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Nacogdoches — a great past ... SFA — a greater future. Yearbook contains two errors Distribution of the ' ]%] Stone Fort started Mondav morning in the Austin Plaza, and according to Orange junior Belinda Burner), the bosk ' s assistant editor, two majors error- are in the annual. One error occurred on pages 73 and 74 in I the Academics section. Dr. J. E. Erickson. | chairman of the political science depart- ! ment. is pictured in place of Dr. Charles ' Mims on the biolog) department page. Dr. Mims. who is chairman of the biolog) department, is identified as Dr. Charles Cates on page 74. The other set of errors occurred when the yearbook printer. Hunter Publishing Co.. Winston-Salem. N.C., put the wrong names with the correct photos that appear on pages that would have been numbered 450. 451. 454, 455. 458. 459. 462 and 463. " The Hunter representative explained the error this way. Someone in the com- pany s plate department started to make a plate for the 8-page flat (pages 450. 451. 454. 455. 458. 459. 462 and 4631 and they imprinted some sophomore names and page numbers in the senior section of the yearbook, " Burnev said. " Sue Perkins, director of student publications, the 1981 Staff and Hunter Publishing Co. apologize for anv inconveniences or problems these misnamed photos ma) have caused. " Burner said. The correct names for the photos that appear on the page that should be numbered " 450 " are Jentz. Gary. Austin: Jernigan. Janet. Lake Jackson; Jerniiran. Jennifer. Corrigan: Jirik. Sue. Fort ' X orth: Jobe. k. C Richardson; Johns. James. Fort orth: Johnson. Angela. Mount Pleasant; Johnson. Edward. Dallas: Johnson. Jenetha. Hallsvilie; Johnson. Joni. Henderson: Johnson. Kathryn. Houston: and Johnson. Leslie, Dallas. Also Jolly . Cindv. Piano: Jones. Carl. Jacksonville: Jones. Eddie. Dallas: Jon s. Jana. La Feria: Jones Rebecca. Bryan: 1 Jones. Steve. Richardson: Jordan. Walt. Fort Worth; Jouette. kimberlv. Midland: Judson. David. Nacogdoches; Judv. Matt. Dallas: Kaestner. Anne. Houston: and kamp. Rhonda. Lufkin. Names that .-hould have appeared on page 451 are Kanes. Thomas. Dallas: keathley. Stephen. Houston; keeble. Robert. Tyler; keene. katherine. Friends- wood: keister. Kathv. Marshall: Keith, Rodney. Jefferson; kellev. Donua. Piano; kenned). Boyd. Lufkin: kennemer. Thomas. Arlington; kessler, Timoth) . Me-quite; kilpatriek. Peter, kauiman: and king. David. Dallas. Names that should have appeared on page 454 are Jimenez, kim. Nacogdoches: Mackey. Amy. Tyler: Madden. Patrick. Houston; Maquire. John. Pasadena: Mahlstedt. Robert. Ovilla; Mallard. Boni. Liberty: Maione. Sherri. League City: Manning. Mike, Houston: Manuel. Sheila. Houston: Maricle. Alan. Garland: Mark- ham. Rose. Longivew; and Marlar. Terri. Dallas. Also Marotta. Louis. Dallas; Marshall. Nancy. Dallas: Marshall. Pamela. Desoto: Martin. Allyson. Piano; Martin. Lee. Dallas: Martin. Phillip. Dallas: Martinez. Ida. Salisbury, Md.: Massoletti. Les. Freeport: Masterson. kellv. Houston; Mathews. Joe. Jasper: Mathieu, Judith, Houston: and Mauer. Terri, Orange. Names that should have appeared on page 455 are Mavertv . Bobby. Lancaster: Mayne. kevin. Nederland; Mays. Tam- m . Elkhart; Mayton, Doyle, Atlanta: McBride. Alan. Arlington: McCorstin. Lynn. Garland; McCoy. Donald. Deer Park: McDaniel. Dana, Longview; McGaughey. John. Houston; McGee. Thomas. Richardson; McGhee. Cynthia. Portland: and McGowan, Elizabeth. Houston. Also McGowan. Mark. Tyler: Mckin- nev . Margaret. Humble: Hechler. William. Dallas: Mensik. David. Richmond: Meyer. David. Dallas: Meyers. Clay. Texas City: Mihelich. Carolyn. New Caney: Millard. Linda. Nacogdoches; Miller. Barbara. Palestine; Miller, Cindy, Tyler; Miller, karen. Longview: and Miller. Mark. Euless. Names that should have appeared on page 458 are Oates. William. Lufkin: O Bannon. Rebecca, Nacogdoches; O ' Brien. Stanley. Nacogdoches: O ' Connor. Tim. Houston; Odell. Dennis, Liberty: Oien. Dean. Mount Pleasant; Oliver. Jody. Dallas: Owens. Deborah. Dallas: Paget, Joseph. Fort Worth: Paine. Betsv . Houston: Palla. Stan. Bedford: and Pan- tuso. Louis. Sugar Land. Also Parker. Gerlad. Lufkin: Parnell. Mary. Lufkin: Parr. Donna, Longview; Partin. Philip. Houston: Pasko, Jennifer. Alvin; Pa tel. Mahendra. Nacogdoches; Patrick. Debbie. Houston; Paul. Mark. Houston; Paulk. Steve. Houston; Payton. Pennv. Houston; and Peet. Cathy. Houston. Names that should have appeared on page 45 are Pence. Alan. Houston: Pep- pers. Gary. Hughes Springs: Perry. Linda. Gladewater: Petersen. David. El Campo; Peterson. Donna. Dallas: Peterson. Melodv. Lubbock; Philcox. Joy, Duncan- ville; Phillips. Dana. Dallas: Phillips, j Judv. Houston: Phillips. Susan. Calhoun, i La.: Pickens. Mark. Edgewood: and Pick- ering. Laura. Paris. Also Pinkston. Sharon, Center; Pitt. Tim. Dallas: Piatt. Trace). Longview: Porteck, kevin. Dallas: Porter, keith, Mabank: Porter. Tern. Whitew right: Powell. Gregory. Pasadena: Powers, kevin. Dallas: Precise. Jerry. Houston: Presley. Harold. Ennis: Prewit. Ron. New Brannfels; and Prokish. Robin. La Porte. Names that should have appeared on J page 462 are Sandell. kristine, katy; | Sanders. Debbie. Houston: Sandidge. Ed- | wards. Piano; Save. Charles. Whitesboro; | Schmidt. Gretchen. Pasadena; Schmidt. I ayne. Brenham: Schoenkv, Jim. Piano: ' Schutt, Hollv. Tyler; Schwab. Terri. 1 Richardson: Schwarten. Ginnie. Houston; j Schwartz, Neil, kingwood: and Schwarz. karl. Dallas. Also Scoggin. Lisa. Palestine: Segrest Pam. Longview; Sevigny. Steve. Houston Shackelford, kennon. Greenville; Shaw Alif. Piano: Shea. Scott. Houston: Shera Donna, kingw x»d; Sheets. Mary. Rock wall; Sheffield. Steven, Nacogdoches: Shepherd, Paula, katy: Sheppard. Steven. Fort Worth; and Shields. Harold. Ouit- ' man. Names that should have appeared on . page 463 are Sides, Steve. Houston; Sidnell. Pamela. Nacogdoches, Sills. Philip. Fort Worth; Simmons, karen. Nacogdoches; Simpson. Clint. Dallas; Simpson. Elizabeth. Richardson: Sis- milieh, Roger. Dallas; Sisson. Tim. Piano; Skillern. Rhonda, Silsbee; Skipper, karyn. San Augustine: Small, Man. Fairfield; and Smith. Becky, Fort Worth. Also Smith. Cathy, San Augustine: Smith. Dena. Lake Jackson; Smith. Den- nis. Jefferson: Smith, Fred. San Antonio; Smith, Janet. Lufkin; Smith. Judv. Tvler; Smith. Julie. Longview: Smith, kenneth. New Caney: Smith, Michael. Spring: Snead, Stacey. Bonham; and Snwler. Jana, Dallas. 1bi» The 1981 Stone Fort Stephen F. Austin State University Nacogdoches, Texas Volume 56 Nacogdoches — A great past; SFA — A greater future Founded in 1528, the City of Nacog- doches takes a lot of pride in being called " the oldest town in Texas. " Located in cen- tral Deep East Texas and populated by almost 30,000 residents, Nacogdoches is the site of many historical shrines, includ- ing the Old Stone Fort, the Old North Church, Nacogdoches University, Mil- lards Crossing and the Oak Grove Cemet- ery. These landmarks and the history that surrounds them are a major portion of the charm and simple lifestyle that abounds in Nacogdoches. The founding of Stephen F. Austin State University on September 18, 1923 marks the beginning of modern Nacogdoches. Because of its dedication to academics and the high ideals of mankind, Stephen F. Austin State University has become a sym- bol of the future. The university offers all the academic acoutrements of a larger uni- versity, but has the personal touch of a smaller place of learning. SFA s growth is a sign of its future. More and more students are looking for the unique qualities SFA has to offer. Ranked high academically, SFA produces graduates who continue to be leaders in their professions. The uni- versity is making way for the future by preparing its students for the problems and challenges of tomorrow. The history which surrounds Texas ' old- est town and the qualities of the university complement each other. Together they de- pict a great past and a greater future. 3 Oak Grove Cemetery This historical Nacogdoches site is lo- cated on land that was granted to Hayden Edwards, an emprasario, by the Spanish government. The original part of the cemetery lies directly north and south of the main gate. The old Catholic Ceme- tery, which consists of the extreme north- ern portion of the original cemetery, was purchased by Bishop Odin for the sum of $25 from Hayden Edward ' s heirs. Buried in the cemetery are four signers of the Texas Declaration of Indepen- dence: Thomas J. Busk, Charles Stanfield Taylor, John S. Boberts and William S. Clark. Also here are the graves of men and women who helped form the destiny of Texas and of Nacogdoches. Oak Grove Cemetery stands as a re- minder of Nacogdoches history and of the men who worked to make it prosper. It remains as a symbol of Nacogdoches ' great past. Nacogdoches High School Nacogdoches High School ' s new loca- tion is a sign of the rapid growth of the city. The growth of Nacogdoches shows a gra- dual shift of East Texas to an urban society. Even though the city is old in tradition, it reflects modern changes such as the build- ing of the new high school and the SFA campus. This new school represents the future lifeline of Nacogdoches. The students that pass through its halls today are the future leaders of Nacogdoches. Just as Oak Grove Cemetery is a remin- der of past leaders who shaped the city, Nacogdoches High School serves as a be- ginning for the leaders who will shape its future. 5 Old North Church The Old North Church was first known as the Union Church because several de- nominations gathered at its site to worship as early as 1836. The church, a small frame building, was originally built in 1838 on 10 acres of land donated by Dr. John M. Sparks. Its present structure was built in 1852. In front of the church stands a huge old oak tree. Under the old oak stands a marker which reads: " Under This Tree " , the first Baptist prayer meeting was organized in 1835 by A unt Massy Sparks Millard. Isaac Reed in 1835 preached the first Baptist sermon. Isaac Reed and Elder R.G. Green organized the first Baptist Church in the State of Texas the first Sunday in May, 1838. The church is known today as ' Old North Church. ' The first Protestant School in Texas was taught in a one room log house in the shadows of the old oak tree. Remem- ber, God alone can make a tree. ' " In the church ' s graveyard are many of the leading settlers of Nacogdoches County. A place as quiet and serene as Old North Church holds the key to understanding a part of Nacogdoches ' history and lifestyle. Griffith Fine Arts Building Art and theater classes are held all over campus but the L.E. Griffith Jr. Fine Arts Building is home for these areas. This building contains the talented world of the theater and the creative works of art stu- dents. The Fine Arts Building has two theaters in which activities are held. The Little Theater is the sight for smaller activities such as movies. The William M. Turner Fine Arts Auditorium is where larger pro- ductions such as musicals are held. Some of the productions performed in 1980 include " Guys and Dolls " and " Ondine. " The Fine Arts Building is also home for art students. Here they create pictures and sculptures with the use of paints, clay and imagination. These works of art are often displayed in the building. The Fine Arts Building offers an escape from the reality of classes into the magical world of theater and art. It provides stu- dents with a place for entertainment, en- joyment and relaxation. Millard ' s Crossing Millard ' s Crossing is a collection of eight of the oldest homes in Nacogdoches, recon- ditioned and furnished with antiques. The Millard-Lee House was built about 1837 by Nacogdoches merchant-deputy post- master-road overseer Robert F. Millard as a family home that was sometimes used as a boardinghouse. In 1859, David Lee, a black- smith-merchant-county official, bought the house which was then located near the public square in Nacogdoches. It remained there until 1960 as the Lee family home. In 1970, Mrs. Albert (Lera Millard) Thomas bought, moved and restored the house at Millard Crossing. It was named for the builder s fami- lies. Other historical points of interest include an old buggy that dates back 100 years; an old log fence reflects 19th century East Texas and an old bell which stands next to the Millard- Lee House. A campus for all seasons The SFA campus has been called one of the most beautiful college campuses in the United States. With each season comes a new display of nature s color. Fall brings rich autumn colors to campus as huge old trees all over campus lose their brightly colored leaves along sidewalks and paths. Spring brings the campus to full color with dogwood and azalea blossoms. These fragrant blossoms give SFA its most pic- turesque setting. During every season the pine trees stand tall and green, giving the campus an unusual beauty all year long. This beauty has drawn students as well as visitors to the " university among the pines. " Photos by Julie Creech. The Nacogdoches University was char- tered by the Republic of Texas on February 3, 1845 as a co-educational institution to fulfill settlers ideals for higher education. The university was financed by public sub- scriptions and was probably the first non- sectarian institution in Texas. It opened in September, 1845. Marcus A. Montrose, an outstanding early Texas educator, was its first president. During the Civil War, it served as a hos- pital for Confederate soldiers and later was used by Federal regiments as their head- quarters. The university was once used as a Catho- lic School and also by the Milam Lodge. In 1904, it was deeded to Nacogdoches High School and was used until the 1930 s when it was condemned. It was restored as a museum in the 1960 s and is still located on the old Nacogdoches High School campus. Nacogdoches University i 1 10 Austin Building Stephen F. Austin State University is part of the new Nacogdoches. It was estab- lished in 1921 by the Thirty-sixth Texas Legislature. The school officially opened on September 18, 1923. The main campus includes about 400 acres, which is part of the original homes- tead of Thomas J. Rusk. The University has 23 major instructional buildings and 19 dormitories. SFA ' s enrollment, which began with 158 students, has grown to average 10,000 dur- ing regular semesters and 3,500 during the two summer terms. For its first 15 years, the university offered only Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees. It now grants 13 bacca- laurate degrees and emphasizes graduate study. The Austin Building houses the Admi- nistrative Offices which includes not only the people but the departments that make the school function. SFA offers a future to its students. The traditions and history of Nacogdoches cre- ate a setting where past and present meet and the future begins. 11 HO A MEKOWtAL LtBSARY - HI piiiiiiisiCiiiiiHiiisiiiriiiiiiiiii B-J b ■ ■ ■ Hoya Memorial Library and Museum The house which serves as the Hoya Lib- rary and Museum is also known as the " Adolphus Sterne home. " The history of this house is the history of East Texas from colonization until after the Texas Revolu- tion. Adolphus Sterne, a pioneer citizen of Nacogdoches, was born in Cologne, Ger- many April 5, 1801. He came to Nacog- doches in 1824 and opened a general mer- chandise store. Both he and the store quickly prospered and in 1828 he built the house for his bride, Eva Catherine Rosine Ruff. The front rooms of the house, the room behind the Sam Houston room, the back porch, the mantels and floors are all original, just as he built them. The small house in the back yard is also original even though its exact purpose is not known. Everyone was welcome at the Sterne home. From the time it was built in 1828 until the Texas Revolution began in 1835, the Sterne house was a favorite gathering place for both Mexicans and colonists. General Sam Houston was baptized into the Roman Catholic church in the Sam Houston room with Mrs. Sterne standing as his godmother. Adolphus Sterne died in New Orleans March 27, 1852. His body was brought to Nacogdoches and buried in Oak Grove Cemetery. Joseph T. von der Hoya and his three brothers came from Prussia to Nacog- doches in 1836, where they built their first home on a 200 acre land grant just south of town. In 1869, Mrs. Sterne, who then lived in Houston, sold the Sterne home to Joseph von der Hoya for 550 gold dollars. He and his family lived in the house until his death in 1896. After that time, his family went by the family name of Hoya. The land and buildings of Hoya Memo- rial Library and Museum were given to the city of Nacogdoches on August 26, 1958 by Mrs. Jennie Hoya Mast and Mrs. Clara Hoya Gray as a memorial to their father Charles Hoya and their grandfather, Joseph von der Hoya. 12 Ralph W. Steen Library The Ralph W. Steen Library, completed in 1973, was named for the late Dr. Ralph W. Steen, who served as SFA president from 1958 to 1976. The central collection is organized in an open stack, subject divisional arrangement with divisions for Reader ' s Services, Humanities, Sciences and Social Sciences. The university library also houses several special collections which emphasizes mate- rials that relate to the life, culture, industry and history of East Texas. Also included in this area is a Forest History collection. The audiovisual department contains re- corded music, films, filmstrips, audio re- cordings and other non-print materials. Another part of the library is the curricu- lum collection which serves as a laboratory facility for students in teacher education programs and consists of state adopted text- books and curriculum bulletins. The Gov- ernment Documents Department contains selected U.S. Government publications as well as many state documents. The Steen Library stands on the SFA campus as a symbol of the future, serving the students as a means of educating them- selves for a better tomorrow. In contrast, the Hoya Library represents the past, housing records and historical items which gives us a glimpse of yesterday. 13 The Eugene H. Blount Home The Blount Home, located across from the SFA campus entrance, is a beautiful old home set back among huge old trees, away from the noise of North Street. The land on which the house is located is originally part of the homestead of Thomas J. Rusk. In 1923, the Honorable Eugene H. Blount purchased the land and built the home. Blount ' s grandfather was a signer of Texas ' Declaration of Independence and Blount was a member of the 37th and 39th Texas Legislature. The Blount Home is considered an architectural masterpiece. It was designed by Dietrich Rulff who was the first profes- sionally trained architect from Nacog- doches. The Nacogdoches Count} ' Historical Trust purchased the land and home in the fall of 1980 to be leased to the Nacogdoches Chamber of Commerce. The Blount Home was chosen by the Chamber of Commerce because of its historical background and its convenience to the students and visitors of SFA. 14 SFA Science Building The Science Building is the home of many academic departments at SFA. In- side you will find students studying phy- sics, biology, geology and zoology. These are only a few of the courses taught in the Science Building. This building includes lab rooms for applying and testing the theories and formulas learned in class. The future is easily associated with the Science Building. New discoveries in all areas of the scientific field occur every day which affect our lives, not only now but in the future. This building can also be linked with the past. The knowledge we have gained through events which have occur- red, through experimentation can help us make tomorrow better. The students whose major course of study takes place in this building are trained to use these past discoveries and information to open new doors for the future. 15 Where past and present meet The past is well represented in Nacogdoches. Its constant remin- ders throughout the town include the Roland Jones Home, the Hoya Memorial Library and Museum, Millard ' s Crossing and the docu- ment titled " Twenty-three Reasons why Stephen F. Austin State Normal ought to be located at Nacogdoches. " This document, lo- cated in the Stone Fort Museum is the tie that binds the past and present together. The university is the key to the future. Its existence and expansion represent the growth and change of Nacogdoches. The McGee Busi- ness Building and the Education Building are two examples of the change. SFA is on top of modern times, producing qualified business majors and teachers who continue to unlock doors for a better tomorrow. Nacogdoches past and the presence of the university present a combination of forces which unite to unfold a promising future. miiim HEP TWENTY-THREE REASONS WHY nT e Stephen F. Austin State Normal OUGHT TO BE LOCATED AT NACOGDOCHES FOR THE CONSIDERATION OF nhe Locating Board for me Kiev? State Normal Schools 16 17 o D C o E o CO Daily encounters between people grad- ually build into relationships. Brought together through mutual interests, com- mon adversaries, individual advances and shortcomings, people are prompted to con- gregate as allies. The axiom regarding judgment of an individual by his friends deserves consideration as one is assumed to share the characteristics of those who surround him. (1) Sometimes a gentle, obedient friend incapable of speech is the best conversationalist. (2) Incoming freshmen men get to know the young lady of their choice at summer orientation dances. same old line commonplace events by uncommon folks 23 CO At various intervals in one ' s busy week, the need to get away from it all is felt. All have experienced the anxiety and tension inherent in a college student ' s lifestyle. Many seek to periodically set aside tests, cafeteria food and roommates in exchange for the broad expanse of Lake Nacog- doches, Pecan Park or the open highway. In essence, one attempts to escape mental- ly as well as physically. (1) To live like a child lives, to play as he plays, if only we could recapture the energy of a child. (2) Off to race the wind, a lone cyclist transports his bike to a less active area of campus. 24 night life emerges 27 CO o 28 Though it is not agreed upon whether environment or heredity exerts the greater influence upon one ' s personality, it is cer- tain that both contribute to one ' s molding. The relaxed atmosphere of SFASU is sure- ly inherent as a result of this serene setting. Students drawn from metropolitan areas are able to retreat from the hectic down- town traffic and the impersonality of a bus- tling city to the charm of old Nacogdoches. (1) The contrast of The First Town and a growing university is accented as expansion continues on the U.C. (2) The inner workings of the university are carried on at the head of Vista Drive beyond four sturdy columns. 29 surroundings affect behavior 31 all of the comforts of home? I mamam _Q CO 34 The college campus has long been the environment for one to develop and seek to share strong convictions. Though transgressing from the radical flower child of the 1960 s to the more conserva- tive youth of the 1970 s, the underlying desire to prompt change prevails. Open- minded stu dents are able to evaluate the merits and shortcomings of a myriad of views to form a firm belief to carry beyond the college campus. (1) The police oversee peaceful demonstrations, such as the Moslem Protest against President Car- ter, though they seldom anticipate riots. (2) Devout fans of " The Duke " collect symbolic reminders of Wayne ' s strong patriotism. (1) Often the musical voice expresses the strongest convictions of love for man, God or country. (2) Often a handicapped individual is spurred to action in response to doubts of his ability and endurance. (3) Soft spoken persons often have great influence as they seldom express an insignificant ideal. (3) 35 limber up-it ' s lumberjack day! The Sylvans Forestry Club and UC Programs again pitted spi- rited young lumberjacks against one another. The area between the UC and the Fine Arts Building was literally buzzing with eager participants engaged in Jack and Jill cross-cut sawing, log carrying and greased pole climbing. The traditional ax-throwing event re- newed one s thoughts of the brawny lumberjack whom we proudly sport as our team mascot. (1) Even one ' s mouth must be positioned just right to master the sawing of a massive log. (2) " The weaker sex " try their hand at cross-cut sawing egged on by doubting male bystanders. (3) One is curious as to the intelligence levels of those who stand behind an amateur ax-thrower. ATQ and AZ ' s build best float Expressions of Homecoming spirit were evident among the decorated float riders, colorful clowns and favored individuals who paraded through the streets of downtown Nacogdoches before the game. " Best Bet, " the top winning casino scene complete with roulette wheel, was jointly constructed by the Alpha Tau Omega fraternity and the Del- ta Zeta sorority. The parade was the first of Homecoming day activities before the Jacks gave ACU the ax! (1) Delta Zeta ' s Sara Newell and Lix Ham toss candy from the award-winning float, " Best Bet. " (2) The all- female flag corps proudly wave the purple and white in honor of dedicated athletes and spirited fans. spirit peaks 39 Junior Duke Sophomore Duke Freshman Duke David Van Meter Greg Blankenship Ran Holman Homecoming King Louis Miori 40 Freshman Duchess Tracy Brown Senior Princess Jill Southern Junior Duchess Kathy Whittaker Sophomore Duchess Jennifer Hunter Homecoming Queen Debbie Bullion decision 1 980 — the vote that counts One may be able to shrug off voting for the Homecoming court as one ' s life will not be altered regardless of the outcome. However, one finds himself assuming the label of Re- publican, Democrat or Independent every four years. Students registered their over- whelming support for Republican candidate Ronald Reagan in an informal poll sponsored jointly by the College Republicans and Young Democrats. On November 4, Reagan reached his presidential aspirations after ral- lying enthusiastic Republicans and pulling disgruntled Democrats away from Jimmy Carter. (1) In a final attempt to secure the East Texas vote for Reagan, Gov. Bill Clements stopped at the Patton Auc- tion Barn on October 31. (2) Young Democrats spon- sored a contest to predict the percentages of support for Reagan, Carter and Anderson. (i) 43 DEANS LEFTTO RIGHT: Dr. Frank J. Lauderdale, Dean of Business; Dr. Edwin Gaston, Dean of Graduate School; Dr. James V. Reese, Dean of Liberal Arts; Dr. James Standley, Dean of Applied Arts and Sciences; Dr. Robert G. Sidnell, Dean of Fine Arts; Dr. Glen T. Clayton, Dean of Sciences and Mathematics; (not pictured): Dr. Langston Kerr, Dean of Education; Dr. Kent T. Adair, Dean of Forestry. 44 Deans SCHOOL OF APPLIED ARTS AND SCIENCES Criminal Justice The department of criminal justice is lo- cated in the School of Applied Arts and Sciences under Dr. J. P. Harlan. A bachelor of arts degree with a criminal jus- tice major is offered through the depart- ment. Courses such as law enforcement, private security, and criminalistics are offered. The main curriculum in the de- partment concerns corrections and law en- forcement. The criminal justice professional fraternity is Lambda Alpha Epsilon. TOP: Students take notes in criminology class. BOT- TOM LEFT: Dr. Harlan, chairman of criminal justice department. BOTTOM RIGHT: Business law profes- sor lectures to class. School of Applied Arts and Sciences 45 Military Science Military science courses are open to all students, male and female, and may be taken with no obligation. Qualified stu- dents may choose to participate in the Re- serve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) pre- commissioning program, which provides the student with the opportunity to earn a commission as a Second Lieutenant in the Regular Army, Army Reserve or Army National Guard while pursuing an academic degree. Colonel Terry M. Carlton is professor and chairman of the department. TOP: Military science students scale the Business Building. BOTTOM: Students prepare to scale the building. 4fW 46 School ot Applied Arts and Sciences Social Work The social work program provides undergraduate students with sufficient knowledge, skills, values and practical ex- perience for entry into the field of social work at the beginning professional level. Students graduating with a bachelor of social work degree are provided education- al experience designed to prepare them to work as social workers in a variety of prac- tice settings, including Department of Hu- man Resources, Department of Mental Health and Mental Retardation, state hos- pitals, Texas Youth Council, local and re- gional probation offices, residential treat- ment centers, regional planning offices, Community Action agencies, recreation programs, hospitals and therapeutic camp- ing programs. TOP: Group session in social work class. BOTTOM LEFT: Student and professor in social work lab. BOT- TOM RIGHT: Students working in social work lab. School of Applied Arts and Sciences 47 SCHOOL OF BUSINESS Accounting The accounting department can be found in the School of Business under the supervision of Dr. Sammie Smith, depart- ment chairman. The objectives of the accounting curriculum include training of professional accountants, and to provide courses in double entry bookkeeping, financial statement analysis and use of financial data. The department offers the bachelor of business administration de- gree. Students can join the accounting club and the professional fraternity Beta Alpha Psi. TOP LEFT: Mr. Mixon in accounting class. TOP RIGHT: Student listens attentively in finance class. BOTTOM: Dr. Sammie Smith, department chairman. 48 School of Business Adm inistrative Services The administrative services department is in the School of Business under the gui- dance of Dr. Ralph White. General busi- ness and office administration majors can obtain a bachelor of business administra- tion degree by completing such courses as: typewriting, business communications, re- cords management and government reg- ulation of business. These courses fall under the five fields on administrative ser- vices: business communication, business education, business law, general business and office administration. The professional fraternity is the Nation- al Collegiate Association for Secretaries. TOP: Dr. Ralph L. White, department chairman. BOTTOM: Student studies administrative services. School of Business 49 Computer Science The computer science curriculum is de- signed to allow future computer specialists to obtain a broad knowledge in the new science. The computer science department also sponsors the Computer Science Club which is open to all students. The National Computer Science Honor Society, Upsilon Pi Epsilon, is for selected juniors, seniors and graduate students who maintain speci- fied scholastic standards. The department, headed by Dr. Craig A. Wood, uses the computing facilities of the University Computer Center and the Computer Science Laboratory. TOP: Dr. Craig A. Wood, chairman of the depart- ment. BOTTOM: Computer science students work at terminal. 50 School of Business Economics and Finance The SFA economics and finance depart- ment, headed by Dr. Charles W. Brown, plays a valuable role in preparing future business leaders for challenges they might face in the business world. These under- graduate courses teach students the econo- mic principles and how money is managed in businesses today. A student with a background in econom- ics or finance is prepared for many in- teresting and rewarding careers in such fields as banking, insurance, real estate, investments, financial management and research and analysis. TOP RIGHT: Dr. Charles W. Brown, department of economies and finance. TOP RIGHT: Dr. Stuart lec- tures in economics class. BOTTOM: Students in fi- nance class. School of Business 51 Management and Marketing Located in the School of Business chaired by Dr. Mildred Golden Pryor, the management and marketing department offers two curriculums. Management offers two fields: 1) personnel industrial rela- tions, and 2) production operational man- agement. Marketing courses prepare stu- dents for careers in such fields as retailing, manufacturing, distribution, market re- search, advertising and personal selling. The professional fraternity, Beta Gam- ma Sigma, and clubs, A.S.P.A., Marketing Club, and M.B.A. are associated also with the department. TOP: Dr. Mildred Pryor, department chairman. BOTTOM: Mr. Norman Cox lectures in a consumer behavior class. 52 School of Business SCHOOL OF EDUCATION Agriculture The department of agriculture, headed by Dr. Thomas J. Stanly, offers courses for those students interested in agriculture production and management. Specializa- tion in areas such as animal science, plant or soil science, agriculture machinery, agribusiness, horticulture or pre- veterinary-animal science are offered. Courses in agriculture include agricultural economics, farm electrification, soil sci- ence, swine production and orchard man- agement. Student organizations associated with Agriculture are the Horticulture Club, Floraculture Club, Agronomy Club and Delta Tau Alpha. TOP: Dr. Thomas J. Stanly, chairman of the depart- ment. BOTTOM LEFT: Student mixes soil samples. BOTTOM RIGHT: Students test soil. School of Education 53 Elementary Education The department of elementary educa- tion seeks to provide students with an understanding of the historical, philo- sophical and psychological foundations of education. The department also wants to help students acquire the knowledge and skills necessary for successful teaching in kindergarten and elementary school class- rooms. The department chairman and pro- fessor is Dr. Thomas D. Franks. TYC, an acronym for Teaching Young Children, is a new program developed to train students to teach kindergarten through the third grade. Students work in a competency-based program and with chil- dren in the Early Childhood lab. The TYC program is headed by Dr. Janice Pattillo. TOP: Dr. Don Fare and Susie Mayfield discuss social studies. BOTTOM RIGHT: Students participate in outdoor education. 54 School of Education HPE-Men The department of health and physical education is headed hy Dr. Carl Ray Kight, pro fessor-coordinator of the department and chairman of the men ' s division. Activity and theory courses are offered in virtually every sport as well as in the intercollegiate athletic program. The honorary clubs and organizations are the Pi Epsilon Mu, the major club for men, the Health Education Club and Del- ta Psi Kappa. TOP: Dr. Carl Ray Kight, chairman, Men ' s health and physical education. BOTTOM LEFT: Pole-vaulting, a division of track. BOTTOM RIGHT: Student lifts weights in class. School of Education 55 HPE-Women The women ' s health and physical educa- tion department, under the guidance of Dr. June Irwin, presents a well rounded program of courses for the women in to- day ' s society. A bachelor of science in education degree, driver s education and athletic trainer endorsements and a water safety certificate are offered. Goals of the department include t he students aware- ness of importance of physical activities, preventive medicine, nutrition and exer- cise. The women ' s HPE honorary fraternity is Delta Psi Kappa. Intra-mural and inter- collegiate sports are major extra-curricular activities. TOP: Dr. June Irwin, HPE-women ' s department chairman. BOTTOM LEFT: Ladyjack Softball team member makes an out. BOTTOM RIGHT: Women test volleyball skills in class. 56 School of Education Home Economics The home economies department, lo- cated in the School of Education, offers a masters and a bachelor of science in home economics degree. Four major areas of emphasis are in education, food and nutri- tion, fashion merchandise and family de- velopment. The department, working under Dr. Gloria Durr, offers such courses as interior design, meal management, de- sign in clothing and experimental cookery. A new building is being constructed which will utilize the open classroom con- cept. Completion date will be fall, 1981. The honorary society in home economics is Phi Upsilon Omicron. The Home Econom- ic Clubs, which are associated with the American Home Economic Clubs, are available also. TOP: Home economics students cook food in class. BOTTOM: Student finishes a delicacy. School of Education 57 Counseling and Special Education The counseling and special education department is fairly new at Stephen F. Aus- tin. The courses in special education and counseling are all on an undergraduate level. These courses are organized around working with the handicapped and mental- ly retarded. The courses in counseling teach students how to work with and help all people handicapped or not. The chairman of the department, and professor of special education programs, is Dr. Bill W. Hamrick. TOP: Student volunteers teach handicapped children to swim. BOTTOM RIGHT: Dr. Hartman, professor of speech pathology and audiology, gives hearing tests. BOTTOM LEFT: Dr. Bill Hamrick, chairman of the department of counseling and special educa- tion. Secondary Education The program of professional secondary education at the undergraduate level is based on a critical selection of things a teacher should know and be able to teach in the secondary school. Through its courses, the department seeks to provide basic con- cepts in the history and philosophy of education, in the teaching-learning pro- cess, in the nature of the adolescent learn- er, in the planning and organizing for teaching, and laboratory experiences in teaching middle school and high school students. The professor and chairman of the de- partment is Dr. Morgan Moses. TOP: Dr. Morgan C. Moses, department chairman. BOTTOM: Dr. Bennat Mullen relaxes in his office. School of Education 59 SCHOOL OF FINE ARTS Art The department of art, headed by Chairman Jon D. Wink, is within the School of Fine Arts. A bachelor of arts de- gree is offered and can be obtained with a major emphasis in commercial or fine arts. Students may obtain all-level or secondary teaching certificates. Minors are offered in interior design, advertising, marketing, photography, landscape design, history and art therapy. A variety of classes that the student may choose from include drawing, art appreciation, sculpture and oriental art. The honorary art fraternity is Kappa Pi. TOP LEFT: Jon Donnel Wink, chairman of depart- ment. TOP RIGHT: Student forms clay pot in class. BOTTOM: Student throws pottery on the wheel. 60 School of Fine Arts Communication The communication department offers four sequences for majors and minors: general communications, speech, journal- ism and radio-television-film. A bachelor of arts or a bachelor of science degree can be obtained through this department. Headed by department chairman, Dr. Robert T. Ramsey, communication courses such as public relations, photojournalism, non-verbal communications and radio- television programming can be taken. Student publications, KSAU and SFA-TV 2 serve as extracurricular learn- ing activities for communication majors. TOP: Student broadcasts on KSAU-FM 90. BOT- TOM LEFT: Dr. Robert T. Ramsey, department chairman. BOTTOM RIGHT: Pine Log staff concen- trates in critique session. School of Fine Arts 61 Music The department of music, headed by Dr. Robert L. Blocker, offers nine differ- ent plans for the Bachelor of Music or Bachelor of Fine Arts in Music degrees. The curricula stresses the development of sound, functional musicianship, a broad background in liberal arts and provides music activities and courses for the general student. Students and faculty members are pre- sented in recitals by the department fre- quently throughout the year. The four honorary organizations spon- sored by the department are Kappa Kappa Psi, Mu Phi Epsilon, Tau Beta Sigma and Phi Mu Alpha. TOP: Music professor and student practice for recital. BOTTOM RIGHT: Dr. Robert Lewis Blocker, De- partment chairman. BOTTOM LEFT: Music stu- dent, Cheryl Booth, plays the saxaphone. Theatre The purpose of the department of theatre is to serve the student by en- couraging his creativity, offering training in special fields, providing experience and teaching him discipline. The department serves the student body and the community by presenting major stage productions. The department of theatre, headed by Dr. Thomas K. Heino, is a member of the Texas Educational Theatre Association and the National Association of Schools of Theatre, a Division of the American Theatre Association. TOP: Dr. Thomas Heino and students draw scenery plans. BOTTOM LEFT: Margaret Schraeder prac- tices for " Guys and Dolls. " BOTTOM BIGHT: Stu- dents and professor build sets. SCHOOL OF FORESTRY Forestry The department and School of Forestry, under the guidance of Dr. KentT. Adair, is the largest department on campus. The undergraduate program offers a bachelor of science degree in environmental science and a bachelor of forestry degree in for- estry. Within the forestry degree, major emphasis can be taken in forest manage- ment, forest game management, forest re- creation management and forest range management. Graduate programs offered are a masters, doctorate and a special Ph.D. program in conjunction with Texas A M. The forestry honorary fraternity is Xi Sigma Phi. Forestry related clubs are the Society of American Forestry, Sylvans Club, Wildlife Society, Explorer Post sponsors and S.T.R.A.P. TOP RIGHT: Craig Hyatt finds a real Texas armadillo on a field trip. TOP LEFT: Students identify trees on campus. BOTTOM: A silviculture lecture on a field trip. 64 School ot Forestry SCHOOL OF LIBERAL ARTS Bible The Bible courses are offered by Bible Chairs, which are University affiliated agencies operated by the Baptist and Methodist churches. Carleton Dyer is the coordinator and instructor of the Bible classes. A student is allowed to take only six credit hours in such courses as contempor- ary religious issues, the life of Christ, the Bible and personal problems and compara- tive Christianity. A major or minor is not offered, but classes are counted toward the Liberal Arts degree. TOP: Students listen attentively in Bible class. BOT- TOM: Carleton Dyer lectures to his class. School of Liberal Arts 65 English and Philosophy English and philosophy is one of the largest departments at SFA. The department offers a wide variety of courses for both the English major and stu- dents who are simply interested in specific areas of language. A few of these courses are folklore, major Negro writers in Amer- ica, creative writing and literature for chil- dren and modern poetry. Philosophy courses are for those stu- dents interested in searching for a general understanding of values and reality and a chance for further discussion and study. The department also offers a liberal arts colloquium for selected students seeking honors in liberal arts. The honorary organization, which is open to English majors, is Sigma Tau Delta. TOP: Philosophy students having group discussion. BOTTOM: Dr. Roy E. Cain, chairman, department of English and philosophy. 66 School of Liberal Arts Modern Language The department of modern language offers courses in French, German, Spanish and even Portuguese and Italian. The main objectives of the department are to develop competence in understand- ing, speaking, reading and writing a mod- ern language, and to provide guidance in preparation for the various opportunities in language work. The department, headed by Dr. Vivian M. Gruber, provides advanced standing examinations in conversational courses for those students who are native speakers and those who have lived in a foreign country. TOP: Student listens to language lesson in lab. BOT- TOM LEFT: Language lab provides good practice for students. BOTTOM RIGHT: Dr. Vivian Gruber, de- partment chairman. School of Liberal Arts 67 History The department of history, chaired by Dr. William J. Brophy, can be found in the School of Liberal Arts. History major pro- grams are designed to enable students to enter a variety of careers. Opportunities in the fields of library and museum work, teaching, politics, diplomacy and business are available. Courses that can be taken in this department are United States history, history of Mexico, the Afro-American and global diplomacy. The fraternity, Phi Alpha Theta and the Webb Society are two organizations open to history students. TOP: Dr. William Brophy, chairman of the depart- ment. BOTTOM: Dr. Joseph Devine lectures to his history students. 68 School of Liberal Arts Geography The geography department in the School of Liberal Arts presents an inte- grated view of physical and social sciences. Under the direction of Dr. Leon C. Hall- man, a bachelor of arts degree can be earned with major emphasis in urban America and Latin American studies. Courses offered include meteorology, re- gional planning and map compilation and design. The honorary fraternity is Gamma Theta Upsilon. TOP: Dr. Leon C. Hallman, department chairman. BOTTOM LEFT: Dr. Gerald Collier lectures to the students. School of Liberal Arts 69 Political Science The political science department pro- vides courses for the student desiring careers in law or in politics at the local, state, or national level, for teachers of the social sciences, and for those wishing to enter the civil services and desiring a back- ground and information about their field of work. Because college students should become well informed about political institution, the state legislature enacted laws requiring the study of United States and Texas con- stitutions by all students receiving degrees from state-supported colleges and univer- sities. The department, headed by Dr. J.E. Ericson, contains more than 30 courses in- cluding teaching, pre-law, practical poli- tics and public administration. TOP: Dr. J.E. Ericson lectures in political science class. BOTTOM: Karen Crichton studies political sci- ence. 70 School of Liberal Arts Psychology The department of psychology, headed by Dr. Heinz A. Gaylord, provides the student with a unique perspective for understanding human behavior and ap- plying this knowledge in many different professional areas. The department has its own laboratory including an animal and a learning lab for students to practice and apply techniques they have learned. The students also have the opportunity to volunteer for programs in five area institutions including Rusk State Hospital and Lufkin State School. TOP: Dr. Heinz A. Gaylord, department chairman. BOTTOM: Dr. Bruce Bailey lectures in one of his psychology classes. School of Liberal Arts 71 Sociology The department of sociology in the School of Liberal Arts offers many pro- grams. Special emphasis in anthropology, gerontology, nursing home administra- tion and social planning are offered in a general sociology degree. Under the direc- tion of Dr. Joy Reeves, the department courses included American minorities, sociology of sex roles, sociology of retire- ment and applied gerontology. The fraternity related to this department is Alpha Kappa Delta. TOP: Dr. Joy B. Reeves, department chairman. BOT- TOM: Dr. James Corbin takes measurements of specimens in anthropology lab. 72 School of Liberal Arts SCHOOL OF SCIENCES AND MATHEMATICS Biology The biology department, chaired by Dr. Charles Mims, is located in the School of Sciences and Mathematics. The purposes of the department are to give students familiarity with scientific methods and a broad training in several specialized fields of biology, such as zoology and botany. Among the courses offered in the biology department are plant kingdom, genetics, mammalogy and virology. The Biology Club and the Beta Beta Beta fraternity are two organizations sponsored by the department. TOP: Dr. Charles Mims, chairman of the department. BOTTOM LEFT: Dr. Jack McCulloughonaliminolo- gy lab field trip. BOTTOM RIGHT: Biology student looks at blood specimen under a microscope. School of Science and Mathematics 73 Chemistry The chemistry department and its cur- riculum, under the direction of Dr. J. A. Seaton, has the full approval of the Amer- ican Chemical Society for the training of professional chemists. The objectives of the chemistry depart- ment are: 1) to prepare students for gradu- ate study in chemistry; 2) to prepare stu- dents for positions in industry, govern- ment service and teaching; 3) to allow sci- ence students with non-chemistry majors to relate chemistry to their major and 4) to acquaint non-science students with the methods, concepts and achievements of the science of chemistry. TOP LEFT: Dr. Jacob Seaton, chairman of the de- partment. TOP RIGHT: Dr. Charles Cates uses a high-powered microscope. BOTTOM: Chemistry student works on experiments in lab. 74 School of Science and Mathematics Geology Study and training in geology gives both science and non-science majors an under- standing of the methods of science. There are two programs available to the geology major, the general curriculum and the professional curriculum. The general program provides the student with a broad cultural background in a scientific field. The professional program is designed for those students who intend to do graduate work in geology and to seek employment in the profession. The professor and chairman of the de- partment is Dr. Harry P. Hoge. TOP: Dr. Harry P. Hoge, department chairman. BOTTOM LEFT: Geology lab student identifies specimen. BOTTOM RIGHT: Geology lab student examines rock. School of Science and Mathematics 75 VHHMlltl H ' HJ Mathematics and Statistics A career in computers, electronics, energy industry, oil probes analysis and modeling behavior can be found in the de- partment of mathematics and statistics. Headed by Dr. Thomas A. Atchison, the department hopes to provide a sound cur- riculum for students who wish to pursue a career in mathematics and statistics. A bachelor of science degree is offered along with a secondary mathematics teaching certificate. The honorary fraternity, Pi Mu Epsilon, and the Math Club are organizations with- in the department. TOP: Dr. Thomas A. Atchison, department chairman. BOTTOM: Joe A. Neel prepares a mathematics lec- ture. 76 School of Science and Mathematics Physics The department of physics, under the guidance of Dr. Thomas O. Callaway, pro- vides students with a physics background required for work in engineering, related sciences and medicine. The department, located in the School of Sciences and Mathematics offers courses such as musical acoustics, mechanics and heat, electronics and thermodynamics. Physic majors can participate in the hon- orary fraternity, Sigma Phi Sigma, and the Society of Physics. TOP: Students work an experiment in physics lab. BOTTOM LEFT: Dr. Thomas Callaway, department chairman. BOTTOM RIGHT: Students learn new problems in physics lab. School of Science and Mathematics 77 Nursing The nursing program at SFA strives to provide students with knowledge of the art and science of nursing and to give the stu- dents a background in other academic areas including the behavioral sciences, physical sciences and humanities. The program also utilizes existing re- search as a means for conducting practice in new research, either at a beginning level or as a preparation for a higher educa ' ; on. Admission to the nursing prograi is limited to currently licensed registered nurses. The associate professor and director of nursing is Dr. Beverlyanne Robinson. TOP LEFT: Dr. Beverlyanne Robinson, director of nursing. TOP RIGHT: Nurse Scott takes a student ' s blood pressure. BOTTOM: A student checks a " pa- tient ' s " heartbeat. 78 School of Science and Mathematics Who ' s Who Among American Colleges And Universities Selections to Who ' s Who are made each fall by a campus nominating committee consisting of a faculty member from each school, two SGA representatives and Dean Ernestine Henry of student development. According to Dean Henry, student organizations are also consulted for nominations but anyone can submit names for consideration. Qualifications are then examined to narrow the number of choices, and those who qualify are asked to submit resumes of achievement. In evaluating upperclassmen and graduate nominees with a minimum 2.7 GPA, the committee weighs extracurricular activities and community involvement as well as scholastic excellence to distinguish those who by their actions set themselves apart from the rest. Gladys Ahrens, Nacogdoches; Elementary Education Monika Bila n, Nacogdoches; Accounting 80 81 82 83 84 85 86 88 89 90 91 92 93 Alpha Phi Omega An Alpha Phi Omega member repaints the Lumberjack ' s Spirit Ax. The 1980 Homecoming bonfire is faithfully constructed by Alpha Phi Omega members. Alpha Phi Omega, a national service fraternity, was originally founded at Lafayette College in Easton, PA on December 16 1925. Its purpose is to assemble students in the fellowship of the principles of the Boy Scouts of America, to develop leadership, to promote friendship and provide service to humanity. The Mu Sigma Chapter at Stephen F. Austin was chartered on December 16, 1961 in the Stone Fort Museum, which is where all ceremonies have taken place since that date. As part of its on-going service program, Alpha Phi Omega main- tains the SFA Spirit Ax, is in charge of the Homecoming bonfire and sponsors a handicapped Boy Scout troop. Each spring it holds a Heart Fund Bathtub Pull to raise money for the American Heart Association. Alpha Phi Omega also runs the Nacogdoches pledge center for the Labor Day Muscular Dystrophy Telethon. 94 Service TOP: Front Row: Debbie Pierce, Debbie Price, Kelly Wheeler, Sharon Hoover, BELOW: Front Row: Ricky Maxey, James Peters, John Walters, Dan Reynolds, Laura Garrett, Keri Ebright, Kelly Book. Back Row: Mary Maple, Barbara Talpey, Ron Russak, Gary Jacobs. Middle Row: Jerry Durham, Robert Johnson, Rick Kathy McCommon, Laurel Furtado. Pearson, Jimmy McMurray, Billy Lindley, Mike Shandley. Back Row: Dave Bac- cus, Craig Oldfield, Samuel Shupe, Gregory Darden, Lance Caraway. Service 95 Gamma Sigma Sigma national service sorority is an organization whose purpose is to serve the school and community. The Gamma Sigs are involved in several service projects which include working at the Lufkin State School, working the Teenage Parent Program and contributing to the American Heart Fund. Lynn Forrester represented Gamma Sigma Sigma as the group ' s Homecomin g Duchess. The 1980-81 Gamma Sig photo included FIRST ROW: Kathy Keister, Linda Fields, Audrey Seittles, Robi Norfolk, Martha McFadden. SECOND ROW: Kathy Morris, Brenda Varner, Cindy Miller, Terri Wageer, Kathi Corsaro, Jenni Smith, Lori Damskov, Toni Compeland, Lisa Hopkins, Margaret Haynes. THIRD ROW: Susan Giroir, Susan Lee, Sandi Joiner, Kim Joyner, Jo Ann Goolsy, Dianna Harris, Mary Ramsey, Ann Frawley (sponsor), Lynn Forrester, Barbara Stutts. FOURTH ROW: Anell Alexander, Kris Killebrew, Lou Ann Richardson, Glenda Gregory, Sandy Penn, Cindi Wallen, Linda Earls, Kelley Richards, Kim Cain, Laurel Irwin, Kathy Tatum, Julie Holley, Melissa Stansell, Laura Gilmer, Kim Jouette. NOT PIC- TURED: Karen Woodard, Jean White, Charlene Peacock, Donna Martin, Mary Nicholas, Melinda Fisher, Lindsey Britton, Valerie Sanders, Cathy Taylor, Kris Sandell, Dean Ernestine Henry (sponsor). Sissy Skinner (sponsor). 96 Service Beta Alpha Psi ABOVE: F RONT ROW: Anne Derfus, Linda Mil- ford, Cindy Gilmer, Beth Stephens, Terri Hancock, Carolyn Rape, Darla Brady, Fran Hopper, Colleen Callahan, Becky Filgo, Kelly Craft, Karen Campbell, Kerry Klein, Amy Patton. SECOND ROW: Michael Rover, Beth Braswell, Karen Askew, Kris Killebrew, Amy Dorsey, Rhonda Gillespie, Katrina Betty, Dana Zivney, Carolyn Andress, Sharron Graves. THIRD ROW: Theresa Bugg, Boyce Holder, Scott Thomp- son, Pam Marshall, Dr. Louise Bingham, Gene Wind. FOURTH ROW: Mike Ussery, Don Nim- mons, Wayne Adams, Chris White, Tim Hoover, Bruce Stricklin, Larry Young, Timmy Yoss, Steve Sumner, Jeff Kennemer. OFFICERS: Front Row: Carolyn Rape, second vice president: Karen Campbell, treasurer; Dr. Louise Bingham, faculty vice president; Fran Hopper, re- cording secretary. Back Row: Beth Braswell, report- ing secretary; Sharron Graves, sponsor; Michael Rover, president; Donna Whitton, first vice presi- dent. Special Interest 97 Alpha Psi Omega The purpose of Alpha Psi Omega is to stimulate student interest in dramatic activities at SFA. Alpha Psi Omega secures all the advantages provided by a national fraternity. By electing students to membership, it serves as a reward for their efforts and participation in plays. Alpha Psi Omega currently has 20 members and is sponsored by Dr. W.K. Waters Jr. RIGHT: Stephanie Smith, Diana Gural, Dee Berry, Mary Anne Walser, Chris Newlin, Carrie Butler, James Skinner, Leanne Tailby, Bill Richard- son, Joe Still, Scott Stewart. BELOW: Officers: Leanne Tailby, vice pres- ident; Joe Still, parliamentarian-historian; Mary Anne Walser, secretary- treasurer; Stephanie Smith, president. Honorary Phi Alpha Kappa Front Row: Mark DuBose, Jim Ordemann, Howard Stover, Jeff Keels, Phil Martin, Joel Spellings. Second Row: Diane Foster, Karen Crichton, Janelle Swaf- ford, Tracey Dexheimer, Kelly Tinkler, Cindy Baker, Cincy Cannon, Sherry Wilson, Jennifer Candia, Cheryl Warren, Dr. John Lewis, Tom Byargeon. Third Row: Russell Hankins. Rick White, David Draper, Tom Barton, Jackie Shumway, Dianne Ivy, Bryan Davis, Mike Frahlman, David Strnad, Pete Connor, Rodney Keith, Troy Derouen. LEFT: Troy Derouen, treasurer; Janelle Swafford, secretary; Jeff Keels, vice-president; Jackie Shumway, president. Phi Alpha Kappa, the honorary finance fraternity, is a professional organization created to further student interest in the field of finance. Honorary 99 Phi Eta Sigma, a national scholastic hon- or society for freshmen, is a new organiza- tion at SFA this year. Its goal is to encour- age and reward high scholastic attainment among freshmen. The society is for all freshmen, regardless of major, who have earned an overall GPA of 3.5 or better by the end of their third semester. The SFA chapter was installed Octobe r 7, 1980 and has 47 members. Dr. Glen T. Clayton serves as faculty adviser. Phi Eta Sigma First Row: Dr. Glen T. Clayton, adviser, Anita Albanese, Michael Bomberger, Sharon Carter, Anne Clifton. Carla Cox, Heather Craft, Tracey Esco, Angela Ferguson, Jeanne Geller, Shannon GliJden. Second Row: Eva Hansen, Deanna Harger, Beverly Hester, Alan Hugley. Richard Ilhner, Mimi Jones, Bettina Large, Jane Leeves, Joanne Lenahan. Third Row: Eugene Lessen, Shelley Lewis, Sheila Malone, Leslie Markham, Judy- Martin, Mary McCord, Katherine McDonald, Susan Miller, Dr. William E. Porter, Elizabeth Ramsay, Denise Schnurr. Fourth Row: Sharon Schwing, Dr. Wayne G. Slagle, Jeff Smith. Teresa Tennison, Jaylynn Van Marel, Anna Verzinski, Kathryn Wallace, Lisa Webb, Jandee Wood. Front Row: Jeff Smith, vice president; Anna Verzinski, president; Jane Leeves, secretary. Back Row: Betsey Large, treasurer; Tracey Esco, historian; Dr. Glen T. Clayton, adviser. ]()() Honorary Beta Gamma Sigma FRONT ROW: Mark Dillow, Lisa Herd, Mike Rover, president; Dr. Dwayne Key, Dr. Lynnette Solomon. Dr. Bobby Bizzell, secretary; Dr. John Lewis, adviser; Amy Dorsey, Davalyn Fleniken, Julie Mitchell, Janis Hamilton, Ellen Allison. BACK ROW: Bruce Stricklin, Jackie Shumway, Terry Wohlfahrt, Fay Bozeman, Susan Hamilton, vice president; Dr. Dillard Tinsley, Jeff Keels, Lisa Harrison, Dr. Mildred Pryor, Sherri Malone. Beta Gamma Sigma is the national honor society in business administration. The purpose of the society is to encourage and reward scholarship and accomplishment among students of business and administration, to promote the advancement of education in the art and science of business and to foster integrity in the conduct of business operations. Election to membership in Beta Gamma Sigma in the highest scholastic honor that a student can attain. Honorary 101 Tau Beta Sigma Becky Allen Valerie Blodgett v neryl Boom v Karen Carbonari Dee Carleton Lisa Cole ■ Sandi Cooper Jacque Fitzgerald Sharon Gillette Cheryl Hale Kathy Hennig Gloria Jackson Johanna Jacobson Becky Jones Cheryl Keehner Alice Koonce Susan Liles Patti Maines Laura Miller Susan Milliorn Beth Nelms Charlene Peacock Rosemary Polimeno Joy Rhodes Janet Schroeder Debbie Strelick Donna Taylor Lori Thiessen Drea Walker Lori Weaver Denise Wharton Lela Wilson Karen Winterhoff Michael Pierce Tau Beta Sigma is the national honorary sorority for college band members. Its purposes are to promote the existence and welfare of the collegiate band, to honor outstanding members, develop lead- ership, to encourage a close relationship between collegiate bands and to provide a meaningful and worthwhile social experience for its members. 102 Honorary Kappa Kappa Psi, Band Fraternity ABOVE: Bottom Bow: Steve Shields, Tom Lewis, David Grayless, Kenneth Henderson, Harold Pre- sley. Middle Row: Glenn Miller, Norman Jennings, Ron Gressett, Mike Henderson, Larry Ritter, Steve Wise. Top Row: David Hitt, Ben Skillem, Doice Grant, Toby Nelms, Johnnie Cotton, Tommy Akin, Schultz Bennett. Bryan Bushing, Paul Moore, Bon Asheraft, Buddy Leach, Tollie Goodwin, Bobbie Lee, Kelly Wheeler, Tony Sinclair, Steve Walker, Kevin Kelley. LEFT: Bon Asheraft, secretary; Bobbie Lee, vice president; Tollie Goodwin, president; Toby Nelms, treasurer; Buddy Leach, warden; Tony Sinc- lair, historian. Kappa Kappa Psi, the honorary band fraternity, provides organized service activities for band members. The goals of the Gamma Phi Chapter are to assist band director Mel Montgomery in developing leadership and enthusiasm among band members. Honorary 103 Sigma Delta Pi Sigma Delta Pi is the honorary Spanish society whose purpose is to honor those who achieve excellence in the study of the Spanish language, culture and literature. The organization also encourages a deeper understanding of the Hispanic culture. FRONT: Karen Guenther, Irma Briggs, DeAnna Godwin, Annette Rocamontes, Steve Drew. Sigma Gamma Epsilon Sigma Gamma Epsilon is the honorary geology society. The society has as its objective the scholastic and scientific advancement of its members. Front Row: Dr. Austin A. Sartin. adviser; Neil Henley, Bill O Sullivan, Deborah Magouirk, Jill Evans, Gloria Sprague. Back Row: Mike Miller, David Brewer, Bob Davidson, Carey Crocker, Benjamin Gonzales, Pat Sharp, Greg Griffin, Jane Dye, Ted Lipon, Bill Dean, Ralph P. Aldis, Tom Ehrhart. 104 Honorary Xi Sigma Phi S. F. A. FORESTRY CENTER ± ■■■ " . is fe S it The objectives of this society are to secure and maintain a high standard of scholarship in forest resources management education, to work for the improvement of the forest resources management profession and to promote a fraternal spirit among those engaged in activities related to forest resources. Front Row: Wesley Whitmeyer, Bradley Welborn, Dianne Daley, secretary and fiscal agent; Julie Har- rold, Joy Wunderlich, forester. Middle Row: Tim Nothnagle, Barbara Bentz, Paul Hagerty, John Niet- feld, John Roese, Bill Yemma, Dr. Ricardo A. Clemente, sponsor. Back Row: Mark R. Chambers, Bill Taylor, Shawn Head, Kevin Porteck. Chris Wick, Dean Rubenaldt, John Ellis. Sigma Tau Delta The purpose of the English honorary society, Sigma Tau Delta, is to promote student interest in the liberal arts. The society places emphasis on writing and serves as a student arm of the English Department. Sigma Tau Delta activities include a poetry coffeehouse and a book sale. Front Row: Leslie Bowland, Sherry Root, Beth Be- lew, Kelly Robertson, Margaret Schroeder. Back Row: Linda Wood, Linda Baker, Scott Kosatka, Arthur Mann, Howard Cox, president; Kim Wilson, vice president; Marimaud Woodward. Honorary 105 Pi Mu Epsilon Pi Mu Epsilon is an organization whose purpose is the promotion of scholarly activ- ity in mathematics among students in academic institutions and among the staffs of qualified academic institutions. The Pi Mu Epsilon motto sums it up best: " to promote scholarship and mathematics. " Front Row: Diane Crimmins, Venita Robertson, Donna Parr. Debbie Coulter, Lynne Waggoner. Second Row: Harold E. Bunch, Chip Galloway, Fred Nelson, Anna Verzinski, Joe Bobbins. Pi Kappa Delta Pi Kappa Delta is an honorary fraternal organization for intercollegiate debators, competitive individual speakers and non- class audience speakers. Its purpose is to promote scholarship in senior colleges and universities in forensic speaking. Front Row: Becky Greer, Sherry James, Polly Cameron, Barbara Kramer, Joni McClellan. Back Row: Lois Lancaster, Dr. R.T. Ramsey, Rita Kirk Whillock, Chuck Brandon, Darrell Yarbrough. 106 Honorary Pi Sigma Alpha The political science honor society, Pi Sigma Alpha, strives to promote and foster the ideas found in political thought and behavior as an example to benefit poster- ity. The group encourages scholarship and active interest in political science on the SFA campus. Front Row: Mary L. Cams, Dana Sneed, Brent Beaty, Tony Bradley. Back Row: Dr. Wesley Chumlea, Dr. Wayne Johnson, Michael Robles. Dr. Henry Jones, Dr. Joe Ericson. Alpha Kappa Delta The purpose of Alpha Kappa Delta, the national sociology honor society, is to promote an interest in sociology as well as to conduct and promote research in social problems and all activi- ties leading to the betterment of human welfare. Front Row: Elizabeth Simpson, Molly Dore, Karla Burton, Lorie Scott, Lovis Wright, Dr. Arthur F. Clagett, sponsor. Back Row: LeRoy Furr, Anita Alhanese, Man Boyles, Brenda Wingo, Beverly Speer, Kelly O. Freudensprung. Honorary 107 Phi Upsilon Omicron is a national honor society which serves to recognize home economics majors who have shown academic excellence and professionalism. First Row: Mrs. Laura Shivers, Dr. Patsy Hallman, Shirley Sisk, Ginger Flanagan, Kay Clanton, Mitzi Rowland. Second Row: Laura Altimari, Lee Martin, Marsha Dove. Third Row: Suzanne LeBeau, Ann Roberts, Karla Hagemeier, Jayne Johnson. Fourth Row: Ann Morrison, Jamie Hines, Elizabeth Bruns, Janet Jernigan. Fifth Row: Holly Harrington, Lisa Blanton, Karen Muckleroy, Amanda Balesky. Sixth Row: Diana Gibson, Mary Beth Herring, Sherry Jones, Nancy Dierker. Seventh Row: Carolyn Gil- breath, Laura Dickinson, Cynthia Harding, Susan Roberts. SFA ' s art fraternity. Kappa Pi, is the oldest honorary art fraternity in the U.S.A. Founded in 1911 at the University of Ken- tucky, Kappa Pi chartered a chapter. Beta Iota, at SFA in 1952. In addition to recognizing outstanding art students, the group grants scholarships and serves to promote the appreciation of art. First Row: G.P. Tindel, Tricia Aguilar, Nancy Dier- ker. Second Row: Jan Willis, Sherry Jones, Kathleen Bass, Krisann West, Cynthia Hullum, James R. Snyd- er. Third Row: Guadalupe Flores, Masako Whitney, Lisa Headlee, Delee D ' Arcy, Marianne Ashy, Anell Alexander. Phi Upsilon Omicron Kappa Pi 108 Honorary Alpha Mu Gamma As an honor society, Alpha Mu Gamma serves to recognize academic achievement in the study of a foreign language. The group is made up of 30 members repre- senting the various languages offered at SFA. Front Row: Mama Frew, Joanne Lenahan, Irma Briggs, Karen Guenther, Patsy Estrada. Second Row: Bill Garrett, Jennifer Cox, Susanne Wolfe, Arthur Mann, Annette Rocamontes, Lucy Mendoza. Phi Alpha Theta Phi Alpha Theta began in 1960 to en- courage scholarship in history. Besides having an interest in history, a student must have other qualifications to be a member of this organization. A student must have 12 hours of history with a grade point of 3. 1 in these classes. He must have a 3.0 grade point in two-thirds of his other classes. Club activities consist ol regular Wednesday meetings where they discuss activities such as a booksale and a picnic for history majors and minors. Front Row: Karen Guenther, Michael Robles, Nancy Kuehl. Second Row: Amy Nelson, Pam Sidnell, Billie Kemper, Dr. John Dahmus, Dana Sneed, Michael Nesbit. Third Row: Dr. Tom Nail, Dr. James Nichols, William Metzger, Dr. W.J. Brophy. Honorary 109 Psi Chi Psi Chi is the honorary psychology fraternity whose pur- pose is to promote student interest in the field of psychology. The group holds regular meetings and discusses ideas con- cerning careers in psychology. Front Row: Ron Thomason, Polly Thomas, Nancy Lowrie, Tom Kanes, Nero the Rat, Laura Herrington, Joyce Abbery. Middle Row: Raqnel Contreras, Catherine Crumpler, Donna Bartolo, Suzy Webb. Lance Eads, GregToney, Tony Morgan. Back Row: Robert Tremant, Steve Nussbaum, Steve Britt, David Allen, Twila Dillon, Dr. Ray Eastman, Dr. John Anson. Sigma Delta Chi The Society of Professional Journalists, Sigma Delta Chi, received its charter on July 24, 1976 at SFA. The purpose of SDX is to raise the journalistic standards of its memhers, to recognize achievement by journalists, to advance the cause of free- dom of information and to elevate the pres- tige of journalism. SDX is the oldest, largest and most represented organization serving the field of professional journalism. First Row: Clay Meyers, Brian Bondy, Tracy Knight. Second Row: Janice Talley. Third Row: Jeni Wehrmeyer, Cindy Jolly, Loraine Herline, Chele Ware. Fourth Row: Hardy Meredith, Sue Perkins, adviser; Cheryl Witt. 1 10 Honorary Professional Phi Chi Theta Phi Chi Theta ' s goal is " to promote the cause of higher business education and training for all women, to foster high ideals for women in business careers and to encourage fraternity and cooperation among women preparing for such careers. " With the requirement of a 2.5 overall grade-point average, the organization attracts serious business majors interested in improving the business environment for women. Phi Chi Theta members are involved not only in business activities, but also intramurals, service projects and social events. Phi Chi Theta ' s success is the oldest and largest fraternity in the fields of business administration and economics. Sharon Allen Claire Amyx Carolyn Andress Susan Bauer Bette Bennett Tracey Berkley Katrina Betty Janet Brasher Lisa Byrne Karen Campbell Sandra Chickadonz Kelly Craft Kathy Darby Randi Davis Melanie Denman Tracey Dexheimer Becky Filgo Diane Foster Elaine Fuller Terri Gilbert Rhonda Gillespie Pam Glass Nancy Goad Fritzi Gouldsby Sharon Graves April Green Kendy Hardcastle Cathy Hunt Brenda Hurt Peggy Johnson Patti Lee Patricia Maes Debbie Martin Margaret McKinney Amelia Miller Julie Miller Terry Murray Amy Newell Judith Niemann Debi Owens Rita Palmer Sue Parman Diana Peterson Laura Pickering Liz Ramsay Pam Reece Etna Riehl Linda Riley Barbara Roach Kathy Rossman Sherri Snead Lanette Sprague Liz Sterbenz Marie Thies Susan Tichenor Melinda Useary Cindy Weils Joni Wells Jerline West Cheryl Williamson Chrysanthie Yianitsas Kathleen Zadrapa Professional 111 First Row: Ann Snow, Mystie Wilson, Sophia San- chez, Mike Griffith, Cathy Plume, Julie Harrold, Wanda Hockenbrocht, Joy Wunderlich, Scott Slough. Second Row: Joanne Lenahan, Joan Lennon, Cathy Lundee, Donna Calhoun, Susan Humason, Roy Mask, Dianne Daley, Lynn Barnes, Tom Choate. Third Row: Samuel Shupe, Victor Stewart. John Roese, Gilbert Harrison, Nathan Gold, Rick Gregory. Randy Howard, Jim Patterson, Wes Whitmeyer, Paul Mueller. Fourth Row: David Carter, John Ellis, Mary Haecker, Steve Best, Gene Robinson, Bill Kuhn. Tom Nystrom, Dr. Hershel Reeves, Steve Hallmark. Society of American Foresters SAF officers: Susan Humason, Publicity Chairman; Lynn Barnes, Chairman; Mary Haecker, vice chairman; Joy Wunderlich, social chairman. With 130 members, the Society of American Foresters strives to enhance and supplement the education of its members by acquainting them with var- ious aspects of forestry and promoting professionalism in all areas of forestry. 112 Professional Baccalaureate Organization of Registered Nurses BORN BORN, the Baccalaureate Organization of Registered Nurses, is a professional organization which encourages creative work and fosters high professional standards among nurses. The group also strives to strengthen commitments to the ideals and purposes of the profession and to advance the development of leadership qual- ities in nurses. TOP LEFT: First Row: Val Henderson, Maude Marshall, Farah Walder. Second Row: Sue Moore, Helen Howard, Linda Walker, Bonnie Houston. Third Row: Betty Scott, Marjorie Mueller, Kay Grubb. Fourth Row: Florance Costello, Mary McSwain, Sandy Payette, Gina Haidinyak, Reba Franklin. Fifth Row: Janis Perrit- te, Sandra Smith, Lois Stansberry. Sixth Row: Gayle Petty, Jill English, Jim Newberg, June Newberg. Above: Front Row: Marjorie Mueller, Mary McSwain, Jill English. Back Row: Florance Costello, Jim Newberg, June Newberg, Janice Napier. Professional 113 American Society for Personnel Administration American Society for Personnel Admin- istration, is a nationwide professional organization formed with the intent to ac- quaint its members with personnel man- agement. Some of the group s activities in- clude field trips, conferences and a sum- mer intern program. Front Row: Todd Dhonau, Eric Lundblad. Sheila Lee, Lynnette Rhine, Amanda Talmadge, Cathy Cates, Dianna Harris, Reverly Walter, Randy Lock- hart. Second Row: Mike Frahlman, Kelly Carnes, Linda Lawson, Simon Leech, Terry Powell, Cyd Haynes, Jane Anderson, Janet Rrasher. Claire Amy x, Annella Bennett, Laurie Pickering, Ted Faust. Third Row: Jeff Koval, Scott Johnston, Mary Sheets, Michael Richardson, Dan LaBay, Karen Wedaske, Debi Owens, Dr. Nancy Speck, Sandy Lehmkuhl, Liz Sterbenz, Marileu Murray. Fourth Row: Phil Sheets, Randy Askew, Dale Dupree, James Batter- ton, David Strnad, Margaret McKinney, Dana McDaniel, Kelly Jackson. Middle: ASPA officers. Bottom: ASPA Chairpersons. 114 Professional Secretarial Association The National Collegiate Association For Secretaries provides an opportunity for business teachers and secretaries to com- bine their ideas. These ideas are discussed to expand the members ' understanding of the secretarial profession and teaching careers. Meetings are held every other week. Front Row: Amanda Talmadge, Kim Boyd, Yield Williamson, Kathi-Jo Desadier, Peggy Zepczyk, B.J. Miller. Sharon Bradway. Middle Row: Carolyn Price, sponsor; Nancy Goad, Micki Perry, Geralyn McClure, Gai Harris, Barbara Roach, Liz Sterbenz, Sandra Burns, Lynn Fulmer, Karen Campen, Jean Rudisill, sponsor. Back Row: Karen Ashby, Ladina Braden, Deanna Woody, Danice Goforth, Penny Stevenson, Janet Brasher, Wynelle DeGnath, Lisa Head, Melanie Goss, Julie Miller, Amy Newell. Left: Front Row: Vicki Williamson, treasurer; Amanda Talmadge, president; Lisa Head, vice president. Back Row: Kim Boyd, publicity; Deanna Woody, secretary; Liz Sterbenz, historian. Professional 115 Biology Club The 37 members of the Biology Club combine efforts to foster interest in, and enjoy the recreational values of biology by sponsoring worthwhile programs and en- tertainment of a biological nature. Front Row: Chris Geddie, Rick Ehrhart, Sandy Caldwell, Barbara Bentz, Cheri Teninty, Philip Tappe, Bobby Reed, Martha Bilan, Lisa Nixon, Jane Ann Leeves. Middle Row: Melissa Stansell, Kay Fischer, Vickie Reat, Mindy Folden, John Roese, Sharon Wallace, Victor Wilson, HuyTran, Kemi Adewusi. Back Row: Susan Bueltel, Helen Henck, Bruce Henry, Peggy Fields, Rick Kroll, Carl Skelley, Sharon Jasper, Jimmy Fischer, Gerald Sturm, Steve Coggins, Ronni Hanner. Right: Front Row: Jimmy Fischer, Vicki Reat, Jennifer Matos. Back Row: Bruce Henry, Carl Skelley. 116 Professional Accounting Club The purpose of the Accounting Club is to encourage the ideal of service as the basis of the accounting profession. The group also serves to act as a medium between professionals, instructors, students and all others interested in accounting while striv- ing to develop high moral, scholastic and professional achievements among its mem- bers. LEFT. Front Row: Carolyn Andress, Monika Bilan. Back Row: Daryl Loving, Larry Young, Cindy McGhee. 4 Above: Front Row: Cindy Drummond, Denise Horstman, Liz Ramsay, Pam Marshall, Marie Thies, Martie Smith, Teresa McKnight, Heidi Falls, Lynn Forrester, Gloria Streckfuss. Second Row: Karen Crichton, Barbara Cason, Judy Martin, Cindy McGhee, Sherry Spurlock, Sandra Craig, Beth Stephens Monika Bilan, Renee Surratt, Carolyn Andress, Karen Campbell, Darla Easley, Regina Cameron, Donna Hackney, Karen Anderson, Judy Phillips, Cindy Hiza, Diane Hinckley. Third Row: Karl Gibson, Evelyn Wadsworth, Patty Howard, Jon Alspaw, John Stewart, Larry Young, Fran Sauls, Curtis Couch, Brent Foder, Steve Roberts, Brian Hurst. Fourth Row: Susan Nix, Marilyn Nerren, Donna Holmes, Tim Hoover, Mark Micheletti, Terri Gilbert, Trey Dyer, L.J. Fitzgerald, Mike Gallagher, Richard Hays. Fifth Row: Jesse Mixon, Mike Rover, Joe Matthews, Phil Smith, Scott Thompson, Chris White. Professional 117 American Society of Interior Designers Beta Beta Beta The campus chapter of the American Society ot Interior Design- ers serves as a student branch of the professional organization. The group ' s purpose is to inform interior design majors of the future availabilities in the field. During their membership drive this fall, ASID sponsored a presentation by Chandra Stone, an interior designer at the Insti- tute of Business Designers. Stone spoke on " Design Fields of Today. " First Row: Debra McKain, Lisa Hope, Lisa Foreman. Sharon Seitzinger, Martha Wachel, Karen Levvin, Colleen Bach. Second Row: Lala Didrilcson, Nancy Tilgh- man, Laura Altimari, Cathy Godfrey, Linda Latham. Third Row: Jan Willis, Sherry Jones, Lisa Howard, Katherine Moore, Margaret Blackwell, Laura Dickinson. Fourth Row: Amy Gleason, Julia Hill, Tricia Aguilar, Lisa Blanton, Penny Payton, Becky Cook, Sally Ann Basey. Beta Beta Beta is an honor society that promotes scholarship and research in the biological sciences. The SFA chapter sponsors films, lectures and field trips. First Row: Debbie Tuckey, Debbie Reimers, Tammie Turner, Jane Ann Leeves, Sandy Chevis, Cheri Teninty, Sharon Wallace, Thomas Cusack. Second Row: Bruce Whitney, Sally Chevis, Cheri Teninty, Sharon Wallace, Thomas Lusack. Third Row: Mindy Folden, Stan Baucum, Helen Henck, Farrel Pollard, John Roese, Kay Fischer. Fourth Row: Jimmy Day, David Allen, Mike Craddock, Melissa Stansell, Terry Winchester, Lisa Newell. Fifth Row: Bruce Henry, Alan McBride, David Van Meter, Tommy Reed, Lisa Nixon, Jimmy Redfield. Sixth Row: James E. Fischer, David Hogue, Hans Derr, JeffHeydrick, Don Gehring. Seventh Row: Ray Sann, Carl W. Skelley, Will Pickrell, Rick Ehrhart, Bobby C. Reed, Dr. Byron Van Dover. 1 18 Special Interest Lambda Alpha Epsilon Lambda Alpha Epsilon is a professional organization which pro- vides students opportunities to participate in intercollegiate activi- ties in the field of criminal justice. The group sponsors several field trips to various institutions in order to assist in further educating the students in the criminal justice system. Front Row: B.J. Craig, Becky Dial, Robin Rea. Back Row: Stuart Jenkins, Dan Reynolds, Barry Kusnerik, Kevin Jones, Brian Kusnerik, Mark Schultz. Chemistry Club First Row: Ronni Hanner, Eddie Edwards. Second Row: Steven Turner, Debbie Winchell, Charles Anderson. Third Row: Krissi Harder, Betty Layton, Hahn Vo, Jim Grey. Fourth Row: Ernest McMillan, Gail Eckhardt, John Moore. Not pic- tured: Mike Blanda, Benji Hendrick, Anthony Jozwiak, Tom Jackson. Murray Young, Tara Tuttle, Anita Fielder. The goal of the Chemistry Club is to form a covalently bonded group of students with a common ionic interest in the chemical sciences. This fall the club presented Janice Hirans, research director for Arco, who spoke on career opportunities available in industrial chemistry. Professional 119 Vocational Homemaking Teachers Association SFA ' s chapter of the Vocational Teachers Association is a student organiza- tion which is designed to support and promote the profession of vocational home- making education. Front Row: Lori Damskov, Elizabeth Lewis, Shirley Sisk, Karen Muckleroy, Karla Hagemeier, Mitzi How- land, Gloria Priest. Second Row: Ann Caroll, Laura Shivers, Ginger Flanagan, Cathy Smith, Lee Martin, Jeannie Sowell, Marsha Dove. Third Row: Mary Beth Herring, Susan Roberts, Carolyn Mikelick, Ramona Green, Jamie Hines. Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Front Row: Sherry James, Michelle Kizzee, Vonda W hite. Back Row: Lenola Bolton, Diana Barnes, Tina Alexander, Dollie Johnson. 120 Professional Mu Phi Epsilon Mu Phi Epsilon is a professional fraterni- ty in the field of music. The purpose of the group is to promote musicianship, scho- larship, service and friendship. Front Row: Cheryl Hale, Claudia Chance, Donna Wilson, Sandi Cooper, Jackie Smith. Back Row: Susan Buchanan, Barbara Robinson, Melanie Good- son, Lauren Butler, Beth Clayton, Carol Williamson, Donna Brazil, Denna Potenza. Inter-Christian Council The Inter-Christian Council seeks to encourage and promote fellowship and cooperation among the Christian organizations at SFA. The group also strives to reach out to the campus in evangelism and provide the campus with informative items of interest. First Row: Jean Deegear, Don Sandoval. Second Row: Terri Schwab, Julie Knott, Laura Henson. Third Row: Mike Nesbit, Danielle Comby, Kris Nelson, Kathy Pensyl. Fourth Row: Mark Greenwalt, Lester Ruth, Mark McGowan, Mark Jennings, Dave Petty, sponsor. Professional Religious 121 Missionary Baptist Student Fellowship The Missionary Baptist Student Fel- lowship promotes the spiritual development of students through Bible study, devotion- als, prayer, fellowship and personal soul winning. The group seeks to remind the Missionary Baptist student of the rightful claims of Christ on his life. TOP: Front Row: Robin Grantham, Robert Francis, Janice Peterson, Sarah York. Middle Row: Doris Fountain, Janice Francis, Kristi Magness, Susan Price, Janette Scribner, Pam Mathes. Robin Howell, Diana Stephenson, Janice Stephenson, J.R. Fountain. Rack Row: Ken Bristol, Gary Roberts, Chris Cummings, Troy Tracy. ABOVE: Robin Howell, Diana Stephenson, Doris Fountain. Second Row: Ken Bristol, Gary Roberts, Robert Francis, J.B. Fountain. 122 Religious The 400-member Baptist Student Union provides Christian fellowship for university students, giving them the opportunity to grow and mature in their faith. The BSU brings speakers, musical groups and drama companies to the SFA campus. Baptist Student Union Top: Baptist Student Union members. Above: BSU Executive Council. Front Bow: Dottie Bogers, Jim Avers, Donna Brazil, Liz Harris, Shawn Shannon, Kathy Heslop, Meletra Bean, Bandy Templeton. Back Bow: Don Prince, Bryan Spruill, John Greenleaf, Peter Tadin, Gaila Watts, Lewis Petri, Ken Clark, Bob Kurtz. Religious 123 Fellowship of Christian Athletes The purpose of the Fellowship of Christ- ian Athletes is to help athletes learn how God can be involved in every phase of athletics and to show others their rela- tionship with God through their actions on the court and field. Doug Loafman, co-president, Darla Copher, secre- tary; Bob Sitton, sponsor; Julie Smith, treasurer; Danielle Comby, co-president. Intervarsity Christian Fellowship The Intervarsity Christian Fellowship is a non-denominational, student led evange- lizing fellowship which seeks to reach beyond itself to introduce the campus to Christ. This knowledge gives purpose to life and learning while challenging stu- dents to involve themselves with God ' s plan for world evangelism. First Row: John Watson, Beckv Taylor, Joe Dobransky, Bettv Marshall. Second Row: Dan Sieck, Lisa Bradley, Mark Bilbo, Julie Maendler, Bill Morgan, Karen Brenneman. Third Row: Dr. Leonard Burkart, Jack Kuhatschek, Dwight Horn, Jim Gary, Craig Headlee, Brad Hepp, Bill Kiewit. Fourth Row: Janet McDonald, Karen Layman, Debbie Oubre, Joni McClellan, Jayne Johnson, Deborah Hudson, Terri Schwab. 124 Religious Assembly of God Student Center The Assembly of God Student Center is designed to provide a place for college students to come together and share God ' s love through worship, witness, discipline and fellowship. First Row: Kathy Ellis, Rhea Anne Grant, Deborah Cooper, Tami Holcomb, Teresa Galliher. Second Row: LaWanda Reider, Rachel Nesbit, Kathy Cunningham, Donna Bates, Carol Trkula, Jayne Hosea. Third Row: Coleen Hendrickson, Beth Wright, Kay Khoury, Carolyn Crabtree, Leah Bass, Karen Anderson. Fourth Row: Ed Bass, Dandy Drain, Margaret Ivey, Mark Marion, Mark Mills. John Carney. Fifth Row: Zac Ellis. John Woodman, Gary Willmon, Mike Nesbit, Curtis Reider, Denny Miller. Wesley Foundation The SFA Wesley Foundation has as its main objective to encourage greater maturity in the Christian faith among stu- dents. To do this, it provides opportunities of fellowship, worship services and study related to the Christian faith. One such fellowship was done in joint effort with the BSU when they sponsored an after game fellowship following a home football game. LEFT: Front Row: Machelle Bush, Denise McClen- don, Anita Hall, Elizabeth Francis, Laraine Teel, Andrea Horton, Karen Moses, Bruce Marchand, Jon Alspaw. Second Row: Jaylynn Van Marel, Brenda McCullar, Kenna Ball, Liz Russell, Kathy Horndt, Cindy Hullum, Lydia Yauch, Anne Ray. Third Row: Denna Potenza, Lisa Bohannon, Karin Glenn, Kat Garcia, Deborah Schroeder, Beth Love, Laurel Holmgren, Pamela Dosier. Fourth Row: Tricia Le- men, Jean Campbell, Lori Curtino, Missy Cook, Kim Cooper, Mary Timmer, Mark Calhoff, Rev. Carleton Dyer. Fifth Row: Larry Ross, Stephen Lilly, Bill Ro- gers, Tim Eden, Mark Chambers, Jeff Ellard. Religious 125 French Club The French Club, Les Chereheurs de la Source, was formed to stimulate interest in the French language, culture and civiliza- tion. It provides exercises for students to improve their skills in the use of French and foster sympathetic understanding of French people throughout the world. These goals were achieved in weekly conversational meetings open to students taking French or those who could speak the language. Regular meetings were cospon- sored by Dr. Jimmy Jones and Dr. Bonnie Todd. FRONT ROW: Hanh Vo, Carol Faw, Jennifer Cox, Mama Frew, Kim Garner. BACK ROW: Dr. J.R. Jones, Yvonne Sweeten, Chou Rixie, Jeanne Varn, Laurie Godker, Bill Garrett, Diana Holsomback, Cindy Scammel, Dr. Bonnie Todd. Canterbury Association The Canterbury Association strives to promote unity and fellowship among Epis- copal students but is open to all denomina- tions. The association plays a major role in enriching Episcopal students at SFA. Activities sponsored by the Canterbury Association include Sunday dinners fol- lowed by programs for the students and Wednesday evening communion services. FRONT ROW: Diana Guynes, Danielle Comby, Terry Boatman, Krisann West, Liz Kerridge, Patricia Adair. MIDDLE ROW: Joy Reeves, Rev. Mike Falls, Leah Dohm, Mark Dillow, Loraine Herline, Leslie Smith, Lynnett Guynes, Konnie Keenon, K.K. Mosby, Darla Copher. Catherine Crumpler. BACK ROW; Sere Grinnah, Tom Batsche, Dawn Katz, Harrison David Eppright, Charles Hall, Kathy Pensyl, Mark Greenwalt, Scott Geigar, David Lipps. 126 Special Interest Religious Marketing Club FIRST ROW: April Miller, Susan Fletcher, Selena Harris, Debbie Sanchez, Vicki Eredini, Kathy Phil- lips, Laurie Pickering, Yvonne Sweeten. SECOND ROW: Claire Amyx, Marilea Murray, Cathy Peet, Elaine Rathgeber, Vicki Cass, Carla Hollowell, Vickie Thompson, Rethany Spurrier. THIRD ROW: Sheila Lee, Reverly Walter, Susan Price, Ranch Davis, Rita Palmer, Leslie Geffert, Lisa Colburn, Jane Dillinger. FOURTH ROW: Russell Marshall, Rob Mamlstedt, Steve Mamlstedt, Tom Jackson, Mike Cummings, Wilbur Ford, Ken Carnes, Cheryl Luke. FIFTH ROW: Greg Hartwig, Lee Land, Kenneth Smith, Bradley Hardin, John Weaver, Vince Wayhon, Lynn Carlson, Cheryl Chesser. The Marketing Club, headed by Jack Raber, has 120 members. The main purpose of the Marketing Club is to develop the advancement of science and marketing and to promote professional and practical education among marketing students. The Marketing Club also brings to campus prominent speakers such as Tad Thompson, vice president of J. Walter Thompson Advertising Agency, and Franz Ehrhardt, an authority on international marketing. Field trips are also offered to members. This year the Marketing Club visited one of Conoco ' s largest refineries in Lake Charles, La. and the Dallas Convention Center. Computer Science Club FIRST ROW: Cindy Weil, Lisa Harrison, Sherri Malone, Julie Mitchell, Brenda Hurt, Ann Crecelius, Curtis Collins, Allen West, Dr. Craig Wood. SECOND ROW: Yvonne Naquin, Kay Cagle, Rae- neen Jewell, Donna Lubbers, Roger Bossley, Allen Cohen, Edward Davis. THIRD ROW: Kevin Kirk- hoff, Dennis Clark, Tammy Mays, Lynne Waggon- er, Susan Lows, Laurette Cisneros. FOURTH ROW: Robert Wichmall, Steve Sheppard, Don Nimmons, David Wolf, Yvette Dolan, Ann Paris. FIFTH ROW: William Wachel, Jennifer Smith, Diana Peterson, Darrell Eubanks, David Seebeck, Duk-Jin Chang, C.J. Fitzgerald. The Computer Science Club is an organization for those students who have an interest in computer science. Meetings are held so that the students can get to know each other. Special Interest 127 Rodeo Club WL JSH MBBfegifr The Rodeo Club was formed to pro- mote the sport of rodeo and keep alive Texas the western heritage. The Rodeo Club sponsored an in- tramural rodeo in October at the Tall Pines Arena. In conjunction with the UC Programs Western Week, even the cafeteria workers dressed up and square danced at dinner time. Among the events at the rodeo were bull riding, bareback bronc riding, wild- cow milking and goat milking. OFFICERS: Back Row: Buddy Lewis, vice president, Dianne Ivy, historian; Susan Holmes, treasurer; Hardy Meredith, president. Front Row: Cindy Glass, corresponding secretary; Heidi Willey, historian; Susie Rook, secretary; Janet Gregg, historian. 128 Special Interest Top Left: A rodeo participant prepares a flanking rope. Top Right: A cowboy demonstrates shoedogging at the rodeo sponsored by the Rodeo Club. Left: A rider races for time in the bull riding contest. Special Interest 129 Future Farmers of America The purpose of the Future Farmers of America is to promote cultural, profession- al, parliamentary and social training for the teacher trainees of vocational agricultural education enrolled at SFA. Members also participate in worthwhile programs for the betterment of the Future Farmers of America. RIGHT: First Row: Melanie Price, Mary Pettit, Sid- ney Ann Sparks, Pamela Haddox, Sonya Rene McClendon. Second Row: W.S. Woodley, Gregg Magee, Michael Bennett, Dale Morton, Ricky Black. Third Row: Doug Loop, James Butler, Steven Beck. Maxey Hooks, Thomas A. Quarles. Fourth Row: Doyle Hamrick, Andy Young, Phil Borman, Esteban Mesa, Johnny Willeford. ABOVE: Front Row: James Butler, Doyle Hamrick, Johnny Willeford, Maxey Hooks. Sidney Ann Sparks. Back Row: Thomas Quarles, Ricky Black, Esteban Mesa, W.S. Woodley. I: 3. F. A. S. U. CHAPTER 130 Special Interest College Republicans College Republicans was formed to promote the cause and ideals of the con- servatives, while endeavoring to stimulate interest in governmental affairs among stu- dents. Rejuvinated with the goal of sup- porting the presidential aspirations of Pres- ident-elect Ronald Reagan, a group called Students for Reagan was initiated to fur- ther local and state efforts of carrying Texas in the election. Club members organized a rally around Mike Reagan ' s appearance, met with Republican party officials, includ- ing Gov. Bill Clements, worked the polls on Election Day and ultimately shared in the victory of a Reagan landslide and the newly elected conservative majority in the U.S. Senate. ABOVE LEFT: FIRST ROW: Misty Lipp. Jane Ann Leeves, Betsey Large, Lisa Webb, Sheri King. SECOND ROW: Norman C. Cox, sponsor; Kerry Horn, Randy McLean, vice president; David Royer, president; Michael Royer, treasurer. THIRD ROW: Debbie Bullion, Sandy Parker, Mark Spriggs, Bart Bodine, Jenni Sewell, Sherry Vojtek. LEFT: FIRST ROW: Michael Royer, treasurer; Belinda Burney, secretary. SECOND ROW: David Royer, president; Tom Jackson, vice president. Special Interest 131 Dramatic Interest Organization The purpose of the Dramatic Interest Organization is to provide extracurricular learning experiences relating to the per- forming arts. The club also serves as an organized informal communication be- tween theater majors and the theater faculty. TOP: FRONT ROW: Debbie Adamson, Layne Jack- son, Robin Anderson, Diana Gural, Chris Newlin, Keith Baker, Carrie Butler, Bill Richardson. SECOND ROW: Alexa Powell, Scott J. Stewart, Steve Hergert, Patrick Adams, Gigi Antoni, Leanne Tailby, Bronco Bronner, Kim Martin, Beth Parrish. THIRD ROW: James Skinner, Stephen Sunday, Mary Anne Walser, William Dee Berry. BACK ROW: Chuck Smith, Sharon Kissner, Glenn Hering, Stephanie Smith, Joe Still. BOTTOM: Scott J. Ste- wart, Bill Richardson, Carrie Butler, Keith Baker, Chris Newlin. 132 Special Interest Cabaret Players The purpose of the Cabaret Players is to provide an opportunity for students to per- form show and pop music in a concert set- ting using aspects of song, dance and dra- ma. The group is open to all university students by audition. The players repre- sent the university throughout East Texas by performing for high schools, rotary clubs and for luncheons and banquets. TOP: FRONT ROW: Kayla Raker, John Martin, Rar- bara Robinson, Vicki Wimberly, James Skinner, Kim Martin, Carrie Rutler, Keith Raker, Venita Gaskin. RACK ROW: Jay Clement, Glenda Gardner, Arthur Mann, Cindy Hartman, Glen Hering, Mary Jayne Merxon, Julie Elliot, Laurie Fortney, Joe Still, Laurie Rutler. FRONT ROW: Rill Richardson, business manager; Carrie Rutler, student director; James Skinner, choreo- grapher; Stephanie Smith, stage co-ordinator. SECOND ROW: Barbara Robinson, accompanist; Glenn Hering, stage manager; Vicki Wimberly, choreographer; Joe Still, librarian; Shirley Watterston, sponsor; Keith Raker, costume and props. Special Interest 133 Karate Club The purpose of the SFA Karate Club is to stimulate interest in and knowledge of karate as a sport and as an art. The club develops self-confidence, concentration and the meaning of respect of one ' s self and your surroundings. Classes taught by an instructor and advanced students include stretching exercises, basic hand and foot techniques, proper breathing, kumite (fighting), kata (dance- like forms), weapons and self-defense. TOP: FRONT ROW: Estelle Perez, John Lauget, Mike Epstein, Randy Loekhart, Krissy Johnston, Barry Jones, Brian Montgomery. MIDDLE ROW: Mark Johnson, Patrick Allen, Philip Tappe, Pat McGuire, Steven Blanc-hard, Richard Senasac, Karen Miller. BACK ROW: Kathy Kilbourn, Daphne Chamrad, Dwight Newton, Jay Hall, Bill Babb, Andy Dougharty, Erik Frew, Deborah Johnson, Mark Stinnett. ABOVE: FRONT ROW: Daphne Chamrad, K rissy Johnston. BACK ROW: Pat McGuire, Mark Stinnet, Randy Loekhart. 134 Special Interest Greenhouse Management Club Greenhouse Management Club mem- bers are exposed to the current trends and methods of greenhouse management prac- tices through club projects. The members are introduced to professional and social interaction among greenhouse students and people in the greenhouse management field. This year the club assisted in the construction of a solar greenhouse. TOP: Lisa Forse, vice president; Pat McCrory, president; Sharon Grigg, secretary; Cindy Westell, treasurer. BOTTOM: FRONT ROW: Lisa Forse, Sharon Grigg, Cindy Westell. MIDDLE ROW: Diana Guynes, Mary English, Bill Simpson. BACK ROW: John Brown, Pat McCrory, Chris Clay, Narrie A. Travis Jr., Dr. T.A. Alhashimi. Special Interest 135 Sylvans The purpose of the Sylvans is to develop a friendship with the school and to give students an insight into the field of for- estry. Each fall during Homecoming week, the Sylvans sponsor Lumberjack Day, a com- petition in which groups and individuals compete in such events as cross-cut saw- ing, greased pole climbing and a fire fight- ing event involving cigars, squirt guns and matches. RIGHT: FRONT ROW: Marv Haecker, Joyce Gass, Mystie Wilson. SECOND ROW: John Coker, Julie Harrold. THIRD ROW: Steve White, Chuck Crim- mins, Tom Hanson. RACK ROW: Steve Hallmark, Zwaine Lamar. BELOW: FRONT ROW: Chuck Crimmins, Steve White. SECOND ROW: Mary Haecker, Joyce Gass, Mystie Wilson, Audrey Thoma- son, Sophia Sanchez, Wanda Hockenbrocht, Nancy Boileau. THIRD ROW: Wesley Whitmeyer, John Roese, Beth Needham, Ann Snow, Sue Humason, Robin Borthwick, Nancy Simpson, Cathy Plume, Melanie VanLandingham, Julie Harrold, Joanne Lenahan. FOURTH ROW: Joe Frank, Mark Dima- line, Vic Stewart, Tracy Havins, Donna Calhoun, Susan Gilkeson, Heather-Dawn Johnson, Bertha Macias, Joey Cavazos, Tim Quezada. FIFTH ROW: Davin Ivans, Bruce Moore, Nick Harrison, Sandra Ray, John Coker, Tom Hanson, Daniel Mott. BACK ROW: Woody Eastman, John Ellis, Matt Judy, Steve Best, Zwaine Lamar, Steve Hallmark, David Carter. 136 Special Interest Wildlife Society The purpose of the SFA Student Chap- ter of the Wildlife Society, Inc. is to de- velop and promote sound stewardship of wildlife resources and the environment. The group also strives to increase public awareness and appreciation of wildlife values and to encourage the highest stan- dards in all activities of the wildlife profes- sion. TOP: FRONT ROW: Randy Tucker, Ann Snow, Mystie Wilson, Joev Cavazos, Amy Clabaugh. James Fischer, Jeff Koval. ' MIDDLE ROW: Darrell Evans, Rick Ehrhart, Randy Dove, Stan Palla, John Roese, Philip Tappe, Randv Lockhart, Randv Askew. BACK ROW: Carl Skelley, Eric Hansen, Buster Smith, Jon Beard, Woody Eastman, Michael Williams, Paul Kisel, Bobby Reed. LEFT: Donny Worthington, James Fischer, Philip Tappe, Rick Ehrhart. Special Interest 137 Student Texas Recreation and Parks Society SFA ' s student branch of the Texas Rec- reation and Parks Society serves to ex- plain to students to different careers and aspects of recreation. They also work with the Texas Recreation and Parks Society on matters of student concern. Front Row: Steve Hiebert, Roy Mask, James Rice, Daniel Mott, Devin Rail. Middle Row: Carol Scur- lock, Cathy Lundee, C.C. Campos, Joan Lennon, Cindy Adams, Ricky Maxey. Rack Row: Rick Greg- ory, Sophia Sanchez, Woody Eastman, Ron Ruckner, Paul Mueller. Texas Student Education Association The Texas Student Education Association is the professional association for students preparing for a career in education. It provides members with many opportunities and benefits for further development of professional competence and personal growth. TSEA provides opportunities for student involvement on local, state and national levels. Meetings provide opportunities for interaction with professional educators. First Row: Janet Bain, Melinda Fisher, Lou Ann Leander, Jeanie Airheart, Kenna Ball, Chellie Heap, Kimberly Jouette, Connie Nicholoson. Second Row: Kathryn Robbins, Kay Ballard, Mary Ellen Brooke, Belinda Boyd, Grace Campbell, Kathy Sutton, Sheryl Clamon, Kelly Kittel, Karole Kinney, Mary Buettner. Third Row: Julie Slocumb, Laurie Hall, Martha Gregg, Anntionett Avers, Judy Wallace, Kathy Thompson, Sherry Pulliam, Leigh Langlinais, Renee Snyder. Fourth Row: Lezlie Cook, Leah Dohm, Deborah Bristow, Herbert Standifer, Carolyn Hudgins, Jennifer Jernigan, Jennifer Pasko, Celese Gerdes, Irma Briggs. Jan Lanik. Fifth Row: Roddi Latham, Laura Farley, Debbie Strelick, Diane Twiss, Audrey Suttles, Melinda Vaughn, Amy Watson. 0mam mmm iwm ii m i ii w in m i i iiii i i Special Interest 139 Spanish Club The Spanish Club seeks to promote in- terest in the Spanish language, culture and civilization. Front Row: Mary Ann Grayson, Lucy Mendoza, Olga Gil, Conrado Bedoya. Back Row: Luanna Franks, Tony Marinez, Mary Traveland, Ray Rodigues. Geology Club The Geology Club is an organization formed for the purpose of stimulating an interest in the geological sciences through the promotion of field trips, lectures and various social functions. First Row: Ralph Aldis, Marilyn Ivins, Scott Frazier, Bill Dean, Tom Ehrhart, Second Row: Tami Berry, Melinda Vaughn, Deborah Magouirk, Allyson Martin, Lorna Clevenger, Jill Evans, Gloria Sprague, Julie Creech, Kay Tillery. Third Row: Frederick Falk, Martin Deuth, Valerie Wunderlich, Paula Stevens, Lori Higgins, Albert Massy, Kirk Morgan. Robin Davis, Ray Arnold. Fourth Row: Michael Giles, Dr. Austin Sartin, Ben Gonzales, Tom Cheatham, Jeff Marsh, Keith Belle, Dr. Volker Gobel, Steve Sides, Jeff Kurtz, David Brewer. Fifth Row: Neil Henley, Dr. Harry P. Hoge, Fred Nerdson, Rick Moore. Jeroen Kok, Damian Luke, Mark Krolczyk, T.J. Lipon, Mike Miller, John Hultman, Ron Able, David Bedford. 140 Special Interest The Austin Guard The Austin Guard, an SFA military club, promotes leadership skills, while providing service to the school and community. The drill team competes against major universities around the area and state. Explorer Post 602 Explorer Post 602, sponsored by the School of Forestry, serves to provide students with the opportunity to participate in outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, rock climbing, canoeing and skiing. FRONT ROW: Davin Ivans, Howard Rose, Joey Cavazos, C.C. Campos, Mark Wood, Samuel Shupe, Glenn Smith. RACK ROW: Scott Vackar, Rachel Robbins, Cathy Plume, Joanne Lenahan, Sheri King, Phillip H. Briggs. Special Interest 141 Orienteering The SFA Pacers Orienteering Club provides members with practice and competition in orienteering. Orienteering involves finding a series of points located throughout a wooded area using a map and a compass. The seven members of the club participate in various meets throughout the state. Front Row: Bill Carnegie and Anita Adair. Back Row: Cheryl Hatley, Patricia Barnett, Paul Mueller and sponsor, Capt. Rich Riggs. Austin Raiders The Austin Raiders are members of a profes- sional military organization specializing in small unit tactics. The group has special in- terest in the combat arms of the military. First Row: Steve Phares, Andy Philbrook, Damn Bullis, Jon Edmonson, Barn Coggan, Bobby Simmons. Second Row: Randy Miller, Major Sam Henderson, adviser; John Thihnan. Third Row: Daryl Blohm, Jay Hall, Phil Calahan, Chris Lancaster. Fourth Row: Craig Bullis, Gary Birdwell. Fifth Row: Mike Franks, Danny Chadwick. Sixth Row: Paul Taylor. Seventh Row: Patrick Allen. 142 Special Interest Music Student Council The Music Student Council is an organiza- tion which operates for the exclusive purpose of service to the music department. The council is composed of the presidents of the Greek music organizations and of the major ensembles. Front Row: Becky Jones, Donna Wilson, Susan Milliorn, secretary; Cheryl Hale, president. Back Row: Mark McGo- wan, Tollie Goodwin, Schultz Bennett, Leon Lloyd. First Row: Martha Wachel, Karen Ritch, Sharon Seitzinger, Karen Lewin, Colleen Bach, Lisa Hope, Harriet Harrell. Second Row: Tricia Aguilar, Christie Hansen, Shan- non Blair, Ann Carroll, Carolyn Mihelich, Jeannie Sowell, Debra McKain, Lisa Fore- man, Becky Cook. Third Row: Tracy Ful- gham. Ginger Flanagan, Shirley Sisk, Eli- zabeth Lewis, Lisa Blanton, Laura Altimari. Mitzi Rowland, Gloria Priest, Marsha Dove, Lori Damskov. Fourth Row: Patricia Grimes, Lee Martin, Holly Harrington, Amy Gleason, Cathy Smith, Karen Muckleroy, Karla Hagemeier, Mary Beth Herring. Fifth Row: Jamie Hines, Kay Lynn Clanton, Sherry Jones, Susan Roberts, Cynthia Harding. Mar- garet Blackwell, Amanda Balesky, Vicki Mil- ler. Sixth Row: Laura Shivers, Nancy McGo- wan, Julia Hill, Diana Rolston. Home Economics Club The Home Economics Club is a professional organization designed to provide professional growth and participation among home economics majors. The 100-members of the club meet on the second Wednesday of each month to discuss various activities and items of business. Special Interest 143 Fashion Merchandising Club The Fashion Merchandising Club was established to promote career and profes- sionalism in the field of fashion merchan- dising. After a successful membership drive in October, the club held an intro- ductory meeting and a Fall Fashion Fore- cast. The club also assisted with a wool contest in November. First Row: Jeanie VVestbrook, Cindy Havens, Paula Bester, secretary; Christina Langford, treasurer; Tracy Fulgham, vice president; Karen Nissen, president; Dana Pennington. Second Row: Debbie Sanchez, Patti Durkin, Laura Avant, Linda Freiman, Diana Rolston, Bethany Spurrier, Anita Hughey. Third Row: Rene Chamness, Patty Madsen, Gigi Jacks, Shannon Blair, Cheryl Chesser, Tracy Novak, Randi Martin, Melissa Bell, Elaine Mattar. Fourth Row: Tammy Tergerson, Nancy McGowan, Cheryl Mould, Stephanie Smith, Karen Hightower, Kathy Jo Clark, Melody Hill, Leslie Geffert. International Reading Association The International Reading Association is a professional organization designed to promote and encourage the study of read- ing. IRA members have the opportunity to hear guest speakers and attend workshops on the local level. Front Row: Jennifer Jernigan, vice president; Debbie Strelick, treasurer; Diane Twiss, secretary; Gretchen Breckwoldt, historian. Back Row: Vicki Truesdell, Claire Pamell, Dr. Mary Appleberry, Dr. Odis O. Rhodes, Kim Jouette, Lou Ann Leander, Leah Dohm. president. 144 Special Interest Floriculture Club Dedicated to the advancement of interest in floriculture, this FRONT ROW: Dr. T.A. Alhashimi, Tim Pitt, secretary; Laurie club aids in educating its members and the general public about Coble, president; Brett Brookshire. BACK ROW: Tommy Martin, useful knowledge in the growing of flowers. treasurer; Robert Keeble, vice president; Narrie A. Travis Jr., Mark Hearne, John Ben Williams. Horticulture Club LEFT: Sharen Grodahl, vice president; Teresa Lueke, secretary; Robert Lightfoot, treasurer; James Roberts, president. BACK ROW: Russell Jarboe, Ronnie McCarty, Doug Lang, Robert Wright, Narrie Travis, Steve Reeves, Dr. David Creech, sponsor. Horticulture divides plants into three types categories: fruit, vegetable and ornamental. The Horticulture Club works with these types of plants in the greenhouse located on East College Street. The purpose of the club is to promote scholarship through fellowship while working together in fields of horticulture. The groups scholarship is paid for with the money made selling plants the club has grown. Special Interest 145 The Student Government Association of SFA has continued to improve conditions on campus. Elections were held early fall, 1980 for officers. Since then SGA has passed many bills including appropriating funds for organizational sports and chang- ing codes for dorm room graphics. TOP LEFT: Senate Executive Committee. Peter Kilpatrick, Lori Higgins, Dana Humphrey, Cindy Harding, Dana Sneed. TOP RIGHT: Members. FRONT ROW: Paula Perucca, Lisa Katz, Peter Kilpatrick, Dana Sneed, Chris Sonnier, Ann Rradv. SECOND ROW: Sherry James, Kim Cain, Annette Rocamontes, Dana Humphrey, Elaine Elder. THIRD ROW: Ken Lackner, Mark Wood, Jan Moore, Melvin Tipps, Carol Hengy. FOURTH ROW: Lynn Patterson, Steve Cordova. FIFTH ROW: Marilea Murrav, Annella Bennet, Bruce Weir, Kim Stone, Nancy Gerringer. SIXTH ROW: Lori Higgins, Kirk Frambes, Lisa French, Patricia Boniface. SEVENTH ROW: Steve Westbrook, Valeri Sanders, Lesa Wheat, Rick Gregorv. EIGHTH ROW: Judv Ramey, Lisa Dowdv, Jennifer Candia. NINTH ROW: Barbara Roach, Laura Basden, Rick Morris, Greg Richards. TENTH ROW: Ross Crowe, Cynthia Harding. ELEVENTH ROW: Joe Frank, Ellis Vachon, Ivy Lynn Bush, Karrie Frazier. ABOVE: SGA Officers. B. French, president; Carol Hengy, vice president; Patricia Boniface, secretary; Ellis Vachon, treasurer. 146 Coordinating Residence Halls Association TOP: FRONT ROW: Donna Lubbers, Nancy Gerringer. Erin Wood, Deborah Johnson, Angela Fisher, Lydia Baker. SECOND ROW: Constance Atutis, Casey Campen, Diane Foster, Bonita Jacobs, Beth Needham, Melanie Matthews, Janine Wagner, Cherri Blair. THIRD ROW: Beth Moore, Jan Wood, Jennifer Bone, Stephanie Johnson, Meletra Bean, Beverly Fletcher. FOURTH ROW: Kimberlee Koenning, Cathy Cradit, Paul Frey, Karen Rich, Rebecca Klein, John Bryson, Ken Lackner. FIFTH ROW: Marilea Murry, Lynn Fulmer, Karen Pickels, Steve Roberts, Suzi Hem- minghaus, Stacy Allen. SIXTH ROW: Robert Lyle, John Coker, Tom Hanson, Karen Campbell, Molly Murphy, Terri Collins, Gary Hollaway. SEVENTH ROW: Kevin Mayne, Ross Crowe, Jim Strand, Herbert Standifer, Linda Baker, Tracy Lovell, Bill Heyd- rick. LEFT: RHA Officers: Diane Foster, vice president; Ken Lackner, president; Linda Baker, secretary; Karen Campbell, treasurer. The purpose of the Residence Halls Association is to improve the total living environment of the residence halls. This is accomplished through legislating actual physical improvements. Also, social programs are designed to provide fun and interaction for the dorm resident. Some of the activities organized by RHA include a fall retreat, Parents Day and dances. Coordinating 147 University Center Programs University Center Programs is the name given to several committees as a whole. The objective of the program committees is to provide services for the student body to make Stephen F. Austin a better university to attend. The committees are made up of interested students. TOP: Kevin Minatrea, vice president of internal affairs, Steve Westbrook. president; Carol Wortham, vice president of operations. ABOVE: FRONT ROW: Debbie Eilermann, Carol Wortham, Sue Par man, Chris Levings, UC Programs adviser; Ann Pollard, Terry Pruetz, Nancy Wortham, Kerry Klein, Rhea Barnes. BACK ROW: Kevin Minatrea, Lisa Eubanks, Mike Mandrell, Mark Novasod, Pam McPhaill, Marlin Bryant, Mark Krolczyk, Tom Bray, Steve Westbrook. 148 Coordinating Communications Committee The Communications Committee is in charge of all advertising associated with the University Center Programs. The group han- dles material for concerts, plays and clubs. They also publish month- ly calendars and miscellaneous leaflets. LEFT: Kelly Soldier, Bobby Dodd, Mike McClellan, David Scheffer. Fashion Committee The Fashion Committee, or the Mamselle Models, is a UC Programs group devoted to organizing and performing in fashion shows. The group models the latest fashions in shows open to all students and faculty. Coordinating 149 Technical Services The main function of the Technical Ser- vices Committee is to run sound systems and light for UC Programs. The group is also in charge of equipment for dances and concerts. Hospitality The Hospitality Committee serves as hosts for SFA when guests come to the campus. The group also serves students and campus families by sponsoring parties and special services including Santa Grams and study breaks during finals. TOP PICTURE: FRONT ROW: Ron Russak, Mark Krolczyk, Tom Rray. RACK ROW: Jo Fogg, David Hunt, Kevin Minatrea, Larry Peabodv. ROTTOM PICTURE: Hospitality Committee. FRONT ROW: Connie Nicholson, Sherri Malone, Ann Pollard, Patri- cia Perice. RACK ROW: Lisa Harrison, Shannon Glidden, Jim Ream, Daphne Chamrad. 150 Coordinating Outdoor Recreation Committee The Outdoor Recreation Committee is formed to provide activities for students living off campus as well as those living on campus. These activities include road ral- lies, canoe trips, bike rides and rock climb- ing which can be participated in with a small entry fee. FRONT ROW: Mary Cottingham, Carolyn Jones, Tricia Adair. BACK ROW: David Clark, Richard Ber- ry, Diane Hinkley, Frank Castellanos, Jon Thomas, Carie Crowner, Trevelyn Edmiston. Cinema Arts Committee The Cinema Arts Committee is in charge of showing motion pictures to paying audi- ences. The committee, under UC pro- grams, ran major movies like " Kramer vs. Kramer " and " Rocky I and II " in the Ken- nedy Auditorium. FRONT ROW: David Mallory, chairman; Teri Poole, Sheryl Bontrager, Kim Hubbard, Linda Bontrager. BACK ROW: Debbie McKain, Sherri Porter, Tim Pitt, Debbie Avey, Nancy Foster. Coordinating 151 Ideas and Issues The UC Committee called Ideas and Issues was formed to bring a different type of entertainment to SFA. One such speak- er was Gene Roddenberry of the TV series " Star Trek. ' ' College Bowl is one activity the committee co-sponsored with RHA. RIGHT: FRONT ROW: Dave Dickey, Sandy Joiner, Greg Thompson, Donna Backey. BACK ROW: George Roark, Huck Henning, Danny Walthall, Steve Jennings. Performing Arts Committee The Performing Arts Committee of UC Programs is a non-profit organization that provides entertainment for SFA. Student members arrange concerts with major per- sonalities as well as with less known per- formers. 152 Coordinating Diversions Committee The Diversions Committee of UC Programs is responsible for bringing professional and student talent to SFA. Through the Spotlight Series, the group brings these performers to dorms as well as to the Hungry Jack Inn. Some of the artists seen were Don Sanders, a folk guitarist; T. Daniels, a mime; and student enter- tainers. Left to Right: Susan Chambers, Mike Mandrell, Debbie Eilermann, Danny Rine- hart, chairman; Rhea Barnes. Food Services The Food Services Committee of UC Programs is in charge of making the cafeterias pleasant and inviting. The group acts as a link in communication between the student body and the head of Food Services for SFA. Food Services offered birthday parties every month and helped decorate cafeterias for special occasions. The committee also helped set up the Mad- rigal Dinner during December. FRONT ROW: Karen Brenneman, Nancy Haney, Julie Maendler, Carol Scurlock, Kerry Klein. SECOND ROW: Donna Lubbers, Linda Baker, Rebecca Klein, Diane Foster, Jim Gary. Coordinating 153 Fair and Carnival Committee Travel Committee ABOVE: Nancy Wortham, Jana Johnson, Tim Ladner, Lisa French. 154 Coordinating Steen Hall Top: Steen Hall Residents. Above: Steen Hall Senators: First Row: Susan Wallace, treasurer: Reth Needham. president; Tracy Lovell, representative; R.J. Miller, vice president; Molly Murphy, representative. Second Row: Wendy Sivley. secretary; Kathy Yates, historian; Ruth Mersky, senator; Kim Schafer, senator, Elizabeth Cummings, senator. Third Row: Rrenda Pearce, Peggy Rell, Jacque Fitzgerald, Stephanie Germenis, senator; Tamara Graham, senator; Ginger Sanders, senator. Fourth Row: Catherine Weir, La ' Lon Gartner, Kathy Keister, Sara Hartwick, Leslee Moseley, Shannon Lynch, Susan Miller, Julie Good. Dorms Top Left: Griffith Hall Senate. Front Row: Stacy Heaton, Karen Daniel, Grace Campbell, Denise Gibson. Second Row: Rebecca Klein. Nell Collins, Paula Coop- er, Lori Damskov, Shawn McGowen, Kalinda Brooks. Third Row: Holly Hennard, Minette Clements, Angie Fisher, Kerrie White, Pam Latham, Lee Anne Schooler. Fourth Row: Erin Wood, Pat Gear, Cathv Clark, Brenda Varner, Greta Macha, Anna Verzinski. Top Right: Executive Officers. Front Row: Lori Damskov, histor- ian; Brenda Varner, secretary. Back Row: Anna Verzinski. co-president; Paula Cooper, vice-president; Erin Wood, co-president. Not pictured: Angie White. Above: Griffith Hall residents. 156 Dorms Hall 14 Mays Hall First Row: George Roark, Tim Kane. Second Row: Chris Patton. John Brown, Todd Guest, Pete Irwin, Mark Worthington, Clayton Trimmer, Scott Browning, Craig Giggleman, Mike Weaver, Chris Van Dyck, Steve Willis, Russell Callender III. Bart Gaskin, Todd Thompson. Third Row: Mark Davis, Steve Goehringl J. P. Welch, John Schrolfield, Kevin Ducote, Scot Smith, Alan Warren, Bo Nix, Danny Armstrong, Pat Smith. Don Konarik, Greg Medlin, Scott Taylor. Bryan Shaw, Alan Veteto. Bill Harrington, Sam Sanim, Jon Bradhurst, John Shavvo. Fourth Row: Stephen Baker, Paul Hopkins, Doak Lambert, Greg Cason, Mike Harkins, Bill Klingman, Mike Crossman, Mark Linke, Bruce Weir, Drew Scoggan, Daniel Enderle, Roger Peterson, Rusty Moss, Alan Richard, David Hayward Mike Vincius, Barry Tiedt, Tom Batsche, Willie Hanna, David Lipps, Paul Frey, Mike Oliver, Steve Hiebert, John Machel, Lance Fauber. Dorms 157 Gibbs Hall First Row: Chamois Brooks, Kathleen Kennedy, Rebecca Taylor, Janette Smith, Colleen Hollinger, Laurie Adler, Laurel Holmgren, Janine Wagner, April Woods, Lynn Forrester, Melanie Matthews, Dawn Katz, Lee Ann Willingham, Ann Brady, Perian Heap, Polly Knox, Lisa Eubank, Christine Peckert. Second Row: Kim Kilman, Diane Hinckley, Paige Swiam, Melinda Kent, Paula McNabb, Katherine Day, Lisa Papich, Kathy Meyer, Debbie Harris, Elizabeth Ferguson, Elise Mierz- wiak, Sandy McKenny, Gretchen Pollak, Briana Hammack, Ellen Flatt, Konnie Keenon. Third Row: Susan Hutchins, Emily Baumann, Vanita Vargo, Susan Meyer, Laura Larsen, Tamara Westmoreland, Helen Glaser, Sharon Nippert, Kim Parpart, Becky Young, Jana Gainer, Cyndee Jenkins, Pauline Turner, Sherri Por- ter, Carol Scurlock, Holly Schutt, Renita Miller, Donna Fenner, Toby Travis. Fourth Row: Karen Ouzts, Beth Barton, Shelly Clark, Dee Dee Zamora, Laurie Hornsby, Tracy Robertson, Jenny Carlton, Laurie Logan, Marta Barry, Lisa Merz- lak, Cindy Hartman, Terresa Hire, Kelly Stewart, Becky Scherer, Cheryl Salley, Georgia Thomasson, Micki Perry, Jenni Smith. n ' . r si 2 ] r s Dorms North Hall First Row: Melanie Parsons, Betsy Gilmer, Stacey Rice, Rita Caldwell, DeeDee Garcia, Cindy Havens, Lori Taylor. Tammy Boris. Second Row: Teresa MeKnight, Patricia Davis. Kathy Morris, Donna Min- ton, Nancy Gerringer. Third Row: Karen Campbell, Debra K. McKain, Audrey Chism, Nancy Love. Fourth Row: Diana Covington, Jeannie Sowell, Shera Pruitt, Jane Burns, Marjorie Young. Fifth Row: Lisa Strader, Debbie Jansen, Kelley Richards, Keis Saal. Mary Ramsey. Sixth Row: Louise Stimson, Gayla Hol- comb, Becky McLain, Buffy Kramer, Mildred Civil, Laura Kahrl, Missy Dugger, Jan Nicholson, Kaye Tucker. Seventh Row: Mrs. Connella, Laura Gilmer, Pattie Marek, Mary Mader, Beverly Fletcher, pres- ident; Audrey Suttles. vice president. First Row: Barbara Koegl, Elaine Pruden, Mary Ann Grayson, Renee Sagen, Lisa Hibbard, Karla Hale, Debbie Fain, Susan Stamey, Tina Barnes. Lori Bl ack- mon. Second Row: Carolyn Hudgins, Kathi Pier, Cheryl Williamson, Machelle Bush. Third Row: Mar- la Boland, Phyllis Bravenec, Brenda Cox, Linda Young, Holly Hardwicke. Fourth Row: Laura Davis, Donna Lubbers. Jennifer Beaird, Jaylynn Van Marel, Jane Anne Moore, Dana Grayson, Cindy Cannon, Patti Manby, Beth Flaggert. Fifth Row: Vicki Archi- bald, Annalee Shipe, Leslie Schorr, Rhonda Kelley. Elizabeth Crook, Elizabeth Prim, Lilly Lee, Veronica Duncan, Joyce Abbey, Kathy Johnson, Julie Mitchell. Kim Weller. South Hall Dorms 159 Kerr Hall 160 Dorms Entertainment s as Band and Flags The SFA band and flag corp helped provide entertainment during football halftimes. In conjunction with the twirlers, the band and flags performed intricate routines. In order to achieve this, the groups practiced long hours learning their steps and their music. While in the stands, the groups helped maintain spirit by playing rousing music. Entertainment 161 Pine Log Staff (1) Advertising staff: Ruth Nilsen, Brian Bondy, spring manager; John Buckley, Jennifer Wehrmeyer, Clay Meyers, fall manager; Patricia Richardson. (2) Billy Hunt, spring sports editor. (3) David King, spring associate editor. (4) Loraine Herline, fall co-editor. (5) Sam Phelps, fall sports editor. (6) Jean Freitag, fall associate editor. (7) Leslie Lorenz, editorial staff. (5) (6) (7) 162 Communication (3) (7) (9) Published on Tuesdays and Fridays dur- ing the spring and fall semesters. The Pine Log is the student newspaper of Stephen F. Austin. The newspaper staff is composed of several departments: news editorial, photography, sports and advertising. Jour - nalism majors and minors apply for staff positions and qualified students are selected by members of SFA ' s Student Publications Committee. Working on The Pine Log gives poten- tial journalists a chance to practice their writing and production skills in a labora- tory atmosphere. The Pine Log covers the news of the S FA campus and the Nacogdoches community. (1) Mark Fleming, spring co-editor. (2) Cindy Ingram, associate editor. (3) Carol Hengy, typesetter. (4) Karen Carbonari, sports staff. (5) Shannon Glidden, typesetter. (6) Janice Talley, fall co-editor. (7) Mary Ann Wheeler, spring co-editor and Valerie Simpson, editorial staff. (8) John O ' Brien, spring associate edi- tor. (9) Beverly Fletcher, editorial staff. Communication 163 Stone Fort Staff The production of the 1981 Stone Fort started in September as staff members learned new techniques of working with a new publishing company. Under the direction of new director of stu- dent publications Sue Perkins, the 11-member staff began the long task of producing a book that would reflect a year in the history of SFA. " Nacogdoches — a great past; SFA — a greater future " was the theme chosen for the book because of the unique bind between the town and the university. New sections such as Academics, Entertainment, Student Life and Honors were added to give better coverage to the activities of SFA students. The staff, which consisted of eight " rookie members and three " veteran " staffers, worked throughout the year to meet the five deadlines set by the publishers. Combining their efforts, they managed to complete the 484-page book in mid-February. TOP RIGHT: Marc Colvin, student life, honors, faculty sections, Belinda Burney, assistant editor. BOTTOM RIGHT: Elaine Elder and Karen Brennan, Greek section. 164 Communication Communication 165 Photographers According to head photographer Hardy Meredith, student photographers in the fall semester of 1980 proved to be one of the best staffs ever for SFA ' s student publications. Each photog- grapher showed his talent, giving the photos a unique quality. These photos began with a photo assignment from one of the members of the Stone Fort or The Pine Log staff. The assign- ments were distributed among the photographers. After the pictures were taken and developed, proof sheet pictures were selected to be enlarged for publication. TOP: Head photographer, Hardy Meredith, directs his subject before taking a picture. BOTTOM LEFT: Gwen Vanek, Valerie Yandell and Hardy Meredith scan the landscape for creative shots. BOTTOM RIGHT: Valerie Yandell attempts to set up a tri-pod. 166 Communications TOP LEFT: Chris Rankin and his Canon F-l. MIDDLE LEFT: Janet Rubeck and Chris Rankin share the pleasure of being photographers. ROTTOM LEFT: Janet Rubeck. ROTTOM RIGHT: Gwen Vanek. Communications 167 TV 2 The university television station, Chan- nel 2, is operated by Stephen F. Austin students. The station is equipped with cameras, video facilities and a studio. KSAU, FM 90 KSAU, FM 90, is the official radio station of Stephen F. Austin. The station features a studio and offices with a teletype machine. The station is operated by SFA students and divides its daily program into sections such as " Jazz time " and " Rock. " 168 Communications 169 Panhellenic Council FIRST ROW: April Woods, Mary Long, DeAnne Mason, Michelle Deford, Sara Newell, Karla Kendrick. SECOND ROW: Deanna Harger, Carolyn Rape, LeAnn Dobbs, Janet Funder- burk, Judy Sanders, Marci Gunn. BACK ROW: Amy Blumenthal, Karole Kinney, Elaine Elder, Terri Mauer, Kendall Hicks, Melinda Brizzolara, Sara Stanley, Leanne Hunter, Mary Sheets, Karen Long, Kelly Stewart. The Panhellenic Council at Stephen F. Austin State University includes one head delegate and three alternate delegates from each sorority. Each sorority elects four delegates to serve as representatives on Panhellenic. Women ' s rush and a scholarship banquet held each semester are just a few of the activi- ties that the council organizes. In the spring, Panhellenic and the Inter- fraternity Council sponsor Greek Week. Panhellenic ' s main goal is to bring the sororities together to sup- port the Greek system. Dean Ernes- tine Henry is the adviser for Panhel- lenic. Interfraternity Counci The Interfraternity Council is composed of three representatives from each fraternity on campus. One of their main goals is to establish better relations between the school, faculty and Greeks. IFC decides on Men ' s Rush procedures and regula- tions. Organizing Greek Week and a scholarship banquet which is held each semester are a few of the activi- ties in which IFC plays an active part. Dr. Bill Porter, Dean of Stu- dent Development, is the adviser for IFC. FRONT ROW: Jim Pessagno, John McClain, Bryan Key, Mark Wood, Lane Watkins, Tom Kanes, Sonny King, Jim Ordemann, Ron Pfohl, Steve Hayward, Gary Granger. SECOND ROW: Tom Mack, Jonathan Moehring, Mike Mansfield, Jim Brake, Greg Blankenship, Steve Hall, John Branson, Stephen Smith, Steve Cordova, Kip Morgan, Jim O ' Neil, Peter Okie, Greg Powell. BACK ROW: Ray McLeod, John Thornton, Tommy Reynolds, Richard Wool- ridge, Craig Mathews, Keith Neill, Rich Gregory, Raiidy Dotson, GregTindel, David Dunn, Dr. Bill Porter acacia . . . acacia . . . acacia . . . acacia . . . acacia acacia . . . acacia . . . acacia . . . acacia . . . acacia The new ACACIA house located on East Main Street. ACACIA fraternity was chartered at SFA on April 27, 1975 and is one of the youngest fraternities on campus. It is the only fraterni- ty to use an entire greek word for its name rather than using a combination of greek letters. Its colors are black and old gold and its flower is a sprig of acacia in bloom. Having " human service " as their motto, ACACIA travels to Galveston each year to give blood to the Shriner ' s Burn Institute. In addition, ACACIA performs at least two other philanthropic activities each year. For example, they give aid to the East Texas Women ' s Shelter and the East Texas Special Olympics which are held at SFA each spring. While maintaining high scholastic standards, ACACIA also stresses social activities. Some of their activities include an annual spring pool tournament, participation in Greek Week and its spring formal, the " Laidback Luau " in New Braunfels on the Guadalupe River. ACACIA is currently enjoying the benefits of fraternal brotherhood at their newly acquired house on East Main Street. ACACIA ' s gather for a cookout in their back yard. 177 AXQ . . . alpha chi omega . . . AXO . . . alpha chi om Susan Amend Debbie Barnes Belinda Burney Tracey Dalton Janet Funderburk Kathi Hazelrigs Anne Kishpaugh Debbie Ashley Andrea Ashton Marianne Ashy Mary Atkinson Suzanne Aydelotte Linda Aykvard Lisa Baehr Cindy Baker Lisa Beahan Martha Bilan Monika Bilan Jeri Bledsoe Brenda Boccieri Becky Boren Linda Browning Laurie Brummett Kazie Buscher Brenda Capps Gayla Carnahan Kathy Carson Lisa Colburn Suzy Corbran Cheryl Crain Lorraine Crawford Becky Joy Daire Bobin Davis Jane Deason Michelle DeFord Allison Denham Chantal Evans Allyson Fare Kerryn Fisher Madelon Tammy Goldsmith Goodman Terri Graham Teri Gregory Lisa Guarnacci Tori Guta Martha Hanby Sheli Harwood Penny Lori Hendricks Hopper Deanne Jana Lee Jayroe Jones Kathy Jones Kim Jouette Elaine Kartalis Karla Kendrick Mary Nancy Kishpaugh Leake Laurie Maureen Manning Marroquin Bejie McDowell Cindy McGhee Lori McKenzie Carolyn Mihelich 178 AXQ . . . alpha chi omega . . . AXQ . . . alpha chi om Cathy Mitterlenner Shari Moon Rosanne Morello Lori Morrell Sharon Mueller Marcia Miirnnv Carolyn Debbie Murtland Bette Neal || Renee Nicks Mary Ann Notter Janet Dianne O ' Neal Susan O ' Neal Penny Payton Yvette Perez Melissa Debbie ¥ I Si Kay Rice Jerri Robinson Cindy Schlumpf Tina Sedgwick Pam Segrest Sally Sibley Rhonda Skillern Cindy Spitzack Sara Stanley WL mm Q Renee Surratt Lori Tanner Rexanne Templeton Tammy Tergerson Kay Thompson Becky Tickner Alicia Tubbs Deanna Tuttle Cindi Walker Joni Walker Annette Weaver Carol Wiese Suzanne Wilganowski Shannon Wood Kelly Woodall Caroline Valesano Jane Young Dana Zivney Alpha Chi Omega was founded on October 15, 1885 at DePauw University with the philosophy of providing women with an opportunity to excel both scholastically and socially as a group. The local chapter, Epsilon Eta, was founded in 1967. Alpha Chi Omega was awarded Greek Week and Derby Week Champion. They were also awarded the 1980 National Rush Award. They have members in Mamselles, cheerleading and intramurals. The Alpha Chi ' s are all smiles after winning their Hag loot ball game. 179 ATQ . . . alpha tau omega . . . ATQ . . .alpha tau om Jimmy Allred Bill Gleason Stewart House Greg Master Dan Appling Jeff Austin Alan Bailey Don Beasley Kevin Bell Greg Biankenship Terry Bond Alan Broussard John Graul David Grieve Bichard Hansen Gene Harrison David Hawkins David Henderson Ban Holman Kevin Hupp Matt Johnson Steve Lammers Tom Mandell Marty Mauer Miles Gary Carl McCall McWilliams Miller Louis Miori Gregg Neill Keith Neill Kerry Horn Craig Martin Jeff Nichols Keith Sills Clint Simpson Dave Spurrier David Stuart A. G. Scott Thomas Watson Ken Bon White Williams Bob Wilson 180 ATQ . . . alpha tau omega . . . ATQ . . . alpha tau om Tau ' s gather for the All-Greek picture. Alpha Tau Omega was the first fraternity founded after the Civil War between the states and was based on principles designed to bring a war-torn country back together. The Alpha Tau Omega fraternity at SFA was founded on April 12, 1969. Since then, they have grown to be the largest fraternity on campus. A few of their accomplishments include highest overall active and pledge GPA, Homecoming King, sophomore and fresh- man duke for 1980 and first place Homecoming float for two years in a row. The annual Heart Fund Drive and cleaning local church grounds are two service activities in which the Tau ' s take active part. 181 XQ . . . chi omega ... XQ ... chi omega ... XQ . . . Allison Angel Courtney Coodson Jill Bailey Cynthia Beasley Marlene Benson Jonna Brancato Tracy Brown Vivian Canellos Cindy Cannon Brenda Cox Tracy Miller Karen Gray Mary Ann Grayson Shari Green Linda Hager Julie Hamil Lisa Hayes Jennifer Healy Suzi Hemminghaus Julie Mitchell Kelly Mizell Anita Moser Sue Nelson Shannon Newman Lynn Nichols Melanie Nichols Jennifer Niemann 182 XQ . . . chi omega ... XO ... chi omega ... XQ . . . Beccy Pafford Karen Patterson Carol Phillips Lynn Pursche Carolyn Rape Janet Redfeara Luann Risin,;er Lynn Rodgers Renee Sagen Bobbie Ann Todd Jessica Webb Cheryl Whitney Mary Kay Windsor Sissy Woods Missy York Linda Young Chi Omega was founded at the Uni- versity of Arkansas. The Epsilon Zeta Chapter was founded at SFA on De- cember 7, 1963. The Chi Omegas at SFA are involved in many activities such as band, Mam ' selles, UC com- mittees and the soccer team. Their 1980 spring pledge class received the scholarship tray for achieving the high- est GPA. Freshman and sophomore duchesses were Chi Omegas as well as the 1980 Derby Doll. Their service project is a Christmas party for the retired citizens of Nacogdoches. Chi Omegas gather for the All-Greek picture. 183 AAA . . . delta delta delta . . . AAA . . . delta delta de Carrie Andrews Angie Bennett Kathy Farst Dana Gannon Christy Baker Jana Baker Julia Baker Tami Ball Cathie Barton Barbara Batey Brenda Batey Joanna Beall Debbie Kisling Georgia Bourgeois Mary Boyle Cindy Bridges Beth Brock Nan Butler Scholley Buzan Kelli Clester Jennifer Cox Kathy Ferguson Alice Fisher Mary Beth Fleck Dav Fleniken Antoinette Fonteno Robin Foster Marna Frew Julie Fuerstenau Sherry George Judy Greff Marci Gunn Holly Hardwicke Nina Harris Susan Harris Ann Henderson Lisa Houston Nancy Knuckols Buffy Kramer Laurie Lange Leanne Lange Christina Langford Karen Long 184 AAA . . . delta delta delta . . . AAA . . . delta delta de Lisa McGahen Shivaun McKenna Sharon Meikle Cherie Mould Becky O ' Bannon Mary Beth Ozanne Sandra Pahnke Melanie Pickens DeDe Pierce Kathy Quigley Jennifer Quinlan Ginger Sanders Stephanie Secrest Vicki SeidI Jennifer Singel Jeannel Smith Lynne Smith Lauree Sutton Bridget Swinnev Martha Thornton Rose Tijerina Jeanne Vain Wende Waggoner Pam Wagner Kathy Whitaker Martha Wilkinson Heidi Willey Lisa Williams Alison Wilson Mrs. Christine Crain -11 The Tri Delt ' s gather to do their yell on spirit night. Delta Delta Delta sorority was founded at Boston University in 1888 and encourages college women to assume the highest re- sponsibilities with integrity and devotion. The Beta Xi chapter at SFA was chartered in 1972. Silver, gold and blue are the soror- ity ' s colors and the pansy is their flower. The Tri-Delts have been awarded the highest active GPA award presented by Panhellenic for nine semesters, eight of them consecutive. Each year Tri-Delta gives two $300 scholarships to SFA students. They also collect money for children ' s National Cancer Be- search, Tri-Delta ' s national philanthropy. Tri-Delt s are in- volved in various campus activities including Ladyjack vol- leyball, SFA choir and orchestra, cheerleading, Mam ' selles and intramurals. This year ' s junior duchess is a Tri-Delt. 185 AIO . . . delta sigma phi ... AIO . . . delta sigma ph 1 Robbie Boudousauie Tom Choate Dennis Donahoe Jimmie Dugger David Dunn Mark Hampton Rick Holloway Mark Renter Kip Morgan Dean Nordt Vicki Hahn ,4l Charlene Howard Rose Markham Beth Randal Melinda Robinson Kathy Rodriquez Delta Sigma Phi was founded on December 10, 1929 at the College of the State of New York. They are the oldest fraternity on campus. They began as the Sawyers in 1929 and became Delta Sigma Phi national fraternity in 1960. Their colors are nile green and white and their flower is the white carnation. Their ax handles are seen at the SFA football games supporting the Lumberjacks. Delta Sigs are active in intramurals and stress academics as well. The Most Distinguished Alumni for 78 and 79 was a Delta Sig. Every year they put on a Playboy Bunny Contest to raise money for the Nacogdoches Treatment Center. Their spring formal is the Dream Girl Formal and at that time, an outstanding little sister is chosen as their Dream Girl. The Delta Sigs encourage brotherhood in many ways such as intramurals, parties and work projects. Delta Sigs not pictured are Joe Smith, Ralph Foreman, Chris Walters, Mike McDougal, Mike Smith, E.J. Zabojnik, Britt Bowers and Jorge Rodriguez. Delta Sig Little Sisters that are not pictured are Gretchen Zeithammel, Cathy Howard and Kelly Masterson. 186 AIO . . . delta sigma phi . . . AIO . . . delta sigma ph AZ . . . delta zeta ... AZ . . . delta zeta ... AZ . . . Sindee Ackles Jean Adams Jean Allison Cindy Ames Cheryl Bailey Shanda Baker Karen Balesky Laurie Coble Sherry Coleman Kim Czajkowskij Kristi Dixon Denise Drver Elaine Elder Pam Ellis Michele Fedor Andrea Jarrell Peggy Johnson Tricia Jordan Jill Kernahan Mary Laake Mylene Lemoine Barbara Leonard Shelley Lewis Donna Maberry Dawn Manning Lee Martin Michelle Martin Cindy McCaulev Laura McLaren Mindy Mertel Shelly Millar Laura Amy Basden Blumenthal Ginger Flanagan Mary Lynch Lisa Morgan 188 AZ . . . delta zeta ... AZ . . . delta zeta ... AZ . . . Allison Newell Amy Newell Sara Newell Carol Norris Paddy Jo O ' Brien Jody Oliver Vicky Onofrio Patty Price Terry Pruetz Char Sheffield Carol Smiley Lynn Patterson Cathy Smith Laurie Peters Lisa Smith Sharon Sparks Susan Sparks Susan Stamey Trish Wagner Jeri Walker Susan Welsh Lisa Stephenson .1 ■ Lesa Wheat Cindy Stockdale Johnna Stroope Tracie Linnis Theodore Thomas Ann Vandenbosch Sue Wolfe Dr. Louise Bingham The Delta Zeta Sorority was founded at Miami University on October 24, 1902. Zeta Psi of Delta Zeta was chartered at SFA on May 4, 1963. Their colors are rose and green, their flower is the Killarney rose and their symbol is the roman lamp. The Gallaudet College of Speech and Hearing is the main philanthropy to which they contribute each year. In the spring they sponsor the Special Olympics. They were chosen as the top chapter in Texas and New Mexico by their national officers. Some of the campus activities in which Delta Zeta ' s are involved are student government, yearbook, cheerleading, class officers, honorary fraternities and Mam sel- les. Some of their honors include Homecoming Queen, intramural cham- pions for spring 1980, Derby Week spirit award two years in a row and first place on their homecoming float with the Alpha Tau Omega fraternity. mm Delta Zeta captures first place in spirit for Sigma Chi ' s Derby Week. 189 KA . . . kappa alpha . . . KA . . . kappa alpha Max Dean Alvis Anderson Wally Contreras Neil Hadden Dennis Shaw Chris Baughman Joe Brashear Tom Brashear Frank Bufkin Bruce Burger Scott Clem Scott Cooper Paul Delmar John Drake Jacque Faust C.J. Fitzgerald Kirk Frambes Mike Gallagher David Harrison Steve Hutchinson Johnny Johnson Eddie Jones Ashley Newsome John Tatum Barry Thomas Craig Thomas Vance Tiller Joey Walker John Webb James Raney 190 KA . . . kappa alpha . . . KA . . . kappa alpha . . . KA KA pledges wait until last to run down the steps. Kappa Alpha Order was founded at SFA on September 20, 1968. Kappa Alpha Order is dedicated to the ideals of Southern courtesy and bravery, claiming Robert E. Lee as their " Spir- itual Father. ' ' Members of the Order hold their annual " Old South Ball " ev- ery spring. Its colors are cardinal red and old gold. The red rose and magno- lia blossom are the official flowers. One of their special events is Fight Night which is held in the spring. The KA ' s are also active in intramurals and stu- dent government. Beth Brock is the Kappa Alpha sweetheart. KA ' s relax on a lazy afternoon. 191 AXA . . . lambda chi alpha . . . AXA . . . lambda chi At Luann Bradley 192 AXA . . . lambda chi alpha . . . AXA . . . lambda chi f i Lambda Chi ' s participate in a blood drive. The Sigma Omicron chapter of Lambda Chi Alpha was chartered on the SFA campus in 1974. Since that time, the promotion of brotherhood, public service, socialization and growth have been the mainstreams of this chapter ' s purpose. In order to achieve this, the brothers of Lambda Chi are busily engaged in activities which include having Christmas with the children of Lufkin State School and the sorority presidents ' kidnap during which thousands of canned goods are collected for the community. The main social functions of the chapter are highlighted by Home- coming and the White Rose formal. Throughout all of the Lamb- da Chi ' s activities, the cultivation of brotherhood and friendship remain as the proudest achievements of the fraternity. 193 0A9 ... phi delta theta OAO ... phi delta theta DA Mark Mcllwain Tim O ' Conner Ray McLeod Mark Mariano Marty Martin Bobby Masters Kurt Masters Terry Nabours Mike Nayes John Northcott Scott Whightsil John Wright George Young Larry Young Allison Denham 194 OA0 ... phi delta theta 0A0 ... phi delta theta bl The Phi Delts pose for a group picture. Phi Delta Theta is one of the three largest social fraternities in the nation. It was founded on December 26, 1848 at Miami University. The chapter at SFA was founded in 1962 and was for- mally known as the Foresters. The organization holds a Homecoming for- mal, Founder ' s Day and spring formal each year, as well as constructing a float for the annual Homecoming pa- rade. Azure and argent are the official, colors. Their flower is the white carna- tion. 195 flKA ... pi kappa alpha . . . flKA ... pi kappa alpha Mark Bacon Donnie Brannen Danny Brewer Mark Cashman Jim Chandler Ricky Davis Robert Davis Len Dingier Randy Dotson Pac Sandidge Steve Scribner Rocky Sembritzky Rodney Stephens Luther Stevens David Swan Greg Tindel David Vinson Claude White Todd Williams Billy Wood Greg Young Cathy Adams Allison Angell Terry Black Debbie Bullion Vivian Chambers Sally Chevis Kristi Dixon Gwen Donie Ron Dozier Jeannine Ferguson Debbie Graham Teri Gregory Sarah McDonald 196 nKA ... pi kappa alpha . . . flKA ... pi kappa alpha Nicholson O ' Neal Pikes visit at the wall between classes. The Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity is one of the oldest and largest national fraternities. The Epsilon Omicron chapter is also one of SFA ' s oldest fraternities, founded on December 17, 1960. The Pikes colors are garnet and old gold, it ' s flower is the lily. The Pikes stay busy with community projects and raise money for the Big Brothers of America Association. They are also involved in many school activities and are the only group to ever win intramurals for seven straight years. The fraternity winds up its social calendar with the Dream Girl formal in the spring. Pikes support the Lumberjacks during Homecoming. 197 IX . . . sigma chi ... IX ... sigma chi . . . IX . . . s Kelly Adams Stacy Akins Jeff Knight Hardy Nix Jeff Porter Greg Baldock Keith Belk Mark Bullock Ward Carter Steve Crawford Mike Eldridge Mike Farnham Steve Theis Craig Watkins Lane Watkins Lynn Carlson 198 IX . . . sigma chi ... IX ... sigma chi ... IX ... s The Sigs wait anxiously for the new pledges to run clown the steps. Sigma Chi, founded nationally in 1855, is one of the oldest social fraternities. The Eta Tau Chapter of Sigma Chi was founded at Stephen F. Austin University on April 12, 1975. This fall the Sigs sponsored their annual Derby Day, the Sigma Chi fraternity-wide service project. In this, money was raised and do- nated to Wallace Village School in Colorado for children with minimal brain damage. The friendship built by a variety of complimentary per- sonalities distinguishes and enhances the brotherhood of Sigma Chi. The Sigma Chi ' s and their new pledges pose for a picture. 199 IK . . . sigma kappa ... IK ... sigma kappa ... IK Kelley Bailey Cathy Barr Kathy Brooks Jane Burgess Beverly Burke Kathy Jo Clark Julia Davenport Debbie Falk Ellen Flatt Shirley Kramer Rose Markham Susan Meyer Carolyn Olds Amy Patton Judy Ramey Pat Annette Reiszner Rocamontes Cheryl Salley Judy Saunders Becky Scherer Terry Setliff Kelly Smith Stacy Becky Dawn Kelly Kathy Snead Sondergaard Stephens Stewart Stripling Debbie Ummell Norma Walker Trish Walters Susan Watkins Paula Wichmann Yvonne Wunsche 200 IK . . . sigma kappa ... IK . . . sigma kappa ... IK Sigma Kappa ' s get a chance to visit before the All-Greek picture. Sigma Kappa was founded on November 9, 1874 at Colby College in Waterville, Maine. The Gamma Chi Chapter of Sigma Kappa began on this campus from a local club, the Amities, in 1928, and was the first national sorority on this campus in 1960. Sigma Kappa was responsible for establishing the National Panhellenic Council at SFA. Their colors are lavender and maroon and their flower is the violet. Sigma Kappa has members in honor fraternities, Who ' s Who and little sisters to different social fraternities. In the spring of 1980, they were chosen as the overall winners for Derby Week. At the Sigma Kappa National Convention, they received the National Sisterhood Award. Sigma Kappa places a great deal of importance on philanthropy also. They have an adopted grandfather and they contribute money to the Maine Sea Coast Mission and American Farm School in Salonica, Greece. X I The Sigma Kappa ' s pose for a picture during their exchange with the Sig Tau ' s. 201 ITT . . . sigma tau gamma . . . FIT . . . sigma tau g Ronnie Ballard Kirk Balsley Steve Bender John Bleckner John Branson Dirk Brown John Buckley T.J. Carlton Bill Carroll Allen Mark Mark Harold Karen Robyn Sherry Jennifer Melissa linger Whisenhunt Wood Wunderlich Brennan Cloutier Coleman Cox Crook Robin Foster Kristine Lancaster Terri Marlar Cindy McCauley Ladeanne Nay Laurie Peters Roxanne Sagen Susan Solberg Christy Taylor 202 gamma . . . FIT . . . sigma tau gamma . . . ITT . . . Sig Tail ' s gather between classes. Don McCoy participates in intramurals. Sigma Tau Gamma, nationally found- ed on June 28, 1920 at Warrensburg, Mo. was formed chiefly because of the friendships developed between sol- diers during World War I. This spirit of brotherhood lives on in the Gamma Phi chapter at SFA, chartered on November 27, 1970. The Sig Tau ' s activities include an annual Jerry Lewis MDA fund raising party, par- ents day, a pledge active retreat, in- tramurals, Greek Week and White Rose Spring formal. The Sig Tau ' s re- ceived the Nacogdoches Historical Society Award for its house this year. 203 TKE ... tau kappa epsilon . . . TKE . . . tau kappa Bill Weber Clark Winters Richard Yates Martha Shari Back Chennault Mary Coons Marci Cunn Annette Hadler Judy Karlak Allison Newell Lois Ann Petterson Debbie Reimers Missy Rooney Becky Smith Lynne Smith Brenda Sparks Beverly Speer Betsy Thomas Polly Thomas 204 TKE ... tau kappa epsilon . . . TKE ... tau kappa TKE ' s take a break between classes. The TKE house is located across from campus on North Street, Tau Kappa Epsilon is the largest in- ternational social fraternity in the world. SFA ' s Nu Xi chapter received its charter in February, 1971. The TKE international headquarters is in Indianapolis, IN. Its colors are cher- ry and gray, and its flower is the red carnation. The TKE ' s raise money for St. Jude ' s Children ' s Research Hospital by participating in a nation- wide keg roll. The TKE ' s held their Red Carnation Ball on the Brazos River in Waco this spring. 205 OX . . . theta chi . . . 0X . . . theta chi . . . OX . . . Kevin Bryant Mark Burgeson Dave Carter Paul Cauley Ted Chaney James Clifton Lewis Coalter Li 2 Km m 1 Jim Bradford Phillip Brashier 11 Dennis Cohn Pete Connor n n mm a Steve Cordova Mark Cruze Thomas Deal Jeff Duffy Bobby Fogle Henson Garrett Colen Gill Eddie Gray Todd Goodale Tom Goudie Chuck Hackston Peyton Harrell Cliff Harris Pat Harrison Steve Hayward Milton Howard Keith Jensen Greg Johnson James Johnson Wade Jones Steve Keathley William Lang John Maguire. William Mather Jeff Meuer Doug Meyers Doug Miske Richard Moke Randy Murphy Oscar Muysson David Nance Jack Novak Benton Reynolds Bradley Goodale Robert Hughes Craig Mathews King Park CI m HI JRM John Royalty David Savell Randal Shipp Brad Ted Sisson Strahan Paul Sum row James Widner Kelly Royalty 206 theta chi . . . ©X . . . theta chi ... OX ... theta chi Theta Chi ' s enjoy a Friday afternoon truck party. ex Theta Chi pledges participate in the annual cannon pull. Theta Chi is a national fraternity founded in Norwich, Vt. on April 10, 1856. The local chapter, Epsilon Tau, received its charter at SFA on May 20, 1961. Military red and white are its colors and the red carnation is its flower. As an annual event, Theta Chi raises funds for the Nacogdoches Treatment Center by collecting money for each mile walked during the fraternity cannon pull. Theta Chi is the reigning Greek Week Champion for the second year in a row. 207 ZTA . . . zeta tau alpha . . . ZTA . . . zeta tau alpha . Mindy Cannon Elizabeth Loncar Ann Newsome Jennifer Randal Jane Anne Cluck Kelley Crow Martha Curry Paula Daniel Lee Ann Dobbs Mary Donovan Debbie Dougherty Leah Everett Mary Long Melinda Maldonado Kathrine Meriwether Ruth Meriwether Mary Moore Kathy Nado Sara Nash Gayla Neal Diane Nolan Joyce Novak Genevieve O ' Bryan Mary Pollard Laurie Porter Denise Potter Rhonda Raiden Beth Randal Rhonda Reed Trish Richardson Julie Ritch Karen Ritch Robin Rozell Sharon Seitzinger Susan Seitzinger Nona Shannon 208 ZTA . . . zeta tau alpha . . . ZTA . . . zeta tau alpha . Lynn Trammell Mary Traveland Martha Wachel Katy Wallace Kathy West Krisann West Debbie Wheeler April Woods Audri Workman Zeta ' s pose for a picture during a sisterhood at Pecan Park. Zeta Tau Alpha members wait for the All-Greek picture. Zeta Tau Alpha Fraternity was founded at Longwood College in Farmville, Virginia in 1898 and is the only fraternity every chartered by a special act of the Virginia Legislature. The newest Greek organization on campus, Zeta has grown from 15 members to 80 members in the past four years at SFA. Theta Eta chapter was chartered on March 19, 1977. The fraternity colors are turquoise blue and steel gray with the white violet as its flower. Each spring the Zetas sponsor the " Dating G ame " to benefit their philanthropy, the Association for Retarded Citizens. Members of Zeta Tau Alpha are involved in many campus activities such as fraternity little sisters, Mam ' selles, intramurals, UC committees, Twirl-O-Jacks and student government. With their Zeta Big Brothers, they hold an initiation banquet each semester, a Christmas dance and a spring formal. 209 Sigma Phi Epsilon Sigma Phi Epsilon was founded at Richmond, VA in 1901 and is the second largest fraternity in the na- tion. Their colors are purple for the violet and red for the rose. " Virtue, diligence and brotherly love " is the fraternity ' s motto. Little Sisters: Pam Maxwell, Lynne Whigham, Vickie Trimble, Debra Keeth, Tricia Roach, Vicki Snead, Karen Hart, Leah Stovall, Vicki Williams, Terri Robinson. First Row: Danny LaBay, Terry Durrett, Steve Smith, David Vecker, Mike Penton. Second Row: Jim Brake, Frank Forsyth, Jeff Deterding, James Hollis, Buddy Wilson. Third Row: Jim Naugle, Kevin Anderson, Richard Woolridge. Phi Beta Sigma members perform in front of the President ' s home. w Phi Beta Sigma members are Richard Gaines, Michael Moorhead, Ronnie Modisette. Not pictured are Chester Williams, Wade Brooks and C.W. Watts. Phi Beta Sigma The Epsilon Upsilon Chapter of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc. was found- ed in 1973. They have five members on campus and many others in the area. They annually sponsor a Greek show and put on social and educational func- tions. Their motto is " culture for ser- vice and service for humanity. 211 Alpha Kappa Alpha Alpha Kappa Alpha was founded in 1908 at Howard University in Washington, D.C. Their colors are apple green and salmon pink. Deborah Johnson, dean of pledges; Sandra Williams, epistoleus; Fritzi Gouldsby, parlimentarian; Jerline West, basileus; Malissa Johnson, tamiouchos; Angela Ferguson, anti-basileus; Evelyn Biggers, grammateus. Alpha Phi Alpha Alpha Phi Alpha was the first national black fraternity. They were founded on De- cember 4, 1906. Their colors are gold and black and their flower is the yellow rose. Claudell Price, vice president; John T. Pitts, president. 212 Zeta Phi Beta rrrTi Elizabeth Madkins, secretary; Glenda Miller, historian; Helen Johnson, president; Andrea Cruse, vice president; Charlotte Hall, parlimentarian treasurer. Zeta Phi Beta practices step-in in the Austin plaza. Zeta Phi Beta was founded at SFA in January, 1973. They are a social service sorority. Their colors are royal blue and white, their flower is the white carnation. Their sym- bol is the dove. Their biggest proj- ect is the Little Miss Finer Womanhood Pageant each spring. Another is collecting for the Nacogdoches Treatment Center. They are a sister organization to Phi Beta Sigma. Their most cher- ished ideals are sisterly love, finer womanhood, scholarship and ser- vice. AXQ Big Brothers FRONT ROW: Mike Nayes, Ralph Baker, Ted Chaney, Frank Hillbolt. SECOND ROW: Walt Jordan, Doug Miske. THIRD ROW: Steve Sevigny, Craig Mathews, Clint Simpson. 214 215 ATQ Little Sisters First row: Leslie Johnson, Ti Page. Second row: Sonna Huff, Karla Kendrick, Cheryl Crain, Kelly Mizell. Third row: Terri Mauer, Elaine Elder, Donna Maberry, Amy Blumenthal, Anne Rhodes. Fourth row: Brenda Cox, Sara Newell, Bette Neal, Charles Leach, coordinator; Lori Hopper, Laurie Sutton, Lori Morrell. Little Sisters Seated: Rose Markham, Vicky Hahn, president; Cathy Howard, Melinda Robinson, Beth Randal. Standing: Gretchen Zeithammel, treasurer; Charlene Howard, Jill Doss, Suzi Dudley, Kathy Rodriguez, Marlene Kahla, sponsor; Kelly Masterson, historian. Little Sigma ' s Front row: Denee Kasuls, Leanne Hunter, Vanessa Dunbar, Georgia Bourgeois, Carol Cordiner. Middle row: Nan Butler, Amy Newell, Peggy Johnson, Joan Coffelt, Laurie Coble, Ann Roberts. Back row: Kim Howard, Valerie Yandell, Laura Basden, Kay Thompson, Hollie Wells, Sue Jirik, Diane Hunter, Lynn Carlson. 217 Society of Southern Belles FRONT ROW: Cammie King, Lori Neil, Sharon Meikle, Mary Beth Fleck, Lisa Guarnacci. BACK ROW: Diana Day, Jennifer Hunter, Holly Harrington, Antoinette Fonteno, Beth Brock, Mimi Jones, Lori Tanner, LisaBaehr. nKA Little Sisters FRONT ROW: Jan Nicholson, Cynthia Beasley, Debbie Graham. SECOND ROW: Debbie Drown, Susan O ' Neal. THIRD ROW: Sally Chevis, Vicki Kane, Debbie Bullion, Rori Dozier, Kelly Howell, Cathy Adams, Terry Black, Sarah McDonald, Allison Angell, Gwen Donie, Vivian Chambers, Kristi Dixon. ITT Little Sisters FRONT ROW: Karen Brennan, secretary treasurer; Kristine Lancaster, president; LaDeanne Nay, vice president; Terri Marlar, communications. SECOND ROW: Christy Taylor, Jennifer Cox, Melissa Crook, Sherry Coleman. THIRD ROW; Susan Solberg, Roxanne Sagen, Robin Foster, Laurie Peters, Cindy McCauley, Tracey Dalton, Robyn Cloutier, Dirk Brown, coordinator. TKE Little Sisters Front Row: Lois Ann Peterman, Debbie Reimers, Mary Coons, Judy Karlak, Brenda Sparks, Beverly Speer. Back Row: Betsy Thomas, Missy Rooney, Martha Back, Marci Gunn, Shari Chennault, Annette Hadler, Polly Thomas, Becky Smith, Allison Newell. ox Little Sisters First Row: Janet Smith, Cathy McFarland. Second Row: Jann Clifton, Carrie Edwards, Karen Jirik, Brenda Boccieri. Third Row: Deanna Tuttle, Jill Bailey, Michelle Swindler, Janet Funderburk, Lisa Beahan. Fourth Row: Kelly Royalty, Carey Wolowiec, Alicia Tnbbs, Sara Stanley, Jeri Bledsoe, president. etc ... etc ... etc .. . etc . . .etc ... etc ... etc The Delta Zeta ' s win Spirit Night during Sigma Chi Derby Week. The ATO ' s give a Rho Tau for their new pledges. m ' A - " ■ • Do all guys keep their houses this neat? Fraternities wait for the new pledges to run down the steps. The greek system at Stephen F. Austin encourages students to become involved in a variety of campus activities. Some of these activities include student government, Mam ' selles, honorary fraternities, intramurals and other special interest groups and clubs. Each fraternity and sorority participates in a philanthropy project each semester. Academics is another important aspect of the greek system. Students earning a 3.0 GPA or better are honored at a banquet each semester. Sororities gather at Pecan Park. 222 msmmn ETC. courses ' " sum CLASS® ETC. courses, offered by UC programs, are a productive way to use leisure time. Courses are offered in the afternoon and evenings so that students can fit them to their schedules. Prices range from $10 to $20 plus the cost of supplies. Some courses offered include country and western dance, modern dance, exer- cise class, arts and crafts, caligraphy, and a new class, stained glass. " The ETC. courses are beneficial, and I learned a lot, " according to Lisa Brown who took some ETC. courses. ETC. courses are offered every semester for students or residents, young or old. The courses are interesting and serve as a good way to spend some leisure time, relax and learn. ABOVE: Students sign up for ETC. courses. RIGHT: Women discuss what class they want to take. 224 Cowboy Chic The " Cowboy Chic " look across the U.S. is nothing new to Texans. The sudden cow- boy craze began with John Travolta ' s movie, " Urban Cowboy. " A Texan cannot help but be proud of their state being the topic of conversation in clubs and clothing stores throughout the country. Many dis- cos have turned to two-steppin ' and tennis shoes have been replaced by cowboy boots. A cowboy hat, belt and blue jeans are accepted attire in most social places. SFA students enjoyed taking kicker dance lessons and dancing at one of Nacog- doches ' clubs. The intramural and local rodeos provided another form of cowboy The SFA Theatre displays the marquee of a entertainment. popular western of the ' 80 s. 225 With most college students ' budgets these days, a movie that costs a dollar seems like a gift from heaven. In the spring, the movies were shown in the UC Grand Ballroom where the acoustics are an improvement over the Kennedy Au- ditorium. The Fine Arts committee sells popcorn and Cokes and sponsors a drawing for door UC movies prizes before each movie begins. Some of the movies that have been offered are " The Blues Brothers, " " Texas Chainsaw Mas- sacre, " " The Muppet Movie, " " The Shin- ing, " " The Deer Hunter, " " Honeysuckle Bose " and " All That Jazz. " The movies are drawing larger crowds each week. Could it have anything to do with the fact that gasoline is $1.40 a gallon? 226 Crystal Gayle performs On March 4, 1980, an estimated 5,000 people were entertained by popular coun- try and western songstress, Crystal Gayle, in the SFA Coliseum. Her hour long con- cert and encore included hit songs such as " Half the Way, " " Why Have You Left the One You Left Me For?, " " Talkin ' in Your Sleep " and Grammy Award winning " Don ' t It MakeMy Brown Eyes Blue. " She and her eight-member band sang " Miss the Mississippi and You, " the title song from her latest album. Comedian Bob Dubac opened the per- formance with a 35-minute magic and com- edy act. " Heart " rocks at SFA Six thousand people watched a spectacu- lar performance by rock group, Heart, on April 8, 1980 in the SFA Coliseum. Ann and Nancy Wilson, along with the five- member band performed their hits " Crazy On You, " " Dog and Butterfly, " " Straight On " and " Even It Up, " plus many more songs. The show included music from pre- vious albums but focused on material from their newest release, " Bebe le Strange. " Van Wilkes, a four-member hard rock band, opened the performance with a 35- minute show to the predominantly SFA student audience. LEFT: The Wilson sisters perform to their audience. RIGHT: Ann Wilson sings one of her hits. 229 230 Mickey Gilley and Johnny Lee On February 7 at 8 p.m. Mickey Gilley and " Looking for Love " Johnny Lee appeared before a near-sell-out crowd at the SFA Coliseum. Sponsored by UC programs and the Sigma Tau Gamma fraternity, the concert was a big success. Dressed in their C W (attire), the audience ' s country spirit urged on the ap- plause for the singers. Gilley sang his old original songs then overwhelmed the audi- ence with his hit " Stand by Me " from the movie " Urban Cowboy. " Gilley and Lee closed the concert saying how glad they were to be back in Texas and what a great audience SFA students were. Charley Pride entertains Country western singer, Charley Pride, entertained at the SFA Coliseum on Octo- ber 24, 1980 before a crowd of 3,500. In addition to singing such hits as " Kiss An Angel Good Morning, " " Kaw-Liga, " " Mis- sing You " and his first song " Snakes Crawl at Night, " the Grammy Award winner sang 24 songs. Pride included the audience in his act when he sang a special dedication to a couple celebrating their 50th anniversary, along with other requests made by the crowd. The Pridesmen opened the show fol- lowed by country rock singer, John Wesley Ryles. 233 234 Winter Carnival Due to poor weather, the fall carnival was postponed until spring. The carnival, sponsored by UC programs, was held in the new main ballroom in the University Center. Festivities included food booths, game booths, and entertainment groups. Food booths included chili sold by the Green- house Management Club and baked goods sold by Delta Zeta. Game booths included a jail, calf roping, cake walks and a dart- throw. The entertainment drew the biggest crowd, with a hypnotist, the Jazmine Jazz band and a clown act by Sneakers and Jin- gles. Door prizes were also awarded. FAR UPPER LEFT, PAGE 234: Students play dart game. FAR UPPER RIGHT, PAGE 234: Jingles the Clown makes an animal out of balloons. FAR LOWER LEFT, PAGE 234: Calf roping booth is sponsored by the Rodeo Club. FAR LOWER RIGHT, PAGE 234: Performer Mike Mandel hypnotizes students. At left, the Alpha Phi Omega jail booth is one way to treat a friend. 235 " Guys and Dolls " The Frank Loesser musical, " Guys and Dolls " entranced audiences for the six nights of October 30, 31, November l,6,7,and 8, 1980, at the SFA Theatre. Under the stage direction of Dr. W.K. Wa- ters and the orchestra direction of Darrell Holt, the Theatre and Music department entertained people of all ages. The classic guy-meets-girl story gave Arlington fresh- man Chuck Smith s character of Sky Mas- terson an excellent opportunity to display his acting ability with Houston junior Claire DeStephano as Sarah, his love. Miss Adelaide, played by Vicki Wimberly, Texas City junior, and Nathan Detroit, played by Kingwood senior Scott Roser, entertained the audience with their por- trayal of a back and forth love affair. 237 Ten Little Indians On December 4, 5, 6, 8 and 9, 1980, SFA ' s Theatre Department presented Agatha Christie ' s mystery " Ten Little Indians. " Under the direction of graduate student, Stephanie Smith, the play revolved around eight guests who are invited to a weird country house by a mysterious host. Lead characters were played by Stephen Coldiron, Fort Worth freshman; Dana Mullen, Nacogdoches freshman; and James Peters, Dallas sophomore. Other cast members included Keith Baker, Living- ston sophomore; Carrie Butler, Longview senior; Steve Hergert, Perryton freshman; Celise Moreau, Dayton, freshman; Larry Nichols, Henderson junior; Bill Bichardson, Mexia graduate; and Jeff Schwalk, Perryton freshman. ABOVE: Steve Coldiron, Layne Jackson and James Peters have an interesting conversation. 239 SFA Symphony Orchestra The SFA Symphony, under the direc- tion of Kurt Gilman, is an extracurricular activity for the 50-member group. The symphony is composed of music majors and minors in addition to students in other fields. Sections within the symphony in- clude a 20-member string group, double reeds, trumpets, trombones, flutes, clar- inets and a whole percussion set. The sym- phony presents eight free concert a year, including an annual children ' s symphony in which the Nacogdoches elementary schools are invited to attend. A symphony scholarship is also offered to outstanding members of the SFA sym- phony. 240 241 242 Lumberjack Football 1980 Lumberjacks. First Row: Defensive Line Coach Lynn Graves, Dale Horton, Derrick Simpson, Greg Carney, Jeff Stutes, Ron Roberson, Carl Mitchell, Gary Jentz, Ronny Redd, Steve Michaelwicz, Doug Loafman, Mike DuBose, Freddie Reed, Donnie Harris, Charlie Smith, Eric Jones, Mark Riggs, Paul Hood, Athletic Director and Head Coach Charles Simmons. Second Row: Graduate Assistant Offensive Line Coach Brad Roll, Assistant Athletic Director and Defensive Coordinator Mart Crawford, Barry Ford, Duan Hanks, Tim West, Danny Cox, David Menchaca, Rick Kinsey, Larry Thompson, Jimmy Kegler, Gifford Coles, Roger Adams, Leo LeBlanc, Kevin Jackson, Ricky Cosper, Tim Posivak, Oscar Guzman, Donnie Dinges, Steve Snyder, Offensive Backfield Coach Tom Jordan, Graduate Assistant Receiver Coach Jimmy Ferguson. Third Row: Defensive Secondary Coach George Allen, Equipment and Grounds Manager Greg Payne, Jeff Carroll, Coyle Beard, Myron Anderson, Chris Matejka, Darrell Warden, Eddie Talley, Tom Arthur, Gene Hicks, Clarence Glass, Johnny English, Troy Porter, Roger Cannon, Chet Erwin, Mike Hancock, Mark Granger, Mark Ehlers, Reginald Gibbs, Orlando Godfrey, Bobby Lindquist, Danny Bogar, Cene Fountain, Lester Melontree, Offensive Line Coach Robert Landry, Trainer Pete Carlon. Fourth Row: Dennis Stavinola, Ben Watts, Mike Zapalac, Brad Aduddell, Bruce Dowden, Chris Stewart, Ruben Saenz, Kyle Lock, Rex Dorman, Mike Randolph, Mike Taff, Gary Jefferson, Jimmy Walker, Ronnie Perkins, Wade Jones, Vince Johnson, Alton Scott, Leneal Wilridge, Bill Cosper, James McKnight, Dennis Workman. 243 On September 20, the 1980 Lum- berjacks dropped their season open- er 22-3 to the visiting Northwestern State University Demons. The annual battle for Chief Caddo was dominated by Northwestern quarterback Bobby Herbert who completed 16 of 28 passes for 265 yards, three touchdowns and the first at-home defeat for the Lumber- jacks in nine games. Although SFA quarterback Gary Jentz opened the game with three completed first down passes, it was NSU who scored first with a field goal. SFA caught up with a Doug Loafman field goal later in the second quarter, but NSU went on to take a 9-3 halftime lead. During the second half the game belonged to Northwestern as the Lumberjacks were unable to put together an offensive drive and allowed the Demons to score two more touchdowns. SFA quarterback Jentz completed 10 of 24 passes for 122 yards. Jimmy Kegler gained 47 yards on 10 carries and Ail-American Paul Hood was held to 29 vards in 14 carries. UPPER RIGHT: The Jacks join together to tackle a Northwestern player. ABOVE LEFT: Gary Jentz struggles to make a pass while pulling a Northwestern player along the field. RIGHT: Big Chief Caddo belongs to Northwestern for one more year. SFA was forced to forfeit the first win of the season when an ineligible player was discovered. University officials learned that one SFA player did not have the required number of transfer credit hours to play in the Henderson State game. But forfeit or no forfeit, the Lumber- jacks defense played a terrific game to stop the 13th ranked Reddies with a score of 7-3. Not only did the " Junkyard Dog defense frustrate the HSU offense, they scored the only Jack touchdown in the nonconference game when safety Ricky Cosper intercepted a pass by Red- die quarterback Brian Howard and ran the seven yards to the goal line. Cosper was named Lone Star Conference defen- sive player of the week. Offensively the Jacks were ineffective. Quarterbacks Gary Jentz and Dale Hor- ton connected on only four of 14 passing attempts. However, halfback Paul Hood rushed for 134 yards in 28 carries and Rick Kinsey punted 13 times to break the school record of 12 set in the Nevada- Reno game in 1978. LEFT: Defensive end, Orlando Godfrey salutes a Henderson State player. BELOW: All-American Halfback Paul Hood attempts to break away from the HSU defense as Brad Aduddell and Danny Bogar assist. H e n d e r s o n S t a t e L a m a r The Lamar Cardinals took advantage of SFA ' s mistakes to take a 38-0 lead after the first half. Stopping the Jack ' s third quarter attempt at a comeback, the Cards defeated the Jacks 45-21. Even with the loss, Paul Hood went over 100 yards rushing for the second time this season. The Jacks led Lamar in yards rushing with 245 yards. After this loss the Jacks had a 0-3 record. Lamar is an NCAA team and this was a non- conference game. TOP RIGHT: Jimmy Kegler tries to get to the sidelines before being tackled by a Lamar player. LEFT: Mark Riggs jumps between two Cardinals to catch the ball. BELOW RIGHT: Paul Hood runs with the ball. BELOW LEFT: SFA players hug each other after a touchdown. 246 On October 11, the NAIA top-ranked Rams pulverized the Lumberjacks 35-7 to avenge the 1979 21-0 shut-out by SFA. The unchecked Ram offense gained 250 yards on 51 carries, scoring on 49, 73 and 77 yard gains and opening the second half with a 92 yard kickoff return for a touchdown. Offensively the Jacks were held to 194 yards. Paul Hood gained 42 yards on 17 carries while Jimmy Kegler carried 10 times for 24 yards and Freddie Reed made 20 yards on two carries. Starting quarterback Gary Jentz completed six of 17 passes for 41 yards. Reserve quarter- back Dale Horton completed 5 of 6 for 53 yards. The lone Lumberjack touchdown came late in the fourth quarter. With 2:50 left in the game, the Jacks gained 73 yards in 15 plays to allow Hood to cross the goal line. UPPER LEFT: Mark Riggs goes out for a pass. LEFT: Doug Loafman prepares to kick. AROVE: Leo LeRlanc defends against an Angelo State player. 247 T e x a s A I A 14-0 lead over Texas A I gave the Lumberjacks their first 1980 win. The Jacks held the Javelinas to a mere 73 yards rushing. This yardage was completed in 39 carries, averag- ing two yards per Javelina carry. The Jacks first score was a two- yard run by Charlie Smith with 49 seconds left in the game. The second score was made when Gary Jentz hit Bill Cosper for a 38-yard touchdown pass. This win gives the Jacks a 1-4 record for the year and a 1-1 record in Lone Star Conference play. TOP RIGHT: Gary Jentz congratulates Bill Cosper on his touchdown catch. TOP LEFT: Jentz pre- pares to throw. ABOVE: Coaches see about a hurt Jack. ABOVE RIGHT: Mike Hancock gets a rub- down. Southwest Texas State held the Jacks to a 34-20 win in San Marcos. The Jacks were leading in the second half of the game 20-14, but could not keep their edge over the Bobcats. The three touchdowns made in the third quarter were on a one yard run by Paul Hood and on 72 and 51 yard runs by Charlie Smith. Charlie Smith picked up 148 yards in 16 carries. Two of these runs were touchdowns. Paul Hood broke the century mark with 111 yards for 20 carries. Despite the loss, the Jacks played with determination and made a superb showing throughout the game. BOTTOM: Ben Watts and Lester Melontree take a break from the game as they watch from the sideline. TOP: A Lumberjack player maneuvers his way down the field against the SWTS defense. In the 1980 Homecoming game, the Lumberjacks squeezed by the Abilene Christian Wildcats with a final score of 24-23. The Jacks took a 10-3 lead at halftime but the Wildcats capitalized on Lum- berjack mistakes to gain a 23-10 advan- tage in the third quarter. In his first game as starting quarterback, Dale Horton hit wide receiver Duan Hanks in the end zone with a 36 yard pass. Doug Loafman ' s extra point kick was good and the score became 23-17. Three possessions later, Horton connected with Mark Riggs on a 60- yard touchdown pass and again Loaf- man came through with the extra point and SFA took a one point lead. The Jacks defense managed to hold the Wildcats for the rest of the game. De- fensive efforts were greatly aided by three interceptions by Lumberjack free safety Kevin Jackson and a fumble recovery by Roger Adams. FAR UPPER LEFT: Dale Horton struggles with the ACU defense. FAR LOWER LEFT: Oscar Guzman takes a drink of water on the sidelines. LOWER LEFT: Students, alumni and guests pack the stadium. RELOW: The 1980-81 Cheer- leaders are Wanda McNair, Marcus Lee, Deb- bie Reimers, Tom Heslep, Debbie Bullion, David Van Meter, Denee Kasuls, Jeff Porter, Marilyn Houston and Brian Withrow. A b ■ i I e n e C h r ■ i s t ■ i a n E a s t T e x a s S t a t The East Texas State Lions devas- tated the Jack defense and defeated SFA with a score of 44-7. Lions quarterback Wade Wilson completed 16 of 26 passes for 314 yards and five touchdowns. The scores came on passes of 43, 41, 55, 19 and eight yards. The lone Lumberjack score came in the first quarter after Charlie Smith returned a Lion ' s kickoff for 77 yards, then somehow dropped the football which SFA recovered. The Jacks man- aged to drive the remaining yards with Paul Hood rushing for the final three yards. TOP: Chris Matejka has a consolation hug for Rick Kinsey. RIGHT: Myron Anderson with a sidelines grimace. Despite not completing a pass all day, the Lumberjacks defeated the Sam Houston State Bearkats 23-6. Paul Hood rushed for 122 yards on 23 carries and scored two touchdowns. This final game gave Hood 872 yards on 191 carries and six touchdowns for the season. SFA scored first after Tom Arthur blocked a Bearkat punt on the Sam 30 yard line and Clarence Glass reco- vered the football. SFA scored again on a 66 yard drive and again after Orlando Godfrey intercepted a Bear- kat pass and returned it for 59 yards. Doug Loafman kicked two extra points and a 41 yard field goal. The win gave SFA a closing record of 4-3 in the Conference and 4-6 overall for the season. TOP: Tim Posivak makes a flying tackle. LOW- ER LEFT: Denee Kasuls yells for the Jacks. s a m H o u s t n S t a t e 253 1 980-81 Ladyjack Basketball Front Row: Missy Weisinger, Tiki Lamar, Rosalind Polk, Sheila Van Shoebrouek, Emily Scoggins. Rack Row: Judi Brebner, Pam Crawford, Tammy Mayo, Sybil Johnson, Vanessa Anderson, Barbara Brown, Beth Collier. 254 1980-81 Lumberjack Basketball ♦ 32 1 10 JACKS 12 Front Row: Gordy Connally, Eric Carter, Alden Wren, Sherman Kossie, Hiram Harrison, Mike Peppercorn. Back Row: Dan Ostrander, Winston Harrison, John Henry, Greg Derrett, Alan Howard, Tim Whitson. 255 New Leaders The Ladyjack basketball team started the 1981 season ranked seventh in the na- tion under the direction of new head eoaeh Mary Ann Otwell. Miss Otwell took over after serving for two seasons as assistant coach to Sue Gunter. Helping Miss Otwell were assistant coach Dave Kettering and graduate assis- tant Valerie Goodwin. UPPER RIGHT: Coach Otwell gives the Ladies advice as assistants Val Goodwin and Dave Kettering look on. AROVE: Missey Weisinger shoots one from outside. RIGHT: Tammy Mayo and Reth Collier work out against Henderson County Junior College. 256 Outlook Positive The 1980-81 season outlook for the Lumberjack basketball team was optimistic after a 15-12 record for the 1979-80 season. The Jacks had six returning players, including three starters and were augmented by several top recru its. The basketball team is coached by Harry Miller who has compiled a 20-34 record beginning his third year at SFA. The assistant coach is Tom Pate, also in his third year at Stephen F. Austin and Pate are aided by student assistant Greg Roe. BELOW: Coaches Miller and Coach Pate advise the Lumberjack bench. LEFT: John Henry shoots one during practice as Tim Whitson defends. Glory Bound Seven freshmen, two sophomores and three seniors made up a young Ladyjaek squad which was determined to reach the elite final four. Three seniors, Vanessa Anderson, Barbara Brown and Missy Weisinger led the Ladies throughout the year. Anderson became an offensive threat for the first time in her four year career, lead- ing the Ladies in scoring and rebounding. She was named to the all tournament team at the Pizza Hut Classic. Brown was nominated for the Wade Tro- phy, the award given to the best women ' s collegiate basketball player. Weisinger started her fourth year as a pick to the All-Texas team and rated as one of the best guards in the country. Sophomore Pam Crawford was already recognized as one of the best players in the nation. She was picked as the most valu- able player in the Dallas Classic and the Pizza Hut Classic. She was also made the all-tournament team in the Las Vegas De- sert Classic. M fie J0 ABOVE LEFT: Vanessa Anderson. ABOVE BIGHT: Pam Crawford. LOWEB LEFT: Barbara Brown. LOWEB BIGHT: Missy Weisinger. 258 Experience The six returning Lumberjack letter- men included two seniors, Sherman Flos- sie and Eric Carter. The 6 ' 5 " Rossie, three-year letterman, was second in re- bounding and third in scoring during the 1979-80 season. Carter averaged 4.14 points while appearing in 22 games dur- ing 1980. Another returning veteran was Mike Peppercorn, a two-year letterman who averaged 6.27 points a game. The 6 ' 3 " junior guard had been SFA ' s assist leader in 20 games coming into the 81 season. Still more returning veterans are Alan Howard who hit 65.7 percent of his field goal attempts and averaged 6.35 and 4.5 rebounds a game. Alden Wren hit 5.89 points per game and 71.4 percent of his free throws during 1980. Winston Harri- son led the Jacks with 74 assists in all 27 games during the 79-80 season. Greg Derrett is the other returning Lumber- jack. LEFT: Mike Peppercorn uses every ounce of mus- cle fiber to escape the blocking of his opponent. 259 Inspiration Added to the 1980-81 team were three top recruits. Rosalind Polk broke into starting line up as an ultra-quick guard while Tammy Mayo iced the basket as forward with her excellent outside shooting ability. Mayo held the second spot in team scoring most of the season. Also new to the line up was Sybil Johnson. Counted on heavily at the post position many times in the season, Johnson proved to be a dominating player and appeared many times to have the same form as former SFA great Rosie Walker. TOP RIGHT: Missy Weisinger took a beating during the Tennessee game. ABOVE: Pam Crawford displays her ability to get airborne. RIGHT: Crawford and Vanessa Anderson make sure this Lady Vol goes nowhere. 260 ABOVE: John Henry shoots one in spite of the St. Mary ' s defense. RIGHT: Lumberjacks take off during practice. New Blood New faces for the ' 81 Lumberjack bas- ketball squad included three junior college transfers and two high school recruits. The transfers were Hiram Harrison, John Hen- ry and Dan Ostrander. The high school recruits were Gordy Connally and Tim Whitson. 261 Successful Start The ladyjacks rolled over their first three opponents before being upset by Wayland Baptist and 13th ranked Oregon in the Queens Classic. A 72-66 win over third ranked Tennessee in the final four seconds of the game brought the Ladyjacks back into the national spotlight. SFA captured the Dallas Classic with a revengeful 84-64 win over Wayland. The Ladyjacks won the Pizza Hut Classic in Wichita, KS to take their second tourney of the year. The first ranked Louisiana Lady Techsters downed the Ladyjacks 81-57 before a packed house in Ruston. SFA then bounced back with an 84-67 win over state rival, llth-ranked Texas. SFA posted a disappointing finish in the second Las Vegas Desert Classic, losing The University of California-Berkeley in the opening round. TOP RIGHT: Barbara Brown jumps for the ball. ABOVE: Some classy Ladyjack fans watch the game. RIGHT: Rosalind Polk goes up for the shot. 262 Off and Running The Lumberjacks started off a successful season having a 12-9 season record in February with 5-4 for the conference at that time. Prospects looked good for the remainder of the season. John Henry turned out to be one of the top rebounders in the conference and Gordy Connally, who was plagued with back problems early in the season, came on in January to become the team s ball handler and the thread that tied the team together. TOP: Eric Carter guards the ball. LEFT: Mike Peppercorn is framed by the goal as he tries a free throw. 263 Ladies Fall to Techsters The Ladyjacks lost a heartbreaker at home in a Feb. 12 rematch with No. 1 ranked Louisiana Tech. The Ladies were in foul trouble within the first five minutes of the game. By the end of the game, Tammy Mayo and Rosalind Polk had fouled out. During the second half of the game, Louisiana Tech scored 27 points from the free throw line compared to 11 for the Ladyjacks. The final score was SFA 61, Tech 79. RIGHT: Barbara Brown defends against a Lady Techster. BELOW: Ladyjack mascot Pam Marshall cheers the Ladies on. 264 Aiming for Success Eighteen games into the season, Gordy Connally came on to revamp the Jack ' s offense and give the team a needed boost. Connally succeeded in helping to boost the Jack ' s average score per game from a 67.6 to 87.5. TOP LEFT: Sherman Kossie shoots from the outside. TOP RIGHT: John Henry stretches for the hoop. LOWER LEFT: Alden Wren goes for two. LOWER RIGHT: Dan Ostrander listens intently. Ladyjack Volleyball Left: Two players alternate in the volleyball game against ETSU. Below: 1980 Stephen F. Austin Vol- leyball Team: Front Row (1-r) — Laurie Scott, Kel- ley Craft, Patty Hoffman, MaryJoAnn Lee. Middle Row — Val Nesbitt, manager, Desiree Broussard, Letica Rivera, Gay Myers, Lou Fincher, trainer. Back — Coach Dianne Baker, VVende Waggoner, Rhonda Kabaj, Lisa Scoggin, Amelia Jones, Bar- bara Hale. The Ladyjack volleyball team had a tough schedule to follow this season with seven new players. The Ladyjacks ended the season with a 19-17 record. Lisa Scoggins, Laurie Scott and Wende Waggoner were three of the six girls returning to piay for SFA. The Ladyjacks are coached by Dianne Baker. The assistant coach is Sharon Davis. The longest winning streak for the Ladyjacks was seven games. The Ladyjacks toughest team to play was Sam Houston whom they played three times and lost all three games. The Ladyjacks came in second place in the Texas Wesleyan Tournament. BELOW: Lisa Scoggins shows how to spike the ball. BOTTOM LEFT: Sometimes jumping in the air is the only way to hit the ball. ABOVE LEFT: Two against one did not seem quite fair but the Ladyjack won the battle. 267 Lumberjack Baseball The 1980-81 Lumberjack baseball team started its spring season off by playing Jarvis Christian College on February 21. The team played 12 games at home with nine games away during the season. The last home game was against Sam Houston. All home games were played at Nacogdoches ' Baseball Complex on the West Loop. All games were doubleheaders. Keith Neil and Tilden Baack were two of the returning team members. The baseball team is coached by Darwin Crawford and the trainer was Doug Villie. FIRST ROW: Mark Riggs, Rav Perrv, Harold Johnson, Chuck Goode, Curtis Kleine, Ken Chaplin, Pete Pirtle, Ricky Scott. SECOND ROW: Wayne Schmidt, Mike Hensley, Rrian Coriston, Jeff Medlin, Neil Martin, Terrv Whatley, Mike Medley, Jimmy Dugger, Doug Villie, trainer. THIRD ROW: Darwin Crawford, coach, Chris Walters, Tilden Baack, Ricky Williams, Keith Neil, Kyle Adams, Brett Babb, Richard Cobb and Kip Morgan. RIGHT: Tilden Baack pats Wayne Schmidt on the back after a good hit. 268 269 SFA Baseball Babes The SFA Baseball Babes is a new orga- nization formed to support the Lum- berjack baseball team. The group, comprised of 15 girls, encourages stu- dent interest in the baseball program, publicizes games and promotes spirit for the team. Officers for the club are Cindy Jolly, president; Debbie Barosh, vice president; Terry Phillips, treasurer; Teresa Lessmann, historian and coordinator; and Toni Cates, secretary. Dr. Kurt Stanberry is the sponsor for the organization. ABOVE LEFT. The SFA cheerleaders and the Base- ball Babes show their spirit for the Lumberjack Base- ball Team. LEFT: The 1980 SFA Baseball Babes: Kneeling: Tricia Browning, Teresa Lessmann, Melin- da Robinson. Standing: Pam Green, Debbie Barosh, Terry Phillips, Cindy Jolly, Mary Ann Castro, Lisa Miller, Retha Scott. 270 271 Ladyjack Softball ABOVE: 1980-1981 Stephen F. Austin Ladyjack Softball Team; Front Row (1-r) — Trish Curran, Lynda Levis, Kim Seott, Jackie Gattis, Mary McLaurin. Middle — Linda Cyr, manager, Julie Schulte, Julie Griffith, Jody Watson, Gloria Coop- er, Tracy York, trainer. Back — Coach Dianne Baker, Ginnie Schwarten, Stacy Smith, Renee Smith, Cindy Manley, Terry Murphy, assistant coach Sharon Davis. Dianne Baker entered her first year as head Softball coach with nine returning letterwinners to form what she calls, " the best defensive team in the state. " The Ladies had a 1980 spring record of 24-17 and a fall record of 11-11 going into the state tournament. The team finished the fall season at the tournament by defeat- ing Texas Tech 5-4, but then losing to top seeded Texas A M 4-0, and to third- seeded Sam Houston State 6-4. 272 ABOVE LEFT: Renee Smith throws to first base. UPPER RIGHT: Stacey Smith beats the play to the base. LEFT: The Ladies discuss their strategy. ABOVE: Coach Sharon Davis gives advice to Ginnie Schwarten. 273 274 The Ladyjack Softball looked at the spring schedule with optimism. After a falling 11-12 record in the 1978-80, the team was ready for a winning season. The Ladyjacks are coached by Dianne Baker. Baker believes that their pitching staff is considerably stronger this season. To win a game, a team needs a consistent pitching staff. This season Stacy Smith and Renee Smith are two of the Ladyjacks pitchers. The Ladyjacks picked up three new players. They are freshmen Sue Hoffman (first base), Rhonda Ellis and sophomore Anne Myers. Ellis plays the shortstop position. During the 80-81 season the Ladyjacks will only have four home games. Baker said that the team will travel some this spring. 275 Lumberjack Tennis In the 1980 spring season, the Lumberjack team was third in the Lone Star Conference, with 36 points. SWT led the conference with 59 and tied for the runner-up spot in the NAIA tennis tournament in Kansas City, MO. East Texas State was second with 38 points. SFA ' s Gary Peppers was the number three singles player on the All-LSC team in 1980. Peppers and Tridib Goswami were runners-up in the LSC tournament doubles competition. The 1980-81 tennis team was kept busy with a 20 match schedule including dual matches with A M, U of H. SWT, and East Texas State. RIGHT: Tony Cruz keeps his eye on the ball as he demonstrates a well-timed forehand. ( HI ABOVE: FRONT ROW; Ron Cetrone, Tridib Goswami, Gary Peppers, Tony Cruz, Bret Arrant. SECOND ROW; Tommy McDonald, D.K. Williamson, Tom Caine, Coach Graves. 276 ABOVE: Gary Peppers, Hughes Springs senior, concentrates on smoothing out his forehand. BELOW: D.K. Williamson, Houston freshman, demonstrates his skill in tennis with a strong backhand. 277 Ladyjack Tennis " This is probably the best team we have had here. We have more depth than ever, " according to Sissy Skinner, coach of the 1981 Ladyjack tennis team. Although admitting to a lack of experience in singles, the doubles teams were reported to be awesome. During the fall 1980 season, Kathy Bovell and Rachel Howell won every match but one. Howell is a transfer student from Tyler Junior College where she was part of the doubles team that placed fourth nationally. Other transfers strengthening the team were Wendy Gelhay from Florida where she had an impressive 37-1 record in her two years at Indian River Junior College, and Lisa Dayan from New York, who was ranked in the top 20 in the Eastern United States. Returning Ladyjacks are Bovell, part of the 1980 states champion doubles team, and Christie Baker who played the number three slot as a freshman. RIGHT: 1980-81 Ladyjack tennis; Coach Sissy Skinner, Rachel Howell, Reth Scruggs, Genie Kilpatrick, Christi Raker, Kathy Rovell, Wendy Gelhay, SEATED: Carol Thumbert, Lisa Goar, Lisa Dayan. ROTTOM RIGHT: After a lengthy tennis practice, Coach Skinner discusses with Kathy Rovell, Australia senior, about the tennis team. Lumberjack Track This spring the men ' s track team com- peted in the Oklahoma Track Classic in Oklahoma City, the NAIA indoor meet in Kansas City, the Border Olympics in Laredo, the SFA Relays, the Texas Re- lays, the Angelo State Relays, Texas A I Relays, and the Lone Star Conference meet to be held this year in Brownwood. The team also participated in dual meets with Southwest Texas State, Northeast Louisiana and Northwestern Louisiana. The Lumberjack track coach is Robert Landry, and the assistant coach is Ken Notter. 280 OPPOSITE PAGE ABOVE: Allen Moore practices the highjump. OPPOSITE PAGE BELOW: First Row: David Beck, John Stepczyk, Toby Thurman, Ken Rosema, Dwayne Miksch. SECOND ROW: Donny Harris, Stan Sowers, Dwain Dieterman, Berry Madden, Randy Kindrick, Lester Thomas. THIRD ROW: Mark Bellow, trainer, Calvin Smith, Mike Harkins, Doug Schopneyer, George Dohner, Chris Campbell. FOURTH ROW: Ken Notter, coach, Allen Moore, Steve Pri mm, Jeff Dulin, David Gee, Steve Shandro. ABOVE LEFT: Track star prepares to pole vault. ABOVE: Lumberjacks begin training for the spring season. LEFT: A Lumberjack demonstrates his skill at the hurdles. 281 Ladyjack Track With a young team, (eight freshmen) Coach Carolyn Barnett was quite certain that the 1981 Women ' s track team would be much improved over the 1980 team that finished seventh in the TAIAW Div. II track meet last spring. Two field event competitors, Becky Harding and Paula Phillips, returned from last year, along with runner Fleashia Jones. Barnett noted much more variety within the ranks of years ' team, and cited the versatility of several members of the team who were expected to score in more than one event. RIGHT: Becky Harding throws the shot-put. ABOVE RIGHT: The Ladies track team practices on SFA ' s stadium field. 2 82 TOP LEFT: The 1980-81 women ' s track team. BOTTOM: Angela Love, Kerry Harvey, Cheryl McClung. SECOND ROW: Sue Monroe, Kim Keys, Becky Harding, Fleashia Jones. THIRD ROW: Micki Perry, Kim Thompson, Tammy Broussard. TOP: Susan Briggs trainer, Michelle Beaubien, Paula Phillips, Stephanie Crawford. LEFT: Tammy Broussard and Fleashia Jones Lumberjack Golf In the spring of 1980, the Lumberjack golf team finished second in the Lone Star Conference and sixth in the NAIA tournament. This spring the team competed again in the Lone Star Conference meet as well as several dual matches including Texas A M, Sam Houston State, UT-Arlington, Baylor, Lamar and Houston Baptist. Wynn Beichert was the sole returning letterman for the SFA team. The team is coached by Capt. Geoffrey Miller. ABOVE LEFT: Howard Shipp lines up the golf ball with the hole before attempting to putt. ABOVE: Bottom Bow: Buben Lopex, Howard Shipp. TOP BOW: Capt. Geoffrey Miller, Tommy Fincher, Wynn Beichert, Tony Varvel, Greg Baker, Andy Barron. 284 285 SFA Rugby Club The 40-member SFA Rugby team is a hard-working and aggressive organiza- tion. Despite their club status, the team strives to maintain a high degree of com- petitiveness with larger universities. The team placed third in the open divi- sion of the state tournament in Spring 1980 and hopes to regain the state title this year. The Ruggers had a 1980 record of 6 wins and 2 losses and placed second in the Eastern Counties Tournament and fourth in the San Antonio 7 ' s tourney. This season they competed in the Ozark Invitational, the Our Gang Tournament, the Houston Invitational, the Galveston Tournament, the Austin Tournament and the Texas Rugby Football Union playoffs. 286 Front Row: Mike Morris, Tom Davidson, Mark Carpenter, Jed Day, Calvin Walker, Mark Mariano, Ranger the Wonder Dog, Ted Sonnier, Rob Vantil, Eric Morris, John Green, Phil Singel- tary. Second Row: John O ' Brien, Robert Wright, Ron Britt with Buck, Ron Prewitt, Greg Nassar, Pete DeSantis, Richard Alcock, Charles Floyd, Mike Beller, Tony Davis, Frank Reynolds, David Rourke, Rick Snelling, Marty Martin, David Morton. UPPER LEFT: Alumni get tackled in the Old Tim- ers game. ABOVE : Jed Day tries to wrest the ball from an Old Timer. 287 Two goals of SFA ' s Rugby team are to increase the popularity of rugby football and to develop its members into top- notch players. The team has succeeded in both areas with good attendance at home games and having eight SFA play- ers named to the All Eastern Counties Rugby team. Those players are Jim Chesshir, Tony Davis, Jed Day, Pete DeSantis, Rob Fleet, Charles Floyd, Marty Martin and Ted Sonnier. The team is sponsored by Rothrock Sales and Yakofritz ' s Sandwich Shoppe. Officers for the 80-81 season are Jed Day, president; Eric Morris, match secretary; Ted Sonnier, treasurer; and Rick Snell- ing and Pete DeSantis, player repre- sentatives. OPPOSITE PAGE TOP: John O ' Brien prepares to throw the ball into the line out. OPPOSITE PAGE BELOW: Marty Martin breaks with the ball during the Huntsville game. LEFT: Pete DeSantis and Calvin Walker in the line out against Texas A M. BELOW: Rugby action against Huntsville. Racquetball Club SFA ' s Racquetball club strives to promote both collegiate and intercol- legiate competition and fellowship among racquetball players from novice to expert. The club sponsors technique clinics among members and started a challange ladder. The club has an annual spring tournament which draws players from Dallas, Houston and Beaumont. Members also travel to out of town tournaments. FIRST ROW: Cindy Oliver, vice president; Kelli Vrla, president; Jayme Calder. SECOND ROW: Keith Rarron, Lorna Ohlemacher, secretary; Kandy Lehmkuhl, Rill Morgan. THIRD ROW: Dr. Tom Callaway, sponsor; David Moore, JeffRibbs, Richard Wrench. FOURTH ROW: Craig Robbins, John St. Clair, Lee Runteen, Tim Winker, Rill McDowell, treasurer. Weightlifting Club The SFA Weightlifting Club seeks to promote better fitness for everyone by providing information and practice for weight training. Don McGraw is the president, Bert Gutierrez is the secret- ary and Dr. Worsham is the sponsor. Robby Chapmen, Dee Clements, Steve Thorsen, George Roark. 290 Men ' s Soccer This fall the SFA soccer team made it to the finals of the state championship only to lose to Texas Southern 3-2 in the double-overtime match. SFA led the game until the last two minutes when a Lumberjack was taken out, leaving SFA short one player when TSU scored. TOP LEFT: Front Row: Faurshid Niroumand, Eric Van Gorkman, Greg Muller, John Davenport, Robert Power, Carlos Alonzo, Jimmy Sierra, Bobby Masters, Arnold Morales. Back Row: Joe Amrein, Brian Whittaker, Jim K. Jellander, Duke Anderson, Brad Anderson, Jose Alonzo, Wright Cain, Tom Jones, David Martin, Mike Ander- son, Pete Dotsey. LEFT: SFA soccer player demonstrates one of the basic rules of sports: how to keep your eye on the ball. ABOVE: By jarring the soccer ball from an opponent, an SFA player attempts to regain possession. 291 Swim Team Members of SFA ' s swim team work out every day in preparation for meets with such teams as Rice and UT-Arlington. Team member Helen Standerfer was named Athlete of the Year by the Texas Association of Intercollegiate Athletics for Women, Division III. She was awarded this honor for her performance in the Texas State Women ' s Meet in March, 1979. At the meet, Standerfer placed in each of the seven events that she entered. TOP: A Ladyjack begins her race. MIDDLE: SFA swim team. Top Row: Eric Hansen, Kelly Shoemads, Jark Peterson, P.J. Taggart. BOTTOM ROW: Beth Flaggart, Robin Hogan, Helen Standerfer, Lisa Breeding, Janet Gregg. BOTTOM: A swimmer takes a lap. 9 ,f 292 .1 Women ' s Soccer The 1981 SFA Women ' s soccer team had " enough talent to choke a horse, " according to coach Shawn Cox. The 1980-81 squad was young with several new freshmen. Though lack of experience hurt the women this fall, they were quite optimistic about the spring season. Two players, Carole Rylander and Cathy Moffat, have played on nationally ranked soccer teams before coming to SFA. TOP LEFT: SFA official keeps up with the game. ABOVE: An SFA player tries to block a goal. LEFT: That ' s the way to use your head. 293 Intramurals 296 297 SFA Board of Regents Standing, left to right, R.E. Samuel, Homer Bryce, Walter Todd, Glenn Justice. Steated, left to right; Mrs. George Cullun Jr., Mrs. Tom Wright, Ted Bowen. Through slow and thoughtful deliberation, the governor of Texas chooses and appoints each member of the Board of Regents. Each board member serves a staggered term of six years. During each odd ' numbered year, three members are appointed or reappointed. Each member is carefully selected by the governor and approved by the senate. Only those who are worthy of the position are even considered to serve as a board member. The board members, who serve without pay, are required by state law to hold an annual April meeting. But the SFA Board of Regents meets quarterly, in the months of July, October, January and April. Their responsibilities are varied, yet their main objective is to make sure the school is run efficiently. Enforcing the rules and regulations, selecting the president of the university, and in general, upholding the schools ' reputation as fine educational institution, are only a few of the stipulated responsibilities of the Board of Regents here at SFA. 298 President W.R. Johnson Not many people have stopped to consider the importance of a university president, or the responsibilities which are inherent in this position. As Stephen F. Austin State University president, Dr. William R. Johnson cannot consider his position a 9 to 5 job. Responsibilities of the president are numerous, ranging from overseeing the vice presidents to dealing with external constituents and the legislature. As the university ' s head administrator, Dr. Johnson is required to devote a great deal of time to uphold the reputation of the school, the faculty and the students. Besides being responsible for all facets of university policies, Dr. Johnson is also in charge of long- and short-term planning for the university. Although the position of SFA president is a time consuming job, Dr. Johnson considers his profession to be a worthwhile career. Before coming to SFA in 1976, Dr. Johnson was vice president and dean for academic affairs at Texas Tech University in Lubbock. Graduating from the University of Houston with a BA and a master ' s degree, he then pursued a Ph.D. from Oklahoma University. It takes several people to run a state university smoothly. Yet behind all the faculty, administrative staff, it takes an assertive, responsible individual. Stephen F. Austins ' leading man is its president, Dr. William R. Johnson. 299 Vice Presidents Behind the scenes at Stephen F. Austin are the university vice presidents. They are responsible for coordinating school policies ranging from administrative areas to extracurricular activities. Dr. Janelle Ashley, associate vice president for academic affairs and a professor of management, is concerned mainly with matters of curriculum such as class schedules and inventories, revisions, development and deletion of classes. Working with faculty and students, Dr. Bill Franklin, vice president for academic affairs, administrates and constructs policies for the academic areas of the administration. Dr. Janelle Ashley, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. Baker Pattillo, Vice President for Student Affairs Dr. Bill Franklin, Vice President for Academic Affairs Focusing his attentions on the financial affairs of SFA, Charles G. Haas, vice presi- dent for fiscal affairs, is concerned with tuition rates, room and board, fees and other fiscal factors. Vice president of student affairs, Dr. Baker Pattillo, also serves as administrator ofSFA ' s extracurricular activities. Dr. Pat- tillo focuses his attentions on developing services for students. He also helps them solve problems that they have in adminis- trative areas. Charles G. Haas, Vice President for Fiscal Affairs Student Services Student Services is in charge of the offices of Financial Aid, Housing Placement and University Police Department. The administrators of Student Services are qualified to handle disputes between the students and the administration. Student Services personnel are also responsible for such matters as parking violations or off-campus housing. Students with problems in these areas are urged to seek help from the Student Services Office. Van P. Samford, Director of Placement Pete Smith, Director of Housing Jamie Fain, Associate Director of Housing Student Development JUL gg PjuaM . ' 5::. The Office of Student Development handles many areas of student affairs such as extracurricular activities, disciplinary action, selection and training of resident advisers and the development of new campus organizations. Administrators are available at all times to assist students with problems in these areas. Dr. Bill Porter, Dean of Student Development Walter S. Simonds, Student Legal Counsel Ernestine Henry, Associate Dean of Student Development Administrators Robert J. Provan, General Legal Counsel Ben Wright, Chief of University Police Department Dr. Clyde Iglinsky, Director of Admissions Jerry Johnson, Director of University Center Dr. Wayne G. Slagle, Director of Pre-Professional Programs Administrators 303 Guidance and Counseling ■ Ralph Busby, Counselor Coping with the many facets of student life can be difficult. For that reason, SFA has provided five trained counselors. These counselors are available to advise students on matters regarding advanced placement, selection of a major or im- provement of study habits. Covering a variety of areas, the counselors provide students with group and individual ses- sions. Edwinna Palmer, Counselor Bailey Nations, Counselor 304 faculty Dr. Jasper Adams Mathematics and Statistics Dr. Forrest Alexander Mathematics Dr. Talib Alhashimi Agriculture Dr. Roy Alston Mathematics Dr. Mary Appleberry Elementary Education Dr. Janelle Ashley Management Dr. Thomas Atchison Mathematics and Statistics Gladys Atherton Home Economics Dr. Bruce Bailey Psychology Dr. Ronnie Barra Health and Physical Education Dr. Barbara Barrett Home Economics Dr. Verna Barron Psychology Dr. Calvin Barton Mathematics Sally Basey Home Economics Dr. Sidney Bellamy English Dr. Victor Bilan Forestry The professor who begins each lecture with humorous small talk usually maintains rapport with his students. 305 Dr. Bobby Bizzell Management and Marketing Master Sgt. Michael Bonner Military Science Dr. Wayne Boring Chemistry Dr. William Bos Communication Curtis Bradshaw Financial Aid Dr. William Brophy History Dr. Macra Brunson Elementary Education Marlin Bryant UC Programs Coordinator Staff Sgt. Gregory Buck Military Science Betty Bunch Early Childhood Lab Harold Bunch Mathematics Alyce Bunting Sociology Dr. Leonard Burkart Forestry Julius Burkett Mathematics Balph Busby Guidance ana Counseling Lucretia Bussey Guidance and Counseling Selected as the new head of the account- ing department, Dr. Sammie Smith carries on the fine reputation of the department. 306 A unique collection of personalities form friendships within the history department. Dr. John Butts Communication Dr. Thomas Callaway Physics Mary Cams Political Science Charles Cates Chemistry Elton Chaney Mathematics Dr. Mingteh Chang Forestry Elmer Childers Food Services Dr. Arthur Clagett Sociology Dr. Glen Clayton Physics Capt. William Crow Military Science Dr. John Dahmus History Dr. Robert Dean Mathematics and Statistics Dr. John Decker Physics Martin Deuth Geology Dr. Tames DiNucci Health and Physical Education Dr. Harry Downing Physics 307 Sue Perkins, director of student publica- tions, oversees newspaper production as well as supervising the perennial makings of the yearbook. Dr. Ann Doyle Modern Languages Dr. Kenneth Durr Administrative Services Carleton Dyer Bible Program Dr. Don Fare Elementary Education Dr. Russell Faulkner Biology Dr. Billy Franklin Academic Affairs Dr. James Garrett Chemistry Dr. Heinz Gaylord Psychology Julie Gaylord Mathematics Dr. William Gibson Biology Dr. Volker Gobel Geology John Goodall Music Dr. Robert Gruebel Physics Dr. Leon Hallman Geography John Hamilton Administrative Services Dr. Bill Hamrick Counseling and Special Education 308 Troy Hargis Management and Marketing Dr. John Harlan Criminal Justice Dr. William Heeney Secondary Education Maj. Sammy Henderson Military Science Sgt. Maj. Harvey Heseman Military Science Dr. Harold Hill Secondary Education Dr. Harry Hoge Geology David Holiday Mathematics Dr. Darrell Holt Music Dr. Thomas Houston Music Dr. James Howard Forestry Rosemary Huff English Andrew Huffty Health and Physical Education Ellis Hunt Forestry Dr. Richard Hurzeler Sociology Dr. Jerry Irons Elementary Education Col. Terry Carlton, chairman of the military science department, supervises corps activities that add ceremony to many student functions. 309 Dr. June Irwin Health and Physical Education Joan Johnston Nursing Marlene Kahla Management Reesman Kennedy Art Dr. Langston Kerr Dean, School of Education Dr. Dwayne Key Economics and Finance Dr. Carl Kight Health and Physical Education Dr. David Kulhavy Forestry Dr. Jerry Lackey Psychology Dr. John Lewis Economics and Finance Wilbert Love English and Philosophy Dr. Albert Machel Chemistry Dr. Robert Maxwell History Dr. Douglas McMillan History Capt. Geoffrey Miller Milita ry Science Dr. Charles Minis Biology Labs enable students to have one-to-one assistance from instructors in applying classroom lecture knowledge. 310 Dr. Thomas Franks heads SFA ' s depart- ment of elementary education, formerly known as a teachers ' college. Mel Montgomery Music John Moore Chemistry Dr. James Moses Modern Languages Dr. Morgan Moses Secondary Education Dr. Samuel Naistat Chemistry Bailey Nations Guidance and Counseling Joe Neel Mathematics and Statistics Dr. James Nicholson Physics Dr. El ray Nixon Biology Dr. Janice Pattillo Elementary Education Dr. Milton Payne Elementary Education Sue Perkins Student Publications Dr. David Petty Sociology Dr. William Porter Student Development Carolyn Price Administrative Services Dr. Wayne Proctor Mathematics 311 Robert Provan Sociology Dr. Mildred Pryor Management and Marketing Dr. Thomas Quarles Agriculture Dr. Fred Rainwater Biology Dr. Robert Ramsey Communication Dr. James Reese History Dr. Hershel Reeves Forestry Dr. Joy Reeves Sociology Dr. Allen Richman History Capt. Richard Riggs Military Science Dr. Michael Roach Communication James Robertson Nursing Dr. Walter Robertson Biology Dr. Elvia Rodriguez Elementary Education Dr. Frank Ross Accounting Dr. Margaret Rucker Home Economics Most professors possess an extensive col- lection of literature relating to his field ol expertise. 312 Jean Rudisill Administrative Services Dr. Homer Russell Biology Dr. Austin Sartin Geology Dr. Jacob Seaton Chemistry Patricia Sharp Geology Laura Shivers Home Economics Dr. David Shows Health and Physical Education Dr. Wayne Slagle Biology Dr. Weldon Smith Economics and Finance Dr. Lynnette Solomon Economics and Finance Dr. Robert Solomon Management and Marketing Sgt. Charles Spaulding Military Science Dr. James Speer Psychology Dr. Connie Spreadbury Sociology Dr. Wendall Spreadbury Elementary Education Dr. James Standley Criminal Justice Dr. Elnita Stanley Counseling and Special Education Dr. Dudley Stewart Economics and Finance Dr. Thurman Thomas Agriculture Dr. George Thompson Secondary Education Dr. Dillard Tinsley Management and Marketing Dr. Ronnie Todd Modern Languages William Toney Criminal Justice Dr. Jim Towns Communication Dr. Jerry Vincent Geology Staff Sgt. Sammy Wages Military Science Dr. B.F. Walker Chemistry Cheryl Warren Economics and Finance Dr. Kenneth Watterston Forestry Shirley Watterston Music Dr. Anita Webb Psychology Sandra Welch Mathematics Melvin Wester Guidance and Counseling Nancy Weyland Financial Aid Dr. Ralph White Administrative Services Dr. G.W. Willingham Elementary Education Dr. Craig Wood Computer Science W.S. Woodley Agriculture Dr. William Wright Management and Marketing Dr. Robert Yeagy Mathematics Dr. Beverly Young Elementary Education Dr. Marlin Young Administrative Services Dr. William Young M usic 314 315 In ] u Abbott, Leisa; Spring Abbott, Wade; Houston Abbruscato, John; Houston Ackles, Sindee; Dallas Adame, Johnny; Houston Adams, Deborah; Munday Adamson, Debbie, Perryton Adkison, David; Houston Adler, Laurie Sue; Houston Afflitto, Eric; Spring Agueros, Mary; Grand Prairie Akins, Stacy; Houston Albert, Joseph; Houston Al corn, Laurel; Jasper Alcorn, Lezlie; Tyler Alekna, Veronica; Piano Alexander, Larry; Houston Alexander, Mark; Livingston Allen, Debbie; Austin Allen, Gary; Dallas Allen, Mary; Cushing Allen, Stacy; Dallas Alms, Ramona; League City Alonso, Patricia; Dallas Alpenfels, Eric; Boulder, CO Alsander, Karen; Missouri City Alwell, Teresa; Jacksonville Amend, Susan; Dallas Amerson, David; Hallsville Amiot, Alison; Piano Amrein, Joe; Houston Anderson, Angela; Mexia Anderson, Charlton; Houston Anderson, Karen; Cookville Anderson, Miranda; Scroggins Anderson, Therese; Richardson Andre, Steven; Southlake Andrews, Robert; Houston Antoni, Gigi; Corpus Christi Anzaldua, Mario; La Porte Arnold, Allyson; Cleburne Arnold, Amy; Richardson Arrant, Bret; Nacogdoches Ashley, Debbie; Nacogdoches Askew, Sharon; Port Neches Astky, Neil; Houston Atha, Tracy; Dallas Auld, Margaret; Fort Worth 316 1 Fl J ' 1 ft i J jjj Hpn ? 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Pleasant Bradhurst, Jon; Humble Bradley, Jacquie; Dallas Bradley, Kimberly; Richardson Bradshaw, Mark; Pittsburg Brady, Ann; Houston Brady, Dawn; Houston Branam, Leah; Wills Point Brancato, Joanna; Dallas Branch, Wendy; Duncanville Branham, Russell; Arlington Branstiter, Nancy; Bellaire Brashier, Philip; Houston Braswell, Michael; Nacogdoches Bray, Lisa; Garland Brebner, Judi; Weslaco Breckenridge, Jo; Jasper Breeding, Lisa; Kingsville Brewer, Cindy; Euless Brewer, Kevin; Irving Brewer, Tim; Nacogdoches Bridges, Barry; Dallas Bridges, Cindy; Texas City Bridges, Cynthia; Denton Bridges, Jill; Port Neches Bridges, Stephen; Denton Briggs, John; Humble Briggs, Susan; Arlington Brimage, Kimberly; Copperas Cove Brimberry, Alice; Sugar Land Bristow, Ellie; Houston Brite, William; Houston Brittain, Mark; Port Neches Britton, Teresa; Houston Brixey, John; Dallas 320 Broadway, Tracy; Timpson Brochu, Siobhain; Dallas Brock, John; San Felipe Brock, Robert; League City Brogdon, Bridget; Hurst Brooke, Mary; Beaumont Brooks, Chamois; Houston Brooks, Kalinda; Houston Brooks, Kathy; Houston Brooks, Melissa; Houston Brookshire, Brent; Lufkin Browder, Annalea; Crosby Brown, Charles; Houston Brown, Daryl; Vidor Brown, Dennis; Huffman Brown, Elizabeth; Dallas Brown, Lori; Houston Brown, Lori; Camden, AR Brown, Paul; Houston Brown, Paula; Cleveland Brown, Phyllis; Orange Brown, Sherry; White Oak Brown, Susan; Dallas Brown, Todd; Piano Brown, Tracy; Dallas Browning, Scott; Willis Broussard, Bruce; Spring Broussard, Desiree; Beaumont Broz, Tammy; West Columbia Brunson, James; Spring Brunson, Monica; Lufkin Brye, Kevin; Houston Bryson, John; Houston Buchalter, Mike; Lubbock Buchanan, Betsy; Richardson Buchanan, Diane; Dallas Buchanan, Jo; Petersburg Bullock, Holly; Lufkin Bumpus, Lorie; Lewisville Bunger, J. Reid; Timpson Bunter, Arthur; Spring Bunting, Laurie; Piano Burger, Bruce; Nacogdoches Burgeson, Mark; Lufkin Burgess, Darla; Crosby Burke, Beverly; Marshall Burke, Edmund; Piano Burke, Jack; San Diego, CA 321 Burley, Ross; Kingwood Burnell, Julie; Nacogdoches Burns, Jane; Houston Burns, Karen; Conroe Burns, Lori; Houston Burns, Sharon; Conroe Burns, Vicki; Lubbock Burrell, Janice; Liberty Burrichter, Gretehen; Spring Burton, Carrie; Mesquite Burton, Karla; Dallas Busa, Connye; Harlingen Buscher, Kathleen; Irving Bush, Ronnie; Garrison Buslik, Steve; San Jose, CA Butler, Buckley; Kemp Butler, Kirk; Grand Prairie Butler, Penny; Houston Butler, Scott; Rusk Button, Rhonda; Garrison Buxton, Kimberly; Houston Byars, Sandra; Martinsville Bynum, David; Fort Worth Caffey, Mark; Monahans Cagle, David; Duncanville Cahill, Pamela; Houston Cahill, Rick; Richardson Cain, Tracy; Dallas Callahan, Kevin; Houston Cameron, Regina; Cookville Camp, Harry; Houston Campanello, Sandy; Galveston Campbell, Christopher; Dallas Campbell, Grace; Houston Campbell, Laurel; Conroe Campbell, Tammy; Pasadena Campbell, William; Dallas Campisi, John; Dallas Canellos, Vivian; Dallas Canfield, John; Houston Cannon, Billy; Rusk Cannon, James; Lufkin Cantrell, Cynthia; Houston Caperton, Michael; Bryan Carlisle, David; Houston Carlisle, Sandra; Texas City Carlock, Russell; Houston Carlson, Carol; Houston 322 % • 9 ' mm 1 ' " t T ' 1 s l 1 7 v Li ■ mmr m. . Carlson, Karen; Houston Carlton, Jenny; Colmesneil Carlton, Sueann; Houston Carlton, Terry; Nacogdoches Carney, Rusty; Nacogdoches Carpenter, Tina; Houston Carr, Buford; Denton Carr, Judy; Conroe Carrell, Von Kenneth; Longview Carroll, Jeff; Pasadena Carter, Cheryl; Dallas Carter, Deanna; Dallas Carter, Mark; Houston Casebolt, Debbie; Dallas Cash, John; Richardson Cason, Greg; Duncanville Cass, Sheila; Piano Cates, Amanda; Quitman Cates, Amy; Lufkin Cavazos, Joel; San Antonio Cavender, Bryan; Brownsville Cesmirosky, Joe; Cypress Chambers, Joanna; Brownsville Chambers, Susan; Kirbyville Chamrad, Daphne; Friendswood Chandler, Tim; Nacogdoches Chaney, Carol; Dallas Chapman, Anita; Irving Chapman, Bob; Tyler Chapman, Robert; Missouri City Chappell, Rodney; Longview Chase, William; Seabrook Chastain, Gregory; Lancaster Chastain, Terri; Spring Cheek, Terri; Nacogdoches Cheney, Brenda; Kemah Cherry, Clifton; Santa Ana, CA Chiang, David; Marshall Childers, Danny; Conroe Childers, John; Nacogdoches Childress, Lisa; Dallas Chism, Audrey; Birmingham, AL Christian, Ganata; Hillister Christiansen, Missy; Houston Christman, Deborah; Conroe Christopher, Debbie; Houston Chumbley, Leeda; Garland Chumley, Eddie; Beaumont 323 Churchman, Donna; Timpson Ciulla, Stephanie; Houston Clark, Elizabeth; Houston Clark, Evie; Houston Clark, Jerry; Lufkin Clark, Karen; Marshall Clark, Kathy; Spring Clark, Maureen; Houston Clark, Robyn; Tenaha Clark, Shannon; Port Neches Clark, Shari; Houston Clark, Shelley; Dallas Clarke, David; Houston Clement, Gordon; Houston Clements, Pamela; De Soto Clester, Travis; Houston Clifton, James; Richardson Cline, Colin; La Porte Clough, Leith; Morehead, KY Cloutier, Christine; Denton Cloutier, Robyn; Denton Cobb, Chris; Piano Cobbs, Karen; Sherman Cochran, William; Kingwood Cockrell, W.; Joaquin Coe, Scott; Nacogdoches Coffey, Lisa; Houston Cofield, Holly; Hope, AR Coggan, Rarry; Dallas Cohen, David; Dallas Cohn, Dennis; Houston Cole, Mark; Richardson Coleman, Anita; Houston Coleman, David; Dallas Coleman, Jeff; Lexington Coleson, Patricia; Lewisville Collier, Angie; Longview Collins, Karen; Lufkin Collins, Terri; DeSoto Collins, Valerie; Palestine Collins, Vance; Houston Collum, Tim; Royd Colombo, David; Galveston Colvin, Kay; Fairfield Colvin, Mark; Cleveland Combs, Rhonda; Lewisville Connally, Gordon; Garland Connell, Linda; Houston 324 Connolly, Brian; Old Bridge, NJ Connor, Cheryl; Friendswood Cook, Karen; Garrison Cook, Lacey; Dallas Cook, Lezlie; Woodlands Cook, Ron; Houston Coole, Seott; Austin Coon, Charles; Houston Cooper, Scott; Irving Copeland, Tracie; Angleton Corbin, Kelly; Liberty Corbran, Susan; Houston Cordell, Julie; Houston Corderman, Kristi; San Antonio Cordero, Frank; Houston Cornelius, Ben; Livingston Cornett, Tammy; Lodi Cornwall, Chris; Dallas Corrick, Kim; Port Lavaca Corriston, Brian; Nacogdoches Cortines, Val; Nacogdoches Coston, Donna; Houston Coston, Wayne; Hallsville Cotter, Clay; Galveston Cotter, Joyce; Concord, NH Cottingham, Mary; Houston Counts, Bradly; Houston Courtney, Patricia; Richardson Covington, Diana; Wylie Cowan, Steven; DeSoto Cowie, Jeff; Houston Cox, Danny; Arlington Cox, Debbie; Pasadena Cox, Hovey; Houston Cox, Karen; Texarkana Cox, Shawn; Arlin gton Cox, Tammy; Crowley Crabtree, Carolyn; Piano Crabtree, Dee; Mt. Pleasant Cradit, Cathy; Alief Craig, Nancy; Houston Craig, Robert; Missouri City Craig, Roy; Olton Crain, Roxann; Waialua, Hawaii Cranford, Stephanie; Longview Crawford, Steve; Houston Crews, Michael; Jacksonville Crider, Kim; San Antonio 325 Cromer, CloAnn; Houston Cross, Rosie; Fort Worth Crouch, Michael; Denton Crowe, Ross; Houston Crowley, Christopher; Nokesville, VI Crowner, Cane; Piano Cruce, Susan; Hemphill Crumley, Donna; Mesquite Crumpler, Mary; DeSoto Cuellar, Cathy; Houston Culver, Emily; Groves Culwell, Debra; Houston Cummings, Charles; Stafford Cummings, Elizabeth; Splendora Cummins, Kim; Granbury Cunningham, Cindy; Piano Cunningham, Janis; Grand Prairie Cunningham, Karen; Houston Curbow, Pamela; Mineola Currie, Cam; Spring Curry, Alan; Lufkin Curtino, Lori; Galveston Curtis, Cheryl; Richardson Cusack, Claire; Houston Cyrier, Jeffrey; Hurst Czerewaty, Adria; Houston Dace, Leslie; Richardson Dacus, Randy; Dallas Dahlberg, Susan; Houston Dailey, Linda; Houston Daniel, Amy; Dallas Daniel, Jeffrey; Kerrville Daniell, Karen; Ennis Daniels, Robert; Troup Dantin, Susan; Houston Darais, Sandra; Richardson Darden, Gregory; Corsicana Darmstadter, Millye; Lufkin Darter, Todd; Quintan Davenport, Julia; Houston Davidson, Jan; Fort Worth Davidson, Leslie; Porter Davidson, Lori; Arlington Davidson, Valerie; Dallas Davis, Reverly; Spring Davis, Carla; Galveston Davis, Craig; Spring Davis, Jennifer; Texarkana 326 Davis, Julie; San Antonio Davis, Kevin; Boulder, CO Davis, Mark; Houston Davis, Nancy; Houston Davis, Patricia; Houston Davis, Robbie; Houston Davis, Woodrow; Lubbock Davison, Dee; Conroe Davison, Michelle; Houston Dawson, Linda; Houston Day, Bruce; Houston Deason, Gretchen; Fort Worth Declairmont, Todd; Austin DeGrow, Russell; Richardson Delano, Maria; Dallas Delius, Carrie; Dallas Delmar, Paul; Uncertain Deloney, Sheri; Houston DeLuca, Gloria; Houston Dempsey, Teta; Weatherford Denny, Mark; Midland DePamphilis, Molly; Tyler Derek, Grant; Longview DeStefano, Marilyn; Houston Deterding, Jeff; Richardson Dew, Jerry; Piano Dewitt, Michele; Dallas Dews, Judy; Garrison Dewveall, Dana; Sweeny Dickinson, Donna; Red Oak Dickson, Leanne; Irving Didrikson, Thelma; Newton Dierking, Carol; Wylie Dill, Cheryl; Houston Dillon, Debbie; Katy Dixon, Matthew; Payne Springs Dobransky, Joseph; Dallas Dodd, James; Houston Dodds, Robert; Pasadena Dodson, Mark; Nacogdoches Doe, Mike; Katy Dohanich, Michaelyn; Houston Doherty, Mark; Houston Dohner, George; Houston Dolan, Yvette; Pasadena Dollar, Valarie; Conroe Donnelly, JoLynn; Texas City Donovan, Chris; Kingwood 327 Doolen, Chris; Athens Dorociak, Robin; Piano Dorsey, Robert; Houston Dosser, Julie; Georgetown Doty, Dara; Houston Doty, Willie; Bay City Dougharty, Andrew; Swafford Dowden, Bruce; Overton Dowdy, Lissa; Hurst Dowling, Dianne; Houston Down, Martin; Houston Downham, James; Dallas Downs, Cynthia; Piano Downs, Gregg; Mesquite Dozier, Debra; Seabrook Drake, Terry; Cypress Dramberger, David; Brownsville Draper, David; Houston Drew, Kenneth; Kingwood Driskell, Paul; Mt. Enterprise DuBose, Michael; Bryan Ducker, Diana; Dallas Ducote, Kevin; Fort Worth Dugas, Christine; Anahuac Dugger, Jimmie; Palestine Duke, Deborah; Houston Duke, Otis; Euless Duke, Sierra; Hawkins Duke, Stephen; Athens Duncan, Lilah; Hurst Duncan, Veronica; Piano Dunlap, Kenneth; Houston Dunlap, Michelle; Piano Dunn, Karen; Lake Jackson Dunn, Loren; Humble Dunnahoe, John; Tyler Duplantis, Kandi; Arcadia Dundin, Glenn; Mesquite Duren, Deidra; Lufkin Durham, Susan; Piano Durrett, Terry; Pasadena Dutchele, Michael; Dallas Dyche, Susan; Dallas Dyess, Terrie; Rusk Dykes, Roy; Azle Eacret, Trudy; Dallas Eanes, Robert; Atlanta Earle, Andrea; Jacksonville « ■■ •■ 3 328 Eason, Sam; Dallas Easterling, Phil; Mexia Easum, Bryan; Richardson Eaton, Lisa; Richardson Eaves, Linda; Marshall Ebert, Lin; Arlington Eden, Timothy; Houston Edwards, Esta; Houston Edwards, Herman; Houston Edwards, Jon; Fort Worth Edwards, Kate; Kennard Edwards, Linda; Nacogdoches Eldridge, Caryn; Houston Ellard, Jeff; Irving Elliff, Nanette; Texas City Elliott, Nina; Nacogdoches Elliott, Steven; Lubbock Ellison, Kelley; Nacogdoches Elrod, Philip; Richardson Enderle, Daniel; Dallas Ener, Becky; Houston English, George; Dallas English, Johnny; Trinity English, Robin; Houston English, WaDonna; Annona Erdek, Cheri; Houston Erwin, Travis; Houston Erwin, William; Crockett Escobeda, Sally; Port Arthur Escott, Cynthia; Houston Esquivel, Belinda; Bedford Estlack, Larry; San Antonio Eubank, Lisa; Houston Evans, Alan; Houston Evans, Chantal; Austin Evans, John; Slocum Evans, Margo; Dallas Everett, Leah; Longview Evers, Chris; Houston Evett, Vernon; Nacogdoches Ewing, Marsha; Beaumont Fain, Debbie; Houston Fairchild, Mollie; Carrollton Fairest, Richard; Barquisimeto, Ven. Falco, Jean; Conroe Fallin, David; Conroe Farmer, Jana; Houston Farrington, Thomas; Bedford 329 Faust, Jacque; Houston Feagins, Donna; Mt. Pleasant Feigle, Karen; Galveston Fern, Terri; Arlington Fenton, Mary; Killeen Ferguson, Elizabeth; Missouri City Ferguson, Thomas; Dallas Ferguson, Vicki; San Antonio Fetherston, John; Dallas Fetis, Angela; Hemphill Fidler, Karen; Midland Fielder, Anita; Hilltop Lakes Fields, Danny; Chireno Fiffick, Michael; Houston Fillyaw, Shamarion; Jasper Finnell, Julie; Piano Fish, Carolyn; Nacogdoches Fisher, Angela; Richardson Fisher, Eric; Austin Fitzgerald, Kelly; Humble Flaggert, Beth; San Antonio Flather, Charles; Houston Fleming, Dwight; Bells. Fleming, Gregory; Center Fletcher, Martyn; Houston Fletcher, Mitch; Midland Flora, Julie; Piano Florian, Denton; Pearland Floyd, Barrow; Simonton Floyd, Kathryn; Houston Flusche, Terri; Palestine Focht, Lisa; Dallas Fondren, Leora; Lufkin Fontenot, Kristie; Port Arthur Ford, Mike; Tomball Foreman, Lisa; Dallas Forloine, Sharon; Houston Foster, Amy; Marshall Foster, Billy; Houston Foster, Catherine; Normangee Foster, Mark; Richardson Foster, Nancy; Houston Foster, Steven; Mesquite Fowler, Carlton; Springtown Fowler, Cheryl; Maud Fox, Joey; Euless Francis, Elizabeth; Irving Francis, Patricia; Kingwood 330 Francis, Shelley; The Colony Franklin, Wanda; Slocum Frasier, Donna; Longview Freas, Debra; Dorado, Puerto Rico Fredd, Vicki; Irving Freeman, Angie; Daingerfield Freihaut, Gwen; Dallas French, Lisa; Houston Freres, Steven; San Antonio Frew, Erik; Houston Frey, Stephanie; Orange Fris, Janine; The Woodlands Frisby, Joel; McAllen Frome, Pam; Houston Fuerstenau, Julie; Houston Fugate, Guy; Piano Fuller, Noel; Pasadena Fulmer, Calena; Alief Fults, Joey; Nacogdoches Furlich, Lisa; DeSoto Furner, Richard; San Antonio Gainey, William; Richardson Gallagher, Patrick; Piano Gallman, Chuck; Houston Galloway, Carol; Galveston Galyean, Karen; He nderson Gamble, Vernon; Houston Gambrell, Jeffrey; Humble Gammill, Angela; Rrenham Ganim, Sam; Houston Gannon, Jimmy; Dallas Garcia, Ada; Corpus Christi Gardner, Pete; Missouri City Garinger, Kristi; Edmond, OK Garman, Kimberly; Hurst Garner, Darren; Houston Garner, Tim; Houston Garnish, Sean; Euless Garrett, Eric; Houston Garrett, James; Nacogdoches Garrett, Laura; Houston Garrett, Michael; San Augustine Garrey, Lisa; Piano Gartman, Craig; Chireno Gaskin, Bart; Beaumont Gatlin, William; Hurst Gauldin, Tracy; League City Gee, David; Dallas 331 Gehring, Dana; Houston George, Cassandra; Houston George, Gloria; Henderson Gerlach, Steve; Conroe Gervasi, Jolene; Houston Getz, Ron; Arlington Gholson, Angie; Atlanta Gibbs, Jennifer; Houston Gibbs, Laura; Dallas Gibson, Jackie; Arlington Gibson, Ken; Dallas Gibson, Laura; Henderson Gibson, Robert; Dallas Gibson, Terry; Hallsville Giggleman, Craig; Dallas Gilbert, Lindsey; Houston Gilbert, Mike; Dallas Gilbert, Patrick; Spring Gill, Glen; Houston Gillispie, Mark; Dumas Gilmore, Sandra; Houston Gilson, Debbie; Dallas Glaser, Helen; Houston Glasscock, Stuart; Houston Glaze, David; Denton Glenn, Karin; Bedford Glenn, Kim; Lancaster Glona, Charles; Stafford Glynn, Catherine; Harlingen Godsby, Tammye; Timpson Godwin, Teresa; Houston Goerner, Roland; Nacogdoches Goters, Kitty; Houston Golden, David; Houston Goldman, Hruce; McAllen Gonzalez, Carmen; Texas City Good, Julie; Garland Goodale, Todd; Clear Lake Goodall, Danalea; Spring Goode, Kevin; Conroe Goodie, Tom; Houston Goodman, Tammy Jo; Irving Goodson, Melissa; Dallas Goombi, Polly; Arlington Gordon, Lisa; Orange Gorkom, Eric; Houston Goss, Tim; Houston Gottselig, Ann; Sugar Land 332 Graham, Jay; Dallas Graham, Perry; Dallas Graham, Tamara; Gilmer Granger, Michael; Sulphur, LA Grantland, Gary; Irving Graff, Shanna; Longview Graul, John; Dallas Graves, Grady; Hurst Gray, Karen; Irving Gray, Karen; Conroe Gray, Maree; Nacogdoches Gray, Mary; Missouri City Gray, Mike; Irving Green, Emery; Port Isabel Green, Ricci; Palestine Greeney, Judy; Pinehurst Greenwalt, Mark; Dallas Gregory, Mark; Houston Gregory, Mark; Richardson Grieve, David; Richardson Griffin, Retty Ann; Houston Griffin, Carolyn; Irving Griffin, Connie; West Griffin, Jo; Spring Griffin, John; Dallas Griffin, Michael; Atlanta Griffith, Georgette; Harlingen Griffith, Laurie; Richardson Grindle, John; Alto Grisson, Deanna; Pasadena Grivas, Elizabeth; Spring Grogan, Tonya; Nacogdoches Gromena, Karen; Spring Grosz, Reth; Houston Guarnere, Mike; Nacogdoches Gubera, Robert; Houston Guerra, Sara; Missouri City Guest, Carmen; Nacogdoches Guest, Todd; San Antonio Guidry, Darrell; China Gustin, Alan; Lake Jackson Guthrie, Christina; Kemah Gutierrez, Curt; Houston Guzman, David; Galveston Gwynne, Jane; Spring Hackney, Julie; Canton Haddox, Suzie; Nacogdoches Hagar, Scott; Dallas 333 Hague, Cindy; Joaquin Haight, Curtis; Irving Haines, Robin; San Antonio Hale, Barbara; Houston Hale, Barbara; Texas City Hale, Karla; Dallas Hale, Sandy; Kingwood Haley, Jennifer; Humble Haley, Lindy; Mexia Hall, Anita; Killeen Hall, Charles; Dallas Hall, Chris; Piano Hall, David; Dallas Hall, Kathi; Alvin Hall, Kim; Gilmer Hall, Michele; Piano Halverson, Nancy; Richardson Hamill, Julie; Dallas Hamil, Julie; Montalba Hamilton, Mike; Piano Hamm, Connie; Winnsboro Hammack, Briana; Fort Worth Hammock, Sonja; Cleveland Hanchey, Carla; Houston Hankamer, John; Huffman Hankerd, Mary; Galveston Hankla, Marilyn; Geneva Hansen, Christie; Joshua Hansen, David; Conroe Hansen, Helen; Corpus Christi Hansen, Jeff; Houston Hansen, Judge; Houston Hansen, Todd; Garland Hanson, Eric; Evergreen, CO Hanson, Karl; Longview Hardin, Mike; Richardson Hardwicke, Holly; Houston Hardy, Lisa; Nacogdoches Harford, Sue; Lewisville Hargis, Shelia; Nacogdoches Hargreaves, Susan; Piano Hargrove, Frances; Denton Haring, Mike; Slocum Harkness, Debra; Marshall Harmon, Kylene; Anahuac Harrell, Harriet; Marshall Harrington, William; Hemphill Harris, Carissa; Nacogdoches 334 Harris, Craig; Carrollton Harris, Donald; Palestine Harris, Jan; Irving Harris, Renee; Dallas Harris, William; Houston Harrison, Gene; Houston Harrison, Johnny; Jasper Harrison, Russell; Austin Hart, Mylissa; Euless Hartland, Kevin; Houston Hartt, Malinda; Beaumont Hartt, Richard; Nacogdoches Harrwick, Sara; San Benito Harvey, Sue Lynn; Houston Harwell, Beth; Houston Harwell, Timothy; Irving Harwood, Sheli; Conroe Hauck, Julie; Missouri City Haugh, Valerie; Richardson Haugland, Jeff; Conroe Hanlin, David; Missouri City Hawkins, Marlea; Corpus Christi Hawley, Linda; Houston Hayes, Meredith; Longview Hays, Dave; Dallas Hays, Sherri; Waskom Hays, Terri; Houston Hazelrigs, Kathi; Clear Lake City Hazen, Gayle; Houston Head, Phyllis; Houston Headlee, Craig; Cleburne Healy, Jennifer; Houston Healy, (Catherine; Dallas Heap, Perian; Piano Hearne, Mark; Henderson Hearne, Tina; Fort Worth Heaton, Stacy; Fort Worth Hefner, Robert; Houston Heider, Dyann; Richardson Heinrichs, Hadley; Austin Heinze, Darryl; Houston Helm, Alicia; Houston Hemminghaus, Susan; Houston Hemry, William; Piano Henderson, David; Dickinson Henderson, Gerald; Houston Henderson, Jana; Dallas Henderson, Kimberly; Humble 335 Henderson, Robert; Farmersville Hendricks, Chris; Fort Worth Hendricks, Erin; Magnolia Hendricks, Penny; Lake Jackson Henry, Pat; Spring Heppler, Brian; Spring Hester, Bruce; Duncanville Hetzel, Julie; Longview Hewett, Cheryl; Longview Hibbard, Lisa; Cedar Hill Hicks, Sherri; Irving Hicks, Stephanie; Houston Hieger, Kalee; Houston Hightower, Debbi; Fort Worth Hightower, Karen; Houston Hightower, Niki; Richardson Hildebrand, Laurie; Longview Hill, Kareen; Deer Park Hill, Randall; Fort Worth Hill, Robert; Duncanville Hilts, James; Fort Worth Hinckley, Susan; Fort Worth Hindsman, Ricky; Livingston Hinson, Walter; Jefferson Hinton, Jim; Magnolia Hirsh, Ranleigh; Georgetown Hlavary, Darrell; Houston Hobbs, Sharon; Garrison Hodges, David; Rockwall Hodges, Shelly; Gilmer Hoelscher, Denise; Houston Hoerath, Carla; West Columbia Hoffman, Corey; Houston Hoffman, DeAnna; Houston Holbrook, Tammy; Humble Holcomb, Susan; Pasadena Holdren, Jo; Lago Vista Holl, Robert; Pearland Hollinger, Colleen; Houston Hollis, James; Houston Holmes, Lynn; Houston Holmgren, Laurel; Fort Worth Holt, Don; Nacogdoches Honea, Lisa; Dallas Hood, Chris; Houston Hooper, Michael; Dallas Hoover, John; Houston Hope, Lisa; Houston 336 • • . _ Hope, Sally; Mount Vernon Hopkins, James; Dallas Hopkins, Roni; Pasadena Hoppe, Margaret; Houston Hopper, Nanci; Dallas Hopper, Royal; Port Neches Hopson, Paula; Zavalla Hord, Mark; Pasadena Horgan, Charles; Spring Horn, Dwight; Huffman Hornbeak, Charles; San Antonio Home, Betsy; Piano Hornsby, Laurie; Galveston Horsfall, Diana; Kemah Horsheim, Gay; Hastings, MN Horton, Dana; Houston Howard, Allison; Houston Howard, Allyson; Houston Howard, John; Shoreview, MN Howard, Milton; Houston Howard, Susan; Houston Howell, Ann; Longview Howell, Brenda; Houston Howell, Brian; Mansfield Howell, Deborah; New Boston Howell, Lisa; Irving Howie, Carla; Bedford Huard, William; Spring Hudnall, Jennifer; Houston Hugger, John; Houston Hughes, Jeff; Houston Hughes, Jenny; Houston Hughes, Julie; Houston Hughes, Teresa; Nacogdoches Hughey, Anita; Southlake Hugonin, Lauree; Timpson Hultquist, Janette; Houston Humphreys, Amy; Houston Humphreys, Richard; Nacogdoches Hundley, Tom; Houston Hunt, Jimmy; Azle Hunt, Kim; Nacogdoches Hunter, Jeanette; Houston Hunter, Lori; Bridge City Hurlbut, John; Argyle Hurley, Teresa; Henderson Hurst, Brian; Spring Hurst, Karen; Houston 337 Hutchins, Steve; Houston Hutchinson, Susan; Houston Hutson, Sharon; Houston Hutto, Lanora; Nacogdoches Ingram, Carla; Houston Ireland, Kathy; Kingwood Irwin, Suzanne; Gilmer Isais, Joey; Galveston Ishmael, Thomas; Texas City Ivey, Julie; Orange Ivey, Turner; Houston Jablonski, Leanne; Houston Jackson, Carla; Duncanville Jackson, Guy; Anahuac Jackson, Kevin; Waco Jackson, Lansa; Houston Jackson, Laura; Piano Jackson, Lois; Texas City- Jackson, Marian; Houston Jackson, Michael; La Porte Jackson, Robert; Spring Jacobs, Glen; Houston Jacobsen, Kathleen; Conroe James, Thomas; Houston Janes, Debra; Groves Jankowski, Debbie; Houston Jarrell, Andrea; Tyler Jefferson, Gary; Dallas Jenkins, Carrie; Upland, CA Jenkins, Cyndee; Arlington Jenkins, Thomas; San Antonio Jenkins, Tracey; Dallas Jennings, Norman; Carthage Jensen, Keith; Houston Jespersen, Lisa; Duncanville Jesser, Laura; Kingwood Jeter, Julie; Conroe Jewell, Belinda; Houston Jobe, Lezlie; Grapevine Joest, Robert; Tyler Johnson, Bernie; Nederland Johnson, Blake; Irving Johnson, Cheri; Friendswood Johnson, Dana; Dallas Johnson, Dorothy; Dallas Johnson, Jana; Port Arthur Johnson, Juanita; Houston Johnson, Mark; Nacogdoches 338 Johnson, Mark; Nacogdoches Johnson, Matthew; Piano Johnson, Matthew; Kingwood Johnson, Michael; Fort Worth Johnson, Stephanie; Texas City Johnson, Sybil; Hull-Daisetta Johnson, Timothy; Galveston Johnson, Yvette; Falfurrias Johnston, Cinthia; Houston Johnston, Kristine; Friendswood Jones, Barry; Houston Jones, Byron; Houston Jones, Carolyn; Piano Jones, Cherrie; San Augustine Jones, Deena; Houston Jones, Lauri Beth; Huffman Jones, Jill; DeSoto Jones, Megan; Piano Jones, Michele; LaPorte Jones, Nancy; Houston Jones, Paula; Humble Jones, Bebecca; Nacogdoches Jones, Sherl; Houston Jones, Tamara; Mahomet, IL Jones, Tammie; Mesquite Jones, Timothy; Seabrook Jones, Wade; Houston Jongeward, Sharon; Nacogdoches Jopplin, Bryant; Houston Jordan, Elizabeth; San Antonio Jordan, Glynn; Houston Jordan, Greg; Plainview Jordan, Patricia; Dallas Jordan, Robin; Houston Joseph, Jean; Port au Prince, Haiti Journey, Cerethia; Magnolia Joyner, Kim; Richardson Judd, Debbie; Hurst Juneau, Laurie; Willis Jung, Jennifer; Houston Kaestner, Roger; Houston Kahlden, Suzanne; Columbus Kahrl, Laura; Arlington Kane, Donna; Fort Worth Kane, Kathy; Houston Kantenberger, Mary; Point Kartalis, Elaine; Dallas Katz, Dawn; Fort Worth 339 Katz, Lisa; Houston Keefe, Debbie; Colleyville Keene, James; Friendswood Keenon, Janet; Houston Keenon, Konnie; Fort Worth Keeling, Jeff; Nacogdoches Keeth, Debra; Houston Kelley, Danette; Humble Kelley, Jenni; Houston Kelley, Kevin; Ferris Kelley, Rhonda; Spring Kellough, Lee; Arlington Kelly, Karen; Timpson Kelly, Kim; Irving Kelly, Michael; Houston Kelly, Shayne; Houston Kendrick, Randall; Spring Kennedy, Treva; Jasper Kenny, David; Marlin Kent, Melinda; Austin Kenyon, Ann; Houston Kernahan, Jill; Piano Kerr, Michael; Colmesneil Kessler, Ann; Houston Kettle, Pamela; Piano Kidwell, Melissa; Friendswood Kilbourn, Kathy; Friendswood Kilcoyne, James; Houston Killion, Robert; Houston Killough, LuAnne; Conroe Kilman, Kim; Alpine Kilpatrick, Gayle; Houston Kilpatrick, Genie; Deer Park Kimball, Stacy; Houston Kimbrough, Dora Lee; Nacogdoches Kimbrough, Lee; Nacogdoches Kimery, Sylvia; Piano Kinchen, Carl; Rusk King, Cammie; Nacogdoches King, Don; Houston King, Donna; San Antonio King, Rita; Woden King, Scot; Houston King, Sheri; Richardson King, Susan; San Antonio Kinney, Angela; Friendswood Kinser, John; Copeville Kirby, Elizabeth; Quitman 340 Kirk, Jane; McKinney Kirkby, Kelly; Dallas Kirley, Darcy; Van Alstyne Kissner, Sharon; Dallas Kizer, Holly; Houston Klander, Kimberly; Bellaire Klein, John; Houston Klein, Rebecca; Houston Klingman, Steve; Dallas Klodginski, Alan; Houston Klotz, Rhonda; Houston Kneal, Thomas; Houston Knuckols, Nancy Ann; Marshall Kohnert, Frank; Houston Kohsmann, Dawn; Irving Kok, Sigrid; Houston Kolb, Gary; Spring Konarik, Donnie; Corpus Christi Koonce, Katy; Lake Jackson Koons, Marilyn; Dallas Koop, Lori; Spring Kopinski, Teresa; Dallas Koury, Mike; Houston Krause, Kimberly; Nacogdoches Krueger, James; Houston Krumm, Lawrence; Tyler Krus, Steve; Houston Kutcher, Tina; Colleyville Kyle, Sue Ann; Liberty Kyzar, Mary; Houston Lackey, Diane; Houston Lackner, Craig; League City Lacy, Kelly; Houston Lacy, Timothy; Houston Laine, Cynthia; Houston Lamar, Gary; Cypress Lamar, Mark; Piano Lamar, Tiki; Cypress Lambert, Doak; Duncanville Lancaster, Chris; Spring Lance, Patti; Atlanta Landgrebe, Joyce; Houston Landrum, Mark; Dallas Lane, Connie; Houston Lanfer, Jane; Richardson Lang, Douglas; Fort Worth Lange, LeAnne; Houston Langlois, Judy; Conroe 341 Langston, Kimberly; Spring Lanik, Jan; Houston Larsen, Barry; Garland Larsen, Laura; Dallas Latham, Pam; Longview Lau, Steve; Houston Law, Mary; Dallas Lawrence, Glenn; Arlington Lawson, Vicky; Mt. Pleasant Lawyer, Tim; Dallas Layman, Karen; Richardson Leaton, Kim; Winnsboro Leazenby, Jon; Cypress LeCroix, Terri; Seabrook Leddy, Edwyna; Grand Prairie Lee, Gina; Mt. Pleasant Lee, Glenn; San Antonio Lee, Lilly; Sugar Land Lee, Mary; Grand Prairie Lee, Melinda; Dallas Lee, Michael; Jefferson Lee, Pamela; Houston Legate, Laura; Houston Legh-Page, Robert; Houston Lehmkuhl, Linda; Houston Leidy, Valarie; Piano Lemen, Patricia; San Juan Lemoine, Paul; Port Neches LeMoing, Rhonda; Houston Lemons, Courtney; Denison Lennon, Dawn; Houston Leonard, Robert; Dallas Lester, David; Dallas Letney, Calleise; Lufkin Levowitz, Stacey; Houston Lewis, Howard; McAllen Lewis, James; Laneville Lewis, Jonathan; Fort Worth Lewis, Karen; Beaumont Lewis, Maria; Dallas Lewis, Shelly; Carrollton Light, Patricia; Houston Lightfoot, Tammy; Mesquite Ligotino, Theresa; Houston Ligotino, Vincent; Houston Lilljedahl, Kelly; Grapevine Lincke, Mark; Sinton Lindholm, Michael; Richardson 342 Lindquist, Bobby; Alice Lindsay, Caroline; Houston Linker, Barbara; Farmers Bran Linney, Tim; Houston Linthicum, Patti; Henderson Lipsey, Angie; Missouri City Little, Nancy; Lufkin Littleton, Kathy; Waco Lo, Mary; Taipei, Taiwan ROC Lockett, Ceryta; Houston Loeffler, Christine; Humble Logan, Laurie; Madisonville Logan, Virginia; Garland Loggins, Deborah; Tyler Lohr, Janet; Houston Lombardo, Joanne; Marlin Loncar, Elizabeth; Richardson Long, Allison; DeSoto Long, Carlos; Atlanta Long, Melinda; Overton Longman, Randy; Houston Looney, Jay; Fort Worth Loop, Claude; Houston Lopez, Jesus; El Paso Love, Mary; Spring Lovejoy, Eleanor; Beaumont Lovell, Tracy; Longview Lovett, Alan; Tomball Loving, Sonya; Livingston Lovelace, Clayton; Dallas Lowe, Renee; Ennis Lowery, Lane; Huntington Lowrey, Randy; Grapevine Lucas, Debbie; League City Ludrick, Bradley; Montgomery Luebke, Kevin; Fort Worth Lukavsky, Kevin; Houston Lum, Mike; Port Neches Luman, Deborah; Chireno Lumpkin, Julie; Conroe Luna, Diana; Beaumont Lundahl, Richard; Kingwood Lundy, Lisa; Dallas Lunsford, Hope; Garrison Lynass, John; Houston Lynch, Shannon; Carrizo Springs Lynn, Barbara; San Antonio Lyon, Margaret; Richardson 343 Maas, Rob; Houston Macaluso, Jennifer; Houston Maeeda, Fred; Dallas Machalec, Paul; Houston Macias, Bertha; Houston Mackechney, Mark; Longview Mackenzie, Joe; Humble Mackey, Robert; San Augustine Maddox, Lance; Dumas Maddry, Carolyn; Corpus Christi Maendler, Julie; Arlington Megalee, Michelle; Woodlands Magnuson, Mark; Vidor Mahlstedt, Stephen; Red Oak Majors, Hugh; Timpson Maldonado, Melinda; Houston Mallon, Christin; Houston Maluski, Daniel; Houston Manahan, Suzanne; Houston Manby, Patricia; San Antonio Mancha, Nelda; Longview Maner, Debora; Garland Mann, Stacy; Richardson Mansfield, Melanie; Houston Margita, Denise; Houston Mariano, Mark; Lewisville Marion, Mark; Fort Worth Maris, Joe; Dallas Marmon, Murrell; Quinlan Marquez, Rafael; Texas City Marroquin, Maureen; Port Arthur Marshall, Christopher; Houston Marshall, James; Timpson Marshall, John; Richardson Marshall, Madeleine; Houston Martel, Paul; Houston Martens, Teresa; Dallas Martin, Brian; Houston Martin, Kathy; Longview Martin, Kimberly; Tyler Martin, Laura; Richardson Martin, Michelle; Irving Martin, Roger; Tomball Martin, Rosa; Henderson Martino, Angie; Pearland Mashburn, Jenny; Houston Massey, Clay; Southlake Masters, Kurt; Houston f 1 f O ( 344 Mather, William; Houston Matthews, Brenda; Nacogdoches Matthews, Chris; Magnolia Matthews, Patrick; San Antonio Mattocks, Charles; Stafford, VA Maurstead, Kristen; Houston Maxey, Karen; Houston Maxwell, Pam; Longview Maxwell, Sean; Tomball Maxwell, William; Houston May, Karri; Houston May, Melinda; Fort Worth May, Melissa; Fort Worth Mayhar, Frank; Nacogdoches Maynard, Greg; Conroe Maynard, Kelly; Nacogdoches Mayo, Tammy; Lake Charles, LA McAfee, Ward; Azle McAnally, Cindy; Wylie McAnally, Joshua; Jacksonville McAnally, Laurie; Weatherford McBrayer, Diane; Houston McBride, Michael; Jacksonville McBride, Virginia; Quinlan McCary, Carla; Carthage McClain, Mary; Houston McClellan, Kaye; Nacogdoches McClellan, Michael; Houston McCloy, Mary; Lewisville McClung, Cheryl; Houston McClure, D ' nese; Dallas McCollough, Craig; Missouri City McCracken, Kim; Friendswood McCullock, Rhonda; Arlington McCullough, Melanie; Tyler McCullough, Robin; Nacogdoches McDonald, Karen; Euless McDonald, Lori; Groves McDonald, Sarah; Fort Worth McDougald, Mark; Warren McDougald, Steve; Houston McDowell, David; Dallas McDowell, Melissa; Dallas McDowell, William; Hemphill McEachern, Donny; Houston McElhaney, Susan; Houston McEvoy, Cheryl; El Paso McFarland, Deanna; Houston 345 McGann, Kathleen; Dallas McGill, Mary; Houston McGowan, David; Houston McGowan, Kent; Kingwood McGowan, Nancy; Houston McGowen, Shawn; Houston Mcllwain, Mark; Bryan McKague, Mary; Nederland McKean, Mary; Kilgore McKee, David; Houston McKenzie, Lori; Hurst McKenzie, Michelle; Fort Worth McKenney, Sandy; Dallas McKinney, Douglas; Longview McKinney, Kevin; Houston McKirahan, Andy; Houston McKnight, Teresa; Gladewater McLaren, Sharon; Houston McLeod, Linda; Houston McMahan, Emmet; Nacogdoches McMahan, Jann; Tyler McManus, Karen; Kingwood McMillon, Gary; Euless McMinn, Trey; Fort Worth McNabb, Paula; Duncanville McNeil, Melanie; Houston McNeill, Rebecca; Texas City McNiel, Michael; Bedford McPhail, Michael; La Porte McPhereson, Troy; Houston McReynoIds, Danny; Avinger Meador, Melinda; Pasadena Medlin, Gregory; Corpus Christi Medlin, Jennifer; Houston Meers, Evelyn; Dallas Meffert, Sarah; San Antonio Meishke, Kim; Fairfield Meller, Jeff; Clear Lake City Melton, Brenda; Hughes Springs Melton, Robin; Lufkin Menger, John; Houston Menz, Steve; Houston Merzlak, Lisa; Conroe Mercer, Melanie; Longview Meserole, Gregory; Austin Metzger, Roberta; Hurst Meyer, David; Houston Meyer, Kathryn; Alvin 346 Meyers, Douglas; San Antonio Meyers, Ken; Piano Michalek, John; Houston Michalewicz, Steve; Temple Micheletti, James; Sherman Midkiff, Michael; Kilgore Mierzwiak, Elise; Dallas Middleton, Stacy; Spring Miller, Arthur; Duncanville Miller, Becky; Houston Miller, Curtis; Duncanville Miller, Debora; Jasper Miller, Diane; Jacksonville Miller, Julie; Richardson Miller, Karen; Houston Miller, Karl; Whitehouse Miller, Kenneth; Jasper Miller, LaDonna; Lufkin Miller, Lance; Beaumont Miller, Lori; Dallas Miller, Marvin; La Rue Miller, Miriam; Livingston Miller, Patrice; Longview Miller, Patty; La Porte Miller, Renita; Shelbyville Miller, Robin; Richardson Miller, Sally; Houston Miller, Susan; Houston Milligan, Kimberly; Diboll Mills, Julie; Piano Mills, Richard; Piano Mills, Tanya; Lufkin Mills, Terri; McKinney Mincy, Debra; Dallas Minnix, Cindy; Garland Mire, Pat; Pasadena Mitchell, Diana; Chireno Mitchell, Lana; Lake Jackson Mitchell, Leslie; Houston Mitchell, Linda; Azle Mitchell, Mike; Piano Mitchell, Robbie; Conroe Mixon, Gayla; Houston Modisette, Paula; Pasadena Mogonye, Gregg; Houston Mohn, Dale; Houston Moke, Richie; Houston Mones, Ann; Houston 347 Montemayor, Griselda; Del Rio Montgomery, Brian; Dallas Montgomery, Laurie; Houston Montgomery, Melinda; Fort Worth Mooney, Elizabeth; Houston Moore, Andy; Jefferson Moore, Bobbie; Waco Moore, Kevin; Garland Moore, Lisa; Houston Moore, Mary; Houston Moore, Mike; Spring Moore, Roland; El Paso Moore, Spencer; Katy Moore, Terri; Orange Moreau, Celise; Dayton Morehouse, Donnie; Waskom Morgan, Craig; Troup Morgan, Lisa; Irving Morgan, Mark; Hurst Morgan, Vietta; Pampa Morgan, William; Missouri City Morris, Jana; La Porte Morris, Sandra; Sour Lake Morris, Tommy; Atlanta Morris, Veronica; Lufkin Morrison, Rae; La Porte Morrison, Randall; Garland Morriss, David; Irving Morton, Dale; Woden Mosby, Katby; McKinney Moscarelli, Lisa; Houston Moss, Cynthia; Houston Moss, Michelle; Houston Mott, Daniel; Decker Prairie Mowell, Jody; Houston Mueller, Paul; Houston Mugica, Stefanie; Chicago, IL Mullens, Pam; Dallas Muller, Steve; Dallas Mullikin, John; Longview Mungai, Lynda; Richardson Murdoch, Scott; Conroe Murray, Cynthia; Nacogdoches Murray, Daniel; Fort Worth Murray, Jodie; Palestine Murtland, Deborah; Richardson Murphy, Jeff; Houston Murphy, Molly; DeSoto 348 Murray, Lisa; Pearland Murrell, Frank; Houston Murrell, Kathleen; Houston Museente, Mark; Houston Muse, Anna Lisa; Chireno Musick, Melody; Palestine Muysson, Oscar; Dallas Myers, Dianna; Houston Nabonne, Lisa; Canton Nagy, Robert; Piano Nance, David; Clear Lake City Nance, Tammy; Dallas Naquin, Chris; Houston Navarro, Marilyn; Alvin Neal, Gayla; Dallas Neal, Rebecca; Dallas Neff, David; Houston Neill, Greg; Tyler Nelson, Judy; Irving Nelson, Lisa; La Porte Nelson, Nancy; Mansfield, LA Nethery, Clark; Nacogdoches Nettermann, Mike; Houston Nester, Melanie; Mesquite Neumeier, Keith; North Little Rock, AR Newbury, Micah; Houston Newhouse, Harold; Houston Newsom, Donna; Pearland Newsome, Nelva; Quitman Newton, Dwight; Universal City Newton, Linda; Woodlands Nichols, Marvin; Spring Nichols, Ruth; Huntington Nicholson, Lisa; McKinney Nick, Cheryl; Hudson Nickles, Frank; White Oak Nicks, Renee; Dallas Nicolaysen, Karen; Richardson Nitcholas, Mark; Austin Nix, James; Zavalla Nixon, Jamie; Austin Nolan, Chris; Clear Lake City Nolan, Tim; Fort Worth Nolley, Kathy; Fort Worth Norman, David; Houston Norris, Kara; Tyler Norris, Kathy; Houston Northcott, John; Fort Worth 349 Northern, Nancy; San Antonio Norton, Sheila; Mesquite Notter, Mary Anne; Dallas Novak, Jack; Houston Novak, Joyce; Houston Novak, Tracy; Piano Null, Mary; Houston Nystrom, Gregg; Pittsburgh, PA O ' Bryan, Genevieve; Dallas O ' Connor, Kathleen; Houston O ' Donley, Bryan; Sherman O ' Donnell, Robert; Dallas O ' Keefe, Beverly; Tyler O ' Neal, Dianne; Fort Worth O ' Neal, Melanie; Humble O ' Neal, Rebecca; Houston O ' Quinn, Alison; Raywood Odom, Kim; Mabank Odom, Laurie; Galveston Odom, Sharon; Texas City Oglesby, Joan; Houston Ohlemacher, Lorna; Harlingen Ohmes, Theresa; Perryton Oldaker, John; Denton Olds, Carolyn; Nacogdoches Oliver, Michael; Jacksonville Olivier, Richard; Baton Rouge, LA Olle, Doug; Alief Olson, Abby; New Braunfels O ' Pry, Arthur; Garrison Orr, Darby; Richardson Orr, Debbie; Fort Worth Ortiz, Suzanne; Dallas Outlaw, Wynne; Richardson Ouzts, Karen; Duncanville Overbay, Liz; Houston Overstreet, Morris; Livingston Owen, Steve; Conroe Ozanne, Mary; Piano Pabst, Amy; Spring Pace, Dianne; Jasper Pachall, Dana; Houston Pafford, Mary; Houston Palla, John; Arlington Pantalion, Kathy; Nacogdoches Papich, Lisa; Denton Parham, Laurie; Irving Paris, Ann; Overland Park, KS 350 Parker, David; Houston Parker, Deborah; Anna Parker, Leon; Lufkin Parks, David; Houston Parks, Stacy; Conroe Parnell, Kristin; Missouri City Parsons, Melanie; Gainesville Partin, Terri; Houston Patterson, Jeffery; Houston Patterson, Jim; Dallas Patterson, John; Shreveport, LA Patterson, Karen; Houston Patterson, Patti; Carthage Patterson, Tanya; Houston Patton, Bruce; Waco Patton, Chris; Katy Patton, Sandra; Piano Pavatt, Cindy; Texarkana Paup, Marilyn; Dallas Payne, Reecy; Houston Payne, Stacey; Irving Peachey, Susan; Merkel Pearce, Brenda; Fort Worth Pearce, Susan; Fort Worth Pearl, Davina; Arlington Pearson, Lisa; Houston Pearson, Mark; Houston Pecena, Thomas; Rockwall Pedersen, Joy; Piano Pefoyd, Tony; Spring Pegues, Phillip; Piano Peil, Beth; Houston Pelt, Greg; Duncanville Pence, Mark; Euless Penland, Lee; Austin Pennington, Brent; Southlake Pennington, Leslie; Nacogdoches Penrose, Dorothy; Piano Penton, Mike; Houston Pepper, Paula; Cushing Pergande, Susan; Houston Perice, Patricia; Houston Perkins, Greg; Richardson Permenter, Jerry; Nacogdoches Perry, Micki; Elgin Perry, Ray; Nacogdoches Perry, Susan; Mauriceville Petersen, Monte; Spring 351 Peterson, Kari; Missouri City Peterson, Leslie; Kingwood Peterson, Roger; Dickinson Peterson, Wendy; White Oak Petrie, Susie; Houston Pettit, Mary; Silsbee Pfafman, Lynn; Piano Pfluger, Brad ; Austin Phelps, Chris; Marshall Philbrook, Andrew; Houston Phillips, Elesia; Nacogdoches Pickels, Karen; Dallas Picou, Monica; Lufkin Pierce, Debra; Houston Pierce, Janet; Piano Pierce, Jeff; Sugar Land Pierson, June; Lufkin Pinezich, Marian; Kingwood Plassmann, Joan; Kingwood Plaster, Maria; Humble Plumbley, Karen; Houston Plummer, Valerie; Richardson Poche, Ray; Houston Pockrus, Debbie; Dallas Polk, Rosalind; New Iberia, LA Pollak, Jennifer; Houston Pollard, Mary; Seabrook Pomroy, Pam; Irving Poole, Mitchell; Texarkana Poole, Sandra; Texarkana Poole, Teri; League City Popeney, Ellen; Houston Popp, Joy; Bellaire Porter, Laurie; Duncanville Porter, Mary; Houston Porter, Sherri; Kingwood Post, Jamie; Houston Potter, Mary Ellen; Cypress Powdrill, Sherri; Dallas Powell, Alexa; Angleton Powell, Donna; Houston Prasifka, Lisa; Hutchins Pratt, Barbara; Nacogdoches Pratt, Lyn; San Augustine Prewett, Dayna; Houston Price, Lisa; Cleveland Price, Melanie; Forreston Price, Patricia; Piano 352 Price, Roger; Texarkana Primm, Steven; Houston Prince, William; Rockwall Pringle, Craig; Longview Pritchett, Linda; Huntsville Provost, Teresa; Dickinson Pruden, Elaine; Brownsville Pruitt, Shera; Houston Pruneau, Pamela; Houston Pulliam, Cindy; Jasper Pulliam, David; Dallas Purdy, Laura; Houston Pyatt, Mark; Piano Quayle, Kim; Fort Worth Quezada, Tim; San Antonio Quin, William; Clear Lake City Quinn, Brenda; Houston Quintana, Thomas; Garland Raine, David; Pittsburgh, PA Rainwater, Greg; Nacogdoches Ralls, Kimberly; Houston Ramsay, Mary; Beaumont Randall, Mischelle; Deer Park Randall, Tony; Nacogdoches Raney, Penny; Nacogdoches Rangel, Theresa; Nacogdoches Ranis, Randa; Naples Rankin, Shannon; Houston Raper, Andy; Georgetown Rathkamp, Karl; Houston Ratliff, Jami; Dallas Rausaw, Melvin; Houston Rawlings, Dana; White Oak Ray, Alan; Baytown Reaves, Amy; Houston Reckert, Christine; Colmesneil Rector, Debra; Houston Redmon, Tambra; Tatum Reece, Pam; Kaufman Reece, Wade; Dallas Reed, Allen; Houston Reed, David; Piano Reeder, Margie; Houston Reese, Roger; Houston Reeves, Fran; Kingwood Reeves, Lisa; Dallas Reeves, Wendy; Houston Reidel, Robert; Conroe 353 Relyea, Gregory; Fort Worth Retta, Palmyra; Dallas Reynolds, Dan; Corpus Christi Reynolds, Dianna; Whitewright Reynolds, Frank; Houston Reynolds, Mona; Abilene Reysa, Julie; Houston Revoir, Annette; Irving Rhodes, Steven; Rockwall Rhone, James; Azle Rice, Kay; Houston Rice, Mary; Houston Rice, Ronnie; Nacogdoches Rice, Stacey; Houston Richard, Donna; Lufkin Richards, Gregory; Cleveland Richards, Jamie; Denton Richards, Trisha; Mt. Vernon Richards, Sarabeth; Rusk Richardson, Carmen; Lufkin Richardson, Lisa; Dallas Richie, Colleen; Houston Richter, Tracy; Clear Lake City Rickenbacher, Jon; Rockwall Riddle, Karen; Farmers Branch Riddle, Ricky; Houston Rigsby, Melissa; League City Riley, Jeff; Houston Risinger, Luann; Deer Park Ritch, Karen; Richardson Rivera, Leticia; San Antonio Rives, James; Dallas Rixie, Cindi; Coral Springs, FL Roark, Edwin; Nacogdoches Robb, Lorinda; Houston Robbins, Christine; Bayview Roberts, Charles; Houston Roberts, Sandra; Kingwood Roberts, Stephen; Houston Robertson, Jeff; Dallas Robertson, Kelly; Austin Robertson, Tracy; Amarillo Robertson, William; Baton Rouge, LA Robinson, Emelda; Galena Park Robinson, John; Fort Worth Robinson, Kelli; McKinney Robinson, Melinda; Conroe Robinson, Randall; Conroe 354 Robinson, Richard; Kemah Robinson, Robbie; Fort Worth Robinson, Teresa; Dallas Rock, Kevin; McAllen Rodrigues, Terry; Nacogdoches Rodriguez, Anne; Conroe Rodriguez, Jorge; Spring Rodriguez, Kenneth; Nacogdoches Rodriguez, Ray; Houston Rogers, Charles; Nacogdoches Rogers, Cheryl; Piano Rogers, Chris; Seabrook Rogers, David; Houston Rogers, James; Scurry Rogers, John; Center Rogers, Paul; Taylor Lake Village Rohlfs, Linda; Corpus Christi Rolling, Mary; Euless Rollins, Marjorie; Houston Romo, Russell; Houston Ronck, Dina; Richardson Rooney, Mark; Fort Worth Root, Patricia; Houston Rose, Christine; Fort Worth Ross, Linda; Houston Ross, Lisa; New Caney Ross, Lisa; La Marque Rossi, Chris; El Paso Rotto, Bryan; Houston Rourke, David; Houston Rousso, Gerilynn; Dallas Row, Pam; Pasadena Rowe, John; Sugar Land Rowell, Karla; Nacogdoches Rozell, Robin; Garland Rudolph, David; Gurdon, AK Rudolph, Kathy; Conroe Ruhland, Rhonda; Bay City, MI Rumbaugh, Rachel; Abilene Rump, Theresa; Houston Runnels, Mark; Dallas Runnion, Meredith; Fort Worth Russak, Ronald; Houston Russell, Clint; League City Russell, James; Nacogdoches Rutherford, Lisa; Houston Rutherford, Steve; Houston Rutland, Anne; Lufkin 355 Ryan, Kathleen; Houston Rychlik, Wendell; Mt. Pleasant Sadler, Lisa; Arlington Safely, Charles; Austin Sagerty, Kim; Killeen Sammons, Donna; Longview Samples, Dwayne; Kilgore Samstad, Karen; Houston Sanders, Maria; Houston Sanders, Mary; Nacogdoches San Luis, Roberto; Kingsville Sanner, Christina; Fort Worth Santos, H.; Houston Sartin, George; Dallas Sarvadi, Marcia; Houston Satterwhite, James; Nacogdoches Saunders, Kevin; Fort Worth Schafer, Kimberly; Piano Schaper, David; Galveston Schatz, Diane; Dallas Seheffer, David; Houston Scheu, Timothy; Dallas Schlumpf, Cindy; Houston Schmid, Jill; Houston Schmidt, Stephen; Austin Schneider, Debby; Houston Schneider, John; Houston Schneider, Sherye; Houston Schoch, Tony; Woodlands Schoener, Randy; Houston Schones, Debbie; Athens Schopmeyer, Doug; Dallas Schoppe, Chris; Houston Schott, Laura; Dallas Schreiber, Cindy; Houston Schroeder, Deborah; Houston Schulte, Julie; Lake Jackson Schulz, William; Houston Schumacher, Marie; Brownsville Schutt, Michael; Fort Worth Schwarz, Tracy; Winnsboro Scott, Alton; Dallas Scott, Christine; Groves Scott, Kenneth; Piano Scott, Rickey; Galveston Scribner, Kimberly; Spring Scurlock, Carol; Fort Worth Seal, Debra; Orange 1 K 356 Seaton, Laura; Nacogdoches Secrest, Stephanie; Dallas Sedgwick, Ti na; Hurst Seeley, Kim; Piano Seidl, Vicky; Houston Seifert, Lawrence; Dallas Seitzinger, Sharon; Dallas Sekinger, John; Lake Jackson Sellers, Londa; Bellville Sells, Byron; Corpus Christi Selman, Billy; Grapevine Semler, Mikel; Arlington Senisch, Greg; Fort Worth Senterfitt, Cynthia; Los Fresnos Sewell, Miriam; Houston Shaban, Heidi; Piano Shafer, Mike; Dallas Shanklin, Jim; Fort Worth Shannon, Nona; Arlington Shaw, John; Wylie Shaw, Kerry; Angleton Shaw, Michael; El Paso Shaw, Mindy; Houston Shaw, Sarah; Nacogdoches Shearon, Chris; Houston Sheffield, Charlene; Spring Shelton, Alan; Corpus Christi Sherman, John; Dallas Shimek, Larry; Houston Shipe, Annalee; Fort Worth Short, Stephen; Houston Shumway, Danny; San Antonio Shupe, Melanie; Houston Sieben, Clara; Houston Sikora, Sarah; Crosby Silva, Richard; Austin Silvestri, Lisa; Piano Simmons, Laura; Mesquite Simmons, Terri; Marshall Simpson, Tara; Willis Simpson, Teresa; Texas City Sink, John; Houston Sisson, Brad; Houston Sisson, John; Piano Sitton, John; Nacogdoches Sivley, Wendy; Pasadena Sizer, Phillip; Dallas Skeete, Sheryl; Friendswood 357 Skewes, Marian; Lake Jackson Skipper, Donald; San Augustine Slaten, Lori; Houston Sloan, King; Piano Sloan, Ronnie; Queen City Slocumb, Julie; Houston Smith, Bryan; Kingwood Smith, Calvin; Austin Smith, Carol; Houston Smith, Chuck; Arlington Smith, Cindy; Tomball Smith, Daniel; Cypress Smith, Eric; Houston Smith, Gwen; Houston Smith, Harolyn; Nacogdoches Smith, Helene; Tyler Smith, Joseph; Austin Smith, Julie; Vidor Smith, Kelley; Van Alstyne Smith, K.A.; Welester Smith, Kurt; Killeen Smith, Laura; Lake Jackson Smith, Leslie; Houston Smith, Lisa; Duncanville Smith, Lynne; Leawood, KS Smith, Maria; Hurst Smith, Melody; Tyler Smith, Patrick; Corpus Christi Smith, Richard; Nacogdoches Smith, Stephanie; San Antonio Smith, Tanya; Buffalo Smith, Stacey; Port Arthur Smith, Steve; Houston Snead, Vicki; Bellaire Snow, Amos; Kilgore Solcher, Kelley; Houston Solomon, Jeanne; Nacogdoches Solmonson, Mary; Weatherford Solomon, Todd; Granbury Sommerfield, Blake; Garland Sondergaard, Rebecca; Kingwood Sopher, Steven; Houston SoRelle, Lisa; Mabank Sorensen, Kim; Houston Soriano, Eddie; Duncanville Sowell, Ronnie; Chireno Spanjers, Eileen; Grapevine Sparks, Ronald; Pasadena 358 Spears, David; Richardson Spears, Deborah; Houston Spears, Jerry; Lufkin Spector, Gwen; Dallas Speier, Lori; Corsicana Spencer, Donette; Palestine Sperandio, Michael; Houston Spidle, Carolyn; Piano Spiegel, Peter; Houston Spinks, Mark; Spring Spinn, Cina; Piano Spitzack, Cindy; Fort Worth Sprague, Wesley; Houston Spriggs, Mark; Colleyville Spurlin, Sheryl; Houston Spurlock, Rusty; Texas City Spurrier, Dave; Nacogdoches Stadtlander, Deborah; Houston Stallings, Janet; Spring Stamey, Susan; Natchitoches, LA Standifer, Herbert; Fort Worth Stanislav, Monica; Piano Stanley, Donna; Spring Stanley, Staci; Richardson Stardig, Brenda; Houston Stark, Libby; Newton Stavinoha, Dennis; Highlands Stauss, Kim; Houston Stazo, Steve; Houston St. Clair, John; Dallas Steadman, David; Missouri City Steele, Jay; Corpus Christi Steele, Jeff; Houston Stehr, Paul; Houston Stein, Mark; Houston Stein, Steve; Copperas Cove Stell, Susan; Ventura, CA Stephen, Judie; Houston Stephens, Joe; Houston Stephens, Quintin; Dallas Stephenson, Lisa; Fort Worth Stevens, Craig; Dallas Stevens, Mark; Humble Stevens, Timothy; Fort Worth Steward, Kimberly; Houston Stewart, Donith; Tenaha Stewart, Heather; Houston Stewart, Susan; Longview 359 Stewart, Tina; Mesquite Stimson, Louise; Houston Stobbart, Richard; Richardson Stockton, Lori; Houston Stokes, James; Hudson Stokes, Tammie; Nacogdoches Stollmack, Harry; Houston Stone, David; Temple Storey, Sherrill; Garland Stotts, James; Houston Stovall, Jayne; Dallas Stover, Lisa; Garland St. Peter, Shelly; Beaumont Strader, Lisa; La Porte Strahan, Jennifer; Lamesa Stransky, Danny; Deer Park Strayer, Jean; Houston Strenger, Kelly; Piano Strickland, Danita; Nacogdoches Strickland, Suzanne; Fairfield Strode, Regina; Nacogdoches Stroope, Johnna; Waxahachie Stroud, Elizabeth; Fort Worth Stuart, David; Richardson Stuart, Jennifer; Duncanville Stuart, Kathleen; Luling Stultz, Daniel; Fort Worth Stutes, Jeff; Sulpher, LA Stutte, Kimberly; Houston Stutts, Barbara; Silsbee Suhr, John; Dallas Sullivan, Richard; Houston Sunday, Stephen; Houston Surratt, Nancy; Mt. Pleasant Swaim, Paige; Houston Swan, David; Irving Swan, David; Piano Swearengen, Charlene; Hurst Swearingen, Mark; Nacogdoches Swindell, Barbara; Dickinson Sykes, Kevin; McAllen Sypien, Andrew; Arlington Tabor, Tommy; Crockett Taff, Michael; Cleveland Taggart, Pete; Houston Talac, Laurie; Houston Talbert, Grace; Houston Talley, Brenda; Rusk 360 Talley, Eddie; Grapevine Talley, Phillip; Texarkana Tallmadge, Julia; Richardson Tappe, Alison; Euless Tarrant, Susan; Douglass Tassione, Dina; Hurst Tate, Ronald; Rusk Taylor, Angie; Marshall Taylor, Catherine; Deer Park Taylor, Chris; San Antonio Taylor, Clay; Timmons Taylor, Lisa; Henderson Taylor, Rebecca; Deer Park- Taylor, Scott; Irving Taylor, Steve; Houston Taylor, Tammy; Red Oak Teel, Laraine; Richardson Tennison, Kenny; Houston Terlingo, Kimberly; Piano Terry, Charlie; Austin Terry, Laura; Irving Teeters, Gregory; Houston Thomas, Elizabeth; Spring Thomas, James; Huffman Thomas, Lester; Irving Thomas, Mary; Livingston Thomas, Scott; Arlington Thomason, Audrey; Texarkana Thomasson, Georgia; Houston Thompson, Carole; Houston Thompson, David; Piano Thompson, Laurie; Alta Loma Thompson, Melissa; Tehuacana Thompson, Michael; Grand Saline Thompson, Sara; Mt. Vernon Thompson, Susan; Mt. Vernon Thompson, Tammy; Houston Thompson, Teddy; Nacogdoches Thorn, Patricia; Bellaire Thorne, Lawrence; Sugar Land Thumlert, Carol; Dallas Thurman, Toby; Austin Tidwell, Debbi; Tyler Tiller, James; Nacogdoches Tiller, Rick; Dallas Tilley, David; Piano Timmer, Mary; McAllen Timpa, Tracy; Garland 361 Todd, Judith; Dallas Todd, Steve; Conroe Tolson, Tracey; Waco Tomlinson, Robert; Silsbee Toth, Scott; Barksdale, LA Tovar, Leila; Woodlands Townsend, Beverly; Houston Townsend, Kimbra; Longview Townsend, Lynne; Dallas Trainer, Tracy; Corpus Christi Tran, Huy; Tenaha Traver, Terri; Boulder, CO Travis, Narrie; Kirbyville Trawick, Valarie; Cushing Traylor, Deirdre; Lufkin Treadway, Mildred; Livingston Trimble, Melanie; Port Arthur Triplett, Terry; El Paso Trkula, Carol; Houston Trubisky, Bernard; Dallas Trull, Amy; Mabank Trussell, Wendy; Clear Lake Tuck, Kenneth; San Antonio Tuck, Sandi; Lake Jackson Tuel, Dennis; Houston Tullis, Kenneth; Houston Turbeville, Sharon; Houston Turner, Erin; Bedford Turner, Jeffrey; Gladewater Turner, Martha; Marshall Turner, Sharon; Houston Turner, Tim; Vidor Turrin, Michael; Houston Tyler, Marlon; Jefferson Uecker, David; Houston Ummel, Deborah; Houston Updike, Evelyn; Spring Upshaw, Billy; Piano Upton, Tiffany; Houston Vackar, Scott; Houston Vaillancourt, Jeannine; Garland Val, Nina; Missouri City Valenti, Mary Jo; Houston Vance, Tim; Corpus Christi Van Dyke, Jennie; Alvin Van Kampen, John; Houston Van Meter, Michele; Houston Van Orman, Thomas; Cypress 362 VanTill, Robert; Houston Vargo, Vanita; Houston Vasquez, Martin; Jacksonville Vaughn, Barbara; Longview Vaughn, Michael; Farmers Brand Vela, Moe; Harlingen Vescovo, Victoria; Dallas Veteto, Alan; Houston Veth, John; League City Vickers, John; Dallas Vickery, Doug; Texas City Villarreal, Donna; Houston Villegas, RosaLinda; San Antonio Vineyard, Suzanne; Dallas Voigt, Kanois; Galveston Vondracek, Richard; Dallas Waddell, Linda; Houston Wake, Cheri; Pasadena Wagner, Donna; Flint Wagner, Janine; Lewisville Wagner, Kirsten; Houston Walker, Billy; Nassau Bay Walker, Jimmy; Pasadena Walker, Jeri; Euless Walker, Norma; Dallas Walker, Tracye; Missouri City Walker, Wendy; Nacogdoches Wallace, Mike; Canyon Lake Walsh, Carol; Piano Walters, John; Goodrich Walters, Wanda; Jacksonville Warden, Darrell; Grand Prairie Warren, Lee; Piano Washburn, Christi; Garland Washco, Alison; Spring Watkins, Mary Jo; Grapeland Watkins, Teresa; Houston Watson, Amy; Houston Watson, Elaine; Houston Watson, Jeana; La Porte Watson, Julinda; Palestine Watts, Ana; Lufkin Watts, Shelby; Tatum Weatherly, Rhonda; Houston Weaver, Beverly; Nacogdoches Weaver, Annette; Houston Weaver, Mike; Houston Weaver, Stacha; Piano 363 Webb, Jessica; Houston Webb, Marcia; Dallas Webb, Mark; Longview Webb, Robert; Killeen Webb, Terence; Humble Weber, Deborah; Houston Weber, Robert; Houston Webster, Kyle; Houston Webster, Mason; Houston Weeks, Lorri; Houston Wehring, Janet; Buffalo Grove, IL Weimar, James; Houston Weir, Sharon, Azle Welch, James; Houston Weldon, Deborah; Duncanville Weller, Kim; Houston Wells, Judi; Nacogdoches Wells, Shari; Chireno West, Timmy; Angleton Westbrook, Jeanie; Wills Point Wester, Lee; Huffman Westmoreland, Tamara; Houston Wheeler, Debbie; Arlington Wheeler, Kelly; Bedford Wheeler, Paris; Piano Whigham, Lynne; Spring Whisenant, Terri; Texarkana White, James; Richmond White, Kerri; Pasadena White, Kirby; Houston White, Paul; Houston White, Ross; Houston White, Sherre; Irving Whitehead, Darla; Marshall Whitehead, Kelly; Houston Whites, Barry; Granbury Whiting, Kurt; Concord, NH Whitson, Timothy; Fairfield Whitt, Andrea; Wylie Whitten, Leesa; Houston Widmer, Greg; Conroe Wiedeman, Kimberly; Houston Wiggins, John; Houston Wilby, Desmond; Houston Wiley, Lecia; Houston Wilkerson, Laurie; Keller Wilkins, Neal; Irving Willardson, David; Houston 364 Williams, Jennifer; Rockwall Williams, Lisa; Mineola Williams, Lori; Friendswood Williams, Martha; Fort Worth Williams, Michelle; Spring Williams, Sandy; Humble Williams, Vecki; Hurst Williams, Walter; Center Willingham, Lee Ann; Jewett Willis, Clenda; Houston Willis, Scott; Cleveland Willis, Steven; Dallas Wills, Carl; Richardson Wilridge, Leneal; Cleveland Wilson, Anne; Bellaire Wilson, Beth; Houston Wilson, Carol; Liberty Wilson, Darlene; DeSoto Wilson, Clenda; Houston Wilson, Mark; Spring Wilson, Memrie; Cypress Wilson, Neal; Houston Wilson, Richard; La Porte Wilson, Robin; Houston Wilson, Toni; Garland Winberg, Will; Arlington Windmeter, Kathy; Houston Windsor, Mary; Arlington Winkle, Joe; Denton Wisnoski, Erin; Friendswood Witt, Teri; Irving Woerner, Melinda; Pasadena Wolan, Andrew; Houston Wolf, Jennifer; Houston Womack, Clay; Pasadena Womack, Margaret; Atlanta Womer, David; Piano Wood, Barbara; Longview Wood, Kimela; Vidor Wood, Mary; Longview Wood, Shannon; Tyler Woodall, Kelly; Austin Wooten, Donna; Nacogdoches Works, Susan; Fort Worth Wright, Donna; Irving Wright, John; Conroe Wright, Kim; Fort Worth Wyche, Carolyn; Houston 365 Wylie, Shelly; Spring Wyrick, Kathy; Houston Wyrick, Kerrie; Lancaster Yancey, Richard; Friendswood Yandell, Jo; Mabank Yarborough, James; Houston Yelverton, Michael; Lindale York, Teresa; Humble Young, Gregory; Fort Worth Young, Jane; Houston Young, Marjorie; Houston Youngblood, Sally; Azle Yseary, Karen; Houston Yuill, Scott; Houston Zamora, Denise; Harlingen Zeitler, Carol; Dallas Zihlman, Suzanne; Richardson 366 367 d) n — n InJ Abdulrazak, Marian; Baghdad, Iraq Abernathy, Shannon; Houston Adair, Kelly; Livingston Adair, Robin; Houston Adams, Julie; Mesquite Adams, William; Scurry Agnor, Leonard; Duncanville Akers, Dennis; Texas City Albanese, Anita; Houston Albe, Janice; Houston Alderman, Stephen; Dallas Aldrete, Martha; Dallas Allen, Cathi; Houston Allen, Elaine; Dallas Allison, Jean; Bedford Ames, Cindy; Pasadena Amir, Imani; Nacogdoches Anderson, Clint; Tupalo Anderson, Karen; Nacogdoches Anderson, Kevin; Pasadena Anderson, Mae; Gushing Anderson, Matthew; Richardson Anderson, Nancy; Beaumont Anderson, Randal; Galena Park Anderson, Robert; Hurst Andrews, Carrie; tungsville Anthony, Cheryl; Sanger Anthony, Mark; Kingwood Araya, Dora; San Jose, Costa Rica Archibald, Vicki; Carrollton Arkwright, William; Detroit, MI Armand, Tamara; Van Armstrong, Louise; Perkiomenville, PA Armstrong, Todd; Clear Lake Arnett, Lorie; Houston Arnold, Sherry; Richardson Ashton, Andrea; Houston Asim, Tasher; Cyprus Atchison, Randy; Austin Athey, Ralph; Lufkin Atkins, Mary Ann; Texarkana Autry, Robert; Amarillo Avey, Debra; Houston Ayers, Anntionette; Nacogdoches Aylward, Linda; Irving Back, Martha; Houston Bacon, Mark; Irving Bagley, Chris; Humble 368 Bailey, Craig; Alvin Bailey, Kenneth; Waxahachie Baker, Karen; Belton Baker, Keith; Livingston Baker, Ralph: Houston Baker, Stephen; Houston Bales, Jeff; Houston Ball, Tami; Houston Ballard, Craig; Houston Barclay, Lynda; Richardson Barefield, Philip; Silsbee Barger, Annette; Teague Barnes, John; Denton Barnert, Lynda; Arlington Bates, Mary ' ; Houston Baumann. Emily; Houston Bautista, Tony; El Paso Beaird, Jeanette; Thompsons Beard, Clint; Mesquite Beasley, Cynthia; Houston Beckwith, Paige; Richardson Bell, Melissa; Golden Bellamy, Glenda; LaMarque Bellrichard, Cathv; Houston Bemenderfer, Colleen; Sweetwater Bend, Russell; College Station Bennett, Angela; Dallas Bennett, Charles; Palestine Bennett, David; Channelview Bennett, Schultz; San Augustine Berea, John; Dallas Berwin, William; San Diego, CA Bethel, David; Friendswood Billings, Mark; Nixon Bing, Jim; Houston Birdwell, Barry; San Augustine Birdwell, Kathy; Carthage Bittner, Janice; Austin Bittner, Patricia; Austin Black, Katie; Salado Black, Robert; Denison Blackburn, Philip; Nacogdoches Blackstock, Datha; Burleson Blair, Cherri; Dallas Blake, Debbie; Friendswood Blakely, Paul; Mesquite Blodgett, Valerie; Piano Blumenthal. Amv; Pasadena 369 Bobbin, Tina; Alto Boettcher, Lisa; San Antonio Boileau, Nancy; Fort Worth Boone, Beverly; Lampasas Boothe, Becky; Grapevine Bowlin, Beverly; Tenaha Boykin, Lindsay; Beaumont Brackeen, Terry; Holliday Bradford, James; Weatherford Brady, Gerry; Houston Brake, James; Piano Brandstatter, Cheryl; Garland Brandstatter, Dean; Dallas Brannon, Kathy; Rusk Brashear, Thomas; Dallas Bravenec, Phyllis; Houston Bravenec, Richard; Houston Brazil, Patrick; Lufkin Brennan, Karen; Friendswood Brenneman, Karen; Houston Bridwell, Lesa; Nacogdoches Brittain, William; Mansfield Brooks, Steven; Lufkin Brookshire, Shelly; Houston Broughton, Cindy; Kemah Brown, Bambi; Dayton Brown, Gregory; Nacogdoches Brown, Jill; Tyler Brown, Jill; Houston Brown, John; Center Brown, Lisa; Dallas Brown, Marley; Highlands Brown, Mary; Houston Brown, Melissa; Cleveland Browning, Patricia; Piano Buchanan, Susan; Rusk Bucy, Melissa; Clear Lake City Buechri£r, Steve; Houston Bueltel, Susan; Mesquite Buie, James; Everman Bulla, Denise; Richardson Bullis, Donna; Houston Bullock, Mark; Nacogdoches Burgamy, Brad; Rockwall Burgess, Beverly; Houston Burgess, Edith; Mesquite Burk, Lisa; Madisonville 370 Burkhalter, Suzanne; Diboll Burkland, Chad; Pasadena Burks, Jana; Fort Worth Burleson, Kim; Houston Burns, Buth; Houston Burns, Shelley; Deer Park Burrows, Terri; Galveston Bush, Deborah; Nacogdoches Bush, Machelle; Victoria Byrne, Lisa; Livingston Cain, James; Irving Calhoun, Donna; Conroe Callahan, Bonald; Dallas Campbell, Jean; Houston Campbell, Bichard; Friendswood Campbell, Bonnie; Garrison Cannon, Mindy; Richardson Cantwell, Nancy; Dallas Caramanian, Leah; Humble Carle, Randy; Houston Carleton, Dee; Lufkin Carnahan, Gayla; Houston Carradine, Jay; Dallas Carroll, Monte; Arlington Carter, David; Irving Carter, Kelly; Huntsville, AL Carter, Sharon; Pittsburg Cartwright, Scott; Houston Cashman, Mark; Fort Worth Cason, Barbara; Nacogdoches Casstevens, Will; Fort Worth Castellanos, Frank; Garland Casterline, Lisa; Rockport Castillo, Karen; Sulphur Springs Cates, Donna; Corsicana Cauley, Edwin; Lufkin Caver, Joe; Dallas Chambers, James; Richardson Chamness, Rene; Tyler Chapman, Ronda; Texarkana Cherry, Michael; Henderson Christian, Keith; Longview Christie, Mark; Lufkin Chumley, Jon; Houston Clark, Camilla; Baytown Clark, Todd; Tyler Clay, Gregory; Rusk Clements, Kathy; Atlanta 371 Click, Jack; Hitchcock Clifton, Anne; Houston Clifton, Gary; Houston Clifton, Jann; Dallas Clopton, Karen; Houston Cluck, Jane; College Station Coad, Mark; Houston Cochran, Darwyn; Kingwood Cockroft, Jeffrey; Georgetown Coggins, Steven; De Soto Coggshall, Beth; Dallas Cohen, Karen; Piano Coker, John; Tioga Cole, George; Irving Coleman, Sherry; Houston Collier, Theresa; Carthage Collins, Ellen; Dallas Collins, Lin; Houston Collins, Nell; Grapeland Connell, Les; Houston Connolly, David; Nacogdoches Contreras, Wally; Irving Cook, Katrinka; Humble Cooper, Kimberly; Piano Cosper, Rickey; Dallas Costello, William; Gladewater Cotton, Geoffrey; Carenco, LA Couch, Suzanne; Kilgore Covington, Cynthia; Grafton, VA Covington, Russell; Orange Cox, Brenda; Orange Craft, Heather; Columbus Craft, Kelley; Houston Craig, Lisa; Hemphill Craig, Sandra; Midland Crawford, Pamela; Deridder, LA Crippen, George; Nacogdoches Crossman, John; San Antonio Crumpler, Ken; Angleton Cuenod, Rene; Houston Cumpton, David; Irving Cupit, Minda; Houston Curry, Martha; Houston Dace, Carolyn; Richardson Dailey, Danny; Austin Daily, John; Houston Daly, Melissa; Lake Jackson Damskov, Lori; Dallas 372 Df 1, Sandra; Farmers Branch Daniels, John; Dallas Daniels, Kirk; Houston D ' Anna, Christine; Houston Davenport, John; San Antonio David, Melvin; Henderson Davis, Angela; Dallas Davis, Anita; Gary Davis, Chante; Nacogdoches Davis, Dennis; DeSoto Davis, Edward; Karnack Davis, Eric; Dallas Davis, Laura; San Antonio Davis, Maury; Pearland Davis, Robert; Dallas Davis, Stephanie; Galveston Day, Rick; Floydada Dazey, Lori; Corpus Christi Dees, Tim; Dallas DeFord, Jeri; Piano DeHoyos, Luis; Panama City, Panama Delahoussaye, Gisele; Pearland Derkowski, David; Houston Devota, Khris; Mesquite Dieter, Douglas; Houston Dingier, Leu; Brownsboro Dinhoble, Darla; Humble Dishberger, Nancy; Conroe Dixon, Douglas; Piano Donovan, Mary; Kingwood Dornak, Mark; Humble Dougherty, Debbie; Quitman Dowd, Sandy; Dallas Drain, Sandra; Garland Drake, John; Dallas Driskell, LeRoy; Nacogdoches Drummond, Cindy; LaPorte Dryer, Denise; Houston Duchie, Debbie; Houston Due, Keith; Lufkin Dugdale, Greg; Houston Duncan, Lisa; Lufkin Dunlap, Stephen; Mesquite Dyer, Stephen; Houston Dyess, Stephen; Nacogdoches Eakright, Angela; Dallas Eastberg, Curtis; Austin Eckert, Anita; Houston 373 Edwards, Doris; Joaquin Edwards, Susan; Weatherford Eller, Jack; Houston Elliott, Flora; Houston Elliott, Julie; Houston Ellis, James; Washem Ellis, Pamela; Bryan Engel, Marsha; Spring Englade, Dennis; Beaumont English, Leda; St. Louis, MO Enriquez, Raul; Dallas Evans, Brian; Crosby Faber, Denise; Mesquite Falconer, Kenneth; Longview Falls, Heidi; Nacogdoches Fedor, Michele; Irving Ferguson, Angela; Lufkin Ferguson, Jeannine; Tyler Field, Jeffrey; Houston Fields, Mike; Dianna Fife, Jim; Pasadena Fitzgerald, Jacque; Houston Fleming, Berry; Naples Fleming, John; Houston Fleming, Lisa; Houston Fleming, Mark; Nederland Fleming, Tammy; Port Neches Flowers, Kelly; Wells Floyd, Ann; Lufkin Floyd, Michael; Center Flurry, Amy; Jasper Ford, Gary; Wells Forman, Charles; LaPorte Foster, Ricky; Rusk Foster, Robin; Arlington Frailey, Alton; Nacogdoches Francis, Sean; Houston Franklin, Weldon; Piano Fraser, Michael; Angleton Freeman, Barbara; Houston Freytag, Vivian; Mexico City, Mexico Furlow, Mary; Houston Gainer, Susan; Huntington Gaither, David; Rockwall Gallatin, Nicki; Ketchikan, Alaska Gannon, Dana; Dallas Gardner, Rebecca; Humble Garner, Jana; Vidor 374 Garrett, Kim; Chireno Garrett, Stephen; Pasadena Gartner, La ' Lon; Liberty Gaskill, Debra; Alexandria, VA Gaskin, Venita; Beaumont Gatgs, John; Dallas Gathard, Patty; Garland Geddie, Chris; Athens Geller, Jeanne; Piano Gentry, Jennifer; Houston George, Sherry; Angleton Germenis, Stephanie; Houston Gibson, Ricky; Henderson Gilbert, Pat; Garland Gilbreath, Sheila; Nacogdoches Giles, Angela; Houston Gleason, Amy; Houston Gleason, Bill; Piano Glidden, Shannon; Kingsville Gober, James; Dallas Godwin, Kay; Carthage Goldsmith, Madelon; Port Arthur Goode, James; LaMarque Goodman, George; Jewett Goodsen, Courtney; Rockwall Gouvernante, Stuart; The Netherlan Goyen, Brent; Houston Grantham, Robin; Corsicana Gray, Joseph; Longview Gray, Stephanie; Longview Grayless, David; Richmond Green, Elizabeth; White Oak Green, John; Houston Green, Pamela; Houston Green, Rowena; Corsicana Greenfield, Donna; Irving Greff, Judith; San Antonio Gregg, Deirdre; Houston Gregg, Janet; Jacksonville Gregory, Steve; Farmers Branch Gregory, Teri; Richardson Griffith, Stephen; Marshall Griggs, Debbie; Pasadena Grigsby, Patricia; Garrison Guarnacci, Lisa; McKinney Guerra, Ann; Pittsburg Guerra, Monica; Dallas Hackney, Donna; Canton 375 Haden, Lori; Lufkin Hager, Linda; Richardson Hagler, Gay; Houston Hairston, Charles; Fort Worth Haley, Cleve; San Augustine Hall, Allen; Goodrich Hall, Barbara; Houston Hall, Lisa; Duncanville Ham, Liz; Houston Hamaker, Diane; Houston Hambright, Kenneth; Abilene Hamilton, Brenda; Dallas Hansen, Eva; Houston Hanson, Diane; Houston Hardy, Ron; Port Arthur Harger, Deanna; Arcadia Harkins, Mike; Elgin Harrison, Byman; Mansfield Harrison, David; Houston Haney, Nancy; Dallas Hargrove, Jonathan; Clear Lake City Harper, Jeff; Texarkana Harrell, Peyton; Dallas Hart, Jacqueline; Friendswood Hart, Karen; Baytown Harte, Terri; Naples Harvey, Patrick; San Antonio Hatfield, Kelli; Houston Havens, Cindy; Austin Hawk, William; Corsicana Hay, Sandra; Texarkana Hayes, Lisa; Irving Hayes, Mark; Houston Hayhurst, Kar; Killeen Hayward, David; Houston Heaberlin, Julia; Decatur Head, Mark; Houston Head, Nancy; Carrollton Healy, Keith; Port Neches Heath, Cathy; Dallas Heitzman, Lisa; Houston Helbig, Cynthia; Knippa Henderson, Margaret; Houston Hendley, Frank; Houston Hennard, Holly; Wheeler Herman, Craig; League City Herrington, Barbara; Newton Hershon, Matthew; Hurst 376 wm Herzig, Tom; Houston Hester, Beverly; Galena Park Hicks, Allison; Ennis Higgins, Caroline; League City Higgins, Jill; Richardson Hill, Jerry; Huntington Hill, Lori; Mesquite Hillbolt, Frank; Houston Hinkle, Robert; Dallas Hobbs, Robert; Lufkin Hockenbrocht, Wanda; Killeen Hodges, Lele; Houston Hodges, Paul; Killeen Holbrook, Nancy; Irving Holcomb, Gayla; Houston Holcomb, Jay; Alto Holcomb, Marsha; La Rue Holland, Mariano; Port Isabel Hollenbeck, Susan; Pittsburg, KS Holley, Julie; Maud Holley, Melinda; Houston Holloway, Richard; Gilmer Holman, Armour; Dallas Holmes, Jeff; Richardson Holt, Steve; Nacogdoches Hooker, Ruthie; Dallas Hopkins, Paul; Dallas Horber, Vicki; Boern Horndt, Kathy; Columbus Hornsby, Cindy; Galveston Horstman, Denise; Houston Houston, Marilyn; Pasadena Hoyt, Pete; Garland Hubert, Kenneth; Chester Hudson, Danny; Buna Hudson, Sharon; Arlington Huffman, Richard; Friendswood Hufford, Carla; Baytown Hunt, William; Frost Hunter, Leanne; Waxahachie Hupp, Kevin; Houston Hurst, Craig; Rockwall Huskerson, Kathy; DeSoto Illmer, Richard; Richardson Iovinelli, Robert; Richardson Ireland, Debra; Nacogdoches Irwin, Don; Fort Worth Irwin, Peter; Houston 4 Tl A 377 Ishmael, Jeri; Texas City Ivans, Davin; San Antonio Ivey, Margaret; Longview Jack, Milicyn; Dickinson Jackson, Alvin; Longview Jackson, Calvin; Longview Jackson, Olivia; Nacogdoches Jacobs, Gary; Dallas Jaggi, Naveen; Clear Lake City James, Shari; Alvin Janak, Clayton; Humble Jansen, Deborah; Austin Jirik, Karen; Fort Worth Johnson, Clara; Houston Johnson, David; Dallas Johnson, David; Arlington Johnson, Heather-Dawn; Fort Worth Johnson, Mark; DeSoto Johnson, Nancy; San Antonio Johnson, Robert; Houston Johnson, Terri; Dallas Johnson, Terry; Piano Johnson, Tracey; Nederland Johnson, Vince; Houston Johnston, Pat; Nacogdoches Jones, Cinde; Mesquite Jones, Eric; Galveston Jones, James; Baytown Jones, Kurt; Houston Jones, Linda; Longview Jones, Michael; Center Jones, Mimi; Dallas Jones, Molly; Dallas Jones, Rob; Fort Worth Jones, Stuart; Tuscalusa, AL Jones, Thomas; Richardson Jones, Wymond; Broaddus Jowdy, Jeff; Houston Jowell, Larry; Houston Jumper, Linda; Lufkin June, Shara; Houston Kaaz, Kirk; Spring Kahn, Steven; Houston Kalish, Dabbie; Dallas Kamar, Janie; Dallas Karlak, Judy; Dallas Kasehagen, Laurin; El Paso Kasuls, Denee; Houston 378 Kelly, Thomas; Dallas Keyes, Kim; DeSoto Kibler, Teresa; Iowa Park Kiellander, Henry; Crockett Kilbey, Amy; Bellaire Kimbro, Bret; Timpson Kimbrough, Ronald; Nacogdoches King, Candace; Dallas Kingham, Bob; Nacogdoches Kirsch, Kristine; Kingwood Kishpaugh, Anne; Lewisville Kliem, Cynthia; Houston Knapp, John; Dallas Knutson, Lisa; Marshall Koch, Jennifer; Lufkin Koegl, Barbara; Duncanville Koncsol, Robert; Kingwood Koperwhats, Laura; Houston Koperwhats, Leslie; Houston Kramer, Shirley; Houston Kreiter, Kris; Houston Kremer, Tracy; Biscayne Bay, FL Kunitz, Lynn; Sherman Kutac, Marsha; Farmers Branch LaBarba, Carolyn; Dallas Labbit, Britt; Groves Laflin, Margaret; Houston Laitner, Robert; Houston Lambright, Rhonda; Palestine Lancaster, Kristine; Houston Landesman, Alison; Tyler Lane, Jenny; Arlington Lane, Leslie; Richardson Lanier, Paul; Henderson Lansford, Sharon; Center Lasater, Michael; Galveston Lattier, Clifford; Clear Lake City Lawless, Elizabeth; Dallas Lawrence, Harry; Houston Lawrence, Tracy; Hallsville Lazarine, Marilyn; Nacogdoches Lazaroff, Diana; Dallas Leacia, Charles; Austin Leake, Nancy; Houston LeBlanc, Steven; Houston Leeves, Jane; Naples LeMay, Keith; Houston Lemoine, Mylene; Pasadena 379 LeMowier, Jami; San Antonio Lenox, Steve; Humble Lero, Cheryl; Houston Lessen, Hank; Piano Levy, Laurie; Austin Lewis, Anita; Houston Lewis, Mark; Nacogdoches. Lewis, Markel; Marquez Lewis, Randy; Lufkin Libby, Mark; Copperas Cove Liese, Karol; Arlington Lightfoot, Alicia; Denison Lindquist, Tim; Houston Linh, Nicholas; McAllen Linney, David; Houston Lipp, Misty; Dallas Little, Jacqueline; Fort Worth Little, Margaret; Richardson Lockart, Jimmy; Fort Worth Lofton, Alan; Longview Logan, Lisa; Madisonville Logan, Liz; Houston Long, William; Lufkin Loo, King; Houston Look, Timothy; Tyler Love, Evelyn; LaPorte Love, Nancy; Fort Worth Lubbers, Donna; Victoria Lynch, Joan; Houston Lynch, Mary; Kingwood Lynn, Cal; Palacious Macha, Greta; Houston Madden, C. Rerry; Humble Mader, Mary; DeSoto Madsen, Patty; Mineola Magee, James; Palestine Magness, Kristi; Timpson Magness, Timothy; Georgetown Mahaffey, David; Fort Worth Mahan, Carol; Irving Mahon, Robby; Scroggins Mallow, Peggy; Houston Malone, Sheila; League City Malonson, Yvonne; Houston Manfre, Lola; Houston Manning, Dawn; Houston Manry, Mark; Houston Maples, John; Fort Worth 1 380 Marabella, Teri; Alta Loma Markham, Leslie; Seabrook Marr, Rebecca; Barry Marsh, Denise; Houston Mareth, Nancy; Houston Martin, Bonnie; Nacogdoches Martin, Craig; Mesquite Martin, David; Irving Martin, John; Beaumont Martin, Michelle; Houston Martin. Nancye; Hitchcock Martin, Russell; Austin Martinez, Santiago; Eagle Pass Mas, Olga; Houston Mason, Deanne; Houston Mason, Lytha; Midland Massey, Michelle; Dallas Master, Greg; LaPorte Masters, Edward; Eagle Pass Matejka, Chris; Alta Loma Mathes, Pamela; Corsicana Matter, Tracy; Houston Matthews, Robin; Round Rock Mattox, Christopher; Piano Maxey, Ricky; Carthage May, Melinda; Livingston May, Sandra; Pasadena May, Shelly; Humble Mays, Billy; Dallas Mayes, Brenda; Lufkin Mayorga, David; Houston McAllister, James; Conroe McBride, Mark; Kingwood McBride, Melissa; Garland McCall, Miles; La Porte McClelland, Carol; Galena Park McCroskey, Vista; San Augustine McCune, Doug; Longview McDonald, Douglas; Timpson McDonald, Katherine; Houston McDonald, Lauren; Houston McDonald, Melodie; Lufkin McDonald, Thomas; Fort Worth McDowell, Bejie; Mt. Pleasant McFarland, Cathy; Houston McGahen, Lisa; Garland McGoldrick, Bubba; Bryan McGuire, Kathleen; Lufkin 381 McHenry, Marilyn; Houston McKain, Debra; Seabrook McKay, Malcolm; Jasper McKnight, James; Rockwall McLain, Richard; Nacogdoches McLane, Pamela; White Oak McLaren, Laura; Houston McMahan, Mary; Waco McManus, Stuart; Houston McMillan, Sharla; Whitesboro McMurray, Thomas; Houston Meissner, Kirk; Houston Meissner, William; dishing Melton, Charles; Fort Worth Melton, Karen; Corsicana Mengo, Pamela; Baytown Mercado, Evila; Danbury Mersky, Ruth; Austin Mertel, Mindy; Madison, CT Meyer, Susan; Round Rock Migei, John; Austin Mikeska, David; Houston Millar, Shelly; Freeport Miller, Cindy; Fort Worth Miller, Cindy; Deer Park Miller, James; Georgetown Miller, Lisa; Spring Miller, Lori; Elgin Miller, Randall; Lake Andes, SD Miller, Susan; Houston Mills, Scott; Carthage Miner, Carol; Austin Mitchell, Euvla; Diboll Mitchell, Jim; Azle Moad, Christopher; Fort Worth Moke, Diana; Houston Monkres, James; DeSoto Monigold, Sarah; Marshall Monk, Doug; Humble Montalbano, Janet; Houston Moore, Alan; Hughes Springs Moore, Bruce; Garland Moore, Darla; Jacksonville Moore, David; Dallas Moore, Judy; Arlington Moore, Katherine; Nacogdoches Moore, Tracy; Dallas Moore, Wanda; Longview 382 Morales, Arnold; Dallas Moreau, Mark; Houston Morgan, Nancy; Victoria Morris, Rick; Tyler Morrison, Mike; Nacogdocl Mortensen, Sharon; Houstc Morton, Kimberly; Piano Moss, Russell; Houston Moyers, Charlotte; Kilgore Moynihan, Garry; Nacogdoc Mueller, Jayna; Kingwood Mueller, Sharon; Houston Muir, James; Dallas Murphey, Molly; Bellville Murphy, Bobby; Corsicana Murphy, Vicki; Livingston Myers, Gay; Port Arthur Myers, Lisa; Livingston Nace, Charles; Ravenna Nash, Sara; Dallas Naugle, Jim; Dallas Neal, Wayne; Dallas Needham, Martha; Houston Neikirk, Robert; Dallas Nelson, Kris; Houston Nelson, Susan; Dallas Netek, Jerry; Fort Worth Newell, Sara; Dallas Newell, Whitney; Farmers Branch Newman, Shannon; Mesquite Newman, Leroy; Center Nichols, Lynette; Silsbee Nichols, Lynn; Houston Nichols, Melanie; Dallas Nichols, Sharon; McAllen Nicholson, Pam; Lufkin Nilsen, Lois; Houston Nixon, Drew; Carthage Nixon, Joe; Angleton Noble, Kelly; Fort Worth Noble, Steve; San Augustine Nolan, Diane; Richardson Nolen, Teri; Dallas Olert, Maureen; Owings Mills, MD Olive, Gary; Humble Olszewski, Jackie; Houston Oneil, James; Fort Worth Ortiz, Josefina; Harlingen 383 Pace, Mark; Dallas Pace, Ronald; Mansfield Page, Jake; Dallas Palla, Emmalee; Houston Parasiliti, Anthony; Irving Parks, Dorothy; Dallas Parks, Natalie; Dallas Parnell, Donald; LaPorte Parpart, Kimberly; Dallas Parr, Debby; Longview Patrick, Terri; Longview Patterson, Patricia; Mesquite Patterson, Peri; Corsicana Patton, Mark; Arlington Paul, Julie; Kingwood Pavelka, Edward; Friendswood Peck, Carolyn; El Paso Peden, Nancy; Houston Pell, Greg; Spring Penn, Donna; Sherman Pensyl, Kathleen; Corpus Christi Perez, Yvette; Mesquite Perkins, Ronnie; Taft Perry, Rex; Nacogdoches Petersen, Shelly; Dickinson Petersen, Sherry; Houston Peterson, Gaye; LaMarque Pfohl, Ronald; Richardson Pickett, Stacy; Mesquite Pier, Kathi; Dallas Pierce, William; Richardson Pike, Tracy; San Augustine Pitchford, Donald; Longview Pleasant, Paul; Houston Polimeno, Rosemary; Clute Pool, Greg; Lufkin Porter, Sylvia; Arlington Potrykus, Bill; Dallas Powell, James; Avinger Power, Greg; Nacogdoches Preciado, Mario; Republic of Panama Prejean, Johnny; Houston Price, Tom; Houston Prior, Theresa; Carthage Pruett, Nancy; Paris Pruetz, Terry; Stafford Pugh, Susan; Seabrook Pulliam, Sherry; Kirbyville 384 Purcell, Keith; Humble Putnam, Michael; Nacogdoches Queen, Don; Baytown Quinlan, Jennifer; Dallas Quinters, Jeffery; Canyon Lake Racht, Julie; Dallas Radspinner, Douglas; Arlington Rains, Stacy; Dallas Ralstin, Susan; Katy Ralston, F.; Dallas Ramsey, Laurie; Nacogdoches Rausaw, Marva; Houston Rawlinson, Lynette; Cushing Rayne, Richard; Nacogdoches Regan, Angi; Palestine Reasonover, Cindy; Kemp Redd, Ronny; Tyler Reed, Rhonda; Piano Reedy, Suzanne; Arlington Reider, Curtis; Gary Rendon, Joe; Galveston Renshaw, John; Longview Reynolds, Janice; Longview Reynolds, Phillip; Port Neches Rice, Paul; Pittsburgh, PA Rich, Karen; Nassau Bay Richard, Alan; Clear Lake City Richards, Kelley; Houston Richards, Mary; Missouri City Richardson, John; Fort Worth Richardson, Lou; Santa Rosa Richardson, Michaelle; Lumberton Richardson, Trish; San Antonio Richmond, Brian; Kingwood Rickenbrode, Connie; Jasper Rieger, Sharon; Houston Rinehart, Daniel; San Antonio Ritter, Larry; Carthage Rivers, Danny; Longview Rixie, Chou; Coral Springs, FL Roach, John; Friendswood Roach, Tricia; Houston Robbins, Craig; Dallas Robbins, Ina; Nacogdoches Roberson, Ronald; Carthage Roberson, Wayne; Lufkin Roberts, Jill; Texarkana Roberts, Karen; Spring 385 Robertson, Beverly; Houston Robinson, Russell; Tomball Rodgers, Catherine; Lake Jackson Rodgers, Christi; Garland Rodgers, Lynn; Dallas Rodriguez, Connie; Houston Rogers, David; Marshall Rogers, Neal; Piano Rogers, Susan; Center Rogers, William; Center Ronquille, Danny; Kingwood Rooney, Melissa; Dallas Rosa, Sheryl; Humble Roselius, Steven; Katy Rose, Steven; Mt. Pleasant Rosema, Dan; Grand Rapids, MI Ross, Joi; Houston Rossman, Kathy; Tyler Rowden, Brentja; Pasadena Roy, Amy; Nassau Bay Ruby, Denise; Lufkin Rushing, Bryan; Lufkin Ryan, Lisa; Nacogdoches Saal, Kristin; Fort Worth Sabatell, Joe; Houston Saenger, Cherll; Houston Sample, Darryl; Grand Prairie Sanborn, Paul; Clear Lake City Sanders, Ginger; Waco Sanders, Valeri; The Woodlands Santos, Jose; New York, NY Saracco, George; Galveston Saucedo, Mark; Dallas Saunders, Judy; San Antonio Scanlon, John; Dallas Schaider, Phillip; La Porte Schill, Rob; Dallas Sehmieg, Daniel; Piano Schnell, Kari; Pasadena Schooler, Lee; Houston Schoolfield, John; Roanoke Schorr, Denise; Dallas Schorr, Leslie; Houston Schreiber, Jo; Spring Schultz; Lisa; Baytown Schultz, Ronald; Kerens Schwing, Sharon; Port Arthur Soggins, Emily; Bartlesville, OK 386 Scott, Sharon; Tyler Scott, Vickie; Port Arthur Scribner, Steven; Odessa Sculley, Suzanne; Kingwood Sembritzky, Rocky; Spring Sepulveda, Hector; Houston Serpa, Roy; Houston Shamburg, Melodie; Quinlan Shandro, Steve; Calgary, Canada Shannon, Mark; Dallas Shaw, Dennis; Irving Shaw, Kimberlee; Nacogdoches Shaw, Lisa; Carthage Shaw, Mary; Houston Shearer, Michelle; Dallas Shelton, Kathy; Longview Sherman, Cindy; Lake Jackson Sherrill, James; Austin Shiffer, Allan; Dallas Shipp, Howard; Longview Shupe, Martin; Houston Sibley, Sally; Tyler Simpson, Sarah; Tyler Simmons, John; Houston Simmons, Marilyn; Tyler Sims, Donna; Groesbeck Singel, Jennifer; Arlington Skillern, Ren; San Augustine Slaan, Gary; Crosby Slattery, Matthew; Midland Slevin, Sally; Dallas Smalling, Marianne; Trinidad Smith, Cassandra; Palestine Smith, Charlena; Lake Jackson Smith, Cheryl; Nacogdoches Smith, Christy; Houston Smith, Dennis; Lake Jackson Smith, Glenn; McQueeney Smith, James; Dallas Smith, Jeff; Henderson Smith, Joy; Piano Smith, Rodney; Woodville Smith, Stephen; Dallas Smith, Steven; Conroe Snapp, Denise; Houston Snow, Karen; Canton Soderman, John; Kingwood Solberg, Susan; Hurst 387 Sorsby, Carla; Garland South, David; Dallas Sowers, Stanley; Dallas Spencer, Heitje; Marshall Spillers, Mitch; Houston Spinks, Michael; Conroe Spurlock, Sherry; Spring Starbuck, Chrissy; Houston Starkey, Sheri; Baytown Stasney, Anne; Baytown Staton, Shelley; Dallas Stauffer, Spencer; Houston Steele, Rebecca; Grapeland Stekoll, Lou Ann; Bedford Stemper, Dana; Houston Stewart, Chris; Tyler Stewart, Kelly; Katy Stevenson, Robert; Timpson Stoecker, Brett; Piano Stokely, Matthew; Houston Stokes, Jimmy; Houston Stone, Kevin; Dallas Stone, Kim; Piano Stovall, Leah; Spring Strahl, Dennis; Hewitt Strand, James; Houston Stripling, Kathy; Bullard Strong, Sally; Allen Strother, Randa; Texas City Stuart, Terry; Rowlett Sturdivant, Ted; McAllen Sturrock, Natalie; Nacogdoches Sullivan, Luvera; Athens Swanson, Shawn; Harlingen Tabor, Frances; Burleson Talbot, Lesley; Houston Talpey, Barbara; Irving Tatum, Steve; Arlington Taylor, Deborah; Richardson Taylor, Gina; Victoria Taylor, Tina; Irving Temple, Donna; Lufkin Tennison, Teresa; Arlington Terzakis, Alison; Richmond Thatcher, Stephen; Garland " Theodore, Trade; Keller Thiele, Thomas; Alto Thilman, John; Killeen ' ; t n WKBm 388 Thomas, Sharon; Wells Thomason, DeAnna; Ennis Thompson, Danny; Houston Thompson, David; Bellaire Thompson, Jill; Palestine Thompson, Larry; Houston Thornton, Martha; Fort Worth Thornton, Rebecca; Lufkin Thrash, James; Piano Tijerina, Rose; Pasadena Till, Lisa; Houston Tomich, Lisa; Houston Touchstone, Marian; Garland Trimble, Vickie; Montgomery Tucker, Charlotte; Naples Turcios, Sandra; Honduras Turney, Wayne; Irving Tuttle, Deanna; Clear Lake Tyer, Mike; Center Unger, Jasper; Nacogdoches Van Dusen, David; Quitman Van Dyck, Chris; Denton Van Marel, Jaylynn; Victoria Van Norman, Timothy; El Paso Varn, Jeanne; Houston Vaughan, Jeff; Houston Vaughn, Gordon; San Augustine Venable, Linda; Malakoff Vermillion, Susan; N. Kingston, RI Verzinski, Anna; Houston Vinson, Jackie; Yoakum Vo, Lan; Houston Vojtek, Sherry; Rosenberg Vrla, Kelli; Dallas Wagner, Pamela; Fort Worth Wagner, Patricia; Arlington Wagner, Therese; Lewisville Walker, Lindsey; Houston Walker, Michael; La Porte Wall, Margot; Houston Wallace, John; Hughes Springs Wallace, Kathryn; Wichita Falls Wallen, Cindi; Dallas Walter, Jeffry; Missouri City Walsingham, Steve; Highlands Walthall, Dan; Katy Walton, Mike; Houston Wardin, Hank; Weslaco 389 Warr, Bobby; Center Warr, Jeff; Nacogdoches Warren, Julie; Piano Watson, John; Corpus Christi Watson, Margie; Denver, CO Watson, Pamela; Cypress Watson, Patricia; Garland Watson, Timothy; Abilene Watterson, David; Dallas Webb, Lisa; Houston Wedgeworth, Dee; Longview Welborn, Debbie; Austin Wells, John; Pineland Wesley, Sharon; Houston West, Kathryn; Friendswood West, Robert; Palestine West, Tammyla; Cypress West, William; Fort Worth Westerlage, Kenneth; La Marque Weyel, Keith; Spring Whatley, Terry; Longview White, Angela; Bedford White, Julius; Rusk White, Kenneth; Dallas White, Kenneth; Piano White, Rhonda; Longview White, Vickie; Longview White, Virginia; Dallas Whittemore, Mary; Forney Wiemer, Klaus; Dallas Wier, John; El Paso Wiese, Carol; Houston Wilemon, Greg; Richardson Willey, Heidi; Houston Williams, Jena; Wharton Williams, Lisa; Nacogdoches Williams, Ronald; Houston Williamson, Lisa; Dallas Wilson, Chaille; Houston Wilson, Joyce; Dallas Winker, Tim; Dallas Wirey, Gail; Houston Woike, William; Houston Wolf, Tammy; Dallas Wolfe, Susanne; Dallas Wolowiec, Carey; Houston Womack, Tracey; Denver, CO Wood, Pam; Dallas 390 Wood, Jandee; Houston Woolery, Mark; Fort Worth Workman, Audri; Dallas Wrench, Richard; Houston Wright, Lauren; Pearland Wright, Richard; Houston Wunderlich, Harold; Fort Worth Wyman, Dwaine; Houston Yates, Richard; Houston Yianitsas, Chrysanthie; Houston Young, Andy; Avinger Zarecki, Laura; Kingwood Zdansky, Beverly; Corpus Christi Zeglin, John; Baytown Zelios, Dan; Dallas Zwick, Peggy; Atlanta 391 Adams, Jean; Dallas Adams, Patrick; Newton Adkins, Gregg; DeSoto Aguilar, Tricia; Houston Albrecht, Carol; Onalaska Albritton, Andi; Piano Aldredge, Cindy; Pollok Allee, Suzanne; Crockett Allen, Jerry; Pollok Allen, Marvin; Fort Worth Allen, Nancy; West Al-Nasir, Mohammad; Dharan, Saudi Arabia Altimari, Laura; Center Alves, Jane; Dallas Amason, Michele; Palestine Amore, Anthony; Beckville Ancy, Julie; Houston Anderson, Bradley; Richardson Andrews, David; Tyler Angell, Allison; Fort Worth Anges, John; Galveston Anthony, Jeffery; DeSoto Armstrong, Maria; Alta Loma Armstrong, Nathan; Amarillo 392 Arnold, Sonja; Dallas Arrendondo, Arturo; Austin Arrington, Dawn; Longview Askew, Karen; Texarkana Atutis, Constance; Bedford Atwell, Karen; Arlington Austin, Bonnie; Kingwood Austin, Joe; Houston Avant, Laura; Pasadena Baccus, Robert; Nacogdoches Baehr, Lisa; Spring Bagley, Gary; Pasadena Bailey, Ray; Luling Bailey, Renea; Center Baird, Phillip; Temple Baize, Marty; Nacogdoches Baker, Jane; Denton Baker, Linda; Quinlan Baker, Richard; Longview Baldock, Greg; Fort Worth Ballard, Harla; Corsicana Balsley, Kirk; Garland Barclay, Ada; Beaumont Barley, Julie; Pasadena 393 Barney, Charles; Crockett Barron, James; Seymour Barron, Tina; Tyler Barry, Mark; Katy Barry, Marta; Call Bartlett, Benjamin; Weatherforcl Barton, Paula; Sherman Barton, Thomas; Duncanville Bass, Russell; Houston Batsche, Thomas; Fort Worth Bauer, Susan; Carthage Baughman, Chris; Conroe Baumgarten, Gil; Houston Beall, Allen; Terrell Beasley, Joel; Dallas Beck, Kelly; Houston Beck, Steven; Houston Bedford, Linda; Tyler Bell, Cynthia; Carthage Bell, Terry; Tahoka Belt, Dawn; Nacogdoches Benedict, Randy; Fairfield Bennett, Annella; San Augustine Bennett, Bette; Dallas Bennett, Theresa; Corpus Christi Benson, Sharon; Houston Berg, Sharon; Houston Berkley, Tracey; Keller Berry, Randall; Piano Berry, William; Houston Best, Michael; Apple Springs Bjork, Julie; Fort Worth Black, Beverly; Houston Blackwell, Margaret; Quitman Blaine, Donald; Whitehouse Blalock, Brian; Spring Branch Blanchard, Jeffery; Clear Lake City Blanchard, John; Porter Blanchard, Steven; Houston Blansert, Dana; Terrell Bleckner, John; Dallas Block, Darren; Tyler Blohm, Daryl; New Braunfels Bodine, Bart; Whitewright Bodine, Bradley; Montbellview Bollier, Timmy; Mineral Wells Bone, Jane; La Feria Boniface, Patricia; Duncanville 395 Borden, Stephanie; Houston Boren, Bebecca; Houston Borreca, Mary; Capri, Italy Borthwick, Bobin; Winston-Salem, N.C. Boscham, Laura; Houston Braden, Ladina; Nacogdoches Bradley, LuAnn; Houston Bradway, Sharon; Houston Brasher, Janet; Dallas Bravvner, Joseph; Lake Jackson Breckwuldt, Gretchen; Houston Brewer, Anson; San Augustine Brewer, Debbie; Lufkin Brewer, Bichard; Houston Brian, Karen; Longview Britt, Steven; Dallas Broach, Cheryl; Lufkin Brock, Carla; Lufkin Brockenbush, Chuck; Fort Worth Brooks, Karen; Lufkin Brooks, Michael; Timpson Brown, Dana; Round Rock Brown, Elizabeth; Seabrook Brown, John; Fort Worth 396 Brown, Melissa; Crowell Brown. Robert: Richardson Brown, Susan; Houston Browne. Karen; Houston Brush, Ivy Lynn; Jasper Bryan. Gary; Lufkin Bucks. Karen; Quitman Bullis, Richard; Houston Burney. Belinda; Orange Butler. David: Livingsworth Butler. Tamara: Kilgore Byrd, Michael: Lufkin Cadman. Lewis; Wichita Falls Cain. Kim; Dallas Calahan. Philip: Nacogdoches Callender. William: Houston Cambiano. Robert; Alta Loma Cannon. Cynthia: Houston Carbonari. Karen: Friendswood Carlson. Frank: Pasadena Carpenter. Mark; Dallas Carroll. Ann; Arlington Carson, Barn.; Malakoff Carson. Kathleen: Austin Carter, Ben; Waco Carter, Kayla; Shelbyville Castleberry, Mary; Henderson Caswell, Peggy; Huffman Cates, Michael; Henderson Cates, Toni; Linden Chapman, Arlene; Lufkin Chapman, Debra; Pharr Chapman, Lesa; Dallas Childs, Stephen; Tyler Choate, Tommy; Beaumont Chumley, Rebecca; Lufkin Clabaugh, Amy; Carthage Clanton, Kay; Houston Clark, Kenneth; Fort Wayne Clay, Chris; San Antonio Clay, Kim; San Antonio Clement, Katy; Houston Clements, Karen; Quebec City, Canada Cobb, Lloyd; Spring Coble, Laurie; Burleson Cochran, Mark; Lewisville Coffee, Janey; Big Spring Coffelt, Joan; Pasadena 398 Coker, Terri; Baytown Colburn, Lisa; Carthage Cole, Harold; Marshall Cole, Richard; Houston Collins, James; Spring Colwell, John; Nacogdoches Combs, Jenny; Houston Comby, Danielle; Quito, Ecuador Cone, Rosemary; Porter Connell, Brock; Irving Conner, Mark; Houston Connor, Pete; Houston Conrad, David; Houston Conway, Mark; Lufkin Conway, Stephen; Lufkin Cook, Jack; Houston Cook, Melissa; Houston Cook, Windol; Deer Park Coops, Dan; Kingwood Corbett, Barry; Cypress Corbett, Laura; Bloomfield Hills, MI Cordova, Stephen; Beaumont Corlett, Ledru; Brideport Corsaro, Kathi; Santa Fe 399 Cotton, Johnnie; Mexia Coulter, Debbie; Texarkana Crawford, Teresa; Timpson Crayton, Jeta; Athens Crews, Jeff; Dallas Crichton, Karen; Houston Crim, Travis; Henderson Crimmins, Diane; Dallas Crittenden, Bryan; Austin Crook, Melissa; Dallas Crosby, Tamera; Lumberton Crossman, Robert; Jacksonville Crow, Kelley; Harlingen Culpepper, David; Dallas Cumnock, Nancy; Mabank Cunningham, Kathleen; Los Fresnos Cusack, Laura; Houston Dahl, Jon; Cedar Hill Daniel, Paula; Nacogdoches Darby, Kathleen; Dallas Darnell, Karla; Abilene Darnell, Kim; Mesquite Davidson, James; Apple Springs Davila, Rafael; Barrancabermeja, Colombia 400 Davis, Cathryn; Lufkin Davis, Glenn; Seabrook Davis, Len; Palestine Davis, Bobbin; Houston Davis, Robin; La Porte Davison, Pamela; Irving Day, Earl; Baytown Day, Katherine; Houston Deady, Ruth; El Paso Dean, Angela; Lake Jackson Dean, Dee; Hurst Dean, Gary; Hobbs, NM Deardorff, Donald; Killeen Deason, Jane; Nacogdoches DeCarlo, Diane; Houston DeCordova, Mark; Beaumont Deegear, Gary; Nacogdoches DeGnath, Wynee; Athens Denham, Allison; Bichardson Denton, Vickie; Pearland Desadier, Kathi Jo; Houston Dexheimer, Tracey; San Antonio Dickens, Grady; Dallas Dickey, Frank; Fort Worth 401 Dieter, Harry; Corpus Christi Dillinger, Jane; Dallas Dillon, Twila; San Augustine Dishman, Nina; Longview Dixon, Leigh; Jacksonville Doak, George; Aledo Doke, Stacy; Clear Lake Dooley, Kevin; Houston Driver, Mike; Beaumont Dudley, Cheryl; Kilgore Duffy, Jeff; Clear Lake Dulin, Jeffrey; Denton Dunn, David; El Paso Durr, Stephen; Nacogdoches Dye, Jane; Houston Dyer, Trey; Athens Dyson, Martha; Houston Eads, Lance; New York, NY Easley, Darla; Piano Eaton, Andrea; Longview Ebright, Keri; Bermuda Elder, Elaine; Spring Elsberry, William; Cushing Engle, Mary; Houston 402 English, Jeri; Orange Erie, Jerry; Texarkana Estes, Scott; Malakoff Evenrude, Newt; Houston Fagan, Richard; Cleak Lake City Fallin, Deborah; Beckville Fare, Allyson; Nacogdoches Farley, Laura; Richmond Farmer, Shannon; Kingwood Farmer, Steven; Logansport, LA Farris, Dawn; Bellaire Farst, Kathy; Lake Charles, LA Faulber, Lance; Arlington Faw, Carol; Houston Feinberg, Rebecca; Conroe Feste, James; El Paso Fields, Larry; Carthage Fields, Linda; Houston Finley, Sarah; Keller Finn, Kathy; Orange Flanagan, Philip; Marshall Flanagan, Steven; Longview Fleck, Marybeth; Houston Fletcher, Rick; Tomball 403 Fletcher, Susan; Texas City Florance, Michael; La Porte Flowers, Barbara; Garland Fogg, Jo; Houston Folden, Mindy; Jacksonville Forister, Thomas; Austin Forrester, Rebecca; Duncanville Forster, Preston; Houston Foster, George; Austin Fountain, David; Jasper Fountain, Gene; Gilmer Frambes, Kirk; Richardson Francis, Janice; Daingerfield Franks, Michael; Kilgore Frazier, Karrie; Freeport Frazier, Scott; Irving French, Jim; Houston Freudensprung, Kelly; Brazoria Freund, Linda; Fort Worth Freundlich, Caren; Houston Funderburk, Janet; Longview Funk, Kathy; DeRiddler, LA Gage, Jeffrey; Sugarloaf Shores, FL Galliher, Teresa; Irving 404 Gann, Carol; Wichita Falls Gardner, Glenda; Arlington Gardner, William; Fort Lauderdale, FL Garrett, William; Houston Gary, James; Corpus Christi Gatlin, Herbert; Dallas Gatlin, Ronald; Fort Smith, AR Gay, Michelle; Leander Gehring, Donald; Houston George, Steven; Poughkeepsie, N.Y. Gerdes, Celese; Houston Gerringer, Nancy; Houston Giddens, Sherry; Mt. Pleasant Gillette, Sharon; Kingwood Giovannini, Ramo; Houston Girtle, Mike; Longview Glasson, Melissa; Nacogdoches Gloyer, Thomas; Tomball Goad, Nancy; Tyler Godwin, Barbara; Kilgore Godwin, Deanna; Kilgore Golden, Michael; Lake Jackson Gooch, Sheryel; Pineland Goodale, Brad; Houston 405 Goodson, James; Rockwall Goolsby, Mark; Timpson Gorman, Kristen; Ennis Gorman, Mark; Dallas Goss, Melanie; Houston Gottfried, Ann; Houston Granger, Gary; Garland Gravett, Terrell; Orange Gray, Brian; Mesquite Grayer, Deborah; Malakoff Grayson, Dana; Bridge City Green, Anthony; Southlake Greene, Brian; Nacogdoches Greene, Holly; Dallas Greer, Dana; Katy Gregg, Martha; Houston Gresham, John; Irving Griffin, Ken; Garland Griffin, Roger; Texarkana Grimes, Patricia; Nacogdoches Grissam, Garner; Brownwood Grodahl, Sharen; Victoria Gross, Glenda; Hurst Grundstrom, Scott; Katy 406 Cunn, Marcia; Dallas Gural, Diana; Humble Cuth, Paula; Spring Hadden, Neil; Tyler Haddox, Pamela; Troup Haggard, Mary; Piano Haefner, Jan; Dallas Hall, Anita; Houston Hall, Charlotte; Atlanta Hall, Steven; Dallas Hankla, Martha; San Augustine Hanks, Cindy; Nacogdoches Hansen, Eric; Fort Worth Hansen, Richard; Dallas Hanson, Tom; Magnolia Hardcastle, Kendy; Houston Harmon, Kevin; Orange Harrel, Matthew; Pittsburg Harris, Cliff; San Antonio Harris, Donny; Garrison Harris, Greg; Cypress Harris, Janet; Houston Harris, Jeff; Nacogdoches Harris, Sandra; Pearland 407 Harris, Tammy; Texarkana Harris, Terry; Longview Harrison, Gilbert; Brownwood Harrison, Hiram; Houston Harrison, Pat; Houston Harrison, Winston; Bryan Hartman, Cindy; Piano Hatcher, Donna; Carrollton Hatton, Robert; Sillsbee Haughn, Julie; Houston Haverfield, David; Piano Havins, Tracy; Arlington Haynes, Donna; Nacogdoches Heap, Nancy; Piano Heider, Allan; Richardson Heimbach, William; Longview Hellier, Lisa; Arlington Helm, Sherry; Houston Henry, Johnny; Dallas Hensley, Michael; DeSoto Henson, Laura; Euless Hernandez, Rosita; Piano Herrin, Steve; Dallas Herrington, Teresa; Woodville 408 Hewitt, Lisa; San Antonio Higgins, Lori; Richardson Hill, Terresa; Mesquite Himes, Debbie; Clear Lake Hines, Jamie; Nacogdoches Hinojosa, Richard; Rrownsville Hiza, Cynthia; Porter Hodgkinson, Susan; Carthage Hoffman, Patricia; Pasadena Hoganson, Monica; Houston Hohlfelder, Karen; Palestine Hoisington, Victor; Littleton, CO Holder, Lana; La Rue Mollis, David; Henderson Holt, Timothy; Mabank Honea, Rory; Nacogdoches Hood, John; Houston Hook, Cathleen; Ft. Worth Hoover, Sharon; Conroe Hope, Randy; Mt. Vernon Hopkins, Maurita; Longview Hopkins, Richard; Houston Horton, Gregory; Kemp Houston, Ed; Houston Houston, James; Houston Howard, Lisa; Fort Worth Howell, Rachel; Bryan Howie, Windell; Quitman Hoza, Karen; Cypress Hudnall, Chris; Tyler Hudson, Deborah; Arlington Hughes, Melody; Cushing Hughes, Robert; Denver, CO Hultgren, Michael; San Antonio Hurst, Christi; Dallas Hyatt, Felecia; Pasadena Hyde, Jeff; Frankston Hyzer, Melissa; Dallas liny, Cynthia; Dallas Ingram, Cynthia; Mesquite Jackson, Gloria; Ennis Jackson, Thomas; Dallas Jasper, Freida; Jacksonville Jayroe, Deanne; Lufkin Jenkins, Stuart; Houston Jensen, Gracemary; Irving Jensen, Michel; Kingwood 410 Johnson, Bettie; Nacogdoches Johnson, Deborah; Mt. Pleasant Johnson, Jayne; Cleburne Johnson, Julie; Longview Jones, Jeffrey; Houston Jones, Kathy; Lufkin Jones, Kimberlie; Houston Jones, Larry; Lufkin Jones, Lauran; Dallas Jones, Pamela; Rosebud Jones, Susan; Quinlan Jost, Jay; Groves Joyner, Kimberly; Lancaster Junot, James; Killeen Justiss, Deborah; Mt. Pleasant Justman, Connie; Fort Worth Keehner, Cheryl; Houston Keenan, Jo; Houston Kendrick, Karla; Nacogdoches Kerr, Cynthia; Houston Kerr, Emily; Nacogdoches Kerr, Sherry; Kaufman Kettle, Marc; Piano Key, Bryan; Beeville 411 Khoury, Kay; Dallas Kienzle, Denny; Longview Killebrew, Kristen; Mt. Vernon Killen, Lisa; Austin Kinard, Travis; Grapeland King, Bruce; Clear Lake King, Kathy; Vidor Kirkhoff, Kevin; Houston Kisel, Paul; San Antonio Kitchen, Kim; Crosby Knapp, Kelly; Dallas Knight, Julia; Shreveport, LA Knight, Susan; Humble Knight, Tracy; Lufkin Knott, Julie; Spring Knowles, Timmy; Sherman Koonce, Jeffrey; Houston Koonce, Kim; White Oak Koslo, Kathleen; Clear Lake Krueger, Mark; Garrison Kubelka, Michael; Baytown Kurtz, Robert; DeSoto Laake, Mary; Spring LaChance, Scott; Arlington 412 Lackner, Ken; League City Lacy, Deborah; Alvin Laderman, Denice; Cleveland, OH Laird, Leigh Anne; Baytown Lambert, Lisa; Alta Loma Lammers, Steven; Dallas Lamon, Garfield; Center Landry, Patricia; Port Neches Lang, Tami; Piano Langlinais, Leigh; Houston Lankford, Charlene; Lufldn Larkin, Vicki; Piano Latham, Linda; Houston Latham, Pamela; Nacogdoches Lau, Kenny; Houston Lawton, Mark; Dallas Leander, LouAnn; Houston LeBlanc, Sandra; Nacogdoches Leflar, Heather; Houston Legg, Chris; Clear Lake Lent, Thomas; Dallas Leonard, Allen; Alief Leseman, William; Fort Worth Levings, Vicki; Galveston 413 Levis, Lynda; Houston Lesis, Linda; Kingwood Lewis, Nancy; Houston Lightfoot, Anthony; Sheran Linn, Janice; Houston Linnenberg, Elaine; Houston Lipps, David; Brownsville Lock, Kyle; Elkhart Lockhart, Denise; Apple Springs Lollar, Sharen; Hemphill Long, Karen; Sugarland Lopez, Ruben; Stafford Lows, Susan; Dallas Lucas, Donna; League City Lucas, Marc; Longview Luebke, Monica; Fort Worth Lueck, Cathy; Houston Luke, Cheryl; Muenster Lynass, Ann; Houston Lynn, David; Winters Hill Maberry, Donna; Dallas Maclnerney, Charles; Henderson Mahaffey, Maria; Harlingen MahafFey, Robert; Chester 414 Mahon, Stephen; Jacksonville Mandell, Tom; Dallas Mandrell, Michael; Houston Manley, Cindy; Orlando, FL Mann, Arthur; Chelsea, MI Mansfield, Michael; Conroe Maraldo, Lisa; Conroe Marchland, Bruoe; Fort Worth Marek, Parrie; Rosebud Marsh, Jeffrey; Tyler Marshall, Russell; Timpson Martin, Melinda; Jasper Martin, Nan cy; Houston Martin, Neal; Pearland Martin, Randi; Carthage Massingill, Richard; Rusk Masten, Terry; Arlington Masters, Robert; Houston Mathews, Kevin; Spring Mattar, Elaine; Fort Worth Mayfield, Suzanne; San Antonio McCauley, Cindy; Arlington McClelland, Annely; Orange McClendon, Denise; Texarkana 415 McClenny, Jill; Whitehouse McClure, Dale; Kingwood McClure, Meg; Lake Jackson McCormick, Beverly; Nacogdoches McCrory, Pat; Conroe McCuistion, John; Corpus Christi McCullough, Karen; Clear Lake MeDevitt, Frances; San Antonio McElhannon, Anne; Baytown McFadden, Martha; Dallas McFarland, Gay; Houston McFarland, Ronald; Katy McGaughey, Peggy; Arlington McGregor, Jeff; DeSoto McKenzie, Michael; Dallas McKnight, Mary; Dallas McLeod, Ray; Alvin McLeod, Scott; Ft. Worth McMahon, Barbara; Nacogdoches McNair, Wanda; La Marque McPhail, Pamela; Pasadena McWilliams, Gary; League City Melontree, Lester; Tyler Melton, Deborah; Palestine 4— 1 4I 416 Mengel, Michelle; Wichita Falls Meriwether, Kathrine; Mt. Pleasant Meriwether, Ruth; Mt. Pleasant Meyer, Mike; Richardson Micheletti, Mark; Alta Loma Miller, Gloria; Piano Miller, Laura; Houston Mills, Mark; Pleasanton Minatrea, Charles; Nacogdoches Minnix, Tamara; Garland Minton, Donna; Palestine Mitterlehner, Catherine; Beaumont Mobbs, Vicki; Longview Moehring, Jonathan; Corpus Christi Monk, Jimmy; Terrell Montfort, Cathy; Houston Moore, Beth Anne; Dallas Moore, Jane; Dayton Moore, Thomas; Kaufman Morcom, Steve; Vernon Morgan, Michael; Piano Morrell, Lori; Beaumont Morrison, Ann; Dallas Muckleroy, Sheila; Dallas 417 Muller, Greg; Dallas Muller, Mark; Dallas Murphy, Robert; Texarkana Murphy, Teresa; Irving Murray, Marilea; Kilgore Murtland, Carolyn; Richardson Musick, Joe; Jacksonville Myres, Robert; Dallas Myrick, Pam; Jacksonville Nafts, Gilbert; Benton, LA Nagle, Barbara; Houston Namelo, Basiano; Truk, Eastern Caroline Island Naquin, Yvonne; Houston Nassar, Gregory; Clear Lake Nazzal, Nanci; Longview Neill, Phyllis; Angleton Nelson, Donna; Waskom Nelson, Edwin; Houston Newell, Amy; Dallas Newlin, Chris; Houston Newman, Cathy; Rusk Newman, Patrick; Amarillo Nichols, Larry; Henderson Nickell, Steve; Fort Worth 418 Niemann, Jennifer; Humble Niemann, Judith; Kingwood Northcutt, Keith; Rockwall Null, Raymond; Newton O ' Bannon, Carol; Seabrook Ochsenbein, Harry; Houston O ' Donnell, Dan; Dallas O ' Farrell, Leslie; Houston Oliver, Cynthia; Springtown O ' Neall, Chuck; Houston O ' Neil, Susan; Houston Ordemann, James; Duncanville Ostrander, Dan; Angleton Owen, Antoinette; Seabrook Owens, Janet; Houston Oxford, William; Dallas Pahnke, Sandra; Conroe Palmer, Karen; Houston Paolini, Guy; Del Rio Paris, Laura; Humble Park, William; Houston Parkes, Mary; Wolfe City Parks, Doandl; Temple Parnell, Leila; Longview 419 Parris, Stewart; Dallas Parrish, Beth; Nacogdoches Parsons, Sandra; Rusk Patterson, Amanda; Houston Peacock, Leslye; Midland Pedigo, Kathleen; Missouri City Pennington, Cindy; Southlake Pennington, Jon; Lufkin Peppercorn, Mike; Houston Perriello, Laurie; Overton Perry, Ri; Fort Worth Perucca, Paula; Cedar Creek Peterson, Diana; Houston Petri, John; Jacksonville Pettigrew, Marilyn; Whitehouse Phillips, Kirk; Lubbock Pierce, Brian; Arlington Pigott, Yolande; Jasper Pike, Gary; Houston Plunkett, Karen; Pasadena Pokorny, Ellen; Bellaire Pokorny, Sally; Bellaire Poland, James; Zavalla Pollard, Ann; Seabrook 420 Pollock, Scott; Houston Ponder, Lisa; Arlington Porter, Gary; Lufkin Potter, Denise; Houston Poulsen, John; Fort Worth Powell, Brenda; Linden Powell, Susan; Houston Prewett, Janis; Waco Price, Debbie; Garland Price, Jeffrey; Orange Price, Susan; Carthage Prokopuk, Peter; La Porte Puckett, Jim Bob; Allen Pursche, Jesse; Houston Putnam, Jeannie; Lufkin Raiden, Rhonda; Piano Ramey, Doug; Katonah, NY Rape, Carolyn; Pittsburg Reaves, Randy; Athens Reavis, Rhonda; Piano Rector, Tony; Nacogdoches Reed, David; Tennessee Colony Reed, Jeff; Houston Reed, Thomas; Garland 421 Reichert, Wynn; Palo Alto, CA Reiter, Andrew; Kingwood Reynolds, Darlene; Whitewright Reynolds, Don; Lufkin Reynolds, Linda; Port Neches Reynolds, Tommy; Dallas Rhodes, Johnna; Lufkin Rice, Ray; Houston Richardson, Beth; Nacogdoches Riggs, Mark; Houston Riley, Charlotte; Frankston Ritch, Julie; Richardson Roark, George; Alpine Robbins, Kathryn; Highlands Roberts, Christy; Corpus Christi Roberts, Wendi; Nacogdoches Robertson, Cyndi; Spring Robertson, Jeff; Houston Robinett, Sharon; Carthage Robinson, Elinor; Sherman Robinson, Larry; Fort Worth Robinson, Ronna; Alvin Rodger, Connie; Bedford Rodgers, Terry; Frisco 422 Rodriguez, Kathy; Spring Rodriguez, Michael; Henderson Rogers, Lee Ann; Grapevine Rolston, Diana; San Antonio Romoser, Melinda; Houston Rubeck, Janet; Irving Rump, Edward; Houston Russell, Jeremy; Houston Russell, Sally; Diboll Ryan, Susan; Houston Sadler, Lyn; Kilgore Sambrooks, Karen; Houston Sammons, Jim; Okinawa, Japan Samples, Anetra; Kilgore Sanchez, Debbie; Houston Sandoval, Donald; Wake Village Sanner, Cindy; Nacogdoches Sanzone, Stephanie; Missouri City Sargent, Rusty; Rock City Saul, Karen; Longview Saxon, James; Italy Scaief, Steven; San Benito Schaefer, Mary; Temple Scherer, Rebecca; Temple 423 Schilling, Donna; Houston Schnorbus, Cathy; Marshall Schriever, John; Houston Schroeder, David; Arlington Schroeder, Jimmy; Windthorst Schroeder, Margaret; Corpus Christi Schumpert, Julia; Victoria Sciples, Stace San Antonio Scott, Kevin; Pittsburg Scott, Laurie; Azle Scott, Susan; Lufkin Seaman, Beth; Irving Seitzinger, Susan; Dallas Sewell, Jenni; Dallas Sewell, Michael; Lancaster Shaw, Dede; Nacogdoches Sieck, Dan; New Braunfels Siegmund, Scott; Aledo Simmons, David; Deer Park Simpson, Billie; Texarkana Simpson, Valerie; Spring Sitton, Sam; Nacogdoches Skinner, Janet; San Antonio Smelley, James; Nacogdoches 424 Smith, Corky; San Angelo Smith, Elizabeth; Fort Worth Smith, Glenn; Lake Jackson Smith, Jamie; Houston Smith, Jeannell; Jersey Village Smith, Jennifer; Houston Smith, Kevin; Garland Smith, Marie; Spring Smith, Randy; San Augustine Smith, Sandra; Tomball Smith, Sue; Dallas Smith, Terri; Duncanville Snead, Sherri; Bonham Snow, Ann; Houston Snyder, Jeffrey; Houston Snyder, Steve; Houston Sonnier, Joseph; Houston Sonnier, Michael; Port Arthur Southerland; Jeri; Dallas Sowell, Jeannie; Chireno Spencer, Greg; Houston Sprague, Lanette; Houston Spray, Williams; Whitehouse Stacy, Tim; Houston 425 Stanley, Sara; Beaumont Stansberry, Lois; Nacogdoches Stansell, Melissa; Mt. Pleasant Stansfield, Anne; Dickinson Starr, Joe; Richardson Starr, Virginia; Ellhart Stephens, Jane; Orange Stephenson, Diana; Mt. Pleasant Stevens, Paula; Houston Stewart, Mary; Dayton Stewart, Seott; Nacogdoches Still, Charlie; Arlington Stoute, Charlene; Longview Stuard, Elise; Mesquite Studer, Tracy; Irving Sullivan, Michael; Dallas Sumrow, Paul; Garland Sutton, Kathy; Buna Svendsen, Patty; Houston Swanson, Wendy; Richardson Sweeten, Yvonne; Ramstein, W. Germany Swindell, James; Dallas Swindler, Michelle; Clear Lake Swinney, Bridget; San Marcos 426 Tankersley, Becky; Henderson Tariuwa, Clementina; Elcu, Nigeria Tatum, John; Lufkin Tatum, Kathy; Farmers Branch Taylor, Christy; Irving Taylor, Lori; Liberty Taylor, Tim; Houston Templeton, Bexanne; DeSoto Tennison, Lynden; Arlington Terrell, Jay; Golden Thacker, Patsy; Alto Theis, Steve; Dallas Thies, Marie; Tomball Thomas, Chuck; Tyler Thomas, Craig; Nacogdoches Thonus, Nancy; Seabrook Thorsen, Steve; Corpus Christi Tichenor, Susan; Harlingen Tipton, Aubrey; Nacogdoches Tipton, Patricia; Arlington Tolnay, Michael; Piano Tomlinson, Charles; Tyler Tovar, Amanda; Fort Worth Tracy, Troy; Houston 427 Trafton, Terri; Spring Trammell, Lynn; Houston Trouart, Joel; Lytle Truesdell, Vicki; New Braunfels Tullos, Jody; Liberty Turnavist, Jill; Dallas Turner, Tammie; Arcadia Udoye, Francis; Nigeria Upshaw, Nikki; Cushing Useary, Melinda; Houston Vachon, Ellsworth; Dallas Vanek, Gwen; Spring Van Meter, David; Duncanville Vann, Gary; Cleveland Varner, Brenda; Spring Varner, Helen; Nacogdoches Vaughn, Melinda; San Augustine Viertel, Lisa; Lufkin Vilbig, Ginger; Dallas Vincius, Michael; Ft. Worth Vortus, Diane; Southlake Wadsworth, Evelyn; Nacogdoches Waggoner, Wende; Beaumont Wagner, Ralinda; Elkhart 428 Walker, Carol; Lufkin Walker, Cynthia; Nassau Bay Walker, David; Las Vegas, NV Walker, Lyle; El Paso Walker, Robert; Longview Wallace, Kimberly; Houston Wallace, Scott; Longview Wallace, Stewart; Lufkin Waller, Beverly; Henderson Walters, James; Longview Waters, James; College Station Waters, Virginia; College Station Watkins, Susan; Fort Worth Watson, Julia; Laredo Watson, Karen; Lufkin Watson, Lisa; Beckville Wayhan, Vince; Houston Weatherford, Kevin; Fort Worth Weatherford, Tony; Mena, AK Weber, Mike; Houston Wedgeworth, Jenice; Carthage Wehrmeyer, Jennifer; Dallas Weidenheft, Steve; Houston Weir, Bruce; San Antonio 429 Weir, Catherine; Irving Welch, Carlinda; Dallas Wells, Dawson; Mesquite West, Jerline; Dallas West, Krisann; Albuquerque, NM Wesh, Laura; Austin Wharton, Monica; Wills Point Wheat, Lesa; Houston Whitaker, Dewey; Nacogdoches Whitaker, Kathy; Piano White, James; Longview White, Richard; Irving Whitton, Nita; Canton Wickman, James; Houston Wilkinson, Martha; Houston Williams, Bradley; Lewisville Williams, John; Carthage Williams, Karen; Carthage Williams, Menion; Houston Williams, Michael; Lufldn Williamson, John; Dallas Williamson, Roxane; Dallas Williamson, Vicki; Athens Willingham, Anita; Nacogdoches 430 Willis, Jeffrey; Nacogdoches Wilson, Donna; Longview Wilson, Nancy; La Marque Wilson, Ted; Houston Wimberly, Vicki; Texas City Winkel, Todd; Tennesse Colony Winterhoff, Karen; Houston Winters, Cynthia; Duncanville Wisenler, Don; Irving Wofford, Janel; Burkburnett Wolfer, Howard; Houston Wolff, Williams; Dickinson Womack, Judy; Jacksonville Wood, Erin; Seabrook Wood, Mark; Cypress Wood, William; Dallas Woodhull, William; Fort Worth Wooldridge, Richard; Everman Worrell, Royce; New Orleans, LA Wright, Angela; Marshall Wright, Robert; Weatherford Wunderlich, Valerie; Humble Yancey, Jennie; Canton Ybarra, Yvonne; Alice 431 Young, Larry; Nacogdoches Young, Susan; Crockett Yzquierdo, Zina; Houston Zadrapa, Kathleen; Highlands 432 433 Abbey, Kristin; Tyler Adair, Bobby; Brownsboro Adair, Sabra; Palestine Adams, Jana; Center Adams, Roger; Kilgore Aduddell, Brad; Houston Akin, Thomas; Terrell Aldis, Ralph; Fort Worth Alexander, Sherry; Lufkin Alexander, Tina; Lufkin Allen, Bryan; Atlanta Allen, Jane; Longview Allen, Mindy; Wolfe City Alotto, Joseph; Longview Alspaw, Jon; Dallas Alvarado, Maria; San Antonio Amery, Judy; Houston Amyx, Claire; Houston Anderson, Don; Nacogdoches Anderson, Karen; Spring Anderson, Michael; Houston Anderson, Michael; Richardson Anderson, Vanessa; Neches Andress, Carolyn; Devers 434 mm m mmm Andrews, Karen; Houston Armstrong, Daniel; Palestine Arnold, Nelda; Carthage Arnold, Winfred; Palestine Ashcraft, Ron; Longview Ault, Sharon; Euless Aydelotte, Suzanne; Houston Ayres, Jim; Arlington Bailey, Alan; Clear Lake Baker, Cynthia; Houston Baker, David; Garland Balesky, Amanda; Pasadena Ball, Kenna; Hurst Barber, Lacinda; Quitman Barber, Laura; Quitman Barnes, Steve; Winnfield, LA Barnett, Mary; Bethany, LA Barr, Cathy; Austin Bartley, Marilyn; Humble Basden, Laura; Argyle Bass, Kathleen; Tyler Bateman, Kathy; Athens Batho, Beverly; Houston Baty, Donna; Dear Park 435 Baucum, Stan; Midlothian Bauer, Virginia; Nacogdoches Bavousett, Rex; Donna Beall, John; Tyler Beasley, Don; Dallas Beller, Michael; Houston Bentz, Barbara; Fort Worth Beran, Callen; Houston Bernstein, Michael; Dallas Berry, Shelley; Houston Bertuzzi, Mark; Houston Best, David; Marshall Bester, Paula; Calgary, Canada Bidviell, Kimberley; Dallas Binkley, John; Houston Birdwell, Gary; Universal City Black, Douglas; Austin Black, Ricky; Spring Blaha, Joe; Elkhart Blanton, Lisa; Houston Blaquiere, Melinda; Richardson Bledsoe, Jeri; Spring Boatman, Terry; Sherman Bogar, Danny; Houston 436 Boles, John; Henderson Bolmanskie, Paul; Liberty Bolton, Sharon; Jacksonville Bondy, Brian; Houston Bontrager, Sheryl; League City Booth, Cheryl; Alvin Booth, Sheri; New Caney Bourgeois, Georrgia; Richardson Bradshaw, Julie; New London Brady, Darla; Houston Brady, Debra; Quitman Braly, Kevin; Tyler Brasher, Donna; Ennis Brewer, David; Longview Brickell, Eddie; Palestine Briggs, Irma; Beaumont Briggs, Phillip; Beckville Bristol, Kenneth; Fort Worth Bristow, Deborah; Lancaster Brooks, Anderson; Dallas Brothers, John; Houston Brown, Gerry; Nacogdoches Brown, Tim; Sherman Browning, Linda; Mesquite 437 Browning, Mary; Nacogdoches Bruns, Elizabeth; Houston Buckley, John; Dallas Buckner, Ron; Houston Bullion, Debbie; Port Neches Burns, Sandra; Temple Bush, Mark; Lufkin Butler, James; Longview Butler, Judi; Houston Butler, Lauren; Longview Butler, Nan; Burkburnett Butler, Vicky; Spring Buysman, Loren; Tyler Cagle, Kay; Chapel Hill Cain, Daniel; Pasadena Calahan, Mary; SugarLand Calame, Cheryl; Wortham Calder, Jayme; Fort Worth Callahan, Colleen; Houston Cameron, Polly; Nacogdoches Campbell, Karen; Dallas Carleton, John; Sioux City, IO Carmichael, Bruce; Nacogdoches Carnegie, William; Nacogdoches Carnes, Kelly; Galveston Carney, Paul; Dallas Carpenter, Kandie; Dallas Carrigan, Gary; Garrison Carter, David; Sherman Cartwright, Ann; Spring Cates, Thomas; Lufkin Chadwick, Daniel; Kilgore Chaffin, Mark; Arlington Chappuis, David; Houston Chesser, Cheryl; Longview Cisneros, Laurette; Humble Clark, James; Roswell, NM Clem, Scott; Houston Clements, Dee; Galveston Clester, Kelli; Houston Click, Ben; San Antonio Coggins, David; DeSoto Cohen, Allen; Dallas Coker, Frank; Houston Coles, Gifford; Arlington Collins, Curtis; Richardson Cone, Jill; Coldspring Conrads, Boomer; Houston Conway, Bret; Houston Cooch, Curtis; Copperas Cove Cook, Becky; Nederland Cook, Brenda; Lufkin Coons, Mary; Piano Coons, Robert; Houston Cooper, Sandi; Hurst Corder, Paulette; Houston Cordiner, Carol; Houston Corry, Thomas; Dallas Corsaro, Kim; Santa Fe Cosper, Billy; Dallas Cother, John; Fort Worth Courtney, Catherine; Dallas Courtney, Richard; Nacogdoches Courtney, Ronald; El Paso Cowling, Brenda; Nacogdoches Cox, Jennifer; Houston Craddock, Michael; Arlington Craft, Kelly; Columbus Craig, Bobbe Jean; Olton Crane, Sylvia; Houston Craver, Janet; Kilgore Crimmins, Charles; Dallas 440 TV Criss, Robert; Nacogdoches Cruse, Margaret; Rockwall Culver, Marty; Marshall Cunningham, Jeffery; Los Fresnos Cusack, Thomas; Houston D ' Arcy, Delee; Alvin Daire, Rebecca; Port Arthur Dallas, Charles; Frankston Dalton, Tracey; Mesquite Daniel, Gay; Rockwall Darnell, Daniel; Nacogdoches Davidson, Pamela; Nacogdoches Davis, Jim; Corpus Christi Davis, Leasa; Garland Davis, William; San Antonio Day, Andrew; Houston Day, Chris; Coolidge, AZ Day, Jed; Houston Deiterman, Dwain; West Deluca, Linda; La Porte Derouen, Daniel; Alvin Dillow, Mark; Houston Dinges, Donnie; Houston Dinges, Ronnie; Houston 441 Dippel, David; Lake Jackson Dittmar, Raymond; Houston Dohiin, Leah; Piano Donahue, Thomas; Dallas Dorsey, Amy; Nacogdoches Doss, Richard; Dallas Dove, Janet; Conroe Dowling, Clairice; Orange Drew, Steve; Piano Drown, Robert; Dallas Dunaway, Joan; Longview Dunbar, Vanessa; Houston Duran, Debra; Alvin Duren, Susan; Huntington Durham, Carol; Rusk Duval, David; Fort Worth Ealy, Elizabeth; Dallas Edquist, Sangrid; Lake Jackson Edwards, Carrie; Houston Ehlers, Mark; Yoakum Elias, David; Fort Worth Emmott, Kerry; Houston English, Chris; Garland English, Mary; Waxahachie Eredini, Vicki; Dallas Ethredge, Larry; Pasadena Evans, Donald; Arlington Faust, James; Spring Felry, Donna; San Antonio Ferguson, James; Chapel Hill Fielder, Martin; Red Hill Filgo, Rebecca; Lancaster Fischer, Kay; Texas City Fisher, Melinda; Midland Flanagan, Virginia; Houston Flatt, Susan; Spring Fleniken, Davalyn; Nacogdoches Fletcher, Alan; Jacksonville Flournoy, Mary; Mineola Flowers, Robert; Houston Floyd, Charles; Houston Fogle, Robby; Dallas Ford, James; Lufkin Ford, Wilbur; Dallas Forse, Lisa; Seabrook Fosdick, Jay; Fort Worth Foshee, Angela; Tyler Foster, Diane; Pasadena 443 Frahlman, Mike; Houston Franks, Betsy; Timpson Freeman, Alice; Dallas French, B.E.; Kilgore Frew, Marna; Houston Friedel, Cathy; Waco Fries, Paul; Houston Frisby, Steven; Houston Froman, Larry; Katy Fulgham, Tracy; Richardson Gallegos, Louis; Houston Galloway, James; Marshall Gammon, Mary; Houston Gann, Clinton; Wichita Fallas Garcia, Kathy; Houston Garrett, Gay; Liberty Gary, Laura; Houston Gatz, Patricia; Dallas Gauntt, Lauri; Gary Gaylick, Steve; San Antonio Gearner, Geoff; Nacogdoches Geffert, Leslie; Houston Gibson, Diana; Nacogdoches Gibson, Karl; Nacogdoches 444 Gibson, Michael; Garland Gilbreath, Carolyn; Quitman Gilmer, Cynthia; LaMarque Gilmer, Ronald; Nacogdoches Gilpin, Virginia; Houston Glass, Cindy; Richland Goldenhar, Nancy; Houston Goodwin, Tollie; Ennis Graham, Joseph; Nacogdoches Graham, Laura; Houston Graham, Terri; Dallas Granberry, Teresa; Nacogdoches Grant, Rhea Anne; Dallas Graser, David; Waco Graser, Edward; Waco Green, Shari; Houston Greer, Reeky; Hallsville Gregory, Glenda; Duncanville Gressett, Ron; Corpus Christi Griffith, Michael; Irving Grigg, Sharon; Sherman Grinnan, Elizabeth; Heath Grusendorf, Sharon; Dallas Guenther, Karen; Houston Gummelt, William; Victoria Gutierrez, Bert; San Antonio Guttenberger, Randy; Porter Hadler, Annette; Duncanville Hagemelier, Karla; Livingston Hagerty, Paul; Fort Worth Hahn, Vicky; Friendswood Hale, Cheryl; Tyler Hale, Richard; Dallas Hall, Karen; Dallas Hall, Laurie; Texarkana Hamilton, Chip; Houston Hamilton, Janis; Palestine Hampton, Mark; Houston Hancock, Mike; Jasper Hankla, Tina; Hemphill Hanks, Jeffrey; Crockett Hanney, Selene; Kingwood Hardin, Bradley; Longview Harding, Cynthia; Andrews Hardy, James; Denton Harrington, Holly; Dallas Harris, Gai; Jefferson Harris, Laura; Capata 446 Harris, Selena; Fort Worth Harrison, Lisa; Kingsville Harrison, Mania; Houston Harrold, Julia; Odessa Hartmann, Donna; Lufkin Hartwig, Greg; Houston Hartwig, Scott; Houston Hatley, Cheryl; McAllen Hawkins, David; Marshall Hayter, Russell; Nacogdoches Head, Lisa; Lancaster Head, Marion; Sherman Headlee, Lisa; Cleburne Hemminghaus, Sherri; Houston Henck, Helen; Galveston Henderson, James; Longview Hengy, Carol; Irving Henley, Allen; Piano Hennig, Katherine; Garland Henry, Bruce; El Paso Herline, Loraine; Baton Rouge, LA Herring, Mary; Bedford Herrington, Laura; DeSoto Heslep, Thomas; Dallas 447 Heydrick, Jeff; Piano Heydrick, William; Piano Hicks, Gene; McGregor Hiebert, Steven; El Paso Higginbotham, Kristy; Palestine Hill, Deborah; Zavalla Hill, Dorothy; Bonham Hill, Melissa; San Antonio Hilts, Mark; Arlington Hines, Steve; Houston Hitchcock, Ken; Lufkin Hoefling, Betsy; Houston Hogue, David; Houston Holder, Chalmer; Dickinson Holguin, Lous; San Antonio Holmes, Reba; Zavella Holmes, Susan; Wortham Honeycutt, Jame; El Dorado, AK Hood, Paul; Houston Hopkins, Lisa; Houston Hopkins, Michael; Houston Hopper, Lori; Richardson Horn, Kerry; Nacogdoches Horton, Shari; Lufkin 448 Howard, Cathy; Houston Howard, Charlene; Houston Howard, Kimberlee; Southlake Howell, Frances; Texarkana Howell, Robin; Elysian Fields Hubbard, Kim; Galveston Huber, Ellen; Lufkin Hughes, David; Lone Star Hughes, Richard; Lake Jackson Hullum, Cynthia; Tyler Hultman, John; Sfavanger, Norway Humphrey, Dana; DeSoto Hunger, Andrea; Longview Hunter, Diane; Garland Hunter, Peggy; Lufkin Hurt, Brenda; Fort Worth Hutson, Vicki; Lufkin Imani, Amir; Nacogdoches Ireland, Tressie; Dallas Irvin, Linda; Longview Irwin, Laurel; Houston Jackman, Tim; Piano Jacobs, Sandy; Houston Jenkins, Patti; Palestine 449 Jentz. Gary; Austin Jerniaan, Janet; Lake Jackson Jernigan, Jennifer; Corrigan Jirik. Sue; Fort Worth Jobe, K.C.; Richardson Johns. James; Fort Worth Johnson. Angela; Mt. Pleasant Johnson, Edward: Dallas Johnson, Jenetha: Hallsville Johnson, Joni; Henderson Johnson, Kathryn; Houston Johnson, Leslie; Dallas Jolly, Cindy; Piano Jones, Carl; Jacksonville Jones, Eddie; Dallas Jones, Jana; La Feria Jones, Rebecca; Bryan Jones, Steve; Richardson Jordan, Walt; Fort Worth Jouette, Kimberly; Midland Judson, David; Nacogdoches Judy, Matt; Dallas Kaestner, Anne; Houston Ramp, Rhonda; Lufkin Kanes, Thomas; Dallas Keathley, Stephen; Houston Keeble, Robert; Tyler Keene, Katherine; Friendswood Keister, Kathy; Marshall Keith, Rodney; Jefferson Kelley. Donna; Piano Kennedy, Royd; Lufkin Kennemer, Thomas; Arlington Kessler, Timothy; Mesquite Kilpatrick. Peter; Kaufman King, David; Dallas King, Mike; Gladewater King, Randy; Fort Worth Kinney, Karole; Liberty Kinsey, Rick; Pasadena Kittell. Kelly; Liberty Klein, Karl; Richardson Klein, Kerry; Houston Koepplinger. Susan; Saginaw, MI Kok, Jeroen; Houston Kosatka. Scott; The Woodlands Krolczyk, Mark; Houston Kuhn. William; Houston Kurtz, Jeff; DeSoto Kusnerik, Barry; Galveston Kusnerik, Brian; Galveston LaBay, Daniel; Longview Ladner, Rodney; San Augustine Lamar, Zwaine; Cypress LaMarr, Kathy; Nacogdoches Lamb, Dana; Houston Lang, Bill; Spring Langford, Teri; Whitehouse Lanier, Sherry; Freeport LaPrade, Rob; Houston Lassiter, Rebecca; Cleburne Latham, Roddi; Humble Latson, Greg; Aldine Lawson, Linda; Houston LeBeau, Suzanne; Wichita Falls Lee, Charles; Palestine Lee, Lisa; Irving Lee, Sheila; Port Neches Lee, Susan; Cleburne Leflar, Robert; Houston Legate, Donald; Galveston Lehmkuhl, Sandra; Houston 452 Lena, Chris; La Marque Lessmann, Teresa; Spring Lewin, Karen; Lufkin Lewis, Diana; San Antonio Limon, Martha; Corpus Christi Lindley, Billy; Kilgore Lloyd, Cynthia; Houston Lloyd, Leon; Jacksonville Loafman, Cindy; Pearland Loafman. Douglas; Monahans Lockhart, Randy; Hurst Lomax, Carolyn; Dallas Long, Huey; San Augustine Longwell, Erin; Hurst Lonsford, David; Fort Worth Lorenz, Leslie; Irving Lovell, Judy; Lewisville Loving, George; Lufkin Lueke, Teresa; Spring Luke, Damian; Muenster Lundee, Catherine; Portland Lunell, Vicki; Houston Lyons, Sharon; Houston Maas, Susan; Clear Lake 453 Macik, Marilyn; La Marque Mackey, Amy; Tyler Madden, Patrick; Houston Maquire, John; Pasadena Mahlstedt, Robert; Ovilla Mallard, Boni; Liberty Malone. Sherri; League City Manning, Mike; Houston Manuel, Sheila: Houston Maricle, Alan; Garland Markham, Rose; Longview Marlar, Terri; Dallas Marotta, Louis; Dallas Marshall. Nancy; Dallas Marshall, Pamela; DeSoto Martin, Allyson, Piano Martin, Lee; Dallas Martin, Phillip; Dallas Martinez. Ida; Salisbury, MD Massoletti, Les; Freeport Masterson, Kelly; Houston Mathews, Joe; Jasper Mathieu, Judith; Houston Mauer, Terri; Orange Maveety, Bobby; Lancaster Mayne, Kevin; Nederland Mays, Tammy; Elkhart Mayton, Doyle; Atlanta McBride, Alan; Arlington McCorstin, Lynn; Garland McCoy, Donald; Deer Park McDaniel, Dana; Longyiew McGaughey, John; Houston McGee, Thomas; Richardson McGhee, Cynthia; Portland McGowan, Elizabeth; Houston McGowan, Mark; Tyler McKinney, Margaret; Humble Mechler, William; Dallas Mensik, David; Richmond Meyer, David; Dallas Meyers, Clay; Texas City Mihelich, Carolyn: New Cane Millard. Linda: Nacogdoches Miller, Barbara; Palestine Miller, Cindy; Tyler Miller, Karen Longview Miller. Mark; Euless Miller, Michael; Dallas Miller, Trudy; Houston Miller, Vicki; Pasadena Milliorn, Susan; Lancaster Miori, Louis; Wharton Mitchell, Julie; Fort Worth Mitchum, Ann; Houston Mizell, Kelly; Lufkin Moeller, Denise; Sherman Moffat, Cathy; Arlington Montemayer, Joe; Del Rio Moon, Shari; Tomball 1 Moore, Melissa; Hawkins Moore, Paul; Houston Morgan, Kid; Las Vegas, NV Morgan, Kirk; Piano Morgan, Robin; Dallas Morris, Kathy; Tyler Morris, Melisa; Henderson Morris, Terri; College Station Muckleroy, Karen; Nacogdoches Mueck, Michael; Sugar Land Murphy, James; Houston Murphy, Marcia; Dallas 456 Murray, Steve; San Marcos Myers, Jackie; Shelbyville Neill, Gigi; Broaddus Neill, Keith; Houston Nelson, Amy; Texarkana Nelson, Fred; Dallas Nerren, Mike; Lufkin Newell, Lisa; Longview Nicholson, Connie; Piano Nickey, Larry; El Paso Nietfeld, John; Bohn, W. Germany Nilsen, Ruth; Houston Nissen, Karen; Houston Nitishin, Arnold; Dallas Nitz, Steve; Pt. Barrow, Alaska Nivens, Jamie; Piano Nixon, Lisa; Kilgore Nix, Sheila; Galveston Nolen, Sherry; Tyler Norfolk, Robi; La Porte Noxon, Susan; Kingwood Nunez, Michael; Magnolia Nutt, Kelly; Piano Nystrom, Thomas; Copperas Cove 457 WBtBHKESBBt Oates, William; Lufkin O ' Bannon, Rebecca; Nacogdoches O ' Brien, Stanley; Nacogdoches O ' Connor, Tim; Houston Odell, Dennis; Liberty Oien, Dean; Mt. Pleasant Oliver, Jody; Dallas Owens, Deborah; Dallas Paget, Joseph; Fort Worth Paine, Betsy; Houston Palla, Stan; Bedford Pantuso, Louis; Sugar Land Parker, Gerald; Lufkin Parnell, Mary; Lufkin Parr, Donna; Longview Partin, Philip; Houston Pasko, Jennifer; Alvin Patel, Mahendra; Nacogdoches Patrick, Debbie; Houston Patton, Amy; Houston Paul, Mark; Houston Paulk, Steve; Houston Payton, Penny; Houston Peet, Cathy; Houston Pence, Alan; Houston Peppers, Can, ' ; Hughes Springs Perry, Linda; Gladewater Petersen, David; El Campo Peterson. Donna; Dallas Peterson, Melody; Lubbock Philcox, Joy; Duncanville Phillips. Dana; Dallas Phillips, Judy; Houston Phillips, Susan; Calhoun, LA Pickens, Mark; Edgewood Pickering. Laura; Paris Pinkston, Sharon; Center Pitt, Tim; Dallas Piatt, Tracey: Longview Porteck, Kevin; Dallas Porter. Keith; Mabank Porter. Terry; Whitewright Powell. Gregory; Pasadena Powers, Kevin; Dallas Precise. Jerry; Houston Presley, Harold; Ennis Prewitt, Ron; New Braunfels Prokish, Robin; La Porte Quigley, Kathleen; Houston Raders, Margaret; McAllen Ragsdale, Susan; Houston Randal, Eliza beth; Dallas Randel, Bonnie; Beaumont Rankin, Christopher; Longview Rasco, Melissa; West Columbia Rawson, Ellen; Teneha Redfearn, Janet; Mt. Pleasant Redmon, William; Tatum Reed, Brenda; Beckville Reimers, Debbie; Pasadena Reneau, Terrie; Garrison Rentz, Kathryn; Garland Reverman, Mark; Portland, OR Reyes, Carlos; Dallas Rhodes, Greg; Lufkin Rice, James; Spring Richardson, Mike; Alvin Riley, Barney; Fort Worth Roach, Barbara; Mt. Pleasant Roberts, Ann; Pasadena Roberts, James; Tyler Roberts, Susan; Houston 460 Robin, Paul; Houston Robinson, Jerri; DeKalb Robles, Michael; Bloomington Rocamontes, Annette; Houston Roe, Gregory; McLean, IL Rogers, William; San Antonio Root, Sherry; Houston Rosenbaum, James; Alvin Rosson, Peggy; Lindale Rowe, William; Houston Rowland, Mitzi; Longview Royalty, John; Freeport Royalty, Kelly; Katy Rover, Michael; Nacogdoches Russell, Liz; Dallas Russell, Scott; Dallas Ruth, John; Beaumont Rutherford, Robert; Spring Ryan, Paul; Pasadena Rylander, Carole; Richardson Sagen, Renee; Fort Worth Sailers, Stephen; Midlothian Salley, Cheryl; Ft. Worth Samford, Greg; Galveston 461 Sandell, Kristine; Katv Sanders, Debbie; Houston Sandidge, Edward; Piano Save, Charles; Whitesboro Schmidt, Gretchen; Pasadena Schmidt, Wayne; Brenham Schoenky, Jim; Piano Schutt, Holly; Tyler Schwab, Terri; Richardson Schwarten, Cinnie; Houston Schwartz, Neil; Kingwood Schwarz, Karl; Dallas Scoggin, Lisa; Palestine Segrest, Pam; Longview- Sevigny, Steve; Houston Shackelford, Kennon; Greenville Shaw, Alif; Piano Shea, Scott; Houston Sheara, Donna; Kingwood Sheets, Mary; Rockwall Sheffield, Steven; Nacogdoches Shepherd, Paula; Katy Sheppard, Steven; Fort Worth Shields, Harold; Quitman Sides, Steve; Houston Sidnell, Pamela; Nacogdoches Sills, Phillip; Fort Worth Simmons, Karen; Nacogdoches Simpson, Clint; Dallas Simpson, Elizabeth; Richardson Sismilich, Roger; Dallas Sisson, Tim; Piano Sldllem, Rhonda; Silsbee Skipper, Karyn; San Augustine Small, Mary; Fairfield Smith, Becky; Fort Worth Smith, Cathy; San Augustine Smith, Dena; Lake Jackson Smith, Dennis; Jefferson Smith, Fred; San Antonio Smith, Janet; Lufkin Smith, Judy; Tyler Smith, Julie: Longview Smith, Kenneth: New Caney Smith, Michael; Spring Snead, Stacy; Bonham Snelling, Rick; Houston Snyder, Jana; Dallas Solis, James; Clute Solomon, Jim; Nacogdoches Southern, Jill; Fort Worth Sparks, Rich; Nacogdoches Sparks, Sidney; Houston Spaulding, Donna; Houston Spencer, Rex; Lufkin Spruill, Bryan; Garland Stanford, Paul; San Antonio Stanley, Shaugn; Dallas Steele, Michael; Pittsburg Steele, Thad; El Paso Stephens, Kirk; Dallas Stevens, Luther; Galveston Stevenson, Penny; Jasper Stewart, Steve; Center Stinnett, Mark; Longview Stockdale, Cindy; Dallas Stover, Howard; Houston Stricklin, Bruce; Pasadena Strand, David; Mar shall Stransky, Billy; Deer Park Stubbs, Bruce; Pasadena Studer, Mark; Fort Worth 464 Studer, Paul; Aledo Suits, Peggy; Henderson Suttles, Audrey; Jacksonville Sutton, Laura; Palestine Swafford, Janelle; Newgulf Swearingen, Robert; Alvin Talley, Janice; Omaha Talmadge, Amanda; Pasadena Taylor, Gregory; Center Templeton, Randy; Mesquite Tergerson, Tammy; Dallas Thacker, Sarah; Timpson Thigpen, Tracie; Corrigan Thomas, Debbie; Dallas Thomas, Linnis; Houston Thomason, Ron; Houston Thompson, Gregory; Freeport Thompson, Richard; Dallas Thompson, Scott; Fort Worth Thompson, Steve; San Antonio Tillery, Claude; Woodville Tillery, Kay; Woodville Tindel, Greg; Galveston Tinkler, Kelly; Dallas Tippett, Diana; Houston Todd, Bobbie; Henderson Tomlin, Brenda; Center Tracey, William; Nacogdoches Travis, Toby; Dallas Tuckey, Deborah; San Antonio Tudor, Scott; Port Neches Tullar, Stephen; Alief Tunnell, Terri; Houston Twiford, Michelle; Houston Twiss, Diane; Pasadena Unger, Tena; Terrell Upshaw, Larry; Jacksonville Valentine, Laurie; Piano Van Meter, Theresa; Dallas Varela, Barbara; The Woodlands Vest, Jay; Spring Vina, Vivian; Arlington Wachel, William; Dallas Waddell, Hunt; Houston Wagenhauser, Larinda; Houston Walker, Barry; Brenson Walker, Calvin; Dallas Walker, Joni; Beaumont 466 Walker, Maury; Seabrook Waller, Sarah; Jacksonville Walsh, Vincent; Richardson Walter, Beverly; Missouri City Walter, Steven; Houston Watson, Scott; Dallas Weaver, John; Clear Lake Webb, Sherri; Adrian Weber, Steven; Houston Wedaske, Karen; Dallas Weisinger, Missy; Conroe West, Charles; Dallas White, Christopher; Rowlett White, Claude; Clifton White, Michael; Richardson White, Steve; Richardson Whitehead, Pamela; Jasper Whitehead, Timothy; Jasper Whiteman, Elizabeth; Galveston Whitener, Coty; Corsicana Whitley, James; Corpus Christi Whitmeyer, Wesley; Colmesneil Whitney, Bruce; Tyler Whitney; Cheryl; Humble Whitney, Masako; Osaka, Japan Wick, Christopher; San Antonio Williams, Barry; Garland Williams, Chester; Pineland Williams, Kitty; Nacogdoches Williams, Michael; San Antonio Williams, Michael; Waco Williamson, Cheryl; Rockwall Willis, Holly; Shreveport, LA Willis, Jan; Texas City Wilson, Kim; Garland Wilson, Sherry; Houston Windell, Deborah; Houston Wines, Matthew; Houston Wingo, Brenda; Colleyville Winter, Chris; Cleveland Witt, Cheryl; Houston Wolf, Boyd; Midland Wollmers, John; New Braunfels Wood, Mark; Longview Woodfolk, Elmer; Friendswood Woodward, Marimaud; Dallas Woody, Deanna; Elkhart Worthington, Donny; Nacogdoches 468 Wright, Lovis; Pasadena Yandell, Valerie; Dallas Yohe, Rebecca; Garland York, Cynthia; Dallas Yoss, Timmy; Leakey Young, Linda; Nederland Young, Rebekah; Fort Worth Zeithammel, Gretchen; Richardson Zelazny, John; Dallas Zivney, Dana; Mesquite Zobal, Arthur; Fort Worth Zolman, Johnny; Appl e Springs 469 GRADUATES Adewusi, Kemi; Ede, Nigeria Albury, Steven; Houston Alhashimi, Carolyn; Needville Askew, Randy; Nacogdoches Babb, Bill; Dallas Barnette, Carolyn; Groves Barringer, Vicki; Pasadena Bartles, Ricardo; Panama City, Panama Baumgardner, Karen; Dallas Bethel, Edwin; Palestine Bierschenk, Sylvia; Weatherford Brock, David; Dallas Bryant, Charles; Houston Buckley, Cedric; Lufkin Burke, Cindy; Henderson Butler, Carrie; Longview Cochran, Barry; Tolar Contreras, Raquel; Odessa Crumpler, Catherine; De Soto Dore, Molly; Port Neches Fair, Kathy; Lufkin Fernandez, Fidel; Luling Fischer, James; Hitchcock Fray, James; Nacogdoches 470 Gallagher, Frank; Bristol, PA Gandarillas, Manuel; Cleveland Garcia, Gregory; Dallas Gibson, Bonita; Nacogdoches Glasson, Larry; Nacogdoches Gloger, Margaret; Houston Goodwin, Valerie; Forgan, OK Graham, Gordon; Bichardson Grohman, Tyrrel; San Antonio Hadnot, Jackie; Lufkin Hallinan, Michele; Chatsworth, CA Hernandez, Alexis; Miami, FL Holiday, David; Nacogdoches Hostetter, Ashley; Nacogdoches Hunter, Joseph; Shreveport, LA Jackson, Dereck; Johannesburg, S. Africa Jenkins, Antonio; Panama City, Panama Jennings, Steve; Salida, CO Johnson, Louie; Newton Kemper, Bill ie; San Antonio Kenner, Janie; Nacogdoches Ladd, Curt; Memphis, TN Langthorn, Robert; Nacogdoches Lin, Jin-Bao; Nacogdoches 471 Lofton, Peggy; Victoria Lovett, Janice; Jacksonville, AR Lyle, Robert; Marshall Marinez, Antonio; Nacogdoches McKnight, Irby; Nacogdoches Miller, Denzil; Nacogdoches Morris, Robert; Henderson Murphy, Don; San Antonio Murphy, Pamela; Nacogdoches Napier, William; Magnolia Nelson, Tamara; Henderson Patterson, Jim; Blue Ridge Pickrell, William; Bellaire Pitts, Harold; Bridge City Polansky, Brian; Nacogdoches Pollard, Farrel; Quitman Pollard, Teresa; Timpson Potenza, Denna; Houston Powell, William; Dallas Prukop, Janette; Nacogdoches Radcliff, Thomas; Logansport, LA Ramsay, Robin; Shreveport, LA Reat, Vickie; Houston Rhodes, Anne; Baytown 472 Richards, Emily; Texas City Richardson, Bill; Mexia Riggs, Robert; Spring Ruhl, Reyburn; Nacogdoches Scott, Elizabeth; Beaumont Scurlock, Steven; Center Seidel, William; Kilgore Skelley, Carl; Crowley Smith, Jackie; Jacksonville Smith, Stephanie; San Antonio Smithhart, Nancy; Nacogdoches Sneed, Dana; Kilgore Staggs, Larry; Houston Statz, Charles; Lindale Tadin, Peter; Chicago, IL Tariuwa, Isaac; Nigeria Taylor, Melanie; Hallsville Tomlin, William; Oklahoma City, OK Tynes, Paula; Shreveport, LA Verner, Barbara; Houston Ward, John; Pasadena Werner, Lynne; Houston Wichman, Robert; Nacogdoches Wilkinson, Cathy; Falfurrias 473 474 475 A Abbev, Kristin 434 Abbott, Leisa 316 Abbott, Wade 316 Abbruscato, John 316 Abdulrazak, Mariana 368 Abernathy, Shannon 368 Abey. Debra 368 Accounting Club 11 " Acacia 176 Ackles, Sindee 316 Adair. Bobby 434 Adair. Kelly 368 Adair. Robin 368 Adair, Sabra 434 Adame, Johnny 316 Adams, Deborah 316 Adams, Dr Jasper 305 Adams, Jana 434 Adams. Jean 392 Adams, Julie 368 Adams. Patrick 392 Adams, Roger 434 Adams, William 368 Adamson, Debbie 316 Adewusi, Kemi 470 Adkins, Gregg 392 Adkinson, David 316 Adler. Laurie Sue 316 Aduddel, Brad 434 Afflitto, Eric 316 Agnor. Leonard 368 Agueros, Mary 316 Aguilar, Tricia 392 Ahrens, Gladys 80 Akers, Dennis 368 Akin. Thomas 434 Akins, Stacy 316 Al- Nasir. Mohammad 392 Albanese, Anita 368 Albe, Janice 368 Albert. Joseph 316 Albrecht. Carol 392 Albritton, Andi 392 Albury, Steven 470 Alcorn, Laurel 316 Alcorn. Lezlie 316 Alderman. Stephen 368 Aldis. Ralph 434 Aldredge, Cindy 392 Aldrete, Martha 368 Alekna. Veronica 316 Alexander. Dr. Forrest 305 Alexander, Larry 316 Alexander. Mark 316 Alexander. Sherry 434 Alexander. Tina 434 Alhashimi, Carolyn 470 Alhashimi. Dr. Talib 305 Allee. Suzanne 392 Allen. Bryan 434 Allen. Cathi 368 Allen. Debbie 316 Allen. Elaine 368 Allen, Garv 316 Allen. Jane 434 Allen. Jerry 392 Allen. Marvin 392 Allen, Mary 316 Allen, Mindy 434 Allen. Nancy 392 Allen, Stacy 316 Allison, Jean 368 Alms. Ramona - . 316 Alonso, Patricia 316 Alotto. Joseph 434 Alpenfels. Eric 316 Alpha Chi Omega 178 Alpha Kappa Alpha 212 Alpha Kappa Delta 107 Alpha Mu Gamma 109 Alpha Phi Alpha 212 Alpha Phi Omega 94 Alpha Psi Omega 98 Alpha Tau Omega 180 Alsander, Karen 316 Alspaw, Jon 434 Alston. Dr. Roy 305 Altimari, Laura 392 Alvarado. Maria 434 Alves, Jane 392 Alwell, Teresa 316 Amason, Michele 392 Amend, Susan 316 American Society for Personnel Administration 114 American Society of Interior Designers 118 Amerson, David 316 Amery, Judy 434 Ames, Cindy 368 Amiot. Alison 316 Amir, Imani 368 Amore, Anthony 392 Amrein, Joe 316 Amyx, Clair 434 Ancy. Julie 392 Anderson, Angela 316 Anderson, Bradley 392 Anderson, Charlton 316 Anderson. Clint 368 Anderson. Don 434 Anderson. Karen 316,368,434 Anderson, Kevin 368 Anderson, Mae 368 Anderson, Matthew 368 Anderson, Michael 434 Anderson, Michael 434 Anderson, Miranda 316 Anderson, Nancy 368 Anderson, Randal 368 Anderson, Robert 368 Anderson, Therese 316 Anderson, Vanessa 434 Andre. Steven 316 Andress, Carolyn 434 Andrews, Carrie 368 Andrews, David 92 Andrews, Karen 435 Andrews, Robert 316 Angell, Allison 392 Anges, John 392 Anthony, Cheryl 368 Anthony, Jeffery 392 Anthony, Mark 368 Antoni, Gigi 316 Anzaldua, Mario 316 Appleberry, Dr Mary 305 Araya, Dora 368 Archibald, Vicki 368 Arltwright, William 368 Armana, Tamara 368 Armstrong, Daniel 435 Armstrong. Louise 368 Armstrong, Maria 392 Armstrong, Nathan 392 Armstrong, Todd 368 Amett, Lorie 368 Arnold, Allvson 316 Arnold. Amy 316 Arnold, Nelda 435 Arnold. Sherry 368 Arnold. Sonja 393 Arnold. Winfred 435 Arrant, Bret 316 Arrendondo. Arturo 393 Arlington, Dawn 393 Ashcraft, Ron 435 Ashley, Debbie 316 Ashley, Dr, Jane lie 305 Ashton, Andrea 368 Asim, Tasher 368 Askew, Karen 393 Askew, Randy 470 Askew, Sharon 316 Astky. Neil 316 Atchison, Dr. Thomas 305 Atchison, Randy 368 Atha, Tracy 316 Atherton, Gladys 305 Athey. Ralph 368 Atkins, Mary Ann 368 Atutis. Constance 393 Alwell. Karen 393 Auld, Margaret 316 Ault. Sharon 435 Austin, Guard 141 Austin Raiders 142 Austin , Bonnie 393 Austin, Jeff 317 Austin, Joe 393 Autry, Robert 368 Avant, Laura 393 Aydelotte, Suzanne 435 Ayers. Anntionette 368 Ayers, Tammie 317 Aylward, Linda 368 Ayres, Jim 435 B Babb. Bill 470 Baccus, Robert 393 Bacho, Vincent 317 Back. Martha 368 Bacon. Mark 368 Baechtold, Julie 317 Baehr, Lisa 393 Bagley, Chris 369 Bagley, Gary 393 Bailey, Alan 435 Bailey, Cheryl 317 Bailey, Craig 369 Bailev, Deanna 317 Bailey, Dr. Bruce 305 Bailey, Justin 317 Bailey, Kelley 317 Bailev, Kenneth 369 Bailey, Ray 393 Bailey. Renea 393 Bair. Maurice 317 Baird, Phillip 393 Baize, Martv 393 Baker, Stephen 369 Baker, Bonnie 317 Baker, Christy 317 Baker. Cynthia 435 Baker. David 317 Baker, David 435 Baker, Denise 317 Baker, Gregory 317 Baker, Jane 393 Baker. Jeffery 317 Baker, Julia 317 Baker. Karen 369 Baker, Keith 369 Baker. Linda 393 Baker. Ralph 369 Baker. Richard 393 Balding, Melanie 317 Baldock, Greg 393 Baldree, Mike 317 Bales. Jeff 369 Bales. Jeffrey 317 Balesky, Amanda 435 Balesky, Valerie 317 Ball. DeVin 317 Ball, Kenna 435 Ball, Rebekah 317 Ball, Tami 368 Ballard, Craig 369 Ballard. Darrell 317 Ballard, Harla 393 Ballard. Ronnie 317 Ballman, Chuck 331 Ballow. Kelly 317 Balsley, Kirk 393 Bambrell, Jeffrey 331 Bammill, Angela 331 Band and Flags 161 Banks. Shirley 317 Baptist Student Union 123 Barber, Lacinda 435 Bar ber, Laura 435 Barbin, Becky 317 Barclay, Ada 393 Barclay, Lynda 369 Barefield, Philip 369 Barger, Annette 369 Baringer. Kristi 331 Barley. Julie 393 Barman, Kimberly 331 Barnard, Mara 317 Bamer, Jana 374 Barnes. John 369 Barnes, Steve 435 Bamett, Ann 317 Bamett, Lynda 369 Bamett, Mary 435 Bamette. Carolyn 470 Barney, Charles 394 Barney. Robbin 317 Bamhart, Rhonda 317 Barr, Cathy 435 Barra, Dr. Ronnie 305 Barrett. Dr. Barbara 305 Barrett. James 331 Barringer, Vicki 470 Barron, Dr. Vema 305 Barron, James 317 Barron. James 394 Barron, Tina 394 Barry, Mark 394 Barry, Marta 394 Bartles. Ricardo 470 Bartlett, Benjamin 394 Bartlett, Brad 317 Bartley. Marilyn 435 Barton, Beth 317 Barton. Cathie 317 Barton. Colleen 317 Barton, Dr. Calvin 305 Barton. Paula 394 Barton, Thomas 394 Basden, Laura 435 Basev, Sallv 305 Baskett. Amh 317 Bass, Cathy 317 Bass. Kathleen 435 Bass, Laura 317 Bass, Russell 394 Bastie, Katherine 317 Bateman, Kathy 435 Bateman, Mike 317 Bates, Debra 317 Bates, Donna 317 Bates, Mary 369 Bates, Ruthey 317 Batev, Barbara 317 Batho. Beverly 435 Batsche. Thomas 394 Baty. Donna 435 Baucum, Stan 436 Bauer, Susan 394 Bauer. Virginia 436 Baugh. Schelle 317 Baughman. Chris 394 Baum. Martin 317 Baumann. Emily 369 Baumann. Vincent 317 Baumgardner. Karen 470 Baumgarten, Gil 394 Bautista, Tony 369 Bavousett, Rex 436 Beahan, Lisa Ann 318 Beaird, Jeanette 369 Beall. Allen 394 Beall, Charles 318 Beall, John 436 Beam. James 318 Beard. Clint 369 Beard. Coyle 318 Bearden. Jeri 318 Beardmore. Karen 318 Beaslev, Cyntbia 369 Beaslev, Don 436 Beasl ev , Joel 394 Beaslev, John 318 Beaslev, Jonathan 318 Bi attv . Constance 318 Beaubien, Michelle 318 Beaudoing, Elise 318 Beavers, Sandra 318 Beck, David 318 Beck, Kelly 394 Beck, Steven 394 Beck, Trevor 318 Becker, Bruce 318 Beclcwith, Paige 369 Bedford. Linda 394 Beerman, Bob 318 Behneman, Thomas 318 Beilharz, Kurt 318 Bell. Cynthia 394 Bell, Kevin 318 Bell. Melissa 369 Bell, Peggy 318 Bell, Steven 318 Bell, Terry 394 Bell, Timothy 318 Bellamy, Dr. Sidney 305 Bellamy, Glensa 369 Beller. Michael 436 Bellrichard, Cathy 369 Belovsky, Ricky 318 Belt, Dawn 394 Belter, Kris 318 Beltzl, Timothy 318 Bemenderfer. Colleen 369 Bend, Russell 369 Benedict. Kevin 318 Benedict, Randy 394 Bennett, Angela 369 Bennett, Annella 394 Bennett. Bette 394 Bennett, Charles 369 Bennett, Chert 318 Bennett, Cheryl 318 Bennett, David 369 Bennett, Eric 318 Bennett, Galen 318 Bennett. Mary 318 Bennett, Michele 318 Bennett, Schultz 369 Bennett, Theresa 395 Benson, Marlene 318 Benson, Sharon 395 Benthul, Cynthia 318 Bentz. Barbara 80,436 Beran, Callen 436 Berea. John 369 Berel. Weena 318 Berend, Banny 318 Berg, Sharon 395 Bergeron, Colleen 318 Berkley, Tracey 395 Bernstein, Michael 436 Berrian, Gregory 318 Berry, Anita 318 Berry, Randall 395 Berry, Richard 318 Berry, Shelley 436 Berry, Steven 318 Berry, William 395 Bertuzzi, Mark 436 Berwin, William 369 Best, David 436 Best, Michael 395 Bester, Paula 436 Beta Alpha Psi 97 Beta Beta Beta 118 Beta Gamma Sigma 101 Bethel, David 369 Bethel, Edwin 470 Bezner, Sharon 318 Bianco, Michael 318 Bibbs, leffery 318 Bidwell. Kimberley 436 Bielamowicz. Ann 318 Bierschenk, Sylvia 470 Bilan, Dr Victor 305 Bilan, Monika 80 Bilbert. Mike 332 Bilbert, Patrick 332 Biles. Angela 375 Billings, Mark 369 Bing, Jim 369 Binkley. John 436 Binldey, Philip 318 Biology Club 116 Bird. Susan 318 Birdwell. Kathv 369 Birdwell. Barry 369 Birdwell. Beckv 318 Birdwell. Carta 319 Birdwell. Gary 436 Birdwell, Linda 319 Birmingham. Becky 319 Bishop, Laura 319 Bishop, Sherri 319 Bissefl. Tracy 319 Bittner, Janice 369 Bittner, Patricia 369 Bittner, Richard 319 Bivens, Susan 319 Hi .. ;!. Dr Bobby 319 Bizzell. Elisa 319 Bjork. Julie 395 Black. Beverly 395 Black Douglas 436 Black. Katie 369 Black, Ricky 436 Black, Robert 369 Black, Tracey 319 Black, Warren 319 Blackburn. Phdip 369 Blackmon, Lori 319 Blackstock, Datha 369 Blaclcwell, Margaret 395 Blalia. Joe 436 Blaine, Donald 395 Blair. Cheri 369 Blair. Shannon 319 Blake. Debbie 369 Blake, Francie 319 Blakely, Paul 369 Blakley, Yvonne 319 Blalock. Brian 395 Blanchard, Cvnthia 319 Blanchard, Jeffery 395 Blanchard, John 395 Blanchard, Steven 395 Blankenship, Doug 319 Blankenship, Jimmy 319 Blansett. Dana 395 Blanton, Lisa 436 Blaquiere. Mehnda 436 Blasser, Linda 319 Blazer, Kimberly 319 Bleckner, John 395 Bledsoe, Jeri 436 Blevins. Jack 319 Block, Darren 395 Block, Mark 319 Blodgett .Valerie 369 Blohm, Daryl 395 Bloukos. Andrea 319 Blumenthal, Amy 369 Boate, John 319 Boatman, Susanne 319 Boatman, Terry 436 Boatner, Kay 319 Bobbitt, Tina 370 Bobbs, Sharon 336 Bodine. Bart 395 Bodine. Bradley 395 Bodwin. Kav 375 Boettcher, Lisa 370 Bogar, Danny 436 Bohhng, Patricia 319 Bohlman. Luke 319 Boileau, Nancy 370 Boland. Maria 319 Bolden, Gayila 319 Boles, John 437 Bollier, Timmy 395 Bollinger, Penny 319 Bolmanskie, Paul 437 Bolsins, Sandra 319 Bolton, Sharon 437 Bond. Gregory. 319 Bondy, Brian 437 Bone. Jane 395 Bone. Jennifer 319 Boney, Michael 319 Boniface, Patricia 395 Bonner. Master Sgt. Michael 306 Bontrager, Linda 319 Bontrager. Sheryl 437 Bonura. Karen 319 Boodsen. Courtney 375 Booker, Anne 319 Boone. Beverly 370 Booth, Cheryl 81,437 Booth, Sheri 437 Boothe, Becky 370 Borchardt. Julie 319 Borden, Stephanie 396 Boren, Rebecca 396 Borens. Coba 319 Borgogni, Diana 319 Boring. Dr. Wayne 306 Boris, Tammy 319 Bom 113 Borreca, Mary 396 Borthwick, Robin 396 Bortnem. Russell 319 Borwn, Tim 437 Bos, Dr. William 437 Bose ham, Laura 396 Bossley, Roger 319 Boucher, Chris 319 Boudousquie, Robert 319 Boudreaux, Lowell 319 Bouman, Sheryl 319 Bounds. Katrinia 320 Bourgeois, Georrgia 437 Bowers, Virginia 320 Bowie, Michael 320 Bowland, Leslie 320 Bowlin, Beverly 370 Box. Greg 320 Boyce, Mark 320 Boyltin. Angela 320 Boylbn, Kyong Gwa 320 Boykin, Lindsay 370 Boyle, Mary 320 Boyles, Mary 320 Boynton, Stephen 320 Bozeman, Fay 81 Bracher, Janet 396 Bracher. Victoria 320 Brackeen, Terry 370 Braddock. Alan 320 Braden. Ladina 396 Bradford, James 370 Bradhurst, Jon 320 Bradley. Jacquie 320 Bradley. Kimberly 320 Bradley, Luann 396 Bradhsaw, Curtis 306 Bradshaw, Julie 437 Bradshaw. Mark 320. Bradway. Sharon 396 Bradv, Ann 320 Brady. Darla 437 Brady. Dawn 320 Bradv. Debra 437 Brady, Gerry 370 Brake, James 370 Braly. Kevin 437 Branam. Leah 320 Brancato. Joanna 320 Branch. Wendy 320 Brandstatter. Cheryl 370 Brandstatter. Dean 370 Branham, Russell 320 Brannon, Kathy 370 Branstiter. Nancy 320 Brashear. Thomas 370 Brasher, Donna 437 Brashier. Philip 320 Braswell, Michael 320 Bravenec. Phyllis 370 Bravenec, Richard 370 Brawner. Joseph 396 Bray. Lisa 320 Brazil. Patrick 370 Breawer, Kevin 320 Brebner, Judi 320 Breckenndge. Jo 320 Breclcwuldt, Gretchen 396 Breeding, Lisa 320 Brennan, Karen 370 Brenneman, Karen 370 Brewer. Anson 396 Brewer. Cindy 320 Brewer, David 437 Brewer, Debbie 396 Brewer, Richard 396 Brewer, Tim 320 Brian, Karen 396 Brickell. Eddie 437 Bridges, Cindv 320 Bridges, Cvnthia 320 Bndges, Jdl 320 Bridges, Stephen 320 Bridwell, Lesa 370 Bnggs, Irma 437 Briggs, John 320 Briggs, Phillip 437 Briggs, Susan 320 Br image. Kimberly 320 Bnmberry. Alice 320 Bristol, Kenneth 437 Bristow, Deborah 437 Bnstow, Elbe 320 Brite. William 320 Bntt. Philip 320 Brirt, Steven 396 Bnttain. William 370 Brittain. Mark 320 Bntton. Teresa 320 Brixey. John 320 Broach. Cheryl 396 Broadway, Tracy 321 Brochu, Siobhain 321 Brock, Carta 396 Brock, David 470 Brock, John 321 Brock, Robert 321 Brockenbush. Chuck 396 Brogdon, Bridget 321 Brooke, Mary 321 Brooks, Anderson 437 Brooks, Chamois 321 Brooks, Kalinda 321 Brooks. Karen 396 Brooks. Kathy 321 Brooks. Melissa 321 Brooks. Michael 396 Brooks. Steven 370 Brookshire. Brent 321 Brookshire. Shelly 370 Brophy. Dr William 306 Brothers. John 437 Broughton. Cindy 370 Broussard, Desiree 321 Browder, Annalea 321 Brown. Bambi 370 Brown, Charles 321 Brown. Dana 396 Brown. Daryl 321 Brown, Dennis 321 Brown, Elizabeth 321 Brown, Elizabeth 396 Brown, Gerry 437 Brown, Gregory 370 Brown, Jdl 370 Brown, Jill 370 Brown, John 370 Brown, John 396 Brown. Lisa 370 Brown. Lori 321,321 Brown. Marlev 370 Brown. Mary 370 Brown. Melissa 370 Brown. Melissa 397 Brown. Paul 321 Brown, Paula 321 Brown, Phyllis 321 Brown, Robert 397 Brown. 8herry 321 Brown, Susan 321 Brown, 8usan 397 Brown, Todd 321 Brown, Tracy 321 Browne, Karen 397 Browning, Linda 437 Browning, Mary 438 Browning, Patricia 370 Borwning. Scott 321 Broz, Tammy 321 Bruns, Elizabeth 438 Brunson, Dr. Macra 306 Brunson, James 321 Brunson, Monica 321 Brush, Iw Lynn 397 Brvna, Gary 397 Bryant. Charles 470 Bryant, Marbn 306 Brye. Kevin 321 Bryson, John 321 Btidges, Barr y 320 Buchanan. Betsy 321 Buchanan, Diane 321 Buchanan, Jo 321 Buchanan, Susan 370 Buck, Staff Sgt. Gregory 306 Buckley, Cedric 470 Buckley. John 438 Buckner, Ron 438 Bucks, Karen 397 Buechner, Steve 370 Bueltel, Susan 370 Bulla, Denise 370 Bullion, Deborah 81,438 Bullis, Donna 370 Bullis. Richard 397 Bullock. Hollv 321 Bullock. Mark 370 Burnous. Lorie 321 Bunch. Betty 306 Bunch. Harold 306 Bunger. J Reid 321 Bunten. Arthur 321 Bunting. Alyce 306 Bunting. Laurie 321 Burgamy. Brad 370 Burger. Bruce 321 Burgeson. Mark 321 Burgess. Beverly 370 Burgess, Darla 321 Burgess. Edith 370 Burk. Lisa 370 Burkart, Dr Leonard 306 Burke. Beverly 321 Burke. Cindy 470 Burke. Edmund 321 Burke. Jack 321 Burkett. Julius 306 Burkhalter. Suzanne 371 Burkland, Chad 371 Burks. Jana 371 Burleson. Kim 371 Burlev. Ross 322 Burnell, Julie 322 Bumev. Belinda 397 Bums. Jane 322 Bums. Karen 322 Bums. Loai 322 Bums. Ruth 371 Bums. Sandra 438 Bums. Sharon 322 Bums. Shelley 371 Bums, Vicki 322 Burrell, Janice 322 Burrichter, Gretchen 322 Burrows, Terri 371 Burton, Carrie 322 Burton, Karla 322 Busa. Connye 322 Busby, Ralph 306 Buscher. Kathleen 322 Bush. Deborah 371 Bush, Machelle 371 Bush, Mark 438 Bush, Ronnie 322 Bushalter . Mike 321 Buslik. Steve 322 Bussey. Lucretia 306 Butler. Buckley 322 Butler. Carrie 470 Butler, David 397 Butler. James 438 Butler. Judi 438 Butler, Kirk 322 Butler. Lauren 438 Butler, Nan 438 Butler, Penny 322 Butler. Scott 322 Butler. Tamara 397 Butler. Vicky 438 Button. Rhonda 322 Butts. Dr. John 307 Buysman. Loren 438 Byars. Sandra 322 Bvnum. David 322 Byrd, Michael 397 Byrne, Lisa 371 C Cabaret Players 133 Cadman. Lewis 397 Caffev. Mark 322 Cagle, David 322 Cagle. Kay 438 Cahill, Pamela 322 Cahill, Rick 322 Cain. Daniel 438 Cain. James 371 Cain. Kim 397 Cain. Tracy 322 Calahan. Mary 438 Calahan. Philip 397 Calame. Cheryl 438 Calder. Jayme 438 Calhoun, Donna 371 Callahan. Colleen 438 Callahan. Kevin 322 Callahan. Ronald 371 Callaway. Dr. Thomas 307 Callender, William 397 Cambiano. Robert 397 Cameron, Polly 438 Cameron, Regina 322 Camp, Garry 322 Campanello, Sandy 322 Campbell, Brace 322 Campbell, Christopher 322 Campbell, Jean 371 Campbell. Karen 438 Campbell. Laurel 322 Campbell. Richard 371 Campbell, Ronnie 371 Campbell. Tammy 322 Campbell. William 322 Campisi. John 322 Canellos, Vivian 322 Canfield. John 322 Cannon, Billy 322 Cannon, Cynthia 81,397 Cannon, James 322 Cannon. Mindv 371 Cantell. Nancy 371 Canterbury Association 126 Cantrell Cynthia 322 Caperton, Michael 322 Caradine, Jay 371 Caramanian. Leah 371 Carbonari, Karen 397 Carle. Randy 371 Carleton, Dee 371 Carleton, John 438 Carlisle, David 322 Carlisle, Sandra 322 Carlock. Russell 322 Carlson. Carol 322 Carlson. Frank 397 Carlson. Karen 323 Carlton. Jenny 323 Carlton. Sueann 323 Carlton. Terry 323 Carmichael. Bruck 438 Carnahan, Gayla 371 Carnegie, William 438 Cames, Kelly 439 Carney, Rusty 323 Carney, Paul 439 Carns. Mary 307 Carpenter, Kandie 439 Carpenter. Mark 397 Carpenter, Tina 323 Carr, Buford 323 Carr, Judv 323 Carrell, Kenneth 323 Carrigan. Gary 439 Carroll, Ann 397 Carroll, Jeff 323 Carroll, Monte 371 Carson, Barry 397 Carson, Kathleen 397 Carter, Ben 398 Carter. Cheryl 323 Carter, David 371 Carter. David 439 Carter. Deanna 323 Carter. Kavla 398 Carter, Kelly 371 Carter. Mark 323 Carterk, Sharon 371 Cartweitht, Scott 371 Cartwnght, Ann 439 Casebolt, Debbie 323 Cash, John 323 Cashman, Mark 371 Cason, Barbara 371 Cason. Greg 323 Cass, Sheila 323 Casstevens. Will 371 Castellanos. Frank 371 Casterline, Lisa 371 Castille, Karen 371 Castleberrv. Mary 398 Caswell, Peggy 398 Cates. Amanda 323 Cates. Amv 323 Cates, Charles 307 Cates, Michael 398 Cates, Sonna 371 Cates. Thomas 439 Cates, Toni 398 Caulev. Edwin 371 Cavazos. Joel 323 Cavender. Bryan 323 Caver, Joe 371 Cesmiroslcv. Joe 323 Chadwick, ' Daniel 439 Chaffin, Mark 439 Chambers, James 371 Chanbers, Joanna 323 Chambers, Susan 323 Chamness. Rene 371 Chamrad, Daphne 323 Chandler, Tim 323 Chanev, Carol 323 Chaney, Elton 307 Chang, Dr. Mingteh 307 Chapman, Anita 323 Chapman, Arlene 398 Chapman. Bob 323 Chapman. Debra 398 Chapman. Lesa 398 Chapman, Robert 323 Chapman, Ronda. 371 Chappell, Rodney 323 Chappuis. David 439 Chase, William 323 Chastain, Gregory 323 Chastain, Terri 323 Cheek, Terri 323 Chenev, Brenda 323 Cherry, Clifton 323 Cherv, Michael 371 Chesser. Cheryl 439 Chi Omega 182 Chiang, David 323 Childers, Danny 323 Childers, Elmer 307 Childers, John 323 Childress. Lisa 323 Childs, Stephen 398 Chism, Audrey 323 Choate, Tommy 398 Christian, Ganata 323 Christian. Keith 371 Christiansen, Missy 323 Christie. Mark 371 Christman, Deborah 323 Christopher. Debbie 323 Chumblev, Leeda 323 Chumley, Eddie 323 Chumlev. Jon 371 Chumley, Rebecca 398 Churchman, Donna 324 Cisneros. Laurette 439 Ciulla, Stephanie 324 Clabaugh, Amy 398 Clagett. Dr Arthur 307 Clanton, Kay 398 Clerk, Aami ' Ua 371 Clark. Elizabeth 324 Clark, Evie 324 Clark, James 439 Clark. Jerry 324 Clark, Karen 324 Clark, Kathy 324 Clark, Kenneth 398 Clark, Maureen 324 Clark, Robyn 324 Clark, Shannon 324 Clark, Shelley 324 Clark, Todd 371 Clarke. David 324 Clarks. Shan 324 Clay. Chris 398 Clay. Gregory 371 Clay. Kim 398 Clayton. Beth 82 Clayton, Dr Glen 307 Clem, Scott 439 Clement, Gordon 324 Clement, Katy 398 Clements. Dathy 371 Clements, Dee 439 Clements, Karen 398 Clements, Pamela 324 Clester. Kelli 439 Clester. Travis 324 Click, Ben 439 Click. Jack 372 Clifton, Anne 372 Clifton. Gary 372 Clifton, James 324 Clifton, Jann 372 Cline, Colin 324 Clopton, Karen 372 Clough. Leith 324 Cloutier, Christine 324 Cloutier, Robyn 324 Cluck, Jane 372 Coad, Mark 372 Cobb, Karen 324 Cobb. Lloyd 398 Coble. Laurie 398 Cochran, Barry 470 Cochran, DarwTn 372 Cochran, Mark 398 Cochran, William 324 Cockrell. W 324 Cockroft, Jeffrey 372 Coe, Scott 324 Coffee, Janey 398 Coffelt, Joan 398 Coffev, Lisa 324 Cofield. Holly 324 Coggan, Barry 324 Coggins. David 439 Coggins, Steven 372 Coggshall. Beth 372 Cohen. Allen 439 Cohen. Daren 372 Cohen, David 324 Cohn. Dennis 324 Coker. Frank 439 Coker. John 372 Coker. Terri 399 Colburn. Lisa 399 Cole. George 372 Cole, Harold 399 Cole, Mark 324 Cole, Richard 399 Coleman, Anita 324 Coleman. David 324 Coleman, Jeff 324 Coleman, Sherv 372 Coles. Gifford 439 Coleson. Patricia 324 College Republicans 131 Collier. Angie 324 Collier, Theresa 372 Collins, Curtis 439 Collins. Ellen 372 Collins. James 399 Collins, Karen 324 Collins, Lin 372 Collins. Nell 372 Collins. Terri 324 Collins, Valerie 324 Collins, Vance 324 Collum, Tim 324 Colombo. David 324 Colvin. Kay 324 Colvin. Mark 324 Colwell. John 399 Combs. Jenny 399 Combs, Rhonda 324 Comby, Danielle 399 Computer Science Club 127 Cone, Jill 439 Cone. Rosemary 399 Conington. Cynthia 372 Connell. Brock 399 Connell, Les 372 Connell, Linda .324 Conner. Mark 399 Conner. Pete 399 Connally. Gordon 324 Connolly. Brian 325 Connolly, David 372 Connor, Cherv! 325 Conrad, David 399 Conrads, Boomer 439 Contreras. Raquel 470 Contreras. Wally 372 Conway, Bret 440 Conway, Mark 399 Conway, Stephen 399 Cooch, Curtis 440 Cook, Becky 440 Cook, Brenda 440 Cook, Jack 399 Cook, Karen 325 Cook, Katnnka 372 Cook, Lacey 325 Cook. Lezlie 325 Cook, Melissa 399 Cook, Ron 325 Cook, Windol 399 Coole. Scott 325 Coon, Charles 325 Coons, Marv 440 Coons. Robert 440 Cooper, Kimberly 372 Cooper. Sandi 440 Cooper, Scott 325 Coops, Dan 399 Copeland, Tracie 325 Corbett, Barry 399 Corbett, Laura 399 Corbin. Kelly 325 Corbran, Susan 325 Cordell. Julie 325 Corder. Paulette 440 Corderman, Kristi 325 Cordero. Frank 325 Cordiner, Carol 440 Cordova, Stephen 399 Corlett, Ledru 399 Cornelius, Ben 325 Cornett. Tammy 325 Cornwall, Shris 325 Corrick. Kim 325 Cornston, Brian 325 Corry. Thomas 440 Corsaro. Kathi 399 Corsoro, Kim 440 Cortines, Val 325 Cosper, Billy 440 Cosper, Rickey 372 Costello, William 372 Coston, Donna 325 Coston, Wayne 325 Cother, John ' 440 Cotter, Clay 325 Cotter, Joyce 325 Cottingham. Mary 325 Cotton, Geoffry 372 Cotton, Johnnie 400 Couch, Suzanne 372 Coulter. Debbie 400 Counts, Bradly 325 Courtney, Catherine 440 Courtney, Patricia 325 Courtney. Richard 440 Courtney. Ronald 440 Covington, Diana 325 Covington, Russell 372 Cowan, Steven 325 Cowie, Jeff 325 Cowling. Brenda 440 Cox, Brenda 372 Cox, Danny 325 Cox, Debbie 325 Cox. Hovey 325 Cox, Jennifer 440 Cox, Karen 325 Cox. Shawn 325 Cox, Tammy 325 Crabtree, Carolyn 325 Crabtree. Dee 325 Craddock, Michael 440 Cradit. Cathy 325 Craft. Heather 372 Craft. Kelley 372 Craft, Kelly 440 Craig, Bobbe Jean 440 Craig, Lisa 372 Craig, Nancy 325 Craig, Robert 325 Craig, Roy 325 Craig, Sandra 372 Crain. Roxann 325 Crane, Sylvia 440 Cranford, Stephane 325 Craver. Janet 440 Crawford. Pamela 372 Crawford. Steve 325 Crawford. Teresa 400 Cravton, Jeta 400 Crews, Jeff 400 Crews, Michael 325 Crichton, Karen 400 Crider, Kim 325 Crim, Travis 400 Crimmings, Charles 440 Crimmins, Diane 400 Crippen. George 372 Criss. Robert 441 Crittenden. Brvan 400 Crook, Melissa " 400 Crosby. Tamera 400 Crossman, Robert 400 Crossman, John 372 Crow. Capt. William 307 Crow. Kelley 400 Grumpier, Catherine 470 Crumpler. Ken 372 Cruse, Margaret 441 Cuenod. Rene 372 Culpepper, David 400 Culver, Marty 441 Cumnock, Nancy 400 Cumpton, David 372 Cunningham, Jeffery 441 Cunningham. Kathleen 400 Cupit, Minda 372 Curry, Martha 372 Cusack, Laura 400 Cusack, Thomas 441 D D ' Arcy. Delee 441 D ' Anna. Christine 373 Dace, Carolyn 372 Dahl. Jon 400 Dahmus. Dr. John 307 Dailev, Dannv 372 Daily. John 372 Daire, Rebecca 441 Dallas. Charles 441 Dalton, Tracey 441 Daly, Melissa 372 Damar. Janie 378 Damskov, Lori 372 Daniel, Amy 326 Daniel, Jeffrey 326 Daniel, Paula 400 Daniel, Sandra 373 Danield, Gay 441 Daniell, Karen 326 Daniels, John 373 Daniels, Kirk 373 Daniels. Robert 326 Dantin, Susan 326 Daraia. Sandra 326 Darby. Kathleen 400 Darden, Gregory 326 Darmstadter, Millye 326 Darnell, Daniel 441 Darnell, Karla 400 Darnell, Kim 400 Darter, Todd 326 Davenport, Julia 326 David. Melvin 373 Davidson, James 400 Davidson. Jan 326 Davidson, Leslie 326 Davidson, Lori 326 Davidson. Pamela 441 Davidson. Valerie 326 Davila. Rafael 400 Davin, Chante 373 Davinport, John 373 Davis, Angela 373 Davis, Anita 373 Davis. Beverly 326 Davis. Carta 326 Davis. Cathryn 401 Davis. Craig 326 Davis. Dennis 373 Davis. Eric 373 Davis. Glenn 401 Davis, Jennifer 326 Davis, Jim 441 Davis, Julie 327 Davis, Kevin 327 Davis, Laura 373 Davis, Leasa 441 Davis, Len 401 Davis, Mark 327 Davis, Maury 373 Davis, Nancy 327 Davis, Patricia 327 Davis. Robbie 327 Davis, Robbin 401 Davis, Robin 401 Davis. Robert 373 Davis. Stephanie 373 Davis. William 441 Davis. Woodrow 327 Davisk. Edward 373 Davison, Dee 327 Davison. Michelle 327 Davison. Pamela 401 Dawson, Linda 327 Day, Andrew 441 Day, Bruce 327 Day. Chris 441 Day, Earl 401 Day, Jed 441 Day Katherine 401 Day, Rick 373 Dazey, Lori 373 Deady, Ruth 401 Dean, Angela 401 Dean. Dee 401 Dean, Dr Robert 307 Dean, Gary 401 Deardorff. Donald 401 Deason, Gretchen 327 Deason, Jane 401 Decarlo, Diane 401 Decker, Dr. John 307 Declairmont, Todd 327 Decordova. Mark 401 Deegear. Garv 401 Dees. Tom 373 Deford, Jeri 373 Degnath. Wynee 401 Degrow, Russell 327 Dehoyos. Luis 373 Deiterman. Dwain 441 Delahoussaye, Gisele 373 Delano, Maria 327 Delius, Carrie 327 Delmar, Paul 327 Delonev, Sheri 327 Delta Delta Delta 184 Delta Sigma Phi 186 Delta Sigma Theta 120 Delta Zeta 188 Deluca, Gloria 327 Deluca. Linda 441 Dempsey. Teta 327 Dencan, Veronica 328 Denham, Allison 401 Dennv. Mark 327 Denton. Vickie 401 Depamphilis, Molly 327 Derek, Grant 327 Derkowski. David 373 Derouen, Daniel 441 Desadier. Kathi Jo 401 Destefano, Marilyn 327 Deterding, Jeff 327 Deuth, Martin 307 Devoto, Chris 373 Dew, Jerry 327 Dewitt, Michele 327 Dews, Judy 327 Dewveall, Dana 327 Dexheimer, Tracey 401 Dickens, Grady 401 Dickey, Frank 401 Dickinson, Donna 327 Dickson, Leanne 327 Didrikson, Thelma 327 Dierkingk, Carol 327 Dieter. Douglas 373 Dieter, Harry 402 Dill, Cheryl 327 Dillinger, Jane 402 Dillon, Debbie 327 Dillon, Twila 402 Dillow, Mark 441 Dinges, Donnie 441 Dinges, Ronnie 441 Dingier, Leu 373 Dinhoble, Darla 373 Dinucci, Dr. James 307 Dippel. David 442 Dishberger, Nancy 373 Dishman. Nina 402 Dittmar, Ravmond 442 Dixon, Douglas 373 Dixon, Leigh 402 Dixon, Matthew 327 Doak, George 402 Dobransky, Joseph 327 Dodd. James 327 Dodds, Robert 327 Dodson, Mark 327 Doe, Mike 327 Dohanich, Michaelyn 327 Doherty, Mark 327 Dohm, Leah 442 Dohner, George 327 Doke, Stacy 402 Dolan, Yvette 327 Dollar, Valerie 327 Donahue, Thomas 442 Donnelly, Jolynn 327 Donovan. Chris 327 Donovan, Mary 373 Doolen, Chris 328 Dooley. Kevin 402 Dore, Molly 470 Domak, Mark 373 Dorociak. Robin 328 Dorsey, Amy 442 Dorsey, Robert 328 Doss. Richard 442 Dosser, Julie 328 Doty. Dara 328 Doty, Willie 328 Dougharty, Andrew 328 Dougherty. Debbie 373 Dove, Janet 442 Dowd. Sandy 373 Dowden, Bruce 328 Dowdy, Lissa 328 Dowling, Clairice 442 Dowling, Dianne 328 Down, Mortin 328 Downham, James 328 Downing, Dr. Harry 307 Downs, Gregg 328 Doyle, Dr. Ann 308 Dozier, Debra 328 Drain, Sandra 373 Drake, John 373 Drake, Terry 328 Dramatic Interest Organization 132 Dramberger, David 328 Draper, David 328 Drew, Kenneth 328 Drew, Steve 442 Driler, Mike 402 Driskell, Leroy 373 Driskell. Paul 328 Drown, Robert 442 Drummong. Cindy 373 Dryer. Denise 373 Dubose, Michael 328 Ducher. Diana 328 Duchie, Debbie 373 Ducote, Kevin 328 Dudley, Cheryl 402 Due, Keith 373 Duffy. Jeff 402 Dugas. Christine 328 Dugdale. Greg 373 Dugger, Jimmie 328 Duke, Deborah 328 Duke. Diem 328 Duke. Stephen 328 Dulin, Jeffrey. . 402 Dunaway. Joan 442 Dunbar, Vanessa 442 Duncan, Lilah 328 Duncan, Lisa 373 Dundin. Clenn 328 Dunlap. Kenneth 328 Dunlap. Michelle 328 Dunlap, Stephen 373 Dunn. David 402 Dunn, Karen 328 Dunn, Loren 328 Dunnahoe, John 328 Duplantes, Dandi 328 Duran. Debra 442 Duren, Deidra 328 Duren. Susan 442 Durham. Carol 442 Durham, Susan 328 Durr, Dr. Kenneth 308 Durr, Stephen 402 Durrett. Terry 328 Dutchele, Michael 328 Duval. David 442 Dyche, Susan 328 Dye, Jane 402 Dyer, Carleton 308 Dyer, Stephen 373 Dyer. Trey 402 Dyess, Stephen 373 Dyess, Terrie 328 Dykes. Roy 328 Dyson. Martha 402 E Eacret. Trudy 328 Eads, Lance 402 Eakright. Angela 373 Ealy. Elizabeth 442 Eanes, Robert 328 Earle. Andrea 328 Easley, Dark 402 Eason. Sam 329 Eastberg. Curtis 373 Easterling. Phil 329 Easum. Brvan 329 Eaton. Andrea 402 Eaton. Lisa 329 Eaves, Linda 329 Ebert. Lin 329 Ebright. Keri 402 Eckert, Anita 373 Eden, Timothy 329 Edquist, Sangrid 442 Edwarda, Doris 374 Edwards, Carrie 442 Edwards. Esta 329 Edwards, Herman 329 Edwards, Jon 329 Edwards, Kate 329 Edwards, Linda 329 Edwards, Susan 374 Ehlers, Mark 442 Elder, Elaine 402 Eldndge. Caryn 329 Elias, David 442 Ellard. Jeff 329 Eller. Jack 374 Elhff, Nanette 329 Elhott. Flora 374 Elliott, Julie 374 Elhott, Nona 329 Elhott, Steven 329 Ellis. James 374 Ellis, Pamela 374 Ellison. Kelley 329 Elrod, Philip 329 Elsberry, William 402 Emmott, Kerry 442 Enderle, Daniel 329 Ener, Becky 329 Engel, Marsha 374 Englade, Dennis 374 Engle, Mary 402 English. Chris 442 English, George 329 English. Jeri 403 Enghsh, Johnny 329 Enghsh. Leda 374 Enghsh, Mary 442 Enghsh, Wadonna 329 Engoish, Robin 329 Enriquez, Raul 374 Erdek, Cheri 329 Eredini, Vicki 443 Erein, William 329 Erie, Jerry 403 Eris, Janine 331 Erwin, Travis. 329 Eseobeda, Sally 329 Escort, Cynthia 329 Esquivel. Belinda 329 Estes, Scott 403 Estlack. Larry 329 Ethredge. Larry 443 Eubank, Lisa 329 Evans. Alan 329 Evans. Brian 374 Evans. Chantal 329 Evans. Donald 443 Evans. John 329 Evans, Margo 403 Evenrude, Newt 403 Everett. Leah 329 Evers, Chris 329 Evett, Vemon 329 Ewing, Marsha 329 Explorer Post 141 F Faber, Denise 374 Fagan, Richard 403 Fain, Deabbie 329 Fair, Kathy 470 Fairchild, Mollie 329 Fairest. Richard 329 Faleo, Jean 329 Falconer, Kenneth 374 Fallin, David 329 Falhn. Deborah 403 Falls, Heidi 374 Fare, Allyson 403 Fare, Dr. Don 308 Farley, Laura 403 Farmer, Fana 329 Farmer. Shannon 403 Farmer. Steven 403 Farrington, Thomas 329 Farris, Dawn 403 Farst, Kathy 403 Fashion Merchandising Club 144 Faulber, Lance 403 Faulkner, Dr. Russell 308 Faust, Jacque 330 Faust, James 443 Faw, Carol 403 Feagins, Donna 330 Fedor. Michele 374 Feigle, Karen 330 Feinberg. Rebecca 403 Fellowship of Christian Atheletes. . . . 124 Felty, Donna 443 Fenn. Terri 330 Fenton, Mary 330 Ferguson, Elizabeth . 330 Ferguson, James 443 Ferguson, Jeannine 374 Ferguson, Thomas 330 Ferguson, Vicki 330 Fergusonk, Angela 374 Fernandez, Fidel 470 Feste, James 403 Fetherston. John 330 Fetis, Angela 330 Ficher, Eric 330 Fidler, Karen 330 Field, Jeffrey 374 Fielda, Mide 374 Fielder, Anita 330 Fielder, Martin 443 Fields, Danny 330 Fields, Larry 403 Fields, Linda 403 Fife. Tom 374 Fiffick. Machale 330 Filgo, Rebecca 443 Fillyaw, Shamarion 330 Finlev, Sarah 403 Finn. Kathy 403 Finnell, Julie 330 Fischer. James 470 Fischer, Kay 443 Fish, Carolyn 330 Fisher. Angela 330 Fisher. Melinda 443 Fitzgerald. Kelly 330 Fitzgerald, Jacque 374 Flaggert, Beth 330 Flanagan. Philip 403 Flanagan. Steven 403 Flanagan, Virginia 443 Flather, Charles 330 Flatt. Susan 443 Fleck, Marybeth 403 Fleming, Berry 374 Fleming, Dwight 330 Fleming, Gregory 330 Fleming, John 374 Fleming, Mark 374 Fleming, Tammh 374 Fleniken, Davalyn 443 Flening, Lisa 374 Fletcher, Alan 443 Fletcher, Martyn 330 Fletcher, Mitch 330 Fletcher, Rick 403 Fletcher. Susan 404 Flora. Julie 330 Florance, Michael 404 Florian, Denton 330 Floriculture Club 145 Floumoy. Mary 443 Flowers. Barbara 404 Flowers, Kelly 374 Flowers. Robert 443 Floyd. Ann 374 Floyd, Barrow 330 Floyd, Charles 443 Floyd, Kathryn 330 Floyd, Machael 374 Flurrv, Amy 374 Fluscne, Terri 330 Focht, Usa 330 Fogg, Jo 404 Fogfe. Bobby 82,443 Folden. Mindy 404 Fondren, Leora 330 Fontenot, Kristie 330 Ford, Gary 374 Ford, James 443 Ford, Mike 330 Ford, Wilbur 443 Foreman, Lisa 330 Forister, Thomas 404 Forloine, Sharon 330 Forman, Charles 374 F orrester, Rebecca 404 Forse, Lisa 443 Forster, Preston 404 Fosater, Robin 374 Fosdick, Jay 443 Foshee. Angela 443 Foster, Amy 330 Foster. Billy 330 Foster. Catherine 330 Foster, Diane 82,443 Foster, George 404 Foster, Mark 330 Foster, Nancy 330 Foster, Ricky 374 Foster, Steven 330 Fountain, David 404 Fountain, Gene 404 Fowler, Carlton 330 Fowler, Cheryl 330 Fox, Joey 330 Frahlman, Mike 444 Frailey, Alton 374 Frambes, Kirk 404 Francis, Elizabeth 330 Francis, Janice 404 Francis, Patricia 330 Francis, Seam 374 Francis, Shelley 331 Franklin. Dr. Billy 308 Franklin. Wanda 331 Franklin. Weldon 374 Franks, Betsy 444 Franks. Michael 404 Fraser, Michael 374 Frasier. Donna 331 Fray, James 470 Frazier. Karrie 404 Frazier, Scott 404 Freas. Debra 331 Fredd, Vicki 331 Freeman, Alice 444 Freeman, Angie 331 Freeman. Barbara 374 French Club 126 French, B 82,444 French, Jim 404 French, Lisa 331 Freres, Steven 331 Freudensprung, Kelly 404 Freund, Linda 404 Freundhch, Caren 404 Frew, Erik 331 Frew, Mama 444 Frey, Stephanie 331 Freytag, Vivian 374 Friedef, Cathy 444 Friehaut, Gwen 331 Fries. Paul 444 Frisby. Joel 331 Frisby. Steven 444 Froman, Larry 444 Frome. Pam 331 Fuerstenau, Julie 331 Fugate. Guy 331 Fulgham, Tracv 444 Fuller. Noel 331 Fulmer, Calena 331 Fults, Joey 331 Funderburk. Janet 404 Funk, Kathy 404 Furlich. Lisa 331 Furlow, Mary 374 Furner, Richard 331 Future Farmers of America 130 G Gage. Jeffrey 404 Gainer, Susan 374 Gaines. Robin 334 Gainey. William 331 Gaither. David 374 Gallagher, Frank 471 Gallagher. Patrick 331 Gallatin, Nicki 374 Gallegos, Louis 444 Galliher, Teresa 404 Galloway. Carol 331 Galloway. James 83,444 Galyean, Karen 331 Gamble, Vemon 331 Gammon, Mary 444 Gandarillas, Manuel 471 Ganim. Sam 331 Gann, Carol 405 Gann, Clinton 444 Gannon, Dana 374 Gannon, Jimmy 331 Garcia, Ada 331 Garcia, Gregory 471 Garcia, Kathy 405 Gardner, Glenda 405 Gardner, Pete 331 Gardner, Rebecca 374 Gardner, William 405 Gamer, Tim 331 Garnish. Sean 331 Garrett, Dr. James 308 Garrett, Eric 331 Garrett, Gay 444 Garrett, Kim 375 Garrett, Laura 331 Garrett, Michael 331 Garrett, Stephen 375 Garrett, William 405 Carrey, Lisa 331 Gartman, Craig 331 Gartner, La ' lon 375 Gary, James 405 Gary, Laura 444 Gasklll. Debra 375 Gaskin, Cart 331 Gaskin. Venita 375 Gates, John 375 Gathard, Patty 375 Gatlin, Herbert 405 Gatlin, Ronald 405 Gatlin, William 331 Gatz, Patricia 444 Gauldin, Tracy 331 Gauntt, Lauri 444 Gay. Michelle 405 Gaylick, Steve 444 Gaylord, Dr. Heinz 308 Gaylord, Julie 308 Geamer, Geoff 444 Geddie, Chris 375 Gee, David 331 Geffert, Leslie 444 Gehring. Dana 332 Gehring, Donald 405 Geller. Jeanne 375 Gentry, Jennifer 375 Geology Club 140 George, Cassandra 332 George, Gloria 332 George, Sherry 375 George, Steven 405 Gerdes, Celese 405 Cerlach, Steve 332 Germenis, Stephanie 375 Gerringer, Nancy 405 Gervasi, Jolene 332 Getz, Ron 332 Gholson, Angle 332 Gibbs Hall 158 Gibbs, Jennifer 332 Gibbs, Laura 332 Gibson. Bonita 471 Gibson, Diana 83,444 Gibson, Dr. William 308 Gibson, Jackie 332 Gibson. Karl 444 Gibson, Ken 332 Gibson, Laura 332 Gibson, Michael 445 Gibson, Ricky 375 Gibson. Robert 332 Gibson, Terry 332 Giddens, Sherry 405 Giggleman, Craig 332 Gilbert, Lindsey 332 Gilbert, Pat 375 Gilbreath. Carolyn 445 Gilbreath, Sheila 375 Gillette. Sharon 405 Gilhspie, Mark 332 Gilmer, Cynthia 445 Gilmer, Ronald 445 Gilmore, Sandra 332 Gilpin, Virginia 445 Gilson, Debbie 332 Giovannini, Ramo 405 Girtle, Mike 405 Glaser, Helen 332 Glass, Cindy 445 Classcock, Stuart 332 Glasson, Larry 471 Glasson, Melissa 405 Glaze. David 332 Gleason, Amy 375 Gleason, Bill 375 Glenn, Karin 332 Glenn, Kim 332 Glidden. Shannon 375 Gloger, Margaret 471 Clona, Charles 332 Gloyer. Thomas 405 Glynn. Catherine 332 Goad, Nancy 405 Coadie. Tom 332 Gobel. Dr. Volker 308 Gober. James 375 Godsby. Tammye 332 Godwin, Barbara 405 Godwin, Deanna 405 Godwin, Teresa 332 Goemer, Roland 332 Golden. David 332 Golden. Michael 405 Goldenhar, Nancy 445 Goldman. Bruce 332 Goldsmith. Madelon 375 Coll. Clen 332 Gonzalez. Carmen 332 Gooch. Sharvel 405 Good. Julie 332 Goodale, Brad 405 Goodale. Todd 332 Goodall. Danalea 332 Goodall. John 308 Goode. James 375 Goode. Kevin 332 Goodman, George 375 Goodman, Tammy Jo 332 Goodson, James 406 Goodson. Melissa 332 Goodwin. Tollie 445 Goodwin. Valerie 471 Goolsby, Mark 406 Goomb ' i. Polly 332 Gordon. Lisa 332 Gorkom, Eric 332 Gorman. Kristen 406 Gorman, Mark 406 Goss, Melanie 406 Goss, Tim 332 Goters, Kitty 332 Gottfried, Ann 406 Gottselig, Ann 332 Goubernante, Stuart 375 Goven, Brent 375 Graff. Shanna 333 Graham. Gordon 471 Graham. Jay 333 Graham. Joseph 445 Graham. Laura 445 Graham. Perry 333 Graham, Tamara 333 Graham. Terri 445 Cranberry. Teresa 445 Granger. Gary 406 Granger. Michael 333 Grant, Rhea Anne. 445 Grantham. Robin 375 Grantland, Gary 333 Graser, David 445 Graser. Edward 445 Craul. John 333 Graves. Gradv 333 Graven, Terrell 406 Gray, Brian 406 Gray. Joseph 375 Gray, Karen 333 Gray. Karen 333 Gray. Maree 333 Gray. Mary 333 Gray, Mike 333 Gray. Stephanie 375 Grayer, Deborah 406 Grayless, David 375 Grayson, Dana 406 Green. Anthony 406 Green, Elizabeth 375 Green. Emery 333 Green. John 375 Green. Pamela 375 Green. Ricci 333 Green. Rowena 375 Green. Shari 445 Greene. Brian 406 Creene, Holly 406 Greeney. Judy 333 Greenfield, Donna 375 Greenhouse Management Club 135 Creenwalt, Mark 333 Greer, Becky 445 Greer, Dana 406 Greff. Judith 375 Gregg. Deidre 375 Gregg. Janet 375 Gregg. Martha 406 Gregory, Glenda 445 Gregory, Mark 333 Gregory, Mark 333 Gregory, Steve 375 Gregory, Teri 375 Gresham, John 406 Gressett, Ron 445 Grieve, David 333 Griff, Sharon 445 Griffin, Betty Ann 333 Griffin, Carolyn 333 Griffin. Connie 333 Griffin, Jo 333 Griffin, John 333 Griffin, Ken 406 Griffin, Roger 406 Griffink, Michael 333 Griffith, Hall 156 Griffith, Georgette 333 Griffith, Laurie 333 Griffith. Michael 445 Griffith. Stephen 375 Griggs. Debbie 375 Grigsby. Patricia 375 Grimes, Particia 406 Grindle, John 333 Grinnan. Elizabeth 445 Grissam, Gamer 406 Grisson, Deanna 333 Grivas, Elizabeth 333 Grodahl. Sharen . 406 Grogan, Tonya 333 Grohman, Tyrrel 471 Gromena, Karen 333 Gross, Glenda 406 Grosz. Beth 333 Gruebel, Dr. Robert 308 Grundstrom, Scott 406 Grusendorf, Sharon 445 Guamacci, Lisa 375 Guamere. Mike 333 Gubera, Robert 333 Guenther, Karen 83,445 Guerra, Ann 375 Guerra, Monica 375 Guerra. Sasa 333 Guest. Carmen 333 Guest, Todd 333 Guidrv. Darrell 333 Cummelt, William 83.446 Gunn, Marcia 407 Gural. Diana 407 Gustin, Ala 333 Guth. Paula 407 Guthrie. Christina 333 Gutierrez. Bert 446 Gutierrez. Curt 333 Guttenberger. Randy 446 Guzman, David 333 Gwynne, Jane 333 H Hackney. Donna 375 Hacknev. Julie 333 Hadden. Neil 407 Haddox. Pamela 407 Haddox. Suzie 333 Haden. Lori 376 Hadler, Annette 446 Hadnot. Jackie 471 Haefher. Jan 407 Hagar, Scott 333 Hagemeher, Karla 446 Hager, Linda 376 Hagerty. Paul 446 Haggard, Marv 407 HagTer, Gay 376 Hague, Cindy 334 Harm. Vicky 446 Haight, Curtis 334 Hairston. Charles 376 Hale. Barbara 334 Hale. Barbara 334 Hale. Cheryl 446 Hale. Karla 334 Hale, Richard 446 Hale, Sandy 334 Haley. Cleve 376 Haley. Jennifer 334 Haley. Lindy 334 Hall Fourteen 157 Hall Ten 158 Hall. Allen 376 Hall. Anita 407 Hall, Barbara 376 Hall, Charles 334 Hall, Charlotte 407 Hall, Chris 334 Hall, David 334 Hall, Karen 446 Hall, Kathi 334 Hall, Kim 334 Hall, Laurie 446 Hall. Lisa 376 Hall, Michele 334 Hall. Steven 407 Hallinan, Michele 471 Mailman. Dr. Leon 308 Halversonk. Nancy 334 Ham. Liz 376 Hamaker. Diane 376 Hambright. Kenneth 376 Hamil, Julie 334 Hamill, Julie 334 Hamilton, Brenda 376 Hamilton. Chip 446 Hamilton. Janis 446 Hamilton. John 308 Hamilton. Mike 334 Hamilton, Susan 84 Hamm, Connie 334 Hammack. Briana 334 Hammock. Soma 334 Hampton, Mark 446 Hamnck. Dr. Bill 308 Hanchev. Carla 334 Hancock, Mike 446 Haney. Nancy 376 Hankamer. John 334 Hankerd, Mars 334 Hankla. Marilyn 334 Hankla, Martha 407 Hankla. Tina 446 Hanks. Cindy 407 Hanks. Jeffrey 446 Hanlin. David 335 Hanney. Selene 446 Hansen, Christie 334 Hansen, David 334 Hansen, Eric 407 Hansen, Eva 376 Hansen, Helen 334 Hansen. Jeff 334 Hansen. Judge 334 Hansen, Richard 407 Hansen, Todd 334 Hanson, Diane 376 Hanson. Eric 334 Hanson, Karl 334 Hanson. Tom 407 Hardcastle, Kendy 407 Hardin. Bradlev 446 Hardin, -Mike 334 Harding. Cynthia 446 Hardwicke, Holly 334 Hardy, James 446 Hardy, Lisa 334 Hardy, Ron 376 Harford, Sue 334 Harger, Deanna 376 Hargis. Shelia 334 Hargis, Troy 309 Hargreaves, Susan 334 Hargrove. Frances 334 Hargrove, Jonathen 376 Haring. Mike 334 Harkins, Mike 376 Harkness, Debra •334 Harlan, Dr John 309 Harmann, Donna 447 Harmon, Kevin 407 Harmon. Kylene 334 Hame. Betsy 337 Harper. Jeff 376 Harrel, Matthew 407 Harrell, Harriet 334 Harrell, Peyton 376 Harrington, Holly 446 Harrington, William 334 Harris, Carissa 334 Harris, Cliff 407 Harris. Craig 335 Harris, Donald 335 Harris, Donny 407 Harris. Gai 446 Harris, Greg 407 Hams, Jan 335 Hams. Janet 407 Hams, Jeff 407 Harris, Laura 446 Hams, Renee 335 Harris, Sandra 407 Harris, Selena 447 Harris, Tammv 408 Harris, Terry 408 Hams, William 335 Harrison. Byman 376 Hamson, David 376 Harrison, Gene 335 Harrison, Gilbert 408 Harrison. Hiram 408 Harrison, Johnny 335 Hamson. Lisa 447 Hamson, Marcia 447 Harrison, Pat 408 Hamson, Russell 335 Hamson, Winston 408 Harrold, Julia 84,447 Hart, Jacqueline 376 Hart, Karen 376 Hart, Mylissa 335 Harte, Tern 376 Hartland, Kevin 335 Hartman, Cindv 408 Hartt. Malinda 335 Hartt, Richard 335 Hartwick, Sara 335 Hartvig. Greg 447 Hartwig, Scott 447 Harvey, Patrick 376 Harvev, Sur Lynn 335 Harwell. Beth ' 335 Harwell, Timothe 335 Harwood. Sheli 335 Hatcher, Donna 408 Hatfield, Kelli 376 Hatlev. Cheryl 447 Hatton, Robert 408 Hauck. Julie 335 Haugh, Valerie 335 Haughn. Julie 408 Haugland, Jeff 335 Havens, Cindv 376 Haverfield, David 408 Havins, Tracy 408 Hawk, William 376 Hawkins. David 447 Hawkins, Marlea 335 Hawley, Linda 335 Hay. Sandra 376 Hayes, Lisa 376 Hayes, Mark 376 Hayes, Meredith 335 Hayhurst. Kar 376 Havnes. Donna 408 Hays, Dave 335 Hays. Sheri 335 Hays, Terri 335 Havter. Russell 447 Hayward, David 376 Hazelrigs, Kathi 335 Hazen. Gayle 335 Heaberlin, Julia 376 Head, Phyllis 335 Head, Lisa 447 Head, Marion 447 Head, Mark 376 Head, Nancy 376 Headlee, Craig 335 Headlee, Lisa 447 Healy, Jennifer 335 Healy. Katherine 335 Healy. Keith 376 Heap. Nancy 408 Heap, Perian 335 Heame. Mark 335 Heame, Tina 335 Heath, Cathy 376 Heaton, Stacv 335 Heeney, Dr William 309 Hefner, Robert 335 Heider. Allan 408 Heider, Dvann 335 Heimbach. William 408 Heinrichs, Hadley 335 Heinze, Darryl 335 Heitzman, Lisa 376 Helbig. Cvnthia 376 Hellier. Lisa 408 Helm, Alicia 335 Helm. Sherry 408 Hemminghaus, Shem 447 Hemminghaus, Susan 335 Hemry, William 335 Henck, Helen 447 Henderson, David 335 Henderson, Gerald 335 Henderson. James 447 Henderson, Jana 335 Henderson, Kimberly 335 Henderson. Maj Sammy 309 Henderson. Margaret 376 Henderson, Robert 336 Hendlev, Frank 376 Hendricks. Chns 336 Hendricks, Erin 336 Hendricks, Penny 336 Hengy, Carol 84,447 Henley, Allen 447 Hennard, Holly 376 Hennig. Katherine 447 Henry, Bruce 447 Henry, Johnnv - 408 Henrv, Pat 336 Hensley, Michael 408 Henson, Laura 408 Heppler, Bnan 336 Herfine, Loraine 84,447 Herman, Craig 376 Hernandez, Alexis 471 Hernandez, Rosita 408 Herrin, Steve 408 Hemng. Mary 447 Herrington, Barbara 376 Herrington, Laura 447 Herrington, Teresa 408 Hershon, Matthew 376 Herzig, Tom 377 Heseman, Sgt. Maj Harvey 309 Heslep, Thomas 447 Hester, Beverly 377 Hester, Bruce .336 Hetzel, Julie 336 Hewett. Chervl 336 Hewitt. Lisa 409 Heydrick, Jeff 448 Hevdnck, William 448 Hibbard, Lisa 336 Hicks, Allison 377 Hicks, Gene 448 Hicks, Sheri 336 Hicks, Stephanie 336 Hiebert, Steven 448 Hieger, Kalee 336 Higginbotbam, Kristy 448 Higgins, Caroline 377 Higgins, Jill 377 Higgins, Lori 409 Hightower. Debbi 336 Hightower, Karen 336 Hightower, Nike 336 Hildebrand, Laurie 336 Hill, Deborah 448 Hill, Dorothy 448 Hill, Dr. Harold 309 Hill. Jerry 377 Hill. Karen 336 Hill, Lori 377 Hill, Melissa 448 Hill, Randall 336 Hill. Robert 336 Hill. Terresa 409 Hulbolt. Frank 377 Hilts, James 336 Hilts, Mark 448 Himes, Debbie 409 Hinckley. Susan 336 Hindsman, Ricky 336 Hines, Jamie 409 Hines, Steve 448 Hinkle, Robert 377 Hinoiosa, Richard 409 Hinson. Walter . 336 Hinton, Jom 336 Hirsh, Ranleigh 336 Hitchcock, Ken 448 Hitt, David 85 Hiza, Cvnthia 409 Hlavatv, Dan-ell 336 Hobbs, Robert 377 Hockenbrocht, Wanda 377 Hodges, David 336 Hodges, Lele 377 Hodges, Paul 377 Hodges, Shelly 336 Hodgkinson. Susan 409 Hoefling, Betsy 448 Hoelscher. Denise 336 Hoerath, Carla 336 Hoffman, Corey 336 Hoffman, Deanna 336 Hoffman, Patricia 409 Hoganson. Monica 409 Hoge. Dr. Harry 309 Hogue, David 448 Hohlfelder, Karen 409 Hoisington, Victor 409 Holbrook, Nancy 377 Holbrook, Tammy 336 Holcomb, Gayla 377 Holcomb, Jay 377 Holcomb. Marsha 377 Holcomb, Susan 336 Holder. Chalmer 448 Holder. Lana 409 Holdren. Jo 336 Holguin, Louis 448 Holidav. David 309 Hohdav, David 471 Holl. Robert 336 Holland, Mariano 377 Hollenbeck, Susan 377 Hollev. Julie 377 Holley. Melinda 377 Hollinger. Colleen 336 HoIIis, David 409 Hollis. James 336 Holloway. Richard 377 Holman. Armour 377 Holmes, Jeff 377 Holmes. Lvnn 336 Holmes, Reba 448 Holmes. Susan 448 Holmgren, Laurel 336 Holt. Don 336 Holt. Dr Dan-ell 309 Holt, Steve 377 Holt. Timothy 409 Home Economics Club 143 Honea, Lisa 336 Honea, Rory 409 Honeycutt, Jane 448 Hood. Chris 336 Hood, John 409 Hood, Paul 448 Hook. Cathleen 409 Hooker, Ruthie 377 Hooper. Michael 336 Hoover, John 336 Hoover, Sharon 409 Hope. Lisa 336 Hope, Randy 409 Hope. Sally 337 Hopkins, James 337 Hopkins, Lisa 448 Hopkins, Maurita 409 Hopkins, Michael 448 Hopkins, Paul 377 Hopkins, Richard 409 Hopkins. Roni 337 Hoppe, Margaret 337 Hopper, Lori 448 Hopper, Nance 337 Hopper, Royal 337 Hopson, Paula 337 Horber. Vicki 377 Hord, Mark 337 Horgan, Charles 337 Hom, Kerry 448 Homdt, Kathy 377 Hornsby. Cindy 377 Homsby, Laurie 337 Horsfalf, Diana 337 Horsheim, Gay 337 Horstman. Denise 377 Horticulture Club 145 Horton, Dana 337 Horton, Gregory 409 Horton, Shan 448 Hostetter, Ashley 471 House. Stewart 409 Houston, Dr Thomas 309 Houston, Ed 410 Houston, James 410 Houston, Marilyn 377 Howard, Allison 337 Howard, Allyson 337 Howard. Cathy 449 Howard, Charlene 449 Howard, Dr James 309 Howard, John 337 Howard, Kimberlee 449 Howard, Lisa 410 Howard. Milton 337 Howard, Susan 337 Howell. Ann 337 Howell, Brenda 337 Howell, Brian 337 Howell. Deborah 337 Howell, Frances 449 Howell. Lisa 337 Howell. Rachel 410 Howell, Robin 449 Howie, Carla 337 Howie. Windell 410 Hoyt, Pete 377 Hoza, Karen 410 Huard, William 337 Hubbard, Kim 449 Huber, Ellen 449 Hubert. Kenneth 377 HudnaJI, Chris 410 Hudnall, Jennifer .337 Hudson, Dannv 377 Hudson, Deborah 410 Hudson, Sharon 377 Huff, Rosemary 309 Huffman, Denise 377 Hufford. Carla 377 Hufftv. Andrew 309 Hugger, John 337 Hughes, David 449 Hughes, Jeff 337 Hughes. Jenny 337 Hughes, Julie 337 Hughes, Melodv 410 Hughes, Richard 449 Hughes, Robert 410 Hughes, Teresa 337 Hughey, Anita 337 Hugonin, Lauree 337 Hullum. Cvnthia 449 Hultgren, Michael 410 Hultman. John 449 Hultquist, Janette 337 Humphrets. Richard 337 Humphrey. Dana 85.449 Humphreys, Amy 337 Hundley. Tom 337 Hunger, Andrea 449 Hunt. Ellis 309 Hunt. Jimmy 337 Hunt. Kim 337 Hunt. William 377 Hunter, Diane 449 Hunter, Jeanette 337 Hunter. Joseph 471 Hunter. Leanne 377 Hunter. Lori 337 Hunter. Peggy 449 Hupp, Kevin 377 Hurlbut. John 337 Hurley, Teresa 337 Hurst. Brian 337 Hurst. Christi 410 Hurst, Craig 377 Hurst, Karen 337 Hurt, Brenda 449 Hurzeler. Dr Richard 309 Huskerson. Kathv 377 Hutchins. Steve. ' 339 Hutchinson, Susan 338 Hutson, Sharon 338 Hutson. Vicki 449 Hutto. Lanora 338 Hvatt. Felecia 410 Hvde. Jeff 410 Hyzer, Melissa 410 I llmer, Richard 377 mani. Amir 449 my. Cynthia 410 ngram, Carla 338 ngram. Cynthia 410 nter — Christian Council 121 ntemational Reading Association. . . . 144 ntervarsity Chnstian Fellowship. 124 ovinelli, Robert 377 reland, Debra 377 reland. Kathy 338 rons, Dr Jerry 309 rvin, Linda 449 rwin. Don 377 rwin, Dr June 310 n, Laurel 449 rwin, Peter 377 rwin, Suzanne 338 sais. Joey 338 shmael, Jeri 378 vans. Davin 378 vey, Julie 338 vev. Margaret 378 vey. Turner 338 j Jablonski, Leanne 338 Jack. Milicyn 378 Jackman, Tim 449 Jacks, Vicki 85 Jackson. Alvin 378 Jackson. Calvin 378 Jackson, Carla 338 Jackson, Dereck 471 Jackson, Gloria 410 Jackson, Guy 338 Jackson. Kevin 338 Jackson, Laura 338 Jackson, Lois 338 Jackson, Marian 338 Jackson, Michael 338 Jackson, Olivia 373 Jackson, Robert 338 Jackson, Thomas 410 Jacobs, Gary 378 Jacobs, Glen 338 Jacobs, Sandy 449 Jacobsen, Kathleen 338 Jaggi, Naveen 378 James, Shari 378 James, Thomas 338 Jamors. Hugh 344 Janak, Clayton 378 Janes, Debra 338 Jankowski, Debbie 338 Jansen, Deborah 378 Jarrell, Andrea 338 Jasper. Freida 410 Jayroe, Deanne 410 Jefferson, Gary 338 Jenkins, Antonio 471 Jenkins, Carrie 338 Jenkins, Cyndee 338 Jenkins. Patti 449 Jenkins. Stuart 410 Jenkins, Thomas 338 kins, Tracey 338 ennings, Norman 338 ennings, Steve 471 nsen, Gracemary 410 ensen. Keith 338 ensen, Michel 410 entz, Gary 85,450 emigan, Janet 4,50 emigan. Jennifer 450 espersen, Lisa 338 esser, Laura 338 eter, Julie 338 ewell, Belinda 338 irik, Karen 378 ink, Sue 450 obe, K. C 450 obe, Lezlie 338 oest, Robert 338 hes, Eric 378 ohns. James 450 ohnson, Angela 450 hnson. Bernie 338 hnson, Bertie 411 hnson, Blake 338 hnson, Cheri, 338 ■hnson, Clara 378 ohnson. Dana 338 hnson, David 378 hnson, David 378 hnson, Deborah 411 ohnson. Dorothy 338 ohnson, Edward 450 hnson, Heather-Dawn 378 hnson, Jana 338 •hnson, Jayne 411 ohnson, Jenetha 450 hnson, Joni 450 hnson. Juanita 338 hnson, Julie 411 ohnson, Kathryn 450 ohnson, Leslie 450 ohnson, Louie 471 hnson, Mark 338 hnson, Mark 339 ohnson, Mark 339 ohnson. Mark 378 hnson, Matthew 339 hnson, Michael 339 hnson, Nancy 378 hnson. Robert 378 ' hnson. Stephanie 339 ohnson, Sybil 339 ohnson. Terri 378 ihnson, Terry 378 hnson, Timothy 339 hnson, Tracey 378 ihnson, Vince 378 ohnson, Yvette 339 hnston, Joan 310 ohnston, Kristine 339 hnston. Pat 378 oily. Cindy 450 ones, Barry 339 ones, Byron 339 ones, Carl 450 ones, Carolyn 339 ones, Cherrie 339 ones, Cinde 378 ones, Deena 339 ones, Eddie 450 ones, James 378 ones. Jana 450 ones, Jeffrey 411 ones, Jill 339 ones, Kathy 411 ones, Kimberlie 411 ones. Kurt 378 ones. Larry 411 ones, Lauran 411 ones, Lauri Beth 339 ones, Linda 378 ones, Megan 339 ones, Michael 378 ones, Michele 339 ones, Mimi 378 ones, Molly 378 ones. Nancy 339 ones. Pamela 411 ones, Paula 339 ones, Rebecca 339 ones, Rebecca 450 ones, Rob 378 ones, Sheri 339 ones, Steve 450 ones, Stuart 378 ones. Susan 411 ones. Tamara 339 s. Tammie 339 ones, Thomas 378 ones, Timothy 339 ones, Wade 339 ones. Wymond 378 ongeward, Sharon 339 opplin, Bryan 339 oraan, Elizabeth 339 ordan, Glynn 339 ordan, Greg 339 ordan. Patricia 339 ordan, Robin 339 ordan, Walt 450 oseph, Jean 339 ost. Jay 411 ouette, Kimberly 450 ourney, Cerethia 339 owdv, Jeff 378 owell, Larry 378 er, Kim 339 oyner. Kinberly 411 rveger, James 341 udd. Debbie 339 udson, David 450 udy. Matt 450 umper, Linda 378 une, Shara 378 uneau, Laurie 339 ung, Jennifer 339 unot, James 411 ustiss, Deborah 411 ustman. Connie 411 K Kaaz, Kirk 378 Kackson, Lansa 338 Kaestner. Anne 450 Kaestner. Roger 339 Kahla, Marlene 310 Kahlden, Suzanne 339 Kahn, Steven 378 Kahrl. Laura 339 Kalish. Dabbie 378 Kamp, Rhonda 450 Kane, Donna 339 Kane. Kathy Kanes, Thomas Kantenberger. Mary Kappa Alpha Kappa Kappa Psi Kappa Pi Karate Club Karlak, Judy Kartalis, Elaine Kasehagen, Laurin Kasuls, Denee ... Katz, Dawn Katz, Lisa Keathley, Stephen Keeble, Robert . . Keefe, Debbie .... Keehner, Cheryl . Keeling, Jeff Keenan. Jo Keene. James Keene, Katherine . Keenon, Janet ... Keenon, Konnie . Keeth, Debra Keister, Kathy . Keith, Rodney .... Kellen, Lisa Kelley, Dannette . Kelley. Donna Kelley, Jenni Kelley, Kevin Kelley. Rhonda Kellough, Lee .... Kelly, Karen Kelly, Kim Kelly, Michael Kelly, Shayne .... Kelly. Thomas .... Kemper, Billie . . Kendrick, Karla . . . Kendrick, Randall Kennedy, Boyd Kennedy, Reesman Kennedy, Truna Kennemer, Thomas Kenner, Janie Kenny, David Kent, Melinda . . Kenyon, Ann Kemahan, Jill Kerr Hall Kerr, Cynthia Kerr, Dr. Langston Kerr, Michael Ken, Sherry Kerr, Emily Kessler, Ann Kessler, Timothy Kettle. Marc Kettle, Pamela Key, Bryan Key, Dr Dwayne Keyes, Kim Khoury, Kay Kibler, Teresa Kidwell Kiellander, Henry Kienzle, Denny . . Kiese, Karol Kight, Dr. Cal KihSey, Amy Kilbourn, Kathy Kilcoyne, James. . . Killebrew, Kristen Killion, Robert Killough, Luann Kilman, Kim Kilpatnck, Gayle Kilpatrick, Genie Kilpatrick, Peter Kimball. Stacy Kimbro, Bret ........ Kimbrough, Dona Lee Kimbrough, Lee Kimbrough, Ronald Kimery, Sylvia Kinard, Travis Kinchen, Carl King, Bruce King, Cammie King, David King, Don King, Donna King, Kathy King, Mike King, Randy King, Rita King, Scot King, Sheri King, Susan Kingham. Bob Kingl, Candace Kinney, Angela ... Kinney, Karole Kinser, John Kinsey, Rick Kirbv. Elizabeth Kirby, Kelly Kirk, Jane Kirkhoff, Kevin Kirley, Darcy Kirscb, Kristine Kisel, Paul Kishpaugh, Anne Kissner, Sharon . . . Kitchen, Kim Kittell, Kelly Kizer, Holly Klander, Kimberlv Klein, Karl Klein, Kerry Klein, Rebeca ... Klein, John KJeim, Cynthia . . . Khngman. Steve Klodgmski, Alan Klotz, Rhonda . . Knapp, John. . . . Knapp, Kelly . . . Knight, Julia . . . Knight, Susan . . Knight, Tracy. . . Knool, Thomas . Knott, Julie .... Knowles, Timmy Knuckols, Nancy Ann Knutson, Lisa Koch, Jennifer Koegl, Barbara Koepplinger, Susan Kohnert, Frank . . Kohsmann, Dawn Kok, Jeroen Kok, Sigrid Kolb. Gary 341 Konarik, Donnie 341 Koncsol, Robert 379 Koonce, Jeffrey 412 Koonce, Katy 341 Koonce. Kim 412 Koop, Lori 341 Koperwhats, Laura 379 Koperwhats, Leslie 379 Kopinski, Teresa 341 Kosatka, Scott 451 Koslo, Kathleen 412 Koury, Mike 341 Kramer, Shirley 379 Krause, Kimberly 341 Kreiter, Kris 379 Kreme. Tracy 379 Krolczyk, Mark 451 Krueger, Mark 412 Krumm, Lawrence 341 Krus, Steve 341 KSAU, FM 90 168 Kubelka, Michael 412 Kuhn, William 451 Kulhavy, Dr. David 310 Kunitz, Lvnn 379 Kurtz, Jeff 452 Kurtz, Robert 412 Kusnerik, Bam ' 452 Kusnerik, Brian 452 Kutac. Marsha 379 Kutcher, Tina 341 Kyle, Sue Ann 341 Kyzar, Mary 341 L Laake. Mary 412 Labarba, Carolyn 379 Labav. Daniel 452 Labbit, Britt 379 Lachance, Scott 412 Lackey, Diane 341 Lackey. Dr. Jerry 310 Lackner, Craig 341 Lackner. Ken 413 Lacy, Deborah 413 Lacy, Kelly 341 Lacy, Timothy 341 Ladd. Curt 471 Laderman, Denise 413 Ladner. Rodney 452 Laflin. Margaret 379 Laine. Cynthia 341 Laird. Leigh Anne 413 Laitner. Robert 379 Lamar, Gary 341 Lamar, Mark 341 Lamar, Tiki 341 Lamar, Zwaine 452 Lamarr. Kathy 452 Lamb, Dana 452 Lambda Alpha Epsilon 118 Lambda Chi Alpha 192 Lambert, Doak 341 Lambert, Lisa 413 Lambright, Rhonda 379 Lammers, Steven 413 Lamon. Garfield 413 Lancaster, Chris 341 Lancaster. Kristine 379 Lance, Parti 341 Lancrum, Mark 341 Landesman, Alison 379 Landgrebe, Joyce 341 Landry, Patricia 413 Lane, Connie 341 Lane, Jenny 379 Lane. Leslie 379 Lanfer, Jane 341 Lang, Bill 452 Lang, Douglas 341 Lang. Tami 413 Lange, Leanne 341 Langford, Teri 452 Langlinais, Leigh 413 Langlois, Judy 341 Langston. Kimberly 342 Langhom. Robert 471 Lanier, Paul 379 Lanier, Sherry 452 Lanik, Jan 342 Lankford, Charlene 413 Lansford, Sharon 379 Laprade, Rob 452 Larkin, Vicki 413 Larsen, Barry 342 Larsen, Laura 342 Lasater, Michael 379 Lassiter, Rebecca 452 Latham, Linda 413 Latham, Pam 342 Latham. Pamela 413 Latham, Roddi 452 Latson. Greg 452 Lattier, Clifford 379 Lau, Kenny 413 Lau, Steve 342 Law, Mary 342 Lawless. Elizabeth 379 Lawrence, Glenn 342 Lawrence, Harry 379 Lawrence, Tracy 379 Lawson, Linda 452 Lawson, Vicky 342 Lawton, Mark 413 Lawyer, Tim 342 Layman, Karen 342 Lazarine. Marilyn 379 Lazaroff. Dianna 379 Leacia, Charles 379 Leake. Nancy 379 Leander, Louann 413 Leasenby, Jon 342 Leaton, Kim 342 Lebeau, Suzanne 452 Leblanc, Sandra 413 Leblane, Steven 379 Lecroiz, Tern 342 Leddy, Edwyna 342 Lee, Charles 452 Lee, Gina 342 Lee, Glenn 342 Lee, Lilly 342 Lee, Lisa 452 Lee, Mary 342 Lee, Melinda 342 Lee, Michael 342 Lee, Pamela 342 Lee, Sheila 452 Lee, Susan 452 Leeves, Jane 379 Leflar, Heather 413 Leflar. Robert 452 Legate. Donald 452 Legate. Laura 342 Lege. Chris 413 Legh Page, Robert 342 Lehkuhl, Linda 342 Lehmkuhl, Sandra 452 Leidy. Valarie 342 Lemay. Keith 379 Lemen, Patricia 342 Lemoine, Mylene 379 Lemoine, Paul 342 Lemoing, Rhonda 342 Lemons. Courtney 342 Lemowier. Jami 380 Lena, Chris 453 Lennon, Dawn 342 Lenox, Steve 380 Lent, Thomas 413 Leonard, Allen 413 Leonard, Robert 342 Lero, Cheryl 380 Leseman, William 413 Lesis, Linda 414 Lessen. Hank 380 Lessmann, Teresa 453 Lester. David 342 Letney, Calleise 342 Levings, Vicki 413 Levis, Lynda 414 Levowitz, Stacey 342 Levy. Laurie 380 Lewin. Karen 453 Lewis, Anita 380 Lewis, Diana 453 Lewis, Dr. John 310 Lewis, Howard 342 Lewis. James 342 Lewis, Jonathan 342 Lewis, Karen 342 Lewis. Maria 342 Lewis, Mark 380 Lewis. Markel 380 Lewis, Nancy 414 Lewis, Randy 380 Lewis, Shelly 342 Libby. Mark 380 Light, Patricia 342 Lightfoot, Alicia 380 Lightfoot, Anthonv 414 Lightfoot, Tammy 342 Ligotine, Vincent 342 Ligotino, Theresa 342 Lifijedahl, Kelly 342 Limon, Martha 453 Lin, Jin-Bao 471 Lincke, Mark 342 Lindcey, Caroline 343 Lindholm. Michael 342 Lindley, Billy 453 Lindquist, Bobby 343 Lindquist. Tim 380 Linh. Nicholas 380 Linker. Barbara 343 Linn, Janice 414 Linnenberg. Elaine 414 Linney, David 380 Linney, Tim 343 Linthicum, Patte 343 Lipp. Misty 380 Lipps, David 414 Lipsey, Angie 343 Little. Jacqueline 380 Little. Margaret 380 Little. Nancy 343 Littleton, Kathy 343 Lloyd, Cynthia 453 Lloyd, Leon 453 Lo. Mary 343 Loafman, Cindy 453 Loafman. Douglas 86,453 Lockett. Ceryta 343 Lockhart, Denise 414 Lockhart. Jimmy 380 Lockhart, Randy 453 Loeffler. Christine 343 Lofton. Alan 380 Lofton. Peggy 472 Logan, Laurie 343 Logan, Lisa 380 Logan. Liz 380 Logan, Virginia 343 Loggins, Deborah 343 Lohr. Janet 343 Lollar, Sharon 414 Lomax. Carolyn 453 Lombardo, Joanne 343 Loncar. Elizabeth 343 Long, Allison 343 Long, Carlos 343 Long, Huey 453 Long, Karen 414 Long, Melinda 343 Long. William 380 Longman, Randy 343 Longwell, Erin 453 Lonsford, David 453 Loo, King 380 Loock, Kyle 414 Look, Timothy 380 Looney. Jay 343 Loop. Claude 343 Lopez. Jesus 343 Lopez, Ruben 414 Lorenz. Leslie 453 Love, Evelyn 380 Love. Mary 343 Love, Nancy 380 Love, Wilbert 310 Lovejoy, Eleanor 343 Lovelace. Clayton 343 Lovell. Judy 453 Lovell, Tracy 343 Lovett. Alan ' 343 Lovett. Janice 472 Loving. George 453 Loving. Senya 343 Lowe, Renee 343 Lowery, Lane 343 Lowrey, Randy 343 Lows, Susan 414 Lubbers, Donna 380 Lucas, Debbie 343 Lucas. Donna 414 Lucas, Marc 414 Ludrick, Bradlev 343 Luebk, Kevin 343 Luebke, Monica 414 Lueck, Cathy 414 Lueke. Teresa 453 Lukayskv. Kevin 343 Luke, Cheryl 414 Luke, Damian 453 Lum, Mike 343 Luman, Deborah 343 Lumpkin. Julie 343 Luna, Diana 343 Lundahl, Richard 343 Lundee. Catherine 453 Lundv. Lisa 343 Lunell. Vicki 453 Lunsford, Hope 343 Lyle, Robert 472 Lynass, Ann 414 Lynass, Hohgn 343 Lynch. Foan 380 Lynch. Hannon 343 Lynch. Mary 380 Lynn, Barbara 343 Lynn, Cal 380 Lynn, David 414 Lyon, Margaret 343 Lyons, Sharon 453 M Maas, Rob 344 Maas, Susan 453 Maberry, Donna 414 Macaluso, Jennifer 344 Maceda, Fred 344 Macha, Greta 380 Machalec. Paul 344 Machel, Dr Albert 310 Macias, Bertha. 344 Macik, Marilyn 454 Macinerney, Charles 414 Mackechney. Mark 344 Mackenzie, Joe 344 Mackey. Amy 454 Mackev, Robert 344 Madden. C. Berry 380 Madden, Patrick 454 Maddoz, Lance 344 Maddry. Carolyn 344 Mader, Mary 380 Madsen, Pattv 380 Maendler. Julie 344 Magalee, Michelle 344 Magee. James 380 Magness. Knsti 380 Magnuson, Mark 344 Maguire, John 454 Mahaffey. David 380 Mahaffey. Maria 414 Mahaffey. Robert 414 Mahan, Carol 380 Mahlstedt. Robert 454 Mahlstedt, Stephen 344 Mahon. Robby 380 Mahon. Stephen 415 MaJdonado, Melinda 344 Mallard, Boni 454 Mallon. Chnstin 344 Mallow, Peggy 380 M alone. Sheila 380 Malone, Sherri 454 Malonson, Yvonne 380 Maluski. Daniel 344 Manahan, Suzanne 344 Manbv, Patricia 344 Mancfia, Nelda 344 Mandell, Tom 415 Mandrell. Michael 415 Maner. Debora 344 Manfere, Lola 380 Manley, Cindy 415 Mann, Arthur 415 Mann. Stacy 344 Manning, Dawn 380 Manning, Mike 454 Manry. Mark 380 Mansfield, Melani 344 Mansfield. Michael 415 Manuel, Sheila 454 Maples, John 380 Marabella, Teri 381 Maraldo, Lisa 415 Marchand. Bruce 415 Marek. Parrie 415 Mareth. Nancy 381 Margita, Denise 344 Mariano, Mark 344 Maricle. Alan 454 Marinez, Antonio 472 Marion, Mark 344 Maris. Joe 344 Marketing Club 127 Markham. Leslie 381 Markham. Rose 454 Marlar. Terri 454 Marmon, Wayne 344 Marotta, Louis 454 Marquez, Rafael 344 Man-, Rebecca 381 Marroquin, Maureen 344 Marsh. Denisa 381 Marsh, Jeffery 415 Marshall, Christopher 344 Marshall, James 344 Marshall. John 344 Marshall, Madeleine 344 Marshall, Nancy 454 Marshall, Pamela 454 Marshall. Russell 415 M artel. Paul 344 Martens. Teresa 344 Martin, Allyson 454 Martin. Bonnie 381 Martin. Brian 344 Martin. Craig 381 Martin, David 381 Martin, John 381 Martin, Kathy 344 Martin, Kimberly 344 Martin. Laura 344 Martin, Lee 454 Martin, Melinda 415 Martin, Michaelle 381 Martin, Michell 344 Martin, Nancy 415 Martin, Nancye 381 Martin. Neal 415 Martin. Phillip 454 Martin. Randi 415 Martin. Roger 344 Martin. Rosa 344 Martin. Russell 381 Martinez. Ida 454 Martinez. Santiago 381 Martino. Angie 344 Mas, Olga 381 Masert. Greg 381 Mashburn. Jenny 344 Mason. Deanne 381 Mason. Lytha 381 Massey, Clay 344 Massey. Michelle 381 Massingill. Richard 415 Massoletti, Les 454 Masten, Terrv 415 Masters, Edward 381 Masters, Kurt .344 Masters. Robert 415 Masterson. Kelly 454 Matejka, Chris 381 Mather, William 345 Mathews, Joe 454 Mathews. Kevin 415 Mathieu. Judith 454 Mattar. Elaine 415 Matter, Tracy 381 Matthews, Brenda 345 Matthews, Chris 345 Matthews. Patrick .... ... 345 Matthews, Robin 381 Mattocks, Charles 345 Mattox. Christopher 381 Mauer, Terri 454 Maurstael, Kristen 345 Maveety, Bobby 455 Maxev. Karen 345 Maxev. Ricky 381 Maxwell, Dr. Robert 310 Maxwell, Pam 345 Maxwell, Sean 345 Maxwell, William 345 May. Karri 345 May, Melinda 345 May, Melinda 381 May, Melissa 345 Mav. Sandra 381 May. Shelly 381 Mayes, Brenda 381 Mayfield. Suzanne 415 Mayhar, Frank 345 Maynard, Greg 345 Maynard, Kelly 345 Mayne. Kevin 455 Mayo, Tammy 345 Mayorga, David 381 Mays Hall 157 Mays, Billy 381 Mays, Tammy 455 Mayton, Doyle 455 McAfee, Ward 345 McAllister, James 381 McAnally, Joshua 345 McAnallv, Laurie 345 McAnnally, Cindy 345 McBrayer, Ciane 345 McBride, Alan 455 McBride, Mark 381 McBride, Melissa 381 McBride, Michael 345 McBride, Virginia 345 McCall, Miles 381 McCary, Carly 345 McCauley, Cindy 415 McCIain, Mary 345 McCIellan. Kaye 345 McCIellan. Michail 345 McClelland, Annely 415 McClelland, Carol 381 McClendon. Denise 415 McCIenny. Jill 416 McCIoy, Mary 345 McClung, Cheryl 345 McClure, Dale 416 McClure, Denese 345 McClure, Meg 416 McCollough, Craig 345 McCormick, Beverly 416 McCorstin, Lynn 455 McCoy, Donald 455 McCracken. Kim 345 McCrory, Pat 416 McCroskey, Mista 381 McCuistion, John 416 McCullock, Rhonda 345 McCullough, Karen 416 McCullough. Melanie 345 McCullough. Robin 345 McCune. Doug 381 McDaniel, Dana 455 McDevitt, Frances 416 McDonald, Douglas 381 McDonald, Karen 345 McDonald, Katherine 381 McDonald. Lauren 381 McDonald, Lori 345 McDonald. Melodie 381 McDonald. Sarah 345 McDonald, Thomas 381 McDougald. Mark 345 McDougald, Steve 345 McDowell. Bejie 381 McDowell, David 345 McDowell. Melissa .345 McDowell. William 345 McEachern. Donny 345 McElhaney, Susan 345 McElhannon, Anne 416 McEvoy, Cheryl 345 McFadden. Martha 416 McFarland. Cathv 381 McFarland. Deanna 345 McFarland, Gay 416 McFarland, Ronald 416 McGahen, Lisa 381 McGann, Kathleen 346 McGaughey, John 455 McGaughey, Peggy 416 McGee, Thomas 455 McGhee. Cvnthia 455 McGill. Mary 346 McGoldrick. Bubba 381 McGowan, David 346 McGowan, Elizabeth 455 McGowan, Kent 346 McGowan. Mark 455 McGowan, Nancy 346 McGowen. Shawn 346 McGregor, Jeff 416 McGuire, Kathleen 381 McHenry. Marilyn 382 Mcllwain, Mark 346 McKague. Marv 346 McKain, Debra 382 McKay, Malcolm 382 McKean, Mary .346 McKee. David 346 McKenzie, Michael 416 McKenzie, Michelle 346 McKinney. Douglas 346 McKinney, Kevin 346 McKinney, Margaret 455 McKirahan. Andv 346 McKnight, Irby 472 McKnight, James 382 McKnight. Mary 416 McKnight, Teresa 346 McLain. Richard 382 McLane. Pamela 382 McLaren, Laura 382 McLaren, Sharon 346 McLeod, Linda 346 McLeod. Ray 416 McLeod, Scott 416 McMahan, Emmet 346 McMahan, Jann 346 McMahan, Mary 382 McMahon. Barbara 416 McManus, Karen 346 McManus, Stuart 382 McMillan, Dr Douglas 310 McMillan. Sharla 382 McMillon, Gary 346 McMinn, Trey 346 McMurray. Thomas 382 McNabb. Paula 346 McNair. Wanda 416 McNeil. Melanie 346 McNeill. Rebecca 346 McNiel. Michael 346 McPhail, Michael 346 McPhail, Pamela 416 MePherson, Troy 346 McReynolds, Danny 346 McWilliams, Gary 416 Meador, Melinda 346 Mechler. William 455 Medlin, Gregory 346 Medlin. Jennifer 346 Meers. Evelyn 346 Meffert, Sarah 346 Meiske. Kim 346 Meissner. Kirk 382 Meissner, William 382 Meller. Jeff 346 Melontree, Lester . 416 Melton. Brenda 346 Melton. Charles 382 Melton, Deborah 416 Melton. Karen 382 Melton, Robin 346 Mengel, Michelle 417 Menger. John 346 Mengo. Pamela 382 Mensik, David 455 Menz, Steve 346 Mercado. Evila 382 Mercer, Melanie 346 Meriwether, Kathnne 417 Menwcther. Ruth 417 Merslcv, Ruth 382 Mertel, Mindy 382 Merzlak. Lisa 346 Meserele, Gregory 346 Meter, Mike 417 Metzger, Roberta 346 Meyer, David 346 Meyer, David 455 Meyer. Kathryn 346 Meyer, Susan 382 Meyers. Clay 455 Meyers, Douglas 347 Meyers, Ken 347 Michalek. John 347 Michalewicz, Steve 347 Micheletti. Mark 417 Michelettie. James 347 Middleton, Stacy 347 Midkiff, Michael 347 Mieszwaik, Elise 347 Migei, Johm 382 Mihelich, Carolvn 455 Mikeska. David 382 Millar, Shelly 382 Millard, Linda 455 Miller. Arthur 347 Miller. Barbara 455 Miller. Becky 347 Miller, Capt, Geoffrev 310 Miller, Cindy 382 Miller, Cindy 382 Miller, Cindy 455 Miller, Curtis 347 Miller, Debora 347 Miller. Denzil 472 Miller, Diane 347 Miller, Gloria 417 Miller. James 382 Miller. Julie 347 Miller. Karen 347 Miller. Karen 455 Miller. Karl 347 Mdler. Kenneth 347 Miller, Ladonna 347 Miller, Lance 347 Miller, Laura 417 Miller. Lisa 382 Miller, Lori 347 Miller. Lori 382 Miller. Mark 455 Miller, Marvin 347 Miller, Michael 456 Miller, Miriam 347 Miller. Patty 347 Miller. Randall 382 Miller, Renita ,347 Miller. Robin 347 Miller. Sallv 347 Miller, Susan 347 Miller, Susan 382 Miller, Trudy 456 Miller, Vicki 456 Miller, Partice 347 Milhgan, Kimberly 347 Milliorn. Susan 456 Mills, Tannua 347 Mills, Julie 347 Mills, Mark 417 Mills, Richard 347 Mills, Scott 382 Mills, Terri 347 Mims, Dr. Charles 310 Minatrea, Charles 417 Mincy, Debra 347 Miner. Carol 382 Minnix, Cindy 347 Minnix, Tamara 417 Minton, Donna 417 Miori. Louis 456 Mire, Pat 347 Missionary Baptist Student Fellowship 122 Mitchell. Diana 347 Mitchell. Jim 382 Mitchell, Julia 87 Mitchell. Julie 456 Mitchell, Lana 347 Mitchell. Leslie 347 Mitchell. Linda 347 Mitchell. Mike 347 Mitchell. Robbie 347 Mitchum, Ann 456 Mitterlehner, Catherine 417 Mixon, Gayla 347 Mizell. Kelly 456 Mmathes. Pamela 381 Moad, Christopher 382 Mobbs, Vicki 417 Modisette, Paula 347 Moehring. Jonathan 417 Moeller, Denise 456 Motet, Cathy 456 Mogonyo, Gregg 347 Mohn. Dale 347 Moke, Diana 382 Moke, Richie 347 Mones, Ann 347 Monigold, Sarah 382 Monk, Doug 382 Monk, Jimmy 417 Monkres, James 382 Montalbano, Janey 382 Montemayer. Joe 456 Montemayor. Griselda 348 Montfort, Cathy 417 Montgomery, Brian 348 Montgomery, Laurie 348 Montgomery, Mel 311 Montgomery, Melinda 348 Moon, Shari 456 Mooney, Elizabeth 348 Moore. A lan 382 Moore, Andy 348 Moore, Beth Anne 417 Moore. Bobbie 348 Moore. Brice 382 Moore. Darla 382 Moore. David 382 Moore, Jane 417 Moore. John 311 Moore, Judy 382 Moore, Katnerine 382 Moore, Kevin 348 Moore. Lisa 348 Moore. Mary 348 Moore. Melissa 456 Moore, Mike 348 Moore. Paul 456 Moore, Roland 348 Moore, Spencer 348 Moore, Terri 348 Moore, Thomas 417 Moore, Tracy 382 Moore, Wanda 382 Morales, Arnold 383 Morcom, Steve 417 Moreau, Celise 348 Moreau, Mark 383 Morehouse, Donnie 348 Morgan, Craig 348 Morgan, Kip 456 Morgan, Kirk 456 Morgan, Lisa 348 Morgan, Mark 348 Morgan, Michael 417 Morgan, Nancy 383 Morgan, Robin 456 Morgan, Vietta 348 Morgan, William 348 Morphy, Marcia 456 Morrell, Lori 417 Morris, Jane 348 Morris, Kathy 456 Morris, Melisa 456 Morris, Rick 383 Morris, Robert 472 Morris, Sandra 348 Morris, Terri 456 Morris, Tommy 348 Morris, Veronica 348 Morrison. Ann 417 Morrison. Mike 383 Morrison, Rae 348 Morrison. Randall 348 Morriss, David 348 Morse, Terri 87 Mortensen, Sharon 383 Morton, Dale 348 Morton, Kimberly 383 Moscarelli, Lisa 348 Moses, Dr. James 311 Moses, Dr. Morgan 311 Moshy, Kathy 348 Moss, Cynthia 348 Moss, Michelle 348 Moss. Russell 383 Mott, Daniel 348 Mowell, Jody 348 Moyers, Charlotte 383 Moynihan. Garry 383 Mu Phi Epsilon 121 Muckleroy, Karen 87.456 Muckleroy. Sheila 417 Mueck. Michael 456 Mueller, Jayna 383 Mueller, Paul 348 Mueller, Sharon 383 Mugica, Stefanie 348 Muir, James 383 Mullens, Mam 348 Muller. Greg 418 Muller. Mark 418 Muller. Steve 348 Mullikin. John 348 Mungai. Lynda 348 Murdoch, Scott 348 Murphey. Molly 383 Murphy. Bobby 383 Murphy. Don 472 Murphy. James 456 Murphy. Jeff 348 Murphy, Molly 348 Murphy, Pamela 472 Murphy, Robert 418 Murphy, Teresa 418 Murphy, Vicki 383 Murray. Cynthia ,348 Murray, Daniel 348 Murray, Jodie 348 Murray, Lisa 349 Murray, Marilea 418 Murray. Steve 457 Murrell. Frank 349 Murrell, Kathleen 349 Murtland. Carolyn 418 Murtland. Deborah 348 Muscente, Mark 349 Muse, Anna Lisa 349 Music Student Council 143 Musick, Joe 418 Musick, Melody 349 Muysson. Oscar 349 Myers. Dianna 349 Myers. Gay 383 Myers. Jackie 457 Myers, Lisa 383 Myres. Robert 418 Myrick. Pam 418 N Nabonne. Lisa 349 Nace, Charles 383 Nate ' Gilbert 418 Nagle, Barbara 418 Nagy, Robert 349 Naistat, Dr. Samuel 311 Namelo, Basiano 418 Nance, David 349 Nance, Tammy 349 Napier, William 472 Naquin, Chris 349 Naquin, Yvonne 418 Nasn, Sara 383 Nassar, Gregory 418 Nations, Bailey 311 Naugle, Jom 383 Navarro, Marily 349 Nazzal, Nanci 418 Neal, Gavla 349 Neal, Rebecca 349 Neal, Wayne 383 Needham, Martha 383 Neel, Joe 311 Neff, David 349 Neikirk. Robert 383 Neill, Gigi 457 Neill. Greg 349 Neill, Keith 457 Neill. Phyllis 418 Nelson, Amy 457 Nelson, Donna 418 Nelson, Edwin 418 Nelson, Fred 457 Nelson. Judy 349 Nelson. Kris 383 Nelson, Lisa 349 Nelson, Nancy 349 Nelson, Susan 383 Nelson, Tamara 472 Nerren, Mike 457 Nesbit, Michael 87 Nessen, Karen 457 Nester. Melanie 349 Netek, Jerry 383 Netherv, Clark 349 Netterman, Mike 349 Neumeier. Keith 349 Newbury, Micah 349 Newell. Amv 418 Newell, Lisa 88,457 Newell. Whitney 383 Newhouse, Harold 349 Newlin. Chris 418 Newman, Cathy 418 Newman, Leroy 383 Newman. Patrick 418 Newman, Shannon 383 Newsom. Donna 349 Newsome, Nelva 349 Newton, Dwight 349 Newton, Linda 349 Nickols, Larry 418 Nichols, Lynette 383 Nichols, Marvin 349 Nichols, Melanie 383 Nichols, Ruth 349 Nichols, Sharon 383 Nicholson, Connie 457 Nicholson, Dr James 311 Nicholson, Lisa 349 Nicholson, Pam 383 Nick, Cheryl 349 Nickell. Steve 418 Nickev. Larrv 457 Nickles. Frank 349 Nicks, Renee 349 Niemann, Jennifer 419 Niemann. Judith 419 Nietfeld. John 457 Nilsen. Lois 383 Nilsen. Ruth 457 Ninicolaysen, Karen 349 Nitcholas, Mark 349 Nitishin, Arnold 457 Nitz, Steve 457 Nivens, Jamie 457 Nix, James 349 Nix. Sheila 457 Nixon, Dr. EIray 311 Nixon, Drew 383 Nixon, Jamie 349 Nixon, Joe 383 Nixon, Lisa 457 Noble, Kelly 383 Noble, Steve 383 Nochols, Lynn 383 Nolan, Chns 349 Nolan, Diana 383 Nolan, Tim 349 Nolen, Sherry 457 Nolen, Teri 383 Nolley. Kathy 349 Norfold, Robi 457 Norman. David 349 Norris, Kara 349 Norm, Kathy 349 North Hall 159 Northcott. John 349 Northcutt. Deith 419 Northern, Nancy 350 Northon. Sheila 350 Notter, Mary Anne 350 Novak, Jack 350 Novak. Joyce 350 Novak, Tracy 350 Noxon. Susan 457 Null. Mary 350 Null. Raymond 419 Nunez. Michael 457 Nutt. Kelly 457 Nystrom, Gregg 350 Nystrom, Thomas 457 O Oates, William 458 Obannon, Carol 419 Obannon, Rebecca 458 Obriend, Stanley 458 Obryan, Genevieve 350 Ochsenbein. Harry 419 OConnor, Kathleen 350 OConnor, Tim 458 Odell, Dennis 458 Odom, Kim 350 Odom, Laurie 350 Odom. Sharon 350 O ' Donnell. Dan 419 O ' Donnell, Robert 350 O ' Donoley. Bryan 350 O ' Farrell. Leslie 419 Oglesby, Joan 350 Ohlemacher, Loma 350 Ohmes, Theresa 350 Oien, Dean 458 O ' Keefe, Beverly 350 Oldaker, Hohn 350 Olds, Carolyn 350 Olert, Maureen 383 Olive, Gary 383 Oliver, Cynthia 419 Oliver, Jody 458 Oliver, Michael 350 Olivier, Richard 350 Olle, Doug 350 Olszewski. Jackie 383 O ' Neal, Dianne 350 O ' Neal, Melanie 350 O ' Neal, Rebecca 350 O ' Neall. Church 419 O ' Neil. James 383 O ' Neil, Susan 419 Opry, Arthur 350 OQuinn, Alison 350 Ordemann, James 419 Orloff, Linda 88 Orr, Darby 350 Orr, Debbie 350 Ortiz, Josefina 383 Ortiz, Suzanne 350 Oshmael, Thomas 338 Ostrander, Dan 419 Outlaw, Wynne 350 Ouzts, Karen 350 Overbay, Liz 350 Overstreet, Morris 350 Owen, Antoinette 419 Owen, Steve 350 Owens, Deborah 458 Owens, Janet 419 Oxford, William 419 Ozanne, Mary 350 P Pabst, Amy 350 Pace, Dianne 350 Pace. Mark 384 Pace, Ronald 384 Pacers Orienterring Club 142 Pachall, Dana 350 Pafford. Mary 350 Page, Jake 384 Paget, Joseph 458 Pahnke, Sandra 419 Paine Betsy 458 Palla. Emmalee 384 Palla, John 350 Palla. Stan 458 Palmer, Karen 419 Pantalion. Kathy 350 Pantuso, Louis 458 Paolini, Guy 419 Papich, Lisa 350 Parasiliti, Anthony 384 Pards, Stacy 351 Paris, Ann 350 Paris, Laura 419 Park, William 419 Parker. David 351 Parker. Deborah 351 Parker, Gerald 458 Parker. Leon 351 Parkes, Mary 419 Parks, David 351 Parks, Donald 419 Parks. Dorothy 384 Parks. Natalie 384 Parnell. Donald 384 Parnell, Krisie 351 Parnell, Leila 419 Parnell. Mary 458 Parpart, Kimberly 384 Parr. Debby 384 Parr. Donna 458 Parns. Stewart 420 Parnsh, Beth 420 Parsons. Melanie 351 Parsons, Sandra 420 Partin, Philip 458 Partin, Terri 351 Pasko. Jennifer 458 Patel, Mahendra 458 Patnck, Debbie 458 Patrick, Terri 384 Patteron, Bruce 351 Patterson, Amanda 420 Patterson, JefTery 351 Patterson. Jim 351.472 Patterson, John 351 Patterson. Karen 351 Patterson. Patricia 384 Patterson. Pattie 351 Patterson. Peri 384 Patterson. Tanya 351 Pattillo, Dr Janice 311 Patton, Amy 458 Patton, Chris 351 Patton. Mark 384 Patton, Sandra 351 Paul. Julie 384 Paul, Mark 458 Paulk, Steve 458 Paup, Marilyn 351 Pavatt, Cindy 351 Pavelka. Edward 384 Payne, Dr Milton 311 Payne. Recoy 351 Payton, Penny 458 Peachey, Susan 351 Peacock, Leslye 420 Pearee, Brenda 351 Pearee, Susan 351 Pearl. Davina 351 Pearson, Lisa 351 Pearson. Mark 351 Pecena, Thomas 351 Peck, Carolyn 384 Peden. Nancy 384 Pedersen, Joy 351 Pedigo. Kathleen 420 Peet, Cathy 458 Pefoyd, Tony 351 Pegues, Phillip 351 Peil, Beth 351 Pell. Greg 384 Pelt, Greg 351 Pence, Alan 459 Pencge, Mark 351 Penland, Lee 351 Penn, Donna 384 Pennington, Brent 351 Pennington, Cindy 420 Pennington, Jon 420 Pennington. Leslie 351 Penrose, Dorothy 351 Pensyl, Kathleen 384 Penton, Mike 351 Pepper, Paul 351 Peppercorn. Mike 420 Peppers, Gary 459 Perez, Yvette 384 Pergande, Susan 351 Perioe. Patricia 351 Perkins, Greg 351 Perkins. Ronnie 384 Perkins, Sue 311 Permenter, Jerry 351 Perriello, Laurie 420 Perry. Linda 459 Perry, Micki 351 Perry. Ray 351 Perry, Rex 384 Perry. Ri 420 Perry, Susan 351 Perucca, Paula 420 Petersen, David 459 Peterson, Diana 420 Peterson, Donna 459 Peterson, Gaye 384 Peterson, Kari 352 Peterson, Leslie 352 Peterson. Melody 459 Peterson, Monte 351 Peterson, Roger 352 Peterson, Shelly 384 Peterson, Sherry 384 Peterson, Wendy 352 Petri, John 420 Petrie, Susie 352 Pettiet, Mary 352 Pettigrew, Marilyn 420 Petty. Dr. David 311 Pfafman, Lynn 352 Pfluger. Brad 352 Pfohl, Ronald 384 Phelps. Chris 352 Phi Alpha Kappa 99 Phi Alpha Theta 109 Phi Beta Sigma 211 Phi Chi Theta Ill Phi Eta Sigma 100 Phi Upsilon Omicron 108 Philbrook, Andrew 352 Philcox, Joy 459 Phillips, Judy 459 Phillips, Dana 459 Phillips, Elesia 352 Phillips, Kirk 420 Phillips, Susan 459 Photographers 166 Pi Kappa Alpha 196 Pi Lappa Delta 106 Pi Mu Epsilon 106 Pi Sigma Alpha 107 Pickels, Karen 352 Pickens. Mark 459 Pickering, Laura 459 Pickett, Stacy 384 Pickrell, William 472 Picou, Monica 352 Pier, Kathi 384 Pierce. Brian 420 Pierce, Debra 352 Pierce, Janet 352 Pierce, Jeff 352 Pierce, William 384 Pierson, June 352 Pigott. Yolande 420 Pike, Gary 420 Pike, Tracy 384 Pine Log Staff 162 Pinezich. Marian 352 Pinkston. Sharon 459 Pitchford, Donald 384 Pitt. Tim 459 Pitts. Harold 472 Plassmann. Joan . 352 Plaster, Maria 352 Piatt, Tracey 459 Pleasont, Paul 384 Plumbley, Karen 352 Plummer, Valerie 352 Plunkett, Karen 420 Poehe, Ray 352 Pockrus, Debbie 352 Pokornv. Ellen 420 Poland, James 420 Polanshy. Brian 472 Polimeno, Rosemary 384 Polk, Rosalind 352 Pollak, Jennifer 352 Pollard. Ann 420 Pollard, Farrel 472 Pollard, Mary 352 Pollard, Teresa 472 Polle, Mitchell 352 Polle, Sandra 352 Pollock. Scott 421 Polomv, Sally 420 Pomroy. Pam 352 Ponder, Lisa 421 Pool, Greg 384 Poole, Teri 352 Popeney. Ellen 352 Popp, loy 352 Porteck, Kevin 459 Porter, Dr. William 311 Porter. Gary 421 Porter, Keith 459 Porter, Laurie 352 Porter, Mary 352 Porter, Sherri 352 Porter, Sylvia 384 Porter, Terry 459 Post. Jamie 352 Potenza. Denna 472 Potrykus, Bill 384 Potter. Denise 421 Potter, Mary Ellen 352 Poulsen, John 421 Powdrill, Sherri 352 Powell. Alexa 352 Powell, Brenda 421 Powell. Donna 352 Powell, Gregory 459 Powell, James 384 Powell, Susan 421 Powell, William 472 Power. Greg 384 Powers. Kevin 459 Prasifkna, Lisa 352 Pratt. Barbara 352 Pratt, Lyn 352 Preciado, Mario 384 Precise, Jerry 459 Prejean, Johnny 384 Presley. Harold 459 Prewett, Dayna 352 Prewett, Janis 421 Prewitt, Ron 459 Price, Carolyn 311 Price, Debbie 421 Price. Jeffrey 421 Price, Lisa 352 Price. Melanie 352 Price, Particia 352 Price. Roger 353 Price, Susan 421 Price, Tom 384 Primm, Steven 353 Prince, William 353 Pringle, Craig 353 Prior, Theresa 384 Pritchett, Linda 353 Proctor. Dr. Wayne 311 Proldsh. Robin 459 Prokopuk. Peter 421 Provan, Robert 312 Provost. Teresa 353 Pruden. Elain 353 Pruett. Nancy 384 Pruetz, Terry 384 Pruitt. Shera 353 Prukop, Janette 472 Pruneau, Pamela 353 Pry or. Dr. Mildred 312 Psi Chi 110 Puckett, Jim Bob 421 Pugh, Susan 384 Pultiam, Sherry 384 Purcell, Keith 385 Pursche, Jesse 421 Putnam, Jeannie 421 Putnam, Michael 385 Quarles, Dr Thomas 312 Queen, Don 385 Quezada, Tim 353 Quigley, Kathleen 460 Quin, William 353 Quinlan, Jennifer 385 Quinn, Brenda 353 Quintana, Thomas 353 Quinters. Jeffery 385 R Racht. Julie 385 Radcliff, Thomas 472 Raders, Lynn 88 Raders, Margaret 460 Radspinner, Douglas 385 Ragsdale, Susan 460 Raiden, Rhonda 421 Rains, Stacy 385 Rainwater, Dr. Fred 312 Rainwater. Greg 353 Ralls. Kimberly 353 Ralstin. Susan 385 Ralston. F 385 Ramey, Doug 421 Ramsay, Mary 353 Ramsey, Dr. Robert 312 Ramsey. Laurie 385 Randal, Elizabeth 460 Randall, Mischelle 353 Randall, Tony 353 Randel, Bonnie 460 Raneel, Theresa 353 Rankin, Christopher 460 Rankin, Shannon 353 Ransay, Robin 472 Rape, Crolyn 421 Rasco, Melissa 460 Rathkamp, Karl 353 Ratliff, Jami 353 Rausaw. Marva 385 Rausaw, Melvin 353 Rawlings. Dana 353 Rawlinson. Lynette 385 Rawson, Ellen 460 Ray, Alan 353 Rayne, Richard 385 Reasonover, Cindy 385 Reat. Vickie 472 Reaves, Amy 353 Reaves, Randy 421 Reavis. Rhonda 421 Rechert, Christine 353 Rector, Debra 353 Rector, Tony 421 Redd, Ronny 385 Redfearn, Janet 460 Redmon. Tambra 353 Redmon, William 460 Reece, Pam 353 Reece, Wade 353 Reed, Allen 353 Reed, Brenda 460 Reed, David 353 Reed, David 421 Reed, Jeff 421 Reed, Rhonda 385 Reed, Steven 88 Reed, Thomas 421 Reeder, Margie 353 Reedy, Suzanne 385 Reese, Dr. James 312 Reese. Roger 353 Reeves. Dr Hershel 312 Reeves. Dr. Joy 312 Reeves. Fran 353 Reeves. Lisa 353 Reeves. Wendy 353 Regan. Angi 385 Reichert, Wynn 422 Reidel, Robert 353 Reider. Curtis 385 Reimers, Debbie 89. 460 Reiter, Andrew 422 Reland. Tressie 90 Relyea, Gregory 354 Rendon, Joe 385 Reneau, Terrie 460 Renshaw, John 385 Rentz, Kathryn 460 Residence Halls Association 147 Retta, Palmyra 354 Reverman. Mark 460 Revoir. Annette 354 Reyes, Carlos 460 Reynolds, Dan 354 Reynolds, Darlene 422 Reynolds, Dianna 354 Reynolds, Don 422 Reynolds, Frank 354 Reynolds. Janice 385 Reynolds. Linda 422 Reynolds, Mona 354 Reynolds. Phillip 385 Reynolds. Tommy 422 Reysa. Julie 354 Rhodes, Anne 472 Rhodes. Greg 460 Rhodes, Johnna 422 Rhodes, Steven 354 Rice, James 460 Rice. Kay 354 Rice, Mary 354 Rice, Paul 385 Rice, Ray 422 Rice, Ronnie 354 Rice. Stacey 354 Rich, Karen 385 Richard. Alan 385 Richard. Donna 354 Richards. Emily 473 Richards. Gregory. 354 Richards. Jamie 354 Richards. Kelley 3385 Richards. Mary 385 Richards, Tncha 354 Richardson, Beth 422 Richardson. Bill 473 Richardson, Carmen 354 Richardson, John 385 Richardson, Lisa 354 Richardson, Lou 385 Richardson. Michaelle 385 Richardson. Mike 460 Richardson, Trish 385 Richie. Colleen 354 Richman. Dr. Allen 312 Richmond, Brian 385 Richter. Tracy 354 Rickenbacher, Jon 354 Rickenbrode, Connie 385 Riddle. Karen 354 Riddle. Ricky 354 Rieger. Sharon 385 Riggs. Capt. Richard 312 Riggs, Mark 422 Riggs. Robert 473 Rigsby, Melissa 354 Riley, Barney 460 Riley, Charlotte 422 Riley, Jeff 354 Rinehart. Daniel 385 Risinger. Luann 354 Ritch, Julie 422 Ritch. Karen 354 Ritter, Larry 385 Rivera. Leticia 354 Rivers. Dannv 385 Rives, James 354 Rixie. Chou 385 Rixie, Cindi 354 Roach, Barbara 460 Roach, Dr Michael 312 Roach, John 385 Roach. Tricia 385 Roark, Edwin 354 Roark. George 422 Robb, Lorinda 354 Robbins, Christine 354 Robbins, Craig 385 Robbins, Ina 385 Robbins, Kathryn 422 Roberson. Ronald 385 Roberson. Wayne 385 Roberts, Ann 460 Roberts, Charles 354 Roberts. Christy 422 Roberts, James : 460 Roberts. Jill 385 Roberts, Karen 385 Roberts. Sandra 354 Roberts, Stephen 354 Roberts, Susan 460 Roberts. Wendi 422 Robertson, Beverly 386 Robertson. Cyndi 422 Robertson. Dr. Walter 312 Robertson, James 312 Robertson, Jeff 354 Robertson. Jeff 422 Robertson. Kelley 354 Robertson, Tracy 354 Robertson, William 354 Robin, Paul 461 Robinett. Sharon 422 Robinson, Elinor 422 Robinson, Emelda 354 Robinson, Jerri 461 Robinson, John 354 Robinson, Kelli 354 Robinson, Larrv 422 Robinson. Melinda 354 Robinson. Randall 354 Robinson. Richard 355 Robinson, Robbie 355 Robinson, Ronna. . 422 Robinson. Russell 386 Robinson. Teresa 355 Robles, Michael 89.461 Roblfs. Linda 355 Rocamnntes. Annette . . . 461 Rock. Kevin 355 Rodeo Club 128 Rodger, Connie ... 422 Rodgers. Catherine 386 Rodgers, Christi 386 Rodgers, Lynn 386 Rodgers, Terry 422 Rodrigues, Kenneth 355 Rodriguez, Dr. Elvia 312 Rodriguez, Jorge 355 Rodriguez, Kathy 423 Rodriguez, Michael 423 Rodriguez, Ray 355 Rodriguiz, Connie 386 Roe, Gregory 461 Rogers. Charles 355 Rogers, Cheryl 355 Rogers, Chris 355 Rogers, David 355 Rogers, David 386 Rogers, James 355 Rogers, John 355 Rogers. Lee Ann 423 Rogers. Neal 386 Rogers, Paul 355 Rogers, Susan 386 Rogers, William 386 Rogers, William 461 Rollings, Mary ... 355 Rollins, Marjorie 355 Rolston. Deana 423 Romo, Russell ... 355 Romoser, Melinda 423 Ronck, Dina 355 Ronquille. Danny 386 Rooney, Mark 355 Rooney, Melissa 386 Root. Partricia 355 Root. Sherry 461 Rosa. Sheryl 386 Rose. Chrisine 355 Rose. Steven 386 Roselius. Steven 386 Rosema. Dan 386 Rosenbaum. James 461 Ross, Dr Frank 312 Ross, Joi 386 Ross. Linda 355 Ross. Lisa 355 Ross, Lisa 355 Rossi, Chris 355 Rossman. Kathy 386 Rosson, Peggy 461 Rotto, Bryan 355 Rourke. David 355 Rousso. Gerilynn 355 Rowden. Brenda 386 Rowe, John 355 Rowe. William 461 Rowell, Karla 355 Rowland. Mitzi 461 Roy, Amy 386 Royalty, John 461 Royalty, Kellv 461 Royer, Michael 89,461 Rozell, Robin 355 Rubeck, Janet 423 Rubv, Denise 386 Rucker. Dr Margaret 312 Rudisill. Jean 313 Rudolph, David ... 355 Ruhl. Reyburn ' 473 Ruhland. Rhonda 355 Rumbaugh. Rachel 355 Rump, Edward 423 Rump, Theresa 355 Runnels. Mark 355 Runnion, Meredith 355 Rushing. Bryan 386 Russak. Ronald 355 Russell, Clint 355 Russell. Dr Homer 313 Russell, James 355 Russell, Jeremy 423 Russell, Liz 461 Russell. Sally 423 Russell. Scott 461 Ruth. John 89,461 Rutherford. Lisa 355 Rutherford, Robert 461 Rutherford. Steve 355 Rutland, Anne 355 Ryan. Kathleen 356 Ryan, Lisa 386 Ryan. Paul 461 Ryan, Susan 423 Rychlik. Wendell 356 Rylander, Carole 461 S Saal, Kristin 386 Sabatell, Joe 386 Sadler. Lisa 356 Sadler, Lyn 423 Saenger. Cherll 386 Safely, Charles 356 Sagen, Renee 461 Sagerty, Kim 356 Sailers, Stephen 461 Salley, Cheryl 461 Sambrooks, Karen 423 Samlord, Greg 461 Sainmons. Donna 356 Sammons. Jim 423 Sample. Darryl 386 Samples, Anetra 423 Samples, Dwayne 356 Samstad, Karen 356 San Luis, Roberto 356 Sanborn. Paul 386 Sanchez, Debbie 423 Sandell. Knstine 462 Sanders, Debbie 462 Sanders, Ginger 386 Sanders. Mary 356 Sanders, Mmaria ... 356 Sanders, V ' aleri 386 Sandidge, Edward 462 Sandoval, Donald 423 Sanner, Christina 356 Sanner, Cindy 423 Santos. H 356 Santos, Jose 386 Sanzone, Stephanie 423 Saracco. George 386 Sargent, Rusty 423 Sartin. Dr Austin 313 Sartin, George 356 Sarvadi. Marcia 356 Satterwhite, James 356 Saucedo. Mark 386 Saul, Karen 423 Saunders. Judy 386 Saunders. Kevin ... 356 Saxon. James 423 Saye. Charles 462 Scaief, Steven 423 Scanlon. John 386 Schaefer, Maary 423 Schafer. Kimberlv 356 Schaider, Phillip 386 Schaper, David ... 356 Schatz. Diane 356 Schea. Scott 462 Scheffer, David . 356 Scherer. Rebecca 423 Scheu, Timothv 356 Schill. Hob 386 Schilling, Donna 424 Schlumpf, Cindy 356 Schmid, Jill 356 Schmidt, Gretchen ... 462 Schmidt. Stephen 356 Schmidt. Wayne ... 462 Schmieg. Daniel . . . 386 Schneider. Cherye 356 Schneider. Debby. 356 Schneider. John 356 Schnell, Kari 386 Schnorbus, Cathy ... 424 Schoch. Tony ... 356 Schoener. Randy ... 356 Schoenky. Jim . ... 462 Schones, Debbie 356 Schooler. Lee ... 386 Schoolfield, John . 386 Schopmeyer, Doug. ... ... 356 Schoppe. Chris 356 Schorr, Denise 386 Schorr. Leslie 386 Schott, Laura 356 Schreiber. Cindy 356 Schreiber. Jo 386 Schriever. John 424 Schroeder. David 424 Schroeder. Deborah 356 Schroeder, A Jimmy 424 Schroeder, Margaret 424 Schulte. Julie 356 Schultz, Lisa 386 Schulte, Ronald 386 Schultz, William 356 Schumacher, Marie 356 Schumpert, Julie 424 Schutt. Holly 462 Schutt, Michail 356 Schwab. Terri 462 Schwarten, Ginnie 462 Schwartz. Neil 462 Schwarz, Karl 462 Schwarz, Tracy 356 Schwing, Sharon 386 Sciples. Stace. 424 Scoggin. Lisa 462 Scott. Alton 356 Scott. Christine 356 Scott. Elizabeth 473 Scott. Kenneth 356 Scott, Kevin 424 Scott. Laurie 424 Scott. Rickey 356 Scott. Sharon 387 Scott, Susan 424 Scott, Vickie 387 Scribner, Kimberly 356 Scribner, Steven 387 Scroggins, Emily 386 Sculley, Suzanne 387 Scurlock, Carol 356 Scurlock, Steven 473 Seal, Debra 356 Seaman, Beth 424 Seaton, Dr Jacob 313 Seaton, Laura 357 Secrest, Stephanie 357 Secretarial Association 115 Sedgwick, Tina 357 Seeley. Kim 357 Segrest, Pam 462 Seidel. William 473 Seidle. Vicky 357 Seifert. Lawrence 357 Seitzinger, Sharon 357 Seitzinger. Susan 424 Sekinger, John 357 Sellers. Londa 357 Sells. Bvron 357 Selman, Billy 357 Sembritzky, Rocky 387 Semler. Mikel 357 Senisch. Greg 357 Senterfitt, Cynthia 357 Sepulveda, Hector 387 Serpa, Roy 387 Sevigny. Steve 462 Sewell. Jenni 424 Sewell, Michael 424 Sewell, Miriam 357 Shaban, Heidi 357 Shackelford, Kennon 462 Shafer. Mike 357 Shamburg, Melodie 387 Shandro. Steve 387 Shanklin, Jim 357 Shannon, Mark 387 Shannon, Nona 357 Sharp, Patricia 313 Shaw, Alif 462 Shaw, Dede 424 Shaw. Dennis 387 Shaw, John 357 Shaw. Kerry 357 Shaw, Kimberlee 387 Shaw. Lisa 387 Shaw. Mary 387 Shaw, Michael 357 Shaw, Mindy 357 Shaw, Sarah 357 Sheara, Donna 462 Shearer. Michelle 387 Shearon. Chris 357 Sheets. Mary 462 Sheffield. Charlene 357 Sheffield. Steven 462 Shelton, Alan 357 Shelton. Kathv 387 Shepherd, Paula 462 Sheppard, Steven 462 Sherman, Cindy 387 Sherman. John 357 Sherrill. James 387 Shields, Harold 462 Shiffer. Allan 387 Shimek, Larry 357 Shipe. Annalee 357 Shipp, Howard 387 Shivers, Laura 313 Short, Stephen 357 Shows. Dr David 313 Shumway. Danny 357 Shumway, Jackie 90 Shupe. Martin 387 Shupe. Melanie 357 Siblev, Sally 387 Sides, Steve 463 Sidnell, Pamela 90.463 Sidora, Sarah 357 Sieben, Clara 357 Sieck. Dan 424 Siegmund. Scott 424 Sigma Chi 198 Sigma Delta Chi 110 Sigma Delta Pi 604 Sigma Gamma Epsilon 104 Sigma Kappa 200 Sigma Sigma Phi Epsilon 210 Sigma Tau Delta 105 Sigma Tau Gamma 202 Sills. Phillip 463 Silva, Richard 357 Silvestri, Lisa 357 Silvley. Wendy 357 Simmons, David 424 Simmons, John 387 Simmons, Karen 463 Simmons, Laura 357 Simmons, Marilyn 387 Simmons, Terri 357 Simpson, Billie 424 Simpson, Clint 463 Simpson. Elizabeth 463 Simpson. Sarah 387 Simpson. Tara 357 Simpson, Teresa 357 Simpson. Valerie 424 Sims, Donna 387 Singel, Jennifer 387 Sink. John 357 Sismilich. Roger 463 Sisson, Brad 357 Sisson. John 357 Sisson, Tim 463 Sitton, John 357 Sitton. Sam 424 Sizer, Phillip 357 Skeete. Sheryl 357 Skelley. Carol 473 Skewes, Marian 358 Skiliern. Ben 387 Sklllem, Rhonda 463 Skinner, Janet 424 Skipper, Donald 358 Skipper, Karyn 463 Slagle, Dr. Wayne 313 Slatern, Lori 358 Slatterv, Matthew 387 Slevin, Sally 387 Sloan, Gary 387 Sloan, King 358 Sloan, Ronnie 358 Slocumb, Julie 358 Small. Mary 463 Smalling, Marianne 387 Smellev, James 424 Smith. Becky 463 Smith, Bryan 358 Smith. Calvin 358 Smith. Carol 358 Smith. Cassandra 387 Smith. Cathy 463 Smith. Charlena 387 Smith. Chervl 387 Smith. Christy 387 Smith. Chuck 358 Smit h, Cindy 358 Smith, Corky 425 Smith, Daniel 358 Smith. Dena 463 Smith. Dennis 387 Smith. Dennis 463 Smith, Dr. Weldon 313 Smith. Elizabeth 425 Smith. Eric 358 Smith. Fred 463 Smith. Glenn 387 Smith, Glenn 425 Smith, Cwen 358 Smith. Harolyn 358 Smith. Helene 358 Smith, Jackie 473 Smith. James 387 Smith, Jamie 425 Smith. Janet 463 Smith. Jeannell 425 Smith, Jeff 387 Smith, Jennifer 425 Smith, Joseph 358 Smith. Joy 387 Smith, Judy 463 Smith, Julie 358 Smith. Julie 463 Smith, K. A 358 Smith. Kelley 358 Smith, Kenneth 463 Smith, Kevin 425 Smith, Kurt 358 Smith, Laura 358 Smith. Leslie 358 Smith. Lisa 358 Smith. Lynne 358 Smith. Marie 425 Smith. Maria 358 Smith. Melody 358 Smith. Michael 463 Smith, Partick 358 Smith, Randy 425 Smith, Richard 358 Smith, Rodney 387 Smith. Sandra 425 Smith. Stacey 358 Smith, Stephanie 358 Smith, Stephanie 473 Smith, Stephen 387 Smith. Steve 358 Smith, Steven 387 Smith, Sue 425 Smith, Tanya 358 Smith. Terri 425 Smithhart, Nancy 473 Snapp. Denise 387 Snead, Sherri 425 Snead, Stacy 463 Snead, Vicki 358 Sneed, Dana 473 Snelling, Rick 463 Snow, Amos 358 Snow, Ann 425 Snow, Karen 387 Snyder, Jana 463 Snyder, Jeffrey 425 Snyder, Steve 425 Society of American Foresters 112 Soderman, John 387 Solberg, Susan 387 Solcher, Kelley 358 Solis, James 464 Solmonson, Mary 358 Solomon, Dr. Lvnnette 313 Solomon, Dr Robert 313 Solomon. Jeanne 358 Solomon. Jim 464 Solomon. Todd 358 Sommerfield, Blake 358 Sondergaard, Rebecca 358 Sonnier, Joseph 425 Sonnier, Michael 425 Sopher, Stevem 358 Sorelle. Lisa 358 Sorensen, Kim 358 Soriano. Eddie 358 Sorsbv, Carly 388 South Hall 159 South, David 388 Southerland. Jeri 425 Southern, Jill ... 464 Sowell. Jeannie 425 Sowell. Ronnie 358 Sowers. Stanley 388 Sowns, Cynthia 328 Spanish Club 140 Spaniers, Eileen 358 Sparks, Rich 464 Sparks, Ronald 358 Sparks. Sidney 464 Spaulding. Donna 464 Spanieling. Set. Charles 313 Spears, David 359 Spears, Deborah 359 Spears, Jerry 359 Spector, Gwen 359 Speer, Dr. James 313 Speier, Lori 359 Spencer, Donette 359 Spencer, Greg 425 Spencer, Heitje 388 Spencer, Rex 464 Sperandio, Michael 359 Spidle. Carolyn 359 Spiegel. Peter 359 Spillers. Mitch 388 Spinks, Mark 359 Spinks, Michael 388 Spinn. Gina 359 Spitzack, Cindy 359 Sprague. Lanette 425 Sprague, Wesley 359 Spray, Williams 425 Spreadbury, Dr. Connie 313 Spreadbury. Dr Wendall 313 Spriggs. Mark 359 Spruit). Brvan 464 Spurlin. Sheryl 359 Spurlock. Rusty 359 Spurlock. Sherry 388 Spurrier, Dave 359 St. Clair, John 359 St Peter, Shelly 360 Stacy, Tim 425 Stad ' tlander. Deborah 359 Stages, Larry 473 Stallings, Janet 359 Stamey, Susan 359 Standifer, Herbert 359 Standley. Dr James 313 Stanford, Paul 464 Stanislav, Monica 359 Stanlev. Donna 359 Stanley, Dr. Elnita 313 Stanley. Sara 426 Stanlev, Shaugn 464 Stanley. Staci 359 Stansberry, Lois 426 Stansell, Melissa 426 Stansfield. Anne 426 Starbuck, Chrissy 388 Stardiz. Brenda 359 Stark. Libby 359 Starkey. Sheri 388 Starr, joe 426 Starr, Virginia 426 Stasney, Anne 388 Staton, Shelley 388 Statz, Charles 473 Stauffer, Spencer 388 Stauss, Kim 359 Stavinoha, Dennis 359 Stazo, Steve 359 Steadman, David 359 Steele, Jay 359 Steele, Jeff 359 Steele. Michael 464 Steele. Rebecca 388 Steele. Thad 464 Steen Hall 155 Stehr, Paul 359 Stein, Mark .359 Stein, Steve 359 Stekoll, Lou Ann 388 Stell, Susan 359 Stemper, Dana 388 Stephen, Judie 359 Stephens, Jane 426 Stephens, Joe 359 Stephens, Kirk 464 Stephens, Quintin 359 Stephenson, Diana 426 Stephenson, Lisa 359 Stevens, Craig 359 Stevens, Luther 464 Stevens, Mark 359 Stevens, Paula 426 Stevens, Timothy 359 Stevenson. Penny 464 Stevenson. Robert 388 Steward, Kimberly 359 Stewart, Chris 388 Stewart, Donith 359 Stewart, Dr Dudley 313 Stewart, Heather 359 Stewart, Kelly 388 Stewart, Mary 426 Stewart, Scott 426 Stewart, Steve 464 Stewart. Susan 359 Stewart, Tina 360 Still. Charlie 426 Stimson, Louise 360 Stinnett, Mark 464 Stobart, Richard 360 Stockdale, Cindy 464 Stockton, Lori 360 Stoecker, Brett 388 Stokely, Matthew 388 Stokes. James 360 Stokes, Jimmy 388 Stokes, Tammie 360 Stolemack. Harry 360 Stone Fort Staff 164 Stone, David 360 Stone. Kevin 388 Stone, Kim 388 Storey. Sherrill 360 Stotts. James 360 Stoute. Charlene 426 Stovall. Jayne 360 Stovall. Leah 388 Stover, Howard 464 Stover. Lisa 360 Strader, Lisa 360 Strahan, Jennifer 360 Strahl. Dennis 388 Strand, James 388 Stransky. Billy 464 Stransky, Danny 360 Straver. Jean 360 Stronger. Kellv 360 Strickland, Danita 360 Strickland, Suzanne 360 Stricklin, Bruce 90.464 Stripling. Kathv 388 Strnad. David 464 Strode. Regina 360 Strong. Sally 388 Stroope, Johnna 360 Strother. Randa 388 Stroud. Elizabeth 360 Stuard, Elise 426 Stuart, David 360 Stuart, Jennifer 360 Stuart. Kathleen 360 Stuart. Terry 388 Stubbs. Brace 464 Student Government Association 146 Student Texas Recreation and Parks Society 138 Studer. Mark 464 Studer. Paul .... 465 Studer. Tracy 426 Stultz, Daniel 360 Sturdivant, Ted 388 Sturrock, Natalie 388 Stutes, Jeff 360 Slum. Barbara 360 Stutts, Kimberly 360 Suhr. John 360 Suits, Peggy 465 Sullivan. Luvera 388 Sullivan. Michael 426 Sullivan. Richard 360 Sumrow. Paul 426 Sunday, Stephen 360 Surratt. Nancy 360 Suttles, Audrey 465 Sutton. Kathy 426 Sutton. Laura 465 Svendsen, Patty 426 Swafford. Janelte 465 Swaim . Paige 360 Swan, David 360 Swan, David 360 Swanson. Shawn 388 Swanson. Wendy 426 Swearengen, Charlene 360 Swearingen, Mark .360 Swearingen, Robert 465 Sweeten, Yvonne 426 Swindell, Barbara 360 Swindell, James 426 Swindler, Michelle 426 Swinnev. Bridget 426 Sykes. Kevin 360 Sylvans 136 Sypien, Andrew 360 T Tabor, Frances 388 Tabor. Tommv 360 Tadin. Peter 473 Taff, Michael 360 Taggart, Pete 360 Taiac, Laurie 360 Talbert. Grace 360 Talbot, Lesley 388 Talley, Brenda 360 Talley, Eddie 361 Talley, Janice 90,465 Talley , Phillip 361 Tallmadge, Julie 361 Talmadge, Amanda 465 Talpey, Barbara 388 Tankersley, Becky 427 Tappe, Alison 361 Tariuwa, Clementina 427 Tariuwa, Isaac 473 Tarrant, Susan 361 Tassione, Dina 361 Tate. Ronald 361 Tatum, John 427 Tatum. Kathy 427 Tatum. Steve 388 Tau Beta Sigma 102 Tau Kappa Epsilon 204 Taylor, Angie 361 Taylor, Catherine 361 Taylor, Chris 361 Taylor, Christy 427 Taylor, Clay 361 Taylor. Deborah 388 Taylor, Gina 388 Taylor, Gregory 465 Taylor, Lisa 361 Taylor. Lori 427 Taylor, Melanie 473 Taylor, Rebecca 361 Taylor, Scott 361 Taylor, Steve 361 Taylor. Tammy 361 Taylor, Tim 427 Taylor, Tina 388 Teel, Laraine 361 Teeters. Gregory 361 Temple, Donna 388 Templeton, Randy 465 Templeton, Rexanne 427 Tennison. Kenny 361 Tennison. Lynden 427 Tennison. Teresa 388 Tergerson. Tammy 465 Terfingo, Kimberly 361 Terrell, Jay 427 Terry, Charlie 361 Terry, Laura 361 Terzakis, Alison 388 Texas Student Education Association 139 Thacher. Sarah 465 Thacker, Patsy 427 Thatcher. Stephen 388 Theis Steve .427 Theodore, Tracie 388 Theta Chi 206 Thiele, Thomas 388 Thies, Marie 427 rhigpen. Tracie 465 Thilman. John 388 Thomas. Chuck 427 Thomas. Debbie 465 Thomas, Dr Thurman 313 Thomas. Elizabeth 361 Thomas. James 361 Thomas, Lester 361 Thomas, Linnis 465 Thomas, Mary 361 Thomas, Scott 361 Thomas, Sharon 389 Thomason, Audrey 361 Thomason, Deanna 389 Thomason, Ron 465 Thomasson. Georgia 361 Thompson. Carole 361 Thompson. Danny 389 Thompson, David 361 Thompson. David 389 Thompson, Dr George 313 Thompson, Gregory 465 Thompson, Jill 389 Thompson, Larry 389 Thompson, Laurie 361 Thompson, Melissa 361 Thompson, Michael 361 Thompson, Richard 465 Thompson. Sara 361 Thompson, Scott 465 Thompson, Steve 465 Thompson. Susan 361 Thompson. Tammy 361 Thompson, Teddy 361 Thonus, Nancy 427 Thorn, Patricia 361 Thorne, Lawrence 361 Thornton, Martha 389 Thornton, Rebecca 389 Thorsen, Steve 427 Thrash, James 389 Thuman. Toby 361 Thumlert, Carol 361 Tichenor, 427 Tidwell, Debbi 361 Therina, Rose 389 Till. Lisa 389 Tiller, James 361 Tiller. Rick 361 Tillery. Claude 465 Tillery. Kay 465 Tilley, David 361 Timmer, Mary 361 Timpa, Tracy 361 Tindel, Greg 465 Tinkler, Kelly 465 Tinsley, Dr. Dillard 313 Tippett, Diana 466 Tipton, Aubrey 427 Tipton, Patricia 427 Todd, Bobbie 466 Todd, Dr Bonnie 313 Todd, Judith 362 Todd. Steve 362 Tolnay, Michael 427 Tolson, Tracey 362 Tomich, Lisa 389 Tomlin. Brenda 466 Tomlin, William 473 Tomlinson, Charles 427 Tomlinson, Robert 362 Toney, William 313 Toth. Scott 362 Touchstone. Marian 389 Tovar, Amanda 427 Tover, Leila 362 Towns, Dr. Jim 313 Townsend, Beverly 362 Townsend, Kimbra 362 Townsend, Lynne 362 Tracey, William 466 Tracy, Troy 427 Trafton, Terri 428 Trainer. Tracy 362 Trammell, Lvnn 428 Tran. Huy 362 Traver, Terri 362 Travie, Name 362 Travis, Toby 466 Trawick. Valarie 362 Traylor, Deirdre 362 Treadway, Mildred 362 Trimble, Melanie 362 Trimble, Vickie 389 Tripled. Terry 362 Trkula, Carol 362 Trouart, Joel 428 Trubisky, Bernard 362 Truesdell, Bicki 428 Trull. Amy 362 Trussell, Wendy 362 Tuck, Kenneth 362 Tuck. Sandi 362 Tucker, Charlotte 389 Tuckey. Deborah 466 Tudor, Scott 466 Tuel, Dennis 362 Tullar, Stephen 466 Tullis, Kenneth 362 Tullos, Jody 428 Tunnel!, Terri 466 Turbeville, Sharon 362 Turcios, Sandra 389 Turnavist, Jill 428 Turner. Erin 362 Turner, Jeffrey 362 Turner. Martha 362 Turner, Sharon 362 Turner. Tammie 428 Turner, Tim 362 Tumey, Wayne 389 Turrin, Michael 362 Tuttle, Deanna 389 Tuxton. Kimberly 322 TV 2 168 Twiford, Michelle 466 Twirlers 160 Twiss, Diane 466 Tver, Mike 389 Tyler. Marlon 362 Tynes. Paula 473 U Udoye, Francis 428 Ueeker, David 362 Ummel, Deborah 362 Unger, Jasper 389 Unger. Tena 466 University Center Programs 148 Updike, Evelyn 362 Upsha. Larry 466 Upshaw, Billv 362 Upshaw, Nikki 428 Upton. Tiffany 362 Useary, Melinda 428 V Vachon, Ellsworth 428 Vackar. Scott 362 Vaillancourt. Jeannine 362 Val, Nina 362 Valentine. Laurie 466 Van Dusen, David 389 Van Dyck, Chris 389 Van Dyke, Jennie 362 Van Kampen, John 362 Van Marel, Jaylynn 389 Van Meter, David 428 Van Meter, Michelle 362 Van Meter, Theresa 466 Van Norman. Timothy 389 Van Orman. Thomas 362 Vance, Tim 362 Vanek, Gwen 428 Vann, Gary 428 Vantil. Robert 363 Varela, Barbara 466 Vargo, Vanita 363 Varlenti, Mary Jo 362 Vam, Jeanne 389 Vamer. Brenda 428 Vamer, Helen 428 Vasquez. Martin 363 Vaugh. Barbara 363 Vaughan. Jeff 389 Vaughn. Barbara 363 Vaughn, Gordon 389 Vaughn, Melinda 428 Vaughn, Michael 363 Vela, Moe 363 Venable, Linda 389 Vermillion, Susan 389 Vemer, Barbara 473 Verzinski, Anna 389 Veseovo, Victoria 363 Vest, Jay 466 Veteto. Alan 363 Veth, John 363 Vickers, John 363 Vickery, Doug 363 Viertef. Lisa 428 Vilbig. Ginger 428 Villarreal, Donna 363 ViUegas. Resa Linda 363 Vina. Vivian 466 Vincent, Dr. Jerry 314 Vincius. Michael 428 Vineyard, Suzanne 363 Vinson, Jackie 389 Vo, Lan 389 Vocation Teachers Association 120 Voigt, Kandis 363 Vojtek, Sherry 389 Vondracek, Richard 363 Vortus, Diane 428 Vrla, Kelli 389 Vuie, James 370 w Wachel. William 466 Waddell. Hunt 466 Waddell. Linda 363 Wadsworth, Evelyn 428 Wagenhauser, Larinda 466 Wages, Staff Sgt Sammy 314 Waggoner, Wende 428 Wagner, Donna 363 Wagner, Janine 363 Wagner. Kirsten 363 Wagner, Pamela 389 Wagner, Patricia 389 Wagner, Ralinda 428 Wagner, Therese 389 Wake, Cheri 363 Walker, Barry 466 Walker, Billy 363 Walker, Calvin 466 Walker, Carol 429 Walker, Cynthia 429 Walker, David 429 Walker, Dr. B. F 314 Walker. Jeri 363 Walker, Jimmv 363 Walker, Joni 466 Walker, Lindsey 389 Walker, Lyle 429 Walker, Maury 467 Walker. Michael 389 Walker. Norma 363 Walker, Robert 429 Walker, Tracye 363 Walker. Wendy 363 Wall, M argot 389 Wallace, John 389 Wallace, Kathryn 389 Wallace, Kimberly 429 Wallace, Mike 363 Wallace. Stewart 429 Wallen, Cindi 389 Waller, Beverly 429 Waller, Sarah 467 Walsh, Carol 363 Walsh, Vincent 467 Walsingham, Steve 389 Walter. Beverly 467 Walter. Jeffry 389 Walter. Steven 467 Walters. James 429 Walters, John 363 Walters, Wanda 363 Walthall. Dan 389 Walton, Mike 389 Ward, John 473 Warden. Darrell 363 Wardin. Hank 389 Warr, Bobbv 390 Warr, Jeff 390 Warren, Cheryl 314 Warren, Julie 390 Warren, Lee 363 Washbum, Christi 363 Washneo, Alison 363 Waters, James 429 Waters, Virginia 429 Watkins, Mary Jo 363 Watkins, Susan 429 Watkins, Teresa 363 Watson. Amy 363 Watson, Elaine 363 Watson, Jeana 363 Watson, John 390 Watson . Julia 429 Watson, Julinda 363 Watson, Karen 429 Watson, Lisa 429 WatsoD. Margie 390 Watson, Pamela 390 Watson, Patricia 390 Watson. Scott 467 Watson, Timothy 390 Watterson, David 390 Watterston, Dr. Kenneth 314 Watterston, Shirley 314 Watts, Ana 363 Watts. Shelbev 363 Wayhan, Vince 429 Weatherford, Kevin 429 Weatherford, Tony 429 Weatherly, Rhonda 363 Weaver, Annette 363 Weaver, Beverly 363 Weaver, John 467 Weaver, Mike 363 Weaver, Stacha 363 Webb, Dr. Anita 314 Webb. Jessica 364 Webb, Lisa 390 Webb, Marcia 364 Webb. Mark 364 Webb. Robert 364 Webb, Sherri 467 Webb, Terence 364 Weber. Deborah 364 Weber. Mike 429 Weber, Robert 364 Weber, Steven 467 Webster. Kyle 364 Webster, Mason 364 Wedaske, Karen 467 Wedgeworth, Dee 390 Wedgeworth, Jennie 429 Weeks. Lorri 364 Wehring, Janet 364 Wehrmeyer. Jennifer 429 Weidenheft, Steve 429 Weimar, James , 364 Weir. Bruce 429 Weir, Catherine 430 Weir, Sharon 364 Weisinger, Missy 467 Welbom, Debbie 390 Welch. Carlinda 430 Welch. James 364 Welch, Sandra 314 Weldon, Deborah 364 Weller, Kim 364 Wells, Dawson 430 Wells, John 390 Wells, Judi 364 Wells. Shan 364 Werner, Lynne 473 Wesh, Laura 430 Wesley Foundation Assembly of God Student Center 125 Wesley, Sharon 390 West, Charles 467 West, Jerline 430 West. Kathryn 390 West, Krisann 430 West, Robert 390 West, Tammyla 390 West, Timmy 364 West, William 390 Westbrook, Jeanie 364 Westbrook, Steve 91 Wester. Lee 364 Wester, Melvin 314 Westerlage, Kenneth 390 Westmoreland, Tamara 364 Weyel, Keith 390 Weyland, Nancy 314 Wharton. Monica 430 Whatley. Terry 390 Wheat, Lesa 430 Wheeler, Debbie 364 Wheeler. Kellv 364 Wheeler. Pans 364 Whidmer, Greg 364 Whigham, Lynne 364 Whisenant. Terri 364 Whitaker, Dewey 430 Whitaker. Kathy 430 White, Angela 390 White, Christopher 467 White. Claude 467 White, Dr. Ralph 314 White, James 364 White, James 430 White, Julius 390 White, Kenneth 390 White, Kenneth 390 White, Kerri 364 White, Kirby 364 White. Michael 467 White, Paul 364 White. Rhonda 390 White, Richard 430 White. Ross 364 White. Sherre 364 White. Steve 467 White. Vickie 390 White. Virginia 390 Whitehead, Darla 364 Whitehead. Kelly 364 Whitehead, Pamela 467 Whitehead, Timothy 467 Whiteman, Elizabeth 467 Whitener, Coty 467 Whites, Barry 364 Whiting, Kurt 364 Whidey. James 467 Whitmeyer, Wesley 467 Whitnev, Bruce 467 Whitney, Cheryl 467 Whitney, Masako 468 Whitson, Timothy 364 Whitt, Andrea 364 Whittemore, Mary 390 Whitten, Leesa 364 Whitton, Donna 91 Whitton, Nita 430 Wichman, Robert 473 Wick. Christopher 468 Wickman, James 430 Wiedeman. Kimberly 364 Wiemer, Klaus 390 Wier, John 390 Wiese, Carol 390 Wiggins, John 364 Wilby, Desmond 364 Wildlife Society 137 Wilemon, Greg 390 Wiley, Lecia 364 Wilkerson, Laurie 364 Wilkins, Neal 364 Wilkinson. Cathy 473 Wilkinson, Martha 430 Willardson. David 364 Willey, Heidi 390 Williams, Barry 468 Williams, Bradley 430 Wdliams, Carl 474 Williams, Chester 468 Williams. Jena 390 Williams, Jennifer 365 Williams, John 430 Williams. Karen 430 Wdliams. Kitty 468 Williams, Lisa 365,390 Wdliams, Lori 365 Wdliams. Martha 365 Wdliams, Menion 430 Williams, Michael 430 Williams. Michael 468 Williams, Michael 468 Wdliams, Michelle 365 Wdliams, Ronald 390 Wdliams, Sandy 365 Wdliams, Vecki 365 Wdliams, Walter 365 Wdliamson, Cheryl 468 Wdliamson. John 430 Wdliamson, Lisa 390 Wdliamson, Roxane 430 Williamson, Vicki 430 Wdlingham, Anita 430 Wdlingham, Dr. G. W 314 Wdlingham, Lee Ann 365 Wdlis, Glenda 365 Willis. Holly 468 Wdlis. Jan 468 Wdlis, Jeffrey 431 Wdlis. Scott 365 Wdlis, Steven 365 Wdls, Carl 365 Wdridge. Leneal 365 Wdson. Anne 365 Wdson, Beth 365 Wdson, Carol 365 Wdson, Chaille 390 Wilson, Darlene 365 Wdson, Donna 431 Wdson, Glenda 365 Wdson, Joyce 390 Wilson, Ki.n 468 Wdson, Mark 365 Wdson, Memrie 365 Wdson. Nancy 431 Wdson, Neal 365 Wdson, Richard 365 Wdson, Robin 365 Wilson, Sherry 468 Wilson, Ted 431 Wilson, Toni 365 Wdson, Victor 474 Wimberly, Vicki 431 Winberg, Will 365 Winded, Deborah 468 Windmeter, Kathy 365 Windsor, Mary 365 Wines, Matthew 468 Wingo, Brenda 468 Winkel, Todd 431 Winker, Tim 390 Winkle, Joe 365 Winter, Chris 468 Winterhoff, Karen 431 Winters, Cynthia 431 Wirey, Gail 390 Wisenler, Don 431 Wisnoski, Erin 365 Witt. Cheryl 468 Witt. Ten 365 Woemer, Melinda 365 Wofford. Janel 431 Woike. William 390 Wolan, Andrew . 365 Wolf, Boyd 468 Wolf, Jennifer 365 Wolf. Tammy 390 Wolfe. Susanne 390 Wolfer, Howard 431 Wolff, Williams 431 Wollmers, John 468 Wolowiec, Carey 390 Womack, Clay 365 Womack, Judy 431 Womack, Margaret 365 Womack, Tracey 390 Womer, David 365 Wood, Barbara 365 Wood, Dr. Craig 314 Wood, Erin 431 Wood, Jandee 391 Wood, Kimela 365 Wood, Mark 91 Wood, Mark 431 Wood, Mary 365 Wood, Pam 390 Wood, Shannon 365 Wood, William 431 Woodall, Kelly 365 Woodfolk. Elmer 468 Woodhull, William 431 Woodley, W. S 314 Woodward, Marimaud 468 Woodv, Deanna 468 Wooldridge, Richard 431 Woolery, Mark 391 Wooten, Donna 365 Workman. Audri 391 Works, Susan 365 Wonell, Royce 431 Worthington, Donny 468 Wrench, Richard 391 Wright, Angela 431 Wright, Donna 365 Wright, Dr. William 314 Wright, John 365 Wright, Kim 365 Wright, Lauren 391 Wright. Lovis 469 Wright, Richard 391 Wright, Robert 431 Wunderlich. Harold 391 Wunderlich. Joy 91 Wunderlich, Valerie 431 Wyche, Carolyn 365 Wylie. Shells- 366 Wyman, Dwaine 391 Wyrick. Kathy 366 Wyrick. Kerrie 366 X Xi Sigma Phi 105 Y Yancey. Jennie 431 Yancey, Richard 366 Yandetl, Jo 366 Yandell, Valerie 469 Yarborough, James 366 Yates, Richard 391 Yavill. Scott 366 Ybarra, Yvonne 431 Yeagy, Dr. Robert 413 Yelverton, Michael 366 Yianitsas, Chrysanthie 391 Yohe. Rebecca 469 York, Cynthia 469 York, Teresa 366 Yoss, Timmy 469 Young, Andy 391 Young, Dr. Beverly 413 Young, Dr. Marlin 314 Young. Dr. William 314 Young. Gregory 366 Young. Jane 366 Young. Larry 432 Young. Linda 469 Young, Marjorie 366 Young, Rebekah 469 Young, Susan 432 Youngblood, Sally 366 Yseary, Karen 366 Yzquierdo, Zina 432 Z Zadrapa, Kathleen 432 Zamera, Denise 366 Zarecki, Laura 391 Zdansky. Beverly 391 Zeglin, John 391 Zeithammel, Gretchen 469 Zeither, Carol 366 Zelazny, John 469 Zelios, Dan 391 Zeta Phi Beta 213 Zeta Tau Alpha 208 Ziegehruher, Roy 432 Zihlman, Suzanne 366 Zivney, Dana 469 Zobal, Arthur 469 Zolman, Johnny 469 Zwick, Peggy 391 Nacogdoches — a great past . . . SFA — a greater future.

Suggestions in the Stephen F Austin State University - Stone Fort Yearbook (Nacogdoches, TX) collection:

Stephen F Austin State University - Stone Fort Yearbook (Nacogdoches, TX) online yearbook collection, 1978 Edition, Page 1


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