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Sp Col| LP 517 ,S5X %1 STONE FORT 1969 Published Annually by the Students of Stephen F. Austin State College, Nacogdoches, Texas A Year at SFA 4 Administration 18 Faculty 26 Campus Life 68 Classes and Organizations 94 Spotlight 235 Sports 256 Stone Fort Staff 292 Index and Advertisements 300 3 6 8 10 16 ft 20 Members of the Board of Regents are, front row, William C. Donnell, J. L. Huf fines Jr., Emil C. Rassman, Mrs. E. D. Lockey, J. C. Kellam; second row, John H. Crooker Jr., Dee J. Kelly, Bernard G. Johnson and Jerome Johnson. Board of Regents 21 23 Arnwine, Lena College Nurse Bailey, John Alumni Director Childers, Elmer Food Services Manager Hughes, Travis Athletic Director Iglinsky, Dr. Clyde Assistant Admissions Registrar Jennings, Glenn Assistant Housing Director Johnson, Jerry College Center Director McCormack, Ralph College Center Bookstore McFarland, Kenneth Housing Director Meyer, Dr. Floyd Library Director Montgomery, Thomas Postal Clerk Pattilo, Baker Placement and Student Aid Shipp, Helen Switchboard Operator Stallings, Madge Stenographic Bureau Voigtel, C. R. Placement and Student Aid Director Wester, Melvin Guidance Director Whitaker, Travis Auditor Wright, J. R. Admissions Administrative Assistants 24 Dorm Mothers Dorm mothers are, left front row, Mesdames Ruby Con- nella, Mary Sue Bradshaw, Ruth Garlough, Evelyn Hale, Peggy McWilliams; back row, Mesdames Frances Hartman, Pauline Turner, Sammie Mouton, Lena Barlow, Bessie Stoker. Dorm mothers are, below front row, Mesdames Lois Parker, Reha Denny, Mildred Hargis, Nina McCarty; back row, Mesdames Fay Gordon, Eugenia Collier, Susie Hamilton, Myra Crawford, Amelia Akin. School of Business The primary objective of The School of Business is to provide a well-rounded professional education for business. Courses and majors designed to meet this objective attempt to provide students with an opportunity to develop a broad background of general business information, an awareness of the social and economic forces shaping the future di- mensions of business, an appreciation of ethical and social values in business and some competence in at least one field of business. The School of Business through the Office of the Dean directs the guidance of students planning to major or minor in accounting, economics, general business, management and office administration. Department of Economics The courses in economics seek to give students some conception of changing economic institutions and to contribute to the development of persons equipped to exercise their responsibilities as mem- bers of local, national and world communities. The study of economics is important to business and professional people because of the complexity of the highly specialized market economy within which they operate. In a political democracy where government plays a major role in influencing the economic system, the citizenship aspect of economics is im- portant to all. Moreover, the study of economics can help students prepare for the difficult decisions that face the American family as a consuming unit. A major in economics prepares a student for such interesting and rewarding careers as positions in banking and finance, marketing, manufacturing, international trade and government service. Ronald Bartholomew Billy Ray Griffith Charles W. Logan Mohamed Zeitoun Dr. Charles W. Brown Associate Professor and Head of Department of Economics 30 Dr. Ralph Louis White Professor and Head of Department of Office Administration and Acting Head of Department of Management Department of Management Society is beginning to expect more from the business executive. Tomorrow ' s manager will have to have a new sense of responsibility toward his community and his employees. The primary objective of the Department of Management is to prepare the student for the leadership role. Through lectures, case histories and various advanced techniques the student becomes involved in top-management policy making; he develops an understanding of the phi- losophies and theories of successful businessmen; he learns about science of decision-making processes; he studies the modern executive development methods of small and large business firms; he acquires a knowledge of the direction and coordination of business functions; and he gains an insight into the dynamics of organized group effort. Dr. Robert S. Co Carolyn Knox C1iarlo9 K. Phillips Department of Office Administration The objectives of the Department of Office Ad- ministration are to prepare students for secretarial careers, to train future business teachers in the skill subjects and to offer background knowledge in skills and communications necessary for the business world. The Office Administration major should work toward the Bachelor of Business Administration degree. Stu- dents who expect to qualify for teaching certificates should follow either the Bachelor of Arts or the Bachelor of Science degree plans. They should refer to the Department of Education for specific require- ments. Marlin Younp 31 Department of Accounting The accounting curriculum offers a professional course of training for employment in public, com- mercial and industrial or governmental accounting. The core business training included in the require- ments for the Bachelor of Business Administration degree along with the accounting curriculum should also qualify graduates for employment leading to executive positions in industry. Accounting majors should meet the requirements for a Bachelor of Business Administration degree. Mary Louise Bingham Jessie D. Mixon Curtis Ray O ' Neal Dr. Frank A. Ross Dr. Allan T. Steele Department of General Business The expanding business and industrial life of East Texas provides a continual demand for well- trained business men and women. The Department of General Business strives to meet some of this demand and attempts, by its broad general re- quirements, to give students opportunity for ade- quate preparation for business careers. The de- partment seeks to equip students with a broad background of general business information and an understanding of its meaning, an appreciation of business principles and practices and the ability to apply them to everyday business problems and a clear-cut sense of the social responsibility which rests upon the business employer and employee. Dr. John W. Stevenson Professor and Head of Department of Accounting and Acting Head of Department of General Business C. B. Knapp D. W. Totlon Jack Yarbroupli 33 Dr. Robert T. McKibben Professor and Dean of School of Education School of Education Within the School of Education are the depart- ments of agriculture, education, health and physical education for men, health and physical education for women and home economics. All of the pro- grams in the college leading to certification for teaching or for school service are coordinated through the School of Education. Persons complet- ing teacher education programs at the Provisional Certificate or baccalaureate level should complete the degree requirements specified for either the Bachelor of Arts or the Bachelor of Science or the Bachelor of Music degrees. 35 Department of Agriculture The Department of Agriculture offers training leading to the degree of Bachelor of Science. Its specialized courses prepare students for positions as teachers of vocational agriculture; county agents; soil conservation workers and field representatives for feed, seed and fertilizer companies. Other courses train students for careers as owner-operator farmers. In 1950, the State Board for Vocational Agriculture approved Stephen F. Austin State Col- lege for the training of teachers of vocational agriculture. Oran Standley Dr. John Sullivan Thurman Thomas Dr. J. C. Green Professor and Head of Department of Agriculture mm j v Dr. Blanche Phillips Professor and Head of Department of Home Economics Department of Home Economics Home Economics is a field of study concerned with all aspects of family living, their interrelationships and the total patterns which they form. The emphasis it gives to the various areas of living is determined by the needs of individuals and families in the social environments of their times. Home Economics draws its materials from its own research, from the arts and from the social, biological and physical sciences and applies these principles to improving the lives of families and individuals. The objectives of this depart- ment, in keeping with the nature of home economics and as agreed upon by the staff, are the personal de- velopment of each student, preparation for home and family living, preparation for a profession and service to the people of the area. Donna Abshicr Gladys Athcrlon Barbara Dommert Dr. Sue English Gwendolyn Schutte Laura Shivers Mary Beth Turk 37 ICKETS Department of Elementary Education The Department of Elementary Education strives to improve the competence of future teachers of the elementary schools. Its courses and programs pro- vide the opportunity for capable students wishing to become teachers of the elementary-level schools to explore recent research in educational concepts. The department ' s hope is to allow a review of emerging trends and developments in various areas of elementary school curriculum. They allow these future teachers to evaluate new materials and equip- ment available to them for use in their classrooms as teaching aids. Dr. Thomas D. Franks Professor and Head of Department of Elementary Education Dr. L. W. Ellerhrook Dr. Don Fare Dr. Jerry Irons Dr. Oilis Rhodes Dr. Frank Smith Dr. Wendall Sprcadbury Dr. John Thornton Dr. G. W. Willingham Dr. Beverly Young 38 Department of Secondary Education The Department of Secondary Education seeks to prep are and train the future teachers of the junior high and high school level. The curriculum serves to broaden the professional teaching capabilities of students, as well as their research and service com- petencies. The department also provides opportu- nities for depth studies in the philosophies of education. Learning theory and the concepts of cur- riculum are emphasized. These programs of study should enable the graduate student of the depart- ment to be more responsible in making effective decisions concerning instruction in the secondary- level classrooms. Dr. Morgan C. Moses Professor and Head of Department of Secondary Education Leroy Collum Dr. Ralph Eddins Dr. Harold Hill Dr. George Thompson Dr. Dwane Russell Dr. Jack Spurrier Dr. Thomas White LaMarlha Wylie Department of School Services The Department of School Services provides the opportunity that allows school personnel the train- ing and knowledge they will need in order to meet their responsibilities. It offers students graduate courses and various programs designed for the specific and professional preparation of school administrators. The techniques of both elementary and secondary-level school supervisors, school coun- selors and guidance specialists are emphasized. Also offered are studies that strive to enhance the pro- fessional development of all school personnel. Dr. Bill W. Hamrick Professor and Head of Department of School Services 39 Department of Health, Physical Education Health Education, Physical Education and Recre- ation contribute to the common goal of education, the total development of the individual. The de- partment prepares teachers of health and physical education for the elementary and secondary schools; teachers of driver education; athletic coaches and certified First Aid and Water Safety instructors. Further, the department contributes to the general education of all college students through its intra- mural programs and health and physical education courses which aim to develop total fitness in the individual. In addition, the department contributes to the cultural progress of the area through its dance programs. m mrr Dr. Lucille Norton Professor and Head of Department of Health and Physical Education Women ' s Division Sadie Allison Freddie Dannhaus Dr. Alvera Griff Sue Guntcr Jean Humphrey Dr. June Irwin Shannon Osborne 40 61 Department of Health, Physical Education Dr. William Jerre Stanley Professor and Head of Department of Health and Physical Education Men ' s Division Dr. William Turner Dean of School of Fine Arts School of Fine Arts The School of Fine Arts through the Office of the Dean directs the guidance of students planning to major or minor in the areas of art, muse, speech or drama. The function is done through advising, scheduling, degree planning and final graduation plans. Also, guidance is provided for students who wish to broaden courses and or participate in activities. Also, the Office of the Dean of Fine Arts seeks to promote and foster events in the performing arts which provide aesthetic growth of all students and help maintain a cultural climate in the college. Department of Speech The speech department exists to meet at least three needs of the college. First, it offers instruction to aid all students in meeting common speech situations. Second, it attempts to help students correct sub-standard speech which may be a handi- cap to them. Third, it trains majors and minors to meet professional needs. The Department of Speech offers study in dramatics, interpretation, radio- television, rhetoric and public address, speech edu- cation and speech pathology. ' .mm Thomas Malll Robert Rani - Dr. Susan Shanks Flnita Stanle Department of Art The art curriculum has been designed to provide broad basic art foundations for the student who plans a professional career in art or art education. In addition to this twofold purpose the Department of Art provides training in certain specialized areas especially designed for the non-art major. This training offers opportunities for the development of skills in art and aesthetic understanding in connec- tion with major work in other departments. William Arsrott Dr. Diane Ford Emily Harg John Butts Dr. Robert B. Capel Professor and Head of Department of Speech Rcesman Ke Dr. Karl Scliliclier Snyder Dr. Creigliton H. Delaney Professor and Head of Department of Art 44 Dr. Dan Bealy Dr. Richard Coolidge Cody Cam Larry Gebhardt Dr. Morris Hall Gaston HoI( Department of Music The Department of Music provides training for students wishing to follow careers in music as teachers or performers. The curricula for those students stress the development of a sound func- tional musicianship and the establishment of a broad background in liberal arts so that under- graduate training will promote jiot only profes- sional competence but intellectual maturity. The Department of Music also provides opportunities for musical experience for students majoring in other areas of study. Thomas Mayhew Melvin Montgomery William Young Dr. Morris Hall Professor and Head of Department of Music Forestry is the management of forest lands for the continuous production of goods and services. The major product of most forest land is timber; but in many instances multiple benefits in the form of watershed protection, soil stabilization, live- stock range, wildlife refuge and recreational fa- cilities for camping, hunting and fishing also accrue. The main objective of the School of Forestry is to give a professional education in forestry which will enable graduates to manage forest land for the maximum return of timber and associated products. The School also conducts research which contributes to the solution of many forest problems of the East Texas area and which, through educa- tion and publicity, emphasizes the importance of forest lands and the correct methods of their management. Another objective of the School and its faculty is to counsel students concerning their individual interest in the forestry curriculum, its options and in the profession. Dr. Laurence C. Walker Professor and Dean of School of Forestry School of Forestry 47 48 i.llBVUIIIIMI Dr. T. J. Kallsen Professor and Dean of School of Liberal Arts School of Liberal Arts The School of Liberal Arts has two functions im- portant to students of the college. The main function of the school is academic: the courses in the school complement those in science and mathematics to form the base of a traditional collegiate education. Most of the courses described under the departments of the school, in other words, are non-technical or non-pro- fessional, except for those in business administration. A secondary function of the school is administrative: the office of the dean, for example, supervises the advising of students who are undecided about their majors as well as those who have chosen departmental majors within the school; the office of the dean also approves degree plans, class schedules and final grad- uation plans; in general, the office of the dean helps any student to solve his problems within the regulations of the college. As the American people continue to spend less and less time at their jobs, the liberal arts will aid the transition from a " working " society to a " learning " society. Bible Bible courses are offered by the Bible Chairs, which are college affiliated agencies operated by the Baptist, the Church of Ch rist, the Methodist and the Roman Catholic churches. The Bible Chairs have as their objectives to provide courses that will help students gain not only an understanding of the history and the literature of the Bible but also an insight into its nature and meaning, to foster through the study of the Bible an appreciation of the spiritual values in human culture and to provide for the special needs of students preparing to enter church-related vocations. William Manger Harold Tabor AIn Reed 52 Dr. Farneis Aberneth) Dr. Warren Austin Knfus Bank- Beenian Bentlcy Terry Box Dr. Roy Cain Maurice Cecil Leonard Cheevcr Dr. William Goodson D r . Elma Heard Ben F. H..1.1,- Dr. Franeine Hoffman Dr. Neal Houston Linda Knudscn Patricia Read Carrcdl Schoenewolf Don Thames Robert Verner Da id Whitcscarver Dr. Sibyl Wyall Dr. Edwin W. Gaston Jr. Professor and Head " f Department of En :li-Ii. Journalism and Philosophy Department of English, Journalism, Philosophy The courses in English develop effective, appropri- ate use of English, present the literary heritage of English-speaking and other peoples and improve the understanding of practical and literary dis- course. In language and literature, then, English supplies essential education for all students. Some students, however, have particular interests and require a broader-than-average background in lit- erature and the English language. The department meets these requirements on both the undergraduate and the graduate level. With its English-Journalism emphasis, the de- partment has two main objectives: to prepare stu- dents for a career in journalism and to train future teachers of journalism. A subsidiary objective is to improve the writing of any student and to foster understanding of mass media. Courses in philosophy are the most recent addi- tion to the liberal arts program of the college. Philosophy serves primarily to provide intellectual breadth not only for prospective teachers and liberal arts students not intent upon teaching careers but also for students planning careers in other pro- fessional and vocational fields. Department of Political Science The increasing importance of the role of govern- ment in its relation to individuals and social in- stitutions imposes serious duties and responsibilities upon the citizen in a democratic system. Demo- cracy depends for its success upon an intelligent, informed and participating citizenry. The state legislature in 1930 and in 1937 enacted laws re- quiring the study of United States and Texas con- stitutions by all students receiving degrees from state-supported colleges and universities. The courses offered by the Department of Politi- cal Science are planned for students desiring careers in law or in politics at the local, state or national level: for prospective teachers of the social sci- ences to broaden and deepen their knowledge of the subjects they will teach; and for those wishing to enter the civil service and desiring background and information about their field of work. Dr. EinrtK ' tt Assrff Mary Cams Jane Elza Henry Jones Dr. Richard Kim William Macauley Dr. Barbara Sbocklcy Charles Simpson Stephen Smith Peter Wysocki Eleanor Baker William Broph ' Dr. C. K. Chamberlain Dr. Joseph Devine Dr. Vera Dugaa Dr. Calvin Hines Department of History History is a study in the liberal arts. Life in a demo- cratic society requires alert, civic-conscious citizens, who know and take pride in their country ' s past and who understand the problems that have confronted other nations; thus history enables an individual to become sensitive to the possibilities of the future. History programs are designed to enable students to enter different careers. History has a particularly- close relationship with the sciences and the arts, business, politics, law, diplomacy, the ministry and teaching. Dr. C. K. Chamberlain Professor and Head of Department of History Dr. Bobby Jobnson 55 Department of Psychology The Department of Psychology furthers the study and understanding of human behavior and broadens the individual ' s knowledge of " self. " To effect this purpose the department provides courses for the general education of all students. The courses in- clude the psychologies of adjustment, emotional structure, human learning and personality. The department provides experimental psychology and a graduate program for those who desire to specializ e in this particular field. Robert McClure Kenneth Hackney Jerry Laekey George Taylor Dr. Wayne Wilson Dr. Wayne J. Wilson Associate Professor and Head of Department of Psychology 56 Department of Sociology The undergraduate major program in sociology is designed to aid in providing pre-professional train- ing in medicine, nursing, social work, law and ministry as well as specialized training for teach- ing, governmental work, counseling, business, re- search, community planning and a variety of other occupations. An understanding of human rela- tionships in a liberal arts education is a prime objective in sociology regardless of the student ' s field of concentration. With the assistance of his ad- visor in the department, the student may select a course of study to provide training for a variety of specialized occupations. In addition, sociology- can serve as a foundation for graduate study in numerous fields. 57 Department of Geography Geography seeks to define and study the patterns of physical and human features of the earth, the relationships between them, the association of fea- tures giving personality or character to individual places or regions, the connections and movements be- tween places and the meaning to man of the like- nesses and differences among places on the earth. Because it presents an integrated view of the physi- cal and social sciences, geography is of significance to a liberal arts program whether the subject is selected as the major or minor or as ah elective to enrich another field of inquiry. The value of geo- graphic training has been recognized by other schol- ars, commercial and industrial firms and govern- mental agencies. The number of jobs open to geogra- phers has increased greatly. 58 1 WM1 Banla Ross Briih w. ll Elizab.-th Da Ronnir Elyi Department of Modern Languages The Department of Modern Languages recognizes three principal objectives: to develop real compe- tence in understanding, speaking, reading and writ- ing a modern language; to cultivate an apprecia- tion for the culture and civilization of the people whose language is being studied and to provide guidance in preparation for the various opportuni- ties in language work. Dr. Carl Keul Professor and Head of Department of Modern Languages Hrrtorinc Piercey Edwin Shake Dr. I.eun Staubcr The School of Sciences and Mathematics in- cludes the Departments of Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics and Geology. A primary aim of the School is to contribute to the liberal educa- tion of all students through the presentation of fundamental concepts and methods of science and mathematics, so that students gain a better understanding of the complex cultural patterns of the economics and social forces influencing their lives. Another function is to provide the funda- mental education required for professional studies and careers of a scientific or mathematical nature. This School also provides preprofessional program and counseling for students planning to enter Schools of Medicine, Dentistry, Medical Technology, Physical Therapy, Nursing, Veterinary Medicine, Pharmacy, Medical Illustration, Optometry, Osteop- athy, Engineering, Hospital Administration. Dental Hygiene and Architecture. Dr. E. L. Miller Professor and Dean of School of Sciences and Mathematics School of Sciences and Mathematics Department of Biology The Department of Biology has as its three-fold purpose to give students familiarity with the methods of science and the facts of biology needed by an educated person in the modern world, to provide opportunity for a broad founda- tion in biology for future professional work or study and to give basic training in several specialized fields to students who need a certain amount of fundamental training in biology in connection with major work in other departments. Dr. Victor Hoff Dr. Kenneth Mace Dr. Russell C. Faulkner Professor and Head of Department of Biology Department of Geology The Department of Geology is designed to pre- pare the student in the fundamentals of the earth sciences. These include the study of rocks, minerals, fossils, earth structures, the physical features of the earth ' s surface and the economic application of this knowledge. Courses are designed to contribute to the liberal arts education of college students, who learn to explore, observe, analyze, inquire, classify, de- scribe and finally interpret the record and content of the rocks and to give prospective science students the fundamentals of the earth sciences as a founda- tion for other science studies or for more advanced work in geology. Dr. Paul A. Wood Associate Professor and Head of Department of Geology Dr. Thomas Brown Dr. Donald Campbell Dr. Marvin Crocker Martin Deuth Charles Dimmick Department of Physics Physics is a science the goal of which is to under- stand and explain observed physical phenomena in a logical uniform system of thought. The objec- tives of the department are to prepare students for further study or for professional responsibilities in physics with industry for government, to provide students with the necessary physics background re- quired for work in related sciences and medicine and to assist non-science majors in developing an in- sight into the physical aspects of their environment and the extensive scientific activity of our so- ciety. Dr. John P. Decker Professor and Head of Department of Physics Dr. James Dennis Dr. Robert Crucbel 63 Department of Chemistry The objectives of the chemistry department are to prepare students for graduate study in chemistry, to prepare students for positions in industry, govern- ment service and teaching, to allow science students with non-chemistry majors to relate chemistry to their major science, and to acquaint non-science students with the methods, concepts and achieve- ments of the science of chemistry. It is hoped that an inquiring mind is stimulated in these courses and that the relationship of science to the other endeavors of man will be placed in its proper perspective. Dr. Doyle Alexander Roy Alston C. P. Barton Don Book B. F. Boudria Harold Bunch Don Edwards Charles Haltom Billy Ruth LeBouf Ennis McCune Department of Mathematics The Department of Mathematics offers a four- year curriculum for those students desiring to spe- cialize in mathematics for the bachelor ' s degree and a one-year terminal course for other liberal arts students. The department also provides courses to meet the needs of agriculture, business, economics, engineering, forestry and science and for those in the general education, predental, prelaw and pre- medical curricula. The department trains students preparing to teach both high school and elementary school mathematics. Dr. W. I. Layton Professor and Head of Department of Mathematics J. A. Neel Jane Ritter Mattie Robinson Gerald Stewart Department of Military Science In December 1967 an Army Reserve Officer Training Corps Program was approved by the Department of the Army for Stephen F. Austin State College effective with the Fall Semester 1968. This elective program provides a training base for college men by which they can qualify for a com- mission as a second lieutenant in the Army of the United States upon graduation. The modified General Military Science Program, as prescribed by the Department of the Army, is conducted at Stephen F. Austin State College. The objective of the program is to produce junior of- ficers having qualities and attributes essential to their progressive and continued development as of- ficers in any component of the Army of the United States. Students normally take the traditional four- year Army ROTC Program which is divided into two phases, a two-year basic course and a two-year advanced course. The basic course is taken in the freshman and sophomore years and the advanced course in the junior and senior years. 67 Students Plan Schedules, Await New Semester Introducing the grind of study was the hustle of reg- istration. These scrambled three days marked the be- ginning of a year in the collegiate society. Freshmen, transfer students and " old hands " were welcomed to the merry-go-round of confusion that ran rampant at regis- tration. Dormitories came to life with the influx of new students aided by the return of familiar faces. Some 8.717 students, a 7.5 per cent increase over the Septem- ber 1967 enrollment, made their way through the maze of registration as they juggled cards, receipts and sched- ules. In short, registration was the spirit of SFA re- turning to usher in another academic year. 70 72 Campaigners Sought Votes Fall semester was once again plagued with numerous cam- paigners seeking student votes. The campaigners haunted the sidewalk outside of the SUB and stopped everyone who dared to pass that way. Costume gimmicks, a new part of fall campaigns, made each candidate ' s supporters easily recognizable. Spring elec- tions were handled more democratically under the direction of Bart Young, Student Congress vice president. For the first time votes were not solicited at the polls, and cam- paign signs were limited to five. With the aid of Alpha Phi Omega and Gamma Sigma Sigma, fall votes were counted and posted in the Student Con- gress window. Changes were made in the spring, however, to enable the vote tallying to be done by IBM machines. Homecoming ' 69: Floats Bonfire, Parade, Game Although the weekend was the usual two days, Homecoming 196!! filled the hours with enough events for a week. Campus organizations began three weeks in ad- vance to prepare their floats for the annual parade and members of the Freshman Class collected wood for the bonfire. Events began Friday afternoon with the presenta- tion of the Spirit Award to Theta Chi. The award was made for the enthusiasm shown by the Theta Chis in pulling a cannon from Lufkin to the SFA campus. A torchlight parade and the burning of the bonfire highlighted Friday night activities. Float decorators worked all Friday night to finish floats for the Saturday morning parade. Float win- ners announced at halftime ceremonies at the foot- ball game were first place. Alpha Tau Omega and Alpha Chi Omega; second place. Baptist Student Union; third place. Phi Delta Theta and Delta Zeta. The 1969 Homecoming Queen, Miss Kitty Morris, was presented to the audience by John Vaught. president of Student Congress. The Sam Houston Bearkats defeated the Lumberjacks 30-28 to mar the day ' s festivities. 75 Big Name Entertainers Perform for Students Gary Puckett and his brigade of musicians, better known as the Union Gap. charmed a packed house at Shelton Gym in November, while Julius Wechter and the Baja Marimba Band kept toes tapping during a Valentine ' s Day concert. Both widely-known musical groups performed the hits that made them famous as well as a complete repertoire of modern tunes. Cos- tumes played an important part in the effectiveness of both shows. Puckett ' s group sported Civil War regalia, while Wechter ' s eight compadres wore casual but very colorful outfits representative of Old Mexico. Both big name extravaganzas were sponsored by the College Cen- ter Entertainment Committee with Leroy Johnson. Texas City junior, as chairman. 77 Search for Fun By November monotony had gradually begun to set in and students turned to campus activities for relief from books and boredom. In an attempt to remedy the situation, the College Center Recreation Committee held the first Bicycle Bonanza; while Delta Psi Kappa, national honorary fraternity for women ' s physical education, sponsored the annual Corn Huskin ' Bee. Corn huskers competed in such events as group singing, chicken calling, hog calling, corn shelling and sack racing. Receiving the winners ' trophies were Delta Zeta, women ' s social sorority, and Delta Sigma Phi, men ' s social fraternity. Bicyclers participated in egg races, speed races and couples relays. 79 Greeks Snow Rushees Parties, skits, smokers, questions and smiles made up one of SFA ' s busiest weeks — sorority and fra- ternity rush. Spring semester began with the annual onslaught of mass, nervous hysteria which was prevalent during rush week. A year ago most sorority and fraternity members stood on the outside of closed doors worrying about how they were going to sell themselves to the people they were preparing to meet. Days were long; nights were longer. Rush- ees could not sleep for worrying; rushers could not sleep for working. Parties were a blur of name tags, skits, costumes and faces. Finally the day to receive bids arrived. Pledging the four campus sororities were 63 women and 176 men were added to the six fraternities. Rushees, who were treated like royalty, soon learned the status of the lowly Greek pledge. 81 SFA Cowboys Host Annual Rodeo Events Action filled the arena as SFA played host to the annual Spring Rodeo. Eighteen local cowboys, plus those from ten other colleges, competed for cash prizes valued at $3,900. Events for the performances held Thursday through Saturday nights included bareback bronc riding, calf roping, steer wrestling, bull riding and saddle bronc riding. SFA cowboys competed in all contests and won two cash prizes. These went to Mike Bradbury, saddle bronc riding, and Cotton George, bull riding. As a climax to the last performance, Miss Billie Jean Lawson was selected 1969 Rodeo Queen. Runners-up were Misses Debby Randolph and Sara Curnutt. 9 83 Spring Welcomed with Assortment of Kites Spring on the SFA campus brought several high- points. The first of these was an all campus kite flying contest and then followed a campaign for a Beauty and a Beast. The kite flying contest, spon- sored by College Center committees, featured events for the smallest kite, the largest kite, the most original kite and a razor blade fight. Costumes and face makeup highlighted the race for Beast, which was won by Ricky Scarbrough, who was sponsored by Alpha Tau Omega. The race was easier for Beauty, who simply sat back and let the penny votes come in. This contest, too, was won by the ATOs, with their beauty, Miss Janet Milliff. Spring Musical Proves Instant Success at SFA " Carnival, " SFA ' s spring musical production, was an instant success. Estimated crowds of one thousand attended each of the three different per- formances. The musical, a sentimental tale, pictured the child-like, innocent Lili falling in love with a magician of a small-time traveling circus in southern France. Miss Diana Evans starred as Lili and Homer Tindall played opposite her as a young man attempting to win her love away from the magician. All sets, which consisted of a traditional Big Top and several circus wagons, were made by drama students. 88 IFC Plans Play Day For Campus Greeks Greeks generally tend to go their own way except for one week each spring The annual celehration of Greek Week brings each fraternity and sorority together for a week of fun. Starting with a Greek singsong Mon- day night, activities were followed by an all pledge exchange party and a talent night. Talent competition was won by Sigma Tau Gamma and by Delta Zeta. Other events included a beauty pageant, pie eating contest, key hunt, chariot race, tricycle race and hike race. Phi Delta Theta won Greek Day in the fraternity category, and Chi Omega and Delta Zeta tied for first in the sorority division. Spring Carnival Draws Record Number, Booths " Big Weekend at SFA " was climaxed by the annual Spring Carnival. Highlighting the carnival was a record attendance and a wide variety of booths. Booths seen for the first time included a crayfish restaurant, pie-throwing booths, balloon sales and Hawaiian booth. Traditional booths were Pikes Peak, a jail, the Graduate movie and concession stands. Awards were given to Kappa Alpha, social fra- ternity, for the most original booth and to Sigma Kappa, social sorority, for the most decorative booth. Carnival Queen, selected at the end of the eve- ning, was Miss Sharon Burner, Sigma Kappa. 90 93 Student Government Expands Membership Student Congress, the nucleus of the SFA student body, expanded this year and enlarged its mem- bership to include dormitory and school representa- tives. The congress was led by president John Vaught. Under his leadership peaceful demonstra- tions against segregation were endorsed and longer cafeteria hours were secured. The Student Congress placed purple lights in the Fine Arts tower to in- crease school spirit during football and basketball season and suggested a teacher evaluation program. New election codes were presented by vice president Bart Young, who also secured an IBM computer for vote tallying. Vote counting was done rapidly only after a two-hour wait for repairs on the com- plex machine. 97 SCO -fa 5:oop rf Set Sfa dtPrt c L Above Right: Miss Judi Floyd, secretary. Right: Bart Young, vice-president. Con gress 98 Graduate class officers are Miss Dianne Duhon, duchess; Miss Brooke Battles, secretary; Monte Strong, Student Congress representative; and Mike Sanders, president. Mike was also chosen class favorite. Graduate Officers 100 Graduates m p a Alvarez, Arnold Kingsville Arnold. Karen Ihrig Houston Brown. Patricia Lindale Clements, Danny Hope, Ark. Duhon, Dianne Bridge City Fields. Herschel Houston Fields, John W. Durham, N. C. Fields. Martha Houston Ford, Don New Caney Gongre, Charles Orange Gregory, Virginia Houston Hankie. Randy San Augustine Hill, Lynn H. Dallas Johnson, Martha Tyler McWilliams, Dee Timpson Malloy, John Dallas Miranda, Bertha Alamo Pack. Lindsy Garrison Richards, George Midland Strong. David M. Memphis, Ark. Tieman. Anita Nacogdoches Tomlin. Evelyn Whitehouse I - 101 103 Seniors Aaron, Drucilla J. La Porte Adam, Andrea Houston Adams, Deedy Kilgore Adams, Tommy Lufkin Adams. Velinda Lufkin Agan. Mike Lufkin Albin, Terry L. Pasadena Alexander, Marvin Kerrnit Allen. Brenda Nacogdoches Allen, Jerry W. Lufkin Allsup, Kay Houston Aman, Robert Beeville Amerine, Jimmy Barnes Anderson, Doris Ann Nacogdoches Anderson, Linn Lufkin Anderson. Lounea Lufkin Anderson, Thomas Kilgore Andrews, Carol Lynn Houston Armstrong, Patricia Henderson Arnold. Claude M. Houston Aston. James Nacogdoches Baker, Barbara Dallas Baker. Jane Liberty Baker, Patricia Gail Angleton Barnes, Donald La Grange Barnett. Joan Henderson Barrera, Gilbert Harlingen Bates, Melinda Houston Bay. Mike Nacogdoches Beall, Robert Jacksonville Beasley. Betty Gladewater 104 Sen Beasley, Felton Gary Bell, David Garland Bemenderfer, Frederick Sweetwater Berger, Patricia Ann Houston Bickley, Patsy Pollok Bidnev, Bobert Fairfield, Conn. Bills, Sharron While Oak Bintliff, Michael Corpus Christi Bivens, Beth Tyler Blackwell, Nancy La Marque Blair, James San Antonio Bland, Tim Longview Blaylock, Beverly New London Blevins, Beverly Houston Board, Carole Houston Bollman, John Bobert Dallas Bonner. Billie H. Fairfield Booth, Laura Manvel Bosl, Susan Schulenburg Boughton, Kathleen El Carnpo Bowers. Bita Don Lufkin Brackett, Patsy Garland Bradberry. Keith Shelbyville Brake. Don Baytown Britton, James Lubbock iors Broadway, Carol Waco Brooks, Ceorge Wayne Lake Jackson Brosette, Camille Dallas Brown, Jeanie Nacogdoches Brown, Lauren El Carnpo Brown, Leon Jr. San Antonio 105 Spring semester entertainment featured the Baja Marimba Band. Seniors Brown, Sara Kilgore Broxson, Phil Dallas Bruno, Kathy Frankston Brunson, Tempie Timpson Bryan, Beverly Hurst Bryant, Edward L. Jr. Houston Bryce, William Troy, N. Y. Buban, Sharon Nacogdoches Buban, Tony Nacogdoches Buck, Linda S. Houston Bullard, Bill Bay City Bullman, Kay D. Nacogdoches Burkhart, Janell Simonton Busbee, Richard Victoria Bush, Beverly Dallas Bush, Larry R. Pasadena Bussey, Bill Nacogdoches Bussey, Karen Nacogdoches Buvinghausen, Buzz Houston Buxton, George Buna Calcote, Donald R. Palestine Capps, Roy Sweeny Carlock, Randy Henderson Carrell, Delton Huntington Carter, Harry Lufkin 106 1 it ■ r IS C) o v. J F-) jr m i «- ' .:. V j • £ Seniors Carter, Marzelle Mount Pleasant Cartwright, Ford San Augustine Cassity, Billie Long Branch Catoe, Nick A. Deer ParA: Cessna, Jerry Liberty Chaney, Pamela Lee Dallas Cherry, Betty Austin Choate, Nieki Da fas Christian, Charlotte Tenaha Clark. Beth Lit j kin Clark, Howard Dallas Clark, Margaret Dickinson Cohb, Charles Mount Pleasant Cobb, Kathleen Mount Pleasant Cobb, Bichard Carthage Cochran, Charles Henderson Cohagen, Terry Ann Averton Collen, Harvey Cleveland, Ohio Collins, Bobert W. £ AAarf Conner, William Lufkin Cook, David Lufkin Cook, Frances Dallas Cook, John Paul Shamrock Cooper, Cary Tyler Cooper, Gladys Tyler Cooper, Nan Jacksonville Cordell, Pat Nacogdoches Corley, Sharon Cushing Cox, Anna J. Kilgore Cranfill, Charles Wayne San Antonio Crawford. Dana Jo Nacogdoches Cridland. Henry Galveston Cristan, David San Antonio Cummings, Charles C. Jr. Baytown Custer, George Bussey Henderson Dahlquist, Michael Baytoun Dahmer, Frances Marshall Davis, Suzanne Palestine Denton, Bobert W. Galveston Dickerson, Larry Jasper 107 seniors Dickey, Cheryl Lancaster Didriksen, Arthur Baytown Dildy, Carolyn Tyler Domstead, Glen Lancaster Donohire, Alton Houston Dorsey, Loyce Henderson Douglas, Randall Jacksonville Duke, Gary A. Pasadena Dukes, Rebecca Center Duncan, Curtis L. Carthage Dutcher. Robert Cortland, N. ] Dye, Betty Karen Lujkin Eastepp, Dorthy Lujkin Ellinger, Mary Jane Andreivs Emerson. Don R. Houston Evers. Sharon Cushing Ewers, Randy Athens Farmer, Leslie Nacogdoches Fater, Laraine San Antonio Faulkinberry, John Nacogdoches Felts. Beverly Houston Ferguson. Carol Houston Fleming, Robert John Carthage Fleniken, Brenda Nacogdoches Flippen, Cynthia Allen Terrell Floyd. Dave Seymour Foley, Ian F. Lujkin Ford, Coy Pollok Ford, Walter G. Cleveland Fortenberry, Darrell Baytown Fox, John III Basking Ridge, N. J 108 !3l i Contestant pedals to victory. Pi Seniors Fox, Sue Tyler Franke, Janet Chester Frazier, Jane Nacogdoches Fry, Raymond Franklin Hugo, Ohio. Fulton, Robert Houston Funderburgh, Lee Jr. Palestine Funke, Mona Pasadena Galperin, Lance Houston Gamblin, Mike Kenedy Ganson, Ruth Ann Baytown Garrett, Bruce L. Midland Gaut, Patty Burk New London Geese, Peggy Kilgore George, Virginia Beth Henderson Gerald, Betty Buna Geredon, Stephen Liberty, Ken. Gibson, James M. Tyler Gibson, Julie B. Tyler Gilbert, Steven John Freeport Gillespie, Charles Corsicana Gilliland, Mary Houston Gipson, Vance Garrison Goeders, Carol Houston Gongre, Sue Orange Goode, Evelyn Dallas Gorden, Jack Lujkin Gowin, Douglas Jacksonville Grant, Charles Houston Graves, Eugene Houston Gray, Keitha Karnack Gray, Lynn Weinerl 1 09 seniors Greathouse, Robert Richardson Green, Julian Jr. Nacogdoches Greer, Mike Winnsboro Gregory. Carolyn Houston Greve, John B. Houston Grubbs, Betty Houston Gruver, Cheryl Carthage Guerrero. Alice Richmond Gunning, Tom San Antonio Guthrie, Preston Lee Midland Guy, Chuck Port Arthur Haddock, Patricia Rusk Hailey, Linda Atlanta Hailey. Roger Atlanta Halcumb, Kay Tenaha Haley, Leilani Dallas Hall, Diane Houston Hall, Johnny Te.xarkana Hallmark, Sandra Tyler Hamilton. Odie Bayloivn Hammer, Treva Whitehouse Hancock. Barbara Srnithville Hanks, Kenneth Pollok Harborth. Glenda Houston Hardy, Carolyn Bogan Nacogdoches Hardy, David Irving Hargrave, Jim Houston Hargrave, Sandy Houston Harris, Deborah Corsicana Harris, Kay Angelton Harris, Robert Elysian Fields Harrison, Angus Cruze Lujkin Harrison, Warren Jacksonville Harvell, Lynda Houston Hathcox, David Dallas Hays, Sharon Linden Hedgecock, Sibyl Avery Hees, Janice Killeen Heierman, Ron Indianapolis, Ind. Hellman, Mary Ann Winnsboro seniors Henderson, Cassi Nacogdoches Henry, Pat Houston Hicks, Linda Houston Hill, Jane Nacogdoches Hill, Larry Houston Hill. Patricia Lujkin Hill, Roxanne Houston Hitchcock, Staley Shreveport, La. Holt, William Center Hooker, Cecilia Lujkin Hopson, Harold D. Frost Home, David Henderson Horton, Belinda Hooks Horton, Ernie Houston Humphries, Floyd Houston Hurst, Jenni Lujkin Hurta, Donald Henderson Hussey, Sandy Marshall Irwin, Shirley Troup Irvie, Andrea Purdon Jackson, Charles S. Orange James, John W. Longview Jarmon, Forbes Lake Jackson Jennings, Linda Pasadena Johnson, Chris J. Palestine The Lumberjacks were encouraged by enthusiastic cheerleaders. Seniors Johnson, Jackie Houston Johnson, Jennie Gilmer Johnson, Julia Nacogdoches Jones, George M. Lufkin Josey, Danny Jacksonville Justice, Mila Corpus Christi Kane, Susan Carthage Kelly. Timothy Houston Kennedy, Joe Groveton Kennedy, Robert Kingsville Kennedy, Tom White Oak Kent, Carolyn Tyler Ketner, Randy Wichita Falls Keywood, Arthur Jr. Dallas Kilgore, Velinda Fay Lufkin Kilpatrick, Patricia Lindale King, Chuck Mineral Wells King, Pat Garland Kirby, Arlinda Mount Selman Kirkpatrick, Karen Houston Kister, Robert L. Pasadena Knight. Jean M. Gilmer Knott, Jack Dallas Knott, Jan Houston Koehn, Larry Weimar Kohl, Johann Liberty Konrad, John Dallas Kopczynski, Jo-Claire Garland Lamberth, Carol Clear Creek Lambright, Betty L. Marshall Lanagan, Michael J. Longvieiv 12 Seniors Lanasa, Mary Beaumont Lancaster, Lawrence Gilmer Lange, Eddie Gladewaier Langford, Joe Lujkin Lankford, Leonard Dallas Laughlin, Allen Houston Lea, John Orange Leach, James Laredo Lee, Larry Kilgore Lee, Rusty Lujkin Lemmon, Jeannie Baylown Lengefeld, Bill Kyle Leonard, Franklin Nacogdoches Lewis, Georgia Longview Lewis, Richard Binghamton, N. Y. Liles. Lorraine La Porte Liles, Sharon Nacogdoches Lindner, William Orange Lindsay, Darrell Houston Link, Linda Dallas Lionberger, Bernard Fort Worth Love, Jimmy Tulia Love, Wilbert Jr. Grapeland Lucia, Samuel Orange Luedecke, Elizabeth Nacogdoches Maberry, Michael Lujkin Marchand, Gregory Longview Martin, Nancy Houston Massey, Larry Killeen Mattox, Joyce Marshall Maxey, Margaret Kilgore 113 Seniors Mayfield, Jacky Mount Pleasant Mayhew, Robert Terrell Mazzola, Anna Orange McBrayer, Janice Mount Pleasant McBride, John Raymondville McBride, Sharon Pearland McCathran, Easline Overton McCauley, Bob Garrison MeCIane, Tommie Hamilton McClurkin, Phillip Longvieiv McDaniel, Lynda Groves McDonald, Russell La Marque McEniry. Cathy Houston McFarland, Robert Nashville, Ark. McG uire, Roy Dallas McHenry, Gary Dallas McNay, Keith Houston McNeill, Cynthia Seymour Meador, Barbara Whitewright Means, Jann Houston Menefee, Patricia Chireno Merhoff, Donald Memphis, Tenn. Michael, Jan Austin Miller, Joyce Deer Park Miller, Paul Dallas Miller, Sandi Port Arthur Mims, Linda Henderson Mize, Barbara Nederland Mobley, Charles Camden, Ark. Moore, Jean Nacogdoches Moore, Martha Tyler 114 seniors Moore, William L. Garrison Morgan, Dan Dallas Morgan, Melina K. Jacksonville Morris, Kitty Pasadena Mouldren, Mary Houston M unn, David W. Henderson Munoz, Gloria Alamar Asherton Munroe, Dallas Dickinson Murphy, Jamie Roy Jr. Carthage Murphy, Kenneth L. Beaumont Myers, Lee Houston Myers, Linda Houston Naylor, Pamela Dallas Neely, Floryce Kay Houston Neill, Sherry Dallas Neumann, Mary Port Arthur Nevius, John Marlton, N. J. Nix, Robert W. Mount Enterprise Norman, Nancy Rosebud Norwood, Terry Houston Orr, Mary W oodville Orth, Linda Dallas Outhouse, Glenda Jean Houston Overland, Gail Beaumont Owens, Cheryl Tyler Owens, Judith La Marque Owens, Michael Houston Page, Marcia Alto Parris, Mildred J. Tyler Patterson, Davene Etoile Pavletich, Paula Jacksonville 115 Parting from the crowd often provided solitude. Seniors Payne, Michael Wayne McKinney Pearce, Sandra Houston Phillips, Carol Houston Phillips, Cathy Gladewater Phillips, Dennis Sanderson Phillips, Jean L. Houston Pilcher, John Lufkin Poe, Larry Allen Nacogdoches Poland, Robert Lufkin Pool, Nell Terrell Pool, Rothwell Saint Louis, Mo. Porter, Patrick H. Carthage Post, Michael Foxboro, Mass. Pringle, Joyce Houston Probandt, Gerard Houston Rabel, Ronnie Magnolia Raulston, Bevins McKinney Rector, Louis Douglass Reed, Sammy Carthage Rentfro, Rebecca E. Waco Richards, Charles Shelbyville Riepen, Pamela Harlingen Robbins, Peggy Sue Houston Roberts, Swank Longview Robinson, Kim E. Carthage School spirit was enhanced by mascot Tim Hill. A to BH 1 7 » « ! ft k-Jm koto r 1 nm ml ' 116 117 Se eniors Smith, Gerald Midlothian Smith, Harvey W. Waco Smith, James D. Pearland Smith, Nancy Gladewaler Smith, Raymond Gale Pasadena Smith, Wilson Dallas Sparks, Carolyn Groves Spivey, Lynda Houston Staley, Harriet Dallas Stanford, Susan Houston Stanley, Carol Texas City Stathem, Richard Houston Stepler, Harold Jacksonville, Fla. Stewart, Thomas W. Tyler Stone, Carrol Nacogdoches Stone, Mary Jane Pittsburg Stovall, Beverly Liberty Stover, Eben Corsicana Stripling, David Tyler Stuart, Bonnie Dallas Sullivan, Larry F. La Marque Svaton, Larry Houston Swanzy, Lynda Shelbyville Swenson, Gary L. Austin Tate, Doris Houston Tate. John V. Wichita Falls Taylor, Jeanie Montroy Taylor, Mary Darby Jacksonville Teaters, Loa Nederland Terry, Sharon Troup Thomas, Glenn D. Marshall Thomas, Jo Houston Thomas. Julane Jefferson Thomas, Leslie Howard Jefferson Thompson, James P. Marshall Thompson, Stu Houston Thorn, James Travis Center Thornton, Kay Carthage Tidemann, Robert F. Hearne Tipps, Larry Valley View 1 18 Seni lors Tolar, Dianne Rusk Tomlinson, William Jejferson Toomey, Steve Randolph, Mass. Townsend, Ann Jacksonville Truitt. Martha Center Ulrich, L. Jane Texarkana Underwood. Nora Houston Vance. Margaret Ann Jasper Van Orsdol, Fred G. Longview Vernon, Billy New London Vick, Alfred Donald Lufkin Vinson, Jan Woodville Vogt, Joseph Waco Waddell, Amanda Jane Longview Wade. Mittie Ruth Palestine Wagner, George W. Fort Worth Walden, Betty S. Elkhart Walker, Richard Texas City Walker, Sally Tyler Walker, Tommy Longview Wallace, Charles Galena Park Wallace. Jeff Midland Waller, Joe Houston Walzel, Karen Houston Ward, Nathan Nacogdoches Homecoming Queen Miss Kitty Morris was crowned during half-time. Young Republicans participated in Homecoming parade. Seniors Ware, Terry Corpus Christi Watkins, Larry Douglass Watson, Craig Houston Watson, Jo Neil Houston Watson, Kenneth Nacogdoches Watz, Sherry Houston Weaver, David Tatum Webb, Ivan Jr. Dawson Webb, Martha Jo Teague Wells, Tom Victoria Werner, Pamela Texas City Werner, Richard Texas City West, Jo Nacogdoches Westbrook, Janis Kennard Westfahl, Jane Ann Palestine Whaley, Dorothy Lake Jackson Whatley, Kerry Waymon Jefferson Whisennand, Richard Houston Whitaker, Karlene S. Carthage Whitaker. Roy Nacogdoches White, Kay Longvietv Whitehurst. Marsha Longview Whitton. Linda Nacogdoches Whitton. Marguarite San Augustine Wickes. Bill Nacogdoches Wickes. Donna Nacogdoches Wilbanks. Glenda Troup Williams. Addie New Caney Williams. Judy Waco Williams. Patricia A. Houston Williams. Patricia J. Corpus Christi Willis. Carolyn Dallas Willis. William C. II Dallas Withrow, Mike Yoakum Wolf, Bobby Killeen Wood, Laura Conroe Woods, Judy Marshall Woods. Phyllis Huntington Woolley. Donald G. Crockett Ybarra. Reynaldo Bay City Yezak. Charles Marlin York. Larry Houston Younp. Bart Fort Worth 120 ARCHITECTS « ENGINEERS WANTOVE JACKSON INC. CONSULTING ENGINEERS H.A. LOTT INC. CONTRACTORS HOUSTON TEXAS Unique construction forms dotted the campus. Sidewalk superintendents viewed construction progress. Extensive building construction broke the campus skyline. Iff! •j 122 123 Juniors Abney, Beth Marshall Abraham. Brian E. Marshall Adams. Bobby Carthage Adams. Karen Hallsville Adams. Keith Beckville Adcock. Sherry Houston Albright, Kay Athens Albritton, Sandra Houston Alexander, Donna Longview Alexander. Judy Lyne Terrell Allen. Joe Kilgore Allen. Larry Nacogdoches Armstrong, Jane Blooming Grove Askins, Billy Timpson Atkinson. David Brenhani Backen, Rodney Sweeny Bailey, Ben Nacogdoches Baker, Barbara Houston Balch, Sandra Nacogdoches Ballard, Robert Frankslon Barber. Donny Lee Pittsburg Barnes, Billie Jacksonville Barnes, Maxine Carthage Barnett, Jerry Wills Point Barren, Richard Houston Barrett, Arlen Crockett Barry, Shirley Corpus Christi Bates, Robert L. DeKalb Baza, Joy-Dawn Houston Bean, Kenneth Richardson Beard, Gay Lynn Houston- Beard, Joe Carthage Beck, Sherry Texarkana Beh rens, Larry G. Houston Belk. Jan Texarkana Bennett, Pamela Mexia Bennett, Susan Houston Berry, Mary Elizabeth Texas City Bishoff, Carol Houston Blackburn. Sharon Irving 124 Juniors Blackledge, Willa Bryan Bland, Terese Cleveland Blaschke, Barbara Anne Houston Bolster, Randy Houston Bolster, Susan Houston Bonner, Conna Corsicana Bonner, Janet Longview Booker, Lynn Waco Booth, Scott Conroe Bostic, Barbara Palestine Branan, Donald Waxahachie Branch, Duane Longview Brand, Madalyn Dallas Brantly, Bridget Pasadena Bray, Robert Texas City Briggs, Susan Bridge City Briggs, William San Antonio Brooks, Jo Nell Henderson Brown, Larry R. Cuba City, Wis. Brown, Ronnie L. Jasper Brubaker, Rodney Mexia Bullard, Mollie Bay City Bumpass, Richard Kilgore Burkham, Lyndell Sherman Burkley, Dyann Dallas Registration always involved numerous card checks. 125 Juniors Burrough, James H. Jr. Bellaire Burrows, John Byron Houston Burt, Dianna Wake Village Bynum, Dale Dallas Bynum, Don Waco Caldwell, Bruce Walbridge, Ohio Caldwell, Carol Dallas Caldwell, Gwendolyn Neches Campbell, Danny Kilgore Campbell, Kathryn Bellaire Campbell, Kathy Tyler Campbell, Bobert E. Liberty Carl, Lynda Liberty Carlisle, Cheryl Bae Nacogdoches Carlton, Carole Diboll Carney, Susan Dallas Carpenter, Bichard Pollok Casey, L. Dianne Anahuac Cave, Cheryl Athens Chadwick, Karen La Marque Chandler, Beverly Baytown Chaney, Lonnie Dan Houston Chapman, Thomas L. Dallas Chartaway, Susan Dallas Chisolm, Norman Moscow Clark, Cindy Galveston Clark, Mary B. Lujkin Clark, Orie Houston Clark, Bobert M. Dallas Clark, Stanley Marshall Cleaver, Jo New Salem 126 Juniors 1 O Ail L k Clifton, Roger Timpson Clinton, L. G. Ill Houston Cofield. Randy Dallas Coleman, Rryan New Boston Collins, Shirley Houston Conlee. Kay Bryan Coode, Jo Henderson Cook, Arlyn San Benito Cooper, Donna Henderson Corbin, Kathy Houston Corley, Sherry Dallas Cotton Sherry Tyler Cottrell, Sherry Baker, La. Craddock, Van Longview Crenshaw, Winn Richardson Croft, Johnny Jacksonville Crook, Carolyn Tyler Crook, Marilyn Tyler Cummings, Penny Bronson Cummins, Kathy Sinton Cummins, Wayne Levelland Cunningham, Johnny Weinert Curtis, Wayne San Antonio Dailey, Dale Texarkana Dailey, Judy Texarkana Daimwood, Betty Waco Davenport, Herschell Jr. Corsicana Davey, Ronald Houston Davis, Brenda Colmesneil Davis, Dan Palestine Davis, Sissy Bryan 127 Cheerleader Margaret Birdsong urged the Jacks to score one more touch- down. All moments were not happy ones as Ronnie Hawthorne took time out for serious thought. J uniors Davis, James Earl Lufkin Davis. Sandra Lewisville DeWoody, Robert Huntington Dial, Don Tenaha Dickard, Larry Marshall Di Giovanni, Paul R. Nacogdoches Dillard, Bobbie Gainesville Dixon, John P. Alto Doran, Tom San Antonio Dorman, Jim Fort Worth Dorough. Paula Tyler Douglas, Terry Marlin Drachenberg, Timothy Alvin Draper, Diedri Marie Rosenberg DuBose, Cathy Richmond Duckworth, Raymond E. Waskom Duerer, Judith Dickinson Duerer, Wayne Houston Duke, Ransom Vernon Duncan, Gary Tyler Duncan, Ronald Madison, Pa. Dunn, Linda Atlanta Duvall, Tina Houston Dyess, Wayne Pittsburg Edmiston. Melinda Houston 128 Juniors Edwards, Lindalyn Texarkana Eignus, Robert Friendswood Ellis, Linda Baytown Engelking, Jo Lynn Nacogdoches Enoch, Janet Baytown Eshbach, Cal Bridge City Fajardo, Philip Amarillo Feistel, Robert Texas City Fenske, Carol Marlin Ferguson, Glenda Kilgore Fernandez, Eloy Corpus Christi Fielder, Olen E. Houston Fischinger, Judy San Antonio Flora, Hebert V. Jr. Sulphur Springs Florence, Jerry Nacogdoches Flynn, Ailsa Corsicana Foree, Helen Dallas Foster, Peg Nacogdoches Fountain, Cathy La Porte Franta, Patsy Columbus Fugler, Malcolm J. Marshall Fulgham, Joe Brounsboro Fults, Suzanne Los Angeles, Calif. Galbraith, Glee Houston Garcia, Diana Sherman Garcia, Robert Killeen Garrett, Joe Overton Garrett, Tom Houston Garza, Mary Alice Palacios Gatlin, Ken Dallas Gevedon, William E. West Liberty, Ky. Gholson, Robert Laneville Gibbons, Emma Sue Meridian Gibbons, James Tyler Gilbert, Ronald D. Linden Glaze, Linda Tyler Gober, Jerry Martin Pittsburg Goehring, Jo Ann Henderson Golemon, Bobbie Ranger Gonzales, Beatrice Victoria 129 Sound Generation Singers prepared for their first record release. Juniors Gordon, Jay Dallas Gordon, Peter Dallas Gorham, John Dallas Graham, Jim Houston Gravley, Lucy San Antonio Gray, Barbara Freeport Gray, James A. Dallas Greene, Susan Houston Greene, Wiley Houston Greer, Deanna Nacogdoches Griffee, Katie Houston Griffee, Linden Texas City Griffin, Ginger Marshall Griffin, Sam Lufkin Grubb, Jim Pasadena Gryder, Carolyn Alta Loma Gutjahr, Anneliese Overton Hackbarth, Mary Ann Sealy Halas, George Rosenberg Hammonds, Gregory Corsicana Hancock, Kenneth Baytown Haney, Mike Texas City Hardin, Jimmy Tatum Hardy, Robert Michael Nacogdoches Hawkins, Melvin R. Texarkana life i i It SL. if M fa J .. 4tH 130 Mm It JMP t f?9 15?} fTTi twii i irk • j v. 4 . • - 1 j i At .ilk L k vtefe % ? 1 V- lif 9 p © P 3£ Juniors Hay, Ben Lone Star Hay, Michael Hartman Hays, Richard Levelland Hebert, Ralph Winnie Heinen, Tia Dallas Hendershot, Douglas Houston Hendry, Donald Texas City Hensley, Robert Lujkin Herrin, Gloria Kilgore Hewitt, Diana Tyler Hight, LaNell Houston Hightower, Ken Dallas Hightower, Scotty Sugarland Hill, Tim Midland Hilliard, Mike Houston Hinds, Jim Houston Hinton, Jane Thomson, Ga. Hinz, Dale Fort Worth Hodges, Mary Alice San Benito Hoke, Timothy Orange Holley, Suzette Longview Holt, Sharron Nacogdoches Hood, Ruth Ann Quitman Hopkins, Guy Center Houghton, Mike Abilene Howard, George Ore City Howard, James Franklin Howard, William Marshall Huckaby, Lynn Killeen Huegel, Andrea Houston Hugghins, Shirley Troup Hughes, Kay Nacogdoches Hughes, Mary Ann Center Hughes, Patrick La Porte Hughes, Patsy Longview Hull, Tim Houston Hunt, Truett Kenedy Huntsberger, Andy Marshall H ynds, Martha Houston Inderman, Patsy Nacogdoches 131 Juniors Ingram, Barbara Jacksonville Isom, Roddy Ennis Iversen, Kristina Nacogdoches Jackson. Robert Orange Jacob, Brenda Lufkin Jacobs, Gary Lufkin Jennings, Larry Stafford Joffrion, Eric Nacogdoches Johns, Jearlyn Houston Johnson, Cynthia Houston Johnson, Jean Denton Johnson, Jerry Hearne Johnson, Leroy Texas City Johnson, Mary Pasadena Johnston, Kenneth Dallas Johnston, Marcus Tyler Jones, Benny Brach field Jones, Donald Pasadena Jones, Lurita Longview Jones, Maurice Lufkin Jones, Pat Orange Kain, Laura Neiv London Kalb, Kathy Houston Kammeyer, Louise Richardson Kelly, Benson West field Kerbo, Mike Deer Park King, Carolyn Houston Klein, Patricia San Antonio Kobar, Paul Palestine Koch, Carolyn Lane City Koenie, Diane Houston 132 Students found many new volumes added to Boynton Library. j n If ft IK » H Ail 1 A Juniors Kolac, Rodney Koliba, John Koontz, Elyse Kosta, Larry Kramis, Gary Texarkana Corpus Christi Houston La Marque Houston Kroning, Nancy Houston Lackey, Dick Dallas Lacy, Cynthia Carthage Lamar, George Warren Landrum, Susan Alto Lane, Iris San Antonio Lane. Michael San Antonio Larsen, Diane Dallas Latimer, John Garrison Layton. Marsha Tyler Lee, Clifford Laneville Leigh. Kenneth Atlanta Lester, Judy Houston Link, Patsy Texarkana Little, Michael Jacksonville Little. Tommy Texas City Loper. Sheri Kilgore Lott. Myra Houston Lowery. Suzy Woodville Lowry, Sherry Dallas Lucas, Doyle Nacogdoches Luce, Billy Jacksonville Lucht. Margaret Marshall Lund. Connie Dallas Maberry. Mike Longview Machemehl. Abby Bellville Juniors Maloney, Ann Port Arthur Marshall, Bill Lake Jackson Marshall, Rodney Pittsburg Mathews, Paul Houston Mattern. Mike Nacogdoches Maxwell, Jackie Jacksonville McClure. Sharyn Pasadena McComb, Joe Corpus Christi McCormick, Sue Raymondville McCulloupfh. Robert Port Arthur McCullough, Sam McDaniel, George McDonald, Karen McEniry, Charles McKee, Malcolm Texas City La Porte Tyler Nacogdoches Lubbock McKnight, Joyce Pasadena McMorrow, Pat Lufkin McShan, Bruce Dallas Melton, Freddie Sugarland Mena, Duane Bryan Meyer, Deborah Dallas Miller. Katherine Houston Milligan, Sharon Centerville Mitchell, Darla Garland Mitchell, Janet Houston Mitchell. Trudy Dallas Moffett, Kay Jacksonville Monroe, James Livingston Moody, Ronald Munday Mookhoek, Marian Baytoivn Moore, Alyse Houston Morales. Linda Houston Morgan, Jerry Corpus Christi Morris, Mary Nell Marshall Morrow, Evelyn Cleburne Morton, Sandra Palacios Musick. Linda Waco Myers, Gary Dee Sour Lake Myers, Terry Sour Lake Newell, Dianna Houston 134 Juniors Newton, Clare Beaumont Nichols, Beverly Pineland Noland, Jill Lufkin Norman, Jack Galveston Norris, Annita Liberty Norris, Nancy Tyler O ' Connor. Cheryl Longview Oliver, Bill Waskom Owen, Linda Houston Owens, Mike Oglesby Parker, John William Center Parker, Susan Honolulu, Hawaii Parrott, Beth Reklaw Patterson, Thomas Slocum Payne, Barney Houston Pearlman, Allyn Houston Pelot, Guion Waco Pelz, Charles Marshall Pelz. Linda Mount Pleasant Perez, Ali Caracas, Venezuela Perkins, Freddie Henderson Perkins, Mike Littlefield Peters, Wilson Dallas Pfeiffer, Stan Dallas Phillips, Beverly Gary Security officers offered assistance. Students exchanged hasty greetings. Juniors Phillips, Melba Tyler Pickle, Pamela Ann Jasper Pinkston, Robert N. Center Pistone, Mary Ann Alta Loma Plant, Nancy Longview Pledger, Don Rusk Plum, Donald W. Queen City Poff, Sherrill Palestine Powell, Jim Houston Powers, Robert Houston Pruitt, Marilyn Lufkin Rappmund, Ronnie Converse Ray, Fred Houston Reckrey, Carol Irving Reed, Denny Freeport Reid, Sally Nacogdoches Remy, Calvin Shreveport, La. Rhoades, Lee Marshall Rhodes, Darrell Blooming Grove Ricks, Betty Lufkin Roberts, Dee Dallas Roberts, Gene Marshall Robertson, Kenneth Lufkin Robinett, Linda Clayton Rogers, Suzanne Sulphur Springs Root, Richard Terrell Ross, Linda Timpson Rougagnac, Rita Houston Rudolph, Glen Yoakum Russell, David Dallas Russell, Patricia Lufkin f 136 Juniors Russell, Craig Houston Sandeford, Neisha Waxahachie Sanders, Jacquelyne Tyler Saunders. Richard L. Jacksonville Schaefer, Frankie J. Houston Schaefer, Ken Tyler Schaeffer, Linda Lufkin Schmitt, Richard Texas City Schuler, Thilda Alto Schwarzbach, Joe Victoria Scoggin, Mike Dallas Scott, Rosie Cushing Seago, Robert Lufkin Segura, Sylvia Garland Sellick, Jim Gainesville Serene, Eugene San Antonio Sharpe, John A. Houston Shawn, Patricia A. Kilgore Sherman, Maureen Dallas Sherwood, Jan Houston Shirley, Megan Houston Simpson, Gay Fort W orth Sirratt, Kenneth Longview Skidmore, Kenneth Kaufman Skipper, Jack Kilgore Small, Floyd Jacksonville Small, Paula Jacksonville Smith, Anita Whitney Smith, Betsy Gladewater Smith, Clifford G. Richardson Smith, David Jacksonville 137 Juniors Smith, Rick Malakojf Smith, Sandy Houston Spencer, Elaine Dallas Spivey, James Garrison Spradley, David Nacogdoches Stacy, Betsy Bryan Stanton, Bonnie Oakwood Steele, Jack Daingerfield Stevens, Ricky La Mesa Stewart, Steve Gilmer Stewart, Tommy Tulia Still, Joanne Nacogdoches Stinson, Vickie Texarkana Stokes, William Houston Stott, Connie Houston Streetman, John Grapeland Strickland, Carol Houston Strickland, Phyllis Jacksonville Sturdivant, William Avinger Suhler, William Houston Surratt, Walter Andrews Suttle, Barbara Longview Swann, Kenneth Nacogdoches Swanson, Mary Lufkin Swenson, June Houston Tadlock, Nancy Waskom Tanksley, Lynda Channelvieiv Tatum, Nancy Mc Allen Taylor, Doug Houston Taylor, Kent Marshall Taylor, Linda Conroe Tewes, Mary Frances Stockdale Thompson, Tommy Bloomington Thornton, Sheila Huntington Tidmore, Danny Athens Tiller, Rebecca Carthage Tillery, Roy Houston Tindall, Dale San Augustine Tipton, Betty Texarkana Tittle, Bob Wichita Falls 138 Juniors Topham, Lynn Alia Loma Townsend. Robert Dallas Travis, Gary Dallas Trayler, Charles Hughes Springs Trotter, Karen Pittsburgh Truelove, Dianna Dawson Tully, Edward Beaumont Turner. Reeky Nederland Tutt, Robert Longview Underwood, Rrenda Jacksonville Urquhart. Reth Houston Van Derbur, Doug Houston Veselka, Laura Anglelon Walker, Jane Tyler Walker, Wyomie Lujkin Wallace, John Palestine Wallace, William Shreveport, La. Walley, Jane Lake Jackson Wallis, Nancy Garrison Walsh, Patti Houston Ward, Ralph Overton Ward. William Houston Warner, Jan Dallas Watson, Frances Orange Watz. Karyl Houston Horticulturists experimented with plant growth. Students occasionally strolled leisurely from class. M 139 Juniors Wearden, David Victoria Weaver, Clarence Rusk Weiher, Kay Fort Worth Weisinger, Margaret Center Welch, Bettie Texas City Welch, Jack Waskom Wells, Linda Angleton Wells, Trudy Waskom Western, Terry Mansfield White, Anthony Sayre, Okla. White, MariLynn Henderson Whitfield. John Grand Prairie Whitley, Sam Laneville Whitsitt. Linda Austin Wier. Joe Rockwall Wiley, Virginia Rosenberg Williams. Carl L. Leming Williams, Denise Spokane, Wash. Williams, Glenda Zavalla Williams. Milton Pasadena Will Will Will Will Will ams, Marilyn Newton ams, Timothy Abilene amson, Howard Westbrook s, J. L. Hallsville Lyn Dallas Windsor, Dianna Houston Winkelmann, Sharon Brenham Winkler, Billy Pasadena Wolfe, Mary Beth Houston Wood, John A. Athens Wood, Richard Dale Pasadena Woodley, Ela ine Marshall Woodruff, Landon Beaumont Woods, John Carthage Yarbrough, Barbara Fort Worth Young, Samuel G. Laneville Youngblood, Claude Waskom 140 NOTICE A charge of 20 per day is made for all books 8 from the stacks that are not returned on the date due. Signs reminded students of penalties. Little social life was available here. Term papers and research consumed many hours. Class favorites, above: Bill McBride and Miss Judy Tsukahara. Sophomores Soph omores Abel, Joy Sealy Aden, Nancy Pasadena Aldredge, Kay La Porte Alhashimi, Carolyn Nacogdoches Allen, Jade Liberty Allen, June Lufkin Alexander, Diane Galveston Anderson, Linda Jo Lufkin Appleberry, Lee Clute Argue, Joe Houston Arnall, Tom Orange Atchison, Debby Houston Atkinson, Ann Houston Atkinson, Martin Houston Atwood, Peggy Hamshire Aucoin, Patsy Dayton Austin, William Abilene Ay res, Page Arlington Baer, Brenda J. Dallas Baldwin, Mickie Austin Ballard, Brenda Douglassville Ballard, Paul Deer Park Banks II, Wallace Houston Barclay, Connie Houston Barkworth, Anne Garland Barnett, Sheryl Cleveland Bartlett, Betsie Linden Bass, Oron Homestead, Fla. Beasley, Brenda Timpson Bell, Kathleen Houston Bennett, Greg T. Houston — ■ Art students held classes outside to sketch landscapes. ill 144 Soph omores Bergvall, Charles McKinney Bertch, James Michael Houston Biddy, Mickey Avinger Bielamowicz, Theresa Houston Bingham, Barry Jacksonville Bitler, Nancy Harlingen Blair, Nancy Mc Allen Blair, Robert Houston Bloyd, Ted Houston Blystone, Karen Houston Boatman, Sandra Houston Bobbitt, Martha Orange Bodiford, Rodney San Antonio Bond, Joel Dallas Bosko, Patricia Houston Bosworth, Kevin Dallas Bowers, Carol Fort W orth Boyd, Donald Irving Brame, Bobby Livingston Branam, Lana Ennis Brandt, David Fort Worth Braun, Joe Winnie Braun, Janell Longview Briggs, Marilyn Houston Brooks, Bonnie Houston Brooks, Donna Lufkin Brown, Rodney Hurst Brown, Susan Fort Worth Bruno, Mary Sue Baytown Bryant, Diana Pasadena Burch, Jeffrey Houston 145 Soph omores Burke, Steve Carrollton Burkett, Darlene Winnie Burnett, Thomas Mexia Burt, Ann Longview Byman, Barbara Gilmer Byman, Beverly Gilmer Cain, Sheila Pasadena Calliham, Janet College Station Calton, Debbie Dallas Campbell, Karen Grand Prairie Campbell, Susan Texas City Carlson, Linda Pampa Carter, Adell Timpson Carter, Graylene Dallas Carter, James Midland Carter, Laura Lee Houston Carter, Martha Marshall Carter, Michael Bivins Casey, Kim Jacksonville Casteel, Gary Houston Castles, John Dallas Caufield, Susan Fort Worth Chambers, Mitzi Pasadena Chelette, Karen Kingsville Christmann, Harold Houston Cielinski, Loretta Houston Clauson, Bruce Houston Clayton, Andy Terrell Cleaver, Jo New Salem Coffman, Danny Conroe Coggburn, Linda Lou Hallsville Coin, Emery Segno Coit, Deborah Dallas Coleman, Sharon Houston Coleman, William Waskom Colwell, Brenda Crockett Colvert, Jan Dallas Cooper, Linda Houston Cook, Richard Houston Copeland, Candyce Mexia 146 Sophomores Corman, Alex Houston Courreges, Joyce Houston Cousins, Robert Beeville Cox, Carlyn San Augustine Cox, Ronald Henderson Cozart, Jim Pittsburg Crabtree, Tina Dallas Craddock, Kathy Houston Crawford, Cynthia Ann Athens Cretsinger, Gwen Houston Crisp, Jean Port Neches Cull, Judith Humble Curry, Jennie Dallas Cypert, Alan Dallas Dainwood, James Longview Davidge, Sharon Marshall Davis, Annette Port Arthur Davis, Carolyn Palestine Davis, Grace Palestine Davis, Shelby Orange Davis, Susan Raymondville Day, Diane Boerne De Gaugh, James Angleton Dezelle, Janis San Augustine Divine, Lois Trinidad Vietnam forums attracted students desiring change in war policies. Kappa Alpha Order used an Old South rush theme. Observation of biological growth added to student knowledge. Sophomores Doelling, Patsy Houston Dorr, Susan Dallas Dorsch, Janet Columbus, Ohio Draper, Stephen Columbus Duddleston, Karla Raymondville Duncan, Judy Houston Dunlap, Jimmy Garland Dunn, Andy Longview Durrett, Jackie Houston Duvall, Laura Dallas - B " m H ' M Dye, Mike Houston Edelen, Thomas San Antonio Edgar, Michael Dallas Edwards, Diane Houston Eernisse, Sherry West Columbia Egan, Dee Anne Irving Elliott, Barbie Richardson Elliott, Sylvia Houston Embree, Steve Longview Evans, Diana Kendall Park Evans, Donald Nacogdoches Evers, Panette Houston Fagan, Connie Dallas Fairchild, James Kirbyville Farmer, Walter Bryan to 148 Soph omores Faulk, Judith La Marque Felchak, Cody Bellville Ferguson, Roland Lufkin Ferris, Tommie Kilgore Fieglein, Larry Houston Fillebrown, David Mount Pleasant Findleisen, Tommy San Antonio Fisher, Nancy Dallas Fleming. Jerry Dallas Fleming, Terry Trinidad Flowers, Toinette Belton Forse, Alvin Kirbyville Forsman, Pam Houston Foster, Carolyn Houston Foster, Suzanne Texarkana Foulds, Duncan Houston Fowler, Lily Ann Marshall Fraga, Robert San Antonio Fraker, Bryant Dallas Francis, Becky Atlanta, Ga. Fratt, Ken Houston Fredrick, Vernon Humble Fredrickson, Linda Dallas Freeman, Tim Silsbee Frier, James W. Longview Furlong, Dennis Dallas Furlow, Vickie Houston Furness, Martha Pasadena Fuston, Samuel Beaumont Gagner, Yvonne Houston Gammon. Sharon Dallas Garasic. Walter Fairfax, Va. Garfias, Pat Dallas Garrett, Ben Amarillo Garrett, James Orange Garrett. Judith A. Dallas Gates, Carol Tomball Gentry. Maria Mesquite Geoffroy. Linda Gail Amarillo Gibbs. Mike Alamo, Calif. 149 Sophomores Gilchrist, Claudia Houston Glenn, Linda Garland Godbey, Gayle Dallas Goeckel, Susan Atlanta, Ga. Goforth, Lawrence Comfort Graham, Julia Dallas Grant, Kathey Austin Graves, Tommy Clyde Marshall Green, Peggy Lujkin Grigsby, Veronica Marshall Grissom, Terrie Henderson Grissom, Wayne Nacogdoches Groft, Lydia Carol Vivian, La. Grubbs, Sheila Texas City Grunert, Gail Bonham Haley. Helen Orange Hall, Carol Sue Gary Hall, David Bellaire Hall, Sylvia Pasadena Halle. Maureen Dallas Hanes, Lois Nacogdoches Harber, Patricia Marshall Hardilek, Tommy Houston Hardin, Jimmie Nell Richardson Harkrider, Sharon Houston Fraternity men welcomed the Lumberjacks onto the field. Harris, Carole Corsicana Harris, Jan Troup Harrison, Polly Houston Hart, Frank Dallas Harvey, Jim Houston Hatcher, Annette Waco 150 Sophomores Haus, Dale Houston Hawkins. Sandi Marshall Helge, Doris Austin Hemann. Cindy Houston Herrington. Bettye Lufkin Hertwig. James Irving Heslop. Ann E. San Antonio Hill. Marie Mount Pleasant Hill. William Mount Pleasant Hoffman, Steve Toronto, Ontario, Canada Holcomb. Gloria Redwater Honea, Richard Lake Jackson Hooton, Brenda Marshall Hopson. Polly Blooming Grove Howard, Patsy Ann Houston Hughes. Joe K. Dallas Hurst, Dotty Dallas Innes. Jim Dallas Ivy, Janie Fairfield Jackson, Gary Richardson Jackson. Pete Dallas Jacobson. Nan Fort W orth Jannise, Geneva Raywood Jefferies. Donald Manvel Johns, Judith Houston Johnson, Charlotte Laneville Johnson, LaWanda K. Franklin Johnson. Louie Trinity Johnson, Myra Alto Jones. Gene Port Lavaca Jones, Lawrence Center 151 Soph omores Jones, Nelda Saint Louis, Mo. Jorns. Joella Houston Kanpaibool, Surang Thailand Kast, Charles Dallas Kebodeaux. Renee Houston Kelley. Linda Lujkin Kendrick. Kathie Lufkin Kenne, Darlene Bay City Kent. Marlene Houston Kershaw, Becky Padre Island Keys, Dennis Dallas Kidwell, Randall Mount Pleasant Kilgore, Barry Pasadena Kirchner, Danny Pasadena Knox. Dara Richardson Koppel, Kathleen Houston Langford, Gvven Houston Langston. Barbara Longview Lavvson. Adera Pittsburg Lau " hlin. Fred Bellaire LeBlanc, Sandy Winnie Ledbetter, Lucy Dallas Lee Jr.. Jimmie Port Arthur Lee. Mary Nacogdoches Leggett. Dennis Joaquin Lewis, Brenda Houston Lionberger. Carole Fort Worth Lipman, Gary Dallas Lockleer. Tw inkle Longview Longmire. Robin Conroe Lorenz, Glenn Grand Prairie Lowe. Ginger Texas City Lucas. Gail Houston Lucy. Mary Beth Longview Mabry. Don Liberty MacDowell. Pamela Fort Worth Machlitt. Sandy Houston Magee. James Houston Mainord. Sammy Pasadena Manning. Sheila La Marque 152 1? - - " »J X - : W i €: r mm i 4 I Sopho mores Marietta, Shirley Houston Marshall. Vicki Houston Martin, Linda Alto Massey, Mike Houston Maxwell, Cheryl Deer Park McBride Jr.. Bill Harlingen McBride, Mary Woodville IVlcBurnettc. Elaine Houston McCarty, Debbie Houston McClain, Beverly A. Apple Springs McClelland. Sue Cleveland McCullough, William Mexia McDonald. Janice Houston McDonald. Wendy Houston McGee. Kenneth Andrews McKewen, Wend) Nacogdoches McNeilly, Susan Houston Means, James Richardson Meaux, Lynette Groves Medlin. Russell L. Garland Meredith. Dean Torn ball Merhoff. Gail Houston Miller, Carolyn Tenaha Miller, Charles Houston Milligan. Glenda Galena Park Students watch as bonfire slowly burns out. 153 Sophomores Monte. Lawrence Freeporl Moore. Dewey M. Hughes Springs Moore. Patie Houston Moore. Ruth Ann Waco Morris, Cheryl Pasadena Morris. Lynda Fori Worth Morrison, Deborah Sue Bonham Morrison, Gene W. Angleton Motl. Curtis Houston Motley, Peggy Buna Muckleroy, Donna Marshall Musslewhite, Jean Troup Nancy. Joy Houston Nash, Betsy Dallas Neely, Vicki Houston Nenies. Beverly D eer Park Nerren. Jacquelyn Lufkin Newton, Cecil Longview Niblack. Robert Houston Oakley, Robert Dallas Oberholtzer, Phyllis Mexia Oliver. Patricia Houston Olson. Denis Avoca Owen. Santha Frecport Oxford, Barbara Fort Worth Pace. Sandi Port Arthur Palomares, Jesse Bryan Parker. Emily Henderson Parker. Loisanne Frankston Parmley, Randolph Nacogdoches Parr, Joe Dallas 154 The slowest bike won this race! It K - m Aim Q mm Sophomores Patterson, Jan Lufkin Patton. Dan Maud Peacock. Donna Port Arthur Pederson, George Dallas Peek, Sharon Kilgore Permenter, Judy Nassau Bay Perry, Carol Pasadena Peurifoy. Johnny Dallas Peyton, Harry Houston Phillips, Donald La Porte Philpot. Ronnie Fort Worth Pickel, Robert Palestine Pierce, Andy Richardson Plate. Mario Jo Garland Pollock. Kathy Nacogdoches Poole, Don Garland Powell. Jim Cape Houston Price, Roy Atlanta Pridgeon, Evila Austin Pringle, Jeanette Houston Pruett, Cheryl Fort Worth Pullen. Nancy Savoy Ragain. Ronnie Van Ramsden. Jack Dallas Rankin. Michael Sour Lake Ratcliff. Steve Waskom Ray, Connie Daingerfield Ray, Jim Bryan Rector. Thomas Nacogdoches Richard. Allen Port Arthur Richey. Johnnie Kcklaw 155 Crowds watched a-- the band entertained at Homecoming. Players welcomed relaxation on the bench. Soph omores Rigby, Nancy Dayton Rinewalt, Lyndell Larnesa Roach. Thad Houston Roberts. Shannon Dallas Rorabeck. Forrest Jefferson Roseburg. Pam Dallas Rosen. James Houston Ross. Jim Timpson Rothrock, Evelyn Kerrville Rowland. Brenda Houston Rozell. Ronny Dallas Rude. Tommy Rosenberg Rudolph. Janet Dallas Ruffin. Stephen Houston Russell, Cynthia S. Nacogdoches Ryan. Gail Garland Ryan. Janice Corpus Christi Sadler. Philip Houston Sage. Diana Houston Sam ford. Samuel M. Oden Sample. Linda Livingston Schneider. Mary C. Houston Schoaps. Karen Houston Schradeder, Cynthia Waco Scoggins, Suzanne Lufkin 156 Soph omorrs Scott. Huey Pasadena Scull, Catherine Dallas Segura, Felicia Garland Setzer, Judy Houston Sh ankles. John Dallas Shaw. Donna La V ernia Sheffield, Lynnette I). Brenham Shepardson. Phillip Houston Shipe. Patricia Waskom Shirley III. Edward H. San Antonio Siepert. Jan is Dallas Simmermann, Kathy Longview Simpson. Bonita Huntington Smith, J. Hardy Garland Smith. Lyndith Houston Smith. Rickey Siveetwater Snider. Cathy San Antonio Snyder, Sally Houston Solito. Nancy Houston Speights. Carol Houston Spencer. Ethel Marshall Spiller, Barhara L. Freeport Spottswood, Hal S. Longview Sprouse, Barry Irving Staggs, Linda Marshall Steel, Donna Palestine Steinke, Jan Kingsville Stephenson, Barhara Baytown Stevenson, Donna Houston Stewart. Carol Grand Saline Stiles, Eddie Devers Stiver, Margaret W aco Stone, Rita Dallas Strahan, Roger Nacogdoches Strickland. Sarah E. Nacogdoches Strom, Debbie Houston Stutes. Annette Winnie Sumerford. Ryan Dallas Summers, Donna Te.xarkana Surratt. Nila Linden Soph omores Surratt. Peggy Texarkana Swensen. Marsha Pearland Taggart. Kathy Fort Worth Taylor. Linda Dallas Taylor, Patricia Austin Terry, Charles Jacksonville Thomas. Franny Orange Thompson. Patrick Richardson Tillison. Carolyn Henderson Toland. Nancy Waco Townsend. Jeannie Rusk Trevathan, Gayla Alto Turner, Mel Palestine Tuttle. Glenna Dallas Tyler, Susan Houston Tyson, Barbara Timpson Vanway, Pamela Houston Vestal. Meriam Hughes Springs Vinson, Dennis Kemp Vudhibhandhu. Vichairatana Bangkok, Thailand Waldrop. Barbara Longview Walker, John Houston Walker, Larry Hughes Springs Walker, Mary Lynn Marlin Wall, Sharon Houston Walters. JoAnna Lujkin Walton, Stephenia Palestine Warner. Lynn Silsbee Waters. Winfred Keith Belton Weishaar, John West Columbia Welch, John Mineral Wells Welch, Nelwyn Orange Welch, Noland Texas City West, Wynette Houston White. Patricia Longview White, Raymond Houston White, Ronnie Lufkin Whitefield, Priscilla Dallas Wildfong, Leith Dallas Williams, Eileen Texas City IT 1 |A v V W ' Si 4: if , ' 4 •V. If!) £ Students vacated the SUB for night life. Sophomores Will iams, Melody Ann Houston Williams, Virginia 4 0 Wi lliamson, Judy Houston Willis. Cathy Longview Wilson. James Frankston Wilson. Tamesha Helton Wilson, Lark Atlanta Wilson. Randell Avinger Windsor. Judj Houston With row, Nancy Dallas Wold, Bobhie Jo Longview Wolf, Ann Houston Wood, Nancy Henderson Wood, Wanda Winnie Woods. Gail Burkeville Works, Hazel Longview Wortham, Evalynn Dallas Wright, John Houston Wright, Karla Dallas Wyatt, Sally Dallas Yezak, Nellie Marlin Young, Michael Mount Pleasant Yow, Carl Jefferson 161 Fresh men Allen, John Houston Allison, Farris Richardson Altenbach, Fred Saint Louis, Mo. Alton, Jim Houston Alverson. Jan Chattanooga, Tenn. Amerine, Dianne Lufkin Anderson, Karen Houston Anderson, N. Kathleen Wills Point Anderwald, Gary Amarillo Andrews, Suzanne Irving Anthony, Susan Irving Arndt, Pam Palacios Arnold, Martha Dallas Arnold, Pamela Fort Worth Arrington, Jenny Orange Ashcraft, Roger Astrello, Donna Attaway, Andy Babin, Barbara Longview Houston Dallas George W est Bader, Linda Houston Baker, Kathy Nacogdoches Bang, Janet Houston Barfield, Brenda Houston Barker, Phillis Garland Barrett, Randy San Antonio Barry, Michael Houston Baugh, Billye Pasadena Baumann, Marsha Houston Baushke, Maxine Longview Beaty, Richard Houston Behr, Jeron Boerne 162 Freshmen Bell, Teresa Killeen Berg, Eric Houston Bible. Blionda Sulphur Springs Biechlin, Robert R. San Antonio Bischoff, Malinda Houston Black, Barbara Houston Black, Nancy Joaquin Blankenship. Leann Denison Blaydes, Joan Houston Blaylock. Donna Duncanville Blust. Mary Lou Houston Bobbitt. Cy nthia Fort Wotrh Bobo, Rhonda Douglass Bohannon. Deborah Southlake Bohuslav, Maryette Ennis Bonner, Cathy Dallas Bowman, Wally Euless Boyle, Gerald New Shreivbury, N. J. Boyle, James M. Houston Bozeman. Jackie Lynne Terrell Bradbury. Margo Pinehurst Bradley, Mark Garland Brady, Joy Garland Branch. Betty Jo Houston Brewer, Kathy Dallas Bridges, Deborah Houston Broaddus, Joan Houston Broom, Elizabeth Houston Brower, Cindy Dallas Brown, James Robert Garland Brown, Linda Houston 163 The annual torchlight parade highlighted the Homecoming pep rally. Freshmen Brown. Michael Vernon Brown, Ruth Melyndia New on Brown, Steve Dallas Browne, Paula ■ Richardson Bruce, Karen Fort Worth Brunson, James Bryan Bryan, Reggie Dallas Bryant, Terry Dallas Bunnell, Kathleen Dallas Burgess, Richard Dallas Burke, Arnold Garland Burnett. Dorothy Freeport Burnett, Lyle Ladonia Burnett, Marsha Lufkin Burns, Judith Dallas Burton. Susan Fort Worth Bush, Lisa Wichita, Kan. Butler, Ann Dallas Butler, Linda Bryan Cain, Wayne Richmond, Va. Camp, Kerry Dickinson Canafex, Patricia Dallas Canion, Rachel Houston Carrier, Geno Waskom Carter. Mary Killeen 164 Freshmen Castle, Jane Garland Castleberry, Tom Wills Point Certain. Vanchee Dallas Chally. Ron Austin Chambers, Carol vn Houston Chance. Pe»j; Houston Chapman, Debbie Lufkin Chevalier, Denise Joaquin Chilivetis, Lea Houston Chisum. Patricia Ann Port Arthur Christopher, Beth Houston Clark. Beverlj Richardson Clark. Donna Houston Clark. Joey Dickinson Clark. Man I). Austin Clark. Phillip Palestine Clark. Steven L. Cleburne Clark. Th omas Edward Conroe Clarke, Carole Tyler Cleaver. Marilyn Hallsville Clepper. Barry League City Cleveland. Earlann Longvieiv Cline. Larry L. Houston CI ovver. Linda Houston Coke. Cerry Longview Cole. Diane Georgetown Colletti, Cynthia Houston Collier. Maurice Eugene Orange Colwell, Al Pasadena Conner. Pani Houston Cope. Carol Pasadena Corbell. Charlotte Huxley Corner. Michelle San Antonio Corona. Rita Angelee Houston Cotterell. Cathy Houston Covin, Ben Nacogdoches Crabb, Linda Dallas Cravotta. Charlene Dallas Craw ford, Ann Center Crist, Jimmy Dallas 165 Freshmen Crook, Cindy Fort Worth Crowley, Steve Beaumont Cummings. Sandra Palestine Curie. Brad Houston Currens, Keith Richardson Dailey. James Grapeland Darcy, Diane Houston Davidson, Linda Houston Davis, Mary Ellen Crockett Davis. Steve Dallas Davis, Tricca Garland Dawson. Deborah La Porte Day, Janice Dallas DeHart. Barbara San Antonio Denman, Kenneth Pasadena de Wit. Amie Dallas Dickerman, Bill Pasadena Dixon. David Dallas Dodson, Nancy Conroe Dodson, Ricky Bonham Doherty, Joseph Galveston Dominey. Roger Huntington Dougan, Drue Palestine Drawhorn, Donna Beaumont Drennan. James Pittsburg Drew, Dorothy Dallas Duke. Gail Corpus Christi Duncan. Deborah San Antonio Duncan. Glennis Pittsburg Dunnahoe, Debbie Houston Dunnam, Jeannie Sweeny 166 Fresh men Earle, Roland Houston Eaves, Gwendolyn Center Echols, Mina Rusk Edmonds, Fredrick Dallas Edwards, Gary McKinney Edwards, Laura Denise Houston Edwards, Patti Lujkin Elliott, Gary Nacogdoches Elolf, Robert Houston Embry, Jimmy Houston Emerson, Linda Richardson Faircloth, Wayne Longview Ferguson, Janet Pasadena Ferguson, Todd Dallas Fifield, Lynden Hamshire Fillip, Donna Marlin Finlay, Christy Irving Florence, Sharon Kaye Nacogdoches Flynt, William Irving Foley, Jo Henderson Folger, Nancy Louise Dallas Folsom, Donna Brown wood Ford, Patricia Mena, Ark. Ford, Ronald Marshall Fortson, Patricia Ann Silsbee Foshee, Marion Nacogdoches Foster, Bonnie Center Fowler, Becky Anchorage, Alaska Franke, Dinan Chester Freberg. Sharon Kilgore Freeman, Cheryl Port Arthur 167 Freshmen French, Lucille Houston Frierson, Debby Dallas Fuller, Linda Garland Fulmer, Kathie Nacogdoches Gaisser, Joan Tyler Gammon. Richard Dallas Gardner, Cathy Houston Gardner, Donna Dallas Garrison. Debbie Grapeland Gaubatz, Connie Lake Jackson Gauches, Jennifer Houston Gayle, Patricia Ann Grapeland George, Beverly Houston Gerringer, Ronald Houston Gerz, Linda Dallas Gilmore, Carol Blue Springs, Mo. Gindorf. Glenna Houston Glasgow, Mary Ann Corsicana Godwin, Brenda Chireno Graham. Sherry Hondo Grant. Larry Lake Jackson Griffith, Richard K. Palestine Groce, William Dallas Gumienny, Gaynelle Houston Gunderson, Linda Houston Hagen. Judie Houston Halbert, Julie Houston Hale, Terry Winnie Hall, Brenda Clarksville Hall, Deborah L. Hughes Springs Hall. Janet Pasadena Halsey. Sue Houston Hamilton, William G. Dallas Hammond. Richard Garland Hammons, Karen Killeen Hanzel, Karen Lake Jackson Harborth, Janice Houston Hardin. Theresa Houston Hardy. Karen Center Harrell. Beckie La Porte 168 Freshmen Harris, Betty Fort Worth Hays, Robert Henderson Hearne, Hazel Sue Dallas Heaton, Pamela Channelview Heberling. James Houston Heinen, Jim Garland Henry, Mary Jo Nacogdoches Hervey, James College Station Heyroth, Debby Beaumont Higgins, Debby Fort Worth High, Brinda Hughes Springs Hill. Howell Marshall Hill, Max Nacogdoches Hill. Sarah Nacogdoches Hines, Georgia Henderson Hinton, Paul Houston Hodge, Ca rol Garland Hoffman, Marilyn Houston Hoke, Zodie Bellaire Holloway, jay Houston Holvey, Angela Borger Hooton, Susan Hughes Springs Hopkins, Randy Dallas Hopper, Joan Richardson Horton. Trudy Singapore, China ROTC cadets stood with torches during Christmas tree lighting. Freshmen Houser, Lynn Dallas Hudson, Mimi Houston Hughen, Nita Houston Hughes, Terry Celina Human, Glenda Kemah Humphrey, Robert Houston Hunter, Cindy Houston Hurst, Raelynn Austin Hutchinson, Joan Dallas Imoehl, Sandy Houston Irby, Doris Newton Irvine, Claudia Port Arthur Irwin, Martina Duncanville Isabel, Debbie Houston Isenblitter, Jeannette San Augustine Iversen, Fredrikke Nacogdoches Jackson, Vicki Garland Jetton, Marcia Center Johnson, Brent Dallas Johnson, Cathleen Gladeivater Johnson, Diane Houston Johnson, George Dallas Johnson, Jere Abilene Johnson, Karel Dallas Johnson, Mary Joy Houston Johnson, Nancy Dallas Johnson, Richard Dallas Johnson, Vicki Houston Jonas, David Garland Jones, Kathy Sue Marquez Jordan, Beckye Nacogdoches When classes were over for the day, students went to the library to study. 0jf f w Wk 4k 1 lit m 170 Freshmen Karp, Vickie Houston Kasboum, Betsy Houston Kelly, Linda Houston Kelly, Russel III Waxahachie Kewley, Judy Joaquin Kight, James Roma King, Kathy Dallas Kirkland, Susan Nacogdoches Kite, Sharon Garland Kittrell, Kay Denton Kliewer, Jim Houston Kosman, Chris D. Dallas Kraemer, Kaye Center Kremer, Patricia Houston Lacy, Joyce Neches Lamar, Linda Houston Lambert, Leslie Houston Lamberth, Nancy Kemah Lamkin, Brenda Houston Lanasa, Katie Beaumont Langley, Linda Marlin Lawrence, Jean Dallas Lawson, Bonnie Houston LeBlanc, Madeline Beaumont Lee, Dorothy Lufkin Leiper, Mary Houston Leonard, Luanne Cleburne Leonard, Wanda Bryan Lewis, Angie Seagoville Lewis, Janet Dallas Lief, Pam Dallas 171 Freshmen Lewellyn, Kathy La Marque Lofton, Cecelia Houston Lollar, Donna Palestine Long, Sally Jo Arcadia Longyear, Mary Dallas Looney, Tina Nacogdoches Lotspeich, Blevins Irving Lucas, Barbara Houston Ludwick, Linda Houston Lurker, Dean Longview Lynch, Steve Houston Machemehl, Rosemary Houston Maddox, Melinda Dallas Magness, Kenneth M. Orange Mallard, George Bryan Mandes, Yvonne Houston Maple, Susan Longview Maples, Floyd Garland Martin, Ronald B. Houston Mason, Belinda Houston McAllister, William Bay City McArthur, Edward S. La Marque McBee, Chris Nacogdoches McCarney, Kathy Silsbee McCarroll, Robert Houston McCarthy, Vickie Fort Worth McClain, Charla Garland McCleary, Michael P. Waco McClendon, Wanda Baytown McClure, Edna Earle Pasadena McConkey, David Houston McCorkle, Beverly Longview McCray, Karan Austin McCuistion, Marsha Houston McDonald, Diane Bellaire McDonald, Louise Houston McDowell, Jerry Hemphill McElroy, Sherry Midlothian McGovern, Kathleen Blytheville, Ark. McGowan, Susan Dallas it i- 1 f m 4 1 All tm WS it 1 jl: ■ « « | v «v f 172 Freshmen Mcjilton, Gayland Nacogdoches McKinney, Carolyn League City McLachlan, Argyle Victoria McLaughlin, Lee Lujkin McMinn, Gloria S. Houston McMurrey, Nancy Houston McNutt, Connie Longview McPhail, Sharon Longview McWhirter, Vicki Pearland McWilliams, David Lancaster Mead, Kris Houston Meadows, Marsha Longview Medley, Lynn Port Arthur Mercer, Deborah Houston Meredith, Cheryl Dallas Meskan, Nancy Dallas Middleton, Charles Hughes Springs Miles, Pamela London, Eng. Miller, Barbara Hilltop Lakes Miller, Barbara Anne Fort Worth Miller, Marcia Fort Worth Miller, Pamela Dallas Mills, Raymond Milam Mims, Sandra Houston Mitchell, Randy Dallas Signing out of dormintories was an ever present part of SFA life. Delta Zetas entertained rushees at a Preference Party. Bettye Herrington found writing Pine Log features much fun. Modern dance production enabled students to do free interpretations. Freshmen Mobley, Linda Texas City Montgomery, Pam Houston Moon, Janice Navasota Mooneyham, Robert Houston Morris, Gail Houston Mougey, Pam Houston Muntean, Kathy Longview Murphree, Betsy Houston Murphree, Connie Duncanville Myers, Sandy Houston Nadel, Elizabeth Dallas Neville, Theresa Houston Neubrand, Tom Dallas Neumann, Brenda Groves Nevitt, Kenneth D. Louisville, Ky. Newman, Lance Corpus Christi Newton, David Big Spring Noble, Laura Cleburne Noble, Robert Houston Nowak, Penny Pasadena Oakman, Sue Ann Lake Jackson Oates, Patricia Dallas O ' Brien, Barbara Houston O ' Hara, Kathy Dallas Olivier, Linda Port Arthur 174 Freshmen O ' Rourke, Pat Houston Osborn, Janie Dallas Osborne, Carol Houston Oyler, Janet L. Dallas Parker, Judy Longview Parker, Theresa Orange Parris, Dawn E. Tyler Paulson, Carolyn Houston Pavletich, Patti Jacksonville Pedlar, Jackie Houston Pegram, Janis Dallas Perkins, Mary Livingston Phillips, Rebecca Houston Picus, Gerald Mesquite Pierce, Gwendolyn Houston Pierpont, William Marshall Pittman, Jon Houston Pitts, Bonnie Marshall Pitts, Marisha Houston Ponder, William D. San Augustine Porter, Penny Sour Lake Porter, Suzanne Longview Post, John Houston Potter, Karen Austin Powell, Benjamin L. Houston Powell, Margaret Longview Poynter, Janet Bellaire Prado, Dan Hemphill Prewitt, Dennis Dallas Price, Deb Dallas Pridgen, Betty Joaquin Prihoda, John Bryan Prouty, Thomas M. Texas City Pruett, Susan Longview Pugh, George Palestine Pulich, Nancy Irving Pullen, Sally Savoy Purser, Sandy Fort Worth Quandt, Mary Jane Marlin Rabun, Ginny Houston 175 Freshmen Rachel, Brenda Longview Rachel, Keith Longview Railey, Susan Fort W orth Rain, Richard Houston Rauch, Deborah Bryan Ramirez, Isabel San Benito Read, Linda Houston Reed, Marshall San Antonio Reed, Virgil Andrews Reese, David Houston Reeves, Katherine Longview Reilly, Barbara Houston Rhea, Michele Pasadena Rhinehart, Terrie Pasadena Riassetto, Bobbi Houston Richmond, Susan Bryan Richter, George Houston Robertson, Ben Shereveport, La. Robertson, Rebecca Houston Robinson, Karen D. Houston JtTg lsk» •■» i Robinson, Mary Anna New Roads, La. Rogers, Brenda C. Atlanta Rogerson, Karen Fort Worth Roland, Richard Houston Roquemore, Melinda Palestine fl Roth, Craig Lufkin Rouse, Donna Houston I Rucker, Sonja Troup Runnels, Steve Lufkin Russ, Deborah Teague Rust, Sharon Mount Pleasant 176 Freshmen Ryan, Larry Garland Sailers, Mary Dallas Sallee, Susan Richardson Sammons, Anne Carey Houston Sanders, Larry Houston Saporito, Paula Houston Sarrazin, Nancy Houston Sautter, Mary Ellen Houston Scales, Katherine San Benito Schechner , Chris Plymouth, Mich. Schloot, Gretchen Dallas Schupick, Debi Houston Schutza, Judy Fort Worth Scott, Debbye Dallas Scott, Linda Nacogdoches Scruggs, Bill Houston Scruggs, Charlotte Garland Seaborg, Lynn Houston Secrest, Renee Pampa Senecal, Charles Hurst Sewell, Robert Garland Sheridan, Shirley Garland Sieber, Jeanne Troup Simpson, David Jefferson Simpson, Steve Arlington Sims, Marilyn Houston Sinclair, Linda Zavalla Slevin, Nancy Dallas Smith, Connie Lee Harlingen Simth, Cynthia Seagoville Smith, Cynthia Houston Freshmen Smith, Cynthia Houston Smith, Susan Huffman Smith, Jan Longview Smith, Linda A. Sealy Smith, Patsy Terrell Snow, Cathy Houston Sonnier, Alice Beaumont Sowell, Julia San Augustine Spalding, James Dallas Squyres, Hubert Lufkin Stark, Glenda Teague Starns, Sheryl Lynn Houston Steele, Pam Houston Stephens, Donna Pasadena Stewart, Catherine Dallas Stewart, Kathy Atlanta Stillwell, Larry Oak Lawn, 111. Stolnacke, Marcia Houston Story. Linda Dallas Stramblad, Barbara Bay View Street, Haver Houston Stroud, David Henderson Struwe, Jim Garland Stubblefield, Glenn Texas City Stuteville, Sharon Richardson Sussky, Carol F. Houston Sylvester, Kathleen Bellaire Tabor, Michael San Francisco, Calif. Taliaferro, Mary Houston Talley, Carleen Fort Worth Tanner, Charlene Valda Batson 178 m IP v | f ; - - Freshmen Tansil, Jean Beaumont Tate, Jeanie Channelview Tate, Ronnie Garland Taylor, Harry Houston Taylor, Kathy Dallas Thigpen, Marsha Dallas Thomas, Donna Houston Thomas, John Easley, S. C. Thomas, Kenneth Alvin Thompson, Donna Jacksonville Thompson, Michael Garland Thompson, Teresa Orange Tipping, Sandra Miami, Fla. Tolbert, Glenda Dallas Trantham, Nancy Dallas Tuohy, Kathleen Dallas Turnbull, Denny R. Houston Turtle, Kathy Humble Tyler, Jonnie Dallas Vachule, Carol Houston Valentine, Sherri Houston Van Etta, Brenda Liberty Varnado, Mary Margaret Pittsburg Vasbinder, Cindy Costa Mesa, Calif Vaughan. Dorothy Jeannette Dallas Vinson, Carol D. Kemp Walker, Daniel Houston Walker, Georjean Houston Walker, Pamela Henderson Walker, Sally Pittsburg, Kan. Wall, Sue Ann Mount Pleasant Wallace. Laura Grapevine Wallace, Linda Batson Waller, Sandra Hawkins Walshe, James Wilburn Houston Walt, Joanne Houston Walters, Melinda Dallas Ward, Susan P. Houston Wear, Wendalyn Grand Prairie Weaver, Michael Nacogdoches 179 Freshmen Weaver, Shari Friendsivood Weber, Nancy Winnsboro Webster, Joe T. Bellaire Weeden, Gail Gilmer Weinrich, Mary Houston Weisinger, Paul Center Welch, Michael Texas City Welsh, Ronna Orange West, Judi Houston Westbrook, Jane Houston Westfahl, Cynthia Waco Wetzel, Kathy La Feria Whitaker, Dona Longview Whitaker, Phyllis Houston Whitaker, Tom Cushing White, James T. Fort Worth White, Joseph Longview Whitmire, Charles Buna Whittaker, Deborah Houston Whirtaker, Sandra Houston Williams, Bobby Cushing Williams, Dale Garland Williams, Joe College Station Williams, Judith Dallas Williams, Monte Center Williams, Sheila Bryan Williams, Vicki Texas City Wisener, Sylvia Nacogdoches Withrow, Kathy Abilene Withrow, Sharon Dallas Wolf, Pam Houston Wood, Robert Houston Worley, Herman Dallas Yeager, Nikki Houston Yeary, Debra Houston Young, Gary Dallas Young, Regina Fort Worth ■ X V " w ( m m ... en W w P 4 jb, 180 182 iV College Center Chairmen Activities for the College Center Committee chairmen have been extremely varied. Ranging from sponsoring a singing group to a Valentine telegram booth, the chairmen have provided the student body with a wide range of entertainment. Fall semester saw the chairmen sponsoring the Union Gap, making posters, decorating the Center for Christmas, organizing Mam ' selles, while in the spring the members sponsored a Valentine booth, a faculty field day and the Baja Marimba band. College Center committees include Entertain- ment, Dance, Recreation, Publicity, Fine Arts, Hospitality, Food Service and Leadership. College Center Chairmen are, sealed, Misses Diane Smith, Linda Fredrickson, Patsy Franta, Joy Abel, Jane Robbins; standing, Leroy Johnson, Mike Withrow, Miss Marilyn George, Rocky Dumas, Miss Chris Caldwell and Kenneth Hightowcr. 185 Alpha Chi Texas Sigma Chapter of Alpha Chi. national col- legiate honor society, initiated 118 new members during the 1968-69 academic year. Alpha Chi is open to any junior or senior with one year ' s residency at SFA and a grade point average of at least 3.25. Students must be in the upper 10 per cent of their class and must have no grade of " F " in an academic course. Dr. Edwin W. Gaston Jr., professor of English, is national president. Dr. Joe E. Ericson, professor of political science and Texas Sigma sponsor, was elected regional president at the organization ' s na- tional meeting at East Central State College, Ada, Okla. in April. Alpha Chi is a national honor society. 186 Alpha Kappa Delta members are, sealed, Dr. M. B. Wade, Mrs. Constance Spreadbury, Robert Popplewell, Jerry Allen, Travis Eaton; middle row, Misses Carol Reckrey, Laura Rodgers, Ann Ussery, Adele Alpha Kappa Delta Delta Psi Kappa The purposes of Delia Psi Kappa, women ' s na- tional professional physical education fraternity, are to recognize worthwhile achievement of women in physical education, to develop interest of women in physical education and to promote fellowship among women in this profession. Annually SFA ' s Alpha Xi Chapter sponsors the Corn Huskin ' Bee as its project to earn national chapter dues. The fraternity has estahlished a scholarship fund with which to recognize outstanding members. Installed at SFA in 1050. Alpha Xi has established a loan fund as its professional project. Loans are available to women health and physical education majors upon the approval by the spo nsor and executive council of the chapter. Davenport, Melva Harmon, Susan Kane, Cindy Flippen, Martha Vaughan; back row, David Munn, Tom Lowry, Malcolm Spruell, Joseph Domino, Phil Brown and W. J. Reynolds. Alpha Kappa Delta is a national sociology honor society whose ideal is " Anthropon Katamanthanein Diakonesein " or " To investigate mankind for the purpose of service. " The fraternity endeavors to promote interest in sociology, research in social problems and activities leading to human welfare. Membership is open to those superior sociology students who meet the requirements prescribed by the con- stitution of the national chapter of Alpha Kappa Delta. The SFA chapter was established in 1968. Co-sponsors were Travis Eaton and Mrs. Constance Spreadbury, instructors in sociology. Delta Psi Kappa members are, front row, Misses Linda Sample, Ruth Shugart, Sue Summers, Gwen Cretsinger, Joyce Pringle, Iris Lane; middle row, Nancy Plant, Zoe Mitchell, Jeanie Godbald, Kathleen Bell, Emma Gibbons, Sharon Andrews; back row, Carolyn Tillison, Kay Shoemaker and Linda Yandell. Members of Kappa Pi, honorary art fraternity, await initiation of their new members. Kappa Pi The Beta Iota Chapter of Kappa Pi, national honorary art fraternity, was established at SFA in 1952 and has grown to be one of the largest chapters in the fraternity with 83 members. Beta Iota sponsored a fall and spring art show, art motion pictures and special art programs and art demonstrations. Kappa Pi presented three $50 scholarships in April 1969 to Miss Barbara Tyson, Timpson sophomore; Terry Whistler. El Paso sophomore; and Miss Patricia Baker, Angelton sen- ior. These scholarships were awarded on the criteria of seriousness of purpose, quality of work and need. Pi Kappa Delta Pi Kappa Delta, honorary speech and forensics frate rnity, is open to students who have excelled in intercollegiate speech tournaments. The national fraternity contends annually for awards in oral interpretations, debate and public address competi- tion. The 1968-1969 officers of the SFA chapter of Pi Kappa Delta are Stan Pfeiffer, president; Frank Latimer, vice president; Miss Kris Bandal, secretary; Miss Diane Smith, treasurer; and Dr. Robert B. Capel and Dr. William Bos, faculty ad- visors. Pi Kappa Delta members are, front row. Dr. William Bos, Miss Diane Smith, Miss Nancy Wilson, Frank Latimer; back row, Donald Storch, Roger Dudley, Miss Kristiane Randal and Stan Pfeiffer. 189 Members of Psi Chi are, front row, Mike Sanders; Jerry Lackey, sponsor; Kenneth Gray; Miss Carol Spaulding; Wayne Schmidt; Tom Lowry; back row, Ray Dougherty. Charles Gillespie, John Welch, John Lawson and Mike Knight. Psi Chi Psi Chi is a national honorary society which encourages high professional, intellectual and per- sonal standards and recognizes outstanding con- tributions to psychology. The organization fosters an interest in psychology and brings to the campus distinguished speakers in the field of psychology. The 1968-1969 officers include Wayne Schmidt, president; Jim Wilson, vice president; Miss Janice McBrayer, secretary-treasurer; Miss Andrea Ivie, publicity; Miss Barbara Graves, social chairman; and Jerry Lackey and George Taylor, advisors. Sigma Delta Pi Sigma Delta Pi, national honor society for stu- dents of Spanish literature, honors those who seek and attain excellence in the study of the Spanish language and the study of the literature and culture of the Spanish speaking peoples. Sigma Delta Pi encourages students to acquire a greater interest in and a deeper understanding of Hispanic culture and to foster friendly relations and mutual respect be- tween the Hispanic and English-speaking nations. Members of Sigma Delta Pi are Misses Linda Frederick- son, Brenda Howland, Diana Garcia and Dyann Burkley. 190 Sigma Phi Alpha members are, front row, Roy Whitaker, Misses Gwen Hankla, Margaret Gaston and Joella Jorns, John Tate; back row, Johnny Croft; Jimmy Love; Sam Whitley; Kenneth Watson and Dr. Samuel Naistat, sponsor. Sigma Phi Alpha Sigma Phi Alpha, honorary chemistry club, is a student affiliated chapter of the American Chemical Society. Its purpose is to better acquaint students of chemistry with the rapid advancement of chem- istry and chemical engineering. Sigma Phi Alpha also endeavors to foster a professional spirit among its members and to instill in them a professional pride in chemistry. Xi Si lema Pi Alpha Zeta Chapter of Xi Sigma Pi, national hon- orary forestry fraternity, was installed on the SF A campus in December 1968. Members of Xi Sigma Pi are chosen on the basis of scholastic achievement and contribution to the School and to the Department of Forestry. Main objectives of the organization are to secure and maintain a high standard of scholastic achievement in forestry education, to work for improvement in the forestry department and to promote fraternal spirit among those engaged in activities related to the forest. Xi Sigma Pi members are, front row, Randy Reed, James Thompson, James Coffin, Dnnald Tipscomb, Harold Stepler, Craig Covington, Bill Briggs; middle row, B. H. Wilford, Leonard Lankford Jr., Daniel Deiss, Ronald Fisher, William Miller, Wayne Russell, Don Garrison; back row. Dr. Arthur Verrall, Dr. Robert Singer, Dr. Harry Wiant, Joe Waller, Chad Hendry, Mike Herring, Larry Koehn, Bart Young and Tom Gunning. 192 Chemistry Club The Chemistry Club is a student affiliate of the American Chemical Society. Its purpose is to acquaint students with the rapid advancement of chemistry and chemical engineering. Requirements for membership are a " C " average and at least three semesters of work in chemistry. This year the Chemistry Club has made field trips to the Kodak Co. in Marshall, the Humble Research Plant in Houston and the Police Laboratory for Scientific Criminal Investigation in Houston. Clio Club The Clio Club derives its unique name from Greek mythology ' s muse of history. The club meets monthly for discussions, entertainment and pro- grams relating to history. Discussions have included an Asian studies program presented by Mrs. Eleanor Baker of the history department. Each spring, the club invites a prominent historian to speak on the Stephen F. Austin campus. Philip D. Jordan of the University of Minnesota was guest lecturer in May 1969. Chemistry Club members are, front row, Misses Kathy Love, Jo Nell Watson, Gwen Hankla, Doris Tate, Margaret Gaston, Barbara Gruebel, Angela Bresie, Joella Jorns; second row, Johnny Croft, Jimmy Love, John Tate, Ronald Hampton, Tom Whitaker, Robert Baker, Dr. Samuel Naistat; back row, Ed Smith, Roy Whitaker, Sam Whitley, Kenneth Watson, Donald Hurta, Khosro Zardouz and Ray Gray. Clio Club members are Mike Greer; Miss Mary Clark; Mark Setterberg; Miss Patsy Edwards; W. J. Brophy and Dr. Archie McDonald, sponsors; and Lindsy Pack. 194 French Club members are, front row, Misses Elinor Walker, Marilyn Briggs, Ann Elizabeth Heslop, Lupita Gonzalez, Stephanie Edwards, Kay Moffeit; back row, Edwin Shake, sponsor; Misses Rita Corona, Joan Carney, Joy Wiechens and Vicki Williams and Terry Whistler. The French Club serves the SFA campus and the community of Nacogdoches through its activities. In addition to its cultural French programs, the club presented a Thanksgiving and a Christmas program at the Lufkin State School where they sponsor two children. Funds raised through a Christmas card sale were used to buy tapes for the E. J. Campbell High School. During the Texas Foreign Language Association ' s Spring Conference, French Club members participated fully. A French- style picnic concluded the club ' s 1968-1969 ac- tivities. French Club Collegiate FFA The Future Farmers of America is an or- ganization operated by the agricultural stu- dents of the college. To train prospective teachers of vocational agriculture to become efficient local chapter advisors is the purpose of the organization. All prospective teachers of vocational agriculture can be active mem- bers of the Future Farmers of America. FFA members who wish to continue their associa- tion with the organization can be active mem- bers also. The chapter is active during the fall and spring semesters. Officers are elected at the beginning of the fall semester. Officers of the Collegiate Chapter of the Future Farmers of America are, front row, Helmer Bill Sjolander, treasurer; Fran Clements, president; Tony Frankie, student advisor; Dr. J. C. Green, sponsor; back row, Anthony Smith, sentinel; Harvey Sjolander, vice president; John R. Mathews, secre- tary ; and Don Schroeder, reporter. 195 Members of the Accounting Club are, front row, Lance Galperin, Charles Cumming, Miss Christine Clay, Jimmy Amerine; second row, Dr. Frank A. Ross, Eddie Bajorek, Mike Hardy, David Murr, Gerald Conner, Miss Doris Tate; third row, Dr. Frank Lauderdale, Dwight Morrow, Jim Howard, David Windham, Bill Moore; fourth row, Dr. William Stevenson, Travis Taylor, Jesse D. Mixon, Robert Simpson and Richard Fuller. Accounting Club The SFA Accounting Club of approximately 21 students who are either majoring or minoring in accounting meets periodically to hear lectures from practicing accountants of public and in- dustrial firms. Club members also have an op- portunity to become acquainted with the lecturers who are often representatives of potential em- ployers of SFA accountants. The club visits an accounting firm or major business office at least once each semester. Axley and Rode, a Lufkin ac- counting firm, was toured during the Spring Se- mester. Alpha Lambda Omega Alpha Lambda Omega, professional biology so- ciety, was organized locally in 1943 by a group of biology majors. The club meets monthly with the purpose of acquainting biology students with each other while promoting programs and en- tertainment of a biological nature. Guest speakers inform the members on various subjects. The club is open to all biology majors and to other students interested in the field. The years ' activities include an annual barbeque, a Christmas party, a spring banquet and a picnic. Alpha Lambda Omega members are, front row, Dr. Russell Faulkner, Dr. W. W. Gibson, Dr. W. V. Robertson, Ben Bailey, Miss Sheri Loper, Mike Ahern; middle row, Forrest Armstrong, Misses Barbara Gruebel, Jan Warner, and Patsy Franta, Mickey Wiener, Tom Heap; back row, Joe White, Alan Cypert, John Tate and Jimmy Carroll. 196 Chi Gamma Iota Chi Gamma Iota was first recognized on the SFA campus in the Fall Semester of 1966. Open to all ex-servicemen, the fraternity was organized to promote good will and serve the students of SFA. Among the group ' s projects were a visit to a veteran ' s hospital in Houston and participation in the Stone Fort Beauty Pageant, the Hallowe en Car- nival and the Spring Carnival. 0k A AtA iJk z i 1 A C Askins, Kent Baker, Dan Bell, John Bobbin, Burnis Burd, Cliff Collen, Harvey Di Giovanni, Paul Dragics, Michael Dugan, Pat Hawkins, Melvin Hill, Barton Hofer, Charles Johnson, Jerry Kenrich, Steve McCallum, Jimmie McCray, Bill McGaughey, James Manuel, Reyes Schwarzbach, Joe Smith, Gary Stroud, David Swinney, George Thornton, Don Thornton, Larry Wallace, Charles Walters, Arlin White, James Whitehead, Frank Dee Hex, Sweetheart Georgia Hines, Sweetheart 197 Home Economics College Club Home Economics College Club at SFA is an organization for students interested in home eco- nomics. Interest is the only requirement for mem- bership. The club sponsors speakers, panels, demonstrations and parties. Highlight of this year was the Texas Home Economics College Chapters Workshop held at SFA in November. SFA parti- cipants presented a fashion show at the workshop and were in charge of all arrangements for the event. Club members worked toward building a scholarship fund by selling cookbooks and candy. The SFA chapter boasts one national officer and one state officer. Miss Betty Gerald is the repre- sentative of the Southern Region on the National Committee for College Chapters and Miss Lark Wilson is state historian. Home Economics College Club members are, front row, Misses Carolyn Bacon, JoAnna Wahers, Cindy Hall, Lark Wilson; back row, Brenda Hooton, Myra McMillan, Chris Caldwell and Sandy Ryan. Sky Diving Club To further the sport of parachuting is the pur- pose of the Sky Diving Club. Led by team captain Tim Hinkle, the club boasted 16 members. Hinkle and Ron Moore, club president, taught beginning parachutists emergency procedures such as how to exit an aircraft and how to land. The initial ground training for club members consisted of some four hours ' work. The beginners ' first jumps were from 3,000 feet. Parachute Club members are, kneeling, Miss Mary Ann Ray, Tim Hinkle, Miss Donna Honea; standing, Ronald Moore and John Hurley. ■ W 198 Phi Chi Theta members are, front row, Misses Carolyn King, Barbara Miller, Peggy Underdown, Donna Summers, Ellen Stevens, Doroth Whaley; second tow, Debbie Mercer, Nancy Pullen, Barbara Stephenson, Carolyn Criswell, Doris Helge; back tow, Gail Duke, Karen Maxfield. Pam Carnelly, Christine Clay, Judy Fischinger, Jan Jones and Liz Engstrom. Phi Chi Theta is a women ' s professional business fraternity designed to promote business ideals. Gamma Delta Chapter was installed on the SFA campus May 12, 1968. Members are business or economics majors of at least sophomore standing with a " B " or above overall academic average. Club projects included a car wash, bake sale and participation in the Spring Carnival. Phi Chi Theta Phi Mu Alpha Phi Mu Alpha, professional music fraternity for men. has as its purposes to advance the cause of music in America, to foster the mutual welfare and brotherhood of students of music, to develop a true fraternal spirit among its members and to en- courage loyalty to the Alma Mater. The Lutton Province Merit Award was presented to the local Mu Xi chapter in the fall. This award was given to only 14 of 261 active chapters it) the nation. The award was presented on the basis of correspondence by the local chapter with the national organization and for outstanding performance and activities. Phi Mu Alpha members are, front row, Carlisle Harrel. Mike Payne. Wayne Dyess, Miss Susan Tatum, Calvin Remv. Jerry Gober, Bevins Raulston; middle row, Dennis Prewitt, David Huber, Thad Robertson, Don Calcote. Danny Prado, Dean Watson, Michael Rankin; back row, Allen Miller, Mike McKenzie, Roger Ashcraft, Bill Beaty, Charles Seneca], Bill Holt and Don Barber. 199 Pi Epsilon Mu Pi Epsilon Mu, professional club for all women HPE majors and minors, is affiliated with the Texas and American Associations of Health, Physi- cal Education and Recreation. The purpose of the club is to promote greater social and professional cooperation among the members of the club, faculty and alumni. The main project for the 1968-1969 academic year was a candy sale to raise money for the Lucille Norton scholarship fund. The club, sponsored by Dr. June Irwin, holds monthly meet- ings. Pi Epsilon Mu officers are Misses Katy LaFolIette, song leader; Jo Goode, vice pres- ident; Gwen Cretsinger, secretary; and Carolyn Tillison, reporter. Gun Club The SFA Gun Club is a student organization which was started this year in the Department of Military Science. The club is affiliated with the National Rifle Association and advocates good marksmanship and gun safety. Club members be- lieve in organized rifle and pistol shooting as a competitive sport. In keeping with this belief, the club sponsored a booth at the Spring Carnival. Roland Duckworth served as president. SFA Gun Club members are, front row, James Northum, Rowland Duckworth, Miss Suzy Perry, Bill Flynt, Gene Forsythe; second tow, Miss Reida Sivley, Sam Whitley, Miss Cathy Green, Joe Beard, Harold Ives, Robert McFarland, Robert Haggard, Mac Cobb, Howard Williams; and back row, Joe Webster, Robert Owen, Lance Burrows, Larry Lee, Steve Fulgham, Capt. William Whitlow. Religion If life ever seems dull on the SFA campus, the welcome mat at religious centers is always there. Students are invited and encouraged to come by, sit down and visit with their friends. Recreation is always available. This year the BSU sponsored the second place Homecoming float, a pizza party and a trip to the Abilene convention. Campus Crusade for Christ was active not only on the campus, where they sponsored religious speakers in dormitories, but also at the local high school. Wesley Foundation and the Catholic Student Center offered activities of interest to students. 201 SFA ' s Rodeo Club sponsored its Twelfth Annual Rodeo as a member of the National Intercollegiate Rodeo Association in April 1969. Members partici- pated in twelve NIRA rodeos during the spring including shows at Sam Houston State College. Texas A M and Southwest Texas. Three members rode in professional rodeos sponsored by the Rodeo Spanish Club The members of the Spanish Club strive to obtain a better understanding of the Spanish lan- guage and Spanish-speaking people and their cul- ture. The club honors those students who seek and attain excellence in the study of the Spanish language and in the study of the literature and culture of Spanish-speaking peoples. In addition to the regular bi-monthly meetings, the Spanish Club members served as hosts for Pan American Week; for the Estampas Mexicanas of the Instituto Technologico de Monterrey. Mexico: the Texas Foreign Language Association: and a Pinata Party for faculty members. Activities during the Christmas season included sending flowers to the Nacogdoches Convalescent Home and producing a live Nativity Scene on campus. Spanish Club members art-, front row, Dr. Janet Dirlain. faculty sponsor; Misses Leslie Otey; Janie Camacho; Eva Ponce and Linda Cogghurn; Roger Lopez; back tow, Miss Marsha Zapp; Charlie Ramirez, Jr.; Misses Marilyn Ivey, Fontaine Toland and Martini Ann Gareia and Gilbert Barrera. Cowboys Association. Guest speakers at meetings and banquets included Freckles Brown, former world ' s champion bull rider; Gene Pruett, secre- tary-treasurer of the RCA; and Neal Gay. Asso- ciation spokesman and field representative from Mesquite. 202 Speech and Hearing Society members are interested in speech pathology and audiology. Speech and Hearing Society The Speech and Hearing Society of Stephen F. Austin State College is a professional organization open to all students involved in or interested in the fields of speech pathology and audiology. The purposes of the organization are to create and to stimulate interest in speech pathology, to encour- age understanding th rough learning experiences not offered in the formal course structure and to affiliate with Sigma Alpha Eta, national honorary speech pathology fraternity. Speech and Hearing Society members plan to affiliate with Sigma Alpha Eta. Sylvans Club The Sylvans Club was organized in 1964 by the students of the School of Forestry to further the knowledge of the students in the many phases of forestry. Fellowship was promoted this year through activities such as work projects, construc- tion of a cabin-hideaway, hunting and fishing trips and a Christmas dinner-dance. The Sylvans spon- sored a Parents ' Day as well as a team for the Association of Southern Forestry Clubs Conclave which was held at the Auburn University Forestry School at Auburn. Ala. About 25 members of the SFA club attended the national conclave and par- ticipated in such contests as bow sawing, pole climbing, tree identification, timber volume esti- mation, fire fighting and burling or log rolling. Women ' s Intramural The Women ' s Intramural program is designed to give coeds at SFA a recreational outlet and to provide limited and equalized competition fpr their enjoyment. A wide range of interests is covered by the sports offered in the program: badminton and table tennis, softball. volleyball, basketball, tennis and track and field. Two leagues, composed of dormitory teams and sorority teams, award trophies to the high-point teams in each league. At the Spring Banquet individual winners and win- ning teams received trophies. The Women ' s Intra- mural Council is composed of a representative from each participating team, with Miss Sue Gunter serving as faculty sponsor and Miss Nancy Plant as student assistant. Sylvans Club members are, Iron! row. Bill Brig s, John Greve, Larry Behrens, Alyse Moore, Bill Sandeen, Bill Fansler, Brian Avery; middle row, Malcolm Mc Kee, Ed Shirley, Pete Skula, Felix Revello, Michael Bintliff, George Murphy Jr., Mac Scheely, Keith Cook; back row, Joe Waller, Howard Williamson, Chad Hendry, John Cunning- ham, Walter Farmer, Ronald Moody and Hal Tom. Women ' s Intramural Council members are, front row, Misses Judy Goodman, Cricket Vaughn, Nancy Plant, Jo Coode, Mary Lynn Walker, Sandra Davis; back row, Cindy Garrison, Kay Shoemaker, Carolyn Tillison, Kathleen Bell, Patsy Uresti and Eddye McClure. 204 Wrestling Club The Wrestling Club was organized three years ago to promote intercollegiate wrestling between SFA and other colleges and universities in Texas and the surrounding states. The club has endeav- ored to establish wrestling as a minor sport in the Lone Star Conference. Nine club members repre- sent SFA in each weight class during competition meets. Matches with the University of Texas, Lou- isiana State University, the University of South- western Louisiana and LeTourneau College have shown the possibilities for a promising future. Dr. Nelson Samson, professor and assistant to the dean of the School of Forestry, was instrumental in organizing the group and is the club coach. Wrestling Club members are, front row, James Brunson, Robert Harris, Dr. Nelson Samson, Jim Graham; back row, Stephen Leon Mohr, Jim Walshe and Temple Smith. Young Republicans The SFA Young Republican Club promotes the platforms and candidates of the Republican Party in an atmosphere of friendship and recreation and gives active assistance to the Republican Party of Nacogdoches County and Texas. Young Republi- cans helped the parent party with bumper sticker drives and telephone campaigns in the Nixon- Agnew ' 68 presidential campaign and in the Paul Eggers Texas gubernatorial drive. The SFA club won the award for outstanding College Club of the Year at the Texas Young Republican Federa- tion Convention held in San Antonio. The award was given in recognition of the club ' s growth in membership, its activity and work in political campaigns and allied projects undertaken by the organization. Young Republican officers are, front row, Miss Elaine McBurnett, treasurer; Miss Pony Derby, secretary; back row, Jim Graham, president; Mike Pickel, vice-president. 205 Alpha Phi Omega Nu Sigma Chapter of Alpha Phi Omega was installed on the SFA campus Dec. 15, 1961. Nu Sigma, guided by the principles of leadership, fraternity and service, operates to serve SFA and Nacogdoches. Projects during the 1968-1969 year consisted of the Annual Beauty and the Beast Contest and trips to the Lufkin State School. The group sponsored a work day with the Boy Scouts of Nacogdoches. 206 Cochran, Charles Elliston, Billy Eshbach, Cal Esquivel, Joe Catlin, Ken Hardin, Jim Hays, Robert Johnson, LeRoy Kosta, Larry Mann, Alan McKenzie, Demetris Means, James Murray, Mitch Patterson, Douglas Pierpont, William Prouty, Thomas Randle, Roy Rozell, Kenneth Shockley, Frank Simmons, Jack Spear, Stephen Stockwell, Charles Stuart, Randy Suhler, William VanDerbur, Doug Vaughan, David Willadson, Steve Youngblood, Claude Zimmerman, Terry Briggs, Laura Sweetheart Alpha Kappa Psi Alpha Kappa Psi, professional business fraternity chartered at SFA in 1966, was organized to fur- ther education in the area of commerce and to provide professional association for business and economics students. During the Fall Semester Eta Mu Chapter entered a float in the Homecoming Parade, held a car wash and toured a Houston business. The fraternity helped in the American Cancer Society fund drive and hosted the South- central Regional Convention in the spring. Alpha Kappa Psi was also active in intramural sports and had numerous social activities. Richard Stat- hem headed the fraternity during the fall and Jamie Murphy was president during the spring. 208 Agan, Mike Amerine, Jimmy Baker, John Beard, Joe Booker, Lynn Bounds, Fred Bush, Larry Camp, Ronny Clark, Howard Cobb, Charles Duckworth, Rowland Duerer, Wayne Dumas, Rocky Findley, Ken Fuston, Sam Grant, Charles Greene, Wiley Harris, Bob Johnson, Chris LaGrone, Randy Lange, Eddie J.,ewis, Roy Dale McCauley, Bob Meador, Jim Moore, Bill Murphy, Jamie Murr, David Reed, Sammy Samford, Morris Scott, Huey Sevigny, Tom Stathem, Richard Svaton, Larry Thomason, Jim Tullow, Ed Vichairatana, Vudhibhandhu Walker, Richard Wheeler, Mike Coe, Dr. Robert Lauderdale, Dr. Frank Phillips, Charles Co-advisor Richardson, Jesse Co-advisor Ladymon, Miss Cathey Sweetheart 209 Gamma Phi " To assemble college women in the spirit of service to humanity ... to develop friendship among women of all races and creeds through working side by side in the fulfillment of the goals common to all. " is the purpose of Gamma Phi. women ' s service sorority. Organized in March 1067. members are required to have a 2.0 grade point average, enthusiasm and willingness to work. Projects included a campus tour for Girl Scouts, Valentine party for day schools, sing-songs for local nursing homes. Cancer Fund Drive. High School Career Day, campus elections and registra- tion and parties for students at the Lufkin State School. mm Alexander, J inly Baker, Kay Bivens, Beth Blanchard, Linda Bowers, ( larol Briggs, Susie Brown, Sara Burkett, Dianne Burl, Ann B man, Barbara Byman, Beverly Caldwell, Chris Campbell, Kathy Childers, Dolores ( iollin .. Shirley Cummins, Kathy Dahbs, Sharon Davidson, Linda Edwards, Patsy Edwards, Stephanie Faulkner, LaNell Ferguson, Cindy Franta, Patsy Green, Peggy Grubbs, Kaye Harris, Debbie Haus, Dale Herrington, Bettye- Hughes, Pat Ingram, Barbara Kammeyer, Louise Lanasa, Susie Landrum, Susan Meyer, Debby Miller, Joyce Mitchell, Janet Moffeit, Kay Newell, Diana Nic hols, Beverly Peacock, Donna Phillips, Jean Richardson, Carolyn Bobbins, Kita Sanders, Linda Santa Maria, Carolyn Schilling, Cheri Segrest, Signa Slackney, Rosemary Speights, Carol Stephenson, Barbara Stinson, Peggy Thornton, Sheila Thurston, Judy Walker, Jane Walker, Nan Walker, Sally Walley, Jane Wilson, Lark Wood, Wanda Woodley, Sharon Young, Julie Barton, Anice, sponsor Henry, Ernestine, sponsor 211 Interfraternity Council Regulating fraternity life, the Interfraternity Council spent much of its time working on rush although other activities were included in their business. IFC held the first all-Greek Charity Drive, organized an activities committee with the help of Panhellenic, sponsored Greek Week events and planned two successful rushes. Pat Owens held the office of president during the fall semester and Danny Stevens was president during the spring. IFC representatives included three members from each of the six national fraternities on campus. Danny Stevens, right, is president ot IFC. Members of IFC are, front row, Ben Bailey, Dan Stevens, Stewart Norman, Jack Stengle, Les McKinnon, Danny Reese, Mike Ford, Tom Whitaker, Bill Slaughter; middle row, Gary Madden, Truett Hunt, Jack Welch, Duane Branch, Gary Workman, Kirk Weaver, Van Ammons, Russ Keasler; back row, Tommy Mason, Frank Hart, Dr. Harold Abbott, Bill Oliver, Ken Bean, Sam Griffin, Mike Hipp, John Thompson. Panhellenic Panhellenic, the governing body for all national sororities, sponsored varied activities in hopes of bringing Greeks closer together. During the Fall Semester the council held a powder-puff football game, pledge and scholarship teas and the Sounds of Sororities. Spring Semester began with plans for rush, followed by another pledge tea, a scholar- ship banquet and a Panhellenic workshop. Serving as fall president was Miss Madalyn Brand. Miss Ginger Cox held the office during the Spring Semester. Other members included three represen- tatives from each of the four national sororities on campus. Left: Miss Ginger Cox, president. Below: Panhellenic members are, frunt row. Misses Terri Smith, Ginger Cox, Chris Brooks, Suzanne Porter; 6«c . row, Sharon Burner, Cathy Wood, Glenna Tuttle, Grace Ann Davis and Janell Braun. 213 Installed at SFA in May of 1967, Alpha Chi Omega was founded nationally in Indiana in 1885. Socially the Alpha Chi Omegas had a busy year with their Winter Formal, annual Christmas Party and Hippie Party. Outstanding members of the group served in various positions in the Student Congress, as cheerleader and head of the Twirl- 0- Jacks. Alpha Chi Omegas won first place with their Homecoming float built jointly with Alpha Tau Omega. Sorority members received honors as Lad -in-Waiting and Senior Class Duchess in Homecoming activities, sweethearts of two frater- nities, first runner-up in the Miss Nacogdoches Pageant. Miss Linda Jacob. Houston senior, was elected Miss SFA. Service projects included a Heart Fund Drive, a Cancer Drive and a trip to the Lufkin State School. The sorority sponsored a pie throwing booth and a candy booth in the annual Spring Carnival. Alpha Chi Omega Alpha Chi Omega Alpha Chi Omega Adams. Tommy Axlev. Linda Bass, ' Betsy Bass. Dee Ann Bates, Ginger Blaylock. Beverh Blevins, Beverly Blew. Lyndah Broadu a . Carol Brow n. Sue Chamber-. Mitzi Childers. Carol Clark. Judy Cole. Linda Ferris. Tommie Foster. Chen 1 Gilchrist. Claudia Hale. Harriet Halle. Maureen Harborth. Glenda Hardman. Pain Harper. Jan Henr . Pat Inni-. L nda Jacob. Linda Kebodeaux. Renee Kerr. Linda Kopczynski. Jo-Claire Lanipton. Sharon Lang-ton. Barbara Lennon. Sue Lockleer. Twinkle 214 Alpha Chi Omega Alpha Chi Omega Alpha Chi Omega El § w - Of ' id ■ SSI Mile.-, Ouida Mitchell, Truck Noland. Jill Oden. Sherry Orth, Linda Peek. Sharon Petty. Kay Porter. Suzanne Reid, Sally Richardson, Sherr; Rosehurg. Pam Rush, Gayla Sawyer. Ann Smith, Becky Spaulding. Carol Spencer, Laurie Srtivey. L nda Walker. Molly Walters. Carol Watson. Beck) Watts. Mary Webb, Jo Ann Willis. Cathy Wilson, Cindv Wolfe. Marj Beth 215 Epsilon Zeta Chapter of Chi Omega was estab- lished at SFA Dec. 7, 1963. Chi Omegas have shown their versatility this year by winning the Panhellenic Scholarship Tray and the Homecom- ing Queen contest and tying for first place in the Greek Day Events. Members of Chi Omega served as class officers, secretary of Student Congress, on College Center committees, as cheerleader and Twirl- O-Jack. Chi Omegas received honors as class favor- ites. Homecoming duchesses, Who ' s Who and sweethearts of three fraternities. Service projects and philanthropies included a Muscular Dystrophy Drive with Pi Kappa Alpha and an Easter Egg Hunt with Alpha Tau Omega. The pledge class sponsored a rummage sale and a Laugh-In at the annual Spring Carnival as money-making projects. The annual Spring Formal and pledge class pres- entation was at the Contessa Inn in Lonsrview. Chi Omega Chi Omega Chi Omega Chi Omega Bolin, Becky Braun, Janell Brooks. Chris Campbell, Angela Cardwell, Beverly Cosgrove. Carol Cox, Jeannette Davis, Daryl Davis, Sissy Davison, Becky- Derby, Ponnie Duvall, Tina Fennell, Charlotte Floyd. Judi Foote, Beckie Foster, Peg Galbraith, Glee Garrett, Judy Gaston, Margaret George, Marilyn Goeckel, Susan Graves, Sharon Harris, Jan Hathorn, Donna Hightower, Scotty Hughes, Karen Hughes, Kay Hutchinson, Nan Jefferies, Elizabeth Kiser, Debby Kisler, Vicky Koenig, Diane 216 Chi Omega Chi Omega Chi Omega Chi Omega Koerth, Ann LaFollette, Katy Lamb, Sherry Ledbetter, Lucy McClure, Sydney McKeeven, Wend) Mattson, Suzanne Med ford, Tempe Morris, Cheryl Morris, Kitty Newmann, Mary Redfern, Judy Sanders, Salle Sanders, Sherry Shelton, Debbie Simmermann, Kathy Spencer, Elaine Sturrock, Janis Stutsman, Suzanne Tatum, Nancy Taylor, Linda Wilder, Alice Wildfong, Leith Womack, Rerkey 217 Id keeping with the spirit of a well-rounded sorority. Zeta Psi of Delta Zeta claimed achieve- ments in ever) phase of college life. A successful fall rush was highlighted by winning third place in the Homecoming Parade for their float built with Phi Delta Theta. The sorority also won the Corn Husking Bee and tied for first in Greek Day Activities. The DZs had one member chosen as a class duchess and seven members selected as organ- ization duchesses for Homecoming. Other honors include two cheerleaders, president of Panhellenic, nine representatives to Student Congress, two mam ' - selles. second runner-up. in the Stone Fort Beauty Pageant and two class favorites. Service projects included a trip to the Lufkin State School with Alpha Phi Omega and monthly letters to two battalions in Vietnam. Delta Zeta Delta Zeta Delta Zeta Delta Adam. Andrea Adams, .tan Allsup, Kay Anderson, Linn Hales. Melinda Bean. Terri Birdsong, Margaret Brock. Susan Browning. Belli Burkhart, Janell Bu-h. Beverly Bush, Emily Cannon. Carol Carnelly, Pani Clancy. Julie Cleaver. Kathy Jo Cole. Cathy Copeland. Candy Cox, Ginger Curry, Jennie Davis, Grace Ann Davis. Nanc Davis, Suzanne Engstroni, Elizabeth Flanders, I ' eggy Gagner, Yvonne Graham, Julia Grams, Janet Gray, Sissy Haskins, Darlene Hill, Jane Hur-t. Dotty " W I v W 2 218 219 Gamma Chi chapter of Sigma Kappa was estab- lished as the first national sorority on the SFA campus. The 1968-69 year was a busy one. nation- ally and at home. Gamma Chis resumed the fall semester bearing a silver tray for the most improved chapter, an award received at the National Convention in San Diego, Calif. Activities of national interest were emphasized by Sigma Kappa. The Regional Conference met for State Day in Houston. There the chapter received the biannual activities award. Coming closer to home, outstanding members include Misses Sharon Burner. Carnival Queen; Evelyn Jones, third runner-up in the Stone Fort Beauty Pageant; and Megan Shirley, co-president of the Association for Childhood Education. Social events for the sorority included a Christmas and a spring formal, presentation of new initiates and pledges and Greek Exchanges. Sigma Kappa Sigma Kappa Sigma Kappa Allen, Debbie BIystone, Karen Bosl, Susun Bost, Jan Brand. Madalyn Burner. Sharon Clark, Cindy Corbin, Kathy Corley, Sherry Crawford, Cind Davis, Annette Elliott. Barbie Foree, Helen Funke, Mona Harrison, Pollv Hall. Diane Hight, LaNell Ivy, Jane Jacobson, Nan Johnson, Cindy Johnson, Lynne Jones, Evelyn Kirkpatriek, Karen Knox, Dara Luster. Linda Lee, Linda Martin. Nancy Shirley. Megan Melton, Debbie Mize, Barbara Morton, Toinmie Moulden, .Mary 220 Sigma Kappa Sigma Kappa Sigma Kappa Sigma Kappa McCall, Toni McKight, Joyce Nerren, Jackie Pollock, Kathy Pringle, Jeanette Pringle, Joyce Quick, Susie Robbins, Jane Roland, Brenda Rudolph, Janet Ryan, Danille Schneider, Mary Schuler, Thilda Shelly, Bette Short, Zillah Shupe, Cathy Smith, Cheryl Smith, Terri Tedder, Jan Warner, Jan Whitsitt, Linda Williams, Pat Wood, Cathy 221 Alpha Tau Omega The Texas Eta Iota Chapter of Alpha Tau Omega on the SFA campus initiated 52 members in the ATO lodge April 12, 1969. During the chapter ' s first year, the ATOs placed first with their Homecoming float built jointly with Alpha Chi Omega. They also won the Kite Flying contest. League VI softball intramurals and the annual Beauty and Beast contest. Socially, the ATOs held the Tom Jones Party, a Ski Party, and the Black and White Formal at which Miss Lisa Koontz was named sweetheart. Service projects included a Cancer Drive, an Easter Egg Hunt with Chi Omega and a party for children at the Lufkin State School. Members of the fraternity held cheerleading posi- tions, class officer positions and the vice presidency of the Student Congress. Bart Young, Fort Worth sen- ior, was named Mr. SFA. 222 Amnions, Van Atwell, James Baggett, W illiam Boyett, Stephen lirnu nlee, Robert Brumbelow, Richard Burrell, Oscar Bush, Larry Bussey, Bill Garden. Vernon Clamp, Wayne Clinton, Guy Conkright, Robert Gucci, Joe Didriksen, Arthur Durrett, Jackie Egalnick, Robert Gartner, Gary- George, Drew Gorden, Jack Gordon, Peter Grant, James Hawkins, Robert Hipp, Mike Keasler, Stephen Kumler, Gary Kidwell, Randall Lackey, Dick Large, William Lawrence, B. A. Lee, Rusty Lindner, William Lucas, Richard McBride, Bill McCormiek, Dick Alpha Tau Omega Alpha Tau Omega Alpha Tau Omega McGee, Max Med ford, William Merrill, John Motl, Curtis Newkirk, John Peurifoy, John Pinkerton, James Poland, Robert Roach, Thad Smith, Phillip Smith, William Speights, Jay Taylor, Dave Taylor, Travis Thompson, John Tottenham, Dick Turner, Mel Wright, John Young, Bart Collier, Loyd Advisor Crawford, Louis Advisor • M dim 223 Delta Sigma Phi Delta Phi Chapter of Delta Sigma Phi received its SFA charter in 1960 to become the first national fraternity on campus. The Delta Sigs ' major service project this year was the adoption of a Korean girl to whom they sent monthly checks and letters. The year saw many honors bestowed upon the Sigs. They received honors in sports wih two first place positions in Greek Intramurals. Members held Student Congress posts and one was a class favorite. Sparky Cartwright received the R. L. Shelton award for outstanding sportsman. The Sigs started the year with a Welcome Pledge Party which was followed by a Christmas Party and the annual Delta Sigma Phi formal where they presented Miss Debbie Shelton with the title of Dream Girl. Miss Lynda Spivey, sweetheart Delta Sigma Phi Delta Sigma Phi Delta Sigma Phi j Moran, Tom Morgan, Scott Odom. Chris Oliver, Bill Reiner. Herbie Ross, Edwin Roye. Tim Ruckel, John Russell, Roger Severson, Craig Shoult, Larry Smallwood. Johnce Smith, Ralph Stewart, Steve It Warren. Randall Whatley, Garv Wickes, Bill Williamson, Terry Wood, Richard Woods, Donald Morgan, Kenneth Advisor -f 3 Mm :ss Kappa Alpha Delta Kappa of Kappa Alpha Order was char- tered at SFA Sept. 20, 1968, and 56 members were initiated. Kappa Alpha was formerly Beta Gamma Tau, local social fraternity. Among the KAs holding college offices were Mike Pickel, vice president of Young Republicans; Jimmy Carroll, president of the Biology Club; and Jerry Schlief, outstanding accounting major. As service projects, the KAs held a basketball bounce for the American Cancer Society. The social highlight in the spring was Old South Week. Other social events included the " Something Weird " party, Homecoming party and Christmas party. The KAs won the award for the most original booth at the Spring Carnival. Alexander, Marvin Aman, James Aman, Robert Bajorek, Edward Bartlett, David Carroll, James Enos, Curtis Estes, Philip Floyd, Dave Ford. Michael 4iA YA Gilbert, Steven Griffin, Sam Harris, Jerry Horton, Ernest Hunt, Truett Langdon, Lester Lee, Larry Lotz, Roy- Pack, Lindsey Powers, Robert dfAfhd Kappa Alpha Kappa Alpha Kappa Alpha Kappa Alpha Schlief, Gerald Stevens, James Swift. Robert Vowell, James Wells, Thomas f 3 Thames. Hugh Advisor 227 Phi Delta Theta Since that December in 1848 when Phi Delta Theta was founded at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, the fraternity has grown to a position of highest eminence among the great national fra- ternities. The tradition of which Phi Delts are extremely proud has been exemplified by the brothers of Texas Eta at SFA. The student body was once again led in Student Congress by presi- dent John Vaught and Junior Class president Bob Townsend. The Phi Delt intramural teams won first place in both football and wrestling and cap- tured the overall Greek Intramural Championship. A joint participation with Delta Zeta in Homecom- ing Float competition earned a third place and the Christmas formal topped off the fall semester. With spring came pledge class victories, pledge football championship, a first place in Greek Day activities and winning most receipts at the Spring Carnival. A forecast into 1969-70 seemed very bright as the Phis scored a total victory in spring elections by placing brothers in Student Congress as president and vice president and president of the senior, junior and sophomore classes. Miss Debbie Kiser. sweetheart. Phi Delta Theta Phi Delta Theta Phi Delta Theta Pi Kappa Alpha Epsilon Omicron Chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha was chartered at SFA in I960 as one of the 136 national chapters of the fraternity. Fn celebration of their 100th birthday, the chapter had a Founders Day Banquet. For the sixth year the Pikes have maintained the highest grade point average among fraternities to achieve top rank in scholarship. Social activities for the year included a Christmas formal, a Viking Party and a Dream Girl Formal where Miss Vicki Kisler was announced sweet- heart. Also included in social events was a Mother ' s Day Banquet. In activities, the Pikes placed second in Greek Day Olympics and in the frater- nity division of Intramurals. Philanthropy proj- ects included a Muscular Dystrophy Drive. Miss Sandra Sliujrart, Sweetheart. Ansel, William Argue, Joe Asher, Bill Boring, Stephen Brown, George Brunibelow, Gene Burleson, Robert Campbell, Steve Childers, Henry Clark, Steve Conn, Clarence Copeland, Brian Cramer, Bill Daniel, Austin De Ford, Ronald de Vault, Jimmy Everett, Jim Fieglein, Larry Flanagan, Rick Floyd, Joseph Gaskey, Jim Gray, Randy Hairgrove, Tyler Hargett, Larry Hellberg, Phillip Higgins, Doug Hiner, David Ingram, Ronald Jackson, James Jarmon, Forbes Johnston, Ken Jones, Curt Kuers, Bill Lea, Butch Lewellen, Jerry Madden, Gary Maddox, Sammy Martindale, Bobby iMarx, Ken McHenry, Gary Pi Kappa Alpha Pi Kappa Alpha Pi Kappa Alpha McKnight, Tommy Mendenhall, Clark Morris, John Norton, Dan Norton, Gary Owens, Pat Pence, John Pool, Rothwell Price, Randy Ragain, Ronnie Reese, Daniel Robbins, Larry Rogers, Jerry Sanders, Mike Scarborough, Davis Seago, Robert Sherbert, Ronald Shugart, Rick Stuart, John Tisserand, Steven oung, Mike Wallace, Richard Weaver, James William-. Robert PS " " -.■ Theta Chi Theta Chi With a wide variety of activities to interest all members, Epsilon Tau of Theta Chi had another great year. Fall began with two of their members serving as cheerleaders and winning the Spirit Day award Homecoming weekend for pulling a cannon from Lufkin. The same week the fraternity sponsored their annual mum sale and entertained at a Home- coming party. Later in the year the Theta Chis sponsored a blood drive for the Crippled Children ' s Hospital in Houston. In the realm of social events, the fraternity held the traditional Red and White Ball honoring their sweetheart, Miss Katy LaFollette. Miss Katy LaFollette, Sweetheart Abraham, Brian Berry, Ken Black, Howard Brister, Garry Buvinghausen, Buzz Collins, Gary Cowan, Danny Cowan, Dennis De Grand, John Denton, Robert Fielder, Edward Fouty, Allen Garrett, Bruce Garrett, Tom Goodman, Walk Halas, George Harris, Robert Hilliard, Michael Hull, Tim Humphries, Floyd Hurta, Dennis Kayem, Doug Ketner, Randy Medford, Philip McDonald, Russell McKinnon, Les McNay, Keith Nelson, Donald Nelson, Ronald Nolcn, Dennis Pittman, Robert Powell, Jim Reed, Denny Roberts, James Robertson, Gene Theta Chi Theta Chi Theta Chi Theta Chi Rogers, Lowell Ruehlman, David Short, Dale Stengel. John Stevens, Dan Stokes, William Suavze, Jack Tay lor. Jay Teal, John Thompson, James Van Winkle, Brian Winston, Charles Wolf, Rick ork. Larry Chamberlain, Dr. C. K. Ad Nor 233 Above: Bart Young, Mr. SFA. Right: Miss Linda Jacob, Miss SFA. Mr. and Miss SFA 237 Who ' s Who Biology major James Richardson, left, was chosen to Who ' s Who for outstanding work in that field. He is a member of Alpha Chi, national honor society, and Beta Beta Beta, honorary biology. Chosen for work in the field of mathematics, James Reid is a member of Alpha Chi, national honor society; Semper Fidelis; and the track team. John Fountoulakis, junior history major, is a member of Alpha Chi, national honor society, and Phi Alpha Theta, honorary history. Who ' s Who Miss Janet Franke, below, was se- lected for work in the field of art. She is a member of Alpha Chi, national honor society, and Kappa Pi, honorary art. Randolph Elliott, not pictured, is a member of Beta Beta Beta, honorary biology, and Alpha Chi, national honor society. Selected for outstanding work in chemistry, Mrs. Gwen Taylor Hankla is a member of Alpha Chi, national honor society, and Sigma Phi Alpha, hon- orary chemistry. 238 Miss Linda Swanzy, left, was selected to Who ' s Who for outstanding work in business. She is a member of Alpha Chi, national honor society, and was chosen Outstanding Woman Business Major. Who ' s Who Tom Gunning is a member of the Wrestling Club; Sylvans Club; Alpha Chi, na- tional honor society; and Xi Sigma Pi, honorary forestry. Political Science major Miss Debbie Kiser is a member of Chi Omega, social sorority; Alpha Chi, national honor society; College Center Hospitality committee; and a representative to Student Con- gress. Selected to Who ' s Who for work in the field of home economics, Miss Carol Broadway is a mem- ber of Alpha Chi, national honor society; Alpha Chi Omega, social sorority; and the Home Eco- YVT1 9 TV 71 nomics College Club. W llO S WllO Chosen by the student body as Mr. SFA, Bart Young, left, served as vice president of Student Congress and was a member of Alpha Tau Omega, social fraternity, and Xi Sigma Phi, honorary forestry fraternity. Bart plans to attend Yale Uni- versity to do graduate work in forestry. English graduate assistant Mrs. Virginia Joann Eaton, center, held membership in Alpha Chi, na- tional honor society, and Sigma Tau Delta, honorary English fraternity. Student Congress President John Vaught, right, was selected to Who ' s Who for outstanding work in the field of economics. A member of Phi Delta Theta, social fraternity, he was president of his junior class at SFA. John plans to attend graduate school after three years in the Navy. Miss Linda Luster, not pictured, is an elemen- tary education major from Houston. She held membership in Alpha Chi, national honor society; Kappa Delta Pi, honorary education fraternity; Phi Alpha Theta, honorary history fraternity; and Sigma Kappa, social sorority. Who ' s Who 240 Who ' s Who Who ' s Who member Miss Lynn Atherlon, left, was an active member of Phi Alpha Theta, hon- orary history fraternity; Sigma Tau Delta, honorary English group; Sigma Delta Pi, honorary Spanish fraternity; Alpha Mu Gamma, honorary foreign language society; Kappa Delta Pi, honorary edu- cation fraternity; and Alpha Chi, national honor society. Mrs. Carol Cosgrove Hart, center left, served as Student Congress secretary and president of Chi Omega, social sorority. She held membership in Texas Student Education Association and Kappa Pi, honorary art fraternity. Mrs. Hart plans to enter VISTA after graduation. Serving as a dorm counselor. Miss Cheryl Smith, center right, was a member of Kappa Delta Pi, honorary education fraternity; the Food Service Committee and Sigma Kappa, soical sorority. Forestry major Don Adams, right, plans to attend graduate school and major in mathematics and forestry. He was a member of Alpha Chi, na- tional honor society, and the Sylvans Club. Chosen for Who ' s Who in the field of chemistry, Mrs. Toni Lynn McCall, not pictured, held mem- bership in Alpha Chi, national honor society; Kap- pa Delta Pi, honorary education fraternity; the Math Club and Sigma Kappa, social sorority. 241 Who ' s Who Richard Rich, left, was vice president of Alpha Chi, national honor society; president of the League of Academic Conservatives; vice pres- ident of Omicron Delta Epsilon, honorary economics fraternity: and a member of Phi Alpha Theta, hon- orary history group; and Young Republicans. Theta. honorary history group; and Young Repub- licans. Miss Joyce Pringle, center left, was a member of Kappa Delta Pi, honorary education fraternity; Delta Psi Kappa, honorary physical edu cation group; and Texas Student Education Association. She was selected to Who ' s Who in the field of education. Outstanding French major, Miss Carol Jean Spaulding, center right, held membership in Psi Chi, honorary psychology group; and Alpha Chi, national honor society. Chris Johnson, right, was selected to Who ' s Who for outstanding work in economics. He was a member of Alpha Kappa Psi, business fraternity; Young Republicans; Alpha Chi, national honor so- ciety; Omicron Delta Epsilon, honorary economics group; and the Accounting Club. Who ' s Who Miss Karen Hughes, not pictured, held membership in Texas Student Education As- sociation; Alpha Chi. national honor society; and Chi Omega, social sorority. She was selected for outstanding work in French. Who ' s Who 242 Who ' s Who Mrs. Sandra Blackstone Wallace, left, is a member of Mu Phi Epsilon, honorary music; Alpha Chi, national honor society; and Madrigal Singers. Phillip McClurkin was chosen for Who ' s Who for outstanding work in business. He is a member of Alpha Chi, national honor society; Psi Chi, honorary psychology; and Omicron Delta Epsilon, honorary economics. Outstanding elementary education major Miss Sandra Hargrave is a member of Alpha Chi, na- tional honor society; and Kappa Delta Pi, honorary education. Who ' s Who 243 Miss Frances Carolyn Townsend, left, was chosen to Who ' s Who for work in the field of biology. She is a member of Alpha Chi, national honor society, and Beta Beta Beta, honorary bi- ology. Who ' s Who Lee Maxwell is also a member of Alpha Chi, national honor society, and Beta Beta Beta, honorary biology. He was selected for work in the field of biology. Outstanding in English and Journalism, Wilbert Love, below, is a member of Alpha Chi, national honor society; Phi Alpha Theta, honorary history; Sigma Tau Delta, honorary English; and the Stone Fort staff. Wilbert served as associate editor of the Pine Log. Sociology major, Miss Dale Ann York, not pic- tured, is a member of Alpha Kappa Delta, honorary sociology; Psi Chi, honorary psychology; and Al- pha Chi, national honor society. Who ' s Who Who ' s Who Miss Beth Bivens. left, served as secretary for both Gamina Sigma Sigma, service sorority, and Alpha Chi, national honor society. Miss Bivens was also a member of Sigma Tau Delta, honorary Eng- lish group: Kappa Delta Pi, honorary education fraternity; and Phi Alpha Theta. honorary history society. Student Congress secretary Miss Judi Floyd, right, was a member of Alpha Chi. national honor society; Chi Omega, social sorority; and College Center Board. Who ' s Wbo Len Lankford, left, served as presi- dent of Xi Sigma Pi. honorary forestry group, and was a member of Alpha Chi. national honor so- ciety: Sylvans Club and Texas Tally Education. He received the Lacy Hunt Scholarship, which is given in the field of forestry. Pre-Medical student Richard England, center, was a member of Alpha Chi. national honor society. Math major Wayne Schmidt, ri ht. was a mem- ber of Alpha Chi. national honor society: and v a- president of Psi Chi, honorary psychology fraternity. Lady-in- Waiting Miss Lynda Spivey 247 First Runner-Up Second Runner-Up 249 Carnival Queen Miss Sharon Burner 250 Twirl-O-Jacks Perform; March in All Parades Football would not have been the same without the support of the Twirl-O-Jacks. Led by Miss Beverly Blaylock, the ten women enthusiastically performed during half times. Weekly activities were complete only with a pep rally, climaxed by a game. The Twirl-O- Jacks presented a new routine for each game which was always an original number. Even during basketball season the group performed at pep rallies. Yet not all work was done on the field. The group marched in the Homecoming Parade, handed out trophies at all school games, toured with the basketball team and judged twirl competition in several high schools. Mem- bers of the group included Misses Beverly Blaylock, Donna Blaylock, Patty Burk, Jean Crisp, Jan Harris, Cathey Ladymon, Adera Lawson, Jean Musslewhite, Nila Surrat and Nancy Wood. 253 254 r Cheerleaders Lead School Spirit School spirit is best exemplified on the faces of the 1968-69 cheerleaders during any school game. Deciding among themselves to attend every game played by SFA teams, the cheerleaders improved their image before the student body. Head cheerleader Jackie Durrett scheduled weekly practices and planned pep rally skits. Other mem- bers of the squad were Misses Margaret Birdsong, Scottie Hightower, Twinkle Lockleer and Judy Tsukahura, George Hallas, Tim Hull and Bill Mc- Bride. By showing enthusiasm even in the face of a loss, the 1968-1969 cheerleaders helped im- prove school spirit on the SFA campus. Above Left: Miss Scottie Hightower Left: Bill McBride Below: George Halas, Miss Twinkle Lockleer, Tim Hull Top Lumberjacks Receive Conference, State Honors Three Lumberjacks were named to the All Lone Star Conference tions. Hawthorne, the leading receiver in the LSC, was also named teams. End Ronnie Hawthorne was voted 1st team honors while end to the UPI All Texas unit. Henry Malone (center) and RB Andy Hopkins were 2nd team selec- 258 259 David Atkinson FB Gene Carson RB Ronnie Clark DB Stephen Clark DE j mW if — - fi S5 Ronald Collum DE Steve Copeland QB James Cullotta T Ransom Duke LB 1 as ■ w- Gary Fomby G Mike Ford LB James Gaskey T Ronnie Hawthorne E CI G7v7P 02 Andrew Hopkins B Mike Johnston C Dwayne Kerbow DB David King T Jerry Lewellen E Charles Lindsey B Michael McBee DE Daniel McKeown E 260 Thomas Mixon FB Deane Moore DE Mark Moseley QB John Morris G Robert Pearce QB Rayford Smith DB Ronald Stutts LB Ken Tomlinson E Harold Tutt T Ronnie Westmoreland G John Whitecotton DB Luhhie Whitmire G 261 Defensive couch Marl Crawfor the Lumberjacks rolled to State in the season opener. uok 42-7 win Freshman si»nal carrier Mike Blalack manned (he head set during hi- apprenticeship. Blalack threw one pass for one touchdown during his freshman year. Lumberjacks Post 3-7 Season SFA ' s Lumberjacks had their tips and downs during the L968 season, hut Coach Short) Hughes found that the downs outweighed the ups. The Jacks opened the campaign at home against the Angelo State Rams, breezing to their easiest w in of the season. 42-7. The next week saw the Jacks go up against a powerful Northeast Louisiana State team. The result was a 12-0 Indian victorj . The Axemen bounced back, however, to take two of their next three games. Defensive end David King raced into the Delta State end zone with an interception late in the game to give the Jacks a 11-7 edge. Texas A l, ranked first na- tionally, proved to be a tougher foe. crushing SFA in Kings- ville. 34-0. However. Sul Ross, also national]) ranked, fell to the Jacks. 27-1 I. SFA took a nose dive in the second half of the season, dropping all five contests, although coming close to victor) against Sain Houston and Fast Texas. Howard Payne outscored the Jack- at Brownwood, 15-20. and Sam Houston scored a late touchdown in the final period to edge SFA. 30-28, before nearl) 13.000 Homecoming fans. Homecoming losses proved to be contagious, a- the SFA ' ers fell before SWTexas ' Bobcats in San Marcos. I3-6. The second quarter was the Jacks ' downfall a- SWT tallied . ' ! I points. Offensive-minded McMurr) was next for llie Jacks, and the Indians took home a convincing 30-7 victory. The final grid- iron clash of the season -aw Fast Texas score two touch- downs in the final period to down SFA. 2!!-20. 263 1968 Jack Record SFA 42- 7 Angelo State SFA 0-42 Northeast Louisiana SFA 14- 7 Delta State SFA 0-34 Texas A I SFA 27-14 Sul Ross SFA 20-45 Howard Payne SFA 28-30 Sam Houston State SFA 6-43 Southwest Texas State SFA 7-30 McMurry SFA 20-28 East Texas State Hopkins ' effort paid off in extra yardage against Su] Ross as the Luinherjacks posted their only conference win, 27-14. 267 Lumberjack Spirit " Give ' em Hell Big Jacks " Lumberjack Tim Hill and cheerleader Margaret Birdsong displayed concern us they boosted the Jacks. 270 Jacks Miss LSC Cage Crown The Luinl)t ' rjucks played before a capacity crowd through most of second in field goal percentages with a .643 average behind teammate the season. Big George Johnson, 6 ' 11 " post man (no. 33 opposite Marvin Polnick. pagel, led the conference in rebounds with 15.3 per game and finished 273 276 The 1968-69 Lumberjacks are. front row, James Silas, Terry Brown, back row, Marvin Polnick, Ervin Polnick, Narvis Anderson. George Dick Davis, Dannv Harris, Matt Scott. Coach Marshall Brown; Johnson, Harve) Huffstetler and Surry Oliver. Oliver steals the hall Howard Payne, 100-97 acks edge Lone Star Conference champion Jacks Ranked Nationally SFA ' s courtmen reached two of their three goals for the 1%8-6 ( J campaign — thev had a winning season (23-3) and were invited to a post-season tournament. But that number one goal, a second straight Lone Star Conference championship, fell short as the Jacks finished behind How- ard Payne ' s Yellow jackets with a 12-2 loop slate. A 93-!!0 loss to the Jackets, coupled with an earlier 75-72 upset win by McMurry, cost the Jacks a chance for the crown. Although failing in their quest for the title, coach Marshall Brown ' s charges finished the season with a 1th national ranking in the NAIA final poll. The Lumberjacks were chosen to represent the NAIA in the National AAU Tournament in Macon, Ca.. March 25- 26. where SFA split their two games. The Lumberjacks ' 6-11 junior center. George Johnson, climaxed the Jacks " season b beinj; named to the NAIA All-America first team. All five of the Jacks ' starlets were named to the all-conference team but Johnson was the only first team choice. m 277 279 Huffstetler plus bull equals two points. All-American Johnson towers above the opposition to bueket two points. SFA ' s Wrestling Club, despite a lack of funds and material, sched- uled matches against major university powers. Track Falters, Too SFA ' s tracksteTs ended the 1968-69 season with a fourth place finish at the Lone Star Conference meet in Kings- ville. The Jacks tallied 29 points but failed to crack the winner ' s circle in any of the events. Coach Joe Richardson ' s squad made several good showings during the season al- though they were unable to carry off any meet titles. The Lumberjack mile relay unit, composed of Tommy Graham, Mike Penny, Lynn Warner and Bill Cramer posted a 3:11.9 one week before the spring meet to set a new school mark as well as the conference ' s best clocking of the year. John Walker of SFA turned in the loop ' s quickest two-mile run with a 9:13.3 clocking, another bright spot in the thinclad season. SFA Track Coach Joe Richardson. SFA tracksters included, bottom row, Tommy Graham, Hobby Steck, Bill Cramer; middle row, Larry Jordan, Henry Malone, Jim Reed. John Walker, Walter Caldwell; back row, Lynn Warner, Mike Penny. Mike Ford and Mike Hudspeth. Lumberjack netmen: Jim Jackson, Jim Grubb, Bobby Gaona, Gerald Schlief and coach Jack Rhoads. Tennis Takes Third The tennis season ended for coach Jack Rhoads ' netters with a third place conference showing and a finish behind perennial champion East Texas State and newcomer Angelo State. The Jacks had a winning dual meet record despite the strong competition SFA met. Several returning players and six new tennis courts should help the net team in 1969- 70. Number one Jack netman: Bobby Gaona. 288 Richard Edwards and Sparky Cartwright as they tallied their scores for the Pineywoods Invitational. Golfers Miss Title The Lumberjack golfers of coach Mart Crawford had high hopes of bringing back the Lone Star Conference title to SFA for the second straight year. Their hopes were dashed, however, as they carded a sixth place 909 total at the league tournament in Kingsville. 18 strokes off the winning pace. The Jacks had turned in winning performances throughout the year which made their conference showing only more disappointing. SFA ' s 1968-69 golfers are, kneeling, Terry Brown, Jerry Clay; standing, Robbie Selden, Wade Cobb, Sparky Cartwright, Richard Edwards and Edward Fielder. Intramural Champions Football Basketball Volleyball Softball Wrestling Track Field Archery Weightlifting Handball (singles) Handball (doubles) Basketball Free Throws Phi Delta Theta Mag 7 KKK Delta Sigma Phi Phi Delta Theta Dorm 7 Mag 7 (Charles Sparks) Delta Sigma Phi KKK (Grover Belcher) KKK (Belcher and Mike Bradshaw) PDT (Rick Still) Tennis (singles) Tennis (doubles) Badminton (singles) Badminton (doubles) Horseshoes (singles) Horseshoes (doubles) Paddleball (singles) Decathlon Sylvans (Ron Heirman) Mag 7 (Heirman and Don Cox) KKK (Belcher) KKK (Belcher and Dan Morgan) Bradshaw ' s Raiders (Gerard Probandt) KKK (Jack Absher and Rogi Hiltpold) Chuck Bice Sigma Tau (Gene Schilhab) 290 291 294 Annual Staff Produces Unique ' 69 Publication Many changes were made in the 1969 Stone Fort in an attempt to publish a more collegiate book. The first major changes were in the texture of the paper and the addition of 24 pages. The faculty section was lengthened. Large action pictures of professors were added to make this section more interesting. The class section was moved to the center of the annual. Color division pages of campus scenes and events were used instead of the traditional building shots. With the aid of Journal- ism 219 classes, the Stone Fort staff completed the annual with the h ope that the student body would regard the book as a complete story of the 1968- 1969 year at SFA. Top: Mrs. Kathleen Cobb, editor. Bottom: Ben F. Hobbs and Dr. Francine Hoffman, advisors. 295 297 Afterword Huck Finn said. " If I ' d a knowed what a trouble it was to make a book, I wouldn ' t a tackled it . . . , " but I wouldn ' t have missed having a hand in recording 1968-69 at SFA for the world. Of course, I felt as Huck did at low moments such as those days before deadlines but once the June 6 deadline was met and the final copy was on its way to Taylor Publishing Co.. I knew that all of the work and worry had been worthwhile. The life and spirit of any college is a difficult thing to record. We have tried to present new ideas in design and layout. We have included more color than ever before. In doing this, we have worked toward one objective: to produce a year- book of which Stephen F. Austin State College can be proud. We feel that we have accomplished this objective and I hope that you have the same feeling. When a year is spent publishing a book that affects as many people as the 1969 Stone Fort, expressing thanks to all those people who have helped in the work is a problem because someone is likely to be overlooked. For this reason, I ' ll start by thanking everyone who had a part in the 1969 Stone Fort. This yearbook is the result of the work of a small but loyal staff who got part of their " kicks " from working long hours in a little shack called Birdwell Annex. A person without whom this book would not have been possible is my assistant editor, Miss Barbara Yarbrough. She lived with the book more closelv than I did. She also listened to all my ideas and gripes and most important when I got on the wrong track, she would steer me in the right direction. Being editor of the 1969 Stone Fort was reward- ing, educational and cram-packed with invaluable experiences. If I had it to do over again, I would change few things because I gave my best to its planning and production. I hope you like it be- cause it was made for you and because of you. Sincerely, IN MEMORIAM John Spears Burrows Diane Dunham Donald Fleming William Hancock Patricia Kilpatrick Edwin Steer Dr. Claude Roberts 1 Index Advertisements Index Academic Departments Accounting 32 Agriculture 36 Art 44 Bible 52 Biology 62 Chemistry 64 Economics 30 Elementary Education 38 English, Journalism and Philosophy 53 Forestry 48 General Business 33 Geography 58 Geology 63 Health and Physical Education 40, 41 History 55 Home Economics 37 Management 31 Mathematics 65 Military Science 67 Modern Languages 59 Music 45 Office Administration 31 Physics 63 Political Science 54 Psychology 56 School Services 39 Secondary Education 39 Sociology 57 Speech 44 Organizations Accounting Club 196 Alpha Chi 186 Alpha Chi Omega 214 Alpha Kappa Delta 188 Alpha Kappa Psi 208 Alpha Lambda Omega 196 Alpha Phi Omega 206 Alpha Tau Omega 222 Chemistry Club 194 Chi Gamma Iota 197 Chi Omega 216 Clio Club 194 College Center Chairmen 185 Collegiate FFA 195 Delta Psi Kappa 188 Delta Sigma Phi 224 Delta Zeta 218 French Club 195 Gamma Phi 210 Gun Club 200 Home Economics College Club 198 Interfraternity Council 212 Kappa Alpha 226 Kappa Pi 189 Music 192 Panhellenic 213 Phi Chi Theta 199 Phi Delta Theta 228 Phi Mu Alpha 199 Pi Epsilon Mu 200 Pi Kappa Delta 189 Pi Kappa Alpha 230 Pine Log 182 Psi Chi 190 Religion 201 Rodeo Club 202 Sigma Delta Pi 190 Sigma Kappa 220 Sigma Phi Alpha 191 Sky Diving Club 198 Spanish Club 202 Speech and Hearing Society 203 Stone Fort 294 Student Congress 96 Theta Chi 232 Women ' s Intramural Council 204 Wrestling Club 205 Xi Sigma Pi 191 Young Republicans 205 Student Index A Aaron, Drucilla J. 104 Abel. Joy 144 Abney, Beth 124 Abraham, Brian E. 124 Adam, Andrea 104 Adams, Bobby 124 Adams, Deedy 104 Adams, Karen 124 Adams. Keith 124 Adams, Tommy 104 Adams, Velinda 104 Adcock, Sherry 124 Aden, Nancy Lynn 144 Agan, Mike 104 Albin, Terry L. 104 Albright, Kay 124 Albritton, Sandra 124 Aldredge, Kay 144 Alexander, Diane 144 Alexander, Donna 124 Alexander, Judy Lyne 124 Alexander, Marvin 104 Alhashimi, Carolyn 144 Allen, Brenda 104 Allen, Jade 144 Allen, Jerry W. 104 Allen, Joe 124 Allen. John 162 Allen. June 144 Allen, Larry 124 Allison, Farris 162 Allsup. Kay 104 Altenbach. Fred 162 Alton. Jim 162 Alvarez, Arnold 101 Alverson, Jan 162 Aman. Robert 104 Amerine. Dianne 162 Amerine. Jimmy 104 Anderson, Doris Ann 104 Anderson, Karen 162 Anderson Kathleen 162 Anderson. Linda Jo 144 Anderson, Linn 104 Anderson, Lounea 104 Anderson. Thomas 104 Anderwald , Gary 162 Andrews, Carol Lynn 104 Andrews, Suzanne 162 Anthony, Susan 162 Appleberry, Lee 144 Argue, Joe 144 Armstrong, Jane 124 Armstrong, Patricia 104 Arnall, Tom 144 Arndt, Pam 162 Arnold, Claude M. 104 Arnold, Karen Ihrig 101 Arnold, Martha 162 Arnold, Pamela 162 Arrington. Jenny 162 Ashcraft, Roger 162 Askins, Billy 124 Aston, James 104 Astrello, Donna 162 Atchison, Debby 144 Atkinson, Ann 144 Atkinson, David 124 Atkinson, Martin 144 Attaway, Andy 162 Atwood, Peggy 144 Aucoin. Patsy 144 Austin, William 144 Ayres, Page 144 B Babin, Barbara 162 Backen, Rodney 124 Bader, Lina 162 Baer, Brenda J. 144 Bailey, Ben 124 Baker. Barbara 104 Baker, Barbara 124 Baker, Jane 104 Baker, Kathy 162 Baker. Patricia Gail 104 Balch, Sandra 124 Baldwin, Mickie 144 Ballard. Brenda 144 Ballard. Paul 144 Ballard, Robert 124 Bang. Janet 162 Banks, Wallace 144 Barber. Donny Lee 124 Barclay, Connie 144 Barfield, Branda 162 Barker, Phyllis 162 Barkworth, Anne 144 Barnes, Billie 124 Barnes, Donald 104 Barnes, Maxine 124 Barnett, Jerry 124 Barnett, Sheryl 144 Barren. Richard 124 Barrera, Gilbert 104 Barrett, Aden 124 Barnett, Joan 104 Barrett, Randy 162 Barry, Michael 162 Barry, Shirley 124 Bartlett, Betsie 144 Bass, Oron 144 Bates, Melinda 104 Bates, Robert L. 124 Baugh, Billye 162 Baumann, Marsha 162 Baushke, Maxine 162 Bay, Mike 104 Baza, Joy-Dawn 124 Beall, Robert 104. Bean, Kenneth 124 Beard, Gay Lynn 124 Beard, Joe 124 Beasley, Betty 104 Beasley, Brenda 144 Beasley, Felton 105 Beaty, Richard 162 Beck, Sherry 124 Behr, Jeron 162 Behrens, Larry G. 124 Belk, Jan 124 Bell, David 105 Bell, Kathleen 144 Bell, Teresa 163 Bemenderfer, Frederick E. 105 Bennett, Greg T. 144 Bennett, Pamela 124 Bennett, Susan 124 Berg, Eric 163 Berger, Patricia Ann 105 Bergvall, Charles 145 Berry, Mary Elizabeth 124 Bertch, James Michael 145 Bible, Rhonda 163 Bickley, Patsy 105 Biddy, Mickey 145 Bidney, Robert 105 Biechlin, Robert R. 163 Bielamowicz, Theresa 145 Bills, Sharron 105 302 Bingham. R. Barry 145 Bintliff, Michael 105 Bischoff, Malinda 163 Biscoff. Carol 124 Bitler, Nancy 145 Bivens, Beth 105 Black, Barbara 163 Black. Nancy 163 Blackburn. Sharon 124 Blackledge, Willa 125 Blackwell, Nancy 105 Blair, James 105 Blair, Nancy 145 Blair, Robert 145 Bland. Terese 125 Bland. Tim 105 Blankenship Leann 163 Blaschke, Barbara Anne 125 Blaydes, Joan 163 Blaylock, Beverly 105 Blaylock, Donna 163 Blevins, Beverly 105 Bloyd, Ted C. 145 Blust, Mary Lou 163 Blystone, Karen 145 Board, Carole 105 Boatman, Sandra 145 Bobbin, Cynthia 163 Bobbitt, Martha 145 Bobo, Rhonda 163 Bodiford, Rodney 145 Bohannon, Deborah 163 Boh uslav, Maryette 163 Bollman, John Robert 105 Bolster, Randy 125 Bolster, Susan 125 Bond, Joel 145 Bonner, Billie H. 105 Bonner, Cathy 163 Bonner, Conna 125 Bonner, Janet 125 Booker, Lynn 125 Booth, Laura 105 Booth, Scott 125 Bosko, Patricia 145 Bosl, Susan 105 Bostic, Barbara 125 Bosworth, Kevin 145 Boughton, Kathleen 105 Bowers, Carol 145 Bowers, Rita Don 105 Bowman, Wally 163 Boyd, Donald 145 Boyle, Gerald 163 Boyle, James M. 163 Bozeman, Jackie Lynne 163 Brackett, Patsy 105 Bradberry, Keith 105 Bradbury, Margo 163 Bradley, Mark 163 Brady, Joy 163 Brake, Don 105 Brame, Bobby 145 Branam, Lana 145 Branan, Donald 125 Branch, Betty Jo 163 Branch, Duane 125 Brand, Madalyn 125 Brandt, David 145 Brantly, Bridget 125 Braun. H. Joe 145 Braun, Janell 145 Bray, Robert 125 Brewer, Kathy 163 Bridges, Deborah 163 Briggs, Marilyn 145 Briggs, Susan 125 Briggs, William 125 Britton, James 105 Broa ddus, Joan 163 Broadway, Carol 105 Brooks, Bonnie 145 Brooks, Donna 145 Brooks, George Wayne 105 Brooks, Jo Nell 125 Broom, Elizabeth 163 Brosette, Camille 105 Brower, Cindy 163 Brown, James Robert 163 Brown, Jeanie 105 Brown, Larry 125 Brown, Lauren 105 Brown, Leon L. Jr. 105 Brown, Linda 163 Brown, Michael 164 Brown, Patricia 101 Brown, Rodney 145 Brown, Ronnie L. 125 Brown, Ruth Melyndia 164 Brown, Sara 106 Brown, Steve 164 Brown, Susan 145 Browne, Paula 164 Broxson, Phil 106 Brubaker, Rodney 125 Bruce, Karen 164 Bruno, Kathy 106 Bruno, Mary Sue 145 Brunson, James 164 Brunson, Tempie 106 Bryan, Beverly 106 Bryan, Reggie 164 Bryant, Diana 145 Bryant, Edward L. Jr. 106 Bryant, Terry 164 Bryce, William 106 Buban, Sharon 106 Buban, Tony 106 Buck, Linda S. 106 Bullard, Bill 106 Bullard, Mollie 125 Bullman, Kay D. 106 Bumpass, Richard 125 Bunnell, Kathleen 164 Burch, Jeffrey 145 Burgess, Richard 164 Burke, Arnold 164 Burke, Steve E. 146 Burkett, Darlene 146 Burkham, Lyndell 125 Burkhart, Janell 106 Burkley, Dyann 125 Burnett, Dorothy 164 Burnett, Lyle 164 Burnett. Marsha 164 Burnett, Thomas 1 16 Burns. Judith 164 Burrough, James H. jr. 126 Burrows. John B ron 126 Burt. Ann 146 Burt, Dianna 126 Burton. Susan 164 Busbee. Richard 106 Bush, Beverly 106 Bush. Larry R. 106 Bush. Lisa 164 Bussey. Bill 106 Bussey, Karen 106 Butler, Ann 164 Butler. Linda 164 Buvinghausen. Buzz 106 Buxton, George 106 Byman. Barbara 146 Byman. Beverly 146 Bynum, Dale 126 Bynum, Don 126 c Cain, Sheila 146 Cain, Wayne 164 Calcote, Donald R. 106 Caldwell, Bruce 126 Caldwell, Carol 126 Caldwell, Gwendolyn 126 Calliham, Janet 146 Calton, Debbie 146 Camp, Kerry 164 Campbell, Danny 126 Campbell, Karen A. 146 Campbell, Kathryn 126 Campbell, Kathy 126 Campbell, Robert E. 126 Campbell, Susan 146 Canafax, Patricia Gayle 164 Canion, Rachel 164 Capps, Roy 106 Carl, Lynda 126 Carlisle, Cheryl Rae 126 Carlock, Randy 106 Carlson, Linda 146 Carlton, Carole 126 Carney, Susan 126 Carpenter, Richard 126 Carrier, Geno 164 ' Carrell, Delton 106 Carter, Adell 146 Carter, Graylene 146 Carter, Harry 106 Carter, James 146 Carter, Laura Lee 146 Carter, Martha 146 Carter, Mary 164 Carter, Marzelle 107 Carter, Michael 146 Cartwright, Ford 107 Casey, Kim 146 Casey, L. Dianne 126 Cassity, Billie 107 Casteel, Gary 146 Castle, Jane 165 Castleberry, Tom 165 Castles. John 146 Catoe. Nick A. 107 Caufield, Susan M. 1 16 Cave. Cheryl 126 Certain, Vanchee 165 Cessna. Jerry 107 Chadwick, Karen 126 Chally. Ron 165 Chambers, Carolyn 165 Chambers. Mitzi 146 Chance, Peggy 165 Chandler. Beverly 126 Chaney, Lonnie Dan 126 Cha ney, Pamela Lee 107 Chapman, Debbie 165 Chapman, Thomas L. 126 Chattaway, Susan 126 Chelette, Karen 146 Cherry, Betty 107 Chevalier. Denise 165 Chilivetis. Lea 165 Chisolm. Norman 126 Chisum. Patricia Ann 165 Choate. Nicki 107 Christian, Charlotte 107 Christopher, Beth 165 Christmann, Harold 146 Cielinski, Loretta 146 Clark, Beth 107 Clark, Beverly 165 Clark, Cindy 126 Clark. Donna 165 Clark, Howard 107 Clark, Joey 165 Clark, Margaret 107 Clark, Mary B. 126 Clark, Mary D. 165 Clark, Orie 126 Clark, Philip 165 Clark, Robert M. 126 Clark, Stanley 126 Clark, Steven L. 165 Clark, Thomas Edward 165 Clarke, Carole 165 Clauson, Bruce M. 146 Clayton, Andy 146 Cleaver, Jo 126 Cleaver, Jo 146 Cleaver, Marilyn 165 Clements, Danny 101 Clepper, Barry 165 Cleveland, Earlann 165 Clifton, Roger 127 Clinton III, L. G. 127 Cline, Larry L. 165 Clower, Linda 165 Cobb, Charles 107 Cobb, Kathleen 107 Cobb, Richard 107 Cochran, Charles 107 Coffman, Danny 146 Cofield, Randy 127 Coggburn, Linda Lou 146 Cohagen, Terry Ann 107 Coin, Emery W. 146 Coit, Deborah 146 303 Coke, Cerry 165 Cole. Diane 165 Coleman. Bryan 127 Coleman, Sharon 1 16 Coleman. William 146 Collen, Harvey 107 Colletti. C nthia 165 Collier, Maurice Eugene 165 Collins. Robert W. 107 Collins. Shirley 127 Colwell. Al 165 Colwell, Brenda 146 Colvert, Jan 146 Coulee. Kay 127 Conner. Pain 165 Conner. William 107 Coode. Jo 127 Cook. Arlyn 127 Cook. David M. 107 Cook. Frances 107 Cook, John Paul 107 Cook, Richard George 146 Cooper. Cary 107 Cooper. Donna 127 Cooper, Gladys 107 Cooper. Linda 146 Cooper, Nan 107 Cope, Carol 165 Copeland, Candyce 146 Corbell, Charlotte 165 Corbin. Kathy 127 Cordell. Pat 107 Corlev. Sharon 107 Corley. Sherry 127 Corman. Alex 147 Corner. Michelle 165 Corona. Rita Angelee 165 Cotterell, Cathy 165 Cotton. Sherry 127 Cottrell. Sherry 127 Courreges. Joyce 147 Cousins. Robert 147 Covin, Ben 165 Cox. Anna J. 107 Cox, Carlyn 147 Cox, Ronald 147 Cozart. Jim 147 Crabb. Linda 165 Crabtree. Tina 147 Craddock, Kathy 147 Craddock. Van 127 Cranfill. Charles Wayne 107 Cravotta. Charlene 165 Crawford, Ann 165 Crawford, Cynthia Ann 147 Crawford, Dana Jo 107 Crenshaw, Winn 127 Cretsinger, Gwen 147 Cridland, Henry 107 Crisp, Jean 147 Crist, Jimmy 165 Cristan, David 107 Croft, Johnny 127 Crook, Cindy 166 Crook, Carolyn 127 Crook, Marilyn 127 Crowley, Steve 166 Cull, Judith M. 147 Cummings. Charles C. Jr. 107 Cummings. Penn) 127 Cummings. Sandra 166 Cummins. Kathy 127 Cummins. Wayne 127 Cunningham. Johnny 127 Curie, Brad 166 Currens. Keith 166 Curry. Jennie 147 Curtis. Wayne 127 Custer, George Busse 107 Cypert, Alan 147 D Dahlquist. Michael 107 Dahmer. Frances 107 Dailey. Dale 127 Dailey. James R. 166 Dailey, Judy 127 Daimwood, Betty 127 Daimwood. James Russell 147 Darcy, Diane 166 Davenport, Herschell Jr. 127 Davey, Ronald 127 Davidge, Sharon 147 Davidson. Linda 166 Davis, Annette 147 Davis. Brenda 127 Davis, Carolyn 147 Davis, Dan 127 Davis, Diane 127 Davis, Grace 147 Davis. James Earl 128 Davis, Mary Ellen 166 Davis. Sandra 128 Davis, Shelby 147 Davis. Steve 166 Davis. Susan 147 Davis, Suzanne 107 Davis, Tricca 166 Dawson, Deborah 166 Day, Diane 147 Day, Janice 166 De Gaugh, James Ray 147 DeHart, Barbara 166 Denman, Kenneth 166 Denton, Robert W. 107 de Wit, Amie 166 DeWoody , Robert 128 Dezelle, Janis 147 Dial. Don 128 Dickard, Larry 128 Dickerman, Bill 166 Dickerson, Larry 107 Dickey, Cheryl 108 Didriksen, Arthur 108 Di Giovanni, Paul R. 128 Dildy , Carolyn 108 Dillard, Bobbie 128 Dixon, David 166 Dixon, John P. 128 Divine, Lois 147 Dodson, Nancy 166 Dodson. Ricky 166 Doelling. Patsy 148 Dohert) , Joseph John 166 Dominey. Roger I). 166 Domstead, Glen 108 Donohue. Alton 108 Doran, Tom 128 Dorman. Jim 128 Dorough, Paula 128 Dorr. Susan 1 18 Dorsch, Janet 148 Dorsey. Loyce 108 Dougan, Drue 166 Douglas. Randall 108 Douglas, Terry 128 Drachenberg, Timoth) 128 Draper, Dierdri Marie 128 Draper. Stephen Eugene 148 Drawhorn. Donna 166 Drennan, James 166 Drew. Dorothy 166 DuBose, Cathy 128 Duckworth, Raymond E. 128 Duddleston, Karla 148 Duerer, Judith 128 Duerer, Wayne 128 Duhon. Dianne 101 Duke. Gary A. 108 Duke, Gail 166 Duke, Ransom 128 Dukes, Rebecca 108 Duncan, Curtis L. 108 Duncan. Deborah 166 Duncan, Gary 128 Duncan, Glennis 166 Duncan, Judy 148 Duncan, Ronald 128 Dunlap, Jimmy E. 148 Dunn, Andy 148 Dunn, Linda 128 Dunnahoe, Debbie 166 Dunnam,- Jeannie 166 Durrett, Jackie 148 Dutcher, Robert 108 Duvall, Laura 148 Duball. Tina 128 Dye, Betty Karen 108 Dye. Mike 148 Dy ess, Wayne 128 E Earle, Roland A. 167 Eastepp, Dorthy 108 Eaves, Gwendolyn 167 Echols, Mina 167 Edelen, Thomas P. 148 Edgar, Michael 148 Edmiston, Melinda 128 Edmonds, Fredrick 167 Edwards, Diane 148 Edwards, Gary 167 Edwards, Laura Denise 167 Edwards, Lindalyn 129 Eewards. Patti 167 Eernisse, Sherry 148 Egan. Dee Anne 148 Eignus. Rohert 129 Ellinger. Mary Jane 108 Elliott. Barbie 148 Elliott. Gary 167 Elliott. Sylvia 118 Ellis. Linda 129 Elolf, Robert 167 Embree. Steve 148 Embry, Jimmy 167 Emerson. Don R. 108 Emerson, Linda 167 Engelking. Jo Lynn 129 Enoch. Janet 129 Eshbach, Cal 129 Evans, Diana 148 Evans, Donald 148 Evers. Panette 148 Evers. Sharon 108 Ewers. Randy 108 F Fagan. Connie 148 Fairchild, James 148 Faircloth. Wayne 167 Fajardo. Philip 129 Farmer, Leslie 108 Farmer, Walter A. 148 Faulk. Judith E. 149 Fater, Laraine 108 Faulkinberry. John 108 Feistel, Robert 129 Felchak. Cody 149 Felts, Beverley 108 Fenske. Carol 129 Ferguson, Carol 108 Ferguson, Glenda 129 Ferguson, Janet 167 Ferguson, Roland L. 149 Ferguson, Todd 167 Fernandez, Eloy 129 Ferris, Tommie 149 Fieglein, Larry 149 Fielder. Olen E. 129 Fields. Herschel 101 Fields, John W. 101 Fields, Martha 101 Fifield, Lynden 167 Fillebrown, David 149 Fillip. Donna 167 Findeisen, Tommy 149 Finlay, Christy 167 Fischinger, Judy 129 Fischer, Nancy 149 Fleming. Jerry 149 Fleming, Robert John 108 Fleming, Terry 149 Fleniken, Brenda 108 Flippen. Cynthia Allen 108 Flora, Herbert V. 129 Florence, Jerry 129 Florence, Sharon Kaye 167 Flowers, Toinette 149 Floyd, Dave 108 Flynn. Ailsa 129 Flynt. William 167 304 Foley, Ian F. 108 Foley, Jo 167 Folger, Nancy Louise 167 Folsom, Donna 167 Ford, Coy 108 Ford, Don 101 Ford, Patricia 167 Ford, Ronald E. 167 Ford, Walter G. 108 Foree, Helen 129 Forse, Alvin 149 Forsman, Pam 149 Fortenberry, Darrell 108 Fortson, Patricia Ann 167 Foshee, Marion 167 Foster, Donnie 167 Foster, Carolyn 149 Foster, Peg 129 Foster, Suzanne 149 Foulds, Duncan 149 Fountain, Cathy 129 Fowler, Becky 167 Fowler, Lily Ann 149 Fox, John III 108 Fox, Sue 109 Fraga, Robert 149 Fraker, Bryant 149 Francis, Becky 149 Franke, Diana 167 Franke, Janet 109 Franta, Patsy 129 Fratt, Ken 149 Frazier, Jane 109 Freberg, Sharon 167 Frederick, Vernon 149 Fredrickson, Linda 149 Freeman, Cheryl 167 Freeman, Tim 149 French, Lucille 168 Frier, James W. 149 Frierson, Debby 168 Fry, Raymond Franklin 109 Fugler, Malcolm J. 129 Fulgham, Joe 129 Fuller, Linda 168 Fulmer, Kathie 168 Furlong, Dennis 149 Furl ow, Vickie 149 Fulton, Robert 109 Fults, Suzanne 129 Funderburgh, Lee Jr. 109 Funke, Mona 109 Furness, Martha 149 Fuston, Samuel 149 G Gagner, Yvonne 149 Gaisser, Joan 168 Galbraith, Glee 129 Galperin, Lance 109 Gamblin, Mike 109 Gammon, Richard 168 Gammon, Sharon 149 Ganson, Ruth Ann 109 Garasic, Walter 149 Garcia, Diana 129 Garcia, Robert 129 Gardner, Cathy 168 Gardner, Donna 168 Garfias, Pat 149 Garrett, Ben 149 Garrett, Bruce L. II 109 Garrett, James 149 Garrett, Joe 129 Garrett, Judith A. 149 Garrett, Tom 129 Garrison, Debbie 168 Garza, Mary Alice 129 Gates, Carol 149 Gatlin, Ken 129 Gaubatz, Connie 168 Gauches, Jennifer 168 Gayle, Patricia Ann 168 Gaut, Patty Burk 109 Geese, Peggy 109 Gentry, Maria 149 Geoffroy, Linda Gail 149 George, Beverly 168 George, Virginia Beth 109 Gerald, Betty 109 Geredon, Stephen 109 Gerringer, Ronald 168 Gerz, Linda 168 Gevedon, William E. 129 Gholson, Robert 129 Gibbons, Emma Sue 129 Gibbons, James 129 Gibbs, Mike 149 Gibson, James M. 109 Gibson, Julie B. 109 Gilbert, Ronald 129 Gilbert, Steven John 109 Gilchrist, Claudia 150 Gillespie, Charles 109 Gilliland, Mary 109 Gilmore, Carol 168 Gindorf, Glenna 168 Gipson, Vance 109 Glasgow, Mary Ann 168 Glaze, Linda 129 Glenn, Linda 150 Gober, Jerry Martin 129 Godbey, Gayle 150 Godwin, Brenda 168 Goeckel, Susan 150 Goeders, Carol 109 Goehring, Jo Ann 129 Goforth, Lawrence 150 Golemon, Bobbie 129 Gongre, Charles 101 Gongre, Sue 109 Gonzales, Beatrice 129 Goode, Evelyn 109 Gorden, Jack 109 Gordon, Jay 130 Gordon, Peter 130 Gorham, John 130 Gowin, Douglas 109 Graham, Jim 130 Graham, Julia 150 Graham, Sherry 168 Grant, Charles 109 Grant, Kathey 15 0 Grant, Larry 168 Graves, Eugene 109 Graves, Tommy Clyde 150 Gravley, Lucy 130 Gray, Barbara 130 Gray, James A. 130 Gray, Keitha 109 Gray, Lynn 109 Greathouse, Robert 110 Green, Julian C. 110 Green, Peggy 150 Greene, Susan 130 Greene, Wiley 130 Greer, Deanna 130 Greer, Mike 110 Gregory, Carolyn 110 Gregory, Virginia 101 Greve, John B. 110 Griffee, Katie 130 Griffee, Linden 130 Griffin, Ginger 130 Griffin, Sam 130 Griffith, Richard K. 168 Grigsby, Veronica 150 Grissom, Terrie 150 Grissom, Wayne 150 Groce, William 168 Groft, Linda Carol 150 Grubb, Jim 130 Grubbs, Betty 110 Grubbs, Sheila 150 Grunert, Gail 150 Gruver, Cheryl 110 Gryder, Carolyn 130 Guerrero, Alice 110 Gumienny, Gaynelle 168 Gunderson, Linda 168 Gunning, Tom 110 Guthrie, Preston Lee 110 Gutjahr, Anneliese 130 Guy, Chuck 110 H Hackbarth, Mary Ann 130 Haddock, Patricia 110 Hagen, Judie 168 Hailey, Linda 110 Hailey, Roger 110 Halas, George 130 Halbert, Julie 168 Halcumb, Kay 110 Hale, Terry 168 Haley, Helen 150 Haley, Leilani 110 Hall, Brenda 168 Hall, Carol Sue 150 Hall, David 150 Hall, Deborah L. 168 Hall, Diane 110 Hall, Janet 168 Hall, Johnny 110 Hall, Sylvia 150 Halle, Maureen 150 Hallmark, Sandra 110 Halsey, Sue 168 Hamilton, Odie 110 Hamilton, William G. 168 Hammer, Treva 110 Hammond. Richard 168 Hammonds, Gregory 130 Hammons. Karen 168 Hancock. Barbara 110 Hancock, Kenneth 130 Hanes, Lois 150 Haney, Mike 130 Hankie. Randy 101 Hanks, Kenneth 110 Hanzel, Karen 168 Harber. Patricia 150 Harborth. Glenda 110 Harborth, Janice 168 Hardilek. Tommy 150 Hardin. Jimmy 130 Hardin, Jimmie Nell 150 Hardin. Theresa 168 Hardy. Carolyn Bogan 110 Hardy, David 110 Hardy. Karen 168 Hardy, Robert Michael 130 Hargrave, Jim 1 10 Hargrave. Sandy 110 Harkrider, Sharon 150 Harrell, Beckie 168 Harris. Betty 169 Harris. Carole 150 Harris, Deborah 110 Harris, Jan 150 Harris, Kay 110 Harris, Robert 110 Harrison, Angus Cruze 110 Harrison, Polly 150 Harrison. Warren 110 Hart, Frank 150 Harvell, Lynda 110 Harvey, Jim 150 Hatcher, Annette 150 Hathcox, David 110 Haus, Dale 151 Hawkins, Melvin R. 130 Hawkins, Sandi 151 Hay, Ben 131 Hay, Michael 131 Hays, Richard 131 Hays, Robert W. 169 Hays, Sharon 110 Hearne. Hazel Sue 169 Heaton, Pamela 169 Heberling, James 169 Hebert, Ralph E. 131 Hedgecock, Sibyl 110 Hees, Janice 110 Heierman, Ron 110 Heinen, Jim 169 Heinen, Tia 131 Helge, Doris 151 Hellman, Mary Ann 110 Hemann, Cindy 151 Hendershot, Douglas 131 Henderson, Cassi 111 Hendry, Donald 131 Henry, Mary Jo 169 Henry, Pat 111 Hensley, Robert D. 131 305 Herrin, Gloria 131 Herrington. Bettye 151 Hertwig. James 151 Hervey, James 169 Heslop. Ann Elizabeth 151 Hewitt, Diana 131 Heyroth, Debby 169 Hicks, Linda 111 Higgins, Debby 169 High. Brinda A. 169 Hight, LaNell 131 Hightower. Ken W. 131 Hightower, Scotty 131 Hill, Jane 111 Hill, Howell B. 169 Hill. Larry 111 Hill, Lynn H. 101 Hill, Marie 151 Hill. Max 169 Hill, Patricia 111 Hill, Roxanne 111 Hill, Sarah 169 Hill, Tim 131 Hill, William 151 Hilliard, Mike 131 Hinds, Jim 131 Hines. Georgia 169 Hinton, Jane 131 Hinton, Paul 169 Hinz, Dale L. 131 Hitchcock, Staley 111 Hodge, Carol 169 Hodges, Mary Alice 131 Hoffman. Marilyn 169 Hoffman, Steve 151 Hoke, Timothy 131 Hoke, Zodie 169 Holcomb, Gloria 151 Holley, Suzette 131 Holloway, Jay 169 Holt, Sharron L. 131 Holt, William 111 Holvey, Angela 169 Honea, Richard 151 Hood, Ruth Ann 131 Hooker, Cecilia 111 Hooton, Brenda 151 Hooton, Susan 169 Hopkins, Guy 131 Hopkins, Randy 169 Hopper, Joan 169 Hopson, Harold D. Ill Hopson, Polly 151 Home, David 111 Horton, Belinda 111 Horton, Ernie 111 Horton, Trudy 169 Houghton, Mike 131 Houser, Lynn 170 Howard, George 131 Howard, James N. 131 Howard, Patsy Ann 151 Howard, William 131 Huckaby, Lynn 131 Hudson, Mimi 170 Huegel, Andrea 131 Hugghins, Shirley 131 Hughen, Nita 170 Hughes, Kay 131 Hughes, Joe K. 151 Hughes, Mary Ann 131 Hughes, Patrick L. 131 Hughes, Patsy 131 Hughes, Terry 170 Hull, Tim 131 Human. Glenda 170 Humphrey, Robert 170 Humphries, Floyd 111 Hunt. Truett 131 Hunter, Cindy 170 Huntsberger, Andy 131 Hurst, Dotty 151 Hurst. Jenni 111 Hurst. Raelynn 170 Hurta, Donald 111 Hussey, Sandy 111 Hutchinson. Joan 170 Hynds, Martha 131 I Imoehl, Sandy 170 Inderman. Patsy 131 Ingram. Barbara 132 Innes. Jim 1 51 Irby. Doris 170 Irwin. Shirley 111 Irvine, Claudia 170 Irwin. Martina 170 Isabel, Debbie 170 Isenblitter, Jeannette 170 Isom, Roddy 132 Iversen, Fredrikke 170 Iversen. Kristina 132 Ivie, Andrea 111 Ivy, Janie 151 J Jackson, Charles S. Ill Jackson, Gary 151 Jackson, Pete 151 Jackson. Robert W. 132 Jackson, Vicki 170 Jacob, Brenda 132 Jacobs, Gary 132 Jacobson, Nan 151 James, John W. Ill Jannise, Geneva 151 Jarmon, Forbes 111 Jefferies, Donald 151 Jennings, Larry 132 Jennings, Linda 111 Jetton, Marcia 170 Joffrion, Eric 132 Johns, Jearlyn 132 Johns, Judith 151 Johnson, Brent 170 Johnson, Cathleen 170 Johnson, Charlotte 151 Johnson, Chris J. Ill Johnson, Cynthia 132 Johnson, Diane 170 Johnson, George 170 Johnson, Jackie 112 Johnson, Jean 132 Johnson, Jennie 112 Johnson, Jere 170 Johnson, Jerry L. 132 Johnson, Julia 112 Johnson, Karel 170 Johnson, LaWanda Kathleen 151 Johnson, Leroy 132 Johnson, Louie 151 Johnson, Martha 101 Johnson, Mary 132 Johnson, Mary Joy 170 Johnson, Myra 151 Johnson, Nancy 170 Johnson, Richard 170 Johnson, Vicki 170 Johnston, Kenneth 132 Johnston, Marcus 132 Jonas, David 170 Jones, Benny 132 Jones, Donald W. 132 Jones, Gene 151 Jones, George M. 112 Jones, Kathy Sue 170 Jones, Lawrence 151 Jones, Lurita 132 Jones, Maurice 132 Jones, Nelda 152 Jones, Pat 132 Jordan, Beckye 170 Jorns, Joella 152 Josey, Danny 112 Justice, Mila 112 K Kain, Laura 132 Kalb, Kathy 132 Kammeyer, Louise 132 Kane, Susan 112 Kanpaibool, Surang 152 Karp, Vickie 171 Kasboum, Betsy 171 Kast, Charles 152 Kebodeaux, Renee 152 Kelley, Linda 152 Kelly, Benson 132 Kelly, Linda 171 Kelly III, Russel 171 Kelly, Timothy 112 Kendrick, Kathie 152 Kenne, Darlene 152 Kennedy, Joe 112 Kennedy, Robert 112 Kennedy, Tom 112 Kent, Carolyn 112 Kent, Marlene 152 Kerbo, Mike 132 Kershaw, Becky 152 Ketner, Randy 112 Kewley, Judy 171 Keys, Dennis 152 Keywood, Arthur Jr. 112 Kidwell, Randall 152 Kight, James 171 Kilgore, Barry 152 Kilgore, Velinda Fay 112 Kilpatrick, Patricia 112 King, Carolyn 132 King, Chuck 112 King, Kathy 171 King, Pat 112 Kirchner, Danny 152 Kirby, Arlinda 112 Kirkland, Susan 171 Kirkpatrick, Karen 112 Kister, Robert L. 112 Kite, Sharon 171 Kitrell, Kay 171 Klein, Patricia A. 132 Klievver, Jim 171 Knight, Jean M. 112 Knott, Jack 112 Knott, Jan 112 Knox, Dara 152 Kobar, Paul 132 Koch, Carolyn 132 Koehn, Larry 112 Koenig, Diane 132 Kohl, Johann 112 Kolac, Rodney 133 Koliba, John 133 Koontz, Elyse 133 Konrad, John 112 Kopczynski, Jo-Claire 112 Koppel, Kathleen 152 Kosman, Chris D. 171 Kosta, Larry 133 Kraemer, Kaye 171 Kramis, Gary 133 Kremer, Patricia 171 Kroning, Nancy 133 L Lackey, Dick 133 Lacy, Cynthia Annette 133 Lacy, Joyce 171 Lamar, George Preston 133 Lamar, Linda 171 Lambert, Leslie 171 Lamberth, Carol 112 Lamberth, Nancy 171 Lambright, Betty L. 112 Lamkin, Brenda 171 Lanagan, Michael J. 112 Lanasa, Katie 171 Lanasa, Mary 113 Lancaster, Lawrence 113 Landrum, Susan 133 Lane, Iris 133 Lane, Michael N. 133 Lange, Eddie 113 Langford, Gwen 152 Langford, Joe 113 Lankford, Leonard A. 113 Langley, Linda 171 Langston, Barbara 152 Larsen, Diane 133 Latimer, John F. 133 Laughlin, Allen 113 Laughlin, Fred 152 306 Lawrence, Jean 171 Lawson, Adera 152 Lawson, Bonnie 171 Layton, Marsha 133 Lea, John 113 Leach, James H. 113 LeBlanc, Madeline 171 LeBlanc, Sandy 152 Ledbetter, Lucy 152 Lee, Clifford 133 Lee, Dorothy 171 Lee Jr., Jimmie 152 Lee, Larry 113 Lee, Mary 152 Lee, Rusty 113 Leggett, Dennis 152 Leigh, Kenneth 133 Leiper, Mary 171 Lemmon, Jeannie 113 Leonard, Luanne 171 Leonard, Wanda 171 Lengefeld, Bill 113 Leonard, Franklin L. Jr. 113 Lester, Judy 133 Lewjs, Angie 171 Lewis, Brenda 152 Lewis, Georgia 113 Lewis, Janet 171 Lewis, Richard M. 113 Lief, Pam 171 Liles, Lorraine 113 Liles, Sharon 113 Lindner, William D. 113 Lindsay, Darrell 113 Link, Linda 113 Link, Patsy 133 Lionberger, Bernard M. Jr. 113 Lionberger, Carole 152 Lipman, Gary 152 Little, Michael 133 Little, Tommy 133 Llewellyn, Kathy 172 Lockleer, Twinkle 152 Lofton, Cecelia 172 Lollar, Donna 172 Long, Sally Jo 172 Longmire, Robin 152 Longyear, Mary 172 Looney, Tina 172 Loper, Sheri 133 Lorenz, Glenn 152 Lotspeich, Blevins 172 Lott, Myra 133 Love, Jimmy 113 Love, Wilbert Jr. 113 Lowe, Ginger 152 Lowery, Suzy 133 Lucas, Barbara 172 Lucas, Doyle 133 Lucas, Gail 152 Luce, Billy 133 Lucht, Margaret 133 Lucia, Samuel 113 Lucy, Mary Beth 152 Ludwick, Linda 172 Luedecke, Elizabeth 113 Lund, Connie 133 Lurker, Dean 172 Lynch, Steve 172 M Maberry, Michael 113 Maberry, Mike 133 Mabry, Don 152 MacDowell, Pamela 152 Machemehl, Abby 133 Machemehl, Rosemary 172 Machlitt, Sandy 152 Maddox, Melinda 172 Magee, James 152 Magness, Kenneth M. 172 Mainord, Sammy 152 Mallard, George 172 Malloy, John 101 Maloney, Ann 134 Mandes, Yvonne 172 Manning, Sheila 152 Maple, Susan 172 Maples, Floyd 172 Marchand, Gregory G. 113 Marietta, Shirley 153 Marshall, Bill 134 Marshall, Rodney 134 Marshall, Vicki ' 153 Martin, Linda 153 Martin, Nancy 113 Martin, Ronald B. 172 Mason, Belinda 172 Massey, Larry 113 Massey, Mike 153 Mathews, Paul 134 Mattern, Mike 134 Mattox, Joyce 113 Maxey, Margaret 113 Maxwell, Cheryl 153 Maxwell, Jackie 134 May field, Jacky 114 Mayhew, Robert L. 114 Mazzola, Anna 114 McAllister, William 172 McArthur, Edward S. 172 McBee, Chris 172 McBrayer, Janice 114 McBride Jr., Bill 153 McBride, John M. 114 McBride, Mary 153 McBride, Sharon 114 McBurnette, Elaine 153 McCarney, Kathy 172 McCarroll, Robert 172 McCarthy, Vickie 172 McCarty, Debbie 153 McCathran, Earline 114 McCauley, Robert 114 McClain, Beverly A. 153 McClain, Charla 172 McClane, Tommie 114 McCleary, Michael P. 172 McClelland, Sue 153 McClendon, Wanda 172 McClure, Edna Earle 172 McClure, Sharyn 134 McClurkin, Phillip 114 McComb, Joe 134 McConkey, David 172 McCorkle, Beverly 172 McCormick, Sue 134 McCray, Karan 172 McCuistion, Marsha 172 McCullough, Robert 134 McCullough, Sam 134 McCullough, William 153 McDonald, Diane 172 McDaniel, George 134 McDonald, Janice 153 McDaniel, Lynda 114 McDonald, Russell 114 McDonald, Karen 134 McDonald, Louise 172 McDonald, Wendy 153 McDowell, Jerry 172 McElory, Sherry 172 McEniry, Cathy 114 McEniry, Charles 134 McFarland, Robert 114 McGee, Kenneth 153 McGovern, Kathleen 172 McGowan, Susan 172 McGuire, Roy 114 McHenry, Gary 114 McJilton, Gayland 173 McKee, Malcolm 134 McKewen, Wendy 153 McKinney, Carolyn 173 McKnight, Joyce 134 McLachlan, Argyle 173 McLaughlin, Lee 173 McMinn, Gloria S. 173 McMorrow, Pat 134 McMurrey, Nancy 173 McNay, Keith 114 McNeill, Cynthia 114 McNeilly, Susan 153 McNutt, Connie 173 McPhail, Sharon 173 McShan, Bruce 134 McWhirter, Vicki 173 McWilliams, David 173 McWilliams, Dee 101 Mead, Kris 173 Meador, Barbara 114 Meadows, Marsha 173 Means, James 153 Means, Jann 114 Meaux, Lynette 153 Medley, Lynn 173 Medlin, Russell L. 153 Melton, Freddie 134 Mena, Duane 134 Menefee, Patricia 114 Mercer, Deborah 173 Meredith, Cheryl 173 Meredith, Dean 153 Merhoff, Donald 114 Merhoff, Gail 153 Meskan, Mancy 173 Meyer, Deborah L. 134 Michael, Jan 114 Middleton, Charles 173 Miles, Pamala 173 Miller, Barbara 173 Miller. Barbara Anne 173 Miller, Carolyn 153 Miller, Charles H. 153 Miller, Joyce 114 Miller, Katherine 134 Miller, Marcia 173 Miller, Pamela 173 Miller, Paul 114 Miller, Sandi 114 Milligan, Glenda 153 Milligan, Sharon Ann 134 Mills, Raymond 173 Mims, Linda 114 Minis, Sandra 173 Miranda, Bertha 101 Mitchell, Darla 134 Mitchell, Janet 134 Mitchell, Randy 173 Mitchell, Trudy 134 Mize, Barbara 114 Mobley, Charles 114 Mobley, Linda 174 Moffett, Kay 134 Moody, Ronald 134 Mookhoek, Marian E. 134 Moon, Janice 174 Mooneyham, Robert 174 Moore, Alyse 134 Moore, Dewey M. 154 Moore, Jean 114 Moore, Martha 114 Moore, Patie 154 Moore, Ruth Ann 154 Moore, William L. 115 Monroe, James 134 Monte, Lawrence 154 Montgomery, Pam 174 Morales, Linda 134 Morgan, Dan 115 Morgan, Jerry 134 Morgan, Melina K. 115 Morris, Cheryl 154 Morris, Gail 174 Morris, Kitty 115 Morris, Lynda 154 Morris, Mary Nell 134 Morrison, Deborah Sue 154 Morrison, Gene W. 154 Morrow, Evelyn 134 Morton, Sandra 134 Molt, Curtis 154 Motley, Peggy 154 Mougey, Pam 174 Moulden, Mary 115 Muckleroy, Donna 154 Munn, David W. 115 Munoz, Gloria Alamar 115 Munroe, Dallas 115 Muntean, Kathy 174 Murphree, Betsy 174 Murphree, Connie 174 Murphy, Jamie Roy Jr. 115 Murphy, Kenneth L. 115 Musick. Linda 134 Musslewhite, Jean 154 Myers, Gary Dee 134 Myers, Lee 115 307 Myers, Linda 115 Myers, Sandy 174 Myers, Terry 134 N Nadel, Elizabeth 174 Nance, Joy 154 Nash, Betsy 154 Naylor, Pamala 115 Neely, Flornce Kay 115 Neely, Vicki 154 Neill, Sherry 115 Nemes, Beverly 154 Nerren, Jacquelyn 154 Neubrand, Tom 174 Neumann, Brenda 174 Neumann. Mary 115 Neville, Theresa 174 Nevitt, Kenneth D. 174 Nevius, John 115 Newell, Dianna 134 Newman, Lance 174 Newton, Cecil 154 Newton, Clare 135 Newton, David 174 Niblack, Robert 154 Nichols, Beverly 135 Nix, Robert W. 115 Noble, Laura 174 Noble, Robert 174 Noland, Jill 135 Norman, Jack 135 Norman, Nancy 115 Norris, Annita 135 Norris, Nancy 135 Norwood, Terry 115 Nowak, Penny 174 Oakley, Robert 154 Oakman, Sue Ann 174 Oates, Patricia 174 Oberholtzer, Phyllis 154 O ' Brien, Barbara 174 O ' Connor, Cheryl 135 O ' Hara, Kathy 174 Oliver, Bill 135 Oliver, Patricia 154 Olivier, Linda 174 Olson, Denis 154 O ' Rourke, Pat 175 Orr, Mary 115 Orth, Linda 115 Osborn, Janie 175 Osborne, Carol 175 Outhouse, Glenda Jean 115 Overland, Gail 115 Owen, Linda C. 135 Owen, Santha 154 Owens, Cheryl 115 Owens, Judith 115 Owens, Michael 115 Owens, Mike 135 Oxford, Barbara 154 Oyler, Janet L. 175 P Pace, Sandi 154 Pack, Lindsy 101 Page. Marcia 115 Palomares, Jesse 154 Parker, Emily 154 Parker, John Wm. Ill 135 Parker, Judy 175 Parker, Loisanne 154 Parker, Susan D. 135 Parker. Theresa 175 Parmley, Randolph 154 Parr, Joe 154 Parris, Dawn E. 175 Parris, Mildred J. 115 Parrott, Beth A. 135 Patterson, Davene 115 Patterson, Jan 155 Patterson, Thomas 135 Patton, Dan 155 Paulson, Carolyn 175 Pavletich, Patti 175 Pavletich, Paula 115 Payne, Barney 135 Payne. Michael Wayne 116 Peacock, Donna 155 Pearce, Sandra 116 Pearlman, Allyn 135 Pederson, George 155 Pedlar, Jackie 175 Peek, Sharon 155 Pegram, Janis 175 Pelot, Guion 135 Pelz, Charles 135 Pelz, Linda M. 135 Perez, Ali 135 Perkins, Freddie 135 Perkins, Mary 175 Perkins, Mike 135 Permenter, Judy 155 Perry, Carol 155 Peters, Wilson G. II 135 Peurifoy, Johnny 155 Peyton, Harry 155 Pfeiffer, Stan 135 Phillips, Beverly 135 Phillips, Carol 116 Phillips, Cathy 116 Phillips, Dennis 116 Phillips, Donald 155 Phillips, Jean L. 116 Phillips, Melba 136 Phillips, Rebecca 175 Philpot, Ronnie 155 Pickel, Robert M. 155 Pickle, Pamela Ann 136 Picus, Gerald 175 Pierce, Andy 155 Pierce, Gwendolyn 175 Pierpont, William 175 Pilcher, John 116 Pinkston, Robert N. 136 Pistone, Mary Ann 136 Pittman, Jon 175 Pitts, Bonnie 175 Pitts, Marisha 175 Plant, Nancy 136 Plate, Maria Jo 155 Pledger, Don 136 Plum, Donald W. 136 Poe, Larry Allen 116 Poff, Sherrill 136 Poland, Robert 116 Pollock, Kathy 155 Ponder, William D. 175 Pool. Nell 116 Pool, Rothwell 116 Poole, Don 155 Porter, Penny 175 Porter, Patrick H. 116 Porter, Suzanne 175 Post, John 175 Post, Michael 116 Potter, Karen 175 Powell, Benjamin L. 175 Powell, Jim 136 Powell, Jim Cage 155 Powell, Margaret 175 Powers, Robert 136 Poynter, Janet 175 Prado, Dan 175 Prewitt, Dennis 175 Price, Deb 175 Price, Roy 155 Pridgen, Betty 175 Pridgeon, Evila 155 Prihoda, John 175 Pringle, Jeanette 155 Pringle, Joyce 116 Probandt, Gerard 116 Prouty, Thomas M. 175 Pruett, Cheryl 155 Pruett, Susan 175 Pruitt, Marilyn 136 Pugh, George 175 Pulich, Nancy 175 Pullen, Nancy 155 Pullen, Sally 175 Purser, Sandy 175 Q Quandt, Mary Jane 175 R Rabel, Ronnie 116 Rabun, Ginny 175 Rachel, Brenda 176 Rachel, Keith 176 Ragain, Ronnie 155 Railey, Susan 176 Rain, Richard 176 Ramirez, Isabel 176 Ramsden, Jack 155 Rankin, Michael 155 Rappmund, Ronnie 136 Ratcliff, Steve 155 Rauch, Deborah 176 Raulston, Bevins 116 Ray, Connie 155 Ray, Fred 136 Ray, Jim 155 Read, Linda 176 Reckrey, Carol 136 Rector, Louis 116 Rector, Thomas F. 155 Reed, Denny 136 Reed, Marshall 176 Reed, Sammy 116 Reed, Virgil 176 Reese. David 176 Reeves, Katherine 176 Reid, Sally 136 Reilly, Barbara 176 Remy, Calvin 136 Rentfro. Rebecca E. 116 Rhea, Michele 176 Rhinehart, Terrie 176 Rhoades, Les 136 Rhodes, Darrell 136 Riassetto, Bobbi 176 Richard, Allen 155 Richards, Charles 116 Richards. George 101 Richey, Johnnie 155 Richmond, Susan 176 Richter, George 176 Ricks, Betty 136 Riepen, Pamela 116 Rigby, Nancy 156 Rinewalt, Lyndell 156 Roach, Thad 156 Robbins, Peggy Sue 116 Roberts, Dee 136 Roberts, Gene 136 Roberts, Shannon 156 Roberts, Swank 116 Robertson, Ben 176 Robertson, Kenneth 136 Robertson, Rebecca 176 Robinett, Linda 136 Robinson, Karen D. 176 Robinson, Kim E. 116 Robinson, Mary Anna 176 Rodgers, Laura 117 Roe, Sandra 117 Rogers, Brenda C. 176 Rogers, JoAnn 117 Rogers, Suzanne 136 Rogerson, Karen 176 Roland, Richard 176 Root, Richard 136 Roquemore, Melinda 176 Roraback, Forrest 156 Roseburg, Pam 156 Rosen, James 156 Rosenquist, Gayle 117 Ross, Jim 156 Ross, Linda 136 Roth, Craig 176 Rothrock, Evelyn 156 Rougagnac, Rita 136 Rouse, Donna 176 Rowland, Brenda S. 156 Rozell, Ronny 156 Rucker, Sonja 176 Rude, Tommy 156 308 Rudolph, Glen 136 Rudolph, Janet 156 Ruehlman, Dave 117 Ruffin, Stephen 156 Runnels, Steve 176 Rupert, Gena 117 Russ, Deborah 176 Russell, Charles R. 117 Russell, Craig 137 Russell, Cynthia Sue 156 Russell, David 136 Russell, Patricia 136 Rust, Sharon 176 Ryan, Gail 156 Ryan, Janice 156 Ryan, Larry 177 s Sadler, Philip 156 Sage, Diana 156 Sailers, Mary 177 Sallee, Susan 177 Samford, Samuel M. 156 Sammons, Anne Carey 177 Sample, Becky 117 Sample, Linda 156 Sandeford, Neisha 137 Sanders, Dian 117 Sanders, Jacquelyne 137 Sanders, Larry 177 Sanders. Linda 117 Sanders, Sherry A. 117 Saporito, Paula 177 Sarrazin, Nancy 177 Saunders, Richard L. 137 Sautter, Mary Ellen 177 Scales, Katherine 177 Schaefer, Frankie J. 137 Schaefer, Ken 137 Schaeffer, Linda 137 Schechner, Chris 177 Schlief, Gerry 117 Schloot, Gretchen 177 Schmitt, Richard 137 Schneider, Mary C. 156 Schoaps, Karen 156 Schradeder, Cynthia 156 Schroeder, Don 117 Schuberg, James 117 Schuler, Thilda 137 Schultz, Alan E. 117 Schupick, Debi 177 Schutza, Judy 177 Schwarzbach, Joe 137 Scoggin, Mike 137 Scoggins, Suzanne 156 Scott, Debbye 177 Scott, Huey 157 Scott, Linda 177 Scott, Roger 117 Scott, Rosie 137 Scruggs, Bill 177 Scruggs, Charlotte 177 Scull, Catherine 157 Seaborg, Lynn 177 Seago, Robert 137 Secrest, Mary 117 Secrest, Renee 177 Segrest, Signa 117 Segura, Felicia 157 Segura, Sylvia 137 Seiberling, Linda 117 Sellick, Jim 137 Senecal, Charles 177 Serene, Eugene 137 Setzer, Judy 157 Sevigny, Thomas 117 Sewell, Robert 177 Shankles, John 157 Sharpe, John A. 137 Shaw, Donna 157 Shawn, Patricia A. 137 Sheffield, Lynnette D. 157 Sheffield, James R. 117 Sheffield, Stephen 117 Shelburne, Sharon 117 Shepardson, Phillip 157 Sheridan, Shirley 177 Sherman, Maureen 137 Sherrill, Jorqa 117 Sherwood, Jan 137 Shipe, Patricia 157 Shirley III, Edward H. 157 Shirley, Megan 137 Shoemaker, Lynda Kay 117 Shugart, Rick 117 Shuler, Holly 117 Shull, Stephen 117 Sieber, Jeanne 177 Siepert, Janis 157 Simmerman, Kathy 157 Simpson, Bonita 157 Simpson, David 177 Simpson, Gay 137 Simpson, Steve 177 Sims, Marilyn 177 Sinclair, Linda 177 Sirratt, Kenneth 137 Sitton, Garth 117 Sitton, Sandra 117 Sjolander, Hielmer Bill 117 Skelton, Diane 117 Skelton, Dianne 117 Skidmore, Kenneth 137 Skipper, Jack 137 Skoglund, David 117 Slate, Dan 117 Slaughter, Travis 117 Slevin, Nancy 177 Small, Floyd 137 Small, Paula 137 Smith, Anita 137 Smith, Betsy 137 Smith, Bobby D. 117 Smith, Cheryl C. 117 Smith, Clifford G. 137 Smith, Connie Lee 177 Smith, Cynthia 177 Smith, Cynthia 177 Smith, Cynthia 178 Smith, David 137 Smith, Diane 117 Smith, Frances 117 Smith, Gerald 118 Smith, Harvey 118 Smith, J. Hardy 157 Smith, James D. 118 Smith, Jan 178 Smith, Linda A. 178 Smith, Lyndith 157 Smith, Nancy 118 Smith, Patsy 178 Smith, Raymond Gale 118 Smith, Rick 138 Smith, Rickey 157 Smith, Sandy 138 Smith, Susan 178 Smith, Wilson 118 Snider, Cathy 157 Snow, Cathy 178 Snyder, Sally 157 Solito, Nancy 157 Sonnier, Alice 178 Sowell, Julia 178 Spalding, James 178 Sparks, Carolyn 118 Speights, Carol 157 Spencer, Elaine 138 Spencer, Ethel 157 Spiller, Barbara L. 157 Spivey, James 138 Spivey, Lynda 118 Spottswood, Hal S. 157 Spradley, David 138 Sprouse, Barry 157 Squyres, Hubert 178 Stacy, Betsy 138 Staggs, Linda 157 Staley, Harriet 118 Stanford, Susan 118 Stanley, Carol 118 Stanton, Bonnie 138 Stark, Glenda 178 Starns, Sheryl Lynn 178 Stathem, Richard 118 Steel, Donna 157 Steele, Jack 138 Steele, Pam 178 Steinke, Jan 157 Stephens, Donna 178 Stephenson, Barbara 157 Stevenson, Donna 157 Stepler, Harold 118 Stevens, Ricky 138 Stewart, Carol 157 Stewart, Catherine 178 Stewart, Kathy 178 Stewart, Steve 138 Stewart, Thomas W. 118 Stewart, Tommy 138 Stiles, Eddie 157 Still, Joanne Ward 138 Stillwell, Larry 178 Stinon, Vickie 138 Stiver, Margaret 157 Stokes, William 138 Stolnacke, Marcia 178 Stone, Carrol 118 Stone, Mary Jane 118 Stone, Rita 157 Story, Linda 178 Stott, Connie 138 Stovall, Beverly 118 Stover, Eben 118 Strahan, Roger 157 Stramblad. Barbara 178 Street, Haver 178 Streetman, John 138 Strickland, Carol 138 Strickland, Phyllis 138 Strickland, Sarah E. 157 Stripling, David 118 Strom, Debbie 157 Strong, David M. 101 Stroud, David 178 Struwe, Jim 178 Stuart, Bonnie 11 8 Stubblefield, Glenn 178 Sturdivant, William H. 138 Stutes, Annette 157 Stuteville, Sharon 178 Suhler, William Henry 138 Sullivan, Larry F. 118 Sumerford, Ryan 157 Summers, Donna 157 Surratt, Nila 157 Surratt, Peggy 158 Surratt, Walter 138 Sussky, Carol F. 178 Suttle, Barbara 138 Svaton, Larry 118 Swann, Kenneth 138 Swanson, Mary 138 Swanzy, Lynda 118 Swensen, Marsha 158 Swenson, Gary L. 118 Swenson, June 138 Sylvester, Kathleen 178 T Tabor, Michael J. 178 Tadlock, Nancy 138 Taggart, Kathy 158 Taliaferro, Mary 178 Talley, Carleen 178 Tanksley, Lynda 138 Tanner, Charlene Valda 178 Tansil, Jean 179 Tate, Doris 118 Tate, Jeanie 179 Tate, John V. 118 Tate, Ronnie 179 Tatum, Nancy 138 Taylor, Doug 138 Taylor, Harry 179 Taylor, Kathy 179 Taylor, Kent 138 Taylor, Jeanie Montroy 118 Taylor, Linda 138 Taylor, Linda 158 Taylor, Mary Darby 118 Taylor, Patricia 158 Teaters, Loa 118 Terry, Charles 158 Terry, Sharon 118 Tewes, Mary Frances 138 Thigpen, Marsha 179 Thomas, Donna 179 Thomas, Franny 158 Thomas, Glenn D. 118 Thomas, Jo 118 Thomas, John 179 Thomas, Julane 118 Thomas, Kenneth 179 Thomas, Leslie Howard 118 Thompson, Donna 179 309 Thompson, James P. 118 Thompson, Michael 179 Thompson, Patrick 158 Thompson, Stu 118 Thompson, Teresa 179 Thompson, Tommy 138 Thorn, James Travis 118 Thornton, Kay 118 Thornton, Sheila 138 Tidmore, Danny 138 Tidemann, Robert F. 118 Tieman, Anita 101 Tiller. Rebecca 138 Tillery, Roy 138 Tillison, Carolyn 158 Tindall. Dale Lavon 138 Tipping, Sandra 179 Tipps, Larry 118 Tipton, Betty G. 138 Tittle, Bob C. 138 Toland, Nancy 158 Tolar. Dianne 119 Tolbert, Glenda 179 Tomlin, Evelyn 101 Tomlinson, William 119 Toomey, Steve 119 Topham, Lynn 139 Townsend, Ann 119 Townsend. Jeannie 158 Townsend, Robert H. 139 Trantham, Nancy 179 Travis, Gary 139 Traylor, Charles 139 Trevathan, Gayla 158 Trotter, Karen 139 Truelove, Dianna 139 Truitt, Martha 119 Tully, Edward 139 Tuohy, Kathleen 179 Turnbull, Denny R. 179 Turner, Becky 139 Turner, Mel 158 Tutt, Robert 139 Tuttle, Glenna 158 Tuttle, Kathy 179 Tyler. Jonnie 179 Tyler, Susan 158 Tyson, Barbara 158 u Ulrich, L. Jane 119 Underwood, Brenda 139 Underwood, Nora 119 Urquhart, Beth 139 V Vachule, Carol 179 Valentine, Sherri 179 Vance, Margaret Ann 119 Van Derbur, Doug 139 Van Etta, Brenda 179 Van Orsdol, Fred G. 119 Vanway, Pamela 158 Varnado. Mary Margaret 179 Vasbinder, Cindy 179 Vaughan, Dorothy Jeannette 179 Vernon, Billy 119 Veselka, Laura 139 Vestal. Meriam 158 Vick, Alfred Donald 119 Vinson, Carol D. 179 Vinson, Dennis W. 158 Vinson, Jan 119 Vogt, Joseph 119 Vudhibhandhu, Vichairatana 158 w Waddell, Amanda Jane 119 Wade, Mittie Ruth 119 Wagner, George W. 119 Walden, Betty S. 119 Waldrop, Barbara 158 Walker, Daniel 179 Walker, Georjean 179 Walker, Jane 139 Walker, John 158 Walker, Larry 158 Walker, Mary Lynn 158 Walker, Pamela 179 Walker, Sally 119 Walker, Sally 179 Walker, Richard 119 Walker, Tommy 119 Walker, Wyomie 139 Wall, Sharon 158 Wall, Sue Ann 179 Wallace, Charles 119 Wallace, Jeff 119 Wallace, John 139 Wallace, Laura 179 Wallace, Linda 179 Wallace, William 139 Waller, Joe 119 Waller, Sandra 179 Walley, Jane Madelynn 139 Wallis, Nancy Charline 139 Walsh, Patti 139 Walshe, James Wilburn 179 Walt, Joanne 179 Walters, JoAnna 158 Walters, Melinda 179 Walton, Stephenia 158 Walzel, Karen 119 Ward, Nathan 119 Ward, Ralph 139 Ward, Susan P. 179 Ward, William 139 Ware, Terry 120 Warner, Jan 139 Warner, Lynn 158 Waters, Winfred Keith 158 Watkins, Larry G. 120 Watson, Craig 120 Watson, Frances 139 Watson, Jo Nell 120 Watson, Kenneth 120 Watz, Karyl 139 Watz, Sherry 120 Wear, Wendalyn 179 Wearden, David 140 Weaver, Clarence 140 Weaver, David 120 Weaver, Michael 179 Weaver, Shari 180 Webb, Ivan Jr. 120 Webb, Martha Jo 120 Weber, Nancy 180 Webster, Joe T. 180 Weeden, Gail 180 Weiher, Kay 140 Weinrich, Mary 180 Weishaar, John 158 Weisinger, Margaret 140 Weisinger, Paul 180 Welch, Bettie 140 Welch, Jack 140 Welch, John 158 Welch, Michael 180 Welch, Nelwyn 158 Welch, Nolan 158 Wells, Linda 140 Wells, Tom 120 Wells, Trudy 140 Welsh, Ronna 180 Werner, Pamela 120 Werner, Richard 120 West, Jo 120 West, Judi 180 West, Wynette 158 Westbrook, Jane 180 Westbrook, Janis 120 Westfahl, Jane Ann 120 Westfahl, Cynthia 180 Western, Terry 140 Wetzel, Kathy 180 Whaley, Dorothy 120 Whatley, Kerry Waymon 120 Whisennand, Richard 120 Whitaker, Dona 180 Whitaker, Karlene S. 120 Whitaker, Phyllis 180 Whitaker, Roy 120 Whitaker, Tom 180 White, Anthony W. 140 White, James T. 180 White, Joseph 180 White, Kay 120 White, MariLynn 140 White, Patricia 158 White, Raymond M. 158 White, Ronnie 158 Whitefield, Priscilla 158 Whitehurst, Marsha 120 Whitfield, John 140 Whitley, Sam 140 Whitmire, Charles 180 Whitsitt, Linda 140 Whittaker, Deborah 180 Whittaker, Sandra 180 Whitton, Linda 120 Whitton, Marguarite 120 Wickes, Bill 120 Wickes, Donna 120 Wier, Joe 140 Wilbanks, Glenda 120 Wildfong, Leith 158 Wiley, Virginia 140 Williams, Addie 120 Williams, Bobby 180 Williams, Carl L. 140 Williams, Dale 180 Williams, Denise A. 140 Williams, Eileen 158 Williams, Glenda 140 Williams, Joe 180 Williams, Judith 180 Williams, Judy 120 Will iams, Marilyn 140 Will iams, Melody Ann 159 Williams, H. Milton III 140 Williams, Monte 180 Williams, Patricia A. 120 Williams, Patricia J. 120 Williams, Sheila 180 Williams, Timothy G. 140 Williams, Vicki 180 Williams, Virginia 159 Williamson, Howard 140 Williamson, Judy 159 Willis, Carolyn 120 Willis, Cathy 159 Willis, J. L. 140 Willis, Lyn 140 Willis, William C. II 120 Wilson, James 159 Wilson, Tamesha 159 Wilson, Lark 159 Wilson, Randell 159 Windsor, Dianna 140 Windsor, Judy 159 Winkelmann, Sharon 140 Winkler, Billy 140 Wisener, Sylvia 180 Withrow, Kathy 180 Withrow, Mike 120 Withrow, Nancy 159 Withrow, Sharon 180 Wold, Bobbie Jo 159 Wolf, Ann 159 Wolf, Bobby 120 Wolf, Pam 180 Wolfe, Mary Beth 140 Wood, John A. 140 Wood, Laura 120 Wood, Nancy 159 Wood, Richard Dale 140 Wood, Robert 180 Wood, Wanda 159 Woodley, Elaine 140 Woodruff, Landon 140 Woods, Gail 159 Woods, John 140 Woods, Judy 120 Woods, Phyllis 120 Woolley, Donald G. 120 Works, Hazel 159 Worley, Harman 180 Wortham, Evalynn 159 Wright, John 159 Wright, Karla 159 Wyatt, Sally 159 Yarbrough, Barbara 140 Ybarra, Reynaldo 120 Yeager, Nikki 180 Yeary, Debra 180 Yezak, Charles 120 Yezak, Nellie 159 York, Larry 120 Young, Bart 120 Young, Gary 180 Young, Michael 159 Young, Samuel G. 140 Young, Regina 180 Youngblood, Claude 140 Yow, Carl 159 310 Best Wishes From Your College Bank Member F.D.I.C. NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS L04-6191 77ke Flower Sh op 1203 Mound 311 pioneering progress Soubhlani n ohe sw ' mgmgesi young person a lihj clothes in town ■ j ■ % blk. SFA 2110 North St. LO 9-9469 Nacogdoches Complete Collegiate -Shop Open Your Penney ' s Charge Account Today PENNEY ' S Always First Quality OPEN EVERY THURSDAY NIGHT ' TIL 9 P.M. ROBERTSON ' S PHARMACY " Across From The Hospital " Prescription and Sickroom Supplies Phone 564-57 1 2 1 205 Mound Street 3I2 Stephen F. Austin State College was estab- lished in 1921. Dr. Alton William Birdwell was named president when the college be- gan operations September 18, 1923. He was succeeded in 1942 by Dr. Paul Lewis Boyn- ton, who served as president until his death. Dr. Ralph Wright Steen then became presi- dent on November I, 1958. The college has steadily increased the num- ber of its students, the variety of its curricu- la and the size of its physical plant. Its early enrollment of only a few hundred students has grown to more than 9,000. ICD TEXAS POWER LIGHT COMPANY 313 Like S.F.A. Graduates LONE STAR PRODUCTS are High Quality BRAND Best Wishes For Your Success For So Goes the Success of East Texas LoneStab W 1 FERTILIZER When You Pick Up This Annual 10 Years From Now Then as Now — Lone • Star Folks Will Still Be Pulling for SFA TEXAS FARM PRODUCTS COMPANY Nacogdoches, Texas BRAND 314 WE BACK THE JACKS THE SPORTING GOODS STORE Phone 564-0352 Nacogdoches, Texas 315 1 18 E. Hospital P.O. Box 1342 NACOGDOCHES SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION SAFE TV OF 5jy rouR savings Nacogdoches Texas UP TO The Store With Brand Name Merchandise 3) mm _ DEPARTMENT STORES 316 BANITA LAUNDRY CLEANERS " Your Clothes ' Best Friend " cT7 MAKE N E STOP DO IT ALL A Complete Laundry And Cleaning Service 225 E. College I 17 W. Main DEPARTMENT STORE NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS Serving the Great East Texas Area 317 A FIRM FOUNDATION IS NECESSARY FOR SUCCESS IN building ... a home, a business or your entire life. For this reason, we congratulate you, the class of ' 69, for your past accomplishments and urge that you take advantage of your opportunities for higher learning, because it provides a solid foundation on which to build a future of happiness and prosperity. CASON, MONK CO. " Serving this area for 75 years " HARDWARE— FURNITURE 3 1 7 East Main Street Nacogdoches, Texas STRIPLING ' S Nacogdoches Outstanding Drug Store WE SELL EVERYTHING Phone LO 4-4646 319 Jhe. STONE FORT OF NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS Under the Same Name Since 1903 RESOURCES OVER $27,000,000 MEMBER FDIC TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY 320

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Stephen F Austin State University - Stone Fort Yearbook (Nacogdoches, TX) online yearbook collection, 1972 Edition, Page 1


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