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m Stephen F. Austin State University 1974-1975 Stone Fort Table of Contents Pctivities 42 Sports 92 Greeks 164 Organizations 210 Honors 288 Pcademics 306 Rdministration 354 Students 366 Staff Kathy Brumbaugh Editor Dawn Algire Suzie Strickenberger Associate Editor Joanne Bello Karen Keitz Copy Editor Karen Butler Pam Tullos Sports Editor Bill Poplin Patti Shaddix Organizations Yvonne Rudd Kara Kunkel, Mike Fehrle Academics Vickie Smith Photographers: Tim Van Riper, Bruce Vay RitaVIk Jim Boots, Jim Blalack Phyllis Webster Sue West Lisa Wilcox Dedication The dawn of a prosperous era in the development of Stephen F. Austin State College occurred amidst Homecoming festivities on one November day in 1958. On November 1 , Ralph W. Steen began his term as the third president of SFA and the college began a period of phenomenal growth toward a university. A native of Clyde, Callahan County, Texas, Dr. Steen entered McMurry College in Abilene where he received his Bachelor of Arts degree. He was later awarded the M.A. and Ph.D. degrees from the University of Texas in Austin. Joining the faculty of Texas A M University as an assistant professor of history in 1 935, Dr. Steen rose to the rank of department head. From Texas A M, where he had taught continuously since 1 935, Dr. Steen came to SFA. At his inauguration in February, 1 959, Dr. Steen said that he wanted SFA to " continue to grow in size, prestige, and scholastic reputation. " To date during his term of office, the enrollment has increased from 1 ,992 students in 1 959 to more than 1 0,000 in 1974. In terms of facilities, more than 90 percent of the classroom buildings are less than 1 years old. Since 1 965, the campus has witnessed construction of the Science, Music, Ferguson, Library and new Education and Business buildings, to name but a few. The quantity and quality and the growth of SFA are attributable primarily to the leadership and vision of President Steen. He defined his dream in his inaugural address in February, 1959: " . . . It shall be my purpose to do everything possible to operate a college which recognizes the fact that we live in an age which moves with great rapidity — an age in which it is not possible for a college to be as colleges have sometimes been in the past — no more than an ivory tower. We want the ivory tower, of course; we want people to think and dream; we want also to feel that our first responsibility is that of giving to young people the knowledge they will need to live, to work, and to prosper in the modern world. " With a great amount of devotion, enthusiasm, concern and love, this dream is becoming realized more and more each day. It is with much gratitude and appreciation that the staff dedicates the 1 974-1 975 Stone Fort to President Ralph W. Steen. Enrollment increases SFA ' s population spiraled with fall registration. A record enrollment of 1 0,536 students was reached. This is a six percent increase over last year. The growth is attributed to one of the largest freshman classes in SFA history and to the expansion of off- campus programs. Masses of humanity found two problems with which it must contend: housing space and parking places. A bird ' s eye view What ' s so great about SFfl? (1 ) Jim Strange, Bossier City senior; " It ' s great to be able to go bike riding with no hassles. The countryside is so beautiful. The Biology department is great too. Rita McWhorter, Houston senior; " I like the people. Everybody ' s so friendly. " (2) Frances Barrett, Wylie senior; " I can do anything I want to do. It ' s not hard to get involved in things around campus. " (3) Mike McLaughlin, Houston junior; " I like the ■ Radio TV department. It ' s come a long way in just the two years that I ' ve been here. " (4) William Earl Tyler, Houston senior; " To me there are three great factors at SFA. It ' s high ranking among other universities here in Texas, the beginning of a new athletic program and complex, and the beautiful scenery of the campus. " Spring fever The weather changes. With warm weather, people head to the outdoors. Spring fever strikes. Bicycles awaken from winter hibernation. People become more tolerant. They cling to the outdoors as a private sanctuary to escape the pressures of an academic world . . .if only temporarily. (1 )Mark Zacharias, Dalias sophomore; " The people, the woods and the lifestyle. The small town really makes SFA great. " (2)Vi rginia Vallarino, Austin junior; " It ' s small enough so that I ' m not just a number, but it ' s still big enough to give me the experience you expect from college. " (3) Dick Allen, Dallas junior; " I like the surrounding area because there is no cement. It ' s a good place to be while you ' re in school so later on you can hit the city and not already be burned out on all the pressures. " (4) Lee Campbell, San Angelo senior; " The country setting is what makes it. It ' s free. There is such a variety. Frats, kickers, independents and freaks. " 15 Registration have it your way With more students, the traditionally long lines were even longer. Hold that card! Maybe that class will re-open in an hour or two. New routines found some students up every morning by eight. . .for those who prefer sleep, some didn ' t have to start til ' noon. But the best part is that you can do it your way. There were the freshmen who didn ' t know which line led where, and, of course, the seniors who didn ' t really care. 18 SFfl hosts East Texas country fair An amusement park, snow cones, cotton candy, dunking booths, live entertainment . . . April brought Nacogdoches the first East Texas Country Fair. Co-sponsored by SFA and the Nacogdoches Chamber of Commerce, the fair offered a flea market of antiques, a live production of " Cabaret " , an old fashioned country auction, live entertainment by the East Texas String Ensemble and the SFA Jazz Band, and " Winchester " played for the street dance. Country cookin ' and country fairs by tradition are inseparable. Cooking contests galore: cornbread, chili and even possum. Threatening skies didn ' t dampen the climax of the fair — the big name entertainment in an open air concert at Lumberjack Stadium — John Hartford, Jerry Jeff Walker, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Michael Murphy, and Steve Fromholz. 19 fl relaxing atmosphere for study The new four story library provides a relaxing and quiet place for students to study, do research, or just get away from the noise. The four floors are divided into different areas and one can find the references he needs on almost any subject by merely going to the right floor. Putumn returns Autumn signals return. A return to college and academics. A return to friends, a goodbye to summer and its carefree air. A feeling of anticipation: How will this year be different? Leaves fall. SFA becomes a myriad of color. Life settles down and goes on. 22 A new system Students returned this fall to find a new system being used in the campus cafeterias. Computerized ID cards were used to enter giving only those who purchased a meal ticket access to the cafeterias. Signs stating " Take all you want, but eat all you take " and " Tell me if you want less " were common sights along the walls. 25 26 Spirit, bonfire spark Homecoming The lure of their old alma mater, the return to once hallowed halls, the gathering of alumnae . . . SFA Homecoming ' 74 turned out to be the biggest ever. More than 15,000 fans witnessed the Lumberjacks battle the East Texas State Lions. Campus festivities began with the traditional torchlight parade. Arsonists failed in an attempt to sabotage the pre-game bonfire. Fans ' spirits are kept alive by the SFA mascot and an outstanding halftime show by the Lumberjack Band. Warm memories of an age gone by, old friends, until our paths cross again . . . Remember when . . . 27 Floats, qu eens make parade Months of planning and hard work by the SFA Alumni Association and various campus organizations brought the 1 974 homecoming parade to a definite reality. Masses of lumber, tissue paper, chicken wire and flowers were created into award winning floats through hard work and late night hours spent by members of participating organizations. Early Saturday morning the SFA band set the pace for the traditional parade down Mound Street and through downtown Nacogdoches. Smiles, twinkling eyes and queens filled the parade line. 1 974 Homecoming Queen, Debbie Bond, Livingston senior, and Miss Nacogdoches 1974, Jeanne Mitchell, Richardson junior, highlighted the events. 29 The pep rallies this season were really handled in style by theSFA cheerleaders. School spirit was at an all-time high not only because of a great football team, but also because a keg was given away at every pep rally to the group displaying the most spirit. To break up the hum-drum of the old fashioned rally, the events this year all had themes to them. Thursday evenings found groups whooping it up in the gym, wearing anything from western clothes to halloween costumes and pajamas. School spirit and a keg of beer 31 Athletes, musicians christen coliseum 32 Basketball games and concerts sparked the three-day schedule of events which found SFA opening its newest addition to completed campus construction. The structure includes 92,000 square feet of floor space and was designed for basketball, assemblies, commencement, concerts and other similar functions. The Lumberjacks and the Ladyjacks started off the festivities with a doubleheader basketball game on November 21 . Hoedown, Count Basie highlight opening November 22 brought " Coliseum Hoedown. " It featured Willie Nelson, Rusty Wier and B. W. Stevenson. The pillow and blanket concert was followed the next night by Count Basie and his orchestra demonstrating their reputation as " The Most Explosive Force in Jazz. " 34 35 The games room, downstairs in the university center, is a place where students can go in-between classes and let out tensions and anxieties. It includes ping-pong, pool, air hockey, foosball, pin ball and an assortment of table games such as monopoly, chess, checkers and dominoes. It is a place of challenge for the mind. Test the theories. Was it force times velocity? Problems too complex, but the solution depends on what happens to one little round ball. Games people play 36 Crafts encourage creativity The craft shop, downstairs in the university center, is open to all students for making pottery and other things with clay. Lessons are given free by the UC. It ' s a great place to go to relax and let your mind wander, for if our minds are to remain productive, so must our hands. Ideas are of little value until they find form. 39 Student government elections For the students, J by the students tiHiiiiitiiuiiiiuiitm SFA students can make a change in the University, if they care enough to vote. Each fall and spring they go to voting booths and select the candidates of their choice. It is handled like a public election, although students are choosing fellow students to represent them. Each person votes for the student government heads and senators from his class. He also selects senators to represent him in his school of study. 42 ACTIVITIES 9 1 , 1 lit O o XT 1 UC sponsors personnel drive Each semester the University Center holds a drive to recruit students tor the ten SFA UC committees. The prospective member visits the tables ot all committee displays. He is then told of all the activities the committee does throughout the year. Afterwards he decides which one he would most enjoy working on. The committees gain new members with fresh ideas, and the members become more involved with the University. There is a committee to fit ever personality. 45 46 fTlardi Gras at SFfi Eleven University Center committees presented the theme " Mardi Gras " at the annual University Center Bash. Among the events was a dance sponsored by the UC Dance Committee while the UC Entertainment Committee held Aunt Fanny ' s Night Club complete with chorus line. UC Jackbackers served ice cream in an old-fashioned setting. Exotic drinks were found in the UC Hospitality Committee refreshment bar. The UC Recreation Committee entertained students with Harold ' s Club, and the UC Cinema Arts Committee showed movies. UC Fashion Committee gave out free balloons. All events were executed by committee members. Bash is held at the beginning of the year to get students to join the various committees. All events are free. 47 The first major production of the Department of Theatre ' s fall season was Shakespeare ' s " The Taming of the Shrew. " Under the direction of Dr. W. K. Waters Jr., the play featured Tim Haynes and Connie Cobb in the two main roles. Others in the cast were Don Collier, Joyce Hoak, Ronnie Milam, Mikal Tucker, Leonard Blackwell and Gary Watkins. Also cast were Jim Waits, Nicky Dudley, David Simpson, Vanda Edwards, Connie Suhr and Roni Dickson. Also John Crespeno, Arthur Gonzales and Jan Marks. Drama department presents The Taming of the Shrew ' 50 The French opera " Carmen " was one of the highlights of this year ' s drama productions. Presented in conjunction with the Music Department, the opera was performed entirely in English. Dr. David Jones, associate professor of music, produced and staged the show which featured Elizabeth Allen, Suzi Young, Ric Berry, Mike Talley and Michael Young. Also singing were James Holder, Gary Wood, Debbie Trott and Marcella Valdez. Scuba divers have more fun The SFA Scuba Club is open to everyone! Members are given reduced rates on diving lessons along with free courses in techniques such as underwater photography and Basic Life Support. Activities include dive trips to local lakes, pizza and beer parties, and trips to Arkansas and other renown dive spots. Members also receive discounts on all brands of diving equipment. 53 You ' ve got to vote if you want to be heard. Each year the SFA Young RepuDiicans, Young Democrats and the student government sponsor a voter registration drive to encourage students to register and vote in Nacogdoches. This year the East Texas String Ensemble, a group of SFA professors, provided the entertainment while students registered and talked with visiting government representatives. 54 registration drive 55 Government by the students Elections to vote in . . . petitions to sign . . .political groups to follow . . . meetings to attend . . . apathy won another victory . . .the silent majority did remain silent. Student Senate 1 974-75. A reign of females. President Cindy West, Vice President Amy Nixdorf , Speaker of the Senate, Karen Bullard . . . women ' s liberation? The student government showed signs of functioning as a governmental institution and not primarily as a social club. Senators found being a representative required more than one Tuesday night meeting. It also entailed work hours in the office . . . committee meetings. . . meetings with administrators to discuss legislation . . . research . . . student polls ... drawing up a bill . . . time. Despite a contested election in the fall, Student Government sponsored East Texas Country Fair . . . student discounts . . . suggested repeal of the mandatory $1 3 graduation fee. Government by consent of the governed . . . are the students ' voices heard? They could be . . . but do they care to speak? 57 Fred Waring and The Young Pennsylvanians The Fred Waring Show, featuring the Young Pennsylvanians, aged 18 to 22, was presented in Griffith Fine Arts Auditorium by the 1 974-75 Concert Series. The Hollow Crown Sir Michael Redgrave starred in the Royal Shakespeare Company ' s presentation of " The Hollow Crown. " It and the Fred Waring Show were two of the Fine Arts Concert Series presentations which also included Count Basie and His Orchestra, Carlos Montoya and " Hello, Dolly. " Alpha Chi Omega and KSFR sponsor dance marathon for fTluscular Dystrophy Whew! " I could have danced all night. . . I could have danced all night . . . and still have begged for more. . . " Nov. 1 5 and 1 6 saw many SFA students do just that for the benefit of those striken with Muscular Dystrophy. Those people will never know the joy of kicking up their heels. Sponsored by Alpha Chi Omega and KSFA Radio, the first Muscular Dystrophy Dance-A-Thon filled the Party Center. Winners in the most money pledged contest were Vanessa Kelly and Mark Thompson. New bicycles were the prizes. Terry Rinehart ' s twenty-nine hours of constant foot shuffling was the record breaking time. The spirit of the holidays rang true as approximately $6,000 was raised. Recognized as outstanding by comedian Jerry Lewis, the Marathon ' s earnings will be used to enhance the possibility that a cure for Muscular Dystrophy can be discovered within our lifetime. ■ ZSl hp v . ' ml ■ 61 62 terrorize Nacogdoches Friday, January 31 . . .a night most here will not forget. The flood of 75. Seven inches of rain in eight hours. Mass evacuation. Normally tranquil Banita and LaNana Creeks overstepped their boundaries and created surging torrents of water that raced through the city causing $5.5 million property damage. Governor Dolph Briscoe proclaimed Nacogdoches a national disaster area. In the aftermath, hundreds of Nacogdoches residents and SFA students were left homeless. Three persons reported drowned. Rampaging waters hurled trailers and cars against trees as if they were but flimsy match boxes. Rescue boats helped people salvage what they could; then the search began for the water ' s unsuspecting victims. Residents sorted through soggy belongings, some to reoccupy their homes . . . many to search for a new place to live. New coliseum goes under So the clean-up process began. For those devastated by the flood, Red Cross provided shelter. Churches collected food and clothing. SFA students and Nacogdoches residents lent a hand in clearing out the coliseum. It looked hopeless, but it is once again in full use. Man helping his fellow man. Testimony to the fact that material possessions are not what really matter in this world. For objects have no guarantee of permanence. What truly endures forever is love. 64 65 Be my Valentine Volograms . . . a remembrance. It just takes a second — a stop by the girls sitting at the typewriters in the UC. Then the message. Cupid speaks through the University Center Hospitality Committee. A kind and loving word . . .for those who are just friends, for those who are in love, for those who wish they were . . . 66 67 Radio and TV stations expand Since 1972, Radio KSAU broadcasted on Cable TV Channel 2 from the Fine Arts Building. This past summer the move was made into the Paul L. Boynton Building and new equipment including a color studio, was added. With the completion of the broadcasting tower in the spring semester, KSAU is broadcasting exclusively on Channel 2 and on frequency 90.1 FM. Randy Tunstall, Houston senior and news director for the station, serves as executive producer for the weekly telecast " Studio 110. " Assisted by Paul Potter, assistant professor, communication, and his Special Problems class, the show features news and interviews of interest to the campus. The radio station is in operation eight hours a day and is manned entirely by students. Beverly Brock is Music Program Director for the station. 69 Country Hoedown Banjo strummin ' , the mellow tone of a harmonica, steel guitar pickin ' and a lot of foot stomping initiated the opening concert in the SFA Coliseum. More than 3,000 country-rock fans welcomed the homey, back-country sounds of Willie Nelson, B. W. Stephenson and Rusty Wier which echoed throughout the massive 8,000 seat structure. Most of the seats in the coliseum went unoccupied as country-rock fans sprawled out across the tartan floor of the basketball court. 70 71 72 Variety of speakers visit campus Skylab 4 pilot Colonel William R. Pogue, spoke before a packed house December 4 in the Science Auditorium. Colonel Pogue piloted the longest space flight to date, 82 days in space aboard Skylab 4. Reknowned political theorist Hans Morgenthau spoke at SFA explaining the role of diplomacy in international peace. Morgenthau has written several books including a classroom text on international politics. The Nixon pardon was the main topic when Democratic Congressman Charles Wilson spoke. Wilson ran unopposed in this district for his second term as U.S. Congressman. He said he intended to show his displeasure of the pardon by voting against the then vice-presidential designate Nelson Rockefeller. State Representative Eddie Bernice Johnson spoke November 21 in the Main Ballroom of the University Center. Representative Johnson is the first black woman elected to the Texas House from Dallas County and the first woman to serve since 1 935. In addition to her political life, Representative Johnson is very active in community affairs in Dallas. 75 Harlem Globetrotters Strains of " Sweet Georgia Brown " ... a signal for . . . basketball at it ' s finest? Glamorous . . . exciting . . . funny . . . thrilling . . . ridiculous . . . A near sellout crowd in the SFA coliseum on February 28 witnessed the offbeat antics of the magicians of basketball ... the Harlem Globetrotters. Composed of 1 of the best ball handlers and shooters in the world, the Globetrotters deserve the distinction of being the most humorous, yet talented group of men ever to dominate the basketball court. Players include Hubert " Geese " Ausbie, player-coach Marque Haynes, Tenans Jimmy Blacklock and Theodis " Wolfman " Lee, Jesse " Jay-Jay " Jemison, Ron Knight, Jimmy " Twiggy " Sanders, John " Long John " Smith and Jerry " Junior " Venable. An American institution . . . and " G " rated. Globetrotter performances delight audiences of 50 or 50,000. That ' s entertainment . . .anywhere. 77 A true musical experience " Color My World " with the sight and sound of CHICAGO. Lights . . .silence. . .a dream turned into music . . . applause. Sponsored by the University Center Entertainment Committee, CHICAGO returned to Nacogdoches to perform before a sellout crowd March 1 in the coliseum. Nostalgia . . . " Beginnings " . . . " I ' m a Man " . . . " Lifesaver " . . . " Saturday in the Park " . . . " Searching " . . . The printed word can never describe a true musical experience. The concert was no exception. CHICAGO . . . selected Best Instrumental Combo of the Year by Playboy Magazine. CHICAGO . . . recorders of seven gold albums. Performers include David Seraphine, drums; Walter Parazaider, woodwinds; James Pankow, trombone; Lee Loughnane, trumpet and background vocals; Peter Cetera and Terry Kath, lead vocals. In terms of contribution to the music entertainment world . . . speak of the city where all but one were born. . . where all the incredible music was composed . . . speak of people . . . speak of CHICAGO. Jesus Christ ' the central part of their lives ' BO They are Yellow House and BSU, Newman Center and Chi Alpha, Canterbury, House of Faith, Inter- Varsity, Campus Crusade for Christ, Wesley and others. They are Christians. They laugh, pray, fellowship . . . play football, volleyball, sing. They help the needy, both in spirit and body. At SFA they can enjoy interdenominational fellowship, or find a church like the one at home. From many churches, with many names, but they all hold to one faith . . . That faith in Jesus Christ, as the Son of God, their Savior. Fellowship, praying ... laughter, sharing ... 82 83 Dorm life Hamburgers and hair rollers What a sight! Eating and studying, Both day and night. With parties on Monday . . . And Tuesday and Wednesday, And Thursday and Friday, And Saturday and Sunday. Now with inflation The prices are rising So dormitory rates Were really enticing. And there ' s visitation Though some may abhor it, Those who have sweethearts, Most surely adore it. And then there ' s the parking You race for a spot Only to find, A space there is not. But thru all this torture Some close ties evolve, Those enduring friendships That do not dissolve. 85 Bumper stickers express views (1 ) " The ecology of our nation has always been important to me, and it really bothers me when others are not concerned about it. Everyone should try to conserve beauty — and nature is the most perfect beauty there is. " Freida Barret, Houston sophomore. (2) " To me, my bumper sticker is the stark realization that there will come a day when everyone will account for their being. As far as I ' m concerned you can have God ' s justice — and you will (and I will) for He is perfect in His judgment. More important to me as a Christian is His Love, symbolized by the cross on the sticker and personified by Jesus Christ. John Phillips, Henderson junior. (3) " The squirrels died so I had to switch to manual. " Valerie Stark, Silsbee freshman. (4) " It seemed to express the situation our government is in. " James Duff, Fort Worth freshman. (3) POLLUTION; g ?q NATIONAL BY -PRO, DONTHONK f M PEDDLING FAST 4? CAN! il HON6V Cfihl WY Fall graduates total 675 Graduation . . . to be a senior. Apathy personified. The motive: to get out. Final degree plans, senior rings and graduation announcements. Not to mention deficiences that need to be cleared . . .the hope of exemption. What does graduation mean? A day to remember. A final release from academic pressures. The realization of a four-year dream. The acquisition of a piece of parchment containing the key to the world ' s opportunities. Yes, freedom; but, freedom with a price. Responsibility. Responsibility to prove to ourselves and to society that we can establish a place in the real world. A walk across that symbolic stage encompasses the moment of true awareness. 89 The end of four long, hard years 91 92 96 98 September 14 SFfl 35 North Michigan 21 The Jacks won the 1 974 opener with a 35-21 win over the wildcats. With 1 :22 left in the game, Jeff Bergeron scored on a five- yard dash. September 21 SFfl 14 NSU 13 The Jacks brought home their second win in Natchitoches plus a 7-foot, 6-inch tall, 400 pound wooden statue, Chief Caddo. The Demons home opener gave SFA a tough fight. In the last few seconds with the score 1 4-1 3 NSU tried for a two-point conversion but the Jacks intercepted the pass leaving the final score the same for another victory. 101 September 28 SFfl 31 Howard Payne 17 The Lumberjacks rallied a 31 -1 7 victory over the Yellow Jackets in Brownwood. The half ended with a 1 0-all tie but not for long. The Lumberjacks took the lead and drove eleven plays for a second touchdown of the game. John Lewis made the extra point good to put the Jacks ahead 1 7-1 0. It remained so until the fourth quarter when Scott Randolph completed one of the two passes he attempted to Joe Flanagan for a 23 yard touchdown. Again John Lewis came through kicking the extra point making the score 24-1 0. With 3:39 left in the game Randolph connected with Roland Lythe for a four-yard touchdown. Lewis ' extra point was again good uping his scoring total to 1 4. With the score 31 -1 0, the Yellow Jackets came through driving a touchdown and extra point, summing up the final score. PHI 102 October 5 SFfi 24 Texas R l 28 The Lumberjacks suffered a 28-24 loss in a tough battle against the Javelins. Early in the battle the Loggers looked great as they scored 24 points to A l ' s 14. In a late drive the Javelins began their lead by bringing the score to 24-21 . With 1 2:27 remaining in the game, the Jacks began a clenching drive until the Hogs drove ten plays to the Jacks ' 1 8 before they could be stopped. Steve Cannon punted a 41 yarder that was returned to A l 31 . The Javelins then covered the remaining distance in ten plays, scoring from the SFA one yard line with 33 seconds remaining, setting the final score. With less than a minute to go in the game, quarterback Larry Mayer made a 52 yard pass to Joe Flanagan. The pass was well received, and the Lumberjacks scored their second touchdown to bring the score to a winning four point lead. 106 October 19 SFfl 12 SWT 7 The victory was a narrow escape for the Jacks as strongwide linebacker Odis Norris intercepted a Southwest Texas pass on the SFA 1 7 with less than 30 seconds left in the game. Sam Jones caught the SWT quarterback by surprise three times, making eight tackles and assisting on one. Jimmy Wilson had seven tackles and five assists. John Reese ran for 50 yards on ten carries and Larry Sims got 40 yards on six runs. f I SFfl 37 Angelo State 31 The Jacks, applying the " I " formation and a new passing plan succeeded in a 37-31 win over the San Angelo Rams. The Jacks passed for five touchdowns, the first three passing to Aldo Knox, giving him 1 58 yards. The first was through Scott Randolph and the other two from Jeff Bergeron. In third quarter play Randolph hit Roland Lyle with a touchdown pass for a play which covered 73 yards, Joe Flanagan then came through for the extra points, giving the Jacks a 30-29 lead. With 1 0:41 left in the game Randolph connected with Bergeron on a 26-yard pass for the final score. 31 • »»««, j| k November 16 SFfl 34 Tarelton 7 The Lumberjacks remained in second place LSC standing as they upset the Texans 34-7 in Stephenville. The Jacks dominated the game beginning in the first quarter with a six- play, 58-yard scoring drive. Minutes later SFA ' s John Reece scored on the Tarleton one yard line after a 47 yard drive in six plays. Traveling into the third quarter, Jeff Bergeron returned a Tarleton punt 40 yards for the Jack ' s third TD. Fourteen plays later, the Jacks rushed 58 yards for their third touchdown, followed by Tarleton ' s only touchdown which came in the fourth quarter. Lumberjack Ken Andrews intercepted a pass on the SFA 47, running it back to the Tarleton 1 4, thus setting up the final score. November 23 SFfl 26 Sam Houston 18 The Jack ' s 26-1 8 victory over the Bearkats gave them a 9-2 record for the season, finishing up second in the LSC with a 7-2 chart. Sam Houston took an early lead of 1 1 -0 until Lumberjack rookie Rusty Johnson threw two touchdown passes and ran for another. SFfl Lumberjacks No. Name of Athlete Pos. Ht. Wt. Class. Exp. Hometown 7 Scott Randolph QB 6-0 185 Soph. Sqd. Mission 14 Rusty Johnson QB 6-0 185 Fr. Dallas 15 Stacy Haynes CB 6-1 190 Jr. Sqd. Texarkana 16 Randy Rich S 5-10 175 Fr. Fort Worth 17 Tommy Parr M 5-10 180 Soph. 1L El Paso 18 Larry Mayer QB 6-3 210 Jr. 2L Port Arthur 20 Steve Cannon S 6-1 185 Sr. 3L Irving 21 John Lewis K 5-11 195 Sr. 3L Richardson 23 Larry Sims HB 5-10 175 Jr. Tr. Corpus Christi 24 Jeff Bergeron HB 5-11 195 Soph. Tr. Port Arthur 26 Jerry Harris CB 6-1 195 Fr. Irving 27 Sammy Lewis FL 5-8 160 Jr. 1L Houston 30 Hunter Millikin K 5-10 185 Fr. White Oak 33 Bill Tyler FB 6-0 230 Sr. 3L Houston 34 Ted Ubben FB 6-0 200 Soph. Sqd. Dallas 35 Art Welborn FB 6-0 200 Fr. Houston 40 Ike Haynes CB 5-10 170 Soph. Tr. Miami, Fla. 41 Billy Bauman HB 5-10 185 Fr. Fort Worth 42 John Reece HB 5-10 185 Jr. 2L Vernon 43 Lawrence Story LB 5-10 190 Sr. 1L Houston 44 Jim Queen M 5-11 180 Sr. 1L San Antonio 45 Joe Flanagan SE 5-11 175 Sr. 2L Nacogdoches 46 Dick Austin HB 5-11 185 Sr. 1L Fort Worth 47 Ken Andrews CB 6-2 185 Fr. New Orleans 50 Steve Compton LB 6-1 220 Fr. Arlington 51 Larry Scholtz C 6-4 210 Fr. Austin 52 Mark Taylor C 6-1 205 Sr. 2L Altus, Okla. 53 Larry Kueck G 6-3 230 Sr. 2L Strawn 54 David Brown LB 5-11 220 Fr. Dallas 55 Clark Smith C 6-0 210 Soph. 1L Nacogdoches 60 Willie Tolbert G 6-1 235 Sr. 3L Nacogdoches 61 Frank Bertling G 6-2 220 Fr. Austin 62 Steve Jalowy G 6-2 220 Sr. 3L Sealy 63 Odis Norris LB 6-2 205 Jr. 2L Nacogdoches 64 Cleathon Sanders LB 5-11 210 Sr. 1L Houston 65 David Cheek LB 6-2 200 Soph. Sqd. Houston 66 Carl Broom DE 6-1 185 Fr. Galveston 67 Glenn Pitman LB 6-0 195 Fr. Humble 68 Nat Springer DE 6-2 200 Soph. Sqd. Port Neches 70 Jesse Borner T 6-1 270 Jr. 2L Jasper 71 Dwight Thompson LB 6-4 220 Sr. 3L Dallas 72 Jimmy Wilson DE 6-2 200 Soph. 1L Dallas 73 Dave Nelson T 6-2 225 Jr. Tr. Mission 74 Gordon Booker DT 6-1 225 Sr. 3L Houston 75 Ken Borski DW 6-2 215 Fr. Houston 76 Sam Jones DE 6-2 225 Jr. 1L Corpus Christi 77 Oscar Hill T 6-3 250 Soph. Sqd. Dallas 78 Ed Larson T 6-2 235 Fr. Saginaw 80 Aldo Knox SE 5-11 170 Jr. Tr. Temple 81 Dennis Gerik DT 6-0 220 Jr. 1L Killeen 83 Gary Carney FL 5-10 175 Soph. Tr. Texas City 84 Mike Berry TE 6-2 215 Jr. 1L Berea, Ky. 85 Mike McDaniel DT 6-0 220 Sr. 2L Winnie 87 Andy Wilkins TE 6-2 195 Fr. Lufkin 88 Roland Lytle TE 6-2 220 Sr. 3L Houston 113 115 R winning season ...but probation limits the goal. Brown and Lusk weigh the plays 122 fl new coliseum, a disastrous flood y U L- -L ' =see= — - - ' ' z - |P I ZZZZZT " ' ' - " ■ ' T — —H— — - — — i jSk- ...... ' ■ ' ■ --- _. ;. ymT ■ .... 124 Spirit Boosters 129 Leading the cheers... among other things §S 130 133 adujacks perform well In scrambles, in rest, in action, in trouble... •v. Right: Coaches Cole, Allison, Gunter and Barnett pose with the President Steen and the first All-Sports trophy presented to women in Texas by TAIAW. Women ' s sports at SFA came alive this year in the University ' s eyes. They accomplished three things that gave them the support they needed to grow stronger, according to Sue Gunter, director of women ' s athletics. First, they were the first in Texas to receive the All-Sports Trophy presented by the Texas Association of Intercollegiate Athletics for Women. Second, with the opening of the new coliseum, the Ladyjacks were able to draw larger c rowds and more publicity by playing home games. Also, games played preceding the Lumberjacks created more crowd support for the Ladies. Third, for the first time at SFA, women ' s athletics was presented $30,000 for the use in scholarship funds. Sports for women is a thing of today. The skill involved is an art that can develop fully only with the support of the people, the funds and the coaches. SFA is enhanced with progress? 141 Volleyball wins 16, loses lO and ties 4 A . ' 74-75 LADYJACKS ' VOLLEYBALL TEAM, Standing, l-r: Mona Alexander, Kathi West, Colleen Murphy, Cindy Fox, Kathy Gandt and Linda Ligons. Kneeling. I- r: Kaylene McMullen, Faith Watson, Karen Cegielski. Sitting, l-r: Toni Bradford, Jan Frizzell, and Tracy Kingan. J 4.2 74- 75 LADYJACKS ' SOFTBALL TEAM: Standing, l-r: Cyndi McCauley, Mary Rinehart, Kathy Faulkner, Florita Boyd. Kneeling, l-r: Sharon Arnold, Debbie Hayward, Kim Copeland, Liz Parke. Sitting, l-r: Lisa Capell, Glenda McCleskey, Judy Phillips, Sharon Daily. Softball team places fifth in state competition 143 Where there ' s a winner, there ' s a loser... but Ladujacks were in the right place when it counted most. A glance at baseball ' „• " Is, ■V.. C eft to r gftt) F re Ftow: Wayne Walters, Jeff Stifle, Steve Garner, Phil Cole, Eddie Davis, Louis DeLuca and Tommy Wallace. Second Row: Doug Fleming, Rodney Taylor, Scooter O ' Neal, Jim Still, Mark Koehler, Jay Morris, Tim Christensen. Third Row: Bruce McCrary, Hal McClelland, Bill Thetfor d, David Franklin, Gary Campbell, Wesley Jay, Dan Davis and head coach J. B. York. 146 147 Tennis, in the spring. ...and tennis in the swing Left to Right: Janice Borland, Janalyn Becker, Brenda Hoffman and Kathy Adams. 149 153 Badminton takes fourth in state Bowling takes fifth LADYJACKS BADMINTON TEAM, Standing, l-r: Kathy Adams, Cyndi McCauley. Kneeling, l-r: Lisa Capell and Glenda McCleskey. 154 Golf team L-R, Front Row: Russell Pulley, Carl Baker, Ken Biggers, David De Grand. Back Row: C. D. Thomas (coach), Paul Colley, Fred Collins, Dennis Northington, Barry Crow. 155 Golfers show follow through form fls the coach di Coach Levra resigns... ffiunzinger takes over. fTlen ' s football and basketball review Football Basketball SFA Opponent SFA Opponent Sept. 14 North Michigan 35 21 Sept. 21 NSU 14 13 Midwestern University 86 74 Sept. 28 Howard Payne 31 17 St. Mary ' s University 82 71 Oct. 5 Texas A l 24 28 U. of Nevada 101 106 Oct. 12 Abilene Christian 14 10 Idaho State 64 82 Oct. 19 Southeast Texas 12 7 Midwestern University 73 78 Oct. 26 East Texas 3 31 Cameron University 88 80 Nov. 2 Sul Ross 14 7 McNeese State 82 97 Nov. 7 Angelo State 37 31 Sul Ross 97 90 Nov. 16 Tarleton State 34 7 Cameron Univ. 68 87 Nov. 23 Sam Houston 26 18 Southwestern Okla. 85 94 St. Mary ' s Univ. 75 82 Northwestern St. 95 78 Cameron 119 112 Tarleton State 96 84 Howard Payne 86 75 Angelo State 112 95 Tarleton 91 78 Abilene 73 77 A l 113 90 Southwest 78 75 East Texas 82 78 Sam Houston 94 74 Southwest 83 73 A l 95 83 Paul Quinn 123 95 Sam Houston 81 80 East Texas 94 82 157 160 , :-:-:.jg dyyg II mm Students show ability 163 GREEKS 165 o CO o CO CD i-L E c5 o £ CO O CD — _CD C o o E o CD E ? 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C £ its-si , • CD TD 5 « g ° ■g ® III? tiffs 5 15 SI 5 2 CO O □ CD O) ■g _ 5 2 5 cd •= CO CO ,_ -c 5 o o = s CO O ffl JD Sills CD l " I o CO .5 t CD CO cc or S C CO DC I £ = 5 £ « CO I E 5 co £ co « . (0 c c .o CO CD o CD n CO CD CO ts O O Q. co 5 2 .C0 CO CD CD a S ta CO CO 0. 2 c ■i o e .59 CD CD ■§,11 ft 3P e c 5 S o CD .E 5 O = O CO CO 2 co $ -cB m c cd CO m 5 O " O C c S= j a s § (1) CO — 3 c E CO c § g 1 £ co co co CO e y § ™ 3 -sr 1 1 CD CD 5? m — co co c y " D 3 E H c 3 a o -c Ica O LU C £ CD CO J . £i £j . ® ■C ' CD CD .2 ° I e c si ' s, C C CD C m CO != C ® - ci J g 3 J_) -ST S lO CO §22 o a 15 zia. . CD CD O •£ C lis §1111 «c? c o2 m a s £ -o g co 2 i-= z 175 176 32 a n -o 2 ,2 CD CO qj CD ®1 a _ 3 2 CD CD 03 • o o E O c ' 1 O cd CO CD O CO CO D O Q. ( ) u ° £ c ii cd — co o cd CO CD I I o a 2 2 2 o c CO CO (TJ " m O O O o t3S I 1 B 1MB 11 § ® 9 3? to !7 cn CD 5 -2 co co CO " 2 t 53 C03 3 S! m a. c o £ f ra , « 7 0)UT CD . □ £ O O CD CO CD N C i T3 10 t O CO J= CO CD CO ■ ,T3 a c O t - . § 1 ■C 5 CO 32 O CL LU CD CD O co O) £ .32 c .Q CD a5 £ £ -goo y co CO I r r , o o if CO CD CL 5 o 5 m u o CO eg? - 1 o o ° ° 1 1 f 1 1 CO Ell » co ;= co t E » CO o CO " O CO CD - CD ' £ C " O CO CD 2 cc or = if CO CO 0. ca _ x: i_ co co E t t . o O O CO -c -C -c £ co 32, co r: T3 32 1 a 177 CD C x: — — c C O CD = C w c CO o £ o Q. ?? CL C CO c CO c E 05 i| O £ 9- " o -c " 2 r § O CD CD £ g E o CD § H o I- E CO o CD- CO CD CD C O « O 2 " 2 O) ; O O) O O CO o .!= CD — O O CD O CD O (5 (73 - E O +5 CO — c C O — k— ±- m c o C CO CO CO o cS 58 2 D)±= « s T3 £ CD -£Z Q. Q- O CD TJ CD co - CO +- CO CO -£= tl i- O CL Q. O- l— CO CO CO o o CO — CD O T5 W CD c CO (0 at " o-o ; CO £ co - t: it O co I " ?£ CD CO CD " O CO Q. CL CO CO £ CO 3 n d .c iScOot: DO 5 3 " 3 do 0) O CO CO ffl — — CO 2 co a £: 2 E -55 c co 5 jO •2 co 8 - q q Q a 8 a - = Q CD _ IS c 2 = E o) .£ co to o co O O Z 2 I CO ■o -o O c o 9 to CO 03 5 2 5 " co a •ii! C — I O fc . c co c co co o .t: co CD Q Z Z to .9 0) I CD to I? tt I) c c 9 CO -C CD CO § co fD . CD CD o -9? o c o g cc OC c W EC CD = c c E " 35 c o c? CD 9- o E _ co ■ = is " E c o CD .£= CO O 3 .2 co CD 3 " O CO CO - co CO e y - o co §■ C CO -C O • £ £2 E E aj E o co =5 SI f2k 231 «► jr. " t i " Marsha Whitton Marty Whitton Susan Wright S3 1 E S J c c CO 2 " m CO CO 5 CD CO CO 00 -O c CD , S 8? = CO c c co - . CO " 5 CO ■£ C CO •iC CO CO Q. Jr O 7S CD co B o a o o a co O O c O O O CO CO CD c c cz c co o £ - CL ® § Q Ul = 2 1 S I CD to E t o S ,o .2 co co i « it ° r CD 13 , £ CD " O C .9 o w « 00 CO CO CO CO J£ CD JJ CD CD O £ o c c r O) O O O ■£ I -5 CD CO = CO F C » t E 10 „ v 2 co c 2 -3 I- J3 CO CD 5 Q CO CO 0)Ct- II s § 1 o) E E o CO CD ? Z CD CD CD CD ■«= CD CO -C c o CO " D CO CD " O 2 " CD • O) C CD O ™ CD O " Q_ K CD CL • ipi CO « CD CO CC " D CO ' I CD CD CO ,9 CO W CD CD ill i s 179 180 182 0) Q 03 c c CD , Q to ,_- 1 cn o § cr E ra cc ■ 5 o 03 Q. 03 CD O c C Q m 03 S TD 03 t E 03 CO CD • - LL C £ X . 03 td it: ° td " 1 8 (3J . 03 B CD W CO (V) ' " " D TD 03 03 S ¥, TD " a i: _ .9 td Si Ciu a " O OJ = C CO O 03 _ 55 £ CO r£°-_ 03 O C (0 £ g 03 03 ,cc 2 a 5 y -c SOo -D C 1 c o " O CD 03 ■- £ 03 _Q — CD QC -g 1 n co - 1= CO TD ■S 03 £ 2 03 c 03 C -£= CO 5 O - o SIS O) TD TD TD O C 03 O 03 5CJtr rE = c h CD 10 Ssi f 55 -3 03 £| 5 CO 03 S a « 183 185 6 O) O E o : 30 187 189 190 191 194 195 196 197 § i s?.e co Q § .9- E2 co I 5d -i " ■ 5 9? O = co i — — w = TO -— p CO " « § o 73 ■= « s I- .92 £ co E x: CC n co o cr co CO)- to i -6 CO - Q. -5 .O X3 CO E 5 2 5 _ | E H E ; S co 5 io J5 CBLT -O 3= Q- I s E £ § i 5 -co !± S) | O cd Jen £ ■o 5 92 co c E F CO I — 3 W c h- P S o ,m c -Q - ™ CD E O C I— 0 D CO 0 r 3 UJ W y r- ' _ CO c co- §2 j § W co § » tf Q c S E £ — CD - O CO - - co 7= q. c ™ _ roiS to o o 2 oc w i c i u. a " m « x ■g | d o a? . 55 •= tr - " d O CO - c O co " LU 5: § rr co 92 - o co to CC 5 i £ a3 ■g a § To £ tx p E £ CL CD - E o r 5 S =5 £ ° cc-81 - Q „- - TD m ° c S o c O ill 2 o 5 co ■n r y 0 - CD 2 5 3 $ 3 .y s § 3 1 J co . CD - co " cd - CC -g co _ cj CO O) - " F o CO co O) 2 t co n c £ eg CC cd co cd -c= -Q r- rr co c LJ co 2 j: -j - o . - n £||«c?£ li «S°: co Itl-y03 E r- CO . - CO TO 2 i o o cd M O D co 9 3 TO CQ 2 CL O CD S 199 200 " O o o I c o Q 03 O) co _j CD Q CD CQ 8 » P o CD O P QC c £S „- CO 5 CD O = t: o CD O CD c O y o c c o CD 0 JD CD Si ■o CO CD C h m co o g t CO 1 Q c « CO CD O CD ™ as CD QQ.CC - o j ° c $ E D £ co o cd - _J C (O O 02 1 « O E Q- CO - -S CO CO 0) o CO Q CD E I CO CD — " D £ CD a °- LD co S " c?cc o " O CD CO C 3 s c " D N T CD O c £ co w r co O CD 2 cc J= § c ® £ IS 8 CO _l 20) 205 206 c LU _- J3 0) ? j£ X - 3 to ID lit 55 . ii h ° 5 o o - - 5 t: en « go E a o oc £- " 5 3 a) co O O Oc ■„ CD O) £ z cr 207 208 209 Fashion Committee Members of the University Center Fashion Committee are first row: Debbie Sellers, chairman Nancy Forrest, attendance secretary, Susie Mitchell, secretary, Susan Beaver, Madamoiselle coordinator. Second Row: Connie Hearon, Ann Yoder, Cindy Sheffield, Cindy Bailey, Rhonda Rhodes, Cheryl Holmes, Connie King. Third Row: Mary Beth Jones, Patti Edwards, Wendy Greenslade, Sharon Smith, Cheri Barber, Ginny Hill. Fourth Row: Marilyn Parks, Ruth Sakahara, Karen Kirbo, Cynthia Strack, Suzy Mueller, Jerri Bledsoe, Eileen Griffin. Fifth Row: Suzanne Brown, Jean Arnett, Cathy McCord, Tonja Davis, Ann Richardson, Kim Fahler, Connie Bond. Sixth Row: Jaime Graham, Cyndi Tilley, Scottie Morgan, Tina Ruhl, Melissa Moody, Vicki Crager, Rachel Gwyn. Seven Row: Pat Akins, Jane Cave, Shelly Green, Dana Gallemore, Lynda Laird, Leslie Crouch. Eighth Row: Michelle Grippa, Linda Oake, Analyn Anderson, Georgie John, Robin Tallman, Cindy Dirugeris. Ninth Row: Jenny Brown, Ginny Jones, Eric Schutter, Rita Gray, Lynda Newman, Pam Proft. 212 Publicity Committee First Row: Suzanne Goeser, Melanie Brown, Chairperson, Sherry Wellens, Betsy Williams, Mignon Bowers. Second Row: Jan McNutt, Sydney Hefter, Monie Horbach, Debbie Smith, Eric Rentb, Connie Leonard, Terry Scott, Lisa Richter, Daphe McCullough. Recreation Committee 213 Hospitality Committee Members of the University Center Hospitality Committee are first row: Liza Boops, Terry Thomas, Sherry Pursely, Michelle Daily, chairman, Deedie Wat, secretary. Second Row: Jan Utzman, Shanna Hayes, Donna Rosenbaum, Cretia Tucker, Mary Deines, Candy Herod. Third Row: Lisa Brown, Lynn Ruminer, Sharon Otstott, Vanessa Adams, Jean Avera. Fourth Row: Donna Rosenbaum, Susan Strack, Mignon Bower, Phyllis Johnson, Pat Tonkovich, Suzy Mueller, Amy Althaus. Fifth Row: Susan Unger, Jerrie Ballew, Dagmar Wedel, Kim Fahler, Jo Stanford, Chris Littman. Sixth Row: Mary Singleton, Susan Williams, Leslie Crouch, Bridgett Ling, Dana Gallamore, Linda Oake. 214 Food Service Committee Members of the University Center Food Service Committee are first row: Dan Lawson, Mary Chidichimo, Laura Peters, Peggy Osterholm, Mary Dollinger, Pam Hinman, Barbara Edwards, Dodee Schmalhousen. Second Row: George Pate, Garland Hart, Don Bennett, Jim Wilkinson, Mr. Elmer J. Childers, Mark McConnell, chairman, Dale Harmen, secretary. Ideas and Issues Committee Members are first row: Clay Fitzgligh, Rendy Elms, Amy Bomke, Melissa Bridges, Becky Wood, Renee Wilson, Zorka Markovitch, chairperson, Donald McDowell. Second Row: Jerald Muckleroy, Tim Couch, Bill McKinney, Vicki Leon, secretary, Bill Hawkins, Ronnie Lewis, Dana McCary, John Richy, Ben Sombert. 215 Entertainment Committee First Row: Doug Dukes, Frank Hancock, Neil Lacy, Debbie Smith, Fran Bailey, Karol Lokey, Pam Morris, Ig Dunn. Second Row: James Witt, Mary Ellen Burns, Kathie Talafuse, Leigh Baker, Roxane Risien, Bruce Watson. Third Row: Lucretia Tucker, Donna Williams, Jean Anera, Connie Leonard, Elizabeth Naughton, Gary Laws, chairman, Pat Paterson, Meredith Peebles, Cheryl Goetschius, William Kirk, Paul Pearson, Vicki Bounds, Debbie Barnes. 216 Committees promote activities The University Center committees are responsible for the majority of extracurricular activities provided for students on campus. The Entertainment Committee brought Chicago and the Country Hoedown concert, the Cinema Arts Committee " Imitation of Life " and " Bogart Revived. " The Fashion Committee sponsors fashion shows and the Bridal Fair, while the Hospitality Committee appeals to the younger generation by sponsoring parties for children in Nacogdoches. The Jackbackers faithfully support the Lumberjacks and even secretly send presents to the athletes. 217 UC Board of Chairmen Gary Lewis, Sherry Wellens, Ann Holland, Zorka Markovitch, Terri Silver, Dene Grigir, Carol Coston, Vicki Stafam, M. Michelle Daily, Debbie Sellers, Kevin Prentice, Albert Brown. Not Pictured are: Kathy Braun and Mark McConnell. Traffic Appeals Board Gayle Cummings, Charlie Bell, Mark Hobson, chairman, Jeanie Johnson, and Mick Leach. MS Student Government Officers Student Government Executive officers are Cindy West, president; Amy Nixdorf, vice-president; Karen Bradshaw, secretary; Mary Hill, treasurer. Student Supreme Court Ron Boling, Paul Wright, Jackie Scott, Tom Summers, chief justice, Mark Woods, Mark Kilpatrick, Dr. Donald Evans, adviser. Senate Chairpeople Bill Bronson, Tim Relyea, Carole Jessup, Karen Bullard, Wayne Sealey, Terri Silver. 220 Lumberjack Band Flag Line First Row: Regina McFatridge, Kathy Brumbaugh, co-captains. Second Row: Diane Richardson, Lynne Curfman, Dede Baine, Joanne Bello, Beverly Brizendine, Susan Bourgeois, D ' Lesa Oxford, Serena Millar, Janet Ruddick, Nancy Wade, Jennifer Bello, Brenda Henderson. The Lumberjack Flag Line was formed in the fall of 1 973 by Mr. Mel Montgomery. His suggestion was that the line would add color to the band. This objective was achieved to the fullest extent. The girls do flag routines with large purple and white flags during the half-time activities at the Lumberjack games. Mr. Montgomery selects the girls at try-outs based on marching experience and ability. Alpha Psi Omega PDam ' selles Members are first row, Jackie Schreiber, Dawn Pittman, Susie Mitchell, Marsha Thomas, Ginny Hill. Second Row: Lynn Fussell, Robin Tallman, Eileen Griftin, Nancy Forrest, Susan Beavers, mam ' selle coordinator, Patricia Akins. Third Row: Kim Barnhill, Karen Warren, Jeanne Patton, Carla Beck, Tina Ruhl, Analyn Anderson, Robin Mooneyham, Michelle Gribble, Janie Foster, Kathy Patey, Scotty Morgan. 224 225 The Stone Fort 226 227 Terry McCullar, Fall Editor Jenny Moss, Typesetter ROYALS Nancy Wells, fall advertising manager Mark Schietinger, associate editor Tom Patterson, Pine Log Jim Boots, Stone Fort 232 Staff Photographers Jim Blalack, Stone Fort Kappa Kappa Psi 2 3 ( MEMBERS OF THE HONORARY BAND FRATERNITY, from left to right, 1st Row: Larry Eason, Burdett Glady, Walter Parrish, secretary; Bobby Dorsey, ireasurer. 2nd Row: Bill Gates, Fred Alford, Denny Vasquez, Gordon Hilgers, Jack Johnson, John Squier, Joe McCormack, Keith Hooks, vice-president; Johnny Carroll, Jerry Lewis, Gary Chesnutt. 3rd Row: Larry Barron, Tim Lambert, historian; James Deatherage, Gary Goodwin, Walter Eagleton, Doug Pacquette, Terry D arker, Donald Etheridge, James Vandiver, warden; Frank Wilbanks, president; Dewey Lawhon, Luis Jaurequi, Don Montgomery, Jeff Harrison, Jimmy Battle, -eeland Knapp, Pete Moss. 235 Alpha Kappa Psi is a professional business fraternity on campus. The Eta Mu chapter was organized to further education in the area of commerce and to provide a fraternal brotherhood of men who are pursuing professional and social association for business and economics majors. During the year the fraternity sponsored several professional programs featuring noted businessmen of varied backgrounds plus several field trips to different firms and businesses. Social activities included a Homecoming party and Spring dance. Members are first row: Jesse Richardson, district director, Larry Kirk, master of rituals, Don Smith, vice-president, Ray Kleising, treasurer, Mark Hinton, president, Randy Thomas, secretary. Second Row: Larry Jones, Mike Vaughn, Eric Renth, Chaplain, Don Etheridge, David Morton, Mike Jones, Phil Perrin, Glen Lorenz. Third Row: Marshal Smith, Dr. Dwayne Key, faculty adviser, Alan Marrison, program director, Tom Brown, Willie Moore, Mark McConnel, George Siems, Rickie Rabourn, James Few. fflu Phi Epsilon Mu Phi Epsilon is a professional music sorority on campus. Yearly, these girls sponsor formal recitals for those interested in music, and for their own pleasure, they hold informal ones for themselves. The officers include: (l-r) Mary Jane Clayton, Mary Ann Lampo, Leah Carlton, Sheila Edmonds, Marcella Valdez, Cecilia Williams, and (sitting) Cheryl Hajer, and Becky Keahy. 237 Delta Tau Alpha 238 Future Farmers of America Members of SFA ' s collegiate FFA chapter are first row, Becky Bozeman, Weeks Crawford, Connie Rowell, Tricia Hart, David Russell, Doug Cottrell, James Ayres, Brian Cummins, William Lazenby, Stanley Johnson, Stacy Bumpers, president, John Walts, Billy Jones, Gary Dowdy, Charles Lawless, Rodney Baker, Tommy Jaggers, Dr. J. C. Green, adviser. 239 Alpha Kappa Delta is an honor society for sociology majors. Members are first row, Becky Heflin; Valla Barber, Christine Delmar, secretary; Doris Miller Mrs. Connie Spreadbury, sponsor. Second Row: Mr. David Petty, sponsor; Kenneth Hayman, president; Quincy Thompson, treasurer; Fred Towery; Claude : Jackson, program director , Geology Club Barker, Patricia Smith; Sheery Pearson; Mona Schweppe. Fourth Row: Mike Cummings; Allen Parollni Mike Winslow Lindfsmith DarrS Srard 241 Austin Raiders First Row: David Duran, squad leader, Roy Sanderson, Mike Parham, Tim Anderson, Craig Mangram. Second Row: Mike Lugo, squad leader, Steve Missler, John Staples, Nelson Clark, Tim McGlashen, Jeff Porterfield, David Rethertord, deputy commander; Randy Anderson, raider commander, Jimmy Funchess, Steve Butler, Robert Miller, Wayen Gilliland, John Muckel. 242 The Austin Raiders is a special military organization within the military science department at SFA. The Raiders can be distuinguished from other members of the Corps by their distinctive beret and Raider tab. They are specially trained in a variety of military subjects, including tactics, map-reading, weapons, and leadership. One of the Raider activities during the fall was a trip to Ft. Polk where they were trained in the use of the M-1 6 rifle and M-60 machine gun along with squad tactics. They also carried on a field training exercise against the Nacogdoches Police Department in which the Raiders acted as a subversive militant organization and captured a police officer for ransom. An air mobile exercise in which the Raiders were trained and gained experience in the use of helicopters in a combat situation was also included. , In order to become a Raider a cadet must first pledge Raiders for one semester. In that time, heavy emphasis is put upon physical and mental conditioning. At the end of each semester, the pledges are activated at their formal dining in. IH 243 Scabbard and Blade Scabbard and Blade is a national military fraternity for seniors and juniors involved in ROTC. Among their activities for the year was a golf tournament to raise money. Members include first row: Captain Brian McWilliams, sponsor, Cadet First Lieutenant David Rutherford, Cadet Major Bill Bronson, Cadet Captain Barney Brown. Second Row: Cadet Captain Randy Anderson, Cadet Lieutenant Colonel Charles Humphrey, Cadet Captain Eldon Garrison. Not Pictured are: Cadet Captain John Bobo, Cadet First Lieutenant Don Driver, and Cadet Sargent Major Steve Missler. 245 Speakers Bureau Claudia Neal TOPICS: " Is Marriage the answer? " And seasonal topics Roger Conaway TOPIC: " T V. violence in your home " Elwanda Edwards TOPICS: " Your are my teacher " " The Family " Also seasonal topics HI Freda Peppard TOPIC: " Folklore " Jerry Wood TOPICS: " Drug Abuse " " Adult Education " Margaret Fitch TOPICS: " Drug Abuse " " Marriage and Family Today " " National Health Insurance " The Speakers Bureau is a group of students who offer their services to clubs in the area. They have spoken at Rotary, Lions and Kiwanis Clubs, Women ' s Organizations and the Medical Society in Jasper, to mention a few. Dr. William Bos and Dr. Robert Capel are Co-directors of the program. 246 Recounting Club First Row: Billie Wages, Mary Lee Dikszas, Brenda Windham, Debbie Byrd, Glenda McClure, Janalyn Becker, Phyllis Martin, vice-president, Betty Jackson, secretary-treasurer, Charles Humphrey, president. Second Row: Sheryl Griffis, Dr. John William Stevenson, adviser, Rhonda Yohe, Tim Cummings, David Swinney, David S. Porter, Carl Sidney Burns, Doug Shipman, John McMasters, Donna Myers, Jimmie M. Bartlett, Ted Haynes, Dr. Frank A. Ross, adviser. Third Row. Jerry W. Hedrick, Stan Spencer, Mike Morrison, Ruth Boehner, Charlie Jackson, Michael Lynn Cain, Norman Krustchinsky, Paul Cathead, Joe R. Mortz, Bert McKinney, George Perry. Fourth Row: Tom Lipsey, Ronnie Vyvial, Joe Turner, James Whitaker, Dr. John Whitt, adviser, James Russell. Fifth Row: Todd Crickmer, Jesse D. Mixon, faculty advisor, Paul Teel, Keith Roberts, Denis Byers. 247 The Sylvans First Row: Mr. Bruce Cutter, advisor, Janet Smith, president, James (Yazoo) Thomas, Donna Carson, Robert Koether, Edward Etter, Mike Newton. Second Row: Rick Bushong, Peter Parkman, David Kelley, Pat East, Wayne Kennedy, Britt Krevit, Ken Faires, John Mclntire, Gary Jones. Third Row: Ann Marie Coriden, Lois Sprott, Ann Holland, Carol Park, Tommy Thompson, Joe Onisto. Four th Row: James Erwin, Rob Comstock, David Lane, Tom Hart, Mike Honeycutt, Jerald j Peveto, Mick Leach, Tom Moughon, Dave Farrand. Fifth Row: Mike Anderson, Dave Bailey, Dan Neisch, Gary Barga, Jim Love, Gary Dowdy, John Smith, Allan Moore, Dave Shannon, Richard Hungerford. The Sylvans Club is composed of many of SFA ' s forestry majors. The members have many different money making projects such as doing " jobs " for the people of Nacogdoches that consist of cutting down trees, pruning, or just clearing brush. For extracurricular activities, they have sponsored such things as Lumberjack Day, where anyone could participate and try to win a trophy in such events as cross-cut sawing, greased pole climbing, or " fire fighting. " During the 1 974 Homecoming events, the Sylvan ' s float won a first place prize. In the Spring, the choose the best from among themselves to go to national competition in several different events. In summary, these are the people on campus that help illustrate the Lumberjack name. 243 Alpha fTlu Epsilon Members include: Smitty Massot, treasurer, Mike Woods, Dwayne Clark, president, Steve Herndon, Dr. Jacob A. Seaton, faculty advisor, Tommy Allen, vice-president. Campus Girl Scouts i 250 Computer Science Club First Row: Mrs. Camille Price, Becky Hudgens, secretary; Barbara Bugstedt, treasurer; Elizabeth Swinney. Second Row: Feroe Johnson, Odis Johnson, Cheryl Conant, vice-president; Mike Raulo, Glenn Harper, Bill Locklear. Third Row: Mark S. Broumley, William A. Roach, Mike Bates, Jarrell Grour, David Moore, John Kole, Jammie Ward. Scuba Club First Row: Glenna Norris, Melinda Rochester, Steven Hunt, Ben Jones. Second Row: Warren Schmidt, Gary Colburn, Mike Bishoft, Sally Campbell, president; Porter Stiles, treasurer; Kathy Brumbaugh, secretary; Johnny Mathews, safety officer; Stacy Locke, Joe Barrington, E. K. Sowell advisor; Steve Schultz, Bill Jones, Fred Mills, John Swan, Garrison Mclver, Mark Phelps, Clovis Sanford, Jeff Walker. The 1974 Lumberjack Band directed by Mel Montgomery: assisted by Larry Ward. field directing is by Terry Russell, Drum Major 253 They ' ve come a long way Born in 1 926, the first Lumberjack Band had a mere fifteen members . . .the band had to borrow space to rehearse . . . First full dress uniforms consisted of capes, white trousers, and regular military caps ... By the end of the Depression membership numbered in the ' 70 ' s. . . When Pearl Harbor was bombed and men went to war, the coeds formed a " Sweetheart Band " . . . Currently the Band contains 1 75 members . . . They ' ve come a long way . . . Intricate drill routines . . . high spirit . . .no football game would be complete without the flashing colors and dynamic music of the Lumberjack Band ... A group of devoted musicians whose collective performance is perhaps unsurpassed. 255 Phi Chi Theta Professional Business Sorority Ruth Boehner Nancy Brawley Brenda Burks Linda Burks Becky Byas Debbie Byrd Gloria Chiang Judy Cole Linda Doane Ann Dolye Wanda Edwards Patti Fleenor Mary Jane Foreman Janet Grainer Shirley Hanes Kay Hansen Karen Harmeyer Ginger Holloway Becky Hudgens Katherine Hulpiau Kaleen Hurley Betty Jackson Sharon Kendziora Margie Miller Charlene Norwood Karen Presley Diann Russell Julie Scott Sandra Smith Kay Spencer Ann Terrell Lynn Vaughan Laura Verble Edith Whaley Linda White Brenda Windham Sharon Winfield DeAnn Wooten Patricia Yancey Rhonda Yohe 256 Home Economics Club First Row: Dr. Barbara Barrett, adviser, Theresa Burgess, nutrition delegate, Linda McDonald, publicity chairman, Carolyn Hardy, chairman, Peggy Osterholm, historian, Pam Lord, parliamentarian, Ms. Lydia Roper, advisor. Second Row: Becky Renfro, second vice-president, Prissy Johnson, secretary, Mary Ann Mcllory, treasurer, Scottie Morgan, projects chairman, Vicki Schmidt, convention chairman. Sigma Gamma Epsilon Lions Club Mike Bellomy Gene Burrows Steve Cervantes Roger Conaway Leonard Deckard Deck Denman Randy Elms Tip Giles Jeff Hanawalt Kenneth Hayman Dave Jolly Pam Lord Les Neal Eric Renth John P. Schwartz Max Spiller Espirit de Corps First Row: Betty Jackson, treasurer, Leeann Wiels, president, Diann Russell, secretary, Becky Holt, vice-president. Second Row: Sabrina Alcocer, Debbie Mendoza, Wendy Chase, Brenda Mahler, Yvonne Lelko. Third Row: Captain Russell Schubert, sponsor, Carol Antill, Suzy Mueller, Kathy Avey, Pam Smith, Liz Wolte, Anne Eldridge. Phi Upsilon Omicron c irstRow: Gaye Mayfield, Sandy Peterson, Jan Ellis, Linda McConald, Mona Gaddis, Alva Hill, Carrie Gardner, Vicki Schmidt. Second Row: Claudia McClelland, Linda James, Cindy Sanders, Jo Anne Petrosky, Regina McFatridge, Georgia Turner, Sandy Hawkins, Kathryn Towse. Third Row: Marcia Allen, Janyce Sparkman, Pat Roberts, Prissy Johnson, Debbie Furlinger, Mrs. Linda 5cates, Eddie Vaughn, Linda Marshall. 259 Rodeo Team Members of the Rodeo Team include Bill Macaw, bull dogging; Eddie Galloway, bull riding; Dottie Phillips, barrel racing, goat tying, breakaway roping, third! ranking in the NIRA; Allen Welch, saddle bronc and bull dogging; Linda Williams, goat tying; Mickey George, bareback riding; Richard Hungerford, bull riding; Bill Cutshaw, bull riding; Harold York, bareback riding; Pearl and Beaver (lying at the bottom), mascots. Not pictured are: Becky Winzer, goat tying, Blake Bostic, bull dogging; David Horton, bareback and bull riding; Leland Sweeney, calf roping, second in NIRA finals. 260 Rodeo Club The SFA Rodeo Club is one of the campuses most active organizations. Each year this group sponsors an inter-collegiate rodeo, but this year they sponsored, in addition, a rodeo for the SFA campus, an intermural rodeo. There was participation on the part of almost every group on campus. The club also carried out the western theme of one of our pep rallies by furnishing skits, horses, and cowboys on the football field. The 1 974-75 Rodeo Queen was Ms. Linda Williams (far left). The officers are (bottom left): Brian Cummings, second vice-president; Lou McDendrick, secretary; Becky Winzer, historian; Teresa Woodward, treasurer; Linda Williams, recording secretary; Mickey George, first vice-president, Allen Welch, (kneeling) president. The Young Republicans Members of the Young Republicans are, First Row: Robin Wiesenborn, Amy Bomke, Clay Fitzhugh, Lisa Baker, Nickie Leon, Kay Fawcett. Second Row: Lynn Gunn, Tim Richards, Jeff Zuber, Bill Hawkins. Third Row: Gerald Muckleroy, Tim Couch, Greg Southworth, Mr. Norman Cox. Fourth Row: Randy Elms, Charles Taylor, John Cason. The officers for 1 974-75 are Lynn Gunn, Tim Richards, Clay Fitzhugh, Bill Hawkins, Mr. Norman Cox, Robin Wiesenborn. Psychology Club Members are first row, John Herrick, Patti Waller, Rolinda Ralston, Kathy Lyons, Sharon McCormick, Melissa Hester, Phil Hester. Second Row: Art is E Newsome, Bill Fish, Laura Holder, Cindy Herndon, Shauna Saurey, Rhonda Cooper, Teresa Auggins, Rhonda Straubling, Tim Leuy, Michele Bobadilla Members of the National Collegiate Association of Secretaries are first row, Shirley Hanes, scrap book; Linda Doane, historian; Donna Hill, publicity; Susan Barbee, vice president; Sharon Kendziora, president; Edith Whaley, treasurer; Pat Linney, secretary. Second Row: Mrs. Jean Rudisill, sponsor; Charlene Norwood; Wendy Wold; Melanie Nam; Gay Hedrick; Alice Liller, Kathi Demarest; Anne Doyle; Mrs. Carolyn Price. Third Row: Denise Taylor; Kathy Thompson; Rebecca King; Christy Louviere; Vicki Simmons; Alicia Pappas. TexPIRG 1 The SFA branch of TexPIRG is one of four consumer protection agencies located on Texas campuses. Goals of this group have been to establish a consumer complaint center, dealing with areas such as landlord-tenant problems and local retail establishment complaints, to begin a consumer education program, and to publish a booklet on the local retail stores and landlords and rate them, in order to provide students with referrals. Officers are Mercedes Roberts, consumer education, Skip Ireson, co-chairman, Larry Miller, projects chairman, Bill Hawkins, co-chairman, Clay Fitzhugh, finance, and Paul Malone, publicity. 267 Rlphcx fTlu Omega 2i Z First Row: Robert G. Clark, Jr., David Chance, Kirk Tareilo, Jimmy Kerbo, Joe Eagon, Rick Slater, Gordon Clark, Richard Hill, John Smith, Gina McCoy, duchess, George Hartwell, Mike Green. Second Row: Kenneth Hagin, Ron Spahr, George Krieger, Dick Stagner, Mike Henry, Ken Brown, Jose Garza, Barney Brown, Rick Swanson, Mike Cronin, Lee Lipscomb. Alpha Phi Omega is a service fraternity on the SFA campus. One of their main projects this year was a heart fund drive. Members of the fraternity are first row, Pat Simmons, Deck Denman, Joseph H. Shepard, Terri Peters, Tom Whiteman, Reyburn Ruhl. Second Row: Pat Bray, Gamma Sigma Si Vanessa Adams Barbara Bradfield Cynthia Branch Carla Brannon Katrina Brown Joy Butler Marianne Cordera Anna Belle Casterline Beth Davis Lynn Davis Mary lee Dikssas Rose Downs Sharon Doyle Carmen Eiker Luanne Ewald Connie Fehrle Mona Gladdis Beth Glimp Beth Griftin Elaine Griffin Noma Hall Marty Harris Carol Hartly Gayla Harvey Dean Henry Susan Hitt Annette Hoffman Lola Hooks Mary Isom Debbie Keys Leabeth Janicek Elaine Johnson Susan Jones Jean Jostes Teresa Lathem Mrs. Billy LeBouf Rinda Love Mikel McCammon Katy Mahoney Leslie Martyn Donna Massey Irene Matthews Pam Naitch Nancy Nixon Betty Owens Pam Penn Terne Peters Donna Reed Karen Rhodes Pam Roby Alicia Schmitt Miss Sue Schrader Jill Singleton Shelly Smith Cindy Thornton Ann Wiederhold Sherry Wellens Photographic Group Left to Right, Top to Bottom: Pat Dolan, Lee Lipscomb, Bruce Vay, Dr. Michael N. Roach, sponsor, Linda Roach, Viron Barbay, Mike Greer, Tim Van Riper, Woody Angel, Charles Skipworth Smith, Mike King, Pam Tullos. 273 Phi fTlu Epsilon Pi Mu Epsilon is the professional math club at SFA. It is composed of math majors and minors. They have bi-weekly meetings in the Science Building. Mr. Harold E. Bunch, assistant professor, mathematics, is the sponsor. Tau Beta Sigma " au Beta Sigma is a music sorority on campus. Members are first row, Kay Krupala, Paula Lynch, Deborah Garrett, Sue Lindenberger, Rhonda Yarberry, J ' Lynn :arter, Sue Smith. Second Row: Janet Ellis, Lynn Davis, Roxanne Simmons, Kathy Walraven, Patti Aldredge, Beth Saunders. Third Row: Mr Mel Montgomery, dviser, Sara Michie, Patricia Parrish, Jamie Weeks, Jane Simpson, Patti Henderson, Dena Steed, and Debbie Potts. The Wesley Foundation Pentacostal Student Fellowship First Row: Mary Smith, vice president; John Martin, president; Jeanna Carnley, secretary-treasurer; Pat Barnhill; Bill Skillern; Gary Ward. Baha ' i Club Massoud Kazemazadeh David Smith Manoochehy Jafari — President Steve Seefeldt fl Cappella Choir 278 Members of the choir are Mike Ammons Stephen Bedford Ric Berry Tommy Butler Alan Campbell David Crawford Alan Fox Tom Lodge Glen Miller Jay Ruyle Ric Sadler Dick Stagner Mike Talley Woody Wade Richard Waidelich Dick Wells Liz Allen Lean Carlton Mary Jane Clayton Barbara Coones Kim Copeland Cathy Cote Pam Davis Pam Ferrell Margaret Forest Susan Gray Shirley Harrison Patti Hodges Maribeth Hornbuckle Juli Jones Becky Keahey Marianne Lampo Cathy Mabry Rebecca Miles Cindi Selkirk Jackie Smith Rayanne Sones Debbie Trott Marcella Valdez Susie Wilborn Suzi Young V Wildlife Society Members are Ron Montgomery, Vincent Lampasas, Tim Parker, Wayne Pringle, Rodney Nicely, Pedro Ramirez, Ron Renrick, Doug Rives, Jeffery Schultz, Lee Sherrod, Donnie Simpson, Gary Simms, Mike Sutton, Joe Tacguard, Gary Taylor, Richard Randle, Ronald Brown, Jay Custer, Ronald Boerm, John Cornelius, Mary Dollinger, Gary Dunn, George Garza, Larry Glasson, Charles Davis, Danny Harkreader, Mike Hamilton, F. P. Harvery Jr., Larry Johnson, David Judson, Susan Lankford, Leroy Lewis, John Miller, David Minter, Larry Mitchell, Linda Williams, Charles Williamson, Danny Wyatt, Dennis Zahradnik. The Wildlife Society is a group interested in animal life. They have regular meetings to discuss various ways of protecting wildlife in the area. Twirl-o-jacks The 1974-75 twirlers are first row: Maria Stevens, Jacksonville freshman, Kathy Tidwell, New Boston senior, Head Twirl-o-Jack, J ' Lynn Carter, Grand Saline, junior. Second Row: Carole Crawford, Tyler senior; Jan Wilcox, Mesquite junior; Debbie Bond, Livingston senior; Sybil Groth, Belton sophomore; Stacey Stotts, Mesquite sophomore; Libby Lattourette, Jonesboro, Arkansas sophomore; Elizabeth Greer, Tyler freshman; Deborah Garrett, Tyler sophomore; Suzette Jernigan, Tyler freshman; Tina England, Houston freshman; Marilyn Farak, Houston freshman. The Rugby Club is new on the SFA campus. Started in the spring of 1 974, these men work out twice a week in order to compete with the rugby teams of other schools. The sport is gradually gaining popularity among the students on campus. The team (top picture) now numbers 22 men. The officers of the club (bottom) are Steve (Moose) Conway, spirit chairman; Keith Figley, field Chairman; Brad Lamb, president; Henry Tiemann, coach and Malcom Leach, match-secretary. When the SFA rugby team played Sam Houston in February, our team really shook Sam. This young team played an impressive game and led until the very end, when Sam Houston scored six points and won. 289 290 i 291 Queen ' s Left to Right: Clara Coleman Alpha Kappa Alpha Shelly Cox Chi Omega Noma Hall Gamma Sigma Sigma Karen Thompson Sigma Kappa Cindy West Tri Delta 293 fTliss Nacogdoches 295 Who ' s Who Who ' s Who is a group of students selected by the faculty and staff as outstanding in their fields. Members not pictured are Garland Hart, RHA; Rick Allen, Education; Billie Wages, Accounting; Martha Miller, Accounting. (1) Frances Barrett, Communication (2) Vanessa Adams, Education (3) Karen Bradshaw, Select Student (4) Janice Cobble, Women ' s HPE (5) Richard Berry, Music 297 Who ' s Who (1 ) Carol Coston, Communication (2) Jean Jostes, Education (3) Joanna Ferrell, Art (4) Deck Denman, Communication (5) Marilyn Koch, Education (6) Clifford Ray Jones, Biology (7) Wilma Jones, Education 299 300 303 304 uo . C; C S ' c ' i c Kioto Pi ' cveb - £ 3.v. .— _ SctieLs-S ' tLc L-ccbaucu £Ai i -- — - .... kC Q| 12 3 15 -_K ' 1 11 12 o 22 2S 2-v ' r »t w ' — " ' " " 2S s; UL vK UU toi ui LEoalcgakai L ' isto V 1 Speech Communication Sequence General (36 hrs.) Rhetoric . Address (36 hrs.) inietpei i£Ceir ciion (36 hrs.) Yeichei Cerut v i0 Lii ' s l L Journali Sequen General (3 Reportir Writing (3( Photography Advertising ( Teacher Certif he ' 0 ;_ ' Cs to " Ci ■ ,- , e ■ e c I - — - Si t 2 CL( Cliemistn 337 Ktsion 233 S-olin ' cal Science 242 k ' linci- end Electees W ttU " RCfiDEmiCS 308 Dr. Ronald Anderson; Music William Arscott; Art Eva Bailey; Music Donald Beason; Art Dr. Dan Beaty; Music Dr. William Bos; Communication Dr. John Butts; Communication Dr. Robert Capel; Communication Dr. Richard Coolidge; Music Emma Corcoran; Art Mary Ruth Dunlap, Student Publications Joel Duskin; Music Dr. Diane Ford; Art Donald Graham; Communication Dr. Morris Hall; Music Emily Hargraves; Art Dr. Thomas Heino; Theatre Dr. Richard Hillis; Art Ben Hobbs; Communication Dr. Francine Hoffman; Communication Darrell Holt; Music Dr. Thomas Houston; Music Charles Jones; Art Dr. David Jones; Music R. S. Kennedy; Art Robert Mann; Music Kenneth Marchant; Music Tom Matthys; Theatre Thomas Mayhew, Music Mel Montgomery; Music Max Morley; Music Paul Potter; Communication Dr. William Powers; Communication Dr. Robert Ramsey; Communication Randall Reese; Music Dr. Michael Roach; Communication Dr. Karl Schlicher; Art Clifford Smith; Theatre James Snyder; Art Dr. Jim Towns; Communication Dr. Walter Waters; Theatre Dr. William Young; Music Dr. Herman Zellmer; Theatre 309 Art The art curriculum has been designed to provide broad basic art foundations for the student who plans a professional career in art or art education. For students having the ability and desire to be a printer, a painter, or an elementary school teacher, the art department provides training and experience. Gallery exhibitions are special events presented by the art department. Each art major submits his best work to the Department of Art faculty who then select outstanding examples of his work to become a part of the permanent departmental collection. Communication For students interested in gaining a better understanding of communication and active practice in exchanging verbal and visual messages with others the Department of Communication offers the following four sequences: general communication, speech communication, journalism and radio-television-film. The University operates its own radio and television stations, KSAU-FM and KSAU-TV. Journalism classes are supplemented with work on the school newspaper, The Pine Log, and the yearbook, The Stone Fort. A unique feature of the program is an internship course which provides actual on-the-job experience allowing students to gain academic credit for working in a radio, television, newspaper, or advertising firm in the East Texas area. Pi Kappa Delta is the honorary debate organization for the department. music A secure band and choral program are but two of the melodious strong points in SFA ' s Department of Music. 1 00 scholarships are presented each year to students in the department. Nine different plans are offered for the Bachelor of Music or Bachelor of Fine Arts in Music degrees. SFA music organizations include the University Choir, University Symphony Orchestra and University Band in addition to other groups which perform together. Among the 50 music courses offered are piano, guitar, hymnology, composition, Afro-American music, conducting, jazz vocal, vocal and many others. The music department is attracting attention with its elementary education workshops and pop vocal instruction. Four honorary organizations sponsored by the department are Phi Mu Alpha, Mu Phi Epsilon, Kappa Kappa Psi and Tau Beta Sigma. Theatre The Department ot Theatre fulfills the needs of both theatre majors and students from other departments. It attempts to foster and encourage individual development of disciplined creativity, offers training for those students wishing to pursue careers in theatre and related fields, provides experiences through academic and performance activities which will aid individuals desiring vocations in the public relations field and presents a discipline through which the student may study the diverse thoughts and passions of man as reflected in many of his most human and telling creations. Each year the department presents major productions for both the student body and the community which give the actors valuable experience. Ten to twelve grants are awarded each year in six aspects of theatre. Alpha Psi Omega and the United States Institute for Theatre Technology are the honorary clubs. 313 Liberal Arts mm o o to Top Left: Dr. Roy Cain, Head of Department of English and Philosophy. Top Right: Dr. Carl Keul, Head of Department of Modern Language. Above: Dr. Harold Clements, Head of Department of Sociology. Below Right: Dr. Robert Maxwell, Head of Department of History. 314 bp Left: Dr. Heinz Gaylord, Head of Department of Psychology. Top Right: Dr. eon Hallman, Head of Department of Geography. Bottom Left: Mr. Harold Tabor, ead of Department of Bible. Bottom Right: Dr. Joe Ericson, Head of Department of olitical Science. 315 Liberal Arts faculty Dr. Francis Abernethy; English Dr John Anson; Psychology Dr. Warren Austin; English Dr. Bruce Bailey; Psychology Jeff Banks; English Will Barclay; Modern Languages Beeman Bentley; English Dr. Walter Bourbon; Psychology Dr. Terry Box; English Mary Cams; Political Science Maurice Cecil; English Dr. Leonard Cheever; English Dr. Arthur Clagett; Sociology Dr. Ronald Claunch; Political Science Dr. Harold Clements; Sociology Dr. Loyd Collier; Geography George Cooper; History Dr. David Cox, Political Science Dr. John Dahmus; History Elizabeth Davis; Modern Languages Harry Dawson; English Dr. Joseph Devine; History Dr. Ben Dickerson; Sociology Dr. James Dickson; Political Science Dr. Vera Dugas; History Dr. Kirby Duncan; English Charles Gardner; Geography Dr. Heinz Gaylord; Psychology Donald Gregory; Political Science Dr. Vivian Gruber; Modern Language Kenneth Hackney; Psychology Dr. Leon Hallman; Geography Dr. Calvin Hines; History Dr. Neal Houston; English David Howard; English Richard Hurzeler; Sociology Dr. Bobby Johnson; History Dr. Wayne Johnson; Political Science Dr. Henry Jones; Political Science Dr. Jerry Lackey; Psychology Kenneth Lambert; Bible George Loutherback; Bible Tommie Lowery; History Dr. Archie McDonald; History Dr. Sylvia McGrath; History Dr. Samir Maamary; Sociology Dr. James Magruder; Philosophy Dr. Elizabeth Malpass; History Dr, Robert Mathis; History Dr. Robert Maxwell; History Manuel Mendoza; Modern Languages Dr. James Moses; Modern Languages Dr. Olin Newton; Modern Languages Dr. James Nichols; History David Petty; Sociology Hectorine Piercey; Modern Languages 1 316 Dr. Larry Pollock, Psychology Dr. John Quinn; English Dr. Allen Richman; History Jarrell Richman; English Rev. M. J. Rouly; Bible Dr. Patricia Russell; English Dr. Carroll Schoenewolf; English Edwin Shake; Modern Languages Dr. Alfred Shivers; English Dr. Stephen Smith, Political Science Connie Spreadbury; Sociology Harold Tabor, Bible William Toney; Sociology Dr. Marvin Wade; Sociology Other faculty: Dr. Stanley Alexander; English Dr. William Brophy; History Dr. Wesley Chumlea; Political Science Dr. Carl Davis; History Dr. Janet Dirlam; Modern Languages Dr. Fred Ekfelt; English Dr. Edwin Gaston; English Dr. Albrecht Giese; Modern Languages Rosemary Huff; English Dr. Jere Jackson; History Dr. Jimmy Jones; Modern Languages Mr. Melville Kahn; Political Science Dr. Richard Kim; Political Science Richard Lower; Philosophy Roberta McGonagle; Sociology Dr. Douglas McMillan; History Ignacio Munoz; Modern Languages Dr. Tom Nail; History Dr. Frank Prassel; Sociology Dr. Bruce Roach; English Dr. Fred Rodewald; English John Stephens; Political Science George Syring; Geography Dr. Leslie Thompson; English Frances Tullos; English Johnnie Tyler; English Robert Verner; English Dr. Wayne Wilson; Psychology Dr. Sibyl Wyatt; English 317 Bible Offered only as electives with no more than 1 2 semester hours of credit toward any degree, SFA ' s Bible courses are quite popular. With areas of study in comparative religion, Old Testament, New Testament, individual books of the Bible, and the application of the Bible to contemporary problems, the diversity enables students to explore many aspects of religion. Some of the courses are Job, the Life of Christ, the Life of Paul and New Testament Survey. All Bible courses are offered by the Bible Chairs, which are University affiliated agencies operated by the Baptist Church, the Church of Christ, the Methodist Church and the Roman Catholic Church. Their main objectives are to help students gain an understanding of the history and literature of the Bible and an insight into its nature and meaning, to foster appreciation of the spiritual values in human culture, and to provide for the special needs of students preparing to enter church related vocations. 31 a English and Philosophy One of the largest departments on the SFA campus is the Department of English and Philosophy. In addition to offering the basic language and literature courses required of all students, the department contains a wide variety of courses for both the English major and students who are simply interested in specific areas of the language A few of these specialized courses include Major Negro Writers in America Folklore Modern Poetry, Creative Writing and Literature for Children. For students interested in searching for a general understanding of values and reality, Philosophy offers a chance for further discussion and study. The department also offers a Liberal Arts Colloquium for selected students seeking honors in liberal arts. Sigma Tau Delta is the honorary organization for English majors. 319 Geography Geography seeks to define and study the patterns of physical and human features of the earth, the relationships between them, the association of features giving personality or character to individual places of regions, the connections and movements between places, and the meaning to man of the likenesses and differences among places on the earth. Because it presents an integrated view of the physical and social sciences, geography is of significance to a liberal arts program whether the subject is selected as the major, minor or elective. Geography today tells the student about the world he lives in — physical environment and cultural phenomena — and how he can c ope with it. Gamma Theta Upsilon is the honorary fraternity of the Department of Geography. 320 History Programs in the Department of History are designed to enable students to enter a variety of careers. History has a particularly close relationship with the arts and sciences, business, politics, law, diplomacy, the church, library and museum work, and with teaching. An honors program is also offered for those students who meet the criteria for departmental honors study in the School of Liberal Arts. The department offers undergraduate study in American and European history and cooperates in a program that emphasizes Asian studies. Among the over 60 courses are the Afro- American, the American Frontier, Nationalism and Liberalism, American Biography and others. Phi Alpha Theta is the National Honor Society for history majors. fTlodern Languages! The Department of Modern Languages is one of the many which occupy the Ferguson Liberal Arts Building. Majors and minors are offered in French, German and Spanish. Courses in Portuguese and Italian are also offered. The department ' s objectives are to develop competence in understanding, speaking, reading and writing a modern language to cultivate an appreciation for I the culture and civilization of the people whose language is being studied, and to provide guidance in preparation for the various opportunities in language work. For students with unusual language background — native speakers and those who may have lived in a foreign country, the department provided advanced standing examinations in conversational courses. J22 Political Science Courses offered by the Department of Political Science are planned for students desiring careers in law or in politics at the local, state, or national level, for prospective teachers of the social sciences, and for those wishing to enter the civil service and desiring a background and information about their field of work. Because college students should become well informed about political institutions in order to discharge their duties as citizens and assume leadership in civic affairs, the state legislature enacted laws requiring the study of United States and Texas constitutions by all students receiving degrees from state-supported colleges and universities. Containing more than 30 courses the department offers programs of study for honors, teaching, pre-law, practical politics, and public administration. Not only are American governments studied but also those of Latin America, Europe, Communist countries, Africa and others. Psychology „ The Department of Psychology provides students with a unique S perspective for understanding human behavior and applying this knowledge in many different professional areas. A further goal is to prepare students to enter graduate school and professional careers in psychology. The department has moved into the new Education Building and has its own laboratory area. In addition to the animal lab the learning lab is also a popular area for students to practice and apply techniques they have learned. Another opportunity available to all students is the volunteer program in five area institutions including Rusk State Hospital and the Lufkin State School. Courses are offered in General Psychology, adjustment, personality, Abnormal Psychology, comparative and physiological psychology, perception, statistics and research methodology. Sociology With 33 different courses, the Department of Sociology enables students to delve into the world of human relationships. Major and minor programs are designed to provide training in counseling, business, research, community planning, care of the elderly, teaching in the fields of social science, and a variety of occupations in the field of criminal justice. The department boasts approximately 480 majors. Dr. Harold Clements heads the staff of full and part time faculty. For any student, regardless of his field of concentration, courses in sociology afford an understanding of human relations. Alpha Kappa Delta serves as the sociology honorary organization. Dr. Robert Baker; Forestry Dr. Victor Bilan; Forestry Dr. Leonard Burkart; Forestry Bruce Cutter; Forestry Ellis Hunt; Forestry Dr Michael Legg; Forestry Dr. W. T. McGrath; Forestry James Martin; Forestry Dr. Hershel Reeves; Forestry Dr. J. R. Singer; Forestry Dr. Kenneth Watterston; Forestry Other Faculty: Dr. Jack Coster, Dr. Ray Hicks, Dr. James Kroll, Dr. J. D. Lenhart, Dr. Gerald Lowry, Dr. Edwin Miller, Dr. Seymour Somberg, Garnet Weaver, Montague Whiting. 326 327 Foresters in action The School of Forestry is one of the largest of its kind in Texas and the Southwest and contains many modern facilities for the education of students. Among the school ' s facilities are the fire simulator which is the only one known to be located in a forestry school, the Forestry Library, laboratories, greenhouses, a nursery, a meteorological station and a stream gauging station. In addition to the beautiful East Texas forests used for active instruction the SFA Experimental Forest, the Forestry Field Station and other properties are employed. Graduates of the school receive a professional education in forestry and are qualified for managerial positions. The organization for SFA forestry majors is the Sylvan ' s Club. 329 Sciences and mathematics Dr. Jasper Adams; Mathematics Dr. Doyle Alexander; Mathematics Dr. Nancy Alexander; Geology Dr. Roy Alston; Mathematics Dr. Don Anderson; Geology Dr. Pat Barton; Mathematics Dr. Wayne Boring; Chemistry Bobby Boudria; Mathematics Harold Bunch; Mathematics Julias Burkett; Mathematics Dr. J, H. Burr; Biology Dr. Thomas Callaway; Physics Charles Cates; Chemistry Elton Chaney; Mathematics Dr. William Clark; Mathematics George Cook; Biology Dr. Marvin Crocker; Geology Dr. Robert Dean; Mathematics Dr. James Dennis; Physics Martin Deuth; Geology Capt. John Downing; Military Science Vernon Enmon; Military Science Dr. Russell Faulkner; Biology Dr. Charles Fisher; Biology Dr. James Garrett; Chemistry Dr. William Gibson; Biology Dr. Robert Gruebel, Physics Dr. Victor Hotf; Biology Dr. Hershel Jones; Geology Major David Kiger; Military Science Billy LeBout; Mathematics Ross McClain; Military Science Neal McCord; Biology Dr. Jack McCullough, Biology Dr. E. D. McCune; Mathematics Dr. Harry McDonald, Biology Capt. Brian McWilliams; Military Science Dr. Kenneth Mace; Biology Dr. Albert Machel; Chemistry Dr. Charles Mims, Biology John Moore; Chemistry Dr. Samuel Naistat; Chemistry Joe Neel, Mathematics Dr. Elray Nixon; Biology Lt. Talton Pace; Military Science Dr. Clark Proctor; Mathematics Dr. Fred Rainwater; Biology Joseph Robbins, Mathematics Dr. Walter Robertson; Biology Dr. Homer Russell; Biology Dr Austin Sartm; Geology Capt Russell Schubert; Military Science Dr. Jacob Seaton; Chemistry Dr. Robert Shepard; Mathematics Dr. Wayne Slagle; Biology Dr R. O. Steinhoff. Geology Dr, Byron VanDover, Biology Dr. Jerry Vincent; Geology Dr B F. Walker; Chemistry Dr. Hendrik Weyland; Biology Dr. Robert Yeagy; Mathematics Other Faculty Dr. Russell Brasher; Mathematics Dr. James Nicholson; Physics Dr. Kenneth Price; Mathematics Jane Ritter; Mathematics Biology Four study collections in both Botany and Zoology, the most modern microscopes and physiological equipment and an advising program are only a few of the assets of the Department of Biology. Biology courses give students familiarity with the methods of science and the facts of biology, provide opportunity for a broad foundation in biology for future professional work or study and give basic training in several specialized fields to students who need a certain amount of fundamental training in biology in connection with work in other departments. Courses of special interest include microbiology, mycology, entomology, embryology, cytology, ecology, ornithology, linnology, and others. Each year two biology scholarships are awarded, one to an undergraduate and one to a graduate. Beta Beta Beta-and the Biology Club are the two departmental organizations. Physics The courses in Physics are designed to acquaint students with the general all-embracing principles which are the foundations of the present understanding of physics. Also to furnish experiences in lecture and laboratory which will develop scientific attitudes, insights, and techniques. A unique feature of the graduate and undergraduate research facilities of the physics department is a complete X-ray laboratory for the study of liquid structures. Included is an X-ray diffractometer designed and constructed at SFA, which applies X-rays to determine the forces binding molecules together in the liquid state. The physics major curriculum has two basic options. The first is designed for the student who plans to continue the study of physics at the graduate level or to seek professional employment as a physicist with industry. The second is for the student who plans to teach physics or physical science at the pre-college level. 333 Geology Study and training in geology is designed to give both science and non-science majors an understanding of the methods of science and the fundamentals of earth science as it relates to the physical environment of man and his dependence on earth resources such as minerals, rocks, fuels, and water. Two programs of study, the general curriculum and the professional curriculum are available to students majoring in geology. The general program provides the student with a broad cultural background in a scientific field. The professional program is designed for those students who intend to do graduate work in geology and seek employment in the profession. The Department of Geology has 1 1 majors and minors. A curriculum of 24 different courses adds variety for the undergraduate student and a broad foundation in geology for future professional work or graduate study. mathematics Math forms a part of almost every degree plan at SFA in addition to being a career field unto itself. Students who show adequate preparation in high school math are encouraged to try for advanced placement credit in the department, thereby avoiding the re-taking of courses already covered. An honors program is also available for interested and capable students. In addition to the regular math curriculum the University Statistics Laboratory is operated by the department. Pi Mu Epsilon is the National Honorary Mathematics Fraternity on campus. military Science Offering an alternative to activity courses or simply elective courses open to all male and female students is one function of the Department of Military Science. In addition, the opportunity to participate in the precommissioning programs of ROTC is available. The Military Science curriculum is designed to prepare students for leadership roles in either military or civilian careers, and no service obligation is incurred until the student elects to participate in the ROTC program. ROTC members are issued all books, uniforms and equipment free, and upper level participants may draw $1 00 a month subsistence pay. Five honorary organizations and clubs are sponsored by the department Austin Raiders, National Society of Scabbard and Blade, Espirite de Corps, SFA Rifle Team and Color Guard. The objectives of the Department of Chemistry are to prepare students for graduate study in chemistry, to prepare students for positions in industry, government service, and teaching, to allow science students with non-chemistry majors to relate chemistry to their major science, and to acquaint non-science students with methods, concepts and achievements of the science of chemistry. It is hoped that an inquiring and open mind is stimulated in these courses, and that the relationship of science to other endeavors of man will be placed in its proper perspective. Chemistry majors should complete a minor in physics, mathematics or biology. Students desiring to qualify for degrees designated " With Honors in Chemistry " must enroll in special problems courses. The department also provides certification for physical science and high school teaching. 338 Far Top Dr. Ralph White, head of Department of Office Administration. Top Center Dr Charles Brown, head of Department of Economics. Lett: Dr Ed Roach, head of Department of Management Far Bottom Dr John Stevenson, head of Department of Accounting. Bottom Center Dr Jarrell Grout, head of Department of Computer Science. Bottom Left: Dr. Elick Maledon, head of Department of General Business. Dr. Chester Allen; General Business Dr. Janelle Ashley; Management Dr. Louise Bingham; Accounting Dr. Bobby Bizzell; Management James Bowman; General Business Dr. Charles Brown; Economics Norman Cox; General Business Dr. Kenneth Durr; Office Administration Dr. Don Evans; General Business Dr. Jarrell Grout; Computer Science Troy Hargis; Management Dr. Thomas Hunter; Economics Dr. Dwayne Key; Economics Dr. Vinay Kothari; General Business John Lewis; General Business Charles Logan; General Business Dr. Elick Maledon; General Business John Meredith; Accounting Jesse D. Mixon; Computer Science Dr. Wayne Murdock, Economics Charles Phillips; Management Jack Pollard; Accounting Camille Price; Computer Science Carolyn Price; Office Administration Jesse Richardson; Economics Dr. Jerald Ripley; Computer Science Dr. Frank Ross; Accounting Dr. Conway Rucks; General Business Jean Rudisill; Office Administration James Smith; Accounting Weldon Smith; General Business Dr. M. Dudley Stewart; Economics Dr Dillard Tinsley; General Business Dr. Ralph White; Office Administration Dr. John Whitt; Accounting Other Faculty: Evelyn Clay; Accounting Dr. Cecil Dollar; Accounting John Hamilton; General Business J. M. Sullivan; Economics Dr. Ronnie Ward; Computer Science 339 Recounting SFA ' s Department of Accounting is a popular area because of the potential of employment for its majors. The curriculum offers a professional course of training for employment in public, commercial and industrial or governmental accounting. The core business training included in the requirements for the Bachelor of Business Administration Degree along with the accounting curriculum should also qualify graduates for employment leading to executive positions in industry. In addition to accounting courses, students study income taxation, auditing, profit planning and cost control. Each year the department awards two Mobil Oil scholarships. Students interested in accounting can become members of the Accounting Club. Computer Science Future specialists in the field of Computer Science receive an ample education and practice in the University Computer Center. Students in the department learn to use a digital computer for processing information and solving complex problems. Positions open to graduates include programmers, computer equipment salesmen, analysts, designers, consultants, instructors, researchers and managers of electronic data processing. The department ' s enrollment increases each semester and students enjoy membership in the Computer Science Club. Plans are underway to establish a chapter of Upsilon Pi Epsilon, the National Computer Science Honor Society, on theSFA campus. Economics The primary objective of the Department of Economics is the preparation of future business and professional leaders to meet the challenges they will face in the business world. In order to contribute to the development of responsible, community-minded professionals, undergraduate courses are designed to provide students with a broad background of economic principles and concepts that will be useful in dealing with the problems of today and tomorrow. A student with a background in economics is prepared for many interesting and rewarding careers including research, analysis, communication and administration in government, private industry and financial institutions. 342 General Business The Department of General Business is designed to train and develop professional management personnel. The expanding business and industrial environment of the southwest demands competent young men and women for managerial positions in all areas of business administration. The department seeks to generate graduates with requisite skills to fill those positions in the specialized areas of finance and marketing. Courses in general business, business law, finance and marketing are offered. Among these courses are real estate principles, life insurance, commercial bank management, advertising principles and marketing research. Three plans for the bachelor of business administration degree are available. A major in general business, a major in marketing and a major in finance. management The Department of Management views management as a coordinative process that is universal in its application to all forms of group endeavor. It is applicable whenever man attempts to reach a stated goal through group effort. Through lectures, case histories and various advanced techniques, the students develop an understanding of the management process and gain an insight into the dynamics of organized group effort. Courses in management are required of all majors in the School of Business. The Department of Management boasts 360 majors and minors, and 1 2 courses are presently offered at the undergraduate level. The Society for Advancement of Management is the honorary organization for business majors. Office Administration Courses in the Department of Office Administration are designed to prepare students for secretarial careers, to train future business teachers in the skill subjects, and to offer background knowledge in skills and communications necessary for the business world. Majors in office administration should work toward the bachelor of business administration degree. Teacher education programs include, teaching field in broadfield business, bookkeeping and general business, and secretarial subjects. Education o o to Top Left: Dr. Thomas Stanly, head of Department of Agriculture. Top Right: Dr. Morgan Moses, head of Department of Secondary Education. Center Left: Dr. Thomas Franks, head of Department of Elementary Education. Center: Dr. Gloria Durr, head of Department of Home Economics. Center Right: Dr. Carl Kight, head of Department of Men ' s Health and Physical Education. Bottom Left: Dr. Bill Hamrick, head of Department of School Services. Bottom Right: Dr. June Irwin, head of Department of Women ' s Health and Physical Education. Dr. Talib Alhashimi; Agriculture Dr. Dorothy Allen; Health Physical Education Sadie Allison; Health Physical Education Dr. Mary Appleberry; Elementary Education Gladys Atherton; Home Economics Dr. John Austin; Secondary Education Dr. Ronnie Barra; Health Physical Education Carolyn Barnett; Health Physical Education Dr Barbara Barrett; Home Economics Barbara Bishoff, Health Physical Education Dr. Robert Brooks; Secondary Education Macra Brunson; Elementary Education Dr. Bennett Cooksey; Elementary Education Charlene Crocker; Secondary Education Dr. James DiNucci; Health Physical Education Dr. Gloria Durr; Home Economics Dr. Ralph Eddins; Secondary Education Dr. Don Fare; Elementary Education Ethelind Gibson, Home Economics Vera Graham; School Services Dr. Julian Green; Agriculture Dr. Alvera Griffin, Health Physical Education Dr. David Grigsby; School Services Dr. Charles Gnmland; Health Physical Education Neill Hays; School Services Dr. Harold Hill; Secondary Education Andrew Huffty; Health Physical Education Dr. Jerry Irons; Elementary Education Dr. Sue Jones; Home Economics Dr. Langston Kerr, Secondary Education Dr. Carl Kight; Health Physical Education Dr. Jack Lewis; School Services Dennie Lindsey; Home Economics Margeann McMillan; Health Physical Education Dr. Robert Martin; Agriculture Virginia Mathews; Health Physical Education David Miller, Agriculture Dr. Earl Morrison; School Services Dr. Morgan Moses; Secondary Education Dr. Bennat Mullen; Secondary Education Dick Munzinger; Health Physical Education Dr. Lucille Norton, Health Physical Education Dr. Janice Pattillo; Elementary Education Dr. Milton Payne, Elementary Education Dr. Odis Rhodes; Elementary Education Joe Richardson, Health Physical Education Lydia Roper; Home Economics Dr Margaret Rucker, Home Economics Sue Schrader; Health Physical Education Betsy Shaw; Home Economics Laura Shivers; Home Economics Dr. David Shows; Health Physical Education Dr. Frank Smith; Elementary Education Dr. Wendall Spreadbury; Elementary Education Dr. Jack Spurrier; School Services Dr. Patsy Spurrier, Home Economics Oran Standley; Agriculture Dr. Thomas Stanly; Agriculture Janette Staton; Elementary Education Dr. Thurman Thomas; Agriculture Dr. George Thompson; Secondary Education Keith Thompson; Agriculture Dr. John Thornton; Elementary Education Suzy Weems; Home Economics Dr. Thomas White; Secondary Education Dr. Ray Worsham; Health Physical Education Paulette Wright; Secondary Education Dr Beverly Young; Elementary Education 347 Agriculture The Department of Agriculture presents to students new challenges in business, industry, research and development, education, communications, and conservation as well as in agricultural production and management. Areas of specialization include: agricultural education, animal science, agribusiness, horticulture, agricultural machinery and pre-veterinary-animal science. The availability and use of outdoor laboratories make the department outstanding by enabling students to work with plants and animals on the two University Experimental Farms and other labs. Delta Tau Alpha is the honorary fraternity, and other clubs include the Collegiate Chapter of Future Farmers of America and the Horticulture Club. X r 9f $ V . .• -, ' 1 Health and Physical Education Soon to move into new multi-million dollar facilities is the Department of Health and Physical Education. The new HPE complex contains areas to accommodate indoor swimming, handball, wrestling, gymnastics, dance, and other activities as well as five regulation basketball courts. A new coliseum which will hold an audience of 8,000 persons has also been completed. Both activity and theory courses are offered in almost any sport or physical activity desired in addition to the inter-collegiate athletic program. A recent innovation to the department is the intercollegiate athletic program for women. The 1 973-74 Texas Association of Intercollegiate Athletics for Women ' s All Sports Trophy went to the Ladyjacks for their outstanding performances. Honorary clubs and organizations include the Major Club for men, Pi Epsilon Mu, a local women ' s physical education club, the Health Education Club and Delta Psi Kappa. Elementary Education Smiling young faces radiating the joy of learning are an ultimate goal of students completing courses in Elementary Education. Courses in the department provide an understanding of the historical, philosophical and psychological foundations of education which is essential for successful teaching in kindergarten and elementary classrooms. Areas of specialization include kindergarten endorsement, special education endorsement, early exceptional children, emotionally disturbed, language and learning disabilities, mentally retarded and physically handicapped. Students enrolled in courses ranging from elementary ed. 101 through senior level classes spend time each week working with children in the University Kindergarten, the Reading Center, or schools within the community. Honorary organizations and clubs include Kappa Delta Pi, Phi Delta Kappa, and the Student Education Association. 350 Secondary Education College students looking forward to careers as teachers in high schools meet the requirements for certification in their individual fields of interest and complete necessary courses of study in the Department of Secondary Education. The program of professional secondary education at the undergraduate level is based on a critical selection of the subjects a teacher should know and be able to teach in the secondary school. The department seeks to provide basic concepts in the history and philosophy of education, in the teaching-learning process, in the nature of the adolescent learner, in the planning and organizing for teaching and laboratory experiences in teaching the secondary school students. Kappa Delta Pi is the honorary fraternity for the department. 351 Home Economics Many students see a need for educational preparation in the area of Home Economics, either for a profession or for personal satisfaction. Areas of study include child development and family living, foods and nutrition, clothing and textiles, housing, management and equipment and a new program in interior decoration. Extra attractions for students include the C. J. Davidson Scholarship, a Wool Contest Scholarship and scholarships for outstanding 4-H Club members. The department clubs are the Texas Home Economics Student Section, the Student Dietetics Association and Phi Upsilon Omicron. School Services Programs for the professional preparation and certification of special education teachers and speech pathologists are offered by the Department of School Services. It also prepares the student who is planning to enter various helping occupations that serve the disabled and disadvantaged. Approximately 900 students are enrolled within the department. A graduate school in school administration is offered for the student who plans a career as a school superintendent or principal. The department offers graduate programs in school supervision, special education and counseling and guidance. The National Speech and Hearing Association endorses school service students who meet certain requirements. 353 Top Row: Mrs. Peggy Wright, Nacogdoches; Joe Bob Golden, Jasper; Glenn Justice, Dallas. Above Left: Walter C. Todd, Dallas (chairman). Below Left: Robert C. Gray, Austin (vice-chairman), j Center: Board Meeting in Longview. Bottom Row: Mrs. George Cullum Jr., Dal las; Ernest Powers, Carthage; James I. Perkins, Rusk; R. E. McGee, Houston. Dr. Ralph W Steen President, SFASU Student Development Top: Van Samford, Director of Placement. Above Left: Ernestine Henry, Associate Dean of Student Development. Above Right: Harvey Rayson, Assistant Dean of Student Life. 3.58 Top: Melvin Wester, director ot guidance and counseling. Bottom: Dr. Paul Harris, dean of student development. t 360 Left: Dr. Clyde Iglinsky, director of admissions. Below: Eugene Barbin, registrar Bottom: Bob Sitton, executive director of SFA Alumni Association and Dr. Richard Voigtel, director of development. Admissions, Registrar 362 363 Top Left: Robert McKibben, School of Education. Top Right: Dr. Laurence Walker, School of Forestry. Bottom Left: Dr. Frank Lauderdale, School of Business. Bottom Right: Dr. J. N. Gerber, Graduate School. STUDENTS Post Graduates Adams, Ralph; Tyler Barron, Larry; Highlands Benjamin, Linda; Dallas Bloyd, Ruthanne; Friendswood Bostick, Nancy; Longview Burl, Randy; Longview Caveness, James; Grapevine Chen, Edward; Cincinnati, OH Childers, Kathy; Nacogdoches Chimney, Rayford; Jasper Cox, Sally; Nacogdoches Crabbe, Mark; Dickinson Donnaud, Tom; Orange Dykes, Jack; Garland Gassiott, Joe; Lufkin Gauntt, Kenneth; Larue Ingle, Charlotte; Nacogdoches Lessenberry, Janie; Humbolt, TN Livingston, Marcia; Garrison Lunsford, Eddie; Garrison Mitchell, Jessica; Nacogdoches Oliver, Johnny; Center Ormand, Alfred; Crockett Palacious, Jose; Nacogdoches Penn, David; Nacogdoches Schuberg, James; Houston Simmons, Mary; Longview Skains, Dorcas; Beaumont Snow, Rosemary; Henderson Stanley, Rebecca; Nacogdoches Graduates Favorites K. C. Rudy Sandy Henderson Adeleke, Catherine; Houston Adkinson, Edward; Center Allen, Sandra; Lutkin Andrew, Edward; Ft. Worth Arnold, Morris; Pollok Ayres, Karoline; Nacogdoches 369 Beare, Margaret; San Antonio Bell, Alberta; Lufkin Benjamin, Daniel; Ikot Ubo Ses Boaen, Marilyn; Nacogdoches Bozeman, Paul; Lufkin Branch, Cynthia; Houston Brand, Brenda; Cleburne Brewton, Dana; Pasadena Bntt, William; Houston Brock, Beverly; Houston Brown, Phillip; Jasper Brown, Thomas; Nacogdoches Buckman, Marguerite; Houston Burns, Realford; Houston Butler, John W.; Houston Butler, William; Big Spring Calhoun, Johnnie; Alto Carter, Harvey; Ft. Smith, AK Cassity, Helen; Nacogdoches Casterline, Anna; Fulton Chamness, Daniel; Tyler Chance, Ronald; Cleveland Chandler, Larry; Jacksonville Clark, Donald; Angelton Clark, William; Prarieview Clemens, Larry; Marshall Cook, Larry; Wichita Falls Corbin, JoAnn; Wichita Falls Cox, Robert; Houston Crain, Joel; Groves Crawford, John; Beckville Crouch, Gregory; Nacogdoches Cuniff, Troy; Nacogdoches Custer, Jan: Seabrook Davis, Brenda; Nacogdoches Davis, Dick; Corpus Christi 370 DeLaTorre, Nancy; Nacogdoches Derr, Gay; Irving DeVenas, Joseph; Nacogdoches Dobbins, Robin; Concord, CA Dudley, Nicky; Kilgore Dunham, Ernest; Nacogdoches Dunkin, Robert, Lufkin Edson, Donald; San Antonio Eftiong, Raphael; Washington, D.C. Ellis, Kathleen; Frankston Fanning, John; Lubbock Fitzgerald, Frankey; Center Floyd, Diane; Houston Foster, Nancy; Diana Fuller, Darlene; Waskom Fuller, Joseph; Nacogdoches Gardner, Gerald; Nacogdoches Glass, Philip; Texarkana Graham, James; Aurora Gray, Randall; Marshall Greer, Robert; Nacogdoches Gregory, Theodore; Hot Springs Guitton, Jean-Pierre; Nacogdoches Hanson, Karen; Garrison Hargraves, Charles; Pasadena Hartrick, Fred; Hamburg, AR Harvey, Keith; Tyler Hatley, Tura; Dallas Hawkins, William; Kankakee Hayman, Kenneth; Edna Hearne, Gary; Longview Hetlin, David; Gary Henderson, Sandra; Lake Jackson Hendricks, Robert; Nacogdoches Hill, Kay; Waco Hodge, Arthur; Houston Holbrook, Ann; Nacogdoches Holland, Peggy, Nacogdoches Hopkins, Katherine; Lake Jackson Huffman, Jerry; Lufkin Huggins, Willie; Houston Hull, Cindy; White Oak Ireland, John; Houston Ivy, Shirley; Huntington Jemelka, Ronnie; Hallsville James, Elena; Ft. Worth Jinnah, Amis; Poona, India Joftrion, Rebecca; Nacogdoches Johnson, Jimmie; Jasper Johnson, P. been; Dickinson Joiner, Connie; Ft. Worth Kellam, Teena; Tyler Kelley, Larry; Nacogdoches Kirk, Christopher; Nacogdoches Kueck, Larry; Strawn Lane, Barbara; Center Lay, Pamela; Laurel, MS Lazenby, William; Nacogdoches Leach, James; Laredo Lee, Edgar; Guatemala Lindemann, Jeff; Houston Littrell, Thomas; Wichita Falls Love, Wilbert; Grapeland Loyd, Randall; Borger Lumpkin, James; Nacogdoches Lusby, Kathy; Ryan, OK Marsh, David; Austin Martin, Lyle; Woden Martin, Kathryn; Ponchatoula, LA Martin, Rita; Carthage Mayhew, Robert; Wills Point Middlebrook, Tom; Nacogdoches 372 Miller, Carl; Marshall Moon, Dana; Nacogdoches Moore, Benny; Lufkin Moore, Carroll; Lufkin Moore, Doris; Cushing Moriarty, Kathleen; Longview Morris, David; Houston Morrison, Roy; Abilene Mulvihill, Steven; Ft. Worth McBryde, Forrest; Nacogdoches McGee, Alvin; Oakdale Nabours, Kaye; Nacogdoches Nance, David; Shreveport, LA Nicholson, Joann; Nacogdoches Okech, GreenyJack; Measeno Orban, Ronald; Columbus Page, Gloria; Nacogdoches Palmer, Harry; Nacogdoches Parker, Jacquelyn; Lutkin Patel, Jayshree; Nakuru, Kenya Paul, Delana; Garland Peabody, Douglass Peer, James; Saxonburg Peck, Susan; Sarver Phillips, Jackie; Keatchie Pike, Robert; Nacogdoches Pitcock, Brookie; McAllen Poindexter, Ruth; Grapevine Poland, Robert; Lufkin Porter, Boyd; Houston Poulos, Bryan; Texarkana Pruit, Kenneth; Nacogdoches Pruitt, Charlotte; Lufkin Putnam, Lois; Longview Randolph, Paul; Dallas Reen, James; Nacogdoches Reese, Leonard; Houston Reed, Mark; Pearland Riley, Michael; Ft. Worth Richardson, Larry; Pittsburg Roberts, Christine; Ruston, LA Rocha, Brenda; Bellmead Rogers, Milfords; Lufkin Rosenquist, G. E.; Meridean Roskos, Larry; Henderson Rush, Gary; Lutkin Rudy, K. C; Lindale Sanders, Randolph; Houston Scarborough, Vicki; Dallas Schubert, Frederick; Killeen Scoggin, Michael; Dallas Scoggins, Susan; Tyler Scott, Barbara; Conroe Seeger, Isabelle; Nice, France Shelton, Lee; Sugarland Simmons, Roxanne; Silsbee Sisk, Alvin Thomas; Longview Skaggs, Janet; Freeport Smith, Carolyn; Nacogdoches Smith, David; Galena Park Smith, William; Diboll Somberg, Benjamin; Nacogdoches Spence, Jim; Tulsa Stanlee, Nan cy; Lake Jackson Stanley, Linda; Houston Stein, Catherine; San Antonio Stevens, Bruce; Whitehouse Stovall, John; Henderson Streetman, Glenda; Palestine Swinney, Leland; Tyler Szitar, Brenda; Mineola Talbott, John; Jasper 374 Talley, James; Garland Taylor, Myrna; Kllgore Tedder, Richard; Jacksonville Temple, Susan; Longview Terry, Billy; Lufkin Thayer, Albert; Winchester, MA Thompson, Susan; Houston Thompson, Quincy; Rhoomington Tolbert, Vonza; Nacogdoches Triana, Maria; Nacogdoches Triana, Michael; Houston Trundnowski, Paul; Nacogdoches Tucker, llta; Russellville Tullos, Tanya; Livingston Turner, Deborah; Gilmer VanCompernolle, Remi; Nacogdoches Vieregge, Carolyn; Malakoft Walker, James; Crosby Walker, Merle; Athens Warrington, Martha; Waco Watson, Carolyn Jane; Spring Webster, Tommie; Vidor Wernette, Roger; TylerWhite, Ml White, Michael; Nacogdoches Wiggin, Rebecca; Nacogdoches Wilkinson, Jim; Corpus Christi Willett, Donald; Brownsville Williams, Robert; Garrison Willmon, John; Lufkin Wittlitf, Karen; Lufkin Wooster, Tony A.; Carthage Wyott, Danny; Nacogdoches Ybarra, Reynaldo; Bay City York, J. B.; Victoria York, Laurel; Victoria Zane, Levi, Nacogdoches Seniors W W W W W V W W iJi tUTk %7a d i Wk ' i iJv ir ir CLASS OFFICERS, left to right: Joanna Ferrell, senator; Susan Scheumack, president; Debbie Love, senator; Renee Manning, secretary-treasurer; Vanessa Kelly, vice president. Favorites Mary Hill Randall Stripling Abbott, John; Bellaire Abraham, Charles; Marshall Ackerman, Susan; Houston Adams, Donald; Houston Adams, Janice; Burleson Adams, Patsy Gail; Grand Saline Adams, Vanesa; Ft. Worth Aldredge, Cheryl; Abilene Aldredge, Glynn; Orange Alegna, Virginia; Corpus Christi Allen, Rick; Houston Anderson, Randy; Nacogdoches Anderson, Sharon; Rio Grande City Archer, Timothy; Chatom Ashworth, Ann; Houston Askins, Sally; Dallas Austin, Richard; Ft. Worth Baer, Felecia; Houston Baird, Diane; Houston Baird, Dorothy; Nacogdoches Baker, John; Lufkin Baker, Martin; Denver City Baldwin, Conner; Midland Bammel, Chester; Nacogdoches Barrett, Frances; Wylie Barron, Judy; Nacogdoches Barry, Sheila; Houston Bartlett, Bibi; Nacogdoches Bartlett, T. L; Houston Barton, Yancy; Nacogdoches Bass, Jeffrey; Nacogdoches Baysak, Janel; Longview Beall, William; Longview Beasley, James; Crockett Beaty, Russell; Marshall Beaver, Susan; Lufkin 378 Seniors Becker, Janalyn; Hurst Behlmer, Margaret; Marietta Bell, Joe; Mesquite Bell, Kathy; Dallas Bell, Lenere; Longview Bello, Jennifer; San Antonio Belsley, Ray; Houston Belton, Diane; Pineland Berry, Linda; Rusk Berry, Richard; Longview Bertling, Douglas; Bellville Beversdorfe, Daniel; Nacogdoches Biggers, Leroy; Center Biggs, Cynthia; Hurst Biggs, Michael; Longview Bills, Scott; Pasadena Bishoff, Michael; Temple Bishop, Debbie; Gilmer Bishop, Steve; Sherman Bjork, William; Mineola Blackman, Donna; Ft. Worth Bledsoe, Barbara; Ft. Worth Blount, Lawrence; Houston Bloyd, Ted; Friendswood Bobbitt, Janelle; Orange Bobo, John; Nacogdoches Boerm, Ronald; Nacogdoches Bomar, Danny; Nacogdoches Boozer, Lynette; Douglass Bork, David Michael; Harlingen Boren, Patricia; Garland Bradbury, Henry; Marshall Bradley, Ann; Houston Branch, Steve; Nacogdoches Brantley, Hersel; San Antonio Braun, Kathryn; Richardson Brashear, Michael; Lutkin Bray, Patrick; San Antonio Brice, Joseph; Richardson Bridges, David; Victoria Bridges, Gary Clyde; Lufkin Brister, Ronnie; Orange Brittain, Peggy; Center Broberg, Norma; Houston Brown, Larry; Dallas Bronson, William; Dallas Brooks, Clayton Lee; Tyler Brooks, Ellis; Sugarland Brown, Albert B.; Houston Brown, Barney; Diboll Brown, Karen; Houston Broumley, Mark; Weathertord Browne, Robert; Lancaster Browning, Milton; Mineola Brumbaugh, Kathy; Houston Bryant, Gwendolyn; Jasper Bull, John; Grand Prairie Bumpurs, Stacy; Marquez Bunnell, Donald; Austin Burch, David; Longview Burden, Merrilee; Houston Burgess, Theresa; Arlington Burnett, David; Nacogdoches Burnett, Edward; Houston Burns, Carl; Gary Burrell, Dennis; Nacogdoches Butcher, Cynthia; Dallas Butler, David; Houston Byers, Denis; Longview Byford, Brenda; McGregor Byrd, Debra; Chireno Byrd, Mory; Longview Cain, Michael; Dallas Campbell, Frederick; Nacogdoches Campell, Winifred; Nacogdoches Canfield, Sylvia; Bogata Carr, Floyd; Austin Carter, David; Dallas Casey, Robert; Dickinson Cayce, Gary; Henderson Cayce, Kay; Henderson Chancellor, Diana; Nacogdoches Chapman, Richard; Nacogdoches Cherry, Tim; Nacogdoches Chevalier, Donna; Joaquin Childers, Mark; Dallas Chism, Larry; Grandview Christian, John; Longview Christian, Ramona; Houston Clements, Anne; Crowley Clinton, Ronald; Snyder Coats, Carol; Nacogdoches Cobb, Connie; Brownsville Cockrell, Carolyn; Corngan Coffee, Debbie; Houston Colburn, Gary; Lufkin A IBs jH V -M 1 " T - M 4. P i mm W- - K w !, M v 1; Km— ' 1 4- 1 i HP , ! " ' T « J I ■Mi C 1 i ML J _ ■ . p 53 380 Seniors Coleman, Bobby; Longview Coleman, Brenda; Nacogdoches Coleman, Clara; Tyler Coleman, John; Dawson Collins, Fred; Garland Conant, Cheryl; Ft. Worth Cook, Scott; Sanger Cooksey, Rebecca; Irving Cooley, Karen; Lubbock Coones, Danny; Longview Cordera, Marianne; Houston Corley, Janice; Odessa Cornelius, John; Ft. Worth Cort, Pamela; Euless Couch, Timothy; Tyler Cowan, Patrick; Tyler Crawford, Carole; Tyler Crawford, Lenore; Dallas Cribley, Bud; Corpus Christi Crickmer, Elisabeth; Nacogdoches Crisp, Crystal; San Augustine Cross, Norma; Arlington Crouch, Mary; Nacogdoches Culver, Randall; Plainview Cummins, Brian; Victoria Cunningham, David; Marshall Cunningham, James; Palestine Culley, Stuart; Dallas Cutshall, William; San Antonio Dallas, Fred; Friendswood Daly, Kathleen; Houston Darnell, Nick; Dallas Dasch, Cynthia; Nacogdoches Davidson, John; Lake Jackson Davidson, Jill; Lake Jackson Davis, Calvin; Center Davis, Cynthia; Kilgore Davis, Donna; Ft. Worth Davis, Ella; Longview Davis, Janice; Pasadena Davis, Lee; Nacogdoches Davis, Marilyn; Dallas Daughtry, Pam; Houston Deaton, Charles; Center Decelle, Claude; Pineland Decker, Terry W.; Henderson Dees, Barbara; Van Horn Denman, Deck; Mart Dennis, David; Corpus Christi Denton, Patricia; Houston Deuel, David; Pharr Dickson, Dennis; Friendswood Dikszas, Marylee; Huffman Dinklage, Joan; Texas City Dixon, Dorann E.; Dallas Doane, Linda; Sugarland Dominey, Roger; Huntington Donahue, Michael; Baytown Dorsey, Loy; Henderson Doty, Eddie; Dallas Douglass, Martha K.; Palestine Doyle, Anne; Tyler Drawborn, Danny; Beaumont Driver, Donald; Huntington Driver, Kathy; Nacogdoches Dubose, Tom; Lufkin Dueitt, Janice; Houston Dunaway, James; Longview Dunham, Anne; Houston Dunlap, Athena; Waco Dunn, N. Kay; Waxahachie Durrett, Patsy R.; Dallas 382 Seniors top j jjj 1 Durrett, Terry; Dallas Dykes, Jack; Garland Easley, Patricia; Friendswood Edelbrock, William J.; El Paso Eberle, Frank; Longview Edwards, L. Wanda; Montgomery Edwards, Elwanda; Montgomery Eernisse, Beverly; West Columbia Ehlert, Merry; Lolita Eierdam, Richard; Texas City Eiker, Carmen; Longview Elder, Wilbert; Easton Elmore, Beverly; Linden Emanuel, Curtis; Houston English, Richard; Irving Ennis, Rebecca; Houston Enoch, Michael; Baytown Esnragh-Hedayat, Mehdi; Tehran Iran Espensen, Karen; McAllen Etter, Ed; San Antonio Evans, Mark; Ft. Worth Ewers, Joclyn; Palestine Fagala, Ellen; Dallas Falls, Craig; Dallas Faudry, Becky; Houston Faughn, Debra; Kerens Faulkner, Kathy; Clute Fehl, Marsha; Nacogdoches Fenberg, Jan; Bellaire Ferrell, Joanna; Garland Ferrell, Thurman; Carrollton Few, James; Lufkin Fields, Lois; Center Figley, Keith; Richardson Fine, Diann; Crockett, Fisher, Gary; Rusk Fisher, Rick; Montgomery Fisher, Terry; Port LaVaca Fitzgerald, Frankey; Center Fleming, Joel; Center Flora, Sue; Houston Formagus, Nelson; Port Arthur Fortenberry, Doug; Dallas Foster, Patti; Texarkana Fowler, Cheryl; Deer Park Fomby, Ruby; Center Fowler, Steve; Daingerfield Franko, Mary; Ft. Worth 383 Fredenburg, Carol; Olmito Fredenburg, Frank; Olmito Fullen, Rhonda; Lufkin Gaby, Delma; Kilgore Galyean, Jean A.; Jacksonville Galyean, Paul; Alba Gardner, Ann; Plainview Garcia, Mario; Killeen Garey, Christopher; Irving Garrard, Nancy; Palestine Garrett, John; Levelland Garrison, Eldon; Lufkin Gates, Bill, Dallas Gates, John; Houston Gattis, Mona; Mesquite Gaylor, Janice; Ft. Worth Gerst, Barbara; Dallas George, Sheri; Center Gilbert, Cynthia; Houston Gibson, Judy; Nacogdoches Gibson, Lynda; Ft. Worth Gilkison, William; Houston Gillespie, Janet; Houston Glasse, Lou; Houston Glasson, Larry; Coleman Glazener, G. Steven; Piano Goad, Beverly; Hurst Goetz, Vincent; Arlington Golding, Donna; Marshall Gooding, Thomas; Nacogdoches Goodman, Cinthia; Frisco Goodman, Patrick; Corpus Christi Goona, Raymond; Galveston Gossett, Bill; Weslaco Greer, Dolores, Palestine Greer, Gayle; Baytown Greer, Kelly; Nacogdoches Green, Kirk; Ft. Worth Gregg, Toney Lee; New London Griffin, Rebecca; Buckholts Griffith, James; Pasadena Griffith, Sam; Winona Groom, William; Jacksonville Groves, Rebecca; Richardson Grube, Virginia; Livingston Gruppi, Dave; Longview Guillot, Paula; Houston Guitton, Tinia; Nacogdoches t m ) f IV M mm S ■■■■ I ) f ■ .0 384 Seniors Gunstenson, Sandra; Piano Gutweiler, Paula; Ft. Worth Guyton, Tom; Nacogdoches Hacker, Carol; Houston Hagemeier, Marvin; Atlanta Hagler, Vernon; Crane Hainbach, Deborah; Houston Hainbach; Houston Hall, Doris; Texas City Hall, Gayle; Bellaire Hall, Noma; Alvin Hall, Sandra; Lufkin Halvorsen, Steven; Houston Hamilton, Michael; Coleman Hanawalt, Jeftrey; El Paso Hand, Lynn; Dallas Hanicak, Vicki; Port Neches Hanson, Leslie; Garrison Harber, Ellis; Nacogdoches Harbuck, Mary Ann; Hurst Harbuck, Robert; Kountze Hardy, Carolyn; Marshall Hardy, Richard; Shelbyville Hargrave, Marjorie; Spring Harkness, Greg; Tyler Harkreader, Arline: LaMarque Harkreader, Danny; LaMarque Harmeyer, Karen; Dallas Harness, John; Dallas Harrell, Brenda; Lufkin Harris, Melvin; Nacogdoches Harris, Steven; Petersburg Harrison, James; McAllen Hart, Garland; Houston Hartwell, George Henry; San Antonio Hartz, Steve; Athens, TN Hawkins, Bruce; Huntsville Haynes, Jacquelyn; Marietta Hays, Barry; Lufkin Hays, Charles; Kilgore Hearon, Connie; Odessa Hedrick, Jerry; Nacogdoches Helm, Lee; Euless Helpert, Belinda; Burlington Hennessy, Joseph; Nacogdoches Herbert, Robert; Houston Herod, Condy; Pasadena Heslop, Melanie; San Antonio Hewitt, Nancy; Lufkin Hicks, Marjolyn; Tyler Hickey, Marian; Marshall Hicks, Michael; Midland Hill, Donna; Lufkin Hill, Ginny; Houston Hilligiest, Judy; Houston Hillin, Terry; Nacogdoches Hinson, Mary; Kilgore Hinton, Brenda; Nacogdoches Hinton, Lee; Nacogdoches Hodges, Charles; Lufkin Hoffman, Brenda; Humb le Hoffman, Pamela; Odessa Hoffman, Richard; Odessa Hohenberger, Nedra; Frost Holbert, Bruce; Amarillo Holder, James; Kilgore Holland, Phillip; Houston Holleday, Fred; San Antonio Holliday, Robert; Houston Holloway, Virginia; Houston Holloway, Jeanne; Brookeland Holt, Dana; Gilmer 386 Seniors Holt, James, Nacogdoches Holt, Jordan; Pamas Hooks, Keith; New London Hopson, Garry; Pasadena Horan, Jean; Dallas Hough, Judy; Carthage Howard, Glenn Edward; Houston Hudgens, Becky; Grand Prairie Hudson, Carol; Brownsville Hudson, David; Irving Hudson, Verieg; Marshall Huey, Cecilia, Dallas Hull, Nelda; Brownsville Humphrey, Charles; Houston Hungerford, Richard; Odessa Husrt, Robert; Irving Hutchins, Michael; Lufkin Isleib, Dee; Galena Park Jackson, Charlie; Crockett Jackson, Michael; Garland Jameson, Cynthia; Tatum Jeter, James; Carthage Johanson, Rebecca; Alice Jones, Charles; Houston Jones, Cliftord; Freeport Jones, Jamie; Houston Jones, John; Flint Jones, Kelly; Arlington Jones, Kerrie; Alto Jones, Larry; San Augustine Jones, Mary; Texas City Jones, Susan; Sugarland Jones, Wilma; Nacogdoches Johnson, Elaine; Baytown Johnson, Kenneth; Nacogdoches Johnson, Marilyn; Chatfield Johnson, Patricia; Houston Johnson, Stanley; Nacogdoches Johnson, Ronnie; Nacogdoches Joiner, Julie; Sherman Jordan, Reba; Kountle Jowell, Phillip; Jacksonville Joyce, Jeanne; Palestine Joyce, Karen; Palestine Judson, David; Nacogdoches Kaldis, Barbara; Houston Kast, Joe; Dallas Keitz, Karen; Dallas 387 Kemper, Gerald; Marshall Kennedy, Mark; Lufkin Kelly, Dean; Houston Kelly, Noel; Dallas Kelly, Willa; Henderson Kennedy, Kathryn; Nacogdoches Kent, Sue; Lufkin Kesinger, Marinelle; Corsicana Keys, Debbie; Terrell Kibbe, Charles; Stockdale Kibbe, Margaret; Port Lavaca Kilpatrick, Mark; San Antonio King, Morris; Morton Kinnard, Stephan; Humble Kinney, Janet; Longview Kirby, Gary; Dallas Kirchner, Jim; Corpus Christi Knotts, Prbert; Galveston Koch, Marilyn; Houston Kolb, Michael; Tyler Krieger, George; Abilene Kubala, Alice; Ennis Lanagan, David; Lone Star Lancon, Albert; Seabrook Lane, Deborah; Pineland Lane, Wanice; Ft. Worth Lange, Ronald; Nacogdoches Lapin, Sheri; Kilgore Lathem, Teresa; Richardson Launby, Rhonda; Nacogdoches Laurence, Nancy; Valley Mills Lauve, Jules; Galveston Lawhon, Dewey; Dallas Lawless, Charles; Dallardsville Lawrence, Mildred; Athens Lawrence, William; Athens Laws, Gary; Rockdale Layton, Charles; Chireno Leit, Rita; Silsbee Lee, Jack; Marshall Lee, Jane; Atlantic Highland, NJ Lee, Nera; Houston Lester, Shephen; Dallas Lewis, Bamy; Nacogdoches Lewis, Jeff; Pasadena Lewis, John; Nacogdoches Lewis, Mark; Dallas Lewis, Nita; Nacogdoches 388 Seniors Lewis, Richard; Lufkin Light, Charlotte; Alief Lindley, James; Ft. Worth Lindenberger, Gary; Irving Lipsey, Tom; Gatesville Livingston, Dana; Center Lewellyn, Bertha; Bellaire Lock, Billei; Mt. Enterprise Locke, Lee; Nacogdoches Looney, James; Nacogdoches Loggins, Mary Anne; Piano Lorenz, Richard; Dallas Louviere, Christine; Sugarland Love, Debbie; Clarksville Love, Melissa; Clarksville Love, Joy; Houston Lubinski, Leslie Anne; Austin Luksa, Denise; Ennis Lumpkins, Elizabeth; Tyler Lyon, Melinda; Dallas Lyons, Sandra; Quitman Mace, Hohn; Dallas Magruder, Lois; Nacogdoches Mainarich, Sharon; Humble Manning, Renee; Center Marietta, Steven; Crockett Marshall, Ray; Nacogdoches Martin, Charles; Nacogdoches Martin, Howard; Terrell Martin, John; Cleveland Martin, Phyllis; Henderson Martin, Sharon; Laird Hill Martin, Steven; Lufkin Martin, Teri; Houston Martinka, Mona; El Campo Massart, Paul; KirbyvUle 389 Massey, Cherry Lynn; Woden Mathews, Irene; Houston Mathis, Timothy; Ft. Worth Matzke, Steven; Houston May, Leonard; Crockett May, Mary Margaret; Nacogdoches May, Marilyn; Houston McAtee, Linda; Athens McCamey, Carolyn; Dallas McCarty, Mary; Granbury McCaw, Alleyne; Greenville McClain, Evelyn; Orange McClure, Pamela; Humble McCormack, Linda; Marlin McCrea, Mike; Jefferson McCullar, Terry; Dallas McDaniel, Beverly; Petersburg McDaniel, Mike; Winnie McDaniel, Steve; Nacogdoches McDonald, Gary; Galena Park McDonald, Linda; Katy McDonough, Mark; Tyler McGaughey, Moiselel; Lufkin McGowan, Bruce; Houston McGregor, Martha; Lufkin McGrew, Essie; Nacogdoches Mcintosh, Monica; Houston McKenzie, Robert; Longview McKinney, Robert; Nacogdoches McKinney, Sally; Nacogdoches McKinney, William; Nacogdoches McKnight, Linda; Bellaire McLarry, Sylvia; Arlington McLennan, Toni; Amarillo McLeroy, Ed; Center McMasters; Dallas 390 Seniors McMullen, David; College Station McRae, Reter; Henderson McRee, Colleen; Houston McReynolds, Donn; San Antonio Melton, Francine; Nacogdoches Meng, Mark Charles; Pasadena Meredith, Cindy; Dallas Meredith, Kenneth; Tomball Messerschmidt, Don; Baytown Metcalf, Homen; Beckville Mettaur, Joseph; Center Meyer, Joel; Lufkin Miles, Jan; Paris Miller, Debra; Springfield Miller, Deborah; Judson Miller, Deidre; Victoria Miller, Don; Waco Miller, James; Troup Miller, John Jr.; Center Miller, Karen; Houston Miller, Martha; Tyler Miller, Michael; Denison Miller, Perry; Texas City Miller, Scott; Petersburg Miller, Steven; Ft. Worth Miller, Tommie; Lufkin Mills, Sharon; Stephenville Mitchell, Susie; Houston Moebes, Kathryn; Katy Moore, Patricia; Nacogdoches Moore, Patricia; Lufkin Moore, Weldon; Garrison Moore, Willei; Galveston Moorman, Louis; Orangefield Moorman, Margaret Jane; St Joseph, MO Moreno, Joe; Houston Morgan, Helen; Lake Jackson Morgan, Michael; Jasper Morgan, Sam; Houston Moritz, Joseph; Austin Morris, Jill; Dallas Morris, Laurence; Texas City Morris, Sandy; Pasadena Morrow, Elaine; Waskom Moseley, Donna; Nacogdoches Moser, Lucretia; Brownsville Moses, Connie; Lumberton Moss, William; Beaumont 391 Mott, Ronnie; Nacogdoches Moughon, Thomas; Gladewater Mulkey. Deborah, Garland Mullins, Mar; Houston Murphy, Beth; Nacogdoches Murphy, Dennis; Spring Branch Murphy, Joe; Tulia Myers, Donna; Houston Nash, James; Dallas Naughton, Elizabeth; Dallas Nda-Bonnin, Fernando; Nacogdoches Neal, Claudia; Newton Neal, Danny; Newton Neeld, Carla; Tyler Nevill, Brenda; Daingerfield Nevill, Charles; Longview Newman, Blake; San Antonio Newton, Barbara; Brownsville Newton, Michael; Nacogdoches Nicholson, David; Port Lavaca Nixdorf, Amy; Pasadena Norwood, Charles; Tyler Oake, Debrah; Richardson O ' Bryan, Danna; Pasadena Oliver, Susan; Nacogdoches Orourke, Michael; Douglas Osborn, Robert; Lufkin Owen, Larry; Nacogdoches Owens, Pamala; Mineola Oxley, Anita, Newlon Parks, Bobby; Dallas Parks, Joe; Nederland Parrish, Patricia, Nacogdoches Pate, George; Houston Pate, John; St, Louis, MO Patel, Dinkar; India Paterson, Patricia; Dallas Patterson, Thomas; Seattle Patton, Mildred; Henderson Pavliska, Karen; Baytown Payne, Carroll; Houston Payne, Neva; Westfield Pearce, David; Longview Pearce, Patsy Faye; Graves Pearcy, Carol; San Antonio Peddy, Robert; Tenaha Pennington, James; San Juan Perry, George; Overton 392 Seniors Petrosky, Joanne; Alief Phillips, Andy; Tyler Phillips, Carol; Houston Phillips, Rodney; Nacogdoches Pickle, Jane, Jasper Pinckard, Gale; Bibins Pinkerton, Cathy; El Toro Pittman, Laurayne; Mexia Pittman, Tamara; Marshall Pitts, Harold; Bridge City Pliler, Joe; Hallsville Plunkett, William; Henderson Plyler, James Edward; Texarkana Poe, William; Houston Point, Cheryl; Houston Porter, David; Houston Pool, Anna Belle; Canton Pool, Frank; Longview Pool, Susan; Beckville Porter, Janice; Marshall Porter, Norman; Mineral Wells Porter, Susan Elaine; Nacogdoches Portwood, Nancy; Tyler Prather, Stefan, Nacogdochc- Presley, Karen; Palestine Price, Linda; Houston Price, Melissa; Hawkins Psencik, Ernie; Itasca Pugh, Rex; Jacksonville Pullen, Catherine; Lufkin Raagas, Sherwood; San Antonio Rainwater, Stephen; Hughes Springs Reaves, Ginger; Orange Redin, Robert; Plainview Reed, David; San Antonio Reese, Cheryl; Longview Reeves, Jo A.; Odessa Reid, David; Ft. Worth Reinhardt, Diane; Austin Renth, Eric; Dunwoody Retherford, David; Hacienda Heights, CA Reynolds, Lawrence; Corpus Christi Reynolds, Lonnie; Lufkm Reynolds, Sandra; Carthage Rhodes, Benita, Timpson Rhodes, Karen; Houston Rhodes, Ronald, Garland Rice, Belinda; Duncanville Richards, Gary; Moravia Richards, Marion, Orange Richardson, Laura; Dallas Riley, Deborah; Lufkin Rivera, Raul; Falfurrias Rivers, Deidra; Center Roach, Eileen; Ft. Worth Roach, James; Houston Robbins, Kelly; Center Roberds, William; Nacogdoches Roberson, Cynthia; Dallas Robertson, Kathleen; Texarkana Rogers, Carrie; Pampa Rodgers, Frederic; Longview Rodgers, Janeen; Longview Rodgers, Randall; Tyler Rooks, Marsha; Troup Rowe, Alan; Waskem Rowe, Robbye; Houston Rowe, Shirley; Henderson Royder, Forrest; Baytown Rozell, Robert; Tyler Russ, Susan; Houston Russell, Diann; Pittsburg 394 Seniors Russell, Rebecca; Nacogodoches Sale, Martha; Dallas Saleh, Pamela; Euless Samford, James; Henderson Sanders, Cleathon; Houston Sanders, Jane; Houston Scarborough, John; Nacogdoches Schevmack, Susan; Houston Schilling, Debbie; Dayton Scherzer, Charles; Center Schwab, Richard; San Angelo Schwartz, John Paul; Lufkin Scoggins, Stephen; Nacogdoches Scoles, Susan Kay; Piano Scott, Thomas; Lutkin Scott, Van B. Ill; Pollok Secrest, Rebecca; Pampa, FL • Seefeldt, Steven; Nacogodoches Seiser, Jane; Richardson Self, Stanley; Port Arthur Sessums, Sherron; Diboll Sexton, Marlene; Lufkin Senton, Willian; Marion Shannon, Kay; Bonham Shannon, Randall; Tyler Shaver, Denise; Deer Park Sheely, Debbie; LaMarque Sheffield, Larry; Lufkin Sherman, Robert; Dallas Sherrod, Cletis; Austin Shiller, Frank; Nacogdoches Shipman, Douglas; San Antonio Sholmire, Dava; Carthage Shute, Deborah; Houston Siems, Becky; Nacogdoches Sigmon, Sharon; White Oak Silver, Terri; Houston Simmons, Vicki; Mesquite Simpson, Ji ' Nelle; Huntington Sinclair, Stephen; Lufkin Sitteri, Eric; Corte Madera Skelton, Carol; Houston Slaughter, Mana; Dallas Slaughter, Kenneth; Orange Smiley, Sylvia; Corrigan Smith, Charles; Baytown Smith, Charles; Texarkana Smith, David; Nacogdoches 395 Smith, Janet; Irving Smith, Kathleen; Center Smith, Marshall; Plain Dealing, LA Smith, Michael; Rockwall Smith, Neil; Jacksonville Smith, Ronald; Houston Smith, Sharon; Livingston Smith, Shelley; Houston Smith, Stephen; Longview Smith, Stephen L.; Grand Prairie Smith, William; Longview Soileau, Timothy; Jacksonville Sorrell, John; Lufkin Sorsby, Sherri; Houston Sowell, Edward; Center Sparks, Jack; Nacogdoches Specht, Tom; Houston Spencer, Stan; Gilmer Spiller, Max; Victoria Spring, Judith; Houston Springfield, Susan; Dallas Spurlock, Brenda; Houston Stallings, Janette; Dickinson Steahle, Ted; Alto Stephens, Wanda; Galveston Stevens, Randy; Sherman Stevenson, Gorden; San Antonio Stifle, Jefferson; Deer Park Stewart, Joseph; Nacogdoches Stewart, Sharon; Center Stifle, Virginia; Deer Park Stinson, Jim; Temple Stockdale, Priscilla; Jasper Stokes, James; Nacogdoches Stokman, Sarah; Nacogdoches Stone, James; Dallas Story, Lawrence; Houston Stotler, Michael; Houston Stowers, David; Woodville Stowers, John; Dallas Strange, Jim; Bossier City Strange, Margaret; Irving Streit, Susan; Taylor Strelke, William; Nacogdoches Strickland, Royce; Chireno Stripling, Randall; Dallas Strother, Lois; Brazoria Stuart, David; Donna 396 Seniors II 1MB s i ' ' : - " :: v : :-; ' ■;■ : i J A ft . W • jSk 1 Ik ' 1 j fit J? 111 - Sulak, E. Wayne; Arlington Summers, James; Rusk Summers, Thomas; Longview Swann, Elam; Tyler Switzer, John; Houston Tamayo, Ivan; Nacogdoches Tareilo, Kirk; Dallas Tatum, John; Longview Taylor, Sandra; Baytown Taylor, Scott; Friendswood Taylor, Terrie; Ft. Worth Teel, John; Highlands Telfer, William; Houston Terhune, Harlingen Terrill, Donna; Dallas Thirolt, Mary Joan; Houston Thomas, Cynthia; Lufkin Thomas, Deborah; Dallas Thomas, Randel; Lufkin Thompson, Dwight; Dallas Thompson, Karen; Houston Thompson, Kathy; Houston Thomasson, Paula; Texas City Thompson, Rebecca; Mart Thompson, Richard; Lufkin Thompson, Scott; Nacogdoches Thornton, Michael; Euless Thredgill, Michael; Nacogdoches Tribes, Scott; Houston Tiller, Alice; Elysian Fields Tink, Kryss; Houston Tolbert, Willie; Nacogdoches Toon, Brenda; Dallas Tomlin, Ross; Nacogdoches Tracy, Don; Lake Jackson Tracy, Stephen; Ft. Worth Trahan, Don; Graves Treadwell, Betty; Lufkin Treadwell, Pamela; Nacogdoches Trevathan, Ronnie; Lufkin Trimble, Fredrick; Brownsville Trube, Barbara; Tyler Tubb, Cullen; Dallas Tucker, Marilyn; Tyler Turner, Joe; Nacogdoches Turner, Larry; Valley Mills Turner, Virginia; Houston Turner, William; Henderson 397 Turney, James; Rusk Tutt, Richard; Diana Tyler, William; Houston Valentine, Rip; Lutkin Van Compernolle, JoAnn; Dallas Vandiver, James; Nacogdoches Van Riper, Tim; Stattord Vaughn, Edna Sue; Nacogdoches Vaughn, Michael; Tyler Vaughn, Pat; Cayuga Vavra, Janet; Kemah Verhalen, Charles Vermillion, Andrew; Leakey VonTress, Mark; Nacogdoches Vyvial, Ronald; LaMarque Wagman, Lori; Houston Wagner, Kent; Dallas Wahrer, Roger; Richardson Wahle, Toby; Temple Walker, Glenn; Huntington Walker, Linda; Marlin Walker, Mary; Daingerfield Wallace, Catherine Wallace, Joe; Longview Walters, Margaret; Houston Ward, Alan; Longview Ward, Michael; Mineral Wells Ware, Jeanne; Houston Ware, Michael; Houston Warner, Donny; Houston Warner, Donald; Nacogdoches Warrington, Martha; Waco Washburn, James; Newton Wathen, Maribeth; Freeport Watson, Jeannette; Tenaha Watts, Elaine; Houston Watts, Judy; Thornton Weatherly, Evalyn; Nacogdoches Weaver, Kathryn; Longview Wedding, Dennis; Pottsboro Welch, Jana; Atlanta Welch, Jesse; LaMarque Welch, Robert; Nacogdoches West, Cynthia; Houston West, Kenneth; Brownfield Westbrook, Ronnie; Jefferson Whatley, Danny; Linden Whitaker, James; Longview 398 Seniors 7 v Whitbeck, Steve, Ft. Worth White, Jimmy; Gladewater White, Richard; Nacogdoches White, Richard; Houston Whitley, Lilann; Corpus Christi Wilbanks, Frank; Palestine Wild, Patti; Nacogdoches Williams, Linda; El Paso Williams, Marilyn; Mt. Enterprise Willitord, Janet; Lake Jackson Willoughby, Jerry; Center Wilson, Gale Katherine; Marshall Wilson, Mary; Lufkin Wilson, Meador; Houston Windham, Danny; Orange Windham, Phyllis; Dickinson Winfree, James; Tenaha Wintrey, Rebecca; Dallas Wingate, Deborah; Houston Wingrove, Julia; Longview Winningham, Billy; Waskom Winzer, Becky; Nacogdoches Witte, Wayne; Nacogdoches Witten, Lynne; Dallas Wood, David; Lake Jackson Wood, Rebecca; Friendswood Woodruff, Steven; Longview Woodson, Ronald; Nacogdoches Woodward, Deborah; Arlington Word, Sheila; Austin Wright, Susan; San Antonio Wright, Wes; Kirbyville Wurtz, Phyllis; Ft. Worth Yazdabadi, Ahmad; Tehran, Iran York, Ken; Odessa Young, Robert; Nacogdoches Young, Rolfe; Nacogdoches Zapalac, Rick; Bay City Zopfi, William; Houston Zudell, David Jr.; Killeen Zudell, Debora; Harker Heights Zvanut, Deborah; Tyler 399 Juniors CLASS OFFICERS, left to right: Jerri Bledsoe, secretary-treasurer; Nancy Forrest, senator; Wayne Sealy, vice president; Debye Yadon, sneator; Carole Jessup, senator. Not Pictured: Jay Roden, president. Favorites Bonnie Crutchfield Paul Wright 401 Abbett, Brian; Garland Adam, Doyle; Crosby Adams, Billy; Nacogdoches Adams, Donald; Irving Adams, Kathryn; Houston Adkins, Pamela; Paris Adler, Robert, Dallas Agvilar, Patricia H.; Del Rio Aiavolasiti, Keith; Dallas Ainsworth, Ruth; Waskom Akeroyd, Janet; Humble Akins, Patricia; Longview Allaway, Susan; San Antonio Allen, George; Dallas Allen, James; Nacogdoches Allen, John; Crockett Allen, Marcia; Waco Allen, Paul; Irving Allen, Thomas P.; Silsbee Alexander, Jim; Nacogdoches Alexander, Randy; Tyler Alonzo, Jose; Honduras Altord, Alan; Houston Alford, David; Hemphill Amick, Nancy; Waco Ammons, Michael; Nacogdoches Anderson, Daniel; Refugio Angell, Lloyd; Ft. Worth Anglin, Donnie; Overton Anthony, Robert; Lufkin Armata, Carol; Center Armstrong, James; Nacogdoches Artebury, Brtant; Houston Ash, Rebecca; Houston Ash, Stephen; Belton Ashworth, Louis; Nacogdoches 402 Astin, Debra; Seabrook Atherton, Jimmy; Spring Atkinson, John; Houston Avant, Shera; Tennessee Colony Awad, Hani; Nacogdoches Bachman, Leroy L. Jr.; Wayne Badeaux, Martha; Houston Bailess, Scotty; Corpus Christi Bailey, Cynthia; Houston Bailey, Sylvia; Orange Bailey, Walter; Jasper Bailey, William; Nacogdoches Bain, Donna; Spring Baker, Michael; DeSoto Baker, Shannon; Grand Prairie Baker, Sharon; Dayton Balch, Allan W.; Nacogdoches Baelard, Jimmy; Naples Bane, Mark; Garland Banman, Jan; Mt. Vernon Barbee, Susan; Welaco Bargsley, Deborah; Nacogdoches Barker, Charles; Longview Barrett, Deborah; Nacogdoches Barrow, Robert; Baytown Barta, Kim; Quitman Bates, Paula; Nacogdoches Bates, Roland; Nacogdoches Battles, Dennis W.; Nacogdoches Beaird, Beverly; Tyler Bean, Patti; Branson Beardsley, Tom; Austin Beaudet, Raymon; Palestine Beckman, Brad; Kilgore Beddingfield, Deborah; Lufkin Bellingham, Mark; Dallas 403 Bengston, Mary; Dallas Bennett, Elaine; Lufkin Benton, Sylvester; Nacogdoches Berry, Debbie; Gladewater Berryman, Bill; Groves Bettevy, Cecil; Nacogdoches Beyer, Gary; Gainesville Bigony, Jayne; Longview Billingsley, Larry A.; Houston Bintlitf, Dianna; Jasper Bitner, Gene; Littletield Bakeley, Becky L; Grand Saline Blakely, Carla; Conroe Blanchette, Barry; Texas City Bledsoe, Jerri; Missouri City Blue, Richard; Houston Boaen, Wyn; Nacogdoches Boggs, Brenda; Carthage Bond, Constance; Seabrook Bond, Debra; Livingston Bonner, William; Ft. Worth Booth, Betty; Houston Bounds, Vicki; Spring Boyd, Pamela; Longview Bradford, Toni; Nacogdoches Bradshaw, Janet; Garland Bradshaw, Karen; Big Wells Brandon, Barbara; Timpson Bransford, Mary; Texarkana Brantley, Kathy; Dallas Brantley, Marie-France; San Antonio Brewerton, Mary; Tyler Bridges, Lanny; Quitman Bnzendine, Beverly; Houston Brooks, Bruce; Garland Broome, Brend; Kilgore 404 Broussard, David; Orange Broussard, Jan; Orange Brown, Janna; Ft. Worth Brown, Kennith; Marshall Brown, Marcia; Karnack Brown, Michael; Houston Brown, Suzanne, Deer Park Bryant, William; Center Buchanan, Gail; Carswell Buckhannan, Jack; Lufkin Bunyard, Mary; Carthage Burghard, Joseph F.; San Antonio Burks, Brenda; Pasadena Burks, Linda Ann; Pasadena Burleson, Chariot; Hughes Springs Burney, Joe; Gladewater Burns, Marsha; Houston Burns, Michael; Tatum Burrell, Almetrice; Nacogdoches Burris, Shirley; Elkhart Busby, Michael; Dallas Butler, Leslie; Tyler Butler, Nelda; Palestine Butler, Steve; Nacogdoches Butler, Vickie; Big Spring Butts, Tommy; Garland Byars, John R.; Ballaire Byrom, Mark; Sinton Cain, Gerald; Richardson Calkins, Cynthia; Richardson Cammack, Tony; Longview Campbell, Judy; Nacogdoches Campbell, Monty; Angleton Canet, Richard; Baytown Cannamore, Karen; Nacogdoches Canney, Patrick J.; Austin 405 Carlton, Leah; Liberty Carries, Barbara; Elkhart Case, Phyllis; Rusk Carthcart, Paul B.; Dallas Caywood, Robert; Palo Pinto Cegielski, Karen; Houston Celestine, Diana; Livingston Chenault, Pamela; Dallas Chidley, David R.; Bynum Christian, Terry; Paris Christopher, Luther; Jacksonville Clark, Bill; Humble Clark, Bill; Orange Clard, Judy; Lufkin Childress, John C; Harlingen Clayton, Mary J.; Nacogdoches Claunch, Sherri; Dallas Clearman, Richard C; Bartlett Click, LouJan; Dallas Colburn, Gary; Carthage Colkin, Joe T. Jr.; Ennis Collier, Debbie; Longview Colston, Brenda; Chireno Comstock, Robert; Seabrook Conerly, Truly; Nacogdoches Connelly, Jon; Dallas Connine, Robert; Nacogdoches Contreras, Arturo; Laredo Conway, Janet; Carthage Cook, Doug; Lufkin Coones, Barbara; Longview Corcoran, John; Dallas Cordova, Billy; Nacogdoches Corley, Gary; Garrison Cote, Dennis; Dickinson Coulson, Karla; Carrollton 406 Juniors Coussons, Jean; Alto Cram, Sally; Irving Cranshaw, Anthony; Dallas Craver, John; Houston Crawford, Harold; Hooks Cresswell, Karen; Ft. Worth Crider, Julie; Houston Crisp, Crystal; San Augustine Crocker, Jan; Ennis Crocker, Terry; Henderson Crossette, Diana; Dallas Crow, David; Dallas Crowell, Robert, Dallas Crutchfield, Bonnie; Dallas Cullers, Donald W.; Ft. Worth Cummings, Helen; Dallas Currie, Cheryl; Kennard Daily, Michelle; Houston Darnell, Rebecca; Harlingen Darby, Michael; Jacksonville Darr, Brenda; Ft Worth Daugherty, Melanie; Henderson Davis, Charles; Baytown Davis, Elizabeth; Overton Davis, Gary; Arlington Davis, Jo Ann; Odessa Davis, Katherine; Sugarland Davis, Pam; Kilgore Davis, Thomas; Dallas Dawson, Chris; San Antonio Day, Cynthia; Garland Deakins, Deb; Richardson Dean, Dwanna Kay; Overton Deatherage, Bob; Dallas Deatherage, James; Tyler DeFee, George; Pasadena 407 KAPPA ALPHA FRAT WNIT V C K THE. tlA w 1% Defoyd, Cheri; Lufkin Deggs, John; Lufkin DeLagarza, Bert; Dallas Demarest, Michael; Richardson Demmon, Gary; Gladewater Denton, Robert; Mansfield Deuel, Linda; San Juan Dial, Keith; Odessa Dickens, Rebecca; Houston Dickson, Dennis; Friendswood Dickson, Ronna; Bedford Dillard, Jean Ann; Austin Dillingham, James; Nacogdoches Dixon, Jimmy; Lufkin Dominy, Randall; Houston Dorsey, Bobby; Henderson Draper, James; Longview Driskill, Willian; Crockett Drummond, John; Rowlett Duffey, Vincent; Pittsburg Duggan, Debora; Spring Duggan, Jeremiah; Pearland Dugger, Janice; Gilmer Duke, David; Graham Duke, Douglas; Graham Duncan, Byron; Lufkin Duncan, Scott; San Antonio Dunlap, Eddie; Garland Dunlap, Walter; Amarillo Dunn, Dale; Pasadena Dunn, Neil; DeSoto Dupree, Jay; Groveton Eaheart, Mary; Piano Eaves, Virginia; Houston Echols, Maureen; Colorado Springs Edwards, Barbara; Houston 408 Juniors I Edwards, Kathy; Dallas Ekeroth, Jeff, Laredo Elder, Carey; Houston Elliott, Mark; Albuquerque Ellis, Janet; Dallas Ellis, Janet; Richardson Ellis, Julia; Center Elms, Randy; San Antonio Elstad, Susan; Houston Emanis, Dwayne; Houston Emmert, Clark; Arlington English, Tim; Nacogdoches Epperhart, Beverly; Victoria Epperson, David; Fort Worth Eshragh, Hedayat-Hamid; Iran-Tehran Espinoza, Sovagio; Laredo Etheridge, Donal; Tyler Etsinger, Jill; Tyler Eubanks, Gerald; Longview Evans, Deborah; Dallas Evans, Shirley; Kilgore Ewald, Luanne; Dallas Ewers, Stephen; Palestine Eyley, Paul; Tyler Farmer, Edward; Valley Mills Farnham, Jack; Texarkana Farris, David; Texarkana Farris, Frank; Baytown Farris, Michaela; Texarkana Farrow, Richard; Bellaire Fedro, Karen; Waco Ferrell, Harry; Houston Festervand, Troy; Shreveport Faullin, Janet; Dallas Feeback, Kevin; Latour Field, Lucy; Piano Fippinger, Barbara; Baytown Fisher, Rebecca; Mt. Enterprise Fitzhugh, Charles; Texarkana Flanery. Mark; Garland Flavin, Connie; Houston Fleming, Ann; Center Flournoy, Gaye; Wells Fly, Murry; Corpus Christi Foley, Linda; Lufkin Fomby, Marila; Longview Foreman, Mary; Texas City Foreman, Richard, Beaumont Forrest, Nancy; Mexia Forston, Marion; Orange Foster, Stephen; Austin Forsythe, Dwain; Nacogdoches Fountain, Debbie; Grapeland Frailey, Pamela; Nacogdoches Fralick, J. Michael; Nacogdoches Francis, Frank; Sherman Frank, Terri; Dallas Franklin, David; Dallas Freeman, Sharon; New London Frizzell, Chris; Dickinson Fuller, Gary; Texarkana Fuller, George; Longview Fuller, Patricia Ann; Pasadena Funchess, Jimmy; Orange Gaftney, Pat; Tyler Galindo, John; Waco Garcia, Francisco; Siguatepeque Gardner, Ann; Mesquite Garland, Norris; Henderson Garner, John; Henderson Garrett, Glenn; Dallas Garrett, Sandra; Nacogdoches 410 Juniors y Gary, Greta; Hemphill Gary, Johnson; Houston Garza, George; Mission Gates, Robert; Tomball Gates, Thomas; Deer Park Gaulden, Gary; Garland Gay, Donna; San Antonio Genarlsky, Carl; Waco George, Charles; Dallas George, Robert; Boerne German, Gerald; Nacogdoches Gibbs, Patricia; Houston Gibson, James; Apple Spring Gilbert, Mark; Pearland Giles, Charles; Long Branch Gilmore, Carolyn; Wichita Falls Gilstrap, Mark; Overton Gipson, Brenda; Houston Gise, Dan; Garland Giuftre, Carol; Houston Givens, Malinda; Houston Glaze, John; Fort Pierce Glover, Becky; Longview Glover, Edwin; Humble Godsey, Nancy; Ore City Goerueh, F. Scott; Houston Gotorth, Lawrence; Comfort Goldstein, Lee; Dallas Good, Carolyn; Paris Gooding, Linda; Houston Gordon, James; Houston Gorman, Max; Ennis Goss, Gary; Baytown Goulas, Julie; Corpus Christi Gracey, Pam; Tomball Graham, Robert; Dallas Grainger, Janet Grainger, Robert Grant, Rickey Grass, Lawrence R. Gregory, Melanie Houston Houston Marshall Houston Houston Green, Cindy; San Augustine Green, Gayle; Richardson Green, Sharon A.; Nacogdoches Griffin, Eileen; Orange Griffith, Connie; Lufkin Griffith, Steve; Dallas Griga, Dene; Pearland Grimes, Jimmy; Longview Grimes, Michael; San Antonio Grimm, Eric; Hurst Grisham, Tommy; Tyler Gnssom, Janet; Texarkana Grooms, John C; Sherman Grubbs, Ricky; Longview Guerrero, Felix; Houston Guess, Delana; Amarillo Guevara, Ruben; Siguatepeoue, Honduras Haddad, David J.; Corpus Christi Hale, Wayne; Winnie Hall, Audrey; Lufkin Hall, Carol; Cypress Hall, Mary, Goodrich Hall, Victoria E.; Ontario, Canada Hal l, William T.; Longview Hallmark, Beverly A.; Houston Halpenny, Robert; Ft. Worth Hamilton, Ronald; Katy Hammack, William; Angleton Hansen, Christine; Tenaha Hanshaw, James; Corpus Christi Hanson, Michael; Baytown 412 Juniors Harden, Deborah J.; Ft. Worth Hardy, Michael; Lake Jackson Hardy, Rickey L; Dallas Harman, Dale; Hurst Harmon, Chipper; Longview Harmon, Judy; Dallas Harper, Danny; Mission Harper, Susan; Garland Harr, Catherine; Houston Harris, Hugh; Beckville Harris, Marty; Kautman Harvey, James D.; Ft Worth Harvey, Joseph; San Antonio Hayes, David; Longview Haymond, Pamela; Seabrook Haynes, Michael Ted; Roscoe Haynes, Rob; Houston Haynes, Stacy; Texarkana Heal, Patricia; Dallas Heard, Nancy; Canton Hearell, William; Kilgore Hearne, Julie; Huntington Hedrick, Gay; Nacogdoches Heintzelman, Jim; Big Lake Helwic, Lois J.; Richardson Henager, Kenneth; Belton Hendershot, Robert; Dallas Henry, Deborah; Forney Henry, Mary; Sonoro Hensley, Kerry L.; Gladewater Herndon, Steven K.; Dallas Herrick, John; Ft. Worth Hershey, Annie; Dallas Hester, Phil Byron; Duncan, OK Hester, Melissa; Nacogdoches Hicks, Robert; Lufkin Hilgenfeld, James; San Antonio Hilgers, Gordon; Dallas Hill, Alva; Nacogdoches Hill, Michael; Carthage Hillin, Robert; Nacogdoches Hime, James; Houston Hinckley, Richard J.; Grand Prairie Hines, Melva; Nacogdoches Hippler, Jeorgia B.; Longview Hocker, Debra; Russellville Hogan, Ronald; Tenaha Holland, Ann; Denton Holliday, Sally; Kirbyville Hollingshead, Jerry; Nacogdoches Hollingsworth, Albert; Mesquite Hooker, Robert; Tyler Hopkins, Jack; Longview Hopkins, Kenneth; Lake Jackson Hoppe, Emelia; Bellaire Horton, Judy; Greenville Houser, James; Waco Hover, Jerald; Nacogdoches Howell, Curtis; Livingston Howeth, Lawana; Henderson Hoyt, Wesley; San Augustine Hudson, Douglas; Beckville Huffaker, Phyllis; Nacogdoches Huffman, Trudy; Palestine Hughes, Molly; Bon Wier Hughes, Russell; Houston Hughes, Susan; Livingston Hughston, Kathy; Brownsville Hulet, Rodney; Texarkana Hull, George; Hughes Spring Humble, Debra; Marshall Humphries, Jeffery; Spring Hill 414 Juniors 1 i Hunley, Harold; Dallas Hunt, Claudetta; Longview Hunter, John; Mabank Hunter, Vernell; Athens Hurley, Kaleen; Arlington Huster, Steve; San Antonio Hyman, William; Ft. Worth Hysaw, Sandra; Austin Ingram, Sandy; Waxahachie Interwicz, Debbie; Gainesville Irvine, Susan; Houston Ivy, Jacquelyn; Houston Jacks, Deborah; Longview Jackson, Betty; Houston Jackson, Chester; Chandler Jackson, James A,; Houston Jalowy, Steve; Sealy James, David B.; Houston James, Debra; Buna James, Linda; Lindale Janek, Kenneth; Dallas Janos, Louis; Nacogdoches Jay, Robert; Sour Lake Jessup, Carole; Irving Jett, Richard; Tyler Jircik, Debbie; Houston Johanning, Clifford; Dallas Joiner, Marilyn; Ft. Worth Joiner, Susan R.; Freeport Johanson, Jennifer; Mexia Johnson, Carolyn; Nacogdoches Johnson, Charlie; Waco Johnson, Dona D.; Ft. Worth Johnson, J. E.; Nacogdoches Johnson, Landry; Longview Johnson, Peter; Kermit 415 Johnson, Roxie K .; Pasadena Johnson, Tony R.; Alto Johnston, Ronald; Dallas Jolley, Rob; Carthage Jones, Anna; Texas City Jones, Ann M.; Richardson Jones, Billy; Nacogdoches Jones, Delores M .; Rio Grande City Jones, Janice; Lufkin Jones, Jeftry; Marionville, MO Jones, Keith E.; San Antonio Jones, Mark L ; Alto Jones, Richard; Cushing Jones, Stanley D.; Hallsville Jordon, Bernadette M ; Castroville Joyce, Janice M.; Irving Justiss, Patti; Mt. Pleasant Kallsen, Tonya J.; Nacogdoches Karr, Sheryl; Anahuac Karrar, Philip; Marion Kast, Joe; Dallas Kato, Karl; Nacogdoches Keahey, Becky; Longview Kehoe, William; Houston Keith, Cynthia; Bridge City Kellogg, Albert; Nacogdoches Kelly, Dixie; Houston Kelly, Jonathan; Houston Kelly, Laurel; Nacogdoches Kelly, Ronald; Nacogdoches Kemp, Edward; Corpus Christi Kemper, Lou Ann; Nacogdoches Kenaemer, Rebecca; Longview Kendziora, Sharon; Houston Kennedy, Kerry; Houston Kennedy, Mary B .; Nacogdoches 416 Juniors Kerbo, Jimmy, Athens Kerr, Jack; Dallas Keul, Cnsty; Nacogdoches Key, Patricia; Houston Kidwell, Jamie; Mt. Pleasant Killion, Steve; Kilgore Kilpatrick, Deborah; Dallas King, Curtis; Irving King, Debra G ; Lake Jackson King, Marsha; Garland King, Richard, Nacogdoches Kirk, William C; Jefferson Kirkpatrick, Sharla; Tyler Kirkwood, Gayla; Nacogdoches Kistenmacher, Eddie, Dallas Kliesing, Ray; Pearland Kloppe, Clarence; Dallas Knox, Alto; Temple Kocur, Debra; Marshall Kohler, John; Dallas Kole, Cherylanne; Nacogdoches Kole, John P.; Nacogdoches Kole, Peter; Beaumont Kotrla, Michael L; Dallas Kruger, Daniel; Mexia Krueger, Marty; Canal Zone Kubacak, Michael; Longview Kudla, Kara A.; Baytown Kyrish, Wayne; Ft. Worth Lackey, Michael; Diboll Ladner, Rodney; San Augustine Lajoie, David; Richardson Lambert, Charles; Katy Lamon, Terry; Lufkin Lampo, Marianne; Bryan Larned, Chester; Marshall Lawsm, Scottie; Houston Leach, Malcolm; Laredo Leach, Sara; Missouri City Leatherman, Rhonda; Perryton Lebo, Steve; Pasadena Lee, Charles; Port Neches Lee, Horace; Longview Lee, Jackie; Lone Star Lelsz, Deborah; LaMarque Leon, Nickie; Tyler Lester, Charles; Waco Lewis, Fritz; Port Arthur Lewis, Jerry; Tyler Lewis, Linda; Jacksonville Lewis, LeRoy Glenn; Lake Jackson Lewis, Nitz; Nacogdoches Lewis, Norma; Crockett Lewis, Sammy; Houston Lichtenwalter, Frederick; Dallas Liddell, Iverson; Gladewater Liles, Larry; Rusk Liles, Mitch; Texarkana Lindenberger, Susan; Irving Lokey, Karol; Austin Lincecum, Steven; Broken Arrow Lippe, Charlotte; Odessa Lokken, Sonja; Waco Longbottom, Samuel; Waco Longoria, Guilda; Houston Loomis, Steven; Houston Lord, Pam; Ft. Worth Loughran, Dianne; Houston Love, Jim; Perryton Lovegren, Mary; Dallas Loyd, Deborah; Gilmer Luce, Robert; Pollok 418 Juniors H Luman, Betty; Houston Lunday, Olivia; Friendswood Lundry, Kenneth; Hooks Lupton, Jack; Dallas Lydia, Sheila L; Woodville Lyons, William; Dallas Lynch, Gary N .; Nacogdoches Lytle, Roland; Houston Maciver, Greg E ; Houston Madden, Sheila; Houston Magee, Alice M.; Austin Magee, Marion; Pollok Magoulas, Michael; Nacogdoches Malacord, Mark; Houston Mallory, Marva; Nacogdoches Mallott, Michael; Houston Malone, Pamela; Liberty Manning, Donna P.; Nacogdoches Mark, Michael; Lufkin Markovitch, Smilyana; Novi Sad, Yugoslavia Markovitch, Zorka; Novi Sad, Yugoslavia Marshall, Linda K.; Nacogdoches Marshall, Paul; Waxachie Marstaller, William; Waco Martin, Raymond; Westtield Mathews, Michael; Dallas Mathis, Kathy; Dallas Matthews, Gary S.; Bay City Maxwell, Ricky; Mt. Pleasant Martz, Gary; Dallas Maytield, Barbara; Tyler Mayerhoft, Russell; Garland May, Joe; Naples Mays, John L.; Sweeny Mays, Mary; Jacksonville Maxey, Deborah; Lufkin 419 McAdoo, Mari Nell; Dallas McAnlnch, Pierce; Dallas McCaw, Ricky; Longview McClain, Jamie; Winnsboro McClanahan, Mark; Houston Mrdpndnn 1 aura 1 pa - 1 Ivaldp I v 1 1 — ici iuui I, lciui a lug _) value IP McCormick, Joe; Gladewater McCourt, Delores; Plainview McDaniel, James; Winnie McFarland, Dixie; Garland McFatridge Regina Nacogdoches fcfai v u o McGee, Arthur; Athens McGee, Sherry; Stephenville McGown, Marie; Houston McGuire, John; San Antonio McKee, Martha; Jasper hArUcipwfir Oharlp R ■ H llc; ilp i vi r ccvci , -j i iui ico n. i i laiioviic McKenna, Mary Ann; Galveston McKinney, Janice; Duncanville McKinney, Jo; Atlanta McKinney, Kathryn; Texarkana McLain, Chester; Garrison McMullen, Kaylene; Houston Bt ■ U McNutt, Paul Glenn; Waco McNutt, Stephen; Ennis McWhorter, Rita; Houston Medart, Pam; Houston Meek, Rebecca D.; Newton Melton, Lonnie; McLean (ft Meltzer, Andrea; Houston Menasco, Lee; Alief Mendell, Steve; Houston Mensik, Annette K.; Ennis Meyer, Daniel; Dallas Meza, Francisco; Loredo ULim 420 Juniors Mikus, Jerry J.; Grand Prairie Miles, Homer; San Augustine Miles, Laretha B.; Jefferson Miller, Aussie; Newton Miller, Elizabeth A.; Pasadena Miller, Larry; Nacogdoches Miller, Margie; Marshall Miller, Rachelle; Longview Miller, Stanley F ; Nacogdoches Miller, Suzanne; Lufkin Miller, G Terry; Corrigan Mills, Matthew; Dallas Mills, Randolph V.; Stephenville Mills, Stephen L ; Milam Missler, Stephen R.; Wichita Falls Mitchell, Davena; Henderson Mitchell, Jeanne M.; Dallas Mitchell, Joseph; Longview Mitchell, Margaret; San Augustine Mitchell, Sandra; Dallas Mize, George; Texas City Moebes, Arthur; Katy Moehring, Janice; Nacogdoches Mohat, John; Denton Mohundro, David; Nacogdoches Molina, Oscar; Hebbrenville Moncrief, Tommy; Tyler Moody, Alan; Orange Mooneyham, Robin; Mesquite Moore, David; Arlington Moore, James; Nacogdoches Moore, Pamela; Longview Moreno, Nora; Laredo Morgan, David; Garland Morgan, Debra; Hallsville Morris, Allen R.; Ft. Worth 421 Morris, Keith; Ft. Worth Morris, Robbie; Palestine Moseley, Mark; Longview Moye, James; Woodville Muckelroy, Douglas; Humble Muennink, Janie; Dallas Munsey, Robin; Dallas Murphy, Michael; Dallas Murphy, Rosemary; Dallas Myrick, Nancy; Dallas Nagle, Susan; Houston Nelson, Bill; Dallas Nelson, Edward; Houston Nelson, Paul; Garland Nelson, Rick; Garland Nelson, Ronald; Waco Nelson, Sally; Nacogdoches Nelson, William; Dallas Nesrsta, David; Alvin Nettles, David; Brazoria Nevin , Scott F.; Hood Newquist, Marc; Dallas Niermann, Paul; Dallas Nixon, Nancy; Beaumont Nixon, Pamela; Houston Norsch, Charlie; Dallas Norton, James; Rusk Norton, Paula; Waco Norton, Therese; Baytown Novelli, Karen; Galveston Nowell, Mark; Nacogdoches Nunn, Donna; Dallas Oates, Glenn Ray; Nacogdoches Oberthier, Josilyn; Kilgore Odell, Donna; Nederland O ' Donnell, Debra; Chesten, NJ Juniors Oliver, David; Dallas Oliver, Harver; Lufkin O ' Neal, Cayrden, Woodville O ' Neal, David; Ft. Worth Opfel, Tom; Corpus Christi Ormand, Yvonne; Crockett Owens, Betty; Longview Owen, Johnny; Refugio Owens, Marjone; Texas City Palmer, John; Gilmer Panahizadeh, Habid; Tehran, Iran Pappas, Alicia; Tyler Parker, Kay; Houston Parks, Marilyn; San Marcos Parnell, Ramona; Sherman Parolini, Alan, Waco Parnsh, Walter; Ft. Worth Parrott, Janet; Lufkin Parsons, Larry; Alto Pate, Michael; Houston Patterson, Johnny; Nacogdoches Patton, Reagan; Nacogdoches Penix, William; Mineo la Peteet, Beth; Longview Peters, Terrie; Bay City Peterson, Sandra; Katy Petrosky, Jean; Alief Peveto, Jerald; Orange Phaup, Jimmye; Houston Phillips, Becky; Gladewater Phillips, Doty; Jacksonville Phillips, John; Deming Phillips, Mary; Houston Pike, James; Henderson Pincus, Roseanne; Dallas Pitman, Kathryn; Cushing 423 Piatt, Sunshine; Nacogdoches Poe, John; Nacogdoches Pollard, Johnny; Gary Pool, Eleanor; Longvlew Pool, Michael; Henderson Pool, Sharon; Henderson Porter, Sue Ann; Mabank Porter, William; Diboll Potter, Cynthia; Austin Potts, Deborah; Tyler Powell, Lynn; Lexington, KY Pratt, James; Nacogdoches Preston, James; Houston Price, Cynthia; Greenville Prickett, Ardis; Nacogdoches Pugh, Ronnie; Marshall Pustka, David W.; Nacogdoches Quimby, Robert; Kleberg Querner, David H.; Vernon Radlitf, Gregory A.; Houston Rager, Paula; Bessemer, AL Ragle, William F.; Weatherford Ragsdale, Randy; Jacksonville Rakowitz, Vincent A. ; San Antonio Rasco, James; Houston Ray, Harold; Dallas Ray, Jean; Tyler Read, Randy; Wills Point Redd, Robert; Nacogdoches Reed, Donna; DeSoto Reed, Jan; Waco Reedy, Cheryl; Houston Reese, George; Houston Renfroe, Patricia; San Augustine Revill, Jimmie M.; Big Sandy Rhoden, Kendall C; Longview if) ||P ' M %■} 1 4 Q 424 Juniors Rhodes, Daniel; Dallas Rhodes, James; Nacogdoches Rhodes, Janie; Jasper Rhodes, Michael W.; Overton Rice, Cathryn; Alto Richey, Nolan V.; Omaho Richard, Joseph; Port Arthur Riddles, Arthur; Dallas Rinehart, Mary; Lake Jackson Ritter, Judy; Timpson Rivera, Carlos; Nacogdoches Roberson, James; Liverpool Roberts, Keith; Dallas Roberts, William; Dallas Roberts, William; Center Robertson, Kim; Spring Robertson, Marilyn; Angleton Robinson, Bob; Dallas Robinson, Elinor; Nacogdoches Robinson, Kandey; Nacogdoches Roby, Pamela; Houston Rodgers, Randall; Tyler Rodriguez, Denise; Nacogdoches Rogers, Cindy; Henderson Rogers, James T.; Nacogdoches Rogers, Martha H.; Smithfield Rogers, Richard; Houston Rogers, Willard E.; Tyler Rollen, Robert; Amanllo Rollins, Michael; Henderson Rollo, William; Winnie Rominger, Cynthia; Richardson Rongey, Frances; Angelton Roos, Phillip; Rusk Roper, David; Henderson Ross, Gordon; Benairdes 425 Roskos, Stephen; Henderson Rucker, Nancy E.; Arlington Rupert, Marc; Houston Rusk, Blake W.; Houston Russ, Terilynn; Teague Russell, Stephen; Hughes Springs Russell, William; Longview Rydzeski, Gary; Houston Sack, Barbara; Livingston Sadler, John R.; Gladewater Sadler, Karen; Gladewater Sadler, Linda; Ft. Worth Salzar, Steven; Winnie Sampson, Timothy; Nacogdoches Sanders, Cynthia; Lake Jackson Sanders, David; Baytown Sanders, Kim; Kaufman Steed, Sarida; Nacogdoches Schietinger, Mark; Houston Schlesinger, Pam; Houston Schmitt, Alicia A.; Texas City Schneider, Jody; Dallas Schneider, Marvis; Iraan Schroeder, Patricia; Tyler Schroeder, Rodney; Waco Schultz, Sandra; Tomball Schumacher, Terry; Seymour Schmalz, Kerry; Katy Seale, John; Lufkin Seale, Pamela; Canton Self, Mary E.; Nacogdoches Selman, Jackie L; Crockett Setliff, Paul; Corpus Chnsti Severns, Mark; Nacogdoches Shannon, David J.; Pep Sharp, Jill; Longview 426 Junior Sharp, Jim; Trinidad Shay, Michael; Houston Shead, David; Hitchcock Sheets, Susan; Rockwall Shepherd, Pat; Nacogdoches Shields, James; Nocona Shimp, Steve; Marshall Shipp, Clyde; Texarkana Shipp, Sandra S.; Dallas Shockney, Carl; Nacogdoches Shumate, David; Mt. Pleasant Siems, George; Nacogdoches Simonsen, Craig S.; Austin Sims, Larry; Corpus Christi Singleton, Matthew A.; Houston Sjoblom, Carolyn; Longview Skews, Geoffrey; Corsicana Skidmore, Larry; Houston Slack, Walter; Marshall Slaughter, Phillip; Ft. Worth Slingerland, Philip A.; Dallas Small, Doris; Carthage Small, Lowell; Dallas Small, Steven; Nacogdoches Smith, Barbara; Tenaha Smith, Carol; Cleveland Smith, Charles; Dallas Smith, James H.; Gladewater Smith, Jerry; Gladewater Smith, Judi; Denton Smith, Michael; Jacksonville Smith, Rilda; Houston Smith, Sheldra; Euless Soranc, Wayne; Nacogdoches Southworth, Gregory; Tyler Sowell, Bobby; Center 427 Spahr, Marshall; Houston Sparkman, Glenn; Tyler Sparles, Daril; Lubbock Sparks, James; Longview Spencer, Gloria; Ratcliff Spencer, Mary; Nacogdoches Sramek, Ricky; Ennis Stacey, Jim; Dallas Stagner, Richard; Longview Stallenwerek, Charles; Houston Stalnaker, William; Athens Stanislan, Mike; West Stanley, Kathy; Stafford Stanley, Sara; Nacogdoches Staudt, Sally; Harlingen Steed, Sarida; Nacogdoches Steele, Thad; El Paso Stephens, Cynthia; Lufkin Stephens, Michael; Irving Stevens, Terrie; Sherman Stewart, Sue; Garland Still, Steven M.; Ft. Worth Still, Valerie; Garland Stokley, Jerry; El Campo Storm, Catherine; Premont Stover, Lonenz; Athens Strack, Susan; Ft. Worth Strelau, Shari; Dallas Strohschein, Helen; Tyler Stuckey, Earl W.; Lufkin Stupka, Patsy; Port Neches Suhr, Constance; Port Isabel Sullivan, Carol L.; Garland Sullivan, Edgar; Laird Hill Sullivan, Melonie B.; Nacogdoches Summers, Karen; Marshall 428 Juniors Summers, Robert; Lufkin Surratt, Sandy; Linden Sutherland, Laura; Freeport Suttle, Monty; Anahuac Sutton, Mike; Abilene Sutton, Vikki; Humble Sweat, Amanda; Nacogdoches TeamiAla, Parviz; Tehran, Iran Tabaracci, Joseph; Galveston Tague, John; Richardson Taylor, Mark; Waco Teer, Marjorie L.; Lutkin Templeton, Robert; Dallas Terry, Linda; Anahuac Terry, Van B.; Alvarado Thames, Ina; Lufkin Thelen, Mark; Houston Thetford, Bill; Keller Thomas, Janet; Wichita Falls Thomas, Sam J.; Longview Thompson, Lowell; Jacksonville Thompson, Timothy; Richardson Thornton, John; Nacogdoches Tienmann, James; Odessa Tickner, Dee; Houston Timaeus, Denise A.; Tyler Tinsley, Elizabeth; Houston Tipton, Michael; Big Sandy Telbert, Terry; Longview Tomlin, Debbie; Whitehouse Tomlinson, Landre S.; Austin Torian, Vivian L.; Seabrook Terrence, Danny; Wylie Tostado, Evangelina; Friendswood Tousha, Thomas; Liberty Towse, Kathryn; Houston Trawnik, Robert; Dallas Trice, Clifford; Longview Trout, Richard; Ft. Worth Troy, Michael; Portland Tucker, Connie; Cleburne Tucker, Thomas; Dallas Turnstall, Randy; Houston Turner, Boyd Ramsey; Port Arthur Turner, David; Dallas Turner, Keith; Houston Turner, Kyle Ray; Grand Prairie Turner, Mike; Houston Tutor, Bobby; Garrison Tyiska, Reginald; Overton Unger, Billie Lou; Center Upton, David; Houston Valdez, Marcella; Garland Vallarino, Virgina; Austin Van Horn, Debra; San Antonio Van Winkle, Stephen; Garland Vass, Katherine; Houston Vaughan, Lynn; Pasadena Vay, Bruce; Houston Vernon, Ed; Irving Vick, Frank; Center Vlk, Rita; Ennis Vinson, Mai; Magnolia Vensel, Carol; Miami, FL Wade, John; Baytown Wadlington, Cathy; Pasadena Wagner, Nancy; Houston Waidelich, Richard; Irving Wakefield, Vanessa; Longview Walker, Charles R. Jr.; Richardson Walker, John; Houston Walker, John; Bardwell 430 Juniors Walker, Peggy; Tyler Walker, Phillip; Logansport, LA Walker, Robert; Dallas Wall, Clifford; Piano Wallace, David; Grapeland Wallace, Sandra; Rusk Walraven, Kathy; DeKalb Walters, Clay; Corpus Christi Warren, Debi; Marlin Ward, Sherry; Pasadena Ward, Stephen; Tyler Warren, Robert; Angleton Washington, Anthony; Memphis, TN Wathen, Rebecca; Freeport Watson, Bruce; Nacogdoches Watson, Catherine; Trinity Watson, Dan; Austin Watson, Faith; Deer Park Watson, Stuart; Austin Waxier, Michael; Bellaire Weatherly, William; Nacogdoches Weaver, Gary; Dallas Weaver, Laurie; Dallas Weaver, Stephen; Tyler Webb, David; San Antonio Webb, Gene; Carthage Weed, Sherryle; Dallas Weeks, Jamie; Alice Weeks, John; Tyler Weidner, Michael; Houston Wellens, Sharon; Houston West, Anne; Houston Westmoreland, Lavenda; Palestine Weymouth, David; Houston Weymouth, Robbie; Houston White, Bobby; Lake Jackson 431 White, Carole; Houston White, Cheryl; Texas City White, JoAnn; Irving Whitehead, Debra J.; Freeport Whitehead, Patricia; Bryan Whitley, John; Lufkin Whitton, Marilyn; Nacogdoches Wiederhold, Ann; Richardson Wiggins, James A.; Nacogdoches Wiggins, Michael; LaMarque Wilkins, Shirley; Houston Wilkins, Steve; Atlanta Wilkinson, Patricia; Falfurrias Willborn, Mike; Houston Williams, Andy; Lufkin Williams, Charles; Ft. Worth Williams, Frances; Palestine Williams, James; Wharton Williams, Karen S.; Duncanville Williams, Susan; Austin Williams, Thomas; Ft. Worth Williams, Vicki; Jacksonville Willis, Luther; LaMarque Wilson, Doug; Houston Wilson, Charles; Longview Wilson, Danny; Lone Star Wilson, Johnny; Nacogdoches Wilson, Terrianne; Garland Wilson, Wendel; Burkeville Wimberly, Robyn; Ft. Worth Winder, Linda; Port Lavaca Wintree, Rebecca; Shelbyville Witt, Gary; Henderson Wold, Wendie; Longview Wolf, Elizabeth; Houston Wolf, Rodney L.; Dallas 432 Junior Wood, Donna; Longview Wood, Jerry; Livingston Wood, Jimmy; Nacogdoches Wood, Patsy J ; Livingston Woodard, Debra; Palestine Woods, Don; Euless Woodward, Sydna M ; Nacogdoches Womel, Ronald; Komah Worsham, Gwen; Joaquin Worsham, Leuis; Joaquin Worsham, Patrick; Timpson Wren, Linda; Nacogdoches Wright, Daniel; Arlington Wright, Paul; Winnie Wright, Robin; Nacogdoches Wright, Stephen D.; Dallas Wright, William; Ft. Worth Wyatt, William Stan; Lone Star Yadon, Debye; Dallas Yoho, Rhonda; Garland Yost, Harold; Lufkin Youons, Gail; Columbus Young, Deborah, Lufkin Young, Lester; Beaumont Young, William D.; Bryan Youngblood, Victoria; Lufkin Zacharias, Mark S.; Dallas Zeller, Ronald; Texas City Zmesley, Jean M.; Dallas Sophomores CLASS OFFICERS, left to right: Mary Irene David, senator; Ann Richardson, senator; Loree Holt, vice president; Tim Relyea, president. Not Pictured: Carole Raines, secretary-treasurer. Favorites Abel, Donald; Midland Abernathy, Robert; Nacogdoches Adam, Marcia; Houston Adams, Alfred; Houston Adams, Jana; Newton Adams, Judy; Jasper Adams, Karen; Richardson Adams, Mary Lynn; Irving Adkinson, Ronny; Garrison Albert, Darrell; Bangs Alcoor, Sabrina; Houston Alegria, Frank; Corpus Christi Alexander, Randy; Tyler Alexander, Thomas; Lufkin Allen, Beverly; Houston Allen, George; Bay City Allen, Gil; Nacogdoches Allen, Sara; Lufkin Allen, Vickie; Ft. Worth Alston, Gary; Pasadena Alvis, Gregory; Linden Alvis, Pamela; Tyler Anderson Analyn; Lufkin Anderson, Becky; Arlington Anderson, Joan; Corsicana Anderson, Samuel; Atlanta, GA Andrews, Thomas; Ennis Anthony, Ann; Houston Antill, Carol; Houston Archer, Toni; Marshall Arfele, Anthony; Houston Arledge. Sharon; Gordonville Ashby, Willie; Rockwall Aston, Phyllis; Nacogdoches Atkinson, Jesse; Rosenberg Aurett, Robert; Wichita Falls 436 Sophomore Ausley, Linda; Mesquite Baca, Mike; San Antonio Baccus, Joe Ann; Lufkin Bachinskas, James; Dallas Bailey, Dave; Longview Baker, Delores; Freeport Baker, Leigh, Houston Ballard, Chuck; Austin Bane, Michael; Grandview Barga, Gary; Beaumont Barksdale, Juleanne; Tyler Barnes, Barney; Odessa Barnes, Curtes; Karmack Barney, Stephen; Houston Barnhouse, Bonny; Richardson Barr, Janis; Longview Barrow, Kayla; Houston Barrow, Terry; Hull Barton, Jan; Waco Bassi, Linda; Dallas Bates, Gary; Nacogdoches Battle, Jimmy; Nacogdoches Bean, Pamela; Irving Beasley, Alan; Nacogdoches Beauchamp, Ray; Houston Beck, James; Houston Beeler, Michael; Sugarland Bees, Dorothy; Dallas Behrmann, Mike; Irving Belden, Ruth; Richardson Beller, Denyse; Houston Bellomy, Michael; Houston Beltran, Ramon; Nacogdoch es Bender, Michael; Seabrook Bennett, Barbara; Waco Bennett, Kim; Dallas 437 Benson, David; Houston Beran, Paul; Houston Berger, Kent; Midland Bergner, Scout; Amarillo Best, Bryan; Ft. Worth Bida, Lizanne; Arlington Bills, Gary; Pasadena Binnion, Patrice; Houston Bishop, David; Lufkin Blackburn, Galen; Ft Worth Blackmon, Stephen; Garland Blakey, Steven; Nacogdoches Blalock, Laurie; Houston Blankenship, Sam; Houston Blome, Susan; Pearland Bloxom, Raymond; Frankston Blume, Tina; Kerrville Boad, Connie; Dallas Bobadilla, Michele; Dallas Bogert, Michael; Garland Bokorney, George; Houston Boland, Gary; Atlanta Bonar, Nancy; Houston Bond, Gregory; Irving Bond, Pamela; Livingston Bonner, David; Wichita Falls Boone, Thomas; Houston Bopp, Susie; Houston Borland, Jane; Ennis Borland, Janice; Ennis Bostick, Blake; Tyler Bounds, Greg; Dallas Bowen, Johnny; Nacogdoches Bowling, Gerald; Teague City Boyes, Liza; Houston Boyett, Dolphus; Bronson Boyette, John, Center Bozeman, Rebecca; Winona Braddick, Thomas; Dallas Bradley, Vickl; Lubbock Braley, Elaine; Salida, CO Branan, Jenifer, Dallas Brannon, Carla; Cleburne Bratz, Cheryl; Nacogdoches Brawley, Nancy; Houston Brecheen, Fred; Mineola Brigman, Stephen; Lindale Brill, Lola; Baytown Brimberry, Eron; Houston Britain, Sharon; Humble Britton, James; Marshall Brock, David; Dallas Brooks, Alyce; Texarkana Brown, Debrah; Center Brown, Gerry; Nacogdoches Brown, Katrina; Texarkana Brown, Marilyn; Palestine Brown, Neal; Garland Browne, Steven; Dallas Brugger, Deborah; Houston Bruton, Creighton; Ferris Bryan, Guyla; Lufkin Bryan, Sally; Lufkin Bryan, Steven; Houston Burkland, Donna; Linden Buckley, Ellis; Dallas Buffington, William; Pennington Bullock, Leslie; Houston Bunch, Anita; Nacogdoches Bunnell, Eddie; Friendswood Burban, William; Clifton Burke, Jim; San Antonio Burt, Jan; Diboll Busch, James; Richardson Busley, John; Midland Butler, Beth; Dallas Butier, Christy; Nacogdoches Butts, James, Nacogdoches Byrd, James; Gladewater Byrd, Lori; Nacogdoches Campbell, Evelyn; Corpus Christi Campbell, Gary; Port Arthur Campbell, Scott; Houston Caperton, Cathy; Dallas Carmical, Michael; Pearland Carpenter, Billy; Bonham Carrier, Paula; Clute Carrigan, Gary; China Spring Carroll, Jane; Houston Carroll, John; Palestine Carrow, Kristine; Seabrook Carter, Daniel; Altamont Carter, Tandy; Columbus Cartwright, John; San Augustine Case, Marker; Lutkin Casey, Deborah; LaMarque Castillo, Deborah; Houston Cecil, Kenneth; San Antonio Cervantes, Stephen; San Antonio Chambers, Karen; Rangely Chance, Rick; Nacogdoches Chappas, David; Houston Charbonneau, Susan; Nacogdoches Chatterton, William; Port Lavaca Cheek, David; Conroe Cheek, John; Houston Cheever, Karla; Lake Jackson Chesnutt, John; Kenedy Chiang, Gloria; Marshall Chidichima, Mary; Corpus Christi Childs, Tilden; Fairfield Chrisman, Kris; Kerens Christensen, Tim; Garland Chumney, John; Nacogdoches Clark, Brenda; Wichita Falls Clark, Craig; Dallas Clark, Ronny; Ft. Worth Clarke, Stephen; Lake Jackson Clegg, Billy; Houston Clifford, Carol; Center Sophomor( I f w t 15V ii p f f I i ; fl I f W ' 1 i ■ - s Br 1 « s f . r ML J • V v A |ppi Cline, Michael; Kaufman Cloud, Colby; New Braunfels Coldsnow, Pamela; Pittsburg Coleman, Gail; Marlin Collen, Steve; Houston Colley, Paul; Henderson Collins, Anne, New Boston Collins, Michael; Houston Colson, Ricky; Houston Colwell, Jerry; Longview Combs, Jean; Dallas Combest, Kyle; Nacogdoches C onger, Lisa; Houston Conn, Deborah; Lufkin Conway, Steve; Brownsville Cook, Frances; Groveton Cook, James; Austin Cooper, Charles; Kemp Cooper, Elizabeth; Kemp Cooper, Lezh; Houston Coppola, Jean; Houston Corbitt, Rebekah; Ridgecrest, NC Cornelius, Paul; Carrollton Coston, Margaret; Longview Cousins, Peggy; Houston Covey, Brenda; Nacogdoches Covin, Lari Lee; Nacogdoches Cowan, Beverly; Texas City Cowling, Mary; Greenville Cox, Marcia; Houston Cox, Marsha; Houston Cox, Robert; Dallas Cox, Steve; Austin Cox, Walter; Pasadena Crocker, Betty; Nacogdoches Crocker, Terry; Henderson Crone, Michael; Tyler Cronin, Michael; Fulshear Crow, Robert; Nacogdoches Crowley, Maureen; Houston Crozier, Laura; Gonzales Culberson, Vicki; Houston Cumba, Gleen; Port Lavaca Cumberworth, Joanne; League City Cummings, Michael; Dallas Cummings, Steve; Westmont Cummins, Michael; Dallas Curtman, Lindy; Houston 441 Dabney, Brmson; Timpson Daggett, Deborah; Houston Dailey, John; Garland Dalby, Roy; Daingerfield Dale, Michael; Nacogdoches Danielson, Richard; Dallas Dann, George; Dallas Darden, Jacques; Lufkin Dasch, Thomas; Nacogdoches David, Mary; Orange Davis, Barbara; Gladewater Davis, Edward; Garland Davis, Kevin; Irving Davis, Margaret; Dayton Davis, Michael; Bridge City Davis, Michael; Dallas Davis, Nelad; Mesquite Davis, Thomas; Haskell Dauphine, Charles; Nacogdoches Dawson, Patricia; Houston Day, Robert; Houston Deal, John; Dallas Dean, Anita; Marshall Deatherage, Carol; Dallas Decker, Stanley; Nacogdoches Deloach, Pruitt; Kirbyville Deluca, Julia; Houston Denman, Henry; Nacogdoches Denny, Dennis; Cushing Denny, Jay; Houston Dent, Beth; Houston Denton, Rebecca; Houston DesChamps, Louie; San Augustine Dewel, Ed; Houston Devoll, Robert; Richardson Dickens, Deborah; Ft. Worth Dixon, Terry; Richardson Dobson, Mary Lynn; Irving Dobson, Steve; Bellaire Dodson, Edythe; Sequin Dodson, George; Nacogdoches Dollens, James; Texas City Dome, Gwendolyn; Garland Dorris, Susan; Victoria Dowdy, Gary; Houston Dowies, Cynthia; Orange Downs, Boyce; Avinger Dubberly, Carol; Pasadena 442 Sophomon Dudley, Tom; Santa Rosa Duff, Louis; Houston Duke, Tim; Clifton Dukes, Douglas; Houston Dunagen, Cheryl; Frost Duncan, Harvey; Lufkin Dunn, Gary; Beaumont Dunn, Nancy; Mauriceville Dunn, Richard; Garland Durbin, Michael; Dallas Durick, MaryAnn; Dallas Dyer, Christine; Dallas Eaves, Janelle; Nacogdoches Earle, Cynthia; Dallas Easterwood, Rebecca; Houston Eaton, Robert; Nacogdoches Edds, James; Nacogdoches Edmonds, Sheila; Marlia Edwards, Patti; Angleton Edwards, Stphen; Stowell Edlredge, Mary; Denton Elizondo, Martha; Houston Elledge, Marian; Houston Ellerd, Alvin; Hereford Elliot, James; Mansfield Elliot, Rhonda; Vidor Ellis, Floyd; Mansfield, LA Elms, James; Kilgore Emmert, Michael; Winters Erickson, Cynthia; San Antonio Ernst, Judith; Dallas Ervin, Ralph; Texas City Ewing, Charles; Nacogdoches Faires, Ken; Beaumont Farmer, Eddie; Tuscola Fedro, David; Marlin Felderhoff, Doris; Muenster Ferree, Karen; Angleton Ferrino, Bonnie; Galveston Fickling, Lynda; Humble Fidwell, Zana; Center Fikes, James; Troup Fish, Norman; LaMarque Fisher, Melanie; Houston Fitts, Suzanne; Lufkin Fix, Laurel; Dallas Flahaven, Angela; Houston Fleitman, Allen; Muenster Fleming, Susan; Houston Fling, Gary; Dallas Floyd, David; Dallas Floyd, Deanna; Atlanta Follmar, Melissa; Houston Folse, Kim; Port Neches Ford, Susan; San Antonio Forres, John; San Antonio Forester, Donna; Ft. Worth Fort, Gary; Longview Fraley, Dennis; Nacogdoches Franks, Linda; New Caney Freeman, Richard; Richardson French, Carolyn; Garland Freund, Kandyce; Houston Frick, Greg; Hurst Fuge, Rebecca; Houston Fulmer, Thomas; Diboll Fulton, Richard; Bellaire Furr, Rhonda; McKinney Fuselier, Gregg; Beaumont Gabel, Lawrence; Irving Gafford, Cathy; Houston Gamez, Armando; Laredo Garrison, John; Ft. Worth Gavin, Thomas; Universal City Gayden, Brenda; Corpus Christi Geer, Charles; Arlington Geer, Scott; Nacogdoches Geiger, John; Nacogdoches Gentry, Clark; Dallas Gentry, Peggy; Ennis Gerik, Dennis; Killeen German, James; Richardson Gerrald, Burl; Houston Gibson, Rebecca; Nacogdoches Gibson, Virginia; Lewisville Glenn, Randal; Piano Glimp, Beth; Austin Godbey, Susan; San Antonio Godleski, Gail; Lake Jackson Godsey, David; Ore City Goeser, Debra; Houston Gonzalez, Jose; Eagle Pass Goree, Kathy, Grand Prairie Gorman, Larry; Houston Gonsoulin, Steve; Texas City Goodman, Steven; Ft. Worth Sophomores Goss, John; Colorado City Govin, LariLee; Nacogdoches Granberry, James; Douglassville Gray, Adrienne; Longvlew Gray, Cecil; Ft. Worth Gray, Harold; Irving Gray, Tom; Beaumont Green, Doric; Richardson Green, Elmer; San Antonio Green, Jacqueline; Houston Green, Rita; Taft Green, Rosa Linda; Nacogdoches Greene, Gaines; Richardson Greenslade, Wendy; Kaufman Gregory, Charles; Dallas Gregorie, Richard; San Antonio Grigory, Linda; Houston Grimes, Terry; Nacogdoches Grimm, Linda; San Antonio Groce, Robin; Dallas Grogan, Daniel; Rusk Groth, Sybil; Belton Grubbs, Kathy; Marshall Guidry, Tommy; Port Arthur Gunn, Deborah; Deweyville Gurley, Mike; Houston Guthrie, Elizabeth; Kamah Guyman, Diana; Houston Hackett, Clark; Nacogdoches Hackert, Clark; Channelview Hahn, Mike; Donna Halbert, Joel; San Augustine Haley, Letitia; Dallas Hall, Kathy; Jacksonville Hall, Patricia; Longview Hall, Stanley; Tyler Hamilton, Kenneth; Linden Hamilton, Mark; Euless Hammarck, Denise; Beaumont Hammond, Nancy; Houston Hancock, Charles; Nacogdoches Hansen, Karl; Fairfax, VA Harper, Glenn; Stafford Harrell, Donald; Nacogdoches Harrell, Marilyn; Livingston Harren, Adiana; Arlington Harris, Lloyd; Nacogdoches Harrison, Diane; Houston Harrison, George; Lufkin Harrison, Jeffrey; Diboll Harry, David; Ft. Worth Hart, Nancy; Ennis Hartley, Carol; Victoria Hassell, Ricky; Rush Hastreiter, William; Irving Hatch, Pamela; Friendswood Hawkins, Laura; New Boston Hayes, Michael; Pampa Hayes, Robert; Temple Haynes, Robert; Houston Hazen, Bruce; Houston Hazlett, Brenda; Duncanville Hearne, Janet; Lufkin Helton, Jack; Dallas Henager, Cynthia; Belton Hennessy, Thomas; Pasadena Henry, Debbie; Dickinson Hepp, David; Van Herchman, Randy; Duncanville Hernandez, Alice; Waco Hickerson, Joe; Nacogdoches Hicks, Kathryn; Dallas Hightower, Elton; San Augustine Hildenbrand, Terry; LaMarque Hill, Carol; Bridge City Hill, Danny; Dallas Hill, Janetta; Linden Hill, Keith; Houston Hill, Mary; Laneville Hill, Oscar, Dallas Hill, Rhonda; Gladewater Hill, Roseanne; Orange Hilliard, Nancy; Orange Hilton, Sarah; Houston Hinson, Daphne; Lovelady Hoag, Charmaine; Jefferson Hobbs, Thomas; Nacogdoches Hobson, Mark; Houston Hodges, Bernie; Waco Hoffman, Annette; San Antonio Hoffman, Kim; Ft. Worth Hogan, Robin; Dallas Holbrook, Karen; Dallas Holman, Susan; Paris Holmes, Cheryl; Montgomery Holmes, Gwendolyn; Marshall Holt, Loree; Dallas Homann, Dennis; Palestine Hooker, Ronald; Sweeny Horlander, Stephen; Longview Horton, Nancy; Cleburne Hoskins, Nell; Lake Jackson 446 Sophomores Howard, David; Nacogdoches Howell, Thana; Hughes Springs Hudel, Mary; Dallas Hudgens, Jason; Houston Hudnall, Terri; Houston Hudson, Vasti; Nacogdoches Hughes, Kathleen; Texas City Hulsey, Patricia; Orange Hume, Patricia; Paris Hunt, Jonathan; Tyler Hymes, Paul; Orange Iserman, Terri; Houston Inman, Karen; Tyler Jacks, Kevin; Houston Jackson, Daniel; Houston Jackson, David; Lutkin Jackson, William; Deer Park James, Alan; Baytown Jacobs, Tony; Houston Jamison, Paul; Sequin Jeffus, Robert; Tyler Janicek, Leabeth; Austin Jenkins, Marilyn; Beaumont Jenkins, James; Lutkin Jenney, Charles; Houston Jennings, Gary; Linden Jeter, Kim; Magnolia Jimenez, Romauld; Alexandria, VA Johanson, Harold; Alice Johnapelns, Lane; Houston Johnson, Coy; Nacogdoches Johnson, David; Longview Johnson, Jeannie; Waco Johnson, Linda; Daingerfield Johnson, Sheila; Nacogdoches Johnson, Steve; Center Jalibois , Keith; La Porte Jolley, Kim; Houston Jones, Juli; Nacogdoches Jones, Nancy; Arlington Jones, Sam; Corpus Christi Jones, Trisha; Austin Jones, Vickie; Groves Jordan, George; Kilgore Jordan, George; Kilgore Jordan, Retha; Pampa Joyner, David; Groveton Justice, Georgia; Nacogdoches Keating, John; Winnie Keen, Ginia; Houston Keith, Karen; Robstown Keitz, Dizne; Dallas Kelley, Beverly; Orange Kelley, David; Piano 447 Keng, Tim; Cleveland Kennedy, Cheryl; Longview Kennedy, Steven; Belton Kennedy, Wayne; Austin Kerr, Beth; Tyler Kerr, David; Houston Keslinger, Lynn; NY Ketchum, Laura; Dallas Khorshidpanah, Mahmoud; Tehran, Iran Kiewit, Scott; Dallas Kimmey, Karen; Lufkin Kinat, Fred; Chireno Kinat, Kati; Chireno King, Gary; Garland Kingan, Treasure; Houston Kinnamon, Linda; Houston Kirchot, Randy; Celina Kirk, Judith; Hughes Springs Kirk, Mary; Hughes Springs Kirkland, Dennis; Spring Kirkpatrick, James; Marshall Kirsch, John; Dallas Kissell, Brian; Houston Klass, Martin; Nacogdoches Knight, Charles; Pasadena Knight, Thomas; Franklin Knotts, Sandra; Houston Knox, David; San Antonio Koehler, Mark; Dickinson Koether, Robert; Silsbee Kottle, Irene; Lake Jackson Kozakis, John; Houston Krebs, Constance; Dallas Krieg, Vincent; Houston Krupala, Kay; Dickinson Kunitz, Sharon; Sherman Sophomort 1 Kuykendall, Donna; Pittsburg Lacaya, David; San Antonio Laird, Linda; Baytown Lake, James; Crockett Lane, Robert; Arlington Lange, Linda; Houston Lanier, Teresa; Dallas Lankford, Thomas; Houston Lanning, William; Friendswood Lantron, Karen; Livingston Latham, Laura; Dallas Lathan, Lurah; Nacogdoches Latimer, Jim; Temple Latourette, Libby; Houston Lawrence, Connie; Lufkin Lawson, Daniel; Dallas Lawson, Ira; Corpus Christi Laxey, Michael; Pasadena Layer, Michael; San Antonio Layne, Robert; Dallas Leach, Richard; Richardson Leadbetter, Leamon; Charles Leblanc, Fadra; Lufkin Leamon, Charles; Irving Lebrock, Russell; Orange Lee, Deborah; San Antonio Lee, Robert; Lufkin Leeds, Lesley; Dallas Leinbach, James; Maplewood Leith, Phillip; Marshall Lepkojus, Robert, Dallas Lesco, David; Dickinson Lester, Phyllis, Hooks Leva, Charles; Houston Levey, Tim; Dallas Lewis, Edgar; Weldon Lewis, Patti; Grand Prairie Lewis, Ronald; Dallas Lindbeck, Darcy; Dallas Lindley, Deborah, Ft. Worth Little, Laurie; Rockport Little, Vivian; Houston Locke, John; Paris Locke, William; San Antonio Lockhart, Kevin; Kerens Loehr, Steven; San Antonio Lovell, Kevin; Dalhart Luce, Connie; Dallas Luenser, Don, DeSoto Luman, Royce; Nacogdoches Lumpkin, Robert; Orange Lutz, Robin; Houston Lynch, Kyle; Brownsboro Lynch, Paula; Nacogdoches 449 Lyons, Richard; Jasper Mayberry, Denise; Dallas Mabry, Mary; Mesquite MacGorman, Debbie; Ft. Worth Mach, Sharon; Longview Macha, Pam; Houston Magee, Carla; Dallas Magee, Dorothy; Houston Magee, John; Lake Jackson Magness, Marilyn; San Augustine Mangus, Roger; Lufkin Manka, Gaylyn, Waco Mann, Barbara; Houston Manns, Charles; Longview Marek, Albert; Kaufman Marietta, Kay; Lovelady Marroquin, Robert; Port Arthur Marshall, Diane; Timpson Marshall, Hines; Garland Marshall, Pamela; Nacogdoches Martin, Elizabeth; Texas City Martin, Terry; Houston Massett, Jeff; Killeen Massey, John; Center Massey, Randy; Center Masters, Richard; Eagle Pass Matthews, Augustus; Tatum Matthews, John; Hurst Mathis, Glenna; Arlington Maxwell, Carol; Houston May, Cecil; Lufkin May, Frederick; Lufkin Mayes, Don; Anahuac McAllister, Cathy; Paris McAuley, Melissa; Tyler McBride, Bama; Alvin McBurney, Mike; Terrell McCallum, Alice; Mesquite McCann, Marcie; Daisetta McCarley, Max; Nacogdoches McCarty, Laura; Houston McCormack, Ralph; Nacogdoches McCormick, William; Houston McCowan, Stephen; Diboll McCown, Robin; Jacksonville McCoy, Melany; Grand Prairie McCreary, William; Henderson McCullough, Houston McCullough, Mariana; Freeport McDaniel, Carol; Galveston McDaniel, Pamela; Buna McDonald, Joseph; Nacogdoches McDonald, Lisa; Nacogdoches McGrilvra, Jane; Lufkin " " MP Ir -% — 1 J ' n 450 Sophomor McGinnis, Kenneth; Troup Mclnnerney, Robert; Houston Mclntyre, Tom; Houston McLaurin, Karen; Houston McManus, Sherry; Pasadena McMath, Susan; Nacogdoches McMillan, David; Bonham McMullew, Bradford; Lufkin McNamara, Terry; Marshall McNeel, Patrice; Dickinson McReynolds, David; Nacogdoches McVicker, Bill; Rusk Meacham, Melissa; Bay City Medford, Chris; San Antonio Meisenheimer, David; Jefferson Mendoza, Irma; Nacogdoches Messenger, Thomas; Longview Meyers, Brooks; Dallas Miles, Daniel; Irving Miller, Greg; Nacogdoches Miller, Jerry; Mauriceville Miller, Robert; Marshall Mills, Fred; Houston Mills, Raymond; Milam Mills, Stephen; Spring Milton, Roxanne; Dallas Minter, Janet; Carthage Michael, Janis; Houston Michie, Sara; Conroe Miranda, Alfred; Lufkin Miranda, Beverly; Dallas Mitchell, Patsy; Wooden Mixon, Jo; San Augustine Mize, Rebecca; Nederland Moe, William; Ft. Worth Moffitt, Judith; Texas City Monroe, Monte; Nacogdoches Montes, Miguel; Tyler Montgomery, Lindsay; Houston Mooneyham, Lissa; Arlington Moore, Mark; Waco Moore, Debra; Waco Moore, Susan; Houston Moorman, Ethel; Orange Field Morgan, Lisa; Houston Morris, Jay; Houston Morris, Lee Ann; Tyler Morris, Myra; Lufkin Morris, Patricia; Longview Morrison, Maury; Dallas Morrow, Donet; Pampa Mortland, Debra; Irving Morton, Bradley; Houston Morton, Jackson; Dayton 451 Moseley, Patricia; San Antonio Moss, Joseph; Houston Moss, Teresa; Jasper Moss, Vera; Ft. Worth Mueller, Daniel; Irving Mueller, Suzanne; Houston Murphy, Jack; Center Murphy, Quintana; Pineland Myers, Janet; Houston Myers, Judy; Dallas Myers, Robert; Seabrook Nadolski, James; Terrell Nann, Melanie; Houston Nagel, Wayne; Austin Nda, Marta; Nacogdoches Neal, Annie; Nacogdoches Neese, Robert; Houston Neighbors, Roger; Alvin Neimeyer, Cynthia; Corpus Christi Nekuza, Lorraine; Ennis Ness, Jimsey; Alta Loma Nester, Donald; Houston Nevins, Collen; Sioux City, IA New, Carol; Pampa Neumann, Margaret; Groves Newmann, Kurl; Pearland Newmann, Kakl; Pearland Newman, Mark; Friendswood Nichols, Anita; Baytown Nichols, John; Houston Nichols, William; Midland Nisbet, Tim; Houston Nix, Phyllis; Nacogdoches Noa, Fernando III; Nacogdoches Noble, Mark; Tyler Noonan, Kevin; Carthage Nordick, Tom; Ft. Worth Nordt, Glen; Missouri City Northcott, James; Ft. Worth Northcutt, Elizabeth; Dallas Norman, Shelley; Bellville Norris, Glenna; Pampa Norris, Odis; Nacogdoches Norvell, Jenniter; Dallas Ochs, Dennis; Dallas O ' Grady, Rose; Texas City Oldenbuttel, Neil; Waycross Oliver, Kathy; Timpson 452 Sophomores 7fm Orr, Peter; Del Rio Orren, Sandra; Lake Jackson Orsburn, Tim; Nacogdoches Osenbaugh, Joe; San Antonio Oshayi, Kipp; Houston Ott, Gary; Livingston Ott, Russell; Livingston Overall, Wayne; Longview Pace, Tommy; Longview Palmer, Kathy; Winnsboro Parham, William; Texas City Paris, Ronald; Richardson Parkman, Peter; Ft. Worth Parmly, Kristi; Texarkana Parrish, Terry; Tyler Patrick, Paul; Henderson Patterson, Robert; San Antonio Patton, Jeanne; Burleson Peacock, Nora; Ft. Worth Pedersen, Tom; Texas City Penkert, Debra; Rosenberg Penn, Pamela; Bellaire Perkins, Darryl; Richardson Perry, Lester; Houston Petty, John; Nacogdoches Ptab, Richard; Nassau Bay Ptetfer, Frances; Dallas Phillips, Kristina; Dallas Phillips, Robert; Duncanville Phillips, Suzanne; Houston Pickering, John; San Antonio Piper, Curtis; Austin Pitcher, Laura; Ft. Worth Pitts, Susan; Nacogdoches Piatt, Alan; Houston Polk, Susan; Nacogdoches Poland, Nancy; Rosenberg Pope, Mark; Lufkin Poplin, Bill; Lufkin Powell, Jane; Simonton Prather, Glenda; San Antonio Prentice, Kevin; Dallas Presnall, John; Lufkin Presnall, Scott; Lufkin Price, Nancy; Dallas Pridgeon, Marcus; Euless Puckett, Barbara; Houston Puckett, Thomas; Irving Purvis, Vicki; Houston Quinlan, Robert; Richardson Raines, Bonnie; San Antonio Raines, Carole; Marshall Ralson, Connie; Livingston Rambo, John; Tomball Ramsey, Kathryn; Baytown Raney, Amy; Longview Read, Jane; Houston Reasonover, Leslie; Lutkin Reed, Anne; Richardson Reed, Randall; Dallas Reed, Ruth; San Antonio Reedy, Sheryl; Richardson Reeves, George; Houston Reeves, Katherine; McAllen Reid, Michael; Irving Reindel, Mark; Dallas Reinhardt, Theresa; Humble Relyea, Tim; Dallas Renfro, Frances; Dallas Renneker, Frederick; Garland Renner, Carl; Lamesa Reynolds, Susan; Nacogdoches Renshaw, Billy; Tyler Reynolds, Michael; Nacogdoches Richardson, Debbie; Houston Richardson, Loyd; Chireno Richardson, Mike; Beaumont Richardson, Peggy; Nacogdoches Richardson, Teresa; Ft Worth Richey, Karen; Omaha, NB Richey, Kelley; Tyler Richter, Lisa; Victoria Riddle, Debora; Magnolia Riddle, Kim; Forreston Riggs, Gail; Humble Riggs, Randy; Vero Beach Rigsby, Gary; Houston Riley, Janie; College Station Riley, Patsie; Houston Rinehart, Joseph; Lake Jackson Roach, Charles; Galveston Roach, Elizabeth; Dallas Roark, Mack; Graham Roberson, James; Dallas Roberson, Jim; Perryton 454 Sophomores I Roberson, Tommy; Overton Roberts, Sheri; Houston Robertson, Marilyn; Angleton Rochester, Melinda, Mission Roddy, Richard; Orange Rodgers, Cheryl; Pasadena Rodriguez, Evangelina; Cleveland Rogers, Jonathon; Freeport Rohrbach, Susan; Houston Roquemore, Sam; Midland Ross, Steven; Ft. Worth Rowe, Priscilla; San Antonio Rowell, Connie; Nacogdoches Rowland, Gary; Overton Rudd, Yvonne; Lufkin Russell, Kathi; Canton Rutherford, Debbie; Victoria Russell, Charles; Dallas Russell, Donna; Nacogdoches Ryder, Genevieve; Beaumont Saad, Nancy; Houston Sack, Geri; Livingston Safford, Gina; Groveton Sakahara, Ruth; Houston Sales, Deidra; Rusk Sallis, Val; Dallas Salter, Debbie; Mt. Pleasant Salvato, Charles; Dickinson Sandell, Robin; Katy Sanders, Jerry; Baytown Sanders, Robert; Lufkin Sanders, Robert; Ft. Worth Sanderson, Roy; Liberty Sands, Marcus; Ft. Worth Santos, Raymond; Dallas Saterbak, Steven; Houston Saunders, Marcia; Lufkin Saulter, Debra, Carrollton Sayre, Julie; Houston Scarbrough, Gary; Dallas Schadt, Karen; Arlington Schiltz, Debra; Angleton Schreiber, Jackie; Nacogdoches Schultz, Barbara; Ft. Worth Schulz, Chris; Lubbock Schumann, Laura; Thompsons Scott, Betsy; Dallas Scott, Eugenia; Dallas 455 Scott, Marsha; Houston Scott, Michael; Dayton Scott, Randolph; Mission Scott, Richard; Pasadena Scott, Susan; Texas City Sensabaugh, Susan; McLean, VA Serrex, Sheryl; Houston Setzer, Theresa; Brazoria Shaddix, Patti; Pittsburg Shaffer, Robert; Graham Shelton, Richy; Garland Shepard, David; Lufkin Shepherd, Kay; Lake Jackson Sheppard, Darlene, San Augustine Sherrill, John; Houston Shipley, Lynda; Houston Shropshire, Michael; Dallas Shult, Jerry; S ugarland Shuttlesworth, Carol; Pasadena Shytles, Donny; Sherman Signet, Cynthia; Houston Simmons, Daphne; Houston Simmons, James; Arlington Simpsons, David; Amarillo Simpsons, Jane; Conroe Sims, Richard; Dallas Skidmore, Linda; Houston Skillern, Karene; Nacogdoches Skillern, Richard; Silsbee Slack, Robert; Lufkin Slayton, Scott; Ft. Worth Smart, Oliver; Liberty Smith, C. P Smith, Charles Smith, Clark Nacogdoches Nacogdoches Nacogdoches Smith, David; Texas City Smith, Denise; Poolville Smith, Eric; Corpus Christi Smith, Gari; Joaquin Smith, Glenn; Garland Smith, John; Houston Smith, Kathy; Nacogdoches Smith, Linda; Houston Smith, Lonnie; Tyler Smith, Mary; Beckville Smith, Nay; San Augustine Smith, Park; Irving Smith, Patricia; Seabrook 456 Sophomores Smith, Ronald; Austin Smith, Ross; Sugarland Smith, Sandra; Nacogdoches Smith, Sheldra; Euelss Smith, Sue; Gilmer Smith, Susan; Houston Smith, Travis; Alto Smithhart, Nancy; Nacogdoches Solis, Raul; Houston Solly, Jimmie Diane; Lufkin Sones, Rayanne; Houston Sorsby, Larry; Houston Sosland, Shalene; Longview Sowders, Del; Ft. Worth Spangler, Joe; Nacogdoches Spence, Beverly; Hearne Spencer, Diana; Houston Spencer, Mary Dale; Mabank Spetter, Dan; Dallas Spring, Patti; Graham Sprott, Lois; Kerrville Sprott, Rickie; Bandera Spurlock, Nancy; Tenaha Squibb, Terry; Dallas Squyres, Gordon; Lufkin Squyres, Olga; Lufkin Stamps, Julie; Richardson Stanford, Mark; Central Heights Stanford, Terry; Dallas Stanford, William; Houston Starkey, Teri; Baytown Stado, Carol; Houston Steely, Orus; Dallas Stein, Harold; San Antonio Stennett, Rita; Spring Stephens, John; Ft. Worth Stephens, Phillip; Corpus Christi Stevens, Raymond; Winnie Stevensons, Michael; Timpson Stevensons, Teresa; LaMarque Stewart, Debra; Nacogdoches Stewart, James; Nacogdoches Stewart, Marsha; Waco Stewart, Michael; Houston Stewart, Nancy; San Antonio Stewart, Shawn; Houston Stickley, Timothy; Houston Stinnett, Martin; Nacogdoches 457 Straubing, Ronda; Dallas Strickland, Sharon; Houston Stokes, Shlrlene; Garrison Stone, Brenda; Atlanta Storrs, Kathleen; New Caney Stouffer, James; Ft. Worth Stout, Guy; Dallas Stowers, Brad; Dallas Studder, Joseph; Aledo Sumbera, Frances; Dickinson Swanson, Richard; Houston Sweat, Sherrie; Nacogdoches Swinney, Elizabeth; Tyler Swonke, Mary; Houston Symon, Jeffery; Alvin Symon, Julia; Alvin Tatarko, John; Ft. Worth Tatum, Joanne; Dallas Taylor, Bruce; Friendswood Taylor, Judith; Deer Park Taylor, Kim; Houston Taylor, Max; Palestine Taylor, Steven; Garrison Teague, Mary; Hitchcock Teel, Sherry; Elkhart Terrell, Paul; Longview Terry, Stacie; Galveston Teske, Jan; Houston Thames, Marilyn; Carthage Thomas, Becky; Douglass Thomas, James; Yazoo City, MS Thomas, John; Houston Thomas, Marsha; Dallas Tompson, Nancy; Temple Tidwell, Connie; DeKalb Tinkle, Mary; Center Sophomore: Tippery, Helen; Richardson Tittle, Ben; Lufkin Todd, Richard; Henderson Tomlin, Michael; Nacogdoches Tompkins, Charlotte; Amarillo Tooke, Nona; Texarkana Torres, Steve; Houston Towery, Rodney; Irving Townsend, Debbie; Tyler Trammel, Lornas; Dallas Traylor, Sandrus; Jasper Turner, Katherine; Seguin Turner, Marjorie; Nacogdoches Tyler, Janet; Houston Ubben, Ted; Dallas Valdivia, Jerry; Houston Van der Schaat, Beatrix; Houston VanHook, Sandra; San Antonio Vanlandingham, Gary; Del Rio Vaughn, Thomas; Henderson Versfelt, Jay; Dallas Vickrey, Joe; Dallas Vizena, Davey; Nacogdoches Vinson, Robert; Columbus Wade, Nancy; Killeen Wages, Monica; Dallas Walker, Brent; Dickinson Walker, Marcus; Corpus Christi Walker, Margaret; Richmond Walker, Marilyn; Garland Walters, Gary; Naples Walsh, Brendan; Nacogdoches Walters, Pamela; Enon, OH Walker, Renee; Conroe Wall, David; Piano Waller, Patricia; Houston 459 Warrington, Nancy; Palestine Washburn, John; Newton Washington, James; Dallas Washington, Larry; Dallas Washington, Sebrena; Port Arthur Watson, Holly; Lake Holly Watson, Robert; Ft. Worth Watts, Andrea; Abilene Way, Cathy; Huntsville Weatherly, James; Nacogdoches Weaver, Robert; Van Alstyne Webster, Candace; Conroe Weiman, Steven; Houston Welch, Larry; Livingston Wells, Suzanne; Houston Wencel, Jennifer; Rosenberg Wenzel, David; Friendswood Werner, Sharon; LaMarque Wess, Sha; Garland Westerfield, Katherine; Houston Wheat, Phyllis; Houston White, George; Dallas White, Jerome; Portland White, Joe; Athens Whitehead, Cliff; Henderson Whitmore, Sharon; Galveston Whitten, Robert; Lufkin Wiesenborn, Robin; Alvin Wilcoxson, Travis; Edgewood Wiles, Leeanna; Liberty Wilk, Brad; Dallas Wilkins, Mitchell; Conroe Williams, Cecilia; Nacogdoches Williams, Donald; Ft. Worth Williams, Kelley; Dumas Williams, Lisa; Wharton Sophomores Williams, Scott; Dallas Williams, Steve, Dallas Williams, Susan; Nacogdoches Wilson, Albert; Alto Wilson, Dorothea; Dallas Wilson, Frank; Port Neches Wilson, John; Houston Windham, John; Austin Witte, Douglas; Nacogdoches Woerner, Roger; Ft. Worth Wolf, Vicki; West Columbia Wolfe, Marilyn; Gary Womack, Dawn; Houston Wood, Anita; Angleton Wood, David; Irving Wood, Kevan; Livingston Wood, Mark; Ft. Worth Woodard, John; Ft. Worth Woodell, Dessanne; Jasper Woody, Steve; Ft. Worth Woolfolk, Debra; Nacogdoches Worsham, Jerry; Nacogdoches Wright, Paul; Houston Wuermser, Ann; Ridgeview Yancey, Kevin; Dickinson Yarbrough, Joseph; Houston Yarberry, Rhonda; Lone Star Yound, DeLois; Rockport Young, Theodore; Pittsburg Zardouz, Gilda; Nacogdoches Freshmen CLASS OFFICERS, left to right, Front: Stephanie Smith, secretary-treasurer. Back, left to right: Gary Grady, vie president; Dave Waggoner, presiden 463 Abbe, Pamela; Dallas Abdalla, Amy; Houston Abernathy, Sarah; Nacogdoches Acers, Lori; Dallas Adams, David; Richardson Adams, Ella K.; New Caney Adeleke, Joel; Lgarra, Nigeria Akeroyd, Cynthia; Humble Akers, Rada; Spring Alanis, Adrianna, Houston Albrecht, Kelly; Dibell Albrecht, Maribeth; Houston Albritton, Patti; Richardson Albury, Steven; Houston Alderdice, Bill; Dallas Alders, Donna; Nacogdoches Algire, Dawn; Dallas Alexander, Jessie; Tyler Alexander, Don; Sterling City Alexander, John; Dallas Alexander, Ronnie; Lufkin Altord, Fredrick; Longview Alford, Suzanne; Richardson Almstead, Don; San Antonio Almund, Tony; Houston Althaus, Amy; Austin Allard, Ernie; Dawson Allen, Steve; Lufkin Allen, Donald; Garland Allen, Lesley; Shreveport Allen, Mary; Dallas Allison, Ray; Irving Allnut, David; Galveston Anya, Suzie; Sinton Anderson, Bobby; Nacogdoches Anderson, Cynthia; Lancaster 464 Freshme I I Anderson, Anderson, Anderson, Anderson, Anderson, Anderson, James; Houston Julie; Houston Kim; Fori Worth Lynda; Argyle Michael; Houston Michael; Dickinson Andrew, Alan; Olton Andrews, Karen, Houston Andrews, Kenneth; New Orleans, LA Andrews, Tina; Houston Andres, Jack; Joaquin Angus, Dennis H.; Harken Heights Anthony, Donna; Irving Antley, Marion; Dickinson Antwine, Kevin; Texas City Arndt, Scott; Palacios Arnold, Doug A.; Arlington Arnold, Sharon; Angleton Arthur, Charles; Irving Ash, David W.; Beaumont Astin, Darla; Seabrook Attaway, Laurie; Dallas Aucoin, Barbara; Dayton Avey, Kathleen; Houston Austin, Nancy; Dallas Austin, Terri; Abilene Autrey, Shauna; Nacogdoches Badders, Jeff; Nacogdoches Bade, Margaret; Houston Bailey, Clyde; Nacogdoches Bailey, Debra; Dallas Bailey, Frances; Houston Bain, John A.; Ennis Baker, Carl; Houston Baker, Debbie; Pasadena Baker, Sandra; Dallas v - . _ Vt Baldree, Coy; Houston Bales, Jeffrey; Richardson Bales, Walter B.; Tahoka Balkey, Rosemarie; Dallas Ball, Robert; Houston Ball, Robin; Dallas Ballard, Patricia; Conroe Ballinger, Judy; Alvin Barnhill, Kim; Fort Worth Barnes, Debra; Houston Barnes, Glenn; Naples Barnes, Jay; Longview Barnes, Lisa A.; Houston Barrett, Brenda; Fort Worth Barnett, Dana; Spring Barrett, Daniel R.; Mt. Pleasant Barrett, Freida; Houston Barrett, Mary L; Wylie Barnett, Patti S.; Hughes Barron, Vicki; Houston Barth, Daryl; Piano Barton, Calvin; Nacogdoches Bartruff, Patti; Irving Baschnagel, William; Houston Bass, Deborah; Longview Bass, Vickie; Longview Batten, Peggy; Lufkin Baublet, Mark; Nacogdoches Baughman, Mark; Houston Beadle, David; Corpus Christi Beard, Joseph; Garrison Beasley, Regina; Marshall Beason, Steven; Daingerfield Beattie, Terry; Richardson Beaver, David; Houston Beck, Carla; Houston 466 Beck, Robert; Wills Point Beck, Fred; Cypress Beckham, Melanie; Houston Beckley, Patricia; Houston Bedford, Stephen; San Antonio Bell, Larry; Pecos Bellew, Jerrie; Galena Park Bender, Marcia; Richardson Bennett, Richard; Ft. Worth Bennison, Margaret; Dallas Benson, Brenda; Hurst Benson, Joseph; Nacogdoches Bergeron, Jeffrey; Houston Berry, Lee Ann; Fourney Bertling, Frank; Baytown Best, James; Waskom Betz, Randy; Houston Bezanson, Gary; Lufkin Bilderback, John W.; Houston Birchfield, Cynthia; Fourney Bishop, Beverly; Houston Bishop, Kim; Longview Bither, Kelley; Houston Blackburn, Michele; Houston Blackwell, Leonard; Galveston Blair, Charles; Henderson Blais, Jerome; Dallas Blaisdell, James; Ft. Worth Blake, Roy; Nacogdoches Blakeley, William; Dallas Blakey, Cindy; Dallas Blalack, James; Longview Blalock, David; Duncanville Blanchard, Claudia; Houston Blanchard, Mark; Nacogdoches Bland, Theresa; Arlington Blasingame, Stephen; Houston Blohm, Fredrick; Orange Bloom, Dennis; Lufkin Bohn, Kathy; DeSoto Boldt, Theresa; Yorktown Bolen, Deborah; Rockwall Bolin, Noira; Houston Boling, Ronald; San Antonio Bollier, Linda; Houston Bomke, Amy; Houston Bondurant, Tim; Ft. Worth Boone, Laurie; Corpus Christi Boots, James; Pasadena Boozman, Cynthia; Dallas Borchardt, Jonathan; Mesquite Boren, Angela; Garland Borski, Kenneth; Houston Bostwick, Eileen; Dallas Bounds, Patty; Sinton Bourgeois, Susan; Richardson Bowden, Robert; Odessa Bowen, Luanne; Ft. Worth Bowen, Robert; Irving Bowman, Dabby; Tyler Bowers, Cynthia; Richmond Bowers, Marsha; Ft. Worth Boyd, Karen; Dallas Braden, Keith; Texas City Bramson, Mara; Ft. Worth Brashear, Linda; Chireno Bratton, Mark; Pearland Braun, Carolyn; Richardson Braun, Raymond; Corpus Christi Brazier, David; San Antonio Breault, Pamela; Dallas Breeze, Carmen; Ft. Worth Freshmen Brehm, Donna; San Antonio Brewer, Susan; Irving Brian, Mark; Longview Brian, Neita; Richardson Bridges, Cindy; Victoria Brislan, John; Nacogdoches Brislan, Mary; Nacogdoches Brittain, James; San Augustine Brittain, Julie; Silsbee Brogdon, Karen; Brownwood Brooks, Nan; Rusk Broussard, Douglas; Galena Park Broussard, Michael; Tyler Broussard, Susan; Orange Brown, Barbara; Houston Brown, Barry; Nacogdoches Brown, Cara; Houston Brown, David; Mesquite Brown, Edward; Houston Brown, Keith; Ennis Brown, Jeff; Orange Brown, Jennifer; Tomball Brown, Mary; Richardson Brown, Melanie; Ft. Worth Brown, Richard; Harlingen Brown, Ronnie; Nacogdoches Brown, Thomas; Groesbeck Broyles, Deborah; Houston Brubaker, Larry; Camp Hill, PA Bruemer, Walt; Livingston Brunson, Joe; Longview Bruton, Terry; Nacogdoches Bryan, David; Dallas Bryant, Debbie; Houston Bryant, Randall; Houston Buenger, Chuck; Houston 469 Bugg, Theresa; San Antonio Burget, Edward; Austin Burkart, Mary; Nacogdoches Burke, Matt; Marshall Burkhart, Karen; Houston Burns, Jimmy; Nacogdoches Burns, Mary; Houston Burr, Nona; Nacogdoches Bussa, Ken; Garrison Butcher, Martha; Dallas Butler, Brad; Garland Butler, Karen; Garland Butler, James; Nacogdoches Butler, Shelby; Garland Buzbee, Dean; Corpus Christi Byerly, Anna; Jasper Byrd, Georgia; Houston Byrne, Kevin; Houston Cain, Angela; Pasadena Cain, Mark; Dallas Calvin, Cathy; Lake Jackson Cameron, William; Piano Campbell, Alan; Houston Campbell, Beth; Huffman Campbell, Chandra; Houston Campos, Olga; Houston Cardift, Terry; Katy Carle, Robin; Houston Carlile, Deborah; Rusk Carlson, Kimberly; Decatur Carlton, Renee; Lufkin Carpenter, Charles; Mesquite Carpenter, Mark; Mansfield Carrier, Annette; Waskom Carriker, Lisa; Center Carroll, Deborah; Magnolia 470 Freshmen Carter, Brian, Spring Carter, Sherry; Hubbard Carver, Gary; Sherman Cary, Angela; Rusk Casarez, Mary; Cleveland Casey, Paul; Ft. Worth Caskey, Tanya; Dickenson Castle, Bobby; Houston Castle, Connie; Tyler Castle, Robert; Houston Caton, Kim; Longview Cave, Jane; Dallas Cecil, Anthony, Mt. Pleasant Cessna, Bonita; Nacogdoches Chadwick, Michael; Ft. Worth Chambers, John; Ft. Worth Chambers, Merrie; Houston Chandler, Steve; Cleveland Chaney, Jack, San Antonio Chancelor, Vicki; Nacogdoches Chapman, Paula, Nacogdoches Chappuis, Mary; Houston Chase, Wendy; Richardson Chavarie, Melodie; San Antonio Chaviers, Brenda; Seabrook Cheatum, Thomas; Dallas Cheek, Charlie; Dallas Childers, Thomas; Garland Chesnut, Gary; Alice Childs, Mark; Dallas Childers, Pamela; Piano Choate, Mark; Nacogdoches Christensen, Donna; Houston Christensen, Linda; DeSoto Christian, James; Texas City Church, Margaret; San Antonio Clark, Robert; Houston Clark, William; LaPorte Clark, William; Houston Clarkson, Ruth; Houston Cleaver, Patricia; Groveton Cleboski, Judy; Houston Clements, Patricia; Dallas Clifton, Sandy; Nacogdoches Clinard, Deborah; Royse City Cloonan, James; Lufkin Clough, Margaret; Richardson Cobb, David; Houston Cobb, Sandra; Dallas Cochran, Terry; LaPorte Coftman, Kerry; Galena Park Colby, Shelly; Conroe Coleman, Courtney; Corpus Christi Colley, Karen; Lake Jackson Collins, Julia; West Des Moines, IA Collins, Laura; Dallas Colvin, Amelia; Lake Jackson Commander, Mark; Nacogdoches Compton, Steve; Arlington Condara, Christi; Houston Coneby, Keith; Houston Conerly, Julie; Nacogdoches Conely, Nolan; Wildwood Connatser, Lo; Dallas Connelly, Donald; Mesquite Conrads, Paul, Longview Cook, Carol; Plainview Cook, Debra; Texas City Cook, Dennis; Houston Cook, Kathleen; Dallas Cooper, Camille; Houston Cooper, Christie; Ft. Worth 472 Freshmen Cooper, John; Nacogdoches Cooper, Randall; Cleveland Copelin, Allan; Center Copes, Patricia; Livingston Coriden, Ann; Little Rock Cortines, Linda; Nacogdoches Cote, Catherine; Houston Cotton, Elizabeth; West Columbia Cottrell, Doug; Nacogdoches Coulter, Janice; Dallas Courtney, John; Lufkin Coussons, Ada; Magnolia Cowan, Curtis; Dallas Cowart, Raymon; Diboll Cox, Carole; Livingston Cox, Gerald; Tomball Cox, Marvin; Bellaire Cragar, Vicki; Tyler Cramm, Kevin; Lake Jackson Crawford, Darwin; Tyler Crawtord, Jo; Dickinson Crawford, Lisa; Woodville Crawford, Marks; Nacogdoches Crawford, Thomas; Spring Creamer, Casey; San Antonio Crickmer, Christopher; Houston Crofoot, George; Livingston Cromer, Becki; Mt. Pleasant Crowley, Cornelius; Houston Cuculic, Susan; Huntington Culpepper, Donald; Mt. Pleasant Cummings, Geralyn; Houston Cunningham, Larry; Marshall Currie, Diane; Laredo Currie, John; Big Spring Custer, Risa; Mauriceville Cuthbertson, Deborah; Nacogdoches Cutler, Candace; Richardson Cyphers, Sally; Fredricksburg Dacus, David; Houston Dady, Curtis; Houston Dahlbeck, Leo; Beeville Damron, Melanie; Dallas Daniel, Dale; Houston Daniels, Leah; Dallas Darby, Tony; Bethany Davidson, Bill; Nacogdoches David, Fred; Houston Davidson, Michael; Houston Davies, Kay; Conroe Davis, Charlie; Dallas Davis, Gary; Cushing Davis, James; Amarillo Davis, Karen; Henderson Davis, Kathy; Nacogdoches Davis, Kelly; Nacogdoches Davis, Kemp; Garland Davis, John; Houston Davis, Joyce; Corpus Christi Davis, Lynn; Nacogdoches Davis, Martha; Dallas Davis, Scott; Dallas Davis, Tonja; Round Rock Day, John; Kermit Deatherage, Mary; Dallas Deckard, Homer; Mesquite Deckard, Melvin; Nacogdoches Decuir, Joseph; Lufkin Deike, Dale; Perryton Delrie, Renee; Flint DeLuca, Louis; LaPorte Demarest, Kathy; Richardson 474 Freshmen Dempsey, Alfred; Nacogdoches Denniston, George; Irving DeYoung, Richard; Richardson Diehard, John; Nacogdoches Dickinson, Carol; Houston Dickson, Dolly; Ennis Dickson, Marcy; Garland Dietz, Donald; Nacogdoches Dilbeck, Karen; Dallas Dillow, David; Houston Dimare, Vicki; Galveston Dishman, Katherine; Houston Duren, Katherine; Humble Dobbs. Debra; Nacogdoches Dobbs, Tim; Colorado Springs Dobes, Alisa; Houston Dobie, Diane; Port Lavaca Dodson, Steven; Clarksville Dodson, Tim; Dallas Dolan, Michael; Houston Dollar, Boyd; Ft. Worth Dominy, Michael; Livingston Donahoe, Rita; Houston Donahoe, Mike; Lancaster Donovan, Michael; Houston Dooley, Sandra; Dallas Dosier, Carolyn; Spring Doss, Terry; Ft. Worth Dossett, Patricia; Nacogdoches Doucet, Theodule; Sugarland Dowden, Marlin; Houston Doyle, Michael; Nacogdoches Doyle, Rosanne; San Antonio Dozier, Faye; Ennis Drake, Christy; Dallas Drewry, Ted; Abilene Driscoll, Elizabeth; Dallas Dublin, Robert; Jacksonville Dues, Denise; Dickinson Duff, James; Ft. Worth Dufrane, Amy; Houston Duhon, Michael; Orange Duke, Jane; Clifton Dunaway, Mary; Ft. Worth Duncan, Brad; San Antonio Duncan, Debbie; Ft. Worth Duncan, James; Graham Dunn, Brenda; Nacogdoches Dunn, Elizabeth; Nacogdoches Dunn, Marti; Lindale Durdin, Martha; Stafford Durgan, Adelaide; Houston Dungan, Donna; Pasadena Durham, Bruce; Diboll Dye, Fulton; Irving Eagleton, Walter; Cleveland East, Patrick; Ft. Worth Edwards, Steven; Leander Edwards, Vanda; Texas City Egger, Rodrick; Irving Eidson, Patricia; Huntsville Eller, Tom; Dallas Ellis, Jesse; Chireno Ellis, Julie; Dallas Ellison, Mary; Ft. Worth Elrod, Elise; Houston Elwell, Charles; San Antonio Emmite, Marchelle; Dickinson Emmite, Rachelle; Dickenson England, Susan; Humble England, Tina; Houston Englehardt, Kathryn; Lake Jackson 476 Freshmen i English, John; Ft. Worth Epstein, Michael; Farmers Branch Erdmann, Paula; Pasadena Errington, Pamela; McAllen Ervin, Lawerence; Texas City Espensen, Ken; McAllen Eubanks, Ronald; Dallas Evans, Janie; Nacogdoches Evans, John; Woodville Fagan, Bill; Arlington Fahley, Michael; Nacogdoches Failing, Elizabeth; Houston Farrand, David; Dallas Farrar, William; Arlington Farries, Cynthia; Houston Farrow, Debra; Dallas Fawcett, Kay; Houston Feazell, Melody; Mesquite Fehrle, Mike; Houston Fehrmann, Karen; Dallas Fergusm, William; Houston Ferguson, Carol; Houston Ferrell, Patricia; Linden Field, Michael; Richardson Fields, Chester; Houston Fields, Kathryn; Dickinson Fields, Melvin; Houston Fields, Patricia; Houston Fink, Debbie; Arlington Fish, Curtis; Dallas Fite, George; Hughes Springs Fitts, Nelda; Rusk Fitzgerald, Lee; Houston Flenagan, James; Nacogdoches Flanders, Peter; Dallas 477 Fletcher, David; Plainview Floyd, Cynthia; Irving Fogerson, Charles; Fort Worth Folger, Keith; Dallas Fontenot, Cliff; Lumberton Forbes, Kris; Decatur Ford, Cynthia A.; Lufkin Ford, Janice; Orange Ford, Monica; Fort Worth Forney, Verma; Nacogdoches Foshee, Richard; Garrison Foster, Kathryn; Dallas Fountain, Patricia; Nacogdoches Fouts, Nancy; Fort Worth Fowler, Leslie; Irving Francis, Robert; Dallas Frank, Marilyn; Houston Frazier, Kurtis K.; Longview Frey, Howard; Port Neches Friedel, Cherie L; Waco Frye, Thomas; Fort Worth Fuerst, Brigette; Houston Fuller, Guy; Timpson Fuller, Helen; Timpson Fuller, Patricia; Bronson Fullick, Tommy; Houston Furlow, Patricia; LaPorte Gage, Thomas; Houston Galloway, Candice; Canton Gann, Cathy E.; Gainesville Gardiner, Brian A.; Austin Gardner, Joyce; Dallas Garea, Jose Vincente; San Antonio Gardner, John; Fort Worth Gamier, Donna; Houston Garretson, Larry; Austin 478 Garrett, Sybil; Cleburne Garrison, Allen; Garrison Garrison, Sandra; Nacogdoches Gaston, John; San Antonio Gaston, William B.; Rolla, MO Gathard, Peggy; Garland Gatti, David; Tyler Gausepohl, David; Friendswood Gay, Gene; Nacogdoches Gay, Richard; Houston Geer, Jaynie; Houston Gentry, Kimberly; Dallas Gentry, Vicki; Garland George, James; Nacogdoches George, Pamela L; Houston George, Sharon; Houston Georgeson, Jaquelyn; Dallas Gibbons, Gail; Dallas Gideons, Ginger; Alvin Gilbert, Alan; Longview Giles, Keith; Texarkana Gill, Connie L; Houston Gillespie, Pat; Lancaster Gilliland, James W.; Lufkin Gilroy, Ronald; Nacogdoches Giovannini, Thomas; Houston Givens, Judy; Houston Givens, Thomas; Hunt Gladwish, Daniel; Beaumont Glanton, Georgianna; Houston Glaze, Betty; Fort Pierce Glebotf, John; Dallas Glenn, Donna L; Houston Glenn, Lea; Linden Glenn, Terry; Texas City Gloege, Nancy; Piano 479 Godwin, Mark; Marshall Goetschius, Cheryl; Beaumont Goettle, Claire; Longview Goff, Karin; Lafayette Goforth, Edward; Jacksonville Gonzales, Arthur; Galveston Gonzales, Benjamin; Galveston Gonzales, Timothy; Conroe Gooding, Rickey; Amarillo Goodrich, Laurie; Dallas Goodrum, William; Nacogdoches Goodwin, Gary; Ennis Goodwin, Kim; Ft. Worth Gore, Carolyn; Friona Gorka, Lea; Richmond Goudeau, Pam; Humble Gould, Cindy; LaMarque Gracey, Jerald; Tomball Grady, Gary; Lone Oak Graeber, David; Richardson Graeper, Gary; Houston Graham, Evelyn; Dallas Graham, James; Ft. Worth Gravelle, Kathryn; Houston Graves, Bobby; Garland Graves, Gwendolyn; Hurst Graves, Paul; Houston Gray, Cindy; Irving Gray, Mary; Corpus Christi Gray, Rita; Lufkin Greene, Cindy; Nacogdoches Green, Cynthia; Dallas Green, Karen; Tyler Green, Maury; Dallas Green, Philip; Houston 480 Freshmen Green, Susan; Honolulu, HI Greer, Elizabeth; Tyler Greeson, Robert; Houston Gregory, Betty; Irving Gregston, Sheila; Nacogdoches Griffey, Daniel; Ft. Worth Gr Gr Gr Gr Gr Gr ffin, Jimmy; Nacogdoches ffin, Nancy; Elgin gar, Rudy; Pearland mes, David; Nacogdoches mland, Joel; Nacogdoches sham, Glenda; Marietta Grissom, Karen; Pasadena Grist, Steven; Arlington Grover, Cheryl; Harlingen Gude, David; Ft. Worth Guess, Michael; Amarillo Guillerman, Mary; Houston Gunn, Lynn; Seabrook Gurley, Richard; Ft. Worth Guthrie, Melissa; Kemah Gwin, David; Corpus Christi Haggard, Kent; Irving Hagin, Kenneth; Galena Park Hagood, Kent; Ft. Worth Haile, Bradley; Dallas Haines, Catherine; San Antonio Haines, Joni; Houston Hairston, Jay; Lake Jackson Hake, Vicky; League City Hale, Mitzi; Texas City Haley, Charles; San Augustine Halfpenny, Lisa; Piano Hall, Barbara; Sherman Hall, John; Nacogdoches Hamann, Gary; Austin Hamberger, Karen; Irving Hamill, Mary; Universal City Hamrick, Joseph; Nacogdoches Hankins, Matthew; San Antonio Hanks, Donald; Waco Hanna, Gary; Houston Hannon, Daniel T.; Houston Hansen, John; Nacogdoches Hanson, Timothy; Nacogdoches Hardeman, Judy; Nacogdoches Harding, Lani; Fort Worth Hargrove, Carla G.; Dallas Harney, Yvette; Houston Harp, Thomas; Tyler Harrel, Dennis; Pittsburg Harrell, Eugene; Galveston Harrington, Gail; Houston Harrington, Sharon; Arlington Harrington, Tina; Houston Harris, James; Liberty Harris, Jerry; Irving Harrison, Jacqueline; Nacogdoches Harrison, James; Kennard Hartley, Mark; Houston Hartmans, Julie; Nacogdoches Hartt, Patricia R.; Garrison Hartz, Thomas; Summerville Hatcher, Charles; Houston Hatherly, Robert D.; Corpus Christi Havard, Reba; Galena Park Havard, Rick; Galena Park Havard, Stephen; Livingston Hay, Greg; Plainsboro Hayes, Shanna; Beaumont Hays, Stephen; San Augustine Haynes, William; Marshall Freshmei 482 Hayter, Russell; Center Hayward, Debra; Richardson Hazzard, Mike; Mineola Head, Denise; Houston Heard, Debra; Lancaster Heard, Judy M.; Canton Hearn, Phil; Garland Hearnsberger, Tracy; Garrison Heath, Henry; Lufkin Heaton, Leslie; Garland Hebert, Barbara K.; Houston Heckler, Lawrence; Livingston Hefter, Sydney L.; Houston Hedt, Marvin W.; Sugarland Henderson, Harold; Brazoria Henderson, James M. Ill; Mt. Enterprise Henderson, Paul; Beaumont Henderson, Samuel; Houston Henricks, Ruthie; Longview Henrix, Don; Lawton, OK Hendry, Bill; Marshall Hengst, Deborah; Houston Hennier, Jeff; Houston Henrion, LynneA.; Houston Henry, Dean; Dallas Hensarling, Janice; Nacogdoches Hensarling, Lavonna; San Augustine Henson, Jakie; Nacogdoches Herod, Linda; Smithfield Herr, Kimball; Fort Worth Hesseltine, Mark; Greenville Hester, John L; Harlington Hickman, Alan; Arlington Hickman, Karon K.; Grand Prairie Hicks, Kimberly; Justin Hiett, Julia Ann; Arlington Higgins, Ted L; Dalhart Hill, Elvin; Liberty Hill, Emily; Friendswood Hill, Jack; Fort Worth Hill, Linda; Houston Hill, Russell; Duncanville Himburg, Phyllis; Houston Hines; Belin da; Nacogdoches Hines, Beverly; Houston Hinman, Pamela; Groves Hinson, BrendaG.; Lovelady Hinson, Ronnie; Kershaw Hirsch, Deborah A.; Garland Hirsch, Katherine; Tomball Hodges, Dennis; Longview Hodges, Marcella; Fort Worth Hoetling, Pamela; Houston Hoffart, Darlene; Houston Hogan, Eileen; Dallas Hogg, Robert; Texas City Holcombe, Teresa; Garland Holder, James C.; Nacogdoches Holder, William; Dallardville Holekamp, Guy; Houston Holland, Glen; Houston Holland, John D. Jr.; San Antonio Holland, Lou; Linden Holmes, Donna; Texas City Holstun, Sally; Dallas Honeycutt, James; Spring Hood, Don; Pinehurst Hood, Robert; Fort Worth Hopkins, Geri; Houston Hoppe, Virginia; Bellaire Hopton-Jones, Charles; Fort Worth Horace, Michael; Lufkin 484 Freshmen Horstmann, Debi; Pasadena Horton, Harriet; Richmond Hosten, William; Houston Horten, David; Houston Horton, David; Houston House, Lawrence, Jr.; Austin BAFB Houser, Dixie; Dallas Howard, Robert F.; Linden Howard, Steven; Lancaster Howell, Rebecca; Daisetta Huddleston, Douglas; Dallas Huddleston, Phyllis; Nacogdoches Hudman, Mike; Carthage Hudson, Cynthia; Greenville Hudson, Vivian S.; Dallas Huggins, Clarence; Lufkin Huggins, Teresa; Houston Hughes, James; Fort Worth Hughes, Jim; Kilgore Hughes, Karen, Houston Hughes, Margaret; Fort Worth Hughey, Larry; Dallas Hurmanson, Susan; Richardson Humphreys, Kay; Abilene Humphries, Robert; Andrews Hunt, Steven; Longview Hunter, Margaret; Nacogdoches Hunter, Sherrye; Nacogdoches Honeycutt, Steven; Dallas Hunti, Sheila; Brookeland Huppert, Harriett; Dallas Hurst, Susan; Houston Hurston, Jan; Houston Hutchins, Terri; Dallas Hutchism, Rhonda; Dallas Hutto, Wilma; Garrison Ingram, James; Texas City Inkman, Billy; Allen Irving, Gary; Conroe Irwin, Jetti; Laneville Isbell, Jeffrey M ; Ft. Worth Isenblitter, Jackie; Nacogdoches Ishee, Nada L; Houston Isleib, James; Galena Park Israel, Nancy; Richardson Jackson, Billy; Hooks Jackson, Jay W.; Houston Jackson, Maria; Canton Jackson, William A.; Houston Jaeger, Robert; Ft. Worth Jagot, Andre; Marshall Janak, Marie; Houston Janosek, Carol; Dallas Jeffress, Charles; Friendswood Jenkins, Martha E.; Nacogdoches Jennings, Richard; San Antonio Jennings, Vickie; Beaumont Jennings, William H.; Piano Jernigan, Suzette; Tyler Jimison, Penelope; Richardson John, Georgann; Houston Johnson, Cynthia A.; San Antonio Johnson, Jan; Henderson Johnson, Janis; Houston Johnson, Katherine L; Nacogdoches Johnson, Milton; Houston Johnson, Pamela; Nacogdoches Johnson, Phyllis L; Ft. Worth Johnson, Randy; Nacogdoches Johnston, Steve; Dumas Joiner, Ramona; Nacogdoches Jones, Ava; Dallas 486 Freshmen Jones, Cheryl; Houston Jones, James; Monroe, LA Jones, James; San Antonio Jones, Janice; Euless Jones, Jenene; Houston Jones, Jill; Dallas Jones, Karen; Arlington Jones, Kerry; Ft. Worth Jones, Larry; Krum Jones, Mary; Livingston Jones, Polly; Houston Jones, Scott; Dallas Jones, Sheila; Irving Jones, Susan; Houston Jones, Thomas; Houston Jones, Trischia; San Antonio Jonte, Carol; Houston Jordon, Ben; Houston Jordon, Clit; Richardson Jordon, John; Dallardsville Jose, John; Arlington Junek, Larry; Palacios Justus, Brenda; Dallas Kalina, Robert; Euless Karrenbrock, Analee; Wichita Falls Kato, Stuart; Nacogdoches Kavanaugh, Kristi; Beaumont Kaufman, Deborah; Houston Keator, Maureen; Dallas Keith, Andy; Nacogdoches Keller, Mark; San Antonio Kelly, Annie; Houston Kelley, Eugenia; Rusk Kemp, Donna; Houston Kemp, Linda; New Caney Kendrick, William; Houston Kennedy, Debbie; Richardson Kennedy, Sue; Houston Kennemer, Jerel; Arlington Kensinger, KimberlyA.; Houston Kerr, Angela; Houston Kerr, Kathleen; Houston Kesner, Byron; Dallas Ketcham, Sandrn; Katy Key, Laura; Ft. Worth Kidwell, James; Corpus Christi Kiely, Donna; Round Rock Killingsworth, Robert; Nacogdoches Kimbrougn, Ronald; Nacogdoches Kinard, John D.; Houston King, Connie; DeSoto King, Randy D.; Silsbee Kingdon, Kevin; Amarillo Kingham, John L ; Nacogdoches Kinser, Jesse; Dallas Kirk, Kristy; McGregor Kirk, Steven; Houston Kirkland, Dale; Dickinson Kirkland, James; Panhandle Kirkman, Terri; Port Lavaca Kistenmacher, David; Dallas Kite, Alan; Orange Kittrell, Bill; Texarkana Klausman, Gary; Houston Klein, Peggy A.; Bridge City Klink, Linda; Houston Knapp, Leland; Beaumont Knauss, Dean; Terrell Kneseh, Susan; Houston Kniek, Kim; Dallas Knox, Glynis; Dallas Koch, Bradford; San Antonio 488 Freshmen Koch, Karen; Longview Koehler, Terry; Corpus Christi Koepke, Kim; Houston Koonce, Mary; Ft. Worth Koppa, Jeftery; Ft Worth Kotrla, Kaye; Dallas Kramer, Elwood; Nacogdoches Kraner, Jeft; Houston Krause, Susan; Euless Kraye, Karla; Houston Krevit, Ed; Houston Krieg, Kay; Ft. Worth Kruckemeyer, Karen; San Antonio Kuddes, Karen; Corpus Christi Kuehl, William. Waco Kunkel, John; Dallas Kunkel, Kara; Dallas Kurtin, Tim; Houston Kveton, Rita; Houston Kyle, Deborah; Liberty LaComb, Jimmy; Bridge City Lacy, Neil; Bellaire Latour, Shelly; Anahuac Laird, Mary; Fulton Laird, Shawn; Nacogdoches Lake, Vicki; Richardson Lamb, Paul; Garland Laminack, Ann; Beaumont Land, Don; Houston Land, Margaret; Dallas Landrum, Timothy; Garland Lane, David; Beaumont Langham, Gene; Crockett Longoria, David; Houston Lanier, Dana; Linden Larsen, Gregory; Dallas Larson, Edwin; Saginaw Larue, Cecile; Dallas LaRue, Cindy; Marshall Latham, Ronald J.; Houston Laughlin, Gale L.; Marshall Laurent, James; Nacogdoches Lavergne, Gerald; Houston Laio, Patricia; Conroe Lawhon, Terral L.; Houston Lawhorn, Gary; Allen Lawrence, Lynn; Mesquite Laws, Scott; Rockdale Leavelle, Janie; Houston Lee, Brenda; Houston Lee, Danny; Sulpher Springs Lee, David; Nacogdoches Lee, Thomas; Houston Lehman, Mark; Houston Lelko, Yvonne; Piano Lentz, Karen; Houston Leonard, Connie; Houston Leonard, Dixie; Arlington Lewick, Randy, Houston Lewis, Kathy; Garrison Lewis, Larry; Ft, Worth Lichtenwald, Melinda; Dallas Light, Grady; Nacogdoches Ligmo, Debra; Dayton Lindekugel, Karl; San Antonio Liles, Patricia; Dallas Little, Ivor; Lufkin Littman, Christine; Richardson Lloyd, Cynthia; Houston Lock, Pauline; Ft. Worth Locke, Lisa; San Antonio Loerwald, David; Hereford 490 Freshmen 1 7 1 mm f £i i _ ! Loftin, Christine; Richardson Logan, Elizabeth; Garland Loranc, Edie; Corpus Christi Loter, Michael; Ft. Worth Louviere, William; Sugarland Love, Judy; Garland Lovelady, Kathryn; Dickinson Lovett, James; Jasper Low, Regina; Nacogdoches Lowe, Cynthia; Houston Lowery, Joe; Huntington Lowery, Randall; Huntington Lowman, Terry; Alice Lowrey, Claire; Houston Lucas, Carl ; Nacogdoches Lucky, Lauren; Dallas Ludwig, Pamela; Silsbee Lugge, Lee; Crockett Lund, Jan; Dallas Lundblad, Jeffrey; Houston Lunsford, Terry; Garrison Lusby, Karen; Nacogdoches Luttrell, Randall; Midland Lyows, Kathy; Lompoc Macomber, James; Dallas Maddox, Steven; Ft. Worth Magness, Cynthia; Ft. Worth Mahdavi, Amiri; Majdeddin, Shahi, Iran Mahler, Brenda; Richardson Mahow, Michelle; Dallas Malloy, Donna; Galveston Malone, Lee; Midland Malone, Paul; Tyler Mangham, Craig; Nacogdoches Mangus, Roger; Lufkin Manning, Donna; Pasadena Manns, Johnny; Longview Manry, David; Dallas Manton, Glen; Dallas Manuel, Donald; Orange Manuel, Marcelle; Beaumont Marchak, Debra; Carthage Mardock, Marvin; Houston Marino, Danny; Houston Marr, Kathleen; Dallas Marshall, Clinton; Houston Martin, Brad; Arlington Martin, Ellis B.; Nacogdoches Martin, Kim; Denton Martin, Melinda; Longview Martin, Thomas R.; Dallas Martin, Virgil; Pt. Lavaca Martin, William; Lutkin Martinez, Jimmy; Houston Martino, Jerry; Pearland Martino, Merceds; Dickinson Marvel, Lance; Wichita Falls Mason, Scott; Center Mattalino, Michael J.; Houston Matthis, Morris; Texarkana Maurer, John; Houston Maxey, Frances D.; Lutkin May, Larry; Castroville Mayes, David; Dallas Mays, Nancy; Ft. Worth Mayes, Patricia L.; Dallas Mayne, Stephen B.; Richmond McAfee, Bruce C; Dallas McAlpine, Brian; Dumas McCabe, Thomas A.; Houston McCann, James; Ft, Worth McCauley, Jeffrey; Dallas 492 Freshmen McCay, Beverly; Marshall McCollum, Joey; Corpus Christi McConnell, Martha; Dallas McCord, Joel; Portard McCormick, Charlie; Austin McCormick, Sharon; Dallas McCoy, Falbert; San Augustine McCoy, Regina G.; Houston McCrady, William; Arlington McCrary, Bruce A.; Garland McCrory, Owen; Dallas McClintock, Sharon; Sweeny McCurley, Beverly; Lewisville McDaniel, Bill; Houston McDaniel, John; Joaquin McDaniel, Kathy L; Mesquite McDaniel, Kim; Nacogdoches McElreaht, Dianne; Dallas McFarland, James; Richardson McFarland, Williams; Jefferson McGaughey, Susan K.; Richardson McGlashen, Tim; Cypress McGowan, Kaylyn; Ft. Worth Mclnnis, Charles W.; Houston Mclntire, John; Richardson Mcintosh, Kim; Dallas McKenna, John R. Jr.; Galveston McKnight, Stan; Arlington McLendon, Patty; Longview McLeod, Shelby G.; Lufkin McMichael, Marilee; Dallas McMullen, Diane L; Houston McMurry, Diane G.; Victoria McNatt, Janice; Spring McNiff, Michael; Colorado Springs McPherson, Stephen; Dallas McSweeney, Bryan; Seabrook Meares, Connie; Piano Meehan, Michael; Temple Meers, Jana; Irving Meilert, Denise; Houston Meisetschlager, Donna; Hitchcock Melton, Mark; Kilgore Mendive, Lorrie; Arlington Merecka, Debbie; Houston Merz, Richard; Dallas Metcalf, Carol; Houston Meyer, Mark; Port Neches Meyer, Mary; Houston Michel, Lori; Houston Midkiff , Molly; Houston Millar, Glen; Houston Millar, Serena; Freeport Miller, Elmer; Dallas Miller, Glen; Dallas Miller, James; Houston Miller, Pamela; Judson Miller, Ronald; Jonesboro Milligan, Mary; Houston Milliken, Hollye; Nacogdoches Minton, Garry; Troup Miser, Lynn; Conroe Mitchell, Kathey; Sherman Mitchell, Nancy; Ft. Worth Mood, Martin; Ft. Worth Modisette, Susan; Lufkin Moeller, Terry; Dallas Monier, Rosanne; Dallas Monk, Kameron; Palestine Monroe, William; Dallas Mooney, Jan; Nacogdoches Moore, Cynthia; Dallas 494 Freshmen ill HEMS Moore, Doug; Irving Moore, Jane M.; Dallas Moore, Mark; Piano Moore, Martin; Ft. Worth Moore, Mary; Tyler Moore, Ted; Alto Moran, Sherry; Ft. Worth Morgan, Debora, Marshall Morgan, Pamela; Dallas Morgan, Terry; Waco Morgan, William; Lockhart Morphis, Janis; Garland Morris, Bobby; Lindale Morris, Eva; Dallas Morris, Jack; Nacogdoches Morris, John; Bellaire Morris, Laura; Nacogdoches Morris, Mary; Longview Morris, Teresa; Longview Morrison, James; Ennis Morrison, MarkS.; Dallas Morrison, Susann L.; Sewickley Moseley, Cheri S.; San Antonio Moseley, Carolyn; Daisetta Morton, Douglas; Dumas Morrow, Robert; Lake Jackson Morriss, Pamela; Dallas Moser, Pamela; Cleburne Mount, Victoria E.; Houston Mueller, Kathleen; Nacogdoches Mullenix, Metchcell; Dallas Mullikin, Hunter; White Oak Mullikin, Sara; Houston Murphey, Steve; Richardson Murphy, Ritchard D. " Paradise Murphy, Roger; Houston m ft B Murphy, Shane; Dallas Murray, John; Houston Musgrove, Angela; Jefferson Myles, Sharon, Dallas Nabors, Cheree; Dallas Neistat, Kathy; Nacogdoches Namy, Barbara; Dallas Nancarrow, Matthew; Dallas Nanninga, Thomas; Houston Nassy, Louis; Houston Nathman, Margie; Midland Neal, Colleen; Houston Neal, Susan; Marshall Neidert, Walter; Houston Neil, Jay; Houston Neill, Elizabeth; Tyler Neiman, Don; Humble Neisch, Dan; Dunwood, GA Nelson, Gay; Nacogdoches Nelson, June; Nacogdoches Nelson, Robert; Garland Nelson, Steven; Farmers Branch Neuman, Lynda; Dallas Newland, James; Harlingen Newsom, James; Pearland Newsome, Artis; Leesburg Newsome, Sandra; Dallas Nichols, Jeri; Pearland Nichols, Jo; Berene Nichols, Sandra; San Augustine Nieto, Eddie; Rockdale Niroumano, Farshid; Shiraz, Iran Nitz, Paul; Houston Noble, Debra; Mesquite Nobles, Sarah; Beaumont Newton, Patricia L.; Bellaire 496 Freshmen Nolan, Frances; Newton Nutter, Sylvia; Dallas O ' Hara, Quay; Dallas Okeefe, Dennis; Houston O ' Neil, Robert; Richardson Odell, Timothy; Marshall Odom, Jill; Tyler Odom, Maudie; Bethany Offield, Melanie; Houston Oldham, Jean; Mabank Olson, Jacqueline; Houston Olzawski, Carl; Nacogdoches Oneil, John; Houston Opperman, Jeffrey; Ft. Worth Overly, Nina; Houston Owen, John; Lufkin Padfield, Marjone; Houston Page, Vickie; Marshall Pagel, Sandra; Houston Palmarozzi, Susan; Groves Palmer, Randall; Seabrook Parker, Catherine; Arlington Parker, Dennis; Houston Parker, Jan; Houston Parker, Keith; Hufsman Parkinson, Virginia; Lake Jackson Parks, Marian; Tyler Paquette, Louis; Waco Parr, William; Diboll Paschal, Dwight; Richardson Partin, Bobbie; San Augustine Paschal, Pamela; Houston Pate, Gary; Nacogdoches Pate, Ginger; Covington Patrick, Rhonda; Seabrook Patterson, Marty; Nacogdoches 497 Patterson, Robert; Houston Patton, Stephen; Ft. Worth Patton, Thomas; San Antonio Paul, Pamela J.; Wichita Falls Payne, Denise; Saratoga Payne, Neill; Houston Payne, Sharon; Houston Peak, Gregory; Leggett Pearce, William V.; Dallas Pearson, Patricia D.; San Antonio Pearson, Shari L; Ft. Worth Peavy, William; Lufkin Peebles, Merediyth; Livingston Pecvey, Gail; Corpus Christi Peevy, Sheri; Ft. Worth Penn, Sharon; Houston Penny, Pamela; Gallatin Pepper, Susan J.; Houston Perdue, Carol A.; Marshall Perkins, Kelley; Dallas Perkins, Nancy; Richardson Perrin, Phil; Houston Perry, Fay; Ennis Peterson, Judith; Houston Peterson, Nancy; Midland Petrak, Helen; Dallas Pettey, Randy; Longview Peyron; Patricia; Richardson Peyton, Matthew; Houston Pfisterer, Tracy Ann; Nacogdoches Phillips, Judy; Houston Pickle, Charles; Jasper Pickens, Janet; Carrollton Pickens, Robert; Carrollton Pickett, James; Houston Pickett, Steven; Tyler 498 Freshmen Pierce, Richard; Austin Pillsbury, William; Dallas Pinch, Clayton; Richardson Pinnell, Charles; Dallas Pinner, Berry; Chireno Pitcock, Alice; Nacogdoches Pitman, Julie; Waco Pitts, Gayla; Nacogdoches Piatt, Dixie; Houston Platter, Freda; Canton Plocek, Gary; Corpus Christi Polderman, Jeannette; New Orleans Pool, Charles; Gladewater Pool, Julia; Big Sandy Poole, Gary; Hughes Spring Pope, Sharon; McAllen Porter, Marvis; Nacogdoches Potwin, Paul; Dallas Powell, Steven; Houston Powers, Janemarie; Dallas Prachyl, Cynthia; Ennis Precella, Michael; Nacogdoches Price, Anne; Webster Prichard, Kathy; Dallas Prim, Michael; Houston Primrose, Walter; Lufkin Prindle, Evelyn; Lake Jackson Prior, Debbie; Carthage Proctor, Thomas; Gilmer Proft, Pam; Nederland Pugil, Danny; El Paso Purdy, Jeryl; Paris Pursley, Sherry; Houston Quails, John; Spring Quinn, Donna; Longview Radisi, Danette; Houston Rainwater, Debra; Houston Rainwater, Rick; Hughes Springs Ralston, Rolinda; Carrollton Ramos, Vera; Houston Randolph, Debbie; Spring Randorf, Patricia; Keene Range, Cathy; Houston Rankin, Donald; Richardson Rasberry, Rickey; Rusk Rasberry, Robert; Freeport Rsah, Donald; Gilmer Rasp, Gary; Piano Rapp, June; Dallas Rawlinson, Joe; Lancaster Ray, Jerry; Batson Ray, Nancy; Alief Ray, Patricia; Cleveland Ray, Sherry; Victoria Rea, Andrew; Lancaster Real, Ellen M.; Conroe Reclus, Robert; Huntsville Rector, Martin S.; Ft. Worth Redding, Kathy; Marshall Reed, James; Castroville Reese, Roy; Houston Reich, Vicki; Dallas Reierson, Amanda; Athens Reily, Barbara; Dallas Reynolds, Deborah; Cleburne Reynolds, Ronald; Nacogdoches Reynolds, Sharon; Tyler Rhodes, Rhonda; Clarksville Rhodes, Richard E.; Hull Rice, Anne; Dallas Rice, Bobby; Diboll Rice, Loretta; Nacogdoches 500 Freshmen Rice, William; Longview Rich, James; Ft. Worth Richards, Don, Port Arthur Richards, Donna; Orange Richardson, Beverly; Pittsburg Richardson, Keith; Galveston Richardson, Robert; Chester Springs Richardson, Willian; Henderson Rickerson, Craig; Conroe Rico, Juan; Medellin, Colombia Riddle, Pamela; Lockhart Ridings, Russ; Houston Ridings, Susan K.; Rockwall Riggs, Bruce T ; Nacogdoches Riley, Kerry; La Porte Risien, Roxanie L; Houston Risinger, Jerry; Port Neches Ritterhouse, Sherry; Houston Roach, Paul; San Antonio Roberts, David; Ennis Roberts, Mercedes; San Antonio Robertson, Shawn; Spring Robertson, Sulynne; Wylie Robinson, Mark A.; Groves Robinson, Patricia C; Henderson Robinson, Paul; Dallas Roche, MarkS.; LaMarque Rodman, Rodney; Plainview Roe, Bryan; Houston Rogers, Barbara; Nacogdoches Rogers, Jerry; Houston Rogers, Richard; Whitesboro Rogers, Stephen; Cypress Romero, Candace; Dallas Roper, Karen E.; Houston Roper, Patti; San Augustine Rose, Karen; Silsbee Rose, Shannon; Richardson Rdsenbaum, Donna; Rosenberg Rosetta, Eva; Nederland Ross, Kimble; Crosby Ross, Susan; Dallas Rossow, Michael; Spring Roth, Jay; Pampa Rothpletz, Kim; Dallas Rougon, Pamela; Houston Rowe, Nancy; San Antonio Rozell, Jimmy; Liberty Ruby, Gary; Houston Rudd, Samuel; Dallas Ruddick, Janet; Freeport Rugaart, Anne; Los Fresnos Ruhl, Tina; Ennis Ruminer, Lynn; Seabrook Rush, Carol; Irving Rusk, Connie; Nacogdoches Russell, David; Dallas Russell, James; Freeport Russell, Randall; Pittsburg Russell, Karen; Houston Russell, Terry; Center Ryemon, Stephen; Dallas Ryan, Jerry; Douglass Ruud, Michael; Austin Rutherford, Sherrye; Goodrich Rutherford, Jack; Ft. Worth Sage, Roger; Longview Sakahara, Ruth; Houston Sallis, Jewel; Webster Salter, Carolyn; Longview Salzman, Julee; Ft. Worth Sampson, Gary; Dallas 502 Freshmen Sanders, Mary; Houston Sanders, Robin; Winfield Sass, Andria; Houston Saunders, Paul; Dallas Saxton, Mary; Diboll Scaggs, James; Piano Scallon, Matthew; Jacksonville Scarcella, Samuel; Dickinson Schaefer, Charles; Waco Schaefer, Kurt; Morristown Schenkowitz, Brady; Port Arthur Scherer, Shelly; Richardson Schermerhorn, Peter; Houston Schmalhausen, Jodee; Houston Schmidli, Giselle; Port Lavaca Schmidt, Harold; Houston Schmidt, Warren; Houston Schneider, Philip; Houston Schoettler, Donna; Jasper Schroedter, William; Houston Schwartz, Keith; Humble Schweppe, Mona; Houston Scoggins, Jana; Harlingen Scott, Karen; Nacogdoches Scott, Lisa; Ft Worth Scott, Paul; Houston Scott, Richard; Nacogdoches Sease, Robert; Dallas Seelbach, Charles; Garland Seigler, Suzanne; Carthage Senac, Salle; Houston Shapiro, Deborah; Houston Sharp, Melisa; Schertz Sharry, Don; Diboll Shaver, Shari; Fairland Shaw, Scott; Dallas Shaw, Wesley; Van Alstyne Shealy, Nancy; Seabrook Sheets, Doyle; Smithfield Sheets, Roberta; Dallas Sheffield, William; Irving Shelton, Robert; Dallas Shelton, William; McKinney Shepherd, Sharon; Ft. Worth Shirley, Leigh; Houston Shoemake, James; Longview Sholtz, Larry; Austin Short, Randy; Houston Shotwell, Mark; Carrollton Shultz, Carol; Irving Shumate, Ira; Mt. Pleasant Shute, John; Dallas Siems, Beverly; LaMarque Sierrg, Jimmy; Summit Simmons, Barbara Kathleen; Cypress Simpson, Klay; Dickinson Sims, Antony; Dallas Simson, Laura; Dallas Singleton, Mary; Humble Sitton, Charles; Buna Sitton, John; Ft. Worth Sitton, Pam; Nacogdoches SiHuonen, Doug Skinner, Debra; Spring Skeeters, Lester; Nacogdoches Sledge, Stacy; Spring 504 Freshmen Smith, Charles; Longview Smith, Clyde; Nacogdoches Smith, Cynthia; Hemphill Smith, Darrell; Houston Smith, David; Dallas Smith, Debbie; Seabrook Smith, Deidra; Terrell Smith, Donald; Longview Smith, Frances; Ft. Worth Smith, Holly; Smithfield Smith, Jackie; Jacksonville Smith, John; Arlington Smith, Johnny; Lufkin Smith, Karon; Houston Smith, Mary; Longview Smith, Nena; Nacogdoches Smith, Olga; Terrell Smith, Pamela; Dallas Smith, Paula; Corpus Christi Smith, Sharon; Dallas Smith, Sharon; Tyler Smith, Stephanie; Port Arthur Smith, Steven; Dublin Smith, Susan; Nacogdoches Smith, Terry, Dallas Smith, Tonya; Richardson Smith, William; Dallas Snider, Walter; Nacogdoches Snow, Kenneth; Irving Snowden, John; Swenny Sodeman, Barbara; Richardson Sullivan, Bethany; Ft Worth Son, Karen; Borger Sorrels, Craig; Allen Southerland, Danny; Dallas Spears, Bill; Irving 505 Springfield, Janet; Houston Spruce, Stephanie, Dallas Staggs, Larry; Houston Stalllngs, Beverly; Oklahoma City Stalnaker, Catherine; Athens Standish, Mike; Houston Standley, Terry, Houston Stanford, Jo; Dallas Stanley, Wrenn; Jefferson Staton, Janice; Beaumont Stanton, Steven T.; Waco Steele, David L; League City Stenger, Brenda; Enola Stephenson, Craig; Houston Stevens, Greg; Brazoria Stevens, Maria; Jacksonville Stevenson, William; Dallas Stewart, Dave, Jefferson Stewart, Judy; Garrison Stewart, Kimberly; Palacios Stiles, Paula; Dallas Still, Amy; Arlington Still, Jim; Nacogdoches St. John, Gary; Lancaster Stobaugh, James; Lubbock Stobaugh, Sheryl; Lubbock Stock, Johnny; Dallas Staudt, Thomas; Harlingen Stockdale, Richard; Jasper Stone, Karen; Dallas Storrs, Ramona; New Caney Stotts, Steven; Dallas Strack, James; Ft. Worth Strickland, Jan; Van Alstyne Stripling, Jeanetta; Lufkin Strother, Michael; San Augustine Stroud, Gerald; Irving Stutts, Deborah; Dallas Sumrall, James; Irving Sundberg, Karen; Ft. Worth Surface, Molly; Atlanta Surratt, Gena; Linden Surratt, Steve; Linden Swadek, Kathleen; Grand Island Swafford, Eva; Marshall Sweeny, Joan; Dickinson Swendig, John; Midland Tacquard, Joseph; LaMarque Tallent, Gloria; San Augustine Tallichet, Mark; Dallas Tallmadge, Michael; Richardson Tallman, Robin; Houston Tankersley, Debbie; Conroe Tanner, Kathleen; Kennard Tarantolo, Rene e; Houston Taras, John; Montgomery Tate, Elizabeth; Dallas Taubert, Ann; Nacogdoches Taylor, Nicky; Piano Taylor, Ray; Center Taylor, Rodney; Port Neches Teague, Jola; Longview Teague, Melinda; Ft. Worth Teas, Ashley; Nacogdoches Teichman, Leo; Dallas Terrell, Curtis; Dallas Theis, Deborah, Houston Theiss, Ruth; Houston Thias, John; Hurst Thomas, Patricia; Malakoft Thomas, Ralph; Alvin Thomas, Terry; Houston Thomas, Vicki; Houston Thompson, Ann; Port Arthur Thompson, Beth; Houston Thompson, Jerry; Ft. Worth Thompson, Leonard; Irving Thompson, Lisa; Houston Thompson, Tommie; Garland Thorsen, Debra; Richardson Thurman, Terri; Houston Thurmand, Ricky; Nacogdoches Tickner, Denise; Houston Tidwell, Randy; Dallas Tilley, Cynthia; Ft. Worth Tindell, Timothy; Dallas Tinsley, Kevin; Dallas Tittle, Alan; Dallas Titus, Mimi; Dallas Tobin, Mary; Houston Todd, Lela; Commerce Tollesm, Timothy; Houston Tonkovich, Patricia; Bridge City Townsend, Craig; Houston Townsend, Ruth; Dallas Trahan, Glyn; Spring 507 Trawick, Andre; Dallas Treece, Carol; San Antonio Treece, Carol; Mesquite Trevor, Stephen; San Antonio Tronson, Jay; La Porte Trousdale, Janice Truax, Terry; Ft. Worth Tunnell, Deonna; Houston Turlington, Brenda; Jacksonville Ueckert, Cheryl; Jasper Unger, Linda; Houston Unnerstall, Sue; Dallas Upchurch, David; Nacogdoches Upton, Don; Nacogdoches Upton, Judy; Houston Utzman, Janice; Longview Vaculik, Michael; Sugarland Yancey, Laura; Dickenson Van Dunk, Kris; Wichita Falls Vanquez, Denny; Houston Vasterling, Eric; Slidel, LA Veiga, Theresa; Dallas Vernon, Barry; Amarillo Vick, Richard; Bryan Vines, Charles; Kirbyville Vinson, Dixie; Dallas Vinson, Michael, Magnolia Vinson, Pam; Palestine Vinson, Robert; Alexandra Virant, Susan; Dallas Vizena, Davey; Nacogdoches Vogelsang, Stephanie; League City Wages, Holly; Nacogdoches Waggoner, David; Wichita Falls Waldon, Terry; Lufkin Walker, Beverly; Waco Walker, Cathleen; Lake Jackson Walker, Gary; Nacogdoches Walker, Jeffery; Dickinson Walker, Katherin; Houston Walker, Stephen; Houston Wall, Will; Austin Wallace, Karen; Nacogdoches Wallace, Nancy; Beaumont Wallace, Patti; Alvin Wallace, Sharon; Nacogdoches Wallace. Thomas; Houston Waller, Lee; Shelryville Freshmen Walters, Leah; Omaha Ward, Hershel; Nacogdoches Ward, Vernon; Nacogdoches Wantland, Roy; Dallas Warren, Karen; Dallas Washland, Michael; Houston Waters, Wesley; Mt. Pleasant Watkins, Linda; Center Watson, Curtis; Nacogdoches Watt, Frances; Vidor Weaver, Charles; Nacogdoches Weaver, Joe; Nacogdoches Weaver, Mary Lou; Longview Webb, Mark; Dallas Webb, Mary; Lufkin Webb, Susan; Grand Prairie Webster, Phyllis; Houston Webster, Russell; Houston Weddle, Thomas; Humble Weden, Robert; Dallas Weeks, Charles; Diboll Weeks, George; Lufkin Weingartner, Deborah; Houston Weir, Elaine; Houston Welborn, Art; Houston Welborn, Raymond; Houston Welch, David; Houston Welch, Gregory; Corpus Christi Welch, John; San Antonio Welch, Rosemarie; Nacogdoches Weldon, Frank; Irving Wells, Richard; Dallas Wendland, Wendt; Dallas Werner, Mark; Houston Wert, Jeffrey; Longview Wescott, Linda; Livingston Wesneski, Robert; Houston Westbrook, Sandra; Linden Westmoreland, Brett; Sugarland Westmoreland, James; League City White, Becky; Anahuac White, Bryan; Arlington White, David; Houston White, Drew; Bronson White, Larry; Texas City White, Susan, Houston Whitehead, Kimberly; Houston Whitehead, Reginald; Dallas Whitehouse, David; Carrollton Whiteside, Kim; Richardson Whitfill, James; Pasadena Whitlow, Nancy; Dallas Whittle, Terrie; Freeport Whitton, Charles; Canton Whitton, Charlotte; Canton Whitton, Marsha; Nacogdoches Whitton, Martha; Nacogdoches Whitton, Tamara; Lufkin Wiegand, David; Boynton Beach Wiggins, John; LaMarque Wilborn, Susan; Houston Wiles, Russell; Liberty Wilhite, Rebecca; Nacogdoches Wilkins, Andy; Lufkin Wilkinson, Sarah; Houston Williams, Ben; Garland Williams, Denise; Spring Williams, Karen; Houston Williams, Karen; Nacogdoches Williams, Karen; Dallas Williams, Kimberly; Pasadena Williams, Lesli; Houston Williams, Linda; Nacogdoches Williams, Paula; Longview Williams, R. V.; Nacogdoches Williams, Terry; Port Lavaca Williams, Tina; Alief Williams, William; Houston Willingham, Karen; Jewett Willis, George; Pasadena Wilson, Brenda; Nacogdoches Wilson, Elizabeth; Moscow Wilson, Terry; Jefferson Wilson, Valerie; Alvin Winfree, Gilbert; Nacogdoches Wingate, Larry; Orange Winter, Randall; Houston Winters, Elaine; Richardson Winters, Sherrie; Doucette Wise, Sherilyn; Dallas Witcher, Michael; Nacogdoches Witt, Larry; Nacogdoches Wolfard, Steven; Carrollton Wood, Anne; Longview Wood, Rickey; Houston Wood, Stephen; Pasadena Freshmen 510 Woodall, J. L; Ft. Worth Woodling, Kerry, Friendswood Woods, Cindi; San Augustine Woods, Mack; San Augustine Woods, Patricia; Austin Woolls, Dorothy; Hondo Wooten, Judy; Whitney Worthen, Pamela; Waco Wright, Robyn; Dallas Wygant, Thomas; Katy Wyrick, Thomas; Dallas Yancey, William; League City Yarborough, David; Bellaire Yeager, Danny; Daingertield Yockey, Charles; Spring Young, Cathy; Haslet Youngblood, Regena; San Augustine Younger, Jennifer; Garland Youngerman, Craig; Pittstord Yount, Doris; Silsbee Zabojnik, Monica; Palmer Zeid, Russell; Houston Zepczyk, Patricia; Houston Ziegler, Debbie; Dallas In (Tlemofiam Gary Brown; Chireno Anne Hiscox; Houston James Gary Jones; San Antonio Katherine Morris Corley; Marshall Mary Leah Smith; Nacogdoches Sydna Marie Woodward; Nacogdoches A

Suggestions in the Stephen F Austin State University - Stone Fort Yearbook (Nacogdoches, TX) collection:

Stephen F Austin State University - Stone Fort Yearbook (Nacogdoches, TX) online yearbook collection, 1972 Edition, Page 1


Stephen F Austin State University - Stone Fort Yearbook (Nacogdoches, TX) online yearbook collection, 1973 Edition, Page 1


Stephen F Austin State University - Stone Fort Yearbook (Nacogdoches, TX) online yearbook collection, 1974 Edition, Page 1


Stephen F Austin State University - Stone Fort Yearbook (Nacogdoches, TX) online yearbook collection, 1976 Edition, Page 1


Stephen F Austin State University - Stone Fort Yearbook (Nacogdoches, TX) online yearbook collection, 1977 Edition, Page 1


Stephen F Austin State University - Stone Fort Yearbook (Nacogdoches, TX) online yearbook collection, 1978 Edition, Page 1


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