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Stephen S Palmer High School - L Annuaire Yearbook (Palmerton, PA) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Cover

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V, 1 K Cum X- Q, x 4 'Vx " , x ,V ,L f,. ,I , 'ca ' " -. 'T' -fx V: 53 YA' , Q M' ' f f, 21, 5 ,M Q, f 'f ug 'JV " ' " 1 f Q iw H - , I , 3 'X 5. 7, Q ', xf, .L 5 J . V M 'H fi' 1 5' 9' 1, W' ' V r '3 Q, 'At 'D f. f V W fi f, 1 V, K F' Kp Y' ,V .Q 1 'vi X v " YQ -Q 4' ' if 'L S , , A 5, .L fn .VV ' mx C ,J Q '5 "Q 'Qu A " 'Q ' V vi -1.'.,. -1 , .' r " L 'Lg ' ' 9 i Y' ff V , ,K I r V 1 N ' J, A . c X 7 2 7-- w' X W J If r .K Y A .4 ' -P' , U Auxyx xl 5 , L -1 X! XA .X "V ,Aux K 2 1 -N x px Y ul' I U -'xnxx xx.U"xXXx HTF aux xnw. vxhux pry ' N .1 ' .. W K ,- ' f QQ , .HWA ,xx-U MSM " Q x f ' UN X V-'-'X Nvxvx ox s " ' 1 ,JK . V V4 5 2 f 1 V f1 q X '1 X" . 0 . 'XJJ 'L HWVWBQK 90 j xx 5 ' 0' va XX W!! ' X Q X I 41110 X'- . Q , - 1 1 X X 1 X s 3 X X XXX 1 ,VAYQ1 hi E X U 2 k il A1500 Y 50'?'mMf' ,ot desi ,xx a sveeigxgev .ne o6lc'g9 ht 95 04 V 1950 M wow. fozo mba mm 1-1.11321 - ed 1 W N f T so C-od? V546 CT-S94 me 9-obngfs ofchesifi vs: goof' he 5-'59 to XX'.'Zs0 9-W' 5,59 vw. f moto 25cdxaX 'NW' oven ax hvlkhbe 7 xfl-rand YM" pfogfam' ' .D , xo we Mm an oi the W tsog 60 r U 'P , I Sw. , Nancy Sn 17 SIXTH-GOT 1 'L Xave you non- ,f ors waking th l nahs their hoses sd in hme ge books? Xi were to asv kk-If ,., owner, you woxnd hoo that thks mysxerkous hme book ks the scu- L, j oi the senior dass pXay. This 1' X 'Q X ehtmed Growkxg Yakxs. is 1 kous iamhy comedy in th .cxs by Aman' Ywaxweval, which fbi' 'fs insight Xhmo some very pew' ", admescem pr obXems. "Rss Ada James is N' ! N x TAYI-0 Q YEARBOOK COMPANY onus, tens 7lyb1-nal: nuns vwuoons .4 If 4 1 ,,N 1 X f ff 1 - ff f 2 X 1 Yf xflf X ,P Q X f ' f,-A ffaig' EN-S, Q5 ' if X W' X 5X " 'Eff X Jf 7, ' N K I Xfg Stk mx fa ' 3 V ff P E' -' 2197" Y Q ' n 7 1 , I ' I f . X ,P f f y ' ,gy fi - k,e l A 6 C' XM IA 7 1, Q fn , Q P3 KX ,ff E' , UIi:,g'? ,mx x., M XX I 'IN ,I , ,f ' X , 1 H 1 1-As.-Q29 Skwep.'.g'+X fvx kg X. ! 4 .V f Q Nnekf fiQ-i.:E-41 X f 4 ff! W' 'Til' T7' 'f.f"9f"A "I 'VYV' Xl - ,fi ' P X ia! 4. I 6532, ,X X Q- ' X 1 P 1 "1 P Lf f f U !" X Q fimff- ' f y f -,,6'-,-,-, f' ,,,, -f X ,I 4 2:93 , K xr: ' I gg I X F M 1 ' 'J ,nf ,ff P W 1 1' 1, f 1 f, W! nf- 6 I. X 0.5 X P6 HSS 0 Ed aol pf' ' f If'-it 'W ffl' ?2' fl f', 7 f Q34 me ffl , jf STEPHEN S. PALMER HIGH SCHOOL Polmerton, Pennsylvania K' , sl-1: AL 'et 5 "5w NL 1 f AK 7 fi B X K- X X QQ if KL 1 I f C Q to eo 1 I f l I P u A- 11 R ,, l O 195 fl' 'll lf ol Msg I I fu' 45' is X X X , fl ff Q -W f :Z ,x .V X. 4' ' ,.1 " I fri ,X ' ity! F If . so I I '1 9 Zn I Q3 l x , ,,'E wi 3 Mal 5 P, 4,5 U le. x ,ht fi, Y l fb qt IH' V l Joseph Foran 5 0 I K o The Class of 1952 proudly dedicates this issue of L' ANNUAIRE to Mr. joseph Foran . . . teacher, coach, and friend. Under his guidance the Blue Bombers brought home the first undefeated season in football and the first Lehigh Valley League Championship. 5046564023046 In our yearbook, we have attempted to convey to you the story of our high school days by comparing our growth and development with the maturing of a young and vigorous tree. Here is our story, from the time when we were mere sprouts in the soil of S. S. Palmer High School, to the time when we blossomed forth as Seniors. Shiftless little seeds we were, wandering aimlessly about, when suddenly our teachers seized us and sowed us firmly in the fertile soil of P. H. S. While they cultivated and guided us, we grew into young but unsteady plants. Then, as growing trees, we craved food and nourishment, and this we found in the many activities afforded us in our school. With these new interests we be- ,X gan to broaden and, while our limbs reached higher and higher, our roots , spread deeper and deeper. ll! When the storms came with their wind K' and rain, we searched for health and l strength to keep our branches in tact. 1 W'e turned to sports and there, through K competition and sportsmanship, we MMI' lllwll learned to withstand the elements of ' 7 l nature. l Soon, as budding underclassmen, we became curious as to what was in store rr for us. Peeking out from our tight, green shells, we looked forward with anticipa- tion to a bright and promising future. Suddenly our opportunity arrived and, blossomed forth as mature Seniors. The tree had reached its greatest height and I we had reached our goal, graduation. u1 '1 I nl fm li l 5 flinging open our graceful petals, we X . In Y ' 'll' N J N . I ll nnlfd nfvw ul' fff I 1 I if 49 45 61 J 2' I 1' tl , 27' I , , 1 I QI' 4 I "Hu 'lin 744k af gwzmz Our Teachers Sow the Seed ........ Activities Hasten Our Growth ....... Sports Make Us Straight and Strong ..... Budding Underclassmen We Become We Blossom Forth As Seniors .......... rQ', 172 :aj 'J i ay' X42 ff 4 ,,:2i?g',' -- 442gg22g',, I. ' ' H29 I' U13 H, ,f-1-' 'EU 1 X 4' flf:"'t"" ,,f" .1 7: + 22265 ' 1 ffl: . , , I I X , v ' d....d9?',, J! Our Teachers Sow The Seed I M U 1 g N - 5 .VX lv X 15 I, if "5 W' I e A' 12 if r N -be up , I i A.. ' f fl? ji 'gilt ' ii i -:l x x v Y e-'17 ,,,,,u I I r , W f if f f xr Q M! e xy f Y I jf ' If x 41 Q, VV" 'P I 4.1 'mn iw W +WM'W"l FLW, MW 'N' " f-xxx -' 1,-"A ' 'x ' ' ,.f'A' Z " Dr. Roeder experiments with the school's new tape re- corder. Mr. Donald Denniston, a mid-westerner by birth, came to Palmerton in 1926 to replace Dr. Roeder as Principal of Stephen S. Palmer High School. Before coming to Palmerton, Mr. Denniston had been teach- ing in Sioux City, Iowa. He is an avid basketball fan, and rarely misses a ame. He also enjoys a good football game and can be seen cheering the team to victory. In the 8 often winterhe enjoys ice skating at the Memorial Park. Our Principal is also an active member of the Board of Trade, the Exchange Club, and the Ameri- can Legion. Office Secretaries Helen Olivia, Anna Becker, and Gladys Zeigenfus. Mr. Denniston at his familiar post. Dr. jesse Roeder first arrived in Palmerton in 1921 as a member of the high school faculty. He was soon advanced to the position of Principal and in 1926 became Superintendent of Schools in Palmerton. It is Dr. Roeder who sees that P.H.S. has all the modern facilities possible. I-le attends many state and national conventions in order to keep up with the latest trends in education. When asked what he does in his spare time, Dr. Roeder smiles and says he has so many activities that he can hardly squeeze in all of them. He enjoys playing golf and bridge. The Board of Trade, Lehigh Valley Motor Club, Board of Health, County Crippled Children's Committee, and the American Legion also claim much of his time outside of school. MRS. RITA XV. ALBRIGHT Vocal Music Q , ,Q L r L MR. ELMER E. BERGER Engl ish, Mathematics, German Q 7445 wPmu4 MR. OSCAR M. HLYNN Social Studies Today we are graduates! lt seems as though it were just a few months ago that we entered the auditorium of our Alma Mater as seventh graders. How different it was then! XVe were all bewildered, shy, and a little scared. As we advanced through seventh grade we gained confidence, ably guided by such teachers as Miss Treweek, Miss Boyer, Mr. Berger, and Mr. Hunsiclcer. l "1 ' . "1 d"'ided by V ' 2 Pqu MR. HARRY R. BOMBERGER German als ,,.Z3J,.JU .TX First struggles with grammar. W... .. .,. 1 .L .. W MISS PANSY M. BOYER Mathematics MRS. ELIZABETH B. CRAIG Business Education "But Mr. Messersmith, I don't like science." . li . ga.. YW MR. HARRY H. ECKERT Mathematics "A and red modify sky " The following year when we returned as eighth graders, it was a different group of boys and girls who were seated in the auditorium. Most of the timidness and fright were gone. Beginning our second year of junior high we moved right into the swing of things. We renewed old acquaintances and made many new ones. MISS HELEN L. ERB English MR. JAMES F. FOLEY Latin, Mathematics Quan Wdlw aa "The new Yukon highway follows this route." Under the guidance of Mr. Messe-rsmith, Mr. Snyder, and Mrs. Craig, we were able to ad- vance to ninth grade. In our Freshman year our athletic activities began. In seventh grade some of the members of the class had joined musical organizations, but now it was the athletes' turn. It was also our first meeting with such teachers as Miss Erb, Mr. Gordos, Mr. Foran, and Mr. Eckert. MR. MR. EDWARD A. GORDOS Social Studies MR. ALLEN C. HUNSICKER Geography, History CLETUS j. HOLLYVVOOD Science MR. RAYMOND E. FRYE Geography, Driver Ed. MR. jObEPH FORAN Mathematics "'Who wrote 'The Merchant of Venice?' " 'elim' 4-ui , ff' Th e ffm Process in fell d "Mmmm. that fudge looks good!" 1-vision M ca'u3c4ed4vd72a As Sophomores, we began our first year in Senior High. According to our interests, we enrolled in either the college preparatory, general, business education, homemaking, or industrial arts course. Here we had our first experiences with biology, the different Y Y l MISS ADA G. JAMES English foreign languages, homemaking, and business education. We were also able to-work on the editorial, advertising and business staffs of The Mirror and become members of the Mixed Chorus. MR. D. L. LEARN Social Studies MRS. JOYCE S. MENGLE Home-making MR. JOHN M. MESSERSMITH Science , SM ' X9 ' bufgln cwlll .-we bubbl Oh! That dreaded theme time. gy Own P At this time the social events and extra things were becoming increasingly important to us. No one will ever forget our class parties and the good times we had at our annual outings at Saylor's Lake. The high point of our junior year was the Halloween Social. For weeks prior to the big event the members of the class worked hard to make our social the best ever given at Palmerton High. During the day we struggled with Mr. Eckert's plane geometry propositions and Mr. Bl'ynn's history tests. We thought we'd never pass some of those difficult courses. MR. GEORGE R. PARAVIS Science MISS BLODNWYN R. POWELL Business Education MR. GEORGE B. PAUL Industrial Arts 7 . MR. LEON P. REX. JR Science ar? mr "Mr. Blynn, how can we possibly learn all those things you have listed MR. STANLEY A. SMITH Instrumental Music on the board?" Finally, the big year arrived-we were Sen- iors! Miss james, Mr. Learn, Mr. Rex, and Miss Tomb put the finishing touches on our high school education. With the help of Mr. Bomberger, our class Advisor, we started a fund raising campaign to meet that "all im- portant" budget. MR. IRA B. SCHEIB MISS EMMA L. SCHLEGEL Physical Education MISS DOROTHY E. RITTER Library MRS. ANNA G. RICE Homemaking l In'-IU5ffiaI Arts "Oh! 'I' I! Another error!" an 0:44 me MR. RICHARD j. SNYDER Social Studies "Yours is not to wonder whyg yours is but to do or die. A refreshment committee was set up to serve at home football and basketball games, and many of the Seniors contributed their time to the selling of Christmas cards. In spring, parties were formed and cam- paigning began for the election of town and school officials for Youth Day. Driver Ed. MISS MARGARET C. STRAUSS French. English By our speech we are judged. Aft MR. JOSEPH 1. SWIETZER MRS. AMANDA K. THOMAS Special Education MISS MABEL j. TOMB Business Education 5 .Q 'R Swift je , K S! X 1 :Na s N Sa iff' Q- SM? ff ' 1, M , QS MR. KARL A. ZETTELMOYER I it English S ' MRS. HELEN B. WISMER Social Studies f .. k MR. CONRAD R. NWILKER :-.V iiQ, 'if A Guidance MR. VUILLARD H. NWILHELM Physical Education A 7 a a 4 e ndw MISS HELEN D. TREVVEEK English Our holiday dances and the prom were also high points of our.Senior year. In retrospect, we think of the many happy years spent at P.H.S.-years of learning and living, together. Leaving the portals of our Alma Mater we will carry with. us warm "lt looks blue to me." "No, it's green." thoughts of our teachers, who, as counselors and friends, gave us the best possible start on our journey through life. 1 Y 'mis ' Xxecfxqe any xwse 5 ov- ' 5 Activities Hosten Our Growth ft f . 1 V V f , , X it f xft, ,,' , 1 ' 1 I c X X I X A, -tg W ' r' ' 1 1 If ' A, ' ', qi S ! J ' i X 4 I V7 ' . 'ci ' ,, .e I cy. X v ii i I 1 r . f ,. t , 0, it Y' ' l ' 8 ' 3 5 'bv I 1 ii, , X , Mr. Conrad Wfilker-guiding iight. The organization of a lost and found depart- ment is another activity of the student council. Under the management of Ker- ala johnson, junior, this branch of the council op- erates after school for the students' convenience. 74eS Completing its fourth year of opera- tion, the student council has continued to serve as the voice of the student body. This year under the able guidance of Mr. Conrad Wilker the council was es- pecially active. Peter Blynn was elected by the stu- dent body to serve as President during our Senior year. While in office, Peter led meetings of the council, introduced lyceum speakers, and helped to organize the student court. PETER BLYNN Council Prefiderzt The executive committee of the coun- cil is composed of one student from each grade. Pictured at the right are the fol- lowing members: Seated: Charles Mar- kosi, Freshman, Anne Ebert, Senior. Standing: Carolyn Stutz, juniorg and Mary Gower, Sophomore. The main job of the committee is to choose the lyceums for the school year. Left: Lost something? Kerry johnson may know of its whereabouts. The M.P.'s will get you for that! One of the departments over which the council takes charge is the hall patrol. This consists of a group of Senior high boys who. direct traffic in the halls during dismissals, at noon, and at 3 o'clock. The executive committee. one of Om Student gadq Order in the court-Judge Shiner presides. STUDENT COUNCIL MEMBERS- Firrf mu: A. Ebert T. Myhren, R. Kresge. P. Blynn, B. Kuhla, M. Roth, K. johnson. Second mu-: N. Serfass, J. Beers, M. Gower, R. Vfagner, B. Aranjo, P. Serfass. L. Markosi. E. Neff, J. Stangle. M. Penshaw. Tbira' row: C. Markosi, R. Nothstein, N. Kresge, G. Hoff- man, E. Petitt. T. Eckert, J. Kane. P. Gulden. What's the verdict?-Student court in action The main project of the student coun- cil this year was the formation of a stu- dent court. In order to carry out this project an amendment was drawn up and passed by the student body giving the council the power to establish the Court. Edward Shiner, junior, was elected by student vote to be the judge of the court. Tom Naratil, Senior, was chosen as assistant judge. One jury member from each grade was also selected. Serv- ing as Secretary was jean Rabenold. The court conducts the trial of all cases of rule violations submitted by members of the hall patrol. 746 P ' aj an sm: This year was a big one for our school paper, The Mirror. It not only celebrated its 55th year of publication, but also was awarded first place ratings in both the Pennsyl- vania and Columbia Scholastic Press Associations. At right is a quill containing the Senior editors and managers of The Mm-nr. From tap to blllimll they are: Joanne Matuska and Ann Barnett, Co-Editorsg Anne Ebert. Feature Editorg Fred Xwalk, Sports Editorg Elaine Snyder. Advertisa ing Manager: jo Ann Steigerwalt, Cir- culation Managerg jean Rabenold. Typ- ing Managerg Dorothy Turelc. Business Manager. , . t L N ff, 1 in-Q Q 3 ti? W. S' c bt , X Brlouz' "NX'riting Maketh an Exact Man -members of the editorial staff writing headlines. Advertising staff setting up ads. Left: Mr. Karl Zettelmoyer. Faculty Advisor for the editorial staff. and Miss Mabel Tomb. who is in charge of the advertising. circulation, and 64 fefleoted be "74e The typists for our staff consist of the Senior members of the commercial section with jean Rabenold serving as their manager. Their job is to type all material which is submitted by the editorial staff, so it can be sent to the printer for publication. The circulation staff, managed by joanne Steigerwalt, sees to it that our paper gets around. Their main job is to prepare The Mirror for mailing to Outside subscribers. Dorothy Turek, business staff manager, takes care of the money. Keeping records and balancing the budget are her main headaches. A group of Mirrorites gather at Columbia University for the C.S.P.A. Conference. 9 "" of 4 .- 5 en Helen Krcpics. Ann Barnett. Anne Ebert, and june Hoffman enjoy a banquet at the Reading Senior High School during the P.S.P.A, Convention. i It halanced! Dorothy Turck md Shirleen Vogel of the business staff. Although there is plenty of work connected with each edition of The Mirror there are also opportunities for members to enjoy the fruits of their labors. Each year P.H.S. sends delegates to both the CSPA and PSPA conven- tions. Those who attend re- turn with knowledge and ex- periences to share with the other members of the staff. The Mixed Chorus and Directress, Mrs. Rita Albright. Our vocal music department under the cl' t' f irec ion o Mrs. Rita M. Albright made many contributions to the extra-curricular program during the year. Its first project included a major part in the Annual Community Christmas Program after which the Mixed Chorus concentrated its efforts on the op- eretta. The Annual S ring Chorus Concert presented May 16 highlighted the musical activities of the year. ' I I I 'fine 4 an tie 140: ' ' ' Three Mixed Chorus members, Fred Walk and Mnrleyne Engle, Seniors and Charles W. Smith, Sophomore, were chosen to represent P.H.S. at the District Chorus Festival in Lansford. Fred W' lk l ' ' a a so journeyed to All-State Chorus in Wilkes Barre ,ff-N' i... M Charles chorus nwfmbm .1 Wa . ' t d fre Madeyne Engle. an G. iris Chorus at 3 typ. ical Pfacticg. ,I A..-at Chairl . ll ' ' , - I' . ne E5c'rr,qi5kf' Stihl Kfflnedf- 1 Airy. Krffgqikasggri Barb ln I, . ar- , Krwmzinsf' 1' 5' Ixrqqelfilsfxutflla- .. . K.. ' 'n Doris FILIUU' kim d Together atv' listixxe Brown. and Ffell va i to me to cave no tandem Vowited " '7 " Tune 111. 41 comedy operetta in two acts with words and lyrics by Don Wilson, was performed by the Mixed Chorus, March 27 and 28. The Choristers will never forget those all-night, last-minute practices nor the experience this production has given them. Much of the credit for the success of the opercttu goes to Mrs. Albright who worked hard and with patience unlimited. The entire cast on stage for the curtain call. ...dl . 4- ,ConCCf" . . 5 xml- ' Orchestra cluflnll lm p ph!-lb. il .. xi If Z' fy. .814 S - V 16.914 " . Mr. Stanley- Smith. conductor of the band and orchestra, A instructor ot instrumental classes, and director of the baton I Q twirlers I Om Spam 7644: Those who attenclecl District Orchestra are. front rnnx' A. Ebert. C. Stutz, FI. Matuska. Middle mum' N. Smith. M. Smith. I. Krasley. B.n'E mum' A. Roclcla. L. Burger. C. Smith. B. Homewood. H. Krepicv. ' Missing is R. Blank. Riglvlr Annc- lihert and Anne Rhodcla. the two from P.H.S. who participatc-tl in the State Orchestra at XY'illiamsport. students Festival Under the able leadership of Mr. Stan- ley Smith, the S.S. Palmer High School Orchestra, comprised of thirty-seven mu- sicians, provided music for various events, including the open house program during American Education XVeek, combined as- semblies. Senior class play, and Bacca- laureate service. In observance of Na- tional Music Week, the orchestra per- formed in the Annual Spring Concert a highlight among its numerous per- formances. 1 I PAHQ ,. , on 706494 6466 Throughout the year Mr. Smith kept each of the seventy-eight members of the band busy practicing and performing at such events as football and basketball games and Commencement. Its biggest undertaking was preparing for the Annual Spring Concert held on May 2. Along with the excellent soloists at this affair, the concert was greatly augmented by Mr. Fred Cardir' of Reading, who served as guest conductor. Palmerton's large representation at District Band included. from mu-: N. Smith, A. Lesko. M. Smith. Bark rouz' C. Smith, M. Andrews, R. Blank. Missing from the picture is N. Melnick. Rigbl: Chosen to represent P.H.S. at the All State Band at Reading High School were Robert Blank and Charles W. Smith. Both boys occupied first chair of their respective sections. Members of the flag twirling squad are. from left to riglsl: C. Andreuzzi, P. Roeder, A. Barnett, P. Smith, A. Ebert. J. Vido. M. Silliman, C. Bossard, and S. Mack. The snappy baton twirlers add plenty of pep and rhythm at foot- all and basketball games. Jane Schaffer, Senior, served as head drum majorette for two years while janet Cambell, Sophomore, acted as assistant majorette. The highlights of the year for the twirlers in- cluded a performance at Readings Pretzel Bowl, the Thanksgiving drill, and the exhibition honor- ing the servicemen at a basketball game on Wash- ington's birthday. The Palmerton High School Flag Twirlers are a special feature at athletic contests. Coached by Miss Emma Schlegel, who originated this type of flag twirling, the girls plan their own drills. Honorary Co-Captains of the squad were Anne Ebert and Ann Barnett, Seniors. The high-stepping baton twirlers are. from left to rigbls Oswald, M. Gower. P. . . . . en Christrnan, K Kreprcz, J. Campbell C. Mendez, N J Along with the band at all the football games and Friday home basketball games, the atmosphere was greatly brightened by the inspiring performance of our high school majorettes in their new uniforms. I . Pfam, b the ma 'nga d - X A drill Presented vlicemen Mr' Smith 1'rIl A Eb C mbine' Q ghe Ser ' Bitnettb ' Mfsg en' Sfh f igeues in horwf 0 fhlegel anda fer ducks, and j. Schaffer. Leflf The band and twirlei'S in a tepee formation as per- formed at the football contest against the Lehighton Indians. ado of elm Aww me Planned TRI-HI-Y Top photo: Tri-Hi-Y service project, the operation of the information desk. Middle photo: A district rep- resentative addresses the club. Right: Tri-Hi-Y members en- joy a farewell party given in honor of the Seniors. Right: Officers of the Tri-Hi-Y are. front row: Rita Binder, Treasurerg Betty Green, Secretary. Second row: Alice Werkheiser, Vice Presidentg and Barbara Spadt. President. Below: Miss Margaret Strauss, Advisor of the Tri-Hi-Y. HI-Y To create, maintain, and extend throughout home, Jrhool, and conzmunity high standards of Christian character. , X mfs Top photo: James Sochan and Rollo Gower, delegates to the Y.M,C.A. state convention in Harrisburg. Middle photo: A group of Hi-Y members who attended the Older Boys' Conference in Pottsville. Left: The officers of the Hi-Y are as follows: Rollo Gower, Presidentg james Sochan, Secretary: and Edward Steele, Vice President. Belo-ws Mr. Harry Bomberger, Hi.Y Advisor. i em., emma mmm Students who have special hobbies or who would like to develop new interests may join a club which meets every Monday during the last period. junior High Girls' Glee Club. Those clubs not pictured here are: Camera, Self-Expression, Reme- dial Reading, Art, Varsity, Press, Local History, Nature Study, Hunting and Fishing, Sewing, Ba- SWBC ton Twirling, Needlework, Play- Ewgenkif makers, and Chess. xx . Yifrxeiogiiioi The wide variety of activities pro- l l- vided during club time was ar- ranged by Miss Thelma Ritter and 'f . Mr' Xvillard wlilhelm' Chem Club for scientists. "He floats through the air with the greatest of ease"-Gym Club ' "mls L-lub fo C wi for boys and girls. r amateurs and Pros alike. 1 1 Sports Make Us Stroightond Strong 1 9 v I ng - A' 1 yi 8 G f f' f I I if fl 1 , f al ' A 4 C D, fx wi fi X fp IE in f ff K ly l "li ' ' NQ I W hh X' . ! 1' 4 in 2 ' uf NMR MXM LU ' Q f 5 Aklq "f'f1.Xll1 AMQMI 'I K MW Um V ffl, !mLV1,,, C ff? 'TA 'M,?' iwrigif' ' ' '23 TA First mu-: R. Christman. j. Vargo. L. Nwildermutli. E. Steele, T. Vl'ilIiams. R. Kolnik, NX'. Mein- hart. S. Banko, S. Mesaros, j. Ruch. Manager. Semnd wuz' D. Shiner, E. Shiner. P. Blynn. A. XY"asilkowski. P. Turko. ,l. Smida, R. Werkheiser. C. Kelchner. T. Naratil. E. XV:-ntz. P. Bobita. Third mir: -I. Foran. Head Coach: C. Hollywood, Assistant Coachg G. Strohl. R. Barilla. R. Costenbader, R. Carlton. E, lfknwitz. gl. Spaihts. R. NX'ebb, T. Halada. 0. Blynn. Assistant Coachg O. Shupp, Manager. C W .. The Blue Bombers raised the curtain on the 1951 season with a surprisingly easy 36-I2 triumnh over Xwhitehall High School. joe Foran's veteran team displayed superbly co-ordinated line and back- field play which was to be one of its standout features during the entire season. Holding "Reds" Featherman and his teammates in their own territory most of the game, the Bombers defeated Stroudsburg by a I3-0 margin. The third game of the season against Catty found the Bombers' a seven point underdog. Unleashing a powerful ground attack, the team came from behind in the last four minutes of play to edge out Cata- sauqua, I8-15. Playing under the lights at Bangor, the Bombers scored a quick touchdown in the first few minutes of play. and were never headed as they won 27-6. The next game on tap saw the mighty Koncrete Kids from Nor- thampton, league winners for the past eight years, crumble 32-0 under the power of the Blue and White of P.H.S. ,, For the first time in the history of football at Palmerton, the Lehigh Valley League crown and an undefeated season were both in sight as the Bombers opposed the Green Hornets at Emmaus. Sporting victory smiles are Assistant Coaches Holly wood and Blynn and Head Coach Foran. Going into the game a seven point underdog did not seem to affect the Bombers as they scored the second time they got the ball. From this point on, sustained drives sent Werkheiser, Blynn, the Shiner brothers, and Meinhart into paydirt, as the Hornets were whipped 41-7. Returning to the home stamping grounds, the Bombers, after a slow first hal, teed off on the Lehighton squad and blasted the Indians 33-0. Swooping down for the finale, the Bombers en- countered the Slatington High s uad on an ice frozen field before almost four thousancii anxious fans. Early in the first quarter "Andy" Wasilkowski swept 28 yards through the Slatington team for a touch own. Doug Shiner promptly picked a fumbled pass out of the air and, aided by fine blocking, ran the rest of the way for a TD. Wasilkowski scored twice more, on an intercepted pass and on a short line buck, to put the final score at 25-0. The Zinc Boro Lads in winning eight straight games and their first Lehigh Valley League Cham- ionship displayed the brand of ball playing and fine sportsmanship that is the dream of every coach. This is partly what helped the Palmerton High squad to be ranked fifth in District XI and twentieth in Eastern Pehnsylvania. The Bombers who--voted as being instrumental in the team's becoming the only undefeated squad in District XI-were placed on the All3Lehigh Valley -l I Fast action in the Slatington contest. first team were: Dick Werkheiser, left endg Peter Bobita, left tackleg Eddie Wentz, left guardg Tom Naratil, centerg and Andy Vifasilkowski, fullback. Carl Kelchner, guardg Joe Smida, endg and Ed Shiner, back, were selected to the second team. Peter Turko, tackle, and Doug Shiner, back, received honorable mention. The team voted Carl Kelchner and Tom Naratil honorary Co-Captains of the year and selected Tom Naratil most outstanding player of the group of champions. ladle cofwdffzoca r K Putting the trophy away for s f -k ' C0-Ca t ' Jub'lant scene after the final game 'th Sl tingt o the Kelchner and Naratil. a C eepmg are P sms honle field. WI a on n De I U I TURKO Tafkle WASILKOWSKI Back SCHEDULE 'W 1 P.H.s. OPP , 4, 36 Whitehall .....,...,,. ........ 1 2 'ww Vt Q, V ' 13 Stroudsburg ........ 0 ' ,J 18 Catasauqua ....... ........ 1 5 M, 27 Bangor ................ ....... . 6 G M 32 Northampton ...... ...... . , 0 V 41 Emmaus ........... 7 33 Lehighton ......... ........ 0 l 25 Slatington ...v........ ..... . .. 0 X , E 225 Totals' 38 Q ' ' 5, av BLYNN fi Back BOBITA Tackle BAN KO r Guard SMIDA End NARATII. Center KELCHNER Guard 3 W 5 W SHINER Back VARGO Guard HARRY MIHALIK THOMAS NARATIL DOUGLAS SHINER FRED ORAVEC MR. FORAN H end Coach The absence of height presented itself as the redominant factor of the 1951-52 hoop campaign as the Bombers completed the season with a 12-9 record. Coach Joe Foran molded his team around the two sharp-shooting guards, Harry Mihalik and Fred Oravec. Richard Werkheiser and Tom Naratil provided the little height that was to be had, while the fine ball handling of Ed Shiner and George Perish aided the team a great deal. Other capable reserves were Stanley Mesaros, Doug Shiner, Richard Merics, and Steve Sebo. First raw: R. Merics, H. Mihalik, F. Oravec, E. Shiner, R. V'erkheiser. Set-and row: Coach 1. Foran, S. Mesaros, S. Sebo, G. Perish, E. VC'entz. D. Shiner, T. Naratil. P.H.S. OPP. 69 Hellertown ..... ........... 5 7 50 Parkland ........... ......, 4 7 54 Phillipsburg ......... ....... 4 2 61 Nesq uehoning ..... ....... 6 2 59 Hellertown ....... ....... 5 8 50 Allentown .... ....... 6 0 47 Alumni .......... ....... 5 5 76 Stroudsberg ...... ....... 6 7 62 ' Lehighton .... ....... 6 4 Catasauqua ........ ....... 6 9 Northampton ....... ....... 70 Emmaus .,..... 86 Whitehall ...... ....... 7 2 Slatmgton ...... . ....... 55 61 Lehighton .......... ..... . . Catasauqua ........... ....... Emmaus ............ ....... Whitehall .... ....... 5 5 94 9 3 66 S9 57 Stroudsberg ...... ....... 69 ' 7 2 54 69 74 Northampton ....... ....... 6 8 69 64 70 69 83 Slatington .... ....... 6 0 MR. SNYDER Auirtant Coach The Bombers surprised both Al- lentown and Bethlehem, before bowing by close margins. The rest of the exhibition games brought their share of thrills and the Bomb- ers hit their stride winning their first few league games before fal- tering and ending up with a 4-3 first-half record. The second half ended the same way to give the team an 8-6 record in league com- petition. Fred Oravec, who was the team's high scorer, and Harry Mihalik were selected to the All-Lehigh Valley quintet. he lore' CIOSH hot. KH l to h yguarded b, . i.v.uP5 soot. V .ih I H auemvts a as Naratrl H815 Sato opponent A l Z QM. arts for the Lebfnhalik meg Ound. - OgaxveC Ss Mihalik ground l JUNIOR VARSITY TEAM Fim mu: R. Snyder. Coach: D. Greenwood, N. Kresge. j. Smida. G. Hoffman. T. Halacla. A. George, L. Swietzer. F. Reinhard. Serwzd rout J. jones, R. XY"illiams, R, Christman. L. Vido, J. Oravec. M. Rodrigues, P. Sheckler. Promising jay Vees who will take up the slack left by graduates Douglas Shiner, Harold Mihalik, Thomas Naratil, and Fred Oravec, are XViIlard Fritzinger, James Oravec, Arthur George, and Norman Kresge. The jay Vee team compiled an impressive record in their preliminary contests. Mr. Richard Snyder coached them to their winning ways. First row: S. Rodrigues, D. Buhay, R. Neff, E. Schuler, B. W'illiams, D. Lukowsky, M. Reinhard M. Silliman, N. jendricks, J. Edwards. Second rou-: E. Schlegel. Coach, P. Naratil, Manager: M. Andrews, j. Matuska. J. Sawka K Feder, A. Barnett, E. Homewood, A. Garcia, S. Nothstein. C. Werkheiser. H. Krepicz. Manager J. Fritzinger, Manager. gala gloaanmekto COACH SCHLEGEL The girls' team, coached by Miss Emma Schlegel, enjoyed an ex- cellent season, not only winning the league championship, but also going through their nine game schedule undefeated. Captained by Ann Barnett, the bomberettes used their height ad- vantage and accuracy. to post their perfect record. In doing so, they posted scores seldom heard of in girls' competition. Katherine Feder, junior, and Sophomores Adela Garcia and Catherine Werkheiser provided the scoring punch for the team, while Senior guards Joanne Matuska, Betty Homewood, and Ann Barnett did an excellent job in controlling the banking boards. Other worthy re- serves were Shirley Nothstein, Margie Andrews, Dorothy Buhay, Ellen Schuler, Nancy jendricks, Marie Silliman, and Rose Neff. 19 A xc- ,. E. Sw M Feder jumps for a rebound. Summary of a sen sational season BOMBERETTES OPPONENTS 37 Alumni ....... ..................... 2 6 59 Catasauqua ..... ....... 4 6 52 Emmaus ..... ....... 3 7 54 Whitehall ....... ....... 4 9 37 Bethlehem ....... ....... 5 1 65 Catasauqua ...,. ....... 3 8 58 Bethlehem ..... ....... 2 5 44 Emmaus ......... ,.,.... 4 3 51 VUhitehall ...,... ....... 3 3 It's a good one by Werkheiser. 64m-gem ' 6406 sa mme' 5 WW' - row: S' 3 Noxhsmn' ffifffweasef-W S- C, NSEC, Well C0112- E BX wget. Sane?-3 ' Andi qgixoyad f?u.M.Axu 1. Being' I 3' . 'HX Q R xv Y' t 'I 0 in Q ." I -x-. 1 p4-.4 ,i i "A in 3 Wifi? K? ni : Z ' li,-f,s,, Z .- av 4 'Y Y ' Y I . Ach Z1 :V A 3 A g ie 1? in ' 5 5' gf! "57'1 -' Q 1' L ' ' , . - p,: - HW 4 , f ' 1 ' ' 'A' X hx 2 VYLZ3 -K ,,3 is 1+ '-. 1 K 2 'E ' 7 Gy, ,kiwi If' 'L 1 -Q ,-., - ' g A IA ,f 4 S' iii ' , "dx K wg.-XX Q - MA 3- X 5 - r . 1 K , 5.1 'x ., 4 - ' , - f S S?2JQ"f V' ff? Q - f-31 gm 1,55 "Hi . , .SOVH Af is -L 5911...-G' 151.59 I slim' Wasilkovs'ski in fine form. Perich clearing the bar. Shiner set for the 100 yd. dash. Kelchner in the mile. i Kelchner in the mile. Once again the cindermen of P.l-l.S. under the capable coaching of Mr. Willard Wilhelm loomed as formidable foes in the fast Lehigh Valley Lehighton fielded an exceptionally strong team, however, and by beating the Blue and White squad for the first time since the Bombers' participation in track, managed to steal the flag from the Zinc men who had captured it last year. Lehighton also edged out the Bombers in the Lehigh Valley meet by one point, as the result of a highly contested second place g tie they were awarded in the mile relay, the final event of the meet. Palmerton displayed its well balanced team to the best advantage in the District XI meet held in Allentown, copping fourth place with Zjlfz points. COACH WILHELM Gone from the ranks will be such stalwart point getters as Douglas Shiner, Carl Kelchner, Francis Marsh, Andy Wasilkowski, Marlyn Getz, Ted Smith, Lee Bollinger, and Robert Blank. Doug Shiner and Carl Kelchner, along with the relay team, represented Palmerton at the State Meet hel at Penn State College. 3: A quick rundown of the meets is listed below Palmerton-VVON-Emmaus Palmerton-VC'ON-Whitehall Palmerton-LOST-Lehighton Palmerton-WON-Northampton Palmerton-LOST-Phillipsburg LVIAA MEET-Second P are DISTRICT Xl-Fourth Place 1 Third mu-: R. Johnson, J. Smida. R. Costenbader, D. jones, R. , 1 Smith. Second row: C. Buck. R. Feder- anich, R. Strohl, L. Swartz, G. Hoffman. First row: R. Kresge, F. Polash, H. Mendez, J. Federanich, S. Salazar, Managers. I P.H.S. OPP. Northampton ........ ..... 5 Lehighton .,....... ..... 1 5 Slatington ..... ...., 3 I Emmaus ......... ..... 3 j 6 Whitehall ..... ..... 5 4 Stroudsburg ....... ..... 8 1 Slatington .....,,.. .,....,,, 1 8 3 Northampton ........ ..... 5 1 Catasauqua ......... ..... 9 4 I I 146 345 and ua ck 7:4146 The team, although ending up with a 4-5 slate showed marked improvement over last season. Seniors john Kresge, Bruce Snyder, joe Nagy, Pete Blynn, Ronald Cos- ' tenbader, Andy Wasilkowski, and Tom Naratil formed the nucleus of the diamond nine. Fate befell the team at the half-way mark when they went into a four game losing streak. Top sluggers were Costenbader at 393, Nagy at 360, and Werkheiser at .348. Wasilkowski led the pitchers with a 3-3 slate. 1 1 S FC. 5. Geo' R- grblet. S Ktesge- I Syfmet, Snyder. ' Wletktxersa, Y- .tkowSV" B' gr O Bwglh . Nagy- .l ' . Y . Coach YQKSOB Btwn' . g. . Y. Backdaiinges Saint. Wgbm foggsxenbade . 21058. , Senior Coach Ann Barnett holds an important conference with her team before game time. 5 --- Although boys' intramural activities were temporarily abandoned, the girls carried on a full program, including basketball, volleyball, and track. Interest and competition was exceptionally keen this year among the numerous teams coached by helpful Senior girls. Each contest was played under the official rules of the game with referees and time keepers aiding in all pro- cedures. Probably the highlight of the season was the final event of the year, the intramural track meet, in which the boys also held their events. Plans are being prepared to make this an annual event. Miss Schegel and her staff of girls who helped so will- ingly in the planning and presentation of this fine program are to be congratulated for the fine job they did. '7 Qu Fast action in some girls' intramural basketball contests. Spam: Saaaglu Its fifth year of organization proved to be an active one for the Varsity Club. Under the guidance of Mr. Wilhelm, Sponsor, and of- ficers-Tom Naratil, President, Pete Blynn, Vice President, Pete Turko, Treasurer, Carl Kelchner, Sergeant-at-Armsg and Bruce Sny- der, Secretary, the group sponsored social activities and various athletic attractions. Among them were a gymnastic exhibition by the East Stroudsburg State Teachers College Gym Team, a donkey basketball game, and a spring jamboree. Rigbt: W. Fritzinger being initiated into club by J. Smida and O. Shupp. Below: Varsity Club officers tabulating proceeds of a successful dance. Letting out a lusty cheer are varsity cheerleaders: J. Rabenold, J. Hoffman, S. Noth stein, K. Feder, A. Garcia, S. Lewis, and M. L. Cunningham. I l Budding Underclossmen We Become XX? f2x.2 SEPL Q Xxx Qi E7 s , ,rf iff f 223' N Q I I 'H 4 Q el'- ' -f I Il l J N X QJ' .2 5? O. 4 ' ' g -. km . IHPHP I ff 'I lffgrtu I 7IMI lxfxf Qi N x S' .4 0 0 0 ' u I xx I I IV ' 0 o ., I ' I - we Q sn' O , 1 f V I 4, A V I K I 1 sw A Qi! QM if 0 5 5 - ' ' If W J 11EiEg ! 4' fig X wx X5 I I 'M A Y ' x 7 max 5' I ,I W km., X W 1fjl,11Xk ! 1 I , ffl 'NNW X I ulllffluuix, M 3 ' " H K E m I 71 Q:E:s BS .3 " Ill Ill I1 lllk HI' 1" , nui- llll lglgx I mul! 4 fl IEII, f UH' ' I N..., fi 1 1 144 716461660 , '7n r V"1 9-2 HOMEROOINI IWRS. ANNA RICE-Teacher Sfflfl1,L'.' C. F:lt2inger', D. Greenwood. G. Nothstein. B Berger. D. Bonscr. N. Buchman. M. Barbosa. L. Beers. E. Susanin. Filifl mu-: D. Scrfuss. R. Grccn. I.. Grccn. xl. Hayat. 0 Bollinger. P. Custcnbndcr. P. Dobias. Stmud rfm'.' F. Gulrgv, G. Hoffman. XY". Bccrs, L. Sw4u't.l K. Christmnn. A. Hand. -I. Slrcckler. S. Pru'l.1cks. R. Null -I. Val:-nt. R. Shiner. P. Kunda. VI. Mihalck. 9-5 HOMEROOM MR. w1r.1.ARD xxf'1LHEL1xr-Tmlfhef Firrf faux' L. George. A. Heiney. B. XY-'alk. Semud mum- VU. Horn, C. Beers, S. Deutsch. J. Gullu. M. Kuhet, P. Sheckler. A. Pinto. W". Mohr. N. Serfass. M. Sznyter. Third mu-: D. Pctkus. A. Hadnagy, S. Dorshimer. j. Spark. S. Smith, -I. Haydt. j. Vido. S1.1fldir1,e.' M. Mendez, D. Doroskio, -I. Oravec, L. Eckhart. H. Mesaros, G. Rehrig. S. George, Vi". Furler, E. Bonser. C. Borgcr. B. Wfasilowsky. 9-1 HOMEROOM MR. EDNWARD Gonnos-Teacher Sixliug: R. Christman. R. Andreas. B. Strohl, j. Steigerwalt Firxt mw: B. Costenbader. R. Steigerwalt, VU. Swanger B. Conover. D. Strohl. A. Britto. D. Balliet. M. Serfass. 'S McFarland. Semnd rouu- P. Markovci. C. Livengood. M. Green, B Federanich. Third wuz' T. Gyermeli, F. Polash. M. Rodrigues. F. Noth- stein, J. Borgc-r, S. Bierman, A. Reiner. B. Aranio. K Hagenbuch. A. Gouger. R. Gruber. FI. Banko. ' 1 and Ziff? Wad 3 9-4 HOMEROOM Miss HELEN ERB-Teacher Sitting: G. Holtzer. D. jones, P. Shollenberger, J. Liptak. M. Breiner, M. Reinhard, R. Zellner, E. Eckhart, 1. Shelly Fin! rou-: C. Grohotolsky, -I. johnson, M. NX'entz, 1. Getz Seromi rouz' A. Eckhart, M. janco, T. Dougherty, D. Pfeiffer F. Fogelman, M. Phillips. Third roux' R. Nothstein, R. Eisenhauer, R. Parsons, R Reber, G. Strohl. j. Pazucha. Fourth row: M. W'asilkowski, E. Bishop, L. Buck, D Graver. A. W'agner. 9-5 HOMEROOM MR. LEON REX-Teacher Fifi: roun' A. Christman, C. Stettler, J. Edwards, C. Mar- kosi, L. Gruber, S. Fogel. H. Fritz. ' Second raw: K. Kleintop, G. Zellers, K. Greensweig. B. W'il1iams. B. Graver, S. Shupp, P. Reinhard, J. Ziegenfus, M. Rehrig. Third rnun' A. Neff, VV. Strohl, P. Frantz. R. Christman J. Dreisbach. F. Reinhard. A. Snyder. - Under the leadership of their Advisor, Mr. Ed- ward Gordos, the Freshman class staged one of the most successful class parties of the year. A rarity in the history of our school occurred when the Freshmen elected their officers for next year. All girls were selected to be the class leaders. Pic- tured at left, they are, seated: Barbara Williams, Presi- dent. Standing: Mary jane Reinhard, Treasurerg Joann Edwards, Vice President, and Jacqueline Steigerwalt, Secretary. 5 10-2 HOMEROOM MR. CLETLTS HOLLYXVOOD-Teaclier Sitlin ' D. Steele C. Davies. S Green. N Nicholas. A Garcia, M. Svetik. C. Krepics, M. Bachman, M. Polakovic, D. Smith. Firrf row: R. Christman. R. Becker, B. Wertz. C. XX'erk- heiser, R. Dougherty, L. Kovach, C. VU. Smith, R. Mendsen Second rouz- R. W'illiams. E. Smith. R. johnson. E. Pettit, M. Simpson. Third ron-.' F. Schenkenberger. H. Heydt, J. Connolly. E. Beers, C. Buck, G. Kupar, R. Borger, W. Fritzinger, G. George. C. Mendez. 10-1 HOMEROOM Miss MARGARET sTRAUss-Teacher Fjllff man' N, -Iendricks, C. Bossard, R. Horinlco. M. Silli- man, D. Farber, XX". Serfass, A. Reinert. Second wuz- R. Fecleranich. E. Dwyer, M. Gower, B. Sickels, L. Borger. A. Aranjo, A. Mackes. M. Stein. M. Kratzer, G. Palmer. Third wuz' N. Melnick. VV, Kibler. R. Carlton, L. Vido, R, Bonser, R. Seltzer. R. Barilla, L. Beer, W. Stahler, J. Halmi. ' 4"""-xv. The officers of the Class of '54 who were re- sponsible for planning the social events of the group are pictured on the left. Smndiug: Charles Smith, Presidentg and janet Campbell, Treasurer. Seated: Doris Steigerwalt, Secretaryg and Ronald Christman, Vice President. ' We gmdaallq quam an S 10-5 HOMEROOM - MRS. JOYCE MENGLE-Teacher Firrl row: M. Szoke, S. Green, V. George, J. Delich, R. Neff, K. Oswald, M. Goodhile, K. Kinek, J. Sawka, S. Rodri ues g . Serond rouu' H. Snyder, A. Monteiro, G. Stroup. C. Kutzer, C. Beers, j. Stuber. L. Beers, E. Glomb, D. Lukowsky, W. Naratil. C. Creitz. Tbird row: R. Williams, S. Palmer. R. Costenbad-er. W. Bonser, G. Schott, A. George,'T. Myhren, J. Smida, D. Smith, H. Williams. The varied tastes of the Sophomores make them quite an all-around class. The many leaders of the group have. already begun to participate in the school's activity program and by so doing have helped to make those activities more enjoyable for all. At the right are pictured a group of Sophomore girls performing an Egyptian dance at a gym exhibi- tion. They are: janet Campbell, Kathryn Krepicz, Sandra Mack, Ellen Schuler, Marie Silliman, Char- lotte Bossard, and Mary Gower. 10-4 HOMEROOM MRS, ELIZABETH CRAIG-Teacher Fifzfr mun' I. Machalec, D. Buhay, j. George. Sewud rouu' R. Bolmer, G. Ruch, R. Weaver, A. Snyder M. Schuck, j. Frantz, VU. Engle, T. Daniels, P. Susanin Third row: j. Sochan, R. O'Brian, j. NX'olfe. R. Sheckler B. Heydt. E. Schuler, P. Christman. S. Costenbader, D Smith, B. Green, P. Metzgar, C. Muniz. Fourlb faux' R. Sult. C. Smith, S. Delich. N. Scheirer, T Halada, R. Ziegenfus. N. Kresge. I 1 J '71 Om min , Me ?loawz 11-5 HOMEROOM MR. OSCAR BLYNN-Teacher Firri mu-.' M. Serfass, P. Roedar, S. Getz. Second row: D. Furler, M. Berger, M. Moyer, G. Borger, W. Meinhart. Third row: J. Vorosmarti, G. Mahler, R. Kline, N. Thomp- SOD. Fourth row: K. Johnson, C. Andreuzzi, A. Rodda, R. Merics, J. Spaihts, R. Person, L. Ziegenfus. Fifth row: J. Susanin, G. Smith, E. Boyer, V. Smith, L. Wildermuth, R. Kolnik. L. 11-1 HOMEROOM MR. HARRY ECKERT-Teacher Fir-.rt raw: M. Svetik. V. Barlieb, L. Engle, C. Salazar. P. Donchez. Seroud mum' K. Hagenbuch, E. Neff, R. Kresge, L. Strohl, M. Pngotto, j. Kunkle, P. Smith. Third row: G. Heiney, L. Day, A. Altemose, R. Strohl, j. Mihalic, R. Kiss, L. Stulnitz, F. Nogueira, D. Swartz. Faurih row: B. Bachman, E. Ifkowitz, C. Szakacs, E. Shiner. G. Perich. 11-2 HOMEROOM MR. GEORGE PARAVIS-Teacher Fir!! row: R. Beers, J. Beil, S. Marsh, L. Hartranft, S. Beers, H. Klein, G. Frantz, C. Stutz, E. Wentz. Second row: W. McFarland, B. Engler, S. Bartholomew. D. Silfies, E. Serfass, D. Zesier, J. Rehrig, G. Rehrig. R. Werkheiser. Third mu-: D. Marshall, J. Fox, K. Feder, A. Drgon, R. Smith, E. Hrusovsky, E. Slebics, P. Gerkovich, L. Oncheck. . . . fi fs: 1 2 Own Zend! wddf donut in gloom 11-4 HOMEROOM Miss BLODXVYN POWELL-Teacher Firxt row: M. Ziengenfus. I. Miller. L. Chaplinsky. B. Serfass. N. Klymyshyn. B. Tomik, P. Borger, C. Biege. D. Merkel. M. Haclinger. Second row: D. Green, J. Bachman, M. Truesdale, D. Haydt, K. Anderson. L. Rucizka, C. Hahn, J. Stangle. Third rouf: T. Frano, T. Dwyer, C. Cebrosky, W. Pitts, R. Anthony, H. Mendez, j. Ruch. 11-5 HOMEROOM Miss MABEL TOMB-Teacher Firrz raw: D. Frantz, C. Eckhart, J. Hagenbuch, S. Vogel E. Eisenhauer, N. Blefko, G. Serfass, R. Merics, j. DeLongl Seroud ruuz' A. Stefancik. I. Krasley, C. Ozalas. S. Lewis, P. Ziegenfus. M. Roth, B. Pazucha, J. Sochan, G. Voorhees Third row: J. Kane, P. Steele. S. Sebo, S. Mesaros, j. Halada, R. Webb, K. Hahn. 1 41 1 Amid the atmosphere of witches, goblins, and corn stalks at the Halloween Social, the big event sponsored by the junior class, this group of students is enjoying cider and doughnuts at the Cider Garden. They are: George Perich, Barbara Kuhla, Thomas Naratil, june Hoffman, Pete Turko, and Patsy Nara- til. Serving them is Dawn Zeiser. jim Spaihts and jim Sochan entertain. Un Stay, ii - an The "Two Eds"-Shiner and Wlentz-give out with "A Guy is a Guy." Gym Club Members-Leonard Vi'ildermuth. XX-'illard Mines hart, Frank Nogueria, Sally Lewis and Katherine Feder- form a pyramid. A phase of school life in which the underclassmen par- ticipated most enthusiastically was the presentation of as- sembly programs. Each class presented its own program featuring the talented members of the group. Those as- semblies were among the best received of the year. . K X YV ,"'. I , 4 'fn' Z 119 1 V ' I 2 X I my If P , 'r X fx 4 N' I , Q . ,s C . J -ing? kv C fgfv J K 1 it - o i C v . fx of ' V I A 'ff -oz?" -Q ,o -4 f s N 2, K L, 7 f s ' 'Jfx s' I sv if f 0 'f! 1, r lx q, ' fn W k-.4 1 of f K AJ' Q osx - ' -4-"-N X112 ,jj ,Lf 'H X 'K -1 zffff ', s x if f .f W V ff' Xxx!" I If Y J , l "ff 'I 'Mig M' ! f,J1y,'?,' 'if ' xx N u fy' ' ' lx WL! S , X W . ' X D sf :jim A Q ' 4 5 90 .-ww, X . Q1 ' 7 w W ,X ffif QI . W ' A ,X Wo Blossom Forth As Seniors MAR 'IARIA E. ALLEN Commercial Active in girls' intramural sports-did her share in the circulating and typing of the Mirror-supporter of the base- ball team-happy-go-lucky "Nat" likes to "hep it up" at those weekly square dances. Artirilier-Mirror, Circulation Staff and Typist: Yearbook. KENNETH WILLIAM ANDREAS College Preparatory Lots of fun-could always be counted on for help with German translations- capable football and baseball manager for three years-rain or shine, "Doc" always has a ready smile-college bound. Ariirifier-Football Managerg Baseball Manager. NEVIN ALTON ANDREAS Irlduiiriul Art! Was on hand at all sports events, pa- rades, and concerts, pounding away on his bass drum-enjoyed basketball games -tore around town in his black ntiac -found Manuel Training his Eiforite. subject-hopes to continue his educa- tion in that line at the Thadeus Stevens Trade School. Adirilier-Bandg Orchestra. MA Jorma RUTH ANDREWS College Prepmww-,L Usually quiet. but really a riot when she gets in one of her rare moods- was the only senior forward on the girls' basketball team-tooted her oboe in district band three years-future vears will find her in college still breaking te? tubes and beakers in a chemistry la . Acliririe.r-BarsketbalIQ Baudg Orchestral District Band and Orchestrag Mirrorg Yearbook. p0m ot' "Wok the Roper of lbe Port we will ring the Belly of the Future." DIANA ARANJO Home Ecorlomirr Known as "Didie" to her friends-em joyed home economics classes-sang her heart out in the operetta chorus-al- ways says "Tl1at's a heck of a thing" when anything goes wrong-was heard cheering her best at a good football game-future plans consist of being at dietition. ArIi1'itie.r-Yearbook: Chorus. ' Q4 Wtazmzq T M f M ,O fixllktgxr THE XVHITE ROSE Om' Clan' Flower STEVE j. BANKO I udu rfriul Arn "Steve"-at capable guard on our foot- hall team-claims senior science to be his favorite subiect-watch out when Steve 'is driving his father's truck-whiz! -enjoyed drawing and painting in Art Club-a little bashful around girls- as yet. future undecided. AfliriIie.r-Footballg Hall Patrol. i 1 STEPHINA BAKUN C umm erriul "Stephie"-one of our commercial stu- dents-a faithful Mirror typist-at good friend to have-active in Tri-Hi-Y for three years-sees her future its ai sei- retary. Arliririer-Mirror, Circulation Staff and Typistg Yearbook. FRANKLIN ROGER BALLHET Geueml A quiet member of our class-claims he enioyed German and senior science the most-in the sports line. skating and swimming rate tops with "Slige"-after graduation, his aim is to secure it ioh. SHIRLEY J. BALLHET College Prefmmlory An ardent basketball fan-Shirley is ul- wiiys ready with a hearty laugh-enjoyed working algebra problems-one of the "fabulous" Bowmanstown girls-plans to enter some branch of the armed forces. At'fiI'ilf6.f-CHHICYR Club. MARY A. BANKO C ommerrial One of the commercial girls-always lent a helping hand in homeroom ac- tivities-an active member of the Tri- Hi-Y-attended the U.N. model as- sembly at Harrisburg-coulcl be found nights dishing out ice cream at Wlmit- man's Restaurant. Actizfitier-Mirror, Circulation Staff and Typistg Yearbookg Student Councilg Tri-Hi-Yg Mock U.N. Assembly. GLORIA ANN BARROS C rmmlerciul Gloria-an ardent football fan-seems to be in the habit of saying, "Oh, for Pete's sake."-small but active in class affairs-appears to detest the nickname of "Glory"-rates stenography high. which may account for her plans to become a secretary. Arliririer-Mirror. Advertising and Cir- culation Staffsg Yearbook. Our first pep rally at the coal bowl. PATRICIA ANN BARNETT College Preparatory An all-around good sport - helped brighten many dull moments-a rare combination of brains, talent, person- ality, and athletic prowess-one of the snappy flag twirlers - captain and scrappy guard of the girls' basketball team-Youth of the Month in that field-hopes to continue her active' life at Hood College. AfIiI'iliE.f-OfCh6Slf3Q Girls' Chorus: Flag Twirlingg Yearbook, Associate Edi- torg Mirror, Co-Editorg Basketball: FTA. CLARICE KAY BART!-roLoMevc' Home Ef0llflIl1if.f "Bitsy"-one of the Bowmanstown gang-never without something to say -has an answer for everything-debate and dramatics are right up her alley- never missed a football or basketball game-would like to further her educa- tion after graduation. Actiritiex - Yearbook: Debate Club: Girls' Chorus. Hot dogs . . . ice cream . . . candy! Through snow and rain, heat and cold, the faithful refresh- ment committee members manned their tent and trudged back and forth to the bleachers with food for the spectators. Those who worked in the refreshment tent will never forget the half-time rush and the hard time they had trying to see the game between the heads of the people lined up in front of them. This committee was set up at one of our first class meetings. Joanne Steigerwalt and Fred Oravec were selected co-chairmen. Other willing workers were - pictured on the right-Gloria Barros, Cecilia Pfeif- fer, john Kresge, Bernard Bossard, Harry Mihalik, and Barbara Kuhla. We Sold 244 I , 4z7Mzd4a! Q --- V,-u.iaRiiz TIZRESA Biznns College Pr'ef1.u'illm'-y The girl with the giggle-always has ri song in her heart and .1 smile on her face-loves to sing or play the piano. clarinet or hziss viol-ii foothnll fan--will never forget practices for her role as Mrs. Mclntyre in the Senior Class Play. Afliliiier-Bantlg Orchestra: Chorusg Mirror: Senior Class Playg FTA. MARY ANN Luciruz BEIL Home Emnon1ir.r "Beily"-spends most of her time vin the Home Economics Department--ice skating is. in her opinion. the tops in sports-spent many an exciting hour at the information Desk--bemg a home- maker will comprise her future. Arrizilier-Yearbookg Tri-Hi-Y. SHIRLIEY A. BELTZNER Bll,l'jllf'l'l Edlmrlinu Admired for her quiet charm and cour- age-never without ai smile for every- one-cume to PHS from Lehighton dur- ing her junior year-was in school only an few months of her senior year before being confined to her home with a serious illness. Aflilflftif-x'Cill'l'Il7UkQ Tri-Hi-Y. FRANKLIN DAVID BINDER General As quiet as a church mouse-"Bindie" claims French as his favorite subject- early riser to deliver newspapers-be lieves in the old proverb-early to bed and early to rise!-enjoys baseball games, expecially if the Phils are the winning team. Ani:-ilier-Glee Club. VERONICA RITA D. BINDER Home Ef0IIO!l1if.f Attractive and charming- approaches every task with quiet confidence-out standing homemaking student-active as treasurer of the Tri-Hi-Y-plans to enter nurses training at St. Vincent's Hospital in Philadelphia. Artiiilier-Yearbookg FHA. JOHN A. BISHOP College Pv'ep.v'.1lm"3 "Lordi'-quiet in school but quite the opposite out of class-chemistry tops his list of favorite subiects-always en- ioys a good football game-hopes to join the Merchant Marines. Ariililiei-Hi-Y. ROBERT EDXYARD BLANK, JR. College Pi'6f7.lf.ll01', A maestro on the clarinet-concert meis- ter for two years at the Eastern District Band Festival-claims math as his fa- vorite subject-chemistry club president -plans to study engineering-Professor in the Senior Class Play-an asset to the Senior class. Aflfl'fff6'.f - Trackg Bandg Orchestra: Mirrorg Yearbook. Associate Editor: Chorusg District Band and Orchestral State Band. The live Five Some fine talent was revealed when our class presented its assembly to Senior High. The program included vocalists, pianists, and group sing- ing. Prizes were awarded to the three acts that were judged the best. PETER MOSER BLYNN College Pf?f7dfdf0fJ' Varsity football and baseball player-am- bitious president of the student council -will never forget the excitement of winning the Lehigh Valley champion- ship in football-liked the banquets that followed-is looking forward to attending college. Aciiririer-Footballg Baseballg JV Bas- ketballg Student Councilg Band. A talented pianist, Marlyn Costenbacler ' eeemlldea CAROLYN JANE BORGER Home Erouomirr Better known to her friends --claims all her subjects as a member of Tri-Hi-Y for -enjoys basketball-future to be a housewife. Artirilies-Tri-Hi-Y. PETER Boain General Played a big' part in bringing the foot- ball championship to PHS-unanimously selected as tackle on the All-Lehigh Valley team two consecutive years- Youth of the Month in art-made beautiful banking board decorations for our dances-plans to continue his edu- cation and football career at Syracuse University. Actiziiier-Footballg Trackg Chorus. ALICE ANN Boi-ma Conmlerriul Alice-happy at the typewriter-an ar- dent basketball fan-could always be located by the flash which accom- panied her photographic exploits-will never forget driver training: classes- plans to make her career e-tin-r with the XVAFS or XVAVES. Arfiiiliar-Mirror, Circulation Staff and Typistg Yearbook. LEE ROBERT BOLLINGER College Prepfuxllorj A rather quiet boy except when driving the gang around in his blue and white "Chewy"-in the wee hours of the morning could be found delivering milk for the dairy-worked evenings at the Horse Head Inn-will never forget those English classes with Miss james --enjoys playing basketball. Arrii-ilier-Trackg Bandg Orchestra. MAIJELINE L. BOLLINGER Home EL'0ll0lIIif,f Quiet and reserved-"Maggie" perfers homemaking - active in the Future Homemakers of America organization- cheers her best at a good baseball game-plans to make the XVAVES her career. A:li1'ilie.r-FHA: Baton Twirling Club. DONALD L. BORGER General "Don"-enjoys baseball-looked for- ward to chemistry experiments - a weekly customer at Andreas-an ardent stock car racing fan--active member of the bowling club-undecided about his future. Artiriliex-Bowling Club. EVELYN E. BORGER Commercial Another quiet senior-did her part on the business end of the Mirror and Yearbook-enjoys a good game of bas- ketball-will probably obtain a job after graduation. Affi!'ilf0,f-Mlff0f, Circulation Staff and Typistg Yearbook. Bnznwmzn BRUCE Bossmm College Prefmrdfory There's always excitement when "Puppy" is around-will not forget physics classes-never without a wise- crack-a terror in his hot-rod-basket ball fan-easy to know-plans to enter Virginia Military Institute. Arririliex-Band: Student Council. Spamzoud 4 Invilnlfion ith it anm1allY Christmas broughl W Dance at .or Qhrxstmas S- the Sem is Suddenly gran which dtbetoggnland of make-believe. forme In G41 I 1 Walddcuf Zane - We dance to our hearts content until the hour of our departure arrives and we are brought back to reality. In reality we find that this dance has been one of the most successful ones of the year. Pete Turko Cleaning UP Q -1 BARBARA JUDITH BUBEL College Prejmralory The sweet silent type-very active in church activities-has a deep apprecia- tion of the finer things of life-en- joys a good football game-can do some fancy tricks on the ice-hopes to continue her education at Albright after graduation. Arlirilier-Tri-Hi-Yg Girls' Chorus. GLORIA MAY BURY C ommerrial One of the Danielsville commutors- Gloria can usually be seen driving a "Chewy" to school-basketball ranks high on her list of favorite sports- plans to become a secretary after gradu- ation. Arliriiiex - Tri-Hi-YQ Mirror Typistg Yearbook. LUCILLE ELAINE Burz C nm mertinl "Butzy"-an ardent basketball fan- rates typing at the top of her list of subjects-active in Tri-Hi-Y for three years-member of the Circulation staff of the Mirror-plans to enter the sec- retarial field. Arliritier-Mirror. Circulation Staff and Typistg Yearbook. PAULINE MAY CHRISTMAN Commercial "Polly"-a basketball enthusiast-short hand is her second love-will always remember the Halloween Social-active on the business staff of the Mirror- plans to apply for a government sec- retarial position after graduation. Arli1'iIie.r-Girls' Chorusg Mirror, Cir- fulation Staff and Typistg Yearbook, WILBUR J. CHRISTMAN lnduxiriul Arn A future carpenter-could always be found in the shop room tinkering with some new proied-likes to participate in a fast game of ping pong-in the future, as now. one can 'expect "For- get" .as his answer to almost any question. Arririlier--Art Club. MARLX'N CLAIRE COSTENBADER General "Bubbles"-a real artist on the piano- will be remembered for the versatile renditions of popular songs with which she entertained us in assemblies-a member of a popular dance band-her combination of personality and talent should assure her a bright future in the entertainment world. RONALD j. COSTENBADER General "Ronnie"-an advantage to our base- ball team-Youth Day policeman-is sure to miss Mr. Bomberger's German classes-never in school on the first day of hunting season-a future Air Force man. Arti1'itie.r-Basebal l . Fm! H- SW44 Christmas at P.H.S. always means homeroom parties with lots of fun and food. Since we were Seniors, we had the privilege of holding our Christmas party in the gym. RICHARD CARLTON Ckerrz College Preparatory This tall fellow's favorite subjects are English and study hall U1-favorite expression appears to be "Hold 'er down Clem, she's a rarin"-plans to attend Perkiomen Prep School after graduation - greatly enjoys playing street football. Actirilier-Baseball Managerg Camera Club. mug -- We had lots of fun dancing and devouring plenty of ice cream, cook- ies and coke. BRYN MORGAN EVERITT Iudumtiul Arlr A handy fellow to have around-as- sisted Earl Seip in many decorating ventures-added to many assembly pro- grams with his marimba renditions-ew joys a fast game of ping pong-hopes to further his interest in automobile me- chanics at trade school. Arlirilie.t-Art Club. MARY LUE CUNNINGHAM College Preparatory The girl with dazzling red hair and a dynamic personality to match-a natural for cheerleading-co-captain of the squad-made a hit as Terry in the class play-an excellent artist--her love for reading will help her become a suc- cessful librarian. Arliriliex-CheerleadingQ Senior Class Play. JOHN JOSEPH Daozm College Preparatory Always seen with a grin on his face-A "Droz" enjoyed French classes-"lt's a dandy" is his password-an efficient auto mechanic-undecided about his fu- ture-"directed" traffic as a member of the Hall Patrol. Artiritier-Hall Patrolg Hi-Y. ANNE MARIE EBERT College Prepamlory An ambitious senior--capable editor-in- chief of our yearbookg serious minded. but lots of fun to have around-will always remember the good times she had at District and State orchestra- Wittenberg will.claim her next year. Artiririex-Orchestra: Chorusg Mirror: Yearbook: Flag Twirlingg Debatep Stu- dent Council. MARLEYNE JANE ENGLE College Prepufwtory English rates high on "Molly's" list of best liked subjects-favorite sport is basketball--just hear "Oh! No!" and there is Molly-a wonderful person- ality and a willingness to work will accompany her in her career as a nurse. Arlirilier-Mirrorg Yearbookg Chorus: Senior Class Playg District Chorus. K. 3 41. s 1 .wvfzw 4 me mu Om 37 NANCY Louise FARBIER Cfnllnlerriul An efficient business stuclent-predica- ments produce her familiar expression "For crying out loud"-likecl those rough football games best of all,when PHS was way out in front-future years will see "Nam" at Business School. Arlii'ilie,i-Mirror. Circulation Staff and Typist: -IV Cheerleading. Bark wuz' E. Snyder, J. Hoffman, H. Krepics, S. Salazar. C. Werley. T. Smith j. Nagy, A. XY"asilkowski. S. Greene, N. Smith. S. Nothstein. Front roun' M. Meinhart, R. Blank, V. Beers, M. L. Cunningham. R. Kresge M. L. Smith. J. Schaffer. JOHN M. j. FEDERANICH Better known as "Sarge"-a sparkplug at any party-as manager. was one of the most enthusiastic supporters of the basketball team-one of our favorite milkmen-enjoyed chemistry with Mr. Rex-a whiz at working those difficult chem problems-noted for his philoso- phy on life. Arti1'i1ie.r-Basketball and Baseball Man- agerg Yearbook. Lois ANN FOGEL C u in merrial Our Senior Spelling Champ-worked haril circulating and typing the Mirror -could be heard cheering at all of the football games--participated in intra- mural baskctball and volleyball-plans to take up stenography work. At'li1'flf6.l'-Miffilf. Circulation Staff and Typistg Yearbook. iaJ:.4rSanmfi.1a3i m3L aj .,. mu... . , Aa..: 4. l 1 1 II 9, ii Pez! V' A I a , y 3 I 4 1 F 1 r I . Q. Oh! An Unseen -Audience. "Curtain time." The house lights dim and the audience is hushed. To- night the annual Senior Class Play is being presented under the direc- tion of Miss Ada james, The title of this years play, "Growing Pains," describes the theme well- the trials and tribulations of teen- agers. Co-starring in the leads are Mary Lue Cunningham as Terry, and Ronnie Kresge as George, both of the typical American family, the Mclntyres. The family's experiences look quite familiar to us but, as usually is the case, the teenagers survive their problems and the play ends in a confused, but happy, state of af- fairs. C a m merriul attend business college. Arlirilier-Chorusg Girls' Chorusg Mir- ror, Circulation Staff and Typistg Year- book. JANET E. FRITZINGER General A wonder on the gym mat-never bored in French class-she's got rhythm -ardent football and track fan!-will probably follow in the footsteps of Florence Nightengale and become a nurse. . Arli1'itie.r-Basketball Managerg Cheer- leadingg Student Councilg Mirror, Ad- vertising Staff. One of our Yearbook photographers -Pete Steele. MARGARIET ANN FOGEL Better known to her friends "Squeaky"-contends her favorite sport is swimming-never bored in English classes--Tri-Hi-Y club member-active in choral 'and Mirror work-plans to 215 ELAINE RENAE FOGELMAN General "Shorty"-a Slatington commuter-em joyed French classes-a, member of girls' chorus for three years-partici- ated in intramural basketball, volley- ball. and baseball-member of the busi- ness staff of the Mirror-future un- decided. Arlirilier-Mirror, Advertising Staffg Chorusg Girls' Chorusg Baton Twirling. ELBERT il. GEORGE I ndurxrial Art: A quiet lad who hails from Towamen- sing-seems to enjoy saying ,"shake it but don't break it"-basketball rates tops with "Ebbie" as far as sports are concerned-enjoyed shop. ALLEN G. GERMAN I fzdurlrial Arif E "Al"-4-Enjoys the study of senior science-one of the outstanding bowlers in our class--enjoys playing basketball -an active Industrial Arts student-fu- ture points to some trade school. Arliritier-Bowling Club. MARLYN FLOYD GETZ General Helped rack up points for the track team-pole vaulting was his specialty- one of Mr. Sweitzer's artists-claims skiing as his favorite. sport-spent his Monday nights at Naval Reserve-fu- ture plans are to be a full time sailor. Actirilief-Trackg Band. ROLLO ELMER GOV'ER College Preparatory Our likeable class vice president-a really friendly guy-active as president of the mixed chorus and Hi-Y-par- ticipated in the Hi-Y model legislature in Harrisburg-added pep to many a class meeting--next year will be found among the PHS graduates at Penn State preparing for a career as a dentist. Artirifier-Class Vice President: Bandg Chorusg Yearbook, Associate Editor. Wm One of the traditional Senior money-making projects is selling re- freshments at basketball games. At every home game the Senior com- mittee peddles ice cream and candy during halves and between the JV and Varsity games. BARBARA ANN GREEN Commercial "Babs"-our quiet girl from Bowmans- town-Tri-Hi-Y secretary-would be lost without her- telephone-a whiz- future plans point to business school. Arzirizier-Mirrorg Student Council. 2 0651-- JOYCE MARIE HEYDT College Prep.11'.1lo1'y An industrious student-enjoyed history most of all-spent a good deal of time working after- school-interested in the basketball team's standing in the Lehigh Valley League-plans to enter the nursing profession. ArtiriIie.r'-Yearbookg Tri-Hi-Y. ELEANOR J. GREEN C o YN merrial Another of our commercial students- never has too much to say-contributed her typing skills to the Mirror and Yearbook-likes to s uare dance at Gilberts-attending baseball games rates high on her list of favorite summer pastimes. Actiriliex-Mirror, Circulation Staff and Typist: Yearbook. SHIRLEY ESTHER GREENE Commerri.1l "Greenie"-an art Club fan-a quiet lass-likes nothing better than to settle down with a good book-English and football rate tops with her-enioys baby-sitting-would like to enter some branch of the service after graduation. Acriiiiitxr-Mirror. Circulation Staff and Typistg Yearbookg Chorusg Senior Class Plav. LCRRAINE ELEANOR HAYDT Home Economics A dilligent home economics student- enjoys ice skating as a winter pastime -her favorite expression is none other than "Holy Cow"-came to school in a flashy new Ford-plans to be a house- wife in the future. Artiritier-Camera Club. DARWUIN CLYDE I-IENNING I ndunrial Arlr Air Force bound after graduation-ab ways ready for a good laugh-enjoyed art-usually associated with a green Plymouth-an outdoor man-pursued his interest in that field in the hunting and fishing club. Arli I flier-Hi-Y. THERESA MARX' ANN Hocx Home Economic! "Terry" - a smooth looker - clever with a needle and thread -made a pleasing appearance in all the home-ec fashion shows-- football fan-active in Tri-Hi-Y -her ambition is to work in Washington D. C. Artirlliex-Yearbook, Tri-Hi-Y. L JUNE ALICE MAE HOFFMAN College Preparatory A charming gal with exception- ally good taste-bubbles over with a zest for doing things- could be found decorating and making herself useful at all class parties and dances-was always on hand to cheer the boys to victory-future years will find june the teacher of some lucky little boys. Aczimier-Mirrorg FTA, Or' chestra: Girls Chorusg Senior Class Playg Yearbookg Student Council, Cheerleading. ELIZABETH ANN Homswooo College Preparatory One of the most active members of the class-always bursting with good ideas-gifted as a musician-a member of the girls' sextet-played cello in the dis- trict orchestra two years-had her whole heart in every basketball game she played-plans to pre- pare for a teaching career. Actirilies - Basketball: Chorusg Sextetg Orchestra' Mirror' Year- book Associate Editor Student Waiting for customers. et the work wait! Service with a smile. SODA rcs Couricilg Girls' Llhorusi. i sl 50 Q ,L C' 50 - CREAM The true personalities of our class were revealed on the traditional class day. What outfits some of us invented! Although we were iuite mis- chievous in classes t e school managed to maintain order and finally at three o'clock it returned back to its normal routine. JAMES GEORGE HORVATH General One of the quiet members of our class-enjoys watching foot- ball games-French rates high as jrnfs favorite subject-active in Hr'Y affairs-his plans for the future are undecided. Arlifilier-Hi-YQ Track. 1444! canon JAMES ANDREW HUTCHISON College Preparatory "Hutch"-president of Hunting and Fishing Club-will never for- get math classes-football tops his list of sports-will always be remembered as "Palm" ticket collector-expert rifle shot-plans to attend Penn State to study forestry. Activities - Yearbookg -Chorusg Student Council. CARL W. KELCHNER College Prepararory "Pete" - roller skating fan- guard on our championship foot- all team-star miler on track team-an all around lady's man -can always be seen tearing around in his green suburban- wants to become a brick mason after graduation. Activities-Footballg Trackg Dis- trict and State Meetsg Band. DOROTHY EKSANIA KoL'roNUK General A music lover-enjoys dancing-can always be seen driving a white Dodge --a sports fan-will never forget Miss Strauss's French classes-often heard to utter "Gee Whiz"-has no definite plans for the future. Artiririef-Mirror, Advertising Staff: Chorus: Girls' Chorus. HELEN Kmsvrcz College Preparatory On the road to being a nurse-enjoyed French class-never misses a basketball game-always has something to say- can usually be found in a '59 Buick- will never forget the PSPA convention in Reading. Artirizier-Basketball Manager: Band: Orchestra: District Orchestra: Girls' Chorus: Mirror: Yearbook: Student Council, Senior Class Play. JOHN H. KRESGE Geileral "Butch"-small but mighty-a snappy second baseman-never bored in Ger- man class-always ready with a clever remark-a nice boy to know-could really swing the gals at those square dances at Andreas-wants to become a general in Uncle Sam's army. Activities-Baseball. WHARTON RONALD KRESGE College Preparatory Always busy-a whiz at history-a swell person for a good time-chain man of the Senior Christmas Card Project-his rendition of "Springtime in the Rockies" will never be forgotten by the seniors-plans to enter Swarth- more College. Arlizfitier-Football Manager: Basketball Manager: Baseball Manager: Chorus: Mirror: Yearbook, Associate Editor: Student Council: Senior Class Play. Teachers, parents, and fellow stu- dents, 'we welcome you to this, our final assembly. Our last twelve years have been directed towards one goal-gradu- ation. Now we have reached 'our objective and are about to go out into the world to meet the chal- lenge. Some of us are going on to colleges, others to work, an a few to the armed forces. Wherever we go, and whatever we do, we shall always remember our high school days and all the good times we have shared. We Wdwmedg Barumui Aucs KULHA College Preparatory The singing sweetheart of our operetta -a true music lover-soloist in many assemblies and chorus musicals-enjoys dancing and swimming-was an en- thusiastic supporter of all class activi- ties-plans to enter nurses' training. Anizfitier-Mirror, Advertising Staff: Chorus: Girls' Chorus: Student Council, Secretary. To our parents and teachers who have helped us we owe a deep debt of gratitude. And now, I should like to present for the 'last time the members of the Class of 1952 of whose talents we are justly proud. Again we bid you welcome to our farewell Assembly, and trust our program will be enjoyable to you. Welcome address at Farewell As- sembly given by Mary Lue Cun- ningham. l 'sf om 7142444 - - IY E- I P i FRANCIS J. MARSH General Track reigns supreme as "Swampy's" favorite sport-when not running he can be found in room 56 doing some sort of art work-enioys watching boat and car races-hails from the "city" of Danielsville. Arliritier-Track. Auoaev ANNE Lesko College Preparatory Usually in "hot water"-will never forget her sophomore year in District Band-still can't decide if a German rooster crows in "Deutsch" or English -can often be heard saying "You don't even't know"-after graduation, plans to take the elementary curriculum at West Chester State Teachers College. Actir'itie.f--Bandg District Bandg Or- chestra: Yearbook. Rosearjosem-1 LEVENDUSKY Industrial Amr Known to all as "Ticky"-happy-go- lucky-rates shop as his favorite sub- ject-likes to go swimming-a faithful hall patrol boy-plans to' join the armed services. Ani:-'ilier-Hall Patrol. BETTY A. Lurz Home Eronofnirr A decided football fan-loves to don her chef's cap and prepare something good to eat on the Home Ec's new stove-a member of Tri-Hi-Y for three years-future plans include work at Western Electric. Aniriiier-Yearbook: Tri-Hi-Y. Donor:-rv MARIE Rose MALL General Known as "Molly" to her friends- jolly and happy-go-lucky-energetic sup- porter of the football team-a partici- pant in intramural basketball. volleyball, and baseball--rates French as her fa- vorite subiect-will seek employment after graduation. Actiririer-JV Cheerleadingg Tri-Hi-Y. MAYBELLE MEINHART College Preparatory Always cheerful and fun to be with- spent her junior year at Slatington High School-an outstanding English student-added her dramatic ability to all the productions she could possibly squeeze into her busy schedule-will follow in the illustrious footsteps of Florence Nightengale. Arlirilier-Chorusg Senior Class Playg Oratorical Contestg JV Cheerleading. Three of our talented performers- Bobby Blank, Mary Lue Smith, and Fred Walk. IOANNE R. Mxrusxa College Preparatory Possesses a real flair for art-worked hard on the Mirror and L'Annuaire- a rugged athlete-put all she had in bringing the girls' basketball champion- ship to PHS-a member of the Palmer- ton Ski Patrol-lives for those winter, skiing weekends-looks forward to be- coming an occupational therapist. Actirities-Basketballg Yearbook, Asso- ciate Editorg Mirror, Co-Editorg Or- chestrag District Orchestra. CARI. A. MERTZ General Small but mighty-"Motz" is crazy about Naval Reserve-will never forget the cold shots Uncle Sam gave him--French tops his list of subjects-football enthu- siast-the Navy will be his goal after graduation. Acliritier - Footballg Football Manager. 74 we Dr. Roeder presents an award to Anne Ebert. We thought deeply as we marched up the isle of the auditorium. Our f a r e w e l l assembly represented triumph and sadness. Triumph for some of us in the form of awards and honors. Sadness for most of us because we knew this assembly was the last that we would ever be a part of in P.H.S.-the last time we would see our friends, junior High and the upper classmen, assembled with us as one group. Yes, in spite of all of our hopeful dreams of graduation, we thought deeply of the past days in our Alma Mater and of the rapidly approaching future. 7mewdl 1444 Presentation 0 HAROLD P. Mmnux General "Dead-shot Harry"-our sharpshooting basketball guard-gained a position on the All-Lehigh Valley team-speedy on the cinder path--considered German his favorite subject-a smooth dancer-an all-around friendly guy-plans to enter Williamson Trade School. Activities-Basketball: Track. f K-CY' .-Theres A Um SHIRLEY ELAINE MOONEY General The gal with freckles on her nose and a smile on her facwcould be seen driving the gang around in her brown Pontiac before school-enioys basketball -claims French as her second love- hopes to enter nurse's training. Activities-Chorusg Tri-Hi-Y. e Ole Shack' josism-1 JOHN NAGY General Our class character--can always be counted on for a laugh no matter what the occasion--never a dull moment when "Cooney" is around-Omar in the class play-lent his enthusiastic support to the baseball team-will long remember those interesting English classes with Miss james. Activities - Baseballg jV Basketballg Chorusg Senior Class Play. PATRICIA ANN NARATII. College Preparatory Always ready for a good time-an en- ergetic supporter of the girls' Basket- ball team-enioyed working on the senior refreshment committees-noted for her enormous record collection-was on hand to lend a helping hand with all class events. Acliriiier-Basketball Managerg Mirrorg Yearbookg FTAQ Chorusg Girls' Chorus. THOMAS A. NARATIL College Preparatory "Bomber"-all-around athlete - quiet, except when calling signals on the foot- ball field-Youth of the Month for football-varsity club president-pre fered German-elected Burgess for the all-important Youth Day-Moravian College bound. Artivitier-Footballg Basketball: Base- ball: Yearbook, SHIRLEY LOUISE NOTHSTEIN College Preparatory Our peppy cheerleading co-captain--an all-around good sport-always ready for a party or dance-the out-door type -spent a summer at the All-State Girl Scout Camp in Cody, Wyoming-popu- lar clerk at the Regent Meat Market- fashion wise-expects to pursue a fu- ture in home economics. Arzivitiex - Basketballg Cheerleadingg Yearbook: Orchestrag Girls' Chorus: Senior Class Playg FTA. Faso C. OItAvIsc College Preparatory English with Miss james appealed to "Fritz"-capable class president for three years-can usually be found with the Packard and the gang-sharpshooter on the basketball court-future points to college. Artiviliex-Basketballg Baseballg Band. - .. :yep-S- .... I The first ten per cent of our class was honored by the Exchange Club at a banquet held at the American Legion Home. ' ANDRE A. PETROKA College Preparatory "Trok"-a friendly chap-ranks history among his favorite subjects-will never forget the wonderful times he had work- ing at football games-claims football and baseball as his favorite sports- college will claim him after graduation. Artivirier-Baseballg Chorus. ffm... 1 Wm Wanna! They are: R. Gower, E. Szoke, R. Blank, R. Kresge, B. Snyder, A. Ebert, M. Banko, A. Barnett, E. Snyder, M. Andrews, D. Turek, M. Meinhart, Steigerwalt. MARILYN JANE Rom College Preparalory The math genius-claims baseball to he her favorite sport-perhaps her ability in math accounts for the fact that her favorite expression is "Gonna look it up?"-plans to major in Dental Hy- giene at Temple University. Aclizfitier-Bandg Chorusg Mirror, Year- book, Student Council. CECILIA ANN Prairies Home Economic! "Lili"-sports minded-contributed sup- port as a guard on the girls' basketball team-active in intramural sports- spends her summer aftemoons at the swimming pool-hopes to be flying above the clouds as an airline hostess. Activities-Basketballg Chorusg FHA. JEAN E. RABENOLD Commercial A shorthand enthusiast-was always on hand to cheer the team on to victory- participated in intramural basketball and volleyball-swimming rates hi h on jean's list of favorite sports-loois forward to becoming a secretary. Arrivitier-Mirror Typistg Yearbook: Cheerleadingg Student Court, Secretary. Roman R. REDLINE General Shy Bobby-never-the-less, loads of fun -at home in his dad's Willys-a good ice-skating partner-in future years Bob will be sailing the ocean blue as a member of the QS Navy. Artiviliex-Track. JEANETTA LEE Remus College Preparatory An active member of chorus groups- history is "j.'L.'s" idea of an interesting subject-always'has an optimistic view- point-has the qualities necessary for nursing. which will be her future pro- fession. Aczirilier-Mirror, Yearbook, Chorusg Girls' Chorus. 5 541 Q' ,wg .5 .ou Z A SALVADOR STEPHEN SALAzAR College Preparatory Better known as "Chava"-al- ways had a friendly smile and cheery greeting for everyone- never missed a football game- an enthusiastic supporter of the cheerleaders - enioyed bowling club-will be remembered as Brian in the Senior Class Play. Arliriliet-Chorus: Baseball Man- agerg Senior Class Play. rl? .Gm 4 We c esfveat-4 ,y 5' ,- ig, i A ' 5 -4 s g I V 1 sv xx I ix . , ' R , .r my A1 i 'H V-f 7'-'N ,llv :S ,rx ll. H and Q s Rf 0 ELEANORE MARIE RITA SANDER Home Eronomicf "lcky"-a Bowmanstown lass-' could be seen driving a flashy red Oldsmobile-likes nothing better than swimming and bak- ing in the warm summer sun- enjoyed her' home economics course with Mrs. Mengle-hopes to secure a job soon after gradu- ation. Arriritier-Tri-Hi-Yg Basketball. EUGENE HARRY SANDER College Preparatory "Brunko"-a Bowmanstown lad with a yen for ice hocky-dis- likes studying-claims mechanical drawing as his favorite subject -is always heard to ask-"ls that so?" whenever he hears the latest news. Actifitier-Baseball. ewataeg janet Fritzinger takes the first plunge janet Fritzinger and Carl Kelchner in a fast game of ping pong. DOUGLAS CHARLES SHINER , 4 . N thstein, Ted Pegg, Blynn, lShQ3'PicZ like advantage d He en irgnlgiafitimg facilities. to Saqlofia .lake The annual Senior outing at Saylor's Lake was another event eagerly anticipated by the whole class. Monday, june 9, was the date set for our outing. Oh, how we watched the clouds get blacker and blacker on that day. We feared we would have to stay home. When it began to rain our spirits really sunk. With only faint hopes of being allowed to go we picked u our bathing suits and went to school? The more people that arrived, the more determined we ecame. By the time most of the class had ar- rived, the sun began to peek through the clouds. We loaded our cars and drove to the lake. Except for one shower we had a beautiful day to enjoy swimming and boating. Indoor games plus a never-ending suplply of cokes made it an unforgettable ay of fun. JANE ELIZABETH SCHAFER College Preparatory Another class of '52 personality special-easy to know-head ma- jorette for two years-at ease on the dance floor-will always re- member PD classes-life ambi- tion is to be a nurse. Arlirilier-Student Council: Ba- ton Twirlingg Senior Class Play: Yearbook. College Preparatory One of the top all-around ath- letes in the class of '52-claims football is his favorite sport- typing and mechanical drawing are "Reverend's" favorite sub- jects-everything is "fish soup" to him-plans to become a min- ister after graduation. Aclirilier- Football 3 Basketball 3 Track. District and State Meetsg Chorus. ' OSCAR WENIBELL SHUPP Industrial Arn That all-important manager of our undefeated football team- was never in anything but a "riotous" mood-could be seen tearing around town,in his Ford -candidate for Burgess on the Stalwart ticket-plans to ioin the Navy or enter trade school. Adi:-ities - Football: Football Manager: Trackg Track Manager. JOSEPH jot-IN SMIDA General One of our popular athletes-will al- ways remember playing football for PHS-a consistent point-winner on the track squad-added spirit to many a dull class-claims art as his favorite subject-hopes to continue his athletic career at college. Artiririer-Footballg Trackg Senior Class Play. ERNEST C. SMITH General "Smitty"-a happy-go-lucky member of the class-regards French as his favorite subject-happy in a square dance set- ever ready with a joke-will never for- get all those wonderful afternoons ot bowling at the Neighborhood House. flrlirifier-Bowling Club. MARY LOUISE SMITH College Preparatory Our musical genius-can really tickle those ivories-will never forget the dis- trict band festivals-easy to get along with-German is tops-plans to major in piano at the L'niveI-sity of W'yoming. Arliritier-Bandg District Bandg Or' chestrag Chorus: Girls' Chorus: Year- bookg Senior Class Play. NANCY YVONNE SMITH College Preparatory A whiz at math-lots of fun-could out-cheer everyone else at fqotball and basketball games-blows the big bas- soon-traveled to many a district and state festival-plans to further her edu- cation in the field of music. Artirizier-Bandg District and State Bandg Orchestrag District and State Or- chestrag Girls' Chorusg Yearbookg Senior Class Play. and Szgbadenee Hour party standS fo' ' TED j. SMITH College Preparatory Never a dull moment with "Dilly" around-baseball enthusiast-wants to remember English classes with Miss james-a snappy jitterbug-enjoys play- ing the drums-could really "jazz it up" with the jive Five in those assemblies. Arliritier-Baseballg Trackg Yearbook: Senior Class Play. ar?a.4czf:w JEANNETTE Ffms SNYDER General "jet"-a roller skating and square dancing enthusiast-always had fun in French class-quiet in homeroom, but don't be fooled-she can talk !-enjoyed playing volleyball in gym classes-plans to work after graduation-she will later enter Comptometer School. Artirilier-Chorus. BRUCE EDWIN SNYDER College Preparatory Quiet. unassuming-could always be de- Eended on to do a iob right-history rain--sports writer supreme-one of the guiding lights of the varsity club -really let loose on the baseball dia- mond-because of his outstanding abil- ity, was selected to appear on a Phillies TV program. Artirilier-Baseballg Mirrorg Chorusg Yearbook. DAVID MORRIS SNYDER I nduftrial Art: "Henry"-hails from Bowmanstown- 'quiet, but not bashful-a faithful at- tender of all dances-in winter can al- ways be found at the ice-skating rink- claims science as his favorite subject- plans to enter a branch of the armed forces after graduation. Actiz-'ities-Craft Club. "As Burgess, I would . . . DONALD H. SNYDER General About physics and chemistry, "Snitz" is always found to say, "I like it, I like it"-football rates as his favorite sport-loves to roller skate-can al- ways be found at Nickie's Corner sup- porting the gang. Arliririer-Band, Color Bearer and Manager. ELAINE RUTH SNYDER College Preparatory There's always fun when Elaine is around-a girl with a personality- musically minded-quite talented in piano and voice-enjoys a good basket- ball game-future plans center around nurse's training at Allentown General Hospital. Artiriiier-Mirror, Advertising Man- agerg Chorusg Girls' Chorusg Sextetg Yearbookg JV Cheerleading: Senior Class Play. 'gives 4.5 , .Sign ee 9222 za- g I ti ll? fa- 1. if Z lgiaiiigg Q J -l Lf. BARBARA ANN SPADT Commercial A future secretary-enjoyed shorthand best of all her business education sub- jects-class treasurer for three years fshould be called "Greenback Babs"J -enjoys a fast basketball game-pre- sided over Tri-Hi-Y discussions and activities during her two years as president. Actirizier-Class treasurerg Mirror Typ- istg Yearbook, Business Manager. L f , n JOANNE MAE STEIGERWALT Commercial Our senior class secretary-loves typing -good thing too! for business college will be joanne's future after graduation -worked hard as manager of the cir- culation staff of the Mirror-when not studying Joanne enjoys a good game of basketball, her favorite sport. Actiriliei-Class Secretary: Mirror. Cir- culation Managerg Yearbook. BETTY MARIE STRAUP Home Economic: A Home Ec gal-lots of fun-will al- ways remember English classes-at ease when gliding along on her ice skates -aim is to secure a job after gradua- tion. Anirilief-Tri-Hi-Yg Baton Twirling Club. Burgess for a da 1. justice of the Peace, Wasilhowski and Blynn with Tax Assessor, Smida. 2. Superintendent of Schools, Szoke and Principal, Turko. 3. Jim Horvath directs traffic. 4. The School Board holds a con- ference with Ernie Szoke. 5. The Town Council in session. yr TQHI Naratn- JOHN PETER SWOLENSKY General A quiet lad-will never forget history classes-enioys romping in the great outdoors-a senior member of the camera club-trade school is his destination after graduation. h Affi1'ilif.f1C3mCf8 Clubg Hunt- ing and Fishing Club. DOROTHY ANN TUREK Commercial A secretarial whiz-efficient bus- iness manager of The Mirror- has a friendly smile for everyone -could be seen at all basketball games cheering the team on to victory-future years will find some businessman proud to have her as his secretary. Anirilier - Mirror. Circulation and Advertising Staffs, Business Manager: Yearbook. ERNEST GEORGE SZOKE College Preparatory An avid baseball fan-"Ernie" claims physics as his favorite subject-a "whiz" at almost anything-quiet in class but he gets around-planning a college future. PETER TURKO Commercial Being the only boy in the business education course must have been lots of fun for "Pete"-proved capable as senior class president-will never for- get the battle between the black and the red in the class treasury-proved "the best" as campaign manager of the Student Party-plans to enter the busi- ness field after graduation. Activities - Footballg Class Presidentg Yearbook. JOSEPH Joi-m VARco General Another art fiend-after school usually could be found in the art room making posters or painting banking board de- signs for dances-played guard on the football team-an asset to any bowling team-will always remember those Mon- day afternoon sessinns with Mr. Blynn's bowling club. Actiritiex-Footballg Bowling Club. FRANK Vmo College Preparatory "Vite"-regards a good game of foot- ball as tops in the sports field-does things "just to be sociable"-nom chalantely cheerful-enjoyed participat- ing in intramural track and basketball- will never forget those tough "Trig" problems--Penn State bound. Activities-Bowling Club. JAMES FREDERICK WALK College Preparatory "Fritz"-expert rifle shot-possesses talent musically-cometist in band for 6 years-his bass voice took him to district and state chorus festivals-im terested in dogs-beagles particularly- has a scholarship to Muhlenberg to study law. Actiritier-Bandg Orchestra: Chorusg District and State Chorusg Mirror, Sports Editorg Yearbook, Sports Editor., 64440 First Honor ........ Second Honor ..,.. Third Honor .......... Foreign Languuget Homemaking ....... English ....................... Imtrumental Mutic ...... Social Studiet ........... Art .................. Indurtrial Art: ...... Science ..... . ...... Mathematics .......... Bufinetx Education ........... Voted by clan Mort Outrtandtng in Leaderrbip, Character and Scbolarxbip ......................... CHARLES WARGO General Full of fun-a terror on the highway- could be seen driving his father's coal truck-a natural for chemistry and prob- lems involving mechanics-spent his spare time trying to drop typing-future years will find him serving our country in the armed forces. Actirilie:-Football Managerg Bowling Club. 52 Wanna Anne Ebert Ernest Szoke Dorotny Turek Patricia Ann Barnett Mary Ann Beil Anne Ebert Robert Blank Anne Ebert Peter Bobita Robert Levandusky Anne Ebert Marilyn Roth Dorothy Turek Anne Ebert MARTIN L. ZIEGENFUS General "Marty" - a basketball enthusiast- claims German as his favorite subject -a happy-go-lucky guy-would like to enter the Air Force or attend trade school. Activities-Chemistry Club. ' ANDREW Waslucowslcl College Preparatory The sensational four-letter man-really sparkled on the football field-very active in class activities-served as vice president of the class for three years- when not at athletic practices, could us- ually be found in the art or typing room-after graduation plans to don the navy blue of the US Coast Guard. Arti1fitie.f-Football g Trackg Basketball g Baseballg Senior Class Play. NINA Louise WENTZ College Preparatory Freckle-faced and full of fun-her pleasing personality helped her win the office of class secretary during our jun- ior year-active in musical activities- an ardent follower of Slatington's foot- ball team-will attend West Chester State Teachers College. Activities-Bandg Orchestrag Student Councilg Mirror. Aucls D. WERKHEISER General An attractive red-head who has a cheery word for everyone-active in class and student council activities- very ably took charge of decorating for many of our class functions-claims art as her favorite subject-enjoys get-to- gethers with the gang and Friday nights square dancing at Andreas. Artiriiiex-Chorusg Yearbookg Student Council. 1 CARL F. WERLEY College Preparalory An ardent baseball fan-"Squirrely" will always remember history classes- when you hear, "He ought to be shot and hung" Carl is around-loves to read mystery stories while listening to rec- ords from his immense jazz library- plans to study law. Actiuirier-Baseballg Band g Orchestrag Senior Class Play. can-fzmm, 66211-601101 iffy 7Pfw4mz: fmmm jf fUd:o aZwzZ' Paw Gow-av , Hou ffwgfmy Q Wh.Z These Lgggers Guided Our Underztclkings ---- - Qiwyy X 76a SW, PM Seniors have first choice on the "park bench." Our Senior Prom. A night never to be forgotten. Not even May showers could dampen the spirits of the gay crowd which danced to the smooth rhythms of Buddy Rader's orchestra. Wat fun we all had! Refreshments fOr the Chaperones' Just begin Hin 8 a wonderful eve Ding' We will always remember the decora- tions of rose and white and the delicious punch and cookies that were served be- tween dances. The three blissful hours flew by and after the last dance we realized we had entered another chapter in the book of wonderful times of our Senior year. 1 .Om 5640644560 ? -- NATIONAL . HONOR SOCIETY A.. XX ff ,i .-.- S Q X i I Mrs. Rodda, President of the Concourse club, presents the Honor Society pins. Top rou-: M. Banko, R. Blank. R. Kresge, R. Gower. M. Meinhart. Second row: M. A. Beil, 1. Steigerwalt. A. Ebert, E. Homewood. 1. Matuska. A. Barnett. Borrow mua- D, Turek. M. Roth. E. Snyder. G. Bari-os. R. Binder. ' Nlalklub and Ile pallda ' af Owe 34126406 Asroriule Editarr: R. Gower, J Matuska, R. Blank, F. Walk, R Kresge, E. Homewood, P. Bar nett, Bu.fine.r.f Stuff: M. Banko, A Wferkheiser, L. Butz, G. Barrqs, B. Spadt, S. Greene, P. Christ man, S. Bakun, G. Bury, A Bohar, E, Green, J. Rabenold E. Borger, M. Fogel. D. Turek Mr. Zettelmoyer, Advisor, and Editor-in- Chief, Anne Ebert. Assoqiate Editors Pbologmpberr' P. Steele and D Zeizer. Edilorial Staff: N. Smith, S Nothstein, M. L. Smith, A. Lesko D. Aranjo, J. Heydt, E. Snyder J. Hoffman, R. Binder, M, A Beil, M. Roth, J. Schaffer, H Krepics, M. Andrews, P. Naratil J. Hutchinson, P. Turko, J. Fed- eranich, T. Naratil, P. Blynn. E BusinC55 SME Editorial Staff wa lad! Wianocdea of p. W. S. - .. The Setting for our Baccalaureate Service. Proce.r.rio1.'.al Rev. Oswald delivers the sermon, PROGRAM Orchestra Izzroruiion ..... ....,.... R CV. Koltutsky Hymn ......... ................. Co ngregation Scripture .,......,...... Rev. McKinley Anllsem ...... ..,... S enior Girls' Chorus Sermon ................. Rev. Oswald Arzzlrfem ..... ...... S enior Girls' Chorus Hymn ......... ................. C ongregation Benedirlimz . .... ....... R ev. Koltutsky Reremifnml Orchestra Shirley Balliet and Mary Banko lead the Recessional. -- Lcoalmaeate and Hmmm -- ..-Q x PROGRAM Profe.r.fion.1l .,........ High School Band Infomfian .................... Reverend Gordon A. Oswald Addreu of lluelrome ..... ...........,..,..... A nne Marie Ebert Clarinet Solo ................... ..,,., Robert Edward Blank, jr. Voral Sala ............... ...........,......... ..,.........., B a rbara Alice Kulhu Addreu, "Hearn Unto ll"'i.rdom" ...............,. Mr. Frederic Snyder Pre.rem'.1rion of Diplomfu .......... ..........,..........,.. M r. Vfilliam Yale Benediclirm ..,.,......,.......... ...... Reverend Gordon A. Oswald Rere.r.riom1l ,,....,.... ...... ......,......,.....,.... H i gh School Band Mr. Fredeflf Snyder The Commencement Reception was a perfect d en ing for our last night in P.H.S. ' aw aafwaa We, the Class of 1952, find it difficult to say good-bye. But we have reached the all important point in our career -graduation-the time when the cherished, long-awaited diplomas will be placed in our eager hands. Our thoughts automatically turn to the day when we embarked on our voyage through Palmerton High School. The menacing waves of knowledge lashed angrily at our ship. We were destined for unknown joys and difficulties. As we reached our second year, with an eye to the future, we planned our course through uncharteted seas. Only with the aid of our sister-ships-Juniors, Seniors and faculty--were we able to survive. By our third year of service we had acquired sea legsg we were now more adapted to the routine of our duties. We set the pace for leadership, both in sports and social activities. Throughout our fourth year we displayed our athletic prowess by an undefeated football squad, and our dra- matic ability in the presentation of the comedy, "Growing Pains." With our journey nearing its end we all looked forward to the Senior Prom. Finally our ship will drop anchor, our destination shall have been reached. With happiness for our success, but regret for those who have not completed the journey, we shall receive our cherished diplomas at Commencement. Some of our shipmates are looking forward to another voyage on the Sea of Knowl- edge, while others are satisfied with the knowledge they have acquired on this trip. It is safe to say, however, that proud of our past achievements and anxious for new opportunities, we will throw ourselves whole-heartedly into every worthy and noble venture. Obstacles are but a challenge to our courage. We recognize and appreciate the efforts exerted by our teachers, through whose guidance and patience we have come prepared to accept those challenges which will be offered in the wider fields opening before us. Those of us boarding the ship again, regretfully wave good-bye to those on shore-our loyal friends, teachers, and the sheltering arms of our Alma Mater. The joyful years that we have spent here we will never forget-Bon Voyage. Patron .lid A8rP Super Market Alliance Sand Company Ash's Haberdashery B. W. Shipe Constantine's Dry Cleaning Costenbader's Drug Store Costenbader's Hardware Store Costenbader's Service Station Costenbader's Shoe Repair Dottie's Beauty Salon Dr. Douglas Roth Dr. john Ruffini Frankie's Rhythm Boys F rantz's General Store G. G. Geiss's jewelry Green's Barber Shop Grubc-r's Watch Repair Haydt's Texaco Service Station Heimbach's Garage Heiney Electric Helmuth's Furniture Store Holczman's Men's Shop Holland's Esso Service Center john Mankos Kramer's Children and Shoe Store Krex's Agency Little Gap Hotel Mihalik's Hotel New jersey Zinc Co. Qof Palm Theater Palmerton Hotel Philip and Philip Raymond F. Smith, Atty. Regent Meat Market Sally's Restaurant Stangle's Service Station Stemler's Hardware Co. Stemler Motor Corp. Sterling's Herman's Hall Susanin's Coal Delivery Teter's Pharmacy 309 Grille Tommie's Unique Dry Cleaners W. T. Grant Co. Werley's Flower Shop Young's jewelry Store Zelinsky's Esso Service C Pa. J enter Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. puma lat William Allen Edward Andreas Franklin E. Andrea F. T. Andrews john Aranjo Bertine Balliet Raymond Balliet john j. Banko Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Barnett Mr. and Mrs. Mr. Stuart F. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Manuel Barros Bartholomew Ray F. Beers Bert Beil Carl Binder Francis Binder Robert Blank, Sr. Oscar Blynn Alex Bohar Malcolm Bollinger Clarence Borger Luther Borger Samuel Borger W. A. Bossard s, Sr. Rev. and Mrs. A. F. Bubel Mr. and Mrs.kLouis Bury Charles Christman, Sr. M. A. Christman William H. Christman . George Costenbader Paul Ebert james Engle Metro Federanich Mrs. Virgie Fisher Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs . Claude Fogel Mr. and Mrs. . George Fogelman . Elmer Geiss Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Fogel jesse German R. Gower Harvey Green Isaac Green Mrs. Esther I. Greene Mr. Roy Haydt Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Henning Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Heydt Mr. and Mrs. Steve Hock Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hoffman Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Homewood. Walter Kelchner john Koltonuk Paul Krepicz W. W. Kresge joseph Kuhla Theodore Lutz john Mall, Sr. joseph Matuska Frank Mesics, Sr. Frank Mesics, jr. joseph Mesics Arthur F. Mertz Metro Mechio Ralph Mooney joseph Nagy, Sr. Mrs. Ann Naratil Mr. and Mrs. Frederich Nothstein Richard and Frederich Nothstein, Mr. and Mrs. Caleb Rabenold Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Redline Dr. and Mrs. jesse N. Roeder Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Roth Mr. and Mrs. Manuel Salazar Mr. and Mrs. Walter Schaffer Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Scherer Mr. Earl Bryan Seip Mr. and Mrs. Edward Shiner Mr. and Mrs. Rusk Smith Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. Rose M. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Moses Snyder Russell Snyder Berlin Steigerwalt Straup Rudolph Stubits john Swolensky Paul Szoke Mr. and Mrs. john Turek Mr. and Mrs. Mike Turko Mr. Frank Vido, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. james Walk Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Werkheiser Mr. and Mrs. George L. Werley Mr. and Mrs. Ted Whitman Mr. and Mrs. Alex Zeigenfus Mr. and Mrs. Charles Zelinsky Mr. and Mrs. Karl A. 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Suggestions in the Stephen S Palmer High School - L Annuaire Yearbook (Palmerton, PA) collection:

Stephen S Palmer High School - L Annuaire Yearbook (Palmerton, PA) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Page 1


Stephen S Palmer High School - L Annuaire Yearbook (Palmerton, PA) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 1


Stephen S Palmer High School - L Annuaire Yearbook (Palmerton, PA) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Stephen S Palmer High School - L Annuaire Yearbook (Palmerton, PA) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 40

1952, pg 40

Stephen S Palmer High School - L Annuaire Yearbook (Palmerton, PA) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 55

1952, pg 55

Stephen S Palmer High School - L Annuaire Yearbook (Palmerton, PA) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 46

1952, pg 46

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