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Stephens City High School - Newtown Pippin Yearbook (Stephens City, VA) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Cover

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L' u ,ITM 'bf 'ifx J 1 1 nr 1 rf lu m' E s E 52 's '7fze Newfawn 1950 Slefzfzend Gif? Jfigfz Scfzaol Stephewi Gdq, Wrhginia Table of Contents PRESENTATION DEDICATION ADMINISTRATION AND FACULTY EX-OFFICIO STAFF ALUMNI ASSOCIATION STUDENT ORGANIZATIONS AND ACTIVITIES CLASS ORGANIZATIONS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL 1. Faculty 2. Grade Groupings Presentation When the Annual Staff of 1949-50 was organized at the beginning of the session, its members became immediately aware of a greater significance of the annual for this particular year-a year unusual in the history of Stephens City High School. First, this year's Senior Class is the initial class to be graduated under the new twelve-year educational system, and second, this year marks the final session of the existence of Stephens City High School as an institution of secondary education. The Staff and Senior Class felt that, in view of these facts, this edition of the annual should be a chronicle or history in brief of the years during the life of the high school which has meant so much to so many people, from the time of its origin in 1916 up to and including the current session. It is the sincere hope of the Staff members that, as students of the past and present turns the pages of this book, they will feel that they have been a part of the history of our school and that they will relive many pleasant memories and associations at Stephens City High School. Esmrm Wrnnmivrs, Editor-in-Chief Dedication DR. P. B. STICKLEY For a number of years the size of the proposed Stephens City High School was debated pro and con. One faction fought valiantly for an eight- roorn buildingg a second faction maintained that a four-room building would be adequate. The debates concerning this matter were held almost nightly in Lemley Brothers' Tailoring Shop. The leaders of those in favor of the larger building were Dr. P. B. Stickley, Mr. R. A. Lemley, Mr. Atwell Guard, Mr. Hawkins Orndorlf, and Mr. William Painter. Of this farsighted number only Dr. P1 B. Stickley is now living and to him, as a representative of the group who fought to provide ample educa- tional facilities for the youth of this community, we dedicate this the final edition of the Stephens City High School Annual. THE SENIOR CLASS or 1950 Original Plant and its Expansion over the years Pictured above is the original unit of the Stephens City High School plant. Prior to the construction of this building, in 1916, high school classes were held in a building which was razed to make way for the present Metho- dist Church, in a building now occupied by Herrell's Antique Shop, and above E. L. Lemley's Store. In 1927 the Agricultural and Home Economics unit was added to the plant. In 1928 a unit intended as an elementary school, but later used by the high school, was added. ln 1944 the final unit, the cafeteria-cannery, was constructed. On June 6, 1936, the original building was partially destroyed by tire of unknown origin, but was rebuilt during the summer and ready for occupancy the following September. In 1930 and '37 the high school population of Frederick County was re- districted and Stephens City High School became and remained the largest consolidated high school in the county. Students from nearly all parts of the county were transported by bus to and from school. At present, four bus runs are required in the transportation of students. In 1945 a commercial course was added to the general and academic courses, thus permitting the students a wider choice of credits toward gradu- ation. Serving as principals of Stephens City High School from the session 1912-13, when Stephens City High School was made a standard high school, up to and including the current session have been: 1912-13, J. H. Meekg 1913-14, Milton Hollingsworth, 1914-15 through 1917-18, A. M. Smith, during whose term of office, in 1915-16, the present plant was first usedg 1918-19 through 1920-21, J. R. Ware, 1921-22, Love Chrismang 1922-23 and 1923-24, A. M. Smith returned, 1924-25, Fendall Bowie, 1925-26 through 1929-30, R. E. Aylorg 1930-31, E. G. Coxg 1931-32 through 1947-48, R. E. Aylorg and 1948-49 and 1949-50, P. D. Beable. The fall session of 1950 will see the abandonment of the present plant tor use as a high school when the million-dollar James Wood High School 'vill open its doors to the approximately seven hundred high school students of Frederick County. Frederick County Board of Trustees OPEQUON DISTRICT MR CHARLES E. BASS, Chair-mam Stephens City, Virginia SHAWNEE DISTRICT MR. T. NEWTON CATHER Route 3 Winchester, Virginia STONEWALL DISTRICT MR. CLAYTON E. PINGLEY Route 3 Winchester, Virginia GAINESBORO DISTRICT MR. FRED A. WHITACRE Winchester, Virginia BACK CREEK DISTRICT MR. G. H. RICHARDS Star Tannery, Virginia CLERK Mas. HAROLD D. Snnnrz Winchester, Virginia Administration and Faculty Administration Over the Years MR. MAURICE M. LYNCH Mr. Lynch served as Superirrtendent of Schools for Frederick County and Winchester for a period of 30 years from 1887 to 1917. At the same time he practiced law in Winchester and the County. During his long term of ser- vice, many notable improvements were made in the educational program of' the corunty and city. In the year 1917 Mr. Lynch resign- ed to devote his time to the practice of law. After a long and useful life during which Mr. Lvnch won the profound affection and esteem of his fellow citizens, he died on March 31, 1944. MR. LESLIE D. KLINE Mr. Kline held the office of Superintendent of Schools in Frederick County for eight full terms or 32 years from 1917 to 1949. Mr. Kl'ne received his B. S. Degree from the Vir- ginia Polytechnic Institute and was also grad- uated from the Law School of the University of Virginia. He later became a member of the Board of Directors of V. P. I. As Superintend- en.t of Schools, Mr. Kline served the county lone, and faithfully and was untiring in his efforts to produce a better system of educa- tion for the people of Frederick County. One of the outstanding achievements of his admin- istration was the consolidation of the Frederick County Schools. MR. ROBERT E. AYLOR Mr. Aylor came to S. C. H. S. as principal in 1926 after graduat?on from the University of Va. He served as principal of S. C. H. S continuously from 1926-1949 except for 1 year's leave of absence during which he attended Harvard College. He later received his Mas- ters Degree from the University of Virginia and in 1949 was named Superintendent of Frederick County Schools. Administration and Faculty MR. PAUL D. BEABLE Two years ago, in the summer of 1948, Mr. Paul D. Beable was appointed by the Freder- ick County School Board to succeed Mr. R. E. Aylor as principal of Stephens City High School. In addition to holding the principal- ship, Mr. Beable, for the past two years, has taught mathematics in the high school. Mr. Beable was graduated from Toms Brook High School and Bridgewater College. After doing graduate work at both the University of Virginia and George Washington University, he received his Masters Degree from the lat- ter in 1947. Before coming to Stephens City High School, Mr. Beable served five years in Shenandoah Countv, Virginia, as teacher of mathematics and athletic coachg two years in Stafford Coun- tv. Virginia: and as principal of Gore High School in Frederick County for a period of seven years. Mas. ELSIE HOVERMALE "Miss, Elsie" has devoted the greater num- ber of her years in the teaching profession to Stephens City High School where she has served as assistant principal and teacher ot English, Spanish and history for the past thir- tv-two years. In 1917, she was graduated from Marion College and has since attended the University of Virginia. Mlss JUNE CLINE Miss Cline became a member of the Stephens City High School faculty at the beginning of this session, 1949-50, after having taught for two years in Salem, Virginia. At Stephens City High School, Miss Cline teaches general science, history and English in the eighth grade. Administration and Faculty MR. JAMES C. GORDON Mr. Gordon became a member of Stephens City High School faculty in the spring of 1941. For the remainder of that session and the en- - tire session of 1941-42, he taught history. He was then transferred to Miller School for the next two sessions, after which he returned to Stephens City High School in 1945 to take the position as instructor of Vocational Agricul- tur d shop which he has hel r five years ffizw MRS. NANCY MANUEL Mrs. Manuel, having been graduated from Shepherd College in June 1949, began her teaching career at Stephens C'ity High School in September 1949. She has been serving this year as teacher of history in the high school. kia' ,. ?9y?y,,,.,.,.,..,Q. Miss LYNN MARKWOOD Miss Markwood experienced, this session, her first year at Stephens City High School, asiwell as her first year in the teaching pro- fession. She was graduated from Mary Wash- ington College in.June 1949, and has taught Mathematics during this session. 7 N gui A iI4fL 1' :yuh , ,N 1 ' 5 Administration and Faculty Mn. JOHN WALKER MASSIE, JR. This year was Mr. Massie's first year at Ste- . phens City High School as well as his first year teaching. He has served this year in the English department. MR. DONALD L. PERRAULT Mr. Perrault became a member ofthe Ste- phens City High School faculty at the begin- ning of the session of 1946-47. As instructor in the commercial department, Mr. Perrault has taught classes in typing, shorthand, book- keepi and geriiljausizss. Miss MKRY RUDASILL Miss Rudasill joined the Stephens City High School faculty at the beginning of the current W, session in the field of Home Economics. This . A session marks the beginning of her teaching career as she was graduated from Madison College in June 1949 N Q R . .lup MM' lfwfdd . ...H .9 H4 Administration and Faculty Miss ELLA RUDOLPH Miss Rudolph first came to Stephens City High School for the session of 1945-46 and this year completes her fifth year. She has taught English, geography, general science and bi- ology. MR. LESTER P. SIVNQHASS Mr..Si1ighass, ,a graduate of Stephens City High School in 1942, attended'Shepl'ierd Col- . lege. 'In 1948-49,'Mr. Singhass returned to Stephens City- High .School as fheffirst full- time physical eiiucation, instructor of the in- stitution. . Auffffw-A , ,fskfw Mns. PEARL STICKLEY Mrs. Stickley returned to Stephens City High School his session as librarian and his- tory teacher after an absence of a number of years. From 1931-40. she taught history in Stephens City High School. ffxirtfsipimiww g Qwi .QQLLMW suaiatj Yvwa. N T53 Ex-Officio Staff Ex-Offitio Staff MR. SAM Coox Mr. Cook has fulfilled the duties of Super- infendent of Grounds and janitor at Stephens City High School since the year 1940. Mn. CLARK CARPER S Mr. Carper was employed as assistant to Mr. Cook two years ago in 1948. Ex-Officio Staff Mn. L. E. CORNELL Mr. Cornell has served Stephens City High School and Frederick County as bus driver and repair man since 1935. Each day he makes four trips to and from Stephens City High School covering a distance of about sixty-three miles. 1 MR. CHARLES SANDY "Charlie" Sandy has operated one of the buses which transports students to and from Stephens City High School over a period of five years. He and his bus travel about eighty miles daily over three different routes in Frederick County. Ex-Officio Staff THE STEPHENS CITY SCHOOL CAFETERIA Construction was begun on the cafeteria in May 1944 and it was first used by the students of Stephens City High School the following session. It was built and equipped largely through the efforts of the students, patrons, and teachers of the school and the citizens of Frederick County. It has a seating capacity of about 100 and, by staggering lunch periods, easily accom- modates the student body. During the first year of its existence Mrs. C. C. Rhodes acted as lunchroom manager in addition to filling the duties of Home Economics instructor, but, since then, a lunchroom manager has been em- ployed in the cafeteria. For the past two years Mrs. Arbutus Carper has occupied the position with Mrs. Zella Hausenfluck assisting. Many of the students of Stephens City School help in the lunchroom during their study periods. Ex-Officio Staff THE FREDERICK COUNTY COMMUNITY CANNERY In February 1944 a group of civic-minded citizens petitioned the Fred- erick County Board of Supervisors to aid them financially in the construc- tion of a cannery-cafeteria building. Although turned down by the Board, the group did not give up, but held a mass meeting to secure pledges of iinan- cial aid from the citizens of the county and organized a building committee. Through the combined efforts of the people of Frederick County it was pos- sible to begin construction upon the cannery, which, since its completion, has saved the homemakers of the county time, labor and personal health, and enabled them to supply their families with better canned foods. Thousands of cans of fruits and vegetables are preserved in season each year at the can- nery. Although the building was financed by the citizens of Frederick Coun- ty, the modern equipment was donated by the Federal Government. The cannery operates under the supervision of Mr. James C. Gordon, assisted by Miss Mary Rudasill, Mrs. Bertha Stickley occupies the position as instructor and Mr. Sam Cook acts as engineer. Qi? 5 fkwgx 5,935 ' Ksnigi? 1 ,aw .,,. in Alumni Association S E X 5 E z Alumni Association Mrs. Howard Massie - ..-.,... President Mrs. Elsie Carpenter --- ,.... Vice-President Mrs. Dorothy Haines .... ........ S ecretary Mr. Willard Slonaker -- As.... Treasurer EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Mrs. Elsie Hovermale, Chairman Miss Martha Funk Mr. Ralph Bauserman Mr. Howard Massie Miss Nettie Carbaugh Mr. Robert Stickley Alumni Association The Alumni Association of Stephens City High School was organized in the fall of 1938 at a called banquet at Tokes' Inn under the direction of Mrs. Elsie Hovermale. Since that time the Association has grown by leaps and bounds and at present numbers approximately 95 members. The organization has engaged in many activities both of a social nature and in connection with creating many improvements in the school and community. During the period of its existence it has expended a minimum of one hun- dred dollars per year for some worthwhile and greatly needed improve- ments in the school facilities, among which have been the remodeling of the washrooms, visual aid apparatus, blackout curtains, playgroundg and athletic equipment and an electric drinking fountain for the high school building. 'I'he Association has sponsored many enjoyable social activities including the annual banquet in the spring and Christmas parties and picnics in season. Upon being graduated from Sftephens City High School a student, if he pays his dues, becomes a member of the Alumni Association. The year 1913 was the first year in which anyone was graduated from a school at Stephens City and that year produced two graduates-Miss Browne Samsell and Mr. Clearence Tevault. Except for the sessions ending in 1914 and 1916, there has been a graduating class every year at Stephens City even though some of them have been quite small. The Class of '42 was the largest graduating class in the history of the school and numbered sixty-one members. A totaled roll call follows of the number of graduates per year including the current term: 1913-two 1932-nine 1914-none 1933-fourteen 1915-three 1934-eight 1916-none 1935-thirteen 1917-ten 1936-twenty-five 1918--two 1937-nineteen 1919-three 1938-twenty-four 1920-seven 1939-forty-five 1921-three 1940-twenty-nine 1922-five 1941-forty-one 1923-twelve 1942-sixty-one 1924-fourteen 1943-twenty-nine 1925-eleven 1944-thirty-three 1926-three 194 5-thirty-one 1927-six 1946-forty-two 1928-sixteen 1947-fifty-one 1929-thirteen 1948-forty-four 1930-seven 1949-two 1931-eleven 1950--twenty-seven To'rAL NUMBER or GRADUATES Six HUNDRED SEVENTY-FIVE 1 w W N Organization and Activities Future Homemakers of America Margaret Brumback ........................................... President Ruth Rinker ......... ---Vice-Presidents Joan Russell ........ ......................... S ecretary Wanda LaF'o1lette -- ........................... Treasurer Aline DeHaven ..... .... R epresentative to Student Council Phyllis Campbell .... ........................ S ong Leader Betty Vonn Brill --- .......................... Historian Mae Snyder ........ .... P arliamentarian Miss Mary Rudasill .............................................. Advisor The FHA is a National organization of pupils studying homemaking in junior and senior high schools of the United States and territories. The pur- poses of the organization are to develop social qualities and promote better home life for its members and their families. A Home Economics class was first organized at Stephens City in the year 1925 under the direction of Mrs. C. C. Rhodes who devoted 20 years of untir- ing effort to the building of the Home Economics Department and to the wel- fare of the entire system. Due to lack of space at the Stephens City School, classes were held in the basement of the bank building for 3 years. The cottage at the high school was first used in the fall of 1928 and has been an important part of the school system since that time. Mrs. Rhodes continued as instructor at Stephens City through the ses- sion 1944-45 and saw the department grow under her direction from a small group of 16 girls to a club enrollment of 79. A number of instructors have succeeded Mrs. Rhodes including Mrs. Crocker in 1945-46, Mrs. Rinker from 1946 through 1948, Mrs. Devers in 1948-49, and Miss Mary Rudasill in the current session. Future Homemakers of America Mary Ellen Jenkins Wanda LaFo1lette Julia Lintz Connie Barham Sarah Barton Lucille Carpenter Doris Clem Ann Duckwall Marie Dyke Elnor Franklin Varsella Fauver Lois Frye Georgianna Gum Mary Anna Hough Reva Hutsler Kay Kane Betty Loy Sally Loy June Luttrell Dorothv Miller Mary Ann Monk Dorothv Netherton Juanita Nicholson Patricia Pingley Margaret Pullen Carrie Lou Reid Anvlson-Miss MARY RUDASILL Pat Perry Helen Pierce Barbara Russell Susan Sargent Jane Shuemaker Lucille Singhas Mary Renner Beulah Riggleman Betty Rinker Elaine Rosenberger Jo Ann Sirbaugh Bertha Smith Nancy Stogdale Margaret Swisher Peggy Whittington Joanne Alexander Virginia Bailey Shirley Barton Betty Baughman Alice Braithwaite Betty Clark Donna Combs Grace Combs Marian Copp Phyllis Campbell Joyce Fout Rose Sites Ruth Snapp Hilda Vann Evelyn Williams Jo Ann Wilson Margaret Brumback Dorothy Coffelt Phyllis Dick Helen Donald June Eaton Marjorie Golladay Phyllis Herbaugh Louise Jenkins June Luttre'l Joan Russell Minnie Russell Dolly Shifllett Patsy Smith Mae Snvder Louise Walker Mary Ann Baggerly Betty Vonn Brill Aline DeHaven Ruth Grim Peggy Hoover Ruth Rinker Future Homemakers of America The FHA is a very active group and at the beginning of each year sets up a program of work planned by the month. Among their many projects for this year have been the initiation of new members, operation of snack bar to raise money, sending sewing equipment to German students, serving a luncheon to the Lions' Club and the preparation of exhibits for the county fair at which the Stephens City High School girls have always made an excellent showing. WN Wg... ....M -... ' ...a.,?..i..,..Now Future Farmers of America OFFICERS AND Anvison Pat Russell --- ....................... ......... P resident Alfred Snapp -- .... Vice-President Warren Kines --- ....... Secretary George Giles ...... .... T reasurer Millard Singhas --- ...... Reporter Franklin Racey .... .... W atch Dog Mr. J. C. Gordon ............................................... Advisor The Future Farmers of America is a national organization that reaches from the state of Washington to Puerto Rico and from Maine to Hawaii. The present F. F. A. was first organized as the Future Farmers of Virginia, which was so successful under the direction of Mr. Henry C. Groseclose at V. P. I., that it was made a national organization in 1928 and was called the Future Farmers of America. The F. F. A. Chapter of Stephens City was organized in 1926 by Mr. Grover Kinzy and chartered in 1930. There were fifteen members and George Wright was elected the first president. The history of the Stephens City Chapter has been outstanding in winning many honors, among which were placing second in the state chapter contest in 1940 and being chosen as one of the four best chapters in the United States in 1940. Chapter advisors in the past have been Mr. Grover Kinzy, Mr. J. A. McKenny, Mr. R. A. Wall, Mr. Fred A. Dobbins and Mr. J. W. Henderson. ,,:. V. i,,A,: ., ....: ,.,, I ., Future Farmers of America Cecil Artrip John Brewer George Cather Vernon Combs Charles Courtney Jimmy Fishback Allen Flowers Bobby Franklin Paul Giles Eugene Grove Lewis Hannen Jerry Herbaugh Warden Jenkins Donald Lockhart Elmer Lowery Carl McDonald Don Melvin George Monk Billy Nicholson Franklin Racey Mitchell Smith Advisor-MR. J. C. GORDON Ralph Strosnider Wayne White Cecil Wilfong Allen Barley Claude Bennington David Brown Sidney Carbaugh Jackie Dove Bradley Driver Ray Ewing Johnny Fletcher John Funk Gary Green Lee Gregory Ray Hines Donnie Hodgson Omer Lofton David Lowery Nelson Mclntire Leamon Ryan Millard Singhas Clifton Strosnider Charles Coates Preston Conner Richard Dick George Giles Page Huffman Robert Jones Warren Kines John Larrick Hansel Lindamood Luther Lowery Donald Luttrell Tunney Nicholson Thomas Reardon Robert Renner Pat Russell Randolph Seal Alfred Snapp Linden Vann Ernest Welch Louis Wilson 'C' His' uw 5 M. ,- A 4. 'Y Girls' Softball Squad Girls' athletic activities have been somewhat neglected over the years, but, in spite of this, the girls have made an excellent showing in those con- tests in which they have participated. In February 1939 the Girls' Athletic Association was organized and two teams were formed for play during the school day. In 1944, the girls entered the Clarke-Frederick County Softball League and a loop of contests was scheduled annually each fall which included games involving teams repre- senting Berryville, Boyce, Gainesborcv, Gore, Stephens City and Stonewall, with Middletown entering in 1949 and Gore and Boyce dropping out. In the spring of 1946 Stephens City High School Team won the League Championship with only one game lost, and managed to get one leg on the trophy presented by the Northern Virginia Daily. In the four following sea- sons, the Stephens City Nine placed second after having it out with Gaines- boro with whom Stephens City always seemed doomed to tie for first place. Past scores of games with Gainesboro have been: in the fall of 1946, Gaines- boro-14, Stephens City-115 in the fall of 1947, Gainesboro-17, Stephens City-16g in 1948, Gainesboro-145 Stephens City-6. The trophy, after the play-off in 1948, went permanently to the Gainesboro Team. The line-up, schedule and results of the current season follow: LINE-UP Catcher -- .......... ..... R osa Showalter Pitcher ...... .... D orothy Boone First Base ....... ..... P eggy Hoover Second Base .... .... D onna Combs Third Base .... ....... B etty Clark Short Stop .... ..... L ucille Singhas Left Field ..... .... M arjorie Golladay Center Field .... .... S usan Sargent Right Field --- ..... Patsy Barton Substitutes .... .... D ollie Shifllett Helen Donald SCHEDULE Sept. 28 Stephens City vs. Clarke County there 13 8 Oct. 5 Stephens City vs. Middletown here 40 6 Oct. 12 Stephens City vs. Stonewall there 8 5 Oct. 19 Stephens City vs. Gainesboro here 3 29 RESULTS OF LOOP First Place .............................. Gainesboro Second Place ---- ..... Stephens City Third Place --- ....... Stonewall Girls' Softball Squad Coach-Mlss ELLA RUDOLPH MARJORI1-: GOLLADAY WANDA LAFOLLETTE PATSY SMITH Captain Manager and Score-keeper Asst. Manager Patsy Barton Sarah Barton Dorothy Boone Betty Clark Donna Combs Helen Donald Elnor Franklin Marjorie Golladay Peggy Hoover Wanda LaFollette Mary Ann Monk Patricia Pingley Mary Renner Ellen Rivers Susan Sargent Dollie Shitflett Rosa Showalter Lucille Singhas Jo Ann Sirbaugh Rose Sites Patsy Smith Mae Snyder Football Squad The coming of organized football as an activity at Stephens City High School was long postponed due largely to the fact that the student body has been too small to support it, at least in its eleven-man form. However, in the spring of 1945 under the direction and coaching of Mr. Aylor and Mr. Gordon, a six-man team was organized, and was entered in the District L League. In 1946 Mr. Melton Wright joined the faculty and aided Mr. Aylor and Mr. Gordon in the job of coaching the team. The first two years found the team struggling to make a showing in the league and at the end of the first two seasons Stephens City was near the bottom of the League. In 1947 with Mr. Chester Wedell as coach, the Stephens City High School team won the District L Championship and Stephens City was well on its way in be- coming a worthy competitor on the football field. In September 19481, Mr. Lester Singhass came to Stephens 'City High School' as the first full-time physical education instructor and coach and started off the season with what amounted to a completely new team as a result of the graduation of the members of the former championship squad. Since it takes time to develop a seasoned team, 1948 was not a too successful season. During the latter part of the 1949 season, however, the team showed much improvement and placed fourth in the District L League. The schedule for the current season follows with accompanying scores' Sept. 30 Stanley vs. Stephens City home 0 48 "'Oct. 7 Clarke County vs. Stephens City home 38 0 "'Oct. 14 Woodstock vs. Stephens City away 44 12 Oct. 21 Hedgesville vs. Stephens City home 14 6 ":Oct 28 Stonewall vs. Stephens City home 47 7 "Nov, 4 New Market vs. Stephens City home 24 48 Nov. 9 Hedgesville vs. Stephens City away 14 38' "'Nov. 11 Toms Brook vs. Stephens City home 14 56 Nov. 18 Shepherdstown vs. Stephens City away 14 31 Nov. 24 away Stonewall vs. Stephens City 12 20 'Denotes League Games .A i my 1 we - Wil ii Football Squad COaCh-MR. LESTER SINGHASS DEAN BAUGHMAN THOMAS REARDON FRANKLIN RACEY Captain C o-captain Manager Allan Barley ......... halfback - - -quarterback David Brown .... Dean Baughman- - - - -halfback Charles Coates ......... center Charles Cochran - -quarterback Richard Dick ......... halfback Jackie Dove .... --------end Bradley Driver ....... halfback Lewis Ewing ..... Robert Franklin John Funk ..... George Giles .... -quarterback - - - - - -halfback -----end ----end GEORGE CATHER Manager Gary Green ...... ..... e nd Donald Hodgson .... ...., e nd Page Huffman .... ..... e nd Warden Jenkins -- - .... end John Larrick .... Robert Manuel --- -----end -----end Nelson Mclntire ........ center Billy Nicholson --- - - - .... -end Thomas Reardon - Tunney Nicholson -----end -------center Millard Singhas -----. halfback Billy Zirkle ---- - - - -halfback Baseball Squad For a number of years in the earlier history of the school, there were no inter-scholastic contests at Stephens City High School. In 1939, a baseball team was organized and entered in the Clarke-Fred- erick County League. The first three seasons of organized inter-scholastic play were very successful as the team placed second in the League all three years. The fourth year saw the Stephens City nine do even better by win- ning the League championship to get one leg on the trophy which had to be won two years in succession before it could be permanently retained by any team. In 1944 the Stephens City Team lost its chance at permanent posses- sion of the trophy when the Middletown team nosed them out in a hard- fought game for the championship. This put Stephens City second place in the League. 1946 saw Stephens City next to the bottom in the League, but in '47 the Chiefs were on top again and, at the close of the season were entitled to play in a contest with the All-Stars, a team composed of outstand- ing players selected from the League contestants. 'The '48 and '49 seasons were not too successful as the team placed fourth in '48 and on the bottom in '49, Prospects for this spring are good since the larger proportion of the old members of the squad are back and should bring the Stephens City High School rating up near the top again. THE '49 SCHEDULE April 14 Berrylille vs. Stephens, City away April 19 Gcgre vs. Stephens City home April 22 Middlgtown vs. Stephenzis City away April 27 Bogfce vs. Stephens Cgity away May 3 h Stonegvall vs. Stephensl City home May 6 Gainesboro vs. Stephens City home May 10 Berrygville vs. Stephens, City home May 13 Goge vs. Stephens glity away May 16 Middletown vs. Stephens City home 0 10 May 24 Boy7ce vs. Stephens gity home May 27 Stonegvall vs. Stephens, City away May 31 away Gainesboro vs. Stephens City 1 5 HAROLD WHETZEL Manager Bill Bailey ..... Baseball Squad DEAN BAUGHMAN Captain AUBREY CLEVENGER MR. LESTER SINGHASS Manager Coach ----pitcher Lewis Ewing --- --------field Allen Barley ......... 2nd base Dean Baughman David Brown --- Thomas Brown - -----field -----f'ield -----field Charles Coates ....... shortstop Richard Dick --- John M. Ewing - -- -- -field -----field John Larrick ..... - - - -field Luther Lowery ........... iield Thomas Reardon Jackie Robinson Millard Singhas -------catcher --,---3rd base -------1st base Glenn Silman --- ...... field Ernest Welch .... - - - -3rd base Boxing DEAN BAUGHMAN GEORGE MONK MR. LESTER SINGHASS Captain Manager Coach Allen Barley Allen Cornwell Dean Baughman Richard Dick Claude Bennington Jackie Dove David Brown Donald Lockhart Thomas Brown Nelson Mclntire Aubrey Clevenger Ernest Welch Charles Cochran The Stephens City High School Boxing Team was organized in the ses- sion of 1939-40 under the direction of Mr. R. A. Wall and Mr. R. E. Aylor. Although this was the school's first venture into this field of sporti, it did rather well, winning the greater number of bouts. Boxing was abandoned for several years until 1948 Mr. Chester Wedell took over the physical edu- cation program and organized a boxing team which tied with Middletown at an exhibition in which other schools in the Clarke-Frederick League were represented. The session of 1949 put an end to boxing in Stephens City High School when the State Department of Education ruled that there would be no more boxing in the high schools of Virginia. Track Coaches-Mn. LESTER SINGHASS, MR. JAM:-as C. Gonnorr Allen Barley Richard Dick Dean Baughman Thomas DeMayo David Brown John Larrick Thomas Brown Luther Lowery Charles Coates Millard Singhas The First track team of recent years at Stephens City High School was organized in the spring of 1947 under the direction of Mr. Melton Wright. The 1948 team distinguished itself by taking second place in the District L meet held at Handley High School and thus qualifying for the regional meet at Bridgewater College. Again in 1949, Stephens C'ity's team made an ex-- cellent showing at the District L meet and also at the Regional Contest held, as before, at Bridgewater College. Library Club MRS. PEARL STICKLEY ......... Sponsor Sally Loy ,,....... .. President Donna Combs ....... Treasurer Fay Shryock .... Vice-President Betty Clark --- .e,.. Reporter Robert Madigan ,,., Secretary The session of 1940-41 was the first year in the history of the school that the students of Stephens City High School enjoyed a school library. That year also saw the employment of a full-time librarian, Mrs. Roy Wisecarver, who organized the first Library Club. Among the activities of the Library Club down through the years have been raising money to purchase books and other equipment, working to make the library a more attractive room, cataloguing and arranging books, mending torn books and assisting the librarian in check- ing books coming into and going out of the library. Librarians who have served at Stephens City High School have been Mrs. Roy Wisecarver, from 1940 through 19443 Mrs. M. N. Konklin in 1944-455 Mrs. G. K. Barker in 1945-463 Mr. Melton Wright in 1946-473 Miss Hettie Skelton 1947-493 and Mrs. Pearl Stickley 1949-50. Joan Alexander Shirley Barton Alice Braithwaite Betty Clark Doris Clem May Cornell Joyce Fout Wanda LaFollette Sally Loy Robert Madigan Patricia Perry Library Club Susan Sargent Fay Shryock Rose Sites Ruth Snapp Hilda Vann Wayne White Evelyn Williams Jane Shuemaker Betty Baughman Fllnor Franklin Julia Lintz .v C 1 a:fD.oo Q' 42' 'QU figs... ,mm ' Gnu Un, B...-.J ax., ,La-,LJ 3 Aga: 95 uw. 5537" 2"'..i"'7.""2'x OFM. Q23 J' mlm 3 ul . 33 M 3 fl o I 5 'Em A-'C Vl W ,a U' f'- , 'C 9 Turf , 199 - ,DPM -if Cheerleaders q"",,,f 3 dy, 09' Sponsor-MRS. NANCY MANUEL , 6 I by g ga The 1949-50 cheerleaders include: 'Q' n J Virginia Bailey Donald Lockhart jg, "' Phyllis Campbell Mary Ann Mcllwee Marian Copp Lucille Singhas f Elizabeth Courtney Barbara Wolfe Qc! ,I Mary LaRue Organized cheerleading at Stephens City High School has developed along with football. It was begun in earnest during the 1946-47 session and has improved greatly to the present time. The cheerleaders have stuck to their job of trying to build up school spirit among the members of the student body and encouraging the students to back their teams. J' 41" fly' 1, af My if wif .. A jg' aff' 'KVM 45 if 'iw We yif N I J ',g!"f?r"f' if riff ,...,,., ,,- ,,,,...r,,., Q Physical Education For a number of years physical education has been a part of the curricu- lum at Stephens City High School, and in 1947-48 Mr. Lester Wedell took over the direction of all physical education. He also taught several other classes in the high school. The next session, Mr. Lester Singhass became the first full-time physical education director, and retained the position for the current session. Physical education is required in the high school for graduation by the State Department of Education unless a student is physically unfit to take it. Its purposes are to develop in the student a stronger, healthier body co-ordina- tion, team work and a sense of fair play. Beta Club Mrs. Elsie Hovermale --- ........ Sponsor Harold Whetzel ....... ........F P resident Margaret Brumback .... .... V ice-President Patsy Barton ....... .s... S ecretary Nancy Ewing ........ .. ........ .........,.......... - Treasurer A chapter of the Beta Club, a National Organization, was set up at Ste- phens City High School in February of the 1948-49 session under the direc- tion of Miss Betty Jo Wright. The club is composed of Juniors and Seniors whose averages are 87 or above in all subjects and the purposes of the or- ganization are to develop leadership and service. Aft the beginning of each session the club works out projects to improve various phases of school life and work together toward the successful culmination of their plans in terms of a very challenging motto: 'Let us lead by serving others. Mrs. Elsie Hovermale was selected by the Club members early in the current session to sponsor and direct the club activities. Patsy Barton Dean Baughman Dorothy Boone Betty Vonn Brill Margaret Brumback Gloria Clark Aline DeHaVen Nancy Ewing Ruth Grim Beta Club Mary Hollar Mary Hermanson Sarah Marks Joan Russell Pat Russell Alfred Snapp Harold Whetzel Esther Williams Jo Ann Wilson Commercial Club Mr. Donald Perrault ......... - ............. ....... S ponsor George Giles ....... ....... P resident Rosa Showalter .... .... V ice-President Betty Vonn Brill --- ....... Secretary Patsy Barton ...................................... Treasurer The Commercial Department became a part of the curriculum of Ste- phens City High School in the 1945-46 session and offered to the students of the high school their first opportunity to take shorthand and typing which were instructed by Miss Dorothy Poe. The following year Mr. Donald Pier- rault took over the Commercial Department and bookkeeping was added lo the curriculum. Mr. Perrault in 1948 organized the Commercial Club, the membership of which included all those students taking the commercial courses and this group assumed the responsibility for raising money to sup- ply the Department with needed equipment. The Commercial Club has purchased 15 typewriters, a Horescent light for the typing room, bookcases and other materials which have added greatly to the effectiveness of thc Commercial Department. William Bailey Mary Ann Baggerly Hazel Barham Patsy Barton Dean Baughman Dorothy Boone Betty Vonn Brill Margaret Brumback Dorothy Coffelt Gloria Clark Mary Cooper Elizabeth Courtney Aline DeHaven Phyllis Dick Helen Donald June Eaton Bettie Ebersole Nancy Ewing George Giles Commercial Club Marjorie Golladay Mae Jane Grim Phyllis Herbaugh Mary Hermanson Ray Hines Mary Hollar Peggy Hoover Louise Jenkins Betty Keiter Mildred Kirk Rebecca Loy June Luttrell Lorraine Marker Sarah Marks Mary Ann Mcllwee Shirley Peoples Helen Pierce Margaret Pullen Alcesta Racey Ruth Rinker Ellen Rivers Pat Russell Teddy Sager Dolly Shifflett Rosa Lee Showalter Millard Singhas Mae Snyder Patricia Swink Linden Vann Louise Walker Ernest Welch . Harold Whetzel Lois White Esther Williams JoAnn Wilson Louis Wilson Barbara Wolfe Frances Wolford Future Teachers of America Sponsor ........ MRS. ELSIE HOVERMALE Mary Ann Baggerly Mary Hollar Dorothy Boone Peggy Hoover Betty Vonn Brill Dorothy Lamp Elizabeth Courtney Luther Lowery Bette Ebersole Lorraine Marker George Giles Esther Williams Maureen Hausenfluck The F. T. A., Future Teachers of America, is a national organization in senior high schools open to all students interested in becoming teachers. Its purpose is to acquaint young folks with the teaching profession and to encour- age the well qualified ones to enter the field of teaching. The Stephens City High School Chapter was organized in May 1949 under the direction of Mrs. Elsie Hovermale and was named the Leslie D. Kline Club in honor of the for- mer Superintendent of Schools, Mr. Leslie D. Kline. Student Council Miss Lynn Markwood --- ...... Sponsor Mary Hollar ........... ...... P resident Rosa Lee Showalter --- ---Vice-President Wanda LaFollette --- ............. Secretary Charles Courtney Franklin Racy Ronald Herbaugh Delores Riggleman Bobby Layman Alfred Snapp Omer Lofton Harold Strosnider Sally Loy Lois White After being without a Student Council at Stephens City High School for a number of years one was newly organized during the current session. It is composed of a representative from each homeroom and one from each class organization, making a total of 13 members. The purposes of the Council are to promote personal responsibility, loyaltv, and a high sense of honor in the individual and to represent and further the best interests of the student body, in accordance with the underlying principles of self-government and democracy. Safety Patrol Mr. Paul D. Beable ...... --- ..... Sponsor Mr. John W. Massie, Jr. -- ..... Sponsofr Wanda LaFollette ....... ..... C aptain . Joe Campbell ................ --- .............. Lieutenant Margaret Brumback ..........,..........,.......... Secretary The Safety Patrol of the Stephens City High School was organized in 1947-48 in cooperation with the American Automobile Association and the Virginia State Police Department for the purpose of promoting safety on and near the school grounds. Members of this organization, patrol on street corners of Stephens City and near and in the school grounds, at football games, on the school buses and serve in any other capacity to promote the safety and well-being of the students of Stephens Ciity High School. Safety Patrol Edith Barritt Floyd Bennett Margaret Brumback Joe Campbell May Cornell Sheldon Day John Drummond Ann Duckwall Marie Dyke Billy Ewing Norman Funk Paul Giles Marjorie Golladay Wanda LaFollette Betty Loy Douglas Madigan Harold Nichols Billy Nicholson Juanita Nicholson Patricia Pingley Margaret Pullen Allen Ramsey Robert Sandy Patsy Smith Nancv Stogdale Jack York Monogram Club Miss Ella Rudolph .... --- .... Sponsor Mr. Lester Singhass .... ...... S ponsor Charles Coats ...... ........ P resident William Bailey ....... ---Vice-President Rosa Lee Showalter -..- ...... Secretary Betty Vonn Brill .... ...... T reasurer Patsy Barton U- .......... Reporter Ruth Grim ..... .... P arliamentarian Aline DeHaven .................................... Historian The Monogram Club has been in existence at Stephens City High School for a number of years. It is an organization made up of high school students, boys and girls, who have met a minimum of requirements as a member of at least one of the athletic teams, such as softball, football or baseball, or stu- dents who have served as cheerleaders. Last year, one of the major activi- ties of the Monogram Club was the drafting and adoption of a Constitution. The group began this session by setting up a program of Work for the entire year with the over-all aims of promoting student interest in athletic activi- ties and attitudes of good sportsmanship at all times. Monogram Club Virginia Bailey William Bailey Hazel Barham Patsy Barton Dorothy Boone Betty Vonn Brill Thomas Brown Aubrey Clevenger Donna Combs Mary Cooper Marian Coop Aline DeHaven Richard Dick Marjorie Golladay Ruth Grim Mary Herrnanson Peggy Hoover Mildred Kirk Lorraine Marker Mary Ann Mclllwee Thomas Reardon Susan Sargent Rosa Lee Showalter Lucille Singhas Barbara Wolfe Newspaper Staff Dorothy Boone Peggy Hoover Tunney Nicholson Aline DeHaven Dorothy Lamp Randolph Seal Nancy Ewing Hansel Lindamood Alfred Snapp Ruth Grim Luther Lowery Linden Vann Maureen Hauseniluck Rebecca Loy Esther Williams Mary Hollar Lorraine Marker Louis Wilson The Blue and Gold, the Stephens City High School newspaper, has been produced by the students since the year 1945-46, when Mrs. Virginia Estep initiated its publication. Prior to that time, for a number of years, Stephens City High School ran a weekly column in both local papers, the Winchester Evening Star and Northern Virginia Daily. Annual Staff Editor-in-Chief Assistant Editor Literary Editor ESTHER WILLIAMS RANDOLPH SEAL DOROTHY Boom: Advertising Manager and Staff RUTH GRIM Patsy Barton Nancy Ewing Lorraine Marker Dean Baughman Maureen Hausenfluck Randolph Seal Betty Vonn Brill Hansel Lindamood Linden Vann Aline DeHaven Lufher Lowery Louis Wilson Bettie Ebersole Rebecca Loy Business Mgr. Assist. Business Mgr. Circulation Manager Tunney Nicholson Alfred Snapp Hansel Lindamood Typ'ng Editor Photographic Editors Mary Hollar Dorothy Boone Nancy Ewing Assistants Peggy Hoover Maureen Hausenfluck Dorothy Lamp Peggy Hoover M1ss ELLA RANDOLPH, Sponsor sf Senior Autographs Q dif'7fA"' is We My 3351 LE M xx W7 'S ffm M ,f"5I fosf. ii WMQ N5 mg 4e,,,,,Mf u ff 4 W WX M 4 ,M EMM! YJ fvf'Kgk Www W f gf 5 ryan wwf!! fikm Gyn E 2735? YV Vi if WF Jw W QL a WW Class Organizations I i Senior Class History FRESHMEN 1946-47 We began our high school careers in September 1946. There was a suffi- cient number of us to be divided into two homerooms-one sponsored by Miss Roberts with Harold Whetzel as president and the other sponsored by Miss Rudolph with Patsy Barton as president. SOPHOMORES 1947-48 Our Sophomore year found us all combined in one home-room group with Miss Rudolph as our sponsor. We elected Charles Anderson president and began planning for a busy year. Due to the introduction of a twelve-year sys- tem of education in the school, there was no Junior Class this year, and the duties of a Junior class fell to us as Sophomores. We raised money for and held the Junior-Senior Prom at the George Washington Hotel and decorated the churches of Stephens City for the Baccalaureate Sermon and Commence- ment Exercises. JUNIORS 1948-49 Our Junior year was made eventful by the fact that we got our rings which we had been looking forward to for a long time. We also began to think about and plan for our Senior year. We elected Randolph Seal as president and Miss Rudolph continued as our sponsor. SENIORS 1949-50 This year our goal is attained and we are Seniors. Our minds are full of many activities pertaining to graduation-the annual, our prom, the Senior trip and, last but not least, the graduation program when we are handed our di- plomas in one of the really big moments of a lifetime. We elected Dean Baughman president of our Senior Class and once more we were sponsored by Miss Rudolph. HAROLD WHE'rzmL, Histofrian i 1 Senior Cla'ss Poem THE RIVER OF LIFE Life, to me, is like a river. It's small ever flowing tributaries Run together Making a mighty stream. Once this stream has started It is much like the life of man, Making its own course Through the muddy way of life. Twelve years ago, even before, These same tributaries started Within us. Thus we set our course! Now we are wending our way Toward the mighty river of life. The first large tributary to help us, Was the starting of our formal education. This flow of knowledge was as pure And refreshing as the mountain stream. The next important tributary came with The entering of high school. This was the largest benefit To the fiow of education. Some of us may branch to higher learning, And some may find other streams To fulfill the needs and desires, As we journey down the river of life. But, regardless of the streams we choose, We have begun our lives with a Sound and full beginning. May we continue to make our lives Full and ever growing, Until the river of life itself, Ceases to flow. LORRAINE MARKER, Poetess Senior Class Prophecy As we glance at the future, the next five or ten years, to see what the class of '50 is doing, we find a wide variety of activities. Dorothy Lamp is now happily married to Harry Clark and is success- fully managing her mother's store at Kernstown. CThanks to a background of bookkeeping in Mr. Perrault's classj Tunney Nicholson, who is a very well-known brick-layer, has also ac- quired three little mud-mixers to help him in his work. Bettie Ebersole is employed as secretary in Woodward and Lothrops of Washington, D. C. George Giles, who was expected to become manager of Newberry's, has just begun operation of his own blacksmith outfit. Nancy Ewing, head pharmacist at the Drugstore in Stephens City, is the first woman to hold this position. Betty Vonn Brill has become a figure of importance and in much demand as a public speaker. 'S'he is frequently called upon for after-dinner speeches, talks at P. T. A. meetings, and for lecturing of any kind. Maureen Hausenfluck is happily married to Kenneth Seal. By the way, they already have one little "Sooner". Rebecca Loy is married and lives in Gainesboro. She is head secretary for the Carper Manufacturing Company of that city. Randolph, "Baldy," Seal has risen to the position of manager at the Acme Super Market. Elizabeth Courtney is a nationally known singer, now featured as soloist with Larrick's All-Rhythm Band. Dorothy Boone is the girls' physical education instructor at James Wood High School. For the past three years, her softball team has won the state championship. Aline DeHaven is chief telephone operator at the Stephens City Ex- change. She supervises a group of 25 regular operators. Peggy Hoover, although a housewife, has also succeeded in the business world. She is head of the toy department at Montgomery Ward and Com- pany. Mary Hollar, after graduation from Mary Washington C'ollege, is teach- ing history at the James Wood High School. P. S. She is still taking an in- terest in agriculture. Lorraine Marker has opened the most modern flower shop in Winches- ter and at present is busily engaged in arranging bouquets for her own wed- ding. Ruth Grim is head nurse at Winchester Memorial Hospital, where, since 1953, the number of cases of heart failure among male patients has steadily increased. This increase has been traced to the flirty, flirty ways of the head nurse. Mary Baggerly is a famous torch singer with Freddy Himelwright's Or- chestra. They have a year's contract with station WINC and WINC-TV. As Luther Lowery is now a truck driver, it is harder than ever for the girls to keep up with him. Ernest Welch deserted his career as a painter in favor of baseball. He is now star third-baser for the New York Yankees. CLASS PROPHECY-Continued Although sole owner of his father's farm, Louis Wilson is still having trouble keeping that "Olds" under control. Dean Baughman, a civil engineer, is working very hard on a bridge be- tween New York City and London, England. Harold Whetzel, fresh from the Law School of the University of Virginia, from which he was graduated with honors, has just been elected District Attorney of Armel. Hansel Lindamood's favorite song in '48 was "Wedding Bells". In the spring of '49 it changed to "Slipping Around". It is now "I'll Never Slip Around Any More". ' Alfred Snapp, voted most likely to succeed in his senior year, manages his father's farm and is still trying for first prize in the corn-growing contest. Esther Williams, who has been Mr. Aylor's faithful secretary for a num- ber of years, has retired to spend more time with her family. Patsy Barton has become a most successful nurse. She is also a talented pianist and performs frequently on the stage of the Municipal Opera House in Winchester. LINDEN VANN, Prophet Last Will and Testament' of the Senior Class We, the Graduating Class of Stephens City High School, in the year of our Lord nineteen hundred fifty, having been proved of sound mind and body, do hereby bequeath to our successors the following: Lorraine Marker leaves her love for Charles Town and square dancing to Connie Barham. Betty Vonn Brill leaves to Mary Cooper the report card with straight A's. Esther Williams leaves her quiet and dignified, lady-like manner to Mil- dred Kirk. Linden Vann leaves his dry wit and keen mind to Eugene Grove. Hansel Lindamood leaves his skill for one arm driving to Path Russell. Alfred Snapp leaves his job as bellboy to anyone who will have it. Maureen Hausenfiuck wills her love for one of the Seals to JoAnn Wilson. Randolph Seal leaves his ability to hold an oiiice to Charles Coates. Dorothy Lamp leaves her job as office girl to Patsy Smith. To Margie Golladay, Dorothy Boone leaves her love for sports-softball of course. Nancy Ewing leaves her love for all the faculty to Margaret Brumback. Luther Lowery leaves his enjoyment for keeping late hours to Bobbie Renner. Ernest Welch leaves his shy and cute way of doing things to Bucky Singhas. Peggy Hoover leaves her studious way and master mind to Wanda La- Follette. Bettie Ebersole leaves to Rosie Showalter her ability to be on time and never in a hurry. Mary Hollar leaves her position as Secretary to the Principal to Ruthie Rinker and the honor of being "Best All Round" in 1951. Elizabeth Courtney leaves her sparkling personality and her place on the Senior list of Who's Who to Mary Ann Mcllwee. Becky Loy leaves her ability to get in trouble in shorthand class to Frances Wolford. Dean Baughman wishes to exchange his athletic ability for the Don Juan technique of John Funk. tThey both may profitl Mary Ann Baggerly leaves her tall stature and feminine grace to Betty Keiter. Ruth Grim leaves her flirtiness, not because she wants to but because she feels they need it, to Barbara Wolfe and Pat Swink. Louis Wilson leaves his love for skating and his ability to skate to Robert Jones. Tunney Nicholson leaves his position on the Senior list of Who's Who to Tommy Reardon. Aline DeHaven leaves her pleasing way of getting along with people to Lois White. George Giles, with his Don Cupid heart, leaves all his love for the girls to Donald Luttrell. LAST WILL-Continued Harold Whetzel leaves his intelligence and ability to make good grades without taking a book home to Bill Bailey. I, Patsy Barton, being of strong will and sound mind, do hereby appoint Shirley Peoples to write the last will and testament of 51-and if that is not possible I leaveiher my enduring skill. To Miss Cline We leave a music room and plenty of time to practice for a "Glee Club". To Miss Markwood we leave a permanent homeroom in the high school building. To Mrs. Stickley we leave a library in which no classes or study periods ever have to be held. To Miss Rudasill we leave a first aid tent to be pitched in front of the cottage so that she may better provide for cases of sickness in the school. To Mr. Singhass we leave physicians stationed strategically at points in the school and on the grounds to take care of the casualties in his Phys. Ed. classes. To "Miss Elsie" we leave a Senior English class who enjoys memory work. To Mrs. Manuel we leave a perfectly out-fitted group of cheerleaders who will cheer themselves hoarse at all school activities. To Mr. Gordon we leave a completely equipped shop and laboratory so that his boys may become the finest farmers in the land. To Mr. Massie We leave the wish for a cooperative Safety Patrol and a quiet homeroom. To Mr. Perrault We leave a brand new shining adding machine to use for bookkeeping classes. To Mr. Beable, we leave the opportunity of being principal of a large high school and a cooperating student body. V V To Miss Rudolph we leave the gratefulness of the Senior Class and the opportunity of being Senior Sponsor at James Wood. To the entire student body we leave our sincere wish that they have as much fun at James Wood as we have had at Stephens City. PATSY BARTON, Testatrix A A A, nn, A, A- W Hail To Thee, Old Stephens City Tune: "Annie Lisle" Hail to thee, old Stephens City, School we love so dear. Now for thee, old Alma Mater, We will stand and cheer. Let us never from her sever, Speak out loud and bold, Loyal hearts to her, we're bringing, Hail to the Blue and Gold. Now, let's shout the chorus loudly, Bear the emblem high, On we march for Alma Ma' er Singing, Do or Die. Fair the memories that we cherish, And forevermore, Let us raise our voices strongly, School that We adore. THELMA MOREHEAD WELCH 1 O Miss ELLA RUDOLPH For four eventful years Miss Rudolph has carefully guided us. Setting the feet of frightened freshmen on the correct path was the first important step. From that time, she has understood our problems and patiently helped to correct our mistakes. Now that we are seniors, our gratitude is too deep to express, but a pleasant memory of our kind, vivacious sponsor will always be treasured in our hearts. THE S1-:mon Cmss Who's Who In the Senior Class BEST LOOKING Elizabeth Courtney Randolph Seal BEST ALL-ROUND Mary Hollar Tunney Nicholson MosT POPULAR Patsy Barton George Giles MOST LIKELY To SUCCEED Esther Williams Alfred Snapp MOST ATHLETIC Dorothy Boone Dean Baughman WITTIEST Rebecca Loy Luther Lowery BIGGEST FLIRT Ruth Grim Hansel Lindamood MOST INTELLIGENT Betty Vonn Brill Harold Whetzel F Senior Class SENIOR CLAss OFFICERS Dean Baughman --- ........................ .......... P resident Alfred Snapp ..... ..... V ice-President Betty Vonn Brill .... ........ S ecretary Mary Hollar ...... ......... ..................... T r easurer Lorraine Marker --- ................................-.. Reporter Nancy Ewing ..... ..... R epresentative to the Activities Council Senior Class . ' s if M KV MARY ANN BAGGERLY FHA '48, '49, '50, Com. Club '48-'50, Newspa- per Staff '49, Student Activity Council '50, . JVM' dit!-JJJ,003?fl vi! sgwyvlm P' J W" WW c?1ikANN glztiarz '. ,, at Pr s. xzsh. Class '47, Sec.-treas. Monogram Club '48, V. Pres. Beta Club '49, Sec. Beta Club '50, Sec. Finance Bd. '49, Treas. Com. Club '50, Reporter Monogram Club '50, Beta Club '49, '50, Com. Club '50, Monogram Club '47-'50, Basketball team '48: Softball team '47- '50, Newspaper Staff '49, Typical Soph. '48, Typical Jr. '49, Sr. Who's Who. r N .,'.'?'-1 ,K -' ALVIN DEAN BAUGHMAN L - V. Pres. Soph. Class '48, Pres. Sr. Class '50, Pres. Com. Club '49, Pres. Beta Club '49, V. Pres. Monogram Club '49, Captain Football team '47-'49-'50, Captain boxing team '49, Com. Club '48-'50, Beta Club '49-'50, Monogram Club '47-'49, Football team '47-'50, Basketball team '48, Track team '47-'49: Baseball team '48-'49: Boxing team '48-'49, Scholastic Award '47: Official deleiate to Beta Club Convention '49: Sr. Who's Who. N 'C 2 A J X no N xX x xt. f X -v rl -X 71 is ell s it il ,KJ Senior Class dir -7, , u-Uyv117f E .f:efe,,g- DOROTHY LEE BOONE Rep. Soph. Class '48g Captain Softball team '48g Literary Editor of annual '50g Monogram Club '47-'50g Com. Club '48-'50g Beta Club '49-'50: FHA '47-'49g Softball team '47-'50g Best Softball player award '49g Debate team '49g Scholastic Award '47g Typing Award '48g Stu- dent Activity Council '49g Most determined '49g Sr. Who's Who. BETTY VONN BRILL Treas. Fresh. Class '47g Pres. FHA '49g Sec. Jr. Class '49g Sec. Sr. Class '50g Parl. of Mono- gram Club '49g Sec. Com. Club '50g Treas. Monogram Club '50g FHA '47-'50g Beta Club '49-'50g Com. Club ,48-'50g Monogram Club '48- '50g American Legion Oratorical Contest '49g Va. Leagfue Oratorical Contest '49: Baslretball team '48g Hist. of FHA '50g Sr. Who's Who. O .ffl . ,Q Ll u , . I 4 A M I, 5' 1' Q ' I L . J' 9, .+V as LIZABETH JANE COURTNEY Corn. Club '50g FHA '47-'49g Softball team '47-'48: Newspaper Staff '49g Cheerleader '50g Sr. Who's Who. r' U' ' 'D I' E Senior Class ALINE GENIEVE DEHAVEN Transferred from Middletown High School '48g Historian-Monogram Club '50g Annual Staff '50g Newspaper Staff '50g Cornmerc'al Club '48-'50g Beta Club '49-'50g Monogram Club '48-'50g FHA '48-'50g Softball team '48- '49g Reporter FHA '50. J Acres. GLM-:sf 'C Errn: JEAN EBERSOLE Library Club '47g Commercial Club '49-'50g Softball team '47-'48g Award for Best Teacher Contest '49g Newspaper Staff '49g Annual Staff '50. I I NANCY BELLE EWING Annual Staff '50g Treas. Freshman Class '47g Treas. Beta Club '50g Treas. Library Club '47g Beta Club '49-'50g Co ercial Club '48-'50g Library Club '47: 5 ' Student Activ- ity Council '50g aper taff '50, Vw' Senior Class GEORGE EDWARD GILES Pres. Commercial Club '50g Treas. FFA '49g '50g Safety Patrol '48g FFA '47-'50g Commer- cial Club '50g Football team '49-'50g Newspa- Der Staff '49g Annual Staff '50g Senior Who's Who '50. RUTH ELIZABETH GRIM Pres. W. R. CJ. F. Federation '49g Parliamen- tarian Monogram Club '50g Advertising Man- ager Annual '50g Commercial Club '48g Beta Club '49-'50g FHA '47-'50g Monogram Club '48-'50g Basketball team '48g Delegate to State FHA Convention '49: Delegate to National FHA Convention '48g Newspaper Staff '50g Sr. Who's Who '50, FRANCES MAUREEN HAUSENFLUCK Annual Staff '50g Commercial Club '48-'49g FHA '47-'49g Library Club '47g Newspaper Staff '50, Senior Class MARY ELIZABETH HOLLAR Sec. Fresh. Class '47g Song Leader FHA '47g Treas. Sr. Class '50g FHA '47-'48g Comm. Club '48-'50g Beta Club '49-'50g Central Finance Board '49-'50g Asst. Supt. of FHA Fair '48 Sweep Stake Winner of FHA Fair '48g Nation- al Essay Contest '49: Pres. Student Council '50g Newspaper Staff '50g Sr. Who's Who. " . , wx, H. PEGGY Lou HOOVER Photo. Ed. of Annual '50g Monogram Club '48-'50g Com. Club '48-'50g Newspaper Staff '50g FHA '47-'50g Safety Patrol '49g Softball Team '48-'50g Basketball Team '48. - D t ali U EPS 7 . ,B WVR .w'l'lfvy 1 Y Q!! 'Fl' Q Qfyugfg AQ59""':N r xr ' C cvx QfU"Vvf-27,8 GL xivy ff DoRoTHY LORETTA LAMP Annual Staff '50g Newspaper Staff '50g Com. Club '50g FHA '47-'49g Safety Patrol '48g Soft- ball Team '49, Senior Class HANSEL ELWoon L1NnAMoon Annual Staff '50g Newspaper Stall '50g Vice- Pres. Jr. Class '49g Lieut. Safety Patrol '49g Safety Patrol '48-'49g FFA '47-'50g Com. Club '48g Frienclliest '49g Sr. Who's Who. LUTHER WILLIAM Lownnv, JR. Annual Staff '50g Newspaper Staff '50g Com. Club '48-'49g FFA '4Q7-'50g Safety Patrol '48- '49g Football Team '49g Sr. Who's Who. REBECCA VrRc1NxA Loy Trans. from Gainesboro High School '-49: Com. Club '49-'50g Annual Staff '50g Newspa- per Staff '50g Sr. Who's Who. Senior Class EFI-'A LORRAINE MARKER . Annual Staff '50g Newspaper Staff '50g Stu- dent Activities Council '50g Monogram Club '48-'50g FHA '47g Com. Club '47-'50g Manager Basketball Team '483 Reporter Fresh. Class '47: Reporter Sr. Class '50g Debate Team '49, 2 ' J , -- ,1-I -4, ,-.,.,,fiw.f-me EJ , 1.1 2. -. ,f t ' W A , Ckyvzrsxikt? lf,f,'7m,.,,, ,?,,,4,..w -1 1.,x eff' ..p 114- x .4 - 'I df ,.,,-, may . L- - 4 I X fwfr! Ct Z W .7 X' A p7 I TU NEY GENE 1cHo soN FFA '47-'48g Monogram Club '49-'50g Foot- ball Team '49-'50g Boxing Team '49: Annual Staff '50g Newspaper Staff '50g Sr. Who's Who. Mi AJXAV ' CYP' r Ni ix JAMES RANDOLPH SEAL Pres. Jr. Class '49g Pres. FFA '49: FFA Federation Reporter '50g Sup't FFA Fair '48g FFA '47-'50: M. C. Soph-Sr, Prom '48: News- paper Staff '50g Typical Jr. '49g Sr. Who's Who. KEN R W N E I Senior Class ALFRED LEE SNAPP, JR. V. Pres. Sr. Class '503 V. Pres. FFA '47-'50g Beta Club '49-'50g Annual Staff '50g Newspa- per Staff '50g Sr. Who's Who. LINDEN ALLEN VANN, JR. FFA '50g Com. Club '49-'50g Annual Staff '50g Newspaper Staff '50. ERNEST RICHARDSON WELCH FFA '49-'50g Watchdog Com. Club '50g Com. Club '50g Football Team '49g Basketball Team '48-'49g Boxing Team '48-'49g Winner of boxing medal '49g Scholastic Award '49g Newspaper Staff '49, Senior Class ai 3 1. 'JM of-I 1645 fgi, In HAROLD EVERETTE WHETZEL Iwi FFA Reporter '48g Captain Safety Patrol '49g Pres. Beta Club '50g Bus. Manager Baseball Team '49g Beta Club '49-'5Og Com. Club '48- '50g Safety Patrol '48-'49g FFA '47-'49g Debate Team '49g Sr. Who's Who. Z fzfjffaed' Q ,..x'lz4i "W f F' ,Af - crnsfmk: .34-. - 2.,yf, ,I L I Esrx-Ilan FRANCES WILLIAMS 1, Sec. Com. Club '49g Editor-in-Chief of An- nual '50g FHA '47-'49g Beta Club '49-'50g Com. Club '48-'50g FTA '50g Newspaper Staif '50' Sr. Who's Who '50. U l., N If Wifi L Uls SMITH WILSON Transferred from Capon Bridge, W. Va. '49. FFA '49-'50g Com. Club '50g Annual Staff '50g Newspaper Staff '50. Graduates of 1949 CHARLES EDWIN ANDERSON ROBERT CooPEn CATIR THOMAS J osEPH DEMAYO .Iunior Class Miss Lynn Markwood .g................ ....... S ponsor Pat Russell ........... ,...... P resident Rosa Showalter -- ...l Vice-President Patsy Smith .... ----,---Sec1'etary Ruth Rinker l,s,. ...,. T reasurer Marjorie Golliday .,.....,. ......................... R eporter The Junior Class entered the eighth grade of Stephens City High School in 1946-47 with eighty-seven members under the sponsorship of Mrs. Cecelia League, who continued as their director for two years. In 1948-49 Mr. Kena- mond replaced Mrs. League and became the Junior Class Sponsor. At the 'beginning of the current session, Miss Lynn Markwood took over the direc- tion of the Junior Class whose members have as their major project of the year the planning and the putting on of the annual Junior-Senior Prom. 3 I 4 0' X J s X. ,, -I funior Class WILLIAM BAILEY HAzEL BARHAM MARGARET BRUMBACK GLORI CHARLES COATE A CLARK s V DOROTHY CO1-'FELT PRESTON CONNER K I , 1. wi' KL 1 x '52 L Q Q01 MARY COOPER PI-IYLLIS DICK HELEN DONALD S-4' gf A N X JUNE EATON MAR JANE GHIM EUGENE GROVE RAY HINES PAGE HUFFMAN JORIE GOLLIDAY PI-IYLL S HERBAUGH MARY HERMANSON MARY JENKINS K ,ff ROBERT JONES BETTY KEITER WARREN KINES MILDRED KIRK JOHN LARRICK Q C I , K t-,i-Inv. 12, . .-A . 1, ' ,-.J yt - I 'V Lv,'k 1 ' , - A Junior Class .. ' -,1, 'av' DONALD LUTTRELL JUNE LUTTRELL SARAH MARKS , 'f . I-5 MARY A. MCILWEE 5 SHIRLEY PEOPLES ALCESTA RACEY RUTH RINKER ELLEN RIVERS ,R If-' ". f-4w4"fvtvu- EODORE SAGER THOMAS REARDON ROBERT RENNER I f 7. JoAN RUSSELL C.iff.1f11, P'AT RUSSELL INNIE RUSSELL DOLLY SHIFFLETT ROSA SHOWALTER J' AM .. Q 1 'U' ,- MILLARD SINGHAS , WN ,451 MAY SIZYDERV fja-'-:Y J n -It R mg PATRICIA SMITH sy? 53,1 I AMR? PATRICIA SWINK ffm' LOUISE WALKER LoIS WHITE Jo ANN 'I .J J E S ' ' ' BARBARA WOLFE FRANCIS WOLFORD 'QM O Sophomore Class Mrs. Elsie Hovermale --- .......... Sponsor Richard Dick .......... .......... P resident Donna Combs ....... --- Vice President Marian Copp --- ........ Secretary Sally Loy - ....... .........,..... .............. T r easurer Shirley Barton ..................................... Reporter The Sophomore Class entered Stephens City High School as eighth graders 56 strong in 1947-48. Under the continued sponsorship of Mrs. Hover- male, this group has engaged in many well-planned and successful activities. Joan Alexander Virginia Bailey Connie Barham Allen Barley Shirley Barton Betty Baughman Claude Bennington Alice Braithwaite David Brown Phyllis Campbell Sidney Carbaugh Betty Clark Doris Clem Charles Cochran Donna Combs Marian Copp May Cornell Richard Dick Sophomore Class Jackie Dove Bradley Driver Lewis Ewing Ray Ewing John Fletcher Joyce Fout John Funk Lee Gregory Noel Himelwright Donald Hodgson Mary Jenkins Wanda LaFollette Mary La Rue Julia Lintz Omer Lofton David Lowery Sally Loy Robert Madigan Nelson Mclntire Patricia Perry Helen Pierce Margaret Pullen Barbara Russell Leamon Ryan Susan Sargent Jane Shumaker Fay Shryock Glenn Silman Lucille Singhas Rose Sites Ruth Snapp Clifton Strosnider Hilda Vann Evelyn Williams Wayne White Freshman Class Mrs. Nancy Manuel ....................... ........ S ponsor Elnor Franklin ...... ....... P resident Franklin Racey --- ..... Vice President Gary Green .... ........ S ecretary Dorothy Miller --- .......................... Treasurer Lucille Carpenter --- ........,.................... Reporter Mary Renner .............. Representative to Activities Council The members of the Freshman Class, the ninth grade numbering sixty- seven, are enjoying their first year as full-fledged high school students. They entered the eighth grade at Stephens City High School last year under the sponsorship of Miss Betty Jo Wright, who was replaced this year by Mrs. Nancy Manuel. Cecil Artrip Glenwood Baker Edith Barritt Sarah Barton Katrina Bennett John Brewer Lucille Carpenter George Cather Vernon Combs Betty Coffman Charles Courtney Lewis Del-Iaven Ann Duckwall Marie Dyke Varsella Fauver James Fishback Allen Flowers Elnor Franklin' Robert Franklin Lois Frye Paul Giles Gary Green Georgiana Gum Freshman Class Jerry Herbaugh May Anna Hough Reva Hulster Warden Jenkins Kay Kane Bobby Layman Donald Lockhart Elmer Lowery Elwood Lowery Kenneth Lowery Betty Loy June Luttrell Douglas Madigan Robert Manuel Carl McDonald Don Melvin Dorothy Miller George Monk Mary Ann Monk Dorothy Netherton Juanita Nicholson William Nicholson Herbert Painter Donavon Pfeiffer Patricia Pingley Franklin Racey Carrie Lou Reid Mary Renner Beulah Riggleman Betty Rinker Carolyn Rivers Elaine Rosenberger Margie Russell Jo Ann Sirbaugh Bertha Smith Mitchell Smith Nancy Stogdale Richard Strosnider Margaret Swisher Norman Tisinger Ada Whetzel Peggy Whittington Cecil Wilfong Billy Zirkle H Eighth Grade Miss June Cline --- --- ...... - Sponsor Aubrey Clevenger -- ........ Preszdent Delores Riggleman .... ..... V ice-President. Gregory Orndorff .... --- ...... Secretary Marie Hoover .... ........,................ T reasurer. Ray Shryock ........ ............................ R epofrter Ronald Herbaugh ............ Representative to Student Council An eighth grade was added to the curriculum of Stephens City High School in the 1945-46 session, making a 7-5 school plan. The eighth grade is considered a part of the high school, even though no credits for graduation are offered by the eighth grade courses which are largely remedial and some- what exploratory in nature. The group, this year, consists of 67 members, who have come to Stephens City High School from numerous elementary schools in the county. - .W rf . Barbara Anderson June Baker Kent Barley Stanley Bauserman Charlene Bennett Danial Blye Kenneth Boone Kenneth Brill Carmen Burgess Kenneth Burkhart Marguerite Carbaugh Aubrey Clevenger Eugene Combs Sue Ellen Comber James Cooley John Drummond Joan Everhart Richard Ewing Thomas Franklin Norman Funk Peggy Funkhouser Wanda Gates Eighth Grade Robert Gilmer Ronald Herbaugh Roberta Hiserman Marie Hoover Etta Jenkins Jack Kearnes Jack Keiter Ruby Kirk Mary Layman Kenneth Larrick Ross Lowery Betty Madigan Lucille Malone Harold Nichols Nancy Nicholson Gregory Orndorff Marshall Patterson William Pifer Violet Ridenour Delores Riggleman Betty Ritenour David Ritter Myrtle Roadhouse Mary Rallings James Rudolph Bonnie Russell Barbara Seal Betty Shifflett Roy Shryock Bobby Smith Bonnie Smith Alice Snapp Harold Strosnider Grace Sutherly Mary Swink Reba Tevault Phyllis Tisinger Shirley Triplett Norma Vann Jeanette Walker William Walker Lorraine Wilson Leona Wise NWN -'avf f 1, r 'ff VR ,vgjk PW 5, 2 Elementary School wang , fb:-2 Faculty Miss MARTHA FUNK Miss Funk, an alumnus of Stephens City High School, has taught the fifth grade in the elementary school since 1940. MRS. MARGARET KERN Mrs. Kern has occupied the position as first grade teacher at Stephens City for a number of years. She first taught at Stephens City from 1935 to 1938. Then, after a leave of absence, she returned in 1944 and has continued in her work up to the present time. Mas. ADA OPP11: Mrs. Oppie has been in the teaching profes- sion for many years, but last year was her first year at Stephens City. She teaches fourth grade in the elementary school. S JS E- 'Q 'WN Faculty Mas. EDYTHE ORNDORFF Mrs. Orndorff has been second grade teacher at Stephens City since 1946, after having serv- ed a number of years as principal of Armel School. Mas. ELLEN RITENOUR Mrs. Ritenour has been a member of the faculty of Stephens City High School for three years. She teaches a group of first and second graders. Miss RUTH SAMSELL Miss Ruth Samsell became a member of the Sltephens City elementary school faculty in 1944. She is the sixth grade teacher.- Faculty Miss SAXTON SAMS1-:LL Miss Samsell has occupied the position of sevcnth grade teacher at Stephens City since 1923. Mas. BERTHA STICKLEY In 1927 Mrs. Stickley came to Stephens City Elementary School as third grade teacher. Seventh Grade Teacher-Miss SAXTON SAMSELL Roy Beatley Eugenia Caldwell Joseph Campbell Betty Chateauneuf Wilda Christian Carrie Cooley Evelyn Cooley Benjamin Crim Betty Drummond Patricia Dunn Betty Ewing Thomas Ewing Helen Franklin Shirley Frye Frederick Gore Glenda Hilliard Mary Lillis Walten Lockhart Delsie Lowery Mary Lowery Maurice Lowery Basil McDonald Luna Nichols Ismail Nuri Lolita Reid Raymond Sandy Nancy Shell John Slonaker Robert Smith John Snapp Nancy Stogdale Arthur Thorpe Samuel Wagner Marlyn Wilson Evelyn Winsboro Margaret Winsboro Velda Whittington Sixth Grade Teacher--Miss RUTH SAMSELL Bessie Arnold Miller Arnold Floyd Bennett Donald Brill Ruby Campbell Sheldon Day William Dodson Billy Ewing Nancy Gihner Charles Grandel Faye Hartley Mitchael Hartley Marie Herbaugh Jennings 'Lcickliter Perry Lowery Mary Elizabeth Loy Barbara Ellen Madagan Phyllis Madagan Estelle Madigan Melvin Miller Walter Ezra Patterson James Pence Charles Pitcock Alan Ramsey Eston See Mabel Shell Thelma Snapp Betty Vincent Betty Whetzel Ruth Whetzel Nancy Zirkle Fifth Grade x Teacher-Miss MARTHA FUNK Edgar Ambrose James Beaver Jean Boyce Carlin Brill Mary Brill Melvin Brown Ronald Brown Gilles Broy Lillie Mae Burkhart Ludell Campbell Aline Carter Robert Carlson Jerry Christian Roger Clarke J Betty Collier Yvonne Fincham Ralph Gregory Benjamin Hammon Pansy Hammon John Hawse Richard Keiter Daisy Lowery Nancy Lowery Jerri Lee McCleary Bessie McDonald Eddie Miller Alice Neff Earl Nichols Marshall Pence Douglas Petrie Alvin Racey Mencil Roach Glenn Shilflett Nancy Smith Pauline Smith Donald Snapp Junior Sutherly Judith Wagner Katherine Warren Alfred Wise Fourth Grade Teacher-Mas. ADA T. OPPIE Raymond Altizer Robert Aylor Arlen Burcham Shannon Burcham Madeline Carter Richard Clem Sue Coverstone Margaret Davey Ray Davev Alvin Dodson Douglas Driver Gale Drummond James Ebersole Edith Feathers Ethel Feathers George Fincham Larry Golliday Thomas Henler Shirlev Herbaugh John Hines Blanche Lowery Helen Lowery Delsie Madigan Betty Mauck Mary McDonald Lowell Monk Lewis Nicholson Ray Palmer Goldie Pence Clara Petrie Charlotte Pitcock Brenda Rinker Elwood Shifliett Orlan Smith Dorothy Snapp Lacy Stogdale .Tason Whetzel Warren Whittington Raloh Wilson William Wright Third Grade Teacher-Mas. BERTHA STICKLEY Wanda Altizer Lonnie Arnold Charles Bauserman Kay Boone Annabelle Boozer Catherine Boyce Garland Boyce Stanley Carbaugh Flora Carlson Ralph Clem Nancy Collier Glenna Cooley Goldie Cooley Shirley Cooley Audrey Driver Janet Drummond Martha DuVreuler Peggy Franklin Charles Gossard Arthur Hiserman Edith Hockman Pauline Litchliter James McDonald Shirley Neff Carl Nicholson William Orndorff Sue Ellen Petrie Robert Pitcock Carol Ann Seal Ernest Shell Glen Smith Jack Smith Billy Staples Benny Stogdale Garland Strickler Leroy Sutherly Gail White Phyllis Wilson Second Grade Teacher-MRS. EDYTHE ORNDORFF Charlotte Allder Bonnie Altizer Donald Ambrose JoAnn Bean Wanda Boyce James Boyd Shirley Brill Elizabeth Carper John Carper Elmer Christian Paul Dodson Franklin Feathers Judith Hartley John Hepler Susan Hepler Samuel Herbaugh Robert Keiter Kenneth Kuder Earl Lowery Phyllis Lowery Henry Madagan Marshall Madigan Dallen Mauck Roy McDonald Arlene Miller Elizabeth Neff Ruth Neff James Orndorff Joan Patterson Rena Peacemaker Fay Perry Ruth Petrie Wilson Racey Elizabeth Seale Marshall Snapp Boyd Stogdale Kathryn Stout Helen Winsboro First and Second Grades Teacher-MRS. ELLEN RITENOUR Edsel Burcharn Joyce Burcharn Martha Caldwell Billy Dodson Roland Hammond Dorothy Mae Howe Thelma Lowery Michael Madagan Lorraine Mogle Bill Neff Jimmie Robinson Storm See Eugene Settle Mary Snapp Leon Strosnyder Charles Tharpe Kenneth Wright Margaret Campbell Earl Carver Linda Collier Theodore Dovell Sandra Drummond James DuBrueler Andrew Hamman James Hilliard Frances Jenkins Norman Jenkins Irene Lowery June Putman Richard Sandy Aulden Smith First Grade Teacher-Mas. MARGARET S. KERN Diana Bash Ruth Brown Hazel Broy Linda Brumback Raymond Burns James Cooley Mary Jo Cornell Loretta Dovell Milton Driver Barbara Dusing Donald Ewing Delmar Fincham Frances Funk Susan Green Sandra Hausenfluck Regina Hillmuth Leonard Hines Randy Hollar Margaret Loy Janet Marker Mary Mauck Luana Muse Virginia Neff Judith Perry Martha Ridings Edward Sager Allen Seale Donald Shifflett Sheila Tevault Judy Wilson Thomas Yancey Gfppreciafiozz We, the Senior Class of 1950, wish to express our appreciation and deep gratitude to the following subscribers to our year book, without whose cooperation and financial aid its publication would never have been possible. 1 11 .'-v' ' L, 151,-X :V I - - ' '-'r1'.f.' W -:J .-1 1. Y 1111" Y. :n-vf'-U ' ' . ' f'EJ.Q"'T-'Flu ' H541 V.-m.1r- ' .-5 ...fe1,e,-' m1-md 4,11-2!f,f5o.,f-,319 r' xg, qu-M-1 -1 --,rx . -,.- "1-'1.v -, .fr 1 --Q-,, f . .,,1W.K1s- .Ed 14.1.1 .1--1-Xa... V 1 - t .11 . . V 1,3Jv.l-'1f'-"2 5-1,.'4g.--1'.-... 1 r.1,'y'1"'r' 1- .1 D, 1 -1'- ,, F- .',.,1.,g,1.- ', , W1 1- -.-,,ig.7i'g,11-912.5 1 -1 1 ,',g""17i'3:1- 1 -1- 1' sz.-'xy 1:-yr, .126---11',.f ' 10:1 1 'dm ,, , 1 1 11, 41 11 .115 -11 ' ' 'Hz --mg ,-'15, "-. -,4,,4-1a-.-'11-s-l'.g'1' - f X alsfi-f'1'a1r1 -1 ' 1-11:1 11 ' 1 . w' 421 11 gmgifz-' "f"I.111?,11-Q-'.'. FJ 1 , ,I 'f' .-42-ff' ' 'I 1 rr -. : 1. , 1f'J?ff'lQ--1 S'-E31 'S 1- ' Q1-F 1. 1.x vzwilgi .1', H 1 .I K U . 11. i.-,.V4jL'J.1f lg iwlgiyl-,.+--1x1 ' '--5"'i-- half-F 'ff' 1 1 ' ' W- '1 3 7111'-.'Z1J52"4l,.s-'11 :":"' - 51.4 -1-1.', ' : -1 - 11-' v .5115 -if" Qu'-1-. .f1f."11IK. '-,. - 1 11l5..L 1111 . I , r :51,111,11y,','-,F -2 '1r,,,.,g- 1- 1 ' '1 1 "L,-ff' ' ia.-g.:'i':111. X . 1 .4-A H- 5' gtg: Ji..1..l'..1 -W,-11m I1 V ' .1 -.r' .l'.','. ..'a.5'1. 4-. .,"' " 1 . , 1 1. 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COMPLI M EN TS OF HALDEMAN'S CREAMERY WINCHESTER, VIRGINIA M. J., GROVE LIME COMPANY STEPHENS CITY, VA. - IVIIDDLETOWN, VA. AGRICULTURAL LIMESTONE AGRICULTURAL LIME COMMERCIAL STONE SPRAY LIME CHEMICAL LIME Phone Stephens City 27 lLyur SHENANDOAH VALLEY APPLE CIDER AND VINEGAR CORP. PACKERS or Pure Apple Cider Vinegar HEAVY PACK CANNED APPLES "APPLE PIE RIDG ANDU Fancy Apple Sauce Apple Butter WINCHESTER, VIRG NIA COM LI ENTS OF NATIONAL FRUIT PRODUCT, Inc. White House Apple Products General Offices WINCHESTER, VIRGI Yil2Y3Y 1 In f .. " COMPLIMENTS '- , X , , Jr , f ,G v' OF 7' A Sz P SUPER MARKET PERSONNEL WINCHESTER, VIRGINIA WINCHESTER BUSINESS COLLEGE COMPLETE COURSE IN BUSINESS 40 W. Boscawen S WINCHESTER, VIRGINIA ZEROPACK COMPANY Im Reddy to go to work for you My SQFVICC lS fast and cheap and Im on the Job twenty four hours a day You can contact me at your local offlce of The Northern Virglma Power Company or ' 4 Bb nltltlnnxaxggg ALLEGHENY FREIGHT LINES, Inc. T E R M I N A L s CLARKSBURG, W. VA. BALTIMORE, Mn. PARKERSBURG, W. VA. WINCHESTER, VA.' McCormick-Deering Myers Sprayer Tractors and Implements Water Systems SALES AND SERVICE C. I. BRUMBACK Sz SON, Inc. FARM AND ORCHARD SUPPLIES 309 N. Cameron Street, Winchester, Virginia Phone 3632 PATTON'S TRANSFER AND STORAGE Phone 3208 LOCAL AND LONG DISTANCE HAULING WINCHESTER, VIRGINIA WINCHESTER SEED COMPANY ESHELMAN FEED FIELD AND GARDEN SEED POULTRY SUPPLIES Dial 3497 WINCHESTER, VIRGINIA 3lnn gggpiliitlilnliii yygy IfYouN dI COMPLIMENTS S1-:E ' or A c. W. uuvn LEMLEY VIRGINIA WGOLEN COMPANY WINCHESTER COLD STORAGE WINCHESTER, VIRGINIA Dial 4151 wi ,af-11 COM PLI M EN TS COMPLIMENTS OF OF BAKER 8z ANDERSON EVERY HOUSE NEEDS WESTINGHOUSE Altlnlnll NOVICK TRANSFER COMPANY, Inca uxsulvruiufifsltiiziq COMPLIMENTS WINCHESTER SOCIAL PROBLEMS ELECTRIC SERVICE, CLASS Inc. I' COMPLIMENTS OF O'SULLIVAN RUBBER CORP. Winchester, Virginia "AMERICA,S NO 1 HEEL" COMPLIMENTS OF CHECKERBOARD FEED STORE "See the difference Purina Makes" WINCHESTER, VIRGINIA C rpi11ar" "Bean" "Speed" "John Dee Tractors Sprayers Sprayers Farm Mach LUPTON ORCHARD SERVICE, Inc. Phone 3484 WINCHESTER, VIRGINIA m JOHN D. GLOVER Distributor GULF OIL PRODUCTS WINCHESTER, VIRGINIA THE PICTURES THIS YEAR ARE MADE BY LEMLEY'S STUDIO STEPHENS CITY, VA. Q COIVIPLIMENTS CCMPLIMENTS 'gpm OF OF RED WING THE WILLOWS RESTAURANT WINCHESTER, VA. CC M PLI M E N TS OF E PARKER'S SUPER . .. io MARKET "wi,?L2'5Zi'ETnPai53lLz F942 STEPHENS CITY, VA. tlRllQm1A llltliinlgpg lslsliltliaultliiurtltlililiinitlsliiiiiiiiiltli Hurst's Rainbowridge Gardens "Flowers At Their Bestv For Every Occasion lY 31Iy3yyyilZyyv VIRGINIA LIVESTOCK E AsiaIIIIIPIYITAIISIQAIDISIIPIIISQQIQIL MARKET, Inc. ALL THE FINER VARIE'IIES PEONIES, HARDY CIIRYSANTHEMUMS AND PERENNIAL PLANT Phone 5152 WINCHESTERI, VA. COMPLIMEN TS V7 COMPLIMENTS OF 9 OF O, L. ROBINSON fi McOROY's F ICE 8z COLD STORAGE VVINCHESTER, VIRGINIA C OMPLIMEN TS OMPS FUNERAL HOME POWERSOFSERVICE VOYNE B. OMPS CENTER WINCHESTER VIRGINIA AUTO BODY F EN DEARWWORK SHENANDOAH MOTOR CO., Inc, WINCHESTER, VIRGINIA Opposite Handley School ggg55gg5 LORING J. WRIGHT, Agent SINCLAIR REFINING COMPANY Business-3251 Telephones. Residence-4836 WINCHESTER VIRGINIA Telephones: 4803 - 3951 E. J. NICKELSON COAL AND WOOD General Dump Truck: Hauling R. W. NORRIS 8z SONS, Inc. 11 Oates Avenue WINCHESTER, VIRGINIA A Wholesale 725 S' 'Cameron Street AUTOMOTIVE PARTS AND WINCHESTER, VIRGINIA EQUIPMENT JOI-HSI W. MILLER MAX W. LEWIS 721 S. Loudoun St. Martinsburg Pike G, 8 M, Phone 8158 Phone 3653 MUSIC CENTER Headquarters For Everything Musical 38 W. Boscawen St. Phone 4542 WINCHESTER, VIRGINIA MILLER 8: LEWIS FRUIT CO. Apples-Peaches Office: 627 N. Loudoun St. Telephone 7421 WINCHESTER, VA DIAL 5882 ACCESSORY SHOPPE QUPSTAIRSJ ACCESSORIES-"Just a little differentv 7 W. Boscawen Street E. W. Armstrong Co. Metal Weatherstrips and Caulking Screens-Wood or Metal-Rolscreens of Pella Venetian Blinds-Radiator Enclosures Awnings-Cloth and Aluminum Aluminum Screens and Storm Combination OFFICES 37 E. Piccadilly St. Phone 4643 Charlotte N. Adkins Winchester, Va. WINCHESTER' VIRGINIA Baptist's Drug Store COMPLIMNTS I, , no Jvm OF E 'fufglrlty--Accuracy M M. J. BAPTIST, Proprietor 'fx Phone 160 STEPHENS CITY, VIRGINIA HIGH POINT INN STEPHENS CITY, VIRGINIA 11y231I2 P. W. PLUMLY Lumber Corporation HARDWOOD LUMBER All Kinds of Building Materials Avn:YIIili:x1x:u:i:nau:u:uai:i:sJs:n:nanlu:s:1Ji1n: THE WORKINGMAN'S STORE 133 N. Loudoun Street For better work and dress clothes for men and boys WINCHESTER, VA. Phone 3892 Lee gaalgpisnd ggdifgflfohnson COMPLIMENTS Best Wishes to the OF CLASS OF '50 THE JEWEL BOX T ED'S NEWS STAND WINCHESTER - FRONT ROYAL Phone 7392 N , nuns Easy to Pay 39 S. Loudoun Street W The JEWEL BOX Way, WINCHESTER, VIRGINIA COMPLIMENTS COMPLIMENTS OF OF ROYAL CROWN CLOWE,S JEWELRY COLA STORE WINCHESTER, VIRGINIA WINCHESTER, VIRGINIA T H ework E "7 1f5f 52 " o i 'iii E N0 fnfSf'5 C5 I A REBEWER! Q 6'14l?B0lV14-TED ' 31g5gJ 111: COMPLIMENTS OF BUNCUTTER TIRE CO. WINCHESTER, VIRGINIA SMITH PONTIAC SALES AND SERVICE Winchester and Berryville, Va. We Repair All Makes of Cars SCHEN CK CHEESE CO. Wholesale Food Specialties WINCHESTER VIRGINIA COMPLIMENTS OF GAUNT'S DRUG STORE Valley Ave. and Mam St. WINCHESTER, VIRGINIA COMPLIMENTS Wl COMPLIMENTS OF I OF ROBERT L. DEHAVEN CAPPEHS JEWELRY SHERIFF FREDERICK COUNTY COMPLIMENTS BEST WISHES OF GRUBBS STUD10 SOUTH END BARBER SHOP WINCHESTER, VIRGINIA WINCHESTER, VIRGINIA COMPLIMEN S OF COUNTY CLERK LEE N. WHITACRE COMPLIMENTS OF MERVEL W. ADAMS WINCHESTER, VIRGINIA Dial 3321 COMPLIMENTS MILLER'S HARDWARE t 'mg OF COMPANY NI 85 EDDY HARDWARE PAINTS f WINCHESTER., VIRGINIA SPORTING OOOOS Wincheste V HEATWOLE MOTOR COMPANY DeSOtO - Plymouth WINCHESTER, VIRGINIA CHAPMAN MOTOR CO. CHRYSLER - PLYMOUTH Sales and Service 330 W. Boscawen St. WINCHESTER, VIRGINIA P. B. W R I G H T COMPLIMENTS OF ESSO STATIONS YOUNG MEN'S may jig NW Serve You Righ " WINCHESTER, VIRGINIA ltllltlmlnlmlnllll BAILEY BROS. GENERAL MERCHANDISE Dial 3633 WINCHESTER VIRGINIA mpy CALDWELL-SITES CO. STATION ERS OFFICE OUTFITTERS WHOLESALE PAPER GIFTS Wincheste V g MILLER Sz ANDERSON COMPLIMENTS PLUMBING and HEATING OF "Iron Fireman Stokersv BARBER SHOP Phon 3855 VIRGINIA WINCHESTER, VIRGINIA izztuuxfcvb' COMPLIMENTS OF ELECTRICAL SERVICE WINCHESTER NASH NEON SIGNS Phone 7384 WINCHESTER, VIRGINIA Wincheste V g FRED S. BQYD COMPLIMENTS OF The Prescription Druggfst MO S KODAKS AND FILMS Winchester, Virginia SERVICE STATION g3ll53K COMPLIMENTS OF BEST WISHES TO THE DUNCAN BROS. WINCHESTER, VIRGINIA ,50 COMPLIMEN TS OF COMPLIMENTS OF GARIIFR ICE QREAM JIM GOLLADAY Thi1Best Kmol CLASS OF '25 P 5422 MCIN TIRE GROCERY SPITZER FURNITURE , STORE Sunny Slde Dealer in Finest h WINCHESTER, VIRGINIA FURNITURE phone 7980 S ph ns City, Virginia Phone 135-W M. C. FLEET WINCHESTER LOCKER COMPLIMENTS AND OF PROCESSING PLANT Wholesale and Retail H., J. CO, Open 7 A. M. to 12 P. M. Sunday 8 A. M. to 12 Noon r COMPL MENTS OF H. W. BUTLER 8z BRO. BAUGH Sc SONS C0 JOHN O. HARDESTY Local Mgr. WINCHESTER, VIRGINIA Premium Fertil' Wire Produc Spray Materials COMPLIMENTS COMPLIMENTS OF OF WINCHESTER WHULESALE CRCCERY AMERICAN OIL C0' KERNSTCWN CABIN CAMP OF DINNERS F. AMCS SHRYCCK CHICKEN-IN-THE-BASKET MEET YOUR FRIENDS AT COMPLIMENTS OF THE GOLIJEN GLOW STEPHENS Cm N LIONS CLUB WINCHESTER VIRGINIA STEPHENS CITY, VIRGINIA ROGERS SERVICE STATION WINCHESTER, VIRGINIA iCl MARY'S BEAUTY SHOPPE Featuring Radio Waves Stephens City Phone 103-R COMPLIMENTS OF Distinctive Jewelry ELLIOTT MOTOR LINES WINCHESTER, VIRGINIA 41 S. Loudoun St. WINCHESTER, VIRGINIA Bayliss Sz Patterson COMPLIMENTS Radio and Electrical Appliances OF CROSLEY sf GIBSON DEALERS B 85 C BAKERY 207 N. Cameron St. WINCHESTER, VIRGINIA Winchester, Va. Dial 5526 HODGSON 8a BROWN Gifts of Jewelry Proper for Every Occasion "Like Precious Moments Cherished FOTQUCTU X READY TO WEAR MEN'S CLOTHING L and F BARGAIN STORE 220 N. Cameron St. Phone 4,306 Winchester, V SOUTHERN STATES Stephens City Service FEED, SEEDS, FERTILIZER AND FARM SUPPLIES Stephens City, Virginia STEPHENS CITY GARAGE Complete Auto Service TIRES - BATTERIES - PARTS Harry S. Ritenour, Owner Stephens City Phone 196-W COM PLI MEN TS OF SOUTHERN STATES Winchester Service WINCHESTER, VIRGINIA MILLS' GROCERY STEPHENS CITY, VIRGINIA I BEST WISHES FROM VETERANS TEXACO STATION ' WASHING - LUBRICATION WELCH BROTHERS J. W. GROVE FURNITURE CO. Dial: Phones 6472 or 8700 123-131 S. Loudoun St. Easy Paymewts-No Canvying Charge WINCHESTER, VIRGINIA WINCHESTER , URNITURE co. R. E. Avey, Manager I COMPLETE HOME FURNISIHERS Winchester, Virginia Rockingham Poultry Marketing Co-Op, Inc. WINCHESTER, VIRGINIA Frederick C0-operative Farm Bureau, Inc. Co-operative Purchasing . and Marketing UIlLXYE Harry Murphy 8: Bro. FEED, FENCE, FLOUR SEEDS AND FERTILIZERS Penn. R. R. Yds. Farmer Owned and Controlled Winchester, Va. Dial 5545 A. C. SIOIl2lk0I' 82 S011 COMPLIMENTS 51 Years of Service OF QUALITY GOALS J ohn S. Solenberger SL Co. Winchester, Va. Dial 6422 WINCHESTER, VIRGINIA Ralph S. Brown 81 Son Plumbing, Heating and Repairing Oil Burners and Stolcers -' m.-fe. s' 'If 'D W . . UIIITIHEETERS sexes. 91529 2? .DRIVE-I n mmm, UNI MILK NORTH 'ifi3iiL.T'15ZTlF,?EL95i..ff'f."- i 1 WM' evenv 5"5vfefc'f6:' 'user-l'rh RAIN OR MOON-7:20 85 9:20 10 W. Fairfax Lane Dial 8270 AT E C on? S1 Pei Car i-all-Taxi B. K. SMITH'S COMPLIMEN TS SERVICE STATION or GULF PRODUCTS TRUCK SUPPLIERS,Inc. Winchester, Va. WINCHESTER, VIRGINIA agg PIN GLEY Sz CARPER Cl e a n e r s 31 E. Piccadilly St. WINCHESTER, VIRGINIA BEST WISHES FROM VIRGINIA LOAN AND THRIFT CORP. WINCHESTER, VIRGINIA Dial 4611 COMPLIMENTS OF DIAMOND CAB WINCHESTER, VIRGINIA It Pays To Shop At Penney's J. C. PENNEY CO. WINCHESTER, VIRGINIA Your Friendly Department Store H. W. EBERT YOUR BUICK DEALER For the Past Thirty-Three Years 635 North Loudoun St. , WINCHESTER, VIRGINIA Dial 4127 C OM PLI M EN TS OF OATES LUMBER CO. WINCHESTER, VIRGINIA THE FLOWER SHOP Miller Bros., Props. "Everything In Flowcrsv WINCHESTER, VIRGINIA Dial 3517 U 124-W' COMPLIMENTS OF SN APP FOUNDRY, Inc. WINCHESTER, VIRGINIA ,ggggpnlnatlillll 11 WHITE OAK Service Station 8z Grocery B. S. YANCY Route 277 STEPHENS CITY, VIRGINIA COMPLIMEN TS OF GIBSTONE HOTEL Dial 6995 RITZ-LEE COURT RESTAURANT AND FILLING STATION Alvin Wenzel, Prop. if AIN CLEANERS Pick-up and Delivery Winchester and F reder'clc County Valley Avenue Phone 166-W Stephens City, Va. WINCHESTER, VA. Ph N' h 7268 W' h t one lg t me es er RHODES ESSO SERVICE SANITARY PLUMBING AND HEATING CO. 24-HOUTR SERVICE Lewis McDonald, Owner Phone 59-R Stephens City, Va. ATLAS AND FIRESTONE TIRES BATTERIES AND ACCESSORIES Used Cars Bought and Sold Phone 78 STEPHENS CITY, VIRGINIA COMPQQEWENTS GEORGE W. KURTZ, Inc. C. F. 8 WINCHESTER, VIRGINIA 401 North Market Street WINCHESTER, VIRGINIA Oliver Farm Equipment Quality Furniture Tefms to suit your budget Established 1868 GEORGE W. CLOWSER TRAKNSFER AND STORAGE 21 Clarke St. Dial 6263 WINCHESTER, VIRGINIA Local and Long Distance Moving C. B. SMALTS Sz SON Florists PLANTS, CUT FLOWERS FLORAL DESIGNS Dial 6292 1, A WINCHESTER, VIRGINIA if AJY7 ' COMPLIMENTS THE SHOE CENTER INCORPORATED 1 OF PETERS SHOES E. EARL SHADE tkljiqjiglgy Phone 3881 Why Pug? More When The Best North Loudoun Street WINCHESTER, VIRGINIA Cost Less At THE SHOE CENTER Winchester 1 S. Loudoun Street COMPLIMENTS OF Hotel Jack Coffee Shop J. P. I-IERSHBERGER Proprietor HUNTSBERRY'S Fashion Footwear Chambersburg, Penna. Winchester, Virginia Front Royal, Virginia 1 . 'pl' COMPLIMENTS 3, ll OF Kinney's Shoe Store W COMPLIMENTS OF Green Chemical Co. INCORPORATED Winchester, Virginia SPRAY MATERIAL PACKING SUPPLIES FERTILIZER n BOBER AND DAN 1375 Loudoun St. Telephone 5982 PLUMBING AND HEATING SALES AND SERVICE COMPLIMENTS OF The Virginia Fruit Co. Winchester, Virginia FRESH FRUITS and VEGETABLES COMPLIMENTS COMPLIMENTS OF OF E. M. WHITING B. 8: M. Chevrolet Sales Company Used Car Dealer WINCHESTER, VIRGINIA CHEVROLET - CADILLAC Your Friendly Dealer John W. 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Suggestions in the Stephens City High School - Newtown Pippin Yearbook (Stephens City, VA) collection:

Stephens City High School - Newtown Pippin Yearbook (Stephens City, VA) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Page 1


Stephens City High School - Newtown Pippin Yearbook (Stephens City, VA) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 111

1950, pg 111

Stephens City High School - Newtown Pippin Yearbook (Stephens City, VA) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 110

1950, pg 110

Stephens City High School - Newtown Pippin Yearbook (Stephens City, VA) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 93

1950, pg 93

Stephens City High School - Newtown Pippin Yearbook (Stephens City, VA) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 68

1950, pg 68

Stephens City High School - Newtown Pippin Yearbook (Stephens City, VA) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 95

1950, pg 95

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