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f 17 ;: i So 2 .1 74 I Staff Editor ' . ■■ ■ Sue West Associate Editor Richard Fogaley ■ Sports Editor Kathy Brurrirjatigh 1 i Greek Editor Jeanie Shaddix ' Assistants Stella Holder Karen Keitz Suzie Strickenberger Pam Tullos Advisor Grant Haynes Photographers John Mace 4 We look back as much as we look forward. Time is a continuous memory which haunts us forever. Like photographs, we flash upon our memories. A scene here, a good time there. There were people and places and fun times. Remember? Faces are important ecause we remember them first. Names come to mind. When we think of them and friends held so dear, we remember first their smiles and tears. Then the memories of the times we spent together fade in. But dearer than all are the faces . . . the people. 8 Inside, outside. Old places, new places. At a desk enclosed by brick walls or under a tree surrounded by nature. Whether for learning, experiencing or merely existing there is a special place where our memories are born. The days are filled and the nights aren ' t empty. Events are always here and now. Look no further than outside your mind. Expression and discussion. Involvement and emotion. It ' s all a matter of being there when and where they exist. Something is always happening. Open your eyes and feel. We scorn materialism, but some things are meant to be held on to, even if only in our minds. Whether shared by everyone or belonging to only one, all things are important. They are a part of our memories. Books, old photographs, doors leading to our own private worlds and even the web worms in the Fall. We remember through these things the " good old days. " Time pass es too quickly to keep it all, but we save what we can. R. Fogaley and S. West Was it just another year? Changes . . . I see new ones everyday; good and bad, they keep coming at me. My head spins faster and faster unaware of a place to rest. . . . and more promises are made Half-built buildings look down at me with promises of new beginnings. More promises: apartments in Dorm 19 and upper-class dorms. An old promise kept: a co-ed dorm. It exists at SFA. Changes . . . for the better? Are we adults now? Can we decide? We decided about liquor. We voted it in and now we have it in the dorms. What a rush to answer the phone and a voice says, " Your order is here. " And it ' s not a pizza or a burger. Ah, liquid refreshment. R. Fogaley 22 ?.5 26 But some things never change Somehow the old buildings, most of the trees and even a few of the traditions of college life survive the marks of progress. Some things were never meant to change or be changed. 27 29 t. " Socially, I don ' t need to be a Greek; ethically, I couldn ' t be a Kicker; and radically the term Hippie is dead. So I suppose if I ' m labeled as anything with meaning — then that label should read. I ' m just a student ' . " Ralph Bums ' Men were not. born great, but men were born to do great things, " Satisfied with mvself " 1. " Really, I don ' t have the time writing a research paper. " Kay Griswold 2. " I wish more people would be them- selves rather than what they ' think ' they should be. " John Barrett 3. " I ' m sorry I don ' t have the time to talk to you — I ' m taking 21 hours a semester and trying to graduate in May. " Robert Bashaw 4. " Real people are individuals who reveal what they are, not what they have. " Linda Goodwin 5. " I ' m satisfied to know that I will not be satisfied with myself until I ' m close to the perfection that I seek in all areas of life. As a student at SFA I have full opportunity to grow toward these goals. " Bonnie Fyffe What is dorm life? Living in the dorm — it ' s an expe- rience most of us face at some time during our college years. What is it like? Well, it ' s having so much to do you don ' t know where to start or it ' s being so bored that you go out of your mind. It ' s studying and snack- ing, staying up late and getting up early. It ' s flooded shower rooms and maids with squeaky trash carts. It ' s a panty raid with a bunch of guys standing below your window making fools of themselves. It ' s dec- orating for Homecoming, Hallow- een, Christmas or anything else you can find an excuse for. It ' s horsing around, intense phone conversa- tions and forgetting about visitation and going into the hall in your paja- mas (or less). Like most of life, it ' s half misery and half fun. 35 Good news, bad news, any news The Post Office . . . between classes, hundreds of us flood the tiny area. For some, it ' s happiness — cookies from Mom; she finally wrote; a check from Grandma ( " Just to help you out a little " ); he ' s com- ing home. For others it ' s sadness -— Aunt Agatha passed away; Spot got run over; the shoes come the day after the party; " Your father and I are having some trouble, dear. " And for some, it ' s another day with that empty box staring you in the face. 36 We strive to be aware l%ai$ l and , J involved 39 40 Say goodbye, Dick New cause on campus Impeachment pleas grow Letters running 35 to 1 in favor By HOWARD FIELDS WASHINGTON (UPIi - Letters are pouring Into the offices of the House Judiciary Committee at the rate of 5,000 to MM a day and running better than 36 to 1 tottvor of the impeachment of President By Friday, the committee staff had tabulated all the letters, telegrams and petitions received through Nov. 5. The tally showed 76,134 persons favoring impeachment and 2.168 against im- peachnieni aud backi;: Nixon An aide to the committee, been Investigating possible grounds for impeachment, said he was impressed that most of the communications appeared spontaneous and unsolicited, unlike the orchestrated letter campaigns which deluged the committee in the past on the busing issue and civil rights Most of the appeals were simple and direct like one from a Chicago woman who wrote. " Put impeachment as your first grder of business. " Some persons sent newspaper clippings, full-page ads calling for impeachment and Impeachment coupons clipped from un- derground newspapers. But very few of HE SINAI the letters read as if they were copied from a form suggested by some groups which have been organized to advocate or fight impeachment. One aide who has been opening the letters said that less than one in 20 could be interpreted as part of an orchestrated campaign. He said the daily flow of letters into the office has remained fairly con- stant, ranging from a low of 5.000 to as many as 17,000, according to latest developments in the Watergate case. Another committee aide who made the tetter »»U »pr " T ' - y us . »« T»pj m m ThTlftWaafl ittf Wnel w ouW not be used in order to protect writers from reprisals. Ail letters quoted, however, were signed. " Our family is in favor of impeaching Mr. Nixon, " said a couple from Anaheim, Calif., writing in longhand on lined notebook paper. " He mutt not be allowed to continue in office. No one person is above the law, no one person can set himself up as supreme ruler. " A woman from upper New York State said bluntly: " Richard Nixon must resign or be impeached. The disclosure of the missing tapes, following so closely upon the dismissal of special prosecutor Ar- chibald Cox, is the last straw. There is ilng Mr. Nixon or his staff can say that will dispel the aura of untruths that have been forthcoming from the White House during his administration. " media. " Most of the tetters ware addressed to Peter W. Rodtao Jr. D-N.J., chairman of the House Judiciary Committee which was assigned to the inquiry after 11 Im- peachment resolutions were introduced In She Home last month. The wtcrmtt ! indicated it does sat Intend to 9rois I tone to the inquiry until it deals with nomination of Rep. Gerald Ford as v president and a proposal for an dependent Watergate prosecutor. Rally in Austin Union leader is spesKer AUSim- fci demon (UP!) - About 1,000 J K - «outh steps oi n deeplx con and immoral lion Bin ni ' a Sit rhik is the linal sua Tor months, I haw be cerncd about the lawlessness n of the Nixon Adminislrs with the limn: of Archibald c ox [ t President Nixon has revealed m even thai p cr loins his obsession with power and lad ol sound judgment. No man. not even the President, is above the la and the courts that uphold the law I believe the onh recourse now is the State Capitol Saturday to call for 1 impeachment of President Nixon. The People ' s Assembly to Impea Nixon ( PAIN( asked those in attendance telegram their congressmen to vote 1 Nixon ' s impeachment Featured speaker was Sherman Fricl secretary-treasurer of the Texas AT CIO, which has endorsed the impeachmc process on national and state levels. " It is comforting to see that so ma other groups share our concern over t state of the nation, " Fricks told the che- ing crowd, composed primarily of studet from the University of Texas. " Yet, it is also alarming that tht conditions warrant our having to hold s. rallies. But you need only to pick ur The White House under fire: Nixon ponders his situation as the people ponder theirs. Did he know? Is the President above the law? Is justice blind in America? Agnew bows to pressure claiming he does it to save the country. Illegal activities and national security are tied together as excuses for each other. What will happen next? Things put off until tomorrow that should have been done yesterday . . . a test to study for ... a car and no place to put it . . . late to class . . . trouble with housing . . . rainy days without an umbrella . . . no money. Always hassles to worry and hurry over, but life still goes on. Parking . . . where? More permits than spaces 4 Studying in or out usually leads to sleep Hide ' n seek with Housing Students didn ' t know where they stood on off-campus permits this year with the administration changing its mind on the issue every few months. It all started last summer when the administration decided that anyone with less than 99 hours had to live on campus or with relatives. So much hell was raised by students that Dr. Steen proclaimed any student who would be 21 by September could get an off-campus permit since they had waited so long just to have the rules changed. Some were able to escape another year of dorm living with the help of their parents, forged letters and make believe relatives. Those who did get off were subject to investigation by Housing. Watergate methods were used to track down students who were living off campus illegally. A large number of students were caught attempting to live outside the " harmonious " trappings of the dorm and were forced to move out of their apartments and houses with the threat of disciplinary probation for falsifying university records. By the middle of the Spring semester, however, the rules had changed again. Students now with at least 66 hours can choose to live either in the dorm, school apartments or off campus. Students left for the summer still not sure what the rules would be when they returned for the fall term. Hopefully the administration won ' t change its mind again. 51 . and the fall begins . withering, dying on its limb, a sudden gust snaps the leaf and the fall begins. taking its time it snags on a limb and a curious bird picks at it. once again its journey begins, twirling and circling, it spiraling path brings it to rest at the top of the pile where all others have come. R. Fogaley mi Good Luck - • . you ' ll need it! loure an hour earlcj for our registration SKIP ± TURN o 7 Spaces For war 4 Lost Place in limft While in ■jhe Bdihroom Return to Go Do not Collect Packet Friend gives vjou Cuts in line. Move 5 spaces P ORWAR. D n5 (P fP ft S- You Signed up For Folk ttence instead ot Football. (Skip X turn! (our English Section is Closed 3 Skip 2. turns while you reficiure lsch J edul Didn ' t get C 3frds Stomps go back 4 Spaces. 56 — — Lose Iss-t charter in SnetcJc machine. Skip ± turn. G-irl in front of you Paints f rorm exhaustion. You fdini Prorn ex haus-fcion. Skip i " turns. Free 5pdce ,4. space.. Golden Opportunity Move FbrWo ' ns 10 Spdces. Your of P- campus permit has been revoked ... Return to GO, OUre on " jour Wd Move 3 spaces Information Desk Skip 2 turns j i « IC o y »o " v3 -r ) 2 V S 5 °i -w Si U o Luckj Day T COLLECT fifiCICT And move -5 5p 3CcS 57 Rain and beer flow at Backwoods 58 County stays wet; Constitution wins On returning in the Fall, students were faced with two major elections. Memories of Apple Springs and bootlegging came to mind when the legal sale of alcohol was threatened by a local option election in Septem- ber. Students joined forces with Nacogdoches residents to defeat the " drys " 4,662-2,627. Only 1,000 students voted in the constitutional ratification election in October. Apathy won another victory as 9,000 of the silent majority again remained silent. The new student Constitution was approved, creating a three-branch student government and bill of rights. 60 Student Senate Left to right: Mike Finley, president; Kelly Jones, vice president; Cindy West, secretary. Court of Appeals Left to right: Tom White, Joanna Ferrell, Mark Hobson, Sharon Bailey, Carl Barker. Supreme Court First row, left to right.Tom Summers, Fran- ces Barrett, Jackie Scott, Heriberto Medrano, Mark Wood. Second row: Mark Kilpatrick, Charley Jewett. 63 64 M Senate improves as functioning government body it ' s raining it ' s pouring wish 1 could keep snoring but I have to get up and slosh to class care to share my leaky umbrella? pardon me while I drip on the floor slipping and sliding the war between the umbrellas it rained for forty weekends and forty holidays and I could never miss class R. Fogaley 71 that ' s the end of another semester. finals are finished and papers are typed and turned in. it ' s time for a keg party and that final get-together before everyone leaves for home. the next semester starts soon enough; in fact, too soon where classes are concerned. but it ' s always hard to say good-bye to friends. some are coming back and that ' s fine. but some aren ' t, they ' ll be off for other adventures in the big, bad world. they ' ve seen the last of classrooms and bells. for them there will be no more all-night parties and campouts. they must be " responsible " and most likely we ' ll never see those friends as we knew them ever again. anyway, the party is just beginning and I ' m gonna down that keg all by myself. it ' s been a long semester and the next one doesn ' t look like it ' s gonna be any shorter. 1 fwu lump iiMi Christmas . . . campus style Christmas on campus has as many and var- ied faces as the thousands of individuals who express the holiday mood. Some of the faces of Christmas were dis- played by activities of the University Center, cafeterias, religious organizations, service organizations, Greeks and the music depart- ment. This year the energy crisis shed a different light, if not less light, on campus during the holiday season. Outdoor lighting was kept at a minimum and indoor decorative lighting was discouraged. Although preparations and decorations were neither elaborate nor extensive — this was Christmas ' 73, campus style. 75 i " lH MN»r Defense | overpowers Sam Houston i OT J?D0MV flf YD 8 Levra coaches I Jacks to new SFA win record j 01 Victory in Georgia The first annual Poultry Bowl, played in Gainsville, Georgia, featured the Lumber- jacks against North Carolina ' s Gardner- Webb Bulldogs. In cold and rain, the Jacks fought to a 31- 10 victory to complete their most successful season ever. Larry Mayer received the best offensive player award and Sam Hunt was voted best defensive player. 93 Cheerleaders 1973-74 First row: Dene Grigar. Second row, left to right: Vicki West- moreland, Rolf Young, Kathy Braun, Barry Stephens, head cheerleader. Third row, left to right: Crystal Crisp, Noel Kel- ley, Bonnie Crutchfield, Steve Conway, Steve Whitbeck, Susan Barbee. 96 Loyal, spirited, fun-loving. 97 The Lumberjack Band is a unit of indi- viduals who work together with a single purpose: music. The work is never easy, but a satisfying performance makes all the blood, sweat and tears worthwhile. They work together. Practicing, perfect- ing, practicing, performing and practicing some more because a goal of perfection is an elusive goal. And the band plays on. Lumberjack Band Flag Line Left to right: Billie fo Locke; Debbie Interwitz; Kathy Brumbaugh; Cheryl Stahl; Regina McFatridge; Laura Krustchinsky, head Flagette; Jody Dyke; Kathy Smith; Patsy Perkins; Shelly Normand; Petey Riddle. 100 Twirl-O-Jacks Clockwise, starting at top: Deena Castloo, head Twirl-o-Jack; Deborah Garrett; Debbie Bond; Carol Crawford; Luann Bailey; Sybil Groth; Debbie Tomlin; Jan Wilcox; Stacey Stotts; Patricia Parrish; Kathy Tidwell; Libby Latourette. 102 SFA men get tough in intramural action 104 106 SFA women in competition 108 Women ' s intramural results Flag football Tennis singles Tennis Doubles Table tennis singles . Table tennis doubles vo lleyball rurkey trot 3asketball . 3asketball free throw Badminton singles . . . idminton doubles . . )wling doubles wling singles ftball Rookies Dorm 19 1 Sigma Kappa Cindy McCauley: Rookies Suzanne Root: Helifino . . , Bishoff Kent: Rebels Schultz Lukehahr: Phumbl-Jax Cassis Sluterbeck: Rookies Carol Keton: Phumbl-Jax Jeanne Petrosky: Delta Delta Delta Stifle York: Rookies Keton Keton: Phumbl-Jax Petrosky Petrosky: Delta Delta Delta Rookies BSU 1 Delta Zeta Laura Johnston Hang Ten Kerr Plunks Delta Zeta Linda Arnold: Hang Ten Sherry Ward: BSU 2 Vanessa Adams: Gamma Sigma Sigma Linda Thompson: Rookies Liz Czerwaty: Kerr Plunks Kaye Lovvery: Sigma Kappa Vieregge Hairgrove: Rookies Czerwaty Guilierman: Kerr Plunks Lowery Forbes: Sigma Kappa Hang Ten Girl Dudes Inc. Sigma Kappa Linda Gooding: Hang Ten Maribeth Hornbuckle: Girl Dudes Inc. Janice Jones: Sigma Kappa . Rookies Dorm 19 : Sigma Kappa Women ' s sports . . . an editorial comment In everyday life women appear to live an equal life as compared with men. There is no doubt in my mind that discrimination exists. The best example of this is women ' s sports. SFA women compete in seven varsity sports. Men only participate in five. However, the men ' s varsity athletic department operates on a $288,000 plus budget and, in addition, the men ' s intramural program received $21,825. The women ' s varsity and intramural programs together only received $21,825. Where does the money for sports come from? Ninety percent comes from the $30 stu- dent service fee which every student must pay regardless of sex. Women r eceive less than five percent of this money. Is this not discrimi- nation from the beginning? SFA women sportsters are dedicated ath- letes and their coaches are volunteers. By vol- unteer, I mean they are unpaid and are not allotted any special time to work with their teams. Men coaches, excluding John Levra, are allotted one fourth of their time to coach- ing. The women ' s program is on a 2.0 GPA basis and women do not receive the special advan- tages men athletes seem to enjoy gradewise by playing. Dr. Steen said equality for women ' s sports has not, as yet, been a major topic of discussion at the President ' s Council. He does promise, however, that " we ' ll try to keep pace with the other schools in our category. " Why does SFA have to wait on other col- leges to make the first step? For once, why can ' t SFA learn to walk without some other school taking the necessary first step? Pam Tullos, Pine Log assistant sports editor State, regional honors won in women ' s track Front row, left to right: Liz Parks, Tracy McKingam, Sharon Anderson, Kathy Norris, Alice Tiller, Janice Cobble, Glenda McCiosky, Carol Hartley. Back row, left to right: Janice Hairgrove, Frito Boyd, Barbara Bishoff, Kathy Perrera, Mary Ellen, Cindy McCauley, Fran- pie Jordan, Linda Arnold, Laura Johnston, Mary Lovegreen, Jeanette Crosby. Ill Ladyjacks Basketball Front row, left to right: Kerry Tate, Millie Tymroek, Kay Moody, Cindy McKinney, Cindy Dowies. Back row, left to right: Franci Jordan, Helen Stults, Suanne Miller, Faith Watson, Kathy Faulkner, Janice Hairgrove, Betty Maaskant, Carolyn Vieregge. 112 Season Record 2nd Tarleton State Invitational 1st Baylor Invitational 1st Houston Intercollegiate Invitational 1st TWU Invitational 2nd Regional 2nd State 7th National Faith Watson and Kay Moody were both invited to try out for the 1976 Olympic team. Volleyball Front row, left to right: Franci Jordan, Colleen Cook, Kathi West, Tracy Kingan, Cassie Sluterbeck. Second row, left to right: Sandy Lamberth, Judy Millar, Kathy Adams, Mona Alexander, Janice Cobble. Back row, left to right: Kayleene McMullen, Lynn Gilliam, Janice Hairgrove, Carolyn Vieregge, Cindy Fox. Season results TWU 4th University of Houston 5th Sam Houston State 4th Tarleton State 4th District 2nd Southwest Texas 3rd State 5th Regionals 5th 1 15 Tennis team Left to right: Janice Boreland, Brenda Hoffman, Jana Lyn Becker, Jennifer Brannon, Betty Land, Kathy Adams. 1 17 Fast paced action in motocross SFA baseball club Front row, left to right: Scott Cook, Eddie Davis, Jeff Stiffle, Mike Cox, Joe Jordan, Robert Carr, Jim McGhee, Ted Beieget. Back row, left to right: Coach Mike Jones, Bill Thetford, J. B. York, Dan Davis, Scott Smithson, Mark Koehler, Lee Shelton, Sterling Leadbetter, Doug Swenson, Assistant Coach Doug Monaghen. 120 121 Lumberjack Tennis Left to right: Ronnie Zeller, Randall Zeller, Michael Coffer, Floyd Carr. Season record Northwest Louisiana 1-5 Mary Harden Baylor 0-6 Sam Houston State 6-0 Angelo State 3-3 Northwest Louisiana 2-4 USL 3-3 Louisiana Tech 0-6 Texas A I 6-0 Sam Houston State 4-2 Texas A I 4-2 Southwest Texas 3-3 East Texas State 1-5 Houston Baptist 6-0 University of Texas (Arlington) 4-2 Centenary 3-3 Abilene Christian 2-4 East Texas Baptist 4-0 East Texas State 0-6 Second place in Lone Star Conference Golf team Back, left to right: Coach D. D. Thomas, John Pig g, Ronnie Tallent, Fred Collins, David Degrand. Front: Kevin Lovell, Blake Arnwine, Jim Holt, H. B. Sparks. Lumberjack track and field 127 Tracksters go truckin ' Basketball ' 74 ]35 1973-74 Basketball Squad Arthur Johnson Sandy Ballard Michael Dunn Archie Myers Glynn Hughes Frank Fernandez Andria Brown Jimmie Weaver Kenneth Beasley Joe Parks Rick Close Jim Strange 138 ' Jacks end season with 13-16 record 1973-74 results CT7 A or r opponent CPA orn b on oU Midwestern University 70 o ngeio oiaie o D Ejdbl 1 cXdb DdpLlSL OO Howard Payne College Q7 y Louisiana 1 ecn Q l y4 Duene L nnstian by McNeese State 1UU yo 1 exas s 1 university bo 7f u Ciasi 1 exas Daptisi DO OZ ooumwesi 1 exas oiaie Z 7 1 Midwestern University bb bo oam riouston oiaie 62 87 Texas A M University 64 57 Tarleton State 72 64 Texas Lutheran College 70 79 East Texas State 54 75 St. Mary ' s University 62 69 Sam Houston State 73 89 Southwest Texas State 91 83 Sul Ross State 78 77 Texas A I University 109 83 Angelo State Howard Payne 83 91 Northwestern 61 89 102 77 Tarleton State 99 77 Abilene Christian 67 68 East Texas State 62 59 Southwest Texas State 77 82 Sul Ross State Lone Star Conference Games 139 One more time around Streaking: SFA students grin and bare it Don ' t hurry, don ' t worry and don ' t forget to smell the flowers. G. Rice Sissy and Flo speak during Women ' s Emphasis Week Frances " Sissy " Farenthold Metamorphosis: The Black Experience Dr. Robert Brisbane, author of " The Black Vanguard " Grambling High School band Rodeo Ridin ' and ropin ' 149 East Texas Country Fair 150 Country Cookin ' East Texas String Ensemble Steve Martin John Hartford Steve Frumholz Michael Murphey Jerry Jeff Walker Nitty Gritty Dirt Band Other voices J. H. Plumb Brit Hume 154 _ m From " Thoreau to " King and I The King and I " The Night Thoreau Spent in Jail ' 1974 Season The SFA theatre season was high- lighted by such excellent productions as " Harvey " and " The Night Thoreau Spent in Jail. " The plays, directed respectively by Tom Donnaud and Dr. Thomas Heino, were well acted, and in the case of " Thoreau " held over for extra per- formances. The only blemishes on the season were " Adding Machine " and " The King and I. " " Adding Machine " suffered from overproduction and fair acting. Debbie Fredenburg was the only redeeming value of " The King and I, " a musical which lacked leadership and excitement. Other notable plays for the season included " Little Murders " and " Blood Wedding. " ' The Night Thoreau Spent in Jail ' ' The King and I " SHARING » SICK IEAV£ RK • 782-6740 ias a challenging sffice for a •ars experience r development be able to jroms. avioral sciences lensurate with th salary dy, Personnel Dmpany Q NTROLS HNEER ate opening for an » design and con- rid controls. This is ©quires familiarity ooting, and sched- arting salary com- J Valve Co. Texas 77001, A Professional with centralized mul- tiple computer operations experince needed, a highly rewarding position overseas with an American company is open. Please send resume to: R. Muriby 6250 Westpark dr. Suite TOO, Houston 77027. PIPELINE ENGINEER Requires BS Civil Engineering and a minimum of 5 years experie nce in design, construction, operations, and ma intenance of crude oil, prod- uct, and LPG pipeline systems and terminals Send resume and salary requirements to Crown Central Petroleum Corporation. PO BOX 1759, Houston, Tx 77001 An Equal Opportunity Employer CROWN GEOPHYSICIST Hie Superior Oil Company has immediate needs for individual with BS or MS in geophysics. 5 years ex- perience in oil industry geophysical work. Company offers excellent compensation package and opportunity for professional development. Reply in confidence to: THE SUPERIOR OIL COMPANY Post Office Box 1521, Houston, Texas 77001 shar drilling ton- vil, Naval, Archi- sr with stroncj ma- g design and er»« it . Sersd resume, in com- tory and contort infor- r : Our clients, maior producer of basic chemicals will Inter- view in Houston on March 8, », 10 tor the posi- tions: TECHNICAL SERVICES SUPERVISOR — Will oversee sev- eral operations units. ChE reauired. Southeast U.S. location. to S24K PRODUCTION SUPERVISORS (2) - These positions re- quire unit operating exp. in process plants to S20K GROUP LEADERS (2) Must have process design exp. with operations compony or E C firm „..f S20K FEES PAID BY CLIENT COMPANIES PERSONNEL SERVICES, INC. SOUSICH (77027} PASaWKA {77502) 4342 So»tttwe»; frwouy !4!4 f . Sovthaiore (7I3)MM5M (7i3) 477-1251 associates »ost aloyer M f 1 nslnesrs, slant dssigners Can Ailsiotes 627-1270 EERIN3 oeoonment Now SaT ' Harding. OFFSHORE 0. Box 2 45. Houston, 77001, CURRICULUM WRITERS EXPERIENCED Kin«8«t g«r»en thru 6th grade level. « Teaching experience preferred • Excellent satary and liberal benefits. Send resume or call Collect: Dr. Thomas Hopper American Institute for Character Education P.O. Box 12617 512- Son Antonio, Texas 78212 ■734-0354 NATIONAL EQUIPMENT LEASING CORP An Equal Opportunity Employer NAVAGATI0N SYSTEMS ANALYST A non-aero space navagations systems firm has an imnrediat opening for a Systems Analyst to work in the areas of satellite positioning technology, geodesy, ne vacation systems and Kaiman filtering. Experience in any of these areas desirable but not mandatory. i.S. required, advanced degree pro. terred. Send resume, in confidence, to James G. Morgan. SATELLITE POSITIONING CORP. P.O. BOX 36789, Houston, Texas 77036 {A Seiscom Delta Inc. Subsidiary) An Equal Opportunity Employer ACCOUNT EXECUTIVES Train to become a specialist in the exciting field of Foreign currency trading. Earnings should be above $36,000 annually. CURRENCY TRADING CORPORATION 626-5994 PROCESS ENGINEER lequires BS Chemical Engineering and a ninimum of 2 years refinery experience. lend Resume Salary Requirements to: CROWN CENTRAL PETROLEUM CORP. PO BOX 1759, Houston Texas 77001 An Equal Opportunity Employer Opportunities in Retail Management The Kroger Co. one of the nations largest retailers is searching for individuals to join us in our manage- ment development program. Because of our aggres- sive store opening plan we have openings for several individuals with SIGNIFICANT RETAIL EXPERIENCE or COLLEGE GRADUATE that want la rge doses of respon- sibility quickly. Experienced or not this may be your opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a 4 billion dollar corpo- ration in a widely expanding market. If interested send resume or call us THE KROGER CO. P.O. Box 1309 Houston, Texas 77001 713 675-9241 EOE M-F On equal opportunity mor l«mo « wnpj©y f EDP POSITIONS PROGRAMMER-OVER SEAS Salary Open SYSTEM ANALYST $15,500 PROGRAMMERS $12,000 Up Electronic Data Personnel 228 1488 1601 Fannin T Engineer resume kit. A poorly written resuml like wearing jeans and sni ers on an interview. It jour chances of getting job. We ' ve prepared a spei kit that can help you d up your resume. If you ' d like one, fill the coupon below, and : it to our office. Our Angie will send you one: return mail. Or, if you ' d just Idee discuss your resume pr lems or ask about one of job openings, just call on our principals. No matter what kino 1 help you need, call us. don ' t charge anything for services. And we ' ll even pay for ' phone call. ± a S n ft 7. O We ore a professional cruHing and consulting f managed by graduate e neers. All placement fees paid by our client campar We do not contact any at cant ' s current employer. Scientific Placement, Inc Employment Service 5051 Westheimer Houston, Texas 77027 AC 713 621-9811 Dallas? Conti Engineer We have an Immediate openii person with Marine relo jerience and-or education, v Marine graduate preferred, i consider degree in Engines Naval Science, or nondegreet with one or more years Mai jsrience. Most be mature, s capable of assuming function laai future. Work will be on— 7 off bails. Primary . jit y will be in area of sta trim of semi-submersible rig. If vou aualify and are interesi esume with salary expect! confidence to G. L. Gilreath, Ocean Drillini Houston, Taxes 77027 ty employer lling Personnel Go Foreign er-Conlinental Placement Service Kirov, suite 170, 524-3817, Over NGINEERREGISTERED CIVIL WITH HEAVY CONSTRUCTION EXPERIENCE you aspire to your own successful neering contracting business? that will continue to inwove of- the oresent torrid construction n cool oft, or screeches to a ? The man «e need is now em- ed. He has a aood iob. But he is satisfied. He wonts to BUST OUT lis own. He wants more than a js a vaca.ion. He has energy to i ambition that is stiffed-. He .n ' ; ! ave capital to invest — he ;n ' t need it. But he does need tal- ootience, ingenuity, judgment city. Do vou fit that picture? Call nef.i W. Henson tor rrtire infor- ion. HOLD-THAT-RtVER ENGI- 3RING CO. Office: 431-2441 Resi- :ej_ 723-5506 EXECUTIVE SALES eptional opportunity with exciting vth company for individual with ■llnoii n. ability, and drive to ieve excellence In business. Sig- ■ m: earnin-.s. Superb mcnane- It development program. No trav- lieauircs eoileo e dwee, minimum ears residence. Replies in con- ice to P.O. Box 22i98, Houston, k ELECTRONICS onal Communications corporation Ires field service technician. I have good understanding of ronics, including semi-con- ors. Good benefits solorv Te- igroph Corporation. 688-tsos. il Opportunity Employer. LIBRARY PERSONNEL MANAGER Library f-ei-sonnel Manager: Respon- sible for oil aspects of personnel ac itivine., including: rocruitinc, staff development, orientation, cfflrmotivs u ..on, i;ovei-pmen. o; policies and procedures, and related special as- ffiSgftft gP ' ° " DireCWr «iiallfica ' :of)s: At least 4 years diver- sified personnel experience. M.B.A, ApriM mV " ' 6 ' ' ' f ' osi,ion oviloble %£? ' V br ? ries nos profes- sional, 18 classified, and 222 PTE w employes; Please send resume (including salary . es ' j;t enentsj ,-n.i names of three professional references to Ms. Nanev tS1°«J£Si ,. J i l General Libraries, The University of Texos at Austin, r " t.n, ir: ar. ,87-2. The University of Texas at Austin H a noi . ' crminalorv, affirmative ac- tion employer. Land Planning Draftsman Should be skilled in graphics. Ability i2L ?« 11 l ! " . lr , a; ° r ircblc, but not es. isenfai Malor Real Estate firm. Re- ply to Houston Post Box 4688 MAJOR Multi-foclHty nospital ' corpo- .ration seeks accountants for regiona office and hospitals. Accounting de- jSree required. Applicants to audttfi I for following positions: Hospital Controller Third Party Reimbursement Specialist Jr. Accountant C Send resume to Houston Post Box 51l __ A i , „M u „ , J Opportunity Employer [ENGINEERS DESIGNERS IVY PIPING DESIGNERS and lir Designers — 6 years or more I riencc. . NCR Systems onatyst— programmer. NCR Century. ' Experience desirable. MR, WADDELL 771-4611. MECHANICAL EQUIPMENT DESIGNERS Senior Desianers — s veors or experience. Must be decreed icnicat Engineer experienced in ffure vessls, heat exchangers, ro- ll eauiomenf, conveyor systems material handling. RESUME OR CALL BOB f or FRANK CULVER at 71 3- ' 51 s H. K. Ferguson Co. 3737 Dacoma St. ouston, Tsxos 77018 NUMERIC CONTROL MAINT.-TECH. . FEE PAID TO SUM S? , J 00d experience in maint nance of numeric Control systems, with good knoweldge of eiecTroniS ' nnri . ' i 1 f°1 s J der an lectr»nic tech. salary Good career opportunity. Ly- man Personnel Service, 3820 Suffok Speedway, 627-1110 or 203 Town J Country Bonk Bldg. 46l " 50t OH and Gas Land Manager $25,000 This is an excellent op. portunity for the experi. e n c e d professional iti North American oil and gas land activities, porting directly to VP of exploration, will be responsible lease records, jo ' int oper ations contracts, rente « on equci opportunity Em- ; payments and general • easing activities. Fee- Paid. Call Ken Gehring 01 Joe Ramirez at 224.5711, M. David Lowe Personnel Services 400 Houston Natural Gas Bldg. Re- th you fei r-lNEERS. H. K. Ferguson Co., (tig to Houston. Apply: 3737 Do- |-, Brooktiollow Business Park, on. .. Engineers, 5 yrs. exp. in de- of commercial, Industi ial In- lonal buildings. The Austin Co. 23 ext 286. Educational Marketing-Sales ig and evaluation opportunity - - . ■ publisher. Minimum of Mas-i OFFICE ADJUSTERS Trainees Oegree. Experience as a teacher, nlstrator or counselor essential. ;us sales experience helpful. jerable travel involved. Corn- car, base salary and bonus. resume to The Houston Post, Box 462. i equal opportunity employer Needed for Property Casualty Insur- ance Co. Reply to Box 4632, Housfer OVERSEAS OPPORTUNITIES. Co • « Helicopter International Tjxas ' ;60 4 S3 PBr k B ' Yd ' ,. . PUBLIC RELATIONS ASST. Mo|or health ngencv seeks imagine !- e sfJ ' -storter . with oeneroi skill; in writing for all media, basic know! edge ol oraohics, and interest it community welfare to implemerr program and fond raising goals :LECTRICAL DESIGNERS :. SIRRINE CO. Is now hlrii i ttact J im Woods,JI3-783-00 »ht pollution!™,; 1 r-= 1 program ana tuna raising goals 3 Engineering MGR. Supervise, Must have full-rime transportation electronic exp. Reply to freedom to work ovec-fime. 3 yrs on Post Box 4682. EOE educational and or work experience •v, ji « . . .»rrsrss m communications. Storting salon ANCE MANAGER f . 300 e De : . v . r w,,h o«ne ' v ' " ™««MWfin fits. Send full resume and reference! ional finance company is iook- r an agresslve manager in Mis- M, Tennesse, Kentucky oreo. oppllconl must be wl ' ling to er. A minimum ol 3 years ex- ' ice in finance field Is required, ompany has excellent benefits, sharing, retirement, full Insur- program. All applications sub- will be held in strict • con- e Write or Call, W.H. Stein, 400 St. Paducah Ky. 42001. 502-442- t° J1 if ? n _ p _ ' s l_Bx ; _473J PROGRAMMER ANALYST: 14 yT . business programming exp. using CO- BOL. Signal Oil Gas 2800 No. Looa West. EOE PHOfKIX MUTUAL Before you say no to a meanlngtul, career opportunity in sales— get the real facts: (1) Phoenix Mutual HiSl) s the greatest growrng maior life company. (2) South Texas Agency re 5 ii ' , s hove increased 300 pet. since 1971. (3) Products are exceptional, (a! Trmnlno is professional. (5) Com- pensation plan Is liberal and signifi- cant. (6) Present associates enloy persona! success. No travel. Reply tc P.O. Box 228.8, Houston, 77027. GEOLOGIST- EOPHYSICIST « Pd. Salary Open k ! i° r HoSf,TSr M W f V r° " l° r » " «■ SWire f lSJIRw 4 P xoer.. Resume fn strictest of! - fi Coll Betty for full details PROGRAMMERS Minimum 1 Fi Continental Plocement Service " " " ' ' l irby Suite 170 524-3817 oncrete or SoTls Technician Call 748-6170 . . ■ yr. -BM 360-50 OS, Cobol, ALC. C. Low- rence Highlond Ins. Co. 224-SS41 PROPERTY TAJ( APPRAISER Salary open. Spring Inde r_i r r.: i ( , net lev, What will you do when you graduate? Get a job? Get married? Have kids? Go to graduate school? Take a long vacation? Get drunk? 159 ■ ■ t ' -- A. :! : J::::::: i mm ill ! mi mi 1, ' ,.! |_ 1 .] !; ' ' ! ' j : tlj ;l ' Reflections of time gone past still heavy laden memories of yesterday ' s dreams, all these revolve through my mind. I remember . . . long walks on rainy streets sleepless nights in 24-hour coffee shops unopened texts cramming for tests lonely weekends when everyone left town but me empty offi ces ungraded papers the everpresent dean fraternity woodsies quiet pep rallies football games won basketball games lost all this and more rest in my thoughts ready to come forth like a flash of time and it ' s all there as I march across that graduation stage. R. Fogaley Organizations • • • ; iiiilii ' i Iiv ' • " i ■ !, .. •I t ' l ' ?. ' : : " .! . :,iiS In:. " First row, left to right: Roger Goldsmith; Don Yates; Gene Barbin, sponsor; Gordon Clark, fall president; Steve Willis; Mark McDonough; Dewey Lawhon, spring president; Glenda Singleton, duchess; Richard Hill; David Chance; Kirk Tareilo; Rick Slater; Den- nis Fraley; George Hartwell; Bob Clark; John Kolbert, fall pledge class president; Mike Green. Second row, l eft to right: Mark Day; Mike Kosarek; Jose Garza; Barney Brown, spring pledge class president; Lee Lipscomb; Joe Lewis; Dick Stagner; Ted Krieger; John Smith; Ron Spahr; Frazier Carter. Third row: Mike Cronin; Kent Nutt. 16.5 Lions Club Seated, left to right: Gary Carter, Cliff Johanning, Betty Ellis, Max Spiller, Deck Denman, Jim German. Standing, left to right: Danny Mora, Roger Conaway, Jeff Hanawatt, Ken Hayman, Jim Boid, John Eaves. 166 Organization of Married Students Christopher Kirk, president, with wife Jan and and daughter Amy. Bill Starnes, vice president, with wife Becky and daughter Valerie. Carolyn Storey, secretary-treasurer, with husband Ver- tis, son Chris and daughter Allison. 167 Gamma Sigma Sigma service sorority Vanessa Adams Kathy Bell Marga Bolding Anna Lee Bradfield Betty Brown Charlsie Bruce Joann Caldwell Anna Belle Casterline Carol Coston Lynn Davis Marylee Dikszas Cyndia Dunevant Carman Eiker Mary Lou Escamilla Luanne Ewald Barbara George Noma Hall Meg Ingalls Elaine Johnson Jean Jostes Linda Kolvoord Terry Leggett Lynn Lindsey Donna Massey Mikel McCammon Carole Ann Miller Joy Niday Nancy Nixon Cindy Pascal Susie Redmon Linda Stanley Suzanne Thomas Cindy Thorton Herlinda Torres Cheri Turner Claudia White 168 First row, left to right: Linda Minner; Mary Ann Craft; Pam Doughtry; Vicki Howard. Second row, left to right: Kathy Bond, Wan- ice Lane; Betty Ellis; Linda Wright. Third row, left to right: George Loutherback, director; John Pierce, president; Randy Kil- patrick; Bruce McGowan; Johnny Hender- son; Donna Reynolds; Dave Fouts. f First row, left to right: Vicki Howard; Beverly ' Beaver ' Snell; TVl Cs Sharon Favor, treasurer; Becky Groves, historian; Wanice Lane; Patsy Thacker, secretary; Lynda Minner, second vice president. Second row, left to right: Vergie Hudson; Beverly Minner; Bar- bara Loutherback, sponsor; Cindy ' Missions ' Walker; Felecia Bauer; Kryss Tink. Third row, left to right: Janet Tinsley; Mary Ann Loggins; Terri Frank; Darlene Mitchell, president; Donna Davis; Becky Spriggs; Lynda Ausley; Mary Ann Craft; Clover Thomasson, historian; Eileen ' Coach ' Roach, chaplain; Rhea Clark; Mary Beth Wathem; Mamselle Betty Ellis; Pam McClure, first vice president; Patricia Wardlow; Pam Lord; Vicki Allen. 1 69 Wesley Foundation Seated:Lee Lispcomb, historian. Stand- ing, left to right: Kathy Kirk, president; Anita Oxley, vice president; Nancy Pomykal, treasurer. Newman Club Left to right: Cathy Johnson, vice president; Babs Bengstom, secretary; Joe Pecuir, president. Top to bottom, left to right: Hamid Bastani; David Smith; Mike Stowers, treasurer; Sarah Lee, secretary; Massoud Kazemzadeh, vice chairman; Franklin Adekiya; Hank Alexander, chairman. Baha ' i Front row, left to right: Ted Haynes; Diana Peacock, publicity chairwoman; Kathy Palmer; Joan Rodenbusch, secretary-treasurer; Kathy Twilley, vice president; Frank Ross, faculty advisor; Phyllis Martin. Back row, left to right: Mike Allison, president; Wynelle Norman; John Stevenson, sponsor; Rick Moehring; Gary Johnson; Todd Crick- man; James Dykes; Jesse Mixon, faculty advisor; David Moore. Left to right: Charles Brown, sponsor; Tom Nicodemus; Mark Hinton; Jesse Mixon, sponsor; Byron Ryder; Darrell Forster; Paul Nevels; Wynelle Norman, president. National Collegiate Association of Secretaries Seated, left to right: Kathy Gough, social chairman; Karen Kirbo, treasurer; Charlene Norwood, president; Janette Goulder, historian; Karen Harlan, publicity chairman; Robbynn Krenz, secretary. Second row, left to right: Pam Hart, vice president; Alice Tiller; Judy Aldrich; Jeanne Henley; Carolyn Largent; Ginger Hollo- way; Edith Whaley; Cindy Day; Mrs. Jean Rudisill, co-sponsor. Back row, left to right: Kathy Thompson, initiation committee head; Jane Burnett; Debi Whiddon; Patty Chervenka; Elizabeth Bailey; Susan Barbee; Donna Hill; Mavis Mason; Diane King; Carolyn Price. Alpha Kappa Psi professional business fraternity Seated, left to right: Jesse Richardson, district director; Mark Hinton, master of rituals; James Boid, president; Tom Nicodemus, vice president; Hal Darnold, secretary; Dr. Duane Key, chapter advisor. Standing, left to rigM ' Thomas Harper; Bill Gates; John Robo; Ray Kliesing, treasurer; Erick Renth; Allan Harrison; Willis Moore; Archie Myer. Phi Chi Theta professional business sorority Betty Booth Gwen Bryant Becky Byas Gloria Chiang Judy Cole Laurie Coleman Vicki Cook Donna Crawley Marilyn Deerman Janet Grainger Sheryl Griffin Robin Hale Ginger Halloway Cathy Halton Karen Harmeyer Becky Hudgens Jean Hurd Kaleen Hurley Debbie Kocur Teresa Latimer Regina Lurry Margie Miller Charlene Norwood Kathy Palmer Charlene Poe Karen Presley Phillis Rabourn Betty Rives Diann Russell Kay Spencer Vickie Thomas Linda Wagner Cathy Wallace Edith Whaley Linda White 174 First row: Dwayne Clark, vice president; Frank Willbanks, president. Second row, left to right: Bill Gates; Gordon Hil- gers; Walter Parrish, secretary; Larry Eason; Jack Johnson; Allen Curd; Keith Hooks; Bobby Dorsey, treasurer. Third row, left to right: Mel Montgomery, sponsor; Jeff Harrison; Mike Schofner; Tim Lambert; Don Montgomery; Johnny Carroll; Pete Moss; David Fedro. Kappa Kappa Psi national band fraternity Mu Phi Epsilon women ' s professional music sorority Left to right: Melanie Heslop, treasurer; Marianne Lampo, vice president; Rebecca Stanly, president; Mary Jane Clayton, secre- tary. 175 176 First row, left to right: Rayanne Sones, Barbara Bowden, Rebecca Stanley, Betty Lambert, Debbie Trott, Sandra Wells, Juli Jones, Cathy Mabry, Liz Allen, Margaret Forrest, Cindy Selkirk. Second row, left to right: Gayle Aguirre, Leah Carl- ton, Marilyn Magness, Penny Rodgers, Marcella Valdez, Sherri Oates, Beth Franklin, Mary Ann Clayton, Marianne Lampo, Carolyn McClain, Kim Copeland. Third row, left to right: Leland Crawford, Dennis Parnell, James Holder, Dick Stagner, Mark Bradley, David Standley, Dennis Himstedt, Mike Talley, Dale Rhodes, Bob Stanford, Mike Young. Fourth row, left to right: Jesse Atkinson, David Dillard, Gary Wood, Steve Eads, Jay Ruylle, Ric Berry, Richard Wells, David Craw- ford, Mike Ammons. Biology Club Sigma Pi Sigma physics honor society Left to right: Dr. W. W. Gibson, advisor; Twila Wade, secretary; Jim Hainbach, president; Dr. Charles Mims, advisor. Front row, left to right: Dr. John Decker, Gary Cort, Mrs. Barbara Cort, Dr. R. W. Gruebel, Dr. Thomas Callaway, Lacey Mimms. Back row: Dave Eastburn, Dr. James Nicholson. Sitting: Ruth Wheeler, Mary Jane Clayton. Back row, left to right: Tommy Webster, Dr. James Nicholson, Mrs. Barbara Cort, Gary Cort. Society of Physics Students 178 First row, left to right: Mike Newton, Jack Hill, Janet Smith, vlv l n C ] 1 1 H James Thomas, Ed Etter. Second row, left to righ t: Sandy Ray, yiVdllS UUU Tommy Thompson, Belinda Tillay, Robert Sulack, Mary Dol- linger, Ken Fairres, Jeff Fell, Tom Elgan. Third row, left to right: Mick Leech, John Smith, Jeff Hanawalt, Robert Koether, John Bowen, Ken Janek, Robert Averett, John Cornelius, Don Weise, Mike Hoffman. TSEA Left to right: Sandy McDade, first vice president; Carolyn Fisher, second vice president; Becky Ennis, secretary; Sue Flora, treasurer; Linda Wellens, president. National Student Speech and Hearing Association Front row, left to right: Nancy Forrest, Sylvia Bailey, Linda McKnight, Donna Nunn, Julie Easley, Karen Cresswell. Back row, left to right: Dr. Elnita Stanley, Parn Coldsnow, Betty Son- nenberg, Donnie Tegeler, Sharon Davis. Alpha Chi national honor society Left to right: Mark Hinton, vice president; Carol Coston, par- liamentarian; Pam Walker, president; Karen Cooley, sec- retary. RHA Sitting: Jan Rhodes, Dean Johnson. Standing: Garland Hart, Vicky Hanick. . si c s ts safeB Jsas« 182 Left to right: Cindy Vailey, Renee Manning, Phyllis Wheat, Sharon Otstott, Suzanne Brown, Michelle Daily, Sue Flora. UCHC UCCAC Front row, left to right: Pat Dolan, Debbie Thompson, Derf Zimmern, chairperson, Gay Derr. Back row, left to right: Ray Jones, Liz Naughton, Kathie Talafuse, Glenn Still, Susan Joiner, Gary Laws. 183 UCIIC Sitting, left to right: Ray Sustala; Randy Smith; Sue Peterson; Frances Barrett; Clay Fitzhugh; Randy Elms. Standing, left to right: Zorka Markovitch; Dave Harry; Kerney Homblen; Terri Sil- vers, chairwoman; Bill H awkins; Tim Richards. 184 First row, left to right: Terry White, chairwoman; Michelle Dailey; Debbie Sellers; Jean Arnett. Second row, left to right: Sue Kent; Carol Colvin; Susan Barbee; Diane King; Susan Bea- ver; Ginny Hill; Cindy Baily; Elizabeth Baily. Third row, left to right: Debbie Ellis; Dot Wilson; Ann Richardson; Alva Hill; Scotty Morgan; Nancy Forrest; Sally Cobb; Debbie Hudgeons; Dana Bonnes; Nancy Smithhart; Suzanne Fitts; Loree Holt; Andrea Watts. UCRC Sitting, left to right: Rinda Atkin- son, secretary; Ann Holland, chairwoman. Back row, left to right: Edie Dodson; Mary Lawson; lanelle Bobbitt. 185 UC Board of Chairmen First row, left to right: Linda Wellens, food service; Dene Gregar, dance; Terri Silver, ideas and issues; Nikki Kinnear, secretary; Carol Coston, communications; Ann Holland, recreation; Sherry Wellens, publicity; Paulette Siller, program consultant. Second row, left to right: Terry White, fashion; Mike Ryan, regional coordinator; Billy Baird, entertainment; Derf Zimmer, cinema arts; Alan Barclay, president; Joyce Crowell, vice president. 186 More people people people people people people people people people people people i 194 196 203 ■ I ' -U 1 2 a 1 3 CO -a -a x S ml 1 ' " 5 " as c c O no ? s 2 o - pa u CO PQ 00 £ 03 C - 1 — ' y irl ffl £ OS S3 Ptf oo . o OS 8 C r en O 22 S cu B 5 g •- 3 O [_i -t— M S 1 si |q g r « o a o J tu a 05 H 42 ° 3 «U — ua a, s « =a I Q g i-JU a; Ph p fes a 3— 7 r .4 216 ; ■ ■ .. ..;{.;;:. X Ph —t C D O w O 9) O-S ■ .£ to ' St w On,.. O. aj oj to ti b u « O . Etc HI - eo O g - SS » s i I b Sj W.S g, DC p W ■ -S3 to 226 Panhellenic First row: Virginia Rousseau Carol Spedale Second row, left to right: Kathy Thompson Gae Asbury Ann Mullins INTER-FRATERNITY COUNCIL First row, left to right: Randy Massey, Jack Peppard, Van Bradley, Joe Span- gler, Jim Harvey, Mike Jackson. John Perritte. Gary Linderberger, Dick Goodman, Louis Stoerner, Mike Chamblee. Second row, left to right: Wally Scoggins, Jim Truitt, Robert Rollen, John Manuel, Pete Johnson, Cooper Castleberry, Jimmy Jung, Barry Maines, John Threadgill, Jim Rudkin, Monte Grissom. Third row, left to right: Jimmy Shields, Bart Turner, Mike Loorehn, Lee Helm, Robert Graham, Tim Van Riper, Steve Culley, Bill Lowry, Joe Mackey, Joe Maxwell, Steve Miller. 228 Rush ' On the make ' 232 Greek Week: more of the same v IB N Greek, freak, GDI . . . We ' re all in this together 239 r 4 mm ■ m ffh u 1 4 The process of learning Is this the way we ' ve found mysteries of the universe? Is this the way we ' ve found e our minds for tomorrow? ive we been made. aw r are of our potentials? We are trying — time will tell. School of Fine Arts Department of Art Department of Communication Department of Music Department of Theatre School of Liberal Arts Offerings in Bible Department of English and Philosophy Department of Geography Department of History Department of Modern Languages Department of Political Science Department of Psychology Department of Sociology 259 264 School of Sciences and Mathematics Department of Biology Department of Chemistry Department of Geology Department of Mathematics Department of Military Science Department of Physics 269 School of Business Department of Accounting Department of Computer Science Department of Economics Department of General Business Department of Management Department of Office Administration 271 School of Education Department of Agriculture Department of Elementary Education Department of Health and Physical Education Department of Home Economics Department of School Services Department of Secondary Education 275 277 Robert McKibben, School of Education Dr. William Turner, School of Fine Arts Dr. J. N. Gerber, Graduate School Abbott, Dr. H. E.; Chemistry Adams, Dr. Jasper; Mathematics Allison, Dr. Sadie; Women ' s HPE Alexander, Dr. F. D.; Mathematics Anderson, Dr. Don; Geology Anderson, Ida; School Services Appleberry, Dr. Mary; Elementary Education Arscott, William; Art Ashley, Janelle; Management Atherton, Gladys; Home Economics Baker, Dr. Robert; Forestry Barnett, Carolyn; Women ' s HPE Barra, Dr. Ronnie; Men ' s HPE Barton, Dr. C. P.; Mathematics Bilan, Dr. Victor; Forestry Bizzell, Bobby; Management Boring, Wayne; Chemistry Bos, Dr. William; Communication Bourbon, Dr. Tom; Psychology Box, Terry; English Bridewell, R. O.; Modern Languages Brown, Dr. Charles; Economics Brunson, Marca; Elementary Education Bunch, Harold; Mathematics Burkett, Julius; Mathematics Busby, Ralph; Counselor Butts, Dr. John; Communication Cain, Dr. Roy; Head of English Callaway, Thomas; Physics Capel, Dr. Robert; Communication Cams, Mary; Political Science Cates, Charles; Chemistry Cecil, Maureen; English Chandler, Ann; Library Chaney, Elton; Mathematics Clagett, Arthur; Sociology Clark, Dr. W. D. ; Mathematics Clements, Dr. H. M.; Sociology Cofer, Bruce; Economics Collier, Dr. Loyd; Geography Cook, George; Biology Cooksey, Dr. Bennett; Elementary Education Coolodge, Dr. Richard; Music Corcoran, Emma; Art Cox, Norman; General Business Crocker, Charlene; Secondary Education Crocker, Dr. Marvin; Geology Dahmus, Dr. John; History Davis, Elizabeth; Modern Languages Delaney, Dr. Creighton; Art Deuth, Martin; Geology Devine, Dr. Joseph; History Dickerson, Dr. Ben; Sociology DiNucci, James; Men ' s HPE Downing, John; Military Science Dugas, Dr. Vera; History Duncan, Dr. Kirby; English Dunn, Nancy; Admissions Durr, Dr. Gloria; Heme Economics Durr, Kenneth; Office Administration Duskin, Joel; Music Ellerbrook, Dr. L. W.; Elementary Education Enmon. Vernon: Military Science Erhngs, Dr. Billie: Music Faulkner, Dr. Russell; Biology Fisher, Dr. Charles; Biology Ford, Dr. Diane; Art Franks, Dr. Thomas; Elementary Education Garrett, Dr. James; Chemistry Gaylord, Dr. Heinz; Head of Psychology 2S0 Gibson, Ethelind; Home Economics Green, Dr. Julian; Agriculture Goacher, Stephen; Music Gregory, Donald; Political Science Griffin, Dr. Alvera; Women ' s HPE Grimland, Charles; Men ' s HPE Gruber, Dr. Vivian; Modern Languages Hackney, Kenneth; Psychology Hall, Dr. M. E.; Music Hallman, Leon; Geography Hancock, Mildret; Library Hardy, Carolyn; Admissions Hargis, Troy; Management Haynes, Dixon; Director Student Publications Heino, Dr. Thomas; Theatre Hensley, Bonnie; Elementary Education Hobbs, Ben; Communication Hoff, Dr. Victor; Biology Hoffman, Dr. Francine; Communication Holland, Newel; Education Holt, Darrell; Music Houston, Dr. Neal; English Houston, Thomas; Music Howard, David; English Huff, Rosemary; English Huffty, Andrew; Men ' s HPE Hunt, Ellis; Forestry Hunter, Dr. Thomas; Economics Irons, Dr. Jerry; Elementary Education Irwin, Dr. June; Head of Women ' s HPE Johnson, Dr. Bobby; History Johnson, Dr. Wayne; Political Jones, Charles; Art Jones, David; Music Jones, Henry; Political Science Jones, Dr. Hershel; Geology Jones, Dr. Sue; Home Economics Kennedy, R.S.; Art Kight, Dr. Carl; Men ' s HPE Kinzer, Donald; Military Science Lackey, Jerry; Psychology Lambert, Kenneth; Bible Lane, Ruth; Library Layton, Dr. W. I.; Mathematics LeBouf, Billy; Mathematics LeClair, Willaim; Military Science Lenhart, Dr. David; Forestry Lewis, Dr. Hanna; Modern Languages Loutherback, George; Bible Low, Gene; Military Science Lowery, Tommie; History Mace, Dr. Kenneth; Biology Machel, Dr. Albert; Chemistry Magruder, James; Philosophy Malpass, Dr. Elizabeth; History Manger, William; Bible Mann, Robert; Music Martin, James; Forestry Maxwell, Dr. Robert; Head of History McCullough, Dr. Jack; Biology McCune, Ennis; Mathematics McGrath, Sylvia; History McGrath, Dr. Thomas; Forestry Mims, Dr. Charles; Biology Minner, Dan; Psychology Montgomery, Mel; Music Moore, John; Chemistry Morley, Max; Music Moser, Morgan; Secondary Education Muckleroy, Sue; Library 231 Munzinger, Dick; Men ' s HPE Murdock, Wayne; Economics Musick, Mita; Director of Residence Halls Program Naistat, Dr. Samuel; Chemistry Neel, Joe; Mathematics Nichols, Dr. James; History Noa, Fernando; Military Science Norton, Dr. Lucille; Women ' s HPE Pace, Ltc. Talton; Military Science Palmer, Edwinna; Counselor Pattillo, Janice; Elementary Education Petty, David; Sociology Potter, Paul; Communication Powell, Ronnie; Communication Powers, Dr. William; Communication Price, Carolyn; Office Administration Ragain, Ronnie; Psychology Rainwater, Dr. Fred; Biology Ramsey, Dr. Robert; Head of Communication Reeves, Joy; Sociology Rhodes, Dr. Odis; Elementary Education Richman, Allen; History Richter, Don; Library Robertson, Dr. Walters Biology Ross, Dr. Frank; Accounting Rucker, Margaret; Home Economics Rudisill, Jean; Office Administration Russell, Dr. Homer; Biology Sartin, Austin; Geology Schlicher, Dr. Karl; Art Schoenewolf, C. R.; English Schubert, Capt. Russell; Military Science Seaton, Dr. Jacob; Chemistry Shaw, Betsy; Home Economics Shivers, Laura; Home Economics Shows, David; Men ' s HPE Slagle, Dr. Wayne; Biology Smith, Dr. David; Forestry Smith, Frank; Elementary Education Smith, Weldon; General Business Snyder, James; Art Southern, Capt. R. D.; Military Science Spreadbury, Connie; Sociology Spreadbury, Dr. Wendall; Elementary Education Spurrier, Dr. Jack; School Services Standley, Oran; Agriculture Stanly, Dr. T. J.; Agriculture Steinhoff, Dr. RO.; Head of Geology Stewart, Dudley; Economics Thomas, Dr. Thurman; Agriculture Thompson, Dr. Leslie; English Toney, W. T.; Sociology Towns, Dr. Jim; Communication Turnage, Marty; Library Van Dover, Byron; Biology Vincent, Dr. Jerry; Geology Wade, Dr. M. B.; Sociology Walker, Dr. B. F.; B Chemistry Walker, Wyomie; Library Wallace, Elizabeth; Library Warren, Benson; Art Wedding, Ben; Military Science White, Dr. Ralph; Office Administration Williams, Glenn; Art Worsham, Ray; Men ' s HPE Wright, J. R.; Admissions Wright, Paulette; Secondary Education Yeagy, Dr. Robert; Mathematics Zillmer, Dr. H. L.; Theatre 282 Who ' s got the power? jjijjjjsmSJji y Glenn Justice, Dallas Mrs. Peggy Wedgeworth Wright, Nacogdoches Robert C. Gray, Austin (vice-chairman) Walter C. Todd, Dallas (chairman) Ernest Powers, Carthage Joe Bob Golden, Jasper Dr. John T. Lewis, vice-president for academic affairs Dr. Gordon Beasley, vice president for student affairs Dr. Richard Voigtel, director of development Dr. Clyde Iglinsky, director of admissions Student Development Melvin Wester, director of guidance and counseling Harvey Rayson, assistant dean of student life 288 r. Paul Harris, dean of student development Ernestine Henry, associate dean of student develop- an Samford, associate dean of student development ment Kenneth McFarland, director of housing! 290 THIS PHONE IS FOR FACULTY USE ONLY 5 T N t f ■ ' L if h j ' n k Hi ■ ft - 5i«riv-?fr Mr. SFA Dick Goodman Ms. Nacogdoches Ms. Spring Colleen Friemel Debbie Tomlin 296 Tim Taylor, biology Who ' s Who Joe Rogers, forestry Debbie Egger, English , music Scott Smith, accounting Who ' s Who Pam Saleh, theatre 300 Ann Mullins, elementary education Kathy Palmer, business Terry Halladay, select student Who ' s Who Kay Haley, theatre Mike Jones, HPE Monte Grissom, business Charslie Bruce, English 302 Susie Ashburn, home economics Gae Asbury, art 30:1 SENIOR CLASS Left to right: Dick Goodman, president; Julie David; representative; Ann Mullins, represent- ative; Nikki Kinnear, secretary; Joe Rogers, vice president. Class Officers JUNIOR CLASS — Lett to right: Randy Read, president; Mary Anne Loggins, representative; Jeanie Shaddix, secretary; Noel Kelley, vice president; Susan Scheumack, repre- sentative. SOPHOMORE CLASS — Left toright: Bruce Hammack, president; Karen Bradshaw, secretary-treasurer; Carole Jessup, representative; Nancy Forrest, representative; George Reese, vice president. FRESHMAN CLASS — Left to right: Tim Relyea, president; Janie Riley, secretary-treasurer; David Ash, vice president; Mark Hobson, representative. 307 Marilyn Cleaver, graduate Barry Maines, sophomore Tanya Tullos, graduate class president Mark Wood, freshman Jeannie Johnson, freshman Abell, Catherine; Houston freshman Adams. Jana; Newton freshman Adams, Janice; Burleson junior Adams. Karen; Richardson freshman Adams, Kathryn: Houston sophomore Adams, Patricia; San Augustine senior Adams, Riley; Center senior Adams, Sue; Houston freshman Alegria, Virginia; Corpus Christi sophomore Allen, Beverly; Houston freshman Allen, Marcia; Waco sophomore Anderson, Analyn; Lufkin freshman Anderson, Cynthia; Sherman freshman Anderson, Sharon; Rio Grande City junior Andrews, Deborah; Piano senior Andrews, John; Corpus Christi senior Anthony, Ann; Houston sophomore Appleberry, Lee; Nacogdoches graduate Armand, Margie; Galveston senior Arrington, William; Garland freshman Askins, Sally Lynn; Dallas junior Atwood, Barbara; Pearland freshman Aukes, Dean; Carrollton sophomore Ausley, Linda; Mesquite junior Austin, Dick; Fort Worth junior Austin, Steve; Nacogdoches senior Avery, Anne; Longview senior Avrett, Robert; Wichita Falls freshman Averitte, Curtis; Palestine graduate Ashburn, Susie; Irving senior Babcock, James; Sparta, New Jersey senior Baggett, Donnis; Livingston senior Bailess, Scotty; Corpus Christi sophomore Bailey, Cindy; Houston sophomore Bailey, Elizabeth; Mesquite sophomore Bailey, Karen; Wells, senior Baine, Dede; Texas City sophomore Baker, Janet; Orange senior Ball, Becky; Shreveport, La. senior Bane, Mike; Cleburne freshman Banfield, Darrell; Corsicana freshman Bang, Judy; Houston sophomore Barbee, Susan; Weslaco sophomore Barry, Sheila; Houston junior Bartlett, Sandra; Overton senior Basnett, Diane; Lancaster freshman Bauerle, Sharon; Houston freshman Beare, Margaret; San Antonio senior Beauchamp, Ray; Houston freshman Beaver, Susan; Lufkin junior Beduhn, Barbara; Garland senior Beeler, Mary; Katy senior Bees, Dorothy; Dallas freshman Bell, Alberta; Lufkin senior Bell, Becky; Dallas senior Bell, Jonna; Tyler senior Bello, Jennifer; San Antonio junior Bello, Joanne; San Antonio junior Benefield, Mike; Mesquite senior Bennett, Celia; Fort Worth freshman Bennett, Don; Dallas sophomore Bennett, Elaine; Lufkin sophomore Benoy, Warren; Nacogdoches junior Berry, Deborah; El Paso sophomore Bertling. Doug; Austin junior Bewley, Bob; Houston senior Bewley, Eloise; Dallas junior Biela, Debra; Atlanta freshman Biggs, Carla; Smithland freshman Biggs, Michael; Longview junior 350 Bingaman, Fred; Arlington freshman Binz, Janie; San Antonio junior Bishop, Debbie; Gilmer junior Bishop, Pamelia; Gilmer senior Bishop, Vicki; Pittsburg freshman Bitting, Neal; York, Pa. senior Bjork, William; Mineola junior Black, Dee; Lufkin senior Blackburn, Cheryl; Ft. Worth senior Blackburn, Galen; Ft. Worth freshman Blackmon, Steve; Garland freshman Blair, Laura; Richardson freshman Bledsoe, Barbara; Ft. Worth junior Blonstein, Kathryn; Katy junior Blubaugh, CoLynn; Houston sophomore Blue, Richard; Houston junior Bobadilla, Michele; Dallas freshman Bodeaux, Martha; Houston sophomore Boland, Jan; Lufkin senior Boland, Karl; Houston freshman Bonar, Nancy; Houston freshman Bond, Debbie; Livingston sophomore Bonnes, Dana; Conroe sophomore Booth, Betty; Houston sophomore Bopp, Susie; Houston sophomore Border, David; Garland senior Border, Jim; Garland sophomore Borechel, Larri; Ft. Worth freshman Borel, Robert; Woodville senior Boren, Patricia; Garland junior Bostick, Blake; Tyler sophomore Bostick, Janet; Longview sophomore Bostick, Ray; Gilmer senior Botts, Sharon; Houston freshman Bounds, Vicki; Spring sophomore Box, Stephen; Canton senior Bozeman, Peggy; Terrell senior Braden, Sharon; Lake Jackson sophomore Bradford, Diana; Dallas senior Bradshaw, Janet; Garland sophomore Brady, Billy; Long Branch junior Brady, John; Tyler junior Branch, Cynthia; Houston senior Brannon, Carla; Cleburne freshman Brawley, Nancy Lynn; Houston sophomore Brazeal, Royce; Dallas senior Brechen, Fred; Mineola graduate Brennan, Mary; Woodsboro freshman Brewer, Janice; Pasadena sophomore Brimbenny, Eron; Houston freshman Brittain, Peggy; Center junior Brixey, Nancy; Houston senior Brizendine, Beverly; Houston freshman Broadway, Eugene; Port Neches senior Broberg, Norma: Houston junior Brock, Beverly; Houston senior Brock, John; Tyler graduate Bronson, Bill: Dallas junior Brooks. Alyce; Texarkana freshman Brooks, Gary; Dallas sophomore Brooks, Judy: Rusk senior Brothers, Pam; Joppatowne, Md. junior Broussard, Jan; Orange sophomore Brower. Kirn; Richardson freshman Brown, Betty: Dallas senior Brown, Debrah; Center freshman Brown, Janna; Ft. Worth junior Brown, Melinda; Dallas senior Brown, Shelly: Rockport junior Brown, Steve; Dallas freshman 311 Brown, Thomas: Garland sophomore Browne, Robert; Lancaster junior Brubaker, Barry; Houston sophomore Bruce. Charlsie; Angleton senior Brumbaugh, Kathy; Houston junior Brumlow, Susan; Houston junior Bryant, Gwendolyn; Jasper senior Buford, Linda; Houston freshman Bull, David; Grand Prairie senior Bullock, Leslie; Houston freshman Bunge, Julie; Houston junior Bunnell, Don; Austin junior Burch, David; Longview junior Burden, Harryett; Ennis senior Burford, Vickie; Alvin freshman Burgess, Randy; Grand Saline freshman Burgess, Theresa; Arlington junior Burghard, Joseph; San Antonio junior Burgin. Gloria Jean; Longview senior Burke, Cora; Ft. Worth sophomore Burke, Daniel; Houston sophomore Burrell, AJmetrice; Nacogdoches freshman Burrows, Eugene; San Antonio freshman Burtner, Becky; Bonham freshman Burton, Cindy; Ft. Worth senior Burton, Sandra; Henderson senior Butler, Elizabeth; Dallas freshman Butts, Danny; Seminole senior Butts, Kathy; Nacogdoches freshman Byas, Becky; Hurst junior Byford, Brenda; Nacogdoches junior Byrd, Debra; Chireno junior Cain, Michael; Dallas junior Caperton, Cathy; Dallas freshman Carnes, Cheryl; Garland junior Carpenter, Billy; Bonham freshman Carrier, Darlene; Waskom junior Carrillo, Anna; Alexandria, Va. sophomore Carter, David; Dallas junior Carter, Martin; Los Angeles, Ca. freshman Case, Mark; Lufkin freshman Casey, Patti; Anahuac freshman Castle, Robert; Houston freshman Castloo, Deena; Mineola senior Cathem, Teresa; Richardson junior Cave, Jane; Dallas freshman Cawthon, Paula; Ft. Worth senior Cayce, Gary; Henderson senior Cayce, Kay; Henderson senior Celestine, Diana; Livingston sophomore Cerliano, Rebecca; Longview graduate Chambers, Karen; Sherman freshman Chancellor, Diana; Nacogdoches junior Chancellor, Ronnal; Nacogdoches junior Chastain, Patricia; Dallas senior Cherry, Tim; Nacogdoches junior Chervenka. Patty; Port Lavaca sophomore Chevalier, Donna; Joaquin junior Childress, Judy; Hale Center freshman Chrisope, Becky; Beaumont senior Clark, Gordon; Hallettsville senior Clark, Mary; Cleburne junior Clark, Rhea; Austin sophomore Clarke, Cathleen; Lake Jackson senior Cleaver, Marilyn; Baytown graduate Cleveland, Angela; LaPorte graduate Cloud, Corby; New Braunfels freshman Cloud, William; Livingston freshman Cobb, Connie; Brownsville junior Cobb, Sara; Houston freshman 312 Coffer, Mike; Lake Jackson sophomore Coker, Rachel; Nacogdoches senior Coldsnow, Pam; Pittsburg freshman Cole, Judy; Atlanta junior Coleman, Laurie; Irving sophomore Colson, Mona; Houston senior Colvin, Carol; Richardson senior Colwell, Lynne; Broaddus junior Conger, Lisa; Houston freshman Conik, Dawn; Houston freshman Conner, Linda Lou; Houston junior Cook, James; Austin freshman Cook, Scott; Sanger junior Cook, Vicki; Dallas senior Cooksey, Rebecca; Irving junior Cooley, Karen; Lubbock junior Cooper, Leah; Houston freshman Copeland, Melinda; Dickinson freshman Copeland, Neva; Pollok freshman Cordera, Marianne; Houston junior Cornelius, Jolene; Liberty senior Cornwell, Ron; Garland sophomore Coston, Carol; Houston junior Couch, Timothy; Tyler junior Coulson, Karla; Carrollton junior Cousins, Peggy; Houston freshman Coussons, Jean; Alto sophomore Coussons, Lynne; Alto senior Cowling, Mary; Greenville freshman Craig, Diane; Spring sophomore Crawford, Byron; Texarkana senior Crawford, Carole; Tyler junior Crawford, John; Beckville senior Crawford, John; Marble Falls senior Crawford, Lenore; Dallas junior Crawford, Thomas; Henderson senior Crawley, Donna; Port Neches senior Crews, James; Dallas senior Crisp, Crystal; Port Neches sophomore Cromer, Patti; Mt. Pleasant senior Crowley, Billy; Nacogdoches senior Crowley, Glenda; Nacogdoches senior Culberson, Vicki; Houston sophomore Cummings, Doris; Longview senior Cunningham, David; Brazoria junior Curfman, Lindy; Houston freshman Curington, David; Corsican a senior Curington, Sally; Corsicana freshman Dailey, John; Garland freshman Daily, Michelle; Houston sophomore Daily, Shawn; Clearwater, Fla. graduate Danheim, Danny; Brenhom senior Darden, Laura; Chester senior Darnold, Hal; Kilgore senior Darr, Brenda; Ft. Worth junior Dasch, Thomas; Nacogdoches senior Davenport, Deborah; Houston junior Davenport, Donna; Crosby sophomore Davenport, Marilyn; Marshall senior Davenport, Ronnie; Crosby senior David, Mary; Orange freshman Davidson, Carla; Houston freshman Davidson, Charlotte; Ft. Worth freshman Davidson, Dennis; Dallas sophomore Davidson, Jimmy; Houston freshman Davis, Connie; Dallas freshman Davis, Delia Anne; Ft. Worth senior Davis, Donna; Ft. Worth junior Davis, Janice; Pasadena junior Davis, Kathy; Sugarland sophomore 313 Davis, Margaret: Dallas freshman Day, Cindy; Garland sophomore Day, Robert; Houston freshman Dealy, Tom; Texarkana senior Dean. D ' Wanna: Overton sophomore Dean, Janet; DeKalb senior Deck, Karen; Richardson junior Decuir, Joseph; Lufkin freshman Defee, Eddy; Pasadena sophomore Deines, Mary; Ft. Worth freshman DeLamar, Cynthia; Timpson senior DeLamar, John; Timpson junior Delo, Sheryl; Longview senior DeLuca, Julia; Houston freshman Dempsey, Susan; Stafford freshman Denton, Robert; Mansfield sophomore Diamond, Rose; Irving senior Dickens, Becky; Houston sophomore Dickson, Dennis; Friendswood junior Dillard, David; Brownwood sophomore Dillingham, James; Texarkana sophomore Dillon, Forrest; Nacogdoches sophomore Dinell, Jody; Ft. Worth senior Dinklage, Joan; Texas City senior Dixon, Barbie; Houston junior Dixon, David: Dallas graduate Dixon, Dorann; Dallas junior Dixon, Terry; Richardson freshman Doane, Linda; Sugarland junior Dobson, Steve; Bellaire freshman Dominey, Roger; Huntington senior Donahue, Michael; Baytown junior Dorris, Cindi; Overton junior Dotson, Brenda; Jacksonville senior Douglass, Martha; Palestine junior Douglass, Patricia; Dallas senior Downs, Rose; Hallsville sophomore Doyle, Anne; Tyler junior Draper, Barbara; Rusk sophomore Drew, Dorothy; Dallas senior Dudley, Tom; Santa Rosa freshman Duff, Louis; Houston freshman Duffin, Kathy; Houston junior Dugger, Janice; Gilmer junior Duncan, Marcy; Lewisville senior Duncan, Scott; San Antonio sophomore Dunevant, Cyndia; Dallas senior Dunlap, Athena; Waco junior Dunlap, Eddie; Garland sophomore Dunn, Kay; Waxahachie junior Dunn, Marti; Lindale freshman Dunsmore, Linda; Alice freshman Durrett, Terry; Dallas junior Dyer, Debra; Dallas sophomore Dyes, Linda; Chireno senior Earle, Cindy; Dallas freshman Easley, Nancy; Elkhart junior Eddings, Jackie; Nacogdoches sophomore Edds, James; Nacogdoches freshman Edmonds, Sheila; Marlin freshman Edwards, Elwanda; Montgomery sophomore Eernisse, Beverly; West Columbia junior Egger, Debby; Irving senior Eiker, Carmen; Longview sophomore Eldredge, Mary; Lake Dallas freshman Eldridge, Sherrita; Houston senior Elizonov, Martha; Houston freshman Elledge, Marian; Houston freshman Elliot, Debbie; Houston junior Elliot, James; Manfield freshman .3U Elliot, Rhonda; Houston freshman Ellis, Betty; Ft. Worth junior Ellis, Bobby; Seagraves senior Ellison, Linda; Dallas junior Elms, Randy; San Antonio sophomore Elstad, Suzie; Houston junior Elwell, John; Longview junior Emanis, Dwayne; Houston sophomore Emmitte, Denise; Galveston senior Ennis, Cathy; Dallas freshman Ennis, Rebecca; Houston senior Evans, Mark; Ft. Worth junior Ewing, Rebecca; Baytown sophomore Fagola, Ellen; Dallas sophomore Farley, Field; Port Aransas senior Fatherree, Susan; Houston senior Faudry, Becky; Houston junior Faughn, Debra; Kerens junior Faulkner, Kathy; Clute junior Fedro, David; Marlin freshman Feeback, Kevin; Lincoln, Mont, junior Fenberg, Jan; Houston senior Fenton, Kathy; Dallas sophomore Ferrell, Joanna; Garland junior Ferrell, Kathy; Gilmer senior Ferro, Kaye; Houston freshman Few, James; Lufkin junior Fief, Joyce; Danbury senior Finley, Mike; Houston senior Fisher, Carolyn; Houston senior Fisher, Ludonna; Allen freshman Fitzgerald, Frankey; Center junior Fitzhugh, Charles; Texarkana sophomore Fix, Laurel; Dallas freshman Fleenor, Patty; Abilene junior Fleming, Pat ricia; Pasadena freshman Flora, Sue; Houston junior Flores, Aurora; Los Indios senior Folen, Kathy; Garland freshman Forbes, Jerry; Houston senior Forbes, Robert; Marshall freshman Ford, Brenda; Borger freshman Ford, Michael; Broaddus senior Foreman, Mary Jane; Texas City sophomore Forman, Georgiana; Lubbock senior Forrest, Nancy; Mexia sophomore Forster, Darrell; Port Lavaca senior Foster, Kathryn; Denton senior Fountain, Tommye; Chireno freshman Fouts, Dave; Ft. Worth senior Fowler, Cheryl; Deer Park senior Fowler, David; Lufkin senior Fowler, Karen; Springfield, Va. sophomore Fox, Sherry; Winona junior Framme, Marianne; Houston freshman Frank, Terri; Dallas sophomore Franki, Julene; Alice freshman Franko, Mary; Ft. Worth junior Franks, Linda; New Caney freshman Frazier, Alys; Garland senior Fredenburg, Debbie; Liberty senior Freeman, Pam; Dallas freshman Frick, Patty; Houston senior Fuge, Rebecca; Houston freshman Furr, Rhonda; McKinney freshman Garner, Larry; Little Rock, Ark. graduate Garrett, Deborah; Tyler freshman Garrey, Cindy; Piano freshman Gates. Bill; Dallas senior Gates, Robert; Tomball sophomore 315 Gattis, Mona; Mesquite junior Geese, Cathy; Kilgore senior George, Barbara; Amarillo senior George, Sheri; Center junior German, Gerald; Nacogdoches sophomore Gerxnan, Harry: Nacogdoches senior Gibson, Elaine; Ft. Worth junior Giesecke, Joanette; Conroe sophomore Giles, Rick; Naples junior Giles, Vicki; Palestine sophomore Gillespie, Janel; Houston junior Gilson, Judy; Lufkin senior Givens, Malinda; Houston sophomore Glasgow, Cynthia; Dallas senior Glover, Ben; Linden freshman Godden, Valarie; Houston sophomore Godfrey, Don; Carrollton junior Golding, Donna; Marshall junior Goller, Leslie; Winnie freshman Gonzalez, Edward; Rockport senior Goodwin, Debbie; Ft. Worth junior Gosa, Stirling; Irving freshman Gould, Rachel; LaMarque senior Grady, Cletus; Silverton senior Grady, Margie; Hereford graduate Graham, Robert; Dallas junior Graham, Stephen; Houston senior Granbery, Sarah; Houston freshman Grass, Randy; Houston junior Gray, Adrienne; Longview freshman Gray, Betty; Clayton junior Gray, Betty; Corpus Christi sophomore Gray, Robert; Livingston freshman Green, Francine; Dallas freshman Green, Gayle; Richardson sophomore Green, Harold; Dallas senior Green, Kelly; Jacksonville senior Green, Rita; Taft freshman Greenslade, Wendy; Kaufman freshman Greer, Robert; Nacogdoches senior Gregory, Melanie; Houston freshman Griffis, Sheryl; Nacogdoches sophomore Griswold, Glenda; Nacogdoches junior Groce, Robin; Dallas freshman Groom, Bill; Jacksonville sophomore Groth, Sybil; Belton freshman Grubbs, Kathy; Marshall freshman Grube, Ruth; Livingston junior Guidry, Ronald: Houston freshman Guidry, Tommy; Port Arthur freshman Gunlock, Michele; Piano freshman Gunstenson, Sandra; Piano junior Gurney, William; Tyler senior Gutweiler, Paula; Ft. Worth junior Guzman, Mary; Houston senior Hackett, Janet; Channelview sophomore Hackett, Patricia; LaMarque senior Hagler, Holli: Longview senior Hairgrove, Janice; Tenaha senior Hale, Cindy; Houston freshman Hallman, Lorene; Coleman senior Hall, Mary; Goodrich sophomore Hall, Samuel; Temple sophomore Hall, Sandra; Lufkin junior Hallmark, Reba; Crockett senior Hamilton, Clifford: Lufkin senior Hammack, Bruce; Angleton sophomore Hancock, Karen; Dickinson freshman Hancock, Lorie; Arlington freshman Hanes, John; Houston freshman 3!6 A A L P jj j 4 4t) Jtk Jftk J5i z fc | " Hanes, Shirley; Houston freshman Hanicak, Vicki; Port Neches junior Hanson, David; Baytown senior Hanson, Jan; Baytown senior Hardy, Rickey; Dallas sophomore Harper, Glenn; Stafford freshman Harper, Susan; West Columbia junior Harrell, Gene; Carthage junior Harris, Marlita; Kaufman junior Harris, Vickie; Corsicana senior Harrison, Diane; Houston freshman Harrison, James; McAllen junior Harrison, Jeffrey; Diboll freshman Hart, Cynthia; Ennis junior Hartenstine, Debbie; Lewisville junior Harvey, O.P.; Skellytown freshman Hayman, Kenneth; Edna graduate Haynes, Rob; Houston sophomore Hearne, Jennifer; Jacksonville senior Hedrick, Janette; Lufkin junior Heflin, David; Gary junior Hefner, Kathy; Dallas junior Heintzelman, Jim; Big Lake sophomore Henderson, Johnnie; Forney junior Henry, Debbie; Dickinson freshman Henry, Debbie; Forney sophomore Henry, Michelle; Piano freshman Herndon, Stan; Dallas freshman Herod, Candy; Pasadena junior Herreth, Carl; Lolita senior Herrin, Virgle; Jasper senior Herring, Debbie; Overton junior Heslop, Melanie; San Antonio junior Hiatt, Mariann; Richardson junior Hickman, Melanie; Ft. Worth sophomore Hicks, Mary; Richardson freshman Higginbotham, Holly; Groves sophomore Hill, Danny; Dallas freshman Hill, Harvey; Jacksonville senior Hill, James; Nacogdoches graduate Hill, Kay; Waco graduate Hill, Linda; Longview senior I Hill, Molly; Ft. Worth freshman Hillary, Hile; Ft. Worth senior Hillin, Terry; Nacogdoches junior Hilscher, Janice; Dallas sophomore Hilton, Sarah; Houston freshman Hobson, Mark; Houston freshman Hoffman, Annette; San Antonio freshman Holbert, Bruce; Amarillo junior Holder, Donna; Henderson senior Holder, Stella; Dallardsville senior Holland, James; Linden freshman Holliday, Robert; Ft. Worth junior Hollier, Kris; Port Arthur freshman Holliman, Juanita, Arlington freshman Hollingsworth, Patricia; Mesquire senior Holm, Leslie; Irving senior Holmes, Cheryl; Montgomery freshman Holt, Dana; Gilmer junior Holt, Loree, Dallas freshman Hooks, Keith; New London junior Hopkins, Jack; Longview junior Hopkins, Pat; Hughes Spring senior Horan, Jean; Dallas junior Howard, Carol; Ft. Worth senior Howard, Susan; Houston freshman Howard, Terry; Waco senior Howard, Vicki; Ft. Worth senior Howeth, Lawana; Henderson sophomore 317 ! Hudgens, Becky; Grand Prairie junior Hudgeons, Deborah; Conroe freshman Hudson, David; Irving junior Hughes, Robert; Ringgold senior Hughes, Russell ' Houston sophomore Hulsey, Deborah; Waco senior Huklsey, Patricia; Orange sophomore Hunsucker, Sherry; Baytown freshman Hunt, Pam; Nacogdoches sophomore Hurd, Jean; Richardson senior Hurley, Kaleen; Arlington sophomore Idom, Jennifer; Longview senior Iserman, Terri; Houston freshman Ivy, Jacqui; Houston junior Jacks, Debbie; Longview sophomore Jacobs, Paula; Houston junior James, Deborah; Dallas sophomore Janek, Kenneth; Dallas freshman Janicek, Alicia; Bellaire freshman Jensen, Linda; Dallas senior Jepson, Jackie; Houston senior Jerrigan, Sylvia; Sherman freshman Jesse, Meg; Houston senior Jessup, Carole; Irving sophomore Johnson, Catherine; Alice sophomore Johnson, David; Longview freshman Johnson, Jeannie; Waco freshman Jones, Bonnie; Huntington junior Jones, Jimmy; Daingerfield senior Jones, Kelly; Arlington junior Jones, Louise; Dallas junior Jones, Trisha; Austin freshman Jordan, Joe; Longview junior Jorgensen, Jo; Arlington freshman Jostes, Lynn; Beaumont senior Jousan, Beverly; Joaquin senior Jousan, Frank; Joaquin senior Jurek, Debbie; Dallas freshman Kaler, Jeff; Houston junior Karr, Catherine; Dallas freshman Karrer, Philip; Marion sophomore Kast, Joe; Dallas junior Katz, Barbara; Tyler graduate Keitz, Karen; Dallas junior Kelley, Carol; Dallas junior Kelley, Noel; Dallas junior Kellum, Dan; Longview senior Kellum, Virginia; Jasper senior Kelton, Mary; McCamey sophomore Kendziora, Sharon; Houston freshman Keng, Greg; Cleveland senior Kennedy, Bonnie; Nacogdoches senior Kennedy, Cheryl; Longview freshman Kennedy, Patricia; Longview junior Kennemer, Rebecca; Longview sophomore Kent, Sue; Lufkin junior Kessler, Paul; Dallas junior Ketchum, Laura; Dallas freshman Keys, Debbie; Terrell junior Kiewit, Scott; Dallas freshman Kilpatrick, Deborah; Dallas sophomore Kimmey, Karen; Lufkin freshman King, Diane; Garland freshman Kinnaird, Stephen; Humble junior Kinney, Janet; Longview junior Kirk, Christopher; Milan, 111. senior Kirk, Jane; Hughes Spring sophomore Kirk, Kathleen; Houston sophomore Kirk, Kathv; McGregor senior Kirk, I aura; Omaha sophomore 318 Kirk, Randall: Nacogdoches senior Kirk, Tess; Nacogdoches senior Kirkland, Rex; Joaquin senior Kirkwood, Gayla; Nacogdoches sophomore Kissell, Brian; Houston freshman Kistenmacher, Eddie; Dallas sophomore Kittrell, Bill; Texarkana freshman Klapprott, Carla; Arlington freshman Kliesing, Ray; Pearland junior Kloesel, Karen; Baytown senior Knight, Jeanie; Houston freshman Knotts, Sandra; Houston freshman Koehler, Mark; Dickinson freshman Kolvoord, Linda; Cypress senior Krupala, Kay; Dickinson freshman Kueteman, Karol; LaMarque freshman Kunitz, Sharon; Sherman freshman Kuykendall, Donna; Pittsburg freshman Lacombe, Don; Houston sophomore Laird, Linda; Baytown freshman Lambert, Charles; Katy junior Lambert, Charles; Ft. Worth freshman Lancaster, Sandra; Dallas freshman Lane, Joanne; Jasper senior Lang, Karen; Nacogdoches senior Lang, Morris; Nacogdoches senior Lange, Ronald; Nacogdoches junior Langston, Angela; Houston freshman LaSalle, Laurie; Ft. Worth sophomore LaSeur, Richard; Waco senior Lasiter, Patricia; Palestine junior Latham, Laura; Dallas freshman Latimer, Teresa; Hooks senior Latourette, Libby; Houston freshman Lawhon, Dewey; Dallas senior Lay, Pamela; Midland junior Leamon, Charles; Irving freshman LeBouf, Ann; Nacogd oches junior Lee, Mary Ann; Cushing sophomore Lee, Sarah Jane; Springfield, Pa. senior Lee, Steve; Nacogdoches sophomore Leggett, Terry; Joaquin junior Lelsz, Deborah; LaMarque junior Leonard, Andrea; Houston freshman Leonard, Larry; Duncanville freshman Leonard, Virginia; Dallas freshman Liebrum, Mike; Dallas senior Light, Charlotte; Alief junior Lindenberg, Claudia; Mesquite sophomore Lindsey, Lawrence; Hooks senior Lipe, Mary; Port Arthur freshman Little, Ivin; Lufkin freshman Lively, Rosemary; Houston senior Long, Julie; Waco senior Lott, Floyd; Frankston junior Lotz, Kim; Ft. Worth freshman Loughran, Dianne; Houston junior Love, Debbie; Clarksville junior Love, Joy; Houston junior Lovelace, Gary; Hallsville junior Loyd, William; Gilmer senior Lucko, Linda; Cameron junior Luksa, Denise; Ennis sophomore Lumpkin, James; Nacogdoches senior Lurry, Regina; Texarkana junior Luyties, Beth; Baytown sophomore Lynch, Carol; McGregor senior Lynch, Paula; Jacksonville freshman Lyons, Richard; Jasper freshman Mabry, Cathy; Mesquite freshman 319 Mace, John; Dallas junior Mackeen. Patricia; Texas City junior Magee, Rosemary; Murchinson senior Mahoney. Katy, Houston junior Major. Jan; Richardson freshman Malott, Michael; Spring sophomore Maness, David; Angleton senior Maness, Russell; Jacksonville junior Mann, Nancy; Houston freshman Marek, David; Kaufman freshman Marshall, Hines; Garland freshman Marshall, Leischen; Dallas freshman Martin, Kathleen; Dallas freshman Martin, Sharon; Henderson sophomore Martin, Ten; Houston junior Marx, Deanna, Dallas sophomore Mason, Ernest; Eldred, Pa. senior Massey, Donna; Dallas sophomore Massey, Jeff; Killeen freshman Mata, Maria; Woodshore graduate Matlock, Doug; Houston senior Matrocks, Denise; Houston senior Matzke, Steve; Houston junior May, Kathy; Houston junior Mayfield, Gayle; Tyler freshman Mays, Mary; Jacksonville sophomore McAtee, Linda; Tyler junior McBride, Bama; Alvin freshman McCamey, Carolyn; Dallas junior McCarloz, Max; Nacogdoches sophomore McCarthy, Brent; Houston senior McCartney, Patricia; Dallas freshman McCarty, Laura; Houston freshman McCaw, Alleyne; Greenville junior McClendon, Carol; Carthage junior McClure, Gail; Humble freshman McCollum, Connie; Houston sophomore McCord, Eddie; Kerens junior McCoy, Margaret; Carrollton freshman McDaniel, Mike; Winnie junior McDaniel, Stephen; Houston junior McDonough, Mark; Tyler junior McFarland, Dixie; Garland sophomore McFatridge, Regina; Freeport freshman McGee, Sherry; Stephenville sophomore McGrath, Elaine: Hurst junior McGuire, Susan; Houston freshman McGruder, Wanda; Lufkin senior McKay, Lucinda; Chandler senior McKinney, Chuck; San Angelo graduate McKinney, Cindy; White Oak senior McKinney, Nancy; Mexia senior McKnight, Linda; Houston junior McLeroy, Ed; Center senior McMullan, LaTrix; Snyder sophomore McMurry, Karen; San Antonio senior McNamara, Kathy; Orange senior McNamara, Terry; Marshall freshman McNeel, Patrice; Dickinson freshman McNeil, Janet; Tomball senior McWhorter, Rita: Houston junior Meacham, Mellisa: Bay City freshman Mead, Linda; Jacksonville senior Meagher, Jana; Houston freshman Menotti, janet; Dickinson senior Meredith, Cindy; Dallas junior Mir.hie, Sara; Conroe freshman Middleton, Glenda; Liberty senior 320 m ■ ■■■■ ■■MMMn nHHjjjHmH mP h g b b Mr Miller, Carole Ann; Houston senior Miller, Debbie; Dallas senior Miller, John; Center junior Miller, Margie; Marshall freshman Miller, Steve; Ft. Worth junior Mills, Stephen; Spring freshman Milton, Roxanne; Dallas freshman Mims, Cathy; Henderson freshman Mince, Marilyn; Humble freshman Miranda, Beverly; Dallas freshman Mitchell, Jeanne; Dallas junior Modisette, Patsy; Lufkin senior Moebes, Arthur; Katy junior Molis, Linda; Texas City senior Monk, Kathleen; Houston junior Montanio, Louis Anthony; San Antonio senior Montgomery, Ann; Dallas sophomore Monzingo, Cheryl; Midland freshman Moody, Debby; Waco senior Moody, Joe; Waco junior Moore, Ann Mary; Houston senior Moore, Barbara; Jacksonville senior Moore, Doris; Tyler senior Moore, Larry; Dallas senior Moore, Larry; Houston senior Moore, Paul; Humble freshman Moorman, Margaret; Richardson senior Morgan, Kay; Abbott senior Morris, Carol; San Antonio sophomore Morris, Gay; Lufkin senior Morris, Keith; Ft. Worth junior Morris, Melanie; Sour Lake junior Morris, Neil; Temple senior Morris, Pamela; Houston sophomore Morrison, Debra; Euless senior Morrow, Debra; Lufkin senior Morrow, Janet; Pampa freshman Moses, Mike; Nacogdoches senior Moss, Teresa; Jasper freshman Muckelroy, Doug; Humble junior Mueller, Suzanne; Houston freshman Mulcare, Mary; Houston freshman | Murdoch, Jane; Throckmorton senior Murdock, Cherilyn; Atlanta junior Mureen, Debbie; Mesquite senior Murphy, Beth; Lynchburg, Va. junior Myers, Robert; Clear Lake freshman Nann, Melanie; Houston freshman Naughton, Elizabeth; Dallas junior Neeld, Carla; Tyler junior Nelson, Brian; Nacogdoches sophomore Nelson, James; Henderson junior Nelson, William; Dallas sophomore Ness, Herman; Grand Saline senior Neumann, Margaret; Groves freshman Nevill, Charles; Longview senior Newman, Carol; Jefferson senior Newman, Richard; Houston freshman Newmann, Karl; Pearland freshman Nicodemus, Jane; Houston senior Niday, Joy; Houston senior Niermann, Paul; Dallas sophomore Nixdorf, Amy; Nacogdoches junior I Nixon, Nancy; Beaumont sophomore Norman, Wynelle; Tyler senior Norton, Elsie; Alvin freshman Norwood, Charlene; Tyler senior Nunn, Donna; Dallas sophomore Oates, Sherry; Carthage graduate O ' Bryan, Danna; Pasadena junior 321 Odell. Donna; Nederland sophomore Ogden, Kathy; Abilene senior Oldham, Randy; Dallas junior Oliver, Kathy; Center freshman Orban, Ronald; Columbus, N.J. graduate Orchard, Becky; Alice freshman Orlowski, Dorothy; Creat Falls, Mont, freshman Ormand, Kathy; Crockett senior Orren, Sandra; Lake Jackson freshman Osborne, Kathryn; Houston sophomore Oujezdsky, Janis; Belton junior Overton, David; Whitney senior Owens, Marjorie; Texas City sophomore Palmer, Beverly; Da llas freshman Palmer, Julie; Houston freshman Palmer, Kathy; Nacogdoches senior Parker, Barbara; Nacogdoches junior Parker, Kay; Houston sophomore Parker, Phyllis; Dallas senior Parks, Joe; Nederland junior Parks, Kathy; Rosebud freshman Parnell, Ramona; Sherman sophomore Parrish, Patricia; Nacogdoches junior Parrish, Walter; Ft. Worth sophomore Parsons, Mickie; Harlingen senior Pass, Pam; Longview freshman Patillo, Don; Avinger senior Payne, Karen; Houston sophomore Peabody, Douglass; Dallas senior Peabody, Kitty; Nacogdoches senior Peacock, Diane; Houston junior Pearson, Debbie; Ft. Worth sophomore Pearson, Paul; Nacogdoches sophomore Peirce, Janet; Bryan senior Penkert, Debra; Rosenberg freshman Peppy, Leonard; Houston freshman Pereira, Kathy; Port Lavaca senior Perkins, Patsy; Livingston sophomore Perry, Norman; Tulsa, Okla. senior Perryman, Linda; Freeport senior Peters, Terrie; Bay City sophomore Petrie, Paula; Holland senior Petrosky, Joanne; Alief junior Pfeffer, Frances; Dallas freshman Phelps, Randy; Center sophomore Phillips, Jackie; Carthage junior Phillips, Rose; Gladewater j unior Philpot, Bobby; Waskom graduate Pickens, Jo; Houston sophomore Pierce, Debra; Deweyville sophomore Pierce-Ruhland, Marie; Seabrook sophomore Pinckard, Gale; Bivins sophomore Pittman, Laurie; Mexia junior Pittman, Tamera; Marshall junior Pliler, Joe; Hallsville junior Ply, Mary Sue; McAllen graduate Pollan, Nancy; Rosenberg freshman Porter, David; Houston junior Porter, Janice; Lufkin senior Porter, Myrtie; Lufkin senior Poulos, Bryan; Texarkana graduate Pratt, Ellen; Ennis sophomore Pratt, Kathleen; Ennis senior Prentice, Kevin; Dallas freshman Presley, Karen; Palestine junior Pressler, Julie; Port Arthur freshman Prewitt, Kathy; jasper freshman Price, Beth; Houston sophomore Price, Melissa; Jacksonville junior Price, Nancy; Dallas freshman 322 fi ii A A A fj P P f j ft f J£v |ft % • N «»» ft j 4Nfe u A fv f - % p j ft Price, Susan; Jacksonville senior Pruitt, Charlotte; Lufkin senior Pryor, Thomas; Texas City freshman Pugh, Rex: Jacksonville senior Purse, Karyn; Austin sophomore Putman, Lois; Longview senior Querner, James; Lewisville sophomore Rabourn, Rickie; Lake Jackson senior Raines, Caroles; Marshall freshman Randel, Thomas; Lufkin junior Ratley, Patty; Marshall sophomore Rattan, Cyndi: JaKarta, Indonesia freshman Reagan, Tracy; Honolulu, Haw sophomore Rector, Catherine; Nacogdoches senior Redmon, Susi; Bellaire senior Reese, George; Houston sophomore Reese, Sherry; Longview junior Reeve, Beth; Houston freshman Relyea, Tim; Dallas freshman Renth, Eric; San Antonio junior Reynolds, Donna; Nacogdoches senior Rhoden, Celeste; Longview sophomore Rhodes, Dale; Lufkin freshman Rhodes, Janie; Jasper sophomore Rhodes, Macrina; Nacogdoches senior Rice, Belinda; Duncanville junior Rice, Loren; Pampa junior Richardson, Beverly; Pittsburg freshman Richardson, Cindy; Dallas junior Richardson, Larry; Pittsburg senior Richardson, Laura; Dallas junior Richardson, Peggy; Nacogdoches freshman Richardson, Suzanne; Jacksonville senior Ricketts, Tammy; Belton graduate Riley, Jane; College Station freshman Rinehart, Mary; Lake Jackson sophomore Riniker, Christine; Stafford senior Rives, Betty; Samnorwood senior Roach, Eileen; Ft. Worth junior Roach, James; Houston junior Roach, Marjorie; Nederland sophomore Roark, Margaret; Cleveland senior i Roberds, Bill; Longview sophomore Roberson, Cindy; Dallas junior Roberts, Keith; Dallas sophomore Roberts, Sheri; Houston freshman Robertson, Deana; Pittsburg freshman Robinson, Bonnie; Lufkin senior Robinson, Donna; Henderson senior Robinson, Jacquelyn; Marietta senior Robinson, Robert; Dallas sophomore Roddy, Richard; Orange freshman Rodgerson, Becky; Dallas senior Rodriguez, Denise; Bryan sophomore Rodriguez, Suzanne; Harlingen freshman Rogers, Carrie; Pampa junior Rohrbach, Susan; Houston freshman Rollen, Robert; Amarillo junior Romaro, Barry; Friendswood senior Romero, Rigoberto; Honduras senior Rousseau, Virginia; Henderson senior Rowe, Deborah; Gilmer senior Russell, Diann; Pittsburg junior Russell, Janet; Canton senior Russell, John; Pineland senior Saad, Nancy; Houston freshman Saleh, Mary; Eulees senior Salmon, Jerry; Canyon senior Salmon, Sally; Marshall senior Salter, Debbie; Mt. Pleasant freshman 323 Sample, Cindy; Houston senior Sanders, ioann; Baytown senior Sanders, Kirn; Kaufman sophomore Sanders, Lisa; Tyler sophomore Sanders, Michael; Tulsa, Okla. senior Sandland, Linda; Houston senior Sappington. Lynda; Houston freshman Sartors, Ronnie; Overton freshman Saunders, Glenda; DeBerry freshman Schaefer, Cindy; Houston senior Schaper, Sherry; Galveston freshman Schardt, Gloria; Tyler senior Schlitzkus, Betty; West Columhia junior- Schmidt, Vicki; Ft. Worth sophomore Schumack, Susan; Houston junior Schneider, Jody; Dallas sophomore Schuhmann, Lana; Houston senior Schultz, Barbara; Ft. Worth freshman Schultz, Suzy; Mexia senior Schwartz, John; Groves freshman Schwartz, John Paul; Lufkin junior hwegmann, George; San Antonio sophomore Scoles, Susan; Piano junior Sechrest, Marsha; Dallas freshman Secrest, Rebecca; Pampa junior Serres, Sheryl; Houston freshman Severance, Patricia; Houston freshman Sewell, Kimberly; Lufkin sophomore Shackelford, Cheryl; Mesquite senior Shadle, Renee; Dickinson senior Shannon, Gloria; Bonham junior Shannon, Susan; San Antonio freshman Sharp, Karen; Nacogdoches senior Sharp, William; Nacogdoches senior Sharpe, Debbie; Dallas senior Shaw, Mark; LaMarque senior Sheets, Brent; Smithfield freshman Shepherd, Debbie; Nacogdoches senior Shepherd, Pat; Nacogdoches sophomore Sheppard, Darlene; San Augustine freshman Shimp, Steven; Palestine sophomore Shindler, Jesse; Midfield senior Shock, Ricky; Victoria sophomore Shockey, Mary; Houston sophomore Shofner, Michael; Jasper graduate Short, Louie; Lufkin senior Shuttlesworth, Carol; Pasadena freshman Silver, Terri; Houston junior Simmons, Daphne; Houston freshman Simmons, Marilyn; Alto senior Simmons, Roxanne; Silsbee junior Simpson, Jane; Conroe freshman Skarda, Paula; Bellaire sophomore Slackney, Suzie; Irving senior Slaughter, Mona; Dallas junior Small, Laura; Dallas freshman Smith, Darlene; Angleton senior Smith, Dave; Houston sophomore Smith, James; Grapeland freshman Smith, Marie; Zavalla senior Smith, Michael; Houston sophomore Smith, Randall; Dallas senior Smith, Sharon; Livingston junior Smith, Sheidra; Euless freshman Smith, Ste ' e; Longview junior Smith, Steve; Grand Prairie senior Smith, Susan; Houston freshman Smith, Trudi; Houston freshman Smithhart, Nancy: Nacogdoches freshman Soileau, Tim; Bridge City junior Sorsby, Gale; Houston senior Southwell, Anna; Kilgore senior Spangler, Joe; Dallas sophomore Sparks, Jack; Nacogdoches junior Spedale, Karol; Houston junior Spence, Beverly; Hearne freshman Spencer, Diana; Port Arthur freshman Spencer, Mary; Nacogdoches sophomore Spencer, Stan; Gilmer junior Spiller, Max; Victoria junior Spivey, Cathy; Beaumont sophomore Sprott. Lois; Kerrville sophomore Sprott, Rickie; Bandera sophomore Spurlock, Brenda; Houston junior Squires, Joani; Ft. Worth freshman Stahl, Cheryl; Houston sophomore Stanley, Linda; Newport Beach, Ca. senior St. Clair, Teresa; Dallas junior Steahle, Ted; Alto junior Steed, Laurie; Cleburne freshman Steele, Ava; Hallsville graduate Steen, Billie Ann; Teague senior Stein, Catherine; San Antonio graduate Stephens, Danny; Dallas senior Stevens, David; Nacogdoches graduate Stewart, Michele; Carrollton freshman Stewart, Nancy; San Antonio freshman Stewart, Sheron; Jacksonville junior Stewart, Sue; Garland sophomore Stifle, Jeff; Deer Park junior Stifle, Virginia; Deer Park junior Still, Glenn; Tomball junior Stinchcombe, Sunny; Dallas sophomore Stoddard, Carla; Longview senior Storrs, Kathleen; New Caney freshman Stotts, Stacey; Mesquite freshman Straubing, Rhonda; Dallas freshman Strickenberger, Suzie; Dallas junior Stringer, Larry; Carthage sophomore Strode, Evelyn; Nacogdoches sophomore Stupka, Patsy; Port Neches sophomore Suchy, Cindy; Burnsville, Minn, freshman i Sulak, Robert; Hurst junior Summers, Karen; Marshall sophomore Sutton, Missy; Dallas freshman Sweat, Sherrie; Nacogdoches freshman Switzer, Patti; Houston freshman Szitar, Brenda; Mineola senior Tadlock, Randal; Baytown senior Tappe, Renee; Pittsburg, Pa. senior Taylor, Georgia; Tyler sophomore Taylor, Joe; Garland sophomore Taylor, Paula; Longview senior Taylor, Sandra; Baytown junior Taylor, Terrie; Ft. Worth junior Taylor, Tim; Waco senior Teague, Patricia; Hitchcock freshman Tedder, Richard; Jacksonville graduate Tegeler, Donnie; Ganado senior Temple, Suasn; Longview senior Terry, Judy; Fairfield freshman Testa, Robert; Sanger freshman Thacker, Patsy; Groves junior Thetford, Bill; Keller sophomore Thiele, Jackie; Mexia senior Thomas, Christine; Alvin sophomore Thomas, Cynthia; Lufkin junior Thomas, James; Yazoo City, Miss, freshman Thompson, Kathy; Houston junior Tidwell, Kathy; New Boston sophomore 325 Tiller, Ann; Elysian Fields junior jP lk ASM Tincher, Nancv: Houston senior MPS Tinney. Linda; LaMarov.e senior i|t ' 1 18F Tinsley, David; Piano sophomore ffi 1 Mffi 4 Tinsley, Deborah; Piano sophomore JMk, fljP Tischer, Lmda; Dallas freshman {BMrfflfiP Tolbert, Te ry; Longview sophomore vW fflfflft ffl» Mm K " V f ' • h % I Tomlin, Debbie; Whitehouse sophomore Tompkins, Donna; Longview senior Tompkins, Tommy; Carthage senior Torian, Vivan; Seabrook sophomore Tostado, Gloria; Friendswood senior Towery, Rod; Irving freshman Trammel, Lorna; Dallas freshman j MB 11 -Kf C M Trahan, Don; Groves junior Triebes, Scott; Houston junior Triplett, Richard; Sherman senior Tullos, Pam; Waskom sophomore Tullos, Tanya; Livingston graduate Turko, Teresa; San Antonio senior Turner, Janine; Henderson sophomore A Turner, Mike; Houston junior Turner, William; Henderson junior Upton, David; Houston sophomore Valdivia, Douglas; Houston freshman Vallarino, Virginia; Austin sophomore Vandiver, James; Snyder junior Van Horn, Debbie; San Antonio sophomore n Vanos, Louis; Kilgore junior Van Riper, Timothy; Stafford junior Van Winkle, Steve; Garland sophomore Vaughan, Elizabeth; Longview senior Vaughan, Lynn; Pasadena sophomore Villasenor, Raul; San Antonio senior Villasenor, Terry; San Antonio senior Vyvial, Ronnie; LaMarque junior Wade, Nancy; Killeen freshman Wagman, Lori; Houston junior Wagner, Kent; Dallas junior Wahrer, Richard; Richardson senior Waidelich, Richard; Irving sophomore Waits, Vicki; Nacogdoches senior £ k Walker, Billy; Conroe sophomore Walker, Marcus; Corpus Christi freshman Walker, Margaret; Richmond freshman Walker, Marilyn; Dallas freshman Walker, Mary; Daingerfield sophomore Wall, Bob; Houston senior j Wall, Brenda; Broaddus senior J L T .i Waller, Lalah; Midland sophomore Walley, Raymond; Lake Jackson senior Walraven, Kathy; DeKalb sophomore Walters, Margaret; Houston junior Walz, Rex; Houston freshman Ward, James; New Braunfels graduate Ward, John; Jefferson senior j ♦A Ward, Kathryn; New Braunfels senior Warner, Donny; Houston junior Warren, Deborah; Waskom junior Warren, Robert; Angleton junior Warren, Sandra; Hempstead senior Watkins, Garry; Houston sophomore Watkins, Gordon; Irving senior «v - ' - ' i v Jl A if rTOtfU " : ' h Watson. Carolyn; Houston senior Watson, Dave; Beaumont sophomore Watson, George; Brownsboro senior Watson, Mary Beth; Houston senior Watt, Billie; Humble junior Watts, Andrea; Abilene freshman Way, Cathy; Houston freshman Hr ' - ' jWli 1L K ' - ' m . 1HF BF " fly 326 Webb, Kathy; Henderson junior Webb, Peggy; Lozaro senior Webster, Joe; Houston senior Weeks, Jamie; Alice sophomore Welch, Jana; Atlanta junior Welch, Jay; LaMarque junior Welch, Van; Texas City freshman Weldon, Barry; Tulsa, Okla. freshman Wells, Linda; Dallas sophomore Wells, Robin; Denton sophomore Wenzel, Jennifer; Rosenberg freshman Werner, Sharon; LaMarque freshman West, Kathi; Houston sophomore Westerfield, Donna; Dallas sophomore Westerfield, Katherine; Houston freshman Westphal, Eric; Seguin freshman Wetmore, Teri; Houston junior Wheat, Phyllis; Houston freshman White, Jane; Nacogdoches senior White, Michael; Nacogdoches senior White, Richard; Houston senior White, Terry; Houston junior Whitfill, Kathy; Pasadena senior Whiteley, Eddie; Laneville senior Whitley, Lilann; Corpus Christi junior Whitley, Sam; Laneville graduate Wiederhold, Ann; Richardson sophomore Wilkerson, Dean; Irving freshman Wilkinson, Jim; Corpus Christi senior Williams, DeGloria; Center sophomore Williams, Linda; Longview freshman Williams, Lisa; Wharton freshman Williamson, Charles; Frankston senior Williamson, Mary; Ft. Worth freshman Williford, Janet; Lake Jackson junior Willis, Bob; Nacogdoches senior Wilson, Jeff; Lufkin sophomore Wilson, John; Dallas senior Wilson, Med; Houston junior Wilson, Terrianne; Garland junior Windham, Phyllis; Dickinson junior Witten, Lynne; Dallas senior Wofford, Cindy; Athens senior Wolf, Elizabeth; Houston sophomore Womack, Larry; Pasadena sophomore Wood, Arnold; Perryton senior Wood, David; Lake Jackson junior Wood, Jerry; Livingston sophomore Wood, Rebecca; Friendswood junior Woodard, John; Ft. Worth freshman Woodruff, Steve; Longview junior Woods, Michael; Kirbyville freshman Woods, Sally; Groveton senior Woodward, Debbie; Palestine sophomore Word, Brenda; Gladewater senior Works, Jeanne; Houston junior Wright, Cindy; Houston freshman Wright, Paul; Winnie sophomore Wylie, Milton; League City graduate Yadon, Debye; Dallas sophomore Yantis, Phil; San Antonio freshman Yarbrough, Jane; Avinger senior Yates, Donald; Crosby senior Yates, John; Lufkin graduate Ybarra, Reynaldo; Bay City graduate Yohe, Rhonda; Garland sophomore York, Kathy; Odessa freshman York, J.B.; Victoria senior York, Laurel; Victoria senior Youens, Gail; Columbus sophomore 327 322 Thus far this Stone Fort has depicted the SFA student in his campus environment. But the student sees more than just Nacogdoches and the campus. The eye of a person catches all that is around him, This next section presents a portfolio of what the artist as a photographer sees. It affects us, and we hope it will affect you. 329 Hank Alexander i i Glenn Sackett 339 Richard Fogaley 341 Hank Alexander mi 343 Hank Alexander 345 Sally Askins 347 Paula Thomasson Kay Dahle JPWfl ' open your eyes and feel . . . open your mind and see " The editors ■

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