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119241 4 4 . -• £3 THE 1967 STONE FORT VOL. XLII Yesterday . . . O Yesterday! thou day forever dead! With what strange garlands shall I crown thy head, Thou Silent One? Julia C. R. Dorr Today . . . Often do the spirits of great events Stride on before the events; and in today already walks tomorrow. — Samuel Taylor Coleridge Tomorrow . . . Tomorrow ' s fate, though thou be wise, Thou canst not tell nor yet surmise; Pass, therefore, not today In vain. For it will never come again. Omar Khayyam 2 PERSONALITIES I 10-129 ORGANIZATIONS 130-185 CLASSES 1 86-283 ADVERTISEMENTS 284-296 THE STONE FORT 1967 Stephen F. Austin State College Nacogdoches, Texas STAFF Editor- Mike Warms Associate Editor — Royce Walker Sports Editors — Mickey Gumber and James McComb Business Manager — Harry Gilbert Advertising Manager — Bing Cherry Photographers — Mickey Gumber, Bob Bowling, David Woodworth Advisor — Dr. Francine Hoffman Practicum Assistants — Dennis Ames, Royce Ashberry, Sherry Barton, Carroll Bass, Pat Brown, Don Calvert, Don Candler, Rick Carpenter, Mike Carswell, Carol Cloyd, Don Eastman, James Hardin, Carol Gene Harlow, Barbara Harris, Sarah Harris, Elaine Hicks, Gary Kappes , Robert Kennedy, Jim Leavell, Carolyn Lister, Wilbert Love, Anne McConville, Mike McJilton, Melissa McRee, Tom Murphy, Sam Paine, Jessica Roach, Suzanne Roberts, Susan Sitchler, Stephanie Stern, Eddie Walt, Mike Winslow, Hunter Youngblood 3 Foreword The scholastic year of 1966-67 did not witness any amazing or out- standing events. For the majority of the students of Stephen F. Austin State College the year was typical — and yet in its own special way it was unigue also. As in every other year there were scores of students new to college life, the freshmen. To these students SFA was a new life, a new challenge and a step from being mere high school students to college men and women. And, of course, there were sophomores, liter- ally wise but foolish. These students were no longer just freshmen but not guite upperclassmen either. Also included were the juniors who could say " I ' m almost there " and the seniors who really were there and, per- haps, secretly wishing they were not leaving their Alma Mater, but start- ing all over again. Last were the graduate students who remained at SFA for another year of higher education. Yes, these things are typical when seen in perspective but, to each individual student, the year was special — something great. Possibly the outstanding event of the year to some students was the night the fight- ing SFA Lumberjacks beat the Lone Star Conference football champions, East Texas State University. And ne ' er to be forgotten is the Homecoming game when SFA conguered their greatest rivals, the Sam Houston Bear- kats, and when SFA ' s cagers ran over the nationally-ranked Howard Payne Yellowjackets. Perhaps the outstanding event that sticks in another ' s mind is more personal — an A on a term paper, initiation ceremonies into a fraternity or sorority, watching the new science building progress day by day, a Coke in the College Center, a bull session with close friends in the dorm, a special date . . . Certainly these things are not really outstanding events — but they are important. They are the founda- tion for memories of a special year at college that will be remembered a lifetime. We of the Stone Fort staff sincerely hope that 1966-67 was a good year for each of you and that the 1967 Stone Fort will recall more and more valuable memories as each year goes by. Lest We Forget . . . PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with Liberty and [ustice for all. TEXAS, OUR TEXAS Texas, our Texas! All hail the mighty state! Texas, our Texas! So wonderful, so great! Largest and grandest, withstanding every test; O empire wide and glorious, you stand supremely blest. LIBRARY OTBFmai F. AUSTIN STATE COLLEGE NACOGDOCHES. TEXA? ALL HAIL TO SFA Oh future bright ' neath the Purple and White, All hail to SFA ' Mid Texas pines we have found peaceful shrines Where ev ' ry month is May. Long live our Alma Mater. Honor to thee for aye. As years unfold, happy mem ' ries we ' ll hold, All hail to SFA. Dr. Ralph W. Steen became the third president of SFA in November, 1958. Since his appointment, the enrollment has nearly tripled. Dr. Steen ' s expert administration stems from a broad background of experience and knowledge. The author of some fifteen books on Texas history and government and American history and government, he has also published numerous articles in national journals. Dr. Steen has pre- sented scholarly papers at meetings of the Texas State His- torical Association, the Southwestern Social Science Ad- ministration, the Texas Academy of Science, the Southern Historical Association and the Mississippi Valley His- torical Association. Dr. Steen holds a membership in the East Texas His- torical Association, the American Historical Association and the Southern Historical Association. He received his B.A. degree from McMurry College and was awarded the M.A. and Ph.D. degrees from The University of Texas. As well as being a scholar, Dr. Steen is an outstanding citizen. He is a member of the Nacogdoches Rotary Club, Chamber of Commerce and First Methodist Church. He is an ardent supporter of the Boy Scouts of America. Lucy McBee Administrative Secretary 6 Board of Regents Standing John H. Croolcer Jr. Houston J. L. Huffines Jr. Greenville William C. Donnell Marathon Seated Clayton Heare Amarillo Emil C. Rassman Midland J. C. Kellam Austin Mrs. E. D. Loclcey Troup President Vice President 9 In Appreciation We, the Stone Fort staff of 1967, take pride in dedicating the 1967 Stone Fort to Dr. Edwin W. Gaston, our professor, advisor, counselor and friend. Never too busy to give a helping hand or word of encouragement, Dr. Gaston helps to make Stephen F. Austin State College a better, more pleasant place to pursue an education. To new students at SFA majoring in English, journalism or philosophy, Dr. Gaston assists by helping them to choose courses, to fill out degree plans or to solve scholastic problems. To the upperclassmen and graduating seniors, Dr. Gaston advises and offers help whenever and wherever possible. Even with all of these duties, however, one can always feel free to call on him with more personal problems or even just for a friendly conversation. Again, it is with the greatest pleasure, that we dedicate the 1967 Stone Fort to a man who is himself dedicated, Dr. Edwin W. Gaston Jr. Dr. Gaston is a native of Nacogdoches. He was graduated from Nacogdoches High School with highest honors and then attended Stephen F. Austin. During his first year at SFA he was elected president of the freshman class. In the following years he was editor of the Pine Log and a member of Alpha Chi, national scholarship society, of which he is now the national president. At the outbreak of World War II Dr. Gaston served as a non-commissioned officer in the Pacific Theatre of War and was awarded three battle stars including the Phillippine Liber- ation Medal. Upon receiving an honorable discharge from the Marines, Dr. Gaston returned to SFA and was graduated with a triple major in English, journalism and economics and a minor in history. Dr. Gaston received his M.A. from SFA and his Ph.D. from Texas Technological University. He is presently the head of the Department of English, Journalism and Philosophy at SFA. The one in the paisley dress has already been through three times. A. D. Clark shows a freshman how to wear her beanie. Now, what did I do with my registration cards? Student ift Vi ift f. fii .♦. .♦, .♦, ., j»; ;♦; s :♦: w w :♦: :♦: a :♦: :♦: : a :♦: n :♦: :♦: n . V V V V V V ' V V V V V V : ::♦: : ' ' . y. y. v V V ♦ s x : : :♦: :♦: :♦: x : :♦: n x x x x x x ;♦: : x k m x y x x :♦: x :♦: x x x a XXX x : :: XXXKX xxxxx? ! ! V V V V John Rulfs, senior, assists Sherry Jacobs, freshman, in the erection of a campaign poster to help in the election run-offs. x x x x x x x x : x x x x x x x x x x % : : » » « n m m ♦ ♦ Sit it :t : S M « n m :♦: :♦: :♦: x im Carter ' s " ax " poster is only one of the many gns seen among the pines on campus during cam- aign week. Ted Marules takes time out from his election duties to pass the time of day with Sally Lou Cashman. Both seem pleased. Elections Nacogdoches fire department assists campaign hopefuls with the hang- ing of their signs on the SFA campus. 15 Spirit at SFA Hopes for a Homecoming victory soar during the pep rally march down Vista Drive. Chi Omegas help boost spirit at SFA by making and hanging posters to sup- port the ' Jacks. While the Lumberjacks are winning the ball game. Joan Grif- fin is winning the half-time show. The Rebel flag is a part of every enthusiastic Lumberjack crowd. The Beta Gamma Taus see to that. School spirit burns in the hearts of all Lumberjacks. 16 17 " There is a time when forbearance ceases to be a virtue, " explains Bud Clark to Jerri Smith. David McCarver, having just returned from the front, talks with Gai Human, his evasive wife. Who won? WHO CARES! L y s I s t r a t a Ruby Wells and Susie Lanasa discuss plans to bring their warring husbands home to stay. " Frailty, thy name is woman(?) " Greensleeves Magic To the wild delight of hundreds and hundreds of laughing children (and their sophisticated parents as well) the drama department ' s Christmas present this year was " Greensleeves Magic, " a play by Marion Jonson. Happiness is a journey into the fantastic dreamland of a child, a land where joy could not exist because singing and laughing and dancing had been forgotten by order of the wicked Grand Duchess. Only Green- sleeves ' Magic could banish the sadness and destroy the Grand Duchess ' evil power. Jane Randol, as the Grand Duchess, ruled a king- dom of frowning subjects including Ken Love, the King; Kay Douglas, the Queen; Mary Moller, Jeannie Cooke, and " Cricket " Hudson, the three princesses; and " Caesar " Smith, Stephen Lee, Jim Britton, Mike Co- stello, and Larry Cano. Michael Satterwhite appeared as the Grand Duchess ' minister, Fitzsneeze, and Ron Burris played Greensleeves. Jana Mears was the Story Lady. The evil Grand Duchess, Jane Randol, cannot allow any ha ppiness in her domain. Greensleeves, Ron Burris, tries to give his wonder- ful magic to Princess Miranda, Mary Moller. The King and Queen, Ken Love and Kay Douglas, take care not to enjoy themselves. 19 Dance Gus Giordano and Judith Scott of Chicago instruct the SFA jazz class. Production Judith Scott, professional actor, demonstrates contemporary dance style. Giordano who danced in " West Side Story " leads a symposium for SFA dance students. Dance Production students kneeling L to R are Sandra Bales, Allen Fonty, Barbara Walker, Patricia Walsh, Martha Randall, Peggy Anderson, Suzanne Shaffer, Linda Williams, Sammye Shepherd, Barbara Porter, Janis Bratz, Pamala Vaughn, Sally Cooper; sitting are Loretta Prado, Janis Howard, Gene Hudgins, Claire Newton, Pam Perkins, Harriette Hale, Linda Pugh, Sandra Jones, Vicki Lobue, Barbara Griffin, Sandra Loyless, Linda Myers and Lee Myers. Front center is Tina Edlinq. 20 SFA coeds made ready the tree for Santa ' s midnight visit. Yuletide 1966 . . . The decor of the 1966 Yuletide season on the SFA campus followed the age-old Christmas tradition with cedar trees and bright lights. The College Center decorations por- trayed I I popular songs of the season. Work was done by volunteer students. A cactus Christmas tree sported tinsel and varicolored balls. Students transformed College Center windows into colorful mosaics. -Mf " Tree stands never work but SFA students found that a waste- basket filled with soil was ideal for holding the Christmas pine in place. 21 SFA 1 1 1 1 r C i Students begin their daily treks to classes on patient drivers yield them the right of way. Swings An unidentified coed sits patiently on the Birdwell Annex steps — perhaps awaiting an interview with a professor, a meeting with her boyfriend, or merely seizing an opportunity for a " breather " from a hectic day. Into 22 The warmth of the sun and the convenience of Vista Patio benches are a comfort to some students, while others seek the shady coolness of the College Center. Step Bob Wagner demonstrates that chivalry still abounds as he prepares to walk these co-eds back to their dormitories. Homecoming Saving their energy and pep for the afternoon ' s game, SFA cheerleaders took it easy as they rode through the streets on Nacogdoches ' 1923 vintage firetruck. The Sylvans predicted that the Jacks would " split " the Bearcats in the Homecoming game. Judge Roy Bean congratulated Homecoming Queen Sara Bolton as 16,904 spectators looked on. 24 Festivities 1966 A peaceful demonstration before the Homecoming game by spirited students ended at the bonfire rally. Theta Chi ' s sky diver added to the Homecoming excitement as he skillfully guided his parachute from high in the sky to the cen- ter of the field during halftime. The Lumber]ack Ax cut a clean Victory as is shown by the prizewinning float entered by the Varsity Apart- ment. The Righteous Brothers brought " Soul and Inspiration " via tapes to the Homecoming parade spectators. The Brothers performed at SFA Nov. 2 courtesy of the Entertainment Committee. y ' - ' : : : : : : : : : : :- ' t Mrs. Charlotte Peltier, 1966 Miss Stone Fort, greets this year ' s beauty contestants as ' 67 Pageant activities begin with " get acquainted " teas. Stone Fort An apprehensive contestant counts on " Lady Luck " to get her by the judges ' inspection. Contestants Carmen Flanagan and Bonnie Kridler are all smiles for the camera as they mind their " p ' s " and " q ' s " during the banquet. From left, Dr. C. K. Chamberlain, Mrs. Elizabeth Davis, Dr. Marvin Wade and Dean Rollin Sininger tally their decisions in preliminary Judging. An impressive array of beauties line up in forrrjal attire before the judges as Pageant activities get underway. 26 Misses Betty Tipton, Danille Ryan, Vicky Lobje, Bonnie Kridler, and Sara Bolton, five of the semi-finalists, compete in swimsuit competition. Beauty Pageant Miss Mikulek stands before her public as SFA ' s Miss Stone Fort. The climax of a lot of work, anxiety, and hope ends in the crowning of Miss Judy Mikulek as Miss Stone Fort of 1967. 27 Leaving Nacogdoches for the Texas Intercollegiate Press Association Convention are Rebecca Dupriest, James McComb, Brooke Battles, Mike Warms, Rodney Smith and Dr. Francine Hoffman, Pine Log and Stone Fort sponsor. Carolyn Lister and Katie Knight Associate Editors 4. Penny Newnam Editor-in-Chief — Spring semester 28 James McComb Pine Log Sports Editor — Spring semester Stone Fort Associate Sports Editor 30 31 The full cast of " Tiny Alice " toasts the pure abstraction, Alice. Left to right are Miss Alice, Faith Neilson; Brother Julian, David McCarver; the Lawyer, Bud Clarke; the Butler, Ken Love; and the Car- dinal, John Good. Edward Albee ' s ' Tiny Alice " In his controversial " Tiny Alice " Edward Albee employs a simple plot — a lay brother is to tie up, through a certain lawyer, some loose ends of a business contract between the church and a wealthy woman. Using this basis as a carrier for his message the playwright engages the sensational in order to force his audiences to think. He hits hard mentally at false illusion, gods created in man ' s image, the relationship between sexual hysteria and religious ecstasy, the conflict between selfless service and splendid martyrdom. Brother Jul- ian is finally left with the pure abstraction — be it God or Alice — and with his death and the final curtain the individual decides, with his own faith, which of two things happens. Either the abstraction personifies itself and so is proved real, or the dying man desperately creates and believes in what he knows doesn ' t exist. As Julian dies he is engulfed in the glow and the heartbeat of Alice. A major part of the preparation of Brother Julian as a sacrifice to Alice is his seduction by Miss Alice. 34 The Lawyer sarcastically kisses the ring of the Cardinal whom he has despised violently since childhood. World Wide Wickets ' executive washroom vibrates with song. Hedy (Judy Germer) and J. B. (John Good) coo lovingly at each other in the big boss ' s office. A Paris Original — and everyone had one! " How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying . . Finch (James Britton) takes one more verbal slice from Frump (Bob Bethea). Carnival fans found the Red Eye Saloon, sponsored by Beta Gamma Tau, a favorite refreshment spot. 37 Tenth Annual SFA Rodeo MISS CLAUDIA LUCE Rodeo Queen Anxious horse and rider get off fo a fasf start in the calf roping event. Mike Bradbury spurs the bul the chute. Harold G. Hill of the educa- tion faculty shows his winning form in the Faculty Calf-Tie event. Clowns add humor and excite- ment to the rodeo. 38 These are a few of the fa- vorite things that make SFA springtimes memorable- sunshine, blossoms, and young love Overcome with spring fever, Judy Baranski takes a moment to sniff of a doqwood blossom. Wistfully contemplating springtime dreams for the future, a couple pauses on the lawn of Lutheran Church Redeemer. Robbie Harris shows off a new-fangled " iron horse " in striking contrast to the ancient Spanish fortress, the Old Stone Fort. 40 " Good night, good nigh»! Parting till it be morrow. " such sweet sorrow, That I shall say good night How beautiful is night! A dewy freshness fills the silent air, No mist obscures, nor cloud nor speck nor stain Breaks the serene of heaven. Southey Curfew, be it 12 a peaceful scene. 1, makes the freshmen girls ' dorm Although an artist never dies, he does have to sleep- The Fine Arts Building by night. Daydreams for the future slumber on the lawn of Lutheran Church Redeemer. ' Would you believe? " — College Park! 41 Greek Week Activities The Phi Delta Theta team struggles to capture the lead from Delta Sigma Phi in the three-legged-man race. Pi Kappa Alpha seems to have developed technical difficulties. Excited fans cheer on the leaders in the sorority tricycle race. Sorority teams in the egg-smashing contest try diversionary tactics to prevent their falling victims to " the fish. " 43 " Why hubby, you look great!, " says Jane Baker to her husband Howard. Convocation " Practice makes perfect, " reminds Mr. McKewen to the excited graduates to be. DEPARTMENTAL AND STAFF Happy the man, and happy he alone — he who can call today his own. — — Dryden I 1% ' School of Education Dr. R. T. McKibben Dean of the School of Education The School of Education, headed by Dean Robert T. McKibben, includes the departments of education, agriculture, health and physical education and home economics. All programs leading to certification for teaching or for school service are coordinated through the School of Education. The school also provides, through its agriculture department, training for farmers, vocational agriculture teachers, county agents and soil conservation workers. The health and physical education courses help to develop total fitness in the individual and to prepare students for careers in the field of HPE. The objectives of home economics courses are personal devel- opment of each student, preparation for home and family living, preparation for a profession and service to the people of this area. Dean McKibben joined the SFA faculty in 1951, became head of the Department of Education in I960 and was appointed dean of the School of Education in 1965. Dr. McKibben received his B.S., M.A. and Ed.D. from the Uni- versity of Missouri. He is a member of the Texas State Teachers Association, the Association for Higher Education, the National Education Association and the American Association of Univer- sity Professors. Mrs. Lois Gamble Secretary to Dean McKibben 49 Dr. J. C. Green, Head of Department; B.S., M.Ed., Texas A M University; Ph.D., Louisiana State University Department of Agriculture The Department of Agriculture offers training leading to the degree of Bachelor of Science. Its specialized courses prepare students for positions as teachers of vocational agriculture; county agents; soil conservation workers and field representatives for feed, seed, and fertilizer companies. Other courses train students for careers as owner-opera- tor farmers. Stephen F. Austin State College was approved in 1950 for the training of vocational agriculture teachers by the State Board for Vocational Agriculture. Department of Home Economics Home Economics is a field of study concerned with all aspects of family living, their interrelationships and the total patterns which they perform. Objectives of the Department of Home Economics are the personal development of each student, preparation for home and family living, preparation for a profession and service to the people of the college area. Drawing its materials from its own research, from the arts and from the social, biological and physical sciences, home economics applies these principles to improving the lives of families and individuals. The emphasis given to the various areas of living is determined by the needs of individuals and families in the social environment of their times. Dr. Blanche Phillips, Head of Department; B.S., M.A., Texas Woman ' s University; Ph.D., Ohio State University Hattie Arthur Instructor Gladys Atherton Instructor Gwendolyn Schutte Instructor Mary Beth Tuck Instructor 51 Department of Health Men ' s Division Health education, physical education and recreation con- tribute to the common goal of education, the total develop- ment of the individual. The department prepares teachers of health and physical education for the elementary and secondary schools; teach- ers of driver education; athletic coaches and certified First Aid and Water Safety instructors. The department also contributes to the general education of all college students through its intramural programs and health and physical education courses which aim to develop total fitness in the individual. Dr. William Jerre Stanley, Head of Department; B.S.E., Arkansas Polytechnic College; M.S.E., D.Ed., University of Arkansas Ronnie Glenn Barra Instructor Leo Gordon Brown Instructor Marshall Brown Assistant professor Basketball Coach Mart Crawford Assistant Professor Track Coach Charles O. Dotson Assistant Professor Andrew Charles Grimland Instructor Ronnie N. Luslc Instructor Kenneth D. Morgan Instructor Jack Rhoads Instructor Joe Edward Richardson Instructor Raymond Lee Worsham Instructor And Physical Education Women ' s Division Shannon Osborne Instructor Denard Haden Instructor Dr. June Irwin Associate Professor Freddie Mae Dannhaus Instructor Sue Gunter Instructor Virginia Mathews Instructor Dr. Lucille Norton, Head of Department B.S., M.A., George Peabody College; Ed.D., New York Uni- versity Marie Saulsbery flashes a smile as Dr. June Irwin presents the $100 Lucille Norton Award to her. The award is presented annually to the most deserving physical education major. Department of Education The teacher education function of the college is to equip able persons for entrance into and success in the teaching profession and thus to further the education of children and youth of Texas. Teacher education is considered to be an institution-wide function with the Department of Education giving service in supplying instruction concerning the profession and in articulating and focusing the institution ' s resources toward the objective of well prepared teachers. The departmental offerings provide the preparation re- quired for the two teaching certificates granted in Texas — the provisional certificate and the professional certificate. Dr. Thomas Franks, Head of Department, Direc- tor of Teaching; B.S., Stephen F. Austin State College; M.Ed., University of Houston; Ed.D., Indiana University Dr. Arthur Benoy Associate Professor Dr. Henry Bennett Cooksey Assistant Professor Dr. Ralph Eddins Associate Professor Dr. L. W. Ellerbrook Professor Supervisor of Elementary Student Teaching Dr. Bill W. Hamrick Associate Professor Harold G. Hill Assistant Professor 54 Miss Tommye Darlene Jones, instructor, demonstrates to a prospective elementary teacher, Miss Carol Medley, the importance of visual aids in the study of the solar system. Tommye Darlene Jones Instructor Dr. LeRoy McClendon Professor Coordinator of Student Teaching Dr. Dwane Russell Assistant Professor Dr. Jack L. Spurrier Assistant Professor Dr. George S. Thompson Associate Professor Dr. John Thomas Thornton Jr. Assistant Professor Dr. Grady Werner Willingham Assistant Professor 55 School of Sciences and Mathematics The School of Sciences and Mathematics, headed by Dean E. L. Miller, offers courses in chemistry, biology, physics, mathematics and geology. The school provides the fundamental education required for professional studies and careers in scientific and mathematical fields and contributes to the liberal education of all students by presenting fundamental concepts and methods of the sciences and mathematics. The school also provides preprofessional programs and counseling for students planning to enter schools of medicine, dentistry, physical therapy, medical technology, nursing, veterinary medicine, osteo- pathy, optometry, pharmacy and engineering. Dean Miller joined the SFA staff in 1948 as head of the Department of Biology. He became dean of the School of Sciences and Mathe- matics in 1965. Dr. Miller received his B.S. from Iowa Wesleyan College and his M.S. and Ph.D. from the University of Iowa. He is a member of the Texas Academy of Science, the American Association for the Advancement of Science and the Iowa Academy of Science. Dr. E. L. Miller Dean of the School of Sciences and Mathematics Mrs. Jerry Rogers Secertary to Dean Miller 57 Department of Biology The Department of Biology has a three-fold purpose: to give students familiarity with the methods of science and the facts of biology needed by an educated person in the modern world; to provide opportunity for a broad foundation in biology for future professional work or study; to give basic training in several specialized fields to students who need a certain amount of fundamental training in biology in connection with major work in other departments. The Department of Biology includes a number of bio- logical fields — zoology, botany, entomology, bacteriology and physiology. Dr. Edwin Lynn Miller, Acting Head of De- partment; B.S., Iowa Wesleyan College; M.S., Ph.D., University of Illinois Dr. William W. Gibson Associate Professor Dr. Victor J. Hoff Assistant Professor Neal F. McCord Laboratory Supervisor Dr. Harry S. McDonald Associate Professor Dr. Kenneth Dean Mace Assistant Professor Dr. Walter Volley Robertson Assistant Professor Dr. Homer T. Russell Jr. Associate Professor D. Hugh B. Smith Professor Thomas Charles Stewart Instructor Byron VanDover Instructor 58 i Department of Chemistry The objectives of the Chemistry Department are to pre- pare students for graduate study in chemistry; to prepare students for positions in industry, government service and teaching; to allow science students with non-chemistry majors to relate chemistry to their major science; and to acguaint non-science students with the methods, concepts and achievements of the science of chemistry. It is hoped that an inquiring and open mind is stimulated in these courses and that the relationship of science to the other endeavors of man will be placed in its proper perspective. Dr. Jacob A. Seaton, Head of Department; B.S., M.S., University of Wichita; Ph.D., University of Illinois Dr. Harold E. Abbott Professor Dr. Elbert Lloyd Griffin Associate Professor Dr. Albert R. Machel Associate Professor Dr. Samuel S. Naistat Assistant Professor William W. Spurloclc Instructor Dr. Elbert Griffin, ham radio operator, has contacted 49 out of 50 states and several foreign countries including Pago Pago, Samoa, Sweden and Venezuela. 59 Offerings in Geology Training in geology is designed to prepare students in the funda- mentals of the earth sciences. Geology courses seek to contribute to the liberal arts education. In the program, students learn to explore, observe, analyze, inquire, classify, describe and interpret the record and content of rocks. Geology courses give prospective science students the basic facts of the earth sciences for use as a stepping stone to other science studies or for more advanced work in geology. Study in the earth sciences include earth structure, physical features of the earth ' s surface, rocks, minerals, fossils and the economic application of this knowledge. Dr. Paul Alan Wood, Director Ph.D., University of Arizona B.S., Auburn; M.S., Department of Physics Understanding and explaining observed physical phenomena in a logical uniform system of thought is the goal of physics. Objectives of the department include the preparation of students for further study or for professional responsibilities in physics with industry or government, providing students with an adequate background for work related sciences and medicine, assisting nonscience majors in developing an insight into the physical aspects of their environ- ment and the extensive scientific activity of today ' s society. The curriculum is designed to introduce students to the genera! principles which are the foundations of the present understanding in physics and to help s tudents develop scientific attitudes, insight and tech- niques. James Robert Crawford Instructor Dr. James C. Dennis Assistant Professor Dr. Marvin C. Crocker Jr. Assistant Professor Dr. John P. Decker, Head of Department B.S.E.E., M.S., University of Arkansas; Ph.D., Texas A M University 60 Department of Mathematics Students desiring to specialize in mathematics for the bachelor ' s degree are offered a four-year curriculum in the Department of Mathematics. Course offerings meet the needs of agriculture, business, economics, engineering, for- estry and science. The department provides for students in general education who are in the pre-dental, pre-law and pre-medical curricula. Prospective teachers are trained to teach both high school and elementary school mathematics. The prime objective of the department is to stimulate the interest of students and to prepare them for jobs which require knowledge of mathematics. Jasper E. Adams Instructor Dr. F. Doyle Alexander Associate Professor B. F. Boudria Instructor Harold E. Bunch Assistant Professor Julius Burkett Instructor Elton L Chaney Instructor William D. Clark Assistant Professor Michael A. Laidacker Instructor Billy Ruth LeBouf Instructor Joe A. Neel Instructor Jane F. Ritter Instructor Robert M. Wacaser Jr. Instructor Dr. W. I. Layton, Head of Department B.S., M.S., University of South Carolina; Ph.D., George Peabody College George Hardin, director of EDP Center, changes the tape on one of the data processing machines used by the college. 61 Dr. T. J. Kallsen Dean of the School of Liberal Arts The School of Liberal Arts, headed by Dean T. J. Kallsen, offers courses in business administration, economics, English, journalism, philosophy, geography, history, modern languages, political science, psychology, sociology and Bible. Emphasis is placed not only on training for a career but also on obtaining a well-rounded educa- tion. A secondary function of the school is administrative. The office of the dean advises with students who are undecided about their majors and with those who are departmental majors within the school; approves degree plans; and helps students solve their prob- lems within the regulations of the college. Dean Kallsen is now in his twelfth year at SFA. He served as head of the Department of English, Journalism and Philosophy until 1965. Dr. Kallsen received his B.A. from Mankato State College and his M.A. and Ph.D. from the University of Iowa. He is a member of the American Association of University Professors, the Texas Associa- tion of College Teachers, the National Council of Teachers of Eng- lish, the Conference of College Composition and Communication and the Modern Language Association. Sharron Graves Secretary to Dean Kallsen 63 Dr. Frank J. Lauderdale, Head of Departments of Business Administration and Economics; B.S., Central Missouri State College; M.Ed., Univer- sity of Missouri; Ph.D., University of Texas Departments of Business Administration The Department of Business Administration strives to give students adequate preparation for a career in busi- ness. The department seeks through its business courses to equip students with a broad background of general busi- ness information and an understanding of its meaning, some skill in the use of necessary business tools, an apprecia- tion of business principles and practices of the most suc- cessful companies and ability to apply general principles to everyday business problems and a clear-cut sense of the social responsibility which rests upon the business employer and employee. Dr. Robert S. Coe Associate Professor Don A. Evans Instructor Mabelle Kalmbach Instructor Jesse Mixon Assistant Professor Charles K. Phillips Instructor Charlotte M. Poe Instructor Carolyn M. Price Instructor Frank A. Ross Associate Professor I nk U Weldon L. Smith Instructor Dr. Allan T. Steele Associate Professor Jerry Strader Instructor and Economics The courses in economics seek to give students some conception of changing economic institutions; to contribute to the development of persons equipped to exercise their responsibilities as members of local, national and world communities; and to assist students in the problems of finding and holding remunerative, congenial employment and of making wise decisions as consumers. The study of economics is important to business and professional people because of the complexity of the high specialized market economy within which they operate. In a political democracy where government plays a major role in changing the economic system, the citizen- ship aspect of economics is important to all. Finally, the study of economics can help students prepare for the difficult decisions that face the American family as a consuming unit. Dr. Edwin W. Gaston Jr., Head of Department; B.S., M.S., Stephen F. Austin State College; Ph.D., Texas Technological College Dr. Walter E. Kidd, professor of English and resi- dent poet, is the author of numerous volumes of poet- ry. His most recent volume, West: Manhattan to Ore- gon, was written under the pen name, Conrad Pendle- ton. Department of English, Journalism and Philosophy The courses in English develop effective, appropriate use of English, present the literary heritage of English-speak- ing peoples and improve the understanding of practical and literary discourse. In language and literature English sup- plies essential education for all students. Some students, however, have particular interests and require a broader- than-average background in literature and the English lang- uage. The department meets these requirements on both the undergraduate and the graduate levels. With its English-Journalism emphasis, the department has two main objectives: to prepare students for a career in journalism and to train future teachers of journalism. A subsidiary objective is to improve the writing of any student and to foster understanding of mass media. Courses in philosophy are the most recent addition to the liberal arts program of the college. Dr. Francis Abernethy Professor Beeman Bentley Instructor Maurice W. Cecil Assistant Professor Harry D. Dawson Instructor Carolyn Foster Instructor Judith Frye Instructor Dr. Elma Heard Associate Professor Dr. Francine Hoffman Assistant Professor Supervisor of Student Publications Dr. Neal B. Houston Associate Professor 1 J l ■ M 1 1 " bert L. Verner and Don Thames of the English faculty and ' illiam Arscott of the art staff talk over plans for the SFA ' " erary Magazine. Daniel E. Lees Instructor Dr. John Joseph Quinn Professor Jarrell Richman Instructor Hugh Don Thames Instructor Johnnie Maude Tyler Instructor Judy West Instructor W. David Whitescarver Instructor John Fredrick Withey Assistant Professor Dr. Sybil Wyatt Associate Professor Offerings in Bible Bible courses are offered by the Bible Chairs, which are college affiliated agencies operated by the Baptist, the Church of Christ, the Methodist and the Roman Catholic churches. The Bible Chairs have as their objectives: (I) to provide courses that will help students gain not only an understanding of the history and the literature of the Bible but also an insight into its nature and meaning; (2) to foster through the study of the Bible an appreciation of the spiritual values in human culture; and (3) to provide for the special needs of students preparing to enter church- related vocations. Aln R. Reed Assistant Professor Wesley Bible Chair Gerald LePere Assistant Professor Baptist Bible Chair Fanning Yater Tant Instructor Church of Christ Bible Chair Vincent J. Powers Instructor Roman Catholic Bible Chair Dr. William T. Chambers, Head of Department; B.A., Indiana State Normal; M.S., Ph.D., Univer- sity of Chicago Department of Geography Geography is a descriptive and interpretative study of the surface or " face " of the earth as the physical environment of man. It treats the land and the peoples of the world as they are now, describing each country or region with its surface features, soils, climate, vegetation, minerals and population and pointing out relationships between the natural environment in specific areas and the industrial and cultural achievements of the inhabitants. Geography has both cultural and practical values. It imparts that knowledge and understanding of the home region, of the state and nation and of other parts of the world which marks educated people everywhere. Department of Sociology Dr. Harold N. Clements Sr. Assistant Professor George B. Mears Instructor Charles E. Vetter Instructor Dr. G. Loyd Collier Associate Professor Charles Garner Instructor Dr. M. B. Wade, Head of Department; B.S., Mid- dle Tennessee State College; M.A., Ph.D., George Peabody College 68 Department of History History is a study in the liberal arts. Life in a democra- tic society requires alert, civic-conscious citizens, who know and take pride in their country ' s past and who under- stand the problems that have confronted other nations; thus history enables as individual to become sensitive to the possibilities of the future. History courses survey the several fields of history and provide specialization in American and Modern European History. History programs are designed to serve students who are planning to enter different careers. History has a particu- larly close relationship with the sciences and the arts, with business, politics, law, diplomacy, the ministry and with teaching. The elementary teacher and the writer of fiction will find history beneficial. Dr. Charles K. Chamberlain, Head of Depart- ment; B.S., West Texas State University; M.A., Ph.D., University of Texas Dr. Vera Dugas Associate Professor Bobby H. Johnson Assistant Professor Tommie Jay Lowery Instructor Dr. Archie P. McDonald Associate Professor Dr. Robert S. Maxwell Professor Dr. Charles T. Nail Assistant Professor Dr. James L. Nichols Professor Allan M. Richman Instructor mam Department of Modern Languages The Department of Modern Languages, headed by Dr. Carl Keul, recognizes three principal objectives: to devel- op real competence in understanding, speaking, reading and writing a modern language; to cultivate an appreciation for the culture and civilization of the people whose language is being studied; and to provide guidance in preparation for the various opportunities in language work. Students may select language majors or minors from French, German or Spanish. Other courses offered by the Department are in Russian and independent language study. Graduate students may work toward the M.A. in the fields of French or Spanish. Dr. Carl Keul, Head of Department; B.A., West- minster College; M.A., Ph.D., Cornell University Will Barclay Instructor Ross Bridewell Assistant Professor Elizabeth Davis Assistant Professor Bonnie Elgin Instructor Dr. Vivian Gruber Associate Professor Manuel Mendoza Assistant Professor Dr. Olin Newton Associate Professor Hectorine Piercey Assistant Professor Edwin Shake Assistant Professor Department of Political Science The courses offered by fhe Department of Political Science, headed by Dr. Joe E. Ericson, are planned for stu- dents who are planning careers in law or in politics at the local, state or national level. Prospective teachers of the social sciences have an opportunity to broaden and deepen their knowledge of the subjects they will teach. Those wishing to enter civil service will find courses furnishing valuable background material and essential information about their field of work. The increasing importance of the role of government and its relation to individuals and social institutions imposes serious duties and responsibilities upon the citizen in a democratic system. Democracy depends for its success upon an intelligent, informed and participating citizenry. Joe David Cox Jr. Instructor James G. Dickson Jr. Instructor Charles W. Simpson Instructor Stephen W. Smith Assistant Professor John O. Stephens Assistant Professor Dr. Joe E. Ericson, Head of Department; B.S M.A., Ph.D., Texas Technological College Department of Psychology The Department of Psychology furthers the study and understanding of human behavior. To effect this purpose the department offers courses for the general education of all students and a major-minor program in general-experi- mental psychology as well as a graduate major for persons seeking such specialization. r. John T. Lewis III, Head of Department; A., Millsaps College; M.A., Ph.D., University of ississippi Kenneth Hackney Assistant Professor Dr. Everett L. Sutter Associate Professor Dr. Wayne J. Wilson Assistant Professor Dr. William L. Turner Dean of the School of Fine Arts The School of Fine Arts, headed by Dean William M. Turner, includes the departments of art, music, speech and drama. The school provides broad basic art foundations for students planning a professional career in art or art education. The schoo also offers opportunities for the development of skills in art and aesthetic understanding for the non-art major. The office of the dean seeks to promote and foster events in the performing arts which provide aesthetic growth to all students and to help maintain a cultural climate in the college. Dean Turner came to SFA in I960 as head of the Department of Music. He became dean of the School of Fine Arts in 1965. Dr. Turner received his B.S. and M.S. in music and his Ed.D. from North Texas State College. He is a member of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia and the Texas Music Educators Association. He has served on the board of the Association of College and Uni- versity Concert Managers. Mary Akin Secretary to Dean Turner 73 Department of Art The Art Curriculum has been designed to provide basic art foundations for the student who plans a professional career in art or art education. In addition to this twofold purpose the Department of Art provides training in cer- tain specialized areas especially designed for the non-art major. This training offers opportunities for the devel- opment of skills in art and aesthetic understanding in connection with major works in other departments. 4 3 J Dr. Creighton H. Delaney, Head of Department; B.A., Oklahoma City University; B.A., Central State College; M.A., Ph.D., Arizona State University William Arscott Instructor George Emrick Assistant Professor Harold W. Hill Instructor Jerry D. Poole Instructor Dr. Karl Schlicher Professor Department of Music j- r-s t ■ Instructor The Department of Music provides training for students wishing to follow careers in music as teachers or performers. The curricula for those students stress the development of a sound functional musicianship, using personal ex- perience with worthy music as a basis and the estab- lishment of a broad background in liberal arts so that under- graduate training will promote not only professional compe- tence but intellectual maturity. The Department of Music also provides opportunities for musical experience and expression for students who are majoring in other areas of study. These students may participate in the band, orchestra, stage band, choir or musical shows and may pursue individual study of voice, piano, organ or other instruments. ml 19BSHH Dr. Dan Beaty Assistant Professor David W. Jones Assistant Professor Wilson Pickering Instructor Norma Hagerman Radoff Instructor George West Assistant Professor Dr. Gordon Ohlsson, Head of Department; B.A., B.M., Hastings College; M.A., Ed.D., Columbia University 74 Department of Speech The Department of Speech exists to meet two needs of the college. First, it offers instruction in a general education to aid all students in meeting the common speech situations. Second, it trains majors and minors to meet professional needs. At all times an attempt is made to realize that the student is being trained to appear outside the classroom as well as in it; that speech has social utility as well as beauty; and that the average man in the average conversa- tion or audience, untrained in appreciating the niceties of speech, is the eventual critic. The Department of Speech offers study in dramatics, interpretation, radio-television, rhetoric and public address and speech and hearing therapy. Dr. Robert Capel, Head of Department; B.A., Wil- liam Penn College; M.A., Ph.D., University of Wisconsin Reece Elliott Instructor Donald L. Graham Assistant Professor Thomas Martin Matthys Instructor Mac R. Moseley Assistant Professor Elnita Stanley Assistant Professor James Edward Towns Instructor Dr. W. K. Waters Associate Professor James Willert Instructor Dr. Laurence C. Walker Dean of the School of Forestry The School of Forestry, headed by Dean Laurence C. Walker, offers training in the management of forest land for maximum return of timber and associated products. In addition to timber, forest lands provide watershed protection, soil stabilization, live- stock range, wildlife refuge and recreational facilities for camping, hunting and fishing. The School of Forestry educates young men and women in the correct management of forest lands for con- tinuous production of these goods and services. The school also conducts research to help solve the problems of conserving forests. Dr. Walker became dean of the School of Forestry in 1965. He received his B.S. from Pennsylvania State University, his M.F. from Yale University and his Ph.D. from State University of New York. Dr. Walker is a member of the Society of American Foresters, the Texas Forestry Association, the American Forestry Associa- tion, the Soil Science Society of America and Phi Eta Sigma. Nancy King Secretary to Dean Walker 77 Department of Forestry Forestry is the management of forest lands for the con- tinuous production of goods and services. The main ob- jective of the Department of Forestry is to give a profes- sional education in forestry which will enable graduates to manage forest land for the maximum return of timber and associated products. The department conducts research which contributes to the solution of many forest problems of the Nacogdoches area and which, through education and publicity, emphasizes the importance of forest lands and the correct methods of their management. Another objective of the Department of Forestry and its faculty is to counsel students concerning their indivi dual interest in the forestry curriculum, its options and in the profession. The office of the Dean of the School advises students undecided about options and approves degree plans, class schedules, and final graduation plans. Dr. Laurence C. Walker, Dean of School; B.S., Pennsylvania State University; M.F., Yale Univer- sity; Ph.D., State University of New York Dr. Robert B. Baker Associate Professor Dr. M. Victor Bilan Associate Professor Dr. Leonard F. Burkart Associate Professor Dr. Eugene F. Hastings Assistant Professor Ellis V. Hunt Jr. Assistant Professor Mary Jo Linthicum Forestry Librarian Dr. Nelson Samson Associate Professor Dr. James Robert Singer Assistant Professor Dr. Arthur F. Verrall Professor Dr. Kenneth Watterson Assistant Professor Dr. Harry V. Wiant Jr. Associate Professor 78 Sylvans Attend I Oth Annual Forestry Conclave At University of Georgia Bill Snow and Ted Fox, on the cross-cut saw, race against the clock to win the Cant sawing contest. Chuck Coates and Tim Hill urge them on while help- ing to hold the wooden block. Log chopping was one of the events at the conclave. Here Bill Snow shows that he is a real Lumberjack by exhibiting his proficiency with an ax. Sylvans practiced many months on the SFA campus for the pole climbing events to be held at the conclave. 79 Dr. Walter Kidd, Dr. Francis Abernethy, Mrs. Maurice Cecil and John Withey, SFA English instructors, pose for a picture during the President ' s Christmas Reception. James Ross Snyder, SFA art instructor, is seen with two of his pictures that were displayed in the College Center Gazebo. Outside Travis A. Cox, music instructor, and David W. Jones, associate profes of music, assist Paul Freeman with his piccolo trumpet. Adding to the decor of the President ' s Christmas Reception was a table decoration comprised of a Christmas wreath frozen in ice. vlme. Hectorine Piercey, SFA French instructor, presents Miss Gail Abrahamson, •reshman French major, with a one-year Sorbonne scholarship. fe ' The Classroom Dr. Elma Heard, SFA English instructor for 18 years, is always willing to give the inguisitive student a look at the books in her collection. 81 Administrative Assistants Lena Arnwine, R.N. College Nurse John Lynn Bailey Executive Director, Alumni Services James R. Benson EDP Center Elmer Childers Manager, Food Services Paul Durrett Director, College Center Clyde Iglinsky Associate Director, Admissions Jerry K. Johnson Director of Placement, Loans, Scholarships W. P. Killingsworth, M.D. College Physician Ralph E. McCormack Manager, College Bookstore Kenneth McFarland Director of Housing Thomas Montgomery Postmaster Helen M. Shipp Chief Switchboard Operator Madge Stallings Director, Stenographic Bureau Richard Voigtel Assistant Director, Ad missions Melvin H. Wester Director of Guidance Travis Whitaker Auditor 82 Library Staff Back Row Miss Mary A. Nooe, Assistant Librarian; Miss Mildred Wyatt, Director East Texas Room; Miss Elizabeth Tucker, Library Assistant. Third Row Mrs. Vivian Hickerson, Library Assistant; Mrs. Vicki Rains, Library Assistant; Mrs. Ruth Lane, Library Assistant; Miss Gloria White, Library Assistant. Second Row Mrs. Sue Ellen Brown, Library Assistant; Mrs. Brenda H. Clifton, Library Assistant; Miss Peggy Wedgeworth, Assistant Librarian; Miss Sue Taylor, Assistant Librarian. First Row Wilbert D. Blackmon, Library Assistant; Miss Cleo Kelly, Assistant Librarian; Mrs. Shirley Warrendorf, Library Assistant; Mrs. Elizabeth Ann Chandler, Library Assistant; Dr. Floyd R. Meyer, Library Diector. 32 Nina McCarty, Gibbs Hall Eura Wiseman, Wisely Hall Dorris McHenry, Mays Hall Fay Gordon, South Dorm Myra Crawford, North Dorm Susie Hamilton, Dorm 7 nd Assistants Annis McKay, Dorm 10 Pauline Turner, Unit III Sammie Mouton, Dorm 13 85 SPORTS Far off I hear the crowing of the cocks, And through the opening door that time unlocks Feel the fresh breathing of Tomorrow creep. — Longfellow 86 88 Fullback Exhausted, Jim Tomlin catches his breath with the aid of oxygen during the SFA-Sul Ross game. 1966 Football Schedule SFA OPPONENT Sept. 17 East Central Oklahoma at SFA 21 Sept. 24 Angelo State at San Angelo 34 14 Oct. 1 Open Oct. 8 Texas A l at Kingsville 22 21 Oct. 15 Sul Ross at SFA 13 14 Oct. 22 Howard Payne at Brownwood 3 Oct. 29 Sam Houston at SFA 21 14 Nov. 5 Southwest Texas at San Marcos 7 20 Nov. 12 McMurry at Abilene Nov. 19 East Texas at SFA 24 7 91 . !- S ' -- ' ' - ,. " All the way big Jacks . . . ■ 3 Jimmy Lopez Defensive Halfback Drive On Mutt! Frank Lane Left Tackle Thomas Mixon Fullback Tim Chatagnier Halfback Jimmy Brown Halfback ' Give ' Em Hell Big Jacks Dick Davis, 5 ' Guard Wayne Fults. 6 ' 4 " Fo ward SFA George Johnson, 6 ' Center King Campbell, 6 ' 4 " Forward Basketball 1966-67 Narvis Anderson, 6 ' 8 " Forward Lile Crowe, 6 ' 4 " Forward Ervin Polnick, 6 ' 4 ' Guard Marvin Polnick, 6 4 " Guard Surry Oliver, 6 ' 6 " Forward Harvey Rayson, 6 ' 0 " Forward 96 THE SEASON AT A GLANCE Marshall Brown, head basketball coach at SFA, introduced a new breed of young cage players to his overwhelming audience of basketball fans this year. Starting the season were 12 cagers — seven more than were needed to fill a starting lineup. Nine of the twelve were freshmen, two were sophomores and one was a junior. Starting the season off in Shelton Gym against East Texas Baptist, the Jacks fought their hearts out all the way to upset ETBC 77-63 for the first win of the season. And they didn ' t stop there. By the time the Lumberjacks were three weeks deep in season play they had already defeated seven straight opponents and were facing Texas A M, one of the biggest of the non-conference contenders on their schedule. In the game the Jacks proved they could compete with the Southwest Confer- ence as well as the Lone Star Conference. Texas A M won the game, its first win of the season, but SFA gave the Aggies a good run for their money. The Jacks had tied the game and with two seconds remaining found themselves two points behind with the ball on the Aggies ' end of the court. Not making the badly needed two points the Jacks lost the game 78-76, their first loss of the season. The Lumberjacks finished the season with a 19-7 record, identical with the 1964-65 record that netted a LSC championship. Of the seven losses for the season only one was witnessed in Nacogdoches, a 66-64 upset by Arlington State in a rematch game. Only two weeks before, SFA had de- feated Arlington 90-86 in Arlington. Probably the most sensational home game ot the season was the rematch with Howard Payne. SFA never trailed during the contest and they upset the ' Jackets 102-80. At that time Howard Payne was rated as the number 2 small college basketball team in the nation. They were undefeated through 12 conference games. The Yellowjackets had previously defeated SFA 99-84 in Brownwood. Struggling to keep a rebound Lumberjack George Johnson gets all wrapped up with a Texas Aggie who insisted the rebound was his. mi Dick Davis scores another two points against the Howard Payne Yellowjackets. Dick, a 5 ' 8 " freshman, rallied for 30 points as the Jacks powered past Howard Payne. Coach Marshall Brown and star freshman George Johnson watch the action as SFA maintains a healthy lead over the Yellowjackets. 97 George Johnson, below, destroys all hopes for a Texas Aggie field goal as he puts a hand over the basketball. Aiding Big George is Marvin Polnick. Freshman Surry Oliver is forced out of bounds on this play, but not before he saved the ball. Surry was the only Lumberjack to make the all conference ratings this year. He maintained a 20 point scoring average at the end of the conference play. Coach Marshall Brown at his job . . . coaching tre SFA Lumberjacks to win over the Howard Payne Yellowjackets in Shelton Gym. SEASON RECORD (19-7) CCA or A UrrUNbN 1 11 East Texas Baptist 63 68 LeTourneau Tech 64 122 Houston Baptist 61 81 Midwestern University 79 90 Arlington State 86 96 McNeese State 87 75 Houston Baptist 57 76 Texas A M 78 83 LeTourneau Tech 75 64 McNeese State 74 93 Northwestern Louisiana 71 64 Arlington State 66 60 Sul Ross 47 84 Howard Payne 99 91 Sam Houston 82 60 Sam Houston 66 99 McMurry 83 83 East Texas 70 78 Southwest Texas 77 93 Texas A l 67 79 East Texas 86 89 McMurry 81 83 Texas A l 73 67 Southwest Texas 74 102 Howard Payne 80 1 12 Sul Ross 80 taught from all sides and not knowing where to throw the ball, v ' ayne Fults decides between the legs of an East Texas State eager as his only chance. Wayne gave to Marvin Pol nick who rallied for a vo point field goal from the side. Harvey Rayson, the little man with all the speed, found and used every possible way of getting around the big fellas. Here Harvey stops short of the basket and pitches in a pair of points over the head of East Texas ' William Gaines. 1966-67 SEASON CUMULATIVE STATISTICS 26-GAME SUMMARY NO. FIELD GOALS FREE THROWS RB TP players GAMES ATT. MADE PCT. ATT. MADE PCT. NO. AVG. NO. AVG. Oliver 26 347 201 .579 139 96 .691 250 9.6 498 19.2 Johnson 25 310 155 .500 178 112 .629 322 12.9 422 16.9 M. Polnick 26 208 1 16 .558 1 18 83 .703 150 5.8 315 12.1 Rayson 22 236 91 .386 98 67 .684 67 3.0 249 1 1 .3 E. Polnick 24 187 88 .471 86 59 .686 126 5.3 235 9.8 Fults 26 160 70 .438 39 15 .385 81 3.1 155 6.0 Davis 23 100 42 .420 44 40 .909 16 0.7 124 5.4 Campbell 24 59 23 .390 26 17 .654 49 2.1 63 2.6 Anderson IS 24 9 .375 .000 21 1.4 18 1.2 Crowe 5 4 1 .250 3 .000 3 0.6 2 0.4 Hawkins 10 43 20 .465 25 19 .760 25 2.5 59 5.9 Hudson 9 18 8 .444 16 13 .813 10 I.I 29 3.3 team TOTALS 26 1696 824 772 521 .675 1220 46.9 2169 83.4 OPP 26 1658 732 643 462 .719 1010 38.8 1926 74.1 99 SFA ' s 1967 Cindermen First Row: Herbie Flora, David Hall, Loyd Carey Second Row: Bobby Morisak, Brooks Griffin, Doug Moore Third Row: Robert Bergfeld, George Halas, Donald Newman, Mike Moran Fourth Row: Henry Malone, Ronnie Clark, Wilbur Johnson, James Martin 100 101 103 104 ■ J 105 Mike Carswell, winner of the 1967 SFA Bowling Tournament, defeated previous champion Mike Haney with a three-game score of 608. SFA ' s star linksman Sandy Hanes, right, was runner-up for the medalist trophy. Coach Travis Hughes presents the winner, Jay Gannaway of Sam Houston State, the award. Champs In Other Sports After defeating three-year winner Grover Belcher, sophomore Mike Ferrell became SFA ' s billiards champion following the SFA Billiards Tournament in the College Center. David Nutt, representing Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity, compiled 15,860 points to win the decathlon intramural champi- onship. Muscleman Mike Jones, iunior student at SFA, won the Mr. Central Texas title for his physique and weight lifting. 109 PERSONALITIES So here hath been dawning Another blue day. Think wilt thou let it Slip useless away? Out of eternity This new day is born; Into eternity At night will return. Behold it aforetime No eye ever did; So soon it for ever From all eyes is hid. — Carlyle no item Miss Susan Brock First Runner-up Miss Carla Barwick Second Runner-up Miss Stone Jort KiMners-Up Miss Bonnie Kridler Third Runner-up Miss Betty Tipton Fourth Runner-up Who ' s Who at S?A Mrs. Susan Low Allen San Augustine Home Economics Mrs. Mat+ie Josephine Collins Nacogdoches Business Education Twenty-three Stephen F. Austin stu- dents were named to Who ' s Who Among Students in American Uni- versities and Colleges. Selection was made by a committee chosen by President Ralph W. Steen consisting of one member of each of the five schools, the dean of men and the dean of women. To be eligible, a student must be either a junior or a senior. Selection is based on grades, promise, attitude and student work. " In making this selection, we are trying to consider the total person, " said Dean Ernestine Henry. I 15 1 16 Carnival Queen J[iiss Suzanne Mattson Momecoming Queen M iss Sara Molten Homecoming Koyalty Sara Bolton Homecoming Queen . . . Alpha Chi Omega Sorority . . . Junior Favorite 1966 ... Annual Staff 1965 ... Student Congress ... ACEI Vice President . . . Mem- ber TSEA . . . Elementary Educa- tion Major Dorothy Hardin Homecoming Duchess . . . Chi Omega Sorority . . . Sylvan Club Duchess 1966 ... Publicity And Hospitality Committee . . . Busi- ness Major 123 124 and Miss S9A Karen Wilson and fim Wilson fraternity i Miss Peggy Underdown Beta Gamma Tau Miss Judy Baldwin Theta Chi Sweethearts Miss Betty Watford Alpha Phi Omega Miss Karen Martin Pi Kappa Alpha 129 ORGANIZATIONS Today is yesterday returned; returned Full-powered to cancel, expiate, raise, adorn, And reinstate us on the rock of peace; Let it not share its predecessor ' s fate, Nor like its elder sisters die a fool. — Young 130 132 Interfraternity Council The IFC, governing body of the fraternity system, is composed of representatives from each fraternity. Members are Joe Ramsey, Pi Kappa Alpha; Nelson Flanagan, Teke; Robert Dutcher, Teke; Jerry Rogers, Pi Kappa Alpha; Orlend Braun, Pi Kappa Alpha; Ken Johnson, Phi Delta Theta; Johnny Clauson, Beta Gamma Tau; James Kyle, Delta Sigma Phi; Julian Bush, Delta Sigma Phi; Reagan McKewen, Phi Delta Theta; Lindsey Pack, Beta Gamma Tau; Larry Sullivan, Phi Delta Theta; Walter Shugart, Theta Chi; John- ny Coats, Theta Chi. Seated are David Rhoden, secretary-treasurer, Pi Kappa Alpha; Mike Sanders, presi- dent, Pi Kappa Alpha; Charles Bradbury, vice president, Delta Sigma Phi. Panhellenic Council Composed of three representatives from each sorority, the Panhellenic Council aims to keep sorority life unified and on a high level within the college. Members are Dianne Hall, Sigma Kappa; Nancy Gose, Sigma Kappa; Susan Manger, Delta Zeta; Linda Spivey, Alpha Chi Omega; Annette Hardin, Delta Zeta; Linda Innis, Alpha Chi Omega; Janet Tarrant, secretary, Delta Zeta; Linda Green, president, Alpha Chi Omega; Ruthann Pechulis, Sigma Kappa; Lavelle Miles, Chi Omega. Alpha Chi Omega Alpha Chi Omega, formerly Fidele Social Club, is the newest national sorority on campus. After several visits from national Alpha Chi Omega representatives, Fideles received permission to peti- tion formally for membership. Following the official pledgeship, the new colony and its pledges were formally installed as mem- bers of Epsilon Eta Chapter of Alpha Chi Omega May 5-7. Active participants in school activities, Alpha Chi Omegas have received honors throughout the year. Outstanding members are Sara Bolton, Homecoming Queen; Nancy Brown Cummings, Senior Duchess; Judy Mikulek, Miss Stone Fort; Janis Behrends, TSTA State Secretary; Phyllis Coussons, Phi Delta Theta Sweetheart; Judy Baldwin, Theta Chi Sweetheart; Sharon Ross, Student Con- gress Senior Representative and Who ' s Who for 1967; Jeanie Mil- ler, Junior Student Congress Representative; Jane Nettle Westfall, Linda Spivey and Trudy Mitchell, Cheerleaders and Christi Hanna and Jennifer Roberts, Who ' s Who for 1967. OFFICERS Fidele Social Club President Sue Calk Vice President Charlotte Hyams Treasurer Judy Truitt Rush Chairman Sandy Holley Pledge Trainer Cheryl Brundahl Alpha Chi Omega President Judy Baldwin First Vice President Joann Scott Second Vice President Cheryl Brundahl Treasurer Pam Scaggs Rush Chairman Vicky Lobue Top Row, I. to r. Trudy Mitchell, Pat Henry, Ann Sawyer, Sherry Richardson, Sally Reid, Linda Rote, Karen Young, Sharon Heath, Kathy Brown, Sandra Thomas. Bottom Row, Karen Warren, Judy Clark, Beverly Kimble, Linda Loggins, Susan Rogers, Veronica Sherman, Ouida Miles, Linda Orth, Stephany Schifani, Carolyn Holmes. At the All-Campus Carnival Alpha Chi Omegas served ice cream Hawaiian style. 134 Baldwin, Judy Beach, Margaret Behrends, Janis Benefield, Melissa Blakeway, Sandy Blevins, Beverly Bolton, Sara Bowling, Beverly Broadway, Carol Brundahl, Cheryl Bruner, Nell Calk, Ann Calk, Sue Clabaugh, Judy Coussons, Phyllis Cummings, Nancy Frenaley, Janeen Garrett, Dianne Graves, Janie Grayson, Martha Green, Linda Hale, Harriet Halyard, Sammye Hamilton, Frances Handley, Eva Hanicak, Patricia Hanna, Ghristi Harborth, Glenda Hardman, Pam Hawley, Sandi Human, Gail Hunt, Karen Hyams, Charlotte Innis, Lynda Jacob, Linda Kenny, Dianna Kerr, Linda Kopczynski, Jo-Claire Lampton, Sharon Lobue, Vicky Mikulek, Judy Miller, Jeanie Mooney, Teresa Myers, Deborah Nettle, Jane Oliveria, Judith Porter, Barbara Roberts, Jennifer Rockholt, Marilyn Scaggs, Pam Scott, Joanne Smith, Jimmie Spaulding, Carol Soivey, Lvnda Truitt, Judy Walters, Carol Watson, Becky Williams, Janis Ashley, Mrs. Janelle, Sponsor Davis, Mrs. Elizabeth, Sponsor 135 Chi Omega was founded April 5, 1895 at the University of Arkansas. The Eta Zeta Chapter at SFA was established December 7, 1963. The Chi Omegas have enjoyed a busy year of pleasure and philanthropies. A bring-your-own-date Ski Party was enjoyed in the fall along with a Tour Around the World Party given by the pledges. At Christmas retarded children of Nacogdoches were entertained at Nacogdoches Youth Center. An open house was held at the College Center December 7 to celebrate Eta Zeta ' s third anniversary at SFA. A theme from the Old South was used March 18 at the Chi Omega Spring Formal at Fairway Farms. Spring pledges were kept busy making kites for the Annual Kite-Flying Contest and hunting eggs at City Park. Chi Omega also aided the March of Dimes Telerama by contributing $50. Founder ' s Day was celebrated April 8 with an Eleusinian Banquet. Chi Omega OFFICERS FALL 1966 SPRING 1967 Louise McDaniel President Karen Wilson Linda Jones Vice President Jorgann Jackson Judy Clancy Secretary Vicki McGilvray Jorgann Jackson Treasurer Joan Griffin Linda Windham Pledge Trainer Jana James Chi Omegas sing at the ' 66 Sing-Song at Christmastime. Their caroling won them first place in the contest. Spring Pledges: Annis McRee, Suzann Mattson, Nancy Critz, Ann Barton, Linda Williams, Karen Arnett, Diane Koening, Mary Emily Price, Teresa Lu- cas, Paula Minyard, Jean Copeland, Margaret Gaston, Diane Leighton, Karen Hughes, Kay Hughes, Judi Floyd, Glee Galbraith, Tina Duvall, Debbie Wilcox and Kathy Gaston. Allen, Suzanne Atkinson, Judy Banes, Margaret Battle, Linda Bearden, Jana Bentley, Phyllis Bogard, Sharon Bolin, Becky Breland, Lynn Brown, Judy Burns, Mary Beth Burris, Susan Cosgrove, Carol Davis, Diane Davison, Rebecca Duhon, Dianne Fennell, Charlotte Few, Bonnie Gholston, Karen Graves, Sharon Gray, Rebecca Gurtler, Dona Griffin, Joan Haley, Betty Hancock, Lynne Hanicak, Phyllis Hardin, Dorothy Hermann, Deborah Henderson, Carolyn Hendley, Sue Herrington, Sue Jackson, Jorgann James, Jana Jennings, Janet Jones, Linda Kiser, Deborah Koarth, Mary Landers, Sherry Levacy, Becky Loveall, Judy Malloy, Judy Martin, Karen Martin, Marilyn McClure, Sydney McDanie l, Louise McGilvray, Vickie Medley, Candy Miles, Lavelle Moller, Mary Morris, Kitty Moulton, Marsha Neumann, Mary Oberholtzer, Karen Polanovich, Dee Ann Powell, Sally Ramey, Rachel Read, Linda Redfern, Judy Ridgway, Patti Sanders, Salle Sandifer, Jane Shaw, Sharon Steele, Suzanne Stock, Connie Strickland, Jane Sturrock, Janis Stutsmann, Suzanne Tackett, Kathy Vibrock, Sandra Waller, Lesal Watson, Vicki Whitton, Linda Wilder, Alice Wilson, Karen Windham, Linda Womack, Berkey 22 Delta Zeta Master of Ceremonies Glen Jennings, Dance Chairman Jan Hendricks and President Margaret Miller are seen at the Spring Formal. Delta Zeta Sorority was founded at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio in 1902. Delta Zeta came to SFA May 4, 1963. DZ ' s fourth year was active on campus with Project Viet Nam, Project Little Girl, volunteer work in the Easter Seal Drive and March of Dimes Telerama, and a formal presentation of pledges at the first annual Rose Ball. Some outstanding Delta Zetas are Susan Brock, first runner-up in Miss Stone Fort Pageant; Carla Barwick, second runner-up for Miss Stone Fort; Melinda Bates, freshman favorite and sophomore duchess; Janell Burkhart, Pike pledge class sweetheart; Janet Grams, Theta Chi pledge class sweetheart; Brenda Herren, presi- dent of Kappa Delta Pi, TSEA president and Who ' s Who; Nancy Davis, sophomore representative; Margaret Miller, Math Club presi- dent; Dianna Morton, Who ' s Who and Kappa Delta Pi; Margie Aycock, Beta Beta Beta and Kappa Delta Pi; Diana Fountain, Alpha Chi Honor Society and Kappa Delta Pi. Kay Allsup, Donna Burnett, Margaret Birdsong, Carolyn Weaver, Gail Hendershot and Janie Leimgrubler prepare Easter Seal letters. Spring pledges L to R Front Row: Susie Roquemore, Barbara Yarbrough, Darlene Hask ins, Gay Hearne, Carolyn Weaver; Second Row: Judy Baranski, Valerie Diehl, Gail Hendershot, Kay Allsup, Patty Walsh; Third Row: Ginger Cox, Sandi Smith, Barbara Parks, Janie Leimgrubler, Pam Naylor, Rita Rougagnac; Top Row: Diana Rohrs, Donna Burnett, Marsha Calloway, Anne McConville, Margaret ' Birdsong. Adam, Andrea Adams, Cathy Anderson, Linn Ardrey, Gayle Aycock, Marjorie Baird, Beverly Barwick, Carla Bates, Melinda Blankenship, Martha Boon, Marjorie Braun, Wendy Breazeale, Linda Brock, Susan Browning, Beth Burkhart, Janell Bush, Beverly Cabness, Carolyn Cashman, Sally Cloyd, Carol Cole, Cathy Daniel, Betty Dansby, Dona Davidson, Mary Davis, Nancy Dollison, Kappie Egger, Pamela Flanagan, Carman Flanders, Peggy Flynn, Noreen Fountain, Diana Grams, Janet Hardin, Annette Hargrove, Betty Harris, Barbara Hazlewood, Suzanne Hendricks, Jan Herren, Brenda Hill, Jane Holder, Daphna Howard, Janice Jensen, Eileen King, Pat Ludtke, Diane Manger, Susan Marsh, Cindy Mazzare, Patricia McDonald, Cheryl Miller, Judy Miller, Margaret Mohler, Mary Nelle Moore, Rand Morton, Diana Muckleroy, Karen Noble, Bonnie Patterson, Neil Rumm, Sharon Stuart, Bonita Tarrant, Janet Walters, Cheryl Wilson, Jean Wood, Cheri Woodard, K aren Woodley, Mary Zorn, Patsy OFFICERS FALL SPRING Diana Morton President Margaret Miller Brenda Herren .Vice President Melinda Bates Barbara Harris Secretary Annette Hardin Margaret Miller Treasurer Susan Brock Cathy Adams Pledge Trainer Cheryl McDonald 139 Sigma Kappa The first chapter of Sigma Kappa was established at Colby Col- lege, Waterville, Maine, in 1874. The Gamma Chi chapter was char- tered on the campus of Stephen F. Austin in 1959. A Christmas Dance, the Founders Day program, the Pledges ' kidnap breakfast and the Spring Formal highlighted the year for Sigma Kappa. Outstanding members of the sorority during the past year were Becky Newton, Alpha Chi, Beta Beta Beta Gibbs Hall duchess; Marie Saulsbery, Delta Psi Kappa president and duchess; Becky Gresham, Psychology Club president; Sherry Youngblood, Psychology Club reporter; Linda Owen, Homemaking Club second vice president; Danille Ryan, Stone Fort Beauty Contest semifinalist; Donna Jo Stephens, Stone Fort Beauty Contest semifinalist, Miss Stone Fort duchess, debate honors; and Pixie Smith, freshman reporter. Becky Newton, Diane Hall and Sherry Youngblood attended the na- tional convention in Puerto Rico FALL SPRING Becky Newton President Becky Newton Danille Ryan .Vice-President Nancy Gose Evelyn Jones Secretary Evelyn Jones Linda Long Treasurer Linda Long Spring pledges include: Back Row: Joyce McKnight, Sally Laxton, Margaret Atkins, Cindy Johnson, Patricia Pledger. Middle Row: Susan Cart, Judy Hays, Zillah Short, Helen Force, Linda McKinley, Meagen Shirley. Front Row: Pixie Smith, Linda Owens, Nancy Martin, Kathy Corbin, Madalyn Brand. Pictured is the Sigma Kappa Isle of Oahu booth most decorative entry in the Spring Carnival. hich won the $50 prize for the 140 Barton, Sherry Bosl, Susan Capps, Linda Clark, Jean Cooper, Brenda Funke, Mona Gandy, Becky Gill, Toni Goebel, Charlene Gose, Nancy Grissom, Jane Hall, Diane Hartzog, Judy Jackson, Ruth Jones, Evelyn Kendrick, Anna Kirkpatrick, Karen Lacy, Tommie Long, Linda Luster, Linda McFadden, Sharon McPherson, Sylvia Machlltt, Kathy Moore, Sharon Moss, Sue Moulden, Mary Mueller, Linda Newman, Jan Newton, Becky Pechulis, Ruthann Pollock, Patricia Prince, Diane Prince, Linda Pringle, Jovce Ryan, Danille Saulsbery, Marie Schuler, Thilda Scott, Melba Smith, Cheryl Shaw, Sandra Stephens, Donna Tedder, Jan Trimble, Jan Vann, Shirley White, Carolyn Williams, Pat Youngblood, Sherry 141 Beta Gamma Tau Beta Gamma Tau, men ' s social fraternity, is in its second year on the SFA campus. In 1966, the club was chartered to further expand the existing Greek system of brother- hood. Beta Gamma Tau is working toward affiliation with the national Kappa Alpha fraternity. Beta Gamma Tau has actively participated in campus activities this year. Fraternity members officiated the activ- ities of Greek Week and entered a booth, the Red Eye Saloon, in the annual Spring Carnival. Anderson, Thomas H. Bezdek, Robert L. Brown, Larry J. Cauble, James W. Childress, Alan L. Clark, A. D. Clausen, Johnny Coats, James L. Doughman, Sid A. Fields, A. B. Fomby, Ed. L. Ford, Michael P. Fricke, Charles J. Garner, Jay L. Graham, Jim I. Gray, James P. Greathouse, Robert K. Hill, Lynn H. Horton, Ernie H. Joiner, Jay A. Lupfer, Robert G. McCarty, Michael L. McDonald, Russell N. Morse, Ronald C. Nunan, Tim P. Pack, Lindsy E. Ray, Joel V. Robinson, Ted L. Rose, Joseph G. Schlief, Edward L. Schlief, Gerald W. Smith, Ceasar Swearingen, David S. Teal, John R. Teal, Thomas F. Underdown, David R. ■ Thames, Don Sponsor Jim Graham and A. D. Clark helped at the Red Eye Saloon during the Spring Carnival. 143 FALL OFFICERS Jim Kyle, President Julian Bush, Vice President Johnny Walker, Secretary Charles Bradberry, Treasurer Max Payne, Pledgemaster Tommy Sanders, Sergeant-at-arms SPRING OFFICERS Julian Bush, President Tommy Sanders, Vice President James Smith, Secretary Gary Martin, Treasurer Max Payne, Pledgemaster Tommy Foley, Sergeant-at-arms Delta Sigma Phi Delta Sigma Phi was founded at City College of New York in 1899. Since its beginning, over 100 chapters have been founded throughout the United States. SFA ' s Sawyer Social Club became the Delta Pi chapter of Delta Sigma Phi in I960 and was the first national fraternity on campus. For the third straight year, the Delta Sigs won the intramural championship, thereby retiring the all-sports trophy. They also traveled to Sam Houston State in Hunts- ville to win their third Delta Tau Delta Relays champion- ship. Among the Delta Sigs holding school offices are Charles Bradberry, IFC President, and Tommy Sanders and Johnny Walker, Student Congress representatives. Months of preparation go into the annual spring rope pull between th pledge classes of Delta Sigma Phi and Theta Chi. Delta Sig pledges for the spring semester are, from left, Ben Caperton, Jim Goodrich, Milce Brown, Mike More- land, Sparky Greenville, First Row; Ken Tomlinson, Lub- bie Whitmire, Dickey Cooper, Mark Mosely, Dennis Hart- ly, Bill Holt, Jerry Richardson, Second Row; James Dea- ton, Jack Knott, Wayne Gerry, Frank Beauchamp, Bob Barrett, Fred Smith, Rick Sutherland, Herbie Reiner, Back Row. Alexander, Dave Arisman, Robert Atkinson, Allan Avant, Larry Bradberry, Charles R. Bush, Julian Buxton, George Cain, Donald Cartwright, Ford Cessna, Jerry Chapman, David Chatagnier, Timothy W. Cogswell, Larry Dance, Sammy David, Jud Derrett, Andrew Dorsett, Robert Elliott, John Fender, John Fisette, Billy W. Foley, James Francis, Carl B. Fults, Robert Gray, Thomas Hodges, Bill Hoya, Weldon Jacks, Paul Jarvis, Andy Jones, Larry Justice, Larry Kearney, Pat Kemper, Thomas W. King, Ronald Kyle, James Martin, Gary Mears, Kenneth Meneley, Thomas Moore, Ronald Moran, Tom Murphy, Thomas R. Nagel, Gary Nicklas, Derell Payne, David M. Payne, Max Potter, Danny Ramsey, David Ro mines, Robert Ross, Edwin Roye, Tim Sanders, Tommy Sebesta, Terry Severson, Craig Smith, James Starr, James D. Thompson, Charles Utley, William Walker, John Waller, Robert Warren, Randall Wickes, William Williams, Buddy Williams, Flovd Williamson, Terry Willingham, Gary Wolfe, Dennis Woods, Don L. Younger, Ted B. Morgan, Kenneth, Sponsor f™ fb ( ' V - S k -w ' JSk r k P J f u £ C li C-A hyn i I 145 Phi Delta Theta Phi Delta Theta was founded at Miami University in Oxford, Oh io, in I 848. The Eta Chapter was chartered at SFA in 1962. This year the Phis participated in Alumni Day at Homecoming, Founders Day, Parents ' Weekend, and Community Service Day, when all the Phi Delts in the nation spent a whole day working for a worthy project. They also participated in the Greek Bowl and Campus Carnival. The Phi Delts have received many honors on campus, including three class presidents: Chris Carroll, freshmen class; Phil Broxson, sophomore class; and Mike Kinnebrew, junior class. During the summer of 1966, Martin Harris and Richard Reich were delegates to the National Convention in the Bahamas. Phi Deltas take an active part in the activities of Greek Week FALL Martin J. Harris President William E. Gandy Vice President John M. Vaught Secretary Bob R. Wise Treasurer SPRING Herald N. Hensley President Richard W. Rush Vice President Ronald E. Cardin Secretary Bob R. Wise Treasurer Pledges are, standing left to right, Johnny Spikerman, Jim Frazee, Tom Heap, LeRue Dixon, Tommy Mason, Ed Cochrane, Jack Griffith, Jim Kingham, Duane Branch, and Lee Weatherly. Kneeling are Paul Burnitt, Fisher Trigg, Ray Milezfz, Bobby Henderson, Bobby Townsend, Jay Gordon, Roy Norwood and Bob Bergfeld. 146 147 Pi Kappa Alpha Pi Kappa Alpha was founded 96 years ago at the University of Virginia. Epsilon Omicron Chapter was installed at SFA in 1961 and now has 100 members. Joining in a tradition of service and fellowship, the Pikes spon- sored the Greek Bowl this year to raise money for the muscular dystrophy campaign. Pikes served on the Interfraternity Council and Student Congress and as class officers. Social activities included the Dream Girl Dance, Viking Party and a combined Mother ' s Day and Senior Day Banquet. OFFICERS, Fall Eddie Owens, President John Rulfs, Vice President Mike Hardy, Secretary Ronald Williams, Treasurer Pledges Top Row left to right, Clarence Conn, Jim Blakey, Ken Johnston; Middle Row, Larry Red- ding, Pat Holloman, Jim Everett, Jim Lopez, Steve Collins; Front Row, Charles O ' Kelley, Ronnie Ingram, Gary Norton, Kirby Ansel, Kirk Weaver. OFFICERS, Spring John Rulfs, President Henry Childers, Vice President Jerry Rogers, Secretary Hugh Ramsey, Treasurer The Pikes are always well represented at every SFA sports event. 148 Abbott, Harold, Councilor Alexander, Thomas Allison, Bill Altimore, M. S. Anderton, Steve Bass, Robert Bates, Barry Bead, Barry Bounds, Don Boyd, C. E. Brandt, Terry Braun, Arlin Burleson, Bob Childers, Henry Clark, Fred Cochran, David Coe, Dr. Robert, Advisor Collins, Arthur Collins, Steve Copeland, Brian Daughtry, James DeFord, Gary Frizzell, Sammy Greenville, Sammy Hall, Charles Hardy, Mike Hawthorne, Ronnie Hellberg, Joseph Henry, Gary Henry, William Herson, John Hiner, David Holcomb, Steve Holladay, Shields Kelly, Roger Lloyd, Mike Maddon, Gary Martin, James Mayfield, Jacky McKewen, Charles McNeill, Thomas Meley, R. G. Meyer, John Molnari, Chris Montes, James Norton, Harold O ' Toole, Mike Overton, Donald Owens, Eddy Owens, Patrick Parker, Mack Peveto, Riley Pledger, Donald Pooll, Rothwell Puckett, Gary Ramsey, Joseph Ramsey, Hugh Rhoden, David Rogers, Jerry Rulfs, John Sanders, Joe Sanders, Michael Scarborough, Alfred Scott, Walter Sherbert, Ronald Shugart, Rick Simmons, Lynn Smith, Robert Sory, Joseph Spell, Gene Spradley, Steve Spradley, Tucker Stephens, Richard Stokes, Randy Stoup, Phil Tomlin, James VanWagner, Harry Weete, John Williams, Ronald (f A . " : C$ a§ q vi, c f fS L Ml %, ' V». CT). C . 149 Teke Organized on the SFA campus during the fall of 1966, the Teke Colony has grown rapidly. With a membership of 38, the Tekes have actively engaged in social activities and service projects. The members provided an Easter Egg Hunt for retarded children, participated in intramural sports, worked with the interfraternity council and built a psychedelic ' a go go booth for the Spring Carniva I. The Tekes are working toward affiliation with Tau Kappa Epsilon, national social fraternity. Spring officers include Tom Murphy, pledgemaster; Milton Williams, chap- lain; Bill Winkler, vice-president; Mike Warms, treasurer; Gregg Gimlin, parliamentarian; Robert Dutcher, president; Frank Litterst, secretary; and John Blackmon, historian. Mitch Murray, as a Hell ' s Angel, took second place in the UMOC contest. Tekes ' contribution to the Spring Carnival was a Psychedelic ' A Go Go booth. Flashing lights, fluores- cently painted walls, pulsating mu- sic and dancing girls greeted fre- quenters to the booth. 150 Aguilar, Alfred Blackmon, John Carpenter, Rick Curtis, Joe Dutcher, Robert Ellis, John Flanagan, Nelson Gimlin, Gregg Green, Don Gro s Jean, Gerry Hatcher, David Judycki, Don Litterst, Frank Means, John Mena, Ray Miller, Harold Murphy, Tom Murray, Mitch Pfluger, Tim Roseland, Dave Smith, Rodney Traylor, Ken Vowell, Rus Warms, Mike mmmm Mi J mmmm mim ill rnimmM FALL OFFICERS Robert Dutcher, President Larry Wright, Vice President Dennis Ames, Secretary Mitch Murray, Treasurer A warm bonfire, a special date and good friends make the Tekes ' outdoor parties a favorite event. 151 Theta Chi Theta Chi was founded at Norwich University on April 10, 1856. Epsilon Tau of Theta Chi was established at SFA in 1 96 1 . The fraternity sponsors social events aimed at promoting brother- hood, academic perfection and school spirit. During the 1967 year, Theta Chi won a trophy for its home- coming float, held a mum sale, worked for the Luf kin State School and presented its Red and White Ball. Fall OFFICERS Spring Mack Arnold President Wally Goodman Wally Goodman Vice President Bob Denton Steve Childress Secretary Paul Lundquist Jim Richards Treasurer John Wallace Johnny Adams Pledge Master J. J. Judith Theta Chi proudly displays the trophy they won for their home- coming float. Theta Chi ' s spring pledges include: Back Row: Bob Pittman, Randy Ketner, Charles Culpepper, Ed Fielder, Lyndon Griffee, Bill Stokes, Jim Carter, Glenn Johnson, Dennis Hurta. Middle Row: Mark Wiggins, Ken Jones, Jim Lambert, Jimmy Thompson, C. L. Hoc- ker, Denny Reed, Charles Winston, Tommy Little, Front Row: Bryan Abraham, Randy Humphries, Bryan Van Winkle, Doug Kayem, Tim Hull, Russell McDonald. 152 Adams, John C. Albin, Terry L. Arnold, Marshall M. Black, Howard R. Brister, Garry E. Brown, Mark H. Buvinghausen, David D. Byerly, Tracy A. Childress, James S. Coats, John R. Denton, Robert W. Fitzpatrick, Barney S. Flippen, Menville B. Foster, Ronnie D. Fouty, Allen T. Frans, Michael D. Goodman, Wally Harris, Robert C. Johnston, Richard D. Judith, Joseph J. King, Jack D. Kliewer, Donald E. Kohl, Charles J. Larson, Richard L. Latimer, Michael R. Lester, Butch C. Lillard, Malcolm D. Lilly, Loy K. Lundquist, Paul E. McCrorey, Donald C. McNay, Keith R. Meeks, Corky Miles, Orval R. Moore, Eric L. Morgan, William M. Morrison, James L. Parker, Jimmy P. Powell, Jim Richards, George B. Richards, James R. Roberson, Gene Ruehlman, David A. Shugart, Charles W. Spies, Charles H. Sturrock, Lynn R. Talbot, John N. Turicchi, David L. Waqner, Robert B. Wallace, John W. mmii ilk ! Weber, Ronald B. Wilson, Jim O. Wyatt, Bobby P. Chamberlain, C. K. Advisor Richardson, J. H., Sponsor 153 Alpha Phi Omega Alpha Phi Omega Fraternity originated on the campus of Lafayette College in Easton, Penn. when dreams of its founders became a reality with the fraternity ' s formal initiation Dec. 16, 1925. Nationally the fraternity now has more than 80,000 members and alumni. Alpha Phi Omega became an international organization with the installation of a chapter in the Phillipines. Nu Sigma Chapter, the SFA chapter, was formally installed in the Old Stone Fort on Dec. 15, 1961. Guided by the cardinal principles of leadership, friendship and service, Nu Sigma Chapter operates to serve SFA and Nacogdoches. Projects this year include providing poll workers for campus elections, a fund drive for the American Cancer Soc iety, a Christmas party for the children at the State School in Luf kin, marshalling the Homecoming Parade and conducting the College Center use poll. A standing project has been sponsorship of the giant Lumberjack, college mascot. Another annual project is the Ugly Man On Campus fund raising con- test. Proceeds this year will go to erect an outside bulletin board at the College Center. The fraternity renders service at various campus events as requested by College officials. ALPHA PHI OMEGA OFFICERS Left to right — Mario Silva, 2nd Vice President; Dr. Thomas Franks, Advisor; Clay Patterson, President; George Mears, A visor; David Sorrell, 1st Vice President; Bill Davis, Historian; Kirk Hood, Treasurer; David Clark, Secretary; Larry Ammo Corresponding Secretary ALPHA PHI OMEGA PLEDGES — left to right Terry Zimmerman Rudd Youngblood Jim Gray Richard Jackson Dan Hemingway Harvey Rayson 154 Allemand, Alex A. Ammons, Larry W. Callaway, Mark S. Candler, Donald P. Clark, David M. Coates, Chuck Davis, William J. Esquivel, Joe Fouts, Courtland B. Gatlin, Ken A. Greene, Don A. Hood, Kirk S. Jackson, Tiny King, Michael C. Kosta, Larry E. Logan, Rick Marules, Ted Miller, John E. Miller, John H. McLaughlin, David J. Newman, Everett E. Patterson, J. Clay Puckett, Walt Shockley, Frank B. Silva, Mario D. Simmons, Jack K. Sorrell, David R. Spear, Stephen J. Weeks, Oldham C. West, Bert H. Youngblood, Claude R. Durrett, Paul K., Advisor Franks, Thomas D., Advisor Harkness, James C, Advisor Refreshments and lively conversation are on the menu for officers and prospective members dur- ing the APO spring " Smoker. " Chi Gamma lota Organized for the purpose of promoting good will on the SFA campus and accomplishing worthwhile service projects, Chi Gamma lota, ex-servicemen ' s fraternity, was recognized on campus in the fall semester of 1 966. Among the group ' s projects were raising and lowering the flag in front of the Austin Building each morning and afternoon, spon- soring special student tutoring sessions, visiting and entertaining at a veteran ' s hospital and jointly sponsoring with the Delta Zetas, a magazine collection drive for servicemen in Viet Nam. Chi Gamma lota participated in the Stone Fort Beauty Pageant and the annual Spring Carnival. OFFICERS Don Stelzer President Charles Davis Vice President Don Dildy Secretary Tim Wheatley Treasurer James Burkhead Faculty Advisor Miss Bonnie Kridler, Chi Gamma lota Sweetheart, was third runner-up in the Stone Fort Beauty Pageant. Chi Gamma lota members pictured left to right are Tim Wheatley, Thomas Baker, Terry Teaters, Dick MacKinder, John Adams, Don Herb Madero, Jim Schuberg, Danny Clements, Tom Gates, Larry Duncan, John Porter, John Peterson, Chuck Davis and Jim Kirkpatrick. 156 Adams, John Baker, Thomas Clements, Danny Daniels, Paul Davis, Charles Dildy, Don Duncan, Larry Gates, Tom Marrs, Monty Peterson, John Porter, John Shoffitt, James Sitton, Don Stelzer, Don Teaters, Terry jyi 1 ' " " Hi ▲Ml Chi Gamma lota president, Don Stelzer, presents a dozen roses to Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Johnson in memory of her deceased husband, Major Taylor Johnson, and others who have given their lives in Viet Nam. Participating in the ceremony prior to the ETSU-SFA game were left to right, James W. Burkhead, Chi Gamma lota advisor and member of the Special Forces; Stelzer; Bill Ragland, U.S. Army; Don Sitton, U.S. Navy; Mrs. Johnson; Don Dildy and ' Joe Dykes, U.S. Air Force. 157 Miss Linda Williams, Timpson, represented Circle K as Duchess in the Homecoming Festivities. Circle K President Tom Wheeler Vice President Sam Paine Secretary Wayne Schmidt Treasurer Gary Knight Circle K is a men ' s service organization sponsored by the Nacogdoches Kiwanis Club. During the past year Circle K members have been engaged in such activities as selling Lumberjack dolls to boost Homecoming spirit and conduct- ing a campus lost and found auction. Fowler, Jim Gates, Tom Johnson, Leroy Knight, Gary Lester, John Paine, Sam Reader, Jim Schmidt, Wayne Schmale, Gerald Taft jack Wheeler, Tom 158 SFA Rodeo Club Pictured to the left are some of the 100 SFA Rodeo Club members who have par- ticipated in 12 rodeos throughout the year at South Texas Junior College, Sam Houston, SFA, Texas A M, and Texas A l, to mention a few. The club is affiliated with the Southern Region of the National Intercollegiate Rodeo As- sociation. Members hope to partici- pate in the national finals in July at St. George, Utah. Rodeo Queen contestants left to right are Connie Dance, Nancy Martin, Bonnie Kridler, Kathy Sabom, Claudia Luce, Judy Morton, Gerre Pryor, Alysee Moore and Geraldine Beasley. OFFICERS President Ronnie Lewis Vice President Cotton George Secretary Mary Pope Treasurer Claudia Luce Reporter Randy Spears Historian Kathy Sabom Sponsor Jerry K. Johnson SFA Rodeo Club team members left to right are Larry Anawaty, 1966 Saddle Bronc Champion and oareback and bull rider; James Griffin, calf roper; Mike Bradbury, bull rider; and Cotton George, iteer dogger and bull rider. m 159 College Center Chairmen The College Center and its program offer something of value to everyone associated with SFA — students, faculty, staff, ex-students and friends of the College. The Center is more than a building; it is also an organization, a program, a focal point for campus activities. Supervised by Paul Durrett, director of the College Center and student activities, the Center provides a cultural, social and recreational program, aiming to make free time activity a cooperative factor with study in education. The Center ' s work is carried out by eight committees which are supervised by the Board of Chairmen and Board of Directors. The purpose of the Publicity Committee is two-fold in that it is a publicity releasing agency for the College Center programs and in that it carries a public relations responsibility. The Dance Committee is responsible for weekly dances, dance lessons, coordina- tion of floor shows or dance intermission entertainment and special dance themes. The Entertainment Committee compiles a talent file of campus talent, schedules movies, and plans the All-Campus Talent Show, All-Campus Carnival, Big Name Entertainment and Easter Egg Hunt. The Fine Arts Committee serves the student body by arranging exhibits, dis- plays and functions which promote a cultural atmosphere of interest to the majority of students and faculty. The Music Committee selects records to be played over the central PA system, provides musical entertainment for special College Center functions and arranges jam sessions. The House Committee is concerned with the appearance and improvements of the Center. The Food Service Committee, a House sub-committee, discusses food service and takes suggestions from the student body. The Recreation Committee sponsors lessons in games and campus tournaments and promotes " Games Night. " The purpose of the Hospitality Committee is to give a warm and sincere feeling of welcome to the student body, faculty, staff, administration, parents and special guests of the college through receptions, fashion shows and trie Apple Polishing Hours. Chairmen pictured above left to right are David Hathcox, Mike Robinson, Mike Withrow, Jane Hill, Kent MacDougall, Rocky Dumas, Carol Gene Harlow, Jay Eshbach, To mmy Abbott. • » Student Congress The Stephen F. Austin Student Congress was formed to protect the individual rights of the students and to encourage harmony between the student body and the administration. In so doing the Congress has passed a bill concerning girls ' dormitory visiting hours, has passed the TISA bill of rights, has formed a Student Homecoming Co-ordinating Committee and is presently attempting to lengthen weekend curfew hours for girls. Randy Spradley, President Sally Powell, Vice President and Senior Representative Sharon Ross, Senior Representative Jeannie Miller, Junior Representative Steve Spear, Freshman Representative Red Merrzen, Graduate Vice President Mike Kinnebrew, Junior Class President Nancy Davis, Sophomore Representative Riley Peveto, Senior Class President Bobby Townsend, Freshman Representative Megan Shirley, Visitor Dean Samford, Sponsor Jim Graham, Freshman Representative Carol Cosgrove, TISA Representative Henry Childers, Sophomore Representative Salle Sanders, Sophomore Representative Phil Broxson, Sophomore Class President Tommy Sanders, Junior Representative 161 Gamma Phi Gamma Phi, women ' s service sorority, was organized in March, 1967, under the sponsorship of Mrs. Ernestine Henry, dean of women; Miss Martha Wigley, advisor; and Alpha Phi Omega, men ' s service fraternity. Membership require- ments are a 2.0 average, enthusiasm and a willingness to work. Purpose of the organization is " to assemble college women in the spirit of service to humanity ... to develop friendship among women of all races and creeds through working side by side in the fulfillment of the goals common to all. " Gamma Phi projects included High School Career Day, College Center Census, Cancer Fund Drive, entertaining Lufkin State School students and painting street numbers on curbs. Women ' s Service Sorority Gamma Phi officers pictured I. to r. are Barbara Mize, reporter; Sally Stephens, song leader; Jeanne Steffen, parliamentarian; Susie Lanasa, secretary; Marsha Callaway, president; Signa Segrest, vice- president; Kay Baker, historian; Mary Lynne Magle, treasurer. 162 Religious Organizations on Campus Baptist Student Union The BSU, a religious organization, provides oppor- tunity for Christian fellowship and makes students generally aware of problems concerning the Christian faith. Dr. June Irwin is the faculty sponsor. Christian Science Organization Establis hed on the SFA campus in 1964 the Christian Science Organization provides fellowship for Christian Science students. Pictured below, I. to r., are Dr. Allen Steele, Sponsor; Keith Newell, Delores Newell, Anita Jones, Kris Iverson, Mrs. Steele, Andrea Adam, Mar- garet Beach and Larry Bush. 163 Religious Organizations Wesley Foundation The Wesley Foundation was established on this campus to provide Christian fellow- ship, to deepen Christian faith, to develop ecumenical understanding, to participate in a university Christian movement and to develop a sense of world Christian com- munity. Pictured below are back row: Rev. Aln Reed, Jay Eshbach, Robert McCullough, Betty Billingsley, Sam Paine, Phillip Scott, David Kennedy. Front: Cheryl Dickey, Jeanie Wiggins, Beverly Salter, Burna Faye Hart, Janet Gifford, Terry Rinebarger. The Newman Club The Newman Club, named after Cardinal John Henry Newman, provides religious education and assistance for Catholic students enrolled in college. Its threefold purpose is religious, educational and social. Father Vincent Powers sponsors the group. Members of the Newman Club fund raising committee pictured above are I. to r., Gayla Brashears, Debbie Hazelwood, Steve Spears, Don Gerz, Carol Goeders and Cathy Boughton. At the left is Christ Episcopal Church, center of activities for the Canterbury Organization, religious club for Episcopal students. Baldwin, Judy Behrends, Janis Blackstone, Jeanne Bogue, Jan Buck, Janice Chandler, Jerry Dickens, Myrlene Fountain, Diana Gandy, Bill Say, Barbara Gleghorn, Darrelyn Green, Donna Hanna, Christi Jones, Janet Kreplin, Gayle Martin, Karen Morgan, Margaret Newton, Becky Partin, Betty Phi Hey, George Alpha Chi Phillips, Gayle Poovey, Kay Price, Glenn Scaggs, Pam Scroggins, Brenda Walters, Cynthia Wilson, Karen Alpha Chi is a national honor society whose purpose is to promote and to recognize scholarship. The organization is dedicated " to the simulation of a spirit of sound scholarship and devotion to the truth. " Members are chosen from the top one-tenth of the Junior, Senior and Graduate classes. 166 Alpha Psi Omega members pictured I. to r. are Michael S. Corriston, Ruby Ann Wells, Gary Lynn Smith, Susan Lanasa, Mary Ann Coombs, Ken Love and Bill Gribble. Alpha Psi Omega Alpha Psi Omega, honorary drama fraternity, is made up of students who have excelled both academically and practically in drama. The fraternity has as its purposes the furthering of all aspects of drama, the development of dramatic talent and the art of acting, the cultivation of a taste for the best in drama, the fostering of cultural values and the uniting of the dramatic forces on the SFA campus. 167 Delta Psi Kappa Delta Psi Kappa, national women ' s professional fraternity of physical education, has as its purposes to recognize worthwhile achievement of women in physical educa- tion, to develop interest of women in physical education and to promote fellowship among women in this field of activity. The Alpha Xi Chapter at Stephen F. Austin State College was installed in 1950. Alpha Xi has established a loan fund as its professional project. Loans are available to worthy women health and physical education majors upon the approval by the sponsor and executive council of the chapter. OFFICERS President ... Vice-President Sponsor . . . Sandra Cole Marie Saulsbery Dr. Lucille Norton 168 Beta lota Chapter of Kappa Pi, nation al honorary art fraternity, is open to both men and women who have maintained a B average in 12 hours of art. The group ' s purposes are to elevate art standards on the campus and in the community, to bring art departments of various colleges closer together through its activities, to know the work of other students through the exhibits and to stimulate higher scholarship and to recognize potential and pro- fessional ability. Each spring Kappa Pi presents an art show to promote scholarships for students who exhibit out- tanding talent in the field of art. The organization encourages campus-wide interest by selecting guest artists to show their works. Kappa Pi Front row I. to r. are Cheryl Ver- ner, Pat Baiter, Lauren Lindee, Elaine Hicks, Marcia Moad, Bev- erly Kolarik; second row, Joyce Spence, Norma Hull, Sharon Wil- liams, Faye Jones, Judy Follis; third row, Deidra Haris, Ellen Tompkins, Dian LaGarde, Gayle McKaskle, Danny Clements, Frank- lin Stewart; top row, Dale Howard, Steve Knight, Ken Calloway, Dr. Karl Schlicher, Charles McDougal, Monty Graham, Mile Weldon. Phi Eta Sigma Phi Eta Sigma, forestry honor fraternity, is sponsored by faculty members of the Department of Forestry who are members of Xi Sigma Pi, national honorary forestry fraternity. Objectives of Phi Eta Sigma are to secure and maintain high standards of scholarship in forestry education; to work for the advancement of the forestry profession and to promote fraternal relations among earnest workers engaged in forestry activities. To be eligible for membership a student must be a junior or senior academically and rank scholastically in the upper 25 per cent of his class. Standing I. to r. are David Woodworth, Wayne Eddy, Robbie Wilburn, Mike Herring, Grant Gaumer, Mickey Jeane, Harry Faulkner and Darwin Foster; seated are Shan Wu Jan, David Westley, Tom Graham, Gary Gilmore, David Kennedy, Jack Crider and Jack McCarty. 169 Phi Alpha Theta members pictured I. to r. front row are John M. Fountoulakis, Sam Napier, Joe Angle, Joe Lynn White; second row, Hazel Shelton Abernethy, Elizabeth Anne Griffith, Rebecca Ann Owers, Dr. C. T. Nail; third row, Diane Prince, Catherine Chapman; top row, Bruce Tyler, Dr. Robert S. Maxwell, sponsor, and Stanley Howell Watson. Phi Alpha Theta Phi Alpha Theta is an honor society for students and faculty members of American colleges and universities who are interested in the study of history. The society is not to be confused with Greek- letter social fraternities, professional organizations or general scholastic groups. Founded in 1921, Phi Alpha Theta now has more than 100 chapters located in 42 states, the Dis- trict of Columbia and Puerto Rico. To be eligible for membership, undergraduates must have completed 12 semester hours in history, have grades in all history courses averaging above the second highest grade on the working scale and have grades in two-thirds of all other courses averaging the second highest grade on the work- ing scale. Graduate students must have completed one-third of the residence requirements for the master ' s degree and have an average grade midway between the highest and second highest grade on the working scale. Spring initiates of Phi Alpha Theta pictured I. to r. are Sam Napier, Joe Lynn White, Stanley Howell Watson, Elizabeth Anne Griffith, Bruce Tyler, Hazel Shelton Abernethy, Rebecca Ann Owers and John M. Fountoulakis. Psi Chi Psi Chi is the national honor society in psychology. Active members of the society are students whose scholastic prowess has been demonstrated prior to the rites of initiation. Psi Chi serves two major goals: the obligation to provide academic prestige to its initiates by the mere fact of membership and the obligation to nurture ability by offering a climate congenial to its creative development. In each year of Psi Chi ' s history, more and more of its members have undertaken graduate studies. The society is represented in the professional ranks of all the behavioral sciences and the American Psychological Association. Psi Chi members pictured seated I. to r. are Frances Hunt, Marilyn Harris, Sandy Blakeway, Janet Oberbeck, Kay Allsup, Wanda Wheeless, Juliet Fenlayson and Nelma Hinshaw. Standing I. to r. are Norman Bregman, Richard Eckert, Larry Pickel, Robert Martin, Larry Pollock, Robert Clampett, James Wilson, Leslie Bartnett, George Taylor, Wayne John Schmidt, Gene Hamon, Ira Collerain, Dr. Rollin A. Sininger, Dr. Bill Hamrick, Dr. W. J. Wilson, Dr. Lee Sutter (sponsor) and Dr. John T. Lewis III. Pi Kappa Delta Pi Kappa Delta is a national debating fraternity. Texas Mu Chapter at SFA fosters annually a schedule of intercollegiate debating and offers membership to those students who meet the requirements pre- scribed by the constitution of the national chapter of Pi Kappa Delta. Members of Pi Kappa Delta pictured I. to r. are Jo-Jo Stephens, Harrison Hurst, Harriet Caldwell, D. J. Muntean, Steve Spear, Larry Morgan and James Norwig. 171 Sigma Delta Pi Sigma Delta Pi members pictured front row I. to r. are Dr. Vivian Gruber, Laure Pigg, Jeanne Blackstone, Linda Seiberling and Emma Nunn; top row, Francis Triana, David Lively, Kim Robinson and Sergio Ramos. Sigma Delta Pi, national honorary Spanish fraternity has as its purposes to foment a wider knowledge of and a greater love for the Hispanic contributions to modern culture; to provide a nucleus for Spanish language students; to foster friendly rela- tions and a cooperative spirit between the Hispanic and English speaking nations and to reward students who show special attainments and interests. Active members are nominated on a basis of high scholarship in Spanish. Sigma Pi Sigma Sigma Pi Sigma is an honor society for the recognition of scholarship in the field of physical science on the part of students whose overall scholastic achievement is high. The organization fosters interest in physics and brings distinguished speakers in the field to SFA. The society offers educational status and association with a better understanding of problems facing students. Sigma Pi Sigma members pictured above I. to r. are Virgil Sanders, Harold Longbotham, Nick Carter, Lee Erwin, Vernon Kenner, Glen Simpson, Jimmy Baker, James Crawford and David Roseland. Tau Beta Sigma and Kappa Kappa Psi The Beta Zeta Chapter of Tau Beta Sigma and the Gamma Phi Chapter of Kappa Kappa Psi represent the Lumberjack Band nationally. Tau Beta Sigma, honorary society for college and university bandswomen, recognizes musi- cianship among women in college and university bands. Kappa Kappa Psi, honorary fraternity for college and university bandsmen, has as its pur- poses to recognize achievement of musicianship among bandsmen and to promote fellowship among men in the field. Both organizations were established at SFA in 1957. Delores Beard, Tau Beta Sigma president, presents a silver tray to Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth L. Green at the first annual Tau Beta Sigma-Kappa Kappa Psi banquet. Others pictured are, from left, W. B. Bingham, Kappa Kappa Psi vice-president; Melba Scott, Tau Beta Sigma vice-president; and Tony Buban, Kappa Kappa Psi president. Mr. Green is director of the Lumberjack Band. au Beta Sigma spring pledges pictured I. to r. ire Willa Blackledge, Betty Tipton, Linda Williams, ■ ally Patscheider, Dianne Childress, Ella Lou Reeves, )iane Hugghines and Ruby Villarea!. Tau Beta Sigma members pictured I. to r. are Ellen Porter, Mrs. Kenneth Green, Penny Newnam, Jeanne Bryant, Judy Moore, Mary Jane Can- non, Melba Scott, Deloris Beard, Gladys Best and Nancy Bryant. Accounting Club ™e Accounting Clu J b f rovld ± s ° " opportunity for social contact outside the class- s w ssr spedai ° • -«£ Biology Club — Alpha Lambda Omega d Huah Zhltj Tf S ?T " S ' V, 48 by " r oup of stud ents majoring in biology who were aided by OFFICERS f " Shaw President ohn Les+er Vice-President D.anne Lewis Secretary-Treasurer Carol L. Andrews , Reporter 174 Debate Club Twenty-five debaters travelled 6,770 miles to en- ter 275 debates plus individual events at 15 tourna- ments in 6 states, winning 65 awards: 3 first, 7 sec- ond, and 4 third places, including 5 Sweepstakes awards; 10 Superior, 21 Excellent and 20 Good rat- ings. Two SFA teams won 5 Excellent ratings at the Pi Kappa Delta National Tournament at Whitewater, Wis. and 3 Superiors and 3 Excellents at the South- ern Tournament at Little Rock, Ark. Junior Varsity debaters pictured I. to r. are Steve Spear, Kathleen Collins, Dennis Paul, Nancy McMillen, Stan Pfeiffer, Anita Pate and Frank Latimer. Varsity debaters pictured I. to r. are Larry Morgan, Harrison Hurst, Jo-Jo Stephens, D. J. Muntean and James Norwig. Math Club SFA ' s Math Club was organized in 1959 for the purpose of providing an oppor- tunity for students interested in mathematics to meet and discuss common goals and interests. A special feature of the club ' s activities includes the presenting of a Handbook of Mathematical Tables to the outstanding freshman math student. The 1967 award went to Robert Feistel. OFFICERS Margaret Miller President Toni Lynn Gill Vice-President Christine Williams Secretary Harold Bunch Sponsor Joseph Robbins Sponsor Math Club members seated I. to r. are Christine Williams, Toni Lynn Gill, Ma standing are Harold Bunch, Larry Sage, Robert Feistel, Joseph Robbins and Bar rgaret Miller; bara Stringer. 175 Future Farmers of America Pictured I. to r. are Dr. J. C. Green, advisor; Kenneth Smith; Alvin Alexander; James Bice; Mike Eddings; Hulen C. George Jr.; Tom R. Murphy; Nancy Martin; Steve Havis; Jerry Schmale; Mike Akin; Richard Randle and Oran Standley. The Future Farmers of America is an organization operated by the agricultural students of the col- lege to train prospective teachers of vocational agriculture to become efficient local chapter advisors. Active membership is open to all prospective teachers of vocational agriculture and former FFA mem- bers who wish to continue their association with the organization. Spanish Club Organized to enhance conversational ability and to promote intercultural understanding, the Spanish Club is one of the most active language clubs on campus. An annual club event is the Christmas Posada in which all the modern language club mem- bers participate. The group plans programs for Pan American Week and acts as host for the an- nual Pan Am Banquet each April. Plans for the future include the raising of money to provide a scholarship for continued study for some deserving Spanish major. Sponsors are Ross Bridewell, Mrs. Elizabeth Davis and Manuel Mendoza. Standing I. to r. are Pedro Carrillo, Ross Bridewell, sponsor, Mrs. Anna Cox, Carolyn Hoff, Mrs. Juanita Boss, Sergio Ramos, and Ali Perez. Seated are Hazel Wilcox, Emma Nunn, Christie Walker, Leta Campbell, Lynn Chernosky and Gail Tolleson. Psychology Club The Psychology Club was reactivated in 1966 under the co-sponsorship of Kenneth Hackney and the local Psi Chi chapter. Membership is open to students interested in psychology and who are in good academic standing. Purposes of the club are to enhance interest in psychology through speakers, films, discussions and experiments and to pro- mote good will among students and members. Activities include training films, guest speakers, demonstrations of psycho- logical testing and equipment and a spring social. Seated I. to r. are Dianna Derrick; Charles Templeton; Sherry Youngblood; Kenneth Hackney, sponsor; and Raymond Prewite. Standing are John Casey, John Beeson, Ken Hackney Jr., Bob Greathouse, Don Barrett, Becky Gresham, Nancy Bonner, Diana Newell and Sally Stephens. Pi Epsilon Mu Pi Epsilon Mu is a professional club for all women health and physical education majors. The group seeks to promote social and professional cooperation among its members, faculty and alumni. Officers are Dee Ann Polanovich, president; Marie Saulsbery, vice-president; Sharon Huddleston, secretary- treasurer; and Mary Jane Stone, reporter. Dr. June Irwin is sponsor. Sigma Alpha Eta The Stephen F. Austin Speech and Hearing So- ciety was initiated in November, 1966, into the national association of Sigma Alpha Eta, national college society developed in association with the American Speech and Hearing Association. Major objectives of Sigma Alpha Eta are to create and stimulate an interest among college stu- dents in the field of clinical speech and hearing, to provide learning experiences not offered in the formal course structure and to inspire high levels of achievement in academic and clinical activities. Key members are selected on the basis of academic achievement in the area of speech pathology but anyone is welcome as an associate member. Pictured are front row: Linda Buck, Jennifer Riley, Cindy Arnold, Kay Watson, Sherry Martin; second row: Janet Gifford, Cathy Fitts, Donna Williams, Linda McDaniel; third row: Janelle Lowe, Phil Forte, Connie Wells; fourth row: Ray Deason, Betty O ' Sullivan, Jo Carol Hudgins, Mrs. Elnita Stanley; fifth row: Kay Rudisell, Becky Hale, Diane Bova; back row: Mac R. Moseley, Sponsor, Myrtle Lucas, Buddy Hester, Barbara Porter. Sylvans Club The Sylvans Club is designed to promote interest in the field of forestry and to further knowledge in basic aspects of forestry. Guest speakers regularly give lectures and dem- onstrations coming from both industry and govern- ment. These speakers furnish the Sylvans with a well-rounded view of the whole field of forestry. Weekend work projects for raising money include trimming and felling trees and clearing land. Such projects afford forestry majors practical, first-hand experience. Social activities include a field day in which there is competition between class levels. An annual trip is held in the fall and a formal dance dinner is given at Christmas. At the annual forestry conclave SFA foresters compete against other schools in the southern con- ference in forestry skills such as knife throwing, axe throwing, log rolling and birling. Participating mem- bers in the conclave enjoyed a trip to the Univer- sity of Georgia in the spring of 1967. 180 Texas Student Education Association The Texas Student Education Association is a part of the National Student Education Association, which is the professional association for college and university students preparing to teach. Eddie Mills President r Beverly Bush First Vice President Signa Secrest Second Vice President Linda Breazeale Treasurer Patricia Kurti Royce Walker Co-chairmen of Publicity Pineywoods Writers ' Club The Pineywoods Writers ' Club was established for students who wish to enrich their knowledge and heighten their appreciation of literature through practice, for students who seek greater self-expression and for stu- dents who look forward to professional careers as writers. The club sponsors visiting writers, publishes a volume of its members ' works and provides judges for various literary contests in the East Texas area. Pictured at the right standing are Mickey Gumber, Pat Brown, Chuck Guy, Elma Heard, Sonny Hyles, Barbara Harris, Seated are Gemette McGuire, Dennis Ames, LeRoy Dragoo, Bill Arm- strong. Pictured are members of the Pineywoods Writer ' s Club who re- ceived awards for their writing. Reading from left are Bill Arm- strong; Pat Brown; Garland Roark, novelist who presented the awards; Dr. Elma Heard, sponsor; Gemette McGuire, Sonny Hyles. 181 Intramurals Bob Burrows follows through in volleyball as Dr. Capel rests with the boys on the bench. The purposes of Intramural sports for men and women are to provide every student an opportunity to participate in recreational or competitive sports activities and to develop desirable physical, mental and social skills that may be transferred into adult life. Team competition in basketball, volleyball and softball is arranged between social clubs, dormitories and independent units. Women ' s Intramural winners received awards for their accomplishments at the spring banquet. . • m " + - Thers a Adams breaks the tape for a first in the Women ' s Intramural Track Meet. Serving a game of tennis on the courts near the Units was a thing of the past by summer, 1967. 182 £ » O ft S a George Fredrick Handel ' s " The Messiah " was presented by the SFA Department of Music. The 110 voice choir under the direction of Dr. Gordon Ohlsson head of the Department of Music, was composed of SFA students and the orchestra included students, faculty and guest musicians. Fine Arts Presentations Three members of the cast of " Half a Sixpence, " top musical comedy that appeared on the SFA campus, were named honorary Texans. The three include, left to right, Terry Lomax, Colette Melville and Kenneth Nelson, star of the show. Dr. Steen made the presentations in behalf of Gov. John Connally. Nancy Walker and Scott McKay starred in " Luv, New York which appeared on the SFA campus. the triumphant comedy hit from 183 SFAs Musical Organizations All music majors are required to participate in a major ensemble; that is, band or choir, during all four years of their degree programs. Small ensembles are available to qualified students. These include wind ensemble, stage band, orchestra, and other groups organized for specific functions. Small ensemble experience strengthens a student ' s grasp of .his performing media and is considered to be an integral part of his applied study. Orchestra 184 Stage Band Seated in front: George A. West, director Front row left to right: Dave Crump, Sandra Blackstone, Dwight Roan, Mike Payne, Cliff Bowden, Mike Jones, Bob Wood and Pat Mills. Top row left to right: Walter Smith. Wayne Dyess, Ernest Ledger, Ken Barnes, Robert Fielder, Jerry Ballew, Larry Lucht and David Witherspoon. 185 CLASSES Today is ours; what do we fear? Today is ours; we have it here. Let ' s treat it kindly, that it may Wish, at least, with us to stay. Let ' s banish business, banish sorrow; To the gods belongs tomorrow. — Cowley Graduates Gizelar, John Lee, Birmingham, Ala. Gribble, Bill, Houston Kenner, Vernon, Chireno King, Michael C, Nacogdoches Lawton, Robert E., Annandale, Va. Magness, Billy, Timpson McCune, Ennis Donice, Pineland Menchaea, Robert, Port Arthur Piboin, Louis, Madisonville Richards, Albert, Henderson Tallent, Dean, Baytown Traylor, Billy, Hughes Spring 188 GRADUATE CLASS OFFICERS John Weete, President Red Meitzen, Vice President and Representative 4 kirn Traylor, Linda, Texarkana, Ark. Trevathan, Randy, Nacogdoches Tullos, Napoleon, Gilmer Van Gilder, Dee B., Nacogdoches Waggoner, Glynda, Pasadena Webber, Robert, Earlysville, Va. White, Joe, Henderson Worsham, Jody, Barry 189 M 4 ft 4 j HHHVHk HI I Adams, Barbara, Longview Adams, John, Franklin Adams, Sandra, Lufkin Adkins, Jennie, San Antonio Ainslie, Jack, Buffalo, N. Y. Aleman, Abraham, Sherman Alexander, Thomas, Nacogdoches Allison, Bill, Rosenburg Almany, Samuel, Houston Amerman, William, Houston Ardrey, Gayle, Houston Arnold, Mack, Hallsville Seniors Atkinson, Kent, Livingston Averitt, Curtis, Palestine Baker, Gilbert, Henderson Banks, Jon, Jacksonville Barber, Douglas, LaMarque Barnett, Barbara, Tyler Barton, Gerald, Marshall Barton, James, Waskdm Barton, Sherry, Henderson Bass, Carrol, Nacogdoches Battle, Linda, Nacogdoches Bauer, Gary, Arlington Baxter, Lucy, Austin Beasley, Pamela, Madisonville Beeson, John, Houston Belcher, Grover, Houston Belcher, Pollv, Houston Benefield, Melissa, Jefferson Berghauser, Jerry, Lufkin Biggerstaff, Mary, Nacogdoches Bilbo, Larry, Vidor Bogue, Jan, Longview Bolton, Sara, Longview Bonner, Michael, Fairfield SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Sally Powell, Vice President and Representative Sue Hendley, Secretary John Rulfs, President Sharon Ross, Representative SENIOR CLASS DUCHESS Nancy Cummings Borchers, Grace, San Antonio Bounds, Walter, Center Bova, Diane, Houston Bradberry, Charles, Shelbyville Bradford, E. C, Minden Bradley, Diann, Jefferson w Brandt, Terry, Bandera Brennan, Ann, Lonqview Britton, Judith, Troup Brown, Glenda, Galena Parle Brown, Mark, Beaumont Brown, Nancy, Fort Worth km Brown, Sharon, Mesquite Buck, Janiece, Kilgore Burnett, Paula, Morton Byerly, Tracy, Silsbee Bynum, Jerry, Athens Byrd, Joe, Lufkin ttk it. Caldwell, Frank, Grand Prairie Clark, Sue, Longview Callaway, Steve, Bel la i re Calvert, Robert, Houston Campbell, Bobby, Houston Candler, Donald, Temple Carey, Loyd, Houston Carswell, Marshall, Luf kin Carswell, Mike, Pasadena Case, Bobby, Arlington Cason, Terrie, Chandler Chandler, Jerry, Jacksonvi Chase, Beaury, Teague Chernosky, Lynn, Houston Clampitt, Robert, Arlington Clark, A. D., Tyler Clark, Fred, Goose Creek Cochran, Diann, Houston A common view to every student — Vista Drive from the Austin Building. Collier, John, Parkin, Ark. Compton, Barbara, Corsicana Cook, Gary, San Benito Cooke, Jeanne, Lufkin Cooney, Peter, Lufkin Cooper, Brenda, Houston Crawford, Raymond, Pasadena Crider, Jack, Fort Worth Crocker, Betty, Henderson Crowson, Vivian, Longview Cummings, Dianne, Baytown Cushenberry, Sheryl, Dallas Daffa, Ali, Saudi Arabia Daniels, Paul, Hadlyme, Conn. Dansby, Dona, Frankston Davis, Jerry, Crockett Denny, Donald, Baytown Dickens, Myrlene, Diboll Eddington, Rudy, Overton Edgar, Wayne, High Island Edwards, Dan, Baytown Elliott, John, Dallas Elliott, Mary, LaMarque Emmons, Martha, Houston Eshbach, Jay, Bridge City Evans, Carol, Houston Evans, Charles, Lufkin Evans, C. R., Mineola Farrar, Jerome, Angleton Field, Mike, Longview Fields, A. B., Longview Fisher, Michael, Douqlassville Fitzgerald, Mary, Henderson Fleming, Charles, Carthage Follis, Judy, Longview Fomby, Ed, Austin Ford, William, New Caney Fountain, Diana, Garrison Fouts, Courtland, Nacogdoches Free, Robert, Nacogdoches Fry, David, Abilene Fuller, Karolyn, Jasper 193 Fulgham, Pam, Brownsboro Gay, Margaret, Nacogdoches Gillespie, Mary, Dallas Gleghorn, Darrelynn, Kilgore Godwin, Merilyn, Nacogdoches Goodrow, Virginia, Liberty Gouffon, Robert, Norris, Tenn. Graham, Tom, Marshall Green, Donna, Nacogdoches Grubaugh, Eugene, Jefferson Gunter, Janet, Shelbyville Hafner, John, Palestine Hanson, Bolton, Rusk Hardin, Dorothy, Waco Harkness, Marilyn, Wichita Falls Harrison, Nicholas, Port Lavara Hawley, Sandi, Longview Hayden, O. B., Nacogdoches Haygood, Ben, Lufkin Haynes, Meredith, Tyler Hagle, Don, Grapeland Hall, Linda, Hughes Springs Hammack, Merle; Ferris Hancock, Larry, Highlands Haney, David, Orchard Park Hanna, Christi, Jacksonville Enjoying their annual Founders Day Banquet are Delta Carmen Flanagan, Sally Cashman, and Dona Dansby. 194 Heard, BI I lie. Tyler Henderson, Tiajuana, Longview Hendley, Sue, Tyler Henry, Bill, Houston Henry, Georgia, Nacogdoches Henson, James, Forney Herbrough, Leon, Palestine Herren, Brenda, Tyler Hess, Jack, Overton Hicks, James, Conroe Hill, Mike, Longview Hillier, John, Pleasanton Hocker, C.L., Austin Hodges, Vickie, Lake Jackson Holcomb, Steve, Nacogdoches Holder, Daphna, Lufkin Holsapple, Clarence, Gladewater Hooker, Carolyn, Teneha Howard, Lawson, Center Howard, Wayne, Levelland Hudgins, Jo Carol, Tyler Hudson, Charlotte, Baytown Kit ft Huneke, Sandra, Hooks Hutchins, Richard, Baytow Ivy, Madie, Fairfield Jennings, Glenn, Garland Johnson, Dee, Marshall Johnson, Kenneth, Houston Johnson, Ray, Alto Johnson, Sue, Nacogdoches Jones, Helen, Tyler Jones, Janet, Tyler Jones, Pamela, Houston Kappes, Gary, Houston 195 Jean Outhouse looks on with interest as deadline for Pine Log copy nears. Kelsey, John, Tyler Kennedy, David, DeKalb Ketchum, Jerry, Fort Worth King, David, Douglass Knight, Katie, Tyler Kreplin, Gayle, Tyler Kyler, Jim, Orange Lamb, Barbara, San Augustine Land, Rosemary, Pasadena Lane, Robert, Buna Lawson, Nancy, Atlanta Lefforge, Linda, Houston LeNoir, Sallie, Kilgore Levacy, Rebecca, Denison Lewis, Diane, Houston Lewis, Roy Dale, Lufkin Lewis, Don, Malakoff Lloyd, William, Sacul Long, Rosemary, Garland Lott, Roger, Bellaire Lowery, Lance, Etoile Marchiando, Michael, Houston Marshall, Walker, Jacksonville Martin, James, Mesquite Martin, Karen, Longview Mason, Pete, Tyler Matthews, Doug, Dallas Maxwell, James, Mt. Enterprise Maxwell, Pat, Fort Worth Meigs, Charlotte, Crosby Meyer, John, Pasadena Miles, Orval, Dallas 196 Mitchell, Flora, Avalon Montes, Anthony, Luf kin Moore, Ronny, Gladewater Morgan, Margaret, Wharton Morisalc, Bobby, Highlands Morton, Diana, Cleveland Lumberjack basketball fans couldn ' t resist looking at statistics the night SFA, led by a 30-point- scoring spree in the second half by Dick Davis, handed the Howard Payne Yellowjackets their first conference loss of the season. Moss, Raymond, Tyler Murray, Bob, Longview McC omb, James, Galena Park McCulloch, Elaine, Beaumont McCulloch, Tommy, Texarkana McFadden, Sharon, Houston McGahee, Jim, Pittsburg McGaughey, Rena, Rusk Nagel, Gary, San Antonio Neill, David, Tyler Neill, Janie, Tyler Newburn, Jan, Rushmore, Minn. Newman, Jan, New Orleans, La. Nied, Terrance, San Antonio Norton, Harold, Nacogdoches Norton, Nancy, Houston Nugent, Patsy, Lufkin Osborne, Paula, Highlands Overton, Don, Palestine Owen, Allen, Marshall Owen, Ann, Hallsville Pace, Harriet, Nacogdoches Paine, Samuel, LaRue Palmer, John, Livingston 197 Palmer, Karen, Livingston Parish, Lanny, White Oak Parmeter, Janice, Houston Partin, Betty, Bronson Patterson, Clay, Friendswood Pedison, John, Marshall Peebles, David, Liberty Peltier, Pete, Danbury Pepper, Jack, Galveston Peterson, John, Dallas Peveto, Riley, Orange Philley, George, Houston Phillips, Gayle, Tyler Pierce, Euel, Carthage Pierce, Richard, Longview Pinkerton, Lynn, Tyler Pledger, Sharon, Pearland Poovey, Kay, Henderson Porter, Barbara, Houston Potter, Danny, Orange Potter, Michael, Gladewater Powell, Jim, Dallas Powell, Sally, Dallas Prather, William, San Antonio Price, Glenn, Tyler Raif, Randall, Cushing Raines, James, Houston Ramsey, David, Houston Reed, Elizabeth, Palestine Rhodes, David, Garland Rice, Jack, Camden Roberson, Doris, Kilgore Roberts, Jennifer, Longview Robinson, Randy, Longview Rulfs, John, Nacogdoches Rumm, Sharon, Port Arthur Sanders, Mike, Pasadena Schaeffer, John, Lufkin Schimschat, Gary, Waco Schlief, Edward, Bellaire Schmale, Gerald, Thorndale Schulze, David, Wells 198 Black Raider makes flying tackle on East Central Oklahoma gridder in the first game of the season as other Lumberjacks close in Scott, Melba, Azle Scott, Phillip, Bay City Sebesta, Terrell, Texas City Sewell, Perry, Houston Sharp, Gwendolyn, Gladewater Shaw, Gene, Houston Shelton, Ginny, Corrigan Shrum, Bill, Gilmer Simmons, Lynn, Port Arthur Smith, Larry, Tatum Snyder, Carl, Lufkin Snyder, Carol, Mineola Sowell, Bobby, Lufkin Spradley, Randy, Nacogdoches Spruance, Susan, Arlington Stephens, Charles, Henderson Stephens, Donna, Conroe Stewart, Robert, Houston Stewart, Vivian, Henderson Stovall, Mary, Lufkin Strickland, Jane, Nacogdoches Sumrall, Eldon, Livingston Swafford, Eileen, Houston Taylor, Ernest, Lufkin Jpr Members of Chi Gamma Iota, ex-servicemen ' s fraternity, perform their daily ritual of raising the flag in front of the Austin Building. (7 «. Taylor, George, Lufkin Teal, Thomas, Nacogdoches Teraiki, Abdulaziz, Saudi Arabia Terry, Sandy, Jacksonville Thomas, Charles, Carthage ■ i Alt ■Hi Thomas, Robert, Danielson, Conn. Thomas, Ruth, Odessa Thompson, Charles, Henderson Todd, Ray, Alto Trevathan, Janice, Nacogdoches Truksa, Judy, Alvin Z " Turner, Bennie, Hallsville Underdown, David, Athens Vaughan, Ellen, Jonesville Vaughn, Richard, Gladewater Vawter, Gary, Nacogdoches Vawter, RaJean, York, Nebr. 4fc Walker, Carroll, Hughes Springs Walters, Cynthia, Mabank Walters; Joyce, Henderson Walters, Nancy, Winona Warren, Carolyn, Center Watts, Jeff, Marshall 200 Wayt, Pat, White Oak Webster, Sandra, Luf kin Wedgeworth, Patsy, Carthage Wells, Janiel, Houston West, Morris, Garrison Westley, David, Clifton Whitaker, Lynn, Carthage Wiegman, Lynn, Troup Williams, Caudy, Kilgore Williams, Chris, Houston Williams, Curtis, Anahuac Williams, Jack, Mineola Williams, Janis, Carthage Wilson, Ken, Indianapolis, Ind. Windham, Linda, Tyler Wise, Johnie, Lufkin Woodworth, David, Miami, Fla. Woolverton, Jeanne, Fort Worth Wooster, Tony, Henderson Worsham, Charles, Barry Wyatt, Donald, Houston Youngblood, Sherry, Waskom Younger, Ted, Cleveland Zatyka, Denver, Rosenburg (5 Zorn, Patsy, Houston Jerri Smith gets in Bud Clark ' s hair as they practice for " Lysistrata. " 201 «4 - fife ' 1 v.. -f ffl ll Uka.:.. 111 Aaron, Gene, La Porte Abbott, Nan, Jacksonville Adam, Andrea, Houston Adams, Leslie, Deer Park Adams, Theresa, Orange Allen, Bessie, Nacogdoches Allen, Guy, Woodsboro Allred, Gene, Lufkin Allums, Preston, Carthage Anent, John, Atlanta Anderson, Doris, Nacogdoches Anderson, Thomas, Kilgore Juniors Ashby, Linda, Henderson Attaway, James, Gladewater Badgett, Richard, College Station Bailey, Tad, Timpson Baldwin, Judith, Houston Ballenger, Richard, Nacogdoches Barker, Warren, Hallsville Barton, Ann, Carthage Bass, Robert, Nacogdoches Baugh, Don, LaPorte Beach, Margaret, Marshall Beall, Patsy, San Augustine Bearden, Jana, Marshall Beasley, Geraldine, Freeport Beasley, James, Shelbyville Beauchamp, Frank, Orange Beavers, Phyllis, Longview Behrends, Janis, Dallas Bigbie, Danny, New London Blackstone, Jeanne, Cushing Blakeway, Sandy, Houston Blocker, Tim, Fort Worth Bobo, Norman, Atlanta Bonner, Patricia, Houston Jan Griffin, Secretary-Treasurer Mike Kinnebrew, President Rusty Compton, Reporter Jeanie Miller, Representative Tommy Sanders, Representative John Jordan, Vice President JUNIOR CLASS DUCHESS Karen Wilson Bowden, Cliff, Dallas Bowling, Beverly, Houston Bowling, Bob, Irving Box, Julie, Dallas Bradberry, Forrest, Palestine Brandbury, Horace, Cleburne Bradbury, Mike, Marshall Brassell, Michael, Carthage fit H Brawner, Charles, Houston Breazeale, Linda, Houston Br ice, Cecelia, Pasadena Brooks, Gh nda, Carthage Brooks, Patty, Henderson Brooks, Rosiland, Longview p f t Typical of registration bottlenecks is the scene at the fee fixing fable. No need to rush, Jacks. You will get rid of your " green stuff " soon enough. Broughton, Miles, Houston Brown, Tommy, Queen City life Broxson, Phil, D Buban, Tony, N alias acogdoches JE? :J Ink Bullard, Billy, V Burns, Martha, Bush, Julian, CI Byers, Lewie, Jc an Vleck Tyler lester cksonville Wtm I % M it? n Byrnes, Mary Anne, Orange Byrum, Kaye, Huntsville Byrum, Michael, Garland Cabiness, Jerry, Levelland Calhoun, Richard, Longview Callaway, Marsha, Bellaire Campbell, Susan, Rusk Capps, Tommy E., Huntington Carden, Vernon O., Rosenberg Carl, Carlene, Liberty Carr, Penny, Angleton Carter, Linda, Kirbyville 204 Chatagnier, Tim, Orange Cherry, Bing, Galveston Childs, Vernon, Mt. Enterprise Choate, Tyrant, Longview Clark, Barbara, Henderson Clark, Beth, Lufkin Clark, Diana, Marsh Clausen, Johnny, Houston Clemens, Joe, Kilgore Clements, Danny, Hope, Ark Coates, Chuck, Houston Coats, John, Pasadena Cogswell, Doug, Joaquin Coker, Allan, Dallas Colvin, Linda, Beaumont Compton, Beverlv, Corsicana Compton, Ronold, Dallas Congdon, Trude, Bryan 205 SFA ' s future is reflected in the construction of a new science building. Shelton Gym looms in the background. Cook, Barry, Frankston Copeland, Brian, Houston Corey, Larry, Houston Cotten, Weston, Highlands Covington, Craig, Dallas Cox, Anna M., Kilgore Cox, Sandra, Lufkin Cranfill, Charles, San Antonio Crawford, Dana Jo, Nacogdoches Crisp, Benny, Nacogdoches Cummings, Cassie, Irving Dane, Susie, Kilgore Davis, Paula, Garland Deason, Ray, Austin Deason, Shalia, Kilgore Debney, Carolyn, Jasper Deere, Craig, Bellvllle deGuibert, Linda, Angleton Dennis, James, Houston Dewey, Rhonda, Amarillo Domstead, Glen, Lancaster Dorman, Dianne, Nacogdoches Dorman, Randy, Baytown Dover, Patty, Houston It It " 206 Drape, Fran, Houston Duhon, Dianne, Bridge City Duty, Kenneth, White Oak " Dyer, Bob, Tyler Dyson, Jimothy, Pasadena East, Jan, Carthage Eastman, Phil, Waxahachie Egger, Pam, Houston Epps, Vera, Center Erwin, Anne, Gladewater Erwin, Roy, Longview Eubanlcs, Scotty, Marshall Fain, Nick, Eustace Felmet, Roland, Spring Fenley, Sandra, Pollok Finley, Shirley, LaMarque Fisher, James, Alvin Fitzgerald, Chuck, Henderson Flanagan, Sallie, Henderson Fleener, Stephen, League City Flemister, Neill, Longview Flewharty, Thomas, Longview Flint, Charles, Atlanta Fluge, Duane, Egeland, N. D. All visitors to the Pike clubhouse are duty bound to admire the fraternity trophies and scrapbook. 207 Fountain, Carol, LaPorte Fowler, Jim, Houston Gambrell, Howard, Palestine Gandy, Bill, Nacogdoches Garrett, Dianne, Livingston Garrison, Barbara, Beaumont Garwiclc, Ken, Houston Gaston, Patricia, Houston " You watch my calories — I ' ll watch yours! ' Gates, Tommy, Liberty Gatlin, Patricia, Longview Gaw, Kathryn, Longview Gay, Barbara, Nacogdoches Geiger, Robert, Houston Gibson, Sannette, San Antonio Gilbert, Harry, Jacksboro Giles, Judy, Long, Branch Gimlin, Milton, Worthington, Gist, Bill, Austin Glenn, Alice, Carthage Goodman, Pamela, Lindale Oh; Gordon, Vickie, Dallas Gose, Nancy, Houston Gray, James, Nacogdoches Gray, Thomas, Brazoria Green, Bobby, Lake Jackson Green, Charles, Redwater 208 Green, Donnie, Kilgore Green, Gordon, Alvin Green, Susan, Dallas Green, Raleigh, Houston Greer, Carol, Hallsville Greer, Janus, Hallsville Griffin, Joan, New London Grimm, Carroll, Thorndale Grindle, William, Overton GrosJean, Gorould, Wellsboro, Pa. Grubbs, Loy, Jefferson Guinn, Sharon, Gilmer Gunn, Anthony, Troup Gurtler, Dona, Dallas Guy, Chuck, Port Arthur Haley, Betty, Center Halyard, Sammye, Crockett Hamon, Terry, Longview Hancock, Hubert, Henderson Hand, Larry, Henderson Handley, Eva, Camden Hardin, Annette, Orange Hardy, Mike, Houston Hargett, Larry, Fort Worth 209 Harvey, Thomas, Shelbyville Hathcox, David, Dallas Havard, Jackie, Luf kin Hawkins, Jennie, Longview Haygood, Karen Dawn, Luf kin Hees, Darryl, Houston Helms, Roger, Houston Henderson, Carolyn, Jefferson Hendrix, Billie, Deer Park Henry, Gary, Gladewater Herring, Rusty, Houston Hester, L. C, Groveton Hester, William, Longview Hewitt, Joe, Joaquin Hicks, Kay, Lufkin Hill, Lynn, Dallas Hiner, David, Beaumont Hokanson, O. L., LaMarque 210 Hoff, Carolyn, Bellville Hogan, Cliff.Corpus Christ! Holcomb, Dianne, Alto Hollis, James, Humble Holman, Dorothy, Troup Holmes, Leighton, Jacksonville Holt, William, Center Hoskins, Neil, Greenville Howell, Wiley, Coral Gables, Fla. Hubert, Sue, Houston Huffstetter, Mike, Dallas Hughes, Rita, Texas City Hughes, Sarah, Marshall Hulen, Jane, Clarksville Hurley, John, Corpus Christi Hussey, Sandra, Marshall Hyams, Charlotte, Houston Ihrig, Karen, Houston V. .o o°_.. - »v Inmon, Justin, Kosse Isel, Nancy, Mansfield Jackson, Jorqann, Garland Jackson, Willie, Kilgore James, Jana, Ferris Jenkins, Sherry, Dallas Jones, Jack, Magee, Miss. Jones, Larry, Texas City On a cold day at the College Among the Pines. 211 Jones, Douglas, Longview Jones, Melvin, Longview Johnson, Diane, Houston Johnson, Gary, Mexia Johnson, Lynda, Lufkin Johnston, Betty, Brownsville Kahn, Sandy, Dallas Kautz, Karla, Texas City Kearney, Pat, Texas City Kennedy, Annell, Dayton Kennedy, Martha, Texas City Kent, Patricia, Orange King, Catherine, Liberty King, Jack, Mexia Koford, Charlotte, Longview Kohl, Johann, Liberty Kolarik, Beverly, Houston Kotch, Robert, Bremond Kurtz, Patricia, Baytown Lamberth, Carol, Clear Creek Lambright, David, Marshall Lane, Eldene, Gladewater Langford, Tom, Cleburne Lawrence, Stanley, Hallsville Lee, Stephen, Nacogdoches Lengefeld, Bill, Kyle Lester, John, Jacksonville Lewis, Barbara, Houston Lindner, Henry, Jacksonville Lindsay, Darrell, Houston Lindsey, Ronald, Palestine Lively, Tony, Houston Love, Ken, Dallas Loveall, Judy, New London Lucas, Michael, Texas City Lucia, Sam, Orange Lyles, Ollie, Woden Lyons, Floyd, Houston Maberrv, Michael, Lufkin MacAllister, Michael, Sebastian Mace, Barry, Elkhart Malcolm, Lillard, Beaumont 212 An impressive structure on the SFA campus is the Fine Arts Building. Marltham, Tim, Dallas Martin, Diane, Laird Hill Martin, Gary, Dallas Martin, Lynda, Troup Martin, Marilyn, Henderson Martin, Pat, Baytown Martin, Sandy, Gladewater Martin, Sherry, Nacogdoches Martindale, Tim, Jacksonville Mathers, Brenda, Avalon May, Kenneth, Vidor Mayfield, Jaclty, Mt. Pleasant Medford, Carol, Hoolcs Meisenheimer, Mary, Marshall Mendiola, Homero, Houston Milam, Bartlett, Kilgore Miles, Lavelle, Woodville Miller, John, San Antonio Miller, Margaret, Pearland Mills, Eddie, Crosby Milner, Gay, Nacogdoches Milner, Larry, Baytown Minor, Richard, Ore City Minter, David, Center 213 Minter, Mary, Columbus Mitchell, Jo Ann, Garland Moad, Marcia, Alvin Moller, Mary, Angleton Monari, Chris, Mineola Moon, Kathy, Athens Moore, Douglas, Liberty Moore, Judith, Longview Moore, Marjorie, Garrison Moore, William, Garrison Mora, Mildred, Nacogdoches Morain, Suianne, Silsbee Morgan, Bill, Houston Moses, Lola, Robstown Stone Fort staffers enjoy the dinner given for the beauty contestants. Bing Cherry, advertising manager, seems to want a drink. James McComb and Elaine Hicks are i the patient ones. Muckleroy, Karen, Houston Murphv, Delbert, Stanley, La. McCathern, Glenn, Pampa McCrorey, Donald, Houston McDonald, Jerry, Mesquite McDowell, Jim, Longview McEnturff, Jimmie, Edgewood McFarland, Robert, Nashville, Ark. McGaughey, Judy, Huntington McGuire, Roy, Dallas McJilton, Michael, Pine Tree McKewen, Reagan, Lufkin 214 McNay, Keith, Houston McPherson, Sylvia, Cleburne McRee, Melissa, Dallas McShan, Michael, Dallas Nader, Robert, Marshall Napier, Sam, Bellaire Nash, Nancy, Longview Neill, Janie, Tyler Neill, Sherry, Dallas Newnam, Penelope, Dallas Newton, Becky, Houston Nicholson, Douglas, Luf kin Noble, Bonnie, Palacios Noonan, Barbara, Houston Norton, Jean, Nacogdoches Norwood, Terry, Houston Oberholtier, Karen, Mexia Oblinger, Luana, Sour Lake O ' Keefe, Katherine, Palestine O ' Neal, Lewis, Rusk Opersteny, Janet, Texas City Osborn, J. D., Longview Owens, Sharon, Texarkana, Ark. Palmer, Jimmie, Kilgore Alpha Kappa Psi members got to work with hammer, nails and saw and came out with a beautiful Homecoming float. 215 • - i Parker, James, Elkhart Parker, John, LaMarque Parker, John, Center Partin, John, Keller Pavletich, Paula, Jacksonville Pechulis, Ruthann, Houston in " " l Pena, James, Nacogdoches Pena, John, Nacogdoches Penland, Sandra, Houston Perdue, Ronny, Tyler Petropolis, Nikki, Cleveland Phillips, Robert, Kilgore Pierce, Georgia, Carthage Pike, William, Dallas Pipes, Linda, Avery Pirtle, Carol, Alvin Place, Darlene, Crawford Poland, Robert, Lufkin If " " " -ev ' ' PI T Polanovich, DeeAnn, Fort Worth Pollard, Charles, Tenaha Ponder, Joseph, Freeport Poole, Brenda, New London Porter, John L., Nacogdoches Porter, Sarah, Pasadena lift faf f Power, Shirley, Marshall Price, James, Amarillo Price, William, Houston Ramey, Rachel, Nacogdoches Ray, Joel, Victoria Rea, Sandy, Lancaster In, W Read, Linda, Woodville Reed, Sammy, Carthage Reinecker, Charles, Wallis Rhame, Diane, Deer Park Richards, Charles, Shelbyville Richards, George, Midland ■ate Richards, Marilyn, Houston Ricks, James, Gladewater Ridgway, Patti, Houston Roberts, Melton, Hockley Roberts, Swank, Longview Robertson, Edward, Gilmer 216 217 Sales, Janis, Rusk Sanders, Tommy, Pasadena Saucier, David, Waco Saulsbery, Marie, Galena Pa r Saunders, Rebecca, Carthage Scaggs, Pam, Piano Schaefer, Wayne, Tyler Schahn, Nancy, Orange Schanley, James, Longview Schattenberg, Mary, Austin Schneider, Michael, Bellaire Scoggins, Brenda, Jacksonville Scott, Joann, Irving Sellers, Karen, Laneville Shattuck, Kathie, Houston Shaw, Jim, Tyler Shelton, Jerry, Victoria Sherman, Mary, Jacksonville Sherman, Veronica, Dallas Simon, Frances, Longview Slaughter, Travis, Humble Sloan, William, Baytown Small, John, Fairfield Smiley, Donald, Pineland Smith, Bobby, Overton Smith, Carol, Overton Smith, Carolyn, Humble Smith, Fred, Dayton Smith, Gerald, Waxahachie Smith, James, Houston Not a demonstration Smith, Kenneth, Groveton Smith, Sharon, Longview Sparks, Walter, Victoria Spell, Alvin, Marshall Spence, Joyce, San Antonio Spencer, Neel, Jonesville, Va. Stacy, Jimmy, Kilgore Stamps, David, Bridge City Steger, Eric, Atlanta Stensrua, David, Dallas Stephens, Lucille, Henderson Stevenson, Paul, Longview Stokes, Sue, Kerens Storer, Chris, Keller Straughn, Ginger, Fort Worth Strong, Betty, Marshall Sturrock, James, Lufkin Sullender, Timmie, Pearland III II I !□ Ill Ml the first pep rally. Tadlock, Bill, Baytown Talbott, John, Jasper Tate, Lanna, Eagle Lake Taylor, Dave, Timpson Tedder, Carolyn, Troup Tetu, Robert, Park Forest Thibaudeau, Scott, Oneida, N.Y Faulk, Thomas, Athens 219 1 k ttfeg k ft itili lit ifei ttife J l Ss - ' ' " a vC kit III 1 Thomas, Glenn, Marshall Thompson, Thomas, Temple Thorps, Diana, Bay City Tieman, Anita, Hallsville Tiller, Albert, Elysian Fields Toombs, Mike, Wichita Falls Tottenham, Richard, Houston Townley, Cecil, Dallas Towns, Judy, Timpson Trippodo, Nick, Dickinson Truitt, Judy, Houston Turner, Robert, Henderson Tupa, Julius, El Campo Ussery, Wayne, Borger Vann, Wanda, Houston Vest, James, Slocum Villarreal, Noemi, Kings ville Vredenburg, Michael, Tyler Waldrop, Jane, Liberty Walker, Bennett, Fort Worth Walker, Harry, Luf kin Walker, Royce, Baytown Waller, Robert, Cleburne Walt, Eddie, Savoy Walters, Cheryl, Longview Warms, Mike, Irving Warrington, Betty, Maud Watkins, Larry, Douglass Watkins, Mark, Groves Watson, Jerry, Kilgore Watson, Joe, Mt. Enterprise Watson, Vicki, Lake Jackson Weaver, David, Tatum Weigman, Marcy, Rusk Welch, Harriet, Tyler Weldon, Michael, Houston Wells, Tom, Victoria Westerfield, Margaret, Houston Westb rook, Cathy, Frankston Wheatley, Tom, Houston Whisennand, Susan, Houston Wiggins, Mark, Mexia 220 If everybody would help push instead of just look, that Volkswagen might get on its way Williams, Doice, Longview Williams, Donna, Houston Williams, Norwood, Pasadena Williams, Sharon, Tyler Willingham, Robert, Pasadena Willis, Bill, Dallas Willoughby, Gary, Liberty Wilson, Fariss, Houston Wilson, Jean, Bel I a i re Wilson, Karen, Huntington Wolf, Ann, Dallas Wood, Jackie, Houston Woodley, Mary, Marshall Woods, Don, San Augustine Woodward, Jerry, Mt. Enterprise Worley, Tommy, Powell Wrotenb ury, Cathy, Pollock Yarbrough, Lagene, Center Yates, Beverly, Frost York, Leana, Marshall Young, Karen, Longview Young, Linda, Tyler Youngblood, Jeff, Lufkin Youngblood, Hunter, Lufkin 221 if V life, n X ' 1 rT » «bt A km likJB H9 « . Aaron, Drucilla, LaPorte Adams, Bobby, Carthage Aguilar, Alfred, Devine Albin, Terry, Pasadena Alexander, Marvin, Kermit Alexander, Mary, Livingston Allen, James B., Alto Allen, Jerry, Luf kin Allen, Lawrence, Pasadena Aman, Robert, Beeville Amerine, Jimmy, Camden Anderson, Jennie, Houston Sophomores Anderson, Linn, Lufkin Anderton, Steve, Garland Andreas, Carla, Houston Andreas, Wayne, LaMarque Andrews, Linda, Port Arthur Ansel, David, Longview Arisman, Robert, Bellaire Arnold, Joan, Mt. Pleasant Ashberry, Royce, Kilgore Aston, James, Nacogdoches Atwell, James, Lufkin Atwell, Sharon, Houston Atwell, William, Rumson, Avery, Jack, Cushing Avis, Karen, Houston Bacho, John, Houston Bailey, Brenda, Pasadena Bailey, Patricia, Timpson N.J. Bajorek, Edward, Houston Baker, Barbara, Dallas Baker, Kay, Kennard Ball, Emmett, Shreveport, La. Barnhill, Valla, Marlin Bartle, Vernon, Center SOPHOMORE CLASS DUCHESS Melinda Bates Bates, Melinda, Houston Baxter, Harriette, Lake Jackson Bay, John, Nacogdoches Beakley, Bain, Center Point Beall, Barry, Dallas Beall, Janice, Nacogdoches SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Phil Broxson, President Salle Sanders, Representative Becky Bolin, Reporter Sharon Shaw, Secretary-Treasurer Henry Childers, Representative Nancy Davis, Representative Ronnie Sherbert, Vice President Barton, Judy, Teneha Barwick, Carla, Winston-Salen, N.C. Beall, Jeff, Jacksonville Bell, David, Garland Bell, Paul, Cayuga Berger, Debra, Houston Berger, Patricia, Houston Best, Gladys, Woodville Kay Moffeit, Jane Waldrop, Dr. Marvin Wade and Bonnie Kridler look on as Ruthann Pechulis and Jo Jo Stephens do the talking. Bethea, Robert, Fort Worth Bethel, Karen, Fort Worth Bickley, Patsy, Pollok Billingsley, Betty, Lufkin Bird, Rex, Fort Worth Birdsong, Margaret, Houston Bishop, Judy, Houston Black, Guy, Baytown Blackledge, Willa, Bryan Blackstone, Sandra, Cushing Blackwell, Nancy, LaMarque Blair, James, San Antonio Blake, James, Corpus Christi Blakeney, Billy, Deweyville Blankinship, Billye, Hamlin Blaylock, Beverly, New London Blevins, Beverly, Houston Blevins, Ethellyn, Joaquin Boddie, Hobson, Silsbee Bogan, Carolyn, Nacogdoches Bolding, Nancy, Houston Bolin, Becky, Longview Bond, Cynthia, Texas City Bonner, Linda, Bayfown Bonsall, Sandra, Pasadena Bosl, Susan, Schulenburg Bowling, Nancy, Dallas Branan, Peggy, Houston Brashear, Barbara, Lufkin Brashears, Gayla, Houston 224 _ Braun, Wendy, Dallas Breland, Lynn, Galveston Brelsford, Julie, Tyler Brewer, David, Bunkie, La. Britton, Jimmy, Lubbock Broadway, Carol, Waco Susan Brewer meditates over a glass of tea. { ■ ■ ■ km Brock, Susan, Dallas Brodrick, Kathy, Richardson Brosette, Camille, Dallas Brown, Judy, Lake Jackson Brown, Larry, Waxahachie Brown, Michael, Houston Brown, Nancy, Mt. Pleasant Browning, Beth, Athens Bruner, Nell, Terrrell Bryan, Nancy, Center Bryant, Edward, Houston Buck, Linda, Houston Bulkley, Melissa, Houston Bullard, Ted, Pittsburg Bunn, Sallie, Jacksonville Bunnian, Bryan, Longview Burgard, Pamela, Tilden Burkett, Eunice, Broaddus Burkhart, Janell, Simonton Burns, Marlene, Conroe Burris, Susan, Lake Jackson Busbee, Richard, Victoria Bush, Be verly, Dallas Bush, Larry, Pasadena Bussey, O. W., Timpson 225 Buvinghausen, David Cabness, Carolyn, Bellaire Cain, Donald, Houston Calk, Ann, Longview Intramural games are a familiar sight on the playing fields behind Memorial Stadium. Campus organizations and independents participate in the seasonal events sponsored by the physical education department. Caperton, Ben, Dallas Cardin, Ron, Houston Carey, Bob, Houston Carpenter, Gail, Tyler Carr, Tom, Houston Carrier, Nancy, Wasleom Carter, Harry, Lufkin Cartwright, Ford, San Augustine Cashman, Sally, Pasadena Cates, Mary Margaret, Pasadena Catoe, Nick, Deer Park Caveness, Patricia, Grapeland Cheatham, Lynette, Bryan Chesser, Glenn, Beaumont Childers, Henry, Nacogdoches Chisolm, Norman, Moscow Chopel, Kathleen, Mt. Pleasant Christensen, Carol, El Campo Clabough, Judy, Carthage Clarke, DeWitt, Houston 226 Clegg, Johnny, Port Lavaca Cloyd, Carol, Dallas Cobb, Charles Mac, Mt. Pleasant Cochran, Charles Y., Henderson Cochran, David, Lubbock Cochran, Donald, Mt. Pleasant Collier, Mike, Richardson Collins, Kathleen, Crockett Say, lady, I don ' t have to be branded, too; do I? Compton, Shelva, Jacksonville Conner, William, Lufkin Conwell, Steven, Fort Worth Cook John, Shamrock Cook, Lillian, Garrison Cook, Marilyn, Denison Cook, Mary, Houston Cosgrove, Carol, Shreveport, La. Covington, Charles, Pasadena Cowart, Martha, Dallas Cox, LaRay, New Boston Crawley, Jane, Houston Crayton, Philip, Marshall Crisp, Kathy, Nacogdoches Crossman, Kay, Garland Crowe, Lile W., Midland Crowley, Billy, Nacogdoches Cummings, Chuck, Baytown ML l lift Cupit, Herdy, Orange Curry, Wanda, Kennard Dahlquist, Micheal, Baytown Dailey, Marsha, Lufkin Dammer, Robert, South Bend, Ind. Daniel, Austin, Houston Daniel, Betty, New Boston Davenport, Marion, Corsicana Davidson, Joel T., Houston Stone Fort beauties busy themselves trying give the right impressions to the judges. to life i 4. 1 Davidson, Mary, Houston Davis, Charles, Nacogdoches Davis, Diane, Bryan Davis, James Earl, Lufkin Davis, Raleigh, Dallas Davis, Ronnie, Mt. Pleasant Davison, Becky, Houston Dean, Dee Anna, Dallas Denard, Jennifer, Marlin Dent, Ted Lee, Timpson Denton, R. W., Galveston de Vault, Jimmy, Dallas Dial, Linda, Lufkin Dickerson, James, Jasper Dickerson, Larry, Jasper Dickey, Cheryl, Lancaster 228 Didriksen, Arthur, Baytown Dildy, Donald, Houston Douglas, Randall, Jacksonville Drake, Clyde, Silsbee Duitch, Mary Suedella, Grapeland Dupriest, Rebecca, Beckville Durrett, Vernon, Crockett Eads, John, Dallas Earnheart, Janice, Dallas Eastepp, Dorthy, Lufkin Eaves, Biff, Orange Edling, Tina, Richardson Eggenburger, Bill, New Boston Emerson, Don, Houston Evans, David, Garland Evans, Teresa, Freeport Faherty, Regina, Houston Farley, Jamie, Brackettville Farris, Jacqueline, Killeen Ferguson, Carol, Houston Fitts, Cathy, Rusk Flanagan, Nelson, Silsbee Fletcher, John, Dallas Floor, Debbie, Houston Flynn, Noreen, Dallas Ford, Michael, Mena, Ark. Students find even a stone bench a comfortable place to lounge between classes. The scene is in front of the Boynton Library. t it kit 229 Delta Sigs, left to right, Bob Bass, Gary Martin, Jody Sory, Ronnie King and Randy Hatfield, enjoy their Rush Week dinner at the Continental Inn. Formagus, Betty, Port Arthur Fortenberry, Darrell, Baytown Fouty, Allen, Gladewater Fox, Betty, Austin Fraley, John Henry, Wharton Franklin, Charles D., Kennard Franks, Janelle, Bay City Frazier, Jane, Nacogdoches Free, Victoria, Nacogdoches Freeman, Darrell, Silsbee Freeman, Skip, Dallas Fry, Louis, Dallas Fullerton, Patsy, Mexia Fulton, Robert, Houston Funke, Mona, Pasadena Ganson, Ruth Ann, Baytown Garrett, Tom, Houston Gholston, Karen, Carthage Gideon, Linda, Houston Gifford, Janet, Richardson Gilbert, Steve, Freeport Gill, Toni Lynn, Lufkin Gilliland, Mary, Houston Gillmore, Ronnie, Dallas Goeders, Carol, Bellaire Gohlke, Judy, Houston Goldstein, Nancy, Houston Goode, Evelyn, Irving Goode, Nella, Hallettsville Gosschallt, Conny, White Oak Gossett, James, Austin Grams, Janet, Marlin Gray, Scotty, Marshall Green, Linda, Tyler Green, Robert, Jacksonville Gregory, Terry, Waxahachie Gresham, Becky, Henderson Grubbs, Bette Jean, Corsicana Grubbs, Betty, Houston Gunning, Tom, San Antonio Guthrie, Preston, Midland Haley, Peggy, Livingston Hall, Diane, Houston Haluska, Connie, Crosby Hamilton, Becky, Galveston Hamilton, Fran, Marlin Hancock, Barbara, Smithvil ' e Gale Teel, Rebecca DuPriest and. Mike McJilton " scope-up " on the news in the Pine Log hot off the press. 231 Haney, Mike, Texas City Hanson, Larry, Kemah Harborth, Glenda, Houston Harden, Charles, Queen City Hardesty, Robert, Pasadena Hardman, Pam, Texas City Harlow, Carol Gene, Waco Harmon, Perry, Orange Harper, Barbara, Jacksonville Harper, Gary, Gallatin Harper, Michael, Shreveport, La. Harrington, Sue, Houston Harris, Clara, Dallas Harris, Debbie, Corsicana Harris, Kay, Angleton Harris, Patti, Alvarado Harris, Robert, Nacogdoches Harrison, Charlotte, Crockett Harrison, Gay, Longview Harvell, Lynda, Houston Haskins, Darline, Pearland Havard, Elaine, Lufkin Hawkins, Jack, Higgins Haynes, Esther, Marshal To celebrate the College Center ' s sixth birthday, SFA students took part in a CC staff-sponsored dance. The College Center is the focal point of all student activities. Hazlewood, Debbie, Fort Worth Heaberlin, Donna, Longview 232 Hearne, Gay, Meridian, Miss. Heaton, Deborah, Channelview Hedgecock, Sibyl, Avery Hellberg, Phil, Lufkin Hellman, Mary Ann, Winnsboro Hemann, Debbie, Houston Hendricks, Jan, Houston Henley, Don, Linden Henry, Pat, Houston So that ' s the type of book that Dr. Kidd reads! No wonder I ' can ' t get the books I need! Hensley, R. D., Lufkin Herrow, Patricia, Silsbee Hext, Dee, Canadian Hicks, Linda, Houston Hill, Jane, Nacogdoches Hill, Patricia, Lufkin Hineman, Charles, Longview Hitchcock, Staley, Shreveport, La. Holcomb, Jane, Diboll 1 rs -J Holland, Carol, Houston Hollomon, Pat, Port Neches Holmes, Carolyn, Cleburne Holt, Sharron, Nacogdoches Honeycutt, Sharon, Pearland Honig, Martha, Pasadena Hooks, Marinel, Garland Hopkins, Michael, Dallas Home, James, Garland Horton, Belinda, Hooks Horton, Ernest, Houston Horton, Linda, Quitman 233 Walter Schugart, Carla Barwick, Janet Grams and Mike Latimer help decorate the Friendship Lounge in time for Santa ' s visit to SFA. Howard, Janice, Killeen Howell, Dennis, Houston Hoya, Weldon Dana, Houston Hucherson, Kenneth, Houston Hudson, Chricket, San Antonio Hughes, Karen, Tyler Hunt, Janice, Dallas Hurrell, Patricia, Houston Innis, Lynda, Houston Iverson, Kristina, Nacogdoches Jacks, Jeannine, Dallas Jackson, Charles, Orange Jackson, Phillip, Baytown Jackson, Robert, Orange Jackson, Ruth, Selman City Jackson, Teresa, Lufkin Jacob, Linda, Houston James, John, Dallas Jasper, Bill, Dallas Jensen, Eileen, Lufkin Johnson, Christopher, Palestine Johnston, Mike, Galena Park Jones, Evelyn, Houston Jones, Mike, Henderson | MM Li III if A % { ? A V 1 kJ L n w 1 Ml k ' 1 234 Jones, Robert, Dallas Jones, Tim, Belton Kauffman, Herbert, Houstor Keasler, Russ, Dallas Kelher, Pat, Carlsbad, N. M. Kellogg, Linda, Houston Kelly, Benson, Westfield Kennedy, Joe, Groveton Kennedy, Robert, Kingsville Kerr, Camille, Alvin Ketner, Randy, Wichita Falls Keywood, Arthur, Dallas Kilgore, Velinda, Luf kin Kincaid, Nancy, Galena Park King, Patricia, Garland King, Ronnie, Dallas Kinnard, Leonard, Luf kin Kirby, Karen, Dallas Kiser, Deborah, Dallas Kliewer, Donald, Houston Koehn, Larry, Weimar Koon, Jean, Galena Park Kopczynski, Jo Claire, Garland Kuhn, Barbara, Houston Only at night is the Austin Building free of traffic. 235 LaBorde, Roger, LaMarque Lacy, Tommie, Houston Lalumandier, Royce, Nacogdoches Lampt on, Sharon, Houston $0 WtL LOPKIM I 4 iOUSIHG AM f -TATE COLLEGE PROJECT HO CH-TEX 2 1 (DSJ ALLEN M. CAMPBELL CO. GENERIC C0KTR4CT0RS. INC. In the age of demonstrations, racial or otherwise, this construction worker gets in the swing of things as he carries his sign of protest at the building site of Gladys E. Steen Dormitory. Workers struck both the Science Building and dormi- tory construction projects during the 1966-67 school year. Lankford, Leonard, Dallas LaSena, William, Waco Laughlin, Allen, Houston Lauter, Bobbi, Houston Lawder, William, Galveston Lawson, Randall, Diana Leach, Jimmy, Laredo Leavins, Jerry, Orange Lee, Rusty, Lufkin Lehmann, Patricia, Buna Leimgrubler, Janie, Bellaire Lemke, Dea, Houston 236 Leonard, Franklin, Nacogdoches Lewis, Charles, Nederland Lewis, John, Kilgore Lewis, Kathy, Houston Lindner, William D., Orange Lister, Carolyn, Houston Logan, Richard, Houston Loggins, Linda, Houston Long, Linda, Dallas Lopez, Jimmy, Beaumont Love, Wilbert, Grapeland Lowery, Virginia, Victoria Loyless, Sandy, Houston Lucas, Doyle, Nacogdoches Lundquist, Paul, Dallas Lupfer, Robert, Kilgore Luster, Linda, Houston Maclin, Drusilla, Jasper Magee, Mary L., Houston Mallouf, Albert, Dallas Manger, Susan, Houston Manley, Julian C, Cotulla Manning, Gary, San Antonio Marchand, Gregory, Longview Marsellos, Cathy, Lu f ki n Marsh, Cynthia, Humble Marsh, Lucinda, Texas City Martin, Danny, Nacogdoches Martin, Nancy, Houston Marules, Ted, Houston Two members of the folk dancing class participate in a lively Hungarian folk dance. 237 Massey, Larry, Killeen Mathew, William, San Augustine Mattson, Suzanne, Houston Mazzola, Anna P., Orange Meadows, Myrna, Mt. Pleasant Means, Jan, Houston Medley, Candy, Nacogdoches Meelcs, Corky, Dallas Happy fans and the scoreboard clock tell the story of the Lumberjacks thrilling win over highly-ranked Howard Payne. SFA ended the Yellowjackets ' 2 1 -game win streak, 102-80. Hi . J!,-, x T if i Merrill, James, Houston Michael, Jan, Austin Michaels, Penne, Richardson Michna, Irene, Wharton Miley, Judy, Longview Miller, Joyce, Deer Park Miller, Margie, Columbus, Ga. Miller, Paul, Dallas Miller, Roy H., Marshall Mims, Linda, Henderson Mobley, Charles, Camden, Ark. Moore, LeRoy , Lake Jackson Moore, Jeannie, Houston Moore, Sharon, Oakwood Moran, Tom, Troup Moreland, Mike, Dallas Morgan, Dan, Dallas Morgan, Melina, Jacksonville 238 239 IT- 1 ™ " f iKn • kit r v lite. Kklk « to ' ' 1 McCoy, Dianne, Houston McCracken, Judy, Houston McDonald, Cheryl, Dallas McDonald, Russell, LaMarque McGraw, Sue, Texarkana McKool, George, Garland McVey, Carolyn, Dallas Naylor, Pamela, Dallas Neighbors, Glen, Bunker Hill Village Nettle, Jane, Palestine Newmann, Mary, Port Arthur Newman, Bob, Corpus Christi Newman, Earl, Houston Newnam, Pamela, Dallas Niederhofer, Sandra, Texas City Niergarth, David, Athens Nolen, Dennis, Danbury Norwood, Johnny, Hillsboro Ogg, Sandra, Mt. Pleasant O ' Kelley, Charles, Atlanta Olive, Ken, Liberty Oliver, Willie, Tyler Oliveria, Judith, Athens Orr, Mary, Woodville Osborne, Linda, Houston Overland, Gail, Silsbee Owens, Judith, LaMarque Owens, Pat, Woodville Page, Patty, Dallas Puntenney, Steven, Kilgore Panto, Mike, Houston Paramore, Sharon, Kilgore Parker, Jinny, Luf kin Parks, Barbara, Fort Worth Patterson, Cornelia, Dallas Patterson, Jeri, Houston Peace, Mark, Irving Pearce, Debbie, Lake Jackson Peden, Joan, Houston Pegram, Bruce, Dallas Pelz, Charles, Marshall Perry, Janis, Houston 240 Peters, Wilson, Dallas Peterson, Gloria, Galveston Pfluger, Tim, Austin Phillips, Carol, Houston Phillips, Dennis, Sanderson Phillips, Diana, Dallas Phillips, Jean, Houston Pilcher, John, Luf kin Pledger, Donald, Rusk Pool, Joyce, New Boston Poole, Tim, LaMarque Pope, Jerre, Lufkin Pope, Mary Evelyn, Moscow Powell, Jim, Houston Powers, George, Spring Prendergast, John, Dallas Price, Thomas, Longview Pringle, Joyce, Houston ,1 nw. 19 m mis mi m .COMHMKU of PI KAPPA ALPHA FRATERNITY Randy Spradley, president of the student body, and Marilyn George watch the new football schedule donated by the Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity to keep aware of what the Lumberjacks are doing. 241 Pruett, James, Longview Pyeatt, Len, Gladewater Rabel, Ronnie, Magnolia Raben, Kim, Houston Radle, Linda, Chilton Ramsay, Julane, Jefferson Ramsey, Joseph, Nacogdoches Raney, Pat, Dallas Raulston, Bevins, McKinney Rector, Louis, Douglass Redfern, Judy, Mt. Pleasant Redmon, Carolyn, Longview Redmon, Marilyn, Longview Rentfro, Rebecca, Waco Riepen, Pamela, Harlingen Roan, Dwight, Dallas Robbins, Peggy, Houston Robbins, Peter, Houston Roberson, Gene, Houston Roberts, Gene, Marshall Roberts, Suzanne, Dallas Robertson, Lee, Burkburnett Rogers, Jana, Houston Rogers, Jerry, Nacogdoches Rohrs, Diana, Houston Roquemore, Suzanne, Palestine Oh for a jug of wine, a loaf of bread, a sharp ax, and thou. 242 Rosendale, Thomas, Miami Rosenquist, Gayle, Meridian Ross, Bobby, Shreveport, La. Ross, Janis, Ballaire Ross, Sandra, Houston Roye, Tim, Pasadena Russel, Roger, New Boston Ryan, Danille, Houston Sabom, Kathy, Houston Sadler, James, Houston Samples, Emma, Kilgore Sanders, Sherry, Marshall Sandlin, Jane, Lufkin Sanford, John, Palacios Saunders, Jeb, Gatesville Sawyer, Thomas, Gladewater Schadt, Frederick, Houston Schlief, Jerry, Bellaire Schmitt, Marilyn, Fort Worth Schoffstoll, Loraine, Dallas Schuler, Thilda, Alto Scott, Walter, Lake Jackson Seals, William, Dallas Secrest, Mary, Palestine ' May I have your blue-striped, yellow-striped, and maroon and green ilaid cards, please, " George Nagel asks Patti Ridgway at registration. Segrest, Signa, Houston Seiberling, Linda, Houston 243 Sellers, Michele, Houston Sellers, Sherry, Laneville Semeyn, Janne, Houston Shaw, Mary, Marlin Shaw, Sharon, Troup Sheffield, John, Austin Smith, Alice, Houston Smith, Barbara, Dallas Smith, Chuck, Richardson Smith, Charlotte, Jacksonville Smith, Caesar, Dallas Smith, Clark, Daingerfield Sheffield, Robert, Beaumont Sheffield, Stephen, Austin Shelton, Joyce, Pasadena Sherbert, Ronnie, Van Sherrill, Jovga, Houston Shinah, Hoke, Jacksonville Shopland, Muriel, Dallas Shugart, Rick, Garland Shull, Stephen, Longview Siegle, Gregory, Newport Beach, Cel. Sitchler, Susan, Abilene Sitton, Don, Nacogtloches Well, she was here a minute ag 244 Sm Smith Smith Sm Sm Sm th, Jack, Livingston Harvey, Waco Phillip, Pasadena th, Rodney, Troup th, Sheryle, Houston th, William, Orange Snyder, Susan, Houston Sowell, Elizabeth, Henderson Speights, Jay, Houston Spence, C. J., Muleshoe Spikerman, John, Houston Spivey, Lynda, Houston Spradley, Steve, Nacogdoches Spurgeon, Mary, Baytown Stafford, John, Fort Worth Staley, Harriet, Dallas Stallings, David, Nacogdoches Stanford, Susan, Houston now she was! Still, John, Nacogdoches Stock, Connie, Nacogdoches Stokes, Bobbie, Wells Stokes, Ronnie, Nacogdoches Stone, Carrol, Nacogdoches Stone, Marijane, Pittsburg Stovall, Beverly, Liberty Strahan, Marsha, Orange Stringer, Barbara, Lufkin Stuart, Bonnie, Dallas Sturroclc, Janis, Woodville Sullivan, Larry, LaMarque Talley, Bill, Nacogdoches Tang, Sae, Thailand Taylor, Sue, Freeport Teaters, Loa Rae, Nederland Teel, Gale, Houston Teller, Jan, Carthage Thomas, Linda, Dallas Thomas, Linda, Beaumont Thomas, Penny, Port Arthur Thomas, Sandra, Dallas Thomen, Pamela, Houston Tompson, Jimmy, Marshall Thompson, Stu, Houston Thornton, Mary Ann, Jefferson Tideman, Robert, Hearne Tidwell, David, Fort Worth Tims, Jacquelyn, Luflcin Todaro, Mary Ann, Orange From this mass of steel and material Gladys Steen Hall will rise to dominate the SFA skyline of tomorrow. f Todaro, Rosalie, Orange Tolbert, Cleo, Nacoqdoches Toney, Evelyn, Morrilton, Ark. Toomey, Jimmy, Ferris Toomey, Stephen, Randolph, Mass. Touchstone, Ann, Houston Traber, Jimmy, Victoria Truitt, Martha, Center Underwood, Nora, Houston Underdown, Pegqy, Athens Urban, Robert, Rockdale Urbanovslcy, June, Mesquite Van Orden, Rhetta, Dallas Vaughan, John, Palestine Vaught, John, Houston Vernon, Theresa, Kerens Vest, Danny, Slocum Vest, Jeffra, Houston Vibrock, Sandra, Garland Waddell, Amanda, Longview Waddell, Mike, Baytown Walker, Doris, Bellaire Walker, Gary, Liberty Walker, John, Longview Walker, Richard, Texas City Walker, Terry, Forest Heights, Md. Wallace, Betty, Houston Waller, Joe, Houston Walzel, Karen, Houston Ward, Nathan, Nacogdoches Ware, Terry, Corpus Christi Warner, Jan, Dallas Warren, Randall, Killeen Watford, Bettye, Hutchins Watson, Becky, Dallas Watson, Craig, Houston Watson, Kenneth, Nacogdoches Wati, Sherry, Houston Way, Carolyn, Dallas Webb, Martha, Teague Webb, Thomas, Dallas Webb, Wanda. Dallas 247 mm ML " s. | i ' 4 1 HHUHHHHH life kit Werner, John, Houston Werner, Pamela, Texas City Werner, Richard, Texas City Welch, Andreya, Highlands Wells, Linda, Pearland West, Viclti, Apple Springs Western, Terry, Mansfield Westmoreland, Cheryl, Bryan Whaley, Dorothy, Lake Jackson Whatley, Gary, Jefferson Wheeler, Merijane, Sugarland Whisennand, Richard, Houston Whitaker, Mary, Palestine White, Carolyn, Henderson White, Sharon, Jasper Whiteside, Barbara, Houston Whitton, Linda, Nacogdoches Wickes, William. Mineral Wells Wilburn, Robert, Big Lake Wilcox, Hazel, Marshall Williams, Bobby, Nacogdoches Williams, Patricia, Houston Will iamson, Mike, Houston Will iamson, Ouida, White Oak Scenes of tense moments in the dream game between Sul Ross and SFA show that although the Lobos put up a real fight, the Lumberjacks were not to be denied. 248 Williford, Mary, Beaumont Wils on, Jeannie, Dallas Withrow, Michael, Katy Wolfe, Dennis, Garland Womack, Berkey, Beaumont Womack, Sid, Wichita Falls Woodard, Karen, Dallas Worley, Donna, Dallas Worsham, Gilda, Barry Wright, Carla, Woodville Wright, Charles, Dallas Wright, Larry, Rusk V life l Km T ( - 1 J ) T Youens, Kayleen, Houston Young, Bart, Fort Worth 1 til 249 K ' — i id Ilk HflflHUHi Abbott, Linda, Silsbee Abernethy, Diane, Dallas Abney, Inez, Marshall Abraham, Brian, Marshall Adair, John, Dallas Adams, Betty, Houston Adams, Gordon, Houston Adams, John, Lufkin Adams, Joyce, Houston Adams, Robert, Nacogdoches Albritton, Sandra, Houston Alexander, Donna, Lufkin Freshmen 1 1 pro j f k A ' Alexander, Jim, Dallas Alexander, Sherry, Houston Allbright, Gloria, Longview Allen, Becky, Groves Allen, Cynthia, Terrell Allen, John, Nacogdoches Allen, Marilyn, Lufkin Allen, Michael, Houston Allen, Millard, Henderson Allen, Tracy, Dallas Allemand, Alex, Texas City Armstrong, Forrest, Houston Alvarez, Norma, Houston Andersen, Peggy, Galveston Anderson, Debby, Houston Anderson, William, Houston Andrew, Kathy, Houston Angelilli, Elizabeth, Houston Anhaiser, Audrey, Houston Ankney, Kathleen, Dallas Ansel, Kirby, Dallas Armstrong, Edmee, Houston Arnett, Karen, Dallas Ash worth, Tommy, Bryan 250 FRESHMAN CLASS DUCHESS Sherry Jacobs FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS Bobby Townsend, Representative Chris Carroll, President Jim Carter, Vice President and Representative Jim Graham, Representative Atkins, Margaret, Houston Bagwell, John, Dallas Bahn, Clifford, Lancaster Bain, Donald, Houston Baine, Alison, Dallas Bajorek, John, Houston Baker, Thomas E., Nacogdoches Bales, Sandra, Houston Ball, Linda, Detroit Lakes, Minn. Ballard, Robert, Frankston Barker, Jesse, Aransas Pass Bafkworth, Anne, Garland Barnett, Jerrold L., Bellaire Bernett, Loranza, Karnack Li 251 Barnett, Twyla, Houston Barrett, Susan, Pasadena Barrow, Harold, Houston Bass, Lee Ann, San Antoni Bates, Robert, DeKalb Bauman, Judye, Alto Baxley, Trena, Livingston Baxter, Linda, Houston Bean, Kenneth C, Richardson Beard, Gay Lynn, Houston Beck, Charles, McKinney Beck, Elizabeth, Pearland Becker, Marti, Houston Becker, Nancy J., Terrell Behrens, Larry, Houston Belt, Jozette, Colmesneil Bennett, Gary, Dallas Bergvall, Charles, McKinney The SFA student ' s best friend is Tuffy « 1 A- Berry, Kenny, Dayton Berry, Penny, Piano Berryman, Mary, Houston Bert, Rosemary, Dallas Bertch, James M., Houston Bezanson, Sharon, Lufkin Bills, Sharon, Longview Bir, Mary Pat, Texas City Birdwell, Lowell, Henderson Bishoff, Carol, Houston Bivens, Harrell, Texarkana Black, Larry, Stafford 252 Blackburn, Sharon, Irving Blair, Deborah, Dallas Blakeney, Carolyn, Deweyville Bland, Terese, Cleveland Blankenship, John, Houston Blaschke, Barbara, Houston Yvonne Mitcham, Ellen Mayfield, Linda Pipes, Mrs. Hattie Arthur and Jennie Adkins stand behind the serving table at a Valentine party at the Home Management House. A " Swinging Forties " theme was carried out in the refreshments which were decorated with United States flags. Swinging Forties music was played in the background. Blissard, Paul, Big Spring Bobo, Jerry, Douglass Bobo, Sharon, Nacogdoches Boehm, Frances, Marshall Bolton, Charles L, Littlefield Bolton, William, Hughes Springs Bonner, Brice, Garland Bonner, Nancy, Dallas Boor tz, Vicki, Houston Boothe, Thomas A., Cleveland Borders, Donnie, Center Bosby, Betsy, Houston 253 Boren, Nancy, Richardson Bowden, Carol Ann, Houston Bowlin, Susan, Center Boykin, Jimmy, Luf kin Bradford, Sue, Houston Bradshaw, Marilyn, Center 1 Branch, Duane, Houston Brand, Madalyn, Dallas Brannen, Brenda, Luf ki n Brantley, Bridget, Pasadena Brawner, Thomas, Houston Bray, Robert, Texas City Brecht, Melanie, Mesquite Brewer, Susan, Klein How Romeo and Juliet would have loved the SFA Science Building balcony. Bright, Billy, Longview Britton, James, Houston Brockington, Tommy, Lancaster Brooks, Jo Nell, Henderson Broussard, Nita, Liberty Brown, Jeanie, Nacogdoches Brown, Judy, Pasadena Brown, Raymond, Madill, Okla. Brown, Richard, Kennard Brown, Ronald, Houston Brunson, Cathy, Seabrook Bryant, Ronald, Dallas 254 Bullard, Beverly, Houston Bullard, Tannah, Lake Jackson Bullock, Emmy, Nacogdoches Bunn, Ellen, Dallas Burke, Nancy, Houston Burnett, Donna, Houston Burnett, Stacey, Luf kin Burnitt, Paul, Houston Burrows, Byron, Houston Burton, Judy, Lonqview Byrd, Robert, Jackson, Miss. Bynum, Dale, Dallas Cagley, Carole, Fort Worth Caldwell, Carol, Dalles Campbell, Kathryn, Bellaire Campbell, King, Beaumont Campbell, Leta, Andrews Cannon, Vicki, Dallas Carey, James, Garland Carl, Linda, Liberty Carpenter, Richard, Houston Carr, Ronnie, Houston Carroll, Wanda, Huntington Carter, James, McKinney Awaiting Sigma Kappa rushees to a real Hawaiian luau are Ruthann Pechulis and Evelyn Jones. 255 Carter, Gayle, Bellaire Cartwright, William, Huntington Casey, Jamie, Anahuac Casey, Jeryl Jean, New Caney Casey, Kim, Jacksonville Cashion, Jennifer, Luf kin Chadwick, Karen, LaMarque Chalmers, Sally, Houston Chambers, Sharon, Slocum Chancellor, Ronnie, Houston Chapman, Thomas, Dallas Chattaway, Susan, Dallas Childress, Dianne, Joaquin Clanton, Sharon, Houston Clark, Judy, Nacogdoches Clark, Mary B., Luf kin Clark, Nancy, Harlingen Clark, Orie, Houston Clayton, David, Orange Clements, Emily, Longview Cline, Randall, West Columbia Cloninger, Amy, Dallas Clowl, Larry, Carthage Coats, Russel, Houston Cobb, Carol, Beaumont Cochell, Cheryl, Los Angeles, Cal. Cockerham, Diane, Shreveport, La. Cockerham, Sammie, Houston Cofield, Randy, Dallas Coleman, Kenda, Humble Collier, Louann, Orange Collins, Alice, Houston Collins, Shirley, Houston Compton, Tess, Henderson Conly, Steve, Dallas Connor, Mike, Houston Conway, John, Dallas Cook, Charles, Shreveport, La. Cooper, Richard, San Augustine Copeland, Jean, Texarkana Corbin, Kathy, Houston Cordell, Nancy, Houston A quick coke, an ice cream cone or a sandwich at the Vista Inn is the order of the day between classes — Hope that ice cream stays in the cone. Crider, Jeanine, LaMarque Crisp, Linda, Nacogdoches Criswell, Carolyn, Bryan Culpepper, Charles, Dallas Cummins, Kathy, Sinton Dahlberg, Carol, Houston Dance, Constance, Center Dansby, Sylvia, Lake Jackson Datel, Jimmy, Dayton Davis, Brenda, Colmesneil Davis, Hager, Deweyville Deal, Tommy, Lufkin 257 Davis, Sandra, Lewisville Davis, Richard, Deweyville Davis, Kathy, Houston DeJarnatt, Carol, Dallas Denson, Charles, Hurst Dial, Sandra, Alto Dias, Alvis, Luf kin Diehl, Valerie, Houston DiFrancesco, John, Dallas Dill, Cathy, Dallas Dixon, Betty, Warren Dorman, James, Fort Worth Dorsey, David, Houston Dougherty, Ray, Houston Dowdle, William, Odessa Driskell, Lesa, Mooringsport, La. Drosche, Cheryl, Houston Duerer, Wayne E., Houston Duncan, David, Texas City Duncan, Larry, Nacogdoches Duncan, Rebecca, Marshall Dunn, Linda, Atlanta Duplissey, Linda, Gladewater Duvall, Tina, Houston Dyer, Linda L., Baytown Dyess, Wayne, Pittsburg Eaton, Cathy, Dallas Eddington, Lenda, Diboll Edmiston, Melinda, Houston Edwards, Richard, Houston Scenic beauty spot and favorite haunt of many students on the SFA campus today is the lake near the Ag Barn. Elliott, Charles, Houston Ellis, Debbie, Houston Emmert, Charlene, Dickinson Engelking, JoLynn, Nacogdoches Ernst III, G. W., Houston Eshbaqk, Cal, Bridge City Etie, Mike, Houston Evans, Pat, Wichita Falls Everett, Jim, Kingsland Everitt, Gwynne, Dallas Evers, Sharon, Cushing Fain, Ferris, Nacogdoches Fasullo, Rosalie, Houston Faust, Jerry, Dallas Feagin, Jim, Houston Felcman, Jeanie, Rosenburg Feltman, Billy, Port Arthur Fennell, Eddy, Gilmer Fenske, Carol, Marlin Fielder, Edward, Houston Fite, Ann, Richardson Fleniken, Brenda, Nacogdoches Flow Jr., Herbert, Sulphur Springs Foree, Helen, Dallas 1 m j FT if? Forsythe, Dwain, Lufkin Foster, Cheryl, Dallas Foster, Marilyn, Houston Foster, Peg, Gladewater Fox, Linda, Bay City Franta, Patsy, Columbus Fraiee, James, Dallas Fraiier, Edward, Marlin Frizzell, Terry, Houston Fruge, Lloyd, Ore City Fryar, Sheila, Palestine Fults, Suzanne, Los Angeles, Calif. 259 Saddie, Jimmy, Grapeland Galbraith, Glee, Houston Galliher, Beverly, Dallas Galloway, Teresa, Livingstor Gandy, Douglas, Hemphill Garbade, Susan, Houston Garrett, Marsha, Seagoville Gaston, Margaret, Nacogdoche: Gee, Lea Ann, Houston George, Barbara, Waco George, Marilyn, Dallas Giglio, Henry, Beaumont Gill, Mary, Luf kin Gipson, Robert, Overton Glover, Travis, Wells Gober, Jerry, Pittsburg Goddard, Michael, Houston Goloby, Celeste, Houston Goodrich, Jim, Dallas Gordon, Pete, Dallas Gore, Peggy, Silsbee Graham, Bill, Bell aire Green, Michael, San Antonio Greene, Don, Houston Gregory, Dot, Houston Gregory, Katie, Houston Greives, Kathy, Houston Griffee, Linden, Texas City Griffin, Sam, Lufkin Griggs, Edith, Burkeville Grimes, Laura, Crockett Grimes, Patricia, Diboll Groot, Linda, Houston Grubbs, Gary, Center Grubbs, Sheila, Texas City Grubbs, Sharon, Port Arthur Grysinski, Gerry, Houston Gruinn, Ella, Cleveland Guinn, Royce, Cleveland Hackbarth, Mary Ann, Sealy Hackney, Kenneth, Nacogdoches Haddaway, Richard, Fort Worth 260 " Come to me, dahling. " Gail Human and David McCarver seem to enjoy their practice scene from Lysistrata. Hagan, Antoinette, Texas City Hair, Gloria, Wichita Falls Halas, George, Rosenburg Hales, Micho, Groveton Haley, Heber, Bridge City Hall, Dayton, Pasadena Hall, Jack, Texarkana Halsell, Ernest, Diboll Haltom, Barbara, Dallas Hammock, Rita, Texas City Ha mmon, Linda, Longviev Hankamer, Connie, Alvin Hansard, Clay, Dallas Hardamon, Karen, Houston Hardin, James, Tatum Hardy, Robert, Nacogdoches Hargrove, Cecil, Houston Hargrove, Douglas, San Antonio Harmon, Melva, Terrell Harper, Paula, Dallas Harrell, Susan, Dallas Harris, Reba, Carthage Harrison, Angus, Lufkin Harrison, Harry, Dallas 261 Harrison, Linda, Luf kin Hart, Burna Faye, Houston Hart, Dianne, Houston Hart, James, Rosenberg Hart, Jim, Houston Hart, William D., Texas City Hartman, Mike, Dallas Hartsell, Yvonette, Mt. Pleasant Hartung, Jim, Austin Haword, Hillory G., Lufkin Haws, Nancy, Wichita Falls Hay, Ben, Hughes Spring 1 " And here is your class card, " says the weary professor to the registrant. This seven o ' clock section is the only one open. " Well, better luck next time. Heinen, Tia, Dallas Heitmann, Roberta, Houston Hemingway, Daniel, Texas City Hendershot, Mary Gail, Garland Henderson, Cassi, Nacogdoches Henry, John, Houston It ISHHHflBH HHHHHI Henson, Val, Houston Hewlett, Linda Sue, Houston Higginbotham, Sue, Houston Hightower, Kenneth, Dallas Hill, Bobbie, Del Rio Hill, Gay, Linden Dr. June Irwin leads contestants before the judges at the seventeenth annual Corn Huskin ' Bee. Lynn Breland at left placed first costume contest. Hilliard, Michael, Houston Hilscher, Barbara, Dallas Hineman, Teresa, Hurst Him, Dale, Fort Worth Hodges, Mark, Houston Hoffpauir, Donna, Baytown Holderman, Cheryl, Glen Falls, N.Y. Hollarn, Joe, Richardson Hollis, John, Pampa Hood, Ruth Ann, Jacksonville Hooper, Gary, Houston Hopper, James, Nacogdoches Hopper, Michael, Houston Horton, Frankie, Lufkin Horton, Thomas, Teague Houghton, Ginny, Fort Worth Houser, Janet, Houston Houston, Elizabeth, Houston Howard, Deborah, Duncanville Howard, Sherry, Bay City Howell, Mike, Dallas Howell, Ted, Richardson Hubbell, Leslie, Lake Jackson Hudgins, Rohte, Nacogdoches Hudson, Jim, Louisville, Ken. Huelsen, Anne, Tyler Hugghins, Shirley, Troup Hugghins, Tommie, Alto Hughes, Jerry, Texarkana Hughes, Joe, Dallas Hughes, Kay, Nacogdoches Hulan, Lloydene, Slocum Hull, Tim, Houston Hunt, Greg, Dallas Hunt, Truett, Kenedy Hurst, Rusty, Metairie, La. Hutchins, Walter, LaMarque Hynds, Martha, Houston Innerarity, Phyllis, Houston Isbell, Janice, Fort Worth Isleib, Pauline, Galena Park Isleib, Roddy Dale, Ennis Ivy, Charlye, Houston Jackson, Beverly, Marlin Jackson, Janet, Conroe Jackson, Janis, Texarkana Jacobs, Gary, Lufkin Jacobs, Sherry, Nacogdoches James, Billy, Ferris Jarrott, Cynthia, Woodville Jarvis, Dean, Dallas Jeffery, Judy, Houston Jefferson, Annie, Camden Jenke, Fredrick, Rockwall Jenson, Carol, Fort Worth Johnson, Ann, Nederland Johnson, Cynthia, Houston Johnson, Jean, Denton Johnson, Leroy, Texas City Johnson, Louie, Trinity Johnson, Mary, Pasadena Johnson, Robert, Houston Johnson, Robin, Houston Johnson, Wes, Dallas Johnston, Kenneth, Dallas Jones, Anita, Dallas 264 The Lyne Taliaferro Barret memorial recently erected at the intersection of Griffith Blvd. and Clarice St. on the campus is a constant re- minder of yesterday. Kalb, Kathy, Houston Kammeyr, Louise, Richardson Kanoksikarin, Somehai, Thailand Kavanaugh, Karen, Houston Kaiee, Ann, Bellaire Keasler, Judy, Hallsville Keasler, Karen, Hallsville Keedy, Betty, Fort Worth Keese, Jan, Bryan Kelly, Pamela, Shreveport, La. Kelley, Judith, Baytown Kemplay, Peggy, Baytown 265 Kendrick, Anne, Nacogdoches Kennedy, Rusty, Houston SFA Basketball Coach Marshall Brown is shown standing between two of his cage stalwarts, 6-6 Surry Oliver and 6-1 I George John- son. Oliver and Johnson were two of the main reasons for the Jacks third place finish in the Lone Star Conference and 19-7 season record. Kimble, Beverly, Houston Kimbrough, Elmer, Garrison King, Carolyn, Houston King, David, Houston King, Robert, Ozark, Ark. King, Robert, Lufkin Klima, Richard, Dallas Kloppe, Janice, Houston Knight, Gary, Houston Knight, Steven, Houston Kobar, Paul, Palestine Koontz, Elyse, Houston Kosta, Larry, LaMarque Kotas, Donna, Dallas Kramis, Gary, Houston Kridler, Bonnie, Mt. Pleasant Krise, Sally, Bryan Kroning, Nancy, Houston LaBove, Robert, Port Neches Lackey, James, Dallas LaKovich, Greg, Texas City Lambert, James, Texas City Landrum, Susan, Alto Lanier, Barbara, Seagoville 266 The College Center is a favorite spot for the ierk, the bunny hop, the gator, the skate, the Harlem shuffle, the bend-it, or just a plain old dance. LaRoe, Patricia, Houston Larsen, Diane, Dallas Latimer, Frank, Garrison Lawless, Larry, Marlin Layton, Lynn, Chireno Lee, Lynda, Apple Springs Lefforge, Nan, Houston Leighton, Diana, Richardson Leonard, Nancy, Lufkin Lenox, Nancy, Dallas Levin, Jerry, Texas City Lewis, Linda, Cypress Lewis, Linda, Cleveland Liles, Cathey, Crosby Lindon, Rodney, Beaumont Little, Thomas, Texas City Littleton, Mike, Houston Littrell, Tom, Wichita Falls Livingood, William, Houston Lloyd, Jerry, Dallas Lockard, Sondra, Houston Logan, Peggy, Conroe Logsdon, Sally, Port Arthur Long, Danny, Lufkin 267 Carol Cloyd, sophomore, contributes a magazine to the Christmas Cheer for Viet Nam Project sponsored jointly by Delta Zeta and Chi Gamma lota. Long, Lindsay, Jacksonville Looney, Richard, Lufkin Lott, Myra, Houston Lowrance, Linda, Dallas, Lucia, Margaret, Orange Luna, Cynthia, Sweeny Lund, Constance, Dallas Lutz, David, Houston MacAlister, Donna, Sebastian Maddox, Brenda, Houston Madeley, Martha, Temple Mahan, Judy, Colmesneil Malone, Michael, Nacogdoches Maloney, Ann, Port Arthur Maness, Rick, Wells Mann, Alan, Nacogdoches Mann, Barbara Jean, Baytown Marrs, Karen, Gladewater Marrs, Monte, Mexia Marshall, William, Lake Jackson Martin, John, Dallas Martin, Nancy Humble Marx, Ken, Richardson Mason, Tommy, Dallas 268 6 ? : Q mm A ' w " f - • a i «m Oil -w 1 1 SSk . ' w fx Massey, Karen, Texarkana Masters, Tommy, Lake Jackson Mayberry, Frances, Houston Mays, Jack, Lancaster Means, John, Richardson Medford, Tempe, Lufkin Mena, Duane, Bryan Menefee, Jean Earle, Lufkin Menefee, Tom, Houston Merhoff Donald, Memphis, Tenn. Middleton, Charles, Hughes Springs Miller, Linda, Houston Miller, Marilyn, Houston Miles, Mike, Atlanta Milligan, Cathy, Galena Park Minyard, Paula, Wichita Falls Mitchell, Bill, Kemah Mitchell, Darla, Garland Mitchell, Trudy, Dallas Mitchim, James, Houston Miie, Barbara, Nederland Modisette, Jean, Houston Moffeit, Kay, Jacksonville Mohler, Mary Nelle, Freeport Ervin Polnick and King Campbell combine speed and timing to steal the ball from a Southwest Texas Bobcat. The ' Jacks won this crucial contest 78-77 in Shelton Gym. 269 Moore, Paul, Center Morgan, Cheryl, Alvin Molandes, James, Nacogdoches Moody, Rae, Kirbyville Mooney, Teresa, Nacogdoches Moore, Patti, Houston Morgan, Janet, Houston Morgan, Linda, Mt. Pleasant Familiar scene to education, business and psychology students is the stately Thomas J. Rusk Building. Morgan, Scott, Bellaire Morris, Allen, Liberty Morris, Edna, Houston Morris, Linda, Henderson Morris, Mary N., Marshall Morrow, Lora Lea, Houston Morton, Bill, Dallas Morton, Judy, Houston Moss, Diane, Texarkana Mowery, John, Dallas Muckelroy, Richard, Lockhart Mueller, Linda, Houston Murdock, Judith, Chireno Murphy, Tom, Fort Worth McAlpine, Linda, Dallas McCain, Gary, Hughes Springs McCalmont, Judith, Abilene McCant, Velma, Alto 270 McCarroll, Louie, Beaumont McCauley, Donna, Port Arthur McCauley, Jack, Lufkin McClelland, Sue, Cleveland McClure, Dottie, Rusk McClure, Sharyn, Pasadena McComb, Joe, Corpus Christ! McConville, Ann, Dallas McCoy, Randall, Center McCuller, William, Houston McCullough, Robert, Port Arthur McDaniel, Lynda, Groves Mcllhany, Nancy, Houston McKinley, Linda, Houston McKinney, Ann, Dallas McKnight, Jerry, Nacogdoches McKnight, Joyce, Pasadena McMorrow, Pat, South Holland, McPheeters, Brenda, Marshall McPherson, Jeannine, Cleburne McShan, Bruce, Dallas McSween, Nancy, Slaton McWilliams, Linda, Houston Neal, Donita, Cleveland Nelson, Ronald, Dayton Newberry, Neal, Austin Miss Mary Jane Stone, sophomore, receives trophy as Champion Rolling Pin Thrower of America. 271 Newell, Diana, Houston Newsum, Beverly, Silsbee Newton, Clare, Beaumont Nichols, Beverly, Pineland Nicholas, Fred, Lufkin Netschmann, Linda, Houston Nolan, Linda, Marshall Noland, Jill, Lufkin Nolen, Cheryl, Orange Norman, Jack, Galveston Norris, Annita, Liberty Norris, Juanita, Liberty O ' Brien, Peggy, Texas City Ohlen, LouAnn, Richardson Oliphant, Sally, Houston Oliver, Curtis, Lufkin Oliver, Jan, Waco O ' Neill, Joyce, Cleveland SFA forestry student Mike Post prepares a hole for a pine seedling. As a part of their laboratory work foresters planted seedlings on the SFA Experimental Forest acreage. Orth, Linda, Dallas Outenreath, Gary, Fort Worth Outhouse, Jeanie, Houston Owen, Linda, Houston Owens, Danny, Texas City Owens, Michael, Oglesby Park, Mike, Texarkana Parmer, Donald, Nacogdoches 272 Parrish, Charlotte, Houston Parrott , Cathie, Houston Parrott, Paula, Pasadena Partin, Bill, Houston Patscheides, Sally, Seabrook Patterson, Pam, Houston Pattillo, Phyllis, Houston Patton, Michael, Houston Payne, Michael, McKinney Pearce, Karen, Dallas Pearlman, Allyn, Houston Pearson, George, Plymouth, Mass. Peete, Katherine, Houston Pelletier, Elizabeth, LaMarque Pendley, Pearl, Houston Percy, Melissa, Fort Worth Perkins, Johnny, Nacogdoches Perkins, Pam, Nacogdoches Perkins, Wilson P., Nacogdoches Perry, Suzanne, Lufkin Peterson, Teri, Fort Worth Peveto, Ginger, Angleton Pfeiffer, Stan, Dallas Phelps, Elisabeth, Richardson 1 it Kill Life %:■, Phipps, John, Richardson Pickle, Pamela, Jasper FA art students sit under the tall pines on the campus and wait for in- Diration. 273 O - m ft " , 1 mil kit kit 111 til Pollard, Timothy, Dallas Pollock, Kathy, Nacogdoches Polnick, Ervin, Houston Polnick, Marvin, Houston Power, Mary, Marshal Powers, Steve, Dallas Pratorius, Linda, Webster Presley, Bill, Houston Pierce, Leslie, Dallas Pittman, Robert, Richardson Pitts, Beverly, Lufkin Plant, Nancy, Longview Piatt, Pamela D., Lufkin Pledger, Trisha, Pasadena Sandbox 469 is a popular elective among married students at SFA. This scene is from a lab session conducted in the Rotary Ann Park on Raguet Street near the Starr Avenue Apartments. Prestidge, Judy, Dallas Price, Mary Jane, Dallas Price, Nalga, Atlanta Priefert, William, Mt. Pleasant Primm, Sherry, Houston Prior, Terri, Henderson Pruitt, Janice, Laneville Pruitt, Marilyn, Lufkin Pryor, Gerre, Bryan Puckett, Cheryl, Houston Pugh, Linda, Dallas Quick, Margaret, Lufkin 274 Quillim, Robert, Luf kin Randall, Barbara, Houston Randall, Martha, Houston Randle, Shari, Dallas Rankin, Christopher, Dallas Rawlinson, Michael, Luf ki n Reagan, Carol, Houston Reckrey, Carol, Irving Reddick, Sandy, Houston Reed, Denny, Freeport Reed, Joe, Houston Reeves, Ella Lue, Troup Reeves, Lynn, Texas City Rehorovic, Marilyn, Orange Reichelderfer, Lynn, Dallas Reichle, Becky, Houston Reid, Sally, Nacogdoches Reiuschmidt, Sally, Houston Remy, Calvin, Many, La. Rhodes, Lottie, Nacogdoches Rice, Nancy, Richardson Richardson, Edward, Houston Richardson, Jerry, Beaumont Richardson, Skip, Houston This intellectual interchange of ideas in the tranquility of the inner sanctum of the library is not an uncommon scene in the book building. 275 m ' Kit ft Ricks, Betty, Lufkin Rickard, Clara M., Crockett Ritchey, Rita, Houston Roan, Steve, Mesquite Roark, Julia, Cleveland Roberson, Garland, Freeport Roberts, Laurie, Angleton Robertson, Kenneth, Pollok Robinson, Jan, Sugarland Roddy, Paulette, Jacksonville At " An Evening in Dance " presented by the Department of Health and Physical Education for Women, spectators tried to decide whether they were seeing the latest in mini-skirts or a mid-Victorian pixie. Rodgers, William, Nacogdoches Rodriquei, Margaret, Nacogdoches Roe, Sandra, Carthage Roebuck, Jerry, Longview Roeder, Marianne, Dallas Roesler, Diane, Houston Rogers, Susan, Longview Rohde, Nancy, Houston Romero, Barbara, Port Arthur Roper, Virginia, Lufkin Rosson, Richard, Austin Roieli, Ronny, Dallas 276 Runnels, Jack, Broaddus Rupe, Jane, Houston Russell, Patricia, Lufkin Rust, Sandra, Houston Rutledge, William, Dallas Saltzman, Bonnie, Orange Salter, Beverly, Port Arthur Sandeford, Neigha, Waxahachie Sandifer, Jane, Franklin Sanford, Judy, Nacogdoches Sanford, Katie, Nacogdoches Santa Maria, Carolyn, Houston Satterwhite, David, Nacogdoches Satterwhite, Michael, Texas City Sawyer, Ann, Jacksonville Sawyer, Chester, Houston Scarborough, Jo Lynn, Lufkin Scarborough, Lanette, Bay City Johnny Hawkins stands tall as he gets ready to pass the ball across court. Schifani, Stephany, Houston Schleeter, Debbie, Houston Schmidt, Bobby, Fredericksburg Schmitt, Richard, Texas City Schnur, Barbara, Houston Schultz, Alan, Lufkin Schultz, Joyce, Tomball Schultz, Monica, Houston Scoggin, Mike, Dallas 277 Seabourn, John, Garland Seawright, Suzanne, Texas City. Seay, Tommy, Galveston Secord, Charles, Dallas Seeton, Ronnie, Texas City Selden, Judy, Dallas Setterberg, Mark, Houston Shackelford, Frank, Dallas Shamel, Sissy, Bryan Sticks and stones can break your bones, but Janell Burkhart can tear bricks apart! Shaw, Charles, Amarillo Shaw, Sandra, Houston Sheffield, Madeline, Houston Shelton, Bryon, Corrigan Shepherd, Janet, Houston Shepherd, Henry, Buna Sherwood, Janice, Houston Shipman, Linda, Dallas Shirley, Megan, Houston Shoffitt, James, Augusta, Ga. Short, Zillah, Houston Sloan, Charlotte, Baytown Sidwa, Pam, Houston Simmons, Sandra, Houston Sims, Lanette, Lufkin Skelton, Dianne, New Boston Skelton, Ralph, Dallas Skrivanek, Paula, Ennis Slackney, Rosemary, Dallas Slagle, Bonnie, Corpus Christi Slutak, Susan, Clear Creek Small, Francis, Lufkin Smallwood, Paul, Nacogdoches Smith, Clifford, Richardson 278 Smith, Donna, Burkeville Smith, Doyle, Bellaire Smith, Pixie, Houston Smith, Sandy, Houston Smith, Sharynn, Houston Sorensen, Darrell, Nacogdoches Sorroll, David, Houston Spears, Raymond, Houston Speights, Michael, Texas City Spencer, Elaine, Dallas Spillers, Judy, Dallas Springer, Pamela, Dallas Staniel, Melinda, Devers Steele, Lou, Longview Steely, Karla, Dallas Stelier, Don, Nacogdoches Stephens, Sally, Labrador Steptoe, Anita, Carthage Sterling, Charles, LaMarque Stern, Stephanie, Houston Stevens, Gary, Brazoria Stewart, Bill, Houston Stewart, Steve, Texas City Still, Billy, Nacogdoches Stone, Mickey, Henderson Stott, Connie, Houston Smith, Frances, Marshal Smith, Ginger, Marshall Smith, James, Pearland Smith, Judy, Diboll This is not an optical illusion, a mirage, or a mistake on the part of the Stone Fort layout artist. Pictured are the stately SFA pines reflected in the. pond between the library and Ferguson Hall. 279 La fit k S+ricklin, Cheryllynn, Dallas Stripling, Travis, Fairfield Stutsman, Suzanne, Texarkana Suhler, Bill, Houston Summers, Janet, Bryan Summers, June, Nacogdoches Summers, Sandra, Karnack Sullivan, Jean, Alice Swan, Davy, Lufkin Swann, Kenneth, Nacogdoches Swanzy, Lynda, Shelbyville Syfan, Candy, Houston X Tanojaitong, Montchai, Thailand Tate, Clarence, Danas Tate, Joyce, Iran Taylor, Gwen, Center Taylor, Jay, Housotn Taylor, Kent, Marshall Taylor, Linda, Conroe Taylor, Vaughn, Pampa Teaters, Terry, Nederland Templeton, Charles, Houston Terrill, Theta, Lufkin Terry, Joseph, Rosenberg Ml Thielemann, Pat, Houston Thigpen, Aaron, Lancaster Thomas, Stan, Houston Thompson, Kathy, Dallas Thompson, Pat, Texas City Thompson, Patrick, Richardson Thompson, Paul, Houston Thornton, John, Jefferson Thornton, Sheila, Huntington Tindall, Lavon, San Augustine Tinker, Sheila, Texas City Tipton, Betty, Texarkana Ji v : Tipton, Sharon, Houston Tolar, Sherry, Woodville Tooke, Susan, Victoria Tootle, Terry, Dallas Townsend, Robert, Dallas Townzen, Judi, Houston 280 Travis, Gary, Dallas Treadaway, Susan, Luf kin Triece, Terry, Longview Trigg, Fisher, Houston Trimble, Linda, Dallas Tryon, Jackie, Dallas Tucker, Terry, El Paso Turner, Becky, Nederland Turner, Gerald, Dallas Turner, Tana, Houston Twiford, Teryl, Houston Tyer, Terry, Crockett Tyler, Kathryn, Nacogdoches Uresti, Patsy, Houston Urquhart, Beth, Houston Van Wagner, Kim, Houston Van Winkle, Brian, Orange Corwin, Rudd, Dallas flH. — ' - Mr j fc :A V 1 % - - ■ • • 1 " 6i Or " ' SFA students celebrate the opening of the Varsity Shopping Center with a street dance. 281 Vaughn, Pam, Midland Vinson, Jan, Woodville Vowell, Rus, Fort Worth Vykoukal, David, Sealy Wade, Mitte, Clarksville Wade, Ruthie, Alto Wade, William, Nacogdoches Walker, Barbara, Dall as Walker, Larry, Hughes Spring Walker, Nancy, Daingerfield Walker, Tommy, Houston Walls, Davis, Atlanta Walsh, Patti, Houston Walters, Cheryl, Houston Ward, Amelia, Coolidge Ward, Carole, Texarkana Ward, Kaye, Baytown Warren, Edward, Houston Warren, Karen, Houston Washington, Judith, Carthage Watson, John, Nacogdoches Watson, Linda, Huntsville Walton, Linda, Houston Watts, Marty, Dallas Wati, Karyl, Houston Weatherby, Walter, Lufkin Weatherford, Diane, Terrell Weatherly, Gerall, Nacogdoches Weathers, Sammy, Arlington Weaver, Carolyn, Houston Weaver, Clarence, Rusk Webb, Roger Tim, Dallas Weiher, Kay, Fort Worth Weisinger, Margaret, Freeport Welch, Jack, Waskom Welch, James, Diboll Wells, Trudy, Waskom Wentreck, Ernie, Bryan Whitaker, Leonard, Donie Whitaker, Richard, Wichita Falls White, James, Livingston White, Johnny, Houston 282 White, Mike, Quitman White, Shirley, Houston Whitley, Sam, Laneville Whitmire, Lubbie, Cleveland Wilburn, Larry, Dallas Williams, Eileen, Texas City Williams, Linda, Many, La. Williams, Linda Sue, Timpson Williams, Mariana, Richardson Williams, Melody, Houston Williams, Milton, Pasadena Williams, Sallie, Dallas Williamson, Frank, Vienna, Va. Willingham, Elaine, Dallas Willoughby, Kenneth, Center Willis, Michael, Conroe Willis, Ruth, Freeport Wilson, Judith, Crockett Wilson, Larry, Fort Worth Windes, Pete, Nacogdoches Windsor, Dianna, Houston Winkler, Billy, Pasadena Wisdom, Ronny, McKinney Wolfe, Mary Beth, Houston Wolfson, Sheila, Houston Womble, Bill, Spearman Wood, Jimmy, Dallas Wood, Laura Jane, Conroe Wood, Margaret, Arlington Woodley Elaine, Marshall Woodruff, Landon, Beaumont Worsham, Barbara, Dallas Wren, Cynthia, Killeen Wright, William, Center Yale, Stephen, Tyler Yarbrough, Barbara, Fort Worth Yarbrough, Quinton, Lancaster Young, Gary, Dallas Young, Suzanne, Bryan Youngblood, Claude, Waskom Youngblood, Rudd, Waskom Zoch, Donnie, Houston m F AUSTIN STATE C0LLBG1 ADVERTISEMENTS I ■ Then what is the use of repining? For where there ' s a will there ' s a way. Tomorrow the sun may be shining Although it is cloudy today. — Old Song 284 0111$ " Living Room and Dining Room of the Campus " FACILITIES AVAILABLE FOR STUDENT, FACULTY, STAFF, COLLEGE AND COMMUNITY USE. Information Desk Bookstore and Shop Faculty-Staff Lounge Craft Shop Cafeteria The Ace Beauty Shop Barber Shop Post Office Ballrooms Lounges Gazebo Meeting Rooms The Chimes Billiard Room Ven-Den THE COLLEGE CENTER Under the Same Name Since 1903 J%e STONE FORT OF NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS MEMBER FDIC CASON, MONK S CO. CARL MONK, President EDWIN GASTON, Vice President ROBERT MONK, Secretary Treasurer ESTABLISHED 1893 INCORPORATED 1906 Wholesale and Retail FURNITURE, HARDWARE, APPLIANCES Paints, Accessories, Wallpaper, Building Material Refrigerators, Radios, Washing Machines FUNERAL DIRECTORS P. O. Drawer 967 Dial LO 4-4663 NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS 75961 STRIPLING ' S Nacogdoches Outstanding Drug Store WE SELL EVERYTHING Phone LO 4-4646 Best Wishes From Your College Bank " MEMBER F.D.I.C. " Convenient location across from the campus. 4 WAYS TO BUY • Cash • Layaway • 30 Days • Up to 6 Months Be alls QUALITY MERCHANDISE SWIFT BROS. SMITH, INC. Druggists The Place Where You Get What You Want 221 East Main Street Phone LO 4-4651 and LO 4-4101 On their way to the Texas Intercollegiate Press Association Convention are Rodney Smith, James McComb, Dr. Francine Hoffman, Rebecca Dupriest, Carol Gene Harlow, Mike Warms and Brooke Battles. 118 E. Hospital P.O. Box 1342 NACOGDOCHES SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION Nacogdoches Texas Helping Develop East Texas SOUTHLAND PAPER MILLS, INC. LUFKIN 290 HOUSTON CHARCOAL BROILER From Freshmen to Graduates, Professors to Trustees, Everyone Will Tell You That THE TIKI IS GREAT! — Try A Tikiburger And See Why — 227 E.COLLEGE PH.LO 4-2012 ' What ' s it all about . . . Alfie? ' Like S.F.A. Graduates LONE STAR PRODUCTS are High Quality BRAND Best Wishes For Your Success For So Goes the Success of East Texas When You Pick Up This Annual 10 Years From Now Then as Now — Lone • Star Folks Will Still Be Pulling for SFA TEXAS FARM PRODUCTS COMPANY Nacogdoches, Texas 4 BRAND 291 L. to R. Larry Le Gard, Butch Ballow, Jim Weaver, Randy Erwin Bob Burrows, Jim Garrison, Derell Nicklas TEXAS LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY First in Texas — 1901 General Agent: Ha rris (Butch) Ballow i 3 University Estate Builder Representatives Bob Burrows Jim Garrison Derell Nicklas Randy Erwin Larry Le Gard Jim Weaver LEADER IN COLLEGE AT SFA 305 E. College LO 4-6822 WHO ' S RESPONSIBLE 7 ■ Responsibility is a personal matter with each of us ... a virtue of the indi- vidual who plans ahead. Our feeling of responsibility to our customers for their natural gas service has enabled us to give more service, more convenience and more comfort to more people as the years go by. Responsibility does not inhibit, it encour- ages growth. UNITED SERVING THE 293 Stephen F. Austin State College was established in 1921. Dr. Alton William Birdwell was named president when the college began operations September 18, 1923. He was succeeded in 1942 by Dr. Paul Lewis Boynton, who served as president until his death. Dr. Ralph Wright Steen then became president on November I, 1958. The college has steadily increased the number of its students, the variety of its curricula, and the size of its physical plant. Its early enrollment of only a few hundred students has grown to more than 7,000. TEXAS POWER LIGHT COMPANY CHICK-INN 1516 North Street LOgan 4-4567 NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS 75961 Dining Room — Food To Go CfliTONN ROOM OAV TO 00 vxxxxv Last minute cramming before finals in the comfort of the College Center. 294 BANITA LAUNDRY CLEANERS " Your Clothes ' Best Friend " MAKE N E STOP DO IT ALL A Complete Laundry And Cleaning Service 225 E. College 117 W. Main 295 COMMERCIAL NATIONAL Is The Bank That Does More Than You Expect! MEMBER F.D.I.C. DEPARTMENT STORE NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS Serving the Great East Texas Area Cheerleaders Linda Spivey and Waller Scott bring spirit to the homecoming parade. Mi E ,,,lu, « I III III III i

Suggestions in the Stephen F Austin State University - Stone Fort Yearbook (Nacogdoches, TX) collection:

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