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I f The 1982 Stone Fort w - Stephen F. Austin State University Volume 57 ■ « w ♦ Table of Contents Student Life 19 Academics 83 Organizations 121 Greeks 199 Honors 245 Sports 263 Faculty 335 Classes 361 SFA — a land of beauty What made Stephen F. Austin so unique? What was it that lured over 10,000 students from every corner of the state to a small town in Deep East Texas? " The beauty of the campus — the trees, flowers, wildlife — it ' s all so relaxing, " Julie Duke, Corpus Christi senior, said. SFA, located in the typical East Texas town of Nacogdoches, depicted the unspoiled, Deep South atmosphere of the area. It was the beautiful, serene land, abounding with wildlife and beautiful plants that attracted so many students from the big cities to the campus. And many of those people chose to remain in this locality after graduation. Various types of wildlife could be found in the region around Nacogdoches, ranging from the familiar rabbit to the less known javelina. The javelina, or wild boar, could be found only in three continental states — Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas. Squirrels were a very common site at the SFA campus, where many would come right up to people, as if ready to play. Opening — 5 6 — Opening Opening — 7 8 — Opening Another change was found in the environment. Towering trees, mixed in with the stately pines, took on an almost eerie appearance. The national jogging craze was evident at SFA. Some students chose to run at the stadium or the HPE Complex, while others preferred the more scenic routes along Raguet, University and Pearl Street. Many of those people were fortunate enough to catch the majestic sunsets. The " stadium joggers " were able to enjoy the many ducks habitating SFA ' s Ag Pond, located behind Stein Hall. 1 1 12 — Opening Opening — 13 Opening — 15 Everyone wanted to be outside when the weather was nice. Maintenance personnel worked outdoors, washing away dirt built up over the winter season. Many students found studying more pleasant when in the warm sun. Spring-time weather put people in a friendly mood. One could not help stopping to marvel at the lovliness nestled among the trees. People everywhere searched for an excuse to be outdoors. Between class, the benches were found full of people talking, eating and reading the newspaper. Opening — 17 tudent 3 Edited by Mark Colvi august- Fall Semester begins with hectic registration There are times when every stu- dent must take life ' s challenges and persevere to the end. To many SFA students, this trying time was referred to as registration. Registration was initially created for students to return to school early and arrange their schedules for the semes- ter. However, with the introduction of preregistration in the fall of 1981, the problems and headaches of regis- tration were partially alleviated. Registration was still a headache in the fall due to students failing to preregister on time or neglecting to pay fines during the Spring Semester. Many students were seen racing back and forth from the HPE Complex to UPD or the Fiscal Office all day trying to clear delinquencies. Many transfer and new students were lost in the maze of tables and professors. Yet, amidst all the confusion of registra- tion, students managed to schedule their classes and retain some integrity. (1) A Lumberjack Band student returns to SFA to begin rigorous marching rehearsals. (2) Clay Martin and Jim Gouvernante move their stereo equipment back into their room in the units. (3) Richard Musquiz picks up his student I D. card in the UC. 20— Student Life (1) Students stand patiently in line to receive their student I D. cards and parking stickers. (2) Fred Dial places his stamp of approval on a student ' s registration form. 10 20 27 Striking air traffic controllers crippled commer- cial fights nationwide. Kenny Stabler left the Houston Oilers U.S. F-14 Tomcat jets shot down two Soviet built Libyan fighters over the Gulf of Sidra. Kenny Stabler returned to the Houston Oilers. Student Life— 21 September T " 1 1 1 rail rush There was a marked difference in fall rush 1981. Primarily, a new policy stating that sorority pledges must have 12 semester hours before rush prevented the normal entourage of prospective pledges. This cut the number of all pledges almost in half. Alpha Chi Omega and Delta Delta Delta were the largest gainers with 20 pledges each. On the other hand, SFA fraternities showed a striking increase in the number of pledges. The full week of formals, smokers, and other rush ac- tivities proved worthwhile for many of the fraternities. The fraternity with the largest number of pledges was Theta Chi with 35. " Frat life means total devotion to whatever you set your mind to and, more importantly, success, " according to Mark Caffee, Monahans sophomore and 1981 Theta Chi pledge. After spending an afternoon with a group of other rushees planning a rush party, Mark was impressed by the organization and energy put forth by his fraternity brothers. Mark waited a year before pledging because at first he " had a very anti-Greek attitude. " However, as he became accustomed to SFA and established a group of friends, he found that he associated primarily with Greeks. " I wanted to become a part of what I saw them enjoying. " The highlight for Mark during rush was the formal. For Mark this event brought about the realization of brotherhood. " We all gathered in a huge circle and celebrated Theta Chi, " Mark commented. " It was there I felt the strength of the brotherhood. " Most of all, Mark looks forward to his future in Theta Chi and the rewards of being a part of fraternity life. He feels that frat life will be full of brotherhood with more strength and honor than most people can imagine. " (1) Kappa Alpha actives anxiously waited for prospective pledges to run down the Austin Building steps. (2) John Bonner socializes at the Theta Chi party. Student L ' rfe 1 13 22 Storms from a tropical depression kills three people and floods thou- sands of homes in the Houston area. President Reagan proposes to cut the budget by $13 billion in next three years Sandra O ' Connor is confirmed by the Senate. 26 27 Sandra O ' Connor is sworn in as the first woman justice in United States history. Nolan Ryan attains 5th no-hitter record in baseball history. ( I) Mike Crossman and Frank Owen, both kappa Alpha pledges, enjoy the atmosphere of the KA party. (2) The traditional " walk the steps " winds up a week of attracting pledges and SFA-style partying. Student life— 23 BSU says " Howdy —-September Many students were welcomed to SFA in the fall by various campus Christian organizations. The Baptist Student Union held its biennial Howdy Party which more than 400 students attended. The singing ensemble " For His Sake " and guest speaker Marge Caldwell entertained new students and returning students. Next door, the Association of Baptist Students held a homemade ice cream party Other Christian groups such as Campus Crusade, Chi Alpha and Intervarsity Christian Fellowship also held welcome back parties for SFA students. ( 1) A helper at the ABS Center prepares a deli- cacy to people of all ages: homemade ice cream. (2) " For His Sake " performs before more than 400 students at the BSU. (3) Troy Tracy III looks aver the spread of cookies, cake and homemade ice cream. 3 24— Student Life A students popularize UCgameroom — September — " Will you play me? " challenged the Black Knight from the video pinball machine. Formidable voices, bleeps and other eerie sounds were characteristic of the new wave in leisure time gameplaying — the video game. The illuminated machines were trendsetters, but they could be expensive. One could easily have spent two dollars in one visit. The billiard and foosball area also enjoyed renewed interest in leisure time games. Table tennis, chess, darts and shuffleboard were some of the other games being played in the gameroom. The UC gameroom became a favorite spot for many adventurous students. (1) The evercrowded UC video game room as a congested airport control tower. (2) Byron Barnfield finished a game of pool in the UC poolroom. Todd Hansen, Garland sophomore, took time from classes and band to participate in one of America ' s fastest growing segments of leisure time entertainment — viedo games. Video games were not new to the general public, but many of today ' s games were more than the average Atari television programs. One could select from a myriad of flashing, bleeping and talking machines such as Pac Man, Battlezone and Berzerk. Hansen claimed that Pac Man is his favorite and so far has obtained a high score of 87,000 points. Although the game had only been out two years, he commented that one can easily " learn the pattern, but you can burn out easily. " After playing the game for nearly a year, Todd profoundly stated " you can always beat the system. " ■Student Life Intramural football Men ' s intramural football was marked by a large number of participants in fall 1981. However, the number of forfeits that resulted from poor organization and forging names marred the overall record for many teams. For the most part, however, intramural football was the challenging, action packed game it was supposed to be. The season was led by such teams as the Savage Nomads, Red Dogs and Pikes 2. There were 74 teams constituting six leagues. (1) Uncle Robbers ' offense proves to be a challenge to Acacia ' s defensive squad. (2) Kappa Alpha ' s offensive unit sends Uncle Robbers scrambling to coordinate defensive strength. Student Life— 27 Hypnotist baffles audience ■ Septembe r Sponsored by the Ideas and Issues Committee, Gil Eagles performed in front of SFA students and faculty on Sept. 9. Eagles demonstrated intriguing psychic phenomena by hypnotizing volunteers. Though at times embar- rassing, the volunteers brought to re- ality the world of hypnosis. Eagles was born in Tanganyika, East Africa, and realized his sensitivity with clairvoyance at an early age with Swahili tribesmen. 28— Student Life ( I) The Shake Russell Dana Cooper Band per- forms tor SFA students in the UC Grand Ball- room. (2) Shake Russell blends progressive country with Dana Cooper ' s contemporary rock to create a unique sound. (3) Dana Coo- per concentrates on pleasing a capacity crowd. The UC Programs Diversions Com- mittee presented the Shake Russell Dana Cooper Band in concert on Sept. 11 in the UC Grand Ball- room. The band was a relatively new name to students but not to the con- cert circuit. The group was formed recently but spent most of the 70 ' s traveling separately around the coun- try. UC Programs presents The Shake Russell Dana Cooper Band in concert Student Life— 29 Three-man intramural basketball September Starting on Sept. 14, 3-man intra- mural basketball added to the many facets of intramural activities. One of the most challenging sports, basketball ranked next to football in nationa popularity. SFA students tended to patronize basketball, evidenced by the large number of participants dur- ing the 1981 fall season. The season was topped by teams like the Swamp Rats 1 and 4, the Riffs and Sigma Chi I. Altogether, there were 26 teams constituting four leagues. (1) Three-man basketball attract large numbers of " roundball " enthusiasts. (2) A heavily guard- ed shot means making that one shot or losing it. (3) One-on-one in a six-man game requires extreme timing in executing a layup. 3fc 30— Student Life October Little River Band combines with Poco to give electrifying concert If there was one thing that the Lit- tle River Band did not do, it was play long enough. The Australian group held the audience captive for several hours October 6 to earn the reputa- tion of " a flawless group. " The Pine Log reported the performance as electrifying. The Little River Band was preceded by the less acclaimed group, Poco. " Rose of Cimarron " was recognized by many as Poco ' s best number. 1 28 The price of a first class postal stamp is raised to 20 t. Egyptian President Anwar Sadat is as- sassinated by Islamic fundamentalists. The sale of AWAC aircrafts to Saudi Arabia is approved by the Senate ( I) Lead singer Glenn Shorrock satisfies the audience with popular numbers from the group ' s latest album, " Time Exposure. " (2) Little River Band ' s appearance in the SFA coliseum may have been the tour of the year. Student Life— 31 Diamonds capture first Octobe r Women ' s intramural flag football began play Sept. 8 and ended Oct. 27. The season was highlighted by the Diamonds who represented League IV and took first place title. The Diamonds barely eased by the second place Klunkers of League I in final play with a score of 8-6. The Pretenders from League II took third place. (1) The Bandetts defense manages to hold the offense during a intramural game. (2) Susan Ed- wards carries the ball for extra yardage. (3) Klunker ' s quarterback Susan Edwards looks for an opening in the game against Texas T. 3 I — vt i , i ; • „ i • • ■Student Life antasy Fair rained out twice The 1981 Fantasy Fair never hap- pened. On October 9, the threat of rain caused the show to be postponed to October 16; however, a sudden downpour of rain on Oct. 16 forced the fair to be cancelled. Nevertheless, the main fair was situ- ated between the Austin Building and the Rusk Bulding in the " enchanted " Austin Plaza. Many organizations set up their booths and served food or offered games to the courageous visi- tors who braved the threatening skies. The Hutsah Puppet Theatre pre- sented " The Hobbitt " in the UC Grand Ballroom and the film " Excali- bur, " which displayed a realistic view of King Arthur and his Knights during Medieval England. ( 1) The Yellow House booth offered visitors free warm fuzzies on a somewhat drizzly night. (2) Many of the participants gathered inside the Rusk Building when rain cancelled the fair. (3) Many of the booths were brightly decorated in a style reminiscient of the Renaissance period. Symphony performs classics October The School of Fine Arts and Department of Music proudly presented a concert of classical music Oct. 4 and 11 in the Turner Auditorium. Kurt Gilman, symphony conductor for three years, directed the symphony through movements composed by great musicians such as Johann Pachelbel, Joseph Haydn, Igor Stravinsky and Ron Nelson. The program was described as " exciting as well as varied " by conductor Gilman. (I) Kurt Gilman, symphony conductor, takes a final bow after directing an exciting perfor- mance in the Turner Auditorium. (2) " Canon in D " by Johann Pachelbel is started by conduc- tor Kurt Gilman. 34— Student Life Theater presents " Jesus Christ Superstar " Jesus Christ Superstar " was presented by the School of Fine Arts on Oct. 16, 17, 23 and 24 in the Turner Auditorium. The rock opera, reminiscent of the late 1960 ' s, was directed by Dr. H. Lawrence Zillmer. The leading role, Jesus Christ, was portrayed by Stephen Alderman, Dallas sophomore. James Skinner Jr., Conroe senior, appeared as the decadent Herod and Chuck Smith, Arlington sophomore, played the character of Judas Iscariot. The production initiated controversy by many. On one hand, The Pine Log stressed " a lack of finesse " whereas the Daily Sentinel reviewed the opera as " remarkable. " Whatever the case, " Jesus Christ Superstar " took it ' s place among memorable productions presented by the School of Fine Arts. 2 Student Life— 35 Etcetera offers a variety of classes October Students were offered a variety of supplementary classes through the Etcetera Programs during the 1981 Fall Semester. The Etcetera Programs provided these classes to give students an opportunity to experiment in subjects other than college credit courses. The Etcetera Programs included classes in arts and crafts, self improvement and games. The arts and crafts programs consisted of Christmas crafts, quilting, (1) Students participated in the fantasy game Dungeons and Dragons. (2) Pottery was one of the many interesting classes offered to stu- dents. (3) The yellow rose of Texas creatively arranged in stained glass was only one of the pieces of art produced by students of the Etcetera Programs. woodworking, pottery, clay sculpturing, batik, basketry, flocking and stained glass making. A few of the self improvement classes were " The Art of Showing Off, " metaphysics, hairbraiding, assertiveness training, physical fitness and figure control and resume writing. Classes were also offered to improve one ' s chess game and to learn the ins-and-outs of Dungeons and Dragons. " It ' s a grown up way of let ' s pre- tend, " says Dungeons and Dragons instructor Bryan Shaw, Houston junior. Dungeons and Dragons is an adult fantasy game designed to allow the player to assume the role of some mythical character and proceed through corridors guided by a dun- geon master. The character must then slay monsters as he confronts them or retreat. " You either succeed or fail, " commented one participant. Most people play Dungeons and Dragons " simply for fun. " Contrary to popular belief, Dungeons and Drag- ons " does not do anything to your mind. " In fact, Shaw mentioned, " it is recommended by psychologists as a relief for tension. " m (1) The laws of metaphysics were carefully ex- plained by the program instructor. (2) Hands are the creative tool of the human mind. 37— Student Life Punkin Heads win first October The annual Sylvans Club sponsored Lumberjack Day held on Oct. 23 saw many surprises. The Punkin Heads, an ail womens team, captured the first place " Rusty Saw " award. The men finally came back when the Mavericks took second place and TDB 1 placed third. The Lumberjack Day activities were held between the UC and the Griffith Building. The events were crosscut sawing, greased pole climbing, log carry, tug-of-war, bucket brigade, ax throwing and pulpwood toss. (1) During the pulpwood toss, onlookers seem as much involved as the participant. (2) Cross- cut sawing is no problem for this determined ladyjack. (3} Two brawny lumberjacks race against time in the log rolling relay. 38— Student Life Parade builds school spirit A crisp autumn day and historic downtown Nacogdoches was the sight of the annual Homecoming Day parade held Oct. 24. The parade was initiated by the marching Lumberjack Band and by additional bands, floats, clowns and other attractions. The parade was highlighted by the presentation of Homecoming Queen Martha Leigh Hanby and King Brad Goodale. The first place winner for best float in Division I was Acacia and Zeta Tau Alpha. The first place winner in Division II was the Wesley Foundation and the first place winner in Division III was the Collegiate Future Farmers of America. (1) Homecoming Queen Martha Leigh Hanby and King Brad Goodale were presented during tbe festive Homecoming parade in downtown Nacogdoches. (2) Dominating the musical aspect of the parade was the proud Lumberjack Band. Student Life— 39 ' October- Stephen F. Austin- King and Queen The 1981-82 Homecoming King was Brad Goodale, a senior computer sci- ence major from Houston, the Home- coming Queen was Martha-Leigh Hanby, a senior physical education major from Pasadena. Senior The 1981-82 Senior Duke was Kirk Frambes, a senior business major from Dallas. The Senior Princess was Antoinette Fonteno, a senior elemen- tary education major from Kemah. Junior The 1981-82 junior Duke was Tom Brashear, a junior management major from Dallas. The Junior Duchess was Leanne Hunter, a junior general busi- ness major from Waxahachie. Sophomore The 1981-82 Sophomore Duke was Mark Bullock, a sophomore account- ing major from Nacogdoches. The Sophomore Duchess was Cindy Mill- er, a sophomore psychology major from Mexico, Missouri. Freshman The 1981-82 Freshman Duke was David Schuller, a freshman business major from Houston. The Freshman Duchess was Kay Rice, a freshman accounting major from Houston. 40—Student Life Homecoming Royalty 1981-82 Studenl Life — 41 Competition in women ' s volleyball October Women ' s intramural volleyball was held in the fall from October to December. The season began play with intensity and wound up with a number of surprises in league leaders. In League I, TPT led the season play; in League II the Independents stayed ahead; League III was dominated by Mass Confusion and the Kerr-mits 2 captured play in League IV. In League V play, Alpha Chi Omega managed to stay on top and in League VI the Tri-Delts led the way. Signa Phi Nothing took League VII and the Bullriders led season play in League VIII. (1) BSU Nonames give the Kerr-mits a challeng- ing game. (2) The Independents hold down the formidable BSU Nonames. (3) A Kerr-mit deliv- ers a spike on a BSU return 42— Student Life AT12 and 2X collect donations A fund drive for United Way was held by Alpha Tau Omega and Sigma Chi fraternities on Nov. 14. The walk started on South Street at Kentucky Fried Chicken and ended at Northview Plaza. Fraternity actives and pledges flagged motorists down and collected several hundred dollars to benefit the United Way Fund. The fund drive was sponsored by Fredonia Inn. Also, a dance was held at Fredonia Inn after the walk for fund drive participants. (1) Hardy Nix solicits donations for United Way during the Alpha Tau Omega and Sigma Chi fund drive. (2) Jerry Retsky, Sigma Chi pledge, receives a donation from a motorist on North Street. Students display fall fashions t-october The fall season at SFA was marked by a variety of modes of high fash- ion. Ever style conscious, students shed their Ocean Pacific shorts and Off Shore tops to make room for cooler weather clothes. Certainly, at the top of the list of fall fashions was the preppy look. The women dominated the scene with Bass Weejuns, knee-high argyle socks, Sasson skirts and Ralph Lauren button downs. The men did not miss out on the styles either, as evidenced by Sperry topsiders, Khakis and Izod tops. Always an old standby, Western fashions became even more popular around campus. The men led the way with ostrich skin Tomy Lama boots, Wrangler jeans and an Ely western shirt. The women displayed their western taste by wearing ruffled skirts, Wrangler blouses and Justin boots. Some SFA students also demonstrat- ed a slight taste for the New York vogue look. A few brave women fashioned the metallic and safari fash- ion, while the men stuck to traditional excutive garb. A, (1) From left to right: Scott Leska, Kim Yarbor- ough, Michele McLemore and Terry Porter model the fashionable preppy look. 1 (1) From left to right: Barbara Batey, Steve Laminack, John Wells and Becky Birdwell mod- el traditional western favorites. (2) Jocelyn Kvernes and Mark Frazier show a taste for the vogue look. NOTE: A special thanks to Missy York and the Fashion Committee for providing models for FALL FASHION. Lifesavers dominate women ' s swimming november Women ' s intramural swimming events took place November 5 in the HPE Complex Indoor Pool. There were 25-yard and 50-yard races in free style, breaststroke and backstroke events. The winners of the events were Madeline Ann Geary, Houston freshman, in the 25-yard butterfly race, the 50-yard breast stoke and the 50-yard free style. Patricia Lesmeister, Houston freshman, captured the 25-yard and 50-yard backstroke events. The 25-yard breast stroke was won by Colleen Coman, Pasadena sophomore. Pam Vastine, Austin sophomore, took the 25-yard free style event. In team competition, the Lifesavers captured first place in both the free style and medley relay events. (1) A swimming contestant races against time to capture the butterfly event. (2) Colleen Coman, pool lifeguard and swimming contestant, pre- pares to compete in the 25-yard breaststroke. 46— Student Life 4 » ' Goblins invade SFA Halloween is an event that SFA students do not take lightly. Dorms are decorated and students purchase costume makeup to make the best of the event. The UC Hospitality Committee sponsored dorm trick-or- treating for faculty children. Some of the halls that participated in the trick- or-treating were Griffith Hall, Kerr Hall, Hall 10, Mays Hall and Dorm 13. (1) A Hospitality Committee guide reassures a frightened trick-or-treater that SFA students aren ' t really goblins. (2) A jack-o-latern on a front porch resembles the pumpkin that t error- ized Ichabod Crane in The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.(3) Children prepare to go trick-or-treat- ing in campus dorms. Studenl Life— 47 SFA welcomes parents november The annual Parents Weekend was held Nov. 7 and was filled with activities for SFA students ' parents. The day began with late registration for parents in the Pine Log Room, UC. The parents then attended class where they were lectured to by professors. During the afternoon, Jane lybrand, nationally known kinesiologist, spoke to visitors on the subject of body language. There were approximately 1,500 parents attending the weekend activities. (1) Parents enjoy the serenity of the Ag Pond before attending the Lumberjack-Howard Payne football game. (2) Many parents were attracted by the antiquity of the famous Stone Fort. 1 The Los Angeles Dodgers captured the World Series. Kathy Whitmire was elected the first woman mayor in Houston history President Reagan moved to extract all U S nuclear weapons based in eastern Europe. Natalie Wood was found drowned near Catalina Island. Student life— ' Wilkerson stresses submission november One of the unique events at SFA during the Fall was the David Wilkerson Crusade held Nov. 5 through Nov. 7 in the SFA Coliseum. David Wilkerson was popularized by his book " The Cross and the Switchblade, " which later became a movie. Wilkerson stressed in his messages to submit one ' s problems to God and " expect a miracle. " The Crusade was sponsored by Chi Alpha Ministries. (1) Scepter, a contemporary gospel group, cre- ated a unique atmosphere in the audience by singing popular gospel songs. (2) David Wilkerson, author of " The Cross and the Switchblade " speaks to a crowded coliseum audience. 50— Student Life SFA hosts NIRA Rodeo The annual SFA Rodeo sponsored by the National Intercollegiate Rodeo Association was held Nov. 6 in the Nacogdoches Exposition Center. SFA and other regional schools participated in the two day event. SFA was represented by Mark Norman, Humble sophomore, in the bull riding event. In the team roping contest, Mike Parmely, Nacogdoches sophomore, and Jimmy Hunt, Azle freshman, competed for SFA. Linda McCune, Houston freshman, and Junelle Heldenbrand, Nacogdoches freshman, entered the barrel racing competition. McCune also entered the goat tying event. The rodeo ended with a dance held Nov. 7 at the National Guard Armory. (1) An Intercollegiate contestant in the SFA Ro- deo grimaces as he tenaciously hangs on in the bareback bronc riding contest. (2) A good demonstration is given in the bullriding division of the SFA Rodeo. (3) The ever popular calf roping event is not necessarily simple, as this contestant proves. After hours for students: Night life - november The question is not " what do students do at SFA? " once the sun goes down, but " which club do they go to? " . There are three major clubs in Nacogdoches that students frequent: Snoopy ' s, B.J. ' s and Crossroads. Also, students participate in campus activities, visit fine dining establishments, watch box office movies, bowl, study and engage in other night activities. Yet, frequenting clubs seems to be the great pastime of SFA students. " There aren ' t many clubs in Nacogdoches, " according to Mary Evelyne Allen, Cushing sophomore. There are adequate places to entertain students but Mary Evelyne feels that they do not satisfy everyone. One problem many ladies face in frequenting clubs is harassment by intoxicated men. However, Mary Evelyne commented that she " would not come to Snoopy ' s unless she knew the guys that were going to be there. " Mary Evelyne concluded by mentioning that " A M has better clubs — there is a lot more to offer in College Station. " 52— Student Life Facing page: (1) Rhonda Klotz and Dave Steadman engage in more than dancing at Snoopy ' . (2) Rick lllmer, Richardson junior, lines up a cornershot in a heated pool game. ( I) Country and western dancing is only one example of the mixed atmosphere at Snoopy ' s. (2) From left to right. David Stanley, Chris Mattox, Dash Ronquille and Pat Cheedie spend an evening at Snoopy ' s drinking. Ir Student Lite— 5 3 november Country singing star Ronnie Milsap performed Nov. 12 in the SFA Colise- um to a near sellout crowd. The con- cert was a mixture of classical, con- temporary, country and western and rock W roll music. Milsap played se- lections from Beethoven to the Eagles during the concert but also satisfied the crowd by playing his all-time hits. Milsap sang a medley of his older hits and later excited the crowd with some of his newer hits such as " I Wouldn ' t Have Missed It For the World " and " No Gettin ' Over Me. " 54— Student Life Milsap performs to near sellout crowd Facing page: (1) Ronnie Milsap, country music star, performed to a near sellout crowd Nov. 12 in the SFA Coliseum. (2) Milsap sings his h it song " I Wouldn ' t Have Missed It For the World " to a responsive crowd. (1) Ronnie Milsap is aided by one of his backup singers in an a capella number. (2) Milsap started the show with " What a Differ- ence You ' ve Made in My Life. " Student Life — 55 Chi Omega top donor in blood drive november The Student Government Association and Pre-Professionai Club co-sponsored a blood drive on Nov. 12 and 13 in the Twilight Ballroom, UC. The co-sponsors offered trophies for the club or organization whose members donated the most blood. The first place trophy went to Chi Omega sorority. The second place trophy went to the Pre-Professional Club and the third place trophy was given to Steen Hall residents. (1) Chi Omega, represented by Jenni Sewell, and the Pre-Professional Club, represented by Mike Kabulka, were awarded first and second trophies, respectively, for donating the most blood during the Nov. 12 and 13 drive. (2) A blood type test is given to a donor in the SGA- Pre-Professional Club co-sponsored blood drive . 56— Student Life Ex-con speaks on fraud Former con man and master forger Frank W. Abagnale spoke to SFA students Nov. 17 in the Grand Ballroom, UC. For the most part, Abagnale lectured on internal fraud and theft and other illegal means of obtaining money, goods and services. He pointed out that " white-collar crimes causes some $42 billion in losses each year in the United States. " (1) Frank Abagnale, ex-master con man, lec- tured to SFA students on the subject of fraud. (2) Abagnale used ladies lingerie to stress a point of forgery. (3) Ex-con man Abagnale ex- plains how young people should be educated on internal crimes. Student Life— 57 november Choir presents " Gloria " The SFA A Capella Choir had another busy schedule during the Fall Semester. The choir, led by Dr. Ronald E. Anderson, associate professor of music, was accompanied by instrumentals and guest singers at most concerts. The A Capella Choir began the season with the second annual fall concert on Nov. 17 at the First United Methodist Church. The group presented " Gloria " by English composer John Rutter. The choir also performed at the Christmas Madrigal Dinner and the Kennedy Auditorium. The group sang Handel ' s " Messiah " at First Baptist Church. ,. ? Sow ' » • JUL (I) The percussionist adds instrumentally to the overall performance of the A Capella Choir. (2) Dr. Ronald Anderson presents the A Capella Choir in concert at the First United Methodist Church. 58— Student Life Concert features Dance Kaliope The annual Fall Dance Concert was held Nov. 20 and 21 in the Turner Auditorium. A visiting dance company, Dance Kaliope, performed many numbers during the event. Also, the SFA Dance Production Company performed " Ishtar, " " Be, " " Contretemps " and many others. Dance instructors Margeann McMillan and Stan Bobo choreographed much of the program and also performed in the concert. The SFA Dance Production Company and the Fall Dance Concert were sponsored by the Department of Health and Physical Education. (1) A comical dance number is performed by the SFA Dance Production Company. (2) Bal- ancing oneself is only a fraction of the effort required for executing a dance maneuver. (3) Kim Nichols and Danny Sullivan gracefully dance to Thurman ' s " Underwater. " Student Life— 59 november SOAP! The television soap opera craze did not only mesmerize SFA but became an obsession as well. As classes dis- missed around noon students skipped lunch, rushed to their rooms, turned on their televisions and remained fixed to their favorite soap the rest of the afternoon. This cycle repeated it- self everyday and only on weekends did students venture from their televi- sions to take an afternoon break. Soap Opera Habits 1. Soap operas watched most frequently: (a) " General Hospital " (b) " All My Children " (c) " One Life to Live " (d) " Ryan ' s Hope " 2. Forty percent of the students watched one soap opera daily. 3. Over 50 " ,, said they would miss class to watch their favorite soap opera 4 Of the students survey ed, 71% said they had not missed class to watch their favorite soap opera. 5. Approximately 55 " ,, felt that soap opera viewing would become as popular as watching the news or football. 6. Seventy-five percent said that Luke ' s and Laura ' s wedding was the outstanding event of the TV season. (1) A group of Kerr residents keep their attention fixed to Luke ' s and Laura ' s wedding on " General Hospital. " 60— Student Life ' ■ . ... ■ " I want to watch other people ' s problems and forget about my own, " claimed Mollie Fairchild, Fredericksburg sophomore and Kerr Hall RA. For Mollie, watching soap operas is not just a part of the current craze, as she has been watching soap operas since her freshman year in high school. " I can remember when Phil and Tara were the big character s on All My Children. " Mollie added that she " likes to watch General Hospital when there are others around. I sometimes quit watching when I go home because it ' s not fun without friends around. " Student Life — 61 november- Competition found in intramural wrestling SFA intramural wrestling was held in the gymnastics room of the HPE Complex during November and December. There were many contestants constituting nine leagues which were divided according to weight. 110-118; Ron Casillas, 119-126; jeff Singleton, 127-134; Chris Campbell, 135-142; David Harrison, 143-150; Steve Laminack, 151-158; Mark Mariano, 159-167; Steve Scribner, 168-177; Mark Kopp, 178-190; and Ronnie McCorty, 191-unlimited. (1) Contestants in intramural wrestling struggle to the end for victory. (2) Caught in a headgrip, the man on the bottom finds it hard to regain control. 62— Student Life Weather frustrates, dazzles students 1 Although most students managed to make the best of conditions, such as dorm rooms and parking spaces, the weather tended to stop them in their tracks every time. Students from more arid regions of Texas advised other students to always carry an umbrella. Students definitely needed umbrellas during the fall, but boats would have been more appropriate as nearly eight inches of rain swamped Nacogdoches and floods inundated the Coliseum parking lot. Along the same line, Mother Nature tried to prevent spring registration by sending over four inches of snow to Southeast Texas area on Jan. 13. (1) The snowfall that Nacogdoches experienced created a new surrounding for many children. (2) Flash floods during the night caused Lanana Creek to overflow its banks and damage stu- dents ' cars parked in the Coliesum parking lot. Students beset with problems december Just when students felt they had learned to cope with inflation and meet car payments, the realities of college life arose. Certainly the one misfortune that awaited nearly every student was the dreaded parking violation. Also, cashing a check at the Fiscal Office on Fridays created frustrations. Students grumbled over cafeteria dining and were only cheered by the idea that " were all in this together ' Students felt the same when trying to catch an elevator. Finally, a lot could be said about residence hall climates. Student ' s tempers flared as room temperatures rose and cooled alternately. 64— Student Life 15 17 18 29 In an unprecedented move Israel annexed the Golan Heights. Communist Party of Poland enacted martial law regime in that country. Brig. Gen. lames L. Dozier was kidnapped in Verona, Italy by Red Brigade terrorists. The nation ' s first test tube baby was born to a Massachusetts couple. (1) Waiting patiently for the elevator are Jeff Garrison and Lori Paris. (2,3) Cheryl Dykema and Chris Shepherd can ' t seem to find the right attire for dorm room climates. Student Life— 65 ason festive with Madrigal december The third annua! Christmas Madrigal Dinner was held Dec. 2-5 in the Twilight Ballroom, UC. The event was sponsored by the School of Fine Arts and included performances from the A Capella Choir and Madrigal Singers. The festivities began each night with a reception in the Spirit Lounge. From there the group went to the Feast Hall where an opening processional officially marked the (1) A Madrigal Singer drinks wassail at the an- nual Madrigal Dinner. (2) wondering minstrels entertain diners. (3) A wondering minstrel sings to a group of diners a song about their meal beginning of the dinner. The diners were entertained by jesters, jugglers and wondering minstrels. The Madrigal Singers also sang various songs about the meals that were being served. The elegant gala was highly successful and many of the proceeds from ticket sales went toward music scholarships. SFA enchanted by ' The Nutcracker " A special engagement of the Dallas Ballet offered SFA students and area residents an opportunity to experience " The Nutcracker " by Peter Tchaikovsky. The ballet was performed Dec. 4 in the Turner Auditorium and included 85 cast members from the Dallas Ballet company. About 60 children from the Lufk in and Nacogdoches area also were selected to appear in the production. " The Nutcracker " was a traditional story that many learned as children. Although the ballet is nearly 100 years old, the story remained fresh and exciting to everyone. The Dallas Ballet managed to recreate their childhood fantasies with its professional performance of " The Nutcracker. " ( I) During a dress rehearsal, the uncle in The Nutcracker demonstrates a magic trick to the children. (2) Laura receives the Nutcracker from the uncle. Student Life — Residents exhibit creative cubicles december Every semester roommates get together and " brainstorm " an idea for their room. Many completely metamorphose their rooms into luxurious habitats while others simply put a picture here and a plant there and instantly achieve something different. Many students have found that rooms in the older dorms such as Mays, Gibbs, Dorm 10, and Wisely are most often the easiest to change. The older dorm rooms are larger and the beds are moveable. On the other hand, rooms in the more modern dorms are standardized. The beds and desks are permanently attached and the rooms are somewhat smaller. (I) Terrilyn Tarleton and Beth Leimbach relax in their comfortable Gibbs Hall room decorated with antiques, hanging plants and exotic tapes- tries. (2) Tamara Graham, 8th floor RA in Steen Hall, studies at her desk in a modestly decorat- ed room. Student Life Student Life— 69 Tis the season . . . december The merry Christmas season greeted students with finals and graduation. Despite these formalities, students managed to add some cheer to campus and create an atmosphere of holiday joy. Though faced with finals, many students found time to find a tree, make some popcorn, buy some ornaments and produce a Christmas tree. Graduation was also a formality that faced many students at Christmastime. Many realized they were leaving many memorable years of college life behind and faced an uncertain world ahead, but others jumped for joy and disregarded any problems that could lie ahead. Certainly, the most important reason for Christmas was the religious aspect. The purpose for celebrating Christmas was remembered by most people and the season had a special meaning. (1) The holly tree outside the Austin Building was decorated as a Christmas tree (2) A glow- ing Santa Claus seemed to convey a sense of warmth and good cheer. (3) The Catholic Stu- dent Center was illuminated by strings of lights and highlighted by the manger scene. 70— Student Life Construction and expansion mark SFA ' s growth " january As enrollment at SFA increased and the need for more facilities to accommodate the growth increased also, administrators appropriated funds for the construction and expansion of buildings. The dream of an Alumni Center was realized in December 1981 when construction began and progressed through the Spring Semester. A much needed Art Building was completed in the spring and the School of Forestry added classrooms and labs to its existing structure. In the planning stages were a Mathematics, Nursing and Physics Building and additional Fine Arts facilities. Resident halls were also included in the disclosure for renovations and improvements. (1) A crane hoists awning material to the roof of the new Art Building. (2) Dan Haynes, Alum- ni Association president, comments on the Alumni Center ' s progress. (3) The School of Forestry added several thousand feet of need- ed classroom and lab space. 72— Student Life Stiff competition marks men ' s Softball As temperatures warmed, SFA men took out their gloves and started practicing for a challenging softball season. Teams were formed and registered at the intramural office and play began February 15. Many teams represented fraternities, dorms and organizations while others were composed of non-affiliated men who desired to get in on the action. There were 86 men ' s teams constituting 11 leagues. (1) In a game between the Buckeyes and Top 10, Greg Nassar forces a runner out. (2) A Bad Company first baseman fails to put a Delta Sig- ma Phi runner out. 1 12 13 14 The University of Texas won the Cotton Bowl against the University of Alabama, 14-12. Record cold weather struck three-fourths of the nation Locally, students were unable to at- tend registration The San Francisco 49ers took the Superbowl over the Cincinnati Bengals, 26-21. An Air Florida passenger airliner crashed into Washington ' s Potomac River killing 74 people. Student Life— 73 e Would-Be Gentleman january The " Would-Be Gentleman, " sponsored by the Department of Theatre, was presented Dec. 3-5 and 10-12 in the Little Theatre. The play concerns 17th century high society and the aspirations of a naive French merchant. The spoof on French aristocracy spawned laughter from the audience and stage director, Dr. W.K. Waters, felt that the humor was as fitting in today ' s society as 17th century France. ■m0 £ 1) Mr. Jourdain is confronted by the tailor in the play " The Would-Be Gentleman. " (2) Two characters from " The Would-Be Gentleman " discuss the advantages of joining high society. 74— Student Life Magicians of the court entertain SFA The universally acclaimed Harlem Globetrotters visited SFA on Jan. 26 and definitely lived up to their reputation. The Globetrotters took on the California Chiefs in the Coliseum. Although " the names and faces may have changed over the years, the Globetrotters will always be the same masters of goodwill which has always surrounded the Globetrotter tradition ' according to Joe Cunningham, public relations man for the Globetrotters. The magicians of basketball have an international unit which consists of 20 Globetrotters and 10 are selected to go on the road at various times. 1) A Globetrotter handling skills (2) round the referee (3) S basis of the Clobetrottei Student Life — 75 Rhythm and blues still alive ' february Big Twist and the Mellow Fellows were presented in a concert in the Grand Ballroom, UC February 12. The group performed revised rhythms and blues and utilized the latest in stage equipment to cut down on the harsh edges that rhythm and blues can produce. The band, highlighted by a sharp horn section, played numbers written by Otis Reddings and the O ' Jays. The band was also proclaimed as the leader in the recent revival of rhythm and blues. Big Twist was introduced as " 285 pounds of soul " and led the audience in a spectacular show. The crowds gave the group two standing ovations. (I) Big Twist is introduced as " 285 pounds of soul " and proves it well in his performance. (2) The Mellow Fellows, accented by an excellent horn section, backup Big Twist in their February 12 concert. 1 76 — Student Life Bernice Lipson-Gruzen displays classics Classical pianist Bernice Lipson- Gruzen performed for the public in the Music Building February 15. Mrs. Lipson-Gruzen began playing the piano at age four and started her career at 15. She debuted at Carnegie Hall and recorded with the Peking Central Philharmonic Orchestra. Mrs. Lipson-Gruzen played pieces from Beethoven, Debussy, Mozart and Chopin. She also gave a master piano class free of charge in the mu- sic recital hall. 15 17 Brig Gen. lames L. Dozier was released from captivity in Verona, Italy. President Ronald Reagan unveiled the 1983 budget with a record 91.5 billion deficit. SFA Lumberjacks captured the LSC Basketball title for the first time in 10 years. The world ' s largest deep water oil rig capsized in a freak winter storm off the coast of Nova Scotia killing 84 oilmen. (I) Bernice Lipson-Gruzen demonstrates her classical ability with a piece from Debussy. (2) Mrs. Lipson-Gruzen offered a brief master pi- ano class for interested students. Student Life— 77 •february Students work to pay for their education Many students took for granted their college education. For some the way was paved by parents but for others the road was not so smooth. A large proportion of SFA students worked their way through school. The desire of some students to go to college and receive a degree often overcame the reality of insufficient funds. However, the alternative these students took was to work. Many received subsidies from their parents but others footed the bill themselves. Surprisingly, these working students carried full class loads and still managed to have time for extracurricular activities. Students learned the responsibility of financing and managing by working and feeling independent. (1) Working for Student Publications, Cherrie Jones, San Augustine sophomore, keeps records for the Stone Fort and Pine Log. (2) Anthony Orlando, Dallas senior, finances his school bills by working at Okay drive-in. 78— Student Life " It gave me responsibility and prepared me for the real world, " said Susan Hoffman, Dallas freshman. For Susan, college was more than just studies at was holding a job and working her way through. Susan felt that it was easy as a freshman to work because the courses were not that hard. " Sometimes I had to really get organized and keep a tight schedul e, " she added. Susan was not a workaholic for she would like to have been running around with friends but knew that her work was more important. " Wendy ' s was a nice place to work because you could work your schedule around class and the manager tried hard to help you. " Susan took 17 hours and majored in accounting. (1) Tom Jackson, Dallas senior, helps others by working in the mobile blood bank. Student life— 79 Women ' s softball draws many participants ' february Spring was marked by a sudden increase in outdoor activities. Women ' s intramural softball was only one of the many events that students participated in. There was a large turnout of participants for women ' s softball. A total of 56 teams represented eight leagues. A number of new teams were added but many were traditional names, such as the Blue Nuns and BSU Blue. The women began play on February 22 and action continued through spring until winners from each league battled for the championship. (1) The Blue Nun ' s first-baseman warms up before a game with a TKE Little Sis ' s. (2) A pitch is thrown and the TKE Little Sis ' s prepare for field action. 80— Student Life Students comment on current issues Karl Schwarz, Dallas senior: " Today ' s student need not only to be concerned with learning the intri- cacies of their chosen majors, but also with acquiring a solid base for our rapidly changing times. This may sound simplistic and repetitive, but of- ten the knowledge students gain in their years of college will only get them through the doors of their first job. This is not to say that our col- lege education is trivial. To me it is more along the lines of being prereq- uisite for a career. Our degrees serve as a spring board into business. What comes later depends on our ability to learn about and adapt to our environ- ment. " Belinda Burney, Orange senior: " When one finds that his lifestyle is constantly changing through adher- ence to current trends and the latest viewpoint, he will eventually turn to means by which he can establish sta- bility. In many instances he looks to his past, evaluating the methods and values that produced the best results. Thus he relies on the traditional ap- proach, one conservative in nature and proven to succeed. " Student Life— 81 Edited by Lisa Reeves Deans 1 Standing: Dr. Robert G. Sidnell, Dean of Fine Arts; Dr. Langston Kerr, Dean of Education; Dr. Glen T. Clayton, Dean of Sciences and Mathematics; Dr. James V. Reese, Dean of Liberal Arts. Seated: Dr. James Standley, Dean of Applied Arts and Sciences; Dr. Janelle Ashley, Dean of Business; Dr. David L. Jeffrey, Dean of Graduate School; (not pictured): Dr. Kent T. Adair, Dean of Forestry. 84— Deans Criminal Justice reorganizes The criminal justice program, a department in the School of Applied Arts and Sciences, underwent a year of intense revision. In the words of Dr. John P. Harlan, department head, " We studied the darn thing to death. " Previous objectives of the department involved preparation for careers in law enforcement, administration of justice, corrections and private security. Corrections expanded to include not only the studies of probation, prison and parole, but also work with juvenile delinquents. Another new aspect of this program was its attempt to instruct students in the analytical tools and techniques necessary for deeper insight into the institutions and processes of the criminal justice system. This included the problems of administration, an evergrowing concern of the department. Also, professionals already in the field could extend their knowledge and skills by working toward a certificate in law enforcement. The criminal justice department sponsored Lambda Alpha Epsilon, professional criminal justice fraternity. 1) A student concentrates in his firearms lab. 2) A lot of note taking is involved in criminal |us- tice classes 3) Dr |. Russell (Rusty) Saunders lectures in his problems in criminal justice class. School of Applied Arts and Sciences — 85 Social Work seeks new director The social work program offered students a variety of techniques for use in the social work field. With a Bachelor of Social Work, students were prepared to work as social workers in many different settings. To receive a social work degree, students were not only required to take basic classes, but also such classes as psychology, sociology and economics. Bill Syers served as acting director of the social work program after chairman Jim Armsworth resigned in August to enter private practice. By late October, the social work department had not found a chairman. A new part-time faculty member, Nina M. Green, was added to the social work program. She also directed the parent education center at Austin Heights Baptist Church. SFA had the only new bachelor of social work program in the last stage of a self-study for accreditation by the Council on Social Work Education. This study began in August 1979. 2 1) Bill Syers, assistant professor of social work. Treatment Center. 3) Bill Syers is the acting di- videotapes a social work lab. 2) Sarrena rector of the social work department. Breeden, Garrison junior, volunteers at the Military Science adds new classes Two new classes were added to the military science department on the sophomore level in the fall of 1981. These classes were advanced firearm techniques and leaders in trend. The military science department, under the leadership of Col. Terry M. Carlton, offered students leadership management training. Military science courses were co-educational, and in 1981 approximately 30 percent of the enrollment was female students. The military science program also had a larger number of juniors and seniors than in previous years. 3 1) Military science cadets: 1st row: Dan Dorsey, Phil Calahan, |on Edmonson. 2nd row: Pat Gallagher, Craig Bullis Bottom: Paul Taylor. 2) Cadet Corps Executive Officer Pat Gallagher stands at attention 3) Col. Terry Carlton is chairman of the military science department. 4) Ronald Sorrell and Sam Wages read maps. School of Applied Arts and Sciences — 87 Accounting enrollment increases The department of accounting was headed by Dr. Sammie Smith, chairman. The accounting curriculum included training of professional accountants and provided courses in double entry bookkeeping, financial statement analysis and use of financial data. Accounting majors could obtain a bachelor of busininess administration degree. This year a new course, introduction to oil and gas accounting was added to the curriculum. Two new faculty members were also added to the department this year. They were Bill Brewer and Susan Armsby. The accounting department had a 10 percent increase in enrollment. 88 — School of Business ADS adds new faculty p. A student develops proficiency in typewrit- ing. 2. Chairman of administrative services is Dr. Ralph White. 3. A student listens attentively in business communications. The administrative services department, located in the School of Business, was under the supervision of Dr. Ralph White. General business and office administration majors could obtain a bachelor of business administration degree by completing such courses as typewriting, business communications, records management and government regulation of business. These courses fell under the five fields of adminstrative services: business communication, business education, business law, general business and office administration. This year Dr. Andrew Ferguson and Timothy Clipson were added to the administrative service ' s faculty. New system for computer science The highlight of the year for the computer science department was a new computer system. In November the new Honeywell computer was installed. The new system, operating on interactive terminals, replaced the keypunch system previously used by students. Interactive terminals linked directly to the computer eliminated the need to punch cards and feed them into a card reading device. With the new computer, there were about 160 lines available. About 40 of the terminals connected to these lines were strictly for public or student use. The computer science curriculum was designed to allow students to obtain a broad education along with a detailed knowledge in computer science. The chairman of the computer science department was Dr. Craig Wood. I Chairman of computer science, Dr. Craig Wood. 2. A student works on a computer ter- minal 3. Dr. larrell Grout lectures to his com- puter science class 90 — School of Business Economics, finance meet challenge The department of economics and finance was chaired this year by Dr. Charles Brown. The department pre- pared future business and professional leaders to meet the challenges they will face in the years ahead. Students had a choice of majoring in econom- ics or finance, with minors available in both fields. A background in economics or fi- nance prepared students for careers in such fields as banking, insurance, real estate, investments, financial man- agement and research and analysis. Each year the Texas Real Estate Re- search Center grants a scholarship to an outstanding student who is en- rolled in a real estate program and in- terested in a real estate career. The scholarship promoted interest in the real estate industry. School of Business — 91 New programs set for department This year three innovative auxiliary programs started in the management and marketing department. These programs included the executive-in- residence program which brought executives to campus for residencies of up to one year, the Small Business Institute which provided practical ex- perience for students and Students in Free Enterprise, a competitive program for business students. The management curriculum provided students with an understanding of the nature and capabilities of human and physical resources and how to accomplish maximum utilization of these resources. The study and understanding of management principles and practices aided those who intended to enter the field professionally as administrators, executives, production managers, personnel and industrial relations managers, management consultants or proprietor managers. A major in marketing prepared the students for careers in such fields as retailing, manufacturing, distribution, marketing research, advertising and personal selling. The marketing curriculum dealt primarily with understanding the processes of satisfying the needs of individuals and organizations. Marketing courses were oriented toward market problem- solving and decision-making. The management and marketing department was headed by Dr. Mildred Pryor. I. Management and marketing chairman Dr. Mildred Golden Pryor 2. Dr. Nancy Speck lec- tures to a management class. 3. An interview is conducted at the Placement Office 92 — School of Business Agriculture engages in research 1 A student milks a cow at the SFA dairy farm. 2 Chairman of agriculture is Dr. Thomas Stanly. 3. The Ag Pond is a relaxing place. nit m m HI 3 41 The faculty of the department of agriculture engaged in research f und- ed by the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, the Wilson Fund and the University Research Committee. Two faculty members conducted a five week training program in intensive poultry production for students from around the world. The department also began plans to add an additional greenhouse, a lath house and a stor- age facility to the horticulture pro- gram. The department of agriculture was headed by Dr. Thomas J. Stanly and it contained courses for those students interested in agriculture production and management. The department was divided into areas such as animal science, plant and soil science, agribusiness, horticulture, agricultural machinery and pre-veterinary animal science. School of Education Elementary ed certifies teachers The elementary education department offered teacher certification through two programs. A major in elementary education led to certification for grades one through eight. The major for teachers of young children was designed for working with children ages three through third grade. Students were also able to use elective hours to add endorsements in kindergarten or special education. Through the elementary education program, students were able to work with children in a variety of experiences. These included observing, planning and implementing lesson plans, going on field trips to schools outside the vicinity and actually teaching children. During the student teaching semester students assumed major responsibility for the instruction of children. These teaching experiences were designed to integrate theory and practice. Public, private and non-school agencies were utilized as sources of field experiences. The elementary education department sponsored a reading and mathematics clinic for public school children and a reading improvement program for college students and adults. These were directed by Dr. Beverly Young, Dr. jerry Irons and Dr. Odis Rhodes. In connection with the home economics department, the department also sponsored the early childhood lab for observation of infants through first graders. The elementary education department was headed by Chairman Dr. Thomas Franks. i 1. A child does not want to take a nap in the elementary education lab. 2. Dr. Mary H. Appleberry lectures to her reading in the ele- mentary school class. 3. Dr. Thomas Franks is the chairman of elementary education depart- ment. HPE reorganizes " Health and physical education is one of the largest departments on campus and has about 400 majors, " according to HPE chairman Dr. Carl Kight. The Health and Physical Education Department completed a reorganization this year of its structure for men ' s and women ' s divisions. The new divisions were dance, fitness and lifetime sports, health education, physical education professional studies and graduate studies. This structure allowed a more co-educational curriculum. The department of health and physical education also offered courses in driver education, water safety and first aid. 1. Chairman of the Health and Physical Education Department, Dr Carl Kight. 2. David Cox lifts weights in weight training 3. A student masters her backhand School of Education — 95 New building houses home economics The highlight of the year in the department was the opening of the Home Economics South Building in October. The new building housed home management facilities and studios for interior design classes, as well as a furniture laboratory and traditional classrooms. The department also received a $20,000 grant from Mr. and Mrs. Claude Rodgers, both SFA graduates. From the gift two $1000 scholarships will be given annually, one of them to an outstanding senior home economics major. The home economics department, chaired by Dr. Gloria Durr, concerned the study of all aspects of family living, their interrelationships and the total patterns which they form. 1 Chairman of home economics is Dr. Gloria Durr. 2. A student cuts out a pattern for her sewing class. 3. The highlight of the year for the home economics department is the new Home Economics South Building. % — School of Education Special ed, counseling advises students The department of special education and counseling was under the direction of Dr. Bill Hamrick. Tbe objectives of the department included the preparation of special education teachers and special service personnel for elementary and secondary school and preparation for rehabilitation and related human services occupations serving the disabled and handicapped. A major or a minor in rehabilitation or special education-generic was of- fered. A speech and hearing clinic was sponsored by the special education and counseling department. Frank Harrison was director of the clinic. The department also offered student teaching at five local elementary schools. 1 A student volunteers her time at the Speech and Hearing Clinic 2. Dr Bill W Hamrick is the chairman of special education and counseling. 3 Martha Gregg, Houston senior, student teaches at Raguet Elementary School. School of Education — 97 Secondary education sets goals I Susan Paynter instructs a class in secondary education 2. Chairman of secondary education is Dr Morgan C. Moses. 3. Gary McWilliams, Lufkin senior, student teaches history at Nacogdoches High School. This year the secondary education department set many goals. These goals included such things as preparing articles to be published in the Stephen F. Austin State University School of Education Journal, revising the format for student teaching, obtaining information on other teacher education programs in secondary education and involving faculty members in service to public schools. The secondary education program was based on a selection of topics a teacher should know and be able to teach in a secondary school. Through its courses, the department provided basic concepts in the history and philosophy of education and also allowed students to experience teaching in a middle school or high school classroom. The chairman of the department was Dr. Morgan C. Moses. 98 — School of Education Art acquires new building This year a new building was completed for the art department. Thirty thousand square feet in size, it housed all art classes previously in the Fine Arts Building. The building consolidated the department into one basic location. It was built with safety features such as ventilation that were appropriate to the activities of the department. The art department, headed by chairman Jon D. Wink, offered a bachelor of arts degree with a major emphasis in commercial or fine arts. Minors were offered in interior design, advertising, marketing, photography, landscape design, history and art therapy. The honorary art fraternity is Kappa Pi. 1 Students develop creativity in a painting class. 2. Chairman of the art department is |on D. Wink 3 A student shapes clay on a pottery wheel. School of Fine Arts— 99 Communication gains VDT unit In November the department obtained a video display terminal for use in the writing labs. This unit allowed journalism students to type and edit copy in one step. Through the department of communication, a scholarship was established for the Pine Log editors. The )ulian Perkins Memorial Scholarship will award $500 per year to each editor of The Pine Log. A new course was added to the department during the Spring Semester. Communications law attempted to teach the responsibilities and rights pertaining to journalism. Sue Perkins, director of student publications, taught this course. Also, a new faculty members, Rita Whillock, was hired as an instructor of speech communications classes. She served as the director of the Speaker ' s Bureau. The department of communication, chaired by Dr. Robert T. Ramsey, offered a bachelor of arts or bachelor of science degree in general communication, speech communication, journalism or radio- television. 1 Angie Taylor, Marshall sophomore, works as a disc jockey at KSAU 2. Mary Beth Feuling gives a speech in Communication III 3. Chairman is Dr. Robert T Ramsey 100— School of Fine Arts Music gains new chairman This year the music department gained a new chairman, Dr. Robert Mann. A new piano instructor, Mary jo Schmidt, was also added to the department. Students and faculty members were presented in recitals by the department frequently throughout the year. The department of music offered nine different plans for a bachelor of music or bachelor of fine arts in music degree. The curriculum stressed the development of sound, functional musicianship, a broad background in liberal arts and also provided music activities and general music courses. 1. Students play violins in an orchestra concert. 2 Cheryl Booth, Alvin senior, plays the saxophone in the SFA marching band. 3. Chairman of music is Dr. Robert Mann School of Fine Arts — 101 Theatre encourages creativity The purpose of the department of theatre was to serve the student by encouraging his creativity, offering training in special fields, providing experience and teaching him discipline. The department served the student body and the community by presenting major stage productions such as " Jesus Christ Superstar. " The department of theatre, headed by Dr. Thomas K. Heino, was a member of the Texas Educational Theatre Association and the National Association of Schools of Theatre, a Division of the American Theatre Association. 1. Holly McGinnes and Kim Nichols perform during a SFA Dance Company productions con- cert. 2. Chairman of theatre is Dr. Thomas K. Heino 3. Students perform during " )esus Christ Superstar. " 102— School of Fine Arts Forestry construction begins This year the School of Forestry had two major departme ntal projects. One of the projects included a two- story annex to the present building. This building had a projected completion date of November, 1982. The second project was the acquisition of a greenhouse. Several workshops were held for environmental agencies such as Texas Forestry Association, Texas Parks and Wildlife and the United States Forest Service. The department and School of Forestry, under the direction of Dr. Kent T. Adair, offered a bachelor of science degree in environmental science and a bachelor ' s degree in forestry. Within the forestry degree plan, major emphasis was offered in forest management, forest game management, forest recreation management and forest range management. Graduate programs were offered for a master ' s, doctorate and a special Ph.D. program in conjunction with Texas A M University. (1) A student surveys the land for a forestry class. (2) Chairman of Forestry is Dr. Kent T. Adair School of Forestry — 103 Bible courses offered Bible courses were offered by the Bible Chairs, university affiliated agencies operated by area Baptist and Methodist churches. Coordinator and instructor of the courses was Randy Warren. One objective of the Bible Chairs was to offer courses that helped students gain not only an understanding of the history and the literature of the Bible but also an insight into its nature and meanings. Another objective was to provide for the special needs of students preparing to enter church-related vocations. There were several courses offered, including the origin of the Bible, the life of Christ and contemporary religious issues. No more than six semester hours of credit in Bible could be applied toward a Liberal Arts degree. 1. A student reads the Bible in Life of Christ class. 2. Randy Warren is coordinator of Bible courses. 3. Many students attend First Baptist Church. 104— School of Liberal Arts English, philosophy large department One of the largest departments on campus, English and philosophy, was headed by chairman Dr. Roy E. Cain. Courses in English developed effective, appropriate use of English, presented the literary heritage of English-speaking and other peoples and improved the understanding of practical and literary discourse. English supplied essential education for all students while offering courses for students interested in a broader-than- average background in literature and the English language. Philosophy courses were originally for the general education of prospective teachers. They now provide intellectual breadth not only for liberal arts students not intent upon teaching careers but for students planning careers in other professional and vocational fields as well. 1. Students write essays about British literature. 2. Chairman of English and philosophy is Dr. Roy E. Cain. 3. Mike Prim conducts an informal freshman composition class. School of Liberal Arts — 105 History adds block course This year the history department added a six hour block course in American history. This course was team taught during the Spring Semester. Students received six hours credit for a one semester course which lasted five hours per week. The department of history, chaired by Dr. William ). Brophy, was part of the School of Liberal Arts. History major programs were designed to enable students to enter a variety of careers. Opportunities in the fields of library and museum work, teaching, politics, diplomacy and business were available. Among courses offered in this department were United States history, history of Mexico, the Afro- American and global dip lomacy. 1 An American history class listens attentively 2. Chairman of history, Dr. William Brophy 3. Dr. lames Nichols lectures to students. 106— School of Liberal Arts Modern language increases enrollment This year the modern language department enjoyed a 33 percent increase in enrollment in German 131, as well as larger enrollments in French and Spanish. According to Dr. Vivian Gruber, chairman of the department, this was believed to be the largest enrollment increase in the United States. The Department of Modern Language began a program to teach Spanish to elementary teachers. This was due to the influx of Mexican students into East Texas public schools, and the tremendous need for bilingual teachers in the area. The department also sponsored an after- school enrichment program at Raguet Elementary School in French and Spanish, with an enrollment of approximately 167 students. The objectives of the department were to develop competence in understanding, speaking, reading and writing a modern language, to cultivate an appreciation for the civilization of the people whose language is being studied and to provide guidance in preparation for the various opportunities in language work. Courses were offered in Latin, Portuguese and Italian, with advanced studies available in French, German and Spanish. Clubs for the latter three languages were open to any interested students. 1 Tapes aid students in learning foreign lan- guages 2 Chairman of modern language, Dr Vivian Gruber. 3 A student gets help in French conversation School of Liberal Arts- Two departments combine 4 .1 Due to a decision by the Coordinating Board in Austin, a state- wide policy went into effect eliminating departments of less than five faculty members. The geography and political science departments combined because the geography department had only three faculty members. The geography department will keep its own staff, offices and curriculum. The Coordinating Board, by making geography a subdivision of political science, only eliminated paperwork in the geography department. The political science department provided courses for the student desiring a career in law or in politics at the local, state or federal level, for teachers of the social sciences and for those wishing to enter the civil services and desiring a background in and information about their field of work. The department, headed by Dr. J. E. Ericson, contained more than 30 courses including teaching, pre- law, practical politics and public administration. The geography department presented an integrated view of physical and social sciences. Under the direction of Dr. teon C. Hallman, a bachelor of arts degree could be earned with major emphasis in urban America and Latin American studies. Courses offered include map compilation and design, regional planning and meteorology. I. Chairman of political science is Dr. ). E. Eric- son 2. Dr. Leon Hallman lectures to a meteo- rology class. 108— School of Liberal Arts Psychology offers diverse courses According to Dr. Heinz A. Gaylord, chairman of the psychology department, there are two sides to psychology, the " clinical-helping profession " and the " academic- research profession. " The department offered courses which covered both areas, such as development psychology, human consciousness, industrial psychology and psychological statistics. Two types of programs were available at the master ' s level: the general thesis program and the professional training program, for which no thesis was required. Facilities of the department of psychology included a 16-room clinic with areas for individual, group, child and family therapy as well as one- way observation and videotape capabilities. 1 Dr Heinz A Gaylord, chairman of psychology 2 Glenn S Colton lectures on the psychology of aging. 110— School of Liberal Arts Sociology develops new programs This year the sociology department had many new programs. One program, headed by Dr. David Petty, concerned gerontology. In accordance with this new program, a 200 clock hour nursing home course will be taught in the summer. Two hostels will also be set up for the elderly in the summer. Dr. Connie Spreadberry directed WING, a group for returning sociology students. She also hosted a half hour talk show, " Women in Focus. " Dr. Spreadberry served as the Title IX Coordinator for SFA, which involved handling problems of discrimination on the basis of sex. A new medical sociology course was offered in the spring. This course was team taught by Dr. and Mrs. Richard Hurzeler. In the spring, Dr. )im Towns taught a new course on death. The department of sociology in the School of Liberal Arts offered many programs. Special emphasis in anthropology, gerontology, nursing home administration and social planning were offered in a general sociology degree. Under the direction of Dr. Joy Reeves, the department ' s courses included American minorities, sociology of sex roles, sociology of retirement and applied gerontology. 1. Sociology is the study of society or groups of people 2. Chairman of sociology is Dr |oy B Reeves. School of Liberal Arts — 111 Biology interests all The two most active programs in the biology department in 1981-82 were those concerning ultra-structure and aquatic biology. Those interested in ultra-structure worked with high powered microscopes to study objects in detail. The department owned two types of these instruments — the scanning electron microscope, which studies external surfaces, and the transmission microscope, used for internal magnification. Dr. Charles Mims, chairman of the biology department, felt that " SFA is the best equipped school of its size in the area. " The aquatic biology program was concerned with areas of study including water quality and pollution. This was a popular area for students in the biology department this year. The department trained students in these and other specialized fields, as well as provided a broad foundation in biology needed by everyone in the modern world. The Biology Club and Beta Beta Beta, an honorary biological society, were sponsored by the department of biology. 1 Students work with microscopes during biol- ogy lab 2 Dr. Charles Mims, chairman of biol- ogy 112 — School of Science and Mathematics Department accredited by ACS 1. Chairman of chemistry, Dr Jacob A. Seaton. 2. Cathy Roe measures chemicals in chemistry lab. The chemistry department and its curriculum, under the direction of Dr. J. A. Seaton, had the full approval of the American Chemical Society for the training of professional chemists. The objectives of the chemistry department were to prepare students for graduate study in chemistry, to prepare students for positions in industry, government service and teaching, to allow science students with non-chemistry majors to relate chemistry to their major and to acquaint non-science students with the methods, concepts and achievements of science and chemistry. The chemistry department offered an undergraduate program as well as courses leading to the master of science degree. Students that majored in chemistry could receive certification for high school chemistry and physical science teaching. An environmental science emphasis was also offered for students with a broad science background in chemistry and other sciences. School of Science and Mathematics — 113 Geology obtains approval for masters degree In the fall, the geology department obtained approval for a Master of Science in geology. Before this degree was approved, geology was offered only on the undergraduate level. Two programs of study, the general curriculum and the professional curriculum, were available to students majoring in geology. The general program provided the student with a broad cultural background in a scientific field. The professional program was designed for those students who intended to do graduate work in geology and planned to seek employment in the profession. Students majoring in geology minored in any discipline that complemented their particular emphasis in geology. Students normally minored in one of the sciences or mathematics. The chairman of the geology department was Dr. Harry P. Hoge. 1. Chairman of the geology department is Dr. Harry P. Hoge. 2 Dr Austin Sartin lectures to a class. 3 Students study rocks in geology with powerful microscopes. School of Sciences and Mathematics Math, statistics serves SFA The department of mathematics and statistics carried a tremendous service load due to the fact that 50 percent of its students were in other majors. Dr. Thomas Atchison, chairman of the department, felt that both math and statistics were important to all students, no matter what their major, because with such basic knowledge, " we can operate much more intelligently in day to day living. " One role of the department was to train students to teach math, in which they worked jointly with the department of education. The department also prepared students for other fields in which a background in mathematics was helpful. The department of mathematics and statistics sponsored Pi Mu Epsilon, honorary math fraternity, as well as the Math Club. School of Science and Mathematics — 115 Program utilizes research The nursing program at SFA utilized existing research as a means for conducting practice in new research, either at a beginning level or as a preparation for a higher education. The program also strived to provide students with knowledge of the art and science of nursing and to give the students a background in other academic areas including the behavioral sciences, physical sciences and humanities. Admission to the nursing program involved the following criteria: acceptance to SFA, overall GPA of 2.5 in college work and completion of academic prerequisite courses. The associate professor and director of nursing was Dr. Beverlyanne Robinson. 1. Director of nursing, Dr Beverlyanne Robin- son. 2. A nursing student volunteers at the clin- ic. 3. Students observe during a nursing class. 116 — School of Science and Mathematics Department provides physics background 2 The department of physics, under the guidance of Dr. Thomas O. Callaway, provided students with a physics background required for work in engineering, related sciences and medicine. The department, located in the School of Sciences and Mathematics, offered courses such as musical acoustics, mechanics and heat electronics and thermodynamics. Physics majors participated in the honorary fraternity, Sigma Phi Sigma and the Society of Physics. 1 Dr Thomas Callaway, chairman of physics. 2. Mike Hibbs lectures during his astronomy class, Physics 105. School of Science and Mathematics — 117 Swingin ' Axes entertain with jazz, more For musicians who performed jazz there was a freedom of expression for each individual. This factor was what attracted Darrell Holt, director of the Swingin ' Axes, to this particular form of music. For Holt, jazz gave him the opportunity to not only perform a piece of music but also to compose an arrangement to add to the original score. ' There used to not be any books to teach students improvisation of original scores. You ' d have to listen to a record and copy the impro that musicians had done, " Holt said. Books were found to teach improvisation to students and it gave them more of an advantage in the field, Holt said. Holt enjoyed teaching at SFA for this is where he received his bachelor ' s degree and Nacogdoches was his home town. Besides teaching he has also worked professionally composing, arranging, producing, and performing. Holt also enjoyed performing classical music. His Master ' s thesis, Symphony Concertante, was performed by the Dallas and Nashville Symphony Orchestras. Some of his experience included writing jingles for companies. (1) Eric Bitner prepares to play a trumpet solo. (2) Sitting behind his drum set, Don Ambrose smiles with delight. (3) A guest singer adds a professional touch to the Swingin ' Axes perfor- mance. 120— Feature 1 ( 1) Andy Dougherty of the Swingin ' Axes plays a trombone solo (2) Swingin ' Axes: FIRST ROW: Eric Bitner, Greg Rose, Doyce Grant, Don Ambrose, Louie Rodriques, Corey Ste- phens, Rusty Caston. SECOND ROW Amy Lockett, Lee Miller, Andy Dougherty, |ohn Decker, George Faber, )ohn Goodall, Steve An- dre, Cheryl Carlton, Andy Martinez, Mike lones, Darrell Holt, director. (3) Dr. Darrell Holt, director of the Swingin ' Axes jazz band. Linda Bedford Pat Bittner Lisa Bohannon lane Burns Kim Cain Donna Cates Toni Copeland Kelly Corbm Lori Damskov, 2nd vice president Linda Fields, president Lynn Forrester Ann Frawley Elizabeth Gilmer Susan Giroir, social chairman Helen Glaser Shannon Glidden (oAnn Goolsby, corresponding secretary Kay Green Glenda Gregory Bnana Hammack Susan Harford Cindy Havens Ernestine Henry Karen Hohlfelder Gayla Holcomb Mary Holman Laurie Hornsby Carolyn Hudgins Felecia Hyatt Laura lesser Frances Johnson Lisa Katz leanette LaBaume Tricia Light Laurie Logan Martha McFadden Teresa McKnight Sharon Nippert Kathi Pier Mary Ramsay Gamma Sigma Sigma serves school, community Gamma Sigma Sigma, the national service sorority, promoted sisterhood through service to the school and the community. Their projects included making door tags and tray favors for hospitals, working with students at Lufkin State School, raising money for the heart fund and various other service projects that benefitted the school and the community. 122 — Service Rhonda Reno Kelley Richards Lisa Richardson Lou Ann Richardson, treasurer Kari Schnell Mary Frances Skinner Jennifer Smith, 1st vice president leannie Sowell Anne Stasney Kathy Tatum Angie Taylor Jennie Van Dyke Brenda Varner, recording secretary Pam Vastine Terri Wagner Delta Tau Alpha honors agricultural excellence Delta Tau Alpha, the agricultural honor society, serves to promote the field of agriculture, to recognize high standards of leadership, scholarship and character among students and to foster high ethical standards in the field. Their projects for the year in- cluded the annual Career Day, the agricultural banquet and a fundraiser for a scholarship. Service and Honorary — 123 Beta Alpha Psi, Beta Gamma Sigma reward academic achievement 1. BETA ALPHA PSI: First row: Belinda Burney, reporting secretary; Larry Young, vice president of programs; Lorna Ohelmacher, president. Second row: Barbara Cason, vice president of publicity; Karen Askew, treasurer Third row: Diane Crimmins, vice president of pledge program; kathy Darby, vice president of alumni affairs; Patricia Redfield, recording secretary 2 BETA ALPHA PSI: First row: Lewis Cadman, Mike Meyer, Larry Young, kamie Frazier, Mark Moreau, Richard Hays, Robert Hobbs. Second row: Sherry Spurlock, Belinda Burney, Barbara Cason, karen Askew, |ana Bates, Susan Lows, lohn Langford, Phyllis Bravenec, Sara Culbreth, kathy Darby. Third row: Diane Crimmins, Patrice Miller, Beverly Bowling, Janet Hudman, Cindy Hiza, Gene Wind, kathie Armstrong Fourth row: Don Nimmons, Grady Dickens, Lorna Ohelmacher, Drew Nixon, Pat Redfield, Ellen Heath, Sharon Graves, Terri Gilbert. Fifth row: Darla Easley, Cynthia Crossland, Susan Giroir, Louise Bingham, Allison Denham 3 BETA GAMMA SIGMA: Dr. |ohn Lewis, chapter adviser, Kelley Crow, president; Dr Bobby Bizzell, secretary. 4. BETA GAMMA SIGMA: First row Brent Bednar, lohn Watson, Mark Barry, lohn Bahannon, Scott Siegmund, Debbie Spaldin. Second row: karen Linge, Debbie Spalding, Susan Seitzinger, Jeff keels, Dr John Lewis, Dwayne key, Terry Wohlfahrt. Third row: Dr Robert Solomon, Bobby Myrell, Kelly Morrison, lanelle Swafford, Dean )anelle Ashley, Lynette Solomon, Geralyn McClure, kathy Darby, Lynn Forrester. Beta Alpha Psi, the honorary fraternity of accounting, and Beta Gamma Sigma, the honor society of business and administration, encouraged and rewarded scholarship and accomplishment in their respective fields. Both orga nizations hosted guest speakers and held clinics during the year. 124 — Honorary Phi Alpha Kappa holds spring Awards Banquet The national honorary finance fraternity, Phi Alpha Kappa, organized many activities for the 1981-82 school year. One of the activities was an Awards Banquet held in the spring. Other activities included field trips, a Christmas party and a barbecue. The purpose of Phi Alpha Kappa was to encourage accomplishment and reward scholarship in finance among undergraduate and graduate students at SFA. It also provided an association for students interested in business practice. Guest speakers offered a friendly attitude toward students of finance. The president of Phi Alpha Kappa was Cindy Cannon and the sponsor was Dr. John H. Lewis. 1 Finance Club: First row: Allison Horton, Jo Anne Conn, Karen Crichton, Ann Pollard, )enni- fer Candia, Misty Lipp, Debbie Aaron, jenni Sewell. Second row: Tina Taylor, Steve Laminack, Roger Bales, )im Ordemann, Cather- ine Courtney, Alan Bailey, Bruce Pavaka, Cindy Cannon. Third row: Steve Gober, Kirk Frambes, |im Muir, David Draper, )eff Anthony, Tom Byargeon. 2. Officers: Cindy Cannon, president; David Draper, vice president; Tom Byargeon, treasurer; Jennifer Candia, secretary. Honorary — 125 Kappa Kappa Psi promotes members welfare First row: Steve Wise, Mark Porter, Pat Courtney, Howard Lewis, |ohn Canfield, Steve Andre, Buddy Leach, Kenneth Henderson, Larry Ritter. second row: David Grayless, Schultz Ben- nett, Glenn Miller, Barry Larson, Johnnie Cotton, Ben Skillern, Robbie Lee, Tollie Goodwin, Kevin Kelley, Jeff Turner, Todd Hansen, )ohn Lynass, Andy McElvany, )ohn Veth, Doice Grant and Sean Garnish. Kappa Kappa Psi is the national honorary fraternity for college band members. Its purpose is to promote the existence and welfare of the college and university band, to honor outstanding band mem- bers through the privilege of mem- bership and to provide a pleasant and helpful social experience for all those engaged in college band work. Their annual projects include selling band jerseys, building equip- ment and sponsoring various social events. 126 — Honorary 2 3 TB2 recognized as one of best The Beta Zeta chapter of Tau Beta Sigma is the national honorary service sorority for collegiate bandswomen. Its purposes are to promote the existence and welfare of the collegiate band, to honor outstanding members and to encourage a close relationship between collegiate bands. Their projects included purchasing new flag corps uniforms and ponchos for the band, serving water at rehearsals and assisting Mel Montgomery, director of SFA ' s band. 1 Tau Beta Sigma sorority gathers for a photo. 2. Paula Onofrio and Lacey Cook participate in the " Spirit Chain " sale held during Homecoming festivities 3. TAU BETA SIGMA, First row: Gloria lackson, recording secretary; Susan Liles, president; lacque Fitzgerald, treasurer Second row: Kathy Henning, corresponding secretary Third row: Nancy Morgan, historian, Lela Wilson, second vice president; Laura Miller, parliamentarian Honorary — 127 Two honor groups reward achievements 1. PHI UPSILON OMICRON OFFICERS: Laura Altimari, president; Shirley Sisk, 2nd vice president; Ann Morrison, secretary; )ayne lohnson, treasurer-reporter; )amie Hines, historian. 2. First row: Lee Ann Rogers, )ayne lohnson, Ann Morrison, Laura Altimari, Shirley Sisk, Lori Damskov, Kathy Horndt, Rhonda Hardy, Sharen Grodahl. Second row: Mrs. Laura Shivers, )amie Hines, ]udy Finley, Sharon Vann, lody Tullos, Cheryl Mould, Katherine Moore, Amy Cleason, Patricia Grimes, Kay Claton, D iana Rolston. 3. PI MU EPSILON: First row: |ohn Garner, Stuart Gouvernante, Stacy Pickett, Fred Nelson, Chip Galloway. Second row: ]oe Robbins, Doyle Alexander, B. F. Boudria, Diane Crimmins, Kevin Scott, Anna Verzinski, )aspar Adams, Mary Ann Williford, Harold Bunch. Third row: C. P. Barton, ). M Bunkott, Peggy Kaisershot, Kym Smith, Carol Bunch, Yvonne Naouin, Terri Albers, Sandra Welch, Dr. W. D. Clark. Phi Upsilon Omicron, the national honorary home economics society, served to advance home economics and to be of service to the profession. Their project for the year was a professional slide presentation of careers in the field of home economics. Pi Mu Epsilon, the honorary mathematics fraternity, promoted scholarly activity in mathematics among students. The SFA chapter grew out of the math club established in 1958. Texas Delta chapter was chartered in 1970 and was the fourth chapter in the state. 128— Honorary Chapter receives Milestone award Phi Theta Kappa, a national honor fraternity, accepted for membership any transfer student who was a member at their junior college. Recently at the state convention, the Gamma of Texas chapter received the Milestone Award given to the chapter that had taken the greatest strides in chapter improvement. 1. First row: Keith Stapleton, Alicia Rooks, Mrs. Nancy Dunn. Second row: Kara Norris, Tammie Turner, Kristen Gorman Third row: Suzy Vinzant, lenice Wedgeworth, Karen Williams. Fourth row: Lee McCutcheon, Shari Hines, Debbie Hornbuckle. 2 PTK members enjoy their Halloween party. 3. OFFICERS: Karen Williams, treasurer; Kristen Gorman, vice president; Tammie Turner, president; Karen Helmer, historian. Honorary — 129 Chemistry, history societies increase interest, scholarship in their professions Gamma Sigma Epsilon, the chemistry honor society, served to increase interest, scholarship and research in chemistry. The society provided free tutoring in chemistry and supported the chemistry club in all of its activities. Phi Alpha Theta, the history honor society, acted to further interest and scholarship in history. The organization sponsored a book sale and awarded a manuscript and a Best Book award. 1. PHI ALPHA THETA: Jetfery Marsh, vice president historian, Avis McNeil, secretary treasurer; Michael Nesbit, president 2. First row: Avis McNeil, Carolyn Kimling, Rena French, Debbie Griggs, Vista McCrasky. Second row Dr Robert Mathis, Robert Kirkland, Kurt Streck, Richard Brerven, Michael Nesbit, Jeffery Marsh, Clark Sherman, John Rector. 3 CHEMISTRY HONOR SOCIETY First row: James M. Garrett, Deborah Winchell, ) A Seaton, Kathy Woamer, Shari lames, Lisa Ferguson, Brian Gray, )immy Day. Second row: Cathy Barr, S. S. Naistat, Len Dingier, lames Redfield, Benjamin Hendrick. Third row: Philip Reyno lds, Albert Machel, Scott Battle, Michael Kubelka, Donald Quillen, Tommy Reed, Steve Britt, Bruce Henry. 130 — Honorary SOCIETY OF PHYSICS STUDENTS: FIRST ROW: Robert Lightfoot, Emily Richards, Darlene Reyn- olds, president; Laura Kahrl, vice president; Kay Mckague, Ali Mortezaie, Tom Young. SECOND ROW: Dr. Harry Downing, adviser; A G. Thom- as, Barry Birdwell, Tommy Sewall, Leon Lloyd, secretary treasurer; Robin Haines, Dr. )ames Nicholson. Sigma Pi Sigma encourages students to excel Sigma Pi Sigma, honorary physics society, encouraged students who majored or minored in physics to excel and strive for excellence. The society developed a desire to succeed in areas of special interest in physics. The organization was sponsored by Dr. James Nicholson. Physics Society stresses academics The Society of Physics Students provided fellowship and academic en- couragement for its members. The or- ganization also provided interest in physics on campus and in the com- munity. The society engaged in many activi- ties during the school year, including tours to two public observatories, a tour of Texas Instruments in Dallas and a trip to Careers Day at Texas A M. Special Interests — 131 Tri-Beta advances biology profession The Delta Lambda Chapter of Beta Beta Beta was established to promote academic, professional and scholastic excellence in the field of biological sciences. The honorary biology society required a 3.0 GPA in biology and overall academic supremacy as a prerequisite for membership. m 1. OFFICERS: Dan Gehring, historian; Jane Ann Leeves, secretary; David Van Meter; president 2 BETA BETA BETA: First row: Lisa Taylor, Cathy Santanello, limmy Fischer, Berry Fleming, Rob (ones, Julie Duke, David Mahaffey. Second row: Emily Kerr, Liz Fountain, Kay Fischer, John Roese, Ray Arnold, lane Ann Leeves, Tommy Reed. Third row: Byron Van Dover, advisor; Philip Reynolds, Michael Kubelka, Tommy Sewall, Tom Barton, Steve Best, Don Gehring, David Van Meter 132— Honorary Tri-Cs serve community; fraternity honors excellence in earth sciences 1. SIGMA GAMMA EPSILON: First row: Gloria Sprague, Lisa Hering, )ill O ' Neal, Pat Sharp, Glenda Gross. Second row: Louis Mosconi, Ralph Aldis, Allyson Martin, Laura Dye, lane Dye, Dr Austin Sartin. Third row: Eric Hass, Keith Belik, Greg Griffin, Ken McCormick, Marvin Bennett. 2. TRI-C ' s: First row: Lizlie Alcorn, Cindy Cantrell, Sandi Rusnak, jill Hall, )anie jones. Second row: Valerie Plummer, lacque Fitzgerald, Cindy Drummond, Barbara Godwin, lennifer Thorne Third row: Pam Watson, Dana Gehrig, Kim Yarborough, Brenda Powell, Michele McLemore Fourth row: Wendy Trussel, Marilyn )ordan, Kris Killebrew, Shanna Graff. Fifth row: Debbie Brown, Jen Southerland, Suzie Couch, Carol Mosher, Tracy Corry. Sixth row: Lynn Little, Carla Hopkins, Mindy Canna. The society of Sigma Gamma Epsilon ' s objectives were the scholastic and scientific advancement of its members and the extension of relations of friendship to other universities devoted to the advancement of the earth sciences. The society worked with the Geology club in its activities, as assisted in research and raised money through the sale of geologic maps. Tri-C ' s, which stands for Christ, Campus, Community, is a Christian service sorority. Their creed is " Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, with all thy soul and with all thy mind. " The fraternity participated in various community service projects over the year. Service Honorary — 133 Horticulture Club, Xi Sigma Pi involved in plant life at SFA XI SIGMA PI: First row: Sue Humason, Robin Borthwick, Bill Yemma, Tracy Havins, Ricardo Clemente Second row: John Ellis, Steve Best, John Roese, Jim Patterson, Kathy Kroll, Chris Wick. 2 HORTICULTURE: First row: Galen Bennett, James Powers, Rufus Cravens, Sandy Lundee, Peran Heap. Second row: Doug Becker, Ronnie McCarty, Roger Bossley, Narrie Travis, Dr. Dave Creech. 3. James Powers, treasurer; Narrie Travis, secretary; Ronnie McCarty, president; Galen Bennett, vice president. 4. John Ellis, president; Sue Humason, vice president; Robin Borthwick, secretary- treasurer; John Roese, pledge master; Ricardo Clemente, sponsor. Xi Sigma Pi, the forestry honor society, tried to maintain a high standard of scholarship in forestry research management education. Their projects this year included a turkey shoot, a blood drive and tutoring service. The main objectives for 1982 of SFA ' s Horticulture Club were to learn about and work successfully with plants. Fund raising events for the group included several plant and flower sales. 134 — Special Interest Honorary Accounting Club emphasizes professionalism The SFA Accounting Club encouraged the ideal of service as the basis of the accounting profession and acted as a medium between professionals, instructors and students interested in accounting. The group also developed high moral, scholastic and professional attainments and provided opportunities for association among its members and practicing accountants. The club, led by president Joe Mathews, took a trip each semester to Houston and Dallas to visit a large public accounting firm and the accounting department of an industry. The group also hosted professionals in accounting to give speeches on current topics or trends in the accounting field. (1). OFFICERS: Marianne Pierce, secretary; Gwen Freihaut, treasurer; Joe. R. Mathews, president; MeLeah Mose ly, public relations; and Tim O ' Connor, vice president (not pictured). (2) ACCOUNTING CLUB: FIRST ROW: Julia Knight, Kristi Magness, Meg McClure, Sharon Carter, Pamela Strunk. SECOND ROW: Kenny McGay, Phil Partin, |im Kjellander, lames Swindell, Fred Dial, sponsor; (esse Mixon, sponsor; joe R. Mathews. THIRD ROW: Craig Headlee, Gwen Freihaut, Sandra Craig, Renee Surratt, Suzie Carlton, Katie Floyd, Marianne Pierce, MeLeah Mosely. 1. ALPHA KAPPA PSI: SECOND ROW: Rick Fletcher, Beverly Harris, Todd Dhonau, Richard Miner, David Hayward, Curtis Eastberg, Randy Lockhart; THIRD ROW: Steve Reavis, Steve Mahlstedt, Mark Poindexter, Roger Dillow, Amanda Balesky, Charlie Still Fraternity involved in activities This year Alpha Kappa Psi, a professional business fraternity was involved in many projects and activities. These included raising money for the Heart Fund, holding its annual Bowl-a-Thon, selling business t- shirts and entering a float in the Homecoming Parade. The function of Alpha Kappa Psi was to provide an organization at SFA that would further business majors in the field of their choice. It also encouraged the promotion of higher ideals within the business world. Alpha Kappa Psi was open to all business majors with an overall GPA of 2.0. This year Alpha Kappa Psi was sponsored by Dr. Kurt Stanberry. President of Alpha Kappa Psi was Richard Miner. 1. Alpha Kappa Psi Pledges: first row: Melanie Matthews, Sonja Herard, Joyce McCreary; sec- ond row: Lance Fauber, Helen Dettling, Lisa Schultz, Diane Hinckley; third row: Ed Houston, Richard Wrench, Cathy Taylor. 2. OFFICERS: first row: Curtis Eastberry, treasurer; Anita Eckert, secretary; Richard Miner, president; sec- ond row: Rick Fletcher, master of rituals; Cliff Hall, first vice president; third row: Roger Dillow, second vice president. 3 Members of Alpha Kappa Psi anxiously await the beginning of the meeting 1 American Marketing Association hosts speakers This year the American Marketing Association (AMA) hosted many guest speakers. These speakers included James Fitchette, manager of creative services for Phillips Petroleum; J. Bradler, senior vice president at the Strategic Planning Institute in Massachusetts; and N. Basher, senior economist at the Federal Reserve bank in St. Louis. The AMA also took field trips to the Dallas Apparel Mart and Mary Kay Cosmetics. The purpose of AMA was to provide students with insight into the practice of marketing by expanding their knowledge, broadening their outlook and developing a better understanding of marketing and its relation to the business world. The AMA was open to all students interested in marketing. Joe Ballenger sponsored the AMA and Marci Gunn was president. Members of the American Marketing Association Julie Adams, John Altier, Carrie Andrews, Bill Arkwright, Lydia Baker, Mark Barry, Clint Beard, Charlotte Bennett, Beverly Brandt, Cheryl Broach, Beth Brock, Anderson Brooks, Kim Cain, Craig Calbert, Toni Cates, Lisa Colburn, Richard Cole, Geoff Comstock, Windol Cook, Katherine Croak, Paula Daniel, Harry Dieter )r , Brenda DiFrank, Robert Eaves, Melanie Enloe, Scott Estes, Dawn Farris, Linda Fields, Ann Floyd, )o Fogg, Janet Funderburk, Kim Garrett, Ronald Gatlin, Nancy Goad, Brad Goodale, Ken Griffith, Marci Gunn, Lisa Head, Ann Hopson, Paul Howell, Terrie Jewett, Tommy Johnson, Bruce King, Scott Kosatka, David Kubacak, Jeanette La Baume, Debbie Lacy, Karen Ann Long, Marc Lucas, Cheryl Luke, Ann Marie Lynass, David Lynn, Cindy McCauley, Joyce McCreary, Lisa McGahen, Karen McQuien, Susan Maas, Alan Maricle, Denise Marsh, DeAnne Mason, Judy Mathieu, lulie Merritt, David Mikeska, Mark Miller, lulie Mitchell, Manlea Murray, Michael Nayes, Lori Neil, Greg Nelson, Don Newall, Alan Null, Daniel O ' Donnell, Susan O ' Neil, Claudia O ' Rourke, Sandra Pahnke, Mary Alice Parkes, Sandra Perkins, Kathryn Phillips, Mark Poindexter, Deborah Price, Ricky Renshaw, Lee Ann Roger, Rhonda Royster, Michael Rump, Kari Schell, Lisa Schultz, Susan Seitzinger, Mary Sheets, Susan Shindler, Jennifer Singel, Lanette Sprague, Sara Stanley, Anne Stasney, lackie Stewart, Sara Strong, Terry Stuart, Yvonne Sweeten, Christy Taylor, Kay Thompson, Mike Tolnay, Christine Tran, Ellis Vachon III, Jeanne Varn, Lyle Walker, John Wallace, Cindi Wallen, lulie Warren, Lesa Wheat, Kathy Whitaker, Steven Wilburn, Gail Williams, Jeffrey Willis, Tim Winslett, William Woike. 138 — Professional ASPA wins superior merit award The American Society for Personnel Administration was a national organization sponsored by the Houston Personnel Administration. The ASPA has been in existence for two years and has won the superior merit award both years. Activities for the ASPA included fall retr eats, professional speakers and Houston personnel administration seminars. The purpose of the ASPA was to promote leadership skills in management, specializing in the personnel field. The ASPA was open to all majors with an interest in management and leadership skills. Dr. Nancy Speck and Margaret White sponsored the ASPA and Randy Lockhart was president. 1. Officers: First row: Randy Lockhart, Sandra Dale Dupree. 2. Pahnke, |udy Mathien Second row: Todd Administration. Dhonau, Thomas Meath, Richard Thompson, American Society of Personnel Professional — 139 Home economics students, chemistry society promote development 1 HOME EC: First row: lamie Hines, 1st vice president; Shirley Sisk, president. Second row: Laura Altamari, secretary; Jayne lohnson, publicity chairman; Laura Shivers, adviser; Kathy Hondt, historian; Nancy McGowan, parliamentarian; Gloria Priest, treasurer. 2. First row: Cammie King, Laura Atuman, Bonnie Cobb, Elizabeth Kramer, Reba Crocker, Lori Damskov, Shirley Sisk. Second row: )ayne lohnson, Petrina Cude, )udy Finley, Gloria Priest, Barbara Linker, Kathy Horndt, )eannie Sowell Third row: Angelia Patterson, Karen Hightower, Heidi Krouse, Nancy McGowan, Kim Koonce, Margaret Blackwell, Donna Sims, lamie Hines. 3. CHEMISTRY: First row: Deborah Winchell, president Second row: Hanh Vo, vice president; |ohn Moore, sponsor; Melanie Dangherty, secretary-treasurer. 4. First row: Julie Duke, Deborah Winchell, Melanie Dangherty, |ohn Moore. Second row: Benjamin Hendnck, Mary Lo, Hahn Vo, Ernest McCillan, Stacey Payne, Karl Miller, Lisa Ferguson Not pictured: Kelly Knapp, William Horton. 140 — Professional FFA holds SCS outdoor contest The Future Farmers of America organized many projects and activities this year. The FFA cooperated with the Soil Conservation Service in holding the SCS Outdoor Field Contest for area schools. They also sponsored leader ship training schools, judged a spring contest and participated in the SFA fall carnival. Other activities included participation in the Home-coming Parade and the East Texas County Fair. The club ' s objective was to promote cultural, professional and social training for the teacher trainees of vocational agricultural education enrolled at SFA. The FFA also brought together people who were interested or involved in agriculture. Any student regularly enrolled in agriculture at SFA, or any former active FFA member of a chartered local FFA chapter was eligible for membership in the SFA collegiate chapter of FFA. Esteban Mesa was president and Dr. Thomas Quarles and Dr. Dale Parrett sponsored FFA. 1. FFA makes plans for spring activities. 2. The Future Farmers of America. 3. FFA officers. Geology Club purchases trailer This year the Geology Club purchased a trailer for the transportation of equipment on field trips and at field camp. Another project for the club was selling rock and mineral samples. The money was used for guest speakers and field trips. Other activities included participating in the East Texas County Fair and turkey raffle. All students who were interested in the geological sciences were eligible for membership. This year the Geology Club had approximately 65 members. The purpose of the club was to stimulate an interest in the geological sciences through field trips, lectures and social functions. President of the Geology Club was Louis Mosconi and the sponsor was Dr. Austin Sartin. 1 Geology Club: First Row: Matthew Varhaus, Darrell Eubanks, Dolly Busnach, Chrissy Starbuck, Lisa Maraldo, Laura Dye, Glenda Gross, Sharon Longbrake, lane Beeman, lane Dye, Dr Austin Sartin. Second Row: Trey Rushing, Chet McLain, Mark McBride, Scott Pate, Kenneth Mohn, Bryan key, Randy Nelson, Ernest Ledger. Third Row: Russell Cason, Andy Corley, Michael Duerr, Richard Hagar, Kevin lones, lohn Preston, Wayne Tschoertner, Russ Alexander, Howard King, Scott Pollock, Jeff Patterson, Wayne Turney, left ' Gambrell, Doug Monk, Gregory Clay. 2. Officers: Beth Smith, secretary; Louis Mosconi, president; Nancy DeWitt, vice president; Lon Higgins, treasurer. 142 — Special Interest Phi Chi Theta promotes business education training for women Beverly Boone Lynette Byrd Lisa Byrne, president jo Anne Conn Linda Connell Sandra Craig Andrea Cruse Karen Daniell Angela Dean Debbie Dickerson Andrea Eaton Angela Ferguson Lynn Fulmer Pam Class Nancy Goad, secretary Ricci Green April Green Kendy Hardcastle Lisa Head lanet Keenon Michelle Kizzee Rhonda Klotz Kelly Lilljedahl Cathy Lueck Debbie Martin lulie Miller Terry Murry Karen Nicolaysen Sherry Petersen Stacy Rains Liz Ramsay Robin Reeves )ill Riley Dina Ronck Carol Saunders Karen Snow Ann Stone Terry Stuart Marie Thies, treasurer Melinda Useary Chrysanthie Yianitsas, secretary Cindi Wallen loni Wells Kathy Zadrapa, vice president Phi Chi Theta, one of the oldest and largest fraternities in the field of business administration and economics, sought to promote higher business education and training for all women. The SFA chapter, formed in 1968, sponsored pro- fessional speakers and various service projects. Professional — 143 NCAS exchanges ideas The National Collegiate Association for Secretaries (NCAS) encouraged the exchanging of ideas and experiences among students planning secretarial or teaching careers. This year the NCAS had two money making projects, selling stationery and candy. Another activity included attending the national convention at Nashville, TN in March. Other activities were big sisters, fall and spring banquets and a program on National Secretaries Day in the spring. To be a member of NCAS, a student had to be an office administration or broadfield business major or minor. Students also had to be at least a second semester freshman with a 2.0 GPA. Geralyn McClure was president of NCAS and Jean Rudisill and Carolyn Price sponsored the association. 1 The National Collegiate Association for Sec- retaries 2 NCAS officers: first row: Lynn Fulmer, historian; Geralyn McClure, president; |oni Wells, social chairman; second row: Kay Colvin, secretary; Connie Taylor, vice president Michelle Kizzee, publicity Foresters foster understanding Providing for more contact with professional foresters at a business and social level while furnishing an understanding of the functions and obligations of a professional organization were the ideas and beliefs of the Student Chapter of the Society of American Foresters. The chapter accomplished these goals through national and state conventions and group meetings with local forestry professionals. The society was active in many areas. A benefit dance was held at Snoopy ' s, the Wilson scholarship fund was awarded, intramural teams competed in volleyball and basketball and a group traveled to the state and national convention. 11 E ] 1 OFFICERS: Sue Humason, vice president; Heather lohnson, publicity chairman; Joanne Lenahan, publicity chairman; Mary Haecker, president; Dr. H Reeves, advisor; Sophia Sanchez, secretary treasurer 2. STUDENT CHAPTER SOCIETY OF AMERICAN FORESTERS: First row: Tracy Havins, Melanie Vanlandingham, Mystie Wilson, Heather lohn- son, Sophia Sanchez, Ann Snow, joyce Cass, Nora Ybarra, Lauri Engelhardt, Tracy Kremer Second row: Gilbert Harrison, jim Bing, Wanda Hockenbrocht, Kathy Kroll, Karen Browne, Sue Humason, |ohn Roese, Mike Bomberger, Vic Stewart, Terry Bell. Third row: Paul Mueller, Sam Shupe, Al Schmidt, Robin Willhoite, Bar- bara Hyde, Herschel Reeves, Terry Master, Mary Haecker, john Ellis, )oanne Lenahan, Jeff Tweed, Bronco Maisel, David Carter. Professional 145 Club promotes education The purpose of the SFA Prelaw Club was to provide information to prelaw and paralegal students about law school and the legal profession. Activities for the year included field trips to the district court and to law schools and speakers from legal professions. The Prelaw Club was sponsored by Dr. Don Gregory and Gil Altom was president. Sigma Delta Chi The Society of Professional journalists, Sigma Delta Chi, was the oldest and largest organization of journalists in the world. Campus and professional chapters worked together to inform the public about the fight for Freedom of Information. The purpose of Sigma Delta Chi was to encourage fellowship among journalists while also trying to educate members on ethics. One of the chapter ' s major functions was raising money for the legal defense fund of the national chapter. To be a member of Sigma Delta Chi, a student must show a dedication to journalism, print or broadcast, and have at least a sophomore standing. Sigma Delta Chi was sponsored by Mr. David Whillock, and Bill Hunt was president. 2 1. Prelaw Club: First row: Gil Altom, president; )ane Dllllnger, treasurer; Rick lllmer, vice presi- dent; Kelly Ballow, Ted Strahan. Second row: Lynette Pierce, Tommy Tucker, Jeff Chapman, Allison Garrett, Shannon Rankin, Ricky Renshaw J. David Greenberg, Dr Donald Gregory, spon- sor. 2. Sigma Delta Chi: First row: Toby Drake, Dan Kane, Liz Marr, Donna Essler, Kim Keyes. Second row: |oi Ross, Bill Hunt, |ill lopling, Sue Perkins, fall sponsor. 146 — Special Interest STRAPS works on nature trail during semester The Student Texas Recreation and Parks Society, better known as Straps, worked on a nature trail at Lake Nacogdoches for the City Parks Department. Other organized activities included canoe and backpacking trips, guest speakers and field trips. The club ' s objective was to provide students an opportunity to gain knowledge and practical experience in recreation. This year STRAPS had an increase of approximately 10 members. Dr. Michael Legg sponsored the Student Texas Recreation and Parks Society and Rick Gregory served as president. Other officers included Sophia Sanchez, vice president; Joanne Lenahan, treasurer; and Paul Mueller, secretary. 1. STRAPS: first row: Wanda Hackenbrocht, Beth Needham, Sophia Sanchez, Lisa Carrey, Cheri Vialle second row: )oanne Lenahan, Rick Gregory, Paul Mueller, Cary Coker, Larry Nicky 2. Officers: Rick Gregory, president; Sophia Sanchez, vice president; )oanne Lenahan, trea- surer; Paul Mueller, secretary. Special Interest— 147 Biology Club, vocational homemaking teachers foster interest in professions I BIOLOGY CLUB: First row: Rick Kroll, Philip Reynolds, Berry Fleming, Virginia Bowers, Charles Beall, jerry Precise, David Norman, Kathy McCuire, Emily Kerr, Janet Neel, Jennifer Matos. Second row: Mark Dalhoff, John Roese, Lisa Taylor, kirn kelman, Terri Wagner, Thomas Cusack, David Mahaffey, Greg Rupert, Alicia Rooks, Kay Fisher. Third row: Jimmy Fischer, Vickie Reat, Cindy Loose, Jane Leeves, Elizabeth Fountain, Cathy Santanello. 2. OFFICERS: First row: limmy Fischer, vice president; Kay Fischer, reporter-historian. Second row: Vickie Reat, president; David Mahaffey, secretary; Jennifer Matos, sponsor. 3. HOMEMAKING TEACHERS ' OFFICERS: lamie Hines, president; Laura Shivers, adviser: leannie Sowell, secretary-treasurer. 4. VOCATIONAL HOMEMAKING TEACHERS: First row. Angelia Patterson, Reba Crocker, Shirley Sisk, Lori Damskov, Margaret Blackwall, Kim Koonce, Gloria Priest. Second row: Donna Sims, Judy Finley, layne lohnson, Elizabeth Kramer, Petnna Cude, Jeannie Sowell, Kathy Horndt, Jamie Hines, Heidi Krouse. m 148 — Professional BORN fosters nursing ideals BORN, the Baccalaureate Organization of Registered Nurses, is a professional organization which encourages creative work and fosters high professional standards among nurses. The group also strives to strengthen commitments to the ideals and purposes of the profession. The SFA chapter sponsored a blood pressure screening booth at the County fair and conducted a community health education program this year. 4 1. Mrs. Bobbie McCollough, SFA nursing student, takes Lamerle Sears ' blood pressure at the county fair 2. OFFICERS: First row: Pattie Miller, vice president; Sandra Smith, president; Cathy Perry, representative; Val Henderson, faculty adviser. Second row: Bobbie McCullough, representative; ]an Carrell, representative and historian; )une Newberg, secretary. 3. First row: Donna Buckholt, )ohn Sepmoree, Mary Bass, Billy Havens, Val Henderson. Second row: Anita Atchley, Donna Hearn, |udy Spruill, Pattie Miller, Sandra Smith, Phyllis Colson, Cathy Perry, jan Carrell. Third row: Bobbie McCullough, |une Newberg, (enny Conn, Linda Spmks, Brenda Payne, Elizabeth Steckley. Professional — 149 Speech and Hearing Club hosts audiologist This year the Speech and Hearing Club hosted Mark Koppleman, an audiologist from the Texas Children ' s Hospital in Houston. Another activity for the club included attending the Texas Speech and Hearing Conference in San Antonio, and the Southwest Speech Conference held in San Marcus during April. The club also held a bake sale, and helped in the Student Organization Fair. The purpose of the Speech and Hearing Club was to promote speech and hearing, and the awareness of them on campus. Anyone who had an interest in speech and hearing could join the Speech and Hearing Club. However, the club consisted mainly of speech and hearing majors this year. The club was sponsored by Dr. Elnita Stanley, and Lisa Logan was president. ■■m 1. Officers: Wendy Swanson, treasurer, Missy Cook, reporter, Lisa Logan, president, Linda Bedford, secretary, Ellen Pokorny, vice presi- dent, )oan Lynch, historian 2. Speech and Hearing Club: First row: Tami Lang, Susan Snowden, Kimberlie lones, lay Anna Holcomb, Shari Chennault, Ellen Pokorny, Second row: Missy Cook, Wendy Swanson, Zina Yzuierdo, lulie Ritch, |ena Williams, Dr. Elnita Stanley, Third row: loan Lynch, Laura Cantu, Patti Thompson, Denecia Dodson, Lisa Logan. BSU provides fun, recreation in a religious atmosphere 1. BSU Group. 2. OFFICERS: First row: Paula Perucca, publicity chairman; Jeanette lones, senior citizens; Don Allen, worship; Allyson Martin, president. Second row: Greta Maeha, evangelism chairman; Twyla Dunn, campus missions; Shawn Shannon, ass ' t. director; Brenda Sanders, campus evangelism; Teresa Tennison, social noon luncheon Third row: lay Hardy, intramurals chairman; Dennis Wicker, Lufkin State School; Bill Long, children ' s missions; Dave Jobe, director; Phillip Baird, student center; Kelly Blake, programs; Fourth row: Ginger Starr, Summer missions; Nanette Myers, daystar; Mary Haggard, vice president; Felicia Hyatt, bible study; Pam Mengo, women ' s intramurals. 3. A BSU member ladles up soup for the Poor Man ' s Dinner 4 All money raised at the Poor Man ' s Dinner went to world hunger Bible Chairs— 151 Canterbury Association provides guidance The Canterbury Association was a fellowship of joy, openness, love and acceptance. The Canterbury was a spiritual community in a college setting where the members attempted to maintain a balance between their intellectual, emotional and spiritual areas of life. They tried to search for truth, purpose and meaning of life as faithful followers of Jesus Christ. The Canterbury planned approximately six retreats for the year. These trips included visiting Bolivar Peninsula in Galveston, climbing mountains in Arkansas and visiting the Camp Allen Retreat Center. Every Sunday night the Canterbury offered a dollar dinner and a program. They also offered a discussion group on Tuesday afternoons and communion on Wednesday nights at the Christ Episcopal Church. The Canterbury Association was sponsored by Drs. Joy and Hershal Reeves. The Chaplain for the Canterbury was Rev. Mike Falls. 1 Canterbury Association: first row: Ginny Sing- er, Laura Sorrells, lay jackson, Shenay Lewallen, Callie Lewallen; second row: |ohn Oldaker, KK Mosby, Karla Burton, Deborah Cooper, Charla King, Konnie Keenon, Gigi Antoni, Sarah Butler, third row lohn Brown, Corky McNiel, Laurin kasehagen, Liz Kerridge, Sandy Parham, Rebec- ca Denison, Kristen Carlson, Nikki Massengill, Kathy Pensyl, Leslie Smith; fourth row: Steve Scales, Danny Dayton, Rev. Mike Falls, )ack Helin, David Lipps, Eric Hansen, R.S. Geiger. 2. Tuesday discussion group is directed by Rev. Mike Falls. 152— Religious Catholic Center offers Christian spirit 2 1. Catholic Student Center during mass. 2. Fa- of Catholic Student Center sing hymns ther Beads performs communion 3. Members The Catholic University Center offered students and faculty a chance for sharing in a Christian community spirit. Daily mass, retreats, Sunday night dinners, dances and service projects were just a few of the activities that the Catholic Center participated in this year. The Catholic Center had an increase of 100 members over last year. There were no requirements for membership in the Catholic University Center. The Rev. Jim Young and the Rev. Michael Jamail sponsored the Catholic Center and the officers were Brian Pierce, Karen Mass, Dave )udson and Laurie Rushlaw. 3 Religious — 153 New Harvest Concerts host Servant New Harvest Concerts was a group of students dedicated to bringing contemporary Christian concerts to SFA. NHC, a campus ministry, tried to reach people for )esus through this Christian music. NHS produced several free outdoor concerts and also sponsored a number of ticketed indoor concerts. One of the concerts this year was Servant, a Christian rock group. There are no requirements for membership in NHS. This year NHC had an increase of 15 members over last year. Sponsor for New Harvest Concerts was Howard Page. The president of NHC was Tim Lacy. 154 — Religious Yellow House offers fellowship 2 The Yellow House was a student center supported by individuals and congregations of the Churches of Christ. It was under the direction of )ohn Thorton. Michael Fortson, campus minister, served as administrator, teacher and counselor at the Yellow House. The purpose of the Yellow House was to provide facilities for a program of Bible studies, fellowship, counseling, recreation and relaxation. The student center was open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for any interested SFA students. 1 Students at the Yellow House thrive on fellowship 2 YELLOW HOUSE members: First row: Clenda Bellamy, Lee Ann Kimbrough, leanie Westbrook, Linda Sapp, Tammy Hudson, Deanna DeBruin, Second row: Brian Shaw, Meagan McDonald, Laura Cainey, Deneen Reynolds, Kraig Yarbrough, Melinda Stanaland, Angie Martmo, Mike Fortson (director); Third row: Kent johnson, Billy Moran, Brad Gray, Keith Christian, lames Burkhalter, Kevin Mmatrea; Fourth row: Debbie Ferguson, Paula Prewitt, Susie Mariano. Religious— 155 Wesley committed to sharing The Wesley Foundation, a unified group of Methodists, invited students to worship, fellowship, serve and study in a Christian setting. The organization was committed to sharing the love of Jesus Christ with every individual on campus. The SFA foundation was established in 1950 with a dedication " to the glory of God. " The Wesley ' s kept a busy schedule. There was a Bible study and choir rehearsal every Tuesday, chapel was held on Wednesday evenings and Sunday evening dinners were served. 1 ( l ) WESLEY FOUNDATION: FIRST ROW: Missy Cook, Laraine Teel, Linda McMahon SECOND ROW: Terri Jernigan, Denise McClendon, Anne Ray, Lydia Yauch, Kim Cooper THIRD ROW: Wayne Jacobs, laylynn Van Marel, Beth Love, Lester Ruth, Rev Randy Warren, sponsor. FOURTH ROW: Jeffrey Gage, Donald Hart, Bill McDowell, Mike Tabb, Tim Eden, Robert Bradley, Kurt Smith. (2.) Wesley ' s fellowship at a weekly meeting. (3.) OFFICERS: laylynn Van Marel, treasurer; Missy Cook, secretary; jeff Cage, president; Lydia Yauch, vice president Religious Spiritual growth goal of MBSF Sponsored by the Nacogdoches Missionary Baptist Church, the MSBF of SFA was a thriving minsitry. The spirtial growth of students was their primary goal and to achieve it the group provided many activities, to name a few; regular weekly meetings, open retreats and campus devotionals. The MSBF cordially invited everyone to fellowship in a sincere and warm atmosphere. 1. OFFICERS: Pam Mathes, Diana Stephenson, Troy Tracy, Kristi Magness, (anice Francis. 2. MISSIONARY BAPTIST STUDENT FELLOWSHIP: FIRST ROW: janice Francis, Janette Scribner, Ja- nice Stephenson, Kristi Magness, Pam Mathes SECOND ROW: Diana Stephenson, Robert Francis, Troy Tracy, Sonia Godsey, Gary Rob- erts, Dee Roberts Religious — 157 Assembly of God Student Center holds concert The main project for the Assembly of God Student Center this year was a benefit concert for world hunger featuring Servant, a Christian rock group. Other activities for the student center included retreats, bible studies and the David Wilkerson Crusade. The purpose of the Assembly of God Student Center was to provide a dynamic Christian fellowship for believers of all denominations to worship. The center also equipped students to minister to fellow students. The only requirement for membership in the Assembly of God Student Center was for a person to be a believer. There were 50 members in the student center this year. Dr. Wayne Boring sponsored the Assembly of God Student Center and Zac Ellis was president. 1. Officers: Vickie Scott, secretary, Denny Mill- er, pastor, Karen Anderson, treasurer, Mike Nesbit, student leader, Curtis Reider, president, Ed Bass, campus minister. 2. Assembly of God members: First row: Robert Dickens, Pattie Grigsby, Kathleen Pedigo, Karm Glenn, Carolyn Crabtree, Ken Smith, Deborah Newton, Teresa Smith, Karen Anderson, Coleen Hendrickson Second row: Vickie Scott, Cheryl Pyle, Rachel Nesbit, Kay Khoury, Gwen Smith, Paul Cunning- ham, Kathy Cunningham, Gary Willmon Third row: Denny Miller, Dennis Glazener, Ronnie Rice, J.R. Anderson, Phillip Hood, Curtis Reider, Curtis Butler, Mike Nesbit. 158— Religious 1. Rachel and Mike Nesbit listen attentively to the speaker. 2. Karin Glenn and Deborah Newton perform for Assembly of God Center 3. Members sing in Christian fellowship Religious— 159 Angels learn basic skills Building self confidence while learning basic survival and camping skills was the objective of the SFA Austin Angels. The dedicated group of women were required to complete one semester of pledgeship in order to become an Angel. Pledgeship consisted of 22 hours of classroom training and two campouts. The group participated in the Jerry Lewis Labor Day Telethon, co- sponsored the Gold Bar mini- marathon, hosted survival labs for Raguet Elementary School and sponsored campouts. The Austin Angels were under the guidance of Geoffrey Miller. I. AUSTIN ANGELS: First row: Carol Morgan, )ane McClain, Anita Fielder, Marsha Ewing, Gi- sele Delahoussage. Second row: Major Geof- frey Miller, advisor; Donna Harkenrider, Paige Alexander, Suzy Rogers, Anne Key, Sherry Vojtek. 160 — Special Interest Austin Guard ranked third in Texas The SFA Austin Guard provided color guards at SFA sporting events and at community functions. The guard also competed in intercollegiate sports at the University of Texas, Texas A M and Trinity University during the spring. The guard was the third ranked unit in Texas. The guard ' s primary purpose was to build confidence in its men and to proudly represent SFA. 7 2 1 OFFICERS: Commander John Thilman and Deputy Commander Philip Binkley. 2. AUSTIN GUARD: First row: Gregory Welsing, lames Dil- lon, Robert Davis, Second row: Assistant Sargeant Gregory Buck, Philip Binkley, Karl Hayhurst, Troy Wood, Barry Madden, Captain William Crow, adviser. Special Interest — 161 1 Fundamentals of English basic goal of BESO The Bilingual Education Student Organization encouraged students to learn English. In fact, the goal of the organization was to help students whose native language was not English to learn basic English techniques and apply this knowledge. Many of the students go back to their native countries and teach elementary and high school students the fundamentals of English. The group invited Ballet Folklorico to SFA and received a good response from students. Also, the organization attended a multi-cultural bilingual conference in Austin. The group was sponsored by Dr. Elvia Rodriguez. 1. OFFICERS: Caron Ohapin, parliamentarian; Nori Palacios, vice president; Connie Hamm, treasurer; Doris Mendoza, secretary; Ruben Mares, president. 2. BILINGUAL EDUCATION STUDENT ORGANZIATION: First row: Dr. Elvia Rodriguez, sponsor; Caron Chapin, Nori Palacios. SECOND ROW: Dr. ).A. Rodriguez, Ann Kenyon, Connie Hamm, Doris Mendoza, Ruben Mares. 162 — Special Interest Achievement goal of Council of Black Organizations The Council of Black Organizations primarily implemented the goals of helping individual students achieve their educational goals and assuring that the academic purpose of the University was emphasized in the total development of the individual. Among the activities initiated by the group was providing special events directly related to Afro-American heritage, offering activities and events that reinforced and promoted pride among those of Afro-American heritage and staging social activities. The Council was sponsored by Edwinna Palmer. 1. COUNCIL OF BLACK ORGANIZATIONS: SIT- TING: Andrea Cruse, Lasha Williams, Anntoinette Ayers. STANDING: Trazell Hayes Jr., Fozzie Cunningham, Cherrie lones, Alton Frailey. 2. OFFICERS: Trazell Hayes )r., treasurer; Alton Frailey, president; Anntoinette Ayers, vice president Special Interest — 163 Explorer Post 602, Campus Girl Scouts keep scouting alive If you enjoyed scouting when you were younger and hated to leave it, or if you thought you were too old to be a scout any more, cheer up! Campus Girl Scouts and Explorer Post 602 provide college age students an opportunity to continue scouting. The Explorers were mainly an outdoor group that enjoyed camping, hiking and canoeing this year. The Girl Scouts allowed former scouts to continue to be active in scouting and to teach workshops for younger scouts. The Girl Scouts sold cookies and held activities for scout troops. 1. EXPLORERS: First row: Cary Coker, Tim Quezada Second row: Olaf von Sehrwald, Tracy Kremer, Paul Jennings, loAnne Lenahan, Dana Shellhorn. 2. GIRL SCOUT OFFICERS: Pat Bittner, president; Dawn Lennon, vice president; lanice Bittner, treasurer 3 CAMPUS GIRL SCOUTS: First row: Cindy Mittanck, Dawn Lennon, Dorothy Johnson Second row: Elizabeth Grivas, Pat Bittner, Gwen Smith, lennifer Wolf, Dianna Myers. Third row: Anita Maynard, Tracy Robertson, Janice Bittner. Not pictured: Linda Aelds, Shannon Glidden, Gigi Underhill, Linda Hanson, Debbie Spears, Pat Gilbert, Kathy Finnacome, jinnie Singer. 164 — Special Interest Club provides learning experiences The Dramatic Interest Organization provided extracurricular learning experiences related to the performing arts. The group also served as an organized, informal communication between theater majors, minors, faculty and all interested in the enhancement of performing arts. The organization accomplished many tasks. A student lounge was constructed in the Griffith Fine Arts Building, students advertised Fine Arts activities and social entertainment was provided for members. 1. OFFICERS: Chuck Smith, president; Layne lackson, secretary; Sharon Kissner, vice president; Celise Moreau, treasurer. 2 DRAMATIC INTEREST ORGANIZATION: Chuck Smith, Renee Richardson, Sarah Pavitt, lanelle lensen, Layne lackson, Diana Gural, Dale-Ann Bean, Keith Baker, Celise Moreau, Dana Mullen, Sharon Kissner, Yolanda Medina Les Chercheurs promotes culture The SFA French Club was an active group which sought to stimulate interest in the French language culture and civilization. Also, the club tried to provide additional opportunities for students of French to exercise and improve their skill as they used the French language. Some of the functions of Les Chercheurs de la Source, the club ' s official name, included a booth at the Fall Fantasy Fair, bake sales, cultural events and academic scholarships. Students could join the French Club by expressing an interest in French culture, language or civilization. Les Chercheurs was sponsored by Dr. J.R. )ones and Dr. Bonnie Todd. (1) Bill William, French Club president, takes a helping of shrimp gumbo at a French Club par- ty held at Dr Jones ' home. (2) FRENCH CLUB: FIRST ROW: Anissa Borg, Brenda Habeggar, Jennifer Hart, Shelly Brown, Ruth Cornelius, Kathy Row SECOND ROW: Terrie Copelin, Sabayna Ballard, Kim Nichols, Paula lacobson, lulie Adams, Perian Heap, Carol Faw. THIRD ROW: Dr JR. Jones, sponsor; Gary Moynihan, Mark Frazier, Bill William, Cindy Hornsby, Chris- tine Bennett, Darlene Wilson. 166 — Special Interest Reading Association visits San Antonio The International Reading Association promoted reading and encouraged better reading skills. The professional organization was dedicated to this endeavor. The group raised money to attend the IRA convention in San Antonio by holding bake sales and cleaning professor ' s homes for a nominal fee. The International Reading Association was sponsored by Dr. Mary Appleberry. I INTERNATIONAL READING ASSOCIATION: First row: Dr. Mary Appleberry, sponsor; Bren- da Hoy, Diana Luna, Lou Ann Leander, Sharon Schwing, Cathy Rodgers Second row: Leigh Langlinais, Chellie Heap, Claire Parnell, Carolyn Smith, landee Wood. 2. Officers: Dr Mary Appleberry, sponsor; Brenda Hoy, historian; Diana Luna, secretary; Cathy Rodgers, treasurer; Sharon Schwing, vice president, Lou Ann Lean- der, president. 2 SFA Rugby Football Club strives to regain collegiate title I First row Vance Collins, Kevin Mook, Bobby killion, Scott Sullivan, David Rourke, Dan Woolcock, led Day, David Norman, (amie Powers Second row: Marty Martin, Howard Thibeaut, Ralph Wiggins, Wayne Costin, Chris Boucher, Rick Snelling, john Hankamer, Mike Boorom, Dale jenkins, David Cue. Third row: Rob Vantil, Greg Zanoff, Bob Frank, Todd Grove, Ron Isbell, Barry Parish, Mike Weaver, Ron Callahan, Robert Daniels, Toby Devine, David Reed, Steve Nucci, jack Germaine, Scotter lentsch, Bob Fleet. 2. Two SFA ruggers break with the ball. 3. A rugger throws the ball into the line out. 3 168— Sports The SFA Rugby Football Club competed with other organizations while promoting the university and the sport of rugby football by producing top quality players at the collegiate level. They did so under the guidance of the United States of America Rugby Football Union. They were state champions in 1978 and second in the state open division in 1981. Their goal this year was to regain the state championship. This year the club received its own portion of the intramural field, purchased its own set of goal posts, bleachers and scrum sled. Sports— 169 Clubs promote knowledge The aim of the Computer Science Club was to promote interest in the field of computer science and to provide increased knowledge of the science and a means of communication between persons having an interest in computers. The Computer Science Club ' s activities included field trips, a bowling tournament, a programming contest, a Christmas party, a spring picnic and speakers. The Computer Science Club was sponsored by Dr. Craig Wood and Yvonne Naquin was president. 1. Computer Science Club 2 Computer Sci- ence Club officers: Sitting: Barbara McMahon, secretary; Yvonne Naquin, president. Back row: Fred Nelson, vice president; Diana Peterson, treasurer 3 The Fitness Club is sponsored by Dr. Ray Worsham. 4. Fitness Club: First row: Stacie Meggenberg, Phillip Hay, Dawn Manning. Sec- ond row: Bert Gutierrez, supervisor, Mary Reed, Katherine Day, Darla Bailey The goal of the Fitness Club was to promote better physical fitness and to provide information for general fitness, weight lifting and body building for anyone affiliated with SFA. The Fitness Club was supervised by Bert Gutierrez and sponsored by Dr. Ray Worsham. 170 — Special Interest Babes support baseball team The 1981-82 Baseball Babes were Cheryl Anthony, Lisa Bennett, Kim Burleson, Maria Evans, Kim Henderson, Julie Hughes, D ' Ann Laine, Nancy Leake, Jenny Medlin, Marianne Riggs, Lisa Ross and Joanne Triola. The Baseball Babes were organized to support the baseball team. The girls attended all the home games and as many out of town games as possible. They sold tickets at the games, raised money for the team and played host to the opposing teams. This year ' s president was Kim Burleson. 1. Baseball Babes: First row: Kim Burleson, |en- row: Nancy Leake, Marianne Riggs, julie ny Medlin, Cheryl Anthony, Renee Herbert. Hughes, Lisa Bennett, Kim Henderson, Lisa Ross, Second row: D ' Ann Lame, Maria Evans. Third loanne Triola. Special Interest — 171 Club promotes public relations The Sylvans Club was an organization whose purpose was to develop competent, aggressive forestry leaders, promote an interest in forestry and foster goodwill throughout the community. The club, established in 1946, was known throughout the area for their tree services and lumberjack exhibitions. The Sylvans participated in San Augustine Forestry Day, Pineland Day and SFA ' s Lumberjack Day. The Sylvans Club was sponsored by Dr. James Howard and Dr. Mike Fountain. 1. OFFICERS: Mystie Wilson, treasurer; Sue Humason, reporter; Terry Bell, work project vice president; Dr. ]ames Howard, sponsor; Wanda Hockenbrocht, historian; Joyce Gass, secretary; Martie Hanson, reporter, Nick Harri- son, parliamentarian; Mary Haecker, vice presi- dent; Stick Lamar, president; Dr. Mike Fountain, sponsor; David Carter, conclave vice president; Tom Hanson, work project vice president. 2. SYLVANS CLUB: First row: Heather lohnson, Su- zanne Reedy, Nora Ybarra, Barbara Hyde, Lau- rie Engelhardt, loyce Cass, Nick Harrison, Mystie Wilson, Sandy Samad. Second row: loanne Lenahan, Tracy Havins. Third row: Joe Lantrip, Brett Mazell, Rick Gregory, Sue Humason, Dr. Mike Fountain, David Ivans, Dam Mott, Tom Hanson, Martie Hanson, Wanda Hockenbrocht, Stick Lamar, Joey Cavazos, Vic Stewart, Sophia Sanchez, Mary Haecker, Tom Barton, Nancy Boileau Fourth row: Bertha Macias, Robert Barth, Sam Shupe, Steve Best, Tracy Kremer, John Ellis, Melanie Vanlandingham, David Glenn, Paul Mueller, John Roese, David Carter, Ann Snow, Steve Ba- ker, Terry Masten, Robert Stevens, Phil Tappe Fifth row: Tom Weidmer, Ceorgianna Gilbert, Terry Bell, Karen Browne, Gail Denkhaus. 172 — Special Interest HPE Majors ' Club boasts TAHPER pres ' The Health and Physical Education Majors ' Club was a group of people who strived to promote interest in health and physical education, advance standards of the profession, cooperate with state and national education associations and encourage greater social and professional cooperation among health and physical education majors, faculty and alumni. The group went to the Texas Association for Health, Physical Education and Recreation convention held in Houston this year. Dr. Carolyn B. Mitchell of SFA served as president of TAHPER. 1 OFFICERS: Sheryel Gooch, first vice presi- dent; Carolyn Maddry, president; Pattie Marek, public relations; Jeannell Smith, secretary treasurer; Minda Cupit, second vice president 2. H P E. MAJORS ' CLUB: FIRST ROW: Toni Copeland, Carolyn Maddry, Shari Loomer, Julie Griffith, Nancy Lewis, Katie Black, Sharon Eng- lish SECOND ROW: Jackie Holmes, Jan Lee, Pattie Wooley, Minda Cupit. FOURTH ROW: Patti Marek, Teri Langford, Jimmy Schroeder, Sheryel Gooch, Beverly Hester, Randy Atchison, Greg Samford, FOURTH ROW: Delia Bryant, Jill McClenny, Deb Scarborough, Marilyn Simmins, Sandy Parham, Rhonda Shaw. Professionals — 173 Clubs represent special interests The purpose of the Spanish Club was to obtain a better understanding of the Spanish language, its culture and its people. Among their annual projects were a campus raffle and a cultural dinner or trip. Nationally, 1981 was the Year of the Disabled Person, and at SFA students and faculty members were working toward the goal of " full participation and equality. " The Student Handicapped Association gave handicapped students a place to discuss their problems and find solutions to them. Any handicapped student or interested faculty member or student was eligible. 1. SPANISH CLUB: First row: MaLuisa Mendoza, Paula lacobson, Lisa Castor. Second row: Kelli Vrla, Lucy Mendoza, Nelda Mancha, Doris Mendoza 2. STUDENT HANDICAPPED ASSOCIATION: First row: Dana Cunningham, David Starr, Linda Starr Second row: Laura Cunningham, Benedict Carter, Zane Bennett. 3. Laura and Dana Cunningham (right) are two students benefitting from improvements to aid the handicapped on campus 4 David Starr and son, Robert, are a familiar sight on the SFA campus 174 — Special Interest SGA represents all interests Student government serves to represent student interests in all spheres of University policy. It seeks the overall improvement of life. 1. First row: Missy York, James Cray, Gale Morton, jerry Davis, David louth, Robbin Best, Len Dingier Second row: Pamela Haddox, Dara DuPont, Sue Schwartz, Michelle Martin, Corinthia Rutledge, Leah Poston, Lisa Katz, Julie Reys, Lisa French, Karrie Frazier, Brenda Ledbetter. Third row: Spencer Stauffer, Brad Coodale, Mike Gray, Greg Samford, Ellis Vachon, Leonard Stewart, Ken Schaefer, Lee Howie, Dee Tribble, Mike Schutt 2. Richard lordon, Malakoff freshman, surveys the day ' s donations from the blood drive. 3. First row: Shannon Glidden, executive secretary; Ann Brady, senate secretary; Annella Bennett, finance vice president; Lori Higgins, external vice president. Second row: Greg Richards, rules and regulations vice president; Ross Crowe, treasurer; Doug Meyers, speaker of the senate; Marilea Murray, president; Yvonne King, public relations. 3. SUPREME COURT: First row: Lorri Cavness, clerk, Mary Bodley, chief justice. Second row: Clark Sherman, Chris Sonnier. Third row: Kirby Smith. Special Interest— 175 Pine Log covers SFA news Fall staff 176 — Communications TT - ™ mi i—MM 1 Editor — Richard LaGow. 2 Advertising staff — leni Wehrmeyer, fall manager; jill (opling, Donna Essler, spring manager. 3. Reporters — Mary Ann Grayson, Bill Hunt, Tony Williams, Paula Perucca, Ian Kietzman. Not pictured — Liz Lawless, Mark Fleming, copy editor. Published on Tuesdays and Fridays, except during exam periods, The Pine Log is the student newspaper of SFA. It covered not only campus news, but also city and county news and any items of interest in the state or nation. Journalism majors and minors applied each semester and qualified editors were chosen by the Student Publications Committee. The staff included editorial, sports, advertising and photography departments which gave hopeful journalists an opportunity to apply their skills in a true-to-life situation. Communications — 177 Spring staff gains new leadership As the Fall Semester came to a close, applications were reviewed and some new staff were added to the Spring 1982 Pine Log staff. Some of the older staff either graduated or ventured into different areas of communications. Fall editor Richard LaGow was appointed chief photographer and Donna Essler was named advertising manager after Jeni Wehrmeyer graduated . The experience gained from fall staff equipped many of the spring staff with invaluable knowledge that helped to produce a top quality biweekly publication. at. (1) Pam Hesser, spring editor. (2) Liz Lawless, associate editor. (3) Carl Furry, staff reporter. (4) Rowena Green, staff reporter. (5) Bill Hunt, associate editor 5 178 — Communication Rodeo club sponsors NIRA rodeo 1 OFFICERS: First row: Heidi Willey, treasurer; lanet Gregg, secretary; Barbara White, historian; Maureen Olert, corresponding secretary Second row: |ohn Kirk, coach; Mike Parmley, president; limmy Hunt, vice president; Buddy Lewis, 2nd vice president. 2. A cowboy readies his gear 3. The clown is a welcome addition to bull riding. 4. Bulldogging requires a good cowboy and a steady horse. 5. A cowgirl prepares to rope her calf. 180 — Special Interest 1. First row: )ohn Kirk, Gary Clark, Tom Weidmer, Bert Gutierrez, )oe Puntch, Mark Norman, Mike Parmley, jimmy Hunt, Kreg Sorsoleil, lanet Gregg, Barbara White. Second row: Scott Echols, Kayla losey, Schelle Baugh, Darla Bailey, Mark Stewart, Jeff Cannon, Robert Taylor, Michael Fraser, Douglas Loop, Charles Savage, Paul Taylor, Joe Essler, Jon Hunt, Buddy Lewis. Third row: Jenny Carlson, Shelly Stubblefield, Frances Warren, Marprie Rollins, Terri Keller, Kathy Rudolph, Heidi Willey, Sharon Weir, Elizabeth A lmany, Linda Lehmkell, Lori Miller, Dana Gehrung, Donna Essler, Danna Bailey, Maureen Olert, Tish Floyd. 2. TEAM: Johnny Kirk (coach), Mike Parmley, Jimmy Hunt, Buddy Lewis, Mark Norman. 3. Ride ' em cowboy 1 Special interests — 181 UC Programs provide education entertainment Cinema Arts Diversions The Cinema Arts Committee presented a variety of films to please all tastes, including M A S H, Ordinary People, Excalabur, The Elephant Man and Harold and Maude. Committee members sold tickets to these events and operated a concession stand. The Diversions Committee offered alternate entertainment for students. Entertainment for the Fall Fantasy Fair and Jim Richey and Bejae, a coffeehouse singing duo, were among entertainment sponsored by the committee this year. 1 A Cinema Arts Committee member sells cokes before a movie. 2. |im Richey and Bejae, a coffee house duet, perform in the Hungry lack Inn. They were sponsored by the Diver- sions Committee. 3. CINEMA ARTS COMMIT- TEE: First row: Karen Holmer, Susan Bird, Mary Holman, Bnana Hammack, Linda Kelly Second row: loel lones, Valerie Cooley, lane McClaing, Peter Steiger, Heather Wright, Kim Nonmacher. 4 DIVERSIONS COMMITTEE: Tern Crump, Kelly Corser, Lisa Eubank, Ron Beard, Tommy McCurdy — UC Committees Travel Committee Program Board The Travel Committee planned and sponsored trips to various points of interest. This year ' s trips included ventures to the Renaissance Festival, and Wurstfest and a skiing trip to Colorado. The Program Board consisted of the chairpersons of all the UC committees. This board serves as a clearinghouse for all UC-sponsored events. 1. The Amazing Randi, a psychic debunker, was sponsored by the Fair and Carnival committee. Randi lectured on psychic fakes and their methods. 2. TRAVEL COMMITTEE: First row: Lori Lawrence, Lia Dutton, Cheryl Novak, Susan Hargis, Debra Howard, Cathy Bellfichard, Tracie Theodore Second row: Wendi Collier, Stacye Stivers, Stephanie Hoefer, Krista Kline, Sherry Hamner, Darla Rash, Billy Carlson, Pam Willhelm, Lauren Black, Tom Barton. 3. PROGRAM BOARD: First row: Lisa Eubank, Kevin Minatrea, Sue Parman Second row: )oel (ones, Tom Barton, Kim Bakale, Eric Van Gorkom, Missy York. Third row: Kim Schafer, Leigh Cerringer, Rain Meyers, Marianne Fanning UC Committees— 183 Fashion Hospitality Committees The Fashion Committee was made up of student models and other interested students who planned and participated in several fashion shows. Among their shows were hair shows, bridal fairs and seasonal fashion shows. The Hospitality Committee made SFA fun for kids of all ages. They sponsored Easter egg hunts, Halloween parties, Christmas parties, swimming parties and a host of other events. They also produced the annual Madrigal Dinner during December. I A Mamselle models at the tall and winter fashion show held at the Ale Quail club. The show was sponsored by the Fashion Commit- tee 2. Gigi Lodahill, a member of the Hospital- ity Committee, entertains at the Halloween par- ty. 3. FASHION COMMITTEE. 4. HOSPITALITY COMMITTEE: Cindy Malonan, Tammy McCurdy, Terri Crump, Kim Scrafer, Bill Heimbach, Laura Sorrells, Mona Reynolds, Gigi Lodahill, Stacie Bagby and Patty Crosby. 184— UC Committees Fair, Carnival Etcetera Committees The Fair and Carnival committee plan two of the biggest events on campus each year: the Fall Carnival and the East Texas Country Fair in the spring. This committee planned the Fall Fantasy Fair, but unfortunately it was called off due to rain. Extracurricular classes in interesting and informative topics such as pottery, aerobic dance exercise and dorm survival were sponsored by the Etcetera committee. For a small fee, interested students learned a new skill, helped improve their lifestyle or exercised their not-so-in-shape bodies. Instructors for these classes were usually SFA students. 1. Rusty Steiger and the Hutsah Puppet Theatre puppets performed the Hobbitt in conjunction with the Fall Fantasy Fair. 2. ETCETERA COMMITTEE: Joel )ones, Kim Schafer, Eric Van Gorkom, Leigh Gerringer. 3. Debbi Hightower tells fortunes with her tarot cards during the Day of Surprises, sponsored by UC Programs. 4, FAIR AND CARNIVAL COMMITTEE: First row: Rain Meyers, Missy York, Ronni Hanner, Leigh Gerringer. Second row: Jeff Wells, Laurie Ramsey, Tom Barton, Sheila Clary. UC Committees— 185 Outdoor recreation The Outdoor Recreation Committee promoted and coordinated several " outdoorsey " events this year. They included trips camping, canoeing and rock-climbing. They also sponsored a frisbee golf tournament on campus. 1 A host of spooks haunted the UC-sponsored Halloween party. 2. OUTDOOR RECREATION COMMITTEE: First row: Terri Cardenaz, Eric Van Corkom, Tracey McClain. Second row: Kerri Curcoe, Mary Beth Cook, Julie Baiggers, Becky Belew. 3. Inclement weather did not cause a halt in the frisbee golf tournament. This event was sponsored by the Outdoor Recreation Committee. UC Committees Performing Arts, Public Relations Committees The Performing Arts Committee is in charge of booking concerts on the SFA campus. Though not well- attended, this year ' s concerts have all been " winners. " This year ' s concerts include the Little River Band and Poco, Michael Murphy and Ronnie Milsap. An integral part of UC Programs, the Public Relations Committee is responsible for keeping the students and all of East Texas informed about the happenings at SFA. Through the work of this committee, East Texas is informed about many of the school ' s affairs. 1. PERFORMING ARTS COMMITTEE 2. A committee member sells tickets. 3 Poco, the opening act for the Little River Band, was a crowd-pleaser 4. PUBLIC RELATIONS COMMITTEE: First row -Patty Crosby, Tern Floyd, Sherie Felderhoff, Kim Schafer Second row -Mike Lanagan, Steve Westbrook, Tom Barton, Lisa Eubank, Kim Bakale. UC Committees Karate club stimulates interest 1. Catherine Crumpler prepares to throw Dwight Newton. 2. OFFICERS: Dwight Newton, president; Catherine Crumpler, vice president; Christopher lones, treasurer; Liz Kerridge, secretary; Ronni Hanner, historian. 3. Mark Stinnett, karate instructor, demonstrates the correct way to kick. 4 First row: Liz Kerridge, Tim Boyle. Second row: Michael Pannitto, Ronni Hanner, Catherine Crumpler. Third row: Mark Stinnett, Keith Miller, Christopher lones, Dwight Newton, Guy Doane. The SFA Karate Club attempts to stimulate interest in karate as a sport and as an art. The club develops self- confidence, concentration and the meaning of respect of oneself and others. Classes are taught by Mark Stinnett and advanced studies include exercises, basic techniques and proper breathing. 188— Special Interest Unit 3 — Never a dull moment! First row: Hank Warden, secretary-treasurer; Galen Bennett, president; Rufus Cravens, vice president Second rwo: Todd Shaw, senator; Rob Fesslar, L C representative; Paul lennings, senator; John C Rogers, senator. Gibbs and Mays Hall GIBBS HALL First row Ada Garcia, Barbara Schmidt, Ann Gottselig, Cindy Kaplita, Sandy Hebert, Tran Hargrove, Linda Bontrager, Mary Pollard, Heather Wright. Second row: Alicia Peters, Leslie Currin, Laura Mitchell, Shanna Neft, Toby Travis, Gwen Smith, Francie Blake, Ian Davidson, Gail Trotter Third row: Cindy Cantrell, Ashley Snipp, Karen Borders, Winna Pledger, Leah Everett, Carla Peil, Dorian Griffith. Fourth row Patricia Wilson, Cindy Cannon, Cheryl Blodeett. Susan Boatman, Anissa Borg, Lisa Moetteh Fifth row: Holly Harl, Nanette Davis, Cindy Wallace, Cathy Hall, Cynthia Gaston, Vicki Ferguson, Lou Ann Richardson, Denise Seibert, Mary Holman, Sharon Langthorp, Khandi Handley. 190— Dorms Hall 10 and Kerr Hall First row Dorothy lohnson, Chamois Brooks, Shern Turner, Sandy McKenney, Konnie Keenon, Bnana Hammack, Sharon Nippert, Lacy Cook, Vanita Vargo, Shan Dooley, Laurie Logan, Laurel Holmgren Second row: lanette Smith, Shelley Francis, Chnsti Washburn, Laurie Glover, Cindy Heath, Sherne Porter, Kyra Richard, April Woods, Karen knauber, Ellen Claeser, Mar- go Swain Third row: lana Garner, Carol Rowden. Dawn Mo- rales, leannie Wagner, Colleen Hollmger, Dawn katz, Carol Scurlock, Lori Curtino, Laurie Hornsby, Mona kamel, Sheri Schoemeker, Teresa Schroeder, Susan Hutchins. KERR HALL: First row: M. Ante, S Latimer, L. Sintek, D White, R Churchman, k Bonnel, I Gresham, k Adair, B Freeman, P. Willhelm. B Beesmeyer, L. Free Second row: R Blake, S Bird, T Watkms, D Bulba, P Higginbotham, I. Harris, S Parker, M Volpe, A Carpenter, S Harwell Third row: S Stanley, k May, D Lennon, L Wasserman, C Cromer, C McClung Fourth row: M Curran, S Tuberville, K Usery, K. Colvin, S Lundee, K Corser, K. Myers, M. Fairchild, S Tidmore, V Varlles, S Bass, S Santiago, P Russell, S Bert Fifth row C Burton, R |or- dan, I Morgan, S Butler, ), Lucey, I Hudnail, L Sponheimer, D Shellhorn, G Delahouse, T Lopez, I Robertson, T. Schmitz, A Rutland, L Cole, S Hargis, A Hammer, R Mitchell, K Wood, C- Useary, E Ussery Sixth row: C. Baker, M. Solmonson, A Horton, V Dollar, K Robbins, D Wilson, P Lesmeister, D Moehnke, B Gilbert. Seventh row: K Collier, K Smith, I Wood, k McFarland, I. Galen, D Howard, P Grossenbacher, L Hall, I Elmer. I Bodholdt, k. Malone, B Stout, M Merten, V Perkey, H Tyler, S Wilson, A Budd, R. Hairgrove, I Hammock Eighth row: k Evans, |. lackson, k. Stewll, S Sanders, A. Hildebrand, R Presley. G Mongan, I Moser, I Ortiz, D Curtis, V Cooley, L. klingman, R Wiesman, S Wozniacki, |. Mixon, S. Stires, P Schwalbach, k Tanner, W Collier, T lackson, C lones, S Riggms Dorms— 191 North and South Halls NORTH HALL: First row Dawn Manning, Kelly Richards, Lisa Copeland. Karen Woodard, Shannon McGee Second row Darla Bailey, Mrs Connella, Stacey Rice, Shera Pruitt, Margaret Madigan, Kris Rhodes, Tern Crump Third row; Cindy McDurman, Lorn Cauness, Karen Williams Fourth row — Edith Record, Marjone Young, Nancy (ones, Mary Herman, Donna Mmton Fifth row — Brenda H, Krista Kline, Camilla Clark, Roxane Williamson Sixth row — Pat Gear, Karen Hudson, Beth lanson. Janice Mueller Seventh row — Michelle Wyatt, fane Burns, Donna Odum, Beverly O ' Keefe, Tammy McCurdy. Eighth row — Mary Ramsey, leannie Sowell, Helen Tarver, leanne Donnell, Diane Terry, Beverly Fletcher Ninth row — Khnsta Lay, Elaine Martar, Patti Marek. OUTH HALL First row -Carol Morgan, Melinda McBnde, Lauren Demarest, Karen Lewis, Holly McGinnes Second row- Tina Barns, Felica Hydes, )udy Stephen, Kathy Nado, Vicki Foster, Tina Taylor, Mary Winter, Sue Nelson, Bertha Macias Third row — Carolyn Hodgins, Cheryl Williamson, Donna Lubbers, Deborah Schrotder, Michiele McBnde, Susan Rasmussen, Kim Cooper Fourth row — Julie Hamil, Lynn Bailey, Carol Mahan, Marilyn Lisa Foreman, Debbie Fain. Nancy Wilson, Beth Flaggert Fifth row -Lisa Hibbard, Karen Cherry, Donna Batyin, Holly Kizer, Sarah Meffert, Linda Lahmkuhl, Sharon Weir Dorms— 193 Steen — a great place to live 1. Bonita Branch knows that studying and stereo go hand in hand 2. Marikay Norris, Dallas freshman, finds a few moments to do homework. 3. Steen Hall sponsored a dance Parents ' Day 4. Enter at your own risk! 194— Dorms I All male visitors must be signed in and out 2. First row: Claudia Phillips, Tristie Cooper, Kathy Seaman, Terri Floyd, Tracy Moran, repre- sentative; Debbie Stdtlander, Kelly Fitzsimons, loan Plassman, Becky Gardner, Karen Moresco, Stefanie Reifel, Sheri King, Mildred Treadway, representative. Second row: Susan Steele, presi- dent; Tamara Graham, east vice president; Danielle Bowman, west vice president; Carman Gonzalez, treasurer; Mary Ann Thomas, histori- an social chairperson. 3. Steen Hall residents 1 SFA ' s Racquetball Club, a new club on campus, got its start only last semester. But they grew quickly to 30 active members. The club promoted both intra- and inter-collegiate competition by sponsoring clinic play four times a week and also traveling a tournament schedule including Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston and San Marcos. The club ' s biggest project of the year was the SFA Racquetball Classic tournament. Last year ' s tourney saw more than 75 people from all over East Texas and Louisiana, and this year ' s was expected to be even better. The club ' s goal is to become a school-supported team, rather than a self-supported club. To accomplish this, they must show school officials a great team. 1. First row: Tina Stewart, Kathy Swiedom. Second row: Donna Crumley, Cynthia Oliver, Chuck Glona, Kelli Vrla, David Meyer, Steve Searles, Peggy Kaisershot. Third row: Julie Harper, Shelly Davis, Todd Brown, Ted Faust, Bob Butler, Steve Parker, Joe Lain, Mark Whitehead. 2. OFFICERS: First row: Kathy Swiedom, secretary; Kelli Vrla, president: Cynthia Oliver, vice president. Second row: Joe Lain, reporter; Steve Parker, treasurer. 3. Cynthia Oliver, Springtown junior, shows her great style. Racquetball Club organizes at SFA r RHA helps to coordinate dorm life The Residence Hall Association was composed of elected members of each dorm on campus. These members provided programming for hall residents, introduced legislation for hall improvements and represented the opinions of hall residents concerning administrative policies. 1. First row: Erin Wood, secretary, Marjorie Young, treasurer. Second row: Beverly Fletcher, vice president; Ray Barr, president. 2. First row: Susan Buchanan, Allan Heider, Todd Clark, Chris Lena, Barry Tiedt, Steve Willis, Roger Rice, Kurt Whiting, olaf von Sehrwald, Trent Coburn, Shelly Davis. Second row: Barbara Freeman, Tricia Light, Laurie Hornsby, Shelley Francis, Lauren Demarest, Donna Lubbers, Holly Hennard, Mike Macon, Vicky Lawson, Leah Everett, Cindy Kaplita, Cassie Owings, Billy Harrington. Third row: Edwina Wilks, Rene ' Ziebell, Tony Williams, Shera Pruitt, Marcia Williams, Gigi Underhill, Beth Masters, Lila Portilla, Susan Steele, Rob Fessler, Mildred Treadway, Paige Russell, Tammy DeGrazier Fourth row Kelly Corser, Mike Schutt, Erin Wood, Galen Bennett, Marjorie Young, Ray Barr, lennifer Boone, Beverly Fletcher, Jim Strand, Tracy Moran, Lisa Copeland, Sylvia Cantu Dorms— 197 Edited by Dana Gannon Panhellenic Council Row 1 Leesa Silvestri, Sharon Sparks, Mary Long, Leanne Hunter, Nancy Martch Row 2 Cynthia Beasley, Susan Keller, Debbie Lacy, Rebecca Feinberg, Sharon Benson, Karen Gromena, Laure Harkenrider, Norma Walker, Dean Earnestine Henry Row 3 Elaine Elder, Michelle DeFord, DeAnne Mason, Nancy Martin, Robin Rozell, DeDe Pearce, Robin Foster, Allison Denham Stephen F. Austin ' s Panhellenic Council works hard to bring the so- rorities together and support the Greek system. Each semester they co- ordinate women ' s fall and spring rush and sponsor a scholarship banquet. Panhellenic joins in with the Interfraternity Council to sponsor Greek Week. The Panhellenic Council consists of one head delegate and three alternates from each sorority. Dean Ernestine Henry is the adviser. 200— Creeks Left. Sharon Benson, Panhellenic president, and Dean Ernestine Henry, adviser. Below: Officers: Row 1: Michelle DeFord, social service; Nancy Martin, publicity: Elaine Elder, treasurer; Row 2: DeAnne Mason, vice president; Sharon Benson, president; Norma Walker, secretary. Greeks— 201 Interfraternity Council Row I s,,nn king Scott Hagy. Peler Okie, Stephen Smilh. Mike Fenton Tim Weir lohn Lms. Dirk Brown. Greg Blankenshi| . Chris Cornwall Kow J Courtney Blevms. Brel kimbro. Charles Brown. Doug Dyer loin Brashear. Paul McCollum. Gary McMillon. Matson Pearce. letl lowtly, Roger Molts. Dr William Porter Row 3 Michael Taylor. Risky Long, lames Yarborough. Ion Chumley Tom M.«k Keith Belk lim Naugle Ran Holman. Steve Scribner. Marty Martin 202— Greeks Officers: Dr. William Porter, adviser; Dirk Brown, secretary; Greg Blankenship, president; Sonny King, vice president; Courtney Blevins, treasurer. The Interfraternity Council is composed of three representatives from each fraternity on campus. The council meets weekly to discuss such issues as rush proceedures, Greek Week and the all-Greek scholarship banquet. The main purpose of IFC is to promote better relations between fraternities. Dr. William Porter, dean of student development, sponsors the council. Greeks — 203 Alpha Kappa Alpha Row 1: Barbara Barefield, Sharon Woodson, Evelyn Biggers, Anntionette Ayers. Row 2: Angela Ferguson, Fritzi Gouldsby, )ereline West, LaQuetta Dawson, Tracy Esco. Alpha Kappa Alpha was founded in 1908 at Howard Uni- versity and grew to its present national membership of over 75,000. There are 12 members in the SFA chapter. Their colors are apple green and salmon pink and their flower is the pink tea rose. As a service sorority, Alpha Kappa Alpha ' s chief aim is s ervice to all mankind. Officers: Row 1: Barbara Barefield, Evelyn Biggers. Row 2: Angela Fergu- son, Fritzi Gouldsby, fereline West, Anntionette Ayers, Tracy Esco. Greeks— 205 Acacia Charles Brown Art Bunten Ted Burton Craig Calbert Guy Carr lohn Chumley |oe Day Richard DeLeon Harry Dieter Craig Drake Max Fisbeck Paul Gleason Mike Hooper lettry (ones Charles kuykendall Kenneth Lucas Robby Mahan Michael Manslield lames Martin Scott McLeod lonathan Moehnng Donald Mullins lohn Ortega Mark Pederson Leo Poche Eric Schmepp Stephen Sharp Wesley Sprague Kevin Sykes Barry Williams lames Yarborough Raul Zepeda Julie Allen Patsy Anderson Francie Blake Bentley Bryant Cwenna Buchanan Ml Darling Ian Davidson Kathy Ferguson Angie Cammill Ann Cottened Stephanie Gray I )ebbie Hornbuckle Tonya lohnson Michel McCabe Cheryl Moehnng Susan Santiago Susan Snowden J i £ -A J IL President Harry Dieter Vice President Mike Mansfield Secretary Craig Calbert Treasurer jonathon Moehring 206— Creeks Acacia received its charter at SFA on April 12, 1975. Its colors are black and old gold and its flower is a sprig of acacia in bloom. For its service project Acacia donates blood to the Shriners Burn Institute in Galveston. Fraternity members also help at the East Texas Women ' s Shelter and the East Texas Special Olympics. Each year they sponsor an annual spring pool tournament and participate in Greek Week. Acacia Greeks— 207 Alpha Chi Omega Susan Amenci Debbie Ashley Andrea Ashton Marianne Ashy Karen Atwell Linda Aylward Lisa Baehr Debbie Barnes Cindy Barrett Lisa Beahan Martha Bilan Monika Bilan Brenda Boccien Linda Bonham Linda Browning Laurie Brummelt Belinda Burney kazie Buscher Gayla Carnaham kathy Carson Lisa Colburn Cindy Cunningham Tracy Dalton Susan Danlin Millye Darmstadler Robin Davis Jane Deason Mic helle DeFord Allison Denham Debbie Dillon Chantal Evans Kerryn Fisher lanet Funderburk Francis Cage Teri Gregory Beth Grosz Lisa Guarnacci Martha Leigh Hanby Shell Harwood Kim Hayward Renee Hebert Gigi lacks Deanne layroe (ana Lee lones lill lones kathy lones Elaine kartalis lanie kirk Anne kishpaugh Lon koop Nancy Leake Melanie Manstield Maureen Marroquin Bejie McDowell Melissa McDowell Lori Mckenzie Stacy Middleton Cathy Mitterlehner Nikki Moore Lori Morrell Roseanne Morello Shelly Morrow Sharon Muller Carolyn Murtland Bette Neal Mary Ann Notter Tracy Novak Catherine Oden Dianne O ' Neal Susan O ' Neal Kim Pierce Marian Pmezich kay Rice lerri Robinson Dana Roland Lisa Ross Cindy Schlumpf Tina Sedgwick Sally Sibley Simone Speer 208— Greeks ' lift B Shannon Wood Cindy Spitzack Sara Stanley Jill Stewart Renee Surratt Lon Tanner Donna Temple Rexanne Templeton Betsy Thomas Carole Thompson Kay Thompson Alicia Tubbs Caroline Valesano Cindi Walker Laura Warren Suzanne Wilganowski Claire Williams Lett Big Brothers Row 1 Kneeling Kelly McNeely, Dane McLamore, Steve Hayward, Mark Bullock, Ran Holman Row 2: Steve Theis. Steve Cordoba, Doug Miske, Mike Nayes, Randy Kendrick, Bill Mechler President.... Janet Funderburk Vice President Belinda Burney Secretary Kathy Carson Treasurer P .Debbie Ashley Alpha Chi Omega was founded October 15, 1885 at DePauw University, with the SFA chapter receiving its charter in 1967. Alpha Chi members participated in a skat- a-thon for muscular dystrophy, and they are also involved in intramurals and Greek Week. Martha Leigh Hamby was Homecoming Queen. AXO Creeks— 209 Alpha Tau Omega Jim Adams Buddy Andrews Alan Bailey Don Beasley Mike Becker Kevin Bell Greg Blankenship lack Blevin Courtney Blevms Terry Bond Alan Broussard Gordy Brown Charles Cassel Rob Cummings Kirk DeHaven Doug Dyer Mark tarly Richard Epps lay Evans Chris Farley Bobby Faucette Ed Ferguson Eric Fisketjon let! Graul |ohn Graul David Grieve Brian Harlman Richard Hansen Ran Holman Kerry Horn Stewart Houseman Kevin Hupp Matt lohnson Scott lones Bret Kendnck Randy Kendnck Steve Lammers Dean Lovejoy Tom Mandell Greg Masters Marty Mauer Miles McCall Joe McDultie Gary McWilliams Bill Mead Karl Miller Rob Moore Todd Morgan Douglas Mowell Greg Neill Steve Parker Rex Perry Mike Persons Mike Reedy Roger Reese Glen Rich Colin Riley Brian Rmey Rob Rossala Scott Seigmund Steve Sopher Dave Spurrier Tim Stevens Steve Taylor A.G. Thomas Nick Truxillo Ken White Ron Williams Charlie Young Paul Smith Lloyd Collier Lon Hopper " .-f IF? ft P T (% , 210— Greeks Alpha Tau Omega members enjoy a spring rush party. President Marty Mauer Vice President Glen Rich Secretary Miles McCall Treasurer Scott Siegmund Alpha Tau Omega was the first fraternity founded after the Civil War and was based upon principals to bring a war-torn country back together. The SFA chapter received its charter on April 12, 1969. Alpha Tau Omega members participated with the Sigma Chi fraternity in a walk to raise money for United Way. AT 12 Creeks— 211 Chi Omega Allison Angel Ml Bailey Cynthia Beasley Marlene Benson Tracy Brown Vivian Canellos Cindy Cannon Anita Chapman Karen Cobbs Wendee Colbert Angle Collier Maureen Cronin Melissa Crook Cathy Cuellar Diana Day Gloria DeLuca Claire DeStephano Marilyn DeStephano Nancy Eastburn Melanie Edwards Robin English Lisa Foreman Vicki Fredd Lynn Fulmer Lindsey Gilbert Martha Girardot Courtney Goodsen Carol Grant Beth Gray Karen Gray Mary Ann Grayson Julie Hamil Lisa Hayes Jenny Healy Suzi Hemminghaus Liz Holbrook Tracy Hoverman Laura Jackson Gracemary Jensen Karen Jink Susan Keller Ann Kessler LuAnn Killough Marilyn Koons Meg Little Carolyn Lomax Ann Lynass Carol Mahan Nancy Martch Nancy Martin Michelle Massey Sara McDonald Cindy Miller Julie Miller Tracy Miller Julie MiUhell is m m Wi m v mm M Ml i _ mm if mm 11 President Mary Sheets Vice President Ann Lynass Secretary Jl. Julie Miller Treasurer Carolyn Rape 212— Greeks Chi Omega Members participate in spring rush Chi Omega was founded at the University of Arkansas on April 5, 1895. The SFA chapter received its charter on September 5, 1963. Chi Omega members are involved in many campus activities including student government, and Mam ' selles. Chi Omega participates in Creek Week and intramurals. Their colors are cardinal and straw and their flower is the white carnation. Anita Moser Linda Murphy Sue Nelson Shannon Newman Lynn Nichols Jennifer Niemann Judith Niemann Becky Pafford Tern Patrick Karen Patterson Ellen Popeney Janet Price Lynn Pursche Kim Ralls Carolyn Rape Stacey Rice Roxanne Sagen Susan Scott Clara Seiber Jenni Sewell Kim Shaw Mary Sheet Sally Slevin Janet Smith Tracy Studer Charlene Swearenger Julie Talmadge Tina Taylor Tern Thomas Jessica Webb Mary Kay Windsor Missy York Greeks— 213 Delta Delta Delta 214— Greeks Kathy Rudolph Ginger Sanders Susan Schneiderman Vicky Seidl Jennifer Singel lennell Smith Lynne Smith Melody Smith Lauree Sutton Bridget Swmney Laune Talac Lisa Tenney Martha Thornton Jeanne Varn Wende Waggoner Kathy Whitaker Kathy Rudolph washes airplanes for the National Children ' s Cancer Research Fund President Jana Baker Vice President Brenda Batey Secretary Nancy Magness Treasurer Lisa McCahen The Beta Xi Chapter of the Delta Delta Delta Sorority was chartered at SFA in 1972. Founded at Boston University in 1888, the sorority encourages college women to assume highest responsibilities with integrity and devotion. Silver, gold and blue are the sorority ' s colors and the pansy is its flower. Each year, Tri-Delta awards two $300 scholarships to SFA students. They also collect money for children ' s national Cancer Research. This year Tri- Delts were involved in numerous activities including intramural sports, cheerleading, Ladyjack volleyball and Mam ' selles. Four Tri-Delts members were selected to Who ' s Who. This year ' s Senior Princess also was a Delta Delta Delta member. AAA Creeks— 215 Delta Sigma Phi Mike Baustert Rob Boudousquie Kevin Butler Tom Choate Richard Cole Ross Crowe Richard Cunningham Danny Daley limmy Dugger David Dunn Robert Eaves Matt Ehlmger David Fallin Kevin Coode Danny Hefferman Gerald Henderson Michael Hensley Paul Huston loe Kelly Chris Lena Jeff Lovell Alec Martinet Russ Mattingly Garry Maynihan Mike Medley lim O ' Neil Rusly Pevehouse Robert Rieman lorge Rodnquez )ohn Ruckel Allen Singleton loseph Smith Michael Smith Dru Tnbble Keith Tyler Chris Walters lames White Gary Workman Susam Albert Suzi Dudley Lin Ebert Catherine Ferguson Tammy Hillhouse Charlene Howard Yvonne King De ' Ann Lame ludy Moore Debbie Parr M kdthy Rodnquez Pam Sdmlorri i w V 216— Greeks 1 Delta Sigma Phi members talk in front of their house. . President Chris Walters Secretary Tom Choate Treasurer Rusty Pevehouse Delta Sigma Phi is the oldest chapter on campus receiving their charter the same year they were founded, 1929. They began as the Sawyers in 1929 and in 1960 became part of the Delta Sigma Phi national fraternity. Delta Sig ' s participated in the SFA Alumni Building fund and every year they sponsor a Playboy Bunny Contest to raise money for the Nacogdoches Treatment Center. Delta Sig ' s are also active in intramurals and have won awards for their scholastic achievements. A2$ Greeks— 217 Delta Zeta Jean Adams lean Allison Cherly Bailey Shanda Baker Karen Balesky Sheila Brown Karen Brennan Bridget Brogdon lenniter Candia Toni Cates Brenda Cheney Sherry Coleman Karen Cox Debbie Christopher Kim Czajkowski Melissa Daly Michele DeWitt Denise Dryer Elaine Elder Caryn Eldndge Pam Ellis Cindy Escott Susan Fletcher Julie Flora Cay Florsheim Patricia Francis lanme Fris Melanie Goss lam Haetner Liz Ham Diane Hamaker Kim Henderson Jenny Hughes Julie Hughes Leanne Hunter Peggy Johnson Trish Jordon JoAnne Kenney lill Kernahan Mary Laake Ian Lanik Pam Lee Laura Legate Melmda Lenderman Shelley Lewis Chris Loettler Mary Lynch Donna Maberry Denise Margila Michelle Martin Knsten Maurstad Cindy McCauley Laura McLaren Mmdy Mertel Sally Miller Lisa Morgan President Amy Newell Vice President Toni Cates Secretary Melanie Goss Treasurer Jan Haefner 218— Creeks Delta Zeta Big Brothers: Row I: Courtney Blevins, Marty Mauer, Stuart )ones, Doug Dyer. Row 2: Lane Norvelle, Fred Smith, Craig Accord, )oe Mitchell, Paul Summerall, Hardy Nicks, Craig Watkins Row 3: limmy )ones, King Sloan, Wade Abbott, Richard Hansen, )ohn Lins, Glen Patterson Delta Zeta was founded in 1902 at Miami University and was chartered at SFA in 1963. Delta Zeta members are active in intramurals, student government and Mam ' selles. The sorority co-sponsored the Ronnie Milsap concert in November and held car washes. They also had happy hours during the year. For their service projects the members sang at Lufkin State School and local nursing homes. Delta Zeta ' s colors are rose and green and its flower is the kilarney rose. Tracy Theodore Anne Vandenbasch Holly Wells Lesa Wheat Sue Wolfe Dr Louise Bingham Amy Newell Sara Newell lean Mane Norris Carol Norris Paula Onofno Vicki Onofrio Amy Pabst Tanya Patterson Reecy Payne Patty Price Marianne Riggs Amy Roy Laura Schott Susan Sharp Lisa Silvestri Luanda Simmons Carol Smiley Lisa Smith Sharon Sparks Susan Sparks Susan Stamey Staci Stanley Lisa Stephenson Shawn Swanson Kappa Alpha Mike Adkins Max Alvis Mike Bass Chris Baughman Joe Brashear Tom Brashear Robert Brock Bruce Burger George Cole Wally Contrekas Scot I Cooper Mike Crossman Barry Cunningham lelt Cupit Paul Delmar Jerry Denkeler Jasper Dennison John Dieste Mike Donyll David Draper lacque Faust C J. Fitzgerold Stan Folsom Kirk Frambes Phil Gaines Mike Gallagher John Green Neil Hadden Erie Halluska Tony Harris David Harrison Bill Homes Jim Hopkins Steve Hutchinson Terry Johnson Eddie Jones Stuarl Jones Bryan key Denny Kienzle Randy knipe Mike Knoerzer Steve Long Tom Mack lett McClain Kelly McNeely Gary McNillon Phil Ozanne Mark Pence |im Pessagno Greg Power Paul Radlet Tommy Reed Shawn Reeves Roy Serpa Dennis Shaw left Spencer d k M Ik d ig l i d f A jt a A ' S M Ml d : d t Vance Tiller Barry Thomas loey Walker lohn Webb Sieve Wilson Southern Belles: Row One: Diana Day, Babbette Coleman, Laura Shott, lean Allison, Beth Cray, Darla Easley, Amy Roy Row Two: Denise Dryer, Sharon Meikle, Lori Nell, lana lones, Ten Thomas, Becky Birdwell, Amanda Austin, Kendall Hicks, Lisa Cuarnacci, Lisa Baehr, DeDe Pearce, Beth Brock, Mary Beth Fleck, Antoinette Fonteno, Lori Tanner, Nancy Martin kappa Alpha holds parties at their house during rush President Chris Boughman Vice President Mike Gallagher Secretary Brian Key Treasurer Tom Mack The SFA order of Kappa Alpha was chartered on September 20, 1968. Its colors are cardinal red and old gold and its flowers are the red rose and the magnolia blossom. Kappa Alpha sponsors Fight Night and holds their annual " Old South Ball " in the spring. KA is dedicated to the ideals of Southern courtesy and bravery. KA Greeks — 221 Lambda Chi Alpha 222— Greeks Officers: Row One: Robert Canter, Guy Paoline, Bret Kimbro, Wade Whitenburg Row Two: lim Barnes, Michael Taylor, Mark Doherty, Don Parnell Row Three Riscus Long President Bret Kimbro Vice President Wade Whitenburg Secretary Mark Doherty Treasurer -..IfF m... Bill Mozina Lambda Chi Alpha was founded at SFA in 1974. The fraternity ' s colors are purple, gold and green and its official flower is the white rose. Lambda Chi Alpha serves the community by collecting canned goods during their annual sorority presidents ' kidnap. For its social activities, Lambda Chi Alpha holds a White Rose formal in the spring. AXA Greeks— 223 Phi Delta Theta Clifton Bailey Warren Bia k Greg Channing Chris Cornwall Robert Crank Glenn Davis Kevin Davis led Day John Fetherslon Richard Furner Robert Grant Deslry Greenway Kevin Hamniett lett Mams Clayton Hassey Thomas Jones Walt Jordan Matthew Klein Steve Klingman Chris Legg Bill Leseman Neal Lewis Mark Mariano Marly Martin Robert Master Ray McLeod Trey McMmn lames Moore Terry Nabours Michael Nayes lohn Northcott Tim O ' Connor Brent Pennington Tommy Reynolds Mike Rollow Peler Spiegel Daniel Stultz Paul Troegel Scott Whightsil Brent Wiltshire H H A A A A vfl %3 vB V President Marty Martin Vice President Ray McLeod Secretary Chris Cornwall Treasurer Larry Young 224 — Greeks Phi Dells lounge on a Friday afternoon . . „ Phi Delta Theta was founded on December 26, 1848, and is the third largest national fraternity. It received its charter at SFA in 1962. Phi Delta Theta holds a Homecoming formal, a spring formal and a Founders Day celebration each year. The members also hold a community service day in the spring. Phi Delta Theta ' s colors are azure and argent an and its flower is the white carnation. 3 A0 ■ Greeks— 225 Pi Kappa Alpha Mark Bacon Danny Barend Ralph Beasley David Bennett Bob Brown Mark Cashman Ricky Davis Tyler Derebery Len Dingier Brian England Charles Ewalt Ron Faubion Clay Fianagan Robert Frame Mike Cray Rick Gregory Cory Hoffman Gary lentz Brett Johnson Ernie Kohler Gary Kolb Mark kopp George Lewis Berry Madden Mike Martin Tommy McDonald Glenn McLaren Mark Mitchell Tom Moore Eric Mott Jodie Murray Tim Nolan David Peterson Bill Plunket )oe Rendon Charlie Roberts Clint Russell Greg Samtord Clovis Sanford Steve Scnbner Rocky Sembntzkey Charles Smith Micky Smith Jeff Spires Rodney Stephens Luther Stevens David Vinson Jerry Webb Tim Wier Tony Wier Todd Williams Billy Wood Greg Young Susan Amend Allison Angel Cynthia Beasley Lisa Bennett Lorane Crawford leannme Ferguson Beverly Frame Patty Gathard Donna Greenfield Teri Gregory Kim Henderson Nancy Martch Sarah McDonald Bejie McDowell Cindy Miller Jan Nicholson Susan O ' Neal Susan Snyderman a mm U ■pi L ifcu 1 Art HHH mm " ) 226— Greeks President David Vinson Vice President Ricky Davis Secretary Tom Moore Treasurer Robert Frame The Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity is one of the oldest and largest fraternities, being founded at the University of Virginia on March 1, 1868. The Epsilon Omicron chapter of Virginia is also one of SFA ' s oldest fraternities, founded on December 17, 1960. The Pikes colors are garnet and gold and its flower is the Lily of the Valley. The Pikes began the 1981-82 year with a new lodge. Pikes are involved in many school activities and are the only group to have won intramurals 8 years in a row. Pikes enjoying a Rush Party IIKA Greeks— 227 Sigma Chi Kelly Adams Stacy Akms Greg Baldock Keith Belk Rit hard Benson Brian Bull Mark Bullock Boh Buller Mike Calbert Edward Carter lohn Chappell Scott Chilton Steve Crawford David Daley Carlos DeLaGarza Guy Duvall Al Eckland Mike Eldndge Travis Erwm David Everett Mike Farnham lohn Fittick lohn Fleming s oil Gatlin John Gnltin Van Halhert Brad Haley Kent Karolik Kyle Kelly Bruce King Kenny Lau Mien lindernann lohn Lins Kenny Lowery Tim Magnes Andy Markwith Paul McCollum Doug McCullough Tom Mi Murray Chip Miller Mike Miller Ed Minger Sieve Mock s (ill Moody Donny Moore Waller Motherwell Hardy Nix l ane Norvell Nicholas Palatox Paul Panus Greg Pelt George Preston Chris Rankin Cam Randolph Jerry Retsky Greg Richards Lawrence Seifert Paul Stanlord Richard Stobart Karl Swartz Mark Thayer Steve Theis Steve Trapp David Tnebel ME X 4 V B 1B3I V £ mi m mmmmmmsKmmmmmm £ 4 Brad Van kampen Craig Watkins Lane Watkins Mike Weersmg Brett Williams Peggy lohnson WWW®. 228— Greeks Little Sisters Row One Lisa Houston, Mary Ann Notten, Martha Bilan, Barbara Batey, Nancy Johnson, Leanne Hunter Row Two Peggy Bell, Patti Birkenseher, Amy Newell, Nancy Magness, lane Cluck, Carrie Andrews, Peggy lohnson, Holly Wells Sigma Chi ' s participate in a drive for the United Way N President Keith Beck Vice President Craig Watkins Secretary George Preston Treasurer Lane Norvell Sigma Chi, one of the oldest national fraternities, was founded at Miami University in 1855 as a member of the Miami Triad. The Sigma Chi fraternity is the second largest fraternity based on total membership, and is the largest fraternity based on current active membership. The Eta Tau chapter of Sigma Chi was founded at SFA on April 12, 1975. Sigma Chi ' s annually hold Derby Day in which money is raised for the Wallace Village for Children. 2X Sigma Kappa 230— Greeks Sigma Phi Epsilon was founded on January 1, 1901 in Richmond, VA. They are the second largest fraternity in the nation. SFA ' s chapter of Sigma Phi Epsilon was founded on January 17, 1976. They had 16 members this year. Their colors are purple and red, and their flowers are violet and dark red rose. Sigma Phi Epsilon contributes to St. Judes Children ' s Hospital. They work on the Chamber of Commerce house grounds as a service project. President Jeff Naugle Vice President Mike Penton Secretary Jeff Deterding Treasurer David Uecker lames Atherlon Jim Brake James Buie Ion Dahl let! Deterding Terry Duirett Richard Fairest Michael McClellan Jim Naugle Marlm Oeschler Mike Penton Ben Reese David Scheffer George Smith Stephen Smith David Uecker kirk Hensarling Teresa Alwell Cindy Haughn Karen Hart lanette Hultquist Debra keeth Lisa lespersen Kelly McDonald Tricia Roach Linda Smilh Lon Smith Vicki Snead Vickie Trimble Theresa Uecker Holly Van Der Ave Lynne Whigham Sigma Phi Epsilon Greeks— 231 Sigma Tau Gamma Andy Alexander Roger Bales Ronnie Ballard Kirk Balsey lit tl ) B ' Till,] Dirk Brown Russell Carlock Rodney Chappell David Clark David Cumpton letf Cyner Brad DeLuta Martin Down Diana Ducker Slagg Everharl lim Fogarty Mike Ford David Franklin Rusty Garnett Patrick Gilbert Mark Gregory Mike Hambni k ioe Heller Danny Hudson limmy lones Timothy lones led lowdy Harry Lawrence Scott Lincer Don McCoy Wayne McLeland lohn MtMahon Ken Neill Norm Nissen Todd Norwood Malson Pearce Rti k Rayne lim Rives Russell Robinson Hector Sepulveda King Sloan Chuck Spmks Roger Stotts Phillip Tannery Ric k Tiller Allan Tyler |efl Veenker Doug Wagner Mark Whisenhunt Robert Wunderkk Sherry Coleman Robin Foster Lisa French lenniter Gibbs Gina lowdy Cindy McCauley lenniter Niemann ludilh Niemann Laurie Peters Ten Pye Roxanne Sagen Susan Solberg Lon Speier |ill Stringer 1 I RODL THUNDER AT THE ZTf HOUSE Little Sisters help Sigma Tau Gamma members with rush President Don McCoy Vice President David Cumpton Secretary Jeff Jowdy Treasurer Tim Jones Sigma Tau Gamma was founded on June 28, 1920 at Warrensburg, Missouri. The charter for the SFA chapter was on November 27, 1970. Sig Tau ' s have traditionally participated in fund raising activities for the Muscular Dystrophy. Sigma Tau Gamma is active in Greek Week and intramurals and hold a White Rose formal in the spring. 2Tr Greeks— 233 Tau Kappa Epsilon Mark Alsmeyer Richard Baker Kenny Bailey Douglas Brown Gerald Butler James Carroll lerry Davis Andrew Day Bruce Day Tony Detoyd Kevin Dooley Stan Ford Gary Granger Shawn Green Gary Griffin Scott Hagy |ohn Haynes Ed Hoynes Tom Jackson Robert Joest lames Krueger lose Laurel Michael Lawlor Charles Maclnerney Chris Marshall Charles Martin Charles Mattocks Drew McDonald Danny McReynolds Kirk Meissner Mike Meyer Peter Olde Richard Olivier Ray Poche Thomas Qumtana Alan Ray Bill Robertson Scott Ryatt Paul Slehr David Thompson Randy Ward Layne Wieghat Clark Winters Allison Allen Bonnie Austin Martha Back Mary Bennett Ann Mane Bielamowicz Shan Chennault Shelley Duggan Susan Dye he Barrow Floyd lanie Grant Marci Gunn Annette Hadler lay Anna Holcomb Kathy Huskerson Ml Jackson ludy Karlak Lois Ann Peterman Ellen Popeney lenniler Quinlan leannie Sellers Beverly Speer VISA 234— Greeks TKE ' s sponsor bowling tournament for St Hide ' s Children ' s Hospital President Mike Meyer Vice Presidents Peter Olde Secretary Treasurer Paul Stehr Gary Griffin The Nu Xi chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon received its charter at SFA in February, 1971. TKE ' s raised money this year for the St. Judes Children ' s Research Hospital by sponsoring a bowling tournament. TKE ' s colors are cherry and grey and its flower is the red carnation. TKE Greeks— 235 Theta Chi Corby Barrett Gil Baumgarten Steve Bell Scott Biggerstaff John M Bonner III I R Brashier Mark Caffey Dave Carter Paul Cauley Pete Connor Steve Cordova Kyle Crow Mark Cmze Thomas M. Deal Mike Dean Eric Depperschmidt left Dully Steve Erwin Henson Garrett Brad Goodale Thomas L Goudie Eddie Gray Chuck Hairston Bubba Hallmark Jerry Hamilton Peyton Harrell Cliff Harris Pat Harrison Steve Hayward Tim Hayward John W Igo Keith D lensen Greg Johnson James H Johnson Wade K (ones Richard lordon Curtis Langford Paul Lanphear William R Mather Lane McKinney Chris Megna Jeff Meller Charles Myers Doug Meyers Doug Miske David J Nance Jack Novak Bobby O ' Donnell David Perry Mark Ragusa Bailey Reynolds Blake Roberts John Rodopoulos Kelvin Russell David Savell David Schero David Schuller Floyd R Shipp Curtis Sparks Hal Stewart Mark Stivers Ted Strahan Steve Streller Paul Sumrow (on Traylor Bob Walton Mike Walton Mc Weber Clay Womack Jesse Grubb Uncle Sara Stanley Sweetheart I Talbot Alumni Advisor □ yy LI oo iiil 1 11 Li 3kJU E3 00 □ Row 1; Beth Grosz, Lisa Beahan, Alicia Tubbs, Sara Stanley, Carey Wolowiec, Row 2 till Bailey, Deanne Tuttle, lanet Smith, Kerryn Fisher, lanet Funderburk, Brenda Boccieri, Karen lenk N President Steve Hayward Vice President ......... jltpaul Simon Secretary jimmy Johnson Treasurer ....9:.... Brad Goodale Theta Chi was founded at Norwich, Vermont on April 10, 1856. The local chapter received its charter on May 20, 1961. Theta Chi annually raises money for the Nacogdoches Treatment Center during the fraternity cannon pull. Theta Chi actively participates in intramurals and Greek Week. Brad Goodale was voted Homecoming King. 0X Zeta Tau Alpha I ' ri Arnett Amy Arnold Mary Ann Alkms Bonnie Austin Melissa Bell Sharon Benson Pat Bonatice Vanessa Bostick Kelly Breazeale Mindy Cannon lane Cluck kim Cornck Diana Covington Carolyn Cox Katie Cradit Paula Daniel Diane Dean Debbie Dougherty Dana Dunlap lean Falco Donna Feagins Becky Femberg Lisa French Carmen Gonzalez Ann Gottfried Khandi Handley Sandra Hauglid Ranleigh Hirsch jay Anna Holcomb Colleen Holinger Lisa Howard Kathy Huskerson Pam Jackson Leslie lohnson Konnie Keenon lulia Knight Kathy Koslo Debbie Lacy Denice Laderman Tara Little Elizabeth Loncar Mary Long Barbara Lynn Nancy McCowan Kalherme Meriwether Ku!h Meriwether Mary Moore Kathy Nado Sara Nash Cayla Neal Alison Neely Diane Nolan loyce Novak Kathy Paape Ann Pelerman Mary Pollard President Leslie Johnson Vice President Jane Cluck Secretary Pat Bonafice Treasurer Julia Knight 238— Greeks Laurie Porter Rhonda Raider Penny Raney Irish Richardson luhe Ritch Kelli Robinson Karen Ritch Robin Rozelle Phyllis Schmidt Sharon Seitzmger Susan Seitzmger Cena Shands Nona Shannon Debbie Spalding Beverly Speer Kim Stone Tncia Thorn Susan Tichenor lanice Tidwell Martha Wachel lanine Wagner Kathy Wallace Kate West Debbie Wheeler Diana Covington picks up invitations during tall rush Big Brothers Row 1 Harry Dieter, Ken Neill, David Dunn, Steve Lammers Row 2 Keith Healy, Doug Bertrand, Alan Wentrcek, Chris Rankin Zeta Tau Alpha was founded in 1898 at Longwood College in Virginia and it is the newest greek organization on campus. Their colors are turquise blue and steel grey. ZTA sponsors the Greek Feud each year to benefit the Association for Retarded Citizens. The spring pledge class had the highest GPA, and they also won first place along with the Acacia fraternity, for their homecoming float. ZTA Creeks— 239 t Greeks 1. Sara Stanley, An Alpha Chi Omega, participates in the Homecoming Parade 2. Kappa Alpha uses Boston Sea Party as the theme for a rush party 3. Pi Kappa Alpha member, George Lewis, watches the Home- coming parade. •Hi.. Greeks— 241 I Sigma Chi ' s stage Derby Day 1. Derby Doll contestants get many votes. 2. Scott Moody works hard to keep a solemn face 3. Cayla Neil tries to persuade Brad VanCampen to laugh so she can win his derby. Greeks 242— Greeks onor Edited by Sherri Powdrill WQm) Who ' s Who selections made Fifty SFA students were selected during the Fall Semester to Who ' s Who Among American Colleges and Universities by a student-faculty committee headed by Dean Ernestine Henry. The committee accepted nominations from faculty members and student organizations. Nominees were required to be a junior, senior or graduate student, take more than 12 hours and maintain at least a 2.7 GPA. Final selection was based on academic honors and extracurricular activities. Who ' s Who is " one of the highest honors a student can receive, " according to Dean Henry. Laura Altimari Interior Design Ray Arnold Biology Martha Bilan Preprofessional Medicine Who ' s Who— 247 248— Who ' s Who Patricia Durkin Home Economics Who ' s Who— 249 Lynn Forrester Accounting 250— Who ' s Who Lisa Hering Geology Who ' s Who— 251 Peggy Kaisershot Mathematics 252— Who ' s Who Who ' s Who— 253 Judy Martin Applied Arts and Sciences 254— Who ' s Who Lorna Ohlemacher Accounting Who ' s Who— 255 Mary Sheets Diana Rolston Management Fashion Merchandising John Ellis Deborah Spalding Forestry Marketing 256— Who ' s Who Who ' s Who— 257 258— Who ' s Who Brian Pierce Spanish Richard Bullis Criminal Justice Who ' s Who— 259 Students represent SFA Miss SFA for 1981-82 was Marilea Murray, Kilgore senior. Marilea was president of the student government and served on the board of directors of the University Center and the Alumni Association. She also served on numerous other university committees. She was a member of the American Society of Personnel Administration and the American Marketing Association. Marilea was also selected to Who ' s Who Among American Colleges and Universities. John Ellis, Huntington senior, was named Mr. SFA during the Spring Semester. John was a forestry major active in Xi Sigma Pi, the Society of American Foresters and the Sylvans Forestry Club. John was also a member of Alpha Chi, national college honor scholarship society. He was selected to Who ' s Who Among American Colleges and Universities and the National Register of Outstanding College Graduates. John also participated in intramural sports at SFA. 260— Mr. and Miss SFA Mr. and Miss SFA— 261 1 1 I ! : Lumberjacks complete This year ' s Lumberjack football team was a young one. Coach Char- lie Simmons went into the season with an 18-34-1 record after six years as head of the Lumberjacks. The jacks started the season with 28 freshmen, 22 sophomores, 19 juniors : and five seniors. Although Simmons was working with a lot of talent, the team was short on experience. Exper- ience could well have been the key the jacks needed and didn ' t have. They ended the season with a 1-10 record. Each of the five seniors on the team was a starter. Lester Melontree : I disappointing season First row: Dale Horton, Mike Howard, Derrick Simpson, Danny Alvarez, Greg Carney, Jeff Stutes, Ron Roberson, Carl Mitchell, Darrell Bell, Kelvin Polk, Michael LeBlanc, Duan Hanks, Charlie Smith, Hugh Perkins, Leneal Wilridge, Clynell Anderson, Barry Ford, Rufus Bell. Sec- ond row: Danny Cox, David Menchaca, Doug (efferson, Patrick Keith, )oe Johnson, Jimmy Kegler, Doug Tiller, Todd Moore, Wesley Burnam, Kevin Jackson, Steven Williams, Floyd Brown, Steve Snyder, Jeff Carroll, Coyle Beard, Myron Anderson, Chris Matejka. Third row: Darrell Warden, Marcus Walker, Steve Staggs, Clarence Glass, Troy Porter, Erik Brown, Chet Erwin, Kenneth Cotton, Mike Granger, Keith Gray, Regionld Gibbs, Jess Golightly, Jimmy Jones, Larry Banks, Johnny Seake, Lester Melontree, Dennis Stavinoha. Fourth row: Ben Watts, Bryan Perry, Roger Matejka, Chris Stew- art, Ruben Saenz, Troy Aduddell, Rex Dorman, Mike Randolph, Scott Calloway, Ronnie Perkins, Tim Webb, Jimmy Walker, Glenn Brantley, Micke Reed, Claudell Anderson, Johnny English, Loyd Edwards. of Tyler was on the defense, along with Ben Watts from Nacogdoches and Steve Snyder of Houston. Jimmy Kegler from Lufkin and Myron Ander- son from Westminister, CO., were both starters on the offense. Dale Horton, Dallas junior, started the season as the Jack ' s quarterback. This season also marked the first year for the Lumberjacks to be a member of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), as well as the National Association of Intercol- legiate Athletics. This added a new level of recognition for the Lumber- jacks football program. Footbalf— 265 Southeastern Louisiana hands Jacks defeat The Lumberjacks were handed a discouraging defeat by the Southeastern Louisiana Lions September 26. The game started with a nine play, 90-yard drive by the Lions. Later QB Horton connected with Smith for a 20-yard scoring aerial and Roberson added one point to tie the score 7-7. With two minutes left in the first half Horton scored with a pass to Henderson sophomore, Rex Dorman. With a Horton-to-Hank 22-yard pass, the Jacks led 24-14 in the third quarter. Despite the 10 point lead, the Lions rallied and scored three times to pull out the victory. I. Iimmy Kegler goes through a tackle to gain yardage. 2. Myron Anderson looks on from the sidelines. 266— Football Angelo State rolls past the Jacks i 2 On October 10, the Angelo State Rams rolled by the Jacks with a 38-13 win. The Lumberjacks failed twice to recover Angelo ' s fumbles and then lost their own fumbles to the Rams. It sometimes seemed to be a question of " who wants the ball? " The Jacks followed the Rams ' first TD with a touchdown of their own to make the score 7-7. Charlie Smith, Austin junior, put the first score on the board with his 58-yard carry, and Ron Roberson, Carthage sophomore, tied the game with his PAT kick. The Rams scored their last points in the third quarter to make the score 38-7. The Jacks were able to hold Angelo during the fourth period, and at the same time rack up six more points. Quarterback Dale Horton, Dallas junior, hit Leneal Wilridge for a 34-yard touchdown. I Mike Howard clashes past the defense. 2. Showing good sportsmanship, Chris Matejka leaves the field side-by-side of the opposing team. SFA falls to Southwest Texas SFA fell to undefeated Southwest Texas by a score of 38-6. The Bobcats took the opening kickoff and drove 32 yards in 18 plays for their first touchdown with only eight min- utes gone in the first period. The Lumberjacks fumbled the ensuing kickoff which led to the Bobcats next score. Later in the first quarter, Dale Horton connected with Duan Hanks at the Southwest Texas 35 for SFA ' s only TD. Ron Roberson ' s extra point kick was wide, making the score 14- 6. The Bobcats scored on their second possession of the second period and they added three points with a 39 yard field goal. With seven minutes remaining in the first half, the Bobcats scored once more to increase their lead to 24-6. Midway through the third period SFA ' s Roberson attempted a 48 yard field goal but the ball fell inches short. With 2:29 showing in the third quarter, the Bobcats took the ball at their own 31 and drove 69 yards in nine plays for yet another touchdown, increasing the score to 31-6. Southwest Texas put its final touchdown on the scoreboard follow ing a short Lumberjack punt, making the final score 38-6. 1 in Homecoming 1981 5 1. Coach Charles Simmons leads the lacks presents SFA with their King and Queen, Mar- agamst Southwest. 2. Angie Lipsey and Gary tha-Leigh Hanby and Brad Goodale 5 Twirl-O- Kelly boost spirit for SFA. 3. Ron Roberson lacks perform colorful routine at Homecoming kicks high for a punt. 4. Dr. William lohnson Jacks downed by Howard Payne SFA fell to Howard Payne by a score of 14-6. The game went scoreless in the first half because of a interception thrown and fumbles lost by both Howard Payne and SFA. In the third quarter the Yellow Jackets drove from the SFA 48 to the 28 in four plays to make the first score. Later in the third quarter the Yellow Jackets added another touch- down to increase the score to 14-0. Early in the fourth quarter the Jacks rallied and made a touchdown when Duan Hanks went down the middle for 35 yards. The Jacks elected to go for the two-point conversion, but were called offsides. Roberson then attempted a field goal, which sailed wide left. 3 270— I Football Sam Houston gets by SFa SFA lost the season ' s last game to Sam Houston by a narrow score of 18-17. The Lumberjacks lead the first half scoring 10 points. SFA received the first big break when strong safety Greg Carney forced a Bearcat fumble on fourth play of the game and linebacker Steve Snyder recovered on the Sam Houston 27. On the first play, tailback Charlie Smith took a pitch from Simpson and rifled a halfback option pass to wide-receiver Duan Hanks for a 27-yard scoring play Roberson made the PAT for a 7- lead. With just seconds left in the first period the Jacks scored again with a 30-yard field goal by Roberson. Sam Houston scored in the second period by driving from its own 20 to the SFA 11 leaving the score at halftime 10-3. Following a Sam Houston muffed point return, Smith came up with a touchdown in five plays. Sam Houston pulled ahead to win 18-17. 1 Doug Jefferson runs through Sam ' s blockers. 2 Tight end Kevin Polk runs outside Football— 271 SFA releases Simmons from coaching duties This season marked Charles Simmons ' 25th year of coaching. Simmons was reared in Nacogdoches and attended Nacogdoches High School. He played football for two years at Delmar Junior College and then served four years in the Air Force. After he returned from the service he finished his eligibility at SFA and then earned his masters. Simmons has coached at several schools, including Carthage High School, Leverett ' s Chapel High School, De Kalb High School and then four years as an assistant at SFA. Simmons ' longest stay was at Kilgore Junior College where he earned a record of 55-33-3. He also won two championships and was named junior college coach of the year twice. After Kilgore, Simmons was hired at SFA as head coach and athletic director. He was the first alumni to be named to the position. In 1979 he was named coach of the year in the Lone Star Conference. When asked about being fired as head coach this year, Simmons said, " Winning goes hand in hand with coaching and I have no regrets at all. SFA has a fine program and a bright future ahead of them. " As an athlete, how do you feel about the football program at SFA? SFA ' s athletic department has the potential to have a first class, winning athletic program. Yet, to realize this potential everyone must get involved. A winning program enjoys the cooperation of the administration, the students and the community, as well as the cooperation within the athletic department itself. A team will win consistently only when the opportunities to win are equal with the competition. Unnecessary barriers caused by lack of funds, too high entrance requirements as compared to other schools in the LSC, turmoil between departments, etc. must be eliminated before success can be achieved. Jimmy Ferguson Graduate assistant The football program at SFA was not exactly what I had expected when I first came here as a freshman. The program is run like a business. Coach Simmons has a limited amount of funds he can work with. He distributed the scholarships the best he could. The football program could be improved if more funds were offered. As it is, it is difficult to have a winning season when there is not total cooperation within the program. Coach Simmons cares for each of his players very much and tries to help them in every way he can. Chris Matejka Junior, middle linebacker I have found the football program at SFA to be quite conservative and strict. Money in the program is and has in the past had to be spread a bit too thin, making recruiting hard. Also, there has been communication gaps between the players and the coaches. As a result, many players do not complete their full four years here. I feel that we all need to get more involved in our program because the football team and coaches cannot win alone. This has to be a joint effort with the faculty, administration, alumni, outside fans and most of all, the student body lending a helping hand. Jimmy Kegler Senior fullback Lumberjacks win LSC title For the first time in 10 years in any men ' s sport, the Lumberjack basketball team took the title of Lone Star Conference champs. The Jacks had a season record of 22-3 and a conference record of 12- 2, which allowed them to take first seed in the LSC tournament. Going into the last game against East Texas State, the lacks could have either tied for first, or been the sole winner. The lacks won the game and the title, 55-49. The Jacks were then representatives of District IV in the NAIA Division playoffs. CROUP PICTURE: First row: Cordy Connally, David Simmons, Willie Houston, Otho Fields, Winston Harrison, Greg Roberson, Steve Truett and Ed Nelson. Second row: Hiram Harrison, Stephen lohnson, John Henry, Dan Ostrander, Doug George, Alan Howard and Chris Hagan. C i 274— Basketball 2 1 Winston Harrison jumps above his oppo- nent to place the ball in the basket. 2 Alan Howard gets past the defense to get two points. Basketball— 275 Jacks play best season ' This is the best year I have had at SFA since arriving here in 1978, " was the comment head coach Harry Miller used to sum up his outlook for the 1981-1982 Lumberjack basketball team. Returning lettermen for the 1981-82 lacks were Hiram Harrison, Houston senior; Winston Harrison, Bryan senior; John Henry, Dallas senior; Alan Howard, Houston senior; Dan Ostrander, Angleton senior; and Cordy Connally, Garland sophomore. 1. Coach Harry Miller discusses team strategy during a timeout. 2. Hiram Harrison shows his skill at a jumpshot 276— Basketball 2 1. Alan Howard goes for two against East Tex- as State. 2. Hiram Harrison swings past the de- fense toward the goal. Basketbaii— 277 Jacks lead conference Coach Miller was looking at his 400th career collegiate victory this year. As of February 11, Miller ' s 27- year record was 419-311. Team effort was Miller ' s main weapon for the Lumberjacks season, with some individual performances. Hiram Harrison, Alan Howard and Winston Harrison shared the limelight this season. They were at the top of the ladder in both scoring and rebounding. John Henry and Dan Ostrander were always there to lend a helping hand. I. Winston Harrison takes the ball by his de- fender 2. Hiram Harrison, Dan Ostrander and lohn Henry battle for the ball with the oppo- nent 3. |ohn Henry gets high for the tip-off Basketball— 279 I Lumberjacks ranked in NAIA poll The SFA Lumberjacks were ranked in the top 10 in the NAIA national poll all season long. The Jacks, along with being ranked nationally in the top 10, were in the top of two statistical categories in the NCAA Division II, scoring defense and scoring margin. 1 Winston Harrison, Stephan lohnson, John Henry and Dan Ostrander get set to receive the ball. 2 John Henry skies over Sam Houston as he gets the ball on the rebound 280— Basketball Basketball— 281 Jacks prevail The Jacks winning team included new recruits and transfer students. They were Doug George, Cypress freshman; Otho Fields, Dallas freshman; Stephan johnson, Kilgore Junior College transfer; and Chris Hagan, a transfer from Angelina Junior College. Along with these ballplayers were David Simmons, Deer Park senior, and Steve Truett, Huntington junior. Without his senior starters coach Miller would have been without a winning team. This conference win for the Jacks made a big difference in the attitude toward men ' s basketball, such as the record crowd the Jacks had at the Sam Houston game. The Jacks definitely had the talent, but the extra added support by the school and the student body was certainly a plus. It all helped pave the way and make the road a little smoother for the Lumberjacks to travel toward the LSC title. 1. Coach Harry Miller, coach of the Lone Star conference champions. 1 282— Basketball 1, Allan Howard, Winston Harrison, Dan Ostrander, Hiram Harrison and John Henry cut down the net at the East texas State game, which was. the game that decided the Lone Star Conference winners. Lumberjack number 22, Hiram Harrison, was named Lone Star play- er of the year. Basketbaii— 283 Jacks play competitive season Under the leadership of head coach Darwin Crawford and assistant coach Buddy Babb, the 1982 Lumberjack baseball team played a competitive season. There were many strong returning players. Two-year returning lettermen were Til Baach, Jimmy Dugger and Mike Hensley. Also returning was Jeff Medlin, last season ' s leading hitter with a .333 batting average. The captains were Til Baach, Jimmy Dugger, Jeff Goode, Jeff Melin and Mike Pirtle. Baseball— 285 Lumberjacks strike hard The attitude of the players made a big difference in the quality of ball played this season. A few predictions were made before the season started. " Many hours of hard work and a good team attitude will lead to a winning season. We are a non- scholarship program playing against scholarship schools. We ' ve got nothing to gain. I think hitting is our strength, but if our young pitching staff comes through, we will definitely have a season this school can be proud of, " said junior Jeff Goode from Miami, Fl. " In addition to freshman pitching coming around, we also need good bench play and timely hitting, " Til Baach said. Jeff Medlin commented that " our season this year will depend mostly on pitching and timely hitting. Last of all, the team ' s attitude was voiced by Kenny Chaplin, Longview freshman. " We have a good, strong defense and if our pitching and hitting come around we should do well. We have more depth this year as a whole team than we did last year. " Row 1: Jimmy Dugger, Raymond Prince, Ray Scott, Kurt Urbanek, Terry Whatley, Jeff Huerta, Chuck Goode, David Guzman, Mike Goode, Trainer, Doug Olle. Row 3: Coach Pirtle, Bernie Rains, Kevin Buchanan, Mike Darwin Crawford, Dave Bauers, Jeff Medlin, Hensley, Kenny Chaplin. Row 2: Trainer, Clark Tilden Baack, Kyle Adams, Richard Cobb, Brett Burbank, Ricky Connott, Marvin Beaty, Harold Babb, Assistant Coach, Buddy Babb. Johnson, Bryan Corriston, Bryan Lee, Ricky 286— Baseball New players bring skill Just because a team is young and lacks experience does not mean they lack skill. The men ' s tennis team placed in all the tournaments in which they participated in the fall of ' 81, including the Tyler Tournament where they placed second and the McLendon County Junior College Tournament where SFA took first. Brett Arrant was the only returning player on the team this season, but he was accompanied by a lot of new talent. The number one doubles team, Jack Sheehy and Steve Riza, were Texas Sectional Champions last year and won doubles in the Texarkana Tournament in the fall of ' 81. MEN ' S TENNIS TEAM: FIRST ROW: Scott Koth, Steve Riza SECOND ROW: Herb Waters, Hernan Cortez THIRD ROW: Jack Sheehy, Brett Arrant. 288— Tennis Men ' s tennis places second In the LSC Division II last year, the men ' s tennis team placed second, and they were second this year after first ranked Southwest Texas. Gary Peppers was the graduate assistant in the fall semester and Tridib Goswami took over in the spring. 2 1. Scott Koth fires in a backhand shot 2. Gary Peppers helps to motivate the men ' s tennis team 3 jack Sheehy does some fancy moving to return the ball 3 290— Tennis Tennis— 291 Track team improves I Smitty Hill heads up the Lumberjack track team 2 MEN ' S TRACK TEAM: First row: Steve Watson, Dwayne Miksch, Dan Rosema, Chris Campbell, Toby Thurman, Stan Sowers, Jimmy Brown, James Love Second row: Scott Wilkerson, C.F. Watkins, John Stepcyzk, Mike Roper, Robert Tuck, Gary Gunter, Ronald Mou- ton, Kevin John. Third row: Clay Clement, George Dohner, Scott Homan, Mark McGarity, David Beck, Calvin Smith, Claudell Anderson, Clynell Anderson and Ronald Mouton. Finishing seventh in the conference last year, the Lumberjack track team came back stronger than ever this year. The team had much of their strength back, such as, Chris Campbell, Dallas sophomore, who went to nationals in the cross-country in the fall of 1981, and Dan Rosema, Grand Rapids, Ml, who competed in national in the pole vault last spring. There was a lot of new depth added, with talent in the sprint, hurdles, down to the distance runners. New coach steps in SFA new track team mentor was Smitty Hill, who came from Angelo State with SFA ' s new athletic director, Jim Hess. Hill coached high school track before coaching football at Angelo State for the last four years. Steve Thomas, a graduate assistant from Auburn University in Alabama, where he ran track, helped out coach Hill during cross-country and track season. 1 lohn Steryzk, lames Love, Calvin Smith and limmy Brown practice their hand-offs around the track. 2. Robert Tuck and George Dohner take a quick lap around the track. Jacks complete successful year The Lumberjack golf team had a very successful fall season against some of the top schools in the country, according to Maj. Geoff Miller, 1982 coach. Possibly the finest finish came at Angelo ' s Inter-collegiate Invitational Golf Tournament where SFA claimed second place against 13- time NCAA Division I National Champion University of Houston. During the Spring Semester the team participated in several tournaments, including the North Carolina Intercollegiate Invitational and the Oklahoma Invitational. SFA hosted its annual tournament March 12 through the 14 in San Augustine. Maj. Miller completed his second year of coaching with the team. 1. Coach Miller heads up the SFA golf team. 2. 1981-82 Golf Team: First row: Wynn Reichert, Greg Chapman, Ricky Taylor, Bruce Bradford, Greg Baker, )oe Golden. Second row: Greg Meserole, Rob Weaver, Pat Irwin, Bill Stovall, Ted Meador, Kevin Frizzell, Bryan Allison, Carlton Smith. 296— Golf Golf— 297 Team gets returning talent 1. Faurshid Niroumand has the position of coach for the soccer team as well as being a player. 2. First row: Kelly O ' Brien, Greg Sander, Darin Wilson, ]ohn Davenport, Adrian Winnubst, )ohn Siebert, Bobby Masters, Mohammad Bramakeh. Second row: Farshid Niroumand, Greg Muller, a jimmy Kjellander, Brad Anderson, David Martin, Tim Wachter, Dennis Cusick, Duke Anderson, Tommy )ones, Hovey Cox. The 1981-82 soccer team had a well balanced fall season, finishing 2- 2-1. The team had nine returning players from last year ' s team which finished second in the Texas Collegiate Soccer League. Out of those nine players four of them were all-star players. Coaching the team for the third year was Faurshid Niroumand, who was a player coach. Before becoming a coach, he played for SFA for four years. 1 1 298— Soccer 1. Dennis Cusik, goal keeper, dives to keep the ball from going into the goal. 2. Tommy lones gets ready to pass the soccer ball. Cheerleaders promote spirit The SFA Cheerleaders went to National Cheerleading Association camp in Knoxville, TN this summer. They received " superior " ribbons in every event. They also received spirit sticks. Durine the football season, the cheerleaders attended every football game and promoted spirit at many other athletic every football game and promoted spirit at many other athletic events, such as basketball. Cheerleaders Basketball and broomsticks A 37-year veteran of Nacogdoches, Delton Earl Stegall, " Stick " has worked at SFA for 18 years. Since 1974, " Stick " has been in charge of up-keep at the Coliseum. " Stick " got his nickname because people were not able to pronounce his name and called him " Stick. " " Stick ' s " wife also worked at SFA, and they had three children. During halftime of Lumberjack basketball games for the last two years, " Stick " has swept the court and then returned with a basketball. He would start shooting from about 10 feet out and work his way to midcourt. His performance drew cheers from the crowd, making him a popular halftime attraction. " Stick " really enjoyed working at SFA. The most enjoyable part for him were the students. A " hi " or a smile from a student made his day, made him feel wanted. The Jacks winning the Lone Star Conference really made " Stick " happy. He said, " It is hard with a team being on probation to come back, but this years ' team did it up right. " " Stick " also hoped to see the Lady ' s continue to win. Stick also said he would like to see SFA eventually have 23,000 or 24,000 students enrolled. " If the school would grow, it could possible help Nacogdoches to grow in size, " he said. 1. Stick entertains the SFA crowd at half time in the Coliseum. 302— Basketball Building year for the Lady ' s It was called a building year for SFA ' s Ladyjacks, but 1981-1982 was much more than that for Mary Ann Otwell ' s squad. A young team, the Ladyjacks had a lot to learn, and a hard schedule to help them. Five of SFA ' s games were against teams that were at sometime in the season ranked in the top 10. Three of the Ladyjacks contests were against first ranked Louisiana Tech. But Otwell, along with assistant coach Dave Ketterman and graduate assistant Kim Bassinger, wanted the team ready for its first ever National Collegiate Athletic Association post season tournament. 1 Coach Mary Ann Otwell keeps the spirit go- ing 1. Pam Crawford makes her way. 304— Basketball Basketball— 305 Lady ' s become stronger 1 306— Basketball Jacks switch to NCAA The NCAA offered championships in women ' s sports for the first time, and Women ' s Athletic Director Sue Gunter decided SFA would make the switch from AIAW. GROUP PICTURE: First row: Pam Crawford, Paula Redo, Rosalind Polk, Nancy Bowden, Ra- mona Irlbeck and Sheri Turner. Second row: Sharon Halamicek, Sybil lohnson, Kim Rodman, Tammy Beth Collier, and Bonita Branch. 2. Kim Rodman goes up for a jump shot as Sharon Halamicek looks on 3 Rosalind Polk stays low to keep control and posession of the ball. Basketball— 307 I Returners lend helping hand Otwell had one junior, five sophomores and four freshman to take the place of graduates Vanessa Anderson, Barbara Brown and Missy Weisinger, all four-year starters. Crawford was the oldest returning team member and was named captain. With amazing leaping ability, she combined with sophomores Rosalind Polk and Tammy Mayo to form one of the quickest and best perimeter games in the nation. 1. Kim Rodman leaps for the ball as Sharon Halamicek is ready to help out. 2. Pam Crawford shows her shooting style. 2 308— Basketball Lady ' s lack depth The Ladyjacks ' inside game, a traditionally string position for SFA, was the only place the team lacked depth. Sybil Johnson 6-2 sophomore, took over the starting position but was backed up by promising 6-3 freshman Sharon Halamicek. Johnson put in 14 points per game and added 10 rebounds while Halamicek averaged five points and seven rebounds. 1. Bonita Branch goes over her opponent to get off a shot. 2. Kim Rodman edges past the defense for a layup. Lady ' s spring for the sky 6 Shooting over 50 percent all season long, Tammy Mayo began a starting role and quickly led the team in scoring with a 20 point average. Recognized as one of the finest guards in the nation, Rosalind Polk began her second year as a starter and averaged four steals per game while leading in team assists. Another sophomore, Paula Redo, added depth at all perimeter positions and was invaluable to the Ladyjacks in several contests. a I Tammy Mayo jumps to grab the ball from Kansas 2 Pam Crawford bends over back- wards to make the shot. 3 (p 311) Rosalind Polk goes up to give SFA two points. 310— Basketball Basketbali — 311 New talent adds Beth Collier, Port Lavaca sophomore, provided depth at the post position and was potent when she was in the game. The biggest surprise of the season was 5-11 freshman Kim Rodman, who jumped into a starting role and led the team all season in rebounds with 11 per contest. Bonita Branch and Ramona Irlbeck added to the talented depth at the perimeter positions and were called on frequently to help run SFA ' s tremendous fast break. It was the fast break that helped SFA beat second ranked Tennessee in the second ranked Tennessee in the second game of the season, 80-76, in Knoxvilie. The Ladyjacks lost two games at Plainview ' s Queens Classic and ended 1981 at 7-2 and a 10th ranking after beginning the season at 18th. Memphis State and )ackson 1. Coach Otwell discusses a play with Sybil Johnson. 2. Sharon Halamicek gets set for a free throw shot. 312— Basketball to Lady ' s strength State proved too much for SFA in the first games of 1982 and the Lady ' s fell to 15th in the national poll. Wins over Montclair State, Kansas and Cal Poly-Pamona combined with losses to Louisiana Tech, Texas and Long Beach put the Lady ' s out of the poll for the first time in four years. Tech edged the Ladyjacks 69-59 before 6,000 fans in SFA ' s Coliseum. SFA then fell to eighth ranked Texas 80-79 in overtime in Austin. Long Beach, ranked ninth, skipped by SFA in Los Angeles, 74-80. Games with Louisiana Tech, Wayland Baptist, the University of Houston and Mississippi remained before SFA ' s first trip to the NCAA regional tournament. The Ladyjacks were a " maybe " in 1981, but with everyone returning and a strong recruiting season probably ahead, the team was a sure contender in 1983. 1. Kim Rodman makes her way to the basket with Bonits Branch ready to help out 2. Paula Redo uses her quickness to get around the op- posing team Baskteball— 313 Ladyjack Softball was in a tough division in the 1981-82 season, making a strong record very difficult. Although in the 81 season their record was 9-20, their performance did not deserve such a record. Many of the games were lost by one run. I. Linda Levis talks over batting with Renee Smith. 2. First row: Mary McLaurin, Cindy Gossett, Sharon Bezner, Sherri Roach, Kathy Walker, Tricia Curran, Second row: Gloria Coo- per, Renee Smith, lulis Doxtad, Cindy Manly, Ian Parker, Stacy Smith Third row: Nancy Bowden, Ann Mayers, Nicole Parker, Dawn Morales, Sophie Wimberly and Lauri Limber 314— Softball Tough season throttles Ladyjacks The Ladyjacks were led by head coach Diane Baker, and graduate assistant Lynda Levis. This was Baker ' s second year as Jack ' s head coach. Baker felt that the Ladies were stronger and more talented than ever before. The team pulled together and worked hard. Although the fall season was tough, the spring season was expected to be even tougher. Because of the quality, along with their attitude and determination, of the players, the Ladyjacks were expected to pull through the season with an even better record. 1. Coach Baker signals a runner home. 2. Trish Curran cheers a teammate on as she gets ready to bat. 1 Softball— 317 Lady spikers pleased with season Leaving the fall season with a 25-25 record, volleyball coach Diane Baker was pleased. The Jacks traveled more this fall than usual, thus the season was a tiresome one. Baker was especially pleased with the Ladies win over Louisiana State University in the Sam Houston Classic. 1. Coach Diane Baker 2 Volleyball Team: First row: Gay Myers, Tammy Green. Second row: Carrie Franklin, Mary )o Lee, Susan Scott, Wende Waggoner. Third row: Val Nesbitt, Manager, lustine Raphael, Patty Hoffman, Desiree Broussard, Marilyn Navarro, Trainer. Fourth row: Barbara Hale, Denise Kinney, Cheryl Bennett, Laurie Scott, Kerry Coman Baker praised all her players, but especially Pattie Hoffman, Pasadena senior. Gay Meyers, Port Arthur junior, along with Hoffman, provided the Ladies with excellent sets which aided Barbara Hale, Texas City sophomore, one of the teams strongest hitters. 318— Volleyball Volleyball Jacks play tough To wrap up the season, the Ladyjacks competed in the Division II state tournament, finishing seventh. From state the Ladies went to the Regional Tournament, playing against seven of the top teams. Even though the Ladyjacks played well, they did not make it out of their pool. 1 Gay Myers and Carrie Franklin go up to block against TWC. 2. Desiree Broussard shows TLC how to put the ball over, with Cay Myers ready to help. 2 320— Volleyball Volleyball— 321 Lady netters gain strength Members of the 1982 Ladies tennis team is (first row) Vickie Seidl, Rachel Howell, Mary Renaud and Sue Briggs, trainer; and (second row) Genie Kilpatrick, Nora Moreno, Wendy Celhay, Sue Ulu and Lisa Dayan With the team that Coach Mary Frances " Sissy " Skinner had this year, she could not lose. When four returning players, team captains Rachel Howell, Bryan senior; and Wendy Gelhay, Montreal, Canada senior; along with Genie Kilpatrick, Deer Park sophomore; and Lisa Dayan, New York, NY sophomore are teamed with Navarro College recruits, Mary Renaud and Nora Moreno, both of Argentina, that spells " win " . In the fall season, the Ladyjacks had a 4-4 record. The losses were to Division I schools. They did not lose any matches to the schools in their division. Following the season, Coach Skinner resigned her position as Coach. 322 — Women ' s tennis Lady netters victorious One of the Ladies biggest wins came October 2 at the Tyler Junior College tennis tournament. Kilgore Junior College, Tyler Junior College, Centenary University and SFA were the four competing teams. Along with the Jacks ' tournament win, they beat Centenary, ranked fifth in the nation, to gain the victory. (1) Rachel Howell serves the ball. (2) Mary Renaud uses her backhand. (3) Genie Kilpatrick and Lisa Dayan work together. 324 — Women ' s tennis Women ' s tennis 1. Coach Carolyn Barnett heads up the Ladies track team with help from graduate assistant, Sue Monroe 2 First row: Linda Carmen, Fleashia lones, Katherine Day, Cheryl McClung, Angela Love, Kim Abshire, Vickie Davis, and Lerenda Sells Second row: Mona Martel, Cindy Wallace, Michele Beaubien Stefanie Cranford, Kim Keyes, Paula Phillips, Lori Walker, Lisa Griffith, Becky Harding, Vickie Williams and Sue Briggs, trainer. Ladies off, running The Ladyjack track team had a successful season, although many of the runners were underclassmen. The team had more distance runners than usual and a few walkons, contributing to the team ' s strength. Carolyn Barnett completed her eighth year of coaching with the Ladyjacks, and was assisted this year by Sue Monroe, who is a graduate assistant at SFA. 326— Track Track— 327 Young team strives for success Carolyn Barnett took 10 girls to the AIAW national meet in 1981, and hoped to do so in ' 82. Paula Phillips was back from placing third in the shotput at nationals, along with Fleshia Jones who placed sixth in the 200 meter dash. 1 1. Paula Phillips prepares to throw the shotput 2. Lisa Griffith and Mona Martel take a jog around the track 2 1. Fleshia Jones takes the handoff from Angela Love. 2. Track team stretches before they start to workout Track— 329 Lady ' s soccer club going strong The Ladyjacks soccer team left the fall season with a 6-2-2 record and a league record of 4-1-1. Their biggest wins were against Trinity University, Sam Houston and the University of Texas. Coach Judi Phillips felt that the team was the best ever at SFA. Phillips has coached the team for two years and feels honored that she had this chance. 1. Coach Judi Phillips heads the Woman ' s Soc- cer Club. 2. Soccer team: First row: Eve Pon- der, Tracy Havins, Paige Swaim, Linda Smith, Lorraine Proud, Karen Riddle. Second row: Ann Crosby, Lori Smith, Sharon Williams, Carrie Delius, Susan Stahl, Patti Miller. Third row: Beth Richardson, Phyllis Palmer, Sunny Baker, Stefanie Wood, Cathy Moffat Not Pictured: Carol Thumlert, Lynda Seeley, Susan Amend, Tracy Mitcheltree, Brenda Powers, Susan Edwards. Soccer — 331 Athletes speak out " In my opinion, the Ladyjack program is growing because of the strong foundation and high goals that are set for it. I feel the program is in an adolesant stage right now in that we are getting a name for ourselves. We are gaining acceptance throughout the country. Although we have a lot going for ourselves, we still have hurdles that we must overcome. With a few progressive steps we will be able to overcome these hurdles. " Patty Hoffman Pasadena Senior, Volleyball " In my opinion, the SFA athletic program lacks support. Although there are many talented athletes, only a few sports get backing from the fans. It is discouraging as an athlete to put so much time and energy into something that many students are not interested in. " Cindy Manley Florida Senior, Softball " Overall, I fell the SFA sports program is good. The programs could use individual improvement, though. Given the proper funds to back the sports up, I feel the sports in general would improve greatly. I have been treated well and feel I have had many good opportunities here. The athletic department and coaches are great. " Rachel Howell Brian Senior, Tennis 332 — Interview What do you think of the athletic program at SFA? " In the past, the athletic program has been questionable. With the addition of the new head athletic director, Jim Hess, the SFA sports programs are about to turn around. The baseball program has been in existence for four years now. In the beginning, the program was not sufficiently funded. Due to the support of the Diamond Club, SFA students and the rising confidence shown by the athletic department, the baseball team has greatly improved. SFA has excelled in other areas, such as the first ranked Lumberjack basketball team. The SFA athletic program is definitely on its way up. " Mike Hensley Dallas senior, Baseball " In my opinion, the women ' s athletic program at SFA is competing in the top class. The program is well organized and staffed. From a basketball players point of view, I don ' t believe we could ask for more, but I do feel other women ' s sports could use more funding and support. I feel all the Ladyjacks believe in hard work because that ' s what it takes to be winners, but it also takes outside help and support. " Beth Collier Port Lavaca senior, Basketball " Sports at SFA are generally the same as sports of other universities. Athletes are recruited from high schools and paid to perform the skills they have excelled in. The funding of collegiate sports seems to be a problem in most small universities. SFA falls into this category. Lack of funds can hurt athletic programs, such as the baseball team where no scholarships are offered. At any rate, athletes at SFA contribute a lot of time and effort to the program and usually get a lot out of it. " DeWayne Miksch Orange sophomore, Track Interview— 333 President W.R. Johnson " It has essentially been a good year, " said Dr. William R. Johnson, Stephen F. Austin ' s president. Johnson had been with SFA as head administrator for about six years. Before coming here in 1976, Dr. Johnson was vice president and dean of academic affairs at Texas Tech University in Lubbock. Dr. Johnson felt that the major goals for the 1982-82 academic year included increased salaries for teachers, and keeping the academic standards challenging. A few of the responsibilities of the president were overseeing the vice presidents, dealing with external constituents and the legislature, and making long and short term plans for the university. In addition to his numerous responsibilities as president, Dr. Johnson also found time to pursue his unusual hobby of clockmaking. 3 1. Dr. Johnson and his Wife, Freida, spend a quiet evening at home. 2. President William R. lohnson. 3. Dr. lohnson relaxes over a cup of coffee. 336 — Administration Vice presidents enforce policies Most SFA students rarely considered the university vice presidents, yet these four people played a major role in the administration of this institution. Their function was to establish and enforce school policies ranging from administrative areas to extracurricular activities. Dr. Nancy Speck, associate vice president for academic affairs, concerned herself with issues of curriculum including the development and deletion of classes, class schedules and inventories and revisions. Serving as vice president for academic affairs, Dr. Edwin W. Gaston worked with both faculty and students in an effort to construct and expand policies for the academic areas of the administration. Otto Ehrlich, vice president for fiscal affairs, placed his attentions on the financial aspects of the university, such as tuition, room and board and fees. The vice president of student affairs, Dr. Baker Pattillo, concentrated his work on developing services for students, as well as managing extracurricular activities at SFA. Dr. Pattillo also aided students with questions concerning the administration. 1 Dr Baker Pattillo is SFA ' s vice president of student affairs. 338 — Vice presidents 1 Dr Nancy Speck is associate vice president for academic affairs 2. Otto Ehrlich serves as mterium vice president for fiscal affairs 3. Dr Edwin Gaston was appointed vice president for academic affairs in January 1982. Vice presidents — 339 Services assist students The offices of financial aid, housing, placement and the University Police Department are administered under the office of Student Services. The housing office aids students in finding off-campus housing as well as overseeing the on campus housing arrangements for approximately 5,000 students. The financial aid office keeps a file all current part-time jobs, on and off- campus, and assists students who wish to work while attending SFA. In addition, various forms of financial aid are processed through this office. Students and former students are assisted in finding employment by the placement office. Services are offered to students through scheduling of campus interviews with employers and maintaining and reproducing credentials. The University Police Department is responsible for all law enforcement services on campus. I lamie Fain, associate director of housing. 2. Bonita Jacobs, coordinator of residence life. 3 Pete Smith, director of housing 4 Van P Samtord, director of placement. 9HHHH9R Office provides services The Office of Student Development was responsible for a wide variety of extracurricular activities and services which involved student life on the SFA campus. This office was responsible for the more than 150 active organizations at SFA, including University Center Programs, fraternities and sororities, student organizations, Student Government liaison and the campus judicial system. University Center Programs was a division of Student Development that included the Graphics Shoppe, Arts and Crafts Center and UC Programs Committees. This division actively engaged in planning and implementing educational, social, recreational and cultural activities for the University Center. The student legal counsel, Walter Simonds, provided advice and an explanation of the law but did not represent students in court or before any type of hearing. He counseled students conserning legal problems such as landlord-tenant law, automobile accidents, divorce and family law, consumer law and criminal law. Dr. William Porter, dean of student development, and Ernestine Henry, associate dean of student development, were available throughout the year to advise students on any matter of concern, including housing, university policies and regulations or more personal problems and situations. l Ernestine Henry, associate dean of student development 2 Dr William Porter, dean of student development 3. Walter Simonds, student legal counselor. Student Development — 341 Administration 342 — Administration 2 I. Gene Barbm, registrar 2 Dr. Richard Voigtal, director of Affirmative Action 3 Robert Provan, legal counsel Administration — 343 344 — Administration Administration — 345 Center aids students Coping was difficult at any age, but it sometimes seemed even harder to a college student. The purpose of the Guidance and Counseling Center was to help students deal with goals and needs and the problems in attaining them. Melvin Wester, director of guidance, along with counselors Bailey Nations, Ralph Busby, Linda Kluckhohn and Edwina Palmer advised students in both career and personal counseling. 1 Edwina Palmer gives advice to a student 2 Bailey Nations has been an SFA counselor since 1967. i Melvin Wester heads the Guidance and Counseling Center. 346 — Guidance and Counseling Guidance and Counseling — 347 Carolyn Adams Forestry Dr. Jasper Adams Mathematics and Statistics Dr. Doyle Alexander Mathematics Carolyn Alhashimi Administrative secretary Dr. Talib Alhashimi Agriculture Dr. Roy Alston Mathematics Dr. Ronald Anderson Music Dr. Mary Appleberry Elementary Education Dr. Janelle Ashley Business Dr. Thomas Atchison Mathematics and Statistics Joe Ballenger Management and Marketing Dr. Calvin Barton Mathematics Gloria Bay Special Services Dr. Sidney Bellamy English Ronald Bigoness Management and Marketing Dr. Victor Bilan Forestry }48— Faculty Dr. Bobby Bizzell Management and Marketing Master Sgt. Michael Bonner Military Science Dr. Wayne Boring Chemistry B.F. Boudria Mathematics Curtis Bradshaw Financial Aid Dr. Charles Brown Economics and Finance Marlin Bryant UC Programs Staff Sgt. )oe Buck Military Science Betty Bunch Kindergarten Harold Bunch Mathematics Julius Burkett Mathematics Ralph Busby Guidance and Counseling Center Dr. John Butts Communication Alvin Cage University Libraries David Campbell Intramurals Mary Cams Political Science Ernest McMilliam, SFA student, repairs Dr Jacob Seaton ' s car while Dr. Bennie Walker looks on Faculty— 349 Elton Chaney Mathematics Elmer Childers Food Services Dr. Glen Clayton Physics Timothy Clipson Administrative Services Norman Cox Marketing Dr. Charlene Crocker Secondary Education Doris Cummings Accounting Dr. John Dahmus History Dr. Robert Dean Mathematics and Statistics Martin Deuth Geology Dr. Joseph Devine History Dr. Kenneth Durr Administrative Services Dr. Russell Faulkner Biology Andrew Ferguson Administrative Services Maj. Logan Fitch Military Science Dr. Thomas Franks Elementary Education 350— Faculty Dr. lames Garrett Chemistry Dr. William Gibson Biology John Goodall Music Dr. Donald Gregory Political Science Dr. David Grigsby Counseling and Special Education Tyrrel Grohman Biology Charlotte Guynes Education Dr. Patsy Hallman Home Economics Dr. Bill Hamrick School Services Try Hargis Management and Marketing Ernestine Henry Student Development Sgt. Maj. Harvey Heseman Military Science Dr. Harold Hill Secondary Education Ben Hobbs Communication Dr. Thomas Houston Music Dr. lames Howard Forestry Bill Arscott, professor of art, holds his students ' attention. Faculty— 351 Dr |une Irwin and Dr. ]ack Lewis support the SFA athletic programs. Dr. June Irwin Health and Physical Education Bonita Jacobs Housing Dr. Bobby Johnson University News and Information Wayne Johnson Political Science Yvonne Johnson Librarian Dr. Jimmy Jones Modern Languages Marlene Kahla Management Cleo Kelly Humanities Librarian Dr. Carl Kight Health and Physical Education Dr. David Lenhart Forestry Dr. Jack Lewis Counseling and Special Education Wilbert Love English Tommie Lowery History Dr. Gerald Lowry Forestry Dr. Robert Maxwell History Dr. Jack McCullough Biology 352— Faculty Dr. Ennis McCune Mathematics Dr. Harry McDonald Biology Thomas McGrath Forestry Capt. Geoffrey Miller Military Science Dr. Charles Mims Biology Dr. William Morrison Counseling and Special Education Dr. James Moses Modern Languages Dr. Morgan Moses Secondary Education Dr. Wayne Murdock Economics and Finance Dr. Samuel Naistat Chemistry Bailey Nations Guidance and Counseling Joe Neel Mathematics Dr. Jack Nelson Auxiliary Services Dr. Elray Nixon Biology Edwinna Palmer Guidance and Counseling Betty Patin Librarian Dr. Harry Hoge and Dr Austin Sartin brown-bag it for lunch. Faculty— 353 Donald Graham relaxes during a coffee break. Susan Paynter Secondary Education Sue Perkins Student Publications Dr. David Petty Sociology Dr. William Porter Student Development Carolyn Price Administrative Services Dr. Clarke Proctor Mathematics Dr. Mildred Pryor Management and Marketing Dr. Thomas Quarles Agriculture Dr. Fred Rainwater Biology Dr. Robert Ramsey Communication Dr. James Reese History Dr. Hershel Reeves Forestry Dr. Allen Richman History Capt. Richard Riggs Military Science Dr. Michael Roach Communication Dr. Walter Robertson Biology 354— Faculty Dr. Frank Ross Accounting Dr. Margaret Rucker Home Economics )ean Rudisill Administrative Services Dr. Dwane Russell Secondary Education Homer Russell Biology Van Samford Placement Dr. Austin Sartin Geology Dr. Carroll Schoenewolf English Jay Schultz Forestry Nancy Shaffer Serials Librarian Patricia Sharp Geology Jane Shepard Mathematics and Statistics Dr. David Shows Health and Physical Education Walter Simonds Student Legal Council Ronald Sitton UC Accountant Dr. Wayne Slagle Biology Dr. Walter Waters directs a theatre production. Dr. Charles T. Nail entertains with his banjo. Dr. Frank Smith Elementary Education Dr. Sammie Smith Accounting Dr. Weldon Smith Economics and Finance James Snyder Art Dr. Lynnette Solomon Economics Dr. Robert Solomon Marketing Dr. Connie Spreadbury Sociology Dr. Wendall Spreadbury Elementary Education Dr. Jack Spurrier Counseling and Special Education Dr. James Standley Criminal justice Donnya Stephens Secondary Education Dr. Dudley Stewart Economics and Finance Teresa Thompson Military Science Dr. Dillard Tinsley Marketing Dr. Jim Towns Communication Dr. Richard Voigtel Counseling and Special Education Staff Sgt. Sammy Wages Military Science Shirley Watterston Music Lyle Jean Weigel Librarian Melvin Wester Guidance and Counseling Dr. Montague Whiting Forestry Mary Ann Williford Mathematics Dr. Craig Wood Computer Science Dr. Ray Worsham Intramurals Ben Wright University Police Chief Paulette Wright Secondary Education Dr. William Wright Management Robert Wuest Computer Science Dr. Beverly Young Elementary Education Dr. Marlin Young Administrative Services Dr. William Young Music Dr. Lawrence Zillmer Theatre Dr. Francine Hoffman gives friendly advice Faculty— 357 Photography: a way of life For most people, photography is simply an enjoyable pastime. But for Dr. Michael Roach, associate professor of communication, photography was both a hobby and a profession. He liked his job of teaching, but said that the real fun of photography came in taking pictures. Dr. Roach was employed at SFA for 15 years. During that time, he saw a major change in the photography department. Originally, he taught his classes in the art department, but in the mid-1970 ' s, all art and communications photography was combined. In addition to his teaching, Dr. Roach did a great deal of free lance and production work for major corporations. " If you really work hard at teaching, though, there isn ' t much time left for outside work, " Roach said. All of Dr. Roach ' s degrees were obtained from North Texas State University in Denton. They included a Bachelor of Science degree in 1963, a Master of Education in 1965, and a Doctor of Education in 1970. Faculty— 359 Graduates Alhashimi, Carolyn Baddam, Ravinder Baggett, Susan Barton, Paula Baumgardner, Karen Bavousett, Rex Calame, Cheryl Carey, Leon Cason, Russell Chao, Frank Clester, Kelli Conway, Bret Cotten, lim Cusack, Thomas Ekpro, Ekpedeme Fischer, lames Fischer, Kay Fisk, William Gary, Laura Giles, Michael Harkness, Linda Harris, Gailyn Hartung, August Inyang, Effiong lenkins, Antonio lolly, Cindy Koval, Jeffrey Lorenz, Donald Lorenz, Keira Martin, Donna Masepohl, Mark Mauldin, Billy Morris, Robert Nicks, (erry Palmer, Kelly Panuganti, Rao Peacock, Charlene Pickrell, William 362 — Graduates Graduates Ward, John Whitney, Masako Williams, Carl Wilson, Victor Winchell, Deborah Wolf, Linda Fashee ' Niroumand, physical education graduate, came to the United States from his home in Shiraz, Iran 10 years ago after serving in the Iranian army. Every citizen of Iran must serve in the army for two years, Fashee ' said. Fashee ' came to the United States to further his educa- tion. There is a high demand for a college education in Iran, but the universities are hard to get into. His interest in sports also brought Fashee ' to the United States. Iran does not have a professional sports program, he said. Fashee ' hopes to own a gymnasium after graduat- ing from SFA. Fashee ' helped to organize the soccer program at SFA and he is now coaching the team. Fashee ' has not seen his family since he has been in the United States. His sisters have all earned college degrees, but are presently unemployed because they are not Mos- lem. Before the change of power in Iran, they worked as a civil engineer, a doctor and a physicist, but the government revoked their certificates. SFA is home to Fashee ' . " Dr. Ray Worsham has been like a father to me and I respect him very much, " he s aid. After graduation he plans to stay near Nacogdoches and he will definitely stay in the United States. Seniors Abbey, Joyce Adams, Arthur Adams, Jean Aguilar, Patricia Albert, Susan Albrecht, Carol Allen, Don Amason, Michele Ancy, Julie Anderson, Jana Andrews, Robin Anthony, Jeffery Anthony, Mark Arnold, Winfred Askew, Karen Atwell, Karen Austin, Michael Baccus, Dave Danny Sullivan is a senior physical education and history major at SFA. Danny has grown close to many people at SFA whom he will hate to leave. However, one dislike he has about Nacogdoches is that there is only a few clubs. " We need more dancing places, something besides country western! " Danny ' s passion for dancing began during his senior year in high school. Disco was very popular then and Danny loved it. He choose a partner and began to win. Danny and partner, Lauren Husbands, won " Dance Fever " and " Dallas. " They were only paid $25, but it was " an unforgettable experience. " Baird, Phillip Baker, Linda Baker, Lydia Balesky, Amanda Barber, Lacinda Barefield, Barbara Barlow, Lois Barnes, Deborah Barry, Mark Bartlett, Benjamin Barton, Thomas Barton, Jr. Thomas 364 — Seniors Seniors Bateman, Kathy Baty, Donna Baumgarten, Gil Bead, )on Beasley, Joel Bedford, Linda Bell, Terry Bellrichard, Catherine Bender, Steve Benedict, Randy Bennett, Annella Benson, Sharon Berg, Sharon Berkeley, Norborn Berkley, Tracey Blackswell, Katherine Blake, Kelly Blanchard, Steven Blmdt, Karen Boatman, Terry Bobo, Mary Boileau, Nancy Bone, )ane Boren, Rebecca Borthwick, Robin Bradway, Sharon Brasher, lanet Breckenridge, Robert Breckwoldt, Cretchen Brewer, Richard Brooks, Anderson Brown, Jill Brown, John Brown, Melissa Brown, Randy Browning, Linda Burns, Elizabeth Burney, Belinda Brush, Ivy Lynn Bullis, Richard Butler, Tamara Byrne, Michael Cadman, Lewis Cadman, Michelle Cain, Daniel Cain, Kim Caldwell, Lawrence Callender, William Seniors — 365 Seniors Campen, Karen Cannon, Cynthia Cantwell, Nancy Caraway, Ira Carbonari, Karen Carlson, Frank Carson, Kathleen Carter, Benedict Carter, David Casey, III lack Caskey, Drake Cates, Toni Chamberlain, Tamara Chapman, Arlene Christian, Bernadine Clark, Todd Clay, Chris Clay, Kim Clem, Scott Clement, Katy Clements, Karen Cochran, Mark Coker, Terri Colburn, Lisa Cole, Lisa Cole, Richard Collins, Kathy Compton, Michael Cook, Missy Cooper, Deborah Cooper, Teri Copeland, Toni Cotton, johnnie Coulter, Debbie Creech, )ulie Crichton, Karen Crimmins, Diane Crook, Melissa Crosby, Tamera DeCarlo, Diane DeGnath, Wynelle DeStefano, Claire Dahl, Ion Dailey, Susan Darnell, Daniel Daugherty, Regina Davis, Robbin Dean, Angela 366 — Seniors Seniors Dean, Gary Dempsey, Terry Denham, Allison Denton, Vickie Derr, Hans Desadier, Kathi |o Desantis, Peter Dexheimer, Tracey Dhonau, Barbara Dieter, Harry Dillinger, lane Dillon, Twila Dippel, David Dixon, Leigh Dohm, Leah Donahue, Thomas Dougherty, )oe Draper, David Dudley, Cherly Duke, (ulie Ann Durkin, Patti Dyer, Trey Eakright, Angela Easley, Darla Easley, William Eaton, Andrea Edmonson, (on Edwards, Starla Ellison, Andrea Essler, Donna Estes, Scott Eubanks, Darrell Farley, Laura Fields, Linda Finley, Eric Finley, ludy Fleck, Mary Beth Fletcher, Alan Fletcher, Rick Floyd, Ann Fogg, lo Forrester, Rebecca Foster, George Frambes, Kirk Francis, lanice Frazier, Karne Frazier, Scott Friou, loe Seniors — 367 Seniors When asked what he would do if he had his freshman year to do over, Tony Williams, senior communications major, commented, " I wouldn ' t come to school. The basic subjects were too hard because I was not interested in them. Once I got into classes concerning my major, I started enjoying school more and found it easier. " He was proud to say he made the dean ' s list his junior year. Despite the hard courses, Tony was glad he chose SFA because of the friendly people and the university ' s good academic standing. He was a member of Pi Kappa Delta honorary speech fraternity and was a sports reporter for THE PINE LOG. He was also a resident assistant in Wilson Hall. Funderburk, Janet Funk, Kathy Galliher, Teresa Gamble, Debra Gann, Carol Garrett, Bill Gatlin, Ronald Gay, Michelle Gerdes, Celese Glass, Pam Goad, Nancy Goodale, Brad Goodwin, Tollie Gorman, Kristin Goss, Melaine Gottfried, Ann Gouldsby, Fritzi Grant, Rhea Anne Gray, Brian Grayson, Mary Ann Greene, Brian Gregg, Martha Gregory, Karen Griffin, Gary Griffin, Ken Grimes, Patricia Gross, Glenda Grusendorf, Sharon Grusendorf, Diane Gunn, Marci 368 — Seniors Seniors Cural, Diana Guyer, Angie Gadden, Neil Haddox, Pamela Hadler, Annette Hagler, Gay Haines, Kevan Hall, Anita Hall, Holly Hall, Lisa Hall, Steven Ham, Sandra Hanby, Martha Leigh Harkennder, Donna Harrel, Matthew Harris, lames E Harris, Terrance Harrison, Gilbert Hartman, Cindy Harvey, Kerry Hatton, Robert Hauglid, Sandra Haynes, Robert Head, Lisa Heap, Chellie Hearne, Mark Henderson, Kenneth Hennig, Katherme Hensley, Michael Henson, Laura Herman, Craig Hewitt, Lisa Hicks, Kendall Higgms, Lori Hill, Terresa Hiza, Cynthia Hobbs, Robert Hoffman, Patty Holman, Mary Hook, Cathleen Hooks, Maxey Horn, Kerry Houston, Julie Howard, Lisa Howell, Rachel Howie, W. Lee Hudgins, Carolyn Hudson, Deborah Seniors — 369 Seniors Hughes, Melody Hughes, Richard Humason, Susan Hutto, Timothy Hude, Jeff Hyzer, Melissa Imani, Kamran Imy, Cindy Ingram, Cynthia Ivins, Dave lyeki, Diane lackson, Thomas Jenkins, Stuart lohnson, Frances lohnson, Deborah lohnson, Peggy lohnson, Tommy lohnston, Randy Jones, Etola lones, Keith Kane, Dan Kasner, Kyle Kerr, Emily Khoury, Kay Kirby, Kerry Kirkhoff, Kevin Klingaman, Bill Knight, Julia Knight, Susan Knowles, Tim Kok, jerden Koslo, Kathleen Krouse, Heidi Kubacak, David Kubelka, Michael Kurtz, Robert L Bau me, leanette Laake, Mary Lacy, Debbie Laderman, Denice Ladner, Beth Lamarr, Kathy Lambnght, Rhonda Laminack, Steve Landrum, William Lange, Lauren Langford, Teri Langlmais, Leigh 370 — Seniors Seniors v. f Larkin, Vicki Lawton, Mark Leander, Lou Ann Lena, Chris Leonard, Allen Lestage, Donna m • - Jj Linnenberg, Elaine Linthicum, Ginger Lipps, David Lockhart, Michelle Lomax, Carolyn Loomer, Shari m Mk JO j Low, Paula Lucas, Marc Lueck, Cathy Luke, Cheryl Lynass, Ann Maas, Susan Madry, Carolyn Magness, Nancy Mahlstedt, Stephen Mansfield, Michael Maraldo, Lisa Marek, Pattie Marsh, Jeffrey Marshall, Russell Martin, David Martin, Debbie Martin, Melinda Martin, Nancy Masten, Terry Mathieu, )udith Mattar, Elaine Matthews, Melanie Mauer, Marty May, Mary Mayes, Brenda Mayfield, Suzi McClendon, Denise McClenny, (ill McClure, Geralyn McCorkle, Kim McCoy, Donald McCullough, Karen McDevitt, Terry McKnight, Mary Lynn McLamore, Warren McMahan, lann Seniors — 371 Seniors Mercado, Evila Meriwether, Katherine Meriwether, Ruth Millard, Mike Miller, Julie Miller, Laura Miller, Patricia Miller, Rene Minton, Donna Mitchell, Eula Mitchell, Julie Mobbs, Vicki Moehring, Jonathan Mohn, Kenneth Moore, Beth Morlock, Brian Morrison, Ann Mosconi, Louis Moser, Barry Mosley, Melissa Muckleroy, Sheila Murphy, Debora Murphy, Robert Murray, Manlea Myrick, Pam Nado, Kathy Nafts, Gilbert Naqum, Yvonne Narmour, Michael Nassar, Gregory Neel, Janet Newell, Amy Nickey, Larry Niemann, lennifer Niemann, ludith Nix, Sheila Nixon, Drew O ' Farrell, Les O ' Rourke, Claudia Ohlemacher, Lorna Oneil, Susan Onofrio, Vicky Ordemann, James Paolmi, Guy Parkes, Mary Parks, Donald Parnell, Leila Claire Partin, Phillip 372 — Seniors Seniors Patrick, Debra Patterson, leffery Pattigrew, Marilyn Penn, Sandra Pennington, Cindy Perucca, Paula Peterson, Diana Pevehouse, Rusty Pierce, Brian Pokorny, Ellen Pokorny, Sally Porter, Sylvia Porter, Terry Powell, Branda Preston, |ohn Price, Charles Price, Debbie Puckett, |im Bob Pursche, lesse Ramsy, Laurie Rape, Carolyn Rasmussen, Susan Ray, Anne Reb, Julie Reed, Thomas Reichert, Wynn Reneau, Terne Renshaw, John Reynolds, Darlene Reynolds, Linda After Chellie Heap realized she was too short to be a stewardess, she set out after her next career choice — teaching. She decided on SFA because she heard it had a good teaching program. The senior elementary education major hoped to teach fifth grade after she graduated. " That age is more mature and independent than the younger grades, " Chellie said. Chellie is currently student teaching in a third grade class at Nettie Marshall School in Nacogdoches. " I ' m really lucky, " she said. " I have a good teacher to work with. " Chellie ' s only qualm about being on her own is disciplining her students. Chellie is an active member of Texas Student Education Association. " It ' s a great organization, " Chellie said. " They have guest speakers at each meeting talking about topics such as job interviewing, teacher burnout and student teaching. " Chellie Heap Seniors— 373 Seniors Reynolds, Randy Rice, Ray Richardson, Michaelle Riley, Barney Riley, Charlotte Ritch, luliana Roark, George Robbins, Kathryn Roberts, Mike Robinson, Elinor Robinson, Jerri Robinson, Rhonda Robinson, Ronna Rodger, Connie Rodgers, Catherine Rodriguez, Connie Rodriguez, kathy Roese, John Rogers, Lee Ann Rolston, Diana Rose, Steven Rosenbaum, lames Royster, Rhonda Rubeck, lanet Rump, Michael Russell, Sally Ryan, Susan Sandoval, Donald Sanner, Cindy Sanzone, Stephanie Savell, Kathy Scarborough, Deborah Schilling, Donna Schmidt, Sherry Schroeder, jimmy Schroeder, Margaret Schultz, Lisa Schultz, Mark Schutt, Holly Sciples, Stace Scott, Kevin Scott, Laurie Scott, Susan Sewell, Michael Sheara, Donna Sheets, Mary Sheilds, Harold Shuttee, )ohn 374 — Seniors Seniors Shuttee, John Silmon, Patricia Sims, Donna Sisson, Pamela Sitton, Sam Smelley, lames Smith, Elizabeth Smith, lanet Smith, Jeannell Smith, Julie Smith, Michael Smith, Sandra Smith, Terri Snow, Karen Sonnier, Michael Sowell, Jeannie Spivey, Larry Sprague, Lanette Stanford, Paul Starr, David Starr, )oe Starr, Virginia Stephens, Kirk Stephenson, Diana Strong, Sara Stubbs, Bruce Sullivan, Luvera Sutton, Kathy Swanson, Wendy Sweeten, Yvonne Tappe, Philip Taylor, Kenneth Templeton, Rexanne Thies, Marie Thomas, Craig Thomas, Ion Thorne, lennifer Thorsen, Steve Tichenor, Susan Tovar, Amanda Trafton, Terri Travis, Toby Truesdell, Victoria Tucker, Kaye Tunnell, Terri Turner, Tammie Turnham, Cheryl Useary, Melinda Seniors — 375 Seniors Vachon, Ellis Van Meter, David Vanek, Gwen Vann, Gary Varner, Brenda Vaughn, Melinda Vo, Hanh Waddell, Hunt Walker, Cynthia Walter, James Walters, lames Walthall, Dan Wanner, Carmen Ward, Randy Warren, Julie Weber, Mike Wedgeworth, (enice Wehrmeyer, lennifer Weil, Denise Weir, Catherine Wells, lohn Wells, III H Dawson West, lerline Wharton, Denise )oe and Donna Essler are one couple who decided to combine marriage and college. They were married June 27, 1981. Both raised in Mesquite, )oe and Donna began dating in junior high school. Donna eventually left home during her sophomore year to attend SFA. After two years she transferred to UTA to be with Joe. While at UTA Donna and Joe decided to get married and attend SFA because it had " good housing facilities, which are more reasonable than apartments. " The couple lives in the New Raguet Apartments. Donna is a member of THE PINE LOG advertising staff, which requires an average of five hours of work per day and she is employed at Pizza Inn. She is also involved in Sigma Delta Chi, professional journalism fraternity. Joe is a junior computer science major. In addition, Joe is employed at the Diver ' s Depot and he delivers the Hous- ton Post. Donna ' s advice to students comtemplating marriage is, " be sure it ' s what you want because it takes a lot of deter- mination. " 376 — Seniors Seniors Wheat, Lesa White, Beverly Whittemore, Mary Wilganowski, Suzanne Willhoite, Robin Williams, Barry Williams, Karan Williams, Sharon K Williams, Virginia Williamson, Cheryl Williamson, lohn Williamson, Roxane Williamson, Vicki Willis, Jeffrey Wilson, Nancy Winters, Dawn Woike, William Wollmers, Mike Wood, William Wood, Erin Woodman, )ohn Woods, April Wooley, Patti Worrell, Royce Yzquierdo, Zina Zadrapa, Kathy One would think it would be impossible for a blind person to adjust to college life, but Laura Cunningham says that just isn ' t so. " If you need any help, all you have to do is ask, " Laura said. On her second day of class, she got lost. " I asked three people how to get to the Birdwell Building. Everyone was real nice, but nobody knew where it was! " Laura said. When she finally got there, the class had left. Getting used to school wasn ' t bad at all, she said. " You can do anything if you ' ve got to and if you ' ve got lots of help, " Laura said. Laura came to SFA to get an endorsement in Deficient Vision because of its Orientation and Mobility program. " It ' s the best in the southern states, " she said. Other students in the program learn what it is like to be without their sight. Laura remembers one funny experience when they were cooking. The students were all blindfolded while they made pancakes. " One guy lost his pancake and they still haven ' t found it! " said Laura. Seniors — 377 Juniors Abdulrazak, Miriam Adams, Gregory Adams, Julie Lynn Adams, William Adamson, Darryl Albe, Janice Albers, Terri Alexander, Paige Allen, Debbie Allison, Marilyn Ambros, Leandro Anderson, Matthew Anderson, Nancy Andrews, Nancy Anthony, Cheryl Archibald, Vicki Ardizone, Linda Ashton, Cynthia Atchison, Randy Atkins, Emory Avey, Debra Ayers, Anntionette Back, Martha Bacon, Susan Bailey, Craig Bailey, Danna Bailey, lull A Baker, Debt Baker, Keith Baker, Shanda Balsley, Kirk Barclay, Lynda Barnett, Lynda Baron, Kimberly Barr, Ray Barron, Rebecca Bass, Robert Bass, Sandra Beard, Clint Beasley, Cynthia Bednarcyk, Bannon Bellamy, Clenda Bennett, Angela Bennett, Galen Bittner, (anice Bittner, Pat Black, Connie Black, Katie Blevins, Jan Blodgett, Valerie Bobbitt, Angela Boone, Beverly Borden, Stephanie Bossley, Roger Bostick, Vanessa Boyes, |ohn Bradley, Suzanne Bragg, Lon Brake, Jim Brannon, Kathy Brashear, Tom Bratton, Leticia Bravenec, Phyllis Breeding, Lisa Brenneman, Karen Brewer, Anson Brewer, D ' Ann Bndwell, Lesa Brooks, Robert Brown, Bambi Brown, Floyd Brown, Jimmy Brown, Marley Bruckwicki, Paul Bucy, Melissa Bueltel, Susan Bullock, Mark Burks, Jana Butler, Gerald By rum, Tom 378 — Juniors Juniors HiL PS " Os f V 1 I ■ f 1 ■■■■■■I HH pHHMBjH | © ° Caldwell, Rita Calhoun, Donna Cameron, Latresa Cameron, Robin Campbell, Ronnie Cantu, Laura Carnahan, Gayla Carney, Greg Carpenler, Kelly Carroll, lames Carter, Sharon Cartwright, Scott Cassel, Charles Casstevens, Will Cates, Donna Lynn Chan, Arden Chapman, Debra Chapman, Ronda Cheedie, Patrick Chnstenson, Tammy Christian, Keith Clark, Cathy Clary, Sheila Click, lack Cobb, Bonnie Cochran, Stephanie Coggms, Steven Coggshall, Beth Colbert, Wendee Coldiron, Stephen Cole, Bryan Collins, Ellen Combs, Mary Conn, |o Connally, Teri Connell, Les Cook, Katrinka Cook, Stephen Cooper, Kimberly Cornelius, Ruth Cornillault, Lydie Couch, Suzanne Covington, Cynthia Cox, Carla Cox, Laura Craig, Sandra Creamer, Timothy Crocker, Reba Crocker, Rodney Cruse, Andrea Cumpton, David Cunningham, Cindy Cunningham. Pat Cupit, Mmda Currm, Leslie D ' Anna, Christine DeFord, |eri DeHoyos, Luis Damskov, Lori Davenport, lohn Davis, Angela Davis, Chante Davis, Danny Davis, Dawn Davis, Edward Davis, Kelley Dawson, Laqietta Day, Katherine Delahoussaye, Gisele Denning, Patrice Derkowski, David Dickerson, Deborah Dillon, Elva Dimiceli, Tom Dingier, Len Dixon, Douglas Dodge, Kim Doebbler, Drew Dougherty, Karen Dnskell, Leroy Juniors— 379 Juniors Drummond, Cindy Duchie, Debbie Dugat, Cynthia Dugger, Melissa Duncan, Lisa Durham, terry Durr, Juliana Dutcher, Michael Dye, Laura Dyer, Stephen Dyess, Stephen Eastburn, Nancy Eckert, Anita Edwards, Kenny Elliott, Flora Ellis, Lynette English, Sharon Esco, Tracey Evans, Catherine Evans, )ulie Eytcheson, fill Ferguson, Billy Fields, Debbie Figueroa, Gabriel Fimcum, Kathenne Fitzgerald, lacque Fleming, Berry Fleming, Mark Fletcher, Cheryl Ford, Lisa Foster, Robin Frailey, Alton Fraser, Michael Frazier, Mark Fry, Steven Fuller, Elaine Furlow, Mary Gainer, Susan Gallant, Danny Gandy, lanice Garrett, Kim Garrett, Stephen Gartner, Patricia Gary, lames Gaskill, Debra Gathad, Patty Gear, Patricia Geller, leanne Gibson, Terry Gilbert, Pat Gilbreath, Sheila Gleason, Amy Goolsby, Mark Gossett, lames Gouvernante, Stuart Gray, Beth Gray, leanna Gray, Joseph Grayless, David Green, April Green, Elizabeth Green, Sandra Greene, Linda Greenfild, Donna Greer, Dana Gregg, lanet Gresham, Ian Griggs, Debbie Gngsby, Patricia Guerra, Ann Hairston, Chuck Hall. B ) Hall, Laura Hamaker, Diane Hambnck, Mike Hamilton, Brenda Hamilton, Jeffrey Haney, Nancy Hanks, Stephen Hanson, Diane 380 — Juniors Juniors Harberson, Charles Hargadme. Paul Harger, Deanna Harte. Terri Harvey. Patrick Havron, Praticia Hay. Sandra Hayes, Lisa Healy, Keith Heitzman, Lisa Herard, Sonja Hering, Glenn Herrington, Barbara Herzig, Thomas Hess, Cheryl Hess, Mark Hester, Beverly Hewett, Cheryl Hill, Diana Hill, lerry Hill, Sharon Hines, Shan Hockenbrocht, Wand Hodges, Cindy Hodges, Linda Holbrook, Elizabeth Holcomb, Cayla Holcomb, Marsha Hornbuckle, Debbie Horndt, Kathy Home, Sheryl Horrell, Olivia Horstman, Denise Horton, Grag House, Stewart Houston, lames Houston, Marilyn Howard, Stacy Huckaby. Laura Huddleston, Tammy Born an only child, public relations major Sherry Coleman has found brothers and sisters at SFA. She is an active member of Delta Zeta and also a little sister for Sigma Tau Gamma. Sherry loves being involved in greek life because she can be herself and everyone really cares about each other, she said. Through her involvement at SFA Sherry feels she has grown closer to people. " Get involved as much as possible and meet people. You have to make the first move, " she said. Nacogdoches may seem like it does not have much to offer in the way of social life, but you just have to look around and be creative, Sherry said. Sherry Coleman Juniors — 381 Juniors Hurst, Carol Hurst, Christi Huskerson, Kathy Hutchison, Leslie lllmer, Richard Irwin, Peter Ivey, Turner lack, Milicyn Jackson, Shwanda laggers, Lisa James, Shan lellander, Henry lensen, Gracemary lernigan, Terri link, Karen lohnson, Brett Johnson, David lohnson, Donny lohnson, Greg lohnson, Nancy lohnson, Robert Johnson, Terri Jones, Donna (ones, Linda Jones, Lisa Jones, Stuart Jones, Thomas Jones, Wymond Jowell, Larry Juch, Lisa Kamarolzama n, Ha|ar kasehagen, Launn kastensmidt, Stephen Keith, Deborah Keller, Susan Keyes, Kim Kilgore, Jerry Kimball, Stacy Kisling, Deborah Kliem, Cynthia Klotz, Terrance Knauber, Karen Koperwhats, Laura Kraemer, Nancy Kramer, Barbara Kremer, Tracy LaBarba, Carolyn Ladishi, Kenneth Lammers, Steve Landesman, Alison Lane, Melissa Langford, John Lanier, Charles Large, Betsey Lasater, Michael Lawless, Elizabeth Lawrence, Tracy Leake, Nancy Lee, Janet Leeves, Jane Ann Lemmon, Susan Lenox, Steve Leonelli, Debbie Levingston, Bruce Lewis, Randy Lewis, Shelley Lightfoot, Robert Lipp, Misty Little, Meg Lloyd, Gary Logan, Karen Long, William Loose, Cindy Lubbers, Donna Lum, Mike Lummus, Thurman Macha, Greta Machel, John MacWhithey, Brian Maddux, Douglas 382— Juniors m w k I m Jl m. I $ " T « ■■■■■ %W ' .vWM ft £ f! « , A 1 , CJ PI ft ft Sip ill i£jr ; " If ; r ■ £ JSP C t% ! Juniors Magness, Kristi Magness, Tim Mahaltey. David Mahan, Carol Mahan, Robby Mallow, Peggy Manry, Mark Marsh, Denise Marshall, Mildred Martin, Clay Martin, Russell Martin, Sharon Martin, William Massey, Michelle Mathes, Pam Mattox, Christopher Mauldm, Donna May, Mary McBnde, Melissa McCabe, Michel McCarty, Ronald McClendon, Sonya McCroskey, Vista McCune, Doug McCutcheon, Helen McDonald, Douglas McDonald, Margaret McDonald, Meagan McElvany, Andy MlcCahen, Lisa McCettigan, Suzanne McCowan, Nancy Mckain, Debra McKay, Malcolm Mcknight, Teresa McLane, Pam McMahan, Linda Medley, Michael Meissner, William Melton, Karen Mendoza, Doris Mikeska, David Miller, Cindy Miller, lames Miller, Miriam Miller, Susan Miller, Willie Mills, Mark Millsap, Lisa Moff, Tarnara Mohn, Kenneth Moke, Diana Monk, Dove Moore, Darla Moore, Kathenne Morales, Arnold Morgan, Bill Morns, Donald Morrow, Shelly Mortensen, Sharon Morton, Kimberly Mosely, Meleah Moser, Anita Moss, Rusty Motley, Brenda Mueller, layna Mueller, Sharon Muir, lames Mullikm, Shaynee Murray, Terry Myers, Nanette Nagle, Barbara Needham, Anne Neely, Alison Neff, David Nelson, Susan Netek, Gerard Neuszer, Lori Ann Newell, Sara Newman, Shannon juniors — 383 Juniors What is it like to be an RA? Cindy Cunningham, Piano junior, is a resident assistant in Griffith Hall. " Being an RA has two sides — good and bad, " Cindy said. " It ' s a good chance to meet people ' she said. She also enjoys the chance to help new students in the transition from high school to college. On the other hand, Cindy said, " You have to report your friends sometimes. " She also has to be home an hour before the dorm closes each night. Cindy is an elementary education major. " I think the education department at SFA is really good, " Cindy said. " The professors not only teach from the book, but also from their personal experiences which aren ' t found in books. " The reputation of SFA ' s education department was a factor in Cindy ' s decision to come to school here. She also likes the location. However, the main reason was the people. " Everybody is so friendly! " Nichols, Lynn Nichols, Lynette Nicholson, |an Nix, Joseph Nolan, Diane Norns, Carol O ' Bannon, Carol O ' Neil, lames Oates, Alexis Oates, John Oden, Catherine Oldfield, Craig Oliver, Cynthia Ortiz, losie Owings, Brad Osanne, Phil Palla, Emmalee Parker, Nella Elaine Parpart, kimberly Pate, Scott Paul, Robin Peacock, Leslye Pearce, Lori Peck, Carolyn Pedigo, Kathleen Penn, Donna Pennington, len Perkins, William Peters, Laurie Peters, Alicia Petersen, Sherry Peterson, Gaye Phillips, Laura Pickett, Stacy Pier, Kathi Pleasant, Paul Poindexter, Ann Porter, Mark Post, lamie Potts, Lisa Polrykus. Bill Pugh, Susan Pullin. Tena Qumlan, lennifer Quixote, Don Radspmner, William Rains, Stacy Rolston, Susan 384 — Juniors Juniors Ralston, Clinton Ramos, Jim Ramsay, Liz Randolph, Michael Rausaw, Marva Ray, Sandra Reavis, Steven Reedy, Suzanne Renfro, Pamela Reynolds, Philip Rich, Karen Richards, Kelley Richards, Mary Beth Richardson, Lou Ann Ritchie, Brenda Robbins, Craig Rodgers, Christi Rogers, Linda Rodriguez. Michael Rogers, Neal Roland. Dana Ronquille, Dash Rooks, Alicia Rosa, Sheryl Rosecrans, Beth Rosema, Dan Rowe, Carla Roy, Amy Ruby, Denise Rusnak, Sandi Ryan, Lisa Sabo, Donald Scarbrough, Debbie Schill, Rob Schnell, Kari Schoenster, Sally Schorr, Karen Schorr, Leslie Schreiber, Jo Schwing, Sharon Scroggms, Don Sculley, Suzanne Seeger, Clorese Sessions, Vivian Sewell, Kenni Shaw, Erin Shaw, Kimberlee Shaw, Kathy Sheets, Dena Shupe, Martin Simmons, Donna Simmons, Marilyn Smgel, Jennifer Slagle, Beverly Sloan, Gary Slough, Michael Smiley, Carol Smith, Cassandra Smith, David Smith, Dennis Smith, lames Smith, Jennifer Smith, John Smith, Joy Smith, Kimberly Smith, Renee Smith, Rhonda Smith, Steve Smithhart, Bo Solberg, Susan Sorsby, Carla Sowers, Stanley Spencer, Sheri Springer, Pamela Spurlock, Sherry Squyres, Carol Squyres, John Standland, Eddie Standifer, Herbert Stapleton, Walter Juniors — 385 Juniors Stasney, Anne P. Stephens, Terrye, I Stevenson, Robert Stewart, Phillip Stiles, Susan Stivers, Mark Stolusky, |ulie Stone, Kevin Stone, Kim Stovall, Leah M Strand, James D. Strother, Randa |. Sturrock, Natalie Sutton, Laure e Tabb, Mike D Tatum, Steve Taylor, Deborah Taylor, Gma A Taylor, Jill Taylor, Peter T. Temple, Amy B Theodore, Tracie L Thibaut, Howard Thomas, Sharon Thompson, David Thornton, Martha Thornton, Rebecca C Thrash, Jim W Tiedt, Barry Tolson, Stephanie Touchstone, Marion Tracy, II Troy P. Travis, )r Narrie A Trimble, Vickie Tnppel, Kim Truett, Stephen C. Tubbs. Alicia Tullos, Maria Tyler, Keith A Underwood, Patrick Van Dusen, David Van Norman, Timothy | Vance, Tim Vanmarel, laylynn Vastme, Pam R Venable, Gay Verzinski, Anna Vinson, Jackie I Vmzant, Suzanne Vo|tek, Sherry Von Sehrwald, Olaf D. Vrla, Kelli Wachter, Timothy Wagner, Tern Walker, David L Walker, Donna K. Walker, Polly Wall, Leslie D Wallen, Cmdi L Walsh, Dennis Walsingharn, Steven Walter, Jeff W Warr, Jeff R. Watkins, Stephen Craig Webb, Donna Webb, Larry Webb, Lisa Wells, Melissa Wentrcek, Alan C. West, Kathy West, Robert C West, Tammyla D Westerholm, Shannon Westerlage, Ken Wetzel, Shawnee Whitaker, Dewey E White, Angela White, Julius White, Ken A White, Kenneth is OhT ) 386 — Juniors Juniors While, Lisa While. Virginia Whitlen, Regina Wicker. Dennis Wier, Tony Wiggins, Ralph Wilburn, Steve Wilder, Carol Willey, Heidi Williams, Sky Lyn Wilson, Mike Wilson, Christy Winker. Tim Wolte, kann Wolowiec. Carey Wood. Francis Wood, landee Wood, Kimela Wood, Mark Woodrutt, Byron Wooldridge, Rohm Wooley, Mark Wrench, Richard Youngblood, Sonya Alicia Peters and Leslie Currin Starting in a new school is a strange and scary experience. Many college freshmen are simply not ready to leave home and enter a whole new world; therefore, many are unable to adjust and drop out of school. However, some students opt to go to junior college. Leslie Currin and Alicia Peters attended Kilgore Junior College for two years before transferring to SFA. Why junior college! 1 " I wasn ' t ready to leave home yet, " Alicia said. " And I wanted to get my basics out of the way. " Leslie added, " I don ' t think I was grown up enough to leave home after high school. " The extra two years also gave her time to decide on a major. SFA was both Leslie ' s and Alicia ' s first choice for a senior college. " My sister and one of my brothers went here and they really liked it, " Leslie said. The friendly atmosphere of the campus attracted Alicia. " Everyone was so nice and helpful when I came to look at the campus, " she said. " Also, I ' m majoring in elementary education and I ' ve always heard that this was an exceptional school for education majors. " Leslie found that there are several differences between junior college and SFA. " I lived at home when I went to Kilgore, " Leslie said. " It was like a continuation of high school. I enjoy campus life. I ' m more involved here than I was before, " she said. Juniors — 387 Sophomores Abies, Dorie Abshire, Kimberley Ackerman, Christopher Adams, David Adams, Frances Adams, Gregory Adkisson, Mark Akins, Stacy Albanese, Anita Alcorn, Laurel Alcorn, Leslie Allen, Gary Allison, Marilyn Amos, Jean Armstrong, )ohn Anderson, Canon Ashley, Debbie Askew, Sharon Atwood, Martha Bailey, Cheryl Bailey, Danna Bailey, Lynn Bailey, Melvin Baker, David Baker, Jeffrey Baker, Stephen Baldree, Michael Ball, Devin Barger, Annette Barnard, Mara Barnhill, Jeffrey Bartlett, Brad Barton, Beth Baskett, Amy Bastie, Kathenne Bateman, Mike Batey, Barbara Baumann, Vincent Beall, Charles Beam, Jim Bearden, Denise Beatty, Connie Beaver, Jennifer Becker, Bruce Beerman, Bob Bell, Peggy Belter, Kris Benedict, John . . . Angle Taylor and KTBC " Angie Taylor, Marshall sophomore, has worked as a disc jockey at KTBC-FM for two years. " I got the idea in 10th grade from a lady DJ at WNOE in New Orleans, " she said. Angie said the job helps her earn money for school expenses and also gives her experience she can use later in her career. She is majoring in radio-tv. 388 — Sophomores Sophomores Bennett, Cheryl Bennett, Kenneth Bennett, Lisa Bennett, Mary Bennett, Michele Benson, Marlene Bergquist, Gina Berry, Anita Best, lonathan Bielamowicz, Ann Marie Bigsby, Kenneth Bird, Susan Birdwell, Barry Birdwefl, Carla Birdwell, Linda Birdwell, Rebecca Bishop, Sherri Bittner, Richard Bizzell, Elisa Blackmon, Lori Blackwell, Tahsha Blair, Shannon Blake, France Blakley, Yvonne Blanchard, Cynthia Blankenship. Jimmy Bloukos, Andrea Blum, Mike Bohling, Tricia Bolsins, Sandra Bond, Greg Bontrager, Linda Bonura, Karen Booker, Anne Borens, Coba Bostick, Vanessa Bowers, Virginia Boyes, lohn Boyett, Deborah Boykm, Angela Boykm, Kyong Bradford, Janet Bradley, Kim Bragg, Lori Breazeale, Kelly Breckenndge, |o Brooke, Mary Ellen Brooks, Mary Broussard, Todd Brown, Dennis Brown, Elizabeth Brown, Jimmy Brown, Sheila Brown, Sherry Brown, Todd Brown, Tracy Broz, Tammy Brunson, Jimmy Bumpus, Lorie Bunger, Reid Bunten, Arthur Bunting, Laurie Burger, Bruce Burgeson, Mark Burns, Jane Burton, Carrie Burton, Karla Butler, Buckley Butler, Kirk Button, Rhonda Caffey, Mark Cagle, David Cahih, Mary Lynn Cameron, Robin Cammack, Steve Camp, Harry Campbell, Grace Cantrell, Cynthia Cantu, Laura Cantu, Brenda Sophomores — 389 Sophomores Caraway, Carlton Carlton, Leslie Carlton, Sueann Carney, Keith Carpenter, Kelly Carr, Buford Carroll, Jeff Caruthers, Kent Casebolt, Debbie Cass, Sheila Catron, Mary Cesmirosky, |oe Chambers, loanna Chamrad, Daphne Chappell, Rodney Chapman, Robert Chapman, Robert Chase, William Chastain, Gregory Cheedie. Carolyn Cheney, Brenda Childs, Altord Christian, Jacquelyn Christiansen, Missy Clark, David Clark, Robyn Clements, Pamela Cobb, Richard Cockrell, Susanne Cofield, Holly Coggan, Barry Cohen, David Colbert, Wendee Collier, Kimberly Collier, Angie Collins, Kim Collins, Nell Collins, Terri Collins, Valerie Collins. Vincent Colvin, Kay Colvin, Mark Conally, Ten Conner. Donna Connor, Cheryl Cooper, Scott Cornelius, Ben Cornck, Kim Cortmes, Valerie Cowan, Steven Cowie, leffrey Crabtree, Wanda Cradit, Katie Craig, Connie Craig, Paul Craig, Nancy Cromer, Cloann Cronin, Maureen Crow, Lori Crowe, Ross Crowner, Cane Crumley, Donna Crye, Dallas Cryier, Jeff Cuellar, Cathy Cummings, Elizabeth Cureton, Laurie Curran, Molly Czerewaty, Adria Dace, Leslie Dailey, Linda Darnell, Karen Darais, Sandra Darmstadter, Millye Darcy, Pamela Davenport, lull Davidson, )an Davidson, Leslie Davidson, Shelley Davidson, Terri 390 — Sophomores Sophomores Davis. Craig Davis, Jennifer Davis, lerry Davis, Nanette Davis. Randal K Davis, Stephanie DeFoyd, Tony D DeFriese, Frances Deluca, Gloria Delvis, Carrie DePamphilis, Molly I Dettling, Helen Devitt, Eddie Dickinson, Donna Dill, Cheryl Dill, Robert A Dillon, Debbie D Dodds. Robert Dodge, Tommy Dolan, Yvette Dollar, Valarie A Dorman, Ron Doty, Dara I. Dowling, Dianne, E Downs, Cynthia Dramberger, David k Ducker, Diana Dugas, Christine Dugger, Steve S Dunlap, Michelle Dunlap, Roger Dunn, Karen D Eanes, Robert B Earle. Andrea C Easum, Bryan S Eaton, Lisa Eaves, kathryn Ebert, Lin K Eden, Timothy M Edwards. Melanie D Edwards, Rebecca Elliott, Nina English, Mark Ennquez, Raul N Evans, Alan Everett, Leah Ewing, Marsha Fagan, Tracy Fairchild, Mollie k Falco, lean L. Fallin, David Fancher, Curtis P Farmer, |ana Fennell, Linda Ferguson, Ed Ferguson, Elizabeth C Ferguson, lohnny Fielder, Anita Fields. Danny Finkbohner, Rebecca L Fisher, Sharon k Flaggert, Beth M Floyd, Katie M Floyd, Mark A Fontenot, Kristie P Forbes, Frank Foreman. Ralph Foster. Billy P Fowler, Scott Francis, Patricia M Franklin, Neal Fredd, Vicki Freeman, Sandra French. Lisa Fugate, 1 1 1 Guy W. Fulmer, Lynn Funderburg, Laura L. Furner. Richard B Gage, Cindy Gamble, |r Vernon Sophomores — 391 Sophomores Cambrell. leffrey Gammlll, Angle Gannon, Dana Ganter, lames Garcia. Teresa Garner. Timothy Garrett, lames Garrett, Laura Gaston, Donna George, Reba Gibbs, Jennifer Gibson, Denise Gibson, lackie Gilbert, Patrick Gilmore, Sandra Gilson. Debra Glaser, Helen Glass, Kathleen Glona, Charles Glynn, Cathy Coeters, Kitty Gonzalez, Carmen Gooisby, Tammye Graul. Susie Graves, Sheryl Gray, Beth Gray. Beth Gray, lenna Gray, Karen Gray, Maree Green, Dana Greenway, Destry Grieve, David Griffin, Angle Griffith, C Sue Griffith, Daren Griffith, Laurie Gromena. Karen Gross, Beth Grubbs, Debra Grundy, Leslie Guest, Carmen Guidry, Darrell Gustin, Alan Haigh, Valerie Hale, Blake Hale, Karla Hale, Sandy Haley, lennifer Haley, Lindy Hall, Anita Hall, Michele Halverson, Nancy Hamil, lulia Hamm, Connie Handley, Khandi Hansen, Christie Hansen, George Hardwicke, Holly Hardy, Lisa Harmon, Kylene Harrell, Harriet Harris, Ian Harris, Paul Harris, Renee Harrison, Monica Hartwick, Sara Harwell, Cleta Harwood, Sheli Hasse, Williams Hayes, Meredith Haynes, Mark Hays, Dave Hays, Terri Headlee, Craig Healy, Kathenne Hefner, Robert Heider, Dyann Hemminghaus. Susan Henderson, lana 392 — Sophomores Sophomores Everyone always warned friends not to room together t college. " You just won ' t get along. " But roommates 4ary Ellen Brooke and Nancy Anderson proved this nyth wrong. They got along fine. Mary Ellen was a sophomore elementary education najor. Nancy, a junior, is an interior design major. Both iris are life long friends from Beaumont. " I fell in love with the campus, " Nancy said. " The eople are so friendly. " Getting along with others is very important to Mary Hen and Nancy. " It ' s most people ' s first time away from ome and you have to make a real effort to get along ith new friends, " Mary Ellen said. f • m 1 ■a . fc, M • •■ Jk if if ! 1 mmmm f n Y 1 . Henderson, Robert Hendricks, Chris Heppler, Brian Herard, Sonia Hibbard, Lisa Hickey, Denise Hicks, keith Hicks, Shern Higgmbotham, lean Hill, Robert Hinckley, Diane Hmkle. Wendy Hlavinka, David Hoerath, Carla Hoitman, DeAnna Hollinger, Colleen Holmes, laclyn Holmes, Niki Holmgren, Laural Honson, Carl Hooper, Lanita Hoover, lohn Hope, Lisa Home, Betsy Home, Donna Howard. Allyson Howard, Stacy Howell, Ann Howell, Brenda House, Doug Hubert, Kenneth Hudnall, lenniter Hughes, knsti Hukefield, Lori Hultquist, lanette Humphreys, Amy Hurst. Karen Hutchinson, Steve Isaacs. Louann Ishmael. Thomas lackson, Bill Jackson, Layne lackson. Michael lackson. Richard lacobs. Glen Sophomores — 393 Sophomores Jankowski, Debbie Jenkins, Tracey lensen, Keith lespersen, Lisa Johnson, Blake Johnson, Dorothy Johnson, Jana Johnson, Juanita Johnson, Matthew Johnson, Yvette Johnston, Knstme Johnston, Pat (ones, Byron Jones, Carolyn Jones, Cherrie Jones, Deena Jones, Kenneth Jones, Laura lones, Megan Jones, Michele lones, Nancy Jones, Shen Jones, Timothy Jongeward, Sharon Jordan, Glynn Jordan, Gregory Jordan, Robin Joseph, Jean Kaestner, Roger Kalbach, Bruce Kamar, Richard Katz, Dawn-Marie Katz, Lisa Keenon, Konnie Kelley, Amber Kelley, Danette Kelley, Rhonda Kenny, David Kenyon, Ann Kibler, Teresa Kibodeaux, Lon Kidwell, Melissa Kilcoyne, Jimmy Killion, Robert King, Cammie King, Karen Kirk, Jane Klotz, Rhonda Kohnert, Frank Kok, Sigrid Kolb, Gary Koons, Marilyn Koop, Lori Koury, Mike Krueger, James Lacy, Kelly Lame, D ' Ann Lamb, Susan Lane, Connie Lange, LeAnne Lanthorn, Ronn Lanik, Jan Larsen, Laura Larson, Beverly Latimer, James Lavender, Suzanne Lawrence, Mark Lawson, Vicky Leaton, Kimberly LeCroix, Terri Ledbetter, Brenda Lee, Pamela Lee, Gina Lee, Michael Lee, Mary Legate, Laura Leidy, Valane Lemen, Patricia Lemoine, Paul Lennon, Dawn 394 — Sophomores Sophomores Letney, Calleise Lewis, George Lewis, Howard Lewis, Jonathan Lewis, Shelly Light, Patricia Lmdholm, Michael Linker, Barbara Lipsey, Angie Lo, Mary Logan, Laurie Long, Allison Longman, Randy Looney, lay Loper, Claudia Loran, Virginia Lott, Kay Lovejoy, Ann Loveless, Russell Loving, lay Luman, Janie Lumpkins, Larry Lundy, Lisa Lynch, Shannon Lynn, Barbara Lyon, Troy Macias, Bertha MacLennan, Leanne MacWithey, Brian Maddux, Douglas Maluski, Daniel Manitzas, Nick Mansfield, Melanie Margita, Denise Mariano, Mark Marroqum, Maureen Martel, Paul Martin, lane Martin, Kathy Martin, Weyman Mashburn, jenny Matt, Anna Chere Mattocks, Charles, |r Mauntzen, kay May, Karri McCarty, Alice McCaw, Jeff McClam, Beth McCleese, Stephen McClellan, Michael McClung, Cheryl McClure, D ' Nese McCracken, Kim McDonald, Lon McDougal, Norma McElyea, David McFadden, Mary McGann, Kathleen McGowan, David McGowan, Kent McKay, Gary McKenney, Sandy McKenzie, Michelle McLaren, Sharon McMmn, Trey McNeill, Rebecca McNeill, left Meador, Michael Medlm, Greg Medlin, lennifer Medonis, Elizabeth Meiske, Kimberly Melton, Robin Mercer, Melanie Metcalf, Susan Metzger, Roberta Meyer, Chuck Meyer, David Meyer, Kathryn Meyers, Kenneth Sophomores — 395 Sophomores When students think of dorm rooms, their first thought is usually of the standard two beds, dressers, desks and closets. However, SFA sophomores Vicki Snead and Janette Hultquist have worked to make their room in Steen Hall anything but ordinary. The girls utilized shelves and ladders to create more space and add uniqueness. vv My dad and uncle handcarved and stained the wood themselves, " Vicki said. Janette is an accounting major from Houston. She chose to come to SFA after visiting her sister, who lived in Nacogdoches. Vicki came to SFA on the recommendation of her cousin. She is an elementary education major from Bellaire. Both girls are Little Sisters for Sigma Pi Epsilon. Miller, lames Miller, Karen Miller, Karl Miller, Lance Miller, Lori Miller, Patricia Miller, Susan Mills, Tanua Mills, Tern Miner, Nancy Mitchell, Camela Mitchell, Laura Mitchell, Leslie Mitchell, Linda Mitchell, Tedd Montalbana, lanet Montgomery, Brian Montgomery, Laurie Moore, Bobbie Moore, Russell Moran, Billy Morgan, Tracy Morrison, Randall Mosby, Kathy Mueller, Paul Mulanax, Virgil Muller, Steve Musquiz, Richard Myers, Dianna Myers, Knss Myers, Mark Nash, Nelson Naugle, |im Nester, Melanie Newsom, Donna Nicolaysen, Karen Norman, David Nothern, Nancy Novak, Joyce Novak, Tracy 3% — Sophomores Sophomores Nowlin, Becky Null, Mary O ' Bryan, lenny O ' Neal, Dianne Odom, Laurie Oliver, Michael O ' Neal, Rebecca Orr, Darby Ouzts. Karen Overall, Leah Overstreet, Morris Overton, Kelly Pappe, Cathy Palmour, Stephen Parish, Patricia Parker, leanett Parr, Debby Patterson, Denis Patterson. Karen Patterson, Russell Patterson, Tanya Patton, Chris Paup, Marilyn Peachey, Susan Pearce, Susan Pearl, Davma Pecena, Thomas Pedersen, Joy Pederson, Cindy Peil, Beth Pelton, William L Perry, Keith Petersen, Monte Peterson, Leslie Pfafman, Cheryl Lynn Philbrook, Andrea Phillips, Johnny Pierce, Danny Pierce, lanet Pierce, Marianne Placker, Regina Plassmann, loan Plumbley, Karen Plummer, Valerie Pollard, Mary Popp, loy Porter, Shern Poston, Leah Potter, Mary Powdnll, Shern Powell. Donna Price, Christian Price, David Price, Doug Price. Patty Pnmm, Steven Prince, leff Prince, Raymond Quinn, Brenda Rame, David Rainwater, Greg Ralls, Kim Randall, Mischelle Ranes, Randa Rausaw. Melvin Reeder, Margaret Reeves, Lisa Reeves, Shawn Relyea, Gregory Revoir. Annette Reynolds, Bailey Reynolds, Mona Reysa. lulie Richard, Pamela Richards, lamie Richardson. Lisa Richie, Colleen Richmond. Brian Rickenbrode, Connie Riddle, Karen Sophomores — 397 Sophomores Ritch, Karen Rives, lames Robbins, Craig Robertson, Kelly Robertson, Tracy Robinson, Deborah Robinson, Kelli Rodriguez, Anne Rogers, Chris Rogers, tames Rogers, lohn Rogers, Suzanne Rollins, Debra Ronck, Dina Ross, Lisa Rossato, Rob Rousseau, Lee Rowden, Carol Rowland, Vicki Rozell, Robin Rudd, Donavan Russak, Ronald Ryser, J.R. Sadler, Lisa Safely, Charles Sansone, Ann Scales, Steve Schafer, Kimberly Schatz, Diane Scheffer, David Schmid, lull Schmidt, Alvis Schneider, Debby Schneider, lames Schneider, )ohn Schreiber, Cindy Schultz, Kathy Schutt, Mike Schwarz, Tracy Scott, Deanna Scott, Rickey Scribner, Steven Schurlock, Carol Seal, Debra Searles, Stephen Seaton, Laura Seifert, Lawrence Seitzmger, Sharon Sells, Byron Serrano, loseph Shands, Cena Shanklm. lames Shaw, John Sheets, Dena Sieber, Clara Silvestri, Lisa A Simmons, Laura Simmons, Lucinda Simpson, Teresa Skewes, Marian Sloan, King Smith, Delaine Smith, Eric Smith, Gwen Smith, |eff Smith, loseph Smith, Kelley Smith, Kurt Smith, Melody Snead, Vicki Solmonson, Mary Sopher, Steven Soriano, Eddie Sparks, Curtis Sparks, Ron Spears, Deborah Speer, Simone Speier, Lori Spidle, Carolyn Spinks, Mark mm WW if iram ■■SS V " " 398 — Sophomores Sophomores Spitzack, Cindy St Clair, John Stadtlander, Deborah Stallmgs, Janet Stamey, Susan Stanley, Donna Stazo, Steve Steadman, David Steele, lay Stephenson, Lisa Stewart, Susan Stewart, Tina Stollmack, Harry Stolusky, Julie Stover, Lisa Strickland, Suzanne Stripling, Kathy Strode, Regina Surratt, Renee Swan, David Swearengen, Charlene Swor, Donna Taff, Michael Talac, Laurie Talbert, Grace Talley, Phillip Tallmadge, )uha Tarrant, Susan Tate, Ronald Taylor, Lisa Teel, Loraine Tenney, Lisa Terlmgeo, Kimberly Thomas, James Thomas, Scott Thomas, Mary Ann Thompson, Carole Thompson, lull Thorn, Leonard Thorn, Patricia Thome, Lawrence Tidwell, Janice Tiller, Rick Tiller, Douglas Timmer, Mary Todd, Steve Tolson, Stephanie Tolson, Tracey Tomlmson, Robert Townsend, Beverly Tran, Christine Tran, Huy Treadway, Mildred Trimble, Melanie Tnppett, lames Trull, Amy Trussell, Wendy Truxillo, Niki Tuck, Kenneth Turbeville, Sharon Turner, Patricia Turner, Sharon Turney, Wayne Tyler, Keith Uecker, David Useary, Karen Uselton, |an Vackar, Scott Val, Nina Vandervoort, Dara Van Dyke, lennie Van Til, Robert Vargo, Vamta Verner, Deborah Veth, John Viaille, Cheri Vondracek, Richard Waddell. Linda Wagner, Janme Wake, Chen Sophomores — 399 Sophomores Walker. Donna Walker, Norma Wallace, Carla Washburn, Christi Watkins. Teresa Watson, Joseph Washington, Debra Weatherly, Rhonda Weaver, Lynn Watts, Shelby M jimmy Dugger, Palestine junior, chose to attend SFA because he felt it had a high academic standing and a good baseball program. jimmy was a member of the Lumberjack baseball team for three years and this year served as president of the Baseball Booster Club. He felt that the team is constantly improving " because a lot of good players are coming in from junior colleges and as freshmen. " 400 — Sophomores Sophomores Weaver, Michael Weaver, Stacha Dawn Webb, lerry Webb, Mama Webb, lessica Weidmer, Richard Welch, Mary Weldon, Terri Wells, Shan Westbrook, leanie Wheeler, Debbie Wheeler, Pans Whilenburg, Wade Whitt, Andrea Wiggins, Pamela Wilkins, Neal Will, Dennis Williams, Laurie Williams, Thelma Williamson, Lisa Willis, Steven Wilson, Anne Wilson, Darlene Wilson, Gienda Wilson, Mike Wilson, Robin Windmeyer, Kathy Winter, James Wisnoski, Erin Wolf, lennifer Womer, David Works, Susan Wynck, kathy Wynck, Kerrie Yarborough, lames Young, John Young, Marpne Zamora, Denise Zeitler, Carol Ziebel, Elizabeth Being in a wheelchair on campus is becoming less of a handicap than it was in the past. Newly acquired ramps in the post office and UC and electric doors at the Steen Library have made it easier for SFA ' s handicapped students to get around, David Starr, Nacogdoches senior, said. Starr is the president and founder of the Handicapped Student Association, whose purpose is to advise people of the needs of handicapped students. Starr said the attitude of SFA students in general is good. " People are not afraid to go up to handicapped people and talk to them, " he said. Starr lives with his wife, Linda, and two children in Independence Manor, a housing complex designed for handicapped people. " All facilities are designed at wheelchair height, " Starr said. Starr hopes to make a career as a physician ' s assistant after finishing at SFA. Sophomores — 401 Freshmen Abshire, Kimberley Ackerman, Chris Adams, Becky Adams, Deena Adams, )r George Adams, James Adams, Juliet Adams, Rebecca Adkins, Mike Adkison, Vicki Aduddell, Troy Agee, Tim Ake, Sherry Alanis, Monique Albrecht, Pamela Aldeen, Kirsten Alexander, Marquis Allen, John Allen, Melinda Allen, Michael Allen, Paula Allison, Diane Altier, John Amason, Michael Andersen, Laura Anderson, Debbie Anderson, Doug Anderson, lason Anderson, lerry Anderson, Lisa Anderson, Marvin Anderson, Melva Anderson, Patsy Anderson, William Andrews, Buddy Anfosso, Christian Ante, Melissa Archer, Vicki Arenschield, Paige Armstrong, Lana Arnhart, Laura Arrendondo, Belinda Arthur, )enny Ash, David Ash, Lisa Ashby, Darla Ashby, Resa Askms, D ' Ann Ayers, Sarah Ayres, Kathi Babcock, Ronald Babmgton, Bonnie Bachman, Cathy Bacon, Elaine Bacon, Sharon Bagby, Stacie Bagwell, David Bagwell, Theresa Bailey, Allison Bailey, Clifton Bailey, Carla Bailey, John Bailey, Tamra Baker, Caryn Baker, Charlene Baker, John Baker, K G Baker, Sunny Baldock, Grady Bales, lames Balke. Robert Ball, Julia Ballard, Sabayna Balmanno, Shelly Banks, Christopher Banks, Scott Banner, Nick Barbanel, Bonnie Barbeau, Bryan Barclay, Don 402 — Freshmen Freshmen i Barfield, Wade Barhorst, Annette Barley, Michael Barnes, Allen Barnes, Cynthia Barnes. Keith Barnes, Leslie Barntield, Byron Barrett, Cindy Barstow, Bill Bartash, Virginia Barth, Robert Barton, Belinda Bass, Michael Bass, Susan Bateman, Denise Bates, Cynthia Battaglia, Connie Battles, Linda Bauer, lessica Baustert, Michael Beard, Ron Bearden, Daniel Beasley, Ralph Beatty, Arthur Beaty, Marvin Beck, Lisa Becken, Suzanne Becker, Doug Becker, Michael Beckman, Gary Belew, Becky Bell, Daryl Bell, Rufus Benavides, Rosa Benge, Julie Bennett, David Bennett, Tammy Bennett, Tyler Benson, Richard Benton, Becki Benz, Kerrie Berger, Barry Bergquist, Gma Bergt, Shelley Berkley. Terra Berman, Daniel Bermel, Sandy Berotte, Earon Berry, limmy Berry, Patricia Berthold, Sarah Bertrand, Michael Bertrand, Monica Beuerle, Jennifer Bibb, James Bigg ers, Debra Biggers, Julie Biggerstaff, Angie Bigsby, Kenneth Bilbert, Becky Billman, Stacy Bilz, Pame Bingham, Rolanda Birchett, Melanie Birkenseher, Patricia Bissett. Diane Bittick, Darold Black, Lauren Blake, Brent Blakes, Susan Bland, Sally Blodgett, Cheryl Blome. Terry Blundell, Dana Bodholdt. leanne Boffa, Ronald Bogdany. Tammy Boldman, Julie Boney, Leah Freshmen — 403 Freshmen He was known as the " Panty Prince " of Dorm 14. Accumulating nearly 10 pairs of panties in one raid, Steve Mannion, New York, NY, freshman, said, " I feel somewhat lik a celebrity. " Steve ' s notoriety began with a panty raid at Steen hall during the first week of September. Concerning the raid, h said that it was " like a basketball game where everyone was pushing, shoving and poking elbows at each other. " Steve added proudly that he also lost his voice during the event. The real thing that made Steve a celebrity, though, wa the unique way he displayed his booty. He strung the un! dergarments in his window and displayed a sign that read " Panty Claims 569-3355. " He commented on some of thJ calls, saying that none of them sounded Very promising. " After displaying his wares for three days, Steve wa asked by the head resident to take down the window dis play. However, Steve continued to get calls. When asked why he took the traditional panty raid to this extreme, Steve answered, " )ust for the helluvit. " Bonham, Linda Bonnel, (Catherine Bonner, Kathleen Bonner, Lowry Boone, Patrick Borders, Karen Bordeys, Frank Borg, Anissa Bornsheuer, Cheryl Bostick, Cindy Botkm, Melanie Bottoms, Mmdy Bouffard, Mary Bourg, Michelle Bourgeois, Lynette Bourgeois, Sarah Bouse, Mary Bowden, Robert Bowen, Everald Bower, David Bowers, Anthony Bowie, Michael Bowman, Daneille Box, David Box, Johnny Boyd, Tina Boykin, Linda Braden, Connie Bradshaw, |an Bragg, Mary Branch, Bomta Brannon, Beth Brannon, Karne Bratton, Steve Braun, Alison Bray, Charles Brennan, Ronald Brewer, Connie Bnney, Kristi Bnndley, Deanna 1 v- IB 1 3 404 — Freshmen Freshmen Brockway, lames Brooks, Bonnie Brooks, Lori Brooks. Noreen Brooks. Tammy Brown, Belinda Brown, Cordy Brown, Heather Brown, John Brown, Joseph Brown, Lisa Brown, Scott Brown, William Browne. Melanie Brunson, Arthur Bryant. Bentley Bryant, Curtis Buchanan, Gwenna Buchanan, Thamos Budd, Leslie Bull, Judy Bumpus, Amy Burks, Natalie Burleson, Kim Burnaman, Terry Burns, Steve Burrow, Melissa Burson, Marcus Burton, Charles Burton, Kevin Busch, Alisa Bush, Mark Busnach, Dolly Bussey, Glyn Butcher, Suzanne Butler, Brenda Butler, |ohn Butler, Sarah Butler, Susan Butschek, Sheila Butts, Leslie Byars, left Byars, Lynne Byrd, Everett Byrd, Kimberly Cagle, Rhonda Cahill, Brian Calabrese, Richard Calbert, Michael Cambio, Stephanie Cameron, Denk Cammack, Virgil Campos, Lionel Canida, Andrea Cannon, letfrey Cansler, Todd Caraway, Carlton Cardenaz, Tern Cardiff, Craig Cargill, Lee Carle, Royanna Carleton, Elizabeth Carlson, Knsten Carmen, Linda Carnahan, Mark Carpenter, Amy Carpenter, Jeffrey Carr, Guy Carroll, Jim Carson, Kim Carter, Cheryl Carter, Kimberly Cartwnght, Lon Brady Caruso, Whitney Carver, Suzanne Castelow, Ann Castor, Lisz Cavness, Lorri Cecala, Gina Celener, Annette Freshmen — 405 Freshmen Celso, Karen Center, Mark Certain, Denise Cessna, Daryl Champagne, Suzanne Chandler, Frank Chaney, Cindy Chapman, Todd Chappell, David Chappell, Kimberly Cheesborough, Edmund Chenault, Tern Cherry, Karen Cherry, Peter Chesser, Melissa Chesson, Cmdi Chevis, Molly Chianese, Caren Childers, Dana Chinn, Wilma Christian, Lorraine Christopher, lamie Chubirka, Michele Chupik, Mark Churchman, Ronda Cisneros, Mark Clark, Cheryl Clark, Gary Clark, Kimberly Clark, Nancy Clark, Patricia Clark, William Clark, William Clarke, Brian Clement. Gordon Clevenger, Lisa Clonmger, David Cluck, Lisa Coburn, Trent Cochran, Elizabeth Cockerham, Kirk Coker, Cary Cole, Linda Cole, Michael Coleman, Angela Coleman, Linda Collard, Chris Collier, Amy Collier, Anne Collier, Wendi Collins, Anthony Collins, Gavin Collins, lames Collins, Judith Collins, Karen Collins, Vance Colmenter, leffrey Comer, Kelly Comparetto, lay Connell, Billie Conner, Paul Cook, Linda Cook, Mary Beth Cook, Stan Cooksey, Brad Cooley, Valenie Coon, Andrew Cooper, Steven Cooper, Tristie Copeland, Lisa Corbm, Eugene Corley, Gary Cormany, Dianna Corry, Tracy Corser, Kelly Cote, Donna Cotter, Mary Anne Coutal, Deborah Coulter, Keith Couvillon, Frederick 406 — Freshmen Freshmen Cowan, Valerie Cowart, Lesa Cowles, Denise Cox, David Cox, Denise Cox, kimberlee Cox, Steve Cox, Tammy Coyner, Krishna Craig, Donald Craig, Lance Cranford, Mike Crawford, Christi Crawford, Kim Crenshaw, Cindy Crim, Vicki Crist, Glenn Crist, Linda Crockett, Bruce Crosby, Patty Crouch, Annelise Crowder, Tanya Crump, lean Crump, Terri Cruse, Pamela Cude, Petnna Cue, David Culver, Brenda Cummins, Camile Cunningham, Barry Cunningham, David Cunningham, Fozzie Curcoe, kerbi Cure, Courtney Curll, Angie Curney, Cecilia Curran, Maureen Curtis, Deleta Cusick, Dennis Cutcomb, Bambi Daigle, Sharon Daily, David Daley, David Daly, Kevin Daniels, Debra Dantin, Susan Darcy, Pamela Dark, Cynthia Darling, fill Darnell, Marilyn Darwin, David Dascenzo, Lisa Daughterly, Dana Daugherty, Kevin Davis, Anne Davis, Cheryl Davis, Karen Davis, Kimberly Davis, Lauren Davis, Randall Davis, Seleta Davis, Shelly Davis, Susan Davis, Vicki Dawson, Diane Day, Joseph Day, Sheila Dayton, Daniel Deal, Nancy Dean, Diane Dean, Michael Dearman, Patricia DeBruin, Deanna DeBusk, David DeCordova, D ' Ann Dedman. Lisa DeFoy, Andrea DeGeorge, Annalisa DeGrazier, Tammy DeHaan, Sandi Freshmen — 407 Freshmen Dehaven. Kirk Delagarza. Frank Deleon, Richard Dell, Scott Deluca. Bradley Demarest, Lauren Demeny. Deborah Deniss, Sarah Dennison. Jasper Deppe, Scott Depperschmidt, Eric Derrick, Nancy Devine, Toby Devore, Deena Dewees, Craig Dice, Kirk Dickens, Robert Dickerson, Linda Dickinson, lohn Dillon, lames Dippel, Debra Dishman, |oe Dodd, Lisa Doherty, Kelly Donnell. Jeanne Donzell, Mark Dooley, Shan Dona, Anthony Dougherty, Bryan Dowden, Cliff Dowlmg, Timothy Downen, Sandra Downs, Michelle Doxtad, Julie Drain, Phyllis Drake, Craig Drake. Ollie Drake, Tamara Driggers, lull Driver, Jan Droddy, Laura Duarte, Teresa Dubose, Larry Dubose. Thomas Duckworth, Deidre Duggan, Shelley Dumas, Dusty Duncan, Ladonna Duncan. Renee Dunkerley, William Dunkley. Margaret Dunlap, Dana Dunn, Glenda Dunn, Susan Dupree, Dwayne Dutton. Lia " Being involved in BSU has made me feel at home and has introduced me to good friends, " Robbie Tayne Irving freshman, said. Robbie said that SFA has the second largest BSU group in Texas with approximately 150 members. Robbie ' s love for the outdoors drew him to SFA, plus the fact that " there are more pretty girls at SFA than A M. " He also feels that students get to know their instructors better here than they would at a larger university. 408 — Freshmen I Freshmen Duvall, Michael Earwood, Mark East, Ten Easterly, Martha Ebbesmeyer, Leigh Echols, Scott Eckert, Annette Eckland, Alexander Eddings, Susan Edmonds, Cynthia Edwards, Kelly Eldred, Darryl Eller, Georgia Ellis, lanet Ellison, Lorna Elmer, lackie Elrod, Lon Elston, |ohn Emmons, Tracy Engelhardt. Laun English, Billy Eppes, Cynthia Erwin, Stephen Essex, Anne Etchelecu, Chen Eubanks. Pamela Evans, Cynthia Evans, Leslie Evans, Maria Evans, Sidney Everhart, Stagg Falk, Delaina Farmger, Felicia Faucette, Bobby Faulkner, leffrey Feakes, Debbie Feist, Mark Fell, Gwendolyn Ferguson, lackie Ferguson, Lisa Feuling, Mary Beth Fey, Danny Fife, Anita Fikes, lody Finke, Cindy Fmkbohner, Rebecca Fisbeck, Max Fiske, Richard Fisketion, Eric Fitts, Howard Fitts, Russell Fitzsimons, Kelley Flanagan, Clay Flanery, Betty |an Fleischhauer, Allen Fleming, Charles Fletcher, Charlie Flood, Sarah Flores, Michael Flores, Robert Flott, Cynthia Floyd, Sandra Floyd, Sandra Floyd, Tami Floyd, Terri Foley, Larry Foley, Maureen Folsom, William Folzenlogen, Denise Fontenot, Vanessa Ford, Bradley Ford, Craig Ford, Mitch Ford, Stan Foreman, Howell Foreman, Rosalee Forney, Michael Forse. Terri Fortenberry, Mark Fortescue, lean Freshmen — 409 Freshmen Fossier, Lisa Fougerat, Carol Fowler, Bobby Fowler, Kenny Foy, Jennifer Frank, Bobby Franklin, Carrie Franklin, lane Ann Fraser, Elizabeth Free, Tresa Froneberger, Dale Froschheiser, William Fry, Karen Fulenwider, Rebecca Fuller, Steve Futch, Becky Futrell, Mary Gaa, Angela Gage, Brenda Gage, Frances Games, Phillip Gallant, Margaret Gallant, Patty Gallegos, Efrain Gamble, Steve Gannon, Cecelia Gannon, lames Garcia, Elizabeth Garcia, Veronica Garlington, Robert Garnett, William Garrett, Alison Garrison, Julie Gartman, Christopher Garvin, Michelle Gaston, Cynthia Denise Gaston, Donna Gay, Jonette Gay, Laurie Geary, Madeline Germaine, Jack Gibbs, Melame Gibbs, Susan Gibson, Eddy Giesler, Timothy Gilchrest, Lisa Gilger, Dorothy Gillespie, Melody Gilmartin, Erica Gilmore, Greg Gimnick, Ruby Giorda, Pat Giovannini, Greg Gipson, Curtis Gipson, Gayla Gipson, John Glass, Jerry Gleason, Paul Gless, Linda Glynn, lanette Godwin, Kay Lee Godwin, Quinn Goglia, Philip Golden, Joe Golleher, Kelley Gombac, David Gomel, Corey Gonzalez, Ins Goodman, Gina Goodson, Stephen Goodwin, Elton Goolsbee, Cara Gordon, Beverly Cordon, Warren Gorham, Melissa Gossett, Lori Gourley, Gay Grace, Debbie Graham, Crystal Grant, Martin 410 — Freshmen Freshmen Haas, Steven Habegger, Brenda Hackett, Terry Haddox, Elizabeth Haden, Hopkins Haffner, Chris Hagy, Scott Hahn, Chris Hahn, Mary Haines, Kimberly Hairgrove, Regina Halamicek, Sharon Hall, Catherine Hall, Helen Hall, Kathy Hall, Laura Halliburton, Jerry Hallock, Wendy Halovamc, John Hamel, Elaine Hamilton, Dana Hamilton, lames Hamilton, Jeff Hamlett, John Hamma ck, Briana Hammock, Jams Hamner, Joy Hampton, Clint Hanak, Shelby Hand, Angle Handy, Paul Haney, Laura Haney, Mike Hanlin, Richard Hansen, Paul Hanson, Linda Hardy, Janet Hargis, Susan Hargrave, Tonja Harper, Brent Harper, John Harper, Julie Harrington, William Hams, Carol Harris, Irene Harris, Melonie Harrison, Michael Hart. Jennifer Is living in a residence hall a major part of college life? It is according to Seabrook senior, Erin Wood. Erin feels every student should experience dorm life at one time or another. While living in Griffith Hall, Erin became actively involved in RHA. She was a wing senator during her freshman year and she was later a member of the Legislative Council. Erin has also served as Griffith Hall vice president, president for three semesters and RHA secretary. For Erin, RHA has been " a hall lot of fun. " 411 — Freshmen Freshmen Hartfield, Dawn Hartman, Brian Harwell. Shellye Hatfield, Craig Hatfield. Rhonda Hatthorn, Renee Haughn, Cindy Havens, Faith Hawkins, Bruce Hawpe, Donna Hay, Linda Hay, William Hayes. Nancy Haynes, Cynthia Hays, Lanita Hazelwood, lacquelm Heake, Bryan Hearne, Richard Hearnsberger, Lea Hebert, Sandra Heigele, Heather Heil, Tammy Held, Mary Heller, loseph Hellwig, lennifer Henderson, Robin Henderson, Tracey Hengy, Benny Henley, Kathy Henry, Peter Henseler, Alan Herdman, Andrew Herman, Lonna Herman, Mary Hickey, Lynn Hickey, Trey Higgmbotham, Pamela Htldebrand, Ann Hill, Becky Hill, lana Hill, Patricia Hill, Thomas Hillhouse, Tammy Hilliard, kymberly Hisle, Carl Hixon, Nancy Hixson, Donna Hobbs. Nancy Hobbs. Patricia Hobgood, Amy Hodge. Danan Hodges, lonni Hodges, Kelly Hoefer, Stephanie Hoerster, Ken Hoetger, Todd Hogan, Renee Hogan, Sharon Holland, April Holland, lames Holloway, Shawn Holman, Susan Holmes, Hudson Holton, William Homes, William Hooper, Michael Hoover, Jacqueline Hope, Chris Hopkins, Amanda Hopper, Sharon Horak, Douglas Horney, katherine Horton, Pamela Houghton, Connie Houser, lay Houser, Rhonda Howard, Debra Howard, John Howard, Michael Howell, Kay Freshmen — 412 Freshmen Howell, Todd Hoy, Jonathan Hudson, Dina Hudson, Glenn Hudson. Karen Hudson, Tamara Huey, Donna Huff, Alan Hughes, Laura Hughes, Steven Hughes, Susan Hunt, Ion Hunter, Cynthia Hunter, Vamce Hunziker, Russell Hurley, Chris Hurley, David Hutchinson, (onna Hutson, |ason Hutson, Sharon Huynh. Tho Ingrum, Howard Inman, Ronald Irvine, lames Isbell, Ronald Ivy, Darrell lackovich, Thomas Jackson, Bill lackson, Julie Jackson, Kristin lackson, Terry Jacobs. Wayne Jacobson, Paula James, Diane James. Leslie James, Milby Jansen, Deborah lanson, Beth Jayson, Cheryl )ee, Cheryl (etfers, Cindy Jennings, lames Jennings. Paul Jennings, Tim Jensen, Deborah Jensen, Janelle Jensen, Mark lentsch, Max Jewell, Walter Jinks, Kelly Johans. Jeanie Johns, Lon Johnson, Craig lohnson, lill lohnson, )ody lohnson, Mark Johnson, Mark Johnson, Nancy Johnson, Robert Johnson. Shirley Johnson. Timothy lohnson. Tom lohnson, Tonya lohnson, Yvonne Jolly, leff lones, Chris Jones, Christopher Jones, David Jones, Donna Jones, Kim Jones, Mary Jones, Stephanie Jones, Tina Jordan, Elizabeth Jordan, Richard Jowdy, Gina June, Susan Junot, Stephen Justice, Joseph Kacal, Suzanne Freshmen — 413 Freshmen Kailas, Ray Kamel, Ramona Kane, Robert Kantenberger, Ross Karolik, Kent Kaudelka, Walter Kee, Karen Keefe, kathy Keeling, Lon Keeling, Melissa Keith, Patrick Keller, Karen Keller, Tern Kelley, Amber Kelley, Kelly Kelley, Kim Kelley, Linda Kelley, Marcia Kelley, Roderick Kelling, Lon Kelly, Gary Kelly, Jill Kelly, Joseph Kelly, Marian Kendnck, Stephen Kennedy, Alan Kenney, Mary Kennon, Debbie Kenton, Susan Kerbo, )an Kerr, Kim Key, Anne Kibodeaux, Tommy Kilgore, Andy Kilgore, Scott King, Betsy King, Karen King, Sherne King, Tiffany Kirchner, |ohn Kittman, Craig Klammer, )ulie Klander, Kim Kleven, Robin Kline, Krista Kline, Tom Klmgman, Linda Knight, Leah Knippel, Beth Knoerzer, Mike Knox, Mary Koch, Paul Koecher, Blake Koehler, Ml Koehn, Kenneth Kohler, Ernie Koh, Seskia Koncsol, Mary Konopik, Kaylynne Konrad, Susan Mane Knp, Sandra Koury, Philip Krahenbuhl, Steffanie Kresse, Geoff Krolski, Michelle Kross, Judith Krueger, Kerry Kubacka, Ruth Kunetka, Jamie Kurr, Barbara Kuyendall, Charles Laake, Carol Labutis, Roxanne Langham, Scott Langthorn, Ronn Langthorp, Sharon Lanove, Mark Lanphear, Paul Larsen, Guy Larson, Lynne 414— Freshmen Freshmen Latimer, Susan Latlmg, Elizabeth Laurel, Jose Layne, Maura Layton, Bob Leal, Manuel Lear, Rebecca Lee, Mike Leeves, lody Leimbach, Elizabeth Lemen, Leslie Leonard, Catherine Leonard, )ohn Leonelli, Cheryl Leska, Ronald Lesmeister, Patti Leveling, Gregory Lewis, Connie Lewis, )eff Liese, Ion Ligon, Judith Lmdeman, Allen Lindly, Michelle Lindsey, Patricia Lipps, William Listenbarger, Karen Little, Nancy Little, Sandra Lockett, Amy Logan, Richard Logan, Stephen Long, John Looney, Dana Loper, Claudia Lopez, Jesse Lopez, Terri Loree, Angela Lona, Lichelle Lott, Hal Lovell, Cayle Loving, Beth Lowe, Jenny Lowery, Donna Lowery, Jon Lowery, Ken Lowry, Doug Loyd, Kathy Lucas, Kenneth Lucey, Jackie Lugo, Joe Luke, Benjamin Luna, Michael Lundee, Sandra Lundquest, Julie Lundquist, Denise MacKay, Allison MacLennan, Leanne Macon, Michael Magee, Edward Malone, Kathy Manders, Chnsti Mannion, Stephen Marbury, Ellen March, Marthann Marek, lull Mariano, Patrick Markland, William Markwirth, Andy Marney, Kenneth Marshall, Stephen Martin, Denise Martin, Jamie Martin, Jim Martin, Margaret Martin, Melissa Martin, Stewart Mastel, Stacy Masters. Beth Mateika, Roger Matheson, Mary Freshmen — 415 Freshmen Matthews, Momque Mattiza, Natalie Maxey, Lori Maxwell, Karen Maynard, Anita McAdams, Otis McAdams, Sharon McAllister, Kelly McAllister, Lisa McAtee, Patricia McBrien, Donna McCandiess, Holly McCarley, Robert McCarn, Ken McCaskey, Sanford McCaskill, lean McCaslin, Ben McCaughy, Natalie McClain, Tracey McClaine, lane McCalugherty, Kim McClellan, lohn McConnell, Janice McConnell, Tmi McCormick, Mindy McCoy, )ulie McCoy, Julie McCree, Marilyn McCullar, Susan McCurdy, Tamera McDaniel, Maria McDonald, Blake McDonald, Kelly McDorman, Sarah McElyea, Dale McElyea, David McEntire, Penny McEver, Sunnye McFarland, John McCee, Shannon McGmnis, Kevtn McGregor, Martha McKay, Andy McKay, Rmdy McKechnie, Ion McKee, Peter Mckee, Rickie McKmney, Eric McLeland, Wayne McLemore, Michete McLemore, Varron McMahan, Kylie McMahon, Deeann McMahon, John McMurtrey, Patricia McNaffie, Tue McNiel, John McQuien, Karon McRae, Becky McRae, Teresa Ann McSwam, Lori Martinez, Suz Meacham, Melody Mead, William Meadows, Becky Meath, Patti Meazell, John Meever, Sunnye Meggenberg, Stacie Megna, Chris Menz, Bruce Merchant, Curtis Merrill, Stephen Merten, Melissa Messer, Shelley Meyer, Kelly Meyer, Larry Miley, Melanie Miller, Douglas Miller, Gena lB -lI ' .. __B III 1 416 — Freshmen ft Freshmen i Miller, Lee Miller, Melanie Miller, Scott Miller, Scott Miller, Timothy Miller, Tina Millikm, Shaynee Mills, James Mills, Lon Minor, Michael Minyard, Herb Miranda, Julie Mirkin, Ian Mitchell, James Mitchell, Leah Mitchell, Mary Mitchell, Megan Mitchell, Rennata Mitcheltree, Traci Mittanck. Cindy Mixon, lamie Mock, Steve Moehnke, Deborah Moehring, Cheryl Moetteli, Lisa Moll, Tern Mollett, Casandra Molloy, Patricia Molone, Kay Lynn Mongan, Cayle Montgomery, Mary Montoya, Michelle Moody, Paul Mook, Kevin Moon, Debbie Moon, Joel Moore, Craig Moore, Donny Moore, lane Moore, Joe Moore Moore Moore Moore Moore Moore Moore, Morales Kathleen Kenneth Kevin Lacey Robert Theresa Tim Dawne Trees are what attracted Cheryl Anthony to SFA. A junior nursing major from Sanger, Cheryl transferred to SFA from Texas Tech University after one semester. " Tech didn ' t have any trees! " she said. The report of a good science department helped to lead Cheryl to SFA. " The people here are so nice ' she said. Nursing keeps Cheryl busy. She is gaining experience by working as a nurses ' s aid and at the child development lab. In her spare time, Cheryl supports the baseball team. " They are a great bunch of guys ' she said. Cheryl offers one piece of advice to SFA students — " Don ' t blow off your homework! " Freshmen — 417 Freshmen Moran, Tracy Moravec, Teresa Moresco, Karen Morgan, Carol Morgan, Harvey Morgan, Jamie Morgan, lohn Morgan, Kyle Morns, Ginger Morns, Lisa Morrison, Marc Mortensen, Marcie Morton, Bryan Moseley, Mandy Moser, loan Moser, Julie Mosier, Keren Mott, Lisa Moulton, Kathleen Mowell, Douglas Mozisek, Melissa Muchmore, Kimberly Mueller, Janice Mullen, Thomas Muller, Tara Mullins, Donald Murphy, Felicia Murray, Melanie Muskipf, Morgan Myers, Knstie Nabonne, Lisa Nallie. Kelly Naqum, David Naredo, David Nation, Laura Nations, Susie Naugle, Kimberly Needham, Carrie Neff, Alice Neff, Shanna Nelson, Carolyn Nevms, Traci New, Stephen Newby, lams Newell, Clair Newman, B everly Newman, Jamie Newsham, Barbara Newton, Deborah Neystel, Melina Nichols, Kimberly Nichols, Paula Nicolaysen, Daniel Nissen, Norman Nix, Holly Nix, Milt Nobra, Tracy Nonmacher, Kim Nooleen, Erik Norris, Mary Kay Northcutt, Scott Norwood, Kim Norwood, Todd Novak, Cheryl Novak, Jyll Nucci, Steve Nuckels, Andrea Nugent, Connie Nutley, Cecilia Oates, Randell O ' Bannon, Robert O ' Bannon, Barbie O ' Braitis, Bill O ' Brien, Sean Ocker, Linda O ' Connor, Terrance Odum, Donna Oeschler, Martin Offenhauser, Lynette Ogden, Brenda 418 — Freshmen Freshmen Ogilvie, Thomas Ogletree, Kay Ogietree, Mark Ohman, Julie O ' Leary, Michelle Olivarez, Mike Olson, Berry Olson, Ellen Olson, Patricia Olivarez, Michael O ' Malley, Bob Onoerdonk, Cheryl O ' Neal, Diana O ' Neal, Sandra O ' Neal, Scott Oramous, Cathy Ortega, John Osburn, Nancy Osterloh, Judy Ostroot, Beth O ' Toole, Kevin Owen, Terry Pace, Jeffrey Page, David Palmer, Emily Panus, Paul Parham, Sandra Parker, Allison Parker, John Parker, Laura Parker, Rosemary Parker, Sally Parks, Catherine Pate, Kellie Patrick, Melissa Patrick, Shannon Patrick, Shannon Patterson, Angelia Patterson, Clark Patterson, Kelly Patterson, Tern Pattillo, Paul Patton, Chris Paulsen, Stacey Pavitt, Sarah Payne, Kimberly Pearce, Matson Pearce, Richard Pearson, lanet Pearson, )ohn Peavy, Mtke Peddy, Terri Pedersen, Ellen Pedersen, Mark Pederson, Cindy Peery, Jessica Peif, Carla-Mana Peltier, lanet Pennington, Leslie Penton, Amanda Pepper, Marsha Perez, Joseph Perkey, Vicki Perkins, Montene Perlow, Mitchell Pernn, Beverly Perry, David Peters, Deani Peters, Shannon Petersen, David Peterson, Sandra Petree, Corey Petri, loseph Pfaff, Bruce Phelan, Kathleen Phillips, Mary Phillips, Renee Pickles, Lisa Pickering, Paula Pierce, Kim Diane Freshmen — 419 Freshmen Pittman, Darla Pitts, Dawne Plank, Sharon Plankey, Trey Poche, Leo Poetz, Michael Poffenbarger, Betty Poland, Hugh Politz, Sharon Poole, Barbara Popp, William Portilla, Lillianne Post, Dina Potrykos, Steve Potter, Tina Powell, Charles Powell, Rebecca Power, Cherry Powers, Brenda Powers, lames Powers, lohn Powers, Susan Pownall, leffrey Presley, Rhonda Presnall, Billy Pressman, Sheri Price, Kathryn Prince, Rusty Pntchett, Wayne Propes. Richard Prospene, Dorothea Pruitt, Dwayne Pugh, Sarah Pulliam, Cindy Pulliam, Melanie Pyle, Cheryl Quaid, Robin Quass, Nancy Qyinn, Carol Rab, Robbie Radven, Susan Ragusa, Mark Rains, Tracy Randle, Christina Ransom, Lon Rasmussen, Shern Ratley, Kim Ray, Pamala Ray, Scarlett Rayner, Harry Record, Edith Redus, Kitty Reece, Wade Reed, Micke Reedy, Michael Reep, Mary Rees, Robert Reese, Bill Reeves, Rochell Regan, Therese Reifel, Stefanie Rempel, Benjamin Reno, Rhonica Repass, Patti Reynolds, Amy Reynolds, lanet Rhodes, Kris Rholes, Rho nda Riasseto, Vicki Rich, Elizabeth Richard, Kyra Richard, Rachel Richardson, Carol Richardson, Chris Richardson, Liz Richardson, Lora Richter, Cheryl Richter, lennifer Riggms, Shirley Riggs, Bryan 420 — Freshmen Freshmen Riggs, Marianne Riggs, Rebecca Rigsby, Mark Riley, Colin Riley, Grant Riney, Brian Riovira, Celia Roach, Sherry Robbins, Jerry Roberson, Cynthia Roberson, Lesley Roberts, Amanda Roberts, Carol Roberts, Charlie Roberts, Randy Robertson, Julie Robertson, Linda Robinette, Brenda Robinson, Kevin Robinson, Laurie Robinson, Lynne Robinson, Tommy Roden, Leigh Rodger, Ronnie Rodopoulos, John Rodriguez, William Troy Rogers, Ann Rogers, Stefanie Rogers, Suzette Rojas, Shawn Rollins, Marjone Romam, St Ken Rosa, Theresa Rose, Greg Ross, lulie Rosser, James Rowe, Kathy Rowe, Renee Rowland, Dave Roynolds, Stacey Rudd, Connie Rudd, Susan Ruddy, Elizabeth Ruiz, Jorge Rushing, Todd Rushlow, Lori Russell, Paige Ruth, Dana Debbie McKain, Seabrook junior, is an Interior Design major at SFA. Debbie stresses the importance of student involvement at school. " People need to be more active on campus. " If she had her freshman year to do over, Debbie would join more organizations and try to meet more people. " Get involved, " she said. The Cinema Arts Committee is one way Debbie is involved at SFA. She is also a member of ASID, American Society for Interior Designs. Some favorite pastimes of Debbie ' s include camping and walking. " I hate to jog, " she said. Debbie plans a career in Commercial interior design after college. Freshmen — 421 Freshmen Rutledge, Connthia Rydman, Carolyn Sabec, Susan Saenz, Richardo Sagerty, Kimberly Samad, Sandra Sampler, William Sanchez, Steve Sander, Gregory Sanders, Ray Sanford, Greg Sanford, Pam Sansancq, Dominique Santiago, Susan Sapp, Linda Sarver, Janice Saunders, Sebra Savage, Diane Sawyer, Phil Schaefer, Ken Schaffer, Sharlyn Scheffer, Tamara Schelle, Jacqueline Schick, Diana Schlauch, David Schmitz, Teresa Schneider, Shannon Schnelle, Jeff Schniepp, Eric Schoenecker, Shen Schoolfield, Richard Schopmeyer, Douglas Schrader, Sherri Schroeder, Theresa Schubert, Kim Schultz, Laurie Schulz, Susan Schumacher, Kathy Schwalback, Paula Schwartz, Sue Schweers, Sara Schwmg, James Scott, Brian Scott, Susan Scott, William Scully, Patricia Sealy, Brenda Seaman, Kathy Sears, Susan Sedberry, Michelle Seekatz, Ted Seeley, Lynda Seeling, Heather Seibert, Denise Sensabaugh, Libby Sensabaugh, Wesley Settles, Larry Shanklm, Julie Shannon, David Shannon, Julie Shaw, Rhonda Shellhorn, Dana Shepherd, Andrell Shepherd, Mary Jo Sheppard, Beth Sheppard, Ken Sherron, Mark Shiller, Alan Shipp, Karen Shipp, Wayne Shockley, Lana Shoemaker, Scott Short, Lori Shrout, Wallace Shyey, Debbie Siebert, John Wiebert, William Silver, Jodi Simmons, Craig Simmons, Luanda - y , 1 « 9 " m .. p { — " HHKHB9H V M h 1 mum ■ mmwmm ■ £ 422 — Freshmen Freshmen Simmons, Terry Simms, Coy Simon, Wade Simonetta, Deborah Simpkms, Kimberly Singer, kathy Singer, Virginia Sintek, Lisa Sitz, Cynthia Slalon, Ward Slayden, lames Sloan, Larry Sloan, Suzanne Slocum, Tenley Smiley, Sheri Smith, Bryan Smith. Caren Smith, Carlton Smith, Cina Smith, Harmon Smith, lodi Smith, Joe Smith, ludy Smith, lulie Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Karen Kathleen Kimberly Linda Lon Melissa Michael Michael Smith, Robin Smith, Ronald Smith, Sabra Smith, Sherri Smith. Stacey Smith, Steve Smith, Yvonne Snellings, Clifton Snipp, Ashley Snook, Pamela Snyder, John Solberg, John Solomon, Ann Sorrells, Laura South, Rebekah Sowden, Karen Spangenberger, Brenda Spears, lohn Speer, Simone Speer, Steve Sperduti, Nancy Spmks, Chuck Spmds, lohnny Sponheimer, Lon Stacey, Patrick Stahl, Sharyl Stahl, Susan Stakes, Carla Stallworth, limmy Stanley, Sherry Stapelton, Walter Stardig, Todd Starenko, David Stark, Charlie lones, Tim Starr, Linda Steakley, Roger St Dennis, Lisa Steid, Theresa Steiger, Peter Sterken, Robert Stewart, Brenda Stewart, Hal Stewart, lill Stewart, Lee Stewart, Leonard Stewart, Mark Stewart, Norman Freshmen — 423 Freshmen Stewart, Steve Stielow. Susan Stiff, )o Ann Stivers, Stacye Stone. Michele Stone, Paul Stopschinski, Elizabeth Stout, Rebecca Stovall, Bill Stowe, Caroline Straiton, Melanie Strenger, lill Strouhal, Cina Stubblefield, Shelly Stutler, Cwen Suhr, Kerri Sullivan, Casey Sullivan, Michael Surface, Kert Surnson, Lawrence Surratt, Sarah Swaim, Margo Swaim, Sherry Swavel, Laura Swiedom, kathy Syptak, Shelley Szabo, Marian Talpt, Lesli Tanner, kathie Tarlton, Terrilyni Tate, Tammy Tatro, kathy Taylor, Allen Taylor, Brett Taylor, Cindy Taylor, Elizabeth Taylor, losephme Taylor, Robert Tayne, Robert Tenney, David Tepera, Pamela Thacker, Julie Thames. Jimmy Theobald, Marc Thigpen, Teresa Thomas, Christopher Thomas, Dwtght Thomas, keith A public relations job in a large town is in the plans for Pam McLane, junior journalism major from White Oak. Pam chose SFA because of its location and size. " It ' s not too far from home. " Pam lives on campus in Garner Apartments. " An apartment has many advantages, " she said. She likes to cook her own meals and there is more room than in the dorms. Location and low expense makes on-campus apartments more desirable for Pam than off campus living. 424 — Freshmen Freshmen if wm Thomas, Marcie Thomas, Peter Thome, Michael Thompson, John Thompson, Lisa Thornton, Cindy Thumann, Dan Tidmore, Sheri Tidwell, Deborah Tierney, Elizabeth Timmons, Tern Timson, Elizabeth Tippit, Cheryl Tipps, Mary Tolbert, lerell Toller, Michele Tomason, Lisa Toops, Michael Torres, Cindy Torres, Mario Townsend, Michele Trammell, Leah Transier, Rhonda Trapp, Steve Travis, Tim Traylor, (on Treadwell, Richard Tnana, Brenda Trice, Danna Tnola, Joanne Troegel, Paul Trott, Michele Trotter, Donna Truemper, Mark Truett, Stephen Truvillo, Niki Tuck, Robert Tullos, Charlotte Turano, Elizabeth Turnbow, Laneta Turner, Jeff Turner, Kelley Turner, Shern Tyler, Allan Tyler, Bruce Uecker, Theresa Ummel, Robyn Underhill, Virginia Upshaw, Anthony Urban, Melissa Urick, Peggy Useary, Connie Uselton, lanet Vacula, Cassey Val, Cma Valicek, Diane Valles, Veronica Vallone, Mike Van Alstme, Landa Van Camp, Vicki Van Winkle, Melody Vanderaue, Holly Vanderlugt, Roelof Vann, Kelly Vannatta, Kim Varner, Richard Varnale, Anne Veenker, Jeff Vela, Manuel Vesel, Sherry Vesely, Laura Lee Vickery, Richard Vincent, Teresa Vogel, Michelle Vogt, Pamela Voipe, Maria Volpe, Maria Von Holten, Kelly Waddell, William Waddle, Shelly Freshmen — 425 Freshmen Wade, Kelvin Wafer, William Waggoner, Laure Wagner, Tammy Waldrop, Susan Walker, Donna Walker, Hope Walker, Kathy Walker, Lon Walker, Sandra Walker, Scott Walker, William Wallace, Cindy Wallace, Lori Waller, Drenda Waller, Leslie Walling, lonathan Walsh. Kathleen Walters, Freddy Ward, Lisa Ward, Russell Wardlaw, lames Wardlow, Greg Warner, Diana Warren, Laura Warren, Margo Warren, Mark Wash, Randall Wasserman, Lori Waters. Debra Wathen, Laurel Watson, Bilhe Watson, Steven Watts, Kyleene Waugh, Lloyd Wayt, Kelley Weaver, Leanne Weaver, Renee Weaver, Rob Weaver, Vicki Webb, lohn Webb, Mark Webb, Robert Weber, Jeane Webster, Dottie Weir, Tracey Welch, Thomas Welch, William Welckle, Cynthia Wells, Vange Welton, Sarah Wenzel, Paul Weselka. Gail Westbrook, Kathy Wester, Wendy Westerman, Dawne Wetzel, Curt White, Dianne White, lana White, Lisa White, Sheri Whitfield, Cindy Whitton, Dan Wickliffe, Dana Wieghat, Layne Wiemann, Suzanne Wiesman, Renee Wiggins, Pamela Wiggins, Ralph Wilbourn, Brynna Wilder, Karen Wilhelm, Shern Wilkinson, Scott Willcott, Mark Willhelm, Pam Williams, Claire Williams, Deborah Williams, Karen Williams, Kelley Wiliams, Marcia T 1 426 — Freshmen II ft WW§ Williams, Scott Williams, Sharon Williams, Steven Williams, Tony Williamson, Kara Williamson, Neil Williford, Kathy Willig, lennifer Wilson, Wilson, Wilson, Wilson, Wilson, Wilson, Wilson, Wilson, Darin David Jennifer Lisa Mark Mark Michelle Stephen Wilson, Suzanne Wilson, Tracey Wilson, Tracy Wiltshire, Brent Wimberley, Sophie Windsor, lohn Wing, Wilson Wmgo, Teresa Winters, Ken Wisneski, Kent Witte, Don Witte, Harold Wolda, Nick Wolf, Greg Wolf, lohn Wolff, lulie Womack, Brian Womack, Mmdy Womble, Glen Wood, Adam Wood, ludy Wood, Karen Wood, Matthew Wood, Michelle Wood. Stetanie Woodard, Diane Woodard, Kent Woodard, Paula Woodruff, Barry Woodruff, Michael Woodward, Kathenne Woolcock, Daniel Wozniacki, Suzy Wrench, Reagan Wright, Amy Wright, Cynthia Wright, Heather Wright, leff Wright, loyce Wright, Kay Wright, Marilyn Wyatt, Kathy Wyld, David Wynne, Bridged Y ' Barbo. Christina Yao, Sephora Yarborough, Kim Yarbrough, Kirk Yarbrough, Zma Yaw, Nelda Ybarra, Nora Yeager, Sally York, Mitzi Youkers, Sara Young, Annette Young, Deidre Young, Melvm Young, Yale Zabana, Salam Zabawa, Christina Zaborowski, David Zaborowski, lanet Zadrapa, Patricia Ziebell. Elizabeth Freshmen — 427 Index 1982 Aa Abdulrazak, Miriam 378 Abies, Dorie 388 Abshire, Kimberley 402 Abshire, kimberly 388 Acacia 206,207 Accounting Club 135 Ackerman, Chris 402 Ackerman, Christopher 388 Adams, Becky 402 Adams, Carolyn 348 Adams, David 388 Adams, Deena 402 Adams, Frances 388,389 Adams, George 402 Adams, Gregory 388 Adams, Gregory 378 Adams, lames 402 Adams, Dr jasper 348 Adams, Julie 378 Adams, Juliet 402 Adams, Rebecca 402 Adams, William 478 Adamson, Darryl 378 Adkms, Mike 402 Adkison, Vicki 402 Adkisson, Mark 388 Administration ,342,343,344, 345 Aduddell, Troy 402 Agee, Tim 402 Ake, Sherry 402 Akins, Stacy 388 Alanis, Monique 402 Albanese, Anita 388 Albe, lanice 378 Albers, Terri 378 Albrecht, Pamela 402 Alcorn, Laurel 388 Alcorn, Leslie 388 Aldeer, kirsten 402 Alexander, Dr. Doyle . ...348 Alexander, Marquis 402 Alexander, Paige 378 Alhashimi, Carolyn . 348,362 Alhashimi, Dr. Talib 340 Allen, Debbie 378 Allen, Gary 388 Allen, |ohn 402 Allen, Melinda 402 Allen, Michael 402 Allen, Paula 402 Allison, Diane 402 Allison, Marilyn 378,388 Alpha Chi Omega .208,209 Alpha kappa Alpha 204 Alpha kappa Psi 136,137 Alpha Tau Omega 210,211 Alston, Dr Roy 348 Altier, )ohn 402 Amason, Michael 402 Ambros, Leandro 378 American Marketing Association 138 American Society for Personel Administration 139 Amos, lean 388 Anderson, Debbie 402 Anderson, Doug 402 Anderson, Garion 388 Anderson, lason 402 Anderson, Jerry 402 Anderson, Laura 402 Anderson, Lisa 402 Anderson, Marvin 402 Anderson, Matthew 378 Anderson, Melva 402 Anderson, Patsy 402 Anderson, Dr Ronald .348 Anderson, William 402 Andrews, Buddy 402 Andrews, Nancy 378 Anfosso, Christian 402 Ante, Melissa 402 Anthony, Cheryl 378 Appleberry, Dr Mary ...348 Amhart, Laura 402 Archer, Vicki 402 Archibald, Vicki 378 Ardizone, Linda 378 Arenschield, Paige 402 Armstrong, )ohn 388 Armstrong, Lana 402 Arrendondo, Belinda 402 Arthur, lenny 402 Ash, David 402 Ash, Lisa 402 Ashby, Darla 402 Ashby, Resa 402 Ashley, Debbie 388 Ashley, Dr lanelle 348 Ashton, Cynthia 378 Askew, Sharon 388 Askms, D ' Ann 402 Assembly of God Student Center 158,159 Atchison, Randy 378 Atchison, Dr. Thomas ...348 Atkins, Emory 378 Atwood, Martha 388 Austin Angels 160 Austin Guard 161 Ayers, Anntionette 378 Ayers, kathi 402 Ayers, Sarah 402 Bb Babcock, Ronald 402 Babington, Bonnie 402 Bachman, Cathy 402 Back, Martha 378 Bacon, Elaine 402 Bacon, Sharon 402 Bacon, Susan 378 Baddaun, Ravinder 362 Bagby, Stacie 402 Baggett, Susan 362 Bagwell, David 402 Bagwell, Theresa 402 Bailey, Allison 402 Bailey, Carla 402 Bailey, Cheryl 388 Bailey, Clifton 402 Bailey, Craig 378 Bailey, Danna 378 Bailey, Danna 388 Bailey, |ohn 402 Bailey, lull A 378 Bailey, Lynn 388 Bailey, Melvin 388 Bailey, Tamra 402 Baird, Phillip 364 Baker, Caryn 402 Baker, Charlene 402 Baker, David 388 Baker, Debi 378 Baker, Jeffrey 388 Baker, John 402 Baker, k.G 402 Baker, ke ith 378 Baker, Linda 364 Baker, Lydia 364 Baker, Shanda 378 Baker, Stephen 388 Baker, Sunny 402 Baldock, Grady 402 Bales, James 402 Balesky, Amanda 364 Baldree, Michael 388 Balke, Robert 402 Ball, Devm 388 Ball, Julia 402 Ballard, Sabayna 402 Ballenger, Joe 348 Balmanno, Shelly 402 Balsley, kirk 378 Banks, Christopher 402 Banks, Scott 402 Banner, Nick 402 Baptist Student Union.. . 151 Barbanel, Bonnie 402 Barbeau, Bryan 402 Barber, Lacinda 364 Barclay, Don 402 Barclay, Lynda 378 Barefield, Barbara 364 Barfield, Wade 403 Barger, Annette 388 Barhorst, Annette 403 Barley, Michael 403 Barlow, Lois 364 Barnard, Mara 388 Barnes, Allen 403 Barnes, Cynthia 403 Barnes, Deborah 364 Barnes, keith 403 Barnes, Leslie 403 Barnfield, Bryan 403 Barnhill, Jeffrey 388 Barnett, Lynda 378 Baron, kimberly 378 Baron, Rebecca 378 Barr, Ray 378 Barrett, Cindy 403 Barry, Mark 364 Barstow, Bill 403 Bartash, Virginia 403 Bartlett, Benjamin 364 Bartlett, Brad 388 Barth, Robert 403 Barton, Belinda 403 Barton, Beth 388 Barton, Dr Calvin 348 Barton, Paula 362 Barton, Thomas 364 Barton, Jr., Thomas 364 Baseball 284,285,286,287 Baseball Babes 171 Baskett, Amy 388 Ladyiack Basketball .312,313 Basketball, Mens ... 274-283 Bass, Michael 403 Bass, Robert 378 Bass, Sandra 378 Bass, Susan 403 Bastie, katherine 388 Bateman, Denise 403 Bateman, kathy 365 Bateman, Mike 388 Bates, Cynthia 403 Batey, Barbara 388 Battaglia, Connie 403 Battles, Linda 403 Baty, Donna 365 Bauer, lessica 403 Baumann, Vincent 388 Baumgardner, karen 362 Baumgarten, Gil 365 Baustert, Michael 403 Bavousett, Rexal 362 Bay, Gloria 348 Bead, Jon 365 Beall, Charles 388 Beam, Jim 388 Beard, Clint 378 Beard, Ron 403 Bearden, Daniel 403 Bearden, Denise 388 Beasley, Cynthia 378 Beasley, Joel 365 Beasley, Ralph 403 Beatty, Arthur 403 Beatty, Connie 388 Beatty, Marvin 403 Beaver, Jennifer 388 Beck, Lisa 403 Becken, Suzanne 403 Becker, Bruce 388 Becker, Doug 403 Becker, Michael 403 Beckman, Gary 403 Bedford, Linda 365 Beerman, Bob 388 Bednaryk, Bannon 378 Belew, Becky 403 Bell, Daryl 403 Bell, Peggy 388 Bell, Rufus 403 Bell, Terry 365 Bellamy, Glenda 378 Bellamy, Dr. Sidney 348 Bellrichard, Catherine 365 Belter, kris 388 Benavides, Rosa 403 Bender, Steve 365 Benedict, |ohn 388 Benedict, Randy 365 Benge, Julie 403 Bennett, Angela 378 Bennett, Annella 365 Bennett, Cheryl 389 Bennett, David 403 Bennett, Galen 378 Bennett, kenneth 389 Bennett, Lisa 389 Bennett, Mary 389 Bennett, Michele 389 Bennett, Tammy 403 Bennett, Tyler 403 Benson, Marlene 389 Benson, Richard 403 Benson, Sharon 365 Benton, Becki 403 Benz, kerrie 403 Berg, Sharon 365 Berger, Barry 403 Bergquist, Gina 389 Bergt, Shelly 403 Berkeley, Norborn 365 Berkley, Terra 403 Berkley, Tracey 365 Berman, Daniel 403 Bermel, Sandy 403 Berotte, Earon 403 Berquist, Gina 403 Berry, Anita 389 Berry, Jimmy 403 Berry, Patricia 403 Berthold, Sarah 403 Bertrand, Michael 403 Bertrand, Monica 403 Best, Jonathan 389 Beta Alpha Psi 124 Beta Beta Beta 132 Beuerle, Jennifer 403 Bibb, James 403 Bielamowicz, Ann Marie 389 Biggers, Debra 403 Biggerstaff, Angie 403 Bigoneses, Ronald 348 Bigsby, kenneth 389,403 Bilan, Dr. Victor 348 Bilbert, Becky 403 Bilinqual Education Club 162 Billman, Stacy 403 Bilz, Pame 403 Bingham, Rolanda 403 Biology Club 148 Birchett, Melanie 403 Bird, Susan 389 Bird well, Barry 389 Bird well, Carla 389 Bird well, Linda 389 Bird well, Rebecca 389 Birkenseher, Patricia 403 Bishop, Sherri 389 Bissett, Diane 403 Bittick, Darold 403 Bittner, Janice 378 Bittner, Richard 389 Bizzell, Elisa 389 Black, Connie 378 Black, katie 378 Black, Lauren 403 Blackman, Lon 389 Blackswell, katherine 365 Blackwell, Tahsha 389 Blair, Shannon 389 Blake, Brent 403 Blake, Francie 389 Blake, Kelly 365 Blakes, Susan 403 Blakley, Yvonne 389 Blanchard, Cynthia 389 Blanchard, Steven 365 Bland, Sally 403 Blankenship, Jimmy 389 Blevins, Jan 378 Blindt, karen 365 Blodgett, Cheryl 403 Blodgett, Valerie 379 Blome, Terry 403 Blovlos, Andrea 389 Blum, Mike 389 Blundell, Dana 403 Boatman, Terry 365 Bobbitt, Angela 378 Bobo, Mary 365 Bodholdt, Jeanne 403 Boffa, Ronald 403 Bogdany, Tammy 403 Bohling, Tricia 389 Boileau, Nancy 365 Boldman, Julie 403 Bolsins, Sandra 389 Bond, Greg 389 Bone, lane 365 Boney, Leah 403 Bonham, Linda 404 Bonnell, katherine 404 Bonner, Lowry 404 Bontrager, Linda 389 Bonvra, karen 389 Booker, Anne 389 Boone, Beverly 378 Boone, Patrick 404 Borden, Stephanie 378 Borders, karen 404 Bordeys, Frank 404 Borens, Coba 389 Boren, Rebecca 365 Borg, Anissa 404 Bornsheuer, Cheryl 404 428— Index iorthwick, Robin 365 iossley, Roger 378 iostick, Cindy 404 iostick, Vanessa 389 iostick, Vanessa 378 iotkin, Melanie 404 iottoms, Mindy 404 touffard, Mary 404 tourg, Michelle 404 iourgeois, Lunette 404 iourgeois, Sarah 404 touse, Mary 404 towden, Everald 404 tower, David 404 towers, Anthony 404 Jowers, Virginia 389 towie, Michael 404 towman, Daneille 404 tox. David 404 Box, )ohnny 404 3oyd, Tina 404 Soyes, lohn 378,389 toyett. Deborah 389 Boykin, Angela 389 Boy kin, Kyong 389 Boykin, Linda 404 Braden, Connie 404 Bradford, Janet 389 Bradley, Kim 389 Bradley, Suzanne 378 Bradshaw, )an 404 Bradway, Sharon 365 Bragg, Lori 389 Bragg, Lori 378 Bragg, Mary 404 Brake, )im 378 Branch, Bonita 404 Brannon, Beth 404 Brannon, Karrie 404 Brannon, Kathy 378 Brashear, Tom 378 Brasher, )anet 365 Bratton, Leticia 378 Bratton, Steve 404 Braun, Alison 404 Bravenec, Phyllis 378 Bray, Charles 404 Breazeale, Kelly 389 Breckenridge, |o 389 Breckenridge, Robert 365 Breckwoldt, Cretchen ...365 Breeding, Lisa 378 Brennan, Ronald 404 Brenneman, Karen 378 Brewer, Anson 378 Brewer, Connie 404 Brewer, D ' Ann 378 Brewer, Richard 365 Bndwell, Lesa 378 Brmey, Kristi 404 Brindley. Deanna 404 Brockway, )ames 405 Brooke, Mary Ellen 389 Brooks, Anderson 365 Brooks, Bonnie 405 Brook, Lori 405 Brooks, Mary 389 Brooks, Noreen 405 Brooks, Robert 378 Brooks, Tammy 405 Broussard, Todd 389 Brown, Bambi 378 Brown, Belinda 405 Brown, Dennis 389 Brown, Elizabeth 389 Brown, Floyd 378 Brown, Cordy 405 Brown, Heather 405 Brown, )ill 365 Brown, limmy 378,389 Brown, )ohn 405 Brown, Joseph 405 Brown, Lisa 405 Brown, Marley 378 Brown, Melissa 365 Brown, Randy 465 Brown, Scott 405 Brown, Sheila 389 Brown, Sherry 389 Brown, Todd 389 Brown, Tracey 389 Brown, William 405 Browne, Melanie 405 Browning, Linda 365 Broz, Tammy 389 Bruckwick, Paul 378 Brunson, Arthur 405 Brunson, Jimmy 389 Brush, Ivy Lynn 365 Bryant, Bentley 405 Bryant, Curtis 405 Buchanan, Gwenna 405 Buchanan, Thamos 405 Bucy, Melissa 378 Budd, Leslie 405 Bueltel, Susan 378 Bull, |udy 405 Bullis, Richard 465 Bullock, Mark 378 Bumpus, Amy 405 Bumpus, Lorie 389 Bunger, Reid 389 Bunten, Arthur 389 Bunting, Laurie 389 Burger, Bruce 389 Burgeson, Mark 389 Burks, lane 378 Burks, Natalie 405 Burleson, Kim 405 Bumaman, Terry 405 Burney, Belinda 365 Burns, Elizabeth 365 Burns, lane 389 Burns, Steve 405 Burrow, Melissa 405 Burson, Marcus 405 Burton, Carrie 389 Burton, Charles 405 Burton, Karla 389 Burton, Kevin 405 Busch, Alisa 405 Bush, Mark 405 Busnach, Dolly 405 Bussey, Glyn 405 Butcher, Suzanne 405 Butler, Brenda 405 Butler, Buckley 389 Butler, Gerald 378 Butler, lohn 405 Butler, Kirk 389 Butler, Sarah 405 Butler, Susan 405 Butler, Tamara 365 Butschek, Sheila 405 Butts, Leslie 405 Button, Rhonda 389 Byars, Jeff 405 Byars, Lynne 405 Byrd, Everett 405 Byrd, Kimberly 405 Byrne, Michael 365 By rum, Tom 378 Cc Cadman, Lewis 365 Cadman, Michelle 365 Caffey, Mark 389 Cagle, David 389 Cagle, Rhonda 405 Cahih, Mary Lynn 389 Cahill, Brian 405 Cain, Daniel 365 Cain, Kim 365 Calame, Cheryl 362 Calabrese, Richard 405 Calbert, Michael 405 Caldwell, Lawrence 365 Caldwell, Lawrence 365 Caldwell, Rita 379 Calhoun, Donna 379 Callender, William 365 Cambio, Stephanie 405 Cameron, Derik 405 Cameron, Latresa 379 Cameron, Robin 389 Cameron, Robin 379 Cammack, Steve 389 Cammack, Virgil 405 Camp, Harry 389 Campbell, Grace 389 Campbell, Ronnie 379 Campen, Karen 366 Campos, Lionel 405 Cantrell, Cynthia 389 Canida, Andrea 405 Cannon, Cynthia 366 Cannon, Jeffrey 405 Cansler, Todd 405 Canterbury Association 152 Cantu, Brenda 389 Cantu, Laura 379,389 Cantwell, Nancy 366 Caraway, Carlton.. . 390,405 Caraway, Ira 366 Carbonari, Karen 366 Cardenaz, Terri 405 Cardiff, Craig 405 Carey, Leon 362 Cargill, Lee 405 Carleton, Elizabeth 405 Carle, Royanna 405 Carlson, Frank 366 Carlson, Kristen 405 Carlton, Leslie 390 Carlton, Sueann 390 Carmen, Linda 405 Carnahan, Gayla 379 Carnahan, Mark 405 Carney, Greg 379 Carney, Keith 390 Carpenter, Amy 405 Carpenter, Kelly 379,390 Carr, Buford 390 Carr, Guy 405 Carroll, James 379 Carroll, Jeff 390 Carroll, Jim 405 Carson, Kathleen 366 Carson, Kim 405 Carter, Benedict 366 Carter, Cheryl 405 Carter, David 366 Carter, Kimberly 405 Carter, Sharon 379 Cartright, Scott 379 Cartwright, Lon Brady ...405 Caruso, Whitney 405 Carutbers, Jeff 390 Carver, Suzanne 405 Casebolt, Debbie 390 Caskey, Drake 366 Cason, Russell 362 Cass, Sheila 390 Cassel, Charles 379 Cassey, Jack 366 Casstevens, Will 379 Castelow, Ann 405 Castor, Lisa 405 Cates, Donna Lynn 379 Cates, Toni 366 Catholic University Center 153 Catron, Mary 390 Cavness, Lorri 405 Cecala, Gina 405 Celerier, Annette 405 Celso, Karen 406 Center, Mark 406 Certain, Denise 406 Cesmirosky, Joe 390 Cessna, Caryl 406 Chamberlain, Tamara ...366 Chambers, Joanna 390 Champagne, Suzanne.. . 406 Chamrad, Daphne 390 Chandler, Frank 406 Chaney, Cindy 406 Chaney, Elton 350 Chan, Arden 379 Chao, Frank 362 Chapman, Arlene 366 Chapman, Debra 379 Chapman, Robert 390 Chapman, Ronda 379 Chapman, Todd 406 Chappell, David 406 Chappell, Kimberly 406 Chappell, Rodney 390 Chase, William 390 Chastain, Gregory 390 Cheedie, Carolyn 390 Cheedie, Patrick 379 Cheerleaders 300,301 Cheesborough, Edmund 406 Chemistry Club 130 Chenault, Terri 406 Cheney, Brenda 390 Cherry, Karen 406 Cherry, Peter 406 Chesser, Melissa 406 Chesson, Cindi 406 Chevis, Molly 406 Chianese, Caren 406 Childers, Dana 406 Childers, Elmer 350 Childs, Alford 390 Chinn, Wilma 406 Chi Omega 212,213 Christenson, Tammy 379 Christian, Bernadine 366 Christian, lacquelyn 390 Christian, Keith 379 Christian, Lorraine 406 Christiansen, Missy 390 Christopher, Jamie 406 Chubirka, Michele 406 Chupik, Mark 406 Churchman, Rhonda 406 Cinema Arts Committee 182 Cisneros, Mark 406 Clark, Cathy 379 Clark, Cheryl 406 Clark, David 390 Clark, Gary 406 Clark, Kimberly 406 Clark, Nancy 406 Clark, Patricia 406 Clark, Robyn 390 Clary, Sheila 379 Clark, Todd 366 Clark, William 406 Clarke, Brian 406 Click, Jack 379 Clem, Scott 366 Clement, Gordon 406 Clement, Katy 366 Clements, Karen 366 Clements, Pamela 390 Clester, Kelli 362 Clevenger, Lisa 406 Clipson, Timothy 350 Cloninger, David 406 Cluck, Lisa 406 Clay, Chris 366 Clay, Kim 366 Clayton, Dr. Glen 350 Cobb, Bonnie 379 Cobb, Richard 390 Coburn, Trent 406 Cochran, Elizabeth 406 Cochran, Mark 366 Cochran, Stephanie 379 Cockerham, Kirk 406 Cockrell, Susanne 390 Cofield, Holly 390 Coggan, Barry 390 Coggins, Steven 379 Coggshall, Beth 379 Cohen, David 390 Coker, Gary 406 Coker, Terri 366 Colbert, Wendee 390 Colbert, Wendee 379 Colburn, Lisa 366 Coldiron, Stephen 379 Cole, Bryan 379 Cole, Linda 406 Cole, Lisa 366 Cole, Micbael 406 Cole, Richard 366 Coleman, Angela 406 Coleman, Linda 406 Collard, Chris 406 Collier, Amy 406 Collier, Angie 390 Collier, Anne 406 Collier, Kim 390 Collier, Wendi 406 Collins, Anthony 406 Collins, Ellen 379 Collins, Gavin 406 Collins, lames 406 Collins, Judith 406 Collins, Karen 406 Collins, Kathy 366 Collins, Kim 390 Collins, Nell 390 Collins, Terri 390 Collins, Valerie 390 Collins, Vance 406 Collins, Vincent 390 Colmenter, Jeffrey 406 Colvin, Kay 390 Colvin, Mark 390,447 Combs, Mary 379 Comer, Kelly 406 Comparetto, Jay 406 Compton, Michael 366 Computer Science Club 170 Conally, Teri 390 Conn, Jo 379 Connell, Billie 406 Connell, Les 379 Conner, Cheryl 390 Conner, Donna 390 Conner, Paul 406 Conway, Bret 362 Cook, Katrina 739 Cook, Linda 406 Cook, Mary Beth 406 Cook, Missy 366 Cook, Stan 406 Cook, Stephen 379 Cooksey, Brad 406 Cooley, Valerie 406 Coon, Andrew 406 Cooper, Deborah 366 Cooper, Kimberly 379 Cooper, Scott 390 Cooper, Steven 406 Cooper, Teri 366 Cooper, Cristie 406 Copeland, Lisa 406 Copeland, Toni 366 Corbin, Eugene 406 Corley, Gary 406 Cormany, Dianna 406 Cornelius, Ben 390 Cornelius, Ruth 379 Cornillault, Lydie 379 Corrick, Kim 390 Corry, Tracy 406 Corser, Kelly 406 Cortines, Valerie 390 Cowan, Steven 390 Cowie, Jeffrey 390 Cote, Donna 406 Cotter, Mary Anne 406 Cotten, )im 362 Cotton, Johnnie 366 Couch, Suzanne 379 Coufal, Deborah 406 Coulter, Debbie 366 Coulter, Keith 406 Council of Black Organizations 163 Couvillon, Frederick 406 Covington, Cynthia 379 Cowan, Valerie 406 Cowart, Lesa 407 Cowles, Denise 407 Cox, Carla 379 Cox, David 407 Cox, Denise 407 Cox, Kimberlee 407 Cox, Laura 379 Cox, Norman 350 Cox, Steve 407 Cox, Tammy 407 Coyner, Kristina 407 Crabtree, Wanda 390 Cradit, Katie 390 Craig, Connie 390 Index— 429 Craig, Donald 407 Craig, Lance 407 Craig, Nancy 390 Craig, Sandra 379 Cranford, Mike 407 Crawford, Christi 407 Crawford, Kim 407 Creech, Julie 366 Crenshaw, Cindy 407 Crichton, Karen 366 Crim, Vicki 407 Cnmmins, Diane 366 Crist, Glenn 407 Crist, Linda 407 Crocker, Dr. Charlene...350 Crocker, Reba 379 Crocker, Rodney 379 Crockett, Bruce 407 Cromer, Cloann 390 Cronin, Maureen 390 Crook, Melissa 366 Crosby, Patty 407 Crosby, Tamera 366 Crouch, Annelise 407 Crow, Lori 390 Crowder, Tanya 407 Crowe, Ross 390 Crowner, Carie 390 Crumley, Donna 390 Crump, lean 407 Crump, Terri 407 Crumpton, David 379 Cruse, Andrea 379 Cruse, Pamela 407 Crye, Dallas 390 Cryier, Jeff 390 Cude, Petrina 407 Cue, David 407 Cuellar, Cathy 390 Cummings, Doris 350 Cummings, Elizabeth 390 Cummins, Camile 407 Cunningham, Barry 407 Cunningham, Cindy 379 Cunningham, David 407 Cunningham, Fozzie 407 Cunningham, Pat 379 Cupit, Minda 379 Curcoe, Kerbi 407 Cure, Courtney 407 Cureton, Laurie 390 Curll, Angie 407 Curney, Cecilia 407 Curran, Molly 390 Curren, Maureen 407 Currin, Leslie 379 Curtis, Deleta 407 Cusack, Thomas 362 Cusick, Dennise 407 Cutcomb, Bambi 407 Culver, Brenda 407 Czerewaty, Adria 390 Dd Dace, Leslie 390 Dahl, )on 366 Dahmus, Dr |ohn 350 Daigle, Sharon 407 Dailey, Linda 390 Dailey, Susan 366 Daily, David 407 Daly, Kevin 407 Damskov, Lori 379 Darnell. Karen 390 Daniels, Debra 407 D ' Anna, Christine 379 Dantin, Susan 407 Darais, Sandra 390 Darcy, Pamela 407 Darcy, Pamela 390 Dark, Cynthia 407 Darling, (ill 407 Darmstadter, Millye 390 Darnell, Daniel 366 Darnell, Marilyn 407 Darwin, David 407 Dascenzo, Lisa 407 Daugherty, Dana 407 Daugherty, Kevin 407 Daugherty, Regina 366 Davenport, )ohn 379 Davenport, luli 390 Davidson, |an 390 Davidson, Leslie 390 Davidson, Shelley 390 Davidson, Terri 390 Davis, Angela 379 Davis, Anne 407 Davis, Chantel 379 Davis, Cheryl 407 Davis, Craig 390 Davis, Danny 379 Davis, Dawn 379 Davis, Edward 379 Davis, Jennifer 391 Davis, jerry 391 Davis, Karen 407 Davis, Kelley 379 Davis, Kimberly 407 Davis, Lauren 407 Davis, Nanette 391 Davis, Randal K 391 Davis, Randell 407 Davis, Robbin 366 Davis, Seleta 407 Davis, Shelly 407 Davis, Stephanie 391 Davis, Susan 407 Davis, Vicki 407 Dawson, Diane 407 Dawson, Laqietta 379 Day, loseph 407 Day, Katherine 479 Day, Sheila 407 Dayton, Daniel 407 Deal, Nancy 407 Dean, Angela 366 Dean, Diane 407 Dean, Dr. Robert 350 Dean, Gary 367 Dean, Michael 407 Deans 84 Dearman, Patricia 407 DeBruin, Deanna 407 Debusk, David 407 DeCarlo, Diane 366 DeCordova, D ' Ann 407 Dedman, Lisa 407 DeFord, Jeri 379 DeFoy, Andrea 407 DeFoyd, Tony 391 DeFnese, Frances 391 DeGeorge, Annalisa 407 DeGnath, Synelle 366 DeGrazier, Tammy 407 DeHaan, Sandi 407 Dehaven, Kirk 408 Delagarza, Frank 408 Delahoussaye, Gisele 379 Deleon, Richard 408 Dell, Scott 408 Delat Delta Delta. .214,215 Delta Sigma Phi 216,217 Delta Tau Alpha 123 Delta Zeta 218,219 Deltoyos, Luis 379 Deluca, Bradley 408 Deluca, Gloria 391 Delvis, Carrie 391 Demarest, Lauren 408 Demeny, Deborah 408 Dempsey, Terry 367 Denham, Allison 367 Deniss, Sarah 408 Denton, Vickie 367 DePamphilis, Molly 391 Deppe, Scott 408 Depperschmidt, Eric 408 Derr, Hans 367 Derrick, Nancy 408 Desadier, Kathie |o 367 Desantis, Peter 367 DeStefano, Claire 367 Dettling, Helen 391 Deuth, Martin 350 Devine, Dr. )oseph 350 Devine, Toby 408 Devitt, Eddie 391 Devore, Deena 408 Dewees, Craig 408 Dexheimer, Tracey 367 Dhonau, Barbara 367 Dice, Kirk 408 Dickens, Robert 408 Dickerson, Deborah 379 Dickerson, Linda 408 Dickinson, Donna 391 Dickinson, )ohn 408 Dieter, Harry 367 Dill, Cheryl 391 Dill, Robert 391 Dillinger, Jane 367 Dillion, Debbie 391 Dillon, Elva 379 Dillon, lames 408 Dillon, Twila 367 Dimiceli, Tom 379 Dippel, David 367 Dippel, Debra 408 Dishman, loo 408 Dixon, Douglas 379 Dixon, Leigh 367 Dodd, Lisa 408 Dodds, Robert 391 Dodge, Kim 379 Dodge, Tommy 391 Doebller, Drew 379 Doherty, Kelly 408 Dohm, Leah 367 Dolan, Yvette 391 Dollar, Valerie 391 Donahue, Thomas 367 Donnell, Jeanne 408 Donzell, Mark 408 Dooley, Shari 408 Doria, Anthony 408 Dorman, Ron 391 Doty, Dara 391 Dougherty, Bryan 408 Dougherty, |oe 367 Dougherty, Karen 379 Dougherty, Cliff 408 Dowling, Dianne 391 Dowling, Timothy 4o8 Downen, Sandra 408 Downs, Cynthia 391 Downs, Michelle 408 Doxtad, Julie 408 Drain, Phyllis 408 Drake, Craig 408 Drake, Ollie 408 Drake, Tamara 408 Dramatic Interest Organization 165 Dramburger, David 391 Draper, David 367 Driggers, luli 448 Dnskell, Leroy 379 Driver, Jan 408 Droddy, Laura 408 Drummond, Cindy 380 Duarte, Teresa 408 Dubose, Larry 408 Dubose, Thomas 408 Duchie, Debbie 380 Ducker, Diana 391 Duckworth, Deidre 408 Dudley, Cheryl 367 Dugas, Christine 391 Dugat, Cynthia 380 Duggan, Shelley 408 Dugger, Melissa 380 Dugger, Steve 391 Duke, Julie Ann 367 Dumas, Dusty 408 Duncan, Ladonna 408 Duncan, Lisa 380 Duncan, Renee 408 Dunkerley, William 408 Dunkley, Margaret 408 Dunlap, Dana 408 Dunlap, Michelle 391 Dunlap, Roger 391 Dunn, Glenda 408 Dunn, Karen 391 Dunn, Susan 408 Dupree, Dwayne 408 Durham, Jerry 380 Durkm, Patti 367 Durr, Dr. Kenneth 350 Durr, Juliana 380 Dutcher, Michael 380 Dutton, Lia 408 Duvall, Michael 409 Dye, Laura 380 Dyer, Stephen 380 Dyer, Trey 367 Dyess, Stephen 380 Ee Eakright, Angela 367 Eanes, Robert 391 Earle, Andrea 391 Earwood, Mark 409 Easley, Darla 367 Easley, William 367 East, Teri 401 Eastburn, Nancy 380 Easterly, Martha 409 Easum, Bryan 391 Eaton, Andrea 367 Eaton, Lisa 391 Eaves, Kathryn 391 Ebbesmeyer, Leigh 409 Ebert, Lin 391 Echols, Scott 409 Eckert, Anita 380 Eckert, Annette 409 Eckland, Alexander 409 Eddings, Susan 409 Eden, Timothy 391 Edmonds, Cynthia 409 Edmonson, Jon 367 Edwards, Kelly 409 Edwards, Kenny 380 Edwards, Melanie 391 Edwards, Rebecca 391 Edwards, Starla 367 Ekpro, Ekpedeme 362 Eldred, Darryl 409 Filer. Georgia 409 Elliot, Flora 380 Elliot, Nina 391 Ellis, Janet 409 Ellis, Lynette 380 Ellison, Andrea 367 Ellison, Lorna 409 Elmer, Jackie 409 Elrod, Lori 409 Elston, John 409 Emmons, Tracy 409 Engelhardt, Lauri 409 English, Billy 409 English, Mark 391 English, Sharon 380 Enriquez, Raul 391 Epps, Cynthia 409 Erwin, Stephen 409 Esco, Tracy 380 Essex, Anne 409 Essler, Donna 367 Etchelecu, Cheri 409 Eubanks, Darrel 367 Eubanks, Pamela 409 Eubanks, Scott 367 Evans, Alan 391 Evans, Catherine 380 Evans, Cynthia 409 Evans, Julie 380 Evans, Leslie 409 Evans, Maria 409 Evans, Sidney 409 Everett, Leah 391 Everhart, Stagg 409 Ewing, Marsha 391 Explorer Post 602 164 Eytcheson, Jill 380 Ff Fagan, Tracy 391 Fairchild, Mollie 391 Fair Committee 185 Falco, lean 391 Falk, Delaina 409 allin, David 391 ancher, C urtis 391 aringer, Felicia 409 : arley, Laura 367 armer, )ana 391 ashion Committee 184 aucett, Bobby 409 aulkner, Dr. Russell 350 : aulkner, Jeffrey 409 : eakes, Debbie 409 • ' eist, Mark 409 •ell, Gwendolyn 409 : ennel, Linda 391 : erguson, Andrew 350 ' erguson. Billy 380 : erguson, Ed 391 : erguson, Elizabeth 391 erguson, Jackie 409 : erguson, lohnny 391 erguson, Lisa 409 : euling, Mary Beth 409 : ey, Danny 409 " FA 141 : ielder, Anita 391 - " ields, Danny 391 - " ields, Debbie 380 -ields, Lisa 367 : ife, Anita 409 r igueroa, Gabriel 380 - " ikes, Jody 409 ; inicum, Katherine 380 -inkbohner, Rebecca ...391 409 Finke, Cindy 409 : inley, Eric 367 Finley, Judy 367 Fisbeck, May 409 Fiske, Ricbard 409 Fisketjon, Eric 409 Fischer, James 362 Fischer, Kay 362 Fisher, Sharon 391 Fisk, William 362 Fitch, Major Logan 350 Fitness Club 170 Fitts, Howard 409 Fitts, Russell 409 Fitzgerald, Jacque 380 Fitzsimons, Kelly 409 Flaggert, Beth 391 Flanagan, Clay 401 Flanery, Betty 409 Fleck, Mary Beth 367 Fleet, Dr. Robert 348 Fleischbauer, Allen 409 Fleming, Barry 380 Fleming, Berry 380 Fleming, Charles 409 Fleming, Mark 380 Fletcher, Alan 367 Fletcher, Charlie 409 Fletcher, Cheryl 380 Fletcher, Rick 367 " lood, Sarah 409 : lores, Michael 409 Flores, Robert 409 Flott, Cynthia 409 : loyd, Ann 367 loyd. Katie 391 loyd. Sandra 409 - " loyd, Tami 409 " loyd. Terri 409 : ogg, Jo 367 oley. Larry 409 : oley, Maureen 409 -olsom. William 409 ; olzenlogen, Denise 409 : ontenot, Kristie 391 r ontenot, Vanessa 401 -ootball 264-273 : orbes, Frank 391 -ord, Bradley 409 -ord. Craig 409 ord, Lisa 380 -ord, Mitch 409 : ord, Stan 409 : oreman, Howell 409 : oreman, Ralph 391 : oreman, Rosalee 409 orney, Michael 409 430— Index orrester, Rebecca 367 orse, Terri 409 ortenberry, Mark 409 ortescue, lean 409 ossier, Lisa 410 oster, Billy 391 oster, George 367 oster. Robin 380 : ougerat, Carol 410 : owler, Kenny 410 : owler, Scott 391 : oy, lennifer 410 Tailey, Alton 380 : rambes, Kirk 367 : rancis, Janice 367 : rancis, Patricia 391 " rank. Bobby 410 : ranklin, Carrie 410 : ranklm, lane Ann 410 Franklin, Neal 391 Franks, Dr Thomas 350 Fraser, Elizabeth 410 Fraser, Michael 380 Frazier, Karrie 367 Frazier, Mark 380 Frazier, Scott 367 tree, Tresa 410 Friou, |oe 367 Fredd, Vicki 391 Freeman, Sandra 391 French Club 166 French, Lisa 391 Froneberger, Dale 401 Froschheiser, William 410 fry, Karen 4 10 fry, Steven 380 Fugate, Guy 391 Fulenwider, Rebecca 4 10 Fuller, Elaine 380 Fuller, Steve 4 10 Fulmer, Lynn 391 Funderburg, Laura 391 Furlow, Mary 380 Furner, Richard 391 Futch, Becky 410 Futrell, Mary 410 Gg Gaa, Angela 410 Gadden, Neil 369 Gage, Brenda 4 10 Gage, Cindy 391 Gage, Frances 410 Gainer, Susan 380 Gaines, Phillip 410 Gallant, Danny 380 Gallant, Margaret 410 Gallant, Patty 4 10 Gallegos, Efram 410 Gamble, Steve 410 Gamble, Vernon |r 391 Gambrell, Jeffrey 392 Gamma Sigma Sigma 122 Gammill, Angie 392 Gandy, lanill 380 Gannon, Cecelia 410 Gannon, Dana 392 Gannon, lames 410 Ganter, lames 392 Garcia, Elizabeth 410 Garcia, Teresa 392 Garcia, Veronica 410 Garlmgton, Robert 410 Garner, Timothy 392 Garnett, William 410 Garrett, Alison 410 Garrett, Dr. James 351 Garrett, Kim 380 Garrett, James 392 Garrett, Laura 392 Garrett, Stephen 380 Garrison, Julie 410 Gartman, Christopher. ... 4 10 Gartner, Patricia 380 Gaston, Donna 392 Garvin, Michelle 410 Gary, Laura 362 Gary, James 380 Gaskill, Debra 380 Gaston, Cynthia 410 Gaston, Donna 410 Gay, Laurie 410 Geary, Madeline 410 Geller, leanne 380 Geology Club 142 George, Reba 392 Germaine, Jack 410 Gibbs, lennifer 392 Gibbs Hall 190 Gibbs, Melanie 410 Gibbs, Susan 410 Gibson, Denise 392 Gibson, Dr William 351 Gibson, Eddy 410 Gibson, (ackie 392 Gibson, Terry 380 Giesler, Timothy 410 Gilbert, Pat 380 Gilbert, Patrick 392 Gilbreath, Sheila 380 Gilchrest, Lisa 410 Giles, Michael 362 Gilger, Dorothy 410 Gillespie, Melody 410 Gilmartm, Erica 410 Gimore, Greg 410 Gilmore, Sandra 392 Gilson, Debra 392 Gimmck, Ruby 410 Giorda, Pat 410 Giovannini, Greg 410 Gipson, Curtis 410 Gipson, Gayla 410 Gipson, John 410 Glaser, Helen 392 Glass, Jerry 410 Glass, Kathleen 392 Gleason, Amy 380 Gleason, Paul 410 Gless, Linda 410 Glona, Charles 392 Glyn, Cathy 392 Glynn, Janette 410 Goeters, Kitty 392 Godwin, Kay Lee 410 Goglia, Philip 410 Golden, Joe 410 Golf 296,297 Golleher, Kelley 410 Gombac, David 410 Gomel, Corey 410 Gonzalea, Carmen 392 Gonzalez, Ins 4 10 Goodall, lohn 351 Goodman, Gina 410 Goodson, Stephen 410 Goodwin, Elton 410 Goolsbee, Cara 410 Goolsby, Tammye 392 Gordon, Beverly 410 Gordon, Warren 4 10 Gorham, Meliss a 410 Gossett, lames 380 Gossett, Lori 410 Gourley, Gary 410 Gouverante, Stuart 380 Grace, Debbie 410 Graham, Crystal 410 Grant, Martin 410 Graul, Susie 392 Graves, Sheryl 392 Gray, Beth 380 Gray, Beth 392 Gray, Beth 392 Gray, Brian 368 Gray, (eanna 380 Gray, Jenna 392 Gray, Joseph 380 Gray less, David 380 Gray, Karen 392 Gary, Maree 392 Grayson, Mary Ann 368 Green, April 380 Green, Brian 368 Green, Dana 392 Greenway, Destry 392 Green, Elizabeth 380 Green, Sandra 380 Green, Linda 380 Greenfield, Donna 380 Greer, Dana 380 Gregg, Martha 368 Gregory, Dr. Donald 351 Gregg, Janet 380 Gregory, Karen 368 Gresham, |an 380 Grieve, David 392 Griffen, Gary 368 Griff en, Ken 368 Griggs, Debbie 380 Gngsby, Dr. David 351 Grigsby, Patricia 380 Griffin, Angie 392 Griffith, Daren 392 Griffith, Sue 392 Griffith Hall 192 Griffith, Laurie 392 Grimes, Patricia 368 Grohman, Tyrrel 351 Gromena, Karen 392 Gross, Glenda 368 Gross, Beth 392 Grubbs, Debra 392 Grundy, Leslie 392 Grusendorf, Sharon 369 Grusendorf, Diane 368 Guerra, Ann 380 Guest, Carmen 392 Guidance and Counseling 346 Guidry, Darrell 392 Gunn, Marcia 368 Gural, Diana 369 Gustin, Alan 392 Guyer, Angie 369 Guynes, Charlotte 351 Hh Haas, Steven 411 Habegger, Brenda 411 Hackett, Terry 41 1 Haddox, Elizabeth 411 Haddox, Pamela 369 Haden, Hopkins 411 Hadler, Annette 369 Haffner, Chris 411 Hagler, Gay 369 Hagy, Scott 411 Hahn, Chris 411 Hahn, Mary 411 Haigh, Valerie 392 Haines, Kevan 369 Haines, Kimberly 411 Hairgrove, Regma 41 1 Hairston, Chuck 380 Halamicek, Sharon 411 Hale, Blake 392 Hale. Karla 392 Hale, Sandy 392 Haley, Jennifer 392 Haley, Linda 392 Hall, Anita 369 Hall, Anita 392 Hall, B | 380 Hall, Catherine 411 Hall, Helen 411 Hall, Holly 369 Hall, Kathy 411 Hall, Laura 380 Hall, Laura 411 Hall, Lisa 369 Hall, Michelle 392 Hall, Steven 369 Halliburton, lerry 411 Hall 10 191 Hallman, Dr. Patsy 351 Hallock, Wendy 41 1 Halovanic, Nancy 411 Halverson, Nancy 392 Ham, Sandra 369 Hamaker, Diane 380 Hambrick, Mike 380 Hamel, Elaine 411 Hamil, (ulia 392 Hmilton, Brenda 380 Hamilton, Dana 41 1 Hamilton, James 411 Hamilton, Jeff 411 Hamilton, Jeffrey 380 Hamlett, John 411 Hamm, Connie 392 Hammack, Briana 411 Hammock, lanis 41 1 Hamner, )oy 411 Hampton, Clint 411 Hanak, Shelby 411 Hand, Angie 411 Handy, Paul 411 Haney, Laura 411 Haney, Mike 411 Haney, Nancy 380 Hanks, Stephen 380 Hanlm, Richard 411 Hansen, Paul 411 Hanson, Diane 380 Hanson, Linda 411 Hamnck, Dr. Bill 351 Hanby, Martha Leigh 369 Handley, Khandi 392 Hansen, Christie 392 Hansen, George 392 Harberson, Charles 381 Hardwicke, Holly 392 Hardy, Janet 411 Hardy, Lisa 392 Hargadine, Paul 381 Harger, Deanna 381 Hargis, Susan 4 1 1 Hargis, Try 351 Hargrave, Tonja 411 Harkenrider, Donna 369 Harmon, Kylene 392 Harper, Brent 411 Harper, |ohn 411 Harper, julie 411 Harrell, Harriet 392 Harrell, Matthew 639 Harrington, William 411 Harris, Carol 411 Harris, Gailyn 362 Harris, Irene 411 Harris, fames 369 Harris, Ian 392 Harris, Melonie 411 Harris, Paul 392 Harris, Renee 392 Harris, Terrance 369 Harrison, Gilbert 369 Harrison, Michael 411 Harrison, Monica 392 Hart, lennifer 411 Harte, Terri 381 Hartfield, Dawn 412 Hartman, Brian 412 Hartman, Cindy 369 Hartung, August 362 Hartwick, Sara 392 Harvey, Kerry 369 Harvey, Patrick 381 Harwell, Cleta 392 Harwell, Shellye 412 Harwood, Sheli 392 Hasse, William 392 Hartfield, Craig 412 Hatfield, Rhonda 412 Hatthorn, Renee 412 Hatton, Robert 369 Haughn, Cindy 412 Hauglid, Sandra 369 Havens, Faith 412 Havron, Patricia 381 Hawkins, Bruce 412 Hawpe, Donna 412 Hay, Linda 4 12 Hay, Sandra 381 Hay, William 412 Hayes, Lisa 381 Hayes, Meredith 392 Hayes, Nancy 412 Haynes, Cynthia 412 Haynes, Mark 392 Haynes, Robert 369 Hays, Dave 392 Hays, Lanita 412 Hays, Terri 392 Hazlewood, Jacquelm . .412 Head, Lisa 369 Headlee, Craig 392 Heake, Bryan 412 Healy, Katherine 392 Healy, Keith 381 Heap, Chelhe 369 Hearne, Mark 369 Hearne, Richard 412 Hearnsberger, Lea 412 Hebert, Sandra 412 Hefner, Robert 392 Heider, Dyann 392 Heigele, Heather 412 Heil, Tammy 412 Heitzman, Lisa 381 Held, Mary 412 Heller, loseph 412 Hellwig, lennifer 412 Hemminghaus, Suasn 392 Henderson, Jana 392 Henderson, Kenneth 369 Henderson, Robert 393 Henderson, Robin 412 Henderson, Tracy 412 Hendricks, Chris 393 Hengy, Benny 412 Henley, Kathy 412 Hennig, Catherine 369 Henry, Ernestine 351 Henry, Peter 412 Henselek, Alan 412 Hensley, Micbael 369 Henson, Laura 369 Heppler, Brian 393 Herard, Sonja 381,393 Herdman, Andrew 412 Hermg, Glenn 381 Herman, Craig 369 Herman, Lonna 412 Herman, Mary 412 Hernngton, Barbara 381 Herzig, Thomas 381 H esseman, Sgt. Maj. Harvey 351 Hess, Cheryl 381 Hester, Beverly 381 Hewett, Cheryl 381 Hewitt, Lisa 369 Hibbard, Lisa 393 Hickey, Denise 393 Hickey, Lynn 412 Hickey, Trey 412 Hicks, Keith 393 Hicks, Kendall 369 Hicks, Sherri 393 Higginbotham, Jean 393 Higginbotham, Pamela 412 Higgms, Lori 369 Hildebrand, Ann 412 Hill, Becky 412 Hill, Diana 381 Hill, Dr. Harold 351 Hill, (ana 412 Hill, Jerry 381 Hill, Patricia 412 Hill, Robert 393 Hill, Sharon 381 Hill, Terresa 369 Hill, Thomas 4 12 Hillhouse, Tammy 4 12 Hilliard, Kymberly 412 Hinckley, Diane 393 Hines, Shari 381 Hinkle, Wendy 393 Hisle, Carl 412 Hixon, Nancy 412 Hixson, Donna 4 12 Hiza, Cynthia 369 Hlavmka, David 393 Hobbs, Ben 351 Hobbs, Nancy 4 12 Hobbs, Patricia 4 12 Hobbs, Robert 369 Hobgood, Amy 412 Hockenbrocht, Wanda 381 Hodge, Darian 412 Hodges, Cindy 381 Hodges, lonni 4 12 Hodges, Kelly 412 Index— 431 Hodges, Linda 381 Hoefer, Stephanie 412 Hoerath, Carla 393 Hoerster, Ken 412 Hoetger, Todd 412 Hoffman, DeAnna 393 Hoffman, Patty 369 Hogan, Renee 412 Hogan, Sharon 412 Holbrook, Elizabeth 381 Holcomb, Gay la 381 Holcomb, Marsha 381 Holland, April 412 Holland, lames 412 Hollinger, Colleen 393 Holloway, Shawn 412 Holman, Mary 369 Holman, Susan 412 Holmes, Hudson 412 Holmes, laclyn 393 Holmes, Niki 393 Holmgreen, Laural 393 Holton, William 412 Hombuckle, Debbie 381 Homecoming Royalty 40,41 Home Economics Club 140 Homes, William 412 Honors 244-259 Honson, Carl 393 Hook, Cathleen 369 Hookness, Linda 362 Hooper, Lanita 393 Hooper, Michael 412 Hooks, Maxey 369 Hoover, lacqueline 412 Hoover, |ohn 393 Hope, Chris 412 Hope, Lisa 393 Hopkins, Amanda 412 Hopper, Sharon 412 Horak, Douglas 412 Horn, Kerry 369 Hordt, Kathy 381 Home, Betsy 393 Home, Donna 393 Home, Sheryl 381 Horney, Kathenne 412 Horrell, Olivia 381 Horstman, Denise 381 Horticulture Club 134 Horton, Greg 381 Horton, Pamela 412 Houghton, Connie 412 House, Doug 393 House, Stewart 381 Houser, )ay 412 Houser, Rhonda 412 Houston, Dr Thomas.. . 351 Houston, lames 381 Houston, lulie 369 Houston, Marilyn 381 Howard, Allyson 393 Howard, Debra 412 Howard, Dr (ames 351 Howard, lohn 412 Howard, Lisa 369 Howard, Michael 412 Howard, Stacy 381,393 Howell, Ann 393 Howell, Brenda 393 Howell, Kay 412 Howell, Rachel 369 Howell, Todd 413 Howie, Lee 369 Hoy, Jonathan 412 HPE Majors Club 173 Hubert, Kenneth 393 Huckaby, Laura 381 Huddleston, Tammy 381 Hudgins, Carolyn 369 Hudnall, lennifer 393 Hudson, Deborah 369 Hudson, Dina 413 Hudson, Glenn 413 Hudson, Karen 413 Hudson, Tamara 413 Huey, Donna 413 Huff, Alan 413 Hughes, Knsti 393 Hughes, Laura 413 Hughes, Melody 370 Hughes, Richard 370 Hughes, Steven 413 Hughes, Susan 413 Hukefield, Lori 393 Hultquist, lanette 393 Humason, Susan 370 Humphreys, Amy 393 Hunt, jon 413 Hunter, Cynthia 413 Hunter, Vanice 413 Hunziker, Russell 413 Hurley, Chris 413 Hurley, David 413 Hurst, Carol 382 Hurst, Christi 382 Hurst, Karen 393 Huskerson, Kathy 382 Hutchison, )onna 413 Hutchison, Leslie 382 Hutchison, Steve 393 Hutson, lason 413 Hutson, Sharon 413 Hutto, Timothy 370 Hude, leff 370 Huynh, Tho 413 Hyzer, Melissa 370 li lllmer, Richard 382 Imani, Kamran 370 Imy, Cindy 370 Ingram, Cynthia 370 Ingrum, Howard 413 Inman, Ronald 413 Interfratemity Council 201 International Reading Association 167 Inyang, Effiang 362 Irvine, lames 413 Irwin, Dr. |une 352 Irwin, Peter 382 Isaacs, Luann 413 Isbell, Ronald 413 Ishmael, Thomas 393 Ivey, Turner 382 Ivins, Dave 370 Ivy, Darrell 413 lyeki, Diane 370 Ji lack, Milicyn 382 lackson, Bill 393,413 Jackson, lulie 413 lackson, Kristin 413 lackson, Layne 393 lackson, Michael 393 lackson, Richard 393 lackson, Shwanda 382 lackson, Terry 413 lackson, Thomas 370 lackovich, Thomas 413 Jacobs, Bonita 352 lacobs, Glen 393 Jacobs, Wayne 413 lacobson, Paula 413 laggers, Lisa 382 (ames, Diane 413 lames, Leslie 413 lames, Milby 413 James, Shari 382 Jankowski, Debbie 394 Jansen, Deborah 413 Janson, Beth 413 Jayson, Cheryl 413 Jee, Cheryl 413 jeffers, Cindy 413 Jellander, Henry 412 Jenkins, Antonio 362 Jenkins, Stuart 370 Jenkins, Tracey 394 Jennings, lames 413 lennings, Paul 413 Jennings, Tim 413 lensen, Gracemary 382 lensen, Janelle 413 Jensen, Keith 394 Jensen, Mark 413 Jenson, Deborah 413 Jentsch, Max 413 Jernigan, Terri 382 Jesperson, Lisa 394 lewell, Walter 413 links, Kelly 413 )irik, Karen 382 Johans, Jeanie 413 Johns, Lori 413 Johnson, Blake 394 Johnson, Brett 382 Johnson, Craig 413 Johnson, David 382 Johnson, Donny 382 Johnson, Deborah 370 Johnson, Dorothy 394 Johnson, Dr Bobby 352 lohnson, Dr. Wayne 352 Johnson, Dr. William ... 366, 337 Johnson, Frances 370 Johnson, Greg 382 lohnson, |ana 394 Johnson, Jill 413 Johnson, Jody 413 lohnson, luanita 394 lohnson, Mark 413 Johnson, Mark 413 Johnson, Matthew 394 Johnson, Nancy 382 Johnson, Nancy 413 lohnson, Peggy 370 lohnson, Robert 382 lohnson, Robert 413 lohnson, Shirley 413 lohnson, Tanya 413 lohnson, Timothy 382 lohnson, Timothy 413 lohnson, Tom 413 Johnson, Tommy 370 lohnson, Yvette 394 lohnson, Yvonne 413 lohnson, Yvonne 352 lohnston, Kristine 394 Johnston, Pat 394 Johnston, Randy 370 Jolly, Cindy 362 lolly, leff 413 (ones, Byron 394 lones, Carolyn 394 (ones, Cherrie 394 lones, Chris 413 lones, Christopher 413 lones, David 413 lones, Deena 394 lones, Donna 382 lones, Donna 413 (ones, Dr. Jimmy 352 (ones, Etola 370 lones, Keith 370 lones, Kenneth 394 lones, Kim 413 lones, Laura 394 lones, Linda 382 lones, Lisa 382 lones, Mary 413 lones, Megan 394 Jones, Michele 394 lones, Nancy 394 (ones, Sheri 394 lones, Stephanie 413 lones, Stuart 382 (ones, Thomas 382 lones, Tim 423 lones, Timothy 394 lones, Tina 413 lones, Wymond 382 (ongeward, Sharon 394 lordan, Elizabeth 413 lordan, Glynn 394 Jordan, Gregory 394 lordan, Richard 413 lordan, Robin 394 loseph, Sean 394 lowdy, Gina 413 lowell, Larry 382 luch, Lisa 382 June, Susan 413 Junot, Stephen 413 lustice, loseph 413 Kk Kacal, Suzanne 413 Kaestner, Roger 394 Kahla, Marlene 352 Kalboch, Bruce 394 Kallas, Ray 414 Kamar, Richard 394 Kamarolzaman, Hajar . ..382 Kamel, Ramona 414 Kane, Dan 370 Kane, Robert 414 Kantenberger, Ross 414 Kappa Alpha 220,221 Kappa Kappa Psi 126 Karate Club 188,189 Karolik, Kent 414 Kasehagen, Laurin 382 Kasner, Kyle 370 Kastensmidt, Stephen ....382 Katz, Dawn-Marie 394 Katz, Lisa 394 Kaudelka, Walter 414 Kee, Karen 414 Keefe, Kathy 414 Keeling, Lori 414 Keeling Melissa 414 Keenon, Konnie 394 Keller, Karen 414 Keller, Terri 414 Kelling, Lori 414 Kelley, Amber 394,414 Kelley, Danette 394 Kelley, Gary 414 Kelley, Kim 414 Kelley, Linda 414 Kelley, Marcia 414 Kelly, Marian 414 Kelly, Cleo 352 Kelly, (ill 414 Kelly, loseph 414 Kelley, Rhonda 394 Kelley, Roderick 414 Keller, Susan 382 Keith, Deborah 382 Keith, Patrick 414 Kendrick, Stephen 414 Kennedy, Alan 414 Kenney, Mary 414 Kenny, David 394 Kennon, Debbie 414 Kenton, Susan 414 Kenyon, Ann 394 Kerbo, )an 414 Kerr, Emily 370 Kerr, Hall 191 Kerr, Kim 414 Key, Anne 414 Keyes, Kim 382 Khoury, Kay 370 Kidwell, Melissa 394 Kibler, Teresa 394 Kibodeaux, Lori 394 Kibodeaux, Tommy 414 Kiip, Sandra 414 Kilcoyne, Jimmy 394 Kilgore, Andy 414 Kilgore, Jerry 382 Kilgore, Scott 414 Killion, Robert 394 Kimball, Stacy 382 King, Betsy 414 King, Cammie 394 King, Karen 414 King, Karen 394 King, Sherrie 414 King, Tiffany 414 Kirby, Kerry 370 Kirchner, lohn 414 Kirk, lane 394 Kirkhoff, Kevin 370 Kisling, Deborah 382 Kittman, Craig 414 Klingaman, Bill 370 Klammer, lulie 414 Klander, Kim 414 Kleven, Robin 414 Kliem, Cynthia 382 Kline, Krista 414 Kline, Tom 414 Klingman, Linda 414 Klotz, Rhonda 394 Klotz, Terrance 382 Knauber, Karen 382 Knippel, Beth 414 Knight, Dr. Carl 352 Knight, Julia 370 Knight, Leah 414 Knight, Susan 370 Knoerzer, Mike 414 Knowles, Tim 370 Knox, Mary 414 Koch, Paul 414 Koehler, (ill 414 Koehn, Kenneth 414 Koh, Seskia 414 Kohler, Ernie 414 Kohnert, Frank 394 Kolb, Gary 394 Kok, lerden 370 Kok, Sigrid 394 Koncsol, Mary 414 Konopik, Kaylynne 414 Konrad, Susan Marie 414 Koons, Marilyn 394 Koop, Lori 394 Koperwhats, Laura 382 Koslo, Kathleen 370 Koury, Mike 394 Koury, Philip 414 Koval, Jeffrey 362 Kraemer, Nancy 382 Krahenbuhl, Steffanie . ..414 Kramer, Barbara 382 Kremer, Tracy 382 Kresse, Geoff 414 Krolski, Michelle 414 Kross, Judith 414 Krouse, Hepli 370 Krueger, James 394 Krueger, Kerry 414 Kubacak, David 370 Kubacka, Ruth 414 Kubelka, Michael 370 Kunetka, Jamie 414 Kurr, Barbara 414 Kurtz, Robert 370 Kuyendall, Charles 414 LI Laake, Mary 370 Laake, Carol 414 LaBarba, Carolyn 382 LaBaume, Jeanette 370 Labutis, Roxanne 414 Lacy, Debbie 370 Lacy, Kelly 394 Laderman, Denice 370 Ladies Volleyball 321 Ladishi, Kenneth 382 Ladner, Beth 370 Ladyjacks Basketball304-311 Ladyjacks Softball... 314-317 Ladyjacks Tennis. .. 322-325 Lady ' s Soccer 330,331 Lady ' s Track 326-329 Laine, D ' Ann 394 Lamarr, Kathy 370 Lamb, Susan 394 Lambda Chi Alpha . 222,223 Lambright, Rhonda 370 Laminack, Steve 370 Lammers, Steve 382 Landesman, Alison 382 Landrum, William 370 Lane, Connie 394 Lane, Melissa 382,445 Lange, Lauren 370 Lange, LeAnne 394 Lange, Betsey 382 Langford, John 382 Langford, Teri 370 432— Index angham, Scott 414 anglinais, Leigh 370 angthorn, Ronn 4 14 angthorp, Sharon 414 anphear. Paul 414 anier, Charles 382 anik. Ian 394 anove, Mark 414 anthorn, Ronn 394 arkin. Vicki 371 .arsen, Guy 414 .arsen, Laura Lou 394 .arson, Beverly 394 .arson, Lynne 414 .asater, Michael 382 .atimer, lames 394 aimer. Susan 415 .attmg, Elizabeth 415 .aurel, lose 415 .avender, Suzanne 394 .awless, Elizabeth 382 .awrence, Mark 394 .awrence, Tracy 382 aw son. Vicky 394 .awton, Mark 371 .ayne, Maura 415 _ayton, Bob 415 _eake, Nancy 382 _eal, Manuel 415 Leander, Lou Ann 371 .ear, Rebecca 415 .eaton, kimberly 394 .eCroix, Terri 394 Ledbetter, Brenda 394 Lee, Cina 394 Lee, lanet 382 Lee, Mary 394 Lee, Michael 394 Lee, Mike 415 Lee, Pamela 394 Leeves, lane Ann 382 Leeves, )ody 415 Legate, Laura 394 Leidy, Valarie 394 Leimback, Elizabeth 415 Lemen, Leslie 415 Lemen, Patricia 394 Lemome, Paul 394 Lemmon, Susan 382 Lenhart, Dr. David 352 Lena, Chris 37 1 Lennon, Dawn 394 Leonard, Allen 37 1 Leonard, Catherine 415 Leonard, lohn 415 Leonelli, Cheryl 415 Leonelli, Debbie 382 Leska, Ronald 415 Lesmeister, Patti 415 Lestage, Donna 37 1 Letney, Calleise 395 Leveling, Gregory 415 Levingston, Bruce 382 Lewis, Connie 415 Lewis, Dr. lack 352 Lewis, George 395 Lewis, Howard 395 Lewis, left 415 Lewis, lonathan 395 Lewis, Randy 382 Lewis, Shelly 395 Lloyd, Gary 382 Liese, Ion 415 Light, Patricia 395 Lightfoot, Robert 382 Ligon, ludith 415 Lindeman, Allen 415 Lindholm, Michael 395 Lindly, Michelle 415 Lindsey, Patricia 415 Linker, Barbara 395 Linnenberg, Elaine 371 Linthicum, Ginger 371 Lipp, Misty 382 Lipps, David 371 Lipps, William 415 Lipsey, Angie 395 Listenbarger, Karen 414 Little, Meg 382 Little, Nancy 415 Little, Sandra 415 Lo, Mary 395 Lockett, Amy 4 15 Lockhart, Michelle 371 Logan, Ashley 382 Logan, Laurie 395 Logan, Richard 415 Logan, Stephen 4 15 Lomax, Carolyn 371 Long, Allison 395 Long, lohn 415 Longman, Randy 395 Long, William 382 Loomer, Shari 371 Looney, lay 395 Looney, Dana 4 15 Loose, Cindy 382 Loper, Claudia 395,415 Lopez, lessie 415 Lopez, Terri 415 Loran, Virginia 395 Loree, Angela 415 Lorenz, Donald 362 Lorenz, Keira 362 Lona, I k hello 415 Lott, Hal 415 Lott, Kay 395 Love, Wilbert 352 Loving, Beth 415 Loving, lay 395 Lovejoy, Ann 395 Loveless, Russell 395 Lovell, Gayle 415 Low, Paula 371 Lowe, jenny 4 15 Lowery, Donna 4 15 Lowry, Doug 4 15 Lowery, Ion 415 Lowery, Ken 4 15 Lowery, Tommie 352 Lowry, Dr Gerald 352 Loyd, Kathy 415 Lubbers, Donna 382 Lucas, Kenneth 4 15 Lucas, Marc 371 Lucey, lackie 415 Lueck, Cathy 371 Lugo, |oe 415 Luke, Ben|amin 415 Luke, Cheryl 371 Lum, Mike 382 Luman, Janie 395 Lummus, Thurman 382 Lumpkins, Larry 395 Luna, Michael 4 15 Lundee, Sandra 415 Lundquest, Julie 415 Lundquist, Denise 415 Lundy, Lisa 395 Lynass, Ann 371 Lynch, Shannon 395 Lynn, Barbara 395 Lyon, Troy 395 Mm Maas, Susan 371 Macha, Greta 382 Machel, )ohn 382 Macias, Bertha 395 Mackay, Allison 415 MacLennan, Leanne 395,415 Macon, Michael 415 MacRae, Teresa 416 MacWitney, Brian 382,395 Maddux, Douglas . .382,395 Madry, Carolyn 371 Magness, Nancy 371 Mahlstedt, Stephen 371 Magee, Edward 415 Magness, Kristi 383 Magness, Tim 383 Mahaffey, David 383 Mahan, Carol 383 Mahan, Robby 383 Mallow, Peggy 383 Malone, Kathy 415 Maluski, Daniel 395 Manders, Christi 415 Manitzas, Nick 395 Mannion, Stephen 415 Manry, Mark 383 Mansfield, Melanie 395 Mansfield, Michael 371 Maraldo, Lisa 371 Marbury, Ellen 415 March, Marthann 4 15 Marek, lull 415 Marek, Pattie 371 Margita, Denise 395 Mariano, Mark 395 Mariano, Patrick 4 15 Markland, William 415 Markwirth, Andy 4 15 Marney, Kenneth 415 Marroguin, Maureen 395 Marsh, Denise 383 Marsh, let trey 371 Marshall, Mildred 383 Marshall, Russell 371 Marshall, Stephen 415 Martel, Paul 395 Martin, Clay 383 Martin, Denise 415 Martin, Qonna 362 Martin, David 362 Martin, Debbie 371 Martin, lamie 415 Martin, jane 395 Martin, Jim 415 Martin, Kathy 395 Martin, Margaret 415 Martin, Melinda 371 Martin, Melissa 415 Martin, Nancy 37 1 Martin, Russell 383 Martin, Sharon 383 Martin, Stewart 415 Martin, Wcyman 395 Martin, William 383 Martinez, Suz 416 Masepohl, Mark 362 Mashburn, jenny 395 Massey, Michelle 383 Mastel, Stacy 425 Masten, Terry 371 Masters, Beth 415 Mateika, Roger 415 Mathes, Pam 383 Matheson, Mary 415 Mathieu, Judith 371 Matt, Anna Chere 395 Mattar, Elaine 371 Matthews, Melanie 371 Matthews, Monique 416 Mattiza, Natalie 416 Mattocks, Charles, Jr 395 Mattox, Christopher 383 Maudlin, Donna 383 Mauer, Marty 371 Mauldin, Billy 362 Mauritzen, Kay 395 Maxey, Lori 416 Maxwell, Dr Robert 352 Maxwell, Karen 416 May, Karri 395 May, Mary 371 May, Mary 383 Mayes, Brenda 371 Mayfield, Suzi 371 Maynard, Anita 416 Mays Hall 190 M Adams. Otis 416 McAdams, Sharon 4 16 McAllister, Kelly 416 McAllister, Lisa 416 McAtee, Patricia 416 Mi Bride. Melissa 383 McBrien, Donna 416 McCabe, Michel 383 McCalugherty, Kim 416 McCandless, Holly 416 McCarley, Robert 416 McCarn, Keri 416 McCarty, Alice 395 McCarty, Ronald 383 McCaskey, Sanford 416 McCaskill, Jean 416 McCaslin, Ben 416 McCaughy, Natalie 4 16 McCaw, Jeff 395 McClam, Beth 395 McClain, Tracy 4 16 McClaine, Jane 4 16 McCleese, Stephen 395 McClellan, John 416 McClellan, Michael 395 McClendon, Denise 371 McClendon, Sonya 383 McClenny, Jill 371 McClure, Geralyn 371 McCorkle, Kim 371 McConnell, janice 4 16 McConnell, Tini 4 16 McCormick, Mindy 4 16 McCoy, Donald 371 McCoy, julie 4 16 McCoy, Julie 416 McCracken, Kim 395 McCree, Marilyn 416 McCroskey, Vista 383 McCullar, Susan 416 McCullough, Dr Jack . .352 McCullough, Karen 371 McCune, Doug 383 McCune, Dr. Ennis 353 McCurdy, Tamera 416 McCutcheon, Helen 383 McDaniel, Maria 416 McDevitt, Terry 371 McDonald, Blake 416 McDonald, Douglas 383 McDonald, Dr. Harry .. .353 McDonald, Kelly 416 McDonald, Lori 395 McDonald, Margaret 383 McDonald, Meagan 383 McDorman, Sarah 416 McDougal, Norma 395 McElvany, Andy 383 McElyea, Dale 416 McElyea, David 395,416 McEntire, Penny 4 16 McEver, Sunnye 416 McFadden, Mary 395 McFarland, lohn 416 McGahen, Lisa 383 McGann, Kathleen 395 McGee, Shannon 4 16 McGettigan, Suzanne 383 McGinnis, Kevin 416 McGowan, David 395 McGowan, Kent 395 McGowan, Nancy 383 McGrath, Thomas 353 McGregory, Martha 416 McKain, Debra 383 McKay, Andy 416 McKay, Gary 395 McKay, Malcolm 383 McKay, Rindy 416 Mckechnie, |on 416 McKee, Peter 416 McKee, Rickie 4 16 McKenney, Sandy 395 Mckenzie, Michelle 395 McKmney, Eric 416 McKnight, Mary Lynn. .. 371 McKnight, Teresa 383 McLamore, Warren 371 McLane, Pam 383 McLaren, Sharon 395 McLeland, Wayne 416 McLemore, Michele 416 McLemore, Varron 416 Mclung, Cheryl 395 Mclure, D ' Nese 395 Mi Mahan. Jann 371 McMahan, Linda 383 McMahon, Deeann 416 McMahon, john 416 McMmn, Trey 395 McMurtrey, Patricia 416 McNaffie, Tue 416 McNiel, John 416 McQuien, Karon 4 16 McRae, Becky 416 McSwain, Lori 416 McNeill, Rebecca 395 McNeill, Jeff 395 Meacham, Melody 416 Mead, William 416 Meador, Michael 395 Meadows, Becky 4 16 Meath, Patti 4 16 Meazell, lohn 4 16 Medley, Michael 383 Medlin, Greg.... ...395 Medlin, lennifer 395 Medonis, Elizabeth 395 Meever, Sunnye 416 Meggenberg, Stacie 4 16 Megna, Chris 4 16 Meissner, William 383 Meiske, Kimberly 395 Melton, Karen 383 Melton, Robin 395 Mendoza, Doris 383 Menz, Bruce 4 16 Mercado, Eila 372 Merchant, Curtis 4 16 Meriwether, Katherine .372 Mercer, Melanie 395 Meriwether, Ruth 372 Merrill, Stephen 4 16 Merten, Mellissa 4 16 Messer, Shelley 4 16 Metcalf, Susan 395 Metzger, Ruberta 395 Meyer, Chuck 395 Meyer, David 395 Meyer, Kathryn 395 Meyer, Kelly 4 10 Meyers, Kenneth 395 Meyer, Larry 416 Mikesta, David 383 Miley, Melanie 4 16 Millard, Mike 372 Miller, Capt. Geoffrey 353 Miller, Cindy 383 Miller, Douglas 416 Miller, Gena 4 16 Miller, lames 383 Jiller, James 396 Miller, julie 372 Miller, Karen 396 Miller, Karl 396 Miller, Lance 396 Miller, Laura 372 Miller, Lee 4 17 Miller, Lori 396 Miller, Melanie 4 17 Miller, Miriam 383 Miller, Patricia 372 Miller, Patricia 396 Miller, Rene 372 Miller, Scott 417 Miller, Scott 417 Miller, Susan 383 Miller, Susan 396 Miller, Timothy 4 17 Miller, Tina 4 17 Miller, Willie 383 Millikin, Shaynee 4 17 Mills, lames 417 Mills, Lori 417 Mills, Mark 383 Mills, Tanua 396 Mills, Terri 395 Millsap, Lisa 383 Mims, Dr Charles 353 Miner, Nancy 396 Minor, Michael 4 17 Minton, Donna 372 Mmyard, Herb 417 Miranda, Julie 417 Mirkin, Ian 417 Missionary Baptist Student Fellowship 157 Mitchell, Camela 396 Mitchell, Eula 372 Mitchell, lames 4 17 Mitchell, julie 372 Mitchell, Lauri 396 Mitchell, Leah 417 Mitchell, Leslie 396 Mitchell, Linda 396 Mitchell, Mary 417 Mitchell, Megan 417 Index — 433 Mitchell, Rennata 417 Mitchell, Tedd 396 Mitcheltree, Traci 417 Mittanck, Cindy 4 17 Mixon, )amie 417 Mobbs, Vicki 372 Mock, Steve 417 Moehnke, Deborah 417 Moehnng, Cheryl 417 Moehring, lonathan 372 Moetteli, Lisa 417 Mott, Tamara 383 Mohn, Kenneth 372 Mohn, Kenneth 383 Moke, Diana 383 Moll, Terri 417 Mollett, Casandra 417 Molloy, Patricia 417 Molone, Kay Lynn 417 Mongan, Cayle 417 Monk, Dove 383 Montalbana, Janet 3% Montgomery, Brian 396 Montgomery, Laurie 396 Montgomery, Mary 417 Montoya, Michelle 417 Moody, Paul 417 Mook, Kevin 417 Moon, Debbie 4 17 Moon, Joel 417 Moore, Beth 372 Moore, Bobbie 396 Moore, Craig 417 Moore, Darla 383 Moore, Donny 417 Moore, Jane 417 Moore, Joe 417 Moore, Katherme 383 Moore, Kathleen 417 Moore, Kenneth 417 Moore, Kevin 4 17 Moore, Lacey 417 Moore, Robert 417 Moore, Russell 396 Moore, Theresa 417 Moore, Tim 417 Morales, Arnold 383 Morales, Dawne 417 Moran, Billy 396 Moran, Tracy 4 18 Moravec, Teresa 4 18 Moresco, Karen 4 18 Morgan, Bill 383 Morgan, Carol 418 Morgan, Harvey 4 18 Morgan, Jamie 4 18 Morgan, John 418 Morgan, Kyle 4 18 Morgan, Tracy 396 Morlock, Brian 372 Morris, Donald 383 Morns, Ginger 418 Morris, Lisa 418 Morris, Robert 362 Morrison, Ann 371 Morrison, Dr William.. . 353 Morrison, Marc 4 18 Morrison, Randall 396 Morrow, Shelly 383 Mortensen, Marcie 418 Mortensen, Sharon 383 Morton, Bryan 418 Morton, Kimberly 383 Mosby, Kathy 396 Mosconi, Louis 372 Moseley, Mandy 418 Mosely, MeLean 383 Moser, Anita 383 Moser, Barry 372 Moser, Joan 418 Moser, Julie 418 Moses, Dr James 353 Moses, Dr. Morgan 353 Mosier, Karen 418 Mosley, Melissa 372 Moss, Rusty 383 Motley, Brenda 383 Mott, Lisa 418 Moulton, Kathleen 418 Mowell, Douglas 418 Mozisek, Melissa 4 18 Mr and Mrs. SFA ...260,261 Muchmore, Kimberly 418 Muckleroy, Sheila 372 Mueller, Janice 4 18 Mueller, Jayna 383 Mueller, Paul 396 Mueller, Sharon 383 Muir, James 383 Mulanay, Virgil 396 Mullen, Thomas 418 Muller, Steve 396 Muller, Steve 396 Muller, Tara 418 Mullikin, Shaynee 383 Mullms, Donald 418 Murdock, Dr. Wayne ...353 Murphy, Deborah 372 Murphy, Felicia 4 18 Murphy, Robert 372 Murray, Marilea 372 Murray, Melanie 418 Mrray, Terry 383 Muskipf, Morgan 4 18 Musquiz, Richard 396 Myers, Dianna 383 Myers, Kriss 396 Myers, Kristie 4 18 Myers, Mark 396 Myers, Nanette 383 Myrick, Pam 372 Nn Nabonne, Lisa 4 18 Nado, Kathy 372 Salts. Gilbert 372 Nagle, Barbara 383 Naistat, Dr. Samuel 353 Nallie, Keily 418 Naqum, David 4 18 Naqum, Yavonne 372 Naredo, David 418 Narmour, Michael 372 Nash, Nelson 396 Nassar, Gregory 372 Nation, Laura 4 18 National Collegiate Association tor Secretaries 144 Nations, Bailey 353 Nations, Susie 418 Naugle, Jim 396 Naugle, Kimberly 4 18 Needham, Anne 383 Needham, Carrie 418 Neel, Janet 372 Neel, Joe 353 Neeley, Allison 383 Neff, Alice 418 Neff, David 383 Neff, Shanna 418 Nelson, Carolyn 418 Nelson, Dr. Jack 353 Nelson, Susan 383 Nester, Melanie 396 Netek, Gerard 383 Neuszer, Lori Ann 383 Nevins, Traci 418 New, Stephen 418 Newby, Janis 418 Newell, Amy 372 Newell, Clair 418 Newell, Sara 383 New Harvest Concerts 1 54 Newman, Beverly 418 Newman, Jamie 418 Newman, Shannon 383 Newsham, Barbara 418 Newsom, Donna 396 Newton, Deborah 418 Neystel, Melina 418 Nickey, Larry 372 Nichols, Kimberly 418 Nichols, Lynn 384 Nichols, Lynette 384 Nichols, Paula 418 Nicholson, Jan 384 Nicks, Jerry 362 Nicolaysen, Daniel 418 Nicolaysen, Karen 396 Niemann, Jennifer 373 Niemann, Judith 372 Nissen, Norman 418 Nix, Holly 418 Nix, Joseph 384 Nix, Milt 418 Mix, Sheila 372 Nixon, Dr. Elray 353 Nixon, Drew 372 Nobora, Tracey 418 Nolan, Diane 384 Noncaeher, Kim 418 Nooleen, Erik 418 Norman, David 396 Norns, Carol 384 Norris, Mary Kay 418 Northern, Nancy 396 Northcutt, Scott 418 North Hall 193 Norwood, Kim 418 Norwood, Todd 418 Novak, Cheryl 418 Novak, Joyce 396 Novak, Jyll 418 Novak, Tracy 396 Nowlin, Becky 397 Nucci, Steve 418 Nuckels, Andrea 418 Nugent, Connie 418 Null, Mary 397 Nutley, Cecilia 418 Oo Oates, Alexis 384 Oates, John 384 Oates, Randall 418 O ' Bannon, Barbie 418 O ' Bannon, Carol 384 O ' Bannon, Robert 418 O ' Braitis, Bill 418 O ' Brien, Sean 418 O ' Bryan, Jenny 397 Ocker, Linda 418 O ' Connor, Terrance 4 18 Oden, Catherine 384 Odon, Laurie 397 Odum, Donna 418 Oeschler, Martin 418 O ' Farrell, Les 372 Offenhauser, Lynette 418 Ogden, Brenda 418 Ogilvie, Thomas 419 Ogletree, Kay 419 Ogletree, Mark 419 Ohlemacher, Lorna 372 Ohman, Julie 419 O ' Leary, Michelle 419 Oldfield, Craig 384 Olivarez, Mike 419 Oliver, Cynthia 384 Oliver, Michael 397 Olson, Berry 419 Olson, Ellen 419 Olson, Patricia 419 Olivarez, Michael 419 OMalley, Bob 419 O ' Neal, Diane 419 O ' Neal, Dianee 397 O ' Neil, James 384 O ' Neal, Rebecca 397 O ' Neil, Susan 372 O ' Neal, Sandra 4 19 O ' Neal, Scott 419 Onoerdonk, Cleryl 419 Onofno, Vicky 372 Oramous, Cathy 419 Ordemann, James 372 O ' Rourke, Claudia 372 Orr, Darby 397 Ortega, John 419 Ortiz, Josie 384 Osanne, Phil 384 Osburn, Nancy 419 Osterloh, Judy 419 Ostroot, Beth 419 O ' Toole, Kevin 419 Outdoor Recreation Committee 186 Ouzts, Karen 397 Overall, Leah 397 Overstreet, Morris 397 Overton, Kelly 397 Owen, Terry 419 Owings, Brad 384 P P Pace, Jeffrey 419 Page, David 419 Palla, Emmalee 384 Palmer, Edwinna 353 Palmer, Emily 419 Palmer, Kelly 362 Palmour, Stephen 397 Panhellenic Council .200,201 Panuganti, Rao 362 Paolini, Guy 372 Pappe, Cathy 397 Parham, Sandra 419 Parish, Patricia 397 Parker, Allison 419 Parker, Jeanett 397 Parker, John 419 Parker, Laura 419 Parker, Nella 384 Parker, Rosemary 419 Parker, Sally 419 Parkes, Mary 372 Parks, Catherine 419 Parks, Donald 372 Parnell, Leila 372 Parpart, Kimberly 384 Parr, Debby 397 Partin, Phillip 372 Pate, Kellie 419 Pate, Scott 384 Patin, Betty 353 Patrick, Debra 373 Patrick, Melissa 419 Patrick, Shannon 419 Patrick, Shannon 419 Patterson, Angelia 419 Patterson, Clark 419 Patterson, Denis 397 Patterson, Jeffery 373 Patterson, Karen 397 Patterson, Kelly 419 Patterson, Russell 397 Patterson, Tanya 397 Patterson, Terri 419 Pattigrew, Marilyn 373 Pattillo, Paul 419 Patton, Chris 397 Patton, Chris 419 Paul, Robin 384 Paulsen, Stacey 419 Paup, Marilyn 397 Pavitt, Sarah 419 Payne, Kimberly 419 Paynter, Susan 354 Peachey, Susan 397 Peacock, Charlene 362 Peacock, Leslye 384 Pearce, Lori 384 Pearce, Matson 419 Pearce, Richard 419 Pearce, Susan 397 Pearl, Davina 397 Pearson, Janet 419 Pearson, John 419 Peavy, Mike 419 Pecena, Thomas 397 Peck, Carolyn 384 Peddy, Term 419 Pederson, Cindy 397 Pederson, Cindy 419 Pederson, Ellen 419 Pederson, Joy 397 Pederson, Mark 419 Pedigo, Kathleen 384 Peery, Jessica 419 Peil, Beth 397 Peil, Carla-Maria 419 Peltier, Janet 419 Pelton, William 397 Penn, Donna 384 Penn, Sandra 373 Pennington, Cindy 373 Pennington, Jen 384 Pennington, Leslie 419 Penton, Amanda 419 Pepper, Marsha 419 Perel, Joseph 419 Performing Arts Committee 187 Perkey, Vicki 419 Perkins, Montene 419 Perkins Sue 354 Perkins, William 384 Perlow, Mitchell 419 Perrm, Beverly 419 Perry, David 419 Perry, Keith 397 Perucca, Paula 373 Peters, Alicia 384 Peters, Deani 419 Peters, Lauire 384 Peters, Shannon 419 Petersen, Gaye 384 Petersen, Monte 397 Petersen, Sherry 384 Peterson, David 419 Peterson, Diana 373 Peterson, Leslie 397 Peterson, Sandra 419 Petree, Corey 419 Petri, Joseph 419 Petty, Dr. David 354 Pevehouse, Rusty 373 Pfaff, Bruce 419 Pfafman, Cheryl Lynn.. . 397 Phelan, Kathleen 419 Phi Alpha Kappa 125 Phi Chi Theta 143 Phi Delta Theta 224,225 Philbrook, Andrea 397 Phillips, Johnny 397 Phillips, Laura 384 Phillips, Renee 419 Phi Theta Kappa 129 Phi Upsilon Omicron 128 Photographers 442,443 Pickles, Lisa 419 Pickering, Paula 419 Pickett, Stacy 384 Pickrell, William 362 Pier, Kathi 384 Pierce, Brian 373 Pierce, Danny 397 Pierce, Janet 397 Pierce, Kim 419 Pierce, Marianne 397 Pi Kappa Alpha 226,227 Pi Mu Epsilon 128 Pine Log ... 176,177,178,179 Pittman, Darla 420 Pitts, Dawne 420 Placker, Regina 397 Plank, Sharon 420 Plankey, Trey 420 Plassmann, Joan 397 Pleasant, Paul 397 Plumbley, Karen 397 Plummer, Valerie 397 Poche, Leo 420 Poetz, Michael 420 Poffenbarger, Betty 420 Poindexter, Ann 384 Pokorny, Ellen 373 Pokorny, Sally 373 Poland, Hugh 420 Politz, Sharon 420 Pollard, Mary 397 Poole, Barbara 420 Popp, Joy 397 Popp, William 420 Porter, Dr. William 354 Porter, Mark 384 Porter, Sally 373 Porter, Sherri 397 Portilla, Lillianne 420 Post, Dina 420 Post, Jamie 373 Poston, Leah 397 434 — Index Potter, Mary 397 Potts, Lisa 384 Potrykos, Steve 420 Potter, Tina 420 Powdrill, Sherri 397,447 Powell, Branda 373 Powell, Charles 420 Powell, Donna 397 Powell, Rebecca 420 Power, Cherry 420 Powers, Brenda 420 Powers, lamie 420 Powers, )ohn 420 Powers, Susan 420 Pownall, (effrey 420 Prelaw Club 146 Presley, Rhonda 420 Presnall, Billy 420 Pressman, Sheri 420 Preston, lohn 373 Price, Carolyn 354 Price, Charles 373 Price, Christian 397 Price, David 397 Price, Doug 397 Price, Kathryn 420 Price, Patty 397 Primm, Steven 397 Prince, Jeff 397 Prince, Raymond 397 Prince, Rusty 420 Pritchett, Wayne 420 Proctor, Dr. Clarke 354 Professional Chemistry Society 140 Propes, Richard 420 Prosperie, Dorothea 420 Pruitt, Dwayne 420 Pryor, Dr Mildred 354 Public Relations Committee 187 Puckett, jim Bob 373 Pugh, Sarah 420 Pulliam, Cindy 420 Pulliam, Melanie 420 Pursche, Jesse 373 Pyle, Cheryl 420 Qq Quaid, Robin 420 Quass, Nancy 420 Quinn, Brenda 397 Qyinn, Carol 420 Rr Rab, Robbie 420 Racquetball Club 196 Radven, Susan 420 Ragusa, Mark 420 Raine, David 397 Rains, Tracy 420 Rainwater, Dr. Fred 354 Rainwater, Greg 397 Ralls, Kim 397 Ralston, Clinton 385 Ramos, Kim 385 Ramsey, Liz 385 Ramsey, Dr. Robert 354 Ramzy, Laurie 373 Randall, Mischelle 397 Randle, Christina 420 Randolph, Michael 385 Ranes, Randa 397 Ransom, Lori 420 Rape, Carolyn 373 Rasmussen, Sherri 420 Rasmussen, Susan 373 Ratley, Kim 420 Rausaw, Marva 385 Rausaw, Melvin 397 Ray, Anne 373 Ray, Pamela 420 Ray, Sandra 385 Ray, Scarlett 420 Rayner, Harry 420 Reat, Vickie 363 Reavis, Steven 385 Reb, lulie 373 Record, Edith 420 Redus Kitty 420 Reece, Wade 420 Reed, Micke 420 Reed, Thomas 373 Reeder, Margaret 397 Reedy, Michael 420 Reedy, Suzanne 385 Reep, Mary 420 Rees, Robert 420 Reese, Bill 420 Reese, Dr. lames 354 Reeves, Lisa 397,446 Reeves, Dr. Herschel 354 Reeves, Rochell 420 Reeves, Shawn 397 Regan, Therese 420 Teichert, Wynn 373 Reifel, Stefanie 420 Relyea, Greg 397 Rempel, Benjamin 420 Reneau, Terri 373 Renfro, Pam 385 Reno, Rhonica 420 Renshaw, John 373 Repass, Patti 420 Residence Hall Association 197 Revoir, Annette 397 Reynolds, Amy 420 Reynolds, Bailey 397 Reynolds, Darlene 373 Reynolds, lanet 420 Reynolds, Linda 373 Reynolds, Mona 397 Reynolds, Philip 385 Reynolds, Randy 374 Reysa, Julie 397 Rhodes, Kris 420 Rholes, Rhonda 420 Riasseto, Vicki 420 Rice, Ray 374 Rich, Elizabeth 420 Rich, Karen 385 Richard, Kyra 420 Richard, Pamela 397 Richard, Rachel 420 Richards, Jamie 397 Richard, Kelley 385 Richards, Mary Beth 385 Richardson, Carol 420 Richardson, Chris 420 Richardson, Lisa 397 Richardson, Liz 420 Richardson, Lora 420 Richardson, Lou Ann 385 Richardson, Michaelle....374 Richie, Colleen 397 Richman, Dr. Allen 354 Richmond, Brian 397 Richter, Cheryl 420 Richter, Jennifer 420 Rickenbrode, Connie 397 Riddle, Karen 397 Riggins, Shirley 420 Riggs, Bryan 420 Riggs, Capt. Richard 354 Riggs, Marianne 421 Riggs, Rebecca 421 Rogsby, Mark 421 Riley, Barney 374 Riley, Charlotte 374 Riley, Colin 421 Riley, Grant 421 Riney, Brian 421 Riovira, Celia 421 Ritch, Juliana 374 Ritch, Karen 398 Ritchie, Brenda 385 Rives, James 398 Roach, Dr. Michael 354 Roach, Sherry 421 Roark, George 374 Robbins, Craig 385 Robbins, Craig 398 Robbins, Jerry 421 Robbins, Kathryn 374 Roberson, Cindy 421 Roberson, Lesley 421 Roberts, Amanda 421 Roberts, Carol 421 Roberts, Charlie 421 Roberts, Mike 374 Roberts, Randy 421 Robertson, Dr. Walter . 354 Robertsor,, Julie 421 Robertson, Kelly 398 Robertson, Linda 421 Robertson, Tracy 398 Robinette, Brenda 421 Robinson, Deborah 398 Robinson, Elinor 374 Robinson, Jerri 374 Robinson, Kelli 398 Robinson, Kevin 421 Robinson, Laurie 421,445 Robinson, Lynne 421 Robinson, Rhonda 374 Robinson, Ronna 374 Robinson, Tommy 421 Roden, Leigh 42 1 Rodeo Club 180,181 Rodger, Connie 384 Rodger, Ronnie 421 Rodgers, Catherine 384 Rodgers, Christie 385 Rodopoulos, John 421 Rodnquez, Anne 398 Rodriquez, Connie 374 Rodnquez, Kathy 374 Rodriquez, Michael 385 Rodriquez, William 421 Roese, John 374 Rogers, Ann 421 Rogers, Chris 398 Rogers, James 398 Rogers, John 398 Rogers, Lee Ann 374 Rogers, Linda 385 Rogers, Neal 385 Rogers, Stefanie 421 Rogers, Suzanne 398 Rogers, Suzette 421 Rojas, Shawn 421 Roland, Dana 385 Rollins, Debra 398 Rollins, Marjorie 421 Rolston, Diana 374 Ronek, Dina 398 Ronquille, Dash 385 Rooks, Alicia 385 Rosa, Sheryl 385 Rosa, Theresa 42 1 Rose, Greg 421 Rose, Steven 374 Rosenbaum, James 374 Rosecrans, Beth 385 Rosema, Dan 385 Ross, Dr. Frank 355 Ross, Julie 421 Ross, Lisa 398 Rossato, Rob 398 Rosser, James .421 Rousseau, Lee 398 Rowden, Carol 398 Rowe, Carla 385 Rowe, Kathy 421 Rowe, Renee 421 Rowland, Dave 421 Rowland, Vicki 398 Roy, Amy 385 Roynolds, Stacey 421 Royster, Rhonda 374 Rozell, Robin 398 Rubeck, Janet 374 Ruby, Denise 385 Rucker, Dr. Margaret ...355 Rudd, Connie 421 Rudd, Donavan 398 Rudd, Susan 421 Ruddy, Elizabeth 421 Rudisill, Jean 355 Rugby Football Club 168, 169 Ruiz, Jorge 421 Rump, Michael 374 Rushing, Todd 421 Rushlow, Lori 421 Rusnak, Sandi 385 Russak, Ronald 398 Russell, Dr. Dwane 355 Russell, Homer 355 Russell, Paige 421 Russell, Sally 374 Ruth, Dana 421 Rutledge, Cormthia 422 Ryan, Lisa 385 Ryan, Susan 374 Rydman, Carolyn 422 Ryser, J.R 398 Ss Sabec, Susan 422 Sabo, Donald 385 Sadler, Lisa 398 Saenz, Richardo 422 Safely, Charles 398 Sagerty, Kimberly 422 Samad, Sandra 422 Samford, Gregg 363 Samford, Van 355 Sampler, William 422 Sanchez, Steve 422 Sandoral, Donald 374 Sander, Gregory 422 Sander, Ray 422 Sanford, Gregg 422 Sanford, Pam 422 Sanner, Cindy 374 Sansarieg, Dominique ... 422 Sansone, Ann 398 Santanell, Catherine 363 Santiago, Susan 422 Sanzone, Stephanie 374 Sapp, Linda 422 Sartin, Dr. Austin 355 Sarver, Janice 422 Saunders, Sebra 422 Savage, Diane 422 Sarell, Kathy 374 Sawyer, Phil 382 Saye, Charles 363 Scales, Steve 398 Scarbrough, Debbie 385 Scarborough, Deborah 374 Schaefer, Ken 422 Schafer, Kimberly 398 Scatter, Sharlyn 422 Schatz, Diane 398 Scheffer, David 398 Scheffer, Tamera 422 Scheider, John 398 Schelle, Jacqueline 422 Schick, Diane 422 Schill, Rob 385 Schilling, Donna 374 Schlauch, David 422 Schmid, lull 398 Schmidt, Alvis 398 Schmidt, Sherry 374 Schmidt, William 363 Schmitz, Teresa 422 Schneider, Debby 398 Schneider, James 398 Schneider, Shannon 422 Schnell, Jeff 422 Schnell, Kari 385 Schniepp, Eric 422 Schoenecker, Sheri 422 Schoenewolf, Dr. Carroll 355 Schoenster, Sally 385 Schoolfield, Richard 422 Schopmeyer, Douglas. ...422 Schorr, Karen 385 Schorr, Leslie 385 Schrader, Sherri 422 Schreiber, Cindy ..! 398 Schreiber, Jo 385 Schroeder, Jimmy 374 Schroeder, Margaret 374 Schroeder, Theresa 422 Schubert, Kim 422 Schultz, Jay 355 Schultz, Kathy 398 Schultz, Laurie 422 Schultz, Lisa 374 Schultz, Mark 374 Schultz, Susan 422 Schumacher, Kathy 422 Schurlock, Carol 398 Schutt, Holly 374 Schutt, Mike 398 Schwalback, Paula 422 Schwartz, Sue 422 Schwarz, Tracy 398 Schweers, Sara 422 Schwing, James 422 Schwing, Sharoh 385 Sciples, Stace 374 Scott, Brian 422 Scott, Deanna 398 Scott, Kevin 374 Scott, Laurie 374 Scott, Rickey 398 Scott, Susan 422 Scott, Susan 374 Scott, William 422 Scnbner, Steven 398 Scroggms, Don 385 Sculley, Suzanne 385 Scully, Patricia 422 Seal, Debra 398 Sealy, Brenda 422 Seaman, Kathy 422 Searles Stephen 398 Sears, Susan 422 Seaton, Laura 398 Sedberry, Michelle 422 Seeger, Glorese 385 Seekatz, Ted 422 Seeling, Heather 422 Seeley, Lynda 422 Seibert, Denise 422 Seifert, Lawrence 398 Seitzinger, Sharon 398 Sells, Byron 398 Sensabaugh, Libby 422 Sensabaugh, Wesley 422 Serrano, Joseph 398 Sessions, Vivian 385 Settles, Larry 422 Sewell, Kenni 385 Sewell, Michael 374 Shaffer, Nancy 355 Shands, Gena 398 Shanklin, James 398 Shanklin, Julie 422 Shannon, David 422 Shannon, lulie 422 Sharp, Patricia 355 Shaw, Erin 385 Shaw, John 398 Shaw, Kathy 385 Shaw, Kimberlee 385 Shaw, Rhonda 422 Sheara, Donna 374 Sheets, Dena 385,398 Sheets, Mary 374 Sheilds, Harold 374 Shellhorn, Dana 422 Shepard, Jane 355 Sheperd, Andrell 422 Shepherd, Mary Jo 422 Sheppard, Beth 422 Sheppard, Ken 422 Sherron, Mark 422 Shiller, Alan 422 Shipp, Karen 422 Shipp, Wayne 422 Shockley, I ana 422 Shoemaker, Scott 422 Short, Lori 422 Shows, Dr David 355 Shrout, Wallace 422 Shupe, Martin 385 Suttee, John 374 Shyey, Debbie 422 Sieber, Clara 398 Seibert, John 422 Sigma Chi 228-229 Sigma Delta Chi 146 Sigma Gamma Epsilon ...133 Sigma Kappa 230 Sigma Phi Epsilon 231 Index — 435 Sigma Pi Sigma 131 Sigma Tau Gamma 232-233 Silmon, Patricia 375 Silvek, lodi 422 Silvestri, Lisa 398 Simmons, Craig 422 Simmons, Donna 385 Simmons, Laura 398 Simmons, Luanda 422 Simmons, Marilyn 385 Simmons, Terry 423 Simms, Coy 423 Simon, Wade 423 Simonds, Walter 355 Simonetta, Deborah 423 Simpkins, Kimberly 423 Simpson, Teresa 398 Sims, Donna 375 Smgel, Jennifer 385 Singer, Kathy 423 Singer, Virginia 423 Sintek, Lisa 423 Sisson, Pamela 375 Sitton, Ronald 355 Sitton, Sam 375 Sitz, Cynthia 423 Skewes, Marian 398 Slagle, Beverly 385 Slagle, Dr. Wayne 355 Slaton, Ward 423 Slayden, lames 423 Skoan, Gary 385 Sloan, King 398 Sloan, Larry 423 Sloan, Suzanne 423 Slocum, Tenley 423 Slough, Michael 385 Smelley, lames 375 Smiley, Carol 385 Smiley, Shen 423 Smith, Bryan 423 Smith, Caren 423 Smith, Carlton 423 Smith, Cassandra 385 Smith, David 385 Smith, Delaine 398 Smith, Dr. Frank 385 Smith, Dennise 385 Smith, Dr Sammie 356 Smith, Dr. Weldon 356 Smith, Elizabeth 375 Smith, Eric ...398 Smith, Cina 423 Smith, Gwen 398 Smith, Harmon 423 Smith, lames 385 Smith, lanet 375 Smith, leannell 375 Smith, Jeff 398 Smith, lenniter 385 Smith, |oe 423 Smith, lohn 385 Smith, jodi 423 Smith, loseph 398 Smith, Joy 385 Smith, |udy 423 Smith, |ulie 423 Smith, Julie 375 Smith, Karen 423 Smith, Kathleen 423 Smith, Kelly 398 Smith, Kimberly 385 Smith, Kimberly 423 Smith, Kurt 398 Smith, Linda 423 Smith, Lori 423 Smith, Melissa 423 Smith, Melody 398 Smith, Michael 423 Smith, Michael 423 Smith, Michael 375 Smith, Renee 385 Smith, Rhonda 385 Smith, Robin 423 Smith, Ronald 423 Smith, Sabra 423 Smith, Sandra 375 Smith, Sherri 423 Smith, Stacey 423 Smith, Steve 385 Smith, Steve 423 Smith, Terri 375 Smith. Yvonne 423 Smithhart, Bo 385 Snead, Vicki 398 Snellmgs, Clifton 423 Snipp, Ashley 423 Snook, Pamela 423 Snow, Karen 375 Snyder, lohn 423 Soccer 298,299 Society of Physics Students 134,135 Solberg, lohn 423 Solberg, Susan 385 Solomon, Ann 423 Solomon, Dr Lynnette 356 Solmonson, Mary 398 Sonnier, Michael 375 Sorian, Eddie 398 Sorrells, Laura 423 Sorsby, Carla 385 Sopher, Steven 398 South Hall 193 South, Rebekah 423 Sowden, Karen 423 Sowell, leannie 375 Sowers, Stanley 385 Spangenberge, Brenda .423 Spanish Club 174 Sparks, Curtis 398 Sparks, Ron 398 Spears, Deborah 398 Spears, lohn 423 Speech and Hearing Club 150 Speer, Simone 398,423 Speer, Steve 423 Speier, Lori 398 Spencer, Gregory 363 Spencer, Shen 385 Sperduti, Nancy 423 Spidle, Carolyn 398 Spinds, lohnny 423 Spmks, Chuck 423 Spmks, Mark 398 Spitzack, Cindy 398 Spivey, Larry 375 Sponheimer, Lori 423 Spraque, Lanette 375 Spreadbury, Dr Connie 356 Spreadbury, Dr Wendall 356 Springer, Pamela 385 Spurlock, Sherry 385 Spurrier, Dr lack 356 St. Romain, Ken 421 Stacey, Patrick 423 Stadtlander, D eborah . 399 Stahl, Sharyl 423 Stahl, Susan 423 Stakes, Carla 423 Stallmgs, lanet 399 Stallworth, limmy 423 Stamey, Susan 398 Standifer, Herbert 385 Standley, Dr. lames 356 Standiand, Eddie 385 Stanford, Paul 375 Stanley, Donna 399 Stanley, Sherry 423 Stapleton, Walter 385 Stapelton, Walter 385 Stardig, Todd 423 Starenko, David 423 Stark, Charlie 423 Starr, David 375 Starr, |oe 375 Starr, Linda 423 Starr, Virginia 375 Stasney, Anne 386 Stazo, Steve 399 St. Clair, lohn 399 St. Dennis, Lisa 423 Steadman 399 Steele, lay 399 Steen Hall 194,195 Steakley, Roger 423 Steid, Theresa 423 Steiger, Peter 423 Stephenson, Diana 375 Stephens, Donnya 356 Stephens, Kirk 375 Stephenson, Lisa 399 Stephens, Terrye 386 Sterken, Robert 423 Stevenson, Robert 386 Stewart, Brenda 423 Stewart, Dr Dudley 356 Stewart, Hal 423 Stewart, (ill 423 Stewart, Lee 423 Stewart, Leonard 423 Stewart, Mark 423 Stewart, Norman 423 Stewart, Tina 399 Stewart, Phillip 386 Stewart, Steve 424 Stewart, Susan 399 Stielow, Susan 424 Stiff, |o Ann 424 Stiles, Susan 386 Still, Jr. Joseph 363 Stivers, Mark 386 Stivers, Stacye 423 Stollmack, Harry 399 Stolusky, Julie 386,399 Stone, Kevin 386 Stone, Kim 386 Stone, Michele 424 Stone, Paul 424 Stone Fort Staff 444,445, 446,447 Stopschinski, Elizabeth 424 Stout, Rebecca 424 Stovall, Bill 424 Stovall, Leah 386 Stovek, Lisa 399 Stowe, Caroline 424 Straiton, Melanie 424 Strand, lames 386 STRAPS 147 Strenger, (ill 424 Strickland, Suzanne 399 Stripling, Kathy 399 Strode, Regma 399 Strong, Sara 375 Strother, Randa 386 Strovhal, Gina 424 Stubblefield, Shelly 424 Stubbs, Bruce 375 Student Chapter of Society of American Foresters 145 Student Government Association 175 Student Handicapped Association 174 Student Service 341 Sturrock, Natalie 386 Stutler, Gwen 424 Squyres, Carol 385 Squyres, lohn 385 Suhr, Kerri 424 Sullivan, Casey 424 Sullivan, Lavera 375 Sullivan, Michael 424 Surface, Kert 424 Surnson, Lawrence 424 Surratt, Renee 399 Surratt, Sarah 424 Sutton, Kathy 375 Sutton, Laura 363 Sutton, Lauree 386 Swaim, Margo 424 Swaim, Sherry 424 Swan, David 399 Swanson, Wendy 375 Swavel, Laura 424 Swearengen, Charlene 399 Sweeten, Yvonne 375 Swiedom, Kathy 424 Swingin ' Axes 120 Swor, Donna 399 Sylvans 172 Synder, lames 356 Syptak, Shelley 424 Szaboo, Marian 424 Tt Tabb, Mike 386 Taff, Michael 399 Talac, Laurie 399 Talbert, Grace 399 Talley, Phillip 399 Tallmadge, Julia 399 Talpt, Lesli 424 Tanner, Kathie 424 Tappe, Phillip 375 Tarlton, Terrilyni 424 Tarrant, Susan 399 Tate, Tonald 399 Tate, Tammy 424 Tatro, Kathy 424 Tatum, Steve 386 Tau Beta Sigma 171 Tau Kappa Epsilon 234-235 Taylor, Allen 424 Taylor, Brett 424 Taylor, Cindy 424 Taylor, Deborah 386 Taylor, Elizabeth 424 Taylor, Gina 386 Taylor, (ill 386 Taylor, losephme 424 Taylor, Kenneth 375 Taylor, Lisa 399 Taylor, Peter 386 Taylor, Robert 424 Tayne, Robert 424 Teel, Loraine 399 Temple, Amy 386 Templeton, Rexanne 375 Tenney, David 424 Tenney, Lisa 399 Tennis 288,289,290,291 Tepera, Pamela 424 Terlingeo, Kimberly 399 Thacker, Julie 424 Thames, Jimmy 424 Theodore, Tracie 386 Theobald, Marc Theta Chi 236,237 Thibaut, Howard 386 Thies, Marie 375 Thigpen, Teresa 424 Thomas, Christopher 424 Thomas, Craig 375 Thomas, Dwight 424 Thomas, lames 399 Thomas, Ion 375 Thomas, Keith 424 Thomas, Marcie 423,425 Thomas, Mary Ann 399 Thomas, Peter 425 Thomas, Scott 399 Thomas, Sharon 386 Thome, Michael 425 Thompson, Carole 399 Thompson, David 386 Thompson, lohn 425 Thompson, lohn 425 Thompson, lull 399 Thompson, Lisa 425 Thompson, Teresa 356 Thorn, Leonard 399 Thorn, Patricia 399 Thorne, (ennifer 375 Thorne, Lawrence 399 Thornton, Cindy 425 Thornton, Rebecca 386 Thornton, Martha 386 Thorsen, Steve 375 Thrash, Jim 386 Thuman, Dan 425 Tichenor, Susan 375 Tidmore, Sheri 425 Tidwell, Deborah 425 Tidwell, lanice 399 Tiedt, Barry 386 Tierney, Elizabeth 425 Tiller, Rick 399 Timmer, Mary 399 Timmons, Terri 425 Timson, Elizabeth 425 Tmsley, Dr. Dillard 356 Ti ppit, Cheryl 424 Tipps, Mary 425 Todd, Steve 399 Tolbert, Jerell 425 Toller, Michele 425 Tolson, Stephanie 386 Tolson, Stephanie 386 Tolson, Tracey 399 Tomason, Lisa 425 Tomlinson, Robert 399 Toops, Michael 425 Torres, Cindy 425 Torres, Mario 425 Touchstone, Marion 386 Tovar, Amanda 375 Towns, Dr |im 356 Townsend, Michele 425 Men ' s Track. ...292, 293, 294, 295 Tracey II, Troy 386 Trafton, Terri 375 Trammell, Leah 425 Tran, Christine 399 Tran, Huy 399 Transier, Rhonda 425 Trapp, Steve 425 Travel Committee 183 Travis, Tim 425 Tavis Jr., Narrie 386 Travis, Toby 375 Traylor, Jon 425 Treadaway, Mildred 399 Treadwell, Richard 425 Triana, Brenda 425 Trice, Danna 425 Tri-C ' s 133 Trimble, Melanie 399 Trimble, Vicki 386 Triola, Joanne 425 Tnppel, Kim 386 Trippett, James 398 Troegel, Paul 425 Trott, Michele 425 Trotter, Donna 425 Truemper, Mark 425 Truett, Stephen 386 Truett, Stephen 425 Trull, Amy 399 Trussell, Wendy 399 Truesdell, Victoria 375 Truxillo, Niki 399,425 Tubbs, Alicia 386 Tuck, Kenneth 399 Tuck, Robert 425 Tucker, Kaye 375 Tunnell, Terri 475 Tullos, Charlotte 425 Tullos, Maris 380 Turano, Elizabeth 425 Torbeville, Sharon 399 Turnbow, Laneta 425 Turner, Jeff 425 Turner, Kelley 425 Turner, Patricia 399 Turner, Sharon 399 Turner, Sherri 425 Turner, Tammie 375 Turney, Wayne 399 Turnham, Cheryl 375 Tyler, Allan 425 Tyler, Bruce 425 Tyler, Keith 399 Tyler, Keith 386 Uu Uecker, David 399 Uecker, Theresa 425 Ummel, Robyn 425 Underbill. Virginia 425 Underwood, Patrick 386 Upshaw, Anthony 425 Urban, Melissa 425 Urick, Peggy 425 Useary, Connie 425 Useary, Karen 399 Useary, Melinda 375 Uselton, Jan 399 436 — Index Uselton. Janet 425 Vv Vachon, tills 376 Vacker, Scott 399 Vacula, Cassey 425 Val. Cina 425 Val. Nina 439 Valicek, Diane 425 Valles, Veronica 425 Vallone, Mike 425 Van. Timothy 386 Van Alstine. Landa 425 Van Camp. Vicki 425 Vance, Tim 386 Vanderave, Holly 425 Vanderlugt. Roelof 425 Vandervoort, Dara 399 Van Dusen, David 386 Van Dyke, Jennie 399 Vanek, Cwen 376 Vanmarel, laylynn 386 Van Meter, David 376 Vann, Gary 376 Vann, Kelly 425 Vannatta, Kim 425 Van Til, Robert 399 Van Winkle, Melody 425 Vargo, Vanita 399 Varner, Brenda 276 Varner, Helen 363 Varner. Richard 425 Varriale. Anne 425 Vastme, Pam 386 Vaughn. Melmda 376 Veenker, leff 425 Vela, Manuel 425 Venable. Cay 386 Verner, Deborah 399 Verzmski, Anna 386 Vesel. Sherry 425 Vesely, Laura Lee 425 Veth. lohn 399 Vaille, Chen 399 Vice Presidents 338,339 Vickery, Richard 425 Vincent, Teresa 425 Vinson, Jackie 386 Vmzant, Suzanne 386 Vo, Hahn 376 Vogel, Michelle 425 Vogt, Pamela 425 Voigtel, Dr Richard 356 Vojtek, Sherry 386 Voipe. Maria 425 Volpe. Maria 425 Von Holten, Kelly 425 Vondracek, Richard 399 Von Sehrwald, Olaf 386 Vrla, Kelli 386 Ww Wachter, Timothy 387 Waddell. Hunt 376 Waddell, Linda 399 Waddell, William 425 Waddle, Shelly 425 Wade, Kevin 426 Wafer, William 426 Wages, Staff Sgt Sammy 357 Wagner, Janme 399 Wagner, Tammy 426 Wagner. Terri 386 Waggoner, Laure 426 Wake, Cheri 399 Waldrop, Susan 426 Walker, Cynthia 376 Walker, David 386 Walker, Donna 386 Walker, Donna 426 Walker, Donna 400 Walker, Hope 426 Walker, Kathy 426 Walker, Lon 426 Walker. Norma 400 Walker, Polly 386 Walker, Sander 426 Walker, Scott 426 Walker, William 426 Wall, Lelie 386 Walker, Carla 400 Wallace, Cindy 426 Walker, tori 426 Wallen. C.ndi 386 Waller, Drenda 426 Waller, Leslie 426 Walling, Jonathan 426 Walsh, Dennis 386 Walsh, Kathleen 426 Walsmgham, Steven 386 Walter, lames 376 Walter, leff 386 Walters, Freddy 426 Walters, James 376 Walthall. Dan 376 Wanner, Carmen 376 Ward, lohn 363 Ward, Lisa 426 Ward, Randy 376 Ward, Russell 426 Wardlaw, lames 426 Wardlow, Greg 426 Warner, Diana 426 Warr, left 386 Warren, Julie 376 Warren, Laura 426 Warren, Margo 426 Warren, Mark - 426 Wash, Randall 426 Washburn, Christ! .... 400 Washington, Debra 400 Wasserman, Lori 426 Wathen, Laurel 426 Watkins, Stephen Craig Watkins, Teresa Waters, Debra Watson, Billie Watson, loseph Watson, Steven Watterston, Shirley Watts, Kyleene Watts, Shelby Waugh, Lloyd Wayt, Kelley Weatherly, Rhonda 386 400 426 426 400 426 ,357 426 400 426 426 400 Weaver, Leanne 426 Weaver, Lynn 400 Weaver, Michael 401 Weaver. Rennee 426 Weaver. Rob Weaver. Stacha Dawn Weaver. Vicki . Webb. Donna Webb. Terry Webb, lessica Webb, John Webb, Larry Webb, Lisa Webb, Marcia Webb, Mark 426 401 426 386 401 401 426 386 386 401 426 Webb, Robert 426 Weber, leane 426 Weber, Mike 376 Webster. Dottie 426 Wedgeworth, lenice 376 Wehrmeyer, Jennifer 376 Weidmer. Richard 401 Weigel, Lyle lean 357 Weil, Denise 376 Weir, Catherine 376 Weir, Tracey 426 Welch, Mary 401 Welch, Thomas 426 Welch, William 426 Welckle, Cynthia 426 Weldon, Terri 401 Wells, John 376 Wells, lohn 376 Wells. Melissa 386 Wells. Shan 401 Wells. Vange 426 Welton, Sarah 426 Wentrcek, Alan 386 Wenzel, Paul 426 Weselka, Gail 426 Wesley Foundation 156 West, Jerline 376 West, Kathy 386 West, Robert .... 386 West, Tammyla 386 Westbrook, leanie 401 Westbrook. Kathy 426 Wester, Melvin 356 Wester. Wendy 426 Westerholm, Shannon 386 Westerlage, Ken 386 Westerman, Dawn 426 Wetzel. Curt 426 Wetzel, Shawnee Wharton, Denise 376 Wheat, Lisa 377 Wheeler, Debbie 401 Wheeler. Pans 401 Whitaker, Dewey 386 386 377 426 .426 386 386 386 426 426 White, Angela White, Beverly White, Dianne White, lana White, Julius White, Ken White, Kenneth White, Lisa White, Sheri Whitenburg. Wade 401 Whitfield, Cindy 426 Whiting, Dr Montague 357 Whitney, Masako 363 Whitt, Andrea 401 Whittemore, Mary 377 Whitton, Dan 426 Wickliffe. Dana 426 Wiebert, William 422 Wieghat, Layne 426 Wiemann, Suzanne 426 Wiesman, Renee 426 Wiggins, Pamela 426 Wiggins, Pamela 401 Wiggins, Ralph 426 Wikins, Neal 410 Wilbourn, Brynna 426 Wilder, Karen 426 Wilganowski, Suzanne 377 Wilhelm. Pam 426 Wilhelm, Sherri 426 Wilkinson, Scott 426 Will, Dennis 401 Willcott, Mark 426 Willey, Heidi 387 Willhoite, Robin Williams, Barry Williams, Carl Williams, Claire Williams, Deborah Williams, Kara Williams, Karen Williams. Karan Williams, Kelly Williams, Laurie Williams, Marcia Williamson, Neil Williams, Scott Williams, Sharon Williams, Sharon K Williams, Sky Lyn Williams. Steven Williams. Thelma Williams, Tony Williams. Virginia Williamson, Cheryl Williamson, lohn Williamson, Lisa . 377 .363 426 426 427 426 .377 426 .401 426 427 427 .427 .377 387 427 401 427 .377 .377 .377 401 Williamson, Roxane 377 Williamson, Vicki 377 Willig, Jennifer 427 Williford, Kathy 427 Willitord, Mary Ann 357 Willis, Jeffrey 377 Willis, Steven 401 Wilson, Anne 401 Wilson. Christy 387 Wilson, Darin 427 Wilson, Darlene 401 Wilson, David 427 Wilson, Glenda 401 Wilson, lennifer 427 Wilson, Lisa 427 Wilson, Mark 427 Wilson, Mark 427 Wilson, Michelle 427 Wilson, Mike 387 Wilson, Mike 401 Wilson, Nancy 377 Wilson, Robin 401 Wilson, Stephen 427 Wilson, Suzanne 427 Wilson, Tracey 427 Wilson, Tracy 427 Wilson, Victor 363 Wimberly, Sophie 427 Winchell, Deborah 363 Wmdmeyer. Kathy 401 Windsor, lohn 427 Wing, Wilson 427 Wmgo, Teresa 427 Winker, Tim 387 Winter, lames 401 Winters, Dawn 377 Winters, Ken 427 Wisneski, Kent 427 Wisnoski, Erin 401 Witte, Don 427 Witte, Harold 427 Woike, William 377 Wolda, Nick 427 Wolf, Greg 427 Wolf, Jennifer 401 Wolf, lohn 427 Wolf, Linda 363 Wolfe, Karin 387 Wolff, Julie 427 Wollmers, Mike 377 Wolowiec, Carey 387 Womer, David 401 Wood, Adam 427 Wood. Dr Craig 357 Wood, Erin 377 Wood, Francis 387 Wood, lander 387 Wood, ludy 427 Wood, Karen 427 Wood, Kimela 387 Wood. Mark 387 Wood. Mathew 427 Wood, Michelle 427 Wood. Stefame 427 Wood William 377 Woodard, Diane 427 Woodard. Kent 427 Woodard, Paula 427 Woodman, lohn 377 Woodruff. Barry 427 Woodruff, Byron 387 Woodruff, Michael 427 Woods, April 377 Woodward, Kalhenne 427 Woolcock, Daniel 427 Wooldridge, Robin 387 Wooley. Mark 387 Wooley, Patti 377 Womack, Brian 427 Womack, Mmdy 427 Womble, Glen 427 Works, Susan 401 Worshem, Dr Ray 357 Worrel, Royce 377 Wozmacki, Suzy 427 Wiench, Reagan 427 Wrench, Richard 387 Wright, Amy 427 Wright, Ben 357 Wright, Cynthia 427 Wnghl, Dr William 357 Wright, Heather 427 Wright, Jeff 427 Wright, Joyce 427 Wright, Fay Wright, Marilyn 427 Wright, Paulette 357 Wuest, Robert 357 Wyatl, Kathy 427 Wyld, David 427 Wynne, Bridget! 427 Wynck, Kerne 401 Xi Sigma Pi 134 Yy Yzquierdo, Zma 377 Youngblood. Sonya 387 Young, Yale 427 Young, Melvin 427 Young, Marjone 401 Young, John 401 Young. ! ' William 357 Young. Dr Marlm 357 Young, Dr Beverly 357 Young, Deidre 427 Young, Annette 427 Youkers, Sara 427 York, Mitzi 427 Yellow House 155 Yeager, Sally 427 Ybarra. Nora 427 Yaw, Nelda 427 Yarbrough, Zma 427 Yarborough, Kirk 427 Yarborough, Kim 427 Yarborough, James 401 Y ' Barbo, Christina 427 Yao, Sephora 427 Zz Zabana, Salam 427 Zabawa, Christina 427 Zaborowski, David 427 Zaborowski, ianet 427 Zadrapa, kathy ... 377 Zadrapa, Patricia 427 Zamora. Denise . 401 Zarecki, Laura 387 Zdansky, Beverly 387 Zeglm, lohn 387 Zeitler, Carol 401 ZetaTau Alpha 238,239 Zillmer, Dr Lawrence 357 Ziebel, Elizabeth 401 Ziebell, Elizabeth 427 Xx Nacogdoches experienced a rare snow in January. A frosty white blanket spread over the ground, transforming the landscape into a sparkling winter wonderland. Lacy frost crystals delicately coated bursh, barbed wire and leaves, producing an icy artistry. The snow brought people and animals alike outdoors, some to play, some to clear off hidden cars and driveways and others to simply enjoy the unusual glacial majesty. The unpredictable Texas weather produced a summer time climate in mid-February. The campus, briefly marred by the winter season, began to once again come alive with color as flowers bloomed all around. Students were hit early with spring fever as temperatures reached into the mid-80 ' s in Nacogdoches. As spring approached, the Ag Pond took on a glistening beauty. Some students tried their luck at fishing in the pond, while others turned the area into a " beach. " The many squirrels found around campus sensed the excitement of spring, taking advantage of the budding trees for food. 442— Staff Ron Hardy Richard LaGow, Chief Ted Sonnier Staff— 443 The " Party ' s " Over! In August you sign up for a yearbook and in April you come and pick it up. Until then, nobody gives much thought to where these books come from. Nobody, that is, except a small group of people known as The Yearbook Staff. They know that this book didn ' t simply appear out of nowhere, all boxed up and ready to be distributed. The 1982 Stone Fort was constructed through the work of nine dedicated " y earD ookers, " five very patient photographers and one yearbook sponsor. Everybody worked together preparing pages, repreparing pages, modifying pages and finally correcting pages in hopes of producing a fantastic yearbook. Like any publication staff, we experienced numerous problems and headaches. Each approaching deadline saw our staff shrinking bit by bit. Those of us who stuck it out have compiled a book that the entire SFA campus will hopefully be proud of and cherish. We hope that your enjoyment of the book equals that of our many late hours spent in preparation of the 1982 Stone Fort. 444— Staff Staff— 445 446— Staff Staff— 447 The completion of the 1982 Stone Fort would have been impossible without the cooperation of many helpful people. I want to thank these people for their help: Rex Bavousett for developing those last color pictures; Dr. Michael Roach for lending me his color slides; Ben Carter, our ICP representative, for answering all our questions; and Donna Essler and Renae Delrie for serving as my chief consultants. Also, I want to especially thank the entire staff for all their hard work, and particularly Sherri Powdrill for doing all the little jobs that no one else wanted. And I ' m forever grateful to our photographers, who so many times had to take and develop our pictures at the last minute. Finally, I want to thank my adviser Sue Perkins, for her continual advice and moral support throughout the year. CCO.. U nJL r F •148— Closing !

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