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iiiiiiiiii m 172569 I 1 SpCoW LD S7U WO The Stone Fort Volume 45 • 1970 The Yearbook of Stephen F. Austin 2 Stone Fort State University at Nacogdoches, Texas 4 Stone Fort Table of Contents A Year at SFA 6 Campus Life 20 Administration and Faculty 56 Spotlight 100 Organizations 124 Greeks 190 Sports 216 Classes 258 Ads and Index 328 Stone Fort 5 8 A Year at SFASU Come gather around people wherever you roam and admit that the waters around you have grown . . . 10 A Year at SFASU Your sons and daughters are beyond your command; your old road is rapidly aging . . . A Year at SFASU 1 5 The line it is drawn the curse it is cast the present now will later be past . . . 16 A Year at SFASU A Year at SFASU 1 7 The order is rapidly fading for the times they are a ' changing. Bob Dylan 22 Campus Life Campus Life 25 26 Campus Life Campus Life 27 Campus Life 29 Students Concerned With Vietnam Policy National Moratorium Day drew crowds of students concerned over U.S. involvement in Vietnam. Stu- dents sat under the pines and listened to a different speaker every hour who discussed aspects of the war. Those attending were definitely united in their demand that it must stop. Again on November 1 5, students gathered in pro- test. A bell was rung once for every Texan who died in that small country in Eastern Asia. Later, students lighted candles beginning their silent march for peace. Moratoriums were observed monthly on the SFA campus — each one offering a different program, all demanding U.S. troop withdrawal. 32 Campus Life Big Name Entertainers Visit SFA Ca mpus Campus Life 35 Greek Day Each spring, SFA Greeks join in fun and competi- tion in Greek Week activities. Beginning with a torchlight parade, the activities include an all Greek fashion show and talent competition. The week of fun climaxes with a series of competitive events that make up Greek Day. Games include a beauty pageant, a molasses-in-the-cup race, a key hunt, a chariot and three-legged race and a shav- ing cream fight. After the points are tallied, the vic- torious Greek groups are named. Delta Zeta won the 1 970 sorority division award and Phi Delta Theta and Delta Sigma Phi tied for first place in the fraternity division. 36 Campus Life 38 Campus Life I 40 Campus Life Earth Day SFA students observed the nation-wide Earth Day in April as evidence of their concern over pollution. To begin the activities, students and faculty heard a six-man panel discuss both local and national as- pects of the pollution problem. Students gathered under the pines to hear such speakers as R. T. King of Texas Power and Light Company, Texas Senator Charles Wilson of Lufkin, Phillip Goodrum of the Department of Interior, V. V. Ramsey of the Harris County Commissioners Court, Richard Leard of the Texas Air Control Board and Harry German of Texas Farm Products. Highlighting the activities was U.S. Senator Ralph Yarborough. The Earth Day activities were coordinated and planned by the Sociology and Sylvans clubs. ' ' U ' ftiO r J Nr.- • ' serves - . . -• ■-• : -■ I. f t » • lot CWW W.l .-r no ' I 90 pKiHip G i 1 V ' V u " 3 M M,W 4 t i II Campus Life 41 Campus Life 43 44 Campus Life VAC 06 DOc is yvQf Campus Life 45 46 Campus Life Campus Life 49 SFA Drama Students Present Comedies 50 Campus Life 52 Campus Life Campus Life 55 Dr. Ralph W. Steen President, Stephen F. Austin State University 58 Administration Board of Regents Members of the Board of Regents are, seated, Walter C. Todd, Dallas; Sam John Harold Bates, Houston; Douglas Bergman, Dallas; and R. E. McGee, Tanner, Longview; Mrs. Lera Thomas, Houston; and James I. Perkins, Rusk; Houston, chairman, standing, Joe Bob Golden, Jasper, vice chairman; Roy Maness, Beaumont; Administration 59 Administration 61 School of Business The primary objective of the School of Business is to provide a well-rounded professional education for business. Courses and majors designed to meet this objective attempt to provide students with an opportunity to develop ( 1 ) a broad background of general business information, (2) an awareness of the social and economic forces shaping the future dimensions of business, (3) an appreciation of ethi- cal and social values in business and (4) some com- petence in at least one field of business. The School of Business, through the office of the dean, directs the guidance of students planning to major or minor in accounting, economics, general business, management and office administration. Outstanding professor chosen is Miss Carolyn Knox. Dr. Frank Lauderdale Professor and Dean of the School of Business X 62 Faculty Department of Economics The courses in economics seek to give students some conception of changing economic institutions and to contribute to the development of persons equipped to exercise their responsibilities as mem- bers of local, national and world communities. The study of economics is important to business and professional people because of the complexity of the highly specialized market economy within which they operate. In a political democracy where government plays a major role in influencing the economic system, the citizenship aspect of eco- nomics is important to all. Moreover, the study of economics can help students prepare for the diffi- cult decisions that face the American family as a consuming unit. A major in economics prepares a student for many interesting and rewarding careers. Among them are positions in banking and finance, marketing, manu facturing, international trade and govern- ment service. Faculty 63 Department of Accounting The accounting curriculum offers a professional course of training for employment in public, com- mercial and industrial or governmental accounting. The core business training included in the require- ments for the Bachelor of Business Administration degree along with the accounting curriculum should also qualify graduates for employment leading to executive positions in industry. Accounting majors should meet the requirements for a Bachelor of Business Administration degree. James Smith Df. Alton Sle»l» 64 Faculty Dr. John W. Stevenson Professor and Head of Department of Accounting and Acting Head of Department of General Business Department of General Business The expanding business and industrial life of East Texas provides a continual demand for well-trained business men and women. The department of Gen- 5ral Business strives to meet some of this demand □nd attempts, by its broad general requirements, to give students opportunity for adequate prepara- tion for business careers. The department seeks to equip students with ( 1 ) a broad background of gen- eral business information and an understanding of its meaning, (2) an appreciation of business prin- ciples and practices and the ability to apply them to everyday business problems and (3) a clear-cut sense of the social responsibility which rests upon the business employer and employee. General business majors should meet the require- ments for a Bachelor of Business Administration de- gree. Department of Management Our society is beginning to expect more from the business executive. Tomorrow ' s manager will have to have a new sense of responsibility toward his community and his employees. He will have to be an innovator and will be far more skillful than his predecessors. The primary objective of the man- agement department, therefore, is to prepare the student for the leadership role. Through lectures, case histories and various advanced techniques, the student becomes involved in top-management policy making; he develops an understanding of philosophies and theories of successful business- men; he learns about the science of decision mak- ing processes; he studies the modern executive de- velopment methods of small and large business firms; he acquires a knowledge of the direction and coordination of business functions; and he gains an insight into the dynamics of organized group ef- fort. Dr. Ralph White Professor and Head of Department of Office Administration and Acti Department of Management Charles Phillips Faculty Eva McPherson Carolyn Price Department of Office Administration The objectives of the Department of Office Admin- istration are to prepare students for secretarial ca- reers, to train future business teachers in the skills and communications necessary for the business world. The Office Administration major should work toward the Bachelor of Business Administra- tion degree. Students who expect to qualify for teaching certificates should follow either the Bach- elor of Arts or the Bachelor of Science degree plans with reference to the Department of Education for specific requirements. Mary Rudisill Dr. Ralph White Marlin Young Faculty 67 School of Education The teacher education function of the university is to equip able persons for entrance into and success in the teaching profession, and thus, to further the education of children and youth in Texas. Within the School of Education are the following depa rtments: agriculture, elementary education, secondary education, school services, health and physical education for women and health and physical education for men. All the programs in the university leading to certifi- cation for teaching or for school services are coor- dinated through the School of Education. Outstanding professor chosen for the school is Dr. John Thornton. Dr. Robert McKibben Dean of the School of Education 68 Faculty Department of Agriculture The Department of Agriculture offers training lead- ing to the Bachelor of Science degree. Its special- ized courses prepare students for positions as teachers of vocational agriculture; county agents; soil conservation workers; and field representa- tives for feed, seed and fertilizer companies. Other courses train students for careers as owner- operator farmers. Students wishing to qualify as teachers of vocational agriculture must meet the requirements for the standard Bachelor of Science degree and standards set by the State Board for Vocational Education. Talib Alhashimi Cecil Jones Robert Martin Oran Standley Or. John Sullivan Dr. Thurman Thomas Dr. Thomas J. Stanly Professor and Head of Department of Agriculture Faculty 69 Department of Elementary Education The program of professional elementary education at the undergraduate level is based on a careful selection of the things teachers should know and be able to do in order to teach in the elementary school. Through courses and laboratory experi- ences offered in the program, the department seeks to provide students with an understanding of the historical, philosophical and psychological foundations of education and to help them acquire the knowledge and skills necessary for planning and carrying out an instructional program in the elementary school. Dr. L. W. Ellerbrook Dr. Don Fare Dr. Tommye Franklin Dr. Jerry Irons Dr. Frank Smith Jt: Dr. Wendall Spreadbury Dr. John Thornton Dr. G. W. Willingham Dr. Beverly Young Dr. Thomas Franks Professor and Head of Department of Elementary Education 70 Faculty Department of Home Economics Home Economics is a field of study concerned with all aspects of family living, their interrelationships and the total patterns which they form. The empha- sis it gives to the various areas of living is deter- mined by the needs of individuals and families in the social environments of their times. Home eco- nomics draws its materials from its own research, from the arts and from the social, biological and physical sciences and applies these principles to improving the lives of families and individuals. The objectives of the department, in keeping with the nature of home economics, are ( 1 ) the personal development of each student, (2) the preparation for home and family living, (3) the preparation for a profession and (4) service to the people of this area. Or. Blanche Phillips Professor and Head of Department of Home Economics ,.„ : 1 1 L Gladys Atherton Ava Bush Barbara Dommert Donna Houston Gwendolyn Schutte Laura Shivers Faculty 71 Department of Health and Physical Education Health education, physical education, and recrea- tion contribute to the common goal of education and the total development of the individual. The department prepares ( 1 ) teachers of health and physical education for the elementary and sec- ondary schools, (2) teachers of driver ' s education, (3) athletic coaches and (4) certified first aid and water safety instructors. Further, the department contributes to the overall education of all college students through its intramural programs and health and physical education courses which aim to develop total fitness in the individual. In addition, the department contributes to the cul- tural progress of the Nacogdoches area through its dance programs. Mrs. Sadie Allison Sandra Cole Freddie Dannhaus Dr. Alvera Griffin Sue Gunter Mrs. Mary Kelly Dr. June Irwin Professor and Head of Department of Health and Physical Education Women ' s Division Sharron Osborne 72 Faculty David Shows Dr. William Stanley Raymond Worsham D r . William J. btanley Professor and Head of Department of Health and Physical Education Men ' s Division Faculty 73 Dr. Bill W. Hamrick Professor and Head of Department of School Services Department of School Services The Department of School Services offers courses and programs for the professional preparation and certification of special education teachers and for the undergraduate preparation of students plan- ning to enter various helping occupations that serve the disabled and disadvantaged. The depart- ment cooperates in the preparation of other pro- fessional school personnel. Undergraduate majors in school services generally include the requirements described in the pro- visional certification programs for special educa- tion teachers and the social and rehabilitation ser- vices program. If No Robert Boudreaux Leroy Collum Dr. Bennett Cooksey David Grigsby Neil Hays Dr. Horry Lewis Dr. Dwane Russell Dr. Jock Spurrier Dr. T. P. White 74 Faculty Dr. John Austin Dr. Arthur Benoy »-■ Dr. Ralph Eddins Dr. Harold Hill flL-- 1 Duke Brannen Dr. Milton Payne Dr. George Thompson Department of Secondary Education The program of professional education at the un- dergraduate level is based on a critical selection of the things a teacher should know and be able to do to teach the adolescent child in the secondary schools. Through the courses offered in the pro- gram, the department seeks to provide the student with basic concepts in the history and philosophy of education, the teacher-learning process, the na- ture of the adolescent learner and the planning and organizing for teaching and to provide laboratory experiences in teaching the secondary school stu- dent. Morgan Moses Professor and Head of Department of Secondary Education Faculty 75 School of Fine Arts The School of Fine Arts, through the office of the dean, directs the guidance of students planning to major or minor in the areas of art, music, speech, drama or speech pathology. The function is done through advising, scheduling, degree planning and final graduation plans. Also guidance is provided for students who wish to broaden their skills and understanding in these areas by electing courses and or participating in activities. Also the office of the Dean of Fine Arts seeks to promote and foster events in the performing arts which provide aesthetic growth of all students and help maintain a cultural climate in the university. Outstanding professor chosen for the school is Wil- liam Arscott. Dr. William Turner Dean of the School of Fine Arts Department of Art The art curriculum has been designed to provide broad basic art foundations for the student who plans a professional career in art or art education. In addition to this two-fold purpose the Department of Art provides training in certain specialized fields especially designed for the non-art major. This training offers opportunities for the development of skills in art and aesthetic understanding in connection with major work in other departments. A major in art must meet the requirements of a Bachelor of Science degree or a Bachelor of Arts degree. Students in these degree programs may qualify for high school teaching by completing a major in a second teaching field and the required education courses. William Arscon Dr. Dianne Ford Emily Hargravei Robert Henry Harold Hill Reetman Kennedy Dr. Karl Schlicher James Snyder Dr. Creighton Delaney Professor and Head of Department of Art Faculty 77 Department of Music The Department of Music provides training for stu- dents wishing to follow careers in music as teachers or performers. The curricula for these students stress the development of a sound functional musi- cianship and the establishment of a broad back- ground in liberal arts so that undergraduate train- ing will promote not only professional competence but also intellectual maturity. The department also provides opportunities for mu- sical experience for students who are majoring in other areas of study. These students may partici- pate in the band, orchestra, choir or musical shows and may pursue individual study of voice, piano, organ or other instruments. They may take courses in music appreciation, theory or history. Dr. Morris E. Hall Professor and Head of Department of Music Dr. Dan Beaty Dr. Richard Coolidge Billie Erlings Cody Garner Larry Gebhardt Dr. Morris Hall Gaston Holt Thomas Houston David Jones Thomas Mayhew Melvin Montgomery Dr. William Young 78 Faculty Department of Speech The Department of Speech exists to meet at least three needs of students: ( 1 ) It offers instruction to aid all students in meeting common speech situa- tions. (2) It attempts to help students correct sub- standard speech which may be a handicap to them. (3) It trains majors and minors to meet professional needs. The speech department offers study in dramatics, interpretation, radio-television, rhetoric and public address, speech education and speech pathology. Dr. William Bos John Butts John Christiansen Faculty 79 Dr. Laurence C. Walker Professor and Dean of the School of Forestry School of Forestry Forestry is the management of forest lands for the continuous production of goods and services. Per- sons trained in forestry are entrusted with main- taining and developing important resources. The main objective of the school, then, is to give a pro- fessional education in forestry which will enable graduates to manage forest land for the maximum return of timber and associated products. In addi- tion, the school conducts research contributing to the solution of many forest problems and empha- sizing the importance of forest lands and their cor- rect management. Forestry students are given four options within the curriculum: Forest management, forest game man- agement, forest recreation management and forest range management. Outstanding professor chosen for the School of Forestry is Dr. Nelson Samson. 80 Faculty Department of Forestry Faculty 81 School of Liberal Arts The main function of the School of Liberal Arts is academic. The courses in the school complement those in science and mathematics to form the base of a traditional collegiate education. A secondary function of the school is administra- tive. The office of the dean helps any student to solve his problems within the regulations of the uni- versity. It supervises, for example, the advising of students who have chosen departmental majors within the school. Included within the School of Liberal Arts are Bible, English, journalism, philosophy, geography, histo- ry, modern languages, political science, psycholo- gy and sociology. Outstanding professors chosen for the school are Dr. Francis Abernethy and Dr. Richard Kim. Dr. T. J. Kallsen Professor and Dean of the School of Liberal Arts 82 Faculty Offerings in Bible Bible courses are offered by the Bible Chairs, which are college affiliated agencies operated by the Baptist, the Church of Christ, the Methodist and Roman Catholic churches. The Bible Chairs have as their objectives: ( 1 ) to provide courses that will help students gain not only an understanding of the history and the litera- ture of the Bible but also an insight into its nature and meaning; (2) to foster through the study of the Bible an appreciation of the spiritual values in human culture; and (3) to provide for the special needs of students preparing to enter church- related vocations. William Manger Aln Reed Harold Tabor Faculty 83 Dr. William Goodson Dr. John Hays Dr. Elma Heard Ben Hobbs 84 Faculty Dr Fra ncine Hoffman Dr. Neal Houston David Howard Rosemary Huff Carroll Schoenewolf Robert Verner Department of English, Journalism and Philosophy The courses in English develop effective, appropri- ate use of English, present the literary heritage of English-speaking and other peoples and improve the understanding of practical and literary dis- v course. In language and literature, then, English supplies essential education for all students. With its journalism emphasis, the department has two main functions: to prepare students for a ca- reer in journalism and to train future teachers of journalism. A subsidiary objective is to improve the writing of any student and to foster understanding of mass media. Courses in philosophy are the most recent addition to the liberal arts program of the college. The de- partment, then, is still readily growing toward new objectives. Coming into an existence of its own, philosophy seeks to provide intellectual breadth to all students. John Withey Dr. Sibyl Wyatt Faculty 85 Dr. Gerald Loyd Collier Professor and Head of Department of Geography Department of Geography Geography seeks to define and study the patterns of physical and human features of the earth, the relationships between them, the association of fea- tures giving personality or character to individual places or regions, the connections and movements between places and the meaning to man of the likenesses and differences among places on the earth. Because it presents an integrated view of the physical and social sciences, geography is of significance to a liberal arts program whether the subject is selected as the major or minor or as an elective to enrich another field of inquiry. The value of geographic training has been recog- nized by other scholars, commercial and industrial firms and governmental agencies. The number of jobs open to geographers has increased greatly. Leon Hallmon John Miller 86 Faculty Department of History History is a study in the liberal arts. Life in a demo- cratic society requires alert, civic-conscious cit- izens, who know and take pride in their country ' s past and who understand the problems that have confronted other nations; thus history enables an individual to become sensitive to the possibilities of the future. History programs are designed to enable students to enter different careers. History has a particular- ly close relationship with the sciences and the arts, with business, politics, law, diplomacy, the ministry and with teaching. Dr. Robert S. Maxwell Professor and Head of Department of History Daniel Carter Dr. C. K. Chamberlain i Dr. Bobby Johnson Tommie Lowery Dr. Sylvia McGrath Dr. Charles Noll Dr. James Nichols Cecil Pool Allen Richmon Stanley Watson Faculty 87 Hectorine Piercey Edwin Shake Department of Modern Languages The Department of Modern Languages recognizes three principle objectives: ( 1 ) to develop real com- petence in understanding, speaking, reading and writing a modern language; (2) to cultivate an ap- preciation for the culture and civilization of the people whose language is being studied and (3) to provide guidance for preparation for the various opportunities in language work. The department offers majors and minors in French, German and Spanish. 88 Faculty Department of Political Science The courses offered by the Department of Political Science are planned (1) for students who desire careers in law or in politics at the local, state or na- tional level; (2) for prospective teachers of the so- cial sciences to broaden and deepen their knowl- edge of the subjects they will teach and (3) for those students wishing to enter the civil service and desiring background and information about their field of work. Political science courses can be combined with other courses to promote specific career opportuni- ties. For example, political science can combine with journalism to prepare for a career in political reporting. Dr. Joe E. Ericson Professor and Head of Department of Political Science Dr. Emmett Asseff Mary Cams Jerry Howard Henry Jones Dr. Richard Kim Department of Psychology The Department of Psychology furthers the study and understanding of human behavior. To effect this purpose, the department offers courses for the general education of all students and a major- minor program in general-experimental psycholo- gy as well as a graduate major for persons seeking such specialization. Kenneth Hackney Jerry Lackey Dr. Wayne J. Wilson Professor and Head of Department of Psycholo gy 90 Faculty Dr. Arthur Clogett Dr. Harold Clements Dr. Donald E. Houseworth Professor and Head of Department of Sociology James Gillings Kooros Mahmoudi [ r Constance Spreadbury Dr. Marvin Wade Department of Sociology The undergraduate major program in sociology is designed to aid in providing pre-professional train- ing in medicine, nursing, social work, law and min- istry, as well as specialized training for teaching, governmental work, counseling, business, re- search, community planning and a variety of other occupations. An understanding of human relation- ships in liberal arts education is a prime concern in sociology, regardless of the student ' s field of con- centration. With the assistance of his advisor in the department, the student may select a course of study to provide training for the variety of special- ized occupations. In addition, sociology can serve as a foundation for graduate study in numerous fields. Faculty 91 School of Sciences and Mathematics A primary aim of the School of Sciences and Math- ematics is to contribute to the liberal education of all students through the presentation of fundamen- tal concepts and methods of science and mathe- matics so that students gain a better understanding of the complex cultural patterns of the economic and social forces influencing their lives. Another function is to provide the fundamental education required for professional studies and careers of a scientific or mathematical nature. The School of Sciences and Mathematics includes the departments of biology, chemistry, geology, mathematics and physics. It also provides pre- professional programs for students. Outstanding professor for the school is Dr. Walter Robertson. Dr. E. L. Miller Professor and Dean of the School of Sciences and Mathematics Dr. Jacob A. Seaton Professor and Head of Department of Chemistry Dr. Harold Abbott Woyne Boring Charles Cotes Dr. James Garrett Dr. E. L. Griffin Dr. Albert Machel Dr. Samuel Naistat William Spurlock B F. Walker Department of Chemistry The objectives of the chemistry department are: ( 1 ) to prepare students for graduate study in chemis- try; (2) to prepare students for positions in indus- try, government service and teaching; (3) to allow science students with non-chemistry majors to re- late chemistry to their major science and (4) to ac- quaint non-science majors with the methods, con- cepts and achievements of the science of chemis- try. It is hoped that an inquiring mind is stimulated in these courses and that the relationship of science to the other endeavors of man will be placed in its proper perspective. Faculty 93 Department of Biology The Department of Biology has a three-fold pur- pose: ( 1 ) to give students familiarity with the meth- ods of science and the facts of biology needed by an educated person in the modern world; (2) to provide opportunity for a broad foundation in biol- ogy for future professional work or study and (3) to give basic training in several specialized fields to students who need a certain amount of fundamen- tal training in biology in connection with major work in other departments. 4 94 Faculty ,1 Faculty 95 Department of Geology Training in geology is designed to prepare the stu- dent in the fundamentals of the earth sciences. These include the study of rocks, minerals, fossils, earth structures, the physical features of the earth ' s surface and the economic application of this knowledge. Courses are designed ( 1 ) to con- tribute to the liberal arts education of college stu- dents who learn to explore, observe, analyse, in- quire, classify, describe and finally interpret the record and contents of rocks (2) to give prospective science students the fundamentals of the earth sci- ences as a foundation for other science studies and (3) to provide students with a broad foundation in geology for future professional work or graduate study. Dr. Paul A. Wood Professor and Head of Department of Geology Nancy Alexander • Dr. Thomas Brown Dr. Donald Campbell Dr. Marvin Crocker Martin Deuth Charles Dimmick Jerry Vincent Colonel J. E. Calahan Professor and Head of Department of Military Science Department of Military Science The Department of Military Science offers courses designed to provide training and experience in the techniques of organizing, motivating and leading others. The purpose of the department is to devel- op qualified college men for positions of leadership both as officers in the Army Reserve and in their chosen career field. Successful completion of the four-year program enables the student who desires a career in the profession of arms to earn either a regular or reserve commission in the rank of U.S. Army Second Lieutenant. Equally important, it en- ables the man planning a non-military professional or business career to fulfill his federal military serv- ice obligation by serving as an officer and so bene- fit from the executive experience, salary and status of a rank commensurate with his education. 172559 Faculty 97 Department of Mathematics The Department of Mathematics offers a four year curriculum for those students desiring to specialize in mathematics for the bachelor ' s degree and a one year terminal course for other liberal arts students. The department also provides courses to meet the needs of agriculture, business, economics, engi- neering, forestry and science and for those in the general education, pre-dental, pre-law and pre- medical curricula. It trains students preparing to teach both high school and elementary school mathematics. Graduate majors and minors leading to master ' s degrees are also available. it M Dr. Doyle Alexander Roy Alston Calvin Barton Don Book Harold Bunch Julius Burkett Elton Chaney Or. William Clark John Davenport Dr. Robert Dean Jay Downs James Gentle Charles Haltom Billy LeBouf Ennis McCune Joe Neel Dr. W. I. Layton Professor and Head of Department of Mathematics Mattie Robinson Robert Shepard Gerald Stewart Eddie Wood 98 Faculty Department of Physics Physics is a science the goal of which is to under- stand and explain observed physical phenomena in a logical, uniform system of thought. The objec- tives of the department are several: to prepare stu- dents for further study or professional responsibili- ties in physics with industry or government; to pro- vide students with the necessary physics back- ground required for work in related sciences and medicine; to assist non-science majors in devel- oping an insight into the physical aspects of their environment and the extensive scientific activity of our society. The curriculum is designed to acquaint students with the general all-embracing principles which are the foundations of the present understanding in physics and to furnish experiences in lecture and laboratory which will develop scientific attitudes, insights and techniques. Dr. John P. Decker Professor and Head of Department of Physics Faculty 99 Spotlight 103 Homecoming Queen Miss Linda Cole 104 Spotlight Lady-in-Waiting Miss Judi Floyd Spotlight 105 Miss Stone Fort Miss Diane Cole 106 Spotlight Spotlight 107 Cheerleaders Boost SFA School Spirit SFA students who were too " cool " to stand for a " 2-4-6-8 " cheer during football season yelled like " mad " as the Lumberjacks moved into the NAIA basketball playoffs at Kansas City. Displaying real school spirit, cheerleader Tom Prouty led the eight-team squad in weekly practices and pep rallies on campus. Prouty was ably assisted by Jimmy Anslow, Reggie Bryan, Mel Turner, Misses Marilyn Cleaver, Charlene Cravotta, Debbie Dun- ning and Patti Hogan. ABOVE: Miff Chariene Cravotta. LEFT: Cheerleaders relax with the Polnicks between games at the NAIA playoffs in Kansas City. Spotlight 1 1 Spotlight 1 1 2 Spotlight Who ' s Who RIGHT: Senior biology major and pre-medical stu- dent from Columbus, Miss Patsy Franta is president of the University Center and a member of the Uni- versity Center Board of Directors, Student Traffic Appeals Board, Student Congress and Gamma Sigma Sigma, national service sorority. Miss Fran- ta is secretary of Alpha Lambda Omega, profes- sional biology society. BELOW LEFT: Ben Bailey, senior biology major from Nacogdoches, is vice president of Student Congress and a member of Phi Delta Theta, social fraternity; Beta Beta Beta, honorary biology socie- ty; Interfraternity Council; Student-Faculty Com- mittee on Discipline; Traffic Appeals Committee and Student-Faculty New Library Building Commit- tee. Bailey is a Freshman Orientation Advisor- Counselor. BELOW RIGHT: Mrs. Carole Carlton, senior Eng- lish major from Diboll, is a member of Alpha Chi, national honor society. She was selected the out- standing second year French student. 114 ABOVE LEFT: Senior business major from Texas City, Leroy Johnson is vice president of the Univer- sity Center. He is a member of Alpha Phi Omega, service fraternity, and of the University Center Entertainment Committee. ABOVE: Miss Marilyn George, senior English major from Dallas, is president of Chi Omega, so- cial sorority, and a member of Alpha Chi, national honor society. She was selected Senior Homecom- ing Duchess. LEFT: Elementary education major Miss Jane Walk- er of Tyler, is president of Kappa Delta Pi, honor- ary education fraternity. She holds memberships in Association for Childhood Education; Texas State Education Association; Gamma Sigma Sigma, na- tional service sorority; and Alpha Chi national honor society. Spotlight 115 Who ' s Who RIGHT: Mrs. Rebecca Bray, senior mathematics major from Nacogdoches, is a member of Alpha Chi, national honor society; Alpha Mu Gamma, honorary foreign language society; Kappa Delta Pi, honorary education fraternity; and the SFA mathematics Club. BELOW LEFT: President of the Senior Class, David M. Clark is an accounting major from Lancaster. Clark is a member of Phi Delta Theta, social frater- nity, and of Alpha Phi Omega, service fraternity. BELOW RIGHT: Senior elementary education major from Lancaster, Miss Janice Kassens is a rep- resentative to Student Congress and a member of Kappa Delta Pi, honorary education fraternity. ABOVE LEFT: Miss Karen Blackstone is a senior music major from Gushing. She is a member of Alpha Chi, national honor society, and of Mu Phi Epsilon, honorary music organization. ABOVE: President of Alpha Tau Omega, social fra- ternity, Russ Keasler is a senior biology-chemistry major from Dallas. He is also president of Beta Beta Beta, honorary biology organization, and is a member of Alpha Lambda Omega, professional biology group. LEFT: Miss Diane Hugghins, senior elementary education major from Tyler, holds memberships in Kappa Delta Pi, honorary education fraternity; Tau Beta Sigma, university bondswomen honorary soci- ety; Texas State Teachers Association and Nation- al Education Association. Miss Hugghins has served as drum major of the Lumberjack Band and was chosen Miss Stone Fort 1 968 and Lumberjack Band Sweetheart. Spot light 1 1 7 Who ' s Who RIGHT: President of Alpha Chi Omega, social so- rority, Miss Mary Beth Lucy is a senior elementary education major from Longview. She is secretary- treasurer of Student Congress. BELOW: Norman Keul, senior German major from Nacogdoches, is a member of Alpha Chi, national honor society, and Alpha Mu Gamma, honorary foreign language organization. BELOW RIGHT: A drama major, Homer Tindall is a senior from Nacogdoches. He is a member of Alpha Chi, national honor society, and is vice pres- ident of Alpha Psi Omega, honorary drama group. Tindall played lead roles in " Thieves ' Carnival, Winterset, Good Grief, A Griffin! and The Country Wife. " u IP ' " . F! — -r- — ABOVE LEFT: William T. Miller, senior forestry major from Miller Place, N. Y., is president of Xi Sigma Pi, honorary forestry organization, and is a member of Alpha Chi, national honor society. ABOVE: Mrs. Barbara Mason is a senior home eco- nomics major from Longview. She is vice president of Kappa Delta Pi, honorary education fraternity, and Alpha Chi Omega representative to Panhellen- ic Council. LEFT: Graduate student Mrs. Kristiane Spear is a speech major from Nacogdoches. She is a member of Pi Kappa Delta, honorary debate organization. Mrs. Spear was chosen an outstanding debater in 1 969 and received certificates for excellence in debate and extemporaneous speaking at 1 969 Pi Kappa Delta National Convention. Spotlight 1 19 m - •• Who ' s Who RIGHT: Miss Diana Maria Garcia, senior Spanish major from Alice, is president of Sigma Delta Pi, national honor society for students of Spanish. She is a member of Kappa Delta Pi, honorary education fraternity; Alpha Mu Gamma, honorary foreign language group; and the Newman Club. BELOW: Duane Branch, senior biology major from Oklahoma City, Okla., is scholastic chairman for Theta Chi, social fraternity. He holds memberships in the Interfraternity Council, Student Congress and Beta Beta Beta, honorary biology group. BELOW RIGHT: Mrs. Carlo Dial, senior history major from Nacogdoches, is a member of Alpha Chi, national honor society; Alpha Mu Gamma, honorary foreign language group; Phi Alpha Theta, honorary history society; and Clio Club and Le Cercle Francois. Mrs. Dial was the 1968 recipient of a Sorbonne scholarship for summer study in France. ABOVE LEFT: Larry Sullivan, senior psychology major from La Marque, is president of Student Con- gress and treasurer of Phi Delta Theta, social fra- ternity. He is a member of the Interfraternity Coun- cil and the State Selective Advisory Board. ABOVE: Miss Anneliese Gutjahr, senior history major from Overton is a member of Kappa Delta Pi, honorary education fraternity and Alpha Chi, na- tional honor society. LEFT: Senior journalism major from Port Arthur, Robert McCullough is Pine Log editor and president of Alpha Chi, national honor society, and of the Wesley Foundation. A Senior Representative to Student Congress and a member of the University Food Service Committee, the University Publicity Committee and Phi Alpha Theta, honorary history group, McCullough received the 1969-70 Lufkin News scholarship award. Spotlight 121 Who ' s Who RIGHT: Mrs. Amy Cunningham, senior home eco- nomics major from Dallas, is a member of Kappa Delta Pi, honorary education fraternity; Alpha Chi, national honor society; American Home Economics Association and Home Economics College Club. BELOW LEFT: A mathematics and business major, Tommy Mason is a senior from Dallas and a mem- ber of Phi Delta Theta, national social fraternity, and the Interfraternity Council. The Greek Week chairman was selected cheerleader, Freshman Fa- vorite, Sophomore Class vice president and Junior Favorite. BELOW RIGHT: Miss Chris Caldwell, senior home economics major from Palestine, is president of Gamma Sigma Sigma, national service sorority, and a member of the Home Economics College Club and the Afro-American Students ' Association. Miss Caldwell has served as secretary of the Uni- versity Center Board of Chairmen and Board of Di- rectors. She was Religious Emphasis Week 1970 arrangements chairman. ABOVE LEFT: Graduate student Gerald W. Schlief of Houston is past president and corresponding secretary of Kappa Alpha Order. He is a three- year letterman in tennis and an accounting major. Schlief received a scholarship for being the out- standing member of the Accounting Club. ABOVE RIGHT: Miss Linda Nichols, senior elemen- tary education major from Cushing, is a member of Alpha Chi, national honor society; Kappa Delta Pi, honorary education fraternity; Texas State Educa- tion Association; and Student Council for Excep- tional Children. LEFT: John Ross, junior from Rusk, is a history and political science major. Ross is president of Phi Alpha Theta, honorary history group, and holds memberships in The Caucus and the Young Repub- licans. Spotlight 123 2 1 Student Congress Student Congress, acting as the governing body for SFA students, again attempted to pass progres- sive legislation but failed in their bid to abolish women ' s dormitory hours and the veto power of the dean of student life and to establish a pass-fail system for physical education. Legislation which was passed included abolishing sign-out sheets in dormitories, establishing a dorm council, creating a student publication board and initiating a pass-fail system. Under the supervision of Vice President Ben Bailey election codes were revised and the election policy for Homecoming Queen was changed. During the spring elections, referendum questions were presented to the students. With record votes cast, students voted 91 1 to 607 to withdraw troops in Vietnam; 1 ,286 to 383 to have an official dead week; 899 to 625 to give eighteen-year-olds the right to vote; and 607 to 169 to abolish curfew for upperclass women. Organizations 127 Representatives Abel, Joy Ansel, Kirby Atwood, Peggy Bailey, Ben Baumann, Marsha Bendiksen, Melissa Blackburn, Edward Brown, Steve Bumpurs, Don Clark, Cindy Clark, David Clark, Frank Cogar, Bill Cole, Linda Copeland, Candy Conkright, Bob Covin, Ben Davis, Diann Davis, Mary Dunning, Debbie Franta, Patsy Gagner, Yvonne Garrett, Judy Gertz, Paul Gibbs, Mike Gilchrist, Claudia Gordon, Jay Hardy, Karen Harris, Jan Harvey, Jim Hipp, Mike Horton, Peggy Hunt, Wes Hunter, Cindy Jackson, Jackie Johnston, Ken Kassens, Janis Kidwell, Randy Ledbetter, Lucy Lucy, Mary Beth Magee, Ken McBride, Bill McCullough, Robert Murphy, Charlotte Neyland, Robert Owens, Mike Parker, Betsy Peters, Susan Price, Roy Raney, Greg Riasetto, Bobbie Riney, Marsha Robertson, Ben Roraback, Forrest Scruggs, Karen Scruggs, Patty Seago, Bob Simmermann, Kathy Smith, Libi Sparks, Danny Stutsman, Steve Sullivan, Larry Tate, Jeannie Tatum, Nancy Thompson, Stu Weber, Nancy Wright, John 128 Organizations Organizations 129 Alpha Chi Alpha Chi is a national honor society whose purpose is to promote and to recognize scholarship. Members of this organization are chosen from the high ranking students of the junior, senior and graduate classes. The number chosen is limited to the upper ten per cent of each class. OFFICERS President Vice President Secretary-Treasurer Faculty Advisors Robert McCullough Linda Sanders Helen La Barbera Dr. Joe Ericson Dr. Edwin Gaston Dr. June Irwin MEMBERS Aden, Nancy Allen, Talmage Anderson, Guy Armstrong, Brooke Arneil, Lurita Askins, Billy Bass, Amy Berry, Rebecca Black, Linda Blackstone, Karen Bloomfield, Kathy Bohanon, Sandra Branyn, James Brice, Donna Brock, Linda Burkett, Dianna Burris, Cathy Burt, Dianna Byrd, Robert Carroll, Rebecca Chambers, Sam Collier, Cynthia Cooley, Anna Cox, James Cramer, Charles Crews, Paula Dance, Barbara Day, Diane Dougherty, Ray Dowd, Donny Edwards, Lindalyn Feistel, Robert Fielder, Judith Fulkerson, Martha Garcia, Diana Garcia, Martha Gholson, Robert Goeders, Carol Gregory, Dorothy Griffin, Mary Grissett, Curtis Grissom, Ira Grissom, Terrie Gruber, Charles Gutjahr, Anneliese Helge, Doris Hemby, Linda Henderson, Cassie Holzmer, Mary Howard, William Humbert, Kay Beth Johnson, Jo Johnson, Lawanda Jorns, Joella Kanpaibool, Surang Kennedy, Madelyn Kennemer, Mary Keul, Norman King, Glenda Koch, Carolyn Locklear, Earline Lowe, Susan Lucas, Patsy Lum, Dixie Marietta, Shirley Mason, Barbara McDermott, Mary McDonald, Karen Menking, Priscilla Miller, William Milligan, Sharon Minter, Alan Mitchell, Marilyn Montgomery, Deena Neal, James Nemer, Judith Nevison, Barbara Opersteny, Carolyn Pace, Linda Parker, Emily Pettis, Mary Pinkard, Claudia Pitts, Bonnie Price, Nancy Pringle, Joyce Pruitt, Marilyn Pullen, Nancy Reynolds, Dorla Scarborough, Leonette Seiberling, Linda Sholar , Linda Smith, Joan Smith, Myra Spence, Andrea Spencer, Beverly Squires, Jimmy St. Ama, Pamela Stevenson, Carol Stewart, Celia Stinson, Vickie Tillison, Carolyn Tindall, Homer Vermillion, Betty Waitkus, Joanne Walker, Jane Wallis, Nancy Walston, Martha Walters, Joanna Wilson, William Wilson, Lark Winkleman, Sharon Wolcott, Shirley Woodley, Candyce Woolsey, Carolyn Zalkovsky, Jo Ann 130 Organizations Alpha Kappa Delta Alpha Kappa Delta is a national sociology honor society whose ideal is to investigate mankind for the purpose of service. It strives to promote interest in sociology, re- search in social problems and activities leading to human welfare. Membership is open to those superior sociology students who meet the requirements prescribed by the national chapter of Alpha Kappa Delta. OFFICERS President Vice President Jerry Allen Secretary Treasurer Joseph Domino Carol Reckrey Mel va Harmon Faculty Advisor Dr. Ben E. Dickerson MEMBERS Coon, Rhonda Cone, Michael MacDougall, Kent Mahmoudi, Kooros Davenport, Adele Dial, Jack Edwards, Lindalyn Gillings, Dr. James L. McCormick, Joseph Sowell, Wynona Swanick, Gayle Wade, Dr. M. B. Williams, Timothy Major, Mike Guyote, Curtis Kincaid, Robert Organizations 131 Alpha Mu Gamma Alpha Mu Gamma is the national collegiate foreign language honor society, whose purpose is to recognize achievement in the field of foreign language study. It encour- ages interest in the study of foreign languages, literatures and civilizations and stimu- lates a desire for linguistic attainment. OFFICERS President Barbara Nevison Vice President Lawanda Johnson Secretary Toinette Flowers Treasurer Martha Garcia Reporter Lucy Ledbetter Faculty Advisor Ross O. Bridewell MEMBERS Atherton, Lynn Burns, Cathy Chadwick, Karen Childs, Marleta Coffee, Jane Coggburn, Nancy Coleman, Carol Collier, Cynthia Crisp, Linda Davidge, Sharon Davis, Diann Dial, Jack Ferguson, Brenda Frazier, Jane Furlow, Vickie Garcia, Diana Garcia, Maria Griffin, Mary Henderson, Cassi Hight, Lanell Hill, Christine Hill, John Hill, Linda Johnson, Jennie Keul, Norman Knott, Vicki Lomax, Deloros Lowe, Susan Milian, Ivelisa Moffeit, Kay Morgan, Juanda Pruitt, Marilyn Punerai, Kamala Robinson, Karen Rowland, Brenda Ryan, Janice Sanders, Sharon Seiberling, Linda Strickland, Donna Tadlock, Nancy Turner, Rebecca Whistler, Terry Alpha Psi Omega Alpha Psi Omega is an honorary drama organization. Its purpose is the development of dramatic talent and the art of acting; the cultivation of a taste for the best in drama; the fostering of cultural values which it believes dramatics develop and the uniting of the dramatic forces of colleges and universities. OFFICERS President Vice President Secretary-Treasurer Co-Historians Faculty Advisor Tom Littrell Homer Tindall Sue McClelland Don Barrett Rita Robbins Dr. W. K. Waters MEMBERS Bethea, Robert Ellis, Morris Eubanks, John Hedge, Larry Humphrey, Griff Knox, Dara Mathews, Paul Redfern, Judy Segura, Sylvia Selman, Lawrence Sobczak, Shirley Ulrich, Jane Organizations 133 Beta Beta Beta Beta Beta Beta is a national honorary biological society. The organization serves to promote interest in the field of biological study. The local chapter undertakes projects of biological interest. Membership is open to above average students of biology. OFFICERS Stephen Keasler Harold Miller Karen Wheeler Dr. Fred Leon Rainwater President Vice President Secretary Faculty Advisor MEMBERS Bailey, John McDonald, H. S. Branch, Harold McDonald, Russell Burr, J. H. Michael, E. D. Callison, John Mettaeur, Connie Christian, Jesse Miller, E. L. Cook, George Morton, Eunice Cook, Minta Morton, Troy Davey, Ronnie Nixon, Elray Dawson, Annette Rainwater, Fred Dorman, William Ray, Fred Faulkner, R. C. Ray, John Ferguson, Roland Robertson, Walter Flach, Linda Russell, H. T. Fortner, Kenneth Schmitt, Richard Franta, Patsy Spencer, Beverly Fulgham, Joe Stone, Rita Gibson, W. W. Tate, Robert Gordon, Jay Tatum, Ella Hackney, Kenneth Tetu, Linda Hankamer, Carol Townsend, Frances Harrison, Waun Vadala, Richard Heap, Thomas Venable, Jane Hoff, Victor Warner, Mary Jacob, James Weyland, Hendrick Mace, Kenneth Whisennand, Richard McCord, Neal Wolcott, Shirley McCullough, Jack Delta Psi Kappa Delta Psi Kappa is a national women ' s professional fraternity of physical education. The purpose of this organization is to recognize worthwhile achievement of women in physical education, to develop interest therein and to promote greater fellowship among women in this field of activity. OFFICERS President Kathy Bell Vice President Linda Dunlap Secretary Betsy Nash Treasurer Gwen Cretsinger Reporfer Nita Huddle Sergeant-at-Arms Carolyn Tillison Faculty Advisor Mrs. Sadie Allison MEMBERS Andrews, Sharon Broshar, Gay Brown, Cheryl Bryant, Charlotte Davitte, Dale Dyer, Debbie Gibbons, Emma Gilchrist, Claudia Goodwin, Jeanie Harbick, Marilyn Kuykendall, Beth Maikotter, Barbara McClure, Eddye Owen, Jeannie Plant, Nancy Shugart, Ruth Summers, Janet Thack, Liz Yandell, Linda Gamma Theta Upsilon Gamma Theta Upsilon is a national society honoring scholarship in geography. Its purposes are to further interest in geography by affording a common organization for those interested in the field; to strengthen student and professional training through academic experiences outside the classroom; to advance the status of geography as a cultural and practical discipline for study and investigation; and to create and administer a loan fund for furthering graduate study and research. OFFICERS President Vice President Secretary- Treasurer Faculty Advisor Alan Eugene Schultz Robert H. Cunningham Fena Mae Sims Louis Crawford MEMBERS Adams, Betty Burke, Betty Clark, Orie Collier, Dr. G. Loyd Colvert, Jan Dimmick, Charleen Duffy, Delia Feyrer, Sandra Gardner, Charles Rappmund, Ronnie Stewart, Carol Patterson, Davene George, Sherman Hallman, Leon Harrison, Susan Lavine, Laquita Lindholm, Karen Thorn, James Kappa Delta Pi Kappa Delta Pi encourages high professional, intellectual and personal standards and recognizes outstanding contributions to education. The organization which is sponsored by the Department of Education holds an annual banquet and presents recognized speakers in the field of education. OFFICERS President Martha Ann Garcia Vice President Sharon Milligan Secretary Ann Heslop Treasurer Kathy Bloomfield Reporter-Historian Beverly Ihnfeldt MEMBERS Ayres, Page Barber, Donny Bishoff, Carole Bonneau, Joan Branyan, James Brice, Donna Broshar, Gay • Copeland, Candyce Cunningham, Amy Dance, Barbara Doggett, Audrey Fatheree, Alice Goodwin, Jeanie Graham, Myrna Green, Sandra Grissom, Ira Hall, Ronda Harris, Janet Hertwig, James Hill, Christie Holder, James Koening, Gail Landford, Deborah Leaton, Rebecca Lucas, Patsy Marietta, Shirley McApline, Linda McBurnette, Elaine McCall, Dorothy McKay, Anna Moorman, Janis Moyers, Sharon Nevison, Barbara Nolan, Linda Opersteny, Carolyn Potter, Gayle Rogers, Judith Rowell, Ina Shoaf, Ann Simmermann, Katherine Smith, Sandra Speights, Kathryn Steel, Donna Wageman, Joan Walston, Martha Wolf, Sheryl Wood, Nancy Kappa Pi Kappa Pi is an international honorary art fraternity whose purpose is to stimulate in- terest in art and promote good relationships between art departments of different colleges. Students majoring or minoring in art who have had twelve hours in art and maintained a satisfactory grade average are eligible for membership. OFFICERS President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Reporter Faculty Advisor Richard Carpenter Jack McCauley Margaret Vance Donna Guest Linda Gowdey Dr. Karl Schlicher MEMBERS Adams, Jacqueline Knox, James Aston, James Kridakorn, Krit Baker, Patricia Kring, Timothy Bickham, William Lout, Tommy Black, Linda Lowery, Suzy Boughton, Kathleen McAlester, Tim Byrd, Linda McGovern, Kathleen Clancy, Julie Muraff, Jack Clements, Danny Nichols, Beverly Cook, Mary Ann Nietmann, Lucan Davidson, Roxana Oefinger, Simeon Davis, Ronnie Pace, Harriet De Milliano, Raymond Powell, Marianna Dorman, Patricia Reagan, Ann Dubose, Royce Richardson, Carolyn Eaton, Carol Roseburg, Pamela Engelking, Jo Sammons, Kathleen English, Patricia Shepherd, Marjorie Franke, Janet Speights, Carol Franke, Mary Stewart, Beverly Gaw, Kathryn Thurston, Judy George, Sherman Tyson, Barbara Greene, Susan Wallis, Charlene Hart, Carol Warren, Leslie Hearn, Charlene Wark, Tom Henry, Janis Watz, Karyl Henry, John Whistler, Terry Hill, Marie Wilkins, Patricia Hulsey, Bobby Williams, Denise Iverson, Kristina Williams, Marilyn Jackson, Phillip Williams, Patricia Jones, Therolyn Woodley, Sharon Kendrick, Gerald Zednick, Linda Knight, Dennis Mu Phi Epsilon The purposes of Mu Phi Epsilon are the recognition of scholarship and musicianship for women and the promotion of friendship within its sisterhood. Women music ma- jors and minors having an overall grade point average of 2.0 and a music grade point average of 3.0 are eligible. President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Faculty Advisor OFFICERS Nancy Rigby Diane Moss Karen Blackstone Becky Jung Mrs. Carolyn Miller MEMBERS Alhashimi, Carolyn Carver, Nancy Couchman, Kay Cull, Judy Davis, Annette Flynn, Ailsa Franklin, Janice Jacob, Angela Kerce, Kathy Mangold, Debbie Weaver, Linda Wilson, Tammy Omicron Delta Epsilon Omicron Delta Epsilon is a national honor society for the recognition of scholarship in the field of economics on the part of students whose overall scholastic achievement is high. Theta Chapter of Texas, SFA group, holds meetings to stimulate discussion of economic affairs. OFFICERS President Vice President Faculty Advisors Rocky Dumas Christopher Johnson Jesse Mixon Dr. Charles W. Brown MEMBERS Edge, Bruce Guy, Jerry Hauk, Willis Kanpaibool, Surang Lawless, Brenda Lewis, Willie McClain, Jerry Pullen, Nancy Punuerai, Kamala Riley, Charles Rinyu, Susan Swanzy, Lynda Warthan, Jessie 140 Organizations Phi Alpha Theta Phi Alpha Theta is an honorary professional organization whose goal is to foster in- terest in history and give recognition to outstanding students in history. OFFICERS President John Ross Vice President Gary Olson Secretary-Treasurer Jimmy Squyres Faculty Advisors Dr. James Nichols Dr. C. K. Chamberlain MEMBERS Ayres, Page Bell, Carlo Bivens, Addie Bland, Terese Branyan, James Childs, Marleta Dial, Carla Forse, Alvin Fountoulakis, John Gipson, Vance Heslop, Ann Hoskins, Martha Ivie, Andrea Koch, Carolyn Laird, James Latham, Mary Locklear, Earlene Love, Wilbert Marchesani, Arlene McCullough, Robert McDermott, Mary Milligan, Sharon Pack, Lindsy Quillin, Robert Scarborough, Leonette Steel, Donna Welch, John Westbrook, Janis Wood, Wanda Pi Kappa Delta Pi Kappa Delta is a national debating fraternity which fosters annually a schedule of intercollegiate debating and offers membership to those students who meet the re- quirements prescribed by the constitution of the national chapter of Pi Kappa Delta. OFFICERS President Stan Pfeiffer Vice President Frank Latimer Secretary-Treasurer Nancy Wilson MEMBERS Bell, Lillie Beth Dudley, Roger Finley, Mike Follis, Frank Garrison, Gary Grizzard, Hollis Schearer, Caroline Spear, Steve Storch, Greg Psi Chi Psi Chi is a national honorary society which encourages high professional, intellectual and personal standards, while recognizing outstanding contributions to psychology. The organization fosters interest in psychology and brings to the campus distin- guished speakers in that field. OFFICERS President Vice President Secretary- Treasurer Publicity Chairmen Faculty Advisor Mike Knight Jim Cage Denise Stewart John Welch John Lawson Dr. Jerry Lackey MEMBERS Anson, Dr. John Armstrong, Brooke Aurich, Lynn Blocker, Carol Bourbon, Dr. W. T. Burton, Susan Chambers, Sam Chatman, Arnedia Cox, Dan Dabbs, Sharon Davis, Paula Dial, Jack Dillard, Nancy Dougherty, Ray Evans, James Fulgham, Margaret Gaylord, Dr. Heintz Gibbs, Mike Gray, William Ives, Vickie Jones, Kathy Jones, Dr. Robert Kite, Lewis Lathem, Regina Lewis, Dr. John Nicholas, Thomas Oliver, Patty Peters, Tom Phillips, Becky Pugh, Eva Pyle, Sara Reckrey, Carol Ross, Jimmy Sanders, Mike Sininger, Dr. Rollin Snelson, Sharlon Swanick, Gayla Todd, Gene Waitkus, Jo Anne Williams, Jerry Wilson, Nancy Wilson, Dr. Wayne Organizations 143 Sigma Delta Pi Sigma Delta Pi is a national honor society for students of Spanish and Spanish litera- ture. Its purposes are to honor those who seek and attain excellence in the study of the Spanish language and in the study of the literature and culture of the Spanish- speaking peoples; to honor those who strive to make the Hispanic culture; and to fos- ter friendly relations and mutual respect between the nations of Hispanic speech and those of English speech. OFFICERS President Vice President Secreta ry- Tre asurer Faculty Advisor Diana Garcia Jo Ann Zalkovsky Martha Garcia Dr. Vivian Gruber MEMBERS Atherton, Lyn Burkley, Dyann Johnson, Joy Pena, Laurencio Pruitt, Dianne Rowland, Brenda Swanick, Gayle Verner, Ann Wolf, Sheryl Sigma Phi Alpha Sigma Phi Alpha is a chapter of the American Chemical Society. The objectives of the organization are to afford an opportunity for the students of chemistry to become better acquainted, to secure the intellectual stimulation that arises from professional association, to foster a professional spirit among the members and to instill a profes- sional pride in chemistry. OFFICERS President San i Whitley Vice President Tom Whitaker Secretary Con lie Reber Treasurer Edward Smith Faculty Advisor Dr. Albert R . Machel MEMBERS Adams, Ron Craft, Johnny Jorns, Joella Love, Jimmy Wilson, Bill Organizations 145 Sigma Pi Sigma Sigma Pi Sigma, a member of the Association of College Honor Societies, is an affili- ate society of the American Institute of Physics and of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. The local chapter serves to recognize and encourage outstanding student scholarship among physics majors and minors. OFFICERS President David Major Secretary Larry Choate Faculty Advisor Dr. Tollie B. Davison MEMBERS Agee, John Alders, Robert Baker, Jimmy Carter, Nick Clark, William Dean Decker, John Doggett, Bill Erwin, W. Lee Harris, Charles Kenner, Vernon Kless, Norman Longotham, Harold Melvin, Cruse Naistat, Samuel Poison, William Roos, Joseph Roseland, David Sanders, Virgil Simpson, Fynlon Zener, Clarence Sigma Tau Delta Sigma Tau Delta is a national English honor society dedicated to the critical study of English and American literature and language and to the encouragement of creative writing. It is sponsored by the English department and students majoring in English with an average of B or better in their major are invited members. The society meets once a month to discuss literature, creative writing and related subjects. OFFICERS President Vice President Secretary-Treasurer Faculty Advisor Dr. William Goodson Anne Martin Linda Steed Beth Bivens MEMBERS Adair, Connie Atherton, Lynn Bills, Marsha Freeman, Melissa Gregory, Dorothy Henderson, Cassi Brannon, Janone Johnson, Pam Palm, Margaret Zapp, Marsha Caswell, Judy Coon, Rhonda Dowdy, Carolyn Tau Beta Sigma Tau Beta Sigma is an honorary society for college and university bondswomen. Its purpose is to recognize musicianship among women in college and university bands. The organization operates exclusively in the field of college and university bands. OFFICERS President Vice President Secretary Treasurers Faculty Advisor Gladys Best June Hudson Judy Cull Phyllis Barker Patty Alexander Melvin Montgomery MEMBERS Alhashimi, Carolyn Bates, Sandra Bingham, Laura Bryant, Jeanne Burkart, Elizabeth Hill, Kay Mangham, Gail Mangold, Debbie Secrest, Renee Thomas, Patricia Turner, Kaye Wilson, Tammy Xi Sigma Pi Xi Sigma Pi is an honorary organization of foresters. Its objectives are to secure and maintain a high standard of scholarship in forestry education, to work for the im- provement of the forestry profession and to promote a fraternal spirit among those engaged in activities related to the forest. OFFICERS Forester Associate Forester Secretary-Fiscal Agent Ranger Faculty Advisor William Miller William Briggs Billy Terry James Thompson Dr. Harry V. Wiant Baker, Dr. Robert Burkart, Dr. Leonard Hastings, Dr. Eugene Hunt, Ellis FACULTY MEMBERS Lenhart, Dr. David Singer, Dr. Robert Verrall, Dr. A. F. STUDENT MEMBERS Daily, Roger Dittmar, Richard Farmer, Walter Fountain, Michael Hendry, Donlad Lipscomb, Don Metteauer, Dean Miller, William Norris, John Parr, Joe Philpot, Ronnie Reed, Randy Sandeen, William Serene, Eugene Shull, Steven Smeltzer, Richard Wallace, Jeffrey Wallace, Timothy Waller, Joe 1 50 Organizations Organizations 1 53 1 56 Organizations Organizations 159 ND FOR SOMEONE £L 5E ANOTHER DAY Alpha Phi Omega Alpha Phi Omega, national service fraternity, con- tributed over 3,000 man-hours to service projects during the fall and spring semesters. APO ' s most successful project was the Campus Chest Drive which the members staffed and collect- ed more than the $2,000 goal. By reaching the goal, SFA students got an extra day for the Easter holidays. Other projects by the fraternity include conducting campus elections, acting as marshalls for the Homecoming parade, conducting the second annu- al Thanksgiving food basket drive, instructing at Boy Scout camporees, giving parties for students at the Lufkin State School and children at the Neigh- borhood Service Center and collecting donations for the Cancer Crusade. Arnold, Marshall Bates, Walter Burns, James Burns, John Cannon, Donald Cessna, Bobby Cochran, Charles Elliston, Billy Eshbach, Cal Fraga, Robert Garrett, Joe Gregory, David Hardin, Jim Hutchins, Jeff Jones, Richard Kosta, Larry Mann, Alan Mattern, Michael McBride, James McCown, Richard McLaughlin, David Miller, Gregory Murray, Mitch Oliver, Samuel Parker, Alan Patterson, Douglas Riddle, Charles Rodriquez, Joaquin Salt, Gary Schaffer, Richard Shockley, Frank Shuffer, Paul Smith, John Stockton, Rodney Streetman, John Suhler, William Van Compernalk, Remi Van Derbur, Doug Vaughan, David Ybarra, Ray West, William Willadson, Steve Cooksey, Bennett, Advisor Patterson, Clay, Advisor Stransky, John, Advisor Organizations 161 Gamma Sigma Sigma Gamma Theta Chapter of Gamma Sigma Sigma, national service sorority, was chartered at SFA May 2 and 70 members were initiated. The service sorority was organized in March 1 967 under the name Gamma Phi. Projects included a weekly vol- unteer program of working with three Headstart Centers in Nacogdoches, initiating a three-fold pro- gram of the National Foundation for the March of Dimes, working in campus elections, singing at local nursing homes, giving parties for the students at Lufkin State School and serving as campus tour guides. 1 4m 162 Organizations Alexander, Judy Anderson, Linda Jo Bonner, Cathy Bowers, Carol Byman, Barbara Cade, Sharon Caldwell, Chris Caruthers, Linda Collins, Shirley Coke, Cerry Day, Donna Ferguson, Glenda Flynn, Alisa Gonzales, Beatrice Guinn, Georgia Harris, Brenda Haus, Dale Herrington, Bettye Hughes, Patsy Ingram, Barbara Jones, Debbie Landrum, Susan Likin, Nancy McCall, Marsha Meyer, Debbie Milligan, Glenda Moffeit, Kay Mullinax, Brenda Newell, Diana Nichols, Beverly Oliver, Donna Parsley, Annelle Richmond, Susan Robbins, Rita Samperi, Tara Simpson, Bonita Singley, Paula Slackney, Rosemary Spence, Andrea Speights, Carol Thurston, Judy Triplett, Linda Villiarreal, Diane Walker, Jane Walker, Nancy Whisennand, Louise Williams, Susan Wilson, Lark Organizations 163 Biology club officers are, front row, Misses Janie Loggins, secretary-treasurer; Barbara Gruebel, vice president; Alan Cypert, president; second row, Dr. Charles Mims, Dr. W. W. Gibson and Dr. Walter Robinson, sponsors. Biology Club The Biology Club strives to foster interest in biology and to sponsor worthwhile programs and entertain- ment of a biological nature. The club meets month- ly throughout the school year and sponsors a fall barbecue, a dinner and public lecture in the spring, a duchess at Homecoming and several talks during the year given by local and visiting lecturers. Mem- bership is extended to all students who have an in- terest in biology and wish to enjoy the activities of the club. 166 Organizations Alpha Kappa Psi Alpha Kappa Psi, professional business fraternity at SFASU, was organized to further education in the area of commerce and to provide professional association for business and economics students. During the Fall Semester the club entered a float in the Homecoming Parade, participated in intramur- als and held their annual Christmas dance. High- lighting the spring term, the fraternity sponsored a telegram drive to show student support of the Jacks in their attempt to win the NAIA championship. Jim Howard headed the organization as the 1970 president. £4 3 ft 1 Agan, Mike Baker, John Ball, Kenneth Beard, Joe Boyle, Bobby Burgess, Richard Burkham, Lyndell Dierham, Orville Duckworth, Rowland Duer, Wayne Edge, Bruce Florence, David Frier, Jay Howard, Jimmy Hughes, Pat Joffrion, Eric Johnson, Chris Murr, David Reed, Sammy Riley, Charles Scott, Huey Sevigny, Thomas Sims, Jimmy Stathem, Richard Svaton, Larry Th omason, James Vichairatana, Vudhibhandhu White, Joe Phillips, Captain C. K., Advisor Richardson, J. H., Advisor Organizations 167 Canterbury officers are, front row, Mike Macey, Miss Nancy Green, Miss Jane Robbins and Keith Ebbs; sec- ond row, Misses Glena Stephenson, Laura Carter and Marsha Mills. Canterbury Club Encouraging students to take an interest in religion, the Canterbury Club planned nu- merous events to achieve this purpose. Weekend retreats were held twice during the year. During Lent the club served breakfast each morning. Members built a float for the Homecoming Parade, had an Easter egg hunt and worked with the Nacogdoches Head Start Program. Chemistry club officers are Tom Whitaker, vice president; Sam Whitley, president; and Ed Smith, treasurer. Chemistry Club To encourage students to take an active interest in their academic major, the Chemis- try club offered monthly programs to achieve this purpose. Under the leadership of Sam Whitley, president, members heard lectures on Atomic Energy Conversion, Fo- rensic Chemistry and Pulsars. The annual spring banquet closed the year ' s activities. Christian Science Club The Christian Science Club voted this year to hold few activities as they felt that nothing should inter- fere with religion. The club had a workshop at which time more religious knowledge was gained. Christian Science club officers are Miss Bonnie Lawson, vice presi- dent; Brad Ingalls, president; and Fredrikke Iverson, publicity. Organizations 169 El Club de los Amigos Espanol The members of El Club de los Amigos Espanol strive to obtain a better understanding of the Span- ish language, its people and its culture. Member- ship is open to any interested student or faculty member of the college. Besides the club ' s bi-monthly meetings, activities included the presentation of a live manger scene, followed by a Christmas dinner, and the sponsor- ship of Pan American week. The club, under the leadership of president Miss Linda Coggburn, was sponsored by Dr. Janet Dir- lam. Spanish Club officers are Misses Linda Coggburn, president; Mar- tha Garcia, secretary-treasurer and Sherry Winden, parliamentar- ian. 1 70 Organizations Officers of the Home Economics club are, front row, Misses Joanna Walters, president; Mitzi Chambers, trea- surer; Lark Wilson, vice president; second row, Elizabeth Jefferies, second vice president; Karen Hardy, secre- tary; Linda Jo Anderson, parliamentarian; and Betty Downs, publicity. Home Economics Club Modeling clothes from Suzanne ' s Dress Shop, Home Economics College Club members presented a fall fashion show for the student body. During December, the departmental faculty honored the majors at the annual Home Economics Christmas reception. Led by President Miss Joanna Walters, the club members sponsored a cake walk booth at the Spring Carnival. The club brought several guest speakers to the campus. Organizations 171 Women ' s Intramural Council Organized to design and supervise intramural pro- grams in all sports, the Women ' s Intramural Coun- cil awarded trophies for all sports in three different fields — sorority, physical education majors and non-physical education majors. The council chose All-lntramurals All Stars and honored the All Stars at a sports banquet at which time awards were presented. The outstanding physical education major, the outstanding freshman and the outstand- ing dance student received awards. The Dr. Lucille Norton Scholarship award was also presented at the banquet. Intramural Council members are front row, Misses Eddye McClure, Dorm 18; Gail Odom, BSU; Kathy Bell, Dorm 17; Patsy Uresti, Dorm 1 7; Sherry Peterman, Dorm 1 9; second row, Debbie Dyer, North Dorm; Carolyn Tillison, director; Connie Thomas, Dorm 1 0; and Judy Goodman, independent. 172 Organizations LSI Moratoriums highlighted the Fall Semester for League for Student Involvement. The group helped in co-ordinating Earth Day and sponsored a dance featuring Shiva ' s Head Band, Brer Rabbitt ' s Ulti- mate Trip and Archie. Members of the club peti- tioned for free speech on campus, off campus and held a teach-in on President Nixon ' s Cambodia ac- tion. LSI officers are Joel Dumville, vice chairman, and Richard Root, chairman. Organizations 173 Men ' s HPE Men ' s HPE Club was organized at SFA to further the interest of men in health and physical education. Club members attended the state health and physical education meeting in Corpus Christi and sponsored guest speakers at their monthly meetings. 1 74 Organizations Newman Club Preparing baskets for the poor, caroling and giving parties for children were among the activities spon- sored by the Newman Club. Members also planned tutoring programs, visited the elderly in nursing homes and toured Rusk. In the area of religion, the club planned a retreat, weekly Sunday dinners and Saturday gathering-rounds. Officers of the Newman club are Miss Loretta Cielinski, publicity; Gary Kramis, social chairman; Miss Mary Holzmer, educational chairman; and Tim Goodwin, religious chairman. Organizations 1 75 Phi Chi Theta officers are, front row, Misses Debbie Mercer, treasurer; Terry Hale, president; Pam Carnelly, secretary; and Jane Jones, historian; second row, Vickie Furlow, national council; Nancy Pullen, vice presi- dent; and Karen McAfee, corresponding secretary. Phi Chi Theta Designed to promote business ideals, Phi Chi Theta, women ' s professional business fraternity, was installed at SFA in 1 968. The club participated in the Spring Carnival and sponsored the dunking booth. Other social events included a Homecoming party honoring Duchess Miss Karen McAfee, and a Christmas party for underprivileged children of Nacogdoches. The fraternity also sponsored a field trip to IBM in Dallas and co-sponsored a banquet with Alpha Kappa Psi. 1 76 Organizations Phi Mu Alpha officers are, front row, Dennis Prewitt, secretary; Miss Phyllis Barker, duchess,- Andy Attaway, vice president; and Randy Groce, warden; second row, Danny Prado, executive secretary; Bill holt, president; and Roger Ashcraft, historian. SFA ' s professional music fraternity, Phi Mu Alpha, was organized to advance the c ause of music and to foster the mutual welfare and brotherhood of students of music. Activities for the fraternity included a booth at the Halloween Carnival, Found- er ' s Day Concert, a jazz festival sponsoring the swinging jazz band, a car wash, a pledge recital and an American Composer ' s Concert. Socially the club held a banquet and a Homecoming reception for alumni and the SFA music faculty. Phi Mu Alpha chose Miss Phyllis Barker as Homecoming Duchess. Phi Mu Pi Epsilon Mu Pi Epsilon Mu, professional fraternity for all women health and physical education majors and minors, is affiliated with the Texas and American Associa- tions of Health, Physical Education and Recreation. The organization endeavors to promote social and professional cooperation among the members of the club, the faculty and the alumni. Pi Epsilon Mu members sold candy during the year to raise money for the Lucille Norton Scholarship, awarded this year to Miss Carolyn Tillison, junior health and physical education major from Henderson. Guest speakers addressed the fraternity at monthly meet- ings. Pi Epsilon Mu officers are, front row, Misses Weezie Bailey, secre- tary; Linda Yandell, vice president; second row, Ann Smith, re- porter; Emma Gibbons, president; Shannon Osborne, sponsor; and Kathy LaFollette, song leader. 178 Organizations Pre-medical technology officers are Gus Zavadil, reporter; Misses Nancy Ferguson, vice president; Patricia Taylor, president; and Ellen Redd, secretary-treasurer. Medical Technology SFA ' s Medical Technology club was formed to foster interest in the profession of medical technology. Throughout the year club members heard lectures by patholo- gists and technologists from various hospitals. A coffee honored visiting representa- tives from medical technology affiliates of SFA. Organizations 179 Press Club To broaden the experience of students interested in the mass media of communication, SFA journal- ists organized a Press Club during the Fall Semes- ter. After securing a campus charter from Student Congress, club members attended a get- acquainted coke party and a Christmas party. Slide presentations relevant to journalism and photo- journalism were viewed at meetings. Four members attended the annual TIPA convention in El Paso in April. Press Club officers are Allyn Pearlman, president, and Miss Judy Garrett, secretary-treasurer. 1 80 Organizations Officers for STARS are Steve Willingham, president; Miss Pat Kennedy, vice president; Tommy Edelen, execu- tive board; and Miss Beth Woods, executive board. Stars STARS, Senior Teens Aid the Retarded, sponsored numerous programs to help the mentally retarded. Special Olympics were held in the spring for area children plus a party in the University Center. Club members took children out at Halloween to trick or treat and honored them at a special Easter egg hunt. To enable members to see what is being done for retarded individuals, STARS visited the Lufkin State School. Organizations 181 Collegiate Future Farmers Meeting twice monthly, the Collegiate Future Farmers of America heard guest speakers empha- size the importance of agriculture in America today. Social events for the club included the an- nual spring barbecue. Collegiate FFA officers are Sammy Clifton, vice president; Harvey Sjolander, president; Dennis Leggett, re- porter; J. C. Green, advisor; Lacy Wilcox, sentinel; Vernon Snelgrove, student advisor; and Kenneth Jones, secretary. 1 82 Organizations SFA Gun Club The SFA Gun Club, a member of the Southwest Rifle Association, competed in the National Pistol Match, held eight conference matches and attend- ed three invitational matches during the 1969-70 academic year. Bill Jordan served as regional rep- resentative to the National Rifle Association. As part of Earth Day activities, the club showed movies on ducks. Officers of the Gun Club are Bob Haggard, treasurer; Miss Kathy Bradshaw, secretary; Eric Joffrion, presi- dent; and Harold Ives, reporter. Mathematics Club Highlighting the year for the SFA Mathematics Club was national affiliation with Pi Mu Epsilon, honorary mathematics society. Members of the club have a 3.0 grade point average and junior standing. Social activities for the year included the annual spring banquet. Mathematics club officers are Miss Polly Harrison, treasurer and Robert Feistel, president. Organizations 183 Scuba club officers are Joel Bond, treasurer; Gary Jacobs, safety officer; Brian Bordelon, president; and Kex Meyer, secretary. Scuba Club Monthly outings were the highlight of the year for all Scuba Diving club members. Trips included visits to Arkansas, Possum Kingdom, Canyon Dam Reservoir, Jacob ' s Well, San Marcos and New Braunfels. Social activities included a shrimp boil. The club sponsored booths at the Halloween Carnival and the Spring Carnival. Members viewed numerous films and slides at regular meetings. Sigma Alpha Eta officers are, front row, Miss Helen Quick, public- ity; Tommy Lester, vice president; Miss Joy Abel, president; sec- ond row, Misses Renee Secrest, historian; and Barbara Oxford, secretary-treasurer. Sigma Alpha Eta Sigma Alpha Eta, professional speech pathology club, began the year ' s activities by constructing a Homecoming float. The group chose Miss Shannon Roberts as their duchess. Social activities included a barbecue and a Christmas party. The club toured Lufkin State School and formed a communication staff to inform the community about speech pathol- ogy- Organizations 185 186 Organizations Rodeo Club Highlighting the thirteenth annual Rodeo, Miss Linda Gowdey was crowned 1 970 Rodeo Queen. Other events during the week included saddle bronc, bareback and bull riding, calf and goat tie down, calf roping, steer wrestling and fraternity wild cow milking. Members participated in thirteen NIRA rodeos during the spring including shows at Texas A M, Sam Houston, Southwest Texas State and Texas A l. All Around Cowboy for the past three years, Larry Mahan, visited the annual ban- quet. Rodeo club officers are, front row, Misses Barbara Waldrop, trea- surer; Shirley Martin, corresponding secretary; second row, Wayne Echols, vice-president; Brenda Barfield, secretary; Bruce McShan, president. Organizations 187 Sociology Club Helping plan Earth Day was a major event during the Spring Semester for Sociology Club members. Through the club ' s efforts, U.S. Senator Ralph Yar- borough spoke and a panel discussion on pollution was presented as a part of Earth Day activities. The club also sponsored a moratorium panel discussion, a Christmas party and a tea. The tea, featuring a jug band, was held in order that members could meet and talk with all sociology professors. Under the leadership of Erwin Goldstein, members formed a committee to help select courses for the sociology department. Sociology Club officers are Misses Patty Oliver, publicity; Jenny Houter, secretary; Donna Muckleroy, vice president; Carol Perry, president; and Judy Alexander, program chairman. 188 Organizations Wesley Foundation officers are, front row, Lloyd Smith, Activities Chairman; Douglas Hendershot, vice- president; Randy Warren, president; Thomas Rector, treasurer; Eugene Wood, Outreach Chairman; second row, Misses Bobbie Golemon, Service Chairman; Vicki Cooper, Food Chairman; Nancy Pullen, secretary; and Lynn Sneed, historian. Helping build a Homecoming float, visiting Six Flags Over Texas and working with Head Start were among the fall activities for the Wesley Foundation. The club also sponsored Religious Emphasis Week and Old Folks ' Day in Nacogdoches at the Con- valescent Center. Social activities included lake parties and attending football and basketball games together. The Wesley Foundation also raised money to buy a bell for the youth center steeple. Wesley Foundation TSEA Conventions for TSEA members highlighted the club ' s activities this year. At the three conventions, members gained knowledge which will be applied once they begin to teach. Activities for the club in- cluded sponsoring a booth at Spring Carnival deco- rating the University Center for Homecoming and planning monthly meetings featuring guest speak- ers or films. TSEA officers are, front row, Misses Nita Huddle, historian; Carol Bowers, vice-president; second row, Linda Cooper, president; Brenda Harris, secretary; and Judy Williams, vice-president. Organizations 189 Regulating fraternity life, the Interfraternity Coun- cil spent much of its time working on rush although other activities were included in their business. IFC held the second all-Greek Charity Drive, organized an activities council with the help of Panhellenic, sponsored Greek Week and planned two success- ful rushes. Dick Lucas held the office of president during the Fall Semester and Truitt Hunt was presi- dent during the spring. IFC representatives includ- ed three members from each of the seven national frat ernities on campus. RIGHT: Spring president, Truitt Hunt. BELOW: Members of the In- terfraternity Council. Panhellenic Panhellenic, the governing organization for wom- en ' s social sororities, started the Fall Semester with a successful rush. Following rush, the council had a welcome pledge coke party and a scholarship tea. Members attended the National Panhellenic work- shop at Sam Houston State University. The council planned Greek Week activities. Miss Ginger Cox headed the council during the Fall Semester and Miss Tricia Davis held the office of president during the spring. Greeks 193 Alpha Chi Omega Alpha Chi Omega activities during the Fall Semes- ter saw the election of Miss Linda Cole as Home- coming Queen and Miss Pattie James as Freshman Duchess. The sorority won first place at the Annual Corn Husking Bee and received the Panhellenic trophies for the most active chapter and the highest scholarship for a pledge class. The Alpha Chi Ome- gas won basketball and voile ball championships and captured second place in baseball. Student Congress secretary Miss Mary Beth Lucy was elect- ed during the spring elections to serve as the 1 970 Senior Class- president and Miss Patti Howard was chosen Freshman Favorite. Miss Twinkle Lockleer was chosen Pi Kappa Alpha Dream Girl and Miss Candy Duguette, Kappa Alpha Rose. Andrews, Suzanne Averyt, Linda Axley, Linda Bass, Betsy Bentinck, Bette Black, Barbara Blew, Linda Childers, Carol Clark, Judy Cole, Linda Day, Janice Dennis, Betty Duckworth, Cathy Duffey, Delia Dwyer, Diane English, Patti Foster, Cheryl Freberg, Sharon Furness, Martha Gilchrist, Claudia Halle, Maureen Horborth, Janice Hearne, Suzy James, Patti Johnson, Cathy Kibodeaux, Renee Kerr, Sara Kittrell, Kay Lennon, Sue Lewis, Angie Lockleer, Twinkle Lucy, Mary Beth 194 Greeks Greeks 195 Chi Omega Epsilon Zeta chapter of Chi Omega was estab- lished at SFA December 7, 1963. Chi Omegas have shown their versatility this year by winning Lady-in-Waiting for Homecoming and having mem- bers elected to Who ' s Who. Members of Chi Omega served as Twirl-o-Jacks, cheerleaders, class officers, favorites and duchesses. Pledges sponsored a Crazy Chi O Saloon in the Spring Car- nival and won the best decorated booth award. They also won second place in Greek Day, had five members selected as Miss Playmates and two as fraternity sweethearts. Philanthropies included a Christmas Kindness and an Easter Egg Hunt with Sigma Tau Gamma for underprivileged children. Spring elections saw a Chi Omega chosen as the secretary-treasurer of Student Congress and as Junior Class Favorite. Ad ams, Anne Anderson, Linda Blaylock, Donna Bohuslav, Maryette Brooks, Chris Cordwell, Beverly Conlee, Kay Cooper, Jackie Courtney, Susan Cox, Jeanette Cravotta, Charlene Critz, Nancy Cudd, Parti Daryl, Davis Davis, Mary Davis, Tricia Derby, Ponnie Dunning, Debbie Duvall, Tina Galbraith, Glee Garrett, Judy George, Marilyn Giddens, Audrey Hall, Deborah Hardy, Karen Harris, Jan Hothorn, Donna Howey, Debbie Hughes, Kay Hutchinson, Nan Jefferies, Liz Jetton, Marcia 196 Greeks Greeks 197 Delta Zeta Zeta Psi of Delta Zeta claims many achievements in the year which marks the entering of a new dec- ade. The sorority won the Greek Day activities, was named the most improved chapter in its prov- ince and tied for second place for the International Fellowship Award sponsored by the Confederation of European Social Clubs. The DZ ' s served as class and organizational duchesses in the Homecoming festivities. The sorority boasted one campus cheer- leader, 1 1 representatives to Student Congress, 10 Mam ' selles and a class favorite. Service proj- ects included a trip to the Lufkin State School, a food drive and participation in United Fund cam- paigns. The DZ ' s sponsored a coke booth and a bingo booth at the Spring Carnival. Adams, Jan Baoman, Marsha Bean, Terri Bills, Marsha Bingham, Laura Bodenheim, Sally Burke, Marilyn Burton, Susan Bush, Emily Brown, Dorla Campbell, Wendy Carnelly, Pam Chambliss, Christine Chapa, Mary Clancy, Julie Conner, Pam Copeland, Candy Coursey, Stephanie Clower, Linda Cox, Ginger Crego, Christi Curry, Jennie Davis, Diann Dykes, Beverly Ellis, Linda Engstrom, Liz Ford, Kay Francis, Becky Gagner, Yvonne Gray, Sissy Hogan, Patti Hunter, Cindy LrMk ■ ■ 198 Greeks Greeks 199 Sigma Kappa Gamma Chi chapter of Sigma Kappa, the first na- tional sorority established on the SFA campus, had a busy 1 969-70. Outstanding Sigmas for the year are Miss Janet Bang, Kappa Alpha " Belle,- " Miss Sharon Burner, Sigma Tau Gamma " White Rose; " Miss Sandy Crenshaw, first runner-up to Carnival Queen and Sigma Tau Gamma " Little Sister; " Miss Cindy Clark, secretary-treasurer of the senior class; and Miss Janet Poynter, Sigma Tau Gamma " Little Sister. " Ten members belong to honorary fraternities and others serve on University Center committees and as officers in campus organiza- tions. Sigma Kappa pledges won first place with their song at the Corn Huskin ' Bee. Pledge projects consisted of a caramel apple sale and cookie sale at the Spring Carnival. Pledges were recognized at the annual Pledge Presentation and awards for " Best Pledge " and " Pledge Standout " were given following the Initiation Banquet. Sigma Kappa so- cial events included a Christmas Dance and the Spring Formal held at the Tyler Rose Gardens. One of its service projects was making regular visits to the Oak Manor Rest Home. Allen, Debbie Bong, Janet Barfield, Brenda Baushke, Maxine Bledsoe, Paulo Blystone, Karen Bost, Jan Bowman, Kathy Broaddus, Joan Burner, Sharon Carey, Marty Clark, Cindy Coldwell, Edie Corbin, Kathy Crenshaw, Sandy Davis, Annette Dickerson, Jane Elliot, Barbie Foote, Carolyn Garner, Linda Harrell, Beckie Harrison, Polly Hight, Lanell Ivy, Janie Jacobson, Nan Jeffords, Steff Johnson, Cindy Johnson, Lynne Knox, Dara Lee, Linda Lentz, Peggy McCoy, Fran 200 Greeks Greeks 201 Alpha Tau Omega The Texas Eta lota Chapter of Alpha Tau Omega was installed on the SFA campus on April 1 2, 1 969. ATO was founded at Virginia Military Insti- tute on September 11,1 865, with the hope of re- solving sectional bitterness created by the Civil War. Scholastically, ATO, with its 140 chapters across the nation and Canada, has ranked number one for 1 1 of the last 1 5 years among national fraternities. Leaders on the SFA campus, ATOs served as vice presidents for the freshman, sopho- more and junior classes, had seven members on Student Congress and headed IFC during the Fall Semester. Outstanding members included Mel Turner, cheerleader; Bill McBride, Junior Favorite; and Russ Keasler and Larry McCorkle, selected for Who ' s Who. In intramurals, the ATOs finished highest among fraternities in baseball. The frater- nity Homecoming float received first honors. So- cially, the ATOs held such parties as the Fabulous Fifties, Tom Jones, Hippie, Who Was the Real John Doe? and the annual Black and White Ball. Abbott, James Arkelin, Michael Atkinson, Martin Atwell, James Baggett, William Bailey, Dennis Bailey, Gary Bienke, Richard Brandon, Steven Brownlee, Robert Bumpass, Richard Brudett, Bill Burnett, Phil Campbell, William Clamp, Wayne Clinton, L. G. Covin, Ben Cox, Randy Durrett, Jackie Eagalnick, Robert Gamer, Robert Gill, Dwayne Gordon, Peter Grant, James Hart, Frank Havard, Larry Hipp, Mike Holloway, James Holmes, Thomas Jenson, Ted Kidwell, Randall Langston, William Long, Noel Lucas, Richard Lurker, Dean Lyons, Lorry Mainord, Sammy Manjarris, Joel McBride, Bill Middleton, Don 202 Greeks Miller, Rodney Newkirk, John Odom, Patrick Peurifoy, John Peyton, Harry Poland, Charles Poland, Jonathan Reed, James Roach, Thad Roper, Danny Smith, Phil Smith, Richard Sperry, David Spottswood, Hal Tang, Chai Thibodaux, Carl Thomas, Lou Turner, Mel Vinson, Mike Weaver, James Whitmore, James Wiener, Marshall Wright, John Crawford, Louis, Sponsor Greeks 203 Delta Sigma Phi Delta Phi Chapter of Delta Sigma Phi received its SFA charter in 1 960 to become the first national fraternity on campus. 1 970 saw the Sigs receive many honors, sponsor a philanthropy project and hold a series of parties. The Sigs ' honors include winning third place in the Homecoming float competition. The group tied for first place in Greek Day activities and also parti- cipated in the Spring Carnival by sponsoring two booths. The Sigs competed in a rope pull with the Theta Chis. The major service project of the year was a fund- raising campaign to collect money which the Sigs donated to the Nacogdoches City Hospital. Starting the year with a welcome pledge party, the Sigs also held a pajama party, a suppressed desire party and the annual Delta Sigma Phi spring for- mal. Miss Debbie Dunning was presented with the title of Dream Girl. Adams, Fitzgerald Arisman, Bob Ballow, Pete Beal, Donald Bean, Kenneth Bond, William Broussard, Nathan Brown, Duke Campbell, Joseph Caperton, Ben Clark, David Coleman, William Cooper, Richard Corley, Randall Davis, Ray Dluhy, Larry Dodd, Stephen Farmer, James Fomby, Gary Freeman, Jesse Goodrich, Jim Harris, Larry Isom, Roddy Lawless, Larry Leggett, Kenneth Little, Tommy Manford, Hugh McCarroll, Robert McConkey, David Mena, Duane Moran, Tom Morgan, Scott 204 Greeks 4tk - 1 i 3 1 9 Neese, Richard Odom, James Oliver, William O ' Rourke, Patrick Peteet, Paul Pinkston, Don Pitts, Donny Pratt, Russell Roraback, Forrest Ross, Edwin Russell, Roger Smallwood, Johnce Smith, James Sparks, Danny Stanley, Gary Villarreal, Paul Greeks 205 Kappa Alpha After a successful rush, sports became the main in- terest for Kappa Alpha. The chapter won Fight Night Champions and received second place in the Houston Canoe Regatta. Outstanding members in- cluded newly elected cheerleader Mike Thomas and Student Congress representatives from the School of Business, School of Liberal Arts and School of Sciences and Mathematics. Social events included a Homecoming Party, Christmas Ball and the Old South Ball. During their community service project, KA aided in raising money for Nacogdoch- es Sheriff ' s Department. Abercrombie, Edward Anderson, Robert Atkinson, David Bajorek, Edward Bartlett, David Burke, Stephen Cavanaugh, William Christiansen, Wayne Clark, James Delk, Robert Douglas, Randall Duncan, James Earl, Bruce Enos, Curtis Estes, Philip Freeman, lewis Geary, George Griffin, Samuel Gupton, William Harris, Jerry Harvey, Jim Hunt, Truett Jaubert, Jacques Kelly, Ken Longmire, George Lotz, Roy Mallard, George Matthews, Morgan Miller, Stephen Pickel, Robert Powers, Ken Powers, Robert 9 9 dm® HMMMBBHBHI HBBHm«HHI Mil 1 IIHIllMHM 1 1 ' " Mill mHMMBH MWRVHl lijj «4 206 Greeks Greeks 207 Phi Delta Theta In keeping with their past, Phi Delta Theta once again had an exceptional year at SFASU. As lead- ers of the student body, the Phis held such posi- tions as president and vice president of Student Congress and president of the senior, junior and sophomore classes. Active on campus, the Phi Delts won second place on their Homecoming float and their Spirit Award and placed first in the Corn Huskin ' Bee, the Greek Talent Show, Greek Day and the Wild Cow Milking contest. In the area of philanthropies, the fraternity donated 500 man hours of manual labor to the Lufkin State School for the Mentally Retarded. The Phis captured a first place in football and were selected the overall Greek intramural champions. Concluding the year, the Phis were nominated for a Gold Star, recogniz- ing them as one of the ten best chapters of Phi Delta Theta in the United States. Anslow, James Bailey, Ben Bay, Mike Bearicks, Gary Blalack, Mike Brown, Terry Cakes, Fred Castleberry, Thomas Clark, David Cochrane, Edward Cogar, William Collop, Mark Crank, John Crews, John Delk, Robert Driver, Ray Embree, Steven Freeman, David Frezee, Jim Fortney, Charles Gordon, Jay Harber, Michael Heap, Tom Hines, Bobby Holland, Jebb Hopkins, Michael Hopkins, Randolph Jackson, Peter Jessen, Kindred Kingham, Jim Kneese, Ed Konrad, John Mason, Tommy Mast, Horace McDugald, Charles Milstead, Jim Mirabel, Edgar Moore, Rusty Nelson, Barry Nickerson, Jesse K I 208 Greeks Nonnon, Roy Norman, Stewart Rhoades, Les Robertson, Barton Russell, Jerry Parker, Joel Price, Roy Schaefer, Kenton Scoggin, Mike Simpson, Steve Smith, Brian Smyth, Charles Spikerman, John Stephens, Eddie Still, Alan Still, John Sullivan, Larry Swank, John Thompson, Stu Thurman, Marty Trigg, Fisher Wade, John Williams, Joseph Yates, David Young, Robert Greeks 209 Pi Kappa Alpha The " Pikes " at Stephen F. Austin enjoyed another successful year in all phases of fraternalism in 1 969-70. The fraternity contributed to the commu- nity welfare by participating in the Annual Muscu- lar Dystrophy Drive in Nacogdoches for the fourth consecutive year, playing the Lufkin State School in football and basketball and selling raffle tickets for the Nacogdoches Sheriff ' s Department new pa- trol boat. The Pikes won honors in intramurals by placing first in fraternity division basketball. Six members of the fraternity served as Student Con- gress representatives. David King won individual honor by being selected to the Little All-America Football team. The " Pikes " added to their full schedule by having parties and socials throughout the year. Adams, Jimmy Ansel, William Anthony, Glen Argue, Joe Barrett, Ned Blalack, Charlie Bode, Clifford Brown, George Brumbelow, Cane Camp, Ben Campbell, Steve Carpenter, Ronnie Clark, Steve Clore, Michael Cole, Bill Cook, Richard Courtney, Marvin Cramer, Charles DeFord, Ronnie Downing, O. E. Everett, Jim Flanagan, Richard Floyd, Joseph Garrett, Ronnie Gerringer, Ronald Gober, Joe Griffin, Robert Hardilek, Thomas Higgins, Doug Jackson, Jimmy Johnston, Kenneth Jones, Curt King, David Kuers, Bill Lea, Butch Livery, Dwight Madden, Gary Marx, Kenneth McCormick, Gary Mc Henry, Gary 1 210 Greeks UKA ■r. . .-f 1 mi McKnight, Tommy Migliere, James Monroe, Rennie Morefield, William Norton, Gary Oman, Douglas Price, Rand Prouty, Thomas Ramsey, Steven Redding, Larry Reed, Robert Robbins, Larry Rogers, Randy Scarborough, Davis Seago, Robert Sellick, Jim Shugart, Rick Skipper, Jack Spencer, David Tisserand, Steven Tobin, James Tucker, Dickie Wallace, Richard Warner, Loyal Wilson, James Young, Michael Abbott, Harold, Sponsor Greeks 21 1 Sigma Tau Gamma At the close of their first year at SFA, Sigma Tau Gamma boasted 44 members including spring pledges. Sports played an important part in the fra- ternity ' s activities and they captured third place in the softball league. The Sigma Taus co-sponsored an Easter egg hunt with Chi Omega for underprivi- leged children of the Nacogdoches area. The fra- ternity won third place in Greek Day activities. So- cials included a Homecoming party, a Christmas formal and the White Rose Ball. Miss Panette Evers was named White Rose. The SFA Sigma Tau Gamma colony is the first colony in Texas and will be installed as an active chapter on the fraternity ' s fiftieth anniversary. Banks, Wally Borrows, Byron Barton, Conway Coker, Bill Day, Duane Fortner, Ken Fruge, Lloyd Furlong, Dennis Gilbert, Ronnie Harris, Paul Hay, Mike Hext, Bob Jacks, Leon Joines, Glenn Kunze, Kyle May, Tommy McComb, Joe McPherson, Jim 212 Greeks Greeks 213 Theta Chi Not only can Theta Chi boast of the highest grade point average among all social fraternities for the entire academic year, but also they again beat the Delta Sigs in the annual rope pull. Fraternity mem- bers helped with the renovations of Grace Bible Church, held a party at Lufkin State School and collected money for March of Dimes. During the year the Theta Chis held Suppressed Desire, West- ern, Homecoming and Roaring 20 ' s parties and the annual Red and White Ball. During the Spring Se- mester the fraternity brought nine acres of land as a possible site for a future chapter house. Out- standing members included Duane Branch, Who ' s Who, and Reggie Bryan, cheerleader. Abraham, Brian Bennett, Gregory Berry, Kenneth Biechlin, Robert Boyle, James Branch, Duane Brubaker, Rodney Bryan, Reggie Casteel, Gory Christmann, Harold Cobb, Alvin Cowan, Danny Cowan, Dennis DeGrand, John Denton, Grady DeWitt, Richard Dinsmore, Allan Fielder, Edward Garrett, Bruce Garrett, Tom Halas, George Harris, Robert Hilliard, Michael Humphries, Floyd Lane, Raymond Mahaffey, Mark McCullough, William McKinnon, Les Newton, David Nolen, Dennis Outenreath, Gary Reed, Denny 11 Mr mm ft m 214 Greeks Greeks 215 f 9 ABOVE: Cheerleader Miss Marilyn Cleaver yells encouragement to the Lumberjacks. RIGHT: A Howard Payne player receives aid from a teammate after an encounter with the tough Lumberjack defense. 1 969 SFA Record SFA 36- 7 Angelo State SFA 35-37 NW Louisiana SFA 28-19 Tarleton State SFA 25-49 Texas A l SFA 34- 7 Sul Ross SFA 45-21 Howard Payne SFA 38-28 Sam Houston SFA 42-24 SW Texas State SFA 63- 9 McMurry SFA 35-36 East Texas 218 Sports Sports 219 SFA ' s Lumberjacks ended the 1 969 campaign with one of the most successful seasons in school histo- ry, finishing with a 7-3 record and missing out on a share of the Lone Star Conference championship by only six seconds. A frantic drive by East Texas State netted the Lions a touchdown and extra points with six ticks left to give ETSU a 36-35 victory over the Jacks in the season finale at Commerce. J Coach Travis " Shorty " Hughes ' gridders had taken a 20-0 halftime lead but the Lions ' five touchdown performance in the final two quarters spelled the difference. A Lumberjack victory would have given SFA a share of the LSC crown for the first time since 1 935. RIGHT: Andy " Shay " Hopkins discusses game strategy with SFA Head Coach Travis Hughes. BOTTOM: Assistant Joe Richardson adds spirited support to the Lumberjacks from the sidelines. BELOW: Stephen Clark is the last player to unpile after the Jack defense low- ered the boom on a Howard Payne ball carrier. All LSC-AII Texas end Dan McKeown displays the pass catching form that led him to record-breaking per- formances. Sports 221 The Jacks opened the season with a romping 36-7 win against Angelo State University at San Ange- lo. Fullback Charles Lindsay led the SFA charge as the Lumberjacks jumped to a 30-0 first period lead and then coasted the rest of the way for the deci- sive win. SFA traveled to Natchitoches, La. for its next en- counter, falling to the Demons of Northwestern 37-35. Four fumbles, three interceptions and a blocked punt proved to be the Jacks ' downfall. The game was not short of Lumberjack feats, how- ever, as SFA claimed 423 yards total offense. End Danny McKeown also had a profitable night, catching six passes for 1 49 yards and three touch- downs. SFA cheerleader Miss Patti Hogan had a confident smile as she watched the Lumberjacks in action. Defensive back Rayford Smith (44) kept close tabs on enemy receivers. 222 Sports ABOVE: Fullback Charles Lindsey rushes for the open spaces in SF A ' s Home- coming with Howard Payne. RIGHT: Two-time AII-LSC and All-Texas end Ronnie Hawthorne takes a breather while the Jack defense does its thing. SFA jumped back on the winning trail the following week as they took a 28- 1 9 decision over the Tarle- ton State Texans in the Jacks ' initial LSC contest. Quarterback Robert Pearce scored twice, once on a 60-yard run, and Dennis Demel tossed an eight yard scoring strike to McKeown. Andy Hopkins added the final tally with a seven yard scamper. The Lumberjacks met Texas A l, the number one small college team in the country, the following week and the result was a 49-25 Javelina victory. Hopkins gained 1 70 yards, however, scoring two touchdowns along the way. Mark Mosely booted a 50 yard field goal, an LSC record, for another SFA bright spot. 224 Sports The Jacks found their first loop win in Alpine, rock- ing the Sul Ross Lobos with a 34-7 decision. Fresh- man linebacker Sam Hunt was credited with 21 tackles as the Lumberjack defensive unit limited the Lobos to minus three yards rushing. SFA ' s Homecoming game looked more like a track meet as the Jacks blasted Howard Payne, 45-21 , before 1 2,000 fans. Pearce had 336 yards total offense, including an 1 8-of-30 passing effort for 298 yards. BOTTOM: Hopkins snags a pass thrown by quarterback Robert Pearce. RIGHT: Defeat. The Lumberjacks played spoiler at Sam Houston ' s homecom- ing in Huntsville the following week. Hopkins ran wild for 205 yards on 30 carries to lead the Axemen to a 38-28 con- quest over the Bearkats. SFA took its fourth straight game with a 42-24 romp over Southwest Texas, due largely to the record-breaking passing performance of Pearce. The Hamlin senior threw three TD passes and hitting 27 of 44 attempts. SFA ' s total offense mark in the SWT game moved the Jacks into the top spot in that category among NAIA teams. The powerful Lumberjacks boosted their national total of- fense lead the following week as they ran wild for 788 yards en route to a 63-9 win against McMurry ' s Indians. SFA had a 1 4-3 halftime lead but exploded in the final two quarters to score 35 and 1 4 points respectively. The win marked the Jacks ' fifth straight and set the stage for the season-ending showdown against ETSU. At season ' s end, the Lumberjacks claimed 45 LSC and school records. Lumberjack Cagers Earn National Recognition Sports 233 ABOVE: Following the first game of the NAIA District IV playoff against St. Mary ' s, George Johnson is carried from the court as fans proclaim that " We ' re No. 1 . " RIGHT: James Silas goes high for a shot to avoid the outstretched arms of St. Mary ' s Doug Williams. FAR RIGHT: Silas hits again from the field. We ' re Number One . . . We ' re Number One. That became the chant of the SFA basketball fans in mid-January, lasting until the season ' s end. The Lumberjack cagers ended regular season play with a perfect 24-0 record and were ranked as the top team in the small college ranks by the National As- sociation of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA), the Associated Press and United Press International. The Jacks, however, were bounced from the NAIA tou rney in the third round. SFA downed South Car- olina 1 00-86 in the opening game and edged Au- gusta, Ga. 74-71 in the second match. The Lum- berjacks were finally eliminated from the national tourney by the Guilford Quakers who beat them by a 1 00-94 margin. 234 Sports 236 Sports Sports 237 When the Lumberjacks beat Southwest Texas State University in the Lone Star Conference fi- nale, the SFA team sported the perfect slate to be- come the first team in the 37-year history of the loop to go undefeated. After winning the LSC scramble, SFA turned its attention to the District IV NAIA playoffs with St. Mary ' s of San Antonio. The Jacks nudged the Rattlers 84-83 in the fi rst game which was played at Nacogdoches and 71-68 at San Antonio to sweep the series and advance to Kansas City for the NAIA tournament. The Lumber- jack charge was paced all year by the " Super Six " — namely George Johnson, Surry Oliver, Marvin Polnick, Ervin Polnick, Harvey Huffstetler and The honors earned by the athletes ranged from Ail-American to LSC recognition. Silas, only a sophomore, was the most awarded Lumberjack as he was the lone SFA player to be named to the AII-LSC first team. He was also named to the first team on the NAIA All-America squad and was a second teamer on the UPI team. Oliver, a 6-7 sharpshooter, was named to the AP All-America first team and was a second team selection on the UPI squad. He made the LSC second team, the fourth time he was chosen for a loop honor. He was drafted by Cleveland of the National Basketball Association in the third round and by the Indians in the American Basketball Association. Sports 241 Johnson, who was hampered by a knee injury most of the season, failed to make any Ail-American first teams but was chosen as the No. 1 draft choice by the Baltimore Bullets. The seven-foot center, how- ever, was named to the AP third team after being chosen on the NAIA squad last year. Ervin Polnick was named to the NAIA and LSC sec- ond teams after scoring 393 points for a 1 3.1 av- erage this season. His brother, Marvin, was also a second team mem- ber on the AII-LSC team. He hit for 3 1 5 points dur- ing regular season play for a 1 2.6 norm. Both are seniors from Sam Houston of Houston. Ervin was drafted by Buffalo of the NBA in the fourth round and in the sixth round, Marvin was picked by Baltimore. 4 ABOVE: The sign tells the story. RIGHT: Silas displays the shooting form that led him to top scoring honors for the Jacks. FAR RIGHT: Silas challenges St. Mary ' s Williams at the jumper ' s circle. CENTER: Johnson battles for a rebound. ABOVE RIGHT: Johnson shoots from the charity line. 242 Sports Sports 243 SFA 108 61 Henderson Stafe SFA 76 75 Henderson Stafe SFA 55 43 Eastern New Mexico SFA 99 66 McNeese State SFA 89 75 Sam Houston SFA 109 86 East Texas SFA 86 58 U. of Mo. Ro o SFA 59 51 McNeese State SFA 109 91 Sul Ross SFA 99 74 Angela State SFA 91 60 McMurry College SFA 127 1 12 Howard Payne SFA 100 68 Texas A l SFA 90 71 Southwest Texas SFA 122 89 Tarleton State SFA 83 82 Sam Houston SFA 93 64 Eastern New Mexico SFA 106 69 Tarleton State SFA 93 57 East Texas SFA 125 86 Sul Ross SFA 73 60 Angelo State SFA 104 700 Howard Payne SFA 85 73 McMurry College SFA 109 82 Texas A l SFA 86 63 Southwest Texas SFA 84 83 St. Mary ' s SFA 71 68 St. Mary ' s SFA 100 86 South Carolina SFA 74 71 Augusta, Go. SFA 94 100 Guilford College ABOVE: Silos dunks one during warmup. CENTER: Ervin fights for a rebound — over the shoulder. TOP RIGHT: The football scoreboard displays the score that gave SFA the District IV championship. BOTTOM RIGHT: Ervin gets set to shoot as a Tarleton State player tries to avoid a foul. 244 Sports Huffstetler, who is rated as the best outside shoot- er on the team, was an honorable mention selec- tion on the UPI team. He hit for 406 points during the regular season action for an average of 16.2 points per game. He is a junior and will be back to pace the Jack attack next year along with Silas. Narvis Anderson, who played behind Johnson, was drafted in the seventh round by Cleveland and by Carolina of the ABA. Under team records — both for single game and entire season — 20 of the 29 SFA records are now branded 1969-70, while only one of the 25 indi- vidual standards were revised this season. The only individual record established this season was for single game field goal percentage. Ervin Polnick connected on 92.3 per cent of his shots ( 1 2 of 13) against Henderson State College in the opening game of the season. at LSC Meet ABOVE: Mike Pe nny takes a breather during an SFA track meet. RIGHT: Henry Malone and Joe Richardson, Lumberjack track coach. TOP RIGHT: Sprinter Andy Hopkins. BOTTOM RIGHT: Dash specialist Bill Cramer. 246 Sports The SFA tracksters totaled only 1 9 points for a seventh place finish in the Lone Star Confer- ence track and field meet held at Alpine. Texas A l won only two events, but piled up 55 points to edge Southwest Texas with 50 for the team trophy. The Lumberjack 440-yard relay team placed second with a clocking of 40.6. This team is made up of Bill Cramer, Charles McManus, Henry Malone and Andy Hopkins. Hopkins also placed second in the 1 00-yard dash with a time of 9.4 and third in the 220-yard dash with a clocking of 21.2. Malone finished fifth in the 100 as he re- corded a 9.6. Mike Hudspeth captured fifth in the discus and John Walker was fourth in the mile run for the only other SFA points. 250 Sports 252 Sports Lumberjack netter Bobby Gaona won the singles title to lead the SFA tennis team to a second place finish in the Lone Star Conference tournament. Gaona defeated teammate Bill Gupton 6-4, 6-2 to take the top singles honor. East Texas State Uni- versity won the team title by a 30-21 margin over SFA. Southwest Texas finished with six, and Ange- lo State and Sam Houston had three each. FAR LEFT: Bobby Gaona. CENTER: Jim Jackson. LEFT: Mario Oporto. BOTTOM CENTER: Bill Gupton and Tim Drachenburg. BOTTOM: Team members are, front row, Gaona, Gupton; second row, Jackson, Drachenburg, Oporto, and Coach Jack Rhodes. SFA Golf The SFA golf team finished fourth and Lumberjack linkster Rickey Maxey was the third best individual in the Lone Star Conference tournament. South- west Texas State rolled to its third straight LSC team title by an 872 to 880 margin over runnerup Sul Ross. Angelo State was third at 895, followed by SFA with an 896 total. Mike Neace of Sul Ross shot even par rounds of 70-70-70 to earn medalist honors. John Roberts of Southwest Texas defeated Maxey in a sudden death playoff for runnerup to Neace. Both finished regulation play at 214. BELOW: Team members are, front row, Rickey Maxey, Wade Cobb and Richard Edwards; sec- ond row, Ed Fielder, Robbie Selden, Terry Brown and Jerry Clay. RIGHT: Maxey. 254 Sports Intramurals Football Basketball Volleyball Softball Bowling Wrestling Archery Badminton Doubles Badminton Singles Handball Doubles Handball Singles Tennis Singles Horseshoe Doubles Horseshoe Singles Paddle Ball Doubles Paddle Ball Singles Three-Man Basketball Basketball Free Throw Phi Delta Theta Mag 7 Mag 7 Tekes Fugitives Delta Sigma Phi Darryl Lindsay, Mag 7 Harvey Rayson, L. D. Rumfield Bradshaws Raiders L. D. Rumfield Bradshaws Raiders Johnny Spikerman, Ed Cochrane Phi Delta Theta Johnny Spikerman Phi Delta Theta Robert Garza, Bradshaws Raiders Roger Hiltpold, Benedict Farley KKK Roger Hiltpold, KKK Harvey Rayson, Greg Pope Bradshaws Raiders Greg Pope, Bradshaws Raiders Bradshaws Raiders Dennis Olson, 7-Ups Sports 257 Graduates ABOVE RIGHT: Graduate Class Duchess, Miss Margaret Birdsong. RIGHT: Graduate Class President, Rocky Dumas. 260 Graduates Beene, James; Nacogdoches Bell, David; Garland Blanchard, Linda; Grand Saline Bonner, Billie Hugh; Fairfield Bossi, John; San Antonio Childs, Marleta; Center Coleman, Carol; Baltimore, Md. Cone, Michael; Beaumont Conley, Brenda; Tyler Cox, Mary; Nacogdoches Ferguson, Brenda; Martinsville, Va. Frazier, Jane; Nacogdoches Gipson, Vance; Garrison Gongora, Elias; Miami, Fla. Green, Julian; Nacogdoches Hartman, Diane; Dallas Herrick, Kent; Seguin Love, Jimmy; Julia Major, David; Nacogdoches Marey, Margaret; Corpus Christi McCain, Kenneth; Mount Enterprise Miller, Allen; Texarkana Palm, Margaret; Houston Perry, Kaye; Nacogdoches Schuberg, Jim; Chicago, . Short, Bill; Jasper Short, Sirkka; Helsinki, Finland Smartt, Jerry; Longview Spence, Joyce; San Antonio Thome, James; Center Tittle, Linda; Houston Toomey, Stephen; Randolph, Mass. Van Scoder, Donna; Tipton, Ok a. Whisennand, Richard; Houston Worley, Tommy; Powell Wortham, Johnida; San Augustine Graduates 261 262 Seniors Abbott, Barbara; Jacksonville Abercrombie, Donna; Henderson Abraham, Brian; Marshall Adams, David; Longview Adams, Karen; Hallsville Adams, Keith; Beckville Adams, Virginia; Rosenberg Adcock, Sherry; Houston Albin, Terry; Pasadena Albritton, Sandra; Houston Allen, Lawrence; Pasadena Allen, Sally; Nacogdoches Allison, Mike; Ga nesv»7 e Anderson, Guy; Athens Anderson, Lounea; Lufkin Andrews, Sharon; Waco Armstrong, Jane; Blooming Grove Askins, Billy; Timpson Baggett, Bill; Albuquerque, N. M. Bailey, Ben; Nacogdoches Baker, Barbara; Houston Baker, John; La Porte Ballard, Robert; Frankston Barbee, Bob; Marshall Barber, Donny Lee; Pittsburg Barnett, Harvey; Corpus Christi Barrett, Arlen; Lovelady Barrett, Donald; Beaumont Bartlett, Betsie; Linden Bass, Betsy; Fort Worth Bates, Betty; Texarkana Bates, Robert; De Ka b Bean, Kenneth; Richardson Beard, Gay Lynn; Houston Beard, Joe; Carthage Beasley, Brenda; Timpson Behrens, Larry; Houston Belk, Jan; Texarkana Benge, Michael; Jacksonville Bennett, Pamela; Mex a Bintliff, Michael; Corpus Christi Bishoff, Carole; Houston Black, Linda; Tyler Blalock, Margaret; New Boston Blaschke, Barbara; Houston Boatman, Sandra; Houston Booker, Lynn; Waco Bostic, Barbara; Palestine 264 Seniors Boyett, Sheila; Huntington Branam, Donald, Waxahachie Branch, Duane; Oklahoma City, Ok a. Brant, Jeff; Galena Park Brantley, Bridget; Pasadena Briggs, Mary; Houston Briggs, William; San Antonio Brigman, Johnnie; W nnsboro, S. C. Brock, Linda; Lufkin Brod, Donna; Houston Broshar, Gay; San Antonio Brown, Dale; Nacogdoches Brown, Duke; Cuba City, Wis. Brown, John Wayne; Newton Brown, Phil; Elkhart Brown, Ronnie; Jasper Brunson, Mary Nelle; Freeport Bryant, Charlotte; Corsicana Bucker, Terese Cleveland Bunch, Betty; Nacogdoches Burbaker, Rodney; Mexia Burkham, Lyndell; Sherman Burkley, Dyann; Dallas Burnett, Stacey; Lufkin Burrows, Byron; Houston Bush, Connie; Center Butts, John; Nacogdoches Bynum, Don; Waco Byrd, Linda; Tyler Caldwell, Carol; Dallas Caldwell, Gwendolyn; Neches Calness, James; Pasadena Calvery, Carolyn; Pittsburg Campbell, Robert; Liberty Cannon, Billy; Nacogdoches Cannon, Mary Jane; Beaumont Capps, M. E.; Tomball Capps, Roy; Sweeney Carlton, Carole; Diboll Carney, Susan; Dallas Carroll, David; Del Rio Carter, Danny; Palestine Carter, Linda; Jacksonville Caruthers, Linda; Waco Casey, Jamie; Anahuac Cavanaugh, Bill; La Porte Cavanaugh, Melinda; Lufkin Cave, Cheryl; Athens Seniors 265 Cavness, Martha; Houston Chadwick, Karen; La Marque Chambers, Jack; Houston Chapman, Thomas; Dallas Christie, Gail; Port Arthur Christopher, Margie; Lufkin Clark, Cindy; Galveston Clark, Orie; Houston Clark, Stanley; Marshall Clements, Emily; Longview Cleneay, William; Tyler Clinton, L. G.; Houston Cokman, Bryan; New Boston Collins, Shirley; Houston Conlee, Kay; Bryan Cook, John Paul; Shamrock Cooley, Anna; Kilgore Coon, Rhonda; Pasadena Cooper, Cary; Tyler Cooper, Dickey; San Augustine Cooper, Royce; Houston Corbin, Kathy; Houston Cordell, Pat; Nacogdoches Cotton, Sherry; Tyler Craddock, Van; Longview Craig, Claire; Tyler Crawford, Dona Jo; Nacogdoches Craze, Barbara; Tyler Crenshaw, Winn; Richardson Criswell, Carolyn; Bryan Croft, Martain; Rusk Croom, Georgia; Houston Cunningham, Johnny; Weinert Curry, Sandy; Mexia Dahlquist, Carolyn; Jasper Daily, Judy; Texarkana Daily, Roger; Texarkana Davis, Brenda; Colmesneil Davis, Donald; Miami, Fla . Davis, Shelbey; Orange Day, Donna; Kilgore Dees, Sandra; Nacogdoches de Milliano, Raymond; Nacogdoches Dickard, Larry; Marshall Dixon, John; Alto Doran, Tom; San Antonio Dougherty, Ray; Houston Duckworth, Raymond; Waskom ft® ■ m rr fzj c-i 266 Seniors Duer, Deborah; Corpus Christi Duncan, Ronald; Madison, Penn. Dun lap, Linda; Livingston Dunn, Preston; Heber Springs, Ark. Duvall, Tina; Houston Eddleblute, Dean; LaFeria Ellis, Linda; Baytown Ellis, Marica; Longview Farley, Benny; Palacios Farley, Yvonne; West Columbia Farmer, Ramon; Brownsboro Faulk, Judi; La Marque Feistel, Robert; Texas City Fenske, Carol; Marlin Fielder, Olen; Houston Filecia, Johnny; Center Fisher, Sharon; Whitehouse Flanagan, Richard; Crockett Fletcher, Douglas; Texas City Fletcher, Ralph; Groves Flora, Herbert; Sulphur Springs Florence, Jerry; Raymondville Ford, Ann; Floresville Foster, Cheryl; Dallas Fountain, Cathy; La Porte Fox, John; Basicing Ridge, N. J. France, Gary; Edwardsville, III. Fritsche, Darla; Garland Fulgham, Joe; Brownsboro Fults, Suzanne; Los Angeles, Calif. Galbraith, Glee; Houston Garcia, Diana; Alice Garcia, Robert; Killeen Garrett, Bruce; Midland Garrett, Joe; Overton Garrett, Tom; Houston Garza, Mary Alice; Palacios Gendke, Robert; Vanderbilt Gendke, Sharolyn; Corpus Christi George, Marilyn; Dallas Gerz, Don; Dallas Gevedon, William; West Liberty, Ky. Gibbons, Jim; Tyler Gilbert, Gail; Nacogdoches Gilstrap, Mary; Longview Gissler, Cheryl; La Porte Gober, Jerry; Pittsburg Goehring, Jo Ann; Henderson Seniors 267 Goldberg, Marc; Quincy, Mass. Golemon, Bobbie; Ranger Goodwin, Jeanie; Port Arthur Goodwin, William; Franklin Gordon, Peter; Dallas Grabill, Nancy; Shreveport, La. A ' Gravley, Lucy; San Antonio Gray, James; Dallas Greene, Susan; Houston Greene, Wiley; Houston Griffee, Linden; Texas City Griffin, Ginger; Marshall am ( 4il Griffin, Scott; Killeen Grubbs, Sharon; Houston Gutiahr, Anneliese; Overton Hackbarth, Mary Ann; Halas, George; Rosenberg Hammonds, Greg; Corsicana bW « VHl ft Haney, Mike; Texas City Harbich, Marilyn; Columbus Hardesty, Robert; Pasadena Hardin, Jim; Tafum Hardwick, Randal; Houston Harmon, Melva; Terrell ' " j Harris, Judy; Houston Harris, Robert; Athens Harrison, Wuan; Jacksonv ' e nanman, rv icnaei; i» uiia» Haynes, Myrtle; Richardson Hebert, Linda; Houston i K ' % ill Jfe Hi i ' Hellman, Mary Ann; Winnsboro Hendershot, Douglas; Houston Herb, Gary; Oley Herron, Patricia; Silsbee Hext, Dee; Canadian Higgs, Ralph; Longview Hight, La Nell; Houston Hill, John; Marshall Hilliard, Mike; Houston Hoke, Tim; Orange Holcomb, Gary; Texas City Holmes, Tommy; Houston Hollan, Linda; Texas City Hood, Ruth Ann; Quitman Hopkins, Mike; Dallas Hopper, Elizabeth; Jasper Hopper, James; Nacogdoches Howard, George; Beaumont 2 f:? 268 Seniors Howard, James; Franklin Howard, Willie; Marshall Howell, James; Joaquin Hugghins, Shirley; Tyler Hughes, Ray; Nacogdoches Hughes, Pat; La Porte Hull, Tim; Houston Humbert, Kay; Purdon Humphrey, Jerry; Seagov ' e Huntsberger, Andy; Marshall Hurley, Nancy; Houston Hutchinson, Nan; Texarkana Huttash, Marianne; Jacksonville Iversen, Kristina; Nacogdoches Ivey, Marilyn; Denton Ivy, Janie; Fairfield Jackson, Phillip; Baytown Jackson, Robert; Orange Jenkins, James; Henderson Joffrion, Eric; Carthage Johnson, Chris; Palestine Johnson, Jean; Denton Johnson, Jerry; Hearne Johnson, Joy; Longview Johnson, Leroy; Texas City Johnston, Kenneth; Dallas Johnston, Marcus; Tyler Jones, Donald; Pasadena Jones, Linda; Nacogdoches Jones, Tim; Be ton Kassens, Janice; Lancaster Kazee, Ann; Be Zaire Keasler, lla Jean; longview Keywood, Arthur; Dallas King, Charles; Mineral Wells King, David; Houston King, Donna,- Garland Kirkland, Michael; Corpus Christi Klima, Deborah; Dallas Klima, Richard; Dallas Knight, Gary; Houston Koch, Carolyn; Lane City Kolac, Rodney; Texarkana Kotch, Larry; Bremond Laird, John; Nacogdoches Landrum, Susan; Alto Langford, Jan; Lufkin Latimer, John; Garrison Seniors 269 Lawless, Norma; DeBerry Lawson, John; Atlanta Layton, Marsha; Tyler Leach, James; Laredo Leavins, Jerry; Orange Ledbetter, Ray; Corpus Christi Am Lee, Clifford; Henderson Lee, Mary; Jacksonville Lee, William; Lufkin Flynn, Alisa; Corsicana Lindemann, Jeffrey; Buffalo, N. Y. Lindsey, Brenda; Pineland it Little, Tommy; Texas City Littrell, Thomas; Wichita Falls Locklear, Earlene; Tyler Loggins, Janie; Houston Loper, Sharon; Kilgore Lott, Myra; Houston If) WW o 11 Lovett, Carmon; Lufkin Lowry, Sherry; Dallas Lucas, Doyle; Nacogdoches Lund, Constance; Dallas Maaskant, Barbara; Staten Island, N. Y. Machemehl, Abby; Bellville ■ - X is « il W : ia AM Magee, Ken; Houston Maher, Bernadette; Houston Moloney, Ann; Port Arthur Mason, Tommy; Dallas Massey, Mary; Palestine Mast, Horace; Nacogdoches Mr B K , jm Matous, Margaret; Ennis Matrisciani, Jill; Houston Mattern, Mike; Nacogdoches Mauk, Danny; Dallas Mauritzen, Ted; Carthage Maxfield, Karen; Tyler McCain, Carolyn; Mount Pleasant McCain, Gary; Hughes Springs McCauley, Donna; Porf Arthur McClelland, Sue; Cleveland McCown, Richard; Austin McCullough, Robert- Port Arthur 1 ■ ISP tJ ' ' - Bki. ft. IB, fl McCullough, Sam; Texas City McKee, Malcolm; Lubbock McKenzie, Demetrius; Fort Worth McKnight, Joyce; Pasadena McLeroy, Billy; Henderson McMorrow, Pat; Lufkin 270 Seniors McMullen, Deloris; Tyler McNealy, Gretchen; Commerce Mears, Linda; Nacogdoches Mears, Paul; Nacogdoches Melton, Freddie; Sugarland Meyer, Jacqueline; Marshall Mea, Joe; Lindale Michaels, Penne; Richardson Milligan, Sharon; Cenfervi e Mitchell, Janet; Houston Mitchell, JoAnn; Garland Mitchell, Trudy; Dallas Moffeit, Kay; Jacksonville Monroe, James; Livingston Moody, Ronald; Munday Moore, Alyse; Houston Morgan, Marva; Corpus Christi Morgan, Jerry; Corpus Christi Morris, Gail; Bonham Morris, John; Bonham Morris, Mary Nell; Marshall Morton, Sandra; Palacios Moss, Diane; Texarkana Mullarney, Michael; Massena, N. Y. Muckleroy, Martha; Garrison Myers, Lee; Houston Myers, Linda; Houston Nail, Brenda; lat um Nichols, Linda; Cushing Nolan, Linda; Marshall Noland, Jill; Lufkin Nolen, Dennis; Danbury Nolen, Janet; Baytown Norris, Annita; Liberty Norris, Juanita; Liberty Norris, Nancy; Tyler Norwood, Ruel; Tyler Norwood, Terry; Houston Oliver, Bill; Was com Osborne, Paul; Rusk Outenreath, Gary; Fort Worth Outhouse, Glenda; Houston Parker, Emily; Henderson Parmley, Randolph; Nacogdoches Parrot, Beth; Reklaw Parsley, Janet; Houston Pate, Joseph; Joaquin Pearlman, Allyn; Houston Seniors 271 Pelot, Guion; Waco Pelz, Charles; Marshall Pelz, Linda; Mount Pleasant Perry, Suzanne; Lufkin Pfeiffer, Stan; Dallas Phillips, Beverly; Gary Phillips, Dennis; Sanderson Phillips, Melba; Tyler Pinkard, Beth; Jacksonville Pinkard, William; Jacksonville Pistone, Mary Ann; Alta Loma Pittman, Craig; Houston Plant, Nancy; Longview Plum, Donald; Queen City Polnick, Ervin; Houston Polnick, Marvin; Houston Porter, Calvin; Magnolia, Ark. Priefert, William; Mount Pleasant Price, James; Gov ' ts, N. M. Proctor, Linda; Houston Pruitt, Kathy; Nacogdoches Pruitt, Marilyn; Lufkin Quirk, William; Kissimer, Fla. Ragland, Julie; Orange Ray, Fred; Bellaire Reagan, Ann; Alta Loma Reynolds, Bill; Cleburne Reynolds, Darla; White Oak Rhondes, Les; Marshall Richardson, David; Nacogdoches Riddle, Charles; Houston Riepen, Pamela; Harlingen Riera, Bernardo; Barquisimeti, Venezuela Ritter, Reba; Carthage Roberts, Dee; Dallas Robertson, Kenneth; Lufkin Robinson, Linda; Nashville, Tenn. Robinson, Sid; Nacogdoches Ross, Linda; Timpson Root, Richard; Terrell Rougagnac, Rita; Houston Rozelle, Joe; Rusk Rude, Tommy; Rosenberg Russell, David; Houston Russell, Michael; Covington, Ky. Scaggs, Janice; Jefferson Schaefer, Frank; Houston Schlief, Jerry; Houston i IPi .™ w m life j B M j p jm. m± mm. l Ej uj f ) ,f Ik I V ' " L ■ t Be ' C Bm fc ■BBL $ B, S Br BB f T ' T. " • T 272 Seniors Schmidt, Bobby; Fredericksburg Schultz, Alan; Lufkin Schwarzback, Joe; Victoria Scoggin, Mike; Dallas Sharpe, John; Houston Shawn, Patricia; Kilgore Sherwood, Jan; Houston Shirley, Ed; San Antonio Shirley, Megan; Houston Shugart, Rick; Garland Shull, Dianna; Houston Siracuse, Anthony; Clarence, N. Y. Skinner, Diedri; Rosenborg Skipper, Jack; Kilgore Skivaner, Paula; Ennis Small, Floyd; Jacksonville Small, Frances; Lufkin Small, Paula; Jacksonville Smith, Anita; Whitney Smith, Clark; Daingerfield Smith, Clifford; Richardson Smith, Ed; Freemont, Calif. Smith, Fred; San Augustine Smith, Joe; Bronson Smith, Phillip; Pasadena Smith, Robert; Brownsboro Smith, Sandy; Houston Smith, Sarah; Dallas Smoak, Lagene; Nacogdoches Spear, Carollynn; Houston Spencer, Beverly; Tyler Spencer, Laurel; Dallas Spradley, Carrol; Nacogdoches Spradley, David; Nacogdoches Stacy, Betsy; Bryan Stamps, Loweta; Deer Park Stasey, Betty; Odessa Steed, Ronald; Modesto, Calif. Steel, Donna; Palestine Sterlacci, Annette; Richardson Stevens, Dan; Dallas Stewart, Carol; Grand Saline Stiles, Joseph; Kingsville Still, Joanne; Nacogdoches Stokes, William; Houston Stott, Connie; Houston Stovall, Marita; Palestine Stricklin, Cheryllynn; Dallas Seniors 273 Stuart, Joe; Honey Grove Suhler, Bill; Houston Su I lender, David; Levelland Sullivan, Larry; La Marque Summers, Janet; Bryan Svaton, Larry; Houston Swann, Kenneth; Nacogdoches Swearingen, Judy; Waller Tadlock, Nancy; Waslcom Tanksley, Lynda; Channelview Tarneling, Norm; Western Springs, III. Tatum, Nancy; McA en Taylor, Doug; Houston Taylor, Kent; Marshall Taylor, Lee; Luting Taylor, Linda; Conroe Teague, Judy; Troup Teichelman, R. W.; Austin Thompson, James; Houston Thornton, Tommie; Kilgore Tiller, James; Jefferson Tillery, Roy; Houston Tindhill, Lavon; San Augustine Tolar, Phyllis; Rusk Toomey, Jim; Ferris Travis, Gary; Dallas Trigg, Fisher; Houston Trigo, Manuel; McAllen Underwood, Brenda; Jacksonville Vance, Margaret; Katy Waas, Pete; Rockville, Md. Wade, Alford; Nacogdoches Wagner, Larry; Houston Walker, Mary; Satin Walker, Nancy; Daingerfield Walley, Jane; Lake Jackson Wallis, Nancy; Garrison Walsh, Patti; Houston Ward, Ralph; Duckton Warner, Jan; Dallas Watson, Patty; Orange Watz, Karyl; Houston Weatherby, Walter; Lufkin Weatherly, Eugene; Nacogdoches Weinheimer, Robert; Stonewall Weisinger, Margaret; Center Welch, Sandra; Nacogdoches Welch, William; Nacogdoches 274 Seniors Wells, Trudy; Waskom Whatley, Gary; Jefferson Whisennand, Louise; Richardson Whitley, Sam; Lanev»7 e Whitmire, Diane; Liberty Whitmire, Lubbie; Cleveland Whitsitt, Linda; Austin Williams, Carl; Leming Williams, Denise; Abilene Williams, Marilyn; Newton Williams, Timothy; New London, Conn. Williamson, Frank; Alexandria, Va. Williamson, John; Houston Willie, Dorothy; Longview Willis, Lyn; Dallas Wingfield, Jim; Kilgore Winkelmann, Sharon; Brenham Wintrode, Sheryl; Groves Wolf, Rodney; Houston Wood, Wanda; Winnie Woodley, Elaine; Marshall Woodruff, London; Beaumont Woolsey, Carolyn; Pasadena Wright, Cynthia; Many, La. Seniors 275 ABOVE: Junior Class officers are Bill McBride, vice president; Miss Jan Harris, secretary-treasurer; and Roy Ed Price, president. ABOVE RIGHT: Homecoming Duchess for the Junior Class is Miss Katy LaFollette. RIGHT: Favorites are Bill McBride and Miss Jan Harris. Juniors 277 Abshire, Eddie; Houston Adams, Ronald; Houston Adams, Sandra; Longview Aden, Nancy; Pasadena Alexander, Beverly; Talco Allard, David; Dawson Allen, Elizabeth; Pasadena Allen, Jade; Liberty Allen, June; Lufkin Anderson, Linda Jo; Lufkin Anderson, Patricia; Longview Anthony, Clark; Longv ew Appleberry, Lee; Marshall Armstrong, Brooke; Lufkin Armstrong, Forrest; Houston Arnall, Tom; Orange Arnold, Dianne; Houston Atkinson, David; Brenham Atkinson, Martin; Houston Atkinson, Max; Fordyce, Ark. Atwood, Peggy; Hamshire Aucoin, Patsy; Dayton Ayres, Page; Arlington Backen, Rodney; Sweeny Baer, Johanna; Dallas Bailey, Weezie; Tyler Balluck, Darlene; Houston Banks, Wally; Houston Barren, Richard; Houston Barton, Katie; Bellaire Barton, Conway; Dallas Bass, Oron; Homestead, Fla. Bates, Walter; Houston Bean, Terri; Richardson Beckham, Delbert; Center Bell, Kathleen; Houston Belton, Larry; Gilmer Bennett, Gregg; Houston Bennett, Roscoe; Henderson Bickham, Billy; Center Biddy, Mickey; Avinger Biggs, Cleve; Kilgore Bills, Marsha; Dallas Bingham, Barry; Jacksonville Birknar, Wyatt; Van Vleck Bishop, Nancy; Slocum Bitler, Nancy; Harlingen Bitting, Neal; York, Pa. 278 Juniors Blackstone, Karen; Cushing Blair, Robert; Houston Bloodworth, Jerry; Hamilton Bloomfield, Kathy; Houston Blystone, Karen; Houston Bobbitt, Marsha; Orange Bode, Clifford; Longview Bonneau, Joan; Coventry, R. I. Bosko, Patricia; Houston Bostick, Ray; Gilmer Bowers, Carol; Fort Worth Boyett, Barbara; Poynor Boyle, Robert; Allen Brame, Robert; Livingston Branam, Lana; Ennis Brannen, Mary; Gladewater Braun, Joe; Winnie Briggs, William; Houston Brooks, Bonnie; Houston Brown, Cecilia; Bedford Brown, Linda; Teague Browning, Kenneth; Texas City Bruce, Pat; Crockett Brunovsky, David; Newton, N. J. Bryant, Diana; Pasadena Bryant, William; Orange Burke, Marilyn; Lufkin Burke, Steve; Carrollton Burner, Sharon; Houston Bush, Emily; Dallas By man, Barbara; Gilmer Cade, Sharon; Palestine Cain, Sheila; Pasadena Calton, Debbie; Dallas Campbell, Candi; Houston Cantley, Zeb; Bullard Cantin, Charles; San Benito Capel, Charles; Nacogdoches Carlisle, George; Longview Carlson, Linda; Pampa Carpenter, Ronnie; Silsbee Carter, Graylene; Dallas Carter, James; Madisonville Carter, Laura; Houston Casey, Julia; Jacksonville Castleberry, Gary; Mineola Caswell, Judy; Tyler Cessna, Bobby; La Porte Juniors 279 Chafin, Christie; Cleburne Champeaux, James; Hurst Chelette, Kaye; Kingsville Childers, Gilda; Corsicana Cielinski, Loretta; Houston Clark, David; Jefferson Clark, Eddie; Nacogdoches Clark, James; Shreveport, La. Clauson, Bruce; Houston Clinton, Shirley; Hallsville Cochran, Jacqueline; Kirbyville Cochrane, Edward; Pasadena, Calif. Coffman, Danny; Conroe Coggburn, Linda; Hallsville Coke, Cerry; Longview Coleman, William; Waskom Collins, James; Longview Colwell, Brenda; Crockett Cooper, Deborah; Garland Copeland, Candy; Mexia Courreges, Joyce; Houston Cox, Ronald; Henderson Crabtree, Tina; Dallas Craddock, Kathy; Houston Cramer, Bill; Joshua Creech, Susan; Katy Crenshaw, Sandra; Houston Croft, Johnny; Jacksonville Cull, Judith; Humble Curnutt, Sara; Markham Cummins, Wayne; Levelland Dancey, Carol; Pasadena Davidge, Sharon; Marshall De Gaugh, James; Angleton Delaney, Graham,- Garland Dement, Marylee; Tyler Dennis, Betty; Carlsbad, Calif. Derby, Ponnie; Fort Worth DeWitt, Richard; Nacogdoches Dickey, David; Houston DiGiovanni, Paul; take Charles, La. Divine, Lois; Trinidad Dominey, Roger; Huntington Dorough, Paula; Tyler Dorr, Susan; Dallas Drachenburg, Timothy; Alvin Dunlap, Jimmy; Garland Durrett, Jackie; Houston 280 Juniors Duvall, Laura; Dallas Dyer, Deborah; Whitewright Edgar, Becky; Victoria Ellington, Wayne; Corsicana English, Laura; Dallas Emmons, Jennabeth; Dallas m r f«% Erdmann, Eric; Houston Eshbach, Cal; Bridge City Evers, Panette; Houston Farguahar, Margie; Houston Faulk, Terry; Cenfer Felchak, Cody; Bellville Ferguson, Glenda; Kilgore Fernandez, Eloy; Corpus Christi Findeison, Tommy; San Antonio Finley, Beverly; Lufkin Fleming, Terry; Trinidad Flowers, Toinette; Belton . ; - .. • 4m Fomby, Rita; Texarkana Ford, Kay; Orange Folsman, Pam; Houston Forse, Alvin; Kirbyville Forc tn F i inpnp • i ui syintr, Luy ci ic, Wichita Falls Fortson, Patricia; Silsbee Foster, Betty; Fort Worth Foster, Carolyn; Houston Fraker, Bryant; Dallas Francis, Becky; Atlanta, Ga. Fr pmnn I nviH On inc Fullinwider, Ranson; Houston WP- — Furlong, Dennis; Dallas Furlow, Vickie; Houston i Foster, Lonnie; Killeen Gagner, Yvonne; Houston Galbraith, Dianne; viuut; W J rtrf Garrett, Theta; New Summerfield Gaylor, Leon; Jacksonville Gibbs, Mike; Alamo, Calif. Gilbert, Betty; Tyler Gilchrist, Claudia; Houston Goforth, Lawrence; Comfort | Gold, Mark; Houston Golston, Connie; Arlington Gonzales, Leandro; Jourdantown Goodwin, Jimmie; Pampa Goodwin, Tim; Waco Gray, Ray; Winnsboro Gray, Robert; Killeen Juniors 281 Gray, Sissy; Newton Green, Peggy; Lufkin Grigsby, Veronica; Marshall Grissom, Terrie; Henderson Grissom, Wayne; Henderson Gruebbel, R. T. ; Dallas Guinn, Georgia; Sabine Hackney, Kenneth; Nacogdoches Hair, Roy; Gilmer Hale, Terry; Winnie Hall, Howard; Palestine Hall, Jon; Corpus Christi Hall, Lloyd; Waco Hancock, Kenneth; Baytown Hankamer, Carol; Alvin Harber, Mike; Dallas Harber, Patricia; Marshall Hardwick, Danny; Dallas Hargraves, Glen; Stowell Harmon, Keith; Corsicana Harris, Brenda; Kilgore Harris, Jackie; Daingerfield Harris, Jan; Troup Harrison, Polly; Houston Hart, Frank; Dallas Harton, Donna; Bridge City Harvey, Jim; Houston Hauss, Dale; Houston Hawkins, Connie; Houston Hawkins, Melinda; Carlsbad, N. M. Hawkins, Melvin; Texarkana Haworth, Karen; Orange Hayden, Patsy; Nacogdoches Hays, Robert; Henderson Heaberlin, Carolyn; Nacogdoches Hearne, Mary; Jacksonville Hedge, Larry; Leedley Heitschmidt, Vivian; Irving Helge, Doris; Austin Henderson, Carl; Nacogdoches Henderson, David; Palestine Herrington, Bettye; Lufkin Hertwig, James; Irving Heslop, Ann; San Antonio Higgins, Doug; Dallas Hill, Marie; Mount Pleasant Hill, William; Mount Pleasant Hilsher, Barbara; Dallas Hv " " " " flu If H ■ 1 ft r? BI jJM B % All - wm • 4 if f 1 n J ft r I ' Kyi ' J mi i A SB tit. 1 7 v , " 7 ' s Vs. 282 Juniors Hinds, Stephen; Houston Hines, Nancy; Houston Hocker, Gwendolyn; Long view Hodges, Carol; Jacksonville Holcomb, Gloria; Redwater Holland, Jeff; Austin Holl iman, Carol; Gladewater Holmes, Eddie; Copperas Cove Holmes, Linda; Carthage Holzmer, Mary; Houston Honea, Richard; Lake Jackson Hooton, Brenda; Marshall Home, Barry; Ennis Howard, Patsy Ann; Houston Hubbard, John; Tyler Huber, William; Galveston Huffstetler, Harvey; Waxahachie Hunter, Marty; Port Arthur Ihlo, Janan; Center Ihnfeldt, Beverly; Fort Worth Inglet, Linda; Pasadena Ingram, Barbara; Jacksonville Ingram, Willie Floyd; Gary Isom, Roddy; Ennis Jacks, Leon; Houston Jacks, Linda,- Bronson Jackson, Gary; Richardson Jackson, Marcia; Cayuga Jefferies, Donald; Manvel Jenkins, Buddy; Stanton Jennings, Larry; Stafford Johnson, Jerry; Waco Johnson, LaWanda; Franklin Johnson, Lynne; Houston Johnson, Pam; Reklaw Jones, Becky; Ennis Jones, Emily; Denison Jones, Jerry; Nacogdoches Jones, Lawrence; Center Jones, Therolyn; Marshall Jordan, Kathryn; Lamesa Jorns, Joel la; Houston Kanpaibool, Surang; Bangkok, Thailand Kast, Charles; Dallas Kebodeaux, Renee; Houston Kee, Katrina; Henderson Kendrick, Kathie; Lufkin Kenne, Darlene; Bay City Juniors 283 Kennedy, Ray Ann; Mexia Kent, Marlene; Houston Keys, Dennis; Dallas Kidwell, Randall; Mount Pleasant Kilgore, Berry; Pasadena King, Ernest; Orange King, Glenda; Orange King, Marlene; West Indies King, Michael; Corpus Christi Kirchner, Danny; Pasadena Kroning, Nancy; Houston Kuykendall, Sara; Longview Lamar, Preston; Warren Lawless, Brenda; DeBerry Ledbetter, Lucy; Dallas Lee, Mary; Nacogdoches Leggett, Dennis; Joaquin Lentz, Peggy; Houston Lewis, Michael; Houston Lewis, Nancy; Deer Park Liese, Richard; San Antonio Likin, Nancy; Raymondville Lockleer, Twinkle; Longview Longbotham, John; Baytown Longmire, Robin; Conroe Love, Ken; Dallas Law, Rex; Pittsburg Lumpkin, David; Jacfcsonv e Mabry, Don; Liberty MacDowell, Pamela; Fort Worth Machlitt, Sandy; Houston Magee, James; Houston Mahaffey, Mark; Dallas Maikotter, Barbara; Corpus Christi Mainord, Sammy; Pasadena Mandeville, Bert; Lufkin Marietta, Shirley; Houston Marsh, Cindy; Pasadena Marshall, Vicki; Houston Martin, Shirley; Houston Mason, Barbara; Longview Mason, Molly; Kilgore Masters, Ernestine; Baytown Masters, Larry; Lake Jackson Mathews, Paul; Houston Mayo, Fredrick; Jacksonville McAllister, William; Bay City McAnally, Melanie; Jacksonv 7 e 284 Juniors McArthur, David; Howick, Quebec, Canada McBurnette, Elaine; Houston McCarty, Molly; Tyler McClain, Beverly; Apple Springs McDaniel, Kathy; Longview McElroy, Larry; Gladewater McKewen, Wendy; Nacogdoches McKinley, Mike; Longview McLauchlin, Rodney; Corsicana McNeilly, Susan; Houston McShan, Bruce; Dallas Medlin, Rusty; Garland Mena, Duane; Bryan Mercer, Deborah; Houston Meredith, Dean; Tomball Merritte, Susie; Kilgore Michael, Nolan; Cypress Migliore, Jim; Orange Miller, Betty; Fort Worth Miller, Carolyn; Center Miller, Katherine; Houston Miller, Steve; Grand Prairie Milligan, Glenda; Galena Park Milstead, Delbert; Marshall Mixon, Robert; Waco Mock, Linda; Weatherford Monaco, Jon; Endicott, N. Y. Monte, Barbara; Freeport Monte, Lawrence; Freeport Montgomery, Dewey; Houston Moore, Janet; Marshall Moore, Kayla; Apple Springs Moorman, Janis; Kemp Moreland, Marianne; Nacogdoches Morgan, Kathy; Houston Moriarty, Michael; Longview Muckleroy, Donna; Marshall Mullinax, Brenda; Kilgore Musick, Dee; Houston Nerren, Jacquelyn; Lufkin Nevison, Barbara; Dallas Newell, Gary; Marshall Newton, Cecil; Longview Nietmann, Lucan; Dallas Norris, Jeremiah; Freeport Oakley, Robert; Dallas Oberholtzer, Phyllis; Mexia Oliver, David; Dallas Juniors 285 Oliver, Patty; Houston Olson, Denis; Avoca Overland, Gail; Silsbee Overstreet, Orvale; Baytown Owens, Michael; Oglesby Oxford, Barbara; Fort Worth Parker, Alan; Gilmer Parsley, Sharalyn; Alvin Patton, Daniel; Maud Paxon, James; Lubbock Peacock, Donna; Port Arthur Peters, J. W. ; Tallulah, La. Petty, Linda; Nacogdoches Peurifoy, John; Dallas Phillips, Garry; Dallas Philpot, Bobby; Was com Philpot, Ronnie; Fort Worth Pickel, Robert; Palestine Pinkston, Robert; Center Pitts, David; Bridge City Poland, Charles; Lufkin Porter, Carole; Waco Porter, Judy; Tyler Potter, Gayle; Longview Powers, Donald; Dallas Price, Roy; Atlanta Pridgeon, Evilu; Austin Pringle, Jeanette; Houston Prouty, Tom; Texas City Pruett, Cheryl; Fort Worth Pullen, Nancy; Waco Punuerai, Kamala; Bangkok, Thailand Putman, Tommy; Longview Ramey, Mark; Arlington, Va. Ramsey, Steve; Longview Raney, Gregory; Houston Ray, Jim; Bryan Rector, Thomas; Nacogdoches Reese, Suzanne; Victoria Reeve, Cary; Eustace Restivo, Steve; Dickinson Reyes, Manuel; Victoria Reynolds, Dan; Eustace Rhiddlehoover, Debbie; Carthage Rich, Margaret; Carthage Richard, Allen; Port Arthur Richardson, Carolyn; Palestine Richardson, Scott; Fort Worth 286 Juniors mrt fi Richmond, Susan; Bryan Rigby, Nancy; Dayton Ritch, David; Longview Rives, Nan; Seagoville Robbins, Jane; Houston Roberts, Carol; Corsicana Rodriquez, Joaquin; Eagle Pass Rogers, Judith; Corsicana Roland, Kathy; Kilgore Roraback, Forrest; Jefferson Rorie, Carolyn; Nacogdoches Ross, Jim; Timpson Ross, Johnny; Lufkin Ruffin, Mike; Houston Ruth, Donna; Longview Ryan, Janice; Corpus Christi Sabo, Sharon; Houston Sage, Dianna; Houston Samms, Sandi; Houston Santa Maria, Carolyn; Houston Schillings, Joyce; Shelbyville Schiurring, Annette; Garwood Scoggins, Susie; Lufkin Scruggs, Karen; Texas City Segars, Jim Bob; La Marque Selden, Judy; Rockwall Semler, Robert; Houston Shankles, John; Dallas Shelton, Glenda,- Deer Park Shepherd, Claudia; Dallas Shepherd, Marjorie; Diboll Sherman, Maureen; Dallas Shewmaker, Robert; Dallas Siepert, Janis; Dallas Simmerman, Kathy; Longview Simpson, Bonita; Huntington Skaggs, Penny; Freeport Smith, Darrell; Athens Smith, David M.; Jacksonville Smith, David R.; Killeen Smith, J. Hardy; Garland Smith, James D.; Pearland Smith, James W.; Marshall Smith, Linda; Center Smith, Lynda; Henderson Smith, Myra; Alto Smith, Rayford; Alto Smith, Ronald; Frankston Juniors 287 Smith, Steve; Waxahachie Smith, Terri; Pittsburg Sneed, Lynn; Houston Spain, Foylene; A edo Speights, Carol; Houston Stanley, Larry; Longview Stanley, Patricia; Center Steele, Jimmie; Hallsville Steele, Mike; San Antonio Steinke, Jan; Kingsville Stephens, Lavada; Henderson Stephens, Roy; Henderson Stephenson, Barbara; Baytown Stevenson, Carol; Longview Stevenson, Paul Lee; Longview Stiles, Eddie; Devers Stiver, Margaret; Waco Stone, Rita; Dallas Story, Derilda; Dickinson Strahan, Roger; Nacogdoches Strain, Mary; Houston Streetman, John; Grapeland Strickland, Phyllis; Jadcsonv 7 e Strickland, Sarah; Nacogdoches Stringer, Glenda; Zavalla Strom, Debbie; Houston Sullivan, Janis; San Augustine Sumerford, Linda; Clute Surratt, Nila; Linden Surratt, Walter; Andrews Swanzy, Sherry; Lufkin Talk, Kathy; Arlington Talley, Ann; A v ' n Talley, Bill; Nacogdoches Tate, Robert; RusJc Terry, Charles; Jacksonville Thomas, Connie; Dallas Thompson, Iva; Baytown Thompson, Max; Houston Tillison, Carolyn; Henderson Tittle, Bob; Wichita Falls Toney, Beverly; Mabank Toon, Michael; Longview Trevathan, Gayla; Alto Triggs, Thomas; Houston Triplett, Linda; Terrell Tucker, Dickie; Gladewater Tully, Richard; Madison, Wis. 288 Juniors V rtK A . ■ H " - f km iff Turner, Mel; Palestine Tutt, Robert; Longview Tyner, Patsy; Tyler Upchurch, Carol; Tomball Valek, Marilyn; Ennis Vance, Donn; Grand Prairie Vann, Beverly; Lufkin Vanway, Pamela; Houston Venable, Jane; Waxahach ' e Vermillion, Betty; Houston Vichairatana, Vudhibhandhu; Bangkok, Thailand von Allmen, Russell; Jacksonville Waldrop, Joleta; Arlington Walker, Jackie; Atlanta Walker, Phil; Athens Wallace, Gwen; Jasper Wallace, Jim; Longview Walters; Jo Anna; Lufkin Ward, James; New Braunfels Ward, Phyllis; Sulphur Springs Ward, Sandra; Houston Warner, Lynn; Silsbee Watt, Thomas; Kemp Weatherly, Carolyn; Nacogdoches Weathersby, Mike; Bonham Weaver, Patricia; Duncanville Weaver, Ricki; Kingsport, Tenn. Welch, John; Mineral Wells Welch, Nolan; Texas City Wheeler, Janet; Corsicana Whistler, Terry; El Paso White, Patricia; Longview White, Ray; Houston White, Ronald; Lufkin Wikoff, Becky; Houston Williams, Betty; Overton Williams, Calva; Longview Williams, Patrick; Longview Williamson, Connie; Houston Willingham, Elaine; Dallas Wilson, Bob; Houston Wilson, James; Frankston Wilson, Lark; Atlanta Wilson, Randell; Avinger Wilson, Tamesha; Be ton Wilson, William; Nacogdoches Winfree, Otis; Teneha Winn, James; Diana Juniors 289 Wolcott, Shirley; Houston Wold, Bobbie Jo; Longview Wolf, Ann; Houston Wood, Nancy; Henderson Wood, Tom; Amarillo Woodley, Candyce; Queen City Woods, Beth; Marshall Wooley, Kathy; Lawton, Okla. Wray, Mary Lou; Longview Wright, John; Houston Wright, Loretta; Longview Wyatt, Sally; Dallas Wynns, Harry; Austin Young, Adele; Houston Young, Michael; Mount Pleasant Yaw, Whitney; Jefferson Zavadil, Gus; Edna Wallace, Beckey; A vin 290 Juniors ABOVE: Sophomore Class officers are Bill Cogar, president; Miss Diann Davis, secretary; and Randy Kidwell, vice president. ABOVE RIGHT: Class Duchess for 1 969 is Miss Linda Clower. RIGHT: Sophomore Class Favor- ites are Miss Patti Hogan and Mike Blalack. 292 Sophomores Sophomores Sophomores 293 Abshire, Cynthia; Dallas Adams, Bob; St. Louis, Mo. Adkins, Patricia; Dallas Ahern, Michael; Dallas Alhashimi, Carolyn; Nacogdoches Allen, Frances; Houston Alverson, Jan; New Orleans, La. Anderson, John; Corsicana Anderson, Karen; Houston Anderson, Linda; Lufkin Anderson, Robert; Nacogdoches Arnold, Martha; Dallas Arnold, Pam; Fort Worth Arnold, Stephen; Dallas Ashcraft, Roger; Longview Attaway, Andy; Dallas Bader, Linda; Houston Baily, Sandra; Liberty Baker, Charles; Lovingston, N. M. Baker, Veneta; Dallas Ball, Jay; Shreveport, La. Bang, Janet; Houston Barker, Deborah; Pan ' s Barker, Phyllis; Garland Barnes, Beverly; Richardson Barnes, Johnnie; Perryton Barras, Helen; Beaumont Bauman, Marsha; Houston Baushke, Maxine; Longview Beaty, Richard; Houston Beuvdoin, Dian; Katy Beers, Greg; Lewisville Behr, Jeron; Boerne Bianchi, Richard; Waco Bible, Rhonda; Sulphur Springs Biechlin, Robert; San Antonio Black, Barbara; Houston Black, Nancy; Joaquin Blalack, Mike; Carrollton Blankenship, Leann; Den son Blaylock, Donna; Duncanville Blust, Mary; Houston Bobbit, Burnis; Pineland Bobbit, Cindy; Fort Worth Bohuslean, Maryette; Ennis Border, Daniel; Garland Boyd, Scott; Cleburne Boyle, Terry; New Shrewsbury, N. J. 294 Sophomores ( • 1 ♦„ Broaddus, Joan; Houston Brown, Darla; Dallas Brown, James; Garland Brown, Linda; Sabine Pass Brown, Turner; George West Brunson, James; Bryan Bryan, Reggie; Richardson Buchanan, Henry; Deer Park Burgess, Richard; Dallas Burke, Arnold; Gar and Burkham, Judy; Nacogdoches Burnett, Dorothy; Freeport Burnett, John; Dallas Burnett, Lyle; Ladonia Burnett, Marsha; Lufkin Burton, Susan; Fort Worth ousnwar, William; Dallas Butler, Ann; Dallas S H Caffrey, Barbara; Humble Caldwell, Walter; Bonham Campbell, Cynthia; Corpus Christi Campbell, Joseph; Marshall Campbell, Wendy; Arlington Cannamore, Vernon; Houston till Carlson, Dorothy; Fort Worth Carrier, Geno; Waslcom Carroll, Margaret; Houston Carter, David; Midland ChaDman Debbie - Lufkin Chandler, Susan; Dallas Chaney, Connie; La Ward Cheaney, Robert; Houston Clancy, Julie; Houston Clarke, Carol; Tyler Clark, Connie; KJKianoma .ny, JKia. Clark, Mary, Richardson Claybar, Brown; Orange Clayton, Laura; Memphis, Tenn. Cleaver, Marilyn; Newton Clepper, Barry; League City v ioitf, viicnut?!; nuninyGn Clower, Linda; Lafayette, La. f S Cobbins, Carver; G 7mer Coe, Reagan; Conroe Coker, David; Frankston Cook, Jerry; Garland Cook, Keith; Henderson Cook, Tinka; Austin Sophomores 295 Cope, Carol; Pasadena Copeland, Larry; Clarksville Cole, Diane; Georgetown Cole, William; Houston Corbell, Charlotte; Huxley Carona, Linda; A v ' n Cortines, Linda; Daingerfield Couchman, Linda; Lancaster Courtney, Marvin; Winnie Cowherd, Jim; Houston Craig, Karan; Houston Crawford, Cecelia; Center Creech, Susan; College Station Cretsinger, Gwen; Houston Cybert, Alan; Dallas Daily, James; Grapeland Donnaud, Thomas; Orange Davidson, Linda; Houston Davis, Diann; Dallas Davis, Mary; Crockett Davis, Terry; Richardson Davis, Tricia; Garland Dawson, Joseph; Cushing Day, Janice; Dallas Dealy, Sears; Texarkana Dickerman, Bill; Pasadena Dickerson, Jane; Raymondv e Dixon, David; Dallas Dodson, Nancy; Conroe Dodson, Ricky; Bonham Donohue, Jean; Tyler Downing, O. E.; Baytown Drake, Kathleen; Katy Drew, Dorothy; Dallas Driver, Ray; Houston Dudley, Kathleen; Rusk Dumas, Tonya; Houston Duncan, Betty; Baytown Duncan, Glennis; Pittsburg Dunnam, Jeannie; Sweeny Dunning, Deborah; Garland Durham, Nancy; Rusk Durrett, James; Houston Dykes, Beverly; Dallas Edelen, Thomas; San Antonio Edgin, Nancy; Corsicana Edmonds, Fred; Dallas Edmondson, Gary; Corsicana 296 Sophomores Edwards, Gary; Dallas Edwards, Laura; Houston Ehlen, Dana; Nacogdoches Elliott, Gary; Nacogdoches Emerson, Linda; Richardson England, Elizabeth; Houston Erwin, John; Point Comfort Estrella, Milton; Pearland Evans, Rebecca; Dallas Parley, Pat; Port Arthur Farmer, James; West Columbia Farris, Cindy; Dallas Feyrer, Sandra; Huntington Fincher, James; Mobile, Ala. Fisk, Sandra; Georgetown Fitts, Chester; Houston Fleming, Jerry; Dallas Florence, Kaye; Nacogdoches Flowers, Sheri; Richardson Folger, Nancy; Dallas Folsom, Donna; Brownwood Foote, Carolyn; Sinton Ford, Patricia; Mena, Ark. Fossel, Belinda; Brazoria Foster, Bonnie; Center Freberg, Sharon; Kilgore Frierson, Deborah; Dallas Fulgham, Dale; Brownsboro Fyffe, Roy; Longview Garner, Linda; Arlington Garrett, Ronnie; Baytown Gerringer, Ronald; Houston Gilmore, Carol; Houston Gipson, Marilyn; Nacogdoches Glover, Glen; Longview Gosdin, Cherie; Austin Graham, Sherry,- San Antonio Grant, Larry; Lake Jackson Graves, Gordon; Nacogdoches Gray, Debbie; Dallas Green, Freddie; Longview Groce, William; Dallas Gruebel, Barbara; Nacogdoches Gupton, William; Fort Worth Hadley, Inga; Alta Loma Hagler, Larry; Center Halbert, Julie; Houston Halbrook, Kay; Edgewood Sophomores 297 Hall, Brenda; Clarksville Hall, David; Bellaire Hall, Dayton; Texas City Halsey, Sue; Houston Hamlin, Dorothy; Palacios Hankins, Linda; Texarkana Hanna, Dorothy; Nacogdoches Harborth, Janice; Houston Hardin, Debby; Oakwood Hnrdin Thprp n Wnncfnn Hardy, Karen; Center Hargraves, Jennifer; Houston HHP A j I ; 1 i£ fflHH i u. WW mWr 1 Hargrove, Johnny; Houston Harness, Gregory; Houston Harrington, Rusty; Arlington Harris, Barbara; Orange Harris, Fonda; Palestine Harris, Janice; Carthage o Harrison, Frances; Robstown Harrod, Dianna; tone Star Hauboldt, Lynne; Brownsv 7 e Havard, Larry; Lufkin Hawbecker, Paula; Fort Worth Hayes, Lisa; Dallas t K Wr , i ' Hearne, Hazel; Dallas Hendrix, Ronald; Longview Herbert, Dennis; Killeen High, Brinda; Hughes Springs Higgins, Kathleen; Baytown Hill, Barbara; Raywood JSmmmm ' m mSk. t fcJr Hill, Barton; Marshall Hill, Beth; La Marque Hill, Sarah; Nacogdoches Hinton, Paul; Crosby Hirscki, Robin; Cleburne Hodge, Carolyn; Garland km Hoffman, Thomas; Pasadena Hogan, Patti; Ab 7ene Holt, Bill; Hearne Holt, Bill; Silsbee Molt, Virginia; Center Hood, Suzanne; Houston 1 mm ■ Horton, Peggy; Texas City Houser, Lynn; Dallas Howell, Bill; Port Lavaca Hughen, Nita; Houston Hughes, Charles; Waskom Hull, Betty; Baytown ¥ ' N " " ' ft- 298 Sophomores Hull, Betsy; Houston Hunter, Cindy; Houston Hurley, Sandra; Eagle Lake Hyden, Mike; Dallas Iverson, Fredrikke; Nacogdoches Ives, Vickie; Marshall Jackson, Peter; Dallas Johnson, George; Dallas Johnson, Jere; Abilene Johnson, Mary Ann; Pasadena Johnson, Mary Joy; Houston Jones, Ben; Fort Worth Jones, Deborah; Texas City Jones, Debra; Cushing Jones, Kathy; Marquez Jones, Linda,- San Augustine Jones, Ralph; Dallas Kabine, Robert; La Porte Kelly, Danny; Waxahachie Kelly, Judy; Hamilton Kempf, Jimmy; Karnaclc Ketchum, Gregory; Longview Kidd, Judy; Dallas Kienast, Charles; Dallas Kincaid, Linda; Marshall King, Donna; Austin Kirschbaum, Susan; Colorado City Kirkpatrick, Gordon; Longview Kister, Charles; Pasadena Kite, Sharon; Garland Kittrell, Kay; Denton Klein, Cordell; Texarkana Knott, Vicki; Lancaster Kosman, Chris; Dallas Kremer, Patricia; Houston Kuanoff, Lynn; Texarkana Kuhr, Mike; Brenham Kunkle, Donna; Nacogdoches Kuykendall, Jerrie; Victoria La Grone, Curtis; Pineland Lambert, Leslie; Houston Lamberth, Nancy; Kemah Lanasa, Katie; Beaumont Landes, Brenda; Raton Landrum, Judy; Lufkin Lane, Carl; Newton Langston, William; Longview Lawson, Bonnie; Houston Sophomores 299 Lee, David; Humble Leverton, Donna; Houston Lindow, Rodney; Beaumont Lloyd, Craig; Houston Lockhart, Jacquelin; Beaumont Longyear, Mary; Dallas Lotspeich, Blevins; Irving Luddecke, Sarah; Houston Ludwick, Linda; Houston Lurker, Dean; Longview Mabry, Paul; Texas City Mackey, Jean; Humble Maddox, Frances; Houston Mallard, George; Bryan Mandes, Yvonne; Houston Manjarris, Joel; Houston Manuel, Martha; Houston Maple, Susan; Longview Marchiando, Frances; Houston Markland, Diedre; Pasadena Martin, Lynn; Da as Martin, Rita; Nacogdoches Martin, Ronald; Houston Mascorro, Maurice; Texas City Matlock, Byron; Pasadena Maurer, Mary; Spring May, John; Dallas McAdams, Michael Mobile, Ala. McCarroll, Robert; Houston McCorkey, David; Houston McCorkle, Beverly; Tyler McCorvon, Mary Ann; Fort Worth McCoy, Frances; Quant co, Va. McElroy, Randy; Rusk McElroy, Sherry; Midlothian McGregor, Garry; Athens McMahon, Patricia; Houston McMillan, Mike; Arlington McMillan, Myra; Kirbyville McNabb, Lennie; Homestead, Fla. McNair, Linda; Houston McNallie, Marilyn; Sherman McNutt, Connie; Longview McWilliams, David; Lancaster Mead, Kris; Houston Means, Gail; Memphis, Tenn. Mechler, Floyd; Dallas Medlin, Sharon; Houston fll k. tt «p 4 o .o 300 Sophomores Meredith, Cheryl; Dallas Metteauer, Melinda; Lufkin Michael, Bob; Houston Miller, Barbara; Hilltop Lakes Miller, Barbara Anne; Fort Worth Miller, Pamela; Dallas Miles, Kay; Houston Mitchell, Randy; Baton Rouge, La. Molis, Gloria; Texas City Moncrief, Brenda; Longview Moos, Dale; San Ange o Morgan, Annita; Galveston Morris, Andrea; Richardson Morrow, James; Angleton Morrow, Vernon; Alpine Moseley, Vicki; Tyler Moss, Pam; Houston Mottley, Laura; Metairie, La. Mougey, Pam; Houston Mullins, Janis; Longview Muntean, Kathy; Longview Murphree, Connie; Duncanville Neese, Richard; Houston Neubrand, Thomas; Dallas Newman, Lance; Corpus Christi Newman, Sandra; Houston Newsom, Holly; Lufkin Newton, David; Big Spring Niblock, Robert; Houston Noble, Laura; Cleburne Nowak, Penny; Pasadena Nunn, Mike; Killeen Oakes, Fred; Dallas Oates, Sherri; Carthage Olhausen, W. D.; Port Lavaca Olivier, Linda; Port Arthur Omer, William; Kansas City, Mo. Osborn, Janie; Dallas Oyler, Janet; Houston Ozarchuk, Shirley; Texas City Palomares, Jesse; Bryan Pardo, Patti; Dallas Parker, Judy; Longview Parker, Martha; Rosenberg Pavletich, Patti; Jacksonville Pedlar, Jackie; Houston Pegram, Janis; Dallas Peltier, Rebecca; Danbury Sophomores 301 Penny, Mike; Liberty Perry, George; Houston Perry, Richard; Nacogdoches Petty, J. C; Dallas Phillips, Rebecca; Houston Phipps, Larry; Diboll Picus, Gerald; Mesquite Pitts, Marisha; Houston Platzer, Cheryl; League City Poland, Jonathan; Lufkin Ponder, Doug; San Augustine Poole, Don; Garland Porter, Penny; Sour Lake Porter, Suzanne; Longview Powell, Kenneth; Brookeland Powell, Margaret; Longview Poynter, Janet; Houston Preddy, Karen; Dallas Prewitt, Dennis; Kemp Price, Debbie; Dallas Price, Thomas; LongWew Priefert, Micki; Mount Pleasant Pugh, George; Palestine Punuerai, Boonchuen; Bangkok, Thailand Purser, Sandy; Fort Worth Rain, Richard; Houston Rains, William; San Antonio Ramirez, Isabel; San Benito Raymond, Denice; Pearland Reed, James; Madisonville Reed, Marshall; San Antonio Reese, David; Houston Reeves, Pamela; Houston Reid, Nancy; College Station Riassetto, Bobbi; Houston Rice, Don; Groveton Richter, George; Houston Roach, Thad; Houston Roberts, Judy; Waco Robinson, Carolyn; La Marque Robinson, Donald; Garland Robinson, Karen; Houston Rogers, Brenda; Atlanta Rogers, Larry; Fort Worth Roland, Richard; Houston Roth, Kathleen; Houston Runnels, Steve; Lufkin Russ, Deborah; Teague - 1 " ' • T WkM r mm Am Ml «t An s.) t9 A L ' A 3w life D r " ' IB Sf 302 Sophomores Russell, Bob; Corpus Christi Rust, Sharon; Mount Pleasant Rutherford, Becky; Lufkin Ryan, Sandy; Conroe Sailers, Mary; Dallas Sammons, Anne; Houston Samperi, Tara; Houston Sarrazin, Nancy; Houston Saunders, Jacqualyn; Beaumont Saxon, Robert; Richardson Scarborough, Richard; Galena Park Scates, James; Houston Schaffer, Richard; Mart Schatza, Judy; Fort Worth Schloot, Gretchen; Dallas Scott, Debbye; Dallas Scott, Linda; Nacogdoches Scott, Randy; Athens Scroggin, Leota; Longview Scruggs, Patricia; Dallas Scull, Suzanna; Fort Worth Seaborg, Lynn; Houston Secrest, Renee; Pampa Segars, Walter; La Marque Sellers, Kathleen; Kilgore Selman, Lawrence; Galveston Senecal, Charles; Hurst Sewell, Kathryn; Midlothian Shaffer, Lewis; Bullard Shamblin, Eve; Fort Worth Sheridan, Shirley; Garland Sides, Katen; Henderson Siler, Martha; Sweeny Simmonds, Pula; Houston Singley, Paula; Longview Skelton, Linda; Houston Slaughter, Michael; Dallas Slevin, Nancy; Dallas Smith, Ann; Lone Oak Smith, Charlotte; Huffman Smith, Cynthia; Houston Smith, Dale; Frankston Smith, Jan; Longview Smith, Lloyd; Nacogdoches Snapka, Marlene; Corpus Christi Snelson, Sharlon; Sweeny Sowell, Julia; San Augustine Spiller, Max; Victoria Sophomores 303 Stanley, Gary; Longview Steck, Bobby; Mount Be view Steel, Claudia; Palestine Steele, Aubrey; Tyler Stein, Catherine; San Antonio Stennett, Gay; Klein Atlanta Stewart, Catherine; Dallas Stewart, Patsy; Lufkin Stolnacke, Marcia; Houston Story, Linda; Dallas Stovall, Robert; Clarksville Stuart, Sandra; Honey Grove Sturrock, Tommy; San Antonio Stuteville, Sharon; Richardson Sussky, Carol; Houston Tade, Lindsay; Houston Tanner, Charlene; Batson Tate, Jeannie; Channelview late, Ronnie; Garland Taylor, Ben; Henderson Teague, Sherilyn; Houston Teal, Millynn; Irving Terry, Terry; Victor a Thomas, Frank; McA en Thomas, Gara; Longview Thomas, John; Easley, S. C. Thomason, Pat; Marshall Thompson, Donna; Jacfcsonv 7 e Thompson, Linda; Houston Thompson, Mike; Garland Thornton, Larry; Gushing Thurman, Marty; Arlington Heights, III. Tipping, Sandra; Miami, Fla. Tittle, Vona; Marshall Tobin, James; Dallas Tolbert, Glenda; Dallas Townley, John; Fort Worth Tucker, Glynn; Midlothian Turner, James; Marshall Tuttle, Kathy; Humble Tuttle, Martha; Arlington Umbarger, Ken; Lufkin Valentine, Sherri; Houston Vanetta, Brenda; Liberty Vinson, Mike; Houston Vogtsberger, Kenneth; Dallas Wall, Sue Ann; Mount Pleasant 304 Sophomore; Wallace, Laura; South Lake Wallace, Linda; Batson Wallace, William; Clarksville Waller, Sandra; Hawkins Walshe, Jim; Houston Ward, Sherry; Longview Ward, Susan; Houston Waters, Keith; Be ton Wayland, Janet; Henderson Weaver, Shari; Friendswood Webster, Joe; Houston Welsh, Ronna; Orange West, Judi; Houston Westfahl, Cynthia; Waco Whitaker, Tom; Cushing White, Ed; K»7een White, Joe; Longview Whittaker, Deborah; Houston Whittaker, Sandra; Houston Wilcox, John; Texas City Williams, Gary; Lake Jackson Williams, Judith; Dallas Williams, Mary; Charlottesville, Va. Williams, Susan; Gary Wilson, Jeannie; La Marque Wilson, Nancy; Katy Wilson, Sue Ann; Hawkins Wolfe, Pat; Longview Workman, Gary; Houston Works, Wanda; Longview Wright, Karla; Dallas Yates, David; Nacogdoches Yates, John; Lufkin Yeager, Nikki; Friendswood Yeary, Debra; Houston Young, Ann; Be ton Sophomores 305 ABOVE: Freshman Class Officers are Wes Hunt, president; Miss Julia Stephens, secretary; and Joel Manjarris, vice president. ABOVE RIGHT: Class Duchess for 1 969 is Miss Patti James. RIGHT: Class favorites are Miss Patty Howard and Bill Moss. 306 Freshmen Freshmen Freshmen 307 Abraham, Theresa; Marshall Abernethy, Luanna; Nacogdoches Abrams, Richard; Dallas Adams, Charles; Austin Adams, Donna; K gore Adams, Janice; Jasper Adams, Kenneth; Crosby Affleck, Bobbie; Waco Ailani, Amir; Saudi Arabia Akins, Beverly; Kemp Akins, Bonnie; Huntsville Albrecht, Sylvia; Newark, N. Y. Alldredge, Linda; Dallas Amburgey, Valeria; Houston Anderson, John; Houston Anderson, Ronda; Houston Andrews, Mary; Houston Angus, Deborah; Killeeh Apffel, Denise; Houston Arenburg, John; Houston Armstrong, Mary; Dallas Arnett, Pam; Houston Atchley, Deborah Ann; New Boston Atwell, Susan; Houston Atwood, David; Manor Austin, Robert; Dallas Averyt, Linda; Houston Avrett, Marilyn; Wichita Falls Bachus, Michael; Marshall Badgett, Helen; Burleson Bagley, Betty; Henderson Baier, Bonnie; Houston Bairrington, Benny; Fort Worth Baiza, Ruth; Kingsville Ball, John; Houston Barber, Sue; Tyler Barger, Cheryl; Fort Worth Barker, Lee; Lynchburg, Va. Barker, Lynn; Lynchburg, Va. Barr, Jim; Killeen Barras, Tom; Beaumont Barroso, Gary; Pasadena Battey, Denise; Ab 7ene Beach, Claudia; Sherman Bean, Sherry; Houston Bell, Laurie Ann; Houston Bell, Marcia Jane; Houston Belsley, Ray; Houston 308 Freshmen Bentz, Cathey; Fort Worth Berger, Richard; Houston Bergman, Karen; Dallas Berry, Kathleen; Houston Best, David; Henderson Bewly, Bob; Westerville Ohio Biles, Nancy; Houston Bills, Deanne; Pasadena Birdwell, Jeffrey; Cushing Bissell, Ronald; Longview Black, Katherine; Spring Blalock, Rita; Corpus Christi Blaschke, Wayne; Houston Bledsoe, Karen; Groves Boatman, Mike; Garrison Bolton, Robert; Houston Bonner, Cathy; Dallas Bonner, Gaylin; Fort Worth Bosko, Linda; Houston Bourn, Kathy; Dallas Boyd, Betty; Dallas Boyel, Gerald; New Shrewsburg, N. J. Braden, Barbara; Texas City Bradshaw, Katherine; Lake Jackson Brach, Richard; OWahoma City, Okla. Brandon, Kathi; Dallas Braswell, Karen; Jasper Brazeal, Royce; Dallas Breland, Karen; Galveston Brewer, Justin; Lufkin Bridges, Sonia; Palestine Bringhurst, Martha; Houston Broadwater, Kathy Wichita Falls Broadway, Eugene; Port Neches Brockman, Hal; Nazareth Brogdon, Debbie; Dallas Brown, David; Longview Brown, Douglas; Dallas Brown, Jeff; Houston Brown, Ricky; Nacogdoches Brown, Shelley; Fort Worth Brown, Steve; Austin Brown, Susan; Garland Brown, William; Richardson Broz, Thomas; Pasadena Buck, Larry; Mesquite Budd, Norman; Garland Bullock, William; Lufkin Freshmen 309 Bunge, Samye; Houston Burk, Kenneth; Marlin Burk, Stanley; Jacksonville Burkhart, Elizabeth; Nacogdoches Burns, Connie; Buffalo Burns, Robert; Houston Burns, Robert; Houston Burrows, Cathy; Dallas Butcher, Debbie; Dallas Byars, Jesse; La Fer a Cain, Ellen; Houston Caldwell, Kim; Athens Callaway, Huel; Austin Campbell, Gary; Liberty Campbell, Linda; Dallas Canggmi, Theresa; Da as Canion, Rachel; Houston Cannon, Don; Richardson Canson, Charlotte; Marshall Capps, Renvia; Houston Carby, Kathy; Longview Carroll, Brooke; Houston Carson, Ronda; Lufkin Carter, Charlene; Pasadena Carter, Sandra; Cleveland Carver, Nancy; Houston Casey, Barbara; Pampa Castle, Kay; Carthage Castleberry, Cooper; Lufkin Castloo, Deena; Mineola Cates, Rusty; Austin Cathey, Debbie; Richardson Cayne, Lynda; Pasadena Centeno, Landra; Houston Cerliano, Rebecca; Longview C ervantes, Gloria; Houston Chafin, Sandra; Lake Jackson Chafin, Susan; Lake Jackson Chamby, Edward; Beaumont Champouillon, Joseph; Lawton, Ok la. Chandler, Patricia; Littlefield Chapman, Deborah; Rusk Chastain, David; Diana Chote, Ronald; Henderson Childs, Carolyn; Beaumont Chittum, Roxanne; Arlington Christian, Wayne; Tenaha Christie, James; Houston 310 Freshmen Clark, Ann; Cleburne Clarke, Montie; Dallas Clary, Richard; Houston Claybrook, Olivia; Longview Clayton, Jane; Angleton Clayton, Pamela; Dickinson Clements, Marsha; Atlanta Clements, David; Nacogdoches Cleveland, Catherine; Dallas Cleveland, Jeanie; Austin Clifton, Karen; Houston Cochran, Kathy; Dallas Coffman, Karen; Pittsburg Colleps, Deborah; Waxahachie Collier, Morris; Orange Collins, Cathy; Irving Coleman, Anne; Palestine Connolly, James; Be ton Connell, Mike; Dallas Condry, Claire; Angleton Conn, Charles; Garrison Cook, Richard; Houston Cooke, Bob; Woskom Coons, Robert; Bellaire Cooper, Camille; Dallas Cooper, Vicki; Houston Covey, Steve; Houston Cordray, Pattie; Hemphill Corrigan, Wendy; Killeen Cowan, Cathey; Fort Worth Cox, Cynthia; Beaumont Craddock, Carley; Winnsboro Craddock, John; Houston Craig, Brenda; C ufe Cravotta, Charlene; Dallas Crawford, Chris; Silsbee Crews, Hal; Fort Worth Cross, James; Houston Crowley, Betty; Nacogdoches Cullen, Deanna; Houston Curry, Janie; De Soto Dahlstrom, Sharon; Austin Daniell, Kathryn; Fort Worth Dantzler, Daniel; Dallas Dorden, Peggy Joyce; Chester Davidson, Ronny; Fort Worth Davis, Cindy; Tenaha Davis, James; Dallas Freshmen 311 Davis, Kathy; Austin Davis, Michael; Dallas Davis, Wayne; Houston Dayton, Terri; Dallas deBrandt, Denise; Houston DeBrock, Kathy; Nacogdoches Dedman, Janet; Ore Gfy Dehart, Ricky; Houston Dempsey, Sharron; Marshall Dennis, Denise; Longview Densmore, Robert; Dallas Derrick, Carol; Rusk DeRoche, Celeste; Dallas DeVere, Bob; Waco Dierks, Kenneth; Houston Dildy, Jan; Garland Dildy, Jenna; Garland Dixon, Nancy; Houston Dobbs, Sue; Houston Dodson, Deborah; Nacogdoches Doty, Eddie; Dallas Dougherty, Kathleen; Houston Douglass, Pat; Dallas Dove, Richard; Spring Drew, Connie; Houston Dudley, Joan; Houston Duke, Susan; Pasadena Dulong, Helen; Dallas Duncan, Charlotte; Nacogdoches Dunevant, Cyndia; Dallas Dunham, Denise; Groves Dunning, Pattie; Houston Duplan, Alicia; Houston Dutton, David; Dallas Eaves, Charles; Nacogdoches Ebbs, Keith; Houston Eddins, Nancy; Groves Edgar, Mike; Dallas Edgerton, Natalie; Houston England, Cindy; Houston Ersmann, Gretchen; Houston Erwin, Andy; Houston Estes, Edward; Hurst Eudy, Vida; San Antonio Everett, Bill; Lake Jackson Farley, Kay; Henderson Farmer, Susan; Freeport Feistel, William; Texas City 312 Freshmen Ferrell, William; San Antonio Ferguson, Randy; Garland Fife, Julia; Bryan Finch, Charles; San Benito Findeisen, Leslie; San Antonio Finn, Terrence; Dallas Fischer, Connie; Houston Foord, Mischa; La Marque Force, Hal; Orange Forester, Wilbur; Troup Forrest, Patti; Lufkin Foster, Gary; Killeen Frame, Linda; Houston Francis, Bebb; Dallas Franklin, Janice; Lufkin Franklin, Judy; Pittsburg Franks, Lou Ellen; Hearne Franta, Mimi; Columbus Frazer, Diane; Texarkana Frier, Susan; Longview Frisk, Florence; Houston Frizzelle, Ben; Garland Fry, Vicki; Houston Fulbright, Sondra; Angleton Fullinwider, Jay; Houston Fyffe, Bonnie; Marshall Gage, Karen; Decatur Garrett, Paula; Richardson Garrison, Elaine; Brazoria Gathman, Susan; Houston Gatlin, Bobby; Garland Gauchas, Jennifer; Houston Geddie, Dawson; Athens George, Barbara; Irving George, Jennifer; Houston Geraghty, Pat; Houston Gibbs, Christine; Alamo, Ca f. Gibson, Edward; Houston Gibson, Jim; Victoria Gibson, Marjorie; Hallsville Giddens, Audrey; Mexia Giessner, Kenneth; Arlington Gilstrap, Patricia; Longview Goedecke, Kathleen; Spring Gooch, Claris; Hemphill Gordy, Barbie; Galveston Gore, Dixie; Woodville Gore, Jackie; Pasadena Freshmen 313 Gorman, Judy; Gilmer Goulas, Greg; Houston Graff, Becky; Houston Graff, Kathy; Houston Graham, Tommy; Bellaire Gray, Pam; Houston Grayum, Lana; Houston Gready, Jeanie; Houston Green, Harold; Dallas Green, Sandra; Taylor Greene, Jack; Lufkin Greenwalt, Laura; Dallas Greer, Jeannie; Houston Griffis, Johnny; Nacogdoches Grogan, Linda; Irving Grunert, Jim; Bonham Gurgiolo, Nancy; Lake Jackson Halfin, Barry; Liberty Hall, Georganna; Bellaire Hall, Karen; Henderson Hall, LeRoy; Pofeef Hallum, Patricia; Longview Hamblen, Shelley; Cleveland Hammock, Robert; Nacogdoches Hammond, Lora; Garland Handorf, Shirra; Pasadena Haney, Cathi; Dallas Harding, Kathy; Dallas Hare, Carmen; Crosby Hargrove, Leonard; Texarkana Harkins, Jan; Crockett Harrington, Richard; Houston Harris, Cynthia; Pasadena Harris, John; La Marque Harrison, Linda; Temple Harting, Ray; Dallas Harvell, Janet; Lake Jackson Haskins, Michele; Houston Hatch, Cathy; Galveston Hausman, Lisa; Pasadena Hayes, Jackie; Pasadena Hayman, Kenneth; Edna Haynes, Denise; Houston Haynes, Thomas; Lufkin Heasley, Carol; Baytown Heitzman, Marsha; Dallas Henderson, Patricia; Linden Hendrix, James; Edinburg 314 Freshmen f) ,f7j fSS 4 .( it 0 , 4i kit ift C V:--. ' KfeS Jr tffi f t Hengst, Wanda; Houston Henry, Paul; Arlington Henson, Jakie; Nacogdoches Hernandez, Carmen; Laredo Herrman, Beverly; Irving Hicks, Marilyn; Houston Higgins, Mary; Huntsville, Ala. High, Danny; Hughes Springs Hill, George; Garland Hill, Kay; Waco Hill, Laura; Houston Hill, Peggy; Cleveland Hodge, Cynthia; Bonham Hodges, Johnny; Electra Hoff, Mike; Houston Holbert, John; Dallas Holdeman, Tommy; Ore City Holder, Arnold; Houston Holder, Ralph; Dallas Holland, Karen; Garland Hollowell, Jim; Dallas Holm, Lynne; Irving Holt, John; Dallas Holton, Glynda; Wichita Falls Homeyer, Becca; Abilene Hopkins, Rick; Freeport Hopper, Larry; Nacogdoches Horn, Robert; Kirbyville Hotze, Margaret; Baytown Housman, Mark; Dallas Howard, Ann; Galveston Howard, Patty; Longview Howard, Russell; Alvin Huckaby, Don; Killeen Huckins, Karen Kay; Beaumont Hudkins, Lon; Dallas Hughes, Richard; Houston Hume, Richard; Houston Humphries, Sally; Dallas Hunsucker, Karen; Richardson Hunt, Douglas; Houston Hurst, James; Longview Hyatt, Mark; Columbia, Miss. Hyden, Richard; Buna Ingalls, Arthur; Dallas Ingram, Steve; Mesquite Jackson, Barbara; Fort Worth Jackson, Janice; Malakoff Freshmen 315 Jackson, Ronald; Joshua Jaeger, George; Garland James, Candy; Dallas James, Kelly; Buna Jarrett, Sheila; New Boston Jay, Gary; Fort Worth Jeffries, John; Houston Jenkins, Fred; Yokohama, Japan Jensen, Glenda; Garland Johnson, Dickey; Nacogdoches Johnson, Hardy; Pensacola, Fla. Johnson, Michael; Dallas Johnson, Patricia; Gar and Jonson, Terry; San Augustine Johnson, Tom; Houston Jolly, Linda; Houston Jones, Karen; Houston Jones, Frieda; Grapeland Jones, Jolene; Hallsville Jones, Robert; Dallas Jones, Wanda; Wilmer Jordan, Gwen; Atlanta Jordan, Jacqueline; Spurger Joyner, Kathie; Texas City Jurkonis, Aldonna; Houston Kallina, John; Houston Karels, Karolyn; Dallas Kaspar, Judy; Crockett Kavanaugh, Ronny; Dallas Kazlow, Chuck; Dallas Keasler, Victor; Jefferson Kelley, Pam; Baytown Kelley, Pamela; Houston Kellum, Virginia; Jasper Kemp, Howard; Dallas Kennedy, Karen; Dallas Kennedy, Patricia; Marshall Kidd, Kathy; Austin Kildal, Carol; Houston Kilpatrick, Ann; Fort Worth Killingsworth, Ronnie; Houston Kimbrough, Richard; Garland King, Bertha; Sour Lake King, Gordon; Dallas King, Jack; Austin King, Sandra; Dallas Kirk, John; Hughes Springs Kirkwood, Ronald; Pasadena 316 Freshmen Kittrell, Cynthia; Denton Klenk, Debbie; Spring Knotts, Kathy; Longview Koester, Cathy; La Marque Kolb, Debbie; Baytown Koronka, Norma; Houston Kosman, Chris; Tucson, Ariz. Kraft, Rick; Houston Kroschel, Forrest; Houston Krupicka, Julie; Waco Krustchinsky, Ricky; Houston Kubacak, Michael; Longview Kuchenbacker, Mary Kay; Dallas LaBouve, Carolyn; Houston Lalumandier, Harry; Nacogdoches Lamb, David; Fort Worth Lamb, David; Baytown Lambert, Rick; Marshall Lander, Laurie; Houston Landrum, Patricia; Dallas Langford, Arthur; Nacogdoches Lasiter, Larry; Palestine Laughlin, Lauren; Houston Lawrence, Tommy; Dallas Lee, Paulette; Henderson Lefevers, Toni; Jefferson Leighner, Georgiana; Houston Leinart, John; Terrell Lenox, Ronnie; League City Leonard, Christine; Dallas Lester, Donald; Houston Lester, Karen; Houston Leubner, Janet; Houston Lewellin, Dianna; Houston Lewis, Jimmy; Garland Lewis, Norma; Waco Lindsay, Lydia; League City Lively, Dwight; Houston Livermore, Janet; Houston Lockard, Jean; Houston Lollar, James; Irving Lopez, Winnie; Camden Love, Melissa; Dallas Loving, Glenn; Houston Lowe, Colleen; Dallas Lowe, Jerilyn; Dayton Lucas, Neva; Texas City Lueker, Sharon; Waskom Freshmen 317 Lynch, Cynthia; Dallas Maddux, Patty; Houston Magee, Donald; Cushing Male, Clarence; Livingston Mangham, Glenda; Orange Mangione, Mary; Dallas Mangold, Deborah; Houston Manicchia, Charles; Dallas Marquart, Gary; Quanah Marquart, Russell; Houston Marshall, Judy; Kirbyville Martin, Jonalyn; Clarksville Martin, Olby; Dallas Martin, Sherry; Houston Mason, Jan; Sherman Mason, Janet; Dallas Massey, Sharon; Grand Prairie Massie, Jeff; Hereford Mathis, Patricia; Call Mathews, Leigh Ann; Dallas Matthis, David; Houston Matzke, Steve; Houston Mayben, Vicki; Pittsburg Mayes, Debbie; Houston Mayhall, Jackie; Mesquite McAdams, Diane; Bellaire McAnally, Virginia; Bonham McCale, Sissy; Houston McCann, Kelly; Dallas McCartney, Cathleen; Dallas McCormack, Nancy; Henderson McCorquodale, Tim; Orange McCullar, Nancy; Pasadena McCullough, Martha; Houston McCullough, Sammy; Arlington McElroy, Larry; Port Arthur McFall, Terry; Huffman McGill, Elizabeth Ann; Atlanta McGouldrick, S haron; Houston McGovern, Cindy; Beaumont McGowan, Chris; Da as McGraw, Paula; Jasper McKay, John; Oklahoma City, Ok a. McKinney, Shannon; Houston McLean, Patricia; Dallas McMahon, Cherl; Newton McNair, Leigh; Dallas Meeker, Patty; Longview if . y pw gjP " i3Mk life ' ■ « " " Ml i V Y 1) ! f ■ d v m w ' mm it ; ■ fig " n « J IP fed I k A HBHHSHHflflHHi HHHP " vmHHfi HHBH 318 Freshmen Metzinger, Phil; Houston Michaels, Rick; Marshall Middlebrook, George; Nacogdoches Middleton, Ginger; Houston Miller, Alan; Palacios Miller, Donna; Dallas Miller, Jacque; Bryan Miller, Kim; Petersbu rg Mills, Marsha; Dallas Minor, Connie; Longview Misel, John; Columbia, Pa. Mitchell, Beth; Houston Mize, Pat; Waco Molis, Erlinda; Texas City Montgomery, Ann; Dallas Moore, Jane; Longview Moore, Julie; Houston Moore, Marilyn; Marshall Moore, Patricia; Fort Worth Morefield, William; Houston Morgan, James; Huntington Morgan, Starlett; Dallas Morris, Jan; Alvin Morris, Jeff; Amarillo Mosele, John; Texarkana Moss, Michael; Houston Moss, William; Houston Motley, Elizabeth; Longview Mueller, Christie; Houston Mundy, Wayne; Longview Mushinski, Philip; Houston Navarre, Randy; Groves Neill, Gail; Tyler Newlin, Terry; Houston Newnham, Nancy; Ranger Newsome, Lora; Houston Newton, Alvin; San Augustine Nichols, Ann; Cushing Nichols, Cathy; Palestine Nichols, Jacqueline; Cushing Nichols, Peter; Towson, Md. Nichols, Susan; Clifton Nicks, Sue; Richardson Nilsson, Glenda; Pasadena Nixdorf, Susan; Pasadena North, Douglas; Fort Worth Nuckolls, Jerrie; Irving Nutt, Peggy; Kirbyville Freshmen 319 Odom, Gail; Apple Springs Ogg, Suzanne; Mount Pleasant Ohmart, Paula; Houston Oliver, Noell; Bryan Oliver, Sarah; Houston Olsen, Ann; La Marque Olver, Anne; Dallas Osborne, Carol; Houston Otto, Deborah; Needv 7 e Owens, Bill; Fort Worth Owens, Kaye; Fred Owens, Geraldine; La Marque Owsijuk, Ottmar; Hampden, Mass. Oxford, Beverly; Fort Worth Packard, Bernard; Nacogdoches Page, Nancy; Houston Painter, Brenda; Allen Park, Marcia; Houston Parker, Ann; Baytown Parker, Skipper; Round Rock Parker, Tommy; Lufkin Parker, William; Center Parmley, Lynda; Nacogdoches Parr, Larry; Houston Partain, Jeri; Houston Pate, Janet; Bronson Patout, John; Navasota Patterson, Ann; Worthington, Ohio Pawley, Jerel; Fort Worth Payne, Phyllis; Saratoga Pearce, Karen; Houston Pecht, Debra; Houston Peddy, Patricia; Tenaha Peoples, Sandy; Fort Worth Perelson, Virginia; Dallas Perkins, Drew; Houston Perry, Page; Lufkin Peterson, Barbara; Dallas Petree, Sherry; Dallas Pfeffer, Carl a; Gatesv 7 e Philbrick, Melinda; Duncanv 7 e Phillips, Henry; Framingham, Mass. Phillips, Keith; Dallas Pickett, Vicki; Garland Pierce, Victor; Dallas Pike, Barbara; Dallas Pinckley, Kathy; Dallas Pizzitola, Bobbi; Houston 320 Freshmen Plemons, Mike; Dunconv 7 e Pomikol, Melba; Sugarland Ponder, Victoria; Mesquite Popovich, Val; Houston Potts, Lianne; Dallas Poulos, Bryan; Texarkana Prevost, Sonja; Fort Worth Price, Carlo; Garland Price, Diane,- Houston Pritchard, Marilyn; Dallas Proffitt, Debby; Texas City Prophet, Mike; Dallas Quigley, Claudia; Bellaire Rawlinson, Diana; Lancaster Ray, Mary; San Antonio Redmon, Susi; Bellaire Reed, Dana; Universal City Reeves, Beverly;. Taylor Reeves, Robert; Conroe Regan, Larry; Dallas Reid, Larry; Houston Reilly, Barbara; Houston Redy, Mary; Dallas Reynolds, Eugene; latum Rhea, Karen; Houston Richardson, Larry; Pittsburg Richardson, Lynda; Gilmer Riera, Christina; Santa Eleno, Panama Riney, Marsha; Lancaster Rivera, Steve; Richardson Robb, Deborah; Dallas Roberts, Rollyn; Austin Roberts, Victoria; Wes aco Rogerson, Becky; Dallas Rodreick, Pamela; Richardson Rogers, Ken; Ransomville Rogers, Maribeth; Lufkin Rollins, Metissa; Dallas Rose, Wallace; Dallas Rougagnac, Jean; Houston Rouhani-Esfahani, Mohamad; Esfahan, Iran Rudy, Kevin; Canadian Russell, John; Pineland Russell, Nancy; Waco Rustad, Michael; San Benito Sadri, Yahya; Isfahan, Iran Saigling, Margaret; Piano Salvat, Cynthia; Fort Worth Freshmen 321 Salyers, Janet; Houston Sasse, Maria,- Garland Scherwitz, Robert; Houston Schlichenmaier, Roger; Bowie Scoggin, Margaret; Midland Scoggins, Rod; Killeen Scott, David; Houston Scruggs, Charlotte; Garland Scurlock, Jo; Houston Seago, Dianne; Gorrigan Seal, Donna; Houston Seals, Marilyn; Dallas Seely, Mary; Austin Senn, Harry; Meridian Sessions, Tom; Fort Worth Shaw, Jennifer; Cleveland Shaw, Mike; Dallas Sheeran, Lynda; Longview Sheets, Sally; Richardson Shepard, Joseph; Lufkin Sheppard, Warren; Groves Shipley, Richard; Arlington Shofner, Michael; Nacogdoches Sides, Linda; Dallas Simmons, Deborah; Richardson Simpson, Barbee; Fort Worth Sims, James; Orange Sims, Kathleen; Angleton Siracuse, Cheryl; Adams, N. Y. Sisk, Dale; Longview Sivley, Ruth Ann; Houston Sizemore, Vickie; Dickinson Slate, Patricia; Mesquite Slepr, Carol; Anchorage, Alaska Smith, Aleta; Houston Smith, Bevil; Houston Smith, Charles; Texarkana Smith, Glenna; Baytown Smith, James L.; Lake Jackson Smith, James S.; Center Smith, James W.; Lone Star Smith, Patricia; Lancaster Smith, Renee,- Fort Walton Beach, Fla. Smith, Suzanne; Houston Sneed, Rebecca; Dallas Sorenson, Norman; Houston Southwell, Ana; K gore Sparks, Sandra; Killeen 322 Freshmen Spence, Jan; Garland Spitzer, Candy; Houston Spracklen, Sandy; Houston Stanley, Susan; Longview Steel, Charles; Palestine Steel, David; Palestine Steele, Pam; Houston Stephens, Mary; Houston Stephenson, Donna; Orange Stephenson, Tim; Houston Stewart, Dean; Jacksonville Steward; Robin; Wever, Iowa Stone, James; Marshall Stone, Jodie; Nacogdoches Stout, Anna; Sherman Stovall, Sherrill; Casper, Wyo. Strahan, Glinda; Cleveland Stratton, Eloise; Jefferson Strickland, Barry; Houston Strickland, Bruce; Dallas Strickland, Charles; Willis Strickland, Evelyn; Orange Stringfellow, Mike; Carro ton Strong, Ronna; Nacogdoches Strother, Cynthia; Lake Jackson Stroud, Kathy; Pasadena Summas, Susan; Nacogdoches Surratt, Kathy; Hughes Springs Sypert, Cynthia; Houston Swindle, Gary; Dallas Swingler, Rebecca; Houston Taft, Teresa; Pittsburg Taliaferro, Mary; Bellaire Tamasy, Cynthia; Houston Tankel, Kathi; Irving Tate, Mary Lou; Shreveporf, La. Tayloe, Tom; Dallas Taylor, Ellen; Marshall Taylor, Leonard; Pampa Taylor, Kathy; Dallas Teague, Judy; Lake Jackson Teater, Debbie; Dallas Telford, Jan; Liberty Terhune, Claudia; Harlingen Theiss, Jerry; Hearne Thiele, Susann; Valley Mills Thomas, Gary; Pasadena Thomas, Sam; Humble Freshmen 323 Thomas, Sharon; Dallas Thomas, Tobi; Spring Thomson, Scott; Garrison Thompson, Albert; Marshall Thompson, Deborah; Atlanta Thompson, Leslie; Marshall JL , I ■ ' • ■ Jr Thompson, Tommy; 8 oomington Thompson, William; Irving Thornton, Lynn; Houston Thrapp, Danny; Houston Tilden, Beverly; Arlington Tinsley, Denise; Houston ! v Tomlinson, Vera; Portland Toney, Robert; Lufkin Townsend, Don; Kemah T r w ncpnn Kj nn rv ■ On nc Trahey, Cheryl; Fort Worth Trainor, John; Seabrook V Tubb, Cullen; Dallas Tullos, Keitha; Houston Turner, Kaye; Snyder Turner ICprrv ' nmicfnn 1 III 1171 f 1X71 ' f 1 IVUOIUil Turner, Shirley; Terrell Vallancey, Jeff; Green v e Vanderfleet, Pete; Houston Van Overbeek, Marina; Bryan Veatch, Dianne; Longview 1 ii j iL r if Veckert, Judith; Dallas Verinder, Syd; Dallas Vinson, Lyn; Woodville ill Urban, H.; Cedar Lane Wachtendorf, Freddy; Wolfe City Waddell, Susan; Beaumont Water, Pam; Fort Worth Wagener, Jamie; Pasadena Wagner, Paula; Dallas • ' I ( " yj Walker, William; Lake Jackson Wall, Karen; Waco Wallace, Debra; Jacksonville Yvuiiacc, Lawrence; nousron Wattner, Nancy; Longview Walters, Becky; Elkhart M J 1.4 Pill: »1 mm v L Ward, John; Groesback Warren, Cheryl; Cypress Warren, Patricia; Freeport Warthoe, Ellen; Fort Worth Watson, Ginni; Dallas Watts, Gail; Thornton 11 T It N % • • . ■ - » a • • 324 Freshmen tit 4 A. » Weaver, Gary; Terrell Weaver, Linda; Beaumont Webb, Patricia; Lufkin Webb, Peggy; Lozano Weber, Dianne; Houston Webster, Ken; Houston Weidner, Paul; Houston Weiss, Robin; Dallas Wells, James; Spencer, Ky. Wernette, Ann; Abilene Westbrook, Carleen; Houston Wetegrove, Clarence; Raymondville Whatley, Danny; Linden Whatley, Scotti; Houston Wheat, Jan; Houston White, Curtis; San Angelo Whitley, Peggy; Lonev e Whitlock, George; Silsbee Whittaker, Linda; Buna Whitton, Katherine; Lufkin Wilkins, William; New Orleans, La. Wilkinson, Jim; Raymondville Wilkinson, Kathy; Conroe Willenborg, Connie; Fort Worth Williams, Barbara; Silsbee Williams, Elise; Richardson Williams, Kathy; Waco Williamson, Jan; Snyder Williford, Linda; Beaumont Williford, Pamela; Houston Willis, Vicki; Atlanta Wilson, Dianne; La Marque Winkler, Karen; Houston Wise, John; Houston Withers, Ellen; Houston Witt, Brenda; Houston Windsor, Judy; Houston Wolfe, Susan; Angleton Woo, Carolyn; Port Arthur Wood, Janet; Angleton Wondrak, Deborah; Houston Worley, Charles; Dallas Wright, Nancy; G 7mer Writesel, Allyn; Dallas Wurtz, Phyllis; Fort Worth Wylie, Milton; League City Yarbrough, Jimmy; Crosby Yarbrough, John; Fort Worth Freshmen 325 Yates, Donald; Crosby Youvens, Alan; Columbus Young, Nancy; Texarkana Young, Rebecca; Beaumont Young, Teresa; Lufkin Zeppe, Mark; Tyler Zinberg, Patricia; Fort Worfh Zopfi, Janice; Houston Medlin, Doug; Garland Metzer, Sharon; Bryan ' ift k ay " J 326 Freshmen Students Byrd, Robert Foster, Brenda Jean Hougesen, Tommy Dale Ott, Norman Thomas, Gilbert Faculty and Staff Goodson, Dr. William Lest Nichols, Elbert Steele, Dr. Allan Totton, Donald William 328 In Memoriam Index Academic Omicron Delta Epsilon 140 Albritton, Sandra 264 Bailey, Weezie 278 Departments Panhellenic 193 Alexander, Beverly 278 Bairrington, Benny 308 Phi Alpha Theta 141 Alhashimi, Carolyn 294 Bajza, Ruth 308 Accounting 64 Phi Chi Theta 176 Allard, David 278 Baker, Barbara 264 Agriculture 69 Phi Delta Theta 208 Alldredge, Linda 308 Baker, Charles 294 Art 77 Phi Mu Alpha 1 77 Allen, Elizabeth 278 Baker, John 264 Bible 83 Pi Epsilon Mu 178 Allen, Frances 294 Baker, Veneta 294 Biology 94 Pi Kappa Alpha 2 1 Allen, Jade 278 Ball, Jax 294 Chemistry 93 Pi Kappa Delta 142 Allen, June 278 Ball, J ohn 308 Economics 68 Pine Log 1 54 Allen, Lawrence 264 Ballard, Robert 264 Elementary Education 70 Pre-Medical Tech Club 1 79 Allen, Sally 264 Balluck, Darlene 278 English, Journalism and Philosophy Press Club 180 Allison, Mike 264 Bang, Janet 294 84 Psi Chi 143 Alverson, Jan 294 Banks, Wally 278 Forestry 8 1 Rodeo Club 1 86 Amburgey, Valeria 308 Barbee, Bob 264 General Business 65 Senior Teens Aid the Retarded 1 8 1 Anderson, Guy 264 Barber, Donny 264 Geography 86 SFA Collegiate FFA 182 Anderson, John H. 294 Barber, Sue 308 Geology 96 SFA Gun Club 183 Anderson, John R. 308 Barger, Cheryl 308 Health and Physical Education 72, SFA Math Club 183 Anderson, Karen 294 Barker, Doborah 294 73 SFA Scuba Club 184 Anderson, Linda 294 Barker, Lee 308 History 87 Sigma Alpha Eta 1 85 Anderson, Linda Jo 278 Barker, Lynn 308 Home Economics 71 Sigma Delta Pi 144 Anderson, Lounea 264 Barker, Phyllis 294 Management 66 Sigma Kappa 200 Anderson, Patricia 278 Barnes, Beverly 294 Mathematics 98 Sigma Phi Alpha 1 45 Anderson, Robert 294 Barnes, Johnnie 294 Military Science 97 Sigma Pi Sigma 1 46 Anderson, Ronda 308 Barnett, Harvey 264 Modern Languages 88 Sigma Tau Delta 1 47 Andrews, Mary 308 Barr, Jim 308 Music 78 Sigma Tau Gamma 2 1 2 Andrews, Sharon 264 Barras, Helen 294 Office Administration 67 Sociology Club 1 88 Angus, Deborah 308 Barras, Tom 308 Physics 99 Stone Fort 1 50 Anthony, Clark 278 Barren, Richard 278 Political Science 89 Student Congress 1 26 Apffel, Denise 308 Barrett, Arlen 264 Psychology 90 Tau Beta Sigma 1 48 Appleberry, Lee 278 Barrett, Donald 264 School Services 74 Theta Chi 214 Arenburg, John 308 Barroso, Gary 308 Secondary Education 75 TSEA 189 Armstrong, Brooke 278 Bartlett, Betsie 264 Sociology 91 University Center Chairmen 164 Armstrong, Forrest 278 Barton, Katie 278 Speech 79 Wesley 1 89 Armstrong, Jane 264 Barton, Larry 278 wrganizciTions Xi Sigma Pi 149 Armstrong, Mary 308 Arnall, Tom 278 Bass, Betsy 264 Bass, Oron 278 Alpha Chi 130 Student Index Arnett, Pam 308 Bates, Betty 264 Alpha Chi Omega 194 Arnold, Dianne 278 Bates, Robert 264 Alpha Kappa Delta 131 A Arnold, Martha 294 Bates, Walter 278 Alpha Kappa Psi 1 67 Abbott, Barbara 264 Arnold, Pam 294 Battey, Denise 308 Alpha Mu Gamma 1 32 Abercrombie, Donna 264 Arnold, Stephen 294 Baumann, Marsha 294 Alpha Phi Omega 160 Abernethy, Luanna 308 Ashcraft, Roger 294 Baushke, Maxine 294 Alpha Psi Omega 133 Abraham, Brian 264 Askins, Billy 264 Beach, Claudia 308 Alpha Tau Omega 202 Abraham, Theresa 308 Atchley, Deborah 308 Bean, Kenneth 264 Beta Beta Beta 1 34 Abrams, Richard 308 Atkinson, David 278 Bean, Sherry 308 Biology Club 1 66 Abshire, Cynthia 294 Atkinson, Martin 278 Bean, Terri 278 Canterbury 1 68 Abshire, Eddie 278 Atkinson, Max 278 Beard, Gay 264 Chemistry Club 169 Adams, Bob 294 Attaway, Andy 294 Beard, Joe 264 Christian Science 169 Adams, Charles 308 Atwell, Susan 308 Beasley, Brenda 264 Chi Omega 196 Adams, David 264 Atwood, David 308 Beaty, Richard 294 Delta Psi Kappa 1 35 Adams, Donna 308 Atwood, Peggy 278 Beaudoin, Dian 294 Delta Sigma Phi 204 Adams, Janice 308 Aucoin, Patsy 278 Beckham, Delbert 278 Delta Zeta 1 98 Adams, Karen 264 Austin, Robert 308 Beene, James 261 El Club de los Amigos Espanoles Adams, Kenneth 308 Averyt, Linda 308 Beers, Greg 294 170 Adams, Keith 264 Avrett, Marilyn 308 Behr, Jeron 294 Gamma Sigma Sigma 1 62 Adams, Ronald 278 Ayers, Page 278 Behrans, Larry 264 Gamma Theta Upsilon 1 36 Adams, Sandra 278 D Belk, Jan 264 Home Economics Club 1 71 Adams, Virginia 264 Bell, David 261 Interfraternity Council 1 92 Adcock, Sherry 264 Bachus, Michael 308 Bell, Kathleen 278 Intramural Council for Women 1 72 Aden, Nancy 278 Backen, Rodney 278 Bell, Laurie 308 Kappa Alpha 206 Adkins, Patricia 294 Badger, Linda 294 Bell, Marcia Jayne 308 Kappa Delta Pi 1 37 Affleck, Bobbie 308 Badgett, Helen 308 Belsley, Ray 308 Kappa Pi 1 38 Ahern, Michael 294 Baer, Johanna 278 Belton, Larry 278 League for Student Involvement Ajlani, Amir 308 Baggett, Bill 264 Benge, Michael 264 173 Akins, Beverly 308 Bagley, Betty 308 Bennett, Gregg 278 Men ' s HPE 174 Akins, Bonnie 308 Baier, Bonnie 308 Bennett, Pamela 264 Mu Phi Epsilon 139 Albin, Terry 264 Bailey, Ben 264 Bennett, Roscoe 278 Newman Club 1 75 Albrecht, Sylvia 308 Bailey, Sandra 294 Bentz, Cathey 309 332 Index Berger, Richard 309 Bergman, Karen 309 Berry, Kathleen 309 Best, David 309 Bewley, Bob 309 Bianchi, Richard 294 Bible, Rhonda 294 Bickhom, Billy 278 Biddy, Mickey 278 Biechlin, Robert 274 Biggs, Cleve 278 Biles, Nancy 309 Bills, Deanne 309 Bills, Marsha 278 Bingham, Barry 278 Bintliff, Michael 264 Birdwell, Jeffery 309 Birkner, Wyatt 278 Bishoff, Carole 264 Bishop, Nancy 278 Bissell, Ronald 309 Bitler, Nancy 278 Bitting, Neal 278 Black, Barbara 294 Black, Katherine 309 Black, Linda 264 Black, Nancy 294 Blackstone, Karen 279 Blair, Robert 279 Blalack, Mike 294 Blalock, Rita 309 Blalock, Margaret 264 Blanchard, Linda 261 Blankenship, Leann 294 Blaschke, Barbara 264 Blaschke, Wayne 309 Blaylock, Donna 294 Bledsoe, Karen 309 Bloodworth, Jerry 279 Bloomfield, Kathy 279 Blust, Mary Lou 294 Blystone, Karen 279 Boatman, Mike 309 Boatman, Sandra 264 Bobbitt, Burnis 294 Bobbitt, Cindy 294 Bobbitt, Martha 279 Bode, Clifford 279 Bohuslau, Maryette 294 Bolton, Robert 309 Bonneau, Joan 279 Bonner, Billie 261 Bonner, Cathy 309 Bonner, Gaylin 309 Booker, Lynn 264 Border, Daniel 294 Bosko, Linda 309 Bosko, Patricia 279 Bossi, John 261 Bostic, Barbara 264 Bostick, Ray 279 Bourn, Kathy 309 Bowers, Carol 279 Boyd, Betty 309 Boyd, Scott 294 Boyett, Barbara 279 Boyett, Sheila 265 Boyle, Gerald 309 Boyle, Robert 279 Boyle, Terry 294 Braden, Barbara 309 Bradshaw, Katherine 309 Brame, Bobby 279 Branam, Donald 265 Branam, Lana 279 Branch, Duane 265 Branch, Richard 309 Brandon, Kathi 309 Brannen, Mary 279 Brant, Jeff 265 Brantly, Bridget 265 Braswell, Karen 309 Braun, Joe 279 Brazeal, Royce 309 Breland, Karen 309 Brewer, Justin 309 Bridges, Sonia 309 Briggs, Mary 265 Briggs, William 265 Briggs, William 279 Brigman, Johnnie 265 Bringhurst, Martha 309 Broaddus, Joan 295 Broadwater, Kathy 309 Broadway, Eugene 309 Brock, Linda 265 Brockman, Hal 309 Brod, Donna 265 Brogdon, Debbie 309 Brooks, Bonnie 279 Broshar, Gay 265 Brown, Cecilia 279 Brown, Dale 265 Brown, Darla 295 Brown, David 309 Brown, Douglas 309 Brown, Duke 265 Brown, James 295 Brown, Jeff 309 Brown, John Wayne 265 Brown, Linda 279 Brown, Linda 295 Brown, Phil 265 Brown, Ricky 309 Brown, Ronnie 265 Brown, Shelley 309 Brown, Steve 309 Brown, Susan 309 Brown, Turner 295 Brown, William 309 Broz, Thomas 309 Browning, Kenneth 279 Browning, Kenneth 279 Bruce, Pat 279 Brunovsky, David 279 Brunson, James 295 Brunson, Mary Nelle 265 Bryan, Reggie 295 Bryant, Charlotte 265 Bryant, Diana 279 Bryant, William 279 Buchanan, Henry 295 Buck, Larry 309 Bucker, Terese 265 Budd, Norman 309 Bullock, William 309 Bunch, Betty 265 Bunge, Samye 3 1 Brubaker, Rodney 265 Burgess, Richard 295 Burk, Kenneth 310 Burk, Stanley 310 Burkart, Elizabeth 310 Burke, Arnold 295 Burke, Marilyn 279 Burke, Steve 279 Buckham, Lyndell 265 Burkham, Trudy 295 Burkley, Dyann 265 Burner, Sharon 279 Burnett, Dorothy 295 Burnett, John 295 Burnett, Lyle 295 Burnett, Marsha 295 Burnett, Stacey 265 Burns, Connie 3 1 Burns, Robert 310 Burns, Robert 310 Burrows, Cathy 310 Burrows, Byron 265 Burton, Susan 295 Bush, Connie 265 Bush, Emily 279 Bushwar, William 295 Butcher, Debbie 310 Butler, Ann 295 Butts, John 265 Byars, Jesse 310 Byman, Barbara 279 Bynum, Don 265 Byrd, Linda 265 C Cade, Sharon 279 Caffrey, Barbara 295 Cain, Ellen 310 Cain, Sheila 279 Caldwell, Carol 265 Caldwell, Gwendolyn 265 Caldwell, Kim 310 Caldwell, Walter 295 Callaway, Huel 310 Cavness, James 265 Calton, Debbie 279 Calvery, Carolyn 265 Campbell, Candi 279 Campbell, Cynthia 295 Campbell, Gary 310 Campbell, Joseph 295 Campbell, Linda 310 Campbell, Robert 265 Campbell, Wendy 295 Cangeni, Theresa 310 Canion, Rachel 310 Cannamore, Vernon 295 Cannon, Billy 265 Cannon, Don 310 Cannon, Mary Jane 265 Canson, Charlotte 310 Cantley, Zeb 279 Cantu, Charles 279 Capel, Charles 279 Capps, M. E. 265 Capps, Renvia 310 Capps, Roy 265 Carby, Kathy 310 Carlisle, George 279 Carlson, Dorothy 295 Carlson, Linda 279 Carlton, Carole 265 Carney, Susan 265 Carpenter, Ronnie 279 Carrier, Geno 295 Carroll, Brooke 310 Carroll, David 265 Carroll, Margaret 295 Carson, Ronda 310 Carter, Charlene 310 Carter, Danny 265 Carter, David 295 Carter, Graylene 279 Carter, James 279 Carter, Laura Lee 279 Carter, Linda 265 Carter, Sandra 310 Caruthers, Linda 265 Carver, Nancy 310 Casey, Barbara 310 Casey, Jamie 265 Casey, Kim 279 Castle, Kay 310 Castleberry, Cooper 3 1 Castleberry, Gary 279 Castloo, Deena 310 Caswell, Judy 279 Cates, Rusty 310 Cathey, Debbie 310 Cavanaugh, Bill 265 Cavanaugh, Melinda 265 Cave, Cheryl 265 Cavness, Martha 266 Cayne, Lynda 310 Centeno, Landra 310 Cerliano, Rebecca 310 Cervantes, Gloria 310 Cessna, Bobby 279 Chadwick, Karen 266 Chafin, Christie 280 Chafin, Sandra 310 Chafin, Susan 310 Chambers, Jack 266 Champeaux, James 280 Champouillon, Joseph 310 Chandler, Patricia 310 Chandler, Susan 295 Chaney, Connie 295 Chaney, Edward 310 Chapman, Deborah 3 1 Chapman, Thomas 266 Chastain, David 310 Cheaney, Robert 295 Chelette, Kaye 280 Childers, Gilda 280 Childs, Carolyn 310 Childs, Marleta 261 Chittum, Roxanne 310 Chote, Ronald 310 Christian, Wayne 310 Christie, Gail 266 Christie, James 310 Christopher, Margie 266 Cielinski, Loretta 280 Clancy, Julie 295 Clark, Ann 3 1 1 Clark, Cindy 266 Clark, Connie 295 Clark, Eddie 280 Clark, James 280 Clark, Mary 295 Clark, Orie 266 Clark, Stanley 266 Clarke, Carole 295 Clarke, Montie 31 1 Clary, Richard 31 1 Index 333 Clauson, Bruce 280 Claybar, Brown 295 Claybrook, Olivia 31 1 Clayton, Jane 3 1 1 Clayton, Laura 295 Clayton, Pamela 31 1 Cleaveland, Catherine 31 1 Cleaver, Marilyn 295 Clements, David 31 1 Clements, Emily 266 Clements, Marsha 31 1 Cleneay, William 266 Clepper, Barry 295 Cleveland, Jeanie 31 1 Clifton, Karen 3 1 1 Clinton, L. G. 266 Clinton, Shirley 280 Clore, Michael 295 Clower, Linda 295 Cobbins, Carver 295 Cochran, Jacqueline 280 Cochran, Kathy 31 1 Cochrane, Edward 280 Coe, Reagan 295 Coffman, Danny 280 Coffman, Karen 3 1 1 Coggburn, Linda 280 Coke, Cerry 280 Coker, David 295 Cokman, Bryan 266 Cole, Diane 296 Cole, William 296 Coleman, Carol 261 Coleman, William 280 Colleps, Deborah 31 1 Collier, Morris 31 1 Collins, Cathy 31 1 Collins, Edward 280 Collins, Shirley 266 Colman, Anne 31 1 Colwell, Brenda 280 Condry, Claire 311 Cone, Michael 261 Conlee, Kay 266 Conley, Brenda 261 Conn, Charles 3 1 1 Connolly, James 31 1 Connell, Mike 31 1 Cook, Jerry 295 Cook, John 266 Cook, Keith 295 Cook, Richard 31 1 Cook, Tinka 295 Cooke, Bob 3 1 1 Cooley, Anna 266 Coons, Robert 31 1 Cooper, Camille 31 1 Cooper, Cary 266 Cooper, Deborah 280 Cooper, Dickey 266 Cooper, Royce 266 Cooper, Vicki 3 1 1 Cope, Carol 296 Copeland, Candy 280 Copeland, Larry 296 Corbell, Charlotte 296 Corbin, Kathy 266 Cordell, Pat 266 Cordray, Pattie 31 1 Covey, Steve 3 1 1 Corona, Linda 296 Corrigan, Wendy 31 1 Cortines, Linda 296 Cotton, Sherry 266 Couchman, Linda 296 Courreges, Joyce 280 Courtney, Marvin 296 Cowan, Cathey 3 1 1 Cowherd, Jim 296 Cox, Cynthia 31 1 Cox, Mary 261 Cox, Ronald 280 Crabtree, Tina 280 Craddock, Carley 31 1 Craddock, John 31 1 Craddock, Kathy 280 Craddock, Van 266 Craig, Brenda 31 1 Craig, Claire 266 Craig, Koran 296 Cramer, Bill 280 Cravotta, Charlene 3 1 1 Crawford, Cecelia 296 Crawford, Chris 31 1 Crawford, Dana 266 Craze, Barbara 266 Creech, Susan 280 Creech, Susan H. 296 Crenshaw, Sandra 280 Crenshaw, Winn 266 Cretsinger, Gwen 296 Crews, Hal 311 Criswell, Carolyn 266 Craft, Johnny 280 Croft, Martain 266 Croom, Georgia 266 Cross, James 31 1 Crowley, Betty 31 1 Cull, Judith 280 Cullen, Deanna 31 1 Cummins, Wayne 280 Cunningham, Johnny 266 Curnutt, Sara 280 Curry, Janie 31 1 Curry, Sandy 266 Cypert, Alan 296 D Dahlquist, Carolyn 266 Dahlstrom, Sharon 31 1 Dailey, James 296 Dailey, Judy 266 Dailey, Roger 266 Dancey, Carol 280 Daniell, Kathryn 31 1 Damaud, Thomas 296 Dantzler, Daniel 31 1 Darden, Peggy 31 1 Davidge, Sharon 280 Davidson, Linda 296 Davidson, Ronny 31 1 Davis, Brenda 266 Davis, Cindy 31 1 Davis, Diann 296 Davis, Donald 266 Davis, James 3 1 1 Davis, Kathy 312 Davis, Mary Ellen 296 Davis, Michael 312 Davis, Shelby 266 Davis, Terry 296 Davis, Tricia 296 Davis, Wayne 312 Dawson, Joseph 296 Day, Donna 266 Day, Janice 296 Dayton, Terri 312 Dealy, Sears 296 deBrandt, Denise 312 DeBrock, Kathy 312 Dedman, Janet 312 Dees, Sandra 266 DeGaugh, James 280 DeHart, Ricky 312 Delaney, Neill 280 Dement, Marylee 280 deMilliano, Raymond 266 Dempsey, Sharron 312 Dennis, Betty 280 Dennis, Denise 312 Densmore, Robert 312 Derby, Ponnie 280 DeRoche, Celeste 312 Derride, Carol 312 DeVere, Bob 3 1 2 DeWitt, Richard 280 Dickard, Larry 266 Dickerman, Bill 296 Dickerson, Jane 296 Dickey, David 280 Dierks, Kenneth 312 DiGiovanni, Paul 280 Dildy, Jan 312 Dildy, Jenna 312 Divine, Lois 280 Dixon, David 296 Dixon, John 266 Dixon, Nancy 312 Dobbs, Sue 312 Dodson, Deborah 3 1 2 Dodson, Nancy 296 Dodson, Ricky 296 Dominey, Roger 280 Donohue, Jean 296 Doran, Tom 266 Dorough, Paula 280 Dorr, Susan 280 Doty, Eddie 312 Dougherty, Kathleen 312 Dougherty, Ray 266 Douglass, Pat 312 Downing, A. E. 296 Dove, Richard 3 1 2 Drachenberg, Timothy 280 Drake, Kathleen 296 Drew, Connie 3 1 2 Drew, Dorothy 296 Driver, Ray 296 Duckworth, Raymond 266 Dudley, Joan 312 Dudley, Kathleen 296 Duer, Deborah 267 Duke, Susan 3 1 2 Dulong, Helen 312 Dumas, Tonja 296 Duncan, Betty 296 Duncan, Charlotte 312 Duncan, Glennis 296 Duncan, Ronald 267 Dunevant, Cyndia 312 Dunham, Denise 312 Dunlap, Jimmy 280 Dunlap, Linda 267 Dunn, Preston 267 Dunnam, Jeannie 296 Dunning, Deborah 296 Dunning, Pattie 312 Durham, Nancy 296 Durrett, Jackie 280 Durrett, James 296 Duplan, Alicia 312 Dutton, David 312 Duvall, Laura 281 Duvall, Tina 267 Dyer, Deborah 281 Dykes, Beverly 296 E Eaves, Charles 312 Ebbs, Keith 312 Eddins, Nancy 312 Eddleblute, Dean 267 Edelen, Thomas 296 Edgar, Becky 281 Edgar, Mike 312 Edgin, Nancy 296 Edgerton, Natalie 312 Edmonds, Fred 296 Edmondson, Gary 296 Edwards, Gary 297 Edwards, Laura 297 Ehlen, Dana 297 Ellington, Wayne 281 Elliott, Gary 297 Ellis, Linda 267 Ellis, Marcia 267 Emerson, Linda 297 England, Cindy 312 England, Elizabeth 297 English, Laura 281 Emmons, Jennabeth 281 Erdmann, Eric 281 Ersmann, Gretchen 312 Erwin, Andy 312 Erwin, John 297 Eshbach, Cal 281 Estes, Edward 312 Estrella, Milton 297 Eudy, Vida 312 Evans, Rebecca 297 Everett, Bill 312 Evers, Panette 281 F Farley, Benny 267 Farley, Kay 3 1 2 Farley, Pat 297 Farley, Yvonne 267 Farmer, James 297 Farmer, Ramon 267 Farmer, Susan 3 1 2 Farquhar, Margie 281 Farris, Cindy 297 Faulk, Judi 267 Faulk, Terry 281 Feistel, Robert 267 Feistel, William 312 Felchak, Cody 281 Fenske, Carol 267 Ferguson, Brenda 261 Ferguson, Glenda 281 Ferguson, Randy 3 1 3 Fernandez, Eloy 281 Ferrell, William 313 334 Index Feyrer, Sandra 297 Fielder, Olen 267 Fife, Julian 3 1 3 Filecia, Johnny 267 Finch, Charles 3 1 3 Finchen, James 297 Findeisen, Leslie 3 1 3 Findeisen, Tommy 281 Finley, Beverly 281 Finn, Terrence 3 1 3 Fischer, Connie 3 1 3 Fisher, Sharon 267 Fisk, Sandra 297 Fitts, Chester 297 Flanagan, Richard 267 Fleming, Jerry 297 Fleming, Terry 281 Fletcher, Douglas 267 Fletcher, Ralph 267 Florence, Jerry 267 Flora, Herbert 267 Florence, Kaye 297 Flowers, Sheri 297 Flowers, Toinette 281 Foard, Mischa 313 Folger, Nancy 297 Folsman, Pam 281 Folsom, Donna 297 Fomby, Rita 281 Foote, Carolyn 297 Force, Hal 313 Ford, Ann 267 Ford, Kay 281 Ford, Patricia 297 Forester, Wilbur 313 Forrest, Patti 313 Forse, Alvin 281 Forsythe, Eugene 281 Fortson, Patricia 281 Fossel, Belinda 297 Foster, Betty Sue 281 Foster, Bonnie 297 Foster, Carolyn 281 Foster, Cheryl 267 Foster, Gary 313 Foster, Lonnie 281 Fountain, Cathy 267 Fox, John 267 Fraher, Bryant 281 Frame, Linda 3 1 3 France, Gary 267 Francis, Bebb 313 Francis, Becky 281 Franklin, Janice 313 Franklin, Judy 313 Franks, Lou Ellen 313 Franta, Mimi 313 Frazer, Diane 313 Frazier, Jane 261 Freberg, Sharon 297 Freeman, David 281 Frier, Susan 313 Frierson, Deborah 297 Frisk, Florence 3 1 3 Fritsche, Darla 267 Frizzelle, Ben 3 1 3 Fry, Vicki 313 Fulbright, Sandra 313 Fulgham, Dale 297 Fulgham, Joe 267 Fullinwider, Jay 313 Fullinwider, Ranson 281 Fults, Suzanne 267 Furlong, Dennis 281 Furlow, Vickie 281 Fyffe, Bonnie 3 1 3 Fyffe, Roy 297 G Gqge, Karen 3 1 3 Gagner, Yvonne 281 Galbraith, Dianne 281 Galbraith, Glee 267 Garcia, Diana 267 Garcia, Robert 267 Garner, Linda 297 Garrett, Bruce 267 Garrett, Joe 267 Garrett, Paula 313 Garrett, Ronnie 297 Garrett, Theta 281 Garrett, Tom 267 Garrison, Elaine 31 3 Garza, Mary Alice 267 Gathmein, Susan 313 Gatlin, Bobby 313 Gaylor, Leon 281 Geddie, Dawson 313 Gendke, Robert 267 Gendke, Sharolyn 267 George, Barbara 3 1 3 George, Jennifer 3 1 3 George, Marilyn 267 Geraghty, Pat 313 Gerringer, Ronald 297 Gerz, Don 267 Gevedon, William 267 Gibbons, Jim 267 Gibbs, Christine 313 Gibbs, Mike 281 Gibson, Edward 313 Gibson, Jim 31 3 Gibson, Marjorie 313 Giddens, Audrey 313 Giessner, Kenneth 313 Gilbert, Betty 281 Gilbert, Gail 267 Gilchrist, Claudia 281 Gilmore, Carol 297 Gilstrap, Mary 267 Gilstrap, Patricia 313 Gipson, Marilyn 297 Gipson, Vance 261 Gissler, Cheryl 267 Glover, Glen 297 Gober, Jerry 267 Goedecke, Kathleen 313 Goehring, Jo Ann 267 Goforth, Lawrence 281 Gold, Mark 281 Goldberg, Marc 268 Goleman, Bobbie 268 Golston, Connie 281 Gongora, Elias 2 61 Gonzales, Leandro 281 Gooch, Claris 313 Goodwin, Jeanie 268 Goodwin, Jimmie 281 Goodwin, Tim 28 1 Goodwin, William 268 Gordon, Peter 268 Gordy, Barbie 313 Gore, Dixie 313 Gore, Jackie 313 Gorman, Judy 314 Gosdin, Cherie 297 Goulas, Greg 314 Grahice, Nancy 268 Graff, Becky 314 Graff, Kathy 314 Graham, Sherry 297 Graham, Tommy 297 Grant, Larry 297 Gauchas, Jennifer 313 Graves, Gordon 297 Gravley, Lucy 268 Gray, Debbie 297 Gray, James 268 Gray, Pam 314 Gray, Ray 281 Gray, Robert 281 Gray, Sissy 282 Grayum, Lana 314 Gready, Jeanie 314 Green, Freddie 297 Green, Harold 314 Green, Julian 268 Green, Peggy 282 Green, Sandra 3 1 4 Greene, Jack 314 Greene, Susan 268 Greene, Wiley 268 Greenwalt, Laura 314 Greer, Jeannie 314 Griffee, Linden 268 Griffin, Ginger 268 Griffin, Scott 268 Griffis, Johnny 314 Grigsby, Veronica 282 Grissom, Terrie 282 Grissom, Wayne 282 Groce, William 297 Grogan, Linda 314 Grubbs, Sharon 268 Gruebbel, R. T. 282 Gruebel, Barbara 297 Grunert, Jim 314 Guinn, Georgia 282 Gupton, William 297 Gurgiolo, Nancy 314 Gutjahr, Anneliese 268 H Hackbarth, Mary Ann 268 Hackney, Kenneth 282 Hadley, Inga 297 Hagler, Larry 297 Hair, Roy 282 Halas, George 268 Halbert, Julie 297 Halbrook, Kay 297 Hale, Terry 282 Halfin, Barry 314 Hall, Brenda 298 Hall, David 298 Haly, Dayton 298 Hall, Georganna 314 Hall, Howard 282 Hall, Jon 282 Hall, Karen 314 Hall, LeRoy 314 Hall, Lloyd 282 Hallum, Patricia 314 Halsey, Sue 298 Hamden, Kelley 314 Hamlin, Dorothy 298 Hammack, Robert 314 Hammond, Lora 314 Hammonds, Greg 268 Hancock, Kenneth 282 Handorf, Shirra 314 Haney, Cathi 314 Haney, Mike 268 Hankamer, Carol 282 Hankins, Linda 298 Hanna, Dorothy 298 Harber, Mike 282 Harber, Patricia 282 Harbich, Marilyn 268 Harborth, Janice 298 Hardesty, Robert 268 Hardin, Debby 298 Hardin, Jim 268 Hardin, Theresa 298 Harding, Kathy 314 Hardwick, Danny 282 Hardwick, Randall 268 Hardy, Karen 298 Hare, Carmen 3 1 4 Hargrove, Leonard 3 1 4 Hargraves, Glen 282 Hargraves, Jennifer 298 Hargrove, Johnny 298 Harkins, Jan 314 Harmon, Keith 282 Harmon, Melva 268 Harness, Gregory 298 Harrington, Richard 314 Harrington, Rusty 298 Harris, Barbara 298 Harris, Brenda 282 Harris, Cynthia 3 1 4 Harris, Fonda 298 Harris, Jackie 282 Harris, Jan 282 Harris, Janice 298 Harris, John 314 Harris, Judy 268 Harris, Robert 268 Harrison, Frances 298 Harrison, Linda 314 Harrison, Polly 282 Harri son, Waun 268 Harrod, Dianna 298 Hart, Frank 282 Harting, Ray 314 Hartman, Diane 261 Hartman, Michael 268 Harton, Donna 282 Harvell, Janet 314 Harvey, Jim 282 Haskins, Michele 314 Hatch, Cathy 314 Haus, Dale 282 Hausmann, Lisa 314 Hauboldt, Lynne 298 Havard, Larry 298 Hawbecker, Paula 298 Hawkins, Connie 282 Hawkins, Melinda 282 Hawkins, Melvin 282 Haworth, Karen 282 Hayden, Patsy 282 Hayes, Jackie 3 1 4 Index 335 Hayes, Lisa 298 Holcomb, Gloria 283 Hutchinson, Dan 269 Jones, Donald 269 Hayman, Kenneth 314 Holdeman, Tommy 315 Huttash, Marianne 269 Jones, Emily 283 Haynes, Denise ' 315 Holder, Arnold 315 Hyatt, Mark 315 Jones, Frieda 316 Haynes, Myrtle 268 Holder, Ralph 315 Hyden, Mike 299 Jones, Jerry 283 Haynes, Thomas 314 Hollan, Linda 268 Hyden, Richard 315 Jones, Jolene 316 Hays, Robert 282 Holland, Jeff 283 ■ Jones, Karen 3 1 6 Heaberlin, Carolyn 282 Holland, Karen 315 j Jones, Kathy Sue 299 Hearne, Hazel Sue 298 Holliman, Carol 283 Ihlo, Janan 283 Jones, Laurence 283 Hearne, Mary 282 Hollowell, Jim 315 Ihnfeldt, Beverly 283 Jones, Linda 269 Heasley, Carol 314 Holm, Lynne 315 Ingalls, Arthur 315 Jones, Linda 299 Hebert, Linda 268 Holmes, Eddie 283 Inglet, Linda 299 Jones, Ralph 299 Hedge, Larry 282 Holmes, Linda 283 Ingram, Barbara 283 Jones, Robert 316 Heitschmidt, Vivian 282 Holmes, Tommy 268 Ingram, Steve 315 Jones, Therolyn 283 Heitzman, Marsha 314 Holt, Bill 298 Ingram, Willie 283 Jones, Tim 269 Helge, Doris 282 Holt, Bill 298 Isom, Roddy 283 Jones, Wanda 316 Hellman, Mary Ann 268 Holt, John 315 Iversen, Fredrikke 299 Jordan, Gwen 3 1 6 Hendershot, Douglas 268 Holt, Virginia 298 Iversen, Kristina 269 Jordan, Kathryn 283 Henderson, Carl 282 Holton, Glynda 315 Ives, Vickie 299 Jordan, Jacqueline 316 Henderson, David 282 Holzmer, Mary 283 Ivey, Marilyn 269 Jorns, Joella 283 Henderson, Patricia 314 Homeyer, Becca 315 Ivy, Lettie Jane 269 Joyser, Kathie 316 Hendrix, James 314 Honka, Richard 283 J Jurkonis, Aldonna 316 Hendrix, Ronald 298 Hood, Ruth Ann 268 K Hengst, Wanda 315 Hood, Suzanne 298 Jacks, Leon 283 Henry, Paul 315 Hooton, Brenda 283 Jacks, Linda 283 Kabine, Robert 299 Henson, Jakie 315 Hopkins, Mike 268 Jackson, Barbara 3 1 5 Kallina, John 316 Herb, Gary 268 Hopkins, Rick 315 Jackson, Gary 283 Kanpaibool, Surang 283 Herbert, Dennis 298 Hopper, Elizabeth 268 Jackson, Janice 315 Karels, Karolyn 316 Hernandez, Carmen 315 Hopper, James 268 Jackson, Marcia 283 Kaspar, Judy 316 Herrick, Kent 261 Hopper, Larry 3 1 5 Jackson, Peter 299 Kassens, Janice 269 Herrington, Bettye 282 Horn, Robert 315 Jackson, Phillip 269 Kast, Charles 283 Herrman, Beverly 315 Home, Barry 283 Jackson, Robert 269 Kavanaugh, Ronny 3 1 6 Herron, Patricia 268 Horton, Peggy 298 Jackson, Ronald 316 Kazee, Ann 269 Hertwig, James 282 Hotze, Margaret 3 1 5 Jaeger, George 3 1 6 Kazlow, Chuck 316 Heslop, Ann 282 Houser, Lynn 298 James, Candy 316 Keasler, Ha Jean 269 Hext, Dee 268 Housman, Mark 315 James, Kelly 316 Keasler, Victor 316 Hicks, Marilyn 315 Howard, Ann 3 1 5 Jarrett, Sheila 316 Kebodeaux, Renee 283 Higgins, Doug 282 Howard, George 268 Jay, Gary 316 Kee, Katrina 283 Higgins, Kathleen 298 Howard, James 269 Jefferies, Donald 283 Kellum, Virginia 316 Higgins, Mary 315 Howard, Patsy Ann 283 Jeffries, John 316 Kelly, Danny 299 Higgs, Ralph 268 Howard, Patty 315 Jenkins, Buddy 283 Kelly, Judy 299 High, Brinda 298 Howard, Russell 315 Jenkins, Fred 316 Kelley, Pam 316 High, Danny 315 Howard, Willie 269 Jenkins, James 269 Kelley, Pamela 316 Hight, LaNell 268 Howell, Bill 298 Jennings, Larry 283 Kemp, Howard 316 Hill, Barbara 298 Howell, James 269 Jensen, Glenda 316 Kempf, Jimmy 299 Hill, Barton 298 Hubbard, John 283 Joffrion, Eric 269 Kendrick, Kathie 283 Hill, Beth 298 Huber, William 283 Johnson, Chris 269 Kenne, Darlene 283 Hill, George 315 Huckaby, Don 315 Johnson, Dickey 316 Kennedy, Karen 316 Hill, John 268 Huckins, Karen 315 Johnson, George 299 Kennedy, Patricia 316 Hill, Kay 315 Hudkins, Lon 315 Johnson, Hardy 316 Kennedy, Ray Ann 284 Hill, Laura 315 Hugghins, Shirley 269 Johnson, Jean 269 Kent, Marlene 284 Hill, Marie 282 Hughen, Nita 298 Johnson, Jere 299 Ketchum, Gregory 299 Hill, Peggy 315 Hughes, Charles 298 Johnson, Jerry 283 Keys, Dennis 284 Hill, Sarah 298 Hughes, Kay 269 Johnson, Jerry 269 Keywood, Arthur 269 Hill, William 282 Hughes, Pat 269 Johnson, Joy 269 Kidd, Judy 299 Hilliard, Mike 268 Hughes, Richard 315 Johnson, LaWanda 283 Kidd, Kathy 316 Hilscher, Barbara 282 Huffstetler, Harvey 283 Johnson, Leroy 269 Kidwell, Randall 284 Hinds, Stephen 283 Hull, Betsy 299 Johnson, Lynne 283 Kienast, Charles 299 Hines, Nancy 283 Hull, Betty 298 Johnson, Mary Ann 299 Kildal, Carol 316 Hinton, Paul 298 Hull, Tim 269 Johnson, Mary Joy 299 Kilgore, Barry 284 Hirsch, Robin 298 Humbert, Kay 269 Johnson, Michael 316 Kilpatrick, Ann 316 Hocker, Gwendolyn 283 Hume, Richard 315 Johnson, Pam 283 Killingsworth, Ronnie 316 Hodge, Carolyn 298 Humphrey, Jerry 269 Johnson, Patricia 316 Kimbrough, Richard 316 Hodge, Cynthia 315 Humphries, Sally 315 Johnson, Terry 316 Kincaid, Linda 299 Hodges, Carol 283 Hunsucker, Karen 315 Johnson, Tom 3 1 6 King, Bertha 316 Hodges, Johnny 315 Hunt, Douglas 315 Johnston, Kenneth 269 King, Charles 269 Hoff, Mike 315 Hunter, Marty 283 Johnston, Marcus 269 King, David 269 Hoffman, Thomas 298 Hunter, Cindy 299 Jolly, Linda 316 King, Donna 299 Hogan, Patti 298 Huntsberger, Andy 269 Jones, Becky 283 King, Donna 269 Hoke, Tim 268 Hurley, Nancy 269 Jones, Ben 299 King, Ernest 284 Holbert, John 315 Hurley, Sandra 299 Jones, Deborah 299 King, Glenda 284 Holcomb, Gary 268 Hurst, James 315 Jones, Debra 299 King, Gordon 316 336 Index King, Jack 3 1 6 King, Marlene 284 King, Michael 284 King, Sandra 3 1 6 Kirchner, Danny 284 Kirk, John 316 Kirkland, Michael 269 Kirkpatrick, Gordon 299 Kirschbaum, Susan 299 Kirkwood, Donald 316 Kister, Charles 299 Kite, Sharon 299 Kittrell, Cynthia 317 Kittrell, Kay 299 Klein, Cordell 299 Klenk, Debbie 317 Klima, Deborah 269 Klima, Richard 269 Knight, Gary 269 Knott, Vicki 299 Knotts, Kathy 317 Koch, Carolyn 269 Koester, Cathy 317 Kolac, Rodney 269 Kolb, Debbie 317 Koronka, Norma 3 1 7 Kosman, Chris 317 Kosman, Chris 299 Kotch, Larry 269 Kraft, Rick 317 Kremer, Patricia 299 Kroning, Nancy 284 Kroschel, Forrest 317 Krupicka, Julie 317 Krustchinsky, Ricky 317 Kubacak, Michael 317 Kuchenbacker, Mary Kay 317 Kuanoff, Lynn 299 Kuhn, Mike 299 Kunkle, Donna 299 Kuykendall, Jerrie 299 Kuykendall, Sara 284 L LaBouve, Carolyn 317 LaGrone, Curtis 299 Laird, John 269 Lalumandier, Harry 317 Lamar, Preston 284 Lamb, Dave 317 Lamb, David 317 Lambert, Leslie 299 Lambert, Rick 317 Lamberth, Nancy 299 Lanasa, Katie 299 Lander, Laurie 317 Landes, Brenda 299 Landrum, Judy 299 Landrum, Patricia 317 Landrum, Susan 269 Lane, Carl 299 Langford, Arthur 317 Langford, Jan 269 Langston, William 299 Lasiter, Larry 317 Latimer, John 269 Laughlin, Lauren 317 Low, Rex 284 Lawless, Brenda 284 Lawless, Norma 270 Lawson, John 270 Lawrence, Tommy 317 Lawson, Bonnie 299 , Layton, Marsha 270 Leach, James 270 Leavins, Jerry 270 Ledbetter, Lucy 284 Ledbetter, Ray 270 Lee, Clifford 270 Lee, David 300 Lee, Mary 270 Lee, Mary 284 Lee, Paulette 317 Lee, William 270 Lefevers, Toni 3 1 7 Leggett, Dennis 284 Leighner, Georgiana 317 Leinart, John 317 Lenox, Ronnie 3 1 7 Lentz, Peggy 284 Leonard, Christine 317 Lester, Donald 317 Lester, Karen 3 1 7 Leubner, Janet 317 Leverton, Donna 300 Lewellin, Dianna 317 Lewis, Jimmy 317 Lewis, Michael 284 Lewis, Nancy 284 Lewis, Norma 317 Lewis, Sally 270 Liese, Richard 284 Likin, Nancy 284 Lindow, Rodney 300 Lindermann, Jeffrey 270 Lindsay, Lydia 317 Lindsey, Brenda 270 Little, Tommy 270 Littrell, Thomas 270 Lively, Dwight 317 Livermore, Janet 317 Lloyd, Craig 300 Lockard, Jean 317 Lockhart, Jacquelin 300 Locklear, Earlene 270 Lockleer, Twinkle 284 Loggins, Janie 270 Loccar, James 3 1 7 Longbotham, John 284 Longmire, Robin 284 Longyear, Mary 300 Loper, Sharon 270 Lopez, Winnie 317 Lotspeich, Blevins 300 Loft, Myra 270 Love, Jimmy 261 Love, Ken 284 Love, Melissa 317 Lovett, Carmon 270 Loving, Glenn 317 Lowe, Colleen 317 Lowe, Jerilyn 317 Lowry, Sherry 270 Lucas, Neva 3 1 7 Lucas, Doyle 270 Lund, Constance 270 Luddecke, Sarah 300 Ludwick, Linda 300 Lucker, Sharon 317 Lumpkin, David 284 Lurker, Dean 300 Lynch, Cynthia 318 M Maaskant, Barbara 270 Mabry, Don 284 Mobry, Paul 300 MacDowell, Pamela 284 Machemehl, Abby 270 Machlitt, Sandy 284 Maddox, Frances 300 Maddux, Patty 318 Magee, Donald 318 Magee, James 284 Magee, Ken 270 Mahaffey, Mark 284 Maher, Bernadette 270 Maikatter, Barbara 284 Mainord, Sammy 284 Major, David 261 Male, Clarence 318 Mallard, Kenny 300 Mackey, Jean 300 Moloney, Ann 270 Mandeville, Bert 284 Mandes, Yvonne 300 Mangham, Glenda 318 Mangione, Mary 318 Mangold, Deborah 318 Manicchia, Charles 318 Manjarris, Joel 300 Manuel, Martha 300 Maple, Susan 300 Marchiando, Frances 300 Mavey, Margaret 261 Marietta, Shirley 284 Markland, Diedre 300 Marquart, Gary 318 Marquart, Russell 318 Marsh, Cindy 284 Marshall, Judy 318 Marshall, Vicki 284 Martin, Elby 318 Martin, Jonalyn 318 Martin, Lynn 300 Martin, Rita 300 Martin, Sherry 318 Martin, Shirley 284 Martin, Ronald 300 Mascorro, Maurice 300 Mason, Barbara 284 Mason, Jan 318 Mason, Janet 318 Mason, Molly 284 Mason, Tommy 270 Massey, Mary 270 Massey, Sharon 318 Massie, Jeff 318 Mast, Horace 270 Masters, Ernestine 284 Masters, Larry 284 Matthews, Leighann 318 Mathews, Paul 284 Matthis, David 318 Mathis, Patricia 318 Matlock, Byron 300 Matous, Margaret 270 Matrisciani, Jill 270 Mattern, Mike 270 Matzke, Steve 318 Mauk, Danny 270 Maurer, Mary 300 Mauritzen, Ted 270 Maxfield, Karen 270 May, John 300 Mayben, Vicki 318 Mayes, Debbie 318 Mayhall, Jackie 318 Mayo, Fredrick 284 McAdams, Diane 318 McAdams, Michael 300 McAllister, William 284 McAnally, Melanie 284 McAnally, Virginia 318 McBurnette, Elaine 285 McCain, Carolyn 270 McCain, Gary 270 McCain, Kenneth 261 McCale, Cissy 318 McCann, Kelly 318 McCarroll, Robert 300 McArthur, David 285 McCartney, Cathleen 318 McCarty, Molly 285 McCauley, Donna 270 McClain, Beverly 285 McClelland, Sue 270 McCorkey, David 300 McCorkle, Beverly 300 McCorguodale, Jim 318 McCormack, Nancy 3 1 8 McCown, Mary Anne 300 McCown, Richard 270 McCoy, Frances 300 McCullar, Nancy 318 McCullough, Martha 318 McCullough, Robert 270 McCullough, Sam 270 McCullough, Sammy 318 McDaniel, Kathy 285 McElroy, Larry 285 McElroy, Larry 318 McElroy, Randy 300 McElroy, Sherry 300 McFall, Terry 3 1 8 McGill, Elizabeth 318 McGouldrick, Sharon 318 McGovern, Cindy 318 McGowan, Chris 318 McGraw, Paula 318 McGregor, Garry 300 McKay, John 318 McKee, Malcolm 270 McKenzie, Demetrius 270 McKewen, Wendy 285 McKinley, Mike 285 McKinney, Shannon 318 McKnight, Joyce 270 McLaughlin, Rodney 285 McLean, Patricia 318 McLeroy, Billy 270 McMohon, Cheri 318 McMahon, Patricia 300 McMillan, Mike 300 McMillan, Myra 300 McMorrow, Pat 270 McMullen, Debris 271 McNabb, Lennie 300 McNoir, Leigh 3 1 8 McNair, Linda 300 McNallie, Marilyn 300 McNealy, Gretchen 271 McNeilly, Susan 285 McNutt, Connie 300 Index 337 McShow, Bruce 285 Moore, Marilyn 319 McWillioms, David 300 Moore, Jane 319 Mead, Kris 300 Moore, Potricio 319 Means, Gail 300 Moorman, Jonis 285 Meors, Linda 271 Moos, Dole 301 Meors, Paul 271 Moron, Morva 271 Mechler, Floyd 300 Moreheld, Williom 319 Meeker, Patty 318 Morelond, Mononne 285 Medlin, Doug 326 Morgan, Annito 301 Medlin, Rusty 285 Morgan, James 319 Medlin, Sharon 300 Morgan, Jerry 271 Mena, Duone 285 Morgon, Kothy 285 Melton, Freddie 271 Morgon, Storlett 3)9 Mercer, Deborah 285 Moriarty, Michael 285 Meredith, Cheryl 301 Morris, Andrea 301 Meredith, Dean 285 Morris, Goil 271 Merritte, Susie 285 Morris, Jan 319 Metier, Sharon 326 Morris, Jomes 301 Metteauer, Melinda 301 Morris, JeH 319 Metxinger, Phil 319 Morris, John 271 Meyer, Jocqueline 271 Morris, Mary Nell 271 Mea, Joe 271 Morrow, Vernon 301 Michael, Bob 301 Morton, Sandra 271 Michael, Nolan 285 Mosele, John 319 Michaels, Penne 271 Moseley, Vicki 301 Michaels, William 319 Moss, Dione 271 Middlebrook, George 319 Moss, Michoel 261 Middleton, Ginger 319 Moss, Pam 301 Migliore, Jim 285 Moss, Williom 319 Miller, Alan 319 Motley, Elizabeth 319 Miller, Allen 261 Mottley, Laura 301 Miller, Barbara 301 Mougey, Pom 301 Miller, Barbaro 301 Muckleroy, Donna 285 Miller, Betty 285 Muckleroy, Martha 271 Miller, Corolyn 285 Mueller, Christ! 319 Miller, Donna 319 Mullarney, Michoel 271 Miller, Jocquc 319 Mullinox, Brenda 285 Miller, Katherine 285 Mullins, Jonis 301 Miller, Kim 319 Mundy, Wayne 319 Miller, Pamela 301 Munteon, Kathy 301 Miller, Steve 285 Murphree, Connie 301 Milligan, Glenda 285 Mushinski, Philip 319 Milligan, Shoron 271 Musiek, Dee 285 Miles, Kay 301 Myers, Lee 271 Mills, Morsha 319 Myers, Linda 271 Milsteod, Delbert 285 Minor, Connie 319 N Misel, John 319 Nail, Brenda 271 Mitchell, Beth 319 Navoree, Randy 319 Mitchell, Janet 271 Neese, Richard 301 Mitchell, Joonn 271 Neill, Goil 319 Mitchell, Randy 301 Nerren, Jocquelyn 285 Mitchell, Trudy 271 Neubrond, Thomas 301 Mixon, Robert 285 Nevison, Barbara 285 Mize, Pot 319 Newell, Gary 285 Mock, lindo 285 Newlin, Terry 319 Moffeit, Kay 271 Newman, Lonce 301 Molis, Erlinda 319 Newman, Sandra 301 Molis, Gloria 301 Newnhom, Nancy 319 Monoco, Jon 285 Newsom, Holly 301 Moncrief, Brenda 301 Newsome, loro 319 Monroe, Jomes 271 Newton, Alvin 319 Monte, Barbara 285 Newton, Cecil 285 Monte, Lawrence 285 Newton, Dovid 301 Montgomery, Ann 319 Niblock, Robert 301 Montgomery, Dewey 285 Nichols, Ann 319 Moody, Ronald 271 Nichols, Linda 271 Moore, Alyse 271 Nichols, Cathy 319 Moore, Janet 285 Nichols, Jacqueline 319 Moore, Julie 319 Nichols, Peter 319 Moore, Kayla 285 Nichols, Susan 319 Nicks, Sue 319 Porker, Skipper 320 Nietmonn, lucon 285 Porker, Tommy 320 Nilsson, Glenda 319 Porker, William 320 Nixdorf, Suson 319 Pormley, Lynda 320 Noble, Laura 301 Pormley, Randolph 271 Nolan, Linda 271 Parr, Larry 320 Noland, Jill 271 Parrott, Beth 271 Nolen, Dennis 271 Parsley, Janet 271 Nolen, Jonet 271 Porsley, Shoralyn 286 Norris, Annita 271 Portam, Jeri 320 Norris, Jeremiah 285 Pate, Janet 320 Norris, Juanita 271 Pate, Joseph 271 Norris, Nancy 271 Patout, John 320 North, Douglas 319 Potterson, Ann 320 Norwood, Ruel 271 Potion, Daniel 286 Norwood, Terry 271 Povletich, Potti 301 Nowok, Penny 301 Pawley, Jerel 320 Nuckolls, Jerrie 319 Poxon, James 286 Nunn, Mike 301 Payne, Phyllis 320 Nutt, Peggy 319 Peacock, Donna 286 Pearce, Karen 320 O Peorlmon, Allyn 271 Ookes, Fred 301 Pecht, Debra 320 Oakley, Robert 285 Peddy, Patricia 320 Oates, Sherri 301 Peden, Patricio 320 Oberholtzer, Phyllis 285 Pedlor, Jockie 301 Odom, Goil 320 Pegrom, Jonis 301 Ogg, Suzanne 320 Pelol, Guion 272 Ohmart, Paulo 320 Peltier, Rebecca 301 Olhousen, W. D. 301 Pelz, Charles 272 Oliver. Bill 271 Pelz, Linda 272 Oliver, Lindo 301 Penny, Mike 302 Oliver, Noell 320 Peoples, Sondy 320 Oliver, Potty 286 Perelson, Virginia 320 Oliver, Saroh 320 Perkins, Drew 320 Olsen, Ann 320 Perry, George 302 Olson, Denis 286 Perry, Kaye 261 Olver, Anne 320 Perry, Poge 320 Olver, David 285 Perry, Richard 302 Omer, William 301 Perry, Suzanne 272 Osborn, Janie 301 Peters, J. W. 286 Osborne, Corol 320 Peterson, Barbara 320 Osborne, Paul 271 Petree, Sherry 320 Otto, Deboroh 320 Petty. J. C. 302 Outenreoth, Gory 271 Petty, Linda 286 Outhouse, Glenda 271 Peurifoy, John 286 Overload, Goil 286 Pfiffer, Corlo 320 Overstreet, Orvale 286 Pfiffer. Ston 272 Owens, Bill 320 Philbrick, Melinda 320 Owens, Kaye 320 Phillips. Beverly 272 Owens, Geroldine 320 Phillips, Dennis 272 Owens, Michoel 286 Phillips, Gorry 286 Owsijuk, Ottmar 320 Phillips, Henry 320 Oxford, Barbara 286 Phillips, Keith 320 Oxford, Beverly 320 Phillips, Melba 272 Oyler, Jonet 301 Phillips, Rebecca 302 Ozorchok, Shirley 301 Philpot, Bobby 286 Philpot, Ronnie 286 P Phipps, lorry 302 Packord, Bernard 320 Pickel, Robert 286 Page, Nancy 320 Pickett, Vicki 320 Pointer, Brenda 320 Picus, Gerald 302 Palm, Margaret 261 Pierce, Vidor 320 Palomares, Jesse 301 Pike, Borbaro 320 Pordo, Potti 301 Pinckley, Kathy 320 Pork, Morcia 320 Pinkord, Beth 270 Porker, Alan 286 Pinkord, Williom 272 farker, Ann 320 Pinkston, Robert 286 Parker, Emily 271 Pisfone, Mary Ann 272 Porker, Judy 301 Pittmon, Craig 272 Parker, Mortho 301 Pitts, David 286 338 IndexPitts, Marisha 302 Pizzitola, Bobbi 320 Plant, Nancy 272 Platzer, Cheryl 302 Plemons, Mike 321 Plum, Donald 272 Poland, Charles 286 Poland, Jonathan 302 Polnick, Ervin 272 Polnick, Marvin 272 Pomikal, Melba 321 Ponder, Doug 302 Ponder, Victoria 321 Poole, Don 302 Popovich, Val 321 Porter, Calvin 272 Porter, Carole 286 Porter, Judy 286 Porter, Penny 302 Porter, Suzanne 302 Potter, Gayle 286 Potts, Lianne 321 Poulos, Bryan 321 Powell, Kenneth 302 Powell, Margaret 302 Powers, Donald 286 Poynter, Janet 302 Preddy, Karen 302 Prevost, Sonja 321 Prewitt, Dennis 302 Price, Carlo 321 Price, Debbie 302 Price, Dianne 321 Price, James 272 Price, Roy 286 Price, Thomas 302 Pridgeon, Evilu 286 Priefert, Micki 302 Priefert, William 272 Pringle, Jeanette 286 Pritchard, Marilyn 321 Proctor, Linda 272 Proffitt, Debby 321 Prophet, Mike 321 Prouty, Tom 286 Pruett, Cheryl 286 Pruitt, Kathy 272 Pruitt, Marilyn 272 Pugh, George 302 Pullen, Nancy 286 Punuerai, Boonchuen 302 Punuerai, Kamala 286 Purser, Sandy 302 Putman, Tommy 286 Q Quandt, Mary Jane 302 Quick, Helen 302 Quigley, Claudia 321 Quirk, William 272 R Ragland, Julie 272 Rain, Richard 302 Rains, William 302 Ramey, Mark 286 Ramirez, Isabel 302 Ramsey, Steve 286 Raney, Gregory 286 Rawlinson, Diana 321 Ray, Fred 272 Ray, Jim 286 Ray, Mary 321 Raymond, Denice 302 Reagan, Ann 272 Rector, Thomas 286 Redmon, Susi 321 Reed, Dana 321 Reed, James 302 Reed, Marshall 302 Reese, David 302 Reese, Suzanne 286 Reeve, Cary 286 Reeves, Beverly 321 Reeves, Pamela 302 Reeves, Robert 321 Regan, Larry 321 Reid, Larry 321 Reid, Nancy 302 Reilly, Barbara 321 Redy, Mary 321 Restivo, Steve 286 Reyes, Manuel 286 Reynolds, Bill 272 Reynolds, Dan 286 Reynolds, Dorla 272 Reynolds, Eugene 321 Rhea, Karen 321 Rhiddlehoover, Debbie 286 Rhondes, Les 272 Riassetto, Bobbi 302 Rice, Don 302 Rich, Margaret 286 Richard, Allen 286 Richardson, Carolyn 286 Richardson, David 272 Richardson, Larry 321 Richardson, Lynda 321 Richardson, Scott 286 Richmond, Susan 287 Richter, George 302 Riddle, Charles 272 Riepen, Pamela 272 Riera, Bernardo 272 Riera, Cristina 321 Rigby, Nancy 287 Riney, Marsha 321 Ritch, David 287 Ritter, Reba 272 Rivera, Steve 321 Rives, Nan 287 Roach, Thad 302 Robb, Deborah 321 Robbins, Jane 287 Roberts, Carol 287 Roberts, Dee 272 Roberts, Judy 302 Roberts, Rollyn 321 Roberts, Victoria 321 Robertson, Kenneth 272 Robinson, Carolyn 302 Robinson, Donald 302 Robinson, Karen 302 Robinson, Linda 272 Robinson, Sid 272 Rodgers, Larry 302 Rodgerson, Becky 321 Rodreick, Pamela 321 Rodriquez, Joaquin 287 Rogers, Brenda 302 Rogers, Judith 287 Rogers, Ken 321 Rogers, Maribeth 321 Roland, Kathy 287 Roland, Richard 302 Rollins, Melissa 321 Root, Richard 272 Roraback, Forrest 287 Rorie, Carolyn 287 Rose, Wallace 321 Ross, Jim 287 Ross, Johnny 287 Ross, Linda 272 Roth, Kathleen 302 Rougagnac, Jean 321 Rougagnac, Rita 272 Rouhani, Esfahani 321 Rozelle, Joe 272 Rude, Tommy 272 Rudy, Kevin 321 Ruffin, Mike 287 Runnels, Steve 302 Russ, Deborah 302 Russell, Bob 303 Russell, David 272 Russell, John 321 Russell, Michael 272 Russell, Nancy 321 Rust, Sharon 303 Rustad, Michael 321 Ruth, Donna 287 Rutherford, Becky 303 Ryan, Janice 287 Ryan, Sandy 303 S Sabo, Sharon 287 Sadri, Yahya 321 Sage, Diana 287 Saigling, Margaret 321 Sailers, Mary 303 Salvat, Cynthia 321 Salyers, Janet 322 Sammons, Anne 303 Samms, Sandi 287 Samperi, Tara 303 Santa Maria, Carolyn 287 Sarrazin, Nancy 303 Sasse, Maria 322 Saunders, Jacqualyn 303 Saxon, Robert 303 Scaggs, Janice 272 Scarborough, Richard 303 Scates, James 303 Schaefer, Frank 272 Schaffer, Richard 303 Scherwitz, Robert 322 Schillings, Joyce 287 Schiurring, Annette 287 Schlichenmaier, Roger 322 Schlief, Jerry 272 Schloot, Gretchen 303 Schmidt, Bobby 273 Schuberg, Jim 261 Schultz, Alan 273 Schutza, Judy 303 Schwarzbach, Joe 273 Scoggen, Margaret 322 Scoggin, Mike 273 Scoggins, Rod 322 Scoggins, Susie 287 Scott, David 322 Scott, Debbye 303 Scott, Linda 303 Scott, Randy 303 Scroggin, Leota 303 Scruggs, Charlotte 322 Scruggs, Karen 287 Scruggs, Patricia 303 Scull, Suzanna 303 Scurlock, Jo 322 Scaborg, Lynn 303 Seago, Dianne 322 Seal, Donna 322 Seals, Marilyn 322 Secrest, Renee 303 Seely, Mary 322 Segars, Jim Bob 287 Segars, Walter 303 Selden, Judy 287 Sellers, Kathleen 303 Selman, Lawrence 303 Semler, Robert 287 Senecal, Charles 303 Senn, Harry 322 Sessions, Tom 322 Sewell, Kathryn 303 Shaffer, Lewis 303 Shamblin, Eve 303 Shankles, John 287 Sharpe, John 273 Shaw, Jennifer 322 Shaw, Mike 322 Shawn, Patricia 273 Sheeran, Lynda 322 Sheets, Sally 322 Shelton, Glenda 287 Shepard, Joseph 322 Shepherd, Claudia 287 Shepherd, Majorie 287 Sheppard, Warren 322 Sheridan, Shirley 303 Sherman, Maureen 287 Sherwood, Jan 273 Shewmaker, Robert 287 Shipley, Richard 322 Shirley, Ed 273 Shirley, Megan 273 Shofner, Michael 322 Short, Bill 261 Short, Sirkka 261 Shugart, Rick 273 Shull, Dianna 273 Sides, Karen 303 Sides, Linda 322 Siepert, Janis 287 Siler, Martha 303 Simmermann, Kathy 287 Simmonds, Paula 303 Simmons, Deborah 322 Simpson, Barbee 322 Simpson, Bonita 287 Sims, James 322 Sims, Kathleen 322 Singley, Paula 303 Siracuse, Anthony 273 Siracuse, Cheryl 322 Sisk, Dale 322 Sivley, Ruth Ann 322 Sizemore, Vickie 322 Skaggs, Penney 287 Index 339 Skelton, lindo 303 Sprodley, Corrol 273 Skinner, Diedn 273 Sprodley, Dovid 273 Skipper, Jock 273 Stocy, Betty 273 Skrivonek, Poulo 273 Stompt, Loweta 273 Slockney, Rosemory 275 Stonley, Lorry 288 Slote, Patricio 322 Stanley, Gory 304 Sloughter, Michoel 303 Stonley, Patricia 288 Slepr, Corol 322 Stonley, Sutan 323 Slevin. Money 303 Stotey, Betty 273 Smoll, Floyd 273 Steck, Bobby 304 Smoll, Fronces 273 Steed, Ronold 273 Smoll, Poulo 273 Steel, Chorlet 323 Smortt, jerry 261 Steel, Claudia 304 Smith, Anita 273 Steel, Dovid 323 Smith, Ann 303 Steel, Donno 273 Smith, Sevil 322 Steele, Aubrey 304 Smith, Corolyn 322 Steele, Jimmie 288 Smith, Chorles 322 Steele, Mike 288 Smith, Chorlotte 303 Steele, Pom 323 Smith, Clork 273 Stein, Catherine 304 Smith, Clifford 273 Steinke, Jon 288 Smith, Cynthia 303 Stennetf, Goy 304 Smith, Dale 303 Stephent, Georgiona 304 Smith, Darrell 287 Stephent, lavodo 288 Smith, David 287 Stephent, Mory 323 Smith, David 287 Stephent, Roy 288 Smith, Ed 287 Stephenton, Borboro 288 Smith. Fred 273 Stephenton, Tim 323 Smith, Glenno 322 Stephenton, Donno 323 Smith, Mordy 287 Sterlocci, Annette 273 Smith, Jomet 322 Stevent, Don 273 Smith, Jomet 322 Sfeventon, Corol 288 Smith, jomet 322 Steventon, Poul Lee 288 Smith, jomet 287 Stewort, Corol 273 Smith, Jomet 287 Stewart, Catherine 304 Smith, Jon 303 Stewart, Deon 323 Smith, Joe 273 Stewort, Potty 304 Smith, Lindo 287 Stewort, Robin 323 Smith, Lloyd 303 Stilet, Eddie 288 Smith, Lynda 287 Stiles, Joteph 273 Smith, Myro 287 Still, Joanne 273 Smith, Patricio 322 Stiver, Margaret 288 Smith, Phillip 273 Stoket, Williom 273 Smith, Rayford 287 Stolnocke, Marcia 304 Smith, Renee 322 Stone, Jomet 323 Smith, Robert 273 Stone, Jodie 323 Smith, Ronold 287 Stone, Rita 288 Smith, Suzonne 322 Story, Derildo 288 Smith, Sondy 273 Story, Lindo 304 Smith, Soroh 273 Stott, Connie 273 Smith, Steve 288 Stout, Anna 323 Smith, Terri 288 Stovall, Marita 273 Smook, logene 273 Stovall, Robert 304 Snopko, Morlene 303 Stovall, Sherrill 323 Sneed, Lynn 288 Strahon, Glmdo 323 Sneed, Rebecca 322 Strohon, Roger 288 Snelton, Shorlon 303 Stroin, Mary 288 Sorenten, Normon 322 Stratton, Eloite 323 Southwell, Anno 322 Streetmon, John 288 Sowell, Julio 303 Strickland, Barry 323 Spom, Foylene 288 Strickland, Bruce 323 Sporkt, Sandra 322 Stricklond, Charles 323 Speor, Carollynn 273 Strickland, Evelyn 323 Speightt, Corol 288 Stricklond, Phyllis 288 Spence, Jon 323 Strickland, Soroh 288 Spence, Joyce 261 Stricklin, Cheryllyn 273 Spencer, Beverly 273 Stringer, Glenda 288 Spencer, Laurel 273 Stringfellow, Mike 323 Spider, Max 303 Strom, Debbie 288 Spilzer, Candy 322 Strong, Ronno 323 Sprocklen, Sondy 322 Strother, Cynthia 323 Stroud, Kothy 323 Thomos, Tobi 324 Stuort, Joe 274 Thomason, Pat 304 Stuort, Sondro 304 Thompson, Albert 324 Sturrock, Tommy 304 Thompson, Deborah 324 Stuteville, Sharon 304 Thompson, Donna 304 Suhler. Bill 274 Thompson, Iva 288 Sullender, Dovid 274 Thompson, Jomes 274 Sullivon, Jonis 288 Thompson, Linda 304 Sullivon, Lorry 274 Thompson, Leslie 324 Sumerford, Lindo 288 Thompson, Max 288 Summers, Jonet 274 Thompson, Mike 304 Summers, Suson 323 Thompson, Tommy 274 Surroft, Kothy 323 Thompson, William 324 Surratt, Nila 288 Thomson, Scott 324 Surratt, Walter 288 Thorn, Jomes 261 Sussky, Corol 304 Thornton, Lorry 304 Svofon, lorry 274 Thornton, Lynn 324 Swann, Kenneth 274 Thornton, Tommie 274 Swonzy, Sherry 288 Thropp, Donny 324 Sweonngen, Judy 274 Thurmon, Morty 304 Swindle, Gory 323 T.lden, Beverly 324 Swingler, Rebecca 323 Tiller, Jomes 274 Sypert, Cynthia 323 Tillery, Roy 274 T Tillison, Carolyn 288 Tindoll, loven 274 Tode, Lindsay 304 Tinsley, Denise 324 Tipping, Sandra 304 Todlock, Money 274 Tittle, Bob 288 Toft, Teresa 323 Tittle, Lindo 261 Toliaferro, Mory 323 Tittle, Vono 304 Talk, Kathy 288 Tobin, Jomes 304 Talley, Ann 288 Tolor, Phyllis 274 Talley, Bice 288 Tolbert, Glenda 304 Tomosy, Cynthia 323 Tomlinson, Vero 324 Tonkel, Kothi 323 Toney, Beverly 288 Tonksley, Lynda 274 Toney, Robert 324 Tonner, Chorlene 304 Toomey, Jim 274 Tomeling, Norm 274 Toomey, Stephen 261 Tate, Jeonme 304 Toon, Michael 288 Tote, Mory Lou 323 Townley, John 304 Tote, Robert 288 Townsend, Don 324 Tate, Ronnie 304 Townsend, Noncy 324 Tatum, Money 274 Trohey. Cheryl 324 Toyloe, Tom 323 Troinor, John 324 Toy lor, Ben 323 Travis, Gory 274 Taylor, Doug 274 Trevothon, Goylo 288 Taylor, Ellen 323 Trigg, Fisher 274 Toylor, Kathy 323 Triggs, Thomas 288 Toylor, Kent 274 Trigo, Manuel 274 Toylor, Lee 274 Triplet, Linda 288 Toylor, leonord 323 Tubb, Cullen 324 Toylor, lindo 274 Tucker, Dickie 288 Teogue, Judy 274 Tucker, Glynn 304 Teogue, Judy 323 Tullos, Keitha 324 Teogue, Sherilyn 304 Tolly, Richard 288 Teol, Millyn 304 Turner, James 304 Teoter, Debbie 323 Turner, Kaye 324 Teichelman, R. W. 274 Turner, Kerry 324 Telford, Jon 323 Turner, Mel 289 Terhune, Cloudia 323 Turner, Shirley 324 Terry, Charles 288 Tutt, Robert 289 Terry, Terry 304 Tuttle, Kathy 304 Theiss, Jerry 323 Tuttle, Mortha 304 Thiele, Susonn 323 Tyner, Patsy 289 Thomos, Connie 288 Thomas, Fronk 304 Thomas, Garo 304 U Ueckert, Judith 324 Thomos, Gary 323 Umborger, Ken 304 Thomos, John 304 Underwood, Brendo 274 Thomos, Som 323 Upchurch, Corol 289 Thomos, Sharon 324 Urban, H. 324 340 IndexV Valek, Marilyn 289 Valentine, Sherri 304 Valloncey, Jeff 324 Vance, Donn 289 Vonce, Margaret 274 Vonderflett, Pete 324 Vonoverbeek, Marina 324 VonEtto, Brenda 304 Vonn, Beverly 289 Von Scoder, Donna 261 Vonway, Pomelo 289 Veotch, Dionne 324 Venable, Jane 289 Verinder, Syd 324 Vermillion, Betty 289 Vinton, lyn 324 Vinton, Mike 304 Vogttberger, Kenneth 304 Von Allmen, Rutted 289 Vodhibhondhu, Vichairatana W Woot, Pete 274 Wochtendorf, Freddy 324 Woddell, Suton 324 Wode, Alford 274 Wafer, Pom 324 Wogener, Jamie 324 Wogner, lorry 274 Wogner, Paulo 324 Waldrop, Joleta 289 Walker, Jackie 289 Walker, Mary Lynn 274 Walker, Nancy 274 Walker, Phil 289 Wolker, William 324 Woll, Karen 324 Woll, Sue Ann 304 Wolloce, Beckey 290 Walloce, Debra 324 Wolloce, Gwen 289 Walloce, Jim 289 Wolloce, Laura 305 Wolloce, Lawrence 324 Wallace, Linda 305 Walloce, Williom 305 Waller, Sandra 305 Wolley, Jane 274 Wollit, Nancy 274 Wolth, Potti 274 Wolthe, Jim 305 Woltert, Becky 324 Waltert, Jo Anno 289 Word, Jomei 289 Word, John 324 Ward, Phyllit 289 Ward. Ralph 274 Ward, Sondro 289 Ward, Sherry 305 Word, Suton 305 Worner, Jon 274 Worner, Lynn 289 Warren, Cheryl 324 Warren, Patricia 324 Warthoe, Ellen 324 Wotert, Keith 305 Wotton, Ginni 324 Wotion, Patty 274 Wott, Thomot 289 Wattner, Noncy 324 Wottt, Gail 324 Wotz, Koryl 274 Woyland, Janet 305 Weatherby, Wolter 274 Weatherly, Corolyn 274 Weatherly, Eugene 274 Weothertby, Mike 289 Weaver, Gary 325 Weaver, Linda 325 Weaver, Patricio 289 289 Weover, Ricki 289 Weaver, Shori 305 Webb, Patricia 325 Webb, Peggy 325 Weber, Dionne 325 Webtfer, Ken 325 Webtter, Joe 305 Weidner, Paul 325 Weinheimer, Robert 274 Weitinger, Margaret 274 Weitt, Robin 325 Welch, John 289 Welch, Nolon 289 Welch, Sandra 274 Welch, Williom 274 Wellt, Jomei 325 Well . Trudy 275 Welth, Ronna 305 Wernette, Ann 325 Wett, Judi 305 Wettbrook, Carleen 325 Weitfohl, Cynthia 305 Wetegrove, Clarence 325 Whatley, Donny 325 Whatley, Gory 275 Whatley, Scotti 325 Wheat, Jon 325 Wheeler, Jonet 289 Whitennond, Louite 275 Whitennand, Richord 261 Whittier, Terry 289 Whitoker, Tom 305 White, Curtit 325 White, Ed 305 White, Joe 305 White, Patricio 289 White, Ray 289 White. Ronold 289 Whitley. Peggy 325 Whitley, Sam 275 Whitlock, George 325 Whitmire, Dione 275 Whitmire, Lubbie 275 Whittaker, Deboroh 305 Whittaker, lindo 325 Whittaker, Sandra 305 Whitiitt, Linda 275 Whitton, Katherine 325 Wikoff, Becky 289 Wilcox, John 305 Wilkint, Williom 325 Wilkinton, Jim 325 Wilkimon, Kathy 325 Willenborg, Connie 325 Williomt, Barbara 325 Williamt, Betty 289 Williamt, Colva 289 Williamt, Corl 275 Williamt, Denite 275 Williomt, Elite 325 Williamt, Gory 305 Williomt, Judith 305 Williomt, Kathy 325 Williomt, Marilyn 275 Williomt, Mory 305 Williomt, Potrick 289 Williamt, Suton 305 Williomt, Timothy 275 Williomton, Connie 289 Williomton, Fronk 275 Williomton, Jan 325 Williomton, John 275 Willie, Dorothy 275 Williford, Linda 325 Willingham, Eloine 289 Williford. Pomelo 325 Willit, Lyn 275 Willit, Vicki 325 Wilton, Bob 289 Wilton, Dianne 325 Wilton, Jomei 289 Wilton, Jeanne 305 Wilton, lark 289 Wilton, Noncy 305 Wilton, Rondell 289 Wilton, Sue Ann 305 Wilton, Tometha 289 Wilton, Williom 289 Windtor, Judy 325 Winfree, Otit 289 Wingfield, Jim 261 Winkelmonn, Sharon 275 Winkler, Karen 325 Winn, Jamet 289 Winfrode, Sheryl 275 Wite, John 325 Withert, Ellen 325 Witt, Brenda 325 Wolcott, Shirley 290 Wold. Bobbie Jo 290 Wolf. Ann 290 Wolf, Rodney 275 Wolfe, Pot 305 Wolfe, Suton 325 Woo, Carolyn 325 Wood, Jonet 325 Wood, Nancy 290 Wood, Tom 290 Wood, Wondo 275 Woodley, Condyce 290 Woodley, Elaine 275 Woodruff, London 275 Woodt, Beth 290 Wooley, Kathy 290 Wooltey, Corolyn 275 Wondrok, Deborah 325 Workman, Gary 305 Worki, Wondo 305 Worley, Chorlet 325 Worley, Tommy 261 Worthom, Johnido 261 Wray, Mary Lou 290 Wright, Cynthio 275 Wright, John 290 Wright, Korlo 305 Wright, Loretta 290 Wright, Noncy 325 Writeiel, Allyn 325 Wurtz. Phyllit 325 Wyatt. Sally 290 Wylie, Milton 325 Wynne, Harry 290 Y Yorbrough, Jimmy 325 Yorbrough, John 325 Yorbrough, Stephen 275 Yofet, David 305 Yotet, Donald 326 Yotet, John 305 Yeoger, Nikki 305 Yovent, Alan 326 Young, Adele 290 Young, Ann 305 Young, Gory 305 Young, Michoel 290 Young, Noncy 326 Young, Rebecca 326 Young, Regina 305 Young, Samuel 275 Young, Tereta 326 Yow, Whitney 290 Z Zalkovtky, Jo Ann 275 Zavodil, Gut 290 Zeppe, Mork 326 Zinberg, Patricia 326 Zopfi, Janice 326 Index 341STRIPLING ' S Nacogdoches Outstanding Drug Store WE SELL EVERYTHING Phone 564-4646 Advertisements 343 Stephen F. Austin State College was estab- lished in 1921. Dr. Alton William Birdwell was named president when the college be- gan operations September 18, 1923. He was succeeded in 1942 by Dr. Paul Lewis Boyn- ton, who served as president until his death. Dr. Ralph Wright Steen then became presi- dent on November I, 1958. The college has steadily increased the num- ber of its students, the variety of its curricu- la and the size of its physical plant. Its early enrollment of only a few hundred students has grown to more than 9,000. TEXAS POWER LIGHT COMPANY t £ " T ! " -4j y ■ v; _ " " .1;.:.-: ' -, 344 Advertisements Advertisements 345 CASON, MONK CO. " Serving this area over 75 years " HARDWARE - FURNITURE 317 East Main Street Nacogdoches, Texas The Store With Brand Name Merchandise Always First Quality Best Wishes From Your University Bank NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS Member F.D.I.C. 564-6191 346 Advertisements A FIRM FOUNDATION IS NECESSARY FOR SUCCESS IN building ... a home, a business or your entire life. For this reason, we congratulate you, the class of ' 70, for your past accomplishments and urge that you take advantage of your opportunities for higher learning, because it provides a solid foundation on which to build a future of happiness and prosperity. United Advertisements 347 Open Your Penney ' s Charge Account Today PENNEY ' S ALWAYS FIRST QUALITY Shop Penney ' s Catalog By Phone . . . 564-0461 oh i ' su ' intjint]rsf a i ounq W persomliiij clotUcs $ in town y@i % blk. SFA 2110 North St. LO 9-9469 Nacogdoches Complete Collegiate -Shop » WE BACK THE JACKS THE SPORTING GOODS STORE Phone 564-0352 Nacogdoches, Texas BANITA LAUNDRY CLEANERS " Your Clothes ' Best Friend " MAKE o N E STOP DO IT ALL A Complete Laundry And Cleaning Service 225 E. College 117 W. Main 348 Advertisements Jhe. STONE FORT OF NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS " Under the Same Name Since 1903 " RESOURCES OVER $27,000,000 MEMBER FDIC r A FULL SERVICE l BANK j Advertisements 349 SAY IT WITH FLOWERS SAY IT WITH OURS The Flower Shop Across The Street From The Hospital 1203 Mound 564-7345 I 1 8 E. Hospital P.O. Box 1342 NACOGDOCHES SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION Nacogdoches Texas DEPARTMENT STORE NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS Serving the Great East Texas Area 350 Advertisements Folks Will Still Be Pulling for SFA TEXAS FARM PRODUCTS COMPANY Nacogdoches, Texas BRAND Advertisements 351 To The Students of Today It is invaluable that all men have their own beliefs which they are willing to uphold. It is even more important that men learn to respect the beliefs of oth- ers and accept all men, regardless of dress, language, ideals or length of hair for themselves The Editor

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