN, MALLET, AGGAS. Second 1'OW-PATTERSON, ALFOPD, PIEPER, SIMMONS Third row-GRUPE, STURM, HENDRICK. Fourth row-PARKER, SMITH, KELLY, KEATHLEY. Fifth row-JOHNSON, TOWLE, ANDERSON, DECKER. P420 154A GAMMA DELTA PHI ALPHA CHAPTER . J ulil ff ?1P,.TkA-9 . .. gi.+-Q52 N Founded 1924-Stephens CO11ege Sponsor-MISS LOUISE DUDLEY P73-9id67lt ................. g .............. HERNIINA STURM V206-President ................ -. .......... -LESTER KEATHLEY Secretary ............. ..........,.,.. ..,. Treasurer ................. .- ....,....-... NORMA OLSEN GLADYS NLALLET Pan Hellevzic Representative ............... -LILLIAN KELTNER NORMA OLSEN GLADYS NIALLET LILLIAN KELTNER ADA SIMMONS ROWENA PATTERSON LESTER KEATHLEY. MARY TOWLE VERNA MAE ALEORD HERMINA STURM HELEN HENDRICK MEMBERS EUNICE PARKER KATHERINE SMITH MARIE DECKER MARION GRUPE LOIS KELLY GERALDINE AGGAS QNLARIE PIEPER IVIILDRED ANDERSON V - ANNE T. JOHNSTON Page 155 Tow 1'OVV-IVIANGLESDORF, JONES, RICHEY, CARLYLE. Second row-R.-HNEY, PETTY, ROSEGRANT, LIMERICK Third row-TURNER, MAYS, PHILLXPS. Fourth row-LOFFTUS, SMITH, EARP, ST. CLAIR. Fifth row-ROBERTSON, COOKE, OVVEN, HAMMER. Page 156 PHI PHI PHI ALPHA CHAPTER fu. 3- ' -ff' . XA Lfiilsjy W' , Founded 19241-Stephehs College Sponsor-MISS LOUQISE DUDLEY P7'6Sid612t ---.-.....-....... -........... L UCELIA TURNER S6C1'61fll1'y -----.-.-......... --.- ......... -LORENE ST. CLAIR T1'6dSU1'61' -.--.-. U .-................. .... - R UTH EARP Pam Hvellbnic Representative ......,...,... .MARION ROSEGRANT MEMBERS LUCELIA TURNER RUTH EARP MARION ROSEGRA'NT LORENE ST. CLAIR BEATRIOE PETTY MARGARET CARLYLE JESSIE JONES IDA SMITH IVIILDRED DUVALL EUNICE HAMMER MARY LIOFFTUS VANNIE MAYS RHODA PHILLIPS AVERIL RIOHEY LOIS RAINEY LADORA -ROBERTSON ANNA MANGLESDORF MARION COOK LILLIAN LIMERICII DONNELL OWEN Page 157 Page 158 I WANT TO BE IN DEAR OLD STEPHENS QThis song placed first in the Song Contestj I want to be in dear old Stephens, That's where my college life was passed. Wliere we'd have spreads just after light bell, Those were the days too good to last, We'd eat the beans to live them over, We'd take the cuts each morn and night, We'd even grin at every call down, For we love Stephens with all o-ur might. My heart goes back to dear old Stephens, Back to the friends we found so true, I want to live those dear days over For I know now they were too few. I'd like ,to hear old "Stephens, Stephens" Ring out as in the days of yore, For with every fleeting moment I'm loving Stephens-more and more. -LOUISE FRANKENFELD 'U f 9- f F 1' 1 1 'ff 1 xX A V x X J I . X V Y i ' , 51" ,,:ff' X H Q if I Z X E, ll' If, - W H 1 Q' rf 4' X X 1 O 5 l 11, K f . ,Y Y Q ' ' X , , f 'GF -x , A v I Sf? , X ' Q f ml 4 1 ,V 'Q 1 w w , - '? f 1415. Mir S Ks.-.Q H' 1 E 2 I x P I A VVINNERS OF STEPHENS SWEATERS. Upper Jef!-MARGARET GRIEFE b Upper right-DAISY VVHITMEYER Lufwer lefz-LOUISE TIGER Lofwer right-YVONNE WAGGONER Page 159 Others were jolly too, at the junior Jollies. Page 160 1 ,' was a Guess Who contest at the Pan Hellenic Ball ,till the masks came Page 161 Socks and hair ribbons took usuback to our childhood days for one short evening. Oh, that the Kid Dance could last forever! Page 162 The Athletic Association tried to make us look tacky. -- -- Vve lived up to its highest hopes. Page 163 Such intelligent faces! In Pledge Parade we discovered many hidden talents and concealed qualities. Page 16lgz C1 if er in ,QF 5 Forthcoming years will show us that Pavlovva and Ruth St. Denis will have successors from Stephens College. We discovered this at the Rhythm Recital. Page 16d f .,,,, Wf..,,ff , Q I, ,ff Q45 ' I wi: 4?3W,,w' f fx ,, Y K f, , 1 5,4 W 1 ' Q? , 2 fg f , KQHM, 'ypyf Xxyifll the May Fefe came joy and sorrowg joy in the culmination of a fruitful yearg sorrow in the parting of friends. Page 166 HERE AND THERE---1 ' -Above are scenes from the junior Formal given for the Seniors. To the left: DADDY LAKE and BINGO. Page 107 1 Q just Uff Broadway TI-IAT'S WHERE THE EUN BEGINS At HARRIS' a Stephens College girl feels at home, for there's an atmosphere of rehnement along with an unmistakable spirit of gaiety here. Delectable food served in style, plenty of interesting young folks, including your own special friends and acquaintances. And from the daily tasks of ,the school, there's relaxiation here that approaches the Parisienne. Then, come park- yourselves along Columbia's "Peacock Alley" most any afternoon or evening. Settle back into a cozy "Booth of Romance" and the whole world will look different for an idle hour or two. H AR RI 3 Millard and Sisson Breakfast parties by appoint- mefntg e'e3trica1ly toasted waffles. by the score. lilllll llllllllllllllllllllll Page 168 THE LATEST IN PHOTOGRAPHY CONSISTENT VVITH GOOD TASTE. PARSONS STUDIO Pg 69 Boone Count Milling Co. Use l H. P. the best family flour OUTCOME OF POPULARITY CONTEST- 1. Best Known Girl-Laura Barrett. 2. Most Friendly Girl-Leola Faudree. 3. Most Popular Girl-Laura Barrett. 4. Best Groomed Girl--Violet Hardtner. 5. Best Actress-Elizabeth Alexander. 6. Best Comedian-Rosalie Hill. 7. Most Interesting Conversationalist-Edith Stockton. 8. Ztlost Honest Girl-Margaret Carlyle. 9. One having best qualities of Sportsmanship-Daisy VVhitmeyer. 10. Best Posture-Louise Tiger. 11. Best Citizen-Dorotliy Allison. 12. One who has shown greatest improvement--Hermina Sturm. 13. Best School Teacher-Sarah Muncaster. 14. Best Housekeeper-Margaret England. 15. Greatest Noise Zllaher-Nancy Kate Duckett. 16. Best Public Speaker-Leola Faudree. 17. Best Marnie-Hazel Gomez. 18. Best line of slang-Helen Hoskinson. 19. Zllost original-Rosalie Hill. 21. Best manner on street-Dorothy Allison. 22. One who thinks up most "raise cracks"--Rosalie Hill. 23. Best story teller-Edith Stockton. 24. One who nvilt do most for church in home town or in conzrnunity where teaching -Margaret Carlyle. 25. One naho most erernptifies good breeding-Laura Barrett. 26. One who will be famous in 25 years- a. Senior-Ettie Roenier. b. Junior--Julia Moore. Page 170 EACH GENERATION OF STEPHENS GIRLS- Finds an increasing responsibility placed upon the woman. Having made for herself a participating role in the world of commerce the woman is bringing about a business revo- lution in the home. She is interested in the making, saving and investing of money and is coming in increasingly clos-er contact with banking institutions. It has been the pleasure and privilege of the Boone County Trust Company to impart their first banking expe- rience to sevcral thousands of Stephens girls. The ever expanding number of those using this institution is an in- dication of the satisfaction given. A SERVICE-BUILT INSTITUTION BOONE COUNTY TRUST COMPANY COLUMBIA Page I7I Quite TD suv 5,4 Sim '5 TAVERN DRUG- STORE Visit Our Fountain VVhere Friend Meets Friend EVERYTHING NEW IN TOILET SUNDRIES ' FGR THE LADIES FULL IIINE PHOENIX HOSE SWEATERS AND SYVEATER VESTS LADIES RAIN COATS VICTOR BARTI-I CLOTHING CO. ST OWE PHARMACY Successors to Gilman-Dorsey DRUGS CANDY TOILET, ARTICLES PHONE 49 9141 BRO Page I7 2 9 Columbiafs Cash Department Store A FEWV SUGGESTIONS Fon THE COLLEGE GIRL. A large assortment of Neckwear at all times. Dainty Collars of lace or chiffon. Linen collar and cuff sets nicely trimmed. Vestees, plain or fancy. COLORFUL SCARFS:-always add to the costume. Gay colors for afternoon or evening, darker shades for street wear. GLOVES:-add modishness to the costume. Many unusual styles are featured in our glove department. ' Colors to match and harmonize with one's frock may always be found here. BRASSIERES:-The selection is important, and it must Fit perfectly. VVe feature -the Gossard Brassiere, and we, know you will be pleased -with 'the many styles we are showing in plain and brocaded silk, batiste, lace and silk jersey. , THE HosiERY DEPARTMENT:-Wayne Knit, the Silk Hose for service, or, ,the chiffon hose, a sheer beautiful quality for afternoon or evening wear. Thirty-five colors to choose from. COMPACTSZ-A little thing, yet so important. You will find your favorite brand in all styles, at our toilet goods counter. You will enjoy a visit to our Basement. Attractive novelties in china and glassware. Page 173 Q... 1' i e , if up is ,Ili 2 A 5 ,. 5,51 k .L., f ew wif-if? IE' f L' ln. Y: ,Q 3. jiiif 5 ilgpffii V- Viv, irfifg i arf 'I 1 V if ill pil! .l 5- '1 1 li f f x 'QV i' it ' lei V Fi, lftf' w LQ 1 1 ,E MN, 1, ,iff 1 ' 1 1 L 2'- af' ii! lggflii ul 1 ,Q-,V ,ii -'Q .ii i T24 ,av ,,:, 5 ,, , 'gp 4 wif- 2, , H' 51 eq, ' rf 3 Y ii I DAVIS COAL COMPANY DEALERS IN BESTGRADES OF ILLINOIS COAL 10 Ash Opposite Wabash Depot Our store 'affords all the opportunity of the 'city with al large selection of 1 pretty ready-to-Wear and millinery. We Specialize in Mickels and Printzess r Suits and Coats WOLFF-IBERGER CO. "The Heart of Columbia" Page 174 HoUsEKEEP1No Your heart was as a house, VVith many little rooms, And a tightly latched door Not opened very soon. There were cobwebs on the wall, Some dust upon the floor, And little, broken, memories Behind the door. I polished and swept it all, And made the hearth to shine, And whispered while I worked "Now all of this is mine." J But one day when I came, Quiet as a mouse- A I saw a stranger there, I hope She can't keep house. -ETTIE CAROLYN ROEMER. I was sailingaway into Dreamland On an ocean of silvery blue, And the stars, twinkling high up above me VVere like rosebuds :filled with dew, And yet, I was silent and lonely For I knew that all too soon He would sail on away and leave meg For he was the Man in the Moon. I -F. HALEY. A RELEASE There is a dusky path of romance That I lose myself upon, when life is heavy, A path of myriad yellow roses, And purple twilight, And still, fragrant calmness, VVhere a sense of fairy evening gossip Haunts the air, ' And the coming moon subtly stirs Though it is still below the horizon, And other lands are caught in the enchantment Of its passing. Along the borders of my dusky lane There is no love, no sighs, no yesterday, Nor is there fleeting aspiration Ever sought, and never gained, But there is always rest, and shading That stir within my soul The golden castles of old Italy, The lamplit bewilderment Of intricate Japan, The daisied panorama Of morning meadows, And the sunlit peace of quiet places. --BIIRIAM HENDR color ICKS Page 175 "TI-IE DAYS OF LONG AGO" Remember the Mondays that used to be In the days of long ago? With Dad at his work and the kids at school To study their R's and the Golden Rule, And Mother would haul out the family "duds," Filling the house with the smell of suds, In the days of long ago. And Oh! the water we used to lug In the days of long ago! How we beat a path to the village pump, And it kept us youngsters on the jump Filling the boiler and wooden tub So Ma could wash and wring and rub, In the days of long ago- What a lot of ironing there used to be In the days of long ago! How Mother would stand on her tired feet, Ironing and folding each towel' and sheet, With the meals to get and the house a-muss, And everyone in an awful fussg In the days of long ago- I-Iow times have changed and things improved, Since the days of long ago W'ith Dad at his work and the kids at school, We've put into practise the Golden Rule. Thanks to the Laundry that takes away The washing andi ironing and all dismay Of the days of long ago. Dorn-Cloney Laundry and Dry Cleaning Company PHONE 116 144410 Page 176 Your Colfege W Will always be remembered through jimmies. - i The place which affords you the real pleasures of good things to eat as well as good companions and real college atmosphere. - , Those tasty luncheons and dinners in addition to good music and service from courteous men who strive to please you. . - Delicious candies of all liinds that you will enjoy. zhzmzleb bffege me Page 177 W3 Up F . WAPPLES AT ,- N'EST-CE PAS After much difliculty the staff reporter obtained an interview from Miss VVhit- taker. QThe difficulty was that Miss lWhittaker being of' large frame and bloody ideas killed on sight the other six reporters sent to hcr.j 'WVhy are you so enthusiastic about French,', the reporter asked gently for already a wild light appeared in the distracted eye of Miss Wfhittaker. QThe other eye wasnit distracted.j "Because my great grandfather, Patrick Henry, was a Frenchman and jwqruf lpd prl.," she added pleasantly in French. "Have you ever been drowned?" our reporter asked seriously. "lVle, we, we," exclaimed Miss VVhittaker disinterestedly in French. "Could you give an account of this interesting experience?" asked the reporter delightedly. "Unfortunately, I cannot, for I was not there at the time, and one must be there at the time as the great French writer, Charles Chaplin, once said, "Chube dumb et chu r dumb-ketch-pa?" Our reporter left. The instant our reporter stepped into the room, he knew that Miss Burrall had drained the dregs of despair. The room was in disorder, with empty bottles and glasses lying around, and Miss Burrall leaned disconsolately on the table. "VV hy live on ?" she moaned in that quoth-the-raven voice on catching sight of our reporter. Now, this was very disconcerting to our reporter as he has large ears and is slightly cross-eyed, and there is really no reason why he should live on. "There is no hope nor joy in life," she mourned dropping a tear. Our reporter politely picked up the tear and returned it to the owner. "Miss Burrall, I have come to ask you an important question," our reporter stated magnanimlously. Her lips drooped but she nodded assent. "VWhat has caused you to sink into this sloughuof despair?" retaliated our reporter before his victim had a chance to change hermind. A look of anguish criscrossed her face. "VVhy, oh, why can't they let me forget?" murmured Miss Burrall in a very hoarse voice. Our reporter handed her a cough drop and she continued with a sigh Cand the cough-dropj. "Oh, that I were dead! This life is a hollow thingf' her hand strayed over her' feverish brow, ,"I can never forget the day. It was at cold, rainy day, such as you often see when a circus comes to town." Her eyes strayed around the room. "Ever since that dav-I have tried-fbut I can't-,H she exnlained incoherently. V "Can't what?" cried our reporter all excited. "Can't memorize a poem! I can't. I tell you I can'tV' she paced the room in a frenzy. "YVhat poem Pi' asked our reporter. . "I tell you I can't," cried Miss Burrall as she sank dejectedly into a chair. She flung her arms across the table. They landed on the fioor. A sob choked her. Our reporter left the corpse lying on the iioor and rushed to the office Cany office-preferably newspaper ofticel to write up the obituary. P. S. The name of the poem was "Pilgrim's Progressf, Page. 178 J CICS SHACK DAY OR IOHT STILL ANOTHER INTERVIENV VV'hen our reporter was sent to interview Miss Haynes he was ushered into an oriental room reeking with incense and filled with its occupant's iridescent personality. He found Miss Haynes clothed in flowing robes, reclining Nita-Naldishlv on a divan while eating chocolates. He was shyly offered a chair and the interview began. Miss Haynes first gave him an idea of the ideal Stephens girl-the girl of her dreams- a stoop-shouldered, Hat-footed, bow-legged, knocked-kneed, pigeon-toed, near-sighted, and consumptive creature. "My aim," said Miss Haynes to our reporter Qnobody else being in the roomj, "is to make each Stephens girl such a girl as the one of my dreamsf, VVhile munching and crunching on a huge chocolate, Miss Haynes continued, "The modern girl takes eoztirely too much exercise and the danger of bathing too often is prevalent. Since the water here is hard on that school girl complexion, a girl should not bathe more than twice a semester." hfiss Haynes, a Iithe, willowy creature, confided that her second aim was to grow fat and strive to become bigger and better. Miss Haynes, who was once 25th lieutenant in the Royal Horse ltilarines in Malaria, a small country somewhere between Life and Death, is known far andwide for her horsemlanship. In ability to stay on a horse she is excelled only by the Prince of VVales himself. She is also an expert toe-dancer, she said to our reporter with a stamp of her dainty foot, "My one ambition is to toe-dance atthe Cozy and I mean to do so." A truly great ambition! I EATING TO MUSIC As we all know "music hath charms" and as eating also hath charm for most people, we find ourselves doubly charmed when eating to music. Music in the dining room does not seeml to interfere with the eating, for the scales show an increase in the weight of most students. ' 1 Of course we all feel grateful for the intermission, between the meal and des- sert, when we may sing. After this intermission of strenuous vocal exercise we find ourselves mbre hungry than before, and ready to eat again heartily. , Witli the soup, the "Adoration VValtz" should be played, for drinking soup is slow action, and the soup strains and waltz strains mingle together admirably. "Home Sweet Homev or the "Swiss Yodelling Song" might also prove to be suitable accompaniment. If celery is served with the soup, "Chop Sticksi' should be VVl1en one encounters tough meat "Those Aggravating Tough Meat Blues, The Bowery," or "VVhat'll I Do" should be played. Should frankfurters be served the pianist should play "Oh VVhere, Oh Where Has My Little Dog Gone? U VVfith the Meat course onions may be served and "VVhy Should I Cry Over Yo,u would be appropriate. With banana salad one finds "Yes, We Have No Bananas a Htting melody. i H T , Wliile the dessert is being served the students should sing X ou re Last But Not Least in My Heart." l H The procession should then leave the dining room with The End of a Perfect Day." Q A p -Grace Jones Page 179 F. W. Woolworth 85 Co. 5 and 10c-Store On Broadway near 9th St. Candies - Party-Favors -- Sta- tionery -Q Novelties- School-Supf plies - Notions - I-Iandkerchiefs -- Toilet Articles -- "Everytl1ing"- "TRY VVOOLWORTH'S FIRST" WHHWQWE5 910-12-14 Broadway Columbia, Missouri LADIES READY-TO-WEAR DRY GOODS AND MILLINERY Ask your grocer for RIDENOUR-BAKER,S Foods of Excellence. "Say it with flowers" BERNARD 'S "The Florists" CUT FLOVV ERS FLOVVERS FOR ALL OCCASIOINS DECORATIONS Phone 2121 919 Bdwy. Page 180 READ oua CANDY sroav-rr WILL PAY YOU, The firni of' HOPPER-PO-LLARD DRUG COMPANY buvs its Candies literally by the l30H-Selling to people who know our candies requires such quantity buying, VVithin ten Weeks this store has sold thirty-five hundred pounds of LIGGETTHS Candy. A "Try LIGGETT,S and You Will be Satisfied" I-IOPPER-POLLARD DRUG CO. The Rexall Store 2 PHONES 141145 907 E. BROADWAY ,X I, S141 'fa DEAR GIRLS OF STEPHEN S- Hearty congratulations on your coming graduation. It is one of the big events in the life of' every girl. You will . never again have quite the same thrill of' achievement as when you step up to receive your diploma. Of' course you A must look your loveliest to do honor to Stephens and your friends. VV e have waiting some irresistibly dainty frocks that you will love. When you call, we shall take special pleasure in fitting you out with all the dainty things that will give you happy poise on Graduation day and prove ideal for the Social Events that follow. .S ' i Y 'N QjLrsiE2iff"0'A W W l - ,,,.l Seniors of 1926 twill find y , I Est?-lzzljagixion THE HOUSE OF FASHION Cougiflli Ziqgigghpxs flf E f- . Page 181 Remember THE DRUG SHOP For Your Toilet Line, Kodaks and Boone County Coal Co. Kodak Supplies. dealers in Prescriptions handled only by law- BEST. BOONE COUNTY COAL fully recognized Pharmacists. Our Moitto: . C a Clean Coal-Efficient Service PI'Op. Columbia, Mo. Phone 302 Two Phones 815 Broadway J. H. JENKINS, MGR. 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I - But have you ever been one?,' asked 'Miss Drinkwater as she swung gently to and fro on the trapeze by her little finger. I KING!! I "Then you do not know anything about them." And with this she leaped lightly from her perch and vaulted from chair to chair. For a moment she poised airily on the window sill like Peter Pan and then dis- appeared into the night. Our reporter fainted. Our reporter slipped into one of Miss Dudley's classes and found her lecturing her class on "How to Tame a Drug Store Shiekf' Miss Dudley leaned gracefully on her massive mahogany desk while she spoke lightly and insouciantly of the many fine qualities of the drug store jelly. A Miss Dudley had her classroom fastidiously- decorated in bright old rose and sombre black hangings. Along the wall luxurious lounges ranged on which students lounged negligently. A Persian rug with rich deep tones like a pipe organ adorned the' floor and heavy satin curtains kept the glare out of the students' eyes. A canary twittered contentedly in his gilted cage hung from the crystal chandelier. A faint perfume pervaded the rooms coming from the perfume burner on the radiator which was camouflaged by a mass of fragrant pink roses. - 4 On the right hand of her desk a sparkling fountain playedq In the center of this fountain a pelican shot the gleaming water into the air whence it fell with tinkling splash into the bowl of the fountain where goldfish of graduated sizes "gambled on the green." A On the left-hand of the desk two love-birds perched on an ivory and gold stand. Nothing could have been more complete. "Girls,,' exclaimed Miss Dudley dully, "We feel that even if you do not learn anything here, your finer qualities will be brought out by the drug store cowboy you will eventually marry at home. This must be your aim in life, i. e. to capture one of these. For this, you do all your hard boning at college. Even if you do not amount to anything now, he will soon lift you to higher planes." Tlhen Miss Dudley gave a few hints on how to catch a shiek mentioning casually that it was safer to have a second husband in sight before getting rid of the first lest one find oneself shiekless. To illustrate her idea, the teacher gave a brief solo dance, a polka, entitled "Spring Polka Dots." ,Mil-..,.i We regret to admit that We have no interview from Mrs. Calloway. It was impossible to obtain an interview from Mrs. Calloway on account of her great shyness' and her aversion to talking. Page JS3 THE WVVHYH FOR OUR CAKES BEING HBETTERH IS- THEY ARE BUTTER MADE E STRENG'S PASTRY SHOP COLLEGE AND SoRoR1rY JEWELRY We specialize in favors, dance programs and stationery. L A. BUGHROEDER Jeweler 1015 Broadway Phone 704 Green Page 184 CURLING IRONS SMQOTHING IRONS ELECTRIC GRILLS JOHN L. 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Just a wind-swept country road, .lust a homely little lane, Just a little rough-hewn bridge, Yet it brings a homesick pain. -HELENA Roos. The weeds grow up by the side of the road, And the road is only clay- But I love-oh, how I love that road For it's my home's highway. Did you ever stop and listen To the creaking of a swing? It's a very strange idea But, oh, the jolliest thing! From some familiar voice To the twittering of a bird, FRANCES LEA. From the whistling of the wind To animals, can be heard. Now, if you think itis worth it And have nothing else to do- Just sit down and listen To what a swing will tell for RECOMPENSE Knowing that the way I go VVill be far from yours, I would press my love on you By a dozen little chores. I will hang up your frock, And put on your shoes, Wind your little silver clock, And draw the curtains to. Put a red rose in the vase, Fill a glass with water- Saying if you should obj ect, "It really isn't any botherf, Little tasks Iyll do for you So that'll say, "This or that she did for me Before she went awayf, V0 ul L. T. Gtzoss -ETTIE CAROLYN ROEMER. SCOTTS BOOK SHOP BOOKS, STATIONERY AND SCHOOL SUPPLIES 920 Broadway SEDALIA COLUMBIA NEWARK, OHXO BOSWELL' S DRY GOODS AND READY-'FO-WVEAR 1007-1009 Broadway "Mother, May IVQ Have More?" CENTRAL DAIRY ICE CREAM PARSONS SISTERS BEAUTY PARLOR PHONE 795 1005 E. Broadway I Page 189 TABLE CGMFORTS LIKE MOTHER USED TO MAKE BRQTHBRS E Columbia Missouri 3 mm stumnmmx u X xxxgx X y x xx X V. :K .xrg y-,U 4 Q. ' 5' vs X? A 'GCN 5Sfxif35' xi: Q 4 S ., Q 1:1 , H ij' X 5 . fuk r Wm-Sim . is ,X fn 111 x V ff ff?-fir h.4::.-H:-. , WT 'N - . x . xxxx T' :X xg, ' W Q xx? Ag V ,N . x..... N Q 'rx ,,..A qu h A V X NX. X .sam Axirwmz - Ax.5m. -"' . X xx OL xg g X AMS JQ2,-5 wnnrscrofzm,-.RD eRfAKfA-ST BACON Qui? 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Boswell said that the best biography is an autobiography, but sometimes the subject's modesty keeps him from publishing a great deal of valuable material- and in this case, the fact that she leads the life of a sort of "character" on the campus, naturally puts her in a position to withhold much of her history. -So I will do my best, and believe it quite all right to publish anything, be- cause she never reads the Stephensophia anyway. In fact, she seems to hold little regard for any form of literature. She is inclined to waste most of her time running about the campus enjoying herself, rather than devoting much time to study. She might even be called shiftless, or lazy-though she is by no means "fat and satisfied," as we often think of the lazy ones. She is rather thin, in spite of her laziness and appetite, but 'this may be attributed to her sensitiveness and high-strung nervous temperament-and she has a complex. Psychologists have failed to determine whether it is an "infer- iority" or a "superiority," because of the complexity of it, but no one will deny that she certainly possesses what is termed the "Big I." It is quite unfathomable at times-but it may be due to a feeling of pride because her birthday comes on Thanks- giving, for it surely cannot be because of her beauty. I have said that she is slender but regret to add that she is neither dainty nor graceful to the slightest degree in her movements. Her walk is terrible, for she is bowlegged as well as pitifully pigeon-toed. But that isn't half of it. Upon being introduced to a person for the first time, she will edge away without even looking him straightiin the eye. She can't--because in addition to her half-timidity complex, she is quite cross-eyed. Her unusual appearance and eccentricity, however, do not prevent her popularity on the campus, for she is known and well liked by almost everyone. She likes music, and professes a joy also in merely "being alone." She spends a great deal of her time somewhere inside or outside the conservatory, just listening to the students practicing. VVhile she enjoys solitude, once in a while she gives way to outbursts of real friendliness, and her displays of affection are sometimes startling to those who don't understand her. But she is surely in a class by herself when it comes to originality. She is terribly unconventional, and her acts depend solely upon the dictates of her various moods. . When she is not in a particularly sociable frame of mind, she will stare through and beyond the well-meaning faculty member who bids her "good morning." She is a loyal and duty-loving member of the student council, but when it comes to a question of herself-her character and occupations are such as to require her to be camlpused practically all of the time she is at college. She certainly leads a dog's life,-but, according to June herself, that of a watch-dog isn't half bad. -Donoil-HEA HoUGH'roN. Page 192 rozm Gold 106 Cream Columbiafs Hnest ICE CREAM is made by VVhite Eagle Dairy Co The Henseen---Peters---Smith Co as Saint Louis Recognized as Headquarters for and connoisseurs of Quality Table Products Distributors of "AT-LASTAH HCHICH KHTRABONH and "H-P-S" Brands ni "iIll"' llill, . E """ ' dm ml MW' iii . 11 K W X. 'Kei w s 4 Service is Service -3188 miles of main track splendidly maintainedg -serves the biggest cities in Gklahoma and Texasg -a record for 'Kon-time" performance of passenger trainsg -dining cars on ali through trains, -three fine, fast passenge-r trains, the Katy Flyer, the Katy Limited and the Texas Special, -oil for fuel, and "booster" equipped engines, prime factors in comfort and efiiciencyg -the longest continuous engine run in the world, 871 miles between Franklin, Mo., and San Antonio, Texas. TRAVEL AND SHIP VIA THE KATY FOR SERVICE Page 194 YOU Books on every hand, Flowers on the stand Pictures, just a few, Rugs of softest hue, Fire so gay and bright, Softly shaded light, Tea things on a table, Clock a'tickin' gaily. . J They are always waiting, Homey things and true, But best of all, Dear Heart, Always there is you. --ETTIE CAROLYN Some day when I am old and gray Iill write a poem which will say These things which I cannot impart Because they're hidden in my heart. Things very small, yet very great, That I alone, now appreciate. When I am old and weary worn And have-all my troubles borne, I'll comle to you and there impart Tlhese secrets hidden in my heart, That some day maybe you with me May see these things as I now see. -ALLIA It's almost time for parting, And the days are drawing near, When we will be starting For our homes,'we love so dear. All were merry yesterday But now, no one seems so gay, Many eyes are red from weeping I Because of dear friends we're leaving. Farewell to wondrous Stephens dear, Farewell to all that are so near 5 Always in our thoughts will be Those we love and long to see. -ALMA ROEMER. BOYLE. BOYLE. Page I95 I I I I I I I I I I I I I ,. . I , I .I 2 1 I I I I I I I 'I I I i I I I. I I I I I I I I I I I I I I FINE STATIONERY For Men and VV Omen The Finest Writing Paper Made PRINTING EMBOSSING STEEL DYE ENGRAVERS Herald Statesman Publishing CO. Virginia Bldg. COLUMBIA, MO. COLUMBIA,S LEADING SHOE STORE VVhere T'0'IDO1'TOW,S Shoe Styles are Shown Today Omkssg 5 BWVDY. AT EIGHTI-I SHOEs HOSIERY REPAIRING THE HOUSE OF COURTESY PHONE 63 Page 196 MeAllister's Market 10th ik Bdwy. LUNCH Grooms or .ALL KINDS McAllister's Cafeteria 9th ik Cherry :fWIlC7'G you get the most of the best for the leastf' COLUMBIA PRINTING CO. COMMERCIAL JOB PRINTING Columbia , Mo. TELEPHONE -131 ' Guitar Bldg. KATHERINE TUQIIIIQGH The Oak SHGPPE Barber Shop SHAINIPOOING HGOOCZ Service , MARCELLING with Srzfisfacfiovzu MANICURING E I 9th ik Bdwy. N. 10th 8z Bdwy. Tel-1536 Page 197 PHONE "Two Seven Oh" RICHARDJ ESTABLISHED 1893 ' 900 Broadway A TUP OST jjfltsh , "W 'ku fix, hfM,Zf GRocERYCo, ousrmauvons ST. LO u u s. M o. . Z ia Uhfwwr , -ax " Que 'Q X' -1' L Y- fm 4 5 11W "w 3,117 f'!f"" mm.. E D UCATI ON guide us to choose the best and reject the inferior. Food is important in the affairs of life. Life is made safe and more pleasant by the use of Topmost Brand Food Products. Let its light Tibbitts-Hewitt Grocery Company St. Louis, Missouri Page 198 BRUNSXVICKS VICTROLAS Z, ' f U C uusu: caMnANgY I - QI COLUMBIA-MOBERLY-MEXICO-FAYETTE "THE HoUsE DEVOTED TO MUSIC" Ivers and Pond Pianos used in Stephens College SHEET MUSIC RADIOS llllllllllll Hlllllll lllllll llllllllllllllll lilllllllllll I ' I I I- .- l II I- I- DANCE AND PARTY CALLS COUNTRY TRIPS :- I u - -- '- CADILLAC SERVICE ", Il I- -I -I nn- 491 CAB CGMPANY Il- -I -I nu I I -I DAY OR NIGHT SERVICE -I I ': , . . . I '. H1re a Cadlllae-Drlve It Yourself 'I 1- I- I- , :I- I- Q5c PER PASSENGER 19 N. TENTI-I sfr. I I. '- l- '- l- '- I l iilllllllllllllllll , ,, llllllllllllillllll I 1 Page 199 Make Your Next Gift with JEWELRY I-lENNlNGER'S 813 Broadway Stylish Shoes Excellent Quality at the price you want to pay. , "A Step off B'rlw'y Saves Dollars" REID7S Boor SHOP A ELEVEN N. 10TH BUY YOUR BAKERY GOODS PHONE 709 8 so. 9TH STREET VANITY FAIR at the , CLEANING-PRESSING--REPAIRING LADIES, woRK A SPECIALTY odel Bakery SHOES WED HATS CLEANED AND BLOCKED I9 N. 9TH Phone 1168 WE CALL Fon AND s. AMATO DELIVER T. PALMISANO ELECTION SONG XVhen election day comes round The Campus looks a sight, And no one knows what itls all about- It happened once in the middle of the night. The trees decided to step outg Candidates roll by in pomp. YVonderful orations are given out, VVith no one standing round. And now what we'd all like to know I've found out from source quite clearg All this rumpus is to elect The girls to mow the lawn n-ext year. -Alice Delight Newell and Mary Gordon Page 200 owell's 5 L: XR ,I . A X WX Qllliw Y A ' V Tv S. "ti i i tll f i ll X- -W ifi -'i' N XX . X t x . . MK S 1 l lit Vlhi l ii .T NXT-it -. A 1 l A ll ' X 15 fn .lll AZ l : ill lfll i x li T V fl ,XX X f flXlw2lqlw a N N I' ul X s v ,V mms X ix WU X N Q X Fruits are here whenever available. We insist upon giving you quality. 9th 81 Walnut NO PWELZKS 9th 8: Walnut A 'lpfafe Ego Q Cege Cgofumng A Cbcnigevgifgc of wwiggouvi Ficfuveg, CNvcW-Fvinfeb, Sfefgeng, gefff mage fgi 4, K J Printing H uality Annualsu E SHOW herewith one of the Stephens presses, a part of the great plant which for over thirty years has been printing school annuals. Ex- perience has taught us that only the best of ma- terials and workmanship must go into an annual, and so we feel that the best equipment is none too good--hence the great modern press shown below. HE YEAR 'BOOK is only as good as the printing in it. Beautiful views, clever art work, and good pictures look betteruwhen properly handled on our presses by experienced half-tone printers. We are prepared and anxious to meet the exacting demands of annual staffs. Write to us before letting your contracts. . THE E.. W. STEPHENS PUBLISHING CG. Special Printers to Schools and Colleges Columbia, Missouri XVORDS OF 'WISDOM FROM 'NVITNIT 3 word to the unwise: Cuts make excellent laundry lists. ur idea ot a dumb girl is one who'll sit by an empty water pitcher and ask us to pour her a glass of water. .d Our ideahof an honest man is the fellow who hands the penny he found in the mi dle of Main Street to the cop so it can be returned to the rifrhtful owner . I . I a . d 10111 H19-'Ch 56301161 Says something important occasionally for she talks a great ea . The girls we like least is the one who finishes her tvpewriting assifrninents so quickly that she uses more of our paper than we do. L D To live well, is to die-well? Fear not little frock for it is my father's good pleasure to pav for vou. Moralizing is the unfortunate outcome of seeing the relation between things. It would be a good idea to write themses on pink paper because it would give them such a vanilla. flavor. Serenades may come and serenades may go but East sleeps on forever. Never be ashamed to say to the world "I don't know" for that signiies that your present condition is one of bliss. HISTORY Wasliington discovered the Renaissance in 1492. Cleopatra. was the son of Alexander the Great, brother of Napoleon. The Bubonic Plague is a kind of yellow paper used by some teachers to inform some students of something. Noah's Ark is what we need when it rains in Columbia. Marriage is what Louise Frankenfeld didn't. FABLE OF THE ONE-HORSE ESCAPADF. Once upon a Time there was a good Town, Columbia, and in this Good Town was a good college, Stephens. One night there were in this College four Frolicsome Stephens girls. who yearned for a new adventure. The New Adventure appeared in the Form of a one- Hoss shay, as old as the Covered wagon and drawn by a horse that even the Prince of VVales could ride, which stood patiently waiting for its owner to come from a church nearby. Now, these good Girls, being devoid of hats, Caution, and Fear, entered this Vehicle and started upon their journey. As they turned down Broad- way, the Old Mare, realizing that the purpose of this adventure was a thrill, decided to do her part and, kicking up Her Heels, dashed down the "Great W7hite VVay" at high speed. The vehicle sped past Harris' at 60 miles an hour, and many good persons left perfectly good Home-mades to melt and evaporate. while they rushed forth to see what had struck the town. At this Point the Climax arrived post-haste, for the Old Mare and the Buggy parted Company, strewing Stephens girls far and wide, and it took all the town's students and All the Football Wien to put horse, Buggy, and Girls together again. Moral: You can't judge a Nag by l00kS. -Grace Jones. Page .201 Exchange National Bank Will appreciate your business Whether your account be large or small. Give us 'a trial. WOMAN,S EXCHANGE AND FRANK CLAYPOOL HAT SHoP 4 FINE SHOE REPAIRING Exclusive Styles in LITTLE RED SHOE SHOP Hats and Novelties 10 N. 10l5l1 St. 8 Hitt St. BOWLING LUMBER CO. Established 1865 VPHONE No. 2 8th sl CHERRY Rollins Runstop The silk stocking modish Women are demanding at the Shops. We have it in all the wanted shades. Three qualities: i .98-1 .418-1 .85 JACKSONS POPULAR PRICES 917 B'dW'y BOONE COUNTY POULTRY CO. BROADMORE INN C0lIl77lbll1J.9' Popular Eating Place REGULAR MEALS SHIORT ORDERS, LUNCHES ' PIES, ICE CREAM, ICES, DRINKS Northeast Corner Tenth 8: Broadway Page 202 ADVICE UN DATING Dear Miss Patience Ivornout, b I donlt know what todo? Ted has asked me to marry him for the fortieth time ut I can t make up my 1n1nd whether I shall make him or George or Edward or Bill tllei luiaky man. I really love Bill the best but he will wear Suspenders to Vespers an , o course, no girl can endure a suspendered husband. I would consider Edward but his face reminds me of June. George would be all right but he does not like beans and somehow I have become so fond of them-somehow they seem to have become a part of me In fact 'there shall never be a meal in my house without a bean. Please, tell me what to do?, Laura Barrett. Dearest Laura, My dear, I know how your suffer. A terrible problem confronts you. I have thought over your problems days-infact, nights. As for the suspendered Bill. Don't let him worry you in the least. Men can always be reformed after marriage, as Joan of Arc once said. Never having been married, I do not doubt this in the least. Now, my advice is this-look in your handbook on page 60 and read all the material under the heading of "Customs and Traditions." If this does not solve your difficulty, you'll know you were on the wrong page. Personally, I think it best to leap before you look or you'll never leap. Lovingly, Patience. Dear Miss Patience VVornout, I do not understand it. Junior has not called since last Saturday night and here it is Tuesday already. Do you suppose he has lost his voice? Edith Becker says it is possible. I can think of nothing else. His vision haunts me Neither do I sleep or eat for dreaming of him. He is my ideal of manly beauty. Oh, if you could only see his long curling eyelashes you would understand. I am enclosing one of the ten photographs he sent me. He was always generous and not one of his photos is smaller than 2 by 4 yards. His silence is killing me. I fear to leave my room for fear he will call while I am gone. Distractedly, Lewine Hoefer. Darling Lewine, D i I I There is only one thing to do. Call Junior and ask him if he is going to call. Lots of love, w . Patience. Dear Miss Patience VVornout, I U Gonionimus keeps sending me special after special loaded with poetry written to what he calls my hydrophobic brown eyes. , u i M'iss VVlornout, I love him. I cannot allow him to continue under this cruel delusion. My eyes are really a kind of grey-blue henna. Please, advise me by parcel post. l Yours in agony, Mildred Robinson. D t M'll' :- 1 , , . earwiiy .lfivise is that you Send Gonionimus a copy oi Wfilliaiii VVordsworth s im t 1 ' . "To the Cuckoo." . mor a epic Enduring affection, Patience. Page 203 I EDDY 85 EDDY MANUFACTURING Co. GROCERKS SUINDRIES , I Smttvrlvv 5 HIGH GRADE Grooms FOI' A SPECIALTY Unusual G1ftS. St. Louis, Mo. Mail Orders Filled WHAT We sell tl i2egf1?Coecl?f at whole- Our Show1'oo?snYI7ill Convince Portraits PLUMBING AND HEATING SUPPLY GUMPANY BY . Not aiiliated with any trust. 1119 Chestnut Street, St. Louis, Mo. Send for Free Illustrated Catalog. Wesley Blackmore 9IoA BROADWAY Page 204 1,1 I I I I I I 1 I I I I I I I 1 I I I E I I lk The historical research department r t of Tin B H 1 V f u p esen s a very ancient copy of the memoirs s N 3 6 B recent Y Gkcavated. It is presumed that the young ladv was a student of Stephens in the year 192i-25. ' ' Sept. 16-Reached Columbia at 4:30 A. M. and about 6 o'clock we were so anxious to SCC the new school that we got up. A bunch of Stephens girls met us and WC had F1 Big Sister party this evening. Sept 17-Begistered this morning. Saw hlr. Gauntlett and Harris' this afternoon. Liked them both very much. Sept 18-Met SOIIIC new girls. VVas afraid to recite for these stern college teachers. Oh, those grand old high school days! Sept 20-Thought we would be all settled today but wc are not, Sept. 21-XVent to Miss Burrall's Bib Sept Sept Sept Sept Sept Sept Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov. le Class today and enj oved it verv much 22TJust got back from the Barbecue. The stunts were grand and the eats grander." 23-Have a new roommate. VVent to vespers. They are lovely. Came out soothed and feeling carefree. 26-VVent to mass nreeting and a reception for the Baptist young people of Columbia. The food was fine. 27-Rained all day. 29-Joined Hi Beta Steppo and received my pin which was the most honorable safety pin with pink and green ribbons. 30-Decided to clean up our roomi. 1-Rushing season began yesterday. 2-Studied after Vespers which is as "per usual." 4-Discovered that it is '74 days until Christmas. 5-Had a date at the Hall. Thrilling! 6-Helped Anna Trimble eat her birthday cake. 7 --Had two quizzes. One of them I didn't mind. The other I did. 8-Received a letter from home. 9-One of the girls got hurt in gym. I I0 -Got my first call-down. Felt kinda funny. 11-Got some fruit, cakes, etc. for our breakfast to-morrow. Saw a grand picture show tonight. 12-Had a big, big feast this morning. 13-Open House last night and we met some cute boys. It only lasted two hours. 15-Tried to get a pair of shoes this afternoon but they didnyt fit me. 16-Enj oyed some toast in our room. 17-President Wood spoke to us about expense books today. 19-Received two specials before Sunday school. 22-Got a "home-made" this afternoon. I 23--Took a special to see "Thief of Bagdadf' 26-VV'ent to hlr. Gauntlett's recital., It was grand. 27-There were lots of cute costumes at the Masked Ball tonight. g 28-For four days I have not heard from home. 29-Likewise only it's five now. 31--Had a lovely Hallowe'en dinner tonight. Pumpkin pie. 3-Thought the .Iunior .Icllies took well with the audience tonight. 41-Fortv-three more days before vacation. 7...F01-1531-one more days before Christmas. 9-Enioyed Miss Goodsmithis concert. 15-VVrote letters home. . 17-Still trying to convince iny teachers that I am studying hard. Not suc- ceding. A 21-Got a. box from home. All the girls came to see me. I have such a charm- ing nersonalitv they all said. 22-Did my wcek's washing. Food all gone. Page 205 W . ww,-V -- Q I il " 1 A 4 . 3 -ai' A gtg-MQ-iz - , - .ig If It .i 7 'ff rg U S 5 9 'fi - 5-it Q' f Q, 2. Wiiif 7 1 if ,.. r , , 4 iz: ' C ,: - fri A ai is s , ' - -4 'N 1,- :lil - 15"--' - 4 .ws -aff--1, M. 5, H sift' - ' ' 1+-i : :flat TV", lin'-if iiiiigif ' f" f 1-aw' I -' :L 4 fi - , K- 1 1' J, - Ye, ai , if f ' . 'F' ' '- f Q . . . ,ff -.Q . , - 1 M 2,15 j' si: E. Q f y fi' , . ff,-5 4- ' , fr' 'W 2 z -9 - i??e..Z.f.C,' ' Y It ' ', . - A 'gigsiifivnjlg-'f .r mr . . ii ---.N 93 "Q f 2- taiaifg -12?iiff5'Z4 ii 752--5 i ff' " l .Ji f ' v :- , an vs E T - I Vx... ,1 ,X ,gl ' - we 1-'3 , at ti.: -s: - ' 'l . 1 I -'EF 'F' y i its I QQ- .4 is j A , r to ,'v'9'?"'f2 US, N i 1- , f - gf' 'K '- F gfiifg ragga? 1 E. - L 'lg V, y ' 1'..'- illi4l'f2 155' " 5 ,1. N i 'lf' .4-jj ., J' ki , Fifi pg 71 'fi ij Q H E 5-',p:a E 3-1.32 T? , . 1 .14 , gs . A a i ,ii F, rig? - . '1 1 . 5,5 LS-i - - if: A - W f? 1,1 -' , YQ f. A iff - if ,. A lfwr --ff. YH A , iii lr A -..- TI-IE HoUsE OF COURTESY , SHOES SHOES HOSIER-Y A REPAIRING 806 B'dw'y SHOES Finest Makes in Latest Styles First By LE vvts "Quality Footwear" Exquisite Silk Hosiery 2 Nov. 23 Nov. 25 Nov. 26 -Enjoyed Miss Brelos recital this afternoon. -Nearly froze to death playing hockey this afternoon. "One month from today is Christmas" is the campus cry today. -Everybody thrilled about Thanksgiving. Nov. 27-Beautiful day for Thanksgiving. M. U. beat K. U. Game was nice but somebody sat on the radio wires so we c-ouldn't hear them broadcast the plays at our end of the field., Nov. 28-The infirmary was rushed today. Nov. 30-Two more Sundays before we go home. Page 206 Dec Dec. Dec. Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec. Jan Jan Jan. Jan. Jan. .lan Jan. .lan Jan. Feb Feb. 5kAT11 Sorry but nothing new occurred todav for me to record 9-bpent 'UIC day in the infirmary with a sore, throat and feasted on oyster soup Wlth 0116-half an oyster in it. The pearl was in the other half l think Thls day Was CBJ Oyed by all as they say in the society column about parties. Packed my trunk. Nearly walked myself to death today finishing my Christmas shopping. l 0+ 144 15 16-Feel almost home as my trunk has gone. 17 jThe campus looks like a glistening Fairyland with all the snow this morn- ing. -Homeward bound. A Claapse of time for vacationj 6-Was awfully glad to see the girls again. 18 7-Rising bell sounded like a demon this morning. 9-Got our trunks today. 10-l'm feeling sort of homesick. 12-Spent the day in the infirmary. 14-Galoshes working Hue. 26-Seniors are registering this afternoon for the next semester. 274Registered ourselves. 29-Had my picture taken today for the annual. Here's hoping! 2-We began the second semester today. 9-11-Spent at the infirmary with the flu but the flu didnit have a very good time so it didn't stay long. Friday 13-Bad day. Feb. Feb. Feb. 111-Pledge parade on the campus. Everybody looked crazy. 16-Hi Beta Steppo initiation and the things they made us do were a scream. 22-The first ideal spring day. Feb. 23-Juniors entertained the Seniors with a. dance. March 44--Missed dinner to hear the Inauguration Speech of President Coolidge over the radio. Friday 13, the second one this year. March 18-Sorority basket ball games. March 27-Juniors beat the Seniors several points in the basket ball game today. hlarch 29-The faculty beat the academs in basket ball tonight. It was too funny for words. March 30-Campaign speeches were given tonight. April 1-The big election came off today. lt was awfully exciting. April 2-President VVood announced our Easter vacation in Vespers. April 3-The Juniors took most of the honors in the Junior-Senior swimming meet today. April 9-16-Time out for spring vacation. April 20--Spring fever is with us. April 27-The Operetta was fine. r - April 29-VVas informed today that we had to write a term paper in English. Have decided to join the circus and not go to school anymore. Anril 30-High school girls here for the contest. 5 hlav 1-Evervbodv turned out on the curb to watch the Farmeris Fair parade this W morning.. School was dismissed from 11 o'clock on. May 3-5-Spend most of the time over at the library getting mlaterial for my 'two i term paners. , June Q-G1-f-dnntion exercises and everybody feeling solemn. Some are wcemno' at parting with old friends. Our trains will be leaving soon. The Seniors won't be back but we Juniors are capable of running the school. Page 20j Dear Miss Patience Wfornout, I met himl at Jimmie's He was languidl si i k , , y pp ng a co e in that fascinating way those Spanish-looking men have, when all at once it seemed to me that I had known him for ages. I could hardly wait to hear his voice above the din of the combined radio and orchestra and minature lake at my elbow. SufHce it to say, that his voice was like molten iron and by its gentle modulations I knew tl l ' ' ' ' lat ie came from one of the oldest families in America. I have seen him every day for two month I f ' s. n act, I couldn't help it for I have one of his pictures glued on the mirror beside my pamlphlets on voice culture and correct posture. Every day these three have confronted me morning, noon and night. But it is at night after light bell that I enjoy my pamiphlets most. I do not know what I should do without them now. I have named them the cutest names- C . orry, and Culty. Please, advise me He has asked t ll . ' me o ca him by his nick- name-Cally. It would make such a darling trio-Corry, Culty, and Cally. Shall I? V Deliberately, A - Tom Sawyer. D , . I ' earest sweethearted Tommie, No. Oodles of love, Patience Clean VVornout. Dear Miss Patience VVornout, VVhy is it that men always kneel when proposing to one? It is verv annoying because already Jonathan h W t as worn out the rug in front of the first sofa in East hall parlor proposing to me. - I Miss Lemmon has begun to lecture the girls about shooting craps on the carpets. Oh, my dear friend, you do not know how it racks my sensitive soul to see all 1ny friends accused of a crime for which I alone am guilty. ' e Shall I confess Jonathan's wretched habit to Miss Lemmon or shall I beg dear .Iona to desist? Please, when vou answer this letter address m L , e as ,ittle Blue Eyes because I donit want Dean Oppie to know about this. In suspense, Leslie Lee Tigner. Dear Little Blue Eves v 7 VVhat a cunning nickname! I'm sure Dean Oppenheimer will never suspect. You poor little blessed kitten! VVhat a lot of trouble you do have. My advise is this, without a secondis h ' esitation. In fact, there used to be a hesi- tation waltz wl ' l ' 1101 was quite popular when I was -1 C young man and wore galoshes. But, my dear, donit let this daunt you for all are not cuts that are cutting. M advice is bl ' ' V a V stated in number 5 of the ten ideal ' h , - s 1. e.-willingness to discipline one- self to do the disa reeabl t k- g e as , the task one never does. g Deepest commiseration, Patience. Page 208 ' u:a,2gw11':f:1iif:EiE1f't'-if-::-:::21m?1e+:g.-1:1L:fsf.:.-Q--4--X..,,.,.- .. ,,.. ..- .-.. . . . 'ERJf:"L'gnigi1'911s-:2QNiF7I:?-EQ-LE ' r-aaglv.-:,'E,5?1:u.-f? fav 3:s:,:.5.ga3q-2-- --:qfgxeq g.. l111-.,-,::- 'q,aa1:.34f-5 as 1-,az-1-5: 1, N vga? Shank: .:Lk5 ': -.3 Lingua -v' fxalazusmswnfau- u1Ennw-y.s-.S3b-- 1-.i, 4:-Q--g?g-v in-1 -.-:va-. -2- .l --4' B 53' -Q? ' ' af a?E S'-5g t?"E ':'e:s-L Legg,-A4 'sw 'E-1-1 33 Q 2 ...S 4, a -if -f-2 di- L 1 ,E-I as E f A "91- I '?2 3 s E ,vga 2 I , J-,Q -4 -T5' -5 is .vis If 2 3 - N Q, i ,sf -1- -v . e. - an - ...., ,, r1,L.- N- ' -LT-P?-Eiigr aria? Ii? -TL S, ? ?' 4 2 E -- e ' 2 -- 5 E 1 1 sa S ifS'5i"'Tr, 5-ra'-Qfi ' r - . -q - -v as - -- -- ,,,-5 r L -na ' - -.. , E1 i, yi 1 - --4 . -' .1 -4 -- 2-:Z r I T-A4 S-'S E :Q , 1 -1 E .5215 r,,,. -L-"1 :tab Y aa!! H-r-, IE .-5,9 fi 5 fu .3 53 gi., gre 4:-. 543: 1 .L ' 5, 2, a I- 3 "-"3 1. 'ggsz 1 If fag 51 ,s-s'-1E2s-1ss- 'F-4" :r?"s:f":ss:sf"""? gas5'r2?af :J-r--I: asf"-:--53'-ana '-.. -,5F1:....-QF. 'F . "... -, fi. fi ffnziii.. ' QE: X 5- r .. 1 1 'Y . ir f w- L-gg 1 q s 1 .r - 1 - i ',f, f' "-f ' A . ff 72 amass' 1. ,Q i,f,.ff:fa?'2?f:g:,.s!.1222221-ini'-iaiaivfa1lEE:9fEH':fwifsfwfflf-:W Building Materials. Phone 194 Miss VVlhite coming up the stairs in Science H ll d was slow. a , one ay, noticed that the clock "Dear me!" she said, "If that clock keeps on getting slower, we'll lose a day before vacation." - Mable Cunninghain, as is well known, has a very generous nature. One evening after a hectic day in college algebra she placed an onion on Mrs. Calloway's plate. The sweet fruit bore the greeting, "Best wishes for an evening spent alone." .- .M.lM,. One day, becoming very excited while trying to trace a line of medieval kings, Miss Drinkwater exclaimed, "I know that Eleanor of Aquitaine was the husband of--." We have to stop here because we've forgotten whom: Eleanor of Aquitaine was really the husband of. 4 1 9 1 Tran! er and Storage Company Page 209 Last Will and Testament VVe, the class of 1925, being of sound, maind, do, on this the- second day of the sixth month of nineteen-twenty-five, devise, will, and bequeath all property, real and personal, or which We, the testators, are at the time possessed. To-wit: The senior flag to Lucile Friede. Helen Gregory's mimicry to Rosalie Hill. Q "Tom" Sawyer's impudence to "Nut" Roberts. Edith Becker's management of the school to Virginia Voorhies. Mary Julia Rucker's drawl to Lucy Mercer. ' Margaret Griefe's physique to "Tommy" Gregory. Clara Logan Fleet's neatness and style to Sybil McLain. Pauline 1"ay's tendency to Grand Opera to Hazel Gomez. Margaret England's success at Rolla to Alice Newell. Marion 'I'ruby's temperament to Julia Moore. Eunice Lamson's haircut to Maxine Mixon. Leola Faudree's Spanish shawl to the property room. The Senior permanents to Marilee Gault. Cora Peuglfs ability to iight to Nancy Kate Duckett. Pauline Stephens' bluff' to Amma Rider. Helen M. Cooper's dates to Dorothy Cheney. Annie D. Bell's cuts to Bernice Hall. Ethel Chatwin's impenetrable calm to Helen Ruth Roenecker. Mary Helen Vincent's pep 'to Mildred Meuser. Margie Scott's buggy ride to Edith Stockton. Mary Leach's studiousness to Jean Alexander. Virginia Brown's brains to the Junior Class collectively. To the Board of Deans, peace of mind. Laura Barrett's poise to Lewine HoeH'er. Dorothy Ann Carriganis business ability to Betty Stanley. Adrienne Adams' sweetness and sincerity to Katherine Lane. Daisy VVhitmeyer's success through effort to Tommy Joyce. Genevieve Bloker's ability to do any thing, to Hazel Mitchell. President WDod's regard for Dorothy Allison to Mildred Robinson. Louise Tiger's personality to Jane Anderson. Joy Johannes' sweetness to Clara Beardslee. 1 Miriam W'illit's lovableness to Katherine Terwilliger. To the Junior Class, we bequeath the Senior steps, may they use them in peace, Monday night date privilegesg little sisters, Senior recitalsg rush week, Shakespeare, and nine more months of friendship, fun, work, and all the joys of Stephens College. -The Class of 725. Page 210 ML, ,V-,s 1 M- ' r .,. .5 ,Q qi. vu' star 13' 1.1 .i the A ,fa-f Pg I 'S s Qi. , ir 1 cv, , we A. 4.1.-i,N V 'Q .51 -1 4 ..,,, f I.. .., M.. v i, ir , . . .1 '. 11 - " .35 if ,ly-4 . ' Q 41 1 . 5. .v X. YW . 'I ' T sis . f 3, :Q s ' 'LM - .W K 'f .V ,,...v ,- QQ , . 2 .32 'Z' ,. .ii EW E Q 9 ,L i gjti, ., .7 ..,. . 'i .l - iifli P 1 milf i , "' 1 5' no . M i 1 ' 5' 2. 1 Jr. J, 11. in . 1 '-3 gf ., ' . As w i . -'rf 1 ' M5 7 J J v A 1 ' . . , .. , .Q 1 , , -V - N-. . A .fx 11, 0.-we .Kama eg- emanwt- L-iff' we iv 'N ':5:?'fff ' ':-L-iii' A ' ' -L.. .M ,, ,E ,. c , .M ' Y , 1. . .c Lg., -A - , , -.. ..,, .i N f' 'N 47 . 3 H ' f K. E VLV. ,V 'x lr M X 2. -1 ,,,,x,,,,,.,.,.1..WM...-1...,, .... ...1.1.N.w.X Page 2 Il -1111,.111.--111--1111-.-M-Wfwmwfx 1- 111,111-,11M,1,11-A-MMM1.-A-.-.-Wnwf11.1-11.-,1-1,111-1,1-111.111111111111111111-.11-M1111111111-1,-mf,wwf,-,-1M-,1-,111-.-.-1111111111--,-11111111111.-g111,1,,,ww111111111111-11-1111111fm-M-1,m,:,-,1111-,1111111 111111 11111111111111111111-11 1111 1111 1-,mmmM-151151111111111111:,wfwwfwffMw.11111- 1111g1m-fM11,Wf,1-mga-11111.11111-,111111-1-1111111111 11 11.111 11111111 1, ,11, 11111, ,,,11:1 "-1, N, ,,..,,., , ....,... ...,. 1 1111. I333112.Hxx,11:1xx:was32:31:1111LZZ13IZ:mxwilxxwwzxz Zmmwxzxzmx:x:Z,.,i..3xi., ..,,,,, , ..... 3:13, ...., 1, ,,,,. . ...... ..... .. ,.,.,. ,,,... ..,,,,,,,,,. ...,, , .,,,.,, -,,,,,,.. .,.. ..,, ., ..,... .... .,.,..,,........,, , ..,,.., 1 ........,, .,.,,NW..M,,,,,,,,,,.,,.,.,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,.,,.. .,.M.W,f if 'J-7'73f?Z575Ef7Ef::Z'fEf::c: 152111:1:111111111zczzizzzzzizffzczx'fc::::::::1111rc:11:11:1:zzxr:::::cz:::::z::x:::::::.rfmzccrrxfrrfxzxxzcfz' fcZZE:E:::Z????2EEEE?E::''1'5?52ZZ5fiE22222225222Z2?52572222222292355if5?25?55f?2?73135?VE?255232222152EEZx32EEE5?ff1E27f55f552522351i52?11?2712ff2fffff2'77'25fEf7E5if2?44?E2225222Z32?7?55EEffZiizfiiixffif522222152232752EE2?f?f1EEEEE??E2EE7f5Ef2?5f3f?5fE?i55iWff2' f ,f 1 .... : ,A Z A 7 g 7 , jf Z X SQ ' ' 1 ,,,,g4Wff1Qf 1, ? 1, '- 1211 wuz fffff-' N .img ,f 'x W- - -1 1145511ark-1.Jff,,vMzwzmzwzwzfMwmmkyfwiaafffzfzwffjgwfffygwzwwjwwzzhm,iwWwwwzwawfzzzzww,ymzfwfwwh,MMWWMWA,742 1 2 if 44 5 5 5 . fra VZ, Q! 12 uf eff ff? :??mx 4-A 21 5 EW! 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