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Stephen S Palmer High School - L Annuaire Yearbook (Palmerton, PA) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Cover

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f R, , 1 4 f Xxx xx. 5-NN Xxx Nah QXLLJ, 5 ' iw EZ! A, . , 1, . .. -534,5 J .gxggsl Rfgggiruy kwjyjag-xj.iQaQZlaQ33i?3i.Tfg5iL1i-be ,T L FQNNX-CKMC-QE M59 4 ,gf 1 W f-ff ' 'v h ' "l A: I V iz: lx , Y ' h 2 .-" A .Y ,h - 5 I k -I-1-04-. v T . , V, yi 772 "N A 4 " 'lf Q Y u , . -5 'nib X , E xl I 5' -f .......... X ! Q , A 4. . , 9 , A, N ii 4 I W' 1 X I ' 4 . , X ' ' N-ugr: ,Qf,5.V1I4 ' I -, , 'Y V xx - J- f ' 426' ' .. ' Vg. f ' - v Q V - . . I ' f 3 b .1 ' i V' II1 Q' ' 13 W- - ...... ,,...l....q , W A , -n I . , g 1: 4,-Q-1: :, Z! ,Z , Q - 1 1 f , 7 'N EAHEN CHC mesa H7 H S H ST 4' 34 9 1 G C QOL N- xn s 2525 'jul X Thus a culmination ofour lolnt efforts as the Year record our school lute and to set down on these pages a lasting chronicle whnch w1ll endure to brang fond mem ones In the lnfe ahead Thus by revert I ng to these pages we can recall our hugh school careers with all the memories of the tnme that once was ours 0" 4I J B O Q v f book otlthe Class of I959. Gur purpose has been to Purpose Dedl catlon Faculty Underclassmen Extra Curricular Actuvltues Sensor Actnvutnes Seniors Patrons 's Q I Wig . . 2 ' ' . 4 . . . 5 . . . . . 13 - ' ' ' ' . . . 28 Sports ...... . 43 ' ' ' ' . . 59 . . IO2 s N f V7 in I D 0 We dedicate our yearbook to Mr Joseph J Swletzer he offered encouragement and helpful assistance throughout our high school career His influence will be felt long after we have departed from the halls of P H S 1959 Senior Class adviser. As teacher, confidant, and friend, x 'D Qi 52 X L Mearl F Gerhexm Supenntendent of Schools Departlng Sensors Though I have been here but a short time and have come to know few of you very well I assure you that the warmth of my affectxon and my abrdnng Interest In your welfare have been none the less snncere While all of you are qultedlfferent ln many ways, yet all are alike In at least three re spects Flrst, each has twenty four hours of golden opportunity each day It IS up to each to make the most of these, to make proper choices, and to follow declslons to successful frurtlon Second, each of you has a lob That lob IS to thank things through The person who does this IS seldom taken In by crack pot' ideologies or propaganda Those without thoughts of thelr own become tools of those who thlnk, however good or bad their thoughts may be Third, each of you has a destlny Wnth a clear cut label of ambltnon and applrcataon, you wnll arrrve at your destlnatron, even rf de layed en route Without them, you will draft aimlessly to the unclarmed offace of obllvron May each grasp has opportunxtles, act well hrs 'ob of thanking things through, route ham self toward a worthwhule destrnatlon, and fl nd success rich In rewards and service to mankznd Mearl F Gerhelm Superintendent of Schools Mrs. Helen D. Steinmetz Mrs. Hulda N. Owens Dear Semors When one has written messages to senlors over a perm od of exght years, one discovers that there us llttle left to say that has not been sand before If I were, however, to take the liberty of offering you rules for lxvnng, they would read as follows l Learn 1 n g as self lustafymg Never make the mnstake of trying to equate learn mg with materaallstlc returns or with happn ness 2 Anythang worth doing IS worth doing we 3 Be an lndlvlduallst Before you rebel, however, you must learn conformity and dns cxpllne Sincerely Omar Seals Prmclpal 'Mnwwf' OMARC SEALS Prmcxpal X A I ,al Anna B. Becker CONRAD R. WILKER Assxstant Pnnclpal WINTON C EVANS HELEN D TREWEEK English English PHYLLIS G KITTELBERGER English JAMESF FOLEY MARGARETS MILLER English Mathematics English French Latin NANCY L GREEN English GERALD D GEIGER HARRY R. BOMBERGER German English German HARRY H ECKERT Mathematics JOSEPH F ORAN Mathematics WILLIAM A RU DDY Mathematics HELEN B WISMER Mathematlcs GEORGE R. PARAVIS Science CLETUSJ HOLLYWOOD Dr. Ed Science LEON P. REX, JR. JOHN M. MESSERSMITH Science Science 9 OSCAR M. BLYNN Social Studies RAYMOND E FRYE Geography RICHARDJ SNYDER Social Studies Dr Ed ALLEN C HUNSICKER Social Studles Dr Ed .v-fl MICHAEL J. MARCELLINO Social Studies JOHN C YOUNG Social Studies ,A li' bf' EDWARDA GORDOS D L LEARN Civics Guidance Social Studies I0 A,a"hWZ 4 Tfrfcv 1 1 1 . G , g' if ai . ml E' gp s. 1 Q , ' ' , ,LJ 5 - A , . . g n . n ,,,:' I is lf, P17 ' I I , f f' ' ' Z f' A f at - A Za? 1 X 1 if fi 1 s o ,Q .- 'Q ' ' X , . . . -si ' A - 122 . - :Sims -' .. , 512' ,tem A' ,fffffff "M so-:wi 16, 'i 2 ff- ff5:2??V - g 2.22-,sigiif , . sf ' f ' - ' . " yfff:--'Q' 15 f , L1:fgg'fffff:,'fIistz:1im.,:,f'.S' ." 0 l I . DONALDJ HOLLAND MABELJ TOMB Health Phys Ed Sclence Bus1nessEducauon RUTH T HUBER Homemakmg JOYCEJ BRADY ELIZABETH B CRAIG Physlcal Educanon Busmess Education ANNA G RICE Homemakmg WILLARD H WILHELM EMMA L SCHLEGEL Physxcal Educauon Gmdance DOUGLAS M Mac CRINDLE IRA B SCHEIB -Iv!" 4,4 Eg' 6 Industnal Arts JOSEPH I SWEITZER RUTH B HAGENBUCH AMANDA K THOMAS GEORGE B PAUL School Nurse SPCC131 Educauon Industnal Arts I I inn? DOROTHY E. RITTER L1brar1an STANLEY A. SMITH PAULINE I. KLOTZ Instmmental Music Music 12 UNO? Ox L fi 4 L N A Q, 9 ' ff 'Y 1 5, E S-J gigs Xl W.: N Jerry Haytman, Presidentg Ray Carazo, Vice-Presidentg Cora Borger, Secretaryg and Larry Mayer, Treasurer. Juniors were buzzlng around all year preparing for the lumor actlvutaes they sponsor the Halloween Social, the Jumor Dance, the Jumor Class Party, and a new prolect, the Sprung Frollc The Halloween Socual, the mam socnal event ofthe sc hool year, as sponsored annually by the lumor class W: tc hes boiled better brew and ghosts haunted more houses as P H S students, alumna, and out of town guests danced to the records spun by Bull Camperson, WHOL cllsc lockey Two other social successes were the Jumor Dance and the Jumor Class Part The Junior Dance was open to everyone but the class party was hel exclusively for rumors The newestaddltlon to the soclal activities of the IUDIOTS was the Sprung Frolnc Open to all couples from grades 9 to T2 the Sprung Frollc, an Informal prom, gave added excitement Jerry asks for ayes on motlon ID quesuon ala 15 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Q Q . . - . . . . . . yn . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ' I . . . ft H - - - if If MQ: H . ' 3"-' Lp' ,Hn sv l04.'o ":'fQooo, " Q 0194, Q fnirn,,,,' 'Q' at ,-,,,,,,,, 1 U. - nuns. Q IH Q ' als t ,, . tts: ' -. ',, .:.I'.n yr 'na I 'lg3,4' 0 u , x v," 5 E ,, 5 ' "'v 5 . , "'ng 4, 'A ' ' T l .""v'f' . sth . Anewalt Andreas R Altemose J W Andrews Ashner L Bacon R Bandz1 Barrlla Beers B Beers R Beers R Berger Berger Bob1ta J Bonser Borbe R Borger Borger Borger Bossard R Bray M Brown D Carazo R Carter R Chrlstman J Ec S Gordos A Honshlko D Chrrstman R. Eckhart J Green Horlnko C Chrrstman S Engler M Green Horn M Cook D Costerlbader Costenbader Cra1g A Cunnrngham Danrels L Da K Derkocz J Dunbar L Fabran R. Green Horn M Farber K Grrffrrh F Horwarh D Federamch J Gulden J Jacoby C Foley J Harpe J Krnek J Forum Haytman G K s J Frable K Helmbach R. Klemtop J Gabovltz R Herney L Klermop N George D Helmuth K Klutzarrtz L Gerheart D Heydt R Koch K , . , T. ' , . k, . , . ' , . , - , L- ' . . , - , J- . - , . , . , . ' , , W. , . . . . J. , L. ' . - , - '. . Bandzi, L. Borger, M. Cosrenbader, T. Fisher, R. Hahn, P. Kercsmar, N. ', M. , P. ' , . , . , . ' , . ' , S. , . ' , D ' ', R. , . is , . I6 fl 'VH x F ini' Koch P Merluzzl P Pasur M Koch R Mllkowlch Pastuch I Krawchuk M M11ler C Paules L Kromer K Mumz M Paules R. L1tw1n M Murray N Pench C Lock R Nanov1c J Rahn R Madar Naraul C Rehng L Mahk K Naraul D R1Sk8 D Matzuk T Noguelra D Roblnson R, Mayer L Papay M Rodenbach R Meckes R Parav1s T Samuelson A Merlcs I Parsons E Sarlk I M rkel M Partel R SChC1b I ,Ji Sheckler J Sol G Webb J Slkorsky R. Stanche R. Wentz V Slmpson J Stelgerwalt C Whltman G S1mpson M Steln J W11son T Smxda Stemler S W1socky B Strohl D W1socky R Strohl E Yehnko F Sturd1k M Smlth T1s1ker Smlth Vxsnosky I Snyder C Sobota H Sochan Walker C Sm1da R Smlth D Sm1th J Wagner R Wahrmann P ,M , xi 34 L 4 5 , 0 Q qf S LRV' X sf? Q ki , wi, :Vx ,I U l L , X -fn if , AA ,M ge rfqgmtn' . , Hpnm ' gsggmf mu 21 .ui fflfl f NU11? ii!! 'E ,?, l "'. .','. .' .. ,. , . ,. ',M. ' ,. I7 x R .X , Q J JackDel1ch Presldent Gary Pave V1ce Presxdent Susan The sophomores, who will grad ua te as the Class of 1961, were con cerned only with two events during the school term Thelr mam social event was the annual class party This was their sec ond class party the first beang the freshman class party The second event during the year was the nomlnatlon and election of class officers A nominating committee was elected, In turn they met and elected nominees as candidates for off: ces of the Iunlor year Jack hears motxon from the Hoot I9 rf . l n 6 1 Renshaw, Secretaryg and Sandra Sham, Treasurer. , . A L ,xxx A 1' I . dia H -ya., Q , ' 1 . V A A f ' MLW' y Q em Q ' QM 'slum ' " '71 i 4 , , M Z" f ,Q i v ? YK , 4 W , f ff". - L A V f ,gi , . 1 T. 4 A SM M A. ' , e , A W2 an ,QV vs' mM.x5: E 4 ,uma A-. , 4, N 0 . Mm, ff' 2 Q N .. V 311. M w,4hgV,.'! 1: I A ,Ie-Q Wil. W .. 4 x .QQ a ,gf av 1 1 ? 3 I ! rw-an vi Q g am? V ' , Y mf MT" , :VA ' W4 3 gm 'M Q Wmzfx 4 ,Q ' Q ' I J ' V 4 1 i ' ' 4 ,QE ,X A QZWW 1 5 1 W mv 9' W ., Mgt Q f Af X' f .' , i 2 a. , ve 4 ifb if' E I V 5 A I fav' l ,V 7 I ' b 1, Q 1 I " E? ff ...Q 2. f W "A " Y . J' xv, I g , A 'M' , ' ' Wm Q , : A L fe N 5 dy y Z J: . ' Q 1 w 1 ' , , W 4, A V . -,., ,,,, , U4 ig! 5 it :K WHO A X A , 5 A wird' A g .22 . ar-U4 J I' M.-K lil! Ill 1373 ir: Wi? -vvfw f , ff mf! I? f 'ive 9' ' Q, .E 3 1 55 U Y in ri' Q g:!"'+ ' ' ff2m,,,, by , M W3 '43 "1-41" Earl Wagner Presrdent Rrchard Webb V1ce Presldent Kathry n Kmg Secretary and Manlyn Branch Treasurer The mam activity of the freshman class IS the annual Class Party which begins In September All members work hard to make this, their first class prolect, a success and to show their advisers they can work together as a group As fres hmen they are beginning the first steps toward the climax of graduation from hugh school They are now the oldest an lunxor high and have a super: or Feeling as the eighth and seventh graders look up to them Earl accepts a nomrnatron as Kathryn records 23 l is looked forward to with great anticipation and enthusiasm when school ' ' I ' ll ll .S 4' Ref QD 398- OC ap CQ 83 B6 'Srl - , oo. . . y i '39 1 36 as Q as ,,,,. Althouse, B. Borger, L. Andress, F. Borger, L. Anewalt, C. Bowman, R. Aranjo, L. Branch, M. Arner, L. Brown, H. Ashner, J. Brown, T. Balliet Brubaker, J. Becker, G. Buhay, M. Behler, R. Carazo, R. Bennett, B. Carter, R. Bennett, J. Chamberlin, S. Bennyhoff, N. Christman, C. Bernhard, F. Christman, M. Bollinger, L. Costenbader, M. Bonser, S. Craig, R. Curran, J. Curry, C. Daniels, R. Davies, T. DeVore, R. Diehl, N. Dotter, J. Dunbar, K. Dunbar, S. Ebely, B. Eckhart, P. Eckhart, R. Eckhart, S. Elliston, J. Engle, E. 24 as 1:5- QQ Cl we Farber B Farenkepf Farenkopf Ferko S Flexer K Fogel R Frable R. Frantz Frohnheiser B Gabovitz R Garcia, . George, . George, . George, . George, . Goodhrle J Grady Graver R. Green Green Green Greene M Greene W Grohotolsky Guedes M Hahn, F. Ha , R. Hawk, D. Heiney, F. Heiney, S. Herney T Hersler W Helmuth C Herman J H I Honshiko R Horn M Horwath R. Johnson B Kane King, K. Ki s, E. K' s, S. Koch, . Koch, G. Freshmen g1r1s are buslly dlgglng IH Where are those hungry boys mcludxng Mr Young? as HM jim 11X 'gas- 1:-fn gi 26 5? 'X Aiiific Q, M' Q Q I gg L 7 LL 0 L Student Councrl members pose on school steps Wllh advrser Mr Edward Gordos Members of the Handbook D1v1s1on Commrt tee one of tlus year s pro1ects are from left to rlght Jan Gulden Brran Beers Joe Car azo and Jxm Hessrnger charrman Offlcers of the councrl are left to nght Jan Gulden Sergeant at arms Brran Beers Pres ldent Dlane S t e 1 n m e t z Secretary and Conrad Bxege Treasurer Secretary Drane Stemmetz reads the mrnutes of the last meetmg ,,4o-P4 1 L ULINL. One of the Presrdent s dut1es1s to read all an E X6 CHI 1 V C C0l1I1C11 Kathy King n ou nc e m e nts over the mter com system Jamce Altemose Harold Nanovrc A M and P M Brran Beers and Bruce Mertz r 29 r 4 ' y I' W Q 1' Jfx A P r . 1 -- ' 3 ' ' 1 X - f s .A 5 Q Q J LC NC? FH! Palmerton Hugh School s fourth Annual Sczence Farr held Frlday evening March 6 T959 was vlsnted In large numbers by students and townspeople and pra 1 sed as the best yet In the general science d I vlslon the wnnners were R1 c hard Rehrlg, Orlgnnal Design for Modern Homes Charles Hel muth Human Eye Thomas Brown Comparison Be tween a Hydrometer and Altimeter Terry Stelnmetz Germlna tlon and alternate Stanford Merkel Transistors In biology honors went to Marty Gur sky Scnentlflc and Unsclentnfzc Farming Lynn McFarland Effect of Fertilizer on l x ' ' , Q ff V 5 - u n n. I I I . . n - H 0 I I - - - ' rl. ' vu ' -I I I ' I - ' n. I I I II u ll ' .ll . . . . - I - , , . H , . I, . . . . . . . H I ' la, - Il ' ' I I X Y A - 'MW fi 1 ' - ' , 4 ' . T . I I T ' I l 30 Growth of Grassan Dafferent Soals 5 Carol Ann Smath, Evolution of the Horse 5 Candy Sampson, Algae, Farmang Key to Space Travel 5 Robert Brach lnsectavor- ous Plants ', and alternate, E l a zabeth Vlossak Hydroponacs Physacswanners were Machael Latwan, Aerodynamacs, Usang a Smoke Funnel Frances Graffath Modern Art from Sound Waves Terrance Matzuk, Electronac Musac Synthesazer Robert Smada, Machelson lnterferometer J ana ce Al temose Ap lacataon of a Sample Ma chme Mac ael Merkel, Wave Motaon an Sprangs and alternate, Machael Samp son, Experamental Power Reactaon Chemastry wanners were Madeleane Cvordos, Chromatography Davad Lesko Chemastry an Photography Rachard Boyer, Manufacture of S ul fura c Acad John Chrastman, Chemacal Effects nn Electracaty , and James Sampson, Zeo late Molecular Scenes In the chart category Sally Wallaams won the lunaor hagh davasaonwath her chart aor hagh wanner wath her chart, Depacted Functaons of Laft Force, and Centrafugal Pumps Grand champron records a tune for P H S students Mxchael LIICVIH demonstrates proyect to spell bound vaewers Terrance Matzuk, P H S lunaor won Nataonal Scaence Faa r at Hartford Con nectacut Representang the Lehagh Valley Terry was competang an the physacal scaence davasaon of the faar held last week Terry also receaved a Unated States Navy Award Ata banquet on May8 1959 he was awarded a catataon, twenty fave dollars worth of scaen 'A ll 31 tafacequrpment, a paar of ba noculars, and prom a se of a Navysclence cruase He al so a peared on televasaon Sun ay May lO A total of 320 students from hagh schools throughout the country and parts of the world exhabated at the Na taonal Faar Terrys prolect was an electronac musac syn thesazer whach can amatate a number of musa cal anstru ments . . . ,, ' Il ll . ,, . II ' II ' I , . I aa . II Il ' ' ll. - , 1 .. ' ' aa s . I , ll, ll ' I l . . ,,- . I o ra ' u, ' ,, E I , ' H 1 1 0 - if L. 1 1 E . W ga, ' ll. ' . ar ' - , - ' a I I 'I' I I 1 5 1 . Il ' ' ll I I . I ' ' ll Il, ' T I I ll ' ' ll ' I ll L ' ll, I l ' i . ,, . . ' ' ar, ' ll - - . . ' ll I 0 I I . . I . . I "Refragerataon", Carol Perachwas the sen- a fourth-place award at the tenth annual l I I l I I 1 I ' I a n 1 n 4 . I - . I , Q Q I missy! 1 x-.Wg'4.L . . . 1 N ma. L f 4 , , , 5 1 . ' ' f I 1' , I - 'V K .-.wk T ' aw my a w A 1 .nw H' Y ' V ., .aw ' ' ' ,- . . , . lf V X I I I I x . . ll ' igfw rcs 0. M e m b e rs of Sewmg Club for Iunlor Hlgh glrls work mdustnouslyl 'll Chess players entranced 1n ant1c1pat1ng the next move' 0 Art Club exposes hldden talent among senlorsl 32 Photographers of Camera Club pose for plc ture 1-m-an--ew--fw 'if 94 ff' is 4. 4 4420. kay! wan. Q " 1 I 1 -44 WJ 6' ' an "nr wut Rrfle Club members demonstrate abrhty as Mr Young mspects The J V Mlrror staff practrces wntrng headhnes one of thexr future dunes as re porters 33 emo? m om Cxrculanon Staff headed by Conchxta Suarez prepare MIRRORS for d1str1but1on Acxd flew 1n Chem Club d1dn t II Clyde? Plasucs Club g1VCS gxrls an opportumty to dlsplay hand1craft f., ,X 34 fl - -:il J H Z ' '- . D x " b R Q-. . . Q' nz Q Band rehearses dunng club penod .xr---" dvi H1 F1 Club gams an apprec1at1on of mus1c and the story behxnd II 35 Trl H1 Y Club w1th sen1ors Con ch1ta Suarez and Mary Lee Smxth as se cretar y and presxdent re spectwely E' Cr BACK ROW LEFT TO RIGHT Karen Helmuth Judy Kmek and Cora Borger FRONT ROW LEFT TO RIGHT Joanne V1s nosky Belva Elllston Lucinda Costenbader and Nancy Grady 1 Judy King, K 211 hryn Arnold FIRST ROW LEFT TO RIGHT Delores Fernandez Rxta Christman Carol Werkhelser SECOND ROW Carolyn Hxttner D1anne Horvath E11a Vas11awsky Ga11 Whltman GATQN 'CW RLER5 37 FRONT LEFT TO RIGHT Mary Ann Buhay Nancy Der1w1eny AnnMane Mayer Syble Young and Manetta Stettler BACK LEFT TO RIGHT Kathy Day Sandra Sham Susan Renshaw Wanda Green Rua Konsko Sandra Wmkler and Mary Garc1a 38 Pnsc111a B1ege Presxdent and Mr Raymond Frye Sponsor of F T A pose for the photographer One of the bug attractxons at P H S thus year was the crowning of the Sprung Queen, sponsored for the first time by the F T A All P H S students voted for their choice for the Sprung Queen Candidates for the royal honors were Pruscnlla Blege, Judy King, Judy Knnek Pat Mnlkowach, and Corrme Walker Corrine was chosen as Queen, whnle the runners up comprised the Queen s court A glft was presented to the Queen, whale each of her attendants re celved corsages Conchlta Suarez and Paulette Kuncla were co chanrman of the affair Pr1sc1l1a B1ege Judy Kmg and Pat M11kow1ch watch as Mr Seals crowns Cornne Walker Queen of the F T A Dance 39 L Q i' A new organlzatlon formed ID P H S this year was the Band Parents Club comprised of parents of students with membershn p In the band, color guard, or baton twlrlers The parents s onsored bake sales and sent all Interested members tot Dlstrlct Band Festlval ln Her shey with the money realized from their efforts ar"X " Q .4 40 is fl- ? 6 + f L sa .. ,KJ . . I e av '- '5 A . U' A, .. . V .5 '- 71 un, md l:"T"' 55 4 E s Q-4 if Z 30. fi! 1: ' w Q lil L 5. 3 3, EJ 1 '95 Q sy 5 'l x va x is M Each year the Varsity Club under the dnrectuon of Mr Willard Wilhelm nnltxates new members to nts enrollment Any boy IS ellglble for entrance, provlded he has earned two Q2 varsxty letters Below are several candid shots ofthe unforgettable night s I n 1 tl ata on antlcs, after which a luncheon and dance was held at the Blue Rndge Country Club for members and thelr dates 1'-'ka l T. iff xt XM Nb .35- ,419 wg-:W Aw 11, 1,1 ,,, ,Ds lr 'A A-fs Q33 I Bombwus Evwb Qeasow Wwlv U 2-8 DESPITE VALIANT EFFORTS LACK OF DEPTH AND EXPER- IENCE PRCVES FATAL TO BOMBER GRID TEAM. The Bombers opened the season with a T9-O victory over Jim Thorpe under the engineering of quarterback Bob Danner This was the first victory for head coach Bill Ruddy who lust this year took over the reins from past head coach John Young Weakened by the loss of Bob Danner early in the second game the Bombers proceeded to lose seven straight before they got back in the win column by hand: ng Lehighton a 23 20 defeat at Lehighton Joe Carazo spearheaded the at tack passing for two TD s and carrying the other over him self Dick Heydt provided the three point margin with a field goal Looking for a Turkey Day victory Bomber fans were disappointed by a 25 0 loss to Slatlngton which was due mainly to the fine defense and rushing attack of the rival team Kneehng are Coach Mlke Marcelhno Head Coach B111 Ruddy and Coach Don Holland 1 Y 44 Mewbefw off 58 GwLTemw E' DANNY JACK O SAM BRUCE WOLFE RECKE R ROEDER WALKER 2 8 RECORD Jn m Thorpe Whl te hcl I Stroudsburg Cafosauquc Nazclrefh Northampton Emmous Bangor Lehl ghton Sl uh ngfon OP BOB HAN SUT DAN NER WARGO IOHN RODRIGUES PAUL PAPAY MERTZ Pa1mertonJV Team . . . 45 7 o IE JIM .TIM P ' - O ' I9 32 39 r 2 28 47 48 38 ' 20 ' 25 "Deuce" Hansut barrels thru the line. Co captams for the season were Danny Walker and Jack Wolfe Heydt IS pulled down from behmd Danny Walker was voted MVP of the squad for th1s season C a r a z o cuts loose wlth a long throw Figlmwng Bombay End ' Qwsow watt 15-6 Qiatef STANDING FROM LEFT T0 RIGHT Coach Wm Evans Rxchard Heydt Ramon Carazo Mrchael Srmpson Jerry Haytman Steve Hudock Larry Mayer SITTING Manager Steve Dzuba Br1an Beers Jan Gulden James Wargo Denms Bonser and Manager Robert Borbe Paced by Ramon Carazo the Blue Bombers fought thenr way to fifteen vlctorles as compared to sux defeats They were flery competitors to the end as they lost the playoff game for the sec ond half championship of the Lehxgh Valley League to Emmaus Despn te theur lack of height they proved themselves to be formidable opponents due to the fighting splrlt of each member Alertness was their watchword The bombers compiled a substantnal ll 3 slate In the league Ramon Carazo led the team scoring with a l9 3 average and a 407 point total He led the league with 289 points Steve Hudock and Denny Bonser followed with l2 7and ll 7 point per game averages Steve led the team ln rebounding by snarlng 147 rebounds which ecllpsed Duck Heydt s total of T43 Bonser and Larry Mayer chipped an wnth approximately 100 rebou nds apiece to help out the two backboard caretakers Palmerton averaged 62 6 ponnts per game whale lnmatmg :ts op ponents to 52 pomts per game The Bombers accuracy from the foul llne overshadowed the shootlng from the floor by l6 per cent as the Blue and White sank 48 per cent of thelr foul shots The Bombers averages an the league were very slmllar to the season averages as they were defeated only three tlmes ln league competition The losses were received at the hands of Emmaus, Whitehall, and Catasauqua At the close of the 58 59 Basketball season Ramon Carazo was selected to fnrst team All Lehigh Valley League squad, Denny Bonser was named to second team, and Steve Hudock re ce 1 ved honorable mention Carazo also received All State honorable mention In both the Assocnated and United Press polls Coach Wm Evans Petlred at end of 1958 59 season 47 : I I l I , Y U 5 I I I t 1 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . I . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ' I . . . i O 0 I - - . . . . f V , . . . . ,Sl 7 9 if lf- l f H ' ' 3 V ff ' t T , - ,K g.M,1,z I . . . X . . . . .. . O O D . STEVE HUDOCK DENNIS BONSER JAMES WARGO Hon Ment L V L Steve Hudlock was the bulwark ofthe team nn the reboundmg department, whale fSecond team L V L Denny Bonser demonstrated has fine playmakmg abnlntnes Both fanred well In scorlng and alone with Wargo wall be sorely massed next year IV COACH J V S SPORT I2 5 RECORD The J V s opened the season wlth a stlrrnng vxctory over Central Catholic After conquering Nazareth, they were down DON HOLLAND ed bya strong Bethlehem team Then the Baby Bombers bounced back with Four straight vnctorles an Lehigh Valley competltlon, but lost the Following two games to Whitehall and Emmaus Wlth heavy leads both times, the Bombers slumped to defeat Hol land s crew won the next fnve games from Slatlngton, Stroudsburg Le h I g h ton, Catasququa, and North ampton T he n the Jayvees lost to E m m a us .and Whxtehall but came back strong to tro u n ce Slatlngton thus endmg the se ason Constant hugh scorers were Joe Carazo and Luke Sebo STANDING Coach Holland Wentz Balhet Sebo Martm J Carazo Barwls Man Delxch BOTTOM Man Devore Gombos Stemmetz Mertz Becker Carazo 48 C . .... J . . e Q D Q use . . .D , 3 - 49 26 25 39 27 49 32 27 46 Bomberettes attempt to recover the ball SCHEDULE Parkland Stroudsburg Cafasauqua Emmaus Whitehall Slafi ngfon Catasauqua Emmaus Whitehall Slat: ngfon TOTAL OPP 25 23 26 28 40 44 30 40 STAINDIING LFFT TO RIGHT Garcra Stemmerz Bacon Shupp lVE1Cll'U8.I1 Honzo Stem Haydt Hons hrko KNEELING Dlel Mercer Stroup Greene Moyer Lentz Renshaw 50 6 E F Lone Star Senror Joanne Greene Q7 Coach Joyce Brady looks over re cord book Wlth sen1or managers Rua Chrrstman and Lu crnda Costenbader Joan Bacon up for rwo 51 w 52 Bombav ' WM ith Pow 0-S Qeasow The Bomber Clndermen fmlshed the season wltha dlscouragnng0 5 record Thelr losses Included Whntehall Emmaus Slatmgton Lehlghton and Northampton Cap turing flrsts In the 440 hugh lump broad lump shot put, and mlle relay plus four second places and seven thlrd places the Bom bers came close to beating out the Slaters In their last track meet But Slatlngton Cmdermen swept the 220 and man aged to gather enough seconds and thnrds to down the Blue and Whxte 50 45 Des pn te the dnsap olntlng record a few of the cnndermen shone consistently nn placmg first and secon They are hlgh lumper Ozzie He 1 mbac h mnler Mlke Rlska who also garnered seconds In the half mlle and shot put artnst John Rodrigues who also placed an the dnscus Wlth a 23 man squad Coach Don Holland dldn t have the depth and potential a track team should have Nevertheless hlsboys should be admired for their efforts Much of Palmerton s failure was due to their mabllnty to capture the coveted first places The only Palmerton trackman to place In the Lehagh Valley Track Meet was Mlke Rlska with a third ln the mule run 53 . .. .. . . 1 I I I I I -' ... .. . . I I I . . I .. . . ' - . . --,-. . ... . . . ' I I I . . .. . . I I I I II 0 I . . . - . ,. .... . . .. .. . . wif -6'-if STANDING FROM LEFT TO RIGHT H Coach Ruddy Berger Gursky Sebo Bonser R Carazo Wargo Mamn Buck Coach Marcellmo KNEELING Bossard Kurom Valo Walck Stroup J Carazo SITTING Manager Devore Gombos Steele Moyer Blege Man Bucs The Blue and Whnte Baseball team coached by Mr Wlllxam Ruddy finished a moderate 4 6 season Wlnnmg four out of seven league games, the team fmlshed thard In the league behmd Northampton and Lehlghton If if 55 The Bombers opened thelr season on a Wednesday afternoon Apr: I T5 and were burned by vlsntlng Hazleton, l3 3 Losnng putcher Martm Gursky left the game an the first mmng trallmg 6 O Bump Wardo led the Bomber hurts ng attack wlth two hats The host Lehlghton team stunned the Bombers 6 2 on the afternoon of Aprll T8 for Palmerton s second straight loss Then the Bomber Dlamondmen won four stralght reeling off vlctornes over S tr o u d s b u r g Emmaus, Whitehall, and Slatxngton Joe Carazo and Luke Sebo both hlt homers In the Emmaus game to spark their teamates to victory The Whltehall game was won by forfeit Halted by the Slaters rn an exhnbntxon game, the Bombers lost to Northampton, T3 4 an a league contest Hazleton agam belted the Bombers for a loss In exhzbntlon , Z - . I 1 f 1 - f v ' , , ' . z . '. , . , - - : I D I 1 , I D 4 ' . . . . . . . I' a a o 0 0 1 H 0 II I r , ,A . . 4 ,, 411' . ' ,af , V ,aj ' . . . , I ,pf-, W - - - ' I ' I, . ' ' I 9, - . . ,f b , s - , , 1 . ' is . . M . T It , - 5 A . V g k 1 0 . . . C.. 6, B - . . Q2 I ' CLYDE BUCK JAMES WARGO DENNIS BONSER STATISTICS Hlttlng R Carozo 24 Heydt 9 2 Bonser over RUNS Beers Carazo Worgo HOME RUNS Ccrrczo Sebo PITCHING W L SO in LVL M. Gursky 3 2 28 Berger received credit for the other victory . STRIKEOUTS Sebo Buck ERRORS Bonser Buck Doubles R Carazo I s D He Wal ks D Heydt STOLEN BASES R. Carazo - J. Carazo J. Wargo - 4 O H I I Q1 I . - - II .458 L. - - - I2 D. - - - 2 .409 c. - - - I0 + - .soo '-' D. - - 5 B. - - - 5 C. - - - 5 R. - - 4 J. - - 4 R.B. '-- ydt J. - - 1 ' L. - - - 1 - 4 - - 4 56 J1m Wargo took f1fth place 1n the D1str1 ct XI golf match at Stroudsburg He mxssed quallfymg for state fmals by eleven strokes 57 Denms Bonser Semor Baseball and Basketball Stand out IS awarded Cuthbert Smxth Memonal Trophy He IS the flISI to re c 81 ve thls award 1n memory of Cuthbert Smlth a former PHS athlete who recently was kllled ln an accrdent It IS awarded for scholar shrp character and athlenc ab1l1ty QQ 'SW 77 14 f I, We mrss you, Roger We mlss your quret but pleasant ways your cheery hx s , and your never-ending determmatron and courage How many hours of pam and discomfort trled to change your real self, but you fought those tlmes with your remarkable bra ve ry never complarnxng or asking Why must lt be me never letting others thunk of you as belng dlf ferent And when you left us for Heaven at the beglnnrng of your sensor year, you drd that courageously, too Though you loaned us rn our freshman year, and an automobile accxdent took your lafe a 3 year later, the many school days we spent to ROGER STANCHE gether will always be happy thoughts Now, Roger and Steve, you are a part of our memories, but someday somewhere, we know that we shall meet again ' I ll 'I ll ' ' ' ' ' ' II ' II-- I I I l 1 ' Xl Steve Lucikanish, we miss you also. Q gg If x Q r . . . '1-A Q ' f 3255 S32 'f-x axfq EWS 222 2255 E04 2232 W PI Jia six: zz 2 F 322 3:0075 - ix E . 0 K F' ' i Y Q .. 2 Z E. 'N A E 5 2 5 5' 2 ff 5? '- 2 P Q K Z . ' F 1 P ' 4 F ' E . af 2 A , E . 5 V K I ff x w K Our Class of l959 undertook many money-making projects. Among them were the sel l i n g of Christmas cards, Palmerton Hugh charm bracelets, and refreshments at football and basketball games and at the Halloween parade After many weeks of planning and then decoratmg our prom, whose theme was Sayonara, nt not only brought addztlon al funds to the treasury, but also made one of our last times together a mem orable one 62 STAFF MEMBERS FRONT ROW LEFT TO RIGHT Beverly Swanger Belva Ellrston Conchrta Suarez Lucrnda Costenbader Joan Walk Carole Slska W1ll1am Swletzer SECOND ROW Lmda H111 Nancy Grady Kathryn Arnold Carol Costen bader Lucllle Sheckler Drane Sternmetz Davld Lesko THIRD ROW Joanne Greene W1ll1am Moon Carol Greene Madelelne Gordos Andrea Pelosr Sharon Stexgerwalt Lillran Krstler Saundra Spak Carol Wolfe Advrsor Edrtor ln Chlef MR. GEORGE PP RAVIS JOANNE TERGO 63 f Z 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 5 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 4, '- - R l r 1 Mnrlam Daftar Tehran Iran spent two wee February l l4 at Palmerton Hugh School A delegate of the Herald Tribune Yo u t h Forum Mary sand even thou h her vlslt here was turing other place where she had stayed Everyone was lust so w o n d e r ful Our guest added that she would never forget the good lookmg semor boys the nnfor mal parties basketball ga m es televlslon programs and lust be mg a part of class dnscusslons 64 CMR QUE T FROM YR N I .. q I - J . 0 she gnioyeldnlir more fhhongany 5 K E :AWP J Twelve members of the Class of 1959 were elected to the Natronal Honor Socrety They are from left to rlght T Anewalt P B1ege R Blank D Bonser SECOND ROW B Elllston M Gordos P M11kOW1Ch S Roeder THIRD ROW C Slska D Sternmetz C Suarez J Tergo ln the ftrst twenty f1ve percent of the class these students were outstandlng ln servrce leadershlp and character 65 nom sv. ou 1 THE UN UXDED NK 3 ce a rnxsguxded rnlss Susan Ery rher Madge Bryce Buzzre Bry ce her krd srs George Marhews who hkes Susan and ho o Cauos Dekgado Portuguese Exchange student an s father Bry ce Sus bor her rno un Warren next doo Berry Warren hrs wrie Mouy Warren rherr daughter arr Xrahan Exchange srudenr Lucra Yer! The Kudge Mrs Huey a probarron oiircer UNDER THE DXRECTXON O f' Oo O G XSS ' , ' ' 'ter .... . . . . , ' rr ds . . . Chnr , ' .... . . X' , r nergh . . . . O. 0 Q . . v ' ox. ' 0 0' A Kathryn Amom CaroX Gxeene Conchua Suarez Lamj Remax 'Y om Anewau Pexer Mme: Nhchad Mahow Nancy Grady Beth X-Xumpkme addeme Gotd M Dxane S Ca:oX Eckh R. ERPSLD GEXGER XCXUIYXCXZ BH Q ,, A 5. ft:-'A 1 , u M, ,, it tg., W .Mit ., v ui 5' xx1i O A., Q. xv-x W if ?A HAYGLL ASSE ,666 I qua- il" .H "" n Welcome Address Record pantomrne Prano solo SENIOR quartet Presentatron of the Dance Opera skrt Clarlnet solo Presenranon of cla Classroom sk1t Senlor Awards Farewell Address Samuel Roeder Pamela M11kOW1Ch and Lamar Mertz Belva Ell1ston Thomas Anewalt Davrd Lesko Bruce Mertz Samuel Roeder Key by Damel Walker pres1dent ofthe Class of 59 to Jerry Haytman presrdent of of the Class of 60 Judy Kxng Pr1sc1lla Brege Kathryn Arnold Patncra M11kOW1Ch Ambrose Ukropec Larry Relner Lou1s Garcra Rlchard Blank Busxness Educauon Sect1on Joanne Greene T70 44014095 RICHARD BLANK Valedlctonan THOMAS ANEWALT Salutatonan BELVA ELLISTON Th1rd Honor 71 THOMAS ANEWALT Salutatorran Ten Percent er Vocal Musrc Cttlzen sh1p Band8L Orchestra Par t1c1pat1on JOSEPH BA KOS Industnal Arts THE CLASS OE' 1959 Those sen I ors who were honored of the Farewell Assembly, June 9 l959 for RICHARD BLANK DENNIS BONSER Valedlctonan Ten Percent er Mathematlcs Enghsh Sc1ence Bausch 84 Lomb Award German Instrumen tal Mus1c Health Band 8: Orchestra P3l'I1C1p3I1Ol1 Ten Percenter Cuthbert Smtth Award BELVA ELLISTON MONICA GERHART MADELINE GORDOS NANCY GRADY Ten Percenter Thtrd Honor G1rlW1th Htgh Ty mg en Percenter est Scholastxc Average ClIlZEl'lSl'l1P Health Ten Percenter Homemak rn 72 5 I I l l St . U. . .- P. T.. . ng. , '- VRETSENTS. . . having done out- standing work in scholastic and non- scholasfic fields. PETER MILLER CAROLE SISKA JAMES HESSINGER Highest score in Palmerton H. S. in National Mathe- matics examination. CONCHITA SUAREZ. Ten Percenter Ten Percenter Social Studies Drama WILLIAM SWEITZER IOANNE TERGO DANIEL WALKER CAROL WOLFE Ten Percenter Ten Percente Outstanding in the fields of Business Education French Leadershx p Scholarship Service and Character 3 MISSING SAMUEL ROEDER T611 Percenter An I . . . . . 1 2 - iff 5-., J ,W ' f. 9"',fk4QV ,357 ff K' 5 1 '. C Os l-0 OS U O U CD.: ID -2 eorge T e 6 1 .Q CD rw: .C ley nd Bene- . P m 0-2 'C 'U P mm IZ Q-,N O 'U O P LJV7 N IX at Co QI .J 'cv-04 COMME NCEME NT Salom Rlzk noted lecturer and author of Syrian Yan kee was our guest speak er After Thomas Anewalt s presenta tion of the welcome address, awarclnng of diplomas by Mr Curtus Flexer, pres ofthe Pa l merton H--'P-g A101 :Exim gum June lO l959 Area Ionnt High School Board, and :nvocatlon and ben eductnon given by Rev George Mc Kmley, the sensors and thelrfrnends and relatives gathered In the gym for a re ceptlon prepared by the mothers k 65 'J Q- Lg 'YFLTYQN r TQ '41 2 r 'E I DAVID ANDREWS Dave clarms he w1ll remember shop classes most of all a great huntlng and fl s h 1 n g enthusrast enJoysbowl1ng ln hrs spare tlme pet peeve gettlng upm the morn mg Alr Force bound CURTIS ASHNER Qulet Curt 11 k e s hunung and flshxng one of the school servlce boys c o lle c ts stamps Ill spare trme a r d e nt photographer loves sea food plans to be a bake KATHYRN ARNOLD Outstandrng class dramatrst hlgh stepplng flag twtrler goes ape over pork chopsand Tab Hunter d1sl1kes people w1th sour faces w1l1 tram to be an x ray technrcran at Hahnamann Hosprtal 78 THOMAS ANEWALT Tom always wrllmg to help Youth of the Month for chemlstry Carlos 1n the class play rep resentatlve at D1str1ct Band and Or chestra Red Skelton fan next stop 1nd1ana S ta te Teachers Col le e JOSEPH BAKOS Joe has no pamcular peeve spends spare t1me eltherswlmmrng bowllng or golfmg can t reslst lemon p1e Lavern Bakerand Conme Franc1s are tops w1th hlm -- I ' - n n 1 . , . g . or policeman. will enter Air Force. iq. ' 1 ' U - . ' A fr If ' ' 1 - F51 A Q- ' RICHARD BEERS Tweet has a great trme work mg wrthall hrs fnends at the A 8s P lrkes to drrve a rou nd look at pretty girls hsten to the radlo and hunt barber school wrll clarm hrm KEITH BILLIG Kerth rs undeclded about plans af ter graduatron oneof theshop boys w1ll neve r forget the days we had off from school enyoys huntmg and frshtng 3 PRISCILLA BIEGE Prlss hardworkrnglf T A presrdent hates to hurt people wrll remember those New York trrps takes her trme when talkrng IBXI drlver for baseball players wrll be secondary teacher 79 BARRY BEITLER Barry enjoys huntrng frshrng and swrmmrng clalms tardy hall as pet peeve Elvls Presley 1S tops wrth h1m actlve member of nfle club future uncertaln RICHARD BLANK Representatrve at D1str1ct C h o ru s Band and Orchestra can t stand favontes are Chem class and char coal brolled steaks e1therAnnap olls or the Unrversrty of Rochester w1ll clarm Drck l H U.. . ' ' . . ' . . y . , ' I 3 l 1 an I . i . ' ' ' - slow songsg Elvis is his speed... JOAN BOHONOS Joan plans to become a beautrclan lrsts snobs and cats as pet peeves enyoys dancmg horseback nd mg and parntrng Frankre Avalon and RlCk1E Nelson are tops wlth her RICHARD BOYER Boyer one of the track boys drrves around 1n hrs spare trme A SL P employee can t stand S11 trng 1n study halls future potnts toU S Army Paratroops ALBERT BORGER one of the out of town commutrng guys enjoys playmg shuffle board good rn art clarms senrorscrence gets h1sgoat fun to have around plans to become a constructron worker 80 DENNIS BONSER S ha rp shootlng basketball star made Lehrgh Valley s e c on d team w111 help anyone w1th chem homework smooth on the dance floor future engrneer CLYDE BUCK B o m be r shortstop has problems w1th grrls spends spare t1me skat mg and swlmmrng rates Comme Francrs tops pet peeves stuck up glrls and wrse guys wrll study englneerlng at Penn State "A1"... - - I . ' s up if ' . S? A , 5 A DORIS CHRISTMAN Dot plans to become a nurse w1l1 never forget C and S classes an acttve member of Future Nurses Club can IISSISI przza e n J oy s lrstenlng to Tommy Sands and Elvrs Presley LU CINDA COSTENBADER Clndy p e p p y flag twrrler and capable grrls basketball manager Hunter rate tops d1sl1kes Romeos and concerted people future plans lean toward nursrng CAROL COSTENBADER Avrd football fan always Sffllllflg Oh get out! her favorrte ex presslon drsllkes people wrth bad tempers and przza Easton l-lospl tal w1ll be Carol s next stop 81 RITA CHRISTMAN Norsy people annoy Rrta head mayorette and basketball manager enjoys swrmmrng dancmg and readtng loves przza and Pat Boone plans to get marrred RAY COSTENBADER Ray plans to enter S te ve ns Trade mg w1ll never re s1st1ce cream r llstenrng to Johnny Cash peeved by poor drrvers . . . pizza, steak sandwiches and Tab School. . . enjoys hunting and fish- ' , , , o ' ' . . . ROBERT DANNER Buback dodgmg quarterback on the football team spends spare t1me tn Lehtghton another smoothy on the dance floor acuve 1n Var stty Club plans to enlxst 1n the U S Axr Force CAROL ECKHART A fr1endly g11'1W1Ih3. smlle for every one sure IS a wh1z wtth a pa 1nt brush clatms Nat Kmg Cole and parohl sare favoutes works at the Hospttal after school her futu re plans mclude X Ray Technology fl sw uv' STEPHEN DZUBA Dupa the small fry of the sen 1or class able managerof the as ketball team always ready to lend a helpxng ha nd l1kes everythmg and everybody future plans are undeclded 82 PAUL DONCHEZ Porky fu ture truck drlver llkes to mess around wlth cars captaln of 1 ntra mural basketball team datly customer at Bert s could eat fru1t cocktatl and ham burgers all the tlme BELVA ELLISTON You can see Belva skatmg and swlm mlng at the M emortal Park credlt to the flagtwtrlmg squad has a weakness for classtcal muslc accompamst tn many mu s 1 cal a ct 1 V1 t 1 e s headed for Levltan School of BUSINESS -Wiv- 'T' Y""hv fa I if V R L .X 1 7 ' KZ 1 ? f U if JOANNE FOGEL Jo Io IS undecxded about future loves dancmg and steak sandw1ches at Whnman s wxll always remem ber Engllsh classes llsts nosey people as pet peeve DONALD GEORGE Donme plans to Joln the U S A1r Force can be seen dnvmg a round IH h1s Ford enjoys 1lSI6l'lll'lg to popular muslc d1S11kSS people who g0SS1P very acuve tn muslcal orgamzauons LOUIS GARCIA New York Academy of Aeronauucs 1S next stop for Louxe en1oys pool ftshmg and worklng on hot rods an Elvxs Presley and R1ck1e Nelson fan d1sl1kes b1g boys and party dolls 83 JAMES FRONHEISER james w1ll Jom the U n1 te d States Alr Force after graduauon hobbles mclude huntmg and f1Sh1I'1g Elvxs P re sle y fan l1sts tardy hall and taxes as pet peeve MONICA GERHART MODICH plans to Joln the Waves lobster tall p1zza french fnes and Pat Boone are tops wxth her doesn t 11ke runnlng out of gas spends spare ume watchxng T V , as g , JOHN GOLDSWORTH Next stop for F1sh IS Stevens Trade School neverrefuses blueberry pre spends spare trme f1sh1ng or col lectlng stamps R1Ck1E Nelson and Chuck Berry rate tops Wllh htm CAROL GREENE Carol plans to study X ray technol ogy after graduatron basketball enthusrast Madge 1nSemor Class Play d1S1lk6S people who try to be somethlng they aren t AQX NANCY GRADY one one of the three brave grrls who took Trlgonometry her secret 1165 rn her scrapbook looks forward to nursmg and Cedar Crest 84 MADELEINE GORDOS Bloomsburg State Teachers College IS next stop for Mag wrll study speech therapy favorrtes rnclude classrcal musrc and good dancers lrsts conformrsts as petpeeve hostess to guest from Iran IOANNE GREENE Joanne w1ll never forget sellmg re freshments at basketball games future undecrded e n J o y s skatmg and swrmmrng d1S11k6S two faced people Pat Boone fan V5 l - . X p ' Hx , , y f xt. 1 Flag twirler. . .wants to help every- s, .l'. 7 15' if k s ' - I 1 I. . . I mf 4' LINDA GRUBER Lrnda plans to JOIH the U S Arr Force her hobbles mclude palnt mg skatmg dancxng and motor cycllng d1sl1kes Englrsh classes RlCk1C Nelson and Elvrs Presley actxve member of Gym Club LLOYD HARTMAN don tknowhlm gets Jealous easlly enJoys ba se ball 1ce skaung boatxng sw1mm1ng and huntmg l1sts Engllsh and Math classes as pet peeves in JAMES HANSUT Deuce one of the watchful hall hawks speedy mller and halfback let s hlmself go when jltterbug glng knows expresslons rn so many languages lrkeshuntlng Stevens Trade School bound 85 RONALD HALL Clyde the class clown couldn t hve wlthout g1l'1S w1l1 never for get Mr Leam s homeroom com bmeschemlcalseffectrvely en1oys all sports September stop w1ll be Penn State MARIE HAYDT IISIS unfnendly pe ople and bus r1des as pet peeves spends spare trme read1ng and watchrng IE1CV1S lon can tresrst lobster E311 platters Tommy Sands fan -t' lx ' , . . . . . . . , Q 4 "Hugo", . . seems quiet to those who Marie is undecided about future plans v - D.. . - ffs' !!??5 ig.. ' ' 5 Diffs . - Q ' r 5 s p ' r,,.. A. , it ,V ,, 5' LINDA HEINEY Never a dull moment when Lrnda 15 around wonderfulsense of humor pet peeves are snobs brothers and W1l'1l'l1Ilg opponents spends what l1ttle spare t1me she has read mg eatrng and talklng future IS 1ndef1n1te LINDA HILL Toone swell grrl to have a round lrves 1n Bowmanstown ventron rn New York hates nosey people Pat B o o n e fan future plans lean toward nursmg JAMES HLSSINGER hm an honor roll senror d e n t photographer G e rm a n IS number one sublect a never a dull moment krd loves roast beef wrll enter college after gradua t1on 86 ALTHEA HEISLER A qu1et g1r1w1th a capt1vat1ng smrle wr1t1ng letters and sew1ng occupy spare ttme d1sl1kes 1ron1ng L1ttle R1Ch1e fan future pornts to ward a career rn the Waves IANICE HOLECZ. Cookre dependable t y p 1 s t for the MIRROR hard worker at class Schultzre goes for Pat Boone hamburgers and p1zza Navy bound will never forget C.S.P.A. Con- functions...dislikesthename --. ... , I ... "' ' ...81"' STEPHEN HORVATH Steve enJoys ch1p steaks and mashed potatoes N at u re Boy can usually be found huntrng fish mg or boatrng dependmg on the season rates Krex s as second home the A1r Force IS hrs cholce for the future DAVID HUSZAR Dave can often be found 1n the art room handy wrth a parm brush and palette always good for a Joke frequently seen takrng the Chevy out for a spm U S Navy bound 'cz' BETH HUMPHRIES Homework seems to be Beth s pet peeve tray grrl at Palmerton Hos p1tal d ro o ls over spaghettr and meat balls Molly rn the Semor Class P la y e n 3 oys l1SICll1l'lg to classrcal mus1c w1l1 enter nurses tramrng 87 STEPHEN HUDOCK Steve rs a famrlrar frgure rn the halls ofP H S d1sl1kes unexpect ed v1s1tors favors a stea mrng przza pre sees every movre star rlng Burt Lancaster tall basket ball player en1oys havrng fun GEORGE JOCOBY George enyoyed blllldlflg model au' planes and shrps has an envrable stamp collectron won t pass up a hot dog dlslrkesworkrng too hard Tab Hunter fan plans to be come an auto mechanrc 'Uh N H ,, - I: H N ,, ,, . . l . . I s :Io I . . ' I . , I r x ,ir , ex I i , f EDWARD JANCO An a miable chap with a greeting for everyone can be seen cruis ing around in his green l-lot Rod can t resist steak smothered in onions enjoys listening to the E ve rly Brothers plans to join the A1r Force RITA KONSKO One of our peppy cheerleaders and can she yell! always has some thing to say will sit through any movle starring John Saxton or Wil liam Holden . . this girl spet peeves are conceited people and homeroom periods . intends to enter airli n e school LILLIAN KISTLER Better known as Liz .. enjoys bak- ingand babysitting. .an active member of yearbook and Tri Hi-Y . . dislikes nosey people and snobs . another girl who enjoys Mr. Geiger s E ng 1 ish classes. . future undecided. JUDY KING ude makes any flag twirling drill look good enjoys swimming and dancing goes ape over pizza and Pat Boone hates people who get other p e ople in trouble fu ture nurse at Episcopal Hospital GEORGE KRAFTICIAN George really enjoys those Saturday night dances d IS 11 k e s high hat kids goes for basketballand base ball in a big way. finds chemistry most interesting subject. plans in- clude a stretch in the Navy. 88 STANLEY KRAUETZ Butch s p e n d s spare time in Allentown at the Na val Reserves enjoys wood carvrng f1sh1ng and hunting in spare time re fers cooking his own food d likes rock and roll plans to make the Navy his career RONALD LEVANDUSKY Lems can be seen cruising a round town in his Ford a great enthusiast of auto racing sa s Elvis Presley is the most head of decorating committee for Prom U S Air Force next stop -f . X4 -t K + 1 '. 5 . ,V-5 .Q f N21 ,l , w DAVID LESKO Dave one ofour yearbook photographers efficient bellboy at the Horse Head Inn hunting and fishing provide in t e re s t i n g pastime claims tomatoes to be pet peeve future plans lean to ward college 89 PAULETTE KUNDA Polly an efficient reception ist at the Hospital will listen to Pat Boone and Rick Nelson anytime enJoys dancing and reading in spare time dislikes people who speak before they think college bound ANN LONG Ann will never forget los ing her pony tail enyoys having gab sessions in her spare time as a weakness for pizza is content ed listening to Pat Boone and Fa- bian dislikes people who don t agree with her future undecided SHARON MACKES Another of the shorthand and typrng grrls swoons over Paul Anka and Conway Twrtty loves to babysrt a nd collect records wrllrng helper when there s a Job to be done looks forward to berng a beautr cran CHARLES MERKEL Chas emoysbowlrng rn hrs spare trme declares srttrng around dorng nothrng gets hrs goat can t resrst eatrng pre ala mode and lrstenrng to Fats Domr no plans rnclude a stretch rn the servrce JOHN MHNHART Another one of the out of town commutrng guys drrves around rn hrs spare trme an av1d huntrng and frshr ng fan rates crafts as number one subject future plans after graduatron rnclude the Navy 90 MICHAEL MARLOW Werewolfe as he rs known by all hrs frrends won tturn down a frred chrcken platter enjoys lrstenrng to B111 Haley and the Platters pet peeves are short harr heavy books and grammar next stop rs Uncle Sam s Arr Force GEORGE MERKEL A lwa ys laughrng never dull the practrcal Joker of the class just can tpass up a lobster tarl drn ner Stevens Trade School wrll be next stop for George A Y . .jig 1 W, i- 4 k , N W wif' ls 51 ,far . X "" , J 5, . H u - l . . , . , , , . . . l . . . ' n 0 I I . . 3 . . . I . ' 1 . . . I " ' ' ' . n - A lr.-2,3 -Wtfml I --A-'K --T j' ." .. H . - . - 4. ,, QA s r 4 , "' ..t,w.4,.y ' l ' , fy Y . . - . . . . ' ' ' l rt 1 - - n - n ' ww' -5 A f ' ' n l 9 2. X ' ' ' , . . . L' ,l a I - - - ' ' , ,, jg. 3. .. . . . . 'xr','1'r . ':'gf'vn . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ROBERT MERKEL Bob wrll always remember drtv rng around rn hrs Mercury enjoys watchrng rod races 1nh1s spare trme actrve rn Bowlmg and Rrfle Clubs next stop w1ll be Stevens Trade School MARIE MILKOVICH T re a sure r of the Senlor Class hated to go to the board rn plane geometry blushes easrly fond of przza spaghetu and quret nrghts at home looks forward to Blooms burg State Teachers College ,1 3 Drnky a hot rod frend won t turn down noodles sausage or roast beef enloys llstenrng to the Everly Brothers an rmport from Bethle hem Hrgh future pornts to the Arr Force 91 BRUCE MERTZ Future plans rnclude a stretch rn the Navy German rates as hrs favorrte sublect but he ll never forget Mr Gerger sEngl1sh classes football s hls spectallty one of the starttng eleven clarms walkrng to school h1s number one pet peeve PATRICIA MILKOWICH Patsy one of our peppy cheer leaders can t stand Englrsh and che mrstry tests Andy Wlllrams and Patt1 Page rate tops wrth her d1S11kES the people who constantly remlnd herabout her d1m1 nutr ve srze plans to further her career rn Q X ! X T .V r , A 3, If . .I . . . " art. l x PETER MILLER Pete re ally enyoys poundrng the keys tn t y p 1 n g class l1kes to go f1sh1ng 1n h1S le1sure t1me clarms favor1tes to be old Fordsand new Bulcks great dramatrst plans to head South after graduanon ROBERT NENOW Smoky speedy ru n ne r on the clnder track captaxn of r1f1e club w1l1 never refuse a good steak d 1 s l 1 k e s stuck up grrls Frankre Avalon rates hrgh w1th hxm plans to become a paratrooper .av-. Cs WILLIAM MOON Blg Brll favorrte target for teas 1ng has a weakness for chop suey very actrve Boy Scout Year b o o k photographer h a te s con certed pe o p le undecrded about future plans PAUL PAPAY Better known to h1s classmates as Wally honorable halfback on the football team Fats Dommo ranks tops on h1s l1st of srngers can eat a JUICY steak anytrme future looks toward trade school DOROTH! NARATIL Plug s favontes are p1zza hoag1es and Johnny Cash spendtng twenty f1ve m1nutes1n tardy hall for berng one mrnute late IS unfa1r accord1ng to her plans to take a southern tnp after graduatton 92 'J 6 , , X .. .. . . H - - .. . - 0 s u I I I - u u u u 1 0 o c n - 0 1 1 - . . :X A ll lv A ' ' ' ' ' V X, ll II - , , . u n o . . . . . . . . H 1 U . . . ff' .:' ,-5.55-.""+i : Zh' N "Qi , y ..,. W s.,:L Q X ,,,.,, no ' ' 7S' ,' :af- ' ' E ' , --H: tf 31,5 sv x ,- f- 4-V - 1, W . 1 . 4 S rl 1 ' ' JL . , X V ANDREA PELOSI Frrendly and ever ready to help efftcrent stage manager of the class play an ardent rooter at football games swoons over Pat Boone plans to study X ray Technology rn Phrladelphra LAWRENCE REINER Happy go lucky and a smooth dan cer sharpens up hrs shootrng eye by gorng huntrng a Tommy Ed wards fan brg boys and party dolls aggravate Sam wlllenter Mar 1ne Corps soon after graduatron 'mf ,M JOSEPH RECKER Joe one of the more quret guys rn the class goes ape over Italran przza another one of the hall hawks losmg basketball games rrrrtates hrm Rrckre Nelson rates tops wlth htm Army bound 93 49 FRANCIS RECKER Bert foolrng a r o u n d wlth cars 1n hrs favonte pasnme b a s e b a ll can hold hrs attentron anynme t e rr 1 ft c drshwasher at Bert s Steak House Conn1eFranc1e fan plans to enter trade school ROSALIE RIMSKY Concerted peop le seem to be her pet peeve prefers out of town terntory a quret but fnendly g1rl en1oys playrng the prano 1n her spare tlme next stop w1l1 be Bloomsburg State Teachers College 5' JOHN RODRIGUES Porch frequently seen t a k 1 n g the Chevy for a spm swell guy to have around g re a t football en thusrast never re fuses an argu ment weakness rs for 1ce cream and potatoes plans to be a me chanrc JOHN SAMOK Llttle John plans to enter Manne Corps an avrd huntrng and frsh mg fan can t ever resrst plzza ple rates art as hrs favonte sub ject member of Pacemakers LARAINE RUZICKA Sonny can get along wxth any one happy when erther polka d a n c 1 n g or playrng scat has a weakness for spaghettl 15 content ed when lrstenmg to Tommy Sands future pomts toward college 94 SAMUEL ROEDER In hrs s p a re trme Sam prefers the out of doors w1l1 ne ver forget typmg and the battles wrth the type wrrter vrce presrdent of the semor class hates homeroom penods future pomts to Franklrn and Mar shall AARON SHECKLER Arrowhead collectrng and readrng rate hrgh on Aaron s 11st of hobbres won t ever mrss westerns starrrng Gary Cooper spaghettr and meat balls always h1t the spot U S Army bound LUCILLE SHECKLER A Bowmanstown commuter Joys swrmmrng and hstenrng to El v1s Presley a whrz krd on the sew mg mach1ne hates E ng 11 sh and speeches rn C 84 S l1sts German and art as favonte subyects plans to be a homemaker and housewrfe DIANE SMITH Talented 1n art hobbles rnclude s w 1 m m ln g and readlng hated stayrng rn school untrl four O clock Pattr Page and Johnny Cash are favorrte stngers future pornts to a southern art school X CAROLE SISKA Carole s pleasant pa strmes are drawrng and playlng the prano responsxble for terrrflc art work rn the yearbook 1dol1zesYu1 Bryner 11sts Borsch and T V westems as pet peeves bound for college to mayor rn commercral art .fr ROBERT SHUPP Dewey won t ever fo rg e t h1s semor year and all rts escapades goes motor boatrng and huntmg IH h1S spare trme rates Fats Domrno as top smger d1sl1kes sprnach next stop Stevens Trade School EDWARD SMITH one of the more qu1et guys of the class an avrd huntrng and flshlng fan goes ape over steak and mashed Pota toe s desplses wntrng term papers plans to be come a barber ! fg ,' 1 95 A, -Qi V . f I 'JAH ., , - nrt, x t '. '. . l,.g4 f'LVx.'x '15 -4,x s' . - ,U , 'i 3 ' , x 2 ,I gli? L tsrid VjE.,: , ,i I .,. V,.,l.,1v t A, Y , L' Q 7, , x,'5,. , ll' 4 'X 1 ' L , kv ' Y jfvfs Y .. .. - . . . .en' ' . . . . l I U I I ' ,,, ' ' uEdn... ' . . . , . . , . . . . ' ' MARY ANN SMITH A nother of Mrs Cralg s g1rls steak and rce cream appeal to her swoons over Rrck Nelson Joys se wrng and cookrng rn her spare trme clarms snobs are her pet peeve plans rnclude secre tarral work RODNEY SNYDER Class H e r cu le s werght lrftmg occupres most of h1s spare trme Punk and food are rnseparable companrons won t mrss a movre starrlng Lrz Taylor would sooner sweat rn s u m m e r than freeze rn wrnter Kutztown State Teachers College bound MARY LEE SMITH Mary busy Busrness Ed grrl spends spare trme watchmg Amer rcan Band Stand can stop glgglrng long enough to eat french fnes clarms short hand to be worst sub ject mtends to become a polrce woman SAUNDRA SPAK Sandy alwayshappyand cheerful constantly chatterrng won t ever forget Mr Gelger s Englrsh classes an avrd R1 ck1e Nelson fan spends spare trme on dance floor when possrble farth ful colorguard college bound RONALD SMITH Smltty seen mostly on the french fry truck actrve rn bowl mg and basketball goes ape over Kathy Karr can eat steak and hrs own french frres anytrme Stevens Trade School holds h1s future 6 SHARON STEIGERWALT A Bowmanstown commuter . . con- stantly c h a t t e r 1 n g hates to srt home and do homework televrs ron c la rms attentron rn her spare t1me concerted people get her goat college bound GAVIN STROUP One of the out of town commuung guys dnves a round rn hrs spare t1me en1oys watchmg or playrng baseball gettlng up tn the mom 1ng aggravateslum plans mclude a stretch w1th Uncle Sam BARRY STROUP One of the class hunters a mem ber of Rrfle Club can be found on the bowllng alleys clarms Rock and Roll and te a che rs are hrs pet pee ve s a Pat Boone fan w11l erther become a farmer or a sarlor 97 DIANE STEINMETZ. One of Mrs Craig s girls. .gives the marlman lots of busrness 1 ways dependable and good natured engoys readrng rn her spare t1me trouble makers and snobs rrntate her plans to become a medrcal secretary GENEVLEVE STUBITS Glnger IS always ready for a good laugh wrll never forget those op eretta rehearsals enroys watchrng wrestllng on T V and collecting records rn her spare trme goes ape over Elvrs a future nurse CONCHITA SUAREZ Cheets the baby of the class always happy and cheerful w1ll never forget play rehearsals an able worker at the Grant Store swoons over Tommy Sands future s undecrded WILLIAM SWIETZER 1 canbeseengolfrngatthe Blue Rrdge Country Club wr never forget those heCI1C chem classes an av1d Pat Boone fan ego centrrc people aggravate hrm college bound BLAINE SWARTZ Happy go lucky and a smooth dan cer goes for baseball rn a brg way has a weakness for seafood can llsten to Conway TWIIIIE anytrme stuck up grrls seem to be h1s pet peeve plans to Joln the Narrnes 98 BEVERLY SWANGER ev quret but always frrendly wrll square or modern dance a n y t 1 rn e raves over Hungarran and Pennsylvanra D utch foods snobbrsh people annoy her would lrke to become a beautlcran JOANNE TERGO A shy member ofMrs Crarg shome roo m edrtor IH chref of both Mrrror and Yearbook enjoys l1s tenrng to classrcal musrc rn her spare trme W111 never forget the C S P A Con entron plans to achreve a B S degree rn Nurslng , V " f "Bu" ' af:ff,7ff',3 . . . ' -' - ' ' '11 1 , H ' ' '- - ' ' ,-jf " '7' . . . . v ' 4 I I 0 Q .i-fl K PATRICIA THURSTON Pat plans to get a Job then get marrled loves to slnk her teeth ma JUICY plzza ple en1oys danc mg and collectlng records l1SIS Elv1s Presley as pet peeve JUDY WALCK Happy go lucky m e mbe r of Mr Gelger s homeroom plzza rates tops wxthjudy d1S11kCS people who thlnk they are b e tt e r than anyone else en1oys skatlng and horseback ndlng BARBARA VERSUK Babs future plans mclude nurs mg d1sl1kes two faced people wlll never forget work1ng at foot ball and basketball games danc mg and eaung take up most of her spare mme 99 AMBROSE UKROPEC Although he hates to get out of bed 1n the morn1ng Ukle lS always grmmng w e a k n e s s 15 for ham burgers and french frres favorlte subjects are E n g 11 s h and Math plans to become an aerlal mechamc 1n the A1r Force JOAN WALK A qulet but frlendly glrl enyoys readlng and watchmg bandstand 1n her spare t1me loves chewlng gum andcheeseburgers desplsesweek end homework and hot dogs fu ture plans undeclded DANIEL WALKER Horace a friend to all effi cient president of the Class of 59 likes to be with the boys or play football in his spare time can t stand the sight of spinach plans to attend East Stroudsburg State Teachers College JAMES WENTZ. A never a dull moment kid can be found hunting f1Sh1l'1g or trap ping depending on the season... has a weakness for rattle snake meat and steak .Elvis fan. . Niger plans to join the U S Air Force. GEORGE WEISER Fooling around with cars is his fa- vorite pastime . an avid member of the Na val Reserves. . . Cubby and food of any kind are insepar- able companions. . one ofthe pace- makers. . plansinclude a stretch in the Navy 100 WALTER WARGO Bimp plays golf in his spare time a I6l'l'1flC athlete in several fields won t turn down a T bone steak Johnny Cash and Frank Sm atra rate high future points to Merchant Marines STANLEY WILLIAMS Stanley will always remember the girls that walk the halls ofP H S . seems quiet until you get to know him. .spends his extra time just fooling around . great sports enthusiast. Navy bound 'V 5 1 4 ,f -2 41. . YJ: 'A 31 . W-J . 'Kili- X CAROL WOLFE Future points to secretarial work for Carol part time wor ke r at the Grants Store Secretary Treasurer of Yearbook. spaghetti and meat balls luts the spot Kookie fan YAVCDNAQA SARAH ZERBY Sarah is undecided about future enjoys re a d 1 ng and swimming in her s pa re time has a weakness for hamburgers and french fries IS quiet but dependable can t stand tests can listen to Johnny Mathis anytime JOHN WOLFE Jack plans to attend East Strouds burg State Teachers College will always remember football practices hates win te r and beans active member of H1 Y and Varsity Club 101 , . .enjoys fishing and swimming. . . , . AUTOGRAPHS Mrs Mrs Mr and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Stewart and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Pomona! Patrons Leroy Anewalt Oscar Arnold Curtis Ashner Joseph Bakos Stanford Beers Raymond Beldleman George A Blege Willard Brllrg Robert Blank Davnd Boyer Clyde O Buck Elbertus Chrlstman Grant Costenbader lra Costenbader Robert Danner H Dewson Paul Donchez Russell Eckhart Gerald Gerger Peter George John Gerhart Harvey Grldner Edward Gordos Lester Grady Wllbert Greene Clyde Hall Clayton Hartman Charles Heaney Frank Hesslnger Hobert Hull Frank Holecz Cletus Hollywood Helen Humphrres and Mrs Frank Huszar and Mrs Alex Janco and Mrs Richard Kung and Mrs Ervrn Klstler and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Wrllram Krttleberger George Konsko Mlchael Levandusky Michael Marcelluno Charles Mllkowrch Wlllram Moon Wllllam Naratrl Paul Papay Lewxs L Paules Andrew Pelosr Frease Ravert Frank Recker Mass Rachel Remaly and Mrs Andrew Rrmsky Glen Rutter Edward Schaufter and Mrs Chester Sheckler and Mrs JamesW Sheckler and Mrs Joseph Srska Mrs Grace Smrth and Mrs Allen Snyder and Mrs Ralph D Snyder and Mrs Michael Spak S D A Stergerwalt Walter Sternmetz and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Mrs Helen B and Mrs Clarre E Clair Stroup Mathras Stubrts Jr Joseph Sweltzer Angel Suarez Joseph Tergo Steve Versuk Theodore Walker George Wargo Wnsmer Martin Wolfe Worman Mrs StanleyH Zregenfuss Mr. . Mr. . ' ' ' Mr. . Mr. . Mr. . ' Mr. . ' Mr. . Mr. . ' ' Mr. . Mr. . ' ' Mr. . ' Mr. . ' ' Mr. . . ' Mr. . ' ' ' Mr. . ' ' ' Mr. . Mr. . Mr. . ' . Mr. . ' Mr. . ' Mr. . . Mr. . Mr. . ' Mr. . Mr. . ' Mr. . Mr. . ' Mr. . Mr. ' . . . Mr. Mr. . Mr. . Mr. . Mr. . . Mr. and Mrs. Winton Evans Mr. . ' Mr. . ' . ' Mr. . Mr. . Mr. . Mr. . . Mr. . ' Mr. . ' , r. Mr. . Mr. . . ' Mr. . Mr. ' Mr. . ' Mr. . ' Mr. . Mr. . ' ' , . Mr. . Mr. . ' Mr. . ' Mr. . Mr. . ' Mr. . Mr. . ' Mr. . Mr. . Mr. . Mr. . Mr. . Mr. . Mr. . ' Mr. ' . F Mr. C ' . Mr. . ' ' . . ' ' Patrons Palmerton Coca Cola Bottlrng Co 'k1l"k Palmerton Sanitary Danry Ben Franklan Store Costenbader s Drug Store Frrst National Bank of Palmerton George s Plumblng Heating Fuel Onl Gruber s Hardware Store Helmutn s Furniture Store Krrkendalls Inc Lehlghton Bert s Steakhouse Bollinger Bros Llttle Gap Costenbader s Hardware Store Fred s Haberdashery Gloria Mfg C Slatlngton Helmbach s Garage Helntzelman s Meat Market Earl L Henning Insurance Hlasney Studio Kunkle s General Store Lrttle Gap Marne s Beauty Shop M C Borger s Garage R D Buck s Tavern R D 2 Butz Lumber Company Costenbader Sales 8 Servzce Costenbader s Service Statron Lula Edward s Shop Gehrrnger Harlacher Co P Henry Gruber, Jeweler Hagy s Esso Servncenter Handwerk s General Store, R Holczman s Men s Shop J 8s J Floral 8m Gift Shop Jendrlck s Beauty Shoppe Johannes Servrce, Aquashlcola 'kkic Robert A Mendsen The Palmerton Company Palmerton Dry Cleaners Dr George Prutzman Stemler Hardware Company Srdney R Webb Charles O Yale General Contractor bl' it it Donald Noll s Variety Store Palm Theatre Palmerton Motor Corp Martm J Phllrp Jacob Phllxp Dr Douglas Roth Sander s Amoco Station Sander s Super Service Shnpe s Hardware Tommy s Umque Dry Cleaners Werley s 'k'k Lendvay s Store Mankos Studno Mauser Mull Company Miller s Cycle Shop Aquashncola Owen s Sunoco Service Regent Meat Market Sander Motors, Inc Segel s Dept Store fby the bradge Shmsec s Applrances, Aquashncola Snlver Furniture Co Stroups Danry, R D I Szukncs Hotel, Aquashlcola Walker s Store, Aquashncola Whitman s Restaurant Young's Jewelry Store ul' BI' 'k ir 'k I , . - . - . I :I 0 I . . I 'I 0 l ' I I I ' . .I . I , . . . . . O., . . . ' I . , , . . , . ' I . . , R. M. James, Funeral Director Teter's Pharmacy I I ' I . , . I . . ' , . . 2 ' , . I u o . . , . I , . . , . . . , I ' D . I 0 O I . 0 I ' . D. l ' ' . I I I ' . , , . I - ' ' I MWA I' YEARBOOKS ff 'I I I V J I ,MN Cfgllbcwzu x-s vu 1.

Suggestions in the Stephen S Palmer High School - L Annuaire Yearbook (Palmerton, PA) collection:

Stephen S Palmer High School - L Annuaire Yearbook (Palmerton, PA) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Page 1


Stephen S Palmer High School - L Annuaire Yearbook (Palmerton, PA) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 1


Stephen S Palmer High School - L Annuaire Yearbook (Palmerton, PA) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


Stephen S Palmer High School - L Annuaire Yearbook (Palmerton, PA) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 74

1959, pg 74

Stephen S Palmer High School - L Annuaire Yearbook (Palmerton, PA) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 54

1959, pg 54

Stephen S Palmer High School - L Annuaire Yearbook (Palmerton, PA) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 48

1959, pg 48

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