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ibsh 20 7%43 STONE FORT Editor • • • • Sunne Cope Assistant Editors Pat Nolan Sue West Sports Editor Danny Vinson Faculty Advisor Ben Hobbs Graduate Assistant Winnie Cluck Staff . . Tempe Atkinson Gary Laws Kassy Paris Dan Kellum j Richard Fogaley Jennifer Idom Ann Welch Gene Hause Photographers " iWTIHIy backer Tim Scheer John Mace John Wilson But SFA has become a conglomerate Of people . . 14 For good or bad 17 21 22 ' Wy ■ " ..., fOOI LONG CONEY so FOOT LONG cheese coney 55 REGULAR CONEY ' 35 REGULAR cheese coney 40 Corn-peg on i Stick 35 FAMOUS mon RinGS .45 TATER TOTS .30 FRENCH FRIES 30 Steak Sandwich o nm» 5 2 mttmrn ? UMEAOE ' ™ INK KHOHOU- s 2 ' CEO TEA „ 2 ICE COLO milk S M COfftE " 01 CHOCOLATE ' ' " ' t«»,i fWSTtES " ' LOATS 35 MALTS SHAKES .35 «» CHOCOLATE I Cmuuu i »„ a u . ! Please Remain In Your ti fhank n pft? 25 24 Variety is scarce 25 We travel in cars, trucks, on motorcycles, - .7 on bicycles, on foot. 28 I p fi i The bicycle rage finds itself disciplined within racks, chains and registration fees. (To what position was the originator of that idea promoted?) Trees and light posts no longer qualify as " Area B Parking. " Ask anyone who has retrieved their 10 speed from the security compound (for a nominal charge.) That ' s progress, friends. 29 We are led by goals, needs, 30 wants, great expectations. 33 SFA, a place of many faces 38 We bring money and jobs WE SERVE ANYONE WHO WILL OBEY THE POLICIES OF THIS RINK ON APPEARANCE. DRESS OR CONDUCT I PERSONAL APPEARANCE AND DRESS A. BOYS I MUST BE CLEAN AND NEAT 2. N0.UNREAS0NABLE LONG OR AFRO-AMERICAN HAIR 3. NO BEARDS 4. MUST WEAR SHOES 5. NO WHITE TEE SHIRTS O t I r V ! f 6. SHIRT TAILS TUCKED IN PANTS B. GIRLS 1. MUST BE CLEAN AND NEAT 2. NO HAIR IN ROLLERS OR PINS 3. NO BARE MID-RIFFS OR SEE-THRU BLOUSES 4. MUST WEAR SHOES m Rr.s U CONDUCT 1. NO PROFANITY 2. NOT A BOXING ARENA- SO NO FIGHTING 3. NOT A SPEEDWAY- SO NO FAST SKATING 4 NOT A BAR- SO NO ALCOHOL ffi ALL SKATERS 1. CLEAN AND NEAT 2. NO FOOD OR DRINKS BROUGHT INTO RINK 3. MUST HAVE OWN CLEAN SOCKS 4. LEAVE COATS AND SWEATERS IN FOYER 5. ALL SKATE CASES MUST BE OPEN UPON ENTERING OR LEAVING RINK FAILURE TO COMPLY WITH RULES RESULT IN PERMANENT DISMISSAL NO SPECTATORS EXCEPT PARENTS OR SPONSORS MERf As students, we are loved and restricted We bring fear to a town afraid to break tradition, We bring new ideas; Not new to us, but New to people who haven ' t heard them Or who dislike them. But we talk a lot, and do little. We wanted the vote, and we got it. (But don ' t worry we don ' t use it!) This was our fiftieth year; What did we expect of it? What did we do with it? R. Fogaley 1 41 . . . for money . Finally, it is passed to me — barely bound and frayed on the edge — barely together. My chance has come to take it and make of it what I can. I, the individual, can only rearrange it — but, don ' t change it — not too much anyway . . . be it life or a dream or the printed page. For we must keep life as it is — without change. They continue to say create. Create my brother, create. The soul doth produce the fruit Wayward minds with nails bind hands — Nails of iron — rusted with ' corrode ' — from salt and sweat. Corrode — fitting into the grooves pushing out pearls of age — drifting slow, lingering close to tarnished dreams, touching frail blooms — A bloom never sent, only wished for. but don ' t change it. they ' ll complain, but, don ' t they always, doesn ' t everyone. Passing through classes and time, wondering just what day it is — because — they go so fast, losing people in a blur — because — they pass by so quickly. Trying to expand, we buiid and crash and build and crash and build and . . . there it is. half of what we wanted, half of what we planned and dreamed, all gone, gone in money with money for money by money. 46 School of Liberal Arts Offerings in Bible Department of English and Philosophy Department of Geography Department of History Department of Modern Languages Department of Political Science Department of Psychology Department of Sociology 48 49 School of Education Department of Agriculture Department of Elementary Education Department of Health and Physical Education Department of Home Economics Department of School Services Department of Secondary Education 50 51 52 School of Forestry 55 School of Business Department of Accounting Department of Computer Science Department of Economics Department of General Business Department of Management Department of Office Administration 60 School of Fine Arts Department of Art Department of Music Department of Communications Department of Theatre 65 School of Sciences and Mathematics Department of Biology Department of Chemistry Department of Geology Department of Mathematics Department of Military Science Department of Physics 67 Sciences and Mathematics Surely there must be a place to turn the tide And put the world in a wave of glory To live with the breeze at your back and teel that it is good. There must be a song to sing — always on key and never off There must be a chance to chant words of truth And to wonder the mysteries of breath without degrading worries. To come to days with the sunshine — to work hard — to feel that each day is done — not gone. To praise the works of your own and remark anew at others. Surely this turning tide must come Eventually to each of us. Or must we live in desolate peace and grieving minds. 4 T. Atkinson Registration — a fool ' s parade 75 RHA aids dorm dwellers in adjusting to campus life Left to right: Charlsie Bruce, vice president; Susie Ashburn, president; Garland Hart, secretary-treasurer. Residence Hall Association 77 Rush ' 73 Seeking the sheep but flocks are dwindling IFC and Panhellenic — It ' s a family affair Panhellenic First row left to right: Jackie Jepson, Kathy Rowley, vice presi- Thompson, Debbie Karlovetz, publicity; Janet Russell, treasurer; dent; Charlene Mathis, Linda Young, Gae Asbury; Second row Karen Keitz, Donna Garfield, Linda McAfee, left to right: Ann Mullins, president; Patti Peterson, Kathy IFC Seated: Cooper Castleberry. president; Standing left to right: Bill Karlovetz, secretary; Monte Grissom, vice president; Eddie Miller, treasurer. Delta Zeta 1. Ann Mullins 26. Melissa Gerland 2. Phyllis Parker, 27. Melinda Mickle rush chairman 28. Brenda Bryant 3. Kathy Braun 29. Candy Reed 4. Adrienne Jamieson 30. Barbara Beaty 5. Prissy Stockdale 31. Connie Burns 6. Elaine Gibson 32. Suzon Delk, 7. Becky McManus president 8. Nancy Newnham 33. Vicki Walker, 9. Nikki Kinnear recording secretary 10. Kay Farley 34. Cindy Shelton 11. Susan McDonald 35. Cathy Norris 12. Patsy Barham, 36. Paula Rager chapter director 37. Susan Pool 13. Lauren Laughlin 38. Sheila McCord 14. Pat Mount 39. Jana Radle 15. Debbie Miller 40. Janie Rhodes 16. Debbie Coffee 41. Janet Warner, 17. Carol Smith treasurer 18. Michelle Miller 42. Debbie Stirone 19. Debbie Griffin, historian 43. Cheryl Schroeder 20. Ann Allen 44. Sue Babcock 21. Janelle Bobbitt 45. Debbie Uttley 22. Beverly McDaniel 46. Vicki Carter 23. Pam Jones 47. Sue Kent 24. Susan Kouts 48. Debbie Sharpe 25. Connie Hearon 49. Peggy Bozeman 82 1. Sandra Burton 20. Lisa McDonald 38. Robin Anderson 2. Marcy Duncan 21. Virginia Vallarino 39. Joanne Bello 3. Gail Garbe 22. Cindy West 40. Debbie Noel 4. Gloria Schardt 23. Cindy Richardson 41. Chris Servies 5. Carol Lynch 24. Becky Faudry 42. Robbin Jensen 6. Laurie Burnstedt 25. Val Tomes 43. Mary D. Reiley 7. Jeanne Mitchell 26. Kathy Brumbaugh 44. Suzie Strickenberger 8. Vicki Gipson 27. Judy Young 45. Jeanie Shaddix 9. Sally Pasierb 28. Lynn Shonk 46. Marca Mote 10. Jennifer Bello 29. Karen Keitz 47. Linda Winder 11. Janeen Wiseman 30. Lynda Black 48. Margie Walters 12. Paula Page 31. Jana Stewart 49. Linda Wells 13. Donna Gartield 32. Rosemary Magee 50. Joanne Petrosky 14. Janet Russell 33. Patsy Stupka 51. Teresa Smith 15. Caren Range 34. Patty Chervenka 52. Pam Gandy 16. Susan Beaver 35. Alane Woodard 53. Terrie Tolbert 17. Dede Tulloch 36. Muff Rousseau 54. Debbie Mulkey 18. Pam Walker 37. Sheri Carnes 55. Margie Armand 19. Debbie Evans Alpha Kappa Alpha First row, left to right: Doris Moore, epistelous; Deborah Wingate, basilus; Gloria Anderson, program chairman; second row, left to right: Brenda Peppers, tamias; Wanda McGruder, antapokritus; Shir- ley Harrison, anti-basilus; third row, left to right: Carolyn Kegler, grammatus; Clara Green, advisor; Diane Belton, phylacter. Zeta Phi Beta 1 . Bill Murphy 2. Bill White 3. Dane Britton 4. Gerry Owens 5. Larry Harman, sergeant-at-arms 6. Larry Axelson 7. Herb Stuart 8. Steve Byars 9. Argyle McLaughlin 10. Rick Boggus 1 1 . John Mace 12. C. J. Liepman 13. Walter Bennett 14. Jimmy Ruggerior, vice president 15. Steve Casey 16. Paul Jamison 17. Jerry Spencer 18. Steve Hagermann 19. Bob Saxon 20. Wakie Dunham 21 . Terry Elders 22. Steve White 23. Charlie Ramey 24. Bryan Poulos 25. Marty Krueger 26. Stuart Culley 27. Steve Whitman, treasurer 28. Bobby Garcia 29. Mike Turner 30. Charlie Smith 31 . Bob Yelton 32. Jim Kirchner 33. Jimmie Phaup 34. BobStovall 35. and son, Robert 36. Steve Shockley 37. Baron 38. Keith DeShazo 39. Al Crump 40. Jim Blankenship 41 . Jim Hurst 42. Ricky Maxwell 43. Mario Garcia 44. Steve Whitbeck 45. Pete Johnston 46. Phil Robertson, secretary 47. John Anderson, pledge trainer 48. John Rutledge 49. Jim Corcoran, president 50. Danny Whatley 51 . David Shumate 52. Nathan Henderson 53. Gary Maxwell 54. Rolfe Young 55. Garland Willett 56. Tom Stenger 57. Randall Craig, chaplain Tail Kappa Epsilon 86 09 1 W ©IS© CHELOB. Sigma Tail Gamma 90 1 . Mike Williams 2. Jim Waits 3. Lee Helm 4. Gary Brooks 5. Mark Mixon 6. Nelson Formagus 7. Mark Byron 8. Terry Schupp 9. Barham Lewis, secretary 10. Dave Ballard 1 1 . John Wise 12. Steve Johnson 13. Sonny Hale 14. Robert Graham 1 5. Bruce Selman 16. J. Sullivan, faculty advisor 17. Dave Johnson 18. Mike Sabota, vice president education 1 9. Steve Schuler, vice president membership 20. Rusty Luedke, vice president management 21 . Tony Lundry 22. L. B. Moore 23. Richard Tedder 24. Larry Jack Richardson 25. Al Colwell, president 26. Jack Welch 27. Rick Wilson 28. Fred Edmonds, pledge trainer 29. Gary Rose 30. Patrick Hightower 31. Bill Karlovetz Lambda Chi Alpha First row, left to right: Jim Smith, high kappa (fraternity edu- cation); Ken Magness; Greg McCann; second row, left to right: Joe Richard; Mike Jackson; James Halbert; third row, left to right: Delbert Goggans, high rho (alumni secretary); J. Charles Deming; Ron Mills; John Dornbach; fourth row, left to right: Don Wood, high phi (ritualist); Jerry Theiss, high alpha (president); Richard Larson; Jim Krueger, high epsilon (social chairman); fifth row, left to right: Tim Van Riper; Paul Beebe, high sigma (scholarship chairman); Mike Doak, high tau (treasurer); Larry Loesch. Seated, left to right: Stan Nichols, assistant keeper of finance; John Shelton, march master; standing left to right: Cleathon San- ders; Jimmie Jacobs, keeper of finance; Jeffrey Hopkins; Sam Washington, reporter; W. Coleman; Lonnie Reynolds; Marvin Abney, president; Harold Abney, chaplain; Carl Harris, keeper of peace; Jimmy Kelley, assistant dean of pledges; Ronald Patter- son, keeper of records and seals; Gordon Booker, dean of pledges. Omega Psi Phi 93 94 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. Pat Sweeney Randy Massey Jimmy Rhea Robert Roland Brent Nowell Mike Cowen Steve Al beck Jim Truitt, house manager Rusty Thomas Sid Creech David Morris Bart Turner Tim Cook Sandy Alvarado Glen Hodges, treasurer Tom Jett 1 7. Chuck Brashear 18. T. S. Price Donald Brawner Elam Swann David Wilkins, president 22. John Seals, district vice president Gary Mobley Dr. Harold Abbott, faculty advisor Bill Roberts Walter Bailey 27. Sam Fisher 28. Ronnie Garrett, vice president Mike Clore Klip Morefield 19 20 21 23. 24. 25. 26. 29. 30. Phi Beta Sigma First row, left to right: Robert Anderson, financial secretary; Byron Crawford, president; William Tyler, director of bigger and better business; second row, left to right: Roland Lytle, dean of pledges; Johnny Jones, d irector of social action; Bobby Coleman, vice president; third row, left to right: Dwight Thompson, assistant dean of pledges; Lawrence Eaglin, corresponding secretary. Chi Omega Donna Amos Melinda Andrews Dianne Arnett Debi Austin Kitty Baker Patti Bartley Debbie Bonner Karen Breland Alana Brennan Betty Bryan Deena Castloo Karen Cooley Debbie Corder Shelley Cox Missy Coyne Barbie Dixon Debbie Dunning Suellen Dunning Debby Egger Sue Faust Ginger Fitzhugh Carrie Gardner Cathy George Suenan Gober Carla Green Randy Hartman Becky Hay Debbie Hester Mary Hill Claudia Hopkins Sally Jackson Jamie Jenkins Linda Jensen Marcia Johnson Jan Jones Kathie Joyner Patti Kennedy Beth Kudla Debbie Livesay Terri Lloyd Debbie Love Pam Love Terri Martin Beth McElyea Sandy Morris Paula Morse Becky Nichols Nita Nichols Susan Nichols Sue Nicks Debi Cake Deborah Otto Karen Peak Patti Peterson Sandy Phillips Laurie Pittman Sigma Kappa l gfgpj Armstronc] Christy Bell Karen Bergman Linda Borchelt Cindy Butcher Debbie Butcher Cathy Casey f- 4 ft J p, t m m Pam Clayton Cindy Day Karen Deck Sue Dobbs Carol Fendley Jerry Forbes Alys Frazier A3 Kay Grant Pam Gray Darleen Grillet Cindy Grissom Ruth Grube Stephanie Gruenhagen Gayle Hall A Georganna Hall Susan Hamon Margie Hargrave Janice Hunter Debbie Karlovetz Stephanie Kelley Debbie Kittleson 1 ... • n Robbynn Krenz Charlene Mathis Jan Mathis Denise Mattocks Fran McCoy Janet Menotti Michelle Miller d- f- ! " 8 Cindy Mitchell Charlene Moser Heidi Nieman Janet Otey Lavisa Payne Barbara Pitman Becky Priest Karen Putney Susan Putney Cynthia Redmon Paula Reeg Cindy Roberson Donna Schneider Karol Spedale fl2 Alpha Chi Omega Theresa Abraham Karen Acree Charlene Allison Susan Allport Shirley Ardoin Gae Asbury Marty Bosworth Gail Brown Jamie Campbell Theresa Cangemi Carol Cater Darice Chrietzberg Susan Colley Cindy Collins Julie David Debbie Freeman Gigi Gresham Kathy Harding Melissa Hattman Marsha Heitzman Debby Henderson Debby Henry Brenda Henson Linda Higgins Jennifer Jackson Brandi Joffrion Debbie Johnson Kathy Knotts Cindy Lamb Donna LeBlanc Sandy Lindsey Beckey Lucy Fran Mangione Kathy May Linda McAtee Colleen McCaddon Alice Anne McClelland Dee McGlasson Monica Mcintosh Lynn McKewen Debbie Meyer Rebecca Miles Sherry Moore Vicky Naifeh Annelle Newland Kay Nicholson Julie Noland JoLynn Ohls Ann Parker Peggy Reynolds Eleanor Roberts Jana Robertson Brenda Shirley Kay Stone Ashley Summers Kathy Taylor 1 Ip] H bh b Tot ' ft -4 ■■ " 1 Jg 1m 11 .if 4 1 I I B B p v IN Keitha Tullos Ayn Vinson Lyn Vinson Jan White 100 Alpha Tau Omega $ mE L James Vaughan Jim J. Barrett Stephen S. Bell Tommy Billingsley John F. Bishop Oscar K. Burrell Jac Connelly Larry G. Davis James R. English Michael L. Finley Mark D. Garfield Bobby Garner Monte T. Grissom Jim R. Hilgenfeld John F. Holt Josh Holt Robert C. Hopmann Howard W. Jenkins Mike Kubacak Rusty LaRue Mark Layton Michael M. Lorehn Doug McClung Mike A. Moses Larry Orth Reagan Patton Bill W. Paul Jack G. Peppard Billy F. Ray Marc E. Richards Charles W. Robertson Joseph F. Rogers Brian Ruyle Patrick J. Ryan Randy Scarborough Steven G. Stutsman Roger L. Wernette Jonathan K. Wyatt 101 Phi Delta Theta Jim Adams Mark Bass Bill Beekly Michael Benefield Cooper Castleberry Christopher Chilton Terry S. Crank Don Darley Thurman G. Ferrell John T. Hill Michael L. Hines Charles E. Jewett Troy E. Jolley Kelly Jones Doug Joyce John T. Kennedy Tom B. Kingham Gary E. Lindenberger Joe Martino Doug Matlock Gary T. McCarson Rusty McKay George Meriwether James M. Nichols Paul A. Noyd David Palmer Mark B. Parkins John W. Perritte Neil F. Philipp Stephen C. Price Clyde D. Rabun Brad G. Rogers Reggie Rollins Randy Rose Phil J. Scoggin Jason S. Staton Frank B. Still Jack M. Suddath Rusty Tucker Donny W. Warner Mark D. Wilson David B Yates 102 Kappa Alpha John G. Bookhout Paul B. Cathcart Alexander F. Celinski Michael D. Churchman Kenneth M. Collins Patrick M. Conn Kenneth D. Cooper Forrest R. Dillon Mike Duncan Terry L. Durrett Bruce Earl Mike Fralick Jay D. Fullinwider Michael Gencarelli Robert M. George Martin L. Griffin Jeffrey W. Haas James E. Hanvey James P. Holton Chip S. Johnson Noel L. Kelley Tom J. Lipsey Joel Mackey Joe Maxwell Ed McLeroy George F. Meisenheimer Francis E. Miller Keith W. Morris William F. Owens Tommy W. Parker Joe D. Parks Lynn Pavlic Charles T. Ryan G. Scott Smith William F. Spivey Jodie L. Stone Mike Thomas James H. Thompson Leslie B. Thompson David W. White Russell D. Winter Kathy Keene, sweetheart 103 Delta Sigma Phi Charles F. Abraham Steve Adams William D. Anderson Darrell R. Baca Daniel R. Border Joseph W. Campbell Mike Carlile John W. Cobb Charles R. Collins Ronald L. Collom Robert D. Deatherage Bill D. Denney Sammy J. Emmite James E. Farmer Gary S. Fisher Jim S. Goodrich Scott E. Goodrich Gregory K. Havens Kenneth R. Hopkins Willie C. Huggins Larry S. Kueck Hal M. Maris Tommy McElroy Allen S. Micheletti Edward L. Milligan Tom W. Moran Charles A. Moseley Charles S. Mosier Steve Nitsche James C. Odom Michael E. Ptisterer Jerry L. Pinkston Samuel D. Plunk Norman D. Porter Wesley E. Robinett Charles R. Schmidt Wallace Scoggins Jimmy Shields Douglas A. Studd Alan C. Sugarek Bobby H. Tate Mark C. Taylor Gary L. Whatley Terry N. Williamson Gary E. Winfree John W. Wood Melissa Huggins, sweetheart 104 Theta Chi Thomas J. Arnold Larry D. Austin Jim H. Barr Douglas E. Bentling Gary L. Bolding Richard Branch Ronnie W. Brister John T. Brown Reggie E. Bryan Thomas N. Clark John V. Dunagan Bill Flynn Marion E. Forston James E. Gholston Dick Goodman Charlie C. Goodson Stephen I. Griffith Kevin F. Hill Thomas M. Huffman Richard Hughes Harper Jones Jimmy S. Jung Randall M. Kirk Stan Lackey Gary L. Lafour William C. Lowrey John E. Magness Jeff A. Marshall John McCaleb Timothy McCorquedale James R. McLeon David H. Newton Michael L. Noonan Donn L. Padgett William J. Parker Dandridge J. Reed James D. Reese Kevin C. Rudy Rod D. Scoggins Wayne E. Short Barney Totten Buckey R. Van Breemen Michael Vance William J. Walker John L. Ward Ed Watson Steven C. Woodruff Dr. Jim E. Towns.adv sor Debbie Freeman, sweetheart 105 106 UC entertainment — something for everyone 109 Whatever the game, UC Chairmen First row left to right: Dickey Johnson, vice president; Jay Fullin- wider, president; Second row left to right: Jerry Johnson, direc- tor of UC; Julie Fife, regional coordinator; Ann Haynes, secre- tary; Joyce Crowell, Jim Kennedy, Nikki Kinnear, regional coor- dinator; Dorothy Drew, regional chairman; Linda Holt, program consultant; Pam Saleh, Carol Coston, James Halbert; Third row left to right: Rhonda Poerschke, Mike Ryan, Connie Burns, Alan Barclay. Living on past glories, the Lumberjacks ' football effort could only point to ' remember when ' ... or ' wait until next year ' euphemisms this past year. Oldtimers might recall the fightin ' Lumberjacks of 1935 who shared the first and last LSC crown in SFA ' s 50-year history. But as Gen. George Patton remarked, " All glory is fleeting. " John Levra ' s Lumberjacks found glory fleeting seven times this season. The Levra-coached Jacks pounded out a 2-7 record. The Jacks ' first game was prophetic of the 1972 season. Coach Levra noted before the game, " It ' s important for us to win the first one. We ' ve got a two- game winning streak, and that helps. " The Jacks ' 7-20 showing was typical of the North- western series as Chief Caddo has resided in Nacogdoches only once since the battle for him was begun. Texas A l was out-offensed but SFA was out-scored where it counts. LSC " Freshman of the Year, " Larry Mayer, led the Jacks to a close 20-24 loss to SWT and a 9-21 shaving by a fourth quarter let- down against East Texas State. Homecoming was pleasurable as SFA broke its five-game losing streak in a 45-7 thumping of Sul Ross. San Angelo played on SFA ' s fourth quarter blahs and fleeting glory was ripped off 24-28. Tarleton State should have played Nacogdoches High as SFA repeated their stomp of ' 71 , 40-18. Sam Houston offered the Jacks an improvement on their 2-8 71 season but as chance would have it fleet- ing glory is yet to come. The Jacks lost 1 9-31 . SFA 45-7 Sul Ross SFA 24-28 SanAngelo SFA 40-18 Tarleton State SFA 19-31 Sam Houston 115 " We expect to be a much improved football team. " Levra Football 1972 Daily Sentinel Sept. 1,1972 117 " If I can ' t win in three years they won ' t have to run me off. I ' ll quit. " Levra Football 1 972, Daily Sentinel, Sept. 1, 1972 " We still can ' t play 60 minutes of good football. " Levra Daily Sentinel Oct. 16, 1972 Wait until next year. 55 Levra Football 1 972 Daily Sentinel Sept. 1 , 1 972 Lumberjack Day, Cornhuskin ' Bee highlight fall 126 Tekes, Sigma Kappa capture crown Stanley and Stella come alive in " A Streetcar Named Desire " with excellent performances by Al Raya and Vicki Cox. Tony Frank, Kathy Stanford and Barbara Gayle Ford give per- formances as Colonel Gray, Alice Gray and the nurse, respectively, in Downstage Theatre ' s production of " Alice Sit by the Fire. " Theatre ' 72-73 128 Charlie Poston scorns while Roger Bean scowls in a scene from " Shoemaker ' s Holiday. " Season in Review Theatre at SFA opened in the Fall with a thud. The first production, " Shoemaker ' s Holiday, " pres- ented Tony Frank, Nacogdoches sophomore, in a dismal attempt at a portrayal of an humble trades- man who makes good. The entire production seemed to hinge on a ratner distasteful and very monotonous play on words. A " firking good time " may bring a belly laugh once and a chuckle twice, but it ' s a weak bulwark to build upon for two hours. Happily, " Shoemaker " was the exception, rather than the rule in theatre fare this year. From there on out the year improved. In addition to better presen- tations was improved facilities as theatre added the Downstage Theatre stage. Smaller plays requiring intimate audience-actor reactions found a welcome home in the new stage unit. Four productions were produced in Downstage Theatre: " Royal Gambit, " " Alice Sit-by-the-Fire, " " An Evening of Black Theatre " and " Lovers. " " Royal Gambit, " the story of Henry VIII and his legendary wives problems, christened the new thea- tre in grand style. Henry was more than aptly played by Tim Haynes, Roscoe junior. Stage units in the new theatre remain at a minimum, placing the actors with greater responsibility in arrying interest and impact. " Gambit ' s " cast provided a fine show, filled with the right mixture of humor and reflection. " An Evening of Black Theatre " provided a first for SFA theatre. Held during Black Culture Week, the production was billed as " theatre for mature adults, " and gave some much-needed attention to another culture. A theatrical production worthy of note was " Once Upon a Mattress, " produced by the Lamplite Play- ers. Lampliters are community-wide group heavily laced with SFA drama students. " Mattress " sparkled as a gem of wit and Miss Pam Hudec, Baytown freshman, displayed a talent for humor which we should see more of in the future. " A Streetcar Named Desire " formed one of the best efforts of the theatrical year. Staging was mood-setting and suited to the overall production in every way. Al Raya, Nacogdoches graduate, again proved his acting ability and versatility with a superb characterization of Stanley. Raya ' s performance was made all the better by support from his two leading ladies, Misses Claudia Beach, Sherman graduate, as Blance and Vicki Cox, Dayton junior, as Stella. SFA theatre productions closed with a musical in the Spring. " 1776 " carried on the tradition of annual musicals and finished a season of more suc- cesses than failures for the department. With only a single glaring flaw at first, the season climbed back steadily. S. Minatra Lee Spruell, Claudia Beach, Connie Cobb and Sylva Shroyer effectively present the trials of married life in " The Losers. " Suzie Young and Brad Maule relive history as Abigail and John Adams in the Spring musical, " 1 776. " 130 131 Students apply skills to inform and communicate Left to right: Mike Crim, editor; Suzanne Thomas, associate editor. Sandra Minatra, assistant editor. The Pine Log Dr. Francine Hoffman, faculty advisor. i33 134 Left to right: Kathy Hause, Susan Metcalf, Rebecca Joffrion, grad- uate assistants. Left to right: Kathy Hause; Steve Dodd, sports editor; Wanda Peterson, advertising manager. 135 136 FROM BEHIND THE PINE CONE CURTAIN Dear Sisters c WAR ' S nVFR Challenging 50 years of tradition, The East Texas Free Voice offered SFA students an alternative news- paper. Controversies involving security, local politics, and student congress provided editorial comment for the new SFA publication. Promising a new dimension in investigative report- ing, The Free Voice masthead proclaimed, " With the interest of all the people in mind and heart, we devote this publication to the freedoms provided for in a democracy, yet so often denied. " 1973 Stone Fort First row: Tempe Atkinson, second row : left to right: Jennifer Idom; assistant editor; Gary Laws; third row, left to right: Dan Kellum; Ben Sunne Cope, editor; Winnie Cluck, graduate assistant; Pat Nolan, Hobbs, faculty advisor; Richard Fogaley; Sue West, assistant editor. 136 139 YOUNG DEMOCRATS: First row left to right: Gloria Schardt, executive secretary; Hollis Turnham, president; Second row left to right: Bill Bronson, second vice president; Stephen F. Austin, first vice president; Carey Smith, fall president; Darewin Cole- man, treasurer; Mark Kilpatrick, reporter. uo YOUNG REPUBLICANS: left to right: Thomas Summers, chair- man; Wayne Campbell, treasurer; Glenda Alvarez, co-chairman. Students took a great interest in political stands this year when Republicans and Democrats alike joined together within their own parties to push the success of their candidates. Many men and women gave countless hours of their time in support. The campus was sprinkled with campaign buttons, bumper stickers, campaign issues and occasional words of wisdom by the politicians themselves. Once the campaign and election were past, the organizations continued to remain active and the politicians, win or lose, returned to speak again at SFA. Charles Wilson, U.S. Congressman The year of the big promise The Lumberjacks ' 72-73 basketball hopes boiled down to two crucial games with the Sam Houston Bearkats. Dreams of another trip to Kansas City turned to illusions as the ' Kats took both contests. The basketball season opened with national atten- tion focused on the multi-talented Jacksquad. Shel- ton Gym was jam-packed each game night as the Jacks received the preseason 1 nod from Sports Illustrated and the same rating during the season from the UPI, AP and NAIA polls. Jacks seemed unbeatable after eight straight wins and averaging 100 points a game, that is until Hills- dale (Mich.) took a 50-59 win from them. The show- down game pitted the 18-1 Jacks against a 16-0 Sam Houston team. Perhaps it was flashing cameras or national press or the excitement or maybe James Lister and cohorts sweeping the boards clean that beat the Jacks that night, 68-83 In showdown game two in Huntsville the Jacks kept it close for awhile but the ' Kats pulled away and ripped off the Jacks, 67-81. The Jacks ' 25-3 record ended another winning season for Coach Marshall Brown and the fast-breaking Jacks. Honors for the year went to Pete Harris for top rebounding in the LSC for the second year at 16.9 rebounds per game and the single game LSC rebound record of 31. Pete Harris averaged 20.5 points a game to finish second in LSC scoring. Rob- ert Gords ripped the nets for 20.3 points a game to finish third in LSC scoring. Other Jacks who helped gain SFA national recog- nition are Skip Carleton, Andria and Gary Brown, Archie Myers, Richard Dorsey, Michael Dunn, Dewey Rivers and Jimmy Weaver. 144 SFA tijfiiii; ; 2 57-53 5-3 Midwestern SFA 109-87 Henderson State SFA 103-87 Henderson State SFA . 90-76 Northwestern State SFA 81-67 Northwestern State SFA 107-83 Midwestern SFA 1 50-88 Paul Quinn College SFA 100-54 Luther College (Iowa) SFA 50-59 Hillsdale (Mich.) SFA 1 07-68 Western New England ■ SFA 67-54 East Texas State SFA 106-84 Tarleton State SFA 104-73 Angelo State SFA 1 1 5-76 Sul Ross " : SFA 81-54 McMurry SFA 78-70 Howard Payne SFA 90-62 Southwest Texas SFA 120-73 Texas A l SFA 68-83 Sam Houston State ; SFA 97-67 East Texas State SFA 1 1 7-79 Tarleton State SFA 67-81 Sam Houston State SFA 96-91 Angelo State SFA 103-68 Sul Ross SFA 103-81 McMurry SFA 89-84 Howard Payne SFA 73-66 Southwest Texas SFA 82-79 Texas A l Lone Star Conference games 145 147 Pistol Pete rebounds Skeeter Gords scores . Skip Carleton steals Magic Myers drives Andria Brown jumps Jacks appear . . . unbeatable (50 152 The final hurdle Another semester draws to a close and students frantically begin to catch up on work they have long been trying to do. They write papers, study for exams and convince professors that their grades could have been better if only . . .. Studying becomes a bore and many would rather blow it off. First, one decides to study. Then, the search is on for a quiet spot in which to cram. Find it or suffer. Begin to wonder what happened to all that time back in October? Where did it go? How will things ever get done? The next week ' s end seems so far away, but all too soon, it will be here and those days will be lost. Frustration, nervous stomachs, headaches, tension and perhaps a few confident minds are walking around campus counting the days until it all ends and there are a few days of rest waiting for grades to tell it like it is. So, store a semester ' s work in the bottom of a can, tear it for confetti on New Year ' s Eve or stash it in some dusty file for ' never to be used ' future use. Sit back, tear open the small evaluating envelope and either pack up to come back and start over again or hunt for a place in the real world. Phantom Moon fun and games A day of fun and games — war games that is. That was the story of the SFA ROTC fall maneuvers, the Phan- tom Moon. Under the direction of Major Charles Matthews and Capt. Bob Southern, the maneuvers pitted the Raiders, elite corps of the military science department, against the regular corps. Three helicopters from Fort Hood, Tex. aided in the exercise, transporting the corps to and from the site of the maneuvers. The Raiders took many prisoners the first day, but were forced to give them back so that they would have some- one to fight the second day. The troops ate three meals in the field and spent one night. The Raiders arrived at the problem site the night before the games began and the corps landed early the next morning. The Corps was in the field approximately 30 hours, the Raiders about 12 hours longer. 156 Austin Raiders Seated: Randy Anderson, tm. Idr.; standing, left to right: Edmond Montgomery, XO; Don Kirkland, CO; Donny Warner, tm. Idr.; David Brown, S-4; Robert Dean, S-3. Scabbard and Blade Left to right: Don Smith, 1st sgt.; Don Kirkland, capt.; Robert Marstrand, 1st It.; David Benson, 2nd It. 157 Three-inch snow paralyzes 1 registration Women ' s Intramural Results Flag Football Raiders Dirty V2 Dozen Delta Zeta Volleyball Achilles ' Heels Top Chicks Alpha Chi Omega Basketball Raiders Top Chicks Sigma Kappa Basketball Freethrow Lumberjocks: Glenda Williams BSU: Sherry Ward Chi Omega: Susan Nichols Bowling Singles Raiders: Kathy Brady Dirty V2 Dozen: Marsha Burns Sigma Kappa: Cindy Grissom Bowling Teams Raiders Dorm 1 9 1 Sigma Kappa Softball Archilles ' Heels Dorm 19 2 Delta Zeta Badminton Singles GibbsHall: Glenda McClesky Roadrunners: Rhonda Gilliam Sigma Kappa: Pam Clayton Badminton Doubles Roadrunners: Gilliam, Threatt Dorm 19 2: Copeland, Davidson Table Tennis Singles Roadrunners: Cassie Sluterveck Table Tennis Doubles Heavy Highrollers: Blosser, Thompson Tennis Singles Dorm 1 9 2: Terri Browning SFA teams win 22 trophies at state tourney 164 I Men ' s Intramural Results Flag Football Shaft Handball Singles Phi Delta Theta: Spikerman Handball Doubles PE Club: Pope, Raymond Badminton Singles PE Club: Rumfield Three-Man Basketball Alpha Tau Omega Horseshoe Singles Pi Kappa Alpha: Clore Tennis Singles White Archery Singles Kappa Alpha: Fullinwider Archery Team Kappa Alpha Bowling Team Quicksilver Team Basketball Alpha Tau Omega Slow-Pitch Softball Quicksilver Tennis Doubles GHC: Gilliam, Swearingen Paddleball Singles Zeiler Paddleball Doubles Zeiler, Davis Horseshoe Doubles PE Club: Campbell, Price Volleyball PE Club Fast-Pitch Softball Delta Sigma Phi Wrestling Wrestling Class Basketball Free Throw Lambda Chi Alpha: Zudell Badminton Doubles PE Club: Pike, Raymond Cross-Country Team Dudes Cross-Country Singles Tau Kappa Epsilon: Leipman Washers Singles PE Club: Campbell Bowling Singles PEClub: Morris Soccer Club SFA 3-2 SFA 0-2 SFA 0-4 SFA 1-5 SFA 0-6 SFA 2-1 SFA 0-9 SFA 1-8 Fall season record 2-6 LeTourneau SMU North Texas State UT at Arlington TCU Midwestern Texas Tech SMU ■M WHWHT C - iwmiii Intramural Councils Women, first row, left to right: Mary McDaniel; Carolyn Hartley; West, student intramural director; Cathy Norris; Barbara Rogers; Melanie Morris; Sue Schrader, faculty advisor; second row, left to Lynn Thornton; Marti Thompson; Parti Raash; fourth row, left to right: Ginny Stifle; Linda Higgins; third row, left to right: Kay Low- right: Jane Flusche; Kathy Moser; Linda Gooding, ery; Rhonda Gilliam; Sue Ellen Dunning; Darleen Grillet; Kathi Men, left to right: Jim Work; David Zudell; Ed McLeroy; Gordon Graves; David Campbell; Joe Saucier; Dana Drew. Symphonic Band 169 Kappa Kappa Psi national band fraternity Left to right: Mike Shofner, vice president; Bill Feild, president. Tau Beta Sigma national band sorority Seated, left to right: Ann LeBouf, second vice president; Vicki Gip- son, recording secretary; Holly Huffman, treasurer; Roxanne Sim- mons, corresponding secretary; Kay Hill, president; standing: Les- lie Holm, first vice president. Left to right: Anita Rogers, secretary; Penny Rodgers, vice presi- dent; Charlotte Pruitt, president; Rebecca Stanly, treasurer. Black emphasis draws human rights leader ti Ylk Ik Black Culture Week, which came 1 years too late according to SFA President Ralph W. Steen, made its first appearance on the SFA campus March 1 9-23. The " black experience " was unique for a campus that has existed for 50 years in an East Texas envi- ronment. Old traditions were broken and new ones were set by one week which was set aside to emphasize black culture. The week included performances by the Down- stage Theatre and a dance at which King Tutt per- formed with rhythm and blues music. Dick Gregory, comedian and human rights leader, highlighted the activities with his speech challenging students to work for improvement in government and personal rights. 173 Left to right: Robert Templin, first vice president; Linda Sand- land, secretary; Richard Honea, president; Judy Johnson, trea- surer; Harold York, second vice president. Rodeo Club 174 Rodeo: A cowboy ' s testing ground 175 Steen looks to ' spring of hope ' . . . President Steen wows them at April Convocation. Faculty members gather in their entirety donned in caps and gowns to make an impressive sight. 176 Harry Reasoner brings America back home Harry Reasoner, co-anchorman for ABC news, analyzes the political cli- mate of America as one of a people drawing away from drama in national events in his 50th Anniversary Convocation speech. Ladyjacks lose in nationals, end season 20-6 First row: Trish Davis, Carolyn Vieregge, Kay Worsham, Cindy row: Cheryl Platzer, Betty Maaskant, Helen Stults, Molly Sulli- McKinney, Ava Steele, Nancy Lamberth, Kay Moody; second van, Janice Hairgrove, Sharon Langley, Sandy Lamberth. Ladyjacks ' record SFA 53 Temple JC 67 SFA 56 Southwest Texas State 39 SFA 59 Henderson JC 23 SFA 61 Midwestern Univ. 35 SFA 49 Wayland 46 SFA 57 Sam Houston State 39 SFA 58 Lamar Univ. 48 SFA 55 Tarleton State 40 SFA 60 Lamar Univ. 42 SFA 76 Southwest Texas State 60 SFA 49 Abilene Christian 34 SFA 47 Lamar Univ. 40 SFA 41 Tarleton State 61 SFA 57 Tarleton State 48 SFA 63 West Texas State 27 SFA 58 Utah State 39 SFA 37 Lamar Univ. 35 SFA 56 Queens College, N. Y. 59 SFA 62 Texas Women ' s U 42 SFA 57 Southwest Texas State 60 SFA 51 Sam Houston State 50 SFA 62 Texas Wesleyan 34 SFA 45 Northwestern, La. 54 SFA 51 Baylor 43 SFA 40 Lamar Univ. 42 SFA 54 Lamar Univ. 44 179 Women defeat Lamar for district title Volleyball Season Record Place Tournament SFA 7th Sam Houston State SFA 5th Tarrant County Jr. Col. : ' SFA 1st Lamar Univ. SFA 1st Northwestern State, La : SFA 5th Univ. of Texas District TCIAWMeet State TCI AW Meet Front row, from left to right: Beth Brannon, Janice Cobble, Kathi West; second row: Linda Wilson, Cindy Fox, Carolyn Vieregge; third row: Cassie Sluterveck, Connie Moses, Kathy Black, Helen Stultz, Vicki Gleason, and Janice Hairgrove. SFA women second at badminton nationals Front row, from left to right: Kathy Adams, Paula Schuyler, Janice Cobble and Cyndy Kittrell. Bowlers second at state meet Front row, from left to right: Betty Simmons, Susan Blackman; second row: Sharon Langley, Mrs. Marie Hunter (Coach) and Jane Moorman. 181 Tennis team ends season with loss to Lamar Front row, from left to right: Sherry Clark, Joan Wood; second row: Janalyn Becker, Kathy Adams and Liz Parke. Track Team Front row, from left to right: Carolyn Barnett (Coach), Glenda McCleskey, Kathy Pereira, Jane Moorman, Barbara Bishoff, Fran- cie Jordan, Carolyn Vieregge, Cindy McKinney, Paula Shuyler, Janice Hairgrove and Janice Cobble. 182 Jack baseball ends third season Row 1 : Ross Hinojosa Joe Jordan Jim McGhee Mike Cox Mike Benefield Row 2: Mitch Cox Charlie Goodson Ricky Miller Larry Blount Lee Shelton Row 3: Mike Jones (Coach) Steve Ray David Franklin Bill Thetford J. B. York Joe Winfield Jerry Leman 1 hi., in.. U! i ' 7 % ■ Lumberjack tennis Golfers shoot for NAIA tourney Bottom row: David DeGrand, Keith Morris, John Pigg; top row: Fred Collins, Rick Maxey. Jacks ' Jacks ' v Bottom, left to right: David Upton, John Cother, Darrel Williams, David Williams, Robert Daniels, Ronnie Gerringer; second row: Coach Joe Richardson, Gary Dunham, Jim Watts, Ricky Britain, Charles McManus, Jerry Bean, Billy Writt; third row: Don Mayes, King Whetstone, William Kenebrew, Bobby Coleman, Mike Walker, Ed Franklin. B7 Winning takes agony, guts and a lot of heart 188 I ! 111 i r ;»:•;;• Spring Sports Results BASEBALL Season record: 23-12-1 SFA 10 Angelina Jr. College SFA 4 Panola Jr. College SFA 2 Panola Jr. College SFA 1 Northwestern State, La. SFA 3 Northwestern State, La. SFA i Panola Jr. College SFA 4 Panola Jr. College SFA 2 San Jacinto Jr. College SFA 7 Alvin College SFA 2 Alvin College SFA 2 Angelina Jr. College SFA 6 Angelina Jr. College SFA 1 San Jacinto Jr. College SFA 1 San Jacinto Jr. College SFA 10 SW Assembly of God College SFA 15 SW Assembly of God College SFA 4 Judson College SFA 6 Judson College SFA 1 Angelina Jr. College SFA 2 Tyler Jr. College SFA San Jacinto Jr. College SFA 8 Baptist Christian College SFA 10 Tyler Jr. College SFA 1 Angelina Jr. College SFA 6 Angelina Jr. College SFA 8 Univ. of Piano SFA 4 Baptist Christian College SFA 6 Baptist Christian College SFA 2 Baptist Christian College SFA 8 Baptist Christian College SFA Alvin College SFA 2 Alvin College SFA 1 SW Assembly of God College SFA 1 SW Assembly of God College SFA 1 Northwestern State, La. SFA 1 Northwestern State, La. Forfeits GOLF Tourney Southwest Texas Tarleton State Sul Ross Howard Payne Jacks finished second in LSC John Pigg runner-up for overall medalist honors with a 645 TENNIS Place 1st 3rd 2nd 2nd Strokes + 10 + 6 even -2 SFA ETSU SFA 3 San Angelo State SFA 2 Southwest Texas State SFA 5 Texas A l SFA 5 Sam Houston State SFA placed third in overall LSC competition TRACK Jacks finished second at LSC meet. Mile relay team set LSC record of 3:09.7 at Kansas Relays (Mayes, Britain, Coleman, McManus) Bobby Coleman won 440 in 47.1 Ricky Britain won 440 hurdles in 52.3 WOMEN ' S TRACK Place Meet SFA 8th Texas Woman ' s Univ. • SFA; 5th Southwest Texas State " SFA : 1st Lamar Univ. SFA 4th Sam Houston State SFA 7th West Texas State ,;t DistrictTCIAWMeet State TCI AW Meet 190 Left to right: Dianne Rhyne, secretary; Richard Griffin, vice presi- PllHp Til VI no r lllll dent; Stan Clements, treasurer; Keith Griffin, safety officer; Charlie OUUUd. l_ lVlllg _»1UU Buenger, president. 191 Greek Week The rest of us 194 Service clubs work year Alpha Mu Omega 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Chip Satterwhite Joe Egan Richard Menden Mike Perry Steve Wright Al Dudley Bill Pyanter Fred Nutt Jack McKenzie Ray Kelsey, president 1 1 . Larry Ritchie 12. Gary Weaver, social chairman 13. Gordon Clark, wee president 14. Jack Cunningham, pledge officer 15. Mike Lucky, secretary 198 1. Fred Jenkins 13. Remi VanCompernolle 21. Neal Bitting, 2. Paul Fundling, 14. John Morton, president parliamentarian alumni secretary 22. Tom Shilling, corresponding 3. Glenn Oates 15. Gary Carter secretary and historian 4. Arnold Holder 16. Dominic Ng, 23. David Scott 5. Pat Simmons treasurer 24. Clint Heil 6. David VonFeldt 17. Mike Tillman 25. Richard Greer 7. Robert Horn 18. DeckDenman, 26. Doug Peabody 8. Barry Stephens third vice president 27. Steve Seltzer 9. Ray Yabarra 1 9. Ricky Rayborn, 28. Ken Hayman 10. Jim McWilliams athletic director 29. Randy Stuart, 11. Duane Coulter 20. Robert Herbert, sectional conference chairman 12. Ronnie White, scouting chairman 30. George Tucker social chairman 199 200 Gamma Sigma Sigma 1 . Carney Parnell 2. Marylee Dikszas 3. Donna Hefler 4. Donna Massey 5. Noma Hall 6. Ellen Williams 7. Linda Sue Steinman 8. Prissy Owens 9. Anna Lee Bradfield 1 0. Mary Lou Escamilla 1 1 . Vanessa Adams 1 2. Margo Bolding 13. Kathy Hulsey 14. Becky Strauss 1 5. Terry Leggett 16. Jo Ann Caldwell 1 7. Carol Dominy 18. Frances Leary 19. Marga Lester 20. Betty Brown 21 . Cheri Turner 22. KayDailey 23. Jackie Lynn Hayes 24. Cynthia Roberts 25. Millie Combs 26. Margaret Simmons 27. Lynn Davis 28. Beth Childress 29. Mikel McCammon 30. Herlinda Torres 31. Kathy Scanlan 32. Carol Coston, sm 7e sister 33. Vicki Mayben, alumni secretary 34. Carole Ann Miller, social chairman 35. GlennaTruelock, publicity-historian 36. JoyNiday, second vice president 37. Linda Pickard, president 38. Lynn Thornton, smile sister 39. Wanda Smith, recording secretary 40. Suzanne Thomas, first vice president 41 . Teresa Lathem, treasurer 201 Delta Sigma Theta First row, left to right: Pamela Frailey, corresponding secretary; Linda Wren, sergeant-at-arms; second row: Debbie Byrd; third row, left to right: Clara Coleman; Sandra Taylor; fourth row, left to right: Gloria Page, recording secretary; Brenda Nickerson; Ella Davis; fifth row, left to right: Marva Mallory, vice president; Fran- cine Melton, treasurer; Dorland Handy, president. Students serve in religious affiliations First row, left to right: Mary Ann Craft, secretary; Beth Messer, chairman; second row, left to right: Cindy Walker, missions chair- vespers; Diana Bradford, social chairman; John Pierce, intramu- man; Cathy Nance, Christian life; Terry McConnell, enlistment rals; Diane McAdams, vice president; Cynthia Dickson, enlistment chairman; Teddy Gross, president; Coy Jennings, evangelism. 203 Tri C ' s First row, left to right: Debbie Smith, chaplain; Diane McAdams, president; Beth Messer, first vice president; second row, left to right: Kathy Bond, historian; Cindy Dickson, treasurer; Darlene Mitchell, second vice president. Wesley Foundation Newman Club Left to right: Janis Ford, secretary; Eva Rodriquez; Sister Matthew Donovan, O.P.; Richard Williams, president; Dennis Murphy, vice president. First row, left to right: Kathy Ormand; Debbie McKelvey; second row, left to right: Gary Johnson; Kathy Kirk, treasurer; Karen Sher- man; Susie Karrer; Steve Herndon, vice president; Judy Chadick, secretary; Don Pattillo, president. Association of Baptist Students Left to right: Paula Davis, president; Bob Caywood, vice president; Sarah Bush, secretary; Larry Owen, promotion chairman. Left to right: Mike McDaniel, treasurer; Doug Barlen, secretary; James Houser, vice president; David Brennan, president. Fellowship of Christian Athletes 206 Missionary Baptist Student Fellowship Left to right: Danny Butts, president; Pat Nolan, vice president; Sandy McDade, secretary. 207 Baha ' i Left to right: Sarah Jane Lee, president; Frankline Ade- kiya, vice president. 208 Honor students combine their wits Alpha Chi national honor society Left to right: Tommy Parker, president; Sandy Henderson, recording secretary; Elsa Cady, trea- surer; David Sloan, vice president. First row, left to right: Roberta Frame, president; Tanya Tullos, corresponding secretary; Lynn Jostes, vice president; second row, left to right: Jeff Lindemann, reporter; Caren Range, histo- rian; Karen Lang, recording secretary. Sigma Tau Delta national English honor society Xi Sigma Pi honorary organization of foresters Left to right: Mario Dell Osso, Sarah Jane Lee, Cathy Stein, Ralph Flowers. Delta Tau Alpha national agriculture honor society First row, left to right: Mike Connolly, treasurer; Linda Sandland, secretary; Dr. T. A. Alhashirni, faculty advisor; second row, left to right: Dr. Thomas Stanly, faculty advi- sor; Don Bumpers, president; Roland McManus, vice president; Roger Milton, reporter. 210 Gamma Theta Upsilon international honorary geographical society Left to right: Kay Dailey, president; David Williams, vice president; LaVerne Sloan, secretary; Dr. Dean Hodson, faculty advisor. Left to right: Forrest Kroschel, president; Suzy Langston, histo- rian; Pam Witte, secretary; Mike Shofner, vice president. Beta Beta Beta biological honor society 21 1 Alpha Kappa Delta national sociology honor society Left to right: Arnedia Chatman, president; Janet Dean, secretary-treasurer; Carolyn Springer, program chair- man; Dee Roberts, faculty advisor. Kappa Pi international honorary art fraternity Left to right: Mary Ray, publicity historian; Dale Haus, secretary; Jack McKenzie, president; Diana Franke, vice president; Charles Jeffress, treasurer. First row, left to right: Wyneile Norman; Keith Griffith; James Singleton; second row, left to right: Charles Brown, faculty advi- sor; Thomas Rutledge; Al Ormand; John Coon; third row, left to right: O. C. Buenger; Robert Swerdlow, faculty advisor; Jesse Mixon, faculty advisor; Bruce Cofer, faculty advisor; Joe Cluck. T Omicron Delta Epsilon honorary economics society Phi Alpha Theta history honor society Left to right: Jim Laird, secretary; Ann Elizabeth Heslop, president; Jo Wright, vice president. 213 Psi Chi psychology honor society Left to right: John Brady, vice president; Kathy Farrar, secretary; David Dixon, president. Kappa Delta Pi honorary teaching society Left to right: Georgia Valek; Sandra Burton. Left to right: Dr. Jim Nicholson, faculty advisor; Leann Blanken- ship, secretary-treasurer; Gary Cort, president; Judy Williams, vice president. Sigma Pi Sigma physics honor society First row, left to right: Katherine Black; Linda Wilson; Rhonda Gilliam; Cyndy Kittrell; Dr. June Irwin; second row, left to right: Lannie Tucker; Con- nie Moses; Barbara Threatt; Dr. Lucille Norton; Dr. Alvera Griffin; Marie Hunter; third row, left to right: Janice Cobble; Sadie Allison; Randi Ellison; Brenda Hampton; Lynn York. Delta Psi Kappa women ' s fraternity of physical education Sigma Delta Pi honorary Spanish society Left to right: Kay Hill, secretary-treasurer; Rebecca Cerliano, vice president. Organizations geared with Alpha Kappa Psi professional business fraternity 1 . Rick Moehring 2. Buddy Kopczynski, alumni secretary 3. Don Smith 4. Eric Renth 5. Gene Broadway, master of rituals 6. Bill Sharp, president 7. Tom Nicodemus 8. Dennis Button 9. Ray Kliesing 1 0. Glen Lorenz 1 1 . Dennis Wilson, secretary 1 2. Jerry Bryant, professional program chairman 13. William Klingsporn 14. Byron Matlock, treasurer 1 5. Carl Stewart 16. Philip Elam, vice president 1 7. Randy Thomas 1 8. James Boid 19. Larry Kirk 20. Steve Baker 21 . Darewin Coleman 22. Beauford Chapman professional study Phi Chi Theta women ' s professional business fraternity First row, left to right: Linda Wagner, recording secre- row, left to right: Teresa Latimer; Karen Harmeyer; tary; Donna Crawley, president; Phyllis Rabourn, histo- Camille Price, faculty advisor; Betty Rives, correspond- rian-reporter; Cathy Halton, vice president; Regina ing secretary; Sarah Thomas; Elsa Cady; Kathy Palmer; Lurry, treasurer; Cathy Wallace, ERP chairman; second Vicki Cook; Vickie Thomas. Biology Club First row, left to right: Donna Chevalier, vice president; Hoiiy Huff- man, secretary; second row, left to right: Dr. William Gibson, fac- ulty advisor; Rick Hurley, president; Dr. Charles Mims, faculty advisor. Premedical Technology Club Left to right: Gail Medlin, secretary-treasurer; Judy Gore, vice president; Linda Sue Steinman, president. 218 Left to right: John Byars, freshman representative; Don Grillo, junior rep- resentative; Terry Howard, senior representative; Ken Braddock, secre- tary-treasurer; Gary Litton, president; Dr. Robert Baker, faculty advisor; Billy Lemons, vice president. Society of American Foresters Left to right: Bobby Tutor, treasurer; Gwen McGee, secretary; Lynn Wood, vice president; Paul Beebe, president. Sylvans Club 219 Future Farmers of America First row, left to right: Dr. J. C. Green, faculty advisor; Hilo Del Bosque, reporter; Claudia Harris, chapter sweetheart; Eddie Whit- ley, treasurer; second row, left to right: Larry Axelson, student advisor; George Caraway, sentinel; Wayne Mason, program com- mittee chairman; Donald Bumpurs, vice president; Frank Jousan, secretary; Roland McManus, president. Pi Mu Epsilon honorary mathematics fraternity Left to right: Dan Cowan, president; Brenda Atwood, secretary-treasurer; Gary Brice, vice president; Harold Bunch, faculty advisor. 220 Accounting Club Left to right: Dr. Frank Ross, faculty advisor; Dr. John Stevenson, faculty advisor; J. Charles Demning, vice president; Jesse Mixon, faculty advisor; Normah Atherton, president; Wynelle Norman, secretary-treasurer; Clifton Sparks, fall president; Cary Cobb, public relations. American Marketing Association First row, left to right: Mike Slaughter, presi- dent; Lauren Laughlin, activities chairman; Theresa Abraham, secretary; Jim Drennan, membership chairman; second row, left to right: Jim Holton, program chairman; Robert Swerdlow, faculty advisor; Richard Watson, treasurer; Terry Harper, vice president. 221 National Student Speech and Hearing Association Left to right: Victor Keasler, president; Ann Ahrens, faculty advi- sor; Elsie Kube, secretary; Dr. Elnita Stanley, faculty advisor; Jenna Dildy, vice president. Pi Epsilon Mu women ' s fraternity of health and physical education First row, left to right: Kathy Jackson, president; Brenda Hampton, vice president; Marie Hunter, faculty advisor; Betsy Doerr, junior representative; Patti Raasch, senior representative; second row, left to right: Paula Schuyler, secretary-treasurer; Sharon Langley, reporter; Suzanne Wil- emon, songleader. 222 Seated, left to right: Leta Roach, first vice president; Sharon McGouldrick, president; Beth Mitchell, project chairman; Marianne Stamps, second vice president; standing, left to right: Catherine Rector, historian; Karen Frost, parliamentarian; Debbie Sadler, secretary; Joann Sanders, nutrition dele- gate; Carolyn Holloway, publicity chairman; Janet Harvell, treasurer. Home Economics Club Left to right: Carol Fisher, secretary; Sue Flora, treasurer; Sandy McDade, vice president of programs; Becky Ennis, parliamentarian; Cindy Warren, vice president of projects; Jane Yarbrough, historian; Linda Wellens, president. Student Council for Exceptional Children Left to right: Larry Chevallier, vice president; Debbie Vestal, pro- gram chairman; Marjie Haynes, president; Pam Naert, secretary. Etc. Etc. Etc. Etc. Etc. Etc. Etc. Etc. Etc. Etc. Etc. Rehabilitation Association Left to right: Frank Larai, vice president; Peggy Sandeen, trea- surer; Jon Ed Smith, president; Susan Chafin, secretary. Campus Girl Scouts Left to right: Mary Darby, president; Dee Isleib, past president; : Patricia MacKeen, historian; Sandra Taylor, secretary; Gretchen ! Ploeger, past vice president; Joni Wallrath, vice president; Carolyn Hardy, advisor. 226 Left to right: Candace Marshall, vice president; Eleanor Cowan, treasurer; Roseann Pincus, secretary; Nora Bleakney, president; member; Gary White, minister of propaganda. Ecology Club Society of Southern Belles First row, left to right: Sally Spivey; Gail Duncan; Julaine Dunstan, president; Nancy Townsend; Fran Kelly; second row, left to right: Sandy Lindsey, Becky Nichols, Dee McGlassen, secretary; Donna Lewis; Shirley Jo Ardoin; Ava Spooner; Kathy Ketcham; Kristy Lowe, treasurer; Alyson Wallace; Kathy Keene. Spanish Club First row, left to right: Linda Hager, vice president; Pedro Lopez, president; Joan Muller, treasurer; second row, left to right: Patricia Benson, secretary; Lori Wagman, social chairman. Left to right: Argyle McLaughline; Mike Ahearn; Jim Crews, secre- tary; Bob Collier, president; Mike Staton. Radio Club W5HAJ Students International Meditation Society Seated: Dinkar Patel; standing, left to right: Doug Parker; Eleanor Cowan; Mike Dixon, chairman. 229 Society of Physics Students Left to right: Leann Blankenship, secretary-treasurer; James Swanson, vice president; Dr. Jim Nicholson, faculty advisor; Gary Cort, president. Health Education Club Left to right: Kay Moody, secretary; Randi Ellison, vice president; Dr. Alvera Griffin, faculty advisor; Ava Steele, president. 230 Left to right: Edward Elias, sophomore representative; Gordon Stevenson, sophomore representative; L. Zack Florence, gradu- ate chairman; Tom Rhodes, junior representative; Randolph Bul- ler, senior representative; " Dutch " Bell, junior vice chairman. School of Forestry Student Council 231 232 Rain clouds Carnival Shhh! There comes a time in the life of every prospective teacher when she steps out of the college classroom and into the real world. Carol Jennings of Corsicana took that step last semester when she became a stu- dent teacher at Nettie Marshal elementary school in Nacogdoches. With the aid of her cooperating teacher Carol learned some of the more basic tricks of the teaching trade. For example, that an occasional " shush! " will work better with a classroom of third graders than the familiar " shut up! " often reserved for younger brothers and sisters. She also learned to know her students. Who works best off in a corner by himself? Which one needs con- stant supervision to keep him from bashing his best friend for the scissors? Carol also gained experience in discovering the " natural leaders " in a class and their need for having their abilities channelled in the right direction. Caroi found out what teachers do in their spare time. They grade tests, design bulletin boards and make teaching aids like conestoga wagons to demonstrate pioneer tran sportation. She had to draw upon her own imagination to create learning experiences for her stu- dents. 234 " You don ' t know what it ' s like until you ' ve tried it. " 235 Is student government obsolete? Apathy wins by landslide; Finley, Jones run unopposed 236 A new beginning " The deficiency list from the Registrar ' s Office shows that you have the following deficiency as of this date. . . . This condition must be cleared before you will be eligible for graduation on May 12, 1973. " UN(BiDCES ARE AVAIIASLE AT Art Cq hri f (r 1 A smile, a walk, a time of year pasted together, A collage of places, faces Set back on some hidden shelf in the mind Recalled with wistful sighs or tears of regret . . . A time of dreams, clouded with illusions Drifting in sunlight and shadows; A time of searching And yet, a time of oneness with others searching, too . . . Moving towards what we were to become Losing pieces of what was never meant A time and site of growing Now, so far from what was planned we walk away. But alone. . .inevitably. . .alone. S. Cope UK lit Bill Flynn, Nancy Townsend Mr. and Miss SFA Miss Spring Wythel Sprott Homecoming Court Opposite page. Karen Breland, homecoming queen; left: Vicki Walker, lady-in-waiting; below, first row, left to right: Cindy Sypert, Marilyn Ann Brown; sec- ond row, left to right: Teresa Cangemi, Alane Wood- ward; third row: Sue Nixdorf, duchesses. David Newton, social studies Kay Hill, modern language Nikki Kinnear, chemistry Sherry McAnally, political science Tom Rutledge, political science Cheerleaders — faithful few First row left to right: Connie Donnelly, Barry Stephens, Noel Kelly, Second row: Sandy Ross; Third row left to right: Nita Nichols, Ike Griffith, Randy Fife, Terry Taylor, Fly Hill, Kathy Braun. 260 First row left to right: Debbie Tomlin, Kathy Tidwell, Deena Cast- loo, Karen Nelson, Patricia Parrish; Second row left to right: Donna Amos, Debbie Bond, LuAnn Barley. Twirl-o-Jacks - spinning glitter " The establishment " " The establishment ' ' " The establishment ' " The establishment ' " The establishment ' " The establishment ' " The establishment ' " The establishment " The establishment ' The establishment Seated, left to right: Robert Gray, Austin; Douglas Bergman, Dal- las; R. E. McGee, Houston; Sam Tanner, Beaumont; Joe Bob Gol- den, Jasper; Mrs. Lera Thomas, Houston; standing, left to right: Walter Todd, Dallas; Roy Maness, Beaumont; James Perkins, Rusk. 264 Dr. Gordon Beasley, vice president for student affairs. Dr. John Lewis III, vice president for academic affairs. Admissions, Registrar Enter and sign in please. Dr. Clyde Iglinsky, director of admissions. Eugene Barbin, registrar. Student Development Students are developed, guided, governed, and counseled. Dr. Paul Harris, dean. Seate d: Mrs. Lecretia Bussy, counselor; and Mrs. Edwinna Palmer, Harvey Rayson, assistant dean. counselor; Standing: Bailey Nations, counselor; Ralph Busby, counselor; and Melvin Wester, director of guidance and counseling. Ernestine Henry, associate dean of student development. Van Samford, associate dean. 268 Kenneth McFarland, director of housing; and Cilenn Jen- nings, assistant director of housing. 269 Health Services Don ' t ever get sick during the following times: 5 p.m. to 8 a.m., noon to 1 p.m., Saturdays, Sundays or right after holidays. Dr. Robert Carroll, M.D. Dr. William Sullivan, M.D. Dr. Ralph Bailey, M.D., director of health services. 270 Alias Calahan, Smith James Calahan, associate dean for university regulations, and Leo- nard Smith, assistant dean for university regulations. Sidney Jones, director of police. . . . and Jones University Regulations University Center The Post Office serves as a line of communication with the outside world and civilization . . . If you ' re lucky, the vending machines are out of food. ■lit :rii jtv Jerry Johnson, university center director. 272 Abbott, Dr. H. E.; Chemistry Adams, Jasper; Mathematics Alexander, Dr. Doyle; Mathematics Alhashimi, Dr. Talib; Agriculture Allen, Dorothy; Women ' s HPE Allison, Dr. Rosalie; Elementary Education Allison, Sadie; Women ' s HPE Alston, Dr. Roy; Mathematics Anderson, Dr. Don; Geology Anderson, Ida; School Services Arscott, William; Art Bailey, Eva; Music Baker, Dr. Robert; Forestry Barclay, Will; Modern Languages Barnett, Carolyn; Women ' s HPE Barone, Vincent; Men ' s HPE Barra, Dr. Ronnie; Men ' s HPE Barrett, Dr. Barbara; Home Economics Barton, Dr. Calvin; Mathematics Bellamy, Dr. Sidney; English, Modern Languages Bentley, Beeman; English Beutler, Dr. Larry; Psychology Bilan, Dr. Victor; Forestry Bizzell, Dr. Bobby; Management Boring, Wayne; Chemistry Bos, Dr. William; Communication Boudria, B. F.; Mathematics Bowman, James; General Business Bridewell, Ross; Modern Languages Brophy, William; History Brown, Dr. Charles, Economics Brownlee, Avin; Biology Brunson, Macra; Elementary Education Bryant, Bob; School Services Bunch, Harold; Mathematics Burkart, Dr. Leonard; Forestry Burkett, Julius; Mathematics Burr, Dr. J. H.; Biology Bush, Ava; Home Economics Butts, Dr. John; Communication Callaway, Thomas; Physics Capel, Dr. Robert; Communication Cams, Mary; Political Science Cates, Charles; Chemistry Chaney, Elton; Mathematics Cheever, Dr. Leonard; English Clark, Dr. W. D.; Mathematics Claunch, Ronald; Political Science Clements, Dr. H. M.; Head ot Sociology Cofer, Bruce; Economics Collier, Dr. Loyd, Head of Geography Conn, Michael; General Business Cook, George; Biology Cooper, George; History Coster, Dr. Jack; Forestry Cox, David; Political Science Cox, Norman, General Business Crocker, Dr. Marvin; Geology Dahmus, Dr. John; History Davis, James; Political Science Dean, Dr. R. G.; Mathematics DeBoard, Ralph; Mathematics Decker, Dr. John; Physics Delaney, Dr. Creighton; Head of Art Devine, Dr. Joseph; History Dickerson, Dr. Ben; Sociology Dickerson, Dr. Windell; School Services Dickson. Dr. James; Political Science Dugas, Dr. Vera; History Durr, Dr. Kenneth; Office Administration 273 Ellerbrook, Dr. L. W., Elementary Education Erickson, Dr. J. E.; Head of Political Science Faulkner, Dr. Russell; Head of Biology Fisher, Dr Charles; Biology Ford, Dr. Diane; Art Fountain, Michael, Forestry Franks, Dr. Thomas; Elementary Education Frye, Judith; English Garrett, Dr. James, Chemistry Gaylord, Dr. Heinz; Psychology Gibson, Dr William; Biology Gobel, Dr. Volker; Geology Green, Dr. J. C ; Agriculture Gregory, Donald; Political Science Griffin, Dr. Alvera; Women ' s HPE Grigsby, David; School Services Grimland, Dr. Charles; Men ' s HPE Gruebel, Dr. Robert; Physics Hackney, Kenneth; Psychology Hall, Dr. Morris; Head of Music Hallman, Leon; Geography Hamrick, Dr. Bill; School Services Hargis, Troy; Management Hartman, Dr. Bernard-thomas; School Services Hays, Dr, Neill; School Services Henke, Dr. Ray; School Services Henry, Robert; Art Hicks, Frederick; School Services Hines, Dr. Calvin; History Hoffman, Dr. Francine; Communication Houston, Dr. Thomas; Music Howard, Berlin; Accounting Huffty, Andrew; Men ' s HPE Hunter, Marie; Women ' s HPE Hunter, Dr. Thomas; Economics Irwin, Dr. June; Head of Women ' s HPE Jarzebowski, Dr. Waclaw; Modern Languages Johnson, Dr. Bobby; History Johnson, Dr. Wayne; Political Science Jones, Cecil; Agriculture Jones, Charles; Art Jones, Henry; Political Science Jones, Dr Hershel; Geology Jones, Dr. Sue; Home Economics Kennedy, Reesman; Art Kight, Dr. Carl; Head of Men ' s HPE Kinzer, Donald; Military Science Knabe, William; Head of Communication LaDuke, Robert; School Services Lambert, Kenneth; Bible Layton, Dr. W. I.; Head of Mathematics Lenhart, Dr. David; Forestry Lewis, Dr. Hanna; Modern Languages Lewis, Dr. Jack; School Services Love, Wilbert; History Lowery, Tommie; History Maamary, Dr. Samir; Sociology Mace, Dr. Kenneth; Biology Machel, Dr. Albert; Chemistry Magruder, James; Philosophy Manger, William; Bible Mays, Jareldine; Home Economics Martin, Eric; School Services Mathews, Virginia; Women ' s HPE Maxwell, Dr. Robert; Head of History McCord Neal; Biology McCullough, Dr. Jack; Biology McDonald, Dr. Harry; Biology McGrath, Dr Sylvia; History McGrath, Dr. W T.; Forestry ■■■■■■ : Jfr rp PP %3 i Ir j t ife W, if ; " 1 fife 274 McKinney, Mary; Home Economics McMillan, Dr. Douglas; History McReynolds, James; History Mendoza. Manuel; Modern Languages Meredith, John; Accounting, Computer Science Mims, Dr. Charles; Biology Moore, John; Chemistry Murdock, Dr. Wayne; Economics Naistat, Dr. Samuel; Chemistry Neel, Joe; Mathematics Newsome, Judith; School Services Nixon, Dr. Elray; Biology Noa, Fernando, Military Science Olson, Barry; Mathematics Patillo, Janice; Elementary Education Petty, Dave; Sociology Piercy, Hectonne; Modern Languages Pinkard, Claudia; Elementary Education Price, Camille; Computer Science Proctor, Dr. Wayne; Mathematics Rainwater, Dr. Fred; Biology Ramsey, Dr. Robert; Communication Reeves, Dr. Hershel; Forestry Rhodes, Dr. Odis; Elementary Education Richman, Allen; History Roach, Dr. Ed; Management Robertson, Dr. Walter; Biology Roper, Lydia; Home Economics Ross, Dr. Frank; Accounting Rucker, Dr. Margaret; Home Economics Russell, Dr. Homer; Biology Sartin, Ann; Elementary Education Sartin, Austin; Geology Schlicher, Dr. Karl; Art Schrader, Sue; Women ' s HPE Schubert, Russell; Military Science Seaton, Dr. Jacob; Head of Chemistry Shivers, Laura; Home Economics Shows, Dr. David; Men ' s HPE Singer, Dr. Robert; Forestry Slagle, Dr. Wayne; Biology Smith, Dr. Frank; Elementary Education Snyder, James; Art Southern, R. D.; Military Science Spurrier, Dr. Jack; School Services Spurrier, Patsy; Home Economics Standley, Oran; Agriculture Stanley, Elnita; School Services Stanly, Dr. Thomas; Head of Agriculture Steinhoff, Dr. R. O., Head of Geology Stevenson, Dr. John; Head of Accounting Stewart, Dudley; Economics Swerdlow, Robert; General Business Tabor, Harold; Bible Thomas, Dr. Thurman; Agriculture Towns, Dr. Jim; Communication Vincent, Dr. Jerry; Geology Wade, Dr. M. B.; Sociology Walker, Dr. B. F.; Chemistry Warner, Janet; Elementary Education Watson, Arthur; Miiitary Science Watterston, Dr. Kenneth; Forestry Wedding, Ben; Military Science Weyland, Dr. Hendrik; Biology White, Dr. Ralph; Head of Office Administration White, Dr. T. P.; School Services Williams, Glenn; Art Willingham, Dr. G. W.; Elementary Education Yarbrough, Jack; General Business Young, Dr. William; Music 275 Academic Deans They told us i we could finish in four years? Dr. William Turner, school of fine arts. Dr. Robert McKibben, school of education. Dr. J. N. Gerber, graduate school. Half- remembered names and faces Claudia Beach, president Averitte, Curtis; Palestine Azad, Aii; Iran Bergman, Vicki; Austin Cady, Jeff: Nacogdoches Campbell, Kathy; Seale Chow, Victor; Hong Kong Cluck, Winnie; Corrigan Conner, Gary; Frost Cox, Ivan; Timpson Davis, Thomas; Buffalo Dawson, Jed; Cushing Dennis, Charles; Itasca Dixon, David; Dallas Dreyer, Boyd; Nacogdoches Duncan, Pamela; Nacogdoches Eason, Mark; Silsbee Franke, Mary; Chester Franklin, Janice; Lufkin Greve, John; Houston Gruber, Karen; Nacogdoches Grunert, James; Bonham Halbert, James; Tyler Hendricks, Bob; Washington, Ga. Hernandez, Manuel; Los Fresnos Heslop, Ann; San Antonio Joffrion, Rebecca; Beckville Jones, Linda; San Augustine King, Paul; Jackson, Mich. Koch, Carolyn; Lane City Lacewell, Larry; Texarkana Langford, Marlyn; DeBerry Louie, Gene; Seattle, Wash. McKinney, Chuck; San Angelo McKinney, Patricia; Houston McKnedy, Carl; Nacogdoches Medford, Jerry; Kilgore Metcalf, Susan; Beckville Mims, Lacey; El Dorado, Ark Montgomery, Carolyn; Garland Philpot, Bobby; Waskom Platzer, Cheryl; League City Pugh, Cole; Jacksonville Shepherd, Marjorie; Diboll Shin, Kunho; Korea Spellman, Michael; Sherman Tullos, Tanya; Livingston Watson, Kristena; Houston West, Nathaniel; Nacogdoches Whatley, Gary; Jefferson White, Raymond; Houston Whitehead, Marie; Rusk Whitley, Sam; Laneville Wilson, Tamesha; Belton Wood, Mike; Joaquin Yates, John; Lufkin Officers: Left to right: Bill Flynn, president; Cindy Sypert, represent- ative; Dale Smith, vice president; Connie Burns, secretary; Ed Wat- son, representative. Senior Class Favorites Connie Burns, Richard Branch HBfta • IAI I Abrahams, Stephen; Taft Adams, Annie; Grapeland Allen, Robert; RaymondviHe Alvarez, Glenda; Houston Andrews, Debbie, Friendswood Anthony, Clark; Longview Arnold, Conrad, Wichita Falls Arnold, Leonard, Katy Atkinson, Tempe; Bellaire Atwell, Susy; Houston Avrett, Marilyn; Wichita Falls Bailey, Sharon; Dallas Ballard, David; Jacksonville Barber, Karen. Garland Barger, Cheryl; Fort Worth Barnett, Phillip; Dallas Barnes, Marie; Lufkin Barney, William; Houston Barras, Helen; Beaumont Barrington, Ronald; Linden Barron, Linda; Orange Baun, Donald; Boardman, Ohio Beare, Margaret; San Antonio Bedard, James; Gilmer Bell, Laurie; Houston Belsha, Geraldine; Center Benckenstein, Stanley; Beaumont Bergman, Karen; Dallas Bezdek, George; Fort Worth Bhromchumpa, Samarn; Thailand Birdwell, Jeff; Cushing Bitner, Shelley; Houston Bitting, Neal; York, Pa. Black, Katherine; Spring Blackstone, Terry; Austin Blakey, Terrye; Nacogdoches Blend, Sharon; Houston Boatwright, Margaret; Mabank Bolin, Cleta; Allen Bond, Ellen; Dallas Bond, Vickie; Grand Prairie Borchelt, Linda; Corpus Christi Boyd, Martha; Fort Worth Boyle, Kathy; Nacogdoches Brandt, Jane; Houston Bratz, Sue; Elkhart Breazeale, Kathryn; Houston Brennan, Alana; Pasadena Broadwater, Kathy; Wichita Fails Brock, Beverly; Houston Brown, Marilyn; Whitehouse Bryant, Michael; Dallas Bryant, Micheal; Ennis Bullers, Randolph; Albuquerque, N. M. Bumpurs, Donald; Marquez Butcher, Debbie; Dallas Cady, Elsa; Pasadena Caldwell, Roger, Jacksonville Camp, Bobby; Kennedale Campbell, Deborah; Dallas Cangemi, Theresa; Dallas Cantrell, John; Lufkin Caraway, George; Naples Carr, Diane; Jonesboro, Ark. Carter, Bonnie; LaPorte Carter, David; Midland Carter, Sharon, Pasadena Casey, Steve; Houston Cauley, Faye; Huntington Cerliano, Rebecca; Longview Chandler, Laurence; Jacksonville Chapman, Biarbara; Lufkin Chastain, David; Harleton Chestnut, Bridget; Houston Clark, Ann; Cleburne Clark, Gordon; Hallettsville Clark, Joey; Dickinson Clark, Ricky; Longview Clark, Sherry; Marshall Clark, Thomas; Baytown Clauson, Bruce; Houston Cleveland, Angela; LaPorte Cleveland, Marilyn; Rusk Cole, Tess; Richardson Coleman, Darewin; Conroe Collins, Ross; Dallas Colman, Anne; Palestine Connor, Ann; Corsicana Cook, Vicki; Dallas Cooper, DeAnne; Henderson Cooper, Kenneth; Kennedale Cope, Sunne; Pasadena Craig, Susan; Spring Crank, Terry; Longview Crisp, Katy; Nacogdoches Crow, Thomas; Carthage Cunningham, Virginia; Buffalo Cutler, Don; Corpus Christi Cypert, Alan; Dallas Dailey, Kay; Grapeland Daniel, Randy; Athens Darden, Peggy; Chester Davis, Patricia; Buffalo Del Bosque, Hilo; Alice Dias, Debra; Houston Dildy, Jan; Garland Dildy, Jenna; Garland Dizdar, Virginia; McAllen Dobbs, Marian; Houston Dominy, Billie; Livingston Doran, R. E.; Nacogdoches DuBose, Louis; Houston Dudley, Al, Perry Point, Md. Duncan, Glennis; Pittsburg Dunning, Deborah; Garland Durham, William; Wells Edmons, Jane; Zavalla Edwards, Carole; Texas City Ethridge, Eugene; Huntington Faulkner, Frances; Houston Fisher, Teresa; Baytown Fletcher, Wardaleen; Grapeland Forsyth, Patricia; Garland Fraim, Melanie; San Juan Francis, Deanie; Richardson Fuller, Sandra; Jacksonville Fullinwider. Jay; Houston Gandy, Helen; Houston Geddie, Dawson; Athens Gee, Frances; Henderson George, Barbara; Amarillo Gillespie, Danny; Lancaster Gilliam, Rhonda; Idalou Gilstrap, Patricia; Longview Glenn, Clovis; Longview Goolsby, Gaylon; Lufkin Gore, Judy; Gilmer Gough, Kathy; Bellaire Gowan, Simonetta, Reno, Nev. Grant, Larry; Lake Jackson Graves, Gordon; Dallas Griffin, Lorraine; Tyler Griffith, Keith; Longbranch Gulliver, Jennifer; LaPorte Haas, Deborah; Nacogdoches Haas, Michael; Nacogdoches Hackett, Thomas; LaMarque Hall, Georganna; Bellaire Hamm, Thomas, Copperas Cove Hammond, Lora; Garland Haney, Jan; Gilmer Hanratanakul, Somchai; Thailand Harding, Kathy; Dallas Harding, Linda; Tyler Hardy, Geraldean; Irving Harper, Terry; Shreveport Harris, Claudia; Dallas Hart, James; Houston Hause, Eugene; Baytown Hayes, Jackie; Pasadena Hayman, Kenneth; Edna Hays, Robert; Henderson Henderson, Sharron; Marshall Hensley, Robert; Jacksonville Hickman, Jesse; Athens Hill, Kay; Waco Hinton, Larry; Shelbyville Hoffman, Thomas; Pasadena Holland, Joe; Carthage Hooker, Janie; Tyler Horton, Frank; Tenaha Howard, Terry; Horseheads, N. Y. Huffman, Holly; Irving Hughes, Robert; Nacogdoches Humphries, Ronnie; Spring Hill Hunter, Celia; Dallas Hurley, Richard; Humble Hurley, Sandra; Eagle Lake Hutcherson, Jim; Temple Hyden, Richard; Buna Jackman, John; Gladewater Jennings, Rhonda; Fort Worth Johnson, Ellajeane; Gatesville Johnson, Jerry; Gordon Johnson, Sally; Palestine Johnson, Thomas; Tyler Jonas, David; Garland Jones, Jolene; Hallsville Jones, Karen; Fort Smith, Ark. Joyce, Doug; Fort Worth Joyner, Kathie; Texas City Keasler, Victor; Jefferson Kelley, Jimmy; Lufkin Kelly, Pam; Richardson King, Karen; Lake Jackson King, Sandra; Dallas Kirkland, Donald; Corrigan Kirkpatrick, Gordon; Hurst Kittley, Sharon; Kerens Kittrell, Cynthia; Denton Kroschel, Forrest; Houston Krupicka, Julie; Waco Krustichinsky, Ricky; Houston Lacewell, Mec; Texarkana Lacy, Nancy; Kilgore Lamar, Preston; Warren Lamberth, Nancy; Kemah Langley, Linda; Horseshoe Bend, Ark. Laraia, Francis; Manchester, Conn. Laughlin, Lauren; Houston 285 Lawson, Billie; Malakoff Layne, Lynda; Pasadena Lee, Anne; Corpus Christi Lee, Lynda; Nacogdoches Lewis, Norma; Waco Liebrum, Michael; Dallas Lindemann, Jeff; Houston Loftin, Pam; Alvin Lowe, James; Midland Lucas, Larry; El Paso Luton, Jamie; Houston Lynch, Kathleen; Henderson Magee, Jackie; Cushing Magness, Kenneth; Orange Maher, Carol; Houston Mallard, Kenny; Bryan Maness, David; Angleton Maris, Hal; Troup Marsh, Treba; Huntington Martin, Kathy; Neches Martinez, Clarissa; Dallas Martino, Joe; Summit Hill, Pa. Mata, Maria; Woodsboro Matlock, Byron; Houston Maxey, Rick; Longview Maxwell, Gary; Nacogdoches Mayben, Vicki; Pittsburg McAdams, Diane; Bellaire McCoy, Cheryl; Rosenburg McCrary, Michael; Nacogdoches McDonald, Kathy; Grand Saline McDonald, Susan; Richardson McGee, Gwendolyn; San Antonio McGouldrick, Sharon; Houston McKay, Carol; Jasper McKee, Melanie; Houston McKenzie, Jack; Alvin McMakin, Dollie; Port Arthur McManus, Brenda; Clute McManus, Charles; Anahuac McNabb, Lenn; Nacogdoches McNutt, William; Teague McWhirter, Peggy; Houston Medlin, Doug; Garland Meleton, Raymond, Houston Messer, Beth; Lufkin Middleton, Ginger; Houston Middleton, Glenda; Liberty Middleton, Roger; Georgetown Miller, Carole; Houston Miller, Marion; Timpson Millican, Glenda; Crockett Mims, Cheire; Henderson Minatra, Sandra; Corsicana Mirabella, Dana; Groves Mirabella, Ronald; Groves Mitcham, Debra; Orange Mitchell, Linda; San Augustine Mitchell, Mary; Houston Mitchell. Randy; Baton Rouge, La. Modisette, Patsy; Lufkin Molis, Linda; Texas City Monroe, Merlinda; Amarillo Moore, David; Nacogdoches Moore, Sherry; Longview Moore, William; Sulphur Springs Motley, Elizabeth; Longview Moulder, Debra; Arcadia Navarre, Randy; Groves Neubrand, Tom; Dallas Newnham, Nancy; Ranger Ng, Dominic; Pasadena Nichols, Cathy; Palestine Nixdorf, Susan, Pasadena Noonan, Michael; Hurst Nutt, Frederick, LaMarque Olsen, Ann, LaMarque Olver, Anne; Dallas Oney, Pamela; Harleton Ormand, Alfred; Crockett Orr, Charlotte; Woodville Otto, Deborah; Needville Owens, Bill; Fort Worth Owens, Geraldme; LaMarque Owens, Nancy; Apple Springs Parker, Keith; Nacogdoches Parker, Rhonda; Brownsboro Parker, Shirley; Groveton Parnell, Carney; Waco Patterson, Leslie; Olton Patterson, Ottis; Nacogdoches Pearce, Karen; Houston Penrod, Bobby; Ennis Perry, Mike; Palestine Peterson, LaMerle; Garrison Petty, Linda; Nacogdoches Phillips, Jack; Corpus Christi Pickard, Linda; Pecan Gap Pool, David; Longview Porter, Penny; Longview Poulos, Bryan; Texarkana Powell, John; Dallas Pulley, Michael; Athens Raasch, Patricia; Garland Ramsey, William; Tenaha Ratliff, Connie; Cedar Lane Rawlinson, Mary; Lutkin Raymer, Donna; Baytown Readel, James; Nacogdoches Reeg, Paula; Pittsburgh, Penn. Reeves, Cecilia; LaPorle Regmund, George; Houston Reider, Joyce; Gary Reilly, Glenn; Clifton, N. J Reily, Mary; Dallas Rentfro, Loyce; Waco Reynolds, Cynthia; Dallas Reynolds, Dan; Eustace Richardson, Patricia; Hull Ridge, Jacqueline; Austin Riedel, Lee; LaMarque Riggins, Quinton; Magnolia Riley, Mike; Dallas Riley, Sandra; Lufkin Ritchie, Larry; Terrell Roberts, Carolyn; Longview Roberts, Nancy; Ennis Robinson, Jackie; Carthage Rogers, Maribeth; Lufkin Roland, Richard; Houston Roundtree. Earl; Linden Rowland, Judy; Nacogdoches Rowland, Thomas, Nacogdoches Rutledge, Tom; Magnolia Springs Saigling, Margaret; Piano Scanlan, Kathy; Texarkana Scheer, Tim; Dallas Scurlock, Steve; Gladewater Sellers, William; San Antonio Senn. Bill; Meridian Sexton, Sharon; Nash Sheeran, Lynda; Longview Sherman, Karen; Houston Shotner, Michael; Nacogdoches Simpson, Debbie; Sherman Sloan, LaVerne, Newcastle Smith, Aleta; Houston Smith, Dale; Frankston Smith, Debbe; Tyler Smith, Don; San Augustine Smith, James; Lone Star Smith, Janet; Nacogdoches Smith, Lloyd; Nacogdoches Smith, Richard; Dallas Smith, Sheryl; Bryan Smith, Thoy; Tyler Sparks, Clifton; Hawkins Steadman, Wynice; Grapeland Steele, Ava; Hallsville Stein, Catherine; San Antonio Stevens, Sarah; Lufkin Steward, Karen; Houston Stewart, Sherry; Nederland Sullins, Linda; Abbott Svalberg, Nikki; Houston Sypert, Cindy; Houston Tanksley, Allan; Huntington Tanksley, Patricia; Fort Worth Taylor, Sandra; Fort Worth Tedder, Richard; Jacksonville Theiss, Jerry; Hearne Thompson, Mike; Garland Thornton, Bobby; Douglass Thornton, Lynn; Houston Thornton, Penny; Tyler Tibbitts, Ava, Houston Tippett, Beverly; Timpson Tomlinson, Vera; Portland Townsend, Beverly; White Oak Townsend, Nancy; Dallas Truchelut, Claire; Nacogdoches Tubbs, William; Temple Turner, Donna, Linden Turner, James; Marshall Turnham, Cheryl; Nacogdoches Valek, Georgie; Ennis Vieregge, Carolyn; Malakoff Vinson, Danny; Coolidge Wagner, Paula, Dallas Waits, Tommy; Beckville Waldrop, Janet; Tyler Wark, Thomas; Nacogdoches Wark, Valeria, Nacogdoches Warren, Cheryl; Cypress Warren, David; Nacogdoches Warren, Kay; Nacogdoches . Warthoe, Ellen; Fort Worth Watson, Richard; Houston Weatherly, James; Nacogdoches Weaver, Gary, Terrell Webb, Peggy; Rio Hondo Welch, Ann; Longview Welch, Gary; Clarksville Weldon, Michael; Tulsa Whatley, Mary; Houston Whistler, Paula; Nacogdoches Whistler, Robert; Nacogdoches White, Michael; Longview White, Ronald; Lufkin Whitley, Pattie; Longview Wilburn, Larry; San Augustine Wilkerson, Mary; Houston Wilkinson, Jim; Raymondville Williams, Joy; Nacogdoches Williford, Linda; Nacogdoches Willmon, David; Lufkin Wilson, Donna; Fort Worth Wise, Robert; Dawson Springs, Ky. Woo, Carolyn; Port Arthur Woods, Mary; San Augustine Woody, Michel; Baytown Wylie, Milton; League City Yarbrough, Jane; Avinger Ybarra, Ray; Bay City Junior Class Officers, left to right: Richard Branch, president; Debby bgger, sec- retary-treasurer; Tommy Parker, representative; Julie David, repre- sentative; Mike Finley, vice president. Favorites Brenda Bryant and Charley Jewett Adams, Pamela; West Caldwell, N J Ardoin, Shirley; Salt Flat Armstrong, Keren; Elm Mott Ashburn, Susie; Irving Attebery, Janice; Jacksonville Austin, Steve; Nacogdoches Babcock, Sue; Richardson Baggett, Donnis; Livingston Bail, Becky; Shreveport, La. Ball, Janice; Nacogdoches Barr, Jim; Killeen Bartlett, Nancy; Big Spring Beeler, Mary; Katy Belanger, Debby; Houston Bell, Becky; Dallas Benn, Michael; Brazoria Bennett, Ruth; Farwell Benson, Janie; Keller Benson, Patricia; Tyler Bertling, Douglas; Austin Bertrand, Ralph; Lumberton Bishop, Pam; Gilmer Blackburn, Cheryl; Fort Worth Boaen, Wyn; Eastland Bond, Kathy; Dallas Borglund, William; Refugio Bozeman, Peggy; Terrell Bradfield, Anna; Tomball Bradford, Taffi; Dallas Branch, Cynthia; Houston Brixey, Nancy; Houston Broadway, Eugene; Port Neches Brockman, Hal; Nazareth Brolliar, Michelle; Dallas Brown, Betty; Dallas Brown, DeAnn; Dallas Brown, Sheila; Nacogdoches Brown, Sylvia; Tyler Bruce, Charlsie; Danbury Bull, John; Grand Prairie Burden, Harryett; Ennis Burton, Sandra; Henderson Butts, Danny; Seminole Butts, Michael; Nacogdoches Byford, Brenda; McGregor Calvary, Bennie; Dallas Cammack, Richard; Kilgore Campbell, Larry; Jacksonville Cannon, Stephen; Irving Carter, Frank; Dumas Cartwright, Wayne; Lufkin Cawthon, Paula; Fort Worth Chappelow, Harriet; Gladewater Chastain, Cynthia; Houston Chastain, Pat; Dallas Cherry, Patricia; Irving Chumness, Leslie; Lake Jackson Clapp, Verlan; Jacksonville Clark, DeWayne; Nacogdoches Clark, Steve; Cleburne Clarke, Cathleen; Lake Jackson Cockran, Evia; Jacksonville Coleman, David; Houston Collier, Don; Post Colson, Mona; Houston Cook, Cindy; Van Coones, Bobby; Longview Cooper, Lynn; Longview Cornelius, Jolene; Liberty Coussons, Lynne; Alto 291 Crawford, Thomas; Henderson Crawley, Donna; Port Neches Darnold, Hal; Kilgore Davis, Ella, Longview Davis, Jean; Buffalo Davis, Lee; Carthage Dean, Janet; DeKalb Debney, Dianne; Jasper Dixon, Beth; Henderson Dominy, Edna; Temple Dotson, Brenda; Jacksonville Drawhorn, Danny; Beaumont Drew, Dorothy; Dallas Dulin, John; Henderson Dunlap, Charlotte; Garland Dyes, Linda; Chireno Dykes, James; Kilgore Edmonds, Lee; Dallas Ellis, Patti; Chandler Ely, Marcus; Gainesville Emery, Suzanne; Houston Fairless, Mona; Corpus Christi Fatherree, Susan; Houston Feild, William; Arlington Finklea, Georgia; Marshall Finley, Mike; Houston Fitzgerald, Ann; Brownsboro Fitzhugh, Ginger; Midland Fleming, Gary; Trinidad Fletcher, Steve; Dallas Flores, Aurora; Los Indios Fogaley, Richard; Corpus Christi Forbes, Jerry; Houston Ford, David; Houston Forman, Georgiana; Lubbock Forster, Darrell, Port Lavaca Foster, Kathryn; Denton Frank, Jackson; Mansfield Franklin, Neil; Fort Worth Freeman, Debbie; Richardson Freeman, Janis; Longview Frick, Patricia; Houston Fry, William; Houston Fuller, Deborah; Jacksonville Gage, Marilyn; White Oak Gandy, Pam; Mt. Vernon Garcia, Mario; Killeen Gates, Bill; Dallas Gauerke, Beth; Houston German, Harry; Nacogdoches Giles, Rick; Naples Gilliam, Charles; Palestine Godfrey, Don; Carrollton Goodrum, Mark; Minden, La Grant, Kay; Richardson Greer, Robert; Nacogdoches Gregg, Judy; Fort Worth Gross, William; Athens Hagen, Becky, Richardson Hairgrove, Janice; Nacogdoches Hamberlin, Gail; Gilmer Hanson, George; Shreveport, La. Hanvey, James; Dallas Hartley, Mike; Buffalo Henry, Patti; San Antonic Herrin, Virgle; Jasper Hightower, Steve: Marshal l Hile, Hillary; Fort Worth Hill, Fly; Austin Hill, Harvey; Jacksonville 292 Holder, Donna: Henderson Holley, Laura; Dallas Hollingsworth, Patricia; Mesquite Holm, Leslie; Irving Holmes, Kathy; Gilmer Hood, Debbie; Orange Hopkins, Rhonda; Freeport Howard, Carol; Fort Worth Howard, Terry; Waco Hudnall, Donna; Houston Hudson, Alice; Henderson Hutchings, Mattie; Longview Idom, Jennifer; Longview Ingalls. Brad; Dallas Ingalls, Margaret; Conroe Jackson, Diane; Duncanville James, Mark; Jacksonville Jesse, Meg; Houston Jewett, Charley; Houston Joffrion, Brandi; Carthage Johnson, Dickey; Nacogdoches Johnson, Marilyn; Liberty Johnston, Jim; Dallas Jones, Robert; Tyler Jordan, Joe; Longview Jostes, Lynn; Beaumont Jousan, Beverly; Joaquin Jousan, Frank; Nacogdoches Jurden, Patty; Houston Karlovetz, Bill; Richardson Karrer, Linda; Marion Keith, Steve; Robstown Kellum, Barbara; Jasper Kellum, Michael; Longview Kellum, Virginia; Jasper Keng, Greg; Cleveland Kennedy, Bonnie; Woodsboro Kerlick, Stanley; Dallas Ketchum, Kathryn; Katy Kilpatrick, Randy; Covington, La. Kimble, Charlotte; Lufkin King, Joe; Tenaha Kinnear, Nikki; Jasper Kinnison, Darla; Galena Park Kirk, Kathy; McGregor Kirkpatrick, Carl; Nacogdoches Kloesel, Karen; Baytown Kolvoord, Linda; Cypress Krueger, Jim; Houston Krustchinsky, Laura; Houston Kulak, Linda; Longview Lancton, Marie; Simonton Land, Mike; Dallas Lane, JoAnne; Jasper Lang, Karen; Houston Lang. Morris; Houston Latimer, Teresa; Hooks Layne, Linda; Fort Worth Leimgrubler, Julie; Houston Lewis, Richard; Lufkin Ligon, Brandy; Dallas Ligon, Sheri; Austin Lockett, Margaret; Longview Long, Julie; Waco Lorehn, Michael. Houston LoveN, Vickie, Center Lowe, Kristy; Dayton Loyd. William; Gilmer Luedke, Russell; Houston Mabry, Sue; Liberty 293 Mahan, Mary; Center Main, Deborah; Palestine Martin, Kitty; Orange Martinez, Graciela; Alice Mason, Ernest; Eldred, Pa. Maxwell, Joe, Bonham Maxwell, Martha; Odessa May, Cheryl; Crosby Mayes, Courtney; Floresville McCarthy, Brent; Houston McClelland, Alice; Fort Worth McDonough, Mark, Tyler McKay, Lucinda; Chandler McKinney, Nancy; Teague McKneely, Susan; Nacogdoches McKnight, Lois; Arlington McLeroy, Ed; Center Meissner, David; White Oak Meriwether, George; Plainview Milham, Sharon; Tyler Miller, John; Center Milner, Jan; Baytown Mitchell, Darlene; Garland Mitchell, Susie; Houston Moore, Barbara; Jacksonville Moore, Doris; Tyler Moore, Michael; Texas City Moorman, Jane; Richardson Morgan, Kay; Abbott Morris, Neil; Temple Moss, Boyce; Houston Mureen, Debbie; Mesquite Myers, Archie; Cleveland, Miss. Nevill, Charles; Longview Nickerson, Brenda; Bethany, La. Niday, Joy; Houston Noble, Carol; Shreveport, La. Nolan, Pat; Houston Oden, Gloria; Longview Ogden, Kathy; Abilene Parish, Cathi; Alvin Parker, Ann; Dallas Parrish, Billye; Fort Worth Paul, DeLana; Garland Pawley, Jerel; Fort Worth Peabody, Douglas; Dallas Peabody, Jody; Orange Peirce, Janet; Bryan Pellerin, Linda; Liberty Pendland, Linda; Lufkin Pennington, Linda; Dallas Pereira, Kathy; Port Lavaca Perkins, Richard, Houston Perry, Annie; Jacksonville Perry, Jimmy; Crosby Peterson, Wanda; Garrison Petne. Catherine, Holland Petrie, Paula; Holland Pierce, Leba; Dallas Pimentel, Charlie; Corsicana Poindexter, Ruth; Grapevine Pomykal, Nancy; Mont Belvieu Porter, Boyd, Marshall Porter, Janice; Lutkm Porter, Kay, Brownsboro Porter, Myrtie; Lufkin Pratt, Kahtleen; Ennis Priest, Gerald; Tyler Pruitt, Charlotte; Lufkin Pugh, Rex, Jacksonville 294 Putney, Karen; Lake Jackson Rabbitt, James; Houston Rabourn, Rickie; Nacogdoches Rains, A. C; Crockett Ray, Charles; Brownsville Redman, Paula; Corpus Christi Redmon, Susi; Bellaire Reilly, Patricia; Lakewood, Colo. Renfro, David, Dallas Richardson, Suzanne; Jacksonville Rives, Betty; Samnorwood Roberds, Cynthia; Hooks Robinson, Jacquelyn; Marietta Robinson, Linda; Center Rogers, Anita; Dallas Rogers, Rennee; Alto Rousseau, Virginia; Tatum Rowe, Alan; Waskom Russell, Janet; Canton Rutherford, John; Houston Salmon, Jerry; Canyon Sanders, Joann; Baytown Sanders, Michael; Tulsa, Okla. Schaefer, Cindy; Houston Schiessl, Donna; Texarkana Schroeder, Marilyn; Navasota Scoggin, Phil; Dallas Shadle, Renee; Dickinson Sharpe, Debbie; Dallas Shaw, Margie; Pasadena Shiflett, Brenda; Angleton Simmons, Marilyn; Alto Simons, Betty; Houston Skillern, Floyd; Nacogdoches Smith, Marie; Zavalla Smith, Pam; Athens Smith, Wanda; Houston Spencer, Ann; Houston Sprott, Wythel; Orange Steinman, Linda; Houston Stephenson, Tim; Houston Stevens, Randy; Sherman Stifle, Jeff; Deer Park Stifle, Virginia, Deer Park Stone, Brenda; Lufkin Strauss, Rebecca; Caldwell Summers, James; Rusk Swearingen, Scott; Corpus Christi Swift, Kathleen; Tyler Tate, Harold; Ferris Tatum, John; Longview Taylor, Debby; Houston Taylor, Stephen: Center Temple, Susan; Longview Terry, Nanette; Lone Star Tharp, Billye; Abilene Thibodeaux, Lisa; Big Sandy Thomas, Suzanne; Lufkin Thompson, Jim; Las Vegas, Nev. Thompson, Susan; Houston Thrapp, Danny; Houston Tinney, Linda; LaMarque Tompkins, Deanne; Carthage Tostado, Gloria; Fnendswood Trimanapunta, Suneeya; Thailand Tucker, Thomas; Murchison Vaughan, Liz; Longview Vaughn, Charles; Tyler Wade, Rosemary; Houston Waldrup, Barbara; Jacksonville Walker, Cindy; Houston Walker, Glenn; Huntington Walker, James; Crosby Walker, Pam; Longview Wall, Brenda; Broaddus Wall, Robert; Houston Ward, John; Ore City BIT w ill fi Ward, Larry; Kilgore Warren, Sandra; Hempstead Warriner, Paul; Houston Watson, Dan; Corpus Christi Watson, George; Brownsboro Watson, Jane; Fort Worth Watt, Wanda; Tatum ft ftm B ' W — . r life c Wattner, Nancy; Longview Webb, Mary; Teague Webster, Joe; Houston Wellens, Linda; Houston White, Bob; Athens Whitfill, Kathy; Pasadena Whitley, Eddie; Laneville Li Wiese, Don; Gainesville Wilbanks, William; Atlanta Wilkerson, Denise; Dallas Williams, Richard; Corpus Christi Wilson, Janis; Tyler Witten, Lynne; Dallas Word, Brenda; Gladewater AM Works, Phillip; Longview Yarbrough, Linda; Cleveland Yates, Donald; Crosby York, Janna; Tyler York, J. B.; Victoria York, Laurel; Victoria k life j . t j : • 4 Officers, first row: Kelly Jones, president; second row, left to right: Susan Wright, representative; Karen Cooley, representative; Noel Kelley, vice president; Cindy West, secretary-treasurer; Mary- Anne Loggins, representative. Sophomore Class Favorites Ike Griffith and Terrie Taylor AbDott, John; Bellaire Adams, Donald; Houston Adams, Janice; Burleson Adams, Vanessa; Fort Worth Adcock, Gail; Houston Aiavolasiti, Keith; Dallas Albaral, Ronda; LaMarque « t Albrecht, Helen; LaMarque Alexander, Cathy, Temple Allen, Rick; Houston Anderson, Rose; Fort Worth Anderson, Shirley; Lake Jackson Askins, Sally; Dallas Ausley, Linda; Mesquite H jr. Baird, Diane; Houston Bammel, Chester; Houston Barry, Sheila; Houston Bartlett, Sandra; Overton Bass, Donna; Fairfield Bell, Carolee; Troup Bello, Jennifer; San Antonio i Bello, Joanne; San Antonio Beloate, Kim; Bedford Benckenstein, Norma; Beaumont Bishop, Winston; Midland Blonstein, Kathryn; Katy Bolding, Marga; Houston Bond, Debbie; Livingston ft mm Duren, r diricid, odridiiu Braun, Kathryn; Richardson Brooks, Ellis; Sugarland Brooks, Gary; Dallas Brown, Albert; Houston Brown, Shelley; Austin Brown, Robert; Lancaster I Wmk i 1 Riinrlv 1 pah ' Austin Burgess, Lynn; Nacogdoches Burgess, Theresa; Arlington Burghard, Joe; San Antonio Burnstedt, Laurie; La Jolla, Calif. Burton, Cindy; Fort Worth Caldwell, JoAnn; Dallas i, fll . Ill ft 4 Cambiano, John; Alta Loma Canon, Paul; Longview Carlson, Marce; Houston Carnes, Cheryl; Garland Carl, Nancy; St. Paul, Minn. Carter, David; Dallas Carter, Vicki; Fort Worth Castle, Charles; Houston Cathead, Paul; Dallas Cayce, Gary; Henderson Chambliss, George; Seabrook Cheatam, Johnny; Corpus Christi Cherry, Tim; Houston Childress, Elizabeth; Houston Chism, Larry; Grandview Christian, John; Longview Clark, Cathy; Houston Clark, Mary; Cleburne Clifton, Tommy; San Angelo Cobb, Pam; San Antonio Conn, Linda; Houston Cole, Judy; Atlanta Conant, Cheryl; Fort Worth Conner, Linda, Houston Cook, Cynthia; Galveston Cooper, Joanne; Nacogdoches Cooper, Lynn; Fort Worth Cordera, Marianne; Houston Craver, John; Houston Crawford, Lenore; Dallas Crook, Tom; Dallas Crowley, Maureen, Houston Cummins, Brian; Pearland Cummings, Tim; Crosby Cunningham, James; Palestine Curlee, Henrietta; Orange Currier, Colleen; Fulton, N. Y. Darr, Brenda; Fort Worth Davis, Debbie; Texas City Davis, Donna; Haltom City Davis, Janice; Pasadena Deck, Karen; Richardson Dees, Barbara; Van Horn Defoyd, Chen; Lufkin Denman, Deck, Mart Dikszas, Marylee; Huffman Dornbach, John; Seabrook Duffin, Kathy; Houston Duke, Jerry; Lufkin Dunlap, Athena; Waco Dunn, Debra; Waxahachie Dunn, Kay; Waxahachie Easley, Nancy; Elkhart Easley, Pat; Fnendswood Edwards, Wanda; Conroe Elliot, Debbie; Houston Ellis, Betty; Fort Worth Elstad, Suzie; Houston Elwell, John; Longview Emmons, Becky; Houston Ennis, Becky; Houston Evans, Deborah; Houston Fagala, Ellen; Dallas Faudry, Becky; Houston Feeback, Kevin; Lincoln, Mont. Fellers, Jane; Houston Ferrell, Joanna; Garland Ffrench, Lydia; Baytown Few, James; Lufkin Fisher, Carolyn; Houston Fisher, Gary; Rusk Fowler, Sondra; Daingerfield Fridrich, Debbie; Houston Gandy, Scott; Garland Garfield, Donna; Dallas Gattis, Mona; Mesquite George, Cathy; Dallas Gerland, Melissa; Orange Gibson, Elaine; Fort Worth Gibson, Judy; Lufkin Gilbert, Beth; Highlands Gipson, Vicki; Irving Glenn, Phyllis; Cali Golding, Donna; Marshall Gooding, Linda; Houston Goodman, Cinthia; Dallas Goodwin, Debbie; Fort Worth Grass, Randy; Houston Gray, Robbie, Fort Worth Groves, Becky, Richardson Gunstenson, Sandy; Piano Gurudev, Jai; Houston Haas, Jeff; Pampa Hall, Sandra; Lufkin Harkreader. Danny; LaMarque Harper, Kathryn, Houston Harper, Robert; Midland Harper, Susan; West Columbia 299 Harrell, Brenda; Lufkin Harrison, Ronny; McAllen Harsdorff, Susan; Jasper Hartley, Janie; Hillsboro Harty, Tim; Houston Head. Janet; Fort Worth Heard, Sandi; Pasadena Hearne, Jennifer; Jacksonville Heinen, Mary, San Antonio Henderson, Johnnie; Forney Henley, Carol; Longview Hensley, Katie; Nacogdoches Herrington, James; Mesquite Heslop, Melanie; San Antonio Hiatt, Mariann. Richardson Hicks, Steve; Lufkin Higginbotham, Alan, Houston Hill, Debbie; Houston Hocker, John; Longview Holbert, Bruce; Amarillo Holder, Stella; Dallardsville Holliday, Robert; Fort Worth Holloway, Carolyn; Marshall Hopf, Pamela; LaMarque Hopkins, Claudia; Orange Hudgens, Becky; Grand Prairie Hudson, David; Irving Hurst, Robert, Irving Hutchins, Sheila; Van Ivy, Jacqui; Houston Jacobs, Paula; Houston Jenkins, Leslie; Fort Worth Jennings, Cathey; Houston Johnson, Johnny; Graham Johnson, Patricia; Houston Jolley, Troy; Dallas Jones, Kelly; Arlington Jones, Mary, Texas City Joyce, Karen; Palestine Kaldis, Barbara; Houston Kaler, Jeff; Houston Keating, Jackie, Winnie Keitz, Karen, Dallas Kelley, Noel; Dallas Kenner, Lotta; Nacogdoches Kinney, Janet; Longview Kinsey, Vickie; Bedford Kirby, Gary; Dallas Minkovsky, Barbara; West Columbia Kridner, Kurt; Houston Krueger, Marty; Panama Canal Zone Kubla, Alice; Ennis Kyle, Marsha; Houston Lanagan, David; Nacogdoches Lane, Wanice; Fort Worth Lange, Ronald; Nacogdoches Largent, Nell; Fort Worth Leggett, Terry; Joaquin Lelsz, Deborah; Houston Lemon, Richard, Fort Worth Lewis, Carol; Houston Lewis, Eric; Jacksonville Liepman, C. J.; Dallas Lock, Billie; Mt. Enterprise Loggins, Mary; Piano Louderback, Linda; Palacios Love, Debbie; Clarksville Love, Joy; Houston Lurry, Regina; Texarkana Mackeen, Patricia, Texas City 300 Magee, Rosemary, Murchison Mahaffey, Jeri; Houston Manning, Renee; Center Maris, Pat, Silsbee Marshall, Michael; Jacksonville Martin, Phyllis; Libya Martinez, Dave; Diboi! Mathews, Irene; Houston McAtee, Linda; Tyler McCammon, Mikel; Dallas McCardell, GeorgAnne; Jacksonville McCary, Judy; Nacogdoches McCaw, Alleyne; Greenville McDaniel, Charles; Grapeland McDonald, Gary; Galena Park McDonald, Linda; Katy McDonald, Lisa; Houston Mcintosh, Monica; Houston Meredith, Cindy; Dallas Miles, Rebecca; Seabrook Miller, Michelle; Dallas Miller, Michelle; Houston Monk, Kathleen; Houston Montanio, Louis; San Antonio Morris, Keith; Fort Worth Morris, Melanie; Sour Lake Morrison, Beverly; Lufkin Morrison, Ollege; Lufkin Moser, Lucretia; Brownsville Muckelroy, Douglas; Humble Mueller, Lora; Arlington Mulkey, Debbie; Garland Murphy, Elizabeth; Lufkin Naughton, Elizabeth; Dallas Neal, Lester; Houston Nichols, Nita; Nacogdoches Nieman, Heidi; Dallas Nixdorf, Amy; Pasadena Norman, Nancy; Lake Jackson Oake, Debi; Richardson O ' Bryan, Danna; Pasadena Oldham, Randy; Dallas Palmore, Mary; Pittsburg Parrish, Patricia; Nacogdoches Paschal, Cynthia; LaMarque Patton, Beverly; Los Fresnos Pavlicek, Betty; Houston Pawley, Kay; Fort Worth Perry, Linda; Houston Petrosky, Joanne; Alief Phillips, Jackie; Carthage Pickle, Jane; Jasper Pittman, Dawn; Marshall Pitts, Harold; Bridge City Plessala, Connie; Port Arthur Pool, Frank; Longview Pool, Susan; Beckville Porter, David; Houston Porter, Gwen; Fort Worth Powell, Anne, Houston Prather, Stefan; Fort Worth Presley, Karen, Palestine Priest, Becky; Dallas Rager, Paula; Longview Ray, Michael; Batson Ray, Pam; Gladewater Rayzor, Rusty; Houston Rennels, Doug; San Antonio Renth, Eric; San An tonio Richards, Wellman; Orange Richardson, Cindy; Dallas Richardson, Laura; Dallas Roach, Eileen; Fort Worth Roark, Carol; Austin Roark, Mack; Graham Roberson, Cindy: Arlington Roberts, Karen; Richardson Robertson, Sheryl, Houston Robins, Martha; Shreveport, La. Rodgers, Donna; Richardson Rogers, Carrie; Pampa Rooks, Carole; Houston Rowe, Debbie; Gilmer Rowe, Stephanie; Gilmer Russell, Diann; Pittsburg Ryder, Byron; Buffalo Ryder, Regina; Buffalo Schmidt, Pamela; Houston Scoles, Susan; Piano Secrest, Rebecca; Pampa Setliff, David; Robstown Shaddix, Jeanie; Pittsburg Shaver, Denise; Deer ParK Sheely, Debra; LaMarque Shipman, Douglas; San Antonio Shoemake, Ronnelle; Houston Silver, Terri; Houston Simmons, Roxanne; Silsbee Slaback, Eddy; Longview Slaughter, Philip; Fort Worth Smith, Donald; San Antonio Smith, Janet; Irving Smith, Neil; Jacksonville Smith, Peggy; Lufkin Smith, Tim; Brownsville Sorsby, Gale; Houston Specht, Tom; Houston Speir, Sue; Houston Spurlock, Brenda; Houston Stagg, Betty; Houston Stebbins, Sharon; Dickinson Steen, Billie; Teague Stengele, Cathy; Irving Stevenson, Gordon; San Antonio Strickenberger, Suzie; Dallas Stuart, Herbert; Victoria Sudduth, Charlotte; Jacksonville Sugarek, Susan; Houston Switzer, John; Houston Sykes, Kim; Clute Taylor, Dianne; Jacksonville Taylor, Pam; Longview Taylor, Sandra; Baytown Teel, Paul; Highlands Tempel, Arlene; Houston Terry, Robert; Tatum Thacker, Patsy; Groves Thompson, Jimmy; Corrigan Tiner, Joe; Dallas Tompkins, Donna; Longview Trahan, Dan; Groves Turnbow, Mark; Wichita Falls Turner, Cheri; Baytown Turner, Mike; Houston Turner, Roland; Gilmer VanBreemen, Buckey; Bridge City VanRiper, Timothy: Stafford Van Vleet, Robert; Irving Varner, Darla, Galveston Vess, Herman; Grand Saline x fiMn tit 303 304 Acklin, Dianne; Sherman Albaral, Karen; LaMarque Aldrich, Judy; Houston Allen, Marcia; Waco Allen, Mike; Merkel Anthony, Ann; Houston Armstrong, Ricky; Trinidad Ash, Rebecca; Houston Ashby, W. R.; Rockwall Austin, Marvin; Lufkin Autry, Kim; Teague Bailess, Scotty; Corpus Christi Bailey, Cindy; Houston Bailey, Elizabeth; Mesquite Bailey, LuAnn; Port Neches Bailey, Sylvia; Jasper Bailey, Terrie; Sherman Baker, Jill; Houston Baker, Nannette; Nacogdoches Baker, Rodney; Grand Prairie Baker, Susan; Nacogdoches Bamert, Greta; Muleshoe Bammel, Debbie; Houston Bang, Judy; Houston Barbee, Susan; Weslaco Barnes, Nancy; Irving Battle, Jimmy; Nacogdoches Beach, Michael; Corpus Christi Beauchamp, Keitor; Arlington Bell, Dicky; Smithfield Bell, Sandy; Abilene Bell, Tommy; Humble Bengston, Mary; Dallas Bennett, Ricky; Levelland Benoy, Warren; Nacogdoches Blackman, Susan; Fort Worth Blair, Billy; Belton Blankenship, Sherrie; Plainview Bleakney, Nora; Houston Bobbitt, Janelle; Orange Bolton, Anna; Conroe Booth, Betty; Houston Bradshaw, Janet; Garland Brantley, Kathy; Dallas Bratsen, Arline; LaMarque Brawley, Donna; Vidor Brewer, Janice; Pasadena Brinkley, Connie; Andrews Britton, Jim; Marshall Broussard, Jan; Orange Brown, Kennith; Hooks Brown, Marcia; Karnack Brown, Phyllis; Longview Browning, Chuck; Sweetwater Browning, Tommy; Houston Bryant, Brenda; Houston Bryce, Jayne; Arlington Buchanan, Gail; Germany Buford, Celine; Mount Pleasant Burgin, Lou; Longview Burke, Daniel; Houston Burns, Pam; Houston Byrd, Debra; Chireno Byrom, Mark; Sinton Carr, David; San Antonio Caywood, Robert; Palo Pinto Celestine, Diana; Livingston Chevalier, Donna; Joaquin Chiang. Gloria; Marshall Childress, Judy; Hale Center 305 Clayton, Mary; Nacogdoches Coers, William; Dickinson Coleman, Laurie; Irving Cowell, Jan; Nacogdoches Cook, Brenda; Houston Cooper, Elizabeth; Kemp Copeland, Kim; Tyler Cordell, Janis; Arlington Cornwell, Ronald; Garland Coston, Carol; Houston Coussons, Jean; Alto Craig, Diane; Spring Crawford, Leland; Lake Jackson Crisp, Crystal; Port Neches Cullen, Jeanine; Houston Daily, Michelle; Houston Davidson, Dennis; Dallas Davidson, Lisa; Houston Davis, Paula; Houston Davis, Phala; Houston Day, Cynthia; Garland Dickerson, Sally; Garland Dickey, Cynthia; Houston Dickson, Dennis; Friendswood Dietz, Edward; Fort Worth Dillen, Delna; Nacogdoches Doherty, Cathy; San Augustine Dorsey, Bobby; Henderson Doucet, Richard, Dallas Dowdy, Gary; Houston Draper, Barbara; Rusk Due, Delana; Lufkin Duggan, Jeremiah; Alvin Duke, Susan; Rockwall Duncan, Scott; San Antonio Dunlap, Eddie Dunn, Wendy; Durant, Annell; Dye, Diane; Dyess, Donna; Dyke, Jody; Early, Philli Garland Houston Houston Houston Houston Houston s; Jasper Eaves, Jennie; Houston Edwards, Barbara; Houston Ellison, Linda; Dallas Elms, Randy; San Antonio Espersen, Karen; McAllen Faullin, Janet; Dallas Fenton, Kathy; Dallas Finlayson, Kate; Richmond Fitts, Lana; Andrews Floyd, Deanna; Atlanta Flynt, Kathy; Dallas Forrest, Nancy; Mexia Foster, Tracy; Dallas Fountain, Kathy; Chireno Fowler, Karen; Houston Francis, Stanley; Austin Frazee, Marcy; Dallas Frossard, Woody; Madisonville Fulkerson, Sherry; Grapevine Gambrel, Benny; El Paso Gates, Robert; Tomball Gibbs, Patricia; Houston Giesecke, Joanie; Conroe Good, Paula; Longview Goodman, Meridith; Houston Graham, John; Jasper Granger, Dennis; Garland Green, Freddie; Orange 306 Green, Gayle, Richardson Griffin, Eileen; Orange Griffin, Steve; Euless Griffis, Sheryl; Nacogdoches Griffith, Ike; Grandview Grimes, Terry; Nacogdoches Grutze, David; Dallas Gunn, Bibi; Houston Gunnels, Shelah; Fort Worth Hahn, Mike, Dickinson Hall, Samuel; Temple Hancock, Virginia, Nacogdoches Hanna, Lee Ann; Corpus Christ! Harden, Cheryl; Deer Park Hardy, Rickey; Dallas Harmon, Judy; Bryan Harper, Susan; Garland Harris, Marty; Kaufman Hart, Debby; Corpus Christi Hartenstine, Debbie; Lewisville Haynes, Robert; Houston Henry; Deborah; Garland Henson, Brenda; Houston Herod, Candy; Pasadena Hickman, Melanie; Fort Worth Hile, Clinton; Fort Worth Hilscher, Janice; Dallas Hinojosa, Rosendo; Houston Hobbs, Ramona; Houston Hocker, Debra; Longview Hodges, Bernie; Garrison Hoffman, Shel; Houston Holland, Ann; Denton Holloway, Virginia; Houston Holt, Rebecca; Plantersville Hopkins, Franette; Dallas Horn, Sally; Kirbyville Hounchell, Judith, Dallas Howell, Curtis; Livingston Howeth, Lawana; Henderson Husfeld, Marvin; Douglass Hutchison, Richard; Fort Worth Interwicz, Deborah; Gainesville Jacks, Debbie; Longview Jacobs, Darlene; Terrell James, David; Lake Jackson Janousek, Eddie; El Paso Jenkins, Macra; Houston Jessup, Caroll; Irving Johanson, Jennifer; Mexia Johnson, Catherine; Alice Johnson, Dona; Fort Worth Jones, Anna; Texas City Jones, Nancy; Arlington Jones, Sandy; Tyler Kadlecek, Neal; Dickinson Kegler, Carolyn; Lufkin Kelly, Vanessa; Houston Kennedy, Mary; Marshall Kennedy, Patricia; Longview Kesterson, Ronald; Houston Kilpatrick, Debbie; Dallas King, Diane; Garland Kingrea, Kathy, West Columbia Kirby, David, Burkeville Kirkwood, Gayla; Nacogdoches Klinger, James; Piano Kneese, Carl; Dallas Kocur, Debra; Marshall Kouts, Susan; Houston Krause, Kathy; Houston Lacombe, Donald; Houston Lampo, Marianne; Bryan LaSalle, Laurie; Fort Worth Lawson, Mary; Dallas Layne, Debbie; Pasadena Lee, Mike; Fort Worth Lee, Randy; Fort Worth Leihkauff, Kenneth; Dallas LeMay, Jerry, Longview Lesco, David; Dickinson Lewis, Nita; Nacogdoches Liles, Nancy; Dallas Lindsey, Betty; Houston Loerwald, Paul; Hereford Lokken, Sonya; Waco Low, Patsy; Eagle Pass Luman, Betty; Houston Lupton, Jack; Dallas Mallott, Michael; Spring Malone, Marsha; Livingston Mann, Sandra; Fort Worth Marchand, Robert; Longview Marshall, Linda; Nacogdoches Martin, Patricia; Houston Martin, Sharon; Henderson Martin, Susan; Midland Massey, Donna; Dallas Massey, Marilyn; Gilmer Matthews, Sandra; Huffman Mauldin, Steven; Clarksville Maxwell, Ricky; Mount Pleasant Mayes, Donald;. Anahuac Mayfield, Gayle; Tyler Mays, Mary; Jacksonville Maze, Clarence; Livingston McCarley, Max; Nacogdoches McClelland, Beth; Beaumont McCluskey, Susan; Tulsa, Okla. McCollum, Connie; Houston McCourt, Delores; Plainview McDermott, Michael; Copperas Cove McElroy, Tommy, Rusk McGuire, Joe; Ennis McKenna, Mary Ann; Galveston McKinney, David; Houston McMillan, David; Bonham McPherson, Melissa; Dallas Meadows, Sheryl; Baytown Melton, Carol; Lufkin Mendez, Hector, San Antonio Middleton, Martha; Hempstead Miller, Dennis; Bridgeport Miller, Margaret; Marshall Miller, Ricky; Keller Mills, Matt; Dallas Mitchell, Debi; Longview Mitchell, Linda; Lumberton Montanio, Virginia; Fort Worth Montgomery, Ann; Dallas Mooneyham, Robin; Mesquite Morgan, Katherine; Fort Worth Mouton, Earl; Garrison Muecke, Abbe; San Antonio Mulier, Joan; Dallas Murphy, Rosemary; Dallas Murray, Kathy; Dallas Myers, Teresa; Longview Nelson, Brian; Nacogdoches Nelson, Deby, Commerce Nelson, Karen; Nacogdoches Nelson, William; Dallas Niermann, Paul; Dallas Nixon, Nancy; Beaumont Nixon, Pam; Houston Noonan, Shaan; Carthage Novelli, Karen; Galveston Nunn, Donna, Dallas O ' Dell, Lujene, Mount Pleasant O ' Donnell, Teresa; Houston O ' Neall, David; Fort Worth Ormand, Yvonne; Crockett Owens, Prissy; Keller Pancoast, Robert; Fort Worth Parker, Kay; Houston Parnell, Ramona; Amarillo Payne, Karen; Houston Pearson, Debbie; Fort Worth Pennington, William; Dallas Perkins, Patsy; Livingston Perry, Sandra; Orange Peters, Terrie; Bay City Peterson, Sandra; Katy Petrosky, Jeanie; Houston Pickens, Jo; Houston Pierce, Debra; Deweyville Pierce-Ruhland, Marie; Seabrook Pizzitola, Candi; Piano Pope, Deborah; Texas City Pratt, Debbie; Crockett Pratt, Jane; Ennis Price, Beth; Houston Purse, Karyn; Austin Pustka, David; Belton Querner, James; Lewisville Radle, Jana; Waco Ragle, Bill; Weatherford Rakowitz, Vincent; San Antonio Ransom, Mary; Freeport Reedy, Cheryl; Richardson Reeg, Pam; Pittsburg, Pa. Reinhardt, Theresa; Humble Reneau, David; Garrison Rentro, Cindy; Athens Rentroe, Janelle; Houston Renteria, Daniel; San Antonio Rhoden, Suzanne; Texas City Rhodes, Miki; Lexington Richardson, Cindy; Refugio Rinehart, Mary; Lake Jackson Roach, Carla; White Oak Roach, Debbie; Houston Roach, Marjorie; Nederland Roberts, Keith, Dallas Robinson, Eugenia; Dallas Rodriguez, Eva; Cleveland Ruhl, Reyburn, Richardson Russ, Terilyn; Teague Sanders, Ronnie; Waco Sands, Mark; Fort Worth Schaft, Jean; Houston Schmidt, Vicki; Fort Worth Schmitt. Alicia; Texas City Schroeder, Rodney; Waco Schultz, Sandra; Tomball Shepard, John; Lufkin Shipley, David; Nacogdoches Simmons, Barry; Houston Simpson, Cheryl; Houston Simpsom, Debbie; Beaumont 309 Skidmore, Larry; Houston Slayton, Barbara; Fort Worth Slocum, Janna; Fort Worth Smith, Gari; Groves Smith, Nancy; Dallas Smith, Tim; Houston Smith, Vickie; Terrell Snell, Beverly; Pearland Spencer, Mary; Nacogdoches Spitzenberger, Jerry; Houston Spradley, Sheryl; Humble Squyres, Andrew; Lufkin Stafford, Lydia; Royse City Stallings, Gary; Big Spring Stambulic, Patricia; Arlington Stark, Ginger; Eldorado Steed, Sarida; Nacogdoches Stephens, Thomas; Dallas Stevenson, Janette; Brownsville Strack, Susan; Fort Worth Strode, Evelyn; Nacogdoches Strude, Dennis; Longview Stupka, Patsy; Port Neches Sullivan, Carol; Garland Summers, Karen; Marshall Talbert, Steve; Nacogdoches Tankersley, Jan; Humble Taylor, Terry; Longview Teal. Di Anne; Diboll Thetford, Bill; Keller Thomas, Alice; Dallas Thomas, Christine; Alvin Thomson, Gail; Garrison Thornton, Charles; Vivian, La. Tidwell, Kathy; New Boston Tinsley, Liz; Houston Tomlin, Deborah; Whitehouse Tooman, Deborah; Houston Trace, Linda; Richardson Traphagen, Janice; Deer Park Tucker, Kathy; Dallas Turner, Judy; Fort Worth Tynes, Patsy; San Antonio Vahldiek, Richard; Rye Valliant, Karen; Richardson Van Hemert, Deborah; Fort Worth VanHorn, Debbie; San Antonio VanWinkle, Steve; Garland Vaughan, Lynn; Pasadena Vay, Bruce; Houston Vernon, Eddie; Irving Wadlington, Cathy; Pasadena Wadlington, Cheryl; Conroe Wagstaff, Tim; Houston Waidelich, Richard; Irving Walker, Billy; Conroe Walker, John; Plainview Walker, Melanie; Longview Walraven, Kathy; DeKalb Walters, Pamela; Dayton, Ohio Wann, Ten; Fort Worth Wardlaw, Susan; Houston Watkins, Morgy; Houston Weeks, Jamie, Alice Wells, Linda; Dallas Wess, Sha; Garland West, Barbara; Dallas West, Kathi; Houston Westerfield, Donna; Dallas Whiddon, Debra; Dallas 310 Wiederhold, Ann; Richardson Wienecke, Vanessa; Waco Wiggins, Mike; LaMarque Wilbanks, Frank; Palestine Wilcox, Jan; Mesquite Wilernon, Delma; Tyler Wilkinson, Melissa; Dallas Williams, DeGloria; Center Williams, Frances; Palestine Williams, Karen; Duncanville Williams, Larry; Houston Williams, Rhonda, Beaumont Williams, Sylvia; Plainview Winkler, Steve; Odessa Wischnewsky, Mary Ann; Houston Wolf, Elizabeth; Houston Womack, Dawn; Houston Wood, Jerry; Livingston Woodruff, Wade; Houston Wooten, DeAnn; Pittsburg Worthen, Jan; Houston Wright, Bill; Fort Worth Yadon, Debye, Dallas Yarbrough, Nancy; Cleveland Yeager, Louis, San Antonio Youens, Gail; Columbus Young, Judy; Kilgore Zbylot, Mark; Dallas 311 Index Organiza tions Accounting Club 221 Afro-American Students Association 231 Alpha Chi 209 Alpha Chi Omega 100 Alpha Kappa Alpha 86 Alpha Kappa Delta 21 2 Alpha Kappa Psi 216 Alpha Mu Omega 196, 197 Alpha Phi Omega 198, 199 Alpha Psi Omega 131 Alpha Tau Omega 101 American Marketing Association 221 Association of Baptist Students 206 Austin Raiders 157 Baha ' i 208 Baptist Student Union 203 Beta Beta Beta 211 Biology Club 218 Campus Crusade for Christ 208 Campus Girl Scouts 226 Chi Alpha 207 Chi Omega 96, 97 Delta Delta Delta 84, 85 Delta Psi Kappa 215 Delta Sigma Phi 1 04 Delta Sigma Theta 202 Delta Tau Alpha 210 Delta Zeta 82, 83 Ecology Club 227 Fellowship of Christian Athletes 206 Future Farmers of America 220 Gamma Sigma Sigma 200, 201 Gamma Theta Upsilon 21 1 Health Education Club 230 Home Economics Club 223 Hort iculture Club 227 Interfraternity Council 81 Intramural Council for Men 167 Intramural Council for Women 167 Kappa Alpha 1 03 Kappa Delta Pi 214 Kappa Kappa Psi 1 70 Kappa Pi 212 Lambda Chi Alpha 92 Missionary Baptist Student Fellowship 207 Mu Phi Epsilon 1 71 National Student Speech and Hearing Association 222 Newman Club 204 Omega Psi Phi 93 Omicron Delta Epsilon 21 3 Panhellenic Council 81 Phi Alpha Theta 21 3 Phi Beta Sigma 95 Phi Chi Theta 21 7 Phi Delta Theta 102 Pi Epsilon Mu 222 Pi Kappa Alpha 94 Pi Kappa Delta 132 Pi Mu Epsilon 220 Premedical Technology Club 218 Psi Chi 214 Radio Club W5HAJ 229 Rehabilitation Association 226 Residents Hall Association 77 Rodeo Club 174, 175 Scabbard and Blade 1 57 School of Forestry Student Council 231 Scuba Diving Club 191 Sigma Delta Pi 215 Sigma Kappa 98, 99 Sigma Pi Sigma 214 Sigma Tau Delta 209 Sigma Tau Gamma 90, 91 Society for Advancement of Management 21 7 Society of American Foresters 21 9 Society of Physics Students 230 Society of Southern Belles 228 Spanish Club 228 Student Congress 1 06, 1 07 Student Council for Exceptional Children 22 Students International Meditation Society 229 SylvansClub219 Tau Beta Sigma 1 71 Tau Kappa Epsilon 88, 89 Texas Student Education Association 223 Theta Chi 105 Tri C ' s204 UC Chairmen 112 Wesley Foundation 205 Wrestling Club 184 Xi Sigma Pi 210 Young Democrats 140 Young Republicans 141 Zeta Phi Beta 87 Student Index A Abbott, John 298 Abrahams, Stephen 283 Acklin, Dianne 305 Adams, Annie 283 Adams, Donald 298 Adams, Janice 298 Adams, Pamela 291 Adams, Vanessa 298 Adcock, Gail 298 Aiavolasiti, Keith 298 Albaral, Karen 305 Albaral, Ronda 298 Albrecht, Helen 298 Aldrich, Judy 305 Alexander, Cathy 298 Allen, Marcia 305 Allen, Mike 305 Allen, Rick 298 Allen, Robert 283 Alvarez, Glenda 283 Anderson, Rose 298 Anderson, Shirley 298 Andrew, Debbie 283 Anthony, Ann 305 Anthony, Clark 283 Ardoin, Shirley 291 Armstrong, Keren 291 Armstrong, Ricky 305 Arnold, Conrad 283 Arnold, Leonard 283 Ash, Rebecca 305 Ashby, W. R. 305 Ashburn, Susie 291 Askins, Sally 298 Atkinson, Tempe 283 Attebery, Janice 291 Atwell, Susy 283 Ausley, Linda 298 Austin, Marvin 305 Austin, Steve 291 Autry, Kim 305 Averitte, Curtis 281 Avrett, Marilyn 283 Azad, Ali 281 B Babcock, Sue 291 Baggett, Donnis 291 Bailess, Scotty 305 Bailey, Cindy 305 Bailey, Elizabeth 305 Bailey, LuAnn 305 Bailey, Sharon 283 Bailey, Sylvia 305 Bailey, Terrie 305 Baird, Diane 298 Baker, Jill 305 Baker, Nannette 305 Baker, Rodney 305 Baker, Susan 305 Ball, Becky 291 Ball, Janice 291 Ballard, David 283 Bamert, Greta 305 Bammel, Chester 298 Bammel, Debbie 305 Bang, Judy 305 Barber, Karen 283 Barbee, Susan 305 Barger, Cheryl 283 Barnes, Marie 283 Barnes, Nancy 305 Barnett, Phillip 283 Barney, William 283 Barr, Jim 291 (12 Barras, Helen 283 Barrington, Ronald 283 Barron, Linda 283 Barry, Sheila 298 Bartlett, Nancy 291 Bartlett, Sandra 298 Bass, Donna 298 Battle, Jimmy 305 Baun, Donald 283 Beach, Michael 305 Beare, Margaret 283 Beauchamp, Keifor305 Bedard, James 283 Beeler, Mary 291 Belanger, Debby 291 Bell, Becky 291 Bell, Carolee 298 Bell, Dicky 305 Bell, Laurie 283 Bell, Sandy 305 Bell, Tommy 305 Bello, Jennifer 298 Bello, Joanne 298 Beloate, Kim 298 Belsha, Geraldine 283 Benckenstein, Norman 298 Benckenstein, Stanley 283 Bengtson, Mary 305 Benn, Michael 291 Bennett, Ricky 305 Bennett, Ruth 291 Benoy, Warren 305 Benson, Janie 291 Benson, Patricia 291 Bergman, Karen 283 Bergman, Vicki 281 Bertling, Douglas 291 Bertrand, Ralph 291 Bezdek, George 283 Bhromchumpa, Samarn 283 Birdwell, Jeff 283 Bishop, Pam 291 Bishop, Winston 298 Bitner, Shelley 283 Bitting, Neal 283 Black, Katherine 283 Blackburn, Cheryl 291 Blackman, Susan 305 Blackstone, Terry 283 Blair, Billy 305 Blakey, Terrye 283 Blankenship, Sherrie 305 Bleakney, Nora 305 Blend, Sharon 283 Blonstein, Kathryn 298 Boaen, Wyn 291 Boatwright, Margaret 283 Bobbitt, Janelle 305 Bolding, Marga 298 Bolin, Cleta 283 Bolton, Anna 305 Bond, Debbie 298 Bond, Ellen 283 Bond, Kathy 291 Bond, Vickie 283 Booth, Betty 305 Borchelt, Linda 283 Boren, Patricia 298 Borglund, William 291 Boyd, Martha 283 Boyle, Kathy 283 Bozeman, Peggy 291 Bradfield, Anna 291 Bradford, Taffi 291 Bradshaw, Janet 305 Branch, Cynthia 291 Brandt, Jane 283 Brantley, Kathy 305 Bratsen, Arline 305 Bratz, Sue 283 Braun, Kathryn 298 Brawley, Donna 305 Breazeale, Kathryn 283 Brennan, Alana 283 Brewer, Janice 305 Brinkley, Connie 305 Britton, Jim 305 Brixey, Nancy 291 Broadwater, Kathy 283 Broadway, Eugene 291 Brock, Beverly 283 Brockman, Hal 291 Brolliar, Michelle 291 Brooks, Ellis 298 Brooks, Gary 298 Broussard, Jan 305 Brown, Albert 298 Brown, Betty 291 Brown, DeAnn 291 Brown, Kennith 305 Brown, Marcia 305 Brown, Marilyn 283 Brown, Phyllis 305 Brown, Sheila 291 Brown, Shelley 298 Brown, Sylvia 291 Browne, Robert 298 Browning, Chuck 305 Browning, Tommy 305 Bruce, Charlsie 291 Bryant, Brenda 305 Bryant, Michael 283 Bryant, Michael 283 Bryce, Jayne 305 Buchanan, Gail 305 Buford, Celine 305 Bull, John 291 Buller, Randolph 283 Bumpurs, Donald 283 Bundy, Leah 298 Burden, Harryett 291 Burgess, Lynn 298 Burgess, Theresa 298 Burghard, Joe 298 Burgin, Lou 305 Burke, Daniel 305 Burns, Pam 305 Burnstedt, Laurie 298 Burton, Cindy 298 Burton, Sandra 291 Butcher, Debbie 283 Butts, Danny 291 Butts, Michael 291 Byford, Brenda 291 Byrd, Debra 305 Byrom, Mark 305 c Cady, Elsa 283 Cady, Jeff 281 Caldwell, JoAnn 298 Caldwell, Roger 283 Calvary, Bennie 291 Cambiano, John 298 Cammack, Richard 291 Camp, Bobby 283 Campbell, Deborah 283 Campbell, Kathy 281 Campbell, Larry 291 Cangemi, Theresa 283 Cannon, Stephen 291 Canon, Paul 298 Cantrell, John 283 Caraway, George 283 Carlson, Marce 298 Carnes, Cheryl 298 Carr, Diane 283 Carr, Nancy 298 Carter, Bonnie 283 Carter, David 298 Carter, David 283 Carter, Frank 291 Carter, Sharon 283 Carter, Vicki 298 Cartwright, Wayne 291 Casey, Steve 283 Castle, Charles 298 Cathcart, Paul 298 Cawthon, Paula 291 Cauley, Faye 283 Cayce, Gary 298 Cerliano, Rebecca 283 Chambliss, George 298 Chandler, Laurence 284 Chapman, Barbara 284 Chappelow, Harriet 291 Chastain, Cynthia 291 Chastain, David 284 Chastain, Pat 291 Cheatam, Johnny 298 Cherry, Patricia 291 Cherry, Tim 298 Chestnut, Bridget 284 Childress, Elizabeth 298 Chism, Larry 298 Chow, Victor 281 Christian, John 298 Chumness, Leslie 291 Clapp, Verlan 291 Clark, Ann 284 Clark, Cathy 298 Clark, DeWayne 291 Clark, Gordon 284 Clark, Joey 284 Clark, Mary 298 Clark, Ricky 284 Clark, Sherry 284 Clark, Steve 291 Clark, Thomas 284 Clarke, Cathleen 291 Clauson, Bruce 284 Clayton, Mary 306 Cleveland, Angela 284 Cleveland, Marilyn 284 Clifton, Tommy 298 Cluck, Winnie 281 Cobb, Pam 298 Cockran, Evia 291 Coers, William 306 Cohn, Linda 298 Cole, Judy 298 Cole, Tess 284 Coleman, Darewin 284 Coleman, David 291 Coleman, Laurie 306 Collier, Don 291 Collins, Ross 284 Colman, Anne 284 Colson, Mona 291 Colwell, Jan 306 Conant, Cheryl 298 Conner, Linda 298 Connor, Ann 284 Connor, Gary 281 Cook, Brenda 306 Cook, Cindy 291 Cook, Cynthia 298 Cook, Vicki 284 Coones, Bobby 291 Cooper, DeAnne 284 Cooper, Elizabeth 306 Cooper, Joanne 298 Cooper, Kenneth 284 Cooper, Lynn 298 Cooper, Lynn 291 Copeland, Kim 306 Cope, Sunne 284 Cordell, Janis306 Cordera, Marianne 298 Cornelius, Jolene 291 Cornwell, Ronald 306 Coston, Carol 306 Coussons, Jean 306 Coussons, Lynne 291 Cox, Ivan 281 Craig, Diane 306 Craig, Susan 284 Crank, Terry 284 Crawford, Leland 306 Crawford, Lenore 299 Craver, John 299 Crawford, Thomas 292 Crawley, Donna 292 Crisp, Crystal 306 Crisp, Katy 284 Crook, Tom 299 Crow, Thomas 284 Crowley, Maureen 299 Cullen, Jeanine 306 Cummins, Brian 299 Cummings, Tim 299 Cunningham, James 299 Cunningham, Virginna 284 Carr, David 305 Caywood, Robert 305 Celestine, Diana 305 Chevalier, Donna 305 Chiang, Gloria 305 Childress, Judy 305 Curlee, Henrietta 299 Currier, Colleen 299 Cutler, Don 284 Cypert, Allan 284 D Dailey, Kay 284 Daily, Michelle 306 Daniel, Randy 284 Darden, Peggy 284 Darnold, Hal 292 Darr, Brenda 299 Davidson, Dennis 306 Davidson, Lisa 306 Davis, Debbie 299 Davis, Donna 299 Davis, Ella 292 Davis, Janice 299 Davis, Jean 292 Davis, Lee 292 Davis, Patricia 284 Davis, Paula 306 Davis, Phala 306 Davis, Thomas 281 Dawson, Jed 281 Day, Cynthia 306 Dean, Janet 292 Debney, Dianne 292 Deck, Karen 299 Dees, Barbara 299 Defoyd, Cheri 299 Del Bosque, Hilo 284 Denman, Deck 299 Dennis, Charles 281 Dias, Debra 284 Dickerson, Sally 306 Dickey, Cynthia 306 Dickson, Dennis 306 Dietz, Edward 306 Dikszas, Marylee 299 Dildy, Jan 284 Dildy, Jenna 284 Dillen, Delna 306 Dixon, Beth 292 Dixon, David 281 Dizdar, Virginia 284 Dobbs, Marian 284 Doherty, Cathy 306 Dominy, Billie 284 Dominy, Edna 292 Doran, R. E. 284 Dornbach, John 299 Dorsey, Bobby 306 Dotson, Brenda 292 Doucet, Richard 306 Dowdy, Gary 306 Draper, Barbara 306 Drawhorn, Danny 292 Drew, Dorothy 292 Dreyer, Boyd 281 Dubose, Louis 284 Dudley, Al 284 Due, Delana 306 Duffin, Kathy 299 Duggan, Jeremiah 306 Duke, Jerry 299 Duke, Susan 306 Dulin, John 292 Duncan, Glennis 284 Duncan, Pamela 281 Duncan, Scott 306 Dunlap, Athena 299 Dunlap, Charlotte 292 Dunlap, Eddie 306 Dunn, Debra 299 Dunn, Kay 299 Dunn, Wendy 306 Dunning, Deborah 284 Durant, Annell 306 Durham, William 284 Dye, Diane 306 Dyes, Linda 292 Dyess, Donna 306 Dykes, James 292 Dyke, Jody 306 E Early, Phillis 306 Easley, Nancy 299 Easley, Pat 299 Eason, Mark 281 Eaves, Jennie 306 Edmonds, Lee 292 Edmons, Jane 284 Edwards, Barbara 306 Edwards, Carole 284 Edwards, Wanda 299 Elliott, Debbie 299 Ellis, Betty 299 Ellis, Patti 292 Ellison, Linda 306 Elms, Randy 306 Elstad, Suzie 299 Elwell, John 299 Ely, Marcus 292 Emery, Suzanne 292 Emmons, Becky 299 Ennis, Becky 299 Espensen, Karen 306 Ethridge, Eugene 284 Evans, Deborah 299 F Fagala, Ellen 299 Fairless, Mona 292 Fatherree, Susan 292 Faudry, Becky 299 Faulkner, Frances 284 Faullin, Janet 306 Feeback, Kevin 299 Feild, William 292 Fellers, Jane 299 Fenton, Kathy 306 Ferrell, Joanna 299 Few, James 299 Ffrench, Lydia 299 Finklea, Georgia 292 Finlayson, Kate 306 Finley, Mike 292 Fisher, Carolyn 299 Fisher, Gary 299 Fisher, Teresa 284 Fitts, Lana 306 Fitzgerald, Ann 292 Fitzhugh, Ginger 292 Fleming, Gary 292 Fletcher, Steve 292 Fletcher, Wardaleen 284 Flores, Aurora 292 Floyd, Deanna 306 Flynt, Kathy 306 Fogaley, Richard 292 Forbes, Jerry 292 Ford, David 292 Forman, Georgiana 292 Forrest, Nancy 306 Forster, Darrell 292 Forsyth, Patricia 284 Foster, Kathryn 292 Foster, Tracy 306 Fountain, Kathy 306 Fowler, Karen 306 Fowler, Sondra 299 Fraim, Melanie 284 Francis, Deanie 284 Francis, Stanley 306 Frank, Jackson 292 Franke, Mary 281 Franklin, Janice 281 Franklin, Neil 292 Frazee, Marcy 306 Freeman, Debbie 292 Freeman, Janis 292 Frick, Patricia 292 Fridrich, Debbie 299 Frossard, Woody 306 Fry, William 292 Fulkerson, Sherry 306 Fuller, Deborah 292 Fuller, Sandra 284 Fullinwider, Jay 284 G Gage, Marilyn 292 Gambrel, Benny 306 Gandy, Helen 284 Gandy, Pam 292 Gandy, Scott 299 Garcia, Mario 292 Garfield, Donna 299 Gates, Bill 292 Gates, Robert 306 Gattis, Mona 299 Gauerke, Beth 292 George, Cathy 299 Gerland, Melissa 299 German, Harry 292 Geddie, Dawson 284 Gee, Francis 284 George, Barbara 284 Gibbs, Patricia 306 Gibson, Elaine 299 Gibson, Judy 299 Giesecke, Joanie 306 Gilbert, Beth 299 Giles, Rick 292 Gillespie, Danny 284 Gilliam, Charles 292 Gilliam, Rhonda 284 Gilstrap, Patricia 284 Gipson, Vicki 299 Glenn, Clovis 284 Glenn, Phyllis 299 Godfrey, Don 292 Golding, Donna 299 Good, Paula 306 Gooding, Linda 299 Goodman, Cinthia 299 Goodman, Meridith 306 Goodrum, Mark 292 Goodwin, Debbie 299 Goolsby, Gaylon 284 Gore, Judy 284 Gough, Kathy 284 Gowan, Simonetta 284 Graham, John 306 Granger, Dennis 306 Grant, Kay 292 Grant, Larry 284 Grass, Randy 299 Graves, Gordon 285 Gray, Robbie 299 Green, Freddie 306 Green, Gayle 307 Greer, Robert 292 Gregg, Judy 292 Greve, John 281 Griffin, Eileen 307 Griffin, Lorraine 285 Griffin, Steve 307 Griffis, Sheryl 307 Griffith, Ike 307 Griffith, Keith 285 Grimes, Terry 307 Gross, William 292 Groves, Becky 299 Gruber, Karen 281 Grunert, James 281 Grutze, David 307 Gulliver, Jennifer 285 Gunn, Bibi 307 Gunnels, Shelah 307 Gunstenson, Sandy 299 Gurudev, Jai 299 H Haas, Deborah 285 Haas, Jeff 299 Haas, Michael 285 Hackett, Thomas 285 Hagen, Becky 292 Hahn, Mike 307 Hairgrove, Janice 292 Halbert, James 281 Hall, Georganna 285 Hall, Samuel 307 Hall, Sandra 299 Hamberlin, Gail 292 Hamm, Thomas 285 Hammond, Lora 285 Hancock, Virginia 307 Haney, Jan 285 Hanna, Lee Ann 307 Hanratanakul, Somchai 285 Hanson, George 292 Hanvey, James 292 Harden, Cheryl 307 Harding, Kathy 285 Harding, Linda 285 Hardy, Geraldean 285 Hardy, Rickey 307 Harkreader, Danny 299 Harmon, Judy 307 Harper, Kathryn 299 Harper, Robert 299 Harper, Susan 299 Harper, Susan 307 Harper, Terry 285 Harrell, Brenda 300 Harris, Claudia 285 Harris, Marty 307 Harrison, Ronny 300 Harsdorff, Susan 300 Hart, Debby 307 Hart, James 285 Hensley, Robert 285 Henson, Brenda 307 Hernandez, Manuel 281 Herod, Candy 307 Herrin, Virgle 292 Herrington, James 300 Heslop, Ann 281 Heslop, Melanie 300 Hiatt, Mariann 300 Hickman, Jesse 285 Hickman, Melanie 307 Hicks, Steve 300 Higginbotham, Alan 300 Hightower, Steve 292 Hile, Clinton 307 Hile, Hillary 292 Hill, Debbie 300 Hill, Fly 292 Hill, Harvey 292 Hill, Kay 285 Hilscher, Janice 307 Hinojosa, Rosendo 307 Hinton, Larry 285 Hobbs, Ramona 307 Hocker, Debra 307 Hocker, John 300 Hodges, Bernie 307 Hoffman, Shel 307 Hoffman, Thomas 285 Holbert, Bruce 300 Holder, Donna 293 Holder, Stella 300 Holland, Ann 307 Holland, Joe 285 Holley, Laura 293 Holliday, Robert 300 Hollingsworth, Patricia 293 Holloway, Carolyn 300 Holloway, Virginia 307 Holm, Leslie 293 Holmes, Kathy 293 Holt, Rebecca 307 Hood, Debbie 293 Hooker, Janie 285 Hopf, Pamela 300 Hopkins, Claudia 300 Hopkins, Franette 307 Hopkins, Rhonda 293 Horn, Sally 307 Horton, Frank 285 Hounchell, Judith 307 Howard, Carol 293 Howard, Terry 285 Howard, Terry 293 Howell, Curtis 307 Howeth, Lawana 307 Hudgens, Becky 300 Hudnall, Donna 293 Hudson, Alice 293 Hudson, David 300 Huffman, Holly 285 Hughes, Robert 285 Humphries, Ronnie 285 Hunter, Celia 285 Hurley, Richard 285 Hurley, Sandra 285 Hurst, Robert 300 Husfeld, Marvin 307 Hutcherson, Jim 285 Hutchings, Mattie 293 Hutchison, Richard 307 Hutchins, Shelia 300 Hyden, Richard 285 I Idom, Jennifer 293 Ingalls, Brad 293 Ingalls, Margaret 293 Interwicz, Deborah 307 Ivy, Jacqui 300 J Jackman, John 285 Jacks, Debbie 307 Jackson, Diane 293 Jacobs, Darleen 307 Jacobs, Paula 300 James, David 307 James, Mark 293 Janousek, Eddie 307 Jenkins, Leslie 300 Jenkins, Macra 307 Jennings, Cathey 300 Jennings, Rhonda 285 Jesse, Meg 293 Jessup, Caroll 307 Jewett, Charley 293 Joffrion, Brandi 293 Joffrion, Rebecca 281 Johanson, Jennifer 307 Johnson, Catherine 307 Johnson, Dickey 293 Johnson, Dona 307 Johnson, Ellajeane 285 Johnson, Jerry 285 Johnson, Johnny 300 Johnson, Marilyn 293 Johnson, Patricia 300 Johnson, Sally 285 Johnson, Thomas 285 Johnston, Jim 293 Joiley, Troy 300 Jonas, David 285 Jones, Anna 307 Jones, Jolene 285 Jones, Karen 285 Jones, Kelly 300 Jones, Linda 281 Jones, Mary 300 Jones, Nancy 307 Jones, Robert 293 Jones, Sandy 307 Jordan, Joe 293 Jostes, Lynn 293 Jousan, Beverly 293 Jousan, Frank 293 Joyce, Doug 285 Joyce, Karen 300 Joyner, Kathie 285 Jurden, Patty 293 K Kadlecek, Neal 307 Kaldis, Barbara 300 Kaler, Jeff 300 Karlovetz, Bill 293 Karrer, Linda 293 Keasler, Victor 285 Keating, Jackie 300 Kegler, Carolyn 307 Keith, Steve 293 Keitz, Karen 300 Kelley, Jimmy 285 Kelley, Noel 300 Kellum, Barbara 293 Kellum, Michael 293 Kellum, Virginia 293 Kelly, Pam 285 Kelly, Vanessa 307 Keng, Greg 293 Kennedy, Bonnie 293 Kennedy, Mary 307 Kennedy, Patricia 307 Kenner, Lotta 300 Kerlick, Stanley 293 Kesterson, Ronald 307 Ketcham, Kathryn 293 Kilpatrick, Debbie 307 Kilpatrick, Randy 293 Kimble, Charlotte 293 King, Diane 307 King, Joe 293 King, Karen 285 King, Paul 281 King, Sandra 285 Kingrea, Kathy 307 Kinnear, Nikki 293 Kinney, Janet 300 Kinnison, Darla 293 Kinsey, Vickie 300 Kirby, David 307 Kirby, Gary 300 Kirk, Kathy293 Kirkland, Donald 285 Kirkpatrick, Carl 293 Kirkpatrick, Gordon 285 Kirkwood, Gayla 307 Kittley, Sharon 285 Kittrell, Cynthia 285 Klinger, James 307 Klinkovsky, Barbara 300 Kloesel, Karen 293 Kneese, Carl 307 Koch, Carolyn 281 Kocur, Debra 307 Kolvoord, Linda 293 Kouts, Susan 307 Krause, Kathy 308 Kridner, Kurt 300 Kroschel, Forrest 285 Krueger, Jim 293 Krueger, Marty 300 Krupicka, Julie 285 Krustchinsky, Laura 293 Krustchinsky, Ricky 285 Kubala, Alice 300 Kulak, Linda 293 Kyle, Marsha 300 L Lacewell, Larry 281 Lacewell, Mec 285 Lacombe, Donald 308 Lacy, Nancy 285 Lamar, Preston 285 Lamberth, Nancy 285 Lampo, Marianne 308 Lanagan, David 300 Lancton, Marie 293 Land, Mike 293 Lane, JoAnne 293 Lane, Wanice 300 Lang, Karen 293 Lang, Morris 293 Lange, Ronald 300 Langford, Marlyn 281 Langley, Linda 285 Laraia, Francis 285 Largent, Nell 300 LaSalle, Laurie 308 Latimer, Teresa 293 Laughlin, Lauren 285 Lawson, Billie 286 Lawson, Mary 308 Layne, Debbie 308 Layne, Linda 293 Layne, Lynda 286 Lee, Anne 286 Lee, Lynda 286 Lee, Mike 308 Lee, Randy 308 Leggett, Terry 300 Leihkauff, Kenneth 308 Leimgrubler, Julie 293 Lelsz, Deborah 300 LeMay, Jerry 308 Lemon, Richard 300 Lesco, David 308 Lewis, Carol 300 Lewis, Eric 300 Lewis, Nita 308 Lewis, Norma 286 Lewis, Richard 293 Liebrum, Michael 286 Liepman, C. J. 300 Ligon, Brandy 293 Ligon, Sheri 293 Liles, Nancy 308 Lindemann, Jeff 286 Lindsey, Betty 308 Lock, Billie 300 Lockett, Margaret 293 Loerwald, Paul 308 Loftin, Pam 286 Loggins, Mary 300 Lokken, Sonja 308 Long, Julie 293 Lorehn, Michael 293 Louderback, Linda 300 Louie, Gene 281 Love, Debbie 300 Love, Joy 300 Lovell, Vickie 293 Low, Patsy 308 Lowe, James 286 Lowe, Kristy 293 Loyd, William 293 Lucas, Larry 286 Luedke, Russell 293 Luman, Betty 308 Lupton, Jack 308 Lurry, Regina 300 Luton, Jamie 286 Lynch, Kathleen 286 M Mabry, Sue 293 Mackeen, Patricia 300 Magee, Jackie 286 Magee, Rosemary 301 Magness, Kenneth 286 Mahaffey, Jeri 301 Mahan, Mary 294 Maher, Carol 286 Main, Deborah 294 Mallard, Kenny 286 Malb ltt, Michael 308 Malone, Marsha 308 Maness, David 286 Mann, Sandra 308 Manning, Renee 301 Marchand, Robert 308 Maris, Hal 286 Maris, Pat 301 Marsh, Treba 286 Marshall, Linda 308 Marshall, Michael 301 Martin, Kathy 286 Martin, Kitty 294 Martin, Patricia 308 Martin, Phyllis 301 Martin, Sharon 308 Martin, Susan 308 Martinez, Clarissa 286 Martinez, Dave 301 Martinez, Graciela 294 Martino, Joe 286 Mason, Ernest 294 Massey, Donna 308 Massey, Marilyn 308 Mata, Maria 286 Mathews, Irene 301 Matlock, Byron 286 Matthews, Sandra 308 Mauldin, Steven 308 Maxey, Rick 286 Maxwell, Gary 286 Maxwell, Joe 294 Maxwell, Martha 294 Maxwell, Ricky 308 May, Cheryl 294 Mayben, Vicki 286 Mayes, Courtney 294 Mayes, Donald 308 Mayfield, Gayle308 Mays, Mary 308 Maze, Clarence 308 McAdams, Diane 286 McAfee, Linda 301 McCammon, Mikel 301 McCardell, Georganne 301 McCarley, Max 308 McCarthy, Brent 294 McCary, Judy 301 McCaw, Alleyne 301 McClelland, Alice 294 McClelland, Beth 308 McCluskey, Susan 308 McCollum, Connie 308 McCourt, Delores 308 McCoy, Cheryl 286 McCrary, Michael 286 McDaniel, Charles 301 McDermott, Michael 308 McDonald, Gary 301 McDonald, Kathy 286 McDonald, Linda 301 McDonald, Lisa 301 McDonald, Susan 286 McDonough, Mark 294 McElroy, Tommy 308 McGee, Gwendolyn 286 McGouldrick, Sharon 286 McGuire, Joe 308 Mcintosh, Monica 301 McKay, Carol 286 McKay, Lucinda 294 McKee, Melanie 286 McKenna, Mary 308 McKenzie, Jack 286 McKinney, Chuck 281 McKinney, David 308 McKinney, Nancy 294 McKinney, Patricia 281 McKnedy, Carl 281 McKneely, Susan 294 McKnight, Lois 294 McLeroy, Ed 294 McMakin, Dollie 286 McManus, Brenda 286 McManus, Charles 286 McMillan, David 308 McNabb, Lenn 286 McNutt, William 286 McPherson, Melissa 308 McWhirter, Peggy 286 Meadows, 308 Medford, Jerry 281 Medlin, Doug 286 Meissner, David 294 Meleton, Raymond 286 Melton, Carol 308 Mendez, Hector 308 Meredith, Cindy 301 Meriweather, George 294 Messer, Beth 286 Metcalf, Susan 281 Middleton, Ginger 286 Middleton, Glenda 286 Middleton, Martha 308 Middleton, Roger 286 Miles, Rebecca 301 Milham, Sharon 294 Miller, Carole 286 Miller, Dennis 308 Miller, John 294 Miller, Margaret 308 Miller, Marion 286 Miller, Michelle 301 Miller, Michelle 301 Miller, Ricky 308 Millican, Glenda 286 Mills, Matt 308 Milner, Jan 294 Mims, Cheire 286 Mims, Lacey 281 Minatra, Sandra 286 Mirabella, Dana 286 Mirabella, Ronald 286 Mitcham, Debra 286 Mitchell, Darlene294 Mitchell, Debi 308 Mitchell, Linda 308 Mitchell, Linda 286 Mitchell, Mary 286 Mitchell, Randy 286 Mitchell, Susie 294 Modisette, Patsy 286 Molis, Linda 286 Monk, Kathleen 301 Monroe, Merlinda 286 Montanio, Louis 301 Montanio, Virginia 308 Montgomery, Ann 308 Montgomery, Carolyn 281 Mooneyham, Robin 308 Moore, Barbara 294 Moore, David 286 Moore, Doris 294 Moore, Michael 294 Moore, Sherry 286 Moore, William 286 Moorman, Jane 294 Morgan, Katherine 308 Morgan, Kay 294 Morris, Keith 301 Morris, Melanie 301 Morris, Neil 294 Morrison, Beverly 301 Morrison, Ollege 301 Moser, Lucretia 301 Moss, Boyce 294 Motley, Elizabeth 286 Moulder, Debra 286 Mouton, Earl 308 Muckelroy, Douglas 301 Muecke, Abbe 308 Mueller, Lora 301 Mulkey, Debbie 301 Muller, Joan 308 Mureen, Debbie 294 Murphy, Elizabeth 301 Murphy, Rosemary 308 Murray, Kathy 308 Myers, Archie 294 Myers, Teresa 308 N Naughton, Elizabeth 301 Navarre, Randy 286 Neal, Lester 301 Nelson, Brian 308 Nelson, Deby 308 Nelson, Karen 309 Nelson, William 309 Neubrand, Tom 286 Nevill, Charles 294 Newnham, Nancy 287 Ng, Dominic 287 Nichols, Cathy 287 Nichols, Nita 301 Nickerson, Brenda 294 Niday, Joy 294 Nieman, Heidi 301 Niermann, Paul 309 Nixdorf, Amy 301 Nixdort, Susan 287 Nixon, Nancy 309 Nixon, Pam 309 Noble, Carol 294 Nolan, Pat 294 Noonan, Michael 287 Noonan, Shaan 309 Norman, Nancy 301 Novelli, Karen 309 Nunn, Donna 309 Nutt, Frederick 287 o Oake, Debi 301 O ' Bryan, Danna 301 O ' Dell, Lujene309 Oden, Gloria 294 O ' Donnell, Teresa 309 Ogden, Kathy 294 Oldham, Randy 301 Olsen, Ann 287 Olver, Anne 287 O ' Neall, David 309 Oney, Pamela 287 Ormand, Alfred 287 Ormand, Yvonne 309 Orr, Charlotte 287 Otto, Deborah 287 Owens, Bill 287 Owens, Geraldine 287 Owens, Nancy 287 Owens, Prissy 309 P Palmore, Mary 310 Pancoast, Robert 309 Parish, Cathi 294 Parker, Ann 294 Parker, Kay 309 Parker, Keith 287 Parker, Rhonda 287 Parker, Shirley 287 Parnell, Carney 287 Parnell, Ramona309 Parrish, Billye 294 Parrish, Patricia 301 Paschal, Cynthia 301 Patterson, Leslie 287 Patterson, Ottis 287 Patton, Beverly 301 Paul, Delana 294 Pavlicek, Betty 301 Pawley, Jerel 294 Pawley, Kay 301 Payne, Karen 309 Peabody, Douglas 294 Peabody, Jody 294 Pearce, Karen 287 Pearson, Debbie 309 Peirce, Janet 294 Pellerin, Linda 294 Pendland, Linda 294 Pennington, Linda 294 Pennington, William 309 Penrod, Bobby 287 Pereira, Kathy 294 Perkins, Patsy 309 Perkins, Richard 294 Perry, Annie 294 Perry, Jimmy 294 Perry, Linda 301 Perry, Mike 287 Perry, Sandra 309 Peters, Terrie 309 Peterson, LaMerle 287 Peterson, Sandra 309 Peterson, Wanda 294 Petrie, Catherine 294 Petrie, Paula 294 Petrosky, Jeanie 309 Petrosky, Joanne 301 Petty, Linda 287 Phillips, Jack 287 Phillips, Jackie 301 Philpot, Bobby 281 Pickard, Linda 287 Pickens, Jo 309 Pickle, Jane 301 Pierce, Debra 309 Pierce, Leba 294 Pierce-Ruhland, Marie 309 Pimentel, Charlie 294 Pittman, Dawn 301 Pitts, Harold 301 Pizzitola, Candi 309 Platzer, Cheryl 281 Plessala, Connie 301 Poindexter, Ruth 294 Pomykal, Nancy 294 Pool, David 287 Pool, Frank 301 Pool, Susan 301 Porter, Boyd 294 Porter, David 301 Porter, Janice 294 Porter, Kay 294 Porter, Myrtie 294 Pope, Deborah 309 Porter, Gwen 301 Porter, Penny 287 Poulos, Bryan 287 Powell, Anne 301 Powell, John 287 Prather, Stefan 301 Pratt, Debbie 309 Pratt, Jane 309 Pratt, Kathleen 294 Presley, Karen 301 Price, Beth 309 Priest, Becky 301 Priest, Gerald 294 Pruitt, Charlotte 294 Pugh, Cole 281 Pugh, Rex 294 Pulley, Michael 287 Purse, Karyn 309 Pustka, David 309 Putney, Karen 295 Q Querner, James 309 R Raasch, Patricia 287 Rabbitt, James 295 Rabourn, Rickie 295 Radle, Jana 309 Rager, Paula 301 Ragle, Bill 309 Rains, A. C. 295 Rakowitz, Vincent 309 Ramsey, William 287 Ransom, Mary 309 Ratliff, Connie 287 Rawlinson, Mary 287 Ray, Charles 295 Ray, Michael 301 Ray, Pam 301 Raymer, Donna 287 Rayzor, Rusty 301 Readel, James 287 Redman, Paula 295 Redmon, Susi 295 Reedy, Cheryl 309 Reeg, Pam 309 Reeg, Paula 287 Reeves, Cecilia 287 Regmund, George 287 Reider, Joyce 287 Reilly, Glenn 287 Reilly, Patricia 295 Reily, Mary 287 Reinhardt, Theresa 309 Reneau, David 309 Renfro, Cindy 309 Renfro, David 295 Renfroe, Janelle 309 Rennels, Doug 301 Renteria, Daniel 309 Rentfro, Loyce 287 Renth, Eric 301 Reynolds, Cynthia 287 Reynolds, Dan 287 Rhoden, Suzanne 309 Rhodes, Miki 309 Richards, Wellman 301 Richardson, Cindy 302 Richardson, Cindy 309 .117 Richardson, Laura 302 Richardson, Patricia 287 Richardson, Suzanne 295 Ridge, Jacqueline 287 Riedei, Lee 287 Riggins, Quinton 287 Riley, Mike 287 Riley, Sandra 287 Rinehart, Mary 309 Ritchie, Larry 287 Rives, Betty 295 Roach, Carla 309 Roach, Debbie 309 Roach, Eileen 302 Roach, Marjorie 309 Roark, Carol 302 Roark, Mack 302 Roberds, Cynthia 295 Roberson, Cindy 302 Roberts, Carolyn 287 Roberts, Karen 302 Roberts, Keith 309 Roberts, Nancy 287 Robertson, Sheryl 302 Robins, Martha 302 Robinson, Eugenia 309 Robinson, Jackie 287 Robinson, Jacquelyn 295 Robinson, Linda 295 Rodgers, Donna 302 Rodriguez, Eva 309 Rogers, Anita 295 Rogers, Carrie 302 Rogers, Maribeth 287 Rogers, Rennee 295 Roland, Richard 287 Rooks, Carole 302 Roundtree, Earl 287 Rousseau, Virginia 295 Rowe, Alan 295 Rowe, Debbie 302 Rowe, Stephanie 302 Rowland, Judy 287 Rowland, Thomas 287 Ruhl, Reyburn 309 Russ, Terilyn 309 Russell, Diann 302 Russell, Janet 295 Rutherford, John 295 Rutledge, Tom 287 Ryder, Byron 302 Ryder, Regina 302 s Saigling, Margaret 287 Salmon, Jerry 295 Sanders, Joann 295 Sanders, Michael 295 Sanders, Ronnie 309 Sands, Mark 309 Scanlan, Kathy 287 Schafer, Cindy 295 Schaff, Jean 309 Scheer, Tim 287 Schiessl, Donna 295 Schmidt, Pamela 302 Schmidt, Vicki 309 Schmitt, Alicia 309 Schroeder, Marilyn 295 Schroeder, Rodeny 309 Schultz, Sandra 309 Scoggin, Phil 295 Scoles, Susan 302 Scurlock, Steve 287 Secrest, Rebecca 302 Sellers, William 287 Senn, Bill 287 Setliff, David 302 Shaddix, Jeanie 302 Sexton, Sharon 288 Shadle, Renee 295 Sharpe, Debbie 295 Shaver, Denise 302 Shaw, Margie 295 Sheely, Debra 302 Sheeran, Lynda 288 Shepard, John 309 Shepherd, Marjorie 281 Sherman, Karen 288 Shiflett, Brenda 295 Shin, Kunho 281 Shipley, David 309 Shipman, Douglas 302 Shoemake, Ronnelle 302 Shofner, Michael 288 Silver, Terri 302 Simmons, Barry 309 Simmons, Marilyn 295 Simmons, Roxanne 302 Simons, Betty 295 Simpson, Cheryl 309 Simpson, Debbie 288 Simpson, Debbie 309 Skidmore, Larry 310 Skillern, Floyd 295 Slaback, Eddy 302 Slaughter, Philip 302 Slayton, Barbara 310 Sloan, LaVerne 288 Slocum, Janna 310 Smith, Aleta 288 Smith, Dale 288 Smith, Debbe 288 Smith, Don 288 Smith, Donald 302 Smith, Gari310 Smith, James 288 Smith, Janet 288 Smith, Janet 302 Smith, Lloyd 288 Smith, Marie 295 Smith, Nancy 310 Smith, Neil 302 Smith, Pam 295 Smith, Peggy 302 Smith, Richard 288 Smith, Sheryl 288 Smith, Thoy 288 Smith, Tim 302 Smith, Tim 310 Smith, Vickie 310 Smith, Wanda 295 Snell, Beverly 310 Sorsby, Gale 302 Sparks, Clifton 288 Specht, Tom 302 Speir, Sue 302 Spellman, Michael 281 Spencer, Ann 295 Spencer, Mary 31 Spitzenberger, Jerry 310 Spradley, Sheryl 310 Sprott, Wythel 295 Spurlock, Brenda 302 Squyres, Andrew 31 Stafford, Lydia310 Stagg, Betty 302 Stallings, Gary 310 Stambulic, Patricia 310 Stark, Ginger 310 Steadman, Wynice 288 Stebbins, Sharon 302 Steed, Sarida310 Steele, Ava 288 Steen, Billie 302 Stein, Catherine 288 Steinman, Linda 295 Stengele, Cathy 302 Stephens, Thomas 310 Stephenson, Tim 295 Stevens, Randy 295 Stevens, Sarah 288 Stevenson, Gordon 302 Stevenson, Janette 31 Steward, Karen 288 Stewart, Sherry 288 Stifle, Jeff 295 Stifle, Virginia 295 Stone, Brenda 295 Strack, Susan 310 Strauss, Rebecca 295 Strickenberger, Suzie 302 Strode, Evelyn 310 Strube, Dennis 310 Stuart, Herbert 302 Stupka, Patsy 310 Sudduth, Charlotte 302 Sugarek, Susan 302 Sullins, Linda 288 Sullivan, Carol 310 Summers, James 295 Summers, Karen 310 Svalberg, Nikki 288 Swearingen, Scott 295 Swift, Kathleen 295 Switzer, John 302 Sykes, Kim 302 Sypert, Cindy 288 T Talbert, Steve 310 Tankersley, Jan 310 Tanksley, Allan 288 Tanksley, Patricia 288 Tate, Harold 295 Tatum, John 295 Taylor, Debby 295 Taylor, Dianne302 Taylor, Pam 302 Taylor, Sandra 288 Taylor, Sandra 302 Taylor, Stephen 295 Taylor, Terry 31 Teal, Di Anne 310 Tedder, Richard 288 Teel, Paul 302 Tempel, Arlene 302 Temple, Susan 295 Terry, Nanette 295 Terry, Robert 302 Thacker, Patsy 302 Tharp, Billye 295 Theiss, Jerry 288 Thetford, Bill 310 Thibodeaux, Lisa 295 Thomas, Alice 310 Thomas, Christine 31 Thomas, Suzanne 295 Thompson, Jim 295 Thompson, Jimmy 302 Thompson, Mike 288 Thompson, Susan 295 Thomson, Gail 31 Thornton, Bobby 288 Thornton, Charles 310 Thornton, Lynn 288 Thornton, Penny 288 Thrapp, Danny 295 Tibbitts, Ava 288 Tidwell, Kathy 310 Tiner, Joe 302 Tinney, Linda 295 Tinsley, Liz 310 Tippett, Beverly 288 Tomlin, Deborah 310 Tomlinson, Vera 288 Tompkins, Deanna 295 Tompkins, Donna 302 Tooman, Deborah 310 Tostado, Gloria 295 Townsend, Beverly 288 Townsend, Nancy 288 Trace, Linda 310 Trahan, Dan 302 Traphagen, Janice 31 Trimanapunta, Suneeya 295 Truchelut, Claire 288 Tubbs, William 288 Tucker, Kathy 310 Tucker, Thomas 295 Tullos, Tanya 281 Turnbow, Mark 302 Turner, Cheri 302 Turner, Donna 288 Turner, James 288 Turner, Judy 310 Turner, Mike 302 Turner, Roland 302 Turnham, Cheryl 288 Tynes, Patsy 310 V Vahldiek, Richard 310 Valek, Georgie 288 Valliant, Karen 310 VanBreemen, Buckey 302 Van Hemert, Deborah 310 VanHorn, Debbie 310 Van Riper, Timothy 302 Van Vleet, Robert 302 Van Winkle, Steve 310 Varner, Darla 302 Vaughan, Liz 295 Vaughan, Lynn 31 Vaughn, Charles 295 Vay, Bruce 310 Vernon, Eddie 310 Vess, Herman 302 Vieregge, Carolyn 288 Vinson, Danny 288 Vyvial, Ronnie 303 W Wade, Rosemary 295 Wadlington, Cathy 310 Wadlington, Cheryl 310 Wagman, Lori 303 Wagner, Paula 288 Wagstaff, Tim 310 Waidelich, Richard 310 Waits, Tommy 288 Waldrop, Janet 288 Waldrup, Barbara 295 Walker, Billy 310 Walker, Cindy 296 Walker, Glenn 296 Walker, James 296 Walker, John 310 Walker, Melanie310 Walker, Pam 296 Walker, Robert 303 Wall, Brenda 296 Wall, Robert 296 Wallace, Cathy 303 Walraven, Kathy 310 Walters, Margaret 303 Walters, Pamela 310 Wann, Teh 310 Ward, John 296 Ward, Kathryn 303 Ward, Larry 296 Wardlaw, Susan 310 Ware, Michael 303 Wark, Thomas 288 Wark, Valeria 288 Warner, Donny 303 Warren, Cheryl 288 Warren, Cynthia 303 Warren, David 288 Warren, Deborah 303 Warren, Kay 288 Warren, Sandra 296 Warriner, Paul 296 Warthoe, Ellen 288 Watkins, Morgy 310 Watson, Bruce 303 Watson, Dan 296 Watson, George 296 Watson, Jane 296 Watson, Kristena 281 Watson, Richard 288 Watt, Billie 303 Watt, Wanda 296 Wattner, Nancy 296 Weatherly, James 288 Weaver, Gary 288 Webb, Mary 296 Webb, Peggy 288 Webster, Joe 296 Weeks, Jamie 31 Welch, Ann 288 Welch, Gary 288 Weldon, Michael 288 Wellens, Linda 296 Wells, Linda 310 Wess, Sha310 West, Barbara 310 West, Kathi310 West, Nathaniel 281 West, Sue 303 Westbrook, William 303 Westerfield, Donna 310 Wetmore, Teh 303 Whatley, Gary 281 Whatley, Mary 288 Whiddon, Debra310 Whistler, Paula 288 Whistler, Robert 288 White, Bob 296 White, Jan 303 White, Michael 288 White, Raymond 281 White, Ronald 288 White, Terry 303 Whitehead, Marie 281 Whitfill, Kathy 296 Whitley, Eddie 296 Whitley, Lilann 303 Whitley, Pattie 288 Whitley, Sam 281 Wiederhold, Ann 31 1 Wienecke, Vanessa 31 1 Wiese, Don 296 Wiggins, Mike 31 1 Wilbanks, Frank 311 Wilbanks, Jeanette 303 Wilbanks, William 296 Wilburn, Larry 289 Wilcox, Jan 31 1 Wilemon, Delma 31 1 Wilkerson, Denise 296 Wilkerson, Mary 289 Wilkinson, Jim 289 Wilkinson, Melissa 31 1 Williams, DeGloria31 1 Williams, Frances 31 1 Williams, Gaye 303 Williams, Greg 303 Williams, Jill 303 Williams, Joy 289 Williams, Karen 31 1 Williams, Larry 31 1 Williams, Nancy 303 Williams, Rhonda 31 1 Williams, Richard 296 Williams, Sylvia 31 1 Williams, Trina 303 Williford, Linda 289 Willmon, David 289 Wilson, Donna 289 Wilson, Janis 296 Wilson, Tamesha 281 Winburn, Nancy 303 Windham, Phyllis 303 Winkler, Steve 311 Wischenwsky, Mary 31 1 Wise, Robert 289 Witten, Lynne 296 Wolf, Elizabeth 31 1 Wolfe, Don 303 Womack, Dawn 31 1 Woo, Carolyn 289 Wood, Jerry 31 1 Wood, Mike 281 Woodruff, Wade 31 1 Woods, Mary 289 Woody, Michel 289 Wooten, DeAnn 31 1 Word, Brenda 296 Works, Phillip 296 Worthen, Jan 31 1 Wrather, Cheryl 303 Wright, Bill 311 Wylie, Milton 289 Y Yadon, Debye311 Yarbrough, Jane 289 Yarbrough, Linda 296 Yarbrough, Nancy 31 1 Yates, Donald 296 Yates, John 281 Ybarra, Ray 289 Yeager, Louis 31 1 York, Janna 296 York, J. B. 296 York, Laurel 296 Youens, Gail 31 1 Young, Dianne 289 Young, Judy 31 1 Young, Robert 289 Young, Susan 303 Young, Thomas 303 Z Zyblot, Mark 31 1 Zeagler, Karyl 31 1 Photography Credits Robert Abernethy Hank Alexander Tempe Atkinson Gary Box Kathy Brumbaugh Ralph Burns Lindsey Burr Jimmy Cammack Carolyn Cockrell Jolene Cornelius Bob Deatherage Steve Dodd Robert Forrest Mark Goodman Gary Greer Carol Hacker Gene Hause Dan Kellum Karen Lang John Mace Doug Manger Mike McCrary Sandra Minatra John Morris Edward Nelson Susan Nichols Pat Nolan Raina Powell Van Reden Sherry Reese Tim Scheer Mike Stanford Ann Steen Bob Thornton Tom Tucker Susan Wardlaw Sue West Steve White Joseph Woods

Suggestions in the Stephen F Austin State University - Stone Fort Yearbook (Nacogdoches, TX) collection:

Stephen F Austin State University - Stone Fort Yearbook (Nacogdoches, TX) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Page 1


Stephen F Austin State University - Stone Fort Yearbook (Nacogdoches, TX) online yearbook collection, 1971 Edition, Page 1


Stephen F Austin State University - Stone Fort Yearbook (Nacogdoches, TX) online yearbook collection, 1972 Edition, Page 1


Stephen F Austin State University - Stone Fort Yearbook (Nacogdoches, TX) online yearbook collection, 1974 Edition, Page 1


Stephen F Austin State University - Stone Fort Yearbook (Nacogdoches, TX) online yearbook collection, 1975 Edition, Page 1


Stephen F Austin State University - Stone Fort Yearbook (Nacogdoches, TX) online yearbook collection, 1976 Edition, Page 1


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