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THE STONE FORT Stephen F. Austin State College Nacogdoches, Texas 1966 2 THE STONE FORT 1 966 Academics 18 Limelight 84 Organizations 112 Margaret Gay Editor-in-Chief Linda Windham Associate Editor Athletics 1 4 Classes 164 Advertisements 264 Bob J. Beames Sponsor Mark Bush Chief Photographer J. C. Kellam, Austin President Emil C. Rassman. Midland Vice President William C. Donnell Marathon Clayton Heare Amarillo Ottis Lock Lufkin Dr. Jose San Martin San Antonio John H. Crooker, Jr. Houston J. L. Huffines. Jr. Greenville Mrs. E. D. Lockey Troup John S. Hovenga Executive Director Stephen F. Austin State College Nacogdoches Sam Houston State College Huntsville East Texas State University Commerce Southwest Texas State College 9an Marcos West Texas State University Canyon Sul Ross State College Alpine Angelo State College 9a n Angelo BOARD OF REGENTS Lucy McBee Administrative Secretary to President Dr. Ralph W. Steen, a noted author of many books on Texas History and Government and Amer- ican History and Government, is the third Presi- dent of Stephen F. Austin State College. He has held this position since November, 1958, a period in which Stephen F. Austin has experienced its greatest growth. Dr. Steen has written 15 books on Texas History and Government and American History and Gov- ernment. Some of these publications are used as textbooks in the Junior and Senior High Schools of Texas. In addition, he has published about 75 articles in National Journals, and has presented scholarly papers at meetings of such societies as the Texas State Historical Association, the South- western Social Science Association, the Texas Acad- emy of Science, the Southern Historical Associa- tion, and the Mississippi Valley Historical Associa- tion. Dr. Steen is a former president of the Texas State Historical Association and holds membership in the East Texas Historical Association, the Amer- ican Historical Association, and the Southern Histor- ical Association. He received his Bachelor of Arts Degree from McMurry College in Abilene. He later was awarded the M.A. and Ph.D. Degrees from the University of Texas. Dr. Steen joined the faculty of Texas A M University as an assistant professor of History, then rose to the rank of Department Head. He served at A M continuously until he was named President of Stephen F. Austin State College. 8 MARY LOU BUTLER Mary Lou Butler, Miss Texas 1965, stands at the entrance to the Vista Drive. Miss Butler was a sophomore when she won the Miss Texas title in late August. She re- sumed her studies at SFA in the spring of 1966. 10 MISS TEXAS 1965 Mary Lou Butler, of Irving, as Miss Nacogdoches, walked off with the 1965 Miss Texas title in Fort Worth last sum- mer. A sophomore at Stephen F. Austin, the 18-year-old beauty swooned the judges with a flawless presentation of " Summertime " on the final night of competition. The first S.F.A. coed to win the state title, Miss Butler, at five feet eight, was also the tallest Miss Texas. Mary Lou, and her sisters, also S.F.A. coeds, Alice Ruth and Nolanda Sue, have been singing professionally for years as The Butler Sisters. 7 jfc Miss Texas heads the famous Tyler Rose Festival parade. Mary Lou and crew members at work on set building for one of the Fine Arts Department pro- ductions. I I English instructor Robert Fusillo, a campus favorite in and out of the classroom, often entertains with folk ballads, poetry, and witty banter. Oth- er familiar faces around S.F.A. are those of Jim Palmer, drama major, and Allan Ramsey, Director of Col- lege Information. 14 Gladys E. Qteen September 21,1 9G5 IN MEMORIAM Carol Weaver Bradley Larry Howard Cox John Palmer Gerber Helen W. Knight Gladys E. Qteen DR. LAURENCE WALKER Dean of the School of Forestry Dr. Walker received his B.S. from Pennsylvania State University, his M.F. from Yale University, and his Ph.D. from State University of New York. Before coming to Ste- phen F. Austin State College in the fall of 1963, Dr. Walk- er taught as an associate professor at the University of Georgia. Dr. Walker became Dean of the School of Forestry in the fall of 1965. He is a member of the Society of American Foresters, the Texas Forestry Association, the American For- estry Association, the Soil Science Society of America, Phi Eta S igma, and other forester fraternities. Qchool of Forestry Forestry is the management of forest lands for the continuous production of goods and services. The major product of most forest lands is timber, but many benefits in the form of watershed pro- tection, soil stabilization, livestock range, wildlife refuge, and recreational facilities for camping, hunting, and fishing accrue. Qualified persons are needed to maintain these important resources, and the School of Forestry aims to fulfill this need. The main objective of the School of Forestry is to give a professional education in forestry which will enable graduates to manage forest land for the maximum return of timber and associated products. The school conducts research which will contribute to the solution of many prob- lems and which will emphasize the importance of forest lands and the correct methods of their management. The school combines both professional forestry and liberal arts and furnishes the student with edu- cational breadth. MISS NELL CREWS Secretary to Dean Walker DR. M. VICTOR BILAN, Associate Professor of Forestry; DR. ROBERT BAKER, Associate Professor of Forestry THE SYLVANS CLUB includes all students enrolled in the Forestry curriculum. It promotes fellowship among students and increases their knowledge of the many phases of forestry. 22 Phi Eta Sigma, the national honor- ary fraternity for forestry students, strives to secure and maintain a high standard of scholarship, works for the upbuilding of the forestry profession, and promotes fraternal relations among earnest workers engaged in forestry. Members must be classified as junior, senior or graduate enrolled in the Forestry curriculum and must be in the upper 25 per cent of the respective undergraduate class and maintain at least a B average as a graduate student. PHI ETA SIGMA 23 DR. ROBERT T. McKIBBEN Dean of the School of Education Dr. Robert McKibben joined the Stephen F. Austin State College faculty in 1951 after receiving his B.S., M.A. and Ed.D. at the University of Missouri. He became Head of the Department of Education in I960 and Dean of the School of Education in 1965. Before coming to Stephen F. Austin, Dr. McKibben had taught at Topeka High School in Topeka, Kansas, and at University High at the University of Missouri. He is a member of the Texas State Teachers Association, the Nat ional Education Association, the Association for Higher Education, and the American Association of University Pro- fessors. Qchool of Education The School of Education consists of four de- partments — the departments of Agriculture, Educa- tion, Health and Physical Education, and Home Economics. Working in conjunction with the school, each department has its objectives for those stu- dents majoring in any of the departmental fields. Training is offered to those students interested in positions as teachers of vocational agriculture; county agents; soil conservation work and field rep- resentatives for feed, seed, and fertilizer companies by the Department of Agriculture. The Department of Education aims to eguip able students for entrance into and success in the teaching profession. The departmental offerings pro- vide the preparation required for the two teaching certificates granted in Texas. Contributing to the common goal of education, that of the total development of the individual, the Department of Health-Physical Education aims to develop total fitness in the individual and to pre- pare students for teaching in the field of HPE. The Department of Home Economics strives to prepare students for home and family living, for a profession, and for service to the people of this MRS. LOIS GAMBLE Secretary to Dean McKibben 24 School of Education Department of Agriculture MR. CECIL JONES, Assistant Pro- fessor of Agriculture; DR. JOHN L. SULLIVAN, Professor of Agriculture; DR. G. F. GRAY, Professor of Agri- culture; DR. J. C. GREEN, Head of the Department of Agriculture B.S., M.Ed., Texas A M, Ph.D., Louisiana State University; MR. ORAN STAND- LEY, Assistant Professor of Agricul- ture FFA OFFICERS: Al Alexander, treasurer; Dan Gillar, reporter; Steve Watts, sent.; Gerald Schamale, student advisor; Tom Murphy, vice-president; R. V. Swor, secretary; Charles Parmley, president; Dr. J. C. Green, sponsor. Future Farmers of America Future Farmers of America is affiliated with the National Future Farmers of Amer- ica Association. The organization trains prospective FFA advisors and strives to bring those students that are interested in agriculture together. 26 Department of Home Economics Home Economics is a field of study concerned with all aspects of family living, their interrelationships, and with the total patterns they form. The objectives of the Department of Home Economics are (I) the personal development of each student, (2) prep- paration for home and family living, (3) preparation for a profession, and (4) service to the people of this area. Home Economics draws its materials from its own research, from the arts and from the social, biological and physical sciences, and applies these principles to improving the lives of families and individuals. The emphasis it gives to the various areas of living is determined by the needs of indi- viduals and families in the social environment of their times. DR. BLANCHE PHILLIPS Head of the Department of Home Economics B.S., M.A. Texas Women ' s University Ph.D. Ohio State University DR. SUE B. ENGLISH, Associate Professor of Home Eco- nomics; MRS. GLADYS ATHERTON, Instructor of Home Economics MRS. HATTIE ARTHUR. Instructor of Home Economics; MRS. MARY FAULKINBERRY, Instruc- tor of Home Economics; MISS BETTY TERRY, Instructor of Home Economics DELTA PSI KAPPA SEATED: MRS. LINDA WARNER, Instructor; DR. LUCILLE NORTON, Head of HPE Women B.S., M.A., George Pea- body College Ed.D., New York University; MARY GRISHAM, president Delta Psi; DR. JUNE IRWIN, Asso- ciate Professor; SANDY COLE, secretary Delta Psi; STAND- ING: SHARON MELVIN; MARIE SAULSBERRY; PAT LEV- ENS; BILLIE BURTON; MISS SUE GUNTER, Instructor; MRS. VIRGINIA MATHEWS, Instructor. Department of Health -I WOMEN ' S INTRAMURAL COUNCIL Health, Education, Physical Education, and Recreation contribute to the common goal of education — the total development of the individual. The Department prepares: (I) teachers of health and physical educa- tion for the elementary and secondary schools; (2) teachers of driver education; (3) athletic coaches, and (4) certified First Aid and Water Safety instructors. Further, the Department contributes to the general education of all college students through its intramural programs and health and physic al education courses which aim to develop total fitness in the individual. In addition, the Department contributes to the cultural progress of the area through its dance program. PI EPSILON MU 28 Through its intramural program the Department aims to develop total fitness in the individual. Each club, sorority, and dormitory can enter teams in the ntramural program. At left is the Women ' s Intramural all-star softbal team. Below are pictured the winners of badminton intramurals. MR. MARSHALL BROWN, Assistant Professor Men ' s HPE MR. MART CRAWFORD, Assistant Professor Men ' s HPE DR. J. WARD TISHLER, Associate Professor; DR. W. JER STANLEY, Head of Department of Men ' s HPE; B.S., Arkansas Polytechnic M.E., Ed.D., University of Arkansas 29 Men ' s Intramural Council strives to promote intramural sports ac- tivities and advise the director of intramurals. The Council is com- posed of students representing an organization or fraternity partici- pating in the College intramural sports program. HPE Instructors: RAYMOND LEE WORSHAM, ALFRED BAR- BRE, KENNETH D. MORGAN, and CHARLES W. SIM- MONS Mark Bush demonstrates the way to hit the water in the HPE swim- ming classes. Swimming classes are part of the HPE program during summer school. Students are taught how to disrobe in water, which Mark and other students depict. Life-saving is also taught during these classes. DR. THOMAS D. FRANKS Head of the Department of Education B.S., Stephen F. Austin State College M.Ed., University of Houston Ed.D., Indiana University Department of Education The teacher education function of the College is to equip able persons for entrance into and success in the teaching profession, and thus to further the education of the children and youth of Texas. Teacher education is considered to be an institution-wide function with the Department of Education giving service in supplying in- struction concerning the profession and in articulating and focusing the institution ' s resources toward the objective of well prepared teachers. This objective is further pursued through the selection for admission into preservice programs of persons who exhibit English language facility and other scholarship performance of at least aver- age quality, who have proven acceptable to those who direct their professional education and to their major and minor professors in the areas of their specialization. Professors: DR. ALBERT T. CLARKE; DR. LEROY McCLEN- DON, Coordinator of Student Teaching Secondary Educa- tion; DR. LOUIS WM. ELLERBROOK. Coordinator of Stu- dent Teaching Elementary Education Associate Professors: DR. ARTHUR BE- NOY; DR. ROBERT F. SMITH; DR. GENORA McFADDIN; DR. BILL W. HAMRICK; DR. GEORGE S. THOMP- SON not pictured Education Faculty and Organizations teachers and teachers who have maintained outstanding records in colle MISS TOMMYE DARLENE JONES, anc ' wno exhibit professional attitudes which would be necessary for lead ' Instructor ship roles in the field of education. Members are invited into the orga zation. STUDENT EDUCATION ASSOCIATION strives to stimulate interest in young men and women toward teaching as a career. It provides members with oppor- tunities for developing personal growth and professional competence. It also provides members with opportunities for gaining an understanding of the history, ethics, and program of the organized teaching profession. Membership is open to all students who are interested in educatiion. ASSOCIATION FOR CHILDHOOD EDUCATION strives to familiarize its members with the needs of the young child. Through an organized effort, the ASSOCIATION tries to meet these needs. Membership is open to any student interested in childhood education. STUDENT TEACHING gives the student actual classroom experience which enables him to be better prepared for his own classrooms. Joe Rose stimulates interest in his classes. 33 Qchool of Qcience and Mathematics The School of Science and Mathematics consists of the departments of chemistry, biology, physics, mathematics, and geology. The prime objective of the School is to stimulate the interest of students and to prepare them for jobs in the field of science and mathematics. It also aims to make an effort to meet the demands of a steadily growing need for science and math in the state of Texas. In addition to the aims of the School of Science and Mathematics, each department offers organ- izations which unite those students with similar interests. These organizations are based on good scholastic standing and serve to foster interest and sponsor worthwhile programs. DR. E. L. MILLER Dean of the School of Science and Mathematics Dr. E. L. Miller, who came to Stephen F. Austin in 1948 as the Head of the Biology Department, became the Dean of the School of Science and Mathematics in 1965. He received his B.S. from Iowa Wesleyan College and his M.S. and Ph.D. from the University of Iowa. Before coming to Stephen F. Austin, he had taught at Louisiana State University, Lawrence, and the University of Illinois. He is a member of the Texas Academy of Science, the American Association for the Advancement of Science, and the Iowa Academy of Science. MRS. LYNN BURGESS Secretary to Dean Miller School of Science and Mathematics Department of Biology DR. J. H. BURR, JR. Head of Biology Department B.A., M.A., Ph.D., Rice University Perplexity registers on this student ' s face as she tries to comprehend her lab manual. Alpha Lambda Omega Alpha Lambda Omega, the Biology Club, fosters interest in biology and is open to those students interested in biology. 36 Beta Beta Beta BBB Beta Beta Beta is the national honorary biology fraternity. The club strives to stimulate sound scholarship and the promotion of biological research. Members must be of junior standing; they must be majoring in biology with a 3.0 grade average in their major and a 2.5 grade average overall. The fraternity sponsored the blood-typing project at spring registration. 38 39 Department of Geology NANCY SUE SHAW, Instructor of Geology; MARVIN CAREY CROCKER, JR., Assistant Professor of Geology DR. PAUL ALAN WOOD Head of Geology Department B.S., Auburn University M.S., Ph.D., University of Arizona In geology lab the students study the rocks and fossils explained in class. The students learn to identify the various rocks and minerals by observa- tions. Also in lab the students learn to read and draw the different types of geological maps. 40 Department of Physics Physics is a study of the basic laws of nature and their application to such things as machines, computers, electronics, space ships, and atomic piles. Through the courses it provides, the Depart- ment of Physics aims to present the practical uses of physics in everyday activities. The Department also strives to inculcate the attitudes, methods, and techniques of physicists into the thinking and habits of students interested in the field of physics. In February of this year, the Physics Club was elected by the National Executive Council into Sigma Pi Sigma, the national physics honor society. DR. JOHN P. DECKER Head of Physics Department B.S., M.S., University of Arkansas Ph.D., Texas A M University CRUSE D. MELVIN, Instructor of Physics; DR. NORMAN KIESS, Associate Professor of Physics; TOLLIE B. DAVISON, Assistant Professor of Physics SIGMA PI SIGMA is a national physics honor society. It became existent on the Stephen F. Austin campus February 21, I 966. Department of Mathematics The Dep artment of Mathematics offers a four-year curriculum for those students desiring to specialize in mathematics. Through its curriculum, the Department provides courses to meet the needs of agriculture, busi- ness, economics, engineering, forestry, and science, and of those in the general education, pre-dental, pre-law, and pre-medical curricula. It entrains students preparing to teach both high school and elementary school teachers. DR. W. I. LAYTON Head of Mathematics Department B.S., M.S., University of South Carolina Ph.D., George Peabody College 42 Mathematics Instructors: JOSEPH T. ROBBINS and ROBERT L. SHEPARD; DR. F. DOYLE ALEXANDER, Associate Professor DR. T. J. KALLSEN Dean of the School of Liberal Arts Now in his eleventh year at Stephen F. Austin State Col- lege, Dr. Kallsen was head of the Department of English, Journalism, and Philosophy until 1965, when he became Dean of the School of Liberal Arts. Dr. Kallsen received his B.A. from Mankato State College and his M.A. and Ph.D. from the State University of Iowa. He is a member of the American Association of University Professors, the Texas Association of College Teachers, the National Council of Teachers of English, the Conference on College Composition and Communication, and the Modern Language Association. School of Liberal Arts The School of Liberal Arts has two functions important to students of the college. One is administrative: the office of the Dean supervises the advising of students who are unde- cided about their majors as well as those who have chosen departmental majors within the school; the office of the Dean also approves degree plans, class schedules, and final graduation plans. Another function of the school is academic: courses taught in the school are those, in addition to science and mathematics, that have traditionally formed the base of a collegiate education. Most of the courses described under the departments of the school are non-technical or non-professional — except for those in business administration. The liberal arts will aid the transition from a " working society " to a " learning society. " MRS. REBECCA CAMP Secretary to Dean Kallsen 44 DR. EDWIN GASTON JR., Head of English Department B.S., M.A., Stephen F. Austin State College; Ph.D., Texas Technological College English-Joumalism- Philosophy The English Department provides graduate and undergraduate courses for a Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, and a Master ' s Degree. These courses strive to develope effective, appropriate use of the English language, present the literary heritage of Eng- lish-speaking peoples, and improve the understanding of practical and literary discourses. The English-Journalism emphasis seeks to prepare students for a career in journalism and to train future journalism teachers. In meeting these goals, the depart- ment seeks to improve the writing of any student and to foster an understanding of mass media. Courses in philosophy are a new addition to the department. These present the basic conceptions that compose the philosophies found in western literature. 2T DR. WALTER E. KIDD, Pro- fessor; DR. EDWIN GASTON, JR.. Head; DR. WARREN B. AUSTIN, Professor; DR. ROB- ERT L. WEEKS, Professor 46 JARRELL RICHMAN, Instructor; OLIVER FOSTER, Assistant Professor; EDITH KEEN, Instructor; GEORGE PISK, Assistant Professor;ROBERT VERNER, Instructor; ROBERT WALLICK, Instructor. DR. SYBIL WYATT, Associate Profe English-Journalism- Philosophy DR. ELMA HEARD, sponsor, and winners of Piney Woods Writers Short Story Contest. ALPHA PHI GAMMA, Journalism Fraternity ay THE PINE LOG STEPHEN F. AUSTIN STATE COLLEGE, NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS See Greeks In Action Friday K 26 FRIDAY, APRIL 29, 1966 Camelot Final Rehearsals Ii Progress For May 5 Opening Final rehearsals for Lerner and Lowe ' s hit Broadway musi- cal, " Camelot " , are now in session for next week ' s pre- sentation at 8 p.m., May 5-7, in the Fine Arts Auditorium. ONAOtCAWDIMR Turner, Dean of EdBtae School of Fine Arts, is in charge of the production with Dr. W. K. Waters handling the directing. Tomy Matthys is director of set and costumes. Music is being directed by George West BOB BEAMES is " the l 5 P+?! ' !ii! t ' ; ' kiffialjSfn ndiEngh ; lish; Sponsor, THE PINE LOS One day a young knight. Lancelot du Lac, played by Ken Love, comes to join the Table. It is here that Arthur ' s plan begin to fall. Lancelot is a handsome knight who has no faults. He is best at everything but at the same time he tries to express humility. A sub - nlftt |pv lrms wHpn by Stan over the il Other principal characters the production include Da McCarver as King Pellinc Nolanda Byerly as Lady An Bud Clarke as Binadin and ] McHugh as Dap. Also having roles in the J duction are Bill Jones as Sa more, Pat Petty as Ozan .Tnhn Rnncwk tic Mprlvn Pai F. Austin. Latft d THE Py ft3 RT of Morgi of Fine Arts presented " My Fair is anxiou Lady " . the thror " Camelot " is a musica! trage- to wait dy based on the book, The Once He bribe and Future King. Set in Medie- win the the candy w r MARTIN HARRIS Associate Edito -Faith rfekWiNEWNKMstan £ parts for ' RSKmVFlot, " showir in the Fine Arts Auditoriui organ Le Fey, and Samford ; the tragic element to the ?e 7). Miss Neilson is dying he production— PINE LOG F | ahts ome -all Sports Editor Veek M all school rway for the also another campus in irmed Greek ill take place i Drive and being spon- nterfraternity ege and both tes and social pate in the has been put contests and le for their Some of the strictly for oth men and or only men. r women only :ream fight; five hundred, dackeral-Egg e girls tries lead fish, an Spring Sports Editor tests, the fraternity with the most numb will receive a tr Gamma Tau, new r club, will act as jud. There will be no and everyone is invited to come watch the fun. MICKEY GUMBER Photographer £ Teaching Students Reassigned The opening of the first sum- mer session will bring a change in the manner in which students seeking teaching certificates will be assigned to schools with- in the College. This summer, students seek- ing teaching certificates other than in elementary education, will be assigned to the school Step} | A li ' ents voted ... o- KK . t of the United States ' policy in Viet Nam in the April 21 run - off election. The remaining 221 voters abstained. In the same election, Nancy Johnston of Dallas was chosen Miss SFA and Jimmy Davis of Raymondville, Mr. SFA. Dr. Ja the Dep; the Univcj at the a» - gram ye; . duced b Presidenl B Dr. J. College, Kallsen, Liberal standing H accompli: m Sophon students average ( Those w second hi class wei land and sophomoi Chandler inson. ju Lewis an senior. Others those wit fifteen or members Who, an( in the v; Awards Society c Student 1 I Mi FORT 1966 Joyce Miller; Linda Milligan, Aca- 8[ demies Editor; Barbara Waller 7 The Stone Fort, as journal- ism 219, was offered as a one hour course each semester this year. The yearbook sponsored the Stone Fort Beauty Contest and was co-sponsor in the se- lection of the Ten Outstand- ing Students of 1966. As- sociate Editor Linda Wind- ham, a junior from Tyler, is a member of Chi Omega Sor- ority, Student Congress, and was selected one of the ten outstanding students. Editor- in-Chief Margaret Gay served as editor of the Navarro Jr. College year- book and newspaper editor in high school. A biology major, agriculture minor, she still finds time for outside activities such as annual editorship, Canterbury Association, secretary of the Sports Car Club, and various Fine Art s pro- ductions. Margaret is a senior from Nacogdoches. Kathy Redman, Photo Editor; Charlotte Hyams, Limelight Editor. Bill Grubbs, Business Manager Department of Political Qcience The Department of Political Science offers courses leading to a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science degree. Courses offered by the Department of Political Science are planned for students who are planning careers in law or politics at local, state, or national level. These courses provide an opportunity to broaden and deepen one ' s knowledge of government and its present-day role in relation to individuals and social institutions. DR. JOE ERICSON, Head of Department B.S.E., M.A., Ph.D., Texas Technological College; JOHN O. STEPHENS, Assistant Professor CHARLES SIMPSON, Instructor; JOE D. COX, Instructor; JAMES DICKSON, In- structor 52 Department of History The Department of History offers undergraduate majors and minors for those seeking Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science Degrees, and it provides an opportunity for work toward a master ' s degree. Courses survey the several fields of history and provide spe- cialization in American and Modern-European history. Programs are designed to serve the liberal arts major who expects to enter business, politics, law, the min- istry, diplomatic service, or teaching. DR. C. K. CHAMBERLAIN, Head of Department 8.S., West Texas State College; M.A., Ph.D., University of Texas ALLEN RICHMAN, Instructor; DR. ARCHIE P. McDONALD, Assistant Professor; CARL L. DAVIS, Assistant Professor; DR. ROBERT MAXWELL, Professor; DR. JAMES L. NICHOLS, Professor; DR. C. K. CHAMBERLAIN, Head; TOMMY JAN LOWERY, Instructor; DR. VERA DUGAS, Associate Professor; BILL HUGHES, Instructor. 52 M. B. WADE. Head of Department, B.S., Middle Tennessee State College; M.A., Ph.D., George Peabody College. Department of Gociology The Department of Sociology offers undergradu- ate courses for those seeking either a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science degree, and graduate courses for those seeking a Master ' s. It aids in pro- viding pre-professional training in certain designated areas such as nursing, social work, or law. A mature understanding of human relationships as the basis for a general liberal arts education is one of the prime objectives of this department. Graduate training seeks to provide professional training for sociologists. The Sociology Club offers additional material for student observation and assimilation. JAMES H. PETERSON, Assistant Professor; PATRICIA ALLEN, Instructor; DR. M. B. WADE, Head. RELIGIOUS EMPHASIS COUNCIL The Department of Bible seeks to provide courses that will help students gain an understanding of the history and literature of the Bible as well as thoughtful insight into its meaning. These courses are supervised by the Baptist, Church of Christ, Methodist, and Catholic Bible Chairs. Twelve semester hours of credit in Bible courses are allowed a student toward his degree. There is not at this time a curriculum for a major or minor in Bible. Supervisors of the Campus Bible Chairs: FANNING TANT, Church of Christ, ALAN R. REED, Methodist, Reverend VINCENT POWERS, Catholic; GERALD LE PERE, Baptist. 55 Fr. Vincent Powers, Bishop Morkovsky, and Larry Pollick at the opening of the Newman Center. The Newman Club seeks to provide Catholic students with the fellowship of those having the same religious af- filiation. It strives to keep alive the Catholic religion in the minds and hearts of Catholic students on the campus. Its bi-monthly meetings and programs, plus weekly prayer de- votions, are the basis for its activity. This year saw the completion of the new Newman Center. Bishop Morkovsky, diocesan supervisor, came from Galveston in the Spring to officially open and bless the center which has provided a modern meeting place for Catholic students on campus. 57 Department of Modem Language DR. CARL KEUL, Head of the Modern Language Department — B.A., Westmin- ster College; B.A., Ph.D., Cornell Uni- versity To obtain a degree in Modern Language, one must fulfill all the requirements of a Bachelor of Arts degree. A major in French, German, or Spanish is available and courses in Russian are offered. There are three principal objectives the department seeks to fulfill: to develope real competence in understanding, speaking, reading, and writing a modern language; to cultivate an appreciation for the culture and civiliza- tion of the people whose language is being studied; and to provide guidance in preparation for the various opportunities in language work. WILL BARCLAY. Instructor; ELIZABETH DAVIS, Instructor; ALBERT VILLAREAL, Instructor; DR. VIVIAN GRUBER, Associate Professor; DR. OLIN NEWTON, Associate Professor SIGMA DELTA PHI, National Spanish Fraternity Furthering the goals of the Modern Language Department are the language organizations, both local and national. These groups present various programs depicting the culture and peoples of the country whose language is being studied. They provide the student with further opportunities to expand his linguistic ability. Dr. Waclaw Jarzebowski, Assistant Professor, practices his English by attending play rehearsals. 59 KAPPA PSI, Business Administration Honorary Fraternity Department of Business Administration The Department of Business Administration strives to prepare students for a career in business. Stu- dents may obtain a Bachelor of Business Administra- tion degree in three main fields: General Business; Accounting; or Secretarial science. Students may also obtain a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science degree with a major as business. Through its courses, the department tries to give students a broad background of general business information and an understanding of its meaning; to create the skill needed in the use of necessary business tools; and to develope an appreciation of business prin- ciples and practices of the most successful com- panies. Members of the faculty include: DR. F. J. LAUDERDALE, Head; Assistant Professors: LOUISE BINGHAM, DR. CHARLES BROWN, DR. ROBERT COE, DR. BEULA HAMM, JESSE MIXON, JESSE RICHARDSON, DR. ALLEN STEELE; Instructors: JONELLE ASHLEY, MARTHA BROWN, BENNY CHASTIN, JAMES FOSTER, JOHN LINKS, CHARLES LOGAN, CHARLOTTE POE, DR. JAMES REDFIELD, JERRY STRADER. 62 DR. WILLIAM M. TURNER Dean of the School of Fine Arts Dr. Turner came to Stephen F. Austin State College as head and professor of the Music Department in I960. In the fall of 1965 he bee ame Dean of the School of Fine Arts. Dr. Turner received his B.S. and M.S. in music from North Texas State College. He also received his Ed.D. from North Texas. Before coming to Stephen F. Austin, he was director of Texas A M ' s Singing Cadets. Dr. Turner is a member of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, the Texas Music Educa- tors Association, and he has served on the board of the Asso- ciation of College and University Concert Managers. School of Fine Arts The School of Fine Arts, through the office of the Dean, directs the guidance of students plan- ning to major or minor in the areas of art, music, speech, or drama. This function is done through advising, scheduling, degree planning, and final graduation plans. The School includes the departments of Art, Music, Speech and Drama. Through the individual departments guidance is provided for students who wish to broaden their skills and understanding in these areas by electing courses and participa- ting in activities. The office of the Dean of Fine Arts seeks to pro- mote and foster events in the performing arts which provide aesthetic growth of all students and to help maintain a cultural climate in the College. MRS. NONA TAYLOR Secretary to Dean Turner School of Fine Arts 7 DR. GORDON A. OHLS- SON, Professor and Head of Music Department; WALTER WATSON, Assist- ant Professor; TRAVIS COX, Instructor; GEORGE WEST, Instructor; KEN- NETH L. GREEN, Instruc- tor, Band Director Mu Phi Epsilon Mu Phi Epsilon, the international music sorority, is limited to music majors or minors who have proved themselves to be outstanding in music, academics, and character. This year is the first year for the sorority to be on the S.F.A. Cam- pus. Marie Ann Heiberg is the sponsor. Jennifer Roberts, senior from Longview, was the recipient of the Baumgarner Award. i F J ; m M0E Department of Music DAVID JONES, Instructor; MARIE ANN HEIBERG. Instructor; DR. DAN BEATY, Assistant Professor; WILSON PICKERING, Instructor The Department of Music, under the direc- tion of Dr. Gordon Ohlssohn, Head of the De- partment, provides training for students wish- ing to follow careers in music as teachers or performers. The curricula for those students stress the development of a sound functional musicianship, using personal experience with worthy music as a basis, and the establishment of a broad background in liberal arts so that undergraduate training will promote not only professional competence but intellectual ma- turity. The Department of Music also provides op- portunities for musical experience and expres- sion for students who are majoring in other areas of study. These students anay participate in the band, orchestra, stage band, choir, or musical shows, and may pursue individual study of voice, piano, organ, or other instruments. They may take courses in music appreciation, theory, or history. The department also pro- vides a musical " climate " for the college and the community. Concerts, musical shows, fac- ulty and student recitals provide numerous op- portunities for musical growth and recreation. Various professional and honorary organiza- tions relating to the field of music are sponsored by the department. Women ' s Chorus The Women ' s Chorus, directed by Marie Ann Heiberg, is com- posed of some of the most out- standing female voices on campus. Each member must audition for this group, which performs regular- ly throughout the year. The pri- mary selections of the Women ' s Ch orus are those masterpieces of choral literature written especially for women ' s voices. Mary Nell Lackman, senior from Longview, served as president of the Chorus. 67 MADRIGAL SINGERS Directed by David Jones, The Madrigal Singers is a se- lect group of talented young vocalists who present concerts throughout the year. The music lends itself to small ensemble singing as well as the famous madrigals of the 18th Century. FALL SEMESTER CHOIR The SFA College Choir, open by audition to all students, is directed by Dr. Gordon A. Ohlsson, Head of the Department of Music. Annual events include a Christmas concert and participation in the Fine Arts Musical Production. Membership in the choir is required of all music majors not in band and all voice majors. Musical Organizations t MA Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, the national music fraternity, is open to all men who show an interest and some talent in music. Members must also meet other academic requirements. The fraternity strives to advance the course of music in America, to promote loyalty to its Alma Mater, and to help the spirit of brotherhood and fraternalism. Events of the year include the American Musicale in February; the Phi Mu Alpha banquet in the spring; and serving as ushers at all of the community con- certs and Fine Arts Productions. George West and Walter Watson serve as sponsors of the fraternity. 68 Tau Beta Sigma The national sorority for bandswomen, Tau Beta Sigma, is sponsored by Kenneth Green, the Lumberjack band di- rector. New members are required to have one semester of band work and at least nine semester hours of college credit. Melba Scott served as president for the sorority. BRASS CHOIR The Brass Choir, directed by William Pickering, is open to brass and percussionists by audition. The organization gains in musical experience in ensemble playing and presents at least two recitals on campus with numerous other appearances at local high schools. 69 LUMBERJACK CONCERT BAND The concert band, under the direction of Kenneth L. Green, is open to all music majors and minors by requirement and other students by audition. Members of the concert band also comprise the march- ing band which performs at the football games. SPRING SEMESTER CHOIR The Spring Semester Choir, under the di- rection of Dr. Gordon Ohlsson, is open to all students through audition. The Spring Concert is held annually, featuring the choir and some of the outstanding voices within the organization. Musical Organizations DANCE ORCHESTRA Under the direction of George West, the Dance Orchestra performs for the College Center dances and other organizational affairs. Annually they ap- pear at the Stage Band Festival held at SFA in the spring. Membership is by audition. 1 ARTHUR FIEDLER, conductor of the Boston Pops Symphony Orchestra, appeared with the Buffalo Philharmonic in one of the Cultural and Enter- tainment Series in the Fall semester. Department of Art The Department of Art strives to develop within the stu- dent an understanding of design, a mastery of form, and a development of technique as basic qualities which are in- herent in all important art expression and works of art. Toward these objectives, curricula are offered which include courses in drawing, design, painting, sculpture, ceramics, commercial art, art metal, graphic art, crafts, a nd the history of art. Work in these areas prepares students for professional careers in the supervising or teaching of art in elementary and sec- ondary schools and college, advertising design, interior dec- oration, photography, fashion design, illustration, and news- paper art. Kappa Pi, the national art fraternity, sponsored by Dr. Schlicher and the department, promotes art activity and interest among college students and endeavors to raise the standards of art production on the campus. Annually they sponsor exhibits, sidewalk art sales, scholarship awards, ex- change programs with other colleges, and participate in reg- ional conferences. President this year was Linnea Waite. DR. CREIGHTON DELANEY, Professor and Head of Art Department; DR. KARL SCHLICHER, Professor JAMES SNYDER, Instructor; EVONNE KLUDUS, Assistant Pro- fessor Department of Speech The Department of Speech exists to meet two needs of the college. First, it offers instruction in a general education to aid all students in meeting the common speech situations. Second, it trains majors and minors to meet pro- fessional needs. At all times an attempt is made to realize that the student is being trained to appear outside the classroom as well as in it; that speech has social utility as well as beauty; and that the average man in the average conversation or audience, untrained in appreciating the niceties of speech, is the eventual critic. The Department of Speech offers study in Dramatics, Interpretation, Radio-Television, Rhetoric and Public Address, and Speech and Hearing Therapy. The department also is responsi- ble for the various plays, speech tournaments, and back-stage crews for the C. and E. Series held in the Fine Arts Auditorium. Alpha Psi Omega, sponsored by Dr. W. K. Waters; Pi Kappa Delta, sponsored by Donald Graham; and the Speech and Hearing Society, sponsored by Mac Moseley and Elnita Stanley, are the professional organizations within the depart- ment. DR. ROBERT B. CAPEL Professor and Head of the department B.A., William Penn Col- lege; M.A.; Ph.D., University of Wisconsin DR. WALTER KENNETH WAT- ERS, JR., Associate Professor; TOMY MATTHYS, Instructor and Theatre Technician MAC R. MOSELEY, As- sistant Professor; DON- ALD GRAHAM, Assistant Professor; NONA TAY- LOR, Instructor; ELNITA STANLEY, Assistant Pro- fessor AVC1 Alpha Psi Omega was organized as an honorary dramatic fraternity for the pur- pose of providing an honor society for those doing a high standard of work in dramatics. The fraternity is not intended to take the place of the regular drama club or other producing groups, but as the students qualify, they are rewarded by election to membership in this society. Play product ion is an activity so highly technical that it requires the services of a trained director and all the resources of a large dramatic association organized on the most democratic basis where every member of a student body may have equal opportunity for self expression. Pi Kappa Delia Pi Kappa Delta, the national de- bating and forensic fraternity, fos- ters annually a schedule of inter- collegiate debates and offers mem- bership to those students who meet the requirements prescribed by the constitution of the national chapter of Pi Kappa Delta. The Texas Mu Chapter is the local campus or- ganization, sponsored by Donald Graham, debate coach. Speech and Hearing Society 73 PRINCIPAL CHARACTERS King Arthur Joe Rose Guenevere Betsy Kidd Lancelot Ken Love Pellinore David McCarver Mordred Stan Samford Merlyn John Hancock Morgan Le Fey Faith Neilson Sir Dinadan Bud Clarice Sir Lionel Randy Rowsey Sir Sagramore Bill Jones Sir Gwilliam John Luedecke Lady Anne Nolanda Byerly Lady Catherine Barbara Walker Sir Ozanna Pat Petty Tom Jere Speed Clarius Jack Murff Dap Pat McHugh PRODUCTION STAFF )irector W. K. Waters vHusic Director and Producer . . . W. M. Turner icenic and Costume Design, Technical Director Tomy Matthys Choreography Denard Haden Stage Manager Jerri Smith fechnical Stage Manager .... Billy R. Green Crew Technicians Sets Tommy Martin Lighting Stephen Lee Jeff Youngblood Properties Tom Bethancourt Costumes Faith Neilson Make-up Susie Lanasa Lena Arnwine, R.N. College Nurse John Lynn Bailey Executive Director, Ex Student Association Maudie E. Bane Postmistress Elmer Childers Manager of Food Service Paul Durrett Director of College Center George W. Hardin Director of E.D.P. Center Melvis Hearn Purchasing Agent Jerry Johnson Director of Placement Joe D. Lacy Director of Inventory and Development Ralph McCormack Manager of College Center Bookstore Kenneth McFarland Director of Housing Marilyn Odom Administrative Secretary to Dean of the College and Graduate School Madge Stallings Director of Stenographic Bureau C. Richard Voigtel Director of Admissions Melvin H. Wester Director of Guidance Travis Whitalcer Auditor Dorothy Whiton Administrative Secretary to Comptroller Ruth Williamson Accountant Paul S. Wilson Superintendent of Plant Operations STAFF ASSISTANTS 76 Library Staff MILDRED WYATT, Librarian; DORIS WATTS, Associate Librarian; Assistant Librarians: MARY A. NOOE, SUE TAYLOR, ELIZABETH WALLACE, PEGGY WEDGEWORTH; Library Assistants: DOROTHY BOWERS, ELIZABETH ANN CHANDLER, BRENDA H. CLIFTON, MARY JO LINTHICUM, VICKI RAINS, ELIZABETH TUCKER; LOIS BLOUNT, Director, East Texas Room, Research Assistant, Professor of East Texas History; JERRY ANN DAVIS, Forestry Librarian. 77 EXCITEMENT EXCITEMENT is mirrored in the face of a dancer, a pie-eating Delta Sig, Greeks out for a holiday . . . EXCITEMENT is being Miss Nacogdoches or Miss Texas, hearing the Maestro Arthur Fiedler, " missing your cue " . . . EXCITING is the world of a freshman at his first pep rally, the rush of Rush, the first redbuds in the spring, a sports car rallye . . . EXCITEMENT is found in the glow of a candlelight or pinning cere- mony ... It abounds as the time for " curtain " draws near for the spring musical ... It is a frantic excitement that hangs in the air on yearbook deadline day . . . EXCITEMENT is the moment of commencement . . All the joys, fears, anxieties, and tender memories of Stephen F. Austin and his college career swim in the excited mind of the graduate as he makes that short — but, oh, so long — walk to receive the precious sheep- skin . . . This, then, is EXCITEMENT ' 66! 83 " J STONE FORT BEAUTY Charlotte Hyams Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities Each year nominations for " Who ' s Who In American Colleges and Universities " are made by members of the faculty and students organizations. Candidates must have a 2.5 overall average to be eligible for selection. A faculty committee chosen by the President of the College then selects those students who will represent Stephen F. Austin State College in the national honorary class. Students elected to Who ' s Who from S.F.A. include the following: Bettye Williams, Jerry Clement, Micheal Jeanne, Kathy Taubert, Tommy Ward, Donna Abshier, Tommy Alexander, Louise McDaniel, Robert Alder, Sandra Cole, Beth Reith, Hilbert Strahan, Patricia Cooper (Levens), Wesley Doyle, Benny Johnson, Ralph Dow- den, Martha Davis, Kay Hughes, Jimmy Davis, Alfred Wilburn, and Donna Norton. Also selected were Bruce Sieffert, Ann White, Mary Nell Lackman, Sue Davis, and Mary Grishman. Bettye Williams History and English Houston, Texas 88 Patrica Cooper Elementary Education Nacogdoches, Texas Hilbert Strahan Accounting Nacogdoches, Texas Wesley Doyle Business and Physical Education Houston, Texas Alfred Wilburn Biology Reagan, Texas Donna Norton Elementary Education Palestine, Texas NOT PICTURED: Bruce Sieffert Accounting Ann White German Mary Lackman English-Music Sue Davis Speech Correction Mary Grishman Physical Education 96 Judy Daniel Irving Bonnie Few Jasper Mike Hardy Houston 101 103 " Outstanding Students " A 10-member faculty-student committee selected the Ten Outstanding Students of Stephen F. Austin State College for 1966. Those selected are members of two or more organizations, have at least a 2.5 grade point average, and have attended SFA for four semesters. Student Congress and The Stone Fort sponsored the contest. The Ten Outstanding Students for 1966 include the following: Linda Jones, Bert Strahan, James Qulsenberry, Michael Jeanne, Jimmy Davis, Tommy Alexander, Jerry Ann Atkinson, Karen Strunk, Linda Windham, and Larry Pollock. FRATERNITY SWEETHEARTS Nikki Petropolis AI0 Penny Wilson OX Susan Schmidt DAO KAREN STRUNK riKA Dream Girl pictured on page 129 108 Nancy Johnston MISS S.F.A. " It is the happiest memory I could have to end my four years here. " These were Nancy ' s words when she was told the out- come of the election. Nancy has held such positions as Stone Fort editor, 64-65; President of Association for Childhood Education, 65-66; and Presi- dent of Fidele Social Club, 65-66. She has been an active member of the Student Education Association. She has also served on the National Panhellenic Council. Miss Johnston is a native of Dallas and an art and elementary education major. Jimmy Davis MR. S.F.A. Jimmy Davis has been busy all four years at S.F.A. He has served as Junior Class President; Student Body President, 1965- 66; and State Vice President of Texas Intercollegiate Student Association. Jimmy was also elected to Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities, and worked for the National Service Project in Hawaii. He also was chairman of Religious Emphasis Week. Jimmy is from Raymondville. He grad- uated in May with a double major in Eng- lish and political science. Jimmy Davis Karen Williams Secretary- Treasurer Leon Levens Graduate President Don Hendricks Representative James Quisenberry Senior President Trudy Smith Representative Sandra Thomason Representative ■ - Randy Spradley Junior President Sara Bolton Representative Linda Windham Representative Bill Gandy Sophomore President Charlotte Hyams Representative Don McCrory Representative Mike Trevathan Representative Johnny Walker Representative 114 Qtudent Congress The Stephen F. Austin Student Congress was formed in order to ensure the per- sonal rights and liberties of the individual students and to promote unity between the student body and the administration. The 1965-1966 Student Congress has been the most active congress in the history of Stephen F. Austin. The Student Congress passed a total of thirty-three bills. Some of the major bills included one which sponsored a contest to promote new school songs for the student body; a bill which promoted a Foreign Policy Day in May; and a bill sponsoring a contest to name the Ten Outstanding Students at S.F.A. In March, the student body ratified a bill which endorsed the United States ' action in Viet Nam. One of the most popular bills was one which requested a change in policy concerning lost mealbooks. The Student Congress has served well the demands of the student body of the fastest growing school in Texas. 115 H Barbara Barnes Hospitality Not pictured: Randy Parker Hospitality 2nd Semester Sally Powell Publicity and Vice President (2nd Semester) Randy Rice Music Jim Raines Recreation Not pictured: David Hathcox 2nd Semester Robert Bezdek Dance Nancy Sims House Linda Windham Vice-President 1st Semester Nancy Norton Secretary Robert Wheeler Alpha Phi Omega National Service Fraternity Nu Sigma Chapter _ V ■ r ,Hr„,- V . Hfl l V y r i Kathy Taubert President Billy Williams Vice President William Johnson Treasurer Carol West Recording Secretary Judy Worsham Corresponding Secretary Abshier, Donna Alders, Bob Atkinson, Jerry Ann Biggerstaff, Mary Butler, Amye Collins, Mattie Davis, Martha Dorsett, Charles Dosseu, Margie Gray, Alyce Griffin, Nila Oates Hanicalc, Deena Hughes, Kay Hughes, Lenard Kenner, Vernon Lock, Joyce Norton, Donna Richardson, Joe Rogers, Faye Searcy, Janice Strahan, Hilbert Ward, Thomas Weaver, Clyde Wilburn, Alfred Williams, Chris AX Alpha Chi is a national honor society whose purpose is to promote and to recog- nize scholarship. Members of this organization are chosen from the high ranking students of the Junior, Senior and Graduate classes, the number in each instance being limited to one-tenth of the membership of each class. The local chapter is named for the late Dr. A. W. Birdwell, first president of the college. I2i National Panhellenic Council Panhellenic members are: FRONT ROW, Ruthann Pechulis, Sigma Kappa; Janet Tarrant, Delta Zeta; Sherry Youngblood, Sigma Kappa; Jana James, Chi Omega; Daphna Holder, Delta Zeta. SECOND ROW, Diana Kenny, Fidele; Joann Scott, Fidele; Elizabeth Baker, Delta Zeta; Karen Strunk, Chi Omega, and Dean Henry. The main purpose of the Stephen F. Austin College Panhellenic Council is to keep fraternity life and interfraternity relations on a high level within the college, to co-operate with the college admin- istration in maintaining high social and scholastic standards, to compile rules governing rush and to encourage all chapters to take an active interest in all college activities. The local chapter of the National Panhellenic Council was estab- lished here in 1961. The council is composed of three delegates from each national and local sorority chapter on campus. 1965-1966 OFFICERS Fall Spring Elizabeth Baker Karen Strunk . Joann Scott . . . . . . President .... . . Vice-President . . Secreta ry-Treasurer . . Karen Strunk . . Diana Kenny Ruthann Pechulis Inter-Fraternity Council The inter-fraternity Council is the governing body of the fraternities and is made up of three representatives from each fraternity. It sponsors the I.F.C. Smoker at the beginning of rush, giving any boy interested in going through rush an opportunity to meet members of the various fraternities. 1965-1966 OFFICERS President Rufus Denison Vice-President Pat Lee Secretary-Treasurer Martin Harris V I.F.C. members are: BACK ROW STANDING, Mike Sanders, Pi Kappa Alpha; Gary Willingham, Delta Sigma Phi; David Rhoden, Pi Kappa Alpha. BACK ROW SEATED, Bill Pederson, Theta Chi; Paui Poston, Phi Delta Theta; Charles Bradbery, Delta Sigma Phi; Julian Bush, Delta Sigma Phi; Bill Gandy, Phi Delta Theta; Dr. Abbot, Pi Kappa Alpha; Rufus Denison, Phi Delta Theta. FRONT ROW, Dan Johnson, Theta Chi; Ronni Wilber, Theta Chi; Jimmy Harrison, Phi Delta Theta; and Martin Harris, Phi Delta Theta. Kappa Nu Lambda Kappa Nu Lambda social club for men was organized at Stephen F. Austin in the fall of 1964. During their first year on campus, Kappa Nu spon- sored several social events such as Fall Woods Party, Fall Formal, Christmas Banquet, and a Spring Pajama Party. Several Kappa Nu members are in national honor organizations, including Len Hughes, Beta Beta Beta, Alpha Chi; Joe Roos, Sigma Pi Sigma; Judge Lowe, Omicron Pi Epsilon. Kappa Nu Lambda ' s major purpose was to become affiliated with a national fraternity. OFFICERS Fall Spring Len Hughes President Len Hughes Robert Bowen Vice-President Joe Roos BUI Holt Secretary Bill Holt Dan Vanderwood Treasurer Judge Lowe Tad Bailey Pledge Trainer Larry Bowles Malcolm Bussey Historian Malcolm Bussy Fideles The Fidele Social Club was founded at S.F.A. in 1946. Among the many activities of the Fideles in ' 65-66 were the annual Christ- mas Formal; the winter retreat; the Spring Banquet which honored pledges, big sisters, and scholastic award winners; the spring rum- mage sale; a spring party; Parent Day; and a Pledge Party for actives. Individual honors won this year included: Judy Daniels, Cheer- leader; Karen Williams, Homecoming Queen, Stone Fort Beauty runner-up, and Lula Crawford Hunt Award to Outstanding Senior Girl; Bettye Williams, Senior class duchess, Alpha Chi, and Who ' s Who; Charlotte Hyams, Student Congress representative and Stone Fort Beauty; Jennifer Roberts, Mu Phi Epsilon President and Fred- erick J. Baumgartner Music Award; Karen Howard, Home Econom- ics Club President; Sherri Adams, Sociology Club President; Nancy Johnston, Association of Childhood Education President; Trudy Smith, Student Congress representative and Student Congress duch- ess; Nancy Brown, Junior class duchess; and Sara Bolton, Student Congress representative and state committee member to Texas Stu- dent Education Association. OFFICERS Fall Nancy Norton . . . Linda Findlay . . . Sharon Ross Jean Youngblood Sue Calk . . President . . . . Vice President . . . Secretary . . . . . Treasurer . . . Rush Chairman Spring , Nancy Johnston Charlotte Hyams . Rosemary Long Judy Truitt Sue Calk Spring Pledges are: FRONT ROW— Jane NeHle, Sandy Blakeway, Jimmy Lee Smith, Fran Hamilton, Pam Scaggs, Cindy Jacobs, Linda Greene, Linda Spivey, Carmen Herndon, Jo Claire Kopczynski. SECOND ROW — Pam Hardman, Dianne Garrett, Terry Baugh, Janis Behrends, Martha Grayson, Glenda Harborth, Karen Hunt, Sharon Lamp- ton, Cheryl Butler, Adrianne Raulerson, Linda Innis and Vicki Lobue. Sheri Adams Judy Baldwin Margaret Beach Melissa Benefield Kay Biqby Susan Biggs Sara Bolton Beverly Bowling Linda Brown Nancy Brown Judy Bruderer Cheryl Brundahl Sandra Butler Sue Calk Judy Clabaugh Denise Cooper Phyllis Coussons Judy Daniel Martha Davis Linda Ellis Linda Pindlay Lauree Fraier Janeen Frensle Janie Groves Patricia Hanicak Sandy Hawley Pat Haynes Karen Howard Kay Hughes Merrie Hunter Charlotte Hyams Brenda Jackson Linda Johnson Nancy Johnston Kay Kirkham Katie Knight Carol Lamberth Sandra Langford Carlotta Lehmann Rosemary Long Gale Meyers Jeanie Miller Rena Nemacek Nancy Norton Kaye Parrott Barbara Porter Jennifer Roberts Marilyn Rockholt Sharon Ross Leona Rush Jeanne Scott Trudy Smith T. C. Sullivan Brenda Sweezy Judy Truitt Karen Williams Bettye Williams Janice Williams Pat Williams Kay Zachariah P H T 6 ffi5a Pi Kappa Alpha Ninety-five years ago, one of the nation ' s strongest and largest fraternities was born in the minds of six students at the University of Virginia who desired a common bond of friei dship, brotherly love, and mutual regard. In December of 1961, the Epsilon-Omicron chapter was chartered at S.F.A. The 93 members of this chapter have brought various honors to the fraternity. This chapter has held first place in scholastic ranking on this campus for the last four years. Epsilon-Omicron was also ranked number one scholastically of all small college chapters of Pi Kappa Alpha. Some of the chapter activities for the past year included the Viking Party; a Founders Day Banquet; a Mother ' s Day Banquet; and other formal, semi-formal and informal parties. OFFICERS Fall Spring Gary Evers President Bill Gandy Terry Brant Vice President Eddie Owens Wayne Schiller Secretary. Harold Norton Randy Spradley Treasurer Randy Spradley Frank Falco Pledge Trainer Jimmy Daughtry Spring Pledges are: FRONT ROW— Don Bounds, Gary Puckett, Jim Thomlin, Harry Van Wagner, Walter Scott. SECOND ROW— David Cochran, Mike O ' Toole, Riley Peveto. Larry Hargett, Phil Hellberg, Randy Hatfield, Ken Murray. THIRD ROW— Tom McNeill, Gary Madden, Bob Burleson, John Herson, Henry Vaughn, Steve Spradley, David Stallings. 130 X Bill Allison Sam Altimore Bob Bass Ken Bower Terry Brant Arthur Collins Jimmy Daughtry Jimmy Bass Rusty Duncan Gary Evers Sam Frizzel Frank Falco Bill Gandy Jim Gaubert Charles Hall Mike Hardy Bill Henry Steve Holcomb Roger Kelly Obie Kirk Pat Lee Carl Marshall James Martin Jimmy Meley John Metcalf Eddie Miles Red Mitxen Emmett Morgan Bill McCurry Hal McKewen Bill Neff Harold Norton Eddie Owens Hugh Ramsey David Rhoden Mike Roqers John Rulfs Joe Sanders Mike Sanders Young Scarborough Wayne Schiller Steve Shivers Jody Sory Lynn Simmons Robert Smith Randy Spradley Phit Stoup Dudley Suggs Authur Wear James Westfall Burk Williams Dr. Abbott Dr. Coe Chi Omega Chi Omega was founded April 5, 1895, at the University of Arkan- sas in Fayetteville. The chapter at S.F.A. was established on Decem- ber 7, 1963. The Chi Omegas had a full social calendar this year. Some of their activities included the Eleusinian Banquet on Founders ' Day; a Spring Formal with " April Showers Bring May Flowers " as the theme; a pledge party given for the actives; and a party for pledges given by the actives. Some of the outstanding Chi Omegas are Bonnie Few and Jana James, Cheerleaders; Karen Wilson, Stone Fort Beauty runner-up; Duke Ellen Taylor, Student Congress Secretary; Linda Windham, Junior Representative to Student Congress, and Associate Editor of The Stone Fort; Kathy Taubert, Graduate Class Homecoming Duch- ess, Alpha Chi President, Who ' s Who; Barbara Clark, Homecom- ing Lady-in-Waiting; Louise McDaniel, Who ' s Who, Alpha Chi; Pat Cooper, Who ' s Who; Jerry Atkinson, Alpha Chi; Deena Hanicak, Alpha Chi; and Sally Powell, Student Center Vice-President. OFFICERS Fall Deena Hanicak President.. Jerry Atkinson Vice President Linda Jones Secretary . . Louise McDaniel Treasurer . . Carol Hall Pledge Trainer Spring Louise McDaniel , . . . Linda Jones . . . Judy Clancy Jorgann Jackson Linda Windham 132 Spring Pledges are; FRONT ROW — Donna Gurtler, Susanne Steele, Sherry Bogard, Judy Brown, Connie Stock. SECOND ROW— Susie Allen, Margaret Bai- nes, Phyllis Hanicak, Debbie Kaiser, Jamie Waller, Sue Herrington. THIRD ROW — Sallie Sanders, Kitty Morris, Sandra Vibrock, Becky Gray, Marsha Moulton. FOURTH ROW— Kathy Tackett, Burky Womack, Becky Bolin, Ann Koerth, Sharon Shaw, Vicki McGilray. ! 133 Sigma Kappa The first chapter of Sigma Kappa was established at Colby Col- lege, Waterville, Maine, in 1874. The Gamma Chi chapter was char- tered on the campus of Stephen F. Austin in 1959. The past year has been an active one for Sigma Kappas. Some of their activities included the Soire ' e Noel, their annual Christmas For- mal; a Greek Toga party; a fall retreat and a spring retreat; the annual Founders ' Day program; the Pledges ' kidnap breakfast; and the Spring Formal. Some of the Sigma Kappas who have brought honors to their sorority are Joyce Locke, Alpha Chi, and American Chemical Soci- ety duchess; Melba Scott, President of Tau Beta Sigma; Delores Scott, Vice President of Tau Beta Sigma; Kathy Machlitt, Organiza- tions editor for The Stone Fort; Ruthann Pechulis, Liberal Arts editor for The Stone Fort; and Beverly Warren, Miss Petroleum. Spring Pledges are: Carolyn Clayton, Sharon Moore, Jean Clark, Nancy Gose, Susan Bozel, Cheryl Smith. 134 Phi Delta Theta Phi Delta Theta was founded at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, in 1848. The Eta chapter was chartered at S.F.A. on December 14, 1962, from the Foresters Social Club. 1965-66 has been an active year for the Phis. They joined in a party for Texas-OU weekend with Phi Delt chapters from T.C.U., S.M.U., and Oklahoma. A party was held at Fairway Farms Coun- try Club a ' nd a Spring Formal was held. The Phi Delts also took part in Community Service Day on April 23 when all the Phi Delts in the nation spent a whole day working for a worthy project. They also held Parents ' Weekend in May. The Phi Delts have received many honors on campus, including First Place for their homecoming float. The Secretary and Presi- dent of the IFC were Phi Delts; James Quisenberry, Senior Class President, and Bill Gandy, Sophomore Class President, were Phi Delts. OFFICERS Fall James Quisenberry President . . Martin Harris Vice President Richard Newman Secretary .. Rufus Denson Treasurer .. Tink Coffin Pledgemaster. Spring . . Rufus Denson Mike Kinnebrew . . H. C. Walker . Jimmy Dawson . . . Dicky Sherrill Spring Pledges are: KNEELING — Bill Livesay, Bill Lawder, Jeff Buehner, Garry Crowl, Ken Schaefer, John Ament. STANDING— Phil Torti, Stu Thompson, Mike Bay, John Vaught, Bob Chamblin, Bill Konrad, Larry Sullivan, Don Baugh, John Jordan, Buddy Hensley. John Baldwin Tim Blocker Phil Broxson Mike Clark Ray Coffin Mike Collins Rusty Compton Jimmy Dawson Ray Deason Rufus Denson Charles Durrett Tommy Floyd Bill Gandy Steve Groth Martin Harris Jimmy Harrison Wayne Hawkins Rusty Herring Lester Hunter Phillip Hutchins Ken Johnson Mike Kinnebrew Robert Le Boeuf Gary Malone Dave Matthews Reagan McKewen Mr. Mosley Joel Parker Dean Patterson Paul Poston Richard Riech Rick Rush Dicky Sherrill Harold Stanley David Stensrud Ernest Taylor Jimmy Thomas Mike Wade Harry C. Walker Bob Wise Toby Young James Quisenberry f 1 fT fi £ Q c. m €5. f f l- r «wi JlfSi « ! - O Q 1 ft cs t AO 137 Delta Sigma Phi Delta Sigma Phi was started in 1899 at City College of New York. In I960, a chapter of Delta Sigs was added at Stephen F. Austin. Delta Siqma Phi is one of the fastest growing fraternities in the world. They have over 100 chapters and colonies in almost every state in the Union and Canada. The two major events of Delta Sigs are the Dream Girl Dance held in April, and the Apron-Overall Spring Dance. Delta Sigma Phi had representatives in many school activities, such as Johnny Walker, Junior Representative to Student Congress; Tommy Hornsby, Vice-President of the Student Congress; Charles Bradbery, Vice Pres- ident of IFC; and Mike Trevathan, Senior Representative to the Stu- dent Congress. Delta Sigma Phi has also won many awards for outstanding sportsmanship. OFFICERS Fall Spring Robert Romines President Mike Trevathan Mike Trevathan Vice President Joe Derrett Jerry Triana Secretary Johnny Walker Tommy Hornsby Treasurer Charles Bradberry Jim Kyle Pledge Trainer Julian Bush Spring Pledges are: KNEELING — Danny Modisette, Paul Jacks, Terry Sebesta, Terry Williamson, David Payne. SECOND ROW— Pat Kearney, George Buxton, Dennis Wolfe, Allen Atkinson, Robert Dorsett, Craig Watson, Tommy Foley, Tim Chatagnier. 138 Junior Allen Dave Alexander Ken Andrews Larry Avant Johnny Berry Charles Bradberry James Brown Bob Burk John Bush David Chapman Bill Cook Joe Council Sammy Dance Danny David Jud Homer David Joe Derrett Craig Dickey Robert Dorsett John Elliott John Fender Rick Floyd Carl Francis Wayne Fults James Hays Henry Hobbs Tommy Hornsby Larry Jones Larry Justice Tuck Kemper Jim Kyle Dan Longacre Jerry Lyles Ken Mears Tom Murphy Derell Nicklas Glen Oliver Max Payne Tony Peacock Jack Pool Danny Potter Robert Romines Ralph Richards Jake Rogde Tommy Sanders Jerry Seilhan Terry Shumate James Smith Mickey Smith Jim Starr Mike Trevathan Jerry Triana Johnny Walker Sam Warren Jim West John Whitfield F. T. Williams Norwood Williams Terry Williamson Gary Willingham Ted Younger AX t Theta Chi Theta Chi was first founded at Norwich University on April 10, 1856. Epsilon Tau of Theta Chi was established at S.F.A. in 1961. Theta Chi ' s main purpose is to sponsor social events, promote brotherhood among its members, strive for academic perfection, and promote school spirit. Some major events of Theta Chi include the Red and White Ball which is held every spring and is open to the students of the col- lege. Other activities are a Founders Day celebration and a rope pull between Theta Chi and another leading fraternity on campus. OFFICERS Fall Spring Jimmy Wilson President Dan Johnson Jimmy Farrell Vice President Bo Black Allen Densmore , Secretary John Coats Bobby Wyatt Treasurer Jim Richards Mark Brown Pledge Trainer Walter Goodman Malcolm Lillard Social Chairman Malcolm Lillard Spring Pledges are: Allen Fouty, Don Cutler, John Wallace, Bob Denton, Jim McDowell, Paul Lundquist, Mike Latimer, Buzz Buvinghausen, Dennis Cowland. 140 James Botary Garry Brister Mark Brown Mark Bush John Coats Richard Crenshaw Wayne Davidson Allan Densmore Jimmy Farrell Barney Fitzpatrick Mike Frans Wally Goodman Mack Hughes Robert Hull Don Johnston J. J. Judith Jack King Johann Kohl Malcolm Lillard Roger Lively Leroy Moore James Morrison Don McCrorey Keith McNay Gordon Nettleton Jimmy Parker Jim Powell George Richards Jim Richards Charles Spies Lynn Sturrock Jay Talbott David Tirecchi Tommy Townsend Bob Wagner Bill Weaver Ronald Weber Jim Wilson Bobby Wyatt Larry York Delta Zeta The Delta Zeta light has shown brightly and clearly since it was first lighted at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, in 1902. This light was brought to the campus of Stephen F. Austin on May 4, 1963. Delta Zeta has been quite active since then. The Delta Zetas did volunteer work in the Easter Seal Drive and worked with little girls referred to them by the Welfare Department. During the Christmas season, they gave a party for students at the Lufkin State School. Some of the Delta Zetas who brought honors to the sorority are Barbara Clark, Vice President of Kappa Delta Pi; Judy Ramsey, Alpha Phi Omega Sweetheart, homecoming duchess; Donna Norton, Alpha Chi and Who ' s Who; Sue Davis, Who ' s Who; Janell Burk- hart, Pi Kappa Alpha Pledge Class Sweetheart; Gayla Wiggly, Best Dressed Girl on Campus; Elizabeth Baker, President of National Panhellenic Council; Katy Bradberry, runner-up for Stone Fort Beauty; Barbara Walker, President of Texas Student Education; Brenda Herren, Vice President of TSEA; Diane Ludtke, Vice Presi- dent of TSEA; and Sharon Rumm, Treasurer of TSEA. OFFICERS Fall Spring Judy Ramsey President Diana Morton Sunny Satterwhite Vice President Brenda Herren Gayle Ardrey Secretary Barbara Harris Diana Morton Treasurer Margaret Miller Margie Aycock Pledge Trainer Cathy Adams Cathy Adams Gayle Ardrey Margie Aycocle Elizabeth Baker Ronnie Blankenship Nell Boon Joyce Bowles Katie Bradberry Linda Breazeall Barbara Clark Dona Dansby Sue Davis Kappie Dollison Betty Duncan Pam Egger Janey Ford Patricia Forsythe Diana Fountain Susan Franklin Betty Hargrove Annette Hardin Barbara Harris Brenda Herren Daphna Holden George Ann Lewis Diane Ludtke Margaret Miller Diana Morton Rand Moore Karen Muckleroy Bonnie Noble Donna Norton Cheryl Pounds Judy Ramsey Lynne Riley La uren Riley Sharon Rumm Sunny Satterwhite Rita Seamans Janet Tarrant Jean Wilson Cheri Woods Claire Wren Patsy Zorn ft©© AZ ATHLETICS Coach Travis (Qhorty) Hughes Director of Athletics Head Football Coach Football has almost been reborn at Stephen F. Austin State College since Travis (Shorty) Hughes arrived. Summoned to SFA in January, 1962, to build a solid football program, Hughes had left behind an outstanding school-boy record. Although he served as an assistant coach at Texas A M before coming here, Hughes established a glittering mark at Deer Park High School. It was there that he compiled a 45-game winning streak enroute to two consecutive state championships. The 42-year-old Hughes has restored pride and competitive spirit among Lumberjack football teams in the past three years, and this, coupled with his ability to organize, recruit, and teach hard- nosed football, has placed Stephen F. Austin on the right foot. Assistant Coaches — Mart Crawford, First Assistant — Defen- sive Coach; Carter Franklin, Assistant Defensive Coach; Coach Hughes; and Charles Simmons, Assistant Offensive Coach. Don Lorenz Tri-Captain ' 65 All-Texas ' 64 All Lone Star Conference I st Team ' 64 I st Team ' 65 Jerry (Hawk) Clements All-Texas ' 63 All Lone Star Conference I st Team ' 63 Hon. Men ' 65 Lynn Graves Tri-Captain ' 65 All-Texas ' 65 All Lone Star Confernece 2nd Team ' 63 2nd Team ' 64 I st Team ' 65 Danny Gillar Steve Taclcett Fred Calhoun Qpotlight Robert Neff Tri-Captain ' 65 Most Valuable Player Outstanding Senior All Lone Star Conference 2nd Team ' 64 2nd Team ' 65 Ralph Todd Memorial Award Lewis (Bubba) Murff All Lone Starr Conference I st Team ' 63 Ray (Bubba) Dozier All Lone Star Conference Hon Men ' 64 149 Robert Neff Senior Back Jerry (Hawk) Clements Senior Back Lynn Graves Senior Guard Ray (Bubba) Dozier Senior End Danny Gillar Senior End Larry (Shub) Minter Senior Safety 196E Lewis (Bubba) Murff Senior Guard Charles Hall Junior Guard Tim Chatagnier Soph Back Hubert Hancock Junior End Billy Don Davis Soph Safety Duwayne Kerbow Fresh Back Robert Landry Fresh Tackle Pat Heffernan Junior Back James Greer Soph Tackle Tommy Langford Soph Tackle Bill Henderson Junior Guard Tim Martindale Soph Back Harold Longbottham Fresh Tackle Mutt Henderson Soph QB -A ... Tom McNeil Soph Back Mike Mikulenka Fresh Back 150 Bill Allison Junior Guard Dudley Suggs Junior End David Stamps Soph Back Richie Robertson Fresh Safety Thomas Byer Junior Fullback Don Lorenz Se nior Guard Robert Casseday Junior End Ray Todd Junior End Edward Zohar Junior End Bob Wagner Soph Back Alvin Caywood Fresh Guard Ken Bechtold Trainer Gene Shaw Equipment Mgr Fred Calhoun Se nior Center Gary Cook Junior Center Frank Beauchamp Soph Back Thomas Hewitt Fresh Back David Minter Student Trainer 151 Lumberjacks Tie The 1965 football season is over at Stephen F. Austin. Coach Hughes ' happy head-knockers start- ed fast, tripped and fell for three games, and then closed the season in a blaze of glory taking five straight, tying with A I and Southwest Texas for second place. Trouncing Angelo State 35-0 in their first outing, the ' Jacks looked like would-be champs. They lost a 3-0 squeaker the next week to a hard-hitting Arkansas State team and then lost two more. Randy Johnson and his hustling Javelinas put 43 points on the scoreboard to the ' Jacks ' 21 and SFA had lost the first conference game of the year. Sul Ross, the surprise team of the LSC, handed the Lumberjacks their third loss and last defeat for the season and then went on to win the undis- puted championship of the conference. Over all, SFA had more than just a winning season, as the fighting Lumberjacks were victori- ous over arch-rival Sam Houston State and banged out a 17-0 victory over Howard Payne in the Home- coming battle. Don Lorenz, Lynn Graves, and Robert Neff were elected tri-captains by their teammates. Many records fell with the season. The Axemen for Qecond in L9C established a new all-time winning streak by win- ning their final five games, and either tied or broke eight other individual or season records this fall. The ' Jacks win streak began with 25-0 victory over Howard Payne and extended through the fi- nal game of the season when they bumped East Texas 17-12 in Commerce for their first victory at the home of the Lions since 1927. Quarterback Mutt Henderson cracked a pair of 10 year records and another five-year mark during the I 965 season. The Nacogdoches sophomore worked up 167 of- fensive plays this campaign. The previous record for nine games was 95 plays, set by Votto Gaddis in 1955. Henderson also erased Gaddis ' record of total yards gained offensively for nine games. Hender- son ' s mark for the current season stands at 901 yards, as compared to 591 yards for Gaddis in 1955. Henderson tops all quarterbacks in the Lone Star Conference in the passing completion per- centages. He connected on 62 of 96 pass attempts for a 64.6 percentage to set another school rec- ord. Tom McNeil, SFA ' s punting specialist, set a new kicking average of 42.1 yards on 52 boots. Total yards for McNeil was 2,187, second best in the LSC. The previous record of 40.9% (38 for 1 ,555) was set by Felix Wiggins in 1 949. Halfback Robert Neff shattered the old record for most points scored in a single season with a total 50 points for the Hearne senior. Votto Gaddis had the previous record of 49 points. Jerry Clement established a new single-game pass-receiving record with 136 yards against Texas A I. The former mark of 132 yards was held by James Terry against Sul Ross in 1951, and Tony Ell is against Sam Houston and East Texas in 1959. Lewis Murff tied the most points after touch- down with six against McMurray. He shares the mark with Billy Jack Robertson, who hit for six against Sam Houston in 1949. Roy (Bubba) Dozier caught two touchdown passes against A I to tie a record set by Oliver McCay with two against Austin College (of Sherman) in 1948, and L. H. Chandler against Sul Ross in 1963. 153 154 Basketball Coach Marshall Brown Coach is in his seventh year at SFA after coaching at Lon Morris College. Coach Brown has had a successful coach- ing career at SFA — topped off by the LSC championship and a visit to the NAIA national tournament. COACH ALFRED BARBRE V Assistant Basketball Coach Dick Davidson Center-Junior 67 " Lyle Sieffert Forwa rd-Fresh 6 ' 4 " Wayne Fultz Forwa rd-Soph 6 ' 4 " Johnny Hawkins Guard-Fresh 6 ' 3 " 55 .11 23 JACKS 53 21 J 111 « y « 156 1 965-66 Season at a Glance PLAYER FIELD GOALS FREE THROWS RBS. TP G Att. Made Pet. Att. Made Pet. No. Ava. No. Avg. Freddie Steele 23 370 170 .459 83 67 .807 65 2.8 407 17.7 Mike Cook 23 379 170 .448 91 62 .681 298 13.0 402 17.5 David Nutt 23 363 136 .375 145 122 .841 87 3.8 394 17.1 Alfred Campbell 23 164 67 .409 77 37 .481 170 7.4 171 7.4 Travis Brown 23 122 53 .434 97 61 .629 155 6.7 169 7.3 Dick Davidson 10 50 21 .420 31 22 .710 43 4.3 64 6.4 Wayne Fultz 21 122 57 .467 21 13 .619 44 2.1 127 6.1 Richard Duffee 13 70 30 .429 17 9 .529 40 3.1 69 5.4 Tom McNeil 16 101 36 .356 18 1 1 .61 1 40 2.5 83 5.2 Harvey Rayson 22 90 34 .378 24 15 .625 32 1.5 83 3.8 Johnny Hawkins 20 53 21 .396 32 23 .719 34 1.7 65 3.3 Max Payne 5 2 1 .500 8 6 .750 2 0.4 8 1.6 Lyle Sieffert 5 5 1 .200 1 .000 6 I.I 2 0.4 TEAM 164 TOTALS 23 1891 797 .421 645 449 .696 1 172 51.0 2042 88.8 Freddie Steel Guard-Senior 5 ' 9 " David Nutt Guard-Senior 5 ' I I " Harvey Rayson Guard-Fresh 6 ' 0 " Mike Cook Forward-Senior 6 ' 4 " Travis Brown Forward-Senior 6 ' 5 " Alfred Campbell Center-Fresh 6 ' 7 " Non-Conference The Lumberjack basketballers played a 23-game schedule this past season, winning I I and losing 12. The Axemen were plagued by a lack of height and a lack of experience throughout the season. In non-conference battles, the Fighting Treetop- pers dropped the first two contests to Midwestern and Prairie View A M. Next, the ' Jacks broke into the win column by slipping by LeTourneau Tech. After dropping their next engagement, the SFA boys took three straight contests from tough opponents. In the final two non-conference clashes, the Lumberjacks found the going a little tough, as they wound up on the losing end on both occasions. 158 Conference The Axemen finished their non-conference schedule and set their sights on a repeat performance of winning the Conference. The ' Jacks wiped out Sul Ross in the first game by 107-95, and hopes zoomed. The SFA bunch then took the floor against mighty How- ard Payne and dropped the match by a 10 point margin. Rebound- ing from defeat, the ' Jack roundballers trimmed a tough Sam Hous- ton 76-73, only to drop the next match between the rivals by a 2 point margin. The record at this point stood 2-2. SFA then scored successive victories over McMurray and East Texas State, pushing their record to 4-2, and remaining very much still in contention for the conference crown. Red-hot Southwest Texas then cooled the stub- born ' Jacks 76-70. Hopes were dimmed, but there was still a chance. The fired up ' Jacks proceeded to chop lowly A I 121-80. The 121 points established a sch ool scoring record for one game. SFA was then challenged by a vengeful pack of East Texas Lions. We lost! The out-of-contention- ' Jacks won two of their final five games, and wound up in fifth place. SFA was paced throughout the season by four seniors. Mike Cook, the conference ' s leading rebounder, hung up his tennis shoes, capping a brilliant career as a Lumberjack hoopster. Freddie Steele, the ' Jacks leading scorer with 19.6 average, is also gone. Steele was among the conference leaders in almost every scoring and percent- age department. David Nutt, the third valuable player that won ' t lace up his tennis shoes for SFA, ended witfi 16.7 points per game average. The final senior of the team, Travis Brown, was a valuable man on the boards as well as a clutch scorer. 159 1 966 Track Team Coach Mart Crawford ' s cinder squad had some bright spots throughout the season. Although the closing of the season at the Lone Star Conference Meet in Abilene found the ' Jacks in seventh place, the track men still broke school records in three events. The mile relay team broke the college record with a 3:17; Bobby Boyd, SFA ' s strong distance runner, broke the mile record with a 4:19; in the field events, Lubie Whitmire broke the pole vault record. LLOYD CAREY JERRY MINTER RAY JOHNSON The final tallies in the Lone Star Conference golf tournament found the ' Jacks in the third slot. Although the ' Jacks were one of the pre- tournament favorites for the championship, their dreams were not fulfilled. Pete Mason and Bob Dyer, both from Tyler, Eddie Chapman from Crosby, Jim Todd, Lufkin, and Sparky Cartwright, from San Augustine, round out Coach Charlie Simmons top five golfers. Mason, Dyer, and Chapman were the veterans of LSC play, while Todd and Cartwright were a pair of promising freshmen. EDDIE CHAPMAN SPARKY CARTWRIGHT Barton, Wanda, New London Behrens, Byron, Houston Brooks, William Terry, Rockdale Caldwell, Barbara, Troup Carriere, Jr., Marius M., New Orleans, La. Chaing, Mary, Taipei, Formosa Cordaro, Joseph, Shreveport, La. Craig, Ellis, Alto Crews, Laura Nell, Temple Deaton, Charles, Nacogdoches Fowler, Judy, Houston Gaumer, Kay, Houston Gibson, Bonita, Kountze Gilmore, Gary, Killeen Hagler, Nevis, Center Hedge, Martha, Houston Hendrix, Don, Deer Park Howell, James C, Lufkin McCord, David, Jacksonville McHugh, Patrick J., St. Cloud, Minn. McWilliams, Johnnie Wooten, Timpson McWilliams, Lorenzo Dow, III, Timpson Martin, James W., Kilgore Martinez, Teodore, Panama Metz, Ralph, Dallas Olson, Beverly Jean, Orange Patrick, Joe, Arkadelphia, Ark. Pickel, Larry, Palestine Roos, Joseph, Huntington Shelton, Sam W., Natchitoches, La. Taubert, Kathy Ehler, Groves Tullos, Napoleon, Gilmer Volentine, Allen, Bineville, La. West, Judy, Galveston Worsham, Jody, Barry Graduates (67 168 Seniors FAVORITES Daphna Holder Mike Trevathan 169 Abshier, Donna Haden, Nacogdoches Adams, Jerry Lee, Luf kin Adams, John, Franklin Adams, Sheridan, Richardson Alexander, Homer Ed, Dallas Ayers, Nancy, Marshall Bagge+t, Ginger, Galena Park Bailey, Larry D., Houston Baker, Nancy, Houston Baldwin, Margaret, Tyler Bossi, John III, San Antoni o Botary, James, Palestine Bowling, Susan, Kilgore Boyd, Bobby, Seabrook, N. Hamp. Boyd, Charlotte, Carthage Brown, James N., Liberty Brown, Jimmy, Queen City Brown, Linda Carline, Houston Brown, Mark H., Beaumont Burgess, Doug, Deer Park Calhoun, Fred, Bridge City Carbow, Sarah E. Finley, Nacogdoches Carlow, James, Maud Carlow, Nancy, Maud Carter, Ellen Knight, Jefferson Clark, Fred, Goose Creek Cochran, Reba, Kilgore Cole, Sandy S., Tyler Cook, Albert, Athens Cook, Bill Dennie, Lufkin Altimore, Sam, Hearne Anderson, Carol H., Houston Arnold, Mack, Hallsville Atkinson, Jerry Ann, Houston Austin, Kenny, Lufkin Barnes, L. Carroll, Timpson Beasley, Jerry, Lufkin Beauchamp, Beverly, Tatum Becket, Robert L., Pasadena Bohn, Jerry, Denton Brashears, Linda Kay, Kilgore Brawner, John A., Bryan Brewer, Edith, Jacksonville Bridges, David Lee, Grapeland Bright, John, Tyler Burnett, Paula, Morton Burton, Billie Francis, Dallas Busbee, James Lynn, San Augustine Byrd, Donna, Houston Cadenhead, Jimmy, Henderson Castles, David, Corsicana Cherry, Grady, Beckville Childress, Carl, Ganado Clark, Barbara Anne, Jefferson Clark, Barbara June, Halletsville Cook, Karen Lynn, Center Cooper, Anna, Nacogdoches Cooper, Braxton, Baytown Cooper, Dianne, Troup Cooper, Patricia, San Augustine 171 Cooper, Tim, Beaumont Corbin, Noel, Jacksonville Cornelius, Billy, Ozona Cumbie, Ronald, Athens Dailey, Evelyn, Beckville Davidson, JoAnn, Greenville Dawson, Randy, Atlanta Day, John Morris, Lake Jackson Denny, Donald, Baytown Densman, Berry C, Sebastian Dial, M. David, Jr. Lufkin Dickey, Craig, Port Lavaca " Did I really hear you ask if we will accept the whole pay- ment in PENNIES? " 172 Now, on the count of three 173 Dodge, Don, Beaumont Dossey, Margie, Pasadena Dowden, Ralph, Nederland Dozier, Roy, Alvin Droddy, Jess, Hull Edgar, Michaela, Houston Edgar, Stephan, Houston Ehrlich, Linda Fay, Rosenberg Ellinger, Paul W., Andrews Elliott, John, Dallas Fletcher, Jerry, Elkhart Fletcher, Thomas, Orange Floyd, Rick, Bloomburg Follis, Jane, Longview Foster, Mary, Slocum Garner, Duncan, Luf kin Gathright, Johnny, Kilgore George, Ralph, Jacksonville Giffin, Cheryl, Jacksonville Gillar, Daniel, Hallettsville Drymalla, Jonnny, Eagle Lake Due, Geniece, Grovetown Duke, John R., Carthage Duncan, Betty, Pollok Earls, Warren, Baytown Ellis, Linda, Port Arthur Erwin, Lee, Houston Felty, Hal F., Grand Prarie Fields, Martha, Houston Fincher, Jackie, Queen City Fouts, Coutland, Nacogdoches Fouts, Casey, Nacogdoches Frame, John, Corsicana Frazer, Lauree, Lufkin Garner, Carlyn, Lufkin Gilmore, Wayne, Killeen Goodwin, Jim, Ennis Goolsby, Jack, Gilmer Grav es, Lynn, Carthage Gray, Alyce, Henderson Gribble, Bill, Houston Griffin, Nila Oates, Lufkin Grubbs, William, Corsicana Guess, Howard, San Angelo Haesly, Betty, Tyler Hare, Gerald Allen, Quitman Hayden, Kaye, Tyler Hayes, James Otis, Longview Hazle, Brenda Murphey, Nacogdoches Hazle, Mike, Nacogdoches Hagle, Harold, Corsicana Hall, Carole Rae, Port Arthur Hamilton, Fay, Joaquin Hamilton, Victor, Amarillo Hanicak, Deena, Longview Hendley, Larry R., Tyler Henson, Larry, Gilmer Herrington, Linda D., Baytown Higgins, Phil, Corpus Christi Hines, David, Henderson 175 1 Hohf, Judith, Victoria Hubbard, Sharon, Tyler Huckaby, Marion, Nacogdoches Hughes, Kay, Lake Jackson Hughes, Len, Center Hughes, Patty, San Angelo Hutchens, Raymond E., Mt. Holly, N.J. Hutchins, Phillip, Hampton, N.H. Irvine, Betty, Marshall irwin, banana, nenaerson Jackson, Billie, Tenaha Johnson, Benny, Laneville Johnson, Kenneth, Houston Johnson, Linda Lee, Alta Loma Johnson, Robert, Dallas Johnson, William, Texas City Johnston, Kathryn, Lufkin Johnston, Nancy, Dallas Jones, Sharon, Marshall Kanady, Noelle, Houston Kelly, Roger Allen, Pleasanton Kemper, Sue, Marshall 177 178 Kenner, Vernon Earl, Chireno Key, Ronald, Hardin King, Michael C, Nacogdoches Knight, Helen, Longview Lacy, Gary, Amarillo Lawton, Robert, Annandale, Va. Lewis, Jimmie June, Longview Lewis, Angus Eugene, Baytown Liles, Paula, Pasadena Lindsey, Patricia, Longview Lusk, David, Palestine Lyles, Jerry, Cushing Mack, Jeanette, Palestine Mackey, Susan, Augusta, Ark. Malloy, William, Ferris Mathes, Lynne, Houma, La. Max, William Perry, Linden McBay, Donald, Mexia McBay, Jerri, Mexia McCauley, Albert M., Tyler McLean, Roddie, Brownsboro McNeill, Thorn, Houston Meley, Jimmy, Houston Metzger, Betn, Katy Metteauer, Glenda, Chireno Moser, Harriet, Palestine Moyers, James, Henderson Nash, Ronnie, Evadale Neff, Bill, Nacogdoches Newman, Richard, Garland La Grone, Dianne, Carthage Lancaster, Neal, Tyler Landry, Jean, Livingston Lane, Sandra, Jacksonville Lawson, Phyllis, Joaquin Lister, Charlotte, Houston Locke, Joyce, Crockett Lofland, Bill, Garland Long, Marie, Grapeland Low, Jim, Port Arthur Marchiando, Michael P., Houston Markowitz, Judith Gay, Tyler Martin, Betty Ann Harris, San Augustine Martin, Thomas Ernest, Houston Mather, Mike, Crockett McComb, James, Galena Park McCourt, Diane, Gladewater McCuistion, Joy Lynn, Houston McCune, Ennis Donice, Pineland McKnight, Robert T., Tyler Miles, Orval R„ Dallas Minton, Bobby F., Lufkin Moore, Richard W., Malakoff Morgan, Emmett, Big Spring Morris, Larry, Henderson Nix, Tyer Kay, Timpson Norris, Thana Sue, Mathis Norton, Donna Marie, Palestine Null, Fredna, Lufkin Olds, Charlotte A., Nacogdoches 179 J Robertson, Gwen, Houston Robinson, Mary Ann, Frost Roebuck, Thomas Paul, Shelbyville Romines, Robert, Carlisle Rose, Joseph, Carthage Searcy, Janice, Troup Sewell, Buzz, Pasadena Sheffield, Kenneth, Broaddus Sheppard, Pam, Marshall Sibert, Judith Ann, Texas City Smith, James E., Frankston Smith, Phyllis, San Augustine Spencer, Alma Fay, Marshall Spriggs, James, Houston Staney, Orval G., Daingerfield Sutton, Paula Ray, Dallas Sweezy, Brenda, Orange Taclcett, Patti, Grand Prairie Talbot, Patricia, Ferris Tallent, M. Dean, Baytown Townsend, Elaine, Baytown Traylor, Linda, Texarkana Trevathan, Mike, Alto Trevathan, Randy, Lufkin Tyler, Carolyn Bradley, Portales, N. Mex. Walton, Robert, Tyler Ward, Thomas F., Tyler Warner, Larry, Silsbee Watson, Jimmy, New London Watson, Stanley H., Henderson Rosenblatt, Stanley, Kilgore Ross, Donny, Garrison Scarborough, Christine Arnold, Palestine Schimshat, Gary, Waco Schmidt, Susan, Nacogdoches Sieffert, Bruce D., Nacogdoches Silva, Joel, Rockland, Mass. Simms, Nancy R., Houston Smiley, Laura, Trinidad Smith, David L., Nacogdoches Still, John, Kilgore Stone, Joseph H., Jefferson Strahan, Hilbert R., Nacogdoches Stutchman, Mike, Kilgore Sullivan, Terese, Houston Taylor, Ernest Gordon, Lufkin Tedder, Steven, Troup Thomason, Sandra, Marshall Thompson, Charles, Henderson Thompson, Jeanette, Center Ussery, Earl G., Borger Vanderwoude, Dan, Dallas Waggoner, Glynda, Pasadena Walker, Roy, Huntington Wallace, Marilyn, Grandview Waugh, Jean Ann, Texas City Wayand, Jay, Scotia, New York Weaver, Billie Loren, Nacogdoches Welch, Mary, Kilgore West, Carol, Houston 180 181 A Westerman, Wanda, Lufkin Whitalcer, Jennifer, Carthage White, Shelva, DeKalb White, Virginia, Nacogdoches Whitley, Jerry, Killeen Wiech, Kenneth, Houston Wilburn, Alfred, Big Lake Williams, Bettye, Houston Williams, Judith Ann, Tyler Williams, Karen, Dallas Williams, Linda, Gladewater Williams, Pam, Austin Williams, Pat, Houston A study of golf, wheat Jeans, and a leather glove. 182 Williams, Sherry, Alto Wolf, Kay, Slocum Wolf, Wayne, Elkhart Wolford, Elizabeth, Lufkin Wood, James Rodney, Tyler Wood, Linda Louise, Lufkin Wyatt, Bobby, Richardson York, James, Beaumont Youngblood, Randy, Henderson Zachariah, Kay, Houston Zellers, Frank, Beaumont Zellers, Joellyn, Dallas I , .J if | AM Hi ■ V " . ' Dave Mathews feeds his face during the Greek Day pie-eating contest. 184 Mary Moller tiptoes to see if there is anything left in her mailbox. 186 J Adams, Cathy, Lufkin Adams, David, Longview Adlcins, Jennie, San Antonio Alexander, Dave, Grand Prairie Alford, Ina, Irving Allen, Mary Virginia, Corsicana Allison, Bill, Rosenberg Amerman, Bill, Houston Ammons, Larry, Freeport Anderson, Lou, Longview Ardrey, Gayle, Houston Armstrong, Ann, Troup Atkinson, J. Kent, Livingston Austin, Adrienne, Nacogdoches Avant, Larry, South Houston Baker, Howard, Hardin Barber, Carl, Henderson Barber, Doug, La Marque Barile, Sandra, Lufkin Barnett, Barbara, Tyler Barton, James, Waskom Barton, Sherry, Henderson Bates, Barry, Rosenberg Battle, Linda, Nacogdoches Bauer, Gary, Arlington Baxter, Lucy, Austin Beasley, James, Center Beasley, Pamela, Madisonv Beauchamp, Johnny, Beckville Beaner, Rebecca, Queen City Beeson, John, Houston Benefield, Melissa, Jefferson 188 Bradberry, Charles, Shelbyville Bradley, Diann, Jefferson Brandt, Terry, Bandera Briggs, Raymond, Texarkana Brock, Carole, Carthage Brogden, Linda, Houston Brown, Glenda, Galena Park Brown, Nancy, Fort Worth Brown, Sharon, Mesquite Bruderer, Judy, Houston Burleson, Kay, Hughes Springs Bynum, Jerry, Athens 1 J £ Caldwell, Frank, Grand Prairie Calk, Sue, Longview Callaway, Steve, Bellaire Campbell, Janice, Carthage Candler, Don, Temple Capel, Charles, Nacogdoches Carey, Loyd, Houston Carswell, Mike, Pasadena Carter, Diana, Port Arthur Carter, Perry, Jefferson Cash, Merilyn, Nacogdoches Cashen, Herbert, Kilgore Cason, Terrie, Chandler Casseday, Bob, La Porte Cast, James, Highlands Castles, Annette, Marshall Cezeaux, Charles, Baytown Chandler, Jerry, Jacksonville Chaney, Yvonne, Nacogdoches Chernosky, Lynn, Houston Chisum, Vera, Sour Lake Christian, Charlotte, Center Christian, Johnny, Henderson Christman, Sharon, La Marque Clabaugh, Judy, Carthage Clemens, Joe Mack, Kilgore Clamon, Ronnie, Highlands Cochran, Diann, Houston Coffin, Ray T., Dallas Cole, Kelly, Athens Coleman, Roy, Marshall Colley, James, Baytown Collier, John, Parkin, Ark. Collins, Mattie, Nacogdoches Compton, Barbara Lynne, Corsicana Conway, Sara, Tenaha Cook, Gary, San Benito Cook, Larry R., Lufkin Cook, Rilea, Houston Cooney, Peter Paul, Lufkin Cooper, Brenda, Houston Council!, Joe, Pasadena Cox, Larry, Nacogdoches Craig, Don, Henderson 192 £ s jft O Crawford, Patricia, Timpson Crawford, Raymond, Pasadena Cridor, Jack, Ft. Worth Crisp, Benny, Nacogdoches Cummings, Dianne, Baytown Cushenberry, Sheryl, Dallas Daniel, Don, Fairfield Dansby, Dona, Franlcston Davis, Jerry, Texarkana Davis, Martha, Raymondville De Franco, Jack, Corsicana Denman, Sharon, Mt. Pleasant Desel, John, Nacogdoches Dickerson, Patricia, Houston Dickey, Bill, Dallas Dollison, Kappie, Dallas Dorman, Dianne, Baytown Dorsett, Robert, Nacogdoches Dortch, Jerry, Frost Duffee, Richard, Beaumont Duran, John, Henderson Eddy, Wayne, Amarillo Edgar, Wayne, High Island Edmundson, John, Brownsville Edwards, Don, Baytown Elliott, Mary Ellen, La Marque Enloe, Charles T., Henderson Epstein, Michael, Houston Eshbach, Jay, Jr., Bridge City Estlack, David, Austin Evans, Carol, Houston 193 Evans, Charles, Luf kin Evans, Jr., Clarence, Mineola Farmer, Robert, Gainesville Farrer, Jerry, Angleton Field, Mike, Longview Fields, Jr., A. B., San Augustine Findlay, Linda, Houston Firestone, Bonny Lynn Fischer, Monika, Nacogdoches Fisher, Mike, Douglassville Flatt, Sherry, Kilgore Fomby, Ed, Austin Ford, Don, New Caney Ford, Janey, Houston Forsythe, Patricia, Houston Freeman, Tommy, Mt. Enterprise Fry, David, Abilene Fulgham, Pam, Brownsboro Fuller, Karolyn Kay, Jasper Fuller, Pinkney, Baytown Gandy, Becky, Ft. Worth Garner, Kathleen, Houston Gay, Margaret Louise, Nacogdoches Gibson, Dona, Zavalla Gillespie, Mary, Dallas Gilliland, Jeannie, Liberty Gleghorn, John, Kilgore Graham, Monty, Longview Graham, Tom, Marshall Graves, Jane, Hooks Gray, James, Nacogdoches Grayson, Martha, Gladewater 194 195 Hancock, Hubert, Garrison Hancock, Larry, Highlands Hanicak, Patricia, Port Neches Hanik, Bette, Killeen Hanson, Bolton M,, Rusk Hardgrave, Marianne, Lufkin Hardwick, Walter Herbert, Central Heights Hargrove, Betty, Houston Harper, Betty, Houston Harrell, Bennie Sue Harris, Martin John, Lufkin Hatcher, Joe David, Marble Falls Napoleon Jones, " Nap " to most of the science students, and one of his furry friends. 196 Hausmann, Wanda, Baytown Havens, Tom S., Orange Hawkins, Wayne, Dallas Hawley, Sandi, Longview Haygood, Thomas, Lufkin Haynes, Meredith, Tyler Haynes, Pat, Dickinson Heard, Francene, Tyler Hearn, Charlene, Dallas Hearn, Mickey, Houston Hees, Darryl, Houston Henderson, Mutt, Nacogdoches Hendley, Sue, Tyler Hendrick, Ronnie, Alto Henry, Bill, Houston Henson, James Kent, Forney Herbrough, Leon, Palestine Herndon, Paula La Rue, Waxahachie Herren, Brenda, Tyler Hester, Buddy, Woodlake Heyne, Peter, Houston Hicks, Sherilyn, Hicks, James, Conroe Hill, Gary, Longview Hill, Mike, Longview Hobbs, Henry, Lufkin Hocker, C. L., Austin Hodges, Vickie, Lake Jackson Hofer, Charles, Houston Holcomb, Steve, Nacogdoches Holder, Daphna, Lufkin Holladay, Anthony Shields, Port Lavaca 197 a Holloway, John H. Jr., Center Holsapple, Clarence, Gladewater Honeycutt, Stanley, Pearland Hornsby, Tommy, White Oak Horton, Linda, Kilgore Hoskins, Neil, Lakeland, Fla. Howard, Deanie, Bridge City Huffman, Harold, Palestine Huneke, Sandra, Hooks Hutchinson, Julie, DeKalb Ireland, Randall, Houston Irvine, Jobie, Orange Jackson, Brenda, Lufkin Jennings, Glenn, Garland Johns, Doris, Livingston Johnson, Ray, Alto Johnson, Mary Jane Johnston, Betty Lynn, Brownsville Johnston, Dan, Port Arthur Johnston, Kenneth, Overton Jones, Faye, Tyler Jones, Melvin (Bill), Jr., Longview Jones, Pamela, Houston Jordan, Sue, Chandler Judith, J. J„ Houston Kelley, Johnny G., Longview Kelsey, John, Tyler Kessler, Karen, Baytown Ketchum, Jerry L., Ft. Worth Kiefer, Barbara, Texarkana, Ark. King, David, Douglass Killian, Judy, Mabank 198 Lawson, Nancy, Atlanta lefforge, Linda, Houston Lewis, Dianne, Houston Lewis, Roy Dale, Lufkin Lindsay, Kathie, Rusk Lively, Tony, Houston Lockhart, James, Beaumont Logan, Rick, Houston Long, Rosemary, Garland Lowe, Sam, Dallas Lucht, Larry, Marshall Ludtke, Diane, Houston Lupfer, Robert, Kilgore McLean, Jimmy, Crockett McCauley, Robert, Garrison McCoy, Pat, Paris McCullock, Elaine, Beaumont McCullock, A. Thomas, Ft. Worth McDuffie, Dennis, Nacogdoches McDugald, Charles, Houston McGarry, Jacquelyn, Dallas McGuire, Roy, Dallas McHaney, Donald, Hermleigh McKaskle, Gayle, Houston Madeley, Hank, Temple Mark, Robert, Dallas Martin, James, Mesquite 200 201 Mitchell, Flora, Avalon Moi, Steve, Dallas Montes, Anthony, Luf kin Moore, D. B., Carthage Moore, Paul, Mt. Enterprise Moore, Ronny, Gladewater Moreno, Robert, Corsicana Morgan, Margaret, Wharton Morse, Ronald, Center Morton, Diana, Cleveland Moses, Lola, Robstown Murphy, Viclti, Cumly » 4 i " • ' John Weete ge ts his calf in the faculty calf-roping contest at the SFA Rodeo. 202 1 Murray, Bob, Longview Myers, Gale, Houston Nagel, Gary, San Antonio Neitsch, Lewis, Gonzales Netters, Bil lie Jo. Alto Newberry, Newton, Houston Newman, Jan, Galveston Noble, Bonnie, Palacios Norton, Nancy, Houston Nunn, Emma, Tyler Odom, Daniel, Baytown Olsen, John, Tyler O ' Neil, Pat, Abernathy Orr, Bob, Tyler Otterstad, John, Waco Overton, Donald, Palestine Owen, Karoh, White Oak Owens, William, Longview Pagel, Thomas, Houston Palmer, John, Livingston Parker, Joel, Houston Parker, Randy, Austin Parmeter, Janice, Houston Parrish, Kenneth, Gladewater Parsons, Donald, Alto Patterson, John, Friendswood Payne, David, Gladewater 203 Pedison, John, Marshall Peebles, David, Livingston Peltier, Peter, Danbury Pinkerton, Lynn, Tyler Pledger, Sharon, Pearland Plunkett, Sue Ann, Henderson Poque, Ronnel, Quitman Poovey, Kay Nan, Henderson Potter, Danny, Orange Potter, Michael, Marshall Pounds, Cheryl, Pasadena Powell, Jimmy, Dallas Powell, Sally, Dallas Prather, William, San Antonio Price, Glenn, Tyler Purdy, Sybil, San Augustine Raines, Jim, Houston Ramsey, Don, Center Ramsey, Hugh, Houston Reece, Paul, Nacogdoches Reed, Ann, Palestine Reed, Sandra, Corsicana Rhoden, David, Houston Rhodes, David, Garland Rice, Jack, Camden Richardson, Bill, Mt. Pleasant Roberts, Jennifer, Longview «5 204 j - j j : it Robinson, Helen, Canton Robinson, Randy, Longview Rogers, Faye, Alto Ross, Robert, Charlotte, N. C. Ross, Sharon, Fort Worth Royce, Ralph, Seabroolc Rulfs, John, Nacogdoches Rumm, Sharon, Port Arthur Rush, Leona, Dallas Russell, Woody, Arlington, Va. Sanders, Mike, Pasadena Sanders, Tommy, Pasadena 206 Iding. p nil kit 1 y 1 " n A V 1 life! fc Scott, Philip, Bay City Seamans, Rita, Lufkin Sebasta, Terrell, Texas City Self Stanley, Lubbock Semlear, Jack, Longview Senar, Karen, Houston Shaw, Alex, Houston Shaw, Mary, Marlin Shelton, Ginny, Corrigan Simmon, John, Gladewater Simmons, Karla, Wortham Simmons, Lynn, Port Arthur Smith, Alice Ann, Henderson Smith, Diana, Grand Prairie Smith, James Jerry, Longview Smith, Karen, Dallas Smith, Larry, Tatum Smithwich, Roger, League City Sowell, Bobby, Lufkin Speed, Jere, Kerens Spruance, Susan, Arlington Spenser, M. Neel, Jonesville, Va. Spradley, Randy, Nacogdoches Stallworth, Darrell, Houston Stanaland, Charles, Nacogdoches Statham, Nanette, Tyler Stephens, Charles, Henderson 207 Stephens, Donna, Conroe Stensrud, David, Dallas Stevens, Naomi, Orange Stevenson, Paul, Longview Stewart, Robert, Houston Stewart, Vivian, Henderson Strahan, Roy, Nacogdoches Strickland, Jane, Nacogdoches Strunlc, Karen, Longview Sullivan, Rodney, Nacogdoches Sumrall, Buddy, Livingston Swafford, Aili, Houston Swor, R. V., Luflcin Synder, Carl, Lufkin Tadlock, Bill. Baytown Taylor, Patricia, Tenaha Teal, Janice, Jacksonville Teal, Thomas, Nacogdoches Terry, Sandy, Jacksonville Thorp, Harold Allen, Jr., Alamogordo, N.M. Thomas, Charles, Carthage Thompson, Marvin, Carthage Photographers Mike Malone and John Rulfs watch as the Lumberjacks fight their way out of a tight spot. Vaughan, Henry, Houston Vawter, Gary, Marshall Vawter, RaJean, York, Nebraska Waite, Laura Lee, Port Neches Walker, John Louis, Livingston Walker, Marshall, Jacksonville Walters, Cynthia Kay, Mabank Walters, Nancy, Winona Ward, Bruce, Jacksonville Ward, Zara, Lufkin Warliclt, Sandra, Dayton Watkins, Larry, Douglass Watts, Jeff, Marshall Wedgeworth, Patsy Nan, Carthage Welch, Sandra, Texas City Wells, Janiel, Houston West, Bert, Crockett West, Morris, Mineola Westley, David, Clifton Wharton, Merrie, Timpson Wheeless, Wanda, Dickinson Whitalter, Mary Christine, Palestine 211 White, Robert Lynn, Waskom Whit+on, David, Nacogdoches Wiegman, Morris, Troup Wilkes, Brad, Eleanor, West Va. Williams, Chris, Houston Williams, Curtis, Anahuac Williams, Jack, Mineola Williams, Kenneth, Newton Williams, Michael, Longview Williams, Ronald, Bryan Wilson, Fariss, Houston Wilson, Jim, Orange Wilson, Ken, Indianapolis, Ind. Wilson, Penny, Austin Wilson, William, Lulkin Windham, Linda, Houston Wisdom, Billy, Longview Wood, Thomas, Nacogdoches Woodland, Charlie, Corrigan Woodworth, David Charles, Miami, Fla. Wooster, Tony, Henderson Worsham, Charles, Barry 212 213 214 Sophomores FAVORITES Don McCrorey Charlotte Hyams 215 Adams, Andrea, Houstor Adams, Leslie, Deer Park i Adams, Sandra, Lufkin Adickes, Antonette, Hemphill Allen, Bessie, Nacogdoches Allen, Guy, Woodsboro Allen, Jerry, Lufkin Allen, John C, Lufkin Allen, Tommy, Pasadena Allred, Dene, Lufkin Allred, Gene, Lufkin Ament, John, Atlanta Armand, Tracy, Houston Atkinson, Julie, Gretna, Louisiana Bagley, Mack, Jacksonville Bailey, Arminda, Nacogdoches Bailey, Beverly, Sweeny Bailey, Tad, Timpson Baker, Marvin, Atlanta Baldwin, John, Houston Baldwin, Judy, Houston Ballenger, Richard, Nacogdoches Barnett, Wendell, Marshall Barron, Candy, Houston Bass, Robert, Nacogdoches Baugh, Terry, La Porte Bay, Bill, Houston Beach, William L, Houston Bealtley, Bain, Center Point Be a 1 1 , Janice, Nacogdoches Bean, Jesse, Dallas Beebe, Carmen, Groves Behrends, Janis, Dallas Bennett, Steve, Linden Biggs, Susan, Houston Bishop, T. Jason, Luf kin Black, Lanny, Orange Blackstone, Jeanne, Cushing Blankenship, Rony, Houston Blanton, Davis R., Texas City Blocker, Tim, Fort Worth Boelsen, Radie, Houston Bogue, Jan, Longview Bollman, John, Dallas Bowling, Beverly, Houston Bova, Diane, Houston Box, Julie, Dallas Bradbury, Jenni, Luf ki n Brant, Katherine, Center Breazeale, Linda, Houston Brice, Cecelia, Pasadena Brown, Chip, Dallas Broxson, Phil, Dallas Brundahl, Cheryl Lynn, Bay City Brunk, Barry, Henderson Buban, Tony, Nacogdoches Burns, Gerald, Carthage Bush, Julian, Chester Bush, Mark, Grapel and Buian, Pat, Houston Byrnes, Mary Anne, Orange Byrum, Michael, Garland Caldwell, Pat, Beaumont Calhoun, Nancy, Luf kin Canfield, Cathy, Houston Canion, Gwen, Houston Canup, Jerry, Childress Capps, Tommy, Huntington Carl, Janice, Liberty 217 Carmack, Connie, Sherman Carmichael, Linda, Houston Carney, Susan, Dallas Carr, Jane, Tyler Carr, Penny, Angleton Carr, Tom, Houston Carter, Gay, Shelbyville Carter, Nolan, Humble Carter, Tom, Orange Caveness, James, Grapeland Cessna, Jerry, Hardin Chambers, Marilyn, Nacogdoches Charlton, Carole, Houston Chesnutt, Thomas, Tuletta Clancy, Judy, Mexia Clark, Jean, Henderson Clark, Marcia, Oklahoma City, Okla. Clausen, Johnny, Houston Cleary, Donald, Galveston Coates, Charles L, Jr., Houston Coats, John, Pasadena Cole, Jean, Fredericksburg Colvin, Linda, Beaumont Compton, Ronald, Dallas Conaway, Don, Crockett Concidine, Jim, Surf City, Calif. Congdon, Trude, Bryan Cooper, Denise, Dallas Copeland, Brian, Houston Corey, Lawrence, Houston Cornett, Susan, Center Cousins, Robert, San Augustine Cox, Charles, Beaumont Cox, Elizabeth, Bridge City Coyne, Doug, Linden Cranfill, Charles, San Antonio Crawford, Dana Jo, Nacogdoches Crenshaw, Richard, Tomball Crisp, Carma, Port Neches Crocker, Betty R., Henderson Croft, Cindy, Clute Cross, Larry, Reklaw Currens, Karen, Richardson Daniel, Judy, Irving Davidson, Joel T., Houston Davis, James, Corpus Christi Davis, Lorelei, Joaquin Daw, Gail, Joaquin ... r £ A MA 218 Flanagan, Judith, Houston Flanagan, Sallie, Henderson Dawson, Jimmy, Crockett Deason, Ray, Austin Debney, Carolyn, Jasper de Guibert, Linda, Angleton Dent, Ted, Timpson Dewey, Rhonda, Amarillo Dickens, Susan, Houston Dickerson, Audrey, Lake Jackson Dillon, Irene, Houston Dortch, Jerry, Frost Dover, Patty, Houston Dudney, Marcia, Dallas Duhon Dianne, Bridge City Dushane, Herbert, Marshall Dyer, Bob, Tyler Dyson, Jimmy, Pasadena Earl, Kenneth, Beaumont Egger, Pam, Houston Ellington, Dale, Dallas Emmel, Carol, Columbus Epps, Vera, Center Essman, Brenda, Nacogdoches Eubanks, Scotty, Marshall Evans, Mary, Clute 9 ass Two ' s company — three ' s a crowdL 219 Flanders, Peggy, Garland Fojtasek, William, Temple Foster, George, Kilgore Fountain, Diana, Garrison Fowler, Jim, Houston Frank, Diane, Houston Franklin, Susan, Dallas Frans, Micheal, Houston Frel, Barbara, Houston French, Wade, Orange Frensley, Janeen, Dallas Fulton, Jerry, Lufkin Fults, Wayne, Pineland Gandy, William, Nacogdoches Garcia, Paul, Malakoff Garrett, Margaret, Livingston Garrette, John, Nacogdoches Garrison, Barbara, Beaumont Gates, Mary Ella, Tomball Garwick, Ken, Houston Gaw, Katheryn, Longview Geiger, Robert, Houston Gibson, Sannette, Waco Gilliam, Brenda, Sulphur Springs Gillis, Melvin, Kilgore Gist, Bill, Austin Goodman, Pamela, Lindale Goodman, Wally, Mexia Gorden, Jack, Lufkin Gose, Nancy, Houston Gossett, James, Austin Gray, Karen, Groves Green, Bobby, Lake Jackson 220 Hanna, Christ!, Jacksonville Hardin, Annette, Orange Hardy, Ken, Cushing Hargett, Larry, Longview Harness, Greg, Houston Harrington, Beverly, Dallas Harris, Barbara, Dallas Harris, Clay, Center Hasty, Nannette, Dallas Hathcox, David, Dallas Hatton, Carolyn, Galena Park Hayes, Dianne, Baytown Haygood, Karen, Lufkin Hays, Bob, Dallas Hebert, William, Beaumont Heck, Shawn, Houston Helms, Roger, Houston Hend erson, Carolyn, Jefferson Green, Gary, Nacogdoches Green, Gordon, Alvin Green, Jimmy, Nacogdoches Green, Judy, Beaumont Greene, Raleigh, Houston Gregory, Carolyn, Houston Griffin, Joan, New London Grindle, William, Overton Gumber, Larry, Tyler 221 Associate Editor hard at work Hokanson, Larry, La Marque Holcomb, Dianne, Alto Hollis, James, Humble Holmes, Bernice, Timpson Holmes, Leighton, Jacksonville Holt, William, Center Horn, Larry, Newton Horn, Richard, Houston Howard, Debbie, Dallas Howard, Jamie, Livingston Huddleston, Sharon, Dallas Hughes, Mike, Bon Wier Hughes, Sally, Center Humphries, Reta, Lufkin Hunt, Michael, Lake Jackson Hunter, Kathy, Dallas Huse, Marilyn, Houston Hussey, Sandra, Marshall Henderson, Jane, Houston Hendryx, Shirley, Houston Henry, Dan, Jacksonville Herman, Stephen, Droddy Herring, Rusty, Houston Hewitt, Joe, Joaquin Hicks, Kay, Lufkin Hill, Lynn, Dallas Hill, Roger B., Nacogdoches Hines, Barbara, Texas City V it 222 — Hyams, Charlotte, Houston Iberldeid, Wolf, La Paz, Bolivia Ingram, Carolyn, Richardson Ivy, Madie, Fairfield Jackson, Jorgann, Garland James, Jana, Ferris Jennings, Dorcas, Garland Johnson, Carole, Baytown Johnson, Faye, Richardson Johnson, Lydia, Lufkin Jones, Jack, Maggee, Miss. Jones, Larry, Texas City Jones, Paula, New Boston Justice, Larry, Houston Kahn, Sandy, Dallas Karkowski, Judith, Liberty Kay, Leneda, Marshall Kemper, Thomas, Marshall Kennedy, Annell, Dayton Kennedy, Martha, Texas City Kent, Barton, Houston Kent, Patricia, Orange Kerley, Mary Ann, Bryan Key, Kitty, Hull King, Jack, Mexia Knox, James, Houston Koeneman, Elizabeth, Houston Kohl, Charles, Liberty Kolarik, Beverly, Houston Korsak, Joe, Irving Lanier, Gene, Nacogdoches Latimer, Sharon, Garrison Laufman, John, Houston Lauter, Bobbi, Houston Lee, Jimmie, Port Arthur Lee, Stephen, Nacogdoches LeNoir, Sallie, Kilgore Lester, John, Jacksonville 223 Lyons, Silvia, Jasper McClain, Tom, Houston McClelland, James, Nacogdoches McCrary, Sidney, Cushing McCrory, Don, Houston McDonald, Jerry, Mesquite McDowell, Jim, Longview McFadden, Sharon, Houston McGaughey, Judy, Huntington McKenzie, Claralee, Dallas McKewen, Reagan, Luf kin McKinney, Tom, Luf kin Levacy, Rebecca, Denison Leverett, Glenda, Odessa Lillard, Malcolm, Beaumont Lindee, Lauren, Houston Long, Judy, Denver, Colorado Longbotham, Harold, Baytown Love, Ken, Dallas Loveall, Judy, New London Lowe, Joseph, Luf kin Loyd, Joe, Bryan Lucia, Samuel, Orange Lyons, Floyd, Houston 7 V 224 McLemore, Helen, Nacogdoches McNay, Keith, Houston McPherson, Sylvia, Cleburne McWhorter, Mary, Atlanta Mabry, Pat, Houston Machlitt, Kathy, Houston Manley, Sheryll, Lufkin Manning, Jerry, Jasper Marris, Dicky, Nacogdoches Martin, Gary, Dallas Martin, Marilyn, Henderson Martin, Sherry Ann, Nacogdoches Massey, Johnnie, Nacogdoches Mayfield, Jacky, Mt. Pleasant Medford, Carol, Hooks Messer, Rosanne, Houston Milam, Bartlett, Kilgore Milner, Loisanne, Frankston Miller, Billy, Washom Miller, Jeanie, Richardson Miller, John, San Antonio Miller, Steve, Houma, La. Miles, Lavelle, Woodville Minter, Mary Alice, Altair Minter, David, Center Moller, Mary Clive, Angleton Molnavi, Chris, Mineola Moore, Douglas, Liberty Moore, Marjorie, Garrison Mora, Mildred, Nacogdoches Morain, Suzanne, Silsbee Morgan, William, Houston Morphis, Billie, Elysian Field Morrison, James, Swarthmore, Penn. Mosely, Linda, Henderson Mourer, Jeanette, Dallas Muckleroy, Karen, Houston Mueti, Richard, Houston Nader, Robert, Marshall Nagle, Patti, Houston Napier, Sam, Bella! re Nation, Madeline, Palestine Nelson, Diane, Houston Nelson, Joel, Seymour Newnam, Penelope, Dallas Newton, Becky, Houston Noonan, Barbara, Houston Norton, Jean, Nacogdoches my 1 ' ' ' M Mr fJ w ri 225 Norwood, Terry, Houston Nunan, Tim, Ft. Hood Oblinger, Luana, Sour Lake O ' Connor, Walter, Houston O ' Keefe, Katherine, Palestine O ' Neal, Lewis, Rusk Opersteny, Janet, Texas City Owens, Virginia, Longview Pace, Jeff, Houston Parkinson, Pete, Dallas Parsons, Mike, Dallas Partin, John, Keller Pechulis, Ruthann, Houston Pena, Jimmy, Nacogdoches Pena, John, Nacogdoches Pepper, Jack, Galveston Perdue, Chaney, Longview Peterson, John, Dallas Phill ips, Diane, La Porte Pike, Bill, Dallas Pike, Rick, Wichita Falls Piper, Sandra, Kingsville Pipes, Linda, Avery Pirtle, Jerry, Cushing Plunkett, Charlotte, Orange Poland, Kathyleen, Huntington Polanovich, DeeAnn, Ft. Worth Ponder, Joseph, Freeport Porter, Barbara, Houston Porter, John, San Angelo Porter, Mary Beth, Texas City Porter, Ellen, Pasadena Poskey, John, Nacogdoches Post, Susan, Houston Powell, Jim, Houston Pritchett, George, Humble Probant, Gerard, Houston Purnell, Don, Houston Purnell, Fred, Houston Quinn, Roy, Chireno Rach, Bill, Orange Ramey, Rachel, Nacogdoches Rankin, Nina, Overton Rasco, Beverly, Groesbeck Rawlins, Erie, Dallas Rea, Thorn, Lancaster Read, Linda, Woodville Reed, Glorese, Carthage tarn ik j Kt . 4 -w iL 226 Rhame, Diane, Deerpark Richards, George, Midland Ricks, Donald, Lufkin Ridgway, Patti, Houston Roberts, Peggy, Lufkin Robertson, Lee, Burkburnett Robertson, Robert, Texas City Robinson, Suii, Houston Rockholt, Marilyn, Houston 1 Rogers, JoAnn, Marshall Rogers, Karen, Houston Rose, Michael, Houston Rosendale, Thomas, Miami, Fla. Rowsey, Randy, Oak Lawn, III. Royse, Norman, Houston Rush, Rick, Dallas Russell, H. T., Austin Sage, Larry, Houston Sales, Janis, Rush Sanford, Standly, Center Sandel, Jim, San Benito Smith, Alice, Houston Smith, Jack, Livingston 3 V Smith, Jackie, Houston Smith, James, South Houston Sauceda, Thomas, Nacogdoches Saulsbery, Marie, Galena Park Schmidt, Marty, Nacogdoches Schmidt, Sonja, Marietta, Minn. Schneider, Michael, Bellaire Scoggins, Brenda, Jacksonville Scott, JoAnn, Irving Scott, Mary, Azle Sellers, Karen, Laneville Sharp, Donna, Luf kin Sharp, Ted, Beaumont Shaw, Jim, Tyler Shealy, Jerry, Lufkin Shipman, Martha, Longview Shivers, Stephen, Longview Shopland, Muriel, Dallas Sicker, Robert, Kerrville Sieffert, Lyle, Nacogdoches Simmons, Mary, Houston Simon, Frances, Longview Skelton, Tom, Houston Slaton, Sherry, Jacksonville Sloan, William, Baytown Smiley, Donald, Pineland 228 Speights, Jay, Houston Spelman, John, Houston Spence, Joyce, San Antonio Spence, Loyce, San Antonio Stamps, David, Bridge City Steed, Emma, Gladewater Stengel, Joe, Houston Stevens, Linda, Lake Jackson Stewart, Franklin, Nacogdoches Stokes, Randy, Nacogdoches Storer, Christopher, Keller Straughn, Ginger, Ft. Worth Strong, Tommy, Henderson Sullender, Timmie, Pearland Sumrow, Connie, Houston Swafford, Dianne, Houston Switzer, Don, Houston Tabor, Nancy Jane, Houston Talley, Bill, Nacogdoches Talbott, Jay, Jasper Talley, Dona, Dickinson Tarrant, Janet, Houston Tarver, Nancy, Houston Taylor, Dave, Timpson Taylor, Elaine, Bellaire Tedder, Carolyn, Troup Thomas, Glenn, Marshall Thomas, Jimmy, Houston Thornton, Philip, San Augustine Tieman, Anita, Hallsville, Texas Tobey, Joy, Beaumont Toone, Duane, Van Townley, Cecil, Dallas Towns, Judy, Timpson Trahan, Dorthea, Liberty Timmins, Frank, Marshall Truitt, Judy, Houston Turner, James, Slocum Udemi, Linda, Houston Vann, Wanda, Houston Vest, J. C, Apple Springs Wade, Mike, Ferris Wagner, Bob, Houston Walker, H. C, Lufkin Walraven, Anne, Dallas Warren, Beverly, Houston Watson, Vicki, Lake Jackson Weaver, Gloria, Nacogdoches 229 Weaver, William, Bellaire Webb, Noel, Houston Webster, Thomas, Houston Weeks, Fletcher, Jasper Weeks, Oldham, Houston Weldon, Michael, Houston Westbrook, Cathy, Frankston Westerfield, Margaret, Houston Westmoreland, Steve, Houston Whatley, William, Jacksonville Wheeler, Robert, Navasota Whisennand, Susan, Houston 230 Wiggins, Carolyn, Beaumont Wight, Jerry, Dallas Willett, Larry, Tyler Williams, David, Houston Williams, Donna, Houston Williams, Janis, Carthage Williams, Lively, Lufkin Williamson, Terry, Pasadena Wilkinson, Phyllis, Wallis Willis, Bill, Dallas Willis, John, Tyler Wilson, Jean, Bellaire Wilson, Karen, Huntington Wise, Johanie, Lufkin Wood, Cheri, Houston Woodley, Mary, Marshall Wylie, Dianne, Pasadena Yates, Matthew, Nacogdoches Yawn, Veleta, Tenaha Yorio, Frances, Dayton Yount, Michael, Lufkin York, Larry, Houston 231 RODEO 9WEETHEART Fariss Wilson 233 Beta Gamma Tau On April 27, 1966, a new men ' s social club was chartered to further expand the existing Greek system of brotherhood at S.F.A. Organized by seven men in late February, BETA GAMMA TAU had an active membership of twenty-two at its formal recognition date. BETA GAMMA TAU was represented at the First Annual Spring Carnival by BGT Sweetheart, Miss Karen Bethel, who was selected by the student body to reign as their Carnival Queen. The fra- ternity booth, a Gay Nineties ' Barbershop, took the " Most Original " award. In spite of its relatively short existence on campus, BETA GAMMA TAU has in its membership several outstanding students. Among them are A. D. Clark, Vice President-elect of the 1966-67 Student Congress; Caesar Smith, Vice President of the Freshman Class; Johnny Clausen, Chairman of the College Center Entertainment Committee and " Outstanding Center Chairman " ; Robert Bezdek, Chairman of the Dance Committee; and Pledges Joe Rose, who appeared as King Arthur in " CAMELOT " ; and Steve Kelsey, Beta Beta Beta and Alpha Lambda Omega. BETA GAMMA TAU is looking forward to th e 1966-67 school year: for itself, a possible national affiliation, and for Stephen F. Austin State College, continued growth as one of Texas ' finest colleges. 234 Johnny Clausen Mike Ford Jimmy Gray Pat Harness Charles Hofer Ernie Horton Micky McCarty John Olsen Ralph Royce Caesar Smith A. B. Fields, Pledge Joe Guy Rose, Pledge f — r= R f NOT PICTURED Scott Swearingen, President Russell McDonald Jay Joiner, Vice President Ted Robinson Jay Garner, Secretary Mike Saxon Curtis Roth, Treasurer David Underdown Mr. Don Thames, Advisor Mike Walters Robert Bezdek Jimmy Cauble, Pledge A. D. Clark Steve Kelsey, Pledge Bob Greathouse BIT 235 236 HBMjjj H Abshier, LaNelle, Hardin Adams, Jason, Henderson Adrian, Maryann, Quitman Albin, Terry, Nacogdoches Alders, Jan, Nacogdoches Alders, Linda, Nacogdoches Alexander, Ann, Athens Alexander, Becky, Texas City Alexander, Donna, Texas City Allen, Don, Houston Allen, Gary, Cleveland Allen, Jeffrey, Houston Allen, Richy, LaMarque Allen, Wanda, Danbury Allmon, Claudia, Houston Aired, James, Wichita Falls Amerine, Jimmy, Camden Anderson, Darlene, Irving Anderson, Diane, Irving Anderson, Jennie, Houston Anderson, Linn, Lufkin Andrews, Linda, Port Arthur Ansel, David, Longview Ardoin, Sherry, Orange Armstrong, Forrest, Houston Armstrong, Vivian, Pearland Arnold, Gwen, Groves Arnold, Joan, Mount Pleasant Aston, James, Nacogdoches Atkinson, Allan, Houston Atkinson, Judy, Houston Avis, Karen, Houston Aycock, Mary, Liberty Ayers, Nell, Texas City Baggett, Zan, Hurst Bailey, Brenda L., Beaumont Baird, Beverly, Houston Baker, Ann, Orange Baker, Charles, Cleveland Baldwin, Charles, Port Lavaca Ball, Susan, Houston Banes, Margaret, Houston Bark, Durward, Nacogdoches Barker, Delores, Houston Barnes, Ann Marie, Pampa Barnes, Carl Allen, Lufkin Barnes, Steve, Ft. Worth Barnhill, Valla, Marlin Barrett, Sharon, Pasadena Barron, Marc, Dallas Bartle, Vernon F., Center Baskett, Charles, Cleburne Bateman, Morris, Conroe Bates, Melinda, Houston Bates, Sue, Orange Barwick, Carla, Winston-Salem, N.C. Bateman, Jane, Dallas Baxter, Harriette, Lake Jackson Bay, John M., Nacogdoches Baysinger, Carolyn, Nacogdoches Beach, Robert, Houston Beal, Renay, Houston Beall, Jeff, Jacksonville 238 Beaver, Pamela, Lufkin Bell, David, Garland Bell, Vicki, Killeen Bemenclerfer, Fred, Sweetwater Bennett, Bob, Ft. Worth Bentley, Joe, Palestine Berry, Bill, Dallas Berger, Patricia, Houston Berry, Tommy, Henderson Best, Gladys, Woodville Bethea, Robert, Ft. Worth Bethel, Karen, Ft. Worth Bettler, Michael, Houston Bush, Beverly, Dallas Bickley, Patsy, Pollok Bingham, W. B., Ill, Buna Bird Patte, Garland Bird, Rex, Ft. Worth Birdsong, Marg, Houston Bishop, Judy, Bellaire Black, Arnold, Spring Blackstone, Sandra, Cushing Blackwell, Nancy, Latvlarque Blaylock, Beverly, New London Blevins, Beverly, Houston Boehm, Elizabeth, Houston Bogard, Sherry, San Augustine Bolding Nancy, Houston Boley, Dianne, Houston Bolin, Becky, Longview _ Bond, Cynthia, Texas City Bonsall, Sandra, Pasadena Boone, Sarilyn, Irving Borgfeld, Houston Borailleri, Stella, Houston Boughton, Kathleen C, El Campo Bowen, Robert, Houston Bowers, Betty, Bellaire Bowers, Eva, Nacogdoches Boyd, Jim, Henderson Boykins, Thomas, Nacogdoches Bradberry, Katy, Nacogdoches Bradberry, Marcy, Shelbyville Bragg, Danny, Mt. Pleasant Branan, Peggy, Houston Brandt, Betty, Beaumont Brashear, Barbara, Lufkin Brashears, Gayla, Houston Braun, Wendy, Dallas Breland, Lynn, Galveston Brennion, J. Bryan, Longview Brigance, Ronnie, LaMarque Brinson, Linda, Ft. Worth Bri ley, Donald J., Lufkin Broadway, Carol, Waco Brobst, jon, Dallas Brock, Susan, Houston Brodrick, Kathy, Richardson Brosette, Camille, Dallas Broussard, Marti, Bridge City Brown, Jimmy, Van Brown, Nancy, Mt. Pleasant Browning, Beth, Athens 239 Brownlee, Karen, Dallas Broyles, Gloria Gene, Seabrook Brunelle, Joe, Midland Bruner, Nell, Terrell Bruton, Robert L, Richardson Bryan, Nancy, Center Bryden, Mike, Houston Buckner, Joan, New Salem Buhl, Barbara, Houston Bulkley, Melissa, Houston Bull, Robert A., Bridge City Bullard, Ted, Pittsburg Burkett, Eunice, Broaddus Burkhart, Janell E., Simonton Burleson, Bob, Garland Burns, Frank, Houston Burris, Susan, Lake Jackson Burrous, Rita Don, Lutkin Bush, Johnny, Shamrock Bussey, O. W., Timpson Butler, Cheryl, Dallas Butler, Dianna, Channelview Buvinghausen, Buss, Houston Burton, George D., Buna Caldwell, Bettie, Nacogdoches Calk, Ann, Longview Campbell, David, Nacogdoches Campbell, Martha, Luf kin Cannon, Thomas, Houston Cantwell, Kitty, Dallas Capel, Barbara, Nacogdoches Carrier, Nancy, Waskom Carter, Kenneth, Pasadena Carter, Marzelle, Mt. Pleasant Cartwright, Ford, San Augustine Cashman, Sally, Pasadena Cates, Mary, Pasadena Catoe, Nick, Deer Park Chimeme, Susan, Bellaire Chisolm, Norman, Moscow Choate, Larry, Nacogdoches Clark, Bill, Houston Clark, Judy, Lufkin Clark, Karen, Gilmer Clark, Margaret, Bridge City Cochran, Charles, Henderson Cochran, David, Lubbock Cochran, Donald, Mt. Pleasant Cockrell, L. Jerry, Corrigan Cohenour, Don, Mauriceville Collier, Louann, Orange Collier, Mike, Richardson Cook, Lynn, Houston Cook, Mary, Houston Cooley, David, Dallas Coon, John, Tomball Cooper, Suzanne, Dallas Corley, Sharon, Cushing Cosgrove, Carol, Shreveport, La. Carey, Bobby, Houston Cargill, Linda, Bryan Carleton, Bridget, Webster Carpenter, Doris, Nacogdoches Carpenter, Gail, Tyler Carr, Kay, Houston Carr, Steven, Houston Caveness, Pat, Grapeland Champion, Karen, Buna Chandler, Larry, Center Chapman, Dennis, Nacogdoches Cherry, Mary, Texarkana, Ark. Childers, Henry, Nacogdoches Childress, James, Harlingen Clark, Terry, Lufkin Cleaver, Donna, New Salem Cloyd, Carol, Dallas Clyde, Margaret, Ft. Worth Coady, Judy, Center Cobb, Charles, Mt. Pleasant Cobb, Dwight, Waco Collins, Lowery, Nacogdoches Collins, Stephen, Garland Conant, Roger, Houston Conn, C. C, Houston Conner, William, Lufkin Cook, Gretchen, Austin Cook, John, Shamrock Courtney, Sherril, Houston Covington, Charles, Pasadena Cowart, Marty, Dallas Cox, LaRay, Pasadena Craig, Ronald, Mt. Pleasant Crawford, Lynda, Jasper Crawley, Jane, Houston 240 Crayton, Jr., Philip, Marshall Crockett, Eleanor, Mt. Pleasant Crossman, Kay, Garland Crowley, Billy, Nacogdoches Crozier, Olivia, Houston Cryar, Richard, Dickinson Cupit, Herdy, Orange Curbow, Sheila, Houston Curl, James, Galveston Curl, Paige G., Liberty Curtain, Lynn, Dallas Curtis, Laura Lee, Houston Cutler, Don, CalaMen Dailey, Marsha, Lufkin Dalberg, Gerald, Houston Daniel, Austin, Houston Daniel, Betty S., New Boston Davidson, Mary, Houston Davis, Brenda, Houston Davis, Dian, Richmond Davis, Diane, Bryan Davis, Grover, Dallas Davis, Jean Anne, College Station Davis, Nancy, Henderson Davis, Raleigh, Dallas Davis, Ronnie, Mt. Pleasant Davis, Stan, Houston Davison, Becky, Houston Dean, Ed, Jasper Deason, Jay, San Antonio Dees, Janis, Longview DeLoach, Sue, Texarkana Denard, Jennifer, Marlin Denmark, Clyde, Houston Denney, Wayne, Pasadena Denson, Adele, Longview Denton, Robert, Galveston Dewer, Linda, Houston Dial, Linda, Lufkin Dickerson, James, Jasper Dickerson, Jan, Mauriceville Dickerson, Larry, Jasper Dingman, Sherry, Dallas Donalson, Linda, Orange Douglas, Judith, Pasadena Douglas, Randall, Jacksonville Drake, Mary, Houston Drosche, Cheryl, Houston Dublin, Butler, Jacksonville Dudley, Pat, Houston Duke, Charles, Garland Dumas, Rocky, Overton Dupriest, Rebecca, Beckv Dunkin, Bob, Lufkin Dunn, Nelson, Mart Eastepp, Dorthy, Lufkin Easterly, Linda, Crockett Eddington, Royce. Diboll Eddings, Walter, Cleveland Edling, Tina, Richardson Eddy, Mary Ellen, Jasper Edwards, Barbara, Timpson Edwards, Richard, Houston Effinger, Mike, Houston Eggenburger, Bill, New Boston Elkins, Bill, Houston Elliott, Wayne, Beaumont Emerson, Don R., Houston English, Sandi, Houston Erwin, Pat Allen, Burkeville Estes, Richard, Dallas Evans, Barbara, Galena Park Evans, Bill, Beaumont Evans, David M., Garland Evans, Griff, Ft. Worth Evans, Kathy, Austin Evans, Kurt, Ennis Everett, Janice Lee, Houston Faherty, Regina, Houstoh Farar, Paulette, Dallas Faulkinberry, John, Nacogdoches Fennell, Charlotte, Gilmer Ferguson, Carol, Houston Ferry, David, Corrigan Fincher, Tommie Sue, Bridge City Firestone, Bonny, Houston Fischer, Carl, Corrigan Fisher, Dennis, Athens Fitch, LaNell, Troup Flanagan, J. Nelson, Silsbee Fletcher, John, Dallas Floor, Debbie, Houston Foley, Tommy, Henderson Ford, Michael P., Plans Ford, Sandra, Pasadena Ford, Walter, Cleveland Formby, Mike, Gladewater Formagus, Betty, Port Arthur Fountoulakis, Mike, Texarkana Fox, Carol, Richardson Fraiier, Dennis, Houston Frazier, Jane E., Nacogdoches Freeman, Darrell Paul, Silsbee French, Bruce, Belton Fry, Jody, Garland Fuller, Kristi Kay, Silsbee Fullerton, Judy, Slocum Fulton, Robert, Houston Funke, Mona, Pasadena Fuston, Sam, Jasper Gallien, Jo Lynn, West Orange Gallon, Javance, Nacogdoches Ganson, Ruth, Baytown Gardner, Sherry, Houston Garland, Patricia, Seabrook Garrett, Tom, Houston Gerber, John, Nacogdoches Goulston, Karen, Carthage Gibbs, Walter, Jasper Gideon, Linda, Houston Giffhorn, Sheila, Dallas Giffin, Carol, Jacksonville Gilbert. Charlotte. Mt. Pleasant Gilbert, Ronald Dale, Linden Gill, James, Burkeville Gill, Toni Lynn, Lufkin 243 Gillespie, Connie, Nacogdoches Gilliland, Mary, Houston Gleghorn, Darrelynn, Kilgore Goeders, Carol, Bel la i re Goff, Linda, Houston Gohlke, Judy, Houston Gold, Sherry, Longview Graham, Mary Anne, Bryan Gray, Thomas, Brazoria Greathouse, Robert, Richardson Green, Charles, Redwater Green, Edward L., Houston Green, Ernie, Luf kin Green, Linda, Longview Grubbs, Betty, Houston Gunnino, Thomas, New Braunfels Guy, Chuck, Port Arthur Hale, Harriet, Nacogdoches Hales, George, Groveton Hall, David, Livingston Hall, Diane, Houston Hammond, Sherri, Houston Hancock, Barbara, Smithville Hancock, John, Houston Haney, Mike, Texas City Harborth, Glenda, Houston Hardy, Mike, Nacogdoches Hargrave, Jim| Houston Hart, Burna Faye, Houston Hartung, James, Austin Harvell, Lynda, Houston Haskins, Darline, Pearland Hatcher, Larry, Dallas Hatcher, Nancy, Waco Havard, Elaine, Lufkin Goldsberry, Sandra, Richardson Goldstein, Nancy, Houston Goode, Evelyn, Dallas Goodwin, Pamela, Houston Gould, Janet, Houston Gosschalk, Conny, White Oak Greer, Mike, Winnsboro Grider, Bruce, Quitman Gifford, Janet, Richardson Griffis, Johnny, Nacogdoche- Gilbert, Judy, Nacogdoches Grimm, Pat, Houston Hall, D. W., Lake Jackson Hall, Thomas, Dallas Hamilton, Becky, Galveston Hamilton, Fran, Marlin Hamilton, George, Beaumont Hammond, Bob, Garland Harmon, Perry, Orange Harlow, Carol Gene, Waco Harris, Deborah, Corsicana Harris, Denney, Irving Harris, Robert, Nacogdoches Harrison, Charlotte, Crockett Hawkins, MaryDale, Houston Hayes, Paul, Lufkin Hayles, Diane, Galveston Haynes, Richard, Lufkin Hays, Susan P., Seabrook Haielwood, Debbie, Ft. Worth " ' m » u ' Mm wmt Hailewood, Suianne, Bellaire Heaberlin, Donna, Longview Hearn, Suzanne, Houston Hearne, Gay, Oak Harbor Heath, Sharron, Nacogdoches Helmin, Mike, Houston Hendrick, Jerry, Linden Hendrick, Linda Lou, Mt. Pleasant Hendricks, Jan, Houston Henry, Pat, Houston Higgins, Vernon, Lufkin Hill, Jane, Nacogdoches Hill, Patricia, Lufkin Hill, Virginia, Progreso Hilton, Helen, Palestine Hocher, Pamela, Houston Holland, Nancy B., Dallas Holland, Stevie, Corpus Christi Holloway, Sheila, She I byvi Me Holmes, Carolyn, Cleburne Hedgecock, Sibyl, Avery Heiman, Martha, Dallas Hellberg, Phil, Lufkin Hellman, Mary Ann, Winnsboro Henson, Jimmy, Pasadena Hermdon, Carmen, Waxahachie Herndon, Jim R., Cleveland Hicks, Linda Carol, Houston Hilton, Patricia, Sinton Hines, Barbara, Texas City Hitchcock, Caleb, Shreveporf Hobson, Boddie, Silsbee Holth, Sharron, Nacogdoches Honeycutt, Sharon, Pearland Honig, Martha, Pasadena Hooks, Marinel, Garland The sound crew, unseen stars of many ■fine arts productions. 245 Horton, Belinda, Hooks Horton, Ernie, Houston Howard, Janice Lynn, Killeen Howard, Jean, Victoria Howell, Dennis, Houston Hoya, Weldoo D., Houston Hudgins, Jo Carol, Tyler Human, Gail, LaMarque Hunter, Suzanne, Houston Hurrell, Pat, Houston Humphreys, Margaret, Houston Humphries, Randy, Houston Ingram, Ronald, Garland Innis, Lynda, Houston Ingram, R. Bruce, LaMarque Iverson, Kristina, Nacogdoches Jackson, Charle S., Orange Jackson, Elaine, Athens Jackson, Pete, Cushing Jackson, Teresa, Lufkin Jacob, Linda, Houston James, John, Dallas Jarvis, Andy, Seabrook Jasper, William, Dallas Jennings, Linda, Irving Jensen, Eileen, Lufkin Job, Eddie, Hillister Johnson, Betty K., Dallas iHf -« " fix f _ ft 4i r7 Johnson, Candace, Oakwood Johnson, Frieda, Dallas Johnson, Glenn, Kilgore Johnson, Jackie, Houston Johnson, Linda, Houston Johnson, Lynda, Dallas Johnson, Mike, Houston Johnson, Virginia, Pollok Johnston, Mike, Galena Park Jones, Benny, Brachfield Jones, David B., Friendswood Jones, Linda, Nacogdoches Jones, Linda, Richardson Jones, Mike, Henderson Jones, Sandy, Houston Jones, Tirfi, Belton Kaufmann, Louis, Houston Kauzlarich, Adrianne, Houston Keasler, Russell, Dallas Keene, Curtis, Lufkin Keen, James, Dallas Kelley, Joe, Lufkin Kelly. Lloyd. Westfield Kennedy, Robert, Kingsville Kerbow, Duwayne, Deer Park Kern, Charles, Ft. Worth Kerr, Linda, Houston Keywood, Arthur, Dallas Khewer, D. E., Houston King, Patricia, Garland King, Ronnie, Dallas King, Valerie, Houston Kinnaird, Leonard, Lufkin Kinner, William, Lufkin Kirkland, Mary, Crockett 246 Kirkpatrick, Karen, Houston Kirkwood, Joanne, Nacogdoches Klser, Deborah, Dallas Kissinger, Linda, Dallas Kite, Terry, Houston Klein, Johnny, Dallas Knight, Dennis, Teas City Knight, Steve, Houston Koenning, Dorothy, Lake Jackson Koward, Bill, Dallas Kopczynski, Jo Claire, Garland Kosta, Larry E., LaMarque Kraner, Mike, Mi. Pleasant Kuhn, Barbara, Houston Laidacker, David, China Lalumandier, Royce, Nacogdoches Lampton, Sharon, Houston Lanasa, Mary Susan, Beaumont Langford, Joe, Lufkin Langran, Claudia, Dallas Langston, Sally Jo, Timpson Larsen, Richard P., Houston Lankford, Ted A., Groveton Laughlin, Allen B., Houston Lauderdale, Lee, Nacogdoches Lander, Bill, Galveston Lawrence, William R., Dallas Ledbetter, Ray, Corpus Christi Lemke, Glenn, Victoria Lankford, Leonard, Dallas Lawson, Billie Jean, Joaquin LeBlanc, Susan, Houston Lee, Rusty, Lufkin Leimgrubler, Janie, Bellarie Leonard, Franklin, Nacogdoches Lesikar, Woody, Pearland Lester, Odis, Houston Letbetter, Sherry, Houston Levit, Gary, Dallas Lewis, David, Dallas Lewis, Diana, Cushing Lewis, Nancy, Houston Lister, Carolyn, Houston Little, William A., Garland Livesay, Bill, Houston Lloyd, Mark, Houston Lobue, Vicky, Houston Locke, Sharon, Liberty Lodge, Edwina, Houston Loggins, Linda, Houston Long, Linda, Dallas Lopez, Jimmy, Beaumont Lott, Ann, Nacogdoches Lovett, Pat, Lufkin Lowe, Janelle, Ft. Worth Lowery, Michael, Garland Loyless, Sandy, Houston Lucas, Janet, Houston Luna, Johnny, Nacogdoches Lundquist, Paul, Dallas McBee, Mike, Houston McBrayer, Janice, Mt. Pleasant McBride, Don, Raymondville 247 McBride, John, Raymondville McCarty, Micky, Marshall McCasland, Gary, Queen City McCauley, Dennis, Houston McClane, Tommie, Hamilton McClelland, Annie, Nacogdoches McClure, Sydney, Lake Jackson McDonald, Danese, Lubboc McDonald, Jan, Tyler McFarland, Jimmie, Jacksonville McFerren, Martha, Gladewater McGuire, Gayle, Texarkana Mclver, Martha, Center McKnight, Myrna, Dallas Maclin, Drusilla, Jasper Macon, Laurie, Dallas Magee, Mary Lynn, Houston Mahan, Michael, Colmesneil Mallory, Darraine, Orange Malone, Michael, Seminole Manger, Susan, Houston Martin, Allen, Martinsville Martin, Danny, Nacogdoches Martin, Lowell, Kilgore Martin, Nancy, Houston Martin, Ruth, Hitchcock Marules, Ted, Houston Massey, Jerri, Houston McCoy, Dainne, Pasadena McCoy, Lynda, Marshall McCoy, Randall, Center McCracken, Judy, Houston McCulley, Donn, Houston McCurry, Betty, Longview McDonald, Cheryl, Dallas McLain, Larry, Lufkin McMillin, Carl, Dallas McMullen, Cheryl, Longview McReynolds, John, Houston McSwain, Vickie, Garland McVey, Jeannie, Dallas Mackey, Annabelle, Houston Manning, Gary, San Antonio Markham, Tim, Dallas Marsellos, Cathy, Lufkin Marsh, Cynthia, Humble Marsh, Leslie, Houston Marsh, Paula, Houston Marshall, Saundra, Dallas Massey, Larry, Killeen Mathews, Jay, Orange Mathews, Thomas, Corpus Christi Mathis, Martha, Lufkin Mattson, Suzanne, Houston Maxwell, Felnert, Mt. Enterprise Mazzare, Patricia, Longview Menefee, Patricia, Chireno Merhoff, F. Donald, Dallas Merrill, .Jim, Houston Mikle, Stephanie, Dallas Milam, James, Mt. Pleasant Miller, Charles, Dallas Miller, Judy, Longview Miller, Karen, Bridge City Miller, Margie, Bellaire Miller, Nicky, Lufkin Miller, Roy, Marshall Miller, Susan, Groves Mills, Jeannie, Milam Mills, John, Houston Mims, Linda, Henderson Misamdre, Marty, Houston Mitchell, Bill, Kemah Mitchell, Frank, Houston Modisette, Marieta, Irving Moline, Shirley, Houston Moon, Peggy, Houston Moore, Jean, Nacogdoches Moore, LeRoy, Lake Jackson Moore, Maribeth, Houston Moore, Rand, Garrison Moore, Rheta Jean, Houston Moore, Sharon, Oakwood Moran, Tom W., Troup Morey, Cynthia, Canadian Morgan, Dan, Dallas Morgan, Dianna, Longview Morgan, Melina Kay, Jacksonvi Morgan, Sherry, Pollok Moreland, Mike, Dallas Morris, Kathy, Pasadena 249 Morris, Mike, Garland Mosley, Ralph, Jr., Seabrook Moss, William, Pearland Moulden, Mary Nell, Houston Moulton, Marsha, Garland Mullins, Catherine, Houston Munn, David W., Richardson Muntean, Dana J., Longview Murphy, Linda, Mart Murphy, Lynn, Nacogdoches Murphy, Ronald W., Buna Murray, Mitch, Houston Myers, Debbie, Houston Myers, Susan, Houston Nanwey, Marsha, Houston Neely, Kay, Houston Neighbors, Slim, Houston Nettle, Jane Ann, Palestine Newman, Bob, K i I leen Newman, E. Earl, Jr., Houston Newmann, Danna Joy, Marlin Neumann, Mary, Pt. Arthur Newnam, Pam, Dallas Newton, Clare, Beaumont Niederhofer, Sandra, Texas City Nowak, Patricia, Houston Nugent, Don, Dallas O ' Donnell, Nancy, Houston O ' Dowd, Tommy, Houston Ogg, Sandra, Crockett Oldham, Carroll, Grandview Olive, Kenneth L., Liberty O ' Quinn, David, Pollok Orr, Carolyn, Jacksonville Osborne, Leonard, Abilene Overland, Gail, Silsbee Owen, Cynthia, Houston Owen, Jimmy, Livingston Owens, Judith, LaMarque Page, Marcia, Alto Palterson, Jerry, Pollok Parker, Patricia, Cypress Parks, Barbara, Irving Parmley, Randy, Nacogdoches Pate, Cathy, Barnes Patterson, Cornelia, Dallas Patterson, Davene, Etoile Patterson, Pam, Houston Patterson, Pamela, Houston Patton, Patricia, Garland Payne, Mike, McKinney Pearce, Sandra, Hjuston Peden, Joan, Houston Pegram, Bruce, Dallas Pelz, Charles, Marshall Peppeard, Mary, Mineola Perry, Pamela, Bryan Persohn, Carol, Houston Peteet, Allen, Marshall Peters, Wilson, Dallas Pfluger, Tim, Austin Phillips, Carol 250 Phillips, Jean Houston Phipps, John, Richardson Pickel, Maridale, Palestine Pinckard, Linda, Bivins Pinkston, Robert, Center Pittman, J. Lee, Belton Poe, Larry, Nacogdoches Pond, George, Galveston Pool, Joyce Ann, New Boston Postell, Fran, Pearsall Powell, Donald, Jasper Powers, George, Spring Priest, Lindsey J., Plainview Prestwich, Sheila, Waco Pryor, Freddie, Palestine Puckett, Loyal Walton, Houston Pyle, Jim, Marshall Rabel, Ronnie, Magnolia Ramsey, Joseph E., Nacogdoches Raney, Pat, Dallas Raulerson, Adrianne, Houston Raulston, Bevins, McKinney Ray, Renyck, Marshall Read, Linda, Silsbee Reagan, Ronald, Santa Monica, Cal. Record, Rae Dell, Longview Rector, Louis, Douglass Redding, Gail, Dallas Redfern, Judy, Mt. Pleasant Redmond, Kathleen, Bel la ire Redmond, Jon, Dallas Reed, Joe, Houston Register, ' Joe, Luf kin Reichart, Mark, Houston Rentfro, Rebecca, Waco Resch, Frank, Marshall • Reynolds, Sarah, Nacogdoches Rhoades, Jerry, Houston Rice, Joel, Houston Rich, Barbara, Seagovilla Richardson, James, Marshall Rickard, Judy, Houston Riley, Pam, Mineral Wells Ritter, Katherine, Many, La. Ritter, Sharon, Hardin Roberts, Diane, Hardin Roberts, Gene, Marshall Roberts, Kenneth, Arlington Robertson, Larry, Aransas Pass Robinson, David, Bronson Robinson, Helen, Nacogdoches Robinson, Kim, Carthago Robinson, Linda, Corsicana Roddy, Patsy, Troup Roe, Lauren W., Marshall Rogers, Jana, Houston Rogers, Jerry, Nacogdoches Rohrs, Diana, Houston Romano, Fred, Arlington Romans, Jerry, Houston Roquemore, Susanne, Palestine Rosenquist, Gayle, Meridian Ross, Gary, Houston Ross, Janis, Houston Ross, Sandy, Houston Rothrock, Kathleen, Texarkana Roye, Tim, Pasadena Rozelle, Dean, Tyler Rulfs, Sharon, Nacogdoches Russell, Allen, Dallas Russell, Donna, Hutchins Russell, Rogers, New Boston Ryan, Danille, Houston Ryan, Vincent, Kemah Rymal, Sarah, Dallas Sabom, Kathy, Houston Sadler, James W., Houston Saltzman, Bonnie L., Orange Salvato, Joe, Houston Samford, Gay Nita, Nacogdocties Sampsell, Susan, Dallas Samson, Barbara, Nacogdoches Sanders, Cordelia, Luf kin Sanders, Sallie, Houston Sanders, Sherry, Marshall Sandifer, Jackie, Nacogdoches Sandlin, Jane, Luf kin Scarboro, Marylyn, Galena Park Schaefer, Ken, Houston Schmidt, Theresa, Houston Schmidt, Wayne, Marietta, Minn. Schmitt, Marilyn, Ft. Worth Schneider, Kay Diane, Houston Schodt, Frederick, Houston Schuler, Thilda, Alto Scott, Paulette, Gilmer Scott, Walter, Lake Jackson Seals, William, Dallas Secrest, Mary, Palestine Segrest, Signa, Houston Self, Joel, Nacogdoches Sellers, Michele, Houston Sellers, Sherry, Laneville Semeyn, Janne, Houston Senderegger, Steve, Houston Sevigny, Thomas, Abilene Sexton, Thelma, Nacogdoches Sharp, John, Nacogdoches Sharp, Steve, Redwater Shaw, Nancy, Marlin Shaw, Sharon, Troup Sheffield, Stephen, Austin Shelburne, Sue, Longview Shell, Georgia Ann, Austin Shelton, Jerri, I rving Shelton, Marilyn, Pasadena Shepherd, Sammye, Nacogdoches Sherbert, Ronnie, Van Sherman, Paula, Houston Shugart, Rick, Garland Sides, Suzanne, Garland Sitton, Danny, Cushing Sitton, Lynda, Nacogdoches Skelton, Diane, Burkeville Slagle, Bonnie, Corpus Christi Slaton, Odean, Rusk Slaughter, Travis, Humble Slay, Cheryl, Houston Sloan, Charlotte Ann, Baytown Smart, J. D., Ft. Worth Smith, Barbara, Dallas Smith, Charles, Richardson Smith, Clark W., Jr., Daingerfield Smith, David, Pt. Arthur Smith, Debbie, Irving Smith, Gary, Dallas Smith, Harvey, Waco Smith, James, Pearland Smith, Kenneth, Groveton Smith, Kenneth W., Timpson Smith, Laura, Houston Smith, Monty, Houston Smith, Peter, Nacogdoches Smith, Phillip J., Pasadena Smith, Rodney, Groves Smith, Walter, West Orange Smith, William, Lorena Smith, William, Orange Smyth, Paul, Cleburne Snyder, Pat. Houston Snyder, Susan, Houston Sorflaten Heidi, Irving Sorrell, David, Houston Soules, Dallas, Waco Sparks, Charles, Houston Sparks, George, Houston Spear, Carollynn, Houston Spear, Stephen, Bel I a ire Speed, James, Beaumont Spencer, Emily, Redwater Spikerman, Jonny, Houston Spilsbury, Michele, Houston Spivey, Lynda, Houston Spradley, Steve, Nacogdoches Spraggins, Paula, Pasadena Staley, Harriet, Dallas Stanfield, Marilyn, Houston Stanford, Susan, Bel I a i re Stanford, Suzann, Pasadena Stanley, Carol, Texas City Stafford, John, Ft. Worth Sta I lings, David, Nacogdoches Stanley, Glenda, Tyler Stathem, Richard, Houston Stauts, Richard, Marshall Steele, Lou, Longview Steveson, Bob, Lufkin Stewart, Boyd, Lufkin Stewart, Joseph, Nacogdoches Still, John, Nacogdoches Stock, Connie, Pasadena lifilk. Hfeh. . A Stokes, James, Nacogdoches Stone, Carrol, Nacogdoches Stone, Mary, Pittsburg Story, Mary, Normangee Stovall, Beverly Liberty Stovall, Susan, Dallas Strahan, Marsha, Orange Stuart, Bonnie, Dallas Stuart, David, Belton Sturrock, Janis, Woodville Sullivan, Larry, LaMarque Sumerford, Roni, Dallas Sumerlin, Betty, Houston Summerlin, Brenda, Jasper Sutherland, Richard, Houston Sutton, Martha, Jasper Swank, Richard, Lufkin Swann, Kenneth, Nacogdoches Swink, Ronnie, New Salem Tate, John, Abilene Tallal, Patricia, Tauzin, Sherri, Garland Taylor, Barry, Houston Taylor, Karry, Houston Taylor, Kay, Houston Taylor, Mark, Houston Taylor, Sue, Freepor,t Tawil, Diana, Ingleside Teaters, Loa Rae, Nederland Tedder, Jan, Texarkana Thomas, Carol, Houston Thomas, Ricky, Nacogdoches Thomas, Vesta, Marshall Thompson, Kirkley, Houston Thomas, Jo, Houston 254 • -- r £1 c J fi fhi ■ ! _l L - f - « » . 1 , • - ! Thomas, Penny, Port Arthur Thomas, Sandra, Dallas Thompson, Harry, Pearland Thompson, James, Marshall Thompson, Kaye, Pearland Thompson, Stuart, Houston Thornton, Mary Ann, Jefferson Thurston, Ross, Richardson Tidwell, David, Ft. Worth Tims, Jacquelyn, Lu f kin Tinsley, Margaret, Houston Titpton, Bobby, Houston Todaro, Roaslie, Orange Todd, Jim, Luf kin Todd, Susie, Pasadena Tolbert, Cleo, Nacogdoches Tooke, Susan, Victoria Toomey, Jimmy, Ferris Toochstone, Ann, Houston Travis, Larry, Hemphill Treadwell, Steve, Lufkin Trimble, Jan, Athens Truitt, Martha, Center Tuffy, Nacogdoches Underwood, Nora, Houston VanOrden, Rhetta, Dallas VanZandt, Cornelia, Beaumont Vastine, Jonell, Houston Vaughan, Addie, Longview Vaught, John, Houston Vest, Danny L., Apple Springs Vest, Jeffra, Houston Vibrock, Sandra, Garland Vickers, Besty, Hemphill Vincent, Gage, Houston Vogt, Joseph, Waco Voorhees, Kathryn, Houston Wade, Jo, Nacogdoches Wagnon, Clarence, Livingston Waling, John, Pearland Walker, Charles, San Antonio Walker, Doris, Bellaire Walker, Kenny, Whitehouse Walker, Nancy, Houston Walker, Richard, Texas City Wall, Judy, Houston Wallace, Jerry, Belton Wallace, John, Houston Wallace, John J., Ft. Worth Waller, Barbara, Baytown Walters, Carol, Houston Ward, Nathan, Nacogdoches Warner, Jan, Dallas Warner, Susan, Houston Warren, Diane, Dallas Warren, Randall, Killeen Watford, Bettye, Hutchins Watkins, Marilyn, Marshall Watson, Becky, Dallas Watson, Belinda, Dickinson Watson, Beverly, Berlin, Germany Watson, Craig, Houston Watson, Johnny, Houston Watson, Judy, Brownsboro Watson, Kenneth, Nacogdoches Wati, Sherry, Houston Weaver, Victoria, Houston Webb, Brenda, Houston Webb, Wanda, Dallas Weber, Amelia, Moscow Weld, Connie, Houston Wells, Henry, Nacogdoches Werner, Pamela, Texas City West, Vicki, Apple Springs Whaley, Dorothy, Lake Jackson Whatley, Lynn, Deer Park Wheeler, Dawn, Seabrook Wheeler, Micheal, Houston Whisennand, Richard, Houston Whitaker, Travis, Nacogdoches White, Carlton, Kerrville White, Martha, San Antonio White, Norma, Henderson White, Patti, Bryan Whiteside, Barbara, Houston Whitley, Roy, Deer Park Whitton, Linda, Nacogdoches Wickes, William, Mineral Wells Wickware, Robert, Port Arthur Wigley, Gala, Pasadena Wilburn, Robert, Big Lake Wilcox, Hazel, Marshall Wilder, Alice, Longview Williams, Bobby, Cushing Williams, Joy, Dallas Williams, Patricia, Houston Williams, Sharon, Marshall Williamson, Ouida, White Oak ™ mv 4 r Sr- Fire at the Varsity Apartments brought out firemen and students early in the morning. 258 ft 259 Adams, Dana, Tyler, Jr. Ainsworth, Johnnie, Luf kin, Jr. Alders, Robert, Nacogdoches, Grad. Allen, Charles, Galveston, Jr. Allen, Earnest, Jefferson, Jr. Armstrong, Misty Gale, Tyler, Soph. Arnold, Cynthia, Dallas, Fr. Asby, Sheila, Corsicana, Fr. Atwell, Sharon, Bellaire, Fr. Baiter, Edward, Nacogdoches, Sr. Barclay, Douglas, Buna, Fr. Barzon, Billy, Marshall, Fr. Beach, Margaret, Marshall, Soph. Beebe, Carmen, Fr. Bell, Jerry, Cookville, Soph. Berger, Debra, Houston, Fr. Birch, Richard, Baytown, Soph. Boatman, Beverly, Garrison, Soph. Bonner, Joe, Hemphill, Fr. Bonner, Ronnie, Jefferson, Soph. Brice, Ricky, Nacogdoches, Fr. Britton, Jimmy, Lubbock, Fr. Brown, Judy, Lake Jackson, Fr. Bryan, Haroldlyn, Corrigan, Sr. Burns, Marlene, Conroe, Fr. Burton, Linda, Lufkin, Soph. Byrd, Joseph, IV, Aurora, Colo., Jr. Callaway, Martha, Bellaire, Jr. Carrelli I. Brent, Liberty, Fr. Carter, Gay, Shelbyville, Soph. Carter, Nick, Houston, Jr. Cassidy, Claudia, Houston, Fr. Castleberry, Billy, Huntington, Sr. Clark, Barbara June, Ha I lettsvil le, Sr. Clayton, Carolyn, Houston, Fr. Colvin, Linda, Beaumont, Soph. Cooper, Dianne, Troup, Jr. Couch, Karen, Jasper, Fr. Delaney, Dan, Houston, Soph. Dickey, Cheryl, Lancaster, Fr. Digiovanni, Paul, Leesville, La., Fr. Duitch, Sue, Grapeland, Fr. Durrett, Vernon, Crockett, Soph. Earnheart, Janice, Dallas, Fr. Egalnick, Bob, Houston, Soph. Elnore, Derrill, Dallas, Fr. Evans, Mary Margaret, Clute, Soph. Evers, Cheryl, Nacogdoches, Sr. Second Semester Students 260 Evers, Gary, Nacogdoches, Sr. Evers, Wendy, Houston, Fr. Felts, Beverly, Houston, Fr. Finley, Ronnie, Dallas, Fr. Flippen, M. B. Orange, Fr. Florence, Bobby, Kilgore, Sr. Foley, Karen, Lufkin, Sr. Fridley, Bruce, Houston, Soph. Furr, John, Ingleslde, Sr. Gee, Pam, Dallas, Fr. Gerz, Donald, Dallas, Fr. Goodrum, Bonny, Houston, Sr. Goodrum, Kenneth, Madisonville, Sr. Grandjean, Victor, Freeport, Soph. Gresham, Phyllis, Sacul, Fr. Grubbs, Bill, Corsicana, Sr. Grubbs, Carolyn, Streetman, Sr. Handley, Eva, Camden, Soph. Hardesty, Robert, Pasadena, Fr. Hardy, Darenda, Henderson, Grad. Hardy, Mike, Houston, Soph. Harkins, Donna, Houston, Fr. Harris, Patricia, Alvarado, Fr. Hemann, Debbie, Houston, Fr. Herron, Patricia, Sisbee, Fr. Hext, Dee, Canadian, Fr. Hicks, Elaine, Waco, Soph. Hightower, Judy, Beaumont, Fr. Hinshaw, Nelma, Zavalla, St. Hopkins, Michael, Dallas, Fr. Horaney, Richard, Longview, Grad. Home, James, Garland, Soph. Howard, Jack, Irving, Sr. Kelley, Phylis, Dallas, Fr. Kerr, Camille, Mexia, Fr. King, David, Tyler, Soph. Kirby, Karen, Dallas, Fr. Lee, Virginia, Corsicana, Fr. Limy, Patty, Lufkin, Fr. Little, Aubrey Glynn, Lufkin, Sr. Loftiss, Linda, Houston, Fr. Ludtke, M. Chris, Houston, Fr. Luedecke, John, Austin, Soph. Luder, Louise, Hallsville, Soph. Luster, Linda, Houston, Fr. McCrary, Dan, Houston, Soph. McDonald, Kathryn, Galveston, Soph. Second Semester Students 261 Malone, Glynn, Nacogdoches, Fr. Marshall, Carl, Pittsburg, Sr. Martin, Frances, Arlington, Soph. Martin, Kenneth, Crosby, Fr. Mathews, Elizabeth, San Augustine, Fr. Matthews, George, Moscow, Sr. May, Sue, Hemphill, Sr. Means, Mary, Houston, Sr. Meeks, Cherl, Marshall, Jr. Michael, Jan, Austin, Fr. Milculelc, Judy, Nacogdoches, Soph. Mitchell, JoAnn, Garland, Soph. Morgan, Floyd, Lufkin, Sr. Morris, Christine, San Augustine, Sr. Musick, Edythe Jan, Baytown, Sr. Murff, Kathy, Kemah, Jr. Newton, Brenda, San Augustine, Fr. Nutt, Bid, Tenaha, Sr. Ogden, Hiram, Woodville, Fr. Orr, Mary, Woodville, Fr. Owens, Darrell, Mt. Enterprise, Soph. Parker, Iris, La Porte, Fr. Parkman, Ronnie, Pasadena, Fr. Pates, Janet, Dallas, Fr. Pechulis, Ruthann, Houston, Soph. Peters, Sue, Livingston, Sr. Petropolis, Nikki, Cleveland, Soph. Phillips, Gayle, Tyler, Jr. Poston, Paul, Texarkana, Sr. Powell, Audrie, Corsicana, Sr. Price, Wayne, Mineola, Fr. Pringle, Joyce, Houston, Fr. Rabalais, Gala Louise, Longview, Sr. Rack, Bobby, Bellaire, Soph. Ramsey, Judy, Houston, Sr. Randol, Jane, Dallas, Soph. Rice, Gilford, Clyde, Fr. Rice, Ronald, Lufkin, Sr. Richards, Albert, Henderson, Grad. Richardson, Terry, Midland, Soph. Ricks, James, Gladewater, Soph. Rodney, Lindow, Beaumont, Fr. Rogers, David, Longview, Fr. Rohors, Diana, Houston, Fr. Rose, Trudie, Houston, Sop h. Ross, Mary Jean, Whitehouse, Sr. Russell, Alice, Houston, Fr. Salles, Cindy, Richardson, Soph. 262 Second Semester Stitf}§$A 8TEPHEN F. AUSTIN STATE COLIEG NACOGDOCHES. TF. TAC Sanders, Gene, Marshall, Sr. Scott, Don, Fritch, Fr. Seale, Mark, Rusk, Soph. Smith, Carolyn, Humble, Soph. Smith, Roland, Houston, Soph. Smith, Sandy, Dallas, Soph. Smith, Tenne, Mobile, Ala., Fr. Sowell, Elizabeth, Henderson, Fr. Stevenson, Dell, Pasadena, Sr. Steger, Eric, Atlanta, Soph. Swanson, Mary, Lufkin, Fr. Tanlcsley, Willard, Huntington, Fr. Taylor, Melvin, Huntington, Fr. Teel, Gale, Houston, Fr. Thomas, Linda, Beaumont, Fr. Tobey, Joy, Beaumont, Soph. Tomlin, Evelin, Whitehouse, Sr. Tottenham, Richard, Houston, Soph. Towry, Winston, Huntington, Sr. Waldrop, Jane, Liberty, Soph. Ward, Ann, Jasper, Sr. Ward, H. Joel, Jr., Longview, Sr. Ward, Thomas, Tyler, Sr. Webb, Martha, Teague, Fr. Weigman, Marcy, Rusk, Soph. Wells, Tommy, Lufkin, Sr. West, Jim, Texas City, Soph. Williams, Terry, Houston, Fr. Windham, Judy, Livingston, Fr. Woods, Don, San Augustine, Soph. Young, Ray, Jr., Marshall, Sr. Qecond Semester Students 263 si m Ml m ADVERTI9EMENTS STUDENT INDEX Nacogdoches Complete Specialty Collegiate Shop 2110 North St.— 1 2 Block North of SFA 266 Abshier, Donna, 96, 121, 170 Abshier, Patricia, 238 Adam, Andrea, 142, 216 Adams, Cathryn, 143, 188 Adams, Dana, 260 Adams, David, 188 Adams, James, 141,238 Adams, Leslie June, 2 I 6 Adams, Sandra, 2 I 6 Adams, Sheridan, 127, 170 Adickes, Antonette, 216 Adkins, Jennie Elizabeth, 188 Adrian, Maryann, 238 Ainsworth, Johnnie, 260 Albin, Terry Lee, 238 Alders, Jan, 238 Alders, Linda Sue, 238 Alders, Robert, 260 Alexander, Ann, 238 Alexander, Becky Jo, 238 Alexander, David F., 139, 188 Alexander, Donna, 238 Alexander, Homer Ed, 170 Alexander, Tommy, 9 1 , 106 Alder, Robert, 92, 121 Alford, Ina, 188 Allen, Bessie L, 216 Allen, Charles, 260 Allen, Don, 238 Allen, Earnest, Jr., 139, 260 Allen, Gary F., 238 Allen, Guy Vincent, 2 1 6 Allen, Jeffrey Craig, 238 Allen, Jerry, 2 1 6 Allen, John C, 216 Allen, Mary Virginia, 188 Allen, Richie, 238 Allen, Suzanne, I 32 Allen, Tommy, 2 I 6 Allen, Wanda Gail, 238 Allison, Bill Wade, 130, 141, 188 Allmon, Claudia Sue, 238 Allred, Gene, 216 Allred, Dene, 216 Aired, James Douglas, 238 Ament, John Shelby, 136, 216 Amerine, Jimmy C, 238 Amerman, William Morgan, 188 Ammons, Larry Wayne, 188 Anawaty, Larry Anthony, I 18 Amderson, Carol Helen, 170 Anderson, Darlene, 238 Anderson, Diane, 238 Anderson, Doris, 2 1 6 Anderson, Jennie, 238 Anderson, Linn, 238 Anderson, Lou, 1 88 Andreas, Wayne Louis, 216 Andrews, Carol Lynn, 216 Andrews, Len, 1 39 Andrews, Linda Carol, 238 Ansel, David Lee, 238 Anthony, Lamar, 2 1 6 Apostolo, Leon, 216 Applebaum, David Joe, 2 16 Student Index Ardoin, Sharon Lee, 238 Ardrey, Gayle Ann, 143, 188 Armand, Tracy Elaine, 216 Armstrong, Ann, I 88 Armstrong, Forrest Lee, 238 Armstrong, Mary Gale, 260 Armstrong, Vivian Faye, 238 Arnold, Cynthia, 260 Arnold, Jean, 238 Arnold, Lelia Gwen, 103, 238 Arnold, Marshall, 141, 171 Asby, Sheila Irene, 260 Aston, James, 238 Atimore, Sam, 131, 170 Atk inson, Allan Arthur, 188, 238 Atkinson, Jerry Ann, 106, 121, 132, 168, 171 Atkinson, Jerry Kent, 188 Atkinson, Judy, 132, 216, 238 Atwell, Sharon Lee, 260 Austin, Adrienne, I 88 Austin, Kenny, I 7 I Avant, Larry Lawrence, 139, 188 Avis, Karen Andrea, 238 Aycock, Mary, 238 Ayers, Nancy Kay, I 70 Ayers, Nell, 238 Baggett, Virginia, I 70 Baggett, Zaneta, 238 Bagley, Mack Hugh, 216 Bailey, Arminda, 2 1 6 Bailey, Beverly, 2 I 6 Bailey, Brenda L, 238 Bailey, Larry D., 170 Bailey, Tad, 125, 216 Baines, Margaret, 132 Baird, Beverly C, 238 Baker, Charles, 238 Baker, Edward, 260 Baker, Elizabeth, 122, 143 Baker, Howard, 188 Baker, Marvin, 2 I 6 Baker, Nancy, 170 Baldwin, Charles, 238 Baldwin, John, 137, 216 Baldwin, Judith, 127, 216 Baldwin, Margaret, 170 Ball, Susan, 238 Ballenger, Richard, 2 I 7 Banes, Margaret, 238 Barber, Carl, 188 Barber, Doug, 188 Barclay, Douglas, 269 Barile, Sandra, I 88 Bark, Durward, 238 Barker, Delores, 238 Barnes, Ann, 238 Barnes, Carl, 238 Barnes, L. Carroll, I 70 Barnes, Robert S., 238 Barnett, Barbara J., 188 Barnett, Wendell Gene, 218 Barnhill, Valla J., 238 Barett, Sharon, 238 Barron, Candace, 217 Barron, Margaret Jane, 238 Bartle, Vernon Fredrick, 238 Barton, James P., 188 Barton, Sherry, 135, 188 Barton, Wanda, 167 Ba rzon, Billy, 260 Bass, John M., 131 Bass, Robert, 131,217 Bateman, Jane, 238 Bateman, Morris, 238 Bates, Barry L, 188 Bates, Carolyn Sue, 238 Bates, Melinda, 142, 237, 238 Battle, Linda, 132, 188 Bauer, Gary, I 88 Baugh, John, I 36 Baugh, Terry Sue, 126, 217 Baxter, Harriette, 238 Baxter, Lucy Amelia, 188 Bay, Bill, 217 Bay, John, 238 Bay, Mike, 136 Baysinger, Carolyn, 238 Beach, Margaret, 127, 260 Beach, Robert, 238 Beach, William, 217 Beakley, Bain Bowers, 217 Beall, Janice, 2 I 7 Beall, Rene, 238 Beall, Robert J., 238 Bean, Jesse, 2 I 7 Beaner, Rebecca, I 88 Bearden, Jana, I 32 Bearwick, Carla, 238 Beasley, Jerry, I 70 Beasley, James, 188 Beasley, Pamela, 188 Beauchamp, Beverly, 171 Beauchamp, George, 151 Beauchamp, Johnny, 188 Beaver, Pamela Ann, 239 Bechtold, Kenneth, 151 Becket, Robert, 171 Beebe, Carmen, 2 I 7, 260 Beeson, John Martin, 188 Behrends, Janis Kelley, 126, 217 Behrens, Byron, I 67 Bell, David, 239 Bell, Jerry, 260 Bell, Vicki, 239 Bemenderfer, Frederick, 239 Benefield, Melissa, 127, 188 Bennett, Robert, 239 Bennett, Steve, 2 I 7 Benson, Dana Ray, 189 Bentley, Joe Dave, 239 Bentley, Phyllis, 132 Berger, Debra Carlene, 260 Berry, Johnny, I 39 Berry, Tommy, 239 Berry, William, 239 Best, Gladys, 239 Bethancourt, Tom, 75 Bethea, Robert M., 239 Bethel, Karen, 239 Bettler, Michael, 239 Bice, Austeen, 189 267 Best Wishes From Your College Bank " MEMBER F.D.I.C. " Convenient location across from the campus. Bickley, Palsy, 239 Bigby, Anita, 127, 189 Biggerstaff, Mary Ruth, 121 Biggs, Susan, 2 I 7 Bilbo, Larry, 189 Bingham, W. B., 239 Birch, Richard, 260 Bird, Mary P., 239 Bird, Rex Allen, 239 Birdsong, Margaret, 239 Bishop, Judith, 239 Bishop, Ted Jason, 2 I 7 Black, Arnold, 141, 239 Black, Lonnie, 2 I 7 Blackstone, Jeannie, 50, 2 I 7, 239 Blakeway, Sandy, I 26 Blankenship, Martha, I 43 Blankenship, Rony, 217 Blanton, Davis, 2 I 7 Blaylock, Beverly Ann, 103, 239 Blevins, Beverly Ann, 239 Blocher, Timothy Thad, 137,217 Boatman, Beverly, 260 Bodenheim, Betty Asele, 189 Boehm, Elizabeth Ann, 239 Boelsen, Raidie, 2 I 7 Bogard, Sharon Ann, 132, 239 Bogue, Jan Roberts, 217 B ohn, Jerry, I 7 1 Bolding, Nancy Ann, 239 Boley, Shirley Dianne, 239 Bolin, Rebecca Lynn, 132, 239 Boll man, John Robert, 2 I 7 Bolt, Billy, 189 Bolton, Sara Beth, I 14, 127, 186, 187, 189 Bolton, Wayne William, 189 Bond, Cynthia Lee, 239 Bonner, Joe, 260 Bonner, Michael Edd, 189 Bonsall, Sandra Susan, 239 Boon, Marjorie Nell, 143 Boon, Sarilyn, 239 Borgfield, Hugh, 239 Borzilleri, Stella Jo, 239 Bossi, John, I 70 Botary, James, 140, 170 Boughton, Kathleen Carol, 239 Bounds, Don, 130 Bounds, Walter Morris, 189 Bova, Diane, 2 1 7 Bowen, Robert, 125, 239 Bower, Kenneth Lee, 131 Bowers, Betty Lynne, 239 Bowers, Eva, 239 Bowersox, Rodney, 189 Bowles, Joyce, 143 Bowles, Larry, 1 25 Bowling, Beverly, 127, 217 Bowling, Susan, I 70 Box, Juliet Blair, 217 Boyd, Charlotte, 170 Boyd, James P., 239 Boyd, Robert, 161, 170 Boykin, Nera, 189 Boykins, Thomas, 239 Bozel, Susan, 1 34 Bradberry, Charles, 123, 139, 190 Bradberry, Katy, 239, 143 Bradberry, Marcy, 239 Bradbury, Jennifer, 87, 217 Bradley, Diann, 190 Bragg, Danny, 239 Branan, Peggy, 239 Brandt, Terry, 131, 190 Brant, Betty, 239 Brant, Katherine, 2 I 7 Brashear, Barbara, 239 Brashears, Gayla, 239 Brashears, Linds, I 70 Braun, Wendy, 142, 239 Brawner, John, 1 70 Breazeale, Linda, 143, 217 Breland, Lynn, 239 Brennion, Bryan, 239 Brewer, Edith, 171 Brice, Cecelia Aulean, 217 Brice, Ricky, 260 268 Bridges, David Lee, I 7 I Brigance, Ronnie Van Lee, 239 Briggs, Raymond Lynn, 190 Bright, John, 171 Briley, Donald, 239 Brinson, Linda Jean, 239 Brister, Garry Eugene, 141 Britton, James Ray, 260 Broadway, Carol Ann, 239 Brobst, Jon Robert, 239 Brock, Carole Lynette, 190 Brock, Susan Lousie, 142, 239 Brodrick, Kathleen Mae, 239 Brogden, Linda Katherine, 190 Brooks, William Terry, 167 Brosette, Camille, 239 Broussard, Martha Marie, 239 Brown, Glenda Gail, 190 Brown, James Nolan, 139, 170 Brown, Jimmy Don, 170, 239 Brown, Judith Ann, 132, 260 Brown, Linda C, 127, 170 Brown, Mark H., 141, 170 Brown, Nancy, 127, 190, 239 Brown, Sharon Ann, 190 Brown, Travis Howard, 157 Browning, Ruth Elizabeth, 239 Brownlee, Karen Diane, 240 Broxson, Philip Reed, 137, 217 Broyles, Gloria, 140 Bruderer, Judy, 127, 190 Brundahl, Cheryl Lynn, 127, 217 Brunelle, Joe, 240 Bruner, Nell, 240 Brunk, Barry, 2 I 7 Bruton, Robert Leigh, 240 Bryan, Haroldlyn Sue, 260 Bryan, Nancy, 240 Bryden, Michael, 240 Buban, Tony Charles, 2 I 7 Buckner, Sylvia Joan, 240 Buehner, Jeffrey Paul, 136 Buhl, Barbara Sue, 240 Bulkley, Melissa, 240 Bull, Robert, 240 Bullard, Ted, 240 Burgess, Douglas Dewayne, 170 Burk, Robert W., 139 Burkett, Eunice, 140 Burkhart, Janell Ellen, 142, 240 Burleson, Leita Kay, 190 Burleson, Robert, 130, 240 Burnett, Paula Jeraldine, 170 Burns, Frank Gilson, 140 Burns, Gerald, 2 1 7 Burns, Marlene, 260 Burns, Mary Beth, 132 Burris, Susan, 240 Burrous, Rita Don, 240 Burton, Billie Francis, 170 Burton, George, 240 Burton, Linda Ruth, 103, 260 Busbee, James Lynn, 171 Bush, Beverly Jane, 142, 239 Bush, John, 139, 240 Bush, Mark Wayne, 50, 141, 217 Bush, Morris Julian, 123, 217 Bussey, Malcom, 125 Bussey, O. W., 240 WHO ' S RESPONSIBLE ■ Responsibility is a personal matter with each of us ... a virtue of the individual who plans ahead. Our feeling of responsibility to our customers for their natural gas service has en- abled us to give more service, more conven- ience and more comfort to more people as the years go by. Responsibility does not inhibit, it encourages growth. UNITED SERVING THE 269 • Butler, Amye Ann, 1 2 1 Cartwright, Sparky, 163, 240 Cobb, Charles, 241 Butler, Dianna, 240 Cash, Marilyn, 191 Cobb, Dwight, 241 nil k a I i Pi i I Butler, Mary Lou, 10, II Cashen, Herber, 1 9 1 Cochran, Charles, 240 Butle,r, Sandra, 12 Cashman, Sally, 142, 240 Cochran, Diane, 191 r - 1 p ■ 1 P 1 1 A C - A l Buvinghausen, David Dale, 140, 240 Cason, Terrie Ann, 191 Cochran, David, 1 30, 240 Buxton, George Douglas, Mo Casseday, Robert, 151, 191 S 1 l-N | | A f Cochran, Donald, 240 Buzan, Patricia Ann, 2 1 Cassidy, Claudia, 260 t — | n I 1 —j - Cochran, Keba, 1 U fl T 1 t 1 f ■ r— ■ Byer, 1 nomas Edward, Ibl Cast, James Fred, 191 Cochrell, Jerry, 240 Byerly, Nolanda, 74 Castleberry, Billie, 260 Coffin, Raymond, 1 37, 191 Bynum, Jerry, 1 90 Castles, David, 170 Cohenour, Donald, 240 Byrd, Donna, 1 7 1 Castles, Julia, 101 Cole, Catherine, 142 n 1 i i r Byrd, Joseph, 260 Cates, Mary M., 241 Cole, Jean, 2 1 8 Byrnes, Mary Anne, 217 Catoe, Nick Alton, 241 — s 1 1 1 1 r 1 Cole, Kelly, 191 Byrum, Michael Paul, 217 Caveness, James, 218 Cole, Sandy, 92, 1 70 Cadenhead, Jimmy, 171 Caveness, Pat Kay, 241 Coleman, Roy, 191 Caldwell, Barbara, 16 Caywood, Alvin, 1 5 1 Colley, James, 1 9 1 Caldwell, Betti, 240 Cessna, Jerry Dale, 2 1 8 Collier, Michael, 1 37, 241 n i i II r 1 mi Caldwell, Frank, 191 Cezeaux, Charles, 1 9 1 11 1 L 1 no Collier, John, 192 Caldwell, Pat, 217 Chambers, Marilyn, 218 Collier, Louann, 241 Calhoun, Fred E., 149, 151, 170 Champion, Karen, 241 Collins, James, 1 3 1 —V II k 1 f| | -J Calhoun, Nancy, 2 1 Chandler, Larry W., 241 Collins, Lowery, 241 — - || a o ( A Calk, Ann, 240 Chandler, William, 101 " " ||« KJ it I ' ll IPlA Collins, Mattie, 121, 192 Calk, Sue Jeanne, 12 , 191 Chaney, Yvonne, 191 - . || p| 1 r, i 1 Collins, Stephen, 241 " ■ 11 Li IP 1 A 1 Callaway, Mark b., 1 U 1 Chapman, David, 139 Colvm, Linda, 2 1 8, 260 Callaway, Martha Irene, 260 Chapman, Dennis, 241 « " | I I • ■ I n Colwell, Virginia, 1 32 r l ll Air JD in Campbell, Altred Kay, 157 Charlton, Carole, 132, zlo Compton, Barbara, 192 Campbell, David, 240 Chatagnier, hmothy, 138, 1 bU Compton, Konald, 13 , 218 Campbell, Janice C, IV 1 Chernosky, Lynn, 1 9 1 Conant, Roger, 241 Campbell, Martha, 240 Cherry, Crady, 1 U Conaway, George, 218 - N 1 | | || J " V | | Candler, Donald, 49, 191 Cherry, Mary, 241 Concidine, James, 218 — r- i i p i -i i —i Cantield, barah C, 2 1 Chesnutt, Thomas, 218 Congdon, 1 rude, 2 1 8 Canion, Gwen, 2 1 7 Chiang, Mary, 1 67 Conn, Clarence, 241 Cannon, 1 homas hdward, 240 Childers, Henry, 236, 241 " • v 1 " If " f A Conner, William, 241 Cantwell, Uaren bue, 241 , — 1 ■ | | — 1 ■ —I 1 Childress, Carl, 171 Conway, Sara, 192 Canup, Jerry Lynn, 217 1 ■ | | | ri i 1 Childress, James, 241 | All 1 | -7 r Cook, Albert, 1 70 Capel, Barbara June, 241 Chimene, Susan, 240 Cook, Bill, 170 Capel, Charles, 1 9 1 y » 1 • 1 k 1 | — r A l Chisolm, Norman E., 240 " " « | - " • 1 p,C| Cook, Cary, 192 Capps, 1 ommy Eldndge, 2 1 7 Chisum, Vera, 1 9 1 1 — 1 | A 1 Cook, Cretchen, 241 Carbow, barah, 1 70 — I ■ 1 • — v 1 III 1 f 1 Christian, Charlotte, 191 Cook, James, 1 0 Carey, Bob, 241 Christian, Johnny, 1 9 1 Cook, John, 241 Carey, Loyd Vernon, 160, 161, 191 Chnstman, Sharon, 1 9 1 ♦ | 1 1 -7 - Cook, Karen, 1 0 - ' III 1 1 • " » J 1 Cargill, Linda Louise, 241 Choate, Larry, 240 Cook, Larry, 192 Carl, Janice, 2 1 7 Clabaugh, Judith, 127, 191 Cook, Lynn, 240 " I i ri I i a i Carleton, Bridget, 241 Clamon, Ronnie, 1 9 1 Cook, Mary, 240 Carlow, James M., 170 Clancy, Judy, 132, 218 Cook, Rilea, 192 Carlow, Nancy bmith, 170 Clark, Barbara A., 171 — « | A " II 1 TO Cook, William, 1 39 Carmack, Constance D., 218 Clark, Barbara J., 98, 132, 171 » | p 1 O il A Cooley, David, 240 Carmichael, Linda Carol, 218 Clark, Barbara June, 143, 266 Coon, Joan, 240 Carney, Susan Ann, 218 Clark, Bill, 240 " -« x 1 1 Pi O Cooney, leter, 192 Carpenter, Doris, 241 f—s 1 1 r— | ifl 1 —j y Clark, Fred, 161, 170 Cooper, Anna, 1 70 Carpenter, Norma, 241 Clark, Jean, 1 34, 2 1 8 Cooper, Braxton, 1 7 1 Carr, Jane, 2 1 8 Clark, Judy, 240 Cooper, Brenda, 13b, 192 Carr, Kay Lynn, 241 — " 1 1 1 X f A 1 Clark, Karen, 241 Cooper, Denise, 127, 218 Carr, Penny, 2 1 3 Clark, Marcia, 218 Cooper, Diane, 260, 171 p ■ Alt i J 1 Carr, Steven Allen, 241 Clark, Margaret, 241 ■ n x -) 1 -in l ft 1 71 Cooper, Pat, 93, 132, 168, 171 Carr, Thorn, 2 1 8 Clark, Robert, 137 " " " » p P Cooper, buzanne, 24U Carrell, Brent, 260 Clark, Terry, 241 Cooper, Tim, 1 72 Carrier, Nancy Loraine, 240 Clarke, Dewitt, 74 1 ID ' OIO Copeland, Brian, 2 1 8 Carroll, Christopher, 236 Clausen, Johnny, 2 1 8 Corbm, Noel, 172 Carswell, Michael, 1 9 1 Clayton, Carolyn, 134, 260 Cordaro, Joe, 1 67 Carter, Diana Sue, 191 Cleary, Donald, 218 Corey, Lawrence, 218 Carter, Ellen, 170 Cleaver, Donna, 241 C L ON Coney, bharon, z 1 4 Carter, Cay, 1 02, 21 8, 260 Clemens, Joe M., 191 I _ d:II. . 1 0 " 7 Cornelius, Billy, 12 Carter, James, 1 9 1 Clement, Jerry, 89, 148, 150 Cornett, busan, 2lo Carter, Kenneth, 240 Cloyd, Carol, 241 —« IIjI OIZ " 1 I Cosgrove, Mary, 1 14, 236, 241 ■ " 1 _ W A II A a r Carter, Marzelle, 240 II k A 1 O A 1 Clyde, Margaret, 241 Couch, Karen, 26U Carter, Nick, 260 Coady, Judy, 24 1 Council, Joe, 139, 192 Carter, Nolan, 218 Coates, Charles, 2 1 8 Courtney, Sherril, 241 Carter, Tom H., 218 Coats, John, 141, 218 Coussons, Phyllis, 127 270 Under the Same Name Since 1903 Compliment ' s of THE STONE FORT NATIONAL BANK of NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS MEMBER FDIC Coussons, Robert, 218 Covington, Charles, 241 Cowan, Claude, 1 73 Cowart, Martha, 241 Cowland, Dennis, 140 Cox, Charles, 2 I 8 Cox, Elizabeth, 134, 218 Cox, Larry, 192, 241 Cox, Sharon, I 73 Coyne, Doug, 2 I 8 Craig, Don, 192 Craig, Ellis, 167 Craig, Ronald, 241 Cranfill, Charles, 218 Crawford, Dana, 218 Crawford, Linda, 241 Crawford, Patricia, 193 Crawford, Raymond, 193 Crawley, Jane, 241 Crayton, Philip, 242 Crenshaw, Richard, 141, 218 Crews, Nell, 20, 167 Crider, Jackie Ross, 193 Cripps, Bennie, 125, 193 Crisp, Carma, 1 03, 218 Crocker, Betty, 218 Crockett, Eleanor, 242 Croft, Cindy, 218 Cross, Larry, 2 I 8 Crossman, Kay, 242 Crowl, Larry Wayne, 136 Crowley, Bill, 242 Crozier, Olivia, 242 Distinctive Apparel and Beautiful Footwear Q COMMERCIAL NATIONAL BANK; IN NACOODOCHES | PARK FREE WHILE BANKING Pat.O Entrance Over 60 Years of Faithful Service Drive-in Banking Facilities Complete Service 215 East Main LO 4-7318 Compliments of ASH FORD JONES COMPANY I 314 East Hospital ' Across from the Hotel Fredonia " PHONE LO 4-8338 NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS ALL KINDS OF INSURANCE AND BONDS 273 Now Serving SFA! Open Your Penney ' s Charge Account HUDSON SERVICE STATION Today 1214 North Street PENNEY ' S Always First Quality Gasoline Products Free Coffee OPEN EVERY THURSDAY NIGHT TIL 9:00 Car Wash Lub. Cigarettes STRIPLING ' S Nacogdoches Outstanding Drug Store WE SELL EVERYTHING Phone LO 4-4646 JOHN ' S RESTAURANT Featuring Drive Thru Service NACOGDOCHES ONLY 24 Hour " Wide Awake " Restaurant Where Eating Out Is Fun. Highway 59 South Nacogdoches, Texas Compliments to SFA IF WE MAKE IT, IT ' S GOOD 274 Crume, Charlda, I 73 Cryar, George, 242 Culp, Jimmie, I 73 Cumble, Robert, I 72 Cummings, Charlene, 193 Cupit, Herdy, 242 Curbow, Sheila, 242 Curl, James, 242 Curl, Paige, 242 Curtain, Lynn, 242 Curtis, Laura Lee, 242 Cushenberry, Sheryl, 193 Cutler, Don, 140, 242 Dailey, Evelyn, I 72 Dailey, Marsha, 242 Dalberg, Gerald, 242 Dance, Sammy, I 39 Daniel, Austin, 242 Daniel, Betty Sue, 142, 242 Daniel, Don, 193 Daniel, Judy, 101, 127, 218 Dansby, Dona, 143, 193 Daughtry, Tommy, 131 Davidson, Joann, 172 David, Jud, 139 Davidson, Joel, 2 I 8 Davidson, Mary, 242 Davidson, Richard, 141, 156 Davis, Billy, 150 Davis, Brenda, 242 Davis, Dian, 242 Davis, Diane, 242 Davis, Grover, 242 Davis, James, 2 1 8 Davis, Jean, 242 Davis, Jerry, 173, 193 Davis, Jimmy, 95, 106, I 10, I I I , I 14, 1 73 Davis, Lorelei, 2 I 8 Davis, Martha, 94, 121, 127, 193 Davis, Nancy,- 242 Davis, Raleigh, 242 Davis, Ronnie, 242 Davis, Sarah, 1 73 Davis, Sharlon, 143, 173 Davis, Stanley, 242 Davison, Rebecca, 242 Daw, Gayle, 2 1 8 Dawson, Jimmy, 2 1 8 Dawson, Randy, 137, 172 Day, John, 172 Dean, Ed, 242 Deason, Jay, 242 Deason, Ray, 137, 214, 219 Deaton, Charles, 167 Debney, Carolyn, 219 Dees, Janis, 242 DeFranco, Jack, 193 Deguibert, Linda, 219 Delaney, Dan, 260 Deloach, Sue, 242 Denard, Jennifer, 242 Denman,- Sharon, 193 Denmark, Clyde, 242 Denney, Wayne, 242 Denny, Donald, 1 72 Densman, Berry, I 72 Densmore, Allen, .141 Denson, Adele, 242 Denson, Harold, 123, 137 Dent, Ted, 219 Denton, Robert, 140, 242 Derrett, Joe, 1 39 Desel, John, 193 Dewer, Linda, 242 Dewey, Rhonda, 2 1 9 Dial, Linda, 242 Dial, Miller D., 172 Dickens, Susan, 219 Dickerson, Audrey, 219 Dickerson, Jan, 242 Dickerson, Jas, 242 Dickerson, Larry, 242 Dickerson, Patricia, 193 Dickey, Bill, 193 Dickey, Cheryl, 260 Dickey, Craig, 139, 172 Digiovanni, Paul, 260 Dillon, Irene, 135, 219 Dingman, Sherry, 242 Dolger, Don, I 74 Dollison, Kappie, 143, 193 Donalson, Linda, 242 Dormand, Dianne, 193 Dorsett, Charles, 121 Dorsett, Robert, 138, 139, 193 Dorsey, Margie, I 74 Dortch, Jerry, 193, 219 Dosseu, Margie, I 2 I Douglas, Judith, 242 Douglas, Randall, 242 Dover, Patricia, 219 Dowden, Ralph, 94, 174 Doyle, Wesley, 93 Dozier, Roy, 149, 150, 175 Drake, Mary, 242 Droddy, Jess, 1 75 Drosche, Cheryl, 343 Drymalla, Johnny, I 75 Dublin, Butler, 242 Dudley, Patricia, 242 Dudney, Marcia, 2 1 9 Due, Rosalind, 1 75 Duffee, Richard, 193 Duhon, Dianne, 132, 219 Duitch, Sue, 260 Duke, Charles, 242 Duke, John, I 75 Dumas, Rocky, 242 Duncan, Betty, 143 Duncan, Bob, 242 Duncan, Rusty, I 3 I Dunn, Nelson, 242 Dunstepp, Dorothy, 242 Dupriest, Rebecca, 242 Duran, John, 1 93 Durett, Charles, 137 Durrett, Vernon, 260 Dushane, Herbert W., 219 Dyer, John R., 162, 219 Dyson, Timothy, 2 19 Earl, Kenneth, 219 Earls, Warren, 1 75 Earnheart, Janice, 260 Easterly, Linda, 242 Eddings, Walter, 242 Eddington, Royce, 242 Eddy, Mary Ellen, 242 Eddy, Russell, 193 Edger, Michaela, I 74 Edger, Stephen, I 74 Edger, Wayne Earl, 193 Edli ng, Ingrid C, 242 Edmundson, John, 193 Edwards, Barbara, 242 Edwards, Don, 193 Edwards, Richard, 242 Effinger, Mike, 243 Egalnick, Robert, 260 Egger, Pam, 143, 219 Eggerburger, Bill, 243 Ehrlich, Linda, 174 Elkins, Bill, 243 Ellinger, Paul, 175 Ellington, Dale, 219 Elliott, John, 139, 175 Elliott, Mary, 193 Elliott, Wayne, 243 Ellis, Linda, 127, 175 Elmore, Derrill, 260 Emerson, Don, 243 Emmel, Carol Ann, 219 English, Sandra, 243 Enloe, Charles, 1 93 Epps, Vera, 219 Epstein, Joe, 193 Erwin, Pat, 240 Erwin, William, I 75 Eshbach, Jay, 193 Essman, Brenda, 2 1 9 Estes, Richard, 243 Estlack, David, 193 Eubanks, Scotty, 219, 49 Evans, Barbara, 243 Evans, Bill, 243 Evans, Carol, 1 93 Evans, Charles, 194 Evans, Clarence, 1 94 Ev ans, David, 243 Evans, Kathy, 243 Evans, Kurt, 243 Evans, Mary, 219, 260 Evans, Sharon, 135, 219 Evans, Griff, 243 Everett, Janice, 243 Evers, Cheryl, 260 Evers, Gary, 131, 261 Evers, Wendy, 26 1 Exchaliber, Sword, 74, 75, 279 Faherty, Regina, 243 Falco, Frank, I 3 I Farar, Paulette, 243 Farmer, Robert, 194 Farrell, Jimmy, 1 4 1 Farrer, Jerome, 194 Felmet, Roland, 219 Felts, Beverly, 261 Felty, Hal, 175 Fender, John, I 39 Fenley, Saundra, 2 19 Fennell, Charlotte, 243 Ferguson, Car6l, 243 Ferry, David, 243 Fertsch, Cheryl, 219 Few, Bonnie, 101, 132, 219 Field, Mike, 194 Fields, Alexander, 194 Fields, Martha, 175 276 E. B. TUCKER SON 500 Taylor Ave. " Across From the Hospital " SINCLAIR PETROLEUM PRODUCTS PRESCRIPTION SICKROOM SUPPLIES Phone LO 4-5712 Phone LO 4-8394 GOODYEAR TIRES 1205 Mound Street Nacogdoches, Texas DEPARTMENT STORE NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS Serving the Great East Texas Area SOUTHLAND PAPER MILLS, INC. Congratulations Graduates Helping Develop East Texas " DON ' T LET IT BE FORGOT: THAT ONCE THERE WAS A SPOT, FOR ONE BRIEF SHINING MOMENT THAT WAS KNOWN AS CAMELOT " Filler, Pinkney, 194 Fincher, Jackie, I 75 Fincher, Tommie, 243 Findlay, Linda, 127, 194 Finley, Ronald, 26 1 Firestone, Bonny, 194, 243 Fischer, Carl, 243 Fischer, Monika, I 94 Fisher, Dennis, 243 Fisher, Michael, 194 Fitch, LaNell, 243 Fitzpatrick, Barney, 141,219 Flanagan, James, 243 Flanagan, Judith, 2 I 9 Flanagan, Sallie, 2 1 9 Flanders, Peggy, 220 Flat, Sherry, 194 Fletcher, Jerry, I 74 Fletcher, John, 243 Fletcher, Pamela, 142 Fletcher, Thomas, I 74 Flippen, Menville, 261 Floor, Deborah, 236, 243 Florence, Bobby, 261 Floyd, Richard, 139, 174 Floyd, Tommy, I 37 Fojtasek, William, 220 Foley, Karen, 261 Foley, Tommy, I 38, 243 Follis, Jane, I 75 Fomby, Edward, I 94 Ford, Jane, 143, 174 Ford, Michael, 243 Ford, Sandra, 243 Ford, Walter, 243 Ford, William, 194 Formagus, Betty, 243 Formby, Michael, 243 Forsythe, Patricia, 143, 194 Foster, George, 220 Foster, Mary, I 75 Foudy, Allan, 140 Fountain, Diane, 143, 220 Fountoulakis, John, 243 Fouts, Cortland, I 75 Fouts, Casey, I 75 Fowler, Jim, 220 Fowler, Judy, I 67 Fox, Caroline, 243 Frame, John, I 75 Frank, Diane, 220 Frances, Carl, I 39 Franklin, Susan, 143, 220 Frans, Michael, 141 , 220 Frazer, Lauree, 127, 175 Frazier, Dennis, 243 Frazier, Jane, 243 Freeman, Darell, 243 Freeman, Tommy, 194 Frel, Barbara, 220 French, Bruce, 243 French, Wade E., 220 Frensley, Janeen, 127, 220 Fridley, Bruce, 26 1 Frizzel, Sammy, I 3 I Fry, David, 194 Fry, Jody, 243 Fulgham, Pamela, 194 Fuller, Karolyn, 194 Fuller, Kristi, 243 Fullerton, Judy, 243 Fulton, Jerry, 220 Fulton, Robert, 243 Fults, Robert, 139, 156, 220 Funke, Mona, 135, 242 Furr, John, 261 Fuston, Samuel, 243 Sallien, Lynn, 243 Gallon, Javance, 243 Gandy, Becky, 134, 194 Gandy, Billy, 131 Gandy, Bill, I 14, 123, 137, 214, 220 Ganson, Ruth Ann, 243 Garcia, Paul, 220 Gardner, Sherry, 243 Ga r ner, Carlyn, I 73 Garner, Duncan, I 74 Garner, Kathleen, 194 Garrett, Margaret, 126, 220 Garrett, Tom, 243 Garrette, John, 220 Garrison, Barbara, 220 Garwick, Kenneth, 220 Gates, Mary, 220 Gathright, Johnny, 174 Gaubert, Jack, I 3 I Gaumer, Mary, I 67 Gaw, Kathryn, 220 Gay, Margaret, 51, 97, 194 280 Like S.F.A. Graduates LONE STAR PRODUCTS are High Quality BRAND When You Pick Up This Annual 10 Years From Now Then as Now — Lone Star Folks Will Still Be Pulling for SFA Best Wishes For Your Success For So Goes the Success of East Texas TEXAS FARM PRODUCTS COMPANY Nacogdoches, Texas BRAND Ice Cream Try the Finest THE BORDEN COMPANY Nacogdoches, Texas E. C. BEST CO. Foremost In Fashion Finest In Quality 281 Gee, Pamela, 26 1 Green, Edward, 245 Hanicak, Phyllis, 132 Geiger, Robert, 220 Green, Ernie, 245 Hanik, Bette Gloria, 196 George, Hulen, 1 1 9 Green, Gary, 22 1 Hanna, Christi Sue, 221 George, Ralph, 1 74 Green, Gordon, 22 1 Hanson, Malcome, 196 Gerber, John, 243 Green, James, 195 Harborth, Glenda Joyce, 126, 245 Gerz, Donald, 26 1 Green, Jimmy, 22 1 Hardesty, Robert, 261 Gholston, Karen, 132, 243 Green, Judy, 22 1 Hardgrave, Marianne, 196 Gibbs, Walter, 243 Green, Linda, 126, 245 Hardin, Dorothy, 132 Gibson, Bonita, 1 67 Greene, Raleigh, 22 1 Hardin, Annete, 143, 221 Gibson, Dona, 194 Greene, Vivian, 195 Hardman, Pam, 1 26 Gibson, Sannette, 220 Greer, James, 1 50 Hardwick, Walter, 196 Gideon, Linda, 243 Greer, Michael, 245 Hardy, Dorinda, 26 1 Giffhorn, Sheila, 243 Gregory, Carolyn, 221 Hardy, Michael, 101, 131, 245, 261 Giffin, Carol, Gregory, Gretta, 195 Hardy, Kenneth, 22 1 Giffin, Cheryl, 135, 175 Gresham, Phyllis, 26 1 Hare, Gerald, 1 74 Gifford, Janet, 245 Gribble, Charles, 1 74 Hargett, Larry, 130, 221 Gilbert, Charlotte, 243 Grider, Bruce, 245 Hargrave, June, 245 Gilbert, Judy, 245 Griffin, Jean, 22 1 Hargrove, Betty Jane, 143, 196 Gilbert, Ronald, 243 Griffin, Joan, 102, 132 Harkins, Donna Sue, 261 Gill, James, 243 Griffin, John, 195 Harlow, Carol, 245 Gill, Toni, 243 Griffin, Johnny, 245 Harmon, Perry, 245 Gillar, Daniel, 148, 150, 175 Griffin, Nila, 121, 174 Harness, Gregory Patrick, 221 Gillespie, Connie, 244 Grimm, Patricia, 245 Harper, Betty Ann, 196 Gillespie, Mary, 1 94 Grindle, William, 151, 221 Harrell, Bonnie Sue, 196 Gilliam, Brenda, 220 Groth, Steve, 1 37 Harrington, Beverly Jo, 221 Gilland, Jeannie, 1 94 Groves, Janie, 127 Harris, Barbara Jo, 143, 221 Gilliland, Mary, 244 Grubaugh, Cicil, 195 Harris, Deborah ' Dell, 245 Gillis, Melvin, 220 Grubbs, Betty, 244 Harris, Denney Rea, 245 Gilmore, Gary, 1 67 Grubbs, Carolyn, 261 Harris, Clay, 22 1 Gilmore, Wayne, 175 Grubbs, William, 51, 174, 261 Harris, Martin, 49, 123, 137, 196 Gist, William, 220 Guess, Howard, 1 75 Harris, Patricia Louise, 261 Gleghorn, Darrellyn, 244 Gumber, Micky, 195, 221, 49 Harris, Robert, 245 Gleghorn, John, 1 94 Gunn, Anthony, 22 1 Harrison, Charlotte Ann, 245 Goeders, Carol, 244 Gunning, Thomas, 244 Harrison, James, 123, 137 Goff, Linda, 245 Gunter, Janet, 1 95 Hart, Burna Faye, 244 Gohlke, Judith, 245 Gurtler, Dona, 132, 221 Hartung, Janes, 244 Gold, Sherry, 245 Guy, Charles , 244 Harvell, Lynda Ruth, 244 Goldsberry, Sandra, 245 Haesly, Betty, 175 Haskins, Darline, 244 Goldstein, Nancy, 245 Hagle, Donald, 195 Hasty, Nanette, 132, 221 Goode, Evelyn, 245 Hagle, Harold, 1 75 Hatcher, Joe, 196 Goodman, Pamela, 220 Hagler, Nicki, 167 Hatcher, Larry Wayne, 245 Goodman, Wallace, 141, 220 Hairgrove, Marvin, 195 Hatcher, Nancy, 245 Goodrum, Bonny, 261 Hale, Harriet, 244 Hatfield, John Randall, 130 Goodrum, Kenneth, 261 Hales, George, 245 Hathcox, David, 221 Goodwin, Jim, 1 75 Haley, Betty, 132, 221 Hatton, Corolyn Louise, 221 Goodwin, Pamela, 245 Hall, Carole, 132, 175 Hausmann, Wanda Beth, 197 Goolsby, Jack, 1 75 Hall, Charles, 131, 150, 245 Havard, Elaine, 245 Gordon, Jack, 220 Hall, Diane, 135, 245 Havens, Tom, 197 Gose, Nancy, 1 34, 220 Hall, Donald, 245 Hawkins, Mary Dale, 245 Gosschald, Conny, 245 Hall, Linda, 195 Hawkins, Wayne, 137, 197 Gossett, James, 220 Hall, Thomas, 245 Hawley, Sandra, 127, 197 Gould, Janet, 245 Haltom, Robert, 221 Hayden, Kaye Frances, 174 Graham, Mary, 244 Halyard, Sammye, 221 Hayes, James, 1 74 Graham, Monty, 1 94 Hamilton, Becky, 245 Hayes, Meredith Dianne, 221 Graham, Thomas, 194 Hamilton, Frances, 126, 175, 245 Hayes, Paul, 245 Grandjean, Victoria, 261 Hamilton, George, 245 Haygood, Karon, 221 Graves, Jane, 194 Hamilton, Victor, 175 Haygood, Thomas, 197 Graves, Lynn, 148, 150, 175 Hammack, Merle, 195 Hayles, Diane Elaine, 245 Gray, Alyce, 121, 175 Hammond, Robert, 245 Haynes, Meredith, 197 Gray, Becky, 1 32 Hammond, Sherri, 244 Haynes, Patricia Ann, 127, 197 Gray, James, 1 94 Hancock, Barbara, 244 Haynes, Richard, 145 Gray, Karen, 220 Hancock, Hubert, 150, 196 Hays, James, 1 39 Gray, Thomas, 244 Hancock, John, 74, 244 Hays, Robert, 221 Grayson, Martha, 126, 194 Hancock, Larry, 196 Hays, Susan, 245 Greathouse, Robert, 244 Hancock, Rose, 227 Hazle, Brenda, 174 Green, Billy, 75 Handley, Eva, 261 Hazle, Mike, 175 Green, Bobby, 220 Haney, Michael, 244 Hazlewood, Deborah, 245 Green, Charles, 244 Hanicak, Deena, 121, 132, 175 Hazlewood, Suzanne, 245 Green, Dwight, 195 Hanicak, Patricia, 127, 196 Heaberlin, Donna Ruth, 244 282 Heard, Francene, 1 97 Hearn, Charlene Beverly, 197 Hearn, Mickey, 197 Hearn, Suzanne, 244 Hearne, Gay Ann, 244 Heath, Sharon, 244 Hebert, William, 221 Heck, Shawn, 22 I Hedgecock, Sibyl Annell, 244 Hedges, Martha, I 67 Hees, Darryl Fred, 197 Heffernan, Al Patrick, 150 Heiman, Martha Lee, 244 Hellberg, Joseph Philip, 130, 244 Hellman, Mary Ann, 244 Helmin, Michael Stanton, 244 Helms, Roger Liles, 22 I Hemann, Deborah, 261 Henderson, Carolyn Sue, 132, 221 Henderson, Jane Ellen, 222 Henderson, Mutt, 150, 197 Henderson, William Reed, 150 Hendley, Larry, I 75 Hendley, Martha Sue, 132, 197 Hendrick, Jerry Richard, 244 Hendrick, Linda Lou, 244 Hendrick, Ronnie, 197 Hendricks, Janet Lee, 142, 244 Hendrix, Don Robert, I 14, 166, 167 Hendryx, Shirley Ann, 222 Henry, Dan, 222 Henry, Particia Ann, 244 Henry, William, 131, 197 Hensley, Herald, I 36 Henson, Larry, I 75 Henson, James, 197, 244 Herbrough, William Leon, 197 Herman, Stephen, 222 Herndon, Carmen Marie, 126, 244 Herndon, Jim, 244 Herndon, Paula LaRue, 197 Herren, Brenda Sharlynn, 143, 197 Herring, Russell Thompson, 137, 222 Herrington, Linda Darlene, 175 Herrington, Sue, I 32 Herron, Patricia Gayle, 261 Herson, John Bernard, 130 Hester, Livingston, 197 Hewitt, Joseph, 151, 222 Hext, Dora Mae, 261 Heyne, Peter, 197 Hicks, James Price, 197 Hicks, Linda Carol, 244 Hicks, Marie Elaine, 261 Hicks, Sherilyn Kay, 197, 222 Higgins, Phil, 175 Higgins, Vernon, 244 Hightower, Judy, 261 Hill, Gary, 197 Hill, Jane, 244 Hill, Lynne, 125, 222 Hill, Michael Byrd, 197 Hill, Patricia, 244 Hill, Roger, 222 Hill, Virginia Lowry, 244 Hilton, Helen Kay, 244 Hilton, Partricia, 244 Hines, Barbara Lane, 222, 244 Hines, David, 1 75 Henshaw, Nelma, 261 Hitchcock, Caleb, 244 Hobbs, Henry Gilbert, 139, 197 Hobson, Bobbie, 244 Hocher, Pamela, 244 Hocker, C. L, 197 Hodges, Vickie lllene, 1 V 7 Hofer, Charles, 197 Hohf, Judith Kay, 176 Hokanson, Larry, 222 Holcomb, Dianne, 222 Holcomb, Steve, 131, 197 Holder, Daphna, 122, 143, 169, 197 Holladay, Shields Anthony, 197 Holland, Nancy Beavers, 244 Holland, Stephen Roper, 244 Hollis, James Leon, 222 Holloway, John Henry, 198 Holloway, Sheila, 244 Holmes, Bernice, 222 Holmes, Carolyn Jean, 103, 244 Holmes, Leighton Todd, 222 Holsapple, Clarence, 198 Holt, William Zed, 125, 222 Holth, Sharon, 244 Honeycutt, Sharon Sue, 244 Honeycutt, Stanley Lester, 198 Honig, Martha, 244 Hooks, Marinel, 244 Hopkins, Michael Jay, 261 Horaney, Richard, 261 Horn, Larry, 222 Horn, Richard David, 222 Home, James Albert, 261 Hornsby, Tommy, 139, 186, 198 Horton, Belinda Jaye, 246 Horton, Ernest, 246 Horton, Linda Jo, 198 Hoskins, John Neil, 198 Howard, Deanie Louise, 198 Howard, Deborah, 222 Howard, Jack, 26 1 Howard, Jamie Karen, 127, 222 Howard, Janice Lynn, 246 Howard, Jean, 246 Howell, Dennis Micheal, 246 Howell, James Carlton, 167 Hoya, Weldon Dana, 246 Hubbard, Martha Sharon, 176 Huckaby, Marion, 176 Huddleston, Sharon, 222 Hudgins, Jo Carol, 246 Huffman, Harold, 198 Hughes, Lena, 1 77 Hughes, Leonard Buford, 121, 125 Hughes, Mark, 141 Hughes, Mary Kay, 95, 121, 127, 177 Hughes, Mike, 222 Hughes, Patricia, 1 77 Hughes, Sarah Louise, 222 Human, Gail, 246 Humphreys, Margaret, 246 Humphries, Rita, 222 Humphries, Randolph, 246 Huneke, Sandra Jo, 198 Hunt, Karen Ann, 126 Hunt, William, 222 Hunter, Kathleen, 127, 222 Hunter, Lester, 137 Hunter, Suzanne, 246 Hurrell, Patricia, 246 Huse, Marilyn, 222 Hussey, Sandra, 222 Hutchens, Raymond, 177 Hutchins, Philip, 137, 177 Hutchinson, Julie, 198 Hyams, Charlotte, 51, 86, 87, I 14, 127, 214, 215, 223 Iberkleid, Wolf, 223 Ingram, Carolyn, 223 Ingram, Raymond, 246 Ingram, Ronald, 246 Innis, Lynda Kaye, 126, 236, 246 Ireland, Randall, 198 Irvine, Betty Lou, I 76 Irvine, Jobie, 198 Irwine, Garland, I 76 Iverson, Christine, 246 Ivy, Madie, 223 Jacks, Paul, 138 Jackson, Billie, 1 76 Jackson, Brenda, 127, 198 Jackson, Scotty, 246 Jackson, Elaine, 246 Jackson, Jorgann, 132,223 Jackson, Pete, 246 Jackson, Teresa, 246 Jacob, Linda Gail, 246 Jacobs, Cynthia, I 26 James, Jana Sue, 101, 122, 214, 223 James, John, 246 Jarvis, Andy, 246 Jasper, William, 246 Jeane, Michael, 89, 105 Jennings, Glenn, 198 Jennings, Janet, 132, 223 Jennigns, Linda, 246 Jensen, Eilene, 246 Job, Edward Bruce, 246 Johns, Doris, 198 Johnson, Benny, 94, 177 Johnson, Candace, 246 Johnson, Carole, 223 Johnson, Elizabeth, 246 Johnson, Faye, 223 Johnson, Frieda, 246 Johnson, Glen, 246 Johnson, Jacqueline, 246 Johnson, Kenneth, 137, 177 Johnson, Linda Lee, 127, 177, 246 Johnson, Lyndia, 223, 246 Johnson, Mary Jane, 198 Johnson, Mike, 246 Johnson, Richard, 160, 161, 198 Johnson, Robert, 177 Johnson, Virginia, 246 Johnson, William, 121, 177 Johnston, Betty Lynn, 198 Johnston, Dan, 141, 198 Johnston, Kathryn, 177 Johnston, Kenneth, 198 Johnston, Mike, 246 Johnston, Nancy, 110, III, 127, 177 Johnston, Richard Daniel, 123 Jones, Benny, 246 Jones, Bill, 74 Jones, Evelyn Joan, 135 Jones, Faye, 198 283 GREENE ' S EQUIPMENT COMPANY FORD FARM-INDUSTRIAL EQUIPMENT Box 355 2312 Stallings Nacogdoches, Texas LO 4-4571 Nacogdoches Bottling Company 1 18 E. Hospital P.O. Box 1342 4 WAYS TO BUY • Cash • Layaway • 30 Days • Up to 6 Months NACOGDOCHES SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION Beall ' s QUALITY MERCHANDISE Nacogdoches Texas CASON, MONK CO. Hardware Furniture Established 1893 SWIFT BROS. SMITH, INC. Druggists The Place Where You Get What You Want 221 East Main Street Phone LO 4-4651 and LO 4-4101 Nacogdoches, Texas 284 Jones, Jack, 223 Jones, Larry, 139, 233 Jones, Linda, 104, 132, 246 Jones, Melvin, 198 Jones, Mike, 246 Jones, Pamela, 198 Jones, Paula Ruth, 233 Jones, Sandra, 246 Jones, Sharon Elizabeth, 132, 177 Jones, Timothy Lee, 246 Jordan, John, I 36 Jordan, Sue Carol, 198 Judith, Joseph (J.J.), I 14, 141, 198 Justice, Larry Gene, 139, 223 Kahn, Selma Ray, 223 Kaiser, Debbie, I 32 Kanady, Noelle, 177 Karkowski, Judith, 223 Kaufmann, Louis Wayne, 246 Kauzlarich, Adrianne, 246 Kay, Leneda Gail, 223 Kearney, Joseph P., 138 Keasler, Stephen Russell, 246 Keen, James Darrell, 246 Keene, Curtis, 246 Kelley, Joe, 246 Kelley, Johnny Grey, 198 Kelley, Phyllis, 261 Kelly, Lloyd, 246 Kelly, Roger Allen, 131, 177 Kelsey, John Allen, 198 Kemper, Karen Sue, 132, 177 Kemper, Thomas, 139, 223 Kennedy, Alice Annell, 223 Kennedy, Martha, 223 Kennedy, Robert, 246 Kenner, Vernon, 121, I 78 Kenny, Dianna Gail, 122 Kent, Barton Lane, 223 Kent, Patricia Anne, 223 Kerbow, Edgar DuWayne, 150, 246 Kerley, Mary Ann, 223 Kern, Charles, 246 Kerr, Elizabeth Camille, 261 Kerr, Linda Nell, 246 Kessler, Ina Karen, 198 Ketchum, Jerry Lynn, 198 Key, Ronald Francis, 178 Keys, Kathryn, 223 Khewer, D. E., 246 Kidd, Elizabeth (Betsy), 74 Kiefer, Barbara Jean, 198 Killian, Judy, 198 King, David, 198, 261 King, Jack Douglas, 141, 223 King, Michael C, 178 King, Patricia, 142, 246 King, Ronald Edward, 246 King, Valerie, 246 Kinnaird, Leonard, 246 Kinnebrew, Mike, I 37 Kinner, William, 246 Kirby, Karen, 261 Kirk, Obie Weldon, 131 Kirkh am, Wilma Kay, I 27 Kirkland, Mary Winelle, 246 Kirkpatrick, Karen, 247 Kirkwood, Joanne, 247 Kiser, Deborah Sue, 247 Kissinger, Linda Cherie, 247 Kite, Terry Elaine, 247 Klein, John Peter, 50, 247 Kleutgen, Diane, 132, 199 Knight, Dennis, 247 Knight, Gary Wayne, I 18 Knight, Helen, 178 Knight, ' Katie Maureen, 127, 199 Knight, Steve Talbot, 247 Knox, James, 223 Koeneman, Elizabeth, 223 Koenning, Dorothy, 247 Koerth, Mary Ann, 132 Kohl, Charles, 141, 223 Kolarik, Beverly, 223 Kolnig, Carl, 199 Konrad, John, 136, 247 Kopczynski, Jo Claire, 126, 247 Korsa, Joe, 223 Kosta, Larry, 247 Kotch, Bobby, 199 Koval, Louise, 223 Kraner, William Michael, 247 Kreplin, Gayle Sylvia, 199 Kuhn, Barbara Jo, 247 Kyle, James, 139, 199 Lackman, Mary Nell, 67 Lacy, Gary, I 78 Lagarde, Dian Louise, 223 Lagrone, Diane, I 78 Laidacker, David, 247 Lalumandlier, Royce, 247 Lamar, Margaret, 199 Lamb, Barbara, 199 Lamberth, Carol, 127, 223 Lampton, Sharon, 126, 247 Lanasa, Susan, 74, 247 Lancaster, Neal, I 78 Land, Rosemary, 199 Lander, Bill, 247 Landry, Jean, I 79 Landry, Robert James, 150, 223 Lane, Robert Charles, 199 Lane, Sandra, I 79 Langford, Elizabeth, 74, 199 Langford, Joe, 247 Langford, Sandra, 127 Langran, Claudia, 247 Langston, Sally Jo, 247 Lanier, Gene, 223 Lankford, Leonard, 247 Lankford, Ted, 150, 247 Larsen, Richard, 247 Latimer, Michael, 140 Latimer, Sharon, 223 Lauderdale, Lee, 247 Laufman, John David, 223 Laughlin, Allen, 247 Lauter, Barbara, 223 Lawder, Bill, 136 Lawrence, William, 247 Lawson, Billie, 247 Lawson, Nancy, 200 Lawson, Phyllis, 179 Lawton, Robert, I 78 Leblanc, Susan, 247 Leboeuf, Robert, 137 Ledbetter, Ray, 247 Lee, Jimmie, 223 Lee, Marion Pat, I 3 I Lee, Ruaty, 247 Lee, Stephen, 75, 223 Lee, Virginia, 261 Lefforge, Linda, 200 Lehmann, Carlotta, f27 Leimgrubler, Jane, 247 Lemke, Glenn, 247 Leonard, Franklin, 247 Lesikar, Woody, 247 Lester, John, 223 Lester, Odis, 247 Letbetter, Sherry, 247 Levacy, Rebecca, 132, 224 Levens, Leon, I 14, 166, 275 Leverett, Glenda, 224 Levit, Gary, 247 Lewis, Angus, 1 78 Lewis, David, 247 Lewis, Diana, 200, 247 Lewis, Goerge Ann, 143 Lewis, Jimmie J. Walker, 178 Lewis, Nancy Elaine, 247 Lewis, Roy Dale, 200 Liles, Paula, 178 Lillard, Malcolm, 141, 224 Lindee, Lauren, 224 Lindsay, Kathie Ann, 200 Lindsey, Patricia, I 78 Linzy, Patty Ann, 261 Lister, Carolyn, 247 Lister, Charlotte, 178 Little, Aubrey, 261 Little, William, 247 Lively, Roger Neil, 1 4 1 Lively, Tony Phillip, 200 Livesay, William, 136, 247 Lloyd, Mark, 247 Lobue, Vicky, 126, 247 Lock, Joyce, 121, 135, 178 Locke, Sharon Ann, 247 Lockhart, James, 200 Lodge, Edwina Rivers, 247 Lofland, Bill, 179 Loftiss, Linda Lou, 261 Logan, Richard, 200 Loggins, Linda Lee, 247 Long, Judy, 224 Long, Linda, I 35, 247 Long, Marie, I 79 Long, Rosemary, 127, 200 Longacre, Dan Gray, 139 Longbotthom, Harold, 150, 221 Lopez, James, 247 Lorenz, Don, 148, 150 Lott, Ann, 247 Love, Ken, 74, 224 Loveall, Judy, 103, 132, 224 Lovett, Patricia, 247 Low, Jimmie, I 25, I 79 Loew, Janelle, 247 Lowe, Joseph, 224 Lowe, Sam, 200 Lowery, Michael, 247 Loyd, Joe, 224 Loyless, Sandra, 247 Lucas, Janet Carol, 247 Lucht, Lawrence, 200 Lucia, Samuel, 224 285 Luder, Louise, 261 Ludtke, Chris, 261 Ludtke, Dianne, 143, 200 Luedecke, John, 74, 261 Luna, Johnny, 247 Lundquist, Paul, 140, 247 Lupfer, Robert, 200 Lusk, Carroll David, 178 Luster, Linda, 1 35, 261 Lyles, Jerry, 139, 178 Lyons, Floyd, 224 Lyons, Sylvia, 132, 214, 224 Mabry, Patrick, 225 Machlitt, Kathy, 50, 135, 225 Mack, Jeanette, I 78 Mackey, Annabelle, 249 Mackey, Susan, I 78 Maclin, Drusilla, 248 Macon, Laurie, 248 Madden, Gary, I 30 Madeley, Hank, 200 Magee, Mary Lynne, 248 Mahan, Michael, 248 Mallbry, Darrine, 248 Malley, William, 178 Malone, Gary, 101, 137 Malone, Glynn, 262 Malone, Michael, 248 Manger, Susan, 142, 248 Manley, Sheryll, 225 Manning, Gary, 248 Manning, Jerry, 225 Marchiando, Michael, 178 Mark, Robert, 200 Markham, Tim, 248 Marris, Dicky, 225 Marsellos, Cathryn, 249 Marsh, Cynthia, 249 Marsh, Leslie, 249 Marsh, Paula, 249 Marshall, Carl, 131, 262 Marshall, Saundra, 249 Martin, Allen, 248 Martin, Betty Ann, 179 Martin, Danny, 248 Martin, Gary, 225 Martin, James, 131, 161, 166, 167, 200, 262 Martin, Kenneth, 262 Martin, Lowell, 248 Martin, Marilyn, 132, 225 Martiri, Nancy, 248 Martin, Ruth Marie, 248 Martin, Sherry Ann, 228 Martin, Tommy, 75, I 79 Martindale, Tim, I 50 Martinez, Theodoro, 167 Marules, Ted, 248 Mason, Pete, 162, 221 Massey, Jerri, 248 Massey, Johnny, 225 Massey, Larry, 248 Mather, Michael, 179 Mathers, Brenda, 201 Mathews, Elizabeth, 262 Mathews, Dave, 1 84 Mathews, Jay, 248 Mathes, Lynne, I 78 M this, Martha, 249 Matthews, Dave, 137, 201 Matthews, George, 262 Matthews, Thomas, 249 Mattson, Suzanna, 249 Max, William Perry, 178 Maxwell, Felnert, 249 Maxwell, Michael, 201 Maxwell, Patrick, 202 May, Sue, 262 Mayfield, Jacky, 225 Mazzare, Patricia, 249 Mazzola, Anna, 248 McBay, Donald, 178 McBay, Jerri, 178 McBee, Michael, 247 McBrayer, Janice, 247 McBride, Don, 247 McBride, John, 248 McCarver, David, 74 McCasland, Gary, 248 McCauley, Albert, 178 McCauley, Dennis, 248 McCauley, Robert, 200 McClain, Tom, 224 McClane, Tommy Faye, 248 McClelland, Anna, 248 McClelland, James, 224 McClure, Sydney, 248 McComb, James, 49, 178 McCord, David, 167 McCourt, Diane, 178 McCoy, Dianne, 248 McCoy, Lynda Gail, 248 McCoy, Patricia, 200 McCoy, Randall, 249 McCracken, Judith, 249 McCrary, Dan, 261 McCrary, Sidney, 224 McCrory, Don, I 14, 141, 214, 215, 224 McCuistion, Joy Lynn, 179 McCulley, Donna, 249 McCullock, Elaine, 200 McCullock, Thomas, 200 McCune, Ennis, I 79 McCurry, Betfy, 249 McCurry, William; I 3 I McDaniel, Ruby, 91, 132 McDonald, Cheryl, 142, 249 McDonald, Danese, 248 McDonald, Janet, 248 McDonald, Jerry, 224 McDonald, Kathryn, 261 McDowell, James, 140, 224 McDuffie, Dennis, 200 McDugal, Charles, 200 McFadden, Sharon, 135, 224 McFarland, James, 248 McFerren, Martha, 248 McGary, Jacqueline, 200 McGaughey, Judy, 224 McGileray, Vicki, I 32 McGuire, Gayle, 200, 248 McHayney, Donald, 200 McHugh, Pat, 74, 167 Mclver, Martha, 248 McKaskle, Gayle, I 19, 200 McKenzie, Claralee, 224 McKewen, Hal, 131 McKewen, Reagan, 137, 224 McKinney, Thomas, 224 McKnight, Myrna, 248 McKnight, Robert, 179 McLain, Larry, 248 McLean, James, 200 McLean, Ronnie, I 78 McLemore, Helen, 225 McMillin, Carl, 248 McMullen, Cheryl, 247 McNay, Ronald, 141, 225 McNeill, Thomas Gregg, 130, 150, 178 McPherson, Sylvia, 225 McReynolds, John, 249 McSwain, Vicki, 249 McVey, Jean, 249 McWhorter, Mary Martha, 225 McWilliams, Johnnie, 167 McWilliams, Lorenzo Dow, 167 Meabon, Carolyn, 201 Meador, James, 248 Meadows, Myrna, 248 Means, Jann Ann, 248 Means, Mary, 262 Mears, Ken, I 39 Medford, Carol, 225 Meeks, Cheryl, 262 Meigs, Charlotte, 201 Meley, James, 131, 178 Mellgren, Walter, 248 Melton, Derrel, 248 Menefee, Patricia, 249 Merhoff, Donald, 249 Merrill, James, 249 Messer, Roseann, 225 Metcalf, John, 131 Meteteauer, Glenda, 132, 178 Metz, Ralph Paul, 167 Metzger, Beth, 178 Meyer, John, 20 1 Meyers, Gail, 127 Michael, Jan, 262 Middleton, Merry, 201 Mikle, Stephanie, 249 Milulek, Judy, 262 Mikulenka, Michael Bruce, 150 Milam, Bartlett, 225 Milam, James, 249 Miles, Eddie, 131 Miles, LaVelle, 132, 225 Miles, Orval, 178 Miller, Billy, 225 Miller, Charles, 249 Miller, Cherry Collen, 201 Miller, Jeanie, 127, 225 Miller, John Howard, 225 Miller, Joyce, 51 Miller, Judy, 249 Miller, Karen, 249 Miller, Margaret, 143, 249 Miller, Nicky, 249 Miller, Roy, 249 Miller, Stephen, 225 Miller, Susan, 249 Milligan, Linda, 51, 201 Mills, Jeannie, 249 Mills, John, 249 Milner, Loisanne, 225 Mims,- Linda, 249 Minter, David, 151, 225 286 Minter, Jerry, 148, 150, 160 Minter, Mary, 225 Minton, Bobby, 178 Misamore, Martha, 249 Mitcham, Yvonne, 201, 135 Mitchell, Flora Ann, 202 Mitchell, Frank, 249 Mitchell, Jo Ann, 262 Mitchell, William, 249 Mitzen, Red, 131 Modisette, Howard Dan, 138 Modisette, Marieta, 24° Moi, Steve, 202 Moline, Shirley, 249 Moller, Mary Clive, 132, 185, 225 Molnari, Chris, 225 Monts, Anthony, 202 Moon, Margaret, 249 Moore, D. B., 202 Moore, Douglas, 161, 225 Moore, Jean, 249 Moore, Larry, 141 , 249 Moore, Maribeth, 249 Moore, Marjorie, 225 Moore, Paul, 202 Moore, Rand, 143, 249 Moore, Rheta, 249 Moore, Ronald, 202 Moore, Sharon, 134, 249 Mora, Mildred, 225 Morain, Eva, 225 Moran, Tom, 249 Moreland, Mike, 249 Moreno, Robert, 202 Morey, Cynthia, 249 Morgan, Daniel, 249 Morgan, Dianna, 249 Morgan, Emmett, 131, 179 Morgan, Floyd, 262 Morgan, Margaret, 202 Morgan, Melina, 249 Morgan, Sherry, 249 Morgan, William, 225 Morphis, Billie Ruth, 225 Morris, Christine, 262 Morris, Judith Kathy, 132, 249 Morris, Larry Keith, 179 Morris, Michael, 250 Morrison, James, 141, 225 Morse, Ronald, 202 Morton, Diana, 143, 202 Moseley, Linda, 225 Moser, Harriet, I 78 Moses, Lola, 202 Mosley, Ralph, 250 Moss, William, 250 Moulden, Mary Nell, 250 Moulton, Marsha, 132, 250 Mourer, Jeanette, 225 Moyers, James, I 78 Muckleroy, Karen, 143, 225 Muetz, Richard, 225 Mullins, Catherine, 250 Munn, David, 250 Muntean, Dana, 250 Murff, Jack, 74 Murff, Kathy, 262 Murff, Robert, 149, I SO Murphy, Linda, 250 Murphy, Lynn, 250 Murphy, Ronald, 250 Murphy, Tom, I 39 Murphy, Vicki, 202 Murray, Kenney, I 30 Murray, Mitchell, 250 Musick, Edythe Jan, 262 Myers, Deborah, 250 Myers, Gaile, 203 Myers, Susan, 250 Nader, Robert, 225 Nagel, Gary, 203 Nagle, Patricia, 225 Nanway, Marsha, 250 Napier, William, 225 Nash, Ronald James, 178 Nation, Madeline, 225 Neely, Kay, 250 Neff, Barbara Barnes, I 32 Neff, Robert, 149, 150, 131 Neff, William, 178 Neighbors, Slim, 250 Neilson, Faith, 74, 75 Neitsch, Lewis, 203 Nelson, Joel Eliot, 225 Nelson, Virginia Diane, 132, 225 Nemacek, Rena, 127 Netters, Billie Jo, 203 Nettle, Jane Ann, 126, 250 Nettleton, Gordon, 141 Newberry, Newton, 203 Neuman, Mary, 250 Newman, Bob, 250 Newman, Earl, 250 Newman, Janice, 203 Newman, Michael, 151 Newman, Richard, 178 Newmann, Danna, 250 Newnam, Pamela, 250 Newnam, Penelope (Penny), 49, 225 Newton, Brenda Jean, 262 Newton, Clare Marie, 250 Newton, Rebecca, 135, 225 Nicklas, Alton Derell, 139 Niederhofer, Sandra, 250 Nix, Tyler Kay, 178 Noble, Bonnie Sue, 143, 203 Noonan, Barbara, 225 Norris, Thana Sue, 178 Norton, Sonna, 96, 121, 143, 179, 203 Norton, Harold, 131 Norton, Jean, 225 Norton, Nancy Dee, 127 Norwood, Terry, 226 Nowak, Patricia, 250 Nugent, Donald, 250 Null, Fredna, 179 Nunan, Tim Paul, 226 Nunn, Maria, 203 Nutt, David, 157, 262 Oblinger, Luana Gael, 226 O ' Conner, Walter, 226 Odom, Daniel, 203 O ' Donnell, Nancy, 250 O ' Dowd, Tommy, 250 Ogden, Hiram, 262 Ogg, Sandra, 250 O ' Keefe, Katherine, 226 Oldham, Carroll, 250 Olds, Charlotte,- 179 Olive, Kenneth, 250 Oliver, Glen, 139 Olsen, John, 203 Olson, Beverly Jean, 167 O ' Neal, Lewis, 226 O ' Neil, Patrick, 203 Opersteny, Janet, 226 O ' Quinn, David, 250 Orr, Bob, 203 Orr, Carolyn Graham, 250 Orr, Mary Ann, 262 Osborne, Leonard, 250 OToole, Michael, 130 Otterstad, John, 203 Overland, Gail Anne, 250 Overton, Don, 203 Owen, Cynthia Jean, 250 Owen, James, 250 Owen, Karon, 203 Owens, Darrell, 262 Owens, Eddie, I 3 I Owens, Judith Ann, 250 Owens, Virginia, 226 Owens, William, 203 Pace, Jeff, 226 Page, Marcia, 250 Pagel, Thomas, 203 Paine, Samuel Fredrick, I 18 Pal mer, John, 203 Palterson, Jerry, 250 Parker, Iris Louise, 262 Parker, James, 137, 141, 203 Parker, Joel, 203 Parker, Patricia, 250 Parkenson, Pete, 226 Parkman, James Ronald, 262 Parks, Barbara, 250 Parmenter, Janice, 203 Parmley, Randy, 250 Parrish, Kenneth, 203 Parrott, Kaye, 127 Parsons, Donald, 203 Parsons, Mike, 226 Partin, John Charles, 226 Pate, Catherine, 250 Pates, Janet, 262 Patrick, Joe Alan, I 67 Patte ' rson, Ann, 250 Patterson, Davene, 250 Patterson, Dean Powell, 137 Patterson, John, 203 Patterson, Pam, 250 Patterson, Pamela Graham, 250 Patton, Patricia, 250 Payne, David Michael, 138, 203 Payne, Michael, 250 Payne, Oliver Max, 139, 156 Peacock, Tony, I 39 Pearce, Sandra, 250 Pechulis, Ruthann, 50, 122, 135 Peden, Joan Margerette, 250 Pedersen, William, 123 Pedison, Anthony John, 204 Peebles, David, 204 Pegram, Bruce, 250 Peltier, Peter Carl, 204 Pelz, Charles, 250 Pena, Jimmy, 226 287 Pena, John, 226 Purdy, Sybil, 204 Ritter, Sharon, 25 1 Peppeard, Mary, 250 Purnell, Don, 226 Roberts, Diane, 251 Pepper, Jack, 226 Purnell, Fred, 226 Roberts, Gene, 25 1 Perdue, Chaney Lou, 226 Pyle, Jim, 251 Roberts, Jennifer, 66, 127, 204 Perry, Pamela, 250 Quinn, Wilbur Ray, 226 Roberts, Kenneth, 251 Persohn, Carol Ann, 250 Quisenberry, James, 104, 114, 137, 168 Roberts, Peggy, 227 Peteet, Allen, 250 Rabalais, Gala, 262 Robertson, Gwendolyn, 180 Peters, Sue, 262 Rabble, Ronnie, 251 Robertson, Larry, 251 Peters, Wilson, 250 Rach, Bill, 226 Robertson, Marilyn, 227 Peterson, John Allen, 226 Rack, Robert, 262 Robertson, Richard Wayne, 151 Petropolis, Nikki, 103, 108, 262 Raines, James, 204 Robertson, Robert, 227 Petty, Pat, 74 Ramey, Rachel, 226, 132 Robinson, David, 25 1 Peveto, Riley, 130 Ramsay, Judith, 143, 262 Robinson, Gloria Susan, 227 Pfluger, Timothy, 250 Ramsey, Donald, 204 Robinson, Helen Marie, 205, 251 Phillips, Danne, 226 Ramsey, Hugh, 131, 204 Robinson, Kim, 251 Phillips, Jean, 251 Ramsey, Joseph, 251 Robinson, Linda, 25 1 Phillips, Norma Gayle, 262 Randol, Jane, 262 Robinson, Mary Ann, 180 Phipps, John, 25 1 Raney, Patricia, 25 1 Robinson, Randall, 205 Pickel, Larry, 167 Rankin, Nina Kaye, 226 Rockholt, Marilyn, 127, 227 Pickel, Maridale, 251 Rasco, Beverly Ann, 226 Roddy, Patsy Arleen, 251 Pike, Rick, 226 Raulerson, Adrianne, 126,251 Rodney, Lindlow, 262 Pike, William, 226 Raulston, Bevins, 251 Roe, Lauren Ward, 251 Pinckard, Linda, 25 1 Rawlins, Earl, 226 Roebuck, Thomas Paul, 180 Pinkerton, Lynn, 204 Ray, Renyck, 251 Rodge, William, 139 Pinkerton, Robert, 257 Rayson, Harvey, 1 57 Rogers, David, 262 Piper, Sandra, 226 Rea, Thomas, 22 1 Rogers, Faye Nell, 121, 205 Pipes, Linda Ruth, 226 Read, Linda Anne, 87, 226 Rogers, Jana, 25 1 Pirtle, Jerry, 226 Read, Linda Jane, 25 1 Rogers, Jerry, 25 1 Pittman, J. Lee, 251 Rector, Louis, 251 Rogers, Joann, 227 Plunkett, Charlotte, 226 Redding, Gail, 25 1 Rogers, Karen, 227 Plunkett, Sue Ann, 204 Redfern, Judy, 25 1 Rogers, Mike, 1 3 1 Poe, Larry, 251 Redmon, Kathleen, 51, 251 Rohrs, Diana, 262, 251 Poland, Kathy, 226 Redmond, Jon, 25 1 Romano, Frederic, 251 Polanovich, Dee Ann, 1 32, 226 Reece, Paul, 204 Romans, Jerry, 25 1 Pollack, Larry, 57, 107 Reed, Ann, 204 Romaines, Robert, 139, 181 Pond, George Fred, 251 Reed, Glorese, 226 Roos, Joseph, 125, 1 67 Ponder, Joseph, 226 Reed, Joe, 25 1 Roquemore, Susanne, 251 Pool, Joyce Ann, 25 1 Reed, Sandra Faye, 204 Rose, Joe Guy, 25, 33, 63, 65, 74, 75, 181, Poovey, Kay Nan, 204 Register, Joe, 25 1 279 Poque, Ronald, 204 Reich, Richard, 101, 137 Rose, Michael, 227 Porter, Barbara, 127, 226 Reichart, Mark, 251 Rose, Trudie Elizabeth, 262 Porter, John, 226 Reith, Beth Freeman, 92 Rosendale, Thomas Thill, 227 Porter, Mary Beth, 226 Rentfro, Rebecca, 251 Rosenblatt, Stanley, 181 Porter, Sarah Ellen, 226 Resch, Frank Emile, 251 Ross, Gary, 25 1 Poskey, John, 226 Reynolds, Sarah, 25 1 Ross, Janis Lynn, 252 Post, Susan, 226 Rhame, Martha, 227 Ross, Mary Jean, 262 Postell, Fran, 251 Rhodes, Jerry, 25 1 Ross, Robert, 205 Poston, Paul Gray, 123, 137, 262 Rhoden, David, 132, 1 3 1 , 204 Ross, Sandra, 205, 253 Potter, Danny Roy, 139, 204 Rhodes, David, 204 Ross, Sharon Kaye, 127 Potter, Dennis Michael, 204 Rice, Gilford, 262 Rothrock, Kathleen, 253 Pounds, Cheryl LaVern, 143, 204 Rice, Jack, 204 Rowsey, Randy, 74, 227 Powell, Audrie, 262 Rice, Joel, 251 Royce, Ralph, 205 Powell, Donald, 251 Rice, Ronald, 262 Roye, Tim, 253 Powell, Jimmy Foy, 141, 204, 226 Rich, Barbara, 251 Royse, Norman, 227 Powdl, Sally, 132, 204 Richards, George, 141, 227 Rozelle, Dean, 253 Powers, George, 251 Richards, Jim, 141 Rulfs, John, 131, 205 Prather, Wm Cecil, 204 Richards, Ralph, 139 Rulfs, Sharon, 253 Prestwich, Sheila Kay, 251 Richardson, Bill, 204 Rumm, Sharom Lee, 143, 205 Price, Glenn, 204 Richardson, James, 251 Rush, Leona, 127, 205 Price, Wayne, 262 Richardson, Joe, 1 2 1 Rush, Richard, 137, 227 Priest, Lindsey, 25 1 Richardson, Terry Lee, 262 Russell, Alice Phyllece, 262 Prince, Linda, 1 35 Rickard, Judith, 251 Russell, Allen, 253 Pringle, Joyce Elaine, 262 Ricks, Donald, 227 Russell, Donna, 253 Pritchett, George, 226 Ricks, James Michael, 262 Russell, Gary Woody, 205 Probant, Gerard, 226 Ridgway, Patti-Sue, 132, 227 Russell , H. T., 227 Proyer, Freddie, 25 1 Riley, Lauren Kay, 143 Russell, Roger, 253 Puckett, Gary, 130 Riley, Lynne Allison, 143 Ryan, Danille, 135, 253 Puckett, Loyal, 251 Riley, Pam, 251 Ryan, Reed, 252 Putnam, Larry, 1 5 1 Ritter, Katherine, 251 Rymal, Sarah Margaret, 253 288 Sabom, Katherine, 253 Sadler, James Weldon, 253 Sage, Lawrence, 227 Sales, Janis, 227 Sa lies, Cynthia, 262 Saltzman, Bonnie, 253 Salvato, Joseph, 253 Samford, Gay Nita, 250 Samford, Stanley, 74, 227 Sampsell, Susan, 253 Samson, Barbara, 250 Sandell, Jimmy Dale, 227 Sanders, Cordelia, 250 Sanders, Gene, 263 Sanders, Hal Thomas, 139 Sanders, Joe, I 3 I Sanders, Mike, 131, 123, 205 Sanders, Sallie, 252 Sanders, Sherry Ann, I 32, 253 Sanders, Tommy, 205 Sandifer, Jackie, 253 Sandlin, Jane, 253 Satterwhite, Sunny, 143 Saudia, Thomas, 228 Saulsbery, Marie, 135, 228 Saxon, Karen, 206 Scaggs, Pamela Dee, 126 Scarboro, Marylyn, 135, 253 Scarborough, Alfred, I 3 1 , 206 Scarborough, Christine, 181 Schaefer, Kenton, 136, 253 Schaeffer, John, 206 Schermerhorn, Rodney, 206 Schiller, Wayne Fuller, I 3 1 , 206 Schimschat, Gary Richard, I 8 1 , 206 Schlief, Edward, 206 Schmale, Gerald Sydney, I 18, 206 Schmidt, Marty, 228 Schmidt, Sonja Rae, 228 Schmidt, Susan, 181, 108 Schmidt, Theresa, 253 Schmidt, Wayne, 253 Schmmitt, Marilyn, 253 Schneider, Kay Diane, 253 Schneider, Michael, 228 Schodt, Frederick, 252 Schuler, Thilda, 135, 253 Sch ulze, David Paul, 206 Schweikart, Jackie Sue, 206 Scoggins, Brenda Kay, 228 Scott, Carl Edward, 206 Scott, Don, 263 Scott, Jeanne McCoy, 121 Scott, Mary D., 228, 135 Scott, Mary JoAnna, 122, 228 Scott, Melba Gay, 69, 135, 206 Scott, Paulette, 253 Scott, Philip, 207 Scott, Walter Lee, 130, 253 Seale, Mark, 253 Seals, William, 253 Seamans, Rita, 143, 207 Searcy, Janice, 121, I 80 Sebesta, Terry, 138, 207 Secrest, Mary, 253 Segrest, Signa, 253 Seilhan, Jerry, 1 39 Self, Joel, 253 Self, Stanley, 207 Sellers, Karen, 228 Sellers, Michele, 253 Sellers, Sherry, 253 Semeyn, Janne, 252 Semlear, Jack Leroy, 207 Senar, Karen, 207 Senderegger, Steve, 253 Sewell, Buzz, 180 Sevigny, Thomas, 253 Sexton, Thelma, 253 Sharp, Donna, 228 Sharp, John, 253 Sharp, Steve, 253 Sharp, Ted, 228 Shaw, Alex, I 5 1 , 207 Shaw, James, 228 Shaw, Mary Evelyn, 207 Shaw, Nancy, 253 Shaw, Sharon, 102, 132, 253 Shealy, Jerry Lucille, 228 Sheffield, Kenneth, 180 Sheffield, Stephen, 253 Shelburne, Sue, 253 Shell, Georgia Ann, 252 Shelton, Ginny Lou, 103, 207 Shelton, Jerri, 253 Shelton, Marilyn, 253 Shelton, Sam W., 167 Shephard, Sammye, 253 Sheppard, Pamela, 132, 181 Sherbert, Ronald, 253 Sherman, Paula, 253 Sherrill, Richard Ladd, 137 Shipman, Martha, 228 Shivers, Stephen, 131, 228 Shopland, Muriel, 228 Shugart, Rick, 253 Shumate, Terry, I 39 Sibert, Judith, 181 Sicker, Robert, 228 Sides, Susanne, 253 Sieffert, Bruce, 181 Sieffert, Lyle, 156, 228 Silva, Joel, 181 Simmons, John, 131, 207 Simmons, Karla, 207 Simmons, Lynn, 207 Simmons, Mary Vivian, 135, 228 Simmons, Nancy Ruth, 181 Simon, Frances, 228 Sitton, Danny, 253 Sitton, Lynda, 253 Skelton, Diane, 252 Skelton, Tom, 228 Slagle, Bonnie, 253 Slaughter, Travis, 253 Slay, Sheryl, 253 Slayton, Oden, 253 Slayton, Sherry, 228 Sloan, Charlotte, 253 Sloan, William, 228 Smart, J. D., 253 Smiley, Donald Leon, 228 Smiley, Laura, 1 8 I Smith, Alice Ann, 207, 228 Smith, Barbara Diane, 253 Smith, Carolyn, 263 Smith, Ceaser, 236, 253 Smith, Charles, 253 Sm Sm Sm Smith Sm Sm Smith, Cheryl, 134 Clark, 253 David L, 181, 252 Debbie, 253 Diana Kaye, 207 Geraldine (Jerri), 75 Harvey, 253 Smith, Jack Bob, 228 Smith, Jackie, 228 Smith, James Dudley, 139, 228 Smith, James E., 180 Smith, James Jerry, 207 Smith, Jimmie Lee, 126, 228 Smith, Karen Marie, 207 Smith, Kenneth Love, 253 Smith, Kenneth W., 253 Smith, Larry Wayne, 207 Smith, Laura, 253 Smith, Martha, 228 Smith, Mickey, 139 Smith, Molly, 132 Smith, Monty, 253 Smith, Peter, 253 Smith, Phillip, 252 Smith, Phyllis, 180 Smith, Raymond, 228 Smith, Rodney, 253 Smith, Roland, 263 Smith, Sandra Jane, 228, 263 Smith, Tenne, 263 Smith, Trudy, I 14, 127, 168 Smith, Walter, 253 Smith, William H., 253 Smith, William O., 253 Smith, William R., 131 Smithwick, Roger, 207 Smyth, Paul, 253 Snyder, Patricia, 253 Snyder, Susan, 253 Sorflaten, Heidi, 253 Sorrell, David, 253 Sory, Jody, I 3 I Soules, Dallas, 254 Sowell, Bobby, 207 Sowell, Elizabeth, 263 Sparks, Charles, 254 Sparks, George, 254 Spear, Carollynn, 254 Spear, Stephen, I 14, 236, 254 Speed, James, 254 Speed, Jere, 74, 207 Speights, Joey, 229 Spelman, John, 229 Spence, Joyce, 229 Spence, Loyce, 229 Spencer, Alma Fay, 180 Spencer, Emily, 25 I Spencer, Melville Neel, 207 Spies, Charles, 141 Spikerman, John, 251 Spivey, Lynda, 126, 254 Spilsbury, Michele, 254 Spradley, Randy, 114, 131, 186, Spradley, Steve, 130, 254 Spraggins, Paula, 254 Spriggs, James, 181 Spruance, Susan, 207 Staley, Harriet, 254 Stallings, David, 130 207 289 Stallworth, Darrell, 207 Stamps, David, 151, 229 Stanaland, Charles, 207 Staney, Orval, 181 Stanley, Harold, 137 Starr, James, I 39 Statham, Nanette, 207 Stathem, Richard, 254 Staut, Richard, 254 Steed, Emma, 229 Steele, Freddie, I 57 Steele, Lou, 254 Steele, Nedra, 132 Steger, Eric, 263 Stengel, Joe, 229 Stensrud, David, 137, 208 Stephens, Charles, 207 Stephens, Donna Jo, 208 Stevens, Linda Ruth, 229 Stevens, Naomi, 208 Stevenson, Bob, 254 Stevenson, Delilah Ann, 263 Stevenson, Paul, 208 Stewart, Boyd, 254 Stewart, Franklin, 229 Stewart, Joseph, 254 Stewart, Robert, 208 Stewart, Vivian, 208 Still. John, 181, 254 Stock, Constance, 132, 254 Stokes, James, 254 Stokes, Randy, 229 Stone, Carrol, 254 Stone, Joseph, I 8 I Stone, Mary, 254 Storer, Christopher, 229 Story, Mary, 254 Stoup, Phil Meyer, 131 Stovall, Beverly Jo, 254 Strahan, Hilbert, 93, 104, 121, 181 Strahan, Marsha, 254 Strahan, Roy, 208 Straughn, Louise, 229 Strickland, Jane, 132, 208 Strong, Tommy, 229 Strunk, Karen, 107, 122, 129, 132, 186, 208 Stuart, Bonita, 254 Stuart, David, 254 Sturrock, Janis, 254 Sturrock, Lynn, 141 Stutchman, James Mike, 181 Suggs, Dudley, 131, 151 Sullender, Timmie, 229 Sullivan, Frank, I 36, 254 Sullivan, James, 208 Sullivan, Terese, 127, 181 Sumerford, Roni, 254 Sumerlin, Elizabeth, 254 Summerlin, Brenda, 254 Sumrall, Daniel, 208 Sumrow, Connie, 229 Sutherland, Richard, 254 Sutton, Martha, 254 Sutton, Paula, 180 Swafford, Aili Eileen, 208 Swafford, Dianne, 229 Swank, Richard, 254 Swann, Keneth, 254 Swanson, Mary, 263 Sweezy, Brenda Sue, 127, 180 Swink, Ronnie, 254 Switzer, Don Robert, 229 Swor, R. V., 208 Synder, Carl, 208 Tabor, Nancy, 229 Tackett, Nora, 132 Tackett, Patti, 180 Tackett, Steve, 149, 151 Tadlock, William, 208 Talbot, Patricia, 181 Talbott, John, 141, 229 Tallal, Patricia, 254 Tallent, Dean, 181 Talley, Bill, 229 Talley, Dona, 229 Tanksley, Willard, 263 Tarrant, Janet, 122, 143, 229 Tarver, Nancy, 229 Tate, Johnny, 254 Taubert, Kathy, 90, 121, 132, 166, 167,275 Tauzin, Sheran, 254 Tawil, Diana, 254 Taylor, Barry, 254 Taylor, Darlene, I 35 Taylor, Dave, 229 Taylor, Duke Ellen, 132 Taylor, Elaine, 229 Taylor, Ernest, 137, 181 Taylor, Kay, 254 Taylor, Kerry, 254 Taylor, Mark, 254 Taylor, Melvin, 263 Taylor, Patricia, 208 Taylor, Susan, 254 Teal, Janice Sue, 208 Teal, Thomas, 208 Teaters, Loa Rae, 254 Tedder, Carolyn, 229 Tedder, Jan, 254 Tedder, Steven, I 8 I Teel, Lana Gale, 263 Terry, Sandra, 208 Thedford, Carol, 254 Th omas, Charles, 208 Thomas, Glen, 229 Thomas, James, 137,229 Thomas, Linda, 263 Thomas, Jo, 254 Thomas, Penny, 255 Thomas, Ricky, 254 Thomas, Sandra, 255 Thomas, Vesta, 254 Thomason, Sandra, 114, 133, 181 Thomlin, Jim, I 3 I Thompson, Charles, 181 Thompson, Harry, 255 Thompson, James, 255 Thompson, Jeanette, 181 Thompson, Kay, 255 Thompson, Kirley, 254 Thompson, Marvin, 208 Thompson, Stuart, 136, 255 Thornton, Mary Ann, 255 Thornton, William, 229 Thorp, Harold, 208 Thurston, Ross, 255 Tidwell, David, 255 Tieman, Anita, 229 Tiller, Albert, 209 Timmins, Frank, 229 Tims, Jacquelyn, 255 Tindall, George, 255 Tinsley, Margaret, 255 Tipton, Bobby, 255 Tirecchi, David, 141 Toby, Joy, 229, 263 Todaro, Rosalie, 255 Todd, James, 162, 255 Todd, Ray, 151, 209 Todd, Robert, 209 Todd, Susan, 255, 142 Tolbert, Cleo, 255 Tomlin, Evelyn, 263 Tomlinson, Nancy, 209 Tooke, Susan, 255 Toomey, James, 255 Toone, Duane, 229 Torti, Philip, 136 Tottenham, Richard, 263 Touchstone, Gayle Ann, 255 Towry, Winston, 263 Townley, Cecil, 229 Towns, Judy, 229 Townsand, Elaine, I 8 I Townsend, Tommy, 141 Trahan, Dorothea, 229 Travis, Larry, 255 Traylor, Billy, 209 Traylor, Linda Lou, 180 Tredwell, Steve, 255 Trevathan, Mike, I 14, 139, 168, 169, 180 Trevathan, Randy, 118, 181 Triann, Jerry, I 39 Trimble, Janice, 255 Trippodo, Nick, 210 Truitt, Judy Kay, 127, 229 Truitt, Martha, 255 Truksa, Judy, 2 1 Tullos, Napoleon, 167 Turner, Bennie Ray, 210 Turner, James, 229 Turner, John, 2 1 Tyler, Carolyn, I 8 I Udemi, Linda, 229 Underwood, Nora, 255 Ussery, Earl Gene, I 8 I Utley, Bill, 210 Van Orden, Rhetta, 255 Van Wagner, Harry, 130 Vanderwoude, Jay, 181 Vann, Wanda Louise, 135, 229 VanZandt, Cornelia, 255 Vastine, Jo Nell, 255 Vaughan, Addie, 255 Vaughan, Ellen, 210 Vaughan, Henry, 130, 21 I Vaught, John Mark, 136, 255 Vawter, Gary, 2 I I Vawter, RaJean, 2 I I Vest, Jeffra, 255 Vibrock, Sandra, 132, 256 Vickers, Betsy, 256 Vincent, Gage, 256 Volentine, Allen, 167 Voorhees, Kathryn, 256 Wade, James, 137, 229 Wade, Joe, 256 290 Waggoner, Slynda, 181 Wagner, Robert, 141, 151, 229 Wagnon, Clarence, 256 Waite, Laura Lee, I 19, 21 I Waite, Linnea Ann, 71 Waldrop, Jane, 263 Waling, John, 256 Walker, Barbara, 74 Walker, Charles, 256 Walker, Doris, 256 Walker, Kenny, 256 Walker, Harry, 137, 229 Walker, John, I 14, 139, 186, 21 I Walker, Marshall, 21 I Walker, Nancy, 256 Walker, Richard, 256 Walker, Roy, 181 Wall, Judy, 256 Wallace, Jerry, 256 Wallace, John, 140, 256 Wallace, John W., 256 Wallace, Marilyn, 181 Waller, Barbara, 51, 256 Waller, Janie, 132 Walraven, Anne, 229 Walters, Carol, 256 Walters, Cynthia, 21 I Walters, Nancy, 2 I I Walton, Robert, I 80 Ward, Ann, 263 Ward, Joel, 263 Ward, Nathan, 256 Ward, Russell Bruce, 21 I Ward, Thommy, 90, 121, 180, 263 Ward, Zara, 21 I Warlick, Sandra, 21 I Warner, Larry, I 80 Warner, Susan, 256 Warren, Beverly, 135, 229 Warren, Randall, 256 Warren, Sam, 139 Warren, Thomas, I 25 Watford, Bettye, 256 Watkins, Larry, 21 I Watkins, Marilyn, 256 Watson, Belinda, 256 Watson, Beverly, 256 Watson, Craig, 138, 256 Watson, Jimmy, I 8 I Watson, John, 256 Watson, Judy, 135, 257 Watson, Kenneth, 2 57 Watson, Rebecca, 256 Watson, Stanley, 181 Watson, Vicki, 132, 229 Watts, Jeffrey, 2 I I Watz, Sherry, 257 Waugh, Jean Ann, 1 8 1 Wayand, Jay, 181 Wear, Arthur, 131 Weaver, Billie, 181 Weaver, Clyde, 1 2 I Weaver, Gloria, 229 Weaver, Victoria, 257 Weaver, William, 141, 230 Webb, Brenda, 257 Webb, Martha Jo, 263 Webb, Noel, 230 Webb, Wanda, 257 Weber, Amelia, 257 Webster, Thomas, 230 Wedgeworth, Patsy, 21 I Weeks, Charles, 230 Weigman, Marcy, 263 Welch, Mary, 181 Welch, Sandra, 21 I Weld, Constance, 257 Weldon, Michael, 50, 230 Wells, Henry, 257 Wells, Patty, 21 I Wells, Tommy, 263 Werner, Pamela, 257 West, Bert, 2 I I West, Carol, 121, 181 West, James, 139, 263 West, Judy, 167 West, Morris, 21 I West, Vicki, 257 Westbrook, Cathy, 230 Westfall, James, 131 Westfield, Margaret, 230 Westerman, Wanda, 182 Westley, David, 21 I Westmoreland, Stephen, 230 Whaley, Dorothy, 257 Wharton, Merrie, 21 I Whatley, Lynn, 257 Whatley, William, 230 Wheeler, Dawn, 257 Wheeler, Michael, 257 Wheeler, Robert, I 18, 230 Wheeless, Wanda, 21 I Whisennand, Richard, 257 Whisennand, Susan, 230 Whitaker, Jennifer, 182 Whitaker, Mary, 21 I Whitaker, Travis, 257 White, Carlton, 257 White, Martha, 257 White, Norma, 257 White, Patti, 257 White, Robert, 212 White, Shelva Jean, 182 White, Virgibia, 182 Whiteside, Barbara, 257 Whitfield, John, 139 Whitley, Jerry, 118, 182 Whitley, Roy, 257 Whitton, David, 212 Whitton, Linda, 132, 257 Wickes, William, 257 Wickware, Robert, 257 Wiech, Kenneth, 182 Wiegman, Morris Lynn, 212 Wiggins, Carolyn, 231 Wight, Jerry, 231 Wigley, Gayla, 109, 142, 257 Wilber, Ronnie, 123 Wilburn, Alfred, 96, 121, 182 Wilburn, Robert, 257 Wilcox, Hazel, 257 Wilder, Alice, 257 Wilkes, Brad, 212 Wilkinson, Phyllis, 1231 Willett, Richard, 231 Williams, Bettye, 88, 127, 168, 182 Williams, Billy Rayford, 121 Williams, Bobby, 257 iams iams iams Williams Williams Williams Williams Williams Wi w w Williams Williams Williams Williams W Williams Williams Williams Williams Williams Williams Williams Burk, 131 Curtis, 212 David James, 23 I Donna Gay, 23 I F.T., 139 Jack, 212 Janis Kay, 127, 231 Joy, 257 Judith Ann, 182 Karen, 89, 99, I 14, 127, 182 Kenneth, 212 Linda Cook, 182 Lively, 231 Lynn, 121,212 Michael, 212 Norwood, 139 Pamela Ann, 182 Patricia A., 127, 182 Patricia, r 35, 257 Ronald, 212 Sharon, 257 Sherry, 184 Teresa, 263 Williams Williams Williams Williamson, Ouida, 257 Williamson, Terry, 138, 139, 231 Williford, Mary Jane, 258 Willingham, Gary, 123, 139 Willis, John, 231 Willis, Linda, 258 Willis, William, 231 Wilson, Annabel, 258 Wilson, Fariss, I 19, 212 Wilson, Hugh, 258 Wilson, Jacqueline, 258 Wilson, Jean, 143, 231 Wilson, Jeannie, 258 Wilson, Jim, 141, 186, 187, 212 Wilson, Karen Lee, 87, 132, 231 Wilson, Kenneth, 212 Wilson, Lorraine, 258 Wilson, Patricia, 108, 212 Wilson, Robert, 258 Wilson, William, 212 Winder, Nancy, 258 Winder, Pete, 258 Windham, Judith, 263 Windham, Linda, 51, 97, 107, I 14, 132, 186 Windham, Mike, 258 Wingate, Marilyn, 258 Wisdom, Billy, 212 Wise, Herman, 259 Wise, Johnny, 23 I Wise, Robert, 137 Withrow, Michael, 259 Wohn, Paul Stephen, 259 Wolf, Kay, 184 Wolf, Wayne, 184 Wolfe, Dennis, 138 Wolford, Elizabeth, 184 Womack, Berkley, 132, 259 Womack, Sidney, 259 Wood, Cheri, 231 Wood, Don, 263 Wood, Linda, 184 Wood, Lonny, 259 Wood, Rodney, 184 Wood, Thomas, 122 Woodland, Charlee, 212 Woodland, Karen, 259 293 Woodley, Mary Helen, 142, 231 Woods, Cherry, 143 Woodworth, David, 212 Wooster, Tony Adrian, 2 1 2 Worley, Donna, 259 Worsham, Charles, 212 Worsham, Jo Carolyn, 121, 166, 167 Worthey, Diann, 2 I 3 Wren, Claire, 143 Wren, James, 259 Wright, Carla, 259 Wright, Kathleen, 259 Wright, Kenneth, 259 Wright, Larry, 259 Wright, Martha, 213 Wright, Tony, 259 Wyatt, Bobby Pat, 141, 184 Wyatt, Catherine, 259 Wyatt, Donald, 213 Wylie, Linda Dianne, 231 Yates, Janet, 259 Yates, Matthew, 231 Yawn, Veleta, 23 I Yorio, Frances Marie, 231 York, James, I 84 York, Larry Don, 141, 231 Young, Judy, 259 Young, Ray, 263, 259 Young, Toby, 1 37 Youngblood, Jeff, 75, 213 Youngblood, Randy, 184 Youngblood, Sherry, 122,135,213 Younger, Ted, I 39 Yount, Michael, 231 Yowell, Carla Rae, 259 Zachariah, Kay, 127, 184 Zelaya, Gragoric, 259 Zellers, Frank, 184 Zellers, Joellyn, 1 84 Zoch, Donnie, 259 Zohar, Nicholas, 1 5 1 Zorn, Patsy Virginia, 143,213 Accounting Club, 61 Alpha Chi, 121 Alpha Lambda Omega, 36 Alpha Phi Gamma, 48 Alpha Phi Omega, 120 Alpha Psi Omega, 73 Association for Childhood Education, 33 Organizations Index Madrigal Singers, 68 Men ' s Intramural Council, 30 Mu Phi Epsilon, 66 National Panhellenic Council, 122 Newman Club, 57 Baptist Student Union, 56 Beta Beta Beta, 38 Beta Gamma Tau, 80 Brass Choir, 69 Canterbury Association, 56 Chi Omega, 132, 133 Circle K International, I 18 College Center Committees, 116, 117 Concert Band, 70 Dance Orchestra, 70 Delta Psi Kappa, 28 Delta Sigma Phi, 138, 139 Delta Zeta, 142, 143 Fall Semester Choir, 68 Fideles, 126, 127 Future Farmers of America, 26 German Club, 59 Inter-Fraternity Council, 123 Kappa Delta Pi, 32 Kappa Nu Lambda, 124, 125 Kappa Pi, 71 Kappa Psi, 60 Phi Delta Theta, 136, 137 Phi Eta Sigma, 23 Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, 68 Pi Epsilon Mu, 28 Pi Kappa Alpha, 128, 129, 130, 131 Pi Kappa Delta, 72 PINE LOG, 49 Religious Emphasis Council, 55 Rodeo Club, I 19 Sigma Delta Phi, 59 Sigma Kappa, 134, 135 Sigma Pi Sigma, 42 Sigma Tau Delta, 48 Sociology Club, 54 Speech and Hearing Society, 73 Spring Semester Choir, 70 STONE FORT, 50, 51 Student Congress, 114, 115 Student Education Association, 33 Sylvans Club, 22 Tau Beta Sigma, 69 Theta Chi, 140, 141 Women ' s Chorus, 67 Women ' s Intramural Council, 28 295 Endword Someone, probably another editor who didn ' t count the ad pages correctly, got the brilliant idea that the yearbook editor should have a page for a personal " thank you " note, autobiography, or some such ramblings. Since it is traditional, though not at S.F.A., and even though I have broken many " traditions " of the STONE FORT in the compiling and editing of this volume, I am taking this opportunity to express my grati- tude to the following: I) MY EXCELLENT STAFF — for their unerring cooperation and devotion, if not to me, then to the book; 2) MY FIANCE — who understood the few- and-far-between and hurried letters I was able to write and who stuck by me in spite of my madness; and 3) MY MOTHER — who closed the door on unmade beds and desks piled high with triplicate copy, photos, and unfinished homework, and unfailingly left the porch light burning whenever I worked late. In retrospect, this has been one wonderful year for me ' . A yearbook, while intended to be a record of the year ' s events and people, is also a reflection of the editor ' s per- sonality. My favorite colors are blue and green; I go mad over mosaics and collages. As is evident, " CAMELOT " was one of the highlights of my senior year. Stephen F. Austin State College has been good to me. I have met lots of new and interesting people and made (I hope) many lasting friendships. These people, wild and wonderful, have made certain impressions on me and, therefore, appear in this volume, in one way or another. It is my sincere wish that you will treasure the memories pictured here as much as I will treasure the memory of placing them there. Thanks again to all of you for afford- ing me this honor and opportunity. MARGARET LOUISE GAY, Editor

Suggestions in the Stephen F Austin State University - Stone Fort Yearbook (Nacogdoches, TX) collection:

Stephen F Austin State University - Stone Fort Yearbook (Nacogdoches, TX) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 1


Stephen F Austin State University - Stone Fort Yearbook (Nacogdoches, TX) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 1


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Stephen F Austin State University - Stone Fort Yearbook (Nacogdoches, TX) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Page 1


Stephen F Austin State University - Stone Fort Yearbook (Nacogdoches, TX) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Page 1


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