Stephens College - Stephensophia Yearbook (Columbia, MO)

 - Class of 1920

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Stephens College - Stephensophia Yearbook (Columbia, MO) online yearbook collection, 1920 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 185 of the 1920 volume:

w 1 if h, n sw h Ze- ,C I. F ,, bf N Q YS E .n if 1 if B13 fi le M 15 14 5 ij 3 F Q , aw 5' GA if 53 1? HV1' 'L k'-5 X v1""..".J' " " LJ " . ' , 1 - ' 'I QQ:-i ,UMA !.?!M.'f2 w'n.'19-5" 615 42""'Ii."i' ' "' 'MV .H K' Q ,,' .'.- Q -,. ' .adn .-TU' 4 ' m' ,-". '?i"'e I. !VZfl"!1A'i"I ff fxinrYd.!1'a1."" T5 '0.':MLU l'Nm"3:Wifg 'Lw9'Li"M4ll'l.k"' l'ILwlAWl:'f.'W' THR-23 , IQZO ,, -ff? pi5ffEE??f? -2 M- - My ,.f gr lik' , , - K fu- --- f - -2 if . 'ei f51M iQ 7,1'u1llIIIlU .9 5 usb ' "" 1 f' Hull" ' i y :Miz-sm ',':. Q., -rf--- V-lj mf fi 'PJ' ffiw",J 1iuJ""" ,fnllifllh E '."' Wai --555-""' F ,, v,. 1 ru ,.f,, will .-nf , I' A" Zigwberrvilfflgwl wf4Z Q ggi? , 1'1:4'- X - 'c 4 Q- . ' , W 'A'vflWMf my fl f .--. 7 ' V' f 15111 'W f I ' 1: M 4 4+ Y .-'H+' 1, , , if In Q Z wffuw - - YA ,J .-., 1 fu 1 fll .I - 5-YlN1.f,,p . f + .gq4f1'a5 s:qE' Nlfliiimmilllllllllll MHIIIIIIUIIIIII IQII I mlif . . is ffmav1a11s14mv W f f .JM2HU1Q?IlEIHW!llIlll" ,. A' " , Q ff: ,ff w..f y L73 ,. 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W lllllh flf lr -ed? 1" , i J w J N If 4. J' J -x lnzlfwrl-:R S'1'rc1'u1QNs Cm,l,l-:cult 6? pf. A, 1 9 11 6,3im-f W2 o .--1 ' .A . A '-T".'f!f7Iif., A 'F ,Uk 4,K,K519,,f5f7ufQX5y Q57-5"ff!"Q7.4""'lf1le..:!-IU, Eg,,,,,VI :ii-5:5-+ff::-- i.? -ff -1- XVOOIJ H A LL V ? I ', . , I ' " f Q ' 1 X ENTRANCE To Woon LIALL ff V 1 ' I 9 5':"4TQ:f2 0 ' 351: Qf...,i?T"'A"""f'L"'w""E' A' 4. w, 11 ,gf I 2 5 ii Ex ia' :il - ,fo M F2 fr, 'S' Eli' N 'A 0 1 ,J 5 1 FRONT X7IEW OF STIQPHENS COLLEGE CONSx2RV,xToRY AUDITORIUM DJIAIN DORMITORY AND RECEPTION H,-XLI CQ rn l1'.1Tf.y41Uf'CC5?9OfXcJOfZ6 O A Pfdnffwiyfbf-f1fff 113.11-Q g' --.,..-E-sf. "'ta -, .,...,LL ,, ., Y S'1'UD1cNT PARLORS V V n 1ll'1ClfI"1'1ON HALL ov MAIN DoRM1'roRY f X C, ff . 1 91,1 V 4i?1g:,...Q.""." 111'-1 F 5 Q L "My1IIfI1fR'Qne'N'l'3 Q S IQLW- f,.-Y-.,:,,T. . I Y Y---11?-T44 IILILTI III I I IMII I I I I ISIWIIIIII III II I I I . IIIII II!! II II II I I. II 'IIIII II I I Im Ip- III I II IM IIII III 'IIII' I MMI II' I'III I ' IIIIIIIIIII IIIII I III I IIIII I IIIIIIII II I' I' lm' I VI 'III x . I I' 'f I I V,-,'pL.r..Q-,., IQ, ,20 in-M6 fxmsis M. XYOUDV X M I,l'l'Sidf'l1f I Q I: A, In I J S S MRS. JAMES M. Wooly, B. S I9 1'-lf-'-'H-- 2O ,1 :Z"q- ",-r"5. M A Q "Zyl: -",?lf1'.'-L,g. .,.- . C J. X . .. ' ,- K 1 lfglmlnfefmfsfmolmw ' I Zlmcl-3 I'm1n11':1:'1'nN Dmzu of 1fV011lCll I 94,3 If CJ vw-, "'V .s-'ii ' w,f::1,,QaOfwfQi2,1efvfw 5 t M. MMl t at Our ueen Bees N this humming hive of College activities, we, as students, are set the task of gathering honey from the flowers of knowledge. To make the task easier the faculty are present to tell us where the sweetest blossoms growg to point the way and guide our Hightsg to hum to us cheery words of encouragement if the way is long and drearyg to inspire us to store away the sweets of learning so that others, through our labors, may taste of then fragrance. If we are drones they sometimes stingg yet they seek not to kill and destroy, but patiently teach us to strive for the best so that when the winter comes we may not want. If we are industrious then they also lend the same helpful encouragement and give us our just reward. Witlioiit the power of the ideal and iniluence of its queens the hive could never truly thrive and prosper. 5 if? , I Q O U '- 'mfr U CIII OOOOCCQOKQO C6 -A 5BS ?7b3OfX50fQl"O1"9O EIU , .,,,. LOUISE DUDLEY English X X XX A MRS. TIIEODOSIA CALLAWAY Mathematics O x' J I lVIA1:JoRui BROWN English I I . fff of GWEN A JONES English . , Lols CLARK Science f -. ,xx 4 X MJ" 1 9,2 2 o T' ' I , 5 ,fain-J' mc1'.'JQQ.H,-fgynfxaoce S GENEVA DR1NKwA'rn:R H istory P x X N -Q., GLADYS S1 1A1uf1tNs'1'121N Home Ecouomzcs l'IARRIET S. CURRY Home Economics LUCILLE EDWARDS Physiml Education 1 f Ronlurr C. .AUXRAM Soma! Science and Education 0 fx- 5 I 9 O .'x-LIZ-m,,q.,,fiS-gflllm M- --- ?fQl!l'1f!J0Q7P9'v'1fX'D F' " I I 67906713 D Q79 f-000 YQQJI i - , ,--41-4.-,:,-r.-----w 1613111 U31 C1f.J4Pf1lii'1fk430f 5 -- - .. - ,- 11- NIRS. PEARL BIQAUCLIAMP Latin V MADELIN13 FLINT Art MARIE TASTEVIN Frevzych ELIZABETH S'1'ocK'roN Sffamsh V 1 I NAANA LYNN FORBES Expression 1 9 ,if 63151-f5,,i.2 o l.-4.-if-, ,,Y, .. V 'i'i4""-?7--5311, Nu, X Ugjjj Qfnonggxgsnxyyoagg S ?fS2f16,Ma0QvJbfw'1C: ILQQJI I -A-. -A 7 J -Y , -. -- , .-.::+'-...v4Ea in-A4 - +L.,..., Arm.-.-.,. . , . MTLDIQICD FRENCH Piano ,Af g cyl J ' LAURA SCHNEIDER Voice X, ,' 25 Q GRACQIR BROWN Piano I 9 .' H E'+?i1"'f" A-2 O ,Jr 61, L JAR CONSTANCE GRAHAM Piano X I X p , 1 , l 4 1 w AIQTIIUR C. ZHEGLER Violin -,f-.-. f!:!t,Q, 1 ..4 .i-iveifsisfif-ts: gif:-1, m ooonaxsoswofsxe PAULIN E IQICNOWER Piano Doncfxs Ll Nnslzv- Resident N mfse cmaffcm 0 efa 'VOUCD 1: 'nj 5 ,fu ,f p X ff' ' M' . ' Y . f X MRS. GEO. F. NARDIN C o11mfw1'cial , I LELIA PARKIN L ibra1'icm Rox' T. DAVIS Secretary I9 '3fZig'ff-5 20 ffl fi1CJUlJ0N'7KYJ0 Q6 5 -C Fyfufffxa "' Q74 M000 V' 'WI I AI - -fi 5 MIQS. C. A. CHAPMAN ,Matron W ALTER SCOTT ..... FRANCES W OODBRIDGE . . . . IQATHRYN JOURNEY . . . . . SLADE KENDRICK . . . . . . EDNA LINDSEY . . . IRMA XVTLLIAMS . . SARAH DRITT xxx 'x I. I JESSIE IQYD Postmistrcss MRS. ELLA HOLT Dietitzan MRS. ELIZARTQTH COURTNI-:Y Assistant Secretary Professor of Music Clzapcronvs Voice MRS. ALICE Cfuimiv Assistant Home Economics MISS CASSIE THORNTON Assistant Educational MRS. M. XV. TUCKER Assistant History IWRS. . EIJITII VVISIQGARVIQR Asssitant Fvfeuch MIIS. L. M. XVILLIAMS Assistcmt Education I TK? 'T fly'-Ax sg. 1 O A, L. ,u..,,- wigtiff'--' V l'1l'ffIJC1O1'wQIXif1KX.'J o Q5 P1540 ffa 0 6759 f-000 X111 V! gsvb,-Jzfsfa-b-f-a:F2w'+4'----V---H -- -. f -1- A' -fc:-M - 5 1, 5,2 , 7, 'fied ..,..E......'ff'-'EEQp,',f--- Wglg ,...HfHF"' .-izimlp gi1:j.:ii41-f. P X L3w1Kfi,1 f1fX.'DO CX5 FH Y j K J,l:,.,,-,:r,, f-ff-:J if v.E'?F,f'f --Y---V 1---------""Ai f C K, ff .9 V, , ff, M, . I, Q,7qJ,,Q7',,.,fLy,91,4wrJI H 5 gif' .--v .1 FL. .11 H f 995 viii?-Qs: '7 ef? S155 KE? ' .. , ' f"7' I Y 7, ZIIXZI Hfffifgff' 'Q " .ff 'glaff H" " ,f V 1 -1? , !','f" , , - ,f ffl 'U , V, I - - IK4 - 4 -' , , f 1 I? ' 'A Q.. "fi 57,1-:L ni - ' ' ,,,4- lx jfl.'f-- ,- 1 -":-.- ...t f I, xx ,X r' 44 . I Q f, 1. "','7'L-"5'j5dA-2 O ,ff 1 3 - wa. ,, ,.,. .. ,,.v.-Y-735, -pi, ::.:' W, E5 can 21 Da, af51fg VI Cffij CDOOUQQQOKXQOCQ S VVFJUGZBOQZJ "Wifi flliljl I - " -25---'E+ -,W 1 Y . X I , an ' . .L ,. .,..-... ...,. -....-A...... , ' y 1 , w , , x - , is L 1 -2 ybglix M 1 ,Li Q '.--IN' - 'v:'l1 I I E - .' - V Mlw L' 4 , 'A Y V ,"f 1 rs -4:1 ,lily .M..-...W Iflg -' 'Hr 2 :I4 -',w . A ,u 1 .ur 'JI y'?'f'Y.' " Q 7 ': ftfv-M94-V "" tm... V fTj'1 ' ,X K" 114' Q I my O I ::'g? f - --- fx r . .ik 1' ' -4. ,,-.h 1 X KW? 1,1321 1,-'K an ' -- .-. nr, i EEN DRE .D- z' 23 BQ .-ala "' 1- .4-qr--- J,-. C5 . Iblgf .'Q4'R",i'-'HZQJ 'f ' 1 'y 1 f5', 5 G, :1 VVJJ' 1 I l FLOY IQTIOADES-P1'6Sfd01lf FLORA RHOADES-Vicc-Prcsidcnt GLADYS 'I'1 mMPsoN-Sccrcfary and Trcasmfer .-I' ' f V- 'nik 'ffl 7' ww A fl flll LJOUOQQQGKT-SOVQQ WXJ fflffiffb 'FU lH,.ll l il M- e - :5 ALLEN, EARLEENE. Butler, Missouri. Literary, South West Missouri Club, French Club, Hi Beta Steppo. "She thtiuks twice before she speaks and theu says uothiugf' ANTOINE, SUE, Doe Run, Missouri. Literary, Piano, South East Missouri Club, Hi Beta Steppo, B 2 0. "They say that the best goods is alwaysl done up iu small packages, but-." BARTLESON, PIELEN, Muskogee, Oklahoma. Literary, Piano, Oklahoma Club, Hi Beta Steppo, President of Y. W. C. A., Chorus. "Never do today what you can put off till tomorrow." BERRY, RUTH Okmulgee, Oklahoma. Literary, Violin, Violi11 Club, Orchestra, Treas- urer of Dramatic Club, Hi Beta Steppo, Oklahoma Club, 2 I X "Oh, I like bobbed hair, so why should I care?" BIGGS, EUNICE ELLA, Laddonia, Missouri. Literary, Hi Beta Steppo, Art Editor of Stephensophia and Sampler. "Serlousuess, like beauty, is only skin deep." BOOTH, RUTH ji., Milan, Missouri Literary, Piano, Hi Beta Steppo, Chorus. "She surely could jazz a tune on a uke- Oh, baby!" BOULTON, ARlSA, Hamilton, Missouri. Literary, Dramatic Club, Hi Beta Steppo. North VVest Missouri Club, I-I T 1' "I surely do love my teachers when Ihlflll anxious about my grades." BOWDEN, CATIIERINE, Purcell, Oklahoma. Literary, Oklahoma Club, President of Duck Club, Hi Beta Steppo, B E 0 "Do unto others as they do unto you." BOYD, V1RG1N1A, Springfield, Missouri. Literary, Dramatic Club, South West Missouri Club, Chorus, Hi Beta Steppo, Lieutenant H of Fire Department. A U I aut a maui hater-but the B1ble says love your eue1uies." w- l9..iwii,-J "",4s2O UL.. 10 lf GQ 'Serif fnzf1enwey,4,,f,firif1jJg1 in - , - ,amd BRADLEY, VICLMA EMMA, King City, Mis- souri. , Literary, North West Missouri Club, Hi Beta Steppo. "These teaehers just work me to death, no wonder fm so thin Nj" BRA'r'roN, DELLA MAE, Peculiar, Missouri. Literary, Hypatia Club, Hi Beta Steppo. "'.S'o1nething is radically wrong with her but we ean't seem to find out what it is." , BROWN, EDITH MAYO, Kansas City, Mis- souri. Lite1'ary, Voice, Dramatic Club, Hi Beta Steppo, Chorus, P3 I X "Oh, she'll be an aetress don't you fear, llflzy, we may see her ln the Follies ne.rt year." '- BROWN, MARY, Richmond, Missouri. Literary, Central Missouri Club, French Club, Hi Beta Steppo, B 2? 0 "My greatest worry is-Fm getting fat." CALLISON, VIRGINIA, Windsor, Missouri. Literary, Central Missouri Club, Windsor Castle Club, Hi Beta Steppo, F- I X "Sure, I'1n from Windsor and proud of Iii, J! CAIN, CLARA BELLE, Vtlyacoucla, Missouri. Literary, Piano, Dramatic Club, North East Missouri Club, Chorus, Hi Beta Steppo, Sampler Staff, Music liclitor of Ste- phensophia Staff, 'I' 9 K tr f ' I - I Aatnre has made strange people 1n her lI'l1I0.U CI-IARLIQS, LILLIAN, Summervilk, Missouri. Literary, South West Missouri Club, Hi Beta Steppo, Student Council Secretary, Asso- K ciate Editor of Stephensophia Staff, 23 I X 'Ves, nzen are all rule and zfaeezlatzng erea- tures." CREISR, ALICE, Liberty, Missouri. Literary, Piano, .North West Missouri, French K Club, Hypatia Club, Hi'Beta Steppo. 'llfe wonder why the name of Ford makes her heart mzss a beat-do you suppose she's thinking about a tin lies-ie?" CRo1'1'16R, Vl5R.A, Kansas City, Missouri. Literary, North West Missouri Club, Hi Betta Steppo, B E 0 NCllC'7IlISl7'3t is the seat of all evils-I shall not pass." -K, 1 we-Q .20 Lf 1. -dis Uljjjj OCJC-fifgQfiiQ5'-3056 S FAJDC 3 1641.4 wofllt ,Hi ?ng- - - 5 1: 5 CRAVENS, JENNIE, Neosho, Missouri. Literary, Violin, Violin Club, South West Missouri Club, French Club, Orchestra, Hi Beta sieppo, -If 9 K, H T 1' "Does her talk go on foreverf' DRTQSBACH, HELEN KELsEY, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Literary, Dramatic Club, Secretary of the Ok- lahoma Club, Y, W. C. A. Cabinet, Hi Beta Stcppo, B 23 0 "When yon see her, yon always see two, For with Helen is little Site." , DWORAK, CLARA, Longmont, Colorado. Literary, Colorado Club, Hi Beta Steppo. "Miss Curry, I want all the main factors in inaking a good home." ELMORE, BERNICE A., Galt, Missouri. Literary, President of Hypatia Club, North West Missouri Club, Hi Beta Steppo, Chorus, Treasurer of Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, Second Vice-President of Student Council. "Listen girls, I have soniethiizg to say." ENGLE11A1z'r, PAULINE, Vinita, Oklahoma. Literary, Oklahoma Club, Hi Beta Stcppo, Lieutenant of Fire Department, Oklahoma Basket Ball Team. "Oh, thank you sweetlyf' ENLOE, JANE, jefferson City, Missouri. Literary, Violin, Violin Club, Orchestra, .H T 1' "A great little 'fiddler' is she, is she, A great little 'jioldlerf is she." ENLOIC, V ioI,A, Eldorado Springs, Missouri. Literary, South West Missouri Club, fl' 9 K, H T IQ "Give me an inspiration, or give ine death." ESTES, EMILY JANE, Clarksville, Missouri. Literary, North East Missouri Club, Hi Beta Steppo. "It's safer being meek than desperate." FADms, MABICL, Columbia, Missouri. Literary, Hi Beta Steppo. "Often we see her 'flitting' through the halls of Stephens." ' 1 K ' ,1- T l in 6,20 ' ---':'M" +PL'1f' ' 'll is f'1C'l'jCjC7flf1l3-YDKYLYOCS f'1fJ'1fZb'fQ7L0'-f1'lf'5 ll1Jl i silemewgr ' -- " i FLEET, JOHNNIE, New Franklin, Mis- souri. Literary, Central Missouri Club, 2 I X "English is my only joy Nj." FORTNI-:R, MARIE, Charleston, Missouri. Literary, South East Missouri Club, Hi Beta Steppo, Student Council, Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, 'Y' 9 K, B E 0 "Her word is law-so they say." FOULDS, LAVERNE, I-ligginsville, Missouri. Literary, Central Missouri Club, Hi Beta Steppo. "In, Home Economics she does her part, For slze's 'ZUl7lI1'lll'g her way to some mavfs lzoa1'f."' - FRAZIER, GLADYS, Hamilton, Missouri. Literary, Secretary and Treasurer of Hypatia Club, North VVest Missouri Club, Hi Beta Stcppo, 'I' 9 K "Wlzal's the use of worrying? Why E's just vzalfzzirally como my way." FULLERTON, MARGARIET CPEGD, Lawton, Oklahoma. Literary, Oklahoma Club, I-Ii Beta Steppo, Chorus, Fire Chief, Y. W, C. A. Cabinet, Eclitoriin-Chief of.Sampler, 'I' 9 K "Has a fzcnclzsh clcllght for fwaamlts, pills, Pais and fire drills." LEARNETT, VERNA, California, Missouri. Literary, Central Missouri Club, Hi Beta Steppo. "Man are all the world to mo." GORDON, GRACE LEE, King City, Missouri. Literary, North West Missouri Club, Hi Beta Steppo. "My 7l10C'kl1USS hides my disposition." GORMAN, EDITH, Wakenda, Missouri. Literary, Central Missouri Club, Hi Beta Steppo, B E 0 "I like to danre, dance, dance- Buf not at fim141io's." - , GREIFE, LOUISE, VVinc1sor, Missouri. Literary, Central Missouri Club, Hi Beta Steppo, Lieutenant of Fire Department, -Student Council. "I newer laugh 'fill I see something funny." l 9, - ":'-'42----20 4 - 5' L1 -fl , :Parka-f: if- 451 xii' -- ' t'lEiTlf.Jf.ufma,x5fMY3o!G6 S ffl ff, Q19 NIO! -i .. i YM- - -cd GUTRTDGE, SHIRLEY, Greeley, Colorado. Literary, Hypatia Club, French Club, Hi Beta Steppo, 2 I X "A girl after her own heart." HAGOOD, CAT1-IIQRINE, La Grange, Missouri. Literary, North East Missouri Club, Hypatia Club, Hi Beta Steppo, Sampler Staff, 'I' 9 K "Tis nite to be eoinplirrtented-I think I shall wear high-necked waists all of the time." LIANNAH, MILDRED, Odessa, Missouri. Literary, Piano, Central Missouri Club, Lieutenant of Fire Department, Hi Beta Steppo, 'l' 9 K "Studying is my only pastirnef' HAWKINS, JULTA, Buffalo, Missouri. Literary, South West Missouri Club, Chorus, Hi Beta Steppo, 23 I X "Julia yon know is there with the Slug- Bnt who would ever say that she tries to blnff' HELME, LOUISE, Kirksville, Missouri. Literary, Voice, North East Missouri Club, Chorus, Hi Beta Steppo, B 2 0 "Trip it, trip it as you go- On the light fantastic toe." HPIMPI'IlLL, LIILDRED, Crane, Missouri. Literary, Central Missouri Club, Art, Hi Beta Steppo, Missouri Basket Ball Team. "Take it slow and easy." HILSABECK, VOLA M., Mountain Grove, Missouri. Literary, Hi Beta Steppo. ' "She says-'the san shines red'--when it shines on his head." HOLLY, Louisa, East St. Louis, Missouri. Literary, Y, W. C. A. Cabinet, Athletic Assist- ant, Senior Basket Ball Team, Hi Beta Steppo, Duck Club, 23 I X "Taken-ain't it a shame?" ITIONE, AUROLYN, Knox City, Missouri. Literary, Voice, North East Missouri Club, Chorus, Hi Beta Steppo, H T 1' NC014tf1lG'l71illg, Cornplaining- And what is the gaining?" l9.j,f 3 5- 1 1-f 0 -f -5 441 'M 5' F t'1l....' ,i QLJootC,Y5frKX:JOCC6 Pfafvffa 0 67:9 1,000 I.."."J l I '- --- . -si il'lO'1'AI,ING, FRANCES, Grant City, Missouri. Literary, North West Missouri Club, Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, Hi Beta Steppo, H T 1' "Gee, ain't it a grand and glorious feeling to see an S coming your way?" IHOWELL, OLGA, Nevada, Missouri. Literary, Hypatia Club, South West Missouri Club, Hi Beta Steppo. "Man has no elzarnis for nie." I'lUMlC, ESTIAIIQR Qlionj, Armstrong, Mis- souri. Literary, President of the Athletic Association, Most High Pill, Central Missouri Club, Orchestra, Missouri Basket Ball Team, Senior Basket Ball Team Captain. French Club, B 2 0 "Basketball first-studies never!" JQOBIC, JANE, Bloomfield, Missouri. Literary, Piano, Voice, Chorus, 2.1 X "To stall or not to stall-that 'ls the qnes- tion." jovcl-2, l.WABl'2L, Kansas City, Missouri. Literary, Sampler Staff, 'I' 9 K I "Short of stature, but long on talking." JOHNSON, FRANCES, Odessa, Missouri., Literary, Hi Beta Steppo, Central Missouri Club. nfllll feeling so badly-'twas all I could do to get to classes today." KAVANAUGH, Errnc, Richmond, Missouri. Literary, Central Missouri Club, Hi Beta . Steppo. "Why don't the men propose, malnrna- Why dont the men propose?" K1RK1'A'1'R1cK, MARGARET, Richmond, Mis- souri. Literary, Central Missouri Club, Hi Beta Steppo. "I would study, but there are too many shows -in this town." KLICPPER, LELA FRANCES, Cameron, Mis- souri. Literary, I-lypatia Club, North West Missouri Club, Hi Beta Steppo. "Oh, yes, I study and still the teaellers don't appreciate IIICIU A 1 ,t 'X Cf ..,, . 19,2 .55-:w7,.2 o .. -Q Li ' L CJOU,,tg?,,,fx3Dtg9-.Q Y!! G!! iff! Iflfli use KUHNs, MARIIE, Chicago, Illinois. Literary, Hi Beta Steppo, 2 I X "He's a man after my own heart." LEWIS, NICLL, Shelbina, Missouri. Literary, North East Missouri Club, Forward Missouri Basket Ball Team, Forward Senior Basket Ball Team, Hi Beta Steppo, fl' 9 K, I-I T l' "Fm a regular heart-breaker." LOBAUGH, MINNIE, Clinton, Missouri. Literary, Piano, Hypatia Club, Hi Beta Steppo, South West Missouri Club, Duck Club, 11: Q "I could just dance and dance and dance." LoNG, LICNORE, Beaver, Oklahoma. Literary, Hypatia Club, President of French Club, Hi Beta Steppo, 'I' 9 K "I love to visit Mabel but not without per- misslonf' LOVELACE, FRANCIQS, Charleston, Missouri. Literary, South East Missouri Club, Hi Beta Steppo, fl' 9 K, B 2 O "A woman in the kitchen is worth two in the parlor." LUDEMAN, FLORENCE, Seclalia, Missouri. Literary, Dramatic Club, Central Missouri Club, Chorus, Hi Beta Steppo, H T 1' "Florence goes for a walk most every day, And ont of limits, so they say." . MAYO, LILLIAN, Clifton Hill, Missouri. Literary, Hi Beta Steppo. frD0llJt kill time by thinking." MEANS, DoRo'I'I-IY, Dearborn, Missouri Literary, North VVest Missouri Club, Hi Beta Steppo, President of Student Council. "Dorothy Means what she says, bint when she smiles, it's enongh,to tease any one even Miles." MILES, FLOY, Norborne, Missouri. Literary, Violin, North West Missouri Club, Violin Club, Orchestra, Hi Beta Steppo, B 21 0 "lfVhat are men to me, I have one of my JJ own. lit' ' i 941, 1 1-L-A20 4 :i.T:.--.53 fl 1 fi if no 69066 w.'aotzaffQn,f,f,firnQ11-ii i ..-f-- -- -EW., -,-.-.- ,gi MOSS, VERA, Long Beach, California. Literary, Oklahoma Club, Y, W. C. A. Cabinet, Hi Beta Steppo, 23 I X "These obstinate teachers izmfcr will agree with me." MCDONNELL, Ftossm BELLE, Columbia, ' Missouri. ' Literary, Voice, Chorus. HG00d7l0S.S'.' How do you ever rcaeh those high notes?" McKENzIE, ROWENA, Sedalia, Missouri. Literary, Central Missouri Club, Hi Beta Steppo, H T 1' "A permit is good as long as it lasts. NOWELL, MILDRED, Columbia, Missouri. Literary, B EIO "A perfect little blond." PYLE, BERNICE, Polo, Missouri. Literary, Hi Beta Steppo. "Pm desperate-I think I'll do something sensational." PROCTOR, EMMA DEE, California, Missouri. Literary, Hi Beta Steppo, Central Missouri Club. "Wl1y will these short girls pick out the tallest men." PINTO, MABEL, St. James Missouri. Literary, Central Missouri Club, Hi Beta Stcppo, Sampler Staff, Student Council, Editor-in-Chief of Stephensophia, 'I' 9 K "Sleep first-study afterwards." RATLIFF, LENORE, Prairie Hill, Missouri. Literary, Hi Beta Steppo. "A person of few words." REDMAN, AVA, Kennett, Missouri. Literary, Voice, South East Missouri Club, Hi Beta Steppo, French Club, Chorus, Sampler Staff, Stepheusophia Staff. "Thcre's 710 place like home and bed." I 1""l 9 ,, ,Aim-ig,,.2 O lilC:'1 Qcnc-QQQSMYDOKCG S Q19 ff: if.-9 MOI n?gs: - -B f aa REDMAN, TI-IELMA, Kennett, Missouri. Literary, President South East Missouri Club, Hypatia Club, Hi Beta Steppo, "A high Nj and inighty senior." REIFSCHNEIDER, BLANCI-IE, Lawton, Okla- lioma. Literary, Oklahoma Club, Duck Club, Hi Beta Steppo. "Her gift of gab is very powerful." RHOADES, FLORA, Slater, Missouri. Literary, Central Missouri Club, Hi Beta Steppo, Y, VV. C. A. Cabinet, Sampler Staff, Vice-President of the Senior Class. "One of those pesky, lively twins." RHOADES, F LOY, Slater, Missouri. Literary, Central Missouri Club, Hypatia Club, Hi Beta Steppo, Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, President of Senior Class. , "A duplicate of Flora." ROBINSON, RUTH, Monett, Missouri. Literary, Hi Beta Steppo, Hypatia Club. "Quiet-yes, but still water runs deep." ROGERS, MYRTLE, Lawton, Oklahoma. Literary, I-Iypatia Club, Oklahoma Club, Hi Beta Steppo. "I don't care what you say, Oklahoma is the best state in the Union." ROSENBURY, SUE, Olathe, Kansas. Literary, President of Dramatic Club, French Club, Kansas Club, Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, Assistant Editor of Sampler, 'I' 9 K, B Z 0 "And when she spoke, all else was still." SCIIUMAN, RUTH, Rolla, Missouri. Literary, French Club, Central Missouri Club, Hi Beta Steppo, 'I' 9 K "She has a great liking for mining engi- nears." SCRUTCI-IFIELD, HELEN, Washington, D. C. Literary, Hi Beta Steppo, B E 0 "One cannot think of her without thinking of Vera." V 6-fi: l ."1'fP"t 20 ?ii..t31 3 "'i..Lm ,4?f-2 gill! Ue11OO0.w.N,.es iwplfrens aa,.Wag,......amm -E li 1 ,E, . at STEWART, MARJKJRIE, Wicliita, Kansas. Literary, Kansas Club, Hi Beta Steppo, Dramatic Club, H T 1' "One of the most poppy and talkative bits of humanity at Stephens." STRICKLER, LETI-IA, Skidmore, Missouri. Literary, Hypatia Club, North West Missouri Club, Hi Beta Steppo, Student Council, 'lt 9 K "Corridor promenading is my chief pas- time." SUTER, GERTRUDE, Palmyra, Missouri. Literary, North East Missouri Club, Hi Beta Steppo, Chorus. "A timid little dark-eyed maid, PVho of the teachers is afraid." SUTER, LUCILLE, Palmyra, Missouri. Literary, North East Missouri Club, Hi Beta Steppo, Chorus. "Dittof' SUTTON, CORINNE, Seneca, Missouri. Literary, Duck Club, South West Missouri Club, Dramatic Club, Hi Beta Steppo, "Always there and on the job." THOMPSON, GLADYS, Okmulgee, Oklahoma. Literary, Oklahoma Club, Hi Beta Steppo, Captain of Oklahoma Basket Ball Team, Vice-President of the Student Council, Business Manager of the Sampler, Secre- tary and Treasurer of Senior Class, fl' 9 K "I am frecved and I will not write to him ' JJ . again. . THURLO, KAT1-IERINE, Bosworth, Missouri. Literary, North West Missouri Club, Hi Beta Steppo, Lieutenant of Fire Department. "Mary Piekford has nothing on me." ToMLrNsoN, LENA, La Grange, Missouri. Literary, Hypatia Club, Dramatic Club, North East Missouri Club, Hi Beta Steppo, 4' 9 K "All iny experiences can never be told." TRUISX, MARCI'iLLAJ Neosho, Missouri. Literary, South West Missouri Club, Hi Beta Steppo. "'IfVhy waste time at a picture show., The fre such bores." I .Na :px 1 9, ,,-it-ws .20 a.. -ef . ffyfj'-T1 Qom-ggxsncxfjorgg 5 ?fQv6Xaf1GyQof-ffflfrILQJIl 2 235 ,- ' i - -4 VAUGHN, HELIEN GIQNTRY, New Bloom- field, Missouri. Literary, Central Missouri Club, Hi Beta Steppo. "Pm tired of boarding school life." WILLIAMS, LOUISE, Pueblo, Colorado. Literary, Colorado Club, Hi Beta Stcppo, 2 I X "She always looks as if she's just stepped out of a band box." VVYAN, JESS112, Bunceton, Missouri. Literary, Central Missouri Club, Hi Beta Steppo. "Last-and almost least in height." ifff' I 9 fl " 'Ej5i?w+4:g2 O Eji?0uiG5?fwKRcj3fCX5 -H i qfygoqfgoqjygb .-,.gr,g fn --1 V1 - V E . , ? v I Q I 3 H I Q, 1. wing --my 1 2 . : ,,,,, ,I fr. -"vis "A ff 2 ?,- , T Y-, ,ALQ5 bf' --.....w-..l... :- - ' -'Q-f-if?-.w 'grxgl A.--Zf..3 .1fQL -Af gf in ' 111 fF'I'-WZVDS I 1"-"NNI, il F 11354 1, 1 " ' 1 .IUN DRE . -,Q C2 X - S5312 9 CICIIJ Cbllvflctximfkfiw 1 -5 - S ADA DEE STEWARD Pvfcszdent 1 4 RUTH Sci-IABACI' X V'lC0-P1'8SidClIf I9 ' 20 Af IRL? iiiir, r.,- "" PZ-JU?JQf'ff9'1fJfJKf1fA " I 1 M ----4 LAURA MILFOR D Secretary and Treasurer """: E' A is M V' Wi ""'.-Li ADAMS, FRANCES, Sedalia, Missouri. Literary, Central Missouri Club, Hypatia Club, Hi Beta Steppo, H T 1' "Oh, those eyes! Who wouldn't fall in love with her at first sight? ' ADAMS, NELL, Clarence, Missouri. Literary, North West Missouri Club, Hi Beta Steppo, 2 I X ".S'he's little and sweet and hard to beat." ALLEN, SARA, Vinita, Oklahoma. Literary, Oklahoma Club, Hi Beta Steppo, - Chorus, Lieutenant of Fire Department, Oklahoma Basket Ball Team, Student Council, Sampler StaFf.' ".S'he's the mostest fun, even if she won't eat ice cream cones on Broadway." ALLEN, ALICE, Leedy, Oklahoma. Literary, Oklahoma Club, Hi Beta Steppo. "Such a sweet disposition." BARTON, CATHERINE, Montgomery City, Missouri. Literary, North East Missouri Club, Hi Beta Steppo. "Valuable goods come in small packages." BATES, ANNA BELLE, Kahoka, Missouri. Literary, Dramatic Club, North East Missouri Club, Hi Beta Steppo. "A pocket edition to cheerfulnessf' BERRY, PATTY DEAN, East St. Louis, Illi- nois. Literary, Hi Beta Steppo, 2 I X. BIRNEY, MAURINE, Wyckliife, Kentucky. Literary, Kentucky State Club, Vice-President of Y. W. C. A, Cabinet, Home Economics Editor of Stephensophia Staff, Hi Beta Steppo, 2 I X "Did you ever get in a word edgeways when Maurine was along?" BLICKENSDERFER, MARY, Houston, Mis- souri. Literary, South West Missouri Club, Hi Beta Steppo. I "Always too happy to smile." 4 far' 20 i9 i'i'W 3' A 4-lfjjjjwfyoof-grsxg-gsrxfpsfzgg ' Ffuetxaeeyeaf-flfirllw 'nl 5 fir' .-.. .. .- V----. Y- 1 BOUCI-IER, EL1zABE'rH, Mt. Vernon, Mis- souri. Literary, Piano, South West Missouri Club, Hi Beta Steppo, Chorus. "A good stndent, even tho she wears glasses." BRIANT, VliS1'ER, Jameson, Missouri. Literary, Voice, North West Missouri Club, Hi Beta Steppo, Chorus. "Pretty blends are hard to find but here's one." BRISTOW, MARY, Monroe City, Missouri. Literary, Hi Beta Steppo, Hypatia Club, Central Missouri Club, Fire Department, Athletic Editor of Stephensophia Staff. "She's pep personified, 'Oh, Boy!"' BRYAN, PAULINE, Paris, Missouri. Literary, North East Missouri Club, Hi Beta Steppo. "She pnrsnes ease fE'sj-both kinds." Cuts, DORA, Chillicothe, Missouri. Literary, North West Missouri Club, Hi Beta Steppo, Assistant Fire Chief. "E'eerybody's sure to know, how Helen and I tickletoef' Cocxlc, FANNIE ELLIS, Wyckliffe, Ken- tucky. Literary, Kentucky State Club, Hi Beta Stcppo, Hi Life Editor of Stephensophia Staff. "Always ready with a helping hand." COLE, BERNICIS, Hardin, Missouri. North West Missouri Club, Hi Beta Stcppo, "S he uses as few words as one can bnt she is nnderstoodf' COLE, IZETTA, Bartlesville, Cklahoma. Literary, Expression, Oklahoma Club, Dra- matic Club, Hi Beta Stcppo, Chorus, B 23 0 "She has snch a way with the men." Cooic, CARMLN, Excelsior Springs, Mis- usouri. A Literary, Central Missouri Club, Hi Beta Stegpti, Society Editor of Sampler Staff, "Her behavior is all sense, all sweetness, too." A 4 . X 4, . 1S2lfgigzrf:efrii-it-20 U lN"'l .L ronulwff-ccuawsxfio Q6 S fyaefyim savor sooo ll! V3 e' - "' -'- -' df-Y 'W 'F AE Cox, GEORGIA, Dexter, Missouri. Literary, Southwest Missouri Club, Hi Beta . Steppo. "She's the smilingest kid." CRISPIN, HELEN, De Witt, Missouri. Literary, North West Missouri Club, Chorus. "I haven't found him yet but Fm still looking." CRUSE, HELEN, Hardin, Missouri. Voice, North West Missouri Club, Hi Beta Steppo, Chorus, Student Council. "A perfect lady, one of the pillars of the student council." DEAN, GLADYS, Brown Branch, Missouri. Literary, French Club, South West Missouri Club, Hi Beta Steppo. "W ho could blame Versal for having such a crush on Gladys." DENTON MADOLINE, Columbia, Missouri. Literary, Hi Beta Steppo, B E 0 "Those eyes bespeak a world of thought. "Would rather talk than eat." DILLARD, BERNICE, Lawton, Oklahoma. Literary, Oklahoma Club, Lieutenant of Fire Department, Treasurer of Y. W, C. A., Sampler Staff Reporter. "Be not simply good, but good for some- thing." DORSEY, BERTIE LEE, Norborne, Missouri. Literary, Dramatic Club, Hi Beta Steppo, Chorus. "Be good and yon'll be happy, but you'll miss a lot of fun." DUNLAP, DOROTHY, Fontanelle, Iowa. Piano, Voice and Violin, Violin Club, Hi Beta Steppo, Chorus, Orchestra. "Size rivals the birds with her music." ELLIsoN, VERSAL, Ava, Missouri. Literary, French Club, South West Missouri Club, Hi Beta Steppo, . "My Roo and I are never far apart." F t 1 91, 'ajft-.Lf1g,,.2 o l'lEi'lO 'O any FXSOCY5 ?faoezwQr:af'fwol11Jl 1 ' ' FAI-IRNEY, LORISNA, Vinita, Oklahoma. Literary, Oklahoma Club, Chorus, Junior Basket Ball Team, Oklahoma Basket Ball Team, 2 I X "And her modest answer and graceful air Show her wise and good as she is fair." FEURT, I-IORTENSE, Jameson, Missouri. Literary. "Fm a believer in that little word "mum," F EURT, MARY, jameson, Missouri. Literary, North West Missouri Club. "If I could only say what I mean." F IFE, GLADYS, Armstrong, Missouri. Literary, Hypatia Club, Hi Beta Steppo, B E 0 ".S'incer1ty is her drawing card." FORSHEY, LUCILE EL1zABETH, Montgomery City, Missouri. Literary, North East Missouri Club, Hi Beta Steppo. "She speaks and behaves as she ought." FRANKIJN, ELIzA13ETH, Unionville, Mis- souri. Literary, North West Missouri Club, Hi Beta Steopo, Fire Department, Missouri Basket Ball Team, Orchestra, 2 I X ' . "If you cannot have what you wish, wish for something else." GAINES, VESPIiR, jameson, Missouri. Literary, North West Missouri Club, Hi Beta Steppo, "Vesper 'Gains' friends wherever she goes." GALLATIN, LYDIA, Chula, Missouri. Literary, Hypatia Club, North West Missouri Club, Hi Beta Steppo. "In the room by the fountain I dwell, So you see I know all the girls well." GARNER, ANNE HUME, Richmond, Mis- souri. ' Literary, Voice, North West Missouri Club, Chorus, I-li' Beta Steppo, B 2 0 "I can't help it, it's just my nature to love all the boys that love nie." 1 9,4 ,flwg,.2 o l'lllflkwJU"Kf,Yi'1"Tf3fP S gs- - :W ---f-fu 1 -Q G1LLAsPv, EVANGELINE, Columbia, Mis- souri. Literary. i . "I try to tnrn to the right and keep going." GILLMAN, NIARY HFQLIQN, Lockwood, Mis- souri. Literary, South West Missouri Club, Hi Beta Steppo. "We all like yon, so we don't bla-me Heinz." GRAY, CAROLYN, Palmyra, Missouri. Literary, Hypatia Club, North East Missouri Club, Junior Basket Ball Team, Missouri Team. "Math, Selenee and Opinions galore." GREEN, FEIN, Smithton, Missouri. Literary, Hi Beta Steppo. Chorus. "Always eating Hershey's." GWINN, MARY LOUISE, Cameron, Missouri. Literary, Dramatic Club, French Club, North West Missouri Club, Hi Beta Steppo, junior Basket Ball Team. "Did you say, 'Just one?' I prefer a Gross." GILPIN, MINNIE, East Enid, Oklahoma. Literary, Oklahoma Club, Hi Beta Steppo. "Better late than never." HARMON, FRANCES, Milan, Missouri. Literary, Dramatic Club, North West Missouri Club. "I love them all." HARVEY, LILLIAN, Kennett, Missouri. Literary, South East Missouri Club, Hi Beta Steppo. . "Jealous, did you say?" l HAYS, MARGARET, Hannibal, Missouri. Literary, North East Missouri Club, French Club, Hi Beta Steppo, B 3 0 "A friend to allfl f. 'il fx ' -. 'lk ' 19,21 ,fry ,,., F' ' I .l.-,+ ,l I-rfgw' Q . -1 --"gm galil ,, 1 ' E'1f"""lQ its gig KXQQQQ C'qf-?'1f7r40i'!rD'1f'1flC'J ILILJVI E. -- 5 HEMP1-HLL, ETHEL, Crane, Missouri. Literary, North West Missouri Club, Hi Beta Steppo. ' "Busy as a bee." HEPLER, WAVE, Fort Scott, Kansas. Literary, Kansas Club, H T 1' "Happy am I, from care I'in free. Why aren't they all contented like rue?" ZHIRNI, RUBY, Rockville, Missouri. Literary, Central Missouri Club, Hi Beta Steppo. "She did nothing in particular but she did it well." HOLMES, MARY GERALDINE, Cairo, Illinois. Literary, Hi Beta 'Steppo. u "M ary, Mary, quite contrary," can't be said of our Mary." . HUDELSON, ESTHER, Macon, Missouri Literary, Hi Beta Steppo, 'P 9 K. "A lover of dates." I-IUTCHINSON, Jo, Kingsville, Missouri. Literary, North West Missouri Club, Hi Beta Steppo, Chorus. . "Intelligence and courtesy combined." JACKSON, LAURA FRANCES, Skidmore, Mis- souri. Literary, North West Missouri Club, Hi Beta Steppo, Lieutenant of Fire Department. "She made an "E" on her wool shirt in clothing class-'nough said." JONES, PAULINE, Columbia, Missouri. Literary. "What would Stephens be like without Pau- line?" IKAZEE, GLADYS, Vinita, Oklahoma. Literary, Oklahoma Club, 'Hi Beta Steppo, Lieutenant of Fire Department, "Fife broken the hearts of many boys." t 4 1' f I 9 O Q..:.ggfff? J-md..-Q Q USCDCUUONOKYBON 'S We Qfb Ura foof...Jll 3- M KIQSSLER, LEOTA DEE, St. joseph, Missouri. Literary, North West Missouri Club, Hi Beta Steppo, H T 1' "I dare yon to talk faster than I can." IKITE, EDITH, Farmington, Missouri. Literary, South East Missouri Club, Hi Beta Steppo. "Soft and gentle of speech." LACY, P1-1YLL1s, Kansas City, Missouri. Litegary, Nollgtlg Vglest Missouri Club, Hi Beta teppo, ' "Her nzi-nd often wanders, but seldom gets farther than M. U." LAIN, GLENNA BELLE, Oklahoma City, Ok- lahoma. Piano, Oklahoma Club, Hi Beta Steppo, Chorus, B 2 0 "So lightof foot, so light of spirit." LAMSON, LENORE, Neosho, Missouri. Literary, South West Missouri Club, Ste- phensophia Staff, Hi Beta Steppo, Lieuten- ant of Fire Department, H T 1' "What matters a negative credit when yon 'want to get home to see Him?" LAYTON, ELIZABETI-I, LaBelle, Missouri. Literary, North East Missouri Club, Hi Beta Steppo. "Thrills! Vacation time is nearly here." LEADBETTER, ZOLA, Garden City, Missouri. Voice, Central Missouri Club, Hi Beta Steppo, Chorus. "A general Good friend to all." g LESLIE, EULA MAE, Sedalia, Missouri. Literary and Piano, Central Missouri Club, Hi Beta Steppo, 27 I X "To know her is to love her And love bnt her forever." LEVY, MIRIALI, Hastings, Nebraska. Literary. I "Can argne with anyone about anything. pv ll lf? 3 ULIIIOOO am cxoocxfa ryofiemwemf-oo.fmP em a 3, LINCOLN, MAUDE, Clinton, Missouri. Voice and Piano, North West Missouri Club, Lieutenant of Fire Department, Chorus Hi Beta Steppo, Missouri Basket Ball Team. "Fd like to study, but these boys are so interesting." L1Nv1LL1t, LUCILE, Skidmore, Missouri. Literary, North West Missouri Club, Hi Beta Steppo. "Does her talk go on forever? LONG, DOROTHY, Fredonia, Kansas. Literary, Dramatic Club, Hypatia Club, Kansas Club, Hi Beta Steppo, 2 I X "A typical college girl, fond of a good time." LOPER, VIRGINIA, Blackborn, Missouri. Literary, Hi Beta Steppo, Central Missouri Club, B 2 0 "Every one will remember T-her vby lier lovely ,comple.i'ion." LYNN, WINNEFRED, Madill, Oklahoma. Literary, Oklahoma Club, Chorus, Hi Beta Steppo. Freddy'-slie's a good old scout." fic' MACE, ALICE, East St. Louis, Illinois. Literary, Hi Beta Steppo, Orchestra, Chorus, Fire Department, 2 I X "'I3irdie'-Her music would win anyone." MAR'1'IN, DAISY, Ava, Missouri. Literary, French Club. South West Missouri Club, Hi Beta. Steppo. "A sunny disposition, ever ready with a smile." NIARTIN, FRANCES, Coffeyville, Kansas. Literary, Piano, French Club, Kansas Club, Hi Beta Steppo, 2 I X, 4' 9 K "Doesn't believe in letting either education or good times slip past." MAUPIN, L1zz1E BOB, Shelbina, Missouri. Literary, North East Missouri Club, Hi Beta Steppo, Junior Basket Ball Team, Missouri Basket Ball Team, Orchestra. "Take care of to-day and let tomorrow take care of itself." '.x's l9f i'abds...2O U Ili-'fl LJs3l"'fQX5'5fNJOfQS 5 2 '- MILAM, LORENA, Kiowa, Oklahoma. Literary, Oklahoma Club, Hi Beta Steppo, Oklahoma Basket Ball Team. "A cute little blond." MILEIIAM, EDNA, Moberly, Missouri. Literary, Dramatic Club, Central Missouri Club. "He may be short, he may be tall, He may be any size at all." MILFORD, LAURA, Vinita, Oklahoma. Literary. Oklahoma Club, Hi Beta Steppo, Secretary and Treasurer of Junior Class, E I X "She is1z't married yet, but would make an ideal wife." MOIILER, REVE, Braymer, Missouri. Literary, Hypatia Club, North West Missouri Club, Hi Beta Steppo, B E 0 NTll01"C,3 something about her you just can't resist." MooRE, MARY YOUNG, Versailles, Missouri. Literary, Central Missouri Club, Hi Beta Steppo. "The gymnasium Star." MORGAN, RUTH, Dexter, Missouri. Literary, South East Missouri Club, Hypatia Club, Hi Beta Steppo. "I aloift talk much, but I think a lot." MORROW, LOUISE, Green Ridge, Missouri. Literary, Hi Beta Steppo. "Louzse 13 the Pollyamza of Peanut Alley." Moss, BLANC1-us, Mangum, Oklahoma. Literary, Hypatia Club, Oklahoma Club, Hi Beta Steppo, Junior Basket Ball Team, Ok- lahoma Basket Ball Team, 2 I X. "Sure, I'm Vera's sister, but all Moss isn't green." ' MCREYNOLDS, Drxm, La Belle, Missouri. Literary. North East Missouri Club, Hi Beta Steppo. HE'U07'N'0l10 lows lhe southern name of D'i.rie." .0 AN 19... jjigia'-4g,,,,2O JL 'L 55 r' V 0 .. .-z'i!!11f'gf .. ........- .1. DCU QC30oCXy0Kf0C6 S E T! 'i ?A?I06fb 0 U59 "00fCJi+1Jl I ...- - .-L -- 4d NICHOLS, BERNICE, Weston, Missouri. Literary, North VVcst, Missouri, Club, Hi Beta Steppo. "Well esteemed by all who know her." OI-IMER, RUTH, Wichita, Kansas. Literary, French Club, Kansas Club, Hi Beta Steppo, Student Council, Business Man- ager of Stephensophia Staff, 2 I X, 'I' G K "The only way to have a friend is to be one." Oscoon, STELLA, La Belle, Missouri. Literary, Dramatic Club, North East Missouri Club, Hi Beta Steppo, Sampler Staff, "H er smile haunts me still." PATTON, LILLIAN, Richmond, Missouri. Literary, North West Missouri Club, Hi Beta Steppo, Chorus. "I'll bet the mail carrier wishes I wasn't so popular." - PECK, ALICE, Cameron, Missouri. Literary, North West Missouri Club, Associate Editor-in-Chief of Stephcnsophia Staff, 27 I X, 'I' 9 K "Trac friends are our greatest pleasure," I say. PETTY, HAZEL, Mountain Grove, Missouri. Literary, French Club, South West Missouri Club, Hi Beta Steppo, E I X, 'P 9 K "The more yon get of success, the more you are willing for others to share it." P Literary, South West Missouri Club, Hi Beta Steppo. "Conserve your tzrne, Bob your hair, girls." HEMISTER, BIRDEEN, Houston, Missouri. PIXLEE, RILLAMAE, Liberty, Missouri. Literary, Hypatia Club, North West Missouri Club, Hi Beta Steppo, B 2 0 "J, B. is all right-I say." PORTER, BLANCHE, Joplin, Missouri. Literary, Hypatia Club, South West Missouri Club, Hi Beta Steppo, Chorus. 'fSnre, Fm a Porter and I carry happiness everywhere." I ff., g7,.. . ffagfi-',L L' 19... ,.,-f.s,...2o . 55:11 Qtj0nNnKUnN S Gy.-J 613 Qfrb f KJI Il S " ' - -ei PRATHER, MARGARET, Columbia, Missouri. "A little ray of sunshine, mingled with sin- cerity, kindness, and beauty." Fm as good as I can be and not live in Stephens Dormitory. JL' ' Pnocron, OPAL, Galt, Missouri. Literary, North West Missouri Club, Hi Beta Steppo, Chorus, Fire Department, H T I' "They say she lives up to her name as Proctor." PERRY, LOIS, Windsor, Missouri. Literary, Central Missouri Club, Windsor Club. "A ente little girl-That's me." RENFROW, EDITH, Greenridge, Missouri. Literary, Hi Beta Steppo, Central Missouri Cl l. "WhdlJwonld Peanut Alley do without Edith?" RUMMELL, HELEN, Oklahoma City, Okla. Literary, Oklahoma Club, Hi Beta Steppo, French Club, H T 1' "It's a good thing for me that happiness does not mean high grades." ' RUSSELL, WVILMA, Harrisonville, Missouri. Literary, Central Missouri Club, Hi Beta Steppo, Lieutenant of Fire Department. "VVilma's a good sport 'wherever she goes." RUST, ELIZABETH, Hardin, Missouri. Literary, North West Missouri Club, Hypatia Club, Hi Beta Steppo, Lieutenant of Fire Department. SANDERS, ALICE, Memphis, Missouri. Litegary, North East Missouri Club, Hi Beta teppo. "Her hair is black as coal And she is good as gold." SANDERS, RUTH, Breckenridge, Missouri. Literary, Hypatia Club, North West Missouri Club, Hi Beta Steppo. "In her a trite friend yon'll find." 1' H, i 1 Q ft 3,33 5,2 o fl! O00 QKXBOKXSOX FM-J06X300Ifaoo0O " ffl 2 .-- E, SASSE, EMMA, Dalton, Missouri. Literary, Piano, Hi Beta Steppo, Central Mis- souri Club, Chorus. ",S'he's not what her name implies--sassy." SHABACK, RUTH, VVeston, Missouri. Literary, Dramatic Club, North West Missouri Club, Hi Beta Steppo, Vice-President of Junior Class. "Her sweet smile goes for miles." ' SIDWELL, NELL, Charleston, Missouri. Literary, South East Missouri Club, Hi Beta Steppo. "Modest, simple and sweet." SILVIUS, HORTENSE, Cameron, Missouri. Literary, North West Missouri Club, Hi Beta Steppo, Chorus, Lieutenant of Fire De- partmcnt. "Her only faults are, she has 110 faults." SIMPSON, HALLI1i, Charleston, Missouri. South East' Missouri Club, Hi Beta Steppo. "A versatile athlete-full of hfef' SMITH, EMMA, Plattsburg, Missouri. Literary, North West Missouri Club. "A quiet, unassuttmng girl of sterling worth." SMITH, VIRGINIA, Bloomfield, Missouri. Literary, South East Missouri Club, Hi Beta Steppo. "Worth is not measured by inches." SNODGRASS, RUTH, Eldorado, Springs, Mis- souri. Literary, South West Missouri Club, Hi Beta Steppo, Orchestra, ".Mary Plekford has nothing on me when it comes to ha-ir." SPANGENIHQRG, FRANCES, Windsor, Mis- souri. . Literary, Central Missouri Club, Windsor Castle Club, Hi Beta Stcppo. "Yon never know what you can do until you try." .'4 Q-Sw-5, .20 ff LL -dl . 5 4'ffi-Zia lflIllQoootEN5offYD0fS6 S ?ffJ ff: 61,4 roof' Ill - mmm' as H STALEY, MARY, Centerville, Iowa. Literary, Piano, Hi Beta Steppo. H "She finds a way or inakes one. STATTON, RHEA, Unionville, Missouri. Literary, Piano, North West Missouri Club, Hi Beta Steppo, Chorus, Orchestra. "A minute of silence is often worthtan hour of talk." . STEWARD, ADA DEE, Carthage, Missouri. Literary, South VVest Missouri Club, Duck Club, Hi Beta Steppo Club, Chorus, Junior Class President, Sampler Staff. "Pm half the noise on Peanut Alley-my rooniie is the other half." SUTHERLAND, ANNE, Windsor, Missouri. Literary, Central Missouri Club, Hi Beta Steppo, Windsor Castle Club. "My duty is to be happy." SCHOTT, GLADYS, Jefferson City, Missouri. Literary, Central Missouri Club, H T I' "She doesn't laugh-she giggles." THOMPSON, HELEN, Fairbury, Nebraska. Literary, Violin, Violin Club, Hi Beta Steppo, Orchestra. "Give the 'world the best you have, and the best 'will come to you." TIMBROOK, LAVONNE, Chillicothe, Mis- souri. Literary, North West Missouri Club, Hi Beta Steppo. K "A good word for everyone." TOBEN, LOUISE, Bloomfield, Iowa. Literary, Hi Beta Steppo, Chorus. "All my mind is set seriously to learn and to know." TOMLINSON, ECCE, Columbia, Missouri. Literary. .. A "Would there were more like her." A I9 Q 2' f 'J O -5 t'1i:::1 ooo-fccwnmsoce S .fO'P'i'lA,O. efafifmneycw-fits rg-gm . -1 . .-... -,.,..- , ..- . 4 if TOOMAY, SARA JANE, Braymer, Missouri. Literary, North Missouri Club, Hi Beta Steppo, Orchestra. . "I ea1l't--Fm a model for my sister." TRUITT, BLANCHE, Columbia, Missouri. Literary. I I "She has ability and confidence." UHL, LA RUE, Cameron, Missouri. Literary, North West Missouri Club, Hypatia Club, Hi Beta Steppo. "School is great but frm is greater." UHLEY, MARIORIE, Fairbury, Nebraska. Literary, I-Ii Beta Steppo. "She has a hearl for but one mah." VANDIVER, RUTH, Orrick, Missouri, Literary, North West Missouri Club, Hi Beta Steppo. "Service is like Happiness-the more we give, the more we have." VENCILL, LENA, Galt, Missouri. Literary, North West Missouri Club, Hi Beta Steppo. "A demure and studious girl." WAMPLER, MAURINE, Knob Knoster, Mis- souri. Literary, Hi Beta Steppo. "Silence is golden." WELSH, MARGARET, Coffeyville, Kansas. Literary, Kansas Club, Hi Beta Steppo, "Diligence is the mother of good lurk." VVELTY, RUTH, Malden, Missouri. Literary, South East Missouri Club, Hi Beta Steppo. "Co11spic1i.orzr.s by her silence." .ik .,.R .1 .' ' , I9 .' v'f5'i-NP--20 " 51' 4' rs" - -- ,,,,,,.v,, --.. Y ::,:i-1350.6-T-,gmt :4-.:4- .e- egg. Lsijs 021101311-155069066 S VVILLTAMS, BLANCI-IE, California, Missouri. Literary, Piano, Hypatia Club, Central Mis- souri Club, Hi Beta Steppo. "A brilliant mind, a manner kind." VVILLIAMS, FRANCES, Plattsburg, Missouri. Literary, Violin, North West Missouri Club, Hi Beta Steppo. "IfVhat I do, I do with all my might."' VVILLIAMS, MYRTLE, Dexter, Missouri. Literary, South East Missouri Club, Hi Beta Steppo. "Homemade happiness is the best." VVILSON, LUCY MAY, Frederiektown, Mis- souri. Literary, South East Missouri Club, Hi Beta Steppo, Chorus. "Wise and ambitions." VVINDSOR, FLORENCE, Cairo, Missouri. Literary, Physical Education, Hi Beta Steppo. "I would like to fnss, bnt I really haven't time." VVOFFORD, IRENE, Malden, Missouri. Literary, Hypatia Club, South East Missouri Club, Hi Beta Steppo. "Some 'who smile, I fear, have in their minds millions of mischief." YOULE, LIELEN, Hannibal, Missouri. Literary, North East Missouri Club, Hi Beta Steppo, B 2 0 "She is happy and happiness is conta- gionsf' YOWS, ETTA, Barriett, Missouri. A Literary, Dramatic Club, ,Central Missouri Club, Hi Beta Steppo. "The will to do, the soul to dare." PATTON, VERLA, Vllicliita, Kansas. Literary, Kansas Club. Hypatia Club, Hi Beta Steppo, Stephensophia Staff, E I X. "Fin a firm believer in mafriinony." if 1? J if I Q if 5i3115'i2rfr4e2 O Luv, :re l H Es. l'lL...J O0Oe4LQ'ffwUCY'5 S Gyaflfzaf-Qfraf-fum rgjgr 1 in 5 1 : is DAYS AT STEPHENS HERE are sometimes days at Stephens, That you feel so sad and blue, When you don't care if you're livin'- But that's when you have the flu. There are happy days at Stephens, lfVhen you feel so good and free- You can give no reason for it- But all things suit you to a "T," Then again you start to feel Weary, tired and so hot Then the doctor comes to see you, Shakes his head and mnmbles chicken-po.r. 'Tis a sad down fall-I'll tell you- When you've been so chirp and spry To 'be taken to the injirmary, Where you're sure you're going to die. Three sad weeks of gloomy torture, Then-oh, joy! you're out again, In spite of flu and chieken-pox- You know that life is not all rain. H ere's a tip-you can take from me, All Stephens' days are not all sunshine, nor All sad ones But those that are a little glum, make you Appreciate the glad ones. Til' it 191' AE1fPEhfQ .20 - 11' ,diy - :.:,..- f'lfHQ'l-T7f.3511'-'ff?"P'H"'5'7'Wf"f5L7 ?lw5'1fl'V 'L710'X'X'Ff"i, Ill I 3 Qxiigvfgw, ,, ,,,,A,1,41:g" W4 7,4 ii ,2Q,,g1f'-- Q- ggg, Q , ' ,gg--:ff-ijffgf AEADEM5 'xx LQ., " ii-,Q "' i'v1.u.u-lvl..-ulllllnm an ..,,-.N .....--- -.i-y,,q,qp.rm,ygy-nu-- v Qin: ' 5 ff-,r":Ex 'X I9 .zo W.:-' , Q, H54 4134:3,.-1-i1E125351ff5gg1'.i,f"" ' ' , K ,S ow X. I I ESTIUCR LEE BLANK1CNs1111', President OLA V. Powl-:LL, V icc-President MARI12 SMITH, Sccffcfary and Treasurer I9 .V ,f'ff':"v- 20 " 3, Q1 ,g..t"'j ' gglgai 1.Ef'l',5Q lik, ,- Z., fflI.""'.'I OOOOKQQGKYJOCS ?f?Jf1E7CD0i7Qb"O"PO ll.Jl l I i SS ANTOINE, LUCILLE, Columbia, Missouri. Academ. t I H 1 "Is crazy about Columbia-Why not? BRADLEY, IRENE, Kidder, Missouri. North West Missouri Club, Hi Beta Steppo, Chorus. "A mild, meek maiden." BRINGELSON, GLADYS, Talihina, Oklahoma. Hi Beta Steppo, Oklahoma Club, Lieutenant of Fire Department. "Some teimis player." BROWN, LAVERNE, Ada, Oklahoma. Oklahoma Club, Hi Beta Stegpo. "Always sprirzgiiig a new joke." BLANKENSHIP, ESTHER LEE, Carthage, Missouri. Chorus, Hi Beta Steppo, South West Missouri Club, Censorship Committee, President of Academ Class. "An all 'roimd good sport." CANOLE, FRANCES, Fayette, Missouri. Hi Beta Steppo, Central Missouri Club. "A short, sweet, lassief' CANDLE, SUE, Fayette, Missouri. Beta Steppo, Central Missouri Club. "Stephens is the place for me." HUNT, MARY CONLEY, Huntsdale, Mis- souri. Central Missouri Club, Chorus, Hi Beta Steppo. "Quiet and demaref' JONES, ELLA, Eufaula, Oklahoma. Oklahoma Club, Hi Beta Steppo, Chorus, Piano, V "Our little lively 'I1zju1t'!" ar ' 41,,.,...,,,,... FII ff H KQXJ AWOCG C'yIaf1em-werfaf-fffwcnQW-11 4 2 wx- T- ., -,.,--.T: -s-.--,..5d JONES, NELL, Ashland, Missouri. Central Missouri Club, Hi Beta Steppo. "A Peanut Alley product." IQIRKPATRICK, HATTIE, Peoria, Missouri. Aeadem. "Always sweet to every one." LITMAN, MIERIN, Coffeyville, Kansas. Kansas Club,-Hi Beta Stepp-o, Chorus. "Plays fenms 'n' everythmgf' MACKEY, MARGARE'F, Clarksville, Missouri. North West Missouri Club, Hi Beta Steppo. "One of the trio from Clarksville." A MEGENITY, OLIVE CLAIRE, Columbus, Kansas. Kansas Club, Hi-Beta Steppo, Chorus. "Our dark dasslmg brunette." MURRAX', GRACE, Hatton, Missouri. Academ. "Some jazz baby." MURRAY, Nmrm LEE, Hatton, Missouri. Academ. , "I sure am crazy about danemg and East Hall." MCCRAY, ELIZABETH, Rocheport, Missouri. Central Missouri Club, Hi Beta Steppo.. "And still ANOTHER Mlssourz G1rl." NIITCI-IELL, ELIZABETH, Rocheport, Mis- souri. Central Missouri Club, Hi Beta Stepao. "Thinks twice before she speaks. in I . I 9 f f 553:11-3:1-12 0 E1lZ1'.TlCJOouzr,Y5f:Ex9ocQ6 5 GA-2 on evra oo0l1,Jl'i :Ei H ll' ' NADEN, IRENE TURNER, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Oklahoma Club, Hi Beta Steppo, B E 0 "Our heart breakmg baby doll." NAGEL, ELIzABETH, Paducah, Kentucky. Hi Beta Steppo, Kentucky Club, Chorus. "One of our strtetly southern bellesf' OLIVER, VIOLIQT, Ielferson City, Missouri. Central Missouri Club, Hi Beta Steppo. "T0ots-a friend to every one." PATTERSON, RACHAEL, Columbia, Missouri. Academ. I I "Studies-once zu a whllef' PENNEY, BERTA, Kidder, Missouri. North West Missouri Club, Hypatia Club, Hi Beta Steppo, Chorus. "Oh, he's adorable." POLLOCK, MARY E., Campbell, Missouri. South East Missouri Club, Hi Beta Steppo. "Her drawing is great, and as for idea.:- she has 'emf' POWELL, OLA V., St. James, Missouri. Hi Betta Steppo, Orchestra, Captain of Fire Department, Sampler Staff, Central Mis- souri Club, Vice-President of Academs. "Pm a little fairy." RAWLINS, MARY ADAMS, Rocheport, Mis- souri. Central Missouri Club, Academ. "Some talker-if you don't care what you say." SIMMONS, OPAL, Macon, Missouri. Eli Beta Steppo, Sampler Staff. A Nutty-Gee, of course 'cause sheis a pea1zut." f f 1' I9 fil X if o . Q - 'lr ' .1 r lfllilfl OCJf'f'X'fffX5OfC6 onaoeniotfafifwru l1'.,Il'l ' rp "" .,'..'EQY4"'Bl,Qg: -- - - 'E SLACK, SUE, Charleston, Missouri. Hi Beta Steppo, South East Missouri Club. "Pi K. A.'s M Y choice, every time." SMITII, LIDA, Fayette, Missouri. Central Missouri Club, Hi Beta Steppo. "Has only one fault-too angelic." SMITH, MARIE, Long Beach, California. Secretary and Treasurer of Academs. "A htgh stepper." SMocK, ANNA LOUISE, Eufaula, Okla- honia. Oklahoma Club, Hi Beta Steppo, Student Council. I "Look out for An-n and Lomsef' TANNICR, AMBICR, St joseph, Missouri. Academ. ' u "Dates-thatis all I hw for." TOBEY, ESTHER ELIZABETH, Sedalia, Mis- souri. l Hi Beta Steppo, Central Missouri Club. "Fm only happy when I 'ht with Katherynf' TRIQADWAY, MARTIIA ELIZABETI-I, Clarks- ville, Missouri. North East Missouri Club. "Margarct's pal." TOOMAY, HARRIE1', Braymer, Missouri. Central Missouri Club, Hi Beta Steopo, U "Oh those curls-and they're REAL too. TAYLOR, MARIE, Licking, Missouri. South West Missouri Club, Hi Beta Steppo. "Oh-those eyes." ' I O T' h . ' fvYSLf-grieiiwa-1'-'-T j:j EJ lil Oaucicggw-5nKQofC6 S Fyi.4f1ffwGy.bf1f.or, flfljfl WALLACE, MARJORIE, Kansas City, Mis- souri. Hi Beta Steppo, Central Missouri Club. "Begone-dull books, for you I have no longing." VVYATT, IQATHERINE, Roswell, New Mex- ico. Academ. "She dwells with the rest of the owls." NICHOLS, FLORENCE, St. Louis, Missouri. "She hails from a REAL town." 5 a far' I I9 zo ff, ffw.fwcX9 S AS we W0-7.7. 80,512-S 5quJ -v-r'e'X 1- o o fx, I A J , ' X .Y 'Adi-v'x'w5 A ' We'Yu 1-vnu SlYCdTrxoYe. ' A xlhovvna Tbwuqaiqtg l 5 Q.sloSs--buf ?V.Jf1Gy2wQr,bfw1f1lA,,,M 1 ..-.L:1:..l4+.A, .V 1. ---L-,- ,.,, ,l 'N 15 N C.o2.aL-Ho'n, UZ ' 1 ' w . ! ,, v - ..,. . , . , 1 my guy '1u"fHe. 'gviewnfelf ' . 5 "ngHda.+3K4- 3 , f1k..1Jlw4oJiIag . . 1 qfiif' Al l f r r.. , W ' LF", , ?Q,x 5- ' 1 I .. 6- ,fw ,-4f' fw Q A Z 7 ,iii 'ukmkfa NLP? .,-,.. l. 5-?1'v'rs..1'l't"l-v-.-4. L ' W tw 'Vbfy VCV I ' l - , . A, A. - 1 Q-- Q-M14 -.20 I9 , -' ua -wJ"i 1 'E K 15 viyrx n,NLQ-.'k,fv'Xv'U'JCxjfj Q" JW," 5 F'-'Lf' """' ' wf.u-Nl-'fwl A Lil- ,I SPEIIIALE I9 fi ll-L-M5-Qi-..2o -" fin' nf-""i. .v -l1,TQ"'iEgQ.1fQ5i? 1-2 '-" fl' Llgwrw"41.:,.:.,.f-,L Wi. ' f'lll'lOO0-1tC,X'5oKXc9oC6 S ?'fFJ'16Z3f112f9oofmOf""If"l E F " an- 3 BOWMAN, ALICE. Lawton, Oklahoma. Oklahoma Club, Hi Beta Steppo. "The tiniest girl in school-without a doubt." HE'rzEL, BEULA11. Hardin, Missouri. Hi Beta Steppo, Chorus. "A1z0lher twin." HETZEL, EULAH. Hardin, Missouri. Hi Beta Steppo. Q "Hardm rs the town-so she says." MERRITT, MARIORIE. Colorado Springs, Colorado. Hi Beta Steppo, Lieutenant of the Fire Depart- ment, Dramatic Club, French Club, Stcphensophia Staff, "She's a regular, sure enough sport." NOELKER, MARY. Hardin, Missouri. Hi Bieta Steppo. I , HQllZ0l11'0SS persomfiedf' TAYLOR, EULA. Licking, Missouri. South VVest Missouri Club. U . "She left South Hall for Dorrmtory Lrfef' WOOD, AGNES. Denver, Colorado. "A Greek Goddess." JENKINS, ESTHER. lf 'Of' 'T If -,Jil 'V hi I -,,,..Z',ea,ff:."'f O , ' -f-i'2?1'L..-."'21.:3.-- NV, -I Ir., n,Xf,,,,,XQj S f:f,aHQf:' ALM Hi chi : ,-,-A4,4,g...A,-,.,-...T' ' ,..- ., - NJ- "" - , -A -- 'ff' 'ff' f ' ' " -' ' ' ' f' W " GOVERNMENT ff . 7 1 'L 1 , 1 9 L',. A-f'1w5,.2 0 -" il' uv- Lint , 'Nl,4gf:i:,3ig3:::" '4fi'fi.l'5! ifg I ..-.1-4SJf 1 f 'zu f f ' Qrfgiyiyfw-1zggsf1o.SOcx5 S Pfeaffff, A qygbm. yn Q13 V " iii '-' '- --------1 T' -- - 1 . SfUDENT COUNCIL DOROTHY MEANS, President. - GLADYS THOMPSON, First Vice-President BERNHQCE ELMORE, Second Vice-President LILLIAN CHARLES, S ccretary and Treasurer SARAH ALLEN ANNA LOUISE SMOCK LOLHSE GREIFE MARIP2 FORTNER LETHA STRIKLER HELEN CRUSE RUTH OHMER MABEL PINTO lf.-Vg --I l I 9 .X z"f?f.'."'l22- i--f'f-?" J: :.....,ll"-1 , ,,. 'V "- "xiii fldii' .. .Fl ,sr pu, 4, 24.-Q ' ,ff 144: 5-151-31 Qomccxowrxfwocib S fVH"ffheQv9bf-frlfllgggli I 2 "- 2" -' -- -1 Po1.YPHoN1cs ON Pnocrous AND SIMILAR PERSONS CWith Apologies to Miss Amy Lowellj. Thirty-odd girls all in rows in the class. A teacher, one for all, opposite them. The teacher, ready for the fray, asking questions from a large book and noting the answers in a little one. Girls in middies and girls in georgettes, girls with ear bobs and girls with back curls, even girls with spectacles yawn and stammer. Disaster threatens that lazy class. Threatens those girls at Stephens till one and then several speak up: "Last night our mass meeting lasted long, and at ten o'clock we are sent to bed. For that is the custom of our rulers." And then another, atall, .lair one speaks, she who knew not a word though knowledge generally falls from her as does pollen from the pussy willows. "All night and on till morning I walked up and down the corridors. No peace did the students give me. I am a Council girl." The Council speak innumerable words and thump unnumbered blows with hands discussing--discussing-"VVhat is to be done P" The Presi- dent is not an Amazon. VV hat shall they do if more students take a notion to tease the proctorsl If late at night more students stay up to feed and study! Then indeed it would be hard to punish. The library is Cl'Z111l111CCl. with those who stayed away from vespers or went late to Sunday School. Cut down their penalty to make way for others and so let the Board be Haunted in its rulings! Absurd! Unthinkable! Make libraries of all the class-rooms, appoint sub-librarians to frighten to submission that bucket-placing, shrieking mob. Tell them, Inert Proctors, they shall not go to Wallace Reid, and the doors of the dormitory will be shut full in the faces of their escorts. Week by week, and work endured without pause. Keep them in-watch them, stop their giggles. I 9 Y wal-.Mfv .2 O J-Eff :jj -nf.-, N QQWT1 QCJOofQfoKX'jo!QQ 5 ?A306X20Gfrboo0O FI ' CJ "" - -S Sh! The corridor is alive with girls at tables. They look up when I come in at seven-thirty. They seem distressed at seeing it is only I--. Sh! Sh! I walk on the tipsof my toes and the boards creak. A mouse, secreted behind a panel squeals and mutters, and songs spring to my lips, whistled, un- silent, bursting forth like the, cardinal's notes, higher and higher. Sh! The bird-whistle dies on my Hustered tongue. My lips open in a long cave-like line and I sink thumpingly on the floor. Sh! And there is only the hall, the table, the book, and the sizzling girl. Again Sh !-Sh !-Sh! I stuff my fingers into my ears. I see ghosts and rush on all mad.- Sh! Here's the room, and the sounds follow me there! Sh! Sh! My hair is blowing in the breeze and I know that it glistens in the sunshine. At the wagon of the popcorn and peanut man I stand, tempted by his wares and his unsung refrain. "This popcorn grew on the W'estern plain, Buy, men, buy, From Dixie Land these peanuts came, Buy, my merry men, buy." And there I buy. And I go marching up the street. Coming down to meet me are two stately forms all dressed in black. Censors, gazing stonily. VVow-wow. Straight down they come casting serious looks on every side. Past the automobiles and the hat windows straight at me they look, while I munch peanuts and popcorn, the ambrosia of the street. The ambrosia turns to dust and ashes. I stagger wearily, blushing the while. The sun sinks behind me, and the Catholic bell rings its call to six o'clock service. I laugh in answer to it, a crazy laugh. Call downs. Three at least. Tomorrow I shall buy a new spring hat-. ti .r" l 951, 5 O rf ' ,if 1, f ' -.:.:....-:-L.:A,.-.- .- 1. IH N fv'T'J"CXf7 5 U 5 f 111' f' '- ...fx Imlczcml-D-I jfwx.. 5 ,-' X 'X I. 1 ,' I 9 fgfhzsj O arc, 4.4,-:a,:,g,,,i1i V 1 EIf"""j qyftnttfigygqfyiyofgyq 5 Gnafiffwivfof fmt ,Ji l --- W --, , -- .2 +-....- - ...-..n,:-.v.- ...J Y. W. C. A. OFFICERS Prestident ...... ...HEIJCN BARTLESON Vice-President .... MAUR1'NE BIRNEY Seeretary .......... . .FLOY RIIOADES Treasurer .................. . . .BERNICE ELMORE Chairman Finance Committee . . . .... MAIQGARET FULLERTON Clzcrirmaiz Social Committee .......... LOUISE HOLLY Chairman Membershifr Committee ..... VERA MOSS Clmirmcm Awaizgenzeizl Committee .... H'ELICN DRESBACH Chaiifmfm Missioizary Committee ...... SUE ROSENRURY Clmimiian News Committee .......... FRANCES I'10TALING Chairman Social Service Committee ...FLORA RIIOADES I I e'?3l:,"'f?ai.2 O " -t'!',fy 9 -:HM ,,,,:,,: ,xo :Tw-:'t" -:H ffl l:'j'1 Qg4mggx15mfY3of1'i S 676206490 Qmbfwof 10 F:-T11 'I 3 'E -" -Q-- J- - - A-Y ,i "THE Y. W. C. A." O college is an entire success unless it fosters some organization, open to all, that improves both the spiritual and the social welfare of the students. The Y. VV. C. A. of Stephens is such an organization. Everyone can become a member, and the reports show that almost every student is a member. All new ones taken in this year were initiated on Thanksgiving day with a beautiful service. The good work of the Y. VV. C. A. has extended from the first week to the last week of the term. New girls were made acquainted with each other and with the old girls at the Kid Party which was given the first week in the gymnasium, and there is not a new girl here who will not say that this party made her homesickness suddenly and surely leave her, for no homesickness could withstand the sincere and warm friendship of the old girls. Then on I-Iallowe'en another much enjoyed. party was given and the girls danced all evening. The proposed Thanksgiving dance was not given because of the lack of heat. VVhen the birthday parties were given, all the girls whose birthdays were in certain months donned their white dresses and prepared for some wonderful cake and lots of laughing, and judging from the amount of the latter they all liked the party idea. The plan of these parties was to entertain every girl. At the weekly meetings such subjects were taken up that broadened each girl's outlook and heightened her ideas of true living. The girls were so enthusiastic in their work that they offered a scholarship in an Eastern college in Constantinople, something which has never been done before. The Y. 'W. C. A. has good business methods of hnancing itself and every girl in school knows in which room candy can be bought, she watches patiently and expectantly for the frequent box of sandwiches or doughnuts which are sold at the ten o'clock sale. The year has been so successful that each girl who has taken part in this work feels that she has done something worth while to the Y. W., to Stephens, and to herself. All the girls leave their legacy of friendship and good work for those who are to be here next year and give their best wishes for the work to be successful. 6 . If' 5-4: ft" 'L-5-A.: lg. I Q-gzzzliui ffhlfgfg O l ii: FI f""'-'j,, CJf,Jur1l!b'ij0KXcJO GX? F19 Off! 0 Q7rb'1fJfPfJIlUl-1 gf--1 ...-.:4:' Y.--l'z.- --v-':--- -.1-.:1.....- , ' "T -.1',:.?..-... :gi fif'-,5' JT -1--.T-:.1..,:f'-.QQ f',Qfx..?...-1w..- '?'f'f31l-A 'H 'i-.,,,,Ell fx Q f Wa I 1 1- 'liffffc 5 Ui? ,vrif V - - AA-,lii3w:i534j?e1j?fgj:' '12iT'?7l1?3 N..,,,! ' I WWC! SURDRITIES v , . V 1 19 .20 .-P' gl, Q g,1..0',fE'ff YYYY Y f - . if 'g1i5g:g'gAQ-xiii-,"-H 'FMP lf?-J" 4- 'ffY,1'fTXf7f7f5fD S ':ffIl"f1fL9"Lf ..,,-, , , . 3 IQ: G . . 1 ,LLL-l?:r"f':,:2 Triiiigllfzn J .1-.ziiif ,,,, QL - In J R- A -1 I U 103 QKAQMYJOYQNC5 5 ?f.WIE!bcQ7Qb'I' I4 JI PIII THETA KAPI-A Honorary Sorority of the Arts and Science Department Organized 1910. CLARA BELLE CAIN JENNIE CRAVENS VIOLA ENLOE MARIE FORTNER GLADYS FRAZIER MARGARET FULLERTON LOUISE GWINN CATHERINE 1'IAGO0D MILDRIED HANNAIYI ESTI-IER l-IUDELSON MABEL JOYCE NELLE LEWIS MINNIE LOBAUGII LENCRE LONG FRANCES LOVELACE FRANCES MARTIN RUTH OIIMER HAZEL PETTY MABEL PIN'ro SUE ROSENBURY RUTH SCIIUMAN LETIIA STRICKLER GLADYS TIIoIvIPsoN LENA 'l'oMLINsoN ALICE PECK I 9. Q 3, ,r 1,4 A Wyaconda, Missouri Neosho, Missouri Eldorado Springs, Missouri Charleston, Missouri Cowgill, Missouri Lawton, Oklahoma Cameron, Missouri LaGrange, Missouri Odessa, Missouri Macon, Missouri Kansas City, Missouri Shelbina, Missouri Clinton, Missouri Beaver, Oklahoma Charleston, Missouri Coffeyville, Kansas Wicliita, Kansas Arkansas City, Kansas St. James, Missouri Olathe, Kansas Rolla, Missouri Skidmore, Missouri Okmulgee, Oklahoma La Grange, Missouri Cameron, Missouri x O S! ' IS x I 1 ' gym O 4 1 p 'Ai , T.-.vitae fi UC-jjjg ynqggygsaxfjsfy S 6VQ06:fJHQVJ9f-F100llglllil f - - -. Af Y. if' ---.- A--- sd BETA SIGMA fDMICRON 1 'fin 60.70 , . .. ll Xl X Founded December 12, 1888. Colors Rubv and Pink. Flower-Red and ETA CTIAPTPIR ROLL SUE ANTOINIC IQATIIERINIC BOWDEN MARY BROWN 1zET'rA COLE VICRA CROPPER MAIJOLIN DEN'roN HELEN DRESBACH GLADYS FIFE lMARlE FORTNER ANNE HUME GARNER ED1'1'I1 GORMAN MARGARET l'IAYS LoU1sE HELME ESTIIER HUME EFFIE :KAVANAUGH PI-IYLLIS LACY GLENNA BELLE LAIN VIIiGINl,A LOPER FRANCES LovELAcE FLOY M1.LICS IRENE NADEN NIILDRICD NOWIELL RILLA MAIE PIxLEE SUE ROSICNBURY HELEN SCRUTCHFIELD Doe Run, Missouri Purcell, Oklahoma Richmond, Missouri Bartlesville, Oklahoma Kansas City, Missouri Columbia, Missouri Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Armstrong, Missouri Charleston, Missouri Richmond, Missouri Walceiida, Missouri l-lannibal, Missouri Kirksville, Missouri Armstrong, Missouri Richmond, Missouri Kansas City, Missouri Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Blackburn, Missouri Charleston, Missouri Norborne, Missouri Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Columbia, Missouri Liberty, Missouri Olathe, Kansas Hoboken, Pennsylvania PATRONESS ES . MRS. E. W. STEPHENS -li. E. TI1RoN'1'oN MRS. J. N. BELCI-IER MRS. TURNER MCBAINE MRS. Ji. H. ESTES MRs. A. W. IQAMPSCHMIDT MRS. SPONSOR Miss LAURA SCHNI-:mER ff? if 1,1 19.1, L,P5i1:."4g,h.2O Pink Rose UCI OOOOQCQOKXSPOKCQ F!-J'Y6Z5nE'A5"v0f'7O ILQU S 5 L fi ,KM .gff 1' " :ug I O , 'lv-"'-I-Pf':, '1S'Q'u.,-f 'AW' ' flCf.1f'l LJUUf1tC.Y'j'14YD0CQ S f7M0?XJ0f7Qbmo1'Jt'bIM' 'C I I e:-B- 'H Y 1 M- -.VfVV -M .Q Colors-Clive Green FRANCES AnAMs ARISA BOULTON CARMEN Coon JENNTE CRAvENs JANE ENLOE VIOLA ENLOE VVAVE l'llCI'LliR ITAUROLYN l'lONIC FRANCES I'lOTAL1NG LTCOTA KESSLER LENORE LAMSON NELL LEw1s FLORENCE LUDEMAN ROWENA McKENz1E REVE MOIILER OPAL PRoc'roR HELEN RUMMEL GLADYS SCIIOTT MARJORIE STEWART ETA UPSILON GAMMA if W HI N. .. A tx 1901. Founded at Christian College, Flower--Yellow Rose and Gold PI CIIAPTER ROLL Sedalia, Missouri Hamilton, Missouri Excelsior Springs, Missouri Neosho, Missouri "leH'crson City, Missouri Eldorado Springs, Missouri Ft. Scott, Kansas Knox City, Missouri Grant City, Missouri St. Joseph, Missouri Neosho, Missouri Shelbina, Missouri Sedalia. Missouri Sedalia, Missouri Braymer, Missouri Galt, Missouri Oklahoma City, Oklaliolna .lefiferson City, Missouri VVichita, Kansas PATRoNEssEs MIQS. Rox' T. DAVIS MRS. Ll. P. HETZLER MRs. E. C. CRAVENS SPONSOR MRs. T. T. CALLAWAY, Springneld, Missouri 0 frihffg E , I 9 I -gym-f7,,..2 O . it -fs- Ill w fx-',,f f fx'-55, R f I i K . ..., A l I 9 ,',",'.hL.N53' pil '-'f ga, w- . ' -, ,, -qw, gan-1 V, FJ .,.." OQJOGQXSOKXWOCG ?L'E4f1GZ9"1 Qvgo Of-f 11 1lg,,Jl I M .. WL.. , ..LM...g SIGMA IOTA CIII QE? I Founded in Alexandria, Louisiana, 1903. Colors-Purple and Gold NELL ADAMS RUTII BERRY NIAURINIC BIRNICY EDITII BROWN VIRGINIA CALLISON LTLLIAN CIIARLEs LORICNA FAIIRNEY IOIINNIE FLEET ELIZAIIETII FRANKLIN SIIIRLEY GUTRIOGE lULlA ITlAWK1NS LOUISE IHOLLY JANE JOIIE MAIQIIQ IQUHNS EULA MAI? LESLIE DOROTIIY LONG ALICE MACE FRANCES MARTIN LAURA MILFORD BLANCIIE MOSS VERA Moss RUTII OIIMER VERLA PATTON ALICE PNCK HAZEL PETTY MARGA12l'1'1' PRATHIER LOUISE VVILLIAMS ETA CIIAIITER ROLL MRS. MRS. MRS. MIQS. MRS. MRS. MISS- Clarcuce, Missouri Okmulgee, Oklahoma Wicklille, Kentucky Kansas City, Missouri Vifinclsor, Missouri Summerville, Missouri Viuita, Oklahoma New Franklin, Missouri Unionville, Missouri Clinton, Missouri Buffalo, Missouri Bloomfield, Missouri East St. Louis, Illinois Chicago, Illinois Seclalia, Missouri Kansas City, Missouri East St. Louis, Illinois Coffcyville, Kansas Vinita, Oklahoma Mangum, Oklahoma Mangum, Oklahoma Wfichita, Kansas Wicliita, Kansas 1'lamiltOn, Missouri Arkansas City, Kansas Columbia, Missouri Pueblo, Colorado PARTONESSICS LOGAN FULLER IQIRK FYFICR CLAUDE W IIEELER B. D. GAUNTLETT MARS1'IALL GORDON j. M. TAYLOR PEARL MITCIIELL SPONSOR MISS CONSTANCE GRAIIAM fl" il '1 f... l 9 f 51:19-535,20 Flower-Violet I. N, S I 9 .- ,f',"f'1,"i'1' A-20 . f :J 5 - 4 .14 I A A'-"Tiff" T," ,zldir Q! 4' V , .-". ...iff'.'.'-gL.Q.Q,,,,.,., V" li ' - -Q'r,5n4,1!1j guy! WJ f., i "'0f5qWil7 :., .- .. r 1 U 03 'Wg ITIVITI E W3 My Z f 4, 4 X K 9 N , N 7' 'S W W1 , , 5 ,. f a Q 4 2 3 Efafn N ,.-,, . 'Q . ,s iiggsllllln. -o . 'f'-'12 , ' ::::Ef'2:::::. F - n. 1 vi! .I Higgins: .Lf 5. 'Q' ' 'vac 'L .x -.4 I -I.: iii ,f . 'fl 'Xe '9:55i55fg5.5::::E ,W yy 'WP ,f, a, 72" can if , yfhfg-'fu "'N'Q,Q?l'Jf'z?L-V-ff' 4, 7 al" 0' r ' f 2471 ' QW! Z W9 4' w ? I wzmu f' 4 WA X is S-wx N EQ-'..,,. E W mix " I 7v','2v1 ,QNX i IQ f ',.,ff:bm?A.2O .:Q"v'-:- . ,A f -I U 512,11 fl X.-img A L-.Ll. 12:4 VII"jjJf1U1H'ffNf'H'F wma 4f9pJ' w-wffww-af'f'f1f Ei? 'i1?i":'fm 231,125 "1 Z 7':'7'5'-T ': Gzfvxligfi-'??. 1?ii-7TQ'?F'f Elf.: 1, i-: fiifffiii iii-.l'LT:.-..'7 '1iif'ii?'E?, SENIOR BASKET BALL TEAM Num. LEWIS-Captain Gmnvs 'lxlmm1'soN-l7o1'cward J 1-3 NNI lf CRAVICNS-,:0I'f"ZUll1'lf H1,ANc1l1f: Rliufscl1NlCl1mlQR--Comer .ll11,1w1uc1m HI-:MAv1u1,r,-G-zrarzl ,lflflflli .KAVANAUGuflizrani 1iA'1'111u'N HOVVDl':N--SiIl'l7 Cmztvr LOUISE IlOI,I,Y-kyllllllflld Cenlcr Q A IQ! avliifj? fl-iigif.-.-ilvi-,,il--li , -210: ,geizirfiin 1 E-Ulf-3 Ooooaiogjqjogg 5 GQ06f5O vD00f-,CJ CJ K in FEBS' ' -'-'- " and JUNIOR BASKET BALL TEAM LORENA FAI-IRNEY-Captain MARY BR1s'1'0w-Gumfd CAROLYN GRAY-Fon-ward BLANCHE MOSS-Guard NIAUDE LINCOLN-Center BOB MAUPIN-F07C7Q'aTd ELIZABETH FRANKLIN-Side C an-ter LoU1sE GUINN-Glltlfd F ,ff N 'Af I Q ,C,5g2.g5i?5'-i:ifrf2 0 1 ' "'x"f"'7V'1S 37124 L v 1 E 1 FACULTY BASKET BALL TEAM QBlue Stockingsj HEASYU EDWARDS-Captain "D11'PY" DANBURX' HIQRAZYH IQENOWICR " '1'1CKY" S'1'oc1cToN IUNYH PARKIN HCRABBYH CURRY Subs- "CU'1'12Y" CLARK 'UFINYH TAs'1'1tvIN "FL1P1w" FLINT S ug ii i"'T"' 'ifflil iifjfjl-i'?i "k, "Q"'f ,, , ' IH 1 , x 1 15 , 7 X 1 r N, 1 MISSOURI BASKET BALL TEAM OKLAHOMA BASKET ,BALL TEAM ff' - x Q.- 1 9 gf Q-,E-ri '-1-3342 O ,ZT'ti2:7LT.1ii.' -h...ni1-Lf"QEJii'5,l orrzrlofw n 59 T ' A ' P 3 00 9 0 DUCK CLUB fLeft to rightj BLANCHE REIFSCI-1NEmE1z, CORRINE SUTTON, KATIiERINE BOWDEN, ADA DEE STEWART V ff I' 'f I9 ffi 145044 .20 , 'rmmggz' mtwiw out-fvrxgnmfawcxo 'S efaffexwewsaf-ofvOIg..1l I - 3... -1-W - . H. 1- -- - ' -- ' fE PLA YGROUND NEW subject in the Physical Education Department this year is that of Playground work. A slight reflection of the world-wide movement for organized playgrounds is expressed in the playground classes. The field of study and research is so large that only the fundamental principles and records can be studied. The idea upon which the movement is based is the new child psychology-a healthy child does not play because he is youngg he is young that he may play. To understand childhood, the theory and nature of play is studied. Theory is very necessary, but we believe in practical experience. The girls have been divided into groups and each day a group goes to the Robert E. Lee Grade School for practice teaching, for one-half hour. They supervise the play. The children respond eagerly and are hungry for good clean, well- organized games. The older boys and girls have basket ball games 3 the younger children have various singing and athletic games. The story-telling hour in the Primary and Third Grade has been turned over to the college girls. The little tots listen to the legends and myths with every grain of interest they possess This new subject in our curriculum is eminently a success. Tmwzfis The tennis season has started full force. Much interest is being evi- denced in the Annual Tournament, May Srd. The standing of the old cham- pions is being threatened by the new players. f' . V k . X . ll 1' X , I 91.-. .gee-e5:f'2 0 --a-Y- iQ!,,,g.i'l:.:. .,... ,.:l 9569-1 V3 fffffl O' J' "1lCX5'1'5-FDD 05 QVEMGMQ fb iVf0""f1U LLQI I I in-.r:a...:v:1eaaa51E-at:..-. -- 2 -f' TTFTS ,,1-,..":+F.1.-,Ef5ae': ,AE:::-.-..,-, ,frfsqg fX'1'I1LIC'1'IC ASSOCIA'1'ION X CENSORSHIP COM,MITT1i1i QLeft to rightj ADA Dim S'1'1f:xvART, FLOY Rnomalis, EFFUQ KAVANAUGH, WAVIQ I-Ilclmlcu, ESTHER Liar: BLANK1CNs1 u1' 67111 ' . I 9 C' lfsinwdizl M20 fflflflfl CJOf'fltIXSfwKY30fCx9 S f7Sj'ffZJ"'Q7fb'1UflfQff-inf!! "' -' ----- . -1---T - ':r.-4g f f ,.,,-.Eg L ETA PILL CnA1'T12R OF H1 BETA STEPPO Founded by Elizabeth Danbury, February 26, 1916, A. D. Purpose-To aid suilering .Maile-XVatcl1 your step Flower-Castor Bean Colors-Pink and green Sjiolzsor-MR. SCOTT Qualifications To be a real true pill she said You 'must sleep one night in a bath tub bed Make a big paddle and pull a lop-eared bone And take five pills without a groan. Officers Most Hi Pill nCZlSCZI1'Ct,, Hume-"Castor Oil" Brown, Little Twin Capsules-"Early Rise1"' and "Little "Black Devil" Rhoades-Big Capsule-"Lydia Pinkliainn Cocke-Treasurer-"Cartus Little Liver" Fullerton-Pill Keeper-"Salpatica" 4 Lindsey-Dt. Pill-Dr. 'lil101'l'1tO11. I In Good Standing All the Seniors and every one else who is :L true, sure-enough, sport. K 5. 5 l 1 '1-af' Md!-.. O I A' ' 53egFgv?f,:?-fr 4 552, F" gun! xl- fy-A 1, A S JO f7'f CDRCIIESTRA VIOLIN CLUB .f 20 19 f A A 1 MO oy Jf1,Q1'1f5QjpJr1L CL . P1ftRsONN1CL Uf7'Cl'f01'-FRANCES DW1G11'1' XVOO1111R111G1f: IJ7CSltlCIlf-EIJ1'1'I'I BROWN first .S'0f11'a110s- HLAN141Ns1111i, Fs'1'1112R HOUC111CR, EL1zA111QTu BRA111,1QY, lR12N1c BRYANT, VlfSl'Iili CAI N, CLARA HICLLP: COLE, Y:-11Q'1"1'A CRUs1c, H1Q1.1f:N CR1s1'1iN, I-11iL1QN DORSIQY, l'i1cR'1'11C L1c1 IJUNLAP, DORO'1'11Y IQLMOR1-2, HICRNICIC GARNICR, .ANNE HAwR1Ns, .lU1,1A H1QLA1 16, LOU1s1i HON13, IXUROLYN IlU'1'c111NsON, JO H UNT, MARY .lON1CS, ELLA 'lO1112, 'IYANIC LINCOLN, MAU111C LYNN, W1N11fR1C11 L11fmAN, MTQIIIIN M1cc:1N1'1'Y, C,l,lVIf NALll'2l,, liL1zA111i'1'11 PA'r'1'ON, LILLIAN 1'ROc'1'OR, CUPAL R1c11MAN, AVA SCIIN1-311J1QR, LAURA 'lxOI!IiN, LOU1s1c 'lX.'XYl,0R, EULA XY11,sON, LUCY XYINIJSOR, FLOR1-:Ncli S'1'f011d S0f11'c1110s-- A1,L12N, SARA FULL!CR'l'ON., NIARGA R l'f'l' 19, . ,420 ll Wx ff -F9 -L- XI K1'1'1':, IEIJITIL l'OR'1'1cR, HLANCH1-3 S 1 LY1 Us, H OR'1'1f:Ns1c S'1'A'1"1'ON, R1111:A SU'1"1'1-311, LUCILIQ Nos-- HOr1'1'11, RU'1'11 HOY11, VIIQCZINIA BROWN, E1J1'r11 FARNICY, LORICNA ,K1-:NOw1f:R, PAU1,1N I4ICAllI!I'I'I"l'ICR, ZOLA AfIAlllJOX', LIOAN NIICANS, DORO'1'11Y SU'1"1'1'2R, G1cR'1'RU111f: l I1-:'11z1c1., H11:ULA11 PEN N Y, A1,1:1-:RTA " I of f H H ,HL ,,,,,,, R, W , KANSAS CLUB OKLAHOMA CLUB V lg, , .R 1 QQ 1AaL--e.A,g,A.2o L... ,::.':g,,1:, -J 1-.." ' ""f?'f -,Hy '1'- L,-,..,ML. , 4, , ,, 'f gl '-3.4511 1 wx PS! ' 1 I'IYI'ATIA CLUB FRENCH CLUB v,'- I QQ: ,.-,-ALM Q,1j '.5? 5 Q::,g,., I ,.,, . ,.,, ,..,...Q.. ..Q.,,.lff,Qn .f,.QL'Q'...'l ,,., ,Z ,W , ,, .' Y. A , , V. Y .nf .- ,. , .,. CENTRAL RTISSOURI CLUB NUIITII EAST MISSOURI CLUB I9 .. "9 20 Elii -gg-Ly , NOIl'1'TI WEST MISSOURI CLUB SOUTH EAST Mlssoum CLUB IQJ , f'-'3:," L' U C1111 oowggnmfaocw 1 Mzoffqjbefwofvogq U' gg ,:L,,A ----,-,,-4:-,-T-2-:-.... - SOUTH WEST MISSOUIII CLUB iff 1 9 F' 'Ifi+haghf?,2O 4-9" lf' ' L: Q. . - YA Y- H- ,,A- ','i91-Erfii, :' 1-'ja' W ' QVK-afmf,aHfw',nH.,,if,im WH 1 ll H. M,"HX"ff5.m'Xf7f1fCN5j S 5 -'---' 'V ---- - f--- ------W f-if-.--v-:rw , . ,?,,,,M wmv VM! hyd W Y Vmwnm- Wm Y A PUPULARITY IIIINIEET l 'fm f NRM mu t HM 'yn ,,r' f '-mx 'Aff' , . M I' . 8 N H - M U . ' L E ' ! I I HIM 7 , H ji I My 1 A BA ' X W . L , V - -.f S 1 M" -LQ miwl if? AX 53199944 MISS DOROTHY MEANS I 9 A-2 O ffl Ili. Cxufm4r,yfy,fY9o Q5 Gyewffw Qf,af'ff'1fff1'ZLII I gg..- ' 5131- i""':.... "':5:r::-1:4 5- '::.....x- .tiL..p,.,f.. :L-E,Qg MISSES FLOY AND FLORA RHOADES- 8 '1 I ' Q-img 5, I9,,. Wg:,,,,2O , 1. 'w ' . . l'l ,,.,7 611.141-"CC5.i'15XfJOfC,X5 YI:-b'2fZ50Q!fb'ff1f1C J I-K-ll 1 xg -...,,.,,.-.,,-3-:ef'gg--'--.4'f'2+,:4.3:g:+-Q Y ,L-izilikiyfai .T ,,,.,, ,,-. -.1-g14?.:g,.,,:L.--.- ,. 1 V--I MISS Iis'l'I1lcR "Bon" HUMIQ if 1" 3' 'I I O , KH- W' QI ..-l"'....1c:f ffsqfff fg,fii:2ia1E."-' I l. p , VI! , U ff:-ij fjfy -Ufigmgxfjoggj 77-gJ'ffL Q!'1'Z7'i9'fU'1f3 ll.QJ fri Mlss LOUISE HOLLY Q, 1. .,'. H, .195 Q:sfAfL::w1?E v - 11,1 M, -Y ig 9 , -S14-Q21l:1, mg... :., '44r..g,,:. 1:. '13 I-'IL-':-'I Cxjt-yCm,,gfQfgQES FZ-JLff9'3Q7J"'lflC5 929 ' When the editor informed me that I had to write something for this B-4 blankety blank annual I was pretty mad and I said I don't Know anything to write for this old Stephensophia and right then I Began to think all about mean, things and when I thought about MEAN Things I thought of Dorothy Means-not that Dorothy is a mean thing But then her name just suggested don't you know and Dorothy Means Isn't a bit like her name but Dorothy Means what she says because She's our Student Council president and when I begin thinking about Presidents I think of those two little Rhodes twins I can't tell one From the other but one's the Senior president and the others the Vice-president so I don't s'pose it makes very much difference Talking-about twins wc have two other sets of twins here who are so Much alike that when I speak to them I always have to call one by two Names to be sure I have the right one, speaking of two names there are Two girls here who have two names one girls names are Bob and Esther And the other girls names are Peg and Margaret and I think Esther and Margaret must be their Sunday names for if you call them by those Names on week days then you'd better watch your step and mentioning Wfatch your step reminds me of the time when Mr. Scott our music Professor didn't watch his step and he fell into a big mud hole that We had dug for our new dormitory and music and mud mixed Oh talking About mixing Dr. Jones Dr. Clark Peg and Pat all got mixed up in the Mud during Spring vacation when they were on a hike to Fulton and had To spend their vacation at a farm house n'everything and that makes Me think of everything especially that darned editor who made me Write this so I'm afraid I'll say something dreadful if I don't stop Pretty soon so-that's all I thank you. if P 1 ,by-.j2fg"f32 O if ll Mwqffw Q55 ' ' '---'I HUNE EEUNUNIES 5 'R E MX J ff Q v by ' ' .- -fr.--, 5 l9J,.1 f W " f:fff,ffi,5 f' N 2 C1511 oo:-flccfuwfnoofos S fVF4'fff40iM"'ff'ff 'll' l ::"'- Y. -- ... v-. f - ---- - - -- ----1 IKZIPU r T is the "stand-by" of the cooks, the ally of Mother Holt, mainstay of the dining room and an ever present help in time of trouble. In usefulness, it' is second to the hairpin only. Never partial to season, weather or meal, it greets us in the fall, winter, spring, in sunshine and rain, at breakfast, luncheon and dinner. It comes in various forms, sometimes disguised by coloring matter, sometimes in sauces, sometimes in gooseberries, for sweeteningg and has even been used in coffee,-but always the same old "Zip." It has been known to serve as glue in pasting an envelope Hap, or in folding up a teacher's napkin carefully for her, or in pasting together certain offensive pages of a College Algebra book. It is a good substitute for fly paper and can be used instead of bandeline to keep stray hairs in place. It is also useful to certain men of fashion with which to wax their mustaches, and is very convenient when somewhat aged, as it usually is, for spiking punch, in this day of prohibition. It is, moreover, a convenient subject for poems, orations, essays and for the use of poor writers struggling to fill up space. ' I ' VVith all these capacities "Zip" becomes an essential and itgis a shame that so valuable an article should be.consumed in and on otherwise perfectly good and wholesome food. VV e, the inmates of Stephfgis College, ttherefore spl desire to do our patriotic duty and release the supply estme to e consume by us to and for the general good of the public. W f ' l ' b t l t d ithout a little "Zi J " e get the best o everyt img u e us o w 1. lfj I9 ','34fZi'f?Q120 . ., . ,,flN,.."Y Cl. , .X - ,.. -. ,I K f ??lA5'V3gflffffff!fLi::fL:fY13f Lf' V z IQ V ',.,'g,,k I 20 5:1-Jooo em txsocw S YQ V2 fflbefhwl-..'l1 o -H if OME, ye who would the needle wteld Or doughnuts fry or biscuits bake lfVe'll teach yon all such things and more If you will of our course partake Our Home Ee. course is good for all, Although some girls may wish to teach, .loin with the others who desire A happy home to make, and each Then specialises to learn well That work, of which we now shall tell. They learn to cook without a scorch, To boil, to fry, to cream, to bake, 'Til with delicious home-cooked foods They feed us, or their fortunes make. To sew 'is too a useful art, It saves the thinning pocket rolls Iflfhen crafty fingers cut and shape A woman's fancy folderols. A charming hat is fair to see, It need not be e.rpensi'z1e, If it is made in mlllinery class With styles and shapes extelzsizfe. So if you wish to cook a meal, To make a dress, or trim a hat, The Home Ee. course will you prepare And make you and your wallet fat. , , , '- J 1 9,1 'gkkwlgz o .- X'N ,, 'n ' -Z - ' sf: V c rw . , lil ,, Y ',17W'!fx1'3'x-f?fJfQXXD rfflwffafffcmb :2..+ff":121-f"' 1'-:1.f.4'-'ff''T-'if-fPf' 7211155 ff 1 g,,sJ:2?'1:'-1?i - .if H1-use W K f 11,15 xx 1 Q! 'L .2 o gi, lIlCf.1TflO:uuocgQf1fX3OG6 S f'f9Qff4f"f7P4""f1"2 V!-J' 9 - -E ..N , ,- -- - DEDICA TION O you who by your thoughtless acts and never ceasing indiscretions have made this section possible-and to you who by your angelic de- meanor in public and dignilied actions at other ti1nes?? have com- pelled us to compile this section we here, now and forever dedicate, consecrate these pages of humorous and pathetic pestilence. You have to A be popular to get hit so please don't lose your temper or permit your usual sweet disposition to be ruffled. To you others whom this does not concern we hope you'll like this section. If not-well, we have troubles enough of our own. THE TRUTH, IFHE WHOLE TRUTH AND NOTHING BUT THIC TRUTH. The Stephensophia, having desired for so many years, to settle once for all, those questions that have been agitating the mind of thoughtful students, now make a feeble but persistent effort to fully satiate those seething crowds who set up a maddening cry for the Truth, in answer to the following queries: I For what purpose did you come to Stephens? "To get away from my suitorsf'-Alice Peck. "Because the penitentiaries in Kansas were full."--Marjorie Stewart. "To escape my soda fountain debts."-Brownie. "Because l was tired of being a "lewelf "--Alice Creek. "Ask Dad."-Ruth Ohmer. "Because a man asked me to."--Arisa Boulton. "Because the folks wouldn't let me stay at home."-Frances Klepper. II VVhat has been your most thrilling experience at Stephens? "Attending a council meeting."-KZ. "Papering the hall."-Fannie Ellis Coeke. "The time I almost went to a Frat House."-Marjorie Uhley. "VVhen the Chief of Police called me."--Bob Hume. III What has been your most unpleasant experience at Stephens? "Being librariedf'-Alice Creek. "Sleeping with egg shells."--Frances Klepper. IV How have you spent your time since you arrived at Stephens? "Bluffing."-Bob Hume. "Cutting Classes."-Maude Lincoln. A ' "Kidding them along."-Rowena McKenzie. "Sleeping,"-Lena Tomlinson. . ' "Walking Broadway."-Edna Mileham, Helen Crispin. "Attending classes for one another."-Rhoades Twins. fwif f,'!'! ' iggagwazo t'n:':1 cmoooctxwwaoee S fW4"ffDeW4W""f 'SJ' I is " -WH ' - 'I - 'bmi Alice Peek: "Isn't it silly the way Reo Eliott smiles at Versal Ellison in church P" Frances Klepper: "Not any sillier than the way W'illie Blue smiles at Alice Peck." Alice: "XVhy, that didn't seem silly to me." U Miss Scharfensiein: "XVhat are needles used for? Ea'-na Mileharn: "To play the Victrolaf' Miss Drinkwaler: "NV hat departed statesman can be said not to have gone to dust ?" Rhoades twin: "Henry Clay." . ' Miss Dudley: "How do we know that Shakespeare was a broker ?" Ruth Robinson: "Because he furnished many stock-quotations." Miss Drlnkwaler: 'BWV hat does Xvashington D. C. stand for P" Minnie Lobangh: "W'ashington, Daddy of his Country." Miss Dudley: "yVhat two chemical changes did Lot's wife undergo ?" Elisabeth Franklin: "First she turned to rubber, then to salt." Vera: "Now Blanche, before you marry that boy, he must see me." Blanche: "Oh, that's alright. He has seen you several times, and he still wants to marry me." Flay Miles: "He said I was a pearl." Ejie: "I guess he wanted to string you." Mrs. Chapnzan: "I see I will have to keep an eye on this room." Brownie: "That's good. Mother Holt kept an "F" on it all last year." N Miss Lindsey: "VVhat is a skeleton? Georgia Cox: "It is a man with his insides out, and his outsides off" Miss Carry: "Name two things containing starch." Hallie Siinpsoiiz "Collars and cuffs." Miss Dudley: "The sun never sets on the stars and stripes. Frances Johnson, explain that statement." Franeess "They always take the flag' down before the sun sets." Mrs. Callaway: "Sedentary work tends to lessen the endurance." Frances Klefifer: "In other words, the more one sits the less one can stand." i i ' ' Mrs. Callaway: "Exactly, and if one hes a great deal, one's standing IS lost completely." Miss Drinkwater: 'WVhat can you tell me of the Ethiopian race P" Sarah Allen: "I didn't see it, I went to the foot-ball game." , .1 ., . I 93 .yEg.:?wf7,E2 O fjljjj1'0oon4gQQey3oegx5 6 FK-Z0fZ30?9OOOOl-gjlj - Most Popular .. Tallest ..... Smallest .. Thimzest .... Fattest ..... Best Athlete Most Polite Best Dancer Prettiest .... Most Solemn Most Studious Most Loyal ....... Neatest ........... Biggest Man Fitsser Biggest Mah Hater Wittiest .......... Best Natured ..... GIRLS ....n ..- ...- ...- ... ... ..- ...- ....- ...n v... Biggest Hit at the "U".. Most Manly ...... Most Aceomodating .-..- ..... Biggest Pest ........... Most Popular Faculty . .. DOROTHY BIEANS THELMA 'REDMAN ALICE BOWMAN HELEN BARTLESON LILLIAN PATTON Bon HUME OLIVE CLAIRE MICGENITY GEORGE ? ? ? AGNES VVOOD NELL SIDWELL LENORE LONG EVERYBODY RUTH OIIMER MARCELLA TRUEx??? GLADYS IqAZEE??? LAVERNE LENOx BROWN ELLA JONES EDITH BROWN RUTH BERRY FRANCES KLEPPER MAUDE LINCOLN MISS KYD THE DECALOGUE OF THE SENIOR CLASS I. Thou shalt not study much as the faculty will expect more II. Thou shalt discard all gum except Spearmint III. Thou shalt not grumble and groan at assignments, but smile and get them if you want to. IV. Thou shalt put no other books before thee except novels. V. Thou shalt love thy teachers as they love thee. M forever making zeros, Little zeros in a row, They multiply, and I simply sigh, Vlfltett' all my daily toil goes- Lttek is always hidden Everywhere I go, But, I'm forever making zeros, Little :eros in a row. l .il 4 I9 f,t. l?PlvZkl'Q .20 . fs, -da r.,,v Ut::1 oooocmnfysofce S Wwfffwffve'-'fwfr I I f ' v s ' Dorothy Dnnlaftz' "VVhen I sing I get tears in my eyes. Wliat can I do for it P" Verna Garnett: "Stuff cotton in your ears." Mrs. Callaway: "Later we shall take up this subject by de-tail.",,' Frances Adarns: "That's the way I used to take up mykltten. "VVhat milk has the l11OSt'VZ1lL1C?,, U Miss Journey: "Buttermilk, fresh from the cow. Miss Pemberton: 'Girls I want you to my proofs. Whichonenwould you like best for the annual--the one on the light or dark background? Marjorie U.: "They aren't the same face are they P" H Frances: "Did you have a good ti1neP Alice: "Yes, but Benjamin had his arm broken." U Miss Drink'water: "I-low many kings are there? Helen Scrntchjieldz "Five" I Helen: "King of hearts, king of spades, king of diamonds, king of clubs and King George." H Frances Martin: f'Now, what do you think of my execution? .Mr. Scott: "I'm heartily in favor of it." Miss Pemberton: "Girls, remember when you have a date give me the slip." Glad Frasier: "Oh, Miss Pemberton, you don't know how hard you are to get away from." Manrine Birney: "Oh, I just bought me the classiest looking suit today." Bertie Lee: "Now get you a heavy veil and you will be good looking." Ester Lee: "XVhy do you use that stufl' on your hands P" Ada D.: "To keep the chaps away." Miles Hale: "Dorothy, do you like out-door sports P" Dorothy Means: "Yes, I just love them." Miles Hale: "I am one." Mrs. C haf-ntan: "VV hy on dearth dont you sweep under your bed P" Brownie: "I do every day. It is so much easier than to take it up in a pan." Lillian Cstuclying the constitutionj : "VVhen a man marries, does he lose any of his rights under the constitution P" ' Vera: "Yes, indeed, the pursuit of happiness." Miss fones: "VVhat sentence is most used by college students? Isetta Cole: "I clon't know." Miss Jones: "Correct DJ U 5.2.0 . I9 1... htm-dv .20 . .lf F-,G -fl' A A T43 I ..g:fs?+: .f. 5 L ' . 571AOAQf?fW,f2Jf1f5f0'Off1,pQ, , . 1 I I x F7 . gjg-"1 Qufwcr,Y3'2KX3oG6 S ?'9."6f5'3Q79 "O GO LIQQJI I l- ,::"...-. ui- - " """"' A' ' WHAT 1 MOST DESIRE g MORE date nights-Gr.ADx's SCHOTT ,To have a home of my 0'ZUll1CLARA DWORAK To get lvaek 1l0'l1l0-JANE Joram To sleep in the 'Wl0t'1Zl7lg-HBROWNIEH To fall in love-LENA VIQNCILL To get a Ph. D. in l1lSf07'jl-DIXlT'1 MCRICYNOLDS A moment of rest-Miss KVD A keen "frat" pin-TooTs OLIVER To be with Florence-MARY GERALDINE HE Hi Beta Steppo is a large family of pills, To be one you must do what the Hi Pill wills, And fill the requirements of the Hi Beta Bill, Indeed these two duties you'll find hard to jill. lflfhen you wear your hair in plaits to dinner, You feel sure you"ll be a winner, Then that following week, day by day, You rush the "Old Pills" in any and every way. You wait on them thru hot and cold, Doing whatever you are told, H But even then you don't need pity, Not until you receive the following ditty: "You've proved yourself worthy, You are a pill. A Hi Beta Steppo, You are if you will." Now you have the symapthy of one and all, one of those who But show them you won't be Take the pills given you on every side, . U fall. Until eve-ryone is happy and satisfied. Do your best to pull a real good bone, One of the genuine high class tone. You may have to crawl on your knees and toes, Inst what you suffer no one knows. But--if you are made of the right stuff, You will mount to the HitBeta Bluff. Then you are a Pill, that ean't be killed, A real "Pill."' Now, aren't you thrilled? I9 'iii iii' 20 1 F- .'TQi?.?W,f , l , xi 0 61911619003 if c 0 M ,AA.. , . .V - 'f ' M' O . :INA fieag-,, age A, M---" F560 0 f ' 1 F E3 'I . mliloooocwceworcw S 4'Wf'ff2rWPe"0ft0CllIW - -5 -A ' id "GRADES" -- THERE are grades that intake us lzappy, There are grades that uiake us blue, There are grades that steal away the teardrops, As sunbeauis steal away the dew. There are grades that have a tender meaning, There are grades that fall below F, But the grades that fill my life with sunshine, Are the grades that brought Phi Theta to uze. WOULDN'T IT BE JOY IF- T HERE were no finals? All the council were eauipused? All the teachers libraried? There were uno history or science? Mother Holt dfidn't stay on guard in the kitchen? Seniors weren'l' so wise? All exam ret-urns read "you've passed?" NOW I lay 'fue down to rest, Before I take my six weeks' test, If I should die before I wake, I'll have no sis' weeks' test to take. Dorothy Means fat council meetingj: "Maude, have you ever been up before me ?" - Maude Lincolns "I don't know. Wlhat time do you get up?" Wiliiia Russell: "You may wear my watch. I never wear it." Rillauiaez "Why don't you?" lflfiluia: "A tick on me makes me nervous." Shirley Gutridge: "Do you think there is the least hope that I will pass this course ?" Miss Clark: "Yes, the least I ever had for anyonef' Alice Creek: "My, but I had an awful fright last night." Vesper Gaines: "Yes, I saw him." .Miss Clark: 'Wklhat is a vacuum ?" Clara Bell Caine: ' "I have it in my head but I can't tell it." Miss Brown Qdisgusted with English classj: "Oh, I wouldn't do this if the Lord had only made me a man." ,Mary Geraldine fsympatheticallyj: "Perhaps he did but you just haven't found him." Miss Parkin fsitting behind Miss Kyd at Phi Mu Alphaj: "Miss Kyd's collar is beautiful." , Miss Stockton Cwho had been dreamingj: 'Whlhat kid's collar?" 9 . , .-. .ji ii, . I 9 ,L ,L,mfwQK.2 O 535:13 Qruf-f,4fx3saXfyQe.gQ S eyafftffwefano-'xo Ljlfl ill A 'gil Opal: "Ol Rowena, I saw Jerry up town today." Rowena: 'fVVhere? Tell me about it." Opal: "O, my dear, in Penn's. He was standing by the door and I passed right by him." Rowena: "Ol weren't you thrilled ?" Mrs. Beanelzanzfv Cto clerk at hotel at Parsonsj: "Have you a room? Clerk: "No rooms left but one with a bath, madamf' H Rowe Mohler: "Peg, how can you tell carbon monoxide from carbon dioxide. . Q I Peg: "just take a good whiff of carbon dioxide and if it kills you, lt 15 carbon monoxide." PM b Marcella: "I don't want a big picture." Mr. Parsons: "XVell, then you must shut your mouth." PM Mrs. Wood Cto parlor car porterj: "Is this the train to St. Louis. Porter: "Yes, but you want the next car towards the front." Miss Clarks "Now, you may name some of the lower animals begin- ning with Miss Cravensf' Miss Flint: "Now, if you don't lose this India ink it will last you a life time." Virginia Boyd: 'WVell, that's as long as I'll need it." Anclolyn: "XVhat does that figure 3 mean over those notes P" Anne Garner: "lt is a triplet." Anrolyn: "If it was a 2 would it. be twins ?" Proctor Cto Miriam who had been running frantically up and down the hall for two nights in succession. On the third night she began to skipj : "XVhat does all this mean Miriam: "Dr, Thornton gave me some medicine with directions to take just before bed-time two nights running and skipping the third night." PH Miss Dudley: "XVhy do you think Shakespeare the greatest man of his time ?" Blanche Porter: "I wasn't living then, and -" Miss Dudley: "XVell, since you aren't a man probably he would have been anyway." Alice Cdressing for her Sunday afternoon datej: "Have you anything I can put on 1ny face? It is chappedf' g Manrine: "Yes, I have some melonne, but it will make your face sticky." Alice: "XVell, he w0n't mind that." ' He: "Did you ever think about getting married?" She: "No." He: "XNlell, I must be going. It is 'nearly two o'clock." She: "XVait a minute. You've set me to thinkmg.', P77 Dora Cies: "Do you ever take your ring off.. Anrolyn: "Not very often. just when I wash." I9-SQ, ,j1'7zi"fv-.20 V - Q' ,,f".. --Fa ,W -H'--VW Q --F --- -34.::.:. rv C1 C211 oolmrcsaffmfme ce S evaneca 0 veafif:-f1oL4,1i I --H ' ' - -, 1 GOOBER CULTURE A research on the subject of nuts, especially those on Peanut Ally, as com- piled under the direction of Chief Goober Culturist Peg Fullerton: Assistant Goober Culturist, Grace Pemberton, Financial Specialist, Louise Marrow, and Secretarial Scientists, Ole Pal .lo Simmons and Bernie Dillard. Varieties of Goebers: Jones Paulina, Hilsabeck Vola, Dillardo Bernie, Biggs Eunice, Allen Alice, Morrow Lou, Redfrow la Edith, Simmons da lo Pal: VVamplam Aurinea, Steward Dee Aida, Blankcnshipa Leester: Moore de petite Mary, Martinna Daizeye: Fullerton Pegadocia -lonesanella and Pemburton de Gop. Economic Value of Species: Makes life in the dorm what life "ourghta" be. Adjusnuent to Surroizmdiingsz Positively remarkable-can evade any rules. Specially detailed proctors or other impeclimenta, how soever imposed. Laws and Limits of G1'0w!'h: Even though you know .it may startle the world, if it's clever and original and shows good sportsmanship and you are willing to put it across to the limit-well then "Gang up Goobers" and show what the peanuts can do. Stages in Developmeizt: Throughout the 1919-20 period of growth general feeling of fun and friendliness punctuated with Vtfatermelon feeds, Museums, Xmas Sprees, VV ashington Reception, Dramas like "The Enchanted Chink" and feeds-gracious don't count how many of them. Rivals: Long since existently defunct. References Censulted for this Research: Peanuts Memory Book, Peanut Prayer Book, and a prolonged study through observation, investigation and par- ticipation. f , ui' ' .' x og f' Q I Qsfiggeeiz-F2 O S PM-DU6fJOQ,g:,f,r,rmQflTJx! nflqom Dil'-i7OO,O"KY I fir ': 1 f2 4fs1fiaw2O ' 'OES U r::::u ooooccxsqcxsocxo S FAJQS? ?QQ""OO.,,':,1 IF'S F the Creek were Long would Helen Cruse? If the sun should shine would Flop Brown? If dye were not invented would Carolyn Gray? Would Mary Conley Hnnt if she knew there was a Ruth Berry? If Vesper Gaines will Olga Howell? If Moss is green will Anne Garner? If it should ra-in would Elisabeth Rust? I WONDER S Dorothy Mean? Is Opal Proctor? Does Frances Love-lace? Have you ever seen a Sue Rosen-berry? Does Wilnia Russell? Does Geneva Drinkwater? Why are Margery and Grace Brown? Why is Blanche Porter? Is Johnnie Fleet? Is Helen Crisp-in? Carter: "VVhat shape is a kiss ?" Lillian: "I don't know." Carter: "Well, give me one, and we'll call it square." Iflfatson Gale: "Haven't you a magnet about you?" Ris Boulton: "No, indeed. VVhy?" Watson: "You sure do attract me." Ola V.: "That new tune just haunts nie." Mr. Scott: "No wonder after the way you have murdered it." H Wave Hepler: "VVhen is a plant like a hog? Miss C lark: "I don't see the connection." Wave: "VVhen it begins to root." Miss Drinkwaler: "VVhich are the oldest states in the union P" Sue Antoine: "The southern states because they are so old they are for cotton." Miss Clark: VVhat is it that is queer about flowers ?" Margaret Kirkpatrick: "They shoot before they have pistilsf' Stella Osgood: "Don't those boys sound like cannons in here 2" Fannie Ellis: "If that's so it is funny so many girls like to have cannon balls in their ears." Miss Curry: "'What is the best thing to put in your pies ?" Gladys Thompson: "Your teeth." Miss Dudley: "NVhy did the whale throw up Jonah ?l' Viola Engowg "Because Jonah wasn't ready to digest Qdie justb yew, Rowena: "Say, Florence, .this .colTee is nothing but mudf' Florence Ludenzian: "Sure, it was ground this morning." gf- fix ax Ji . , ilgl- 9.44. , i f-1',fe-----it i"lli'IOJo ax? C60 5 PA-Jfifxwifa rflfnl ,JH A RAVING. By a "Poe-ette." N a day in Iune"' so cheery Whilst I worried sad and weary Over many a rhyming coublet that I had forgot before. Suddenly an inspiration seized Me and I cried "Tarnation5" I'm no poet to be writing verses, Verses by the score. 'Tis a cruelty," I muttered, "That the Teacher ewer uttered lflfords demanding such a labor From a mind? with study sore. 'Tis a cruelty," I repeated, "And if e"er It is completed, I shall say in accents heated that I'll write one-newer more." Then with many a cardboard caper From my hands the precious paper PVhere I had in my despair inscribed My verses by the score, Rose in airy august anger, and with Slow majestic languor Floated-floated from my table to the Basket on the floor. Uncomplaining there it rested, in That yawing eager basket by - My desk upon the floor. Ne'er a word said I in wonder, frightened And then furious wonder, As my zferses lay unheeded, lay unheeded Y On the floor. 'Tis some mad, mad dream I groaned the-n,7 But I scarce had spoke a word what Softly, like the groan of doomed men, cam If JJ ' A gasp- Ah--nevermore! Quickly from my chair npstarting, Toward the precious paper darting, I, in tones of utmost sorrow begged That paper on the floor, Saying-"Oh come back I pray thee, I can write no more to save me, .Give them back, Oh august Basket, Give them back, Oh, I imploref' But the Basket, newer turning, fixed , Me with an eye so burning That I felt a great great yearning to Go sinking through the floor. Then again that groan came moaning, "You may just as well cease boning, You can newer write a poem, I , N ever, no, ah nevermore! ' f C tif' I 9-gQ16jJ3?aMgQ,2O N C H., UC-jj Ogygmgxfjqgygorgg S ?vf,af1ffwQy,9f.f.ac1rlijfq - at nb - -f ff - has And the paper, newer smiling, my Poetic thoughts beguiling Still is lying in its anger in that Basket on the floor. And its silence there this morning Like an amen is a warning 'Gainst attempt-ing etfer after my Poor poetry to pour Anywhere but in that august ' ' Basket sitting on the floor. And the paper from that basket Where it floated on the floor Shall be llff0d-IVl?'Z"0l'111i07'0I JENNY CRAVIQNS. XPoel'ic license in all cases. CAN U IMAGINE MAURINE Birney not talking? Rowena McKenzie a Phi Theta Kappa? Blanche Moss' room cleaned np? "Abe" Lincoln not happy? Ada Dee without Esther Lee? "Brownie" old and dignified? Mr. Wood in Columbia three days? Lena Tomlinson without her smile? Effie Kavanaugh not friendly? Arisa Boulton without her Kline?" Alice Peck blujf-ing the teachers? AS OTHERS SEE THEM 0 F all the students in the school It takes the Seniors to act the fool, I ' If we see them in the lower hall lVe think they have no sense at all, When we go up on the second floor W'e see them act the fool some more,' In classes they get up and yell And holler 'round quite a spell, And one time in Basketball, A They didn't go over the top at all. Miss Jones lon general knowledge quizzj : "If a farmer can raise 250 bushels of corn in dry weather, what can he raise in wet weather?" Margaret Hays: "An umbrella." Mrs. Beauchamp: "It is wonderful hut I had a deaf uncle who was ar- rested and the judge gave him his hearing." Mrs. Chapman: "That's nothing. I once had a blind aunt who walked into a lumber yard and saw dust." ffif"f" , l QQ, f Q-afbzif-tv 20 'LL .w,,. Y- . ' f-LJ:-if-:BTN f-1511 QLJCvo '5oCfoC 5 Fmanexaffeviaofmcs FLIJVI - 5 , E, " 1 Mr. Scott: "I shall never marry until I meet a woman who is my direct opposite." 1 Mr. Mnrry: "VVell, there are a number of bright intelligent girls around iere. ' Two girls went into Harris' and said to the waiter, "We want Turkey with Greece." Waiter: "Sorry, but we can't Serviaf' The boss hearing the order said to them: "I don't want to Russia, but you can't Rumaniaf' So the girls went away Hungary. Miss fones ton general knowledge quizj: "How many balls of twine would it take to reach to the sun P" Bernice Nichols: "One if it were long enough." Myrtle: "Wliy are teeth like verbs ?" Georgia: "I don't know." Myrtle: "Because they are regular, irregular and defective." Anne: "Don't you think I could ever do anything' with my voice ?" Miss Woodbridge: "VVell, it might come in handy 111 case of fire." Frank: "On what grounds does Miss Pemberton object to me calling?" Mary Geraldine: "On any belonging to the college." Opal Proctor: "Don't you think my voice ought to be cultivated ?" Bernice Elrnore: "No, I think it ought to be harvested." La Rne: uhvllili are the sweetest fruits together ?" Leota: "Dates with peaches." A PROCTORKS' NIGHT! SHE turned and tossed npon her bed, Repose she co-nld not find, For all night long such things as these, Kept rnshing through her inind. "Lights ont," "More quiet please," "Sh-h-h-h," "Second warning," "Girls all this racket nznst cease," "Call down." "Stay in bed until morning." "Who put that glne npon the light string, And cracker crninbs in my bed? Why did they pint that water on the step? Oh! bnt that cup from the transom hurt my head." And in the inidst of all of these, Miriam gave one big flonnce, Down to the floor went Miriam, ont of her bed, But she got up in a single bounce! F 'f P- 'N I Q 3353551455422 O . ClC1.T1Ooc1ogQ0KA50CQXt5 5 - PK-3067906190000 lv' l l l " " '-W" - IT'S A MYSTERY TO ME VVhy Miss Drinkwater doesn't turn her history classes over to Marcella? Why the college doesn't furnish couches for the tired girls so fthey can sleep more comfortably in Vespers? Why the "Postman" hasn.'t been caught, since he is the most popular man in college? VVhy Mabel Joyce doesn't have a maid to carry her books, pencils, etc.? W'hy Miss Lindsey never gives anything but little pills, and that famous tar solution? How regular seats affect the digestion? What Stephens would do without George? WVhom the council girls will watch when they go home? VVhy Miss Pemberton doesn't turn to a date tree? WVhere Stella Osgood got her smile? VVhere Fannie Ellis lost her "r's"? What Aurolyn would be like if she hadn't lost something? Who will keep the "Old Curiosity Shop" after Peg leaves? How Wlart Brown ever gets to ten o'clock French class? THE CHEMISTRY VAMP! FOOL there was-and chemistry she took, Even as you and I. All the pleasures and joys of life forsook, Even as you and I. In the Lab. sought her regular nook, , And busted herself with her 0.1'f767"l71lC1ll book. Even as you and I. A fool there was and she got a flunk, A Even as you and I When she 'worked hard her grades they sunk, U ntil Miss Clark knew her 'work was punk, When she studied tarts and other junk, Even as you and I. The fool was kicked from her ,custonted place, Even as you and I. She foaled out -in the Phi Theta race, Because she couldn't quite keep the pace, In fact, she was a helpless case, Even as you and I. tBeg your pardon, Rudyard.j if -ff? 'Y U I 9 fi 'J-Zim-del 2 O 4 'VL' 'LL EI, MS , 1 1 ,'- 11.31. 2 Ui-.l.-'T OOootgQ0KX50f S ?7'g"fZ5" Q79 "OGG lzwllvl -E me 1:3 - :Ei EVERYBODYUS FRIEND SEE you right now before nie, Yon think yon're qnite elite, Just because yon go to many a tea, And more often pace the street. Y on have many sisters here, And yon are all mach the sanie, One rnust be 'very near, To decide your right and proper nanie. At times yon appear in last year's snit, Then at others in the latest style, of spring and fall, But in both you're quite cnte, And to rnany a girl youfre the best friend of all. Yon wonder all about this niysterious friend? You think it is only a jest? But this is a true friend, that we often lend And this friend is, a "White Lace Vest." THREE WORDS HERE are three words, the sweetest words, On pages poets preach. More sweet than are all songs of birds, In all of hunian speech- This life may be a vale of tears, A sad and dreary thing, Three words-and trouble disappears And birds begin to sing. Three words will dissipate the gloom And water will turn to wine. Three words will cheer the saddest days- "I lozfe yonu? Wrong by heck! It is another phrase: "Inelosed find check." it "1 . I9 g X 120 I , 4 w i 1 l UCI OOOc?'fi05 0 S F!-J"fZ5nQ7.f9r1r,fX'D I':.1QI'j '- F E i h.Q."l'vw Mem 'IVm3K'i'lndda.v.1w4 . ' ' A ' ' 1 V I 1 , C I mme I A N PX- Q wr -rf Ll OL-fl 3 PQ1' weckgs. i I i 5 'Sw-wsplc, I -.. M, l ' qiguyt Bdyug,-rf Puqqgw " LQQQ Glo. 3 helqlmh. , ""'A." ' , "'-XaLL0wQx.v3Bz1-QQ-rs' U Qu-i,Ou.1jMn'l-i'g:',A 5 L 0' 4 4 - 3 :, . .. ..,... ..., ..., .. 4 ,N 4- , ,Wm-H, W F- 'rx fl kfff 'I I 915' 24wf.uf2 O E'1lI"...'lO0fm4gQwKxS0fC6 S '?'f9"ff7'1fVF9'1f"fUTllJVI in 1 , l 1 lv' - -1 awrwzfgg ' I ' Q4 Q 'F z"' l 3 X Q, I 1 I ' lv,-:xx Qi:""' , ff.-'wff f . gk X A .A .-1 5 'K+ .V 5, ra., ,1 ' 4- .. . -. , ,I 1, If N an I 9 A 3,2 O fjC, "l QC700CQQ0KX90ffN S FAJUGVDOQAMOOO I""1fj n - -f--- ..-M ,, ,.- - Q, ' ' 'Q V bs...-.7 -X E' 'L 'ff - 5-. i , 2 V V sg 5 r.. Lg V t 7 FQ H " I K ' ! U . ,..,H.L,-..-v . . ,,.,Q.L. ,.. ' Q h M ,va v,,. 1 . i, , vl . , " 3 M ki .4 P r ' 1 xl I -:uw wi j ..,. 'pil' T333 K . ' 4, V ,- I. - 'Qi yfiivfjfw-20 l2 ?m 4 . ::i, .,, , ,ii l H v v . .wqL,,.1,,5k,MfXL5 3' -, ?'L,,,.gf,QL,v,HfLy C I 6,Tf'f7k H A 1 9 f - ,, .ar 31-f,-pl-ls.g':, "'T'L'5I1f'.! w.c0'lf2 O ' 'Q UlI'l1OO0"G-Xwffofw ' 9 V ' r 1 91 ff?f'+gf2 O U V'-Al Qgnfmggxnynaxgo QQ5 -U Fyfwfffn -1 67,9 'NIO I:-ff,lI 'I e... -- - , 1 ,..,.v.. .--.,..,.-, :ai 2 OUR LUCK ,N- kx 4 fx t 1 . 1 3 ,ra ,, g, 1 Q ' 10 A I U0 Al' ., P Guo! 17" , , , . +P 'X I A yt .0114 S. -it WIUDIIXXVV ' . 1 ' we . x ' 5,41 1 dl 'R X V0 -1' A1 X E Shrew BGUND Ar 1 A Y Y fl' 1 . hzx ,lvnxb U Dug ' . iff?-'N , H 'Q' " '-34, . 54I?"'EL'!7W'!Ei. ' -Q '55'i,-xfff1- , JL 1 Q ,-- . Wfgf-' 10 Q ' , I 9 f , .2-4jbgMv.,2 Jax, ga 'Q X 'Y .. TER , . 4, Q . I O I-1CjjjQnfmgg515f,xxf3orgQ5 5 PAav6ZaUQvQ9f-f1ffCD!NlJI'I 1. Od-u. ave. ? I :""""3 NJ' Q-xii" a"T, , 1 9.1861- i 0 v 1 1 :A dup ueefbao ' . ' , vkms. 1 1 1 4 1 .1 W 'fd 4 .. K v . Q, 1 . Ginza" 1 'Q ,fl qi! 3 1 5, 1 g,MQ 'k'QT' YHGLLQNF a s 'vw-'ls x' b 502' If 'r' 5 'f 1 9 QQ T,Q,g3i11'.hfg,,.2 O J ,J -. . I , 1 In"LLp f W 4 ,.,. I 912311073 fv Qvgpfmmc J IQAJI , ,g,:,.-- :gd all IIZJ Cjcnrwcqiif-Kk'3o X 5 -+L.-1-----3:+"':' fir-"7::l'!-' i '- H., -'Q ,- 5 5 565 535-15' ' f 'ff- fi:5i:1+sQ5F'ff A, . . r+ 1.e':-1s1g-ggf11..114 5:--422 Y Q.:-f1f?fif? fi- j 1 '-M-.Q f'?if 'iL ,Q Li" :fl F22-ff fi , f5,Ef0- - ,.f fi?-T.if?1i3Q1" 1 1135 IVNTWT1 ..-.I -Y, :Es W x a::r,:21 P , --:: Ed: are fl S5111 Nc' No W ga- 3Ufll?sa1v STUD1o T i 9 '21 wg - 1 '-E'I-'ORE' A L'aLuM131f7 17 71.779 ll!TfaM'g qv g , fl -1 Q- .:...' ... If Y I . 4 I 'fm qc.. ,M W. 5' , :Mi-. I' T K H'h'A"'-4A" ..zL'i,f 'ig "W"-if'fifiiiiiiigfs t'lIl'IOOo0tLQ0Ex'30fC6S Qnawezaoinaof Of .JVI 9: L E extend to the students and faculty of ' Stephens College the courtesies of this store devoted to supplying the needs of students With everything needed in a Col- lege Education, in every purchase presenting merchandise of the highest order of merit characteristic of the store. I Especial attention is directed to store accom- modations---Fountain room, free writing desks, parcels post station, mail service, free student directories and many other conveniences which nffke shopping here pleasant as Well as profit- a e. We have a complete line of Stephens College Jewelry. This is S. Cor. Uni- 1 an , , COLQMBIA, verslty Campus M I S S O U R I i 1 9, Z,-1?-i+eT,,.2 o UE- - -,W ,, H, ,A iiiiwfi "fu . rex, fwfwfdzxo S A-,-vu -0 A 4 'I Q 9 l ll 5 . X iijilfiy ,Q Q -4' For Shoes And Hosiery Have you teyted the f'1'72'un6ee" v " Tozlef urfzalef? 'P--' lfyou have we know you are de- , I h lighted. If you have not, you I ' , 'll 'ffl have missed some very rare goods, I "iff These exclusive productions are 1 extracts that embody the rare qual- " 'J ities that appeal to the most exact- , ing-Toilet Waters that invigor- i I . ate the complexion and imparta I1 will delicious suggestion of the fragr- ance 'of' Sachets and Talcums in which the elusive breath of'Easz'ern flowers is held captive in zephyr powders. 'I hey are the unusual in every form oft Toilet requisite. Only at The Drug Shop, W.. C. KNIGHT, PROP. rc , X 4 if J, X f A K-1-" '. . r 1 ,5F"f 196, Hu, 4. , 20 - .J . , ' . 1-W in -A,--T-7?-W Q ,,, 7 .. , V' -Pkg, J, L- 4 .4 - fl -j'jM,.af .rg kqfrrgfsfgxg S f flaviffohf ll, -li! E,--.z:Zm,J,L:,l2f3-- -L - -ADMYWYVW if., ,MM -W k?atL --, D, , .4jr9.l:tl. fofh - - .':jr3.l: .:A fog, Sencl if CEUEJW Sencl H ggusdm Dry Cleaning Department Cleeznzbzg, Presszhg 85 Dyezhg is a specialty Phone 116 Dorn-Cloney Laundry And Dry Cleaning Co. Quality-Serfvice 107-9 S. 8th St. Columbia, Mo. General Lazmelering Also Rugs, Quilts, Blankets, Curtains , .a,fra.'g:f-, .1 1-0 HI I . +0 HI 5 Sencl if SGUEJW 1 Sena' rf j ugdn' f f wx' ' -if lf I 3' O - I 'v' '- ,:f-, Twin, ffjvflfgn . f lf' ,nf P V ITII-QT.-ffl CDiJuoftX3f1f3f3OfCNS 6 mum ww A eyhao ff: G ina f-mm fgrjwil 1 ga.. his - ,.i:3.1:E.e:3, 2333-fri:-32.4 THE PALMS for The Good Eats and The Good Times "Mamie's Pies" The EVENING IVI I SSOU RIA N "The Housewives, Paper in a Great University Commun- ifyi' Chrfzzen Cook--I am indebt- ed to you for all the History I know. M zlvs. Drizzlrwnlcr - Pray don't mention such a trifle. jlllss. Clark-How do bees dispose of their honey? Lorme Hrrhmy-Tliey cell it. CHAS. W. FURTNEY Electrician Mazda Lamps Curling Irons Electric Irons Electric Grills I7 S. Ninth St. Phone 829 VANITY FAI R PHONE 356-Red Shoes Shined. Hats Cleaned and Blocked. Hats and Shoes Dyed. Gloves Cleaned. NINTH STREET :-: 23 :-: TRANSFER figs s ,f"i312-f..,t45,i.2o I 9, A . . . yr W ,, LE:?i7:':1jE-Aaiif E1 K..- CDLJIWCQOKKFFO 626 6 ?75J'f?Z,af1 ina 0000 lg ' 1 I, I -..-.:'::... ..-......-. ....,...... Z-.. - ... , "::.- ,..... 'E . I9-1, 6,.?f?gwfn,2o - , 'LgLgg.m3,fg, V -5, U ' ' Y C6 S ,. I A O -7,3.,.Ir'If'1 Ilgl I QI. IJIIIQQQKYJQ Y BOONE COUNTY NATIONAL BANK Established 1857 Resources - - - 2,350,000 Capital and Surplus - - 400,000 R. B. Price President Scottgs FOR GIFTS Book ART SHoP Shop JOE JANO USEK VIRGINIA BUILDING Books, Stationery and COLLEGE JEWELRY . PICTURES School Supplles FRAMES PENNANTS 1 PILLoW TOPS LEATHER SKINS 920 Broadway KODAK BooKS Exclusive uucl individual Milliuery Stafford Hat Shop 18 S. 9th St. PhorIe,716 ,T Jax. 5,12 . 19' 9"'?1+d- .20 x L"Q":'i Viv-V-QAM LZ Unqmi ,.,.y' , V1 I U11 ow-flosamoocw S PVPJOMHGVQQQJ Q --14l.-...-.v-. .-- -fri. - -. 'i "---- -V-Vg Y- A 1 ,ET l,,1ulnnnu MAA Y f ' lb-" 1 .ik TY I L I, ' , 551.3 . lt ' -..i,'.:, U 'GS-ffffu 5 . 5 .iggifii i 'mi 11 .1 'l -'fu' l l ujaiilf- 3-. u I illllll! I agilllllillllejliittt X '44 The Store Ahead" store that Specializes in Apparel and Furnishing for the Young College Woman. One that is dif- ferent featuring Merchandise not found in the common place Shop. Suits, Coats, Dresses and all merchandise with the style and Character that is different. The kind that is found only in the higher class Specialty Shops of the larger City. But, for less money. Owing to the much higher cost of "overhead" and all operating expenses offfze Cify Sfare, we are able to offer you the same character of Merchandise for less, making a positive saving to you on your purchases. john H Estes Your mail orders solicited. Postage Paid. I 6:EQ3E.:"'f'Fai.2 O Www, V, ,. F ,, . . 1-. xi-, Mi, ,, T I . ,... ,--, -- - ,- -Q4 ., --- --.4 -rig' gill ' .J w E 5, sl sit hi Q r K. xii, X W, ,Mx , -.4 5-1 A.l 5. Q fs vu: if aw gh: ITE tw Li 'Yi 4? N Q o Anmpeoxg 915 AJJYIVHU CINV 'EIDIAHEIS uuI QBQHOQ 1-J A NNI EIOEITIOD SJHIWIAIII SIIVEIX NEIL NVHL 'EIEIOW H01 NOI.Ll'1.I.l.LSNI CIR SFIEIVLLSEI NV iv! 0-1 Qfl.. oomggorxpqcxf-3 'S cnaocyaocfa r: IU r lQl?7il'5v-0 N DISTINCTIVE HATS c a x- Mrs. Metty's - Millinery Parlors ei r 2 1 X J Y" X X N r fo gx ri KN , Lfxff jx f Q Broadway and Hitt TAYLOR MUSIC CGMPANY Incorporated Home of the 7' T Piano Victrolas Brunswick Call or Write Columbia, Moberly, Macon Mo. 5 Jfnuix ak' IQ! 'IL-in-.f-ev ..2O f . ' I 'I-1 -4l-"'gl-13 ffllZ1flCJO00LLQ0KN'30KC56 S rg 5 , ?7FD 'I FZ! 0 G79 '-on CJ ' 9 rFRE,DENDAIi,IiS Department Store 716 Broadway 718 When replenishing 'your Wardrobe you will want to know Where to find the best. Your favorite make of garments and ac- cessories can be found here in our spacious Department Store, the home of nationally advertised goods of the highest grade. Gossard Corsets Treo Elastic Girdles De Bevoise Brassieres R. 81 G. Binner Corsets Centemeri Kid Gloves Jack Tar Togs Miss American Middy Suits Printzess Tailored Suits College Princess Dresses Philippine Underware Wayne Hosiery Beaton Hosiery Carters Knit Underwear Van Raalte Veils Maderia Linens Mallisons Dress Silks Follmer Clogg Umbrellas Minerva Yarns Pyralin Ivory Toilet Mitchell Silk Costumes Articles Rebertson Georgette Rugs, Pillows and Waists Draperies Phone 85 'fak ,-' ' Qt i IQL Q41-im. 20 . . Ld- -s 4.--. B. C,g,,,4N-41 P U r"j1 cgcnf-oqcxpnmgo Q6 S P191-Ffa 0 67:9 flffff0I11,ll'1 i:::. 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OFFICE COLUMBIA, MISSOURI X4-5 HADEN BLDG. grief- H- I9 f ".1-5-M-14 zo ' .-W' My Q' QFj,,f','l fJfJoegfwfxfJoC6 S F Gyeauffafiifomom fl FOR GIFTS S 'f1?fl'lF1I"--' AT T1-1E L lf: 'II YNONARGH ART SHOP I" BRAND li' I - Il: A . l ffgi ilil as 4 -Wa, , f, g!-5 If y-m y 2 .1 JOE JANOUSEK I' f 7vi.1Q3 -5l5fQ,I'f,,s,'JE:l VIRGINIA, BUILDING Xlst'-flfiflkgiflgfi,f ' 1:1 A ' ii! 5, pnLE COLLEGE JEWELRY EIU, MURDOCH 8JlglD- PICTURES DlsTRlBu1'0p,5, CHICPTGP' FRAM ES X PENNANTS I N OWELL'S PILLOW TOPS LEATHER SKINS KODAK BOOKS R, U Graduation Gifts and Looking for a home College Jewelry in l. Cglumbigg Special orders for Sorority Jewelry See I SMITH AND CATRON REALTY Co. zoo Exchange National Bank Building I-IENNINGER'S 8 I 3 Broadway fify-E' 'T I 9 W ' '.14mQ- .2 o i. -, -L.....-,T P ,pn Fw -432 52,361-f'lL5 F - f Y ,,, K, . Wlay dw!! fine Stephens GW!! lmjve tlyezbf Jlaare of the Good Tlamgy to eat? For Delicious, juicy hamburgers Splendid home-made pies Appetizing light lunches I Come to The Columbia Catering Co. Phone Opposite the Wabash Depot 11 it Eiriiiogpczwnaxfaocxfs S Muffwff I .11 I - V,, , , ..-,. .lWLDUf'ffK,X9f1Kxf?oC6 S Q'feJ'1Cff,bf1QA3on-'Ju1,-.VII I -.L -22--s W- .--, -5115 -- Q- - - ee, -..,x :-.1 l-leberlings' sell " Those better Shoesv 24 South Ninth Street For easy baking use Exchange H-P Flour For satisfaction use Red Ring Poultry Feeds Boone County Milling Co. Phone 9. National Bank Columbia, Mo. lllfzr. 1111117131-I-Iow many wifes is a man allowed ac- cording to the prayer book? Alum Rc!! l3alc.v--Sixteen fofujr better, fofubr worse, fofujr rich, foCuJr poor. Ofhfe Chzre-Sleep is one of life's greatest luxuries Bl'0'TUlll'L'11'NOI'llCZ1V6I'llS sake, don't say that or they'll tax it. Robinson Sc Boswell Dry Goods IOO7-IOO9 Broadway Gilmam SL Dorsey for Drugs and Toilet Articles Phone 49 9l 4 Broadway Our aim is to -'win and hold the conlqdence of cusfomers, Henry Holborn, Photographer Columbia 1 9 4, ',g: g,,2 o Q n - . . 411,545 f+iffff':eee..:f-g zxzszfff? ' l'lCXw'3-fDSC.XLD S " ' 5 1" I Mnxlco MUSIC cog MEXICO, MISSOURI When in need of classic music and studies send to Mexico Music Com- pany who always have a large stock and who makes a specialty of lur- nishing colleges and teachers. W. H. UPHAM, Manager School and College PRINTING From Annuals fo 7-Drograms i HERALD-STATESMAN PUB. CO. Columbia, Mo. 'V .- -p. A.,-U ,, I fi .', "' Q A- gy Q-yggnor1OflTJl-I J EWWQ-19 5 Q00 ML 'EE' flf12Eif 1 9 -,L,Zf.f12m+4?,,,,2 O Uggggqxxfggfgg S FAJUOTJ N17 f NXADKET Twentyfseventh Year 909 Broadway. f ' . If mtv' fx 33 . f 1 M972 Nh- .. IQ! ,,, .. ,020 Lf,-1: ft-5-21 "t-"- '-145.16 ?i ?i3?i??Z,i"?3 QE 0 95 mgwj QCD00lNj05Y30fN S -"gnu" -'- Edison Mazda Lamps Picture wire Picture Hooks Screw Hooks Screw eyes Thumb Tacks Scissors Pen Knives Flash Lights Canned Heat Chas. Matthews Hardware Co. Phone I 47 808 Broadway PECK DRUG CO. Where you get your newspaper DRUGS NEWS JEWELRY Complete line of all Powder, Rouges and Toilet Requisites. Smith's Millinery 1003 E. Broadway Leaders in Style and Quality Phone 963 BERRY WHOLESALE GROCERY CO. V Columoialv leading Wholesale Grocery and Poultry Company. lr ' I I -Wi,"-"fv4.2O Lfafw -in-,Y iiiifii i ..---gf ,yy fijzffu .. .:vll::-LL- 3 is v., .- v Gnaoffafrimofvfifwcia ll I i fo rtzworwwamnoos S W WW A ' g ff,-1QmWr'if1'41f1 F5 ,--- .. -.. --. -- 1:11, :fs 1 --.F -.,- -.... ..- ,. - . . ,. ,.:'::.'rg-a,T:- if-..-1 :Egg X J . :f f 41: N1Ts JE, R' ' Q M y THE PLACE T0 SI-IGP When you come to school in Columbia be glacl p to know that you can buy at our store Woltex ancl Bishop as Well as other high grade suits. li We specialize in party and afternoon frocks. Gold Stripe and Onyx hosiery and all other t accessories to lVlilacly's Wardrobe. WOLF F BERGER CO. Q.. -.Q .- f xt , I Qs ',4!g'f?1'v"fi1Q-2 O 'h' " "t ..,nl'f,!, -"'If1Q:.n-2.4.4-.-i-"fc4..'ef-.3f11ff2frisf' J Pfeofna 0 GA! "OU . - I , QQKXKJO V 'A VIC:-7 O , Q ' fir? I9!fLliffagN?3.2O -. . - . ' -i:L . f'lf""':IQUr,iofCX5eKXjoQS S 6f7fJvGfaO674aof:fvC1l "Wil SE'--' fr- - - ' "Q:-" 'm'f" --' DR. MINNIE FLOYD DR- E. H- SMITH Osteopath Dentist OFFICE EXCHANGE NAT'L. BANK BLDG. EXCHANGE NAT1.BANK BLDG Cdumbm,MQ - Satisfy yo ar appetite for something good by eating At the Pennant All kinds of candies Ice Cream and Drinks Phone 456 . P. D. Prather C. H. GEERY . Fine Stationery, Novelties Ninth Street Jeweler Toilet Articles Columbia, Mo. A Drugs I9 4 3-fm-631.20 6 n' 1 V- ntemmw V3 f'f'cfx5'vfXF7f1fF3xLDlS 'H Amina' if l 1 PARSONS SISTERS BEAUTY PARLOR 1005 Broadway Columbia , Mo. Gloves like Girls and kittens should be Stroked not Pulled. Van Raalte F54 Niagara Silk in the hem of your Glove insures the best 9 5 of' wear. w 'Warner Corsets Black Cat Hosiery Gotham Silk Stripe Hosiery if ,Q iilll-' ' S J RAALSSKTE Silk Gloves Munsing wear. Simfwfz - Neaie Dry Goody Co. 5 1 94, 0 5: 1:.-is- ' --nv-'f?5if:2'T,:g.1jm ' 'J' ' cCNlwfN'DoCX'5 S ffb -U MJ llgil I A ' 5 N . ,,.,.-,,,-:gg Colombia 75660176 "Always cz good show." . Q COLUMBIA Mo. o .. z TTT "2" E' 1' 'I' U: 0 Li H543 olo W4 Vi fgalgihel' o I I?-Ts: J f- if Q wwf -rm -ff - N 'L H065 6 e -uusu-A-BYE BABY UUNTYUU CRY' uso WEL E l9f 1w'a.m-.,2O 5,9 , --j' Aga. U11 OOOOKEEQKXEBOCG ' f fonifafvfffffiflflld 2 '- 2 - M- I PIARRIS' For Sundaes Sodas Salads Sandwiches Pastry Candies Nuts H A R RI S ' Sixteen South Ninth Street ."Say if with Flo'ZDers" From COLUMBIA FLORAL COMPANY Seventh and Broadway I5 11, fs, .E 7' I 5? 1- my gf"fw'? O UIIII O000tQf3frfY3O! S ?'1llf1fZ5f1GV.LJf-rffws11.1-li I - N W H .., 5 'po s 'Dvmui you-Y vwiw Crm Q1 we 1 en. Siqkwb Hou-Se 4.11 ,Li-if- wa Vt-wg ui- he oX1nm.M.s ,w ' - 'f' 1 ,r J- V ,, -V '.- i ' 2 ' .fi T' T 1.301541 3 Ah X 4 k "'L'lff2X'. - WMF . . ' I 14", if " "mf 1 .:i'-1? , Q ' . Jn., ...,: Q ,L ...4- " I '-lf 'P f, .Liu - .. V I . H - . H Q, A+. 0 ' L, , . W "1 'I ' . ' . l .....E..7'. i fm-'QF-I3 L . " ""'5" " Wm, 7.5 -1 ff X 5 " ' wa.. . V. , K.. if fi F ' l 1 91 '32g5i?Mf22 O L. El A ' '-f--- ?:?f"s:, UQ "'jQ011ngQfnKX9ofQQ S ?fIa06K20GfanOfDOIlJF3 5 - ,W 'S- ...- , - ' v.- --- Y Y.-qv,-3.---.4 For Excellent I-Iemstitching Go to the Singer Sewing Mach- c ine Co. 'els elicious oughnuts S19 VVALNUT STREET COLUMBIA, MISSOURI. PHONE 992 Tafvern Drug Sfore TIIE 11011115 OF I Wagnerfs Ice Cream 55 Chocolate Shop Cbocolafes D PHONE 419 "KITTY" LIGHTNER EARL KING I NEWIVIAN HARDWARE W' J' PALMER and STOVE I COMPANY Wall paper and Decorations l - Columbia's Complete Hardware Slore VIRGINIA BUILDING COLUMBIA, MISSOURI 904 Broadway I9g,fl5Li,giI?s1Hfr.If2O ' WA: rfqgfxxl J-N l'1!CN5'1"XfJ0fC,X9 5 Pffebfvff-5UCL7fD'f'1f -h---w -- Y ...- --,. - ..- -at-:sms-a ,-c,.1-Han. 1 ffem' Me S0ff0' illllfllflf befL Rzlvhlg' bell, I VMI! I7 11901 of labor, fls ?'l'7I.Q'l.lIg' 11'oesh1'lell, flow il l1'14g'les, llilI.2'fES, fl'llL.Q'f6'.Y in Me mrbz 71l0I'lIl'lL!," Zfgfhl, 1fVm'!e Me 7uoNrl's alumsl in lIQ7l"klI!'.V.T, 'T ffl Me' 51111 puffs l7If0 sfgffil, Sllfjflylg' come, come, come, T 13' lime your 'works bqgfmz, T Mk' ls Mc 'ZUIIIVIIVLQ' Mal does g'Zaow11'Zy well, 1'9'07ll Me bell, bell, bell, bell, bell, bell, bell, From lhfjllvlgflvlf' of Me l'17l'bl rllvhlg bell. Why are Stephens College Girls Like our Groceries? Because They are 'ilusl lglzf' The Ames-James Grocer Go., s St. Louis, Mo. Distributors of Acme Just Right Golden Slipper Pure Food Products "Just Right" on the label, Means Quality for the table ,' 0 f'jfft'5 1 9 ff ' yiaal.-15.2 o .. Zszgzi. ,. '..... T-:" "Til: UFMN7 KLYSVYFOVQXOS 7'9'Jf775CQ7'9"""' --J l STEPHENS CoLLEGE The Junior College for Women COLUMBIA, MISSOURI The Educational center of the State ESIRES to express to the Student Body and to former students its ap- preciation for the part they have had in developing the splendid "Stephens Spirit" which has had much to do With the wonderful growth ofthe Institution in recent years, as shown by the following statistics: 1912-13 Number of Dormitory Students 52 1 913-14 Number ofDormitory Students 104 1 914-15 Number of Dormitory Students 120 1 915-16 Number ofDormitory Students 150 1 916-1 7 Number ofDormitory Students 160 1 917-18 Number ofDorm itory Students 210 1918-1 9 Number ofDormitory Students 270 1919-20 Totul Enrollment of Dormitory and DJJ' Students .......,..........,.......... 450 Stephens Students, past and present, by their loyal support, have helped make possible The Greater Stephens, with 1. A Modern Plant. 2. A Faculty as good as the Very best. If any ofyour friends ure interested in Stephens College, send their names to JAMES M. WOOD, President f ga ,,,i 17 4 1 9 ,, ,ffm-: 5,2 o f Alix' -' Nt ,-a.a,,. ,fr Ex-A--ia1T. Ei-..,..l .,....-53yB.,,:67:f-Aix, ..4-,-Y? i W.,-U gf..-- ElC1T.T1fDOf-ncrxsnrxaorcw S M Pf'9',0f2!...-..'9"'M J , - S.- no M, M-- .v,, ..,. , -W f Parker Furniture Company The House qi Qualify Fraternity Jewelry, Class Pins and Rings Special designs made for Clubs and all Organizations. Skins, Banners, Pennants, Novelties, Dance Programs, Place Cards 8: Favors Stationery stamped with Fraternity Emblems. Social Dies, Invitations, Announcements. Visiting Cards. R. D. Worrell Jewelry Co. Mexico, Mo. BOONE COUNTY COAL CO. dealers in Best Boone County Coal Prompt Service Correct 'Weights 12 fi. t. 'b J x l' 4 ,' - 1 9 1" if-ffm-fel .20 ...-..... " if Lia. ' "pg-serif? 75 fr-Fzisfi-E,,-n,..f:1 .V---.4-11:51, -'Y N ' I I-1-1',."1:-1: -: Vyff'-'j Q04wgr,6nCK7ofQx5 i '?AJ0GZb'1i74'l0UfJIQ1.1,Jl I --i ff 1, . 1 Qi 'AQ,Qfgf wf4xz O x -- H-U5 f'lCI,'f1 Cbwf-0q:x3f:KXf3o6N5 S F2211-0490Qmawfwmfl' Il 1 P -- - For delicious home-made fudge For Chic Styles d k an ca es In Millinery For fancy work and hemstitching See Mrs. Hess GO TO THE WoMAN's Excl-1ANGE 1011 Broadway STRENG'S BAKERY For the best in fancy pastries .Makers of"Columbia Maid" Bread 19 North Ninth Street For the Best Shine in Town UNIVERSITY FRUIT CO Go To Frank Balsam, Owner Dimitri Bros Near the corner 10th and Broadway COLUMBIA, MISSOURI. 6 1,-A 5. + C ' Ill-45".i -..4..-.,,..?...l,?i'pt5Lf.:f?"LO B TBM.- l4?kf-' guts. !.-- , l-I Cf..-3 Ui7l'UlCX'j05X90c6 5 W!-JOQZAO Q7.bf1wf1Ol."'.T.JI'l 5 V 3-is, IIIIIIIIIIlllIIIIIIIIIIIIlllIIIIIIIIIlllIIIIIllllllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII ...,..MM A studio defuoted to the best portraitare that skilled crafts- man and good taste can produce ,IIIIIIIIIlllIIIIIIIIlllllIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlllllililllllllllllllll if 'ff' 'x '25 53155211220 H lv? , 'f- H -JZ.-5:4 ,1,,L::T rcxofmxfsofax ' 'WYPCQYQ U Q 5 f A. BUCH RGED ER jEWELER Stejalzem College Jewelry ez Specialty We Do Watch and Jewelry Repairing Cordova Leather Diamonds IOI5 BROADWAY For Shoes of The College Type SAPP BROS. Columbia, Mo. Send us yew' mail orders. gf - ,. 3 A. 2 K. .fx 'V . I 9 QQ. 6,9-311:-.'-2 O f-E-'ll - if 'L-fir,-1-,. -"?f ff. 7 UL..- OOOOCCXSHGXGOCXQ S WWW! I I 5 H' Davis 81 Watson COAL COMPANY Illzhozlr C O A L 10 Ash St., Opposite Wabash Depot ' N 20 Y f" an -' '21 ni! la, Www :Qi "':?:'::"-"':5' f.., .H mmm S emeaao init 3 -3550 We so ' When you peztrofrize the soda f0u1ztezz'11s BE SURE the Ice Cream served is Frozen Gale! Made hy White Eagle Dairy Company Qlncorporatedj Columbia, Mo. The Best Store in Columbia For Silverware Clocks Diamonds Cut Class Jewelry Novelties Watches Stationery Ivory goods LIN DSEY'S Successor to Goetz 85 Lindsey The Place You like The Store of Ser-vice Phone 58 918 .Broadway ly, 4, 1. 5 193. Ligiff -- .yyw y jemwggasfgxg S wziaflenw f "'8882'U" fe WWWNX IM:-rm mv Qfgglwi X V 5 .-:-:-:':':':-:-. --,- . .,-,.g:::::::5:5" .ff:'fff55'4'W " " ' 'fiifiiflzi:1'I15If555555fSfg:gf::5:1pg.3.:.3.,... ' ' 4,4 ' A -'ff "-'- fV'-12-51:-f:sg5gsg::':.-V A - - - V- - . ' .1 sf-f 'I 9' I is fs fed Asif ts -'A' l""'f-f i. 'ffifffifififirv if P 5' Bm' f'5551:."FzSsis?1E5' 5' 'ef ' ' 2 :' .97 K6 .. ":1:?. 'g:3:3::, . rl- rf , numugw-rxsQ,w :zzz-I.-ig-rf . :Q N gif. .5 Q ,. .v.-:':-:-:- -.-.. .iff-If17I'1d 'f:1:I: I' 2, ' 5:11-1"ff4ff2iff5ZfffffE22:f:5:5:5.:. '2 ':f:f:f, -1, 51: ,T 1 .-Xirmgzgrgz,:,:55:5:g:g:5:5:53:-..-rg,5:3.- '5:5:3, 1 .f.3- , ,l - .. -4.g.::-:':::::5:f:-:-:'q: 4:f'1:2 . E-If Q ..2f+ "51"-"'5:7:!51E371:- 'f::5:'f: 5 2:2513- ' :l ,-1 - ' .-V+?-I "o:-'-:-:- - 53253. :5 15:-: '5Z5:'.- " QQ lj-3 5531,52E'15ff?2E2532EIE151,:5:5.::,Ns.-925152Er?-5:5 .1 zrzfir E ,, , -. '-:-:-:-'':.g.g.:,5.5.:.-.5:::g:-:-:':-: ,I t:-:::-:A :g 455515 -.jgy-'-2:-rg-fjj"',...H"1-ff-S1-I-g:gEE5Ejjg.2 pgqgg- ,t . 5' ,ak "f: :S lf'-1"jT4.-,L..'q' arp-2f'fif:2:,:f,ir2.-:r:f": .1:1': ' A-2--f xx Y' a r N M 'fa P Q xsmmumfv 45' , We 1"f:rf -::55ff3' :rfl5I:E5' 1 - '.f.F'f:. E:I,. - .5 :ffIfI-1? I:5E5fff5fE"-4 Q, - ' :',5rEf3g,4 -5 3::,: 3E:E5Ef?' TJ. A 'Z'32EIfI:':-:-.. A ' "" -fififi'I:If2fff5fff5E5Eff1Ef:1:1::1::sf:-:-:I1IZ2EIfiffffffffifzlflw'"''5f'15l:13ff537:" , . If f ..,.. r - ' T 0 Sieplaem College Sfualenfy. You've enjoyed our fruits on Stephens' tables. May We ask that you arrange to have CALIFO BRAND served on your own table at home. Tell the home grocer how good our fruits are and how much you enjoyed them at College. Send us his name and yours. We'll do the rest. , TI-IE COAST PRODUCTS CO. 800 Spruce Street, A St. Louis, Mo. 195. ,,.-amz,-..2o A ' -.r ' - . .f"". ss-c.. aa-"'- :i'.L. ,ly , ri' ' 1 2'f?'.21??T:1" l---1 v -V .,.,..--,?...-- , ,N pf ., . Ufjjffl Ofv'f1cQX3ofx'J0fQXf5 S P1-1af1i,fanQVQof1f1"11 JI ll I I na. ... A"':"-". ' f--,... .,,..-.. , Columbia Wholesale . . Columbia Fruit Co. Grocery Co. 703 Broadway Ninth and Walnut Streets Phone 638 Conummix, Missouiu WHEN YOU VISIT COLUMBIA Stop at the DANIEL BOONE TAVERN Columbia, Missouri 100 Firepmof Rooms lVlcAllister's Grocery W, I. Pool Doughnuts CASH GROCER Individual Pies Cinnamon Rolls Confections and Table Groceries Delicacies Corner Tenth and Broadway r' 1. . l J' X , 1. . I QQ' O ,. a?: i ,, D211 Osnoocgwoiwodi S ?AJo6Z3OiA90O0Olj"1Ifl ? - 'A A - v ' ,Y a ' v.-.ADX b ff' ,, f "i ' 03 , P if. 1 I C1 1Mb.,. .. ' w fffffi f f1,"' V. f T oxbxsk , ., - Y. snr,-x-"' 2 ",' ,V V. . M 4. 3 V j f 4 ., , A . f- - f .:,g3if4-...L - 1 A - VT, ,. ff ' EQ fly 5 2. W 1 :91 1 vfmlfl ' ,,, A, '-Q , frfiifl N. , I ,' . ' if? 1- 'K ah" wg 'f A -J' - -Q5 ' , Qgflk E ,, Vhgsl, 1 f, -..f 5 f Q EW- ' V vu f . W- - .5 .I X . ? 1 . ' , xv X. 1 xy X x. f . X g X XM ex. ,DE v1'i1..,g:lQ . , , W ff- ffw M- QjjolXfJo Q6 S fwafvffa 0 Qfffboooml For Cakes, Pastry, and Knick-Knacks Go to - Gentsch's Bakery To give our patrons an unlimited selection of the season's Newest creations purchased from the lines of America's master shoe builders. To assure correct fitting and courte- ous attention at all times is our para- mount achievement. LEVY'S Columbia's Oldest Shoe House Quality Footware Our service is We fit perfect your protection. "fitting footwear' J. S. SOMERVILLE 81 COMPANY General Insurance Boone County National Bank Building Ck? r Y :Z fi :L?ia:H- 1? U FN'1flf'J'Dwf1t!xg5f1'X'J O C6 .- yr: fiefwgyai fig ll 1 5 QJW m Every Girl that comes to Stephens College will be delighted with the work we do Ladies Tailoring and dress- making. Your absolute satisfaction is our guarantee. We take pleasure in doing all work for Stephens College Girls. P I. Wolfson Phone 834 Miller Building High Class Dressmaking Sewing for College Girls Only latest Styles used Mrs. G. W. Ketchum Phone 398 Green 911 Locust Street Now let us advise: Act as a student who is wis And always patronize Those who in this Annual advertise C INSURANCE Fire - -Tornado---Automobile-H Liability Surety Bonds Real Estate --- Rentals Phone 259 Columbia Insurance 81 Rental Agency S. F. Conley, Pres. N. D. Evans, Treas. I-laden Building. I". W. Niedermeyer, Vice Pres. Horace C. Smith, Secretary Corner Ninth X Broadway r I. l9,Q. I f- uJ ,x.-,?.?:,,,E-,-:.:,rJl, K MFI--N' v- 2 O fa' pw' 4-f, ' 2:"'-"-l..L."JJ1a1.- L- 1:1-Tri, if l , . f A1 E , pg j tjtprstsggigpnfyiofxj S Qyfaflffigvffviaf-fy I..,Jl I Columbia Plumbing and I-Ieatin 15 North Eighth Street Phone 906 Plumbing and Heatz'ng We specialize in New High Grade fixtures and Stea m and Hot Water Heating Garland Pipeless Furnaces Efficiency and Service our Motto. H. C. Malo, Proprietor. Only Union Mechanics Employed. g Co. Vapor BRANHAM'S Wearing Apparel For W0771671 and Misses C, .- Pl. ' X l, 1 - , ' ' ,,.. I l r 1 'liz-4.2 q lg' 4 l'lIl'lJ O00s4Lx'5fmx'3oGx5 S fyafffnaffengmflfm rggjjm : -' a -S Q , ,.W, Say acl: We have had milk from this cow and her mates all winter. It's' the best efver See Glenn Davis for some Real Holsteins for The Farm Columbia Missouri Campus Chief' Bis 290240 SENIOR AND GRAND CIIAA1PIoN 1919 MISSOURI STATE FAIR ORLAROAIA STATE FAIR KANSAS STATE FAIR OZARK SToc,:R S1-low KANSAS FREE STATE AND THIRD AT NATIONAL FAIR DAIRY Snow l1II?l7lZ'L'L0bH7l-Q0fl00kll'igOLli of her window on a beautiful . Spring morningj-"Ohl Della just come and look at this pretty blue robin. - if il' 'il I 9 ,C gkjfewghz o V ii e.a.u3- V1 ....- Ox ' 0 , S Ef"'1 mfg-553 A905 J i W -Shiva in V Qilauffjng W ' ig 17 W ...ffraflw f I ww? Q E if Sai' ,'.,' S ENS M! mi L .. ' Q3 x gl ""'-'5' ' " 'l kx'Tffx'4-'fiirq Q.: 'T'-,Xu lf: ff . 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