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m mm Mm- U IIIMI ilfllllTilMiii E . «t ' ' ••! ' ' »• ' Ma I lilt 1MB the 1968 stone fort volume XLIII Stephen f. austin state college nacogdoches, texas staff brooke battles editor tina van cronkhite associate editor gene kliewer sports editor harry gilbert ray gilbert business managers royce walker allyn pearlman advertising managers mickey gumber doug van derbur photographers mr. don thames dr. francine hoffman advisors table of contents LIBRARY STEPHEN P. AUSTIN STATE COLLEGF NACOGDOCHES. TEXAS faculty 18 campus life 48 organizations 74 sports 140 spotlight 1 64 classes 1 84 advertisements-index 274 He ' s one of those people you just can ' t believe. He ' s at school early and doesn ' t leave till he ' s answered the last question for the last student as the Fine Arts Building door is being locked. On weekends it ' s field trips with the photography class. During the week he ' s off on afternoon outings with art stu- dents. Any knowledge, any photography or art equipment, any special hints or time he has— they ' re always available to those who need them. For all these things, and for h is astound- ing patience and last-minute rescues, we dedicate the 1968 Stone Fort to james r. snyder president ralph w. steen b.a., mcmurry college m.a., ph.d., university of texas 1 vice president for academic affairs j dr. john t. lewis, III vjce president for academic affairs 8 administration far left: dr. j. n. gerber, dean of the college and graduate school, left, top to bottom: lucy mcbee, secretary to the president; marilyn odom, secretary to dean of the college; vicki watson, secretary to dean of student life, below: dr. rollin a. sininger, dean of student life. 10 administration sfa moves up The sky beckons to the trees. The branches stretch up, Upward-soaring over a land where everything grows tall . and thinks tall. SFA is part of this magnificent country . . . Growing and branching out like the forever-green pines. Nurtured by vast, blue spaces and deep red earth, We too are reaching for the sky . . . for the very highest. 15 It ' s a big country where giants are born— giants like Ste- phen F. Austin, who stood only a little over five feet tall, yet dreamed giant dreams and nurtured them until they were realized, dreams like a great state, filled with a rich heritage, formed by proud, big men. And dreams of a place where these men might gain wis- dom and knowledge so they would grow wise as well as tall. SFA is hopefully fulfilling this dream and becoming a teacher of such men. We too are growing taller with each new student who enters seeking an education . . . and growing prouder with each student who leaves with enough wisdom and knowledge to become another great giant. SFA is moving up. dr. william turner dean of the school of fine arts school of fine arts dr. william turner, dean mrs. mary akin, secretary 20 An aria, a confusing modern painting, a heated debate, a controversial play by Ed- ward Albee— all of these elements represent phases of the School of Fine Arts at S.F.A. Under the direction of Dean William L. Turner, the School of Fine Arts consists of the depart- ments of music, art, speech and drama. Coming to S.F.A. in 1960, Dr. Turner served as head of the music department until 1965 when he became the Fine Arts Dean. He re- ceived his B.S. and M.S. degrees in music from North Texas State University. He also received his doctorate in education at North Texas. The school of Fine Arts seeks to broaden the academic and aesthetic experiences of the students taking courses in its various depart- ments as well as provide a cultural climate and foster greater appreciation of the arts on campus. Each year this school sponsors the Fine Arts Series of Cultural and Entertainment pro- grams. Highlighting this year ' s programs were exciting and brilliant performances by the Dallas Symphony Orchestra, pianist Ivan Da- vis, and the college-produced musical classic, " The Sound of Music " by Rodgers and Ham- merstein. The Department of Art, headed by Dr. Creighton Delaney, is designed to provide basic art foundations for the student who plans to seek a pro- fessional career in art or art education. The department also provides training in certain specialized areas especially designed for the non-art ma- jor. This training offers opportunities for the development of skills in art and aesthetic understanding in connection with major works in other de- partments. dr. creighton h. delaney head of the department of art Absorbed with his work at the potter ' s wheel, student carefully shapes clay into an urn. k 0i mm mr. harold hill mr. william arscott mr. reesman kennedy dr. karl schlicher mr. fames snyder department of music The Department of Music offers a variety of courses and activities enabling students to express themselves through music. Courses are offered in music appreciation, theory, and history. Degrees may be obtained with em- phasis on piano, organ, voice, band instruments, or other instruments. Students may participate in the band, or- chestra, stage band, or choir. The department also pre- sents concerts, musical shows, recitals and other musical programs for the enjoyment of the college and community. dr. morris hall . head of department of music 22 department of speech Rehearsing Shakespeare ' s epic play, " Macbeth, " Dick Scruggs describes to Becky Bolin the human tragedy. dr. robert capel head of department of speech This department exists to meet at least three needs of the college. First, it offers instruction to aid all students in meeting common speech situations. Second, it attempts to help students correct sub-standard speech which may be a handicap to them. Third, it trains majors and minors to meet professional needs. The Department of Speech offers study in Dramatics, Interpretation, Radio-Television, Rhetoric and Public Address, Speech Education, and Speech Pathology. mrs. elnita Stanley mr. james towns dr. waiter waters mr. james willert 23 dr. robert t. mckibben dean of school of education school of education carolyn gamble, secretary Preparing future teachers, future farmers, future athletic directors and future home- makers are four of the many objectives of the School of Education headed by Dean Robert T. McKibben. Within the school are the departments of education, agriculture, health and physical education, and home economics. The school coordinates programs in the college leading to certification for teaching or school service. The Department of Education strives to equip students for entrance into and success in the teaching profession and thus to further the education of children and youth of Texas. Last year the department inaugurated the only pro- gram in rehabilitation education offered in the Southwest. dr. j. c. green head of department of agriculture department of agriculture The Department of Agriculture offers training lead- ing to the Bachelor of Science Degree. Its specialized courses prepare students for positions as teachers of vocational agriculture, county agents, soil conservation workers and field representatives for feed, seed and fertilizer companies. Other courses train students for careers as owner-operator farmers. Stephen F. Austin State College was approved in 1950 for the training of vocational agriculture teachers by the State Board for Vocational Agriculture. 25 " A sound mind in a sound body ... " Contributing to the total fitness of the individual, the Department of Health and Physical Education strives toward individual understanding and the devel- opment of the excellence of the body through intramural pro- grams and health and physical education courses. In addition to providing recreational- activities to the student body, the depart- ment prepares teachers of health and physical education for the elementary and secondary schools, teachers of driver education, athletic coaches, and certified First Aid and Water Safety Instructors. women ' s health and physical education Physical education classes keep women in shape by instructing them in various physical activities. dr. lucille norton head of women ' s health and physical education department mrs. sadie allison miss freddie dannhaus liss alvera griffin miss sue gunter miss jean humphrey dr. june irwin mrs. Virginia mathews miss shannon osborne department of health and physica education for men dr. william jere Stanley head of department of health and physical education for men Intramural football sparks competition among both Greeks and independents. mr. ronnie barra mr. gordon brown mr. marshall brown mr. mart crawford dr. charles dotson mr. charles grimland mr. andrew huffty mr. ronnie lusk mr. jack rhodes mr. joe richardson, sr. mr. david shows mr. raymond worshar The purpose of the Department of Education is to provide persons with the ability to enter successfully the teaching profession, thus furthering the education of the children and youth of Texas. Teacher Education is considered to be an institution- wide function in which the Department of Education gives the service needed in order to supply the in- struction that concerns the profession. The objective to have well prepared teachers is concentrated and articulated on the institution ' s resources. This objective is further aimed at the selection for admission into pre- service programs of those persons who feature English language facility and other scholarship performance of at least average quality and who have shown their ability to their directors and to their major and minor professors in their specified area. n dr. thomas franks head of department of education department of education dr. george thompson dr. john thornton mr. ben Wallace dr. raJph eddins dr. 1. w. ellerbrook dr. bill hamrick ll i iL y -«v j dr. dwane russell dr. frank smith dr. wendall spreadbury dr. thomas white dr. grady willingham mrs. lamartha wylie mrs. haftie mrs. gladys arthur atherton dr. sue english miss gwen schutte mrs. laura mrs. marybeth shivers tuck Learning to cut and serve pie correctly is part of becoming a gracious hostess. Working together breaks the ice for Home Economics students. department of home economics The broad field of home economics has been termed by those in authority as " career opportunities with a thousand and one job titles. " As a field of study home economics is concerned with all aspects of family living, their interrelationships and the total patterns which they form. Emphasis of the study is tc the various areas of living determined by the needs of individuals and families in the social environment of their times. Objectives of the department include the personal development of each student, preparation for home and family living, and prep- aration for a profession and service to the people of this area. Both Bachelors of Science and Arts may be obtained in home economics. dr. blanche philnps head of the department of home economics 29 ■ ■ ■ v dr. I. c. walker dean of the school of forestry school of forestry dr. I. c. walker, dean miss nancy king, secretary Forestry is more than just trees, and prov- ing that fact is one of the main objectives of S.F.A. ' s School of Forestry. The forestry school offers courses ranging from forest management to regional silvi- culture, from forest photogrammetry to wood seasoning and preservation. Though these and other forestry courses are difficult, the academic tedium is relieved through the activities of the Sylvans Club, an organization that provides forestry majors and minors with fun and relaxation as well as in- creasing their knowledge of the many phases of forestry. The School of Forestry is headed by Dr. Lawrence Walker. Dean Walker came to S.F.A. in 1963 and was made dean of the forestry school in 1965. Dean Walker received his B.S. from Pennsylvania State University and took his M.F. and Ph.D. from State University of New York. S.F.A. ' s forestry school is the official Texas repository for the national forest history foun- dation which is headquartered at Yale Uni- versity. Like Stephen F. Austin State College itself, the School of Forestry is on the way up. department of forestry dr. robert baker dr. victor bilan mr. william brooks dr. leonard dr. eugene burkart hastings u mr. ellis dr. nelson hunt samson dr. arthur dr. kenneth verrell watterston dr. harry wiant The Department of Forestry has as its main objective the provision for a professional education in forestry. Defining forestry as the management of forest lands for the continuous pro- duction of goods and services, the department seeks to train persons who, as graduates, will be able to manage forest land for the maximum return of these important resources of timber and associated products. Research is conducted by the depart- ment as a contribution to the solution of many forest problems in the Na- cogdoches area. Through education and publicity, this effort emphasizes the importance of forest lands and their correct management methods. In addition, the Department of For- estry and its faculty counsel students concerning both their individual in- terests in the curriculum and their goals in the profession. Forestry student exhibits skills vital to the forestry profession. dr. laurence walker head of the department of forestry Expanding into a new four million dollar science building complex this year, the School of Sciences and Mathematics is keeping pace with the overall growth of SFA. The school, headed by Dean E. L. Miller, offers courses in mathematics, chemistry, biology, physics and geology. It also provides preprofessional programs and counseling for students planning to enter schools of medicine, dentistry, phys- ical therapy, medical technology, nursing, veterinary medicine, osteopathy, optom- etry, pharmacy, and engineering. dr. e. I. miller dean of the school of sciences and mathematics school of sciences and mathematics dr. e. I. miller, dean mrs. rosalyn smallwood, secretary Through the presentation of funda- mental concepts and methods of science and mathematics, the school seeks to con- tribute to the liberal education of all stu- dents. A second function is to provide the fundamental education required for professional studies and careers of a sci- entific or mathematical nature. A member of the SFA staff for twenty years, Dean Miller came in 1948 as head of the Department of Biology. In 1965, he became dean of the School of Sciences and Mathematics. Dr. Miller earned his B.S. from Iowa Wesleyan College and his M.S. and Ph.D. from the University of Iowa. He holds membership in the Texas Academy of Science, the American As- sociation for the Advancement of Science and the Iowa Academy of Science. dr. r. c. faulkner jr., head of department of biology department of biology The Department of Biology has a threefold purpose: to give students familiarity with the methods of science and the facts of biology needed by an educated person in the modern world; to provide opportunity for a broad foundation in biology for future professional study; and to give a basic training in biology in connection with major work in other departments. The Department of Biology includes a number of biologi- cal fields— botany, zoology, microbiology, entomology, physiology, herpetology, ichthyology, ornithology, para- sitology, taxonomy, and histology. mr. william mr. victor mr. kenneth gibson hoff mace mr. I. d. dr. edwin mr. george mcwilliams michael mitchell mr. elray mr. homer mr. t. c nixon russell Stewart mr. byron vandover training in geology Preparation of students in the field of earth science is accomplished in the geology program. Geology courses seek to contribute to the liberal arts education. Geology offers the student an opportunity to explore, observe, classify, describe, and interpret the content of rocks. Geol- ogy courses provide the prospective science student with a fundamental background for his further use. Study in the earth sciences includes earth structure, physical fea- tures of the earth ' s surface, rocks, minerals, fossils, and the application of this knowledge. dr. paul wood, director of offerings in geology department of physics Basic studies in physics designed to increase the stu- dent ' s knowledge of the physical world around him are offered by this department. A profession in physics or further study is given extensive background in addition to work-related sciences and industry. The development of scientific attitudes and interests is promoted by the general courses offered all students. dr. john decker head of department of physics mr. james crawford mr. james dermis department of chemistry Preparation for graduate study, for entering govern- ment or industrial work, or for teaching in the field of chemistry is the purpose of this department. Non-science majors are offered elementary courses to enable them to relate chemistry to the world around them. The achieve- ments of the science of chemistry have given it importance in many other fields, the effect of which is to make neces- sary a knowledge of chemistry for other areas of work. dr. jacob seaton head of department of chemistry dr. harold abbot mr. charles cates dr. james garrett dr. elbert griffen dr. albert machel dr. samuel naistat mr. william spurlock r. joe neel miss jane ritter mrs. mattie robinson mr. gerald Stewart department of mathematics A knowledge of mathematics which may be applied to other areas is offered by the SFA math department, be- sides the curriculum for students majoring in math. This field is closely linked with the science and professional courses and prepares students for teaching mathematics. dr. t. j. kallsen dean of the school of liberal arts school of liberal arts dr. t. j. kallsen, dean mrs. sandra debenport, secretary With nine academic departments, the School of Liberal Arts is the largest of SFA ' s six schools. In order to provide students with a well-rounded education, as its name implies, the school offers instruction in history, English, journalism, philos- ophy, geography, political science, modern lan- guages, business administration, economics, psy- chology, sociology and Bible. Adding thirteen new courses to its curriculum this year, the School of Liberal Arts is growing so fast that a new $1,500,000 classroom building is being constructed to accommodate the expan- sion. The administrative function of the school is handled by the office of the dean, which advises students who are undecided about their majors and those who are departmental majors within the school; approves degree plans; and helps stu- dents solve their problems within college regula- tions. Now in his thirteenth year at SFA, Dr. Kallsen has headed the School of Liberal Arts since 1965. Dean Kallsen was head of the Department of Eng- lish, Journalism and Philosophy prior to becoming liberal arts dean. Dean Kallsen received his B.A. from AAankato State College and his AA.A. and Ph.D. from the University of Iowa. He is a member of the American Association of University Pro- fessors, The Texas Association of College Teach- ers, the National Council of Teachers of English, the Conference of College Composition and Com- munication and the Modern Languages Associa- department of political science dr. joe e. ericson head of department of political science Courses offered by the Department of Political Science are planned for students desiring careers in law or in politics at the local, state, or national level, for prospec- tive teachers of the social sciences, and for those desiring to enter the civil service. The department offers both a graduate major and a graduate minor for qualified stu- dents. A major in political science with emphasis in public administration is offered for those who wish to prepare for such positions as city managers or chamber of com- merce managers. mr. william mr. charles mr. Stephen macauley simpson smith studies in geography mr. john Stephens Geography is a descriptive and interpretive study of the surface of the earth as the physical environment of man. Geographers seek to describe the land and its inhabitants, to find ways in which man adapts his activities to the conditions of his earth environment, and to show how he utilizes the resources of his region in supporting himself. As a college subject, geography has both cultural and practical values. It imparts knowledge and understanding of the home region, of the state and nation, and of other parts of the world. At SFA some students major or minor in geography. It serves also as an elective for people majoring in other subjects, and in the training of elementary school teachers. dr. loyd collier director of geography 37 mrs. chris dr. roy browning cain 1 1. mrs. maurice mr. leonard cecil cheever mr. harry dawson mrs. carolyn foster mrs. judith dr. clma mr. daniel lees mrs. |. m. tyler dr. edwin w. gaston head of department of english, journalism, and philosophy department of english, journalism, and philosophy The courses in English develop effective, appropriate use of English, present the literary heritage of English-speaking peoples and improve the understanding of practical and literary discourse. In language and literature English supplies essential education for all students. Some students, however, have particular interests and require a broader-than-average background in literature and the English language. The department meets these requirements on both the undergraduate and the graduate levels. With its English-Journalism emphasis, the department has two main objectives: to prepare students for a career in journalism and to train future teachers of journalism. A subsidiary objective is to improve the writing of any student and to foster understanding of mass media. Courses in philosophy are the most recent addition to the ' liberal arts program of the college. If it ' s a Monday or a Tuesday, the busiest place one can be is the Pine Log office. 38 Emcee Jim Burkhead and Sponsor Don Thames discuss the Stone Fort Beauty Pageant finalist at the ban- quet for the entries. i, i rev. aln reed director of courses in bible mr. harold tabor offerings in bible Bible courses are offered by the Bible Chairs, which are college affiliated agencies operated by the Baptist, the Church of Christ, the Methodist, and the Roman Catholic Churches. The Bible Chairs have as their objectives: ( 1 ) to provide courses that will help students gain not only an understanding of the history and the literature of the Bible, but also an insight into its nature and meaning; (2) to foster through the study of the Bible an appreciation of the spiritual values in human culture; and (3) to provide for the special needs of students preparing to enter church-related vocations. 39 mrs. janelle ashley mr. ronald bartholomew Expanding business and industrial life provides a continual demand for well-trained business men and women. The Depart- ment of Business Administration strives to meet these demands by giving students adequate preparation for a career in the busi- ness world. The department seeks through its business courses to equip students with a broad background of general business information, skill in the use of necessary business tools, an appre- ciation of business principles and practices of the most successful companies, the ability to apply general principles to everyday business problems and a clear-cut sense of the social responsibility that rests with the businessman as an employer as well as with the employee. dr. charles brown miss martha brown dr. robert coe dr. don evans department of business administration and economics dr. frank lauderdale head of department of business administration and economics mrs. mabelle kalmbach mr. g. b. knapp 41 department of history History plays an ever growing part in the world scene because of its close relationship with the sciences and arts, with business, politics, law, diplomacy, the ministry and teaching. For this reason, the Department of History has designed a program to serve students entering various ca- reers. The Department offers undergraduate and graduate majors and minors, giving either the Bachelor of Arts or the Bachelor of Science degree. c. k. chamberlain head of department of history 42 department of modern languages The Department of Modern Languages recognizes three principal objectives: to develop real competence in understanding, speaking, reading and writing a modern language; to cultivate an appreciation for the culture and civilization of the people whose language is being studied; and to provide guidance in preparation for the various opportunities in language work. Students may select language majors and minors from French, German or Spanish. Other courses offered by the Depart- ment are in Russian and independent language study. 43 department of psychology mr. kenneth hackney mr. robert mcclure dr. everett suffer dr. wayne wilson The Department of Psychology broadens the individual ' s knowledge of " self " and of human behavior through its curriculum. The psychologies of adjustment, the emotional structure, the human learning, and the personality are courses offered for the general education of all students, in addition to which the department provides experimental psychology and a graduate program for those desiring to specialize in the field of psychology. dr. robert smith head of department of psychology department of sociology dr. harold elements mr. george mears mr. william perdue mrs. Constance mr. charles vetter spreadbury In accordance with its prime objective of providing the student with an understanding of human relationships in a liberal arts education, the sociology department offers courses which intro- duce, examine, and evaluate the changing structures of mankind in society. Also provided is extensive background knowledge for any of the other social sciences. The department ' s attempts to give the student a more well-rounded and open-minded approach to social adjustment does not overlook the importance of pre- paring one for a specialized field of occupation. dr. marvin wade head of department of sociology New faculty members are honored and entertained at President Steen ' s reception. " It ' s a grand night for singing. " even faculty has time to relax Activities sponsored by the College Center Hospitality Committee begin with the Faculty Frosh Fling. administrative assistants lena arnwine john bailey anice barton college nurse executive director guidance counselor alumni services elmer childers manager food services jerry johnson j r- W- p. killingsworth ralph mccormack kenneth mcfarland director college center physician manager director college bookstore housing dr. floyd meyer thomas montgomery bailey nations director library clerk postal services counselor guidance madge stallings director stenographic bureau helen shipp chief operator c. r. voigtel director telephone switchboard placement and student aid melvin wester director guidance travis whitaker auditor Deans Samford and Sininger take time out from counseling students to relax at a Student Congress banquet. 46 dorm mothers dorm mothers, front row, I. to r.: myra Crawford, dorris mays, second row: annls mckay, nina mccarty, susie hamilton, fay gordon. dorm mothers, front row, I. to r.: sammie mouton. second row: ruby connella, arnelia aken, reba denny, dorothy kent, lois parker. dorm mothers. I. to r.: trances hart- man, marvis bailey, mary sue brad- shaw, bessie stoker, ruth garlough, peggy mcwilliams, pauline turner. 47 Students put SFA ' s famous pines to good use during fall elections. campus life aided by activities ■31 You can forget post office boxes, meal books, or a class, but not this. SELECTIVE SERV CE INFORMATION 50 51 for homecoming everyone is here Pre-game skydiver barely misses his mark " If you shall cleave to my consent, when ' tis, It shall make honour for you. ' " macbeth " is a first SFA ' s first Shakespearean drama was presented by the Speech and Drama Department in the fall when Macbeth played to 4,500 people in three performances. Dick Scruggs of Hemphill played the leading role, and Becky Bolin of Longview was Lady Macbeth, a character whose name has epitomized evil in woman since Shakespeare created her. Ste- phen Lee of Nacogdoches played King Duncan, whose murder set in motion the inevitable forces of tra- gedy, and a large student cast recre- ated the intricate relationships against which Macbeth rebels. " Here ' s the smell of the blood still. All the perfumes of Arabia will not sweeten this little hand. " sfa players add golden touch to children ' s play " King Midas " had the golden touch, creating another world for 8,500 children and adults. The cast was led by Robert Kennedy of Kingsville as Midas, with Judith Barnes as the princess and Maurice Horwitz as the wizard. First presented for the school children and citizens of Nacogdoches, the play then traveled to Lufkin and Diboll for special performances. right: Midas experiments with his new touch of gold, below left: Appre hensive servants try to disrobe Midas without turning to gold themselves, below right: Children and slaves admire the princess ' pottery. 56 SFA ' s Warren Wallace III and Ann Barton became Captain George von Trapp and Elsa Schraeder for the production of " The Sound of Music. " Maria, played by Diane Evans, is lectured in song by Charlotte Christian as the Mother Abbess. sfa filled with " sound of music " On campus this spring was the musical production of " The Sound of Music, " a musical comedy per- formed by the Fine Arts Depart- ments. The production was direct- ed by Dr. William Turner, Dean of the School of Fine Arts, and Dr. W. K. Waters, director of the- atre. The music was also conduct- ed by Dr. Turner; the choreogra- phy was by Denard Haden and Mrs. Virginia Mathews, and the sets by Tomy Mattys. Leads were played by Diane Evans as Maria and Captain von Trapp was portrayed by Warren Wallace in the story of the real life adventures of the famous von Trapp Family Singers who performed for American and Eu- ropean audiences in the late 1930 ' s. Sandy Rea, Jim Britton and Mr. Tomy Matthys work on set construction for the musical. 57 kappa kappa psi contestant wins crown Repressing a squeal of joy, Diane Hugghins, representing Kappa Kappa Psi, leans forward to receive the Miss Stone Fort Beauty crown from the former reigning Beauty, Judy Mikulek Willingham. 59 The winner of the Corn Husking contest displays his husking technique. Victory is in the bag! corn husking bee causes excitement A stuffed chick struts, doing her chicken call at the fall Corn Husking. Square dancers entertain the crowd at the Corn Husking Bee. 62 action fills arena Alpha Tau Omega Sonny Burrell drops to the tank as the ball hits its target. suss S l si ! Finishing touches are added to the Chi Omega ' s Bonnie and Clyde booth. crowds converge on evening carnival Selling chances for cigarettes was the theme of the Gamma Phi carnival booth. sylvans compete at conclave Twenty-three Sylvan Club members attended the annual Southern Association of Forestry Clubs Conclave this year at Clemson University, Clemson, South Carolina. The SFA club finished second of the ten teams competing. The March 29 conclave featured events such as pole climbing, chain throwing, cross cut sawing, bow sawing, and axe and knife throwing. Eran Thigpen shows agility in the pole climbing contest as he nears the top. Bill Snow and partner team up to compete in the cross-cut sawing contest. Shaving cream flies as the contestants attempt to cover each other, while keeping as much lather off themselves as possible. Annual Greek Day activities were final- ly scheduled for late April after much delay, but the fun and excitement of the various events compensated for the post- ponement. Fraternities entered contestants in the greased pig catch, the sack and wheel- barrow races, the chariot race, the pie eating contest, and a beauty contest, while sororities competed in a tricycle race, a shaving cream, fight, and an egg toss. Winning Greek Day by a large margin were the Theta Chis and the Delta Zetas. delta zeta and theta chi win greek day One of the more difficult events of Greek Day is the sack race. 69 J 72 alpha chi omega Alpha Chi Omega has joined SFA ' s national sororities in its first year as the Epsilon Eta chapter. Social activities for the sorority in- cluded a Christmas party, Founder ' s Day ban- quet, a Roman party, and a pledge banquet. For a philanthropy project, the Alpha Chis held a bake sale to raise money for TARS. Combining campus involvement with na- tional activities, the sorority had student cong- ress representatives elected for all four classes; Homecoming Queen, Judy Baldwin, and cheerleader, Trudy Mitchell, also added to the chapter ' s honors. 3km • • « .♦ V i ALPHA CHI ' S CANDY KITCHEN Barbara Langston rapidly swallows pie in an attempt to win the contest at Greek Day. A pink and white striped candy kitchen was the Alpha Chi ' s contribution to the Spring Carnival. baldwin, judy fall president bruner, nell fall vice-president lampton, sharon fall vice-president scott, joanne fall vice-president reid, sally fall secretary truitt, judy fall secretary halyard, sammye fall treasurer jacob, linda spring president blaylock, beverly spring vice-president holmes, carolyn spring vice-president mitchell, trudy spring vice-president spivey, lynda spring secretary broadway, carol spring secretary henry, pat spring treasurer ashley, janelle sponsor adams, tommye axley, linda bass, betsy bates, ginger beach, margaret behrends, janis blakeway, sandy blevins, beverly blew, linda brown, kathy brown, sue brundahl, cheryl caffall, caron caperton, karen dark, judy cole, linda cooper, deborah foster, cheryl frensley, janeen grant, kathy green, linda groves, janie hale, harriet handley, eva harborth, glenda ha lie, maureen hardman, pam harper, jan heath, sharon innis, lynda kennedy, rusty kerr, linda kimble, beverly kopczynski, jo-claire langston, barbara lennon, sue lockleer, twinkle loggins, linda miles, ouida mooney, teresa nolen, cheryl orth, linda petty, kay richardson, sherry rogers, susan rote, linda rush, gayla sawyer, ann scaggs, pam schifani, stephany sherman, veronica smith, becky spaulding, carol thomas, sandra waiters, carol warren, karen watson, becky watts, mary webb, joanne west, wynette willis, cathy wolfe, mary beth young, karen alpha tau omega Alpha Tau Omega was founded at Virginia Military Institute in 1865. Since its beginning, over 125 chapters have been founded throughout the United States and Canada. In keeping with its tradition of service to the com- munity, ATOs at SFA participated in two Help Week projects. This year Taus participated in Homecoming, Greek Day, Spring Carnival, and the Christmas Caroling Contest. Social activities included the Black and White Formal, Tom Jones Party, and a Ski Party. This summer ATOs sent two representatives to the National Conven- tion in Arizona. 4 Pledges Bill Baggett and Carl Thibodeux prepare for the wheelbarrow race during Greek Day activities. spring pledges, front row, I. to r.: jackie durrett, carl thibodeux, wayne clamp, second row: bill baggett, frank hart, rusty lee, larry bush, waymouth smith, robert brownlee, john thompson, mike hipp, sonny burrell. third row: bill mcbride. taylor, dave fall president smiley, donald fell vice-president bailey, tad fall pledge trainer pinkerton, jim fall secretary lucus, richard fall treasurer carden, butch spring president cupit, herdy spring vice-president Speights, j. 1. Ill spring pledge trainer _ v £ t george, drew spring secretary smith, phillip spring treasurer Stewart, t. c. advisor ammons, van ashabrenner, kenneth atwell, james bay, william _ V ■Q bussey, o. w. cucci, ioseph didriksen, arthur egalnick, robert gartner, gary gorden, jack grant, james f» t hawkins, robert holmes, thomas 4 Lilt kit krf. A howell, ted keasler, russ lackey, dick mccormick, richard mcgee, max 9 3 mcswain, william medford, william merrill, john moore, john poland, robert royse, waiter schaefer, wayne 0Sl £1 smith, william Stewart, bill taylor, fravis tottenham, richard young, bart 79 beta gamma tau Beta Gamma Tau was founded at SFA in March 1966. Since that time Beta Gamma Tau has grown in both maturity and membership and is currently under consideration as an active chapter of Kappa Alpha Order. Among BGTs holding school offices are Johnny Clausen, president of the College Center, Jim Graham, president of the Young Republicans, and Ernie Horton, president of the Biology Club. In this year ' s spring carnival, Beta Gamma Tau ' s booth, a turtle race entitled the Dixie Derby, won the honor of being " most original. " " Andersonville? " No, only Beta Gamma Tau Powers, Curtis Enos, and Jerry Harris pre a booth for the turtle derby. spring pledges, kneeling: truitt hunt, second row, I. to r.: mark pieratt, roy lotz, bob swift, larry lee, lester langdon, jimmy green, sam griffin, third row: jerry harris, russell vowell. I pack, lindsy fall president schlief, gerald fall vice-president smith, caesar fall recording secretary wells, thomas fall corresponding secretary carroll, james fall treasurer brown, thomas advisor thames, don sponsor aman, jimmy aman, robert alexander, marvin anderson, thomas clausen, johnny clawson, benjamin darnell, kirby duncan, david enos, curtis fields, a. b. jr. ford, michael gilbert, steve graham, jim 81 4 chi omega Epsilon Zeta Chapter of Chi Omega was established December 7, 1963 to become part of National Chi Omega founded at the Uni- versity of Arkansas, April 5, 1895. 1967-68 proved a successful year for the Chi Omegas in both activities and philanthropies. Out- standing members are Donah Shaw, fresh- man cheerleader; Carol Cosgrove, Student Congress Secretary; and Karen Wilson, Lady in Waiting for the Homecoming queen. Activities this year included a Christmas Kindness given to the Nacogdoches hospital, first place in the Christmas Caroling Contest, and the sorority formal held at the Tyler Country Club. Jean Copeland successfully catches the raw egg during Greek Day Activities. By demonstrating her talent, Donah Shaw wins the Chicken Calling Contest at the Corn Husking Bee. 82 wilson, karen fall president james, jana fall vice-president jackson, jorgann fall vice-president mcgilvray, vickie fall secretary burna, mary fall corresponding secretary graves, sharon treasurer: fall, spring cosgrove, carol spring president hughes, karen spring vice-president morris, kitty spring pledge trainer sfutsman, suzanne spring corresponding secretary floyd, judith spring recording secretary alien, suzanne arnett, karen atkinson, judy barton, julia bentley, phyllis bolin, becky braun, janell brooks, christine burris, susan cardwell, beverly clancy, charlotte copeland, jean cox, jannette critz, nancy davidson, becky davis, daryl davis, diane derby, ponnie dixon, pam duhon, dianne dungan, jo duvall, tina fair, patricia fennell, charlotte foster, peg galbraith, glee garrett, judith gaston, kathy gaston, margaret george, marilyn hanicak, phyllis harris, janet henderson, carolyn holt, jan hughes, kay hutchinson, nan jefferies, elizabeth jennings, dorcas kennedy, cherie kiser, deborah kisler, vicky koenig, diane koerth, ann lamb, sherry leighton, diana martin, marilyn mattson, suzanne mcclure, Sydney mckewen, wendy mcree, annis medford, tempe medley, candy moller, mary morris, cheryl neumann, mary oberholtzer, karen Parkinson, joel polanovich, dee price, mary proctor, linda read, linda redfern, judy ridgway, patti royer, connie sanders, salle sanders, sherry sandifer, patty shaw, donah shaw, sharon sowers, susan spencer, elaine staley, kathleen sturrock, janis vibrock, sandra watson, vicki whitton, linda wilcox, debbie f) wilder, alice wildfong, leith Williams, linda womack, berkey york, jane delta sigma phi Becoming the first national fraternity on the SFA campus, the Delta Pi chapter of Delta Sigma Phi was chartered in 1960. 1967-68 brought many honors to the Sigs. Winning Greek football, basketball, volleyball, wrestling, base- ball, track, and badminton gave them possession of the over-all Intramural Trophy for the fourth straight year. In April, the first Delta Sigma Phi Invitational Relays were held with fraternity teams from other campuses participating. Besides athletes, the Sigs number several campus leaders in Bob Wilson, senior class president; Charles Bradberry, fall IFC president; and Dickie Cooper, sophomore favorite. spring pledges, front row, I. to r.: pete ballow, johnce smallwood. second row: dave evans, larry lawless, ralph smith, not pictured: jim- my adams. 84 bush, julian fall president sanders, tommy fall vice-president Cessna, jerry fall pledge trainer smith, james fall secretary martin, gary fall treasurer spring pledge master gray, thomas spring president jarvis, max spring vice-president king, ronald spring secretary knott, jack spring treasurer arisman, robert atkinson, allan barrett, bob beauchamp, george bond, william bradberry, charles brown, mike buxton, george caperton, ben cartwright, ford chatagnier, tim Cogswell, doug collom, ronald cooper, richard corley, randall councill, joe coyne, doug david, daniel davis, ray davis, richard deaton, james denney, wayne dorsett, robert foley, james fults, wayne goodrich, jim greenville, spanky guy, charles hartley, dennis holt, william hoya, danny jones, larry kearney, pat kemper, thomas kyle, jim marshall, william mears, kenneth mena, duane meneley, thomas mitchell, michael moran, torn moreland, mike morgan, scott mosley, mark murphy, thomas nagel, gary nicklas, derell reiner, herbert rice, joel richardson, jerry robinett, edd ross, bobby ross, edwin roye, tim ruckel, john russell, roger scoggins, ronnie sebesta, terrell severson, craig shay, jim smoak, jerry Stewart, steven stone, john Sutherland, richard tomlinson, william vanwagner, kim walker, john warren, randall whatley, gary whitmire, lubbie wickes, bill 1 • t f l f- H, ' — i t . - A £1 Cf Q A Sji k1k ,Mg MlH ML. ,Ma M O a 9 9 ftp ft ft ft as p ct» 990 ( . f i C 5 ' ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ff ft ft 4 J«iJtf »4 ft4 fe4tl4fc P ft ft O ft Williamson, terry wilson, robert wolfe, dennis wood, richard woods, don 85 delta zeta Delta Zetas can remember the 1967-68 year as one of success and achievement in many areas of sorority life. Socially, the Delta Zetas hosted numerous par- ties. Among these were the Welcome Pledge, Costume Dance, and the Rose Ball. While active socially, the chapter did not forget philanthropies. They entertained at the Lufkin State Home, held an all city carnival, and addressed Easter seals with the Theta Chis. Actively participating in campus activities, the DZs won Greek Day and the Sig ' s trophy for most support at their Invitational Relays. Sorority spirit is reflected in the face of Bebe Wiederkehe as she hunts for the DZ key in the Greek Day mud hole. Competing in the Stone Fort Beauty Pageant, Susan Brock is presented to the judges. miller, margaret fall president bates, melinda fall vice-president spring president howard, janice fall vice-president hardin, annette fall secretary haskins, darlene fall secretary spring secretary rougagnac, rita fall treasurer hendricks, jan spring vice-president davis, nancy spring vice-president smith, sandy spring secretary woodard, karen spring treasurer adam, andrea adams, jan allsup, kay anderson, linn baranski, judy bean, terri birdsong, margaret blankenship, martha breazeale, linda brock, susan browning, beth brown, jamie burkhart, janell bush, beverly bush, emily cabness, carolyn callaway, marsha cannon, carol clancy, julie cole, cathy cox, ginger curry, jennie davis, suzanne diehl, valarie egger, pam enoch, janet flanders, peggy grams, janet harris, barbara hazlewood, suzanne hearne, gay hendershot, gail hill, jane hurst, dottie jackson, jackie jennings, Sydney king, pat liemgrubler, janie masters, diane mazzare, patricia mcconville, anne mcconville, cathy miller, judy mires, elaine moore, rand moreland, jan morton, marikay muckleroy, karen naylor, pam pate, kathy pennington, peggy perkins, pam powers, linda rohrs, diana roquemore, susanne skelton, diane Stewart, bonnie tsukahara, judy vanway, pam walsh, patti weaver, carolyn whitehurst, marsha m a ft m m m m fa ft fa fa £i • rii fa m m m m m t wiederkehr, bebe wilson, jean wisler, karen wood, cheri yarbrough, barbara 87 phi delta theta Since that December Day in 1848 when Phi Delta Theta was founded at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, the fraternity has grown to a position of highest eminence among the great national fraternities. The tradition of which Phi Delts are extremely proud has been ex- emplified by the brothers of Texas Eta at SFA. While school spirit was directed by cheer- leaders Tom Maso n and Jim Mason, Student Congress was led by president Mike Kinne- brew, aided by Junior Class President John Vaught and Sophomore Class President Bob Townsend. 1967-68 was rewarding in many ways to the Phi Delts. Victory over the Pikes in the Greek Bowl was followed by the winning of Most Receipts at the Spring Carnival. Straining hard, phi delt ' s Stu Thompson and Rick Rush pull the chariot while Ben Bailey rides inside. spring pledges, front row, I. to r.: charlie smyth, ken mueller, roy price, dallas monroe, bobby hines, barry nelson, sutton orenbaun. second row: jim frazee, pete jackson, terry smith, terry brown, pat wade, mike scoggins, gary barricks. third row: rusty moore, jeff holland, russ crawford, Stewart norman, gene barry. rush, richard fall president vaught, john fall vice-president spring president Cochrane, edward fall recording secretary hopkins, michael spring vice-president lawder, bill spring corresponding secretary reich, richard fall treasurer spring treasurer bailey, ben baugh, don bay, mike bell, robert bergfeld, bob brimer, kim broxson, phil chesser, glenn compton, ronald crews, john dawson, jim deason, ray gandy, bill gordon, jay heap, thomas henderson, robert hensley, buddy herring, russell jordon, john kingham, jim kinnebrew, mike konrad, john kraner, william livesay, william malone, gary mason, tommy mast, horace mckewen, reagan reltier, kenneth peters, wilson pike, william prendergast, john schaefer, kenton spikerman, john Stanley, harold still, charles still, rick sullivan, frank thompson, stuart todd, james torti, philip townsend, robert ft o ft ft r ft ft, ft PS ft J. V ft -».- An - - a ft ' ft ft y ft • v ft , trigg, h. fisher weatherly, lee ft Williams, joe 89 spring pledges, front row, I. to r.: mike young, gary mcrenry, Ion bozarth, ronnie ragain, johnny stuart, tyler hairgrove. second row: ron oliver, bill asher, john morris, randy price, larry robbins, kelly pence, ronnie deford, thad floyd, joe argue, larry fieglien, david pace, butch lea, dan norton. not pictured: david king, eddie chal- mers, danny reese, curt jones . pi kappa alpha One hundred years ago, one of the nation ' s strongest and largest fraternities was born at the University of Vir- ginia, in the minds of six students who desired a common bond of friendship, brotherly love, and mutual regard. Epsilon Omicron Chapter was chartered at SFA in 1960. This year the Pikes held first place in Scholastic ranking for the fifth year in a row, held a " pitch for dystrophy, " and participated in Greek Bowl and the Spring Carnival. Such social events as the Welcome Pledge Party, Viking Party, Dream Girl, and the Mother ' s Day Banquet rounded out the year. Pike ' s contribution to the Spring nival was their egg toss booth. Ca r- 90 1— ! Sanders, mike fall president rogers, jerry fall vice-president beall, barry secrefary: fall, spring sherbert, ronald treasurer: fall, spring childers, henry spring president brown, arlin spring vice-president coe, dr. robert advisor adair, john anderton, steve ansel, kirby beard, barry blakey, jimmy bounds, don boyd, charlie III brawner, charles burleson, robert byers, obert chalmers, travis cochran, david collins, Stephen conn, clarence copeland, brian daniel, austin daniel, don deford, gary devault, jimmy everett, jim flanagan, rickey hardeman, joe hargett, larry hellberg, philip henry, gary hiner, david hollomon, patrick ingram, ronald jarmon, forbes johnston, kenneth king, david madden, gary marx, kenneth mayfield, jacky mcknight, tommy meitzen, red mendenhall, dark meyer, john molnari, chris montes, frank morris, john norton, gary o ' kelley, charles owens, patrick parker, mack patterson, blan pence, john pool, rothwell puckett, gary putnam, david redding, larry Scarborough, a. y. Scarborough, davis shugart, rick sory, joseph stokes, randy ft ft mfJm mm. 1 mm 1, ft fm mm( Mm (sap «- Ti ft » mi mtkm m L rfl ft ft ft mmkmm WF mm mm Am ft v y Mm ft mm Y Mm •«5 ' IS ' ft mm $ mm Aim ft ft ft m s Jl m mm r Ai ft A m Wkim ft Q filler, lloyd ft r weaver, |ames abbot, dr. h. e. 91 Sigma Kappas sing " Silver Bells " and " A Soaling " at the Christmas carol contest. sigma kappa Sigma Kappa, first national sorority at SFA, enjoyed a year filled with both pleasure and work. Fall featured the first annual Pledge Presentation Formal and the Founders Day banquet. Winter was filled with Christmas caroling and germtology. The pledge Kidnap Breakfast was followed in late winter by pledge initiation, while spring was highlighted with a formal. Success came to the Sigma Kappas with the winning of most decorative booth at the spring carnival; Madalyn Brand was elected Carnival Queen and Panhellenic President, and Ruthann Pechulis was chosen Alpha Phi Omega sweetheart. Ruthann Pechulis performs the oriental character dance which helped her become first runner-up in the Stone Fort Beauty Pageant. 92 newton, rebecca fall president moore, sharon fall first vice-president luster, linda fall second vice-president jones, evelyn fall recording secretary prince, linda fall corresponding secretary pringle, joyce fall treasurer spring first vice-president hall, diane spring second vice-president johnson, cynthia spring recording secretary tedder, jan spring corresponding secretary atkins, margaret blystone, karen bosl, susan brand, madalyn bost, janet Campbell, cathy cannon, vicki corbin, mary dickerson, chatelle driskell, lisa elliott, barbara foree, helen funke, mona gill, toni goebel, charlene greenwood, betty harrison, polly hartzog, judy hight, lanell jackson, ruth kirkpatrick, karen knox, dara lee, linda martin, nancy mckinley, linda mcknight, joyce mize, barbara moulden, marry pechulis, ruthann pollock, patricia quick, norma randle, sheri robbins, jane rudolph, janet saulsberry, marie Schneider, mary schuler, thilda sharp, zillah shirley, megan smith, cheryl smith, pixie smith, terri spelman, kathy Stevens, donna teal, linda topham, lynn vann, wanda Warner, jan weems, lynne williams, patricia wintrode, sheryl % 0% 4S» A A. CI fix 4SSk 4 A A j w " r$ wood, Catherine young, adele 93 theta chi The Epsilon Tau chapter of Theta Chi con- tinued its tradition of excellence through the past year by winning Greek Day activities and having their candidate chosen Carnival Queen. In addition to social achievements, Theta Chi ' s received a trophy from national officials for maintaining a chapter grade point average above, the men ' s campus average. Not neglecting service projects the frater- nity sponsored a party for Lufkin State Hos- pital, a mum sale, an Easter Seal Drive, and half-time performance by sky divers at Home- coming. The social highlight of the year was the Red and White Ball. Other parties in- cluded a Welcome Pledge Picnic and a Sup- pressed Desire dance. Theta Chis sponsored a baseball toss at the annual carnival. pledges, spring and fall, front row, I. to r.: bruce garrett, jack swayze, frank shackleford, gary collins, mike hillard, willie mcculler dennis nolan, jack stingle, les mckinnon. second row: phil metford, rick wolfe, lowell rogers, iames roberts, danny cowan, dale short, ron nelson, kenny berry, don nelson, john degrand, mike byrum, jay taylor, torn garrett. 94 goodman, Wallace fall president denton, robert fall vice-president spring president lundquist, paul fall secretary Wallace, john fall treasurer hull, tim spring vice-president A ' iWk 1 J ' reed, denny spring pledge marshall mcnay, keith spring secretary mathis, william spring treasurer abraham, brian black, howard brister, garry buvinghauser, david 1 f ! coats, john cowan, dermis fielder, olen fouty, alien halas, george harris, robert Si • hurta, dennis jones, ken johnson, ronald kayem, douglas ketner, randy king, Jack A kliewer, donald kohl, charles latimer, michael lawrence, Stanley lillard, malcolm mcdonald, russell morrison, james parker, jimmy pittman, robert rawlinson, michael richards, george roberson, gene o .a C| ruehlman, david shugart, charles spradley, david stokes, william vanwinkle, brian i hompson, james J ' r F viggins, mark ) vinston, charles - C3 O york, larry 95 interf raternity council interfraternity council, front row, I. to r.: dennis wolfe, delta sigma phi; mike ford, beta gamma tau; johnny clausen, beta gamma tau: ernie horton, beta gamma tau; tommy mason, phi delta theta; ken schaefer, phi delta theta; larry sullivan, phi delta theta; pat owens, pi kappa alpha; dick lucus, alpha tau omega; kirk weaver, pi kappa alpha; austin daniels, pi kappa alpha; bob denton, theta chi. back row: ronnie king, delta sigma phi; craig severson, delta sigma phi; dr. harold abbot, advisor; johnny coates, theta chi; charles bradberry, delta sigma phi; regan mckewan, phi delta theta; gary madden, pi kappa alpha; robert pollen, alpha tau omega. The Interfraternity Council is composed of three rep- resentatives from each fraternity on campus. This or- ganization, which decides on rush procedures and reg- ulations, also sponsors Greek Day. Fall president was Charles Bradberry, while Pat Owens held the office in the spring. Panhellenic, governing body of the campus sororities, is composed of three representatives from each social group. Besides planning rush, Panhellenic also holds a scholarship banquet each spring. Serving as spring presi- dent was Madalyn Brand. panhellenic council panhellenic council, front row, I. to r.: kay petty, alpha chi omega; barbara yarbrough, delta zeta; madalyn brand, sigma kappa; berky womack, chi omega, back row: jean copeland, chi omega; barbara langston, alpha chi omega; sharon burner, sigma kappa; rusty kennedy, alpha chi omega; terri smith, sigma kappa; janet grams, delta zeta; ginger cox, delta zeta. college center committee chairmen. I. to r., rocky dumas, vice-president, college center; mike withrow, chairman, entertainment comm.; patsy franta, chairman recreation comm.; sherry atwell, chairman, dance comm.; diane smith, chairman, food service; johnny clausen, pres., college center; pat mazzare, chairman, publicity, (seated); jane hill, secretary, college center, (seated); megan shirley, chairman, fine arts comm.; marilyn george, chairman, hospitality comm.; tommy abbott, chairman, leadership comm. college center chairmen The College Center is the hub for recreational, cultural and educational events for the students. Its purpose is to provide students with the extracurricular activities needed for a well-rounded college life. Funds for these services come from the students themselves through the Student Activity fee. There are eight standing committees with each limited to a membership of twenty-five. The committees are: Entertainment, Dance, Recreation, Publicity, Fine Arts, Hospitality, Food Service and Leadership. The College Center sponsors many events throughout the year, ranging from dances and lectures to the Christmas Decoration Contest. This year the College Center foyer was enhanced by a ceiling-height flocked tree. Decorations were prominent throughout the College Center during the weeks preceding Christmas vaca- tion. 134386 student congress members. I. to r.: dean van p. samford, sponsor; dean ernestine henry, sponsor; " red " mietzen, graduate president, henry childers, TISA district chairman; mike kinnebrew, president of student congress; carol cosgrove, sec.-treas.; jack king, vice president of student congress. student congress freshman members. I. to r.: sherrie lamb, representative; gayla rush, representa- tive; steve siese, class president; pixie smith, representative. student congress junior members. I. to r.: nell bruner, representative; linda kerr, representative; john vaught, class president; nancy davis, representative. 98 student congress nucleus of campus student congress sophomore members. I. to r.: rusty kennedy, representative; bobby townsend, class president; mary beth wolfe, representative; judy floyd, representative. student congress senior members. I. to r.: judy truitt, representative; glenn jennings, campus coordinator; karen young, representative; bob wilson, class presi- dent; phil broxson, rep- resentative. 99 cheerleaders fire student body Margaret Birdsong yells at pep rally. Mike Mathis, Kay Allsup and Trudy Mitchell jump for Jacks at a basketball game. 100 " . . . but an echo " begun by students Created in the spring of 1968 by students under the sponsor- ship of Dr. Walter Kidd, " . . . but an echo " is made up of poetry and prose accepted from all stu- dents and faculty. This magazine is to be a year- ly publication of the school. brooke battles and mrs. arthie pope, layout editors 102 the pine log pine log staff, clockwise, beginning below: phil eastman, cir- culation manager; pat brown, first semester feature editor; ken murphy, assistant sports editor; dr. francine hoffman, sponsor; becky dupriest, first semester associate editor; allyn pearlman and royce walker, advertising managers; lynda carl, second semester feature editor; ruth ann ganson, associate editor; penny newnam, editor; robert mccullough and wilbert love, assistant editors; jim hardin, second semester sports editor; not pictured, james mccomb, first semester sports editor. r i 105 A 106 Alpha Psi Omega, honorary drama fraternity, is made up of students who are excelling aca- demically in drama. The purposes of the frater- nity are to develop dramatic talent and the art of acting, the cultivation of a taste in drama, the fostering of cultural values, and the uniting of dra- matic forces on the SFA campus. alpha psi omega fraternity members, front row, I. to r.: don barrett, mike costello, rita robbins, jane ulrich, torn littrell, vann dean elkin, bill gribble. second row: stan honeycutt, jim britton, susie lanasa, nina kay rankin, sandy rea, beth dark. alpha psi omega and alpha chi Rita Robbins, Alpha Psi Omega member, puts the final touches on a set. Alpha Chi is a national honor society whose purpose is to promote and recognize scholarship. The local chap- ter is named for Dr. A. W. Birdwell, first president of the college. The organization is dedicated " to the simula- tion of a spirit of sound scholarship and devotion to the truth. " Members are chosen from the top one- tenth of the junior, senior, and graduate classes. Active and graduate members are elected in the fall. Alpha Chi initiates new members into their club. 108 delta psi kappa members, front row, I. to r.: janet summers, mary jane stone, joyce pringle, judy henry, second row: dr. lucille norton, sponsor; marie saulsberry, miss sue gunter, dr. june irwin, mrs. Virginia mathews, anita tieman, sandy wade, mrs. sadie allison, karen kirby. delta psi kappa and mu phi epsilon The purposes of Delta Psi Kappa, national women ' s professional fraternity of physical education, are to recog- nize worthwhile achievement of women in physical edu- cation, to develop interest of women in physical educa- tion and to promote fellowship among women in this profession. . Dr. Lucille Norton, sponsor of Alpha Xi Chapter, was elected national president of Delta Psi Kappa this year. Annually Alpha Xi sponsors the Corn Huskin ' Bee as its project to earn national chapter dues. The fraternity also has established a scholarship fund with which to recognize outstanding members. Since the chapter was begun in 1965, Alpha Omega of Mu Phi Epsilon has endeavored to recognize scholar- ship and musicianship and to promote friendship within its sisterhood. Membership in this international profession- al sorority is open to all girls with music majors and minors. A public concert featuring Ann Maria Obressa was spon- sored by Mu Phi Epsilon as were other concerts presented by active members. Outstanding Senior, an award offered annually, was presented to Leneda Kay. mu phi epsilon members. phi mu alpha Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia of America is a national professional music fraternity dedicated to music and music students. Sinfonia was founded at the New England Conservatory of Music in Boston, Massachusetts, on October 6, 1898. Mu Xi Chap- ter was founded on April 15, 1964, on the SFA campus. Phi Mu Alpha has been called the " Who ' s Who of Music. " The common denominator which joins its members is music. phi mu alpha members, front row, I. to r.: jerry hinson, john schnaithman, bevins ralston, jerry gober, robert stewart, paul freeman, second row: danny Campbell, david witherspoon, robert warner, mike payne, veronica grigsby, sweetheart, calvin remmey, wayne dyess, robert phillips, gordon small. kappa pi kappa pi members, front row, I. to r.: elaine hicks, pat baker, cheryl verner, carol cosgrove, cheryl puckett, beverly kolarik. second row: don beason, dian lagarde, ken callaway, frank Stewart, ellen thompkins, sharon Williams, mar- cia moad, dr. schlicher. Kappa Pi is a national honorary art fraternity for the recognition of outstanding art students who have maintained a B average, while also having completed 12 hours of art. Bringing art shows to the Student Center is but one of many activities in which the club participates. It also attempts to bring art departments of various colleges closer together. This spring Kappa Pi held their annual art show to promote scholarship for students with outstanding talent. kaopa pi pledges, front row, I. to r.: pat futch, holly schuler, nancy lee, mary dinges, Imda mims, nancy secrest. second row: cozi kaltofen, patricia williams, karen brownley, agnes laza- rene kathleen boughton, brenda kind, jo lynn enge ' lking. third row: robert burns, mary rr ed, gary goerdel, douglas nicholscn, ken bnmer, margit ilika, susan Stanford, johnny spikerman. pi epsilon mu members. pi epsilon mu Pi Epsilon Mu, professional club open to all women majors and minors in health and physical education, aims to increase interest in the field of HPE. In addi- tion to holding monthly meetings, this year Pi Epsilon Mu organized and competed in a student-faculty bas- ketball game. The annual fund-raising project for the club ' s Lucille Norton scholarship fund was a candy sale. Preparation for the track intramurals requires daily practice. 112 omicron delta epsilon members. omicron delta epsilon and phi alpha theta Omicron Delta Epsilon is the national honorary society for the recognition of scholastic achievement in the field of economics. In 1964 the Theta chapter was organized at SFA under the auspices of Dr. Beula Hamm and Mr. Jesse Mixon who have remained its co-sponsors. This chapter has had great success in its monthly forums at which members informally discuss subjects of economic importance. The contemporary problems of British devalu- ation, the " New Left, " and government regulation versus freedom have been topics presented this year. phi alpha theta pledges. Phi Alpha Theta is an honorary history fraternity for students and faculty members of American colleges and universities. All national activities are directed from its main office in Allentown, Pennsylvania, where Phi Alpha Theta was founded in 1921. The Eta Sigma Chapter was chartered at SFA in 1959 under the present co-sponsor- ship of Dr. Robert Maxwell and Dr. James Nichols. Phi Alpha Theta keeps all members posted with its monthly publication, The Historian. 13 clockwise, beginning at immediate right. Miss Diane Hug- ghins served the SFA Marching Band as drum majorette. Cody Garner conducts one of the SFA choirs at the Christmas program. Music students gain experience by playing in the productions staged by the drama depart- ment. Twirl-O-Jacks please the fans as they twirl to the music of the SFA marching band. One of the leaders of the Homecoming parade is the Marching Band of some one hundred members, conducted by Mr. Kenneth Green. Pi Kappa Delta is an honorary fra- ternity of speech and forensics open to students who have excelled in inter-collegiate speech tournaments. Its twenty-four members contend for awards in oral interpretations, debate and public address competition. Spon- sored by Dr. Capel, this year ' s mem- bers won the Sweepstakes in a re- gional convention held in Shreveport, Louisiana. debate club members, front row, I. to r.: cricket hudson, nancy mcmillen, sandi roe, diane smith, second row: homer tindall, dennis paul, frank latimer, stan pfeiffer. pi kappa delta and debate club pi kappa delta members, front row, I. to r.: kristiane randle, jo jo Stephens, frank latimer. second row: greg storch, jimmy carter, stan pfeiffer. religious organizations Baptist Student Union participants practice for Sing Song. religious organizations wesley foundation, front row, I. to r.: barbara nevison, barbara spiller, linda kelly, lynn sneed. second row: rick lewis, kathy koppel, betty tipton, nancy pullen. third row: doug hendershot, robert mccullough, roberf bates, rev. aln r. reed. 119 alpha phi omega Alpha Phi Omega fraternity originated on the campus of Lafayette College in Easton, Pennsylvania in the formal initiation December 16, 1925. The SFA chapter, Nu Sigma, was installed on December 15, 1961. Nu Sigma Chapter, guided by the principles of leadership, fraternity, and service, operates to serve SFA and Nacogdoches. Annual projects of the Nu Sigma Chapter are sponsorship of the Ugly Man on Campus fund-raising contest and the giant Lumberjack, college mascot. Sweetheart Ruthann Pechulis adds charm and beauty to the name of Alpha Phi Omega. spear, Stephen president: fall, spring ammons, larry fall vice-president marules, ted fall recording secretary spring second vice-president esquivel, joe corresponding secretary: fall, spring hood, kirk fall treasurer schockley, frank spring first vice-president dudonis, charles spring secretary gray, iames spring treasurer allemand, alex garrett, ben gatlin, ken hardin, iimmy hemingway, daniel jackson, tiny Johnson, leroy kosta, larry malone, henry mclaughlin, davis jr. miller, john murray, mitchell patterson, john simmons, jack sorrell, david stockwell, charles suhler, william a At jm Q ft f S, vaughan, david weeks, oldham youngblood, claude Zimmerman, terry barbel club Clay Patterson, president of the Barbell Club (above) and Mike Jones, who won this year the title of Mr. Texas, thrill the crowds with their strength at a basketball halftime exhibition. 122 SFA junior Tim Hinkle and Pat Works, a University of Houston graduate, skydive with handsmoke. skydiving club gamma phi Gamma Phi was organized for the purpose of service through common goals, and it was recognized on campus March 1967. Among the group ' s activities were a Founders ' Day Banquet, an Easter party for the children of the Lufkin State School, White Rose Formal, helping with student elections and volunteer work with thp American Cancer Society and March of Dimes drives. armet, laurel baker, kay becker, marti berger, debbie binder, betty bivens, beth bowers, carol briggs, laura sue brown, sara burt, ann caldwell, gwendolyn callaway, marsha Campbell, kathy chalmers, sally childers, dolores cummins, kathy edwards, patsy ferguson, cindy fitch, lanell franfa, patsy gamble, eleanor grubbs, sharon harris, debbie henderson, joyce hughes, pat ingram, barbara koppel, kathy lanasa, susie magee, mary lynne mckelvey, lynn mcsween, nancy meyer, debby mize, barbara moffeit, kay mueller, linda newell, diana nichols, beverly peacock, donna ph il lips, jean richardson, carolyn robbins, rita sanders, linda schwake, karen segrest, signa simmons, cheri slackney, rosemary Stephens, sally Stephenson, barbara taylor, karen thompson, kathy thurston, kathy walker, nancy walker, sally walley, jane weiher, kay wood, wanda woodley, sharon barton, mrs. alice, sponsor henry, mrs. ernestine, sponsor 124 alpha kappa psi Richard Stathem presents Mr. William Bagg of Fort Worth with an honorary membership pen. Eta Mu chapter of Alpha Kappa Psi, the first national pro- fessional fraternity in business, was chartered at SFA May 1, 1966. The main purpose of Alpha Kappa Psi is to further the indi- vidual welfare of its member, to foster scientific research in the fields of commerce, accounts, and finance, to educate the public to appreciate and demand higher ideals, and to promote and advance in institutions of college rank courses leading to degrees in business administration. Members and pledges of the fraternity did volunteer work in the American Cancer Society and March of Dimes drives and helped organize Phi Chi, professional business club for women. A pledge project was the beautification of the college pond and the surrounding grounds. alpha kappa psi pledges. I. to r.: jim thompson, huey scott, david murr, torn sevigny, lance galperin, clint pruett, jeb saunders. members of alpha kappa psi. front row, I. to r.: rusty lee, joe beard, weston cotton, buddy adkison, lynn booker, larry svaton, james mea- dor, mac cobb. second row: jamie murphy, roy dale lewis, roland duckworth, chris john- son, dene allred, larry bush, phillip barton, richard walker, mike wheeler, larry cook, third row: bill moore, mike massey, sammy reed, larry morgan, barry smith, eddie lange, dean nellis. biology club Pictured above are members of the Biology Club seeking relaxation from the classroom at the annual spring picnic. Alpha Lambda Omega (Biology Club) was organized locally in 1943, by a group of biology majors. The club meets monthly with the purpose of acquainting biology students with each other while promoting programs and entertainment of a biological nature. Guest speakers inform the members on var- ious subjects. The club is open to all biology majors and other students interested in the field. officers for 1967-68 ernie horton president carol andrews vice-president jan warner secretary fariss wilson treasurer co-sponsors dr. william gibson dr. waiter robertson 126 Principals at the head table enjoy the spring banquet of the Home Economics Club. home economics club Ideals of the Home Economics Club are aimed at promoting economy, efficiency and cleanliness. Persons interested in such ideals compose the membership. Club activities this year included founding of a scholarship fund; donating and wrapping gifts at Christmastime for underprivi- leged children at the Little Zion Day Care Cen- ter; and the selling of candy, stationery and cook- books to promote the projects. Melinda Bates was elected THEC chapter dele- gate to the Texas Nutrition Council at the State Convention in San Antonio. Betty Gerald was nominated as national officer candidate to the National Convention to be held in Minneapolis. This is the life— good food, good company. Club members and their dates relax at the banquet climaxing the year ' s activities. I. J young republican club members. young republicans The Stephen F. Austin Young Republican Club promotes the platforms and candidates of the Republican Party in an atmosphere of friendship and recreation. Young Republicans help their senior party dur- ing elections by working at various campaign headquarters. The club also takes part in such campus activities as homecoming and " Choice ' 68. " Members gain insight and knowledge each year at the Young Republican State Convention and at club-sponsored functions. math club Organized in 1959, the SFA Math Club provides students with a common inter- est in mathematics an organization through which they can discuss their common goals. The spring semester was highlighted by a banquet at which Dr. Paul AAinton of SAAU spoke on " The Role of the Stat- istician. " The annual presentation of a Handbook of Mathematical Tables to the outstanding freshman math student took place at the May meeting. math club members. accounting club The Accounting Club of approximately thirty-five students who are either major- ing or minoring in accounting meets periodically to hear lectures from prac- ticing accountants of public and indus- trial firms. Club members also have an opportunity to become acquainted with the lecturers, who are often representa- tives of potential employers of SFA ac- countants. The club also visits an accounting firm or major business office at least once each semester. The Bank of the Southwest of Houston was toured in the fall; Axley and Rode, a Lufkin accounting firm, in the spring. Dr. Frank Lauderdale, Dr. Allan Steele, I Dr. Frank Ross, and Mr. Jesse Mixon co- sponsor the club. I i I 129 sigma tau delta u Sigma Tau Delta, national honorary English fraternity, is an outgrowth of the English club at the Dakota Wesleyan University, Mitchell, South Dakota. Plans made there and at other schools resulted in the nationalization of the club under its present name in 1924. The local chapter, the Gladys Fox chapter, was founded during the 1963-64 school year. Dr. Laurence Perrine, author of Sound and Sense (one of the sophomore English texts) spoke here under the sponsorship of Sigma Tau Delta and the Pineywoods Writers ' Club. Sigma Tau Delta officers take part in the annual initiation of new members. 130 sylvan club members. sylvans club The Sylvans Club was organized in 1946 by the students of the School of Forestry. The purpose of the club is to promote fellowship among the students and to increase their knowledge by sponsoring programs which feature speakers well versed in the many phases of forestry. The Sylvans sponsor an annual forestry field day, hunting and fishing trips, a Christmas dinner-dance, and a team for the Association of Southern Forestry Clubs Conclave where it participates in contests displaying professional skills. The club sponsors the Sylvans Scholarship. tsea members. tsea and psi chi The purpose of the Texas Student Education Associa- tion is to promote professionalism in the field of teach- ing. The association provides a program for Career Day groups who are interested in teaching, a series of profes- sional programs each month, and an annual picnic. The club also sponsored a homecoming float. Under the direction of the American Psychology Association, Psi Chi has been established and main- tained as a national honorary fraternity on college campuses. Its purpose is to give recognition to out- standing psychology majors and minors while afford- ing them the opportunities for creative development in the field of psychology. Very active nationally, Psi Chi urges its members to enter articles for publica- tion in the behavioral science and professional jour- nals. Dr. Lee Sutter spoke to the February meeting of the Psychology Club on his experiences in the study of homosexuality and its cures. Sigma Phi Alpha (Chemistry Club) is a student affiliate of the American Chem- ical Society. Its purpose is to acquaint students with the rapid advancement of chemistry and chemical engineering. officers for 1967-68 james dickerson president glenn kitchens vice-president toni gill secretary-treasurer roy whitaker reporter chemistry club members, front row, I. to r.: dr. albert machel, sponsor; linda dickerson, toni gill, wanda vann. second row: james dickerson, john tate, ]ames garrett, dr. samuel naistat, roy whitaker, sam whitley, glenn kitchens. chemistry club and alpha mu gamma alpha mu gamma members. kappa kappa psi members. I. to r.: henry lenord, waiter wetherby, rob- ert haltom, james mcclelland, robert turner, tony buban. kappa kappa psi and Spanish club Spanish club members. Sponsor of Miss Stone Fort, Diane Hugghins, manager of the concession stand at collegiate track meets, and fourth runner-up float in the homecoming parade were a few of the accomplishments and activities of Kappa Kappa Psi. The band service fraternity, that was founded nationally to promote musicianship, is always one of the more active organizations at SFA. The fraternity awards a scholarship to a band member each semester and holds a recognition banquet each spring. The group elects a sweetheart each year and this year ' s sweetheart was Miss Sandra Blackstone, who rode on the club ' s award- winning float in the homecoming parade. Tony Buban served as Kappa Kappa Psi president this year. Other officers were W. B. Bingham, vice-president; Robert Turner, secretary; Laried Holt, treasurer. Band Director Kenneth Green was sponsor of the club. sigma delta pi Sigma Delta Pi, national honorary Spanish fraternity, has as its purpose to foster a wider knowledge of and a greater love for the Hispanic contributions to modern culture; to provide a nucleus for Spanish language stu- dents; to foster friendly relations and a cooperative spirit ' and french club between the Hispanic and English speaking nations; and to reward students who show special attainments and interests. Active members are nominated on a basis of high scholarship in Spanish. french club members, front row, I. to r.: barbara elliot, kathleen ankney, linda seiberling, mary schattenburg, hectorine piercey. second row: anne healop, marilyn pruitt, donna Stevenson, marilyn briggs, cassie henderson, veronica grigsby. third row: gay beard, carla dial, kay moffeit, sue deloach, sharon burner, whitney yow. semper fidelis Semper Fidelis Society was established at SFA on October 4, 1967, with the objectives in mind of preparing men as officers of the United States Marine Corps. The members set forth the duties of receiving and disseminating policies, doctrines, and vital information pertinent to better under- standing of their many future responsibilities as officers of the USAAC; stimulation and protection of the high traditions and ideals of the USMC; and promotion of good fellowship and cultivation of the social virtues among its members. members of semper fidelis society, front row, I to r, sollie christian, tim nunan waiter ford, bob bollman; second row; douglas talley, jim dunlap, james reid, jerry alien; third row; eugene huffty, faculty advisor, danny sitton, graham goode; fourth row; john paul young, dwayne brewer. pre-medical technology club SFA ' s Pre-medical Technology Club was organized in the spring of 1968 for the purpose of fos- tering interest in the profession of medical technology and the medical technology program to all those interested and to spon- sor worthwhile programs of a medical technological nature. pre-medical technology club members, front row, I. to r.: janis dezelle, margaret starr, susie russell, jeana thiboutot, president joan arnold, vice-president wanda curry, secretary-treasurer janell braun; back row: sponsor dr. e. I. miller, randall douglas, jerry romans, reporter penny ingram, shirley wolcott, james burrough, janet leak. amateur radio club — w5haj The SFA Amateur Radio Club, operating under the call letters W5HAJ, was organized on campus in 1967. Offering membership to college students, faculty and community members interested in amateur radio, the club ' s objectives are to promote the college, to promote good will toward amateur radio operators, to provide instruction to assist others in obtaining a license, and ultimately to provide communicatio ns under normal conditions and during periods of national and local emergencies and disasters. Miss Janell Braun, the club ' s entrant in the Stone Fort Beauty Pageant, won the honors of being Miss Congeniality and third runner-up. 137 rodeo club members rodeo club Members of the Rodeo Club have participated in twelve college rodeos throughout the year at South Texas Jr. College, Sam Houston, SFA, Texas A M, and Texas A l, among others. The club is affiliated with the Southern Region of the Na- tional Intercollegiate Rodeo Association. Members hope to participate in the national finals during July at Sacramento, California. 1968 sfa rodeo team. I. to r. malcolm lillard, john mathews, mike bradbury, robert bean, george flournoy, jesse bradford, cotton george. 138 wrestling club front row, I. to r.: dr. nelson samson, joe davis, rick parrish, rudd youngblood. second row: john partin, lynn hill, torn gunning, jim graham, not pictured: stu thompson, bobby henderson, clay pat- terson, bill suhler, clay atkinson. karate club The Wrestling Club was or- ganized three years ago in order to promote intercollegiate wres- tling in the state of Texas. This year, matches with the University of Texas, the University of South- east Louisiana, and the Variety Boys Club of Houston have shown the capabilities for a prom- ising future. Dr. Nelson Samson has done a thorough job in coach- ing and organizing the club and its matches. Frank leonard, (right), black belt karate instructor, practices with a fellow black belt. The Karate Club is based upon the character-building aspects and sports- manship of Karate through practice and participation in Karate tourna- ments. The club adheres closely to the basic ideals which students of Ka- rate work to achieve; the ideals are character, sincerity, effort, etiquette, and self-control. lumberjacks finish fifth The Lumberjacks won the season opener against East Central Oklahoma by jumping to a 20-0 lead in the first half and outlasting the opposition for the 27-14 win. SFA lost its home opener to Northeast Louisiana State on fumbles and pass interceptions. Northeast Louisiana used ball control to keep the Jacks out of the game. The second quarter of the SFA-Delta State game proved to be the Jacks undoing. Having led 7-0 at the end of the first quarter, SFA fumbled the game away, allowing Delta State to score 21 points in the second quarter. Texas A l used tough defense and aerial bombs to defeat SFA in the conference opener. The offense was unable to mount a serious drive, while A l riddled the defensive backfield with two touchdown passes. The Jacks came back in the last quarter from a 30-17 deficit to beat Sul Ross 31-30. The best team effort of the season provided the second win for Stephen F. Austin. Fumbles cost SFA a win against Howard Payne. The Jacks scored first on a field goal. The destructive fumble came in the third quarter when Howard Payne retrieved the ball on the Jacks ten yard line. coach travis hughes Doomsday Defense, the Jacks Black-Raiders, prepare to meet Texas A l. Players are, I. to r.; James Greer (76), Charles O ' Kelly (70), Frank Lane (74), Bill Grindle (79), Tim Martindale (60) and Frank Beauchamp (52). 142 SFA HPPOMFMT WrrUINCIN 1 27 East Central Oklahoma 14 Northeast Louisiana State 10 19 Delta State 21 Texas A l 16 31 Sul Ross 30 3 Howard Payne 6 29 Sam Houston State 3 13 Southwest Texas 14 10 McMurry 3 10 East Texas State 12 The Lumberjacks ran over arch-rivals Sam Hous- ton to post their third win of the season. The of- fense was sharp throughout the game, but the defense demanded most of the attention, holding the Kats to a total yardage of 95 yards for the entire game. Cheerleaders Trudy Mitchell and Tommy Mason brave the rain as they await the opening kickoff. Larry Putnam (17) sprints out as the line sets up to meet Texas A l. Jimmy White (46) receives a key block from Dwayne Kerbow (22) as he returns a punt against Southwest Texas State. school population swells game 144 Jim Tomlin sifts his way through struggling Bobcat defense. sattendance Dwayne Kerbow (22), Frank Lane (74) and Mike AAcBee (86) axe Sam Houston halfback. Homecoming started to be disappointing as Southwest Texas scored twice in the first quarter to lead 14-0, but SFA pulled back into the game in the second quarter to end the half seven points down. The third quarter was a see-saw battle with the Jacks failing to score on the one good drive. The Jacks managed to score with two minutes left in the game, but the Bobcats stopped the do-or-die home team one-yard line short of the two points conversion needed to win the game. Feet may sink into the muddy field, but the spirit of SFA ' s Lumberjack band remains high and dry during the rainy half-tme show at the SFA-A I game. 145 Unidentified defensive lineman prepares to lower the axe on Sam Houston back. credit coaches with moving the men Henry Smith (23) leaves defense groping in the grass as Ronnie Clark (26) waits for a block. varsity football team, front row, I. to r.: dick cooper, mark moseley, henry smith, larry putnam, mike neuman, dwayne kerbow, ronnie dark, ray davis, steve copeland. second row: andrew hopkins, jim tomlin, jimmy white, billy don davis, tim chatagnier, clifton turner, bo warren, larry lawless, gordon brown, david winter, row three: torn mixon, john morris, mike johnson, frank beauchamp, pat hollomon, bob landry, steve james, alfred Campbell, mart Crawford, micho hales, row four: tim martindale, ricky robertson, wayne brown, david stamps, john mcgraw, lubbie whitmire, blan patterson, dwayne mena, mike ford, jack rhodes. row five: harold longbotham, frank lane, eddie chalmers, torn langford, gary jeter, charles o ' kelly, james greer, bill grindle, travis hughes, row six: jerry lewellen, david king, ronnie hawthorne, ken tomlinson, henry malone, joe flanagan, joe richardson, coach graves, hubert hancock, gene shaw. The first quarter spelled victory for SFA as we scored on a touchdown and a record breaking 46 yard field goal. Defensively, we held the Indians on the two yard line in the last quarter. SFA jumped out to a 10-0 lead in the first quarter against East Texas, but failed to hold as the Lions scored a touchdown and two field goals to take the game. tim martindale (60) and james greer (76), little all-americans. jacks top lone star Coach Marshall Brown ' s tree-toppers brought the Lone Star Conference championship to SFA this year. The sophomore-laden Jacks took top honors in conference play with a 13-win, 1-loss record and finished the season with a 25-2 slate. Texas A l ' s upset of Howard Payne in the next to last game of the season allowed the Lumber- jacks undisputed possession of the championship. If Howard Payne had not been beaten, Stephen F. Austin and Howard Payne would have tied for the pennant. The conference championship sent the jumping Jacks into the NAIA District 4 playoff with St. Mary ' s University of San Antonio. SFA won two games in the best of three competition to enter the NAIA Championship Tournament at Kansas City. The National Tournament proved to be the undoing of the inexperienced Jacks. Eastern Michi- gan State scored the decisive two points with two seconds remaining in the game. An overview of the season shows Stephen F. Austin ' s balance as an offensive team. Four of .the five starters finished the season averaging in double figures. George Johnson, 6-111 2 sophomore, led the team with a 17.6 points per game average while pulling down 15.6 rebounds per game. Next, 6-6 forward Surry Oliver, scored at a rate of 16.8 and was second in team rebounding. Third was 6-5 sophomore twin Ervin Polnick at 14.7, followed by junior Harvey Rayson, who, at an even six feet, scored at a 10.8 clip and proved to be the team ' s playmaker. Rounding out the starting five was the other Polnick twin, 6-5 Marvin with a 9.1 per game average. As a team, the Jacks averaged 84.6 a game while holding all opponents to a 67.2 average. 149 tall men work under One of the keys to the Jacks success was the play -of 6-11 V2 center, George Johnson. George, shown here blocking a shot, came into his own this year, leading the team in both points per game and rebounding. " Big " George was such a threat with his size and ability that teams were forced to guard him with more than one man, making it easier for Surry, Harvey and the Pol- nicks to hit from the outside. George Johnson, 33, really goes up to block a shot by a McAAurry Indian. Harvey Rayson, 43, and one of the Polnick twins awaits the ball. 150 the boards Ervin Polnick, 22, drives for a layup. The outside shooters provided the scoring punch required when defenses sagged off to Big George. Surry Oliver, 45 in the picture below, led the " short " men in scoring for the season. Defensively, the Jacks were very successful. The ball hawking of Ervin and Marvin and Harvey Rayson along with the rebounding and blocking abilities of Oliver and Johnson provided important turn-overs in each game. Bench strength of the Jacks was also an important factor in the championship drive. The relief and sup- port on the floor, in combination with steady play from the bench, showed that SFA will be a team to watch for the next several years. Surry Oliver, 45, and Narvis Anderson, 41, play strong defense. 152 fans fill shelton to capacity narvis anderson surry oliver Jacks contest each other for the ball. Shown are Rayson, 43, Marvin Polnick, 25, Narvis Anderson, and Surry Oliver, 45. 154 jacks travel to kansas city Ervin, a half of SFA ' s Polnick twins, rebounds ir a conference game against the Bearkats. George Johnson jumps for two more of those points that led the Jacks to victory. Harvey Rayson takes the ball for SFA against Sam Houston State. sfa track team track team takes title Coach Joe Richardson ' s track team was the big story this sports season. The Jacks won the conference meet this year for the first time in SFA track history This season marks the second one coached by Richardson, who has recruited several of Texas ' blue chip tracksters and created a team from predominantly freshmen and sophomores. The youth on th.s years team should provide competition in track meets for several years. The conference meet was held at SFA this year, during an intermittent rain storm. A partially water-covered track made the record setting paces even more outstanding. Perhaps the most successful part of the team were the sprint relay team and its members. Henry Malone, Jimmy White, Bill Cramer and Andrew Hopkins were the pace-setters for the conference and placed well in sev- eral non-conference meets. White and Hopkins were also outstanding in the individual sprints: White, in the 100 and 200, Hopkins in the 100, and both as factors of the successful relay. sfa sprint relay team coach joe richardson james martin student coach new records are set Members of this year ' s track team set several con- ference and school records. Jimmy White and Andrew Hopkins both ran 9.4 100-yard dashes, White in the conference meet, despite water-logged conditions. The sprint relay team broke the conference record under this same handicap. 159 160 9? y a golfers finish first, too Not to be outdone by either basketball or track teams was the SFA golf team. They too finished first in the conference play, greatly aiding in SFA ' s quest for the all sports trophy. Sandy Hanes won medalist honors in the tournament played here at the Pineywoods Country Club. Sandy Hanes is named medalist at the Pineywoods Conference here in Nacogdoches. 161 intramurals above: Individual and team trophies are awarded and displayed at the Spring Awards Banquet, right: Giving time and effort to the intramural program heips keep SFA coeds in good physical condi- tion. 1r above: Mr. Grover Belcher finished in the number one spot in badminton intramurals. below: Health and Physical Education majors and other girls compete in the track events of women ' s intramurals. The Men ' s Intramural program is designed as a recreational activity for individual and group competition with an emphasis placed on good sportsmanship and enjoyment. A wide range of interests is covered by the sports offered under the pro- gram: flag football, basketball, volleyball, softball, track and wrestling, for team participation as well as numerous others for individuals. Mr. R. L. Worsham is Intramural Director and chairman of the Men ' s Intramural Council which is composed of managers from each team. Winners in the Greek fraternity league received trophies in each event, and the name of each winning organization was placed on the total point trophy kept in the intramural case in Aikman Gymnasium. Women ' s Intramurals strives to give coeds at SFA a recrea- tional outlet and provide limited and equalized competition for their enjoyment. The program includes softball, volleyball, basketball, track and field, tennis, badminton and table tennis. Two leagues, composed of dormitory teams and sorority teams, award trophies to the high-point teams in each league. At the Spring Banquet individual winners and winning teams received trophies. The Women ' s Intramural Council is com- posed of a representative from each participating team, with Miss Sue Gunter serving as faculty sponsor and Miss Sharon Huddleston as Student Assistant. 163 d karen wilson, lady-in-waiting judy is queen sfa homecoming queen, judy baldwin, seated at top: her court; bottom, left to right, daryl davis, freshman duchess; beverly blaylock, sophomore duchess; karen wilson, lady-in-waiting; linda reed, junior duchess; and margaret beach, senior duchess. 167 168 %v r ft ft miss stone fort sandra vibrock fourth runner-up pi kappa alpha janell braun third runner-up amateur radio club ann sawyer second runner-up sophomore class ruthann pechulis first runner-up sigma kappa 171 mr. and miss sfa linda read glenn jennings 173 who ' s who among students in american colleges and universities 174 brooke battles larry choate 176 I who ' s who not pictured: gerald bickford jeanne blackstone david fincher suzanne hazlewood who ' s who viki lindsay, center rodeo queen suzanne martin, right first runner up kathy sabom, left second runner up DA RYjS the graduate school Under the authorization of its Board of Regents, Stephen F. Austin State College began its graduate program in 1936. This program provides an opportunity for those who are in public school work or who are preparing for such a profession to secure a fifth year of college work in various areas of subject matter and to pre- pare for positions of teaching, educational adminis- tration and research. This year of work also may be used as a preparation for later studies leading to the doctorate. The school offers graduate majors in art, biology, education, English, forestry, French, German, health and physical education, history, mathematics, music, physics, political science, psychology, sociology, Span- ish and speech. Dr. J. N. Gerber, who is also Dean of the College, is the administrative head of the graduate faculty and is responsible to the President for the academic program of all graduate students and for policies and standards formulated by the Graduate Council. Dr. Gerber earned his B.A. from Illinois State University, his M.S. from the University of Illinois and his Ph.D. from George Peabody College. above: Editors Carrol Bass, Miss Edith Oatis and Jim Harris confer about the literary supplement of one of the fall issues of the Pine Log. left: Roger Kelly, graduate assistant, helps with the hours of work to be done during registration. beasley, pamela chappell, robert culp, jimmy dodd, melvin gafford, gerald gill, mary gongre, charles gribble, bill hicks, james martin, james mcintyre, jerry potter, danny price, evelyn raines, james richards, albert roos, joseph shaw, gene smith, donald smith, parry tallent, dean 187 senior class officers, I. to r.: iorgann jackson, reporter; phil broxson, representative; vicki watson, secretary; glenn jennings, president; judy truitt, representa- tive. seniors 4 I tl aaron, eugene acuff, william adam, andrea ainslie, jack alien, guy alien, jerry alien, john allison, bill allred, dene allred, gene allums, preston anderson, lynda anderson, paul arnold, karen ashby, linda 188 ater, marita atkinson, judy austin, adrienne bailey, tad baldwjn, judith ballenger, richard barber, douglas barker, phyllis barker, warren barnes, cynthia barton, ann bass, john m. battles, brooke baugh, don baugh, james beach, margaret beall, janice beall, patsy beauchamp, frank beauchamp, johnny bender, willie bibb, james blackstone, jeanne bowden, cliff bowersox, rodney bradberry, forrest bradbury, horace bradley, judy brice, cecelia brooks, patty M. 1 Alt brooks, rosiland broughton, miles brown, barbara brown, patricia broxson, phil jfF . -V. Kite bryant, harold buban, tony bullard, bill burns, martha byrd, harry seniors BL Pll, ft V life til byrnes,. mary ann byrum, michael cabiness, jerry caldwell, wayne calloway, marsha campbell, susan cariker, albert carpenter, gail carr, angela carter, sue carthey, barnett catechis, spyros chaney, yvonne chapman, david chatagnier, tim 190 chesnutt, thomas chimney, marnell chimney, rayford choate, t. h. christian, linda dark, beth dark, marcia clausen, johnny dements, danny coates, chuck coats, john cogswell, larry collier, john compton, beverly compton, ronald cooper, juanita cooper, nan cooper, Stanley Corcoran, william corn, susie cox, betsy croft, cindy cummings, leslie dahlquist, michael daugherty, jackie davis, paula davis, robert deason, ray deaton, james deguilbert, linda 191 dennis, dinah dennis, elmer dennis, james derrick, dianna dewey, rhonda dickerson, james didriksen, arthur dierlam, mark dodson, james dorsey, linea seniors drape, fran drew, william duhon, dianne duke, gary dyson, jimothy eastman, phil echols, carol egger, pam elliott, claudia erwin, olivia eubanks, scotty evans, linda evans, mary fain, nick farley, jamie felmet, roland fisher, martha flanagan, judith fleener, Stephen flenniken, terry foley, ian ford, william fountain, carol fowler, donna fowler, jim franklin, Stewart gallaway, janell gandy, bill garcia, paul gates, tommy gaw, kathryn geeslin, bennet geiger, robert george, drew gibson, sannette giles, judith glenn, sue goodman, wally gray, james gray, thomas green, bobby green, donnie green, susan greer, carol greer, james 193 gresham, rebecca griswold, john grubbs, loy guerrero, alice guinn, sharon gunn, anthony haltom, robert halyard, sammye hamon, terry hand, larry seniors hanks, kenneth harden, charles hardin, annette harlow, carol gene harper, barbara harper, gary harper, henry harrington, beverly harris, barbara harris, clay harris, jean harris, tipton hartzog, judy hasty, reginald hathcox, david 194 haygood, karon hays, robert hazlewood, suzanne healan, betty hearne, gay hees, darryl helms, roger henderson, carolyn hendrix, billie hendryx, shirley henry, gary herrington, elizabeth herrington, james hess, jack hester, william hewitt, joe hicks, cathy hill, larry hill, lynn hill, roger holcomb, steve holman, dorothy holmes, leighton holt, william honeycutt, Stanley hood, kirk huddleston, sharon huffstetter, mike hugghins, glenn hugghins, sheila 195 hughes, charles hughes, connie hughes, rita hulen, jane inmon, justin ives, floyd ivy, madie james, jana james, steve jarman, jerry Seniors 1 1 ) jarmon, forbes jenkins, sherry jennings, glenn jimenez, norma johnson, gary johnson, patricia jones, douglas jones, larry jones, mike judycki, donald kearney, pat kennedy, annell king, jack kinnison, kay kinnison, william 196 klekar, john koford, cissy kohl, charles kolarik, beverly kotch, bobby kyle, jim lamberth, carol lanier, carol lawrence, Stanley lazarene, agnes lee, Stephen leneda, kay lenoir, sallie lester, john letsinger, ralph lewis, roy lilliard, malcolm lindner, henry longbotham, harold love, jimmy louvier, patricia lucas, baker lucas, michael lucia, sam lucus, myrtle luker, louise maclin, drusilla mallouf, albert malone, gary martin, gary 197 All martindale, tim mast, a. t. maxwell, pat may, norman mayfield, jacky fcmi lit mazza, billy mcafee, maxine mccbrey, donald mccrary, dan mcdonald, jerry seniors mcenturff, darlene mcenturff, jimmie mcfarland, robert mcjilton, mike mckewen, reagan mcmahon, jack mcpherson, sylvia mcree, melissa medford, carol medina, irene meisenheimer, mary ann mendiola, homero meneley, marilene meneley, thomas meyer, john milam, bartlett miley, judy miller, margaret milner, larry minor, richard mitchell, dark mitchell, nikki mitchell, ted moller, mary clive moore, annette moore, david moore, douglass moore, marjorie moore, rand morain, suzanne morgan, larry nader, robert nagel, gary napier, sam nation, david nei II, david nelson, bess nelson, joel new, bobby newnam, penny newton, becky norton, jean nunan, tim oberbeck, janet opersteny, jan 199 ■kill m L ordeneaux, roddy owens, sharon pack, lindsy paine, samuel palmer, jimmie parker, john partin, john pate, james patterson, clay pattillo, glenda seniors payne, david payte, elizabeth payte, gerald pena, jimmy pena, john penland, sandra perdue, chaney perdue, ronald phillips, d ' anne phil lips, robert pierce, georgia pike, bill pimentel, robert pipes, linda pizzini, karen polanovich, dee ann pollard, charles ponder, joseph porter, ellen porter, john porter, john porter, mary beth presley, sammy prince, barbara probandt, dianne pybas, shalia rankin, nina kaye ray, thalia read, linda reader, james reed, sammy reynolds, david reynolds, gordon rhame, diane richards, george richards, marilyn ridgway, patti rinehart, robert roberson, lynder roberts, maribeth roberts, melton roberts, swank robertson, alyce robinson, billie robinson, jan rockholt, marilyn roddy, jacquelyn rodriguez, amel rodriguez, norma rose, marsha rose, trudie ross, robert ruehlman, david rush, rick russell, gary seniors russell, woody sage, larry sales, janis sanders, richard sapp, richard saucier, dave saulsbery, marie schanley, james schattenburg, mary schermerhorn, rodney Schneider, michael scott, joann seaton, peggy sebesta, terry sellers, karen shattuck, kathie shaw, james Sheffield, james sherman, veronica sides, linda sims, judy slaughter, terry sloan, william small, john smith, barry smith, Carolyn smith, james smith, jimmie smith, sarah sneed, julia sowell, bobby spellman, michael spellman, kathy spence, joyce stamps, david steger, eric Stephens, jo-jo Stewart, robert stone, john storer, Christopher stringer, barbara strong, betty strong, peggy stuewe, linda sturrock, james 203 sumrow, connie swanson, alan swift, ann swift, chuck talbott, john taylor, dave taylor, patricia tedder, carolyn thomas, charles tieman, anita seniors tiller, albert tillison, judy tindall, george tipton, odessa tompkins, ellen toombs, mike toombs, rachel tottenham, richard trippodo, nick truitt, judy tupa, julius turner, eleanor turner, james turner, robert tussey, maria 204 ussery, wayne villarreal, noemi vredenburg, michael walker, royce Wallace, jeff waldrup, paul Wallace, john warms, mike waters, jimmy watkins, mark watson, jerry watt, don weatherly, sherry weaver, kirk webb, wanda weigman, mary welch, harriet weldon, michael west, dianne westbrook, cathy westerfield, margaret westfall, james wheatley, timothy wheeler, torn whitaker, travis wilhpurn, robert Wilkinson, bonnie willett, larry williams, donna Williams, george III 205 ■k to 1 Km williams, glenn Williams, linda williams, paul williams, sharon willingham, robert willoughby, belinda willoughby, gary wilson, karen wood, cheri wood, iames seniors WtEBEKtMttBBHBSSBStKKKBM HHHHHHHHHHHHBSBSHH MMnMMHHHHBB Life york, larry young, karen young, linda woodley, mary woods, don woodward, jerry worley, tommy worrell, ronald yarbrough, grady yarbrough, lagene yates, beverly yates, matthew yorio, frances 206 junior class officers, front row, I. to r.: secretary darline haskins, repre- sentatives nancy davis, linda kerr, nell bruner. back row: vice-president pat owens, reporter melinda bates, president john vaught. aaron, drucilla absher, jack adams, bobby adams, deedy adams, keith agan, mike albin, terry alders, linda alexander, marvin alexander, mary j. alexander, sharon allsup, verna juniors 207 . " " 55 ■ A I Ail - - % V Jk HHP M - mm ' 1 . " a it J •t « - i ; ' v aman, james aman, robert amerine, jimmy anders, james anderson, donald anderson, doris anderson, ellen anderson, jeannie anderson, linn anderson, thomas andrews, carol armstrong, joyce uniors tiki armstrong, patricia arnold, claude arnold, cynthia arnold, joan ashberry, royce aston, james atwell, sharon avery, jack bacho, john bailey, pat bajorek, edward baker, barbara baker, kay baker, nancy baker, delores barnes, billie barnes, donald barton, judy bateman, morris bates, melinda bates, ronnie baxter, melba bay, michael bazan, sylvia 208 bea II, robert beasley, betty beasley, felton beasley, james beasley, richard beck, michael bell, david bell, pat bell, robert bennett, jeanie berger, debra berger, patricia berry, james berwick, joseph best, gladys bethel, karen bidney, robert billingsley, betty binder, betty birdsong, margaret birdwell, gene bivens, beth black, arnold blackwell, nancy blair, james bland, tim blaylock, beverly blevins, beverly blevins, ethellynn boazman, merigale bobo, gene bolding, nancy bolin, becky bolster, randy bonner, bill bonner, judy bonomi, larry boone, sue booth, laura bosl, susan bowling, nancy bowling, wyattman 209 bradberry, marcy brelsford, julia britton, james broadway, carol brock, susan brodrick, kathy brosette, camille brown, jimmy brown, lauren brown, mike brown, sara brownlee, karen juniors bruner, nell brunson, tempie bryan, beverly bryan, nancy bryant, edward buck, linda burk, patty burkhart, janell burris, susan burt, juanita busbee, richard bush, beverly bush, connie bush, larry bussey, bill byer, nancy byrd, linda cady, barbara cady, mike calcote, don camacho, janie cammach, george Campbell, richard cantrell, nan 210 carter, jerome cartwright, ford catoe, nick cavanaugh, bill caveness, linda caveness, pat cherry, bing chesser, glenn childers, dolores childers, henry childs, bob chisolm, norman choate, nicki christian, jesse dark, bill dark, margaret clinton, I. g. cobb, ernest cochran, charles cohagen, terry collen, harvey collins, judy collins, Stephen Conner, william conway, cherrie cook, john cook, Virginia cooper, brenda cooper, gladys copeland, brian cosgrove, carol cox, anna cox, laray cox, sandra Crawford, dana jo crossman, kay culbertson, ellen culbertson, fred cummings, chuck Cunningham, rodger davenport, marion davidson, paul 211 1 v.. - ™ 4 Wk - - Am AM XL ' : -. m 4 v If J it J mm " ' u davis, diane davis, ronnie davison, becky dawson, kay dean, dee anna denard, jennifer denson, adele dent, oscar dent, ted lee denton, robert de vawlt, jimmy dial, linda luniors dickerson, larry dickey, cheryl dodson, larry domstead, glen dorman, randy dorsey, loyce douglas, randall driskell, patti duitch, sue dukes, rebecca dunlop, james dunn, donald dupriest, rebecca dwire, frankye dye, betty earp, jack eastepp, dorthy eddins, I. d. egalnick, bob elliott, randy elliott, william everett, janice everton, leland ewers, randy ewers, scott farguhar, john fater, laraine faulkinberry, john felts, beverly ferguson, carol finley, ronald fisher, james fleming, robert flowers, donald floyd, dave floyd, mike flynn, norean forbus, elton ford, michael formby, mike fortenberry, darrell fouty, alien franke, janet frazier, janie frazier, michael freeman, michael fulton, robert funderburgh, lee funke, mona ganson, ruth ann garcia, ella garrett, bruce garrett, torn geese, peggy george, Virginia genovevo, gutliernee gevedon, Stephen gevedon, william gibbs, linda gibson, june giffhorn, sheila gilbert, fred gilbert, steve gill, toni lynn gillespie, charles gilliland, mary 213 WkM. ■ ■HnnnKHjmn| ' | j I % — - • greer, emma greer, james greer, mike gregory, Virginia grimes, pat gross, judith grubbs, betty gruver, cheryl guinn, livonna gunning, torn guthrie, preston guy, chuck haley, peggy hall, diane hall, johnny hamblen, mary hamilton, gary hamilton, odie hamilton, rebecca hammer, rodney hammett, carolyn hancock, barbara haney, billy haney, mike 214 hailey, linda hailey, roger harborth, glenda hardesty, robert hardman, pam hardy, david harper, michael harris, danny harris, judy harris, kay harris, robert harris, robert harrison, gay harrison, warren harvell, lynda havard, elaine havard, jackie haynes, patricia hedgecock, sibyl hellman, mary ann hendricks, jan henry, michael henry, pat herron, patricia hext, dee hicks, linda hill, jane hill, patricia hiner, david hinkle, tim hintz, george hitchcock, caleb hodges, sherri holmes, carolyn holt, sharon hoppleston, jimmy home, david horton, belinda horton, ernest howard, don hughes, karen hurta, dennis 215 1 (1 i 1 . ■ lv 111 inmon, justin irving, donald iverson, kristina jackson, phillip jackson, ruth jackson, scotty jackson, Stanley jacob, linda jakubik, thomas james, john jeffers, jill jefress, dean |uniors johnson, chris johnson, jackie johnson, patty johnston, jane jones, evelyn jones, tim jordan, paula josey, danny kane, susan kasper, donald kauffman, herbert keasler, russ kelher, pat kelly, benson kemper, thomas kennedy, joe kennedy, robert kent, carolyn kerr,. camille ketner, randy keywood, arthur kilgore, velinda kilpatrick, pat kincaid, nancy king, chuck king, scott kinnaird, leonard kirby, arlinda kirby, karen kirkpatrick, karen kiser, deborah kister, robert kliewer, gene kloecker, cassie knight, melba knight, pamela koon, jean kopczynski, jo-claire kuers, william jr. kuhn, barbara laird, marilyn lake, betty lalumandier, royce lanasa, mary lange, eddie langford, joe langford, roy lankford, leonard jr. laseur, william laughlin, alien lawder, bill lazo, margarito lea, john leavins, jerry lee, larry lee, mike lee, rusty lehmann, patricia leimgrubler, janie lemmon, jeannie leonard, franklin jr. lewis, barry lewis, georgia lewis, richard jiles, lorraine 217 juniors luedecke, john lundquist, paul luster, linda mabry, pat jr. ma ' iser, kathy majee, mary lynne mallett, dorothy marchand, gregory marey, margaret marris, dicky marshall, rodney martin, danny martin, diane martin, mary martin, nancy marules, ted mason, jill massey, larry mathews, john mattson, suzanne maxwell, lila mayberry, michael mayhew, robert mazzola, anna mcbee, jerry mcbrayer, janice mcbride, john mcbride, mrs. iohn mcbride, william mccamey, paula mccasland, gary mccauley, r. w. mcclure, Sydney mccoy, dianne mcculley, donna mcdonald, kathryn mcdonald, russell mcgiluray, vickie mchenry, gary mcjilton, susan mcnay, keith mcneill, cynthia mcrae, richard mcwilliams, dee meador, barbara means, jann mears, paul merhoff, donald jr. michael, jan michaels, penne sue michna, irene mickey, larry milentz, ray miller, joseph millet, judy miller, sandra mills, roy mims, linda minor, ronnie mitchell, jo ann mize, barbara moad, marcia mobley, charles mohon, james molpus, gerald monzingo, lynda HSBHHSHHHHI j mmmr m 4 H. ! t vf - - is. v mfm moore, sally moore, sharon morgan, dan morgan, meina morrill, Virginia morris, charles morris, kitty morris, paula morris, peggy moulden, mary munden, ann munk, billy |uniors BN B I I - 111 Life itfjftiiiMirti Lit Jlift III «• ■. " 2f munoz, gloria munroe, dallas murphy, delbert murphy, jamie jr. musick, linda muse, kathy myers, lee naylor, pamela neely, floryce kay neill, sherry neill, sheryle netardus, robert neumann, mary nevius, john newman, earl |r. newman, terry newnam, pamela nicholson, douglas jr. nixon, richard nolen, dennis norwood, johnny norwood, mack norwood, terry nowak, pat 220 ogg, sandra o ' keefe, kafherine o ' kelley, charles oliver, willie orr, mary osborne, linda outenreath, gary overland, gail owens, cheryl owens, judith pruett, iames pace, dianne page, marcia paramore, iharon parker, jinny parker, john parsley, janet Patrick, linda payne, barney pearce, sandra perkins, kathy perkins, raymond perrin, john petty, sherrian pewitt, pam pfeiffer, frank phi 1 1 i ps , carol phillips, dennis phillips, jean phillips, patrick pittman, lee pledger, don poff, sherrill poland, robert pool, joyce powell, jim powell, richard powers, robert prendergast, john pringle, joyce probandt, gerard rabel, ronnie 221 rainey, thomas raley, joyce ralmuto, margaret ramsey, john raulston, baine rawls, barbara reddish, don redmon, carolyn redmon, marilyn reed, danny reid, james rentfro, rebecca uniors reynolds, david reynolds, roxanne richardson, carolyn riepen, pamela ritfer, kay robbins, peggy roberts, james robertson, lee rockwell, kevin rogers, jerry rohrs, diana romans, jerry it roquemore, susanne rosenquist, gayle ross, janet ross, janis rowe, trudy royse, waiter rubick, charles rubert, gena russell, roger ryan, danille rydell, john sabom, kathy 222 sammons, kathleen sample, becky sanders, linda Sanders, sa Me sanders, sherry saunders, jeb schaefer, wayne scheible, theresa schmitt, marilyn schuler, thilda scott, wayne segrest, signa seiberling, linda seilhan, vera sessions, sylvia setzler, frank jr. shaikh, maiyuddin shaw, sharon Sheffield, Stephen shepley, raymond jr. sherbert, ronnie sherrill, jorga shields, james shull, Stephen sitton, sandra skelton, diane skelton, dianne slate, dan slaton, odean smith, cheryl smith, dark smith, diane smith, ed smith, fred smith, gerald smith, harvey smith, jack smith, james smith, janet smith, linda smith, nancy smith, phillip ill ? o JEW ' ■ B smith, raymond smith, robert smith, william snyder, eugene spelman, john spikerman, john spivey, |ames stacy, jimmy staley, harriet, Stanford, susan Stanley, carol Stanley, glenda luniors stathem, richard Steele, jack stepler, harold sterlacci, annette Stewart, judy Stewart, thomas Stewart, tommy stokes, sue stone, carrol stone, dean stone, mary jane Strickland, linda stroud, frank stroud, joyce Stuart, bonnie stuart, david stubbs, sharon sullivan, larry sumerford, roni svaton, larry swann, kenneth swanzy, lynda swenson, gary symons, beverly 224 tabor, nancy talley, douglas tanner, paul taylor, elaine taylor, tommy taylor, travis teal, linda teaters, loa tedder, jan tedford, teddy teel, gale tekell, scott terry, johnny teto, robert jr. thomas, howard thomas, jerry thomas, julane thomas, linda thomas, roy thorn, james thornell, jim thornton, kay thornton, mary ann thorpe, diana tidemann, robert tidmore, danny tims, jacquelyn tipps, larry tolar, dianne tolbert, steve tomlinson, ken toomey, jimmy toomey, Stephen towns, cynthia townsend, ann truitt, martha turlington, jimmy ulrich, jane underdown, peggy underwood, nora urban, robert urbanousky, june 225 vanorsdol, fred vernon, terry viereck, dwight waddell, amanc wade, jo wade, William ■c — .f wagner, bob walker, gary walker, richard walker, sally walker, terry walker, tommy uniors Wallace, charles Wallace, warren waller, joe ward, nathan ward, thenita warren, randall wafers, rudy watson, becky watson, craig watson, janelle watz, sherry way, carolyn wearden, david webb, frank webb, martha weidman, jon welch, don wells, linda wells, torn werner, pamela werner, richard west, vicki westbrook, gilson westfahl, jane 226 Absolute heaven!! white, anthony white, carolyn white, shirley whitehurst, marsha whitton, linda wilkins, ronnie williams, judy Williams, mariorie williams, patricia willis, bill wiseman, rodney withrow, mike wolf, bobby wolfe, dennis wood, dianne wood, richard woodley, randy woodley, sharon woods, iudy woods, larry yates, danny ybarro, reynaldo yezak, charles young, twiggy Westmoreland, cheryl whaley, dorothy whatley, kerry whisennand, richard 227 sophomores abney, beth abraham, brian abright, susan adair, iohn adams, betty adams, joyce adams, robert adcock, sherry albritton. sandra alexander, donna alien, becky alien, larry anderton, steve andrew, kathy angeilli, elizabeth ankney, kathleen arden, larry armstrong, freddie armstrong, patsy arnett, karen ashabeanner, kenneth ashley, elizabeth atkins, margaret backen, rodney bob 228 J bain, don baker, thomas balch, sandra bales, sandra ball, alien banks, wally baranski, judy barbee, susan barnett, twyla barren, richard barrett, don barrow, david bass, betsy bates, robert baxler, linda baza, joy dawn bean, kenneth beard, gay beard, joe bearicks, gary begeman, robert behrens, larry belk, janita belt, jozette bennett, susan benson, arthur berry, mary berry, penny bickley, patsy bird, stuart bishoff, carol blackburn, sharon blackledge, willa blakeney, carolyn blalock, margaret bland, terese blaschke, barbara bledsoe, pat bogish, james bolton, charles bolton, william bonner, nancy 229 MpJ ■ r 1 fit . " - kit! B t r ftff 2 w kill booker, lynn booth, scott boothe, thomas bounds, robert branch, duane brand, madalyn brantly, bridget brassell, martha bratz, janis bray, robert brennion, bryan brewer, howard sophomores briggs, susan briggs, william briley, charles briley, donald brooks, jo nell brown, barbara brown, larry brown, murry brown, ronnie brunson, cathy bryant, ronald bumpass, richard burke, nancy burkham, lyndell burrows, john byrd, barbara cady, herbert caldwell, carol Campbell, danny Campbell, kathryn cashen, shack carleton, bridget carlton, carole carney, susan 230 carpenter, richard casey, kirn chadwick, karen chalmers, sally chambers, sharon chandler, linda chapman, thomas childress, diane Christiansen, fred clamp, wayne dark, beverly dark, cynthia dark, mary dark, orie dark, robert cobb, carol Cochrane, ed cockerham, diane coffman, janet cofield, randy colpepper, charles connor, mike cook, arlyn cook, charles cook, sherrie copeland, jean corbin, kathy cordell, nancy cox, donald cox, lewis cox, Virginia cranford, barbara crank, john crider, jeanine criswell, carolyn crittenden, james cummins, |ames cummins, kathy curington, chip custer, george daimwood, russell dale, jerry 231 sophomores digiovann, paul dill, mary lou doerge, joann donohue, al doran, torn driskell, lesa dubose, cathy duckworth, rowland dudonis, charles duerer, wayne duncan, larry dunham, diane dushong, mary duplissey, linda duvall, tina dyar, james dyess, wayne dyke, nancy ealy, vernon edmiston, melinda edwards, richard eignus, robert engelking, jolynn england, richard enoch, janet erspamer, laurie eshbach, cal fannin, paul farrow, diana faust, jerry feistel, robert fenley, gayle fenske, carol fernandez, eloy fields, robert flannagan, mike fleniken, brenda florence, jerry ford, ray ford, ronnie foree, helen foster, cheryl foster, peg franta, patsy frazer, john freeby, leo fridge, william fritsche, david freshour, ronnie fulgham, joe fuller, richard fullinwider, ranson fults, suzanne galbraith, glee galpenn, lance gamble, eleanor garrett, marsha gaston, margaret gauerke, janice george, marylin goerlitz, linda goloby, bitzy goodrich, jim goodwin, william gordon, jay graham, jim 233 gary, david green, michael giglio, hervery gober, jerry greene, don greer, gary griffee, linden griffin, sam groot, linda grubb, jimmy gryder, carolyn guidi, susan sophomores hackbarth, mary ann hair, gloria halas, george hale, robert hales, george haley, helen halsell, ernest hamon, linda hankamer, connie hardin, james harmon, perry harris, gloria harris, terry harris, paul harrison, sandra hart, jim harvey, glenda hawkins, don hawkins, mary dale hay, ben haynes, myrtle hays, judith hays, sharon heady, dian 234 heap, thomas hebert, linda heine«i, tia heitman, robbie hendershot, douglas hendershot, mary gail henderson, cassi hendry, donald henley, marsha henson, anita hesselbein, larry hickam, cliff hight, lanell hightower, william hightower, margaret hill, tim hilliard, mike hilscher, barbara hinds, steve hogden, richard holcomb, jane holderman, david hollan, linda holley, suzette hood, ruth ann hopkins, roger horn, susan horton, david horton, thomas hosey, annette houghton, ginny houser, janet howard, ' deborah howard, sherry huckaby, robert huddleston, rodney hugghins, shirley hugghins, tommie hughes, joe hughes, kay hughes, torn hull, tim 235 i fr HH9HHHI " ' lt 1 ■ hunt, truett huntsberger, andy hurst, leonard hutchins, waiter hutchinson, john hynds, martha ivy, travis isom, roddy isleib, pauline inmon, robbie ingram, penny jackson, beverly sophomores fell m m. 1 j t ' I w V s 1 • " 1 jackson, jack jackson, jim jackson, susan jacobs, gary jennings, linda johns, jearlyn johnson, ann johnson, cynthia johnson, jean johnson, jerry johnson, leroy johnson, mary johnston, kenneth jones, anita jones, benny jones, aarol jones, cecil jones, clinton jones, linda jones, merle jones, pat jordan, sylvia kain, laura kalb, kathy 236 kammeyer, louise kavanaugh, karen kazee, ann keasler, judy keasler, karen keese, jan kelley, judy kennedy, bren king, carolyn king, pat knight, gary kobar, paul koenig, diane kolac, rodney koontz, elyse kosta, larry kroning, nancy labore, robert lamar, preston lambert, james landrum, susan lane, iris lane, michael langston, donald latimer, john leanard, larry lee, amelia lee, jerry leigh, kenneth lenox, nancy lester, judy letsinger, carol lewis, danny linder, candy little, thomas litton, james littrell, tom lockard, sandra loggins, janie long, caren lotspeich, patricia lott, myra 237 lout, tommy lowery, suzy lucas, doyle lucia, margaret luhman, melinda lund, connie maddox, brenda madeley, martha mallett, dorothy maloney, ann marshall, bill martin, david sophomores V martin, tim mark, ken marrs, karen masters, tommy mathews, paul mathews, stan mathis, William matthews, alien maxwell, jackie may, marian mayberry, frances maynard, edwin mcanneny, elizabeth mccain, gary mccauley, donna mcclelland, sue mcclure, dottie mccomb, joe mccormick, karen mccray, william mccullough, robert mcdaniel, lynda mcdonough, cheryl mcelroy, ronald 238 mcevoy, john mcgregor, john mcguire, ann mckinley, linda mcknight, joyce mcmorrow, pat mcpherson, jeannie mcree, annis mcshan, bruce mcsween, nancy gay mcwhorter, william mcculler, william medford, jerry meiners, john menderhall, dark menefee, torn metcalf, barry meyer, debby migues, phil miles, ouida miller, harold miller, katherine miller, linda miller, marilyn miller, paul milligan, cathy mitchell, darla mitchell, trudy mixon, john moffeit, kay moody, ronald moore, alyse moore, leigh morgan, jerry morgan, linda morgan, scott morris, mary nell morrow, lora lea morton, marikay moss, diane mowery, john mueller, linda 239 Mi MI •- ' murphy, torn myers, gary dee myers, terry nellis, dean newell, diana nichols, beverly nobles, leroy nolan, linda noland, jill nolen, cathy norris, annita norris, juanita sophomores norwood, dan o ' brien, terrell offer, barbara oliphant, sally Oliver, janet orth, linda otto, linda owens, danny parish, robert parrott, beth patillo, phyllis patscheider, sally paulos, frances payne, norman peak, irvin pearlman, allyn pearson, terrill pelz, charles peters, wilson pfeiffer, stan phillips, melba phillips, travis pickle, pamela pinkston, robert 240 plant, nancy pledger, trisha poindexter, jerry pollock, patricia polnick, ervin pratorius, linda price, nancy priefert, william priur, terry pruitt, marilyn pruitt, sharon pugh, linda rainwater, cheryl raley, paulette randle, richard raye, susan reckrey, carol reed, denny reeves, harris reid, sally remy, calvin richardson, jerry richardson, sherry ricks, betty risinger, john roark, julia roberts, gene roberts, mary robinett, eddie roe, sandra roeder, marianne rogers, susan ross, danny royer, connie rozell, ronny rudd, charlcie russell, betty russell, craig russell, david russell, patricia rutledge, william rylander, charles 241 i - " - it sandifer, jane santa maria, carolyn satterwhite, michael sawyer, arm Scarborough, lanette schaefer, frank schiurring, david schmitt, richard schmitz, darlene schultz, joyce schwarzdach, joe schwebel, ronnie sophomores scoggin, mike scott, molly selden, judy shaw, sandy shay, jim sheef, dennis Sheffield, john shelton, byron sherwood, jan shirley, megan short, zillah shull, gene siowa, pam Simpson, gay skrivahek, paula slackney, rosemary sleton, odean slaughter, bill smith, charles smith, frances smith, ginger smith, jerry smith, larry smith, pamela 242 smith, ralph smith, ronnie smith, sandy spencer, elaine spradley, david stacey, betsy stanzel, melinda Steele, jane Stephens, sally Stevens, gary Stevens, ruth Stewart, steve still, joanne stokes, ronald stokes, william strong, phillip stott, connie stout, harry stratton, david stripling, david sturdivant, william stuewe, thomas stutsrrun, Suzanne suhler, bill surratt, waiter swan, davy swanson, mary swayze, jack swingler, charlotte tatum, nancy taylor, doug taylor, kent taylor, linda teal, john templeton, charles terrill, theta thomas, stan thomason, linda thompson, james thompson, kathy thornton, sheila tiller, lloyd 243 tillery, roy tindall, dale tipton, betty tittle, bob topham, lynn townsend, robert travis, gary trigg, fisher trotter, karen twiford, teryl underwood, brenda underwood, linda sophomores hBBHl urquhart, beth vanwinkle, brian verner, george veselka, laura Vinson, jan wade, mittie ruth L i waghalter, Stanley wailey, jane walker, nancy Wallace, iohn Wallace, william ward, ralph jr. lull ml? ward, william warner, james warner, jan warr, gregory watson, john watson, linda HHI 1 tj ' f ' watson, ruth watz, karyl weatherby, waiter weaver, clarence weaver, ricki webb, thomas 244 Webster, robert weiher, kay weisinger, margaret welch, bettie welch, jack wells, trudy western, terry whitaker, debbie white, dianne white, shirley whitley, sam whitsitt, linda wilcox, hazel wiles, michael Williams, eileen Williams, glenda Williams, john Williams, linda williams, h. milton Williams, linda Williamson, frank Williamson, howard Williamson, john willis, lyn wilson, gary wilson, geoffrey wilson, larry Windsor, dianna winkler, billy wolfe, joe wolfe, mary beth wood, laura woodley, elaine woodruff, landon woods, john woodson, george yarbrough, Stephen youngblood, claude Zimmerman, judy 245 freshman class officers. I. to r.: president steve seise, secretary-treasurer emily bush, representative pixie smith, reporter gayla rush, representative sherrie lamb, vice-president george halas. freshmen adams, john adams, Johnny adams, linda aden, nancy alderman, karen aldredge, kay alexander, becky alexander, judy alien, george alien, joyce alien, sharon alien, talmage allison, pamela ammons, jay anderson, linda andrews, greg appleberry, lee arbuckle, fred argue, joe armet, laurel ashley, glenn atchison, debbie atkinson, clay atkinson, jan 246 atkinson, martin atwood, debbie atwood, peggy aucoin, patsy austln, bill axley, linda ayres, page baer, johanna bailey, margie bailey, Stephanie baldwin, mickie bale, linda ballard, brenda balluck, darlene barclay, connie barnes, mary ann barnes, nancy barnes, rodney barnett, jerrold barr, david barringer, mike barrios, sheila bartlett, david barton, conway bates, ginger bean, roy beardsley, mark beeson, jan bell, kathleen benefield, emily bennett, rebecca benton, buchanan bergvall, charles berner, jo anne berry, betty berry, karen berry, ronald bert, rosemary biddy, mickey bielamowicz, theresa billings, Steven billingsley, don bingle, barbara bitler, nancy blackstone, karen blackstone, terry blair, bob blair, nancy blalock, wanda bland, donald blass, danny blaylock, donna bledsoe, gil bledsoe, john freshmen bliss, craig bloomfield, kathy bloyd, ted blystone, karen bobbitt, martha bodenheim, sally bodiford, rodney boedeker, carol bogue, brenda bohon, Stanley bollom, anthony bond, joel bosko, patricia bosworth, kevin bowden, maryann bowers, carol bowersox, sandra boyd, donald boyle, james boyle, robert bozarth, Ion bradley, kathie bradley, ray brandt, donald 248 braun, janell brewster, Stephen brice, leon briggs, marilyn britain, charles brochu, amy brockman, rebecca bronsell, john brooks, bonnie brooks, donna brooks, lucille brown, gail brown, linda brown, sue browning, kenneth bryant, diana bryant, jeanne burch, jeffrey burd, patricia burnett, tommy burris, vicki bush, emily butler, michael bynum, terrell byrd, julia cade, sharon cain, sheila caldwell, chris calhoun, john calvery, carolyn camp, jerry Campbell, cathy campbell, karen campbell, phil canfield, julie cappolina, carl Carlson, dorothy Carlson, linda carney, candy carney, joan carr, ronald carter, adell 249 carter, chris carter, graylene carter, jim carter, martha carter, michael castles, john caufield, susan chalmers, susan chevaillier, lewis chevalier, david christmann, harold churchill, angeline freshmen cielinski, loretta clancy, charlotte dark, carol dark, frank dark, sherry clay, jerry clayton, andy elements, emily cliett, elizabeth clinton, shirley cloninger, linda cobb, evelyn cobb, john coffin, ronald coffman, danny cogar, william coit, deborah coleman, bill coleman, sharon coleman, laura colvert, janice colwell, brenda conaway, roger cone, patricia Conner, mark cook, kathryn cook, maryann cook, richard cooper, deborah cope, ronald corley, patricia corley, susan corry, ralph cortese, dedie courreges, joyce court, pam covington, connie cox, jeannette cozzo, becca crabtree, christina craddock, kathleen craig, jacki crain, cheryl cramer, charles cretsinger, gwen crim, Camilla crisp, jan croft, martain cromwell, william crooks, olivia crosby, dianne crosette, susan crouch, beverly cruse, leon cummings, jodi cummings, michae Cunningham, jack Cunningham, lynne curd, phillip cypert, alan darling, susie davidson, linda davis, beatrice davis, daryl davis, david davis, grace 251 m f m 1 ' IP ' ' - ' davis, james davis, shelby davis, syd dawson, catheryn derby, ponnie devine, barbara ■ dezelle, janis dial, martha dickerson, chatelle dickson, debbie dickson, donald dill, andy 1 freshmen MM K V— — T • y 1 dill, billie dixon, pam dixon, pam doane, vicki dodd, Stephen UUt iiiihj, yja oy dohner, linda domaschk, greg dominer, roger dorr, susan dorsch, janet dorsey, tommy doss, dena douglas, gala dowdy, george dowell, judy duckworth, steve duddlesten, karla duke, dennis duncan, judy duren, billy durrett, jackie duvall, laura duytschaeuer, dianne 252 dye, mike edgar, mike eernisse, sherry eley, cynthia ellis, barbara ellis, lanelle ellis, letty ellis, sharon elolf, robert ely, donald emerson, bobette engstom, liz entrekin, gale erdmann, eric ernst, linda eudy, carol anne evans, brenda evans, rebecca fahrni, frances fansler, william jr. farmer, waiter faulk, judi felchak, cody feeser, rozanne ferguson, roland fieglein, larry fielder, edward findeisen, tommy finley, beverly fisher, nancy flach, linda fleming, jerry fletcher, jo ann flippen, james flora, eddie flora, herbert jr. florence, james flowers, toinette ford, vaughan ford, vincent forsman, pamela forth, vicki 253 i ' •■ ' j7 ■ ■ 4 foster, carolyn foster, suzanne foster, thomas foulds, dunoan fowler, lily ann fraga, robert fraker, bryant fratt, ken freeman, jim freeze, ramona french, deborah frost, karen freshmen fulgham, Stephen fults, jo ann furlong, dennis furlow, vickie furness, martha futrelle, ann gagner, yvonne gammon, sharon garcia, ronald garner, pam garrett, ben garrett, james garrett, judith gatlin, lawrence gay, ann gearner, karla geiger, patti gentry, rnarla gibbs, michael gillespie, paulette gilmartin, pat gingles, sam glenn, linda glenney, carolyn 254 godbey, gayle godbold, jeanie goeger, charlotte goodrich, betty goodwin, jimmie grant, kathey graves, sarah graves, tommy gray, raymond gray, suzie green, jimmy green, malvin green, peggy green, thomas greenwood, betty greenwell, ellen grice, richard griggs, larry grigsby, veronica grimes, patricia grissom, ira grissom, terrie grogan, chessley grunert, gail guinn, mat guissinger, barbara hale, terry hall, cynthia hall, david hall, diana hall, jack halle, maureen hallmark, kathy ham, merrell hamlin, nancy hampton, robert hanks, john hanna, linda hansen, gail harber, mike harbor, jane harding, vicki 255 j hardisty, cathy hardy, linda hargrave, horace harkrider, sharon harmer, john harrell, brenda harrell, Carlisle ngton, linda s, jan son, dolly hart, frank harvey, jim harr harr harr freshmen hatcher, annette haus, dale susan hausman, susan hawkins, sandra hawley, janis hawthorne, belinda hayes, carol hays, bobby hazlewood, sandra heald, james hedderman, donna heflin, linda helge, doris helms, pat hemann, cindy henderson, elaine henderson, linda hermansen, karen herrington, bettye hertwig, james herwig, jim heslop, ann hickey, daniel hicks, ray hill, angela hill, william hilton, mike hines, evelyn hinson, jerry hinton, paul jr. hipp, mike hoffmeyer, paul hoffman, steve hofmeister, carl hogan, kathy hogg, sara holcomb, billy holland, brenda holland, jeff holt, john holzmer, mary honea, richard hooten, brenda hopkins, torn hopson, james horn, george horwitz, maurice howard, lonnie howard, patsy howell, bill hubbard, valerie hubbell, leslie hudgins, brad hughes, kirn hughes, nancy hunter, toni hurst, eric hurst, ronald hutchinson, nan hynds, sarah inglet, linda ingram, barbara inman, celeste innerarify, phyllis innes, jim ivy, jeanne 257 jjl VIA. J if tiA " All r ill ivie, linda ivy, gary jackson, jacquelynn jackson, karen jackson, pete iacobs, glenn jacobson, nan jamail, ronnie james, johnnie jaynes, dalton jennings, larry jepson, jim freshmen jewett, kathy joffrion, eric johannessen, linda johns, judith johnson, gaile johnson, james johnson, Julia johnson, kathleen johnson, louie johnson, lynne johnson, margaret johnson, myra johnson, patrick johnston, john joiner, Virginia jones, darlene jones, donald jones, lawrence jones, quita jones, robert jordan, gail jorns, joella judy, gail juenger, janet 258 justiss, patricia kalbow, linda kasprzyk, david kast, charles kebodeaux, renee keeley, cynthia keeling, dianne kelley, linda kelly, will kemp, karen kendrick, harold keng, greg kenne, darlene kennedy, cherie kennedy, vanessa kent, marlene keys, dennis kidwell, randy kidwell, suzanna king, joel king, larry king, margaret kirby, karla kirchner, daniel kirschbaum, susan kliewar, james knapp, peggy knight, steve koppel, kathleen 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cheryl may, thomas mays, jack mcbride, bill mcbride, mary mcbride, rodney mcburnette, elaine mcclain, carolyn mcclelland, linda mcclure, david mcconnico, bonnie mcconville, cathy mccoy, charlotte mccray, karan mcdermott, janet mcdonald, janice mcdonald, wendy mcelroy, charles mcgee, Clifford mcgee, kenneth mcgregor, martha mcintosh, pete mciver, ike mckewen, wendy mclane, doreen mcmanus, mike mcmillan, michael mcneilly, susan 261 1 1 r Wmmm % mcquelly, duncan mcsween, holly meaux, lynette mechell, kenneth medford, mary jane meredith, melville mercher, john merrill, linda mirus, jerry jr. milke, leonard miller, alister miller, carolyn fresh men miller, elanda miller, jimmy milner, earl mims, laura minton, jimmy mitcheal, michael mitchell, linda mixon, landis montgomery, dewey montgomery, james moore, dewey moore, janet moore, ruth ann morgan, charles morgan, juanda morgan, kathy morphis, viki morris, cheryl morris, deborah morris, lynda morrow, donna motl, curtis muckleroy, donna mueller, kenny mulder, juno murphy, charlotte musick, susan musslewhite, jean nance, joy nash, elizabeth neal, earl nelson, barry nevison, barbara newton, nina newton, ronald nicholas, pat nichols, tommy nicholson, thomas nickel I, jimmy nicosia, ann noble, linda nolan, joe norris, William northcutt, gayla northcutt, jeanie norton, dan oakley, robert obyrne, eva oder, kathy o ' donnell, bob oliver, patty Oliver, roy olson, denis opersteny, carolyn osborn, michael owens, bridget owen, santha oxford, barbara pace, john pace, sandi parr, joe parham, suellyn parker, alan parker, beverly parker, brenda parker, mary elizabeth 263 HHHF freshmen f f ] m Hi ' ' V parks, beverly parks, pamela parks, suzanne parrick, steve parsley, jean parsley, sharalyn parsons, joan pate, kathie pavlic, steve peabody, cynthia peacock, donna peacock, richard peal, tommy pederson, george peek, sharon peltier, linda pennington, peggy permenter, judy perry, carol peurifoy, johnny peyton, harry phillips, linda philpot, ronnie pickens, larry picone, james picone, janis pierce, linda pike, marianne pike, sandi pinson, billie pinter, mark plate, marla jo pohl, robert pool, jack porter, charles powell, jenny 264 powell, jim powell, marianna powers, lynda price, roy pringle, jeanette pruett, cheryl pruett, susan pullen, nancy purser, rodney pyron, cindy quick, margaret rachel, nolan rafferty, don ragain, ronnie randall, len rankin, michael rasmussen, chris ratcliff, tim rauschelbach, linda ray, fred rector, thomas rehill, ronald reid, nancy reves, nan reyes, gary reynolds, lewis richardson, ken richardson, lucious ridout, ken riedel, milton rigby, nancy rinehart, joe rinewalt, lyndell roach, thad robbins, jane roberson, garland roberts, nellie roberts, shannon robertson, bobbie robinson, lynn robnett, diane roraback, forrest 265 samms, lawrence sandel, linda Sanders, laura Sanders, robert sanford, kennie sangster, steve satterwhite, david saxon, robert schifani, stephany schlegg, gayle 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wilson, kay wilson, lark wilson, lynn wilson, randell wilson, tammy Windsor, judy withers, donna withrow, nancy ann wittlinger, anne wolcott, shirley wold, bobbie jo wolf, ann wolfe, jerry wood, Catherine wood, lavonne wood, wanda woodley, candyce woods, gail woody, kayla woolley, susanne 271 A song like that always makes me think of home. 272 LIBRARY STEPHEN P. AUSTIN STATE GO! NACOGDOCHES. TEXAS Under the Same Name Since 1903 Jhe. STONE FORT OF NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS MEMBER FDIC 276 Stephen F. Austin State College was established in 1921. Dr. Alton William Birdwell was named president when the college began operations September 18, 1923. He was suc- ceeded in 1942 by Dr. Paul Lewis Boynton, who served as president until his death. Dr. Ralph Wright Steen then became president on November I, 1958. The college has steadily increased the number of its stu- dents, the variety of its curricula, and the size of its phys- ical plant. Its early enrollment of only a few hundred stu- dents has grown to more than 8, 100. TEXAS POWER LIGHT COMPANY When You Pick Up This Annual 10 Years From Now Then as Now — Lone Star Folks Will Still Be Pulling for SFA BRAND Like S.F.A. Graduates LONE STAR PRODUCTS are High Quality Best Wishes For Your Success For So Goes the Success of East Texas TEXAS FARM PRODUCTS COMPANY Nacogdoches, Texas BRAND 277 1 18 E. Hospital P.O. Box 1342 NACOGDOCHES SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION Nacogdoches Texas 278 pioneering progress n oubhlam 279 FOUNDATION . . . IS NECESSARY FOR SUCCESS IN building ... a home, a business or your entire life. For this reason, we congratulate you, the class of ' 68, for your past accomplishments and urge that you take advantage of your opportunities for higher learning, because it provides a solid foundation on which to build a future of happiness Supper Club Charcoal Broiled Steaks and Continental Cuisine. Set Ups— BYOL Nightly Entertainment Highway 59 South— Phone 4-2800 Ed Johansson, Host STRIPLING ' S Nacogdoches Outstanding Drug Store WE SELL EVERYTHING Phone LO 4-4646 281 CASON, MONK CO. " Serving this area for 75 years " HARDWARE— FURNITURE 3 1 7 East Main Street Nacogdoches, Texas 282 Your Full Service Bank 215 East Main LO 4-73 1 8 ROBERTSON ' S PHARMACY " Across From the Hospital " Prescription and Sickroom Supplies Phone LO 4-5712 1205 Mound Street BANITA LAUNDRY CLEANERS Your Clothes ' Best Friend Co II MAKE STOP DO IT ALL A Complete Laundry And Cleaning Service 225 E. College I 17 W. Main 283 ii Best Wishes From Your College Bank NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS Member F.D.I.C. L04-6191 use DEPARTMENT STORE NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS Serving the Great East Texas Area 284 ofic swintjiniji ' sf young personality cloffii ' S in ou»n % blk. SFA 2110 North St. LO 9-9469 Nacogdoches Complete Collegiate Shop 285 student index aaron, eugene 188 abbot, h. e. 91 abbott, tommy 97 abney, beth 228 abraham, brian 95, 228 abright, susan 228 acuff, william 188 adair, john 91, 228 adam, andrea 87, 118, 188 adams, betty 228 adams, jan 87 adams, joyce 228 adams, robert 228 adams, tommye 77 adcock, sherry 228 adkison, buddy 125 ainslie, jack 188 albritton, sandra 228 alexander, donna 228 alexander, marvin 81 allemand, alex 121 alien, becky 228 alien, guy 188 alien, jerry 136, 188 alien, john 188 alien, larry 228 alien, suzanne 83 allison, bill 188 allred, dene 125, 188 allred, gene 188 allsup, kay 87, 100, 228 allums, preston 188 aman, james 81 , 208 aman, robert 81, 208 amerine, jimmy 208 ammons, larry 121 ammons, van 79 anders, james 208 anderson, donald 208 anderson, doris 208 anderson, ellen 208 anderson, jeannie 208 anderson, linn 87, 208 anderson, lynda 188 anderson, narvis 151, 153, 154 anderson, paul 188 anderson, thomas 81, 208 anderton, steve 91, 228 andrew, kathy 228 andrews, carol 208 angeilli, elizabeth 228 ankney, kathleen 135, 228 ansel, kirby 91 arden, larry 228 argue, joe 90 arisman, robert 85 armet, laurel 124 armstrong, freddie 228 armstrong, joyce 208 armstrong, patricia 208, 228 arnett, karen 83, 228 arnold, claude 208 arnold, cynthia 208 arnold, joan 136, 208 arnold, karen 188 ashabrenner, kenneth 79, 228 ashberry, royce 208 ashby, linda 188 asher, bill 90 ashley, elizabeth 228 aston, james 208 ater, marit 189 atkins, margaret 93, 228 atkinson, allan 85 atkinson, judy 83, 189 atkinson, martin 247 atwell, james 79 atwell, sharon 97, 208 atwood, debbie 247 atwood, peggy 247 aucoin, patsy 247 austin, adrienne 189 austin, bill 247 avery, jack 208 axley, linda 77, 247 ayres, page 247 bacho, john 208 backen, rooney bob 228 baer, johanna 247 baggett, bill 78 bailey, ben 88, 89 bailey, margie 247 bailey, pat 208 bailey, Stephanie 247 bailey, tad 79, 189 bain, don 229 bajorek, edward 208 baken, barbara 208 baker, delores 208 baker, kay 124, 208 baker, nancy 208 baker, pa t 1 1 1 baker, thomas 229 balch, sandra 229 baldwin, judith 53, 77, 166, 167, 178, 189 baldwin, mickie 247 bale, linda 247 bales, sandra 229 ball, alien 229 ballard, brenda 247 ballenger, richard 189 ballow, pete 84 balluck, darlene 247 banks, wally 229 baranski, judy 87, 229 barbee, susan 229 barber, douglas 189 barclay, connie 247 barker, phyllis 189 barker, warren 189 barnes, billie 208 barnes, cynthia 189 barnes, donald 208 barnes, nancy 247 barnes, rodney 247 barnett, jerrold 247 barnett, twyla 229 barr, david 247 barren, richard 229 barrett, bob 85 barrett, don 108, 229 barricks, gary 88 barringer, mike 247 barrios, sheila 247 barrow, david 229 barry, gene 88 bartlett, david 247 barton, ann 57, 189 barton, conway 247 barton, judy 208 barton, julia 83 barton, phillip 125 bass, betsy 77, 229 bass, carrol 186 bass, john 189 bateman, morris 208 bates, ginger 77 bates, melinda 87, 169, 174, 208 bates, robert 118, 229 bates, ronnie 208 battles, brooke 89, 101, 102, 176, 296 baugh, don 89, 189 baugh, james 189 baxter, linda 229 baxter, melba 208 bay, michael 89, 208 bay, william 79 baza, joy dawn 229 bazan, sylvia 208 beach, margaret 77, 167, 169, 189 beall, barry 91 beall, janice 189 beall, patsy 189 beall, robert 209 bean, kenneth 229 bean, robert 138 bean, roy 247 bean, terri 87 beard, barry 91 beard, gay 135, 229 beard, joe 125, 229 beardsley, mark 247 bearicks, gary 229 beasley, betty 209 beasley, felton 209 beasley, james 209 beasley, pamela 187 beasley, richard 209 beason, don 1 1 1 beauchamp, frank 142, 144, 147, 189 beauchamp, george 85 beauchamp, johnny 189 beck, michael 209 becker, marti 124 beeson, jan 247 begeman, robert 229 behrends, janis 77, 174 behrens, larry 229 belcher, grover 163 belk, janita 229 bell, david 209 bell, kathleen 247 bell, pat 209 bell, robert 89, 209 belt, jozette 229 bender, willie 189 benefield, emily 247 bennett, jeanie 209 bennett, rebecca 247 bennett, susan 229 benson, arthur 229 bentley, phyllis 83 benton, buchanan 247 berger, debra 124, 209 berger, patricia 209 bergfeld, bob 89 bergvall, charles 247 berner, jo anne 247 berry, betty 247 berry, james 209 berry, karen 247 berry, kenny 94 berry, mary 229 berry, penny 229 berry, ronald 247 bert, rosemary 247 berwick, joseph 209 best, gladys 209 bethel, karen 209 bibb, james 189 bickham, paul 135 bickley, patsy 229 biddy, mickey 247 bidney, robert 209 bielamowicz, theresa 247 billings, steven 247 billingsley, betty 209 billingsley, don 247 binder, betty 124, 209 bingle, barbara 248 bird, stuart 229 birdsong, margaret 87, 100, 135, 209 birdwell, gene 209 bishoff, carol 229 bitler, nancy 248 bivens, beth 124, 209 black, arnold 209 black, howard 95 blackburn, sharon 229 blackeney, carolyn 229 blackledge, willa 229 blackstone, jeanne 189 blackstone, karen 248 blackstone, terry 248 blackwell, nancy 209 blair, bob 248 blair, james 209 blair, nancy 248 blakeway, sandy 77, 177 blakey, jimmy 91 blalock, donna 248 blalock, margaret 229 blalock, wanda 248 bland, donald 248 bland, terese 229 bland, tim 209 blankenship, martha 87 blaschke, barbara 229 blass, danny 248 blaylock, beverly 77, 107, 167, 209 blaylock, donna 106 bledsoe, gil 248 bledsoe, john 248 bledsoe, pat 229 blevins, beverly 77, 209 blevins, ethellynn 209 blew, linda 77 bliss, craig 248 bloomfield, kathy 248 bloyd, ted 248 blystone, karen 93, 248 boazman, merigale 209 bobbin, martha 248 bobo, gene 209 bodenheim, sally 248 bodiford, rodney 248 boedeker, carol 248 bogish, james 229 bogue, brenda 248 bohon, Stanley 248 bolding, nancy 209 bolin, becky 23, 55, 83, 209 bollman, bob 136 bollom, anthony 248 bolster, randy 209 bolton, charles 229 bolton, william 229 bond, joel 248 bond, william 85 bonner, bill 209 bonner, judy 209 bonner, nancy 229 bonomi, larry 209 booker, lynn 125, 230 boone, sue 209 booth, laura 209 booth, scott 230 boothe, thomas 230 bosko, patricia 248 bosl, susan 93, 209 bost, janet 93 bosworth, kevin 248 boughton, kathleen 1 1 1 bounds, don 91 bounds, robert 230 bowden, cliff 189 bowden, maryann 248 bowers, carol 124, 248 bowersox, rodney 189 bowersox, sandra 248 bowling, nancy 209 bowling, wyattman 209 boyd, charlie 91 boyd, donald 248 boyle, james 248 boyle, robert 248 bozarth, Ion 90, 248 bradberry, charles 85, 96 bradberry, marcy 101 bradbury, forrest 189 bradbury, horace 189 bradbury, mike 138 bradford, jesse 138 bradley, judy 189 bradley, kathie 248 bradley, ray 248 branch, duane 230 brand, madalyn 93, 96, 183, 230 brandt, donald 248 brantly, bridget 230 brassell, martha 230 286 bratz, janis 230 braun, janell 83, 136, 170, 171, 249 brawner, charles 91 bray, robert 230 breazeale, linda 87 brelsford, julia 101 brennion, bryan 230 brewer, dwayne 136 brewer, howard 230 brewster, Stephen 249 brice, cecelia 189 brice, leon 249 briggs, laura sue 1 24 briggs, marilyn 135, 249 briggs, susan 230 briggs, william 230 briley, charles 230 briley, donald 230 brimer, ken 1 1 1 brimer, kirn 89, 168 brister, garry 95 britain, charles 249 britton, james 101, 108 broadway, carol 77, 101 brochu, amy 249 brock, susan 86, 87, 101 brockman, rebecca 249 brodrick, kathy 101 bronsell, john 249 bronson, phil 99 brooks, bonnie 249 brooks, christine 83 brooks, donna 249 brooks, jo nell 230 brooks, lucille 249 brooks, patty 189 brooks, rosiland 190 brosette, camille 101 broughton, miles 190 brown, arlin 91 brown, barbara 190, 230 brown, gail 249 brown, gordon 147 brown, jamie 87 brown, jimmy 101 brown, kathy 77 brown, larry 230 brown, lauren 101 brown, linda 249 brown, mike 85, 101 brown, murry 230 brown, patricia 105, 182, 190 brown, ronnie 230 brown, sara 101, 124 brown, sue 77, 249 brown, terry 88, 152, 168 brown, wayne 147 browning, beth 87 browning, kenneth 249 brownlee, karen 101, 111 brownlee, robert 78 broxson, phil 89, 188, 190 brundahl, cheryl 77 bruner, nell 77, 98, 101 brunson, cathy 230 brunson, temple 101 bryan, beverly 101 bryan, nancy 101 bryant, diana 249 bryant, edward 101 bryant, harold 190 bryant, jeanne 249 bryant, ronald 230 buban, tony 134, 190 buck, linda 101 bullard, bill 190 bumpass, richard 230 burch, jeffrey 249 burd, patricia 249 burk, alan 1 37 burk, patty 101, 106 burke, nancy 230 burkham, lyndell 230 burhhart, janell 87, 101 burkley, dyona 135 burks, bobbie 177 burleson, robert 91 burna, mary 83 burner, sharon 96, 135 burnett, tommy 249 burns, martha 190 burns, robert 1 1 1 burrell, sonny 66, 78 burris, susan 101, 1 35 burris, vicki 249 burrough, james 136 burrows, john 230 burt, ann 124 burt, juanita 101 bushbee, richard 101 bush, beverly 87, 101 bush, connie 101 bush, emily 87, 249 bush, julian 85 bush, larry 78, 101, 118, 125 bussey, bill 101 bussey, o. w. 79 butler, michael 249 buvinghauser, david 95 buxton, george 85 byer, nancy 101 byers, obert 91 bynum, terrell 249 byrd, barbara 230 byrd, harry 190 byrd, julia 249 byrd, linda 101 byrnes, mary ann 190 byrum, michael 94, 190 cabiness, jerry 190 cabness, carolyn 87 cade, sharon 249 cady, barbara 101 cady, herbert 230 cady, mike 101 caff all, caron 77 cain, sheila 249 calcote, don 101 caldwell, carol 230 caldwell, chris 249 caldwell, gwendolyn 124 caldwell, wayne 190 calhoun, john 249 callaway, ken 1 1 1 callaway, marsha 87, 124, 190 calvery, carolyn 249 camacho, janie 101 cammack, george 101 camp, jerry 249 Campbell, alfred 147 Campbell, cathy 93, 249 Campbell, danny 110, 230 campbell, karen 249 Campbell, kathryn 124, 230 campbell, phil 249 campbell, richard 101 campbell, susan 190 canfield, julie 249 cannon, carol 87 cannon, vicki 93 cantrell, nan 101 caperton, ben 85 caperton, karen 77 cappolina, carl 249 carden, butch 79 cardwell, beverly 83 cariker, albert 190 carl, lynda 104 carleton, bridget 230 Carlson, dorothy 249 Carlson, linda 249 carlton, carole 230 carney, candy 249 Carney, joan 249 carney, susan 230 carpenter, gail 190 carpenter, richard 231 carr, angela 190 carr, ronald 249 carroll, james 81 carter, adell 249 carter, chris 250 carter, graylene 250 carter, jerome 21 1 carter, jim 1 16, 250 carter, martha 250 carter, michael 250 carter, sue 190 carthey, barneft 190 cartwright, ford 85, 21 1 casey, kirn 231 cashen, shack 230 castles, john 250 catechis, spyros 190 catoe, nick 21 1 caufield, susan 250 cavanaugh, bill 21 1 caveness, linda 21 1 caveness, pat 21 1 Cessna, jerry 85 chadwick, karen 231 chalmers, eddie 147 chalmers, sally 124, 231 chalmers, susan 250 chalmers, travis 91 chambers, sharon 231 chandler, linda 231 chaney, david 190 chapman, thomas 231 chappell, robert 187 chatagnier, tim 85, 144, 147, 190 cherry, bing 21 1 chesnutt, thomas 191 chesser, glenn 89, 211 chevaillier, lewis 250 chevalier, david 250 childers, dolores 211, 124 childers, henry 91, 98, 169, 211 childress, diane 231 childs, bob 21 1 childs, marleta 135 chimney, marnell 191 chimney, rayford 191 chisolm, norman 211 choate, larry 176 choate, nicki 21 1 choate, t. h. 191 christian, charlotte 57 christian, jesse 21 1 christian, linda 191 christian, sollie 136 Christiansen, fred 231 christmann, harold 250 churchill, angeline 250 cielinski, loretta 250 clamp, wayne 78, 231 clancy, charlotte 83, 250 clancy, julie 87, 173 dark, beth 108, 191 dark, beverly 231 dark, bill 211 dark, carol 250 dark, cynthia 231 clark, frank 250 dark, judy 77 clark, marcia 191 clark, margaret 21 1 dark, mary 231 clark, orie 231 clark, robert 231 clark, ronnie 146, 147 clark, sherry 250 clausen, johnny 81, 96, 97, 191 clawson, benjamin 81 clay, jerry 250 clayton, andy 250 elements, danny 191 elements, emily 250 cliett, elizabeth 250 clinton, I. g. 211 clinton, shirley 250 cloningen, linda 250 coates, chuck 191 coates, john 95, 96, 191 cobb, carol 231 cobb, ernest 21 1 cobb, evelyn 250 cobb, john 250 cobb, mac 1 25 cochran, charles 21 1 cochran, david 91 Cochrane, ed 89, 231 cockerham, diane 231 coe, robert 91 coffin, ronald 250 coffman, danny 250 coffman, janet 231 cofield, randy 231 cogar, william 250 cogswell, doug 85 Cogswell, larry 191 cohagen, terry 21 1 coit, deborah 250 cole, cathy 87 cole, linda 77 coleman, bill 250 coleman, laura 250 coleman, sharon 250 collen, harvey 21 1 collier, john 191 collins, gary 94 collins, judy 21 1 collins, Stephen 91, 211 collom, ronald 85 colvert, janice 250 colwell, brenda 250 compton, beverly 191 compton, ronald 89, 191 conaway, roger 250 cone, patricia 250 conn, clarence 91 Conner, mark 251 conn, clarence 91 Conner, mark 251 Conner, william 21 1 connor, mike 231 conway, cherrie 21 1 cook, arlyn 231 cook, charles 231 cook, john 21 1 cook, kathryn 251 cook, larry 125 cook, maryann 251 cook, richard 251 cook, sherrie 231 cook, Virginia 21 1 cooper, brenda 21 1 cooper, deborah 77, 251 cooper, dickie 169 cooper, gladys 21 1 cooper, juanita 191 cooper, nan 191 cooper, richard 85, 147 cooper, Stanley 191 cope, ronald 251 copeland, brian 91, 211 copeland, jean 82, 83, 96, 231 copeland, steve 147 corbin, kathy 231 corbin, mary 93 Corcoran, william 191 cordell, nancy 231 corley, patricia 251 corley, randall 85 corley, susan 251 corn, susie 191 corry, ralph 251 cortese, dedie 251 cosgrove, carol 83, 98, 111, 211 costello, mike 108 cotton, weston 125 councill, joe 85 courreges, joyce 251 court, pam 251 Covington, connie 251 cowan, danny 94 cowan, dennis 95 cox, anna 211 cox, betsy 191 cox, donald 137, 231 cox, ginger 87, 96 cox, jeannette 83, 251 cox, laray 21 1 cox, lewis 231 cox, sandra 21 1 cox, Virginia 231 coyne, doug 85 cozzo, becca 251 crabtree, christina 251 craddock, kathleen 251 craig, jacki 251 crain, cheryl 251 cramer, charles 251 cramer, charles 251 cranford, barbara 231 crank, john 231 Crawford, dana jo 211 Crawford, jim 137 Crawford, mart 147 Crawford, russ 88 crenbaun, sutton 88 cretsinger, gwen 251 crews, john 89 crider, jeanine 231 crim, Camilla 251 crisp, jan 251 crisp, jean 106 criswell, Carolyn 231 Crittenden, james 231 critz, nancy 83 croft, cindy 191 croft, martain 251 cromwell, william 251 crooks, olivia 251 crosby, dianne 251 crosette, susan 251 crossman, kay 21 1 crouch, beverly 251 cruse, leon 251 cucci, joseph 79 culbertson, ellen 21 1 culbertson, fred 21 1 culp, jimmy 187 Culpepper, charles 231 cummings, chuck 21 1 cummings, jodi 251 cummings, leslie 191 cummings, michael 251 cummins, james 231 cummins, kathy 124, 231 Cunningham, jack 251 Cunningham, lynne 251 Cunningham, rodger 211 cupit, herdy 79 curd, phillip 251 curington, chip 231 curry, jennie 87 curry, wanda 136 custer, george 231 cypert, alan 251 dahlquist, michael 191 daimwood, russell 231 dale, jerry 231 daley, ronald 232 daniel, austin 91, 96 daniel, don 91 dansby, sylvia 232 darling, susie 251 darman, jim 232 darnell, kirby 81 daugherty, jackie 191 davenport, marion 211 david, daniel 85 davidson, becky 83, 212 davidson, linda 251 davidson, paul 21 1 davis, beatrice 251 davis, billy don 147 davis, brenda 232 davis, daryl 83, 167, 168, 251 davis, david 251 davis, diane 83, 212 davis, dick 85, 152, 232 davis, grace 251 davis, james 232, 252 davis, joe 139 davis, kathy 232 davis, nancy 87, 98 davis, paula 191 davis, ray 85, 147 davis, roberf 191 davis, ronnie 212 davis, sandra 232 davis, shelby 252 davis, suzanne 87 davis, syd 252 dawson, catheryn 252 dawson, jim 89 dawson, kay 212 dawson, ray 191 dean, dee anna 212 deason, ray 89 deaton, james 85, 1 91 de ford, gary 91 de ford, ronnie 90 de grand, john 94 deguilbert, linda 191 de loach, sue 1 35 denard, jennifer 212 denney, wayne 85 dennis, dinah 192 dennis, elmer 192 dennis, james 192 denson, adele 21 2 denson, charles 232 dent, oscar 212 dent, ted lee 212 denton, robert 95, 96, 212 derby, ponnie 83, 252 derrick, dianna 192 de vault, jimmy 91, 212 devine, barbara 252 dewey, rhonda 192 dezelle, janis 136, 252 dial, carla 135 dial, linda 212 dial, martha 252 dickens, william 232 dickenson, kenneth 232 dickerson, chatelle 93, 252 dickerson, james 133, 192 dickerson, larry 212 dickerson, linda 133 dickey, cheryl 212 dickson, debbie 252 dickson, donald 252 didriksen, arthur 79, 192 diehl, valerie 87, 232 dierlam, mark 192 digiovann, paul 232 dill, andy 252 dill, billie 252 dill, mary lou 232 dinges, mary 111 dixon, pam 83, 118, 252 doane, vicki 252 dodd, melvin 187 dodd, Stephen 252 dodson, james 192 dodson, larry 212 doelling, patsy 252 doerge, joann 232 dohner, linda 252 domaschk, greg 252 domaschk, greg 252 dominer, roger 252 domstead, glen 212 donohue, al 232 doran, torn 232 dorman, randy 212 dorr, susan 252 dorsch, janet 252 dorsett, robert 85 dorsey, linea 192 dorsey, loyce 212 dorsey, tommy 252 doss, dena 252 douglas, gala 252 douglas, randall 136, 212 dowdy, george 252 dowell, judy 252 drape, fran 192 drew, william 192 driskell, lisa 93, 232 driskell, patti 212 dubose, cathy 232 duckworth, rowland 125, 232 duckworth, steve 252 duddlesten, karla 252 dudonis, charles 121, 232 duerer, wayne 232 duhon, dianne 83, 192 duitch, sue 212 duke, dennis 252 duke, gary 192 dukes, rebecca 212 dumas, rocky 97, 178 duncan, david 81 duncan, judy 252 duncan, larry 232 dungan, jo 83 dunham, diane 232 dunlap, jim 136 dunlop, james 21 2 dunn, donald 212 duplissey, linda 232 dupriest, rebecca 104, 175, 212 duren, billy 252 durrett, jackie 78, 252 dushong, mary 232 duvall, laura 252 duvall, tina 83, 232 duytschaever, dianne 252 dwire, frankye 21 2 dyar, james 232 dye, betty 212 dye, mike 253 dyess, wayne 110, 232 dyke, nancy 232 dyson, timothy 192 ealy, vernon 232 earp, jack 21 2 eastepp, dorothy 212 eastman, 105, 192 eachols, carol 192 eddins, I. d. 212 edgar, mike 253 edling, tina 173 edmiston, melinda 232 edwards, patsy 124 edwards, richard 232 eernisse, sherry 253 egalnick, bob 79, 212 egger, pam 87, 192 eignus, robert 232 eley, cynthia 253 elkin, vann dean 108 elliott, barbara 93, 135 elliott, claudia 192 elliott, randy 212 elliott, william 212 ellis, barbara 253 ellis, lanelle 253 ellis, letty 253 ellis, sharon 253 elolf, robert 253 ely, donald 253 emerson, bebette 253 engelking, jolynn 111, 232 england, richard 232 engstrom, liz 253 enoch, janet 87, 233 enos, curtis 80, 81 entrekin, gale 253 erdmann, eric 253 ernest, linda 253 erspamer, laurie 233 erwin, olivia 192 eshbach, cal 233 esquivel, joe 121 eubanks, scotty 192 eudy, carol anne 253 evans, brenda 253 evans, dave 84 evans, diane 57 evans, linda 192 evans, mary 192 evans, rebecca 253 everett, janice 212 everett, jim 91 everton, leland 212 ewers, randy 212 ewers, scott 213 fahrni, frances 253 fain, nick 192 fain, patricia 83 fannin, paul 233 fansler, william 253 farquhar, john 213 farley, jamie 192 farmer, waiter 253 farrow, diana 233 fater, laraine 213 faulk, judi 253 faulkinberry, john 213 faust, jerry 233 feeser, rozanne 253 feistel, robert 233 felchak, cody 253 felmet, roland 193 felts, beverly 213 fenley, gayle 233 fennell, charlotte 83 fenske, carol 233 ferguson, carol 213 ferguson, carol 213 ferguson, roland 253 fernandez, eloy 233 fieglein, larry 90, 253 fielder, edward 253 fielder, olen 95 fields, a. b. 81 fields, robert 233 findeisen, tommy 253 finley, beverly 253 finley, ronald 213 fisher, james 21 3 fisher, martha 193 fisher, nancy 253 fitch, lanell 124 flach, linda 253 flanagan, joe 147 flanagan, judith 193 flanagan, mike 233 flanagan, rickey 91 flanders, peggy 87 fleming, jerry 253 fleming, robert 213 fleniken, brenda 233 flenniken, terry 193 fletcher, jo ann 253 flippen, james 253 flora, eddie 253 flora, herbert 253 florence, james 253 florence, jerry 233 flournoy, george 138 flowers, donald 213 flowers, toinette 253 floyd, dave 213 floyd, judith 83, 99, 228 floyd, mike 213 floyd, thad 90 flynn, noreen 213 foley, ian 193 ' foley, james 85 forbus, elton 213 ford, michael 81, 96, 147, 213 ford, ray 233 ford, ronnie 233 ford, vaughan 253 ford, vincent 253 ford, waiter 136 ford, william 193 foree, helen 93, 233 formby, mike 213 forsman, pamela 253 fortenberry, darrell 213 forth, vicki 253 foster, carolyn 254 foster, cheryl 77, 233 foster, peg 83, 233 foster, suzanne 254 foster, thomas 254 foulds, duncan 254 fountain, carol 193 fouty, alien 95, 213 fowler, donna 193 fowler, jim 193 fowler, lily ann 254 fraga, robert 254 fraker, bryant 254 franke, janet 213 franklin, Stewart 193 franta, patsy 97, 124, 233 fratt, ken 254 frazee, jim 88 frazer, john 233 frazier, janie 213 frazier, michael 213 freeby, leo 233 freeman, jim 254 freeman, michael 213 freeman, paul 1 10 freener, Stephen 193 freeze, ramona 254 french, deborah 254 frensley, janeen 77 freshour, ronnie 233 fridge, william 233 fritsche, david 233 frost, karen 254 fulgham, joe 233 fulgham, Stephen 254 fuller, richard 233 fullinwider, ranson 233 fulton, robert 213 fults, |o ann 254 fults, susan 233 fults, wayne 85, 153 funderburgh, lee 213 funke, mona 93, 213 furlong, dennis 254 furlow, vickie 254 furness, martha 254 futch, pat 1 1 1 futrelle, ann 254 gafford, gerald 187 gagner, yvonne 254 galbraith, glee 83, 233 gallaway, janell 193 galperin, lance 125, 233 gamble, eleanor 124, 233 gammon, sharon 254 gandy, bill 89, 174, 193 ganson, ruth ann 104, 213 garcia, el la 213 garcia, paul 193 garcia, ronald 254 garner, pam 254 garrett, ben 121, 254 garrett, bruce 94, 213 garrett, james 133, 254 garrett, judith 83, 254 garrett, marsha 233 garrett, torn 94, 213 gartner, gary 79 gary, david 234 gaston, kathy 83 gaston, margaret 83, 233 gates, tommy 193 gatlin, ken 121 gatlin, lawrence 254 gauerke, janice 233 gaw, kathryn 193 gay, ann 254 gearner, karla 254 geese, peggy 21 3 geeslin, bonnet 193 geiger, patti 254 geiger, robert 193 genovevo, gutliernee 213 gentry, marla 254 george, cotton 1 38 george, drew 79, 193 george, marylin 83, 97, 233 george, Virginia 213 gevedon, Stephen 213 gevedon, william 213 gibbs, linda 213 gibbs, michael 254 gibson, june 21 3 gibson, sannette 193 giglio, henry 234 gilbert, fred 213 gilbert, harry 103 gilbert, ray 103 gilbert, steve 81, 213 giles, judith 193 gill, mary 187 gill, toni lynn 93, 133, 213 gillespie, charles 213 gillespie, paulette 254 gilliland, mary 213 gilmartin, pat 254 gimpel, tex 63 gingles, sam 254 gipson, vance 214 glenn, linda 254 glenn, sue 193 glenney, Carolyn 254 gober, jerry 110, 234 godbey, gayle 255 godbold, jeanie 255 goebel, charlene 93 goeders, carol 214 goeger, charlotte 255 goerdel, gary 1 11 goerlitz, linda 233 goloby, bitzy 233 gongre, charles 187 gongre, sue 214 good, james 214 goode, evelyn 214 goode, graham 136 goodman, wally 95, 193 goodrich, betty 255 goodrich, jim 85, 233 goodwin, jimmie 255 goodwin, william 233 gorden, jack 79, 214 gordon, jay 89, 233 graham, jim 81, 139, 233 grams, janet 87, 96 grant, charles 21 4 grant, james 79 grant, kathey 77, 255 graves, sarah 255 graves, sharon 83 graves, tommy 255 gray, james 121, 193 gray, keitha 214 gray, raymond 255 gray, suzie 255 gray, thomas 85, 193 greathouse, robert 214 green, barbara 214 green, bobby 193 green, donnie 193 green, jimmy 80, 147, 255 green, julian 214 green, linda 77 green, malvin 255 green, michael 234 green, peggy 255 green, robert 214 green, susan 193 green, thomas 255 greene, don 234 greenville, spanky 85 greenwell, ellen 255 greenwood, betty 93, 255 greer, carol 193 greer, emma 214 greer, gary 234 greer, james 142, 147, 193, 214 greer, mike 214 gregory, Virginia 214 gresham, rebecca 194 gribble, bill 108, 187 grice, richard 255 griffee, linden 234 griffhorn, sheila 213 griffin, sam 80, 234 griggs, larry 255 grigsby, veronica 110, 135, 255 grimes, pat 214 grimes, patricia 255 grindle, bill 142, 147 grissom, ira 255 grissom, terrie 255 griswold, john 194 grogan, chessley 255 groot, linda 234 gross, judith 214 groves, janie 77 grubb, jimmy 234 grubbs, betty 214 grubbs, loy 194 grubbs, sharon 124 grunert, gail 255 gruver, cheryl 214 gryder, carolyn 234 guerrero, alice 194 guidi, susan 234 guinn, livonna 214 guinn, mat 255 guinn, sharon 194 guissinger, barbara 255 gumber, mickey 103 gunn, anthony 194 gunning, torn 139, 214 gunter, sue 109 guthrie, preston 214 guy, chuck 85, 214 hackbarth, mary ann 234 hailey, linda 215 hailey, roger 215 hair, gloria 234 hairgrove, tyler 90 halas, george 95, 234 hale, harriet 77 hale, robert 234 hale, terry 255 hales, george 234 hales, micho 147 haley, helen 234 haley, peggy 214 hall, cynthia 255 hall, david 255 hall, diana 255 hall, diane 93, 214 hall, jack 255 hall, johnny 21 4 ha lie, maureen 77, 255 hallmark, kathy 255 halsell, ernest 234 haltom, robert 134, 194 halyard, sammye 77, 194 ham, merrell 255 hamblen, mary 214 hamilton, gary 214 hamilton, odie 214 hamilton, rebecca 214 hamlin, nancy 255 hammer, rodney 214 hammett, carolyn 214 hamon, gene 181 hamon, linda 234 hamon, terry 194 hampton, robert 255 hancock, barbara 214 hancock, hubert 147 hand, larry 194 handley, eva 77 haney, billy 214 haney, mike 214 hanicak, phyllis 83, 180 hankamer, connie 234 hanks, john 255 hanks, kenneth 194 hanna, linda 255 hansen, gail 255 harber, mike 255 harbor, jane 255 harborth, glenda 77, 215 hardeman, joe 91 harden, charles 194 hardesty, robert 215 hardin, annette 87, 194 hardin, jimmy 105, 121, 234 harding, vicki 255 hardisty, cathy 256 hardman, pam 77, 215 hardy, david 215 hardy, linda 256 hargett, larry 91 hargis, gene 137 hargrave, horace 256 harkrider, sharon 256 harlow, carol gene 194 harmer, john 256 harmon, perry 234 harper, barbara 194 harper, gary 194 harper, henry 194 harper, jan 77 harper, michael 215 harrell, brenda 256 harrell, Carlisle 256 harrington, beverly 194 harrington, linda 256 harris, barbara 87, 194 harris, clay 194 harris, danny 215 harris, debbie 124 harris, gloria 234 harris, jan 107, 256 harris, janet 83 harris, jean 194 harris, jerry 80 harris, jim 1 86 harris, judy 215 harris, kay 215 harris, paul 234 harris, robert 95, 215 harris, terry 234 harris, tipton 1 94 harrison, dolly 256 harrison, gay 215 harrison, polly 93 harrison, sandra 234 harrison, warren 215 hart, frank 78, 256 hart, jim 234 hartley, dennis 85 hartzog, |udy 93, 194 harvard, elaine 215 harvell, lynda 215 harvey, glenda 234 harvey, jim 256 haskins, darlene 87 hasty, reginald 194 hatcher, annette 256 hathcox, david 196 haus, dale susan 256 hausman, susan 256 havard, jackie 21 5 hawkins, don 234 hawkins, mary dale 234 hawkins, robert 79 hawkins, sandra 256 hawley, janis 256 hawthorne, belinda 256 hawthorne, ronnie 147 hay, ben 234 hayes, carol 256 haygood, karon 195 haynes, myrtle 234 haynes, patricia 215 hays, bobby 256 hays, judith 234 hays, robert 195 hays, sharon 234 hazlewood, sandra 256 hazelwood, suzanne 87, 195 heady, diane 234 healan, betty 195 heald, james 256 healop, anne 135 heap, thomas 89, 235 hearne, gay 87, 195 heath, sharon 77 hebert, linda 235 hedderman, donna 256 hedgecock, sibyl 215 hees, darryl 195 hef lin, helen 1 1 3 heflin, linda 256 hef lin, tia 235 heitman, robbie 235 helge, doris 256 hellberg, philip 91 hellman, mary ann 215 helms, pat 256 helms, roger 195 hemann, cindy 256 hemingway, danie! 121 hendershot, douglas 118, 235 hendershot, mary gail 87, 235 henderson, carolyn 78, 195 henderson, cassi 135, 235 henderson, elaine 256 henderson, joyce 124 henderson, linda 256 henderson, robert 89 hendricks, jan 87 hendrix, billie 195 hendry, donald 235 hendryx, shirley 195 henley, marsha 235 henry, gary 91, 195 henry, judy 109 henry, michael 215 henry, pat 77, 215 hensley, buddy 89 henson, anifa 235 hermansen, karen 256 herring, michael 182 herring, russell 89 herrington, bettye 256 herrington, elizabeth 195 herrington, james 195 herron, patricia 256 hertwig, james 256 herwig, jim 256 heslop, ann 256 hess, jack 195 hesselbein, larry 235 hester, william 195 hewitt, joe 195 hext, dee 215 hickam, cliff 54, 235 hickey, daniel 256 hicks, cathy 195 hicks, elaine 1 1 1 hicks, james 187 hicks, linda 215 hicks, ray 256 hight, lanell 93, 235 hightower, margaret 235 hightower, william 235 hill, angela 257 hill, jane 87, 97, 178, 215 hill, larry 195 hill, lynn 139, 195 hill, patricia 215 hill, roger 195 hill, tim 67, 235 hill, william 257 hilliard, mike 94, 235 hilscher, barbara 235 hilton, mike 257 hinds, steve 235 hiner, david 91, 215 hines, bobby 88 hines, mike 257 hinkle, tim 215 hinson, jerry 1 10, 257 hinton, paul jr. 257 hintz, george 215 hipp, mike 78, 257 hitchcock, caleb 215 hodges, sherri 215 hoffman, steve 257 hoffmeyer, paul 257 hofmeister, carl 257 hogan, kathy 257 hogden, richard 235 hogg, sara 257 holcomb, billy 257 holcomb, jane 235 holcomb, steve 195 holderman, david 235 hollan, linda 235 holland, jeff 88, 257 holley, suzette 235 hollomon, patrick 91, 147 holman, dorothy 195 holman, leighton 195 holmes, Carolyn 77, 106, 215 holmes, thomas 79 holt, john 257 holt, sharon 215 holt, william 85, 195 holzmer, mary 257 honea, richard 257 honeycutt, Stanley 108, 195 hood, kirk 121, 195 hood, ruth ann 235 hooten, brenda 257 hopkins, andrew 147 hopkins, michael 89 hopkins, roger 235 hopkins, torn 257 hopper, larry 137 hoppleston, jimmy 215 hopson, james 257 horn, george 257 horn, susan 235 home, david 215 horton, belinda 215 horton, david 235 horton, ernest 81, 96, 215 horton, thomas 235 horwitz, maurice 257 hosey, annette 235 houghton, ginny 235 houser, janet 235 howard, deborah 235 howard, janice 87 howard, lonnie 257 howard, patsy 257 howard, sherry 235 howell, bill 257 howell, ted 79 hoya, danny 85 hubbard, valerie 257 hubbell, leslie 257 huckaby, robert 235 huddleston, rodney 235 huddleston, sharon 195 hudgins, brad 257 hudson, cricket 1 1 6 huffstetter, mike 195 hugghins, dianne 59, 114, 171, 235 hugghins, glenn 195 hugghins, sheila 195 hugghins, tommie 235 hughes, charles 196 hughes, connie 196 hughes, joe 235 hughes, karen 83, 215 hughes, kay 83, 235 hughes, kim 257 hughes, nancy 257 hughes, pat 124 hughes, rita 196 hughes, torn 235 hughes, travis 1 47 hulen, jane 196 hull, tim 95, 235 hunt, truett 80, 236 hunter, toni 257 huntsberger, andy 236 hurst, dottie 87 hurst, eric 257 hurst, leonard 236 hurst, ronald 257 hurta, dennis 95, 215 hutchinh, waiter 236 hutchinson, john 236 hutchinson, nan 257, 83 hynds, martha 236 hynds, sarah 257 ilika, margit 1 1 1 inglet, linda 257 ingram, barbara 124, 257 ingram, penny 136, 236 ingram, ronald 91 inmon, justin 196, 216 inmon, robbie 236 innerarity, phyllis 257 innes, jim 257 innis, lynda 77 irving, donald 216 isleib, pauline 236 isom, roddy 236 iverson, kristina 118, 216 ives, floyd 196 ivey, wayne 137 ivie, linda 258 ivy, gary 258 ivy, jeanne 257 ivy, madie 196 ivy, travis 236 jackson, beverly 236 jackson, jack 236 jackson, jacquelynn 87, 258 jackson, jim 236 jackson, jorgann 83, 135, 188 jackson, karen 258 jackson, pete 88, 258 jackson, phillip 216 jackson, ruth 93, 216 jackson, scotty 216 jackson, Stanley 216 jackson, susan 236 jackson, tiny 1 21 facob, linda 77, 216 jacobs, gary 236 jacobs, glenn 258 jacobson, nan 258 jacobson, ronald 95 jakubik, thomas 216 jamail, ronnie 258 james, jana 83, 196 james, john 216 james, johnnie 258 james, steve 147, 196 jarman, |erry 196 jarmon, forbes 91, 169, 196 jarvis, max 85 jaynes, dalton 258 jeffe ries, elizabeth 83 jeffers, jill 216 jefress, dean 216 jenkins, sherry 196 jennings, dorcas 83 jennings, glenn 99, 172, 188, 196 jennings, larry 258 jennings, linda 236 jennings, Sydney 87 jepson, jim 258 jeter, gary 147 jewert, kathy 258 jiminez, norma 196 jinkins, john 137 joffrion, eric 258 johannessen, linda 258 johns, jearlyn 236 johns, judith 258 johnson, ann 236 johnson, chris 125, 216 johnson, cynthia 93, 236 johnson, gaile 258 johnson, gary 196 johnson, george 149, 150, 154 johnson, jackie 216 johnson, james 258 johnson, jane 216 johnson, jean 236 johnson, jerry 236 johnson, john 258 johnson, julia 258 johnson, kathleen 258 johnson, leroy 121, 236 johnson, louie 258 johnson, lynne 258 johnson, margaret 258 johnson, mary 236 johnson, mike 147 johnson, myra 258 johnson, patricia 196 johnson, patrick 258 johnson, patty 216 johnston, kenneth 91, 236 joiner, Virginia 258 jones, anita 1 1 8, 236 jones, benny 236 jones, carol 236 jones, cecil 236 jones, clinton 236 jones, darlene 258 jones, donald 258 jones, douglas 196 jones, evelyn 93, 216 jones, ken 95 jones, larry 85, 196 jones, lawrence 258 jones, linda 236 jones, merle 236 jones, mike 196 jones, pat 236 jones, quita 258 jones, robert 258 jones, tim 216 jordan, gail 258 jordan, paula 216 jordan, sylvia 236 jordon, john 89 jorns, joella 258 josey, danny 216 judy, gail 258 judycki, donald 196 juenger, janet 258 justiss, patricia 259 kain, laura 106, 236 kalb, kathy 236 kalbow, linda 259 kaltofen, cozi 1 1 1 kammeyer, louise 237 kane, susan 216 kasper, donald 216 kasprzyk, david 259 kast, charles 259 kauffman, herbert 216 kavanaugh, karen 237 kayem, douglas 95 kazee, ann 237 kearney, pat 85, 196 keese, jan 237 keasler, judy 237 keasler, karen 107 keasler, russ 79, 216 kebodeaux, renee 259 keeley, cynthia 259 keeling, dianne 259 kelher, pat 216 kelley, judy 237 kelley, linda 118, 259 kelly, benson 216 kelly, roger 186 kelly, torn 137 kelly, will 259 kemp, karen 259 kemper, thomas 85, 216 kendrick, harold 259 keng, greg 259 kenne, darlene 259 kennedy, annell 196 kennedy, bren 237 kennedy, cherie 83, 259 kennedy, joe 216 kennedy, robert 216 kennedy, rusty 77, 96, 99, 169, 228 kennedy, Vanessa 259 kent, carolyn 216 kent, marlene 259 kerbow, d wayne 144, 145, 147 kerr, camille 216 kerr, linda 77, 98 ketner, randy 95, 216 keys, dennis 259 keywood, arthur 216 kidwell, randy 259 kidwell, suzanna 259 kilgore, velinda 216 kilpatrick, pat 216 kimble, beverly 77, 173 ' kincaid, nancy 216 kind, brenda 1 1 1 king, carolyn 237 king, chuck 217 king, david 91, 147 king, jack 95, 98, 196 king, joel 259 king, larry 259 king, margaret 259 king, pat 98, 237 king, ronald 85, 96 king, scott 217 kingham, jim 89 kinnaird, leonard 217 kinnebrew, mike 89, 98, 177 kinnison, kay 196 kinnison, william 196 kirby, arlinda 217 kirby, karen 109, 217 kirby, karla 259 kirchner, daniel 259 kirkpatrick, karen 93, 217 kirschbaum, susan 259 kiser, deborah 83, 217 kisler, vicky 83 kister, robert 217 kitchens, glenn 133 klekar, john 197 kliewer, gene 102, 217 kliewer, james 59, 259 kloecker, cassie 217 knapp, peggy 259 knight, gary 237 knight, melba 217 knight, pamela 217 knight, steve 259 knott, jack 85 knox, dara 93 kobar, paul 237 koenig, diane 83, 237 koerth, ann 83 koford, cissy 197 kohl, charles 95, 197 kolac, rodney 237 kolarik, beverly 111, 197 konrad, john 89 koon, jean 217 koontz, elyse 237 kopczynski, jo-claire 77, 217 koppel, kathleen 118, 124, 259 kosta, larry 121, 237 kotas, donna 259 kotch, bobby 197 kraemer, douglas 259 kraner, william 89 kroning, nancy 237 kroulik, raymond 259 kuers, william jr. 217 kuhn, barbara 217 kyle, jim 85, 197 kyle, libby 259 labore, robert 237 lackey, dick 79 lacy, Carolyn 259 lagarde, dian 1 1 1 lago, phyllis 259 laird, marilyn 217 lake, betty 217 lake, sandra 259 lalumondier, royce 217 lamar, linda 259 lamar, preston 237 lamb, sherrie 83, 98 lambert, james 237 lamberth, carol 197 lampton, sharon 77 lanasa, mary 217 lanasa, susie 108, 124 landrum, susan 237 landry, bob 147 lane, frank 142, 145, 147 lane, iris 237 land, michael 237 langdon, lester 259, 80 lange, eddie 125, 217 langford, gwendolyn 259 langford, joe 217 langford, roy 217 langford, torn 147 langner, raymond 217 langston, barbara 77, 96, 259 langston, donald 237 lanier, carol 197 lankford, leonard jr. 217 larkan, debbie 259 larrinaga, michael 259 laseur, william 217 latendresse, mary 260 latimer, frank 1 16 latimer, john 95, 237 laughlin, alien 217 laughlin, fred 260 lavergne, joan-pierre 260 law, brenda 260 law, rex 260 lawder, bill 89, 217 lawhon, mignon 260 lawless, larry 84, 147 lawrence, Stanley 95, 197 lawson, adera 106, 260 lazarene, agnes 111, 197 lazo, margarito 217 lea, butch 90 lea, john 217 leak, janet 136 leanard, larry 237 leavins, jerry 217 leblanc, sandra 260 leclere, susan 260 ledbetter, lucy 260 lee, amelia 237 lee, jerry 237 lee, larry 80, 217 lee, linda 93 lee, mary 260 lee, mike 21 7 lee, nancy 1 1 1 lee, rusty 78, 125, 217 lee, Stephen 197 leggett, dennis 260 leggett, jan 260 lehmann, patricia 217 leigh, kenneth 237 leighton, diana 83 leimgrubler, janie 217, 87 lemmon, jeannie 217 leneda, kay 197 lennon, sue 77 lenoir, sallie 197 lenord, henry 1 34 lenox, nancy 237 lentz, peggy 260 leonard, franklin, jr. 217 leslie, laura 260 lester, john 197 lester, judy 237 letsinger, carol 237 letsinger, ralph 197 lewellen, jerry 63, 147 lewis, barry 217 lewis, danny 237 lewis, georgia 217 lewis, janet 260 lewis, kathy 260 lewis, linda 260 lewis, richard 118, 217 lewis, roy 125, 197 lewis, ted 260 Mies, lorraine 217 lillard, malcolm 95, 138, 197 lincoln, vicki 260 linder, candy 237 lindner, bill 218 lindner, henry 197 lindsay, viki 183 lindsey, kirk 260 lipman, gary 260 lipscomb, donald 218 little, michael 218 little, thomas 237 litton, james 237 littrell, torn 108, 237 livesay, bill 89, 218 livingston, richard 260 lockard, sandra 237 lockhart, jacquelin 260 lockleer, jeanette 260 lockleer, twinkle 77 loggins, janie 237 loggins, linda 77 long, caren 237 long, judith 260 long, sally jo 260 longbotham, harold 147, 175, 197 longbotham, john 260 loper, sheri 21 8 lotspeich, patricia 237 lott, myra 237 lott, tola 218 lotz, roy 80, 260 lout, tommy 238 louvier, patricia 197 love, jimmy 197 love, wilbert 101, 105, 218 lovett, carmon 260 lowe, ginger 260 lowe, janelle 218 lowery, claude 218 lowery, suzy 238 lucas, baker 197 lucas, billye 218 lucas, doyle 218, 238 lucas, gail 260 lucas, michael 197 lucia, louann 218 lucia, margaret 238 lucia, sam 197 lucus, myrtle 197 lucus, richard 76, 96 luedecke, john 218 luhman, melinda 238 luker, louise 197 lund, connie 238 lundquist, paul 95, 218 luster, linda 93, 218 lynch, samuel 260 mabry, don 260 mabry, pat, jr. 218 maclin, drusilla 197 maclouf, albert 197 madden, gary 91, 96 maddox, brenda 238 madeley, martha 238 maedke, linda 260 magee, james 260 magee, mary lynne 124, 218 magouirk, clarence 261 maiser, kathy 218 malicki, edward 261 mallett, dorothy 218, 238 malone, gary 89, 197 malone, henry 121, 147 maloney, ann 238 manar, suzanne 261 manning, sheila 261 marcaccio, andrea 261 marchand, gregory 218 marcyniuk, mary 261 marey, margaret 218 mark, ken 68, 238 marris, dicky 218 marrs, karen 238 marshall, rodney 218 marshall, vicki 261 marshall, william 85, 238 martin, danny 218 martin, david 238 martin, diane 218 martin, francis 1 35 martin, gary 85, 197 martin, james 1 87 martin, joyce 261 martin, marilyn 83 martin, mary 218 martin, nancy 93, 218 martin, suellen 261 martin, suzanne 183 martin, tim 137, 230 martindale, tim 142, 147, 179, 198 marules, ted 121, 218 marx, kenneth 91 mason, .11 218 mason, tommy 89, 96, 100, 143 massey, larry 218 massey, mikel 125, 179 massey, randall 261 mast, a. t. 198 mast, horace 89 masters, diane 87, 261 masters, tommy 238 mathews, john 218, 138 mathews, paul 238 mathews, stan 238 mathis, mike 100 mathis, william 95, 238 matlock, lois 261 matthews, alien 238 matthews, sharon 261 mattson, suzanne 83, 218 maxvill, john 261 maxwell, cheryl 261 maxwell, jackie 238 maxwell, lila 218 maxwell, pat 198 may, marian 238 may, norman 198 may, thomas 261 mayberry, frances 238 mayberry, michael 218 mayfield, jacky 91, 198 mayhew, robert 218 maynard, edwin 238 mays, jack 261 mazza, billy 198 mazzare, patricia 87, 97 mazzola, anna 218 mcafee, maxine 198 mcanneny, elizabeth 238 mcbee, jerry 219 mcbee, mike 145 mcbrayer, janice 219 mcbride, bill 78, 261 mcbride, john 219 mcbride, mrs. john 219 mcbride, mary 261 mcbride, rodney 261 mcbride, william 219 mcburnette, elaine 261 mccain, gary 238 mccamey, paula 219 mccasland, gary 219 mccauley, donna 238 mccauley, r. w. 219 mcclelland, linda 261, 134 mcclelland, sue 238 mcclure, david 261 mcclure, dottie 238 mcclure, Sydney 83, 219 mccomb, james 105 mccomb, joe 238 mcconnico, bonnie 261 mcconville, ann 87 mcconville, cathy 87, 261 mccorey, donald 198 mccormick, karen 238 mccormick, richard 79 mccoy, charlotte 261 mccoy, dianne 219 mccrary, donald 198 mccray, karan 261 mccray, william 238 mcculler, william 94, 239 mcculley, donna 219 mccullough, robert 105, 118, 238 mcdaniel, lynda 238 mcdermott, janet 261 mcdonald, janice 261 mcdonald, jerry 198 mcdonald, kathryn 219 mcdonald, russell 95, 219 mcdonald, wendy 261 mcdonough, cheryl 238 mcelroy, charles 261 mcelroy, ronald 238 mcenturff, darlene 198 mcenturff, jimmie 198 mcevoy, john 239 mcfarland, roberr 198 mcgee, Clifford 261 mcgee, kenneth 261 mcgee, max 79 mcgiluray, vickie 83, 219 mcgraw, john 147 mcgregor, john 239 mcgregor, martha 261 mcguire, ann 239 mchenry, gary 90, 219 mcintosh, pete 261 mcintyre, jerry 187 mciver, ike 261 mcjilton, mike 198 mcjilton, susan 219 mckelvey, lynn 124 mckewen, reagan 89, 96, 180, 198 mckewen, wendy 83, 261 mckinley, linda 93, 239 mckinnon, les 94 mcknight, joyce 93, 239 mcknight, tommy 91 mclain, carolyn 261 mclaughlin, davis 121 mcmahon, jack 198 mcmanus, mike 261 mcmillan, michael 261 mcmillen, nancy 116 mcmorrow, pat 239 mcnay, keith 95, 219 mcneill, cynthia 219 mcneilly, susan 261 mcpherson, jeannie 239 mcpherson, sylvia 198 mcquelly, duncan 262 mcrae, richard 219 mcree, annis 83, 239 mcree, melissa 198 mcshan, bruce 239 mcswain, william 79 mcsween, holly 262 mcsween, nancy gay 124, 239 mcwhorter, william 239 mcwilliams, dee 219 meador, barbara 219 meador, james 125 means, jann 219 mears, kenneth 85 mears, paul 219 meaux, lynette 262 mechell, kenneth 262 medford, carol 198 medford, jerry 239 medford, mary jane 262 medford, tempe 83 medford, william 79 medina, irene 198 medley, candy 83 meiners, john 239 291 q 1 50 p -jg | r, mary ann 198 moore, ruth ann 262 newton, ronald 263 parker, mary elizabeth 263 meitzen, red 91, 98 moore, sally 220 nicholas, pat 263 parkinson, joel 83 mena, duane 85, 147 moore, sharon 93, 220 nichols, beverly 124, 240 parks, beverly 264 mendenhall, dark 91, 239 morain, suzanne 199 nichols, tommy 263 parks, pamela 264 mendiola, homero 198 moran, torn 85 nicholson, douglas jr. Ill, 220 parks, suzanne 264 menefee, torn 239 moreland, jan 87 nicholson, thomas 263 parr, joe 263 meneley, marilene 198 moreland, mike 85 nickell, jimmy 263 parrick, steve 264 meneley, thomas 85, 198 morgan, charles 262 nicklas, derell 85 parrish, rick 139 mercher, john 262 morgan, dan 220 nicosia, ann 263 parrott, beth 240 meredith, melville 262 morgan, juanda 262 nixon, richard 220 parsley, janet 221 merhoff, donald, jr. 219 morgan, kathy 262 noble, linda 263 parsley, jean 264 merrill, john 79, 120 morgan, larry 199, 125 nobles, leroy 240 parsley, sharalyn 264 merrill, linda 262 morgan, linda 239 nolan, dennis 94 parsons, joan 264 metcalf, barry 239 morgan, melina 220 nolan, joe 263 partin, john 139, 200 metford, phil 94 morgan, scott 85, 239 nolan, linda 240 pate, james 200 meyer, debby 124, 239 morphis, viki 262 noland, jill 240 pate, kathie 87, 264 meyer, john 91 , 1 98 morrill, Virginia 220 nolen, cathy, 240 patillo, phyllis 240 michael, jan 219 morris, charles 220 nolen, cheryl 77 Patrick, linda 221 michaels, penne sue 219 morris, cheryl 262, 83 nolen, dennis 220 patscheider, sally 240 michna, irene 219 morris, deborah 262 norman, Stewart 88 patterson, blan 91, 147 mickey, larry 219 morris, john 90, 91, 147 norris, annita 240 Patterson, clay 200 migues, phil 239 morris, kitty 83, 173, 220 norris, juanita 240 patterson, john 121 milam, bartlett 199 morris, linda 262 norris, william 263 pattillo, glenda 200 milentz, ray 219 morris, mary nell 239 northcutt, gayla 263 ' paul, dennis, 1 1 6 miles, ouida 77, 239 morris, paula 220 northcutt, jeanie 263 paulos, frances 240 miley, judy 199 morris, peggy 220 norwood, dan 240 pavlic, steve 264 milke, leonard 262 morrison, james 95 norton, gary 91 payne, barney 221 miller, alister 262 morrow, donna 262 norton, jean 199 payne, david 200 miller, Carolyn 262 morrow, lora lee 239 norwoodn dan 240 payne, mike 1 10 miller, elanda 262 morton, marikay 87, 239 norwood, johnny 240 payne, norman 240 miller, harold 239 mosely, mark 85, 147 norwood, mack 220 payte, elizabeth, 200 miller, jimmy 262 moss, diane 239 norwood, terry 220 payte, gerald 200 miller, john 121 motl, curtis 262 nowak, pat 220 peabody, cynthia 264 miller, joseph 219 moulden, mary 93, 220 nunan, tim 136, 199 peacock, donna 124, 264 miller, judy 87, 219 mowery, john 239 oakley, robert 263 peacock, richard 137, 264 miller, katherine 239 muckleroy, donna 87, 262 oberbeck, janet 199 peak, irvin 240 miller, larry 199 mueller, kenny, 88, 262 oberholtzer, karen 83 peal, tommy 264 miller, linda 239 mueller, linda 124, 239 o ' brien, terrell 240 pearce, sandra 221 miller, margaret 87, 199 mulder, juno 263 obyrne, eva 263 pearlmarn, allyn 104, 240 miller, marilyn 239 munden, ann 220 oder, kathy 263 pearson, terrill, 240 miller, paul 239 munk, billy 220 o ' donnell, bob 263 pechulis, ruthann 92, 93, 120, 170 miller, sandra 219 munoz, gloria 220 offer, barbara 240 pederson, george 264 milligan, cathy 239 munroe, dallas 88, 220 ogg, sandra 221 peek, sharon 264 mills, roy 219 murphy, charlotte 263 o ' keefe, katherine 221 peltier, kenneth 89 milner, earl 262 murphy, delbert 220 o ' kelley, charles 91, 142, 147, 221 peltier, linda 264 mims, laura 262 murphy, jamie jr. 125, 220 oliphant, sally 240 pelz, charles 240 mims, linda 111, 219 murphy, ken 105 oliver, janet 240 pena, jimmy 200 minor, richard 199 murphy, thomas 85 Oliver, patty 263 pena, john 200 minor, ronnie 219 murphy, torn 240 Oliver, ron 90, 263 pence, john 91 minton, jimmy 262 murr, david 125 oliver, surry 151, 154 pence, kelly 90 mires, elaine 87 murray, mitchell 121 oliver, willie, 221 penland, sandra 200 mirus, jerry 262 muse, kathy 220 olsen, denis 153, 263 pennington, peggy 87, 264 mitchell, dark 199 musick, linda 220 opersteny, carolyn 263 perdue, chaney, 200 mitchell, darla 239 musick, susan 263 opersteny, jan 175, 199 perdue, ronald 200 mitchell, jo ann 219 musslewhite, jean 107, 263 ordeneaux, roddy 200 perkins, kathy 221 mitchell, linda 262 myers, gary dee 240 orr, mary 221 perkins, pam 87 mitchell, michael 85, 262 myers, lee 220 orth, linda 77, 240 perkins, raymond 221 mitchell, nikki 199 myers, terry 240 osborn, michael 263 permenter, judy 264 mitchell, ted 199 nader, robert 199 osborne, linda 221 perrin, john 221 mitchell, trudy 77, 100, 143, 239 nagel, gary 85, 199 otto, linda 240 perry, carol 264 mixon, john 239 naistat, samuel 1 33 outenreath, gary 221 peters, wilson 89, 240 mixon, landis 262 nance, joy 263 overland, gail 221 petty, kay 77, 96 mixon, torn 147 napier, sam 199 owen, santha 263 petty, sherrian 221 mize, barbara 93, 124, 219 nash, elizabeth 263 owens, bridget, 263 peurifoy, johnny 264 moad, marcia 111, 219 nation, david 199 owens, cheryl 221 pewitt, pam 221 mobley, charles 219 naylor, pamela 87, 220 owens, danny 240 peyton, harry 264 moffeit, kay 124, 135, 239 neely, floryce kay 220 owens, judith 221 pfeiffer, frank 116, 221 mohon, james 219 neill, david 199 owens, patrick 91, 96 pfeiffer, stan 116, 240 moller, mary dive 83, 199 nei II, sherry, 220 owens, sharon 200 phillips, carol 221 molnari, chris 91 neill, sheryle 220 owers, rebecca 182 phillips, d ' anne 200 molpus, gerald 219 nellis, dean 125, 240 oxford, barbara 263 phillips, dennis 221 montes, frank 91 nelson, barry 88, 263 pace, david 90 phillips, jean 124, 221 montgomery, dewey 262 nelson, bess 199 pace, dianne 221 phillips, linda 264 montgomery, james 262 nelson, don 94 pace, john 263 phillips, melba 240 monzingo, lynda 219 nelson, joel 199 pace, sandi 263 phillips, patrick 221 moody, ronald 239 nelson, ron 94 pack, lindsy, 81, 200 phillips, robert 110, 200 mooney, teresa 77 netardus, robert, 220 page, marcia 221 phillips, travis 240 moore, alyse 239 neumann, mary 83, 220 paine, samuel 200 philpot, ronnie 264 moore, annette 199 nevi on, barbara 118, 263 palmer, jimmie 200 pickens, larry 264 moore, bill 125 nevius, john 220 paramore, sharon 221 pickle, pamela 240 moore, david 199 new, bobby 199 parham, suellyn 263 picone, james 264 moore, dewey 262 newen, aiana za, parish, robert 240 picone, janis 264 moore, douglass 199 npwmfln pam ir 00C i ic w iiioii, call |l i parker, alan 263 r i! arat+ rviart fill pierdll, iild ' l OU moore, janet 262 ncwmsn, mike 147 parker, beverly 263 pierce, georgia, 200 moore, john 79 newman, terry 220 parker, brenda 263 pierce, linda 264 moore, leigh 239 newman, pamela 220 parker, jimmy 95 pike, bill 89, 200 moore, marjorie 199 newnam, penny 104, 199, 177 parker, jinny 221 pike, marianne 264 moore, rand 87, 199 newton, becky 93, 178, 199 parker, john 200, 221 pike, sandi 264 moore, rusty 88 newton, nina 263 parker, mac 91 pimentel, roberta 200 pinkerton, jim 79 pinkston, robert 240 pinson, b ' rilie 264 pinter, mark 264 pipes, linda 200 pittman, lee 221 pittman, robert 95 pizzini, karen 200 plant, nancy 241 plate, marla jo 264 pledger, don 221 pledger, trisha 241 poff, sherrill 221 pohl, robert 264 poindexter, jerry 241 poland, robert 79, 221 polanovich, dee ann 83, 201 pollard, charles 201 pollen, robert 96 pollock, patricia 93, 241 polnick, ervin 151, 153, 241 polnick, marvin 150, 152, 154 ponder, joseph 201 pool, jack 264 pool, joyce 221 pool, rothwell 91 pope, arthie 101 porter, charles 264 porter, ellen 201 porter, john 201 porter, mary beth 201 potter, danny 187 powell, jenny 264 powell, jim 265, 221 powell, marianna 265 powell, richard 221 powers, lynda, 87, 265 powers, robert 80, 221 pratorius, linda 241 prendergast, john 89, 221 presley, sammy 201 price, evelyn 187 price, mary 83 price, nancy 241 price, randy 90 price, roy 88, 265 priefert, william 241 prince, barbara 201 prince, linda 93 pringle, jeanette 265 pringle, joyce 93, 109, 221 priur, terry 241 probandt, dianne 201 probandt, gerald 221 proctor, linda 83 pruett, cheryl 265 pruett, dint 125 pruett, james 221 pruett, susan 265 pruitt, marilyn 135, 241 pruitt, sharon 241 puckett, cheryl 1 1 1 puckett, gary 91 puckett, wait, 118 pugh, linda 241 pullen, nancy 118, 265 purser, rodney 265 putnam, david 91 putnam, larry 143, 147 pybas, shalia 201 pyron, cindy 265 quick, margaret 265 quick, norma 93 rabel, ronnie 221 rachel, nolan 265 rafferty, don 265 ragain, ronnie, 90, 265 raines, james 187 rainey, thomas 222 rainwater, cheryl 241 raley, joyce 222 raley, paulette 241 ralmuto, margaret 222 ralston, bevins 1 10 ramsey, john 222 randall, ten 265 randle, kristiane 1 16 randle, richard 241 randle, sheri, 93 rankin, michael 265 rankin, nina kaye 108, 201 rasmussen, chris 265 ratcliff, tim 265 raulston, baine 222 rauschelbach, linda 265 rawlinson, michael 95 rawls, barbara 222 ray, fred 265 ray, thalia 201 raye, susan 241 rayson, harvey 149, 150, 152, 154 rea, sandy 57, 1 08 read, linda 83, 172, 201 reader, james 201 reckrey, carol 241 rector, thomas 265 redding, larry 91 reddish, don 222 redfern, judy 83 redmon, carolyn 222 redmon, marilyn 222 reed, danny 222 reed, denny 95, 241 reed, linda 167 reed, mary 1 1 1 reed, sammy 125, 201 reeves, harris, 241 reh ill, ronald 265 reich, richard 89 reid, calvin 241 reid, james 136, 222 reid, nancy 265 reid, sally 77, 241 reiner, herbert 85 remmey calvin 1 1 rentfro, rebecca 222 reves, nan 265 reyes, gary 265 reynolds, david 201, 222 reynolds, gordon 201 reynolds, lewis 265 reynolds, roxanne 222 rhame, diane 201 rhodes, jack 147 rice, joel 85 richards, albert 187 richards, george 95, 201 richards, marilyn 201 richardson, carolyn 124, 222 richardson, jerry 85, 241 richardson, joe 147 richardson, ken 265 richardson, lucious 265 richardson, sherry 77, 241 ricks, betty 241 ridgway, patti 83, 201 ridout, ken 265 riedel, milton 265 riepen, pamela 222 rigby, nancy 265 rinehart, joe 265 rinehart, robert 201 rinewalt, lyndell 265 risinger, john 241 ritter, kay 222 roach, thad 265 roark, julia 241 robbins, jane 93, 265 robbins, larry 90 robbins, peggy 222 robbins, rita 108, 124 roberson, garland 265 roberson, gene 95 roberson, lynder 201 roberts, gene 241 roberts, james 94, 222 roberts, maribeth 201 roberts, mary 241 roberts, melton 201 roberts, nellie 265 roberts, shannon 265 roberts, swank 137, 201 robertson, alyce 201 robertson, bobbie 265 robertson, lee 222 robertson, ricky 147 robinett, eddie 85, 241 robinson, billie 201 robinson, jan 201 robinson, kim 135 robinson, lynn 265 robnett, diane 265 rockholt, marilyn 202 rockwell, kevin 222 roddy, jacquelyn 202 rodriguez, amel 202 rodriguez, norma 202 roe, sandra 116, 241 roeder, marianne 241 rogers, jerry 91, 222 rogers, lowell 94 rogers, susan 77, 241 rohrs, diana 87, 222 romans, jerry 136, 222 romos, Sergio 135 roos, joseph 187 roquemore, susanne 87, 222 roraback, forrest 265 rose, marsha 202 rose, trudie, 202 roseburg, pam 266 rosen, james 266 rosenquist, gayle 222 ross, bobby 85 ross, danny 241 ross, edwin, 85 ross, janet 222 ross, janis 222 ross, johnny 266 ross, robert 202 rote, linda 77 rougagnac, rita 87 rowe, trudy 222 rowland, brenda 266 roye, tim 35 royer, connie 83, 241 royse, waiter 79, 222 rozell, ronny 241 rubert, gena 222 rubick, charles 222 ruby, mike 266 ruckel, john 85 rudd, charlcie 241 rudolph, janet 93, 266 ruehlman, rick 95, 202 rush, gayla 77, 98, 266 rush, rick 88, 89, 202 russell, betty 241 russell, craig 241 russell, david 241 russell, gary 202 russell, patricia 241 russell, roger 85, 222 russell, susie 1 36 russell, willette 266 russell, woody 202 rutledge, william 241 ryan, danille 222 ryan, janice 266 rydell, john 222 ryland, warren 266 rylander, charles 241 sabom, kathy 183, 222 sachitang, thomas 266 sage, diana 266 sage, larry 202 sales, janis 202 sammons, kathleen 223 samms, lawrence 266 sample, becky 223 sandel, linda 266 Sanders, laura 266 sanders, linda 124, 223 sanders, mike 91 sanders, richard 202 sanders, robert 266 sanders, salle 83, 173, 223 sanders, sherry 83, 223 sanders, tommy 85 sandifer, jane 242 sandifer, patty 83 sanford, kennie 266 sangster, steve 266 santa maria, carolyn 242 sapp, richard 202 satterwhite, david, 266 satterwhite, michael 242 saucier, dave 202 saulsbery, marie 93, 109, 182, 202 saunders, jeb 125, 223 sawyer, ann 58, 68, 77, 170, 242 saxon, robert 266 scaggs, pam 77, 175 Scarborough, a. y. 91 Scarborough, davis 91 Scarborough, lanette 242 schaefer, frank 242 schaefer, kenton 89 schaefer, wayne 79, 223 schanley, james 202 schattenburg, mary 135, 202 scheffer, ken 96 scheible, theresa 223 schermerhorn, rodney 202 schifani, stephany 77, 266 schiurring, david 242 schlegg, gayle 266 schlief, gerald 81 schmitt, marilyn 223 schmitt, richard 242 schmitz, darlene 242 schnaithman, john 110, 266 Schneider, mary 93, 266 Schneider, michael 202 schoaps, karen 266 schockley, frank 121 schuler, thilda 93, 111, 223 schultz, joyce 242 schwa ke, karen 124 schwarzdach, joe 242 schwebel, ronnie 242 scoggin, mike 88, 242 scoggins, dianna 266 scoggins, ronnie 85 scoggins, Suzanne 266 scoggins, torn 266 scott, huey 125, 266 scott, joann 77, 202 scott, molly 242 scott, wayne 223 scruggs, dick 23 scruggs, karen 266 scull, Catherine 266 seal, marsha 266 seaton, peggy 202 sebesta, terry 85, 202 secrest, nancy 1 1 1 seeton, ronnie 266 segrest, signa 124, 223 seiberling, linda 135, 223 seilhan, vera 223 seise, Steven 266 selden, judy 242 self, everette 266 sellers, karen 202 selman, gary 266 selman, lawrence 267 sessions, sylvia 223 setterberg, mark 267 setzer, judy 267 setzler, frank jr. 223 severson, craig 85, 96 sevigny, torn 1 25 shackleford, frank 94 shaikh, maiyuddin 223 shankles, john 267 shanks, kay 267 sharp, zillah 93 shattuck, kathie 203 shaw, donna 82, 83 shaw, gene 147, 187 shaw, james 203 shaw, sandy 242 shaw, sharon 83, 107, 223 shay, jim 85, 242 sheef, dennis 242 Sheffield, donna 267 Sheffield, james 203 Sheffield, john 242 Sheffield, Stephen 223 shelton, byron 242 shepardson, phillip 267 shepley, raymond jr. 223 sherbert, ronnie 91, 176, 223 sherman, veronica 77, 203 sherr, bill 54, 267 sherrill, jorga 223 sherwood, jan 242 shewmaker, robert 267 shields, james 223 shirley, edward 267 shirley, megan 93, 97, 242 short, dale 94 short, zillah 242 shoults, larry 267 Shropshire, ila kay 267 Shropshire, john 267 shugart, charles 95 shugart, gwen 267 shugart, rick 91 shull, gene 242 shull, judy 267 shull, Stephen 223 sides, linda 203 siepert, janis 267 siese, steve 98 simmerman, kathy 267 simmons, cherie 124, 267 Simmons, jack 121 simon, david 267 simpson, bonita 267 simpson, gay 242 sims, judy 203 Sinclair, richard 267 siowa, pam 242 sitton, danny 136 sitton, sandra 223 skelton, diane 87, 223 skelton, dianne 223 skelton, larry 267 skelton, william 267 skidis, kerry 267 skrivanek, paula 242 slackney, rosemary 124, 242 slate, dan 223 slaton, odean 223, 242 slaughter, bill 242 slaughter, terry 203 sloan, william 203 small, gordon 1 10 small, john 203 smallwood, johnce 68, 84, 267 smiley, donald 79 smith, ann 267 smith, barry 125, 203 smith, becky 77 smith, caesar 81 smith, carolyn 203 smith, charles 242, 267 smith, cheryl 93, 223 smith, dark 223 smith, diane 97, 1 16, 223 smith, donald 187 smith, ed 223 smith, edwin 267 smith, floyd 267 smith, frances 242 smith, fred 223 smith, gerald 223 smith ginger 242 smith, harvey 223 smith, henry 146, 147 smith, iris 267 smith, jack 223 smith, james 85, 203, 223 smith, janet 223 smith, jerry 242 smith, jimmie 203 smith, john 267 smith, larry 242 smith, linda 223 smith, lyndith 267 smith, margaret 267 smith, mike 267 smith, nancy 223 smith, pamela 242 smith, parry 187 smith, paul 267 smith, paula 267 smith, phillip 79, 223 smith, pixie 93, 98, 101 smith, ralph 84, 243 smith, raymond 224 smith, robert 224 smith, ronnie 243 smith, sandy 87, 243 smith, sarah 203 smith, steve 79, 267 smith, terri, 93, 96, 267 smith, terry 88 smith, waymouth 78 smith, william 224 smoak, jerry 85 smyth, charlie 88 sneed, julia 203 sneed, lynn 1 18, 267 snider, cathy 267 snow, bill 67 snyder, eugene 224 snyder, sally 267 snyder, william 267 solito, nancy 268 sommers, carol 268 sorrell, david 1 21 sory, joseph 91 sosebee, jane 268 sowell, bobby 203 sowers, susan 83 spaulding, carol 77 spear, Stephen 121 spear, susan 268 Speights, carol 268 Speights, j. I. 79 spellman, michael 203 spelman, kathy 93, 203 spelman, john 224 spence, joyce 203 spencer, elaine 83, 243 sperry, david 268 spiess, edward 268 spikerman, john 89, 111, 224 spiller, barbara 1 1 8 spivey, james 224 spivey, lynda 77 spradley, david 95, 243 sprouse, barry 268 spurlock, shiela 268 stacey, betsy 243 stacha, elaine 268 stacy, jimmy 224 stagg, rosalind 1 35 staggs, linda 268 staley, harriet 224 staley, kathleen 83 stamps, david 147, 203 Stanford, susan 111, 224 Stanley, carol 224 Stanley, dennis 268 Stanley, glenda 224 Stanley, harold 89 stanzel, melinda 243 Starr, margaret 136 stathem, richard 125, 224 Steele, jack 224 Steele, jane 243 steger, eric 203 Stephens, jo-jo 116, 203 Stephens, james 81 Stephens, sally 124, 243 Stephenson, barbara 124, 268 stepler, harold 224 sterlacci, annette 224 Stevens, donna 93 Stevens, ellen 268 Stevens, gary 243 Stevens, ruth 243 Stevenson, donna 135, 173, 268 steward, cheryl 268 Stewart, beverly 268 Stewart, bill 79 Stewart, bonnie 87 Stewart, frank 111, 181 Stewart, judy 224 Stewart, robert 110, 203 Stewart, steve 85, 243 Stewart, t. c. 79, 137 Stewart, thomas 224 Stewart, tommy 224 still, charles 89, 268 still, joanne 243 still, rick 89 stingle, jack 94 stobart, george 268 stockwell, charles 121, 268 stogdill, mary 268 stokes, randy 91 stokes, ronald 243 stokes, sue 224 stokes, william 95, 243 stone, carrol 224 stone, dean 224 stone, john 85, 203 stone, mary jane 109, 224 stong, phillip 243 storch, greg 1 16 storer, Christopher 203 stott, connie 243 stout, harry 243 stover, benjamin 268 stow, rachael 268 strain, mary 268 stratton, david 243 Strickland, donna 179 Strickland, linda 224 Strickland, sarah 268 stringer, barbara 203 stripling, david 243 Strom, debbie 268 strong, betty 203 strong, peggy 203 stroud, frank 224 Stroud, joyce 224 Stuart, bonnie 224 stuart, david 224 Stuart, john 90 stubbs, sharon 224 stuewe, linda 203 stuewe, thomas 243 sturdivant, william 243 sturrock, james 203 sturrock, janis 83 Stutsman, suzanne 83, 243 suhler, bill 121, 243 Sullivan, frank 89 sullivan, jerry 268 sullivan, larry 96, 224 sumerford, roni 224 sumerford, ryan 268 summerford, linda 268 summers, donna 268 summers, janet 109 sumrow, connie 204 surratt, waiter 243 Sutherland, richard 85 svaton, larry 125, 224 swan, davy 243 swann, kenneth 224 swanson, alan 204 swanson, mary 243 swanzy, linda 224 swayze, jack 94, 243 swenson, gary 224 swift, ann 204 swift, bob 80, 268 swift, chuck 204 swift, jennifer 268 swingler, charlotte 243 symons, beverly 224 tabor, nancy 225 tadlock, aretha 268 taggart, kathy 268 talbott, john 95, 204 taliaferro, john 268 tallent, dean 187 talley douglas 136, 225 talley, mark 269 tanner, patsey, 269 tanner, paul 225 tate, john 133 tate, treece 269 tatum, nancy 243 taylor, dave 79, 204 taylor, doug 243 taylor, elaine 225 taylor, jay 94 taylor, karen 124, 269 taylor, kent 243 taylor, linda 243, 269 taylor, marianne 269 taylor, patricia 204, 269 taylor, susan 269 taylor, tommy 225 taylor, travis 79, 225 teal, john 243 teal, linda 93, 225 teaters, loa 225 tedder, carolyn 204 tedder, jan 93, 225 tedford, teddy 225 teel, gale 225 tekell, scott 225 templeton, charles 243 terrill, theta 243 terry, johnny 225 teto, robert jr. 225 thibodeux, carl 78 thiboutot, jeana 136 thigpen, eran 67 thomas, charles 204 thomas, frances 269 thomas, howard 225 thomas, jerry 225 thomas, julane 225 thomas, linda 225, 243 thomas, roger 269 thomas, roy 225 thomas, sandra 77 thomas, stan 243 thompkins, ellen 1 1 1 thompson, clarence 269 thompson, david 269 thompson, eileen 269 thompson, james 95, 125, 243 thompson, john 78 thompson, kathy 124, 243 thompson, patrick 269 thompson, ronnie 269 thompson, sharon 269 thompson, stuart 88, 89 thorn, james 225 thornell, jim 225 thornton, kay 225 thornton, mary ann 225 thornton, sheila 243 thorpe, diana 225 thrasher, barbara 269 thurston, kathy 124 tidemann, robert 225 tidmore, danny 225 tieman, anita 109, 204 tiller, albert 204 tiller, lloyd 91, 243 tillery, roy 244 tillison, judy 204 tims, jacquelyn 225 tims, rosalind 269 tindall, dale 244 tindall, george 204 tindall, homer 54, 1 16 tippitt, sharon 269 tipps, larry 225 tipton, betty 1 18, 244 tipton, odessa 204 tittle, bob 244 todd, james 89, 100 toland, fontaine 269 tolar, dianne 225 tolbert, steve 225 tomlin, jim 1 45, 1 47 tomlinson, ken 146, 147, 225 tomlinson, william 85 tompkins, ellen 204 toombs, mike 204 toombs, rachel 204 toomey, jimmy 225 toomey Stephen 225 fopham, lynn 93, 244 torti, philip 89 tottenham, richard 79, 204 tovey, betty 269 towns, cynthia 225 townsend, ann 225 townsend, jeannie 269 townsend, robert 89, 99, 228, 244 trammell, donna 269 travis, gary 244 trepagnier, john 269 trevathan, gayla 269 trigg, fisher 89, 244 trippodo, nick 204 trippodo, wendy 269 trotter, karen 244 truitt, judy 77, 99, 188, 204 truitt, martha 225 tsukahara, judy 68, 87, 269 tupa, julius 204 turlington, jimmy 225 turner, clifton 147 turner, eleanor 204 turner, james 204 turner, robert 134, 204 tussey, maria 204 twiford, teryl 244 tyer, susan 269 tyson, barbara 269 ulrich, jane (fred) 108, 225 underdown, peggy 225 underwood, brenda 244 underwood, linda 244 underwood, nora 225 urban, robert 225 urbanovsky, june 225 urquhart, beth 244 ussery, wayne 205 uzick, marleen 269 vance, donn 269 vance, payne 269 vancronkhite, tina 103 van derbur, doug 102, 269 vann, wanda 93, 133 vanorsdol, fred 226 van watner, kim 85 vanway, pamela 87, 269 vanwinkle, brian 95, 244 vaughan, david 121, 269 vaught, john 89, 98 venable, jane 269 venard, shari 269 verner, cheryl 1 1 1 verner, george 244 vernon, terry 226 veselka, laura 244 vibrock, sandra 58, 83, 170 viereck, dwight 226 villarreal, noemi vining, jo nell 269 vinson, jan 244 voorhees, diane 269 vorhies, rebecca 269 vowell, russell 80 vredenburg, michael 205 waddell, amanda 226 waddell, linda 269 wade, jo 226 wade, mittie ruth 244 wade, pat 88 wade, sandy 109 wade, william 226 waghalter, Stanley 244 wagman, susan 269 waaner, bob 226 wailey, iane 244 waitkus, joanne 270 waitkus, richard 270 waldrup, paul 205 walker, an 270 walker, gary 226 walker, john 85 walker, larry 270 walker, mary 270 walker, mary lynn 270 walker, nancy 124, 244 walker, richard 125, 226 walker, robert 270 walker, royce 104, 205 walker, sally 124, 226 walker, terry 226 walker, tommy 226 walker, Virginia 270 wall, sharon 270 Wallace, charles 226 Wallace, jeff 205 Wallace, john 95, 205, 244 Wallace, richard 270 Wallace, warren 57, 226 Wallace, william 244 waller, joe 226 wailey, jane 124 walsh, patti, 87 waiters, carol 77 waiters, joanna 270 waiters, richard 270 walton, stephenia 270 ward, nathan 226 ward, ralph jr. 244 ward, thenita 226 ward, thomas 270 ward, william 244 warms, mike 205 warner, hiram 270 warner, jan 93, 244 warner, robert 1 1 warr, gregory 244 warren, bo 1 47 warren, karen 77 warren, mac 270 warren, randall 85, 226 warren, tommy 270 waters, jimmy 205 waters, rudy 226 waters, winfred 270 watkins, mark 205 watson, becky 77 watson, craig 226 watson, janelle 226 watson, jerry, 205 watson, john 244 watson, linda 244 watson, ruth- 244 watson, vicki 83, 168, 188 watts, don 205 watts, karen 270 watts, mary 77 watz, karyl 244 watz, sherry 226 way, carolyn 226 wearden, david 226 wearden, johnny 270 weatherby waiter 244 weatherly, john 270 weatherly, lee 89 weatherly, sherry 205 weathersby, mike 270 weaver, carolyn 87 weaver, clarence 244 weaver, james 91 weaver, kirk 96, 205 weaver, ricki 244 webb, frank 226 webb, jo ann 77, 270 webb, martha 226 webb, thomas 244 webb, wanda 205 webster, robert 245 weeks, oldham 121 weems, lynne 93 weidman, jon 226 weigman, mary 205 weiher, kay 124, 245 weinheimer, charlene 270 weisinger, margaret 245 welch, bettie 245 welch, cheryl 270 welch, don 226 welch, harriet 205 welch, jack 245 welch, john 270 weldon michael 205 wells, jeff 270 wells, torn 81, 226 wells, trudy 245 werner, pamela 226 Werner, richard 226 werner, sue 270 west, dan 270 west, dianne 205 west, joyce 270 west, vicki 226 west, wynette 77 westbrook, buddy 270 westbrook, cathy 205 westbrook, gilson 226 westerfield, margaret 205 western, terry 245 westfahl, jane 226 westfall, james 205 Westmoreland, cheryl 227 wetherby, waiter 134 wetzel, judy 270 whaley, dorothy 227 whatley, gary 85 whatley, kerry 227 wheat, stacey 270 wheatley, michael 270 wheatley, timothy 205 wheeler, mike 125 wheeler, torn 205 whisennand, richard 227 whitaker, debbie 245 whitaker, roy 1 33 whitaker, travis 205 white, anthony 227 white, carolyn 227 white, dianne 245 white, jimmy 144, 147 white, joe 187 white, patricia 270 white, raymond 270 white, ronald 271 white, sandra 271 white, shirley 245, 227 whitefield, priscilla 271 whitehurst, marsha 87, 227 whitfield, charles 271 whitley, sam 133, 245 whitmire, lubbie 85, 147 whitsitt, linda 245 whitton, linda 83, 227 wicker, edward 271 wickes, bill 85 wiederkehe, bebe 86, 87 wiggins, mark 95 wilcox, debbie 83 wilcox, hazel 245 wilder, alice 83 wilder, connie 271 wildfong, leith 83, 271 wiles, michael 245 wilhpum, robert 205 wilkins, ronnie 227 Wilkinson, bonnie 205 willett, larry 205 Williams, donna 181, 205 williams, eileen 245 Williams, george iii 205 williams, glenda 245 williams, glenn 206 williams, joe 89 williams, john 245 williams, judy 227 williams, h. milton 245 williams, linda 83, 106, 206, 245 williams, lounett 271 williams, marjoria 227 williams, martha 271 williams, patricia 93, 111, 227 williams paul 206 williams, robert 271 williams, sharon 111, 206 williams, Virginia 271 Williamson, connie 271 Williamson, frank 245 Williamson howard 245 Williamson, john 245 Williamson, judy 271 Williamson, julienne 271 Williamson terry 85 willingham, robert 206 Willis, bill 227 willis, carolyn 271 willis, cathy 77, 271 willis, lyn 245 willis, molly 271 willmon, william 271 willoughby, belinda 206 willoughby, gary 206 wilson, cindy, 271 wilson, gary 245, 271 wilson, geoffrey, 245 wilson, james 271 wilson, jean 87 wilson, jeanne 271 wilson, karen 83, 167, 206 wilson, kay 271 wilson, lark 271 wilson, larry 245 wilson, lynn 271 wilson, randell 271 wilson, robert 85, 99 wilson, tammy 271 Windsor, dianna 245 Windsor, judy 271 winkler, billy 245 winston, charles 95 winter, david 147 wintrode, sheryl 93 wise, johnie 187 wiseman, rodney 227 wisler, karen 87 withers, donna 271 witherspoon, david 110 withrow, mike 97, 227 withrow, nancy ann 271 wittlinger anne 271 wolcott, shirley 136, 271 wold, bobbie jo 271 wolf, ann 271 wolf, bobby 227 wolfe, dennis 85, 96, 227 wolfe, jerry 271 wolfe, joe 245 wolfe, mary beth 51, 77, 99, 228, 245 wolfe, rick 94 womack, berkey 83, 96 wood, Catherine 93, 271 wood, cheri 87, 206 wood, dianne 227 wood, james 206 wood, laura 245 wood, lavonne 271 wood, richard 85, 227 wood, wanda 124, 271 woodard, karen 87 woodley candyce 271 woodley, elaine 245 woodley mary 206 woodley, randy 227 woodley sharon 124, 227 woodruff, landon 245 woods, don 85, 206 woods, gail 271 woods, john 245 woods, judy 227 woods, larry 227 woodson, george 245 woodward, jerry 206 woody, kayla 271 woolley, susanne 271 worley, tommy 206 worrell, ronald 206 wright, peggy 1 35 yarbrough, barbara 87, 96 yarbrough, grady 206 yarbrough, lagene 206 yarbrough, Stephen 245 yates, beverly 206 yates, danny 227 yates, matthew 206 ybarro, reynaldo 227 yezak, charles 227 yorio, frances 206 york, jane 83 york, larry 95, 206 young, adele 93 young, bart 79, 227 young, john paul 136 young, judy 58 young, karen 77, 99, 206 young, linda 206 young, mike 90 youngblood, claude 121, 245 youngblood, rudd 139 yow, whitney 135 Zimmerman, judy 245 Zimmerman, terry 121 My thanks to everyone who helped in any way with the production of the 1968 STONE FORT, particularly Tina VanCronkhite and Mr. Don Thames. And a special word of appreciation to Barbara Yarbrough, who was basically of much more use than my right arm. mm 296 • - ■ r

Suggestions in the Stephen F Austin State University - Stone Fort Yearbook (Nacogdoches, TX) collection:

Stephen F Austin State University - Stone Fort Yearbook (Nacogdoches, TX) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 1


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Stephen F Austin State University - Stone Fort Yearbook (Nacogdoches, TX) online yearbook collection, 1971 Edition, Page 1


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