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5111 STEPHEN F. AUSTIN STATE UNIVERSITY Nineteen Hundred Eighty Seven STONE FORT Nacogdoches, Texas Volume 62 Table of Content: Campus Academics Honors Greeks Sports Organizations Classes 14 48 106 122 164 220 322 Pamela Scarbo Editor in Chief Frances Hinson Art Layout Director Greg Patterson Chief Photographer Section Editors Kristie Plummer Lisa Santinoceto Lynn Ubl Suzanne Lavella Myra McCollum Academics Editor Greek Editor Sports Editor Organizations Editor Classes Editor Photographers Eric Ayles Janet Bartsch Drenan Bell Jeff Manley Patricia Spence Director of Student Publications Ben Click Yearbook Advisor SFA faces change The 1986-87 year brought several changes to SFA which affected everyone from the president and ad- ministrators to the students. These changes were a direct result of changes made at the state and national levels. Some of the changes at SFA included: The 10th anniversary of President William R. Johnson at SFA. President Johnson ' s Inauguration as the Fourth Presi- dent was held November 18, 1976. The unveiling of the statue of Stephen F. Austin at Homecoming. The statue was donated by private funds and is located in the courtyard of the campus. The first year for SFA Greek fraternities to be in volved in a " dry " rush. Lumberjack and Ladyjack athletes preparing for their initiation into the Southland Conference. Reconstruction of the stadium track and drainage system and the renaming of Lumberjack Stadium to Homer Bryce Stadium. All Lumberjack and Ladyjack athletes being subject to random drug testing. Changes at the state level which affected SFA were the raising of the drinking age to 21 and many business and educational institutions adopting random drug testing pro- grams. These are just a few of the changes which affected SFA this year. Drenan Bell The Lumberjacks, 1986 Gulf Star Champs, prepare for their entry into the Southland Conference. 4 - SFA faces change An overview of the newly renamed Homer Bryce Stadium. Janet Bartsch An axe handle was presented to President William R. Johnson at a party honoring his 10th year anniversary. Janel Barlsch anel Barlsch Effective September 1, 1986, the drinking age in Greek fraternity members found other ways of entertaining themselves at their first annual Texas was raised to 21. " dry " rush. SFA faces change - 5 SFA erects statue Governor White does dedication The dedication of the Stephen Fuller Austin statue was held in front of Steen Library prior to Home- coming festivities. Governor Mark White, presented a speech in honor of the University. After Gov. White ' s speech, the statue foun- tain and lights were turned on officially. The Stephen Fuller Austin statue, built in the honor of the University ' s namesake, stands 11 feet 2 inches tall and weights 4000 pounds. The statue was built by Richard MacDonald, a renowned sculptor from California. Mr. MacDonald entered a competition to build the statue along with 180 other applicants for the grand prize of $100,000. The competition was headed by SFA General Counsel Robert Provan. The statue, which presides in front of the Steen Library, depicts Stephen Fuller Austin, a Texas statesman, standing atop the Lone Star of Texas emerging from a rock as wa- ter flows down the sides. This statue illustrates Austin ' s efforts to change a rough civilization into a successful and bright future. The statue, which has a bronze coating, should last about 5000 years, according to Mr. MacDonald. The statue was forged in about 40 to 50 pieces and later assembled, with the final polishing being completed after the statue arrived on the SFA campus. Greg Patterson The Stephen Fuller Austin statue arrives on the campus of SFA September 17, 1986. Speeches were made in honor of the statue and University. Greg Patterson Viewers observe the unveiling of the ' statue. 6 - SFA statue Greg Patterson The 1 1 foot 2 inch statue was designed and sculpted by artist Richard MacDonald. funel Hurtsvh Stephen F. Austin, the University ' s namesake, stands proud atop the Lone Star of Texas. SFA statue - 7 President excels Ten good years Stephen F. Austin State University ' s fourth president, Dr. William R. Johnson, celebrated the 10th anniver- sary of his inauguration. President Johnson is a distinguished teacher, writer, and administrator. His publications include a book and several articles on American history. He holds a bachelor ' s and a master ' s degree from the University of Houston and a Ph.D. degree from the University of Oklahoma. At the time of his appointment for the presidency of the university, he was Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of Faculties at Texas Tech. A president of a university has the responsibilty for overall leadership in the institution and for creating a sense of order to guide the institution toward its estab- lished objectives. Furthermore, he must focus attention on educational issues as well as deal with a wide variety of matters, including financial management and public relations. President Johnson ended his inauguration speech by stating, " Today, I join the regents, the faculty, the students, the alumni association, this city, and other friends and supporters of Stephen F. Austin State University in the continuing effort to make this university an even more ef- fective center of learning. May God bless our labors. " Janet Bartsch President Johnson poses in front of his " home away from home " , the Aus- tin building. [unef Bartsch President Johnson poses at his command post, his office desk. 8 - President Johnson Greg Patterson anet Bartsch President Johnson was on location to witness the President Johnson often holds important meetings in the conference room, unveiling of the statue. President Johnson - 9 Januar y 20 - Martin Luther King Jr. Day is celebrated nationwide 18 - A Titan rocket with a military satellite blows up over for the first time. the coast of California. 28 - The Challanger explodes 73 seconds after lift-off. 26 - A nuclear reactor at Chernobyl explodes. February May 7 - Haitian dictator Duvalier takes up exile in France. 11 - Soviet dissidant Anatoli Shcharansky is released at a Berlin crossing. 25 - New Philippine President Corazon Aquino is sworn in. 25 - Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos flee Malacanang Palace. 3 - Willie Shoemaker rides Ferdinand winning his fourth Kentucky Derby race. 12-15 - Two high school hikers are rescued after a savage blizzard on Mount Hood. Seven students and two teachers died. 25 - Five million Americans join hands to raise money for the nation ' s hungry. March June 21 - Debbi Thomas wins the world figure-skating title. 1-21 - Garbagemen strike in Philadelphia. April July 2 - Four passengers are killed when terrorists bomb a TWA Rome to Athens flight. 13 - Jack Nicklaus, with a record sixth win, is the oldest Master champion. 4 - The Statue of Liberty ' s 100th birthday celebration. 6-26 - Temperatures reach record highs in seven southern states during a year of record drought. 23 - Sarah Ferguson weds Britain ' s Prince Andrew. 14 - The USS America battle group withdraws after sending planes on a bombing raid of Libya. - International News August | December 21 - Lethal gas erupts from a Cameroon volcano, killing 1 - Lt. Col. Oliver North begins congressional testimony on 1,754 people and countless animals. secret funds for Nicaragua ' s contras. 31 - An Aeromexico plane, colliding with a private air- 2 8 - Semifinal heats to choose an American ' s Cup craft, crashes into a Los Angeles suburb. challenger begin. September 5 - Hijackers open fire on passengers in a Pan Am jet killing 21. 17 - William Rehnquist is sworn in as the 16th Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court. October 4 - A lower Missouri river crests during five weeks of record floods across 15 midwestern states. 11 - Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev meet in Iceland for arms talks. 27 - The New York Mets win the World Series. November %mmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmJit 4 - The Democrats win the Senate. 10 - The Boss ' s new album hits stores and sets record sales pace. 14 - Ivan Boesky is fined $100 million for trading stocks on insider information. 19 - After a speech to the nation, Reagan answers the press on sending arms to Iran. International Naws I January | SFA library receives new computer hardware. SFA bids for a new track surface. Residence halls are now able to receive cable. February Students and faculty pack SFA observatory grounds for a glimpse of Halley ' s Comet. tmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm | April Voluntary blackout took place in residence halls across campus. Physical education majors are required to take a fitness test. Delton Earl Stegall, better known as " Stick " , was asked to discontinue his regular halftime show. Coach Harry Miller is one game shy of his 500th career win. SFA offers a new course in Chinese writing. Nacogdoches asks SFA officials to monitor off-campus parties. Jeff Tant and Charlotte Rasche are named " outstanding seniors. " The Council of Black Organizations host is 10th annual Black Observance Program. March A UPD officer is shot in the thigh during an arrest. KA Fight Night raises $10,000 for MDA. State Treasure Ann Richards visits Nacogdoches. Faculty Senate seeks changes in late registration. SFA ' s Board of Regents approve a 6.7 percent cut. May BJ ' s, a local nightclub, is shut down. Floyd Dixon, an SFA All American, is picked in the 6th round by the Atlanta Falcons. June UPD doubles ticket fines. Ladyjack Softball Team wins first ever national championship. SFA athletes are given random drug test. First summer school session begins. Jul y | Ladyjack and Lumberjack basketball camp. Second Summer school session begins. Students get break between summer sessions. - SFA News August Summer graduation ceremonies are held. Students register for the Fall Semester. September Parents ' Day is a success as 15,100 fans pack the stands. SFA welcomes Dr. Janice Ledet to the Health Clinic. Governor Mark White dedicates the statue during Home- coming festivities. Dr. Dan L. Wallace is appointed new dean of student develpoment. Budget cuts imposed by Texas Legislature. Installation of the University ' s new telephone system. New drop policy goes into effect. SFA fraternities conduct first dry rush. SFA joins the Southland Conference. SFA Stadium is renamed the Homer Bryce Stadium. Huey Lewis and the News perform at SFA. November October Stephen Fuller Austin Statue arrives on campus. WICI chapter wins national honors. Burglary takes place in the University Center Bookstore. Lumberjack Football Team wins season closer and keeps Chief Caddo. Students participate in the Great American Smokeout. Ladyjack Cross Country Team places 10th in 1986 NCAA Division I South Regional meet. f D ecembe r { Graduation ceremonies are held for Fall graduates. Christmas Tree lighting ceremony. Ladyjack Dial Classic Basketball tournament. Madrigal Dinner. Performance of the Messiah. irtig Pullerson SFA News Comedian from Riders in the Sky performs stunts with a couple of audi- ence participants. Coach Jim Hess guides the Lumberjacks to their third consecutive win by beating Lamar University 38-25. Parents were invited to the annual barbecue held in the SFA Coliseum. Riders in the Sky, a Nashville band, performed for the parents. Janet Barlsch Parents Day SFA ' s 12th annual Parents Day The theme of SFA ' s 12th annual Parents Day was, " A Texas Tradition. " Highlighting the day was the season ' s third consecutive Lumberjack victory, a win over Lamar University 38-25. Parents were welcomed to the Uni- versity by President Johnson, Dr. Pattillo, and Mr. Larry Jackson. Speeches concerning changes on the campus were given. After the University welcome, parents were encouraged to tour the buildings on campus and listen to lec- tures given in several departments. Receptions were later held in the various resident halls. Riders in the Sky, a musical trio from Nashville, performed for parents and students in Turner Auditorium. The trio also did several comedy acts to keep the audience laughing. RHA ' s annual Parents Day BBQ was held in the SFA Coliseum. Fol- lowing the BBQ, 15,100 fans cheered the Jacks on to a victory in the newly renamed Homer Bryce Stadium. The final event of the day was a street dance held in front of Steen Hall after the football game. " : x.: frr.-. to ! Km J Janet Bartsch Janet Bartsch A standing room only crowd of 15,100 fans cheered the Jacks on to a vie- Several fans took advantage of the. hillside view at Homer Bryce Stadium tory over Lamar. for the Lumberjack football game. I Janet Bartsch Quarterback Todd Whitten takes a time out to discuss the next play of action. Parents Day - 1 7 Greeks undergo change First ever dry rush Written by: Cindy Barnes Reported by: Lisa Santinoceto In the Fall of 1986, the Greek fraternity system underwent a major change - the decision to ban alcohol from rush parties. With the enforcement of the new drinking age of 21, on September 1, 1986, the fraterni- ties were forced to make some decisions about the format of rush parties. " We had to take into account that the ma- jority of prospective members that go through rush are under the legal drinking age limit, " Sean Guerre, Nacogdoches junior and presi- dent of the Interfraternity Council, said. In the Spring of 1985, the Interfraternity Council voted unanimously to have a completely dry fraternity rush. No alcohol was allowed to be served at any of the rush parties. In addition, prospective members were not allowed to consume alcohol at any time while participating in rush. Rushees favored the dry rush, according to Guerre, because it allowed them to acquaint themselves with each fraternity and to thoroughly examine the purpose and goals of each one. " You were able to see the real fraternity, " David Larza, Spring junior, said. " Everyone was straightforward and more organized. " According to Guerre, there were men who went through wet rush and didn ' t pledge because they saw nothing they were interest- ed in. They then tried going through dry rush and found that the fraternity system had made a good impression on them. Trenton Davis, Houston senior, said, " You found the ability to move around and meet more people - to get to know the real person, without getting drunk. " " Before, people could come and go as they pleased without much organization, " Guerre said. " Rush was extremely structured, with set meeting times for each fraternity which enabled the prospective members to get a full view of the Greek system. " Fraternities promote close lifetime friend- ships that are maintained after college and teach its members leadership through exper- iences of working with others on common goals. The Greeks here at Stephen F. Austin found that this can be done without the use of alcohol. i K I Pike fraternity members and rushees gathered together during the first ever dry rush at SFA. Drenun Bull During dry rush activities, participants had to find other ways of entertain- ing themselves. 18 - L Rush Frats remember " wall " By: Lisa Santinoceto Along standing tradition among SFA fraternity members was broken due to the dedication of the Stephen Fuller Austin statue. The long time tradition among fraternity me mbers was their connection with the fraternity " walls " . The fraternity " walls " were located in between the education and business buildings, a location which is now oc- cupied by the statue. Alpha Tau Omega, Phi Delta Theta, Sigma Tau Gamma and Theta Chi members were forced to relocate their meeting places to other areas around campus. Many of the members gath- ered at the " walls " before class to meet with other brothers in their fraternity. After learning about the " wall " situ- ation, many fraternity members had mixed feelings. " I was mad at first because " the wall " has been a fraternity tradition for many years, " said Robert Lagon, Phi Delta Theta member. However, according to Kyle Moss, an Alpha Tau Omega member, " I was very excited, I feel the statue adds a whole new feeling to the campus. " The tradition of the fraternity " walls " represented not only a meeting place but also represented a sense of unity and togetherness among friends. " It ' s a place to mix and min- gle, gather important test information, and meet with the brothers, " said Lee Kemick, member of Phi Delta Theta fraternity. Students tended to gather at the " walls " before morning and afternoon classes to socialize and spend time with friends. One could walk by the " walls " and observe students with Greek letters on, girls talking to boys, or students just killing time between classes. When members were asked about their feelings toward the statue, many felt that the statue would in fact enhance the atmosphere of the campus and would also be a nice and attractive place to gather and socialize with friends and brothers. Mark Hollingsworth, member of Phi Delta Theta, felt the " wall " affected his fraternity by enhancing brotherhood since members were able to visit with each other on a daily basis. Futhermore, when asked where they would rebuild the " wall " , if giv- en permission, Keith Stulb, member of Alpha Tau Omega suggested, " I would extend the wall from the library to the statue and have the wall along the walkway. Although plans are not being made about the rebuilding of the " wall " , it seems fraternity members are adjust- ing well to their relocation. Fraternity members gather around the old loca- tion of the " wall " . Standing behind the " credit wall " , fraternity members recollect old memories of times spent at the " wall ' (irnii Pulli-.rson " The wall " - 19 Drenan Bel] Homecoming Queen Ardyce Doty, Homecoming King Greg Robinson, Houston seniors, and SFA President William R. Johnson are all smiles dur- ing the official crowning ceremony at halftime. SFA ' s Homecoming - Texas Proud What comes to mind when you think of the month of October? You might think of cooler weather, Halloween and Homecoming. " SFA-Texas Proud " was the theme for the 58th annual Homecoming celebration. Homecoming activities began on Oct. 14, with window painting in the U.G. Various organizations, resident halls, fraternities and sororities used their creative painting skills that could be traced back to the days of cut, paste and color in Sunday school. Delta Tau Delta fraternity won the window painting contest. And what would Homecoming be without being bombarded by Home- coming court candidates campaigning to win a position on the Homecoming court? Candidates began campaigning on Oct. 6 until election day Wed. Oct. 8. " Candidates are chosen by majority vote, but there ' s usually a run-off election, " Jay Coppack, Montgomery senior and SGA Homecoming Com- mittee Chairman said. " The top two candidates are in the run-off election. " The 1986 Homecoming court was: Queen—Ardyce Doty, Houston senior; King—Greg Robinson, Houston senior; Princess- Kathi Jameton, Houston sen- ior; Prince— Todd Utz, Houston senior; Junior Duke-Sam Mallow, Houston; Junior Duchess— Kim Campo, Pasade- na; Sophomore Duke— Troy Stracener, Bastrop; Sophomore Duchess—Jenice Thornton, Richardson; Freshman Duke--Jeff Maxwell, Richardson; Freshman Duchess--Amy Charba, Brookshire. " Basically, it was an all-greek Homecoming court, " Coppock said. Oct. 17 was a busy day, with various Homecoming activities going on across campus such as resident halls and fraternity and sorority houses being judged for decorations. The RHA executive officers, advisor and assistant advisor judged the various halls. " We look for orginality, creativity and hall participation when we judge, " Kim Smajstrla, Houston senior and RHA president said. North and Griffith halls tied for first place. The " Most Spirited " hall was Griffith Hall. Winners of house decorations were: first place— Sigma Kappa sorority; sec- ond place— Sigma Chi fraternity. For the lumberjack " wanna be ' s " , Lumberjack Day was held that Friday afternoon in the wooded area 20 - Homecoming Drenan Bell Homecoming Queen Ardyce Doty, Houston senior, represented Alpha Chi Omega sorority. Jeff Fain, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ferris Fain, was picked from the early childhood lab to participate in the halftime activities. between the U.C. and Griffith Fine Arts building. Lumberjack Day was sponsored by :he Sylvans Forestry Club. Various or- ganizations, clubs and individuals participated. Team events included crosscut saw- ing, log rolling, tug-o-war, log carry and greased poll climbing. The Torchlight Parade helped get javeryone in the spirit for the Home- coming game. The parade started at the coliseum parking lot, going throughout the :ampus, and ending at the intramural fields, where the Homecoming bonfire and pep rally were held. Saturday, Oct. 18, began early for some people. Approximately 102 par- :icipants lined up at 7:30 a.m. at Rusk Middle School for the annual Home- coming parade, which began at 9:30 a.m. " This year ' s parade was much smoother than last year ' s, " Jacci Sweeney, Houston junior and presi- dent of U.C. Programs said. " All the organizations who participated in the parade were very cooperative. " Float winners were: Grand Champi- on—Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity; Di- vision A (joint sponsor)--Delta Tau Delta fraternity; Division B (single sponsor with 45 members or greater)— Yellow House; Division C (single sponsor with 45 members or less)— Women In Communications, Inc. Following the Homecoming parade, the dedication of the SFA statue took place at the Sesquicentennial Plaza at 11 a.m. Gov. Mark White dedicated the statue. Under sunny skies, SFA alumni and students gathered at Homer Bryce Stadium at 2 p.m. for the Homecom- ing game against Nicholls State. The official crowning of the queen took place during halftime when President Johnson crowned the queen. The good weather and Homecoming spirit didn ' t bring the Lumberjacks a Homecoming victory. The Jacks were defeated by a score of 14-10. Overall, the day ended with present and former SFA students remember- ing a time that was and looking forward to more Homecomings with new and old friends. Homecoming - 21 unet Bartsch Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity display their Grand Champion float, a replica of the Battleship Texas, at Homer Bryce Stadium. This year ' s Home- coming theme was SF A— Texas Proud. Homecoming The Homecoming bonfire, built by Alpha Phi Omega organization, burns Even cold weather doesn ' t stop SFA students from enjoying the Homecom- into the night. ing bonfire. Janet Burlsch The spirit of SFA students and alumni was not enough to lead the Jacks to victory. They lost to Nicholls State 14-10. Homecoming - 23 University News The musical - ' Hair " opened the SFA theater season in October 1986. Cast members includ- ed: Bottom, left to right: Mark Anthony Pearson, Houston senior; Penny Byrd, Lufkin ju- nior; Miquel Wright, Longview freshman. Center, left to right: Jan Gleaves, Howe junior- Andy Long, Wharton senior. Taji Walker, Austin freshman. SFA performs Theatre department presents major works By: Frances Hinson SFA ' s Department of Theatre had two major works for 1986 in October and November. Thirty-two students appeared in the musical " Hair " some of whom comprised the Tribe (chorus]. The stage director was Alan Oster, lecturer of theatre, and the music director was John W. Goodall, instructor of music. The guest choreographer was Darlene Casanova of New York City. " Hair " is about George Berger, who has been thrown out of high school; Claude Hooper Bukowski, who is about to be drafted; Sheila, a protester from New York University; Woof, who has been barred from the Y.M.C.A.; and Hud. The rest of the Tribe scare tourists, protest at induction centers, sing in the streets and amuse " Hair " ' s audiences. Lead female singers included A.L. Robert- son, Tenaha senior; Robin Hicks, Houston ju- nior; and Taji Walker, Austin freshman. Leading the male singers were David Raine, Nacogdoches senior; John Hargrove, Houston freshman; Roderick Kelley and David Van Wert. The production was two ho urs of almost non-stop music such as " The Age of Aquar- ius, " " Hair, " " Easy To Be Hard, " " Good Morining Sunshine " and " Let the Sun Shine In. " Action took place not only on the stage, but on different levels above (on scaffolds and ladders), creating continual movement. To close the fall production season, the theatre department performed " Look Home- ward Angel, " a play by Ketti Frings based on an autobiography of the same name by Thom- as Wolfe. Dr. Herman L. Zillmer, professor of theatre directed the production, which ran Nov. 19 through 22 in Turner Auditorium. The play has earned the status of being a modern American classic. " Look Homeward Angel " tells the story of Eugune Gant (Wolfe) growing up in a home dominated by a money-hungry mother who runs a boarding house. The story centers around Eugene ' s struggle to find himself and his fight for freedom. SFA is one of the few schools that strongly emphasizes student productions as well as major department productions. 26 - Theatre productions Theatre productions - 27 A tradition of growth and change Stephen F. Austin State Univer- sity is located in Nacogdoches, Texas, a town referred to as " the oldest town in Texas, " and stands strong and beautiful after 64 years. Since being founded on September 18, 1923, SFA has become a university of strength, growth and change. Students, faculty, parents as well as other visitors are able to see its strength and beauty while driving down Vista Drive. While observing the campus, one will encounter the Austin Building, the first original structure, which houses the adminis- trative offices. Although the University was officially founded on September 18, 1923, the construction of the Austin Building was not yet completed, and classes were held elsewhere. Several classes were held at the Nacogdoches High School which is now the middle school. A wooden structure was also built on the campus and was known to some as the " shack " . The Austin Building was finally completed on May 1, 1924. The year 1924 brought on the con- struction of the first dorm, Wisely, and the Thomas J. Rusk Building. The main campus, which includes close to 400 acres, belonged to the homestead of the late Thomas J. Rusk. In 1936 the reconstruction of the original Stone Fort was completed. The Stone Fort now stands as a special landmark as well as a museum on the campus. Two years later, the Chemistry Building opened its doors to students. One can see the beauty and history in the buildings on the campus of SFA and understand the importance they have brought to this University. University Center Greg Patterson Musk Building Greg Patterson Stone Fort Museum Greg Patterson Stephen F. Austin Building 28 - A tradition of growth and change University Center Music Building Stone Fort Museum A tradition of growth and change - 29 Spirits is using stricter carding measures because of the new drinking law. Drinking law changes SFA drinking age no lower than 21 was made legal in Texas Sept. 1, 1986. The legal drinking age was raised from 19 to 21 prohibiting alcohol use by anyone under 21. The Reagan administration came out firmly for a House approved idea to force states to adopt a uniform drinking age. Once the law was signed by Presi- dent Reagan, the legislation gave the states two years to ban drinking by anyone under 21. States that do not raise the age will lose five percent of their federal highway funds the first year and 10 percent the next. Like a hangover that just won ' t quit, the effects of the raise in the drinking age lingers unpleasantly among SFA partygoers. " I was legal for a year and then it was taken away, " Stacey Hopper, Dal- las sophmore said. " I can understand why they changed the age, but you ' re an adult at age 18, and yet you can ' t drink, " Hopper said. There were some students who only had a few weeks to be legal until the age went up. " I was legal for two weeks until the law went into effect, " Julie Fuller, Mesquite freshman said. " If you want to drink, you ' re going to find a way to get it, " Fuller said. Despite students ' voice against the drinking age, backers of the law, in- cluding Mothers Against Drunk Drivers, feel the raise in the drinking age could save 1,250 lives a year. Drenan Bell " We I.D " signs are highly visible around town. 30 - Drinking law SFA initiates program Random drug testing A change is taking place throughout Texas affecting ev- eryone from leading business- men to factory workers to college and high school athletes. What is it? All are subject to random drug testing. It ' s turning heads and stirring up various emotions around the state as well as on the campus of Stephen F. Austin. The athletic department, with the support of the administration, put into effect the drug testing program prior to the 86-87 season. Approximately 300 athletes at SFA are tested for cocaine and marijuana. SFA trainers Sandy Miller and Nina Parton administer the drug test to both men and women. Testing is done several times throughout the season. " The athletes are tested as a group prior to the season following several random tests. We try and test every- one at least two or three times " com- mented Sandy Miller, SFA athletic trainer. According to Nina Parton, assistant trainer, " SFA was the first college in the Gulf Star Conference to begin drug testing. " Failure of the athlete to pass the urine examination results in a discussion with the coach. On the sec- ond offense parents will be notified and the athlete will begin counseling. Miller went on to say, " Parents are notified about the test results if their child is abusing the drug. " A third offense will result in suspension from the team; however, failure to pass the test a fourth time results in the athlete being kicked off the team. It is important to note that the Uni- versity does not require athletes to take the test unless they are on a school scholarship. However, these players must submit to the test or be subject to suspension from the team. The new drug testing program is here to stay but debates are still being made as to the effect this program will have on the future of SFA ' s athletic department. All athletes including women were administered random drug test earlier in the year. Greg Patterson janet Borlsch Drug testing is designed to help athletes obtain their goals such as Chief Caddo, a sign of victory. 7J A [uni;l Burlsch Drug testing is now a nationwide concern, espe- cially for young athletes. Drug Testing £7 5 20 4 anet Barlsch Drenun Belt Z?o6£v ?nry and teammate Murphy Serges, take a breather during the SFA cheerleaders were provided the opportunity to cheer in front of larger Homecoming game against Nicholls State. crowds due to reclassification. I i I t I ■ ! I unei Barisch The purple light atop Garner Apartments symbolizes a Lumberjack victory. Greg Pullt-rson The SFA mascot Adam Sanders, supported the Jacks by generating enthusiasm during the last year of Gulf Star Conference action. 32 - SFA joins Southland Conference Overview shot of the newly renamed and reconstruced Homer Bryce Stadium. SFA joins Southland Conference SFA reclassified Effective September 1, 1986, Stephen F. Austin State Uni- versity was officially reclassified to Division I-AA. NCAA Classification Committee made the announcement one day after SFA accepted an invitation to join the Southland Conference, effective July 1, 1987. SFA had been a member of the NCAA Division II level since 1981. According to a news release, " SFA had been working on being reclassified to Division I-AA since it helped form the Gulf Star Conference in September of 1983. The Ladyjack Basketball Team has always competed at the Division I lev- el, making several national tourna- ment appearances. Also accepting recent invitations to the Southland Conference were Southwest Texas State University and Sam Houston State University. The Southland has automatic bids to the NCAA Division I National Championships in basketball, baseball, football and volleyball. " We are elated to be joining the Southland Conference, " commented SFA athletic director Jim Hess. He went on to say that, " I hate leaving the Gulf Star Conference, it has been a good conference and I have enjoyed competing against the teams in the league. " The Ladyjack volleyball team reclassified into Division I-,4A. Jrff Uunlev was also SFA joins Southland Conference - 33 Craig Hartley, The Houston Posl The re-election of Governor Bill Clements became official following his oath of office in January. Pamela Scarbo This familiar state marker has wlcomed many visitors; however, due to the recent economic crunch, Texans are seeing fewer visitors each year. Changes take place throughout Texas The Lone Star State of Texas, celebrated its 150th birthday this year and along with it underwent several changes during the 1986 Sesquicentennial year. The year brought sense of pride back into the attitudes and lives of many Texans, and a need to make Texas a better place to live as well as visit. The cowboy still symbolizes Texas with its tough rednecks and down to earth - country music. However, today preppies, yuppies, and punk rockers can be seen strolling the streets and avenues of many Texas cities, espe- cially Houston, Dallas, and Austin. But times have changed and so have Texas men and women as well as the issues and events which affect them. One of the issues this year has been drug and alcohol abuse in the homes, schools and workplaces of many Tex- ans. To help control the overwelming problem with these substances, drug testing has come into effect. Students and workers are now being tested for such drugs as cocaine, marijuana, and " crack " , a crystalized form of cocaine. These substances have been known to take the lives of famous people such as Len Bias and Don Rogers. Changes in state have also been drastically af- fected by budget cuts and declining prices in oil. However, Texans will stand proud and tall though all changes which might face them in the future. 34 - Changes in state Pamela Scarbo The State Capital, located in Austin, Texas, has undergone few changes in the past years. Changes in state - 35 Rusk Building closes doors By: Carol McBrayer The statuesque Rusk Building, upon 63 years of dedication to teaching SFA students, closed its doors on January 12, 1987 for 14 months of extensive renovation. When it opens again in March, 1988, there will be no more classes taught inside its walls, but instead it will house ad- ministrative offices, easing some of the crowded conditions in the Austin Building. With its long and varied history, thousands of people have shuffled through the Rusk Building at some time or another. It has been the home of the university library, the school of applied arts and sciences and the business, education and psychology departments. Science, journalism, speech and photography classes (among many others) have been taught there. Elementary and high school stu- dents were even taught there at one time at the Stephen F. Austin Demonstration School. Many people, therefore, have fond memories of their years spent in the Rusk Building, often referring it to their second home. Dr. Francis E. Abernethy, SFA Eng- lish professor, has had an office in Rusk for 20 years, even though no other English professors have been in the building during that time. He said that in 1967, when the Eng- lish department moved from the Birdwell Building which " had real nice offices, " to the new Ferguson Building which had " little ol ' dinky offices, " he looked around for a more pleasing space for his office. On the ground floor of Rusk, he found what he called " a throw-away " space which had once housed the offices of two professors. He moved his belongings in and has been there ever since. In 1971, when Dr. Abernethy took over as executive secretary of the Texas Folklore Society, he knocked down the south wall of his office and created an additional room. In 1975, when the Rusk Building was undergoing another renovation, he did not leave the building, but instead moved most of his things into the tiny extra room and " kinda covered the rest of the stuff up. " During the 1987 renovation, he must do the same. His office is to be expanded again, pro- viding much-needed space. Abernethy has been in the same of- fice " longer than anybody else " in the Rusk Building. If there is ever a day 36 - Rusk Building Greg Patterson Built in 1924, the Rusk Building brings fond memories to many students and faculty. when he will have to leave his office, he will not look forward to it. " I ' m not going to. I ' m not even gonna talk about it. There ' s no need to even discuss that. " Dr. James O. Standley, SFA dean of applied arts and sciences, also has been associated with the Rusk Build- ing for years. He went to first, second and third grades at the Demonstration School in 1950-1953. He later returned to the SFA campus and had several classes in Rusk as an undergraduate. In 1979, after a 17 year absence, he returned to the Rusk Building as a criminal justice professor and then be- came the dean of applied arts and sciences, still remaining in Rusk. This spring, he had to move his of- fice into the Liberal Arts Building, where he will stay until the proposed applied arts and sciences building is Extensive renovations are being made to the Rusk Building. Greg Patterson Greg Patterson Once completed, the Rusk Building will house administrative offices. completed. He feels the Rusk Building is a part of his life and does not believe that his association with the Rusk Building is necessarily over. " It ' s interesting to me how you keep doing the same things over and over in your life and the Rusk Building has certainly been a focal point of what I do throughout my entire life without being planned in any way. I can ' t see the future and would never try to predict the future, but if experiences of the past are any indication of what might occur in the future, my experi- ence with the Rusk Building may not be over. " His enthusiasm with the Rusk Building is readily apparent, " I ' m rather attached to it. It ' s just a great place to be if you ' re really involved in what Stephen F. Austin ' s all about. " Perhaps Sara Dudley, part-time SFA communication instructor, has been associated with the Rusk Building the longest. She attended grade school and high school in the Rusk Building, went to college at SFA, and taught in the Rusk Building for four years be- fore the renovation. " I have taught in rooms where my first, second, third and fourth grades were located, " Dudley said. " It was wonderful. It ' s like being at home forever. " She feels the r enovation is a step in the right direction for the University. " We ' re glad to see the University growing and knowing that we need space for further administrative offices. I feel, all in all, this is for the betterment of the University. L Rusk Building - 37 1987 SFA hair styles Kric Kurlsson The 1980 ' s, a time when changes were taking place throughout the state as well as on the lo- cal levels, and when haircuts seemed to have the most dramatic change. Whether these changes are just a fad or imitations of favorite T.V. or movie stars, haircuts have come in and out of style for the past decades. Haircuts of the 80 ' s often reflect im- ages and memories of years gone by like the popularity of the 40 ' s crewcut and the 50 ' s Fonzie look-a-like. Then came the " flower child " years when the popularity of short greased hair was replaced with long hair. These were years when political changes ■ were taking place throughout the United States which had a direct ef- fect on the styles and attitudes during this decade. Disco dancing became popular in the seventies and influenced the " disco " haircuts. These were years when people cut their long hair for more practical haircuts and seemed to again copy images of stars like John Travolta. Then along came the Eighties, a decade some may consider " wild " . SFA students embody several styles of haircuts and just a few are present- ed here to help students remember the hair styles of 1987. Hair styles - 3S Students educated about AIDS By : Terry Carter With AIDS (Aquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) still ravaging the world at an epidemic pace, SFA began in 1986-87 to respond by studying possible re- sponses to the killer and attempting to educate students and faculty. Highlighting the Fall Semester, Dr. Kenneth Rolston, assistant professor of medicine at M.D. Anderson Hospital and Tumor Institute in Houston, lec- j tured to approximately 250 students I and faculty on Nov. 20. Dr. Rolston I specializes in infectious diseases and j works closely with the Institute of Immunological Disorders, a special hospital in Houston that focuses on AIDS victims. He told his audiences that AIDS cannot yet be cured because the virus continuously mutates into new forms. Until it stabilizes, no life-saving procedures will keep victims alive more than five years. Dr. Rolston esti- mates that five to seven years will i pass before any practical vaccine for the syndrome will be developed. The virus has been found in many tissues and fluids, including blood, saliva, se- men, tears, bone marrow, lymph nodes and breast milk. Although no evidence exists to show that the virus can be transmitted through fluids like saliva, the possibility of such transmis- sion cannot be eliminated, he said. After extensive explanation of j symptoms and treatments, Dr. Rolston revealed the primary change society must make to lower AIDS ' mortality rate. " The sexual revolution will have to come to a screeching halt. Monogamy I will have to come back into style, " the physician said. The lecture, presented by UC Programs Ideas and Issues Committee, was arranged in the sum- mer of 1986. At that time, Dr. Foy E. j j Varner, director of university health services, was preparing to release a j packet of information on AIDS to the j faculty of SFA. Dated Aug. 25, 1986, the packet contained recent reports, a brochure on " Safe Sex " and a Health Clinic Policy statement describing how the syndrome would be treated when it arrives at SFA. The policy statement reads: " It is our policy that we will neither confirm nor deny the existence in our community of anyone with the disease AIDS or a positive test for the virus that causes it, except as required by law. " The statement concludes by stating transmission does not occur in the or- dinary classroom or work setting. The policy implies students with AIDS will be allowed to attend classes, and classmates and the teacher will re- main uninformed. In a press conference, however, Dr. Rolston recommended a community be informed of the threat, but the community must also react responsibly to the news. University President William R. Johnson appointed a committee in the fall to establish guidelines for dealing with communicable diseases like AIDS. Dr. Johnson said the University had no written policy in a December interview, and the health clinic ' s poli- cy was medically oriented and did not represent the whole University ' s opinion. Dr. Baker Pattillo, vice president for university affairs, said the committee would be meeting in the spring 1987 " to decide how to handle any outbreaks, either real or imaginary. " He expected guidelines on communi- cable diseases to be made in the Spring Semester. - AIDS SFA welcomes female doctor Dr. Janice Ledet is the first fe- male physician to be hired in several years at the SFA Stu- dent Health Clinic. Dr. Ledet received her bachelor ' s degree in biochemistry at Center Col- lege of Kentucky, a small private col- lege with a population of about 750 people. She then went on to attend four years of medical school at the University of Louisville School of Medicine. Following graduation, Dr. Ledet served her internship in Jacksonville, Florida. During her internship training she met her husband who is also a physician and who now is an internist at the Medical Center. Dr.Ledet specializes in preventive and internal medicine which deals more with prevention of disease rath- er than treatment. " This is the sort of medicine I want to practice, " stated Dr. Ledet. And she went on to say, " I like working with the student population because they ' re a young and healthy type of group. " Since starting her job in September of 1986, Dr. Ledet has encountered several types of illnesses, anything from injuries to chronic illnesses. Dr. Ledet is striving to do more for the clinic and also wishes to get more involved in other aspects of the University. Dr. Ledet, the new female physician at SFA, specializes in internal and preventive medicine. Greg Patterson L The Student Health Clinic provides a service for students and faculty on the campus of SFA, and is staffed with excellent doctors. Greg Patterson New doctor - 41 SFA installs a new phone system By: Leslie Lang Campus-wide communications at SFA were greatly changed with the installation of a new phone system prior to the Fall Semester. The new phone system is a " mod- ern state of the art telephone system " and will provide " better service than we ever had, " according to Billy Click, director of computer and comminication center. Lufkin Telephone Exchange in- stalled the $2.4 million university- owned phone system, which was operational in time for the Fall Semester. Due to the demand for more phones on campus, SFA underwent a change Sept. 19 which expanded uni- versity communication. Al l campus Erie Ayles With the installation of the new NEC phones, the black dial telephones were retired to rest. phone numbers now begin with 568 instead of 569. The change in prefix was needed because of the limited number of extensions available, to accomodate the University, in the 569 prefix. The new prefix has enabled the addition of approximately 2,000 more phone numbers. When the new system was installed, the black dial telephones were retired from the campus. SFA installed NEC phones in the administrative buildings which are capable of features such as call holding, three-way calling, call back, call park, call waiting and call forwarding. Dormitory rooms are now equipped with a phone jack so stu- dents must provide their own telephones. Dormitory phones will es- sentially receive the same services as administrative phones except for call forwarding and call waiting to some extent. " I like having my own phone, | but I don ' t like the problems I have i been experiencing with the new sys- j tern, " said Eileen Mansfield, Houston sophomore. Complications in the new system were experienced on the east side of campus. Problems arose with a switch that connects the main computer in the system to other computers on the east side of campus. Students and faculty found it hard to place outgoing calls or receive incoming calls without receiving a busy signal or being dis- connected. " It is hard for people off- campus to get hold of us and for us to dial out, " said Karen Johnson, Atlanta sophomore. Despite some inconveniences with the new system, the telephone changeover will greatly improve campus communication. (Ireg Patterson Two SFA students, Clifton White, Nacogdoches freshman and Marcus Young, Sulphur Springs fresh- man express their feelings towards the new state of the art telephone system. Phone system New Drop Policy instituted By: Leslie Lang Changes at SFA this year ex- tended to academia with a new procedure which says a student can no longer meet a class all semester and make a last-minute deci- sion to drop before the final exam. The new drop policy originated in the Faculty Senate and " was generat- ed in spirit to improve the academic environment, " according to Dr. Ray Eastman, associate professor of psy- chology and Faculty Senate chairman. The policy states that " To the twelfth class day, a course dropped will not be noted on a student ' s transcript and a withdrawal will be noted as a W(withdrawal). " From the twelfth class day until mid-semester, students receive a W on their transcript for a dropped class. Under the new policy, if a student wants to drop a class after mid-semes- ter, the student ' s dean must approve the drop. According to Dr. James Reese, vice president for academic affairs, the deans have agreed that drops will be allowed only in truly extreme situations. In the event a stu- dent secures the dean ' s approval to drop, either a WP(withdraw passing) or a WF(withdraw failing) would be noted on the transcript. In the case of withdrawal from the University beyond mid-semester, a student would receive either a WP or a WF on his transcript in accordance with the grades he received during the semester. Students expressed a variety of opinions concerning the new drop policy. Kay Swann, Quitman junior, said, " The new policy makes it sooner to drop a class, and you don ' t have too many grades, therefore, you don ' t know if you need to drop or not. " Julie Johnson, Bryan senior stated, " If we ' ve paid for the class, I don ' t see why we can ' t drop whenever we want to. " Although the general reaction by students toward the new drop policy has been favorable, the policy has brought about a change in SFA ' s edu- cational standards. .•If Mqnie) Dropping a course this semester was not as easy as past semesters. Students had to receive approval after the twelfth class day. New drop policy - 43 Photos by Ferris Bavouselt Student enters Miss Texas Pageant Thompson gives it a third shot Jo Thompson, a senior at SFA, and current holder of the Miss Greenville metroplex title, will again compete in the Miss Texas Pageant. Born in Crockett, Texas and raised in Hudson and Lufkin, Miss Thomp- son began dancing at the age of seven and has danced her way into several competitions. After attaining the title of Miss Lufkin in 1985, Miss Thompson went on to hold the title of Miss Lake O ' the Pines and competed in the 1986 Miss Texas Pageant. Winning the pre- liminary bathing suit contest, she was choosen as one of the top ten finalists. The 21 year old, 5-foot-7-inch beau- ty has dreams of both finishing her college education and an ultimate goal of winning the Miss Texas Pageant. " I ' m very active. I feel like I have a very positive attitude about things, and I believe that if something is meant to happen for me, it ' s going to happen. " Miss Thompson will be competing in the 1987 Miss Texas Pageant in July with hopes of achieving one of her dreams. Good Luck Jo! Miss Texas - 44 SFA Lab offers unique childcare The Early Childhood Laboratory, a facility maintained for the education of university stu- dents, is an organizational subunit of the departments of elementary educa- tion and home economics. The Lab is programmed to meet the learning needs of university students in various departments at SFA. Dr. Janice Pattillo is the Coordinator of the Early Childhood Progams and Mr. Kent Chrisman is the Director of the Early Childhood Laboratory. The lab teachers serve as role mod- els for their young students as well as for the university students who often observe the teachers in the class- rooms. Teachers are required to have obtained a bachelor ' s degree; four teachers working at the lab have also obtained master ' s degrees. The lab maintains a full-day (7:30 am to 5:30 pm) infant program (ages 2 months to 18 months), toddler program (ages 18 months to 36 months), pre- kindergarten I and II program, kinder- garten and a primary classroom. Children in the Early Childhhood Laboratory come from various seg- ments of the Nacogdoches community and are accepted on a space available basis. Parents must enroll their chil- dren into the laboratory several weeks and sometimes several months to a year early before a space will become available. On Thursday, February 5, 1987, the primary students at the SFA lab, along with their teachers Allison Long and Vikki Boatman, celebrated their 100th day of school. Students celebrated with helium balloons, which they released with an attached note on each, and by collecting 100 special items, eating 100 Cheerios for snacks, popping 100 pieces of popcorn, jumping rope 100 times, speaking 100 words and having lots of fun with their primary friends. Full-day university-maintained early childhood labs are rare, Dr. Donna Couchenour, the child development cooridinator, said. " I think this is one of the most extensive ones in Texas and also one of the more extensive childhood centers probably in the country. " Early Childhood Lab - 45 Jacks sweep championships By: Chris Norton SFA made a conference basket- ball sweep as the Lumberjacks captured the championship with an unblemished record and the Ladyjacks finished 9-1 to tie for the Gulf Star Conference crown with Northwestern State. The Lumberjacks finished with its fifth 20-win season in six years as they captured the Gulf Star Confer- ence championship with a perfect 10- record. It was the first time in the history of the Gulf Star Conference that a team finished conference play unde- feated as the team finished their 21-7 season. The Ladyjacks lost only five games and won 23 with their only confer- ence loss to the Lady Demons of Northwestern. The Lumberjacks beat Southwest Texas State 72-68 to clinch the confer- ence crown, and went on to defeat Sam Houston State in Huntsville for the first time in 12 years to finish their 10-0 conference record. " I ' m just very pleased with the way we ' ve played all year, " Lumberjack Head Coach Harry Miller said after the victory over Sam Houston. " This is the first time we ' ve won in this building (University Coliseum in Huntsville) since it has been constructed. " The team ' s leading scorer, Beau- mont junior Eric Rhodes, scored a ca- reer-high 32 points in the Southwest game and 17 in the Sam Houston game to help lead the Jacks to the championship. " It ' s an outstanding, wonderful feeling, " Rhodes said. " We had a geat - Basketball championships Grt-y, Pullerson Creg Pulterson effort from everyone who stepped on the floor. It showed great class and effort from everyone. " Point guard Kenneth Willingham, Dallas sophomore, filled in for the injured Robert Clark, Dallas senior, and came up with some big free throws to help seal the final two games. " Willingham came through and played extremely well, " Miller said. " After the early jitters, he took charge and really took control of the game. " The Ladyjacks needed a win in their final game in Huntsville to clinch the first-place tie, and came up with a 73-50 trouncing of the Lady Bearkats. The Ladies bounced back from a 3- 24 record two years ago to a second- place conference finish last season, and finally to a share of the confer- ence championship in 1986-87. " Even though we have to share the championship, it is still a great accom- plishment, " Annie Norris, Sulphur Springs junior, said. " To come from where we were two years ago to the conference championship, isn ' t that great? " Norris led the team to its final vic- tory scoring 20 points and grabbing 13 rebounds, while Mozell Brooks, San Augustine junior, added 18 points. " Norris is the best player in the conference, " Ladyjack Head Coach Gary Blair said. " She is eight pounds lighter than last year, and that has im- proved her quickness. " Stephen F. Austin went out of Gulf Star basketball with quite a bang, as they enter the Southland Conference for competition next season. Basketball championships 48 EMICS ariBl Burtsch unci Hurfsch 49 Board of Regents Regents approve changes When SFA changes, it is with the approval of the Board of Regents, the decision-making body of the University. The regents adhered to the Texas Legislature ' s imposition of budget cuts and salary and hiring freezes and approved steps such as closing the University for a longer period of time over the Christmas holidays and during the week between the summer sessions in order to ease these man- datory cuts. The regents also approved changes to renovate the Rusk Building, to expand Steen Library, to build new track at the newly renamed Homer Bryce Stadium, and took steps to " upgrade the quality of the faculty " in the next few years, just to name a few. Two new regents were named during 1986-87, M. M Stripling and A. Nelson Rusche. They replaced former regents Phil Simpson and John O. Sutton. Larry Jackson Ms. Willia Murphy Wooten ■ ; ■ " ... .. Richard C. Hile A. L. Moore 50 - Board of Regents Board of Regents W. F. Garner, Jr. Board of Regents ■Dr. William R. Johnson In his own words . . . Before I became President at Stephen F. Austin State Univer- sity, I served for three years as Vice President for Academic Affairs at Texas Tech University. This was a very challenging position because the University was going through some signifi- cant changes, which included the addition of a medical school. I also had professional schools in engineering and law reporting to me as well as the traditional academic units. That was prob- ably the most interesting job I held before coming to SFA. I decided to accept the invitation of the Board of Regents to come to SFA as president because I had long recognized SFA as one of the best institutions in the state. I was familiar with the work of Dr. Steen and the progress the University had made over the years. I thought that the presidency at SFA was one of the best positions in higher education in the state, and I was delighted to have the offer. I first decided to spend my life working in higher education because I like to teach, and especially, I like to teach American history. Obviously, I did not enter into this career thinking that I would become involved in administration. Like so many things in one ' s life, one thing led to another, and the path I chose led me into academic administration. I did not set goals for SFA immediately after arriving here. I spent some time in becoming acquainted with the institution and with the people who make up the University. Within a fairly short time, I had decided that there were certain areas that needed action and among them was the greater involve- ment of the faculty in university governance, particularly in academic matters. In addition, there were many other policies and procedures that required codification. These things were accomplished within two or three years. Specific goals were then related to the development of academic programs and facilities. My first goals did, therefore, deal with academic matters. Following this, I also wanted to see improvement in other aspects of the University ' s activities, such as athletics. I do try to interact with students, although my opportunities to do this are limited. I wish I had more time for interaction with students. I have expressed my feeling concerning the budget cuts that we have contended with this year on many occasions. They are difficult to deal with. They will affect the University, but as things have turned out they are not devastating. We have not been able to replace some needed positions both in faculty and staff and we are operating on significantly reduced operational funds. If the shortage in operating funds continues for a pro- longed period, much more damage will be done to our programs. In conclusion, I think the future of SFA is bright. There is much more to be done. Improvements will be made in our pro- grams and goals will be established. That circumstance is what I would emphasize in trying to attract new faculty and students to the University. In addition, the quality of our programs is high and will not be diminished by reduced budgets. Our faculty is of the highest quality, dedicated to its teaching and research efforts, and genuinely concerned about the welfare of our students. William R. Johnson 52 - President Dr. William R. Johnson President of Stephen F. Austin State University The President of SFA President Johnson with his wife, Freida, at home. William R. Johnson and Stephen F. Austin-two very important men at this university. Opposite page: The President and his secretaries, Lucy Stringer and Twylia Bell. President - 53 Vice Presidents Dr. Baker Pattillo Vice President for University Affairs 54 - Vice Presidents Vice Presidents Vice Presidents, left to right: Dr. James V. Reese. Don Henry, and Dr. Baker Pattillo. Janet Barlsch Don Henry and Dr. James V. Reese discuss plans for the completion of Dr. Baker Pattillo answers one of his many calls concerning the affairs of the fourth floor in the Liberal Arts Building. the university that range from student publications to the athletic program. Vice Presidents - 55 Deans Dr. W. Langston Kerr Dean of the School of Education Dr. Janelle C. Ashley Dean of the School of Business 56 - Deans Deans Dr. Constance Spreadbury Assistant Dean of Liberal Arts Dr. William }. Brophy Dean of the School of Liberal Arts, Science and Math Deans - 57 Administration y ■ Robert J. Provan Billy J. Click General Counsel Director of Computing and Career Services Dennis P. Jones Director of Institutional Research 58 - Administration Robert D. Sitton Dr. Nancy C. Speck Executive Director for SFA Alumni Association Director of University Development Dr. Jack Nelson Development Director of Auxiliary Services Administration - 59 Nelvis L. Hearn Internal Auditor 60 • Administration Adminstration J. R. Wright Associate Director of Admissions Administration Administration William Hill University Police Chief - Administration Administration Alvin C. Cage Director of University Libraries Patricia L. Spence Director of Student Publications Walter Simonds Student Legal Counsel Loweda B. Hogue Director of Printing Services Jamie Fain Director of Residence Life Administration - 63 I Charlene Cloudy Hila Fitch Assistant Manager of Mail Services Manager of Mail Services Gerry Hoover Manager of University Bookstore 64 - Administration Physicians Counselors Physicians, left to right: Dr. Malcolm Graham, Dr. Oren C. Irion, Dr. Janice Ledet, and the director of the Health Clinic, Dr. Foy E. Varner. Counselors, left to right: Bailey Nations, Linda Kluckhohn, Edwinna Palmer, and the director of Counseling and Career Services, Ralph Busby. Physicians Counselors - 65 Athletic Directors Diane Baker Sadie J. Allison Assistant Director of Women ' s Athletics Director of Intercollegiate Athletics for Women 66 - Athletic Directors Accounting Dr. Sammie Smith Chairman of the Department of Accounting David Everitt, Dallas sophomore, tries to remember the difference between a debit and a credit as he works on his ledger. Accounting education changes through the years Accounting education has undergone considerable change in the past forty years, progressing from rudimen- tary instruction in bookkeeping and theory of accounts to an information science in the computer age. Evidence of changes are apparent at SFA due to the increased participation within the department. In May 1947, three students graduated with the first Bachelor of Business Ad- ministration degrees with majors in accounting ever granted by SFA. In 1986, one hundred twenty-five accounting majors graduated from an accounting depart- ment instructed by sixteen faculty members contained within a School of Business Administration with approximately 85 faculty members and accredited by the American Assembly of Collegiate Schools of Business. Ob- viously, the times have changed. The SFA accounting faculty is continually monitoring changes in the accounting profession and accounting edu- cation in order to maintain a level of instruction necessary to prepare students for entry into the profession. The faculty is dedicated to maintaining an accounting program at Stephen F. Austin State University for which each past and future graduate can be proud. unel Bartsch Ana Durham, Woodville junior, spends endless hours doing her accounting homework and wondering how much more anyone could take. Accounting - 67 Administrative Services New department chairman for administrative services The most significant change for the administrative ser- vices department this year was the change of the depart- ment chairman. Dr. Dillard Tinsley, interim department chairman, returned to full-time teaching in the management marketing department. Dr. Betty S. Johnson assumed the responsibilities of chairman of the administra- tive services department. A native of Arkansas, Dr. Johnson came to SFA from Lamar University. Although the budget cuts caused the administrative ser- vices department some adversity, the department contin- ued to offer SFA students excellent programs for special- ized needs in the field of business. Undoubtedly, the most severe cut to the administrative services department was the reduction of faculty brought about by the retirement of three faculty members. The hir- ing freeze prevented the University from replacing all of them. Although the department was understaffed, every attempt was made to provide quality instruction. Greater emphasis was placed on technology, with students obtain- ing more instruction in the use of computers and electronic equipment. Two new faculty members, Ms. Julianna Durr and Dr. Betty Johnson, were added to the department. Ms. Durr taught the introduction to business classes and Dr. Johnson taught business communication classes. In addition, the general business major was revised and strengthened. Also, a new class in word processing was approved and offered for the first time during the Spring Semester. Dr. Betty S. Johnson Chairman of the Department of Administrative Services Therese Spalding, Houston sophomore, and Dianne Kasper, Nacogdoches freshman, practice their shorthand skills. ]anel Bartsch Audrey Lambert, Tyler junior, takes notes from a dictaphone. 68 - Administrative Services Agriculture Dr. Leon Young Chairman of the Department of Agriculture Dana McClaine, Piano senior, mixes chemicals for the 1CP machine in agriculture lab. Positive outlook for agriculture Although the effects of the budget cuts were felt univer- sity-wide, the Department of Agriculture had the major initial impact of these cuts fall " primarily on the dairy farm and beef farm operations, " said Dr. Leon Young, chairman of the department. " The operation and mainte- nance budgets were cut by approximately ten percent, and this forced us to sell a considerable number of cows in the milking herd at the dairy farm. " However, the agriculture department was able to main- tain its high standards of instruction by stressing the importance of a positive outlook, especially among faculty members. The budgetary resources were used in areas where the faculty felt that instruction could be most im- proved, and in areas where interest in research was great- est. Outstanding faculty members like Dr. T. J. Stanly, pro- fessor of ag economics, exemplified the excellence of the department by incorporating field trips into his courses. In the Fall, he took his marketing class for a tour of the port facilities in Galveston and Houston, where the important export of grain products takes place. In the Spring he took a finance class to Austin to visit major financial organiza- tions that provide aid for agriculture. According to Dr. Young, these field trips " go a long way towards bridging the gap between classroom theory and actual practice in the field. " Janet Bartsch Lisa Burgay, Houston senior, measures the acidity and pH of a soil sample. Agriculture - 69 Outstanding art faculty The aim of the art program is to develop the student ' s knowledge and skill in the use of art fundamentals and to provide an education suitable for both producers and con- sumers of art. And according to Department Chairman Jon D. Wink, the art department had plenty of outstanding faculty members with which to accomplish this objective. Don Beason and Bill Arscott were recognized as Regents Professors. Mary McCleary, Peter Lisieski, John Daniel, Jim Snyder, Gary Frields, Jon Wink, Charles Jones, Piero Fenci, Anita Cooke, and Mike Roach were all active, well established artists whose works were exhibited at the na- tional level. The art historians, Lisa Bixenstine and Art Pontynen, were active researchers and had their work published in national journals. Although Margaret Lazzari moved to Los Angeles to teach at USC, she was replaced by Gary Frields, former chairman of the art department at Kilgore College. Wink said that the future plans of the art department were contingent upon the resolution of the state ' s financial problems. He remarked, " We can only say that given the limitations of a severely restricted budget, we will continue to apply our energy, intelligence, and creativity to the problem of finding more effective ways of educating our students. " Dr Roach delivers another of his exciting lectures to the photo illustration Steve Brow operates a camera for a movie production class. class. 70 - Art Biology Dr. Don A. Hay Chairman of the Department of Biology I Same number of students, fewer faculty and funds The Department of Biology at SFA had to instruct essen- tially as many students as they have in previous years, ex- cept this year—because of the budget cuts--it had to provide the same quality instruction with fewer supplies and with a lesser number of faculty members. However, Department Chairman Dr. Don A. Hay said that " at the current level of cuts, the students were probably not di- rectly affected except when faculty members, such as Dr. Charles Mims, left the University. His courses can not be offered until faculty searches are approved and until re- placements are found, which may be two or three years down the road. " Hay also commented that until he learns the extent of the buget cuts established by the governor and state legislature, he could not foretell what the future changes for the department would be. Although there were many highly acclaimed faculty members in the biology department, Dr. Elray S. Nixon re- ceived the Regents ' Research Professor Award for 1986-87. Dr. Nixon co-authored a highly acclaimed book entitled Trees, Shrubs and Woody Vines of East Texas. unet Jurlsch Wendy Davis, Mesquite freshman, examines a slide in biology lab. Sandra Amezquita, Houston sophomore, dissects a calf s brain. Biology - 71 Chemistry 1 Search postponed for chairman Dr. Wayne C. Boring, interim chairman of the Depart- ment of Chemistry, remarked that " due to budgetary restraints, a search to find a biochemist to chair the chem- istry department was postponed. " Dr. Jacob Seaton, former chairman, stepped down to full-time teaching and re- search. In addition, Dr. Phillip Ash, a biochemist, left the department last year to accept a teaching position at Pacific Lutheran University, in Tacoma, Washington. Therefore, in order to insure that the deparment continued to operate at its standard level of excellence, Dr. Boring served as interim department chairman, and Dr. Fred Hooper was hired on a part-time basis to teach biochemis- try. According to Dr. Boring, all the members of the chem- istry faculty were outstanding teachers and researchers. Dr. James Garrett received the Regents ' Professor Award for teaching. The Department of Chemistry at SFA developed a curriculum that has the full approval of the American Chemical Society for the training of professional chemists, and the department continued to exemplify the high quality of education the University has to offer. Quinn Poshusta, Dallas sophomore, takes a careful measurement to make her chemistry lab acurate. Dr. Wayne Boring Chairman of the Department of Chemistry Janet Bartsch Brian Hassel, Dallas sophomore, watches a chemical reation take place. 72 - Chemistry Dr. Heber Taylor Chairman of the Department of Communication Communication Decrease in quantity, not quality " We couldn ' t serve as many students this year as last, but we tried to keep the standards of instruction at least as high as last year ' s, " said Chairman of the Department of Communication Dr. Heber Taylor, regarding the budget cuts. " Our problem was not in quality as much as in quan- tity. " The communication department was affected mainly in the number of classes offered. There were seven fewer classes in the Fall, and six fewer classes in the Spring. The department also had less to spend on student help, travel, departmental operations, and maintenance. Examples of the quality within the communications de- partment included numerous accomplishments by the faculty. Helen Varner was president of the Texas Public Relations Association, and was honored in the Fall as an outstanding chapter advisor of Women in Communication, Inc. Dr. Jim Towns was asked to speak across the country, and he held a workshop in London last summer. Ron Seney was chairman of the American Forensic Association, and vice president of the Texas Intercollegiate Forensic Association. Also, Ken Atwell, a former Ball State Univer- sity journalism professor, joined the communication de- partment in the Spring. He was a police reporter and city editor in Kokomo, Ind., before becoming a professor. Several communications programs were also recognized for their excellence. The SFA debate team was nationally ranked and hosted three tournaments, while two SFA de- baters went to the national AFA tournament last spring. The Pine Log was ranked third among college and univer- sity newspapers in Texas. The SFA chapter of Women in Communications, Inc. was honored as an outstanding chapter. Radio Station KSAU began broadcasting in stereo in the Fall, and the television studio increased its programing on the cable. John Phillips, Mineola junior, gives a speech on the proper way to wrap up a knee injury using instructor Ben Click as his " dummy " . Janet Barfsch Mike Badger, Houston senior, writes a story for the Pine Log using the computer. Communication - 73 Computer Science Computer clubs interest all students The Computer Science Club and the SFASU Student Chapter of the Association for Computing Machinery are sponsored by the Department of Computer Science and are open for membership by all students. These organiza- tions should be of particular interest to students who de- sire to become acquainted with the computing profession, computing professionals, and other students of like inter- ests. Meeting announcements are posted regularly, and a special opportunity for an " update " is provided each time a student must " log on " to one of the computers of the University Computer Center and the Computer Science Laboratory. The computer science curriculum is designed to allow future computer specialists to obtain a broad education coupled with a detailed knowledge in computer science sufficient to lay a foundation for professional competence in the computer field. Courses are also offered to acquaint other students with the capabilities of the computer, so that they may make use of it in their main field of endeavor. Ron Malinowski, Spring sophomore, works on Pascal in the computer lab. Dr. Craig A. Wood Chairman of the Department of Computer Science Assembly language students work on their programs and compare work. 74 - Computer Science Continuing Education Dr. Leon C. Hallman Chairman of the Department of Continuing Education E. K. Sowell works at a scuba workshop. Continuing education unaffected by budget cuts At a time when most departments were struggling to ac- cept the budget cuts mandated by the state, the Depart- ment of Continuing Education felt no significant effects since this department is not funded by the state. This year, a new array of quality non-credit courses and activities was offered to the public. A total of 125 courses were offered, and 3,451 participants with 47,207 contact hours took advantage of the various classes. The continuing education department has no faculty, but experts in the subject area teach the courses, seminars and workshops. Dr. Jack Harlan, Dr. Patsy Hallman and Dr. Craig Wood taught more than one activity during the year. Dr. Leon Hallman, chairman of the department, said that he expects to continue increasing class offerings in future years. Greg Patterson Sharon Gavnes instructs a tax workshop. Continuing Education - 75 Counseling and Special Education Changes apparent within department The Department of Counseling and Special Educational Programs prepares students to work as special education teachers and speech therapists in elementary and secon- dary schools, and prepares students for careers in human services occupations serving the disabled and handi- capped. " This department has been affected most by the reduc- tion in departmental operating funds and by our inability to replace faculty unless their leaving endangers a program, " said Dr. Bill W. Hamrick, department chairman. However, by redistributing courses to the faculty members whose training and experience made them best qualified to teach each class, only four courses were cut from the class selection. Ms. Marietta Yeates, instructor of deaf edu- cation, was the one new member in the list of faculty members this year. Dr. Hamrick noted that long range plans were difficult to make under present conditions, but the level of func- tioning that the department has achieved will be maintained. Dr. Bernard-Thomas Hart man, professor in the speech and hearing program, works with his Audiology class. Dr. Bill W. Hamrick Chairman of the Department of Counseling and Special Education Dana Webster, Stafford sophomore, in the hearing booth. 76 - Counseling and Special Education Criminal Justice Dr. John P. Harlan Chairman of the Department of Criminal Justice Cathy Oper shows off all the literature she received concerning criminal justice. Greater demand for criminal justic e graduates Due to the interaction of political, economic and social forces within our society, present indications are that criminal justice graduates should find their knowledge and skills in demand during the decade of the 80s. Many op- portunities currently exist, and undoubtedly more will arise, for well-educated and adequately-prepared graduates in law enforcement, corrections, juvenile programs, the courts, legal organizations, private security, and in various other positions in the public and private sectors. SFA offers a four-year undergraduate program which culminates in the awarding of a bachelor of arts degree with a major in criminal justice. The faculty consists of di- versely-educated and experienced people who have a sincere interest in helping students fully develop their in- tellectual faculties and pursue vocational interests which are self-fulfilling and useful to society. The program is de- signed to prepare the student to be a competent practition- er of the administration of justice. Much time is spent studying and questioning the institutions and the processes of the American criminal justice system. Further, the program seeks to develop the tools and techniques of anal- ysis and logic necessary for a deeper insight into those in- stitutions and processes and to effect changes therein. Stephen F. Austin State University is an institutional member of the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences. Membership is available to qualified students in a number of professional organizations and honor societies. Greg Pulterson Greg LaRue tries to decide what this book could possibly teach him that could make it cost so much. Criminal Justice - 77 Economics and Finance H Excellence despite difficulties The faculty of the Department of Economics and Finance maintained excellence in classroom presentations despite the current budgetarty difficulties. Innovative ways to cut corners were implemented with minimum impact on instructional activities. One new course was offered and many new computer applications were added. Dr. Bert Stine joined the staff and other vacancies were filled with enthusiastic part-time faculty who are committed to the goals of quality education. The strength of the department was demonstrated through the professional-minded, diverse, and dedicated faculty. The finance club, Phi Alpha Kappa, provided the stu- dents an opportunity to benefit from visiting with business leaders who shared their expertise and experience. Plans for the future include regular reviews of the advising process and curriculum, along with implementa- tion of new methods to assist students not only to be econonically productive but also to have a well-rounded university education. Allison Mitchell, Bay town senior, gets some extra instruction in economics from Dr. Lynnette Solomon. jeff Man ey Kevin Johnson, Gladewater junior, prepares a program for finance. 78 - Economics and Finance Elementary Education Dr. Thomas D. Franks Chairman of the Department of Elementary Education Wendy Wilson plays duck-duck-goose with children in the Early Childhood Development lab. Expanded field experience for teacher education program The transition to the revised elementary education ma- jor, resulting from the implementation of the 1984 Teacher Certification Standards, became more evident in the Fall of 1986 as more than 100 elementary education majors moved into area schools for their junior level field experience. The field experience is an assignment in which future teachers assist public school classroom teachers for a peri- od of three and one-half hours per week all semester. The assignment provides " hands-on " experience in the " real world " of teaching for college students who have chosen teaching as a career. Field experiences have been a part of teacher education at SFA since its beginning in 1923; however, there is a renewed emphasis on this kind of training because of the 1984 Certification Standards. In addition to the field experiences associated with the Department of Elementary Education, students receive ex- tensive contact with children in a formal educational setting in SFA ' s Early Childhood Laboratory and the Learning Center. All of the field experiences are under the direction of licensed, professional teachers who are dedicated not only to teaching children but also to helping future teachers to develop the confidence and skills essen- tial to a successful student teaching experience and a ca- reer of outstanding classroom teaching. Education class listens to lecture. Elementary Education - 79 English and Philosophy Budget cuts mean bigger classes " The recent budget cuts forced us to use fewer part-time faculty and to teach larger classes than in the past, but we tried to cut expenditures in office operations in such a way that academic instruction was harmed as little as pos- sible. " said Dr. Kirby Duncan, chairman of the Department of English. The professors could still make study guides and other materials available but in some cases the stu- dents had to pay for these materials. Regarding future changes within the department, Dr. Duncan stated that the department hopes to hire a specialist in teaching linguistics and composition, and perhaps a teacher of technical writing as well. The faculty of the English department was very active in many leadership roles of the department. Dr. Francis Abernathy was secretary-editor of the Texas Folklore Society and Dr. Neal Houston was editor of RE:AL, the liberal arts journal. Dr. Linda White was the director of the writing lab in the Academic Assistance Center. Dr. Roy E. Cain, formerly chairman of the department, is now in charge of advising all undergraduate and graduate Eng- lish majors. Dr. Patricia Russell was the new coordinator for administration for the department, and Dr. Barbara Carr was the new director of freshman English. Shannon Ripkowski, Houston senior, and David Mulkey. Houston junior, study Shakespeare in the library. Dr. Kirby Duncan Chairman of the Department of English and Philosophy Jeff Mun ey Dr. Jim Magruder, philosophy professor, prepares midterm grades. 80 - English and Philosophy Geology — Professors publish research The Department of Geology is designed to give an un- derstanding of earth science as it relates to the physical environment of man and his dependence on earth re- sources such as minerals, rocks, fuels, and water. Demonstrating this knowledge, Dr. R. L. Nelson and Dr. E. B. Ledger recently had the honor of having their research papers published in scientific journals; they also presented the results of their research at geological professional meetings. The geology department added Dr. Patrick Shore to the faculty last December, and because of the hiring freeze, he is the only new member of the department ' s personnel. According to the chairman of the Department of Geology, Dr. William P. Roberts, the budget cuts most affected the professional travel funds for the department and now the money for travel comes from another source. Dr. William P. Roberts Chairman of the Department of Geology 1 Ay Geology lecture lab students look at topigraphical maps. Joe Mackey, geology graduate student, chisels a fossil in geology lab. Jeff Manley Paul Couvillon, Houston freshman, and Laurel Ripp, Tyler freshman, study maps to check elevations. Geology - 81 Forestry New Bachelor of Science in For- estry program Although there were no changes implemented in person- nel, programs, or courses this academic year, the major change involved the revision of the undergraduate degree program leading to the Bachelor of Science in Forestry. Also, there was an expansion of international programs es- pecially with respect to exchanges with the People ' s Re- public of China. Dr. Victor Bilan, Dr. James C. Kroll, Dr. Regan L. Rayburn, and Dr. Kent T. Adair were selected for the 1986 Delegation to the People ' s Republic of China. This was the first delegation under the exchange agree- ment between SFA and Northeast Forestry University in Harbin, China. Budgetary reductions resulted in curtailment of many ac- tivities in the School of Forestry this year. Class sections were combined where it was possible to do so with out im- pairing quality. Said Dr. Adair, Dean of the School of For- estry, " In other areas, the student-teacher ratio was maintained at historic levels to insure that the professional integrity of core courses was not impaired. " Dr. Victor Bilan was named Regents ' Professor for Re- search as well as the Outstanding Faculty Member by the SFASU Alumni Association. Mike Williamson, Pearland sophomore, and Cindy Corbay, Ft. Worth graduate, study the progress of seedlings in the forestry department ' s arboretum. Dr. Kent T. Adair Dean of the School of Forestry and Chairman of the Department Drenan Bell Patti Mitschke, Conroe senior, measures the circumference of a native pine in a Forestry lab exercise. 82 - Forestry Health and Physical Education Dr. Carl Kight Chairman of the Department of Health and Physical Educati on HPE faculty dedicated to excellence Despite the budget cuts, the Department of Health and Physical Education strives to offer those courses most criti- cal to the students of SFA. Dr. Carl Kight, department chairman, stated, " Our faculty is committed to quality in- struction and will provide quality instruction despite the limitations. The best interest of the students will remain the focus of the department. " There were several personnel shifts in the department. Mr. Stan Bobo was on leave during this year to work on his M.F.A. degree in dance. Replacing Mr. Bobo for this period was Mrs. Kathy Dunn Hamrick. Mr. Duke Allgood was the new assistant basketball coach for men, Mr. Ron McGaughy moved from his assignment of tennis coach and instructor to a full-time teaching position in the depart- ment, and Mr. Jimmy Ferguson joined the department as a part-time instructor and men ' s athletic coach. Other cha nges involved several of the athletic coaches no longer having teaching responsibilities. Dr. Kight said of his faculty members, " I feel the primary strength of the department is the strong commitment to excellent teaching shared by all members of the department. This is demonstrated by the quality of their instruction, their concern for students, and the in- volvement with departmental, school, university and pro- fessional matters. " The basic changes for the future are expected to reflect program modifications needed to accommodate changing conditions related to certification requirements and changes in the needs of our students. Scuba class prepares for their certification. eff Maniey Doug Budnek, Atascosita junior, works out in the HPE weightroom. Health and Physical Education - 83 I History History department faculty shows dedication When asked about the effects of the recent budget cuts on the history department, Chairman Robert N. Mathis was able to list numerous problems that had been exper- ienced, but eventually concluded that " the Department of History has a dedicated faculty that will find ways to re- tain quality instruction even under adverse conditions. However, there is no question that damage has been done and that the quality of instruction will decline if the crisis continues. " Dr. Mathis said that the department would like to restore the faculty to its proper level and to reduce teaching loads. Non-state funds will also be sought to en- rich the academic program and to promote faculty devel- opment. In addition, the department plans to strengthen the program for teacher certification and to introduce com- puter usage in history classes. Eventually, Dr. Mathis hopes to establish a center for the teaching of history. The department had two retirements: Dr. James L. Nichols and Dr. Vera L. Dugas. Dr. James V. Reese was named Vice President for Academic Affairs, and Dr. William Brophy was named Dean of Liberal Arts. Dr. Ar- chie McDonald served as executive director and editor for the East Texas Historical Association, and as editor of EN- CYCLOPEDIA USA. Dr. Jere Jackson was chairman of the Nacogdoches County Historical Commission, and Dr. Scott Bills was an invited delegate to the Atlantic Council in Washington, D. C. Dr. Tom Nail served as sponsor of the East Texas Council for Social Studies Teachers. Dr. John Dahmus and Tommie Jan Lowery served as consultants for National Evaluation Systems. Dr. Bills, Dr. Calvin Hines, Dr. Allen Richman and Dr. Sylvia McGrath had major publications in their areas of specialization. Dr. Dahmus, Dr. Deanne Malpass, Dr. Archie McDonald, Dr. Nail and Dr. Bobby Johnson made presentations to professional meetings, and Dr. Douglas McMillan organized the annual High School Social Studies Contest. Jeff Hilman, DeSoto sophomore, tries to locate Iceland on the world map. Dr. Robert N. Mathis Chairman of the Department of History Mock elections were held in some history classes before the real elections on November 4. 84 - History 1 Home Economics Dr. Gloria Durr Chairman of the Department of Home Economics Changes apparent in home economics In the Department of Home Economics, student assis- tants were utilized to assist faculty and to aid in the management of facilities. In addition, programs within the department were sponsored to provide faculty enrichment and development, and quality instruction was offered to students in all areas of specialization in the department. The members of the faculty worked to implement recom- mendations made by the American Home Economic Asso- ciation accrediting agency. Interior design programs re- quired students and faculty to combine their efforts to seek continued accreditation from the Foundation for Interior Design Education Research. The continuation and upgrading of all academic pro- grams within the department remained a major objective. Proposals were initiated seeking approval to revise curriculum in nutrition courses, food systems management majors, and child development family courses. Also, the nursery school in the North Home Economics Building was recently renovated. Within the department, there were expanded recruitment efforts and increased department support in the form of scholarship funding. Dr. Gloria Durr, chairman of the department, said that she felt her department ' s faculty members were " compe- tent, dedicated, and student oriented. " All faculty contrib- uted to the welfare of the university, the department, and the people they served. Eric Ayles Debbie Allen, Houston junior, plans a design for a house in interior Dr. Barbra Barrett shows her class how to properly arrange silverware. design. Home Economics - 85 Management and Marketing Continued quest for excellence The Department of Management and Marketing contin- ued its quest for excellence in the 1986-87 year through the addition of two new faculty members, Dr. William Holliday and Dr. William Sargent. Both professors joined the faculty after several years of both academic and industrial experience. Among the other faculty members that deserve special recognition are: Mr. Johnny Long, who taught in the Labor Relations Department and was former- ly Director of Industrial Relations for Lufkin Industries; Dr. William Sargent and Dr. Jarrett Hudnall who have had extensive experience in the energy business before coming to SFA; Dr. Vinay Kothari, who has been appointed to the Advisory Board for the U. S. Department of Commerce in the hope of obtaining export business for the United States; Dr. Forrest Price and Mr. Johnny Long, whose case on Lufkin Industries was judged to be " Best Case " at the recent North American Case Research Association Seminar; and Ms. Lone Wittliff, who has used video presentations to assist students in developing sales presentations. The department continues to prepare students for the world of the 80 ' s and 90 ' s by insuring that the preparation for the professional world is underscored by broadfaced knowledge as well as professionalism in the disciplines of management and marketing. The use of computers and video equipment to enhance the learning experience con- tinues to be a part of the academic process within the de- partment. The budget cuts that the entire university exper- ienced for this year have resulted in additional loads for faculty as well as providing additional challenges for the future. Chuck Lopez, Houston senior, studies for his marketing research class. 86 - Management and Marketing Dr. Bobby Bizzell Chairman of the Department of Management and Marketing Eric Ayies Tammy Smith. Harlingen sophomore, interviews Scott Ehlers, Dallas ju- nior, between classes in the business building. Mathematics and Statistics Dr. Thomas A. Atchison Chairman of the Department of Mathematics and Statistics Undergraduate curriculum change The Department of Mathematics and Statistics exper- ienced several changes in the undergraduate curriculum which affected students enrolling in freshman level courses. Dr. Thomas A. Atchison, department chairman, said, " Every course which we offer for credit has a minimum prerequisite requiring the completion of two years of high school algebra and one year of high school geometry. " The math department offered a new remedial course, MTH 099, which carries no college credit, to help bridge any gap which existed between a student ' s high school preparation and his first college mathematics course. Budget cuts increased the size of the classes because not as many part-time faculty members were able to be em- ployed. Also, there was less money for supplies; however, first priority was given to the purchase of those supplies which directly impacted the instruction of students. The larger class sizes translated into less time for stu- dents to receive individual assistance, but faculty members made every effort to provide as near the same level of in- struction as possible. According to Dr. Atchison, " The faculty in this department has considerable experience in teaching and that experience is needed when educational conditions deteriorate. Recognition of the dedicated faculty at SFA is important at this critical time. " Mathematics and Statistics - 87 Military Science New chairman in military science In the military science department, Lt. Col. Frederick Stepaniak joined the staff in November 1986 as the chair- man of the department and as a professor of military science. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Education Administration from Georgia State University. He is also a veteran of over 20 years of commissioned service and has overseas tours of duty in the Republic of Vietnam and the Federal Republic of Germany. He joined the department from a tour of duty as a Battalion Commander at Fort Meade, Maryland. Other changes within the department include the depar- ture of Lt. Col. Paul Kellerhals enroute to the Republic of Korea. Major Danny Walling and Sergeant Roy Loftis also left the department in 1986 for assignments in Korea. One new member of the military science staff was Master Ser- geant Bennie Hargrove, who joined the department from the First Special Forces Group, Fort Lewis, Washington. Captain Joanne L. Bluhm received a Master of Art degree in psychology from SFA in December 1986. All other offi- cers are actively pursuing master ' s degrees. The Department of Military Science was affected mini- mally by the budget cuts, since the payroll for the members of this department is funded by the U. S. Army. Minor changes in the department are planned to energize outdoor laboratory activities and adventure activities. No major academic changes are being contemplated. Scott Faust, Houston sophomore, tries not to think about how he will get down once he climbs to his destination. Lt. Col. Frederick Stepaniak Chairman of the Department of Military Science and Burtch Some guys from the Austin Raiders take a dip in the pond. 88 - Military Science Modern Languages Dr. James O. Moses Chairman of the Department of Modern Languages One modem language class gets ready for a quiz. Faculty members excel in mod- ern language The Department of Modern Language has many capable and qualified faculty members, but there are three professors that Dr. James O. Moses, assistant professor and chairman of the department, considered worthy of special mention. Dr. Ann Doyle received an Outstanding Faculty Member award from Student Government Association. Dr. Pedro Escamilla served as a linguistic consultant to Houghton Mifflin Publishing Company in developing a se- ries of bilingual readers for children at the kindergarten level through the sixth grade. Dr. Vivian Gruber served as president of SCOLAS, the Southwest Council of Latin American Studies. Mr. Manuel Mendoza retired this past year, and due to budget difficulties, a replacement could not be hired. The department was not allowed any money for " call faculty " and therefore had to reduce class offerings by cutting three sections of first-year courses. The modern language department ' s three principal objectives are: to develop competence in speaking, reading, writing, and understanding a foreign language; to cultivate an appreciation for the culture and civilization of the peo- ple whose language is being studied; and to provide guid- ance in preparation for the various opportunities in lan- guage work. Jeff Maaley Diane Adams practices her language skills in Spanish lab. Modern Languages - 89 Music Music department improves as it changes The most important ingredient in " quality instruction " is a " quality " faculty. The Department of Music is fortunate to have a host of outstanding faculty members. Dr. David Jones of the voice staff is one of the two Regent ' s Professors at SFA for the current academic year. The lack of resources will force the faculty to become even more creative in meeting the needs of students with somewhat less funding for the programs. The Music Department is also fortunate to have a regional support group called the " Friends of Music " made up of alumni and other supporters who contribute money as well as their energies to allow the department to raise the level of accomplish- ments to an even higher plane. Because of some last minute changes, the department will operate under an interim chairman and will have several adjunct teachers serving during the year. Dr. Ron- ald Anderson will serve as the interim chair and the adjunct faculty include: Barry Larkin, Susanne Key, Gabriela Imreh Spalding, Dan Spalding, and members of the Westbrook String Quartet—Susan Brenneis, Andrew Bruck, Cindy Kempf, and Steve Pelkey. Most changes for the department will be determined after a permanent chairman is appointed. The department is currently working to update its policy statememts and revise the mu- sic theory program. Stacy Reese, Houston freshman, takes practice very seriously while Karen Ingram, Diboll senior, might have just goofed. Dr. Ron Anderson Chairman of the Department of Music Doug Jefferson, Weatherford senior, relaxes and plays one of his old favor- ites. 90 - Music Nursing Budget cuts have positive effects According to Dr. Beverlyanne Robinson, chairman of the nursing department, the budget cuts that have caused changes throughout the university may have had some positive effects on the students. She said, " This experience has caused us to remind students of the cost of items, and to use greater care with the supplies and facilities that we already have. It also encourages faculty members to try innovative, cost-effective ways to teach and practice ideas. " Dr. Robinson thought that since health care in general receives many budget cuts, the experience would aid the students in dealing with " real world " situations and problems. Despite budget inconveniences, the faculty ' s continuing concern for quality is evident in their high ex- pectations for performance in testing and clinical work. The overall objective of the program is to provide stu- dents with knowledge of the art and science of nursing, as well as a broad background in other academic areas in- cluding the behavioral sciences, physical sciences and humanities. The Department of Nursing also utilizes exist- ing research as a basis for practice and as a preparation for higher education. The nursing department will have an accreditation visit in the fall of 1988. Dr. Robinson stated that preparation for this visit would take approximately two years. Dr. Beverlyanne Robinson Chairman of the Department of Nursing Janet Hurtsch Meredith Manning, Houston senior, practices interaction with patients Rhonda Smith and One nursing class enjoys a little free time before Whitney Chase while Sharon Turrin, Houston senior, looks on. getting down to business. Nursing - 91 Physics and Astronomy Physics and astronomy promote understanding of environment " Courses in physics and astronomy acquaint students with the general principles that, as far as our present un- derstanding will take us, form the foundations of the phys- ical environment, " says Dr. Thomas Callaway, Chairman of the Department of Physics and Astronomy. Lecture and laboratory work develop scientific attitudes, insights, and techniques; this knowledge is useful not only in physics or astronomy, but in any pursuit of higher education. There- fore, in addition to providing a background required for work in engineering, related sciences, and medicine, the physics department also assis ts nonscience majors in de- veloping an understanding and appreciation for the exten- sive scientific activity of society. Among the outstanding faculty members of this depart- ment, two professors deserve a little extra attention. Dr. Norman Markworth is the director of the Stephen F. Aus- tin State University Observatory and is responsible for the activities that take place there. Dr. Walter Trikosko recent- ly completed the modifications in the low temperature laboratory in order to perform sophisticated Josephson Junction experiments. Using vectors, these phyiscs lab students perform many interesting experiments. Dr. Thomas O. Callaway Chairman of the Department of Physics and Astronomy eff Muniey Lee Warren, Longview freshman, must make accurate adjustments so that his data will he correct. 92 - Physics and Astronomy Political Science and Geography Dr. Joe E. Ericson Chairman of the Department of Political Science and Geography Mark Weatherly, Dallas senior, catches up on world affairs in Dr. Kim ' s resource room, " Plato ' s Cave. " Rebuilding public administration The Department of Political Science and Geography has plans to rebuild and expand their public administration program within the next year. The department has been granted funds to hire a new faculty member to build the program by expanding the number of majors, providing more opportunity for interns, and providing assistance for students interested in public administration. This program was reduced several years ago when the leading position was vacated and a replacement was not found. The new program chairman, in addition to his public administration duties, will also be teaching some courses in the political science department. Outstanding faculty members in the department include: Dr. James G. Dickson, Jr., who is author of several books, numerous articles, monographs, book reviews, and scholar- ly papers; Dr. Ronald G. Claunch, who is the director of the Census Data Center and consultant to several area lo- cal governments; Dr. Leon C. Hallman, who is director of continuing education, consultant along with Dr. Claunch to several local governments, past president of the Nacogdoches Chamber of Commerce, past president and district governor of the Nacogdoches Rotary Club; Dr. Joe E. Ericson, who is author of several books including a widely used Texas government textbook, numerous articles, monographs, book reviews, scholarly papers, and president general of the Sons of the Republic of Texas; and Dr. i onald D. Gregory, who is the Pre-law advisor, sponsor of the pre-law club, and author of scholarly articles and papers. Drenun Hell Kelly Gaines, Houston senior, and Steve Jones, Gilmer junior, make selec- tions for their candidate during student elections. Political Science and Geography - 93 Preprofessional Programs Changes depend on professional schools The pre-professional department may very well be one of the most unique departments at SFA. Pre-professional programs is a division of the School of Sciences and Mathematics, and its purpose is to provide counseling and guidance for students interested in pursuing careers in medical and medically related fields as well as in archi- tecture and engineering. " Actually, " said director Dr. Wayne G. Slagle, " the department has no faculty or per- sonnel, other than my secretary. " Therefore, budget cuts in the department were mostly in travel funds which were not severe enough to make this a limiting factor in the performance of the department ' s objectives. Said Dr. Slagle, " I don ' t have any specific changes in mind for the future. The nature of my work depends greatly on policies and programs in professional schools ... if their programs and policies change, then mine must change as well. " The pre-professional program has effective and efficient advising methods, current information concerning aca- demic entrance requirements into various professional schools, access to applications and recommendations to support these applications, and a center for administering examinations required for entrance into professional schools. Dr. Slagle insists that he will continue to provide these services to the best of his ability. Mike Hart, Dallas sophomore, learns more about anatomy by looking at someone ' s poor deceased cat. Dr. Wayne G. Slagle Director of Preprofessional Programs Drenan Bell Dr. Slagle pokes a pig in the eye, showing the punishment for doing a lab incorrectly. Preprofessional Programs Psychology 1 Dr. Heinz Gaylord Chairman of the Department of Psychology Steven Kahn, Houston graduate student, conducts thesis research in the psychophysics lab. Psychology professors enhance program with world involvement Two of the professors in the Department of Psychology had outstanding accomplishments in the field of research. For the prior academic year, Dr. Tom Bourbon had been on a three-fourths time faculty development leave at the University of Texas Medical School in Galveston. He was working with faculty and researchers there upgrading his skills and knowledge of current research equipment and design. Dr. Bourbon is back to full time teaching and is preparing to install new research equipment in the psychophysiology lab of the department ' s research labs. During his leave, Dr. Bourbon attended several research conferences and published numerous research articles. The other accomplished professor was Dr. James Speer, who was one of the fifteen faculty nationwide to be selected as a Fulbright Senior Lecturer to teach in the Soviet Union for nine months. Dr. Speer, an assistant professor in developmental psychology, spent the Fall Semester at the State University in Erevan, Soviet Armenia and spent the Spring Semester at Tbilisi State University in the Soviet Republic of Georgia. Not many new faculty members joined any department at SFA this year, but after initiating a national search, the psychology department was able to hire Dr. Helene Bakewell, assistant professor of clinical psychology. Dr. True Mann also joined the psychology faculty as a visitng assistant professor in clinical psychology. James Chionsini, Center junior, plays with the laboratory mice used in the experiments conducted at the psychology laboratory. Psychology - 95 Secondary Education Responding to changes The Department of Secondary Education, like numerous other teacher education institutions throughout the country, was involved in implementing a restructured teacher edu- cation program with a strong commitment to excellence. During the spring of 1986, the program model was present- ed at the State Conference on Teacher Education, and the department was subsequently asked to present its program model to the Commission on Standards at the 39th Annual Texas Conference on Teacher Education in the fall of 1986. The mid-management faculty has spent the past year evaluating its mid-management and superintendency pro- grams to determine what restructuring was needed to more effectively prepare its graduates for the mandated changes in public education. The faculty of the department continued to demonstrate its commitment to excellence in teacher preparation pro- grams with increased program coordination and planning for instruction. During the past year, over one-half of the faculty members voluntarily participated in a 36-hour instructional leadership training program in order to improve their own modeling of effective teacher behaviors. For a second year, Dr. Duke Brannen served as director of the Youth Opportunities Unlimited Program which impact- ed the entire SFA community. Additionally, Dr. Jose Rodriguez directed a bilingual graduate ESL and secon- dary educational personnel training program funded for three years beginning Fall 1986. During the past three years, three full-time faculty members have retired, and as a result, the present faculty had a significant increase in responsibilities as well as an increase in workload. Students discuss the lectures on proper teaching practices after an educa- tion lab. Dr. William C. Heeney Chairman of the Department of Secondary Education Post graduate student speaks on the use of video tape in education at the Education Media Center while Gay Greer studies the equipment in the background. 96 - Secondary Education I Social Work Dr. Kathryne G. Kolar Chairman of the Social Work Program 1983 - 1986 Dr. Kathryne G. Kolar, associate professor and program director for the social work program, passed away in November of 1986. Dr. Kolar had been program director for social work since arrival at SFA in the fall of 1983. Dr. Kolar played a ma- jor role in the growth of social work at this univer- sity over the last three years. She provided leader- ship in revising the curriculum and helped to secure re-accrediation of the program. Under her leadership, the program had more than doubled the number of social work majors. She devoted herself to developing a quality social work program at SFA, and she will be deeply missed by both stu- dents and faculty. Social Work - 97 Sociology Sociology " borrows " help The Department of Sociology has been affected significantly by the budget cuts. For example, the deparmental secretary left for New York in mid-summer and was unable to be replaced. This caused a tremendous strain to be placed on the faculty and the chairman. Fortu- nately, temporary arrangements were made to " borrow " secretaries from other administrative units in the School of Liberal Arts. Sociology faculty have had to curtail some of their travel to professional meetings because travel funds have been cut. The department was also unable to replace a faculty member whose contract expired. In order to compensate for this serious academic loss, Dr. Constance Spreadbury, assistant dean of liberal arts, returned to the department on a full-time basis. Dr. James Standley, Dean of Applied Arts and Sciences, taught two specialized courses for the sociology department; Dr. Jim Towns, from the communication depatrment, taught a class on death and dying . In spite of the hardships experienced by the department, the faculty continues to remain productive. Dr. Richard Hurzeler, Dr. James Corbin, Dr. Robert Szafran and Dr. Joy Reeves were all awarded grants this past year. Dr. Pet- ty continues to be active in community affairs and was chairman of the aging advisory council and a member of the regional private industry council. Dr. Corbin is editor of Texas Archeological Society Journal. Dr. Bob Szafran, Dr. Gregg Robinson, and Dr. Joy Reeves all presented pa- pers at professional meetings and had articles published in sociological journals. Leslie O ' Neal, Dallas senior, and Shanon Gerald, Gladewater senior, act as panel members during a presentation on abortion in sociology. Dr. Joy B. Reeves Chairman of the Department of Sociology Drenon Hell Ryan Binkley, Tracey Collier, and Rod Dixon present an example of hu- man aggression for sociology class. 98 - Sociology ■ Theatre Dr. Thomas K. Heino Chairman of the Department of Theatre One of the flower children leaves the opening night of " Hair " after a very successful show. Theatre department advances high aspirations The Department of Theatre aspires to provide its stu- dents with the knowledge and skill necessary for the attainment of excellence in theatre. In the roles of theatre artist, teacher, and scholar, the theatre professional must demonstrate broad and disciplined competence and sensi- tivity. To this end, the Department of Theatre offers course work leading to the following degrees: Bachelor of Fine Arts with or without Secondary Teaching Certification, and Master of Arts. The Department of Theatre serves the student in at least one of four ways. First, it attempts to foster and encourage individual development of disciplined creativity. It offers training for students pursuing careers in professional and educational theatre and related fields. It also provides ex- periences which will aid individuals desiring vocations featuring communication skills. Lastly, the department presents a significant discipline through which the student may study the diverse thoughts and passions of Man as re- flected in his most human and most telling creations. In addition to obligations to its own students, the depart- ment serves a larger function by providing meaningful cul- tural and entertainment experiences for the University and the community. Drenan Bell John Sollenberger, Houston senior, gives a " positive review " to fellow ac- tors Steve Jones, Gilmer junior, and David Raine, Nacogdoches senior. Theatre - 99 Greg Patterson Reese receives vice president position By: Frances Hinson The types of changes on campus can be obvious to students, like the renovation of a building or the addition of a statue. Some changes aren ' t so obvious, like changes in administration. Dr. James Reese, who was dean of the School of Liberal Arts, was appointed vice president for academic affairs on August 1, 1986. President Johnson appointed a committee to select a new dean after Dr. Edwin Gaston retired from the posi- tion. " I submitted a resume, " Dr. Reese said. " I met with the committee, which asked me to give my philosophy on education, administration and where I thought SFA was going. " As vice president for academic affairs, Dr. Reese is re- sponsible for all the academic areas of the university. The deans of the various schools, the director of the library, admissions and registrar report to him. Dr. Reese makes recommendations to President Johnson on tenure promotions, merit raises, faculty appointments, dean and department head selections and all curriculum related matters. " I make frequent trips to Austin, " Dr. Reese said. " I ' m sort of the contact person for academic things with the coordinating board in Austin, and I do a good deal of negotiationg with them. " A native of Itasca, Dr. Reese obtained his Bachelor of Arts in history from Rice University in 1957. He obtained his master ' s and doctorate degrees from the University of Texas at Austin in 1962 and 1964. Dr. Reese joined the SFA faculty in 1977 as professor of history and dean of the School of Liberal Arts. " SFA semed to be a place interested in quality undergraduate instruction, " Dr. Reese said. " I ' ve never been sorry for leaving (Texas) Tech. " Despite his busy schedule, Dr. Reese co-authored a seventh-grade textbook, We Texans. " It ' s been through two previous editions, and sadly this edition didn ' t get adopted by the state. " The greatest impression Dr. Reese has after his few months as vice president is how complex an operation SFA is. " I ' ve asked the Board of Regents to approve $6,000 for a new computer for the library, and I ' ve approved a voucher to buy five new tricycles for the early childhood lab, " Dr. Reese said. " That is just an example of the variety of things this position holds. " Dr. Reese says his greatest reward as vice president for academic affairs is helping students and faculty. " I enjoy commencement because you see the students go across the stage and somewhere along the line you ' ve helped them out in some way, " Dr. Reese said. " It ' s rewarding to see someone you ' ve helped go on to succeed in life. " 100 - Dr. Reese Faculty Dr. Jasper E. Adams, Mathematics Dr. Doyle Alexander, Mathematics Carolyn Alhashimi, Mathematics Dr. T. A. Alhashimi, Agriculture Mr. Roy D. Alston, Mathematics Mr. Bob Armistead, Communication Dr. Thomas A. Atchison, Mathematics Dr. Ronnie G. Barra, HPE Mr. Ronald A. Bigoness, Management Marketing Dr. Victor Bilan, Forestry Dr. Bobby Bizzel, Management Dr. Thomas Bourbon, Psychology Capt. Joanne L. Bluhm, Military Science Mr. Andrew Bruck, Music Ms. Macra Ann Brunson, Education Mr. Harold Bunch, Mathematics Dr. Leonard Burkart, Forestry Dr. John R. Butts, Communication Dr. Sue Butts, Home Economics Mr. Elton L. Chaney, Mathematics Dr. Wilbur R. Clark, Accounting Mr. Ben Click, Communication Dr. Gerald L. Collier, Geography Dr. Charlene S. Crocker, Secondary Education Mr. Charles E. Dagenais Dr. John Dahmus, History Dr. Robert G. Dean, Mathematics Dr. Joseph A. Devine, History Mr. Tony R. DeMars, Communication Dr. James G. Dickson, Political Science Ms. Sara Dudley, Communication Dr. Orlynn R. Evans, Computer Science Major Randall L. Fain, Military Science Dr. Thomas D. Franks, Elementary Education Dr. James M. Garrett, Chemistry Ms. Ethelind S. Gibson, Home Economics Mr. Donald L. Graham, Communication Ms. Becky Greer, Home Economics Dr. Donald D. Gregory, Political Science Dr. David A. Grigsby, Counseling Special Ed. Dr. Jarrell C. Grout, Computer Science Dr. Leon C. Hallman, Geography Faculty - 101 (Extra)Ordinary twins share top honors Precella twins graduate with perfect 4.0 GPA. By: Frances Hinson W hen you think of the word " twin " a certain stereotype comes to mind. People stereotype twins as wearing matching outfits and having similar interests. This stereotype seems to fit two SFA students Anthony Precella and Timothy Precella, Nacogdoches seniors and twin brothers. Not only are they identical twins who wear matching outfits at times, but they also shared top ranking honors with 4.0 grade point averages at the fall com- mencement Dec. 20. The Precella twins were candidates for bachelor of sceince degrees in the school of science and mathematics. They majored in mathematics and minored in computer science. They were on the president ' s honor roll with " all A " records for the past eight semesters. Both twins gradu- ated with honors from Nacogdoches High School in 1982. Once in college, the Precella twins found that many stu- dents saw them as two guys who studied day and night with their heads in their books. " The people who say that are those individuals who don ' t know us very well, " Tim said. " I ' m an ordinary col- lege student who likes to have fun, and I dislike studying. " " The only thing that ' s out of the ordinary is, ever since our freshman year in 1982, we ' ve had all of our classes to- gether, " Anthony (Tony) said. Like most students, the Precella twins have had their share of odd jobs. " Believe it or not, we did manual labor in the summer of 1977, " Tim said. " We use to load logs at our father ' s company. Most people thought we were the water boys for the workers, " Tim said. Their next job, Tony claims, wasn ' t very exciting. " We worked at Burger King, " Tony said. " We cleaned tables, mopped floors and made whoppers. What can I say, we were broke. " After deciding they had enough of the fast-food life, the Precella twins decided to quit their job, but not after one of them left their mark on the " Home of the Whopper. " " I worked the morning shift, " Tony said, " so before I left I hid baking utensils and I mixed in enormous amounts of salt with the powered sugar that went on top of the French toast. I never saw customers complain of the funny taste because I quit that morning before we opened. " Life on campus was more exciting for the Precella twins, since they were involved in many organizations . Tony served as president of Pi Mu Epsilon honor society, whik Tim served as special events coordinator of the society Both were selected outstanding senior math students last spring, and they hold memberships in Alpha Chi and Phi Eta Sigma. After graduation, the twins will be graduate assistants in the spring, teaching two math classes. They also plan to take nine hours each. Eventually, they would like to get jobs where they could use their math and computer skills. The Precella twins believe discipline helped them get top honors in their class. " We made a lot of sacrifices, " Tony said, " but it paid off. " The Precella twins shared top ranking honors at SFA ' s fall commencement Dec 20. 102 - Twins Faculty Dr. Patsy J. Hallman, Home Economics Mr. Bennie C. Hargrove, Military Science Ms. Marilyn Harris, Counseling Special Ed. Dr. Bernard Hartman, Couseling Special Ed. Dr. Neill S. Hays, Couseling Special Ed. Dr. Willianm C. Heeney, Secondary Ed. Dr. James R. Hemingway, Accounting Mr. James F. Hopson, Accounting Mr. Hossein Hosseinpour, Mathematics Mr. David C. Howard, English Ms. JoAnne C. Howard, English Dr. Jarrett Hundall, Management Dr. Bobby Johnson, History Dr. Wayne E. Johnson, Political Science Ms. Jennifer Jolly, Physical Ed. Ms. Marlene C. Kahla, Management Ms. Janie O. Kenner, Home Economics Dr. Carl R. Kight, HPE Mr. Theodis Lane, Military Science Mr. Barry J. Larkin, Music Dr. Bill R. Long, Agriculture Ms. Tommie Jan Lowery, History Dr. Gerald Lowry, Forestry Dr. Malcolm MacPeak, Forestry Ms. Debra S. Mahoney, Nursing Dr. Donice E. McCune, Mathematics Ms. Sandra K. McCune, Mathematics Dr. Harry S. McDonald, Biology Dr. Sylna F. McGrath, History Mr. John T. Moore, Chemistry Dr. Earl W. Morrison, Counseling Special Ed. Dr. Helen P. Mrosla, Elementary Ed. Mr. Joe A. Neel, Mathematics Mr. James F. Newton, Military Science Mr. Barry G. Oliver, Communication Dr. Joseph W. Oliver, Communication Capt. Scott E. Patton, Military Science Mr. Stephen R. Pelkey, Music Ms. Mitzi R. Perritt, Home Economics Dr. Douglas Prewitt, Secondary Ed. Ms. Carolyn M. Price, Administrative Services Dr. Robert T. Ramsey, Communication Faculty - 103 SFA ' s first female Ag professor, Dr. Goodson- Williams says she always wanted a career in animal health and production. SFA ' s first female Ag professor By: Patricia Wilson " I ' m one of the guys in the depart- ment. Just because I wear a skirt doesn ' t make a difference, " Dr. Rosilyn Goodson-Williams, the first fe- male professor in SFA ' s argriculture department, said. She said being the first female in the department is fine. " Maybe it ' s because of my attitude, " Dr. Goodson-Williams said. " I ' m not intimidated by male chauvinism; I ' m their intellectual equal. " She says the guys in the department have accepted her, but that is not al- ways the case everywhere. Dr. Goodson-Williams believes she is probably the first woman in SFA ' s agriculture department because there are not many females at her level ap- plying for these positions. " I wasn ' t surprised when I inter- viewed for the position because I ' m well aware that there aren ' t many fe- male instructors in this field, " she said. " I don ' t think it ' s so much a case of prejudice as just a scarcity of wom- en with terminal degrees to choose from. " Dr. Leon Young, chairman of the SFA Department of Agriculture, is pleased to have Dr. Goodson-Williams as part of the department. " Rosilyn came across very well in interviews; she has an undergraduate background in animal science and a good nutrition background which we wanted very much. " The position in the agriculture de- partment is Dr. Goodson-Williams ' first teaching role. Dr. Goodson-Williams is teaching introduction to avian science, equine products and advanced dairy feeding and management courses. After earning her bachelor of science degree with honors from the University of Florida in 1981, Dr. Goodson-Williams received her master of science in poultry science and poultry nutrition in 1982. She then transferred to Auburn where she re- ceived her doctorate in poultry nutri- tion last August. She chose to come to SFA because this is a number one poultry-produc- ing area in Texas, and poultry nutri- tion is her speciality. " Right now my hands are full with teaching and supervisory responsibili- ties at the dairy farm, but there are hopes to start a poultry facility in the next two years in addition to the beef and dairy farms operated by SFA, " Dr. Goodson-Williams. She says that student response thus far has been positive. She thought at first she might have some problems from the real cowboys, but they have accepted her because she knows her business. " I don ' t have to share their Copenhagen to get across the techni- cal points, " Dr. Goodson-Williams said. Her professional goal is to be chair- man of poultry science department or be recognized as an outstanding scien- tist in the area of poultry nutrition. 104 - Goodson-Williams Faculty Dr. Regan Lee Rayburn, Forestry Dr. Odis O. Rhodes, Elementary Ed. Dr. Elvia Rodriguez, Elementary Ed. Dr. Jose A. Rodriguez, Secondary Ed. Ms. Mary Jean Rudisill, Ad. Services Ms. Pat S. Sharp, Geology Dr. David Shows, HPE Dr. Sammie Smith, Accounting Dr. Constance Spreadbury, Sociology Dr. Wendall Spreadbury, Elementary Ed. Dr. Elnita O. Stanley, Counseling Special Ed. Dr. Donnya E. Stephens, Secondary Ed. Dr. Dudley M. Stewart, Economics Dr. Dillard B. Tinsley, Management Ms. Sue Tinsley, HPE Dr. James E. Towns, Communication Mr. Steve W. Tracy, Forestry Major Michael L. Trollinger, Military Science Ms. Helen D. Varner, Communication Dr. Laurence C. Walker, Forestry Dr. Kenneth Watterston, Forestry Ms. Shirley Watterston, Music Dr. Grady W. Willingham, Elementary Ed. Dr. Craig A. Wood, Computer Science Ms. Paulette D. Wright, Secondary Ed. Dr. Beverly S. Young, Elementary Ed. Faculty - 105 HONORS Greg Patterson Er j c Ay l es Assistant Dean of Student Development Dr. Peggy Scott came to SFA in the Dr. Wallace says the variety of his job makes being dean of student devel- spring of 1986. opment interesting. Student developement gets new deans By: Frances Hinson Student Development had a change in 1987: two new deans. Dr. Dan Wallace was named dean of student development in 1986, replacing Dr. William Porter who took a dean ' s po- sition at the University of Georgia. Dr. Peggy Scott was named assistant dean of student development in the spring of 1986, after Ernestine Henry retired. Dr. Wallace came to SFA from the University of Missouri - St. Louis. He took the dean ' s position because it was a step up in administration. " I also liked the size of SFA and the mix of commuter and resident stu- dents, " Dr. Wallace said. " UMSL is a fully commuter school. " As dean of student development, Dr. Wallace is responsible for super- vising student organizations, disciplining students and supervising areas like student activities, counseling and guidance, the student placement office and legal services. " I like the variety of my job, be- cause you never do the same thing twice, " Dr. Wallace said. " There ' s a lot of direct contact with students, which I enjoy. " Disciplining students is one aspect of the job Dr. Wallace doesn ' t like. " I get an average of three or so discipline cases a day, ranging from selling stolen books back to the bookstore, assaults, and alcohol and visitation violations in the dorms, " Dr. Wallace said. As far as changes in student devel- opment, Dr. Wallace hopes to work on expanding the opportunity for students to get into leadership programs. " We ' re putting an emphasis on how an organization can help students improve their leadership abilities and prepare them for a career, " Dr. Wallace said. Dr. Wallace hopes to improve stu- dent leadership this semester, as well 108 - Dr. Wallace and Dr. Scott as kick off the new wellness program on campus. " We want to inform everyone at SFA of the areas on campus that offer things related to wellness, " Dr. Wallace said. " There will be a health fair sponsored by Order of Omega, where people can check their blood pressure, get the latest nutrition infor- mation, etc. We also hope to expand everyone ' s awareness of alcohol and drug abuse. " In the short time Dr. Wallace has been at SFA, he has enjoyed working here. " The people are friendly and easy to work with, " Dr. Wallace said. Assistant dean of student develop- ment, Dr. Peggy Scott, became inter- ested in a dean ' s position during her undergraduate years at Lamar University. " I was involved in various activities and organizations on campus, and I began to realize that these were the I things that I enjoyed, " Scott said. " There were people making a living helping students and organizations, so I began visiting with the professionals at Lamar to find out how they got into this type of business, " Dr. Scott said. Dr. Scott received her bachelor ' s degree in mass communications from Lamar University. She attended East Texas State University where she re- ceived her master ' s in counseling and guidance and she also received her doctorate in counseling guidance. " As a graduate assistant, I held various positions within student ser- vices, learning the different areas, " Dr. Scott said. " I was lucky enough to come from graduate school directly into an assistant dean ' s position. " As assistant dean, Dr. Scott is re- sponsible for student organizations, Order of Omega, Panhellenic, Pom Pon squad, leadership development within organizations, disciplining stu- dents and taking care of a number of publications that come out of the stu- dent development office. " If it ' s something a student or orga- nization does outside of class, it comes out of this office, " Dr. Scott said. Dr. Scott is also the director of the wellness program on campus. " We ' re making a brochure on the kinds of wellness things offered on campus and where you can find them, " Dr. Scott said. " We ' ll be working on other things like a mini- health seminar in March, sponsored by Order of Omega, and UC Pro- grams will be bringing in speakers to talk about different wellness topics. " Dr. Scott enjoys the variety of her job. " I get to do so many different things, and I can apply my strengths to this job, " Dr. Scott said. Since becoming assistant dean, Dr. Scott says trying to take negative dis- ciplinary problems and turning them into positive learning experiences for students is her greatest challenge. " My greatest reward is when some of the students I ' ve had to deal with in disciplinary matters come back to see me and tell me how well they ' re doing now or ' thanks, I needed that, ' " Dr. Scott said. As far as long range goals, Dr. Scott hopes to see the Pom Pon squad con- tinue to grow and improve, and she hopes Panhellenic continues to come together as a group. " My own goals are to be better or- ganized, and to have my students do well in whatever it is they do, " Dr. Scott said. Who ' s Who Among American Universities and Colleges Fifty-nine SFA students were included in the 1986-87 national listing of Who ' s Who Among Students in Ameri- can Universities and Colleges. The students were chosen on the basis of academic achievement, service to the community, leadership in extra- curricular activities and potential for continued success. Students must be junior level or higher to qualify. A committee selects SFA ' s representatives for the national Who ' s Who publication. Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges has recognized individual academic excell- ence of college students since 1934. Who ' s Who - 109 Who ' s Who Who ' s Who Who ' s Robert Anderson -- Hocks senior; finance major; Kappa Alpha Order; Beta Gamma Sigma; Order of Omega; Resident Assistant; Scholarship Com- mittee; Jr. Assistant Rush Chairman; President ' s Honor Roll; I.F.C. Out- standing Scholarship Award. Laurie Boydstun — Houston senior; elementary education major; Delta Zeta; Assistant Pledge Trainer; Sisterhood Chairman; Sigma Chi Little Sister; Order of Omega; Panhellenic Council; International Reading Associ- ation; Texas Student Education Asso- ciation; Penzoil Exploration Scholar- ship; Dean ' s List. Robert Brewer -- Houston senior; so- cial work major; Circle K; Student As- sociation of Social Workers; Student Government Association; Alpha Delta Mu; Resident Assistant; President ' s Honor Roll; Dean ' s List; National Psy- chology Honor Society; Alpha Kappa Delta. Stephen Brown -- Austin senior; bio- logy major; RHA; Circle K; Biology Club; Chemistry Club; Beta Beta Beta; Gamma Sigma Epsilon; Preprofessional Club; chemistry re- search with Dr. Langley; Dean ' s List; Laura Brueggeman -- Houston junior; speech pathology major; Alpha Chi Omega Vice President; Theta Chi Lit- tle Sister; Speech and Hearing Club; Phi Eta Sigma; Alpha Chi; Kappa Del- ta Pi; President ' s Honor Roll. Laurie Boydstun Stephen Brown 110 - Who ' s Who Who Who ' s Who Who ' s Who Deniece Bynum Lufkin junior; agri- culture education major; SFA Colle- giate Future Farmers of America; SFA Horticulture Club; Phi Eta Sigma; Del- ta Tau Alpha; Kappa Delta Pi. Debra Ann Byrnes — Kingwood sen- ior; fashion merchandising major; Cir- cle K; Fashion Merchandising Club; Phi Upsilon Omicron; Catholic Stu- dent Center. Sarah Cobbs Huntsville senior; elementary education major; Chi Omega; Texas Student Education As- sociation; Sigma Tau Gamma Little Sister; Order of Omega; Dean ' s List Cathy Cobourn -- Cypress senior; elementary special education major; Circle K; Homecoming Duchess; RHA; Texas Student Education Association; Student Council for Exceptional Chil- dren; International Reading Associa- tion; Alpha Chi; Kappa Delta Phi; President ' s Honor Roll. Catherine Como -- Houston senior; biology major, pre-medical technology; Assistant Hall Director; Delta Lambda Chapter of Beta Beta Beta; Homecom- ing Duchess; In-Service Committee of Residents Life Office; Dean ' s List. Catherine Como Who ' s Who - 111 Who ' s Who Who ' s Who Who ' s Mark Croley — Cypress senior; biolo- gy major; Mamselles Esquires; R.O.T.C. Scholarship; Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Chi; Alpha Chi; Beta Beta Beta. Kevin Dean — Texarkana senior; bio- logy, pre-med major; Pre-professional Club; Karate Club; Alpha Chi; President ' s Honor List; Bone-Hill Foundation Scholarship; Ross Memor- ial Scholarship. Ardyce Doty -- Houston senior; elementary education major; Alpha Chi Omega; Student Government As- sociation; SFA Orientation Assistant; 1986 Homecoming Queen; Order of Omega; Kappa Delta Pi; Alpha Chi. Andrea Fritz -- Longview senior; accounting major; Alpha Chi; Volley- ball Club; Accounting Club; Beta Al- pha Psi; President ' s Honor List; Dean ' s List; Volleyball Scholarship; Homecoming Duchess; Accounting Student Advisory Council; Peat, Marwick, Mitchell and Co. Accounting Scholarship. Terry Hackett -- Houston graduate student; foresty major; Society of American Forester ' s; Xi Sigma Pi; For- estry Graduate Student Association; Dean ' s List. Mark Croley Kevin Dean Andrea Fritz 112 - Who ' s Who Terry Hackett Who Who ' s Who Who ' s Who Edgenie Hathoot WKF% ' j Courtney Hill Greg Hutto Shelly James Edgenie Hathoot White Oak senior; rehabilitation orientation and mobility, special education major; RHA; Circle K; Talking Hands Club; Rehabilitation Club; Texas Student Education Associ- ation; SCEC; Alpha Chi; SGA; Nation- al Society for Distinguished Services; National Residence Hall Special Edu- cation Scholarship; Dean ' s List; President ' s Honor Roll. Courtney Hill - Fort Worth senior; rehabilitation orientation and mobility major, Intervarsity Christian Fellowship; Psychology Club; Rehabiltation Club; RHA; SFA Sign Language Interpreter; Psi Chi; Alpha Chi; Phi Eta Sigma. Greg Hutto -- Houston junior; forestry major; Xi Sigma Pi; Alpha Chi; School of Forestry Faculty Recognition A- ward; Jopling Scholarship; Sylvans Club; Society of American Foresters; Pep Band; Symphonic Band, Marching Band. Shelly James -- Texarkana junior; marketing major; Delta Delta Delta; American Marketing Association; Al- pha Tau Omega Little Sister; Mamselles Esquires; Pom Pon Squad; Order of Omega; Dean ' s List. Katheleen Jameton — Houston senior; communications, radio television ma- jor; Delta Zeta; Order of Omega; Delta Sigma Phi Little Sister; Homecoming Princess; National Collegiate Associa- tion for Secretaries; Cheerleader; Dean ' s List. Katheleen Jameton Who ' s Who - 113 Who ' s Who Who ' s Who Who ' s Jennifer Johnson -- Texas City senior; biology, pre-med major; Volunteer Nacogdoches Memorial Hospital Emergency Room. Barry Knezek — Inez senior; biology major; Assistant Head Resident; Resi- dent Assistant; RHA; Biology Club; Pre-profcessional Club; Marching Band; Phi Boota Roota drumline; President ' s Honor Roll; Dean ' s List; Alpha Chi; Phi Eta Sigma; Beta Beta Beta; Theta Psi Omega. Susan C.Larkin -- Spring senior; journalism major; Advertising Manager, The Pine Log; Associate Editor, The Pine Log; Sigma Delta Chi; Society of Professional Journalist; Women in Communications; Circle K; RHA; North Hall Senate; Dean ' s List; Julian Perkins Scholarship. Christopher Mabe — Fort Worth sen- ior; accounting major; Theta Chi; Stu- dent Government; Pre-law Club; Or- der of Omega; Interfraternity Council; Pi Sigma Alpha; Accounting Club; Baseball Team; President ' s Honor Roll; Dean ' s List; Hospital Corporation of America Scholarship; Phi Eta Sig- ma; Beta Gamma Sigma; Alpha Chi. Whitney McGee -- Joaquin senior; general business major; Phi Chi Theta; Beta Gamma Sigma; Alpha Chi; Pre- law Club; Resident Assistant; Assistant Hall Director; Pi Kappa Delta; RHA; Dean ' s List; Residence Hall Honor Society. 114 - Who ' s Who Whitney McGee Who Who ' s Who Who ' s Who Stevilyn Miller -- Jasper junior; pre- physical therapy major; Delta Zeta; Sigma Chi Little Sister; Order of Omega; Pre-professional Club; SFA Marching Band; SFA Concert Band; Dean ' s List; Phi Eta Sigma. Mark Miserak — Piano junior; finance major; Beta Gamma Sigma; Phi Alpha Kappa; RHA; Alpha Chi; Dean ' s List; Texas Real Estate Research Center Scholarship; Outstanding Young Men of America. Patti Monk San Antonio junior; Pre- Vet and Pre-Med majors; Block and Bridle; Agriculture Council; Agri- culture Business Club; Delta Tau Al- pha; Biology Club; Beta Beta Beta; Pre-Professional Club; Scuba Club; Austin Angels; Austin Pacers; Dean ' s List; Houston Livestock Show Rodeo Scholarship; Outstanding Military Science Sophomore; Homecoming Duchess. Robin Moore -- Nacogdoches senior; public administration major; Alpha Chi; Pi Sigma Alpha; Scabbard and Blade; Student Government Associa- tion; ROTC; President ' s Honor Roll; Dean ' s List. Debra Olson -- Sugarland senior; journalism major; The Pine Log; The Stone Fort; Delta Delta Delta; Women in Communications; Phi Eta Sigma; Alpha Chi; Dean ' s List; President ' s Honor Roll; Sigma Delta Chi; RHA. Debra Olson Who ' s Who - 115 Who ' s Who Who ' s Who Who ' s James Petrie Jr. -- Piano senior, accounting major; RHA; Beta Alpha Psi; Beta Gamma Sigma, president; Alpha Chi. Tammy Purser -- Montgomery senior; radio TV major; Zeta Tau Alpha; Or- der of Omega; Alpha Chi; BSU Fine Arts Team; SFA-TV2; Dean ' s List; Panhellenic Scholarship. Kelly Rayne -- Nacogdoches senior; elementary education major; Chi Omega; Alpha Tau Omega Little Sis- ter; National Panhellenic Council; Al- pha Chi; Kappa Delta Pi. Kevin Riley -- Houston senior; politi- cal science and general business ma- jor; Kappa Alpha; Pre-Law Club; SFA Student Supreme Court; SFA Statue Fund, treasurer; Pi Sigma Alpha; Na- tional Interfraternity Scholarship A- ward; Dean ' s List; ICA Scholarship Award. Jean Ann Ruth — Kaufman senior; communications major; Pine Log Edi- tor, Sports Editor, Advertising Repre- sentative; Sigma Delta Chi; Texas In- tercollegiate Press Association Delegate; Julian Perkins Scholarship; Dean ' s List. Tammy Purser Kevin Riley 116 - Who ' s Who Who ' s Who Who ' s Who Robert Six -- Houston senior; agricul- ture major; U.C. Programs Cinema Arts Committe; U.C. Programs Board Member; Delta Tau Alpha; SFA Scu- ba Club. Marchell Stefan - Bay Village, Ohio senior; finance and marketing major; Finance Society; Delta Delta Delta; Phi Delta Theta Little Sister; Ameri- can Marketing Association; Beta Gam- ma Sigma; Dean ' s List. William Stegall -- Dallas senior; chemistry major; Alpha Tau Omega; Gamma Sigma Epsilon; Beta Beta Beta; Phi Eta Sigma Alpha Chi; President ' s Honor Roll. Susan Stewart -- Houston senior; communications major; Delta Delta Delta; Panhellenic Council; Theta Chi; Student Leadership Board; Order of Omega; Alpha Chi; Phi Eta Sigma. Jacqueline Sweeney -- Houston ju- nior; communications major; UC Pro- grams, Fashion Committee, Chairperson; National Association of Campus Activities Regional Confer- ence Committee; Assistant Homecom- ing Parade Coordinate. Susan Stewart Jacqueline Sweeney Who ' s Who - 117 Who ' s Who Who ' s Who Phillip Tappe — Euless graduate stu- dent; forestry major; Student Chapter of the Wildlife Society; Associate Wildlife Biologist. Frank Taylor -- Grapeland senior; agribusiness major; Future Farmers of America; Ag Mechanization Club; Block and Bridle; Agriculture Student Council; Dean ' s List; President ' s Hon- or Roll; Alpha Chi; Delta Tau Alpha. Steven Tinsley -- Nacogdoches senior; accounting major; Chief Justice; SGA Supreme Court; Pre-Law Club; Chess Club; Phi Eta Sigma; Beta Gamma Sigma; Beta Alpha Phi; Alpha Chi. Michael Tuttle -- San Diego, California junior; criminal justice ma- jor; Ranger Challenge Team; Reserve Officers Training Corps; Austin Raiders; ROTC Parachutists Badge; Distinguished Military Student. Wyndi Vaught - Cushing senior; vo- cational home economics major; Home Economics Club; Vocational Club; Phi Upsilon Omician; Presidents Award; Home Economist of the Year. 118 - Who ' s Who Wyndi Vaught Yho ' s Who Who ' s Who Who ' s Who Sheila Wagner -- Piano senior; journalism major; Chi Omega; Alpha Tau Omega Little Sister; Women in Communications; American Marketing Association; Order of Omega. Stephen Willhelm — Houston junior; management major; ROTC; Lambda Chi Alpha; IFC; Distinguished Military Student Award; Stabbard and Blade; Dean ' s List. Not Pictured: Monica Ashour — Ft. Worth senior, English major. Jay Coppock, Jr. — Montgomery senior, finance major. Jeffery Crews — Jacksonville junior, music major. Ruth Flores -- Lake Jackson senior, chemistry major. Dianne Kwiatkowski — Toledo, Ohio senior, forestry major. Stacy Southerland — Alto senior, Spanish major. Nancy Spencer -- Austin senior, elementary education major. Jennie Ting — Taipei, Republic of China, forestry major. Janet Walton -- Nacogdoches senior, science major. Greg Weselka -- Crosby junior, political science major. Jeff White -- Jacksonville junior, chemistry major. Sharon Williams — Spring graduate; computer science major; CSC Club; Women Soccer Club; Outstanding CSC Graduate; Upsilon Pi Epsilon; National Collegiate CSC Award; Phi Eta Sigma; Alpha Chi. Who ' s Who - 119 Mr. SFA Jim Petrie showed exceptional in- volvement and leadership in organiza- tions and activities at SFA. He was a senate member and trea- surer for Wilson Hall, RHA treasurer and assistant head resident for Wilson Hall. During the fall of 1985, Petrie was chairperson for Parent ' s Day, and in the summer of 1986, he was an ori- entation assistant. " I ' ve really enjoyed working in RHA and being an adviser at Wilson Hall, " Petrie said. His other activities included presi- dent of Beta Gamma Sigma, member of Beta Alpha Psi, Alpha Chi and Campus Crusade for Christ. " I got involved and put in a lot of hard work into the organizations and activities I was in, " Petrie said. Petrie will work for an accounting firm in Houston after graduation. His advice to students coming to SFA is to do the best they can do. " Work hard at what you ' re doing and enjoy doing it, " Petrie said. Jim Petrie 120 - Mr. SFA Miss SFA Being named Miss SFA marked the end of Susan Stewart ' s busy years at SFA. " I feel honored being named Miss SFA because there were a lot of qualified students who are just as de- serving of the award, " Stewart said. Steward majored in communications and her overall GPA was 3.4. Stewart was very involved in the Greek system. She was a member of Delta Delta Delta sorority and was the social chairman from 1985-1986. Stewart was a Panhellenic delegate in 1986, Panhellenic secretary in the fall of 1986 and president in the spring of 1987. She was also a Theta Chi sweetheart. Stewart ' s honors included Order of Omega honor society, Alpha Chi, and Phi Eta Sigma honor society. Stewart hopes to work in marketing or public relations. Susan Stewart Miss SFA - Eric Ayles Panhellenic Council, Row 1: Caroline Belcher, Susan Stewart, Cheri McCormick, Vicki Carelock, Tamara Wagner, Julie Ziegler, Shonda O ' Brien, Kirsten Fink. Row 2: Laurie Boydstun, Joanne MacElroy, Kim Campo, Jeanette Lewis, Shari McMurtie, Polly Prater, Kelley Rayne, Mara Stefan, Stacy Marino, Patti Tannert, Holly Binger, Jeanette Smith. Panhellenic urges better communication Panhellenic is a conference body that represents and governs all social sororities on campus. It is composed of representatives from each of the sororities on campus. One of its major functions is to coordinate women ' s rush in the spring. It sets up the rules and qualifications for participation in rush. Women with 12 hours and a 2.0 GPA are eligible to pledge. One of the goals of Panhellenic is to facilitate better communication between the sororities. " We want them to work with, not against, each other, " said Vicki Carelock, Panhellenic president. Panhellenic is also responsible for Greek Week, Derby Days, and various style shows and sorority reviews throughout the semester. They work with the Interfraternity Council to hold a Scholarship Banquet, which honors Greeks with a GPA above 3.0. The officers for the 1986-87 Panhellenic Council were Vicki Carelock, president; Laura Wall, vice president; Su san Stewart, secretary; and Patsy McMillian, treasurer. 126 - Panhellenic Interfraternity Council IFC initiates SFA ' s first dry rush The Interfraternity Council organized the first dry rush in the history of SFA. Men with 12 hours and a 2.0 GPA were eligible -to pledge. This year no alcohol was allowed at the rush parties, and according to Sean Guerre, IFC President, " Rush went fantastic. We had more guys run the steps than the usual fall rush. " One of IFC ' s projects was to sponsor Greek Week dur- ing the Spring Semester. This is a friendly competition between fraternities and sororities. Some of the events in- cluded a talent show, games day and a spirit competition complete with a bonfire. " Clean-up Nacogdoches " was in- cluded in this year ' s spirit competition, and each fraternity and sorority received points for the number of members it had helping clean up Nacogdoches. Interfraternity Council is composed of four officers and three members from each fraternity. The council serves as the governing body for all member fraternities. The officers of the 1986-87 Interfraternity Council were Sean Guerre, president; Dean Tuel, vice president; Carl Johnson, secretary; and Greg Robinson, treasurer. Interfraternity Council, Row 1: Les Terril, Steve Reid, Mike Adamo, Sean Guerre, Chris Mabe, David Lang, Greg Robison. Row 2: Carl Johnson, John Bettis, Brian Kirk, Bill Czajkowski, Doug Kerley, Mark Hollingsworth, Christopher Bosley, John Stacey, Chuck Sullivan. Row 3: Matt McNally, Gerald Carlton, Danny Harrison, Greg Bryan, Andrew Reder, David Flanagan, Marlin Willesen, Gary Theobald. Interfraternity Council - 127 Order of Omega Group exemplifies high standards Order of Omega is the honorary greek fraternity made up of the top three percent of men and women who have attained a high standard of leadership in both interfraternity and school related activities. All members exemplify high standards in character, scholarship and greek involvement. This year, Order of Omega brought in a national officer to help in the initiation of the new members. Some of their events included Fit Stops and a Wellness Fair. Officers for the 1986-87 school year were- Karen Wood, president; Mike Clark, vice president; Sarah Gobbs, secre- tary; and Tammy Purser, treasurer. Order of Omega, Row One: Tammy Purser, Karen Wood, Mike Clark, Sarah Cobbs. Row Two: Amy Brewster, Shari McMurtrie, Shelly James, Dana LaLuzerne, Kathleen Jameton. Row Three: Bill Schrauff, Laurie Boydstun, Stevilyn Miller, Ardyce Doty, Laura Brueggeman, Cheryl Zelbold, Debbie Bailey, Susan Stewart, Sheila Wagner. Row Four: Kelley Drenan Bell Rayne, Kathy Crane, Mike Boutis, Chris McClung, Craig Moritz, Rick Rogers, Sam Smith, Roger Rozell, Chris Mabe. Row Five: David Lang, Todd Utz, Eddie Shafer, Andrew Reder, Sam Mallow, Matt Brady, Todd Datchko, Paul Belauskas. 128 - Order of Omega Delta Sigma Theta Delta Sigma Theta, Row One: Tasha Gaines, Jacquelyn Powell, Rosalind Johnson. Not Pictured: Caroline Belcher, Embria Williams, Kimla Beasley, Shirley Riggans, Patsy Knowlton. Dn-nun Hell Sorority promotes excellence Delta Sigma Theta was founded in 1913 at Howard Uni- versity in Washington D.C.. Their purpose is to promote education, service and employment among its members. Officers for the 1986-87 school year were Tasha Gaines, president; Caroline Belcher, vice president; Embria Flores, secretary; and Rosalind Johnson, treasurer. Delta Sigma Theta ' s flower is the African violet, and their colors are crimson and cream. Service projects included giving Thanksgiving Baskets to needy families, helping with the Mental Health Mental Retardation organization, and supporting the Civil Black Organization Scholarship Fund. Delta Sigma Theta - 129 Alpha Chi Omega Ardyce Doty, president Laura Brueggemun, first vice president Brenda Long, second vice president Cathy Memell, third vice president Cari Quinn, treasurer Louise Melilli, warden Amy Brewster, rush chairman Kim Blissard, social chairman ana Rogers, activities chairman Laura Allen Marcy Asel Suzanne Basset! Michele Beadle Christine Benzon Robin Berry Larissu Biian Lisa BJevins Rhonda Bnhanan Teri Bowers Karen Boyett Kelly Bradley Patricia Brennan Angela Bright Trade Brooks Kuthy Brown Kuthy Brown Leslie Brumbaugh Karin Bryant Dontca Burt Kim Campo Laurie Conine fill Craig K ' nstme Curtis Dee Dickey acenda Doyie Ama Durham Sandy Falk Margaret Finley Debbie Flook Jennifer Cirouard Angela Graves Deborah Grisham Rhonda i iggins Anne Hughes Jana Jackson Shur on Jackson Julie jucoby Laura Kennell Dawn King Bridgette Kruson Jackie Larizza Laura Lively Fran Lovelace Leigh Lowe Joanne MacF.lroy Mary Moloney Liz Marting Beth Nelms Colleen Phillips Kathy Poe J ma Robinson Susan Schumacher Kristi Simmons Cindy Simpson ' fill Smder Julie Spanduu Sheri Stuhl Jana Steger enice Thornton Carolyn Torregrossu Mantzu Torres Laura Watson ■ 41 i 1 ; i Barbie Draper, corresponding secretary Cheryl McGall, recording secretary Kim Williamson, chaplain Lori Myrick, intramurals Laura Wail, head panheilenic ,4 130 - Alpha Chi Omega The Alpha Chi ' s unite under their sign showing where their future house will be. Purpose: to encourage the true spirit of sisterhood, to develop high moral and mental standards, and to advance the appreciation and practice of allied arts among its members. Events: Annual Alpha Chi Omega Golf Tournament in the Fall, fall formal in New Orleans; annu- al Homecoming Banquet for Alumnae, Na- tional Easter Seal Society, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. Colors: scarlet and olive green. Flower: red carnation. Awards: Ardyce Dory was chosen as 1986 Homecoming Queen, and Jina Robinson, Miss Freestone County, went to the Miss Texas Pageant. ;r«j; Patterson Alpha Chi Omega HI sis - big sis team of Maritza Torres and Beth Nelms are hanging out at their land. Alpha Chi Omega - 131 Alpha Tau Omega Kyle Moss, president Bill Stegu , vice president Mike Boutis, treasurer Chris Simpson, secretary Greg Arnold, sentine] Ray Winters, usher Scott Schulik, historian Kenny Durand. pledge trainer Rodney Anderson Mike AnnuJuvuge Brad Baker Brian Bennett Jack Blevins [r. bance Bobo David Brabham Tim Brudbeer Gregg Bruha Tom Brummett Chris Chevreuux Jeff Cox Mike Cox Jeff DeFord Scott DiNucci Scott Eldredge Gurrick Fischer Roger Gekiere Ryun amnion Matthew uckson Gary faynes Todd Kennedy fohn Luthrop Greg Mathis Gavin JVlcCurroll Duvid McCreary David McCuiiy V ' un McFarfand Mike McStay Richard Moitz, fr. T odd Montgomery Charles Moore Ronnie Nuromore Ed Nichols Tom Nourse Dwayne Pitlmon Jeff P uuimer Richard Richardson Brandon Robinson Roger Roy.ell Rodney Shoulders Keith Sfulb ack Twomey Scott Twomey Barry Williams Kevin Williums Shelly fames, sweetheart lolly Augsburger Robin Brady Kathy Brown 7 ' ami Codianne Robin Click Leslynn Greenville Deborah Grishutn l.uura Kennel Elke Lucey Jennifer Muhon Kel ey Ruyne Meredith Scott Dana Seaman Robin Sheppurd Shuwn Teer Kendel Terry 132 - Alpha Tau Omega Alpha Tau Omega Officers: Ray Winters, usher; Bill Schulik, historian; Chris Simpson, secretary; Kenny Durand, pledge trainer. Mike Boutis, treasurer; Kyle Moss, president; Bill Stegall, vice president; Purpose: to prepare young men for effective leadership careers during and after their college experience. Events: fall formal, Founders Day for Alumnae in the spring, Old Folks Olympics, and Vikings Feast in the spring. Colors: blue and gold Flower: white tea rose Keith Stulb, Mike Armalvage, Jack Twomey and Roger Rozell are sur- prised and delighted to pick up a new pledge. Alpha Tau Omega - 133 Chi Omega Sheila Wagner, president Stacey Termina. vice president Melissa Alien, secretary Gloria Lamb, treasurer Susan Weison. pledge trainer Tumi jellison, sergeunt-at-arms Laura Sopher, personnel Ann Armstrong Laurie Bizzell Joy Bruddock Robin Brady Gina Brewer una Brittain Nancy Bmussurd Lynley Bryce Misty Clurk Surah Cobbs Bluir Collier Camille Coulter Malissa Cox Gina Donnelly Deena Delay Penny DeWees Carey Dill Shannon Dreckshuge Janet Dunlup Lisa Durham Teresa Edwards Jams Elkins Rhonda Evans Andrea Ezell Ruchel Ferrara Anne Fields Keri Foret Amy Francis Patti Gaugh Lori Gilliland Robin Glick Glynis Grief Lisa Guice Wendy Herbstreet Valerie Hurst Audrey lvey Jenny Jeffrey Carole Jones Kelly Jo Krueger Kuthy Lum Sandi l.unu Jennifer Mahon Lisa Marino Cindy Mayo Shuri McMurtrie Dana McPhuil Stephanie Meyers Becky Mooneynum Shanna Closer Alex Navarro Amy Norris Polly Prater Keliey Rayne Leigh Ruyne Suzy Rhodes rioJJy Robinson Laura Rowlund Lisa Suntinoceto Shunnon Scott Dana Seaman Christine Searies Robin Sheppurd Sallie Sills Ann Smith Cindy Smith Joy Sofku Cindi Steptoe Susan Streeter Kendel 7 ' erry Lisa Till Michele Townsend Margaret Utsman Cindv Waisuth Amy Watts Janu Weatnerford Daivn Wheeler Mary White Tracy White Jennifer Whitley Danu Whitlock Dixie Wild Slaci Willet Shelli Williams Wendi Wilson Dee Wolfe Lauru Wolfe Duna Yeisley Kim Crawford, advisor Laurie Hurst, advisor Bobbie Ann Smith, advisor 134 - Chi Omega Chi Omega Beaus : Charles Young, Robbie Smith, Kert Surface, Roger Rozell, Todd Utz. Eric Ayles Purpose: throughout the history of Chi Omega, six great purposes have been stressed: friendship, high standards of personnel, sincere learning and creditable scholarship, participation in campus activities, vocational goals and social and civic service. Events: adopt an owl at the Lufkin Zoo, adopt a highway, Spring Elusinian Banquet honoring alumnae in which the national president of Chi Omega attended, fall and spring formals, treats for the faculty for Homecoming and finals. Colors: red and gold Flower: white carnation Awards: recognized for academic achievement from th e 1986 National Chi Omega Convention. Stacey Termina shows her Chi-O spirit shorts. Greg Patterson by wearing festive Chi Omega - 135 Delta Delta Delta Debbie Bailey, president Katy Pando. vice president Karen Swanson. social development Kim Smith, social events Michele Childs, treasurer Nancy Murphy, pledge trainer Beth Eastman, scholarship Patsy Acree, chaplain Anmarie Alfano Stephanie Anderson Melissa Atkinson Laura Baker Leslie Baker Jennifer Bates Rhonda Black Sherry Black Katy Bouffard Kerri Briggs Bridget Brinckerhoff K ' risfa Brown Lisa Brown Melinda Burgess Tami Codianne Deborah Coleman Lon Corbm Amy Davison Jodie DeWitt G.G. Denham Sally Dunn lennifer Elrod Paige Everett Cindy Ewing Missy Eazekas Jennie Franks Kimberiy Gibson Susan Goolsby Johanna Graves Belinda Harvey Karen Henley Tracy Hughes Lon Hurley Mary Huron Georgette Jacob Shelly |ames Dina Johnson Elke Lacey Suzanne Lavella Lindi Lochridge Molly McGregor Destiny McMahah Jodi Meredith Deanna Miles Judy Mitchell Laura Moore Tracey Morris Ellen Murph Cheryl Nelson Jennifer Newlon Andrea Gates Debbie Olson Melissa Osborne Kelly Parker Ellen Pawloski Suzy Pearson Lori Roberts Meredith Scott Shelly Scott Allison Spraggins Mara Stefan Marchell Stefan Vicki Steffen Susan Stewart Anita Suitf Elizabeth Tullal Diane Taylor Amy Todd Meredith Todd Carroll Tomlinson Tami Tooke Deidre Treadwell 136 - Delta Delta Delta AAA Past, present and future Tri Delts dedicate land for future home on sorority row. Purpose: Tri Delta is a social sorority that promotes sisterhood and friendship. Tri Delta is based on Christian ideals and stresses high scholarship. Events: Founders Day - Thanksgiving Eve, Parents ' Day, Pansy Breakfast in May for graduating seniors, fall formal, and in the spring - Stars and Crescent Ball. Colors: silver, gold and blue. Flower: pansy. Awards: highest active, pledge and chapter GPA among the sororities. Tri Delts celebrate after winning a volleyball match. Jane Harlsch Delta Delta Delta - 137 Delta Sigma Phi Gerald Carlton, president Shane Sheffield, vice president Frank Baker, treasurer Malt McNally, corresponding secretary Dennis Walton, recording secretary Hex EngJehurdt, sergeant-u(-arms Gary Workman, advisor Richard Anderson Eric Avles Will Beaty Mitch Brown Phil Carrelt Gary Cox Phil Cox Gary Crow William Czajkowski James Davis Michael Day Mark Evans Rob Faulkenberry Sam Foose Wesiey Garland flusse Gates Bob Goivdy Patrick Holladay Alan Hughes Royce Hughes Walter Hunt Micheal feffery Craig ' ' . ones Bruce Kubena Clanton Lynch Cary McMahon Dean Melton John Meyers Christopher Peet Allan Preddy John flabon David Schaffer Jacob Snort Barron Smith Russei Staniey David Trotta David Walker Kevin Walker Darrell Wood Kevin Zefdemoyer Lisa Albright Gyna Brown Melanie Burton Debbie Christy Laurie Ezell Judy Fratus Patli Gaugh Kathi Jameton Terri Kay Johnson Bridgette Krason Lisa Lake Angela Mancuso Chery] McCall Kristi Moore Sharon Seago Jenice Thornton Toni D. VentimigiJia Rhonda Kaye Walker 138 - Delta Sigma Phi Delta Sigma Phi pledges Row One: Mr. Pweddy, Blinky. Row Two: Mugsey, Bucky, Little Eep, Rowdy. Row Three: Mr. Whippel, Spider. Purpose: to promote friendship and the opportunity to reach higher endeavors through engineered leadership, in which a member has every op- portunity for advancement within the fraternity. Events: Bunny Night in March benefitting the March of Dimes, Sawyer Tea at Homecoming, spring and fall formals, and football, softball and basketball tournaments. Colors: nile green and carnation white. Flower: white carnation Awards: national recognition for March of Dimes con- tributor, active of the year - Dean Melton. First local and national fraternity on campus - Sawyers. Eric Ayles Delta Sigma Phi - Sawyers backs the Jacks. Delta Sigma Phi - 139 140 • Delta Tau Delta Charter members of Delta Tau Delta gather to display their new chapter pride. Purpose: Delta Tau Delta believes growth in the fraternity not only through social involvement, but through academic achievement as well. Events: became a charter member of Delta Tau Delta fraternity on November 15, 1986, after one year of colonization, fall and spring formals, Founding Father ' s Day on September 23, 1986, and a function with the Delts of Sam Houston State University. Colors: purple, white and gold Flower: purple iris Awards: Duke Bond, president of Student Government Association; Brian Welch, vice president of SGA; highest overall GPA for fraternities in Spring Semester 1986; Drenun Bell Charter member Mike Feigal passes leadership on to President Brian Welch. Delta Tau Delta - 141 Delta Zeta Lisa Albright, president Kuthi Jumeton. pledge educator Michelle Sheldnck, rush chuirmun Stevilyn Miller, treasurer Letitia Stratton, recording secretary Dana LaLuzerne, corresponding secretary Dr. Louise Bingham, chapter udvisor Anna Adornetto Susie Adornetto ucquie fibers Lisa Barbour Stephanie Barfield Jennifer Bartlett Shelly Buuman Cathy Becker Mary Befan Susanne Boatman Laurie Boydstun fill Browder Sue Currotle Amy Charba Paul Clark Tracene Cox Valerie Crowley Becky Da fas Curia Dawson Deanne Dodson Stephanie Eaton Kristy Eubanks Kirsten Fink Tara Francis ]udy Fratus ]udy Frohme Gino George Kim GoodfeJ ovv Ian Hancock Gina llanna Carolyn ifargis Gwen Harris Marianne Mickey Kecia i o man Jill Huher Kathy Jacko Cara Johnson anis Johnson Sally Jordan Lisa Koehler Kim Luphum Ann Luunikitis Tish Locascio Lisa Loverdi Lisa Mumot Nina McCarty Shelly McComic Kuthy McDonald Kim McGinnis Leigh McLemore Michele Millinglon Carlo Moore Michelle Moore Angie Morgan Lili Nodarse Shannon Nolley Shondu O ' Brien Tracy Owen ana Parker Sherry Purcell Honda Hemu Lorie Roesel Carol fiogge Kristen Samoff Dora Schmidt Julie Scott loAnna Semunder Maria Semander Leslie Sims Kristi Skinner Kelly Smolka Ann Stettbacher Cindy Stevens Linda Swieca Susan Tansey Debie T ' oler Shern Wakelund Becky Whatley Carey Wiggins Cathy Lynn Wilson Karen Wood 142 - Delta Zeta Eric Ayies Lambda Chi Officers Row One: Tim Campbell, Richard Yonker, Dean j onn Yonker, Tim Richardson. Tuel.David Newman, Fred Cludius. Row Two: Richard Fowler, Rod Marx, Purpose: dedicated to building men - intellectually, spiritually, socially, morally, and physically, and believing that that dedication to building and challenging each other enables Lambda Chi to attain success, both as individuals and as a fraternity. Events: Homecoming, Greek Week, intramurals and IFC. Colors: green, gold and purple. Awards: Grand Champions in the Float Competition of the 1986 Homecoming parade. Gavin Edwards, Arlington sophmore (right), rushes Donnie Annis, Waxahachie freshman, during a Lambda Chi rush party. Lambda Chi Alpha • 147 Phi Delta Theta Murk ilollingsworth. president fim Cullinan. vice president Charles Leslie, treasurer Angelo DeGeorge, secretary eff Wagner, pledge trainer Robert Logon, warden Trey Book Philip Brakebi i Myke Coody ferry Davis ' Trenton Davis Dee Dutton Doug Farrar Bruce Friedmun Tom Gary Hobert Goodwin Scott Gordon Matthew Hay Andy Hillyer Todd Howard Rob llumberg Chuck fournee Darrel Kalbilz Gerry Krammer Paul Kelly Lee Kemick eff Kershaw David Key Dan Knight Rick Koehler Scott MacDowell eff Maxwell eff McAfee Kelly McCuilough Kevin McCuilough Craig Moritz ay Morns lohn Nelson Rick Overguard Larry Pittman Mike Poe Todd Pownall Steve Prime Scot! Pruitt Silly Reed Gerald Rich II Rick Rogers Richard Roth Todd Russell Lane Simmons Thomas Slack Mark Smith John Sullivan Jim Trainor Charlie Vana ohn Waedekin Glenn Wallace Todd Wallace Marlin Willesen Brent Wiltshire Greg Patterson Myke Coody and Todd Pownall discuss what ' s growing out of Todd ' s head. 148 - Phi Delta Theta Phi D elta little sisters Row One: Rebecca Meads, Annemarie Alfano. Three: Lori Corbin, Marchell Stefan, Leslie Cluck, Bev Nalley, Kelly Stephanie Drew, Suzy Pearson, Ronda Bragg. Row Two: Martha Fussell. Quick, Mickie Huber, Amanda Tutt, Jennifer Martin. Amy Bonner, Susan Brown, Jennifer Bates, Libby Wyatl, Sheri Stahl. Row Purpose: to work together with a group of men who are not only called brothers, but also friends. Events: fifteenth annual spaghetti dinner in October, spring and fall formals, third annual football run from one college to another with pro- ceeds going to charity, alumni weekends. Colors: blue and white. Flower: white carnation. Awards: most improved chapter award by national headquarters; Sean Guerre - interfraternity council president. The Dry Look - this is how Lee Kemick and Gerry Kammer looked before Lee paid Gerry $40 to dive into the indoor swimming pool at Ramada Inn during Homecoming. Phi Delta Theta - 149 Pi Kappa Alpha Greg Bryan, president Les Terrill, vice president Trucey Carpenter, secretary Mike Schlossberg, treasurer Randy Johnson, rush chairman David Campbell, advisor Clyde Adams Steve Adkisson Waller Barclay David Bates Robert Brenner Paul Brown f.B. Brunet Kyle Barch Fronkie Lee Burns David Burt Gary Scott Burton Scott Butler Gil Carter John Coppock Ed Ferguson Kelly Gaines Chris Crammer Greg Hayes Doug Mocker Dean Hopkins Derrick Hunt Peter Jones Bill Kallaher Brannon King Brian K ' lrk Greg Kazakh Charles Long Kyle McCasland Van McKnight Glen McLaren Johnnie Merchant Gary Miller Richmond Miller lan Mills Bruce Richardson BradJey Rock Rob Si vestri Charles Slaughter Jeff Smith Shawn Smith Willard Templeman Rundv Truax Todd VVagstuff Paul Walker Brent Warr Joel Watson Jay Webb Sharia Bowling Annetta Bruns Stacey Christensen Misty Clark Shannon Dreckshage Jennifer Elrod Robin Goodwin Lisa Koehler Piya Martensen Laura Meeks Louise Melilli Heather Moore Angie Morgan Jana Parker Letittu Stratton Tracy Sutton 150 - Pi Kappa Alpha Pikes ' Go Hawaiian ' al their South Pacific rush party. Drtrnun Bell Purpose: the fraternity strives to build character and leadership, as well as help young men obtain higher education. Events: world class heavyweight wrestling tourna- ment, Pi Kappa Alpha annual softball tourna- ment in March, fall flag football tournament, March of Dimes Walk-a-thon, two can dance, formal in New Orleans. Colors: garnet and gold Flower: lilly of the valley Awards: Dr. Gary Henry Award for scholarship to the outstanding member in chapter based on scholarship and involvement. Laura Meeks - Pi Kappa Dream Girl Pi Kappa Alpha - 151 Sigma Chi David Lang, president Chris Goeters, vice president Paul Ortiz, treasurer Paul Shroyer, pledge trainer Phil Applegale. secretary Richard Schlette, social chairman Andy Shipp, rush chairman John Belcher Scott Bell David Brossette Andrew Burch Mike Claborn Don Copeland Todd Datchko Scott Deffebach Danny Denney Steve Dillard Ken Echols Steve Fales Doug Flake Adam Fox Kevin Gabriel Doug Gellatly Roy Graff Bobby Hall uan Horns ohn Hauber Richard Herrington Daniel Flicks Grant Hildebrand Steve Hill Kevin J lopper Thor Hoppess Bob Jacobs David Jones Tom Kelly Doug Kohn Pete Lang John Leonard Grant McFall Rick Mcllvoy Phil Meyers Chris Michael John Montgomery Ron Montgomery Sieve Moore Tommy Moore Doug Neil Nilton Orren Kevin O ' Shea Mike Parker Dimitry Puyavla Frunk Precht Nathan Reese Sieve Roberts Steve Ross Brent Rotto Brian RusseM Kent Schaumburg Bill Schrauff Wade Simon Mark Sims John Stacy John Stewart Bill Stroud Brett Sudduth Victor Tannous Mike Thome Edward Trietsch Greg WenzeJ Laurie Boyston, sweetheart Putsy Acree Mary Beian Debbie Coieman Durlu Daniefs Julie Jacoby Dana LuLuzerne Kelly Lind Beth Ann Murphy Cathy Murphy Shonda O ' Brien Kathy Poe Rhonda Shurtleff Knsfi Skinner Michelle Stapleton Ann Stettbacher Bnnny Tarpey Deidre Treudwell 152 - Sigma Chi Drenan Bell Sigma Chi Executive Officers, Row One.Chris Goeters, vice president; Da- member at large; Paul Ortiz, treasurer; Andy Shipp, rush chairman; Paul vid Lang, president; Phil Applegate, secretary. Row Two: Steve Fales, Shroyer, pledge trainer; Richard Schlette, social chairman. Purpose: Events: Colors: Flower: Sigma Chi creates unity of purpose in people with different backgrounds, teaching lessons of group interaction, cooperative harmony with others, and developing and promoting high ideals. Derby Week; Spring Sweetheart Formal in New Orleans. blue and old gold. white carnation. Awards: outstanding chapter award. Janet Bartsch Sigma Chi ' s give their support for the Cleo Wallace Center for Children during Derby Week. Sigma Chi - 153 Sigma Kappa Palsy McMillian, president Julie Glover, first vice president Kris McConkey, second vice president Melanie Marsh, third vice president Tracy Catlin, finirth vice president Jamie Waits, recording secretary ' (iiii Tannert, panhellnic Janet Walton, treasurer Sherry Adams Holly timber Liz Canning Holly Carpenter Kristin Cutaland Gayla Clayton Doreen Cox Kim Dunn Sheryl Kdelstien Melissa Crimes Leslie I alley Mary Hand Imurlotte Henke Kim Kenyon Marti Kelly Mary Listi Patty Marino Sheri Martin Susan Mmtan Kim Necessary Melody Richter Rebecca Robinson Sharla Buggies Kim Snaiv Christina Sikes Jeanette Smith Demse Trahan Sigma Kappa Homecoming Duchess Patti Tannert ;rt;g Pultcrson 154 - Sigma Kappa Sigma Kappa house shows East Texas charm. Purpose: to represent a strong bond of sisterhood among college women and to strive for indivi- duality, honesty, courage, scholarship and leadership. Events: Founders day, sexy legs contest, fall and spring formals, and rush parties. Colors: maroon and lavendar. Flowers: violet. Awards: 1986 KA Fight Night Pillow Champs and Marion Frutigue Sisterhood Award. Eric Ayles Molly Merchant helps prepare decorations for a Sigma Kappa party. Sigma Kappa - 155 Sigma Tau Gamma Danny Harrison, president Brad Dwight, vice president Eddie Shafer. vice president manugement Kevin Weary, vice president education immy Otto, secretary ohnny Adamo Michael Adamo Micheul Adams Andy Aiexander Steve Aiexander Tim Ballard Mike Barrett Matt Brady Richard Briggs on Bush Chris Cabianca Brad Carrington Bryan Cumby eff Dawson Nick Delia Pennu Drew Dickinson Rodney Ellis Chris Evans Don Frosier Christian French Steve Gibson Carl Hensch Kenny Hilton Kevin Hood Dale Hooks Phillip Howard Tommy Hudson Kirk Hunter Peter Hurt Steve Jackson Mark enison Randy ohnson Chris ones David Keener Scott I.aBuume Darron EaChausse David Eurza Karl Leslie Eogan Lewellen Ricky Eomha John Lucio Peter Mack Sam Mallow Kevin Matter Marcus McCarthy Chris McClung Mike McGinnis Brendon McKeon Bobbv Melton jim Nechumkin Sam Nechamkin eff Nolen Briun O ' Neill Paul Paniagua Glenn Parker Shayne Patterson Patrick PurceU esse Z. Ramirez Richard Robinson Greg Robison Kelly Roddy- David Rosenquist I ' res Rouquette Kurt Schroeder David Schwarz Keith Seibel lias Shaver Gary Sibley Rusty Skinner Roger Smith Sam Smith Chuck Spinks Keith Staples Steve Sweeney Tim Taylor Dell 7 ' ho npson Grant Watts Chris Wells Wayne Woodall Robert E. Wright. 11 Ginu Morden, white rose Melissa Allen Eynley Bryce Kim Campo Sarah Cobbs Rachel Verrara Dawn King Ann Eaunikitis Kim McGinnis Cathy Merriell Dougla 156 - Sigma Tau Gamma Surah Milnor Alex Navarro DeLynn Page Holly Robinson Susan Senter Leslie Sims hilie Spum uu Bebe Slroiv l. sc. Till 77; S g Tau house stands stately on Mound Street. Purpose: to strive for excellence in areas of academics, athletics, and overall campus and community activities. Events: white rose formal in spring, Christmas formal, Homecoming banquet and dance, adopt-a- highway, national grand chapter meetings, nursing home visitations. Colors: blue, white and grey. Flower: white rose. Awards: Greg Robison as 1986 Homecoming King, Greek Week Champions for 1986, national fraternity Stan Musial Award for Outstanding Athlete - Chris Jones, runner up for McCune Award - best chapter award, sponsors for bringing Texas Senator Phil Gramm to SFA to speak. ADOPT A HIGHWAY LITTER CONTROL NEXT 2 MILES SIGMA TAU GAMMA FRATERNITY 4 Sigma Tau Gamma shows that community service goes beyond the city limits. Sigma Tau Gamma - 157 Tau Kappa Epsilon Doug Kerley, president John Pfister. vice president Chuck Sullivan, rush chairman Jeff Samford. secretary Paul Atkinson, historian John Fredrick, pledge trainer Phillip Baird Tim Bates John Bettis Kevin Beyer Toby Bogardus John Bourbanrois Sandy Boynton Eric Brown Kevin Brown Car] Byers jay Conley Steve Cos Gary Decet Keith Eland Shawn Eubanks Dan Finnegan John Gorman Gary Granger Kevan Harris Norman ilolmburg Clark Holzhauser Steve Horrocks Red Husum Micheal Junot Perry Little Harold Lang Chris Marshall Kirk Martinez Michael Mazerolle Shannon McDowell Dan McGlaughiin Murray McMeechan Patrick Morgan Mike Heed Steve Seidensticker Craig Simmons Shawn Staton Brian Stephenson Gary Theobald Greg Thornton Cindy Waisath, sweetheart Ami Anderson Rhonda Baird Beckett Baker Andrea Burton Mary Campana Lita Everett Andrea Ezell Elaine Favorito Tammy Finn Ciie Floyd Cathy Henley Sherri Johnson Bethelyn Kepke Julie Klammer Keely Laird Patsy McMillan Sharon Mussiewhite Giulia Ostera Monica Paschall Cindy Ramirez Stacy Rushing Jana Simpson 158 - Tau Kappa Epsilon TKE little sister Cindy Waisath proves that all the hard work really pays off. Purpose: to strive for brotherhood, scholastic achieve- ment, individually and strong community service. Events: spring softball tournament, Greek Fall Festi- val, formals. Colors: red and gray. Flower: red carnation. Drt-min lit ' ) The SGA Food Drive was greatly enhanced by TKE involvement. Tau Kappa Epsilon - 159 Theta Chi Christopher Mube, president Robbie Smith, vice president Anthony Campise, treasurer Todd Utz, secretory Nathan Chiara. pledge marshal! Mike Bebczuk Paui Beiauskas Andrew Boujfard David Childers Kevin Cristadoro Jim my Crow (limes Damon Paul Davis Troy Ducate Barry Ernest Marc Kvans John Kaught ay Freeman Creg Garner Robert Gehr ng Steve Hammock Dan Hunruhun Keith Hayes eff licks Bruce Ireland Simon ones Scott Knight Don Lotspelch Rob Mason Mike McGinn Mark Mcintosh Tracy Melton Rick Miller Mark Monroe Chris Marullo Scott Naughton Robert Nelms Paul Oppermann Ron Puinter Thomas Philips Roger Pollex Tom Porcarello Tim Raglin Bart Reese Randy Reinhurdt Dale Rider eff Rosondich Michael Seitter Carl Speyrer David Steely Steve Stewart Brian Sullivan I eff Summers Mc Weber Lance Wolf 7 ' odd Womble Matt Youngblood Susan Stewart, sweetheart The well groomed look of Theta Chi is displayed by the chapter house. Eric Ayles 160 - Theta Chi 0X Theta Chi little sisters Row One: Brenda Long, Susan Stewart, Heather beth Tallal, Laura Brueggeman, Nancy Ralston, Todd Utz, Kirby Porter, Thorton. Row Two: Destiny McMahn, Kirsten Fink, Kim Blissard, Katy Stephanie Anderson, Lucy Button. Bouffard, Mara Stephen, Lisa Gregory, Johanna Graves.Row Three: Eliza- Purpose: to help the young man mature and develop as he prepares to take on his role as an inde- pendent, self-sufficient adult. This develop- ment includes academic achievements along with an active enjoyable social atmosphere. Events: canned food drive, cannon pull for Nacogdoches Treatment Center, alumni weekend, red and white formal in May; softball tournament in February. Colors: red and white. Flower: red carnation Grfg Patterson The candid Robbie Smith and Todd Womble pose for washer throwing at the Theta Chi house. Theta Chi - 161 Zeta Tau Alpha Kuthy Crane, president Kim Pate, first vice president Julie Johnson, pledge trainer, Kirby Porter, secretary Cheryl Zebokl, treasurer Linda Garza, historian Stacy Harrison, ritual chairman Cherie McCormack. head punhellmc Melissa Albrecht Diane Andrews Karen Autrey Julie Baker Laura Buron Martha Batsche Dovie Biggerstuff Lea Brunnon Tracy Brown Shelly Collier Malta Cornett Amy De Rienzo Katherine Deboalt Lisa Detmar Karen Dickerson Marti Dodds Dina Duncan Lisa Kmmitte Amanda Evans Dianne Fears Lisa Cre ory Anne Hamilton Micki liurper Cheryl Hellmann Heather Hooks Beth Hosteller Jill jasper Karen Johnson Andrea Kirby Jill Lehigh Jeannette Lewis Toni Martmo Laura Masters Shannon Mayo Pamela McElraft Melissa Mcintosh Rebecca Meads Kari Minx Gina Montalhund Mary Ostermaier Tumara Payne Sandra Presfridge Tammy Purser Nancv Ralston Julie Runey Jennifer Rash Kristen Schroeder Sara Smith Lisa Sodek Kristin Steele Susan Stroud Sheri Surruft Kuthryn Swann Bonny Tarpey Angela Thomas Melynda Thorton Lisa Togneri Pally fubb Kimberly Van Horn Karen Vaughan ' J ' amaru Wagner Nancie Whitehead Francis Williams Julie Williams Risu Williams Leslie Wilson Lori Wilson Molly Womack Debbie ZeboJd Shan Ann ' Aerkle Julie Ziegler Roger McKnighf, beuu 162 - Zeta Tau Alpha Kric AyJes Zeta Big Brothers Row One: Hank Sterner, Chris Christensen, Tony Johnson. Row Three: Mark Baumgartner, Eddie Shafer, Robbie LaGow. Loverdi, Lisa Detman. Row Two: Paul Hunter, Paul Shroyer, Carl Row Four: Roger McKnight, Rory Stebner, Philip Applegate. Purpose: to promote individualism, build lasting friend- ships that will last beyond the college years, and serve as a cooperative, active part of the University. Events: parents weekend in the fall, ten year reunion in the spring, adopt-a-highway program, white violet dance, and the crown ball. Colors: turquoise blue and steel gray. Flower: white violet Zeta Tau Alpha - 163 165 Jacks win " home " opener Coming off their first victory over Alcorn State, 28-14, the Lumberjacks returned to Nacogdoches for the home opener. The Lumberjacks won with an impressive 46-14 victory over Prairie View A M University. The 1986-87 home opener for the Lumberjacks was played at Dragon Stadium at Nacogdoches High School instead of Lumberjack Stadium, now renamed Homer Bryce Stadium. The change of venue was due to the in- stallation of a new track and drainage system in the stadium. In the season opener against Alcorn State, Andrew Ray was the leading rusher for SFA with 87 yards on 13 carries. Melvin Patterson was the leading receiver with three catches for 30 yards. In the home opener for the Lumberjacks against Prairie View A M, Andrew Ray rushed for 165 yards on 14 carries and had two touchdowns. Michael Horace had six carries including a touchdown run. SFA Head Coach Jim Hess, the winningest active college coach in the state of Texas, began his fifth season with the Lumberjack football program. On Parents Day, September 27, con- struction on Homer Bryce Stadium was nearly completed for the Jacks ' game against Lamar University. With two impressive victories to begin the 1986-87 season, the Jacks seemed ready to take on the Southland Con- ference as of September 1, 1987. SFA continued to compete in the Gulf Star Conference for the 1986-87 athletic season. An intense SFA fan, in Jim McMahon attire, awaits the referee ' s signal. Greg Patterson John Barbe, Center senior, has things well in hand as he stops a Prairie View player from gaining Andrew Ray, Houston senior, makes a successful yardage. attempt at sneaking through the Prairie View defense. 166 - Lumberjack football ;reg Patterson Greg Patterson Jim Carlton, Dallas sophomore, discusses a strategic play with Coach Drake W illiams, Lakewood, California senior, makes a triumphant catch Graves. in mid-air. Lumberjack football - 167 SFA Lumberjack Football Bart Fox, Lake Charles, Louisiana senior, Emil Slovacek, Ennis senior, Bruce Alexander, Lufkin sophomore, and Bobby Henry, Pittsburg sopho- and Ed Montanye, Houston senior, wait on the sideline until they are more, strut off the field after a triumphant play, called in for action. 168 - Football Janet Bartsch The SFA Football Team gets fired up before the Homecoming game against Nicholls State University. Football Lumberjacks end season on a winning note The 1986-87 Lumberjack Football Team finished the season with an overall record of 5-6. In Gulf Star Conference play the team was 1-3. In the season finale, Homer Bryce Stadium was under a heavy fog; however, the team did not allow the fog to inhibit their playing. After los- ing six games in a row, the Lumber- jacks defeated Northwestern State 28- 14. The win allowed the Jacks to keep Chief Caddo. This tradition of award- ing Chief Caddo, the 7 foot 6 inch statue, to the winner of the SFA vs. Northwestern game has been going on since 1961. The Northwestern Demons led the game 6-0 until the last five minutes of the first half when Bobby Henry, Pittsburg senior, scored a touchdown. Within seconds, Malcolm Lacy, Houston senior ran 33 yards for a touchdown. Entering the second half the Jacks led 14-6. SFA quarterback, Todd Whitten, Dallas senior, scored the next two touchdowns for the Jacks. Then Northwestern scored after picking off a pass from Todd Whitten. The Jacks maintained a 28-14 lead, which closed the 1986 Lumberjack football season. Jeff Jackson, Sherman freshman, and Buddy Blair, Midlothian senior, head for the locker room after a strenuous first half against North- western State. (Jri ' H Patterson Malcolm Lacy, Houston senior, uses all of his strength to stop the Sam Houston offense. 170 - Football Nicholls State hinders dreams The Lumberjacks played Nicholls State University for the Homecoming game in front of an estimated crowd of 15,000. The game was the opener of the Gulf Star Conference. After a scoreless first quarter, Nicholls State took the lead when the Colonels ' punt bounced off Pat Powdrill, SFA freshman punt returner, and Nicholls State recovered it for a touchdown. Entering into second half action, the Colonels were ahead of the Jacks 7-0. Early in the third quarter, the Jacks tied up the game with a 18-yard run by Todd Whitten, Dallas senior. In the fourth quarter, SFA gained the lead when Richard Graves, Brazoswood freshman kicked a 27-yard field goal. On NSU ' s next possession, they scored another touchdown. SFA was unable to score in the remaining six minutes, which resulted in a 14-10 loss for the Jacks. This game marked the second loss of the season. Overall, the Jacks had a 4-2 record, and were 0-1 in confer- ence play. Andrew Ray, Houston senior, hesitates for a moment to avoid oncoming defensive players. John Barbe, Center senior, looks on in wonder as he receives medical attention for his leg. anel Bartsch Watching every play intensely, Coach Jim Hess looks onto the field. 172 - Football While practicing before the game, Jim Bush, Houston sophomore, makes a Michael Horace, Groveton sophomore, attempts to slip by several Nicholls fingertip catch. State defensive players. Football - 173 Ladyjacks under new direction The 1986-87 Ladyjack Volleyball Team began the season with a change: they were under the direction of a new graduate assistant head coach, John Leonard. This was Leonard ' s first coaching position The Ladyjacks had two letterwinners returning from last year ' s squad. Returning were junior, Nancy Bogart from Arlington and sophomore, Tricia Flanegin from Houston. Six freshmen joined the team, and a former Ladyjack basket- ball player, Rosalind Johnson, a senior from Houston. The 1986-87 Ladyjack team members were: Nancy Bogart, Arling- ton junior; Jennifer Fritsche, Houston freshman; Kerry Kobza, Katy fresh- man; Kim Martin, San Antonio fresh- man; Tami Weisner, Marshall fresh- man; Carla Riggins, Breckenridge freshman; and Rosalind Johnson, Houston senior. The Ladyjacks won their home opener against Pan American, with the support of over 200 fans. The team was lead by Kerry Kobza and Tricia Flanegin with seven kills each.The team consisted of two re- turning players and four starting freshman. " We are probably one of the only Division 1 teams that has four freshman starting, " Leonard said. As well as being a coach and a lead- er, Leonard also works out with the team. " We are looking to improve confidence through practice, " he said. The games were played with a great deal of team effort. " It is going to take some time, but when we do start playing as a team, we could cause trouble for our com- petition, " said Coach Leonard. Drenon Bell The Ladyjack Volleyball Team, Row 1: Jennifer Fritsche. Tricia Flanegin, Nancy Bogart, Carla Riggins, Tami Weisner, Row 2: Coach John Leonard, Kim Martin, Kerry Kobza, Rosalind Johnson, Robin Johnson, Cheri Burns. 174 - Volleyball Volleyball - a 75 Ladyjack volleyball Jennifer Fritsche, Houston freshman, prepares to serve an ace in conference play. Rosalind Johnson, Houston senior, spikes a possible " kill " shot. Jeff Manley 176 - Volleyball Jeff MunJey Kim Martin, San Antonio freshman, demon- strates her abilities in serving the ball. While preventing a point from being scored, Kerry Kobza, Katy freshman dives for the ball. Jeff Manley Nancy Bogart, Arlington junior, concentrates intensely on the ball as she prepares to hit it. Volleyball - 177 Growing towards success The Lumberjack Golf Team exper- ienced a change this year. After years of competing in Division II, the team now competes in Division I play. The Lumberjacks will be competing with other teams from other schools such as the University of Texas, Oklahoma State University, University of California, and Brigham Young University. Coach Clyde Alexander began his fifth year of coaching the Lumberjack Golf Team this year. This year ' s team consisted of seven returning players, four of which lettered last year. " The team is young and misses the leader- ship from two seniors from last year ' s team who have graduated, " said Coach Alexander. In the fall season the Lumberjacks competed in several tournaments. The team finished the Sam Rayburn Tour- nament in sixth place. They also fin- ished sixth in the Northeast Louisiana Tournament. In the Elkins Tourna- ment, the team finished fourth. Five of the top players in the fall season were Kip Watkins, Corsicana sopho- more, Jeff Hudson, Houston senior, David McMichael, Galena Park ju- nior, Joe Whittlesey, San Augustine sophomore, and Wes Little, San Au- gustine sophomore. Comi ng off an unsuccessful fall sea- son, Coach Alexander and the team entered the spring season with higher expectations. This fall the team did not play as well as they are capable of playing. " They lacked consistency as a team, " said Coach Alexander, " and as they play together more and begin to get a feel for how they play individually as well as a team, I will expect more consistency. " The team is young but strong. They need a chance to grow and develop their skills and reach their potential as an individual and as a team, Coach Alexander said. Greg Patterson The 1986-87 Lumberjack Golf Team. Row 1: Bret Barclay, Jeff Hudson, Wes Little, Tek Osborn, Joe Whittlesey. Kip Watkins. Row 2: John Kvale. Alan George, Mark Dzwilewski, Mike Souders, Chad Fry, David. McMichael, Head Coach Clyde Alexander. 178 - Golf After reading the green. Mike Souders, Richardson junior, follows through in his attempt for a birdie. Golf - 179 Golf Greg Puth ' rson Jeff Hudson, Houston senior, demonstrates his ability as he follows through on his shot. 180 - Golf Bret Barclay. LaPorte senior, displays his determination in making the Awaiting the outcome of his shot, Kip Watkins, Corsicana sophomore, shot. looks on to the green. Golf - 181 New division leads to competition The 1986-87 Lumberjack basketball season marked the first year of com- petition at the NCAA Division I level. This season also marked an end to Gulf Star Conference action. Begin- ning in the 1987-88 season, the team will become a member of the South- land Conference. Harry Miller began his ninth year as head coach for the Lumberjacks. In his eight years at SFA his record stands at 138-86 for a winning percentage of 61.6. In the 1985-86 sea- son, Coach Miller became only the 43rd college head coach in the history of intercollegiate basketball to post 500 or more victories in a career. Coach Miller guided the team to a 22- 5 overall record and a second place finish in the Gulf Star Conference. This year ' s squad was in better shape to start with than last year ' s team. Three starters returned in guards Robert Clark, Dallas senior, and Eric Rhodes, Beaumont junior, and forward Kevin Hurley, Diboll senior. Four lettermen returned in center Mark Arnold, Katy sophomore, guard Scott Dimak, Metaire, Louisiana sophomore, forward Clarence King, Houston sophomore, and guard forward Kerry Mcllroy, Garland senior. Coach Miller felt that this year ' s squad was just as good as last year ' s but felt the results might be different. " We are playing the most difficult schedule in the history of the school, " Miller stated. This was the first year for the team to compete at the Divi- sion I level which means that 26 out of 28 games were against Division I opponents. The SFA Lumberjacks opened the 1986-87 season defeating St. Edward ' s University 70-67. The Jacks overall record was 9-6 before entering Gulf Star Conference action. The Jacks entered Gulf Star Conference action with an opening game victory against Northwestern State University, 69-62. After the first three conference games, Eric Rhodes, Beaumont junior, was the nation ' s leader in three-point shooting percentages. Greg Pullerson The 1986-87 Lumberjack Basketball Team, Row 1: Eric Rhodes, Robert Clark, Calvin Greene, Kenneth Willingham, Scott Dimak, Row 2: Scott Nevill, Daniel Koenigs, Kevin Hurley, Joe Lauritsen, Clarence King, Jeff Williams, Mark Arnold, Kerry Mcllroy. 182 - Basketball Greg Patterson ]anel liurlsch While being blocked by a defensive player, Clarence King, Houston sopho- Demonstrating his ball handling abilities, Robert Clark, Dallas senior, more, attempts to make a shot. takes the ball downcourt. Janrl liurtsch Clarence King, Houston sophomore, attempts to score while avoiding his opponents. Basketball - 183 Lumberjack Basketball Janet Harlsch Demonstrating his ball handling techniques, Eric Rhodes, Beaumont ju- nior, attempts to avoid his opponent. Greg Patterson Kenneth Willingham, Dallas sophomore, keeps a Northwestern opponent off balance while looking to set up an offensive play. Pal Springfield Despite the opponent guarding him, Kenneth Willingham, Dallas sopho- more, drives hard to the hoop. 184 - Basketball Basketball - 185 ■ Lumberjack Basketball While being guarded, Kevin Hurley, Diboll senior, attempts to make two points for the Jacks. 186 - Basketball Greg Pallerson Scott Dimak, DeRidder, Louisiana freshman, demonstrates his abilities by throwing down a slam dunk. funel Barlsch Eric Rhodes, Beaumont junior, displays his nation-leading talent for shooting the three pointer. On their way back The 1986-87 Ladyjack Basketball Team began the season with four starters returning. The team also con- sisted of nine letterwinners led by the Gulf Star Conference ' s Player of the Year, Antoinette Norris, Wichita, Kan- sas junior. At the beginning of the season, the Stephen F. Austin Ladyjacks were the pre-season favor- ite to capture the Gulf Star Confer- ence crown. Gary Blair entered his second sea- son as the Ladyjacks head coach. Candi Harvey entered her third year as the Ladyjacks assistant coach. In the 1985-86 basketball season, Coach Blair guided the SFA Ladyjacks to a 16-12 overall record and a 7-3 record in Gulf Star Conference action. The Ladies finished one game back of the league champion, Northwestern State University. The Ladyjacks home season opener resulted in a victory for the Ladies as they beat McNeese State 85-64. Mozell Brooks, San Augustine junior, was the high scorer for the game with 27 points. The Ladyjacks entered Gulf Star Conference action with a record of 12-3. The team defeated Northwestern State, 82-65 in the conference opener. Mozell Brooks was the high scorer with 22 points. The Ladyjacks will begin competing in the Southland Conference at the start of the 1987-88 season. Mozell Brooks, San Augustine junior, demon strates her rebounding abilities. CrKg Pull Trina Williams, Brazoria junior, displays her technique as she passes the ball to a teammate. m Basketball Basketball - 189 Ladyjack Basketball ]anel Burtsch Greg Patterson Listening very attentively to Head Coach Gary Blair, Ladyjacks adhere to Evelyn Butler, Grapeland sophomore, displays her ball handling ability by his advice. dribbling downcourt. Drenan Bell The 1986-87 Ladyjack Basketball Team, Row 1: Connie Cole, Susan Acker, Lisa McKitrick, Annie Norris, Row 2: Tasha Gaines, Ylondia Douglas, Carmen Alvarez, Trina Williams, Julie McMinn, Mozell Brooks, Marlee Clark, Evelyn Butler. 190 - Basketball MM mm MMMI MMMMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMM M MM MMMMMMM1 Swsa j lc c?r, Sugarland senior, attempts to score while being heavily guarded. Basketball - 191 Ladyjack Basketball Omg Patterson Displaying her defensive abilities, Connie Cole, Carmen Alvarez, El Paso senior, and Julie McMinn, Duncanville sophomore, attempt to block a basket. Put Springfield In deep concentration, Ylondia Douglas, Dallas sophomore tries to score two points. (Jreg Patterson While being defended by Southwest players, Evelyn Butler, Grapeland sophomore, shoots the ball. Basketball - 193 Cross Country teams Janet Bartsch The 1986-87 Ladyjack Cross Country Team, Row 1: Kim Hogg, Donna Campbell, Shelly Rix Cooper, Angie Garrison, Lisa Levering, Row 2: Keri Cooper, Jodi Eakman, Loretta Church, Glenda Weise, Jodi Fellers. Courtesy of SFA Cross Country Team The 1986-87 Lumberjack Cross Country Team, Row 1: Danny Saenz, LaPorte sophomore, Larry Rychlik, Sharpstown junior, Victor Cordova, Pleasanton senior, Greg Brown, Canton senior, Coach Glen Sefcik, Row 2: Randy Meador, Lapoynor senior, Steve Jackson, Clear Lake junior, Pete Garcia, LaPorte sophomore, Enrique Gonzalez, Houston sophomore, Michael Braly, Houston sophomore, John Phillips, trainer, Mineola junior. 194 - Cross Country Cross Country - 195 Newcomers provide depth The 1987 Ladyjack Track and Field Team consisted of nine returning members and nine new recruits. " The new recruits will provide the Ladyjacks with the depth that is need- ed, " said Coach Catherine Sellers. Coach Sellers began her third year as the head coach for the Ladyjack Track and Field Team. Deb Rutt be- gan her first year as the assistant coach. The team now competes in Division I play. This results in a change of the minimum number of meets the team will be required to compete in. Previously the team had to compete in one meet; however, in 1987, the team had to compete in a minimum of four. This was also the first year for a full indoor program. Last year ' s Ladyjack Track and Field Team placed 14th in the Divi- sion II national meet in Los Angeles, California. SFA was well represented as seven Ladyjacks competed in ten . events. Linda Coleman, Marlin sopho- more, and Susan Acker, Sugarland While practicing for the next meet, Stephanie Hightower, Henderson junior, attempts to a handoff Regi- senior, earned All-American honors. na Guinn, Rosharon junior. unet Burtsch The 1986-87 Ladyjack Track and Field Team, Row 1: Kerri Cooper, Bethany Hill, Loretta Church, Row 2: Rosalyn Jones, Callistra Rivas, Connie Sanders, Jodi Eakman, Regina Guinn, Row 3: Kim Hogg, Marie Rusk, Mary Beth Nygaard, Laura Hickey, Stephanie Hightower, Jodi Fellers. 196 - Track June! Rartsch Demonstrating her abilities, Regina Guinn, Rosharon junior, jumps the hurdle. Track - 197 Men ' s Track Counts on Tradition The 1986-87 Track and Field Team broke seven school records, had three National Qualifiers and one Ail- American. This season concludes com- petition in the Gulf Star Conference. Beginning with the 1987-88 season, the Lumberjacks will be competing in the Southland Conference. " Over the past three years, our Track and Field programs have won two championships and finished sec- ond by only point. Hopefully this tra- dition will carry on into the Southland Conference, " said Coach Glen Sefcik. The new facilities should be a real boost to the spirit and cohesiveness of the squad. In 1985-86 season the Outdoor Track Team placed third in the Gulf Star Conference and had the Most Valuable Performer. Krik Kur sson Chuck Waggoner, Marshall senior, and Anthony Newsom, Tyler junior, take a break during a prac- tice while walking around the track. Janet Hartsch The 1986-87 Track and Field Team: David Todd, Brent Shofner, Chuck Waggoner, Tommy Day, Grant Gunter, Baron Isaac, Gregg McCasland, Danny Saenz, Endrique Gonzalez, Larry Rhychlik, Alvernon Jones, Jimmy Evans, Wellington Samouce, Junior Thomas, Todd Brown, Kevin Patterson, Bill Kallaher, Michael Braly, Billy Minter, Juan Jackson, Scott Peace, Scott Muckelroy, Chris Marullo, John Phillips, Clarence Henderson, Pete Garcia, Greg Brown, Head Coach Glen Sefcik, Assistant coach Karen Carbonari. 198 - Track Scott Muckelroy, Houston sophomore, displays his technique while jumping the hurdles. Track - 199 Ladyjack Softball (ireg Patlerson Jeff Maniey During a practice, Renee Ferguson, San Antonio The Ladyjacks huddle together before an afternoon practice to give each other support, sophomore, awaits the next pitch. Creg Patterson The 1986-87 Ladyjack Softball Team, Row 1: Renee Ferguson, Clare Ashour, Lisa Abeita, Phyllis Aswell, Ruth Doxtad, Row 2: Lori Eberhardt, Stella Castro, Kim Witten, Sandy Green, Mona Cooper, Sharon Walden. 200 - Softball Ladyjacks win national championship The 1985-86 Ladyjack Softball Team claimed the first ever national team championship in SFA history at the NCAA Division II Final Four National Championship Tournament in Akron, Ohio on May 18, 1986. The 1985-86 SFA Ladyjack softball team consisted of Lisa Abeita, Austin sophomore, Claire Ashour, Ft. Worth freshman, Phyllis Aswell, Baytown freshman, Stella Castro, Austin junior, Pam Clay, Houston senior, Mona Cooper, Clute sophomore, Ruth Doxtad, San Antonio sophomore, Lori Eberhardt, Arlington sophomore, Renee Ferguson, Lumberton freshman, Penni Lewis, Houston senior, Holly Nuber, Houston senior, Michelle Savage, Houston sopho- more, Paula Tafelski, Houston senior, Kirsten Upcraft, State College, Pennsylvania junior, Malice Waters, Houston freshman, and Stacy Neiswander, Clute freshman. To claim the national title, the Ladyjacks defeated three- time defending national champion, California State Northridge 1-0 in eight innings. This year marked the fourth consecutive appearance in the playoffs, and third appearance in the last four years in the Final Four for the Ladyjacks. In the first round of action the pitchers for the game were Pam Clay for SFA, a three-time Ail-American and Kathy Slaten for Cal-State Northridge, a four-time All- American. The game was scoreless until the fifth inning when the Ladyjacks began to rally. They took a 2-0 lead which held throughout the game. Pam Clay picked up her 23rd win and 16th shutout of the year. Clay gave up seven hits while striking out two. The win over the defending champion sent the Ladyjacks into second round action against the number two team Bloomsburg University. SFA was behind the Lady Huskies until the sixth inning when the Ladyjacks scored three runs on four hits. SFA won the game 3-1. Pam Clay allowed one run on three hits and struck out three batters in her 24th win of the season. The championship game put SFA against Cal-State Northridge. Pitching for the two teams was Clay versus Slaten again. The game was scoreless until the eighth in- ning when SFA took a 1-0 lead. SFA won the game and became the 1986 national champion. SFA was undefeated throughout the tournament behind the pitching of Pam Clay. Clay was 3-0 for the tournament giving up only one run in 22 innings and was named to the Final Four All-Tournament team. She was also select- ed as the Final Four ' s Most Valuable Player. Three year Ail-American Stella Castro also received All- Tournament honors. She hit the game winning RBI ' s in the Bloomsburg game and the championship game against Cal- State Northridge. Ail-American catcher Penni Lewis was also named to the All-Tournament team. Lewis batted 1.000 in the tour- nament and scored the game winning run in the champi- onship game. University News Dr. William R. Johnson, President of Stephen F. Austin State University, congratulates Coach Diane Baker for the accomplishment of the Ladyjack Softball Team. 202 - Softball University News Michelle Savage, Houston sophomore, and Penni Lewis, Ail-American Houston senior exchange a high-five while Paco Aswell, Baytown freshman, and Stella Castro, All-American Austin junior look on. Softball - 203 Destined for success The 1987 Ladyjack Softball Team began the season with a positive outlook after capturing the National Championship over the summer. Last year the team finished the regular season with a 32-14-1 overall record and a 14-6 conference record. The team entered the season with a feeling of determination toward hav- ing a successful season just as last year. Dianne Baker began her seventh year as the head coach for the Ladyjacks. This year introduced a new rule in the softball game. The pitching mound has been moved back three feet. This led to higher scoring games and it allowed the batter to hit the ball more times. After the first nine games of the sea- son, the Ladyjacks had an overall record of 6-3 in conference play. A Ladyjack softball player trys to make a successful slide into home plate. Erik Kurlssr Stella Castro, Austin junior, displays determination in reaching first base. Kim Witten, Crown Point, Indiana freshman, displays her pitching abilities. 204 - Softball Enk Kurisson Demonstrating her sliding technique, Stella Castro, Austin junior, trys to beat the ball to the base. Softball - 205 Rebuilding for success The 1987 Lumberjack Baseball Team began the season with nine re- turning players, including six starters. Outfielder Joey Waggonner, Lufkin senior; catcher Michael Innerarity, Lufkin sophomore; third baseman Ste- ven Cerny, Sealy senior; second baseman Herb Nauert, Austin senior; outfielder Blake Boydsten, Piano soph- omore and catcher Michael Reese, Houston senior, were on last year ' s team. Others returning included pitch- ers Joe Gunn, Gladewater junior; Bob- by Fenley, Diboll senior; and Braden Woodall, Baytown sophomore. A new- comer Raul Garcia-Rameau, Houston junior, filled the void at the shortstop position. Last year the team finished the 1986 season with a record of 18-34. " This will be a rebuilding year, " Head Coach Darwin Crawford said. " We ought to be pretty well-rounded this year. I think the defense and our hitting should be stronger. Last year our hitting was a weakness. " The Lumberjacks go with a four- man pitching rotation led by Bobby Fenley, Diboll senior. He is the only senior pitcher on the team. He has a variety of pitches and good experience. This year ' s roster has been cut down from last year ' s to achieve more individual attention between the coach and the players. Hardy Meredith The 1987 Lumberjack Baseball Team, Row 1: Joe Gunn, Bobby Fenley, Joey Waggoner, Mark Engle, Blake Boydsten, Samuel Blackmon, Lee Yeager, Row 2: Samuel Blackmon, Lee Yeager, Row 2: Stephen Lane Stahl, Michael Reese, Michael Innerarity, Kyle Standley, Herb Nauert, Raul Garcia- Romeau, Brett Bunker, Wes McWhorter, Row 3: James Bene field, Brian Townsend, Jeff Dungen, Michael Thompson, Steven Cerny, Michael Teal, Randy Davis, Lionel Adams. 206 - Baseball James Benefield, Alvin sophomore, demonstrates his technique in pitching Michael Inneranty. Hudson sophomore, makes a successful slide into third the ball. base. Lumberjack Baseball SFA Lumberjack catcher Michael Inneranty, Hudson sophomore attempts Concentrating on the pitch, Joey Waggonner, Lufkin senior, misses an to catch a foul ball. attempt to make contact with the ball. V.tik Kurlssol Hoping to arrive to the base before the ball, Jeff Dungen, Bellville sophomore, attempts to slide. 208 - Baseball Erik Karlssnn James Benefield, Alvin sophomore, prepares the windup for the pitch. Baseball - 209 Squad provides motivation The 1986-87 SFA Cheerleaders pro- vided motivation for the fans at bask- etball games, football games, volley- ball games, and pep rallies. The squad this year consisted of only three returning members. " The squad has worked extra hard this year because of inexperience. We all work really well together. Each squad member is well motivated and has a positive atti- tude about cheering, " said Kathi Jameton, the head cheerleader. This year for Homecoming the cheerleaders held a breakfast for all of the SFA alumni cheerleaders. The cheerleaders have other expec- tations other than cheering. Each year two scholarships, called the Angie Mercer Scholarships, are given to the two returning cheerleaders with the highest grade point average. This year Kathi Jameton and Mike Johnston re- ceived the Angie Mercer Scholarships. Some of the SFA cheerleaders display their enthusiasm before the pep rally. Janet Bartsch Greg Patterson Wendy Grams, Woodlands junior, leads the SFA fans in the traditional sign. Drenan Bell The 1986-87 Lumberjack Cheerleaders, Row 1: Robbie Chance, Mascot: Adam Saunders, Denise Wilson, David Starrett, Row 2: Mike Johnston, Kathi Jameton, Monte Wilson, Darlene Buffington, Kelly Poston. Mike Smith, Wendy Grams, Steve Kirby. 210 - Cheerleaders Some of the SFA Pom Pon squad members cheer the Jacks on during the game against Lamar University. Squad spirit The 1986-87 Pom Pon Squad attend- ed camp over the summer at SMU and brought home two spirit sticks. " This year the girls are more dedi- cated and excited, " said D ' Lee Rushing, squad captain. The squad displayed its school spirit by attending school sporting events like the Lumberjack football games, Ladyjack basketball games, and Lumberjack basketball games. During the basketball games, the Pom Pon Squad performed various dance routines during halftime and also encouraged crowd involvement. The squad participated in the Ford National Collegiate Dance Team Com- petition and placed seventeenth out of more than 150 squads. The squad par- ticipated in the 1986 competition which was held in December. Drentjn Be The 1986-87 SFA Pom Pon Squad members, Row 1: Becky Scoggin, Misty Hall, Row 2: Susan Poncik, Stacey Termina, Keri Foret, Renee Miller, Kelly Boughton, Row 3: Shaun Claflin, Leah Boomer, Karen Verri, Patti Larsen, Karcy Gardner. Pom Pon - 211 Playing to please The Lumberjack Marching Band performed at home football games un- der the direction of Steve Peterson. Band members include music and non-music majors. The Lumberjack Band marched and performed in a style called the Corps style. The band spent long, hard hours preparing for its halftime shows. Guiding rehearsals were drum majors Mark Crim, Joey Ashbrook, and Kaki Nichols. Mark Grim was a returning drum major from last year. Band members have the opportunity to join one of two organizations, Kappa Kappa Psi and Tau Beta Sig- ma. Steve Weber was the band president. The Lumberjack Band also per- formed at the Homecoming bonfire and parade. The 1986-87 Drum Majors: Joey Ashbrook, Mark Crim, Kaki Nichols. Concentrating on his efforts, a Lumberjack Band member contributes to the halftime performance. - Band ■rtirsrrnymrTiT? Twirler pride The Twirl-O-Jacks improved their appearance this year by bringing back the " Twirl-O-Jack Pride " . They worked very hard with Band Director Steve Peterson to make their perfor- mances very entertaining. Head Twirl-O-Jack Mollie Haley worked with the other twirlers and taught them many new and energetic routines. Mollie brought back style, prestige, and pride that is a tradition for the Twirl-O-Jacks. Many hard hours were spent every- day to make their performances a success. Band Director Steve Peterson has set new standards and goals for the Twirl-O-Jacks to help preserve the Twirl-O-Jack tradition. Kathy Poe displays her pride for the Twirl-O- Jina Robinson performs a routine to " Scream Jacks with a big smile. Machine " for a half time performance. mi V " Mollie Haley, the 1986-87 Head Twirl-O-Jack. The 1986-87 Twirl-O-Jacks, Row 1: Nancy Walker, Row 2: Kelley Brasher, Melissa Lee, Head twirler Mollie Haley, Jill Brewer, Colleen Phillips, Row 3: Angle Seago, Lau ra Collins, Tracy Hughes, Jina Robinson, Kathv Poe, Kristal Cabal ' lew. Twirl-O-Jacks - 213 Eric Rhodes ' accomplishments in the 1986-87 Lumberjack basketball season were nothing short of sensational. At the close of the season, Rhodes lead the nation in three point shooting percentage, hitting 57.6 percent. He scored a career high of 32 points against Southwest Texas and tied an SFA free throw record held by former NBA guard James Silas, sinking 18 of 18. He earned first-team conference honors, was the Jacks leading scorer, and was selected as the Gulf Star Conference Player of the Year. Sensational! Basketball has been a part of Rhode ' s life since he be- gan playing in the fifth grade, and he has been playing ever since. Even having played since the fifth grade, Eric still practices three hours a day. Part of that practice is spent doing what he is most noted for, the three point shot. In practicing the three point shot, Eric works on his form. He concentrates on getting the rhythm of the shot and standing behind the line. In regards to leading the entire nation in three point percentage, Rhodes felt elated and said, " It is good fpr the school, the players and the students. It has provided the school with national publicity. " Even though Rhodes has many individual honors and 214 - Eric Rhodes ( wth I ' ullKrsnn Sensational season for Rhodes has provided SFA fans with many memorable moments this past year, his most memorable moments came when SFA beat Sam Houston both times this year. " Because Sam Houston is such a big rival, it is a real thrill for the team to beat them twice in one year. " Not only a team player, Rhodes derives inspiration from his teammates, es- pecially Robert Clark, starting senior guard. He says he is inspired by Clark ' s overall leadership abilities. Rhodes decided to come tho SFA because " Coach Miller is one of the best college basketball coaches in the country. " The six foot three inch Beaumont junior is a criminal justice major. When he graduates from SFA, he hopes to be a probation officer, that is, unless he has the opportuni- ty to go pro. He says he loves the game of basketball and uses it as an outlet for when he gets depressed or down. Rhodes feels great about the team being the Gulf Star Conference Champions. " It is something that the school has been working for for a long time. It took a great deal of hard work and dedication for the team to be such a success. " And that success was due, in large part, to Eric Rhodes. It was a great year! Ladyjacks HOME OPPONENT 71 Colorado State 48 71 Oklahoma State 78 85 McNeese State 64 77 Baylor 57 68 Alabama 75 80 University of Houston 70 70 Indiana University 65 74 Las Vegas 40 90 Pan American 57 67 UTSA 76 83 Louisiana College 40 86 Alcorn 56 78 SMU 63 85 Texas Wesleyan 46 82 Northwestern State 65 84 Southwest Texas 53 75 Sam Houston 54 79 North Texas 59 70 Southeastern Louisiana 55 74 Nicholls State 51 78 Northwestern State 69 87 Lamar 62 81 Southeastern Louisiana 49 79 Nicholls State 60 42 Louisiana Tech 76 79 Southwest Texas 71 73 Sam Houston 50 75 UT Arlington 60 Overall record 23-5 Conference record 9-1 Lumberjacks HOME OPPONENT 70 St. Edwards 67 75 South Alabama 83 46 UT El Paso 77 81 Louisiana Tech 79 60 Centenary 61 68 UT Arlington 66 89 East Texas Baptist 61 68 Texas Southern 65 74 UT Arlington 67 78 Pan American 81 65 Grambling 71 63 Texas Southern 61 52 Louisiana Tech 70 91 Prairie View A M 62 65 UT Arlington 63 69 Northwestern 62 59 Oral Roberts 54 68 Southwest Texas 44 80 Sam Houston 65 57 Southeastern Louisiana 49 71 Nicholls State 59 58 Northwestern 52 64 Pan American 51 78 Prairie View A M 56 89 Southeastern Louisiana 60 75 Nicholls State 62 72 Southwest Texas 68 65 Sam Houston 60 Overall record 21-7 Conference record 10-0 Ladyjacks and Lumberjacks receive NIT bids After such an exciting and successful year, it seemed only fitting that the Lumberjack and Ladyjack basketball teams cap the year off with something really special. That happened on March 9, when both teams received National Invitational Tournament bids. Not only were the Jacks invited to play in the 32 team tournament, but SFA also hosted their first round game against James Madison Uni- versity in the Coliseum on March 12. The Ladyjacks were invited to play in the WNIT(Women ' s National Invitational Tournament), which included seven other teams: DePaul, Cal Berkley, Montana, Appalachian State,, Arkasas, Creighton, and Providence. The WNIT took place from March 19-21 in Amarillo. Eric Rhodes probably summed up the NIT bids best, " This seems like a dream come true. " Basketball scoreboard - 215 Intramurals In an attempt to escape his opponents, this intramural player falls to the ground. 216 • Intramurals Kric yies In an attempt to keep each other from getting the ball, these intramural players try and block each other. Displaying his skill, this intramural player jumps in to the air to try and catch the ball. t reg Puttrrson Eric Ayles These intramural players try to deflect the ball from one another. Intramurals - 217 Intramurals 218 - Intramurals Greg Patterson Intramurais - 219 ORGANIZATIONS ( reg Patterson Greg Puttr.rsnn ORGANIZATIONS Greg Patterson unet Bartsch Acappella Choir .f 1 ( i it • ii L_ L I LI ! Li " ' ■ ' ■-- ....2 ... □ Choral Union Drenun Beli 222 - Acappella Choir Accounting Club Purpose: to give accounting majors and minors a chance to see what the real world is like through the use of speakers, field trips, etc. Special Honors: awarded a $100 scholarship from the Petroleum Accountants Society of Houston. Special Events: speakers, including Dr. Hopson and Mrs. Wind, field trip to Peat, Marwich, Mitchell and Fast Tax. Sponsor: Mr. Jess Mixon and Mr. Fred Dial Drenun Bell Accounting Club - 223 Agricultural Mechanization Club Agriculture Mechanization Club, left to right, Front Row: David Holt, Jeff Griffith, Keith Hendricks, Eddy Evans, Mark Perkins, Jonathon Lawson. Cannon, Mike Story, and Frank Taylor. Back Row: Dr. Bill Long, John Purpose: to create a spirit of fellowship among its members, to stimulate the members ' in- terest in and increase their knowledge of agricultural mechanization, and to aquaint the general public with the field of agricultural mechanization and the services it can offer. Sponsor: Dr. Bill Long 224 - Agriculture Mechanization Club Agronomy Club Agronomy Club, left to right, Front Row: Benny Serrano. Back Row: Cliff Whitlery, Jonya Hudman, Jill Nix, and John Walter. Purpose: to stimulate interest in agronomy and provide opportunities to meet agronomic workers at meetings. Special Events: trip to Forage and Grassland meeting in Brenham, Texas and a trip to Texas Agronomy meeting in Dallas, Texas. Sponsor: Mr. John P. Walter June! Burlsch Agronomy Club officers, left to right: Jill Nix, president; Benny Serrano, vice president: Tonya Hudman, secretary: and Cliff Whitley, treasurer. Agronomy - 225 Alpha Phi Omega Alpha Phi Omega, left to right. Front Row: Jennifer Waldo. Second Row: Cindy DeShazo, and Shanna Harper. Third Row: Dina Blaylock, and Melanie Wyatt. Fourth Row: Kayla Spencer, Doug Love, Bruce Bocquin, and Susan Rudd. Fifth Row: Kellie Powell, Darlene Watson, Kristi Dequirz, David Neuman, and Cassandra Stewart. Last Row: Fred Cludius, Robert Peden, Cecil Sinclair, Douglas Bryce, and William Schulz. Purpose: to assemble college students in a nation- al service fraternity in fellowship of principals of the Boy Scouts of America as embodied in its scout oath and law; to develop leadership, to promote friendship and provide service to hu- manity and to further the freedom that is our educational, institutional and intel- lectual hertiage. Service Projects: raised money for the American Heart Association and the Muscualr Distropy Association. Special Events: celebrated the organization ' s 25 year anniversary in the fall and built the Homecoming bonfire. Sponsor: Dr. Wayne Slagle Alpha Phi Omega officers, left to right: Dina Blaylock, vice president; Cas- sandra Stewart, first vice president; Jennifer Waldo, president; Susan Rudd, membership; Darlene Watson, secretary; Kayla Spencer, treasurer; and Fred Cludius, parliamentarian. 226 - Alpha Phi Omega Alpha Psi Omega Purpose: to promote the arts on our campus and in the community, particulary the theatre arts. Special Honors: Special Events: sponsor theatre awards for the past season ' s best active and best pledge. sponsor ushers for the Turner Auditorium events and sell buttons promoting the theatre de- partment ' s productions. Sponsor: Dr. W.K. Waters Drenun HkU Alpha Psi Omega - 227 Association of Petroleum Geologists Association of Petroleum Geologists, left to right. Front Row: Joseph Hays, Martha Wilcox, Jay Klein, and Donald Craig. Back Row: Joseph Fuhr, and Lairv Johnson. Purpose: to foster the spirit of scientific research throughout its membership. Service Projects: Special Events: Sponsor: sponsored vehicles to profession- al meetings and donated books to the department. attended the national and region- al meetings of GCAGS, GCS SEPM, AAPG, Texas Academy of Science and the Geologic Society of America, offered a distinguished lecture seminar, and had several social events. Dr. R. LaBell Neilson 228 - American Association of Petroleum Geologists Austin Angels Austin Angels, left to right: Vicki Hall, Susan Ice, Mechelle Alexander, Capt. Joanne L. Bluhm. Beth Sultenfuss, Rita O ' Brian, Kay Ogden, SSG Kinsley M. Toledo, and Austin Angels officer: Susan Ice, commander. Knc A v les Purpose: to promote ROTC on campus and in the community through service projects and to provide an opportunity for interested students to learn independence and gain self- confidence. Special Honors: students who completed the initial training period of one se- mester and have maintained a passing GPA (2.0) are permitted to wear the coveted maroon be- ret with the Austin Angels patch. Service Projects: instructed local Girl Scout troops in survival skills and constructing rope bridges. Special Events: field training exercises, orienta- tion trips, and St. Patrick ' s Day Rifle Shoot. Sponsor: Captain JoAnne L. Bluhm Austin Angels - 229 Austin Guard Janet Barlsch Austin Guard, left to right: Major Michael Trollinger, advisor; Jeff Klein, secreatry treasurer, and Todd Bobling. Not present Shannon Ripkowski, commander; Bill Davis, assistant commander; Will Hogan, Aharon Fizquaty, Chris Coats, and Mike King. Purpose: to train cadets for drill competition and color guard. Service Projects: present the colors at the Special Olympics and the Senior Olym- pics and teach flag raising techniques to area elementary schools. Special Events: presented the colors at all home football games including Home- coming and competed at the drill competition meet at The Univer- sity of Texas in Austin. Sponsor: Major Michael Trollinger 230 - Austin Guard Austin Pacers Greg Pullerson Austin Pacers, left to right, Front Row: Charles E. Dagenais, Jr., Lisa Daryl Adams, James Linquist, Chris Handy, and Mike Taylor. McNeil, Jo Cindy Ortiz, Lisa Larson and Major Randall Fain. Back Row: Purpose: to compete against other colleges and universities in orienteering meets using only a map and a compass. Winning is based on time and accuracy of finding the points. Special Events: trips to Houston, Louisiana, Mis- souri, and a fund raiser for MDA. Sponsor: Department of Military Science Austin Pacers - 231 Austin Raiders Purpose: to develop leadership and management skills of members through military appli- cation. Emphasis is on small unit tactics and leadership. Training and instruction supplements academic and practical in- struction received in the military science program. Special Honors: Service Projects: produces quality junior officers for the United States Army, Army Reserve, and Army Na- tional Guard. Members of the or- ganization consistently perform above average at the Reserve Of- ficer ' s Training Corps ' Advanced Camp and receive a large num- ber of active duty slots and Regular Army commissions. routinely assist the local law en- forcement agencies in training projects and exercises. In addi- tion, the organization conducts classes and training for handi- capped children and local Boy Scout organizations. Jane! Barlsch Officers Austin Raiders, left to right: James Harris; executive officer, and Todd Armsworth; commander. 232 - Austin Raiders Association of Baptist Students Association of Baptist Students, left to right, Front Row: Kay Lee, Debbie Goodman, Jackie Potter, and Greg Lide. Back Row: Stephen Burnaman, Dillard, Laura Carfs, Amy Watts, Deedra Hill, and Valerie Clark. Second Michele Clifton, Jeff Hightower, Stuart Overstreet, Kenneth Crager, and Row: Tony Derrick, Angie Montagomery, Debbie Doyle, Anthony Creg Kelly. Purpose: to minister to the needs of college students. Special Events: fall retreat, Halloween hayride, and Thanksgiving dinner. Sponsor: Mr. Anthony Derrick Greg Patterson Association of Baptist Students officers, left to right: Debbie Dillard, secre- tary: Creg Kelly, vice president; and Anthony Goodman, president. Association of Baptist Students - 233 Purpose: to encourage and give due recognition to scholastic and professional excellence in the field of accounting. Special Honors: Superior Chapter rating 1985-86. Service Projects: donating clothes and food to Godtel Ministeries and the Vol- unteer Income Tax Assistance program. Special Events: all-day seminar concerning the new tax law, Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program and a field trip to Houston. Sponsor: Dr. James Hemingway Eric Ayles Beta Alpha Psi officers, left to right, back row: Emily Kistler, co-recording secretaries; Dr. James Hemingway, sponsor; David Johnson, president Spring 1987; Jim Petrie, vice-president publicity; Andrea Fritz, vice-presi- dent alumni affairs. Front row: Chenjean Shen, co-recording secretary; Anne Zeigler, vice-president membership; Dawn Mielenz, treasurer, Gwen Maropis, president Fall 1986, Maureen McGill, reporting secretary. 234 - Beta Alpha Psi Beta Gamma Sigma Purpose: to encourage and reward scholarship and accomplishment among students of business administration, to promote the advancement of education in the art and science of business, and to foster intetrity in the conduct of business operations. Election of membership in Beta Gamma Sigma is the highest scholastic honor that a student in busi- ness and administration can attain. President: Jim Petrie Sponsor: Dr. John H. Lewis Left to right, officers and sponsors: Jim Petrie, president; Dr. John H. Lewis, sponsor; Dr. Bobby Bizzell, secretary treasurer; and Mark Miserak, vice-president. Beta Gamma Sigma - 235 Biology Club Biology Club, left to right, Front Row: Terri Biediger, Mark Rice, Elly Clint Ready, Robert George, Patricia Gonzales, Julie Peterson, and Patti Reynolds, Mimi Brown, Bruce Christman, David Womer, Ben Rio, and Monk. Back Row: Kris LeBlanc, Dr. Hay, John Walters, Gene Dion, Chris Dri Gibson. Second Row: Gene Sullivan, Lori Howard, Beverly Sanders, Wells, Buteo Jamaicensis, and Cliff Shackle ford. Purpose: to foster and present programs of a biological nature which are both fun and informative. Special Honors: an award was presented to the outstanding junior in the club with selection based on scholar- ship and service to the club. Special Events: took a field trip to Gulf Coast to see the whooping cranes, built a float for Homecoming, visited the Lufkin and Houston zoos, had speakers and slide shows, and a banquet at the end of the semester. Sponsor: Dr. William Gibson and Mr. Gene Sullivan Drenun Bell Biology Club officers, left to right: Elly Reynolds, secretary; Patricia Gonzales, historian; Dr. Gibson, treasurer and faculty advisor; Gene Sulli- van, advisor; Gene Dion, representative; Cliff Shackleford, photographer; and David Womer, president. 236 - Biology Club Catholic Student Center (iff Mun cy Purpose: to provide wholesome activities for stu- dents, as well as spiritual guidance, counseling. Service Project: a group of students who teach religious education at the Lufkin State School each week. Special Events: " Awakening Retreat " , Oktober- fest, Christmas Ball, Valentine Dan- ce, Parent ' s Day Open House. Sponsor: Ms. Marjorie Naumann Judson Catholic Student Center - 237 Canterbury Association Canterbury Association: Reverend Mike Falls, Gretta Mitchell, Tamara Jim Clark, Michelle Merrill, Michael Merrill, Christopher Merrill " and Coole, Melanie Svajda, Heather McCrae, Raymond Keprta, Kim Jahnke, Kathleen Pratt. Purpose: to allow Episcopal students to have fellowship, worship, and fun together. Service Projects: " Have a Heart for Hunger ' campaign. Special Events: seminar on Humanities vs Tech- nology and a retreat to Bolivar Peninsula where the topic was " The theology of revolution " (South Africa). Sponsor: Dr. Neal Houston 238 - Canterbury Assoc . .7 Chemistry Club 1 Chemistry Club, left to right. Front Row: Russell Albert, Bradley Mimi Brown, Kim Van Horn, and Linda Wilson. Back Row: Mark Clay, Kardatzke, Paul Houser, Bill Stegall, and Mr. Richard Langley. Second Brian Morlock, Mary Sneed, and Mr. John Moore. Row: Ruth Flores, Kris Daniels, Ann Vo, and Kathy Shapely. Third Row: Purpose: to promote an interest in chemistry and related fields. President: Ruth Flores Sponsor: Mr. Richard Langley and Mr. John Moore Greg Patlerson Chemistry Club officers, left to right: Mimi Brown, secretary; Ruth Flores. president; and Paul Housen, treasurer. Not present Steve Brown, vice president. Chemistry Club - 239 Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship Purpose: to express the person of Jesus Christ to the campus, community, and call others into relationship with him. Chi Alpha is within the mainstream of Pentecostal truth and is under the oversight of the Assemblies of God. Special Events: had a Homecoming banquet, and sponsored a Praise Team, which is a ministry of XA that brings the word of God in song to churches. Sponsor: Dr. Wayne Boring 240 - Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship Drenun Hell Chi Alpha Praise Team, left to right, Front Row: D ' Lee Rushing, and Krista Johnson. Middle Row: Paula Eaton, Kevin Haft, and Darla Franken. Back Row: Annise Smart, Gary Willmon, Scott Reagh, Jeff Vanlandingham, Timmy Blackburn, and Jennifer Johnson. Not pictured Lisa Kelley, and Jon Haft. Circle K h ' .ric Avles Circle K officers, left to right, Front Row: Sean Kennedy, vice president administration. Second Row: Suzanne Bivins, vice president human rela- tions; and Wendy Jaubert, secretary. Back Row: Jim Palmer, association member chairman; Ron Motley, president; and Jim Irvin, treasurer. Purpose: a service organization providing help to the campus and community. It also of- fers leadership opportunities and fellowship that provide the college stu- dent with a chance to grow while sharing with others. Special Honors: Service Projects: Special Events: Sponsor: grand champion Homecoming float for three years, outstanding National Teamwalk Participation for March of Dimes, largest Cir- cle K at International (1984), and outstanding club on district level. Cystic Fibrosis Bowl for Breath, annual float for Alumni Associa- tion, Halloween party for Lufkin State School, Halfway House picnic and $1000 donation to Stephen F. Austin Statue Fund. fall retreats, district convention, international convention, Hallow- een and Christmas party. Dr. Tim Clipson Circle K - 241 Future Farmers of America Purpose: to develop professional leaders in the field of agriculture and to promote agri- culture and agri-business occupations. Service Projects: Special Events: Sponsor: assist in area IX FFA leadership contest and donate money to the friends of agriculture, Austin, Texas presented agriculture related program and speaker at every meeting, made Homecoming float, sponsored fund raisers, competed in intramural sports, hosted area IX high school stu- dents in FFA leadership contests, conducted leadership schools for high school students, and had a spring picnic. Dr. Dale Perritt and Dr. Bill Long itaiiiniiiiii , | rrrrflfffJ a EGIATE Janet Burlsch Future Farmers of America officers, left to right: Paul Mahar, sentinal; Frank Taylor, vice president; Kevin Dyes, president; Margaret Taylor, trea- surer; and Buck Hudson, reporter. - Future Farmers of America Council of Black Organizations Council of Black Organizations, left to right, Front Row: Carma Johnson, Ntekin, Kurt Adkins, Shurhonda Scott, Sanford Stephens, and Randy Edwinna Palmer, Jessica Calhoun, Rehema Palmer, Shari Record, Edith Jacobs. Record, and Stephanie McHealy. Back Row: Scottie Roberson, Oyonnmo Purpose: to reinforce and promote cultural identi- ty, pride and unity among black students through educational, recreational and so- cial activities, while also providing an opportunity for all races to better under- stand the African-American Culture. Special Honors: Special Events: Sponsor: Mr. and Ms. Black SFA, out- standing male female athlete, Council of Black Organization member, academic scholarship ability and awarding a scholar- ship during Black Emphasis Week. had a minority leadership retreat, Homecoming reception, Hallow- een and Christmas dances, can food drive, and sponsored Black Emphasis Week. Ms. Edwinna Palmer Council of Black Organizations - 243 Dance Company Dance Company, left to right: Deborah Carlson, Leslie Childs, Amy Coughlin, Trade Foster, Mrs. Kathy Dunn Hamrick, Kelly Mason, Brenda Rudiger, Jennifer Scott, Kim Sherer, Dorothy Stewart, Karen Sykes, Melynda Thornton, Dani Warden, Rhonda Waterman, and Vicki Youmans. Purpose: to give students interested in dance a chance to be involved in a dance com- pany ' s activities such as auditions, rehearsals, performing, and choreographing. Special Honors: Special Events: Sponsor: for dance minors the Katie Garrett Norton Dance Award Scholarship and the Denard Haden Memorial Dance Scholar- ship are available. performances in the Piney Woods Fair, annual fall concert, works in progress and the American College Dance Festi- val. Professional trips to the Tex- as Association of Health Physical Recreation and Dance Conven- tion and the Americal College Dance Festival. Mrs. Kathy Dunn Hamrick 244 - Dance Company Delta Tau Alpha Delta Tau Alpha, left to right. Front Row: Patti Monk, Margaret Taylor, Alan Ware, Kevin L. Dyes, Dr. Joe Gotti, Tom Trull, and James Ginger Tannery, Dana Ann McClaine, Erin Wisnoski, Melissa Beaty, and Thompson. Denice Bynum. Back Row: Greg Waldrop, Frank Taylor, Jon Mitchelta, Purpose: to promote and recognize high standards of scholarship, leadership and character among agricultural students. Special Events: sponsored a blood drive, had a career day for agriculture depart- ment, participated in the national convention, and had the annual turkey raffel. Sponsor: Dr. Joe Gotti Greg Patterson Delta Tau Alpha officers, left to right. Front Row: Ginger Tannery, presi- dent; and Margaret Taylor, reporter. Back Row: Dr. Joe Gotti, advisor; James Thompson, treasurer; and Kevin L. Dyes, vice president. Delta Tau Alpha - 245 Fashion Merchandising Club Fashion Merchandising Club, left to right, Front Row: Tammy Langlord, Kim Sandifer, and Jodi Adams. Back Row: Kimberly Matthews, Mindy Theresa Maxwll, Patty Hamilton, and Anne Fields. Second Row: Gina Beaz, Carma Johnson, Debra Bynes, Debbie Coleman, Mrs. Becky Greer, Wood, Jodi Markum, Marianne Toblin, Lisa Gregory, Cheryl McCall, and Mrs. Janie Kenner. Purpose: to give members the opportunity to learn leadership and to learn more about the field of fashion merchandising. Special Events: professional guest speakers, socials and the Fashion Group Inc. Career Day at the Dallas Apparel Mart. Sponsor: Mrs. Becky Greer, Mrs. Janie Kenner ! Janet Bartsch Fashion Merchandising Club officers, left to right: Debra Bynes; vice presi- dent, and Carma Johnson; secretary. Not pictured Keri Loveless; president, and Jill Browder; first vice president. 246 - Fashion Merchandising Club Purpose: to spread the word of Jesus Christ through an athletic ministry. Special Honors: most improved chapter 1985-86. Special Events: FCA game day, fall retreat and national convention over Christmas. Sponsor: Mr. Gary Blair unci Hurtsch FCA officers, left to right. Bottom Row: Annie Norris, secretary; John Phil- lips, president; Murphey Serges, secretary; Robert Aohr; and vice president. Middle Row: Tracey Ewell, president; and Sharon Ellis, vice president. Top Row: Brad Marshall, treasurer. Fellowship of Christian Athletes - 247 Geology Club Geology Club, left to right, Front Row: John Kelly, Matt Langford, Ferguson, Todd Harris, Richard Yale, Pete Spicer, Lynn Bantley, Robbie Hodapp, Mike Lannon, Kim Madiaon, Lisa Papaioannou, Richmond Mill- Ellis, Rick Roberson, and Mark Paddock, er, Matt Martin, James Sims, and Dr. W.P. Roberts. Back Row: Johnny Purpose: for the stimulation of interest in geological sciences through the promo- tion of field trips, lectures, and social functions. Founded: 1975 Sponsor: Dr. W.P. Roberts Knc Ay es Geology Club officers, left to right: Richmond Miller, president; Lisa Papaioannou, secretary; Pete Spicer, treasurer; and Matt Martin, vice president. 248 - Geology Club Gamma Sigma Epsilon Gamma Sigma Epsilon, left to right, Front Row: Sherri Herschmann, Worley, and Brian Murlogk. Back Row: Joe Watson, Nancie Witehead, Mary May, Jennifer Johnson, Kelli Robertson, and Dr. Richard Langley. Linda Wilson, Karen West, and Kathy Shapely. Second Row: Terry Mayfield, Don Hodo, Debbie Zebold, Jeff White, Jason Purpose: to increase interest, scholarship, and re- search in chemistry, and to promote friendship and the general welfare of the chemist. Special Honors: outstanding freshman award Special Events: attended the regional ACS meet- ings and had parties, banquets, and seminars by well-known chemists. Sponsor: Dr. Richard H. Langley Greg Pullerson Gamma Sigma Epsilon officers, left to right: Jennifer Johnson, treasurer: Jeff White, secretary; and Don Hodo, president. Gamma Sigma Epsilon - 249 Gamma Sigma Sigma Purpose: to serve the community by visiting nursing homes and the Lufkin State School, to help raise money for Ameri- can Red Cross, Godtell Mission and many other organizations in the area. Special Honors: Service Projects Special Events: Sponsor: third place in the Margaret Linton award for outstanding chapter in the nation, continuous service award from SGA, out- standing chapter of Texas, and recognization by the March of Dimes. helping nursing homes, women ' s shelters, American Red Cross, parent ' s anonymous, blood drives, and local grandmothers. helped with the Piney Woods Fair, had formals, sisterhoods, alumni picnics and pep rallies for Gamma Sigma Sigma. Mrs. Betty Iglinsky Drenun Bell 250 - Gamma Sigma Sigma H.P.E.D. Purpose: to promote an interest in health, physical education and dance; to encourage greater social and professionsl coopera- tion among health and PE majors, faculty and alumni; to advance the stan- dards of the profession and to cooperate with state and national educational associations. Special Projects: Special Events: Jump Rope for Heart, repair equipment, Special Olympics and help at the Bass Tournament. had tennis and softball tourna- ments, legs contest, TA HPERD Convention, and a spring banquet. Sponsor: Ms. Jennifer Jolly (inel Barlsch HPED officers, left to right. Bottom Row: Dorothy Stewart, Randy Wilson, and Jennifer Jolly. Middle Row: Debbie Zajae, Lucreiia Williams and Stacey Stroman. Top Row: April Young, Liz Grant, Beta Hill, and Cheryl Pruitt. H.P.E.D. - 251 Horticulture Club Horticulture Club, left to right, Front Row: Johnny Coker, Monte Balles, Dana McClaine, Heather Crabtree, Ginger Tannery, and Michael Gafney. Back Row: Rick Morris, Dr. Dave Creech, Rodney Watson, Brent Bridges, Julie Klammer, Alan Ware, and Jon Mitchella. Purpose: to provide fellowship and exchange of knowledge between people interested in the field of horticulture. Special Honors: Service Projects: Special Events: had national officers in the Asso- ciation of Collegiate Branches of American Society of Horticulture Sciences for the past five years. projects with Nursing Home. Timberland twelve delegates went to California for the International Congress of Horticulture, attend- ed the convention of Texas horti- culture clubs in Austin, the Southern Region Collegiate Branch of American Society for Horticulture in Nashville, Ten- nessee, conducted plant sales throughout the year and maintained the grounds of the public library in Nacogdoches. Sponsor: Dr. David Creech 252 - Horticulture Club Inter- Varsity Christian Fellowship Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship, left to right, Front Row: Kendra Tate, George Hartsfield, Karen Schmidt, Brad Busby, Linda Kearns, Leigh Jimmy Mascorro, and Cathy Searcy. Second Row: Laurie Long, Michi Ragsdak, and Dee Warren. Back Row: Rusty Manning, and Wesley Ishimura, Wendy Nash, Lisa Hannah, Stu Musick, Binky Benoit, Robin Cowan. Alvarez. Third Row: Chris Olexy, Natalie Ughtner, Kimberly Rooser, Purpose: to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ through growth in discipleship, missions and evangelistic outreach, and loving interdenominational Christian fellowship. Special Events: debate on Evolution vs Creationism, campout at Lake Radcliff, Thanksgiving dinner, banquet, and meeting on such topics as discipleship, roles of man and women, cults, and stress. Sponsor: Mr. Ralph Busby Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship officers, left to right: Robin Alvarez, publicity coordinator; Linda Kearns, small group coordinator; Cathy Searcy, president; Brad Busbv, communications; and Jimmy Mascorro. 21311.260 043-046 Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship - 253 Jewish Student Fellowship Purpose: to provide a Jewish atmosphere for any student on campus interested in the Jew- ish faith, and give Jewish students a place to celebrate and worship together. Special Events: Purpose: junet Hurtsch Jewish Student Fellowship officers, left to right: Lisa Starr, Kipp Cohen, Michelle Schalsha, Gary Garber, Michelle Lengner, and Laura Abrashley. bowling party, several speakers, including the Rabbi of the Jew- ish organization on the Texas A M campus, and celebrations of Jewish holidays. Dr. Ken Watterston and Mrs. Shirley Watterston 254 - Jewish Student Fellowship Judo Club Purpose: to provide a way to get in shape, to learn self defense, to promote good will and to promote the sport of judo. Special Events: demonstrated self defense techniques to female residence halls, attended the Texas State Collegiate Tournament, the Na- tional Judo Tournament and competed in several meets in the Texas Area. Sponsor: Dr. Tim Clipson Greg Putlersrm Judo Club officers, left to right: Tina Tabor, secretary; Jim Irvin, instructor; Chris Hrubesh, vice president; and Stephen Childers, president. Judo Club • 255 Kappa Kappa Psi Kappa Kappa Psi, left to right, Row One: Brent Cannon, Ken Palmer, Row Three: Brad Strahan, Steve Rassmussen, Richard Hebert, Jeff Crews, Stephen Weber, Joey Ashbrook, Glynn Wells. Row Two: Mike Claude, Joey Acker. Row Four: Michael Ferguson, Bill Young, David Miller, Creg Mark Crim, Nathan Templeton, Mark Spier, Jeff Schultz, Steven Moore. Kelly, Wes Sensabaugh. e the university band program, its rs, and members. top ten chapter every year since 1972. recruiting in area high schools, buying materials and supplies for the band program, providing re- freshments for band members and handling and moving equipment. hosted the District VI Kappa Kappa Psi and Tau Beta Sigma convention, sponsored alumni booth at TMEA convention in San Antonio and hosted Region 21 Solo and Ensemble Contest. At. Steve Peterson Kappa Kappa Psi officers, left to right: Jeff Schultz, warden; Stephen We- ber, historian; Brent Cannon, president; Ken Palmer, vice president; Glynn Wells, secretary; Joey Ashbrook, treasurer. Purpose: t0 se direc Special Honors: Service Projects: Special Events: Sponsor: 256 - Kappa Kappa Psi Karate Club Karate Club, left to right, Front Row: An Vo, Joanne Nguyen, Kathy Miller, Jim Evrard, Craig Beigraben, Cole Clayton, Greg House, Jimmy Winn, Brenda Wall, Tashya Marley, Bradley Kardatzke, Alisa Browne and McCurdy, Shahin Sazej, and David Witt. Mike Villarreal. Back Row: Jeff Beaty, Mark Stinnett, Robert Bleier, Chris ' Karate Club - 257 American Marketing Association Purpose: to promote and pratice marketing and to encourage contacts and friendships through socials, and field trips. Service Projects: Special Olympics, fill a stocking, Clean-up Nacogdoches, Hallow- een candy to children in hospital. Special Events: Strohs Brewer y field tri P- AMA national president speaker, wine and cheese social and sporting events. Drenan Bell American Marketing Association officers: Michael Boorom, executive staff consultant; Randall Smith, vice president; Don Andrews, vice president publicity; Shelia Sullivan, vice president projects; Jessica Patehouse, vice president finance; and Susan Seaks, secretary. 258 - American Marketing Association Mu Phi Epsilon Drenan Bei) Mu Phi Epsilon officers: Sarah Kerger, president; Susan McRae, vice presi- dent; Kimla Beasley, recording secretary; Ann LaGrone, corresponding sec- retary; Lisa Chandler, treasurer; and Tisha Shelton, treasurer. Purpose: to promote music, friendship, and harmony among its members. Special Honors: donated money to the Memorial Foundation which gives scholar- ships, and operates a music school. Service Projects: participated faculty appreciation week, made donuts for the faculty, and sang at nursing homes. Special Events: visited the Lufkin Zoo, had recit- als with Phi Mu Alpha, took a trip to Austin for Province Con- ference, and conducted music therapy activities at local nursing homes. Sponsor: Ms. Carolyn Alhashimi Mu Phi Epsilon - 259 Collegiate Association for Secretaries NCAS, left to right: Jean Rudisill, Betty Johnson, Carolyn Price, Anne Batsche, Becky Dallas, Anne Casella, Beth Eastman, Melissa Schipper, Massengale, JoAnne Westergaard, Angle Munden, Audrey Lambert, Bren- Angela Lawson, Lisa Lowe, Teri Bono, Rick Gardner, Susan Matthews, da Park, Leah Wells, Dana Bonds, Vonda Drake, Cheryl Johnson, Martha and Tammy Simmons. Purpose: to provide a spirit of fellowship among students planning secretarial or teaching careers; to encourage the exchange of ideas and experiences in secretarial careers; to better opportunities for ad- ministrative responsibilities in business; and to show a better understanding of the distinction between business careers open to graduates of high schools and those graduating from a collegiate secre- tarial program. Special Honors: NCAS offers a non-officer ser- vice award that is given to one non-officer member who has participated the most throughout the past year in NCAS activities. The scholarship was established by SFA chapter on December 6, 1979. Shell Oil Company of Houston offers a $200 scholar- ship to a graduating senior. This was established in Spring 1985. 260 - National Collegiate Association for Secretaries Officers of Christian Fellowship Greg Pulterson Officers of Christian Fellowship, left to right, Front Row: Lisa McNeil, Back Row: Randy Stevens, Gerald Rich, Scott Loper, and Thomas Stroud. Rita O ' Brien, Erin McFarlin, Venessa Stroud, and Major Randall Fain. Purpose: a non-denominational group of military students as well as students from outside the military science department that helps students set standards of good moral character throughout the campus. Special Events: guest speakers Sponsor: Department of Military Science Officers of Christian Fellowship - 261 Society for Personnel Administration ASAP left to right: back row, Cindy Stanfield, Karen Gage, Mike Held, Brewer, Lynn Canada, Anne Casella, Jamie Coleman, Patti Janek, Lisa Doug Endicott, David Lang, and Dr. Forrest W. Price. Front Row: Terri Fuentes, and Donna Blackstone. Purpose: to put students who will one day work in the area of human resources management in contact with people with experience. Special Honors: merit award from Houston Personnal Administration, 1985. Special Events: field trips to the GM plant in Shreveport and the Dallas Cowboys management office in Dallas, and guest speakers in the area of human resource management. Sponsor: Dr. Forrest W. Price Eric Ayles ASAP Officers left to right: Doug Endicott; president, Cindy Stanfield; sec- retary, Karen Gage; treasurer, Mike Held; vice president. 262 - American Society for Personnel Administration Phi Alpha Kappa Purpose: to bring together students interested in finance, and to further their interest and knowledge in the field through collective activities. Special Honors: Special Events: Commercial National Bank ser- vice award, Southwest Securities Investment award, and the De- partment of Finance Academic Excellence Award. guest speakers from current fi- nancial markets, field trips to observe organizational work situations and financial career opportunities, Christmas party, and spring banquet. Sponsor: Dr. Bert Stine funet Hartsch Phi Alpha Kappa officers, left to right: Eric Holway, secretary; Troy Lee, treasurer; Mary Kimbrough, vice president; and Robert Wunderlich, president. Phi Alpha Kappa - 263 Phi Chi Theta Purpose: to promote the cause of higher business education and training for all individ- uals; to foster high ideals for everyone pursuing a career in business; to encour- age fraternity and cooperation among people preparing for such careers; and to stimulate the spirit of sacrifice and unselfish devotion to the attainment of such ends. Special Activities: rush every semester for all busi- ness majors with a G.P.A. of 2.5 or better, had pool-side parties as well as semi-formal rush parties during rush activities, had a tra- ditional pledge ceremony, had one individual from either private or public sectors of busi- ness to speak on various topics encompassing the economy to- day, had two service projects and two fund raisers, and closed the semester with a formal ban- quet honoring outstanding members and graduating seniors. Sponsor: Mrs. Emagene Wind Eric Ayles Phi Chi Theta officers, left to right: Jennifer Lesher, vice president and pledge trainer; Elizabeth Gasper, president; Whitney McGee, assistant trea- surer; Angle Baker, ERP chairperson; Stacy Syphrett, treasurer; Sherrie Johnson, historian; Karen Kelly, recording secretary; and Annette Penu, corresponding secretary. - Phi Chi Theta Phi Eta Sigma Phi Eta Sigma, left to right, Front Row: Chris Watlington, Cheryl Nelson, Starling Corbett, Tiffanny Settle, Leslie Wislon, Cami Ferguson, Terry Karen Grave, Dibba Kubdskey, Melanie Henderson, Kristi Plummer, Vicki Mayfield, Charlene Roehrs, and Carolyn Alhashimi. Walters, Darlene Roehrs, and Brenda Moore. Back Row: Sarah Kennedy, onal Freshman Honor Society - pro- is excellence at freshman level. distribution of " How to Study " booklet in all orientation folders, pamphlets and across campus. Selection of outstanding faculty member for honorary status. National Convention in Bloom- ington, Indiana, induction of new members, a cookout, and officer elections. Carolyn Alhashimi Phi Eta Sigma - 265 Phi Upsilon Omicron Phi Upsilon Omicron, left to right, Front Row: Dr. Patsy Hallman, Sheryl McCall, Elsie Graham, Mita De Wondz, Melanie Degrand, Wendy Maurer, Lisa Caldwell, Tiffany Settle, and Carol Bradley. Back Row: Patti Hamilton, Debra Coleman, Debra Byrnes, Shondra Powell, Liz Johnson, Shana Lamborn, Karen Sheffield, Ragina Farley, Janet Lucas, Mrs. Mary Judson, Kim Fowler, and Mrs. Janie Kenner. Purpose: to recognize academic excellence, to develop leadership, and to provide op- portunities for service to the home eco- nomics profession. Phi Upsilon Omicron is the oldest and largest national honor society for home economics. Special Honors: Service Projects: Special Events: home economic scholarship and the White Violet Award for the outstanding member. made bags for the Women ' s Shelter and finger puppets for hospitalized children. initiated new members, sold the Best of SFA Cookbooks during Homecoming, had guest speakers at every meeting, and had a Christmas party. Sponsor: Dr. Patsy Hallman, Mrs. Janie Kenn er, and Ms. Marjorie Judson Drenan Bell Phi Upsilon Omicron officers, left to right: Liz Johnson, president; Janet Lucas, vice president; Shana Lamborn, treasurer; Lisa Caldwell, reporter; Shondra Powell, chaplain. 266 - Phi Upsilon Omicron Pi Kappa Delta Pi Kappa Delta, left to right, Front Row: Shelley Bruce, Judia Harvey, Rhonda Hollis, Lisa Starr, and Belinda Harvey. Back Row: John Sollenberger, Alex Clifton, Amber Leake, Mike Rogan, Barre Gonzalez Rob Nading, Robert Gordon, Rick Olson, and Mr. Ron Seney. Janet Barisch Pi Kappa Delta officers, left to right: Shelly Bruce, vice president; Rhonda Hollis, secretary; and Rob Nading, president. Purpose: to stimulate progress in and to further interests in intercollegiate speech activit- ies and communication. Special Honors: Special Events: present the Robert Capel Out- standing Speaker Award to the outstanding Speaker ' s Bureau member. hosted the SFA Lumberjack Speech Tournament, the Texas Intercollegiate Forensics Associa- tion Spring Tournament, and the American Forensic Association District III National Qualifying Tournament, competed in a number of tournaments across the country, and hosted a high school forensics workshop and judged at various high school speech tournaments in the area. Sponsor: Mr. Ron Seney Pi Kappa Delta - 267 Pi Mu Epsilon Purpose: the promotion of scholarly activity in mathematics among students. Service Projects: the club presented programs to local area high schools on careers in mathematics. Special Events: programs presented by professionals in mathematics, a Christmas party, a banquet, and picnics. Sponsor: Dr. Pamela Roberson anet Barlsch Pi Mu Epsilon officers: Anthony Precella, president; Karen Ingram, vice president; Monica Ries, secretary; and Timothy Precella, special events cooridinator. 268 - Pi Mu Epsilon Pi Sigma Alpha Pi Sigma Alpha, left to right. Front Row: Robin Moore, Mary Cams, and Vicki Quinn. Back Row: John Moore, Neil Simon, Brian Barrilleaux, and Barry Bryan. une( Burtsch Pi Sigma Alpha officers, left to right: Brian Barrilleaux, vice president; and Robin Moore, president. Purpose: to promote productive scholarship and intelligent interest in political science among SFA students. Special Honors: Special Events: sponsor Annual Outstanding Po- litical Science Student Award which is presented at each spring banquet to an individual who graduated the previous sum- mer, fall, or is graduating that spring. Selection is made by members of the political science department from individuals nominated by peers and faculty. trip to Austin to view the legisla- ture in action, meet and discuss current policy issues with politi- cal leaders, tour the Senate and House, the Supreme Court, and meet with various other state officals. Sponsored a panel discussion with local, state, and national politicians on current issues. Sponsor: Ms. Mary L. Cams Pi Sigma Alpha - 269 Pine Log Purpose: the offical student newspaper of SFA. Published twice a week, the paper is a reflection of the activities and events, at- titudes and opinions which characterize the University, its students, faculty, and staff. In addition, The Pine Log serves as a learning laboratory for students inter- ested in pursuing careers in the fields of journalism and advertising. Through meeting the challenges of daily dead- lines, sales, interviews, and production, aspiring journalists are preparing them- selves to enter the world of work with a strong base of practical experience. Editor: Jean Ann Ruth Sponsor: Mrs. Patricia Spence, director of student publications 270 - Pine Log P re-Law Club Purpose: to promote knowledge of requirements for admission to law school and entrance into the legal profession and to promote knowledge of the legal process. Special Honors: Pre-Law Society of Texas Eastern Moot Court Award. Service Project: to administer practice Law School Admission Tests (LSAT) four times a year. Special Events: attended regional and state con- ventions of Pre-Law Society of Texas, toured Baylor Law School, and competed in moot court competition. Sponsor: Dr. Donald Gregory Pre-Law Club officers, left to right: Amber Volenti, secretary; Dana Huffman, vice president; Dr. Donald Gregory, sponsor; Sydney Beckman, president; and Ellen Riley, treasurer. Pre-Law Club - 271 Pre-Professional Club Purpose: to familiarize students with the careers of medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, phys- ical therapy, medical technology, occupa- tional therapy, physician ' s assistant, and medical record administration. Service Projects: hosted the annual community blood drive collecting upwards of 300 units of blood. Special Events: had fish-frys, hamburger barbe- cues with volleyball and horse- shoe pitching, and sponsored the community blood drive. Sponsor: Dr. Wayne G. Slagle Janet Bartsch Pre-Professional Club officers, left to right: Mike Coumas, vice president social affairs; Lee Etheridge, vice president educational programs; Jeff Beaty, president; Chali Grinnell, vice president service projects. 272 - Pre-Professional Club Psi Chi Psi Chi, left to right, Front Row: Jennifer Keeton, Georgina Key, Julia beth Rodger, Julie Jensen, and Libby Andrew. Back Row: Erik Karlssen, Roberson, Orelia Chavarria, Wendy Shirley, and Lynn Ubl. Second Row: Miama Daw, Greg Freeman, Cyndi O ' Steen, Ginny Judson, Rob Goodson, Claire Shipman, Julie Mathews, Senalreka Farmer, Pam McCellon, Eliza- Dr. David Nuefeldt, John Mullarket, and Greg Welcing. Purpose: to advance the science of psychology, stimulate and maintain scholarship, and encourage social interaction. Service Projects: volunteer to work for women ' s shelter, parents anonymous, and Head Start. Special Events: trips to Rusk State Hospital and Lufkin State School, annual SWPA Convention in New Orleans, professional speakers, 5- K run and parties. Sponsor: Dr. Dave Neufeldt Drenun Bell Psi Chi officers, left to right: John Mullarket, vice president; Elizabeth Rodger, president; and Dr. David Neufeldt, advisor. Psi Chi - 273 Racquetball Club Racquetball Club, left to right, Front Row: Wendy Douglas, Andrew Komorn, and Li Li. Back Row: Dan Nesbitt, Larry Stephenson, Tim Klein, Steve Bleggi, Dr. Jasper Adams, and Kevin Layne. Purpose: to help teach the game of racquetball and to compete in tournaments. Special Events: hosted the Fall Racquetball Tournament and the Spring Racquetball Tourney, and sent four of the top members to compete in the Intercollegiate Tournament with schools from around the nation. Sponsor: Dr. Jasper E. Adams janel Hartsch Racquetball Club officers, left to right: Andrew Komorn, president; Steve Bleggi, vice president; and Dr. Jasper Adams, sponsor. 274 - Racquetball Club Residence Hall Association Greg Putlerson RHA officers, left to right. Front Row: Kim Smajstrla, president; and Catherine Perkins, vice president. Back Row: Ms. Jamie Fain, advisor; Mike Stair, treasurer; and India Adams, secretary. Purpose: to improve the general condition and quality of life in the residence hall. This is done through actual physical improve- ments and various types of social activities. Service Projects: MDA Dance-a-thon Special Events: Parents Day, casino night, fall leadership retreat, SWACHURH conference, turkey trot, and the Christmas tree lighting. Sponsor: Mrs. Jamie Fain Residence Hall Association - 275 Rodeo Club onet Bartsch Rodeo Club, left to right. Front Row: Angle McClendory, Jeana Kinnaird, Jayme Reaves, Scott Parvine, Lee Griffin, Bill Bronson and Kevin Gary Givney and Theresa Stoker. Back Row: Tom Trull, Dr. Joe Gotti, Thomas. Purpose: to promote and support rodeo in all school levels including the college level. Special Honors: two members competed in the College National Rodeo Finals in Bozeman, Montana. Jayme Reaves won second in the south- ern region and placed fourth in the second go-round at Bozeman in breakaway calf roping. Gary Givney won first in the southern region and placed ninth in the world in saddle bronc. Special Events: sponsors a rodeo team which participates in the National In- tercollegiate Rodeo Association ' s Southern Region rodeo. Sponsor: Dr. Joe Gotti 276 - Rodeo Club Rugby Club Drenun Bell Purpose: to play other city and college teams around the state. Special Events: took a tour of the Grand Cayman Islands and played a team on the island. Sponsor: Dr. Robert R. Fleet Rugby Club - 277 Sigma Gamma Epsilon Kric Ayles Sigma Gamma Epsilson, left to right, Front Row: Pat Sharp, Cathy Greer, Neilson, Jay Klein, John Adamick, Raymond Keprta, Chris Sutley, Rick Deborah Good, Patty Miller, and Martha Wilcox. Back Row: LeRell Colson, Joseph Hayes, Jim Fowler, and Jospeh Fuhr. Purpose: an earth science honorary society that provides service to students, faculty, and the department. Sponsor: Mrs. Pat Sharp 278 - Sigma Gamma Epsilon Society of American Foresters Society of American Foresters, left to right, Front Row: Rhonda Ferrell, and LaDonna Brooks. Back Row: Elizabeth Sessa, Melissa Carmichael, Becky Rodriguez, and Irene Harnel. Second Row: Greg Hutto, McCollum, Kathy Bridges, Kevin Darlland, Path Mitschke, Jerrv Knight, Chuck Martindale, Mike Schmitt, Rick Rankin, Renee Roberts, Elin Errol Collins, Julie Turner, Jeffery Buhlig, and Scott Rogers. (Ireg P£itlt;rson Society of American Foresters officers, left to right, Front Row: Kevin Darland, president; Greg Hutto, vice-president; and Renee Roberts, treasur- er. Back Row: Patti Mitschke, public relations; and Kathy Bridges, public relations. Purpose: to provide a club for those interested in forestry; the club presents current knowledge of practices and technology in the area of forestry and provides hands-on experience. Special Honors: Special Projects: Special Events: two students attended upcoming field station and were given scholarships as a result of two benefit dances - Zady Wilson Scholarship. on Arbor Day students present programs on tree care to public elementary schools in Nacogdoches. at each meeting guest speakers presented a program on a forest- ry topic, annual tree planting ex- perience, and a benefit dance. Sponsor: Dr. Hershel Reeves Society of American Foresters - 279 Society for Creative Anachronism Purpose: to research and participate in historic ac- tivities from pre 1600 ' s, European and Asian cultures in dance, song, crafts, fighting, styles, and art. Special Honors: two members were given the A- ward of Armes for their service to the shire and two others were given Sable Thristles of Ansteauria for their skill in crafts. Special Events: tne Nacogdoches chaper of the SCA known as " The Shine of Gray Wood " went to other chap- ters to compete in the bardie arts, fighting arts, and craft competions. 280 - Society for Creative Anachronism Society of Physics Students Society of Physic Students, left to right, Front Row: Mariana Abdulrazak, Brent Sprongborn, Paul Lewis, Bruce Bacher, Thomas Hodges, and Philip Jessiac Blackmon, Jennifer Young, James Linguist, Linda Wilson, Laura Blackborn. Bryant, and Dr. Walter Trikosko. Back Row: Paul Driskell, Eric Russel, Drenun Bell Society of Physic Students officers, left to right: Thomas Hodges, vice president; Paul Lewis, president; Bruce Bacher, secretary; and Dr. Walter Trikosko, advisor. Purpose: to promote physics and an awareness of physics to the public and to provide fellowship and academic encouragement to its members. Special Honors: Service Projects: Special Events: second largest chapter in the na- tion during 1985-86, Outstanding SPS Chapter, 1985-86. public viewing sessions at the SFA observatory for students and the community. SPS sponsored Physics and Engineering Night for all physics and engineering students. public viewing sessions at the SFA observatory, sponsored the Zone 10 SPS meeting with all schools in our zone participating, and sponsored the physics and engineering night. Sponsor: Dr. Walter Trikosko Society of Physics Students - 281 Spanish Club Purpose: to promote better international under- standing, principally of the Spanish lan- guage and culture. Special Projects: improvements to modern lan- guage department. Special Events: had meetings, showed movies, and held study and tutoring sessions. Sponsor: Dr. N. Ann Doyle Spanish Club president is Stacey Southerland. unel Burlsch 282 - Spanish Club Student Association of Social Workers funel fiurlsch Student Association of Social Workers, front to back, Right Side: Ken Robert Lee Brewer. Left Side: Patricia Greenspan, Sharon Turrin, Steve Brock, Elizabeth Miller, Cathy Holley, Jeannie Chase, Lori Turney, and Bennett, Mike Nicklow, Meredith Manning, and Melissa Pinner. Purpose: to further the goals and values of social work, both on campus and in the community. Service Projects: raised funds for the United Way. Special Projects: traveled to Austin for the Na- tional Association of Social Work Convention Texas Chapter, had speakers, community projects, and parties. Sponsor: Dr. Michael Dailey Student Association of Social Workers - 283 Student Council for Exceptional Children Drenan Bell Student Council for Exceptional Children, left to right, Front Row: Jan Poehlman, and Linda Morlock. Back Row: Tammy Billings, and Jill Whitacer. Second Row: Rhonda Enclade, and Loretta Englishbee. Third Worley. Row: Joy Braddock, Emilie Keif, Cathy Coburn, Beth Mathis, Lind Purpose: to educate and inform the public and future sp ecial educators of the excep- tional child and his needs in our society. Service Projects: Halloween Party for treatment center, Christmas caroling with Nacogdoches Halfway House, Easter Party with Goodman Wade Halfway House. Special Events: attended the state convention in Austin, had many speakers, sponsored a handicapped softball tournament and toured the local halfway houses. Sponsor: Ms. Emilie Kief 284 - Student Council for Exceptional Children Student Dietetic Association Student Dietetic Association, left to right. Front Row: Kristan Boyd, and Petrie. Last Row: Shona Lamborn, and Susan Hendrickson. Darla Richardson. Second Row: Anna Rodriguz, Jill Rushing, and Susie Junet Burlsch Student Dietetic Association officers, left to right: Anna Rodriguz, presi- dent; Susie Petrie, vice president; Shoma Lambron, treasurer; and Susan Hendrickson, secretary. Purpose: to help its members gain knowledge about a car eer as a nutrition professional and as a food systems manager and to promote these fields. Special Honors: Service Projects: Special Events: highest ranking junior or senior; Silver Trivet, an outstanding club member. visited Oak Manor Nursing Home at Thanksgiving. Homecoming activities that in- cluded a luncheon for all nutri- tion and food systems management alumni, attended the annual fall Texas Student Di- etetic Convention in San Marcos, Texas, visited the Lufkin State School around Halloween, hosted the annual Christmas par- ty to honor graduating seniors and held officer elections. Sponsor: Mrs. Ethelinde Gibson Student Dietetic Association - 285 Student Government Association Student Government Association: Kimberly Haren, Alisa Browne, Chuck tine Shimshock, Lori Blackey, Billy Maeleod, Lalvin Phelps, Greg Thorton, Lopez, Ani Alloju, Charlie Jeslie, Mark Holl, John Williams, Stephen Holly Brophy, Rand Reinhardt, Paul Lewis, Karen Veru, Heather Graham, Esparza, David Witt, Anthony Smith, Kevin Klein, Joey Watts, Jennifer Carol Chumley, Greg Waldrop, Brian Welch, Duke Bond. Brooks, Kevin Hopper, Alma Roberts, Evelyn Beyer, Casey C off man, Kris- Purpose: to help express the views of the students to the university, state, and nation. President: R. Duke Bond Sponsor: Dr. Peggy Scott Drrnun Hell Officers, left to right: R. Duke Bond, president; Brian Welch, vice-president; Lisa Bice, executive secretary; Jeff Guidry, treasurer; Marlenle Hadley, public relations. 286 - Student Government Association STRAPS Drenun Bell STR4PS, left to right, Front Row: Melissa Koonce, Maureen Hughes, and Ferrell, Pam Eubanks, Sean Harper, and Randy Robertson. Last Row: Jeff Virginia Bartasch. Second Row: H. Alexis Ross, Alma Roberts, Melinda Waits, Ronnie Socha, Scott Saunders, and Pat Orissel. Koonce, Kathy Shapeley, and Mike Walsh. Third Row: Keith Hill, Elin Purpose: to meet other people in the recreation field, and learn about outdoor recreation and participation. Service Projects: conservation work at the Tucker Estate and to introduce people into the out-of-doors. Special Events: planned a bicycle trip, camping trips and one extended trip. Sponsor: Dr. Michael Legg STRAPS - 287 Sylvan ' s Club Greg Patterson Purpose: to develop competent and aggressive for- estry leaders and promote an interest in forestry. Special Events: hosted Lumberjack Day in conjuction with Homecoming, at- tended annual ASFC conclave with other southern forestry schools, weekly work projects, and participated in exhibitions of forestry skills in surrounding areas. Sponsor: Dr. Michael Fountain 288 - Sylvan ' s Club Tau Beta Sigma Purpose: to serve the band Service Project Special Events: worked in band office each week, served water at rehersals, provided cokes after halftime, and " get togethers " for visiting bands after games. Homecoming dance, Christmas banquet, hosted the District Con- vention with Kappa Kappa Psi, and held the Spring banquet celebrating the 30th anniversary of Tau Beta Sigma. Sponsor: Mr. Steve Peterson unel Burtscfi Tau Beta Sigma officers, left to right: Leslie West, second vice-president; Lisa Warren, treasurer; Connie Kimball, president; Julie Trieselmann, first vice-president; Ann Miller, corresponding secretary; Ann La Grone, record- ing secretary; and Janey Kitzmiller, parliamentarian. Tau Beta Sigma - 289 Texas Nursing Student Association Texas Nursing Student Association: Heather Brown. Lisa Conwy, Elane Squires. Margaret McGee, Lisa Allee, Diane All, Christine Hanson, Virgin- ia Roberts. Cheryl Walker, Melissa Lipscomb. Brenda Horton, Lori Harri- son, Angela Schraufnagel. Lisa Templeton, and Amy Stanford. Purpose: to promote facutly-student interaction, nursing student interaction and to provide a local voice for nursing stu- dents that will carry to state and nation- al levels. Service Projects: health fairs and blood pressure screening. Special Events: planned one community project that included health fairs, blood pressure screening and guest speakers. Had general meetings where the students learned what to do in certain crisis situations. Sponsor: Mrs. Nan Smith-Blair Eric Aytes Texas Nursing Student Association officers, left to right: Gayle McAleer, Karol Berry, Karen Burrow. Allison Bailey, and Beth Fanaff. 290 - Texas Nursing Stude nt Association Purpose: to help inform and encourage future teachers of Texas. President: Tammy Billings Sponsor: Dr. Mary Ella Lowe janet Burlsch Officers and sponsor, left to right: Deanna Muller, historian; Joy Braddock, vice-president; Dr. Mary Ella Lowe, sponsor; Tammy Billings, president; and Michelle Jurisich, secretary. TSEA - 291 Cinema Arts Committee Cinema Arts, left to right: Nancy Morphew, Lisa Morales, Mary Arcidiacano, Lori Spradley, Pam Pitt man, Shawn Franklin, and Donna Blackstone. Horizontal: Paul Ravner, chairman. Greg Patterson Purpose: to show movies in the University Center. Service Project: Special Events: at the movie " The Toy " if a per- son brought a toy they received a free ticket. The toys were dona- ted to the Children ' s Stocking Fund. replaced the idea of going to see a movie with going to experience a movie. Chairman: Paul Rayner Sponsor: Mr. Steve Westbrook 292 - Cinema Arts Committee Fashion Committee Fashion Committee. Purpose: to produce seminars on hair and exer cise and to produce fashion shows. Special Events: fall and spring fashion shows and took a trip to a modeling agency. Chairman: Danny Fields Sponsor: Mr. Steve Westbrook Janet Bartsch Fashion Committee officers, left to right: Danny Fields, chairman; and Laura Wilbanks, onstage chairman. Fashion Committee - 293 Hospitality Committee janet Bartsch Hospitality Committee, left to right, Front Row: Donna Blackstone, Robert Helm. Last Row: Amy Kretsinger, Kelly Cochran, Lish Sheridan, Bleier, Janet Triem, Sally Theod ore, and Kim Stewart. Second Row: KristiLisa Kleiner, and Sylvia Sullinger. Shuree Diettrich, Alisa Browne, Susan Harris Dee Dee Vizina and Denise Purpose: to be the official hosts and hostesses of Stephen F. Austin State University. Special Events: Almost Anything Goes Game Day, hosted all home football games, children ' s Halloween par- ty, hosted the Madrigal Dinner and hosted the Presidential Re- ception. Also gave parties for the children of faculty, staff, and students. Chairman: Sylvia Sullinger Sponsor: Mr. Steve Westbrook 294 - Hospitality Committee Ideas and Issues Committee Drenan lk-11 Ideas and Issues Committee, left to right: Janet Hammond, Ann Click, Rebel Edens Rogers, and Randy Layman. Purpose: to bring current issues, debates, and topics that concern members of the Uni- versity and the community. The pro- grams emphasize political, cultural, edu- cational, and recreational issues. Special Events: debate between Mark Mathabane, a black South African, and Stuart Pringle, a white South African, over the system of apartheid, hosted the college bowl and sponsored Dr. Peter Mansell, from M.D. Ander- son Hospital in Houston, to speak on AIDS. Chairman: Rebel Rogers Sponsor: Mr. Steve Westbrook Ideas and Issues Committee - 295 Jackbackers Committee Jackbackers Committee. Purpose: to boost school spirit and cheer at all sporting events. Special Events: host a noise parade for the first home football game, decorated football players locker room, sponsored a float in the Home- coming parade, sent message-a- grams during finals, and attend- ed all home and away sporting events. Chairman: Kim Bolton Sponsor: Mr. Steve Westbrook Greg Patterson Jackbackers officers, left to right, Front Row: Kristi Rodriquez, Denise Ponewash, David Cochran, Pam Moldenhauer, amd Kim Bolton. Back Row: Georgia Macrellis, Eric Bangle, Susan Wilkes, and Bobby Moltwinkel. 296 - Jackbackers Committee Drenun Hell Mainstage Productions officers, left to right: Laura Wilbanks, floor usher; Elane Squires, catering head; Sherry Black, publicity; Le Anne Shoemaker and Sharon Murphy, ticket taker; Todd Grove, chairman; Troy Lee, stage crew and security. Purpose: to sponsor, set up and arrange all major concerts at Stephen F. Austin State University. Special Events: sponsored the Huey Lewis and the News concert. Chairman: Todd Grove Sponsor: Mr. Steve Westbrook Mainstage Productions - 297 Programs Board Drenun Bell Programs Board, left to right: Rebel Rogers, Paul Rayner, Kim Bolton, Sweeney, Paul Albright, Laurie Williams, and Steve Herskowitz. Catherine Morgan, Todd Grove, Sylvia Sullinger, Danny Fields, Jacci Purpose: to efficiently and effectively provide a variety of cultural, social, recreational and educational programs for the SFA community. Service Projects: Alcohol Awareness Week Special Events: sponsored the organization fair, fashion show, movie series, col- lege bowl and the apartheid debate. President: Jacci Sweeney Sponsor: Mr. Steve Westbrook 298 • Programs Board Travel Committee Eric Ayies Travel Committee, left to right, Front Row: Shannon Lee, Darynda Allen, Harper, and Delano Mitchell, and Kim O ' Riley. Back Row: Catherine Morgan, Chris Prado, Micki Purpose: to organize for the SFA community first class trips for the lowest possible price. Special Events: sponsored the 10th annual Ski Colorado trip to Crested Butte, van trip to the Sam Houston State football game, bus trip to Dallas Cowboys vs. St. Louis Cardinals football game, spring break trip to Mexico, Louisiana Downs trip, and a trip to Six Flags over Texas amusement park. Chairman: Catherine Morgan Sponsor: Mr. Steve Westbrook Travel Committee - 299 Upsilon Pi Epsilon Upsilon Pi Epsilon, left to right: Dr. Jerrell Grout, Leigh Williams, Doug Craig Wood. Williams, Wendy Vogel, Dee Fleming, Monica Ries, Diane Lawrence, and Purpose: to encourage, in the field of computer science, high scholastic achievement, outstanding contributions in research, and high standards among professionals. Special Events: induction of new members. Sponsor: Dr. Jarrell C. Grout Drenan Beli Upsilon Pi Epsilon officers, left to right: Wendy Vogel; president, Doug Williams; treasurer, and Dee Fleming; vice-president. 300 - Upsilon Pi Epsilon Wesley Foundation Purpose: to provide opportunities for fellowship, worship, service, and study of the Chris- tian faith. Special Projects , : spring and fall mission trips and visited nursing homes. Special Events: Christmas party, mission trip, spring banquet, sing song and Bi- ble study and speakers. Sponsor: Mr. Rex Carleton Wesley Foundation officers, left to right: Rex Carleton, director; Sandra DuBose, chairman of education; Mark Conrad, treasurer; Jennifer Young, chairman of parish; Allan Walker; Anne Zeigler, president; and David Persons, chairman of evangelism. Wesley Foundation - 301 Wildlife Society Jane! Burtscii Wildlife Society, left to right. Front Row: Dr. Montague Whiting, Melanie Rick Larkin, Billy Cooper, Phil Ferguson, Steve Best, David Flint, and Jeff Straiton, La Donna Brooks, Virginia Bartush, Elin Ferrell, Craig Tabor, Williams, and Mark Olson. Back Row: Pam Eubanks, Paul Comes, Scott Rogers, Purpose: to promote an awareness of the need for conservation and wise management of wildlife resources as well as comrade- ship among club members. Special Honors: outstanding member of the year presented at the spring banquet. Special Events: attended the Wildlife Conclave Quiz Bowl Competition at Mis- sissippi State and the Texas State Wildlife Society meeting in Abilene, Texas, had various speakers and presentations at meetings, and had a wild game cook-out. Sponsor: Dr. Montague Whiting and Dr. James Kroll 302 - Wildlife Society Women in Communications Women in Communications officers, left to right, Front Row: Cindy Pickell, president; Mrs. Helen Varner, sponsor; Frances Hinson. Back Row: Kelly Smolka, vice president; and Debbie Kojis, secretary. Purpose: to promote continuing professional edu- cation and networking in advertising, public relations, journalism, broadcast- ing, and photojournalism. Service Projects: Special Honors: Special Events: Sponsor: gave reception for the parents of communication majors and mi- nors and tours of the Stone Fort, Pine Log, KSAU radio station and TV 2 television station. WICI National Award for chapter and advisor Mrs. Helen Varner. participation in Homecoming pa- rade with a float and a duchess. Two officers attended the nation- al conference in New York in September to receive two nation- al awards: one for the chapter and one for the sponsor. Mrs. Helen Varner Women in Communication - 303 Xi Sigma Pi Xi Sigma Pi, bottom row, left to right: Lee Pelton, Jim Gregory, Chuck Macky A. McClung, Elin Ferrell, Kyra Sanders. Martindale, Steve Rockwood. Top row, left to right: Janette Warren, Purpose: to recognize those who have secured and maintained a high standard of scho- larship in forest resource management education. Special Events: fall and spring banquets. Sponsor: Dr. David Kulhavy and Dr. Malcolm MacPeak Xi Sigma Pi officers, left to right: Macky A. McClung, vice president - as- sociate forester; Janette Warren, president - forester; Chuck Martindale, ranger. 304 - Xi Sigma Pi Yellow House Drenan Be J Purpose: to encourage Bible study, spiritual enrichment, friendship, service and en- joyment among SFA students. Service Projects: weekly devotional services held at Nacogdoches convalescent centers and host a " mini-special Olympics " for sheltered workshop. Special Events: sponsored the fall retreat and the Anthens retreat, had ice cream and volleyball socials, Fantastic Families Picnic, and hosted the Annual Spiritual Campaign Trip. Sponsor: Mr. Michael Fortson Yellow House - 305 Block and Bridle Block and Bridle left to right, Back Row: Dr. Joe Gotti, Larry Caldwell, Strokes, Paige LeBlanc, Kelli Wells, and Ann Gaither. Front Row: Susan Allen Bullock, Bill Price, Tim Rocka, Robert Harris, Tom Vina, and Bryner, Melissa Beaty, and Liz Byrum. Charle Stone. Middle Row, Patti Monk, Stephanie Carreon, Theresa Purpose: to promote agriculture, namely the ani- mal science. Special Honors: Special Events: outstanding member and Home- coming Duchess, Stephanie Carreon. attended the Regional Conven- tion at Sam Houston State Uni- versity and the National Conven- tion in Denver, Colorado, participated in the PWQHA Horse Show, sponsored a pig sale for area high schools, and judged contests for high schools. Service Projects: Lufkin State School Sponsor: Dr. Joe Gotti funel Burtsch Block and Bridle officers, left to right: Tom Vina, Melissa Beaty, and Stephanie Carreon. 306 - Block and Bridle Gibbs Hall Special Events: presented guest speakers includ- ing Dr. Peggy Scott, assistant dean of student development, sponsored secret pals with the boys dorm, held a Christmas for- mal, and had parents ' activities. Residents: 119 girls lived in Gibbs Hall. Service Projects: foster child program at Christmas. Head Resident: Noel Grass Jeff Munfey Gibbs Hall senate. Gibbs Hall - 307 Griffith Hall Greg Patterson Special Events: guest speakers, secret pals, parent ' s day activities, and a Halloween party. Residents: 536 girls lived in Griffith Hall. Head Resident: Donna Edwards 308 - Griffith Hall Kerr Hall Greg Patterson Purpose: to legislate Kerr Hall, plan special events and programs for entertainment and educational pruposes and to fulfill RHA requirements. Special Events: RA pie throw, special Homecom- ing events, Parents ' Day activit- ies, dances, interaction with oth- er halls, and sponsored the dating game. Residents: 500 girls lived in Kerr Hall. Head Resident: Whitney McGee Kerr Hall - 309 Special Events: raised money necessary to create a permanent scholarship in memory of Craig Williams and Robert Maluski, two former resi- dents, sponsored parties, and took " road trips " to out of town ball games to support the Lumberjacks. Residents: 168 men live in Mays Hall. Head Resident: Tom Streeter fane! Bartsch Officers Mays Hall: Chris Schreiber, president; Stephen Esparza, vice presi- dent; Brian DiFrank, Raj Shori, senators; Forest Smith, Robert Mallett, L.C. representative; Stephen Childers, senator; Mark D. Rathe, treasurer; and Chris Coleman, senator. 310 - Mays Hall Purpose: to involve hall residents in social and learning experiences, to cre- ate a " family " atmosphere, and a learning environment. Special Events: Parents ' Day reception, Home- coming activities, fall leadership retreat, staff appreciation days, speakers, Christmas formal with Hall 10, secret pals, and end of semester " Dead Week " treats. Residents: 100 girls lived in North Hall. Head Resident: Celina Carson and Connie Page North Hall senate. sff Manley North Hall - 311 South Hall Bell Special Events: secret pals, Parents ' Day recep- tion, Homecoming reception, and a spring formal. Residents: 100 girls lived in South Hall. Head Resident: Liz Parr 312 - South Hall Steen Hall Steen Hall officers, left to right: Laurie Caughey, secretary; Pam Cortez, vice president; Amy Rosenberg, president; Charlotte Henke, vice president; and Laurie Crawford, treasurer. Special Events: participated in secret pals, Steen formal, flag football, street dances, beach bash, guest speak- ers, RA Appreciation Day, fashion show, Hall Senate ban- quet and self-improvement week. Service Projects: adopt a grandparent, and clean up ' 86. Residents: 731 girls lived in Steen Hall. Head Resident: Kelli Mayeux and Susan Rinehart Steen Hall - 313 Todd Hall Eric AyJes Purpose: to make a clean and fun environment for the residents of the hall and other halls. Special Events: participated in secret pals, dances, and crank it contest, hosted public speakers and con- tests between the three floors in the dorm. Residents: 110 men lived in Todd Hall. Head Resident: Maxine Frazell 314 - Todd Hall Units unet Burfsch Special Events: sponsored the last day on the beach luau, Parents ' Day recep- tion, secret pals, and a dance and lip sync contest. Residents: 210 men lived in the Units. Head Resident: Craig Goodman Units - 315 Wilson Hall Jeff Manley Wilson Hall officers, left to right: Joel Allard, president; Mark Willenboing, secretary; Alan Stewart, vice president; Patrick Hays, senator; Craig Introlligator, menu board representative; and Chris Burton,, treasurer. 316 - Wilson Hall Wisely Hall Special Events: hosted the interhall spades tour- nament, the annual oil and filter [ change for members of the com- munity and campus residents, sponsored a Homecoming car with the hall duke and partici- pated in several intramural activities. Residents: 100 men lived in Wisely Hall. Head Resident: Hayden Mitchell Wisely Hall officers, left to right: Ti Shuman, vice president; Pat Tatum, president; and Mark Shively, social chairman. Wisely Hall - 317 Hall 10 Special Events: participated in intramural sports, secret pals and various other projects. Purpose: to promote a good living environment on campus. Residents: 100 girls lived in Hall 10. Head Resident: Maureen Pernick K ' ric AyJes Hall 10 officers, left to right: Jennifer Johnson, vice president; Becky Nair; president, and Pam Moldenhauer, treasurer. 318 - Hall 10 Hall 14 Eric Ayles Purpose: to provide programs for residents living in the hall that will both unite them with enthusiasm and educate them. Special Events: participated in football and softball tournaments, community service projects, and assorted speakers for entertainment and education. Residents: 400 men lived in Hall 14. Hall 14 - 319 Hall 16 Eric Ayles Special Events: sponsored a haunted house for Halloween, paticipated in secret pals, street dances, and leader- ship conferences for hall senators. Residents: 403 men lived in Hall 16. Head Resident: Todd Witt 320 - Hall 16 Hall 20 feff Mantey Special Events: sponsored varoius speakers, par- ticipated in Homecoming by decorating the hall and electing ! a duke and duchess, and spon- sored secret pals. Residents men and women liven in Hall 20. Head Resident: Evert Brown and Janet Dicus ' Hall 20 - 321 CLASSES Eric Ayles Graduates Kric AyJes Two students demonstrate a common use for the Pine Log on a rainy day. funel Burtsch Students stop to ponder if " one for the road " is worth the price they may pay. Graduates Graduates MARIAM ABDULR.4ZAK, Geology ZULK1FL1 A-MALEK, Business REX BA VOUSETT, Forestry JEFF CANNON, Agriculture K4RY COOPER, Education ROBERT CROSSMAN, Computer Science BERLEN DOBBINS, Computer Science DARL4 F 4NKEN, Music LESLIE GREEN, Education THOMAS HODGES, Physics JACK KLEIN, Geology DAVID LaPLUE, History A. KM. MAHBUBULLAH, Geology CHER YL McKELLAR, English PAUL MORLOCK, Chemistry Biology PHILIPPE NAVE, Computer Science VICKI NA VE, Biology WILLIAM PELTON, Forestry INDRIA POERNOMO, Computer Science ELOISE REYNOLDS, Biology KELLY ROBERTSON, Chemistry THOMAS SPEDALE, Psychology PAUL VARGA, History Class and Faculty Pictures by Sudlow Photography 127 Vermillion St. Danville, Illinois Kric Av Je Ah, the fun of taking yearbook pictures! Graduates - 325 Seniors H4REN ABNEY, Rehabilitation GER.ALD ADAMS, Computer Science INDIA ADAMS, English Political Sci. ANNA ADORNETTO, Finance KATHY ALBERT, Accounting RUSSELL ALBERT, Music MM SUSAN ALEXANDER, Business LISA ALLEE, Nursing GARY ALLEN, Economics BRONWYN ANDERSON, Elem. Ed. 1 326 - Seniors Seniors DONNA ANDERSON, Marketing DIANE ANDREWS. Political Science KIMBERLY ANDRY, Finance MONICA ASHOUR, English Sec. Ed. MIKE BADGER, Communication ANGELA BAKER, Management JULIE BAKER, Social Work AMY BARKER, Communication MARIBEL BARRIENTOS. Marketing SHARON BASS, Communication BETSY BATCHELOR, Art CHARLOTTE BATJER, Psychology MELISSA BEATY, Animal Science SUSAN BEATY, Interior Design WA YNE BECKER, Finance PAUL BEL4USKAS, Criminal Justice K4ROL BERRY, Nursing PAMELA BEST, Houston REN A BEYER, Management DOME B1GGERSTAFF, Office Admin. RHONDA BLACK, Communication MICHELE BLACKWELL, Communication GLENN BLAKE, Marketing STEPHEN BLEGGI , Management RONDA BR.4GG, Management PHILIP BR.4KEBILL, Marketing THERESA BRANNAN, Elem. Ed. JIM BRANUM, Marketing DEIDR.4 BREAZEALE, Business Admin. ROBERT BREWER, Social Work DANA BONDS, Office Administration TERI BONO, Office Administration HEATHER BO WEN, Nursing LAURIE BOYDSTUN, Elem. Ed. KAREN BOYETT, Elem. Ed. TAMI BR.4DSHAW, Elem. Ed. Seniors - 327 Seniors TERESA BREWER. Management GREGORY BROWN. Physical Ed. KEVIN BROWN. Communication PAULA BRUM ITT. Art ANGELA BUCHANAN. Communication ROBERT BUECHEI. Marketing KAREN BURROW. Nursing DEBR.A BYRNES. Fashion Merch. LAWRENCE CALDWELL. Agriculture TERESA CANADA. Marketing ANNE CASELLA. Office Admin. STELLA CASTRO. Sociology LISA CHANDLER. Marketing TODD CHAPMAN Business CLAUDIA CHASE, Social Work ORELIA CHAVARRIA. Psychology LAUR.A CIGAINERO, Biology SHA WN CLAFLIN. Finance JOHN CLAMPITT. Marketing JIM CLARK. Finance PATTI CLARK, Elem. Ed. Phys. Ed. CATHY COBOURN, Elem. Spec. Ed. KEVIN COLLINS, Physical Education MICHELLE COLMER, Elem. Ed. CATHY COMO. Biology FLUMENCIO CONSTANTE, Art TAMARA COOLE, Elem. Ed. SHELLY COOPER. Physical Education J A Y COPPOCK JR.. Finance MALIA CORNETT. Psychology RHONDA COTTEN. Elem. Ed. GARY CRAWFORD, Computer Set. CARLA CRISS. Accounting MARK CROLEY. Biology DON NY CRUSE, History Political Sa. GARY DAVIS, Criminal Justice 328 - Seniors Seniors E ■ Vk % ■ ST OlflL l DAWSON, Finance KEVIN DEAN, Biology CYNTHIA DeVANCE, Accounting JAMES DINGES, Biology CAROL DISHBERGER, Marketing MARY DODDS, English HEATHER DOURS, Elem. Ed. MICHAEL DUSKIN, Finance BETH EASTMAN Office Admin. STEPHANIE EATON, Communication BRIAN EA VES, Communication SHANNON EBARB, Communication GEORGE EBELT, Marketing JOHN ECKROTE, Biology MICHAEL EDWARDS. Pre-Med TERESA EDWARDS. Management ELISABET ELFLEIN, Computer Sci. ROBERT ELLIS, Geology Seniors - 329 Seniors FELICIA ELSKEN, Mathematics LORETTA ENGLISH BEE. Elem. Spec. Ed. ALEX ESPIN0Z4, Biology RHONDA EVANS, Nursing ROBERT EVERETT, Communication HARLAN FAIRCLOTH, Finance SANDY FALK, Communication BETH FANAFF, Nursing REGINA FARLEY, Education NINA FELLMANN, Finance JIMMY FENTON. Mathematics DEBORAH FIELDS, Criminal Justice MARK FINCHER, Management KIRSTEN FINK, Communication DOROTHEA FLEMING, Computer Set. EMBRIA FLORES. Elem. Ed. MARK FOREMAN, Biology SAR.4 FREITAG, Business ANDREA FRITZ. Accounting MICHAEL GAFFNEY. Horticulture LIT A GAGE, Accounting LAUR.4 GAITHER, Elem. Ed. MARY GAN T. Elementary Education GARY GARBER. Data Processing ELIZABETH GASPER. Data Pro. KELLIE GIBBONS, English Theatre DONNA GIEB, Elementary Education SANDR.4 GONZALES, Physical Ed. VICKI GRAHAM, Elem. Ed. NELLIE GREEN, Communication PATRICIA GREENSPAN, Social Work LISA GREGORY, Fashion Merch. KIMBERLEE GRIFFIN. Elem. Ed. KEVIN HADLEY. Computer Science MICHELLE HADLEY. Communication PATRICIA HAIR. Elementary Education ft 330 - Seniors Seniors VICKIE HAND. Elem. Ed. TYC PATTI HANEY, Criminal Justice MELISAA HANKS, Elementary Education KELL1E HARDCASTLE, Accounting MELISSA HARDIN, Communication PATRICIA HARDING, Spanish Math SEAN HARPER, Forestry STACY HARRISON, Elem. Ed. PAUL HARTMANN, Speech Hearing GEORGE HARTSF1ELD, Sociology BELINDA HARVEY, Communication ELIZABETH HASWELL, Speech Hearing BECKY HA WKINS, Special Education NATALIE HAWTHORNE, Elem. Ed. HOLLY HAYS, Elementary Education MIKE HELD, Management CHERYL HELLMANN, Finance PAMELA HENDRICKS, Elem. Ed. ERNEST HERED1A, Art JAMES HERVEY, Agri- Business CHRISTY HILL, Music Spanish MIKE HILL, Communication LARRY HI NSON, Biology CYRIL J. HODAPP III, Geology MARLENE HODGES, Elem. Ed. HOLLY HOLCOMB, Computer Science GINA HOLMAN, Mathematics RICHARD HOLWAY. Finance HAROLD HOLY FIELD, Finance KEENAN HONEA, Criminal Justice PA UL HOUSER, Chemistry HEATHER HOWARD, Elem. Ed. COURTNEY HOYT, Criminal Justice MAUREEN HUGHES, Computer Science STEVE HUNT, Accounting RACHEL HURST, Psychology Seniors - 331 Seniors PETER HURT, Finance SANDRA ILLMER. Chemistry Biology KAREN INGR.AM, Mathematics GEORGETTE JACOB, Communication KATHI JAMETON, Communication DARL4 JEFFERSON, Physical Ed. DOUGLAS JEFFERSON, Business CAR.A JOHNSON. Business ELIZABETH JOHNSON, Home Econ. FORREST JOHNSON, Data Processing JENNIFER JOHNSON, Biology KANINA JOHNSON, Elem. Ed. ANDY JOHNSON, Marketing RICHARD JOHNSON, Rehab. Counsel SUSIE JOHNSON. Gerontology GARY JONES, CSC Data Processing SHERRIE JONES, Communication KENNETH KAAZ, Computer Science ANDREW KALLUS, Forestry MATTHEW KAUFMAN, Management LAURILYN KAY, Accounting LINDA KEARNS, Elem. Ed. CREG KELLY, Communication KAREN KELLY, Finance CHARLES KIRBOW, Sociology STEVE KIRBY, Finance JOHN KIRCHNER, History P.E. JEFFRY KLEIN, Forestry KEVIN KLEIN. Accounting BARRY KNEZEK, Pre- Med ANN KOERSCHNER, Elem. Ed. JOHNNA KOWALSKI, Biology ROBBIE LAC HER, Art BEN LADNER, Criminal Justice SHONA LAM BORN, Food Nutrition JUDITH LANE, Applied Arts Sciences iJfaAL .. fc frmH ij M Afc %L k 332 - Seniors Seniors DA VID LANG, Business LESLIE LANG, Communication MICHAEL LANGE, Finance MARY GRACE LAPIC, Finance TERRY LAP1C, Mathematics KAREN LaPLUE, Speech Language Path. PAUL LAWRENCE, Business WENDY LEA, Art KRIS LeBLANC, Biology KAY LEE, Biology TROY LEE, Accounting MICHAEL LEITER, Computer Science K4THRYN LENERS, Accounting JENNIFER LESHER. Marketing PAUL LEWIS, Mathematics KELLY LIND, Interior Des. Gen. Bus. JAMES LINDQUIST, Mathematics MARK LINDSEY, Physical Education Kcic Ay Ins Lisa Santinoceto, Ft. Worth senior, explains some of the advantages and features of her new Spree moped, a popular college mode of transportation, to Tami Jellison, Garland sophomore. Seniors - 333 Seniors ROBERT LINDSEY. Accounting DENISE LIVERIS, Communication CHUCK LOPEZ, Management LINDA LOUDER, Biology F 4N LOVEL4CE, Marketing KER1 LOVELESS, Fashion Merch. LaLARNlE MADDEN, Elem. Spec. Ed. LISA MAMOT, Communication L4RR Y MANGUM, Accounting LAURIE MARCANTEL, History COREY MARK, Finance JODI MARKHAM, Business MERIBETH MARKHAM, Marketing TASHYA MARLEY, Marketing GWEN MAROPIS, Accounting CHRISTOPHER MARTIN, Humanities CL4RISSA MARTIN, Elem. Ed. GREG MARTIN, Accounting JACI MARTIN Marketing LISA MARTIN, French Elem. Ed. MARGARET MARUCCI, Interior Des. JANICE MASELLI, Education L4 URIE MASKEL, Marketing KELLY MASON, Elem. Ed. NEJA T MA T, Management CAROLE MATHIS, Elem. Spec. Ed. K4THRYN MATLOCK, Communication WENDY MAURER, Interior Design GAYLE McATEER, Nursing KEVIN McCARLEY. Mathematics CYNTHIA McCLUNG, Fashion Merch. SHEILA McCONNELL, Elem. Ed. MICHAEL McCOY, Marketing KELLY McCULLOUGH, Accounting BETSY McDONALD, Marketing WHITNEY McGEE. Business 334 • Seniors Seniors GH4 YSON McGILL, Forestry KERRY McILROY, Marketing MELISSA McINTOSH, Marketing LEIGH McLEMORE, Marketing REBECCA MEADS, Biology EDWARD MELCHOR, Marketing BOBBY MELTON, Accounting DA WN MIELENZ, Accounting DA VID MILLER, Accounting KAREN MILLER, English History MARK MISERAK, Finance DELANO MITCHELL, Marketing MISTY MITCHELL, Elem. Ed. PATTI MONK, Biology Agriculture ROBIN MOORE, Public Administration ERIC MORGAN, Management CRAIG MORITZ, Finance LINDA MORLOCK. Elem. Spec. Ed. NANCY MORPHEW, Criminal Justice TRACEY MORRIS. Criminal J ustice CHERYL MORRO, Accounting JOHN MOSS, Rehabilitation CHARLES MULLER, Forestry DEANNA MULLER, Elem. Ed. JOHN V. MULLARKEY JR., Psychology ANGIE MUNDEN, Business CATHERINE MURPHY, Communication PATRICK MURPHY, Business LORI MY RICK, Home Economics ELIZABETH NELMS, Accounting STEPHANIE NICHOLS, Finance PAUL NIXON, Forestry KIMBERLY NONMACHER. Special Ed. MARGARET NOONER. Marketing ALISON NORSWORTHY, Business SHONDA O ' BRIEN, Finance Seniors - 335 Seniors DAVID O DON NELL. Finance STEPHANIE OH ARE, Elem. Ed. DEBRA OLSON. Communication GLENN OLSON. Psychology TIMOTHY PARETI. English JEFF PELTIER, Computer Science ANNETTE PENA, Marketing JOHN PERRETT, Forest Game Mgmnt. JAMES WILLIAM PETRIE JR., Acct. REVARD PFEFFER. Accounting THOMAS PHILIPS, Finance LAURA PHILLIPS. Fashion Merch. MARK PHILLIPS. Forestry MAHONA PIKE. Management MELISSA PINNER. Social Work JEFFREY PIRTLE. Criminal Justice PAMLEY PITTMAN. Psychology JEANMARIE POSTON. Finance JAMIE PRIDGEN. Physical Education JAMES PRINCE. Management JODY R.ATNER, Communication THERESA REECE, Nursing CAROLYN REID, Deaf Education MONICA RIES, Computer Science JERRY ROBERTS, Management VALERIE ROBINSON, Psychology REGINA ROCHA, Speech Pathology GENE RODERICK, Business COSTAS RODOPOULOS. Business JOSEPH ROONEY. Computer Science RICHARD ROTH. Management JEAN ANN RUTH. Communication RHONDA RUTLAND. Accounting BEVERLY SANDERS. Biology Psy. LISA SANTINOCETO. Communication MARTY SCARBOROUGH. Elem. Ed. 336 - Seniors Seniors Silhouetted students show their spirit at the Homecoming bonfire. DENISE SCHALL, Interior Design JODY SCHILD, Elementary Education MELISSA SCHIPPER, Office Admin. WILLIAM SCHULZ, Communication JAMES BRYANT SCOTT IV, Accounting KARL SEIBERT Marketing MARIA SEMANDER. Communication DAVID SHABAN, Business SCOTT SHANK, Finance MICHELLE SHELDRICK, Fashion Merch. CHARLENE SHEPHARD, Computer Sa. JOHN SHIVERS, Business LAURIE SHOOK. Liberal Arts TA MELA SIMMONS, Business NEIL SIMON, Computer Science PEGGY SINCL4IR, Orientation Mobility STACIA SIVESS, Mathematics KIM SMAJSTRLA, Marketing Seniors - 337 Seniors ANGELA SMITH, Communication KIMBERL Y SMITH. Communication LAURA SMITH, Business MICHAEL SMITH, Biology PLEASANT SMITH, Elem. Ed. RICHARD SMITH, Communication TAMMY SMITH, Accounting KELLY SMOLK4, Communication WILLIAM SNYDER, Economics PAMELA SORRELLS, Elem. Ed. DON SOU LA, Computer Science MARTHA SOUTHERS, Physical Ed. TERRY SPIES, Finance Hi REN SPONHEIMER, Finance L0R1 SPRADLEY, Finance KEVIN SPURGIN, Agri-Business RODNEY STANFORD, Marketing APRIL STEELY, Forestry MARA STEFAN, Communication MARCHELL STEFAN, Marketing VICKI STEFFEN, Elem. Ed. CINDI STEPTOE, Sociology Education ANGELIA STONE, TYC Elem.Education ME LAN IE STR.AITON, Biology WENDY STROM BERG, Marketing DA VID STROOPE, Agri-Business ROBIN STUBEE, Speech Hearing SHEILA SULLIVAN, Marketing DORRIE SUTLIFFE, Elem. Ed. DONALD SUTTON, Mathematics STACY SYPHRETT. Accounting PATTI TANNERT, Business FR.4NK TAYLOR, Agri-Business STACEY TERMINA, Rehabilitation JA Y THOMPSON, Communication PAMELA THOMPSON, Data Processing 338 • Seniors GREGORY THORNTON, Public Admin. MEREDITH TODD, Elem. Spec. Ed. DEBIE TOLER, Communication PAUL F. TORP, Business MAGDALENA TOVAR, Management JAMES TREPANIER, Marketing EDWARD TRIETSCH, Agri-Education THOMAS TRULL, Agri-Education SHARON TURRIN, Social Work ELIZABETH TUTTLE, Agri-Business MELISSA UPTON, Psychology RONALD UPTON, Management MARGARET UTSMAN, Business AMBER VALENTI, Criminal Justice DAVID VALENTINE, Business MARGUERTE VALLE, Communication WYNDI V AUGHT, Home Economics CLAUDIA VEL4SCO, Fashion Merch. DARLENE VICE, Finance KRISTEN WAGGONER, Business TERRY WALDREP, Physical Education JAMES WALDROP, Agri-Education BRENDA WALL, Physical Education FRANCIS WALSH, Communications JANET WALTON, Accounting PAUL WARE, Psychology VALERIE WARNER, Interior Design MELISSA W ATKINS, Marketing SANDRA WEA VER, Elem. Ed. MELINDA WEBB, Business GARRY WEIDNER, Finance PAMELA WEISS, Finance JO ANNE WESTERGAARD, Office Ad. REBECCA WHATLEY, Finance KATHLEEN WHITE, Accounting SHANNON WHITE, Business Seniors - 339 Seniors WHITNEY WHITE, Communication CHERYL WIEDERHOLD, Psychology JULIE WILDS, Physical Education DOUGLAS WILLIAMS, Computer Sa. JOHN WILLIAMS, Physical Ed. LUCRETIA WILLIAMS, Physical Ed. STACI WILLIE, Finance JESSIE WILSON, Music Education LESLIE WILSON, Accounting MARIANNE WILSON, Elem. Ed. STEPHEN F. WILSON, Finance BRENT WILTSHIRE, Management CLA YTON WOLF, Forest Game Mgmnt. JOHN WOMACK, Management HA REN WOOD, Communication ROBERT WUNDERLICH, Finance KENT YARBOROUGH, Computer Sa. DONNA YEAMANS, Elementary Ed. During Lumberjack Day, climbing the greased poll takes a long long 340 - Seniors Juniors long long GEORGE ADAMS, Nacogdoches JONI ADAMS, Houston RICHARD ANDRE, Humble MARY ARCIDIACONO, Galveston JOHNNIE ARMSTRONG, Mt. Enterprise CAROL ARTZT, Dallas KENNY ATWOOD, India MICHELLE A VENOSO, Houston LAURA BAKER, Houston LAURA BALLEW, Mt. Pleasant PATRICIA BARCLAY, Lujkin JAMES BA TES, Baytown LONNIE BATT1SE, Houston SYDNEY BECKMAN, Missouri City CAROLINE BELCHER, Missouri City CHRISTINE BENZON, Dallas DANA BERGQUIST, Texas City TOMMY BIELUMOW1CZ, Bellaire Drenun Del long timet Juniors - 341 Juniors TAMMY BILLINGS, Dallas SUZ.4NNE BIVINS, College Station CORY BL4KE. Spring LORI BLAKEY, Ft. Worth FK4NCINE BL4NTON. Cune KENNETH BONEWITZ, Austin SHARON BOOKER, Marshall KATHLEEN BOWES, Houston ERNEST BREWER, Mission DAVID BROSSETTE JR., Seabrook GEORGE BROUSSARD, Lufkin NATALEE BROWN, Richardson LAUR.4 BRUEGGEMAN, Houston LANITA BURCHFIELD, Lufkin DANIEL BURNS. Tyler ROBERT BURNS, Conroe DAVID BUSBY, Nacogdoches REBECCA CADDEL, Ore Citv CAROL CALL4WAY. Lufkin SHERRI CANNON, Waco KIMBERLY CAPERS, Houston DEREK CARRILLO. Longview DEA CATO. Jones Creek PATRICIA CHAD WICK. Gary MARLEE CL4RK, Euless R.4NDELL CLARK, Baytown BONNY CL4RKE, Houston DONNA CLEGG, Galveston ANN CLICK, Houston KIPP COHEN, Dallas MOLLIE COHN, Cleveland DEB0R.4H COLEMAN, Deer Park SHELLEY COLLIER, Bellaire N0R.4 COLOMB, Woodlands L4URIE CONINE, Tyler MICHELLE COOPER. Dekalb 342 - Juniors DON COP ELAND, Dallas AMY COX. Silsbee VICKIE CRAFT. La Porte PENNY CRAWFORD, Lujkin DONNA CREAMER. Dallas DAVID DAN LEY. Center STEVEN DAUGHETY. Jacksonville BRIAN DA VIS, Piano TINA DAVIS. Carthage ROBERT DeBARDEEA BEN. Houston GINIA DENMAN, Lujkin HOLLIE DENMAN, Lujkin PENNY DeWEES, Dallas CHERYL DIXON, Houston DEANNE DODSON, Piano PAM DOMINGUEZ. Silsbee KIMBERLY DORRIS Gladewater RUTH DO XT AD. San Antonio DEI D RE DOYLE, Houston KENNETH DUDLEY, Kingwood MAGGIE DUPE4NTIS, Port Neches GARY EARGLE, Colmesneil MARC EASLEY, Irving JANIS ELKINS, Rosenberg MARK ELLIS, Duncanville STEPHEN ESPARZA, Athens JULIE ESTRELL4, Houston LEE ETHERIDGE, Tyler SANDY EVERITT, Houston JULIE FEASEL. DeKalb ROBERT FILLY AW, Newton MICHAEL FISK, Austin DEBORAH FLOOK, Dallas MARGARET FLY, Tyler TAMMY FORREST, Houston WENDY FOSTER, Clarksville Juniors - 343 Juniors DANA FOX. Pasadena KA THERINE FREEMAN, Joaquin ANNA FRONTADO, Houston ELIZABETH GILLEY, Bedford JESSICA GIRSH, Conroe R.4NDY GL4SS, Henderson ERIC GRA Y, Whitehouse JOHN GRIFFITH, Alto MELISSA GRIMES. Dallas MOLLIE HALEY, San Augustine LISA HANNAH. Houston SHERRY HANSEN, Houston PATRICIA HANSON. Houston SHERRI HARDEN. Dallas LAURA HARPER. Kaufman TOLETHA HARRINGTON. Tenaha DAVID HARWELL. Rice TROY HAI ARD. Lufkin DENISE HELM. Flower Mound JULIE HENDRICKS. Lewisville KEITH HENDRICKS. McKinney MARTY HENSLEY, Ml. Pleasant RICHARD HICKS, Woodlands KEITH HILL, Houston KAREN HINCH, Liberty KEITH HINZE, Conroe ELIZABETH HOLLAND, Nacogdoches AMY HOLM BERG, Houston BETH HOSTETLER, Houston JILL HUBER, Lake Jackson MICKIE HUBER. Houston DA VID HUDSON. Lumberton JOY HUFFMAN. Center ANNE HUGHES. Houston TRACY HUGHES. Henderson KIM HURLBURT. Kilgore 344 - Juniors Juniors CHRISTOPHER JACKSON, Carthage PATRICIA JACKSON, Longview WILLIAM JASMAN, Spring JILL JASPER, Jacksonville TAMI JELLISON. Garland STACY JENKINS, Waco CARL JOHNSON, Houston CHERYL JOHNSON, Marshall DEBBIE JOHNSON, Hallsville ME LAN IE JONES, Longview STEPHEN JONES, Gilmer CHERYL JORDAN, Houston SANDRA JUNE, Houston KELLY KEELING, Henderson KIMBERLEY KEN YON. Houston EMILY KING, Gladewater SHERRI KIRBOW, Nacogdoches DEBORAH L. KOJIS, Texas City ANN KOSUB, Houston ROBERT LAGON, Ft. Worth AUDREY LAMBERT, Tyler STEPHEN LANCASTER, Mt. Vernon SCOTT LaROCHE, Houston JEFF LEE, Jefferson KELLEY LEHMAN, Houston DEAN N A LEO, Houston MARGARET LEWELLIN, Houston LAURI LILES, Roanoke TAMMIE LIPSEY, Missouri City GINA LOCASCIO, Houston MICHAEL LOEBE, Nacogdoches KRISTEN LUCKSINGER, Spring MIKE MacPEAK, Nacogdoches SAM MALLOW, Houston ANGELA MANCUSO, Houston DANA MARLEY, Round Rock Juniors - 345 Juniors CONNIE MARSHALL, Cypress RUMALDO MARTIN, Bloomington DIANE MARX, Houston JAMES MASON, Carthage CARL MAXWELL, Corpus Christi KEVIN McALEXANDER, Queen City CAROL McBRA YER, Houston MYRA McCOLLUM, Galveston TE1NA McCONNELL, Hurst JENNIFER McCUEN, Dickinson SHERRI McELYEA, Winnsboro ELEANOR McGAHAN, St. Louis, MO BRUCE McMINN, Duncanville SUSAN McR.4E, Mt. Pleasant TIM MESSONNIER. Houston KIMBERLY MICHAEL, Houston ALT A MIDDAUGH, Lufkin NANCY MILES, Tyler STACIE MI LEY, Carrollton ANGELA MILLER, Henderson KELLY MILLER. Caddo Mills RENEE MILLER, Houston ANGELA MONTGOMERY. Pans ROBERT MONTGOMERY, Ft. Worth STACIE MONTGOMERY, Tyler BECKY MOONEYHAM, Mesquite JAMES MOORE, Cushing MARY MOORE, Houston CATHERINE MORGAN, N. Braunfels TR.4NNES MOSS, Lufkin A. SCOTT MUCKELROY, Houston VANCE NATION, Ft. Worth KIMBERLY NECESSARY, Texas City CARLA NEWPORT, Highlands EILEEN N1CHOL4S, Houston EDWARD OBRIEN, Houston 346 - Juniors Juniors DANIEL4 OLTEAN. Houston WILLIAM F. OSBORN HI,, Bryan DEBORAH PARKS, Waco DEB0R.4H PATTON. Tyler CATHERINE PERKINS, Bellaire MITCH PETTY, Marquez SHELLY PHILLIPS, Spring ELISSA PORTUGAL, Dallas RENEE POTTER. Allen JACQUELYN POWELL, Newton CHARLES PRUITT, Atlanta JULIE PURIFOY, Corsicana CHERYL PUSTEJOVSKY, Dallas WILL PYLE, Cameron VICKI QUINN, Marshall KIMBERLY RALSTON, Houston MARK R.4 THE, Klein K4RIN REED, Jacksonville BART REESE, Houston JULIA REEVE, Katy CINDY REEVES, Houston SHANNON REEVES. Paris ROBERT RETCH LESS, Bullard MARCELL4 REYES. Sierra Vista, AZ FR.4NK RICHARDSON. Tyler CYNTHIA ROBERTS. Kingwood DEBK4 ROBERTS, Nacogdoches KEITH ROBINSON. Piano TAMMY RODEN, Longview RICK ROGERS. Houston CYNTHIA ROMOSER, Houston NEIL ROUNTREE, Richardson BECKY SALONISH, Marshall CYNTHIA SANDIFER. Logansport. LA PAMELA SCARBO. Austin MICHAEL SCHIPPER. Nacogdoches Juniors - 347 Juniors CAR LA SCHMITT. Longyiew CHRIS SCHRE1BER, Mabank REBECCA SCOGG1N, Piano PHILIP SCOTT, Longyiew SHELLY SCOTT. Tyler CYNTHIA SEIDL, Houston MICHAEL SEITTER, Houston NANCY SHEA, Marshall TISHA SH ELTON, Spring ELIZABETH SHEPHERD. LaMarque ELIZABETH SHOCKEY, Houston LEANNE SHOEMAKER, Dickinson LISA SHOOK, Arlington LANE SIMMONS. Houston JACQUELINE SINGER, Baytown NINA SKUCHKO, Houston EMMETT SMITH, Irving JANET SMITH. Piano KELLY SMITH, Friendswood MICHELLE SMITH, Houston SHEM SMITH, Garrison TAMMY SMITH, Harlingen RONNIE SOCHA, El Campo LISA SODEK, Temple CHRISTINE SOLI MA, Clarksville JOANNA SPELLS, Shreveport, LA JOHN SPURLING, Richardson MICHAEL STAIR, Humble MELLISA STEIN, Kingsport, TN CINDY STEVENS, Frisco LISA STEWART, Nacogdoches K1MBERLY STILL, Carthage LAURIE STONE, Nacogdoches TROY STR.4CENER. Bastrop LEILA STREETMAN, Lufkin BECKY STROUD, Spring 348 - Juniors Juniors DEBORAH SUTER, Bedford CHARMAYNE SWALLOW, Spring TINA TABOR, San Antonio JEFFREY TAMBORELLO, E. Bernard MARGARET TA YLOR, Grapeland ANGELA TERRELL, Tyler DEANNE THEDFORD, Rusk ANGELA G. THOMAS, Texarkana ANGELA R. THOMAS, Carthage JENIFER THRALL, Jacksonville ROLAND TREV1NO, San Antonio JAMES TROTTER. Orange DONALD M. TURNER II, Dallas LYNN UBL, Richardson KAREN UNDERWOOD. Tyler CARRIE VANDAGRIFT. Houston LINDA VAN HORN. St. Louis. MO YVETTE VASQUEZ. La Porte IC4REN VAUGHAN. Santa Fe MERI VIRTANEN. Dallas TAMARA WAGNER. San Antonio JAMES WAH REN BERG ER. Houston SHERRI WAKELAND, Frisco JERRY WALDRUP. Jacksonville ALLEN WALKER, Houston LISA WALLIS, Sugarland DARYL WARE, Marshall BRADLEY WARREN, Nacogdoches WANDA WASHINGTON, Jasper AMY WATTS. Lufkin LISA WEBB. Lubbock LESLIE WEBER. Harlingen DANA WEBSTER. Houston ROBYN WEIGAND. Houston SUSAN WELCH. Lufkin PATRICIA WELLS. Harlingen Juniors - 349 Juniors LORETTA WEST. Athens JANET WESTERGAARD, Conroe JAMIE WHITEHEAD, Genoa, AR JENNIFER WHITLEY, Orange WENDY W I EC HENS, Texas City LAUR.4 WILBANKS, Houston CINDY W1LLBURN, Houston DELI N DA WILLIAMS, Mt. Enterprise FRANCES WILLIAMS, Houston R1SA WILLIAMS, Richardson KEVIN WILSON, Mt. Pleasant LISEL WILSON. Katy MONTY WILSON. Malakoff WENDI WILSON. Lindale PHYLLIS WISEMAN, Dallas STEVE WINDHAM, Center LAURA WOLFES. Nacogdoches DARRELL WOOD. Houston Krie Ayle The all too familiar mass confusion of pre-registration. It s enough to make you want to change your major. 350 • Juniors Sophomores KIMBERLY ABATI. Arlington CLYDE ADAMS, Newton AMY ADWERS, Houston LISA ALBEE, Humble DANIEL ALSIDES, O ' Brien JUDSON ANDERSON, Kilgore KIM ANDERSON, Humble MIKE ANDERSON, Woodbndge, VA JEANN1E ARMOUR, Houston LENICE ARMOUR, Spring STEVEN 4SHBY, Piano CLARE ASHOUR, Fort Worth SHEILA AVERY, DeBerry ERIC AYLES, Irving KIMBERLY BAILEY, Colleyville STEPHANIE BA1RD, Phoenix, AZ MELISSA BAKER, Houston BRAND1 BALSANO, Cypress Surrounding Queen Ardyce Doty and King Greg Robinson are members of the 1986 Homecoming court, from left, Amy Charba and Jeff Maxwell, freshman duke and duchess; Jenice Thornton and Troy Stracener, sophomore duchess C,rt ' £ fullerson and duke; Kathi Jameton and Todd Utz, senior princess and prince: and Kim Campo and Sam Mallow, junior duchess and duke. Sophomores - 351 Sophomores DONA BANNER, Gunter THOMAS BARNETT, Silsbee MELISSA BARRY, Wylie JANET BARTSCH, Nacogdoches KETRIA BASTIAN, Houston BARRY BATIE, Van LYNNE BAUR, Sherman GREGORY BA VENDER. C. Christi BIANCA BENOIT, Ben Wheeler LYNN BERRYHILL, Santa Fe GRETCHEN BETTES, Lewisville MELISSA BEVERLY. Dallas GALEN BIGGS. Dallas SHERRY BLACK, Marshall ANGELA BLACK WELL, Crosby MINDY BOAZ, Houston KIMBERLY BOGLE, Mauriceville KIM BOLTON, Southlake TINA BOND, Baytown SHERI BOSTIK, Tyler THEODORE BOYCE, Kerrville BLAKE BOYDSTON, Piano JOY BRADDOCK, Jacksonville. FL ANGELA BRIGHT. Houston DAVID BROAD WELL, Piano WAYNE BROWN, Pearland SUZIE BULLOCK, Dallas JENNIFER BUNCH, Galveston ELIZABETH BURROUGH, Bedford L. MICHELLE BURTON, Humble JAMES BUTTS, Kilgore ANTHONY CAMERO, Houston SCOTT CANAAN, Piano JAY CARNES, Galveston ERIC CARPENTER. Austin HOLLY CARPENTER, Carthage 352 - Sophomores Sophomores JAY R. CARR. Stafford FIONA CARSWELL, Lake Jackson ANDREW CARTER, Eunice. LA VIVIAN CASARSA, Houston MARIJANE CASSATA, Houston KRISTIN CATAL4NO, Kingwood L4URIE C AUG HEY, Garland KIMBERLY CHAMBERS. Hemphill MELISSA CHANNELL. Silsbee CONNIE CHITWOOD, Keller KEVIN CHUPIK, Fort Worth ANDREW CICHERSUI, Irving WENDY CLARK, New Caney DA VID COCHRAN. Friendswood CHARLENE COLIGAN, Houston ANGIE COLLEY, Spring ERROL COLLINS. Sugarland MECHELLE COLLINS. Hughes Springs MELISSA COLLINS. Hughes Springs LOIS COLN. Dallas DEDE COLVIN. Richardson KRISTEN COOK, Frankston TONI COOPER. Dallas STARLING CORBETT. Houston ROSSEMARY CORTES, Houston PAM CORTEZ, Houston JOHN CRA WFORD, Galveston LAURIE CRAWFORD, Houston LISA CREEL, Houston GARY CURRY, Athens KRISTIN E CURTIS, Kingwood THOMAS DAVIS, Houston TRACE Y DAVIS, Princeton SUZANNE DA W, Houston LEANN DAY, Garland FR.ANCK DAYAN, France Sophomores - 353 Sophomores MARY JANE DERRICK, Waco STEVEN DERRICK, Garland FRANCES DiBARTOLO, Galveston FRIDA DILLENBECK. Newton CATHY DODD. Houston LEANNA DORSEY. Houston MELODY DOUGLAS, Piano DEBRA DOYLE, Corngan MOLLY DOYLE, Roanoke PHILIP DR.AGO. Port Arthur MELISSA DUFF1ELD, San Antonio MARGARET EBERLE, Spring STEPHANIE ELKINS. Simms SHARON ELLIS. Lewisville AMY EMBREY, Pasadena ELIZABETH EMERY, Argyle JOHN ENDICOTT. Marshall KATHRYN ENGLISHBEE, Alaska JOHN EOFF, Houston JEFFERY EVANS, Houston SENDREK4 FARMER, Pearland DOUG FARRAR, Houston CINDY FARREN, Houston ELAINE FAVORITO, Piano TAMMY FEATH, Houston L4URI FELLER, Fort Worth ROSETTA FICHERA, Galveston MICHAEL FINLEY, Pasadena TAMMY FINN, Galveston LYNN FLANIGAN, Tyler SHERRY FOLLETTE, Katy JOHN FOLMAR, Beaumont MICHELLE FOLZENLOGEN, Longview PHILLIP FORD, Wills Point KELLY FORREST, Kenner FR.ANCINE FOSTER. Kmgwood 354 - Sophomores Sophomores MICHAEL FREELING, Baird PAMELA FULTS, Center JOYCELYN GAIDOVSEK, Houston ARTHUR GALLAGHER III, Houston EILEEN GARCIA, Sugarland ANNE GARDNER. Dallas K4REY GARDNER. Irving ROBERT GARLAND. Spring TOM GARY. Houston ANTHONY F. G AUDI AN O II, Humble CHRISTINA GIBSON. Fort W orth CHARLOTTE GLENN, Beaumont RANDY GOEBEL, Houston PATRICIA GON2L4LES, Houston ROBIN GOODWIN, Lujkin PAUL GOLLHOFER, Houston HEATHER GRAHAM, Piano RICHARD GR.4 1 ES, Lake Jackson KENNETH GREEN, Stafford RAY GREEN, Atlanta. GA CARA GREMILLION. Alexandria. LA KIMBERLY GRIFFIN, Henderson SHAUNA GRIFFIN, Pasadena STEPHANIE GRIMES. Newton. I A CHALI GRINNELL. Houston KAREN GROVE. Humble CHERYL GRUBBS, Dallas GIN A HACKLER, Lewisville SHARLA HAMMONDS, La Porte PHILLIP HANNA, Bellaire KELLY HARDIN, El Paso MICHAEL HART, Dallas R.4NDY HARVEY, Texas City CURTIS HASKINS. Longview JOHN HAUBER, Denver, CO ROBERT HAY LEY. Richardson Sophomores - 355 Sophomores SHELLIE HEARD, Palmer SHEREE HEBERT, Angleton WALTER HECKLER, Clear Lake LISA HEINO. Nacogdoches DOUNNA H EI N RICH, Pasadena M ELAN IE HENDERSON, Baytown DEBBIE HENDREN, Carrollton CHARLOTTE HENKE, Pasadena MICHELLE HENRY, Piano THOMAS HENSLEY, Houston BETHANY HILL, Lake Kiowa DENISE HILL, Conroe MICHAEL HINES, Houston FR.ANCES HINSON, Houston EA LYNDA HODGES, Highlands DARRELL HOLLOWAY, Nacogdoches SIMONE HOLNESS, Baytown RICHARD HOOD, Aledo LESLIE HOOPER, Athens KEVIN HOPPER, Duncanville ALICE HOUSTON, Frankston STAN HUCKABY, Fort Worth ANN HUDSON, Sweeney JOHN HURLBURT, Garland VALERIE HURST, Henderson BILLY INGLE, Longview BRENT JOHNSON, Sanger DEBR.A JOHNSON, Houston NATALIE JOHNTZ, Miami, EL DANIEL JONES, Houston JOAN JORDAN, Spurger LOU ANN JUMPER, Lujkm K4THY KAZAN AS, Houston SHERI KELEMEN, Alvin LADONNA KELLEY, Liberty B. BROOKE KENDR1CK, Pasadena 356 - Sophomores Sophomores SAH4H KENNEDY, Waxahachie CONNIE KESLER, Piano KELLY KING, Grapeland PAUL KLA WIN SKI, Nacogdoches KATHLEEN KNOWLES, Troup HEIDI KOLB, Houston KEVIN KOONCE, Etoile KRISTY KRIEGEL, Houston KIMBERLY KRUSE, Redwater JEFF KUTAC. Fort Worth TAME LA LAINE, Spring TAMMY LANGFORD, Houston ANNE LARSON, Houston STACY LARUE, Dallas ELIZABETH LAUBER, Houston JOSEPH LAURITSEN, Ft. Wayne, IN BETH LA WRENCE, Euless BRIT LAWRENCE. Bonham KIMBERLY LAWS, Houston LORRAINE LAZARINE, Diboll ANNA LEAL. Galveston ME LAN IE LEDUC, Friendswood LEEANN LEMONS, Dallas SHELLY LESIKAR, Houston SCOTT LIND, Irving DONNA LINDSLEY, Lufkin LARRY LIPSIE, Dallas LAURIE LONG, Lake Jackson SHERYL LOVE, Greenville GAIL LOWRY, Seabrook KAREN LOY, Wills Point KIMBERLY MAC KEY, Gladewater GEORGIA MACRELLIS, Houston MARK MAN IS, Orange CHARLES MARCANTEL, Austin ANDY MARLOW, Houston Sophomores - 357 Sophomores STEVEN MASON, Dallas BRYAN MATZKE, Newton THERESA MAXWELL, Richardson CARL MA Y, Tyler DA VID MA Y, Simms JAQUELINE McARTHUR, Lk. Jackson MARCUS MCCARTHY, Longview BR.ANDIE McCORMIC, Houston JOE McCRACKEN, Richardson VALERIE McCRORY, Peariand KEVIN McCULLOUGH, Dallas LAURIE McDANIEL, Weslaco H. MICHELE McKENZIE, Carrollton JOHN McLAURY, Pasadena MARY McMAHON, Richardson MARY McMlLLIN, Houston JULIE McMINN, Duncanvtlle GARY McMURRY, Roanoke PAULA MEEK, Houston ANDREA MILLER, Richardson DA VID MILLER, Dallas MICHELLE MILLER, Sugarland TRACE Y MILLER, Clear Lake ELIZABETH MITCHELL Arlington MARY MONICAL, Lake Jackson ELISABETH MONTGOMERY, Dallas ALICIA MOORE, Houston BARBARA MOORE. Clear Lake ELIZABETH MOORE, Ft. Worth JAMES MORGAN. Longview BUFEY MORRIS. Beaumont DAPHNE MOSES. Quitman JAMES MOULDER, Tulsa, OK TROY MUIECK Lake Jackson ELISE MULLINIX. Jacksonville SAMANTHA MUNDEN, Marshall 358 - Sophomores Sophomores University News Pine Log photographer Janet Bartsch has that " if I have to take another at a Ladyjack basketball game, picture for the yearbook, I ' ll die " look as she waits to take some action shots MELINDA MYERS, Albert Lea, MN K4THLEEN NAGLE, Houston RONNIE NAK4MORE, Nacogdoches DARL4 NELSON, Richardson FRANKIE NOSKA, Garland SHIRIN NOSR.4T, Clear Lake TRA I IS NO W LIN, Ft. Worth JUDITH OLAH, Galveston NANCY ONEY, Carthage SUSAN ORSAK, Deer Park ANGELA ORTIZ, Channelview SANDI OWENS, Center DOMINA PAFFIE, Houston ANDREA PAGE, Houston PATRICIA PARKER, Pittsburg MONICA PASCHALL, Houston AMY PATTERSON, Spring KRISTIE PATTON, Silsbee Sophomores - 359 Sophomores DANNA PEREZ, Pasadena LUTHER PERKINS, Houston JULIE PETERSON, Houston KRISTY PHILLIPS, Keller SUSAN PICKETT, Houston SUZANNE PIPENGER, Houston APRIL PITTMAN, Houston KRISTI PLUMMER, Deer Park ADRIENNE POLK, Corsicana MICHAELLE POMERLEAU, Austin JACKIE POTTEIE, Livingston N ANNETTE POULSON, Houston CLIFTON POWERS, Longview SAR.4H POWERS, Arlington JOHN PRIDGEN, Palestine MARSHA PSENCIK, Houston DENISE PUMPELLY, Piano JENNIFER PYLE, Houston STANLEY QUI ST, Terrell MARGARET RAGSDALE, Jacksonville KIM RANEY, Deer Park KATHY RATHE, Spring PAUL RAYNER, Houston ROSANNE READ, Warren BRYAN REDD, Kilgore LAURA REED, Spring ROSS REED, Houston STACY REESE, Houston GREG RHEA, Baytown JEFFERY RHEA, Baytown ROBIN RICE, Nederland REBECCA RICHMOND, Conroe TONYA RIG BY, Houston TIFFANY RIGGS, Houston STACY ROBBINS, Euless LORETTA ROBERTS, Houston 360 - Sophomores Sophomores ADAM ROBINSON, Henderson TERI ROCK, Houston MICHELLE RODRIGUEZ, Houston CHRISTINE ROE, Garland DARLENE ROEHRS. Eindlay, OH AMY ROGERS, Orange GREGG ROGERS, Terrell ELLEN ROLOFF, Houston B 4D ROSS, Henderson DIANE ROSS, Grapevine PATRICIA RUBEL, Ft. Worth DIANA SALLEE, Ft. Worth PAULA SANDERS, Longview STACEY SAWYER, Houston MARY SCALES, Texas City STACEY SCHAUMBURG, Piano JOHNNY SCHERER JR., Humble DAR.4 SCHMIDT. Garland K4REN SCHMIDT. Van SHANNON SCOTT. Katy STEPHANIE SCOTT, Goliad SONY A SEAGREN, Garland JOHN SELMAN, Irvine, CA JOANNA SEMANDER, Houston ELIZABETH SESSA, Potomac, MD TIFFANY SETTLE. Houston CLIFF SHACKELFORD, Dallas SHARON SHANKAR, Houston K4THY SHAPLEY, Houston STACY SHAW, Livingston JANET SHEEHAN, Palestine SCOTT SHERMAN, Corrigan RODNEY SHOULDERS, DeSoto CINDY SIMPSON. Clear Lake MICHAEL SIMS. Porter BETHWYN SMART. Liberty Sophomores - 361 Sophomores JULIE SMITH, Dallas NICOLE SMITH, West Virginia SARA SMITH, Dallas STEPHEN SMITH, Forney MICHAELE SNIVELY, Houston THERESE SPALDING, League City SANDRA SPEARS. Carthage REBECCA SPINKS, Piano STEVEN SPRIGGS. Houston JANA SPURG1N. Allen MINDY STAGGS, Garland SHERI STAHL, Richardson PHILIP STAVENS, Aledo KAREY STEFEK, Kingwood KIMBERLY STEPHENS, Gladewater C. GENE STEWART, White Oak JOLETA STINSON, Irving TONYA STORK, Houston ROBERT STURROCK, Nacogdoches LA WRENCE SURNSON, Houston JENNIFER TAVIOR. Marshall KELLY TEEMS, Terrell CYNTHIA THOMPSON, Dallas THADD TOMCHESSON. Houston DA VID TOUPS. Houston ANGEL TRUMP, Friendswood ANGIE TUR.4N0. Groves JULIA TURNER. Houston RODNEY URBAN, Carthage JENNIFER VERHALEN, Marshall KAREN VERRI, Piano TATIANA VILEARREAL. Houston BETH VLASICH. Ft. Worth DELINA VOLKERDING. Spring PAMELA VYVIAL, Houston JEFFERSON WAITS. Hale Center 362 - Sophomores Sophomores DAVID WALKER. Richardson NINA WALKER, DeBerry JULIE WALL, Piano JULIE WALTER, Missouri City VICKI WALTERS, Houston K4THRYN WARWICK, Houston ROBIN WASHBURN Houston BRYAN WATSON, Conroe JOEL WATSON, Silsbee PAULA WATSON. Cayuga JOEY WATTS, Henderson KIMBERLY WEAVER, Jacksonville JEFFREY WEIR, Houston LISA WELCH, Houston KELLI WELLS, Huntsville AMY WEST, Dallas C. SHANE WEST, Brazoria LEA WHITEHEAD, Beeville CAREY WIGGINS, Arlington MICHAEL WIGGINS, Bonham KEVIN WILLIAMS, Quitman MONICA WILLIAMS, Van OSLYN WILLIAMS, Longview PATTI WILLIAMS, Jacksonville CALVIN WILSON. Houston CARRIE WILSON. Gilmer TODD WILSON Piano GREGORY WINCHESTER, Longview KELLY WOOLSEY, Houston JANET YORK, Spring Sophomores • 363 Freshmen JENNY ABEL, Nacogdoches LAURA ABRASLEY, Houston AMY ACCARDO, Houston BRENDA ADAMS. Lewisville DIANE ADAMS, Galveston ERIC ADAMS, Alief LEIGH ADAMS, Dallas KIAH ALBERT, Et. Worth TINA ALBERTSON, Dallas BETH ALBRECHT, Conroe ANITA ALCOZE, Lewisville I ERONIKA ALKER, Houston POLLY AM ASON. Irving AMBER ANDERSON, Galveston JIM ANDERSON, Kilgore JULIE ANDERSON, Houston KIMBERLY ANDERSON. Sugarland TERRI ANDERSON, Hooks KERRY ANDREWS, Houston LANA ARRINGTON, George West MELISSA ARRINGTON, George West JOHN AUSTIN, San Antonio ELAINE A YERS, Jacksonville JEFF BABITT, Spring BRUCE BACON, Lewisville DANA BAILEY, Ogden. UT LISA BALI KI AN. Houston KIRAN BALLAD1N. Guyana, S.A. DENISE BANNER, Corpus Christi ROBERT BARBEE, Ft. Worth DALE LEE BARBER JR., Longview STACEY BARKER. Farmers Branch JENNIFER BARNES, Tomball STACEY BARNES, Piano KATHY BARR, Pearland DONALD BARRIENTEZ, Tomball 364 - Freshmen KYLE BARROW, Terrell BRETT BARRY, Wylie SHELLEY BASLOM, Houston GREG BAUSTERT, Chillicothe AMY BEARD, Kingwood BILLY BEASON, Dainger field KIMBERLY BEEZLEY. Wylie JILL BEGUN, Dallas CR.4IG BE1MGRABEN, Houston STACY BEISEL, Houston PATRICIA BELL, Houston SOLINDA BELL, Bonham TIMOTHY BELL, Dale City, VA KIMBERLY BENCKENSTEIN. Nacog. LISA BENDER, Katy DEREK BENSON, Richardson STUART BERGMAN, Seabrook LISA BERRY, DeSoto TRACY BERRY, Clute CINDY BETTING ER, Ft. Worth JANNA BINFORD, Glen Rose STACY BISHOP, Spring STEFI BISHOP, Bellaire CHRISTINE BIVER, Dallas RANDY B1XLER, Missouri City DONNA BLACKSTONE, Kilgore BRIAN BLAKE, Irving LISA BLANDE, Houston JULIE BLANKENSHIP, Austin ROBERT BLE1ER, Kingwood CHRISSY B LEVINS, Houston CATHY BLOOM, Piano GARY BOLTON, Grand Prane KYLE BOND, Katy R.4NDY BOND, Katy KIMBERLY BOTT, Katy Freshmen - 365 Freshmen JENNIFER BOYLE, Garland JOHN BH4DLEY. Missouri City TOMMY BR.ADLEY, Pflugerville KEITH BH4DY, Carthage GLEN DA BRANTON, Nacogdoches TREVOR BR.AY, Hurst WA YNE BRECKINTON, Highlands KAREN BREEDLOVE, Clear Lake PAUL BRENNEMAN, Dallas JOHN BRIDGES, Corpus Christi LAURIE BRIGHT, Dallas KATHY BROCKETT, Piano JENNIFER BROOKS, Duncanville STEPHANIE BROOKS, Marshall B. GAIL BROWN, San Augustine ULAN ISA tSKUry 1 , 1 e. as Lily KELLY BROWN, Missouri City — KEVIN BROWNE, Houston FELISA BRUM LEY, Jasper STEVEN BRUSH, Arlington DOUGLAS BRYCE, Piano REGINA BURCH, Dallas BRIAN BURK, Round Rock J V MICHELLE BURK, Houston DIANE BURKE, Piano KATHY BURLESON, Lewisville DIANA BULL, Dallas DAVID BURNETT, Houston SHARON BUSH, Arlington w r w r LkkjtiL tin lit KEVIN BURT, College Station SUSAN BURTON, Houston KR1STAL CABALLERO, Alvin RYAN CALDWELL, Houston LORI CALHOUN, Palestine MARTI CALVILLO, Ft. Worth Jjfcg Kb iiitu .ilk i ■ J M . i 366 - Freshmen Freshmen LESLIE CAMBIANO, Santa Fe CAMILLE CAMPBELL, Houston CRISTIN CANTRELL, Longview DENISE CANTRELL, Houston TRACY CAPERS, Piano AMY CAPOZZ4, Houston PAM CAREY, Houston BRIAN CARLSON. Kingwood IC4RIN CARLSON, Kingwood BARBARA CARROLL, Houston JANET CARTER, Houston JUREE CASS, Irving M1NDY CHAMBERLAIN, Spring RHONDA CHAMBERS, Ft. Worth CHRIS CHANEY, Houston JOHN CHASSELL, Katy LESLIE CHILDS, College Station T AM ALA CHITWOOD, Allen Eric Ayks Becky and Laurie Flanery eye the apparel at the bookstore on Parent ' s Day. • • _ Kg - Freshmen - 367 Freshmen MELANY CHI VERS, Grapevine HYUNGWON CHOI. Dallas LORETTA CHURCH, Webster AMY E. CLARK. Houston AMY L. CLARK, Arlington I ICKIE CLARK, Marshall KIMBERLY CLARKE, Arlington TONY CLA YTON, Winnsboro JONNIE CLEVELAND. Katy CADI CL1NE. Burleson LAURA CLYMORE. Waxahachie GEORGEANNE COATES. Pasadena MARCIA COATES. Ft. Worth KELLY COCHIN. Dallas KENDYL COCHRAN, Ft. Worth CASEY COFFMAN. Piano JOSEPH COLE, Terrell TERRI COLE. Borger ROBIN C0LL1S0N. Ft. Worth CHAD COMER. Longview DA WN CONDIT. Dallas MARK COOK. Mission TRACY COO LEY. Spring KERI COOPER, Friendswood JESSICA COPELAND, Henderson AMY CORDELL. Piano KARYN CORGEY. New Caney ANDREA CORKR.AN. Houston GARY COX, Palestine GRETCHEN COX, Dallas KACHELLE COX, Woodlands TIFFANY COX, Conroe AMY CRAFT, Orange CHARLES CRANE, Garland DAVID CRAVEY, Houston A. SUSAN CROSSMAN, Palestine 368 - Freshmen DENISE DACE, Silsbee LEE DATESMAN, Dallas TAMMIE DA VIES, Kingwood CARRIE DA VIS, Princeton DUYEN DAVIS, Houston GEORGE DA VIS, Splendora JAMES DA VIS, Hooks KIMBERLY DAVIS, Bay City LIBBY DAVIS. Gilmer WENDY-LEE DAVIS, Mesqmte ROBERT DEARING, Pineland KELLY DeBROECK, Arlington ANGIE DeFEO, Garland RAM DeLOACH, Pasadena KELLI DENNEY, Dallas DAVID DeSHAZO, Spring TON I DEVINE, Houston MYRON DEWOODY, Mesquite EMMA DICKAKIAN, Kingwood MARY DIESTE, Marshall SHUREE DIETTRICH, Spring MONICA DIPPEL, Sugarland RANDY DIVIN, Houston KIMBERLY DOBBS, Garrison TAR.A DOMANGUE, Waco R.AQUEL DOMINGUEZ, Sugarland LANCE DOOLEY, Irving KATIE DOR.AN, Roanoke BETH DOUGHTY. Austin KARA DRISKILL. New Braunfels KEVIN DUBOSE, Anahuac NATALIE DUBUISSON, Houston SARA DUCKERING, Ft. Worth JOHN-PIERRE DUFOUR, Houston CHRISTINE DUNCAN, Houston DANIELLE EARLY, Katy Freshmen - 369 Freshmen CAROLE EA VES, Overton GORDON EDGE, Missouri City CEDRIC EDWARDS. Longview EDITH EKLUND, Dallas SHELEE ELBERT, Mount Vernon WALTER ELLEBRACHT Ingram KATHERINE ELLIOTT, Piano KEVIN ELLIS, Irving DEBBIE ELROD, Teague KRIS ELY, Houston JEFF EMMITTE. Santa Fe KRISTINE ENGEL, Conroe DANNY ENLOE, Cleveland REBECCA ESCOBEDO, Ingleside JANELLE ESLICK, Piano KRISTIN EVANS, Dallas JULIE EVERETT, Houston JAMES EVRARD, Kingwood TRACY EWBANK, Dallas ROB FAIRWEATHER, Houston PATRICK FALLON, Austin AMY FANT, Dallas MICHAEL FATTER, Houston CINDY FEAKES, Houston CAR LA FENDLEY. Magnolia KIM FERGUSON, McKinney SALVATORE FERRUZZO, Houston AMY FIELD, Midlothian TERRI FIREBAUGH, Dallas PAULA FLEMING, Shelbyville SCOTT FLETCHER, Spring KAREN FLICK, Houston LISA FLOWERS, Balch Springs FELICIA FLOYD. Piano MELISSA FONTAINE, Palestine MARLON FOSTER. Luflcin 2 370 - Freshmen Kp c Ayles Parents and students enjoy their lunch in the Coliseum on Parent ' s Dav. STEVEN FOSTER. Ft. Worth GEORGE FOTEH. Houston CATHIE FOWLER, Sugar and SEAN FR.4NKLIN, Sulphur Springs CHRISTEL FROEHNER. Livingston MARITZA FRONTADO. Houston LISA FUENTES. Arlington SHERRY FUENTES. Arlington JULIE FULLER. Mesquite ANDREA FURGURSON. Lancaster AMY GAITHER. Bellaire JANET GALVAN, Houston TERESA GARNER. Burleson JAMES GARRETT. Nacogdoches ANGELITA GARRISON. Mesquite SUSIE GEDEON. Houston CAROLE GENTIS. Brookeland BRENDA GENTRY. Katy Freshmen - 371 Freshmen BRIAN GENTRY, Mesquite DANNY GENTRY, Italy PAMELA GEORGE, Pasadena CYNTHIA GETZ, Piano KOR1 GIBSON, Bonham THOMAS GILBERT, Richardson GEN A YE GILMORE, Pearland GRANT GIROUARD, Fhendswood THOMAS L. GIVEN S JR.. Carthage GARY GLADFELTER, Dallas KYLE GLASSCOCK, Terrell DA VID GLAZER, Dallas TERRI GLISSON, Kingwood DAVID GODFREY, Jacksonville BRENDA GOETZEL, Kerrville ALLISON GOFF, Dallas KAREN GORI, Irving PATRICIA GOUND, Allen KIM GRAF, Houston DERON GRAFTON, Groves MARIA GRAPE, Houston ALAN GRA YSON, Piano KELLY GREEN, Duncanville KRISTIN GREEN, Arlington JENNIFER GREGG, Palestine KAY GREGORY, Palestine GARY GRESHAM, Nacogdoches DEENA GRISSOM, Mauriceville MARGARET GROVES, Farmersville JOAN GRUSZYNSKI, Dallas MICHELLE GUERETTE, Arlington ALISA GUERRANT, Dickinson CYNTHIA GUSTAFSON, Richardson TONYA HAAG, Humble MELINDA HAFNER, Liberty LESLIE HALEY, Longview 372 - Freshmen Freshmen DA VID HALL, Dallas JEFF HALL, Woodlands PAULA HALL. Clear Lake CHRISTLE HAMBLY, Piano LESLIE HAMOS, Piano ME LAN IE HANCOCK, Houston LANA HAND, Kingwood JOHN HANNER, Atlanta CYNTHIA HARBOUR, Spring KIMBERLY HA REN, Katy STEFANIE HARGRA VE, Mesquite LAUR.4 HARLOW, Houston DANA HARRIS, N. Richland Hills KEVAN HARRIS, Kerrville SUAN HARRIS, Hallsville SUZANNE HARVELL, Santa Fe VICTORIA HARWERTH, Mesquite RENE HASKELL. Piano SHANNON HATCHER, Livingston JEFF HAUBNER. Piano STEPHANIE HAUGHEY. Piano ARLENE HAWKES. Houston JEFF HA YES. Friendswood NATALIE HAYS. Houston PATRICK HAYS. Houston JODI HECHT, Houston BROOKE H EI M BACH, Lewisville KRISTA HELLESON. Garland CAMILLE HENDR1X. Pittsburg DANA HENGST. Crockett MARGARET HEPINSTALL. Spring JAN HERING. McGregor T 4CI HESTAND. Longview DORINDA HIGHTOWER, San Augustine HEATHER HIGHTOWER, Dallas JULIE HIGHTOWER, Houston Freshmen - 373 Freshmen MICHELLE HIGGINS, Houston K1MBERLY HILLIER, Doyline, LA NATALIE HILTON. Allen JENNIE HOCKER, Richardson TERE SA HODGES. H ells NANCY HOEPER. San Antonio JUDITH HOGG. Katy JERI HOGUE. Dayton SAR.4H HOLLAND, Nacogdoches B.J. HOLLIS. Burleson KYLE HOLLOWELL, Grand Saline DOUGLAS HOLMES. Marshall HEATH HOLT. Austin TERRY HOOVER. Mt. Enterprise MISTI HORN. Ft. Worth PAULA HOWARD. Santa Fe ELIZABETH HRIN. Austin POCHIN HUANG. Houston JOHN HUDMAN. Timpson CHRIS HUFF. Houston REBECCA HUFF. Anahuac LARA HULETT. Houston DANA HUNT. DeSoto JEAN ICE HUNTER. Arlington KELLY HUNTER. DeSoto CHANCE HYDE. Irving AMANDA IRWIN. Hong Kong AMBER I SB ELL. Conroe MASAKO ISHIBASHI. Houston MICHI ISHIMUR.4. Houston MA TTHEW J A CKSON. Piano PATRICK JACKSON. Tyler MITCH JACOBS, Houston GENISE JARNAGIN, Ft. Worth JASON JERNIGAN, Dallas JANET JESSE N, Houston 374 - Freshmen Freshmen | Ai, 1 1 y ;;=. " j. 1 ■BREHMMH STEPHEN JOHNS. Houston HOLLY JOHNSON. Houston JARRETT JOHNSON. Woodlands JAY L. JOHNSON. Nacogdoches JAY R. JOHNSON, Sulphur Springs JENNIFER JOHNSON. Mesquite JUDY JOHNSON. Houston JULIE A. JOHNSON, Richardson JULIE B. JOHNSON, Houston CHARLA JONES, Shelbyville DEBRA JONES. Groveton ROBERT JONES. Dayton ROSALYN JONES. Longview SUSAN JONES, Houston KATHRYN JORDAN, California JANA JUSTICE, Houston JAMES KADLECEK, Jacksonville SUSAN KAIN, Piano Students are given - ' hands on " experience while working in SFA ' s own greenhouse. Two students go through the painstaking labor of float building for Homecoming. Freshmen - 375 Freshmen MAI LYN KANUI, Little Rock, AR EMILY KATE, Orange KIM K4UEMAN, Piano KRIS KEEL, Hemphill ELIZABETH KEENER, Huntsville JENNIFER KEETON, Baytown KENNETH KEITH. Inez TAMMY KELSEY, Longview CINDY KENNARD, Red Oak BETSY KERSTING, Carroll ton K1MBERLY KILLEEN, Dallas BRENDA KL4IS, Houston KRISTILISA KLEINER, Camarillo.CA CONNIE KNOX, Mesquite DANIEL KOENIGS, Missouri City MELINDA KOONCE, Kingwood MELISSA KOONCE, Kingwood KELLY KOPP, Houston KA TR1NA KOSTED, Rusk MICHELLE KR4MR, Santa Fe TODD KRELL, Houston CHERYL KUCERA, Piano KIMBERLY KUNEMAN, Houston SHERRY KUSENBERGER. San Antonio JOSEPH LaBAR, Nacogdoches SHARI LAGERSTROM, Spring JILL LAIRD. Austin WILLIAM LANGAN, Dallas JOHNNY LATHROP, Piano K4TRINA LAVA, Houston JILL LA WRENCE, Clear Lake PATSY L4WS0N, Rockland ANNE LAY, Houston JOHN LEAKE, League City TRICIA LeBLANC, Richardson KENDALL LEDBETTER, Duncanvilie 376 - Freshmen Freshmen MELISSA LEE, San Augustine SHANNON LEE. Hemphill NATALIE LIGHTNER. Dallas SUSAN LINCOLN, Richardson ANIESHA LINDERMANN, Temple TROY LINDSEY. Houston MARGARET LIPSCOMB, Houston JASON LISENBY, Edmond MICHAEL LITHERLAND, Houston ROBIN LITTLE, Houston TERI LIVELY, Canton SUSAN LLOYD, Spring JULIET LOBB. Dallas KELLY LOOM IS. Cleveland BONNIE LOPEZ, Bonham VALERIE LORENZ, McKinney CHRISTI LOW EN STEIN, Missouri City JOHN LOYD, San Angelo PATRICIA LYON, LaMarque SUZANNE LYRO, Piano KIM LYTLE, Houston JOHN MACEY. Houston WILLIAM MACLEOD, Dallas ERIN MADDEN, Westporl, CT DAN MAHER, Houston ROBERT MALLETT. Jasper SHELLY MALLIA, LaMarque PAULA MALTBY, Colmesneil MARY MANESS, Cleveland ERICK4 MANGRA VITO, Rockwall CATHY MAPLES, La Feria CATHERINE MARCH BANKS, Houston ROX1E MARIETT1. Rockwall MARY MARIN I. Piano PAMELA MARQUARDT, Katy NICOLE MARTIN, Woodlands Freshmen - 377 Freshmen STACEY MARTIN, Trophy Club SUE MATLOCK, Houston DAVID MAYHEW, Georgetown CATHY MAYS, Spring L4RISA MAYS, Tyler STACY McALISTER, Charlotte, NC SABRINA Mc BRIDE, Lujkin MICHELE McCURLEY, Houston CHARL4 McDILL, Mesquite CHRISTINE McDONNELL, Dallas BECKY McELYEA, Mesquite STEVEN McGEE, Huntington TERESA McGLA UGHN, Piano STACEY McKEE, Houston KAYLENE McKEEVER, Wylie LISA McKITRICK, Ingleside SARA McMINN, Longview DA VID MEINERS, Mabank EERNANDO MENDIOE4, Houston CHARLES MERR1 FIELD, Louisiana BARBARA MEYER, Houston PHIL MEYERS, Houston KIMBERLY MILLER, Palestine LINDSA Y MILLER, Dallas TONDA MILLER, La Porte KIMBERLY M1NGARELLI. Pearland DEE MITCHELL, Bridgeport DONNA MITCHELL, Tyler LA URA MOERBE, Houston ROBERT MOHWINKEL, League City JODI MOON, Wildwood CHERIE MOORE, Bryan JANA MOORHEAD, Clear Lake MAX MORALES, Dallas PENNY MORGAN, Tyler AMY MORROW, Princeton 378 - Freshmen Freshmen Richard Stringer, Houston sophomore, pretends to study as he guards his laundry in Hall 16. Kric Ayle Mm Ul. mmkMl 111 mmmMkmiL i At PI JANET MORTON, Marshall RUSSELL MORTON, Houston JANA MULLICAN, Savoy DA WN MUNSON, Dallas HOWARD MURKAY Enterprise, AL MELISSA MURRAY, Dallas MICHELLE MUSE, Mabank JASON MYERS, Dallas TODD MYERS, Waterville, OH LAURA NAIL, Dallas BECKY NAIR, Houston WENDY NASH, Port Isabel ERIC NAUDEAU. Bryan BARRY NAUGHTON, Denton DEN A NEACE, Hurst JANICE NEAL, Houston KEVIN NEAL, Richardson KRISHNA NESMITH, Dallas Freshmen - 379 Freshmen LIZ NEW BOLT, Duncanville KELLI NEWMAN, Garland SHERRI NEWMAN, Dallas JAMES NIENDORFF. Kingwood STUART NIPPER, White Oak STEPHANIE NIX, Houston CATHERINE NIXON. Houston DEBBIE NORTON, Tyler SUSAN NORWOOD. Dallas DONNA NOTARO, Spring MARY NYGAARD, Carroll ton KRISTEN OATES. Nacogdoches HOWARD C. OLEXY JR.. Houston ERIC OLIVER. Spring KENT ONCKEN. Houston CATHY OPER, Mesquite KIMBERLY O RILEY, Nederland RON ORLANDO, Houston LUCIA ORTEGA, Dallas GREG OWENS, Sulphur Springs STACEY OWENS, Kingwood JODIE OUSLEY, Arlington STACY PADUCH, Duncanville MICHAEL PALMER, Tyler DEBOR.MI PARKER, Mesquite LAUR.4 PARKER, Houston PHILIP PARKER, Sulphur Springs BOBBY E PARRISH JR., Nacogdoches DEBORAH PARRISH, Nacogdoches LANNA PARTIN, Euless ANGELA PATE, Center GLENN A PAULK, Wylie AMY PEACOCK, Longyiew MA R Y PEA R CE. Woodla nds T.J. PELTON. Carthage LISA PENSZKY. Piano 380 - Freshmen Freshmen CHRISTINA PERAZA, Houston BONNIE PERKINS, Dallas JAMES PERKINS, Red Oak JENNIFER PESL, Pearland MELISSA PETERS, Harlingen MEGAN PETERSON, Beaumont TANYA PETERSON, League City CASSY PEVEHOUSE, Irving LAURA PHELPS, Houston LLOYD PHELPS, Houston AUDREY PHILLIPS, Livingston REISOR PICKETT, Van JOE PIDANIY, Houston DEKE PIERCE. Timpson MELISSA PIERSON, Houston CATHY PI KU LIN SKI, Arlington DIANE PILKINGTON, Houston MICHELLE PIPKIN, Houston MICHAEL POLLARD. Garland MARLENA POMERLEAU. Austin DENISE PONE WASH. Dallas MISTY POPE, Jefferson JAMES POTTER, Nacogdoches CHRIS PR.ADO, Houston TAMMI PR.4TOR, Atlanta JULIE PRICHARD, Wylie KELLY PRINCE, Nacogdoches JOHN PROVAN, Nacogdoches WILLIAM PRYOR, Jersey Village ANGELA QUARTARO, Clear Lake REGINA QUATTLEBAUM, Huntington KELLY RAMSEY, Dayton LORI RASH, Bonham PAMELA R.4 Y, Dripping Springs RONDA R.4Y, Porter DANZA RE A VIS, Longview Freshmen - 381 Freshmen NANCY REDDING, Marshall GINA REDMAN. Texas City WENDY REDMON Santa Fe JENNIFER REEDER. Georgetown ME LAN IE REESE, Dallas LLOYD REGNER. Houston WENDY REID. Brazoria DEANNA REINHARDT, Corrigan MELINDA REIST, Richmond DENNIS RHOADES, Marshall DAVD RICHARD. Dallas STEPHANIE RICHEY. Katy SHERRY RICHMOND, Houston MICHAEL RICHTER. Texas City CHERYL RIDDLE. Pasadena JACK RILEY. Houston REBECCA RITTER. Pe arland K4REN RIVEN BARK. Lujkin ALMA ROBERTS. Marshall JENNIFER ROBERTSON. Allen STEPHANIE ROBINS. Meridian KRISTI RODRIGUEZ, Texas City REBEL ROGERS, Henderson TIMOTHY ROLAND. El Paso STEVEN ROTHBAUER. Houston KAR-LA ROY. Houston LAN A RUDD. Tyler THERESA RUMMEL. Houston STEFANIE RYBURN. Dallas JOHN RYDER. New Caney MARK SAFFER. Houston MARIA SALAZAR. Dallas MATTHEW SAM BROOK. Dallas MARK SAMORIGA. Richmond LAUR.4 SAMUDIO. Houston JILL SANDERS, Texas City 382 - Freshmen Freshmen muA. , .. . KAREN SANDERS, San Antonio AMY SANFORD, Lufkin KIRSTEN SA VALEISCH, Katy MICHELE SCHACHERL. Houston KIM SCHIFTNER, Lewisville STEPHANIE SCH LATER, Houston ■fej h NANCY SCHMOYER, Houston KIMBERLY SCHUELKE, Pearland JON SCHWENNEKER, Houston LESLIE SCIONEAUX, Pearland JENNIFER SCOTT, Seabrook TR4CIF FI I 4RS Universal Citv } fat. HELEN SHARPE, Houston DEBBIE SHATLEY, Dallas MONIQUE SHAW, Houston KEVIN SHELTON, Amarillo CHRISTIE SHERK, Gladewater ROBERT SHERROD, Dallas I M. I. ' Looks like more Chanello ' s coupons for Doug Harper, Irving freshman. Freshmen - 383 Freshmen ALAN SHERWOOD, Houston ROBERT SHILLING. San Augustine JAMES SHILLINGS. Orange CLAIRE SHIPMAN. Richardson JENNIFER SHI RE Y, Grand Prairie CAROL SHIRLEY. Roanoke STEPHEN SHIRLEY. Wylie WENDY SHIRLEY, Richardson REED SHOEMAKER, Conroe BETH SIMONS, Euless NICOLE SIMPKINS, Houston DA VID SIMPSON, Garland MELINDA SIMS, Pittsburg SUSAN SINCLAIR, Beaumont RONALD SLOVACEK, Ennis ANGEL4 SMITH. Tyler DERICK SMITH. Katy KEITH SMITH. Silsbee KELLY SMITH, Cushing RUSSELL SMITH, Houston SUZANNE SMITH, Richardson WENDY SMITH, Garland DONNA SNOW, Houston DENISE SNOWDER, Houston JOHN SONES, Houston CHRIS SPETTER, Dallas ALLYSON SPIGENER, Houston MICHELE SPILLER, Houston TIFFANY SPR4GGINS, Piano BRYAN SPRENGER, Houston CARRIE SPRING, Jasper JENNIFER STACY. Garland JIM STANFORD. Houston KRISTI STANLEY. Dallas LISA STARNES, Houston DAVID STARRETT, Houston 384 • Freshmen Freshmen JAMES STEELE, Nacogdoches JENNIFER STEELE, Piano ROBERT STEGALL, Dallas NICOLE STERLING. Canada ROBBY STEWART, Mansfield ANN STOTTS, San Augustine KIMBERLY STRECK, Troup CHRISTINA STREICH, Waxahachie PAMELA STROUPE, Bedford SUSAN SUMRALL, Houston ANNE MARIE SURNSON, Houston ROBIN SUTTON, Longview ANDREA TANGAS, Houston KENDK4 TATE, Ft. Worth FR.4NCES TATOM, Pineland IDA TATOM, Pineland LORETTA TATUM, Jasper DIANE TAYLOR, Van ELLEN TA YLOR, Dallas SHELLY TAYLOR, Duncanville WENDY TAYNE, Irving MICHAEL TEAL, Dallas TRACI TERRY, Katy ANGELA TESSIN, Wheaton JULIE THAYER, Houston AMY THOMAS, Dallas ROBBIE THOMAS, Spring TR.4CEY THOMPSON, Richardson LIZ THORMAEHLEN, Houston G INA THORNTON. Ft. Worth WILLIAM TONEY. Nacogdoches IC4REN TOUPS, Port Neches DEAN N A TRACY, Irving HOA TRAN, Sugarland TIMOTHY TRA YNOR, Dallas JANET TRIEM, Houston Freshmen - 385 Freshmen KAREN TRIETSCH, Lewisville ANGELA TURNER. Mont Belvieu CHEREE TURNER, Porter CYNTHIA TURNER, Houston KIMBERLY TURNER, Atlanta KATHERINE VAN ALSTYNE, Newport ROXANE VAN DELDEN. Houston JEFFERY VANLANDINGHAM, Spearman YVONNE VELA, Houston MONIQUE VELASCO. Houston RHONDA VICKERS, Freeport DEBO 4H VILL. Orange D ANNA VIZINA, Houston LEE VU. Houston SCOTT WAFFORD, Dallas ELISE WALLA, Austin KIMBERLY WALLACE, Jasper NANCY WALKER, Cypress RICHARD WALSH, Houston STEPHANIE WALSH, Houston MARY W ANGLER, Arlington BRETT WARD, San Antonio LESLI WARD, Nassau Bay DREAMA WARDELL, Arlington DEIRDRE WARREN, Sugarland KIMBERLY WARREN, Dallas ANDREA WATSON, Raymondville RONALD WATSON, Missouri City MARD1 WEATHERFORD, Houston KIMBERLY WEBER. Missouri City SALLY WEBER, Port Lavaca KAREN WEISSENBORN. Denison MICHAEL WELLS, Spring LYNN WESTERMEIER, Houston SHELLEY WHIDDON, Denton LAURIE WHITE, Nacogdoches 386 - Freshmen ROSALIND WHITE, Houston STEPHANIE WHITEHEAD, Missouri City CARIE WHITFIELD, Mauriceville CLIFF WHITLEY, Mt. Enterprise CONNIE WHITLEY, Houston MICA WHITMAN, Dallas L4URA WHITTEKIN, Piano BECKY WHITTINGTON, Houston DEVON WHITTINGTON, Bedford JODETT WHITTINGTON, Hooks MICHAEL WIKTOR, Grand Prairie OLIN WILKER, Port Neches SUEANN WILKES, Irving GA YLA WILLIAMS, Clear Lake JACQUELINE WILLIAMS, Mt. Enterprise JEFFREY WILLIAMS, Spring JERRY WILLIAMS, Rogers JOEY WILLIAMS, Longview KIMBERLY WILLIAMS, Terrell PHILLIP WILSON, Houston ROBERT WILSON, Houston STEPHANIE WILSON, Houston TR.4CY WILSON, Pearland JOSE WINKLEY, El Paso THOMAS LOAL WINN II, Houston THOMAS WITHERS, Houston YVONNE WOLF, Sugarland PAUL WOLFF, Ft. Worth GINA WOOD, Nacogdoches JEFFREY WOODARD, New Braunfels Freshmen - 387 As I sit here gazing at your newly erected statue, I can ' t help but wonder if you really know what your university means to me. Mr. Austin, this is where I really grew up. This campus holds magic for me. Each time I set foot or eye on this unique institution, I get a lump in my throat, a spring in my step, and a leap in my heart. Only at Stephen F. can a college be so diligent about unique traditions... A man named " Stick " shooting a hook shot from midcourt at halftime Sweet gum ball fights after dinner in the cafeteria Beach parties held amid the pine cones and needles (no water) at a place known as Kerry Beach Cramming for finals at the Hot Bisquit. Only here can you find people who really care... Professors become friends Everyone that passes smiles and says, " Hi! " Faculty, administration, and students can lay aside all differences to complete a five year long project known as " The Statue " The men students treat the women students as ladies and go out of their way to make others feel special. Only at SFA does nature play an important role in college life... Students play with squirrels and walk through woods to get to class Star gazing is a favorite pastime A student can find a tree he declares his own and use it as a place of refuge Friends spend hours wading through creeks and jumping in leaf piles. Only here can life be lived to the fullest but in a nonchalant way... Big dreams can become reality, but they don ' t have to Adults watch freshmen students grow up and they crack a smile Intramural championships become the Super Bowl and the World Series. Only here can the simpler things in life cause so much joy... Late night popcorn parties in an all female hall Walks in the woods at midnight Studying in the library Going to Wendy ' s for a frosty. The total experience of being weaned from adolescense is somehow easier to swallow at SFA. Everyone seems to somehow understand that lives are being formed victories being won and lost dreams being created and completed And all think it is an honor to be a Lumberjack. So, Mr. Austin, the campus which bears your name is one of great value and worth... Not only in material terms but in ways only the heart can comprehend. No matter how long one has been away from the campus, SFA will always remain a land of Enchantment to those of us who dared to believe it so. Shari Dooley Miss SFA 1985 388 1987 Stone Fort Pamela Scarbo Editor in Chief Frances Hinson Art Layout Editor Kristi Plummer Academics Editor Lisa Santinoceto Greek Editor Lynn Ubl Sports Editor Suzanne Lavella Organizations Editor Myra McCollum Classes Editor Patricia Spence Director of Student Publications Ben Click Yearbook Advisor Drenun Bell 1987 Stone Fort Staff: Ben Click, Frances Hinson, Kristi Plummer, Lynn Ubl, Pamela Scarbo, Myra McCollum, Suzanne Lavella and Lisa Santinoceto. Greg Pullrrson Mrs. Patricia Spence, the 1987 Director of Stu- dent Publications. 390 - 1987 Stone Fort Staff Eric Ayles Janet Barsch Greg Patterson Drenan Bell Erik Karlsson Jeff Manley Photographer Photographer Photo Editor Photographer Photographer Photographer Photographers - 391 INDEX A A-malek, Zulkifli 325 Abati. Kimberly 351 Abdulrazak, Mariam 281,325 Alieita. Lisa 200.202 Abel, Jenny 364 Abernethy, Dr. Francis E. 37,80 Abney. Karen 326 Abrashley, Laura 254 Abrasley. Laura 364 Accardo, Amy 364 Acker. |oey 256 Acker, Susan 191,196 Acree, Palsy 136,152 Adair. Dr. Kent T. 56,82 Adamick, John 278 Adamo, John 156 Adamo. Michael 156 Adamo. Mike 127 Adams. Brenda 364 Adams. Clyde 150.351 Adams, Daryl 231 Adams, Diane 89,364 Adams, Dr. Jasper E. 101,274 Adams, Eric 364 Adams, George 341 Adams, Gerald 326 Adams, India 275.326 Adams, ]odi 246 Adams, (oni 341 Adams, Leigh 364 Adams, Micheal 156 Adian, Paula 146 Adkins, Kurt 243 Adkisson, Steve 150 Adnrnetto, Anna 142,326 Adornetto. Susie 142 Adwers, Amy 351 Albee, Lisa 351 Albers, (acquie 142 Albert, Kathy 326 Albert, Kiah 364 Albert. Russell 239,326 Albertson, Tina 364 Albrecht, Beth 364 Albrecht, Melissa 162 Albright. Lisa 138.142 Albright. Paul 298 Alcoze, Anita 364 Alexander. Andy 156 Alexander, Bruce 168 Alexander. Clyde 178 Alexander. Dr. Doyle 101 Alexander. Steve 156 Alexander, Susan 326 Albino, Anmarie 136,147 Alhashimi, Carolyn 101,259,265 Alhashimi. Dr. T. A. 101 Ali, Diane 290 Alker, Veronika 364 Allard, |oel 316 Aliee. Lisa 290,326 Allen, Darynda 299 Allen, Debbie 85 Allen, Gary 326 Allen, Laura 130 Allen, Melissa 134,156 Allgood, Duke 83 Allison. Sadie J. 66 Alloju. Ani 140.286 Alsides, Daniel 351 Alston. Roy D. 101 Alvarez, Carmen 193 Alvarez, Robin 253 Amason. Polly 364 Amezquita, Sandra 71 Anderson. Amber 364 Anderson. Ami 158 Anderson, Bronwyn 326 Anderson. Donna 327 Anderson. Dr. Ron 90 Anderson. Jim 364 Anderson. John 59 Anderson, judson 351 Anderson, julie 364 Anderson, Kim 351 Anderson, Kimberly 364 Anderson, Mike 351 Anderson. Richard 138 Anderson. Robert 110 Anderson. Rodney 132 Anderson, Stephanie 136,161 Anderson. Terri 364 Andre, Richard 341 Andrew. Libby 273 Andrews, Diane 162,327 Andrews, Don 140,258 Andrews, Kerry 364 Andry, Kimberly 327 Aohr, Robert 247 Applegate. Phil 152,153 Arcidiacano, Mary 292:341 Armalavage, Mike 132 Armalvage, Mike 133 Armistead. Mr. Bob 101 Armour, |eannie 351 Armour, Lenice 351 Armstrong, Ann 134 Armstrong, Johnnie 341 Arnold, Greg 132 Arnold. Mark 182,184,187 Arrington. Lana 364 Arrington. Melissa 364 Arscott. Bill 70 Artzt. Carol 341 Asel, Marcy 130 Ashbrook. Joey 212,256 Ashby. Steven 351 Ashley. Dr. |anelle C. 56 Ashour, Claire 202 Ashour. Clare 200.201,351 Ashour, Monica 327 Asprion. Cindy 146 Aswell. Paco 203 Aswell. Phyllis 200,202.205 Atchison. Dr. Thomas A. 87,101 Atkinson, Melissa 136 Atkinson, Paul 158 Atwell, Ken 73 Atwood, Kenny 341 Aubuchon, Micheal 140 Augsburger. Holly 132 Aulbach. Pete 140 Austin, John 364 Autrey, Karen 162 Avary. Steve 146 Avenoso, Michelle 341 Avery, Sheila 351 Ayers, Elaine 364 Ayles, Eric 138.351 B Babbitt, Jeff 364 Bacher, Bruce 281 Bacon, Bruce 364 Badger, Mike 73.327,333 Bailey, Allison 290 Bailyi Dana 364 Bailey, Debbie 128.136 Bailey, Kimberly 351 Bailey, Bruce E. 257 Baird. Phillip 158 Baird. Rhonda 158 Baird, Stephanie 351 Baker, Angela 327 Baker, Angie 264 Baker, Beckett 158 Baker, Brad 132 Baker, Diane 66,202 Baker, Frank 138 Baker, Julie 162,327 Baker. Laura 136,271,341 Baker, Leslie 136 Baker. Melissa 351 Bakewell. Dr. Helene 95 Balikian, Lisa 364 Balladin. Kiran 364 Ballard. Tim 156 Balles, Monte 252 Ballew, Laura 341 Balsano, Brandi 351 Bangle, Eric 296 Banner, Denise 364 Banner, Dona 352 Bantley. Lynn 248 Barbe, |ohn 166,172 Barbee, Robert 364 Barber Jr., Dale Lee 364 Barbin. Eugene 61 Barbour, Lisa 142 Barclay, Bret 178,181 Barclay, Patricia 341 Barclay, Walter 150 Barfield, Stephanie 142 Barker, Amy 327 Barker, Stacey 364 Barnes, Jennifer 364 Barnes. Stacey 364 Barnett, Thomas 352 Baron, Laura 162 Barr, Kathy 364 Barra. Dr. Ronnie G. 101 Barrett. Dr. Barbra 85 Barrett. Mike 156 Barrientez, Donald 364 Barrientos. Maribel 327 Barrilleaux. Brian 269 Barrow. Kyle 365 Barry. Brett 365 Barry, Melissa 352 Bartasch, Virginia 287 Bartlett, Jennifer 142 Bartsch, Janet 352.359 Bartush, Virginia 288.302 Baslom, Shelley 365 Bass. Sharon 327 Bassett, Suzanne 130 Bastian. Ketria 352 Batchelor. Betsy 327 Bates. David 150 Bates, James 341 Bates. Jennifer 136,149 Bates. Tim 158 Batie, Barry 352 Batjer. Charlotte 327 Batsche, Martha 162,260 Battise, Lonnie 341 Bauman, Shelly 142 Baumgartner, Mark 144 Baur, Lynne 352 Baustert. Greg 365 Bavender, Gregory 352 Bvousett. Rex 325 Beadle. Michele 130 Beard, Amy 365 Beasley. Kimla 129,259 Beason, Billy 365 Beason, Don 70 Beaty, Jeff 257 Beaty, Melissa 245,306,327 Beaty, Susan 327 Beaty, Will 138 Beaz, Mindy 246 Bebczuk, Mike 160 Becker, Cathy 142 Becker. Wayne 327 Beckman, Sydney 271.341 Beezley. Kimberly 365 Begun, |ill 365 Beigraben. Craig 257 Beimgraben, Craig 365 Beilsel, Stacy 365 Belan, Mary 142.152 Belauskas, Paul 128,160.327 Belcher. Caroline 126.129,341 Belcher, John 152 Bell. Brian 140 Bell, Patricia 365 Bell, Scott 152 Bell. Solinda 365 Bell, Timothy 365 Benckenstein. Kimberly 365 Bender, Lisa 365 Bendzen, George 288 Bennett, Brian 132 Bennett, Steve 283 Benoit. Bianca 253,352 Benson, Derek 365 Benzon, Christine 130.341 Bergman, Stuart 365 Berquist, Dana 341 Beronaugh, Dr. Louis 145 Berry, Karol 290,327 Berry, Lisa 365 Berry, Robin 130 Berrv, Tracy 365 Berryhill, Lynn 352 Best, Pamela 327 Best. Steve 302 Bettes, Gretchen 352 Bettinger, Cindy 365 Bettis, |ohn 127.158 Beverly, Melissa 352 Beyer, Evelyn 286 Beyer. Kevin 158 Beyer, Rena 327 Bice, Lisa 286 Biediger, Terri 236 Bielumowicz, Tommy 341 Biggerstaff. Dovie 162.327 Biggs, Galen 352 Bigoness, Mr. Ronald A. 101 Bilan. Dr. Victor 82.101 Bilan, Larissa 130 Billings, Tammy 284,291,342 Bills, Dr. Scott 84 Binford, Janna 365 Binger. Holly 126 Bingham, Dr. Louise 142 Binkley, Ryan 98 Bishop, Stacv 365 Bishop, Stefi 365 Biver, Christine 365 Bivens. Suzanne 342 Bixenstine, Lisa 70 Bixler, Randy 365 Bizzell. Dr. Bobby 86.101.235 Bizzell. Laurie 134 Black. Rhonda 136.327 Black. Sherrv 136,297,352 Blackborn, Philip 281 Blackburn, Timmy 240 Blackey, Lori 286 Blackmon. Jessiac 281 Blackstone, Donna 262,292.294,365 Blackwell, Angela 352 Blackwell, Michele 327 Blair, Buddy 170 Blair, Gary 46.188 Blair, Gary 247 Blake. Brian 365 Blake, Cory 342 Blake, Glenn 327 Blakey, Lori 342 Blande, Lisa 365 Blankenship, Julie 365 Blanton, Francine 342 Blaylock, Dina 226 Bleggi, Stephen 327 Bleggi. Steve 274 Bleier. Robert 257.294,365 Blevins, Chrissy 365 Blevins, Jack Jr. 132 Blevins. Lisa 130 Blissard. Kim 130,161 Bloom, Cathy 365 Bluhm, Captain Joanne L. 88,101 Boatman, Susanne 142 Boatman, Vikki 45 Boaz. Mindy 352 Bobling, Todd 230 Bobo, Lance 132 Bobo. Stan 83 Bocquin, Bruce 226 Bogardus. Toby 158 Bogart, Nancy 174,175.177 Bogle. Kimberly 352 Bohanan, Rhonda 130 Bolton. Gary 365 Bolton. Kim 296.298.352 Bond. Duke 140.286 Bond. Kyle 365 Bond. R. Duke 286 Bond. Randy 365 Bond, Tina 352 Bonds, Dana 260,327 Bonewitz, Kenneth 342 Bonner, Amy 149 Bono, Teri 260,327 Book. Trey 148,271 Booker, Sharon 342 Boomer. Leah 211 Boorom. Michael 258 Bordelon. Mark 144 Boring. Dr. Wayne C. 72 Bosley. Christopher 127 Bostik. Sheri 352 Bott. Kimberly 365 Bouffard. Andrew 160 Bouffard. Katy 136,161 Boughton, Kelly 211 Bourbanrois. John 158 Bourbon, Dr. Thomas 95,101 Boutis. Mike 128.132,133 Bowen, Heather 327 Bowers, Teri 130 Bowes. Kathleen 342 Bowling, Sharla 150 Boyce, Theodore 352 Boyd, Kristan 285 Boydston, Blake 352 Boydstun, Laurie 110,126,128.142, 327 Boyett. Karen 130,327 Boyle, Jennifer 366 Boynton, Sandy 158 Boyston. Laurie 152 Boystun, Laurie 126 Brabham. David 132 Bradbeer, Tim 132 Braddock, Joy 134.284,291.352 Bradley, Carol 266 Bradley. John 366 Bradley, Kelly 130 Bradley. Tommy 366 Bradshaw, Tami 327 Bradv. Keith 366 Bradv, Matt 128,156 Brady, Robin 132,134 Bragg, Ronda 149,327 Brakebill, Philip 148,327 Braly, Michael 194,198 Brannan, Theresa 327 Brannen, Dr. Duke 96 Brannon, Lea 162 Branton. Gl enda 366 Branum, Jim 327 Brasher, Kelley 213 Bray, Trevor 366 Breaseale, Deidra 327 Breckinton, Wayne 366 Breedlove, Karen 366 Brennan, Patricia 130 Brenneman, Paul 366 Brenner, Robert 150 Brewer, Ernest 144,342 Brewer, Gina 134 Brewer, Jill 213 Brewer, Robert 110,283,327 Brewer, Teresa 328 Brewer, Terri 262 Brewster. Amy 128.130 Bridges, Brent 252 Bridges, John 366 Bridges, Kathy 279,288 Briggs, Kerri 136 Briggs, Richard 156 Bright, Angela 130,352 Bright, Laurie 366 Brinckerhoff, Bridget 136 Brittain. lana 134 Broadwell, David 140,352 Brock, Ken 283 Brockett, Kathy 366 Bronson. Bill 276 Brooks, Jennifer 286,366 Brooks, La Donna 302 Brooks, LaDonna 279.288 Brooks, Mozell 188.192 Brooks. Stephanie 366 Brooks, Tracie 130 Brophy, Dr. William J. 57,84 Brophy. Holly 286 Brossette Jr., David 342 Brossette, David 152 Broussard, George 342 Broussard, Nancy 134 Brow. Steve 70 Browder, Jill 142,246 Brown, Gail 366 Brown, Deanna 366 Brown, Eric 158 Brown, Evert 321 Brown, Greg 194,198 Brown, Gregory 328 Brown, Gyna 138 Brown, Heather 290 Brown, Kathy 130,132 Brown. Kelly 366 Brown. Kevin 140.158,328 Brown. Krista 136 Brown. Lisa 136 Brown, Mimi 236,239 Brown, Mitch 138 Brown, Natalee 342 Brown, Paul 150 Brown, Stephen 110 Brown, Susan 149 Brown, Todd 198 Brown, Tracy 162 Brown, Wayne 352 Browne. Al ' isa 255,257,286.294.366 Browne, Kevin 366 Bruce, Shelley 267 Bruce, Shelly 267 Bruck, Andrew 101 Brueggeman. Laura 110,128,130, 161,342 Bruha, Gregg 132 Brumbaugh. Leslie 130 Brumitt, Paula 328 Brumley, Felisa 366 Brummett, Tom 132 Brtincke, Tom 140 Brunet, j.B. 150 Bruns. Annetta 150 Brunson. Ms. Macra Ann 101 Brush, Steven 366 Bryan, Barry 269 Bryan, Greg 127,150 Bryant, Karin 130 Bryant, Laura 281 Bryce, Douglas 226,366 Bryce, Lynley 134,156 Bryner, Susan 306 Buchanan, Angela 328 Budnek. Doug 83 Buechei. Robert 328 Buffington, Darlene 210 Buhlig. Jeffery 279,288 Bull, Diana 366 Bullock. Allen 306 Bullock. Suzie 352 Bunch, Jennifer 352 Bunch, Mr. Harold 101 Burch. Andrew 152 Burch. Kyle 150 Burch, Regina 366 Burchfield, Lanita 342 Burgay, Lisa 69 Burgess. Melinda 136 Burk. Brian 366 Burk. Michelle 366 Burkart, Dr. Leonard 101 Burke. Diane 366 Burleson, Kathy 366 Burnaman. Stephen 233 Burnette, David 366 Burns, Cheri 174 Burns, Daniel 342 Burns, Frankie Lee 150 Burns, Robert 342 Burns, Steve 76 Burrough, Elizabeth 352 Burrow, Bart 140 Burrow, Karen 290,328 Burt, David 150 Burt, Donica 130 Burt. Kevin 366 Burton. Andrea 158 Burton. Chris 316 Burton, Gary Scott 150 Burton, Michelle L. 352 Burton, Melanie 138 Burton, Susan 366 Busbv. Brad 253 Busby, David 342 Busby, Ralph 65.253 Bush. Jim 173 Bush, jon 156 Bush, Sharon 366 Butler, Evelyn 189.190,193 Butler. Scott 150 Butts. Dr. John R. 101 Butts, Dr. Sue 101 Butts. James 352 Byers, Carl 158 Bynes, Debra 246 Bynum, Denice 245 Bynum, Deniece 111 Byrd, Penny 26 Byrnes, Debbie 255 Byrnes, Debra 266,328 Byrnes, Debra Ann 111 Byrum. Liz 306 c Caballero, Kristal 213,366 Cabianca, Chris 156 Caddel, Rebecca 342 Cage, Alvin C. 63 Cain, Dr. Roy E. 80 Caldwell. Larry 306 Caldwell, Lawrence 328 Caldwell, Lisa 266 Caldwell. Ryan 366 Calhoun, Jessica 243 Clahoun. Lori 366 Callaway, Carol 342 Callaway. Dr. Thomas O. 92 Calvillo. Marti 366 Cambiano, Leslie 367 Camero, Anthony 352 Campana, Mary 158 Campbell, Camille 367 Campbell. David 66,150 Campbell, Donna 194 Campbell, Tim 146,147 Campise, Anthony 160 Campo, Kim 20,126,130,156,351 Canaan, Scott 352 Canada, Lynn 262 Canada, Teresa 328 Cannon, Brent 256 Cannon, Jeff 224,325 Cannon, Sherri 342 Cantrell, Cristin 367 Cantrell, Denise 367 Capers, Kimberly 342 Capers, Tracy 367 Capozza, Amy 367 Carbonari, Karen 198 Carelock, Vicki 126 Carey, Pam 367 Carfs, Laura 233 Carleton, Rex 301 Carlson, Brian 367 Carlson, Deborah 244 Carlson, Karin 367 Carlton, Gerald 127,138 Carlton, Jim 167 Carlton, Terry 140 Carmichael, Rhonda 279,288 Carnes, Jay 352 Cams, Mary 269 Carpenter, Eric 352 Carpenter. Holly 352 Carpenter. Tracey 150 Carr, Dr. Barbara 80 Carr, Jay R. 353 Carrell. Phil 138 Carreon, Stephanie 306 Carrillo, Derek 144,342 Carrington, Brad 156 Carroll, Barbara 367 Carrotte. Sue 142 Carson. Celina 311 392 Carswell, Fiona 353 Carter, Andrew 353 Carter. Gil 150 Carter. |anet 367 Casarsa, Vivian 353 Casella. Anne 260.262.328 Cass. |uree 367 Cassata, Marijane 353 Castro. Stella 200,202,203.204.205. 328 Castro, Theresa 146 Catalano, Kristin 353 Catlett. Chris 146 Cato. Dea 342 Caughey. Laurie 313.353 Chadwick, Patricia 342 CHamberlain. Mindy 367 Chambers. Kimberly 353 Chambers, Rhonda 367 Chance. Robbie 210 Chandler, Lisa 259.328 Chaney. Chris 367 Chaney. Elton L. 101 Channel!, Melissa 353 Chapman, Todd 328 Charba. Amy 20.142.351 Chase. Claudia 328 Chase, Jeannie 283 Chassell. |ohn 367 Chavarria. Orelia 273,328 Chelette. Tracev 288 Cheshire, Cary 271 Chevreaux. Chris 132 Chiara. Nathan 160 Childers, David 160 Childers. Stephen 255.310 Childs, Leslie 244.367 Childs, Michele 136 Chionsini. |ames 95 Chitwood, Connie 353 Chitwood, Tamala 367 Chivers, Melany 368 Choi, Hyungwon 368 Chrisman. Kent 45 Christensen, Stacey 150 Christman. Bruce 236 Christy, Debbie 138 Chumlev, Carol 286 Chupik. ' Kevin 353 Church. Loretta 194.196.368 Cichersui. Andrew 353 Cigainero, Laura 328 Claborn, Mike 152 Claflin, Shaun 211 Clafin. Shawn 328 Clampitt. |ohn 328 Clark. Amy E. 368 Clark. Dr. Wilbur R. 101 Clark, lim 238,328 Clark, Kevin 255 Clark, Marlee 192.342 Clark, Mike 128 Clark, Mistv 134.150 Clark. Patti ' 142,328 Clark, Randell 342 Clark, Robert Clark. Ski 82 Clark, Valerie 233 Clark, Vickie 368 Clark, Wendy 353 Clarke. Bonny 342 Clarke. Kimberly 368 Claude. Mike 256 Claunch, Dr. Ronald G. 93 Clay. Mark 239 Clav. Pam 202,203 Clayton, Cole 257 Clayton. Tony 368 Clegg. Donna 342 Clem. Tara 144 Cleveland, Jonnie 368 Click. Ann 295.342 Click, Ben 101.390 Click. Billv 42 Click. Billv J. 58 Clifton, Alex 267 Clifton. Michele 233 Cline, Cadi 368 Clipson, Dr. Tim 241.255 Cloudy, Charlene 64 Cluck. " Leslie 149 Cludius, Fred 146.147,226 Clymore, Laura 368 Coates. Georgeanne 368 Coates. Marcia 368 Coats. Chris 230 Cobbs, Sarah Cobourn. Cathy 111.328 Coburn. Cathv 284 Cochran, David 296,353 Cochran, Kellv 294.368 Cochran, Kendvl 368 Codianne, Tami 132.136 Coffman. Casey 286.368 Cohen. Kipp 140.254,342 Cohn, Motlie 342 Coker, johnny 252 Cole. Connie 192.193 Cole. |oseph 368 Cole. Terri 368 Coleman. Chris 310 Coleman. Debbie 152,246 Coleman, Deborah 136,342 Coleman, Debra 266 Coleman, Jamie 262 Coleman. Linda 196 Coligan. Charlene 353 Colley. Angie 353 Collier. Blair 134 Collier. Dr Gerald L 101 Collier. Lloyd 132 Collier. Shelley 162.342 Collier. Tracey 98 Collins. Errol 279,353 Collins, Kevin 328 Collins, Laura 213 Collins. Mechelle 353 Collins. Melissa 353 Collison, Robin 368 Colmer, Michelle 328 Coin, Lois 353 Colomb. Nora 342 Colson, Rick 278 Colvin, Dede 353 Comer, Chad 368 Como. Catherine 111 Como, Cathy 328 Condit, Dawn 368 Conine. Laurie 130.342 Conley. ]ay 158 Conrad. Mark 301 Conroy. Lisa 255,290 Constante. Flumencio 328 Coody. Myke 148 Cook, Kristen 353 Cook, Mark 368 Cooke, Anita 70 Coole, Tamara 238,32 8 Cooley, Tracy 368 Cooper. Billy 288.302 Cooper. Kary 325 Cooper. Keri 194.196,368 Cooper. Michelle 342 Cooper. Mona 200.201.202 Cooper. Scott 255 Cooper, Shelly 328 Cooper. Shelly Rix 194 Cooper, Toni 353 Copeland. Don 152,343 Copeland. Jessica 368 Coppack, Jay 20 Coppock Jr.. Jay 328 Coppck, John 150 Corbay, Cindy 82 Corbeit. Starling 265,353 Corbin, Dr. James 98 Corbin. Lori 136,149 Cordell, Amy 368 Cordova, Victor 194 Corgey. Karyn 368 Corkran. Andrea 368 Cornes, Paul 302 Cornett, Malia 162,328 Cortes, Rosemary 353 Cortez, Pam 313,353 Cos. Steve 158 Cotten, Rhonda 328 Couchenour. Dr. Donna 45 Coughlin. Amy 244 Coulter, Camille 134 Couvillon, Paul 81 Cowan. Wendy 253 Cowan. Wesley 253 Cox. Amy 343 Cox. Gary 138.368 Cox, Gretchen 368 Cox, Jeff 132 Cox, Malissa 134,144 Cox, Mike 132 Cox, Phil 138 Cox, Rachelle 368 Cox, Tiffany 368 Cox, Tracene 142 Crabtree, Heather 252 Craft, Amy 368 Craft, Vickie 343 Crager, Kenneth 233 Craig, Donald 228 Craig. Jill 130 Crane. Charles 368 Crane. Kathy 128,162 Cravey, David 368 Crawford. Catherine 271 Crawford, Gary 328 Crawford. |ohn 353 Crawford, Kim 134 Crawford, Laurie 313.353 Crawford, Penny 343 Creamer, Donna 343 Creech, Dr. David 252 Creel, Lisa 353 Crews, Jeff 256 Crim. Mark 212.256 Criss, Carla 328 Cristadoro, Kevin 160 Crocker, Dr. Charlene S. 101 Croley, Mark 112,328 Crossman, Susan 368 Crossman. Robert 325 Crow. Gary 138 Crow. Jimmy 160 Crowley. Valerie 142 Cruse. Donny 328 Crye, Dallas 255 Cullinan. Jim 148 Cumby, Bryan 156 Curry, Gary 353 Curtis, Kristine 130,353 Czajkowski, William 127,138 D Dace, Denise 369 Dagenais. Charles E. 101,231 Dahmus, Dr John 84,101 Dailey, Dr Michael 283 Dallas. Becky 142.260 Damon, James 160 Daniel, |ohn 70 Daniels. Darla 152 Daniels. Kris 239 Danley, David 343 Dannelly. Gina 134 Darland, Kevin 288 Darlland, Kevin 279 Datchko, Todd 128.152 Datesman, Lee 369 Daughety. Steven 343 Davies. Tammie 369 Davis. Bill 230 Davis. Brian 343 Davis. Carrrie 369 Davis. Duyen 369 Davis. Gary 328 Davis, George, 369 Davis, James 138.369 Davis. Jerrv 148 Davis, Kelvin 351 Davis. Kimberlv 369 Davis, Libby 369 Davis. Paul 160 Davis, Thomas 353 Davis, Tina 343 Davis, Tracey 353 Davis. Trenton 18.148 Davis, Wendy-Lee 71,369 Davison, Amy 136 Daw, Miama 273 Daw, Suzanne 353 Dawson. Carla 142.329 Dawson, Jeff 156 Day. Leann 353 Day, Michael 138 Day, Tommy 198 Dayan, Franck 353 Dean, Dr. Robert G 101 Dean, Kevin 112,329 Dearing. Robert 369 Debardelaben, Robert 343 Deboalt. Katherine 162 DeBroeck, Kelly 369 Decet, Gary 158 DeFeo, Angie 369 Deffebach. Scott 152 DeFord. |eff 132 DeGeorge, Angelo 148 Degrand, Melanie 266 DeHoop, Martha 271 Delay, Deena 134 Delius, Kurt 144 Delia Penna, Nick 156 Deloach, Pam 369 DeMars, Tony R. 101 Denham, G.G. 136 Denman. Ginia 343 Denman, Hollie 343 Dennev, Danny 152 Dennev. Kelli 369 Dennis, Beth 144 Dent, |erry 140 Dequirz, Kristi 226 Derxowski. Greg 140 Derrick. Mary Jane 354 Derrick. Anthony 233 Derrick. Steven 354 Derrick. Tony 233 DeShazo, Cindy 226 Deshazo. David 369 Detmar, Lisa 162 DeVance, Cynthia 329 Devine, Dr. Joseph A. 101 Devine, Toni 369 DeWees, Penny 134,343 DeWitt, Jodie 136 Dewoody. Myron 369 Dial. Fred 223 DiBartolo. Frances 354 Dickakian. Emma 369 Dickerson. Karen 162 Dickerson, Patrick 140 Dickey. Dee 130 Dickey. Michael 140 Dickinson. Drew 156 Dickson. Dr. |ames G. 93.101 Dicus. Janet 321 Dieste. Mary 369 Diettrich, Shuree 294.369 DiFrank, Brian 310 Dill, Carey 134 Dillard. Debbie 233 Dillard, Steve 152 Dillenbeck. Frida 354 Dimak, Scott 182 Dinges, James 329 DiNucci, Scott 132 Dion. Gene 236 Dippel. Monica 369 Dishberger. Carol 329 Divin. Randy 369 Dixon, Cheryl 343 Dixon. Rod 98 Dobbins. Berlen 325 Dobbs. Kimberlv 369 Dodd. Cathv 354 Dodds. Marti 162 Dodds. Mary 329 Dodson. Deanne 142.343 Dodson. Paul 144 Domanque, Tara 369 Dominguez, Pam 343 Dominguez. Raquel 369 Dooley, Lance 369 Doran, Katie 369 Dorris. Kimberly 343 Dorsey, Leanna 354 Doty. Ardyce 20,21.112,128.130,351 Doughty, Beth 369 Douglas. Melody 354 Douglas. Stacy 146 Douglas. Wendy 274 Douglas. Ylondia 193 Dours. Heather 329 Downey. Robert 144 Doxtad. Ruth 200.202.343 Doyle. Debbie 233 Doyle, Debra 354 Doyle, Deidre 343 Doyle, Dr. N. Ann 89,282 Doyle, Jacenda 130 Doyle, Molly 354 Dr. Ray Eastman. 6 Drago. Philip 354 Drake. Vonda 260 Draper, Barbie 130 Dreckshage. Shannon 134,150 Dreiling. Devin 144 Drew. Stephanie 149 Driskell. Paul 281 Driskill. Kara 369 Dubose. Kevin 369 DuBose, Sandra 301 Dubuisson, Natalie 369 Ducato, Carl 144 Duckering, Sara 369 Ducote, Troy 160 Dudley, Kenneth 343 Dudley, Sara 37,101 Duffield, Melissa 354 Dufour, |ohn-Pierre 369 Duncan, Christine 369 Duncan, Dina 162 Duncan, Dr. Kirby 80 Dunlap. |anet 134 Dunn, Sally 136 Duplantis, Maggie 343 Duran, Pat 96 Durand, Kenny 132,133 Durham, Ama 67.130.144 Durham, Lisa 134 Durr. Dr Gloria 85 Durr. Ms. |ulianna 68 Duskin, Michael 329 Dutton. Dee 148 Dutton. Lucy 161 Dwight, Brad 156 Dyes. Kevin 242 Dyes, Kevin L. 245 Dzwilewski. Mark 178 E Eakman, |odi 194,196 Eargle. Garv 343 Early. Danielle 369 Easley. Marc 343 Eastman, Beth 136,260,329 Eastman, Dr. Ray 37 Eaton. Ben 144 Eaton. Paula 240 Eaton. Stephanie 142,329 Eaves, Brian 329 Eaves. Carole 370 Ebarb. Shannon 240.329 Ebelt. George 329 Eberhardt. Lori 200,202 Eberle, Margaret 354 Echols. Ken 152 Eckrote. |ohn 329 Edge. Gordon 370 Edwards. Cedric 370 Edwards. Donna 308 Edwards. Gavin 146 Edwards, Michael 329 Edwards. Teresa 134.329 Ehlers, Scott 86 Elund. Edith 370 Eland. Keith 158 Elbert, Shelee 370 Eldred. Connie 146 Eldredge, Scott 132 Elflein. Elisabet 329 Elkins. |anis 134,343 Elkins, Stephanie 354 Ellenbracht. Walter 370 Elliot. Katherine 370 Ellis. Kevin 370 Ellis. Mark 343 Ellis. Robbie 248 Ellis. Robert 329 Ellis. Rodney 156 Ellis. Sharon 247.354 Elrod, Debbie 370 Elrod. Jennifer 136.150 Elsken, Felicia 330 Ely. Kris 370 Ely. Robert 146 Embrey, Amy 354 Emery, Elizabeth 354 Emmitte, Jeff 70 Emmitte. Lisa 146.162 Enclade, Rhonda 284 Endicott. Doug 262 Endicott. ]ohn 354 Engel, Kristine 370 Engert. |anette 271 Englehardt. Rex 138 Englishbee. Kathryn 354 Englishbee, Loretta 284.330 Enloe, Danny 370 Eoff.John 354 Ericson, Dr. Joe E. 93 Ernest. Barry 160 Erwin. John 140 Escamilla, Dr. Pedro 89 Esobedo, Rebecca 370 Eslick, Janelle 370 Esparza. Stephen 286.310,343 Espinoza. Alex 330 Estrella. |ulie 343 Etheridge. Lee 343 Eubanks. Krisrv 142 Eubanks. Pam 287.302 Eubanks. Shawn 158 Evans. Amanda 162 Evans, Chris 156 Evans, Dr. Orlvnn R 101 Evans. Eddy 224 Evans. Jeffery 140.354 Evans. Jimmy 198 Evans. Kristin 370 Evans. Marc 160 Evans. Mark 138 Evans. Rhonda 134,330 Eveanies, Pau 288 Everett, |ulie 370 Everett. Lita 158 Everett. Paige 136 Everett. Robert 330 Everitt, David 67 Everitt. Sandy 343 Evrard, James 370 Evrard. Jim 257 Ewbank, Tracy 370 Ewell. Tracey 247 Ewing. Cindv 136 Ezell. Andrea 134.158 Ezell. Laurie 138 F Fain. Jamie 63 Fain. Major Randall L 101.231. 261 Fain. Ms. Jamie 275 Faircloth. Harlan 330 Faircloth, Randy 144 Fairweather, Rob 370 Fales, Steve 152,153 Falk, Sandy 130,330 Fallon. Pat 255 Fallon. Patrick 370 Falls. Reverend Mike 238 Fanaff. Beth 290.330 Fant. Amy 370 Farkas, Patty 144 Farley, Regina 266.330 Farmer. Beverly 62 Farmer. Senalreka 273 Farmer, Sendreka 354 Farrar, Doug 148,354 Farren, Cindy 354 Fatter, Michael 370 Faught, John 160 Faulkenberry. Rob 138 Faust. Scott 88 Favorito. Elaine 158,354 Fazekas, Missy 136 Feakes, Cindy 370 Fears, Dianne 162 Feasel. julie 343 Feath. Tammy 354 Feigal. Mike 141 Feller. Lauri 354 Fellers, |odi 194,196 Fellman. Nina 330 Fenci, Piero 70 Fendley, Carla 370 Fennell, Jeff 145 Fenton, Jimmy 330 Ferguson, Cami 265 Ferguson. Ed 150 Ferguson, johnny 248 Ferguson, Kim 370 Ferguson, Michael 256 Ferguson, |immy 83 Ferguson, Phil 302 Ferguson, Renee 200.202 Ferrara, Rachel 134.156 Ferrell, Elin 279,287,288,302,304 Ferruzzo, Salvatore 370 Fichera, Rosetta 354 Field. Amy 370 Fields. Anne 134.246 Fields. Dannv 293,298 Fields, Deborah 330 Fillyaw, Robert 140,343 Fincher, Mark 271.330 Fincher. Nicole 255 Fink, Kirsten 126,142,161.330 Finley. Margaret 130 Finley. Michael 354 Finn, Tammy 158,354 Finnegan, Dan 158 Firebaugh, Terri 370 Fischer, Garrick 132 Fisk, Michael 343 Fitch, Hila 64 Fizquaty. Aharon 230 Flake. Doug 152 Flanagan. Chris 144 Flanagan. David 127,144 Flanegin. Tricia 174 Flanery, Laurie 367 Flanigan. Lynn 354 Fleet. Dr. Robert R. 277 Fleming, Dee 300 Fleming, Dorothea 330 Fleming, Paula 370 Fletcher, Chris 146 Fletcher, Scott 370 Flick. Karen 370 Flinn. Sean 144 Flint, David 302 Flook. Debbie 130.144 Flook. Deborah 343 Flores, Embria 129.330 Flores, Ruth 239 Flowers, Lisa 370 Floyd. Cile 158 Floyd. Felicia 370 Floyd, Karen 146 Fly, Margaret 343 Follette, Sherry 354 Folmar. John 354 Folzenlogen. Michelle 354 Fontaine. Melissa 370 Foose, Sam 138 Ford. Phillip 354 Foreman, Mark 140.330 Foret. Keri 134.211 Forrest, Kelly 354 Forrest, Tammy 343 Forlson, Michael 305 Foster. Francine 354 Foster. Marlon 370 Foster. Steven 371 Foster. Tracie 344 Foster. Wendy 343 Foteh. George 371 Fountain, Dr. Michael 288 Fowler. Cathie 371 Fowler. Jeannie 255 Fowler, jim 278 Fowler. Kim 266 Fowler. Richard 146.147 Fox, Adam 152 Fox. Bart 168 Fox. Dana 344 Francis. Amy 134 Francis, Tara 142 Franken, Darla 240.325 Franklin. Sean 371 Franklin. Shawn 292 Franks. Dr. Thomas D. 79.101 Franks. |ennie 136,144 Frasier. Don 156 Fratus, |udy 138,142 Frazell, Maxine 314 Fredrick, ]ohn 158 Free, Brian 144 Freeling, Michael 355 Freeman, Greg 273 Freeman, |ay 160 Freeman, Katherine 344 Freitag, Sara 330 French, Christian 156 French, Larry 169 Friedman. Bruce 148 Frields. Gary 70 Fritsche. |ennifer 17 4.175,176 Fritz, Andrea 112.234,330 Froehner. Chrislel 371 Frohme. |udy 142 Frontado. Anna 344 Fronlado. Maritza 371 Fry. Chad 178 Fry. David 60 Fuentes. Lisa 262.371 Fuentes. Sherry 371 Ftlhr. |oseph 228,278 Fuller, ]ulie 30.371 Fults. Pamela 355 Furguson, Andrea 371 Fussell, Martha 149 G Gabriel, Kevin 152 Gabriel, Mary 144 Gaffney, Michael 330 Gafney. Michael 252 Gage, Karen 262 Gage, Lita 330 Gaidousek, loycelyn 355 Gaines. Kelly 93.150 Gaines. Tasha 129 Gaither, Amy 371 Gaither, Ann 306 Gaither, Laura 330 Gallagher III, Arthur 355 Galvan. |anet 371 Gannon, Robert 140 Gannon, Scott 144 Gant, Mary 330 Garber. Gary 254,330 Garcia. Eileen 355 Garcia, Pete 194,198 Gardner, Anne 355 Gardner, Karcy 211 Gardner, Karey 355 Gardner, Rick 260 Gardner, Scott 271 Garland, Robert 355 Garland, Wesley 138 Garner, Greg 160 Garner, |ames 140 Garner. Staci 27 Garner, Teresa 371 Garrett. Dr. |ames M. 72,101 Garrett, |ames 371 Garrett. Richard 271 Garrison, Angelita 371 Garrison, Angie 194 Gary, Tom 148,355 Garza, Linda 162 Gasper. Elizabeth 264.330 Gates, Russell 138 Gaudiano II, Anthony 355 Gaugh. Patti 134,138 Gavnes. Sharon 75 Gaylord. Dr. Heinz 95 Gedeon. Susie 371 Gehring, Robert 160 Gekiere, Roger 132 Gellatly. Doug 152 Gentis, Carole 371 Gentry. Brenda 371 Gentry, Brian 372 Gentry, Danny 372 George, Alan 178 George, Gina 142 George, Pamela 372 George. Robert 236 Gerald. Shanon 98 Getz. Cynthia 372 Chant. Bill 140 Gibbons, Kellie 330 Gibbs, DeLinda 271 Gibson, Christina 355 Gibson. Dr. William 236 Gibson. Dri 236 Gibson, Kimberly 136 Gibson, Kori 372 Gibson, Ms. Ethelinde S. 101.285 Gibson, Steve 156 Gieb. Donna 330 Gilbert. Thomas 372 Gillev. Elizabeth 344 Gilliland. Lori 134 Gilmore. Genaye 372 Girouard. Grant 372 Girouard. Jennifer 130 Girsh. Jessica 344 Givens )r., Thomas 372 Givney, Gary 276 Gladfelter. Gary 372 Glass, Randy 344 Glasscock, Kvle 372 Glazer, David 372 Gleaves, Jan 26 Glenn, Charlotte 355 Click. Robin 132.134 Glisson. Terri 372 Godfrey. David 372 Goebel. Randy 355 Goeters. Chris 152.153 Goetzel, Brenda 372 Goff, Allison 372 Gollhofer, Paul 355 Gonzales. Patricia 236,355 Gonzales. Sandra 330 Gonzalez, Barre 267 Gonzalez. Endrigue 198 Gonzalez. Enrique 194 Good. Deborah 278 Goodall, John W. 26 Goodfellow, Kim 142 Goodman, Anthony 233 Goodman, Craig 315 Goodson, Rob 273 Goodwin, Robert 148 Goodwin, Robin 150,355 Goolsby, Susan 136 Gordon. Robert 146,267 Gordon, Scott 148 Gori. Karen 372 Gorman, John 158 Gotti. Dr. |oe 245.276,306 Gound, Patricia 372 Gowdy, Bob 138 Grady, Keith 271 Graf, Kim 372 Graff. Roy 152 Grafton, Deron 372 Graham. Dr. Malcolm 65 Graham. Elsie 266 Graham, Heather 286,355 Graham, Donald L. 101 Graham. Vicki 330 Grammer. Chris 150 Grams. Wendy 210 Granger. Gary 158 Grant. Liz 251 Grape. Maria 372 Grass. Noel 307 Grave. Karen 265 Graves. Angela 130 Graves. Johanna 161 Graves. Johonna 136 Graves. Richard 172.355 Gray. Eric 344 Grayson. Alan 372 Green. Kelly 372 Green. Kenneth 355 Green. Kristin 372 Green. Leslie 325 Green, Nellie 330 Green, Ray 355 Green. Sandy 200,201 Greene. Calvin 186,187 Greenspan. Patricia 283.330 Greenville. Leslynn 132 Greer, Cathy 278 Greer. Ms. Becky 101,246 Gregg, Jennifer 372 Gregory. Dr. Donald D. 93,101,271 Gregory, Jim 304 Gregory. Kay 372 Gregory. Lisa 161,162.246,330 Gremillion, Cara 355 Gresham, Gary 372 Grief, Glynis 134 Griffin, Kimberlee 330 Griffin. Kimberly 355 Griffin. Lee 276 Griffin. Shauna 355 Griffith. John 224,344 Grigsby. Dr. David A. 101 Grimes. Melissa 344 Grimes, Stephanie 355 Grinnell. Chali 355 Grisham. Deborah 130.132 Grissom, Deena 372 Grone, Ann La 289 Grout, Dr. (arrell C. 101,300 Grove, Karen 355 Grove, Todd 297,298 Groves. Margaret 372 Grubbs, Cheryl 355 Gruber, Dr. Vivian 89 Gruszvnski, Joan 372 Guerette. Michelle 372 Guerrant, Alisa 372 Guerre, Sean 18,127 Guice. Lisa 134 Guidry, Jeff 140,286 Guinn. Regina 196,197 Gunter, Grant 198,199 Gustafson, Cynthia 372 H Haag, Tonya 372 Hablinski, Robert 144 Hackett, Terry 112 Hackler. Gina 355 Haley, Kevin 330 Hadley, Marlenle 286 Hadley. Michelle 330 Hafner, Melinda 372 Haft, |on 240 Haft. Kevin 240 Hagaman, Lee 144 Hair, Patricia 330 Haley, Leslie 372 Haley. Mollie 213.344 Hall. Bobby 152 Hall, Charles 144 Hall. David 373 Hall, Jeff 373 Hall, Misty 211 Hall. Paula 373 Hallman, Dr. Leon C. 75.93,101 Hallman, Dr. Patsy J. 75,103,266 Hallmark, Brent 146 Hambly, Christie 373 Hamel, Irene 288 Hamilton. Anne 162 Hamilton. Patti 266 Hamilton, Patty 246 Hammersly, Tom 255 Hammock. Steve 160 Hammond, Janet 295 Hammonds, Sharla 355 Hamos, Leslie 373 Hampton, Ryan 132 Hamrick, Dr. Bill W. 76 Hamrick. Mrs. Kathy Dunn 244 Hancock, Jan 142 Hancock, Melanie 373 Hand. Lana 373 Hand, Vickie 331 Handy, Chris 231 Haney, Patti 144.331 Hanks, Melissa 331 Hanna, Gina 142 Hanna, Phillip 355 Hannah. Lisa 253.344 Hanner. John 373 Hanrahan. Dan 160 Hanson. Sherry 344 Hanson, Christine 290 Hanson, Patricia 344 Harbour. Cynthia 373 Hardcastle. Kellie 331 Harden. Sherri 344 Hardin. Kelly 355 Hardin, Melissa 331 Harding. Patricia 331 Haren. Kimberly 286.373 Hargis. Carolyn 142 Hargrave. Stefanie 373 Hargrove, John 26 Hargrove, Bennie C. 88.103 Harkless. Darrell 173 Harlan. Dr. John P. 75,77 Harlow, Laura 373 Harnel, Irene 279 Harper, Doug 383 Harper. Laura 344 Harper, Micki 162,299 Harper, Sean 287,331 Harper, Shanna 226 Harrington, Toletha 344 Harris, Dana 373 Harris. Gwen 142 Harris. Juan 152 Harris. Kevan 158.373 Harris. Ms. Marilyn 103 Harris, Robert 306 Harris, Suan 373 Harris, Susan 294 Harris, Todd 248 Harrison. Danny 127,156 Harrison, Lori 290 Harrison. Stacy 162.331 Hart, Michael 355 Hart, Mike 94 Hartman, Dr. Bernard-Thomas 76, 103 Hartman, Paul 76 Hartmann, Paul 331 Hartsfield, George 253,331 Harvell, Suzanne 373 Harvey, Belinda 136,267,331 Harvey, Candi 188 Harvey, Judia 267 Harvey, Randy 355 Harwell. David 344 Harwerth. Victoria 373 Haskell, Rene 373 Haskins, Curtis 355 Hassel. Brian 72 Haswell. Elizabeth 331 Hatcher, Shannon 373 Hathoot, Edgenie 113 Hauber, John 152,355 Haubner. |eff 373 Haughey, Stephanie 373 Havard.Troy 344 Hawkes, Arlene 373 Hawkins. Becky 331 Hawthorne. Natalie 331 Hay, Dr. Don A. 71,236 Hay, Matthew 148 Hayes, Greg 150 Hayes, |eff 373 Hayes, joseph 278 Hayes, Keith 160 Hayley, Robert 355 Haynes. Billy 167 Hays. Dr. Neill S. 103 Hays. Holly 331 Hays, Joseph 228 Hays.Natalie 373 Hays. Patrick 316.373 Heard. Shellie 356 Hearn. Nelvis L. 60 Hebert. Richard 256 Hebert, Sheree 356 Hecht, Jodi 373 Heckler, Walter 356 Heckman, Derrick 82 Heeney, Dr. William C. 96,103 Heimbach. Brooke 373 Heiner, Duane 144 Heino, Dr Thomas K. 99 Heino. Lisa 356 Heinrich, Dounna 356 Held, Mike 262.331 Helleson, Krista 373 Hellmann. Cheryl 162,331 Helm. Denise 294.344 Hemingway. Dr. James R. 103,234 Henderson, Clarence 198 Henderson, Melanie 265,356 Hendre, Debbie 356 Hendricks, Julie 344 Hendricks. Keith 224.344 Hendricks. Pamela 331 Hendrickson. Susan 285 Hendrix. Camille 373 Hengst. Dana 373 Henke. Charlotte 313,356 Henley, Cathy 158 Henley, Karen 136 Henry ' . Bobby 32.168.170 Henry. Don 54.55 Henry. Linda 288 Henry. Michelle 356 Hensch, Carl 156 Hensley. Marty 344 Hensley, Thomas 356 Hepinstall, Margaret 373 Herbstreet. Wendy 134 Heredia. Ernest 331 Hering, Jan 373 Herrington, Richard 152 Herschmann, Sherri 249 Hersey, Neil 140 Herskowitz. Steve 298 Hervey, |ames 331 Hess, jim 16.33,66,166,172 Hestand, Traci 373 Hickey, Laura 196 Hickey, Marianne 142 Hicks, Daniel 152 Hicks, Jeff 160 Hicks, Richard 344 Hicks. Robin 26 Hiers, Trey 140 Higgins. Michelle 374 Higgins, Rhonda 130 Hightower, Dorinda 373 Hightower, Heather 373 Hightower, Jeff 233 Hightower, Julie 373 Hightower, Stephanie 196 Hildebrand. Grant 152 Hill. Beta 251 Hill. Bethanv 196,356 Hill, Chrisrv 331 Hill, Courtney 113 Hill, Deedra 233 Hill, Denise 356 Hill, Keith 287,344 Hill, Mike 144.331 Hill, Steve 152 Hill. William 62 Hillier. Kimberly 374 Hillyer. Andy 148 Hilman, Jeff 84 Hilton, Kenny 156 Hilton, Natalie 374 Hinch, Karen 344 Hines, Dr. Calvin 84 Hines, Michael 356 Hinson. Frances 303,356,390 Hinson. Larry 331 Hinze, Keith 344 Hocker, Doug 150 Hocker. Jennie 374 Hodapp III, Cyril 331 Hodapp, |oe 248 Hodges, Lalynda 356 Hodges, Marlene 331 Hodges, Teresa 374 Hodges, Thomas 281.325 Hodo. Don 249 Hoeper, Nancy 374 Hogan. Will 230 Hogg, Judith 374 Hogg, Kim 194,196 Hogue, Jeri 374 Hogue, Loweda B. 63 Holcomb, Holly 331 Holderread. (on 140 Holl, Mark 286 Holladav. Patrick 138 Holland, Elizabeth 344 Holland, Sarah 374 Holley, Cathy 283 Holliday, Dr. William 86 Hollingsworth, Mark 19,127,148 Hollis. B.J. 374 Hollis. Rhonda 267 Holloway, Darrell 356 Hollowed, Kyle 374 Holman, Gina 331 Holman, Kecia 142 Holberg. Amy 344 Holmburg, Norman 158 Holmes. Douglas 374 Holness, Simone 356 Holt, David 224 Holt, Heath 374 Holway, Eric 263 Holway, Richard 331 Holyfield. Harold 331 Holzhauser, Clark 158 Hinea, Keenan 331 Hood. Kevin 156 Hood, Richard 356 Hooks, Dale 156 Hooks. Heather 162 Hooper. Dr. Fred 72 Hooper. Leslie 356 Hoover. Gerry 64 Hoover. Terry 374 Hopkins, Andy 144 Hopkins. Dean 150 Hopper, Kevin 152.286,356 Hopper, Stacey 30 Hoppess, Thor 152 Hopson, James F. 103 Horace, Michael 166,169,171,173 Hord. Allen 140 Horn, Misti 374 Horrocks. Steve 158 Horton, Brenda 290 Hosseinpour. Hossein 103 Hosteller. Beth 162,344 House, Greg 257 Houser, Paul 239,331 Houston. Alice 356 Houston. Dr. Neal 80,238 Howard. Heather 331 Howard, Lori 236 Howard, David C. 103 Howard, Ms. JoAnne C. 103 Howard. Paula 374 Howard. Phillip 156 Howard. Todd 148 Hoyt, Courtney 331 Hrin, Elizabeth 374 Hrubesh, Chris 255 Huang. Pochin 374 Huber. Jill 142.344 Huber. Mickie 149,344 Huckaby, Stan 356 Huckaby. Terry 144 Hudec, John 144 Hudman, John 374 Hudman. jonya 225 Hudnall, Dr. |arrett 86 Hudson, Ann 356 Hudson, Buck 242 Hudson. David 344 Hudson. Jeff 178,180,181 Hudson, Tommy 156 Huff, Chris 374 Huff, Rebecca 374 Huffman. Dana 271 Huffman. Joy 344 Hughes. Alan 138 Hughes. Anne 130.344 Hughes. Maureen 287,331 Hughes. Royce 138 Hughes. Tracy 136.213,344 Hulett, Lara 374 Humberg, Rob 148 Hundall, Dr. Jarrett 103 Hunt, Dana 374 Hunt, Derrick 150 Hunt, Steve 331 Hunt, Walter 138 Hunter, Jeanice 374 Hunter, Kelly 374 Hunter, Kirk 156 Hurlburt, John 356 Hurlburt, Kim 344 Hurley, Kevin 182,185,186.187 Hurley, Lori 136 Huron, Mary 136 Hurst, Laurie 134 Hurst. Rachel 331 Hurst, Valerie 134,356 Hurt, Peter 156.332 Hurzeler, Dr. Richard 98 Husum, Red 158 Hutto, Greg 113,279,288 Hyde, Chance 374 I Iglinskv. Dr. Clvde L. 61 III. Guy Cook 288 Illmer, Sandra 271,332 Inabinet, Lynn 146 Ingle, Billy 356 Ingram, Karen 90,268.332 Introlligator. Craig 316 Ireland. Bruce 160 Irion. Dr Oren C. 65 Irvin. |im 255 Irwin, Amada 374 Isaac, Baron 198 Isabell, Amber 374 Ishibashi. Masako 374 Ishimura, Michi 253.374 Israel. Paula 271 Ivey, Audrey 134 J Jacko. Kathy 142 Jackovich, Michelle 144 Jackson, Christopher 345 Jackson, Dr. Jere 84 Jackson, Jana 130 jackson. jeff 170 Jackson. Juan 198 jackson. Matthew 132,374 jackson. Larry 17 Jackson, Patricia 345 jackson. Patrick 374 Jackson, Sharon 130 jackson, Steve 156.194 jacob. Georgette 136.332 Jacobs. Bob 152 Jacobs. Mitch 374 Jacobs. Randy 243 Jacobs. Wayne 316 jacoby, Julie 130,152 jahnke, Kim 238 jamaicensis, Buteo 236 lames, Shellv Jameton. Kathi 210,332.351 Janek. Patti 262 Jansen, John 27 Jarnagin, Genise 374 Jarrard. Wendi 87 jasman. William 345 jasper. Jill 162.345 jaynes. Gary 132 Jefferson, Darla 332 Jefferson, Doug 90 Jefferson, Douglas 332 jeffery. Micheal 138 Jeffrey, Jenny 134 jellison, Tami 134.333.345 jenison, Mark 156 Jenkins. Stacy 345 Jensen. Julie 273 Jernigan, Jason 374 Jeslie, Charlie 286 Jessen, Janet 374 Jetton. John 144 Jetton. Rick 144 Johns, Stephen 375 Johnson. Betty 260 Johnson, Brent 356 Johnson, Cara 142.332 Johnson. Carl 127,144,345 Johnson. Carma 243,246 Johnson. Cheryl 260.345 Johnson, Danny 140 Johnson. Davicf 234 Johnson, Debbie 345 Johnson. Debra 356 Johnson. Dina 136 Johnson. Dr. Betty S. 68 Johnson. Dr. Bobbv 84.103 Johnson. Dr. Wayne E. 103 Johnson. Dr. William R. 8.202 Johnson, Elizabeth 332 Johnson. Forrest 332 Johnson, Holly 375 Johnson, janis 142 Johnson, jarrett 375 Johnson. Jay 375 |ohnson, Jennifer 332,375 Johnson. Judy 375 Johnson. Julie Johnson. Julie A. 375 Johnson. Julie B. 375 Johnson. Kanina 332 Johnson. Karen 42.162 Johnson. Kevin 78 Johnson. Krista 240 Johnson. Lairy 228 Johnson, Liz 266 Johnson. President William R. 4, 17 Johnson. Randy 150,156.332 Johnson. Richard 332 Johnson. Robin 174 Johnson. Rosalind 129,174,176 Johnson. Sherrie 158.264 Johnson. Susie 332 Johnson. Terri Kay 138 Johnson, Tom 140 Johnson, William R 40.52,53 Johnston. Mike 210 Johnston. Robert 144 Johntz, Natalie 356 Jolly. Jennifer 103.251 Jones. Alvernon 198 Jones, Carole 134 Jones. Charla 375 [ones. Charles 70 Jones. Chris 156.157 Jones. Craig 138 Jones, Dan 144 Jones. Daniel 356 Jones. David 152 Jones. Debra 375 jones, Dennis P. 58 Jones. Gary 332 Jones. Jim 144 Jones. Laura 162 jones. Melanie 345 Jones, Peter 150 jones, Robert 375 [ones, Rosalyn 196.375 Jones, Sherri 332 Jones, Simon 160 Jones, Stephen 345 Jones, Steve 93.99 Jones, Susan 375 Jordan. Cheryl 345 Jordan, Joan 356 Jordan. Kathryn 375 Jordon. Sally 142 journee. Chuck 148 judson. Ginny 273 judson. Mrs. Mary 266 Judson. Ms. Marjorie 266 Jumper. Lou Ann 356 June. Sandra 345 Junot. Micheal 158 Jurisich, Michelle 291 Justice, (ana 375 K Kaaz, Kenneth 332 Kadlecek, |ames 375 Kahla. Ms. Marlene C. 103 Kahn, Steven 95 Kain. Susan 375 Kalbitz. Darrel 148 Kallaher. Bill 150.198 Kallus. Andrew 332 Kammer, Gerry 149 Kanui. Mai Lvn 376 Kardatzke. Bradlev 239.257 Karlssen. Erik 273 Kasper, Dianne 68 Kate. Emily 376 Kaufman, Kim 376 Kaufman, Matthew 332 Kay, Laurilyn 332 Kazana. Kathv 356 Kearns, Linda 253.332 Keel, Kris 376 Keeling. Kelly 345 Keener, David 156 Keener, Elizabeth 376 Keeton. ]ennifer 273,376 Keierleber, Luzie 255 Keif, Emilie 284 Keiser, Christine 144 Keith. Kenneth 376 Kelemen, Sheri 356 Kellerhals, Lt. Col Paul 88 Kelley, |ohn 144 Kelley, Ladonna 356 Kelley, Lisa 240 Kelley, Roderick 26 Kellv. Creg 233,256,332 Kelly, ]ohn 248 Kellv, Karen 264.332 Kellv, Paul 148 Kelly, Tom 152 Kelsey, Tammy 376 Kemick, Lee 19,148,149 Kendrick, Brooke 356 Kennamer. Ken 60 Kennard. Cindy 376 Kennedy. Sarah 265.357 Kennedy. Todd 132 Kennel. Laura 132 Kennell. Laura 130 Kenner. Mrs. Janie 246.266 Kenner. Ms. Janie O. 103 Kenyon. Kimberley 345 Kepke, Bethelyn 158,271 Keprta, Raymond 238.278 Kerger. Sarah 259 Kerley. Doug 127.158 Kerr. Dr. W. Langston 56 Kershaw, Jeff 148 Kersting. Betsy 376 Kesler, Connie 357 Key. David 148 Key, Georgina 273 Kief, Ms. Emilie 284 Kight, Dr Carl R 83.103 Killeen. Kimberly 376 Kimball, Connie 289 Kimbrough. Mary 263 King. Brannon 150 King, Clarence 182,183,185 King, Dawn 130.156 King, Emily 345 King, Kelly 357 King, Mark 255 King, Mike 230 King, Tim 222 Kinnaird, Jeana 276 Kirbow, Charles 332 Kirbow, Sherri 345 Kirby. Andrea 162 Kirby, Steve 210,332 KircJiner, John 332 Kirk. Brian 127.150 Kirkpatrick, Kelly 271 Kistler. Emily 234 Kitzmiller. |a " ney 289 Klais, Brenda 376 Klammer, Julie 158,252 Klawinski. Paul 357 Klein. |ack 325 Klein, jay 228.278 Klein, jeff 230 Klein. Jeffry 332 Klein. Kevin 140.286.332 Klein. Tim 274 Kleiner. KristiLisa 294.376 Kluckhohn. Linda 65 Knezek. Barry 114.332 Knight. Dan 148 Knight. Jerrv 279.288 Knight, Scott 160 Knotts, Kurt 144 Knowles. Kathleen 357 Knowlton. Patsy 129 Knox, Connie 376 Kobza, Kerry 174,177 Koehler. Lisa 142,150 Koehler. Rick 148 Koenigs, Daniel 376 Koerschner. Ann 332 Kohn, Doug 152 Kojis. Debbie 303 Koiis, Deborah 345 Kolar. Dr. Kathryne G. 97 Kolb, Heidi 357 Komorn. Andrew 274 Koonce, Kevin 357 Koonce, Melinda 287,376 Koonce, Melissa 287.376 Kopp. Kellv 376 Kosted, Katrina 376 Kosub. Ann 345 Kothari. Dr. Vinay 86 Kowalski, Johnna 332 Kozakis, Greg 150 Krammer. Gerry 148 Kramr. Michelle 376 Krason. Bridgette 130.138 Krell. Todd 376 Kretsinger. Amy 294 Kriegel. Kristy 357 Kroll. Dr. |ames C. 82,302 Krueger, Kelly Jo 134 Kruse, Kimberly 357 Kubdskey, Dibba 265 Kubena, Bruce 138 Kucera. Cheryl 376 Kulhavy. Dr. David 304 Kuneman. Kimberly 376 Kusenberger. Sherry 376 Kutac, Jeff 357 Kvale, John 178 L LaBar, Joseph 376 LaBaume, Scott 156 Lacey, Elke 132,136 LaChausse, Darron 156 Lacher, Robbie 332 Lacy, Malcolm 170 Lad ' ner. Ben 332 Lafferty, Mike 255 Lagerstrom. Shari 376 Lagon, Robert 19.148,345 LaGrone, Ann 259 Laine, Tamela 357 Laird. Jill 376 Laird. Keely 158 Lake. Lisa 138 LaLuzerne, Dana 128,142,152 Lamb, Gloria 134 Lambert, Audrey 68,260,345 Lambert, Curtis 140 Lamborn. Shana 266 Lamborn. Shona 285.332 Lanagan. Mike 62 Lancaster, Stephen 345 Lane, Judith 332 Lane. Theodis 103 Lang, David 127,128,152,153,262. 333 Lang, Harold 158 Lang. Leslie 333 Lang, Pete 152 Langan, William 376 Lange, Michael 333 Langford. Matt 248 Langford. Tammv 146.147.357 Langley. Dr. Richard H. 239,249 Langlord, Tammy 246 Lannon, Mike 248 Lantz, Mike 146 Lapham, Kim 142 Lapic. Mary Grace 333 Lapic, Terry 333 LaPlue. David 325 LaPlue. Karen 333 Larizza, |ackie 130 Larkin. Barry J. 103 Larkin, Rick 302 Larkin. Susan 114 LaRoache, Scott 345 Larsen. Patti 211 Larson. Anne 357 Larson. Lisa 231 Larson. Mary 146 LaRue, Greg 77 Larue, Stacy 357 Larza, David 18.156 Lalhrop. John 132 Lathrop, johnny 376 Lauber, Elizabeth 357 Launikitis, Ann 142.156 Lauritsen, Joseph 357 Lava. Katrina 376 Lavella, Suzanne 136.390 Lawrence, Beth 357 Lawrence, Brit 357 Lawrence, Diane 300 Lawrence, Jill 376 Lawrence. Paul 333 Laws, Kimberly 357 Lawson, Angela 260 Lawson, Jonathon 224 Lawson, Patsy 376 Lay, Anne 376 Layman, Randy 295 Layne, Kevin 274 Lazarine. Lorraine 357 Lea. Wendy 333 Leake, Amber 267 Leake. John 376 Leal, Anna 357 LeBlanc, Kris 236.333 LeBlanc. Paige 306 LeBlanc, Tricia 376 LeBoeuf. Andrew 146 Ledbetter, Kendall 376 Ledet. Dr. Janice 65 Ledger, Dr. E. B 81 Leduc, Melanie 357 Lee. Jeff 345 Lee. Kav 233,333 Lee, Melissa 213.377 Lee, Shannon 299,377 Lee, Troy 263,297,333 Legg. Dr. Michael 287 Lehigh. Jill 162 Lehman. Kelley 345 Leiter, Michael 333 Lemons. Leeann 357 Leners. Kathryn 333 Lengner. Micnelle 254 Leo, Deanna 345 Leonard. John 152,174 Lesher. Jennifer 264,333 Lesikar. Shelly 357 Leslie, Charles 148 Leslie. Karl 156 Lester, Pam 146 Levering. Lisa 194,195 Lewellen, Logan 156 Lewellin. Margaret 345 Lewis. Dr. |ohn H. 235 Lewis. Jeannette 126,162 Lewis. Paul 140,281.286,333 Lewis. Paulette 64 Lewis, Penni 202.203 Lide. Greg 233 Lightner, Natalie 377 Liles. Laura 345 Lincoln. Susan 377 Lind, Kelly 152.333 Lind. Scott 357 Lindermann, Aniesha 377 Lindquist. James 333 Lindsey. Mark 333 Lindsey, Robert 334 Lindsey , Troy 377 Lindsley. Donna 357 Linquist, James 231,281 Lipscomb, Margaret 377 Lipscomb, Melissa 290 Lipsey, Tammie 345 Lipsie, Larry 357 Lirban. Gregg 288 Lisenby, |ason 377 Lisieski. Peter 70 Litherland, Michael 377 Little. Perry 158 Little, Robin 377 Little. Wes 178.179 Lively, Laura 130 Lively, Teri 377 Liveris, Denise 334 Livingston. Randy 144 Lloyd, Susan 377 Lobb, Juliet 377 Locasio, Gina 345 Locascio. Tish 142 Lochridge, Lindi 136 Loebe. Michael 345 Loftis, Sergeant Roy 88 Lomba. Ricky 156 Long. Allison 45 Long. Andy 26,27 Long. Brenda 130,161 Long, Charles 150 Long. Dr. Bill R. 103,224. 242 Long. Laurie 253,357 Long. Mr. Johnny 86 Loomis, Kelly 377 Loper, Scott 261 Lopez, Bonnie 377 Lopez, Chuck 86,140,286,334 Lorenz, Valerie 377 Lotspeich. Don 160 Louder. Linda 334 L ove, Doug 226 Love, Michael 271 Love, Sheryl 357 Lovelace, Fran 130,334 Loveless, Keri 246,334 Loverdi, Lisa 142 Loverdi, Tony 144 Lowe, Dr. Mary Ella 291 Lowe, Leigh 130 Lowe, Lisa 260 Lowenstein, Christi 377 Lowerv, Ms. Tommie Jan 84.103 Lowry! Dr. Gerald 103 Lowry, Gail 357 Loy, Karen 357 Loyd, |ohn 377 Lucas, Janet 266 Lucio, John 156 Lucksinger. Kristen 345 Lum, Kathy 134 Luna. Sandi 134 Lynch, Clanton 138 Lyon, Patricia 377 Lyro. Suzanne 377 Lytle, Kim 377 M Mabe. Christopher MacDonald. Richard 6,7 MacDowell, Scott 148 MacElroy. Joanne 126,130 Macey, |ohn 377 Mack, Peter 156 Mackey, Joe 81 Mackey. Kimberly 357 Macleod. Billy 286 Macleod. William 377 MacPeak. Dr. Malcolm 103,304 MacPeak, Mike 345 Macrellis, Georgia 296,357 Madden, Erin 377 Madden, LaLarnie 334 Madiaon, Kim 248 Magruder, Dr Jim 80 Mahar, Paul 242 Mahbubullah, A. K M. 325 Maher, Dan 377 Mahon, Jennifer 132,134 Mahoney. Ms. Debra S. 103 Malinowski, Ron 74 Mallett. Robert 310.377 Mallia. Shelly 377 Mallow, Sam 20,128,156.345,351 Maloney, Mary 130 Malpass. Dr. Deanne 84 Maltby. Paula 377 Maluski, Robert 310 Mamot. Lisa 142,334 Mancuso. Angela 138,345 Maness, Mary 377 Mangravito, Ericka 377 Mangum, Larry 334 Manis, Mark 357 Mann, Dr. True 95 Manning, Meredith 91,283 Manning. Rusty 253 Mansell. Dr. Peter 295 Mansfield, Eileen 42 Maples. Cathy 377 Marcatel, Charles 357 Marcantel, Laurie 334 Marchbanks, Catherine 377 Marchell, Stefan 117 Marietti, Roxie 377 Marini, Mary 377 Marino, Lisa 134 Marino, Stacy 126 Mark, Corey 334 Markham. Jodi 334 Markham, Meribeth 334 Markum, Jodi 246 Markwortn, Dr. Norman 92 Marley. Dana 345 Marley, Tashya 257,334 Marlow. Andy 357 Maropis. Gwen 234,334 Marquardt. Pamela 377 Marshall, Brad 247 Marshall, Chris 158 Marshall, Connie 346 Martensen. Piya 150 Martin, Brad 144 Martin, Christopher 334 Martin, Clarissa 334 Martin. Greg 334 Martin, Jaci 334 Martin, Jennifer 149 Martin, Kim 174,177 Martin, Lisa 334 Martin, Matt 248 Martin, Nicole 377 Martin, Rumaldo 346 Martin, Stacey 378 Martindale, Chuck 279.288,304 Martinez. Kirk 158 Marling. Liz 130 Martino, Toni 162 Martinson, David O. 61 Marucci, Margaret 334 Marullo. Chris 160,198 Marx. Diane 346 Marx, Rod 146,147 Mascorro, Jimmy 253 Maselli, Janice 334 Maskel, Laurie 334 Mason, James 346 Mason, Kelly 244.334 Mason. Rob 160 Mason, Steven 358 Massengale, Anne 260 Masters. Laura 162 Mat, Nejat 334 Mathabane. Mark 295 Mathews, Julie 273 Mathis, Beth 284 Mathis, Carole 334 Mathis, Dr. Robert N. 84 Mathis, Greg 132 Matlock, Kathryn 334 Matlock, Sue 378 Matter. Kevin 156 Matthews. Angela 271 Matthews. Julie 144 Matthews. Kim 146 Matthews. Kimberly 246 Matthews, Susan 260 Matthews. Wes 14 Matzke. Bryan 358 Maurer, Wendy 266,334 Maxwell, Carl 346 Maxwell, Jeff 20,148,351 Maxwell, Theresa 358 Maxwll, Theresa 246 May, Carl 358 May, David 358 May, Mary 249 Mayeux, Kelli 313 Mayfield, Kristi 146 Mayfield, Terry 249.265 Mayhew, David 378 Mayo, Cindy 134 Mayo, Shannon 162 Mays, Cathy 378 Mays, Larisa 378 Mazerolle, Michael 158 McAfee. Jeff 148 McAleer, Gayle 290 McAlexander. Kevin 346 McAlister, Stacy 378 McArthur. Jaqueline 358 McAteer, Gayle 334 McBrayer, Carol 346 McBride. Sabrina 378 McCall. Cheryl 130.138,246 McCall, Miles 132 McCall. Sheryl 266 McCarley. Kevin 334 McCarroll, Gavin 132 McCarthy. Marcus 156.358 McCarty, Nina 142 McCarty. Steve 66 McCasland, Gregg 198 McCasland. Kyle 150 McCellon. Pam 273 McClaine, Dana 69,252 McClaine, Dana Ann 245 McCleary. Mary 70 McClendory. Angie 276 McClung. Chris 128,156 McClung, Cynthia 334 McClung. Macky A. 304 McCollum. Melissa 279.288 McCollum, Myra 346,390 McComic. Shelly 142 McCcmnell. Sheila 334 McConnell, Teina 346 McCormack, Cherie 162 McCormic. Brandie 358 McCormick. Cheri 126 McCoy. Michael 334 McCracken, Joe 358 McCrae, Heather 238 McCreary, David 132 McCrory, Valerie 358 McCuen. |ennifer 346 McCullough. Kelly 148.334 McCullough, Kevin 148.358 McCully, David 132 McCune. Dr. Donice E. 103 McCune. Ms. Sandra K. 103 McCurdv. ]immy 257 McCurley. Michele 378 McDaniel, Laurie 358 McDill, Charla 378 McDonald. Betsy 334 McDonald. Dr. Archie 84 McDonald. Dr. Harry S 103 McDonald, Kathv 142 McDonnell. Christine 378 McDowell. Shannon 158 McElraft, Pamela 162 McElyea. Becky 378 McEIyea. Sherri 346 McFall, Grant 152 McFarland, Van 132 McFarlin. Erin 261 McGahan. Eleanor 346 McGaughy, Ron 83 McGee, Margaret 290 McGee, Steven 378 McGee, Whitney 114.264.309.334 McGill, Grayson 335 McGill, Maureen 234 McGinn, Mike 160 McGinnis. Kim 142,156 McGinnis, Mike 156 McGlaughlin, Dan 158 McGlaughn, Teresa 378 McGrath. Dr. Sylvia F. 84.103 McGregor. Colleen 146 McGregor. Molly 136 McHealy, Stephanie 243 Mcllroy, ' Kerry 182,335 Mcllvov, Rick 152 Mcintosh. Mark 160 Mcintosh, Melissa 162,335 Mclntyre. Laurie 144 Mclntvre. Patricia 144 McKee, Stacey 378 McKeever. Kaylene 378 McKellar. Cheryl 325 McKenzie. Michele 358 McKeon, Brendon 156 McKitrick, Lisa 192,378 McKnight. Roger 162 McKnight, ' an 150 McLaren, Clen 150 McLaurv. |ohn 144,358 McLemore, Leigh 142.335 McMahan, Destiny 136 McMahn, Destiny 161 McMahon, Cary 138 McMahon. Mary 358 McMeechan. Murray 158 McMichael, David 178,179 McMillan. Dr. Douglas 84 McMillan, Patsy 126.158 McMillin, Mary 358 McMinn. Bruce 346 McMinn. |ulie 193.358 McMinn. Sara 378 McMurry, Gar ' 358 McMurtie. Shari 126 McMurtrie. Shari 128,134 McNally, Matt 127.138 McNeil. Lisa 231.261 McPhail, Dana 134 McRae, Susan 259.346 McStay, Mike 132 Meador. Randy 194 Meads. Rebecca 149,162.335 Meek. Paula 358 Meeks, Laura 150.151 Meiners, David 378 Melcher. Keith 171 Melchor, Edward 335 Melilli, Louise 130.150 Melton, Bnhby 156.335 Mellon. Dean 138 Mendiola. Fernando 378 Mendoza. Manuel 89 Merchant. Johnnie 150 Merchant. Molly 155 Meredith. |odi 136 Merriell. Cathy 130.156 Merrifield 378 Merrill. Christopher 238 Merrill, Michael 238 Merrill. Michelle 238 Messonier, Tim 346 Melton, Tracy 160 Meyer, Barbara 378 Meyer, Scott 146 Meyers. |ohn 138 Meyers. Phil 152.378 Meyers, Stephanie 134 Michael, Chris 152 Michael, Kimberly 346 Middaugh. Alta 346 Mielenz. Dawn 234.335 Miles. Deanna 136 Miles. Nancy 346 Milely. Stacie 346 Miller, Andrea 358 Miller, Angela 346 Miller, Ann 289 Miller, Chris 257 Miller. David 256,335,358 Miller, Elizabeth 283 Miller. Gary 150 Miller. Harry 46.182 Miller, Karen 335 Miller. Kelly 346 Miller. Kim 271 Miller. Kimberly 378 Miller. Lindsay 378 Miller. Michelle 358 Miller. Patty 278 Miller. Renee 211.346 Miller. Richmond 150,248 Miller. Rick 160 Miller. Sandy 31 Miller. Stevilyn 115,128.142 Miller, Tonda 378 Miller, Tracey 358 Millington, Michele 142,146 Mills, Ian 150 Milnor. Sarah 156 Mingarelli. Kimberly 378 Minter. Billy 198 Minx, Kari 162 Miserak. Mark 115,235.335 Mitchell. Allison 78 Mitchell, Dee 378 Mitchell, Delano 140,299,335 Mitchell. Donna 378 Mitchell. Elizabeth 358 Mitchell, Gretta 238 Mitchell, Hayden 317 Mitchell, ]udy 136 Mitchell. Misty 335 Mitchella. ]on 140.245.252 Mitschke. Patti 82,279 Mitschle. Patti 288 Mixon. Jess 223 Moerbe, Laura 378 Mohwinkel, Robert 378 Moitz, |r., Richard 132 Moldenhauer, Pam 296.318 Moltwinkel, Bobby 296 Monical, Mary 358 Monk, Patti 115.236.245,306,335 Monroe, Mark 160 Montagomery. Angie 233 Montalband. Gina 162 Montanye, Ed 168 Montgomery. Angela 346 Montgomery, Beln 255 Montgomery, Elisabeth 358 Montgomery, ]ohn 152 Montgomery, Robert 346 Montgomery, Ron 152 Montgomery, Stacie 346 Montgomery, Todd 132 Moody. John 271 Moon! |odi 378 Mooneyham, Becky 134,346 Moore. Alicia 358 Moore, Barabara 358 Moore. Brenda 265 Moore, Carla 142,146 Moore, Charles 132 Moore. Cherie 378 Moore, Elizabeth 358 Moore, Heather 150 Moore, James 346 Moore, John 269 Moore, Kristi 138 Moore, Laura 136 Moore, Mary 346 Moore, Michelle 142 Moore, Mr. John 103,239 Moore, Robin 115,269,335 Moore, Steve 152 Moore, Steven 256 Moore. Tommy 152 Moorhead, |ana 378 Morales, Lisa 292 Morales, Max 378 Moras, Mike 255 Morden, Gina 156 Morgan. Angie 142,150 Morgan. Catherine 298,299.346 Morgan, Eric 335 Morgan. Erin 255 Morgan. James 358 Morgan, Patrick 158 Morgan, Penny 378 Moritz, Craig 128,148,335 Morlock, Brian 239 Morlock, Linda 284,335 Morlock. Paul 325 Morphew. Nancy 292.335 Morphev. Mike 82 Morris. Buffy 358 Morris, Jay 148 Morris. Rick 252 Morris, Tracey 136.271.335 Morrison, Dr. Earl W. 103 Morriss, Steve 140 Morro, Cheryl 335 Morrow. Amy 378 Morse, Douglas 140 Morton, Janet 379 Morton, Russell 379 Moser, Shanna 134 Moses, Daphine 358 Moses. Dr. James ' O. 89 Moss, John 140.335 Moss. Kyle 19.132.133 Moss. Trannes 346 Moulder. James 358 Mrosla. Dr. Helen P. 103 Muckelroy. Scott 198.199.346 Muieck, Troy 358 Mulkev. David 80 Mullarket, John 273 Mullarkev. John 335 Muller, Charles 335 Muller, Deanna 291.335 Mullican. Jana 379 Mullinix. Elise 358 Mullis. Kerry 271 Munden. Angie 260,335 Munden. Samatha 358 Munson. Dawn 379 Murlock. Brian 249 Murph. Ellen 136 Murphy, Beth Ann 152 Murphy. Catherine 335 Murphy. Cathy 152 Murphy, Nancy 136 Murphy. Patrick 335 Murphy, Sharon 297 Murray. Howard 379 Murray. Melissa 379 Muse Michelle 379 Musick. Stu 253 Musslewhite. Sharon 158 Myers, Jason 379 Myers, Melinda 359 Myers. Todd 379 Myrick. Lori 130.335 N Nading. Rob 267 Nagle. Kathleen 359 Nail. Keith 140 Nail. Laura 379 Nair, Becky 318,379 Nail, Dr Tom 84 Nalley, Bev 148.149 Naramore. Ronnie 132,359 Nash, Wendy 253,379 Nation, Vance 346 Nations, Bailey 65 Naudeau. Eric 379 Naughton, Barry 379 Naughton. Scott 160 Navarro, Alex 134,156 Nave. Philippe 325 Nave. Vicki 325 Neace, Dena 379 Neal, Janice 379 Neal, Kevin 379 Neasham, Craig 146 Necessary, Kimberly 346 Nechamkin. Jim 156 Nechamkin. Sam 156 Neel. Joe A. 103 Neil, Doug 152 Neilson, Dr. R. LaBell 228,278 Neiswander. Stacy 202 Nelms, Beth 130.131 Nelms, Elizabeth 335 Nelms, Robert 160 Nelson. Cheryl 136.265 Nelson. Darla 359 Nelson. Dr. Jack 59 Nelson, Dr. R. L. 81 Nelson, |ohn 148 Nelson, Steve 144 Nesbitt, Dan 274 Nesmith. Kristina 379 Neufeldt, Dr. Dave 273 Neuman, David 226 Neumann. David 146 Newbolt, Liz 380 Newlon, Jennifer 136 Newman, David 147 Newman, Karyn 146 Newman, Kelti 380 Newman, Sherri 380 Newport, Carla 346 Newsom, Anthony 198 Newton. |ames F. 103 Nguyen, Joanne 257 Nicholas, Eileen 346 Nichols. Ed 132 Nichols, Kaki 212 Nichols, Stephanie 335 Nickerson, Todd 144 Nicklow, Mike 283 Niendorff. James 380 Nipper. Stuart 380 Nix, |ill 225 Nix, Stephanie 380 Nixon. Catherine 380 Nixon. Dr. Elray S. 71 Nixon. Paul 335 Nodarse. Lili 142 Nolen. Jeff 156 Nonmacher. Kimberly 335 Nooner. Margaret 335 Norris, Amy 134 Norris. Annie 46,247 Norris. Antoinette 188,189 Norsworthy, Alison 335 Norton, Debbie 380 Norwood, Susan 380 Noska, Frankie 359 Nosrat, Shirin 359 Notaro, Donna 380 Notley, Shannon 142 Notzon, Tom 140 Nourse, Tom 132 Nowlin. Mark 288 Nowlin, Travis 359 Ntekin. Oyonnmo 243 Nuber. Holly 202 Nuefeldt, Dr. David 273 Nygaard, Mary 196,380 o O ' Brien. Edward 346 O ' Brien, Kevin 146 O ' Brien. Rita 261 O ' Brien, Shonda 126,142,152,335 O ' Donnell. David 336 O ' Hare, Stephanie 336 O ' Neal, Leslie 98 O ' Neal, Matt 144 O ' Riley. Kim 299 O ' Riley. Kimberly 380 O ' Shea. Kevin 152 O ' Steen, Cyndi 273 Oates, Andrea 136 Oates, Kristen 380 Olah, Judith 359 Olexy |r„ Howard 380 Olexy, Chris 253 Oliver, Dr. joseph W. 103 Oliver. Eric 380 Oliver. Barry G. 103 Olson. Debbie 136 Olson. Debra 115,336 Olson. Glenn 336 Olson, Mark 302 Olson. Rick 267 Oltean. Daniela 347 Oncken. Kent 380 Oney. Nancy 359 Oper, Cathy 77.380 Oppermann, Paul 160 Orissel, Pat 287 Orlando, Ron 380 Orren, Nilton 152 Orsak, Susan 359 Ortega, Lucia 380 Ortiz, Angela 359 Ortiz. Jo Cindy 231 Ortiz. Paul 152,153 Osborn III, William 347 Osborn. Tek 178.180 Osborne. Melissa 136 Oster. Alan 26 Ostera. Giulia 158 Ostermaier, Mary 162 Otto. |immv 156 Ousley, Jodie 380 Outler, Pat 144 Overguard, Rick 148 Overstreet. Stuart 233 Owen, Tracy 142 Owens. Greg 380 Owens. Sandi 359 Owens. Stacey 380 O ' Neill. Brian 156 P Paddock. Mark 144.248 Paduch. Stacy 380 Paffie. Domina 359 Page. Andrea 359 Page. Connie 31 1 Page. DeLynn 156 Painter. Ron 160 Palace. Mark 140 Palmer. Edwinna 65,243 Palmer, Ken 256 Palmer. Michael 380 Palmer. Edwinna 243 Palmer. Rehema 243 Pando. Katy 136 Paniagua, Paul 156 Papaioannou, Lisa 248 Pareti, Timothy 336 Park, Brenda 260 Parker, Deborah 380 Parker, Glenn 156 Parker, Jacquie 146 Parker, Jana 142,150 Parker, Kelly 136 Parker, Laura 380 Parker, Mike 152 Parker, Patricia 359 Parker, Philip 380 Parks, Deborah 347 Parr, Liz 312 Parrish Jr.. Bobby 380 Parrish. Deborah 380 Parsons. Dr. William 56 Partin. Lanna 380 Parton. Nina 31 Parvine. Scott 276 Paschal. Connie 240 Paschall, Monica 158.359 Pate, Angela 380 Pate, Kim 162 Patehouse. Jessica 258 Patterson. Amy 359 Patterson. Kevin 198 Patterson. Melvin 166,171 Patterson, Shayne 156 Pattillo, Dr. Baker Pattillo. Dr. Janice 45 Patton. Capt. Scott E. 103 Patton, Deborah 347 Patton, Kristie 359 Paulk, Glenna 380 Pawloski. Ellen 136 Payavla. Dimitry 152 Payne, Tamara 162 Peace. Scott 198 Peacock, Amy 380 Pearce, Mary 380 Pearson, Mark Anthony 26 Pearson, Suzy 136,149 Peden. Robert 226 Peet. Christopher 138 Pelkey. Mr. Stephen R. 103 Peltier. Jeff 336 Pelton. Lee 304 Pelton. T.J. 380 Pelton, William 325 Pena, Annette 336 Penszky, Lisa 380 Penu. Annette 264 Peraza. Christina 381 Perez. Danna 360 Perez. Romeo 271 Perkins, Bonnie 381 Perkins, Catherine 275.347 Perkins, James 381 Perkins. Luther 360 Perkins, Mark 224 Perkins, Randy 144 Perlowski. Mike 140 Pernick, Maureen 318 Perrett. John 336 Perritt, Dr. Dale 242 Perritt. Ms. Mitzi R. 103 Persons. David 301 Pesl. Jennifer 381 Peters, Melissa 381 Peterson, Julie 236,360 Peterson. Megan 381 Peterson. Mr. Steve 212,213, 289 Peterson, Tanya 381 Petrie Jr.. James 336 Petrie. Jim 234,235 Petrie, jr., James 116 Petrie. Susie 285 Petty, Dr. David 98 Petty. Mitch 140.347 Peverhouse, Cassy 381 Pfeffer. Revard 336 Pfister, John 158 Phelps, Lalvin 286 Phelps. Laura 381 Phelps. Lloyd 381 Philips. Thomas 160,336 Phillips. Audrey 381 Phillips. Colleen 130,213 Phillips, John 73,194,198,247 Phillips, Kristy 360 Phillips, Laura 336 Phillips. Mark 336 Phillips, Shelly 347 Pickell, Cindy 303 Pickett, Reisor 381 Pickett, Susan 360 Pidaniy, Joe 381 Pierce, Deke 381 Pieri. Lynn 144 Pierson, Melissa 381 Pike. Mahona 336 Pikulinski, Cathy 381 Pilkington, Diane 381 Pinner. Melissa 283,336 Pipenger, Suzanne 360 Pipkin. Michelle 381 Pirtle. Jeffrey 336 Pirtle. Tom 271 Pittman. April 360 Pittman. Dwayne 132 Pittman. Larry 148 Pittman. Pam 292 Pittman. Pamley 336 Plummer, Jeff 132 Plummer, Kristi 265.360.390 Poe, Kathv 130.152,213 Poe, Mike 148 Poehlman, Lind 284 Poernomo, Indria 325 Polk, Adrienne 360 Pollack, Bruce 146 Pollard, Michael 381 Pollex, Roger 160 Pomerleau, Marlena 381 Pomerleau, Michaelle 360 Poncik, Susan 211 Ponewash, Denise 296,381 Pontynen. Art 70 Pope. Misty 381 Porcarello.Tom 160 Porter, Kirby 161,162 Portugal, Elissa 347 Poshusta, Quinn 72 Poston, Jeanmarie 336 Poston. Kelly 210 Poston. Steve 144 Potteie, |ackie 360 Potter. Jackie 233 Potter, James 381 Potter. Renee 347 Poulson. Nannette 360 Powdrill. Pat 172 Powell, lacquelyn 129,347 Powell. Kellie 226 Powell, Shondra 266 Powers, Clifton 360 Powers, Sarah 144.360 Pownall, Todd 148 Prado, Chris 299.381 Prater, Polly 126,134 Prator. Tammi 381 Pratt, Kathleen 238 Precella, Anthony 102,268 Precella, Timothy 102.268 Precht. Frank 152 Preddy, Allan 138 Prestridge, Sandra 162 Prewitt. Dr. Douglas 103 Price, Bill 306 Price. Carolyn 260 Price, Dr. Forrest W. 86,262 Price, Mrs. Carolyn 260 Price, Ms. Carolyn M. 103 Prichard, Julie 381 Pridgen, Jamie 336 Pridgen, John 360 Prime, Steve 148 Prince, James 336 Prince. Kelly 381 Pringle. Stuart 295 Provan. John 381 Provan, Robert J. 6.58 Pruitt. Charles 288,347 Pruitt. Cheryl 251 Pruitt. |on 146 Pruitl. Scott 148 Pryor. William 381 Psencik, Marsha 360 Psillas. William 140 Pumpellv, Denise 360 Purcell, Patrick 156 Purcell. Sherry 142 Purifoy, |ulie 347 Purser. Tammy 116.128.162 Pustejovsky, Cheryl 347 Pyle. |ennifer 360 Pyle. Will 347 Q Quartaro, Angela 381 Quattlebaum, Retina 381 Quick. Kelly 149 Quinn. Cari 130 Quinn, Vicki 209.271.347 Quist, Stanley 360 R Rabon. Dudley 255 Ralion. |ohn 138 Ratlin. Tim 160 Ragsdak, Leigh 253 Ragsdale, Margaret 360 Raine. David 26.27,99 Ralston, Kimberlv 347 Ralston, Nancy 161,162 Ramirez, Cindy 158 Ramirez, Jesse Z. 156 Ramsey. Dr. Robert T. 103 Ramsey, Kelly 381 Raney. |ulie 162 Raney, Kim 255.360 Rankin. Rick 279.288 Rash. |ennifer 162 Rash. Lori 381 Rassmussen. Steve 256 Rathe. Kathy 360 Rathe. Mark 347 Rathe. Mark D. 310 Ratner. |ody 336 Ray. Andrew 166.169.172 Ray. Pamela 381 Ray. Ronda 381 Ravburn. Dr. Regan Lee 82,105 Rayne, Kelley 126.128,132,134 Rayne. Kellv 116 Rayne, Leigh 134 Rayner, Paul 271.292.298,360 Read. Rosanne 360 Ready. Clint 236 Reagh, Scott 240 Reaves, Jayme 276 Reavis, Danza 381 Record, Edith 243 Record, Shari 243 Redd, Bryan 360 Redding, Nancv 382 Reder. Andrew 127.128.144 Redman, Gina 382 Redmon. Wendy 382 Reece. Theresa 336 Reed. Billy 148 Reed, Karin 347 Reed, Laura 360 Reed, Mike 158 Reed, Ross 360 Reeder. Jennifer 382 Reese, Bart 160,347 Reese, Dr. lames V. 6.37.54,55.84 Reese, Melanie 382 Reese, Nathan 152 Reese, Stacy 90,360 Reeve, |ulia 347 Reeves, Cindy 347 Reeves, Dr. )oy 98 Reeves. Dr. joy B 98 Reeves. Shannon 144,347 Regner, Lloyd 382 Reid, Carolyn 336 Reid. Paul 144 Reid. Steve 127,144 Reid. Wendy 382 Reina, Ronda 142 Reinhardt. Deanna 382 Reinhardt. Rand 286 Reinhardt. Randy 160 Reist. Melinda 382 Retchless. Robert 347 Reugh. Scott 240 Reyes. Marcella 347 Reynolds. Elly 236 Reynolds. Eloise 325 Rhea. Greg 360 Rhea. |effery 360 Rhoades. Dennis 382 Rhodes. Dr Odis O. 105 Rhodes. Eric 46.182.184,187 Rhodes, Suzv 134 Rice. Mark 236 Rice. Robin 360 Rich II. Gerald 148 Rich. Gerald 261 Richard. David 382 Richards. |ulie 288 Richardson. Bruce 150 Richardson. Darla 285 Richardson. Frank 347 Richardson. Richard 132 Richai ' dson. Tim 146.147 Richev. Stephanie 382 Richman. Dr. Allen 84 Richond. Rebecca 360 Richmond, Sherry 382 Richter. Michael 382 Riddle, Cheryl 382 Rienzo, Amy De 162 Ries. Monica 268,300,336 Rigbv. Tonya 360 Riggans, Shirley 129 Riggins, Carla 174 Riggs. Tiffany 360 Riley. Ellen 271 Riley. |ack 382 Riley. Kevin 116 Rinehart. Susan 313 Rio, Ben 236 Ripkowski. Shannon 80,230 Ripp, Laurel 81 Ritter. Dale 160 Ritter. Rebecca 382 Rivas. Callistra 196 Riverbark. Karen 382 Roach. Mike 70 Robbns, Stacy 360 Roberson. Dr. Pamela 268 Roberson. |ulia 273 Roberson. Rick 248 Roberson. Scottie 243 Roberts. Alma Roberts. Cynthia 347 Roberts, Debra 347 Roberts. Dr. W.P. 248 Roberts. Dr. William P. 81 Roberts. |errv 146,336 Roberts. Loretta 360 Roberts, Lori 136 Roberts. Renee 279.288 Roberts. Steve 152 Roberts. Virginia 290 Robertson. A.L. 26 Robertson, Jennifer 382 Robertson, Kelli 249 Robertson, Kelly 325 Robertson, Randy 287 Robins. Stephanie 382 Robinson. Adam 361 Robinson. Brandon 132 Robinson. Dr. Beverlyanne 91 Robinson. Dr. Gregg 98 Robinson. Greg 20.127,351 Robinson. Holly 134.156 Robinson. Jina 130.213 Robinson. John 144 Robinson. Keith 347 Robinson. Richard 156 Robinson. Valerie 336 Robison. Greg 127,156 Rocha. Regina 336 Rock, Bradley 150 Rock, Teri 361 Rocka, Tim 306 Rockwood, Steve 304 Roddy, Kelly 156 Roden, Tammy 347 Roderick, Gene 336 Rodger. Elizabeth 273 Rodgers, Rebel 295 Rodopoulos, Costas 336 Rodriguez. Becky 279,288 Rodriguez. Dr Elvia 105 Rodriguez, Dr Jose A 96.105 Rodriguez. Kristi 382 Rodriguez, Michelle 361 Rodriguz, Anna 285 Rodriquez. Kristi 296 Roe, Christine 361 Roehrs, Charlene 265 Roehrs. Darlene 265,361 Roesel. Lorie 142 Rogan, Mike 267 Rogers, Amy 361 Rogers, Gregg 361 Rogers. |ana 130 Rogers. Rebel 295,298,382 Rogers. Rebel Edens 295 Rogers. Rick 128.148.347 Rogers. Scott 279.288,302 Rogge, Carol 142 Roland. Timothy 382 Rolland. Tim 146 Roloff. Ellen 361 Rolston. Dr. Kenneth 40 Romoser, Cynthia 347 Rooney, Joseph 336 Rooser, kimberly 253 Rosandich, |eff 160 Rosenberg. Amy 313 Rosenquist, David 156 Ross, Bill 288 Ross, Brad 361 Ross, Diane 361 Ross, H. Alexis 287 Ross, Steve 152 Rotello. Paul 140 Roth. Richard 148.336 Rothbauer, Steven 382 Rotto. Brent 152 Rountree. Neil 347 Rouquette, Tres 156 Rowland, Laura 134 Roy, Kar-la 382 Royle, Randy 87 Rozell, Roger 128,132,133.135 Rubel. Patricia 361 Rudd, Connie 99 Rudd. Lana 382 Rudd. Susan 226 Rudiger. Brenda 244 Rudisill, Jean 260 Rudisill, Mrs. Jean 260 Rudisill. Ms. Mary |ean 105 Rummel. Theresa 382 Rushing, D ' Lee 240 Rushing, Jill 285 Rushing, Stacy 158 Rusk. Marie 196.197 Russel, Eric 281 Russell, Brian 152 Russell, Dr. Patricia 8(1 Russell. Todd 148 Ruth. |ean Ann 116.270.336 Rutland, Rhonda 336 Rutt, Deb 196 Ryan. Jim 144 Rvburn. Stefanie 382 Rvchlik. Larry 194.198 Ryder. John 382 s Saenz. Danny 194.198 Safer, Mark 382 Salazar. Maria 382 Sallee, Diana 361 Salonish. Becky 347 Sambrook. Matthew 382 Samford. Jeff 158 Samoff, Kristen 142 Samoriga, Mark 382 Samouce, Wellington 198 Samudio, Laura 382 Sanders, Adam 32 Sanders, Beverly 236,336 Sanders. Connie 196,197 Sanders, Jill 382 Sanders, Karen 383 Sanders, Kvra 304 Sanders, Paula 361 Sandifer. Cynthia 347 Sandifer, Kim 246 Sanford, Amy 383 Santinoceto, Lisa 134,333,336,390 Sargent, Dr. William 86 Sargent, Mike 146 Saunders, Adam 210 Saunders. Scott 287 Savage, Michelle 202.203 Savallisch. Kirsten 383 Sawyer, Stacey 361 Sazej, Shahin 255,257 Scales, Mary 361 Scarbo, Pamela 347,390 Scarborough, Marty 336 Schacherl, Michele 383 Schaffer, David 138 Schaider. Theresa 271 Schall, Denise 337 Schalsha, Michelle 254 Schaumburg. Kent 152 Schaumburg. Stacey 361 Scherer Jr.. Johnnv 361 -Schiftner. Kim 383 Schild. Jody 337 Schipper. Melissa 260.337 Schipper, Michael 347 Schlater. Stephanie 383 Schlette. Richard 152,153 Schlossberg, Mike 150 Schmidt. Dara 142.361 Schmidt, Karen 253,361 Schmitt. Carla 348 Schmitt, Mark 288 Schmitt. Mike 279 Schmoyer. Nancv 383 Schrau ' ff. Bill 128.152 Schraufnagel, Angela 290 Schreiber, Chris 310,348 Schroeder. Kristen 162 Schroeder. Kurt 156 Schuelke, Kimberly 383 Schulik, Bill 133 Schulik. Scott 132 Schultz. Jeff 256 Schulz, William 226,337 Schumacher. Susan 130 Schwa rz. David 156 Schwenneker. (on 383 Scioneax. Leslie 383 Scoggin. Becky 211 Scoggin. Rebecca 348 Scott IV, James Bryant 337 Scott, Dr. Peggy 57.286,307 Scolt, Jennifer 244,383 Scott, Julie 142 Scott, Meredith 132.136 Scott, Phillip 348 Scott, Shannon 134,361 Scott, Shelly 136.348 Scott, Shurhonda 243 Scott, Stephanie 361 Scott, Steve 62,144 Seago, Angie 213 Seago, Sharon 138 Seagren, Sonya 361 Seaks, Susan 258 Seaman, Dana 132.134 Searcey. Cathy 253 Searcy. Cathy 253 Searles, Christine 134,144 Seaton, Dr. Jacob 72 Sefcik. Glen 194 Seibel, Keith 156 Seibert. Karl 337 Seid. Christopher 140 Seidensticker, Steve 158 Seidl. Cythia 348 Seitter, Michael 160.348 Sellars, Tracie 383 Sellers. Catherine 196 Selman. John 361 Semander, JoAnna 142.361 Semander, Maria 142,337 Senev. Ron 267 Seney, Ron 73 Sensabaugh. Wes 256 Senter. Susan 156 Serges. Murphey 247 Serges. Murphy 32 Serrano. Benny 225 Sessa. Elizabeth 279.288,361 Settle, Tiffanny 265 Settle, Tiffany 266.361 Shaban, David 337 Shackelford. Cliff 236,361 Shafer, Eddie 128,156 Shank. Scott 140.337 Shankar. Sharon 361 Shapelev. Kathv 287 Shapely! Kathy ' 239,249 Shapley. Kathy 361 Sharp, Ms. Pat S. 105 Sharp. Pat 278 Shame. Helen 383 Shatley, Debbie 383 Shaver. Douglas 156 Shaw, Burk 144 Shaw. Monique 383 Shaw. Richard 140 Shaw, Stacv 361 Shaw. William 144 Shea. Nancy 348 Sheehan, |anet 361 Sheffield. Karen 266 Sheffield. Shane 138 Sheldrick, Michelle 142.337 Shelton. Kevin 383 Shelton, Tisha 259.348 Shen, Chenjean 234 Shephard. Charlene 337 Shepherd. Elizabeth 348 Sheppard. Robin 132,134 Sherer, Kim 244 Sheridan, Lish 294 Sherk. Christie 383 Sherman. Scott 361 Sherrod, Robert 383 Sherwood, Alan 384 Shilling, Robert 384 Shillings, James 384 Shimshock. Kristine 286 Shipman, Claire 273,384 Shipp. Andy 152.153 Shirey. Jennifer 384 Shirley. Carol 384 Shirley. Ransome 146 Shirley. Stephen 384 Shirley, Wendy 273,384 Shivelv. Mark 317 Shivers, |ohn 337 Shockey. Elizabeth 348 Shoemaker. Leanne 297.348 Shoemaker. Reed 384 Shofner. Brent 198 Shook. Laurie 337 Shook. Lisa 348 Shore. Dr. Patrick 81 Shori. Raj 310 Short, Jacob 138 Shoulders. Rodney 132,361 Shows, Dr. David 105 Shroyer, Paul 152.153 Shuman, Ti 317 Shurtleff. Rhonda 152 Siblev, Gary 156 Sill. Paul 144 Sills. Sallie 134 Silvestri. Rob 150 Simmons. Craig 158 Simmons. Kristi 130 Simmons. Lane 148,348 Simmons. Tamela 337 Simmons. Tammy 260 Simon. Neil 269.271,337 Simon, Wade 152 Simonds. Walter 63 Simons, Beth 384 Simpkins, Nicole 384 Simpson. Chris 132,133 Simpson. Cindy 130.361 Simpson. David 384 Simpson, [ana 158 Sims. James 248 Sims. Leslie 142.156 Sims. Mark 152 Sims, Melinda 384 Sims. Michael 361 Sinclair, Cecil 146,226 Sinclair, Peggy 337 Sinclair, Susan 384 Singer. Jacqueline 348 Sitton. Robert D. 59 Sitton. Ronald 59 Sivess. Stacia 337 Six. Robert 117 Skinner. Kristi 142.152 Skinner, Rusty 156 Skuchko, Nina 348 Slack, Thomas 148 Slagle, Dr. Wayne G. 94.226 Slaughter. Charles 150 Slovacek. Emil 168 Slovacek. Ronald 384 Smajstrla, Kim 20.275,337 Smart, Annise 240 Smart, Bethwvn 361 Smith, Angela 338,384 Smith, Ann 134 Smith, Anthony 140,286 Smith, Barron 138 Smith, Bobbie Ann 134 Smith, Cindy 134 Smith, Derick 384 Smith, Dr. Sammie 67.105 Smith. Emmett 348 Smith. Forest 310 Smith. Janet 348 Smith, jeanette 126 Smith, Jeff 150 Smith, Julie 362 Smith, Keith 384 Smith, Kellv 348,384 Smith. Kim 136 Smith. Kimberly 338 Smith, Laura 338 Smith, Mark 148 Smith, Michael 338 Smith, Michelle 348 Smith, Mike 210 Smith. Nicole 362 Smith. Pete 58 Smith. Pleasant 338 Smith. Randall 258 Smith. Richard 338 Smith. Robbie 135.160,161 Smith, Roger 156 Smith, Russell 384 Smith. Sam 128.156 Smith, Sara 162.362 Smith, Shawn 150 Smith, Shem 348 Smith, Stephen 362 Smith, Steve 146 Smith, Suzanne 384 Smith. Tammy 86,338,348 Smith. Wendy 384 Smolka. Kelly 142.303,338 Sneed, Mary 239 Snider. Jill 130 Snively, Michaele 362 Snow, Donna 384 Snowder, Denise 384 Snyder, Jim 70 Snyder, William 338 Socha. Ronnie 287,348 Sodek. Lisa 162,348 Sofka, Joy 134 Solima. Christine 348 Sollenberger, |ohn 99.267 Solomon, Dr. Lynnette 78 Solomon, Dr. Lynnette K. 78 Sones, |ohn 384 Sopher. Laura 134 Sorrells, Pamela 338 Souders, Mike 178.179 Soula. Don 338 Southers. Martha 338 Sowell. E. K. 75 Spalding, Therese 68.362 Spandau. |ulie 130.156 Spears. Sandra 362 Speck. Dr. Nancy C. 59 Spedale. Thomas 325 Speer. Dr. |ames 95 Spells. Joanna 348 Spence, Mrs. Patricia 270.390 Spence. Patricia L. 63 Spencer. Kayla 226 Spetter. Chris 384 Speyrer. Carl 160 Spicer. Pete 248 Spier. Mark 256 Spies, Terry 338 Spigner. Allvson 384 Spiller, Michele 384 Spinks. Chuck 156 Spinks, Rebecca 362 Sponheimer. Karen 338 Spradley. Lori 292,338 Spraggins, Allison 136 Spraggins. Tiffany 384 Spreadbury. Dr. Constance 57. 105 Spreadbury. Dr Wendall 105 Sprenger. Bryan 384 Spriggs, Steven 362 Spring, Carrie 384 Sprongborn, Brent 281 Spurgin, Jana 362 Sprugin, Kevin 338 Spurting. |ohn 348 Squires. Elane 290.297 Squyres, Drew 144 Stacey. John 127 Stacy. Jennifer 384 Stacy. John 152 Staggs. Mindy 362 Stahl, Sheri 130,149.362 Stair, Michael 348 Stair, Mike 275 Standley, Dr. James 98 Standley, Dr. James O. 37,56 Stanfield, Cindy 262 Stanford, Amy 290 Stanford, |im 384 Stanford, Rodney 338 Stanley, Darryl 140 Stanley, David 61 Stanley, Dr. Elnita O. 105 Stanley. Kristi 384 Stanley, Russel 138 Stanly. Dr. T. J. 69 Staples. Keith 156 Stapleton, Michelle 152 Starnes. Lisa 384 Starr, Lisa 254.267 Starrett. David 210.384 Staton. Shawn 158 Stavens. Philip 362 Stebner. Rory 144 Steele, James 385 Steele, Jennifer 385 Steele, Kristin 162 Steely, April 338 Steely, David 160 Stefan. Mara 126,136,338 Stefan, Marchell 136.149.338 Stefek. Karey 362 Steffen. Vicki 136,338 Stegal, Bill 132 Stegall. Bill 133.239 Stegall. Robert 385 Stegall. William 117 Steger. |ana 130 Stein, Mellisa 348 Stepaniak, Lt. Col. Frederick 8 Stephen. Mara 161 Stephens, Dr. Donnya E. 105 Slephens, Kimberly 362 Stephens, Sanford 243 Stephenson, Brian 158 Stephenson, Larry 274 Steploe, Cindi 134.338 Sterling, Nicole 385 Stettbacher, Ann 142,152 Stevens, Cindy 142.348 Stevens, Jill 146 Stevens. Randy 261 Stewart. Alan 316 Stewart, Annette 158 Stewart, Gene 362 Stewart, Cassandra 226 Stewart, Dorothv 244.251 Stewart. Dr. Dudley M. 105 Stewart, |ohn 152 Stewart. Kim 294 Stewart, Lisa 348 Stewart, Robby 385 Stewart. Steve 140,160 Stewart. Susan 117.126,128.136,160. 161 Still, Kimberly 348 Stine. Dr. Bert 78.263 Stinnett, Mark 257 Slinson. Joleta 362 Stoker, Theresa 276 Stone, Laurie 348 Stordahl, Susan 158 Stork, Tonya 362 Story, Mike 224 Stotls. Ann 385 Stracener, Troy 20.140.348,351 Strahan, Brad 256 Straiten, Melanie 302.338 Stratton, Letitia 142,150 Streck. Kimberly 385 Streeter. Susan 134 Streeler. Tom 310 Slreetman, Leila 348 Slreich. Chritstina 385 Stringer. Richard 379 Strokes. Theresa 306 Stroman, Stacey 251 Stromberg. Wendv 338 Stroope, David3 38 Stood. Becky 348 Stroud. Bill 152 Stroud, Susan 162 Stroud, Thomas 261 Stroud, Venessa 261 Stroupe. Pamela 385 Straw. Bebe 156 Stubee. Robin 338 Stulb. Keith 19,132.133 Sturrock, Robert3 62 Sudduth, Brett 152 Suitt, Anita 136 Sullinger, Sylvia 294,298 Sullivan, Brian 160 Sullivan, Chuck 127.158 Sullivan. Debbie 146 Sullivan, Gene 236 Sullivan. |ohn 148 Sullivan, Gene 236 Sullivan, Shelia 258,338 Summers, |eff 160 Sumrall, Susan 385 Surface, Kert 135 Surnson. Anne Marie 385 Surnson, Lawrence 362 Surratt, Sheri 162 Suter. Deborah 349 Sutley, Chris 278 Sutliffe, Dorrie 338 Sutton, Donald 338 Sutton. Mark 255 Sutton, Robin 385 Sutton, Tracy 150 Svajda, Melanie 238 Swallow. Charmayne 349 Swann, Kathryn 162 Swann. Kay 6,37,43 Swanson. Karen 136 Sweeney, Jacci 20,298 Sweeney, Jacqueline 117 Sweeney, Steve 156 Swieca. Linda 142 Swift, Suzanne 271 Svkes, Karen 244 Syphrett. Stacy 264.338 Szafran, Dr. Bob 98 Szafran, Dr. Robert 98 T Tabor, Craig 288,302 Tabor. Tina 255,349 Tafelski, Paula 202 Tallal, Elizabeth 136,161 Tambnrello. |effrey 349 Tangas, Andrea 385 Tannert, Patti 126.158.338 Tannery, Ginger 245,252 Tan nous, Victor 152 Tansey. Susan 142 Tappe, Phillip 118 Tarpey, Bonny 152,162 Tate. Kendra 253.385 Tatom. Frances 385 Tatom, Ida 385 Tatum. Loretta 385 Tatum. Pat 317 Tavior, Jennifer 362 Taylor, David 144 Taylor. Diane 136.146,385 Tavior. Dr. Heber 73 Taylor, Ellen 385 Taylor. Frank 118.224,242.245.338 Tavior. Margaret 242.245,349 Taylor. Mike 231 Taylor. Shelly 385 Taylor. Tim i56 Tayne, Wendy 385 Teal. Michael 385 Teems, Kelly 362 Teer, Shawn 132 Templeman, Willard 150 Templeton, David 140 Templeton, Lisa 290 Templeton, Nathan 256 Termina, Stacey 134,135,211,338 Terrell, Angela 349 Terril, Les 127 Terrill. Les 150 Terry, Kendel 132.134 Terry. Traci 385 Tessin. Angela 385 Thayer, Julie 385 Thedford, Deanne 349 Theobald, Gary 127,158 Theodore, Sally 294 Thomas. Amy 385 Thomas, Angela 162 Thomas. Angela G. 349 Thomas. Angela R. 349 Thomas, Junior 198 Thomas. Kevin 276 Thomas, Robbie 385 Thome. Mike 152 Thomey. Ron 140 Thompson, Cynthia 362 Thompson, Dell 156 Thompson, James 245 Thompson, Jay 338 Thompson, Pamela 338 Thompson, Tracey 385 Thormaelen, Liz 385 Thornton, Gina 385 Thornton. Greg 158 Thornton. Gregory 339 Thornton, Jenice 20,130.138.351 Thornton. Melynda 244 Thornton. Greg 286 Thornton. Heather 161 Thornton, Melynda 162 Thrall. Jenifer 349 Till, Lisa 134.156 Tilton. Jet 144 Tinslev. Dr. Dillard 68 Tinsley. Dr. Dillard B. 105 Tinsley, Ms. Sue 105 Tinsley, Steven 118 Toblin, Marianne 246 Todd. Amy 136 Todd. David 198 Todd, Meredith 136.339 Togneri, Lisa 162 Toler, Debie 142,339 Tomchesson, Thadd 362 Tomlinson, Carroll 136 Toney, Bob 271 Toney, William 385 Tooke. Tami 136 Toresse, Maritza 131 Torp, Paul 339 Torregrossa. Carolyn 87.130 Torres, Maritza 130.131 Toups. David 362 Toups, Karen 385 Tovar. Magdalena 339 Towns, Dr. James 73.98,105 Townsend, Michele 134,271 Tracy, Deanna 385 Tracy, Steve W. 105 Trainor, Jim 148 Tran, Hoa 385 Traynor, Timothv 385 Treadwell, Deidre 136,152 Trepanier, James 339 Trevino, Roland 349 Triem, Janet 294,385 Trieselmann, Julie 289 Trielsch, Edward 152.339 Trietsch. Karen 386 Trikosko. Dr. Walter 92,281 Trollinger, Major Michael L. 105, 203 Trotta. David 138 Trotter, James 349 Truax. Randy 150 Trull, Thomas 339 Trull, Tom 245,276 Trump, Angel 362 Tubb, Patty 162 Tucker, Cindy 271 Tuel. Dean 127.146.147 Tullos, Sharlene 240 Turano, Angie 362 Turner II, Donald 349 Turner. Angela 386 Turner. Cynthia 386 Turner. Don 271 Turner. Julia 362 Turner, fulie 279,288 Turner. Kimberly 386 Turney, Lori 283 Turrin, Sharon 91.283,339 Tutt, Amanda 149 Turtle, Elizabeth 339 Tuttle. Michael 118 Twomey, Jack 132.133 Twomey, Scott 132 Tyrell, David 140 u Ubl, Lynn 273,349.390 Ughtner, Natalie 253 Underwood, Karen 349 Upcraft. Kirsten 202 Upton, Melissa 339 Upton. Ronald 339 Urban, Rodney 362 Utsman, Margaret 134,339 Utz. Todd 20,128,135.160,161,351 V Valenti, Amber 271.339 Valentine. David 339 Valle. Marguerte 339 Van Alsryne. Katherine 386 Van Delden, Roxane 386 Van Horn. Linda 349 Van Horn, Kim 239 Van Horn. Kimberly 162 Van Wert, David 26 Vana, Charlie 148 Vance, Darryl 144 Vandagrift. Carrie 349 Vanlandingham. Jeff 240 Vanlandingham, Jeffery 386 Varga. Paul 325 Varner, Dr. Foy E. 40,65 Varner, Ms. Helen D. 73.105,303 Varner.. Mrs. Helen 43 Vasquez, Yvette 349 Vaughan, Karen 162,349 Vaught, Wyndi 118.339 Veazey, Dan 144 Vela. Yvonne 386 Velasco, Claudia 339 Velasco, Monique 386 Ventimigilia. Toni D. 138 Verhalen. Jennifer 362 Verri, Karen 211,362 Veru, Karen 286 Vice. Darlene 339 Vickers, Rhonda 386 Vill, Deborah 386 Villarreal. Mike 257 Villarreal, Tatiana 362 Villars. Mary Ann 152 Vina, Tom 306 Virtanen. Meri 349 Vizina. D ' anna 386 Vizina, Dee Dee 294 Vlasich. Beth 362 Vo. An 239,257 Vogel, Wendy 300 Voigtel, Dr. C. Richard 58 Volkerding. Delina 362 Vu, Lee 386 Vyvial, Pamela 362 w Waedekin, John 148 Wafford. Scott 386 Waggett, Robert 140 Waggoner, Chuck 198 Waggoner. Kristen 339 Wagner, Jeff 148 Wagner, Lisa 146 Wagner, Sheila 119,128.132,134 Wagner. Tamara 126.162,349 Wastaff, Todd 150 Wahrenberger. James 349 Waisath, Cindy 134,158.159 Waits, Grant 156 Waits, Jefferson 287,362 Wakeland, Sherri 142,349 Walden. Sharon 200,205 Waldo, Jennifer 226 Waldrep. Terry 339 Waldrop. Greg 245.286 Waldrop, James 339 Waldrup, Jerry 349 Walker. Allan 301 Walker. Allen 349 Walker. Cheryl 290 Walker. David 138,363 Walker, Dr. Laurence C. 105 Walker, Kevin 138 Walker. Nancy 213.386 Walker. Nina 363 Walker, Paul 150 Walker, Rhonda Kaye 138 Walker, Taji 26 Wall. Brenda 257,339 Wall, Julie 363 Wall, Laura 126,130 Walla. Elise 386 Wallace, Dr. Dan 57 Wallace, Glenn 148 Wallace, Kimberly 386 Wallace, Todd 148 Walling, Major Danny 88 Wallis, Lisa 349 Walsh, Francis 339 Walsh, Mike 287 Walsh, Richard 386 Walsh, Stephanie 386 Walter. John 225 Walter. Julie 363 Walter, John P. 225 Wallers, Brad 144 Walters, John 236 Walters, Vicki 265,363 Walton, Dennis 138 Walton, Janet 119,339 Wangler, Mary 386 Ward, Brett 386 Ward, Lesli 386 Wardell, Dreama 386 Warden, Dani 244 Ware, Alan 245,252 Ware, Daryl 349 Ware, Paul 339 Warner, Valerie 339 Warr, Brent 150 Warren, Bradley 140.349 Warren. Dee 253 Warren, Deirdre 386 Warren, Janette 304 Warren, Kimberly 386 Warren, Lee 92 Warren, Lisa 289 Warwick, Kathryn 363 Washburn, Robin 363 Washington, Wanda 349 Waterman. Rhonda 244 Waters. Malice 202 Watkins, Kip 178.181 Watkins. Melissa 339 Watlington. Chris 265 Watson, Andrea 386 Watson. Bryan 363 Watson, Darlene 226 Watson. Joe 249 Watson. Joel 150,363 Watson, Laura 130 Watson, Paula 363 Watson. Rodney 252 Watson. Ronald 386 Watterston, Dr. Kenneth 105,254 Watterston. Mrs. Shirley 254 Watterston, Ms. Shirley 105 Watts, Amy 134,233,349 Watts, |oey 271,286,363 Weary. Kevin 156 Weatherford, Jana 134 Weatherford. Mardi 386 Weatherly, Mark 93 Weaver, Kimberly 363 Weaver, Sandra 339 Webb. Jay 150 Webb. Lisa 349 Webb. Melinda 339 Webb. Stephen 144 Weber. Kimberly 386 Weber. Leslie 349 Weber. Mclntire 160 Weber. Sally 386 Weber. Stephen 256 Weber. Steve 212 Webster, Dana 76,349 Weidner, Garry 140,339 Weigand. Robyn 136,349 Weir, Jeffrey 363 Weis. Buffv 146 Weise, Glenda 194 Weisner, Tami 174.175 Weison, Susan 134 Weiss. Pamela 339 Weissenborn, Karen 386 Welch, Brian 140,141,286 Welch, Lisa 363 Welch, Susan 349 Welch, Tommy 140 Welcing, Greg 273 Wells, Chris 156.236 Wells. Glynn 256 Wells. Kelli 306,363 Wells. Leah 260 Wells. Michael 386 Wells. Patricia 349 Wenzel, Greg 152 West, Amy 363 West, Shane 363 West, John 140 West, Karen 249 West, Leslie 289 West, Loretta 350 West, Montv 167 West, Todd 144 Westbrook. Steve 62.140,292,293. 294.295, Westergaard, Janet 350 Westergaard, jo Anne 260.339 Westerhold, Heidi 136 Westermeier, Lynn 386 Weviand. Nancy 60 Whatley, Becky 142 Whatley, Rebecca 339 Wheeler, Dawn 134,144 Wheeler, Lyn B. 60 Whelchel, Carol 136 Whiddon, Shelley 386 Whitacer, Jan 284 White. Clifton 42 White. Dr. Linda 80 White. Governor Mark 6,7 White. Jeff 249 White, Kathleen 339 White. Laurie 386 White. Mary 134 White, Rosalind 387 White, Shannon 339 White, Tracy 134 White, Whitney 340 Whitehead, Jamie 350 Whitehead, Lana 146 Whitehead, Lea 363 Whitehead, Nancie 162 Whitehead, Stephanie 387 Whtifield, Carie 387 Whiting, Dr. Monlaque 302 Whitlery. Cliff 225 Whitley, Cliff 387 Whitley, Connie 387 Whitley, Jennifer 134,350 Whitlock. Dana 134 Whitman, Mica 387 Whittenkin, Laura 387 Whitten, Todd 17,167,170.172 Whittington, Becky 387 Whittington, Devon 387 Whittington. Jodett 387 Whittlesey. |oe 178 Wiechens. Wendy 350 Wiederhold, Cheryl 340 Wiggins, Carey 142,363 Wiggins. Michael 363 Wiktor. Michael 387 Wilbanks, Laura 297,350 Wilburn, Cindy 152 Wilcox. Martha 228,278 Wild, Dixie 134 Wildermuth. Tammy 152 Wilds, Julie 340 Wilhelm, Kim 130 Wilker, Olin 387 Wilkes, Sueann 387 Wilkes, Susan 296 Willburn. Cindy 350 Willenboing, Mark 316 Willesen, Marlin 127,148 Willet. Staci 134 Willett, Staci 144 Willhelm, Stephen 119 Willhelm. Steve 146 Williams, Barry 132 Williams. Craig 310 Williams. Delinda 350 Williams. Doug 300 Williams, Douglas 340 Williams. Drake 167 Williams, Embria 129 Williams. Frances 350 Williams. Francis 162 Williams, Gayla 387 Williams, Jacqueline 387 Williams, Jeff 302 Williams, Jeffrey 387 Williams, Jerry 387 Williams, joey 387 Williams. John 286.340 Williams. Julie 162 Williams. Kevin 132,363 Williams. Kimberly 387 Williams, Laurie 298 Williams, Leigh 300 Williams, Lucretia 251,340 Williams, Monica 363 Williams, Oslyn 363 Williams, Patti 363 Williams, Risa 162,350 Williams, Sharon 119 Williams, Shelli 134 Williams, Trina 188.189 Williamson, Kelly 144 Williamson, Kim ' 130 Williamson, Mike 82 Williamson, Paul 255 Willie, Staci 340 Willingham, Dr. Grady W. 105 Willingham, Kenneth 46,184 Willmon, Gary 240 Wilson. Calvin 363 Wilson. Carrie 363 Wilson. Cathy Lynn 142 Wilson, Denise 210 Wilson, Haley 146 Wilson, |ay 144 Wilson, jessie 340 Wilson, Kevin 350 Wilson, Leslie 162,340 Wilson, Linda 239,249,281 Wilson, Lisel 350 Wilson, Lori 162 Wilson, Marianne 340 Wilson, Monte 210 Wilson. Monty 350 Wilson, Phillip 387 Wilson. Randy 251 Wilson, Robert 387 Wilson. Stephanie 387 Wilson. Stephen 340 Wilson. Todd 140,363 Wilson, Tracy 387 Wilson, Wendi 134,350 Wilson, Wendy 79 Wiltshire, Brent 148.340 Winchester, Gregory 363 Wind, Mrs. Emagene 264 Windham, Steve 350 Win ger. Kim 150 Wink, Jon D. 70 Winkley. Jose 387 Winn II. Thomas 387 Winn. Kathy 257 Winstead, Lynn 136 Winters, Ray 132,133 Wiseman, Phyllis 130.350 Wislon. Leslie 265 Wisnoski. Erin 245 Witehead. Nancie 249 Withers. Thomas 387 Witt. David 140,255.257,286 Witt, Todd 320 Witten, Kim 200,204 Wolf, Clayton 340 Wolf, Lance 160 Wolf, Yvonne 387 Wolfe, Dee 134 Wolfe, Laura 134 Wolfes, Laura 350 Wolff. Paul 387 Womack, John 340 Womack, Molly 162 Womble. Todd 160,161 Womer. David 236 Wondz, Mita De 266 Wood, Craig 300 Wood, Darrell 138,350 Wood, Dr. Craig A. 74,75,105 Wood, Gina 246,387 Wood. Karen 128,142,340 Woodall, Wayne 156 Woodard, Jeffrey 387 Woolsey, Kelly 363 Workman. Gary 138 Worley. Jason 249 Wiirley. |ill 284 Worsham, Dr. Raymond L. 66 Wright. II, Robert L 156 Wright. |. R. 61 Wright, Miquel 26 Wright. Ms. Paulette D. 105 Wunderlich. Robert 263,340 Wyatt. Libby 130.149 Wyatt, Melanie 226 Wvers, |oe 288 Yale. Richard 248 Yarborough. Kent 340 Yates, |amie 350 Yeamans, Donna 340 Yeates. Ms. Marietta 76 Yeisley, Dana 134 Yemma, Paul 340 Yoder, ]av 350 Yonker. |ohn 146.147 Yonker, Richard 146,147 York. Janet 130,363 Youmans, Vicki 244 Young. Adam 146 Young, April 251 Young. Bill 256 Young, Charles 135 Young. David 255.340 Young. Dr. Beverly S. 105 Young. Dr. Leon 69 Young. Dr. Marlin C. 57 Young, Jennifer 281.301 Young, john 363 Young. Kelli 136 Young, Larry 144 Young, Les 271 Young, Marcus 42 Youngblood. Matt 160 Youngdale, Melissa 387 Zajae. Debbie 251 Zanoff. Dana 350 Zbranek, Allen 387 Zebold. Cheryl 162 Zebold, Debbie 162,249 Zeigler, Anne 234.301 Zelbold, Cheryl 128 Zerkle. Shari 146 Zerkle, Shari Ann 162 Zettlemoyer. Kevin 138 Ziegler, Anne 340 Ziegler, |ulie 126,162 Zillmer, Dr. Herman L. 26 Zimmer, Natalie 146 Zimmer. Patrice 363 z 400

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