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STEPHEN F. A! STATE UNIVI NACOGDOCH This book has been compiled on the basis that you, as a stu- what makes SFA special. Too often a book such as this is used dent, are anxious to have a reminder of your years here at to condemn or state a personal objective, but The Stone Fort Stephen F. Austin State University. Each section has been tries to convey the message of the students, carefully constructed to show to the fullest what was impor- These are our college years, and for most of us the best tant, fun, surprising, and worth remembering. SFA is one of years of our lives. For it is here that lifelong friends are made, the few schools in the nation that can boast of an increase in the first major step toward our goal is taken, we learn what yearbook popularity. Therefore it is our duty to see that your makes us special as individuals, and perhaps the most lasting school is well represented and that an honest approach is of all, our memories. Thus, our job is to preserve these lasting given to each subject. thoughts year by year into a volume of pictures and words The Stone Fort follows a tradition of fifty-one previous vol- that speak for themselves and record your actions and your umes. While willing to remain true to tradition, it is the goal thoughts before the magic becomes memory, of this staff to take the best of tradition and combine it with the best of today into a contemporary blend that will show Bill Poplin o 3J z N o z 0) 0) oo Staff BILL POPLIN editor-in-chief MARY RUTH DUNLAP adviser RHONDA MANKIN copy editor SECTION EDITORS: Cheryl Bloomfield, classes Pam Goudeau, classes Phyllis Johnson, greeks Randy Newsom, sports Betsy O ' Brian, faculty Kathy O ' Neal, organizations CONSTRUCTION The university, which began with only one building, now fills 400 acres, part of the origi- nal homestead of Thomas J. Rusk. The univer- sity also maintains a 280-acre beef farm, a 200- acre dairy farm, and an experimental forest in southwest Nacogdoches County. With 23 major instructional buildings and 19 dormitories, SFA offers 13 baccalaureate degrees. Graduate study in the arts, business, education, the humanities and sciences, and forestry is encouraged; and the university stresses broad requirements in literature, sci- ence and the social sciences for its degrees. But Nacogdoches and SFA are more than cold figures and statistics. They are intert- wined parts of each other, each coloring the other in many ways. Nacogdoches is North Street and stately gingerbread houses. It is narrow, winding brick streets and a town where salespeople still say " thank you " and comment on the weather. What then, is SFA? It is an assortment of buildings, each reflecting different eras and tastes. It is a place where you wear your worst pair of jeans or your best pair to class and no one cares. It is an air of country and city com- bined in a way that is difficult to explain yet very real; it is the place where memories hap- pen. Nacogdoches and SFA. They belong together and they are a part of each other. And together, they are going somewhere in the future. Variety College life is the best type of life to be living sometimes. The best thing about it is the variety of th ings to do . . . Like riding bicycles on scenic streets on cool, shady days . . . Or eating watermelon on hot sunny days with a friend . . . Like spending a few nights a week learning to make pottery or macrame just for the fun of it Or pooling your talents with others to do some- thing that you cannot do alone — a play, for instance . . . Maybe the opportunity to get something for nothing appeals to you; free haircuts have been known to happen at SFA . . . And sometimes, no matter how careful you may be, repairs have to be made to keep things going. Whatever the activity, people at SFA are always doing something, going somewhere, or simply finding the time to accomplish what needs to be done. . A ' IEBMELON jj WHOOPEE DOO! rij m aogl ink 3pm r NEST SIDE OF UC T TEXAS STRING HN» l l CSC Deni Railroad t i -TRUCK DRIVERS ARE THE BEST IWEKJ5 ■ ft ir« o vtr unrTUDnc w ■ ■ » _ i m i ■ ■ i i ■ n - " »- " » Reflections Some people believe life is only a mirror image of reality. Ralph Waldo Emerson was one such person. And psychologists become more certain every day that we are what we experience; our lives are shaped by events, pos- sessions, and other people. Even the light-hearted, carefree time a person spends has an influence on who and what we are and maybe how we will react to pressure someday. The time may come when the bills are overdue, the children are sick, and the cost of living is just too high; maybe then the happy times spent at college will reappear in our minds — a reflection of a time that will never come again. HOMECOMING 76 The Man and the University n Homecoming at SFA was . . . — Mums and glittering purple ribbons and the sound of little cop- per bells — Shelly LaFour, the Homecoming Queen, in burgundy velvet and a sparkling tiara — Coming back to visit old haunts and friends, and to remember what college life was like. ... " « ' " Stephen F. Austin — The Man and the University " was the theme for the 48th annual Homecoming at SFA October 29-30. In conjunc- tion with the school ' s activities Nacogdoches Mayor A. L. Mangham proclaimed Friday, October 29, as Lumberjack Day. Saturday dawned clear and cool, and the traditional Homecoming parade marched through downtown Nacogdoches, featuring 15 floats and 25 marching groups from throughout the area and began the day. Later, the Stephen F. Austin Lumberjacks lost the afternoon football game to the Texas Lutheran College Bulldogs 35-18, bringing the Lum- berjacks ' season record to I -6- 1 . Shelly LaFour, Anahuac senior, was crowned 1976 Homecoming gueen during halftime activities. Susan Rorhbach, Houston senior, was the Lady-in-waiting. Take some big bass drums and sparkling batons . . . White boots and purple uniforms and golden buttons . . Plumes and horns and whistles that pierce the air . . . And toe-tappin ' music that makes everything seem charged with excitement . . . Mix all these together and throw in some pride, and you ' ve got the Marching Lumberjack Band, the " Pride of SFA. " IB In the name of spirit Throughout the fall semester, Thursday nights were pep rally nights, when the band played lively music and the cheerleaders did their best to promote spirit among students and the Lumberjack football team. " The best pep rallies were at the beginning of the season, " cheerleader Christie Cooper said. " A lot of people turned out to support the team. " " The most disappointing things about the sea- son, " according to cheerleader Monte Purdom, " were the fans and the scores. But I think both will be better next year. " Some of the innovative pep rallies included one pajama rally and another with a country and western theme. Before the football game with Northwestern State University, Coach Mark Crawford explained the legend of Chief Caddo, and at the first rally Coach Simmons introduced the football team. In reward for their hard work and efforts, the football team awarded each cheerleader a plague to show their appreciation. According to the cheerleaders, that really helped make it worth- while. Joh onnson is inaugurated as SFA ' s fourth president Not since 1958 has Stephen F. Austin State Univer- sity inaugurated a new president; therefore, Nov. 18 was an important day in SFA ' s history. On that date, Dr. William R. Johnson became the fourth president of SFA, succeeding Dr. Ralph W. Steen, who retired last summer after I 8 years of service. In his inaugural speech, Dr. Johnson stated his belief that the essential commitment of SFA is to uphold aca- demic excellence in education. " This is the best return the university can make to the society which provides its support, " he said. " The essen- tial function of education is the expansion of the human mind . . . the most valuable resource our country has. Our education should provide for each person who comes, an opportunity to acguire and expand profes- sional skills and abilities. " Dr. Johnson also stressed the importance of individu- ality and freedom of thought as commitments of the university. " The freedom the university upholds and celebrates — our academic freedom — is the freedom of the indi- vidual mind. This is not a freedom for teachers alone, but a fundamental freedom of us all, " he added. " Its maintenance is a special obligation undertaken by insti- tutions of higher learning . . . These are substantial commitments, but are those associated with academic freedom. " The university ' s role as a stimulus for intellectual growth was yet another commitment cited by Dr. John- son on a day which he described as " an occasion to state essential beliefs and reaffirm commitments. " 32 Fine Arts Series The SFA Fine Arts Series brought an opera, two plays, a symphony, and a ballet to Nacogdoches this year. Performances included " Shenandoah, " Nov. I ; " The Marriage of Figaro, " Jan. 25; the Shreveport Symphony, Feb. 8; The Hartford Ballet, March 16; and " My Fair Lady, " April 21, 22, and 23. Dr. William Turner, dean of the school of Fine Arts, began the series in 1961 when he was head of the SFA Music department. The current head of the music department, Dr. Robert Blocker, performed with the Shreveport Sym- phony in the Griffith Fine Arts Auditorium during their concert here. 34 35 The University Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Dr. Thomas Houston, performs four major concerts each year, in addition to its many other activities. With approximately 63 members, the symphony is one of the fastest growing organizations at SFA, according to Dr. Houston. Membership is not limited to music majors and minors. Anyone interested in performing with the group is auditioned by Dr. Houston. Last fall, the symphony orchestra drew 5,000 children to the SFA Coliseum for the annual Children ' s Concert. The 1976 Sounds of Christmas Concert was co-sponsored by the Nacog- doches Junior Forum, and half of the proceeds were donated to the Nacogdoches Treatment Center. Each spring the Pops Concert features an outstanding soloist, either vocal or instrumental. The symphony also assists the drama department with a musical production each spring, participates in special programs and sponsors a summer drill team workshop. Profits from the various performances are added to a scholar- ship fund for music majors and minors. The symphony orchestra was organized in 1959 under the direction of Dr. Robert Pipkin. Dr. Houston became the conduc- tor in 1970. Most of the new programs were established under his influence. The popularity of the University Symphony may be enhanced by the fact that the group plays a variety of music to whet the musical appetite of the entire audience. Dr.Th omas Houston, Conductor Elizabeth Paine, Harpist 36 Music is many things to many peo- ple — the memory of a melody to which you danced at the senior prom, or an unexpected reminder of a long- unseen friend. Maybe that is why the music of Karen and Richard Carpenter is so popular. Singing songs like Close To You, ' ' " We ' ve Only Just Begun. " " Yesterday Once More ' ' and Top of the World, " the Carpenters per- formed before a crowd of approxi- mately 9,000 on Thursday Oct. 21, in SFA Coliseum. Comedian Lonnie Shorr preceded the Carpenters on the stage. Overall, the concert was a success. As one coed put it, " It was one of those performances that left you feel- ing great inside. I was really glad I went. " Making people laugh and enjoying it is part of Bob Hope ' s " double ther- apy " which he applied to SFA stu- dents on Nov. 18, in the SFA Coli- seum. The veteran comedian and singer Julie Budd performed before a crowd of approximately. 6000, with the Uni- versity Symphony Orchestra provid- ing music. Two SFA coeds, Vollie Holt and Lou Williford, sang with Budd. Following the performance, mem- bers of the University Performing Arts Committee took Mr. Hope and Miss Budd to dinner at a local restaurant and dancing at Snoopy s. While many people were surprised at the long duration of the show, most people agreed it was time well spent. 41 Performances The SFA Department of Theater presented four major productions on campus, in addition to the music department ' s annual opera. The productions included " The Serpent: A Ceremony " by Jean-Claude van Itallie. " Candle in the Wind " by Aleksandr Solzenhitsyn. " Ladies in Retirement " by Edward Percy and Reginald Denham. " The Good Woman of Setzuan " by Bertolt Brecht. " The Ballad of Baby Doe " music by Douglas Moore; book by John Latouche. r Living to learn Take any small room; build bookshelves, desks, tiny closets and a bathroom; hang a mirror. The results will be an even smaller room where two people can sleep and study. But to make this room into a dorm room add two happy peo- ple who can share with one another. Sharing friends, secrets, telephone calls and goodies received from home or purchased in vending machines give roommates an opportunity to become friends. They learn to share quiet study times and the inevitable responsibilities — such as cleaning. Sharing friends, music and television isn ' t restricted to a room but spreads from one floor to the next and even into the guests areas. Waiting for dates or just wanting to sit alone in a large space is common to dorm living. Studying for final exams isn ' t always easy, especially for dorm students, but somehow the last exam is completed and the stu- dent leaves college confident that testing is over. However, the biggest exam lies ahead in coping with outside forces. Dorm students are prepared for those tests also. They have learned to love, understand, and cooperate with those around them. Many of the friendships will last a lifetime. New friends will be earned by using the same basic rules learned, not from a text- book, but by living the dorm life. i 45 Twas three weeks before Christmas, and all thro ugh the dorm With all that activity one would expect a great storm. Decorations went up with a great laughter and shout, Just one more week and school will be out! A young child was asked why the Christmas Season was her favorite time of year and she replied, " Cause mommy takes out her songs and smiles and wears them all the time. ' ' In the midst of end-of-semester work and preparing for finals, Christmas was not overlooked at SFA. Deco- rated doors symbolized the open hearts of many during the season. Trees at various spots on campus glittered their spe- cial greetings to all who passed. " The Sounds of Music " continued to fill the air long after the symphony ' s per- formance. Students found time to chat with friends or day- dream of home and Christmas by the cheerfully deco- rated fireplace at Friendship Lounge in the UC. But the very best sounds and decorations were the songs and smiles that people took out and wore all the time. 48 A spark of magic Winter in Nacogdoches is usually cold and wet. This year we had our share of ice as well. Ice covered the campus as the temperatures dropped well below freezing. It isn ' t often that this part of the country is blan- keted by snow, so when it does happen it sparks a bit of magic in us all. We gaze at the wonder of the ice as it forms its sparkling crystals — showing no mercy as it shimmers on every tree, flower bud, and building. It seems like another world when as we walk through a campus covered in snow, it seems so easy to reflect upon ourselves and our surroundings. But most enhancing of all is the special thought of someone dear, and that ever present hope that tomorrow will bring even better memories. 49 Student publications photographers Bruce Braden Jack Morgan Tom Cooper David Wallace Student publications editors The student publications editors are selected by the Com- munications Board and work for the duration of the publica- tions. Work on The 1977 Stone Fort began in April 1976, to insure complete coverage of a full year ' s activities. The Pine Log and The Stone Fort are also used as practical work in the department ' s curriculum for professionally oriented students in each of these facilities. For the first time in the history of The Pine Log, the spring editions were published semi-weekly on a trial basis. Separate staffs for the two editions were used and more students were able to benefit from the experience. LEFT: Bill Poplin, editor, The 1977 Stone Fort LOWER LEFT: Randall Perry, fall editor, The Pine Log LOWER RIGHT: George Bokorney, spring editor. The Pine Log When one thinks of the first day of classes, what comes to mind — rain. When you wash your car, what inevitably happens — rain. When you schedule that first spring activity, what does it do — it rains. It ' s strange how all the answers come out to be the same, but when the first thing you pack to return to school is an umbrella, the reason is clear. Nacogdoches, SFA, and rain are inse- parable. Yet no matter how hard we try to for- get, it rains again. 52 53 If th ey coma see us now Our great-grandparents would laugh at us for playing handball for an hour of exercise. They would work from dawn till dusk picking cotton or washing clothes by hand. But the world today is filled with labor saving devices, and the hands of the clock seem to go faster than they used to. So if you are an SFA student and feel the need for exercise, forget the cotton field and the washtubs. The Health and Physical Education Complex has a lot to offer . . . A swimming pool awaits your splash . . . Dancers are stretching and limbering their muscles . . . You can learn to stand on your head or save a life . . . But best of all, you can get hot and sweaty and go to bed tired. 55 Graphics SFA ' 77 " Graphics SFA — A Collection of Student Work ' was the title of the annual art exhibit by students in print and drawing classes Feb. 15 through March 4. The exhibit consisted of the best works of SFA graduate and under- graduate art students in lithographs, silk-screens, etchings, wood cuts and collographs. Faculty members were judges for the event. An opening reception for the public was held in the Fine Arts Building, and music was provided by " Fredonia Worm Ranchers, " a student band. 57 Record breaking weekend The last weekend in February was Record Breaking Weekend at SFA, an event sponsored by the Residence Hall Association to try to set new world records in various events. Using the Guiness Book of World Records as a guide, one world record was broken, and eight possible records were set. Bryan Kelly, Dallas freshman, set the record by eating 41 jalapeno peppers in 50 minutes. Possible records were in the following events: bathtub sitting, donut hole eating, football throwing, cow chip throwing, glass stacking, olive eating, and salt shaker tilting. 59 TlKlff Charcoal Hamburgers i i SDMIE Hapjy Eating GOOD OLE SONIC COUNTRY USA Countless times we have seen such posters, and countless more we have been sal- vaged by one of these places depicted here. We selected a few pictures to which students could relate as a lasting personal tie with SFA. From our files these are the ones we chose. The Editor 61 62 So mething for E veryone The University Center is in many ways the hub of SFA. Most students visit it daily for mail, meals, school supplies, information or just as a place to meet friends. Thirteen University Center committees, covering all aspects of college life, plan, organize and promote many activities for students. One committee brings speakers to the campus to discuss current topics of general interest. Another holds a fashion show for everything from outdoor wear to wedding gowns. Still other UC committees sponsor dances, concerts, cof- feehouses and movies to give students a wide variety of entertainment. The UC is instrumental to keeping the social life at SFA active while giving students opportunities to expand their interests. Free UC classes Although some people may come to college to keep from doing something else, the University Center Special Interests Classes Committee (UCSICC) makes it easy to learn to do something in addition to studying at college. Every semester, the committee organizes, schedules and equips a variety of free, non-credit classes for interested students. The only limit of what kind of courses are offered is the availability of some- one to teach them. But somehow, the UCSICC found someone to teach classes in everything from needlepoint to birdwatching, beginning pool, stereo and album care, square dancing, basic photography, out- door survival and camping and many others. I 64 65 December Graduation Long years of hard work culminated in graduation ceremonies for approximately 5 I seniors and I 60 graduate students at 9 a.m. Saturday, Dec. I 8 in the SFA Coliseum. Thomas W. Matthews, graduating with a grade point average of 4.0, was the highest ranking stu- dent for the semester. The commencement address was delivered by Dr. Glenn Barrett, executive vice president of Texas Tech University. Dr. William R. Johnson, president of SFA, conferred the degrees. The wea Ith ofSFA SFA is like many universities; a wide variety of people make up the student body and faculty. But, there is a common demnomina- tor that brings them all together . . . the desire to learn and experi- ence whatever life has to offer. Faces are the wealth of SFA; they are the life flowing in its veins. The faces change from year to year, with new ones coming to replace those that go to take their places in the world. The faces of the people on the campus are different, and yet so alike. In each one the enthusiasm, the individuality, the confidence to face what- ever the future holds are present for all to see. Most are happy faces, for they are at a time in life when humor is at its best and the world seems to be within a person ' s reach. And if the older folks say it won ' t last, well, we can just wait and see. 1 r w N id Accounting The accounting curriculum offers a pro- fessional course of training for employment in public, commercial, industrial or govern- mental accounting. The core business train- ing included in the requirements for the Bachelor of Business Administration degree along with the accounting curriculum should also qualify graduates for employment lead- ing to executive positions in industry. 70 Agriculture The SFA Department of Agriculture offers students courses in business, industry, research and development, education, communi- cations and conservation, as well as in agricultural production and management. Students may specialize in animal science, plant or soil science, agribusiness, horticulture, agricultural machinery or pre-veterinary animal science. The department also maintains out- door laboratories on the two university experimental farms. Interested students in the department may join Delta Tau Alpha, Future Farmers of America and the Horticulture Club. Ad mimstra- tive Services The objectives of the Department of Administrative Services are to pre- pare students for administrative office positions, to prepare business teachers for public schools, to offer background knowledge necessary for the business world and to train and develop professional supervisory per- sonnel for business and governmental agencies. The department seeks to generate graduates with reguisite skills to fill positions in business and industry, as well as in public schools. The department attempts to provide graduates with a broad understand- ing of all aspects of business adminis- tration. 72 Art The art department provides training and experience for students having the ability and desire to pursue a career in art or art education. It also provides opportunities for the development of skills in art and aesthetic understanding in connection with major work in other departments. The department maintains a permanent departmental collection, selected from the outstanding works submitted by art majors, and presents gallery exhibitions as occasional special events. Bibl Bible courses are offered by the Bible Chairs, which are University affiliated agencies operated by the Baptist and Methodist churches. Their main objectives are to help students gain an understanding of the history and literature of the Bible and an insight into its nature and meaning, to foster apprecia- tion of the spiritual values in human culture and to provide for the special needs of students preparing to enter church related vocations. 74 Biology Biology gives students familiarity with the method of science and the facts of biology needed by an educated person in the modern world. The department possesses modern microscopes and physiological equipment in addition to four study collections in both botany and zoology. Biology students are given basic training in several specialized fields to aid those who need a broad foundation in biology for future professional work or study. Beta Beta Beta and the Biology Club are the two departmental organizations. 75 Ch emistry The Chemistry Department, approved by the American Chemi- cal Society, acquaints students with the methods, concepts and achievements of the science of chemistry. Chemistry graduates are prepared to assume responsibility in industry, government service and teaching. The department offers an honors degree to those stu- dents who demonstrate exceptional ability in the field. mM I 76 i Co mmunication The Department of Communication educates students in the various aspects of communication as well as prepares them for professional careers. Practical experience is offered through the university ' s own radio and television st ations. The school newspaper, The Pine Log, and the annual, the Stone Fort, give journalism students the benefit of practice. Pi Kappa Delta, the honorary debate organization and Sigma Delta Chi, the professional journalism society, provide forums for students to further their journalistic pursuits. The department attempts to bring the student ' s general and liberal education into focus by organizing it upon a frame- work of communication as a science, an art and a service. Computer Science The Department of Computer Science is designed to allow future computer spe- cialists to obtain a broad education cou- pled with a detailed knowledge in com- puter science sufficient to lay a founda- tion for professional competence in the computer science field. Courses are also offered to acquaint other students with the capabilities of the computer, so that they may make use of it in their main field of endeavor. Honorary organizations are the Com- puter Science Club and Upsilon Pi Epsi- lon, the national honor society for com- puter students. 78 economics an d Fi nance The Department of Economics and Finance performs a valuable service role in preparing future business and professional leaders to meet the challenges they will face in the years ahead. A student with a background in economics is prepared for careers in research, analysis, communication and administration in government, pri- vate industry and financial institutions. The courses offered seek to give students an understanding of changing economic institutions and to contribute to the development of persons eguipped to exercise their responsibilities as members of local, national and world communities. 79 Elementary Education The Department of Elementary Educa- tion has many facilities to aid students. A modern science education laboratory, well-equipped educational television stu- dios and audio-visual room, a learning center and a reading improvement labo- ratory are all offered by the department to help students understand the founda- tions of education and to help them acquire the knowledge and skills neces- sary for successful teaching in kindergar- ten and elementary school classrooms. Kappa Delta Pi, Phi Delta Kappa and the Texas Student Education Association are the department ' s honorary organiza- tions. Early childhood laboratory The Early Childhood Laboratory is a facility maintained for the education of students who are learning to work with children and their families. Students enrolled in kindergar- ten education, infant, child development, nutrition, devel- opmental psychology and children ' s theatre courses are provided experience with children in the lab. The lab houses an infant program, a toddler program and two kindergarten programs. It is a subunit of the Department of Elementary Education, and is dedicated to meeting as many needs as possible of students in any department at SFA. 81 English and Phil osophy The Department of English and Philosophy is one of the largest departments on campus. In addition to offering the basic language and liter- ature courses required of all students, the depart- ment contains a wide variety of courses that pro- vide a broader-than-average background in liter- ature and the English language. Students interested in searching for a general understanding of values and reality will find in the philosophy department a chance for further dis- cussion and study. The philosophy courses are invaluable in that they serve primarily to provide intellectual breadth for all students. 82 G eography Geography seeks to define the various aspects of the physical and human features of the earth. Because it pres- ents an integrated view of the physical and social sciences, geography is of significance to a liberal arts program whether the subject is selected as the ma|or, minor or elec- tive. The study of geography informs the student about the world in which he lives and how he can best cope with it. Forestry The Stephen F. Austin School of Forestry, accredited by the Society of American Foresters, is famous throughout Texas and the Southwest for its professional contribution to the study of fores- try. The school has many modern facilities, includ- ing an experimental forest and a forestry field sta- tion. Forestry graduates receive a professional education in forestry and are qualified for mana- gerial positions. Geology The geology program provides students with a broad cul- tural background in a scientific field. It prepares the student for employment in areas closely related to geology or where a scientific background is a valuable asset. Study and training in geology are designed to give both science and non-science majors an understanding of the methods of science and the fundamentals of earth science as it relates to the physical environment of man. Over 24 differ- ent courses give the student a broad foundation in future pro- fessional work or graduate study. 86 Health and Physical Education Housed in a new multi-million dollar complex, the Department of Health and Physical Education contrib- utes to the overall education of all college students through its intramural programs and courses aimed at developing total fitness in the individual. The depart- ment offers courses in handball, gymnastics, dance, indoor swimming, wrestling and basketball, as well as many other activities. Honorary clubs and organizations are the Major Club for Men, Pi Epsilon Mu, the Health Education Club and Delta Psi Kappa. 87 History The history program seeks to develop a student broadly educated in liberal arts who appreciates his own national heritage and understands the develop- ment and problems of other cultures as well. A student in any discipline wil benefit from familiarity with historical processes. An honors program is offered for those students who meet the criteria for departmental honors study in the School of Liberal Arts. Phi Alpha Theta is the National Honor Society for history majors. 88 SUCCESSFUL SEWIMG FOUNDATION . FAMILY RELATIONS E Home conomics The objectives of the home economics department are the personal develop- ment of each student, preparation for home and family living, and preparation for a profession of service to the public. Students may study child-development and family living, food and nutrition, home economics education or clothing and textiles. Organizations in the department are the Texas Home Economics Student Sec- tion, the Home Economics Club and Phi Upsilon Omicron. E D P H M U ' I CAT I O OC R E M N A E E E E T N N Y I T A O S G N E R S 89 Manage- ment and Marketing The objective of the Department of Management and Marketing is to pro- vide students with an understanding of the nature and capabilities of human and physical resources. The student prepar- ing for a career in management or mar- keting will find professional career opportunities in widely diverse organiza- tions. A sound background in manage- ment fundamentals can accelerate prog- ress to positions of greater responsibility. 90 Mathematics The Department of Mathematics and Statistics provides a sound curric- ulum for students who wish to pursue a career in mathematics, as well as aid- ing students who are majoring in some other department but who desire mathematics as a tool or to satisfy other general degree reguirements. Exceptional students are encouraged to apply for the Mathematics Honors Program. Pi Epsilon is the national honorary mathematics fraternity on campus. Military Science Military Science opens a unique dual career field possibility for a student in either military or civilian careers. No military service is incurred until the third year of the ROTC program. Members are issued all books, uniforms and equipment free. Upper level members receive a $100 a month subsistence pay. Austin Raiders, National Society of Scabbard and Blade, Espirit de Corps, SFA Rifle Team and Color Guard are the five honorary organizations and clubs sponsored by the department. Modern Languages The Department of Modern Lan- guages attempts to cultivate an appreciation for the cultures and civi- lizations of the people whose lan- guage is being studied, as well as to provide guidance in preparation for the various opportunities in language work. Courses in French, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian are offered. M USIC The Department of Music offers nine different plans for the Bachelor of Music or Bachelor of Fine Arts in Music degrees, with more than 50 music courses offered. The department attracts much attention with its elementary edu- cation workshops and pop vocal instruction and offers many oppor- tunities for students to perform and perfect their abilities. The four honorary organizations sponsored by the department are Kappa Kappa Psi, Mu Phi Epsilon, Tau Beta Sigma and Phi Mu Alpha. I Physics Physics develops insight into the physical aspects of our environment and the extensive sci- entific activity of our society. Courses are designed to acguaint students with the general principles which are the foundations of the pres- ent understanding of physics, and to develop sci- entific attitudes, insights and technigues. A unigue feature of the physics department is a complete x-ray laboratory for the study of liguid. Included is an x-ray diff ractometer designed and constructed at SFA. It applies radiation to deter- mine the forces binding molecules together in the liguid state. 95 Politica Sci lence Because all students should become well informed about political institutions in order to discharge their duties as citizens and assume leadership roles in civic affairs, the Depart- ment of Political Science offers more than 30 courses. Knowledge of political science may equip the graduate with a deeper understand- ing of the world in which he lives. The depart- ment offers programs of study for honors, teaching, pre-law, practical politics and public administration. 96 Psychology The Department of Psychology offers students a unique perspective in understanding human behavior and applying this knowledge in many different pro- fessional areas. The department includes an animal lab as well as a learning lab where students may practice and apply the techniques they learn. Another opportunity available is the volunteer program in five area insti- tutions including Rusk State Hospital and the Luf kin State School. School Services The Department of School Services aims to professionally prepare and certify stu- dents as speech and hearing therapists and special education teachers, and assists them in gaining entry level positions in a number of human service professions. Students may concentrate in speech and hearing, social and rehabilitation services or special education. The National Speech and Hearing Association endorses school serv- ice students who meet their requirements. 98 I Secondary Education The program of professional sec- ondary education is based on a crit- ical selection of the knowledge a teacher should have and the ability to teach in the secondary school. The Department of Secondary Education aims at providing basic concepts in the history and philosophy of educa- tion, in the teaching-learning process, in the nature of the adolescent lear- ner, in the planning and organizing for teaching and laboratory experiences in teaching the secondary school stu- dent. Kappa Delta Pi is the honorary fraternity for the department. 99 Sociology The Department of Sociology provides students with a unique perspective for understanding human behavior and applying this knowledge in many different professional areas. Any student, regardless of his field of concentra- tion, will find in sociology a greater understanding of human relations. Theatre The Department of Theatre serves students inter- ested in developing disciplined creativity and who wish to pursue careers in the theatre and related fields. The department also serves a larger function n its attempt to provide cultural entertainment experiences for the university at large and the com- munity. Students interested in honorary clubs may join Alpha Psi Omega and the United States Insti- tute for Theatre Technology. 101 103 Nowhere to go but up There is no mistaking that the 1976 season was a rebuilding year for the Lumberjacks as their 1-9-1 record indicates. Coach Charles Simmons admits that this was a rebuilding year as probation and other inherited problems hurt the Jacks. Morale was low and study habits were poor as several key players were lost due to bad grades. Coach Simmons admits, ' We re young, we had 20 freshmen on the squad this year. I think we made a lot of progress, not from a win, loss standpoint but on self discipline, team spirit and team confidence. " Thirty football players received let- terman awards for the 1976 season. Earning a fourth purple and white stripe were Tommy Parr and Jimmy Wilson. David Cheek earned his third Lum- berjack award. Four former |unior college transfers completed their playing careers at SFA. They are Robert Vinson, Steve Adams, Mike Hahn and George Allen. Vinson was All-Lone Star Confer- ence honorable mention both years for SFA. Also lettering are seniors Doak Elledge, Hardden Weech and Scott Brady. Three juniors received letters Andy Wilkins, Charles Farrell and George Hodge. Sophomore lettermen included Mark Jones and Hunter Mullikin. Rookie lettermen were Mike Olle, Brian Williams, John Robertson, Chris Ulery, Richard Gaines and Donnie Di nges. Also Randy Courtney, Steve Cochran, Carl Medley, Jimmy Wright, Tom Jenkins and David Had- ley. 104 Lions claw Jacks 38-7 The East Texas University Lions took out the frustrations of a two-game losing streak as they clobbered the Lumberjacks 38-7 before a crowd of 6,300 in the Lumberjack Stadium. The Jacks were paced by fullback Hard- den Weech, who picked up 45 yards on 20 carries and got the only touchdown of the night for the Jacks. Lumberjack quarterbacks Steve Adams and Herby Baker each hit on five of 14 pas- ses for 50 yards. Baker also rushed for 28 yards on two carries. The Lions jumped on the scoreboard with less than four minutes in the game. A Lion safety picked off a Hardden Weech fumble at the SFA 3 I and returned it all the way for the initial score. The Jacks got their only score of the night on a fake field goal attempt resulting in a first down and an ensuing touchdown. 105 Astrodome game In SFA ' s first appearance in the Astro- dome on Sept. I I , a crowd of 8,000 saw the Jacks and the Sam Houston Bearcats call it a draw, 14-14. The Jacks took advantage of quarter- back Steve Adams ' arm early in the first quarter as he connected with Scott Brady for I I and 14 yards, and with Rob- ert Barnes for I 3. George Hodge took the ball in from the seven yard line. Hunter Mullikin ' s kick was good and brought the score to 7-0. Sam Houston tied the game late in the second half by driving 77 yards for a touchdown. SFA ' s final points came as the result of a 68-yard drive in which Steve Holly- wood, Robert Barnes and Andy Wilkins each received an Adams ' pass. Texas Lutheran ome- coming The Texas Lutheran College Bulldogs spoiled Homecom- ing with a 35-18 win before I I 000 fans in Lumberjack Sta- dium on Oct. 30. Lumberjack Jimmie Wright electrified the crowd by tak- ing the opening kickoff down the right sideline 99 yards for a Lumberjack touchdown. Wright ' s return tied the school record and was |ust one yard short of the conference record. Wright had four returns in the game for 150 yards and also caught five passes for 84 yards. For his efforts he was named outstanding back for the game, and was nominated for conference player of the week honors. The Bulldogs stormed back with touchdowns on their first two possessions and never trailed again. Lumberjack Harden Weech paced the Jacks with 59 yards on I 8 carries. Defensive standouts were Tommy Parr, Donnie Dinges, Tom Jenkins and Robert Vinson. 107 108 Jacks lose Chief Caddo The Lumberjacks lost to the Northwestern State Univer- sity Demons 47-0 in the annual " Battle for Chief Caddo " Sept. 18. The 7-foot, 6 inch wooden replica of the chief of the Caddo Indian nation had been a resident of the SFA field house since a 1 4- 1 3 Lumberjack victory in 1974. Demon fullback Sidney Thornton scored four times in the first half, tying the school record. Thornton gained 92 yards on 10 carries and did not play in the second half. The Lumberjacks were able to get close to the goal line twice in the game, but both times the drives fizzled and the Jacks ' field goal attempts were futile. George Hodge led the Jacks in rushing with 3 I yards on 10 carries and guarterback Steve Adams completed six of 1 4 passes for 9 I yards. Season Win The Lumberjacks entered the winner ' s circle for the only time in the season with a 10-3 victory over Howard Payne University. Howard Payne started the scoring early with three points on a 27 yard field goal in the first guarter. That was all the Yellowjackets could come up with as a tough SFA defense held the Jackets in check all evening. SFA got on the scoreboard in the second guarter after five unsuccessful drives when Hunter Mullikin ended a four- play, 40 yard drive with a field goal of 42 yards. The first half ended in a 3-3 deadlock. The score was still knotted at three points apiece when Howard Payne ' s punter fumbled the snap and the Lumber- jacks recovered on the Yellowjackets ' three yard line. On the next play, Harden Weech carried the ball over for the deciding touchdown. Hunter Mullikin added the conversion, and the game ended with SFA on top. Robert Vinson, Doak Elledge and Tom Jenkins led an impressive Lumberjack defensive effort. 109 ACC stea Jacks ms The Wildcats from Abilene Christian College found an outlet for their frustrations of the football season as they steamed over the Lumberjacks 51-14. The Wildcats unleashed an offensive attack that gained 488 total yards. The Jacks were unable to stop the passing of Jim Reese, the LSC ' s leading passer. George Hodge scored the Jacks ' first touchdown early in the first quarter on an I 8-yard run. Hunter Mul- likin added the extra point. Hodge led the ground attack with 80 yards on I 8 carries. Quarterback Herby Baker scored the Jacks ' final points on an 80-yard run. Mullikin again booted the extra point. Leading the defensive charge was Jimmie Dickinson, who had nine individual tackles and two quarterback sacks. Linebacker Robert Vinson also had an outstand- ing game with eight tackles and six assists. A l sets d recor Texas A l set a new state record for most consecu- tive wins by defeating the Lumberjacks 77-7 for the Javelinas ' 3 I st win in a row. A l rolled up 788 yards in total offense, just four yards shy of the conference mark, while holding the Jacks to just I I 9 total yards. The Hogs displayed an awesome offense as I I differ- ent people scored touchdowns. Behind 70-0 with minutes left in the game SFA began their longest and most productive drive of the night. George Hodge went over for the score to climax the I 3-play, 80-yard drive. Hunter Mullikin kicked the extra point and the game ended with the score 77-7. Chosen as outstanding players for the game were Mark Brazil, Andy Wilkins, Richard Gaines and Doak Elledge. 1 ) 1 Jacks lose close one In the snow and ice the Lumberjacks dropped a tough 10-6 decision to the Cameron State Aggies in Lawton, Okla. Despite freezing temperatures tailback George Hodge rushed for 128 yards on 29 carries to give him 472 yards on the year. The Jacks took the opening kickoff and moved to the Cameron nine yard line when disaster struck by way of interception. The Aggies steamed their way down the snow covered field to the SFA 12 yard line before stalling. The field goal attempt was good and the Jacks trailed 3-0 in the first guarter. On the ensuing series, Hodge fumbled at the Jack 19 which resulted in the Cameron touchdown. The extra point attempt was perfect making the score I 0-0 with five minutes left in the half. Linebacker, Jimmy Wilson recovered a fumble setting up the Jacks ' first score of the night which was a result of a Hunter Millikin field goal at 22 yards. A tough Lumberjack defense held the Aggies in check for the remain- der of the game. With just over a minute left in the third guarter, Hunter Mullikin hit on a 20 yard field goal, and the Jacks trailed only 10-6. Late in the fourth guarter freshman guarterback Mike Olle entered the game and nearly engineered a comeback drive. Olle moved the Jacks from their own I I to the Cameron two yard line before the Aggie defense stiffened. Bobcats zip Jacks The Lumberjacks fell to the Bobcats of Southwest Texas 34-0 before 6,000 fans in San Marcos. The Bobcats took advantage of several Lumberjack miscues and took a 14-0 lead at halftime. The Jacks were able to drive to the Bobcats ' 13 yard line but failed to score as a 33-yard field goal attempt by Hunter Mullikin sailed wide to the right. The Bobcats scored on their first possession in the second half on a 27-yard pass. After a short Lumberjack punt the Cats took the ball in again to lead 27-0 with 5:14 left in the third period. SFA faltered again, giving up the ball on their own 20-yard line. The Bobcats took advantage of the mistake and scored their final points of the afternoon. The Jacks were led on the ground by tailback George Hodge, who gained 50 yards on I 8 carries. Quarterback Mike Olle com- pleted three of five passes for 37 yards. Tight end Andy Wilkins had three receptions for 5 I yards to lead the receivers. Wilkins and center Larry Scholtz were named offensive players of the week, while nose guards Tom Jenkins and Donnie Dinges took defensive honors. The Angelo State Rams put 19 easy points on the scoreboard in the first quarter and then coasted to a 26-0 win over the Lumberjacks. The Jacks were held to just 143 total yards as the Rams broke their two game losing streak. It was the sixth straight loss for SFA. Neither team had a good night statis- tically, as the Rams did little better than the Jacks but got the breaks at the right time. The Lumberjacks were paced on the ground by George Hodge, who had 53 yards on 10 carries. All in all, the Jacks rushed for 77 yards. 1 14 Sam edges Jacks, 8-7 Stephen F. Austin ' s best chance to escape the cellar ended in failure as the Bearkats from Sam Houston outlasted the Jacks 8-7. Both teams entered the game with I -5-0 conference records. The Jacks scored first on an impressive drive that covered 80 yards in 16 plays. Freshman quarterback, Mike Olle, con- nected on three consecutive passes to split end Scott Brady to set the ball on the Sam Houston three yard line. Olle took the ball in himself on a three yard jaunt around right end. Hunter Mul- likin added the extra point to give the Jacks a 7-0 lead. The Jacks held the Bearkats in check until the third quarter when the Kats went 99 yards in I 2 plays to score. Then the Jacks were completely fooled by a successful extra point attempt to make the score 8-7. 115 Jacks capture East Zone title Although the Lumberjacks started slow and never won consistently they did man- age to capture the Lone Star Conference East Zone championship with an 8-6 confer- ence record. Lack of an offensive leader and consist- ent scoring is what Head Coach Marshall Brown attributed to the Jacks mediocre sea- son, " Our defense was fairly strong all year long but we lacked offensive punch. The lack of a team leader hurt us a great deal offensively. " The loss of three key players to grades hurt the Jacks but the team tried hard to overcome the situation. Coach Brown com- mented, " We worked hard beginning in early fall and then lost three players that could have helped us. As a team we weren ' t as good as we could be but we tried harder than ever. The lack of an outside shooter really hurt us. " SFA never established a starting five as they alternated all season long searching for the best blend. Leading scorers for the Jacks were Mike Dukes and Wilbert Mar- shall who averaged 12 points a game. Ken- neth Beasley finished second in the Lone Star Conference in rebounding, averaging I 0.7 rebounds a game. Sandy Ballard led all Lumberjacks with an 80 percent free throw percentage. Leading the Jacks in assists was Rick Dowdle averag- ing 4.5 assists per game. 116 117 The Lumberjacks opened the season challenging Midwestern ' s 57 game home-court winning streak. The Jacks became victim number 58 as the Indians pulled out a hard fought 62-54 decision. In a return match a week later at the coliseum the Indians once again prevailed with a 101-99 overtime win. Ken Beasley ' s 33 points and 12 rebounds almost pulled the Jacks out of the fire. Traveling to Pineville, La., the Jacks fell again, as the Wildcats of Louisiana College took advantage of poor offense for a 72-54 decision. WO close games again were displayed at the Holiday Classic in Lawton, Otcla., as the round- ballers were defeated by Texas Wesleyan in double overtime, 107-101 and to East Central (Okla.) 63-6 I . Rick Close was named to the all-tournament team after canning 40 points in the two game tournament. The Jacks ' sixth and seventh straight defeats of the young season were put upon the Jacks in the Strawberry Classic. Host team Southeastern Louisi- ana edged the axemen 82-79 and then in a consola- tion game, Xavier handed out a sound 86-70 licking. 121 SFA managed their first two wins of the season by taking the second Annual Tall Pines Classic. Loddie Naymola got 39 points and an all-tournament berth as the Jacks beat Louisiana College 68-57 and then converted on 41 out of 47 free throws in the final game to edge St. Mary ' s of San Antonio. Mike Dukes was also named to the all-star team and seven foot postman Ken Beasley was awarded the Most Valuable Player in the two day classic. A season high of 39 points by Loddie Naymola sparked the Jacks to a 94-86 win over a scrappy East Texas Baptist crew. 123 Lumb er- |ac ks ra Ify to win Wilbert Marshall led the Lumberjacks in their first two conference games against Tarleton State and Howard Payne. Marshall pushed in 17 points as the Jacks whipped Tarleton 95-66. Marshall also paced the Jacks against Howard Payne by pumping in 25 points in the 74-66 Lumberjack victory. The Jacks lost their next two games to Angelo State, 82-74, and Abilene Christian, 87-82. Rick Dowdle led the Jacks with 19 points against Angelo State while Rick Close pushed in 19 in the Abilene Christian game. In a rematch against Abilene Christian Rick Dowdle again turned in an outstanding performance with 22 points as the Jacks defeated the wildcats, 96-9 I . After splitting with East Texas State and a tough overtime loss to Howard Payne, SFA won their last five of seven games to capture the Lone Star Conference ' s East Zone. Mike Dukes, Rick Dowdle and Ken- neth Beasley turned in outstanding perform- ances to lead the Jacks. 124 Loss in Brownwood East Zone champion, Stephen F. Austin, drew a bye in the first round but fell to the Lions from East Texas State, 74-7 I , in overtime for their only appearance at the Lone Star Confer- ence Tournament held in Brownwood. The Jacks stayed atop the Lions most of the evening until 4:04 left in the second half. But the Lions proved they were going to be the team to advance to the finals. SFA ' s Mike Dukes scored the Jack ' s final points of the game giving SFA a 71-65 lead. East Texas stormed back to tie the game 71 — all which forced the game into overtime. The Lions scored the three winning points in overtime and kept the Jacks from scoring. SFA missed a golden opportunity when Wilbert Marshall missed two free throws in the closing seconds of the game. Coach Gunter leads Ladyjacks to champion- ship The SFA Ladyjacks were ranked tenth in Sports lllustrated ' s pre-season polls and have since knocked off number one Delta State and number three Wayland Baptist to move to number four in the national polls. Coach Sue Gunter, in her thirteenth year and eleventh with the Ladyjacks has led her team to the national championship tourna- ment three times in the past four years. Coach Gunter, an All-American player herself, has the privilege of coaching an All- American this season. She was a member of a national championship team and coach of the silver medal winning United States Team in Montreal at the Olympic games. " For me, coaching is an extension of play- ing. The satisfaction is just as great and the challenge is equal. The team that I coach is an extension of myself, win or lose, good or bad, " she explained. This year ' s Ladyjacks 23-4 season record ranks them as one of the top women basket- ball teams in the nation. With state, regional and national tournaments still to play the Ladyjacks could possibly bring a national title to SFA. 128 129 130 Ladyjacks, a cut above Ranked number 10 by Sports Illustrated, the Lady- jacks pulverized the opposition through the first eight games of the season. Led by Ail-American Doris Felderhoff the Ladies pushed over Temple Junior College, 83-75, Texas A M 88-66, Panola Junior College twice, 56-49 and 71-53. Felderhoff had 27, 28 and 32 points to lead the Ladies to victory. The first true test of the Ladyjacks high ranking came against number one ranked Wayland Baptist, The Ladies rose to the occasion by whipping the Baptist 78- 70. Doris Felderhoff again led the Ladies with 26 points and I 6 rebounds. Travelling to the University for Women tournament in Columbus, Miss., the Ladies made it to the finals by knocking off newly number one ranked Delta State in the semi-finals, 57-54. In the championship the Lady- jacks were upset by number 12 ranked Tennessee Tech, 68-102. 131 Win UT tournament; ranked fourth in nation Doris Felderhoff, Debra Thomas, Debbie Canafax and Denise Smith were cited for their fine play in the tournament. After the upset to Tennessee Tech, the Ladyjacks started play- ing extremely good basketball. By defeating ninth ranked Mississippi College, 115-104, the Ladies moved up to number four in the national rankings. Doris Felderhoff had her usual fine performance with 29 points and I 5 rebounds. The Ladies then defeated Northeast Louisiana, 98-80, with Felderhoff accounting for 27 points, while Texas A M was no match for the Lady|acks as Debra Thomas pushed in 18 points to lead the ladies to a 97-47 victory. Before travelling to the University of Texas Tournament the Lady Roundballers managed to defeat Sam Houston State, 75- 5 I , and Northwestern Louisiana, 78-59, to post an impressive 14- I record. In Austin the Ladies coasted to the finals by defeating South- west Texas 73-38, and Angelo State, 74-32. In a tough game against Southeastern Louisiana the Ladyjacks held on to win the tournament with an 80-79 victory. Doris Felderhoff, Pat Johnson and Debra Thomas received All- Tournament Awards. Denise Smith was also named to the second All-Tournament Team. 132 133 Fe w losses The Ladyjacks were dealt a crushing blow by a Baylor Lady Bears when they ended a 10-game Ladyjack winning streak by defeating the Ladies 73-65 in Waco. Pat Johnson gave an outstanding performance for the Ladyjacks by scoring 18 points and grab- bing 17 rebounds to lead SFA in both depart- ments. In a rematch against previously number one ranked Wayland Baptist College the Ladyjacks lost their third game of the season in a heart- breaking 80-79 loss. 134 In Clinton, MS, the Ladyjacks were dealt their third straight loss and only fourth of the year as Mississippi College edged the Ladies I I l-l 10 in overtime. " Free throws were the key to the ball game, " Ladyiack Coach Sue Gunter said. " They had 29 to our 14. But we out scored them 14 points from the floor. " Debra Kay Thomas led SFA in scoring with 31 points. Betsy Coker had 24 points, Pat Johnson 19 and Denise Smith had 16. The Ladies coasted through the final three games of the season defeating Northeast Louisiana, Sam Houston and Temple Junior College. 135 Ladies capture East Zone Championship The Ladyjacks of Coach Sue Gunter had little difficulty in run- ning away with the championship title of the Texas Association of Intercollegiate Athletics for Women ' s Southeast Zone Tour- nament held in Nacogdoches. The national ranked Ladyjacks carrying a 22-4 season record into the title contest crushed the Lady Aggies of Texas A M, 94-62. The Ladies of SFA took advantage of 18 Lady Aggie turn- overs in the first half to retire with a 47-28 halftime lead. With only four minutes gone in the second half the Ladyjacks boosted their lead to 30 points by way of a 59-29 deficit. Coach Gunter then went to her bench and lost nothing as the Ladies continued to control the contest by as much as 33 points. Debra Kay Thomas paced the Ladies with 22 points while Doris Felderhoff followed with 20 points. Betsy Coker and Diana Rohmer each had 10 points to round out the scoring leaders. Ladyjacks finish fifth in state " This is a team that will bring SFA a state championship within the next two years, is the prediction of Ladyjack Softball coach Sadie Allison. Allison ' s prediction came after the ladies played their final game for fifth place in the state championship held in Nacogdoches. Robin Ramsey, short-stop, Judi Phillips, outfielder, and Debra Hayward, catcher, were cited as contributing most to the over- all team effort. There are no seniors on the squad, and basically the same team will be back next year. Most of the players have had experi- ence in the sport for a number of years. SFA ended the season with a 15-13 record and posted a team batting average of .290. 139 Baseba The Lumberjacks of Baseball Coach Larry Cloninger will play a 27-game schedule. The 19-man roster includes no seniors and only five returning lettermen. The young Jack squad consists of eight freshmen, six sophomores and five juniors. SFA competes against Abilene Christian and Sam Houston in the Lone Star Confer- ence. 140 141 Women ' s tennis Ladyjack netter Carol Logan was the only member of the Ladyjack Tennis Team to win a match when the Lady netters traveled to the Uni- versity of Houston and Texas A M for their first contests of the year. The sophomore from San Antonio upset a state-ranked UH player 7-5, 7-6. In overall play the Ladies lost to UH 6- 1 and A M 7-0. Other team members are Pris Bradley, Carol Logan, Jennifer Moran, Linda Roco and Cindy Sprano. " We are a young team, " Coach Sue Gunter said, " and with more experience we will do a lot better. " The Ladyjacks are to participate in tourna- ments at the University of Oklahoma, Northwest- ern Louisiana, Northeast Louisiana and Southwest Louisiana. Other matches include the University of Texas, Lamar University, Sam Houston and Tyler Junior College. 143 Tennis In the opening tournament of the season the Lumberjack Ten- nis Team won seven of I 8 matches against Tyler Junior College. Winners for SFA were Jim Bachinskas, Ike Anders, Jim Rosen- berg and Randy Swanson. Against McNeese University the Jacks won two of six singles matches and one of three doubles matches, Jim Bachinakas and Jim Rosenberg both won again while the doubles team of Don- ald Farmer and Jim Hamilton were easy winners. Other teams the Jacks are to play are Navarro College, Abi- lene Christian, Sam Houston, Louisiana Tech, Southwest Texas and East Texas. 145 M en s track Coach Joe Brittan ' s track team were repre- sented by an array of seniors, juniors, sopho- mores and freshmen. In the opening meet of the season at Ambassador College six thin clads placed. John Lowman finished first in the pole vault with a 15 foot vault, David Hawkins finished first in the 60-yard high hurdles with a 7.6 time and Larry Lewis won the 880 with a I :59.5 clocking. Other thin clads to place were Ed Berry, third in shot put competition; Jim Wolken, placed third in the mile; and Kevin Halbert fin- ished sixth in the 440. 146 147 Women ' s track The Ladyjack track team had six returning lettermen who were in National competition a year ago. They are shot putter Ella Faye Ambercombie, sprinter Linda Arnold and high |umper Delana Cornett. Also sprinters Mary Harvey, Mary Lovergreen and Jim- mie Ann Morrow. TOP ROW: Cheryl Wilhite. Mary Osmun, Judy Griswold, Ella Faye Abercrombie, Lanelle Richards. Mary Lovegren, Jimmy Morrow, and Head Coach, Carolyn Barnett. MIDDLE ROW: Donna Cother, Laura Davis, Shawn Robertson, Linda Arnold, Robin Ramsay, Sharon Dewberry. BOTTOM ROW: Nancy Peck, Kathy Langlotz, Mary Harvey, Lynn Werner, Jean Mankoff. 148 The Ladyjack Volleyball team began their season with three match losses at the University of Houston. The losses came by way of U of H, Lamar University and Sam Houston. In a tournament in Beaumont the Ladies won an impressive seven out of I I games to tie Sam Houston for fifth place in the 12-team tournament. At the Texas Association of Intercollegiate Athletics for Women zone tournament in Huntsville the Ladies placed fifth to advance into the state tournament, as a wild-card team. SFA lost to the University of Texas, Texas Tech and Sam Houston failing to advance to elimination play in the state tournament. TOP ROW: Connie Swearingm, Robin Bradshaw, Judy Griswald, Kaylene McMullen, Jan Frizzell. BOTTOM ROW: Deb Ligc son. Karen Howard, Becky Baugh, Terry John- 149 Men ' s golf Returning lettermen on the 1977 SFA golf team are Gib Allen, Paul Colley and Scott Hardy. Transfers to make the team were Randy King, Robert Walker and Darrell Holick. Other team members include Kevin Lovell, Robin Ballard, Kyle DeShaza, Gary Sirman and STeve Thompson. 150 151 152 Ladyjack golf SFA ' s Ladyjack golf team suffered through sickness, injury, and high winds in their opening tournament of the season against Lamar University. SFA ' s Suzanne Norton led all Ladyjacks as she finished the two day tour- nament at I 76 to finish fourth overall. Freshman Lori Mathews finished sixth after shooting I 83. Debbie Haynie missed the tournament after she injured her wrist on the first day. Another Ladyjack, Donna Stanley, did not play due to illness. The lady golfers participated in seven tournaments including the state tournament in Austin and the national tournament in Hawaii. 153 M en s The SFA Men ' s Soccer Club finished their eighth season by finishing third in their league. The club is financed entirely by the players themselves as they participate in a league of four teams in the fall. Coaches of the team this year are Jeff Lang and Mike Anderson. TOP ROW: Oscar Valadez, Sean Patty, Dan Gladwish, Dave Flanagan. Abdui R. Itani. Mike Anderson. BOTTOM ROW: Kimble Ross, Ronald Anaya, Jay Jackson, Wil- liam Davis, Jimmy Sierra, Carlos Atonzo. 154 Wo men s SFA ' s Women ' s Soccer Club faced their toughest competition of the year when they challenged the University of Texas. UT ran away with the game in the sec- ond half as the team from Austin out kicked the Ladies from SFA 6-2. This was the third loss in a row for the soccer club to make their season record 1-3. According to Coach Laura Johnston the team in the past has been playing primarily for the fun of soccer but she feels that in the future this attitude wil expand more toward the realm of com- petition. 155 Rugby The SFA Rugby Club has been a member of the Texas Rugby Union since 1974. They travel to play other teams in the Texas Rugby Union. They participate in tourna- ments in Texas as well as out of state. In the Houston Tournament, they won sec- ond place. Their record for 1976 was 8 wins, I I losses, and I tie. An annual awards banguet highlights each season. Frank Marsh was elected player of the year by the other club members. TOP ROW: Henry Tiemann, Frank Marsh, Sam Roquemore, Brad Lamb, Roland Salazar, Tim Tindell. Bob Fleet. Bill Graham. SECOND ROW: Russell Callahan, John Ekrut, Richard Roddy, Roeland Petty, Karl Remstam, Ron Britt, Da nny Persha. BOTTOM ROW: Eddie Russell, Mike Kohn, Tim Edinger, Britt Krevitt, Randy Brown, John Mclntire, Joe Heard. 156 158 159 161 163 Women ' s basketball Volleyball 165 166 Intramural Final Results Men Women j-Man Basketball A 1 W-L Di- rts. Basketball — A Leaque 1. Gunners 7-0 15 1. SKOP 2. No Names 6-1 13 2. Lady Loggers 3. Alpha Tau Omega 6-0 9 3. Hot Shots naq rooTDan A 1 VV - L rts. B Leaque 1 . Pi Kappa Alpha 8-0 35 1. BSU Blue 2. ThetaChi 7-1 31 2. BSU Red 3. Muscatel 8-0 31 3. Delta Delta Delta, Ten IZU basketball W-L rts. Maq rootball 1. Schlitz 6-0 35 1. BSU Blue 2. Gunners 6-0 33 2. Kerr Plunks Too 3. Pi Kappa Alpha 5-0 31 3. Delta Zeta, Up Your Alley Kaquetball rts. Kaquetball (Uoubles] 1. Jenney 5 1. Arnold Barnett 2. Singleton 4 2. Jackson Murphy 3. Low 3 3. Maples Kingan, Henderson Hayward Table Tennis Da- rts. Tennis (Sinqles) 1. Dyer 5 1 . Elizabeth Martin 2. Dougherty 4 2. KathyKirk 3. Strickland 3 3. Porter, Julie-Wickham, Carmen Handball Pts. Leaque 1 1. McKay 5 1 . Leslie Davis 2. Shows 4 2. Tina Pace 3. Frew 3 3. Janice Borland Dad m i nton rts. Leaque II 1. Pike 5 1 . Diane Heirholzer 2. Morris 4 2. Jane Borland 3. Randolph 3 3. Judy Damoff Swimminq Pts. i in Leaque III 1 . Tau Kappa Epsilon 15 1 . Rhonda Catharn 2. Bottom Dwellers 13 2. Carolyn Mitchell 3. Wisely Hall 1 1 3. Laurie Hill and Wrestlinq Pts. Volleyball 1. ThetaChi 15 1. Alpha Chi Omega 2 2. Sigma Chi 13 2. Lady Loggers 3. Dorm 14 1 1 3. BSU Red, Cow abunga 1 Horseshoes Pts. Water Polo 1. Silva 5 1 . Alpha Chi Omega 2. Fray 4 2. BSU 3. Truax 3 3. Delta Zeta Washers Pts. 1. Hackett 5 2. Spencer 4 3. Rhea 3 Organizations Student Government The Student Senate worked to help students on and off campus in many dif- ferent areas. During the summer, President Doug Duke worked to make the Senate a mem- ber of the Nacogdoches Chamber of Commerce for the first time in SFA ' s his- tory. Members of the Senate became dep- uty voter registrars in Nacogdoches County and registered hundreds of SFA students to vote in the fall elections. The Senate also worked to establish a legal aid service for students and pub- lished the first off-campus housing guide. UPPER LEFT: Members of the Student Supreme Court are FIRST ROW: Charles Davis. SECOND ROW: William Houston, Jimmy Blaisdell. THIRD ROW: Ron Boling, chief justice: Paul Wright, first associate justice. UPPER RIGHT: Cheryl Holmes and Doug Duke direct the Student Government meeting. LOWER LEFT: The members of the Senate Executive Committee are FIRST ROW: Dan Hannon, Student Rights Committee chairman: John Weller, Public Relations Committee co-chairman: Kerri Tate, Public Relations Committee co-chairman; Jeanne Patton, Academic Affairs Committee chairman. SECOND ROW: Bill Dunn, speaker of the Senate; Steve Tucker, Judiciary Committee chairman; Ray Beauchamp, Appropriations Committee chairman. LOWER CENTER: The members of the Traffic Appeals Board are David Perry, Larilee Covin. LOWER RIGHT: The Student Government Association Executive Officers are Mike Richardson, vice president; Doug Duke, president; David Perry, treasurer; Cheryl Holmes, secretary. University Center Program Board Denice Pickering, recreation chairman Sheryl Artmann, publicity chairman 173 UPPER LEFT: During fall registration. RHA held the second annual tug o ' war at Lanana Creek. UPPER CENTER: RHA held the first annual incredible team Regatta Canoe Race at the Ag Pond. UPPER RIGHT: The officers of RHA are FIRST ROW: Steve McPherson, Billy Parker. SECOND ROW: Melanie Smith, Betsy O ' Bryan. LOWER LEFT: The members of the RHA Legislative Council are FIRST ROW: Randy Alexander, Ed Shafer, Mita Musick, Tim Sullivan, Dennis Gerrard, Bev Lesco, Ginger McCalla, Mike Harry, Mark Noble. SECOND ROW: Gabriel O ' Campo, Alice McCallum, Kerri Kephart, Dann Sturdivant, Rada Akers, Annette Rocamontes, Pam Springer. Chuck Jeffress, Leslie Rosenthal. THIRD ROW: Susan Smith. Michelle Mercatante, Ginger Pate, Leigh Ann O ' Bryan, Teri Taylor. Sue Winchell, Diane Casarez, Paulette Wilson, Tim Drummond, Tommy Wallace. Mike Wesson. FOURTH ROW: Kristi Thayer, Lee Ann Rigby, Artis E. Newsome, Fide Fernandez, Hans Derr, Scott Tudor, Steve Russell, Debbie Larsen, Billy Parker, Teri Van Meter, Scott Curry, Sharrie Richard. FIFTH ROW: Betsy O ' Bryan, Stephen McPherson, Melanie Smith, Burl Tanner, Debbie Florance. LOWER CENTER: An SFA student paddles in the Ag Pond. LOWER RIGHT: Residents of Mays Hall participate in the tug o ' war. 174 Residence Ha Association The purpose of the Residence Hall Association is to improve the quality of living in all single student residence halls on campus through social, legislative, academic and judicial programs. Activities are fall and spring registration week programs which include the Ag Pond Regatta, Lanana Creek Tug O ' War, a hot-link supper, a square dance, outdoor movies and water Olympics. The officers of RHA are Steve McPherson, president; Billy Par- ker, vice president; Jan Massingill, secretary; Betsy O ' Bryan, trea- surer. Advisers are Mita Musick, director of residence hall pro- grams, and Randy Alexander, assistant dean of student develop- ment. Stone Fort Staff Contributors Cmdv Lewis Jackie Mentz Patti Lanier Yolanda Bennett Bambi Summers Janet Winford Joe Roarlc Bob Walker Frank Bergm Marilyn Thompson Martha Denton photographer Rick Close Lmda Lively David Jackson Chuck Baldree Trent Squyers photographer photographer Trip Worden George Bokorney Lmda Van Arsdale Sandra Westbrook photographer photographer Bruce Vay UPPER LEFT: Betsy O ' Brian LEFT CENTER: Rhonda Mankin LOWER LEFT: Kathy O ' Neal: Pam Goudeau RIGHT CENTER: Randy Newsom UPPER RIGHT: Cheryl Bloomfield LEFT: Phyllis Johnson 177 TSEA The Texas Student Education Association provided its members with opportunities for developing personal growth and profes- sional competence. The organization strives for higher stan- dards of preparation and encourages the careful selection and guidance of persons admitted to teacher education programs. The TSEA attended district and state conventions and had guest speakers in the field of education. They also held a pizza party and a tea for SFA professors. The officers of TSEA are Adrienne Gray, president; Patricia Johnson, vice president; Lea Gorka, secretary; Chris Loftin, trea- surer; and DaLee Dennis, historian. The advisers include Dr. Harold Hill, Dr. Frank Smith, Dr. Frank Brooks and Dr. Don Fare. 180 SRS The Social and Rehabilitation Services Stu- dent Association began in 1971 as the SFA Rehabilitation Association. It was involved in Project Help and other community services and changed to SRS in 1974. SRS provides service to the community in the area of social and rehabilitation services. SRS coordinated the " Friends " Volunteer Pro- gram, the Wheelchair Basketball Game, and the Woodland Park Renovation Project, in addition to sponsoring two barn parties. The officers were Jackie Wallace, president; Mary Ellen Webb, vice president; and Lori Fix, secretary-treasurer. The group ' s adviser was Dr. David Jeffrey. UPPER LEFT: The officers of TSEA are DaLee Dennis, Tricia Johnson, Adrienne Gray, Chris Loftin, and Lea Gorka. UPPER RIGHT: The members of SRS are Laurie Hershey. Jackie Wallace, David Jeffrey, Janis Brown, Diane Celestine, Lori Fix, Carol Jante. Mary Ellen Webb. Patricia Garner. Kathy Prichard. LOWER LEFT: The members of TSEA are FIRST ROW: Sheryl Bontrager, Diana Harris. Debbie Shelley, Jimsey Ness, Carol Crozier, Nell Hoskins. Janet NA a 1 1 . Adrienne Gray. Tricia Johnson, Johnny Sciacca. SECOND ROW: Sharon Ault, DaLee Dennis, Denyse Beller, Kathy Prewitt. Mignon Bowers, Christine Loftin. THIRD ROW: Caro- lyn Boudro, Nancy Mann, Sheila Musselman, Barbara Aucorn. Sharla Kirkpatrick, Elsa Aguilar, JoLynn Kahlden, Karen Kennedy, Jan McNatt, Mary Jane May, Suzie Schmidt. Kathy O ' Neal, Donna Holmes, Barbara Puckett, Laura Franks. Brenda Sims, Lea Gorka, Gay Garett, Sarah Canfield, Carol Jackson. FOURTH ROW: Don Fare Cindy Griffith. Pam Macha, Debbie Collins. Cathy Banks, Jul ee Salzman. LOWER RIGHT: The officers of SRS are Lori Fix, Mary Ellen Webb, and Jackie Wallace. 181 SCEC The Student Council for Exceptional Chil- dren has been active at SFA since 1968. The group ' s purpose is to further the understand- ing of handicapped children and youth. In order to be informed about advances made in the field, the SCEC studies current trends and innovations in dealing with the handicapped. The officers are Sharon Ball, president; Vickie Thompson, secretary and Judy Duncan, treasurer. The adviser is Neill S. Hays. la 4 Textiles and Clothing The Textiles and Clothing Club offers opportu- nities for professional advancement in the field of clothing and textiles. The club holds a Home Eco- nomics Clothing Fashion Show each semester. They attend field trips and have guest speakers at their monthly meetings. The officers are Teena Reeves, president; Irene Kottle, vice president; Lindsay Costello, secre- tary; Bobbye Blair, treasurer; and Jean Muse, his- torian. UPPER LEFT: SCEC members are Susan Schmidt, Debbie Moore, Pam Standley. John Spies, Claire Jonas, Bridget Brennan, Amy Althaws, John Bergen, Kathy Hebert. Karen Roper. UPPER RIGHT: Textil es and Clothing Club officers are Irene Kottle, Jean Muse, Teena Reeves, Bobbye Blair, Lindsay Costello. UPPER CENTER: SCEC off. cers are Sharon Ball, Faith Merritt, Mary Williamson, Vicki Thompson. LOWER LEFT: SCEC sponsors are Dr. Paul McGhiey, Dr. Earl Morrison, Neill S. Hays. LOWER RIGHT: Text! les and Clothing Club members are FIRST ROW: Babbie Conn, Sandi Owen, Teena Reeves, Barbi Whaley, Jean Muse, Bobbye Blair, Lindsay Costello. SECOND ROW: Beverly Lambert, Irene Kottle, Denise Sabec, Leabeth Janicek, Freida Colson, Donna Strickenberger, Linda Sipriano, Rita Cardenas, Barbara Ke nnckson, Laura Rutledge, Diane Custer, Margaret Caldwell. 183 Phi Upsilon Omicron The Beta Upsilon chapter of Phi Upsilon Omicron, honorary home economics fraternity, was chartered on April 14, 1973. Organized to advance home economics, the fraternity also aids its members in becoming effective leaders. In addition, the club encourages the intellectual and professional development of the members, along with fostering high professional ethics. The chapter ' s professional project involved working with the Emergency Shelter for Abused and or Neglected Children. The members made toys and planned special outings and birthday parties for the children. Money-making projects for a scholarship fund were also undertaken by the group. 184 Home Economics Club The Home Economics Club was formed to promote among its members the objectives and programs of the Texas Home Economics Association. The organization strives to develop and advance the professional knowledge, abilities and ideals of its members. In the fall, the club participated at THESS (Texas Home Economics Student Section) in Denton. A tasting tea was hosted at which the members invited the public to sample dishes they had personally prepared. Special programs featuring slide shows and arts and crafts presentations are held monthly. UPPER LEFT: The officers of Phi Upsilon Omicron are FIRST ROW: Lane Johnapelus, president: Leona Smith, first vice president, Peggy Batten, second vice president: Claudette Mitchell, recording secretary: Kay Shepherd, corresponding secretary: Marcie McCann, trea- surer. SECOND ROW: Freida Barrett, candle reporter; Linda Lange, chaplain; Suzanne Phillips, librarian; Mary Hudel, historian; Gladys Atherton, faculty adviser. UPPER RIGHT: The members of the Home Economics Club are FIRST ROW: Lynn Leinweber, Marcie McCann, Linda Lange, Shelley Need- ham. Loyce Porter, Lou Ann Freeman, Debbie Olsen, Bobbye Blaire. SECOND ROW: Lisa Deal, Roxie Schantz, Penny Mitchell, Terrye Dixon, Laura Pitcher, Pattie Swink, Sybil Cecil, Janet Ruddick, Chris Pringle. THIRD ROW: Karen Ellis, Lezlie Garms, Kelly Curl, Shan Sh aver, Teena Reeves, Lindsay Costello, Kat hy Feldhousen, Janis Dreitz. FOURTH ROV : Terri Twomey, Ginger McCalla, Claudia Blanch- ard, Nancy Bonar, Helen Drueger, Janet Morrow, Karen Sessions, Peggy Batten, Pam Sandars, Ava Jones, Ellen White. LOWER LEFT: New initiates of Phi Upsilon Omicron are FIRST ROW: Carrie A. Copelin, Leabeth Janicek, Rebecca Harris, Chris Pringle. SECOND ROW: Laurie Lawder, Katherine Feldhousen, Linda Casper, Carol Rush, Sybil Cecil, Janice Sparks. LOWER RIGHT: The officers of the H ome Economics Club are Lou Ann Freeman, parliamentarian; Terri Twomey, vice president; Karen Ellis, historian: Peggy Batten, publicity; Mrs. Dennie Lindsey, adviser: Lynn Leinweber, president. 185 Health Education Club The Health Education Club was formed at SFA in 1972 to help elevate the standards, ideals, competencies, and ethics of profes- sionally trained men and women in the health education field. The club ' s activities include attending the Texas Health Associa- tion for Health and Physical Education convention and visiting dif- ferent community centers to gain a greater understanding of the field. Another goal for the group is bringing speakers to lecture at SFA on various topics in the health field. Phy sical Education Club The Physical Education Club participated in several events at SFA, including intramural sports and the SFA Bass Tournament. The club ' s purpose is to promote physical education in all areas. David Campbell is the group ' s advisor. Officers include Mark Smith, president: Gary Spencer, vice president; Wayne Allen, sec- retary-treasurer, and Rick Hassell, intramural director. wfm " SEW UPPER LEFT: Health Education Club members are Janet Myers, Jayne Elder. UPPER RIGHT: Mu Phi Epsilon members are FIRST ROW: Cathy Cote. Jackie Smith, Debora Miller, Kay Powell, Anna Mane Wieder. SECOND ROW: Beth Dent, Lynne Pringle, Vicki Hughes, Denna Potenza, Cindy Crow, Kim Wier, Judy Putney. LOWER LEFT: Physical Education Club members are FIRST ROW: Steve Grist, Max Taylor, Mike Workman, Wayne Allen, Bob Stringer. SECOND ROW: Robert Booker, Kenneth Franks, Robert Luce, Mike Huffman, Mark Smith, David Campbell, advisor. LOWER RIGHT: Mu Phi Eps.lon officers are FIRST ROW: Judy Putney, Jackie Smith, Lynne Pringle, Devora Miller. SECOND ROW: Dr. Ronald Anderson, advisor: Cindy Crow, Denna Potenza, Vicki Hughes. 186 Mu Phi Epsilon Mu Phi Epsilon recognizes scholarship and musician- ship in music students. The group promotes friendship and sisterhood. Members sing at convalescent centers and work with the children at Luf kin State School. They have music therapy projects, receptions for visiting honorary musi- cians and recitals. The Officers of the group are Lynne Pringle, presi- dent; Devora Miller, vice president; Jackie Smith, sec- retary; Cindy Crow, treasurer; Cecelia Williams, chois- ter; Vicki Hughes, warden; Brenda Stegner, historian, and Judy Putney, historian. Dr. Robert Anderson is the faculty advisor of the club. The sponsor is Carolyn Alhashami. 187 Pi Epsilon Mu Pi Epsilon Mu was formed to serve the Department of Health and Physi- cal Education at SFA and to support the state and national organizations for health, physical education and recreation. With the aid of Miss Sandy Cole, adviser, the club sponsors concession stands for SFA women ' s intercollegi- ate athletic events and for intramural events. Pi Epsilon Mu also supports the Lucille Norton scholarship award. The officers of Pi Epsilon Mu are Brenda Martin, president; and Bar- bara Hothem, secretary-treasurer. UPPER LEFT: Pi Epsilon Mu officers are Brenda Martin, Glenda Grisham, and Barbara Hothem. UPPER RIGHT: Members of Pi Epsilon Mu are FIRST ROW: Tracy Kingan, Leslie Davis, Glenda Grisham, Brenda Grisham, and Pam Boles. SECOND ROW: Jane Jackson, Candy Brewer, Barbara Hothem, Donna Anthony. THIRD ROW: Patsy Adams. Janet Dawee, Laurie Hilland and Debra Dunn. CENTER LEFT: Pi Epsilon Mu members are FIRST ROW: Nina Partin. Gail Show. Dee Watt. Brenda Medina. SECOND ROW: Mikie Snell, Rosanne Doyle, Pam Smith, Kerrie Tate. Jimmie Morrow. THIRD ROW: Con- stance Wright, Jackie Simpson, Susan Virand, Brenda Patton, and Susan Wade. LOWER LEFT: Pi Epsilon M u members are FIRST ROW: Janet Pickens, Madelyn Robertson, Sara Mullikin, Lynne Werner, Merryl Sides. SECOND ROW: Laura Walling, Donna New, Brenda Martin, Reba Poteet, Nancy Maples, Cindy Mann. Robin Ramsey. THIRD ROW: Sherry Redd, and Jan Wells. LOWER RIGHT: Delta Psi Kappa members are Belinda Rice, Nancy Maples, Tracy Kingan. Sharon Daily, Jala Teague, Sally Crain, Linda Heilman, Diana Rohner, Terri Kirkman, Betsy Coker, and Rosann Pincus. Delta Psi Kappa Delta Psi Kappa, an honorary physical education organization, was formed in 1950. Developing interests in physical educa- tion and recognizing outstanding achieve- ments in the field are among the goals of the organization. The club enjoys a Halloween Pledge Party each year and undertakes a service project for the school or community. Money making projects usually include having booths at the various fairs. The group ' s sponsor is Dr. Dorothy Allen. STRAPS The Student Texas Recreation and Park Society (STRAPS) is a non-profit organization of professionals, educa- tors and students dedicated to meet- ing the recreational and park needs of Texas citizens. Their activities include projects, programs, interchapter meetings and social functions. The officers are Peter Beeman, president; Tom Suhor, vice president; Jim Anderson, secretary; Terry Rodg- ers, treasurer and finance chairman; Lois Sprott, project chairman; Cheryl Taylor, membership chairman; Sue Tortello, membership chairman; David Graeber, social committee chairman and Danny Whitworth, internship committee chairman. Dr. Michael Legg is the adviser. UPPER LEFT: The officers of STRAPS are Eugene Harrell, Chet Loving, Jim Anderson, Danny Whitworth, Terry Rodgers. and Mike Legg. UPPER RIGHT: Paul Setliff poses with a sea treasure. CENTER RIGHT: Scuba Club officers are Al Tribble, Gina Pierce, Tom Warren, Sharon LaGrone, Robert Cuppet. LOWER LEFT: STRAPS Club members. LOWER RIGHT: Members of the Scuba Club are FIRST ROW: Jan Meeks, Galen Watson, Rick Palmerton, Val Henderson, Tom Warren. SECOND ROW: Gina Pierce, Bonnie Aldrich, Paul Setliff, Cindy Van Sickle, Dilesa Medlin, Rocky Smith, Al Tribble. THIRD ROW: E.K. Sowell, Robert Cuppet, Ellis Jackson, David Fisher, Kevin Faulk- ner, Calvin Matthews. Charlie Smith. Scuba Club The Scuba Club was founded at SFA on December 3, 1976, to promote scuba and skin div- ing. The club encourages water safety through advanced scuba courses and life-saving instruc- tion, along with cardio-pulmonary resuscitation training. Club members make weekend trips to fresh water lakes and to the gulf on diving expeditions. 191 The spirit of the Seventies is often described as " getting back to nature, ' ' and the SFA Outing Club is one of the best examples of that outdoor spirit. The club, which was founded in 1973 at SFA, sponsors a variety of trips each semes- ter for its approximately 40 members. Activities include back-packing, rock clim- bing and bicycling. In addition to canoeing down the Rio Grande River through Big Bend Nationa Park, backpacking in the Ouachita Moun- tains of Arkansas and the Gila Wilderness of New Mexico, the group participates in the East Texas Country Fair and holds a bazaar in front of the University Center to raise money. The group ' s adviser is McGrath. UPPER: Members of the Outing Club are: FIRST ROW: Red McLeroy, Steve Robinson, Misty Beckwirth. SECOND ROW: Leslie Gaings, Sabra Holm, Steve Bray, Amy Moreland. THIRD ROW: Kathy Small. Danny Ledermann, Dale Evans, Paul Randolph, Phillip Briggs, FOURTH ROW: Cliff Boggus, Byron Kesner Laura Key Dan White. Rick Ehrhart. LOWER: Officers are Dale Evans, Dan White, Byron Kesner, Laura Kay, Danny Lederman. 192 Rodeo Club What kind of person would willingly climb onto the back of a wild bull or horse? Who would bristle with excitement at the thought of wrestling a calf to the ground? The people in the Rodeo Club of SFA would. One of the oldest active organizations at SFA, the Rodeo Club has presented an annual college rodeo since 1958. Some of the club ' s other activities include building a Homecom- ing float and selecting a duchess, sponsoring an inter-school rodeo each fall, and singing Christmas Carols at Lufkin State School. UPPER PHOTO: An SFA Rodeo team member bulldogs a calf. LEFT CENTER: Rodeo Club officers. RIGHT CENTER: SFA Rodeo team. LOWER RIGHT: Rodeo Club members. 193 Fencing Club The SFA Fencing Club became a campus organization in the spring of 1975. The group promotes and encourages the sport of fencing on campus. Members are currently working with Russell K. Weider of Lufkin, one of only I 3 fencing masters in the United States. The club provides basic instruction for beginning fencers and competes with fencing groups from other area colleges and univer- sities. UPPER LEFT: Fencing Club members engage in a match. LOWER LEFT: Fencing Club members demonstrate the beginning stance. RIGHT CENTER: Members of Dixie Flying Machine prepare to fold a parachute. UPPER RIGHT: Larry Heckler helps Bob Tutor with his parachute. LEFT CENTER: Members of the SFA Fencing Club. LOWER RIGHT: Members of Dixie Flying Machine are FIRST ROW: George Freeman, Larry Heckler. Bob Tutor. SECOND ROW: Scott Williams, and Andy Vermillion. Dixie P " ' ' .JTo- 1 , .•■ if- V ■w I » 1, By m J Flying Machine The Dixie Flying Machine Skydivers was chartered by SFA two years ago in an effort to make skydiving a safer and more economical sport for college students. The members take regular weekend lumping trips to Beaumont, Dickinson and Jasper and make occasional demonstration jumps. The skydivers have regular weekly meetings, making student training available anytime. 195 Sigma Delta Chi Sigma Delta Chi received its char- ter July 24, 1976. SDX is the oldest, largest and most representative organization serving the field of pro- fessional journalism. The purpose of Sigma Delta Chi is to raise the journalistic standards of its members, to recognize achieve- ment by |Ournalists, to recruit and hold able young talent for journalism, to advance the cause of freedom of information, and to elevate the pres- tige of journalism. The local chapter publishes a monthly newsletter, invites various speakers to its meetings, holds field trips, and sponsors a press day work- shop. The annual Initiation Banguet was also a highlight of the year. The officers are George Bokorney, president; Randall Perry, vice presi- dent; Christi Harlan, secretary-trea- surer; Cheryl Bratz, executive secre- tary and Kris Myers, program chair- man. Adviser is Mary Ruth Dunlap. Speaker ' s Bureau The SFA Speaker ' s Bureau was begun five years ago to give speech students an oppor- tunity to gain experience in public speaking while performing a public service. With approximately 17 students involved in the program this year, the Speaker ' s Bureau has grown in popularity. At the reguest of any group or organization, the bureau provides a 25-minute program con- sisting of two student speakers, free of charge. Dr. William H. Bos, co-creator and cur- rent director of the bureau, coordinates the programs. UPPER LEFT: Sigma Delta Chi officers are George Bokorney, Christ! Harlan, Randall Perry. UPPER RIGHT: M embers of the Speaker ' s Bureau discuss business at their weekly meeting. LOWER LEFT: Sigma Delta Chi members are Phyllis Webster, Rosanne Doyle, Marty McConnell, Pam Goudeau, Christi Harlan, Cheryl Bratz. Betsy O ' Brian, Kris Myers, Kathy Lovelady. Mary Ruth Dunlap, advisor: George Bokorney, Louis DeLuca. LOWER RIGHT: Speaker ' s Bureau members are FIRST ROW: Melody Chatelle, Kevin Jacks, Claudia Neal, Phil Duncan, Jay Barnes. SECOND ROW: Debbie Beau- champ, T. H. Wilson, Morris Matthis, Skip Balch, Dr. William Bos, director. 197 Syl vans The purpose of Sylvans Club is to further members ' interest in all aspects of forestry. Activities are Diboll Day, Lumberjack events at Homecoming, intramu- ral teams, Parents Day and the 20th Conclave in the spring. Social events include a barbeque at Homecoming, a Christmas party and an end-of-the-year party. Officers are Robert Koether, president; Elwyn Richmon, vice presi- dent; Danny Dructor, vice president; Carol Park, secretary, and Dan Neish, treasurer. The adviser is Bruce Cutter. Society of American Foresters The Society of American Foresters fosters a professional attitude among students. It helps acquaint them with professional aspects of fores- try. The foresters joined in several activities this year spanning from semi- nars to work projects. The members listen to various speakers and attend three SAF Conventions. They also co-sponsor Parents Day. The SAF leaders are Ed Guest, president; William Gwaltney, vice pres- ident; Linda Howes, secretary, and Karl Hansen, treasurer. The sponsors are Dr. Herschel Reeves and Monty Whiting. 199 Kappa Kappa Psi Kappa Kappa Psi, national honorary band fraternity, fulfills many band related services. The group provides work crews to maintain the Lumberjack Band ' s equipment. Also they pro- vide ushers for concerts, sell instrument sup- plies, sponsor concerts, and raise money for band activities. Social events include a Homecoming dance, spring banquet, fall freshman reception, spring pledge reception, post-football game dances, pledge breakfast and band parties. Tau Beta Sigma Tau Beta Sigma, national honorary band sorority, serves the Lumberjack band through their work with the band director and Kappa Kappa Psi. The group serves water to the band mem- bers during daily marching rehearsals, provides band roster, polishes shoes before each game, hosts visiting bands and provides snacks on bus trips. Social events are a Homecoming dance, Christmas party, a band picnic, and the Kappa Kappa Psi-Tau Beta Sigma Spring Banquet. 200 UPPER LEFT: Members of Kappa Kappa Psi are FIRST ROW: John Squier, John Carroll, Gary Goodwin. Scott M ason, Tommy Guidry and Keith Hooks. SECOND ROW: Dennis Kennington, Gary Fort, Denny Vasquez, Tommy Pace and Gary Traylor. THIRD ROW: Joe McCormick, Craig Rickerson, Eddie Nieto, Alan Gilbert. Richard Webb and Burdett Glady. FOURTH ROW: Kenny Goodson, Johnny Manns. Roy Benton and Jimmy Battle. FIFTH ROW: Walter Eagleton, Jeff Harrison and Fred Alford. SIXTH ROW: Chuck Nelms and Leland Knapp. UPPER RIGHT: K appa Pi members Linda Nowell. Tonja Davis. Debra Smith. Lisa Lessenberry, Marian Stanley, Nancy Darwin and Connie Luce attend a framing demonstration at Gallery 1 07. LOWER LEFT: Members of Tau Beta Sigma are FIRST ROW: Carol Rush, Beth Saunders and Susan Mill- iorn. SECOND ROW: Sandy Goode, Nancy Pereira. Rosanne Doyle, Dena Kidd, Sara Mullikin, Sharon Riggs, Sandra Gilley and Cindy Crow. THIRD ROW: Carol Jonte, Patti Aldredge, Robin Wilson, Jane Simpson, Kay Krupala. Kathy Oliver, Teresa Morris, Peggy Fussell, Carol Bolinger. Cherie Friedel, Becky Shelton, Angela Cary, Jan Richards and Sue Smith. LOWER RIGHT: Officers of Kappa Pi are Nancy Darwin, Stuart Kato, Linda Nowell and Nancy Godsey. Kappa Pi Kappa Pi is the oldest honorary art frater- nity in the U.S. It was founded in 1911 at the University of Kentucky. The SFA chapter, Beta lota, was formed in 1952 under the sponsorship of Dr. Karl Schlicher. The members participate in lectures, dem- onstrations, art sales and trips to various art shows. The group gives two or more scholar- ships each year. The officers are Linda Nowell, president; Nancy Godsey, vice president, and Cindy Kurtz, secretary. Reese Kennedy sponsors the club. Alpha Psi Omega Alpha Psi Omega fraternity provides recognition to outstand- ing college theatre students through membership in the national honorary fraternity. Beta Phi Cast was chartered on this campus in 1926 and has remained active since that time. The fraternity sponsors a $ I 00 scholarship in theatre to a high school senior each year. It is recognized through publication of production pictures and the annual " Playbill. " Members host a theatre majors and minors reception, along with a theatre awards banguet. UPPER LEFT: Members of Alpha Psi Omega are Jerry Cochran, Sheri Wise, Andi Sparks, Jill Turnbow. Michael Hayes, Arthur Gonzales, Vanda Edwards. Scott Standish, and David Marcum. UPPER CENTER: Members of Pi Kappa Delta. UPPER RIGHT: Pi Kappa Delta officers exercise their authority. LOWER RIGHT: Pi Kappa Delta officers. 202 Pi Kappa Delta Pi Kappa Delta is an honorary forensic fraternity in which membership is deter- mined by the number of intercollegiate debates entered. The organization fosters growth and closer relationships between the forensic organizations at different schools. They participate in national, regional and local tournaments. 203 Radio Club The purpose of the Radio Club is to stimulate interest in ama- teur radio and to provide instruction in radio theory and code to help members in obtaining proper FCC licensing. The club also provides an opportunity for students to operate ham radio eguipment. Members participated in construction projects of transmitters and antennas to provide experience in experimentation and building equipment. 204 Austin Raiders The Austin Raiders pre- pare ROTC cadets for duty in the Army and in civilian life. This preparation includes both physical and mental training. Field training exercises such as rappelling and patroling are regular activi- ties. Advisors are Cpt. Dallas Miller and Sgt. M. Harvey Heseman. UPPER LEFT: Radio Club officers are FIRST ROW: John Paul Schwartz (WB5YFG), secretary-treasurer: James R. Molland, president. SECOND ROW: Victor J. Hoff (WB5BJS). sponsor: and John D. Decker (WA5YQL), sponsor. CENTER RIGHT: Wall h anging in the Military Science Building done by Lorleta Brewton. UPPER RIGHT: Officers of the Austin Raiders are Robert Birdwell, commander, and Tim McGlasher, deputy commander. LOWER LEFT: Members of the Radio Club are FIRST ROW: Philip Blackburn (WB5TAL), James R. Holland, Hoy Bryson. SECOND ROW: John P. Decker (WA5YQL), Albert Fisher (WB5IHY), Fred H. Fisher (WN5PHT), Jonh Paul Schwartz (WB5YFG), and Victor J. Hoff (WB5BJS). LOWER RIGHT: Me mbers of the Austin Raiders are FIRST ROW: Stan Scott, Raegan Rayburn, Tim Anderson, Tim McGlashen, Robert Birdwell, John Cotellesse, John Bloxon. SECOND ROW: Garey Mann, Nelson Clark. Cliff Cheadle. Robert Nicholson. Bernd Ingram, Billy Moye, Phillip Dye, Rick Barber, Cpt. Dallas Miller. 205 Scabbard and Blade Scabbard and Blade is the honorary military science society at SFA. Membership is by invitation to those cadets who are enrolled in the advanced course in ROTC and who have a 3.5 SPA in military science. The purpose of Scabbard and Blade is to promote the highest ideals of leadership and duty by example and to promote the military science department itself. The officers of the Society are Cdt. Cpt. John She- ley, Cdt. I Lt. Mike Parham, Cdt. 2Lt. Robert Miller and Cdt. Maj. Ann Parham. The adviser is Cpt. Dallas Miller. UPPER LEFT: Tina Valdivia jokes with Rick Gay. UPPER RIGHT: Members of Esprit de Corps are Lydia Mendoza, Rolinda Duran, Tammy Fitzgerald, Ann Parham, Kim Dillow, and Wendy Chase. LOWER LEFT: Members of Scabbard and Blade are FIRST ROW: Tina Valdivia, Wendy Chase, Rick Gay. SECOND ROW: Jeff Porterfield, Ann Parham, Robert Miller, John Sheley, Cpt. Dallas Miller. LOWER CENTER: Esprit de Corps members lounge in the halls of the Military Science Building. LOWER RIGHT: Members of Esprit de Corps admire Kim Dillow ' s puppy. 206 Esprit de Corps The Esprit de Corps was establ- ished on Sept. 27, 1973, to promote interest in the Army ROTC and the United States Army. The group helps girls interested to learn about military life. Members host an open house for the military science department and help in fund-raising projects for the Military Ball. 207 Power Jacks The Power Jacks pick ' em up and put ' em down — weights, that is. The new club began its first semester at SFA this spring. The club was organized to promote intercolle- giate competition in weight lifting, an ideal which they will carry out by sponsoring intramural weightlifting. The club ' s officers are Habib Khan, president; Don Hennigan, vice president; Gay Fuller, secre- tary and Blair Weaver, treasurer. The adviser is Dr. Raymond L. Worsham. AU 208 Sigma Pi Sigma Sigma Pi Sigma, the physics honor society, recognizes excel- lence in physics for undergraduate and graduate students. The group conducts public view- ing sessions at the observatory. They have an annual spring ban- quet and an annual spring picnic. Officers are John Cooper, presi- dent; Jo Burroughs, vice president and Bob Collier, secretary-trea- surer. Dr. James Nicholson is the sponsor. UPPER: Officers of Sigma Pi Sigma are Bob Collier, John Cooper and Jo Bur- roughs. LOWER: Members of Sigma Pi Sigma are PIRST ROW: Bob Collier and Jo Bur- roughs. SECOND ROW: John Cooper, Dr. John Decker and Dr. James Nichol- son. THIRD ROW: Dr. Harry Downing, Wendall Goad and Alex Domlcowski. 209 Geology Club The SFA Geology Club provides an opportunity for those interested in geol- ogy and related fields of science to get together and share their interests. The group has monthly meetings with slide presentations and guest speakers. They also travel on field trips to different parts of Texas to study the environment. The members also participate in many fund-raising projects. American Ch emicai Society The Student Affiliate of the American Chemical Society helps students of chemistry and related sci- ences to become better acquainted with profes- sional chemists. The society also helps to instill a sense of pride and responsibility as a modern chemist. Members take field trips to industrial sights. They maintain the bulletin board in the Chemistry Building with current events, club news, and a faculty member of the month. UPPER LEFT: Geology Club officers are Debra Schiltz. vice president; Mark Zbylot. president; Pat Smith, treasurer and Deborah Richardson, secretary. UPPER RIGHT: American Chemical Club officers are Anne Wood, vice president: and Carloyn Salter, president LOWER LEFT: Members of the Geology Club are FIRST ROW: Steve Amy, Glenn Holland. Gary Boland, Mark Zbylot, David Kilgore. SECOND ROW: Dr. Austin Sartm. Steve Overman, Gary Moelyr, Tom Cheatham, Molly O ' Kelly. Debbie Schultz, Pat Smith. David Willis. Ken Marx, Mike Cummings. THIRD ROW: Earl F. Mouton, Martin J. Deuth, Steve Montgomery, Steve Roe, Bruce Cunin. LOWER RIGHT: Members of the American Chemical Club are FIRST ROW: Brenda Covey, Sara Michie, Carolyn Salter, Anne Wood, Nancy Cain, John S. Kozaki. SECOND ROW: John Moore, Marsha Spetter, Jim Reed. Laurie Bynum, Gary Chesnut, Russell Wiles. 21 1 Pi Mu Epsilon Pi Mu Epsilon is organized for the promotion of scholarly activities in mathematics among students in aca- demic institutions and among the staffs of qualified, non-academic insti- tutions. They meet once a month to hear speakers on current math topics, and they hold a spring banquet each year to initiate new members and name the " Outstanding Senior Math Student. " The current group is an outgrowth of the SFA Math Club, which was first organized in 1958 and affiliated with Pi Mu Epsilon in 1970. 212 Alpha Chi Alpha Chi is a national honor society with the purpose of promoting scholarship. The SFA chapter has a member- ship of about 200. The club participates in an essay contest, regional and national conventions and a spring banguet to initiate new members. Advisors are Dr. Joe Ericson, Dr. Edwin Gaston, Dr. June Irwin, Dr. Leslie Thompson and Dr. Sybil Wyatt. UPPER LEFT: Officers of P. Mu Epsilon are FIRST ROW: Sherrie Sweat, president: Karen Kruckemeyer, vice president: Harold Bunch, sponsor: Jamie Weeks, secretary-treasurer. LOWER RIGHT: Members of Alpha Chi discuss their classes. CENTER LEFT: Pi Mu Epsilon members get acquainted. LOWER LEFT: Members of Pi Mu Epsilon are FIRST ROW: Sherrie Sweat, Carol Bunch, Marcy Dickson, Katherine Hulpiau. Beth Dent. SEC- OND ROW: Nancy Griffin, Karen Kruckemeyer, Sherry Moran, Sharon Mach. THIRD ROW: Jamie Weeks, Jane Simpson, Jo Burroughs, Dr. E. D. McCune. FOURTH ROW: Dr. Doyle Alexander, David Lindberg, Kerry Coffman, Dr. W. D. Clark. FIFTH ROW: David Holiday, Harold Bunch, Julius Burkett. UPPER RIGHT: Alpha Chi officers are Rhonda Straubing, president: Ann Richardson, corresponding secretary: Dr. Leslie Thompson, sponsor: Jackie Morton, vice-president: Cris Carrow, official student delegate: Jan Banman, recording secretary. 213 Sandra Abbot Sabrma Alcocer Jackie Auit Mary Baity Dorlj Brady Deborah B oyles Karla Burleson Kathy Butts Karen Caldwell Lauren Chandler Glorls Chiang Cathy Collins Cathy Conery Roian Dalton Jan.e Doucet Diane Douglas Susan Dulweber Marca Fields Laurie Insell Analee Karrenbroclt Laura Kethchum Marlou Klljn t Kosco Anqie Langston Cathy Lee Linda Lively Nancy McCarley Melany McCoy Daphne McCullough Susan Moser Mary Mulcare Betsy Norns Linda Oal e Patt. O Bryan Gay Oberle Shan Pearson Mary Poindexter Pam Proft Lesley Rainey Anne Reily Sharon Romere Coralee Roush Karen Russe mmie Lou Rutherford Donna Schoettler Karon Smith Jan Soape Donna Solomon Michele Stewart Jeantta Stripling Kri sti Thayer Jeanette Timmons Patricia Tonltovich Anne Vargas Phi Chi Theta Phi Chi Theta, an organization designed to promote fraternity and cooperation among women preparing for business careers, sponsored many interesting activities for its members. Tours of American Airlines and Ogilvy and Mather Advertis- ing Agency, in addition to parties at Halloween, Valentine ' s Day and Easter were some of the group ' s events. Business meetings were held weekly, often including dinner and guest speakers. The club ' s sponsor is Mrs. Peggy Self. Alpha Kappa Psi Alpha Kappa Psi, a fraternity for male business majors and minors, was formed to foster scientific research in the fields of commerce, accounting and finance. Other goals of the fraternity include promoting college business courses and educating the public in higher business ethics. The officers are John C. Walker, president; Phil C. Penin, vice-president; S. Franklin Weeks, secretary; Bruce Lowther, treasurer and Donal M. Etheridge, master of rituals. The advisers include Mr. Jessie Richardson and Dr. E. Dwayne Key. UPPER RIGHT: The officers of Alpha Kappa Psi are FIRST ROW: John Walker, Phil Perrin. SECOND ROW: Bruce Lowther, Don EtReridge, Franklin Weeks. RIGHT CENTER: Alpha Kappa Psi Little Sisters are Mandy Reierson, Corlee Roush, Lisa Thompson, Claire Jonas, Beth Thompson, Donna Richardson, Julie Harris. LOWER RIGHT: The members of Alpha Kappa Psi are FIRST ROW: Don Etheridge, Mike Scharffer, Steve Barney, Bill Gars- wich, Gaylen Blackburn, Phil Perrin, Jim Franko. SECOND ROW: Bruce Lowther, Tom Brown. Larry Sebastion, Ray Klies- ing, Franklin Weeks, Darrell Smith, John Walker. Accounting Club The Accounting Club offers tutoring sessions in the fall and a tax clinic in the spring. Each semester the club members visit prominent public and private accounting firms and industrial firms. They also have a party for all members and advisers at the end of the semester. The club tries to encourage and foster the ideal of service as the basis of the accounting profession, to promote the highest ethical standards in the study of accounting and to provide opportunities for association among the members and practicing accountants. Officers are Ann Richardson, president; Tim Keng, vice presi- dent; Debbie Quinn, secretary treasurer and Steve Wood, public relations. The advisers are Dr. John Whitt, Dr. Cecil Dollar and Dr. Frank Ross. 216 NCAS The National Collegiate Association for Secretaries (NCAS), organized in 1973, pro- vides an opportunity for office administra- tion majors and minors pursuing a secretar- ial or related career to identify with a pro- fessional group. NCAS presented yellow roses to campus secretaries in the spring in honor of National Secretaries Week. The members participated in various programs and money-making projects. Parties and ban- quets are some of their leisure acti vities. Sharon Kunitz is president, and Linda Bol- lier is vice president. Jean Rudisill sponsors the club. UPPER LEFT: Accounting Club Officers. UPPER RIGHT: The offl cers of NCAS are Sharon Kunitz, president; Linda Bollier, vice president; Pam Proft, publicity chairman; Cathy Percy, treasurer; Carla Simpson, historian; Martha Durdin, membership chairman; Sybil Lowery, vice president and Mrs. Jean Rudisill, sponsor. LEFT CENTER: Accounting Club members. LOWER LEFT: Accounting Club members. LOWER RIGHT: The members of NCAS are FIRST ROW: Sybil Lowery, June Nelson, Roxanne Hall. Joan Boggio, Diane Cotton, Linda Oake, Jean Rudisill, sponsor. SECOND ROW: Martha Durdin, Linda Bollier, Sharon Kunitz, Cathy Percy, Carla Simpson. Debbie Brugger, Marilyn Thames, Mary Rohrer. THIRD ROW: Debbie Broyles, and Pam Proft. Upsilon Pi Epsilon Upsilon Pi Epsilon national fraternity was founded in 1967 at Texas A M Uni- versity. The Delta Chapter at SFA received its charter in March 1975. It is the fourth chapter in Texas. The organization promotes high schol- arship and original investigation in the different branches of computer science. Its members enjoy picnics, trips and banquets each semester, along with monthly meetings featuring guest speak- ers. 218 Computer Science Club The purpose of the Computer Science Club is to act as a medium between profes- sional persons and students interested in computer science. The club tries to inform students of current topics in the computer science field, in addition to presenting actual commercial application of computers. Field trips to Texas Instruments in Dallas and to Southland Paper Mill in Luf kin add variety to the group ' s activities. A " Star Trek " Tournament, Christmas Party and Spring Banguet are some of the other events of the year. The club ' s adviser is Dr. Gerald Ripley. The club ' s officers are Robert Wesneski, presi- dent; Kyle Lynch, vice president; Analee Karrenbrock, secretary and Kelley Bitner, trea- surer. Young Republi- cans The SFA Young Republicans promotes the Republican Party and educates stu- dents concerning political issues. Activities include issues forums and debates, guest speakers, election cam- paigns and voter registration. Officers are Vic Zuber, president; Tony Shelton, vice president and Tina Pare, secretary treasurer. The group ' s adviser is Norman Cox, assistant professor of general busi- UPPER LEFT: Faculty ad visers for Upsilon Pi Epsilon are Jesse Mixon, Camille Price, George Dailey and Dr. Jarrell Grout. UPPER RIGHT: The members of the Computer Science Club are Sherry Moran, Quanah Freeman, Richard Greer, Carol Watts, Jaci Montgomery, Kim Jones, Analee Karrenbrock, Andy Trawick, Kyle Lynch, Kelley Bittner and Robert Wesneski. LOWER LEFT: Members of Upsilon Pi Epsilon are Mary Burton, Robert Wesneski, Analee Karrenbrock. Bruce Lowther and Kyle Lynch. LOWER CENTER: Robert Wesneski, Camille Price and Analee Karrenbrock examine a computer tape. LOWER RIGHT: Members of Young Republicans are Scott Flynn, Michael Schaefer, Darla Brady, Vic Zuber, Paula Morris, Robert Holt and Norman Cox. Spanish Club The Spanish Club promotes better understanding between the Hispanic and American cultures. It provides an opportunity for Spanish students to practice speaking. Members go to dinners in which they participate in cooking regional foods from Hispanic-America. Officers are Kathleen Tanner, president; Lala Palacios, first vice president; Patti Waller, second vice president; Myrta Bal- leste, secretary, and Barbara Folk, treasurer. The sponsor is Igna- cio Munoz. UPPER: The members of Sigma Delta Pi are FIRST ROW: Jane Carroll and Lynn Choate. SECOND ROW: Valerie Welbourn, Jan Banman and James Cook. CENTER: The Officers of the Spanish Club are Jay Harrison. Kathleen Tanner, Nori Palacious, Lola Palacious and Michael Rossow. LOWER: The members of the Spanish Club are FIRST ROW: Maria Cano. Kathleen Tanner and Jan Banman. SECOND ROW: Nori Palacios, Lala Palacios, Myrta Bal- leste and Gloria Novel. THIRD ROW: Shellie Curry, Ignacio Munoz, Randy Welch and James Cook. FOURTH ROW: Fernando Noa III, Jay Harrison and Michael Ros- Sigma Delta Pi Sigma Delta Pi is an honor society for Spanish students. This group gives students a wider knowledge of and a greater love for the Hispanic contributions to modern cluture. It provides a nucleus for Spanish student activities and regional meetings. The club participates in national essay contests, publishes a national bulletin and initiates new members at a banguet held each semester. Officers are Patricia Lowry, president; Mary Newcomer, vice president, and Lynn Choate, secretary-treasurer. Dr. Vivian Gru- ber is the advisor. Beta Beta Beta Beta Beta Beta, honor society, promotes scholarship and also serve as guides and workers at the Science Open House, research in the biological sciences. A barbegue for club and biology faculty members was held at The chapter sponsors lectures, films and field trips. Members the beginning of the fall semester. UPPER CENTER: Officers of Beta Beta Beta are Brenda Covey, vice president; Carolyn Salter, secretary; Brian Hull, historian: Sara Michie, president. UPPER RIGHT: Beta Beta Beta members participate in an open discussion session. LOWER: Members of Beta Beta Beta are FIRST ROW: Carolyn Salter, Lynn Davis, Dottle Overman, Brenda Covey, Mike Harry. SECOND ROW: Sara Michie, Randy Gray, Steve Bennett, Fran Smith, Nancy Griffin, Brian Hull, Robert Marroquin and Dr. Fred L. Rainwater. 221 Phi Alpha Theta Phi Alpha Theta is the history honor society. The club encourages study and scholarship in the field of history. A speaker symposium concerning various topics is the highlight of the year. The group has one initiation banquet each semester. Officers of Phi Alpha Theta are Kathy Hennard, presi- dent; Carol Connor, vice president, and Connie King, sec- retary-treasurer. Dr. Robert Mathis and Dr. James Nichols are sponsors of the society. UPPER: Phi Alpha Theta members are FIRST ROW: Kemper Smith, Kathy Hennard, Glen Nordt and Connie King. SECOND ROW: Dan Hannon, Billy Parker, Carol Halles, Joe Crawford and Kay Krupala. LOWER: The officers of Phi Alpha Theta are Kathy Hennard, Glen Nordt and Con- nie King. 222 Lambda Alpha Epsilon Lambda Alpha Epsilon, also known as the Ameri- can Criminal Justice Association, is a national frater- nity founded in 1932. The purpose of the fraternity is to put profession- alism into the criminal justice system. Through films, speakers, and field trips to Hunts- ville and Tyler, the members learn about the legal systems in the United States. They also participate in activities involving courts, corrections, and law enforcement. UPPER: Officers of Lambda Alpha Epsilon are William Woodworth, faculty adviser; Bill Kiltrell, president and Alyce Brooks, secretary. LOWER: Members of Lambda Alpha Epsilon are FIRST ROW: Bill Kiltrell, Dan Norton, Alyce Brooks, Kyle Johnson. SECOND ROW: Martin Cramer, James Hanshaw, Steve Jurney, Terry Beasley, and William F. Woodworth. 223 Future Farmers of A merica The purpose of the Future Farmers of America is to develop competent, aggressive, rural and agricultural leadership. Its ideals are to create and nurture a love of country life and to strengthen the confidence of vocational purposes. Members assist with the FFA leadership contests and serve as hosts to visit- ing chapters. The group ' s officers are Blake Bostick, president; Charles Weeks, vice presi- dent; Gary Dowdy, treasurer; Susan Blome, secretary; Perry Fenley. reporter and Weeks Crawford, student adviser. The sponsor is Dr. J. C. Green. UPPER LEFT: FFA members are Perry Fenley, Blake Paul Lamb, Charles Weeks, Susan Blome, James Akin, Tony Weather- ford, Gary Dowdy, Clyde Harrington. LOWER LEFT: The FFA Sweetheart is Susan Blome. 224 Phi Alpha Kappa Phi Alpha Kappa, the finance fraternity, promotes academic achievement in the finance field and acq- uaints the members with possible career areas. The offices of Merrill Lynch and the Federal Reserve Branch in Houston were the sites of two field trips made by the club. The members listen to guest speakers, attend a spring banquet and several social gatherings. The group s officers are Paul Wilkins, president; Cathy Gann, vice president; Steve Horlander, trea- surer, and Eddie Temple, secretary. Dr. John H. Lewis is the advisor. JPPER: The officers of Phi Alpha Kappa are FIRST ROW: Steve Horlander. SECOND ROW: Edward Temple. THIRD ROW: Cathy Gann. FOURTH ROW: ' aul Wilkins. OWER: The members of Phi Alpha Kappa are FIRST ROW: Eileen Sorrells, Barbara Sodeman. Steven Webster, Susan Moser and Cathy Sann. SECOND •OW: Cindy Cosman, Steve Horlander, Edward Temple and Vic Zuber. THIRD ROW: Paul Wilkins, Dave Stewart, Brad Morton and Michael Schaefer. 225 Publicity The town crier in a Puritan settle- ment would probably have been a member of the University Center Publicity Committee if he had attended SFA. The UCPC gives students an opportunity to practice their skills while publicizing university events. Committee members keep informed with new techniques such as Linos- cribe type and photo silk-screen art- work. Communi- cations The University Center Communica- tions Committee involves SFA stu- dents in a unique way to develop their skills in the communication field. Members of the committee are responsible for writing press releases for the school, local, and area newspa- pers, making radio spots, doing televi- sion interviews on behalf of the Uni- versity Center, and many other activi- ties. Technical Services The University Center Technical Services Committee is a new and very important addition to the UC Committees. This com- mittee provides operation and maintenance of all technical equipment such as the public address system, spot lights, film projectors and others. UPPER LEFT: Publicity Committee members are FIRST ROW: Anne Gould. Sheryl Artmann, Bonny Pickett, Leslie Williams. SECOND ROW: David Long, Michael Schaefer, Dale Mitchell. George Rowe. Clyde Stringer. UPPER CENTER: Communications Committee discusses UC activities. UPPER RIGHT: Dav.d Roberts presides over a Technical Services Committee meeting. LOWER LEFT: Co mmunications Committee members are FIRST ROW: Carrie Eubank, Melody Chatelle, Kathleen Keaton. James Locey, Jill Hoffman, Ginny Hoffman. SECOND ROW: Becki Warnock. Kevin Powers, Jean Albert, Becky King. LOWER RIGHT: Tech nical Services Committee members are FIRST ROW: Paul Rottman, David Roberts, Wendy Smith. SECOND ROW: Glenn Smith, Bryan Franklin Frank Gallagher, Murray McCarley. CO CD CD O u CD -I- C CD u CO s_ CD Cinema Arts You may not get a starring role in a new movie because of your experience on the University Center Arts Committee, but you will have a good time. bringing movies like ' The Pink Panther, " " The Longest Yard, " " Phantom of the Opera, " " Robin and Marian, " and many others to SFA for minor costs to students, the UCCAC is one of the most popular committees on campus. Members also help in selecting door prizes and running the Projectors. 228 Da nee Dances, coffeehouses, and mini-concerts are the specialties of the University Dance Committee. Not only do the committee members round up performers for the coffeehouses and concerts, but they find and contract bands for all UC dances. The Golden Rule Back to School Dance, the Mummy ' s Dance and a spring Kikker Dance were just a few of the activi- ties sponsored by the group. UPPER LEFT: The Cinema Arts Committee members are FIRST ROW: Kathie Talafuse. Jon Alspaw, Marsha Spitter, Richard Howard, Karla Berkmann. SECOND ROW: Otis Cohn. Donna Ruggiero, Cheryl Goetschivs. Elise Walker, Devora Miller. THIRD ROW: Bill Carnegie, Cathy Smith, Tim Morgan, Jan Strickland. UPPER RIGHT: Steve Jennings and Cat Franzing discuss coming dances. UPPER CENTER: Members of the Dance Committee discuss plans for their weekly meeting. LOWER LEFT: UC Fa ir and Carnival Committee. LOWER RIGHT: Dance Committee members are Judy Williams, Kimberly Moore, Caf Franzing, Steve Jennings, Nancy Kincy. Linda Micheals, Lynette Warthen. 229 Special Interest Classes If you get a chance to learn to make bread or weave baskets at the UC, you probably did It in one of the Special Interest Commit- tee ' s classes. The committee finds, schedules, plans, equips and organizes the free, non-credit courses, which have included everything from out- door survival and camping to needlepoint and basic photography. The committee strives to give students a chance to develop their personalities as well as their minds. Hospitality The University Center Hospitality Committee promotes activi- ties that encourage unity of SFA students and faculty members whether married or single. The UCHC plans activities and decorations for children ' s Hal- loween and Christmas parties, decorates the University Center for Christmas and Homecoming and supervises the sale of Santagrams and Valograms. -j-, ' ... • trig UPPER LEFT: Special Interest Classes Committee members are Susan Langston, Debbie Mundy, Donna Spaulding, Sue Pritchett, Koy Coffer, Cindy Terry. UPPER RIGHT: Ideas and Issues Committee members are FIRST ROW: John Shelby Richey, Becky Wood, Greg Thompson, Hans Derr. SECOND ROW: Marcel Pajuelo, Marcy Harrison. Sue Wiederspann, Rick Rhodes, Fritz Schanz. LOWER LEFT: Hospitality Committee members are FIRST ROW: Katby Bare, Susan Hitt, Andrea Hudson, Luann Clements, Dolores Durr. SECOND ROW: Tricia Zehm, Teresa Voit, Ann Cartwright. Cathy Hammonds. THIRD ROW: Robbie Asberry, Belinda Hines, Martha Durdin. Linda Gill. FOURTH ROW: Kristin Mourn. LOWER CENTER: Recreation Committee members are FIRST ROW: Denice Pickering, Carl Worsham. SECOND ROW: David King, Tom Potton. LOWER RIGHT: Recreation Committee members discuss their trip to Colorado. id eas an d ssues Sometimes the world seems far away when a student gets caught up in the whirl of campus life — parties, classes, and dates. But the University Center Ideas and Issues Committee tries to keep students informed and interested in " what ' s hap- pening out there " by bringing noted speakers to SFA. Lecturers such as Keith Stroup of the National Organization for the Reforming of Marijuana Laws, William Knutsler, attorney for William and Emily Harris, and a variety of others brought deeper insights to many SFA students. Recreation If they ' re not trying to entice you to go canoeing, backpack- ing, or rafting down some river, the University Center Recrea- tion Committee is sponsoring a spades tournament or chili cook- off. Sub-committees on travel, outdoor recreation, and tourna- ments enable the committee to provide a wide variety of activi- ties including student trips to the Bahamas and Colorado. 231 CD u Food Se rvices The University Center Food Services Com- mittee strives to achieve excellence in all the SFA Food services, which include the college cafeterias, " Vista Inn, vending machines and catered banguets. The UCFSC has been responsible for cafete- ria decorations, special dinners, ice cream sun- daes, breakfast for dinner, and other special innovations. UPPER LEFT: Mam ' selles are FIRST ROW: Rita Cardenas, Helen Krueger, Lisa Wendtland, Serena Miller, Pamela Sneed, Janic Fostic, Mary Lee Forgey, Suzanne Logan, Sandi Miller, Cathy Howard. SECOND ROW: Connie Muller, Jaime Graham, Theresa Veiga, Denice Pickering, Kathy Morris, D ' Lesa Medlin, Mignon Bowers, Nancy Rainey. UPPER RIGHT: Fashion Committee officers are Stephanie Gordon, Barbara Henrichsen, Rita Cardenas. LOWER LEFT: Food Services Committee members are Ginger McCalla, Kris Canon, Anita Seamans, Rita Coyne, Lisa Troeger, Susan Mitchell, Walter Gruenwall, Brian Kissell. LOWER RIGHT: Fashion Committee members are Laura Gates, Rita Cardenas, Stephanie Susan Gordon, Mignon Bowers, Sharon Harris, Terry Witte, Irene Kottle, Charlene Wheelus, Kim Schwartz, Cecilia Tonkovitch, Marcel Pajuelo, Kim Fish, Sharon Barlow, Cathy Wilson, Barbara Henrichsen, Mary Lee Forgey, Connie Muller. 233 Lutheran Student Movement The Lutheran Student Movement helps students to grow in Christian knowledge, fellowship and service with each other and with the community. Group members participate in church dinners; Bible stud- ies, intramural teams and service projects. An annual campus- congregation picnic, an annual fish fry and group parties are the social events of the year. The officers are Kevin Cramm president; Sabrina Alcocer, vice president; and Rhonda McGuire, secretary treasurer. John Hamilton and Pastor Rick Swanson are the advisers. Baptist Student Union The Baptist Student Union provides opportunities for stu- dents to mature in their Christian faith and to witness their faith in Christ, both in word and deed. Members attend retreats, work with the aged in Nacog- doches, volunteer to teach religion at Lufkin State School and loin in worship and Bible studies. BSU sponsors two enlistment parties, after ball game fellowships and picnics. Evangelism training and leadership training are also available. Martus Miley, Dave Petty and Dr. Terry Box are the advis- ers of BSU. UPPER PHOTO: Members of the Lutheran Student Movement. LOWER PHOTO: Members of the Baptist Student Union. 234 Wesley Foundation The Wesley Foundation started its services on Jan. 3, 1929. It provides Christian fellowship in an atmosphere of worship, spirit- ual growth, community outreach and fun. The group cleans the football stadium, and went on ski and canoe trips during the year. Members also visit local nursing homes and participate in share groups. Yell ow nouse The Yellow House began at SFA in 1968. It provides recrea- tion, fellowship, instruction and counsel for Christian students. Members have four retreats a year and participate in intramu- ral sports. Devotionals and Bible classes are held weekly. The campus minister is Michael L. Forston. UPPER RIGHT: Members of the Wesl ey Foundation participate in song. LOWER CENTER: Members of the Yellow House are FIRST ROW: Brenda Hin- son, Judy Taylor, Liz Logan, Denise Clark, Bethany Sullivan, Tammy Ballow Dlanne Reed, Karen Crosby. SECOND ROW: Linda Rasmussen, Debbie Todd- Brown, Kathy Prewitt, Lou Ellen Head. Keli Wynn, Kayla Wynn, Margaret Baker Dawn Truesdell, Randy Truesdell. THIRD ROW: Don Timmons. Glenn Harper. Glenn Woodson, Ron Barrington, Johnny Willeboed, Patricia Ray, Mike Fortson, Jim Mitchell, Frank Wofford, Allen Pierce, Martha Rogers, Gary Rogers. LOWER RIGHT: Glenn Harper serves punch at a Yellow House party. 235 Latter Day Saints The Church of Jesus Christ of Lat- ter Day Saints Student Organization was founded to assist college students in learning Latter Day Saint doctrines. The group learns and studies scrip- tures and has parties and dances. Elray Nixon is the adviser for the group. Missionary | Baptist The Missionary Baptist Student Fel- lowship began at SFA in 1967. Its purpose is to create a sense of fellowship among Missionary Baptist students. The group has a planned social activity each month and attends state and national retreats. The adviser for the group is Newell Gene Holland. UPPER: Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Student Organization are FIRST ROW: Nancy L Moore, Barbara J. DeLoney. Kendell E. Lewis. Jo C. Woodling, Dotty Paust, Carol Boyd. Lynnda Gantt. SECOND ROW: Chris Rowlett, Wes Lowry, Larry Lewis. Gale Cook, Bill Boyd, and Steve Gantt. LOWER: Members of the Missionary Baptist Student Fellowship are FIRST ROW: Pam Kane, Janette Scribner, Janice Stephenson, Brenda Nix, Jo Ann Mitchell, Mark Mitchell. SECOND ROW: Bobby York, Elton Moore, Janie Gunn, J. B. Fountain, Doris Fountain, Patricia Fountain, Sarah York, Carole Randolph Jr., and Ernie Randolph Jr. 236 Fell owship of Christian Athletes The Fellowship of Christian Athletes was founded nationally in 1955 and has been at SFA since 1973. The group ' s purpose is to confront athletes and coaches with the challenge and adventure of following Christ and serving Him through their vocation and church. Members participate in Bible study and fellowship meetings, along with fund-raising for various organizations. Baha ' i Club The Baha ' i Club was estab- lished in 1970 to promote understanding of the Baha ' i Faith teachings. The group has weekly infor- mal discussions and special talks and events. Daryl Van Arsdale is chair- man and David Smith is secre- tary. JPPER: Members of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes are FIRST ROW: Randy Smith, David Matula, Gordon Graham, ktoo Aurich, Karl Potts. SECOND ROW: Mike Olle, Tony Overman, Brant Celoh, Kent Johnston, John Walsh, Mark Neaqli. THIRD ROW: Sammy Pans, Mike Clements, Ron Haynes. Otis Henry, Tim Thomnhill, and Steve Cochran. -OWER: Carol H urzler speaks to the Baha ' i Club about home births. 237 Tri-C Based on Matthew 22:37-39, Tri-C ' s purpose is to serve Christ as He commands, do the will of God and enjoy Christian service and fellow- ship. Members of Tri-Cs have a service project each month, including painting a day care cen- ter in Lufkin and cleaning the Nacogdoches Treatment Center. They also have money-mak- ing projects, the proceeds of which were used for service projects. Tri-C ' s began as a service organization at SFA March 25, 1970. The group was organized by the Triceans of Houston Baptist University. The president of the club is Becky Spriggs. Other officers are Jane McGilvra, first vice president; Jane Carroll, second vice p resident; Susan Stephens, secretary; Claire Lowrey, treasurer; Vicki Allen, chaplain; Saye Ballard, historian and Martha McKee, social chairman. Tanya Potter is the adviser. UPPER LEFT: The members of Tri-C ' s are FIRST ROW: Cindy Scherwitz, Karen Whitfield. Sally Ann Trot- ter, Jeannie Leftwich, Vicki Allen, Patti Wallace, Tanya Potter. SECOND ROW: Kathleen Pharis Jane McGilvra, Elaine Willis, Susan Stephens, Diane Sherwitz, Kathy Brown, Martha McKee, Melinda Lichten- wald, Becky Spriggs. THIRD ROW: Jane Carroll, Marilyn Jordan, Rhea Clark, Teresa Brandstatter, Susan McGaughey, Mary Williamson. Patty Payne, Tern Garrey, Jana Wooten, Jan Parker, Gwen Graves. LOWER LEFT: The officers are Jane McGilvra, Martha McKee, Becky Spriggs, Patty Payne, Jane Carroll, Susan Stephens, Tanya Potter, adviser, and Vicki Allen. 238 Lions Club The SFA Lions Club was organ- ized and chartered by Lions Inter- national in October, 1973. It was the first collegiate Lions Club in Texas and is sponsored by the Noon Lions Club of Nacogdoches. The club assembles college stu- dents for the purpose of service and fellowship. Bi-monthly meal meetings are held, along with a Fall Banquet in December and a Spring Banquet in May. UPPER: Members of the LionsClubenjoy a meal meeting. LOWER: Members of the Lions Club are Mike Chapman, Jay Welsh, Mark Noble. Gene Burrows, Mike Parham. Barbara Reed, Tom Burrows, Max Spiller, Jay Barnes, Dave Jolly, Steve Cervantes. 239 G amma Sigma Sigma The Gamma Theta chapter of Gamma Sigma Sigma began as Gamma Phi local sorority in 1967. In May, 1970, the group received its charter from Gamma Sigma Sigma National Service So rority. The purpose of the sorority is to assemble college and univer- sity women in the spirit of service to humanity. Some of the group ' s activities include the March of Dimes Abbott, Anne Adams, Kathy Althaus. Amy 1 Ball, Sharon Bradfield. Barbara Brannon. Carla Case. Phyllis Cleek. Tracey Collins. Gatha Davidson, Trudy Deggs. Laura Dulla. Rose Elizondo. Martha Fitts, Nelda Fuller, Katnna Gaylon, Karen Georgeson. Jackie Glimp Beth Harris. Marty Hodges, Laura Horeka, Jane Howerton, Lynn Instine, Renee Janicek, Leabeth Laney. Terry La Rue. Cindy Lawhon, Terrall Manlrm, Rhonda Moehnng. Janice Montgomery, Susan Moseley. Vicki Moser, Pam Nichols. Anita Northcott. Diane Paul, Pam Parkey, Sherry Penn, Pam Pmson. Darlene Powers, Janemarie Pnchard, Kathy Qumn Debbie Redding. Renae Reynolds. Debbie Salzman Julee Schoenberg, Debbie Schoendorf, Dottie Schrader, Sue Scott. Sara Simkins Connie Smith, Fran Stephenson, Janice Voss, Kathy Webb. Cathy Webb. Mary Ellen Henry. Ernestine Musick, Mita Walk-a-thon, collecting for the United Fund, working at the Nacogdoches Treatment Center, and making tray favors for the hospital. The members also participate in social events such as a pledge-active field day, an alumni tea, and an awards banguet at the end of the school year. 240 Alpha Phi Omega Alpha Phi Omega is a service frater- nity founded at SFA on Dec. 15, 1961. The group provides service to the cam- pus, the community, and the nation. Members of the fraternity sponsor a blood drive and participate in a Bathtub Pull to raise money for the Heart Fund. Stuffing envelopes for the Alumni Association and distributing phone books are other activities in whic h the group is involved. Social activities are a Homecoming Party, a Founder s Day Banquet, and woodsies. UPPER: Officers of Alpha Phi Omega are Reyburn Ruhl, vice president; Michael Mallott, vice president; Tom Whiteman, president; Bill Scott, vice president; and Jim Porter, treasurer. LOWER: Members of Alpha Phi Omega are FIRST ROW: Sally Wilson. Bill Scott, Michael Mallott, Tom Whiteman, Reyburn Ruhl, Roger Logan, Linda Brandt. SECOND ROW: Miguel Mejia. Francisco Borjas, Fred Richardson, Richard Foshel. Efrain Lao, Mark Blanchard, Jim Porter, Bert Martin. THIRD ROW: Gilbert Nafts, Bob Cum- mings. Paul Neel, Steve Hupp, David Carter, David Fowler, Brian Withrow. 241 Bentley, Susan Boozman, Claudia Bowen, Luanne Derr, Dana Dillon, Renee Haley. Letiha Kirk. Judy Lang-ford, Cindy Maclcey, Phyllis McCoy, Gina McCreary. Cindy Pickens, Janet Poel. Cndy Renfro, Ann Richey. Sharon Rust, Debbie Southern Belles The Society of Southern Belles was formed on the SFA campus in 1969 as an organiza- tion affiliated with the Delta Kappa Chapter of Kappa Alpha Order. Southern Belles serve as a little sister group to Kappa Alphas, but are recognized as a separate campus organization. Their activities include a tea and lawn party for Old South Week, a Little Brother Party, and service projects for the chapter and community. 242 Delta Sigma Theta Delta Sigma Theta was founded at Howard University in Washington, D.C., on Jan. 13, 1913, by a group of under- graduate women. The sorority ' s purpose is to promote high cultural, intellectual, and moral standards among its members. These women sponsor social gather- ings, including the Jabberwock. They also provide services to the community. ml UPPER: M embers of Delta Sigma Theta. LOWER LEFT:Off,cers of Delta Sigma Theta. LOWER RIGHT: Delta Sigma Theta sisters clown around. 243 The National Panhellenic Council is composed of four delegates from each of the six social sororities at SFA. The delegates are elected from their sororities to provide leadership and good representation. Through the coun- cil ' s work on the SFA campus, they won the Outstanding National Panhel- lenic Council Award. In the fall and spring, the Panhellenic Council organizes formal rush for women, and a Welcome Pledge Party for all new members. In the spring Panhellenic co-sponsors Greek Week along with the Innerfraternity council. Greek Week brings all sororities and fraternities together each year to par- ticipate in a variety of activities including games, sports and parties. Blenda Cortney, Tina Ruhl. Kathi Crane, Ann Wuermser, Kevin Noonan, Dean Ernestine Henry, Marsha W. Whitton, Joan Rodg- ers. STANDING: Kathy Johnson, Kathy Grivell, Tarri Masters. Vicky Korge, Joan Rodgers. Tina Ruhl, Becky Green. Karen Brelolett. Ann Wuermser, Kevin Noonan, Lynn Wiederhold. SITTING: Marsha Whitton, Dolly Dickson, Dean Henry, Kathy Crane, Martha Klein, Rita Gray, Blenda Courtney. The primary purpose of the Interfraternity Council (IFC) is to present community projects and to establish better relations between the school, faculty and Greeks. IFC is a confederation of fraternities, with three representatives from each fraternity. A tennis tournament in the fall and a golf tournament in the spring are sponsored by the IFC for the fraternities. Organizing men ' s rush, Greek Week, and the Scholarship nguet are also functions of the Interfraternity Council. ST ROW: Scott McDonald. Bruce Forbes, David Hornberger, Joel Moore, Bob Midkiff, David Thompson, Howard Frey, Jim Hamilton, Gus Loomis, David Dacus, Trip Worden. Richard DeYoung, Rick Brelolett. SECOND ROW: James Blend. Jeff Smith. Mike Vickery. Steve Raines. Mike Demarest. Chip Woodall. David Allnutt, Vance Neal. Greg McCann. Bubba Buf kin, Stevie Edwards. David Perry, Randy Mena. Rick Rogers. 247 249 7 Alpha Chi Omega was founded on the philosophy of provid- ing an opportunity for women as a group to reach their goals both socially and academically. Their colors are scarlet and green, and their symbol is the lyre. Each year the sorority sponsors a Dance-a-thon for Muscular Dystrophy, and the women also support a variety of charities. Despite their busy schedule of activities, the Alpha Chi Omegas found time for formals held in Luflcin and Houston. The SFA chapter now has 86 members . Some of the sorority ' s accomplishments include being winners in co-rec football and in Greek Week activities. Jordan. Suzie Kendriclt. Jana King Barbara Kirk. Judy Kishpaugh, Jane Klein Martha Kohl, Kathryn Lacy Pam 252 Alpha Kappa Alpha has been an established sorority at SFA since 1972. Their colors are pink and green, and their symbol is the ivy. The sorority is known socially for its service to all mankind. Throughout the year, Alpha Kappa Alpha has sponsored social activities for its members. The group worked hard on many service projects for Nacogdoches, including participating in the Heart Fund Drive. Alpha Kappa Alpha members must maintain a 2.0 GPA and carry at least a 12 hour course load to remain active in the sorority. E O U a x 254 The Epsilon Ze+a chapter of Chi Omega was founded at SPA in 1963. Formally the Pine Burr Social Club, Chi Omega has grown to its present 85-member size. Of these, 60 are active, and 25 are pledges from a successful fall rush. Their colors are red and yellow, and the symbol is the owl. The Chi Omegas participate in many campus activities. Many individual members belong to various honorary fraternities, and the sorority takes a very active part in intremurals. Last spring, they sponsored their first " Chi Omega Supers- tars " trackmeet which was a success. The program was an all- afternoon event, and the proceeds went to Guatemalan earth- quake victims. Their fall service project was a Christmas party for the children at the Rusk State Hospital. The Zeta Psi chapter of Delta Zeta was founded at SFA in 1963. The sorority colors are rose and green, and the Kilarney rose is their flower. Over the years the group ' s membership has grown to include 77 women. Participating in intramurals and fraternity little sister organiza- tions, the Delta Zetas keep themselves busy. Personal recognition to several of its members include Jeannie Johnson, Piney Woods Queen and Beth Butler, Sigma Chi Derby Doll. Although the chapter has many social activities, they also devote time to service projects. One of the most successful projects was a Tramp-a-thon with the Sigma Chi fraternity during the East Texas Country Fair, in which they jumped for 66 continuous hours to raise money for Multiple Sclerosis. N Abbott, Sa Alexander, K Attaway. L Bauqh. B Beaty, C Brown, Jen Buroker. Mi ' I874 Sigma Kappa was founded at SFA in 1966, and their colors are lavender and maroon. During the fall they won the Spirit Award for the Sigma Chi Derby Day activities. The sorority ' s fall formal and banguet were held in November at the Registary Hotel in Dallas. Miss Nacogdoches, Rhonda Conner, was a member of Sigma Kappa, and other individual achievement awards both nationally and locally belong to many of the Sigma Kappas. A geriatric program plays a big part in the sorority ' s activi- ties. The group adopted a grandfather, whom they visited regu- larly, and they carried out projects for the local nursing homes throughout the year. Recently, the sorority started an exercise program at the Treatment Center which has received national recognition. •Zeta Tau Alpha is the newest member of the Greek family at SFA. The group began fall rush with only 15 members, but has grown to include 32 members. They are willing to work toward having a good soror- ity and have proven their dedication. Along with their other activities, the Zetas sponsored a Christmas party for retarded children and did several service projects for the com- munity. Social activities included a spring formal in San Antonio, building a float with the Sigma Taus for Homecoming, and other activities throughout the year. The local group, which was still a colony in the fall, was looking forward to national installation in the spring, when they would become members of the national sorority. Arnold Arnold Banni Batte Blanchard. Claudia Cook, Becky Crane. Kathe 0 (D CO (0 CD N DO e N 264 The annual Rag Dance, featuring a contest for the worst dressed person, and the Blue and White Ball are just a few of Zeta Phi Beta ' s social activities. Founded nationally Jan. 16, 1920, at Howard University in Wash- ington, D.C., the local chapter received its charter Jan. 19, 1973. Their colors are royal blue and white, and their flower is the white chry- santhemum. The group ' s service projects include collecting clothes and food for needy people for Christmas. Cheryl Portley, Brenda Peppers, Faye Dozier, Janet Tyler, Phyllis Tolbert, Angela Blount, Gail Coleman, Edith Harper and Alvita Johnson. 265 E 268 Lauderdale Paul Loveli Kev.n McCracken Paul Market David Mef ' ord- Gary Moffitt James Monroe Monte Monroe Tim Morton. Jackie Neuman. Mark N.ckolas Chris Peppard. Bob Prentice Kevin Richardson Mike Richardson Mike Riley. Dav.d Rogers Richard Scott John Scott Miite Shngerland Phil Smith. Jeff Smith Paul Swearlngton. John Tarbell Chris Taylor Bill Turner. John Wagsraff Tim Walker, Bob Wesibrook, Bruce Collier. Dr. Lloyd adviser Alpha Tau Omega was the first fraternity founded in 1865 after the War Between the States and is based on principles designed to bring a war-torn country back together. The group ' s colors are sky blue, green and gold; the white rose is the flower. Chartered on the SFA campus in 1969, the frater- nity has 47 members and I 7 fall pledges. In intramural sports the ATO ' s won volleyball and three-man basketball championships. Their other activities include partici- pating in the Heart Fund Drive in the spring when the fraternity collects money from the residents of Lufkin and Nacogdoches. ATO was recognized nationally through the accomplishments of Van Bradley, who won the Thomas Arkle Clark Award for leadership. Bill Kittrell won honorable mention for the Joseph Anderson Award for Public Relations. 269 u u Antlev Duane Arterbury Alan Brown Randy Clegg. Bruce Clegg. Dan Deterdmg John Dunlap. Eddie DuPree Jay Goodwin Gary Greer. David Hannon Daniel Hanshaw. James Hiciterson Joe Jones Jeff Jordan Joe Kolbnck, David Lemoine Gary MacLean. Steven Miles Andrew Myers. Robert Peoples. R ' ck Rich Curtis Spies. John Stoerner Lou s Thompson. Mart; Tsamis Ans Vaughan Zane Vay Bruce S. Weise Charles Welsh Randy Williams Ben Hartman Dr. Bernard Thomas Adviser 270 Scholarship, fraternal brotherhood, and human service are some of the priorities of ACACIA fraternity, which received its charter at SFA April 27, 1 975. The fraternity colors are black and gold, and their flower is a sprig of acacia in bloom. The ACACIA Order of the Delphi is the group ' s auxiliary organization. The annual Founder ' s Day Formal is held each spring, traditionally in May. Also in the spring, the ACACIA chapters in Texas and Louisiana tour the Shriners ' Burn Institute in Galveston, where the fraternity members donate blood: After the tour, the trip often becomes a social event, including parties and softball competition between various chapters represented. Founded on Dec. 4, 1906, at Cornell University in Ithaca, N.Y., Alpha Phi Alpha was the first black fraternity to be formed. The newest frater- nity at SFA, the members are also pledges of the chapter at Wiley Col- lege in Marshall. The fraternity colors are old gold and black. During the spring the Alpha Phi Alphas helped with Black Culture Week by participating in the Greek Show, a program in which they per- formed and shared their brotherhood with others. Charles Caldwell, Billy Hill, Billy Moye, Robert Rison Charles Manns, John Axel, Wmsell Coleman. Omega Psi Phi was founded with the motto " friendship is essential to the soul. " Locally they were chartered on Nov. I I, 1972, with their national headquarters located at Howard Uni- versity. Their colors are purple and gold with the white chry- santhemum as the flower. In the spring the chapter sponsored an Olympic Day and pic- nic in which all the local children are invited to participate. The group conducted a Martin Luther King Drive in which they raised $ I 80 for a scholarship. Along with their social events and parties the Omega Psi Phis also hold an annual Sadie Hawkins Dance. Q_ Q_ (0 CD o a (0 £ go Q e TOP ROW: J.mmy Thompson, Phil Staley, Van Welch, J. P. Slrmon, Mike Bartholemew, Gil Staley. Ryan Boone. SECOND ROW: Mike Mulck. Kent Denny, Larry Arnngton, Roy Jackson. Bob Weaver. THIRD ROW: Marty Moore, Ira Lawson, Randy Mena, Rick Suggs. FOURTH ROW: Mike Vickery, Gary Rymiller, Bobby Ballard, Jack George, Alan White. FIFTH ROW: Mark Bayliss, Scott Goodrich, Chip Woodall. Glen Nordt, Ronnie Atwood, Willoughby Gibbs. Delta Sigma Phi Little Sisters: SIXTH ROW: Stacie Martin, Sara Sosnouey, Connie King, Ellen Hamilton, Susan Var- nado, Linda Hartly, Cheryl Murray, Robin Bartholemew. 274 I Delta Sigma Phi is among the oldest fraternities at SFA. They were first organized as the Sayers in 1929, and later became a national fraternity in I960. Their colors are green and white and the symbols include the white carnation and their ax handles, which they carry to each football game in support of the Lum- berjacks. The local chapter won third place in fast pitch softball and reached play-offs in intramural basketball and football. Among many other social activities for the fraternity was their annual spring Dream Girl Formal in Houston. The Delta Sigs at SFA also hosted the national conclave for all the other Delta Sig chapters in Texas during April. u (0 ■+- 0) X T Badders. Jeff Beall. Rex Butler. L. Ross III Campbell. James Casey. Brian Collins. Andrew Colwell, Jerry Cox, Britt Cox, Steve Depperschmidt. Donald Desilets. Darnel DeYoung, Richard Dodson, Steve Edwards. Steve Emmott, Kenneth Ernst. Ricky Falkenberry, Steve Fleming. John Girdir. Duane Glen, Randal Hagood, Kent Harrison, Mike Hart, Jerry Harry. David Harper Ross Hughes, Robert Keating, Johnny King, Gary Lumpkin, Kyle Maguire, John Mathews, John Monteau Gary 276 Penney Perry Perry, David Peyton Kent Reese George A- Jr Roden, Jay Schumacher Bruce Skillern Richard Stevens Lyn Streit John Strelke. William Vizena. Davey Weersing Tom Wilder, Jay Williams. Mark Wnght. Paul Towns. Dr. Jim E. adviser Bloomfield Cheryle sweetheart Theta Chi social fraternity was founded nationally in Norwich, Vermont, in 1856. The SFA chapter was chartered on May 20, 1961, and now has 45 actives and 14 fall pledges. The group ' s colors are military red on white and the flower is the red carna- tion. Each fall the fraternity holds its traditional Homecoming can- non pull from Lufkin to Nacogdoches, an event which took place this year in the rain. Their projects include the Muscular Dystro- phy Dance Marathon, the East Texas Country Fair, and other assorted activities. Traditionally, the Theta Chi ' s end their year with the " Red and White ' ' Formal, held this year in San Antonio. Duncan. Byron Eu banks. Ron f-« ress. Ken Fdwler. Hugh Godran Bun Heiley. Chris Harpool. KirV Hervey. Jim HoKck- Darrell Janek. Ken Kirkham. Robin McKay. Scott Maxwell. Joe Meachum, Kirk Moffett, Brian Morrison, Don Neal. Vance Norns, Kevin Oltvo. Ricfcy Panttakis. Kriss Panon. Oan Perkins Dairy ' Pickens Bobt Raider Mike Rainwater Ricfe Rich. John Roarch, Joe Roqers R cl Rushing. Rodney Sartm Grover Sihullerr Steve Sheets Brent Simpson Klay Squyos. Andrew Syrdground. Tim Welden Paul Webb Rocky Wood M rk Worden Trip Sellers Ann swee ' heart " To preserve the culture of the Old South and to perpetuate the ideal of gentlemanliness, of which R. E. Lee is the perfect expression, " is the purpose of the Kappa Alpha order. They were chartered at SFA in 1968 and have 42 actives and 10 pledges. The fraternity ' s colors are crimson and gold, and their flowers are the red rose and the magnolia blossom. The Kappa Alphas big events include the sponsoring of their annual Fight Night and the excitement of the spring formal, " Old South, " which is held in New Orleans. The Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity was chartered at SFA in the spring of 1976. It is an international fraternity that was founded nationally on Nov. 2, 1969. One of the local chapter ' s service projects in the spring of ' 76 was the sorority president kidnap, during which the presidents of each sorority were kidnapped. The ransom was canned goods which were donated to Guatemalan earthquake victims. Other service projects included Christmas caroling at Rusk State Hospital and collecting for fund drives. In April of each year, Lambda Chi Alpha holds its White Rose Formal. The 1976 formal was held at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Houston; the fraternity ' s national president was honored guest. The fraternity colors are purple, green and gold. 281 E E 284 The Gamma Phi chapter of Sigma Tau Gamma was founded at SFA in 1970. Originally the fraternity was established at Central Missouri State Teachers College on June 28, 1920. Their colors are blue and white, and the flower is the white rose. The group ' s national slogan is " Sigma Tau Gamma has something to give. " The Sig Taus recently were invited to Baylor University to initiate a new chapter. Among other activities the fraternity sponsored a Run-a-thon in October for the Nancy Husfield Memorial Fund, earning $650. The members ran from Henderson to Nacogdoches. The White Rose Ball is held each spring and features the crown- ing of the chapter ' s sweetheart, the White Rose. During the latter part of the fall semester, the SFA chapter purchased a new house on Mound Street. o CL (0 E 60 LU e lAl Albury. St ury. bteven Alegna Carlos Alegna Frank Bachmskas. James Barlen Douglas Benoist Jeff Boone Joe Drane Steven Faherty Brian Graeber David Hames John Higginbotham. Robert Hooker Jeff Jordan Danny Phillips, Randall Pinson Steven Rodgers. Randall Russell Charles Schlatten Henery Sherrod Jeffrey Spellings. Joel Stiller Larry Tenmson. Carl Wagner. Mark Weber. Joseph Wright. Randy Cavanaugh, Elliott. adviser Hallman, Leon. adviser Houston, Neal. adviser 286 The second largest fraternity in the nation, Sigma Phi Epsilon was founded at Richmond, Virginia, in 1901. The local chapter was founded by three actives who built the chapter to the pre- sent membership of 3 I . The colors are purple for the violet and red for the rose. " Virtue, Diligence and Brotherly love " is the motto for the fraternity. The group lived up to its motto in a variety of ways through their service projects. They were second in the Alpha Phi Omega Blood Drive and participated in the Cystic Fibrosis Rake-a-thon in the fall. The fraternity ' s social activities include a banguet in Decem- ber for parents and alumns, in addition to several parties throughout the year and a formal each semester. 0 IaI McCann Russel! McClellan John McDonough Nick Moss Joe Murlev John Murphy Phillip Nelson Brian Pearson David Poplin Bill Rawlmson Chip Richards. David Sanders Jerry Sclater Kenneth Smith. Brad Sperter Daniel Stone. Richard Thompson Keith VillaGomez. Carlos Waller Ashlev Weersing Michael Whetsel David W.lhelm. Mark Brown Jennifer sweetheart The Eta Tau chapter of Sigma Chi was founded at SFA in April, 1975. It has grown to a 56-member chapter having the second larg- est fall pledge class at SFA. The chapter is active in intramurals, student publications and other campus activities. This fall they sponsored Derby Day as an annual event to promote spirit between fraternities and sororities, and it was a big success. Top fund raising projects in which the fraternity participated were the Bike-a-thon for the American Cancer Society and a Tramp-a-thon during the East Texas Country Fair, when the Sigma Chis and Delta Zetas jumped for 66 continuous hours for Multiple Sclerosis. As one of the oldest fraternities, Sigma Chi supports Wallace Vil- lage, which is a school for children with minimal brain damage. 289 o to LU ID Q_ (0 0 LU I Tau Kappa Epsilon is the largest international fraternity in the world and claims 30 members and 20 fall pledges locally. The SFA chapter was formed in February, 1971; the national head- quarters are in Bloomington, III. Their colors are cherry red and grey, and the flower is the red carnation. The outstanding Tekes include Robert Nelson, the All-Intramu- ral player in swimming. The fraternity ' s activities center around the Red Carnation Ball, when they announce their sweetheart, best pledge and the winner of the annual Founder ' s Award for Top Teke. Simmons Sam Smith Charlie Sorrels Cra ' f} Stewart Herbert Sumrall James SwoOord W.lliom Vetters Rav 292 Phi Beta Sigma, better known as " Brothers of the Doves, ' ' was founded at SFA in 1972. Nationally they were founded on Jan. 14, 1914, at Howard University. Their flower is the white carnation and the symbol is the dove. The local chapter has 13 members who try to live up to their motto " Culture for service and service for human- ity. " Throughout the year, members of Phi Beta Sigma take several trips, one was the Sigma-Zeta Workshop held in the fall in Shreveport. Their calendar of events also included several parties and acting as hosts for the Easy Rider Wheelchair expedi- tions. The chapter supports Nacogdoches youth by providinq a scholarship to two out- standing students. Melvin Stephenson, Reginald Tyiska. Luther Willis, Larry Lewis, William Houston, George Steed. (0 -I— Moore. Joel Morris Craig Murphy 0ary Naymola. Loddie Read Randy Ross. Steve Runyon William Sorsby. Larry Standndqe. Stacy Still, Frank Still, Jim StouHer James Studer Mike Theadell Joathan Thompson, David Vines, Danny Welch, Gary Wicl Brad Young George Hmes, Calvin W. adviser Phi Delta Theta is the third largest social fraternity in the nation, and was founded in 1848 at Miami University as part of the Miami Triad. The SFA chapter was founded in 1962 and has grown to include 56 actives during the year. In addition to their social activities during the year, the Phi Delts built playground equipment for under-privileged children and organized a community service day during the year. The fraternity placed third in the overall intramurals in 1976, tak- ing championships in football, fast pitch softball, and paddleball doubles and singles. The flower of Phi Delta Theta is the white carnation, and their colors are azure and argent. 295 Lambda Chi Alpha Little Sisters: FIRST ROW: Susan Mitchell, April Mollis. Donna New, Lynette Ostlund, Barbara Metter. SECOND ROW: Con- nie Chance. Susan Cook, Theresa Warner. THIRD ROW: Sharon Harrington, Nancy Ray, Errin Hoi lis. Linda Bearder. Delta Sigma Phi Little Sisters: Stacie Martin, Ellen Hamilton, Cheryl Murray, Sara Sosnouey, Tracy Gordon, Susan Vernado. Robin Bar- tholemew. Connie King. Linda Hartley. 297 298 299 Theta Chi Little Sisters: FIRST ROW: Rhonda Rhodes, Karen Giles, Cherlye Bloomfield, Angela Flahaven, Dana Dickson, Paul Depperschmidt. SECOND ROW: Vicki Westmoreland, Susie Moore. Fran Bailey. Janie Evans, Shelly LaFour. THIRD ROW: Karen Walker, Renee Austin, Barbara Skillern. Sigma Tau Gamma Little Sisters: STANDING: Shannon Rodgers, Cindy Sprague, Lynda Neuman, Janie Foster. Dana Reed, Donell Norris, Mi la Phelps, Connie Krebs. Helen Kreuger. SITTING: Tracey Shupp, Chelly Green, Laura Spicer, Kim Caton, Jana McCaulley. 300 Alpha Tau Omega Little Sisters: FIRST ROW: Dolly Dickson, Tina Ruhl, Rita Gray, Larilee Covin. Cindy Lowe, Joy Williams, Andrea Watts, Paul Smith. SECOND ROW: Terry Cardiff. Phyllis Huddelston, Jonie Haines, Monica Nance, Sheri Roberts, Laura Pitcher, Lynne D. Curfman. The Tau Kappa Epsilon Little Sisters support their brothers at an intramural football game. 301 302 People 303 President William R.Johnson Dr. William R. Johnson officially began his work as SFA ' s fourth president on July I, 1976. He formerly served as Vice President of Academic Affairs at Texas Tech University in Lubbock. He received his Ph.D. in His- tory from the University of Oklahoma. Although Dr. Johnson is administratively oriented, he finds time to share with his family. He and his daughter Alison, 16, share a photography hobby and photo lab. Alison is a photogra- pher for the Nacogdoches High School newspaper. Scott, 17, occasionally finds time in his busy schedule to join his father in a friendly match of tennis or handball. Scott play; ; the French horn and is in the local high school band. Mrs. Johnson has been busy redecorating the president ' : home to meet the family needs. As with most American families which have teenagers, with, their part-time jobs, dates, and school activities, the Johnsor family has a difficult time meeting together. When those rare| moments do occur, they enjoy music and singing together or the typical American family entertainment, television. Stephen F. Austin State University Board of Regents SEATED: Mrs. George Cullum, Jr., Dallas; Walter Todd, Chairman, Dallas; Mrs. Tom Wright, Nacogdoches. STAND- ING: Joe Bob Golden, Jasper; Ernest Powers, Carthage; James I. Perkins, Rusk; Glenn Justice, Dallas; Robert Gray, . f ML Homer 3ryce, Henderson. V ' 1 V • 306 a. i t » 1 » 1 t Vice presidents The Vice President for Fiscal Affairs administers university monetary poli- cies. He also makes recommendations to the president and Board of Regents concerning room and board rates, tuition increases and various other fiscal plans. The Vice President for Academic Affairs is responsible for the instruc- tional area of university life. In conjunction with various faculty and student representatives, he formulates policies connected with academic administra- tion. The Vice President for Student Affairs is concerned with the extra-curricu- lar development of SFA students. He supervises several offices aimed at improving student services and aiding student expression in the many areas of student administration. Charles G. Haas Vice President for Fiscal Affairs Dr. John T. Lewis, 1 1 1 Vice President for Academic Affai Dr. Gordon Beasley Vice President for Student Affairs 307 Student Development The office of Student Development is responsible for extra- curricular activities and promotes activities and services of a varied nature. They are available so that students may visit with them to discuss housing, social relationships, general rules and regula- tions, student organizations, or any personal problems. Randy Alexander Assistant Dean of Student Development 308 Dr. Paul W. Harris Dean of Student Development Director of Residence Hall Programs Melvin Wester Director of Guidance Guid ance an d Counseling The Guidance and Counseling staff assists students in making the educational process personal and meaningful. Students are encouraged to become familiar with the opportunities available in the Counseling and Guidance Center. Through individual and group counseling, students take a closer look at themselves and their relationships with others. Also, counselors serve as advisers for undeclared majors and aid other students in making academic choices. 3onnie Smith Counselor 309 Student Services The Department of Student Services works to provide aid for the student in many areas. All aspects of student affairs are covered, and the offices welcome those students needing advice, assistance or information. 310 Albert Harris Director, University Health Clinic Ad mimstrators The University Health Clinic provides health care service for the university community. The clinic director is the coordinator of all student health services and ensures that the clinic meets professional standards as well as student needs. Through the Financial Aid Office, SFA provides financial aid to students through student employment, loans, scholarships and grants. The director of financial aid oversees the distribution of student loans and grants to make sure that the available funds are distributed in the most beneficial way. The Ralph W. Steen Library is a comfortable, pleas- ant and attractive place for study. Many student needs are met by the SFA Library System, and the director of libraries ensures the maintenance and expansion of these facilities. The comptroller ' s office is responsible for various financial programs and the supervision of the distrib- ution of certain university finances. The comptroller assists various agencies and departments in the most efficient use of their allotted funds. Curtis Bradshaw Director of Financial Aid Alvin Cage Director of Libraries Otto Ehrlich Comptroller 31 1 The Business Office coordinates the flow of money for the university. It is responsible for ensuring that all fiscal processes are completed promptly and efficiently. The Purchasing Office handles all major purchases for the university. It maintains contact with business and professional firms to ensure that SFA receives the finest ser- vices available. The Office of Development is concerned with aiding members of the faculty in receiving grants for research. It also obtains matching funds from the government to purchase equipment for various depart- ments. Travis Whitaker, Business Manager Dr. Joe N. Gerber, Director of Development Rex Hardaway, Director of Purchasing 312 Ad ministrators The Office of Admissions assists new students in the enroll- ment processes. It informs beginning students of material per- tinent to their entering SFA, and guides them through their first semester. The Office of the Registrar maintains records of each stu- dent ' s academic performance at SFA, and provides students with transcript copies for |ob interviews and placement pur- poses. The Alumni Association is responsible for keeping SFA graduates and interested persons informed of happenings on the campus. It also files «ach student ' s location after gradua- tion so that he may retain contact with friends and classmates over the years. Eugene R. Barbin Registrar Dr. Clyde L. Iglinsky Bob Sitton Director of Admissions Executive Director, Alumni Association 313 314 Liberal Arts Dr. Francis Abernethy. English Dr. John Anson, Psychology Dr. Bruce Bailey. Psychology Rufus Bands, English Verna Barron. Psychology Dr. Sidney Bellamy. English Beeman Bentley. English Dr. Walter Bourbon, Psychology Dr. Terry Boa, English Dr. Roy Cam, Head, English Mary Cams. Political Science Maurice Cecil, English Dr. Leonard Cheever, English Dr. Arthur Frank Clagett, Sociology Dr. Ronald Claunch. Political Science Dr. Harold Clements, Sociology Dr. Loyd Collier, Geography George Cooper. History Dr. James Corbm, Sociology Dr. David Cox. Political Science Dr. Jchn Dahmus. History Harry Dawson, English Dr. Joseph Devine, History Dr. Ben Dickerson, Sociology . James Dickson, Political Science Dr. Vera Dugas, History ' . Kirby Laurence Duncan, English Charles Gardner. Geography Dr. Albert Gaylord. Head. Psychology Dr. David Goldstein, Psychology Donald Gregory, Political Science Dr. Vivian Gruber, Modern Language Kenneth Hackney, Psychology Dr. Leon Hallman. Head. Geography Dr. Calvin Hmes, History Dr Neal Houston. English David Howard, English Rosemary Hu ff, English Dr. Richard Hurzeler, Sociology Dr. Bobby H. Johnson. History Dr. Henry Paschal Jones. Political Science Dr. Jimmy Jones, Modern Language Dr, Melville Kahn, Political Science Dr T. J. Kallsen. English Dr. Jerry Neal Lackey. Psychology Tommie Lowery. History Dr, Samir Maamary, Sociology Dr. James Magruder. Philosophy Dr. Elizabeth Malpass. History Dr. Robert Mathis, History Dr. Archie McDonald. History Dr. Sylvia McGrath. History Manuel Mendoza. Modern Language James Moses. Modern Language Dr. Olin Newton. Modern Language Dr. James Nichols, History David Petty. Sociology r. Richard Lawrence Pollock. Psychology Dr. John Quinn, English Dr. Arthur Ramirez, Modern Language Dr. Joy Reeves Head, Sociology Dr. Allen Richman, History 316 Liberal Arts Jarrell Richman. English Dr. Fred Rodewald. English Dr. Patricia Russell. English Dr. Carroll Schoenwolf, English Edwin Shake. Modern Language Dr. Alfred Shivers. English Victor S ms. Sociology Dr. Stephen Smith. Political Science Dr. Constance Spreadbury. Sociology Dr. Leslie Thompson. English Johnnie Tyler. English Dr. M. B. Wade, Sociology Dr. Austin Warren. English W. David Whitescarver, English Dr. Ronald Anderson. Music William Arscott, Art Eva Bailey. Music Don Beason. Art Dr. Dan Beaty, Music Dr. Robert Blocker. Head, Music Dr. William Bos, Communication Dr. John Butts, Communication Dr. Richard Coohdge. Music Mary Ruth Dunlap. Commumcatio Joel Duskm Music Dr. Diane Ford Art Stephen Goacher. Music Donald Graham. Communication Betty Grout, Music Dr. Morns Hall, Music Emily Hargraves. Art Gary Hearne. Art Dr. Thomas Hemo, Director, Theatre Ben Hobbs. Communication Dr. Francine Hoffman, Communication Darrell Holt, Music Dr. Thomas Houston, Music Charles Jones, Art Reesman Kennedy. Art Dr. Vincent Kubly. Art Robert Mann. Music Kenneth Marchant. Music Thomas Matthys. Theatre Thomas Mayhew. Music Martus Miley. Director, Bible Melvm Montgomery, Music Ma Morley. Music William Joseph Oliver. Communication Paul E. Potter, Communication Dr. Robert Ramsey. Head. Communication Dr. Michael. Roach, Communication Cliff Smith, Theatre James Snyder, Art Dr, James Towns. Communication Dr. Kenneth Waters, Theatre Don Wmk. Head, Art Arts 317 Education Or. T. A. Alhash.mi Agriculture Dr, Dorothy Allen Women ' s HPE Dr Mary Appleberry Elementary Education Gladys Atherton Home Economics Dr. John Austin Secondary Education Carolyn Barnett Women ' S HPE Dr. Ronnie Barra Men s HPE Dr. Barbara Barrett. Home Economics Dr, Arthur Benoy. Secondary Education Belinda Boshell. Home Economics Joe Br.ttain. Men ' S HPE Dr. Robert Brooks. Secondary Education Marshall Brown Men s HPE Merra Brunson, Elementary Education Dave Campell Men s HPE Sandra Cole. Women ' s HPE Dr Bennett Cooksey, Elementary Education Mart Crawford. Men ' S HPE Charlene Crocker, Secondary Education Dr James D.Nucc Men s HPE Dr. William Doyle. School Services Dr. Gloria Durr, Head, Home Economics Dr. Ralph Eddms Secondary Education Dr. Don Fare, Elementary Education Dr. Thomas Franks. Head. Elementary Education Ethelmd Gibson. Home Economics Lynn Graves, Men ' s HPE Dr. Julian Green Agriculture Dr. Alvera Gnff.n. Women ' s HPE Dr. David Gngsby, School Services Dr. Charles Gnmland. Men s HPE Sue Gunter, Women s HPE Hilda Harris. Secondary Education Neill Hays. School Services . William Heeney, Secondary Education Dr. Harold Hill. Secondary Education Andrew Eugene Huffty. Men ' s HPE Dr. Jerry Irons. Elementary Education Dr. June Irwin, Head. Women s HPE Dr. Sue Jones, Home Economics Dr Langston Kerr. Secondary Education Dr. Carl Kmght. Head. Men s HPE Hettie Legg, School Services Dr. Jack Lewis. School Services Dennie Lindsey. Home Economics Ronnie Lusk Men ' s HPE MargeAnn McMillan, Women ' s HPE Dr. Robert Martin. Agriculture Virginia Mathews. Women ' s HPE Dr. David Miller, Agriculture Dr. Carolyn Mitchell. Women ' s HPE Dr. W-lliam Morrison, School Services Dr. Morgan Moses. Head. Secondary Education Dr. Bennat Curtis Mullen. Secondary Education Dr. Luc.lle Norton, Women ' s HPE Helen Nuessle, Home Economics Dr. Janice Pattillo, Elementary Education Dr. Milton Payne. Elementary Education Dr. Odis Rhodes, Elementary Education Joe Richardson, Men ' s HPE . Elvia Rodriguez. Elementary Education Dr. Jose Rodriguez, Secondary Education Dr. Margaret Rucker. Home Economics 318 Education Suzanne Schrader. Women ' s HPE Johnny Sciacca. Secondary Education Laura Shivers Home Economics Dr. David Shows Men s HPE Dr. Frank Smith. Elementary Education Dr Wendall Norman Spreadbury, Elementar Dr Jack Spurrier School Se Educatu Dr Patsy Spurrier. Home Economics Oren Standley Agriculture Dr. Thomas Stanly Head. Agriculture Donnya Stephens Secondary Education Dr. George Thompson. Secondary Education Dr. John Thornton. Elementary Education Dr. Carl Richard Voigtel. School Services Mary Weems. Home Economics Dr. Thomas White, Secondary Education Dr. Grady Willingham. Elementary Educatic Dr, Ray Worsham, Men ' s HPE Paulette Wright. Secondary Education Dr. Beverly Young. Elementary Education Jerry Young. Agriculture Forestry Dr. Victor Bilan Dr. Leonard Burkart Dr. Mingteh Chang Dr. Jack Coster Bruce Cutter Dr. Robert Fleet Jim Howard Ellis Hunt Dr. James Kroll Chns LeDou. Dr. Michael Legg Dr. David Lenhart Dr. Gerald lowry Dr. William McGrath Dr. Sherwood Mclntyre Dr. Garland Mason Dr Hershel Reeves Dr, George R i nit Dr. Kenneth Watterston Robert Whiting 319 Dr. Danny Arnold, Management and Marketing Dr. Jonelle Ashley. Management and Marketing Dr. Louise Bingham, Accounting Dr. Bobby Bizzell, Management and Marketing James Bowman, Administrative Services Dr: Charles William Brown, Head. Economics and Clyde Co , Management and Marketing George Dailey, Computer Science Dr. Kenneth Durr. Administrative Services Dr. Donald Evans. Administrative Services Dr. Jorrell Grout. Head, Computer Science John Hamilton, Administrative Services Troy Hargts. Management and Marketing Dr. Boyd Herndon, Administrative Services Dr. Thomas Hunter, Economics and Finance Dr. Dwayne Key, Economics and Finance Dr. Vmay Kothan, Management and Marketing Dr, John Lewis, Economics and Finance Charles Logan, Administrative Services Dr. Neal Maledon, Economics and Finance Jesse Mnon. Computer Science Charles Phillips. Management and Marketing Jack Pollard, Accounting Camille Price, Computer Sc Carolyn Price. Administrative Services Jesse Richardson. Economics and Finance Dr. Jerald Ripley, Computer Science Dr. Ed Roach. Head. Management and Marketing Dr. Frank Ross, Accounting Mary Rudisill, Administrative Services James Smith. Accounting Dr. Weldon Smith, Economics and Finance Dr. Milton Stewart, Economics and Finance Dr. DiHard Tinsley. Management and Marketing Dr. Ralph White. Head, Administrative Services Dr. Marlin Young, Administrative Services 320 Science and Mathematics Dr. Jasper Adams. Mathematics and Statistics Dr. Doy ' e Alexander, Mathematics and Statistics Dr. Nancy Alexander Geology Dr. Roy Alston. Mathematics Dr. Calvin Pascal Barton, Mathematics Capt. John Beer. Military Science Dr. Wayne Boring Chemistry Bobby Boudna. Mathematics and Statistics Harold Bunch. Mathematics and Statistics Julius Burkett. Mathematics and Statistics Dr. J. H. Burr. Biology Dr. Thomas Callaway, Physics Charles Cates. Chemistry Elton Chaney. Mathematics and Statistics Dr. William Clark, Mathematics George Cook, Biology Dr. Marvin Crocker Geology Dr. Robert Dean Mathematics Dr. John Decker. Heed. Physics Dr. James Dennis. Physics Martin Deuth, Geology Dr. Harry Downing. Physics Dr. Russell Faulkner. Heed. Biology Dr. Charles Fisher Biology Dr. James Garrett, Chemistry Dr. William Gibson. Biology Goad, Physics Dr. Robert Gruebel. Physics Dr. Victor Hoff Biology Dr. Hershel Jones Geology Dr. W. . Layton. Heed. Mathematics end Statistics Neal McCord. Biology Dr. Jack McCullough, Biology Dr. Enms McCune, Mathematics and Statistics Dr. Harry McDonald, Biology Maj. Brian Mc Williams. Military Science Dr. Kenneth Mace, Biology Dr. Albert MacheL Chemistry Dr. Charles Mims Biology John Moore. Chemistry Dr. Samuel Naistot. Chemistry Joe Neel, Mathematics and Statistics Dr. James Nicholson. Physics Dr. Elray Nixon, Biology LTC Talton Pace. Head. Military Science Dr. Kenneth Price. Mathematics and Statistics Dr. Wayne Proctor. Mathematics and Statistics Dr. Fred Rainwater. Biology Jane Ritter. Mathematics and Statistics Joseph Robbms. Mathematics and Statistics Dr. Walter Robertson, Biology Dr. Homer Russell. Biology Dr. Austin Sartin, Geology Dr. Jacob Searon. Head. Chemistry Dr. Robert Shepard. Mathematics and Statistics Dr. Wayne Slagle, Biology Dr. R. O- Stemhoff. Head. Geology Dr. Byron VanDover. Biology Dr. Jerry Vincent, Geology Dr. Bennie Walker, Chemistry Dr. Hendnk Weyland. Biology Dr. Robert Yeagy, Mathematics and Statistics 321 322 323 325 Aguilar. Jose: Honduras Ahern, Michael- Dallas Aleiander Alex: Rosenberg Asa Akpan: Eket. Nigeria Asluns. Sally: Dallas Austin Marvin; Lufkin Balleste Marta; Puerto Rico Bell Alberta: Lufkin Boaen. Marilyn: Navasota Boone. Terry: Nacogdoche s Boynton. Karen: Corpus Chris Bozeman, Paul III; Lufkin Brashear Michael: Lufkm Browne. Robert; Lancaster Burt . Judy; Nacogdoches Burleson. Chariot; Hughes Spri Coones. Barbara: Longview Cook, Reagan; Austin Coleman, Stephen; Nacogdoches Clayton, Mary Jane: Nacogdoches Clark, Mark: Indianola MS Cheng, Thomas: Taiwan Cheng, Julie: Nacogdoches Chen Ya-Ching; Taiwan Chen Eunice: Taipei Carter, David; Dallas Carter, Brooks: Fort Smith, AR Carr, Diane: San Augustine Carolan. Donna; Nacogdoches Cammack, Richard: Kilgore Dahlem, James: Houston Dalton, Richard: Andrews Davis. Die It : Corpus Christ Denman, Deck: Mart Deuel. David: Pharr D.llard, Jean Ann: Austin Dollar, Dav.d: Natchitoches, LA Dollar. Kathleen; Shreveport. LA Donahue. Michael; Baytown Douglas, Duke; Graham Drummond. John; Rowlett Duke. David; Graham Dunham, Philip; Temple Eshragh Hedayat Mendi; Iran Essien. Bassey: Nigeria Ekwo Maurice; Nigeria Fanza. Robert: Moca, Puerto Rk Ferrell. Thurman; Carrolton 326 Festervand Troy Shreveport LA Fmley. Don: Star City AR Foster. Kyle: Fort Worth Franks, Kenneth: Pineland Freeman Melmda Henderson Fnelds. Gary: Nacogdoches Gomez Tirso Dallas Goss Thomas- Colorado C ty Grahan. Nancy: El Paso Gray Randall ' Marshall Green Norman- Longview Hannah. Ken; Wells Hart Jessica: Nacogdoches Head Lou Ellen Qu.nlan Herrer . David ' Abilene Higgms James- Diboll Highpill, William: Irving Hoffman, Richard: Odessa Holden Donme : Calico Rock, AR Holloway. Randal : Graithville AR Holt. Josh: Dallas Hooks. Keith: New London Hopkins. Kenneth: Lake Jackson Hudson. James: Marshall Hulet Rodney: Te»arkana Hunter Glenn: Colorado City Irwin. Jerry: Dallas Johnson, Dean: Dickinson Jones. Henry: Pasadena Kendall Mark: Austm Kirk. Christopher ' Milan IL Kirkland. Michael: Jacksonville Lamarr Margaret Nacogdoches Lassalle Gladys: Moca Puerto Rico Lebo Steve ■ Pasadena Lee. Edgar: Chrle Lessenberry. Lisa: Humboldt TN Lester. John- Jacksonville Lewis, Larry: Houston Liles, Mitchell: Te«arkana Lowry. Patricia: Nacogdoches Luce Robert: Pollok Maddoc Curtis: Lufkin Mann True: Longview Matthews Mike- Dallas May Joe Dan: Naples McMullen Kaylene: Houston Meachem Missy Bay City 327 Mendell Steven: Houston Meyer. Daniel: Houston Moore. Charles: Timpson Moore. Patricia : Cushmq Murray Barbara: Nacogdoches Newcomer. Mary: Fort Worth Newton. Jerry: Bonham Nnolim. Anene: Nigeria Noble. Cynthia: Nederiand O ' Neal Francs: Philadelphia, PA Oates. Bob: longview Oliver. Tommie: Damgerfield Pack. John: Waco Palmerton. Rick, Oklahoma City. OK Parsons. Larry: Alto Patterson. Robert: Houston Perry. Robert: Tenaha Phillips. Beverly: Nacogdoches Pike. Robert: Bridge City Powell. Charles: Dallas Pugh, Ronnie; Marshall Rainwater. Steve: Hughes Springs Randolph. Paul: Dallas Reese. Steve. Jr.: Nacogdoches Rice Belinda: Duncanville Richardson, Mike: Whitehouse Rose Wi lliam III: Nacogdoches Roth. Frank A. II: Baton Rouge, LA Rowe, Norman: Nacogdoches Russ Deborah: Teague Sechnst. Scott: Nacogdoches Seibert Joyce: Miami. PL Shadovitz. David: Hightstown, NJ Shepherd. Patricia: Nacogdoches Shipp. Clyde: Texarkana Sloan. Wendel: Mt. Vernon Smith. Zell: Nacogdoches Spear. Robin: Orange Spurlock, William: Nacogdoches Stringer, Bob: Carthage Tyler. William: Houston Udo Anthony: Nigeria Umanah. Sylvanus: Nigeria Usanga. Paul: Nigeria Vancil, Elizabeth: Nacogdoches Van Riper. Timothy: Nacogdoches Waltz Jeffrey Denver City Weeks Jamie: Alice 328 329 330 John Mathews 331 o Abbett Bnan- Garland Abel Donald- Midland Adam Marcta: Houston Adams Jana- Newton Adams Judy: Jasper Adams Paul W,nnf,eld Adams Sheila: Houston Aiavolasit-. Keith: Dallas A leg n a Frank Corpus Chnsti Ale Judith; San Antonio Alexander Randy Tyler Allan George- Bay City Allen Beverly Houston Allen Billy Mildred Allen Lewis ' Conroe Allen Vickie: Fort Worth Alvis Greg- Linden Amick Nancy Waco Amie, Travis- Lufkin Amy Stephen- Houston Anderson Carolyn; Ktlgore Anderson, Hampton ' Fort Worth Anderson. Jean- Corsicana Anderson Joan Corsicana Appleton. Debra Henderson Archer Tom- Marshall Armstrong James; Houston Arnold Linda - Groveton Arterbury Alan- Houston Atherton Jim- Conroe Avrett Robert Wtchita Falls Baca Mike San Antonio Badillo Olga ' Guatemala Ballcom Anita- Nacogdoches Ball Larry Van Horn Ball Sharon- Dallas Banfield. Darrell; Purdon Banman Jan: Mt. Vernon Barber Jeff- Van Bare Kathy Missouri City Barnes Barney ■ Odessa Barnette Carolyn: Groves Barney Stephen. Houston Barrett Freida- Houston Barron Kayla- Houston Barta Kim ' Quitman Bartholomew Dav.d ■ Texas City Barton Jan : Waco 332 Bassilinda Philips Henderson Battle Jimmy: Nacogdoches Baugh Barbara: Big Sandv Beasley. Regma: Marshall Beaty Darla: Allen Beauchamp. Ray: Houston Beckham Bradley: Kilgore Seller Denyse: Houston Bendy Warren : Nacogdoches Bennett Barbara: Fort Worth Benson. David: Houston Berryman William Groves Best. Amanda: Jasper Biggar Blanch: Center Birdsong. Bonnie ' Longview Bishop Cmdy: Longview Blackburn. Galen Fort Worth Blair Catherine 1 Bryan Blankenship. Jim- Garland 8lend James: Burnet Blome Susan : Pasadena Blount Angela: San Antonio Bloxom Raymond ' Frankston Boltomey. George. Houston Bolen Debbie: Rockwall Bonar Nancy Houston Bond Greg Irving Bonner Kirk Fort Worth Borders. Shell a : Longview Borland Jane: Enms Borland Janice: Enms Bounds Ragan: Baytown Bosticfc Blake. Tyler Boudro Carolyn: Dayton Boyd Ray: Longview Brannon. Carla ' Cleburne Bray Debbie: Houston Bridges Lanny - Quitman Brizendme. Beverly Houston Bronson Julia Brooks Alyce Brooks Bruce Dallas Te arkan« Garland Brown Debrah Center Brown Manlyn: Palestine Brown Melame: Fort Worth Browning. Patnca LaMargue Brugger Debbie Houston Bryant Randall ' Houston 333 o B uc khan nan. J ack : Lufltlfl Bunch Paula - Kemp Bunt Di«on Houston Burch Dav.d: Pasadena Burns Marsha ' Houston Butler Steve: Nacogdoches Butts Kafrhy; Nacogdoches Byford. Brenda- McGregor Caldwell Karen ' Richardson Callarman. Sherry: Athens Campbell. Gary: Port Arthur Campbell. Kenneth: Center Camk. Dawn: Houston Carr. Tom: Nacogdoches Carrier Paula Clute Carroll. Jane: Houston Carroll. Paul ' Richardson Carruth. Robm: Waco Carter Tandy: Columbus Case Mark- Lufkm Case, Phyllis- Rusk Cat + . Debbie Tyler Cervanter Stephen: San Antonio Chance Connie: Houston Chandler, Holly: Houston Chandler. Lauren Dallas Cheek David ' Pasadena Chesnut. Gary; Alice Cheever, Karla: Lake Jackson Chiang Gloria; Marshall Christian, Pam: Henderson Chumney, John: Nacogdoches Clark Demse. Dallas Clarte Stephen: Lake Jackson Clarlcston Paul: Tyler Clegg. Billy- Angleton Clegg Thomas; Houston Clifford. Carol: Center Clifford. Debbie: Houston Coker Betsy: Frankston Cole Larry; Beaumont Cole Robin Tyler Colkm Tom; Maydelle Collen Steve; Nacogdoches Collms Debbie; Te as City Colwell. Jerry; Longview Conerly Cathy: Nacogdoches Conerly Rod ' Dallas 334 Conner James: Tatum Coot James: Austin Cook. Manlyn: Demson Cooper L.V.: Burleson Corder. Steve: Fort Worth Corpaci. Gail: Grand Praine Cosby. John: Fort Worth Coulson. Karla: Carrollton Covey Brenda: Snyder Co . Ray: Pasadena Cram. Sally: Irving Cranford Day Ion ; Fort Worth Crawford. Jo Ann: Dickinson Crenshaw. Mark; Marshall Crews. Claire: Longview Cnssman, Robert; Nacogdoches Cronm , Michael: Fulshear Crowley. Maureen: Houston Crozier. Carol: Gonzales Culver. Jay: Austin Cunningham. Mike; Odessa Curfman. Lmdy: Houston Cutshaw, Stephen: Grapeland Dalton, Rozan: Dallas Damron Melanie ' Dallas Darwin, Nancy ; Garland Dauphin, Shonda: Longview Davis. Kathy; Sugarland Davis. Kevin; Irving Davis Larry: Lufkin Davis Stanley: Gary Day, Duane; San Benito Day Robert; Houston Deggs, John; Nacogdoches Dement Margaret; Nacogdoches Denman. Henry: Nacogdoches Dennis, Da Lee; Longview Denny. Dennis: Cushmg Dent, Beth; Houston Desilets. Dan: Houston DeStena Donna: Houston Dickerson. Shirley, Lufkin Dippel, Cnss; Baytown Dome. Gwen; Garland Dorsey Kay; New London Doucet. Richard; Dallas Dowdy. Gary; Houston Doyle. Michael: Santa Monica. CA 335 o Dubberly Carol: Nacogdoches Dudley. Tom; Santa Rosa Dunagan, Cheryl; Frost Duncan, Byron: Luflon D inn. Dale: Pasadena DuPree. Jay: Te«as City Durdm, Martha. Stafford Duvall. Nancy: Denton Dyer, James; Houston Dykes Linda; Kilgore Edds James La Marque Edwards Stevie : Stowell Ekeroth. Jeff: Laredo Elhott. James; Mansfield Elms. James: Kilgore English Kenneth; Crockett Epperson David: Fort Worth Eshragh-Hedayat Hamid: Iran Eubanlcs. Deborah: Troup Evans. James: Denton Ewers, Steve Bradford Eyley. Paul: Tyler Fahey. Mike; Farmers Branch Fam, Jamie; Nacogdoches Farmer. Eddie: McCaulley Fears. Sherry: Laneville Feigler. Arlene; Marshall Felderhoff. Dons: Muenster Fisher. Rick: Montgomery Fix, Laurel ' Dallas Fleisher. Sheryl: Longview Fling. Gary; Dallas Ford. Carla: Piano Forsythe. Dwam; Lufkin Fort, Gary: Hallsville Fossier. Lenny: Piano Foster, Robbie Jo; Longview Foster. Stephen; Austin Fowler, Becky; Damgerfield Frank John; Corpus Chnsti Frank Marilyn; Spring Franklin. David: Dallas Fraychmaud, Vicki: Houston Frederick. Soozi; Lake Jackson Frerkmg, Charlie: Houston Fnerson. James: Dallas Fullwood. Nancy: Fort Worth Fulton. Jack: Longview 7 1 I Gaffey Richard ' Dickinson Galyen Karen ' Dallas Gandy Nancy Dallas Gann Cathy Whitesboro Gant Lloyd Ray Aledo Garretson, Larry Austin Garrison John- Fort Worth Gates. Robert- Tombail Gavin Thomas: Universal City Gawloslti Paul: Waco Geer. Laurie: Houston Gerard Turpm Euless German Jim Concord CA Gerron Lesley Ennis Gibbs Wiiloughby: Corngan Gibson Rebecca- Nacogdoches Giles Karen: Houston Giles Stanley Henderson Gill. Debra ' Te«arkana G.lmore Ann: Wichita Falls Glass. Kay: Damgerfield Glenn Randal- Piano Glimp Beth Austin GoerLch Scott- Houston Goldstem Charlie: Houston Gonsoulm Steve Texas City Graeber David Richardson Graham Gordon Richardson Graham. William- Tonawanda NY Gray Adnenne ' Longview Green Jacqueline Houston Greeney. Debra: Tyler Greens ' ade Wendy Kaufman Griffin Susan ' Houston Griffith. Sherne: Normangee Gnmes. Jimmy- Longview Grimes Terry Nacogdoches Gnmm. Linda San Antonio Gnssom. Linda: Corngan Grogan Marlt- Rusk Groom Bill ' Jacksonville Groth. Sybil. Belton Guidry Tommy Port Arthur Guillerman Mary Houston Gumn Cynthid ' Jacksonville Gullett Sandy Houston Guyon Eugene: Eagle Lake Gwyn Rachael: Tenarkana 337 CO o HacMer Kay ' Whitehouse Haddad David Corpus Christ) Hagood Kent: Fort Worth Hailes Carol ' Houston Hailes Sherman: Pasadena Haley. Kathy: Tyler Hall Barbara Sherman Hall. Lmdsey: Te arkana Hamilton. Jim: Baytown Hansen Kay Tenaha Hanshaw James- Corpus Christi Hardy. Rickey ' Dallas Harper Glenn- Stafford Harrell. Marilyn; Livingston Harris. Latressa: Longview Harris. Marty Kaufman Harry. David: Fort Worth Harshell Everett- Henderson Hart Cmdy: Gladewater Hassell. Ricky Maydelle Hastreiter William: Irving HaSWell, David ' Longview Hatch. Pamela: Fnendswood Hay. Greg: Plainsboro Hayes Michael: Pampa Hazlett. Brenda: Duncanville Heard Judy: Canton Hea ' d. Lugema: Lake Jackson Heitman, Linda: Nacogdoches Henager. Cynthia: Belton Hendershot. Robert: Garland Hennchsen Barbara Bay City Hester. Melissa: Abilene Hewgley. Sue ; Austin Hickerson, Joe; Paris Hicks. Mary: Richardson Hile Clinton: Fort Worth Hill Danny- Dallas Hill Lee Beaumont Hill, Oscar: Dallas Hmson. Daphne Lovelady Hoag. Charmaine Jefferso Hocker, John: Tyler Hoeland. Stephen: Longview Hoffman Kim: Fort Worth (Holiday David ' Logansport LA Holl.baugh, Debbie- Dallas Holly field Ronald- Nacogdoches 338 Holman Susan Kay: Paris Holt Loree Farmers Branch Hornbuckle Manbeth Beaumont Horrocks Cathy Te arkana Hoskms Nell : Lake Jackson Hostler Kathy- Richardson Howell Curtis - Livingston Howmgton. Rickey: Angleton Hudler Charlotte Nacogdoches Hudnall Marsha - Tyler Hugg Mike: Beaumont Hulpiau Kathenne: Seabrook HuUey Patricia Orange Hunter. Margie: Nacogdoches Hutchins David: La Porte Ihlo. Jen ■ Center Isbell James - Mesquite Jagoe Paul El Paso James Alan Baytown Jameson Blackshear; Longview Janm William III Hillcrest Jeffers. Robert: Tyler Jenkins Web.b Lufltin Jenney David: Houston Johnapelus Lane: Houston Johnson Benny Lone Star Johnson. Carolyn: Nacogdoches Johnson. David ' Longview Johnson. Jeanme: Waco Jones Tnsha: Austin Jordan. Joe: Longview Jordan. Retha: Pampa Jorgensen. Jo: Arlington Justice Kay: Nacogdoches Kabola Roy: Clute Karr. Sheryl: Anahuac Kassoff John: Longview Keatmg John; Winnie Keating Kerry Austin Kehoe. Bill: Houston Kelley. Dav-d: Piano Kelley Steve: Dallas Kemp. Treg: Corpus Chnsti Kennedy Hamp: Befton Kerbo. Knsty: McGregor Kerr. Beth: Tyler Kesmger Carolyn: Alto Ketchum Laura ' Dallas 339 CO o Kidd Dena: Edgewood Klewit Scott- Dallas Killion Steve: Ktlgore Kimble. Ross: Crosby King, Conme: Desoto King Loyd: Nacogdoches Kinna ' rd. Billie: Nacogdoches Kinnaird. Stephen; Nacogdoches Kirby . James III: San Augustine Kirk, William- Jefferson Kirltpatnck, Kirk- Marshall K iriepa trie k Reed: Grand Prairie Kissell 8nan: Houston Kissiah. Terry: Houston Kittrell, Bill: Te arlcana Klapprott. Carla: Arlington Klein. Peggy Bridge City Kliesing. Ray Pearland Knox. Aldo: Temple Koether, Robert; Silsbee Koonce Richard: Mesquite Krejci, Loran: Roscoe Krupala. Kay; Dickinson Lamb, Brad; Slaton Lamon. Terry; Lufkin Lane, Raymond Jr.; Longview Lange, Linda; Houston Lapington, Julie: Grand Saline Largent, Nancy; Neches Latham, Steven: Texarkana Lathan, Lurah: Nacogdoches Layer Mike, San Antonio Leach, Malcolm: Laredo Leamon, Charles; Irving LeBlanc, John: Houston Lee, Sylvia : Houston Lehman, Mark: Houston Leith, Phil: Marshall Lemon. Anna: Trawick Leva Charles; Houston Levy. Tim; Dallas Lewis. LeRoy: Lake Jackson Ligen. Frances: Houston Liles. Larry; Jacksonville Liles. Mona Renee: Lufkm Lincecum, Steven; Fort Worth Liner, Janice: Kilgore Little, Vivian; Houston 340 Littlefield. Linda: Damgerf.eld Lloyd. Jon; Murchison Lloyd. Judy; Murchison Loden Brad: Athens Long. Allan. Kilgore Loomis Rollm III: Jefferson Love. Cathy; Canton Love. Charlotte: Grand Saline Love, Jim; Perryton Lovell. Kevin: Dalhart Lovett, Helen: Richardson Lowther. Bruce: Hurst Luckenbill. Elizabeth: Houston Ludw ig Pam; Silsbee Luenser Don; DeSoto Lyons. William; Dallas Mabry, Mary: Mesquite Mach, Sharon: Longview Macha. Pam; Houston Magee Dorothy: Houston Maiors Jim : Hurst Malone Kevin: Dallas Maness. Debb.e: Tyler Maness. Russell: Jacksonville Manley, Morne: Houston Mann. Cindy: San Francisco. CA Mann, Nancy: Houston Mann, Sherne: Tyler Marek. David: Kaufman Marietta, Kay: Lovelady Marsh, Franlt: San Antonio Marstaller, William; Waco Martin, Brenda; Tyler Mathews. John: Hurst Matthews. Donna: Houston Matthews. Janet; Midland Maupm, Jenny: Amanllo Maxwell. Joe; Bonham McCain. Stephen: Damgerfield McCallum, Alice: Mesquite McCann, Marcie: Daisetta McCormick, Joe: Sabine McDaniel. Carol; Galveston McFarland, Nanette; Hallsville McGee. David; Mabank McG ' lvra; Jane- Luftin McKeever, Charles: Hallsville McLaughlin. Mike: Houston 341 c 1 o McMath. Susan: Nacogdoches McMulien. Brad Lufk.n McNutt. Stephen; Enms Meek Robert- Brownfield Mefford. Gary: Nacogdoches Mensilt. Anette: Enms Merntt. Constance: G ' adewater Meza Frank: Laredo Michael. Janis: Houston Micheletti. Evelyn; Corpus Chnsti Michie, Sara; Conroe Midkiff. Bob: Houston Millard. Glenn; Nacogdoches Miller. Jerry; Maunceville Miller. Mary; Center Miller, Robert: Marshall Miller Steven: Euless M-lls. Matt: Dallas Mills. Raymond: Milam Milton. Ro anne. Dallas Mitchell, JoAnn: Irving Mitchell, Joseph; Longview Mitchell. Mark; Houston Moehnng, Jamce; Pasadena Moff ' tt. Judith; Te»as City Montgomery, Nile: Little Rock, AR Monzmgo. Cheryl; Midland Moore, Mark; Waco Morgan. Lisa: Midland Morns, Lawrence; LaMarque Morrow Elame: Elysian Ftelds Morrow. Janet; Pampa Morton, Brad: Houston Morton, Jackson: Dayton Moser, Susan; Fort Worth Moss. Joe: Houston Moss, Teresa; Jasper Moughon, Joe: Gladewater Mueller. Suzy. Houston Myers. Jan: Houston Myers Richard: Mission Nadolski. Jimmy; Terrell Neese. Robert: Houston Nelms, Harold; Houston Ness, Jimsey Kay; Alta Lorr Newman. Charlotte: Luflcin Newton, Steve; Dallas Nicholas. Debbie; Hurst 342 Nicholas. Sherri; Lufkin Nichols. Anita: Baytown Nikfanam. Behzad: Shiraz. Iran Nolan Rickey: Omaha Noonan. Kevin- Lonqview Norton Therese : Baytown Oberle Gay Ellen: Groves Ochsenfeld. Bonnie: Pmeville Oliver, John: Galveston Orren Sandra: Lake Jackson Ortiz Greg: M.neral Wells Osborne, Peter: Euless Palmer Marc: Marshall Panahizadeh. Habib: Nacogdoches Parham. Mary: Nacogdoches Parham. William: Nacogdoches Pans. Ronald: Richardson Parker Edward Joaqum Parkman, Pete: Fort Worth Parmley Kristi, Teiarkana Pate. Deborah: Canal Zone Patrick. Paul: Henderson Payne. Demse: Saratoga Payne. Steve : Dallas Penn, Pam: Bellaire Percy, Cathy Bonham Perkins Darryl: Richardson Permenter, Bill: Jacksonville Perry. David: Henderson Pfeffer Frances: Dallas Philley. Charlotte: Lufkm Phillips Donald: Huntington Jack: Jacksonville Phillips, Mary; Houston Phillips, Melame Henderson Phillips Suzanne: Houston Pickett. J m: Houston Pinckard. Gale: Bivms Pmcus. Roseanne: Dallas Piper Curtis: Austin Pitts, Susan: Nacogdoches Piatt, Melia: Palestine Powers, Janemane: Dallas Prewitt. Kathy: Jasper Price. Nancy: Dallas Pnckett. Greg: Arlington Pndgeon Marcus: Euless Pryor, Phyllis: Texas City 343 o Puckett Barbara: Houston Purvis. Vicki: Houston Querner, David; Vernon Qumn. Debbie: Pasadena Rams. Carole: Marshall Rambo John- Tomball Raney Amy: Longview Redman. Mary Ann: Houston Redman. Mike: Mesquite Redman. Rick: Pensacola FL Redmond Lea Ann; Longview Reece, Charles; Jacksonville Reed Michael: Houston Reese George: Houston Reider, LaWenda : Gary Richardson, Ann: Nacogdoches Richardson Mike: Longview Ridgeway, Ruth: Gilmer Riggs. Gall: Humble Riley. Jame; College Static Riley. Pats.e: Dallas Riley, Sean: LaPorte Roberson, Jim: Perryton Roberts. Shen: Houston Robertson. David: Dumas Roby, Pam: Houston Rodgers, Randall: Tyler Rodnquez. Eva ; Cleveland Rogers, Sallie: Marshall Rohmer, Diana; Big Foot Rohrbach. Susan; Houston Romano. Barry; Friendswood Roper. Ben: Clifton Roper. David: Henderson Rowden Rebecca: Price Royer Kim; Nacogdoches Rubin. Michael: Dallas Rucka. Rodney: Crosby Rudd, Yvonne: Lufkin Ruhl, Reyburn: Richardson Russell. Charles: Dallas Russell. Kathi; Canton Russell. William: Longview Safford. G ma: Groveton Sales LaJuan: Rusk Salter, Debbie: Mt. Pleasant Salzman, Julee; Fort Worth Sanders, David: Baytown 344 Sanders Jerry Baytown Sanders. Robm- Wmf.eld Santos. Raymond Dallas Sappington Lynda ' Houston Scarborough Gary: Garland Schanti Roue: Amarillo Schhtz Debra: Houston Schmidt. H. R. Houston Schumacher Terry: Seymour Scott Marsha: Houston Scroggin Julie: Humble Sealy Janet: Houston Sease. Bob " Dallas Self Mary Nacogdoches Selman. Bruce - Dallas Sepulva. Joseph- Lufkm Setliff Paul: Corpus Chnsti Shaffer Bob: Graham Shannon Susan: San Antonio Sharp Jill- Longview Shaver Sharr Fairfield Sheley John- Dallas Shelton Byron Corngan Shepherd. Kay: Lake Jackson Shepherd. Mark: Diboll Shields Kirk- KJgore Shipley. Lynda: Houston Shupp. Terry: Beaumont Shuttlesworth Carol: Pasadena S ' mpson. Carla Bonham Simpson Jane Conroe Simmons Mattie: Diboll Sims Brenda : Victoria Sierven. Dennis: Tyler Skidmore. Lmda. Houston Slayton Barbara- Fort Worth Slmgerland Ph. I: Dallas Smith. Carol: Richardson Smith Charles: Dallas Smith. Clark; Nacogdoches Smith Denise: Poolv.lle Smith Gregory Orange Smith Lmda; Carrollton Smith. Mark: Lone Star Smith Marlena: Jacksonville Smith Mary: Nacogdoches Smith. Mike- Jacksonv.lle 345 Taylor, Kim Houston Taylor Mark Waco Taylor Ma : Palestine Tears Janella ' Nacogdoches Terry, Van: Alvavado Thames Marilyn ' Carthage Thomas Becky: Cushmg Thomas. J. E.: Yazoo City. MS Thomas. Randel ' Luf kin Thompson Doty: Jacksonville Thompson Jerry Center Thompson. Jimmy: Corngan Thompson, Vicfci: Dallas Thornton, Greg: Nacogdoches Thurman Carol LuHin Tips. Karen: Pasadena Tonelli. Paul : Sherman Tooke Nona Te»arkana Tortello Susan ' Pomona NJ Traylor. Gary: Gilmer Traylor. SandruS Jasper Trout Ricky: Fort Worth Turner Bart: Dallas Turner Dav.d: Dallas Turner Kathryn Segum Valer Cmdy: Ennis Vance Anne: Teague Vay. Bruce: Houston Verhalen. Joe Marshall Verner Kenneth- Center Vickrey. Joe: Dallas Vinson, Robert: Columbus Vlk. Rita- Enms Wade. Nancy: Killeen Wade Susan- Arp Wages. Monica Tulsa OK Walker John: Clear Creek Walker Margaret ' Richmond Walker Robert ' Nacogdoches Wall. David: Piano Wallace David- Nacogdoches Walsh Brenden Nacogdoches Warren. Donna Center Washington. Jim- Dallas Washington Larry; Dallas Washington Sebnna Port Arthur Watson Dave Beaumont Weatherly James: Nacogdoches 347 Weaver Ronald: Longview Webb. Gene: Carthage Weed. Sherryle- Dallas Weiss. Kathy Lee: Tyler Welch, Van; Texas City Weldon Dav.d: Nederland Wells. Suzanne ' Houston Wentworth. Mary Fort Worth Wenzel, David ' Fnendswood Wesneski. Robert: Houston Wess. Sharon; Garland Whealdon. Terry: Freeport Whittle. Herb; Lufkm Wh.te Linda ' Tyler Whitehead Debra ' Freeport Whitmer Ted " Houston Whitmore Sharon; Galveston Weisenborn. Robin: Alvin Wilbanlts. Ervin: Atlanta Icoxson, Travts; Fan Ik-ins PauL Lofkin llcmson. Joe; Fort Worth Williams Cecilia; Nacogdoches Williams, James: Wharton lams, John ' Hooks iams Joy Fort Worth tams. Kelley Dumas iams, Lisa ' Wharton iams, Scott; Dallas iams. Stephen: Dallas Williams. Susan; Austin Williamson Mary Fort Worth Wilson Johnny: Broaddus Windham, John; Austin Wisnoslcie Donnie ' Kiem Wolf Elizabeth: Houston Wolf, Harold: Lake Jackson Wood. Charlotte. Angleton Wood. Lavonne, Joaquin Wood Mark: Fort Worth Wood Stephen: Pasadena Woods Don ; Euless CO o Woods John: Carthage Woolam. Gordon: San Wright. Daniel: Arlington Wright Steve: Dallas Wyatt Robert ' Oklahoma City OK (D 348 349 Abel. John- Dallas Abercrombie. Ella: Nacogdoches Abernethy, Sarah; Nacogdoches Acres. Ion : Dallas Adams, David; Richardson Adams. Deborah; Lufkm Adams. Karen: Richardson Adams. Randall: Center Albert. Darrell; Bangs Albntton, Patti. Richardson Albury. Steve: Houston Alderd.ce William; Dallas Alegna. Carlos: Corpus Chnstt Ale ander. James; Lufkin Alford, Frederick: Longview Alford, Suzanne: Richardson Alglre. Dawn; Dallas Allen, Betty; Jefferson Allen. Gib; Houston Allen, Lesley: Shreveport Allen. Nancy; Garland Allnutt. David: Galveston Alonzo. Jose: Teguagalpa. Honduras Althaus. Amy; Kyle Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson . u rnard : Houston . Cynthia: Lancaster , Michael : Texas City , Philip Hemph.ll . Ronald: Corngan , Tim; Nacogdoches CO o Andrews, Lori; Marshall Angus, Dennis; Killeen Anthony. Donna: Irvmg Antle, Lila: Baytown Araya. Ronald; San Jose Armistead. Betsy; Reagan Ash, David: Beaumont Aston, Phyllis; Nacogdoches Attaway. Laurie; Dallas Atwood, Fred ; Tyler Autry, Terry: London. England Baca, Shen ; Rockwall Backmskas, James; Dallas Badders, Jeff: Nacogdoches Bailey Fran; Houston Bailey. Sally: Dallas Baker, Judy; Dallas Baker, Lennie; Odessa 352 Baldree. Chuck: Houston Bellccom. Roger: Tenaha Ball, Daniel: Van Horn Ball. David: Beev.lle Ballard. Ellen Quitman Ballier. Linda: Houston Bannon, Richard: San Antonio Barber, Calvin: Cuero Barker. Carl: Athens Barnes, Lisa: Houston Barnett. Petti: Hughes Springs Barrett. Mary: Wylie Barrow, Terry: Hull Baskm, David: San Antonio Batten, Peggy: Lufkin bauman. Billy: Fort Worth Beall, Melba: Longview Bean, Jana: Richardson Beasley, Terry: Shelbyville Beavers, Deborah: Lufkm Beckham. Meteme: Houston Beckley. Patricia: Houston Bedford. Stephen: Nacogdoches Belcher, Jack: Spring Belden, Ellen: Richardson Bell. Glenda:Gladewater Bell. Kathy: Baytown Bennett, Brendia: Arlington Bennett, Stephen: Houston Bennett, Tony: Fort Worth Berry, Dan: Albuguerque. NM Berry, Suzanne: Longview Best James Elysian Fields Biclihem, Lmde: Atlanta Birdow, Anthony: Palestine Birdwell, Robert: Universal City Bishop, Beverly, Houston Bishop. David: Gilmer Blakely, Beverly: Grand Saline Blaleck, James: Longview Blalock. David: Duncanville Blanchard, Claudia: Houston Blanchette, Kim: Dallas Blankenship, Greg: Nacogdoches Blevins. Stephen: Irving Bloomfield, Cheryle: Anahuac Boggio, Joan Tyler Boggus, Cliff: Irving 353 CO o Bohn, Kathy; DeSoto Bonham, Ronnie Te arkana Borias. Francisco: Tegucigalpa DC Bornham. Vernon; Houston Bowen, LuAnne: Fort Worth Bowers. Cynthia; Richmond Boyd. Woodra: Nacogdoches Bradford. Barbara: Dallas Brady, Scott: Houston Brannon. Cathy: Mesquite Braswell, Jo Lynn: Baytown Bratton, Cathy; Tyler Breault. Pamela; Dallas Brehm. Donna; San Antonio Brewer. Cendace; Mineral Wells Brewer. Vicki: Texarkana Brian. Mark: Longview Bridges, Cynthia; Victoria Brock. David; Dallas Broussard, Susan Arauge Brown. Carlos: Nacogdoches Brown, Caroline: Houston Brown, David; Athens Brown, Gerry: Nacogdoches Brown. Janet: Houston Brown, Jeff: Deweyville Brown. Randy; Garland Broyles. Deborah; Houston Bruderer, Tina; Montgomery Bruter. Doris: Nacogdoches Bryant, Debbie: Houston Buchanan. Mark: Beckville Bufkin, Thomas; Longview Bugg, Theresa; San Antonio Bumpas, Steve: Fort Worth Burdett, Glady: Fort Worth Burgeson. Jill; Lufkin Burks, Jerry: Tyler Burleson, Karla; Jacksonville Burns, Jimmy; Nacogdoches Burns. Larry; Kilgore Bushart, David: Arlington Butcher, Martha: Dallas Butler, Beth; Dallas Butler. Karen ; Garland Butler, Shelby. Garland Bynum. Gary; Lufkin Byrd. James; Gladewater Z5 354 Caldwell. Judith Calk Bill ' Longview Call ' son. Randy Big Spring Calvm. Cathy: Lake Jackson Campbell. Chandra: Houston Campbell Harry ' Dallas Campbell. Jerry: Lufkm Canafa Debbie: Poolvill Cantrell Judy Houston Cardiff, Terry: Katy Carlson, Kim; Decatur Carlton, Renee ' Lufkm Carr. Larry; Oakwood Carr. Tim; Brownwood Carr, Tom: Longview Carroll, Denise: Magnolia Carroll, John: Palestine Carter, Denise; Hubbard Carter Rodney Corpus Christi Cary. Angela: Rusk Casarez. Diane: Cleveland Cecil. Sybil: Cleburne Chambless Cathy: Hamilton. GA Chance Bobby Fort Worth Chandler. Steve ' Cleveland Chapman. Michael Houston Chappuis David: Houston Charles, Gilbert- Uvalde Chase. Wendy Richardson Cherry CyntRia 1 Dallas Cherry, Robert- Lufkm Chetelat, John: Piano Chism Steve: El Paso Chnstoffel Susie Kmgsville Chrystal. Tom Lake Jackson Church Peggy San Antonio Clague John ' Troup Clark. David: San Antonio Clark. Denms: Lufkm Clark, George Nacogdoches Clark Leeann: Dallas Clark, Ronny Fort Worth Clifton Sandy Nacogdoches Cochran. Barry Burkeville Cochran. Jenny: Rayville LA Cochran. Terry La Porte Cockrell. Jane- Dallas Coffman Kerry: Galena Park 355 Cole. Michael; Huffman Coleman, Courtney: Corpus Chnsti Coleman. Winsell; Lonqview Colgate. Jeanne: Dallas Colley. Karen; Lake Jackson C olley. Paul: Henderson Collins. Debra: Gilmer Collins. Jack; Alto Combs Jean: Dallas Conrad. William: Midland Cook, Kathleen. Richardson Cook. Mansa: Lonqview Cook. Tom; Wichita Falls Cooper, Cristy; Fort Worth Corbitt. Nancy: San Antonio Cor.den. Ann: Little Rock. AR Courtenez. John ' Luflcin Coussons. Beth; Magnolia CO o Coulter. Janice: Dallas Covey. William; Snyder Covin. Lanlee; Nacogdoches Covington. John: Dallas Craig. Susan ; Dallas Crager. Doyle: Di boll Cramm, Kevin; Lake Jackson Crawford. Darwin; Tyler Creamer, Casey; San Antonio Crews. Dwama; Longview Cromer. Becki: Mt, Pleasant Crouch. Leslee: Richardson Culpepper. Donald; Mt. Pleasant Culpepper. Jo Beth; Martinsville Cummings, Robert ' Dallas Cummms. Geralyn: Houston Cunningham, Larry: Marshal Curner. Mary: Rusk Currin Bruce; Kilgore Curry, Debra: Conroe Custer. Risa; Maunceville Dacus David: Houston Daggett, Debbie; Houston Dalchau. Robert: Denver Daniel Dale: Houston Darr, Brenda: Fort Worth Darragh. David; Henderson Darrow. Gary: Dallas Davee. Janet; Weatherford Davis Edward: Cushmg 356 % I Davis. Fred: Houston Davis. Ira: Carthage Davis. Kathleen: Millsap Davis. Margaret: Dayton Davis. Martha: Dallas Davis. Robert; KJIeen Davis. Tonia; Round Rock Dealey. Josie; Dallas Dear. Tim : Joshua Deckard. Homer; Mesquite DeLarios Patrick; Dallas DeLuca. Louis; LaPorte Denton, Rebecca; Houston De Young. Richard; Piano Diehard. John; Nacogdoches Dickson. Dolly: Ennis Dickson, Marcy ; Garland Dmell. Kristme: Missouri City Dinwiddie. Richard: Killeen Dobbs. Jan: Nacogdoches Dobes, Alisa; Houston Dobie. Diane: Port Lavaca Dobson, Steven; Bellaire Dodson. Steven; ClarksvJIe Dollar. Doug: Richland Dommy. Michael; Livingston Donahoo. Mike: Lancaster Dopson. Viclti: Henderson Dorsett, Doana: Marshall Dorsey Kipper; Henderson Doss. Dave; Dallas Doss. Delna; Nacogdoches Dossett. Patnca: Nacogdoches Doucet. Ted: Sugarland Dougherty, Denms; Waco Douglass. Steve; Springfield. VA Dowden, Al: Cambridge. MA Doyle. Rosanne: San Antonio Drake, Christy; Dallas Drewry. George: Houston Dnscoll, Elizabeth; Dallas Driver. Paul: Beaumont Dubbs. Timothy ; Cleburne Dugan, Frank: Longview Duhon. Mike; Orange Dukes. Doug: Houston Dukes. Mike: Gary IN Dulweber, Susan; Longview 357 CO o Dunlap. Eddie: Garland Dyer. Chris: Dallas Eagleton. Walter: Cleveland Early Leslie: Jasper Eastham. Rosanna: Odessa Eaton Patr.cia: Longview Edge Terry: Tenaha Edwards. Holly. Piano Effiong, Paulmus: Marshall Egger Rod: Irving Elledge Doak: Perryton Ellerd. Alvin: Hereford Ellis Julie- Dallas Elhson, Elizabeth: Fort Worth Emrick. Robert: Lufkm English, Glenda: Kilgore Ervin, Lawrence: Te«as City Eshchut. Ellen; Jackson Heights, NY Espensen, Ken: McAllen Etheredge Joseph: Waco Evans. Dale: Fort Worth Evans Janie; Nacogdoches Evans Robert; Nacogdoches Fagerguist, Carol: Dallas Faircloth, Cheryl: Lufkm Fames. Ken: Beaumont Farmer. Donald Jr.: Galveston Farley. Ralph: Henderson Farrar. Lisa: Hurst Farrand Dave: Dallas Feldhousen. Kathenne: Francitas Ferguson. Randy: Longview Ferrell, Pam: Garland Fields. Kathryn: Dickinson Fife, Christine: Broaddus Fine Tom: San Antonio Fmk, Debbie: Arlington Firch, Cynthia: Euless Fish. Curtis: Dallas Fisher. David: Westbury Fitch, David: San Antonio F.tts, Nelda: Rusk Fleitman, Allen: Nacogdoches Fleming. Julie: Kilgore Flores. Jose: Brownsville Folger. Lisa : Victoria Folse. Kim: Port Neches Fomby, Pamela: Texarkana 358 Forbes. Kris; Decatur Ford. Carolyn; Tyler Fowler. Hugh : Van Francis. Bob; Dallas Frank, Tony: Nacogdoches Fralick. Mitch; Katy Freeman, Cathy; Desoto Freeman. Kurt: Dallas Frey. Howard; Port Neches Fnedel. Cherie; Waco Fnsby. Chris; McAllen Fnzzell, Jan: Dickinson Fromme. Mary Lynn: Dallas Fuerst, Bngitte: Houston Fulgham, Athena N.: Brownsboro Fullick. Tommy; Houston Furlong. Donna: Fort Myers. FL Fussell. Peggy; Richardson Gaby. Patsy; Alba Gardener. John; Fort Worth Gardener. Trigg; San Antonio Gardenas. Rita: Houstop , Brian; Austin Gardn Garner, Patricia: Jack son vilte Garner. Steve: Houston Garrett, Sue Ann: Dallas Gayden. Brenda; Corpus Chnsti Gee. James: Kilgore Geldmeier, Judy: Nacogdoches George, Allen; Marshall George, Sharon: Houston George. Zach: Dallas Georgeson. Jackie; Dallas Gibson. Bobby; Carthage Gibson, Richard: Lufkm Gipson. Shirley; Carthage Girouard, Cmdy: Dickinson Gise, Cynthia; Dallas Givens. Judy: Seabrook Givens, Thomas; Hunt Gladwish. Daniel; Beaumont Glenda. Gnsham; Marietta Glenn, M. L. Jr.; Nacogdoches Gtoege. Nancy: Piano Godwin. Mark: Marshall Goetshius. Cheryl: Beaumont Goff. Karin; Tulsa. OK Gonzales. Beniamin: Galveston 359 o Goodwin, Gary: Ennis Gordon. Autry; Honolulu, HI Gordon. James; San Antonio Gordon Stephanie: Longview Gore, Carolyn: Fnona Gore, Charles: Huntington Beach, CA Gortca. Lea; Richmond Gorman, Larry: Houston Gorzell, Andre; Dallas Goudeau, Pamela Ann; Humble Gracy. Jerald Craig; Tomball Grady, Phyllis: Hooks Graham. Luther: Odessa Granberry. James; Douglasville Graves. Gwen; Hurst Graves, Keith; Garland Gray. Donna: Richardson Gray. Kathy: Tatum Gray, Laune: Dallas Gray. Rita: Lufltin Green. Joyce: Longview Green, Pattie; Thousand Oaks, CA Gregory, Louis; Dallas Greer, Karen: Richardson Griffin, Nancy: Elgin Gngar, Rudy: Pearland Grimes, David; Nacogdoches Gnmley. John; Dallas Gnmm. Don: Houston Gnssom. Karen; Pasadena Grist, Steve; Dallas Gnzzard, Charles: Big Spring Groth, Glynda; Duncanville Guinn, Gary ; Jacksonville Guinn, Roger; Richland Hills Gude. David: Fort Worth Guedry, John: Batson Gunn, Lynn; Humble Haacke. Gma; LaPorte Hachett. Clark; Channelview Hai le, Brad: Dallas Haines, Catherine: San Antonio Hale, Stephen: Pasadena Haley, Kenneth: Houston Hall. Danny; LaMarque Hamilton, Cynthia; Athens Hammonds, Howard: Houston Hammonds, Kent: Houston 360 Hancoclc. Charles: Nacogdoches Hand Bruce; Henderson Hand. Starla; Tyler Handley, John: Colmesneil Hank.ns Matthew; Springfield. VA Hanks. Don: Waco Hannon. Daniel: Houston Harden, Dennis; Queen City Hardy, Fred: Silsbee Hargraves, Sharon: Kountze Harman, Sandra; Colorado Springs, CO Harper, Danny; Jacksonville Harper, Kim: Irving Harper, LaMyrle; Lufktn Harrington. Sharon: Arlington Harns, Julie: Dallas Harris, Mike: Blooming Grove Harrison. Becky: Dallas Harrison, Jeffrey: Diboll Hart, Jerry: Orange Hartley, Linda Palestine Harvey Darbeu: Duncanville Harvey. Roland; Mineral Wells Hasseu. Keith: Palestine Havard Henry: Lufkin Hayes. Robert; Temple Heard. Debra : Lancaster Hearn, Phil; Texarkana Hefner, Dansel; Troup Hefner, Robb : Lufkin Heim, Jackie: Marshall Heisel, Sharon: Kilgore Henderson. Clay: Brazoria Hengst. Deborah; Houston Henn, Kim; Fort Worth Hensarling. Lavonna: San Augustine Henson, Joe: Athens Herbert, Kathy: Houston Herchman, Randy: Duncanville Hester, John: Harlmgen Hight, Linda: Carthage Hightower. Randall. Conroe Hightower. Robert; Lufk.n Hilt, Lmda; El Paso Hinchliffe Dav,d: Earth Hinckley Richard: Grand Prairie Hmes Belinda: Nacogdoches Hmes, Beverly: Houston 361 CO o Hinson. Brenda; Lovelady Hitchcock, Robert; Dayton. OH Hobson. Mark; Houston Hodges. Berme: Garrison Hoefling. Pam; Houston Hoffman, Mark; Longview Hoffman. Wendy; Austin Hollis. April: Magnolia Holstun. Sally; Dallas Hood. Robert; Fort Worth Hoorman, Jim; Parker Horbach, Ramona: Houston Hornsby. Paula: Galveston Howard, Robert; Linden Howerton, Lynn; Waco Huddleston. Phyllis: Nacogdoches Hudgens. Jason; Houston Hudler, Dwight; Houston Hudler, Rebecca; Houston Hudson, Cynthia: Greenville Hudson, Vastt; Nacogdoches Hudson. Viclci; Dallas Huff, Cynthia: Longview Huffman, Michael: Fort Worth Huffman. Robert: Webster, NY Huffman, Steve: Ferns Huggins, Clarence: Lufkin Huggms, Teresa; Houston Hughes, James; Fort Worth Hughes. Vicki: Richardson Hughey. Larry: Dallas Hunt, Cynthia; Carthage Hunt, Rusty; Houston Hurst. Susan: Houston Hutcheson, William; Longview Hutchms, James: Lufkin Hutson. Muffet; Lufkin Hutton, Amy; Lake Jackson Hutton, Richard: Eunice. NM Hynds. Jennifer; Van Alstyne Ingram, Ann Mane: Fort Worth Ingram, Barbara: Richardson Irwm, Jetti; Henderson Ishee, Nada: Houston Israel. Nancy: Richardson lyeghn. David: Nigeria, Africa Jackson, Jane; Tyler Jackson. Randy; Brazoria Z5 362 Janelc, Kenneth: Dallas Janes. Bradford: Nacogdoches Jarmon. Wayne - Grand Saline JeHress Charles: Fnendswood Jemmmgs. Aubrey: Longview Jennings Betty : Greenville Jenmngs Vickie Lynn: Beaumont Jimison Penny Richardson John Georgann: Houston Johnson Larry: Nacogdoches Johnson Rita: Henderson Johnson Tony- New London Jones. Ava Mane: Dallas Jones. Charles: Nacogdoches Jones. David: Nacogdoches Jones Gmny: Kaufman Jones Harland Texarkana Jones. James: Sulfur Springs Jones John- Naples Jones Patricia: Houston Jones Ricky: New Diana Jones. Sharon: Conroe Jones Susan: Houston Jonte. Carol: Houston Joyner, Joseph : Texas City Kahlden. Jo Lynn: Weimar Karrenbrock Analee: Wichita Falls Kay Deborah: Shelbyville Kearney. Wesley: Texarkana Kee. Curt.s: Fort Worth Diane: Dallas Kelly. Anne: Houston Kelly Debbie - Nacogdoches Kelly John ■ Nacogdoches Kemper Billie Burke: San Antonio Kendnck William: Houston Kennedy Karen- Tyler Kennedy Susan : Arlington Kenmngton. Dennis: Texarkana Kerr Kathy: Houston Kesner Byron- Dallas Ketcham Sandy: Katy Key. Laura: Fort Worth Key. Thomas; Houston Kiely. Donna: Round Rock Kilgore David - Seabrook Killam Bob: Lufk.n King Bob: Dallas 363 CO o King. Forrest Jr.: Timpson Kirby. Kim; Dallas Kirk, Steve: Clear Lake Kirkham. Robin; Waco Kite. Alan; Orange Kitts. Billy: Farmers Branch Kline. Nancy: Houston Knapp, Leiand; Beaumont Knick, Kim; Dallas Knight, Thomas; Franklin Knox, Joe; Longview Koch, Karen: Longview Koze. Kim: Dallas Krahn. Andrea: Lubbock Kramer. Elwood: Nacogdoches Kraye. Karla; Houston Kreitz. Janis: Needville Frenzke, Lorre; Freeport Krevit, Ed : Houston Knppel. Debra: Fort Worth Kruckemeyer, Karen: San Antonio Krueger. Helen; San Antonio Krueger, Valerie; Canal Zone Kubala. Cyndy: Enms Kurtz. Cindy: Arlington Ladd. David; Bellaire Lake, Vicki: Richardson Lamb. Paul: Garland Laminack. Ann; Beaumont Lampkm. Debrah; Nacogdoches Landers. Ann: Dallas Lanning, William: Friendswood Lao, Efrain: Panama Latimer, James; Temple Lawder, Jean: Houston Lawhon, Terra!: Houston Lawson, Ira; Corpus Christi Leddy, John: Annandale. VA Lee, Lester: Lufkin Leonard, Connie; Houston Leons. Lesley; Dallas Lewis, Kervm; Dallas Lewis, Paul; Dallas Lewis. Robert: Houston Libby. Judy: Beaumont Lichtenwald. Melmda; Dallas Lightfoot. Robert; Longview Liles. Patti: Dallas 364 Lmdberg David ' Seabrook Lmdekugel Karl ' San Antonio Lmdsey Lori: Mesquite Little. Bill- Lufk.n Little. Sammy Luflcin Liftman. Christine. Richardson Lockwood Andrew Houston Loerwald Dave Hereford Loftm. Christine - Richardson Logan. Elizabeth- Garland Lowrey Clatre- Houston Lueke Greg: Houston Lynch. Richard: Carthage Lyons Philip ' Belaire Lyons Richard F.: Jasper Madden Beth- Conroe Maggard Lea: Richardson Mahaffey. Jacquelyn: Brazoria Mahaffey Ray: Colmesneil Mahan Jan- Center Mahler. Nancy Albany OR Mahon Michelle Dallas Malone Patricia Sanleandro. CA Mankm. Rhonda Anglefon Manning Donna Pasadena Manns Johnny Longview Marberry Richard - Hudson Marbury. Vickr Marshall Mardock Marvm- Houston Marine Stanley: S an Antonio Martin. Cheryl- Tyler Martin. Demse- Hallsville Martin. Elizabeth- Te«as City Martmsen Patnoa Dallas Martyr Cory Marlm Matthews James- San Antonio Mayne. Stephen Nederland Ma ey Frances Lufkm McAlpme Keith Dumas McCann, Russell- Fort Worth McClelland. Hal ' Cleveland McConnell. Debra Italy McCormick June Harlingen McCoury LaVada San Saba McCoy. Gma ' Houston McCrary, Bruce - Garland McCulley Nancy : Houston McCullough Daphne Houston 365 CO o McCulloch David; Texarkana McDaniel. Bill: Houston McDaniel. Pamela: Baytown McFJroy Dian: Itasca McElyea. Margaret: Kilgore McGaughey, Susan: Richardson McGhee, James: Anchorage. AR McGmnis, Connie: League City McGmnts. Kenneth: Fnendswood McGmnis. Nancy; Houston Mclntire. John: Richardson McKmght. Mary: Dallas McLeroy, Raymond: Tyler McMaster. Kirk: Longview McMillan, David; Bonham McNabb, Larry; Grapevine McNamara. Terry; Marshall McNatt, Janice; Spring McNeal. Lisa: Hallsville McNeel. Patrice; Dickinson McNeely. Robert; Dallas McNeill. Chris; Bryan McPherson, Stephen: Dallas Meisenheimer, Dave; Jefferson Meissner. Leigh. Houston Melendez, Carlos; Honduras Merz. Richard; Dallas Meyer. Kim: Port Lavaca Midkiff: Molly: Houston Miles. Cliff; San Augustine Millar, Serena: Freeport Millard, Linda: Nacogdoches Miller, Dawn; Longview Miller. Glen; Dallas Miller. Susan; New Diana Miller, Seth; Richardson Milligan. Mary; Houston Mdner Beverly; Alto Minor, Michael: Houston Minton, Diana: Tallapoosa, GA Mitchell. B.lly: Austin Mitchell. James; Piano Mizell. Riclc; Irving Moad, Martin: Fort Worth Mobbs. Leonard: Longview Moe. William; Fort Worth Moore. James; Nacogdoches Montgomery, Jack: Nacogdoches Morri Morn Morn Morr, Morri Monk. Kameron: Palestine Mooney Jan: Nacogdoches Moore. Allan; Greenwood. SC Moore. Brenda: Tyler Moore. Elton: Elkhart Moore. Marty: Fort Worth Moran, Sherry: Fort Worth Morgan, Bill: Lockhart Morgan Debbie: Marshall Morgan, Jack; Wylie Morphis, Jams: Garland Morns. Eugene: Tyler Mike: Houston s. Pam; Dallas s. Patrica: Longview s. Teresa: Longview son. Kathryn: Dallas Morrow, Mark; Pans Morrow, Robert; Rosenberg Morten, Knsty; La Marque Morton, Doug: Dumas Morton Michael: Gladewater Morton, Pamela. Marshall Moser. Pam; Cleburne Mott. Kathy: Woodville Moye Billy; Jasper Mullikin, Hunter; White Oak Mullikin, Sara: Houston Mulvaney. Julie: Houston Murphy, Phil: Grapevine Namy, Barbara: Dallas Nash. Richard: Lufkm Naymola. Walter; Fnendswood Neat, Colleen- Houston Neighbors. Roger Alvm Nekuza. Lorraine; Enms Nelson. June: Nacogdoches Neuman. Lynda Jo; Dallas Neuszer, Carol: Bay City Nevill, Randall: Longview Newberg. Mark: Marshall Newman, Mark: Fnendswood Newmann. Karl: Pearland Newton, Kathie; Grand Prairie Nichols. William: Wmnsboro. LA Nicholson, Robert: K.lleen Nieto, Eddie: Rockdale Nitz, Paul; Houston 367 Nk. Preston: Waco Nordt. Glen; Missouri City Norman, Linda: Houston Northcott. Diane: Bedford Norton Calvin- Tennessee Co ' ony Nowell. Billy Jr.: Alvin O Bryan. Betsy: Livingston O Dell. Timothy: Marshall O ' Neal, Kenneth: Houston O Neal. Robert: Richardson Oake Linda: Richardson Obard, Richard: Marshall Oglesby. Roy: Lufkin Oliver, David: Dallas Oliver Kathy: Timpson Oliver. Ricky: Livingston Olsen. Debbie: Garland Opperman. Jeff: Fort Worth Ott Gary: Livingston Page. Donme. Nacogdoches Palmer Billie: Longvtew Palmer, Janie: Piano Pardue, Larry: Irving Parlter,; Hufsmith Parker. Terry; Houston Parkey, Sherry: Hurst Parkinson. Virginia; Lake Jackson Parsons. Fredrick: New London Pate. Ginger: Covington Patrick, Lisa Jan ; Dallas Patterson Gary: Waco Patton, Brenda: Lubbock Paul, Pamela: Wichita Payne. Gregory: Jacksonville Peacock, Kyron : Garland Pearson. Patricia; San Antonio Peebles. Meredith: Livingston Pelham. Doran: Athens Pepper. Susan; Houston Perkins, Susan; Nacogdoches Perry, Lester; Houston Peterson. Brian; Nacogdoches Peterson, Judy: Houston Petty, Roland: Fort Worth Phillips. Gayle:Lufk.n Phillips, Judi: Houston Phillips. Randall: Randolph AFB Phillips, Tim; Commerce O 3 368 Pickens Janet " Carrollton Pickens. Kans: Mesquite Pickett, Steve: Tyler Pierce, Richard: Austin Pillsbury. William; Dallas Pinch, Clayton. Piano Pmson. Patsy: Gilmer Pitkin. Travis: Baytown Pledger Mary: Pans Poe. Mike: Daingerfield Polk, Susan: Nacogdoches Pollard. Farrel : Quitman Ponson Carroll; Lufltln Porter Mack : Spring Potter, Helen: Houston Prachyl, Cindy: Ennis Price Gary: Carthage Pnchard Kathy: Dallas Pnndle, Evelyn: Lake Jackson Prior, Terry: Henderson Prothau. Robert: San Augustine Quattnni, Denm Kay Midland Qumn Dor n : Longview Rabeler. Gordon, New City. NY Raines. Bonnie: San Antonio Rainwater Rick; Hughes Springs Ramsey M E Bridge City Rand, Darlene: Jefferson Randolph, Debbie: Spring Randolph Sarah- Kemah Rank. Rob: Dallas Rankin. Keith: Richardson Rasberry. Pam: Jacksonville Ray, Patricia: Cleveland Read, Lmda Lufltin Read. Royce Lufltin Redd. Sherry: Lufltin Redding, Kathy: Marshall Reed, Bobby: Pittsburg Reed. Thomas Huntington Reese, Cheryl Stafford Reid. Dorette: Irving Reid Leslie Nacogdoches Reid. Mary Ann 1 Corpus Chnsti Reily Barbara : Dallas Reiter. Margaret: Dayton Reynold Debbie ' Cleburne Reynolds Van- Cisco 369 o Rhoades, Ruth Amanllo Rhodes. Edward- Jasper Rhodes. Mite: Overton Rice. Kathleen: Spring Richards, Don: Port Neches Richardson. Bill " Henderson R ichey . John : Galena Park Rico. Juan: Colombia Riddick, Mike: Longview Ridings. Susan: Rockwall Riley. Ann: Canton Riley, David : Waiahachie Riley. Kerry: La Porte Ritchie. Sharon: Anchorage. AK Ritterhouse. Sherry: Houston Robbins Gary: Jacksonville Roberson. Tommy: New London Roberts. Linda : Texarkana Robertson Debra: Jacksonville Robertson. Susie: Lufkin Robinson. Kevm: Dallas Robinson, Randy: Nacogdoches Roche. Mark: LaMarque Rodngues, Linda; Nacogdoches Roe, Steve: Dallas Rogers. Donna: Nacogdoches Rogers. Douglas: Port Worth Root, Tamesha: Lufkin Roper, Karen: Houston Rosenbaum. Donna: Rosenberg Ross, Dan: Quitman Rossow, Michael; Conroe Roush. Coralee; Bedford Ruddick Janet: Freeport Ruhl, Tma; Ennis Runyon. William; Clear Lake City Rupprecht, Shelley : Joliet. MT Rush. Carol: Irving Rushing, Nicky; Center Rushing, Rodney; Gladewater Rushing, Rodney; White Oak Rusk, Connie; Nacogdoches Russell, Karen; Houston Russell, Steve; Garland Rust Debra; Dallas Ryan, George: Texas City Ryland, Warren: Deweyville Rymiller. Garnck: Houston 13 370 Salazar Roland: San Antonio Saleh, Phil: Tyler Sallis, Jewel: Seabroolt Salter, Carolyn: Longview Sa . Michael: Syracuse NY Scales Greg; Abilene Scherer. Shelly: Richardson Schmidt, Susan: Beaumont Schnorbus, Teena: Marshall Schoettler. Donna: Jasper Scholtz, Larry: Austin Schroedter. William: Waynesbon Schuendurf Dottie: Piano Schulz. Chris: Lubbock Scoggins, Jana: Harlingen Scott. Lisa: Fort Worth Scott. Micheal: Dayton Scott. R.chard: Deer Park Scnbner, Shirley: Porter Scroggm, Jan; Humble Segrest, Teresa: Lufkm Self. John: Fl.nt, Michigan Semones. Susan; Mt. Airy, NC Sharp, Lisa: Schertz Shaw, Gail: Troup Sheaffer, Erie: Dallas Sheets. 8rent: Smithfield Sheffield. Bill: Irving Shelley. Debbie; Dallas Shelton. Jo Nan: Tyler Shepherd. Don; Texas City Shumate. Ann: Corpus Chnsti Shupp Tracey: Beaumont Siller. Larry: Galveston Simmermann, Emmett: Longview Simmons, Twila, Nacogdoches Simpson. Deanna; Amanllo Simpson. Klay; Dickinson Sims. Jody: Dumas Sims, Steve; Victoria Sinclair, James: Longview Singleton, Carl; Chireno Singleton. Mary: Humble Sipes. Kevm: Mesguite Skeeters Lester: Nacogdoches Skillern Karene: Nacogdoches Slaback, Diane; Longview Slayton Scott: Fort Worth 371 CO o Sledge, Stacy: Conroe David; Dallas Smith, David; Teias City Smith, Debbie: Fnendswood Smith. Fran; Fort Worth Smith, Ginny; Lufkin Smith. Holly; Sm.thf.eld Smith. Jackie; Jacksonville Smith. John A.; Houston Smith. Karon: Houston Smith. Nena Sue; Nacogdoches Smith. Opal; Fnendswood Smith. Pamela; Dallas Smith. Samuel; Shreveport, LA Smith. Steve: Lufkin Smith. Terry C; Dallas Smithhart. Nancy; Nacogdoches Soape. Jan; Carthage Soape. Jerry; Carthage Soderstrom. Carl: Dallas Soloman, Steve: Timpson Sorrefls. Shen : Greenville Southerland. Danny; Dallas Sparks Andi ; Dallas Sparks. Gayle; Somerville Sparks, Janice: Groves Speer. Phillip; Redwater Spencer. Cynthia; Pasadena Spradlm. Ronald; Kilgore Sprague, William; Nacogdoches Springer, Elizabeth; Houston Springfield, Janet; Houston Sguier, John; Carrollton Staggs, Don; Longview Staggs. Larry; Houston Stanford, Mark; Pasadena Stanley, Marian; Channelview Stanley, Robin; Longview Stanley, Wrenn: Jefferson Standndge. Stacy: Carrollton Steele, David; League City Steele. Shenlyn: Houston Stem, Jay: San Antonio Stephens, John; Trenton Stevenson. Billy; Dallas Stewart, Lucy; Richardson Stewart, Mary; Dayton 372 i. Stewart Randy: Lufkin Stickley. Tirn: Houston Stolnacke. Paul; Houston Stone. Jeff: Houston Stone. Richard: Houston Stotts Stacey : Mesquite Stouffer Jim: Fort Worth Strickland. Jan: Van Alstyne Stringer, Suzanne: Carthage Stripling, Jeanette Lufkin Strom. Michael El Paso Stroud. Sid: Fa.rf.eld Stubblefield. Donna Suggs. Rick: Humble Sullivan. Bethany: Fort Worth Sumrall, James: Irving Sutlive. Chuck: DeBerry Swann. Paul; Henderson Tanner. Rebecca: Tyler Taylor. Cherly; Gladewater Taylor Taylor Taylor Taylor Mark : Gladewater Nancy: Marshall Teresa : Longview Trent : Piano Temple Edward Jr. Longview Temple John: Lufkin Terrell. Kim: Dallas Terry. La rry ; Mart Terry, Sherry: Lufkin Thomas. Denise: Tyler Thomeer Martha: Houston Thompson. Beth: Houston Thompson. Ronald: Garland Thompson. Tommie: Garland Thumas. John ' Houston Tidwell. Jan-e 1 New Boston Timmons. _ _ Tolbert. Phillis lobby: Longvie Longview lOiDen. minis. Lonyvitrw Tonkovich. Patricia: Bridge Cit Towery. Rod: Irving Townsend. Carol: Lufkin Townsend. Craig; Houston Townsend. Debbie: Tyler Trahan, Glynn; Houston Trawick. Andy; Dallas Tritch. Tim: Garland Truay. Terry: Fort Worth Tucker, Kathi: Bnghton. IL 373 CO o Turman Tern; Tyler Turner. John; Palestine Utzman, Jan; Longview Van Arsdale, Linda; Odessa Vasquez, Denny; Houston Veiga. Theresa; Dallas Vercher. Regma; Ore City Vetters. Ray; Humble Vines, Charles; K,rbyv,lle Virant Susan; Dallas Vizena. Davey: Nacogdoches Vogelsang, Stephanie: Fort Worth Voss. Kathy: Waco Wade. Lucous, Lufkm Waggoner. Susan; Jacksonville Wagner Marl: Mesquite Walker. Ashley: Seabrook Walker. Connie: Logansport, LA Walker, Jeff: Dickinson Walker. Kathy; Lufkm Walker. Steve; Mineral Wells Wallace. Jaclyn: Lufkm Wallace Patti: Alvin Wallace. Sherlda: Athens Waller, Patti: Houston Wallmg, Laura: Grapeland Wallis. Rebecca : Tyler Warfield, John: Marshall Warrick. William; Beaumont Washborn, John; Newton Watson, Tony; Rusk Watt. Deedie. V.dor Watters. Steve: Oklahoma City, Ol Weaver. Cindy. Martins Mill Webb. Mark; Dallas Webb Richard: L.ndale Webber. Mary; Lufkin Webster, Katy Webster, Phyllis; Housto Weech, Hardden: Bimim Weeks George: Lufkm Weeks John : Tyler Welch, Tim; Canton Weldon, Carl; Austin Wells Brenda; Louise Wells. Jan; Garland West, David: Fort Worth Westbrook. Sandra, Linden 374 Westerman. Paul: Richardson Westmoreland Vicki- Houston Wharton Eileen: Tyler Wheatley Dee: Baytown White Becky: Anahuac White. Claude: Clifton White. Glenda: Hooks White Jere: Dallas White Joey: Athens White. Judy: Dallas White Larry: Texas City White Marcus- Quitman White. Tim: Burkburnett Whitfield. Karen: Pasadena Whitton. Marsha: Nacogdoches Whitton, Marty Nacogdoches Whitworth. Daniel: Corpus Chnsti Wideman Beverly Lake Jackson Wilcox. Dennye Huntington Wiles. Russel: Liberty Willt. Brad: Dallas Willbern. Mike: Houston Willey. Michael: Orange Williams Ben Garland Williams. Bill: Houston Williams, Karen: Lufkin Williams, Mark: Longview Williams. Paula: Longview Williams, Phyllis: Brazoria Williams, Sherry: Fort Worth Wilson Jimmy: Garland Wilson Kathenne: Alba Wilson Terry: Jefferson Wilson Thomas: Marshall Wilson, Valerie: Alvm Wmdel, David: Henderson Windham Jiretta: Dallas Wingate, Larry: Orange Wmn. Kathy: Lake Jackson Winsotn, Benjamin: Lufkin Wise, Shenlyn; Dallas Wolfe. Kathy: Dallas Wolfe. Sam: Sherman Womack. Dawn: Houston Wood. Alice: Frlendswood Wood, Anne: Longview Wood Garry: Borger Wood. Ricky: Houston 375 376 Bntt Cox, president- Sandy Hewett, secretary-treasurer; Cathy Johnson, vice-president. 377 Abbett Linda- Pans Melame- Deer Park Abbott Sandra- Houston Abernethy Jackie ' Seabrook Adams Barbara- Lake Jackson Adams Kathv: Port Worth Aheberrv Karen 1 Lancaster Akeroyd Cindy Humble Alters Rada 1 Spring Albert Barbara- Jefferson Alexander Dennis Waskom Allen Donald- Garland Allen Gregory Jaspei Amonett Carl- Petersburg Anderson Angela Galveston Anderson Craig Dallas Anderson Donald Bryan Anderson Gary Garland Anderson Karen- Port Worth Anderson Mike Houston Andres Jack- Joaquin Antley. Marion- Dickmson Anweiler Kathy; Houston Armstrong Neil: Bridgeport Armstrong, Robert: El Paso Arnold. Doug: Arlington Arnold. Ginger: Richardson Arnol d. Kevyn: Houston Arnngton. Joe: Garrison Artmann. Sheryl: Dallas Asberry Robbie- Dallas Aust Jackie Conroe Bahn. Kathryn: Arlington Batley Nancy Luling Baker Margaret- Portland Baker Steve- Dallas Baker Vicki ' Spring Baldwin Billy ' Mesquite Ball. Jack Rusk Ball. Lmda- Van Horn Ballard Carol: Texas City Bally Mar, Jane Te»arkana Bannon, Patrick- Houston Barber Bradley Austin Banom Dennis Tegucigalpa Honduras Barkmann Karla- Dickinson Barlen Douglas- Arlington Barnes Clyde ' San Augustine 379 o o Burnett Daryl: LaPorte Bornslev Jimmy: Bridgeport Barrett Tommy Orange Barry Ed: San Antonio Barton Robert- Kilgore Bartus Jamee " Houston Bass. Brendan: Dallas Bassey. Mary: Nigeria Bates Heame: Richardson Batte Karen; Houston Baugh. Fred: La Porte Baughman, Jimmy: Henderson Beal Jeanae: Dallas Beall Elizabeth: San Augustir Beall Jaclcy: Tatum Beall Rex- Duncanville Season Steve Damgerfield Beathard James: Rust Beauchamp Debra: Killeen Behanielt Tom- Longview Beck Fred : Houston Becker Ricky Slaton Beckerich Karen- Richardson Beckwith M.sty: Houston Bell. Bill: Center Bell. John: Garland Bell. Sallie: Tyler Belshev Terry: Ferns Bennett Yolanda: Enms Jeff Dickinson Berger. Charlotte: Fort Worth Berry, Deborah: Leonard Bertolett, Karen: Lake Jackson Bilderback John: HousJon Biskamp Lloyd: Houston Blair Waymon: Carthage Blaisdell Jimmy: Fort Worth Blake Warren- San Antonio Bland. Dana ' Carrollton Blankemhip. Candis: Gallatin Blom, Kathaleen: Houston Bluethman, Robin: Longview Boatman Terry: Sherman Bobadilla Michele- Dallas Bobbitt, Janice: Pmeland Bogue, Donald: T.mpson Boles. Pam: LufU Bolinger, Carol: Baytown Q_ O 380 Bolton. Linda Carol Corngan Bonner Brenda ' Fairfield Boone Joe Houston Boren, Angela- Garland Bone John: LaPorte Bornheim Charles David • Fort Worth Bowen, Linda Longview Bowling Jerry ■ Pasadena Bowman. Deborah- San Antonio Bowser. Rebecca Pasadena Bowser. Kyle: Groves Bovles. Laune- Alvm Bracht Karen Rockport Bradford. Tim- Dallas Bradley Barbara Anahuac Bradley Deanna Pasadena Bradley. Doug ' Dallas Bradley Prls: Houston dt Lmda ■ Houston ebner. Lynne " Weslaco ickenndge Patnca ' Jefferson jedlove. Phyllis: Alief nker. Becky Arlington ster. Larry: Texarkana Bnttam James Nacogdoches Brooks Mike ' Timpson Broussard Cheryl Port Arthur Brown Cathy Dallas Brown Deborah- Houston Brown Diane Marie: Dallas Brown, Jenne Tomball Brown, Linda Houston Brown, Randy: Garland Brown Randall Palestine Brown. Richard Harlmgen Brown. Tomye Murchison Brown. Ton|a Houston Broyles Tern- Houston Brundrett Terry Skidmore Bucher. Terry: Canadian Buck. Demse- Falfornas Buckner Martha Joaqum Bunker Terry: Irving Burda Charles Fort Worth Burk. Sheryl: Nacogdoches Burke Tim: Houston Burns. Na ncy: Fort Worth Burrell. Craig Houston 381 Burroughs. Jon; Spring Bush Peggy: Houston Boshnell Oeighton: Beaumont Byerly Kathy: Jasper Byerly. Rebecca Lee: Corpus Chrlsti Byrd, Tommy: Chireno Byrd William: Tulsa. OK Byrum Karen- Garland Cagle Cynthia : Houston Cairns Jay: Houston Callender. Donna - Tyler Cameron. Don: Amanllo Camp, Linda: Whitney Campbell. Curt; Grapevine Campbell, Jim: Mena Campbell. Lisa: Dallas Canai. Joseph: Tyler Canell Carole: Lufltm Cannon Carol; Seabrook Canon, Teresa: Tomball Cant, Steven: Houston Canter, John: Jacksonville Carlson Cmdy: Conroe Carlson. Sherri: Tyler Carpenter, Debra: Nacogdoches Caskey Jacklynn; Houston Cason. Russell: LaPorte Caton, Kathenne: Spring Caudle, Tracey; Texarltana Cecil, Anthony; Mt. Pleasant Chance. Rick: Houston Chandler. Ron; Dallas Chaney. Teddy: Nacogdoches Chapin, Randy; Richardson Chapman Dennis Dallas Chatelle. Melody: Port Lavaca Cheadle, Clifford: Houston Chermely. Janette: Grand Prairie Chidichimo, Katy Corpus Chnsti, Mark: Dallas Christian. Lionell: H.ll.ster Christian. Lon ; Center Chumley. Steve; Houston Clapp, Arvin: Jacksonville Clark. James: Murphy Clark. Rebecca: Bronson Clark. W.lliam; LaPorte Clay, Shirley: Nacogdoches 382 Clayton. Jan; Lewisville Clegg Bruce: Houston Clemens. Tom; Dallas Cluiss. Gail: Sinton Clutss. Scott: Stnton Coats, Charla: Nacogdoches Coats, Vicki : Ferns Cobb. Patr.oa: Houston Cohen. Edye; Dallas Coleman, Dana: Houston Coleman, Jack: Palestine Coleman. Jane: Palestine Coleman, Julia: Palestine Collins, Cathy; Timpson Collins. Charles: Garland Comfort. Mart; Longview Conerly. Julie: Nacogdoches Conn, Babbie: Seagoville Connor, Marvin; Corpus Chnsti Connor, Rodna; Chester Conoly, Candy: Dallas Cook, Betsy: Texarkana Cook. Debbie: Houston Cook, Janice; Dallas Cook. Joanne: Houston Cook. Susan: Houston Coolc. William: Dallas Coones. Sharon: Longview Costello, Lindsay: Houston Cox. Athena. Houston Cox. Britton, Fort Worth Coyne, Susan; Dallas Craft, Barbara: Killeen Creel. George: Alto Crenshaw. Spencer: San Antonn Crisp, David; Victoria Cropp, Edward: Palestine. IL Crosby, Charlis; Palest-ne Crosby, Karen; Houston Cross. Linda : Lufkin Crouse. Rhonda: Abilene Crouse, Vhonda: Abilene Croush. Leslee: Richardson Crow, Cindy: Baytown Crowder. Teresa: Jasper Crowley. Carol: Houston Crowley. Kevin; Houston Crumpler. Cathy; De Soto 383 C J o O CL O Cuellar Sandra: Dallas Cummins Shen: Piano Cummmgs. Michael: Richardson Cunningham Jane: Odessa Curtis Michael: Pittsburg Dahlbeck Leo- BeevJIe Dahline. Leslie: Houston Damoff. Judy: Houston Dance Michael: White Oalc Daniel. Cindy; Mt. Pleasant Dannheim. Mike: Houston Davenport, Michael: Crosby Davenport, Susan: Dallas Davidson, ary Laredo Davidson. Michael: Houston Davidson. Trudy: Houston Davies, Kay: Conroe Da is Bill: DeR.dder. LA . Charlie: Alexandria. VA . David: Houston Enc: Hurst Dorrance: San Antonio Gary: Cushmg . LaWanda: Apple Springs Leslie: Houston Lorrame: Richardson , Lydnon: Nacogdoches . Michael: Haltom City . Scott Dallas jn. Melmda : Killeen Day, Debbie. Smton Day, Diana: Houston Day. Lila Lynn: Houston Daylem, Candice: Houston Dean Donna: Broaddus Dean, Mike: Palestine DeBrum, Peter; Dallas Deckard, Melvm: Nacogdoches Defazio. Joseph : Dallas Deggs Laura: Warren Deibert. Penny: Mineola Denny. Vicki: Nacogdoches Denton. Martha: Mansfield Densford. Catherine; Houston Depperschmidt, Paul; Clear Lake Derdeyn. Patricia: Dallas Deres, Debbie: San Antonio Derr, Dana: Dallas A Si I J i v 384 Eqe Doug: Austin Eggleston, Vickey; Cavuga Ehrhart. Hurst Elder, Margaret: Nacogdoches Elledge. Russ: Perryton Ellington. Luke " Fort Worth Elliott. Katy Irving Ellis, Lee: Wichita Falls FJmore. Donald: Fort Worth Epting, Mary: Longview Ernst. Ricky: Bridge City Erwm. Mark ' Houston Esquivel. John: San Antonio Ethndge. Abbie: Lancaster Euhus, Gma: Fort Worth Evans. Darrell Houston Evans. Julie; Garland Evans. Tom: Cleves. OH Ewmg, Elizabeth; Dallas Faherty. Brian: Fort Worth Fanning, Sara : Enms Fauntleroy, Carol: Houston Featherstone. Edward; Universal City Felice. Carol: Houston Fenske. Jay K.; Garland Ferguson. Amy Laneville Ferguson William: Houston Fernandez. Cindy; Dallas Fernandez. Cynthia: Pasadena Field, Julie; Dallas Field. Kathy: Houston Field. Tim: Missouri City Fields. Marcia; Dallas Fikans. Harry: Houston File Danny; Bellaire Fmcher. Richard: Dallas Finite. Keith: Houston Finstrom. Diane; Toledo, OH Fisher. Frances: Dallas Fite, George: Hughes Springs Flake, Kathleen: Lake Jackson Fleming, Lynda - Naples Florence, Debbie: LaPorte Flores, David: Houston Folk. Barbara ' Houston Ford James: Baytown Foster George: Austin Foster. Susan: McAllen 385 o E o Q_ o Foster Thomas: McAllen Fountain, Patricia; Nacogdoches Fouret Martme; Houston Fowler. Leslie: Irving Foyd. Sam; Arlington Francis, Jeff: Canadian Franklin, Bryan: Dayton Franklin, Roy: Texarkana Franko. Jim; Fort Worth Freeman, Jennie; Lufkm Frew, William: Houston Fulgham, Lisa: Lake Jackson uller. John; LeMarque uller. Ktrk; Palestine uller, Steve; Houston unk, Deborah; Bellaire unk, Nino; Dallas yffe. Karen; Damgerfield Gabbert, Debbie: Dickinson Gallagher, J ' mel; Nacogdoches Gaona, Veronica: Galveston Gant, Jodi : Dallas Gant, Sharon; Piano Garbiso. Anthony: Segutn Gardenhire. Brian; Athens Gardner, Annye: Dallas Gardener. Joyce: Galveston Gargan, Maureen: Dallas Garihan, Terry: Houston Garner Kim: San Antonio Garrey, Terri; Piano Garretson. Robert: El Paso Garrison, Jack: Garrison Gary, Jean; Lake Jackson Gates. Laura; Piano Gates, Tom; Tomball Garza, Leticia: San Antonio Gehrig. Danette; Richardson Gentry, Vicki; Garland Genovese, Flynn: Linden George. Dan: Fort Worth Gibbens; Viclci " Mesquite Gibson. Craig: New Conaan, CT Gibson Kim; Richardson Gilbert, Alan; Longview Giles, Keith; Texarkana Giles, Stacey; Houston Gilmer. Paul: Conroe 386 De he mer Mart- San Antonio Dickens. Pam: Houston Dickinson. Jimmy ' Carthage Dickson Sandra- Palestine Diebel Sarah Port Lavaca Dietermg Kathenne ' Dallas DiHen, Brenda: Nacogdoches Dillow Kim: Garland DiMare Vincent- Galveston Dirtmg Jinv Irving Ditsworth Joe E.: Lufkm Duon. Margarett Longview Dobbs. Carmen: Crockett Dockery. Kathleen: Houston Dolan Michael ' Houston Dollar. Scott- Fort Worth Donnelly Katleen Beaumont Donnelly Molly Houston Dorns. Karol ' Baytown Dotson Angela LaMarcyje Doucet Rodney Beaumont Doughs Diane- Dallas Douglas. Joan: Livingston Dove Randolph- Houston Doner Laura : Kilgore Dructor. Daniel: Houston Drummond Tim LaPorte Dudley Becky- Santa Rosa Duerr Mike: Corpus Chnsti Duffin. John- Houston Duke Deborah- Houston Dunaway. Steve Kemp Dunbar. Lisa Houston Duncan. Bryan ■ Te arkana Duncum DameL Austin Dunn. Dav-d- Fort Worth Dunn. Debra- Denison Dunn. Suzanne: Lufkin Dunton Ray: Swannanoa NC Dylla. Rose: Houston Eads Susan: Karnack East. Patnck Houston Eberhart, Jeff Longview Eckert. Karen- Dallas Edgeworth Susan- Palestine Edwards Laurie: Piano Edwards Vanda - Te as City Edwards William- Sprmg 387 CD s_ o o Gilley. Sandra; Whitehouse Gilliland. John; San Antonio Gilpin. Joan: Houston Gilson. Albert; Henderson Giroir. Duane: Pasadena Glaze Nan Brooks; Alto Glenn, Donna: Kirbyville Godbey, Susan; San A ntonio Goehrs, Leanne: Houston Golden, R,ck; Garland Goode. Sandra: Greenville Goodnght, Charles; La Porte Goodwin. Gary: Garland Gordon, Melissa; Houston Gossett, Dona: Pineville. LA Grace. Carol; Garland Graham, Jaime: Houston Graham. Mart: Weldon Green. Chanty: Dallas Green. Jan; Houston Greene. Becky; Dallas Greer, David ; Garland Greer, Richard: Houston Gregston, Kenneth: Abilene Griffith. Vicki; Marshall Grimes, Kim; Richardson Gnsham. Brenda; Marietta Groves. Laurie; Farmersville Grubbs. Wayne: Jefferson Grupell, Bobbi; Richardson Gumbert, Phillip; Carrollton Gunther, Robert. Ill; Sugar Land Gwin, Pam ; Dallas Haden. Kelley: Dallas Hagerman, Sherry; Housfon Hailey, Chris; Irving Hames, Ellen; Baytown Haines, Joni ; Katy Hall, Ava: Fort Worth Hall, Frank; San Antonio Hall. Roxanne; Pearland Hallick. April; Santa Ana, CA Hamilton, Roberta: Tomball HamiUon, Susan ' Dallas Hammett, Kim; Nacogdoches Hammontree, Rickey; Overton Hampton. Lyd a: San Augustine Hampton, Suzanne; White Oak L . Q_ O 388 Hancock, Rhonda: Garrison Haney. Angela: League City Haney. David; Baytown Hanks. Robbie: Dallas Hanna. Gary: Houston Hansen, £dwm: Corpus Christ! Hansen, Susan: Fairfax Hanson, Kathy: Dallas Harbuck James: Fort Worth Harges. Craig: Midland Harkins, Julie: Spring Harlan, Chnsti: Houston Harper. Edith: Longview Harper, Ross: Pasadena Hams. Debbie: Pearland Harris, Robert: Beaumont Harrison, Hazel: Houston Harrison. James: Kennard Harsdorff Kim; Jasper Hart, Amy; Houston Hartf.eld. Paul: Lufkm Hartman. Kathleen; Cypress Hattermann Paul; Columbus Havemann, Stephen Houston Hawley. Dale; Houston Hawthorne. Ruth;Conroe Head. Lisa: Baytown Heard, Joseph: Houston Hearn, Marybeth; Nacogdoches Hearnsberger, Tracy: Garrison Hedt Marvin: Sugar Land Heerwald. Nancy: Fort Worth Henderson, James; Houston Henderson, Jont : Fort Worth Henderson. Keith: Dallas Henderson, Leisa; Livingston Henderson, Randy: Houston Henderson, Samuel; Houston Henley. Allen; Piano Henry. Bobby: Houston Henson, Kerry: Euless Henzler David: Dallas Herring, Roger : Shreveport Heuberger. Cynthia: Houston Hewett, Sandra; Dallas Heyer, Jackie; Dallas Hicks, Susan: Lufkm Hickey. Julie: Richardson 389 o o Hickman, Robert; Nacogdoches Hierholzer. Diane; San Antonio Higgins, Hugh; San Antonio Hill, Parklyn; Bridge City Hillhouse. Anita; Houston Hilton. Eric Michael; Houston H.mburg, Phyllis; Houston Hines. Janet; Dallas Hirmon, Holly: Wylie Hodge Rita. Mt. Enterprise Hodges. Laura: Dickinson Hoffman. Jo Ann; Dallas Hoffman, Robin; Fort Worth Hogan, Eileen; Dallas Hogg. Robert; Texas City Hogg. Susan; Sour Lake Holcomb. Tracy: Hurst Holland. Glenn; Houston Hollis. Erin; Magnolia Hollis, Tern; Houston Hollywood. Steve; Dallas Holmes. Pete; Houston Honeycutt. Andrea; Spring Honeycutt. J. M.: Spring Hood, Don; Boerne Hooper. David: Dallas Hoope. Virginia: Bellaire Horn. Patti ; Jasper Hornberger, David; McAllen Hornquist. Lorn; Dallas Horns. Debbie: Galveston Horton, Lynn; Houston Hothem. Barbara: Fort Worth House, Larry; Austin Houston, Jean: Houston Howard, Kim: Midlothian Howard. Richard: Houston Howell. Kelly: Dallas Hruska, Beth; Houston Hudson Andrea: Houston Hughes, Dawn; Nacogdoches Hughes, Karen; Richardson Hughes, Mike: Fort Worth Hughes, Robert; Houston Hughes, Scaief ; Lufkm Hulshouser, Gary; Rowlett Humberd, Laurie; Fort Worth Hunt. Steven; Longview O 390 Hunter. Sherrye: Nacogdoches Hurd, Robert; Richardson Hurst. Kenneth; Tyler Hyde Howard: Nacogdoches Iglmsky, Dave; Nacogdoches Ingram. Bernd: Killeen Ingram. James: Te as City Inset). Laune: Houston Isleib. Gym; New Braunfels Jack. James: Kilgore Jackson. Joan; Houston Jackson, Roy Gene: Te as City Jackson. Sheila: Houston Jacobs. Mary Karen Piano Jacot. Lydia: Fort Worth James. Kenneth; Humble Janca. Loretta: Lake Charle Jenkins. Jane: San Antonio Jenkins Tom; Naperv.lle IL Jennings. Steve; Linden Jennings. William; Longview Jensen. Rebecca: Houston Jeter. Jayne; Corpus Chnsti Johns. Michael; Denison Johnson, Delois: Nacogdoches Johnson. Flora; Alto Johnson. Kimberly: Richardson Johnson. Mane ' Longview Johnson, Mark: Dallas Johnson. Mary; Mansfield. LA Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson Michael : Pasadena . Patricia : Longview . Paul; Arlington , Terry; Baytown . Thomas: Dallas Johnstone. Drue: Dallas Jones Jones Jones Jones Jones Jones , Allen; Arlington . Laurie: Houston , Joseph: Del Rio , Kenneth: Houston , Mary Jean; Fresno , Rayford : Ennis Jones. Robert: Piano Jones. Ronda : Tyler Jordan, Clif: Richardson Jozwiak. Anthony Houston Juares. David " Sabtnal Kaley, Kevm; Houston 391 o £ o Q_ O Kalma. Arlan: Euless Kane. Pam: Humble Keating. Lisa: Austin Kelley. Cindy: Sunnyvale Kelley. Steve: Houston Kendnck. Meshell; Overton Kennard. Angie: Houston Kensmger. Kimberly: Houston Keoughan. Fort Worth Kilpatnck. Mary: Center Kmcy. Nancy: Dallas Kmes, Melonee: Jasper King. James: Wa ahachie Bill; Hurst Kirkpatnck, Chris: Houston Kishpaugh. John: Lewisville Chappius Mary; Houston Klein, Martha: Tomball Klijn, Martou; Marshall Klint, Robert; Fort Worth Knapp. Lorrame: Palestine Knox. Mark: l.ongview Knox. Patncia; Galveston Kober. Karl; Dallas Koehler, Thomas; Lewisville Koenig. Larry; Pasadena Kolb. Nancy: Jacksonville Kolbnck. David; Dallas Koncsol. David: Humble Kotara. Lanell: Sinton Krantz. Jerry; Longview Krause. Lisa; Garland Kreamer. Mary; Carrollton Kuhns. Ron; Houston Kusch, Cindy; She Kuzel, David: Dallas LaBounty, Renee: Rockport LaCroix. Jeffrey: Richardson Lacy, Joe; Center Ladner, Patnc; Arlington La Fevers, Laura ; " Dallas LaGrone. Sharon; Houston Lang, Ellen; Dallas Lang, Ken: San Antonio Langford, Cindy: Texarkana Langlotz. Kathy; Richardson Langston, Reginald. Spring Lapp. Ben|amin, Chireno 392 Lapp. Robyn: Hpuston Larsen, Debra: Dallas Laster, Luci; Richardson Latham. Laura : Dallas Lauderdale Tony ' Me ia Laughlin, William Jr.: Houston Lawrence. William: Irving Leak Theresa: Dallas Leaman. Mark; Fort Worth LeBlanc James: Spring LeBlanc. Patrice: Houston Lechter, Sharon: Fort Worth Lee, Cathy: McKmney Leito. James: Fort Worth Lemame. Gary; Garland Lenert. Sandra: Naperville. IL Leonard, Steven: Texarkana Leonhart. Patti: Houston Lewellyn. Bruce- Houston Lewis, Cindy; Mesquite Lewis. David : Garland Lewis, Kay: Cleveland Lewis, Marty: Garrison Lewis. Melissa : Alvm Liles. Shern : Houston Lilly. Cynthia; Spring Lind; Elizabeth: Malakoff Lmdley. Judy: Corpus Christi Lmdsey. Kitty: P.neland Lmdsey, Rhonda ' Nacogdoches Littleiohn Dale: Fort Worth Lively Charles: Crockett Lively. Linda: Lufkm Locke Lisa: San Antonio Lockwood, Douglas: Houston Lodge. Thomas: Houston Logan. Carol: San Antonio Logan. Suzanne; Texarkana Lo|o. Charles: Houston Lombardi. James; Spring Long, David: Midland Long:. Rebecca: Fort Worth Lopez, Eddie: Rio Hondo Lorenz, Donald; Toledo, OH Lothrop. Joy: League City Lcvegren. Lewis: Dallas Loveless. Joan; Waxahachie Low. Stan: Houston 393 CD o o Lowery, Sybil; Groveton Lowman, John: Alice Ludwig. Kenni: Silsbee Lund Janice; Dallas Luttrell, Randy: Midland Lynch, Randolph: Texas City Mace. Clark; Houston Macias. Suzanne: Galveston MacPherson, Jeanne: Houston MacWithey. Kevin: Richardson Madden. Pat: Houston Maddo . Patr.cia: Houston Maguire, John; Pasadena Mahoney. Kaywin; Nacogdoches Mainer, Valerie: Lufkin Maines, Randall: Longview Mallory. Melissa: Houston Mangos. Roger; Lufkin Marcum. David: Corpus Chnsti Marek, Marvin Marlcart. Linda Marotta, Louis Marr. Kathleen Baytown Houston Dallas Dallas Marsh, Ralph; Houston Marshall, Kenny; Spring Martin. Alice: Tomball Martin, Kirk; Dallas Martin, Michael; Garland Martin. Shen Lou; Conroe Martin. Vanya; Splendora Martin, Vickie: Dallas Martinez, Anna: Fort Worth Martinez, Jorge; San Antonio Martino. Sylvia: Weatherford Massey, Steve: Grand Prairie Massmgil, Jan: Troup Masters. Tern: Dallas Mathews, Karen ; Greenville Ma well, Cindy: Pasadena May, Dena: Houston May. Gaye Lynn : Texas City May, Larry; San Antonio MrAtee. Jan: Houston McBnde, Harry Jr.; Channelview McCallan, Ginger; Lancaster McCarley, Murray; Sherman McCarley, Nancy: Conroe McCaulley. J ana : Garland O 394 McCdw. Meli nda ; Woodville McClennan. John; Orange McClennen. Melissa: Overton McCormick. Cathy; Sugar Land McCormick. Jimmy: Nacogdoches McCoury, Gregg: San Saba McCreary, Cindy: Garland McDaniel, Kim: Piano McDonald. Diane: Seabrook McDonald, Mary; Pasadena Mcllveene. Mary: Lufkm McKee. Martha: Dallas McKelvey. Sarah; Lufk.n McLaughlin, Gan; San Antonio McMahon, Dean: Luflcin McMahon, Timothy; Fort Worth McMillan. Martha: Tyler McMillian. Melissa; Tomball McNeill, Steve; Weatherford McWilliams. Barbara: Diboll McWilliams. Claire: Houston Medlm, O Lesa: Houston Meet. Dale: Tyler Meek. Donnie: Newton Meisetschlaeger. Donna: Hitchcock Mend, Randy; Bryan Mentz. Jackie: Houston Merchant. Donna: Houston Mernman. Roger: New Braunfels Mernwether, M ' alcolm; Lumberland Met|erle. Joseph: Dallas Metzger. Bill: Greenville Meyer. Mary; Houston Michna, Glenn; Louise Milburn, Charles: San Antonio Miles, Andrew; Irving Miles, David: Seabrook Miller Conme: Mt. Pleasant Miller, Devora: Silsbee Miller, Janet; McLean. VA Miller Keith ; Tyler Miller Lenny: Fort Worth er, Linda: Lufkm er, Marcelynn: Spring er, Michael: Dallas er, Peggy: Houston igan Robm: Houston iorn, Susan: Lancaster 395 Mills, Rebecca: Spring Milner, Betty: Alto Milner, Greg: Tyler Mince. Marilyn; Humble Mirike. Joyce; Lewisville Mitchell. Denms; Deer Park Mitchell. Steven; Amanllo Mitchell. William: Fort Worth Mixon. Sharon; Jacksonville Mizell. Beverly; Irving Moake. Glenda: Alto Mobley Jesse: Graves Mock. Brad: Beeville Moffatt, Bryan: Seabrook Montgomery, Donna: Euless Moody. Joy: Kirbyville Moore, Ann; Dallas Moore. Cheryl: Baytown Moore. Cindy: Waco Moore, Debra: Houston Moore. Doug: Boise, ID Moore, Mary: Tyler Moore, Steve: Waco Moran. Jennifer: Brenhan Moreland. Amy; Houston Morgan, Patrick: Houston Morgan. Tim; Fort Worth Morgan. Vicky: Allen Morris, Charles; Wells Morns, Craig: Bridge City Morns. Jeanette: Timpson Morris, Kenneth; Houston Morrow, Cindy; Garland Morrow, Jimmie: Conroe Morse. Terri; Houston Moseley, Vicki: Dallas Moses, Judy ; Dallas Moyer, Lawrence: El Paso Mueck, Michael: Sugar Land Muessig, Jeff; Garland Muller, Connie; Dallas Munias. Tony; Falfurnas Murdock, Debra; Nacogdoches Murray. Mark; Fort Worth Muniz, Carlos; Falfurnas Munoz, Thomas; Dallas Muse. Jean; Dallas Myers, Donald; Houston 396 Myers. Tom: Dallas Neale. Jeff: Houston Neathery. Anita: Houston Neely. Cris: New Boston Neese Holiis: Corpus Christ Neighbor. Linda: Dallas Neil, Jay: Houston Neiman, Patti: Nacogdoches Nelson, Glenna: Hughes Springs Nelson. Terry: Dallas Newell, Beth- Dallas Newland. Pat: Harlmgen Newman. David: Houston Newsom Gordon- Pearland Nicholas. Pam: Lufkm Nicholson. Steve: Fort Worth Nicltolas. Chns- Houston Noah, Joseph: Orange Norns Donell: San Antonio Norns, Elizabeth: Houston Nowakowslti, Kathy: San Benito Nudds Sheryl: Phoem AZ Nystrom, Amy: Spring O ' Bryan. Patti: Tyler O ' Connor, Laurie: Houston O Donnell, Greg: Richardson O ' Neal, Kathleen: Houston O Neall. Steve: Houston O ' Neill. Maurice: Falfurrias O ' Quinn. Lisa: Orange Oake. Linda- Richardson Ochs. Kenneth: Dallas Ogden. Robert: Mesquite Ort Karyn: New Jersey Oswald. Bob: Cypress Otstott, John: Richardson Overton. Patricia: Palestine Owen. Allen: Richardson Owen. Joyce: Dallas Owen, Sandra: Lampasas Pace. Margaret: Mesquite Padia. L.nda; Wharton Page. Christopher: Houston Pair, Andrea: Pearland Pankey. William: Lone Star Park. Gene: Houston Parker, Jan: Houston Parker. Mary: Houston 397 Parker. Roy; Houston Parker, Roy; Palestine Parks. Carl; Nacogdoches Parnsh, Kathy; Texas City Parten, Connie; Fort Worth Partin. Nina; Cushing Patterson. Cheryl: Henderson Patterson. Stephen; Fort Worth Paulk. Terry: Houston Payne, Gary: Killeen Payne. Patricia: Humble Peacock, Penny; Nacogdoches Pearman. J. D,: Alto Peck, David; Canyon Lake Pedigo, Joe: Houston Penland, Bruce; Dallas Penney, Amanda: Naples Peoples. Helen; Pittsburg Peoples. Rick; Garland Peppard. Robert; Nacogdoches Pereira, Nancy; Irving Pernn. Phil: Houston Perry, Sharla; Panhandle Perryman, Denise: Freeport Peters. Karen; Richardson Peterson, Mary: Houston Peveto, Donna: Orange Phelps, Mila: San Antonio Phillips, Dale: Lufkin Pickle, Charlie: Jasper Pickrell. Will: Houston Pierce, Lems; Lendale Pike, William: Jacksonville Piatt. Dixie; Houston Plecki. Debbie; Fort Worth Poindexter. Mary: Grapevin Polderman, Jeannette; Portland Pole, James: West Point, NY Pool. Janet: Gladewater Porter. Diane; Austin Porterfield. Clint; Center Portley. Cheryl: Longview Poston, Paula; Houston Poteet, Reba: Tomball Potenza, Denna: Alief Potharst, Helen; Houston Potter, Laurie; Houston Powell. Kay; Orange 398 Powell, Pamela; Arl.ngton Powell. Suzanne; Seabrook Prather, John; Houston Preiss. Lynn; Arlington Presley. Elizabeth; Dickinson Price, Claudell; Center Price. Holt; Mineral Wells Pndeaux, Scott: Houston Pnngle. Lynne: Allen Pntchard. Thomas; Garland Procella. Mike; Orange Procella. V.ckey; Hemphill Robin ' La Porte Pruett. Jamie; White Oak Punfoy, Mack: Temple Putney. Judy: Arlington Pytel, Steve: Houston Qumn, William; V.dor Ragsdale, Cecelia: Mesquite Raider, Mike: Houston Raines, Kathy Marshall Rames. Steve; Fort Worth Rams, Virginia: Houston Ramsay. Robin: Shreveport, LA Ramsey. Jeff: Dallas Rawlmson, Chip: Lancaster Ray. Terry; San Antonio Rayburn. Raegan: Andrews Record. Chris; Fort Worth Redd, John: Dallas Redfeam. Barbara; Hurst Reece. Robin; Fort Worth Reed, Barbara: Houston Reed, Brent; Garland Reed. Clarence: Houston Reed. James: Castroville Reed. Mitch: Pearland Reel, John: San Antonio Reese. Debbie: Nacogdoches Reese, Linda: Houston Reese, Richard; Longview Reeves, Tina: Marshall Re.d, Stuart; Fort Worth Reppond. Paul; Houston Reuter. Rhonda; Houston Rexrode, Becky Houston Reynolds. Shell: Houston Rice. William; San Antonio CD o o Richard, Sharrie; Clear Lake City Richardson, Barbie: Fort Worth Richardson. Fred; Lake Jackson Richardson, Russell: Lake Tawakom Richmon, Elwyn ; Florence Riddels, Sandy: Dallas Ridge, Eugeuia: Charleston, 5C Ridings, Russ: Houston Rredl. Lisa: Fort Hood Riley, Barney; Fort Worth Riney. Gienda; Irving Rippetoe, LeAnn; Richardson Risner, Christie: San Augustir Rltchey. Taylor; Center Rivard, Darrel: Burkburnett Roark, Joe: Temple Roberts, Johnnie: Houston Roberts, Scott; Fort Worth Robertson, John ; Jacksonville Robertson. Madelyn; Falturnas Robertson. Rick; Dallas Robertson. Sulynne: Wylie Robmson, Catherine: Henderson Robmson. Jenny: Richardson Robinson. Mark: Hillcrest Robinson, Steve: Houston Roco, Linda; Houston Roe. Susan; Portland Roehr, Laura; Spring Rogers. Barbara; Nacogdoches Rogers, Karen; Palestine Rogers. Richard; Whitesboro Rogers, Wanda: Garrison Rogers, William; San Antonio Rogers, William: Nacogdoches Rohrer. Mary; Houston Romanchek. Maryann; Fort Worth Ronck, Mark; Richardson Rose. Cassandra; Dibotl Rose, Karen; Satellite Beach, FL Roseman. Bobby: Dallas Rosenthal, Marc: Houston Ross. Mark; Houston Ross, Stephen: Seabrook Rosson, Nancy: Longview Rostvold, Scott; Houston Rottman, Paul; Dallas Rowe, Bill: Lancaster Q_ O 400 Rowe. George ' Spring Royal Tere ' Houston Rudd. Susan Luflun Ruhl Laurie ' cnnis Ruos Peter Huntington Russell Deedra " Houston Russell. Gene: Rosenberg Rust Rosemary Wharton Rutherford. Jimmie Luflun Rutherford Sherrye- Goodrich Ryan. Beth; Houston Ryan. Patricia: Houston Sabec Demse Conroe Saitta Mary: Houston Sandars. Pamela- Fort Worth Sando Patncia Fort Worth Santos Angela ' Jefferson Sartm. Grover- Dallas Saunders. Laurie Dallas Sawyer Paul: Houston Scaff. Ellis ' Missouri City Scales Marlt- Tyler Schaefer Betsy ' Houston Schaefer David: Houston Schaefer. Michael: Pasadena Schaffner. Randy ■ Wichita Falls Schardt. Chnsteh: Houston Scherwitz Cindy Houston Schrr Schrr idt. Richard ' Lamesa (tz, L.nda ' Euless Schneider Bob: Dallas Schneider Karen Houston Schoenberg, Debbr Bridge City Schrank, Bill: Naperv.lle ll Schroif. William: Houston Schuller Steve ' Houston Schwartz Neil ' Kingwood Scott Jam.e: Texas City Scott John : Beaumont Scott. John Fort Worth Scott, Judy: Fort Worth Scott. William. Carrol ' ton Sebastian, Larry: Fort Worth Sechnst Anne San Antonio Selzer. Mary: La Marque Sembera Kathy : Houston Sessions Karen ' Nacogdoches Sharp. Sandy: San Augustine 401 CL O on 402 Smith Steven- Burleson Smith Susan ' Ferns Snell Mikie ' Port Arthur Snipes Diane ' Lancaster Southerland Nicky Dalle Spencer Mary Austm Spetter Marsha Dallas Spies John: Richardson Spinlcs Robert Rust Spoonts Cindy ' Dallas Sprague Cindy : Fort Worth Sprague Gloria: Houston Stahl Linda: Houston Standerfer Melhe: McKmney Stand ' sh Scott: Houston Standley. Sue Ann ' Lufkin Stanley. Barry ' Houston Stanley Donna: Houston Staples. Momque Houston Stapp Lynne Los Alamos NM Stark Janet Desoto Starrett Theresa: Lufkin StavmoHa Robert Rosenberg Stearman Susan Dallas Steffler Jim: Orange Stephens Norma: Peelville Stephenson Craig " Houston Stephenson Janice " Mt. Pleasant Stevens Julia ' Longview Stevenson Mark " Lufkin Stewart Kim Palaaos Stewart Ted Lufkm Still Jim Nacogdoches Stirl Portland Stockton Dougles: Harlmgen Stockwell Michael Houston Stone Lonme " Lufkin Stover Howard: Houston Straun Nancy Bloomington IL Streit. Brad Taylor Studer Michael Irving Stupka Vicki: Port Neches Sturdivant Diann: Irving Sutton, Glenn: San Antonio Swatzell David Magnolia Sweanngen John- Nacogdoches Swendig John- Midland Sylvia Vernon- Nacogdoches 403 t J D o o Tadd Donna: Houston Taggart Karen: Fnendswood Taggart Kathie: Fnendswood Talafuse. Gilnert; Wharton Tannery Myron: Nacogdoches Tarbel Chris- Tulsa Taylor Gary Center Taylor. Nicty; Piano Taylor. Ray: Center Teague. Joseph: Huntsyille Teer. Dam: Missouri City Teichman. Brian: Dallas Tenmson. Pncilla: Clear Lake City Terrel. Cathy: Golden Terrell. Barbara: Fort Worth Terry Brenda: Luflcin Thayer, Kristi; Arlington Thedford. Patns.a: Rusk Thomas. Cynthia; Dickinson Thomas Deborah. Dickinson Thomas Deborah, Lufk.n Thomas. Deborah; Richardson Thomas. George: Longview Thomas, Mike; Damgerfield Thomas, R. Thomas; Carrollton Thompson, Keith: Fort Worth Thompson. Mary Malakoff Thompson, Steve: Tyler Thornton, Larry: Fort Worth Thornton, Steve: Keller more. Dennis; Bridgeport Hman. Chris; Corpus Chnsti James: Nederland Jeanette: Dickinson nsley. David: Piano nsley. Kevin; Dallas Tmsley, Leslie: Fort Worth Tippen Jeff: Houston Tittle. Janice; Fort Worth Todd, Dwane: Frankston Toles Ada: Dallas Tolleson. Tim; Houston Tomlm. Todd; Nacogdoches Toon. Martha; Houston Torabian. Kamran; Nacogdoches Torrence. Carole: Nacogdoches Townsend, Janet; Reklaw Townsend. Robin; Reklaw 404 Townson Karen Beaumont Towse. Dona: Houston Tracey William: Houston Trautmann. Keith: Houston Treadwell Anthony : Jacksonv Trevino Gloria: Tyler Tntch. Marl: Garland Tuck. Laurie: Omaha Tucker. Ted: Murchison Turney, Mark Irving Tuttle. Lisa: Kansas City MO Jpchurch David Nacogdoches Upton, Don; Nacogdoches Valader Oscar; Dallas Van Arsdale Daryl; Dunkirk NY Neal. Vance: Centerville Vasterlmg. Eric: New Orleans LA Vaughan. Kimm: Pearland Vaughan Tammy: Bedford Vetter, Carolyn R.chardson Viator, Anita: Port Arthur Vickery. Michael- Texas City Voyles. Joni ; Bellaire Waggoner. Dave; Wichita Falls Wahl Kerry; Houston Walker Houston Walker Walker Walker Walker Gary; Longvie Karen: Duncanville Mark ; Baytown Mick Houston Walker. Robert; Lufk.n Wallace. Pam: LewisviHe Walsh, Melmda: Fnendswood Walsh. Michael: Dallas Ward. Gma : Piano Ware Mike: Carrollton Warner. Teresa; Clear Lake Warren. Janet: Houston Warren, Sandy: Kilgore Watkms, John; Houston Watts. Carol Houston Weaver, Linda: Houston Weaver, William; Dallas Webb. Lisa : Arlington Webb Nancy: Avery Weber. Karen: Te»as City Weddle. Tom: Humble Weeks, Charles; D.boll 405 D s_ o £ o Q_ O Weems Mary: Hondo Weersmg. Tom: Richardson Wem. David: Greenville Weller, John: Dallas Weller, John: San Antonio Welling. William: Dalhart Welter Mark Houston Werner Lynne: Houston West. Jim: Portland Westcott. Lmda: Livingston Wethmgton Christopher; Clovis, NM Wheat Gail; Jacksonville Whetsel. David: Frisco Wh.gham Judy: Bedford Whisenant. Charles: Lufkir White. Alan: Texas City White Drew: Hemphill White. Ellen; Texas City White. Lisa: Dallas White. Odis: Farmers Branch Whitfill. Jamie: Pasadena Whitley James: Corpus Chnsti Whitten, Teresa; Garland Wickham. Carmen: Dallas Wiederhold. Lynn: Richardson W,er. Kim. Irving Wiggins, John; La Marque Wiggins. Judy; Houston Wigzell Andrew: Midland W.les. Debbie; Liberty Mkins. Bob. Center ' illey Kann; Houston ' illiams. Carolyn: El Paso ' illiams, Cindy: Lake Jackson ' illiams. Karen: Sweeny ' ilhams Lee , Jasper iams, Lmda : Luflcin lams. Mark; Fort Worth iams. Robby; San Antonio iams, Susan; Beaumont Williams, Terry: Houston Williams. Terry: Port Lavaca 406 Wdlson Robin: Richardson Wilson David: Sherman Wilson. Leeanna: Austin Wilson. Sally Ann: Troup Winder Marcus: Sherman Wmfree. Gilbert: Houston Wmgfield. Michael Kilgore Winkle Dawn: Irving W.nslett. Mike: Dallas Wmtermote John- Dallas Winters. Sherne: Colmesneil Wise Kathy: Houston Witcher. Mike 1 Nacogdoches Witte. Doug: Nacogdoches Witte. Francme: Nacogdoches Wolf. Michael: Lake Jackson Womak. Bruce: Longview Womak. Paula: Kingsv.lle Woodall. Chris: Fort Worth Woodall. Rusty: Irving Wood Jace: Waco Woods. Sally: San Augustine Woods Stanley: Houston Woolley. Cheryl: Crockett Wright. Constance: Houston Wright. Teresa: Garrison Wygant Tom: Katy Wynn, Kelt: League City Wynn Rayla : League City Wyrick, Gary: Garland Yaretsky, Nana; Houston Yaw, Donna: Baytown Yemma. Bill: Austin Yohe. Linda: Garland Youens. Jill: Columbus Young Gayle: Chireno Young, George: Seabrook Young. Verna: Pollok Zabeimk, Emit; Palmer Zimmermann. Tracey: Dallas Vlclci: Wichita Falls 407 Candy Jenik, secretary-treasurer; Mark Burroughs, president; Janev Kishpaugh, vice president. 408 409 Abernathy Shannon: La Porte Abernethy. Maggie: Nacogdoches Abraham. William: Marshall Acord Craig: Houston Adair. Anita: Palestine Adams Brian Houston Adams. Bryan: Richardson Adams. Ellen Mane: Houston Adams. Lee Ann: Longview Adams. Mariorie: Fort Worth Adams. Patsy: Pearland Adams. Penny: Arlington Alien, Fred: Georgetown Atnsworth Mark Lulmg Airhart. Stephen: Houston Albert Jean, Dallas Albntton. Jaclct; Piano Alcorn. Elaine: Houston Aldredge. Alesa: Luflun Ale ander, Anthony: San Antonio Alexander. Joyce: Wells Alexander. Steve: Ruslt Alford Jonathan; Kountze Allaway. Kathy: San Antonio Allen. Bobby: Nacogdoches Allen. Edward, La Porte Allen Pattr Longview Allgaier. Nancy; Houston Allison. Janet: Houston Allred. Jimmy: Beaumont Alonzo Carlos: Honduras Alspaw. Jon: Dallas Alvirer Ruth: Edmburg Amberbey Wes: League City Amery. Judy; Houston Ammons. Dianne; Dallas Ammons. Karen; Seabrook Amundson. Lee: Richardson Anderson. Carolyn: Houston Anderson, Charles: Seagoville Anderson. Cindy: Langley AFB. VA Anderson. Joe: Canadian Anderson, Lee: Spring Anderson Mtchael: Richardson Andrews. Alice: Corpus Chnsti Andrews. Mary: Houston Anges, Anne: Galveston Annoot. Sharon: Pasadena 410 Arbuckle. Len: Fort Worth Arnold, Janie: Austin Arnold. Natalie: Richardson Arrington Jeff- Arlington Arrington. Michell: Garland Arrington. William: Grapevine Ashby. Richard: Rockwall Ashcraft. Ronnie: Longview Ashinhurst, Janet: Grand Prairie Ashley. Jo: Mesquite Atwood. Lisa: Nacogdoches Aughinbaugh, Amy: Fort Worth Austin, Linda: Fort Worth Ault. Sharon: Euless Austin. Renee: Me ta Aydelotte. Suzanne: Houston Babb. Bill: Dallas Babcock. Mary: Greenville Babcock, Tamra: Lake Jackson Baca, Letty: Houston Bailey. Dallas Bailey, Kristie; Spring Bailey Tim: La Porte Bailey Tracie: Sherman Baker, David: Garland Baker. David: LaMarque Baker, Doug: Klein Baker Greg: South Garland Baker, Kenny: Lufkin Baker Ruth: Dickinson Balceszak, Cathy: Carrollton Balch, Allen: Richardson Balette. Roxanna: Houston Ballard. Robm: Quitman Belle . Todd: Liberty Ballow. Tammy: Jacksonville Bannister, Amy: Houston Bannister. Tina; Fort Worth Barber Rick: San Antonio Barclay, Dana: Houston Barkes, Nancy: Midland Barley. Grundy: Carthage Barlow, Randall: Pineland Barlow, Sharon: Piano Barnes. John: Marietta Barnett, John: Houston Barnett. Patricia: Mmeola Barrett. Dav.d: Dallas 41 1 Barrier Chuck ; Pearland Barrow. Michele Spring Barry. Charles; Arlington Bartee. Jerry; Splendora Barton Karen: Euless Bass. Ginny; Garland Bassi. Donna; Nacogdoches Bates. Kelly ; Houston Batey. Elaine; Dallas Batterton. James; Houston Baty, David; Deer Park Baty, Rick: Dickinson Baugh. Charlie: La Porte Baugh. Donya: Piano Baumgardner. Karen: Dalla Baxter, Denise; Houston Baxter. Richard; Cushing Bayliss. Mark : Byran Bayne, Jim; Crockett Bays. Gary: Waco Bean, Meletra: Doucette Bean, Lisa; Irving Bean, Rita; Houston Beardsley. Randy; Fort Worth Beasley. Tncia : Dallas Becker, Darreil; Austin Beelman, Luci; Fort Worth Beghtol. Karl: Houston Bell, David; Carrollton Bell, Demse; Athens Bell, Glynis; Irving Bell. Jesse Jr.; Nacogdoches Bender, William; Chester Bentley. Susan: Dallas Benton. Roy: Nacogdoches Bercot, David: Henderson Berea. Jay; Dallas Berman. Mary; Houston Bernhardt, Lisbeth; Houston Bernheimer, Martha: Houston Berry, Kaye; Humble Berry. Murray: Fort Worth Bethke. Dawn; Fnendswood Ben Debb.e; Dallas Bianchi, Julie; Houston Biar. Beth: Fort Worth Bidwell. Kimberley: Dallas Bieler, Mike; Garland 412 Bierschenk, Joseph: Weatherford Biles, Charlie; Fort Worth Billings Rebecca; San Antonio Bingham, Gary: Mesquite Black. Carl; Palestine Black, David: San Antonio Black, Terry; High Island Blair, Bobbye: Farmers Branch Blake, Michelle; Lufkin Blakely, David: Piano Bland, Dav.d; Piano Blankenship. Tommy; Fort Worth ase, Gaynell: Needville Bledsoe, Jeri; Conroe evms, Steve: Jefferson oecher. Deberoah: Denton onom, John: Frankston Boase, Richard: Carthage Bocqum. John; San Antonio Boehle, Carter; Dalla s Boelsche, Robert: Austin Boldt Monica : Yorktown Bolmanskie, Paul: Liberty Bonar, James: Houston Bond. Ken: Livingston Bonner. Dennis: Irving Bonner, Dina; Wichita Falls Bontrager. Sheryl; League City Boren, Regina; Richardson Borgne, Dennis; Piano Bourne, Leslie; Houston Bourque, Tammie: Port Arthur Bowen. Cynthia; Piano Bowers. Richard; Dallas Boyd, Kelley: Houston Boyd. Terrie: Piano Boyle, Dennis: Sugar Land Boyle, Nancy: Dallas Boynton, Charles; Jasper Bradford. Stacy: Houston Bradley. Mark: Houston Bradshaw. Carla; Pearland Bradshaw. John: Lmdale Brady. Cathy; Houston Brame. Grove; Dallas Brandon. Jeff; Nacogdoches Brandstatter, Teresa: Garland Brandt, Susan: Houston 413 Bfanstiter. Donna; Houston Brassard. Richard: Dallas Brawner. Joseph : Late Jacltson Bray. Steven: Conroe Brazil. Marie; Richardson Breau , Mary; Fort Worth Breau . Suzette; Pasadena Bremer. Nick: Richardson Bressler, Deborah: Lake Jackson Brewer. Lester; Houston Brewster, Donna; Jasper Bridges. Kim; Houston Bnggs. David: Judson Bnggs. Phillip: Beckville Brtgman, Amy-Jo; Bedford Brmkley. Ence: Rusk Bnstow, Deborah: Lancaster Bntt. Ronald: Houston Brittam, Cindy; Pasadena Brittain, Mark: Nacogdoches Brock. Robin; Houston Brooks, Anderson: Dallas Brooks. Donald: Dallas Brooks. Melmda; Tenaha Brossman, Ann: San Antonio Broussard, Brian: Beaumont Brown. Charlie: Dallas Brown, Danny: Dallas Brown. Elaine; Orange Brown. Kenneth: Nacogdoches Brown. Mary; Spring Brown. Patricia; Dallas Brown, Patty; Irving Brown, Robin; Henderson Brown. Ruth; Houston Brown, Senee: Houston own Terry; Houston ' own, William; Greenville owning, Charles, Jr.; Spring owning, Mary: Nacogdoches ice, Ann ; Houston der, Karen; Houston Brundrett, Jan; Houston Bryant, Kenneth; Cincinnati Buchanan, Charles; Fort Worth Buchanan, Laun; Dallas Buchanan. Mike: Houston Bucher, Jerry; Canadian f £ CO ll 414 in Buck Brent; Vidor Buck, Robert; Houston Buckel. Scott; Arcadia Buckingham, James; Houston Buckley. Jo Anne; Galveston Buitron Stephen; Hitchcock Bullock, Elizabeth; Lufk.n Bullock, Mike; Lufkm Bunch Barbara: Mesquile Burch Tern ; Jasper Burdick. Michele: Houston Burgess, Lagena; Dallas Burk. Suzy; Nacogdoches Burks. Candi: Dallas Burleson, Cindy: Pasadena Burley, Patricia: Houston Burnett. John: Center Burnett. Teresa: Cleburne Burnham, Cindy; Pittsburg Buroker. Julie; Richardson Burroughs, Mark; Houston Burrows, Jana; Houston Burrows, Thomas; Center Burton, Deborah: Piano Burton, Lloyd; Houston Burum, Jay; Garland Butler. Judi; Houston Butler, Ross: Herscher Butler. Sheryl: Livingston Buiek Theresa: Waller Byers. Cheryl: Lancaster Byers, Scott; San Antonio Bynum. Barry; Kaufman Bynum. Laura: Dallas Byrne, Karen; Dallas Cagle. Debbie; Fort Worth Cam. Rayford: Nacogdoches Calder, Jayme; Fort Worth Calhoun. Tammy; Te«as City Callahan. Russell; Dallas Callaway, Susan; La Fena Callaway. Wesley: Beaumont Cameron, Sherry: Rio Grande City Camp. Melissa: Sinton Campbell. Bambi: Alvm Campbell, Dana: Waco Campbell, Rhonda. Greenville Cantrell, Robin; Fort Worth 415 Capel. Davana: Nacogdoches Caperton. Chris: San Antonio Caple. Christ! ; Hallsville Caraway. Ira: Timpson Cardenas. Jean: San Antonio Cardwell. Margaret: Houston Carnegie. William: Houston Carney. Kim: Dallas Carney. Steve: Garrison Carr. Jamee: Houston Carrell. David; Dallas Carroll. Bill: Piano Carroll. Rhonda; Luflcm Carrow. Kathryn: Seabroolt Carsey. Kim; Stratford Carter, Charles: Cushing Carter. Daniel: Whitesboro Carter, David: Sherman Carter. Edward: Timpson Carter, Sharita: Pasadena Cartwnght. Ann: Spring Case Elizabeth: Farmers Branch Casey. Brian: Pasadena Cason. Barbara: Nacogdoches Cassidy. Casey; San Antonio Cassler. Tim: San Antonio Cassoni, Deborah: Houston Castee. Lettie: Houston Castloo, Benny: Mmeola Cates Thomas: Luf kin Catlett, Donna: League City Cavnar. David ' Houston Cawthon. Stuart; Denton Cely. Cynthia; Palestine Cernosek. Deddera; Houston Chamberlain. Mary; Kerrville Chamberlain. Sabas: Harlmgen Chambliss. Carolyn; Bellaire Chandler, Elizabeth: Houston Chaney. Vanessa: Dallas Chapin, Cindy: San Antonio Chapin Michelle: Houston Chappel. Nancy: Conroe Chattm. Eddie: Mesquite Cheatham. Anne: Beaumont Cheatham. Joe: Conroe Chenault, Susan: Houston Chiang, Eugene: Marshall 416 Chisholm Steve Houston Chris; Susan Houston Chnstensen Kent Richardson Chnstensen Lynn: Friendswood Christian Larry Woodville Christian Paul Orangefield Christopher Kim ' Houston Churchill. C.ndy- Spendora Claque Lois Troup Clarlt Jeff ■ Lake Jackson Clark . Jeffrey: Kilgore Clarlt, John- Fort Worth Clark Kathy Fort Worth Clark Michael ' Smton Clark Tracy Houston Clarkson Slayden- Houston Clay. Chris: San Anton. o CLements. Kathy Weatherford Clements Lou ■ Galveston Clements Mike ' Houston Clements Nancy Greenville Cleveland Cynthia ' Houston Clevenger. Lorna ' Coleman Clevenger Mark ' Nacogdoches Clifton. Marcie Nacogdoches Cloud. James San Antonio Clymer. Kevin ' Hurst Coalter Lew Spring Coan Karen Garland Cobb Brant- Brownsville Cobb Lloyd: Houston Coburn Mary: Fort Worth Cochran John- Mt. Pleasant Cochran. Kaye Burkeviile Cockrell. Beverly Corngan Cockrell. Janie: Lufkin Coffee. Kimberley Houston Coffey Danny Rusk Cohn Otis ' Cleveland Coker. John ' Sanger Coldwell. Cmdy Garland Cole Chet: Hudson Cole. David " Austin Colellesse John Universal City Coleman Mary Houston Coleman Portland: Te arkana Coleman Richard ' Tomball Coleman. Roger- Dallas 417 CO CD Coleman, Scott; Houston Coleman, Steve; Marshall Collins, Patricia: Houston Colons, Richard; Lufkin Colston. Zalinda; Rusk Colter, Valene: Houston CoUle. John: Rust Colwell, John: Nacogdoches Combs, Jenny; Houston Compton. Marilyn; Houston Condray, Linda; Houston Congdon. Laura: Piano Connelly. Kim; Arlington Conner, Becky: Douglass Conner. Kandi; Center Conrad. Beth: Clear Lake City Conway. Mark: Lufkin Coogan, Kanice: Houston Cook, Alisa; Palestine Cook, Becky: Nederland Cook, Joanne: Houston Cook, Kerry; Lake Jackson Cook, Mary; Houston Cooke, Cynthia; Round Rock Coons, Bobby; Houston Cooper, Molly; Chapel Hill Cooper, Pam; Mt. Vernon Cooper, Russell; Dallas Coppage, Martha: Wichita Falls Coppedge, Derek: Waxahachte Corbell. Lisa: Shelbyville Corder, Stephen: Dallas Corley. Laura; Pasadena Cotharn, Rhonda Jo; Waco Cother. Donna: Alvin Cottle, Sammie; Mason Cotton, Carol: League City Cottrill, John Jr.; Fort Worth Courtney, Chad; Lufkin Courtney, Randy: Houston Courville, Steve; Houston Cowardin, Sherry; Garland Cowart, John; Cleveland Cowling, Lisa; Deer Park Cox, Anson; League City Cox, Demse; Dallas Cox, Marc : Dallas Cox, Steve; Pasadena 418 Cozad, Cathy: Fort Worth Craig. Ellicia: Corpus Chnsti Cramer, Martin: Highland Park Crandell, Melame: Dallas Crane. Cynthia: Piano Crane. Kathi ; Waco Cranshaw Robert: Seabrook Cravens. Charles: Dallas Cravy, Darla: La Marque Crawford. Carolyn: WoodvJIe Crawford. Tammy: Clear Lake City Crew, Cindy: Marshall Crews, Mane: Pasadena Cnmmins, Charles: Dallas Cnswell, Michael: San Antonio Crnkovic, Deborah: Hemphill Crocker, Catherine: Houston Crockett, Louis: Whitesboro Crom. Kitty: Garland Crossland. Sherne: Dallas Crow, Diana : Dallas Crow. William: Midland Crumpler, James: Dallas Culberson, Shanna: Oute Cullins. ' Milce: Rockwall Cunningham, Kathy: San Antonio Curb. Charles: Irving Currle, Ann; Bellaire Curne. Rachel; Mission Curne. Vicki: Rockdale Curry, Charles; Nacogdoches Curry, Scott; Dallas Curtis. Cindy; Richardson Curtis, Delta; Houston Cutler, Regma: Waco Cutting. Karen; Lewisville Cyr. Linda: Houston Czachowski. Claudia: San Antonio Dabbs. Robm; Greenville Dailey, Darla: Austin Damoff. George; Houston Damon, Marcia: Waller Danesi, Patricia; Texas City Daniel, Carl; Dallas Daniel, Kayla; Cleburne Daniels Charles: Garland Daniels, Paul; Spring Darragh. Sheron: Henderson 419 Daughtry. Susan: Houston Dav.d. Steve; Dallas Davidson, Ronny: Grand Saline Davies. Diane: Houston Davis. Billv: Nacogdoches Davts, Bryan: Piano Q) to CD Dav Dav Dav Dav Dav; Dav: ,, Don: Corpus Christ! i, Eva; Pasadena ,. Holly : Houston i, Jay: Houston ;, Jay; Wyhe .. Joy Anne: Galveston Davis, Robert; Pasadena Davis, Tommy; College Station Davis, William: San ' Antonio Day. Colleen: Fort Worth Day, Gary: Longview Day, M oil is ; Richardson Day, Jimmy: Houston Day, Richard: Lewisville Deal, Lisa;Luflcin Dean, Gary ; Dallas Dean, Keith; Nacogdoches Dean. Monica: Dallas Deckard, Leonard; Nacogdoches Defoy. Paul: Houston Deggs. Melva : Lufkin DeHort, John: Bossier City. LA DeLisle, Gary; Garland DeLoney, Barbara; Nacogdoches DeLouche, Melissa: Houston DeLuca. Greg; Houston DeLuca. Linda; LaPorte DeMarco. Janice: Dallas Demarest, Linda: Richardson Demmm, Susan; Kingwood Dempsey. Carolyn; Nacogdoches Demuth, Lynn; Richardson Denny, Keny; Houston Dent. Genie; Houston Denton, Shannon; Dallas DePugh, Paul: Conroe Dermid. Pam; Piano Deroven, Troy: Alvm Derr, Thomas; Houston Deshazo. Kyle: Tyler Deterdmg, John; Richardson DeVos, Glen: Miami, PL 420 Dewberry, Sharon: Houston DeWeese. Susan: Rosenburg DeYounq. Alan: Richardson Dickenson, Elizabeth; Richardson Dickerson. Michelle; Fort Worth Diclterson, Steve: League City Dickinson, Laure; Houston Dierker Nancy; Dallas Dillard. Randall; Austin Diltinger. Diane; Dallas Dillow, Mark; Houston Dills. Dott.e; League City Dmges Donnie: Houston Dinges, Ronnie: Stafford Dippel, Duane: Lake Jackson Dixon, Debby; Richardson Dobbms Laura; Crosby Dodson, Mary Clare; Dripping Springs Doggett. Charles: Lufkin Dollarhide, Anne: Tolar Dombroski, Karen: Arlington Dommgues. Theresa: Lake Jackson Donahoe, Dennis: Klein Donaldson, Russell; Arlington Dorsett. Steve; Clear Lake Dortch, Rebecca: Pmeland Doss. Jeff; Pharr Doughtie, Gay; Spring Dourte. Marty: Austin Dove, Kim; Liumgston Dover, Carla : Jasper Draker. Sheryl: Austin Drennan, Thomas; Ore City Drown, Robert: Dallas Dudley. Rhonda: Nacogdoches Duggan Christopher; Dallas Duke, Irene; Spring Dulm. Julie: Waco Dunavant, Denise; Garland Duncan, Richard: Henderson Duncan. Sue; Houston Dunn, Mark; Nacogdoches Durante. Thomas: Dallas Durham, Melanie; Pittsburg Durr. Delores: Nacogdoches Duval. David; Fort Worth Dye, Philip: Parkland Dykes Robin: Houston 421 Dyrr, Don; Austin Earle. Bettye, Jacksonville Easley. Michael: Houston Eastland. Douglas; Houston Eastman, Forrest: Pearland Eccles, Gayle: Bellaire EcKols, Karen: Dallas Eckhardt, Gail: Houston Edmonson, Susan: Seabrook Edwards, Debi;Timpson Edwards, Karen; Huntington Eisenbach, Shen: Houston Eisenschmidt. Laura; San Antonio Eklund. Brad; Odessa Ekrut. John; San Antonio Elizondo, Martha; Houston Ellmgson, Andy; Houston Ellison, Tracey: Nacogdoches Ellisor, Glenn: Cleveland Ellisor, Janet: Leander Emanis, Walter; Houston Emerton, Janet; Duncanville Emmott, Kenneth: Houston Engdahl. Libby; Fort Worth Englehart, Gary; Houston English, Margaret: Dallas Ervin. James; Nacogdoches Escamilla Rudy: San Antonio Eshragh-Hedayat. Sand: Nacogdoches Estabrook, Davtd: Dallas Eubank, Came; Houston Eubank. Kenneth; Sherman Euett, Gary; Broaddus Evans, Jill: Houston Evans. Lisa: Euless . Marybeth; Freeport Evans, Scott: Garland Evans, Ten; Mesquite Evans. Venise; Dallas Everett. Kathy: Fort Worth Everett. Mike: Longview Eventt, David; Haltom Ewers. Lanita; Palestine Fairchild. Michael; Austin Falkenberry, Steve: Hurst Fallm, Don; Tenaha Falls, Karen; Nacogdoches Fanmn. Tedde; El Paso 422 Farnham, Michelle. Nacogdoches Fatheree. Ralmda: Lufk.n Faulkner, Darlene; Marshall Faulkner, Mark; Piano Faulkner. Mary Ann; Nacogdoches Fazzino, David: Bellaire Felts. James: Hallsville Felty. Kim; Waco Feltzman, Ingnd: Dallas Fenner. Melissa: Kilgore Ferguson Tina; Euless Fernandez. Fidel: Luling Ferrell, Tammy: Garland Fetters. Michael: Karnack Field. Jan: Richardson Fielden. Teresa: Piano Fields. Helen; Dallas Finholt. Kann: Fort Worth Fmley, Kaye; Texarkana Firchow. Candy: Houston F.restowe. Hugh: Rockwall Firmin. Diane; Dallas First, Jay; Houston Fischer, James; Santa Fe Fish, Alan: La Marque Fish, Krmberly; Piano Fisher. Gail: Houston Fisher, Jeanette: Dallas Fitch, Douglas; Houston Fitzgerald. Lisa; Houston Fitzgerald, Tamara: Garland Fitzjarrell. Rebecca: Conroe Flahaven. Erin: Houston Flamgan, Lisa: Fort Worth Flath, Frances: Farmers Branch Fletcher. Kathleen; Fnendswood Flick. nger. Ann: Dallas Flint, Robert: Houston Flores. Roy; Houston Flosi. Laurel: Brownsville Flowers, Marka San Antonio Floyd. Tammy Stafford Flury, Paul: Tomball Flynn, Scott; Piano Folks. Burma; Amanita Fontenot, Teresa; Silsbee Foote Bobbv: Dayton, OH Ford Donna: Houston 423 Ford. Lee Ann: Missouri City Foreman, Greg; Houston Forman. Debbie: Houston Forney. Elizabeth; Nacogdoches Forque Cheryl; Baytown Forrer, Doug: Fort Worth Forse. Carol: Pineland Forse. Charlene: Sealy Forse, Floyd: Sealy Forse. Lisa; Seabrook Forston, Mark: Orange Foster, Gregory Denton Fox. Lonnie; Sulphur Springs Fox, Mike: Dallas Franklin. 8en|amm; Sonora Franks. Laura : Irving Franzma. Cathy: Mesquite Fraser, Kelly; Dallas Frazier, Jimmy: Houston Freese. Joan; Houston French, Beverly; Fort Worth French, Bradford; Houston French, Sara; San Benito Fretz, Bruce: Wharton Freund. Susan: Fort Worth Frey. Carl: Port Neches Friday. William; Lockesbury, Fnerson. Diane: Dallas Frost, Nancy: Lufkin Fuller. Karen: Longview Fuscaldo, Gregg : Fort Worth Fyke. Julia ; Euless Games, Leslie: Arlington Gaines, Richard : Tyler Galbreath. Teresa: Lewisville Gallager, Frank: Nacogdoches Gallegas, Gilberto: El Paso Gallia. Ken; Dallas Galvan, Daniel; Richardson Gamble, Stephen; Center Gannaway, Jill; Austin Garms. Laura: Irving Garner, John; Dallas Garrett, Gay: Jacksonville Garrett, James; Fort Worth Garrison, Leslye: Galveston Garza, Michael: Santa Rosa Gass, Kim; Houston u. 424 Gavhck, Steven: San Antonio Gearner Geoff: Houston Gee. Jeff: Corsicana Gee. Mary; Dallas Geisler. Michael: Conroe Geldens, Ema: Homble Geldens. Paul: Humble Gentry, John; St. Louis. MO Germany, Debra; Van Horn Gibat. Norman : Arlington Gibson, Karl: Nacogdoches Gibson. Louann; Fort Worth Gilbert, Mike: Houston Gtlbreath. Karen: Houston Gill. Linda: Houston Gilleland. Gary; Houston Gillespie. Anthony: Jacksonville Giovannim. Ramo; Houston Givhan, Beclty: Mexia Glaves. Greg: Houston Glenn, Debra: Piano Goad. Jodyne: Texarkana Godker, C.ndy: Fort Worth Goertz, Particia; Houston Good. Cindy: Alvin Goode, David; Houston Gondran. Buzz: Garland Gordon, Jimmi Sue: Crockett Gordon, Tracy: Spring Goree. Dixie; Houston Goree Rebecca: Grand Prairie Gould. Anne : Lake Jackson Grace. Kevin: Mesquite Graff, Susan; Houston Graham, Carroll: La Fena Graham, Jerrold: La Porte Graham, Sharon; Woodville Graswich, William: Richardson Gravelle. Joyce Lyn; Houston Graves, Frances: Timpson Graves, Susan: Beaumont Gray. Mark: Kaufman Grayson. Cynthia; Cleveland Grayum. Jamie; Houston Greeley, Maryanne; Nassau Bay Green. Bruce; Dallas Green. Came; Wylie Green, Chns: Borger 425 Greenshield. Jack!; Houston Greer, Larry; Nacogdoches Greer William: Center Gregory, Lynley: Fort Worth Gregory, Stephen; Houston Griffin, Barbara; Elgin Griffith. Michael; Irving Grtgg. Paul : Galveston Gnllo. Beep: Galveston Grimes, Carla: Lewisville Grimes. George; Nacogdoches Grimes. Julia; Woodville Grimes. Sarah; Houston Gnmley Patricia: Dallas Grimm, Douglas: Houston Grissaffi. Charles; Dallas Gnswold, Judy; Nacogdoches Grogan. Sondra: Nacogdoches Gross. Lori; Houston Grossman. Martin: Garland Groth, Cheryl: Duncanville Grubb, Gene: Dallas Gruble, Karen; Dallas Gruenwald. Walter; Fort Worth Guerra Jim: P.ttsburg Guerrero. Earnest; San Antonio Guest, Ed: Dallas Gulsby, Brad: Humble Gumm, Sherra; Mesquite Gummett. Joseph ; Los Angeles, CA Gummelt. Tma: Dallas Gunn, John; Humble Gunn. Laura; Garland Gunn, Lori ; Waco Guttenberger, Randy; Harlmgen Guynes, Lynett; Houston Haase Frank: Copperas Cove Haase. Glenda: Duncanville Haddox, Archie. Jr.: Nacogdoches Hadley, David: Houston Hagar, Richard: Dallas Hagerty, Laurie; Garland HaJey, Traa: Irving Hairston, Jay: Lake Jackson Hake, Lee; Wichita Falls Halbert, Kevin: Tyler Hale, Irven; Dallas Hale, Becky Sue: Grand Prairie to Q) LL Hale. Joyce: Halferty, Carole: Houston Hall. Linda: Garland Hall. Robm: La Vern,a Hall. Victi; Austin Hallmark. James; Lufkin Halls, Keith: Nacogdoches Haltom, Julia: Center Ham, Carl: Neches Hamilton, Ann: Houston Hamilton, Chip: Spring Hamilton, Linda: Joaquin Hammonds. Cathy: Galveston Hammonds, Greg; Houston Hammons. Gene; Houston Hammons. Keith; Mesquite Hammrock. Debra: Nacogdoches Hampton. Mark; Houston Hamnck, Doyle; Dallas Hamfen, Robert; Dallas Hankms, Will: Houston Hankla. Martha: San Augustine Hansen. Faron; Houston Hardy, Allan: Cypress Hardy. James: Denton Hardy, Ronald; Port Arthur Hardy, Stephen: Henderson Harlan, Bruce; Dallas Harper, David. Hemphill Harper, Hal: Cookville Harpole. Kandy: Euless Harpool, Kirk; Denton Harris, Alan; Spring Harris. Curt: Universal City Harris. David; Conroe Harris. Greg: Cypress Harris Houston Harris Jimmy Mesquite Harris Karen ; Piano Harris Kathy; Richardson Harris Nancy Corpus Christ Harris Sharon; Piano Harris. Teresa: Timpson Harrison, Marcia: Houston Hart, John: Tyler Hartman. Cynthia; Irving Hartman, Jim; Dallas Hartrick, Paula: Clarksville 427 c CD Hartsough, Cathie; Houston Harvey. Jacquelyn; Greenhill Harvey. Susan; Pasadena Hashop. Terry: 8eeumont Hassell. Laura Lee; Palestine Hatten. Gary: Garland Hatthorn, Diane; Danbury Hawk. Peggy: Richardson Hawkins, David: Marshall Hawkins, James; Naples Hayes. Glenda; Houston Heard, Liz; Lake Jackson Heaton, Jill; Irving Hebert, Tildon: Conroe Heeth, William; Dallas Hegar, Heldse: Katy Held. Carol; Houston Hemtschel, Wayne: Pasade Helmers. Lee; Houston Hemstreet Margaret; Dallas Henderson, Kenneth; Rusk Henderson. Pamela; Houston Hendricks, Debbie: Houston Henley, Duane: Orange Henmg, Kathenne; Garland Henry. John; Dallas Hensley, Teresa; Damgerfield Hensz. Pamela: Harlmgen Herbster. Ronald; Beldit, OH Herrera, Doreen; Houston Herring, Julie; Dallas Hernngton, Lmda; Fnendswood Herrmann. Abdul: Garland Herweg, Paula; Fort Worth Hess, Sharon; Spring Hewett. Jonna; Joshua Heydnck. Jeff; Piano Hiatt. Pam; Farmers Branch Hiebeler, Margaret; Houston Higgmbotham, Bob; Jacksonville Higgmbotham, Sherry: Nacogdoches Higgms, Cynthia; Houston Higgms, Shawn; Houston Hight, Peggy; Richardson Hightower, Jack; Midland H.ghtower. Rita: Midland Hignight, Jamye: Fort Worth Hill, Gary; Jacksonville a x r r j r CO Q) 428 I, Harriet; Bonham I. Jimrny; Fort Worth I. Judy: Cypress I. Melody: Nacogdoches I, Nancy: Lake Jackson lard. Laura : Xenia : OH Hilliard. Jernne; Dallas Hmes Steve: Houston Hobbs, Billy: Burkesville Hodges. Elizabeth: Longview Hodgkinson. Steve: Orange Hoff. Schyuler: Fnendswood Hoffman, Claire: Richardson Hoffman, Jill; Austin Hoffman. Virginia; Dallas Hofmann. W. R.; Dallas Hoffmaster. Cynthia: Houston Hogan, Tom: Richardson Hoganson, Maryann: Houston Holcomb. Matt La Poynor Holcomb. Richard: Jacksonville Holder. Susan; Mt, Vernon Holland, Wayne: Conroe Hollis, Linda: Houston Holm. Sabra: Houston Holman. Doug: Garland Holmes. Diane; Houston Holmes, Holley: Palestine Holsomback. Diana: Lufkm Holt. Danny; Nacogdoches Holt, Mandy: Houston Holt, Patti; Palacios Holt. Robert: Dallas Holub. Kathy: Fort Worth Holubec. Ann; Bellaire Hoover, Keith; Azle Hoover, Mike; Grapevine Hopkins, Iwilda : Crockett Hopson, Rodney: Lockesburg, AR Horan, Karen; Piano Horan, Peter; Piano Horecka. Jane: Humble Horn, Kerry: Nacogdoches Horner, Deanne; Houston Horris. Kay; Rosenberg Horton, Gayla; Houston Houk, Greg: Piano 429 Howard, Cathy: Houston Howard. Demse: Houston Howard. Patty; Houston Howe, Patricia: Universal City Howell. James: Dallas Howmgton. Michael: Houston Howmgton. Robyn; Fort Worth Hubbard. Kim: Galveston Huber, Larry: Richardson Huddleston, Betty; Houston Hudel. Nancy: Dallas Hudnall. Donna: Lufkin Hudson. David: San Antonio Hudson. Don; Garland Hudson. Sandra: Richardson Huffman, Jane: Hereford Huggms. Phyll.s: Alvm Hughes. Helen: Houston Hughes, Karen: Garrison Hulcill. Karl; Dallas Hultman, John: Spring Humphrey, Robert; Dallas Humphrey. Robert: Houston Humphus. Mike: Mesquite Hunt. Debi: Wa ahachie Hunt. Kim: Nacogdoches Hunt, Thomas: Houston Hunter. Glynis; Houston Hunter. Greg; Fort Worth Hunter. Richard: Austin Hunter, Thomas: Nacogdoches Hupp Stephen: Denton Hurley. Danny: Euless Hurst. Richard: Irving Hutchison. Bruce: Pearland Hutchison, Bobann: Galveston Hvezdos, Patty; Longview Hyatt. Craig; Irving Hyde, Joe: Weldoh Igo, Ladea: Humble lleson. Robert; Aubrey Inkman. Kathy; Houston nman, Barney: Arlington rby, T ' Anna; Fort Worth rwm, Laurel: Houston sbell. Darren: Fort Worth vy. David: Nacogdoches CO Q) Jackman, Tim; Piano Jacks. Karen: Longview Jacks. Randal: Lufkin Jackson. Carol; Beaumont Jackson. John: Piano Jackson. Lisa; Richardson Jackson. Mary: Hurst Jackson, Miles: Borger Jackson, Pat; Houston Jackson, Tim; Schertz Jaggers, Max: Mesquite James, Georgeann; Pasadena James, Gerald; Humble James Larry; Lufltin James. Michael: Irving Jansa, Sharon; Houston Jay, Morris: Jacksonville Jefferies. Kathy; Dallas Jenik. Candace: Lufkm Jenkins, Neal; Bridge City Jensen, Lise; Houston Jensen, Madeline: Hitchcock Jermgan, Tern; Palestine Jircik, William: Houston Jobe. K. C: Richardson John. Michael; Cleburne Johnson. Alan; Houston Johnson, Charles: Houston Johnson, Cindy; Houston Johnson. Oeetus: Waco Johnson Johnson Johnson Joh Johnson Johnson , Deborah: Dallas . Don : Oakwood , Edward: Dallas . Gwen; Chester . Joan; Houston , John; Tyler Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson Jo h n n Johnson , Judy; Houston , Juhe; Azle Lucinda; Dickinson . LuJean; Cleveland . Melissa: Nacogdoches , Michael; Fort Worth Johnson. Scott: Dallas Johnson, Stacy: Seabrook Johnson, Thomas: Houston Johnson. Valen; Richardson Johnson, Warren: Dallas Johnson. Wynnett; Orange 431 CD Johnston, David: Dallas Johnston, Douglas; Austin Johnston. MaryLu; Dallas Jones, Cynthia; Port Arthur Jones, Harriet; Gladewater Jones, Kevin; Arlington Jones. Lana : Dallas Jones, Michelle: Fort Worth Jones. Randy: Orange Joplin. Jeannie: Nacogdoches Jordan, Danny: Grapevine Jordan, Lisa: Conroe Jordan Jordan Jordan Jordan Jordan Mary; Dallas Mary: Houston Patrice; Deer Park Ron: Silsbee Susie; Arlington Jorgensen. Man ; Arlington Jowetl. Melissa: Houston Joyce, John: Dallas Juarez, Jessica; Kerrville Jurenka, Mark; Missouri City Junk, Susan: Beaumont Kadane, Jeanmne; Dallas Kaestner, Anne: Houston Kaiser. Jeff; Houston Kakos. Maryann: Houston Karl, Donald: Freeport Keating, Kathleen: Dallas Keen, Robert; Beaumont Keeton, Craig: Dallas Keggan. Peter; Port Murray Kehoe, Monica: Sugar Land Keitz. John; Dallas Kelley. Kerrie; Kaufman Kelley. Kris; Palestine Kelly, Bryan : Dallas Kelly. Kathy; Houston Kemp, Katie: Houston Kendrick, Kim: Nacogdoches Kendrick. Lisa: Dallas Kendrick, Lisa: Nacogdoches Kennedy, Lori; Richardson Kennemer, Mendy; Arlington Kenter, Mark; Houston Kephart. Kern; Richardson Kepner, Jacque; Humble Kern, Charley; Bitburg, Germany 432 Kerr Kathryn; Kaufman Kerr Pamela " Luflcm Kersh Jeffery; Houston Ketchum Cindy; Dallas Khan. Habibullah; Dallas Kiely. Lydia- Round Rock Kieton, Theresa; Premont Kiet2man, Laura; Houston Kietzman. Robert: Houston Ktlpatnck. Janice: McGregor Ktmbro Joe: Timpson King Barbara Rockport King. David: Dallas King LeAnn- Dallas King Mandi; Henderson King Rebecca; Piano King. Stephen; Nacogdoche King. Tern; Houston Kingsley. Tommy: Fort Worth Kipcak Richard: Dallas Kirk. John ' Nacogdoches Kirk Kathy Hughes Spnngs Kirkendall. Nancy: Houston Kirkland, Chris: Houston Kirkland Lisa- Dallas Kirkpatnck. Donna: Nacogdoches Kishpaugh. Janey: Lewisville Klapprott. Kim: Arlington Klarguist. Karen: Houston Klug Andrea; Harlmgen Knapp Leslie: Palestine Knecht. William; Richardson Kmght. Lana: Hallsville Kmght Peggy: Dallas Koch. Eilleen: Houston Koch, Lana; Houston Koettmg Hank; Groom Kosco. Beverly ; Dallas Kouns. Russe: Carrollton Krause, Carol; Houston Krause. Sally: Dallas Kress. Susan: Houston Kroenecke. Chen; Houston Krueger Edward: Victoria Kuhfal Janet: Fort Worth Kurtz Jeff: Pearland La Bove Georgia: Nacogdoches 433 CD Lackland. Lee Ann; Arlington Lacy. Pamela: Houston Ladd. Tern: Hard.n Ladwig, Christd " Houston Laky, Elizabeth: R.chland Hills Laler Katheen: Houston Lamb. Carla: Houston Lamb. Tern; Houston Lamberth Tom: Dallas Laminack, Lynn: Beaumont Lander, Leslie: Lake Jackson Lane. Donna: Richardson Lang Jeff: Fort Worth Lang, Shelly: Palestine Lange, Anne: Dallas Langlinais. Lisa: Houston Langston, Dwana: Spring Langston, Susan: Houston Langthorn, Robert ' Dallas Lamer. Andrea: Fort Worth Lamer. Patti: Clute Lankford. Russell; Longview Lanmen, Jeamta: Humble Lanmng. Karen 1 Fnendswood Lansford. Dan: Leander Lansford, Sharon: Center Laprade. Roe ' Houston Larmoor, William; Graham Larrabee, Jeance: Seabrook Laswell. Lavonne: Houston Latham, James: Deerpark Latham, Pam; Austin Lauden. Andy: Houston Lauderdale, Paul: Nacogdoches Laughon, Francia; Houston Lawrence, Janice - Alvin Lawson. John: Houston Layne. David: Fort Worth Layton, Bill: Houston Layton. Mary; Nacogdoches LeCroy, Karen: Dallas Lee, Charles- Palestine Lee. Constance: Hemphill Lee, Donna: Texas City Lee. Douglas: Fort Worth Lee. Karen; Pasadena Lee. Lisa: Fort Worth Lee, Lynda; Center to CD u. 434 Lee Lee Lee Mark : Fermersville Mark : Sab ne Pass Patricia- Nacogdoches Robert: Richardson Sharon ; Lufltin Leflar, Robert; Houston Leftwich. Jeanne; Dallas Legh-Page, Deborah; Houston Lemons. Janet: Fort Worth Leonard. John; Baytown Leslie. Dan: Clear Lake City Letendre. Rick: Houston Lewis, Donald: Streetman Lewis. Tina: Humble Lewis, Virginia: Hughes Springs Lindberg. Susan; Seabrook Lindell, Cris; Lufkin Lindsey David: Houston Linklater, Susan; Huntsville Lipon, Ted: Houston Li trie. Liza: Arlington Littlepage, Gary; Dallas Livingston. Charles; Center Lloyd, Leon; Jacksonville Lochte. Sandra: New Braunfels Lock. Roanna: Mesquite Locker. Robert; Houston Locklm. Steve; Dallas Lofton, Peggy: Victoria Logan, Katie: Houston Logan, Steve; Madisonville London, Charles: Houston Long. Huey: San Augustine Long. Lori; Richardson Long. Randall: Houston Lorenz, Leslie: Irving Lovas. Leslie; Dallas Love. Robyn: Katy Loving. Charles; Kmgsvdle Low, Bob: Houston Lowe, Nancy: Manvel Loy. Steve: Houston Lueke. Teresa; Houston Lunday. Linda; Fnendswood Lundell, Walt; Houston Lynch. Gail: Humble Lyon, Lisa: Cleburne Maamary, Rosie: Nacogdoches 435 Madden. Ruth; Conroe Madson, Roger: Portland. ME Magliolo. Kenneth; Dickinson Mahaffey. Pamela; Fort Worth Mahan. Johnny; Center Mahand Gladys; Irving Mallard. Bom; Liberty Mallett. Dernll; LaMarque Mallott, Mary; Spring Mallow, Deborah; San Antonio Maness. Glenda; Jacksonville Mankoff, Jean; Dallas Manley, John; El Paso Mapes, Susan; Wichita Falls Mardock, Stephan; Houston Marma Kathy; Duncanville Marshall. Charles: Farmers Branch Marshall. Cynthia ; Garland Marshall. Nancy: Dallas Marshall, Robert; Houston Martin. Bert: Dallas Martin. Colleen; Dallas Martin, Lisa: Longview Martin. Marce, Houston Martin. Michael: Lewisville Martin. Robert; Nacogdoches Martin Sarah; Dallas Martin, Stacie: Spring Martino, Mark: Houston Mask. Roy; San Antonio Masner, Scotty; Breckenndge Massey, Albert; Conroe Massingill, James: Rusk Massoletti, Leslie; Freeport Masters, Eldon; Dallas Mateika. Charlene; Alta Loma Mathews. Craig; Conroe Mathews, Pam; Austin Mathews. Victoria; Center Matteson, Robert; Fort Worth Matthews. Dorothy; Grand Salir Matthews. Lore Kilgore Matthews, Phillip: San Antonio Matula. David; Bedford Matzmger, Mark; Houston Mayfield, Bonnie; Tyler Mayfield, Jeff; Martha Beach, SC Maynard, Laura: Fort Worth CO CD 436 Maxwell Molly Nederland Mayne. Michael: Rosenberg Mays Dana; Houston Mayton. Doyle: Atlanta McBnde. Carol: Alvm McBnde, Pam: Arlington McCann. Jeffrey. P.ttsburg, PA McCauley. Larry: Fort Worth McCauley. MeJissa: Texas City McCleskey. Cynthia: Dallas McClure Vic It : Mt, Enterprise McCormack. Clair: Nacogdoches McCorguadale. Lalla: Newton McCulley. Margaret: Houston McCullough, Bruce: Nacogdoches McCurdy. Kim: For t Worth McDaniel. Lisa ' San Antonio McDamel. Mary Ann. Shepherd McDevitt, Frances: San Antonio McDill, Gary: Orange McDonald, Ellen: Nacogdoches McDonald. Michael: Houston McDonald, Sally: Houston McDowell, Andy: Irving McDowell, Claudia: Dallas McDowell, Penny; Dallas McElroy. Bi U : Mesqui+e McElroy, Fred: Longview McFarland Kevm: Jefferson McGee Lori; Houston McGee, Tommy: Richardson McGhee. Cynthia; Houston McHugh. Stephanie: Orange Mclnvale. Georgeanne; Irving McKelvey, Melissa; Palestine McKinley. Thomas: San Antonio McKissack, Marilyn: Jefferson McKnight. Houston McLaughlin. Clinton; Longview McLeod. Ralph: Humble McLeroy, Red; Bryan McLinden, Laura; Houston McManus. Becky; Pasadena McMichael. Larry: Spring McMillm Ronme: Baytown McNeel. Mickey: Garland McNeill, George: Weatherford McNown, Vicky; Seabrook 437 McNutt. Bill: San Benito McReynolds, Alan; El Paso McWilliams, Rhonda; Lancaster Meade, Pamela; San Antonio Meakm, Kathenne: Houston Mears, Kristi ; Avinger Meaux. Melanie; Beaumont Medcalf, Connie: Wylie Medina. Brenda; Piano Meek, Tammy: Newton Meers, Randy: Houston Megchelsen, John; Hobbs. NM Meier, Nancy; Pasadena Menefee. Lisa: Houston Mercatante. Michelle: Stafford Mertel, Pam; Fnendswood Mesans. Kathy; Highland Falls. NJ Metter, Barbara; Houston Meuth. Thomas; Pecos Meyer, Rose; Nacogdoches Micarelli, Kelly: Dallas Michael, Carla: Tomball Michael. Patricia; Houston Mickey. Dennis: Richardson Middleton, Betty: Palestme Midkiff, Melanie: Houston Mikeska, Mark: Rosenberg Miles, Bradley; Houston Miller. Cheryl; Houston Miller. David: Garland Miller. David: Rusk Miller, Kay; Richardson Miller, Kenneth; Houston Miller, Mark; Houston Miller, Mary: Burkeville Miller, Mary: Dallas Miller Miller Mrller Miller Miller Mona: Pasadena Pamela: Duncanville Sandi : Mesquite Sharon; Houston Valane: Corpus Chnsti Millett, Jeff: Dallas Milligan, Debbie : Galveston Milhgan, Karen: Waco Milner, Mark; Fort Worth Mtlstead, Reba: Nacogdoches Mmchew, Bobby: Waco 438 Mitchell. Dana:Houston Mitchell. Paige, Dallas Mitchell. Penny: Houston Mitchell, Susan; Fort Worth Mitchum, Myndette: Henderson Mohr, Madelyn: Nacogdoches Monigold, Hope; Marshall Monk, Thomas; Nacogdoches Monroe. Gary: Silsbee Montfort, James; Houston Montgomery, Jacqueline; Austir Moon. Tommy: Dallas Moore. Demse; Arlington Moore, Deveron; Humble Moore, Dortna; Daingerfield Moore, Frederick; San Augustine Moore, Jan: Houston Moore. Kimberly: Houston Moore. Melodee: Palestine Moore, Paul: Houston Moore. Sterling: Nacogdoches Moore. Sue Ann; Farmers Branch Moore. Tammy: Jefferson Mora. Virginia: Houston Moreau. Dallas III; Orange Moreau. Debbie: Orange Morgan, Kip: Shepherd Morgan, Kirk; Piano Morgan. Rita: Pflugerville Morgan, Robert; Wylie Morgan, Susan: Houston Morgan, Vera: Houston Morgan, Wesley: Nacogdoches Montz Marilyn: Arlington Morns, James: Nacogdoches Morns, Johnny; Joaquin Morris. Kathy: Fort Worth Morns. Mark: Lake Jackson Morns, Paula: Duncanville Mornson, Don; Houston Morton, Becky: Piano Morton, Cathy; Clear Lake Morton, Denise; Marshall Mosbey, George; Garrison Moses, Scot: Texarkana Mosley William; Houston Moss. Danette; Houston Moss. David: Mesquite LI 439 Motley. John: Garland Mourn, Kristine: Edmburg Muehlbrad. Nell Jean: Spring Mueller, Cindy: Garland Mueller, Jeanne: Houston Mullen, Leslie: Dallas CD CO CD Mullins. Mill.e: Lufk.n Mundy, Deborah; Spring Munkres, Shawna: Fairfield Munson. Brad: Dallas Murley, Pat; Winnsboro Murphy, James; Houston Murray, Claude; Houston Mussma, Fred; Dallas Myers, Becky: Dallas Myers, Elizabeth: Houston Myers. Gary; Pewitt Myers, Mark; Garland Myers, Ronald; Houston Mynck. Marcia: Houston Nabours, James: Nacogdoches Nafegar, Diana: Houston Narramore. Anita; Longview Naumann, Kurt; Dallas Neagli. Mark ; Bellaire Needham, Linda; Dallas Neel, Curtis; Amanllo Neil I. Cynthia: Garrison Nelms, ' Chuck; Longview Nelson, Cynthia; Fort Worth Nelson, Julie; Houston Nelson, Julie; Piano Nelson. Paula; Mesquite Nelson, Raymond; Piano Nesbit, Michael: Seagoville Nettles, Liz: Houston Neuman, Christopher: Dallas Nevers, Greg; Houston New, Donna; Pittsburg Newberg, Michael; Marshal! Newcomb, LeeAnn; Fort Worth Newell, Allison; Dallas Newsom. Mike: Fort Worth Nicholson, Beverly; Richardson Nicholson. Bruce; Cookville Nickey, Laurance; El Paso Nitishin. Arme; Dallas Nitz. Steve; Houston 440 Nivens. Jamie; Piano Nix. Kevin; Waco Noa. Ralph; Nacogdoches Noble. Jan; Richardson Noel. Keith; Dallas Norfolk, Gary: La Porte Nonck, Jeff; Spring Noriclc, Kathy; Spring Norns, Kevin: Sanger Notter. Ken; Dallas Novosad. Mark: Houston Nuckles. Loretta: Rockport Nunn, Claudia: Dallas O Bryan, Leigh Ann; Pasadena O ' Connell. Danny: Dallas O ' Malley. Susan; Richardson O ' Mara, Reieana: Houston O ' Neal. Kathy; Appleton. Wl Ochsner, Leslie; Beaumont Odell. Clay: Tyler Odom, BJI; Segum Ofield. Karen: Houston Ohlemacher, Lisa: Harlmgen Oliver, Jenme; Richardson Oliver. Laura; Houston Oliver. Mary: Livingston OHe. Michael; Schulenburg Olson. Eric; Houston Olson. Jacgueline: Houston Orfield, Lisa: Lewisville Ort. David: Houston Orton, Ellen: Jasper Ostlund, Lynette; Dallas Osborne Cindy: Bridge City Oswald. Becky: Cypress Owen, Jean: Lufkin Pace Tma: Kountze Page Helen: Longview Pahnke. Sharon: Houston Patne, Elizabeth: Houstgn Paiueb. Marcel: Chester PalacioS. Non: Chireno Palko, Bruce; Houston Palmer. Kelly: Fort Worth Palombo, Diane; Richardson Palos, Maryella: Uvalde Pannell. Mike; Houston Pantazis, Odysseia; Dallas 441 Pantuso, Mike: Bedford Paradysz. John: Pasadena Pardue. Melissa: Irving Parham, Mike: Irving Pang.. John: Dallas Paris. Sammy: Pearland Parish. Dorenda; Fort Worth Parker. Derrell: Houston Parker. Kathi: Nacogdoches Parker. Lance: Woodville Parker, Lisa: Houston Parker, M.chael; Lufk.n Parker, Oliver: Pasadena Parker, Tammy: Houston Parsons. Lynnette: Houston Partin, Joseph; Houston Patten, Beverly: Palestine Patterson. Amy: Houston am - r J n fp • ml - - 1 v ssil Patterson Patterson Patterson Patterson Patterson , Jim: Blue Ridge . John: Nacogdoches , Kelly: Houston , Kim: Irving , Lea Ann: Conroe Patton, William: Silsbee Payne. Bryce: Kingwood Payne, Kevin; Dallas Peacock, Connie; Center Peacock, Steven; Lufkm Penecost, Karen; Jefferson Pennell. Tommy: Houston Pennington, Diana: Jasper Penny. Jean Anne: Brazosport Perez. Jon; Houston Perkins. Nancy; Houston Permenter, Chen : Center Peters, Mike; Dallas Peterson, Sandy; Houston Pettit, Allan; Piano Pettit, Carolyn: Dallas Pettit, Shen; Corpus Christ. Petty, Sean; Humble Petty, Tammy: Portland Peunfoy, Raymond; Houston Phans. Kathleen: Fort Worth Phelps, Jon Ellon: Center Phelps, Sam; Corpus Christi Phillips, Evonne; Nacogdoches Phillips, Jane: Pasadena 442 A f A m r |rj ttl r,-; fcri IH ill:, 443 CD Quinn, Mark: Houston Rabalais Madonna: Pasadena Rabenaldt. Dean; San Antonio Radetsky, Diane: Beaumont Raible, Susan: Houston Raich, David: Houston Ramey. Leslie: Dallas Rainey. Nancy: Odessa Rd ' tz. Cindy: Houston Ramey. Debbie; Lufkin Ramey. Gary; Nacogdoches Raney, Becky: Rowlett Rapp, Beth; Austin Rasberry. Rickey: Rusk Rasco. Leslie; Pasadena Rasmussen, Robert; Garland Ratley. John; Corngan Ratliff, Karen: Richardson Rawlinson. Dwanna; Cushing Rawlinson. Larry: Hardin Rawls. Donna: Jasper Ray, Julie: Wylie Ray. Kathy: Woodville Ray. Pattie; Longview Ray. Richard: Bossier City, LA Ray, Steve: Arlington Reardon. Celeste: Pittsburg Reagan. David; Dallas Reat. Vickre; Houston Reavis. Karen: Liberty Rector, Beverly; Nacogdo ches Rector. Linda; Fort Worth Redmon. Pamela: Alta Loma Redwine. Larry; Abilene Reed. William: Nacogdoches Reeves. Carroll; Marshall Regen. Nan; Liberty Remalia. Scott; Houston Remstam. Karl: Houston Rentz. Kathryn; Garland Resendez. Sheila: Aransas Pas: Revels, Susan; Tenarkana Reynolds, Nancy: Houston Rhine. Lynette; Sugarland Rhodes, Arthur; Nacogdoches Rhodes, Derral; Houston Rhodes, Patricia: Nacogdoches Rice. Bill: Dallas to ll Rice. Brenda: Hemphill Rice. Jim; Spring Rich. Curtis; Bishop Richards. Jan: Grand Prairie Richardson. Barbara: Tatum Richardson. Bill: Henderson Richardson, Frances: Commerce Richardson. Jackie; Te«arltana Richardson, Michael: Nacogdoches Richardson. Sandra: Center Richmond, Scott; Kingwood Rigby. Lee: Huntsville Jeff: Houston Riley, Mary: Richardson Riley. Stephanie: Fort Worth Roane. Carol; Fort Worth Robbms. Manlynn: Dallas Roberson, Maria: Palestine Roberts Roberts Roberts Roberts Roberts Roberts . Glenn: Spring . Michael: Clear Lake . Mike: Houston Nancy; Houston . Sarah ; Piano . Sheila ; Waco Robertson. Joannette; Wylie Robertson, Julia: Nacogdoches Robinson, Beverly; Longview Robinson, Laura: Copperas Cove Robinson, Robert; Quitman Robinson, Ruthie: Houston Rocamontes. Annette: Houston Rockney, Christine: Fort Worth Roddey, Lynne: Deer Park Roderick. Homer; Dallas Rodgers. Chris; Houston Rodgers, Shannon; San Antonio Rodman, Allen: Houston Roehr, MaryLynn ; Spring Rogers, Carla; Longview Rogers, Cindy; Houston Rogers, Karen: Houston Rogers, Karla: Texarkana Rogers, Leigh; Center Rogers, Sheila: Dodd City Roias, Rosie; Galveston Romera. Eloise: Dallas Rooney Jeff; Dallas Rosenberg, James: Dallas 445 Rosenthal. Leslie: Houston Ross, Elizabeth; Houston Ross. Robert: Irving Ross, Suzanne: Joshua Rothe. Jeanne: Houston Rother. Reggie: Houston Roumayd. Zayad; Boerne Rowe. Dan: San Jose, CA Rowland. Marie Overton Rubush, Christopher: Richardson Ruggiero, Donna: Houston Runnels. Dan: Fort Worth Rush. Judy: Richardson Rushing, Bryan: Lufltin Russell. Bobby: Houston Russell, Ginger: Pittsburg Russell, Marian; Clarksville Russell, Mary: Houston Russell, Ricky: San Augustine Russell, Thomas: Lufkin Rutherford, Daymon: Tyler Ryan. Charlotte: Nacogdoches Ryan. Shen: Lewisville Sabec. Demse: Conroe Saile, Donald: Seabrook Sales. Dannette: Houston Sammons. Artimonthy: Tatum Sammons. Jim: Richardson Sample, Bill: Richardson Sampsel. Todd: LaPorte Sampson. Greg: Jasper Sampson. Scott: Houston Sams. Lewis; Denton Sanders. Larry; Houston Sanders. Lori; Irving Sanderson. Everett; Nederland Sandidge. Edward: Richardson Sanford. Jimmy; Timpson Sanford, Shelley; Orange San Roman, Kathy; Houston Sargent, Donald; Katy Sasso, Mane; Dallas Satterwhite. James: Nacogdoches Sauage, Charles: Midland Savell. Kelly; Houston Scammel, Cindy: Dallas Scarber, Pam; Orange Scates, Bruce; Stafford 446 Schatz, Nancy: Midland Schietinger. Mary; Houston Schiller. Bill: San Antonio Schmidt. Doug; Dallas Schmidt. Keith: Fort Worth Schneider. Kathleen: Piano Schooling, Nancy: Houston Schrader. David; Fort Worth Schultz, Bill: Houston Schultz, Rob; Houston Schumacher. Tim: Irvtng Schutzmaier, Debra: Richardson Schwarz. K m: Mercedes Schweitzer, Susan; Hurst Scla+er, Kenny: Dallas Scott. Jimmy: Nacogdoches Scott. Stan: Richardson Scott. Vickie; Fort Worth Scurlock. Cmdy: Fort Worth Scurlock. Thomas; Houston Seamans, Anita; San Antonio Segrest, Pam; Longview Seidel. William: Kilgore Sellers, Ray; Atlanta Selph, M. Lee: Huntington Sepmoree. Cheryl; Richardson Serio. Charyn: Galveston Setliff. Terry: Dallas Shackelford, Ken; " Greenville Shackelford, Monica : Carrollton Shadle, Carol: Denton Shafer, Edwin; Dallas Sharon. Gale; Houston Sharpton, Debra: San Augustine Shaw. Anne; Houston Shaw. Alif; Piano Shaw, Diana: Houston Shaw, Lort; Richardson Shaw, James; Garland Shaw, Milton; Anahuac Shaw. Steve: Beaumont Sheasley, Sherry; Fort Worth Sheets, Charles; Dallas Sheets, Phil: Alexandria, VA Shelton, Larry: Houston Shephard. Ronnie: Nacogdoches Sherrod. David: Crosby Sh idler, Nancy : Dallas 447 Sh.mkus. Julie: Dallas Shipley. Janice: Garland Shipley. Ion : Piano Shipman, George; Houston Shirley. James: Houston Shipp. Debra: Teiarkana SKirsty . Chris; Richardson Shoemaker. Billy; Marshall Shonkwiler. Chen; Glen Ellyn.IL Shore. Kay; Fnendswood Short. Jim; Houston Short, Judy: Austin Shrum. Melissa: San Augustine Shubzda. Susan: Dallas Siltes . Lynne: Houston Silverstem, Brenda; Houston Simmons. Karen: Nacogdoches Simmons. Roderick; Texas City Simpson. Nona: DeKalb Sims. Tim; Dallas Sinclair, Jerry: Amanllo Smgeltary. Phil; Missouri City Smgleton, Terry; Nacogdoches Sirman, Gary: Tyler Sirman. Julius: Comgan Sismilich, Roger: Dallas Sizemore. Sheila: Houston Skelley, Carl; Crowley Skinner. Carol; Dallas Slack. Susan: Little Rock. AR Slazer. Debbie; Richardson Small. Kathy: Arlington Smirl. Karen: Houston Smith , Ann: Round Rock Smith, Beth: Hemphill Smith. Betsy; Dallas Smith. Bobby; Pasadena Smith. Brad: Odessa Smith, Claude, Nacogdoches Smith. Deborah: Orange Smith, Donna: Houston Smith. Donna; Houston th. Donna; Lufk.n ith, Eloise; Houston ith, Glenn; Houston ith, Hank: Houston ith, Jacqueline: San Ben ith. James: Enms CO (D ith. Jane: Hardin ith. Janice : Conroe ith. Jim: P.ttsburg ith. Karen ; Dallas ith. Karen: Duncanville ith, Kathleen: Houston ith, Kinr Longview ith, Kim: Lufkln ith. Larry: Wasta. SD ith. Lisa: Richardson ith Melissa: Dallas ith. Melody Dallas lith, Nikki: Garrison lith. Randy; Fort Worth nth. Robert: Waco nth, Sandra : Piano nth. Terr.. Piano nth. Vicki; Santa Anna Smith. Wendy: Longview Smitherman, Evelina: Apple Springs Snyder. Allen: Dallas Soisson, Scott; Cypress Somers, Claire: Corpus Chnsti Sorrells, Susan; Dallas Sosnoy. Sara : Texas City Southerland. Mark: Houston Spalding. Karen: Dallas Spano. Cindy; Carrollton Sparkes. Kathleen; Houston Sparks. Rick; Nacogdoches Sparks, Sara: Texas City Spauldmg. Donna; Spring Spaw, Margaret: Houston Spears, Carolyn: Beaumont Spellings. Joel; Marshall Spiegel, Tern: Arlington Spitter. Elaine; New Orleans, LA Sprague. Geary: League City Springer. Pam; Houston Springfield. Christi; Azle Sguyres, John; Lufkin Stafford. Sharon: Austin Stahlecker, Vicki; Nacogdoches Stanert, Greg: Rockwall Stanley, O ' bnen: Nacogdoches Stanly, Elizabeth; Nacogdoches Stapp, Vicki : Richardson Starnes, Jana; Dallas 449 St. Cla.r Cindy: Fort Worth Stebenne. Anne; Missouri City Steele Deborah: Houston Steely Susie: Damgerfield Steqall Kelley: Pasadena Stelloh. Jen; Dallas Stephens, Kathryn; Marshal! Stephens. Michael: Houston Sterrett, Robert: Jefferson Stewart, David: Dallas Stewart, John: Houston Stewart, Reveau: Lewisville Stewart. Steve: Center . Joseph: Wylie , Rick: Dallas Stilson. John ; Spri nson. Cindi: Mt, Pleasant nson Randy: Mt. Pleasant Stipulkosky. Sharon: Fort Worth Stobart. Patricia Richardson Stockman. James: Timpson Stocks. Joseph: Dallas Stockton. Graham Orange Stokely, Mane: Fort Worth Stone. Kimberley, Waco Stopschmski, Michelle: Houston Stovall. Cindy: Freeport Straw, Craig: Kingwood Strehler Michael: Houston Strickland. Glenda; Pasadena Strickland. Kim: Chireno Stncklin, Bruce: Pasadena Stringer. Clyde: Lancaster Stringer Jan: Dallas Strozier. Mehnda: Houston Stubbs. Grace: Wortham Sublett, Suzanne; Irving Suggs. Donna; Arlington Summers, Bambt; Huntington Sutton, Cathleen; Houston Svrcek. Peggy: Galveston Swanme Jennifer; Dallas Swanson. Hank: Houston Swanson. Randy: Jacksonville Swindler. Kathy; Fort Worth Swmey. Claudia: Magnolia Sw. itfi ' ' J William C arrollti in Sypulslti. Victti: Arlington 450 Tabor. Stephen ' Burleson Tafur Francy: Dallas Taggart John- Fort Worth Tanner Burl Houston Taylor. David Dallas Taylor James 1 Marshall Taylor, Julie: Liberty Taylor, Kenneth Dallas Taylor Margaret ' Wichita Falls Taylor, Marl: Houston Taylor, Maria Dallas Taylor. Ten: Houston Taylor. Wmdell ; Quitman Teague Anita Hurst Teague Judy: Houston Teare Karen: Houston Teel. Leslie ' Richardson Templeton James S. Garland Tennison, Carl: Jacksonville Terry, Brenda: Conroe Terry. Michelle: Euless Thann, Iran: Tenaha Thedford, Rickey: Pittsburg Thetford Tracy: Godley Th ' bodeau Gaty: Pasadena Thomas Diane " Piano Thomas Ivy: Houston Thomas Karl: Marshall Thomas. Maggie ' Dallas Thomas Robert Fort Worth Thomas. Sterling- San Antonio Thomas, Vivian; Dickinson Thomason. John: Albuquerque Thompson. Alan; Little River Thompson. Alica: Magnolia Thompson. Bobby: Saginaw NM Thompson. Donald: El Paso Thompson Gayle: Arlington Thompson. Gregory: Freeport Thompson, Jeanna: Houston Thompson, Linda: Houston Thompson, Mark Joshua Thompson, Philip; Carrollton Thompson, Sunny: Washington DC Thompson, Theresa: Dallas Thorton. Cindy: Richardson Thornton. Kay: Wichita Falls Thornh.ll. Tim: Piano 451 Thornton, Kelly: Houston Tidwell. Nelda: Cleburne Tiller, Kevin; Orange T.llman, Carl; Fort Worth Timco Lance; Piano Timmon, Donnie; Seagovill Timmons. Curtis- Littlefield Tinsley. K.mberly Dallas Tippett Diana Houston Toan Steve Dallas Tonkovich. Cecilia: Bridge City Towers Diane: San Antonio Townsend. Robert; Houston Tracy. Don ' Garland Tramel Wayne: Longview Travis Mark • Dallas Travis, Richard Houston Traylor, Lynda; Dallas Tnana. Theresa: Houston Tnmble Greg Houston Tnpp Debbie ' Houston Troeger, Lisa: Clear Lake Trotter. Randy Tulsa. OK Trotter. Sally Ann; Fort Worth Trout. Lucinda; Pasadena Troutt Michael; Commerce Trowbridge. Charles: Houston Truesdell, Randy: Seminole Tsamis Ans Dallas Tubb. Larry: Dallas Tucker. Cherry; DeKalb Tucker. Karen: Beaumont Tucker. Sherrie: Pasadena Tudor. Scott; Port Neches Tullar, Stephen : ALef Tunnelt. Tern: Houston Turansky Patnca: Austin Turell. Robm; Houston Tutt, Laura; Alvm Tuttle, Joy: Conroe Tyler, Susan: Euless Tyler Willtam; Houston Uehlinger. Janna: Beaumont Ulery Chris: Orange Underwood, Kent: Houston Upchurch, Kathy; Nacogdoche Upshaw Eddie : Douglass Vallone Paula Crockett CO CD 452 Van Dyke Paula Arlington Van Meter Theresa Dallas Varley Pamela Fort Worth Vamale Marie: Houston Varsos. George: Clear Late City Vasel Paul Waco Vaugham Carole Houston Vaughan Gayle Longview Vaughter Brenna De Soto Vawter. Scott: Van Alstyne Veach, Mark: Hardm Verner Barbara: Houston Vesowate. Joe Fort Worth Vicars Valerie: Dallas Vice Jana ' Linden. AL Vickers Stephens: Houston Viehman Lmda Garland Vtllagomea. Jesus Clear Lake City Vina Steve 1 Dallas Vinson. Greg Palestine Vinson. Joe Chester VirgJ Kenny: Fort Worth Voit Theresa Houston Voiding JuLe Dallas Volz Barbara Jacksonville Vowell. Jeanie: Longview Waasdorp Joe: Baytown Wacker Karen 1 Dallas Wade Eric Nacogdoches Wade CaroNn: Houston Wade Lynne Denison Wade Thelma Nacogdoches Wagner Dennis Stafford Wahl Ricky: Conroe Waits Jimmy: Omaha Walden Paul Dallas Waldrop Howard Dallas Walker Calv.n: Dallas Walker. David Fort Worth Walker. Elise- Houston Walker. Jimmy - West Palm Beach FL Walker Maury Seabrook Walker Patty: Dallas Walker Scott: Dallas Walker, Stacia ' Clear Creek Wall Karen: Fnendswood Wallace Carl Lufkm Waller Scott DeKalb 453 Wallina Glen ' Fort Worth Willing. Sheila: Missouri City Walhs Michael; McKinney Walsh John: Richardson Walter Steve: Houston Walters Jeff: Greenville Walters, Nancy: Fort Worth Walther Carrie: Kaufman Warburton. Glenn: Odessa Ward Charles Jr.: Corpus Christ! Warner. Roberta : Arlington Warnock. Rebecca: Dallas Warren. Cathy: Garland Warren Dallis; Missouri City Warren, Sarah; Fort Worth Warnclt. Kathy. Houston Warwick, William: Irving Watson, Allan: Cleveland Watson Watson Watson Watson Watson Darryle: Lancaster Gina: Northbrook Jody: Irving Sue: Fort Worth Susan ; Dallas Watterson. Cheryl: Dallas Watts. Cindy: Dallas Weatherford. Tony. Mena. AR Weathers. Leslie 1 Houston Weaver. Blair; Van Alstyne Weaver. Bob: Nacogdoches Webb Barbara: Luflun Webb Cathy: Dallas Weber. Nancy: Pearland Webster, William: Irving Wedergren, John: La Marque Weed. Bruce: Richardson Weeden. Julie: Dallas Weeden, Suzanne: Dallas Weersmg. Mike: Richardson Weiszbrod. Denise; Garland Wellborn. Rodney: Cleveland Wells, Allen; Nacogdoches Welsh, Randy: Irving Welsh Susan: Dallas Welton, Greg: Euless Wendtland. Lisa; Rosenberg West. Grady; Pasadena Westbrook, Christie: Carthage Westerlage, Cynthia; La Marque CO (D LL 454 Westre. Ken: Lake Forest, IL Weyland. Joan: Nacogdoches Whatley Tanya: Piano Wheelus. Charlene: Houston Wherry Steve: Houston White Debra: Mesquite White. James: Canyon White. Marcus: Marshall White. Mark: Arlington White Susan: A!e»andna. White. Tim: Houston White. Wendy: Houston Whitecomb. Coleen: Houston Whitesell. Mike: Painesv.lle. OH Whit lock, Gma- Houston Whitt, D ne: Mt. Pleasant Wicltes. Philip: Dallas Widner. Steve; Lufkm Wieder, Anna: Lufkm Wiederspahn. Susan: Houston Wiese. Terry: Houston Wiezorek. Cathie; Richardson Wiggins. Joni: Houston Wigmton, Larry: Santa Rosa WJhelm, Mark; Fort Worth Wilhite. Cheryl; Houston Wilkinson, Cathy; Falfurnas Willeford. Johnny; Diana Willhoile. Pam: Fort Worth Williams, Bob: Mesquite iams. Caraylin: Garrison lams. David : Bay City iams, David: Nacogdoches iams. Elizabeth; Houston iams, Judy: Fort Worth iams. Lynne: Houston Williams. Mark: Bridge City Williams. Terry: Lancaster Williams. Wally: Dallas Williamson, Donna: Cushmg Williamson. Michael: San Antonio Williamson. Susan; Farmers Branch lamson. Tanya: Garrison is. William: Texas City Ison. Cathy: Houston Ison. David: Garland Ison. James; Houston , John : San Antonio 455 c CO D Li W.lson Jud- Nederland W.lson Mike: Dallas Wilson Paulette: Houston W.lson Phyllis: V.dor W.lson Sheryl: Houston W.lson V.ctor- Mesquite Wilson, William Houston Wmchell Susan: Houston W.ndel Eva; Cuero Wmford Janet: Stafford Wmfrey Susan; Dallas W.nlder. Better Dallas Winston. Val, Houston Winter. Connie: Bryan Winters. Pamela Seabrook Witherspoon. Guy Fort Worth Withrow Brian. De Soto Witt Joel Henderson Witte, Terry: Piano Wofford. Frank: Nacogdoches Woliver Dav d: Decatur. GA Wood. Jan : Tyler Wood Richard: Dallas Woodall Paul: Houston Woodfolk Elmer: Fnendswood Woodling, Jo: Fnendswood Woods Sherry: Richardson Woodson. Glenn: Houston Wooldridge. Karen: Houston Wooten. Jana: Fort Worth Word Denise: Lewisville Worden Mernll; Nassau Bay Worden. Trip; San Antonio Workman, Michael: Dallas Worsham. Richard ; Sm.thfield Worthmgton, Donny: Rhome Wren. Lori; Fort Worth Wnght, Don: Port Neches Wright. George: Walled Lake. Ml Wright. Jo Anne: Dallas Wnght, Ronnie: Marshall Wyatt. Dana: Dallas Wych Terre: Hemphill Wygant, Stephen: Katy Yager, Mike: Lake Dallas Yancey, Pamela: Lake Jackson Yarber, Charles: Waco Yarbrough. Beth; De Soto 456 457 Abbott Gary Henderson, Fresh, Acord Craig Houston Fresh, Adams Judv ' Jasper Sr. Aiavolasiti Keith: Dallas. Sr. Aim James: Houston Jr. Alcocer Sabnna- Houston Sr. Alexander Pnscilla: Late Jackson. Soph. Allen Julie: Pollok. Fresh Almond Tony: Houston, Soph. Alonzo. Carlos: Honduras, Fresh. Alonzo. Jose: Honduras, Jr. Am,e. Trav.s, Lufkm, Sr. Ammons, Mite: Nacogdoches. Sr. Amonett. Carl; Petersburg. Soph, Anderson Jen: Garland, Soph. Anderson Tim: Nacogdoches, Jr. Antley. Huey: Nacogdoches, Jr. Arnold Kevyn: Houston, Soph. Arnold Sharon: Ange ' ton, Jr. Arnngton JeH: Arlington, Soph. Arnngton, Joe; Garrison Soph. Ashton, Elizabeth- Luflun Fresh. Askms Sally; Dallas Grad. Atai Efiong Nigeria. Grad. Atkinson, Marte: Dallas. Sr. Ault, Robert: Nacogdoches. Soph. Aunch, Scott; Houston. Jr. Austin, Renee: Mexia, Soph. Avey. Kathleen Houston, Jr. Badders. Tim; Nacogdoches, Fresh. Bailey. William Nacogdoches. Sr. Baker, Leigh, Houston, Soph, Barber, Bradley: Austin, Soph. Barber Jeffrey Van Sr. 8ares Mary Ann: Nacogdoches Fresh. 8arnes Gwenda: Eurea Australia, Jr. Barrow. Terry- Hull. Sr Bartholomew. David; Texas City. Sr Baskm Dane: Cute. Soph. Bates, Kelly; Houston, Fresh. Battle. Jimmy: Nacogdoches, Sr. 8eck. Robert: Wills Point, Sr. Beghtol Karl: Houston, Soph. Bell David; Carrollton Fresh, Bellah, Cathy: Dallas. Soph. Bemus Susan Ferns. Jr. Bender Linda Piano Soph. Bennett, Richard: Fort Worth Jr Bernhart. Lisbeth; Houston Fresh. Berry. Charles: Nacogdoches. Fresh. Berryman. Bill Groves, Sr. Best Amanda ; Jasper Sr. Betts, John; Dallas, Soph Biggar Blanch: Center, Sr. Billingsley Mary Jane: Jasper Soph. Birdow Anthony Palestine, Sr. Bird wall, Robert: Universal City- J " " - Black, Carl: Palestine, Fresh Black. David; San Antonio Fresh. Blevms, Arthur: Deer Park. Fresh. Bloxom, John : Frankston. Fresh, Bone. John; Houston, Soph. Bowers. Mary Ellen; Houston. Soph. Boyette. John; Center Sr. Boyle, Denms; Sugarland. Fresh. Brady Darla: Houston Soph. Bray. Steven: Conroe. Fresh. Bressler Deborah; Brazoswood. Fresh Brewster. Donna ; Jasper, Fresh. Brock, David: Dallas Sr. Brooks, Barr ; Timpson, Soph. Brooks, Michael: Timpson, Soph. ookshire Mark: Longview. Jr. own. Amy; Fort Worth, Sr. own. Debrah; Center. Sr. i, Doug: Garland. Soph, own, Kenneth: Jefferson. Soph, own, Melame: Fort Worth Sr. Brown Randall: Palestine, Soph. Brundrett. Jan: Houston. Soph. Bryand. Reynaldo: Nordheim, Soph. Bryant. Debbie; Houston, Jr. Buckingham. James: Houston. Fresh Bullock. Mike; Lufkm, Fresh. Bumpas. Steve; Fort Worth, Jr. Buryhard. Joseph; San Antonio. Sr. Burke Cary: Hughes Springs. Soph Burleson, Cindy; Nacogdoches, Grad. Burroughs, Jo; Pearland, Sr. Busby, Leslie: Hurst. Soph Buitron. Steve: Hitchcock, Fresh. Byerly Kathy Jasper, Jr. Cagte. Rick, Humble, Soph. Cairns, Jay Deer Park, Soph. Callison. Randy, Big Spring, Jr. Cameron, Kim; Fort Worth. Soph. 459 Campbell, Nancy; Dallas, Fresh. Canon, Teresa; Tomball, Soph. Carlile. Deborah; Rusk. Jr. Carlton, Kirk; Houston, Sr, Carpenter, Stan: Shreveport, LA, Sr Carrier, Daniel; Houston, Soph. Carroll, Paul: Richardson, Sr. Carter. Danny; Whitesboro, Fresh. Carter, David: Dallas, Grad. Ceson. Barbara; Nacogdoches. Fresh. Cassoni, Debbie; Houston, Fresh. Cates, Rachel: Victoria, Fresh. Cates. Thomas; Luflcin, Fresh. Caton, Kim: Longview, Jr. Cecil, Kenneth: San Antonio, Sr. Cecil. Penda; San Antonio, Sr. Chapman, Dennis: Dallas, Soph. Chetelat. John: Piano. Jr. Choote. Mark; Nacogdoches, Jr. Chnstenson, Donna; Garland, Jr. Chukwuelue. Chris; Nigeria. Grad. Clark. Ronny; Fort Worth. Sr. Clements, Mike: Houston, Fresh. Clinch. Stephen; Dallas. Soph. Close, Rick; Fort Worth. Sr. Cockrell. Karen; Hurst, Soph. Coffman. Kerry: Galena Park, Jr Cook, Douglas; Lufkm, Sr. Cook. Nancy: Houston. Soph. Cole. Mike: Huffman, Jr. Coleman, Winsell: Longview. Jr. Colkin, Joe: Mabank, Sr. Collen, Steve; Nacogdoches, Sr. Conoway, Kothi; Houston, Soph. Coones, Barbara; Longview, Grad. Cooper, John; Houston, Sr. Cottier, John; Fort Worth, Sr. Cotton, Diane; West Columbia, Jr Coughenour, Tracey; Tyler, Soph. Courville, Brenda; Baytown. Jr. Cox, Sandra: Hemphill, Fresh. Craig, John; Houston, Fresh, Cravens. Chris; Dallas. Soph. Crawford, Rita; Toft, Sr. Cnm, Jena ; Kilgore, Jr. Crim, Trey; Kilgore, Jr. Crone, Mike; Tyler, Jr. Croom, Janie: Houston, Soph. Cross. Steven; Texarkana. Jr. Crow. Robert; Odessa, Sr. Curry, Shellie; Kennard, Jr. Daalbeck. Leo; Beeville, Jr. Daniels, Paul; Houston, Fresh. Darby, Michael : Jacksonville, Jr Davis. Harold; Palestine, Jr. Davis, Lorraine: Richardson, Soph. Dean, Mike: Palestine, Soph, Dollinger, Connie; Marshall, Soph. Deptula. Carole: Nacogdoches, Grad. DeStena. Donna: Houston, Sr. Richard. John: Nacogdoches, Jr, Dillard, Randall; Austin. Fresh. Dillon. Kenneth: Nacogdoches. Fresh. Dilwortit, Rodney; Houston, Fresh, DiMaria, Dennis; Houston, Fresh. Dinell, Knstine; Houston, Jr Dmwiddie, Richard: Harker Heights. Jr Dobbs, Carmen; Crockett. Soph. Dodson, Steve; Clarksville. Jr. Dollar, Doug; Fort Worth, Jr. Doss, Dave; Dallas, Sr. Dozier, Faye; Ennis, Jr. Drane, Steven; Fort Worth. Sr. DuBose, Bobby; Lufkm, Soph. Duggins, David; Mesquite, Fresh. Dye, Philip; El Paso, Fresh. Dyer. Don; Austin. Fresh. Eason, Gary; Nacogdoches. Fresh. East. Patrick; Fort Worth, Jr. Edelen, Mary; San Antonio, Soph. Ehrhart, Rick; Hurst, Jr, Elizondo, Martha; Houston, Soph. Elliot, James; Mansfield, Sr. Ellisor, Glenn; Cleveland, Fresh, Eskridge, Linda; Richardson. Fresh. Evans, Donald; Arlington, Soph, Ezelle, Wayne; Nacogdoches, Sr. Felice. Carol; Houston, Soph. Field, Kathy; Houston, Soph. Fish, Bill: La Marque, Sr. Fisher, Gail; Houston, Fresh. Fisher, Mark; Rusk, Jr. Fleming, Ronald; Tenaha, Soph. Floyd, Charles: Houston, Soph, Flugel. Paul; Austin. Jr. Flynn. Scott; Piano, Fresh. 461 Forbes, Robert; Marshall. Sr. Franks, Jim: Nedertand, Fresh. Fuller. Karrma; Texarkana, Sr. Gadberry. Richard; Piano, Soph. Gallo, Dtane; Houston. Soph. Gann, Cathy; Whitesboro. Sr. Garrett, Sue Ann; Dallas, Jr. Gavin. Thomas; Universal City, Sr Geffert, Michael; Houston, Jr. George. Allen; Marshall, Jr. Germany. Tina: Alto. Fresh. i Mana Houston Soph Gibson, Bobby: Carthage, Jr. Gibson, Wanda; Atlanta, Soph. Gibson, Qumce; New Canaan, CT, Soph. Gilbert, Betty: Nacogdoches, Grad. Gifford, Mark; Dallas, Soph, Gilldand, John; San Antonio, Soph. Giroir. Duane: Pasadena, Soph. Glenn, Susan: Arlington. Fresh. Gonzales, Beniamin ; Galveston, Jr. Goodnight, Charles; LaPorte, Soph. Gossett. Steve: Lancaster, Fresh. Graham. Jamie: Houston, Jr. Graves, Frances: Timpson, Soph. Green, Gerald: Houston, Sr. Greenway, Elizabeth; Tehran. Iran. Soph. Greenslade, Wendy; Kaufman, Sr. Greer, Elizabeth; Tyler, Sr, Greer, Robert: Nacogdoches, Grad, Gregory, Betty; Irving, Sr. Gresso, KimbeHy: Houston, Soph. Gnmley, John; Dallas, Jr. Grohman. Tyrrel; San Antonio. Grad. Grosse, James; Houston. Soph. Gunn, Lyn; Houston, Jr. Gunn, Tammy; Damgerfield. Fresh. Gunstream, Terry; Orange, Sr. Guppy, Chnsti; Richardson, Jr. Guttenberger, Randy: Harlmgen, Fresh. Hagerty. Laurie. Garland, Fresh. Hall, Merle: Houston. Fresh. Haltom, Carl: Nacogdoches, Fresh. Hamilton, Howard: Palestine, Jr. Hamilton, Susan: Dallas. Soph. Hammock, Debra; Nacogdoches, Soph. Hand, Starla: Tyler, Sr. Hansen, Karl: Fairfax. VA. Sr, Hanson, Michael; Waco, Fresh. Hardy, Brant; Houston. Soph, Hams, Diana; Athens. Sr. Harris, Oliver; Luflcin, Jr. Harrison. Marcia: Houston Fresh. Harvey. Harold; San Antonio, Soph. Harvey, Jim; Fort Worth. Sr. Harvey, Scott; Duncanville, Jr. Havard, John; Lufkm, Soph. Hayre M.chelle; Brownsville. Sr. Head Lisa; Baytown, Soph. Hawthorne. Ruth; Conroe, Soph. Henderson. Catherine; La Porte, Sr. Henderson. Clay; Lake Jackson. Jr. Henmer, Jeff; Nacogdoches. Jr. Henry, Mary: Nacogdoches. Sr. Higbee, Greg; Longview, Jr. Hightower, Robert; Lufkm, Jr. Hill, Carolyn; Troup, Soph. Hilton. Mary; Houston, Soph. Holder, Laura; Richardson. Sr. Holland, Glenn: Houston, Jr. Holland, James: Linden, Jr. Holland, Johnny: San Antonio, Fresh. Holland. Pamela; Linden. Soph. Holiyfield. Ronald; Nacogdoches, Sr Holmes Donna : Texas City, Jr. Holt. Price: Mineral Wells. Soph. Hooker, Robert; Tyler, Sr. Hooper, Cynthia: San Antonio. Jr. Hooton. Shern; Dallas, Fresh. Horn, Ruby: Nacogdoches, Soph. Horris, Kay; Rosenberg. Fresh. Houk. Greg: Piano, Fresh, Howard. Karen; Wink, Soph. Howell, Thana; Hughes Springs. Sr. Hull, Debra; Marshall. Fresh. Hunnicutt. Bruce: Mt. Vernon, Fresh. Hurt, Darrel; Tyler. Jr Husten, Elizabeth, San Antonio. Fresh. Hutchins, James: Lufkm, Jr. Huezdos, Patty: Longview. Fresh. Hyatt, Susan: Dallas. Jr. Ihlo Jen; Center. Sr. Jackson, Jay: Houston, Soph, Jacobs Karen; Piano, Soph, Jacobs Rayford: Nacogdoches Fresh. James, Lynn; Spring, Fresh. 463 CO (0 s_ -I— to James Teresa; Knott. Soph. Jennings Steve: Under, Jr. Jennings, William; Longview, Jr. Johanson, Keith; Alice. Jr. John, Georgie: Houston. Jr. Johnson. Alvita: Nacogdoches Fresh. Johnson, Beverly: Lufltin. Jr. Johnson. Delois: Nacogdoches, Soph. Johnson. June: Tyler. Soph. Johnson. Patricia; Longview, Jr. Johnson. Rita: Henderson, Jr. Johnston, Steve: Dumas, Jr. Jonas, Claire: Houston, Soph. Jones, Karen: Arlington, Jr. Jones, Peggy: Nacogdoches Fresh. Jones, Susan ; Houston. Jr. Joyner. David: roveton. Jr. Ka os, Pam: Houston, Fresh. Kelly, Bryan; Dallas, Fresh. Kennedy. Terry; El Paso. Fresh. Kesmger. Carolyn; Alto, Sr. King Randy; Texarkana Jr KtnseL Ronme; Houston, Fresh. K.rby. David: Dallas. Fresh. Kirkpatnck. Mike; Carthage. Soph. Kirkpatnck. Reed; Grand Prairie. Sr. Kirkpatnck. Sharla; Tyler. Sr. Kite. Alan; Orange, Sr. Kleme. Randy; Clifton, Soph. Knoebel. Robert; San Antonio, Post Grad. Koehler. Thomas: Lewisville, Soph. Koepka, Kim; Houston. Jr. Koester. Julie; Seabrook, Fresh. Kostohryz, Carol; Fort Worth, Soph. Kottle Irene ; Lake Jackson. Sr. Kraye. Karla: Houston, Jr. Kunitz, Sharon; Sherman, Sr. Lacy. James; Jacksonville, Jr. Lambert, Beverly; Humble. Fresh. Lanclos, Chns; Houston. Soph. Langlotz. Kathenne: Richardson. Soph. Langford Dan; Leander Fresh. Lantron, Karen. Livingston, Sr. Latourette, Libby; Houston. Sr. Lawrence, Janice: Alvm. Fresh. Lawrence. Lisa: Dallas, Fresh, Lawrence, William; Irving, Soph. Lawson. Ira; Corpus Christi, Jr. 1_ Q_ 464 Leak. Theresa Dallas, Soph. LeBlanc John: Houston. Sr. Lee, Donna; Texas City. Fresh. Lee. Robert Guatemala. Fresh. Leiter Rebecca: D ' vernon, Fresh. Lemmon. April; Seabrook. Jr. Levich. Karen; Nacogdoches, Sr Levy, Tim; Dallas, Jr. Lilly, Cynthia; Spring, Soph. Liner, Janice; Kilgore, Sr. Loclcer, Robert; Houston Fresh. Low, Stan; Houston, Soph. Luce. Connie; Dallas, Sr. Lueke Teresa: Houston. Fresh. Lydia. Sheila: Woodville, Sr. Lyle, Robert; Marshall Jr. Lynch, Gary: Nacogdoches. PostGrad. Lynch, Kyle; Brownsboro. Sr. Magee Mark; Lafena, Soph. Mallott. Mary; Houston, Fresh. Mallott. Michael: Spring. Sr. Manning. Shene; Keller. Fresh. Manry, David; Dallas. Sr. Maples. Nancy; Fort Worth. Sr. Mason, Thomas: White Settlement. Soph. Mathews, John; Hurst, Sr. Matthis, Morns; Texarkana. Sr. May. Mary Jane; Lufkin, Sr. May. Roger; Dallas, Fresh, McDonald. Michael: Houston. Fresh. McElroy, Fred: Longview. Soph. McCarley, Max: Nacogdoches. Sr. McConnell, Marty: Bishop Lynch. Jr McCoy Melany; Grand Prairie, Sr. McHugh, Stevie; Orange. Fresh. Mclver. Glen: Nacogdoches, Jr. McLeroy, Ed; Center, Sr. McLeroy, Linda; Center, Soph. McMahon. T-m; Houston, Soph. McMichael. Marilee; Dallas. Jr. McMurrey, Jim: Houston. Sr. McWill.ams, Richard: Fort Worth. Post Grad. Meagher. Jana: Houston, Sr. Meares Connie: Piano, Soph. Meek Donald; Newton Soph. Megchelsen, John: Hobbs Fresh. Menth, Thomas: Pecos. Fresh. Miller, Keith: Tyler. Soph. 465 CO (0 s_ -I— CO cr c Q_ Mdler. Robin: Spring, Fresh. Miller Seth; Richardson, Jr. Minton, Garry; Jacksonville, Sr. Miranda, Fawn; Dallas, Jr. Miskulm, Joe: Dallas, Soph. Mitchell, Cary: Greenville, Jr. Mitchell, Dale; Nacogdoches, Soph. Mixon, Sharon: Jacksonville, Jr. Moore, Mike; Midland, Sr. Moorman, Stephen: Longview, Grad. Morgan, Kirk; Piano. Soph. Morgan, Larry; Silsbee, Jr. Morns, Reed: Houston, Sr. Morse. Tern; Houston. Soph. Moseley, Tncia : San Antonio, Sr. Moye, Billy; Jasper. Sr. Mullikin, Hunter; White Oak, Jr. Murray, Mark; Fort Worth. Soph. Nafts, Gilbert, Benton, LA. Soph. Nations. Frances: Nacogdoches, Grad. Needham, Linda; Dallas, Fresh. Needham, Shelley: Houston. Sr. Neel, Curtis: Amanllo, Soph. Neese. Robert; Houston, Sr. Neuman, Chris; Dallas, Fresh. Neuman, Lynda Jo; Dallas. Sr. Newsome Artis; Leesburgh, Sr. Nichols. Tony: Broken Bow. OK. Soph. Nivens, Jamie; Piano, Fresh. Nix, Phyllis: Nacogdoches, Grad. Nenck, Jeff; Houston. Fresh. Newell. L.nda; Luflcin, Sr. Newell, Mark: Houston. Sr. O Campo, Gabriel ; San Antonio, Soph. O ' Kelley, Molly; Dallas, Jr. Oden, James; Longview, Fresh. Oieifo. Fred: Nigeria. Grad. Olle. Mike; Schulenburg. Fresh. Ott. Dale; Livingston, Sr. Overman, Tony; San Antonio, Jr. Oxford. William; Dallas. Fresh. Parker. Billy: Hughes Springs, Sr. Pearson, Shari; Fort Worth, Jr. Pedigo. Joe; Houston, Soph. Patten, Dan; San Angelo. Jr. Pate, Gmger; Covington. Jr. Partm, Joseph: Houston. Fresh. 466 Peev v , Sheri: Fort Worth, Jr. Pennington. Lorry; Carthage, Jr. Perkins, Kelley; Dallas. Jr. Pettigrew, Timothy: Kaufman. Jr Philipp, Jerry; Clifton, Jr. Phillips, John; Henderson, Sr. Pickens. Louann; Piano, Soph. Pinch, Clayton; Richardson. Jr Pinnell, Charles; Dallas, Jr. Ploeger, Eric; Houston. Sr. Porterfield. Jeffrey; Cleburne, Pratt. Steven; Atlanta, Sr. Prentice, Kevin; Dallas, Sr. Prete. Mark; Tyler, Fresh. Price. Erin ; Fort Worth, Fresh. Price. Jim; Vidor, Jr. Pntchett, Sue; Ennis. Sr. Pyryt. Donna; Dallas. Sr. Rand, Darlene; Jefferson, Jr. Ray, Terry; San Antonto, Soph. Rector, Martin; Fort Worth, Jr. Reed, James, Castroville. Jr. Reed. Mitch; Pearland, Soph. Reeves, Tina; Marshall, Soph. Reynolds. Charles: Lufkin, Jr. Rhodes, Ed; Jasper, Jr. Rhodes, Rick: Jasper. Fresh. Rice, Ann ; Dallas, Jr. Rich. John; Angleton, Soph. Richburg, Karen; Dallas, Fresh, Riggs. Sharon; Dallas, Jr. Robertson, Rosemary: Houston. Soph, Robertson, Shawn; Spring. Jr. Robertson, Steve: Richardson. Soph. Robin, Paul; Houston, Fresh. Roby Pam: Houston, Sr. Roquemore Sam; Midland. Sr. Rose, Suzanne: Jacksonville, Grad Ross. Donna: Longview, Soph. Ross. Thomas: Nacogdoches, Fresh. Rowden, Cindy: Tyler, Fresh. Rupprecht, Shelley: Silesia, Jr. Rushing, Bryan; Lufkin, Fresh. Russell. Gene; Richmond, Soph. Russell, Steve; Garland. Jr. Ryder, Genevieve: Beaumont. Sr. Sabec, Demse: Conroe, Soph, Samples, Ron; West Colombia, Fresh. 467 CO (0 s_ -I— to CD • — CL 1 0 Sanders Robin; Mt. Pleasant, Sr. Scherzer, Jennifer; Magnolia. Sr. Schlattner Hal; San Antonio. Sr. Schmidt, Vivian; Alenandna, VA Fresh. Schroedter. Bill; Waynesboro, PA. Soph, Seabaugh, Robert R.; Houston, Fresh. Sease, Bob: Dallas, Sr. Sharp. Ronald: Cushing, Soph. Shealy. Nancy; Houston, Jr. Shepard, Dav.d: Lufkin, Sr. Shields. Steve: Alvin, Soph. Simmons. Daphne: Houston. Sr. Simpson, James; Texarkana, Jr. Skeeters. Lester; Nacogdoches, Skidmore, Linda; Houston. Sr. Smith, Charles; Baytown, Grad. Smith, Darrell; Houston. Jr. Smith. Frank; Lancaster, Soph. Smith. Gregory; Garland. Soph. Smith. Leona; Fnendswood, Sr. Smith. Mark; Houston, Soph. Smith. Park; Irving, Sr, Smith. Shelly; New London, Soph. Smith. Shernl; Brazoria, Fresh, Smith, Stephanie; Port Arthur, Jr Smith. Steven: Burleson, Jr. Smith. Susan; Ferns, Soph. Smith, Zell; Houston Grad Sones, Rayanne; Houston, Sr. Sorrells, Shen; Greenville, Jr. Sp irk, Julie: Kingsville, Fresh. Spurgers. Richard: Nacogdoches. Fresh. Stanley. Hughes: Henderson, Jr. Stanley. Bnen : Nacogdoches. Fresh. Stanley. Elizabeth: Nacogdoches, Fresh. Starrett, Theresa; Lufkm, Soph. Steed, George; Kennard, Sr, Steinman. Elizabeth; Houston, Soph. Stephens, Susan; Irving, Soph. Stevenson. Michael; Ttmpson, Jr Stewart. Melanie: Houston, Soph. Stockton. Douglas; Harlmgen, Soph. Stone. Denny: Humble, Fresh. Stone, Dick: Houston, Jr. Streckfuss. Jay; Houston, Fresh, Stncklin, Cynthia: Dallas. Sr. Stroud. Jay: Irving, Jr. Stubbs, Eva: Corsicana, Sr. 468 Suhr, Constance; Port Isabel. Grad. Swindell. Debbie; Garland, Soph. Tadm, Peter: Waco. Soph. Taliaferro, Mary; Kilgore. Jr. Tanner. Burl; Houston, Fresh. Tatum. John; Longview, Sr. Taylor, Kathi; Nederland, Soph. Taylor, Kim; Houston. Sr. Taylor, Paul; Richardson, Fresh. Thigpen, Teara; Nacogdoches, Fresh. Thomas, Denise; Tyler. Jr. Tiller, Claude; Woodville, Fresh. Tippett, Diana; Houston, Soph. Tisdale, John; Broaddus, Soph. Thomas. Cindy; Dallas, Sr. Thompson. Jerry; Carthage, Jr. Thompson. Nanette; Hallsville. Sr. Thompson. Shirley; Lufkin, Sr. Tolleson, Tim; Houston, Jr. Tongate. Bob: Cisco, Sr. Townsend, Robin: Ruslt, Soph. Trepagnier, Patty: San Antonio, Soph. Troutt. Michael; Commerce. Fresh. Turlington, Brenda; Frankton, Soph. Tucker, Steve; Houston, Soph. Udo, Anthony; Nigeria, Grad, Ueckert, Cheryl: Jasper. Sr. Valadez, Oscar; Dallas. Soph. Valdivia, Tina; Houston. Jr. Valek, Cindy; Ennis. Sr. Vasek, Paul; Waco, Fresh. Vaughan, Sharon; Nacogdoches, Soph. Vavgd. Paul; Great Neck, NY, Jr. Wade, Alice; Blum. Soph. Wagner, Dennis: Stafford, Fresh. Waldrup, Barbara; Jacksonville, Grad. Walker, Ashley; Seabrook. Jr. Walker, Robert; Lufkin, Soph. Wall, Ronnie; Tomball. Fresh. Wallace. Karen; Nacogdoches, Jr. Wallace. Kathy; Rusk, Soph. Walling, Sheila; Missouri City. Fresh. Warren. Janet; Houston, Soph. Warwick. Bill; Irving, Soph. Watson, Dan; Corpus Chnsti, Sr. Watterson, Debbie: Dallas, Jr. Weaver, Mark; Dallas, Fresh. Weaver, Robert; Van Alstyne. Sr. 469 s_ CL CO 470 Mr. and Miss SFA — - Georc CI ass section index Abbett Brian 332 Anderson. Angela 379 Baxter. Demse 4 1 2 Abbett Lmda 379 Anderson Bernard 352 Baxter. Richard 4 1 2 Abb ' tt Melan.e 379 Anderson Carolyn 332 D 1 V t 1 A 1 7 Beyliss Mark 4 1 1 ALL il r ro Abbott oary 4be Anderson, Charles 410 Baker Margaret 379 Bayne, Jim 412 Abbott Sandra 379 Anderson. Cindy 410 Baker Ruth 4 1 1 Bays, Gary 4 1 2 Abel Donald 332 Anderson Craig 379 P. a Lor Qtouo 770 oa er teve 5 i v Beal, Jeanae 380 Abel John 352 Anderson Cynthia 352 Baker V.cki 379 D 1 1 CI L iL 1 0A Beall tlizabeth ioU a i i_ _ rii i e 7 Abe ' crombie blla Jbz Anderson. Donald 379 Balceszak Cathy 4 1 1 Q_ || 1 __L 7QA Bea ' l. Jacky Siiu At iL 1 L _ 7 7Q Abernathy Jackie J V Anderson Gary 379 Bakh. Allen 4 1 1 Beall Melba SbS Abernathy Shannon 4 1 Anderson. Hampton 332 Baldree, Chuck 353 D II D 1 0A Beall Kex JoU Abernethy Maggie 4 1 Anderson, Jean 332 Baldwin, Billy 379 Bean. Jana 353 Abemethy Sarah 352 Anderson. Jen 458 Balette Roxanna 41 1 Bean, Lisa 4 1 2 Abraham William 4IU Anderson. Joan 332 Balkcom, Amta 332 Bean Meletra 4 1 2 Acord Craig 410 Anderson Joe 4 1 Bean. Rita 4 1 2 Acres Lon 352 Anderson. Karen 379 Ball Darnel 353 D J 1 □ _l All beardsley. Randy 4 1 Z Ad 379 Anderson. Lee 4 1 Ball David 353 Beasley. Regma 333 Ada-r Amta 410 Anderson Michael 352 Ball Jack 379 Beasley Terry 353 Adam Marcia 332 Anderson, 379 RaII 1 srr U 73? Dd ii, Lorry 3 i L Beasley Tncia 412 Adams Barbara 3 79 Anderson, Philip 352 Ball Lmda 379 Beason Steve 380 Adams Brian 410 Anderson Ronald 352 Ball Mary Jane 379 D iL J 1 7QA Beathard. James joU A _J , D „ , „ A 1 A Adams Bryan 4IU Anderson, Tim 352 Ball, Sharon 332 D a. f 1- 777 Beaty Uarla SSS Adams Uavid J 01 Anderson. 379 Ballard Carol 379 D L Pi _ I 70A Beauchamp Uebra JoU A _l . , Pi — I - L 1 C 7 Adams Ueboran jbz Andres. Jack 379 Ballard. Ellen 353 D L D , 7 7 7 Beauchamp, Kay SSS Adams Ellen Marie 410 Andrews Alice 4 1 Ballard Robin 4 1 1 Beavers, Deborah 353 Adams Jana J SI Andrews. Lon 352 Balleste Marta 326 D„ , L C _ J 7 qa Beck hred JoU Adams Janasue 332 Andrews Mary 410 Ballew Todd 4 1 1 d i d i a ac a Beck Kobert 4bo Adams Judy JJZ Anges, Anne 4 1 Ballier. Lmda 353 d i n _M a i o Becker. Uarreii 4 1 Z A J L 7 C7 Adams Karen JbZ Angus Dennis 352 D„ , i„, P ,L 7QA Becker. Kicky Sou Adams Kathy V Annett Sharon 410 Banfield. Darrell 332 i „ , _ L L 7 OA Beckench, Karen JoU Adams Lee Ann 410 Anthony, Donna 352 D LI Q II- 7 7 7 Beckham Bradley 333 Adams Ma none 410 Antle Lila 352 D 1 L k A I in Beckham. Melame SbS Adams Paul 332 Antley Huey 458 Banister Am 411 Beckley. Patricia 353 A _J D A 1 A Adams renn y 4 1 U Antley Marion 379 Bannister Tina 411 Beckwith. Misty 380 Adams. Kandaii JDZ Anwe.ler. Kathy 379 Bannon. Partick 379 Bedtord. Stephen SoS nuamS jnena J}Z Appleton. Debra 332 Bannon, Patrick 379 oeeiman. luci 4 i z Agijuar Jose Slo Arota Ronald 352 D„ ,Li„| 1 | ACQ begahtel Karl 4bo A L_| L 77Q Aheberry Karen j v Arbuckle. Len 411 Barbaer 353 La 1 !✓_( A 1 1 Begntel Karl A I AL 1 1 .1 . 1 ItL Anern Michael J o Archer. Ton. 332 Barber Bradley 379 Behaniek, Tom 380 Ataveiasiti Keith 4bo Armistead. Betsy 352 Barber Calvin 353 Belcher. Jack 353 A 1 " A. " f ' A.L 111 A.avolasiti Keith SSL Armstrong. James 332 R=. r L fl . |„XI -J77 Ddroer. Jen JJt Belden. Ellen 353 Aiken Fred 4 1 Armstrong, Neil 379 Barber Jeffrey 458 Bell, Alberta 326 Amsworth Mart 410 Armstrong Robert 379 Barber Rick 411 Bell. Bill 380 A..-k=.c + QtnnLnn All ! rNirriarT jrepnen n u Arnold Doug 379 Barch. Tern 41 5 D„|J fS_.»U A 1 7 Bell, Uavid 4 i z Akeroya Lif dy 3 t Arnold. Gmger 379 Barclay Dana 411 d ii r Ait Be ' l. (Jenise 4 1 z Axers Kada J " Arnold, Jamie 411 Bare. Kathy 332 D„i| f l__ J _ 7C7 Be ' l oienda So S AL,. | , _ _ , ACQ Akm James 0o Arnold. Kevya 458 Bares. Mary Ann 458 0_.ll ( 1 _■ A 1 1 Bell olynia 4 1 Z AIL a D 1 1 " TO Albert Barbara J V Arnold. Kevyn 379 Bell Jesse Jr. 412 Aioer uarren J 5Z Arnold, L.nda 332 Barker Carl 353 D„|| | „L „ 7QA Bell. John JoU a i k=»t i q a n a i n Albert jean 4 1 u Arnold, Natalie 41 1 Barkes. Nancy 4 1 1 D 1 1 1 ..L 7 C 7 Bell. Kathy JDJ AIU. + i„ „ I , „ L , aia Albn " en Jack i 4 1 U Arnold Sharon 458 Barkmann Karla 379 D 1 1 C II 7 OA Bell, ball .e JoU Alkr.flnn P» t. 7Ci? Arrington. Jeff 41 1 Barlen Douglas 3 79 D „ 1 1 ,l r, ( L ACQ Beiiah. ( .athy 4bo Albijry Steve 352 Arnngton Joe 379 Barley Grundy 41 1 Beiier. uenyse jjj Alcorn tlaine 4 l U Arrington. M.chell 41 1 Barlow. Randall 4 1 1 D.1.1 T_ 7 OA Belshev. 1 erry joU AioerQice wiiham j dz Arnngton, William 41 1 Arterbury Alan 332 Barlow, Sharon 411 Bemus Susan 458 Aldredge Alesa 410 Barnes, Barney SSI Bender Linda 458 Alegria Carlos 352 Artmann. Shery 379 R,, 0£ , ( C mAo 779 uarnes, " —lyae j t Bender. William 41 2 a | _ r I 7 1 1 Alegria hrank 33Z Artmann. Sheryl 379 Bendy. Warren 333 Aienze k_nanes tiu Asa Akpan 326 Barnes. John 4 1 1 Q ii D U -. . -. 777 Bennett Barbara jjj AI C-l ACQ Aleseer babnna 4bo Asberry. Robbie 379 D aaD J 7C7 Bennett brendia SbS Alei Judith SSI Ash Dav.d 352 Barnett John 4 1 1 D AJ.DL J ACO Bennett. Kichard 4bo A 1 J A 1 111 Alexander Alex Sib Ashby, Richard 411 oarneTT, ra " ncia hi i Bennett. Stephen 353 A e ander Anthony 410 Ashcraft Ronnie 41 1 Barnett Patti 353 Bennett. Tony 353 " e anaer L enms j t Ashmhurst Janet 41 1 Barne t he ' n " 3 32 D„„ 11 V . 1 , „ J 7 OA Bennett. Toianda jou A piander Joyce 410 Ashley. Jo 411 D a 1 LL 7 OA Benoist. Jett joU A -J — - D- , - M -. ICQ Ashton. Elizabeth 458 Barnsle J mmy 380 Benson. David 333 A r _j _ D . _ J 777 ' -lander Kandy JJZ Askms. Sally 326 Barrett David 4 1 1 Bentley Susan 4 1 2 A cianaer bteve 4IU Aston Phyllis 352 Barrett Freida 332 Benton. Roy 4 1 2 ' d Frederick JdZ Atai. Efiong 458 Atherton Jim 332 Barrett Mary 353 Bercet. David 4 1 2 ■ ' r d Jonathan 410 Berea. Jay 4 1 2 a o ' d juzanne Joz Atkinson Mane 458 Barrier Chuck 4 1 2 D L 1 aa " lOA berger Charlotte 3oU A 3 ' e Dawn 352 Attaway. Laurie 352 Berman. Mary 412 A n George 332 Atwood Pred 352 Barrow Michele 412 D L Ji 1 L aL J 1 1 Bernhardt. Lisbeth 41 z A y . L A 1 A M a ay. Katny 4IU Atwood. Lisa 4 1 1 D L Al LaL itn Bernhart. Lisbeth 4b9 A er Betty 352 Aughinbaugh, Amy 41 1 B a „,, Pkarlet 4 1 ? Do rry i norieii 1 1 £ Bernheimer. Martha 412 A fi Q ,,o.L, 7 7 7 A e r Deverly JjZ Ault, Robert 458 Barry, Ed 380 D_ C I A CO Berry. L-hanes 4DV A „_ R II,, 111 A or Qilly JJ Ault, Sharon 41 1 Barta Kim 332 Q- pi ■ „ 7C7 Berry. Uan SoS A en Bobby 410 Aurich. Scott 458 Bartee. Jerry 412 O r L. L 7QA Berry Deborah JoU All,,- _ , j 7 70 A M en Ucnald J v Aust Jackie 379 Barthelemew David 458 Berry Murray 412 Ai ' en Edward 410 Austin L.nda 41 1 Bartholomew, uavid iil Berry. Suzanne 353 Atlen .b 352 Austin, Marvin 326 D,,, r i__ 177 Barton Jan , J JZ Berryman Bill 459 AHen Gregory 379 Austin Renee 41 1 Barton Karen 41 z Berryman, William 333 AHen Julie 458 Autry. Terry 352 Barton Robert 380 Bert 380 Al ' en Lesley 352 Avey Kathleen 458 O..A , 1 1 OA Bartus. Jamee jOU Bertolett, Karen 380 AHer Lewis 332 Avrett, Robert 332 D , L „ Pi ACQ Basxin. Uane 4oo Best. Amanda 333 Al ' en Nancy 352 Aydelotte, Suzanne 41 1 o,,i ■ n = ,,; 7c;7 Baskm, uavid joj Best, James 353 A ! len Pa ' 410 D„, 7QA Bass Bten JOU Bethke. Dawn 4 1 2 A en ' e 332 Babb Bill 4 1 1 Bass Brendan SoV Betts, John 459 A ' ja-er Nancy 410 Babcoclc Mary 41 1 Bass bmny 4 I z Betz. Debbie 412 A ' -,on Janet 410 Babcodk. Tamra 4 1 1 Bassey Mary JOU Bianchi. Julie 412 A ' -u f David 352 Baca Letty 4 1 1 BaSSt UOnna 4 1 L Biar. Beth 41 2 AJIred J mmy 410 Baca Mike 332 Bassihnda. rnniips SSS Bibson. Bobby 359 Almond Tony 458 Baca Sher. 352 Bates. Ileame 380 Bickham Lmda 353 Alonze Carles 458 Backmskas, James 352 Bates, i eiiy 4 i z B.dwell. Kimberley 412 A ' onzo Jose 352 Badders Jett Sol D.i.,, CI,,-. a 1 7 Ba ' ey dame 4 1 z Bieler, Mike 41 2 Alspaw Jon 410 Badders Tim 458 Battan reggy Soi Bierschenk, Joseph 4 1 3 AltKaus Am, 352 Badillo Olga 332 D,u„ V 7 qa Batte Karen jau Biggar Blanch 333 Alvpfe; Ruth 410 Bahn Kathryn 379 Batterton James 412 Bigger Blanch 459 Alv.s Greg 332 Bailess Scotty 323 Q.ttl— 1 ACQ Battle. Jimmy 4bo Bilderback. John 380 Amberbey Wes 410 Bailey. Demse 4 1 1 R Ail. 1 ' _ ,, p 777 Battle Jimmy K, jJJ Biles, Charlie 41 3 Amick Nancy 332 Bailey Fran 350 Baty David 41 2 Billmgs. Rebecca 413 Amie Trav.s 332 Bailey Knstie 4 1 1 Baty Rick 412 Billmgsley. Mary Jane 459 Ammons Dianne 410 Ba.ley, Nancy 379 Baugh Barbara 333 Bmgham. Gary 4 1 3 Ammons Karen 410 Ba.ley Sally 352 Baugh Charlie 412 Birdow, Anthony 353 Ammons Mike 458 Bailey Tim 41 1 Baugh Donya 4 1 2 Birdsong, Bonnie 333 Amonett Carl 379 Bailey. Tracie 4 1 1 Baugh Fred 380 Birdwell. Robert 353 Amory Judy 410 Bailey, W.lliam 458 Baughman. Jimmh 380 Bishop Beverly 353 Amundson Lee 410 Baker. Dav.d 411 Bauman Billy 353 Bishop. Cndy 333 Amy Stephen 332 Baker. Doug 4 1 1 Baumgardner Karen 412 David 353 483 Biskamp Lloyd JoU Bradley, Pr,s 381 Biac k k-ari ♦ i j Bradshaw. Carla 413 Ql.-L Pi- ,:A A 1 1 Bradsh aw. John 4 1 3 01 L T A 1 1 Black 1 erry 4 1 J Brady Cathy 413 D| „ „ (L . _ C kLk_ 111 Blackburn toalen JJJ Brady, Darla 459 Ql . - fi„Lk „ AIT Blair BODbye 4 1 J Brady. Scott 354 Ql. , C lLr.r,r. Ill Blair, Catherine JJJ Brame Grove 413 Dl A =. ion Blatr Waymon JOU Brandon. Jeff 413 Dl , J _ || 1 10f " l Dla»Sdell Jimmy JOU Brandstatter Teresa 41 3 U l , KA ' rUnMr All Blake, Michelle » i J Brandt, Linda 381 Blake Warren JOU Brandt. Susan 4 1 3 DILI Q „ -,,| TCI Blakely, Beverly JbJ Brannon, Carla 3 3 3 Ql . L J n» A All Blakely. Uavid 4 1 J Brannon. Cathy 354 Blalack. James Jb J Branstiter, Donna 4 1 4 Brashear. Michael 326 Ql . k . ,-1 f " l = ..J. 1R1 oiancnarov L-iaudia jdj Brassa d Richard 414 Blancne " e. MID jjj Braswe II, Jo Lynn 354 Diana lJana JOU Bratton. Cathy 354 Diana, uavia i j Brawner. Joseph 414 qi _ j. ,L;_ f ,„,J;, 1QA Blankensnip, k_anois JOU Bray Debbie 333 Blankenship. Greg 353 Bray Steven 4 1 4 Blankensnip. Jim jjj Brazil Mark 414 Q 1 . _ L _ „ , k .-. T mm Al 1 Blankensnip. lommy t l J Breault Pamela 354 Ql a , r ( =.,n«ll All Blase v aynell t l J Breau Mary 414 Die r.oe Jeri 4 1 J Breau Suzette 4 14 Diena. James jjj Brebner Lynne 381 Q!„ :_, A, L,., AC.O Olefins rtn u r tDY Breck. Robin 414 Blevins. Mephen JbJ Brecke rndge Patnca 381 Dl _ ■ , C j.-. All Bievi ns jteve t i J Breedl Dve Phyllis 381 Dl__ k_. n kn. .L All Bioecner. ueberoan h j Brehm. Conna 354 R|„ _ l .lL.Lon Ann 1R0 Biom PvdTnaieen Ann JOU Brehm Donna 354 Diome _ usan jjj Bremer. 414 Oioomtieid. neryie J5J Bres 414 fll :.nt A nnols 111 DiOunT. ngeia JJJ Bressle r. Deborah 414 Rl _ __ J _ L _ | T BlO ' Om Jonn 4 1 J Bressman Ann 414 Ql _ . _ _ D_, ___-J 111 Bioxom. Kaymona jjj Breutt. Pamela 354 Ri..«k ion Bluen JoU Brewer Candace 354 R| , ,„iL„ , _ D_L, ir , ion Bluetnman Kouin JOU Brewer Lester 4 1 4 Doaen. Marilyn J o Brewer. Viclti 354 Q _ , , Q D,_L-,,J Al 1 ooase Kicnara tij Brewster. Donna 4 1 4 d..!- - _ T or ,„ ifln DoaTman. 1 erry JOU Brian Mark 354 D„ll i( i 1 _ _ : „ _ C , , _ ion BobbirT. Jamce oue JOU Bridge s. Cynthia 354 Bocgum John 41 3 Bridge s, Danny 333 DoaaaiHo. Micnaei jou Bridge s. Kim 414 Rj-,oklo Carter All Briggs Dav!d 414 Q, , I , - L „ D „ L _ , i All Boeiscne Kobert 41 j Bnggs Phillip 4|4 Bogg io Joan 3 S 3 Bngnic n. Amy-Jo 4 1 4 Doggus. v_,nti jdj Bnnke .Becky 381 q , _ , ri.-.y ifln Brinkley, Erica 4 1 4 Don n Is a Thy JD4 Bnster. Larry 381 Bokorney George 333 Bnstov . Deborah 414 DoiaT. Monica 4 1 J Bntt Ronald 414 ft-.lon Plakkiia 111 Doien uebbie jjj Bnttai r Cindy 414 DOies. ram jou Bnttai i, James 38 1 Rnlton 1 ,nrla Ifl 1 DoiTon, Lmaa joi Brittain Mart 414 Bona r. James 413 Bnzendme. Beverly 333 Bonar Nancy 333 Brock. Dav.d 354 Dona, oreg jjj Bronson Julia 333 Dona. P eri 1 1 J Brooke Anderson 4 1 4 Bonham. Ronnie 354 Brooks. Alyce 333 Bonner. Brenda 381 Brooks. Barry 459 Bonner Dennis 413 Brooks, Bruce 333 (l..,,, ri in . All Donner uma ti j Brooks Donald 414 R_ _ _ _ , f,,L 111 Bonner Cirk JJJ Brooks Melinsa 414 Bontrager. Sheryl 413 Brooks Michael 459 Boone. Joe 381 Brooks Mike 381 Brookshire Mark 459 Borders Shelia 333 Broussard. Brian 414 Boren Angela 381 Broussard. Cheryl 381 Boren Regma 41 3 Broussard Susan 354 Borgne Dennis 413 Amy 459 Dorie. jonn jo i Brown Carlos 354 Bor|as Francisco 354 Carlos 354 Borland Jane 333 Caroline 354 Borland. Janice 333 Cathy 381 Bomham Vernon 354 Charlie 414 Dor nneirn v_nanes uavia joi Danny 414 Boseri K arilyn 326 David 354 Rncknall C a , n k t -in Ifl? do s n n e 1 1 v_ i e i g n t o ri j o i. Brown Deborah 381 FWt r L Rfato 111 u ■ 1 ■ ■ d i o ■ e jjj Brown Debrah 333 Boudro. Caroiyn 333 Diane 381 Bounds Ragan 333 Doug 459 Bourne Leslie 41 J Elame 414 Bourgue Tammie 413 Brown Gerry 354 Bo wen , Cynthia 413 Brown Janet 354 FL-l an 1 ,r j 1ft 1 Dfiwen Linoa jo 1 Brown Jeff 354 Bowen Luanne 354 Jenne 381 Kenneth 414 Bowlrs Ma ' ry h FJIen 35 459 Linda 381 Borers Richard 413 Marilyn 333 o- ■ a 1 1 n ■ j Jerry j o 1 Mary 414 Bowman. Deborah 381 Brown Melanie 333 Rrnijto r kf vtia Ifll POWSc ' r yie JO 1 Brown Patricia 414 Patty 414 do yu iNeney t i j Randall 381 Pj A Bjk,, 111 ooyu v o y jjj Randy 3S4 Boyd Terrie 413 Brown Richard 381 ooyu. vvoara j Dt Brown Robin 414 uoyu, vvijoaro jj Ruth 414 Boyette John 459 Senee 414 Boyle Anacy 413 Terry 414 Boyle Dennis 413 Brown Tomye 381 Boyles. Laurie 381 Tonia 381 Boynton. Charles 413 Will, am 414 Browne Robert 326 oofeman raui iii JtO ng Charles Jr 414 Rf »r k+ Kjfon Ifl 1 urot ' iT rvoren jo i ng Mary 414 prooiora Daroaro jjt ng Patricia 333 u ' ayiora. jiacy t i j Broyles Deborah 3S4 Rr A(r.rA T.m Ifl 1 DraOT ' jfu I im JOI Broyles. Tern 381 Bradley Barbara 381 Bruce Ann 414 Bradley, Deanna 381 Bruder Karen 414 Bradley Doug 381 Bruderer Tina 354 Brugger Debbie 333 » ,divin _aTny jdd Brundrett Jan 414 Cameron Don 382 Brundrett Jerry 38 1 v ameron 4b " Brupell. Bobb. 388 Cameron. Sherry 415 Bruter. Doris 354 ammdti ivicnara jzo Bryand. Reynaldo 459 Camp Linda 382 Bryant. Debbie 354 Bryant. Kenneth 414 Campbell Bambi 415 Bryant Randall 333 ompuen „ncjnura jjj Bu 414 Campbell Curt 382 Buchanan Charles 414 Buchanan Lauri 4 1 4 Cam eN GaT 334 Buchanan Marl 354 Campbell Harr 355 Buchanan Mile 414 r amP k e ' , afrV Campbell Jerry JDb Bucher Jerry 4 1 4 Campbell, Jim 382 Bucher Terry 381 Bucl. Brent 415 r mnhfill 1 j ca Ifl? UO " iptJcll Llso jO£ Buck, 381 Buck Robert 415 Campbell Rhonda Buckel. Scott 415 Canafa« Debbie 355 Buclhannan Jacl 334 Canai Joseph 382 Buclingham James 415 CanoU Pernio 1R? anen aroie jot Buckley Jo Anne 415 Canik Dawn 334 Buckner Martha 381 Cannon. Carol 382 Buflm Thomas 354 r» nAn To roc A Ifl? Bugg Theresa 354 _anr jieven Jot Bu.tron Stephen 4 1 5 Canter John 382 Buitron Steve 459 Cantrell Judy 355 Bullock Eleiabeth 415 Cantrell Robin 415 Bullock M.le 415 Bumpas Steve 354 Caperton " chns 4 6 Bunch Barbara 4 1 5 Caple, Christi 416 Bunch Paula 334 Bunker Terry 381 Cardenas Jean 4 ' 416 Bunnell Don 323 Cardiff Terry 355 Bunt Di.on 334 Cardwell. Margaret 416 Burch David 334 ( " a ride. DokArAri AAO aniie. ucDoran tou Burda Charles P 381 Carlson. Kim 355 Burdett Glady 354 Carlson. Shem 382 M.chele 415 Carlton, Kirk 460 Bureler Julie 415 Carlton, Renee 355 Burgeson Jill 354 Carnegie William 416 Burgess Lagena 415 Carney Kim 416 Burl, Judy 326 Burl Sheryl 381 Cardan Donna 4 326 Burk Suzy 415 Car enter Debra 382 Burke. Gary 459 Carpenter Stan 460 Burke Tim 381 Carr D ane 326 Burks, Candi 415 Carr JamTe 416 Burks Jerry 354 Carr Lar 355 Burleson Chariot 326 Carr, Tim 355 Burleson Cindy 415 Carr Tom 334 Burleson Karla 354 Carr Ton. 355 Burley, Patricia 415 Carrell Bill 4 1 6 Burnett Daryl 380 Carrell David 416 Burnett John 415 Burnett Teresa 415 Carrier Daniel 460 Burnham Cindy 415 Carrier Paula 334 Burns Jimmy 354 Carroll Denise 355 Burns, Larry 354 Carroll, Jane 334 Burns Marsha 334 Carroll John 355 Burns Nancy 381 Carroll Paul 334 Burreil Craig 381 Carroll Rhonda 416 Burroughs Jo 459 Carrow Kathryn 416 Burroughs Jon 382 Carruth Robin 334 Burroughs Mark 415 Carsey Kim 416 Burrows, Thomas 415 Carson Barbara 416 Burton Deborah 415 Burton, Lloyd 415 Carter Brooks 326 Burumjay 415 Carter Charles 416 Buryhard Joseph 459 Carter Daniel 416 Busby Leslie 459 Busby Ralph 309 Carter David 326 Bush. Peggy 382 Carter Denise 355 Bushart David 354 Butcher Martha 354 Carter Sherita 416 Butler, Beth 3S4 Carter Tandy 334 Butler Judi 415 Cartwnght Ann 416 Butler Karen 354 Cary Angela 355 Butler, Ross 415 Butler, Shelby 354 Case Elizabeth 416 Butler Sheryl 415 Case Mark 334 Butler Steve 334 Case Phyllis 334 Butts Kathy 334 Buzel Theresa 4 1 5 Caskey, Jacklynn 382 Byerly Kathy 382 Byerly Rebecca Lee 382 Cason Russell 382 Byers Cheryl 4 1 5 Cassidy Casey 416 Byers Scott 415 Cassler Tim 416 Byford, Brenda 3 34 Bynum Barry 415 Cassom Deborlh b BynumGary 354 Castee Lettie 4 1 6 Bynum Laura 41 5 Byrd. James 354 Cates Rachel 460 Byrd Tommy 382 Byrd. William 382 Catlett Donna 416 Byrne Karen 4 1 5 Caton. Kathenne 382 Byrum. Karen 382 Caton Kim 460 Cagle Cynthia 382 Catt Debbie 334 Cagle Debbie 4 1 5 Caudle Tracey 382 Cagle Rick 459 Cavnar David 416 Cairns Jay 382 Cawthon Stuart 416 Cecil. Anthony 382 Caldwell Judith 355 Cecil Kenneth 460 Caldwell Karen 334 Cecil Penda 460 Cecil Syb.l 355 Calk. Bill 355 Cely Cynth.a 416 Callahan Russell 41 5 Cernesek Deddera 416 Cervanter. Stephen 334 " s san 41 5 Chamberlain Mary 416 Callaway esle y 4 1 5 Chamberlain Sabas 416 Calender Donna 382 Chambless Cathy 355 Callison Randy 355 Chambliss Carolyn 416 Chance. Bobby 355 Cobb. Patricia 383 Corbit 356 Culpepper Jo Beth 356 Chance, Connie 334 Coburn. Mary 417 Corbitt, Nancy 356 Cummings. M.chael 384 Chance. Rick 382 Cochran. Barry 655 Corder Stephen 4 1 8 Cummings. Robert 356 Chandler. Elizabeth 416 Cochran. Jenny 655 Corder, Steve 335 Cummins, Geralyn 356 Chandler, Holly 334 Cochran. John 417 Conden. Ann 356 Cummins Sheri 384 Chandler Lauren 334 Cochran, Kaye 4 1 7 Corley Laura 4 1 8 Cunningham. Kathy 419 Chandler Ron 382 Cochran, Terry 655 Corpaci, Gail 335 Cunningham, Larry 356 Chandler, Steve 355 Cockrell Beverly 4 1 7 Cosby. John 335 Cunningham, Mike 335 Chaney Teddy 382 Cockrell Jane 655 Costello. Lindsey 383 Curb Charles 419 Chaney. Vanessa 416 Cockrell. Janie 4 1 7 Gotham, Rhonda 418 Curfrnan, Lindy 335 Chap.n, C.ndy 416 Cockrell. Karen 460 Cother. Donna 4 1 8 Curne Ann 419 Chapin, Michelle 416 Coffee. Kimberley 417 Cottle, Sammie 418 Curne Rachel 419 Chapin. Randy 382 Coffey Danny 4 1 7 Cottier, John 460 Curne. Vick, 419 Chapman. Dennis 382 Coffman, Kerry 460 Cotton, Carol 418 Currier. Mary 356 Chapman. Michael 355 Cohen, Edye 383 Cotton. Diane 460 Currin. Bruce 356 Chappel Nancy 4 1 6 Cohn Otis 417 Cottnll, John 418 Curry Charles 4 1 9 Chappuis David 355 Coker. Betsy 334 Coughanour, Tracey 460 Curry Debra 356 Charles. Gilbert 355 Coker. John 417 Coulson Karla 335 Curry Scott 419 Chase. Wendy 355 Coldwell Cindy 417 Coulter. Janice 356 Curry Shellie 46 1 Chatelle Melody 382 Cole. Chet 417 Courtenez. John 356 Curtis. Cindy 419 Chatt.n. Eddie 416 Cole David 417 Courtney. Chad 418 Curtis, Delia 419 Chesdle. Clifford 382 Cole Larry 334 Courtney. Randy 418 Custer Risa 356 Cheatham Anne 416 Cole. Michael 356 Courville. Brenda 460 Cutler Regina 419 Cheatham Joe 4 1 6 Cole Mike 460 Courv ille Steve 4 1 8 Cutshaw Stephen 335 Cheek David 334 Cole Robin 334 Coussons Beth 356 Cutting. Karen 419 Cheever Karla 334 Colellesse John 417 Coussons. Brth 356 Cyr. Linda 419 Chen Eunice 326 Coleman, Courtner 356 Covey Brenda 335 Czachowski, Claudia 419 Chen YaChing 326 Coleman, Courtney 356 Covey William 356 Daalbeck. Leo 461 Cheng, Juhe 326 Coleman Dana 383 Covin. Lanlee 356 Dabbs. Robin 419 Cheng Thomas 326 Coleman. Jack 383 Covington John 356 Dacus. David 356 Chermely. Janette 382 Coleman. Jane 383 Cowardin Sherry 418 Daggett. Debbie 356 Cherry. Cynthia 355 Coleman. Julia 383 Cowart John 418 Dahlem. James 326 Cherry, Robert 355 Coleman. Mary 417 Cowling Lisa 418 Dahline. Leslie 384 Chesnut, Gary 3 34 Coleman Portland 417 Cox. Anson 4 1 8 Dahlveck Leo 384 Chetelat John 355 Coleman. Richard 417 Coi. Athena 383 Da. ley, Darla 419 Chiang Eugene 4 1 6 Coleman Roger 417 Cox. Bntton 383 Dam Raytord 415 Chiang. Gloria 334 Coleman. Scott 4 1 8 Cox, Denise 418 Dalchau, Robert 356 Chid.chimo. Katy 382 Coleman. Stephen 326 Cox Marc 418 Dalton, Richard 326 Ch,lds. Mark 382 Coleman, Steve 418 Cox, Ray 335 Damoff George 419 Chisholm Steve 417 Coleman, Winsell 356 Cox Sandra 460 Damoff Judy 384 Chism, Steve 355 Colgate Jeanne 356 Cox Steve 418 Damon Marcia 419 Choate Mark 460 Colkin, Joe 460 Coyne Susan 383 Damron, Melanie 335 Chriss. Susan 4 1 7 Colkin. Tom 334 Cozad Cathy 419 Dance Michael 384 Chnstensen Kent 4 1 7 Collen, Steve 334 Craft, Barbara 383 Dandars Pamela 40 1 Chnstenson, Donna 460 Colley, Karen 356 Crager, Doyle 356 Danesi Patricia 419 Christian Larry 4 1 7 Colley. Paul 356 Craig. Elkia 419 Danhe.m Mile 384 Christian Lmeell 382 Collins. Cathy 383 Craig. John 460 Daniel Carl 419 Christian, Lon 382 Collins Charles 383 Craig. Susan 356 Daniel Cindy 384 Christian Pam 334 Collins. Debbie 334 Cram Sally 335 Daniel. Dale 356 Christian, Paul 417 Collins. Debra 356 Cramer Martin 419 Daniel Kayla 419 Chnstoffel, Susie 655 Collins, Jack 356 Crandell Melan.e 419 Daniels Charles 419 Christopher Kim 417 Collins. Patricia 418 Crane. Cynthia 419 Darnels Paul 419 Chrystal. Tom 655 Collins. Richard 418 Crane Kathi 419 Darby Michael 461 Chukwuelue. Chris 460 Colston Zalinda 418 Cranford. Daylon 335 Darr. Brenda 356 Chumley. Steve 382 Colter. Valerie 418 Cranshaw Robert 419 Darragh David 356 Chumney John 334 Colville. John 418 Cravens Charles 419 Darragh Sheron 4 1 9 Church. Peggy 655 Colwell H 418 Cravens. Chris 460 Darrow Gary 356 Churchill. Cindy 417 Colwell. Jerry 334 Cravy Darla 419 Darwin. Nancy 335 CL 356 Colwell. John 418 Crawford Carolyn 419 Daughtry Susan 420 Clague John 655 Combs Jean 356 Crawford Darwin 356 Dauphin Shonda 335 Clague Lois 417 Combs Jenny 418 Crawford Jo Ann 335 Davee Janet 356 Clapp Karvin 382 Comfort. Mark 383 Crawford. Rita 460 Davenport Michael 384 Clark David 655 Compton Marilyn 418 Crawford. Tammy 419 Davenport Susan 384 Clark Denise 334 Conaway Kathi 460 Creamer Casey 356 David Steve 420 Clark Dennis 655 Condray. Linda 418 Creel George 383 Davidson, Gary 384 Clark George 655 Conerly Cathy 334 Crenshaw Mark 335 Dav.dson Michael 384 Clark James 382 Conerly, Julie 383 Crenshaw, Spencer 383 Davidson Ronny 420 Clark. Jeff 417 Conerly Rod 334 Crew, Cindy 419 Davidson Trudy 384 Clark. Jeffrey 417 Congdon Laura 418 Crews Claire 335 Davies Diane 420 Clark. John 417 Conn Babbie 383 Crews Dwama 356 Davies Kay 384 Clark Kathy 417 Connelly, Kim 418 Crews Mane 419 Davis Bill 384 Clark. Leeann 655 Conner. Becky 418 Crim Jena 460 Davis Billy 420 Clark. Mark 326 Conner James 335 Crim Trey 460 Davis Bryan 420 Clark. Michael 417 Conner Kandi 418 Crimmins Charles 419 Davis Charlie 384 Clark Revecca 382 Connor Marvin 383 Crips David 383 Davis David 384 Clark Ronny 460 Connor. Rodna 383 Crissman Robert 335 Davis Dick 326 Clark Tracy 417 Conoly. Candy 383 Cnswell Michael 419 Davis Don 420 Clark William 382 Conrad Beth 418 Crnkovic Deborah 419 Davis Dorrance 384 Clarke Stephen 3 34 Conrad William 356 Crocker Catherine 419 Davis Edward 356 Clarkson, Slayden 4 1 7 Conway Mark 4 18 Crockett. Louis 419 Davis Enc 384 Clarkston Paul 334 Coogan Kanice 418 Crom. Kitty 419 Davis Eva 420 Clay Chris 417 Cook Alisa 418 Cromer Becki 356 Davis Fred 357 Clay Shirley 382 Cook, Becky 418 Crone. Mike 460 Davis Gary 384 Clayton Jan 383 Cook Betsy 383 Cronm Michael 335 Davis Harold 461 Clayton Mary Jane 326 Cook Debbie 383 Croom Janie 460 Davis Holly 420 Clegg. Billy 334 Cook, Douglas 460 Cropp Edward 383 Davis Ira 357 Clegg Bruce 383 Cook James 335 Crosby. Charles 383 Davis Jay 420 Clegg Thomas 334 Cook, Janice 383 Crosby. Karen 383 Davis Joy 420 Clemens Tom 383 Cook Joanne 383 Cross Linda 383 Davis Kathleen 357 Clements Kathy 417 Cook Kathleen 356 Cross Steven 461 Davis Kathy 335 Clements Lou 4 1 7 Cook. Kerry 418 Crossland Sherne 419 Davis Kevin 335 Clements Mike 417 Cook. Marilyn 335 Crouch. Leslee 356 Davis Larry 335 Clements Nancy 417 Cook. Marisa 356 Croug 356 Davis Lawanda 384 Cleveland Cynthia 417 Cook Marissa 356 Crouse. Rhonda 383 Davis Leslie 384 Clevenger Lorna 417 Cook Mary 418 Crouse. Vhonda 383 Davis Lorraine 384 Clevenger Mark 417 Cook, Nancy 460 Croush Leslee 383 Dai is Lydnon 384 Clifford Carol 3 34 Cook Reagan 326 Crow Cindy 383 Davis Margaret 357 Clifford Debbie 334 Cook. Susan 383 Crow Diana 419 Davis Martha 357 Clifton Marcie 417 Cook Tom 356 Crow Robert 46 1 Dav.s Michael 384 Clifton Sandy 655 Cook William 383 Crow William 419 Dav.s Robert 357 Clinch Stephen 460 Cooke Cynthia 418 Crowder Teresa 383 Davis Scott 384 Close Rick 460 Coones Barbara 326 Crowley Carol 383 Davis Stanley 335 Cloud James 417 Coones Sharon 383 Crowley Kevin 383 Davis Tommy 420 Cluiss Gail 383 Coons Bobby 418 Crowley Marreen 335 Davis Ton|a 357 Cluiss Scott 383 Cooper Cnsty 356 Crowley Maureen 335 Davis William 420 Cluver Jay 335 Cooper John 460 Crozier. Carol 335 Dawson Mel.nda 384 Clymer Kevin 4 1 7 Cooper, L. V. 335 Crumpler Cathy 383 Day Colleen 420 Coalter Lew 417 Cooper Molly 418 Crumpler James 419 Day Debbie 384 Coan Karen 417 Cooper Pam 418 Cuellar Sandra 384 Day Diana 384 Coats Charla 383 Cooper Russell 418 Cui 356 Day Duane 335 Coats Vicki 383 Coppage Martha 418 Culberson Shanna 419 Day Gary 420 Cobb Brant 417 Coppedge Derek 418 Cullins Mike 419 Day Hollis 420 Cobb Lloyd 417 Corbell Lisa 418 Culpepper Donald 356 Day Jimmy 420 485 Day. Lila Lynn 384 Dobbs, Carmen 387 Dyer James 336 Ewers. Steve 336 Day. Richard 420 Dobbs Jan 357 Dykes Linda 336 P,la,. P=.,.l tyley. rdul j jo Day. Robert 335 Dobes. Alisa 357 Dykes. Robin 421 tzelle. Wayne tol Daylem, Candice 384 Dobie, Diane 357 Dylla Rose 387 Fagerguist Carol 358 De Young. Richard 357 Dobson, Mary Clare 421 Dyrr Don 422 Fahey Mike 336 Deal. Lisa 420 Dobson, Steven 357 Eads Susan 387 Fam Jamie 336 Dealey. Josie 357 Dobson, V.cki 357 Eagleton Walter 358 Fairch.ld. Michael 422 Dean, Donna 384 Dockery, Kathleen 387 Earle Bettye 422 Fa.rcloth Cheryl 358 Dean, Gary 420 Dodson Steve 46 1 Early Leslie 358 Fa.res Ken 358 Dean, Keith 420 Doggett, Charles 421 Easley Michael 422 Falkenberry Steve 422 Dean, Mike 384 Dollar, David 326 Eason Gary 46 1 Fall.n. Don 422 Dean, Monica 420 Dollar Doug 357 East Patrick 387 Falls. Karen 422 Dean Ouida 323 Dollar. Kathleen 326 Eastham. Rosanna 358 Fannm Tedde 422 Dear Tim 357 Dollarhide, Anne 42 1 Eastland. Douglas 422 Fanza, Robert 326 Debrum, Peter 384 Dombrosk, 421 Eastman, Forrest 422 Farley, Ralph 358 Deckard. Homer 357 Domingues, Theresa 421 Eaton, Patricia 358 Farmer Donald Jr. 358 Deckard. Leonard 420 Dommy Michael 357 Eberhart. Jeff 387 Farmer. Donale 358 Deckard, Melyin 384 Donahoe. Dennis 421 Eccles. Gayle 422 Farmer Eddie 336 Defazop. Josheph 384 Donahoo, Mike 357 Echols, Karen 422 Farnham Michelle 423 Defoy, Paul 420 Donahue. Michael 326 Eckert Karen 387 Farrand, Dave 358 Deggs.John 335 Donaldson Russell 421 Eckhardt Gail 422 Farrar Lisa 358 Deggs Laura 384 Donie. Gwen 335 Edds. James 336 Fatheree Ralinda 423 Deggs Melva 420 Donnelly. Molly 387 Edelen Mary 46 Fatheree Ralmda 423 Dehort John 420 Dopson, Vicki 357 Edge. Terry 358 Faulkner Darlene 423 Delbert, Penny 384 Dordyn, Patricia 384 Edgeworth. Susan 387 Faulkner. Mark 423 Delarios, Patrick 357 Dorns. Karol 387 Edmondson Susan 422 Faulkner, Mary Ann 423 Delisle, Gary 420 Dorsett. Donna 357 Edwards. Debi 422 Fazzino, David 423 Dellinger Connie 461 Dorsett, Steve 421 Edwards Holly 358 Fears, Sherry 336 Deloney, Barbara 420 Dorsey. Kay 3 35 Edwards. Karen 422 Fe.gler Arlene 336 Delouche, Melissa 420 Dorsey, Kipper 357 Edwards Laurie 387 Felderhoff. Doris 336 Deluca. Greg 420 Dortch, Rebecca 421 Edwards. Stevie 336 Feldhousen, Kathenne 358 Deluca, Linda 420 Doss, Dave 357 Edwards, Vanda 387 Felice, Carol 46 1 Deluca. Louis 357 Doss, Delna 357 Edwards, William 387 Felts James 423 Demarco Janice 420 Doss Jeff 421 Effiong, Paulmus 358 Felty, K,m 423 Demarest, Linda 420 Dossett Patnca 357 Ege Doug 385 Feltzman Ingnd 423 Dement, Margaret 335 Dotson, Angela 387 Egger Rod 358 Fenner, Melissa 423 Demmin Susan 420 Doucet, Richard 335 Eggleston. Vickey 385 Ferguson, Randy 358 Dempsey. Carolyn 420 Doucet Rodney 387 Ehrhare Rick 461 Ferguson, Tina 42 3 Demuth, Lynn 420 Doucet Ted 357 Ehrhart Rick 385 Fernandez. Fidel 423 Denman, Deck 326 Dougherty. Dennis 357 Eisenback Shen 422 Ferrell. Pam 358 Denman, Henry 335 Doughs. Diane 387 Eisenschmidt Laura 422 Ferrell. Tammy 423 Dennis, Da Lee 335 Doughtie Gay 42 1 Ekeroth. Jeff 336 Ferrell. Thurman 326 Denny, Dennis 335 Douglas Joan 387 Eklund, Brad 422 Festervand Troy 327 Denny, Keny 420 Douglass, Steve 357 Ekrut John 422 Fetters. Michael 423 Denny. Vick, 384 Dourte Marty 421 Ekwo Maurice 326 Field. Jan 423 Densfor. Cathermg 384 Dove Kim 421 Elder. Margaret 385 Field Kathy 461 Dent, Beth 335 Dove. Randolph 387 Elisondo, Martha 46 1 Fielden, Teresa 423 Dent, Genie 420 Dover. Carla 42 1 ELzondo Martha 422 Fields. Helen 423 Denton, Martha 384 Dowden Al 357 Elledge, Doak 358 Fields. Kathryn 358 Denton. Rebecca 357 Dowdy. Gary 335 Elledge, Russ 385 Fife. Christine 358 Denton. Shannon 420 Doyle, Michael 335 Ellerd Alvin 358 Fine Tom 358 Deo 357 Doyle Rosanne 357 Ellingson Andy 422 Finholt, Kann 423 Depperschmidt. Paul 384 Doner Faye 46 1 Ellington Luke 385 F,nk Debbie 358 Deptula. Carole 461 Dozier Laura 387 Elliot James 461 Finley. Don 327 Depugh, Paul 420 Dradley Mark 413 Elliott. James 336 Fmley. Kaye 423 Deres. Debbie 384 Drake Christy 357 Elliott, Katy 385 Firch Cynthia 358 Dermid. Pam 420 Draker Sheryl 421 Ellis Julie 358 Firchow, Candy 423 Deroven. Troy 420 Drane. Steven 46 1 Ellis, Lee 385 Firestowe. Hugh 423 Derr Dana 384 Drennan. Thomas 421 Ellisra 358 Firmm. Diane 423 Derr, Thomas 420 Drewry, George 357 Ellison Elizabeth 358 First. Jay 423 Deshazo, Kyle 420 Driscoll, Elizabeth 357 Ellison, Tracey 422 Fischer. James 423 Desilets. Dan 335 Driver Paul 357 Ellisor, Glenn 422 Fish Alan 423 Destena. Donna 3 35 Drown, Robert 421 Ellisor, Janet 422 Fish Bill 461 Deterding, John 420 Dructor, Daniel 387 Elisor Glenn 461 Fish. Curtis 358 Deuel, David 326 Drummond, John 326 Elmore. Donald 385 Fish. Kimberly 423 Devos, Glen 420 Drummond, Tim 387 Elms. James 336 Fish. Kimbery 423 Dewberry, Sharon 421 Dubberly, Carol 336 Emams. Walter 422 Fisher. David 358 Deweese Susan 42 1 Dubbs. Timothy 357 Emerton. Janet 422 Fisher. Gail 423 De.he.mer Mark 387 Dubose. Bobby 461 Emmett, Kenneth 422 Fisher. Jeanette 423 De neimer Mark 387 Dudley, Becky 387 Emnck Robert 358 Fisher Mark 461 Deyoung, Alan 42 Dudley, Rhonda 421 Engdahl. Lebby 422 Fisher, Rick 336 Diabel, Sarah 387 Dudley Tom 336 Englehart, Gary 422 Fitch David 358 Diehard, John 357 Duerr Mike 387 English. Glenda 358 Fitch Douglas 423 Dickens. Pam 387 Duff. n. John 387 English, Kenneth 336 Fitts. Nelda 358 Dickenson. Elizabeth 421 Dugan, Frank 357 English, Margaret 422 Fitzgerald. Lisa 423 Dickerson, Michelle 421 Duggan. Christopher 421 Epperson. David 336 Fitzgerald Tamera 423 Dickerson Shirley 335 Dugg.ns David 461 Epting, Mary 385 Fitziarrell Rebecca 423 Dickerson Steve 42 1 Duhon Mike 357 Ernst Ricky 385 Fix, Laurel 336 Dickinson, Jimmy 387 Duke. David 326 Ervm. James 422 Flahaven Erin 423 Dickinson Laure 42 1 Duke. Deborah 387 Ervin, Lawrence 358 Flanigan 423 Dickson. Dolly 357 Duke Douglas 326 Erwm, Mark 385 Flanigan. Lisa 423 Dickson, Marcy 357 Duke Irene 421 Escamilla, Rudy 422 Flath. Frances 423 Dickson, Sandra 387 Dukes. Doug 357 Eshchuk, Ellen 358 Fleisher Shery 336 Dlebel. Sarah 387 Dukes, Mike 357 Eshcu 358 Fleitman. Allen 358 Dierker, Nancy 42 1 Dulin Julie 421 Eshragh-Hedayat, Mendi 326 Fleming Julie 358 Dietenng, Kathenne 387 Dulweber Susan 357 Eshragh-Hedayat, Hamid 336 Fleming Ronald 461 Dillard. Jean Ann 326 Dunagan Cheryl 336 Eshragh-Hedayat, Saiid 422 Fletcher. Kathleen 423 Dillard. Randall 421 Dunavant, Denise 421 Eskridge, Linda 461 Flickinger. Ann 423 Dillen. Brenda 387 Dunaway, Steve 387 Espensen, Ken 358 Fling, Gary 33o Dillmger. Diane 421 Dunbar Lisa 387 Esguivel, John 385 Flint Robert 423 Dillon. Kenneth 461 Duncan, Bryan 387 Essien, Bassey 326 Floger Lisa 358 Dillow, Kim 387 Duncan, Byron 336 Estabrook 422 Flores, Jose 358 Dillow, Mark 421 Duncan, Richard 421 Etheredge Joseph 358 Flores. Roy 423 Dills, Dott.e 421 Duncan. Sue 42 1 Eubank. Carrie 422 Flosi Laurel 423 Dilwort.t, Rodney 461 Duncum. Daniel 387 Eubank. Kenneth 422 Flowers Mard 423 Dimare, Vincent 387 Dunham Philip 326 Eubanks. Deborah 336 Flowers Mark 423 Dimaria, Dennis 46 1 Dunlap. Eddie 358 Euett. Gary 422 Floyd. Charles 461 D.nell Dristine 461 Dunn. Dale 336 Evans Dale 358 Floyd Tammy 423 D.nell. Kristlne 357 Dunn David 387 Evans, Donald 46 1 Flugel Paul 461 Dlnges, Donnie 42 1 Dunn, Debra 387 Evans, James 336 Flury Paul 423 Dinges, Ronnie 42 1 Dunn. Mark 421 Evans, Janie 358 Flynn Scott 423 Dinwiddie. Richard 461 Dunn. Suzanne 387 Evans, Jill 422 Folks Burna 423 Dinwiddle. Richard 357 Dunton. Ray 387 Evans. Lisa 422 Folse K,m 358 Dippel.Cnss 335 Dupree. Jay 336 Evans Marybeth 422 Fomby. Pamela 358 Dippel, Duane 42 1 Durante Thomas 421 Evans. Robert 358 Fontenot, Teresa 423 Dirting.Jim 387 Durdin. Martha 336 Evans. Robett 358 Foote. Bobby 423 Ditsworth. Joe E. 387 Durham. Melanie 421 Evans. Scott 422 Forbes Kris 35 " ? Dixon, Debby 421 Durr, Delores 42 1 Evans, Teri 422 Forbes. Robert 462 Diion. Margarett 387 Duval David 421 Evans, Venlse 422 Ford. Carla 336 Dno», Patricia 392 Duvall, Nancy 336 Everett, Kathy 422 Ford. Carolyn 359 Doa 357 Dye. Philip 421 Everett, Mike 422 Ford. Donna 423 Doaa. Delaa 357 Dyer. Chris 358 Eventt, David 422 Foreman. Greg 424 Dobbins, Laura 42 1 Dyer Don 461 Ewers. Lanita 422 Forman. Debbie 424 486 Forne Elizabeth 424 Gardenhire. Brian 386 GoerLch. Scott 337 Grimley. John 360 For " ue CheH 424 Gardiner Brian 359 Goertz, Particia 425 Gnmley. Patricia 426 Foner Dovj 6 ' 424 Gardner, Annye 386 Goetshius, Cheryl 359 Grimm, Don 360 Forse ' caro? 424 Gargan. Maureen 386 Goff. Kann 359 Gnmm, Douglas 426 horse k_.nariene Ganhan. Terry 386 Golden, Rick 388 Grimm, Linda 337 Forse Floyd 424 Garms. Laura 424 Goldstein. Charlie 337 Gnsham, Brenda 388 horse. Lisa 4 4 Garner, John 424 Gomez, Tirso 327 Gnsham, Glenda 359 Gamer, Kim 386 Gondran, Buzz 425 Gnssaffi, Charles 426 Forston t ' 3 ' 424 Garner, Patricia 359 Gonsoulin. Steve 337 Gnssom. Karen 360 rorsyTne, uwain jjo G drner, Steve 359 Gonzales. Beniamin 359 Gnssom. Linda 337 Fort Gary 336 Garretson. Larry 337 Good. Cindy 425 Gnswold, Judy 426 hossier. Lenny J Jo Garretson. Robert 386 Goode. David 425 Gnzzard, Charles 360 Garrett, Gay 424 Goode. Sandra 388 Grogan, Mark 337 Foster ' l r |e 9 °3 V 27 Garrett, James 424 Goodnight, Charles 462 Grogan, Sondra 426 Foster Robbie Jo 336 Garrett, Sue Ann 359 Goodnght. Charles 388 Grohman, Tyrrel 462 Foster Sto h ' en 336 Garrey. Tern 386 Goodwin. Gary 360 Groom. Bill 337 Foster Thomas " 386 Garnson, Jack 386 Gordon. Autry 360 Gross, Lon 426 Fountain Patricia 386 Garrison, John 337 Gordon, James 360 Grosse, James 462 FourerMartine ' 3 386 Garrison. Leslye 424 Gordon, Jimmi Sue 425 Grossman, Martin 426 Fowler Becky 336 Gary, Jean 386 Gordon. Melissa 388 Groth, Cheryl 426 Fowler Hugh 359 Garza, Leticia 386 Gordon, Stephanie 360 Groth. Glynda 360 Fowler Leslie 386 Garza. Michael 424 Gordon, Tracy 425 Groth, Sybil 337 Gass Kim 424 Gore. Carolyn 360 Groves, Laurie 388 Fox Mike 424 Gates, Laura 386 Gore, Charles 360 Grubb, Gene 426 Fovd Sam 386 Gates, Robert 337 Goree. Dixie 425 Grubbs, Wayne 388 Fralick. Mitch 359 Gates. Tom 386 Goree. Rebecca 425 Gruble. Karen 426 Francs Bob 359 Gavin, Thomas 337 Gorka. Lea 360 Gruewald, Walter 426 Francis Jeff 386 Gavlick, Steven 425 Gorman, Larry 360 Gude, Dav.d 360 Pr nlr f Ur " HA rrann. jonn jjo Gawloski. Paul 337 Gorze II, Andre 360 Guedry. John 360 Gayden. Brenda 359 Goss. Thomas 327 Guedry. J 360 Frank Ton S Gearner, Geoff 425 Gossett, Dona 388 Guerra, Jim 426 Frankhn Intamin 424 Gee. James 359 Gossett. Steve 462 Guerrero. Earnest 426 Franklin, Bryan 386 Gee Jeff 425 Goudeau, Pamela Ann 360 Guest. Ed 426 Franklin David 336 Gee, Mary 425 Gould, Anne 425 Gutdry. Tommy 337 Franklin, Roy 386 Geer. Alan 323 Grace. Carol 388 Guillerman, Mary 337 Franko Jim 386 Geer Laurie 337 Grace, Kevin 425 Gumn, Cynthia 337 Franks. Jim 462 Geffert. Michael 462 Gracy. Jerald 360 Guinn. Gary 360 Gehrig, Danette 386 Gracy. Jerald Craig 360 Gumn. Roger 360 Franks Laura 424 Geisler, Michael 425 Grady. Phyllis 360 Gullett, Sandy 337 Franzma, Cathy 424 Geldens, Erna 425 Graeber, David 337 Gulsby, Brad 426 Fraser Kelly 424 Geldens, Paul 425 Graff. Susan 425 Gumbert. Phillip 388 Fra ych i naud. Vicki 336 Geldmeier, Judy 359 Graham, Carrol 425 Gumm, Sherra 426 Frazier. Jimmy 424 Genouses, Flyn 386 Graham, Gordon 337 Gummeit. Tina 426 Frederick, Soozi 336 Gentry, John 425 Graham. Jaime 388 Gummett, Joseph 426 Freeman Cathy 359 Gentry. Vicki 386 Graham. Jamie 462 Gunn. John 426 Freeman, Jennie 386 George. Allen 359 Graham, Jerrold 425 Gunn. Laura 426 Freeman. Kurt 359 George. Dan 386 Graham. Luther 360 Gunn. Lori 426 Freeman. Melinda 327 George, Sharon 359 Graham, Mart 388 Gunn. Lunn 360 Freese Joan 424 George, Zach 359 Graham, Sharon 425 Gunn. Lyn 462 French Beverly 424 Georgeson. Jackie 359 Graham, William 337 Gunn, Tammy 462 French. Bradford 424 Gerard Turpin 337 Grahan. Nancy 327 Gunstream, Terry 462 French Sara 424 German. Jim 337 Granberry. James 360 Gunther, Robert 388 Germany, Debra 425 Graswich, William 425 Guppy, Chnsti 462 Fretz Bruce 424 Germany Tina 462 Gravelle. Joyce Lyn 425 Guttenberger. Randy 426 Freund Susan 424 Gerron. Lesley 337 Graves, Frances 425 Guynes. Lynett 426 Frew William 386 Gialamas, Maria 462 Graves. Gwen 360 Guyon. Eugene 337 Frey Carl 424 Gibat Norman 425 Graves. Keith 360 Gwm.Pam 388 Frey Howard 35 ? Gibbens. Vicki 386 Graves. Susan 425 Gwyn, Rachael 337 Friday Will, am 424 Gibbs. W.lloughby 337 Gray. Adnenne 337 Haacke Gma 360 Friedel. Chene 359 Gibson, Bobby 359 Gray, Donna 360 Haase Frank 426 Fnelds Gary 327 Gibson, Craig 386 Gray. Kathy 360 Haase Glenda 426 Frierson Diane 424 Gibson, Karl 425 Gray. Laurie 360 Hachett, Clark 360 Fnerson, James 336 Gibson, Kim 386 Gray. Mark 425 Hackler, Kay 338 Frisby. Chris 359 Gibson, Louann 425 Gray. Randall 327 Frizzell. Jan 359 Gibson, Quince 462 Gray. Rita 360 Haddad, David 338 Fromme Mary Lynn 359 Gibson, Rebecca 337 Grayson, Cynthia 425 Haddox. Archie Jr. 426 Frost. Nancy 424 Gibson Richard 359 Grayum. Jaymie 425 Haden Kelley 388 Fuerst. Bnge 359 Gibson. Wanda 462 Greeley. Maryanne 425 Hadley David 426 Fuerst. Bng.tte 359 Gifford. Mark 462 Green Burce 425 Hagar, Richard 426 Fulgham Athena N, 359 Gilbert, Alan 386 Green, Carrie 425 Hagerman, Sherry 388 Fulgham. Lisa 386 Gilbert, Betty 462 Green, Charity 388 Fuller John 386 G.lbert, Mike 425 Green, Chris 425 Hagood, Kent 338 Fuller. Karen 424 Gtlbreath. Karen 425 Green, Gerald 462 Haile, Brad 360 Fuller. Katnna 462 Giles. Karen 337 Green, Jacguelme 337 Hailes, Carol 338 Fuller. Kirk 386 Giles. Keith 386 Green. Jan 388 Hailes Sherman 338 Fuller. Steve 386 Giles. Stacey 386 Green, Joyce 360 Hailey. Chris 388 Fullick Tommy 359 Giles. Stanley 337 Green, Norman 327 Hailey Traci 426 Fullwood Nancy 336 ©ill, Debra 337 Green. Patt.e 360 Fulton. Jack 336 Gill Linda 425 Greene. Becky 388 Hames Ellen 388 Funk, Deborah 386 Gilleland Gary 425 Greeney. Debra 337 Haines Joni 388 Funk . Dlna 386 Gillespie Anthony 425 Greenshield, Jacki 426 Furlong, Donna 359 Gilley, Sandra 388 Greenslade. Wendy 337 Hake Lee 426 Fuscaldo. Gregg 424 Gilliland, John 388 Greenway. Elizabeth 462 Halbert. Kevin 426 Fussell, Peggy 359 Gilmer, Paul 386 Greer. David 388 Hale Becky Sue 426 Fyffe Karen 386 Gilmore, Ann 337 Greer. Elizabeth 462 Fyke. Julia 424 Gilpin. Joan 388 Greer. Karen 360 Hale. Joyce 427 Gabbert, Debbie 386 Gilson. Albert 388 Greer, Larry 426 Hale, Stephen 360 Gaby. Patsy 359 Giovannini, Romo 425 Greer. Richard 388 Haley, Kathy 338 Gadbarry Richard 462 Gipson, Shirley 359 Greer, Robert 462 Haley Kenneth 360 Gaffey, Richard 337 Giroir Duane 388 Greer, William 426 Halferty. Carole 427 Games Leslie 424 Girouard Cindy 359 Gregory. Betty 462 Hall. Ava 388 Games Richard 424 Gise. Cynthia 359 Gregory, Louis 360 Hall. Barbara 338 Galbreath Teresa 424 Gist. Steve 360 Gregory, Lynley 426 Hall Danny 360 Gallager Frank 424 Given Judy 359 Gregory, Stephen 426 Hall, Frank 388 Gallagher J Nel 386 Givens Thomas 359 Gregston. Kenneth 388 Hall, Lmda 427 Gallegas. Gilberto 424 Givhan. Becky 425 Gresso. Kimberly 462 Hall, Lmdsey 338 Gallia, Ken 424 Gladwish Daniel 359 Griffin, Barbara 426 Hall Merle 462 Gallo Diane 462 Glass. Kay 337 Griffin, Nancy 360 Hall Robm 427 Galvan. Darnel 424 Glaves Greg 425 Griffin, Susan 337 Hall Roxanne 388 Galyen. Karen 337 Glaze. Nan Brooks 388 Griffith, Michael 426 Hall Vicki 427 Gamble Stephen 424 Glenda, Grisham 359 Griffith, Sherne 337 Hallick April 388 Gandy Nancy 337 Glenn Debra 425 Griffith, Vicki 388 Gann. Cathy 337 Glenn, Donna 388 Gr.gar Rudy 360 Halls. Keith 427 Gannaway Jill 424 Glenn, M. L. Jr. 359 Gngg.Paul 426 Haltom. Carl 462 Gant Jodi 386 Glenn, Randal 337 Gnllo. 8eep 426 Haltom, Juha 427 Gant Lloyd Ray 337 Glenn, Susan 462 Grimes, Carla 426 Ham Carl 427 Gant. Sharon 386 Glimp. Beth 337 Gnmes. David 360 Hamilton. Ann 427 Gaona. Veronica 386 Gloege. Nancy 359 Grimes George 426 Hamilton, Chip 427 Garbiso. Anthony 386 Goad Jodyne 425 Grimes, Jimmy 337 Hamilton, Cynthia 360 Gardenas. Rita 359 Godbey Susan 388 Grimes. Julia 426 Hamilton Howard 462 Gardener John 359 Godker, C.ndy 425 Gnmes. Kim 388 Hamilton Jim 338 Gardener Joyce 386 Godwin, Mark 359 Grimes. Sarah 426 Hamilton. Lmda 427 Gardener Trigg 359 Goehrs Leanne 388 Grimes. Terry 337 Hamilton Roberta 388 487 Ham.lton. Susan 388 Harvey Roland 361 Higgmbotham, Bob 428 Honeycutt Andrea 390 Hammett Kim 388 Harvey Scott 463 Higginbotham, Sherry 428 Honeycutt J, M 390 Hammock Debra 462 Harvey Susan 428 Higgins Cynthia 428 Hood Don 390 Hammonds Cathy 427 Hashop Terry 428 Higgins Hugh 390 Hood Robert 362 Hammonds Greg 427 Hassell Laura Lee 428 Higgins James 327 Hooker, Robert 463 Hammonds Howard 360 Hassell. Ricky 338 Higgins. Shawn 428 Hooks, 327 Hammonds Kent 360 Hasseu. Keith 361 Highpill. William 327 Hooper. Cynthia 463 Hammons Gene 427 Hastreiter William 338 Hight. L.nda 361 Hooper. David 390 Hammons Keith 427 Haswell. David 3 38 Hight Peggy 428 Hoorman Jim 362 Hammontree Rickey 388 Hatch Pamela 338 Hightower Jack 428 Hooton Shem 463 Hammrock Debra 427 Hatten.Gary 428 Hightower, Randall 361 Hoover Keith 429 Hampton Lyd.a 388 Hattermann, Paul 389 Hightower. Rita 428 Hoover Mike 429 Hampton Mark 427 Hatthorn Diane 428 Hightower, Robert 361 Hopkins. Iwilda 429 Hampton Suzanne 388 Havard Henry 361 Hignight Jamye 428 Hopkins, Kay 323 Hamrick Doyle 427 Havard John 463 Hile Clinton 338 Hopkins. Kenneth 327 Hancock Charles 361 Havemann Stephen 389 Hill, Carolyn 463 Hoppe Virginia 390 Hancock. Rhonda 389 Havre Michelle 463 Hill Danny 338 Hopson Rodney 429 Hand Bruce 361 Hawk Peggy 428 H.ll Gary 428 Hora Patti 390 Hand. Sa 361 Hawkins, David 428 H.ll Harriet 429 Horan. Karen 429 Hand.Starla 361 Hawkins James 428 Hill. Jimmy 429 Horan. Peter 429 Handley. Honn 361 Hawley, Dale 389 Hill, Judy 429 Horbach, Ramona 362 Handley John 361 Hawthorne Ruth 389 Hill Lee 338 Horecka. Jane 429 Haney. Angela 389 Hay Greg 338 Hill, Linda 361 Hork Greg 429 Haney. David 389 Hayes. Glenda 428 H.II, Melody 429 Horn Kerry 429 Han, ten Robert 427 Hayes Michael 338 Hill Nancy 429 Horn Ruby 463 Hankins Matthew 361 Hayes Robert 361 Hill. Parklyn 390 Hornberger David 390 Hanlms, Will 427 Hazlett. Brenda 338 Hillard. Laura 429 Hornbuckle. Maribeth 339 Hankla. Martha 427 Head. Lisa 389 Hillhouse Anita 390 Horner, Deanne 429 Hanks. Don 361 Head, Lou Ellen 327 Hill.ard. Jemne 429 Hornguiet, Lorn 390 Hanks. Robbie 389 Heard Debra 361 Hilton Er,c Michael 390 Hornsby Paula 362 Hanna Gary 389 Heard. Joseph 389 H.lton, Mary 463 Horns Debbie 390 Hannah Ken 327 Heard Judy 338 Himburg, Phyllis 390 Horns Kay 429 Hannon Daniel 361 Heard Li! 428 Hmchliffe David 361 Horrocks Cathy 339 Hansen. Faron 427 Heard Lugenia 338 Hinckley. Richard 361 Horron.Gayla 429 Hansen Karl 462 Hearn, Marybeth 389 Hines. Belinda 361 Horton, Lynn 390 Hansen Kay 338 Hearn, Phil 361 Hines Bever y 36 1 Hosk.ns Nell 339 Hansen Susan 389 Hearnsberger Tracy 389 Hmes Janet 390 Hostler, Kathy 339 Hanshaw James 338 Heaton Jill 428 Hmes Steve 429 Hothem Barbara 390 Hanson Edwin 389 Hedt Marvin 389 Hinson Brenda 362 Houk Greg 463 Hanson Kathy 389 Heerwald Nancy 389 Hinson. Daphne 338 House, Larry 390 Hanson, Michael 463 Heeth. William 428 Hirmon, Holly 390 Houston. Jean 390 Harbuck. James 389 Heflin David 323 Hit 361 Howard. Cathy 430 Harden Dennis 361 Hefner Bobby 361 Hitchcock, Robert 362 Howard Denise 430 Hardy, Allan 427 Hefner, Dansel 361 Hn 361 Howard. Karen 463 Hardy Brant 463 Hegar Heloise 428 Hoag. Charmeine 338 Howard. Kim 390 Hardy Fred 361 Heid Carol 428 Hobbs Billy 429 Howard Patty 430 Hardy James 427 Heighber, Linda 397 Hobson. Mark 362 Howard Richard 390 Hardy. R.ckey 338 Heilman, Linda 338 Hocker. John 338 Howard. Robert 362 Hardy. Ronald 427 Heim, Jackie 361 Hodge, Rita 390 Howe Patricia 430 Hardy Stephen 427 Heintschel, Wayne 428 Hodges Bernel 362 Howell. Curtis 339 Harges Craig 389 Heisel Sharon 36 1 Hodges. Bernie 362 Howell James 430 Hargraves Sharon 361 Helmers Lee 428 Hodges Elizabeth 429 Howell Kelly 390 Hark, ns. Julie 389 Hemstreet Margaret 428 Hodges, Laura 390 Howell. Thana 463 Harlan Bruce 427 Henager Cynthia 338 Hodgkinson. Steve 429 Howerton Lynn 362 Harlan Christi 389 Hendershot, Robert 338 Hoefling Pam 362 Howington, Michael 430 Harman. Sandra 361 Henderson Catherine 463 Hoeland, Stephen 338 Howington, Rickey 339 Harper Danny 361 Henderson. Clay 361 Hoff. Schyuler 429 Howington, Robyn 430 Harper David 427 Henderson James 389 Hoffman Claire 429 Hruska Beth 390 Harper Edith 389 Henderson Jom 389 Hoffman J, II 429 Hubbard Kim 430 Harper. Glenn 338 Henderson, Keith 389 Hoffman, Jo Ann 390 Huber, Larry 430 Harper Hal 427 Henderson, Kenneth 428 Hoffman, Kim 338 Huddgins 362 Harper, Kim 361 Henderson, Leisa 389 Hoffman Mark 362 Huddleston, Betty 430 Harper, Lamyrle 36 1 Henderson, Pamela 428 Hoffman Richard 327 Huddleston, Phyllis 362 Harper, Ross 389 Henderson, Randy 389 Hoffman, Robin 390 Hudel. Nancy 430 Harpold. Kandy 427 Henderson Samuel 389 Hoffman, Virginia 429 Hudgens Jason 362 Harpool. Kirk 427 Hendricks Debbie 428 Hoffman, Wendy 362 Hudler Charlotte 339 Harrell. Marilyn 338 Hengst Deborah 361 Hoffman Wn 362 Hudler, Dwight 362 Ham 361 Henley, Allen 389 Hoffmaster Cynthia 429 Hudler. Rebecca 362 Harrington. Sharon 361 Henley, Duane 428 Hofman. W. R. 429 Hudnall Donna 430 Harris. Alan 427 Henn, Kim 361 Hogan Eileen 390 Hudnall Marsha 339 Harris Curt 427 Hennier, Jeff 463 Hogan, Tom 429 Hudon James 327 Harris David 427 Henmg Kathenne 428 Hoganson Maryann 429 Hudson Andrea 390 Harris. Debbie 389 Hennchsen. Barbara 338 Hogg Robert 390 Hudson, Cynthia 362 Harris Diana 463 Henry Bobby 389 Hogg, Susan 390 Hudson, David 430 Harris, Greg 427 Henry Ernestine 308 Holcomb Matt 429 Hudson Don 430 Harris, Gwen 427 Henry John 428 Holcomb, Richard 429 Hudson, Sandra 430 Harris. Jimmy 427 Henry, Mary 463 Holcomb Tracy 390 Hudson, Vast, 362 Hams Julie 361 Hensarlmg. Lavonna 361 Holden, Donnie 327 Hudson Vicki 362 Hams Karen 427 Hensley Teresa 428 Holder Laura 463 Huezdos Patty 463 Hams. Kathy 427 Henson Joe 36 1 Holder Susan 429 Huff. Cynth.a 362 Hams, Latressa 338 Henson. Kerry 389 Holiday David 338 Huffman. Jane 430 Hams, Marty 338 Hens; Pamela 428 Holland, Glenn 390 Huffman. Michael 362 Hams Mike 361 Henzler, David 389 Holland, James 463 Huffman. Robert 362 Hams Nancy 427 Herbert Kathy 361 Holland, Johnny 463 Huffman. Steve 362 Hams, Oliver 463 Herbert Tildon 428 Holland, Pamela 463 Hugg Mike 339 Hams. Paul W. 308 Herbster, Ronald 428 Holland, Wayne 429 Huggins. Clarence 362 Hams. Robert 389 Herchman Randy 361 Hollibaugh, Debbie 338 Huggins. Phyllis 430 Harris, Sharon 427 Herrera David M. 327 Hollis Apr, 1 362 Huggins. Teresa 362 Harris. Teresa 427 Herrera, Doreen 428 Hollis, Erin 390 Hughes. Dawn 390 Harrison Becky 361 Herring, Julie 428 Hollis. Linda 429 Hughes. Helen 430 Harrison. Ha2el 389 Herring Roger 389 Hollis Terr, 390 Hughes James 362 Harrison. James 389 Hernngton Linda 428 Hollis A 362 Hughes, Karen 390 Harrison Jeffrey 36 1 Herrmann Abdul 428 Holloway Randal 327 Hughes, 390 Hamson Marcia 427 Herweg Paula 428 Hollyf.eld. Ronald 338 Hughes Robert 390 Harry. David 338 - Hess. Sharon 428 Hollywood. Steve 390 Hughes. Scaief 390 Harsdorff. Kim 389 Hester John 361 Holm Sara 429 Hughes V,k 362 Harshell Everett 338 Hester Melissa 338 Holman Doug 429 Hughes, Vick, 362 Hart Amy 389 Heuberger Cynthia 389 Holman Susan Kay 339 Hughey Larry 362 Hart Cindy 338 Hewett Jonna 428 Holmes, D.ane 429 Hukill. Karl 430 Hart Jerry 361 Hewett Sandy 389 Holmes, Donna 463 Hulet Rodney 327 Hart Jessica 327 Hewgley Sue 338 Holmes, Holley 429 Hull Debra 463 Hart John 427 Heydnck, Jeff 428 Holmes Pete 390 Hulpiau. Katherine 339 Hartf.eld Paul 389 Heyer Jackie 389 Holsomback. Diane 429 Hulsey. Patricia 339 Hartley L.nda 361 H.att Pam 428 Holstun. Sally 362 Hulshouser. Gary 390 Hartman Cynthia 427 H.ckelas. Chris 397 Holt. Danny 429 Hultman John 430 Hartman Jim 427 Hickerson Joe 3 38 Holt Josh 327 Humberd Laune 390 Hartman Kathleen 389 H.ckey Julie 389 Holt Loree 339 Humphrey. Robert 430 Hartnck. Paula 427 Hickman Robert 390 Holt. Mandy 429 Humphus. Mike 430 Hartsough Cathie 428 Hicks Mary 338 Holt. Patt, 429 Hunn.cutt. Bruce 463 Harvey. Darbeu 36 1 Hicks, Susan 389 Holt Pr.ce 463 Hunt Cynthai 362 Harvey Harold 463 Hiebeler Margaret 428 Holt Robert 429 Hunt Debi 430 Harvey. Jacguelyn 428 Hierhelzer, Diane 390 Holub, Kathy 429 Hunt Kim 430 Harvey Jim 463 Higbee Greg 463 Holubec Ann 429 Hunt Rusty 362 488 Hunt. Steven 390 Hunt. Thomas 430 Hunter. Glenn 327 Hunter Glyms 430 Hunter Greg 430 Hunter, Margie 339 Hunter. Richard 430 Hunter. Sherrye 391 Hunter. Thomas 430 Hupp Stephen 430 Hurd Robert 391 Hurley Danny 430 Hurst. Kenneth 391 Hurst. Richard 430 Hurst. Susan 362 Hurt Darrel 463 Hus 362 Husten. Elizabeth 463 Hutcheson. William 362 Hutchms. David 339 Hutchms. James 362 Hutchison. Bobann 430 Hutchison. Bruce 430 Hutson. Muffet 362 Hutton Amy 362 Hutton Randell 323 Hutton Richard 362 Hvezdos Patty 430 Hyatt, Craig 430 Hyatt, Susan 463 Hyde Howard 391 Hyde Joe 430 Hynds Jennifer 362 Iglmsky Dave 391 Igo Ladea 430 Ihlo.Jan 463 Ihlo. Jen 339 lleson, Robert 430 Ingram Ann Marie 362 Ingram Barbara 362 Ingram Bernd 39 1 Ingram James 39 1 Inkman Kathy 430 Inman. Barney 430 Insell Laurie 391 Irby. T Anna 430 Irwin. Jerry 327 Irwin Jett, 362 Irwin Laurel 430 Isbell Darren 430 Isbell, James 339 Ishee, Nada 362 Isleib. Gym 391 Israel Nancy 362 Ivy, David 430 lyeghn David 362 Jack, James 39 I Jackman Tim 43 I Jacks Karen 431 Jacks Randal 431 Jackson Carol 43 1 Jackson, Jane 362 Jackson, Jay 463 Jackson, Joan 39 1 Jackson, John 43 I Jackson Lisa 43 1 Jackson. Mary 43 1 Jackson, Miles 431 Jackson. Pat 431 Jackson. Randy 362 Jackson, Sheila 391 Jackson Tim 43 1 Jacobs, Karen 463 Jacobs. Mary 39 I Jacobs. Rayford 463 Jacot Lydia 391 Jaggers Ma» 431 Jagoe Paul 339 James. Alan 339 James Georgeann 431 James Gerald 43 1 James Kenneth 39 1 James Larry 43 I James, Lynn 463 James Michael 43 1 James. Teresa 464 Jameson Blackshear 339 Janca Loretta 391 Janek Kenneth 363 Janes Bradford 363 Janin. William III 339 Jansa. Sharon 43 1 Jarmen. Wayne 363 Jay. Morris 43 I Jeffenes Kathy 431 Jeffers Robert 339 Jeffress. Charles 363 Jemmings Aubrey 363 Jen,k Candace 431 Jenkins. Jane 391 Jenkins. Neal 431 Jenkins Tom 39 1 Jenkins Webb 339 Jenney David 339 Jennings Betty 363 Jennings Steve 391 Jennings Vickie Lynn 363 Jennings William 391 Jensen Lise 43 1 Jensen Madeline 431 Jensen Rebecca 391 Jernigan Tern 43 I Jeter Jayne 391 Jimison Penny 363 Jircik. William 431 Jobe K.C. 431 Johanson. Keith 464 John Georgann 363 John Georgie 464 John Michael 431 Johnapelus Lane 339 Johns Michael 391 Johnson Alan 43 1 Johnson. Alvita 464 Johnson, Benny 339 Johnson, Beverly 464 Johnson Carolyn 339 Johnson, Charles 43 I Johnson, Cindy 431 Johnson Cleetus 43 1 Johnson. David 339 Johnson, Dean 327 Johnson Deborah 431 Johnson Delois 391 Johnson, Don 431 Johnson. Edward 431 Johnson, Flora 391 Johnson Gwen 431 Johnson Jeannie 339 Johnson, Joan 43 I Johnson, John 43 I Johnson. Judy 431 Johnson. Julie 431 Johnson June 464 Johnson, Kimberly 391 Johnson Larry 363 Johnson Lucmda 43 1 Johnson, Lu|ean 43 1 Johnson, Marie 39 1 Johnson Mark 39 1 Johnson Mary 39 1 Johnson Melissa 431 Johnson, Michael 391 Johnson, Patricia 39 1 Johnson, Paul 391 Johnson, Rita 363 Johnson, Scott 43 1 Johnson, Stacy 43 I Johnson, Terry 39 I Johnson Thomas 391 Johnson. Tony 363 Johnson. Valen 43 I Johnson, Warren 431 Johnson. Wynnett 431 Johnston David 432 Johnston, Douglas 432 Johnston, Mary Lu 432 Johnston, Steve 464 Johnstone, Drue 39J Jonas, Claire 464 Jones. Allen 391 Jones Ava Mane 363 Jones, Charles 363 Jones, Cynthia 432 Jones, David 363 Jones, Ginny 363 Jones, Harland 363 Jones. Harriet 432 Jones. Henry 327 Jones. James 363 Jones. John 363 Jones. Joseph 39 1 Jones, Karen 464 Jones. Kenneth 391 Jones. Kevin 432 Jones. Lana 432 Jones. Laurie 39 1 Jones, Mary Jean 39 1 Jones Michelle 432 Jones. Patricia 363 Jones. Peggy 464 Jones. Randy 432 Jones. Rayford 391 Jones Ricky 363 Jones. Robert 391 Jones, Ronda 391 Jones. Sharon 363 Jones. Susan 363 Jones. Tnsha 339 Jonte, Carol 363 Joplin. Jeannie 432 Jordan. Cl,f 391 Jordan. Danny 432 Jordan, Joe 339 Jordan, Lisa 432 Jordan Mary 432 Jordan Patrice 432 Jordan. Retha 339 Jordan. Ron 432 Jordan. Susie 432 Jorgensen. Jo 339 Jorgensen. Man 432 Jowell Melissa 432 Joyce, John 432 Joyner, David 464 Joyner Joseph 363 Jozwiak, Anthony 391 Juares David 39 1 Juarez Jessica 432 Jurenka Mark 432 Junk Susan 432 Justice, Kay 339 K 361 Kabola Roy 339 Kadane Jeannine 432 Kaestner, Anne 432 Kahlden, Jo Lynn 363 Kaiser. Jeff 432 Kakos Maryann 432 Kakos. Pam 464 Kaley. Kevin 391 Kalina.Arlan 392 Kane. Pam 392 Karl Donald 432 Karr, Sheryl 339 Karrenbrock, Analee 363 Kas.soff, John 339 Kay, Deborah 363 Kearney, Wesley 363 Keating. John 339 Keating. Kathleen 432 Keating. Kerry 339 Keating Lisa 392 Kee. Curtis 363 Keen, Robert 432 Keeton, Craig 432 Keggan Peter 432 Kehoe, Bill 339 Kehoe, Monica 432 D.ane 363 Keltz. John 432 Kelley, Cindy 392 Kelley. David 339 Kelley. Kerne 432 Kelley. Kr,s 432 Kelley. Steve 339 Kelly. Anne 363 Kelly Bryan 432 Kely. Debbie 363 Kelly. John 363 Kelly. Kathy 432 Kemp. Kathie 432 Kemp, Treg 339 Kemper Bill. e Burke 363 Kendall. Mark 327 Kendnck K,m 432 Kendnck Lisa 432 Kendrick. Meshell 392 Kendnck William 363 Kennard, Angie 392 Kenndy. Lon 432 Kennedy, Hamp 339 Kennedy Karen 363 Kennedy Susan 363 Kennedy Terry 464 Kennemer, Mendy 432 Kennington. Dennis 363 Kens.nger. Kimberly 392 Kenter Mark 432 Keoughan, Rick 392 Kephart. Kern 432 Kepner Jacque 432 Kerbo, Knsty 339 Kern, Charley 432 Kerr Beth 339 Kerr, Kathryn 433 Kerr, Kathy 363 Kerr, Pamela 433 Kersh, Jeffery 433 Kesinger, Carolyn 339 Kesner Byron 363 Ketcham Sandy 363 Ketchum, Cindy 433 Ketchum Laura 339 Key, Laura 363 Key Thomas 363 Khan, Hab.bullah 433 K.dd, Dena 340 Kiely, Donna 363 Kiely Lydia 433 Kieton Theresa 433 Kietzman Laura 433 Kietzman Robert 433 Kiewit. Scott 340 Kilgor. David 363 Killam, Bob 363 Kill.on. Steve 340 Kilpatnck, Janice 433 Kilpatrick, Mary 392 Kimble, Ross 340 Kimbro Joe 433 K.ncy, Nancy 392 Kmes, Melonee 392 King, Barbara 433 King. Bob 363 King. Connie 340 King David 433 King Forrest Jr. 364 King. James 392 King Leann 433 King, Loyd 340 King, Mandi 433 King Randy 464 King, Rebecca 433 King, Stephen 433 King. Terr, 433 Kmgsley, Tommy 433 Kmnaird. Bill.e 340 Kmnaird Stephen 340 Kinsel Ronnie 464 Kipcak, Richard 433 Kirby David 464 Kirby. James III 340 Kirby, Kim 364 Kirk, Christopher 327 Kirk. John 433 K.rk Kathy 433 K.rk Steve 364 Kirk, William 340 Kirkendall, Nancy 433 Kirkham. Robin 364 Kirkland. Chris 433 K.rkland. Lisa 433 Kirkland Michael 327 Kirkpatnck, Bill 392 Kirkpatnck. Donna 433 Kirkpatnck, Kirk 340 Kirkpatnck, 464 Kirkpatnck, Reed 340 Kirkpatnck. Sharla 464 Kishpaugh, Janey 433 Kishpaugh. John 392 Kissell. Brian 340 Kissiah. Terry 340 Kite. Alan 364 Kittrell. Bill 340 Kitts, Billy 364 Klapprett, Carla 340 Klapprott, Kim 433 Klarguist, Karen 433 Klebieko, Richard 392 Klein. Martha 392 Klein. Peggy 340 Klein, 323 Kleine, Randy 464, Ray 340 Klijn, Marlou 392 Kline, Nancy 364 Klint. Robert 392 Klug, Andrea 433 Knapp Leland 364 Knapp Leslie 433 Knapp Lorraine 392 Knecht. William 433 Knick, K,m 364 Knight Lana 433 Knight Peggy 433 Knight, Thomas 364 Knoebel. Robert 464 Kno., Aldo 340 Knox. Joe 364 Kno Mark 392 Kober. Karl 392 Koch. Eilleen 433 Koch, Lana 433 Kock, Karen 364 Koehler Thomas 392 Koenig Larry 392 Koepka. Kim 464 Koester, Julie 464 Koether Robert 340 Koetting. Hank 433 Kolb Nancy 392 Kolbrick. Dav.d 392 Koncsol, David 392 Koonce, Richard 340 Kosco. Beverly 433 Kostochryz, Carol 464 Kotara, Lanell 392 Kottle, Irene 464 Kouhns, Russe 433 Koy. Coffer 433 Koze. K,m 364 Kramer Elwood 364 Krantz, Jerry 392 Krause, Carol 433 Krause, Lisa 392 Krause Sally 433 Kraye. Karla 364 Kreamer Mary 392 Kreitz. Jams 364 Kreici. Loran 340 Krenzke Lorre 364 Kress. Susan 433 Krevit Ed 364 Knppel Debra 364 Kroenecke. Chen 433 Kruckemeyer. Karen 364 Krueger Edward 433 Krueger, Helen 364 Krueger, Valerie 364 Krupala, Kay 340 Kubals. Cyndy 364 Kuf 433 Kuhfal, Janet 433 Kuhns. Ron 392 Kunitz. Sharon 464 Kurtz, Cindy 364 Kurtz. Jeff 433 Kusch, Cindy 392 Kuzel, David 392 L 423 La 43 3 La Bove. Georgia 433 Labounty. Renee 392 Lackland Lee Ann 434 Lacroi , Jeffrey 392 Lacy James 464 Lacy. Joe 392 Lacy Pamela 434 Ladd. David 364 Ladd Tern 434 Ladner, Patnc 392 Lafevers Laur- 3°2 Lagrone. Sharon 392 Lake 364 Laky. Elizabeth 434 Laler, Kathleen 434 Lamarr Margaret 327 Lamb Brad 340 Lamb, Carla 434 489 Lamb. Paul 364 Lenert, Sandra 393 Lowry, Patricia 327 Martin, Kirk 394 Lamb. Terr, 434 Leonard, Connie 364 Lowther. Bruce 341 Martin, Lisa 436 Lambert, Beverly 464 Leonard. Stephen 393 Loy, Steve 435 Martin, Marce 436 Lamberth, Tom 434 Leonhart, Potti 393 Luce. Connie 465 Mort.n, Michael 394 Laminack. Ann 364 Leons, Lesley 364 Luce. Robert 327 Martin, Robert 436 Laminack, Lynn 434 Leslie. Dan 435 Luckenbill. Elizabeth 341 Martin, Sarah 436 Lamon, Terry 340 Lessenberry, Lisa 327 Ludw.g. Christa 434 Martin, Sheri 394 Lampkin, Debrah 364 Lester, John 327 Ludwig. Kenm 394 Martin, Stacie 436 Lanclos. Chris 464 Letendre, 435 Ludwig. Pam 341 Martin. Vanya 394 Lander, Leslie 434 Leva. Chorles 340 Lueke, Greg 365 Martin. Vickie 394 Landers, Ann 364 Levich, Karen 465 Lueke, Teresa 435 Martinez, Anna 394 Lane, Donna 434 Levy, Tim 340 Luenser. Don 341 Martinez, Jorge 394 Lone, Raymond. Jr. 340 Lewellyn. Bruce 393 Lund. Janice 394, Mark 436 Lang, Ellen 392 Lewis. Cindy 393 Lunday, Linda 435 Martino. Sylvio 394 Lang. Jeff 434 Lewis, David 393 Lundell. Walt 435 Mortinsen, Patircia 365 Lang. Ken 392 Lewis, Donald 435 Luttrell. Randy 394 Martyr. Gary 365 Lang, Shelly 434 Lewis, Kay 393 Lydia, Sheila 465 Mask, Roy 436 Lange, Anne 434 Lewis. Kervin 364 Lyle, Robert 465 Mosner, Scotty 436 Lange. Lana 340 Lewis. Larry 327 Lynch. Gail 435 Moson, Thomas 465 Lange, Lmda 340 Lewis. Leroy 340 Lynch, Gary 465 Massey. Albert 436 Langford. Cindy 392 Lewis. Marty 393 Lynch, Kyle 465 Massey, Steve 394 Langford. Dan 464 Lewis, Melissa 393 Lynch. Randolph 394 Massingil, Jan 394 Langlinais. Lisa 434 Lewis, Paul 364 Lynch. Richard 365 Massingill, James 436 Langlotz, Katherine 464 Lewis, Robert 364 Lyon, Lisa 435 Massoletti, Leslie 436 Langlotz, Kathy 392 Lewis, Tma 435 Lyons, Philip 365 Masters, Eldon 436 Langston, Dwana 434 Lewis, Virginia 435 Lyons, Richard F. 365 Masters, Terri 394 Langston, Reginald 392 Lexander, Randy 300 Lyons, William 341 Matejka, Charlene 436 Langston, Susan 434 Libby. Judy 364 Ma 367 Mathew, Karen 394 Langthorn. Robert 434 Lichtenwald, Melinda 364 Maamary, Rosie 435 Mathews, Craig 436 Lanier. Andrea 434 Ligen, Frances 340 Mabry, Mory 341 Mathews, John 341 Lanier. Patti 434 Lightfoot. Robert 364 Mace. Clark 394 Mathews. Pam 436 Lankeford, Russell 434 Liles, Larry 340 Mach, Sharon 34 1 Mothews. Victoria 436 Lanmon, Jeanita 434 Liles, Mitchell 327 Macha. Pam 341 Matteson, Robert 436 Lanning, Karen 434 Liles. Mona Rence 340 Macias. Suzanne 394 Matthews. Donna 341 tanning. William 364 Liles, Pott. 364 Macpherson, Jeanne 394 Matthews. Dorothy 436 Lansford, Dan 434 Lies, Shern 393 Macw.they. Kevin 394 Matthews, James 365 Lansford, Sharon 434 Lilly. Cynthia 393 Madden. Beth 365 Motthews, Jonet 341 Lantron, Karen 464 Lincecum, Steven 340 Madden. Pat 394 Matthews, Lori 436 Lao, Efrain 364 Lind. Elizabeth 393 Madden. Ruth 436 Matthews, Mike 327 Lap.ngton. Julie 340 Linda 348 Maddoc, Curtis 327 Matthews. Phillip 436 Lapp, Ben|amin 392 L.ndberg, Daivd 365 MaddoK. Patricio 394 Matthis. Morris 465 Lapp. Robyn 393 Lmdberg. Susan 435 Modson, Roger 436 Matula, Dav.d 436 Laprade, Ree 434 L.ndekugel. Karl 365 Magee, Dorothy 341 Matzinger. Mark 436 Largent. Nancy 340 Lmdell, Cns 435 Magee, Mark 465 Maupin, Jenny 341 Larmeer. William 434 Lindley, Judy 393 Maggord, Lee 365 Maxey. Frances 365 Larrabee. Jeance 434 Lindsey, David 435 Mogliolo, Kenneth 436 M axwell, C.ndy 394 Larsen, Debra 393 Lindsey. Kitty 393 Maguire.John 394 Maxwell, Joe 34 1 Lassalle, Gladys 327 Lindsey. Lori 365 Mahaffey, Jacquelyn 365 Maxwell, Molly 437 Laster, Luci 393 Lindsey, Rhonda 393 Mahaffey. Pamela 436 May, Dena 394 Laswell, Lavenne 434 Liner, Janice 340 Mahaffey, Ray 365 May, Gaye Lynn 394 Latham, James 434 Linklater. Susan 435 Mahan. Jan 365 Moy, Joe 327 Latham, Laura 393 Lmn, Oscar 338 Mahan. Johnny 436 Moy, Lorry 394 Latham, Pam 434 Lipon. Ted 435 Mahand, Glayds 436 May. Mary Jane 465 Latham, Steven 340 Litne. Liza 435 Mahler. Nancy 365 May, Roger 465 Latlian, Lurah 340 Little. Bill 365 Mahon. Michelle 365 Mayfield, Bonnie 436 Latimer. James 364 Little. Sammy 365 Mahondy, Kaywin 394 Mayf.eld. Jeff 436 Latourette. Libby 464 Little, 340 Mamer. Valerie 394 Maynard, Laura 436 Louden, Andy 434 Littlefield, Linda 341 Ma.nes, Randall 394 Mayne, Michael 437 Lauderdale, Paul 434 Littlejohn. Dale 393 Majors. Jim 34 1 Mayne, Stephen 365 Lauderdale, Tony 393 Littlepage. Gory 435 Mollord, Bon. 436 Mays, Dana 437 Laughlin, William Jr. 393 Littman, Christine 365 Mollett. Dernll 436 Mayton, Doyle 437 Laughon. Francis 434 Lively. Charles 393 Mollory, Melissa 394 McAtee. John 394 Lawder, Jean 364 Uvely. Linda 393 Mallott, Mory 436 McBnde, Carol 437 Lawhon, Terral 364 Livingston, Charles 435 Mallott, Michoel 465 McBnde, Horry Jr. 394 Lawrence. Jamce 434 Lloyd, Jon 341 Mallow, Deboroh 436 McBnde, Pom 437 Lawrence, Lisa 464 Lloyd, Judy 341 Molone, Kevin 341 McCain, Stephen 341 Lawrence, William 393 Lloyd, Leon 435 Malone, Patricia 365 McCallan. Ginger 394 Lawson. Ira 364 Lochte. Sandra 435 Maness, Debbie 341 McCollum. Alice 341 Lawson, John 434 Lock, Roanna 435 Maness, Glendo 436 McColpme, Keith 365 Layer. Milte 340 Locke, Liso 393 Moness, Russell 341 McCann. Jeffrey 437 Layne, David 434 Locker. Robert 435 Mongos, Roger 394 McCann. Marde 341 Layton, Bill 434 Locklin, Steve 435 Monkm, Rhondo 365 McCann. Russell 365 Layton. Mary 434 Lockwood. Andrew 365 Monkoff, Jean 436 McCarley, Max 465 Le 366 Lockwood. Douglos 393 Monley, John 436 McCarley, Murray 394 Leach, Malcolm 340 Loden, Brod 341 Manley, Morne 341 McCarley, Nancy 394 Leak, Theresa 393 Lodge. Thomas 393 Mann, Cindy 341 McCauley. Larry 437 Leaman, Mark 393 Loerwald, Dave 365 Mann. Nancy 341 McCauley. Melissa 437 Leamen, Charles 340 Loftin. Christine 365 Mann, Sherne 341 McCaulley. Jana 394 Leanard. John 435 Lofton, Peggy 435 Mann. True 327 McCaw. Melinda 395 Leblanc. James 393 Logan. Carol 393 Manning, Donna 365 McCeury. Gregg 395 Leblanc. John 340 Logan. Elizabeth 365 Manning. Shene 465 McClelland, Hal 365 Leblanc, Patrice 393 Logan. Kathie 435 Manns, Johnny 365 McClennen, Melissa 395 Lebo, Steve 327 Logan. Steve 435 Manry. David 465 McClennon, John 395 Lechter, Sharon 393 Logan. Suzanne 393 Mapes. Susan 436 McCleskey, Cynthia 437 Lecrey, Karen 434 Loho. Charles 393 Maples. Nancy 465 McClure. Vick. 437 Leddy. John 364 Lombardi, James 393 Marberry, Richard 365 McConnell. Debra 365 Lee, Cathy 393 Long, Allan 341 Morbury, 365 McConnell. Marty 465 Lee, Charles 434 Long, David 393 Morcum. David 394 McCormack, Clair 437 Lee. Constance 434 Long, Huey 435 Mordock, Marvin 365 McCormick, Cathy 395 Lee, Donna 434 Long, Lori 435 Mordock. Stephon 436 McCormick, Jimmy 395 Lee, Douglas 434 Long. Randall 435 Morek. Marvin 394 McCormick, Joe 341 Lee, Edgar 327 Long, Rebecca 393 Marietta. Kay 341 McCormick, June 365 Lee. Karen 434 Loomis. Rollin III 341 Marine, Stanley 365 McCorquodale, Lalla 437 Lee. Lester 364 Lopez. Eddie 393 Markart, Linda 394 McCoury, Lavado 365 Lee. Lisa 434 Lorenz. Donald 393 Marma. Kathy 436 McCoy, Gma 365 Lee, Lynda 434 Lorenz. Leslie 435 Marotta, Louis 394 McCoy, Melany 465 Lee. Mark 435 Lothrop. Joy 393 Marr. Kathleen 394 McCrary, Bruce 365 Lee. Patricio 435 Lovas, Leslie 435 Marsh. Frank 341 McCreary. Cindy 395 Lee. Robert 435 Love. Cathy 34 1 Marsh. Ralph 394 McCulley. Morgaret 437 Lee. Sharon 435 Love. Charlotte 341 Marshall, Charles 436 McCulley, Nancy 365 Lee. Sylv a 340 Love. Jim 341 Marshall. Cynthio 436 McCulloch. David 366 Leflor, Robert 435 Love. Robyn 435 Marshall, Kenny 394 McCullough, Bruce 437 Leftwich. Jeanne 435 Lovegren. Lewis 393 Marshall, Nancy 436 McCullough. Daphne 365 Legh-Poge, Deborah 435 Loveless, Joan 393 Marshall, Robert 436 McCurdy. Kim 437 Lehman. Mak 340 Lovell, Kevin 341 Marstaller. Williom 341 McDan.el, Bill 366 Lehman. Mark 340 Lovett. Helen 341 Martin. Alice 394 McDaniel. Carol 341 Leiter, Rebecca 465 Loving, Charles 435 Martin, Bert 436 McDan.el. Kimberly Gaye 395 Leith. Phil 340 Low, Bob 435 Martin, Brenda 341 McDan.el. Lisa 437 Leito. James 393 Low. Stan 393 Martin. Cheryl 365 McDaniel. Mary Ann 437 Lemaine, Gary 393 Lowe. Nancy 435 Martin, Colleen 436 McDaniel, Pamela 366 Lemmon, April 465 Lowery, Sybil 394 Martin, Denise 365 McDevitt, Frances 437 Lemon, Anna 340 Lowman, John 394 Martin. Elizabeth 365 McDill. Gary 437 Lemons, Janet 435 Lowrey, Claire 365 Martin John 323 McDonald. Diane 395 490 McDonald. Ellen 437 McDonald. Mary 395 McDonald. Michael 437 McDonald. Sally 437 McDowell. Andy 437 McDowell. Claudia 437 McDowell. Penny 437 McElroy. Bill 437 McElroy. Dian 366 McElroy, Fred 437 McElyea, Margaret 366 McFarland. Kenneth 310 McFarland. Kevin 437 McFarland. Nanette 341 McGaughey, Susan 366 M, Gee David 341 McGee, Lon 437 McGee. Tommy 437 McGhee. Cynthia 437 McGhee. James 366 McGilvra. Jane 341 McGinnis. Connie 366 McGinnis. Kenneth 366 McGinnis. Nac 366 McGinnis. Nancy 366 McHugh. Stephanie 437 McHugh. Stevi 465 Mclntire. John 366 Mclnvale. Georgeanne 437 Mclver, Glen 465 McKee, Martha 395 McKeever, Charles 341 McKelvey. Melissa 437 McKelvey. Sarah 395 McKinley. Thomas 437 McK.ssack. Marilyn 437 McKnight. Keith 437 McKnight, Mary 366 McLaughlin. Clinton 437 McLaughlin. Gari 395 McLaughlin. Mike 341 McLeod. Ralph 437 McLeroy. Ed 465 McLeroy, Linda 465 McLeroy, Raymond 366 McLeroy, Red 437 McLmden. Laura 437 McMahon. Dean 395 McMahon. Tim 465 McMahon. Timothy 395 McManus, Becky 437 McMaster, Kirk 366 McMath, Susan 342 McM.chael, Larry 437 McMichael, Marilee 465 McMillan. David 366 McMillian, Martha 395 McMillian. Melllssa 395 McMillln. Ronnie 437 McMullen. Brad 342 McMullen. Kaylene 327 McMurrey. Jim 465 McNabb. Larry 366 McNael. Lisa 366 McNamara, Terry 366 McNatt, Janice 366 McNeel, Mickey 437 McNeel, Patrice 366 McNeely Robert 366 McNeill. Chris 366 McNeill. George 437 McNeill. Steve 395 McNown. Vicky 437 McNutt. Bill 438 McNutt. Stephen 342 McPherson, Stephen 366 McReynolds. Alan 438 McW.lliams. Barbara 395 McWilllams. Claire 395 McWilliams. Rhonda 438 McWill.ams. Richard 465 Meachem. Missy 327 Meade. Pamela 438 Meagher, Jana 465 Meake. Glenda 396 Meakin, Katherine 438 Meares. Connie 465 Mears. Knsti 438 Meaux, Melanie 438 Meek. Brad 396 Medcalt. Connie 438 Medina. Brenda 438 Medlin. O ' Lesa 395 Meek. Dale 395 Meek. Donald 465 Meek. Donnie 395 Meek, Robert 342 Meek, Tammy 438 Meers. Randy 438 MeHord. Gary 342 Megchelsen, John 438 Megchelson. John 465 Meier. Nancy 438 Meisenheimer. Dave 366 Meisetschlaeger. Donna 395 Meissner, Leigh 366 Melendez. Carlos 366 Mena. Randy 395 Menasco. Lee 323 Mendel! Steven 328 Menetee. Lisa 438 Mensik, Anette 342 Menth. Thomas 465 Menh. Jackie 395 Mercatante, Michelle 438 Merchant, Donna 395 Merek. David 341 Mernman. Roger 395 Merrltt, Constance 342 Mem wether Malcolm 395 Mertel Pam 438 Men Richard 366 Mesarls. Kathy 438 Metjerie. Joseph 395 Metter Barbara 438 Metzger. Bill 395 Meuth. Tohmas , 438 Meyer, Kim 366 Meyer. Mary 395 Meyer, Rose 438 Meza. Frank 342 Micarelli. Kelly 438 Michael. Carla 438 Michael. Janis 342 Michael. Patricia 438 Mlcheletti. Evelyn 342 Michle. Sara 342 Michna. Glenn 395 Mickey. Dennis 438 Mlddleton. Betty 438 Mldklff. Bob 342 Midkiff. Melanie 438 Mldklff. Molly 366 Mikeskam. Mark 438 Milburn. Charles 395 Miles. Andrew 395 Miles. Bradley 438 Miles. Cliff 366 Miles, David 395 Millar. Serena 366 Millard. Glenn 342 Millard. Linda 366 Miller. Cheryl 438 Miller. Connie 395 Miller. David 438 Miller. Dawn 366 Miller. Devora 395 Miller. Glen 366 Miller. Janet 395 Miller. Jerry 342 Miller. Kay 438 Miller, Keith 395 Miller. Kenneth 438 Miller. Lenny 395 Miller. Linda 395 Miller. Mareclynn 395 Miller. Mark 438 Miller. Mary 342 Miller. Michael 395 Miller. Mona 438 Miller. Pamela 438 Miller, Peggy 395 Miller. Robert 342 Miller. Robin 466 Miller. Sandi 438 Miller. Seth 366 Miller. Sharon 438 Miller. Steven 342 Miller. Susan 366 Miller. Valarie 438 Millett. Jeff 438 Mllllgan. Debbie 438 Mllligan. Karen 438 Mllllgan. Mary 366 Millihan, Robin 395 Milliorn, Susan 395 Mills. Matt 342 Mills. Raymond 342 Mills. Rebecca 396 Milner. Betty 396 Milner. Beverly 366 Milner. Greg 396 Milner. Mark 438 Mllstead. Reba 438 Milton. Roxanne 342 Mince. Dennis 396 Mlnchew. Bobby 438 Minor. Michael 366 Minton. Diana 366 Minton, Garry 466 Miranda, Fawn 466 Minke, Joyce 396 Miskulm Joe 466 Mitchell. Billy 366 Mitchell. Cary 466 Mitchell. Dale 466 Mitchell. Dana 439 Mitchell. Dennis 396 Mitchell. James 366 Mitchell. Joann 342 Mitchell. Joseph 342 Mitchell. Mark 342 Mitchell. Paige 439 Mitchell. Penny 439 Mitchell. Steven 396 Mitchell. Susan 439 Mitchell. William 396 Mitchum. Mynette 439 Mixon. Sharon 396 Mizell, Beverly 396 Mizell. Rick 366 Mo 367 Moad. Martin 366 Mobbs. Leonard 366 Mobley, Jesse 396 Moe. William 366 Moehring, Janice 342 Moffitt. Judith 342 Mohr. Madelyn 439 Mollatt, Bryan 396 Molmanskle. Paul 413 Monasco. Lee 323 Monlgold. Hope 439 Monk. Kameron 367 Monk. Thomas 439 Monroe, Gary 439 Montfort, James 439 Montgomery. Donna 396 Montgomery. Jack 366 Montgomery, Jacqueline 439 Montgomery. Nile 342 Monzingo, Cheryl 342 Moody. Joy 396 Moon. Tommy 439 Mooney. Jan 367 Moore. Allan 367 Moore. Ann 396 Moore. Brenda 367 Moore, Charles 328 Moore, Cheryl 396 Moore. Cindy 396 Moore. Debra 396 Moore. Demse 439 Moore. Deveron 439 Moore. Donna 439 Moore, Doug 396 Moore. Elton 367 Moore. Frederick 439 Moore. James 366 Moore, Jan 439 Moore. K.mberly 439 Moore. Mark 342 Moore. Marty 367 Moore. Mary 396 Moore. Mtlodee 439 Moore, Mike 466 Moore, Patricia 328 Moore. Paul 439 Moore. Sterling 439 Moore. Steve 396 Moore. Sue Ann 439 Moore. Tammy 439 Moorman, Stephen 466 Mora. Virginia 439 Moran, Jennifer 396 Moran, Sherry 367 Moreau. Dallas III 439 Moreau. Debbie 439 Moreland. Amy 396 Morgan. Bill 367 Morgan. Debbie 367 Morgan, Dvee 367 Morgan, Jack 367 Morgan, Kip 439 Morgan. Kirk 439 Morgan, Larry 466 Morgan, Lisa 342 Morgan. Patrick 396 Morgan. Rita 439 Morgan. Robert 439 Morgan, Susan 439 Morgan, Vera 439 Morgan, Vicky 396 Morgan, Wesley 439 Montz, Marilyn 439 Morphis, Janis 367 Morris. Charles 396 Morris. Craig 396 Morris. Eugene 367 Morris, James 439 Morris, Jeanette 396 Morris, Jim 323 Morris, Johnny 439 Morris, Kathy 439 Morris, Kenneth 396 Morris, Lawrence 342 Morns. Mark 439 Morris. Mike 367 Morris. Pam 367 Morris. Patrice 367 Morris. Paula 439 Morris. Reed 466 Morns, Teresa 367 Morrison, Don 439 Morrison. Kathryn 367 Morrow. Cindy 396 Morrow. Elaine 342 Morrow. Janet 342 Morrow. Jimmie 396 Morrow. Mark 367 Morrow. Robert 367 Morrow, Roe 367 Morse. Tern 396 Morten. Kristy 367 Morton. Becky 439 Morton. Brad 342 Morton. Cathy 439 Morton. Denise 439 Morton. Doug 367 Morton, Jackson 342 Morton. Michael 367 Morton, Michaw 367 Morton. Pamela 367 Mosbey. George 439 Moseley. Tricia 466 Moseley. Vlcki 396 Moser. Pam 367 Moser. Susan 342 Moses, Judy 396 Moses. Scott 439 Mosley. William 439 Moss. Danette 439 Moss. David 439 Moss. Joe 342 Moss. Teresa 342 Motley. John 440 Mott, Kathy 367 Moughon. Joe 342 Mourn. Krishna 440 Moye, Billy 367 Moyer. Lawrence 396 Mueck. Michael 396 Muehlbrad. Nell Jean 440 Mueller. Cindy 440 Mueller. Jeanne 440 Mueller. Suzy 342 Muessig. Jeff 396 Mullen. Leslie 440 Muller. Connie 396 Mullik.k 367 Mullikin 367 Mullikin, Hunter 466 Mullikin. Sara 367 Mullins. Millie 440 Mulvaney 367 Mulvaney. Julie 367 Mundy. Deborah 440 Munez, Thomas 396 Munias, Tony 396 Muniz. Carles 396 Munkres. Shawna 440 Munson. Brad 440 Murdock. Debra 396 Murley. Pat 440 Murphy. James 440 Murphy, Phil 367 Murray, Barbara 328 Murray, Claude 440 Murray, Mark 396 Muse. Jean 396 Musick. Mita 308 Mussina, Fred 440 Myer. Daniel 328 Myers. Becky 440 Myers. Donald 396 Myers. Elizabeth 440 Myers. Gary 440 Myers. Jan 342 Myers. Mark 440 Myers. Richard 342 Myers. Ronald 440 Myers, Tom 397 Myrick. Marcia 440 Nabours. James 440 Nadolski. Jimmy 342 Nafegar. Diana 440 Nafta. Gilbert 466 Namy. Barbara 367 Nerramore. Anita 440 Nash. Richard 367 Nations. Billy 309 Nations, Frances 466 Neumann, Kurt 440 Naymola. Walter 367 Nayo 367 Neegl.. Mark 440 Neal. Colleen 367 Neale. Jeff 397 Neathery. Anita 397 Needham. Linda 440 Needham. Shelley 466 Neel. Curtis 440 Neely. Cris 397 Neese. Robert 342 Neighbors. O 367 Neighbors. Roger 367 Neil. Jay 397 Nelll. Cynthia 440 Neiman. Patti 397 Nekuza. Lara 367 Nekuza. Lorraine 367 Nelms. Chuck 440 Nelms. Harold 342 Nelson, Cynthia 440 Nelson, Glenna 397 Nelson, Julie 440 Nelson. June 367 Nelson. Paula 440 Nelson. Raymond 440 Nelson. Terry 397 Nenck. Jeff 466 Nesbit. Michael 440 Ness, Jimsey Kay 342 Nesse. Hollls 397 Nettles. Liz 440 Neuman, Chris 466 Neuman. Lynda 466 Neuman, Lynda Jo 367 Nevers. Greg 440 Nevill. Randall 367 New. Donna 440 Newberg. Mark 367 Newburg. Michael 440 Newcomb, Lee Ann 440 Newcomer, Mary 328 Newell. Allison 440 Newell. Beth 397 Newell. Linda 466 Newell. Mark 466 Newland. Pat 397 Newman. Charlotte 342 Newman. Christopher 440 Newman David 397 Newman Mark 367 Newmann Karl 367 Newsom Gordan 397 Newsom M,ke 440 Newsome Artis 466 Newszer Carol 367 Newton Jerry 328 Newlon Kath,e 367 Newton Steve 342 Nichaels Tony 466 Nichelas Pam 397 Nichelson Steve 397 Nicholas Debbie 342 Nicholas Shern 343 Nichols Amta 343 Nichols Will, am 367 Nicholson Beverly 440 Nicholson Bruce 440 Nicholson Robert 367 Nickey Laurance 440 Nieto Eddie 367 N.eto Eed 367 Nikfarjam Behzad 343 Nitiship Arnie 440 Nitz Paul 367 Nit; Steve 440 Nivens Jamie 441 N.x Kevin 441 Nix Phyllis 466 Ni. Preston 368 Nnolim Anene 328 Noa Ralph 441 Noah Joseph 397 Noble Cynthia 328 Noble Jan 441 Noel Keith 441 Nolan Rickey 343 Noonan Kevin 343 Nordt Glen 368 Norfolk Gary 441 Nonet Jeff 441 Nonck Kathy 441 Norman Linda 368 Norris Donell 397 Norns Elizabeth 397 Norris Kevin 441 Northcott Diane 368 Norto 367 Norton Calvin 368 Norton, Therese 343 Notter Ken 441 Novosad Mark 441 Nowakowski Kathy 397 Nowell Billy 368 Nuckles Loretta 441 Nudds Sheryl 397 Nueman Linda Jo 350 Nunn Claudia 441 Nystrom Amy 397 O Bryan Betsy 368 O Bryan Patti 397 O Connor Laune 397 O Dell Timothy 368 ODonnell Greg 397 ONeal Kathleen 397 ONeal Kenneth 368 O Neal Robert 368 ONeall Steve 397 ONeill Maurice 397 OQumn Lisa 397 Oake Linda 368 Oates Bob 328 Obard Richard 368 Oberle Gay Ellen 343 Obryan Ann 441 Ocampe Gabriel 466 Ochs. Kenneth 397 Ochsenfeld Bonnie 343 Ochsner Leslie 441 Oconnell Danny 44 Odell Clay 441 Oden James 466 Odom Bill 441 Ofield Karen 441 Ogden Robert 397 Oglesby Roy 368 Ohlemacher Lisa 441 Oieife Fred 466 Okelley Molly 466 Olivaer Kathy 368 OUer David 368 Oliver Jennie 441 Oliver John 343 Oliver Laura 441 Oliver Mary 441 Oliver Ricky 368 Oliver Tommie 328 Olle Michael 441 OHe Mike 466 Olsen Debbie 368 Olson Eric 441 Olson Jacqueline 441 Omalley Susan 441 Omara Reieana 44 1 Omk 374 Oneal Francis 328 Oneal Kathy 441 Opperman Jeff 368 Orfield Lisa 441 Orren Sandra 343 Ort Da id 441 Ort Karyn 397 Ort,z Greg 343 Orton Ellen 441 Osborne Cindy 441 Osborne Peter 343 Ostlund Lynette 441 Oswald Becky 441 Oswald Bob 397 Otstett John 397 Ott Dale 466 Ott Gary 368 Overman Tony 466 Overton Patricia 397 Owen Allen 397 Owen Jean 441 Owen, Joyce 397 Owen Sandra 397 Oxford. William 466 Pace, Margaret 397 Pace Tma 441 Pack, John 328 Padia Linda 397 Page, Christopher 397 Page Donnie 368 Page Helen 441 Pahnke Sharon 441 Paine Elizabeth 441 Pair Andrea 397 Paiuelo, Marcel 44 1 Palacios Non 441 Palko Bruce 441 Palmer B. II. e 368 Palmer Edwmna 309 Palmer Janie 368 Palmer Kelly 441 Palmer Marc 343 Palmerton Rick 328 Palombo Diane 441 Palos Maryella 441 Panahizadeh Habid 343 Pandey William 397 Pannell Mike 44 Pantazis Odysseia 44 Pantuso Mike 442 Paradysz John 442 Pardue Larry 368 Pardue Melissa 442 Parham Mary 343 Parham Mike 442 Parham Will, am 343 Pangi John 442 Pans Ronald 343 Paris Sammy 442 Pansh Dorenda 442 Park Gene 397 Parker B-lly 466 Parker Darrell 442 Parker Edward 343 Parker Jan 397 Parker Kath, 442 Parker Keith 368 Parker Lance 442 Parker Lisa 442 Parker Mary 397 Parker Michael 442 Parker Oliver 442 Parker Roy 398 Parker Tammy 442 Parker Terry 368 Parkey Sherry 368 Parkinson Virginia 368 Parkman Pete 343 Parks Carl 398 Parmley. Kristi 343 Pamsh Kath 398 Pamsh Kathy 398 Parson Lynnette 442 Parsons Fred 466 Parsons Fredrick 368 Parsons Larry 328 Parten Connie 398 Partm Joseph 442 Partin Nina 398 Pate Deborah 343 Pate. Ginger 368 Patrick Lisa Jan 368 Patrick Paul 343 Patten Beverly 442 Patterson Amy 442 Patterson Cheryl 398 Patterson Gary 368 Patterson Jim 442 Patterson John 442 Patterson Kelly 442 Patterson Kim 442 Patterson Lea Ann 442 Patterson Robert 328 Patterson Stephen 398 Pattillo Baker 310 Patton Brenda 368 Patton Dan 466 Patton William 442 Paul Pamela 368 Paulk Terry 398 Payne Bryce 442 Payne Denise 343 Payne Gary 398 Payne Gregory 368 Payne Kev.n 442 Pa,ne Patncia 398 Pa,ne Steve 343 Pe 398 Peacock Connie 442 Peacock K,ron 368 Peacock Penny 398 Peacock Steven 442 Pearman J. D. 398 Pearson Patricia 368 Pearson Shan 466 Peavy Sheri 467 Peck David 398 Ped.go Joe 398 Peebles Meredith 368 Peid Leslie 369 Pelham Doran 368 Penecost Karen 442 Penland Bruce 398 Penn Pam 343 Pennell Tommy 442 Pennington D-ana 442 Pennington Larry 467 Penny Amanda 398 Penny Jean Anne 442 Peoples Helen 398 Peoples Rick 398 Peppard Robert 398 Pepper Susan 368 Percy Cathy 343 Pereira Nancy 398 Perez Jon 442 Perkins Darryl 343 Perkms Kelley 467 Perkins Nancy 442 Permenter Bill 343 Permenter Chen 442 Perm, Phil 398 Perry David 343 Perry Lester 368 Perry Robert 328 Perry Sharla 398 Perryman Denise 398 Peters Karen 398 Peters 442 Peterson Brian 368 Peterson Judy 368 Peterson Mary 398 Peterson Sandy 442 Pettigrew T.mothy 467 Pettit Allan 442 Pettit Carolyn 442 Pettit Shen 442 Petty Roland 368 Petty Sean 442 Petty Tammy 442 Peurifoy Raymond 442 Peveto Donna 398 Pfeffer Frances 343 Phans Kathleen 442 Phelps Jon Ellon 442 Phelps Mila 398 Phelps Sam 442 Philley Charlotte 343 Phillipp Jerry 467 Phillips Dale 398 Phillips Donald 343 Phillips Evonne 442 Phillips Gayle 368 Phillips Jack 343 Phillips Jane 442 Phillips John 467 Phillips Judi 368 Phillips Mary 343 Phillips. Melame 343 Phillips Randall 368 Phillips Suzanne 343 Ph,ll,ps Tim 368 Pickens Janet 369 Pickens Kans 369 Pickens Louann 467 Pickering Denice 443 Pickett Bonny 443 Pickett Jim 343 Pickett Steve 369 P.ckle Charhe 398 Pickrell Will 398 Pierce Allen 443 Pierce Bob 443 Pierce Brad 443 Pierce Dixie 443 Pierce Joyce 443 Pierce Lems 398 Pierce Richard 369 Pierson Donna 443 Pierson Helena 443 Pike Robert 328 William 398 PJIsbury William 369 Pinch Clayton 369 Pmckard Gale 343 Pincus Roseanne 343 Pine Patncia 443 Pmnell Charles 467 Pmson Patsy 369 Pmson Steven 443 Piper Curtis 343 Pirme Dav.d 443 Pitkin Travis 369 Pittman Douglas 443 Pitts John 443 Pitts. Susan 343 Plant Edward 443 Piatt 398 Piatt Melia 343 Playfer Lynn 443 Playter Scott 443 Plecki Debbie 398 Pledger Mary 369 Ploeger Eric 467 Ploegstra Gwen 443 Poe Mike 369 Poehler Jeff 443 Pomdexter Mary 398 Polansky Peggy 443 Polderman Jeannette 398 Pole James 398 Polk Susan 369 Pollard Farrel 369 Pollard. Glenn 443 Pollock Bruce 443 Ponder Judith 443 Ponson Carroll 369 Pool Janet 398 Poore Pamela 443 Porter. Diane 398 Porter James 443 Porter Julie 443 Porter. Mack 369 Porter Melv.n 443 Porterfield. Clint 398 Porterfield Jeffrey 467 Portley Cheryl 398 Poston Paula 398 Poteet. Reba 398 Potenza Denna 398 Potharst Helen 398 Potter, Helen 369 Potter Laune 398 Potts Karl 443 Potts Vickie 443 Powell Charles 328 Powell David 443 Powell Kay 398 Powell Pamela 399 Powers Connie 443 Powers Janemane 343 Powers Kevin 443 Prachyl Cindy 369 Prather John 399 Prather Steve 443 Pratt Shelia 443 Pratt Steven 467 Preedom Anne 443 Preedom Becki 443 Lynn 399 Kevin 467 Presley Elizabeth 399 Presley. Harold 443 Prete Mark 443 Prewitt Kathy 343 Price Claudell 399 Price Colleen 443 Price Enn 467 Price Gary 369 Price Holt 399 Price Jim 467 Price Nancy 343 Price Sandra 443 Price Sarah 443 Pnchard. Kathy 369 Pnckett. Greg 343 Prideaux Scott 399 Pndgeon Marcus 343 Prif 399 Primrose Carol 443 Prlndle Evelyn 369 Pringle Lynne 399 Prior Terry 369 Pritchard Dean 443 Pritchard Thomas 399 Pntchett Sue 467 Procella M,ke 399 Procella Vickey 399 Prokish Robin 399 Prokopuk Peter 443 Prothau Robert 369 Pruett Jamie 399 Pryor Cindy 443 Pryor Phyllis 343 Puckett Barbara 344 Pugh Ronnie 328 Purdom Monty 443 Pur.fey Mack 399 Purvis V,cki 344 Putney Judy 399 Pwell Suzanne 399 Pyryt Donna 467 Pytel Steve 399 Ouam Keira 443 Ouattnni Denni Kay 369 Ouelland Nancy 443 Ouerner David 344 Ouinn Debbie 344 Ouinn Donna 369 Oumn Mark 444 Ouinn William 399 R 359 Rabalais Madonna 444 Rabeler Gordon 369 Rabenaldt Dean 444 Radetsky Diane 444 Ragsdale Cecelia 399 Ragsdale Ced 399 Raible Susan 444 Raich David 444 Raider M,ke 399 Ra.nes Bonme 369 Ra.nes Kathy 399 Ra.nes Steve 399 Ramey Leslie 444 Ramey Nancy 444 Rice Belinda 328 d r i a a c Kogers Cmdy 4b Sales Dannette 446 Rams Carole 344 Rice Bill 444 p Pi . 1 7n Kogers Uonna i U Sales. Lajuan 344 Rams Vie 399 Rice Brenda 445 Kogers. Uougias j U Sallis. Jewel 37 1 Rams Virginia 399 R.ce Jim 445 Kogers. K.aren 4UU Salter, Carolyn 371 Ramwater Rick 369 Rice. Kathleen 370 Rogers Karla 445 Salter. Debbie 344 Ramwater Steve 328 Rice William 399 Rogers Leigh 445 Salzman. Julee 344 Raitz Cmdy 444 Rich Curtis 445 p D , 1 J jAA Kogers Kicnard 4UU Samford. Van 310 Rambo John 344 Rich John 467 Kogers jaiiie Sammons, Artimonthy 446 Ramey Debbie 444 Richard Shame 400 Kogers ihetia Sammons, Jim 446 Rarney Gary 444 Richards Don 3 70 p a i , Ar r Kogers Wanda W Sample, Bill 446 Ramsay Robm 399 Richards Jan 445 Kogers w mi am tuu Samples, Ron 467 Ramsey Jeff 399 Richardson. Ann 344 A II . C Af f Kogers William t, 4UU Sampsel Todd 446 Ramsey M E 369 Richardson, Barbara 445 Rohmer Diana 344 Sampson Greg 446 Rand Darlene 369 Richardson, Barb.e 400 Rohrbach, Susan 344 Sampson, Scott 446 Randolph Debbie 369 Richardson. Bill 370 p_l k t ' _ _ a r r Kohrer Mary ' tUU Sams, Lewis 446 Randolph Paul 328 Richardson. Frances 445 P„ , „ A AC Koias Kosie +4o San Roman. Kathy 446 Randolph Sarah 369 Richardson Fred 400 Romanchek. Maryann 400 Sanders, Jerry 345 Raney Amy 344 Richardson. Jackie 445 Romano Barry 344 Sanders, Larry 446 Raney Beckey 444 Richardson, Michael 445 D C 1 „ AAC Komera tloise 44b Sanders, Lon 446 D 1 D L 1 l C Kank Kob 369 Richardson. Mike 328 Konc« Mark " HJU Sanders Robm 345 Rankm Keith 369 Richardson, Russell 400 Kooney Jeti Sanderson, Everett 446 Rapp Beth 444 Richardson. Sandra 445 Koor lamesna j U Sandidge. Edward 446 Rasberry Pam 369 Richburg Karen 467 D Q 1 A A Koper. Ben Sando, Patricia 401 Rasberry Rickey 444 Richey John 370 p ri., j i a a Koper. Uavid J44 Sanford, Jimmy 446 Rasco Leslie 444 Richmon. Elwyn 400 Koper l aren 5l J C [ J C 1 M A A I Sanford. Shelley 446 Rasmussen Robert 444 Richmond Scott 445 Roguemore, Sam 467 Santos. Angela 40 1 Rasmusson Glen 323 Rico Juan 370 Kose. Cassandra uu Santos, Raymond 345 Ratley John 444 Riddels. Sandy 400 Kose. aren HAJ Sappmgton. Lynda 345 O ll II S AAA Kathtt Karen 444 Riddick Mike 370 Rose. Suzanne 467 Sargent, Donald 446 Rawlmson Chip 399 Ridey Barney 400 p „ , „ A II, , 1 1 1 1 7Q Kose, William Ml Jzo Sart.n, Grover 401 Rawlmson Dwanna 444 Ridge Eugeuia 400 Koseman. DoDby ' tUU Sasso. Mane 446 Rawlmson Larry 444 Ridgeway Ruth 344 Kosenbaum Uonna J U Satterwhite. James 446 Rawls Donna 444 Ridings. Russ 400 Rosenberg. James 445 Sauage. Charles 446 Ray Julie 444 Ridings. Susan 370 p L-.I 1 „,l « AAU Kosenfhai. Leslie wo Saunders, Laurie 401 Ray Kathy 444 Riedl Lisa 400 Kosenrhai. Marc 4UU Savell. Kelly 446 Ray Patncia 369 Rigby Lee 445 p„ r , 1 7n Koss. Uan i U Sawyer. Paul 401 Ray Pattie 444 Riggs Gail 344 Ross Donna 467 Sax Micheal 37 1 Ray Richard 444 Riggs Sharon 467 P CI , U«lL A A L. Koss tiizabetn M-o Scaff. Ellis 401 Ray Steve 444 Rih 400 p i-r ka art Ann Koss. Mark »fUU Scales. Greg 37 1 Ray Terry 399 Rilat Jeff 445 Koss. Kobert Wo Scales. Mark 401 Rayburn Rawgan 399 Riley. Ann 370 d Ci I a nn Koss. jtephen nuu Scammel. Cmdy 446 Read Linda 369 Riley David 370 D C A At. Koss. ouzanne Wo Scarber, Pam 446 Read Royce 369 Riley. Janice 344 Ross. Thomas 467 Scarborough. Gary 345 Reagan David 444 Riley. Kerry 370 Rosson. Nancy 400 Scates. Bruce 446 Reardon Celeste 444 Riley Mary 445 0-,,,. . i _L ...i 1 7n Kossow Michael J U Scha 401 Reat Vickie 444 Riley Patsie 344 KOStvOld. iCOtl uu bchaeter Betsy 401 Reavis Karen 444 Riley Sean 344 p _ ( l E_-_L A II 170 Koth. rrank A. II JZo c l I pi j a n t Schaeter David 401 Kecord Cnns J9V Riley Stephanie 445 Kothe, Jeanne " no Schaefer, Michael 401 Rector Beverly 444 Rmey Glenda 400 Rother Reggie 446 Schaffner, Randy 401 Rector Linda 444 Rippetoe Leann 400 P„ji . _ D , | A AA Kottman. raul 4UU Schantz. Roue 345 Rector Martin 467 Risner Christie 400 Roumaya Zayad 446 Schardt, Chnsteli 401 Kedd nohn 399 Ritchey- Taylor 400 D „ .L C -1 1 7A Kousn Coralee J U Schatz, Nancy 447 0„jj lOO Kedd non jw Ritchie Sharon 370 Kowden Cmdy ' to Scherer. Shelly 371 n„ J J CL„ 1 LO Kedd iherry 369 Ritterhouse. Sherry 370 Kowden Kebecca 344 Scherw itz, Cmdy 401 DJJ i .i - m Keddmg Kathy 369 Rivard, Darrel 400 d _ dm inn Kowe. Bill 4UU Scherzer. Jennifer 468 D At Q L lOO Kedtearn Barbara 399 Roane Carol 445 Rowe. Dan 446 Schietmger. Mary 447 Redman Mary Ann 344 Roark Joe 400 Rowe George 401 Schiller, Bill 447 Redman Mike 344 Robbms Gary 3 70 D». — kl 1 " )0 Kowe iNorman JZo Schlattner, Hal 468 Redman Rick 344 Robbins. Manlynn 445 D„ | | u L A A L Kowland. Mark 44o Schlitz. Debra 345 Redmon Pamela 444 Roberson Jim 344 Koyal 1 ere W 1 Schmidt, Doug 447 D 1 1 1 A 1 A A Kedmond Lea Ann 344 Roberson. Maria 445 Royer. Kim 344 Schmidt, H. R. 345 Redwme. Larry 444 Roberson. Tommy 3 70 Rubm. Michael 344 Schmidt, Keith 447 D _ L _ inn Keece Kobm jw Roberts Glenn 445 P L ,L f L . . 4. 1 AAL Kubush. Christopher 44o Schmidt Richard 401 Keece Charles 344 Roberts. Johnnie 400 Rucka. Rodney 344 Schmidt, Susan 371 Keed oarbara jw Roberts Lmda 370 Kudd ousan 4U I Schmidt, Vivian 468 Keed Bobby J6V Roberts, Michael 445 P AA Vw nnn 1 A A Kudu. Tvonne SW Schmitz, Linda 401 D_ J D _ i. ion Keed Brent J99 Roberts, Mike 445 D J J 1 1 i 1 7A Kuddick Janet 3 U Schneider, Bob 401 Keed Clarence JW Roberts, Nancy 445 Ruggiero, Donna 446 Schneider. Karen 401 P„_J 1 TOO Keed James Jtt Roberts, Sarah 445 P,,L| | _ - " Af 1 Kuni. Laune HJ 1 Schneider. Kathleen 447 D A V A ,L,,| 1 A A Keed Michael J44 Roberts Scott 400 Kuhl Keyburn 5 ' W Schnorbus. Teena 371 p „ „ j i j ■ i i iqo Keed Mitch jVr Roberts. Sheila 445 Ruhl Tma 3 70 Schoenberg. Debbi 401 Keed I nomas J6V Roberts. Shen 344 Runnels Dan 446 Schoettler, Donna 371 D J A 11 AAA Keed William 444 Robertson Debra 370 D ki II i ir Kunyon. William j U Scholtz, Darry 371 D i lj inn Keel Hon 399 Robertson. Jadelyn 400 O Li CL II 1 ir Kupprecht bhelley j 0 Schooling. Nancy 447 Q „ _ 1 |_L_ lOO Keel John jVV Robertson. Joannette 445 D . L _ __l 7 7A Kush. Carol 3 U Schrader, David 447 Keese Cheryl J6V Robertson. John 400 P L 1 J AAL Kush Judy 446 Schrank. Bill 401 d.„,„ n uu. loo Keese ueboie J v Robertson. Julia 445 D ,L Q AAL. Kushmg Bryan 446 Schroedter. Bill 468 Reese George 344 Robertson, Rick 400 D L — M l 1 in Kushmg Nicky 3 U Schroedter, William 371 Keese Lmda 39V Robertson. Rosemary 467 D L D J 1 ir Kushmg. Kodney 3 0 Schroif. William 401 □ „-,,„ P _ L , , J 7QO Keese K icnard JW Robertson. Shawn 467 D -L f ' _ 7 7A Kusk. Conme J U Schuendruf Dott.e 371 p „„, „ c „ _ i, no Keese. Meve Jr. iio Robertson Steve 467 D II D LL AAL Kussell Bobby 446 Schuller, Steve 401 Reeves Carrol 444 Robertson. Sulynne 400 D 1 1 j " — |_ 1 A A Kussell. Charles 344 Schultz. Bill 447 Reeves Tina 399 Robertson. Susie 370 Russell Deedra 40 1 Schultz. Rob 447 Regen Nan 444 Robm Paul 467 Russell Gene 40 1 Schulz. Chris 371 Keid Uoreetre jot Robinson, Beverly 445 Russell Ginger 446 Schumacher Terry 345 Keid Mary Ann JoY Robinson Catherine 400 O III 1 7A Kussell Karen J U Schumacher, Tim 447 D „ J fi TOO Keid otuarT jy? Robinson Jenny 400 D II 1 iL 1 A A Kussell Kathi 344 Schutzmaier. Debra 447 4 , 1 -» A . 1 A A Keider Lawanda J44 Robinson, Kevin 370 Russell. Marian 446 Schwartz, Neil 401 Keily Barbara J6Y Robmson Laura 445 Russell. Mary 446 Schwarz. Kim 447 Reiter Margaret 369 Robinson. Mark 400 □ II D 1 AAL Kussell Kicky 446 Schweitzer, Susan 447 Remalia Scott 444 Robmson. Randy 370 D II c i i tr Kussell Meve 3 0 Sclater. Kenny 447 Remstam Karl 444 Robmson Robert 445 Russell. Thomas 446 Scoggms, Jana 3 7 1 Rent; Kathryn 444 Robmson Ruthie 445 D II VA ' ll 7 a t Kussell. William 344 Scott. Jamie 401 D.. n .„J p. ,| inn Robmson Steve 400 o l r l 7 in Kust. Uebra 3 0 Scott. Jimmy 447 Resendez Shelia 444 Roby Pam 344 Rust Rosemary 401 Scott. John 401 0_ «. Tl J- inn Keu ' er I honda JYV Rocamontes Annette 445 Rutherford Daymon 446 Scott Judy 401 Rebels Susan 444 Roche Mark 370 Rutherford. Jimmie 401 Scott Lisa 371 Q ■ . - D„, L lOO Ke roae Becky jvv Rockney Chnstme 445 Rutherford, Sherrye 401 Scott, Marsha 345 Key no ' a Ueboie Soy Roco Lmda 400 Ryan Beth 401 Scott. Micheal 371 Keynoids Charles 46 Roddey Lynne 445 D f L lii AAL Kyan Charlotte 446 Scott, Richard 371 Reynolds Nancy 444 Roderick Homer 445 Ryan Geroge 370 Scott. Stan 447 D....IJ, Ckall " 100 e y noids jhen jw Rodgers Chris 445 Ryan Patricia 401 Scott. Vicltie 447 Ke noids van Jov Rodgers Randall 344 Ryan Shen 446 Scott. William 401 Ph,na 1 . no«o AAA Rodgers. Shannon 445 p _J f _ _ A L i Kyder benevieve 46 Scnbner. Shirley 3 7 1 rcn.jaaes i u n j u Rodman Allen 445 D 1 . J KI . 7 7A Kyland Warren J U Scroggm, Jan 3 7 1 r nooes Artnur 444 Rodngues Lmda 370 D 1). f .1 7 7A Kymnler C arnck J U Scroggm, Julie 345 Phr ot Plarr l AAA ivnoaes ue i t h Rodriguez Eva 344 Sabec. Demse 40 1 Scurlock. Cindy 447 P nn J ot C.-I ALj rvnoaes to to Roe Steve 3 70 Safford, 344 Scurlock. Thomas 447 ivnooes COwdfQ J U Roe Susan 400 Sahders David 344 Seabaugh Robert 468 Rhodes Mike 3 70 Roehr Laura 400 SaJe Donald 446 Sealy, Janet 345 Rhodes Patricia 444 P-.L, k ,4 , , 1 __ AAC Koehr Iviarylynn ' Wo Sa tta Mary 401 Seamans Anita 447 Rhodes 467 Rogers Barbara 400 Salazar Roland 371 Sease Bob 345 R,ce Ann 467 Rogers Carla 445 Saleh Phil 371 Sebastian Larry 401 493 Sechnst Anne 40 1 Simpson Carla 345 Smith Richard 402 Stark Janet 403 Sechnst Scott 328 Simpson Deanna 371 Smith Robert 346 Starnes Jana 449 Segrest Pam 447 Simpson Jacklyn 402 Smith, Robert L. 346 Starrett Theresa 403 Segrest Teresa 371 Simpson James 468 Smith Rome 346 Stavmoha Robert 403 Seibert Joyce 328 Simpson Jane 345 Smith Robert 449 Stearman Susan 403 Seidel William 447 Simpson, Klay 37 1 Smith Russell 402 Stebenne Anne 450 Self. John 371 Simpson. Nona 448 Smith Sandra 402 Steed George 346 Self Mary 34S Simpson Paula 402 Smith. Scott 402 Steele David 372 Sellers. Ray 447 Sims Lesa 402 Smith Sheldra 346 Steele Deborah 450 Selman. Bruce 345 Sims. Brenda 345 Smith Shelly 468 Steele Shenlyn 372 Selph M. Lee 447 Sims Jody 371 Smith Sheml 468 Steely Clay 346 Seller Mary 401 Sims Steve 37 1 Smith Stephanie 468 Steffler J,m 403 Sembera Kathy 401 Sims Tim 448 Smith Steve 372 Stegall Kelley 450 Semones Susan 3 7 1 Sinclair James 371 Smith Steven 403 Stem Jav 372 Sepmoree Cheryl 447 Sinclair Jerry 448 Smith Sue 346 Stein Mary 346 Sepulva Joseph 345 Singletary Phil 448 Smith Susan 346 Stemman Elizabeth 468 Serio Charyn 447 Singleton. Carl 371 Smith Tern 449 Stelloh Jen 450 Sessions Karen 40 1 Singleton. Mary 37 1 Smith Terry C. 372 Stelly Susie 450 Setliff. Paul 345 Singleton Michael 402 Smith Trudi 346 Stembndge Cheryl 346 Setliff Terry 447 Singleton Terry 448 Smith, Viclti 449 Stephen Michael 323 Shackelford, Ken 447 Singley Elaine 402 Smith Wendy 449 Stephens John 372 Shackelford Monica 447 S.pes. Kevin 371 Smith Zell 328 Stephens Kathryn 450 Shadle Carol 447 Sirman Gary 448 Smitherman Evelina 449 Stephens Michael 450 Shadovitz. David 328 Sirman Julius 448 Smith-hart Nancy 372 Stephens Norma 403 Shafer Edwm 447 Sismilich Roger 448 Snelding Emily 346 Stephens Susan 468 Shaffer Bob 345 Sizemore Sheila 448 Snell M,kie 403 Stephenson Craig 403 Shannon. Susan 345 Sierven, Dennis 345 Snipes. Diane 403 Stephenson Janice 403 Sharon Glae 447 Skeeters. Lester 37 1 Snyder Allen 449 Stepp Kyra 346 Sharp, Jill 345 Skelley. Carl 448 So Koon Warn 346 Sterrett Robert 450 Sharp, Lisa 37 1 Skidmore Kmda 468 Soape Jan 372 Stevens Julia 403 Sharp, Ronald 468 Skidmore Linda 345 Soape, Jerry 372 Stevens, Lyn 346 Sharp, Sandy 40 1 Sk.llern. Karene 37 1 Soderstrom Carl 372 Stevenson Billy 372 Sharpton Debra 447 Skinner Carol 448 Soisson, Scott 449 Stevenson Mark 403 Sharrock Patricia 402 Skinner Debra 402 Soloman Steve 372 Stevenson Michael 468 Shaver Shan 345 Sk.pwith Cynthia 402 Somers Claire 449 Steward Steve 450 Shaw Alif 447 Slaback Diane 371 Sones Rayanne 468 Stewart. David 450 Shaw, Anne 447 Slack Susan 448 Sorrells Eileen 346 Stewart James 346 Shaw Diana 447 Slaydon. Susan 402 Sorrells Sheri 372 Stewart John 450 Shaw Gail 371 Slayton. Barbara 345 Sorrells Susan 449 Stewart K.m 403 Shaw, James 447 Slayton, Scott 371 Sosnovy, Sara 449 Stewart Lucy 372 Shaw, Lon 447 Slazer, Debbie 448 Southerland Danny 372 Stewart. Mary 372 Shaw, Milton 447 Sledge. Stacy 372 Southerland Mark 449 Stewart Melanie 468 Shaw. Ronald 323 Slexander James 352 Southerland, Nicky 403 Stewart Michael 346 Shaw, Stephanie 323 Slingerland. Phil 345 Spalding, Karen 449 Stewart Randy 373 Shaw Steve 447 Slogan Wendel 328 Spano, Cindy 449 Stewart Reveau 450 Sheaffer Eric 371 Small Teddi 402 Sparkes, Kathleen 449 Stewart Ted 403 Shealy Nancy 468 Smirl Karen 448 Sparks Andi 372 Stickley Tim 373 Sheasley Sherry 447 Smith Ann 448 Sparks Danl 346 Still Frank 346 Sheets Brent 371 Smith Anne 402 Sparks Gayle 372 Still. J,m 403 Sheets Charles 447 Smith Beth 448 Sparks Janice 372 Still Joseph 450 Sheets. Phil 447 Smith Betsy 448 Sparks 449 Still R,ck 450 Sheffield. Bill 371 Smith Bobby 448 Sparks Sara 449 Stinson Cindi 450 Sheffield. Nancy 402 Smith Bonnie 309 Spauiding Donna 449 Stinson Randy 450 Sheley.John 345 Smith Brad 448 Spaw Margaret 449 Stipulkosky Sharon 450 Shelley. Debbie 371 Smith Carol 345 Spear, Robm 328 Stirl 403 Shelton, Byron 345 Smith Charles 345 Spears, Carolyn 449 Stobart, Patricia 450 Shelton Gary 402 Smith Clark 345 Speents, Cindy 403 Stockman, James 450 Shelton Jo Nan 371 Smith Claude 448 Speer Phill.p 372 Stocks Joseph 450 Shelton. Larry 447 Smith Darrell 468 Spellings Joel 449 Stockten Douglas 403 Shelton Robert 402 Smith David 372 Spencer Cynthia 372 Stockton Douglas 468 Shelton Tony 402 Smith Debbie 350 Spencer Diana 346 Stockton Graham 450 Shepard David 468 Smith Deborah 448 Spencer Mary 403 Stockwell Michael 403 Shepard Don 371 Smith Denise 345 Spetter Dan 346 Stokely Mane 450 Shephard Ronnie 447 Smith Donna 448 Spetter Marsha 403 Stolnacke Paul 373 Shepherd Kay 345 Smith Eliose 448 Spicer, Gary 346 Stone, Denny 468 Shepherd Mark 345 Smith, Faith 402 Spiegel. Tern 449 Stone. Dick 468 Shepherd Patricia 328 Smith, Fran 372 Spies John 403 Stone. Jeff 373 Sherrill Paul 402 Smith Frank 468 Spinks Robert 403 Stone. Kimberley 450 Sherrod. David 447 Smith Fred 402 Spirit. Julie 468 Stone Lonnie 403 Shidler. Nancy 447 Gmny 372 Spitter Elaine 449 Stone Richard 373 Shields. K,rk 345 Smith Glenn 448 Spradlin. Ronald 372 Stopschinski Michelle 450 Shields. Steve 468 Smith Gregery 402 Sprague Cindy 403 Stotts Stacey 373 Shiltz. Steve 402 Smith Gregory 345 Sprague Geary 449 Stouffer Jim 373 Shimkus Julie 448 Smith Hank 448 Sprague. William 372 Stovall Cindy 450 Shipley. Janice 448 Smith Holly 372 Springer Elizabeth 372 Stover Howard 403 Shipley. Lon 448 Smith, Jackie 372 Springer Pam 449 Straubing Rhonda 346 Shipley, Lynda 345 Smith, Jacqueline 448 Springfield, Chnsti 449 Straun, Nancy 403 Shlpman. George 448 Smith James 448 Springfield, Janet 372 Straw, Craig 450 Sh, pp. Clyde 328 Smith Jana 402 Sprott Lois 346 Streckfuss Jay 468 Shirley James 448 Smith Jane 449 Sprott, Rictie 346 Strehler Michael 450 Shirsfy, Chris 448 Smith Janice 449 Spurgers Richard 468 Streit Brad 403 Shively Steve 402 Smith Jeff 402 Spurlock Will, am 328 Strelke. William 346 Shoemaker, Billy 448 Smith J,m 449 Squier, John 372 Strickland Cynthia 468 Shonkwiler, Chen 448 Smith John A, 372 Squyres John 449 Strickland Glenda 450 Shore, Kay 448 Smith Karen 402 Sramek Rickv 346 Strickland Jan 373 Short Jim 448 Smith Karon 372 Sstilson John 450 Strickland. Kim 450 Short, Judy 448 Smith. Kathleen 449 St, Clair, Cindy 450 Strickland Sharon 346 Shourd. Michael 402 Smith Kim 402 Stafford, Sharon 449 Stricklin Bruce 450 Shrum. Melissa 448 Smith Kisa 402 Staggs, Don 372 Stringer Bob 328 Shubzda. Susan 448 Smith, Larry 449 Staggs, Larry 372 Stringer, Clyde 450 Shuflin, Gmny 402 Smith, Leesa 402 Stohl. Linda 403 Stringer. Jan 450 Shell. Karen 402 Smith, Leona 468 Stahlecker V,cki 449 Stringer Suzanne 373 Shumate Ann 37 1 Smith, Linda 345 Standerfer Mellie 403 Stripling Jeanette 373 Shupp, Terry 345 Smith Lisa 449 Standish, Scott 403 Strom Michael 373 Shupp Tracey 3 7 1 Smith Mark 345 Standley Sue Ann 403 Stroud Jay 468 Shuttlesworth Carol 345 Smith, Marlena 345 Standndge Stacy 372 Stroud Sid 373 Siegert. Kenneth 402 Smith Mary 345 Stanert, Greg 449 Strozier Melmda 450 Sierra Jimmy 402 Smith, Melamw 402 Stanford. Mark 372 Stubblef.eld Donna 373 Slices Lynne 448 Smith, Melissa 449 Stanford Terry 346 Stubbs Eva 346 Siller Larry 371 Smith Melody 449 Stanley, Barry 403 Stubbs, Grace 450 S.lva. Mike 402 Smith, Melony 402 Stanley Brien 468 Studer Joe 346 Silverstem Brenda 448 Smith, Michael 402 Stanley Donna 403 Studer. Michael 403 Simmermann. Emmett 371 Smith M,ke 345 Stanley, Elizabeth 468 Stunbs, Eva 468 Simmons. Daphne 468 Smith Nanette 402 Stanley, Hughes 468 Stupka, Vick, 403 Simmons Karen 448 Smith Nena Sue 372 Stanley Marian 3 72 Sturdivant. Diann 403 Simmons. Kathleen 402 Smith Nikki 449 Stanley, Obnen 449 Sturm Gerald 346 Simmons. Mattie 345 Smith, Opal 372 Stanley, Robin 372 Sublett Suzanne 450 Simmons. P. F. 402 Smith. Pamela 346 Stanley Wrenn 372 Suggs Donna 450 Simmons. Roderick 448 Smith. Park 468 Stanly, Elizabeth 449 Suggs, 373 Simmons Sam 402 Smith, Patricia 346 Stanton, Mary 346 Suhr Constance 469 Simmons, Twila 3 7 1 Smith Paul III 346 Staples, Monique 403 Sullivan Bethany 373 Simons, Lisa 402 Smith Pete 310 Stapp. Lynne 403 Sullivan Tim 346 Simpson, Becky 402 Smith, Randy 449 Stapp, Vicki 449 Summers Bambi 450 494 Sumrall James 373 Thompson Beth 373 Tucker Steve 469 vyoiTS jimmy tjj Suflive Chuck 373 Thompson Bobby 451 Tucker Ted 405 VVdlOrn raul iDj Sutten Glenn 403 Thompson Donald 451 Tudor. Scott 452 Waldrop Howard 453 Sutton Cathleen 450 Thompson Doty 347 Tullar Stephen 452 A ,U n ,,, D ,.U Ah.Q waiorup Daroara to Svrcek Peggy 450 Thompson Gayle 451 Tunnell Tern 452 U ilU, Ackla I 7 A woiKer Nsniey j t Swann Paul 373 Thompson Gregory 451 Turansky Patnca 452 w a i«e r doo j i j Swannie Jennifer 450 Thompson Jeanna 451 Tureli Robm 452 Waller fjluin A.Z.1 vvaiKer v aivin tjj Swanson Hank 450 Thompson Jerry 347 Turlington Brenda 469 Walker Bonnie J 4 Swanson Randy 450 Thompson Jimmy 347 Turman Tern 3 74 AJ alLor riiwJ AZ.1 wai»er uavia tDJ Swanson Richard 346 Thompson Keith 404 Turner Bart 347 waiter cnse ud Swatzell. David 403 Thompson Linda 451 Turner John 374 Walker cary 4U3 Sweanngton John 403 Thompson Mark 451 Turner Kathryn 347 Walker Jett .j 4 Sweat Sherne 346 Thompson Mary 404 Turney Mark 405 Walker jimmy 40J Sweirmgen Ho 403 Thompson Nanette 469 Tutt Laura 452 A alLnr l kn lAl walker John J4 Swendig John 403 Thompson Philip 451 Tuttle Joy 452 walker ivaren 4U0 Sw.ndell Debbie 469 Thompson Ronald 373 Tuttle Lisa 405 v v aiker [ oTrty 3. ™ Swindler Kathy 450 Thompson Shirley 469 Twonson Karen 405 Walker Mark ' rUO Swmey Claudia 450 Thompson Steve 404 Tyiska Reginald 323 walker Maury toi Swofford. William 450 Thompson Sunny 451 Tyler, Susan 452 Walker M,ck 405 Sylvia Vernon 403 Thompson Theresa 451 Tyler Wilham 328 Walker Patty 453 Sypulsk. Vlclti 450 Tabor Stephen 451 Tadd Donna 404 Tadin Peter 469 Tafur Francy 451 Taggart John 451 Taggart Kare n 404 Taggart Kathie 404 Talafuse GJnert 404 Thompson Tomrme 373 Thompson Vicki 347 Thornh.ll Tim 451 Thornton Greg 347 Thornton Kay 45 1 Thornton, Kelly 452 Thornton. Larry 404 Thornton, Steve 404 Thorton. Cindy 45 1 Udo. Anthony 328 Ueckert Cheryl 469 Ulery Chris 452 Umanah Sylvanus 328 Underwood Kent 452 Upchurch. David 405 Upchurch Kathy 452 Upshaw Eddie 452 Upton Don 405 Usanga Paul 328 Utzman Jan 374 Walker Robert 347 Walker Scott 453 Walker Staca 453 Walker Steve 374 Wall David 347 Wall Karen 453 Wall Ronnie 469 Wallace Carl 453 Wallace David 347 Taliaferro Mary 469 Tamaya Juan 346 Tanner Burl 451 Thumas John 373 Thurman Carol 347 Tidmore Denms 404 Wallace Jaciyn j 1 4 Wallace Karen 469 Wallace Kathy 46V Tanner Rebecca 373 Tidwell Jame 373 Valadez Oscar 405 Wall a,- a Pam AC £. Wallace ram uo Tannery Myren 404 Tidwell Nelda 452 Valdtvia Tma 469 A alla a D.U : 17A Wallace rani J 4 Tarbel Chns 404 Tiller Claude 469 Valek Cindy 469 Willed C,L.„ r |_I a 17a vvanace jnenoa Tarbrough. Edward 457 Tiller Kevm 452 Valer Cmdy 347 waller ra ' Ti 5 4 Tasker Rodney 346 Tillman Carl 452 Vallone Paula 452 VA .II C a AO Waller OcOtt 433 Tate Harold 346 Tillman Chns 404 Van Arsdale Daryl 405 Wallme c7len 404 Tate Kern 346 Timco Lance 452 Van Dyke Paula 453 Walling Laura J 4 Tatum. John 469 Lmmon Donnie 452 Van Meter Theresa 453 A ,II CL . 1 _ AC.A Waiimg onena 404 Tatum Sharon 346 Lmmons Bobby 373 Van Riper Timothy 328 Wall is Michael 454 Taylor. Charles 346 Timmons Curtis 452 Vance Anne 347 waiiis Kebecca J 4 Taylor, Cherly 373 Timmons James 404 Vance. Neil 405 VA -I.L D _J 1 A 7 Walsh tjrenden J4 Taylor David 4S 1 Timmons Jeanette 404 VancJ. Elizabeth 328 l_l AC A Waish John 404 Taylor, Gary 404 Tins Karen 347 Varley Pamela 453 A 3 Irk kAiil,n-ia adz. walsn Meiinoa tUD Taylor Georgia 346 Tmsley Dav.d 404 Varnale. Mane 453 Walsh Michael 4U0 Taylor James 45 1 Tmsley Kevin 404 Varson George 453 waiter jieve tj Taylor Judy 346 Tmsley Kimberly 452 Vasek Paul 453 lAV _ | _,, i _ i i ac,a vvaiiers jeTT tot Taylor. Julie 451 Tmsley Leslie 404 Vasguez Denny 374 1 orc Manri, A ,S vvairers i ancy " j Taylor. Kathi 469 Tippen Jeff 404 Vasterlmg Eric 405 waitner Carrie ' fo ' t Taylor. Kenneth 451 Tippett Diana 452 Vaugham Carole 453 wait: jetirev Jzo Taylor. Kim 347 Tisdale John 469 Vaughan Gayle 453 WarburTon v ienn ' rjt Taylor Margaret 451 Tittle Janice 404 Vaughan Kimm 405 Ward Charles Jr 454 Taylor. Mark 347 Tn 404 Vaughan Sharon 469 vvaro 3?ina tuj Taylor Maria 451 Toan Steve 452 Vaughan Tommy 405 ward Leonard iii Taylor. Man 347 Todd Dwane 404 Vaughter Brenna 453 Ware 454 Taylor, Nancy 373 Tolbert. Phi II is 373 Vavgd. Paul 469 Ware Mike 405 Taylor. Nicky 404 Tolez Ada 404 Vawter Scott 453 A X 1 1 l-l 7 A Wartield John j 4 Taylor Paul 469 Tolleson T.m 404 Vay Bruce 347 Warner Roberta 454 Taylor Ray 404 Tomlm Todd 404 Veach. Mark 453 Warner Teresa 405 Taylor. Teresa 373 Tonelli. Paul 347 Vehlmger Janna 452 A L O . I , , AC.A Warnock Kebecca Taylor. Ten 45 1 Tongate. Bob 469 Veiga Theresa 374 kl ----- f atU, A. C A Warren athy tDH Taylor, Trent 373 Tonkovich. Cecila 452 Velding. Julie 453 a r »n;« ac a Warren UalliS 434 Taylor Wmdell 451 Tonleovich Patricia 373 Vercher Reg ma 374 a n iAi Warren Uonna 34 Teague Anita 45 1 Tooke, Nona 347 Verhalen Joe 347 Warren Janet 405 Teague Joseph 404 Toon Martha 404 Verner Barbara 453 ii C J AC Warren bandy 4U5 Teague Judy 451 Torabian Kamran 404 Verner Kenneth 347 Warren Sarah 454 Teare Karen 451 Torrence Carole 404 Vesowate Joe 453 Warrick Kathy 454 Tears Janella 347 Tortello. Susan 347 Vetter Carolyn 405 Warnc k William 3 74 Teel Leslie 451 Tower Diane 452 Vetters. Ray 374 Warwick Bill 469 Teer Dan. 404 Towery Rod 373 Veyler 405 A .. -1 KI II , A C A Warwick William 404 Teichman Bnan 404 Townsend Carol 373 Veyles Jom 405 A . L 1 l l 17a Wasriborn John j 4 Temple Edward Jr. 373 Townsend Craig 373 Viater Amta 405 Washington Jim 347 Temple. John 373 Townsend Debbie 373 Valerie 453 A , r L . 1 lAl Washington Larry J4 Templeton James 451 Townsend. Janet 404 Vice Jana 453 Wash ington jabrina J4 Tenmson Carl 451 Townsend Robert 452 Vichman Linda 453 warkins jonn tud Tennison. Pncilla 404 Townsend Robin 404 Vickers Stephens 453 A a t, r r. Allan A£ A Wa TSOn Mian 4D4 Terrel Cathy 404 Towse Dona 405 Vickery Michael 405 A a+. n Han AhQ watson uan to t Terrell. Barbara 404 Tracey William 405 Vickrey Joe 347 va i n,., l ACA Watson Ua rryle 404 Terrell Kim 373 Tracy Don 452 Villagemea Jesus 453 Watson Udve J4 Terry Brenda 404 Trahan, Glynn 373 Vma Steve 453 Wa ' son oina 4D4 Terry Larry 373 Tramel Wayne 452 Vines Charles 374 Watson Jody 454 Terry Michelle 45 1 Trautmann Keith 405 Vinson Greg 453 Watson Sue 454 Terry Sherry 373 Travis Mark 452 Vinson Joe 453 Watson Susan 454 Terry Van 347 Travis Richard 452 Vinson Robert 347 Watson l ony i 4 Thames. Marilyn 347 Trawick Andy 373 Virant Susan 374 a . » ri i . 7 7a Watt Ueedie J 4 Thann Iran 45 1 Traylor Gary 347 Virgil Kenny 453 Watters Steve 3 74 Thayer Kristi 404 Traylor Lynda 452 Vizena Davey 374 A atterson Cheryl 454 Thedford Rickey 451 Traylor SandruS 347 Vlk, Rita 347 Watterson Uebbie 4ov Theford Patnsia 404 Treadwell, Anthony 405 Vogelsang. Stephanie 374 Watte rson Devbie 469 Thetford Tracy 451 Trepagmew Patty 469 Vo.t Theresa 453 Watts Carol 405 Th,bodeau . Gaty 45 1 Trevtne Gloria 405 Volz Barbara 453 Watts Cmdy 404 Th.gpen. Tera 469 Tnana Theresa 452 Voss Kathy 374 Weatherford Tony 454 Thomas. Becky 347 Tnbble. Allen 323 Vowell Jeanie 453 Weatherly James 347 Thomas. Cmdy 469 Trimble Greg 452 Weathers Leslie 454 Thomas Deborah 404 Tnpp Debbie 452 Wa 43 1 Weaver Blair 454 Thomas Denise 373 Tritch Mark 405 Waasderp Joe 453 Weaver Bob 454 Thomas Diane 451 Tntch Tim 373 Wacker Karen 453 Weaver Cmdy 3 74 Thomas George 404 Troeger Lisa 452 Wade Alice 469 Weaver Lmda 405 Thomas Ivy 45 1 Trotter. Randy 452 Wade, Carolm 453 Weaver Mark 469 Thomas. J. E. 347 Trotter, Sally Ann 452 Wade Enc 453 Weaver Robert 469 Thomas Karl 451 Trout Lucmda 452 Wade Lucious 374 Weaver Ronald 348 Thomas Maggie 451 Troutt Michael 452 Wade Lynne 453 Weaver William 405 Thomas, Mike 404 Trowbridge Charles 452 Wade Nancy 347 Webb Barbara 454 Thomas, R.Thomas 404 Truay Terry 373 Wade. Susan 347 Webb Cathy 454 Thomas Randel 347 Truesdell Randy 452 Wade. Thelma 453 Webb Gene 348 Thomas Robert 45 1 Tsamis Ans 452 Wages Monica 347 Webb Lisa 405 Thomas Sterling 451 Tubb Larry 452 Waggoner, Dave 405 Webb Mark 374 Thomas Vivia n 451 Tuck Laurie 405 Waggoner, Susan 374 Webb Nancy 405 Thomason John 451 Tucker, Cherry 452 Wagner Dennis 453 Webb Richard 374 Thomeer Martha 373 Tucker, Karen 452 Wagner Mark 374 A ebber Mary 374 Thompson. Alan 45 1 Tucker, Kathi 373 Wahl Kerry 405 Weber Karen 405 Thompson Alice 451 Tucker Sherne 452 Wahl. Ricky 453 Weber Nancy 454 495 Webster Pauline 374 Webster Phyllis 374 Webster 454 Weddle Tom 405 Wederqren John 454 Weech. Hardden 374 Weed Bruce 454 Weed Sherryle 348 Weeden Julie 454 Weeden Suzanne 454 Weeks Charles 405 Weeks George 374 Weeks Jam.e 328 Weeks John 3 74 Weems Mary 406 Weersmq Mike 454 Weersmq Tom 406 Wem David 406 We.senborn Robin 348 Weiss Kathy Lee 348 Weiszbrod Denise 454 Welch Gary 32 " ? Welch, Jay 329 Welch. Julianna 470 Welch, Tim 3 74 Welch Van 348 Weldo 374 Weldon Carl 374 Weldon David 348 Wellborn Rodney 454 Weller Hohn 406 Weller John 406 Welling William 406 Wells Allen 454 Wells Brenda 374 Wells Elizabeth 470 Wells Jan 374 Wells Suzanne 348 Welsh Randy 454 Welsh Susan 454 Welter Mark 406 Welton Greg 454 Wendtland Lisa 454 Wenrworth Mary 348 Wenzel David 348 Werner Lynne 406 Wesnesk. Robert 348 Wess Sharon 348 West David 374 West Grady 454 West Jim 406 West Larry 470 Westbrook Christie 454 Westbrook Sandra 374 Westcott Linda 406 Wester Melvm 309 Westerlage Cynthia 454 Westerman Paul 375 Westmoreland Vicki 375 Westre Ken 455 Wellington Christopher 406 Weyland Joan 455 Whaley Penm 470 Wharton Eileen 375 Whatley Jeame 470 Whatley Tanya 455 Whealdon Terry 348 Wheat Gail 406 Wheatlev Dee 3 75 Wheelus Charlene 455 When, Ste-e 455 Whetsel Da. id 406 Whigham Judy 406 Whisenant Charles 406 Wh.te Alan 406 Wh.te Becky 375 White Claude 375 Wh.te Debra 455 Wh.te Drew 406 White Ellen 406 White Glenda 375 Wh,i e James 455 White Jere 375 Wh,t e Joe, 375 Wh.te Jud, 375 White Larr, 375 Wh,te Leslie 470 Wh,te Lmga 348 White Lisa 406 Wh.te Marcus 375 Wh,te Marl 455 White Nancy 470 White Odis 406 Wh.le S.san 455 White T,m 375 Wh.te Wendy 455 Whitecomb Collen 455 Whitehead Deaba 348 Whitehead Debra 348 Whiteman Tom 329 Whitesell Mike 455 Whittield Karen 375 Wh.tlill Jamie 406 Whitley James 406 Whitlock Gma 455 Whitmer Ted 348 Whitmore Sharon 348 Whitt Diane 455 Whitten Teresa 406 Whittle Herb 348 Whitton Marsha 375 Whitton Marty 375 Whitworth. Darnel 375 Wicker Philip 455 Wickham Carmen 406 Wideman Beverly 375 Widner Steve 455 Wieder Anna 455 W.ederhold L,nn 406 Wiederspehn Susan 455 Wier K,m 406 Wiese Terry 455 Wtezorek Cathie 455 Wiggins. David 470 Wiggins John 406 Wiggins Joni 455 Wiggins Judy 406 Wiginton Larry 455 W,q;ell Andrew 406 Wilbants Erwin 348 Wilcon Dennye 375 Wilco son Travis 348 Wiles Debbie 406 W.les Russel 375 Wiles. Russell 470 Wilhelm. Mark 455 Wilhite Cheryl 455 W,lk Brad 375 Wilkerson. Charlotte 470 Wilkins Andy 470 Wllklns Bob 406 Wilkms Paul 348 Wilkinson Cathy 455 Wilkmson Joe 348 Willbern M,ke 375 Willeford Johnny 455 W.lley Kann 406 Willey Michael 375 Willhoile Pam 455 Williams Ben 375 Wilhams Bill 375 Wilhams Blane 470 Williams Bob 455 Williams. Caraylin 455 Williams. Carolyn 406 Williams Cecilea 348 Williams Cecilia 470 Williams Cindy 406 Williams David 455 Williams Elizabeth 455 Williams James 348 Williams Johm 348 Wilhams John 323 Wilhams Joy 348 Wilhams Judy 455 Williams Karen 375 Wilhams Kelley 348 Williams Lee 406 Williams Linda 406 Wilhams Lisa 348 Williams Lynne 455 Williams Marl 375 Williams Paula 375 Williams Phyllis 375 Williams Robby 406 Williams Scott 348 W,ll,ams Sherr, 375 Wilhams Slusan 406 Wilhams Stephen 348 Williams Susan 348 Williams Terry 406 Wilhams Victor 470 Wilhams Wally 455 Williamson Linda 406 Williamson Donna 455 Williamson Larr, ' 406 Williamson Mar, 348 Williamson M.chael 455 Williamson Susan 455 Williamson Tanya 455 Williford Lou 406 Willimams Karen 406 Will, mas Karen 406 Willis Clifton 406 Will.s David 329 Willis William 455 W.llmon, Gary 406 Willson. Robin 407 Wilson Sally Ann 407 Wilson Barbara 329 Wilson Cathy 455 Wilson David 407 Wilson James 455 Wilson Jimmy 375 Wilson, John 455 Wilson Johnny 348 Wilson Jonn 470 Wilson, Judi 456 Wilson. Kathenne 375 Wilson Leeanne 407 Wilson Mile 456 Wilson, Paulette 456 Wilson Phyllis 456 Wilson Sandra 470 Wilson Sheryl 456 Wilson. Terry 375 Wilson. Thomas 375 Wilson. Valerie 375 Wilson. Victor 456 Wilson William 456 Wmchell Susan 456 Wmdel David 375 Windel Eva 456 Winder Marcus 407 Windham Clyde 470 Windham Jiretta 375 Windham John 348 Wmdham Joretta 470 Wmlord Janet 456 Wmfree Gilbert 407 Winfrey Susan 456 Wmgate Larry 375 Wmgfield Michael 407 Wmlle Dawn 407 Winkler Bette 456 Winn Kathy 375 Wmslett Mile 407 Winston Beniamm 375 Winston Val 456 Winter. Connie 456 Winter Karl 470 Wmtermete John 407 Winters Pamela 456 Winters Sherne 407 Wise Kathy 375 Wlsnoslie Donme 348 Witcher Mile 407 Witherspoon Guy 456 Withrow Brian 456 Joel 456 Witte Douglas 470 Witte Francme 407 W.tte Terry 456 Witte Doug 407 Wofford Franl 456 Wolam Gordon 348 Wolf Elizabeth 348 Wolf Harold 348 Wolf Michael 407 Wolfe Kathy 375 Wolfe Sam 375 Woliver David 456 Wolley Cheryl 407 Womacl Bruce 407 Womack Dawn 375 Womal Paula 407 Wood Alice 375 Wood Anne 375 Wood Charlotte 348 Wood David 329 Wood Garry 3 75 Wood Jace 407 Wood Jan 456 Wood Johi 348 Wood Lavonne 348 Wood Mark 348 Wood Mary 470 Wood Rebecca 329 Wood Richard 456 Wood Ricky 375 Wood Stephen 348 Woodall Chns 407 Woodall Paul 456 Woodall Rusty 407 Woodfolk, Elmer 456 Woodling Jo 456 Woods, Gndi 470 Woods Don 348 Woods Sally 407 Woods Sherry 456 Woods. Stanley 407 Woodson Glenn 456 Wooldndge Karen 456 Woolfolk Gary 376 Woolfolk, Cheryl 470 Wooten Jana 456 Word. 456 Worden. Merrill 456 Worden. Trip 456 Workman Michael 456 Worsham, Richard 456 Worthington. Donny 456 Wren, Lori 456 Wright, Constance 407 Wright, Daniel 348 Wright David 470 Wright Don 456 Wright, George 456 Wright Jo Anne 456 Wright. Preston 376 Wright, Randy 376 Wright. Robyn 376 Wright. Ronnie 456 Wright. Steve 348 Wright. Teresa 407 Wright William 470 Wyatt Dana 456 Wyatt Robert 348 Wych Terre 456 Wygant Stephen 456 Wygant Tom 407 Wynn Lei. 407 Wynn. Rayl 407 Wynn Rayla 407 Wytick.Gary 407 Yager Mike 456 Yancey. Pamela 456 Yarber Charles 456 Yarborough Liz 470 Yarbrough Beth 456 Yarbrough Darrell 457 Yarbrough Edward 457 Yarbrough Robert 470 Yaretsky. Nana 407 Yarotsky Shelia 470 Yaw Donna 407 Yemma Bill 407 Yohe. Linda 407 Youena Jill 407 Young. Andy 376 Young Buddy 349 Young Damon 376 Young. Delois 349 Young Gayle 407 Young George 407 Young, John D. 471 Young. Robin 457 Young. Verna 407 Youngblood. Joy 457 Youngblood. Karen 376 Youngblood Susan 457 Younger Sandra 457 Youngker Susan 457 Youngman Craig 376 Yuill Suzi 457 Zabeinik Em, I 407 Zaborowski Karen 457 Zachanas Mark 349 Zadrozna Donna 457 Zamorano Kelley 457 Zehrr, Tr.cia 457 Zeid Rusty 376 Zeithammel Gretchen 457 Zelazn, John 457 Zeller Ronald 329 Zimmerman Vicki 407 Zimrr,ermann Tracey 407 Zindler Mark 349 Zobal Arthur 457 Zoeller Sandra 457 Zuber Victor 376 Zumwalt Sherri 457 Zunk Todd 457 Zwals Kathy 349 496 Taylor Publishing Company [Insitco

Suggestions in the Stephen F Austin State University - Stone Fort Yearbook (Nacogdoches, TX) collection:

Stephen F Austin State University - Stone Fort Yearbook (Nacogdoches, TX) online yearbook collection, 1974 Edition, Page 1


Stephen F Austin State University - Stone Fort Yearbook (Nacogdoches, TX) online yearbook collection, 1975 Edition, Page 1


Stephen F Austin State University - Stone Fort Yearbook (Nacogdoches, TX) online yearbook collection, 1976 Edition, Page 1


Stephen F Austin State University - Stone Fort Yearbook (Nacogdoches, TX) online yearbook collection, 1978 Edition, Page 1


Stephen F Austin State University - Stone Fort Yearbook (Nacogdoches, TX) online yearbook collection, 1979 Edition, Page 1


Stephen F Austin State University - Stone Fort Yearbook (Nacogdoches, TX) online yearbook collection, 1980 Edition, Page 1


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