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i STONE FORT 1972 Stephen F. Austin State University Nacogdoches, Texas Volume 47 ¥1 Student Life Academics Spotlight Involvement People Index 12 56 Competition 100 144 168 264 310 J 4 We hear a refrain, see a rainbow ' s end, Or we look in the heart of a friend. We feel at one with mankind. We share His griefs and glories, joy and care. 9 The sun flecks gold through the sheltering trees, And we shoulder our burdens with twice the ease. Peace and content and a world that sings The moment of true awareness brings. Helen Lowrie Marshall 10 Enrollment Nears 10,000 SFA continued to break registration records in 1971-72 with a Fall Semester enrollment of 9,976. Although surpassing all previ- ous enrollment counts, the figure did not reach the 10,000 mark estimated by university officials. More students were also enrolled during the 1972 Spring Semester than in any previous spring se- mester with a peak of 9,227. Enrollment is expected to exceed 15,000 by 1980, according to university officials. Dorm Life: The Agony and the Ecstasy 17 18 ROTC Conducts Field Maneuvers The Corps of Cadets held two field problems during the school year near Douglass, off Highway 21. In Operation Phantom Moon II of the Fall Semester approxi- mately 160 high school seniors and 114 SFA cadets participated. SFA ROTC members pushed off on Operation Spring Wind III March 25 as one of the largest field problems they had ever seen. The operations are a part of the cadets ' Individual Cadet Train- ing Phase. Realism to an actual combat situation is brought into focus with machine guns, armored personnel carriers, tanks and helicopters. Cadet Lt. Rick Dodson commanded a portion of the cadets while Cadet Lt. Col. Marshall Reed directed the Austin Raiders and the aggressor forces. 21 Voter Drive Claimed Success Approximately 4,000 students, faculty members and Nacog- doches residents registered to receive voter certificates during SFA ' s Voter Registration Drive Nov. 4. Many classes were dis- missed to enable students to talk with visiting local and state politi- cians including Rep. Charles Wilson of Lufkin (right, talking with Mike Finley, co-ordinator of the registration drive) and former State Senator Ralph Yarborough. Groups providing entertainment were Dick and Anne Albin, the East Texas String Ensemble (oppo- site page, lower left), Saltlick and Rodney and Donovan. Tekes, Chi Omegas Capture Corn Huskin ' Title Hog calling, sack races and group singing were just a few of the competitive events in the annual Corn Huskin ' Bee Nov. 15. Both Greek and independent teams entered the contest sponsored by Delta Psi Kappa, women ' s physical education fraternity. Chi Omega, social sorority, and Tau Kappa Epsilon, social fraternity, captured the team trophies. Other events included chicken calling, best costume and corn shelling. 26 Sylvans, Gamma Sigs Win Lumberjack Honors Lumberjack Day kicked off Homecoming weekend Nov. 5 with a variety of activities. Students were urged to dress as lumberjacks to boost spirit for the Angelo State-SFA game the following day. In the afternoon the Sylvans Club, professional forestry organization, sponsored a contest with events in cross-cut and bow sawing, axe and knife throwing, log rolling and log chopping. Winner in the men ' s division was the Sylvans Club, and in the women ' s division was Gamma Sigma Sigma, national service sorority. Later in the evening, the cheerleaders led a torchlight parade through campus that ended with a bonfire-pep rally. 27 Homecoming ' 71: Weekend of Tradition Floats, corsages and visiting ex-students combined to make SFA ' s 1971 Homecoming, as always, a traditional college week- end. Students slaved over floats for the parade, watched with dis- appointment as the Jacks were defeated for the eighth straight game and partied continuously. Kay Kittrell, representing Alpha Chi Omega, social sorority, was crowned Homecoming Queen. First place trophies in the float competition went to Alpha Tau Omega, social fraternity, and Sigma Kappa, social sorority; Baptist Student Union; and the Home Economics Club. 31 Campus Expands Memorial Stadium saw its last game in the Fall ' 71 season as it was slowly torn down to make way for the new $2.9 million library. The new stadium is tentatively scheduled to be com- pleted for Fall ' 72 season. Other expansions around the campus include the new Silviculture Building and the biology green- house. 35 36 37 It ' s a Sign of the Times 41 SFA Cowboys Host 15th Annual Rodeo Action filled the Nacogdoches Fairgrounds Arena as SFA played host to the 15th annual Spring Rodeo. Local cowboys, plus those from nine other colleges in the NIRA Southern Re- gion, competed for cash prizes valued at $3,500. Events for the performances held Thursday through Saturday nights included bronc riding, steer wrestling and tie-down calf-roping. SFA cow- boys competed in contests and won two prizes. These went to Red Edmonds, steer wrestling, and Don Karr, saddle bronc rid- ing. As a climax to the last performance, Miss Linda Sandland was selected 1972 Rodeo Queen. 46 Greek Week: 1972 47 Cindy Harris Reigns as Queen at Spring Carnival R A ft 48 49 Students Reelect Owens More than 1,700 students voted April 17 in spring elections, an increase of almost 500 over last spring ' s election, according to the Student Congress office. Bill Owens was reelected Con- gress president, while the vice presidency went to Bill Jenkins. Nancy Townsend was elected secretary-treasurer. Class presi- dents, favorites, cheerleaders and Congress representatives were also named. 50 51 Spring Finals . . . Times that Try Men ' s Souls 52 56 57 Board of Regents SEATED: Mr. Robert Gray, Austin; Mr. Douglas Bergman, Dallas; Mr. R. E. Mo- Gee, Houston; Mr. Sam Tanner, Beaumont; Mr. Joe Bob Golden, Jasper; Mrs. Lera Thomas, Houston; STANDING: Mr. Walter Todd, Dallas; Mr. Roy Maness, Beau- mont; Mr. James Perkins, Rusk. 58 Dr. Ralph W. Steen President, Stephen F. Austin State University 59 61 62 t Accounting Explaining the complex function of accounting principles to the 375 students enrolled in the accounting department involves the efforts of 11 faculty members. Besides the academic duties of the department it also sponsors a Tax Clinic and the Accounting Club. The club is responsible for awarding two $50 scholarships donated each semester by Mobil Oil Company. Dr. John Steven- son is head of the department. Agriculture Expansion of teaching and research facilities in the Department of Agriculture of SFA has progressed rapidly in recent years. A 265-acre tract of land has been acquired to bring to a total of 472 acres used in agricultural laboratories. The present beef cattle herd consists of 45 registered Aberdeen Angus, six registered Herefords and 20 crossbred females. A second facility is a 205-acre dairy farm. SFA has operated the dairy approximately 10 years. Animal and plant science research is conducted at both farm laboratories, with additional projects approved for the near future. A new course in horse production is being added to the curricu- lum. Plans are underway for future revisions in agricultural engi- neering, agri-business and agronomy, according to Dr. T. J. Stanly, head of the department. 65 Art The art curriculum has been designed to provide broad basic art foundations for the student who plans a professional career in art or art education. For students having the ability and desire to be a sculptor, a paint er or metal worker, the art department provides training and experience. The department has approximately 500 first and second majors and 14 faculty members, according to Dr. Creighton Delaney, head of the Department of Art. 66 Bible Full-credit courses are offered in Bible under the School of Liberal Arts at SFA. A maximum of 12 hours in Bible may be taken. However, this university does not offer a major or a minor in Bible. During the 1971-72 academic year, approximately 700 stu- dents were registered for Bible courses. There is no prerequisite required for any Bible course, and a variety of courses are of- fered. Three courses treat the Bible as a whole. Five courses treat a specific biblical area and two courses consider those as- pects of biblical literature applying to specific areas of concern. The four Bible Chairs that are associated with SFA include the Baptist Bible Chair, the Wesley Bible Chair, the Church of Christ Bible Chair and the Roman Catholic Bible Chair. Each employs its own instructor and provides classroom facilities adja- cent to the campus. The courses are not offered in an attempt to promote any particular religious belief. They instead are offered as electives to broaden and enlighten students ' knowledge in an important part of our culture. Biology In order to give students familiarity with the methods of science and facts of biology, the department conducts field trips, uses new equipment, and has initiated new courses to present to the stu- dents. The National Foundation of Science sponsors pathogenic micro- biology, a new course offered this year. Three new courses, biolog- ical literature, cryptogamic biology and morphology of seed plants, will be added to the program in the fall of 1972. " Ecology and pollution are big things with the department, " said Dr. Russell Faulkner, head of the 48-course department. Widening the level of understanding, many professors publish articles in scientific journals. 68 Chemistry hi Two general changes have been made in the chemistry depart- ment curriculum to help the students. The teaching of Chemistry 133 and 134 has night exams. This way every student gets the same test, and as a result the grades are much higher, according to Dr. Jacob Seaton, head of the chemistry department. Also, Chemis- try 330 Fundamentals of Organic Chemistry is largely for medical technological students. Approximately 70 majors are instructed by 10 faculty members and six new graduate assistants. The SFA Chemistry Department houses a spectrometer. There are only two in Texas. Th e purpose is to examine the structure of molecules. A smaller model is used in organic chemistry. Computer Science The newest academic program at SFA is the Department of Computer Science which began operation with the opening of the 1971 Fall Semester. Headed by Jarrell Grout, the department is housed in a $335,000 two-story structure which was constructed as a wing on the east side of Boynton Library. Also housed in the new computer science building is a computer center under the di- rection of Al Trussell. The computer center is a service organiza- tion for the entire university. The equipment in the center in- cludes a modern IBM 360-40 computer. The center is staffed by 17 full-time employees including seven professionals in the com- puter science field. 70 Economics The primary objective of the Department of Economics is the preparation of future business and professional leaders to meet the challenges they will face in the business world. In order to contrib- ute to the development of responsible, community minded profes- sionals, the department offers 17 undergraduate courses designed to provide students with a broad background of economic prin- ciples and concepts that will be useful in dealing with the prob- lems of today and tomorrow. Dr. Charles Brown serves as head of the department. Elementary Education The Department of Elementary Education lists 1,400 majors keeping the 15 full-time faculty members busy. The department offers 27 courses including two new courses in which students assist the teachers in public schools. The elementary education department sponsors the Student Education Association and Phi Delta Kappa, a society for graduate students and accredited teachers. Six graduate assistants work in the various sections of the department. Dr. Thomas Franks heads the department which soon hopes to initiate the pass-fail system in some lower division courses. English and Philosophy Dr. Roy E. Cain heads the 47 faculty members in the Depart- ment of English and Philosophy. Several new courses are being offered this year in which students are allowed to help select their own subject matter, which may range from science fiction to the study of the Bible. Sigma Tau Delta, national honorary fraternity, is sponsored by the department and 17 positions are filled by graduate assistants. The department boasts Dr. Edwin Gaston, who is the national president of Alpha Chi, and Dr. Francis Abernethy, who functions as the executive secretary of the Texas Folklore Society. 73 Forestry The School of Forestry is one of Smokey the Bear ' s best friends. Working for ecology through management of forest lands is one of the school ' s main objectives. Headed by Dr. Laurence C. Walker, the school emphasizes wat- ershed protection, wildlife refuge, timber protection, and soil sta- bilization. New features in the building are a fire simulation room and hygro sensors which measure the sensitivity of moisture. New courses offered include advanced photogrammetry or aerial pho- tography, which is used for mapping, detecting disease or estimat- ing the volume of timber. Twenty seven faculty members staff the school which has 635 declared majors. 74 75 General Business The Department of General Business serves two main func- tions for the School of Business. First, it offers " core " courses, or those required of all business majors, and second it offers necessary courses for those wishing to " specialize " a major in general business. The department also offers " core " graduate courses and serves as the administrative center for graduate work in the School of Business. Students in general business may now also receive an emphasis in either finance or marketing. The department is headed by Dr. Elick N. Maledon and has a staff of six full-time faculty members. Geography Most of the 40 declared geography majors are members of the honorary fraternity Gamma Theta Upsilon and therefore meet the requirements of carrying 12 hours of geography and maintaining a " B " average or better. Dr. Loyd Collier, head of the geography department, has announced plans for a new fall course designated as map compilation and design. The six faculty members are en- gaged in several geography research programs which are scheduled to be published some time in the fall. r - Geology The goal of the Department of Geology is to give the student a firm understanding in the primary areas of geology. Dr. Raymond 0. Steinhoff, head of the department, directs eight full-time geologists, seven with Ph.D ' s and one with a master ' s de- gree to instruct the students in mineralogy, petrology, paleontolo- gy, structural geology, marine geology, geochemistry, geomorphol- ogy, geology of North America, stratigraphy and sedimentation and economic geology. The 46 majors and 50 minors in geology this year are being in- troduced to courses making them more aware of the needs of the students. New courses such as environmental geology, field geolo- gy and petroleum are offered. Projected courses like ground water and seminars in geology will be held during the 1972-73 school year . History Typified by teaching, research and professional participation, the Department of History contains 21 faculty members headed by Dr. Robert S. Maxwell. Thirty-eight different courses were available in the Spring Semester to the students enrolled in his- tory, which included 381 majors and 523 minors. The history department sponsors Phi Alpha Theta, the national history honor society, and offers six graduate assistantships. The history faculty pursues a variety of outside interests. Five books have been pub- lished by faculty members in the last three years. Dr. Archie MacDonald edits the " East Texas Historical Society Magazine " while Dr. James Nichols holds the office of president of the East Texas Historical Association. Home Economics The Department of Home Economics concerns itself with the personal development of each of its students in the li ght of home, family and community living; with the preparation of the student for a profession; and with the effective service to resi- dents of the area served by SFA. With these objectives in mind, the department has initiated a curriculum which serves not only students with emphasis in home economics education and teacher preparation, but also majors in child and family develop- ment, clothing and textiles and foods and nutrition. Management The Department of Management, under the direction of Dr. Ed Roach, associate professor and acting head of the depart- ment, boasts 300 majors. Twelve courses are presently offered at the undergraduate level, including two industrial management courses which were added in the fall. The department plans to add two graduate courses Fall Semester 1972, bringing the grad- uate courses to a total of seven. The primary objective of the management department is to prepare the student for the leadership role. Through lectures, case histories and various advanced techniques, the student be- comes involved in top-management policy making. 81 Mathematics While not a new field of study at SFA, the Department of Mathematics has been revamped to better enable the instructors to provide necessary mathematical training. The recent acquisi- tion of computers and audio-visual aids offers assistance in a broader program of study, not only for students whose major interests lie in the field of mathematics, but also for students interested in related areas. Under the direction of Dr. W. I. Lay- ton the mathematics department has acquired some 196 majors and instructs 2,615 students enrolled in math courses for the 1972 Spring Semester. SFA students are being aptly prepared for careers in business, industrial or engineering applications of mathematics, teaching in schools or colleges and for graduate study in mathematics. 87 Men ' s Health and Physical Education The Department of Men ' s Health and Physical Education is designed to develop total fitness in the individual as well as of- fering graduate and master ' s programs. Heading the department is Dr. Carl Kight. He is aided by two graduate program advisors as well as 11 assistant professors and instructors. The men ' s HPE department offers programs of study leading to the master of education degree. During the period 1946-71, approximately 200 students earned a master ' s degree from the HPE department and eight of these also have earned doctorates. The men ' s HPE department is also active in sponsoring vari- ous intramural programs. Some intramurals offered to the stu- dent are basketball, football, tennis, bowling, badminton, horse- shoes, handball and volleyball. The department has a bioenergetic laboratory which has been made available for individual human performance and behavior. 83 Military Science In its fourth year of existence, the Department of Military Sci- ence has increased its cadet membership and commissioned more officers than years past. Lt. Col. James E. Calahan, head of the military science department, directs four officers and five enlisted men in their endeavor to give the Corps of Cadets the basic mission of the Army. The mission covers the teaching of leadership, management training, development of self-assurance and participation in practical field problems. The department sponsors the Austin Raiders, Rifle Team, Scabbard and Blade, Red Barons, Austin Guard and the annual Military Ball. 84 Modern Languages The Department of Modern Languages is one of the many which occupy the Ferguson Liberal Arts Building. The faculty of 18, headed by Dr. Carl Keul, instructs the 1,111 full and part- time students currently enrolled in modern language courses. Majors and minors are offered in German, Spanish and French. In 1969 a new language lab was installed which can instruct 96 students per hour. In addition to clubs in each of the three lan- guages, the department also sponsors three national honor socie- ties. 85 Music The music department at SFA offers training for students desir- ing to follow careers in music as well as musical experiences for students majoring in other fields. Ensembles open to general stu- dents include the University Band, the Marching Band, the Uni- versity Orchestra, the A Cappella Choir, the Grand Union Chorus, the Madrigal Singers, the Brass Choir and the Jazz Ensemble. Music students are offered individual instruction in voice, piano, organ, strings, wind instruments and percussion instruments. The department offers the bachelor of fine arts in music, the bachelor of music and the master of arts degree with a major in music. Con- certs, musical shows and student recitals provide the university and surrounding community with numerous opportunities for mu- sical growth. Office Administration The Department of Office Administration, headed by Dr. Ralph L. White, has three major objectives: to prepare students for secretarial careers; to train future business teachers in short- hand, typewriting and office machines; and to provide courses in fundamental business communications and research. A new shorthand-typewriting laboratory equipped with 40 electric type- writers and a four-channel learning lab has enabled the depart- ment to reduce the number of courses necessary to develop shorthand proficiency. The new lab is also utilized in offering typewriting courses to the general public through the Division of Continuing Education. The objective of the graduate program is to provide background knowledge in business communications, research techniques and to report writing necessary for advance- ment in the business community. Physics A unique feature of the graduate and undergraduate research facilities of the physics department, headed by Dr. John F. Decker, is a complete X-ray laboratory for the study of liquid structures. Included is an X-ray diffractometer designed and con- structed at SFA, which applies X-rays to determine the forces binding molecules together in the liquid state. Dr. Decker ' s de- partment is also involved with the development of gas lasers, to be used in studying the structure of molecules. Through a Na- tional Science Foundation grant, the physics department has ob- tained $1 million in excess government property to be used in improving undergraduate instruction. 88 Political Science The Department of Political Science, headed by Dr. Joe E. Ericson, is designed to introduce and familiarize SFA students with American political life. This is accomplished not only by classroom work, but by the faculty ' s encouragement and sponsor- ship of outside political activities, such as voter registration. Political science, besides being a ncesssary subject for the well-informed scholar, is also oriented toward the fields of teach- ing, civil service and all levels of professional politics. Psychology A major objective of the Department of Psychology is to pre- pare students to enter Graduate School and professional careers in Psychology. A further goal is to provide all college students with a knowledge of human behavior. Courses are offered in general psychology, adjustment, person- ality, abnormal psychology, comparative, physiological psychol- ogy, perception, statistics and research methodology. A free clinic offering psychological services was also main- tained. The department also organized a volunteer service pro- gram, increased laboratory space and expanded the undergradu- ate and graduate curriculums. School Services Programs for the professional preparation and certification of special education teachers and speech pathologists are offered by the Department of School Services. It also prepares the student who is planning to enter various helping occupations that serve the disabled and disadvantaged. Dr. Bill Hamrick is professor and head of the department. A graduate program in school ad- ministration is also offered for the student who plans a career as a school superintendent or principal. HE RECORD PL ER Secondary Ed ucation Preparation is the key word for secondary education. A for- ward-looking department, it has many new devices for producing better teachers. All students now majoring in secondary educa- tion are required to student teach at one of the public schools in the surrounding area. The school of education is equipped with a television studio which allows a video tape to be made of the student while he teaches, making it possible for students to ana- lyze teaching techniques. Courses in the use of classroom equip- ment such as tape recorders and overhead projectors are now offered to make classroom teaching more effective. Dr. Morgan C. Moses is the head of the secondary education department. JOURNALISM IS NOT DEAD Speech-Journalism On March 27 the Texas College and University System Coor- dinating Board approved the reorganization of the Department of Speech and the Division of Journalism into a new department of Communication. As a result of this reorganization, the new de- partment now offers a major in communication leading to a bachelor of arts, bachelor of science or master of arts degree, depending on the student ' s professional interests. At the undergraduate level, a student may now complete his work in one of four sequences: general communication, speech communication, journalism or radio-television-film. The general communication sequence is a 48-hour broadfield major, while the remainder are typical 30- to 36-hour programs. Provision is made for teacher certification in speech communication and journalism. The minor in each sequence consists of a minimum of 18 hours. William E. Knabe is the recently named department head. 93 Sociology With its 14 areas of specialization, the Department of Sociol- ogy enables students to delve into the world of human relation- ships. A student may obtain either a bachelor of arts or a bache- lor of science degree in sociology, and many graduate courses are available for those seeking a master ' s. Dr. Harold M. Cle- ments heads the staff of 11 full-time and three part-time faculty members and approximately 10 graduate assistants. Career coun- seling and guidance of almost 400 majors and 350 minors is done by the faculty. 94 i Theatre The Department of Theatre exists to serve the theatre student in at least one of four ways: (1) to encourage disciplined creativ- ity; (2) to provide training for individuals wishing to pursue ca- reers in theatre and related fields; (3) to provide significant ex- periences for students desiring vocations in areas of public rela- tions; and (4) to present a serious discipline for the study of the diverse thoughts and passions of the human animal. The Depart- ment of Theatre serves a larger function in its attempt to provide cultural and entertainment experiences for the university at large and the community. 95 Women ' s HPE Approximately 2,500 students are enrolled in activity courses provided by Women ' s Health and Physical Education. Aside from offering courses suited to meet the needs, interests and abilities of the students, the department provides the opportunity to participate in a variety of intramural activities for recreation. Health education for a secondary school teaching field is one of the newest course offerings in Women ' s Health and Physical Education and is offered at only five other universities in the state. The dance production class for those students with some training in dance is a popular part of the curriculum and those students enrolled in the course present an annual concert each December. The department, headed by Dr. June Irwin, employs 10 full-time staffers and one part-time assistant. - O jCi Ci |I 9 WLM. pi A q J ' TT5 f- 1MTI m ' n 1 lal ? ' H k .- " Tip, f j Sf - -1 -f " ■ f | H f J f -f it 4 4 kit trw cr ?i i .ijv Atli .- Th _JBL, S J f ? " Abbott, Dr. Harold; Chemistry Abernethy, Dr. Francis; English Adams, Dr. Jasper; Mathematics Alexander, Dr. Doyle; Mathematics Alhashimi, Dr. Talib; Agriculture Allison, Dr. Rosalie; Elementary Education Allison, Sadie; Women ' s HPE Appleberry, Dr. Mary; Elementary Education Arscott, William; Art Atherton, Gladys: Home Economics Austin, Dr. John; Secondary Education Barra, Dr. Ronnie; Men ' s HPE Bates, Janette; Office Administration Beaty, Dr. Dan; Music Bellamy, Dr. Sidney; English, Modern Languages Bennett, Betty; Library Bilan, Dr. Victor; Forestry Bizzell, Bobby; Management Boring, Wayne; Chemistry Bos, Dr. William; Communication Boudria, Bobby; Mathematics Bridewell, Ross; Modern Languages Brooks, Dr. Robert; Secondary Education Burr, Dr. J. H.; Biology Bush, Ava; Home Economics Button, Alan; Forestry Butts, Dr. John; Communication Cain, Dr. Roy; Head of English and Philosophy Capel, Dr. Robert; Communication Cams, Mary: Political Science Chaney, Elton; Mathematics Cates, Charles; Chemistry Cecil, Maurice; English Chandler, Ann; Library Clagett, Dr. Arthur; Sociology Clark, Dr. William; Mathematics Claunch, Ronald; Political Science Clements, Dr. Harold; Head of Sociology Cofer, Bruce; Economics Cole, Sandra; Women ' s HPE Collier, Dr. Loyd; Head of Geography Conn, Michael; General Business Cooley, Belva; Management Cook, George; Biology Cooksey, Dr. Bennett; Elementary Education Coster, Dr. Jack; Forestry Cox, David; Political Science Cox, Norman; General Business Crocker, Marvin; Geology Davis, Elizabeth; Modern Languages Davison, Dr. Tollie; Physics Dean, Dr. Robert; Mathematics Delaney, Dr. C. H.; Head of Art Deuth, Martin; Geology Devine, Dr. Joseph; History Dickerson, Dr. Ben; Sociology Dickson, Dr. James; Political Science Dotson, Dr. Charles; Men ' s HPE Dugas, Dr. Vera; History Durr, Dr. Gloria; Head of Home Economics Duskin, Joel; Music Eason, Sue: Library Ellerbrook, Dr. L. W.; Elementary Education Ericson, Dr. Joe; Head of Political Science Erlings, Dr. Billie; Music Faulkner, Dr. Russell; Head of Biolngy Fisher, Dr. Charles; Biology Ford, Dr. Diane; Art Frye, Gloria; Library Frye, Judith: English 97 Garrett, Dr. James M.; Chemistry Gaylord, Dr. Heinz; Psychology Gibson, Dr. William; Biology Gobel, Dr. Volker; Geology Gregory, Donald; Political Science Griffin, Dr. Alvera; Women ' s HPE Grigsby, David; School Services Grimland, Andrew; Men ' s HPE Hall, Dr. M. E.; Head of Music Hallman, Leon; Geography Hancock, Mildred; Library Hargis, Troy; Management Hastings, Dr. Eugene; Forestry Hays, Neill; School Services Heino, Dr. Thomas; Head of Theatre Henke, Dr. Ray; School Services Henry, Robert; Art Hill, Dr. Harold: Secondary Education Hippchen, Dr. Leonard; Sociology Hobbs, Ben: Communication Hoffman, Dr. Francine; Communication Howard, Bertin; Accounting Howard. David; English Irons, Dr. Jerry; Elementary Education Irwin, Dr. June; Head of Women ' s HPE Jennings, Glenn: Student Life Johnson, Dr. Bobby; History Johnson, Dr. Wayne; Political Science Jones, David; Music Jones, Dr. Sue; Home Economics Kelly, Cleo; Library Kennedy, Reesman; Art Keul, Dr. Carl; Head of Modem Languages Kight, Dr. Carl; Head of Men s HPE Knabe, William; Head of Communication Knox, Carolyn; Management Lane, Ruth; Library Layton, Dr. W. I.; Head of Mathematics LeBouf, Billy; Mathematics Lee, Sarah Jane: Library Lenhart, Dr. J. David; Forestry Lewis, Dr. Hanna; Modern Languages Lowery, Tommie; History Lum, Dixie; English Mace, Dr. Kenneth; Biology Machel, Dr. Albert; Chemistry Magruder, James; Philosophy Malpass, Dr. E. Deanne; History Mann, Robert; Music Martin, James; Forestry Mathews, Virginia; Women ' s HPE Mays, Jareldine; Home Economics McCullough, Dr. Jack; Biology McDonald, Dr. Harry; Biology McGrath, Dr. Sylvia; History McGrath, Dr. W. T.; Forestry McKinney, Mary; Home Economics McReynolds, James; History Meek, Peggy; Library Meyer, Dr. Floyd; Library Director Montgomery, Melvin; Music Moore, John; Chemistry Morley, Max; Music Moses, James: Modern Languages Moses, Dr. Morgan; Head of Secondary Education Naistat, Dr. Samuel; Chemistry Neel, Joe; Mathematics Nixon, Dr. Elray; Biology Norton, Dr. Lucille; Women ' s HPE 98 1 t f tit tfttiifc t - j|P f { i v l s Jfe £ JBfc 13 r TJ Q , ' lb t j _ _ j | f jj jj Petty, David; Sociology Piercy, Hectorine; Modern Languages Price, Carolyn; Office Administration Rainwater, Dr. Fred; Biology Reeves, Dr. H. C; Geography, Forestry Rhodes, Dr. Odis; Elementary Education Richardson, Jesse; Economics Richman, Allen; History Robertson, David; Music Robertson, Dr. Walter; Biology Roper, Lydia; Home Economics Ross, Dr. Frank; Accounting Russell, Dr. Homer; Biology Sartin, Albert; Geology Schlicher, Dr. Karl; Art Seaton, Dr. Jacob; Head of Chemistry Shivers, Laura; Home Economics Shows, David; Men ' s HPE Simpson, Charles; Political Science Singer, Dr. James; Forestry Slagle, Dr. Wayne; Biology Smith, Bernice; Home Economics Smith, Dr. Frank; Elementary Education Smith, Dr. Sherrel; Chemistry Smith, Weldon; General Business Snyder, James; Art Spreadbury, Connie; Sociology Spreadbury, Dr. Wendall; Elementary Education Spurrier, Dr. Jack; School Services Spurrier, Patsy: Home Economics Standley, Oran; Agriculture Steinhoff, Dr. R. 0.; Head of Geology Stewart, M. Dudley; Economics Stiff, McHenry; Biology Straub, Frank; Economics Sullivan, Dr. J. L.; Agriculture Swerdlow, Robert; General Business Thomas, Dr. Thurman; Agriculture Thompson, Dr. George; Secondary Education Todd, Bonnie; Modern Languages Towns, Dr. James; Communication True, Warren; English VanDover, Byron; Biology Vincent, Dr. Jerry; Geology Wade, Dr. M. B.; Sociology Wallace, Elizabeth; Library Wallbaum, Janis; Sociology Walker, Dr. B. F.; Chemistry Watterston, Dr. Kenneth; Forestry Watterston, Shirley; Music Weaver, G. H.; Forestry Weyland, Dr. Hendrick; Biology White, Dr. Ralph; Office Administration White, Dr. T. P.; School Services Wiant, Dr. Harry; Forestry Worsham, Ray; Men ' s HPE Yarbrough, Dr. Jack; General Business Young, Dr. Beverly; Elementary Education Young, Marlin; Office Administration Young, Dr. William; Music 102 New Football Coach Begins Painful Rebuilding Fans held their breath and dared to hope that maybe this year would be the season the Lumberjacks might end up with more wins than losses. There was good reason for hope. A new athletic director and head football coach, John Levra, had taken control. Coming from New Mexico Highlands University with his staff, he had compiled an impressive 35-4-1 record. But with a predominantly freshman team, including eight starters, the Jacks soon learned that experience wins the games. The Axemen went down in defeat eight times before surprising everyone with two solid victories at the end of the season. The year was a time of rebuilding. The inexperienced fresh- men who met defeat after defeat this year are expected to be- come the experienced sophomores that makes SFA a football threat. In the new $1.5 million football stadium, who knows what might happen? Jacks Finish With 2-8 Record BELOW: Quarterback Gaylen Ramm calls his team ' s next play. RIGHT: Robert Anderson takes off with the opening kickoff against the Howard Payne Yellow Jackets for a 99-yard sprint to crack the SFA kickoff return record. ■ -- ■ | y 104 105 106 7 SFA Northwestern 18 New Athletic Director and Head Coach John Levra lost the " Battle for Chief Caddo " in his debut at SFA as Northwestern State University ' s Demons ground out a 18-7 win in the Jacks ' season opener at Memorial Stadium. Senior quarterback Gaylen Ramm passed to senior flanker Dan McKeown for six yards early in the third quarter. John Lewis toed the six into seven. 27 SFA Howard Payne 38 Fleet-footed freshman Robert Anderson got SFA ' s Lone Star Conference efforts started with a bang as he returned the open- ing kickoff in the Howard Payne game 99 yards for a touch- down. A three-yard paydirt plunge by freshman fullback Bill Tyler and a six-yard ramble by Ramm built the score to 20-13 a t halftime. Junior tailback Lawrence Eaglin swooped 51 yards for the Lumberjacks ' final talley in the third period before the Yellow Jackets stung the Jacks for 22 points in the final stanza to pull out a 38-27 triumph. 21 SFA Texas A I 22 The Jacks again were victims of a fourth-quarter rally as the defending LSC and NAIA national champion Texas A I Javeli- nas put 16 points on their side of the scoreboard in the final 15 minutes. Ramm had given SFA a 7-0 halftime edge by connecting with split end Ronald Patterson on a 33-yard scoring strike in the second period. Ramm carried the pigskin over from five yards out late in the third period before tossing to McKeown for the final yard in the fourth quarter. John Lewis kicked all three ex- tra points for SFA. 29 SFA McMurry 30 The McMurry College Indians dropped a heart-breaker on the Lumberjacks in Abilene with 23 points in the fourth quarter to scalp SFA, 30-29. Ramm launched scoring aerials to Patterson for 21-yards in the second quarter and McKeown for 10 yards in the third. Eag- lin, who set a new SFA rushing record with 206 yards on 37 carries, scored from 12 yards out in the second period. Tyler broke loose and scored with 7:01 left in the game. 107 22 SFA Southwest Texas 49 Ramm threw three touchdown passes before the Jacks wilted under the powerful Southwest Texas State University Bobcats, 49-22. McKeown hauled in Ramm ' s first scoring strike which worked for 21 yards in the initial period. Patterson was the target on the other TD tosses, for nine yards in the second stanza and four yards in the third. Ramm also tossed to tight end Roland Lytle for two extra points after John Lewis had toed the first two. 22 SFA East Texas 44 East Texas ' Lions broke the Lumberjacks ' backs early with pass interceptions, picking off seven while en route to a 44-22 rout. Ramm was able to connect with Lytle for a 42-yard bomb to reduce the deficit to 14-7 with 4:33 left in the half, but the Lions pleased their homecoming crowd with two TD ' s before in- termission to sit on a 27-7 halftime cushion. Tyler got over from one yard out in the third quarter and Anderson from two yards in the final frame. John Lewis kicked the first two PAT ' s and Ramm flipped to Patterson for the third. 14 SFA Sul Ross 20 Sul Ross State University rallied in the last minute to snatch a 20-14 victory from the Jacks. Ramm put SFA on top, 7-6, with a six-yard keeper midway through the second stanza, but the Lobos managed a 12-7 half- time lead. Sul Ross completely shut off the Jack passing attack as Ramm completed only two of nine while having three intercepted. How- ever, the senior signal caller scampered 24 yards for a TD mid- way of the fourth quarter, giving SFA a 14-12 advantage which stood up until 37 seconds were left on the clock. 13 SFA Angelo State 41 The SFA alumni were disappointed by a 41-13 loss to the Angelo State University Rams on Homecoming. Ramm had a good day passing, connecting on 16 of 34 for 226 yards and one TD, but the Jack offense could not run against Angelo (gaining only 52 yards on 33 carries) while SFA ' s defense could not contain the running Rams (they charged for 418 yards on 69 tries). Ramm ran for a TD in the first quarter and hit Lytle in the second period. no Victory at Last! 42 SFA Tarleton State 7 The Lumberjacks finally presented Coach Levra with his first taste of sweet victory as they chopped down the Tarleton State Texans, 42-7. Tarleton drew first blood before Ramm got a well-balanced offense into high gear. He teamed with split end Sammy Lewis on a 27-yard scoring aerial and ran for four TD ' s himself, rush- ing for 109 yards on 18 carries. Ramm also completed nine of 17 passes for 152 yards. Eaglin, who gained 59 yards, scored the other touchdown and John Lewis kicked all six PAT ' s. 10 SFA Sam Houston State 6 SFA climaxed Coach Levra ' s rebuilding year with a 10-6 tri- umph over the Sam Houston State University Bearkats. The two teams yielded only 571 yards in the rugged defensive battle. The Jacks chalked up 300 yards, 166 rushing and 134 passing, while holding the Bearkats to 271, 92 passing and 179 on the ground. The Ramm-McKeown combination worked for 42 yards to wipe out a 6-0 deficit shortly before the half and John Lewis toed the advantage to 10-6 with a 20- yard field goal and 1:50 remaining in the season. " We ' re No. 1 " ! Coach Marshall Brown ' s Lumberjacks captured the Lone Star Conference title for the third straight year. But the season was not without its tense moments. The first came when two-year Ail- American James Silas became scholastically ineligible for the Spring Semester. Robert Gords and Pete Harris, who was named the LSC Most Valuable Player, combined to fill the gap left by Silas ' absence. Losing its opener to Midwestern University, the Jacks zapped 16 consecutive opponents before losing to Sam Houston State University in a highly controversial game. Both teams entered the contest with 8-1 conference records and a ranking among the top 10 small colleges in the nation by the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics. With the score tied 81 all, the Jacks elected to stall the final 59 seconds for one shot. Skip Carleton ' s 30-foot attempt, with six seconds remaining careened off the back of the rim and And- ria Brown leaped high for the follow shot. He caught the ball and softly pitched it through the hoop all in one motion. But the officials ruled, after a short debate, that the buzzer sounded be- fore the ball left Brown ' s hand. At SFA ' s second meeting with the Bearkats, the Jacks con- vinced Sam Houston with a 93-83 victory. They went on to de- feat St. Mary ' s of San Antonio and capture a berth in the NAIA tournament in Kansas City, Mo. At Kansas City, the Jacks made basketball history by advancing to the semi-finals before falling to Kentucky State, who sent on to win the tournament. Jacks Win Minnesota Tourney FAR LEFT: Michael Dunn dribbles down court with Pete Harris close by for support. BELOW LEFT: Pausing for a moment ' s concentration. Skip Carleton prepares for a long shot at the basket. LEFT: Dorsey works for the goal as a helpless Bearkat watches on. BELOW: James Silas strains for two more points. SEASON RECORD 95-98 90-81 63-61 93-83 106- 110-87 73-70 89-74 114-86 110-80 81-74 Midwestern Midwestern Northwestern Prairie View Prairie View North Park St. John ' s St. Thomas Central Mulligan Tarleton State-C East Texas State-C Stil Ross State-C Angelo State-C Howard Payne-C McMurry College Texas A I-C Southwest Texas-C Sam Houston State- Tarleton Stale-( East Texas State-C Sam Houston Slate-C Sul Ross Stale-C Angelo State-C Howard Payne McMurry Coll _ Texas A I-C Southwest Texas-C 116 Jumpin ' Jacks Score 3,183 Points FAR LEFT: Robert Gords leaps high out of the Bearkats ' reach. LEFT: Fred Williams springs into defensive action. LEFT BELOW: Williams makes a run- ning jump for the basket. BELOW: Pistol Pete Harris reaches high to outjump the Yellow Jackets of Howard Payne. BELOW RIGHT: Aiming carefully, Michael Dunn leaps for a shot. Enthusiastic Fans Pack Shelton Gym RIGHT: Lumberjark Wrap-up announcer listens to Michael Dunn ' s view on the game. BELOW: Skip Carleton questions the call as he slowly raises his hand for a foul. FAR RIGHT: During a brief time-out. Coach Brown plans new strategies with the Jacks. RIGHT BELOW: Crowd spirit soars in disagreement on the call. The Name of the Game Is ACTION!!! FAR LEFT: Pistol Pete fires again after one of his 625 rebounds. LEFT: Tiptoeing for aim, Richard Dorsey makes a free throw shot. CENTER: Fred Williams contemplates each move of the game. BELOW: Jacks wait for the catch as Pete reaches for a high toss. Lumberjacks Make Basketball History The Lumberjacks made basketball history by finishing third at the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics Tournament in Kansas City. Although SFA has been to the national tourna- ment six times, the Jacks had never advanced past the quarter- finals. This year was different, however, as the Jacks defeated Hills- dale (Mich.) 71-61; Adams State (Colo.) 87-77; Westmont (Calif.) 72-62. The Axemen lost in the semifinals to Kentucky State, 87-82, who went on to defeat Eau Claire (Wis.) for first place. In the consolation game, SFA took a win over Gardner Webb (N.C.), 94-91. The Lumberjacks were the recipients of the Sportsmanship Award at the tournament. 122 Lumberjacks Win LSC Golf Crown 1971-72 Golf Team members are Coach Lloyd Moore, Rick Maxey, Terry Brown, John Pigg, Ronnie Tallant, and Mack Charping. Tennis Team Finishes Fifth in Conference SFA Opponent 2 Sam. Houston 4 3 Southwestern Louisiana 3 2 Texas A I 4 3 Texas A I 3 2 Sam Houston 4 Angelo State 6 Gustavus Adolphus 4 East Texas State 6 5 Southwest Texas 1 East Texas State 6 5 UT Arlington 1 Track Team Finishes Fourth in Lone Star Conference Meet 127 128 129 Women ' s Intercollegiate Sports FRONT ROW: Cheryl Viergee, Kay Worsham, Kay Moody, Vanessa Adams, Elaine Johnson, Cindy McKinney, Sharon Langley; BACK ROW: Cheryl Plalzer, manager; Janice Hairgrove, Julie Lamberth, Molly Sullivan, Eddye McClure, Weezie Bai ley, Nancy Lamberth, Carolyn Miller, coach. BASKETBALL TOURNAMENT RESULTS Sam Houston State 1st place North Texas State 2nd place Temple University 4th place Texas Woman ' s University 1st place Houston Tournament 2nd place Regional National 2nd place TCIAW State Tournament 3rd place 130 Archery Archery team members are Wanda Christian, Charyl Pal- sha, Linda Kincaid, Lynn Dupree, and Babetta Guinn. Badminton BADMINTON TOURNAMENT RESULTS University of Texas Singles 1st place Doubles 1st place Texas Women ' s University Singles 1st place Doubles 1st place Stephen F. Austin State University Singles 1st place Doubles 2nd place Texas A M University Singles 1st place TCIAW District Singles 1st place Doubles 1st place Tarrant County Jr. College Doubles 2nd place TCIAW State Tournament Singles 1st place Doubles 2nd place BADMINTON TEAM MEMBERS: FRONT ROW: Carol Mitchell and Cindy Kittrell; BACK ROW: Paula Schuyler and Janice Cobble. 131 PLAYERS Ramon Alvarez Santiago Carias Froylan Castaneda Luis Cortes Buddy Deason Alan Dickinson Eddie Elias Keith Figley Dennis Fraley Manuel Hernandez Jose Luis Lara Bob Levings Tomas Membreno Gustavo Morales Jimmy Morris Tim Osborn Carlos Pineda Ricky Redle Rigoberto Romero Steve Sanders Rene Serrano .Tom Stenger Soccer Team Shows 2-7-1 Season Mark The SFA Soccer Team in its second year of competition as a member of the Texas Collegiate Soccer League, compiled a 2-7-1 overall season record. The team ' s two victories came in games in North Texas State University of Denton and Midwestern University of Wichita Falls. Vincent Barone, faculty advisor, was coach of the team and Luis Cortes served as captain. ROSTER Robert Adams Greg Beers Nancy Bishop Ellis Brooks George Hartwell Harold Ives Tom Morrison Thomas Nicodemus James Rutledge Mary Woboril Allen Youngblood Rifle Team Ends Season Prematurely The SFA Rifle Team finished the season prematurely with a 4-2 record in the Southern Division of the Southwest Rifle Asso- ciation. The Jacks were in fourth place when their rifle range was torn down in January and they had to terminate the remainder of the season. SFA tied for first place honors with McNeese State on Dec. 11 at the Fifth Army Regional Match at Ft. Polk, La. and fin- ished seventh on Nov. 20 at the Houston Invitational. 133 Wrestling Team Fields 15 Players For 71-72 Season The SFA Wrestling Team consists of 15 wrestlers and was coached by Dave Shows. SFA is one of only seven colleges partici- pating in college wrestling. The SFA team entered and placed fifth in the North Texas State Invitational Wrestling Tournament in February. Bill Hash took first place in the 118-pound class and won all-tournament for his wrestling prowess. Dual meets during the school year pitted SFA against the other wrestling colleges of Texas. The record is as follows: 18-25 LeTourneau 10-36 Texas A M 20-26 University of Texas 12-30 Texas A M 15-28 LeTourneau Consistent winners in their respective weight classes for the SFA team were Bill Hash, John Watt, Lloyd Smith and George Shephard. Plans for next year, according to Coach Shows, include matches with teams in Louisiana, and with the Army and Air Force teams. Plans also include being active participants in the state collegiate championship. Baseball BOTTOM ROW: Joe Winfield, outfield; Gary Cayce, pitcher; Jim Maxwell, third base; Billy Fritch; TOP ROW: Dave Raitz, pitcher; Wellman Richards, pitcher; Phil Crosby, catcher; Glynn Aldridge, second base; Ross Hinojosa, pitcher. Everybody Is a Star In Intramural Play 138 Phi Delta Theta Wins Six Events 139 INTRAMURAL RESULTS Flag Football Phi Delta Theta Hand Ball Singles Phi Delta Theta: Spikerman Hand Ball Doubles Phi Delta Theta: Cochran and Spikerman Badminton Singles PE Club: Rumfield Three Man Basketball Alpha Tau Omega Horse Shoe Singles Martin Stevens Tennis Singles Third Floor Athletic Club Archery Singles David Cravy Archery Team Kappa Alpha Bowling Team PE Club Team Basketball Alpha Tau Omega Slow-Pitch Softball Quicksilver Tennis Doubles Leftovers: Harkreader and Summers n 1111 11 c 1 raddleball singles PE Club: Pope Paddleball Doubles Phi Delta Theta: Blalack and Spikerman Horseshoe Doubles PE Club: Hash and Price Volleyball Phi Delta Theta Softball Phi Delta Theta Wrestling Delta Sigma Phi Basketball Free Throw PE Club: Gaylor Badminton Doubles PE Club: Hash and Rumfield 141 142 WOMEN ' S INTRAMURALS RESULTS Softball Roadrunners Dorm 19 Alpha Chi Omega Volleyball Old Timers BSU Sigma Kappa Basketball Hang Ten Dorm 17 Sigma Kappa Basketball Freethrow Roadrunners: Janet Hart Dorm 17: Denise Culberson Sigma Kappa: Becca Bost Bowling Singles Hang Ten: Brenda Darr Dorm 17: Ruthanne Bloyd Bowling Doubles Roadrunners Gibbs Hall Sigma Kappa Archery Roadrunners: Kathy Jackson Sigma Kappa: Christi Bell Table Tennis Singles Hang Ten: Janice Hairgrove Dorm 15: Nancy Fair Alpha Chi Omega: Susan Colley Table Tennis Doubles Roadrunners BSU Alpha Chi Omega Badminton Singles Hang Ten: Janice Hairgrove Dorm 15: Glenda Alvarez Sigma Kappa: Parn Clayton Badminton Doubles Roadrunners Dorm 15 Sigma Kappa Tennis Singles Roadrunners: Pa m Smith Dorm 17: Karen Joyce Sigma Kappa: Marcis Stolnacke Tennis Doubles Roadrunners Dorm 15 Sigma Kappa 144 145 Mr. and Miss SFA David Newton Marilyn Cleaver Miss Stone Fort Susan Peters LEFT: Homecoming Queen Kay Kittrell of Alpha Chi Omega. ABOVE: Lady in Waiting Jan Smith of Chi Omega. Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities RIGHT: A Chester senior. DIANA FRANKE, majors in art. BELOW: JAN SMITH, Longview senior, is majoring in math. BELOW RIGHT: SUZY LANGSTON is a junior from Timpson She is a biology major. ABOVE LEFT: MELVA LaGRONE GRIFFIN, majoring in chem- istry, is a Carthage junior. ABOVE: BARBARA JO RIASSETTO. a Houston senior, is major- ing in HPE. LEFT: A Garland music ma jor, MARK BRADLEY is a senior. NOT PICTURED: MARSHA BILLS, a Houston senior, is an Eng- lish major. SHARON KITE is a senior from Arlington Heights. 111. She is an English major. KAREN SMALLWOOD, a Dallas office administration major, is a junior. Who ' s Who JAMES PARTIN, Cushing senior, is a biol- VICKI MOSELEY is a senior from Tyler. PHIL GOODRUM, majoring in history and ogy major and chemistry minor. Her major is art. German, is a Nacogdoches senior. 152 LORRAINE CORBIN; San Antonio senior, is majoring in physical education and histo- ry. BRENDA LILLY is a biology major and English minor. She is a senior from Timp- son. CAROL SUSSKY, a mathematics major and chemistry minor, is a Houston senior. TOM SENFF, Nacogdoches senior, is a ANGELA LEWIS is majoring in political GARY BRICE is a junior mathematics biology major and a chemistry minor. science and minoring in English. She is a major and English minor from Nacogdoch- senior from Seagoville. es. 154 Who ' s Who DIANN DAVIS, Dallas senior, is a speech pathology major and an educational psy- chology and Spanish minor. ELLEN REDD is majoring in pre-medical MIKE BLALACK is majoring in political technology. She is a junior from Lufkin. science and general business. He is a Car rollton senior. il Who ' s Who DON McGEHEE, Eagle Lake senior, is ma- DEBORAH DODSON HAAS is a Nacog- JEANETTE ISENBLITTER, an accounting joring in accounting and minoring in politi- doches junior. Her major is music and her major, is a senior from Nacogdoches, cal science. minor is English. 156 157 158 Who ' s Who CURTIS LAGRONE is a senior from Car- LEANN BLANKENSHIP, Denison senior, BEN COVIN, Nacogdoches senior, is ma- thage. He majors in HPE and minors in is a math major and education minor. joring in mathematics and minoring in ac- history. counting and computer science. 160 Cheerleaders Work to Boost Spirit ABOVE: Ronnie Mullikin, Debbie Hester, Jeff Lynn, Jackie Cooper, Bill Flynn, Sallie Rhodes, Richard Wallace and (front) Pam Hood, head cheerleader. 162 LEFT: Jackie Cooper and Bill Flynn unify campus spirit with the fans ' favorite yell — Give em hell, Big Jacks, give ' em hell " ! BELOW LEFT: Charles Ramey portrays SFA ' s mascot, the lumberjack. BELOW: Head cheerleader Pam Hood puts her heart into a yell backing the Jacks. Lumberjack Band Largest in History The Fall Semester Lumberjack Marching Band had the largest enrollment in the history of the school and numbered 150 mem- bers. Auditions were held for the band during registration and sev- eral rehearsals were held during the registration week. The marching band performed for all five home games and made out-of-town trips to East Texas State and Sam Houston State. Pep bands performed for all the Pep Rallies along with the Twirl- o-Jacks and Feature Twirler, Charyl Palsha. On Homecoming, Nov. 6, the Lumberjack Band led the Home- coming Parade and hosted some 30 visiting high school bands for the afternoon game. The band department assisted in the organiza- tion of the first Exes Band on Homecoming. LEFT: Drum major Marsha Gimble. Twirl-o-Jacks Add Class to SFA Football Games ABOVE, opposite page: Charyl Palsha, Featured Twirler. BELOW: Lisa Thibodeaux, Ramona Atkinson, Debbie Mor- ris, Susie Dodgen, Deena Castloo, Head Twirl-o-Jack, Car- men Rickett, Susan Snyder, Debbie Bond and Linda Carey. 167 Involvement Congress Works for Students The leadership of Student Congress changed in mid-Fall Semes- ter as Greg Raney resigned the presidency because of grades, fi- nancial and personal reasons. Vice president Bill Owens assumed leadership, and Congress continued to function. Legislation included a Student Bill of Rights which will open the campus to a freer exchange of ideas and a maximizing of the freedom of students. Congress effort helped to lengthen library hours and to establish a Pass-Fail PE system. A canned food drive and Campus Chest, an annual charity drive, aided many local and national causes. The Congress sponsored weekly radio shows to keep students well-informed. ABOVE RIGHT: Greg Raney resigned as president during the Fall Semester. BELOW: Officers Charlie Jewett, Sophomore Class President; Kay Kittrell, secre- tary; and Bill Owens, president, listen to a visiting speaker. FAR RIGHT: Bill Owens conducts a business meeting. Representatives Jon Allen John Anderson Martin Atkinson Sue Babcock T. L. Bartlett Cynthia Bauer Claudia Beach Karen Bergman Rusty Biechlin Sue Bodnar Gary Bolding Tom Bowser Betty Bryan Deena Castloo David Chastain Lynn Coleman Gary Cooley Karen Cooley Dave Cummings Linda Emerson Debbie Epps Mike Finley Rick Fisher Bill Flynn Michael Gencarelli Paul Gertz Susie Gertz Martin Griffin Larry Harmon Cindy Harris Marsha Heitzman Vicki Jackson Bill Jenkins Charley Jewett Carol Kelly Patricia Kennedy Stan Lackey Bill Laird Lauren Laughlin Angie Lewis Beckey Lucy Sarah Luddecke Bill McAllister Eddye McClure Don McGehee Donna McMains Bill McNutt Doug Medlin Sandy Mitchell Debbie Morris Debbie J. Morris Mike Moses Randy Mulligan David Newton Susan Nichols Cindy Overbeek Janet Oyler Donn Padgett Patricia Parrish Phyllis Payne Patty Peterson Rhonda Poerscke Donald Proctor Steve Restivo Diana Register Jana Robertson Donna Robinson Tom Rutledge Mike Ryan Margaret Saigling Charlotte Sebesta Wayne Short Linda Sides Jan Smith Jim Smith Bob Sniffen Bill Spivey Judy Spradley Tom Tayloe Cindy Taylor Nancy Townsend Rip Van Winkle Steve Van Nest Cathy Ward Vicki Willis Greg Willis Mark Wilson Cindy Wofford 171 STUDENT CONGRESS BOX 7091 SFA STATION PRESIDENT BILL OWENS VICE-PRESIDENT SECRETARY -TREASURER KAY KITTRELL 172 Congress Aids School, Community LEFT: Students read notices on one of two bulletin boards erected by Student Con- gress. BELOW: Charlie Jewett posts a notice urging students to contribute to the Campus Chest. 173 Residence Hall Association The RHA is the governing organization for students living in SFA dormitories. All single men and women who live in residence halls are members of the RHA. The organization serves as a voice for its members concerning policies pertaining to dormitory living. The RHA functions in academic, social and judicial areas. A wide variety of programs and committees are formulated in order to pursue the three functions and to improve residence life. OFFICERS: Don Darley, president; Jann Jeter, social chairman; Kathy Broadwater, treasurer; Charlsie Bruce, vice president; Trudy Gresham, secretary; and Vince Lembo, RHA administrator. 174 b . Alpha Chi Alpha Chi is a national honor society whose purpose is to recog- nize and promote scholastic excellence. The organization has an annual initiation banquet. OFFICERS: Charman Taylor, president; and Judy Kidd, secretary. Alpha Kappa Delta Alpha Kappa Delta, the national sociology honor society, seeks to maintain academic excellence among its members and to stimu- late interest in the scientific investigation of man and his social world. By having as guest speakers, persons active in the field of sociology, members are given insight into current activities and re- search being conducted. OFFICERS: Jerry King, secretary-treasurer; Arnedia Chatman, program chairman; and Roy Christensen, president. 176 Beta Beta Beta The purpose of Beta Beta Beta Biological Honor Society is to function as an honor and professional society for students of the biological sciences. Activities are designed to stimulate interest, scholarly attainment and investigation in the biological sciences and to promote the dissemination of information and new interpre- tations among students of the life sciences. The club sponsors two installation banquets per school year with guest speakers. OFFICERS: (seated) Martha Cooper, president; Brenda Lilly, secretary; (standing) Dale Zimmerman, historian; and Jimmy Partin, vice president. Alpha Psi Omega is an honorary dramatic fraternity dedicated not only to stimulate interests in the field of theatre, but to further develop those interests. The organization sponsors Theatre Pot- pourri, a Halloween Film Festival, a duo scenery, oral and poetry interpretation tournament and an original one-act play contest. OFFICERS: (front row) Vicki Bergman, vice president; William Sherr, president; (back row) Kay Halsy, historian; and Barbara Polk, secretary-treasurer. 177 Delta Psi Kappa Delta Psi Kappa is a national women ' s professional fraternity of physical education. The purpose of this organization is to recog- nize worthwhile achievement of women in physical education, to develop interest therein and to promote greater fellowship among women in this field of activity. Yearly activities include sponsoring the annual Cornhuskin ' Bee and a Delta Psi Kappa Student Loan Fund. OFFICERS: Janet Hart, president; Ann Smith, reporter-historian; Eddye McClure, sergeant-at-arms; Jan Smith, secretary-treasurer; and Carol Mitchell, vice president. Kappa Delta Pi encourages professional, intellectual and per- sonal standards and recognizes outstanding contributions to educa- tion. The organization, which is sponsored by the Department of Education, holds a semester banquet and presents recognized speakers in the field of education. A scholarship to a member and sponsoring students in a reading program are activities of the club. OFFICERS: Sharon Milligan, president; Beverly Ihrfeldt, vice president; and Ja- dean Roberts, secretary. Gamma Theta Upsilon Gamma Theta Upsilon is an international honorary geographical society. Its purposes are to further professional interest in geogra- phy by affording a common organization for those interested in the field, to strengthen student and professional training through aca- demic experiences other than those of the classroom and laborato- ry, to advance the status of geography as a cultural and practical discipline for study and investigation and to create and administer a loan fund for furthering graduate study and or research in the field of geography. OFFICERS: (seated) Karen Lindholm, vice president, (standing) Dr. Dean Hodson, faculty advisor; and Michael Mattick, president. Delta Tau Alpha Delta Tau Alpha is a national agriculture honor society whose purpose is to encourage scholarship and to recognize outstanding contributions to the field of agriculture. OFFICERS: James Taylor, treasurer; Frank Kessler, vice president; Roger Middle- ton, secretary; and Donald Bumpers, president. Kappa Pi Kappa Pi is an international honorary art fraternity whose pur- pose is to stimulate interest in art and promote good relationships between art departments of different colleges. OFFICERS: Patty Ford, president; Jack McKenzie, vice president; Diana Franke, secretary; and Molly McCarty, treasurer. Phi Alpha Theta Phi Alpha Theta is an honor society to promote study of history and a spirit of fellowship among historians. A banquet is held each semester. OFFICERS: David Dixon, treasurer; Sherry McAnaloy, secretary; and John Ross, president. 180 Psi Chi Psi Chi is a national honorary society which encourages high professional, intellectual and personal standards, while recognizing outstanding contributions to psychology. OFFICERS: Mike Gibbs, president; Carol Allen, publicity; Wanda McPharron, sec- retary-treasurer; and David Elkins, vice president. Pi Kappa Delta Pi Kappa Delta is a national debating fraternity which fosters annually a schedule of intercollegiate debating and offers member- ship to those students who meet the requirements prescribed by the constitution of the national chapter of Pi Kappa Delta. OFFICERS: Frank Follis, president; and Nancy Dickey, secretary-treasurer. Tau Beta Sigma I Tau Beta Sigma is a national service sorority for bandswomen. This organization sponsors projects for the bands and the music department, such as bake sales, refreshments for solo and ensem- ble and band receptions. OFFICERS: (first row) Gail Mangham, secretary; Linda LeBouf, president; Brenda Goodrum, 1st vice president, (second row) Trish Thomas, associate secretary; Kay Hill, 2nd vice president; Jackie Grabein, historian; and Holly Huffman, treasurer. Sigma Pi Sigma Sigma Pi Sigma is an affiliate society of the American Institute of Physics and the American Association for the Advancement of Science. The local chapter serves to recognize and encourage out- standing scholarship among physics majors and minors. OFFICERS: Johnny Jones, secretary-treasurer; William Shull, president; and Susie Shull, vice president. 5 » 1 182 Sigma Tau Delta Sigma Tau Delta is a national English honor society dedicated to the critical study of English and American literature and languages and to the encouragement of creative writing. Activities scheduled for the year include several lectures by distinguished scholars, an appearance of a literary celebrity, an initiation banquet and the awarding of a scholarship. OFFICERS: (seated) Deanie Francis, vice president; Rhoda Bell, historian; Mar- lene King, correspondence secretary, (standing) David Howard, faculty advisor; Cynthia Woods, president; Lynn Jastes, secretary-treasurer; Angie Molis, reporter. 183 Xi Sigma Pi Xi Sigma Pi is an honorary organization of foresters. Its objec- tives are to secure and maintain a high standard of scholarship in forestry education, to work for the improvement of the forestry profession and to promote a fraternal spirit among those engaged in activities related to the forest. OFFICERS: Dr. Harry Wiant, advisor; John Becker, secretary and physical agent; Chad Hendry, forester president; and Bill Miller, ranger. 184 Arnall, Tom Barton, Richard Boyle, Bobby Bufton, Dennis Davis, Wayne Jacob, Clark Kopczynski, Buddy Lester, Kin Matlock, Byron McGehee, Don Mechler, Floyd Moehring, Gary Rude, Tommy Russell, Scott Scott, David Taylor, Steve Wallace, George White, Joe Alpha Kappa Psi Alpha Kappa Psi, a professional business fraternity, was organ- ized to further education in the area of commerce and to provide professional association for business and economics students. American Chemical Society To foster professional attitudes among chemistry students is the purpose of American Chemical Society. Activities of this organiza- tion include monthly meetings with guest speakers. OFFICERS: Carol Sussky, secretary; Jack Thomas, second vice president; Steve Sager, first vice president; Tom Whitaker, president; and Jeff Birdwell, treasurer. 186 American Marketing Association The SFA chapter of the American Marketing Association was formed to help students develop their knowledge of marketing principles. Guest speakers are featured at each meeting in order to discuss aspects of marketing. In addition to regular meetings, the club sponsors field trips to places such as the Trade Mart in Dallas and the Houston Advertising Club and sponsored a seminar the Spring Semester which highlighted speakers discussing the mar- keting of forestry products and career opportunities. OFFICERS: (front row) Kathy Drake, programs; Jim Drennan, membership; Mar- tin Hulka, vice president; Charles Clayton, president, (back row) Robert Swerdlow, faculty advisor; Jerry Silvertooth, treasurer; and Richard Neese, publicity. Austin Raiders Austin Raiders are an elite 30-man unit of the Corps of Cadets. Members can be recognized by their black berets and Raider tabs. The unit stresses proficiency in small unit tactics and physical fit- ness. Raiders participate in a minimum of one maneuver per month. Activities include several field trips to Ft. Polk, La. for weapons training. OFFICERS: Ed Montgomery, second team leader; Ken Osmond, first team leader; Tim Stephenson, deputy commander; Marshall Reed, commander; John Eaves, S l and S 4; and Don Kirkland, S 2 and S 3. 187 Biology Club The purpose of the Biology Club has always been to foster inter- est in the biological sciences and entertainment of a biological na- ture. Objectives of the club are to foster interest in biology; to enjoy the recreation value of biology; and to sponsor worthwhile programs and entertainment of a biological nature. OFFICERS: Jack Thomas, vice president; Marlyn Langford, historian; Kirk Chan- dler, president; and Dr. William Gibson, faculty co-sponsor. Future Farmers of America The primary aim of the Future Farmers of America is the devel- opment of agricultural leadership, cooperation and citizenship. The collegiate chapter provides training for prospective vocational agriculture teachers. The chapter ' s activities include conducting Chapter Officer Training Schools for the Piney Woods and McGee Bend FFA Districts in Area IX. The Annual Student-Professor Barbeque is held the first Friday evening in May and is the high- light of the year ' s activities. OFFICERS: (seated) Dr. J. C. Green, faculty advisor; Franky Adams, vice presi- dent; and Leonell Scarborough, treasurer, (standing) Tom Davis, sentinel; Ricky Brown, reporter; Benny Goodman, student advisor; Dennis Underwood, secretary; and Lynn Moore, president. 188 Geology Club The Geology Club strives to stimulate an interest in the geologi- cal sciences through the promotion of field trips, lectures and so- cial functions. The activities of the Geology Club include a stu- dent-faculty get-acquainted party, participation in the Spring Car- nival and a departmental field trip to Oklahoma. OFFICERS: Buddy Jenkins, vice president; Ricky Turner, president; Donna Black- man, treasurer; and Raina Powell, secretary. Home Economics Club The Home Economics Club is an organization of university stu- dents interested in professional careers in home economics and re- lated fields. The Betty Lamp is the official emblem of the Ameri- can Home Economics Association. It symbolizes knowledge, joy, cooperation, beauty, strength, achievement and fellowship. OFFICERS: (seated) Sherry Hymer, nutrition council delegate; Catherine Petrie, projects and progress; Linda Jernigan, historian; and Laurence Mae Kirby, second vice president, (standing) Martha Pinkston, secretary; Isabel Ramirez, president; Joy Marsh, publicity; and Sandy Ryan, treasurer. Mu Phi Epsilon Mu Phi Epsilon is a women ' s professional music sorority whose main purpose is the advancement of music through service. Mem- bership is limited only to those music majors and minors with a 3.0 grade average in music and a 2.5 overall with 12 hours of music. OFFICERS: (seated) Carolyn Alhashimi, president; and Kay Couchman, treasurer, (standing) Sheryl Smith, vice president. Phi Delta Kappa is a professional education fraternity con- nected with approved colleges and universities of graduate rank maintaining schools, colleges or departments of education. The fraternity emphasizes research, service and leadership. Member- ship in the local chapter, which is sponsored by the School of Edu- cation, is based on scholarship and service and is by invitation only. OFFICERS: (seated) Carl Kight, vice president and delegate; Thomas Franks, pres- ident; Don Butler, first vice president; and Frank Smith, faculty sponsor, (standing) Ronnie Bara, third vice president; Wayne Martin, second vice president; Ben Mul- len, secretary; Robert Brooks, treasurer; and George Thompson, historian. Pi Epsilon Mu Pi Epsilon Mu, professional fraternity for all women health and physical education majors and minors, fosters a concern for prog- ress in health education, physical education and a recreation edu- cation and strives to advance the standards of the profession. Pi Epsilon Mu sponsors clinics to promote physical education and a Head Start Christmas Party. OFFICERS: (seated) Kay Moody, sophomore representative; Ann Smith, secretary- treasurer; Billie Jo Lock, freshman representative, (standing) Diane Chinnis, re- porter; Gay Stennett, senior representative; Weezie Bailey, president; Eddye McClure, songleader; and Jan Smith, vice president. MENC Advancement of music education is the purpose of MENC. Stu- dent chapter membership is open to students of music education at colleges and universities. OFFICERS: Dianne Arnold, vice president; and Michael Rogers. Phi Chi Theta Designed to promote business ideals, Phi Chi Theta, women ' s professional business fraternity, was installed at SFA in 1968. The fraternity sponsored a field trip to Houston, the Donna Jones Fund and co-sponsored a banquet with Alpha Kappa Psi, men ' s profes- sional business fraternity. OFFICERS: Patsy Smith, corresponding secretary; Roxanne Honnycutt, ERP chair- man; Cindy Meadows, recording secretary; Jan Isenblitter, president; and Judy Windsor, treasurer. Crawley, Donna Fletcher, Pat Holt, Charlotte Isenblitter, Jan Latimer, Teresa Miller, Barbara Ozarchuk, Shirley Saatkamp, Peggy Smith, Patsy Thomas, Vickie Knox, Carolyn, sponsor 192 Phi Mu Alpha The purpose of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia is to advance the cause of music in America, to foster the mutual welfare and brotherhood of student musicians, to develop the truest fraternal spirit among its members and to encourage loyalty to the alma mater. OFFICERS: Rick Hopkins, treasurer; Dean Stewart, vice-president; Bobby Rich- ardson, historian and reporter; Gary Jordan, executive alumni secretary; and Dickey Johnson, secretary. SFA Accounting Club Guest speakers representing local and international firms or governmental agencies provide meaningful contacts with business leaders for the Accounting Club member. Field trips to Dallas and Houston were ways in which the club sought to encourage dedica- tion to the student ' s studies in accounting. OFFICERS: Jesse Mixon, advisor; Frank Ross, advisor; Normah Muller, publicity chairman; Jerry Dale, president; Deborah Russ, secretary-treasurer; John Steven- son, faculty advisor. Psychology Club To pursue topics of psychological interest is the purpose of the Psychology Club. Members toured the state hospitals in Rusk and Lufkin and the laboratory facilities in the SFA psychology depart- ment. Activities also included lectures, demonstrations and group participation in group dynamics. 1 194 I Student Council for Exceptional Children The Student Council for Exceptional Children was organized to promote student interest in those children considered to have ex- ceptional problems. The goal of the organization is to help mem- bers develop an understanding of mental retardation and related areas. OFFICERS: Dolores Artero, secretary-treasurer; Lea Chilivetis, president; and Do- lores Polnick, vice president. Pi Mu Epsilon Pi Mu Epsilon was organized to promote interests of scholarship in mathematics. The organization received national affiliation in 1970. A spring banquet is the activity for the year. OFFICERS: Carol Sussky, president; Tom Whitaker, vice president; and Patricia Hallum, secretary-treasurer. 195 Sylvans Club The Sylvans aiming to promote interest in forestry, sponsor Lumberjack Day, Parents Day and participate in Conclave, an ex- hibition of forestry skills, each year with other colleges and univer- sities. OFFICERS: (standing) Kirk Wynns, parliamentarian; Ken Bragg, president; Joe Akeroyd, vice president; Don Grillo, treasurer, (seated) Sylvia Albrecht, secretary. Society of American Foresters The objectives of the Society of American Foresters are to ad- vance the science, technology, education and practice of profes- sional forestry in America. OFFICERS: Bruce Cunningham, secretary-treasurer; Ralph Flowers, chairman; Alan Dickinson, junior representative; Richard Abbott, freshman representative, (standing) Michael Fountain, vice chairman. Texas Student Education Association TSEA is a student professional organization. Numerous activi- ties include assisting with the TSTA District VII Convention, Voter Registration and magazine drive for the hospital. OFFICERS: (1st row) Sandy McDade, secretary; Roy Sulser, 1st vice president, (second row) Clinda Strahan, historian; Linda Weldens, parliamentarian; Carla Cooper, treasurer, (third row) Beverly Innfeldt, president; Donna Clements, vice president. Afro-American Students Association The objectives of AASA are to promote love, harmony and un- derstanding among people of African descent at home and abroad and to better their conditions educationally, politically and social- ly. Working toward this goal, the AASA shall provide opportunity for the development of leadership and service. OFFICERS: (seated) Lorraine Griffin, minister of education; Marvin Abney, stu- dent council representative; Rubye Walker, minister of information; Harold Abney, assistant chairman; Vera Watson, minister of news and records, (standing) Jackie Jones, minister of finance; Lois Robinson, parliamentarian; James Appling, minis- ter of planning; Marilyn Ann Brown, assistant minister of news and records. Scots Guard To promote interest and render service to the United States Army and the ROTC is the purpose of the Scots Guard. Service projects include visits to Ft. Polk, La. and the Lufkin State School. OFFICERS: (seated) Peggy Webb, commander; Linda Barron, executive officer; and Donna Ezell, adjutant, (standing) Kathy Bourn, grievance committee; Ellyn Perrone, activities chairwoman; and Debbie Dorsey, comptroller. 198 A Cappella Choir LEFT: Cindy Shelton, Sheryl Smith, Debbie Powell, Rebecca Miles, Jo Wilson, La Wanna Byrd, Sue Mabrey, Penny Rodgers, Suzi Young, Jeanie Johnson, Kathy Kerce, Carolyn Alhashimi, Deborah Haas, and Sherri Oates. FRONT ROW: Susan Chafin, Becky Stanly, Kay Frick, Beverly Brock, Debbie Trott, Cindy Haney, Jan Culbertson, Janice Spurlock, Karen Blackstone, and Sharon Farrar; BACK ROW: Tommy Butler, David Masters, Mike Young, Daryl Davis, Cary Cobb, Steve Payne, Buddy Tompkins, Jim Holt, Phil Dillard, Jonathan Lathem, Don Hutson, John Sorrell, Ken Brumley, Andy Attaway, Dwain For- sythe, Bruce Bailey, and Mike Sawyer. 199 Health Education Club A Safety Service Workshop, sponsored by the Health Club, ful- filled its aim to elevate the standards, ideals and competencies of the professionally trained men and women in health science disci- pline. OFFICERS: Kathy Jackson, secretary; Vicki Jackson, president; Alvera Griffin, ad- viser; Kay Moody, vice president. Intramural Council for Men The Council supervises competition in all men ' s intramural sports. Through activities such as the annual bass tournaments, fish fries and " Special Olympics, " the club promotes interest in health and physical education. OFFICERS: Mike Jones, vice president; Dave Campbell, social chairman; Greg Pope, president; Bill Hash, secretary; Gilbert Snyder, treasurer. Intramural Council for Women The primary purpose of the women ' s intramural program is to provide an opportunity for every woman on campus to participate in a variety of activities that are well organized and regularly scheduled. The council is reponsible for all rules governing each team or individual sport and the conduct of the participants. OFFICERS: (seated) Cathy Osborne, Dorm 17; Nikki Kinnear, Delta Zeta; Pam Clayton, Sigma Kappa; Kay Moody. Dorm 18; Jan Smith. Gibbs Hall; Wanda Chris- tian, Dorm 17. (standing) Lynn Thornton, Dorm 19; Diane Chinis, Sneekers; Jane Moorman, Impalas; Sharon Langler. South Dorm; Cyndy Kittrell, student intramu- ral assistant; Eddye McClure, student intramural director; Julia Sowell, Old-Timers; Rhonda Gilliam, Roadrunners; and Gay Stennett, North Dorm. Media The promotion of all of the fine arts for educating and enter- taining the students, faculty and community is the goal of Media. Activities of Media during the year have been Rock Creek Concert- Dance, Media Film Festival, James Surls Lecture and Stanley Lea Graphics Show. OFFICERS: Beverly Cobb, secretary-treasurer; and Rick Johnston, president. 201 SFA Gun Club The object of this organization is the encouragement of organ- ized rifle and pistol shooting among the students and faculty of SFA, with a view toward better knowledge on the part of members in the safe handling and proper care of firearms as well as im- proved marksmanship. OFFICERS: (first row) Robert Adams, second vice president; Ken Walther, first vice president; Peggy Webb, secretary; and Charles Bartley, treasurer, (back row) Greg Beers, executive officer; Harold Ives, president; and George Hartwell, publici- ty- Scabbard and Blade To instill in the cadets civic consciousness, the qualities of good and efficient officers, and the ever pressing need for high academ- ic achievement is the goal of Scabbard and Blade. Activities in- clude the Military Ball and a summer camp orientation for the Junior Class. OFFICERS: (seated) David Beason, treasurer; Greg Beers, first sergeant; Doug Bar- bee, vice president; and James Fruge, president, (standing) Paul Klinger, Bo Mar- stand, John Ross, Johnny Jones and Robert Feistel. Motorcycle Club The motorcycle enthusiasts worked during the year to raise funds for an injured club member, Aaron Richardson, through a benefit basketball game, a raffle and a poker run. The club mem- bers also participated in a hill climb at Mineral Wells. OFFICERS: Gene Heyter, sergeant-at-arms; Kent Land, vice president; Steve Kenrirk, president; Susan Barnes, secretary-treasurer; and John Anderson, road captain. Pre-Medical Technology Club The objects of the organization are to supply information con- cerning the premedical technology and medical technology pro- gram and to foster interest in the profession. OFFICERS: Ellen Redd, secretary-treasurer; Linda Steinman, reporter; Claris Gooch, vice president; and Chris Brown, president. 203 Press Club Field trips to the Rusk State Hospital, newspaper and radio facilities and to the Lufkin News and Southland Paper Mill were the highlights of the Press Club ' s year. Speakers included a pub- lisher of an area newspaper and a representative from an area ad- vertising agency. OFFICERS: (seated) Kathy Shepherd, 2nd vice president; Gene Hause, president, (standing) Suzanne Thomas, 1st vice president; Don Wood, publicity chairman; Do- rinda Derouen, secretary. Rehabilitation Club The SFA Rehabilitation Association is actively engaged in pro- moting the rehabilitation concept on the campus. The association is primarily for social and rehabilitation service majors, but all in- terested students are eligible for membership. The SFA chapter is connected with the Texas Rehabilitation Association and affiliated with the National Rehabilitation Association. OFFICERS: Martha Irwin, secretary-treasurer; Robert Packard, vice president; Mark Eason, president. 204 Scuba Club The SFA Scuba Club promotes membership through organized dives with emphasis on safety and recreation and to educate divers in new methods and theories of scuba diving. Activities include certification classes each semester and dives to Canyon Reservoir, Jacob ' s Well, Lake Travis and the Gulf of Mexico. OFFICERS: Ken Anderson, treasurer; Glenn Anderson, vice president; Steve Duff, president; and Mary Gail Marlock, secretary. Rodeo Club The purpose of the SFA Rodeo Club is to promote closer rela- tionships among persons interested in rodeo activities, to sponsor an NIRA rodeo and promote intercollegiate rodeoing on a national scale, and to increase and maintain the interest of university stu- dents in rodeo and other activities of the West. The club sponsors a Bull-Riding Jackpot, a rodeo in the spring, an annual Christmas program at Lufkin State School, dances, hayrides and picnics. OFFICERS: Robert Templin, vice president; Judy Johnson, treasurer; Patricia Peddy, secretary, (seated) Linda Sandlin, historian; J. B. Criner, president. 205 SFA Soccer Club This club serves to promote interests and talents in soccer; to further better fellowship; to create, develop and promote an inter- est in soccer. OFFICERS: Manuel Hernandez, co-captain; Vincent Barone, faculty sponsor; Lynda Layne, secretary-treasurer; and Luis Cortes, co-captain. The advancement and diffusion of knowledge of the science of physics and its application to human welfare is the purpose of this organization. OFFICERS: Will iam Shull, president; Judy Williams, vice president; and Johnny Jones, secretary-treasurer. Society of Physics Students 206 SFA Young Democrats The purpose of the SFA Young Democrats is to introduce the workings, philosophy and structure of the Democratic Party to its members and the university. The YDs were involved in the Voter Registration Drive providing deputy registrars and contacting the Democratic political guests. Delegates attended both the State and National YD conventions, held respectively in Austin and Hot Springs, Ark. OFFICERS: (seated) Hollis Turnham, corresponding secretary; John Brooks, state executive committee, (standing) Craig Smith, treasurer; Neil Thompson, executive secretary; and Steve Austin, vice president. SFA Young Republicans The purpose of the Young Republicans is to promote interest in politics throughout the student body; to get students active in poli- tics and help them learn about events occurring in the world today. OFFICERS: (seated) Glenda Alvarez, secretary; Bonnie Baier, co-chairman; Linda McAtee and Susan Barnes, district committee, (standing) David Sullender, district committee; Harold Green, chairman; and Bob Kahlden, first vice chairman. T " Association The " T " Association is the organization of lettermen on cam- pus. The only requirement for membership is to have earned at least one letter in any of the intercollegiate sports offered by the University. OFFICERS: Ronnie Gerringer, secretary-treasurer; Curtis LaGrone, president; Mike Penny, vice president. Spanish Club The Spanish Club aims to promote proficiency in the language and interest in the culture of Spanish-speaking peoples. OFFICERS: (seated) Roger Cantu, president, (standing) Karol Spedale, vice presi- dent; Delores Williams, publicity chairman; Lydia Ffrench, secretary. tm Teens Aid the Retarded Teens Aid the Retarded serve the mentally retarded by working with the other young people who share a common interest in the retarded and a concern to help them. Activities include a " Walk- a-thon, " dances, picnics, and visits to the Lufkin State School. OFFICERS: Lydia Lyman, secretary; Renee Snyder, president; Sharon Kittley, treasurer; and Ann Hayne, vice president. The purpose of the SFA Wrestling Club is to develop strength through wrestling. The club participates in tournaments through- out the semester which include bouts with North Texas State Uni- versity, Texas A M and University of Texas. Wrestling OFFICERS: John Watt, co-captain; and Bill Hash, co-captain. UC Chairmen The University Center is the only organization whose function is to program, plan and execute activities for the student body. These activities encompass all university life; from politics to dances, big name concerts to art exhibits, films to pep rallies. The chairmen along with the UC officers make up a coordinating body known as the Board of Chairmen. From this base, sup- ported with funds allocated through the Student Service Fee we seek to supply the programs and events that the students want and need. FRONT ROW: Dickey Johnson, entertainment; Lynn Forney, fashion; SECOND ROW: Jay Fullinwider, vice president; Mike Ryan, recreation; THIRD ROW: Robin Collins, ideas and issues; Pam Reeves, secretary; Nikki Kinnear, jackback- ers; BACK ROW: Trish Thomas, hospitality; Rob Thomas, dance; Julia Fife, pub- licity; Charles Huber, sponsor; Dorothy Drew, regional coordinator; Connie Way, food; Sandy Ryan, cinema-arts. 210 Anthony, Lance Burnett, Lyle Burnett, Quentin Dodson, Ricky Dudley, Alfred Henson, Marvin Killingsworth, Pascal Lewis, Joe Love, Wilbert Nutt, Fred Olsen, Steve Perry, Mike Ritchie, Larry Skinner, Robert Vasko, Chris Weaver, Gary Williams, Charles Wilson, Ken Wolfson, Howard Hearon, Maria, duchess u © h Alpha Mu Omega AMO is a dual-natured frat ernity which seeks to create a bal- anced man by providing a program of service to community, school and fraternity in an atmosphere of social interaction. OFFICERS: Donald Yates, president; Kenneth Wilson, treasurer; John Rodriguez, pledge instructor; Ricky Dodson, pledge officer; Christopher Vasko, secretary. Alpha Phi Omega The APOs serve the campus, community and nation by spon- soring food drives, scout troops and parties at the Lufkin State School. They also have painted the school crosswalks and they support a child through the Christian Childrens Fund. OFFICERS: (1st row) Jeff Hutchins, president; Bill Wallace, parliamentarian; Tom Whiteman, 1st vice president; Rick Schaffer, 2nd vice president. (2nd row) Don Rice, alumni secretary; Rodney Stockton, social chairman; Gary Carter, corre- sponding secretary; Danny Gillespie, historian. (3rd row) Dean Meredith, treasurer; Alan Sowards, 3rd vice president; Remi vanCompernolle, recording secretary. Bates, Walter Bitting, Neal Burns, James Burns, John Carter, Gary Denman, Deck Gillespie, Joseph Hayman, Kenneth High, Danny Holder, Arnold Horn, Robert Hutchins, Jeff Meredith, Melville Ng, Dominie Patterson, Douglas Rice, Don Rice, John Schaffer, Richard Sowards, Alan Stockton, Rodney Todd, Terry Tucker, George vanCompernolle, John vanCompernolle, Remi Wallace, William White, Ronald Whiteman, Tom High, Brinda, sweetheart 213 Chi Gamma Iota The objectives of Chi Gamma Iota are to facilitate the incorpo- ration of veterans of the armed forces into the activities of SFA; to enable said veterans to serve the university and the community in any way that such service may be required; to provide social activ- ities; and to promote educational advancement for veterans. OFFICERS: Allen Gann, treasurer; Louis Jones, president; and Jim Darling ton, MWFTI. Delta Sigma Theta Service projects of Delta Sigma Theta included Operation Bread Basket, visits to Lufkin State School and Nacogdoches Convalescent Home and an inter-denominational choir. The so- rority also sponsored the Miss Jabberwock contest to raise funds for a scholarship. BELOW, (first row) Brenda King, Linda Wren, Gloria Page, Ella Davis; (second row) Alexis Boins, Darla Handy, Marva Mallory, and Francine Melton. 215 Gamma Sigma Sigma OFFICERS: (seated) Lillie Bell, parliamentarian; Carole Mil- ler, 1st vice president; Judy Alexander, president; Dale Haus, 2nd vice president; Ruth Sivley, recording secretary, (stand- ing) Diane Butler, historian; Ann Rogers, chaplain; Debbie Asher, treasurer; Sandy Williams, social chairman; Linda Pickard, smile sister; Jackie Hayes, alumni secretary; Rebecca Stiles, smile sister. The Gamma Sigs adopted a dormitory at Luf-kin State School during the fall to add to their many service projects. They contin- ued to support an orphan girl in Arizona and worked with a Na- cogdoches girl who has cerebral palsy. Other projects included a road rally, UNICEF card sale and visits to the old folks home and hospital. L mm Asher, Debbie Atwood, Brenda Bell, Lillie Cox, Elaine Davis, Patty Dominy, Carol Franke, Diana Goodwin, Gail Harris, Fonda Hayes, Jackie Hegar, Karen Ingalls, Meg Lawrence, Letha Lynch, Sandy Miller, Carole Niday, Joy Novak, Debbie Ormand, Kathy Parnell, Carney Pickard, Linda Porter, Eleanor Ryan, Gail Scanlan, Kathy Smith, Wanda Thomas, Suzanne Thornton, Lynn Twomey, Brenda Willie, Nancy 216 FIRST ROW, left to right: Gary Jordan, John Bankston, Robert Barker, Kenneth Burk, Jerry Griffith, Mark Lewis, Jim Jones, Robert Browne, Mel Montgomery, spon- sor. SECOND ROW: Robert Hurst, Bill Gates, Dewey Lawhon, Rick Hopkins, Daw- Kappa Kappa Psi A band fraternity, Kappa Kappa Psi reactivated during the Spring Semester. The organization had not been active at SFA since 1968. Service to the Lumberjack Band is its prime concern. OFFICERS: Jim Jones, president; Mike Shofner, vice president; Gary Dennis, sec- retary; David McMullen, treasurer; John Bankston, warden. son Geddie, Mike Shofner, Smitty Massart, Roger Ashcraft, Dean Stewart. THIRD ROW: Leonard Arnold, Bobby Richardson, Bill Feild, James Vandiver, Frank Wil- banks, Wayne Allen, Ron Mills, David McMullen, Gary Dennis. 217 Tri C ' s Tri C ' s is a Christian girls organization which strives to serve Christ, the SFA campus, and the community. With the help of sponsors Mrs. R. G. Dean and Dean Ernestine Henry, the 37 members keep busy with monthly service projects which include taking children to the Lufkin Zoo and making Halloween favors and Valentine cards for the Memorial Hospital and the Nacogdoch- es Convalescent Center. OFFICERS: Cindy Dickson, historian; Lynda Weaver, president; Elizabeth Motley, treasurer; Sharon Averyt, 1st vice president; and Diane McAdams, 2nd vice presi- dent. Baptist Student Union The BSU is a group of Christians whose aim is to reach out to others and share with them the love they have found in Jesus Christ. Daily vespers, tutoring and visits to Lufkin State School and the old folks homes are included in their weekly activities. Through Bible studies, prayer groups and evangelism, they strive to minister to the needs of others. OFFICERS: (seated) Jerry Perritte, social chairman; Norma Frazier, devotions chairman; Linda Easley, devotions chairman; Delbert Milstead, president; Kathleen McKenzie, secretary, hostess and prayer chairman; Coy Jennings, evangelism, (standing) Lynda Minner, Christian Life and Bible study chairman; Chris Gallion, intramural chairman; Diane McAdams, summer missions; Johnny Hopson, enlist- ment and host; Cindy Dickson, publicity; Marlyn Langford, publicity; Deedee Fink, church representative; Darlene Mitchell, international student chairman; Gloria Lyles, publicity; Jolene Jones, enlistment chairman; Lynda Weaver, outreach; Joy Henry, music; and Sharon Favor, social chairman. 220 Baha ' i Club The purpose of the Baha ' i Club is to help create unity, under- standing and harmony between peoples of different cultures, races and backgrounds by providing oppourtunities for discussions and programs. OFFICERS: Sarah Jane Lee, president; Jan Younger, vice president. Canterbury Club The Canterbury Club is an Episcopal organization open to stu- dents of all faiths. Weekly programs are offered involving partici- pation in the church and college communities. OFFICERS: (sitting) Marsa Mills, vice president; Ray Hatch, chairman; and Jane Richardson, secretary-treasurer, (standing) Kathleen Pratt, editor chairman; Andy Roberson, food chairman; Lynn Whitten, historian; Scott Bailey, programs; and Felix Revell, room chairman. 221 Campus Crusade for Christ Campus Crusade for Christ is a student movement to share the claims of Jesus Christ. College Life, action groups, weekend con- ferences and Campus Classics, such as Josh McDowell and Andre Kole, are some of the interests of this group. OFFICERS: (seated) Mike Liebrum and Becca Homeyer, committee chairmen, (standing) James Ward, committee chairman; and David Newton, president. Chi Alpha Sponsored by the National Council of the Assemblies of God, Chi Alpha is designed to foster Christian fellowship, training and service. Activities included a work day project at the Pleasant Hills Children ' s home in Fairfield, a series of bi-weekly programs at the Nacogdoches Convalescent Home and weekly hospital visitations. OFFICERS: Dwane Baker, president; Pat Nolan, secretary; and Danny Butts, vice president. Christian Science Organization To promote orderly growth in the study of Christian Science and to unite Christian Scientists within the college are the aims of CSO. Through lectures and workshops, the club affords an oppor- tunity for students to learn the truth about Christian Science. OFFICERS: Fredrikke Iversen, publicity; Brad Ingalls, treasurer; Janice Bahrens, secretary; and Doey Peabody, president. Missionary Baptist Student Fellowship The MBSF proposes to further the cause of Christ, of Mission- ary Baptists and of Christian young people through salvation of souls and through stressing active service for Christians. OFFICERS: (foreground) Merle Johnson, historian; Karen Myers, secretary-trea- surer, (back row) Paul Townsend, president; Billy Sharp, vice president; and Mike Thompson, reporter. 223 Newman Club Newman is an on-carnpus Catholic Student Center serving all Catholics on campus, both students and faculty. The officers and staff develop many programs to encourage students to participate in social, liturgical, and religious education. The Newman mem- bers have engaged in a reception for the New Bishop, Warren Bou- dreaux, intramural football activities; visits to the Old Folks Home; two Sunday Mass services for Spanish speaking students and facul- ty; and tutoring for the Nacogdoches Community Foundation. OFFICERS: Cathy Crisman, secretary; Suzie Slacaney, social chairman; Mark McCarthy, religious committee; and Gary Williams, general chairman. Wesley Foundation The Wesley Foundation is a " non-membership " organization which provides a christian atmosphere of recreation for all stu- dents no matter what their religion might be. OFFICERS: (front row) Judy Chaddick, recreation; Kathy Ormand, food; Patty Kennedy, service, (middle row) Diana Marshall, historian; Kathy Gullidge, council- woman; Karen Sherman, secretary; Susie Karrer, publicity, (standing) Lynn Thorn- ton, treasurer; David Wagnon, council; Dick Stafford, president; Smitty Massart, outreach; and Lee Lipscomb, service. I 224 Student Publications Stone Fort Staff Staff Members: Kathy Hines and Sunne Cope, People editors; Patty Davis, co-edi- tor; Bettye Craddock, advisor; Winnie Lopez, eo-editor; and Benjamin Hobbs, advi- sor. 226 227 The Pine Log ABOVE: Dr. Francine Hoffman, Dan Kellum, Barbara Monte, Mike Crim, Ma- rie Whitehead, Marsha Dulong, Sandra Minatra, and Suzanne Thomas. RIGHT: Editor Marsha Dulong and Dan Kellum. 228 I I THE PINE LOG Member Texas Intercollegiate Press Official newspaper of the students of Stephen F. Austin State University Nacogdoches, Texas, 75961. Published weekly during the fall and spring semesters and bi weekly during summer sessions, except during examination periods and holidays. Second-class postage paid at Nacogdoches. Texas 75961. 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Craddoek, Bettye; Lufkin Cummins, Robert; Lebelland Dawson, Jed; Cashing Fiestel, Robert; Texas City Fisher, Sharon; Whitehouse Fleming, Rebecca; Dallas Gaylor, Leon; Jacksonville Gonzales, Madeline; Palestine Goodrich, Jim; Dallas Heslop, Ann; San Antonio Ihnfeldt, Beverly; Fort Worth Ingram, Barbara; Jacksonville Jeffress, Charles; Alexandria. La. Johnson, LaWanda; Franklin Jones, Charles; Rogers King, Paul; Jackson, Mich. Koch, Carolyn; Lane City Love, Jimmy; Nacogdoches Maaskant, Barbara; Staten Island. N. Y. Manavi, Gloria; Del Rio Marinko, Marilyn; Houston McCarty, Molly; Tyler Membreno, Tomas; Tegucigalpa. Honduras Milligan, Sharon: Centerville Muckleroy, Donna: Nacogdoches Roberts, Dee; Dallas Saunders, Richard; Jacksonville Scoggin, Mike; Dallas Seery, Donald; Tallahassee, Fla. 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Senior Favorites are David Reese and Janet Bang. 268 Akerman, Dorothy: Palestine Alhashimi, Carolyn; Needvillc Allen, Patricia; Lufkin Anderson, Karen; Houston Anderson, Robert; Nacogdoches Arnold, Dianne; Houston Arnold, Marlene; Lufkin $ 6 Artero, Dolores; Victoria Ashcraft, Roger: Longview Atkinson, Martin; Houston Baier, Bonnie; Houston Bailey, Louise; Ty cr Ballard, Paul; Deer Par Bang, Janet; Houston fife Barfield, Brenda; Houston Bartling, Eric; Houston Barton, Conway; Dallas Bauer, Vicki; Stowell Beall, Rhoda; Tyler Beavers, Randell; Houston Belsha, Geraldine; Center Bennett, Gregg; Sugarland Bergman, Vicki; Austin Bettencourt, Becky; Edgartown, Mass. Bishop, Nancy; Elkhart Bitting, Neal; York, Pa. j Blankenship, Leann; Denison Blaydes, Joan; Houston ilk Blocker, Norene; Kilgore Blusl, Mary; Houston Boatwrighl, Margaret; Mabank Boykin, Tony; Buffalo Brady, Joy; Garland Brame, Bobby; Livingston Bridges, Sonia; Palestine Brock, Beverly; Houston Brock, John; Tyler Brown, Darla; Dallas Brown, Mitchell; Groesbeck Brown, Teresa; Arcadia Brown, Terry; Kerens Brown, Vicki; Ganado Bruce, Karen; Fort Worth Brunson, James; Bryan Buchanan, Denice; Pearland Buchanan, Henry; Deer Park Burd, Patricia; Henderson Burley, Sylvia; Lufkin Burnett, Dorothy; Freeport Burnett, Lyle; Ladoma Butler, Ann; Dallas Byrd, Lawanna; Henderson Caffrey, Barbara; Humble Cain, Inga; Nacogdoches Campbell, Kathy; Scale Campbell, Wendy; Arlington Cantley, Zeb; Bullard Carey, Martha; Fort Worth Carleton, Skip; Dallas Carlisle, George; Longview Carrier, Geno; Waskom Carter, Jerome; Waco Carter, Sandra; Cleveland Cason, John; Houston Chafin, Linda; Lake Jackson Chafin, Scott; Lake Jackson Chambliss, Christine; Bellaire Chapman, Debbie; Lufkin Chatman, Arnedia; Doucetle Cheanev, Rob; Houston Chinnis, Diane; Houston Christian, Cynthia; Palestine Clarke, Carole; Tyler Claybar, Brown; Orange Cleaver, Marilyn; Beaumont Clements, Danna; Houston Clifton, Horace; Garrison Clower, Linda; Lafayette, La. Cole, Gerard; Nacogdoches Condron, Dianna; O ' Brien Condron, Gary; Denton Conkright, Robert; Houston Connor, Gary; Frost Cook, Keith; Henderson Cooley, Gary; Corsicana Coon, Sylvia; Whilehouse Cope, Carol; Pasadena Corman, Alex; Houston Cortes, Luis; Honduras Cortines, Linda; Daingerfield Courhman, Kay; Lancaster Crisp, Katy; Nacogdoches Crozier, Ann; Houston Curtis, Melinda; Tyler Cypert, Alan; Dallas Dailey, James; Grapeland Dale, Jerry; Harlingen Daniels, Mary; Deer Park Daughtry, Michael; Lufhin Davidson, Linda; Houston Davis, Diann; Dallas Davis, Patty; Texarkana Day, Janice; Dallas Dealy, Tom; Texarkana Denny, Patricia; Longview Deupree, Lin; Shreveport, La. DeWitt, Richard; Nacogdoches Dickey, Nancy; Katy Dixon, David; Dallas Dodson, Ricky; Bonham Donohue, Jean; Tyler Dorsey, Debbie; Longview Dorsey, Karen; Tyler Dulong, Marsha; Dallas Dulong, Peter; Dallas Dunning, Deborah; Garland Due, Wanda; Grovelon Durrett, Jackie; Houston Du rrett, James; Houston Dyas, Carol: San Antonio Dyas, Fred; San Antonio Dyes, Edgar; Nacogdoches Edmonds, Fred; Dallas Ed mondson, Gary; Corsicana Everett, Mona; Tyler Egan, Dee; Irving Emerson, Linda; Richardson English, Laura; Dallas Erdmann, Deanne; Pasadena Farris, Cyncha; Dallas Feyrer, Sandra; Huntington Finigan, Grant; Garland Fink, Delores; Pasadena Fleming, Randal; Carthage Flournoy, Ronnie; Lufkin Folger, Nancy; Dallas Fortney, Charles; Houston Fortney, Cynthia; Clearwater, Fla. Foster, Betty; Tarrant Foster, Kin; Hawkins life! 270 4 J ■■9HH1 Ail it © ) f © Foster, Nancy; Diana Franke, Diana; Chester Frazier, Norma; Texarkana Freeman, Cheryl; Port Arthur French, Brenda; Carthage Fuller, Bob; Waco Fullinwider, Ransom Houston George, Joyce; Shelbyville Gerringer, Ronald; Houston Gertz, Paul; Longview Gilmour, Bruce; Houston Gimble, Marsha; Tyler Gindorf, Glenna; Houston Gonzales, Joe; Lake Jackson Goodrum, Phil; Nacogdoches Goodwin, Gail; Texarkana Gosdin, Cherie; Austin Gottshall, Dorothy; Lufkin Green, Jo; Texarkana Greenwood, Joyce; Longview Groce, William; Dallas Grosjean, Gerould; Wellsboro, Pa. Grunert, James; Bonham Hail, Maribeth; Angleton Hagler, Larry; Center Halbert. James; Tyler Halbert, Julie; Houston Halbrook, Kay; Edgewood Halbrooks, Tommy; Lufkin Hale. Judith: Kilgore Hammons, Susie; Killeen Haney, Mike; Texas City Hanks, Joyce; San Augustine Hanzel, Karen; Lake Jackson Hardin, Theresa; Houston Harrington, Ahbie; Houston Harris, Debbie; Lufkin Harris, Fonda; Palestine Harris, Newton; Waco Harris, Rebecca; Lufkin Harrison, Carol: Jacksonville Harvey, Ira; San Augustine Hawkes, Michael; Longview Hayes, James; Daingerfield Heflin, Robert; Gary Helm, Derrell; Kennedale Henry, Joy; Nacogdoches Hensley, Robert; Lufkin Henson, Marvin; Overton Herndon, Boyd; Dallas High, Brinda; Hughes Springs Hill, Randy; Nacogdoches Hill, William; Mount Pleasant Hines, Georgia; Henderson Holland, Jim; Texarkana Holland, Larry; Houston Holland, Peggy; Nacogdoches Holt, Bill; Silsbee Hopson, John; Lufkin Howard, Patricia; Linden Howell, Bill; Port Lavaca Huber, Marlene; Syracuse, N. Y. Hudson, June; Luflcin Hudspeth, Michael; Cleveland Irby, Doris; Newton Irvine, Claudia; Port Arthur Ives, Harold; Troy, N. Y. Jackson, Vicki; Garland James, John; Longview Jarvis, Laura; Carthage Jenkins, Buddy; Stanton Johnson, Jerry; Gordon Johnson, Merle; Elkhart Jones, Jim; Gilmer Jones, Lawrence; Center Jones, Herbert; Center Kahlden, Bob; Houston Keeton, Carol; Tyler Kellum, Becky; Andrews Kilgore, Barry; Pasadena King, Marlene; Trinidad, West Indies Kirby, Lawrence; Houston Kirkland, Bet; Joaquin Kirkland, Don; Joaquin Klein, Cordell; Texarkana Kneese, Beverly; Fredericksburg Kubala, Judy; Schulenburg Kuznoff, Lynn; Texarkana Laird, William; Channelview Landrum, Trisha; Dallas Lane, Raymond; Newton 272 if life It) Langford, Marilyn; DeBerry LaPorte, Cindy; Corpus Christi Lee, David; Humble Lewis, Nancy; Deer Park Long, Jimmy; Gladewater Longmire, Rob; Conroe Lowe, Jerilyn; Dayton Lucas, Baker; Tyler Lucas, Billye; Nacogdoches Luddecke, Sarah; Houston Mahaffey, Mark; Dallas Mallard, George; Bryan Martin, Danny; Center Martin, Rita; Florien. La. Mattick, Michael; Boeme Mayo, Jimmy; Rusk McAnally, Melanie; Jacksonville McCarty, Deborah; Kilgore McCarty, Donna; Jacksonville McClendon, Wanda; Baytown McConkey, David; Houston McCormic, Sherry; Kilgore McCown, Mary; Fort Worth McCoy, Terryca; Fort Worth McEhoy, Randy; Rusk McGaughey, James; Alto McGehee, Don; Eagle Lake Mcjimsey, Dee Lee; Waskom McKinney, Chuck; San Angela McKinney, David; Pasadena McKinney, Grace; Newton McLain, Larry; Lufkin McLauchlin, Rodney; Corsicana McMears, Robert; Longview Means, Gail; Memphis, Tenn. Mechler, Susan; Dallas Mechler, Floyd; Dallas Medford, Jerry; Kilgore Meece, Roger; Livingston Menke; Kathryn; Hitchcock Mentesana, Mary; Dallas Meredith, Dean; Tomball Metcalf, Sally; Beckville Metcalf, Susan; Beckville Metteauer, Melinda ; Lufkin Michel, Carlos; Tyler Migl, Kathy; Sequin Miles, Kay: Houston Miller, Allen; Longview Miller, Barliara; Hilltop Lakes Miller, Paul: Papalote Molis, Angie; Texas City Monte, Barbara: Freeport Monle, Larry; Freeport Montgomery, Carolyn; Garland Moon, Janice: Navasola Moore, Deane; Conroe Moore, Lynn; Gushing Morloek, Mary; Liberty Morrison, Gene; Angleton Muecke, Annette; Garwood Muecke, Monte; San Antonio Murdock, Karen; Denver, Colo. Murphy, Leland; New London Murray, Lana; Houston Neal, George; Nacogdoches Neal, Sandra; Wharton Neese, Richard; Houston Neff, Cecilia; San Antonio Neubrand, Thomas; Dallas Newman, Sandra; Houston Newsom, Holly; Lufkin Newsome, Deborah; Dallas Newton, Cecil; Longview Hewton, David; Big Spring Newton, Sharon; Richardson Noble, Laura; Cleburne Norris, Jeremiah; Freeport Nottingham, Marjorie; Dayton Novak, Deborah; Texas City Oates, Sherri; Carthage Odom, Gail; Apple Springs Olhausen, William; Port Lavaca Osborne, Cathy; Corpus Christi Owens, Sarah; Henderson Oyler, Janet; Houston Palsha, Charyl: Parma, Ohio Pardo, Patti; Dallas Paxon, Jim; Lubbock Payne, Phyllis; Saratoga Peddy, Patricia; Tenaha Perritte, Jerry; Nacogdoches Perry, Richard; Nacogdoches Phillips, John; Houston Philpot, Bobby; Waskom Phipps, Larry; Diboll Pinkston, Martha; Houston Porter, Eleanor; Huntington Porter, Elizabeth; Houston Powers, Ken; Dallas Poynter, Janet; Bellaire Price, Kay; Texas City Prouty, Tom; Texas City Pugh, Cole; Jacksonville Purvis, Gloria; Tyler Rain, Richard; Houston Ramirez, Isabel; San Benito Ray, Carol; Grand Prairie Ray, James; Englewood, Colo. Rector, Thomas; Nacogdoches Reed, Grady; Aransas Pass Reese, David; Houston 274 •Hp B p f l C 4 1 1 n W$W ft - : Ji PC — fc S t jkit « ? Kb. a. es g m p ' 0 t MAMk M M Ail lit KM i flkt Reeves, Gwynne; Dallas Reeves, Sally; Dallas Rentfro, Ann; (faco Reynolds, Dan; Eustace Reedel, Lee; LaMarque Roberts, Jadean; Henderson Roberts, Jerry; Henderson Robertson, Arlie; Mineola Robertson, Ben; Dallas Rodriguez, John; Friendswood Roland, Rirk: Houston Roraback, Mark; Jefferson Rude, Tommy; Rosenberg Ryan, Sandy; Conroe Sager, Steve; Elm Motl Sanders, Nellie: Mount Pleasant Sanford, Larry; Jacksonville Sawyer, Ann; Jacksonville Schange, Onaway; Tyler Schmidt, Cathy; Nacogdoches Schrimsher, Bobby; Longview Schutza, Judy; Fort Worth Scoggin, Margaret; Midland Scott, Debbye; Dallas Scott, Linda; Nacogdoches Searcy, Sandra: Troup Seery, Mary Tallahassee, Fla. Secrest, Renee; Pampa Senn, Billy; Meridian Serrano, Rene; Guanla, Honduras Shewmaker, Kathy; Houston Shewmaker, Robert; Dallas Shoffitt, James; Lufkin Sides, Karen; Henderson Silvertooth, Jerry; White Oak Simmons, Roger; Waco Slaughter, Mike; Dallas Smith, Ann; Lone Oak Smith, Dale; Frankston Smith, Jan; Lone Oak Smith, Jan; Longview Smith, Mitchell; Jacksonville Smith, Patsy; Terrell Smith, Susan; Huffman Snider, Gilbert; Beaumont Stamos, Manuel; Nacogdoches Stanley, Barbara; Kilgore Stapf, Karen; Tyler Stein, Catherine; San Antonio Stennett, Gay; Klein Stephens, Connie; Daingerfield Stephens, Georgiana; Atlanta Stevens, Barbara; Longview Stewart, Snaron; Timpson Stiles, Anne; Hooks Storck, Sharron; Baytown Stovall, Joe; Diboll Sullivan, Janis; San Augustine Sulser, Roy; Tyler Sutton, David; Tyler Swanson, Jean; Taft Tanner, Charlene; Batson Tate, Donna; Mount Enterprise Taylor, Cynthia; Dallas Taylor, Eva; Houston Taylor, Julian; Lake Jackson Teel, Jerry; Dallas Teel, Joyce; Emory Tharp, Roger; Dallas Thomas, Lou; Cushing Thomas, Rob; Texas City Thompson, Sheila; New Boston Thorndike, Brian; Tyler Thurman, Marty: Houston Tompkins, Buddy; Marshall Tompkins, John; Houston Townley, John; Fort Worth Tucker, Glynn; Midlothian Turner, James; Marshall Tuttle, Brian; Tyler Twardowski, Robert; Highlands Vaughan, David; Moody Vercher, Deborah; Houston Vercher, Johnny; Houston 276 Walker, Judy; Hamilton Wallace, William; Clarksville Ward, Gary : Longview Ward, James; New Braunfels Ward, Penny; Houston Warren, Gary; Nacogdoches Watson, Vera; Orange Weaver, Lynda; Tyler Wesson, Bea; Texarkana Westbrook, Darlene; Athens Whitaker, Phyllis; Houston White, David; Texas City; White, Edward; Killeen White, Joe; Longview White, Ray; Houston Whitehead, Marie; Rusk Whitley, Peggy; Laneville Williams, Deedy; Kilgore Williams, Delores; Whitehouse Williams, Doice; Longview Williams, Joy; Grant, La. Williams, Judy; Dallas Wills, Curtis; Waco Wilson, Kay; Aha Lima Wilson. Mike; Frankston Wilson, Sue; Hawkins Windsor, Judy; Houston Winthrop, Michael; Lufkin Withrow, Kathy; Abilene Wolf, Pam; Doylestown, Pa. Woodrow, Rufus; Orange Wooten, Pat; Houston Wynns, Kirk; Austin Yates, John; Lufkin York, Janice; Tyler Young, Ann; Bellon Young, Robert; Dallas Yow, Whitney; Jefferson Zimmermann, Dale; Dallas 277 Junior Class Officers are Bill Flynn, representative; Laura Laughlin, representative; Larry Harmon, vice president; Cindy Harris, secretary; David Newton, president; and Doug Medlin, representative. Junior Favorites are Mike Thomas and Karen Breland. 278 Abney, Marvin; Texarkana Adam, Kenneth; Crosby Albright, Johnny; Longview Allen, Debbie; Fort Worth Amburgey, Valeria; Houston Anderson, Donald; Killeen Anderson, George; Jacksonville Anderson, John; Lufkin Andrews, Debbie; Friendswood Andrews, Randy; Center Armstrong, Mary; Dallas Arnold, Conrad; Wichita Falls Arnold, Leonard; Kaly Asher, Debbie; Fort Worth Austin, Larry; Mexia Avrett, Marilyn; Wichita Falls Bagley, Betty; Henderson Bailey, Sharon; Dallas Baird, Mirhael; Daingerfield Ballard, C. L.; Tenaha Barbee, Billy; Killeen Barber, Karen; Garland Barney, Bill; Houston Barrington, Ronald; Linden Beard, Janet; Dallas Beare, Margaret; San Antonio Beaty, Barbara; Carthage Behr, Jeron; Nacogdoches Benckenstein, Stanley; Beaumont Bergman, Karen; Dallas Bills, Joanna; Marshall Birdsong, James; Kilgore Blark, Katherine; Spring Black, Robert; Deer Park Blakeney, Patricia; Malakoff Blanrhard, Laeey; Tyler Blanton, William; Henderson Blend, Sharon; Houston Bobbin, Burnis; Pineland Bond, Ellen: Dallas Borchelt, Linda; Corpus Christi Bowland, John; Dallas Brennan, Alana; Pasadena Bridges, Jaekie; Grapevien Brown, John; Port Lavaca Brown, Madeleine; Texarkana Brown, Marilyn; Whilehouse Brown, Martha; Texarkana Brown, Steve; Austin Broyles, Debbie; Fort Worth Broze, Clarence; La Marque Bryant, Michael; Dallas Bryant, Michael; Ennis Buller, Randolph; Albuquerque, N. M. Burk, Kenneth; Marlin Burns, Connie; Centerville Burroughs, Lynn; Lufkin Buse, Kathleen, Houston Butcher, Debbie; Dallas Byars, Jesse; Mission Byars, Jesse; La Feria Cadwalder, Karon; Houston Cain, Ellen; Houston Cangemi, Theresa; Dallas Carr, Diane; San Augustine Carroll. Brooke; Houston Carter, Frank; Dumas Carter, James; Midland Casey, Steve; Dallas Castleberry, Cooper; Lufkin 279 Castloo, Deena; Mineola Cater, Carol; Bossier City, La. Cates, Patsy; Huntington Cerliano, Rebecca; Longview Chafin, Susan; Lake Jackson Chapman, Dennis; Corsicana Chastain, David; Harleton Chestnut, Bridget; Houston Christian, Barney; Palestine Christian, Wayne; Tenaha Clapp, Verlan; Jacksonville Clark, Gordon; Hallettsville Cleaveland, Cathy; Dallas Cleveland, Marilyn; Rusk Coleman, Cindy; Cleveland Collins, Cathy; Irving Conner, Pam; Bellaire Cooper, Kenneth; Kennedale Cope, Sunne; Pasadena Copeland, Larry; Clarksville Cowherd, James; Houston Cravey, Carolyn; Pittsburg Crawford, John; Marble Falls Crawford, Thomas; Longview Curington, David; Corsicana Dailey, Kay; Grapeland Daniel, Randy; Athens Davis, Ella; Longview Deason, Nelda; Carthage Dempsey, Sharron; Marshall Dickey, Champ; Palestine Dildy, Jan; Garland Dildy, Jenna; Garland Dizdak, Martha; McAllen Dobbs, Marian; Houston Dominy, Billie; Livingston Dorsey, Richard; Henderson Downs, Susan; Tatum Drew, Dorothy; Dallas Dudley, Al; Perry Point, Md. Duncan, Gayle; Dallas Duncan, John; Houston Dunham, Denise; Groves Dykes, Beverly; Dallas Easley, Linda; Elkhart Edmons, Carolyn; Zavalla Edwards, Kathy; Ix ngview Ellison, Louise; Dallas England, Liz; Houston Ethridge, Eugene; Cleveland Fain, Danny; La Porte Faircloth, Wayne; Longview Faulkner, Alice; Houston Feistel, William; Texas City Finley, Michael; Nacogdoches Fisher, Teresa; Baytown Fleck, Sherley; Houston Fletcher, Patricia; Lufkin Fletcher, Wardaleen; Grapeland Flynn, Bill; Dallas Forney, Lynn; Houston Fraim, Melanie; San Juan Fries, Michael, Houston Froling, Carleen; Tuleta Fullinwider, Jay; Houston Gambrell, Leo; Palestine Gann- Allen; Lufkin Garrison, Elaine; Brazoria Geddie, Dawson; Athens Gee, Frances; Henderson 280 v y a 4 If £i Kid ft ft §R » " ■ iff IF George, Barbara; Amarillo Gholston, James; New Boston Gibson, Mark; Henderson Gibson, Robert; Texas City Gillespie, Danny; Lancaster Gilstrap, Patricia; Longview Ginn, Betty; Tyler Glenn, Clovis; Longview Gooch, Claris; Hemphill Goodwin, Bill; Ennis Goolsby, Gaylon; Lufkin Gore, Judy; Gilmer Gray, Pam; Houston Green, Harold; Dallas Greenwood, Joyce; Longview Griffin, Lorraine; Tyler Haley, Kay; Mineola Hall, Georganna; Bellaire Hall, Mike; Tulia Hamberlin, Gail; Gilmer Haram, Thomas; Copperas Cove Hammond, Lora; Garland Hand, Bruce; Henderson Haney, Cindy; Midland Haney, Diane; Bellaire Hanson, Carolyn; Dainger ield Harding, Kathy; Dallas Harris, Cindy; Pasadena Harrod, Dianna; Lone Star Harry, David; Killeen Hart, James; Houston Hartz, Steve; Athens Hay, Fred; Corsicana Hayes, Jackie; Pasadena Heasley, Carol; Baytown Henderson, Kenneth; Richardson Henderson, Pam; Richardson Henry, Yvonne; Houston Hensley, Robert; Jacksonville Henson, William; Houston Hill, Kay; Waco Hoffman, Thomas; Pasadena Holder, Arnold; Houston Holland, Joe; Carthage Holland, Phillip; Houston Holloway, Marilyn; La Porte Holm, Lynne; Irving Holton, Jim; Hempstead Homeyer, Becca; Abilene Hooker, Janie; Tyler Hopkins, Rick; Freeport Horn, Karl; Texas City Horton, Kathy; Houston Huckins, Kay; Beaumont Hudec, Pamla; Baytown Humphrey, Don; Linden Hunter, Celia; Jacksonville Hurst, James; Longview Hybner, Frances; Houston Hyden, Richard; Buna Idom, Jennifer; Longview Jackson, Katherine; Terrell Jackson, Sally; Garland Jennings, Carol; Corsicana Jernigan, Denny; Carthage Jobe, Bobby; Irving Johnson, David; Atlanta Johnson, Dickey; Nacogdoches Johnson, Kenneth; Hearne Jones, David; Garland 281 Jones, Jan; Carthage Jones, Jayne; Nacogdoches Jones, Jolene; Hallsville Jones, Nanci; Tom Bean Jones, Rosalind; Cameron Jones, Wayne; Nacogdoches Joyner, Kathie; Texas City Keasler, Victor; Jefferson Kelly, Pam; Richardson Kennedy, Patty; Marshall Kindrirk, Robert; Coffeyville, Kan. King, Karen; Lake Jackson King, Sandra; Dallas Kinnison, Darla; Galena Part Kirby, Kay; Henderson Kirkland, Donald; Corrigan Kitchings, Linda; Joinerville Kittrell, Cyndy; Denton Knapp, Mary; Houston Kroschel, Forrest; Houston Krudicka, Julie; Waco Lacewell, Mec; Texarkana Lacy, Nancy; Kilgore Lamberth, Nancy; Kemah Langley, John; Logansport Langston, Carolyn; Longview Langslon, Suzy; Timpson Lawrence, Letha; Livingston Layne, Lynda; Pasadena Lee, Billy; Longview Lee, Lynda; Nacogdoches LeLeux, Gregory; Henderson Lester, Keith; Nacogdoches Lewellin, Dianna; Houston Lewis, Norma; Waco Liebrum, Michael; Dallas Lindemann, Jeff; Houston Littleton, Carolyn; Kilgore Loftin, Pam; Alvin Loggins, Sherry; Piano Lopez, Winnie; Corrigan Lucas, Larry; El Paso fife 5 r Lunsford, Charlotte; Houston Lynch, Kathleen: Henderson Maedgen, Mary: Houston Maher, Carol; Houston Maher, Pat; Houston Mahrer, James; Houston Mangham, Gail; Garland M W f P 4 4 it Marsh, Joy; Woodville Marshall, Bonnie; Zavalla Martin, Kathy; Neches Martino, Joe; Summit Hill, Pa. Mascorro, Maurice; Texas City Mathis, Timothy; Fort Worth Matlock, Byron; Houston ft I ) Mayben, Vicki; Pittsburg McAdams, Diane; Bellaire McAnally, Sherry; Jacksonville McConnell, Terry; Austin McCormack, Nancy; Henderson McCorquodale, Tim; Orange McDonald, Kathleen; Grand Saline i w IV 1 It A 1 McDonald, Susan; Richardson McDowell, Jerry; Nacogdoches McGee, Gwendolyn; San Antonio McGouldrick, Sharon; Houston McGregor, Laura; Tyler McKay, Carol; Jasper McKenzie, Jack; Alvin McMakin, Dollie; Port Arthur McManus, Brenda; Nacogdoches McManus, Charles; Nacogdoches McMeans, Carolyn; Longview McNabb, Lenn; Homestead, Fla. McNutt, Bill; Teague Meadows, Cindy; Longview Medlin, Doug; Garland Messer, Beth; Lufkin Michel, Deborah; Kilgore Middleton, Ginger; Houston Middleton, Roger; Georgetown Miller, Carole; Houston Miller, Wynema; Shelbyville Millican, Glenda; Crockett Minatra, Sandra; Corsicana Minter, Dorothy; Redland Mirabella, Ronald; Groves Molis, Linda; Texas City Montgomery, Ann; Corsicana Montgomery, Ann; Dallas Moore, Larry; Houston Morgan, Annita: Nacogdoches Morse, Tommy; Gladewater Moss, Bill; Houston Motley, Elizabeth; Longview Murray, Dan; Dallas Nalley, Shirley; Garland Navarre, Randy; Groves Ng, Dominic; Pasadena Nichols, Sharlene; Beaumont Nixdorf, Susan; Pasadena Noonan, Michael; Fort Worth Northcutt, Kernie; Kilgore Nutt, Fred; LaMarque Olsen, Ann; LaMarque Olver, Anne; Dallas Otto, Deborah; Needville Owen, Nancy; While Oak Owens, Bill; Fort Worth Owens, Geraldine; LaMarque Owens, Nancy; Apple Springs Page, Gloria; Nacogdoches Park, Marcia; Houston Parker, Rhonda; Brotvnsboro Parker, Tommy; Lufkin Parker, Wendy; Baylown Parker, William; Center Pate, Virginia; Center Pawley, Jerel; Fort Worth Pearce, Karen; Houston Peoples, Sandidge; Fort Worth Piatek, Denise; Houston Picus, Gerald; Mesquite Ponder, Doug; San Augustine Poole, Don; Garland HA i f • ft !«! f fife AMk ' AM 4il 4 it 0 Poulos, Bryan; Texarkana Pruett, Carol; Gonzales Pugh, George; Palestine Raymer, Donna; Baylown Redmon, Cynthia; Perrin Reed, Marshall; San Antonio Reily, Mary; Dallas Reisor, Deborah; Tyler Rhodes, Nancy; Baylown Richardson, Brenda; Longview Riley, Mike; Mesquile Roberts, Carolyn; Longview Roberts, Nancy; Ennis Rogers, Maribeth; Lufkin Ross, Nancy; Beckville Rowe, Tommie; Marshall Russell, Nancy; Waco Ryan, Charles; Arlington Saatkamp, Peggy; New Boston Saigling, Margaret; Piano Salmon, Barry; Palestine Sartor, Thomas; Longview Savard, Tom; Dallas Schaffer, Richard; Mart Schmidt, Dena: Nacogdoches Schneider, E. W.; Killeen Seitz, James; Nacogdoches Sexton, Sharon; Nash Shackelford, Paula; Houston Sheeley, Gary; Frankston Shelton, Bob: Longview Sherman, Karen; Houston Shofner, Michael; Nacogdoches Sides, Linda; Dallas Sills, Ronald; Ennis Simmons, Carl; Houston Sloan, LaVerne; New Castle Smiley, Sylvia; Corrigan Smith, Aleta; Houston Smith, Bevil; Houston Smith, Carey; Texarkana Smith, Debbe; Tyler 285 Smith, James; Lone Star Squier, Patricia; CarrolUon m Staut, Richard; Marshall M Steele, Ava; Hallsville S v ' , Stembridge, Travis; Athens Stephens, Julia; Atlanta | Stephenson, Tim; Houston | j 4 Strahan, Glinda; Cleveland Stratton, Eloise; Jefferson Stringfield, Debra; Poyner Stroman, Ruby; Avinger Studt, Joyce; Longview Swingler, Becky; Houston Sullender, David; Levelland MM fi« « P ' An Sullins, Linda; Abbott Summers, James; Longview Svalberg, Nikki; Houston Sypert, Cindy; Houston i Taylor, Sandra; Fort Worth Taylor, Terri; Center Tekell, Brad, Corsicana Templin, Susan; Wilmer Terry, Lou Ann; Hughes Springs Thomas, Patricia; Livingston Thompson, Albert; Marshall Thompson, David; Dallas Thompson, Donna; Jacksonville Thompson, James; Las Vegas. Nev. Thompson, Mike; Garland Thornton, Bobby; Douglas Thornton, Lynn; Houston Tinsley, Denise; Houston Tisdale, Donald; Wills Point Todd, Pamela; Waco Tompkins, Tommy; Carthage ML ✓ ilk ft Townsend, Beverly; White Oak Townsend, Nancy; Dallas Truchelut, Claire; Houston Tubbs, William; Temple Tullos, Tanya; Livingston Turner, Richard; Nacogdoches Turner, Robert; Fort Worth 1 H 4 lift Tyner, Rob; Athens Valek, Georgie; Ennis Van Derlinden, Debbie; Piano Vick, Jack; Center Vinson, Danny; Coolidge Vinson, Lyn; Woodville Wade, Cynthia; Tuleta Wade, Judy; LaPorte Wagner, Paula; Dallas Walding, Judy; Palestine Waldrop, Janet; Tyler Walters, Becky; Elkhart Ward, Dru Ann; Greenville Warren, Cheryl; Cypress Warner, Janet: Dallas Waters, Keith; Belton Watson, Raymond; Lalexo Watson, Richard; Houston Watts, Gail; Thornton Weaver, Gary; Terrell Webb, Peggy; Rio Hondo Webster, Joe; Houston Weir, Joseph; Ore City Weiss, Robin; Dallas Welch, Gary; Clarksville Welch, Joyce; Longview Westbrook, Billy; Poynor Wheeler, Craig; Shelhume, Ver. Whitfill, Kathy; Pasadena Whitley, Patricia; Longview Whisenant, Katharine; Lufkin Williams, Kathy; Longview Willie, Nancy; Longview Wilkins, William; New Orleans, La. Wilkinson, Jim; Raymondville Wilson, David; Pasadena Woo, Carolyn; Port Arthur Woodard, Alane; Marshall Woody, Michel; Baytown Worthey, Brenda; Silsbee Wylie, Milton; League City Yarbrough, Jane; Avinger A.I A J Yarbrough, Jimmy; Crosby Yates, Donald; Crosby Young, Cheryl; Houston Young, Jana; Sweetwater Young, John; Kemp Zvdell, David; Killeen Sophomore Class Officers are Nancy Townsend, representative; Charles Jewett, president; Debbie Morris, secretary-treasurer; and Cindy Overbeek, representa- tive. Sophomore Favorites are Debbie Egger and Dick Goodman. 288 Abney, Harold; Texarkana Adams, Judy; Newton Adams, Pamela; West Caldwell, N. J. Adams, Renita; Longview Allen, Donald; Baytown Allen, Palsy; Groves Alloway, Jane; Houston Alvarado, Sandy; Houston Andrews, Jeni; Groves Andrews, Melinda; Ennis Applegate, Lohren; Houston Ardoin, Shirley; Sak Flat Arens, Diane; Houston Armstrong, Keren; Waco Asbury, Gae; Marshall Ashburn, Susie; Irving Atkinson, John; Houston Austin, Debi; Nacogdoches Austin, Stephen; Nacogdoches Avery, Anne; Longview Babcock, Suzanne; Richardson Bacon, Doug; Houston Bailey, Connie; Baytown Baker, Sherry; Beckville Ball, Becky; Shreveport, La. Ball, John; Houston Barclay, Alan; Houston Barker, Sharon; Dallas Barlelt, Nancy; Big Spring Barton, Richard; Rosenberg Beall, Mary; Naegodoehes Beames, Shirley; Dallas Bean, Janice; Garland Beebe, Paul; El Paso Beekly, Bill; Dallas Beeler, Mary; Kaly Bell, Chris; Houston Belsley, Ray; Houston Benson, Janie; Keller Bertling, Douglas; Clear Lake Bertrand, Ralph; Lumberton Bhromchumpa, Samarn; Bankok, Thailand Bierhalter, Nancy; Angleton Blackburn, Cheryl; Fort Worth Blackwell, Jerri; Houston Blanton, Lynda; Houston Bloyd, Ruthanne; Houston Bond, Kathy; Dallas Border, David; Garland Bowen, Nancy; West Bozeman, Peggy; Terrell Braddock, Ken; Dallas Bradfield, Anna; Tomball Brandesky, Christine; Polh Brandesky, Elizabeth; Polh Brawner, Debbie; Houston Britain, Ricky; Houston Britton, Dane; Ellsworth, Kansas Brockman, Hal; Nazareth Brown, Albert; Houston Brown, Betty; Dallas Brown, Linda; Dallas Bryer, Kenneth; Ml. Enterprise Burleson, James; Garland Burnett, Richard; Dallas Burns, Robert; Houston Burton, Sandra; Henderson Cagle, Ronald; Hooks Caldwell, Cathy; Dallas Calvary, Bennie; Dallas 289 Cammack, Richard; Kilgore Cannamore, Karen; Houston Canup, Jerry; Childress Carlson, Marce; Houston Carter, David; Dallas Carter, Gary; Pasadena Carter, Nancy; Pasadena Carter, Patricia; Neivton Cassity, 0. A.; Carthage Cates, David; Houston Cauley, Debbie; Houston Cawthon, Paula; Fort Worth Chadick, Judy; Dallas Chancy, Pam; Wylie Chapman, Barbara; Lufkin Chastain, Pat; Dallas Cherry, Patricia; Irving Clark, Carol; Houston Clarke, Cathleen; Lake Jackson Cleveland, Angela; LaPorte Cloud, Joe; Hooks Cochran, Linda; Anglelon Cook, Vicki; Dallas Coleman, Betty; Shamrock Coleman, David; Houston Collier, Don; Post Collier, Karen; Dallas Collier, Thomas; Houston Collins, Janie; Lufkin Col man, Anne; Palestine Colvin, Carol; Richardson Cook, Cynthia; Van Cooper, Dale; Gatesville Cooper, Jo; Houston Cooper, Lynn; Longview Cornett, William; Port Lavaca Coussons, Lynne; Alto Cowand, Pamela; Nassau Bay Cox, Cynthia; Beaumont Crabtree, Leigh; Angleton Craft, Mary; Hurst Craig, Susan; Spring Crawley, Donna; Port Neches Criswell, Dorothy; Bay City Crowell, Joyce; Fort Worth Cunningham, Jack; Houston Curry, Candace; Teague Curtis, Douglas; Shelbyville Daly, Ellen; Neches Dantzler, Sandy; Dallas David, Julie; Orange Dawson, Glenn; Longview Day, Melinda; San Antonio Day, Susan; Fort Worth Deal, Cindy; Dallas Dean, Janet; DeKalb Dean, Janet; Houston Debney, Dianne; Jasper Debney, Joanne; Jasper Denney, Bill; Pasadena Dewel, Ed; Houston Doan, Malcolm; Fort Worth Doering, Randy; Georgetown Dorris, Larry; Wichita Falls Draper, Patricia: Rusk Duncan, Chester; Pittsburg Dunlap, Charlotte; Garland Dunn, Kathie; Dallas Dunning, Suellen; Garland Dyes, Linda; Chireno Egger, Debby; Irving Elder, Barbara; Easton Elmore, Beverly; Linden Emmitte, Denise; Galveston Enloe, Charles; Mineola Enloe, Thomas; Cleveland Everett, Susie: Dallas Exley, Claire: Sugarland Farmer, Edward: Edna Fink, Gary; Eagle Lake Fisher, Rick; Hempstead Fitzgerald, Susan; Richardson Fitzhugh, Ginger; Midland Forbes, Jerry; Houston Ford, David; Houston Forman, Georgiana; Lubbock Foster, Kathryn; Denton Frank, Tony; Nacogdoches Franklin, Janice; Lufkin Frazier, Alys; Garland Frick, Patty; Houston Frierson, Shannon; Sugarland Fulton, Jan; Longview Gardner, Wayne; Denison Garrett, Jerry; Maples Garrison, Gary; Plainview Gary, Sheryl; Sugarland Gauerke, Beth; Houston Gilliam, Charles; Palestir Godfrey, Don; Carrollton Goode, Linda; Van Gotcher, Cary; Irving Gotcher, Vicki; Nacogdoches Grabein, Jacquline; Huffman Green, James; Longview Greening, Robert; Houston Gregg, Judy; Fort Worth Griffin, Teresa; Houston Grillet, Darleen; Houston Grissom, Monte; Lewisville Griswold, Kay; Nacogdoches Guess, Eddie; Kilgore Gunter, Lucy; Ollon Hagemeier, Marvin; Atlanta Hagen, Carl; Longview Hairgrove, Janice; Tenaha Halsell, Ernest; Diboll Hamon, Susan; Tyler Haney, Pat; Texas City Hanson, David; Baytown Hanson, Richard; Shreveport, La. Hardy, Geraldean; Irving Hart, Greg; Hurst Harty, Tim; Houston Hash, Bill; San Diego, Cat Hawkes, Janie; Longview Haynes, Marjorie; Nacogdoches Hearon, Maria; Whilehouse Hedrick, Janette; Lufkin Heinen, Mary; San Antonio Helm, Lee: Euless Henderson, Debby; Baytown Henely, Linda; Gladewaler Henry, Cheryl; Mesquile Henry, Pamela; Longview Herrin, Virgle; Jasper Hile, Hillary; Fort Worth Hill, Harvey; Jacksonville Hill, Kevin; Austin Hines, Kathy; Dallas Hohl, Susan; Tomball Holley, Laura; Dallas Holm, Leslie; Irving Holmes, Kathy; Gilmer Hopkins, Rhonda; Freeport Horn, Barbara; Texas City Howard, Terry; Waco Howard, William; Alvin Hudnall, Donna; Houston Hull, Dinah; Brownsville Iversen, Fredrikke; Nacogdoches Jackson, Boyd; Pasadena Jackson, Francis; Henderson Jackson, Phyllis; Harlingen Jackson, Ralph; Kilgore Jensen, Linda; Dallas Jesse, Meg; Houston Jewett, Charles; Houston Johnson, Debbie; Marshall Johnson, Penny; Longview Jones, Jacqueline; Fort Worth Jostes, Lynn; Beaumont Jousan, Beverly; Nacogdoches Jousan, Frank; Nacogdoches Kaler, Jeff; Houston Karrer, Linda; Marion Kellum, Dan; Longview Kennedy, Bonnie; Woodshoro Kennedy, Randell; Longview Kenner, Sheila; Nacogdoches Kidd, Evelyn; Dallas Kionm, John; Houston Kolvoord, Linda; Cypress Kovar, Linda; Victoria Krenz, Robbynn; La Marque Krieger, George; Nacogdoches Kubala, Kay; Schulenburg Kudla, Beth; Baytown Lalumandier, Harry; Nacogdoches Lapiana, Steve; San Antonio Larkins, Ernest; Victoria Latimer, Teresa; Hooks 292 life i x . t 0 J£i ilk 4 £ r 4 1 M JTi a 4 C (P» |K fill Lawler, Tommy; Cleburne Layne, Lynda; fort Worth Leimgrubler, Julie; Houston Lewis, Johnny; Richardson Lindenberger, Gary; Irving Livesay, Debbie; Texarkana Livingston, Kenneth; Lufkin Lokey, Gaye; Center Lomax, Penny; Tyler Long, Julie; Waco Lorehn, Michael; Houston Lotz, Cindy; Longview Lowe, Kristy; Dayton Lowry, Linda; Dallas Lucius, Beth; Austin Lynch, Carol: McGregor Mabry, Sue; Liberty Mace, John; Dallas Mallory, Clyde; Clarksville Mann, Darwin: Fort Worth Marsh, Brenda; League City Martin, Kitty; Orange Martin, Robert; Lufkin Mason, Ernest; Eldud, Pa. Massie, Jeffrey; Gonzales Masters, David; Lake Jackson Mata Maria, Cristina; Woodsboro Maxwell, Joe; Bonham McCall, Gordon; Houston McCallister, Lois; Houston Mc Carthy, Brent; Houston McClelland, Alice; Fort Worth McGlasson, Marquerite; Dallas McKenzie, Kathleen; Fort Worth McKenzie. Patti: Comanche McKinney, Cindy; White Oak McKinney, Nancy; Teague McKnight, Lois; Arlington McLeroy, Ed; Center McQueen, Margaret; Palestine Meng, Mark; Pasadena Middleton, Glenda; Liberty Miles, George; Houston Miller, Debbie; Dallas Miller, John; Center Mirabella, Dana; Groves Mitrhell, Darlene; Garland Mitchell, Linda; San Augustine Moody, Belinda; Deweyville Moore, Barbara; Jacksonville Moore, Midge; Houston Moorman, Margaret; Richardson Morris, Deborah; Houston Morykwas, Alexa; Irving Moses, Mike; Nacogdoches Mosier, Charles; Dallas Mott, Barbara; Houston Moughon, Daniel; Gilmer Mount, Pat; Dallas Mueller, Glenn; Riverdale, III. Mullins, Ann; Houston Mureen, Debra; Mesquite Murphy, Terrence; Houston Neal, Danny; Newton Nelms, Dianne; Houston Nelson, Sally; Houston Newkirk, Chris; Atlanta Nickerson, Brenda; Bethany, La. Noble, Lonnie; Fort Worth Noland, Julie; Lufkin Nolen, Barbara; Austin Norris, Cathy; Garland Nunley, Rebecca; Denton Nusom, Debbie; Bay City Och, Patty; Houston Oden, Gloria; Longview Ogden, Kathy; Abilene Ormand, Kathy; Crockett Oswald, Katrina; Houston Paddock, Nana; Dallas Parish, Cathy; Houston Parker, Ann; Dallas Parkins, Mark; Midland Paslay, Mike; Jacksonville 294 Paumarozzi, Jane; Groves Payne, Lavisa; Saratoga Peabody, Jody; Orange Pechacek, Edmund; Port Isabel Peirce, Janet: Bryan Pellerin, Linda; Liberty Perkins, Rirhard; Houston Petrie, Catherine; Holland Phillips, Cindy; Dallas Pierce, Leba; Dallas Pierpont, Philip; Marshall Pintsch, Lynda; Houston Porter, Myrtie; Lufkin Pratt, Kathleen; Ennis Prince, Cheryl; Lufkin Pruitt, Charlotte; Lufkin Prestridge, Jane; Texarkana Puckett, Steve; Quitman Putney, Karen; Lake Jackson Quinn, David; Longview Range, Caren; Houston Reagan, Karolyn; Raymondville Renfro, David; Dallas Reuell, Janice; Houston Reynolds, Donna; Nacogdoches Reynolds, Peggy; Sulphur Springs Richardson, Larry; Pittsburgh Richardson, Rhonda; Wells Rickett, Carmen; Magnolia Roark, Margaret: Cleveland Robertson, Philip; Wylie Robison, Donna; Dallas Rogers, Anita; Dallas Rogers, Barbara; Tyler Rouhami-Esfahani, Mohamad; Iran Rowlett, Carol; Tyler Rowley, Kathy; Houston Rudy, Robert; San Antonio Ruggerio, James; Houston Rush, Gary; Lufkin Rusk, Christine; League City Russell, Janet; Canton Ryan, Michael, Houston Sadler, James; Houston Sandland, Linda; Houston Schaefer. Cynthia; Houston Schepers, Rebecca; Irving Schiessl, Donna; Texarkana Sehlitzkus, Patty; West Columbia Schroeder, Marilyn; Navasota Schultz, Becki; Lufkin Schultz, Suzy; Mexia Schumann, Karen; Bay City Schyyler, Paula; Fort Worth Scoggin, Phil; Dallas Scoville, Sheryl; Fort Worth Scudder, Sharon; Tyler Shadle, Renee; Houston Shanks, Ann; Los Fresnos Shannon, Kay; Bonham Shaw, Margie; Pasadena Shepardson, Phillip; Houston Sherrod, Lee; Austin Shiflett, Brenda; Anglelon Short, Louis; Lufkin Schwartz, John; Lufkin Simmons, Marilyn; Alto Simons, Betty; Houston Simpson, Deborah; Sherman Sitton, Randy; Nacogdoches Siwinski, Donna; Corsicana Skinner, Bill; Galena Park Slackney, Suzie; Irving Smith, Linda; Anglelon Smith, Ronda; Lufkin Smith, Ty; Houston Smith, Wanda; Houston Smoak, Dianna; Jefferson Snyder, Michael: Brockport, N. Y. Snyder, Susan; Troup Spearman, Steve; Pittsburg Spencer, Sharon; Houston Sproth, Wythel; Orange Stanley, Linda; New Port Beach, Cat. Steele, Sharon; Marshall Stephenson, Sherry; Mount Pleasant Stifle, Jeff; Deer Park Stifle, Virginia; Deer Park Stokes, James; Corsicana Stone, Jodie; Nacogdoches Stracener, Kathy; Gilmer Strawn, Janet; Bloomington, III. Swanson, Patricia; Anglelon Tappe, Renee; Houston Taylor, Stephen; Center Templeton, John; Houston Terry, Nanette; Lone Star Tharp, Billye; Abilene 296 j (.fit f W s mM w to | f { ill Thibodeaux. Jeanette; Troup Thiels. Jackie; Mexia Thomas. Suzanne; Lufkin Thomas. Viva; Woodsboro Thompson, Pamela; Timpson Thompson. Susan; Houston Tinsley, Gave; Daisetta Tostado. Gloria; Friendswood Trace. LaVonne; Richardson Turner. Donna; Linden Vaden. Cynthia; Dallas Vallancey. Jeff; Greenville Vaughan. Elizabeth; Longvieu Vaughan. James; Clarksville Vaughan. Patricia; Houston Vieregge. Carolyn; Malakoff Vilven. Vickie; Houston Walker. Cynthia; Whilehouse Walker. Cynthia; Houston Walker. James; Crosby Wall. Brenda; Broaddins Wall. Robert; Houston Ward. Kathryn; .Veu Braunfels Warner. Donny; Houston Warren. Sandra; . emstead Watson. Carolyn; Houston Watson, Mary Beth; Houston Webb. Bruce; Mount Enterprise Welch, Shirley; Bandeia Wernette, Lois; Denier, Colo. Westbrook. Marsha; Linden White. Gary ; Midland White. Judy; Tyler While. Michael; Longview White. Stephen; Dallas White. Tina; Lake Jackson Whitley. Eddie; LanevUk Wheeler. Ruthie; Brounfield Wildes. Kathleen; Dallas Wilkins, Rick; Clute Wilkinson. William; Baytoun Williamson. Janet: Fort Worth Wilson, John: Dallas Wilson. Meador; Houston Winborn, Nancy; Houston Witherell, Jim: Lufkin Wittens. Lynne; Dallas Woodling. David; Denton Woodrom, Karen; Port Meches Woods. Sally: Groveton Wright. Camie; Hurst Wullsehleger, Margaret; Dickinson Yarbrough. Linda; Cleveland Yokie, Diedra; LaMarque Young, Thomas: Pittsbury 297 Freshman Class Officers are Karen Cooley, representative; Debbie Morris, repre- sentative; Donn Padgett, vice president; Tom Bowser, president; and Patricia Par- rish, representative. Freshman Favorites are Cindy Butcher and John Macalab. 298 Adams, Cynthia; Houston Adams, Jim; Nacogdoches Adams, Roland; Garland Adams, Vanessa; Fort Worth Adkins, Phyllis; Dallas Albaral, Ronda; LaMarque Albrecht, Helen; LaMarque Alexander, Cathy; Temple Alford, Rudy; Hull Allen, Rodney; Athens Allyn, Michael, Houston Anderson, Randy; Nacogdoches Anderson, Rose; Fort Worth Anderson, Shirley; Lake Jackson Ante, Laura; Houston Ashby, Gloria; Lubbock Atkins, Tommy; Rockwall Ausley, Linda; Mesquite Badeaux, Martha; Houston Baggett, Donnis; Livingston Bailey, Scott; Houston Bailey, Ted; Nocona Baker, Dana; Dallas Ball, Janice; Houston Banman, Rhonda; Mount Vernon Barge, Billy; New Boston Barnes, Lynn; Fort Worth Barnhill, Jan; Houston Barrett, Mary; Dallas Bates, Gene; Bricktown, N. J. Bateson, Rosemary; Cleburne Becker, Larry; Slaton Bello, Jennifer; San Antonio Bello, Joanne; San Antonio Beloate, Kim; Bedford Benoy, Warren; Nacogdoches Benckenstein, Norma;. Beaumont Bills, Scott; Houston Black, Michelle; Snyder Blonstein, Kathy; Kaly Bolian, Patricia; Houston Bond, Debbie; Livingston Boddie, Belinda; Lufkin Boozer, Lynette; Douglass Borchardt, Pamela; Lockport. III. Boren, Patricia; Garland Bowers, Shirley; Port Arthur Box, Vicky; Garland Bradford, Taffi; Dallas Bradley, Ann; Houston Branum, Patricia; Dallas Brimhall, William; Ollon Broberg, Norma; Houston Brooks, Ellis; Sugar Land Brothers, Pam; Piano Broussard, Gary; Beaumont Brown, Dana; Irving Brown, Keith; Richardson Brown, Mark; Spring Browne, Robert; Lancaster Brummett, Kathy; Garland Bruton, Jackie; Poynor Burgess, Theresa; San Antonio Burnett, Quentin; Dallas Burnham, Bonnie; Pittsburg Burns, Coni; Houston Burton, Cindy; Fort Worth Butcher, Cindy; Dallas Butts, Michael; Nacogdoches Byassee, Jon; Marshall Byers, Richard; Nacogdoches Byers, Toni; Nacogdoches Byrd, Debra; Chireno Byrd, James; Gladeuatcr Cain, Michael; Dallas Cannon, Cheryl; Arlington Carson, Tuca; Houston Carter, Doyle; Houston Carter, Sally; Mount Pleasant Castle, Bobby; Houston Castle, Charles; Dallas Chesley, Debbi; Austin Chevalier, Donna; Joaquin Chism, Larry; Grandview Churchill, John; Houston Clark, Ralph; Dallas Claunch, Sherri; Dallas Clements, Anne; Crowley Cleveland, Bruce; Bedford Clifford, Jody; Pearland Clore, Laurie; Harlingen Cohn, Linda; Houston Cole, Judy; Atlanta Coleman, Beth; Ore City Coleman, Bobby; Longview Collins, Sylvia; Nacogdoches Combs, Mildred; Athens Conant, Cheryl; Fort Worth Conner, Linda; Houston Cooley, Karen; Lubbock Cooper, Cathy; Fort Worth Cooper, Lynn; Fort Worth Coston, Carol; Houston Cox, Melissa; Palestine Crampton, Mark; Orange Crawley, Deborah; Mount Pleasant Crook, Tom; Dallas Crow, Christine; Houston Crowley, Maureen; Houston Cummins, Brian; Pearland Curry, Allen; Jacksonville Curry, Sandra; Lancaster Dailey, Christi; Lufkin Daily, Melinda; Dallas Dallas, Carol; Houston Dalzell, Diane; Dallas Damek, Cynthia; Dayton Dana, Dorothy; Fort Worth Davis, Cile; Garland Davis, Janice; Pasadena Davis, Kimberly; Dallas Davis, Phil; Mart Deck, Karen; Richardson Deld, Linda; Fort Worth Dikszas, Marylee; Huffman Dixon, Barbie; Houston Dixon, Dorann; Dallas Dodgen, Susan; Arlington Dodson, Kathy; Clarksville Dornbach, John; Seabrook Drew, Dana; Houston Driskill, Will iam; Crockett Duay, Karen; Houston Duffin, Kathy; Houston Duffy, Paul; Austin Duke, Jerry; Lufkin Dunlap, Athena; Waco Dunn, Debra; Waxahachie Durant, Annell; Galveston Easley, Nancy; Elkhart Eichhorst, Betty; Van Horn Ellis, Betly; Fort Worth Ellis, Patti; Chandler Ellison, Linda; Dallas Elliot, Debbie; Houston Elstad, Susan; Houston Emmons, Julie; Houston Engelhardl, Betty; Lake Jackson Ennis, Reberea; Houston Erwin, Benny; Dickinson Escobar, Pam; Houston Farrell, Ed; Arlington Farris, Maria; Huntsville Feeback, Kevin; Lincoln. Mont. Fields, Lizabeth; Dickinson Fisher, Sam; Beaumont Forward, Richard; Houston Fouts, David; Fort Worth Fralick. Mike; Kaly Frank, Jackson; Mansfield Freeman, Debbie; Richardson Freeman, Lee; Dallas Fridrich, Debbie; Houston Fritch, Billie; LaMarque Frost, Kristin; Fort Worth Gandy, Pam; Mount Vemon Garfield, Donna; Dallas Gattis, Mona; Mesquile Gertz, Susan; Longview Gibbs, Patricia; Houston Gibson, Elaine; Fort Worth Gilbert, Rebecca; Houston Gilder, LaVerne; Lufkin Gipson, Vicki; Irving Glass, Teresa; Dallas Glasse, Colleen; Houston Gloyna, Lisa; Austin Goggans, Mike; Houston Golding, Donna; Marshall Goodman, Cinthia; Richardson Goodrun, Mark; White, Ga. Graham, Robert; Dallas Grass, Randy; Houston Griffith, Jerry; Iming Gross, Pam; Texas City Groves, Becky; Richardson Halbert, Mundina; Ellington AFB Hall, Deborah; Omaha Hall, Sandra; Lufkin Halloran, Tim; San Antonio Hamilton, Michael; Linden Haney, John; Pasadena Hardy, David; Garland Harkreader, Danny; LaMarque Harmeyer, Karen; Dallas Harper, Susan; West Columbia Harrell, Brenda; Lufkin Harris, Deborah; LaMarque Harrison, Linda; Lufkin Hartman, Karen; Pasadena Hartman, Randy; Hurst Hattman, Melissa; Orange Haynes, Richard; Nacogdoches Head, Janet; Fort Worth Heard, Sandra; Houston Hefler, Donna; Hurst Hefner, Sherri; Iri ' ing Helms, Letha; Nacogdoches Hendershot, Robert; Garland Henson, Barbara; Houston Hiatt, Mariann; Richardson. Hight, James; Fort Worth Hill, Debbie; Houston Hillin, Terry; Nacogdoches Hoag, Debbie; Southfield, Mich. Hodges, Martha; Houston Holbrook, Maurine; Houston Holdeman, Carla; El Paso Holliday, Robert; Fort Worth Hodd, Debbie; Orange Hooper, Cynthia; Timpson Hoover, Teresa; Seguin Hopf, Pamela; La Marque Hubenthal, Harry; Fulshear Hudgens, Berky; Grand Prairie Hudman, Ann; Henderson Hudson, Carol; Brownsville Hudson, David; Irving Hudson, Tom; Dallas Hurst, Stephen; De Soto Hutson, Clifford, Rapid City, S. D. Ivy, Gwendolyn; Houston Janacek, Gary; Crosby Jesperson, Carol; Duncanville Johnson, Dwayne; Athens Johnson, Jody; Fairfield, Cal. Johnson, Mare ia; Fort Worth Johnston, Durae; Richardson Jolly, Ann; Fort Worth Jones, Brenda; Daingerfield Jones, Kelly; Arlington Jones, Mary; Texas City Kal uza, Joanne; Timpson Kay, Glenda; Plainview Keetch, Rick; Pasadena Keitz, Karen; Dallas Kennedy, Debra; Longview Kenner, Lotta; Nacogdoches Kent, Sue; Lufkin Kiker, Debbie; Houston Kimmel, Randall; Pasadena Kindle, Kerry; Rockwall King, Jeff; Richardson King, Robert; Corsicana Kinnaird, Stephen; Humble Kirby, Gary; Dallas Kirk, Kathy; McGregor Kistenmae her, Eddie; Dallas Klinkovsky, Barbara; West Columbia Kohlhaas, Jill; Dallas Kridner, Kurt; Houston Kroener, Nanry; Pasadena Krueger, Ernest; Los Rios, Canal Zone Lamb, Cynthia; Beaumont Largent, Carolyn; Dallas Largent, Mary; Fort Worth Larkin, Lillie; Burkeville Lathem, Teresa; Richardson Leach, Regina; Buffalo Leggett, Terry; Joaquin Lemon, Richard; Fort Worth Leonard, Charlotte; Alief Leonard, Julie; Dallas Leverett, Gary; Cypress Lewis, Carol; Houston Loggins, Mary; Piano Logwinuk, Sandra; Houston Long, Cathy; Austin Love, Debbie; Clarksville Lutz, Kathryn; Fort Worth Lyons, Sandra; Quitman MacKeen, Patricia; Texas City Maddoux, Hal; Houston Maeger, Melinda; Arlington Magoulas, Michael; Glen Cove, N. Y. Mahaffey, Jeri; Houston Mahoney, Jim; Richardson Malone, Helen; Dallas Manasco, Ronald; Houston Manchaca, Joe; Nacogdoches Marsellos, Nancy; Lufkin Martin, Robbye; Houston Martin, Sharon; Houston Martin, Teri; Houston 303 Martin, Tommy; Houston Mason, Elizabeth; Newgulf Wf Matthews, Jim; San Antonio J Maxry, Melinda; Houston - Mayfield, Marilyn; Tyler | McAdams, Ann; Houston ' McAtee, Linda; Tylei £ jt B " i ft McBeth, Danny; Mount Pleasant McCarson, Gary; Longiiew McCaw, Alleyne; Dallas McClaran, Marilyn; New Boston McClung, Dan; Fort Worth McClure, Mary; Clear Creek McCormack, Galen; Dallas % : McCuistion, Ann; Forney McDaniel, Charles; Grapeland McElroy, Tommy; Rusk MrGill, George; Dallas Mcintosh, Monica; Houston McKenney, Helen; Baylown McLarry, Sylvia; Arlington McMaster, Kristin; Piano McMillen, Daniel; Carrollton McMurrey, Janet; Houston McWhorter, Karen; La Marque Mehlhorn, Paula; Ann Arbor, Mich. Melton, Tom; Slaton Menefee, Debbie; Orange ■ «» «•» a Meredith, Cindy; Dallas Michalick, Betty; Houston Middleton, Martha; Hempstead Miles, Rebecca; Seabrook Miller, Dale; Plainview Miller, Janet; Longview k Miller, Michelle; Dallas ■Hp ; Miller, Michelle; Houston fth Moffett,; Dallas j T L Monk, Kathleen; Houston — Moore, Craig; Houston Morgan. Carol; Hurst Morris, Gregory; Dallas .flBlk Morris, Keith; Fort Worth f Mi Morris, Melanie; Sour Lake Morris, Sandra; Pasadena Morrison, Susan; Dallas Muckleroy, Douglas; Houston Mueller, Jeri; Humble Murphy; Deborah; Piano Naughton, Elizabeth; Dallas Neal, Lester; Houston Nesti, Richard; Spring Valley, III. Newton, Sara; Houston Nixdorf, Amy; Pasadena Norman, Nancy; Lake Jackson Oliphant, Tommy; Houston Oney, David; Avinger Page, Becky: Raymondville Palmer, David; Marshall Palmore, Mary; Pittsburg Parker, Barbara; Nacogdoches Parker, Katharine; Houston Parker, Laurie; Round Rock Parker, Phyllis; Dallas Parks, Bobby; Dallas Parrish, Patricia; Nacogdoches Paschal, Cynthia; LaMarque Pate, Robert; Beaumont Patterson, Pegie; Center Patton, Beverly; Los Fresnos Pavlicek, Betty; Houston Peteet, Rex; Dallas Peters, Karen; Dallas Petrie, Paula; Holland Petty, Sherry; Tyler Phillips, Carol; Houston Phillips, Cynthia; Dallas Piper, Cornelia; Pharr Plaski, Andrea; Irving Plesala, Connie; Port Arthur Pohly, Pam; Dallas Pool, Susan; Beckville Posey, Patti; Teague Powell, Deborah; Lake Jackson Price, Ronald; Gatesville 305 Pritchett, John; Corpus Christi Pursley, Terri; Houston Pyle, Sally; Marshall Rager, Paula; Longview Raitz, Dave; Fort Worth Raley, Martha; Shreveport, La. Ramsey, Bill; Nacogdoches Rawson, Kathleen; Houston Reddick, Nancee; Richardson Redin, Van; Plainview Reed, Carol; Houston Reinhardt, Diane; Austin Rennels, Douglas; San Antonio Renth, Erie; San Antonio Rhodes, Sean; Austin, Richards, Wellman; Orange Richardson, Cindy; Dallas Richardson, Jane; Houston Richardson, Laura; Dallas Riley, Jennifer; Baytown Roach, Eileen; Fort Worth Roberson, Cindy; Arlington Roberts, Angela; Houston Roberts, Karen; Richardson Robinson, Lee Ann; Dallas Rogers, Carrie; Pampa Rogers, Paula; Richardson Rolf, Debbie; Houston Rollen, Robert; Amarillo Russ, Monette; Teague Russell, Diann; Pittsburg Ryan, Kathryn; Sequin Rybicki, Patrice; Houston Ryder, Byron; Buffalo Schmidt, Neil; Hallettsville Schmidt, Pamela; Houston Scott, Clifford; Haleton Sealey, Wayne; Dallas Selman, Bruce; Dallas Serrato, Marilu; Houston Servles, Chris; Wichita Falls Shaddix, Betty; Pittsburg Sheely, Debra; LaMarque Shepard, George; Lufkin Shields, Jimmy; Nocona Silver, Terri; Houston Simmons, Roxanne; Silsbee Simpson, Daina; Deer Park Skeen, Margaret; Port Lavaca Slaughter, Mona; Dallas Smith, Carol; Lufkin Smith, Charles; San Antonio Smith, Gayle; Dallas Smith, Margaret; Buffalo Smith, Michael; Rockwall Smith, Neil; Jacksonville Smith, Tim; Houston Snill, Frank; Nacogdoches 306 Sorsby, Gale; Houston Sorsby, Sherri; Houston Sparks, Jack; Nacogdoches Spedale, Karol; Houston Speir, Sue; Houston Spivey, Elizabeth; Houston Spurlock, Brenda; Houston Stafford, Sidney; Texas City Stem, Susie; Waco Stengele, Cathy; lining Stevenson, Gordon; San Antonio Stewart, Carl; Cleburne Stovall, Lee; Garland Strange, James; Bossier, La. Sweet, Patty; Grand Prairie Tarbett, Robert; Pasadena Tarry, Steve; Nacogdoches Taylor, Mark; Alius, Oklahoma Taylor, Terrie; Fort Worth Tempel, Arlene; Houston Terry, Winda; Wallisville Thompson, Jerry; Dallas Thompson, John; George West Thompson, John; Breckenridge Thurmon, Denise; Shreveport. La. Tidwell, Janis; Midland Tims, Charles; San Antonio Tindall, George; Galveston Tinney, Donna; Dallas Todd, Tommy; Houston Trimanapunta, Suneeya; Bangkok, Thailand Tuel, Robbie; Gilmer Tunnell, Alice; Frisco Turner, Mike; Houston Urlrick, Jill; Dallas Van Breeman, Buckey; Bridge City Vandiver, James; Snyder Van Riper, Timothy; Houston Varner, Darla; Galveston VonReyn, John; Irving Vyvial, Ronnie; LaMarque Wagman, Lori; Houston Waits, Lenora; Omaha Walker, Billy; Conroe Walker, Pam; Longview Walker, Ronnie; Conroe Washburn, Michael; Newton Wathen, Maribeth; Freeport Watson, Bruce; Corpus Chrisli Watts, Judy; Thornton Welch, Jay; LaMarque Wetmore, Teri; Houston White, Terry; Houston Whitley, Lilann, Banquete Wilemon, Suzanne; Fort Worth Williams, Nancy; Carthage Williams, Rebecca; Houston Williams, Trina; El Paso Windham, Brenda; Carthage Winfrey, Becky; Dallas Winzer, Becky; Winnie Wiswell, Elaine; Austin Works, Elaine; Longview Works, Jeanne; Houston Wright, Karen; Talco Wright, Susan; San Antonio Y ' Barbo, James; Nacogdoches Yost, Tomi; Richardson Young, Frank; Sweetwater In Memoriam Faculty and Staff George Ott Paul Wilson Students Andrew J. Alexander Deanna Bishop James Chance Lynn Coleman James Cowherd Mark Duran Elizabeth Spivey Lewellen Jerry Lewellen Student Index A Ausley, Linda 299 Bello, Jennifer 299 Brady, Joy 269 Abney, Harold 289 Austin, Debi 289 Bello, Joanne 299 Brame, Bobby 269 Abney, Marvin 279 Austin, Larry 279 Beloate, Kim 299 Branum, Patricia 299 Adam, Kenneth 279 Austin, Stephen 289 Belsha, Geraldine 269 Brandesky, Christine 289 Adams, Cynthia 299 Avery, Anne 289 Beisley, Ray 289 Brandesky, Elizabeth 289 Adams, Jim 299 Averett, Marilyn 279 Benckenstein, Norma 299 Brawner, Debbie 289 Adams, Judy 289 B Benckenstein, Stanley 279 Brennan, Alana 279 Adams, Pamela 289 Babcock, Suzanne 289 Bennett, Gregg 269 Bridges, Jackie 279 Adams, Renita 289 Bacon, Doug 289 Benoy, Warren 299 Bridges, Sonia 269 Adams, Roland 299 Badeaux, Martha 299 Benson, Janie 289 Brimhall, William 299 Adams, Vanessa 299 Baggett, Donnis 299 Bergman, Karen 279 Britian, Ricky 289 Adkins, Phyllis 299 Bagley, Betty 279 Bergman, Vicki 269 Britton, Dane 289 Akerman, Dorothy 269 Baier, Bonnie 269 Bertling, Douglas 289 Broberg, Norma 299 Albaral, Ronda 299 Bailey, Connie 289 Bertrand, Ralph 289 Brock, Beverly 269 Albrecht, Helen 299 Bailey, Louise 269 Bettencourt, Becky 269 Brock, John 269 Albright, Johnny 279 Bailey, Scott 299 Bhromchumpa, Samarn 289 Brockman, Hal 289 Alexander, Cathy 299 Bailey, Sharon 279 Bierhalter, Nancy 289 Brothers, Pam 299 Alford, Rudy 299 Bailey, Ted 299 Bills, Joanna 279 Broussard, Gary 299 Alhashimi, Carolyn 269 Baird, Michael 279 Bills, Scott 299 Brown, Albert 289 Allen, Debbie 279 Baker, Dana 299 Bintliff, Michael 267 Brown, Betty 289 Allen, Donald 289 Baker, Sherry 289 Birdsong, James 279 Brown, Dana 299 Allen, Jade 267 Ball, Becky 289 Bishop, Nancy 269 Brown, Darla 269 Allen, Patricia 269 Ball, Janice 299 Bitting, Neal 269 Brown, John 279 Allen, Patsy 289 Ball, John 289 Black, Katherine 279 Brown, Keith 299 Allen, Rodney 299 Ballard, C. L. 279 Black, Michella 299 Brown, Linda 289 Alloway, Jane 289 Ballard, Paul 269 Black, Robert 279 Brown, Madeleine 279 Allyn, Michael 299 Bang, Janet 269 Blackburn, Cheryl 289 Brown, Marilyn 279 Alvarado, Sandy 289 Banman, Rhonda 299 Blackwell, Jerri 289 Brown, Mark 299 Amburgey, Valeria 279 Barbee, Billy 279 Blakeney, Patricia 279 Brown, Martha 279 Anderson, Donald 279 Barclay, Alan 289 Blanchard, Lacey 279 Brown, Mitchell 269 Anderson, George 279 Barfield, Brenda 269 Blankenship, Leann 269 Brown, Steve 279 Anderson, John 279 Barge, Billy 299 Blanton, Lynda 289 Brown, Teresa 269 Anderson, Karen 269 Barber, Karen 279 Blanton, William 279 Brown, Terry 269 Anderson, Randy 299 Barker, Sharon 289 Blaydes, Joan 269 Brown, Vicki 269 Anderson, Robert 269 Barnes, Lynn 299 Blend, Sharon 279 Browne, Robert 299 Anderson, Rose 299 Barney, Bill 279 Blocker, Norene 269 Blonstein, Kathy 299 Anderson, Shirley 299 Barnhill, Jan 299 Bloyd, Ruthanne 289 Brooks, Ellis 299 Andrews, Debbie 279 Barrett, Mary 299 Blust, Mary 269 Broyles, Debbie 279 Andrews, Jeni 289 Barrington, Ronald 279 Boatwright, Margaret 269 Broze, Clarence 279 Andrews, Melinda 289 Bartlett, Nancy 289 Bobbitt, Burnis 279 Bruce, Karen 269 Andrews, Randy 279 Bartling, Eric 269 Boddie, Belinda 299 Brummett, Kathy 299 Ante, Laura 299 Barton, Conway 269 Bolian, Patricia 299 Brunson, James 269 Applegate, Lohren 289 Barton, Richard 289 Bond, Debbie 299 Bruton, Jackie 299 Ardoin, Shirley 289 Bates, Gene 299 Bond, Ellen 279 Bryant, Michael 279 Arens, Diane 289 Bateson, Rosemary 299 Bond, Kathy 289 Bryant, Michael 279 Armstrong, Keren 289 Bauer, Vicki 269 Boozer, Lynette 299 Bryer, Kenneth 289 Armstrong, Mary 279 Beall, Mary 289 Borchardt, Pamela 299 Buchanan, Denice 269 Arnold, Conrad 279 Beall, Rhoda 269 Borchelt, Linda 279 Buchanan, Henry 269 Arnold, Dianne 269 Beames, Shirley 289 Border, David 289 Buller, Randolph 279 Arnold, Leonard 279 Bean, Janice 289 Boren, Patricia 299 Burd, Patricia 269 Arnold, Marlene 269 Beard, Janet 279 Bowen, Nancy 289 Burgess, Theresa 299 Artero, Dolores 269 Beare, Margaret 279 Bowers, Shirley 299 Burk, Kenneth 279 Asbury, Gae 289 Beaty, Barbara 279 Bowland, John 279 Burleson, James 289 Ashburn, Susie 289 Beavers, Randell 269 Box, Vicky 299 Burley, Sylvia 269 Ashby, Gloria 299 Becker, Larry 299 Boykin, Tony 269 Burnett, Dorothy 269 Ashcraft, Roger 269 Beebe, Paul 289 Bozeman, Peggy 289 Burnett, Lyle 269 Asher, Debbie 279 Beekly, Bill 289 Braddock, Ken 289 Burnett, Quentin 299 Atkins, Tommy 299 Beeler, Mary 289 Bradfield, Anna 289 Burnett, Richard 289 Atkinson, John 289 Behr, Jeron 279 Bradford, Taffi 299 Burnham, Bonnie 299 Atkinson, Martin 269 Bell, Chris 289 Bradley, Ann 299 Burns, Coni 299 310 Burns, Connie 279 Cauley, Debbie 290 Burns, Robert 289 Cawthon, Paula 290 Burroughs, Lynn 279 Cerliano, Rebecca 280 Burton, Cindy 299 Chadick, Judy 290 Burton, Sandra 289 Chadwick, Elaine 267 Buse, Kathleen 279 Chafin, Linda 269 Butcher, Cindy 299 Chafin, Scott 269 Butcher, Debbie 279 Chafin, Susan 280 Butler, Ann 269 Chambliss, Christine 269 Butts, Michael 299 Chaney, Pam 290 Byars, Jesse 279 Chapman, Debbie 269 Byars, Jesse 279 Chapman, Dennis 280 Byassee, Jon 299 Chapman, Barbara 290 Byers, Richard 300 Chastain, David 280 Byers, Toni 300 Chastain, Pat 290 Byrd, Debra 300 Chatman, Arnedia 269 Byrd, James 300 Cheaney, Rob 269 Byrd, Lawanna 269 Cherry, Patricia 290 C Chesley, Debbi 300 Cadwalder, Karon 279 Chestnut, Bridget 280 Caffrey, Barbara 269 Chevalier, Donna 300 Cagle, Ronald 289 Chinnis, Diane 270 Cain, Ellen 279 Chism, Larry 300 Cain, Inga 269 Christian, Barney 280 Cain, Michael 300 Christian, Cynthia 270 Caldwell, Cathy 289 Christian, Wayne 280 Calvary, Bennie 289 Churchill, John 300 Cammack, Richard 290 Clapp, Verlan 280 Campbell, Kathy 269 Clark, Carol 290 Campbell, Wendy 269 Clark, Gordon 280 Cangemi, Theresa 279 Clark, Ralph 300 Cannamore, Karen 290 Clarke, Carole 270 Cannon, Cheryl 300 Clarke, Cathleen 290 Cantley, Zeb 269 Claunch, Sherri 300 Canup, Jerry 290 Claybar, Brown 270 Carey, Martha 269 Cleaveland, Cathy 280 Carleton, Skip 269 Cleaver, Marilyn 270 Carlisle, George 269 Clements, Anne 300 Carlson, Marce 290 Clements, Danna 270 Carr, Diane 279 Cleveland, Angela 290 Carrier, Geno 269 Cleveland, Bruce 300 Carroll, Brooke 279 Cleveland, Marilyn 280 Carson, Tuca 300 Clifford, Jody 300 Carter, David 290 Clifton, Horace 270 Carter, Doyle 300 Clore, Laurie 300 Carter, Frank 279 Cloud, Joe 290 Carter, Gary 290 Clower, Linda 270 Carter, James 279 Cochran, Linda 290 Carter, Jerome 269 Cohn, Linda 300 Carter, Nancy 290 Cole, Gerard 270 Carter, Patricia 290 Cole, Judy 300 Carter, Sally 300 Coleman, Beth 300 Carter, Sandra 269 Coleman, Betty 290 Casey, Steve 279 Coleman, Bobby 300 Cason, John 269 Coleman, Cindy 280 Cassity, O. A. 290 Coleman, David 290 Castle, Bobby 300 Collier, Don 290 Castle, Charles 300 Collier, Karen 290 Castleberry, Cooper 279 Collier, Thomas 290 Castloo, Deena 280 Collins, Cathy 280 Cater, Carol 280 Collins, Janie 290 Cates, David 290 Collins, Sylvia 300 Cates, Patsy 280 Colman, Anne 290 Colvin, Carol 290 Dailey, Christi 300 Combs, Mildred 300 Dailey, James 270 Conant, Cheryl 300 Dailey, Kay 280 Condron, Dianna 270 Daily, Melinda 300 Condron, Gary 270 Daly, Ellen 290 Conkright, Robert 270 Dale, Jerry 270 Conner, Linda 300 Dallas, Carol 300 Conner, Pam 280 Dalzell, Diana 300 Connor, Gary 270 Damek, Cynthia 300 Cook, Cynthia 290 Dana, Dorothy 300 Cook, Keith 270 Daniel, Randy 280 Cook, Vicki 290 Daniels, Mary 270 Cooley, Gary 270 Dantzler, Sandy 290 Cooley, Karen 300 Daughtry, Michael 270 Coon, Sylvia 270 David, Julie 290 Cooper, Cathy 300 Davidson, Linda 270 Cooper, Dale 290 Davis, Cile 300 Cooper, Jo 290 Davis, Diann 270 Cooper, Kenneth 280 Davis, Ella 280 Cooper, Lynn 300 Davis, Janice 300 Cooper, Lynn 290 Davis, Kimberly 300 Cope, Carol 270 Davis, Patty 270 Cope, Sunne 280 Davis, Phil 300 Copeland, Larry 280 Dawson, Glenn 290 Corman, Alex 270 Dawson, Jed 267 Cornell, William 290 Day, Janice 270 Cortes, Luis 270 Day, Melinda 290 Cortines, Linda 270 Day, Susan 290 Coston, Carol 300 Deal, Cindy 290 Couchman, Kay 270 Dealy, Tom 270 Coussons, Lynne 290 Dean, Janet 290 Cowand, Pamela 290 Dean, Janet 290 Cowherd, James 280 Deason, Nelda 280 Cox, Cynthia 290 Debney, Dianne 290 Cox, Mellissa 300 Debney, Joanne 290 Crabtree, Leigh 290 Deck, Karen 300 Craddock, Bettye 267 Deld, Linda 300 Craft, Mary 290 Dempsey, Sharron 280 Craig, Susan 290 Denney, Bill 290 Crampton, Mark 300 Denny, Patricia 270 Cravey, Carolyn 280 Deupree, Lin 270 Crawford, John 280 Dewel, Ed 290 Crawford, Thomas 280 DeWitt, Richard 270 Crawley, Deborah 300 Dickey, Champ 280 Crawley, Donna 290 Dickey, Nancy 270 Crisp, Katy 270 Dikszas, Marylee 300 Criswell, Dorothey 290 Dildy, Jan 280 Crook, Tom 300 Dildy, Jenna 280 Crow, Christine 300 Dixon, Barbie 300 Crowell, Joyce 290 Dixon, David 270 Crowley, Maureen 300 Dixon, Dorann 300 Crozier, Ann 270 Dizdak, Martha 280 Cummins, Brian 300 Doan, Malcolm 290 Cummins, Robert 267 Dobbs, Marian 280 Cunningham, Jack 290 Dodgen, Susan 300 Curington, David 280 Dodson, Kathy 300 Curry, Allen 300 Dodson, Ricky 270 Curry, Candace 290 Doering, Randy 290 Curry, Sandra 300 Dominy, Billie 280 Curtis, Douglas 290 Donohue, Jean 270 Curtis, Melinda 270 Dornbach, John 300 Cypert, Alan 270 Dorris, Larry 290 D Dorsey, Debbie 270 Dorsey, Karen 270 Dorsey, Richard 280 Downs, Susan 280 Draper, Patricia 290 Drew, Dana 300 Drew, Dorothy 280 Driskill, William 300 Duay, Karen 300 Dudley, Al 280 Due, Wanda 270 Duffin, Kathy 300 Duffy, Paul 300 Duke, Jerry 300 Dulong. Marsha 270 Dulong, Peter 270 Duncan, Chester 290 Duncan, Gayle 280 Duncan, John 280 Dunham, Denise 280 Dunlap, Athena 300 Dunlap, Charlotte 290 Dunn, Debra 300 Dunn, Kathie 290 Dunning, Deborah 270 Dunning, Suellen 290 Durant, Annell 300 Durrett, Jackie 270 Durrett, James 270 Dyas, Carol 270 Dyas, Fred 270 Dyes, Edgar 270 Dyes, Linda 290 Dykes, Beverly 280 E Easley, Linda 280 Easley, Nancy 300 Edmonds, Fred 270 Edmondson, Gary 270 Edmons, Carolyn 280 Edwards, Kathy 280 Egan, Dee 270 Egger, Debby 291 Eichhorst, Betty 301 Elder, Barbara 291 Elliot, Debbie 301 Ellis, Betty 301 Ellis, Patti 301 Ellison, Linda 301 Ellison, Louise 280 Elmore, Beverly 291 Elstad, Susan 301 Emerson, Linda 270 Emmitte, Denise 291 Emmons, Julie 301 Engelhardt, Betty 301 England, Liz 280 English, Laura 270 Enloe, Charles 291 Enloe, Thomas 291 Ennis, Rebecca 301 Erdmann, Deanne 270 Erwin, Benny 301 Escobar, Pam 301 Eth ridge, Eugene 280 Everett, Mona 270 Everett, Susie 291 Exley, Claire 291 F Fain, Danny 280 Faircloth, Wayne 280 Farmer, Edward 291 Farrell, Ed 301 Farris, Cyncha 270 Farris, Maria 301 Faulkner, Alice 280 Feeback, Kevin 301 Feistel, Robert 267 Feistel, William 280 Feyrer, Sandra 270 Fields, Lizabeth 301 Fink, Delores 270 Fink, Gary 291 Finley, Michael 280 Finigan, Grant 270 Fisher, Rick 291 Fisher, Sam 301 Fisher, Sharon 267 Fisher, Teresa 280 Fitzgerald, Susan 291 Fitzhugh, Ginger 291 Fleck, Sherley 280 Fleming, Randal 270 Fleming, Rebecca 267 Fletcher, Patricia 280 Fletcher, Wardaleen 280 Flournoy, Ronnie 270 Flynn. Bill 280 Folger, Nancy 270 Forbes, Jerry 291 Ford, David 291 Forman, Georgiana 291 Forney, Lynn 280 Fortney, Charles 270 Fortney, Cynthia 270 Forward, Richard 301 Foster, Betty 270 Foster, Kathryn 291 Foster, Ken 270 Foster, Nancy 271 Fouts, David 301 Fraim, Melanie 280 Fralick, Mike 301 Frank, Jackson 301 Frank, Tony 291 Franke, Diana 271 Franklin, Janice 291 Frazier, Alys 291 Frazier, Norma 271 Freeman, Cheryl 271 Freeman, Debbie 301 Freeman, Lee 301 French, Brenda 271 Frick, Patty 291 Fridrich, Debbie 301 Frierson, Shannon 291 Fries, Michael 280 Fritch, Billie 301 Froling, Carleen 280 Frost, Kristin 301 Fuller, Bob 271 Fullinwider, Jay 280 Fullinwider, Ranson 271 Fulton, Jan 291 G Gambrell, Leo 280 Gandy, Pam 301 Gann, Allen 280 Garfield, Donna 301 Garrett, Jerry 291 Garrison, Elaine 280 Garrison, Gary 291 Gary, Sheryl 291 Gattis, Mona 301 Gattshall, Dorothy 271 Gauerke, Beth 291 Gaylor, Leon 267 Geddie, Dawson 280 Gee, Frances 280 George, Barbara 281 George, Joyce 271 Gerringer, Ronald 271 Gertz, Paul 271 Gertz, Susan 301 Gholston, James 281 Gibbs, Patricia 301 Gibson, Elaine 301 Gibson, Mark 281 Gibson, Robert 281 Gilbert, Rebecca 301 Gilder, LaVer ne 301 Gillespie, Danny 281 Gilliam, Charles 291 Gilmour, Bruce 271 Gilstrap, Patricia 281 Gimble, Marsha 271 Gindorf, Glenna 271 Ginn, Betty 281 Gipson, Vicki 301 Glass, Teresa 301 Glasse, Colleen 301 Glenn, Clovis 281 Gloyna, Lisa 301 Godfrey, Don 291 Goggans, Mike 301 Golding, Donna 301 Gonzales, Joe 271 Gonzales, Madeline 267 Gooch, Claris 281 Goode, Linda 291 Goodman, Cinthia 301 Goodrum, Phil 271 Good run, Mark 301 Goodrich, Jim 267 Goodwin, Bill 281 Goodwin, Gail 271 Goolsby, Gaylon 281 Gordner, Wayne 291 Gore, Judy 281 Gosdin, Cherie 271 Gotcher, Cary 291 Gotcher, Cary 291 Gotcher, Vickie 291 Grabein, Jacquline 291 Graham, Robert 301 Grass, Randy 301 Gray, Pam 281 Green, Harold 281 Green, James 291 Green, Jo 271 Greening, Robert 291 Greenwood, Joyce 281, 271 Gregg, Judy 291 Griffin, Lorraine 281 Griffin, Teresa 291 Griffith, Jerry 301 Grillet, Darleen 291 Grissom, Monte 291 Griswold, Kay 291 Groce, William 271 Grosjean, Gerould 271 Gross, Pam 301 Groves, Becky 301 Grunert, James 271 Guess, Eddie 291 Gunter, Lucy 291 H Hagemeier, Marvin 291 Hagen, Carl 291 Hagler, Larry 271 Hail, Maribeth 271 Hairgrove, Janice 291 Halbert, James 271 Halbert, Julie 271 Halbert, Mundina 301 Halbrook, Kay 271 Halbrooks, Tommy 271 Hale, Judith 271 Haley, Kay 281 Hall, Deborah 301 Hall, Georganna 281 Hall, Mike 281 Hall, Sandra 301 Halloran, Tim 301 Halsell, Ernest 291 Hamberlin, Gail 281 Hamilton, Michael 301 Hamm, Thomas 281 Hammond, Lora 281 Hammons, Susie 271 Hamon, Susan 291 Hand, Bruce 281 Haney, Cindy 281 Haney, Diane 281 Haney, John 301 Haney, Mike 271 Haney, Pat 291 Hanks, Joyce 271 Hanson, Carolyn 281 Hanson, Richard 291 Hanzel, Karen 271 Hardin, Theresa 271 Harding, Kathy 281 Hardy, David 301 High, Brinda 272 Hurst, James 281 Jousan, Beverly 292 Hardy, Geraldean 291 Hight, James 302 Hurst, Stephen 302 Jousan, Frank 292 Harkreader, Danny 301 Hile, Hillary 291 Hutson, Clifford 302 Joyner, Kathie 282 Harmeyer, Karen 301 Hill, Debbie 302 Hybner, Frances 281 K Harper, Susan 301 Hill, Harvey 291 Hyden, Richard 281 Kahlden, Bob 272 Harrell, Brenda 301 Hill, Kay 281 I Kaler, Jeff 292 Harrington, Abbie 271 Hill, Kevin 291 Idom, Jennifer 281 Kaluza, Joanne 302 Harris, Cindy 281 Hill, Randy 272 Ihnfeldt, Beverly 267 Karrer, Linda 292 Harris, Debbie 271 Hill, William 272 Ingram, Barbara 267 Kay, Glenda 302 Harris, Deborah 301 Hillin, Terry 302 Irby, Doris 272 Keasler, Victor 282 Harris, Fonda 271 Hines, Georgia 272 Irvine, Claudia 272 Keetch, Rick 302 Harris, Newton 271 Hines, Kathy 291 Iversen, Fredrikke 292 Keeton, Carol 272 Harris, Rebecca 271 Hoag, Debbie 302 Ives, Harold 272 Keitz, Karen 302 Harrison, Carol 271 Hodges, Martha 302 Ivy, Gwendolyn 302 Kellum, Becky 272 Harrison, Linda 301 Hoffman, Thomas 281 J Kellum, Dan 292 Harrod, Dianna 281 Hohl, Susan 292 Jackson, Boyd 292 Kelly, Pam 282 Harry, David 281 Holbrook, Maurine 302 Jackson, Francis 292 Kennedy, Bonnie 292 Hart, Greg 291 Holdeman, Carla 302 Jackson, Katherine 281 Kennedy, Debra 302 Hart, James 281 Holder, Arnold 281 Jackson, Phyllis 292 Kennedy, Patty 282 Hartman, Karen 301 Holland, Jim 272 Jackson, Ralph 292 Kennedy, Randell 292 Hartman, Randy 301 Holland, Joe 281 Jackson, Sally 281 Kenner, Lotta 302 Harty, Tim 291 Holland, Larry 272 Jackson, Vicki 272 Kenner, Sheila 292 Hartz, Steve 281 Holland, Peggy 272 James, John 272 Kent, Sue 302 Harvey, Ira 271 Holland, Phillip 281 Janacek, Gary 302 Kidd, Evelyn 292 Hash, Bill 291 Holley, Laura 292 Jarvis, Laura 272 Kiker, Debbie 302 Hattman, Melissa 301 Holiday, Robert 302 Jeffress, Charles 267 Kilgore, Barry 272 Hawkes, Janie 291 Holloway, Marilyn 281 Jenkins, Buddy 272 Kimmel, Randall 302 Hawkes, Michael 271 Holm, Leslie 292 Jennings, Carol 281 Kindla, Kerry 302 Hayes, James 271 Holm, Lynne 281 Jenson, Linda 292 Kindrick, Robert 282 Haynes, Marjorie 291 Holmes, Kathy 292 Jernigan, Denny 281 King, Jeff 303 Haynes, Richard 301 Holt, Bill 272 Jesperson, Carol 302 King, Karen 282 Hay, Fred 281 Holton, Jim 281 Jesse, Meg 292 King, Marlene 272 Hayes, Jackie 281 Homeyer, Becca 281 Jewett, Charles 292 King, Paul 267 Head, Janet 301 Hood, Debbie 302 Jobe, Bobby 281 King, Robert 303 Heard, Sandra 301 Hooker, Janie 281 Johnson, David 281 King, Sandra 282 Hearon, Maria 291 Hooper, Cynthia 302 Johnson, Debbie 292 Kinnaird, Stephen 303 Heasley, Carol 281 Hoover, Teresa 302 Johnson, Dickey 281 Kinnison, Darla 282 Hedrick, Janette 291 Hopf, Pamela 302 Johnson, Dwayne 302 Kionm, John 292 Hefler, Donna 301 Hopkins, Rick 281 Johnson, Jerry 272 Kirby, Gary 303 Heflin, Robert 271 Hopkins, Rhonda 292 Johnson, Jody 302 Kirby, Kay 282 Hefner, Sherri 301 Hopson, John 272 Johnson, Kenneth 281 Kirby, Lawrence 272 Heinen, Mary 291 Horn, Barbara 292 Johnson, LaWonda 267 Kirk, Kathy 303 Helm, Derrell 271 Horn, Karl 281 Johnson, Marcia 302 Kirkland, Bet 272 Helm, Lee 291 Horton, Kathy 281 Johnson, Merle 272 Kirkland, Don 272 Helms, Letha 301 Howard, Patricia 272 Johnson, Penny 292 Kirkland, Donald 282 Hendershot, Robert 301 Howard, Terry 292 Johnston, Durae 302 Kistenmacher, Eddie 303 Henderson, Debby 291 Howard, William 292 Jolly, Ann 302 Kitchings, Linda 282 Henderson, Kenneth 281 Howell, Bill 272 Jones, Brenda 302 Kittrell, Cyndy 282 Henderson, Pam 281 Hubenthal, Harry 302 Jones, Charles 267 Klein, Cordell 272 Henley, Linda 291 Huber, Marlene 272 Jones, David 282 Klinkovsky, Barbara 303 Henry, Cheryl 291 Huckins, Kay 281 Jones, Herbert 272 Knapp, Mary 282 Henry, Joy 271 Hudec, Pamela 281 Jones, Jacqueline 292 Kneese, Beverly 272 Henry, Pamela 291 Hudgens, Becky 302 Jones, Jan 282 Koch, Carolyn 267 Henry, Yvonne 281 Hudman, Ann 302 Jones, Jayne 282 Kohlhaas, Jill 303 Hensley, Robert 281 Hudnall, Donna 292 Jones, Jim 272 Kolvoord, Linda 292 Hensley, Robert 271 Hudson, Carol 302 Jones, Jolene 282 Kovar, Linda 292 Henson, Brenda 301 Hudson, David 302 Jones, Kelly 302 Krenz, Robbynn 292 Henson, Marvin 271 Hudson, June 272 Jones, Lawrence 272 Kridner, Kurt 303 Henson, William 281 Hudson, Tom 302 Jones, Mary 302 Krieger, George 292 Herndon, Boyd 272 Hudspeth, Michael 272 Jones, Nanci 282 Kroener, Nancy 303 Herrin, Virgle 291 Hull, Dinah 292 Jones, Rosalind 282 Kroschel, Forrest 282 Heslop, Ann 267 Humphrey, Don 281 Jones, Wayne 282 Krudicka, Julie 282 Hiatt, Mariann 302 Hunter, Celia 281 Jostes, Lynn 292 Krueger, Ernest 303 Kubala, Judy 272 I orehn Michael 293 1 .1 ' 1 ' till, .VIM 1 kl ' 1 «— - ' Matthpws lim S04 IVld I lilt W J 1 1 1 1 -J v r Mcl uachlin Rndnev 273 I ' l Vi L LidV 1 1 1 1 1 1 , llUUIICy 1 J Kubala, Kay 292 I ot Cindv 293 Matlick Michael 273 . » 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 t . 1(111 IluCI — i ■ ' Mcl erov Fd 293 . ' i ' i i i j y , i . " i ' ■ i Kudla, Beth 292 I ove Debbie 303 Mav v MplinHa 04 IVld Al y, IVlt.. 1111 lid uut McMakin Dollie 283 lilt. llldlWII, 1 " II 1 M )■ I Kuznoff, Lynn 272 Love, Jimmy 267 Maxwell loe 293 McManus Brenda 283 » 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 . 17 1 ! 1 1 VJ CI 4iUU L I nwc [prilvn 2 .i 1 j w w v ji i ii y ii — i i Mavben Vicki 283 ITldyDt 11, V 1 ' r 1 .K)- f McManus Charles 983 IVlt lVldllllo, ' ,1 lit 1 1 ' . } Lacewell, Mec 282 Lowe, Kristy 293 Mavfipld Marilvn 304 ivi d y 1 1 1. 1 ti , ividiiiyii ■ ' r MrMa tpr Kristin " 04 U1L Iflaolt 1 , IV I lollll (JV r Lacy, Nancy 282 Lowry , Li nda 293 Mavfi limmv 27H ividyij, jiiiiiiiy — ' ' McMeans Carnlvn 983 ivit ivic-a i is, _id i yj i y ii — ( )■ t Laird, William 272 Lucas Baker 273 M r A d a m s Ann 04 ITU 1 tld 1 1 1 . , illlll tJV T McMears Robert 973 lVll.,iVlCdI S, IVULICI I — i ■ y Lalumandier, Harry 292 J upas RillvP 7.i McAdams Diane 9 R3 1 VI _, i 1 d 1 1 1 c i , 1 J 1 a 1 1 C _ J ' J MrMillpn Danipl 04. IVlClVllllCUf L dIllt:l c t T - Lamb, Cynthia 303 Lucas, Larry 282 MrAnallv Mplanip 27 IVK llldliy, HH lalllL .— I j Mr Mnrrfw la npt 04 ivit. ivimicy, jdiici jvtt Lamberth, Nancy 282 Lucius, Beth 293 McAnallv Sherrv 283 iviv iiidiiy, uiiLi i y — » ■ McNahh 1 enn 283 IVlt,. 1 1 d UU, LC IIII J—VJiJ Landrum, Tnsha 272 Luddecke Sarah 273 MrAlpp T inda " 304. I ' ll lU t , I j 1 I I " 1 . 1 J V r McNutt Rill 283 71 1 .Mill. 17111 Lane, Raymond 272 Lunsford Charlotte 283 McBeth, Danny 304 MrOnppn Maro arpt 20 IVlt yUH II, . V 1 1 1 [ i_ -.i 1 i y J Langford, Marlyn 273 Lutz, Kathryn 303 McCall, Gordon 293 McWhorter, Karen 304 Langley, John 282 Lynch, Carol 293 McCallister, Lois 293 Meadows, Cindy 283 Langston, Carolyn 282 Lynch, Kathleen 283 McCanly, Deborah 273 Mpans Oail 27 . ' 1 ' .1 1 1- . _7dll j— 1 - r Langston, Suzy 282 Lyons, Sandra 303 McCarson Garv 304 Mechler Susan 273 Lapiana, Steve 292 M McCarthy, Brent 293 Mechler, Floyd 273 LaPorte, Cindy 273 Maaskant Barbara 267 McCarlv Donna 273 iilLVjal I y , l_ lilllld I J MeHford lerrv 27S ivit3t_iit7iti, jn i y — i - 1 Largent, Carolyn 303 Mabry, Sue 293 McCarlv Mollv 9 fi7 Ith Vjd i Ly , ivi tj 1 1 y — Medlin Done 283 . ' 1 ' ' Mill. 1 " M 1 i_ I - ' Largenl, Mary 303 Mace, John 293 McCaw, Alleyne 304 Meeee, Ro er 273 Larkin, Lillie 303 MacKeen, Patricia 303 MrClaran Marilvn " 304 ITU Idldll, LTiai UY 11 ' yv T Mehlhorn, Paula 304 Larkins, Ernest 292 Maddoux, Hal 303 McClelland Alice 293 1 ' ' . 1 ' 1 1 ■ 1 1 1 ' 1 , J11H i _ i Melton, Tom 304 Lathem,Teresa 303 Maedgen, Mary 283 McClendon Wanda 273 Mpmnrpnn I omas v 7 Latimer, Teresa 292 Maeger, Melinda 303 McClung, Dan 304 Menefee Debbie 304 Lawler, Tommy 293 Magoulas, Michael 303 McClure Marv 304 lilt. Vji U 1 I , lilul y UvTT Menke Kalhrvn 273 , v i ' i i r • . 1 VU iiiiyii i 1.7 Lawrence, Letha 282 Mahaffey, Jeri 303 Mr fnn Icpv David ?7 1T1 1 v_yi ) 1 1 r ' y , 1 ' ex v lyi _ ■ ■ ' Mens? Mark 293 . ' i lip,, ividirw — ' ■ ' Layne, Lynda 293 Mahaffey, Mark 273 McConnell, Terry 283 Mpn tpa nan Ma rv 27. . i i i i " i.i i i • 1 1 1 , niui y — i ■ Layne, Lynda 282 Maher, Carol 283 MrCnrmai ' k Calen 304- iTit i iiidt iv, vjan. ii .J v y r Meredith Cindv 304 ivit, ' I cu 1 1 1 1 , jiiitiy kj jt Leach, Regina 303 Maher, Pat 283 MfCf rmarlc Nancv 28. Hit Vvtii iiidt i , 1 1 a i n y tii u Meredith, Dean 273 Lee, Billy 282 Mahoney, Jim 303 McCorm tCf Sherry 273 Messer, Beth 283 Lee, David 273 Mahrer James 283 IUi ' 1 nrn 1 1 Ann If Tim iti t . vjtj i t j u yjy id 1 1.-, i iiii — . • Metealf, Sally 274 Lee, Lynda 282 Mallard, George 273 Mrfnwn Marv 27 1 1 1, VjtJ yy ii, niai y — i ■ Metcalf Susan 274 Leggett, Terry 303 Mallorv Clvde 293 IVlt y , lt liyt_d. — i - Metteaner Melinda 274. Ill II 1 .IIII 1 , 1 1 IP I.I —It Leleux, Gregory 282 Malone Helen 303 MrPni tion Ann 04. ITU _i LI 1 3 I l J 1 1 , illlll Uv T Michalick, Betty 304 Leimgbrubler, Julie 293 Manasco Ronald 303 Mi Diniel Charles 304 IVlt LJdlilK 1, ' .lilt IC? . J T T Michel, Carlos 274 Lemon, Richard 303 Mirvivi Cloriji 9iS . 1 . 1 1 1 . 1 v 1 .. 1 .7 ' ' 1 I . 1 ' i i MrDnrisIn Rathlppn 2ft 1V1( 1 ' 1 Mid Ml, Ivdl 1 11 Kr 1 _ )- ) Michel Deborah 283 . ' III In 1. 1 " IM ' I .111 Leonard, Charlotte 303 Manchaca, Joe 303 McDonald Susan 283 Iflt 1 " ' ll-l I ' l. ' 1 1 Ll 1 1 -U ' 1 Middleton, Ginger 283 Leonard, Julie 303 Mangham, Gail 283 McDowell, Jerry 283 Middleton, Glenda 293 Lester, Keith 282 Mann Darwin 293 McFhov Randv 273 ' 1 1 i ' 1 1 1 ' v . ltdiit.iy i ■ Middleton Martha 304 Leverett, Gary 303 Marinko, Marilyn 267 IVlfK Irnv Tnmmv S04. Middleton Roeer 283 . T 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 ' 1 ' ' 1 1 , 1 " ' 1 ,1 1 wl |i 1 Lewellin, Dianna 282 Marsellos, Nancy 303 Mr(.ancfnpv la mpt I ivic vjd ug 1 1 c y , jdiiitr? — i ■ Miffl Kathv 274 . ' 1 1 i- 1 . ivd li i y —it Lewis, Carol 303 Marsh, Brenda 293 n lfiwf o (wW i nnnlvn }{ " 1 MilpK Oporjrp 2Q4 IVlIltJo, v Cf 1 fct. Jx Lewis, Johnny 293 Marsh, Jov 283 McC.chee Don 273 l»lt VJ( lit t , LJ H1 j— I Miles Kav 274 Lewis, Nancy 273 Marshall, Bonnie 283 McGill Georee 304 lilt ' fill, VJvUI - J Vy i Miles, Rebecca 304 Lewis, Norma 282 Martin, Danny 273 Ivl ( 1 ' i rin Ma rtri ipri t P H 1 11 V 7 idrinUII, iTidifc utiin — ' ■ ' Miller Allen 274 IVllllt. I, . 1 1 ' 1 1 — 1 I Liebrum, Michael 282 Martin Kathv 283 ividi 1111, i au i ji y.f s MrfwMiMrirL Sharon 2ftS Miller Barbara 274 » 1 1 1 1 ' i , 1.7 cl 1 l a. id . — i v Lindemann, Jeff 282 Martin, Kitty 293 ]Vi , l.rp-(yor I aura rS " S IVlt ' ' I C tU 1 , I " 1 U 1 d — ' ■ ' Miller, Carole 283 Lindenberger, Gary 293 Martin Rita 273 1V1 I1111, 1 11 lu —1-7 MpT nlrmh Mrin ira 04. 11 1 1 IIMI ' M. 1 VI U 1 1 It., a. ' . f X.rY Miller, Dale 304 Littleton, Carolyn 282 Merlin Rohhve 303 IVldl till. 1 lt.1 UJJ y tr JyJ IVm !• i m c a t 1 Ii ■ i ■ 1 f»f I ivit j liiibf y , i_ t-t i_.t:c _ i Miller Debbie 294 1 VI 1 1 1 1 I , 1-7 1 IHJI _ 7t Livesay, Debbie 293 Martin, Robert 293 McKav Carol 283 ivn i d y , " .. ii i t t i j Miller, Janet 304 Livingston, Kenneth 293 Martin Sharon Ivldlllll, I I ■ I I • ' I I . 7 7 •. 7 IVTrlCp nnp v Hplpn 04- ivn i .t iiii ' y, lit it 11 jvt Miller, John 294 Loftin, Pam 282 Mirtin Teri 303 1V1( Ivt ll .H , Jdl K iOu Miller Michelle 304 1V1 1 1 It 1 , 1V1IV lit lit aV I Loggins, Mary Anne 303 Martin Tornrnv 04 lllul Mil. 1 IJIIIIlly . J V MiKen ie Kathleen 293 Miller Michelle 304 Villi ' 1 , 111 H IH 11 . ' J J I Loggins, Sherry 282 Marlino loe 9 83 " (ill 1 III ' ' . .1 ' " . — t ■ i ivit rvt njit , r din i- 7 j Miller Paul 274 Villi ' 1 , 1 dLil — ' I Logwinuk, Sandra 303 Mascorro Maurice 283 McKinnev Chuck 273 1V1 1 1 1 1 1 II v . VjllUt.K _ i . Miller, Wynema 283 Lokey, Gaye 293 Mason Elizabeth 304 McKinnev Cinnv 20 ivn rvniiit y, _ 1 1 it j y j j Millican Glenda 284 1V11II1V dll, V lullUO «I7t Lomax, Penny 293 Mason Frnp l ' Q iildoui i, I j i in ni y ._7 lvi c rv i Milt y , ud v i u — ■ ■ Millitran Sharon 2fS7 . ' 1 1 1 1 It tl II, OlldltMl yJ 1 Long, Cathy 303 Massie, Jeffrey 293 AA ck ' inni ' V rirTi ' P 27 ivK ivimit y, uidic - — t • » Minatra Sandra 284 iviiiidlid, ijainii u t-UT Long, Jimmy 273 Masters, David 293 McKinnev Nancv 293 iviviviiiiity, i lain y s vj Minter, Dorothy 284 Long, Julie 293 Mata Maria, Cristina 293 McKnight, Lois 293 Mirabel la, Dana 294 Longmire, Rob 273 Mathis, Timothy 283 McLain, Larry 273 Mirabella, Ronald 284 Lopez, Winnie 282 Matlock, Byron 283 McLarry, Sylvia 304 Mitchell, Darlene 294 314 Mitchell, Linda 294 Nelson, Sally 294 Parker, Katharine 305 Poynter, Janet 274 Moffett, Melody 304 Nesti, Richard 305 Parker, Laurie 305 Pratt, Kathleen 295 Molis, Angie 274 Neubrand, Thomas 274 Parker, Phyllis 305 Prestridge, Jane 295 Molis, Linda 284 Newkirk, Chris 294 Parker, Rhonda 284 Price, Kay 274 Monk, Kathleen 304 TVT C 1 A INewman, bandra 2 4 Parker, Tommy 284 Price, Ronald 305 Monte, Barbara 274 IV T I I 1 1 A Newsom, Holly 274 Parker, Wendy 284 Prince, Cheryl 295 Monte, Larry 274 TVT rv L 1 A Newsome, Deborah 274 Parker, William 284 Prichett, John 306 Montgomery, Ann 284 Newton, Cecil 274 Parkins, Mark 294 Prouty, Tom 274 Montgomery, Ann 284 TVT T 1 O A Newton, David 274 Parks, Bobby 305 Pruett, Carol 285 Montgomery, Carolyn 274 Newton, Sara 305 Parrish, Patricia 305 Pruitt, Charlotte 295 Moody, Belinda 294 TVT CI A Newton, Sharon 274 Paschal, Cynthia 305 Puckett, Steve 295 Moon, Janice 274 Ng, Dominic 284 Paslay, Mike 294 Pugh, Cole 274 Moore, Barbara 294 TVT ' 1 1 PI 1 . f A Nichols, Sharlene 284 Pate, Robert 305 Pugh, George 285 Moore, Craig 304 TVT " 1 TT 1 OA A INickerson, Brenda 2v4 Pate, Virginia 284 Pursley, Terri 306 Moore, Deane 274 TV T • 1 C A " s r— Nixdorf, Amy 305 Patterson, Pegie 305 Purvis, Gloria 274 Moore, Larry 284 iv t i r p oo a Nixdorf, Susan 284 Patton, Beverly 305 Putney, Karen 295 Moore, Lynn 274 Noble, Laura 274 Paumarozzi, Jane 295 Pyle, Sally 306 Morris, Melanie 305 Noble, Lonnie 294 Pavlicek, Betty 305 Moore, Midge 294 TVT 1 J II " OA A Noland, Julie 294 Paw ley, Jerel 284 Quinn, David 295 Morris, Sandra 305 TVT 1 TO 1 t A Nolen, Barbara 294 Paxon, Jim 274 R Moorman, Margaret 294 TVT AH ' 1 1 OO A Noonan, Michael 284 Payne, Lavisa 295 Rager, Paula, 306 Morgan, Annita 284 TVT TVT onr Norman, Nancy 305 Payne, Phyllis 274 Rain, Richard 274 Morgan, Carol 304 IV T « j 1 00 A Norns, Cathy 294 Peabody, Jody 295 Raitz, Dave 306 Morlock, Mary 274 Norris, Jeremiah 274 Pearce, Karen 284 Raley, Martha 306 Morris, Deborah 294 TVT .1 ii If OO A Northcutt, Kernie 284 Pechacek, Edmund 295 Ramirez, Isabel 274 Morris, Gregory 304 Nottingham, Marjorie Z 4 Peddy, Patricia 274 Ramsey, Bill 306 Morris, Keith 304 TVT 1 TTV L 1 0 7 A Novak, Deborah 274 Peirce, Janet 295 Range, Caren 295 Morrison, Gene 274 TVT 1 TT L OA A iiunley, Kebecca Z94 Pellerin, Linda 295 Rawson, Kathleen 306 Morrison, Susan 305 TVT rv 1 l ■ on A Nusom, Debbie 294 Peoples, Sandidge 284 Ray, Carol 274 Morse, Tommy 284 TVT I 1 OO A Nutt, Fred 284 Perkins, Richard 295 Ray, James 274 Morykwas, Alexa 294 Perritte, Jerry 274 Raymer, Donna 285 Moses, Mike 294 Oates, Sherri 274 Perry, Richard 274 Reagan, Karolyn 295 Mosier, Charles 294 Och, Patty 294 Peteet, Rex 305 Rector, Thomas 274 Moss, Bill 284 Oden, Gloria 294 Peters, Karen 305 Reddick, Nancee 306 Motley, Elizabeth 284 Odom, Gail 274 Petrie, Catherine 295 Redin, Van 306 Mott, Barbara 294 J jr , 1 On A Ogden, Kathy 294 Petrie, Paula 305 Redmon, Cynthia 285 Moughon, Daniel 294 s 1 l TV 7 -11 O A Olhausen, William 274 Petty, Sherry 305 Reed, Carol 306 Mount, Pat 294 " VI " 1 T 1 OOP " Oliphant, lommy 305 Phillips, Carol 305 Reed, Grady 274 Muckleroy, Douglas 305 Olsen, Ann 284 Phillips, Cindy 295 Reed, Marshall 285 Muckleroy, Donna 20 i V 1 A OO A Olver, Anne 284 Phillips. Cynthia 305 Reedel, Lee 275 H H 1 A C V " T A Muecke, Annette 274 s t • i one Oney, David 305 Phillips, John 274 Reese, David 274 M 1 AX O A Muecke, Monte 274 s i ! ■ . i on a Ormand, Kathy Z94 Phi I pot, Bobby 274 Reeves, Gwynne 275 AH 11 Z " 1 1 Ofl A Mueller, Olenn Z94 Osborne, Lathy Z 4 Phipps, Larry 274 Reeves, Sally 275 At ii t ■ one Mueller, Jen ,305 Oswald, Katnna Zv4 Piatek, Denise 284 Ryan, Charles 285 A t 1 1 " A on A Mulhns, Ann 294 , TO, 1 L ClOA Otto, Deborah zo4 Picus, Gerald 284 Ryan, Kathryn 306 Tl It J 1 S O T 4 Murdock, Karen 274 s TV T o Ci A Owen, Nancy 284 Pierce, Leba 295 Ryan, Michael 296 AK T 1 on 1 Mureen, Uebra 294 t r ■ 1 1 o o i Owens, Bill 284 Pierpont, Philip 295 Ryan, Sandy 275 Murphy, Deborah 305 Owens, Geraldine 284 Pinkston, Martha 274 Rybicki, Patrice 306 A urnliii I 1 , . , 1 0 7 1 iviurpny, Leland Z 4 Owens, Nancy 284 Pintsch, Lynda 295 Ryder, Byron 306 AH L. T c f a Murphy, lerrence 294 Owens, Sarah 274 Piper, Cornelia 305 S 1 I OO A Murray, Dan 2o4 Oyler, Janet 274 Plaski, Andrea 305 Saatkamp, Peggy 285 1 I _ 0 7.1 Murray, Lana 2 4 P Plessala, Connie 305 Sadler, James 296 IN TO 1 1 1 TVT I OO A Paddock, Nada 294 Pohly, Pam 305 Sager, Steve 275 II CL 1 1 OO A INalley, Shirley 284 TO TO 1 OO P Page, Becky 305 Pool, Susan 305 Saigling, Margaret 285 fNaughton, Elizabeth 305 TO t 1 OO A Page, Gloria 284 Porter, Eleanor 274 Salmon, Barry 285 liavarre, Kandy Zo4 to | i • j one Palmer, David 305 Porter, Elizabeth 274 Sanders, Nellie 275 lieal, Danny z94 JO I K OOP " Pal more, Mary 305 Porter, Myrtie 295 Sandland, Linda 296 lieal, George z74 TO 1 1 1 l 0 7 A Palsha, Charyl 274 Ponder, Doug 284 Sanford, Larry 275 M «l I „ , one Ileal, Lester J05 TO J TO , . • A Pardo, Patti 274 Poole, Don 284 Sartor, Thomas 285 ileal, Dandra Z 4 Parish, Cathy 294 Posey, Patti 305 Saunders, Richard 267 I ' teese, rvicnaro rark, iviarcia Z{y+ Poulos, Bryan 285 Savard, Tom 285 Neff, Cecilia 274 Parker, Ann 294 Powell, Deborah 305 Sawyer, Ann 275 Nelms, Dianne 294 Parker, Barbara 305 Powers, Ken 274 Schaffer, Richard 285 Schange, Onaway z75 r • 1 .1 T OTC bilvertooth, Jerry Z o C, » O ' 1. J OOA btaut, Kichard zoO T " „ .„ 1 A _1 OAT lempel, Arlene oU bchaefer, Lynthia 290 Simmons, Larl zoo Steele, Ava 286 T It T U OAA lempleton, John z9o Schepers, Rebecca z9o Simmons, Marilyn zyo Ci 1 Cl OA£ bteele, bharon Z90 or i c 00 ; lemplin, Susan zoo C i_ • 1 r oaa Schiessl, Donna z9o Simmons, Roger 275 ■ ii_ • 07 ; btein, Lathenne z 0 T — T A „ OOA lerry, Lou Ann zoo C Li 1 . T 1 1 . OOA. ScnhLzkus, ratty ZVO Simmons, Roxanne cJUo btem, busie 3U or 1 tvt _ OOA lerry, l anette Zvo Schmidt, Cathy z 5 c • r OA i Simons, Betty 296 C» 1 • 1 tt OOA btembndge, I ravis ZoO lerry, Winda 6 )( Schmidt, Uena zoo Simpson, Daina 306 c» 1 r ,1 n i " 7 btengele, Lathy 3U T7 L D ' 1 1 OAA 1 harp, billye Z9o C L J 1 XT • 1 a A Schmidt, INeil JUo Simpson, Deborah zyo Stennett, Gay 276 T 1 t OTA 1 harp, Roger Z7o Schmidt, Pamela oUo Sitton, Randy Z96 Stephens, Connie 276 07 1- ' L J I . OAT lhibodeaux, Jeanette z9 Schneider, L. W. zoo C • ' 1 • rv OOA Siwinski, Uonna zVo Stephens, Georgiana 276 TM • 1 ¥ ■ • OAT 1 hiele, Jackie Z97 C L ■ U d„lu,, 07C Schnmsher, bobby Z o CI A A i OA ; Skeen, Margaret 306 c. 1 i 1 ■ 00 ; Stephens, Julia 286 rpi t OTA 1 homas, Lou Z o Schroeder, Marilyn Zvo ci • O ' li on ; Skinner, Bill 296 O a 1 CL oa ; Stephenson, Sherry 296 T 1 |-» , • • OOA 1 homas, Patricia zoo c i_ it d 1 • oaa Schultz, becki Z9o Skinner, Robert zo7 c» 1 n ' ooa Stephenson, iim zoO TL TO l_ OTA 1 homas, Kob Z o . ■ 1 1 , c OAA Schultz, Suzy zvo Cl 1 C OOA Slackney, Suzie ZVO C» D I 07A btevens, Barbara Z 0 T L C 007 1 homas, Suzanne Z9 c l i " on a Schumann, Karen ZVO Slaughter, Mona 306 C» C A OAT btevenson, Gordon 31) ti j ' 0O " 7 Ihomas, Viva zV C L » I J 07C Schutza, Judy z o Slaughter, Mike 275 C» 1 C 1 OAT btewart, Larl 307 TL A 11, . OOA Ihompson, Albert zoo Schuyler, Paula ZVO Sloan, Laverne Zoo C» » c 1 OTA btewart, bharon z 0 rp 1 r „.,;j OQA Ihompson, David Zoo C U I„L„ OOA Schwartz, John ZVO C 1 C 1 ooc Smiley, Sylvai zoo C l T ff OAA btifle, Jett Z90 rpi | v OOA Ihompson, JJonna Zoo Scoggin, Margaret 275 Smith, Aleta z»5 C» " fl T " ' OAA btifle, Virginia 296 rpi T OOA Ihompson, James Zoo c ;_. TAffM,,, OA7 Scoggin, Mike Zo Smith, Ann 275 C, l A OTA btiles, Anne 276 TL T OAT Ihompson, Jerry oU C du;| OOA Scoggin, Phil ZVO C " il T " 1 OOC Smith, Bevil zo5 Stokes, James 296 TI „ I 1 OAT Ihompson, John 6 )i Scott, Clinord oUO c • . i oor Smith, Larey Z85 Stone, Jodie 296 TI I 1 Q AT Ihompson, John oU Scott, Uebbye Z o Smith, Larol 306 C. 1 Cl O 7 Storck, Sharron z o TL Aff " l OOA Ihompson, Mike zoo C« » 1 ; n ln 07Q ocott, Linda z o Smith, Charles 306 c. 11 1 o ; Stovall, Joe 276 ti D 1 007 Ihompson, Pamela zv ocoville, oneryl zvo C ' il Ti 1 0 7 tr Smith, Dale 275 C . 1 1 T OAT Stovall, Lee 307 TL CL " 1 OTA Ihompson, Sheila z o Scudder, Sharon 296 c r ul ooc Smith, Uebbe zob c. 1 , i_ oa ; Stracener, Kathy ZVo TI C 007 Ihompson, Susan Z9 Sealey, Wayne oUO Smith, Gayle 306 Strahan, Glinda 286 Tl J-l D OTA Ihorndike, bnan z o Searcy, Sandra 275 C " »1 I OOA Smith, James zoo Strange, James 307 TL » D LL OOA Ihornton, bobby zoo Seery, Donald 267 Smith, Jan 275 C. ». TPl " 00£ Stratton, Lloise 286 TL 1 T OOA Ihornton, Lynn zoo C , 07C Seery, Mary Z o Smith, Jan 275 Strawn, Janet 296 TL AH t OTA Ihurman, Marty z7o Secrest, Renee 275 Smith, Linda zV6 c, • f • 1 J r L OOA Stringfield, Uebra 286 TI T- OA7 Ihurmon, Uenise o(J Seitz, James Zoo C ' . 1 A H . OA ; Smith, Margaret 306 c, r L OOA Stroman, Kuby ZoO T " J 11 T OAT 1 ldwell, Jams aU Selman, Bruce 306 C ' .1 Tiff " 1 1 OA Smith, Michael 306 C. J. T OOA Studt, Joyce 286 T 1- 1 OAT 1 1ms, Charles 60 i C» nn Dill,, 07 Senn, Billy Z o C .l A jT • 1 11 O C Smith, Mitchell 275 C 11 T 07£ Sullivan, Jams Z o T " J 11 r OAT 1 indall, George U Serrano, Rene 275 C . 1 NT 1 OA ! Smith, Neil 306 c 1 r ot ; Sulser, Roy 276 T- TT „ OA7 linney, Uonna 5vt Serrato, Marilu 306 C ■ t T " » C " ! £L Smith, Patsy 276 Sutton, David 276 T " 1 TTV " OOA linsley, Uenise zoo Servles, Chris 306 C .l T 1 1 o n Smith, Ronald 267 Swanson, Jean 276 T ' 1 OAT 1 ipsley, Caye z97 Sexton, Sharon 285 C »l F J OA . Smith, Ronda 296 Swanson, Patricia 296 T- J „ I r „„„i J OQA 1 lsdale, Uonald Zoo onatKeiioro, rauia «oj Smith, Susan z7o C T J OAT bwanzy, Lynda Z0 T„J J D„ OQA lodd, Pamela Zoo onaooix, Deny ouu C ' .1 T • oa ; Smith, 1 lm 306 C T» OAT Sweet, Patty 307 T J J T OAT lodd, 1 ommy 507 onauie, rvenee zvo Smith, ly Z96 c 1 r» 1 00 ; bwingler, Becky ZoO T 1 1 ' D JJ 07A lomkins, buddy Z o onanics, ann zvo C " »1 TY7 J OA£ Smith, Wanda 296 c 1 1 1 r ■ 1 on . Sullender, David 286 T 1 ' T L OTA lompkins, John z o Shannon, Kay 296 C 1 T " V OA£ Smoak, Dianna 296 CM ' T ■ J OOA bulhns, Linda ZB0 T 1 • T „ OOA lompkins, lommy Zoo Shaw, Margie 296 Snider, Gilbert 276 Summers, James 286 T » J ' O A " 7 lostado, Gloria z97 oneeiy, Ueora oUO C 1 1 T 1 1 O A ll Snill, Frank 306 c 11 M ' i 1 1 no Svalberg, Nikki 286 T 1 ¥ 1 OTA lownley, John 276 oneeiey, L»ary Zoo c j ff • i i oa ; Snyder, Michael 296 Sypert, Lindy z86 J D 1 OOA lownsend, beverly ZoO oneuon, dou oo snyder, busan Z90 1 T 1 OOA lownsend, INancy ZoO Shepard, George 306 c i i or 1- ? sorsby, Gale 3U rp 1 1 OT ; lanner, Lharlene Z o T 7 OHT Irace, Lavonne Z9 Shepardson, Phillip 296 C 1 Cl ' " ) v 7 Sorsby, bherri 3U O 1 T ) OA£ lappe, Kenee Z90 1 nmanapunta, buneeya 3U Sheperd, Marjorie 267 C 1 T 1 OA " 7 bparks. Jack 3U rp 1 . . IO 1 . 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OOA 1 urner, Robert Z86 Sills, Ronald 285 Stanley, Linda 296 Teel, Joyce 276 Tuttle, Brian 276 Silver, Terri 306 Stapf, Karen 276 Tekell, Brad 286 Twardowski, Robert 276 3T6 Tyner, Rob 287 Ward, Dru Ann 287 White, Joe 277 Winzer, Becky 307 U Ward, Gary 277 White, Judy 297 Wiswell, Elaine 307 Urlrick, Jill 307 Ward, James 277 White, Michael 297 Withrow, Kathy 277 V Ward, Kathryn 297 White, Ray 277 Wittens, Lynne 297 Vaden, Cynthia 297 Ward, Penny 277 White, Stephen 297 Wolf, Pam 277 Valek, Georgie 287 Warner, Donny 297 White, Terry 307 Woo, Carolyn 287 Vallancey, Jeff 297 Warner, Janet 287 White, Tina 297 Woodard, Alane 287 VanBreeman, Buckey 307 Warren, Cheryl 287 Whitehead, Marie 277 Woodling, David 297 VanDerlinden, Debbie 287 Warren, Gary 277 Whitfill, Kathy 287 Woodrom, Karen 297 Vandiver, James 307 Warren, Sandra 297 Whitley, Eddie 297 Woodrow, Rufus 277 VanRiper, Timothy 307 Washburn, Michael 307 Whitley, Lilann 307 Woods, Sally 297 Varner, Darla 307 Waters, Keith 287 Whitley, Patricia 287- Woody, Michel 287 Vasko, Christopher 267 Wathen, Maribeth 3 07 Whitley, Peggy 277 Wooten, Pat 277 Vaughan, David 276 Watson, Bruce 307 Whisenant, Katharine 287 Works, Elaine 307 Vaughan, Elizabeth 297 Watson, Carolyn 297 Wildes, Kathleen 297 Works, Jeanne 307 Vaughan, James 297 Watson, Jimmy 267 Wilemon, Suzanne 307 Worthey, Brenda 287 Vaughan, Patricia 297 Watts, Judy 307 Wilkins, Rick 297 Wright, Camie 297 Vercher, Deborah 276 Watson, Mary Beth 297 Wilkinson, William 297 Wright, Karen 307 Vercher, Johnny 276 Watson, Raymond 287 Williams, Deedy 277 Wright, Susan 307 Vick, Jack 287 Watson, Richard 287 Williams, Delores 277 Wullschleger, Margaret 297 Vieregge, Carolyn 297 Watson, Vera 277 Williams, Doice 277 Wyatt, Sally 267 Vilven, Vickie 297 Watts, Gail 287 Williams, Joy 277 Wylie, Milton 287 Vinson, Danny 287 Weaver, Gary 287 Williams, Judy 277 Wynns, Kirk 277 Vinson, Lyn 287 Weaver, Lynda 277 Williams, Kathy 287 Y VonReyn, John 307 Webb, Bryce 297 Williams, Nancy 307 Yarbrough, Jane 287 Vyvial, Ronnie 307 Webb, Peggy 287 Williams, Rebecca 307 Yarbrough, Jimmy 287 W Webster, Joe 287 Williams, Trina 307 Yarbrough, Linda 297 Wade, Cynthia 287 Weir, Joseph 287 Williamson, Janet 297 Yates, Donald 287 Wade, Judy 287 Weiss, Robin 287 Willie, Nancy 287 Yates, John 277 Wagman, Lori 307 Welch, Gary 287 Wills, Curtis 277 Y ' Barbo, James 307 Wagner, Paula 287 Welch, Jay 307 Wilkins, William 287 Yokie, Diedra 297 Waits, Lenora 307 Welch, Joyce 287 Wilkinson, J im 287 York, Janice 277 Walding, Judy 287 Welch, Shirley 297 Wilson, David 287 Yost, Tomi 307 Waldrop, Janet 287 Wernette, Lois 297 Wilson, John 297 Young, Ann 277 Walker, Billy 307 Wesson, Bea 277 Wilson, Kay 277 Young, Cheryl 287 Walker, Cynthia 297 Westbrook, Billy 287 Wilson, Meador 297 Young, Frank 307 Walker, Cynthia 297 Westbrook, Darlene 277 Wilson, Mike 277 Young, Jana 287 Walker, James 297 Westbrook, Marsha 297 Wilson, Sue 277 Young, John 287 Walker, Judy 277 Wetmore, Teri 307 Wilson, Tamesha 267 Young, Robert 277 Walker, Pam 307 Wheeler, Craig 287 Winborn, Nancy 297 Young, Thomas 297 Walker, Ronnie 307 Wheeler, Ruthie 297 Windham, Brenda 307 Yow, Whitney 277 Wall, Brenda 297 Whitaker, Phyllis 277 Windsor, Judy 277 Z Wall, Robert 297 White, David 277 Winfrey, Becky 307 Zimmermann, Dale 277 Wallace, William 277 White, Edward 277 Witherell, Jim 297 Zvdell, David 287 Walters, Becky 287 White, Gary 297 Winthrop, Michael 277

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