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65G03 Di gitized by the Internet Archive in 2013 http: details stonefort195900step STEPHEN F. AUSTIN STATE COLLEGE NACOGDOCHES. TEXAS THE STONE FORT STAFF Penny Chadwick and Deanne Buchanan Co-editors of the 1959 Stone Fort Assistant Editor — Jo Blakenship STONE FORT STAFF Carol Jean Irwin Gloria Parks Elizabeth Moore Chuck Darden Wanda Summers Joe Ann Lacy Sue Harvey Mary Linda Allen BUSINESS MANAGERS Maury Darst — Herchel Stephens SPONSOR Edwin W. Gaston, Jr. D E D I C A T I O N Once asked about her family connections, Miss Mary W. Thomson replied: " At present, I have 400 daughters and a goodly number of sons. If that is not enough, add the wives and children of the married students. I seem to be responsible for the comfort of all. " Speaking with the quiet good nature and the wry smile that typified her work as a teacher and dean of women at Stephen F. Austin State College, Miss Thomson here sum- marized her contribution to education, the career she pursued until her retirement in June, 1958. 6T I As an administrator, Dean Thomson did work ceaselessly to provide for the physical comfort of the students under her direction. And hundreds of students, who turned to " Dean Mary " for as- sistance with housing, readily attest to the success of her efforts. In a higher realm, in whi ch Miss Thomson served as a thoughtful counselor and a teacher of foreign languages, her contribution to education proved even more impressive. The sen- sitivity of the artist that she is as a sculptor and the warm dignity characteristic of her as a person EPHTCT £. AUSTIN STATE COLLEGE NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS became the foundations of this more lasting side of Miss Thomson ' s work. They enabled her to in- spire by precept and example those with whom she came in contact. And, again, the success of her efforts is evident in the lives of her former students whose own achievements in large measure are her own. Now residing in San Antonio, Dean Thomson maintains keen interest in the college and in education in general. Grateful for her contributions and her continued interest, the students through the 1959 STONE FORT respond in the dedication of this publication to her. IN MEMORIAM Through the medium of this memoriam, the students of Stephen F. Austin State College express their reverent appreciation for the life and work of the late President Paul Lewis Boynton, whose every effort reflected unselfish con- cern for the welfare of this institution that he directed for sixteen momentous years. Dr. Boynton ' s sudden death in August, 1958, came as a tragic loss for the students, as well as for the college as a whole and for all of education. In 1942, as a young man whose intellectual and spiritual powers reflected stature far beyond his actual years. Dr. Boynton had assumed control of this struggling young educational institution with a future darkened by the count- less problems produced by World War II. With keen insight, unswerving de- votion to duty, and resourcefulness uncommon to an amazing degree, he met and so lved the problems one by one. After the war, when steadily increasing enrollment produced different, but equally complex problems. Dr. Boynton continued to be more than equal to the challenge. The results of his efforts are readily observable at every hand and will continue to be so as long as the college itself exists. Impressive buildings and facilities of all types stand as inanimate tributes. Even more significant, thousands of persons in all walks of life constitute living memorials to Dr. Boynton. These are the men and women fashioned for useful lives by one who considered himself first and last a teacher. For his contribution, we shall always revere his life and work. Wit PAUL L. BOYNTON CONTENTS ACADEMIC Between the pages of this book run the events that make up one year of your life. The most important years of your life are those spent in college. It is our sincere hope that you will enjoy our endeavors and that this book will recapture the memories of your college experience — the ac- complishments, honors, and new goals in educa- tion. It is with this purpose that we present to you the 1959 Stone Fort. aemic If you have knowledge, let others light their candles by it. — Margaret Fuller . . . PRESIDENT RALPH W. STEEN, Ph.D. BOARD OF REGENTS Hon. Jack Woodward Dallas. Texas Hon. Frank White, President Cleveland, Texas Hon. W. H. Frank Barnes Terrell, Texas Hon. Henry Sears, Vice-President Hereford, Texas Hon. H. L. Mills Houston, Texas Hon. C. S. Ramsey San Augustine, Texas Miss Elizabeth Koch San Antonio, Texas Hon. Richard F. Stovall Floydada, Texas Hon. William V. Brown Texarkana, Texas DEANS J. N. Gerber, Ph.D. Dean of the College D. D. Giles, Ph.D. Dean of the Graduate School DEPARTMENT HEADS John L. Sullivan, Ph.D. Professor of Agriculture Karl T. Schlicher, Ph.D. Professor of Art Gerald Lepere, B. A., B.D., M.R.E. Director of Baptist Student Union Aln Richard Reed, S.T.M. Director of Wesley Bible Chair Edwin L. Miller, Ph.D. Professor of Biology Frank J. Lauderdale, M.Ed., C. P. A. Professor of Business Administration Harold E. Abbott, Ph.D. Professor of Chemistry David Townsend, Ph.D. Professor of Economics Arthur L. Long, Ed.D. Professor of Education T. J. Kallsen, Ph.D. Professor of English Arne K. Kemp, Ph.D. Professor of Forestry C. F. Sheley, Ph.D. Professor of Foreign Languages William T. Chambers, Ph.D. Professor of Geography W. W. Dossey, Ph.M. Professor of Health and Physical Education for Men Lucille Norton, Ed.D. Professor of Health and Physical Education for Women C. K. Chamberlain, Ph.D. Professor of History and Government Edna Wilkin, M.A. Professor of Home Economics Mildred V. Wyatt, M.S. in L.S. Librarian W. I. Layton, Ph.D. Professor of Mathematics Frederick Baumgartner, M.M. Professor of Music Sidney Hodges, Ph.D. Professor of Physics Judson White, Ph.D. Professor of Psychology F. A. Pollock, Ph.D. Professor of Sociology Robert B. Capel, Ph.D. Professor of Speech FACULTY Doyle Alexander Mathematics Robert D. Baker Forestry Helen Barron Home Economics Darold R. Beckman Education Victor Bilan Forestry Allan G. Blizzard Art Lois F. Blount History Betty Sue Bryant Physical Education for Women Aaron C. Butler Business Administration W. S. Cannon Business Administration James Canter Assistant Coach and Physical Education for Men Albert T. Clarke Education N. R. Clift Music Larry Covin Director of Guidance, and Physical Education for Men J. T. Cox Music Elizabeth Davis Foreign Language Albert L. Diket History Carolyn Eaves Librarian Leo Effenberger Forestry L. W. Ellerbrook Education Sherman Eager Physics Sue English Home Economics Joe E. Ericson History and Government Victor Fain Journalism Harold J. Fischer Director of Athletics and Physical Education for Men R. J. Foster Mathematics Gladys Fox English Lawrence T. Franks Director of Placement, and Education Edwin W. Gaston, Jr. Director of Office of College Information, and English Sally M. Gearhart Speech Robert S. Glover Agriculture G. F. Gray Agriculture J. C. Green Agriculture Elbert L. Griffin Chemistry Elma Heard English F. E. Heilman Sociology Iven H. Hensley Psychology and Philosophy Wilson M. Howell History J. M. Hudgins Director of Band Ellis V. Hunt Forestry June Irwin Physical Education for Women Ted L. Jefferies Director of College Inventories Gladys B. Johnson Business Administration B. T. Jones Business Administration Cecil Jones Agriculture Joe D. Lacy Business Manager W. J. McCallum Education and Director of Extension and Correspondence Howard McCarley Biology LeRoy McClendon Education S. W. McKewen Registrar Robert T. McKibben Education Robert S. Maxwell History Carolyn Miller Music Betty Love Nance Librarian James L. Nichols History Mary A. Nooe Librarian R. B. Pinson Mathematics Myrtle P. Pope English Carolyn Price Business Administration B. Earl Prince Biology S. D. Redfield Business Administration Billy Jack Roberson Assistant Coach and Physical Education for Men Nelson T. Samson Forestry Helen B. Savage Psychology and Philosophy Joe Sexton Art Hugh B. Smith Biology Edna Sorber Speech Oran Standley Agriculture John O. Stephens Basketball Coach, and Physical Education for Men Sue Taylor Librarian Kelly Thurman English J. Ward Tishler Physical Education for Men James H. Valentine Soils Research Technician Richard J. Wallace Forestry Doris K. Watts Librarian Hayden K. Whitley Librarian Arthur Wills English Sibyl W. Wyatt English STAFF Mrs. Florine Alexander Secretary to the Director of Placement Lena Arnwine College Nurse Mrs. Henrietta Baker Manager of Student Union Mrs. Mary Louise Fleniken Secretary to Director of Guidance Mrs. Coralyn Gamble Secretary to Departments of Biology and Chemistry Elizabeth Hylton Assistant to Registrar Mrs. Elizabeth Killingsworth Director of Wisely Hall Mrs. Shirley B. McLain Secretary to Librarian Mrs. J. R. Melton Director of Gibbs Hall Jesse W. Millard Warehouse Superintendent Mrs. Elsie Milroy Dietitian Mrs. Marilyn Odom Secretary to the Dean of the College Mrs. Nell Quarles Assistant Bookkeeper Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Scott Secretary to Business Manager Mrs. Jewel Sheffield Secretary to the Department of Forestry Sugene Spears Secretary to the President Mrs. Glenda R. Spradley Secretary to the Dean of the Graduate School Mrs. Madge Stallings Secretary to the Faculty and Director of Stenographic Bureau Mrs. Ora Stevens Director of Senior Girls ' Dormitory Mrs. Freddie Taylor Secretary to Director of Extension and Correspondence Mrs. Billie Weatherford Secretary to the Director of Office of College Information Travis Whitaker Assistant Auditor Ruth Williamson Head Bookkeeper Paul S. Wilson Director of Maintenance and Storekeeper Mrs. Janice M. Wright Assistant Bookkeeper BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION BUILDING BAND HALL SPRING 1958,. . Spring has sprung again at SFA. Dances, elec- tions, new pledges and more studying. Western days present two full days of fun and excitement as the college rodeo comes to the campus. Sock hops and formal dances fill the lives of everyone as we soon say goodbye to another year at SFA. 1958 MARCH 1958 SUWMO lTUE WED THUirFRI | SAT r I | 1 1 12 |3 4|5 6 | 7J 8 9 10 i X X i X2 1! X3 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 25 26 27 28 29 Everybody had a ball — at the sock hop. Faculty proves they ' re not squares. SUMMER 1958 Summer school is hotter than ever. Not much difference except the Sub isn ' t quite as crowded and the swimming pool is open. The watermelon feast and the all-college picnic are two highlights of the season. We ' ll never forget all the twirling and the cheerleader camps held at SFA. Summer is fun but it sure will be nice when fall comes and everyone meets again for another full year at SFA. 1958 JUNE 1958; SUN MON TUE WEDjTHUf FRI SAT 1 1 « 2 ! 3 4 5 6 7 14 8 i| 9 10 11 12 13 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 Looks easy, doesn ' t it? A faithful few still haunt the Sub. AUTUMN 1958 Fall is in the air and it is sure good to be back. New faces are exciting as freshmen begin orienta- tion and upperclassmen greet old faces. Home- coming is the main event of this season and every- one begins work early; for a beautiful float and a Queen is chosen. After homecoming is over every- one calms down to the routine of a bit of cram- ming before mid-term exams. ' 1958 SEPTEMBER 1958 SUN MON TUE WED THU FRI SAT 1 nj3 1 4 5 6 17 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 ! | ' | Let ' s see, where do I go next? Band sororities entertain the national officers. Visiting bands performed in the parade. Honoring the class of 1923. Crowds formed long before parade time. Paul Bunyan and his blue bull. WBmm ft l iuv .SSI Here comes the parade! 7. Sigma Gamma float — " Look Homeward, Angel. " 8. The magnificent Trojan horse. 9. Pine Burr girls made a beautiful Horn-O-Plenty. The Lambda Gammas " Moby Dick. " Foresters greet old acquaintances at homecoming. Hmmmmrn, now I wonder what the latest gossip is? Pine Burr exes meet old and new members. Janet Smith was featured vocalist with Ed Gerlach band. Austinites line up for refreshments. Homecoming dance — highlight of the fall semester. ukes and duchesses await their presentation. Mi Presenting Lady-ln-Waiting Ann Atchley and Otis Hargett. Queen Silver and escort Luke Motley have the honor of the first dance of the 1958 Home- coming Ball. Bevy of beauties — homecoming duchesses. Crowd packs gym for homecoming dance. Strike up band k Vs s how that old Southern charm. Sugar and spice and everything nice girls are made of. —that ' s what All dressed up and no place to go P A Mess hall gang? Ik li i WINTER 1958-59 December has come and it ' s time to get out the overcoats and long socks. The cold weather brings as much fun as spring days. The campus is busy with basketbali games and soon after the ever- fun filled rush parties. The brave ones bundle up and trudge through the rain and cold to the Sub. Since it doesn ' t snow " here in the south, " the For- ester pledges provide the " blanket of white " with their annual flour fight. But the cold days don ' t last long and soon everyone is looking forward to spring. V ' ■ ] m i, 1958 DECEMBER 1958 SUN MON TUE WEDTHU: FRI SAT 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 Rushees wait for opening of the Fidele circus. Someone must have said " frog ' A gay time was had by all at the Western dance. Clean up for Forester -Fidele pledges. Sawyers win trophy at Rodeo dance. Is that the dumbest girl in the middle of the floor? Fidele freaks on exhibition. » 1 t r — ■ ■ • — SPRING 1959 spring has sprung! The 1958 semester has arrived at SFA. No one will ever forget the dances, Spring Festival, Showboat, Apron-Overall, and Sock hop. The long-awaited pledge day arrives, clubs present entertaining assembly programs and elections for 1959-60 are held. As May comes to a close so comes graduation and goodbyes. Stu- dents leave for home, a few for summer jobs, and a faithful few remain for twelve weeks of sum- mer at SFA. 1959 MARCH 1959 MONiTUE! WEDllTHUI r rvl I CAT 1 A L2j 3 4| 51 6 7 § ft 9 10 HI 12! 13 14 15 16 17 18 19! 20 mm v 21 mm Mi 22 23 24 25 26! 27 28 2S 30 31 Line-up of Austinite Poll winners. 0 % Suspense heightens as Ann is announced. al presentation of the SFA beauties. m Ap, I College orchestra provides musical accompaniment. Quiet moment for SFA ' s most beautiful five. id ' l We ' re flying high today. Last minute instructions before the presentation begins. 1 ....... Henry ' s right in step. Ladies in waiting before beauties chosen. Jo Beth, you ' ve got your back to the audience! A ' I n I love a hand that meets my own with a grasp that causes some sensation. — F. S. Osgood AMITIE OFFICERS President Martha Sue Freeman Vice-President Kay Asher Secretary Winnie Scoggins Reporter Paulette Darsey Historian Glenda Rice ISCC Representative Jo Abernathy The name Amitie means friend- ship. It is one of the oldest girls ' social clubs on the campus. Some of the activities for the year are the fall rush party, Exes Tea at Homecoming, Christmas Dinner Dance, Spring rush party, Mother- Daughter Banquet, April Showers Dance, and the Diamond Horse- shoe dance with the Austinites. The aims of the club are to pro- mote school spirit all through the year and to promote a friendly atmosphere on the campus. AUSTINITES " Pie Night " The Austinites have had another very enjoyable school year. They began with their annual Austinite Poll which selects the college favorites. One of the most enjoyable events sponsored by the Austinites and the Amities is the All-College Christmas Dance. Another fun event is the Pie Night which was brought back to the campus last year by the Austinites. Don Ashworth Bill Earley Wayne Griggs FIDELE OFFICERS President HHjjHl Vice-President Secretary Pledge Captain The Fidele Social Club has grown to be one of the top social clubs on the campus since its founding in 1946. Founded to promote co- operation and school spirit, the club ' s mem- bers have been active in all campus activities and have distinguished themselves in many fields. In the 1957-58 school year, Fideles served in many organizations and won many honors. Among the Fidele activities are the rush parties, Pledge Day, and the Forester- Fidele Spring Festival. Garleatha Adams Mary Linda Allen Ann Atchley Jo Btankenship Beverly Bretz Alice Brook Annual Fidele-Forester Spring Festival Fidele float — " Treasure Island " Deanne Buchanan Joy Butler Penny Ledbetter Wendy Darling Laverne Droddy Mary Earley Mary Ann Ellis Jean Fiedler Eleanor Fisk Wilbur Lee Galloway Dolly Cannon Christene Goodman Ann Gothard Joyce Gray Lorine Green Sue Greer Barbara Hampton Jo Beth Hathorn Carol Jean Irwin Judy Jones Juanell Lester Judy McElmurry Joyce McGown Rosemary McGown Jackie Meyers Shirley Ostenelli Gloria Parks Inell Pepper Diane Porter Dixie Queen Wanda Rushing Bettye Shelton Janice Smith Linda Smith Wanda Summers Amy Tate Grace Walton Anita Wedgeworth Shirley Whitton Ann Wood FORESTER This club will always be remembered for the familiar slogan " Forest- ers Forever. " Intramurals with other clubs, the flour fight, rush parties, and other events make this a very popular club for boys. The Foresters also sponosor the ever-popular Spring Festival along with their sister club, the Fideles, in early spring. Forester float, " The Vikings " Wayne Baker Buddy Castleberry Jack Chance i PINE BURR The Pine Burrs were organized at the beginning of the Fall term 1929. The purpose of the Pine Burrs is to promote service to the school, to boost the college spirit, and to aid the student body as a whole. The Pine Burr year is an eventful year. It begins with the Rush Tea. Homecoming Day is next and with it the Pine Burr Exes are entertained at an open house. Other activities are: Spring Assem- bly, Big Sister-Little Sister Supper, Pine Burr-Sawyer Picnic, Annual Pine Burr Supper, and at the close of the year is the Senior Pine Burr Dinner Dance. Silver Bell Tommie Booth Bettye Champion Janean Chandler Ilk OFFICERS President Kay Cox Vice-President Nita Gayle Mefford Secretary Silver Bell Reporter Edie Keener Betty Sue Collins Kay Cox Peggy Cox Marcelle Creech Helen Davis Delores Dean Mary Jo Enmon Pat Fagg Judy Foster Glenda Gibson Barbara Green Dottie Hall Nelda Hardy Susan Hennigan Emmeline Irwin Edie Keener Ginger Lee Billie Lowery Peggy McCann Camille Mclntyre Nita Gayle Mefford Sally Menefee Maureen Moore Shirley Nix Janice O ' Quinn Janice Phillips Shirley Pyle Sally Ramey Mary Rice Norma Richey Madonna Rives Peggy Rogers Nancy Scott Shirley Shofner Eloise Smith Linda Spradley Mary Stockton Beth Temple Cora Love Tucker Sandra Velvin Sherry Watkins Bettye Wilson Betty Wood Carolyn Wood SAWYERS OFFICERS President Royce " Wiry " Dunlap Vice-President Howard Hart Secretary Joe Pat Johnson Sgt. at Arms Ralph Smith Reporter John Agan Parliamentarian Bobby Murray Health Officer Tommy " Redbird " Humphreys For their 31st year, the Sawyers have had a very fine and enjoyable one and have proven again their famous school spirit. Organized as the first social club on the campus of SFA, the symbolism of white shirts, purple ties, and ax handles has been a familiar one down through the years. The annual Apron-Overall Dance will always be remembered by the student body as among the tops in spring dances. The members can also look back upon the Christmas Dinner Dance, the Bowery Ball, and others with memories filled with hours of enjoyment. Truly this has been a fine year for the Sawyers. Sawyer float at Homecoming. John Agan Tommy Barton Guy Blount Jimmy Bone Charles Brightwell Boots Cashell George Cates Jerry Coker Hunter Cunningham Jimmy Delmar James Denman Jerry Denman Thomas Dubose Wiry Dunlap Rual Ellis Bobby Glass Howard Hart Jackie Hathorn Billy Howard Tommy Humphreys Joe Pat Johnson Bill Th omason Wade Turner Jack Utley Billy Weldy Buddy West Darryl Zevely Henry Koster Dale Langford Eddie Lockey Gerald Loyd Charles Melde R. J. Milliken Jerry Moore Bobby Murray Ronnie Neill Buddy Oliphant Yank Rosenberger Dwayne Seagler James Smith Robert Smith Rual Smith REBEL ANNS OFFICERS President Emogene Lewis Vice-President Carolyn Kelly Secretary Judy Allen Treasurer Claudet Louvier Sgt. at Arms Helen Wilson Pledge Captain Fran Spears Reporter Nona Glass Historian Betty Sue Shaw The Rebel Ann Club is the newest women ' s social club on the campus. All activities engaged in are with the brother ciub, the Rebels. At the Homecoming ac- tivities the Rebels and Rebel Anns will have a float in the parade. The aims and purposes of the club are to boost school spirit throughout the year. They will sponsor a number of dances for the student entertainment during the year. Rebel Ann fall rush party. REBELS The Rebel Club is one of the newer clubs for boys on the SFA cam- pus. This club along with its sister club, the Rebel Anns, sponsors the Old Southern Gardens dance and many other activities. From Septem- ber until May, this club is always busy planning new and varied activities for tke student body. OFFICERS President Jim Martin Vice-President J. R. Honea Secretary .... Phillip Slipakoff Phillip Slipakoff Ward Westbrook Arnold Wharton SIGMA GAMMA OFFICERS President Mary Donahoe Vice-President Patsy Garrett Secretary Carolyn Tindall Treasurer Lois Montgomery The Sigma Gamma Club was originated in 1949 in a meeting held with its brother club, the Lambda Gammas. The purpose of the club is to sponsor varied so- cial activities, to foster school spirit, and to respond when called upon to help. Outstanding events for the year include the fall rush party, the Christmas Din- ner Dance, Homecoming, Lambda Gamma-Sigma Gamma Showboat Dance, and sending out the Nacogdoches County Easter Seals. Sigma Gammas sending out Easter Seals. LAMBDA GAMMA OFFICERS President Charles Stahl Vice-President Don Mathews Secretary Jerry Reck Treasurer Sherman Rodgers Sgt. at Arms Jimmie Herman One of the largest and most popular boys ' clubs on the SFA campus is the Lambda Gamma Social Club. They enjoy many activities through- out the school year with their sister club, the Sigma Gammas. Also, they present one of the formal dances of the year, the Showboat Dance. Miss Madonna Rives was the 1958 Lambda Gamma Sweetheart. Judging beards at the Showboat Dance. 3rian Preston Jerry Reck Sherman Rodgers John Scott 3obby Sliva James Spann Charles Stahl vVillard Tinsley Taylor Wharton fed Wilson John Angle Larry Bailey Billy Ballinger Jimmy Bruner Tom Bruner Maury Darst Ron Davis Jan Fant Dean Fikes Bobby Fletcher Tommy Gray Jimmie Herman Lonnie Jones Billy Lovelady Don Mathews Ronald Nethery We judge ourselves by what we feel capable of doing; others judge us by what we have done. — Longfellow. AUSTINITE POLL Dumbest Boy and Girl Carol Jean Irwin Bubba Chas+ain iSHHHJHHRP ' P Wittiest Boy and Girl Ann Sothard Johnny Morrow Best Dancers Janice Smith Charles " Peevine " Briqhtwell I PL I _ ' » . rpr 4 r tltili i : floats . parade teas . . ueen ' s court . cheers . . . omecomm . . presents HOMECOMING DUCHESSES . . . Ginger Lee LEA Camille Mclntyre Sawyers Sally Menefee Senior Class Darlene Pflieder Sylvans Diane Porter A ' Cappella Choir Marceleete Power Kappa Pi i Mary Quarles Austinites Dixie Queen Vis Wesie Sally Ramey Senior Dorm ■ y ' " m I 4 • V Mary Rice Delta Psi Kappa Jamie Rochester NIRA beauty number three Judy Franklin beauty number five Beth Temple SENIOR FAVORITES JUNIOR FAVORITES WHO ' S WHO IN AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES Audrey Fisher is a graduate art student from Whitehouse. She enrolled in 1957 at SFA, where she is a twirler in the Lumberjack band and a staff artist for the college television production depart- ment. A junior music student, Miss Phyllis Shambauc, is tlie daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Shambaug, of Lufkin, where she graduated in 1956 from hie school. A senior business administration student, Mr. Henry Fagan is from Redwater, where he gradu- ated in 1955 from high school. At SFA, where he enrolled in 1957, he is a member of the Wesley Foundation. A junior English student and past editor of the " Pine Log, " student weekly newspaper, Mr. Jerry Reck enrolled in 1956 at SFA. He is a member of the Lambda Gamma men ' s social club and Alpha Chi national honor society and he formerly served as a cheerleader. Sandra Whitaker, a senior English student, editor of " The Pine Log, " a member of Miss is the editor ot I he fine Log, a Alpha Chi, and former co-editor of TEF. She rolled at SFA in 1956. en- Mrs. Margaret Birdsong, wife of Charles Bird- ;ong, SFA student from Maracaibo, Venezuela, is a senior home economics student. She graduated from San Marcos Academy and enrolled in 1955 at SFA, where she is a member of the Fidele wom- en ' s social club. Mrs. Roberta Jefferies enrolled in 1955 at SFA, where she is a member of the editorial staff of " TEF, " student literary magazine. Bill Earley is the vice-president of the SFA stu- dent body and a senior forestry student. He is a member of the Austinite men ' s social club and the Sylvan ' s professional forestry club. Miss Nancy Scott is a junior biology student from Henderson. She came to SFA in 1956, and belongs to the Pine Burr women ' s social club, the Biology Club, and the National Education Asso- ciation. A senior social studies student, Wade Turner is the son of Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Turner of San Angelo. He enrolled in 1956 at SFA and has starred in football as a halfback and 1958 co-captain and in track. Miss Shirley Whitton is a junior elementary edu- cation student from Nacogdoches. She entered SFA in 1956 and has been active in the Fidele women ' s social club of which she is vice-president and the National Intercollegiate Rodeo Associa- tion. She was Beauty No. 2 at SFA. ■ I Another junior elementary education student from Nacogdoches is Miss Dixie ' Queen. Enrolling at SFA in 1957, she is an active member of the Fidele social club where she serves as secretary. Dixie is also a member of Wesley and elected most typical girl at SFA. Jerry Sechrist is a senior English student from Kilgore. He enrolled in 1956 at SFA and has been active in the Forester social club, the Inter-SociaT Club Council of which he is president, and in dra- matics. He was elected Mr. SFA. Mrs. Ann Wood, the wife of John Wood, an SFA graduate, entered SFA in 1956. She has been active in the Fidele women ' s social club of which she is president, the Inter-Social Club Council of which she is secretary-treasurer, the Baptist Student Union, and the National Intercollegiate Rodeo Association. Serving as 1958 Homecoming Queen is Miss Silver Bell from Center. She is a member of the Pine Burr social club, the Alpha Chi national honor society, the National Education Association, the Baptist Student Union, and the National Intercol- legiate Rodeo Association. She is also Miss SFA. A senior business administration student, Miss vlarcelle Creech is from Center, Texas. She is a nember of the Pine Burr women ' s social club and he Baptist Student Union. 3003 anizations Every production of genius must be the production of enthusiasm. — Disraeli ALPHA CHI Pictured above are the newly elected members to Alpha Chi along with last year ' s members. This national honor society promotes and recognizes scholarship, leadership, and other worthy attributes of student development on our campus. The A. W. Birdwell chapter of Alpha Chi is sponsored by Dr. C. F. Sheley. Silver Bell President BIOLOGY CLUB Seen above are mem- bers of the Biology Club at their annual Christmas party which the organi- zation presents each year. It provides recreational and professional activities, encourages the develop- ment of further biological sciences, and extends stu- dent interest in this field. This group is under the leadership of Dr. Edwin Miller. WESLEY OFFICERS Henry Fagan Dixie Queen Paulette Darcey Charlotte La Rue Jo Abernathy Many enjoyable meetings are part of the Methodist ' s student life through the Wesley foundation. The organization is sponsored by Rev. Aln Reed and provides opportunities for worship, fellowship, and service to the students who compose this fine group. BAND Director Lester Hughes Drum Major The Lumberjack Band, under the direction of Jimmie Hudgins, has completed another suc- cessful season. We at SFA owe much to the spirit and cooperative nature of this group. Their willingness to participate at the many varied activities has made this group essential at SFA. Dolores Hale Sylvia Stot+s Irma Williams Pine Log Staff Tbe SFA paper, Pine Log, was under the cap- able leadership of Jerry Reck the fall semester. Sandra Whitaker, assistant editor, took over the spring semester and has done a marvelous job. The students couldn ' t get along without the weekly Pine Log. Current sports, weekly gossip, and a thousand other articles make this paper a must to each and every student. Stone Fort Staff Another year has flown by at SFA. We, of the Stone Fort staff, have tried to recapture this year for you in the Stone Fort Yearbook. It took many long hours to recreate this year, and it could not have been done without the help of each member on the staff. Not only this year, but each year, this book will serve as a collection of memories — each meaning something special to some SFA student. Co-editors, Deanne Buchanar rnd Penny Ledbetter, look over final proof of the yearbook. Jo Blankenship, assistant editor, mulls over next year ' s problems. Maury Darst and Herschel Stephens, business managers Mary Linda Allen Jo Ann Lacy Libby Moore Chuck Darden sports editor Mr. Edwin Gaston, faithful sponsor of this busy group Wanda Summers deep in search for a lost picture. SYLVANS Organized in the fall of 1946, the Sylvans Club has as its main purpose the forwarding of forestry education among forest interests throughout this area. This club sponsors the annual Forestry Field Day, and its sponsors are Dr. Samson and Dr. Baker. RODEO CLUB The newly organized Rodeo Club has increased in size and interest ever since its begin- ning. Its main purpose is to help increase the interest in rodeos, and each spring a rodeo will be presented. Serving as president is Yank Rosenberger. ALPHA PSI OMEGA The aim of Alpha Psi Omega, the national honorary dramatic fraternity is the " fel- lowship and service to stimulate interest in college dramatics. " This is an honor society for those doing high standard work in dramatics. It is sponsored by Dr. Robert Capel and Dr. Sally Gearhart. SPI This is a newly organized speec club on the campus. Its main purpos is to later on bring in visiting speal ers to talk on speech and its varioui PI KAPPA DELTA hases. This club is open to all S.F.A. tudents and much good is being one. This club is sponsored by Dr. ally Gearhart. Pi Kappa Delta is a fraternity interested in intercollegiate debate, oratory, and public speaking. The organization encourages a spirit of fellowship and friendly co- operation. Sponsor of the group is Dr. Robert Capel. STUDENT CONGRESS Marshall Kendrick President Silver Bell Secretary Bill Earley Vice-President Aiding the entire Student Body so that it may cooperate to the fullest extent with the administration and the staff, the Student Congress has striven to bring about an increase in campus affairs and a unified student body. I s c c One of the newer of the clubs on the SFA campus is the Inter-Social Club Council. Its chief purpose is to promote better understanding and more uniform rules of the. social clubs. ISCC sponsors a convocation at the beginning of each semester and also several school dances. One of the newer clubs to come to the SFA campus is the Accounting Club. It was organ- ized in the fall of 1957 and has been meeting regularly since then. It is sponsored by Dr. Frank Lau- derdale. ACCOUNTING CLUB SIGMA PHI ALPHA Sigma Phi Alpha, the Greek Equivalent of SFA, is the name of the local chapter of the Amer- ican Chemical Society. Its pri- mary purpose is promoting pro- fessional growth and development of its members in the field of chemistry. Other purposes of the organization are to acquaint stu- dents with advantages of mem- bership in the society and to pro- mote social activities among stu- dents. Of special interest to the students are the many enjoyable chicken barbecues held during the year. Dr. Harold Abbott is sponsor. ■J The B.S.U. on the campus of SFA is a student organization of the Baptist Church. The purpose of the organization is to promote spiritual development among the students through Bible study, prayer, and Kingdom advance- ment. BSU vesper services are held each evening from 6:30 until 6:50. This year the BSU is spon- sored by Mr. Gerald LaPere. CANTERBURY B. S. U. KAPPA PI FRATERNITY Charlotte Griesser explains the best procedures in art teaching. Beta lota Chapter of Kappa Pi was established at Ste- phen F. Austin State College in 1952. Kappa Pi is a national honorary art fraternity which attempts to increase art ac- tivity and art appreciation among college art students every- where. Local chapter activities this year included oil painting, mural painting, and an art exhibit by members. High spot of the past year was the 1958 Regional Kappa Pi Confer- ence which was held in Nacogdoches on the SFA College campus. Officers for this year were, Albert Snell, president; Marceleete Power, vice president (first semester); Mar- quell Ledford, vice president (second semester); Audrey Fisher, secretary-treasurer; Jimmie Nell McLemore, reporter. Dr. Karl Schlicher is faculty sponsor for Kappa Pi. ram SOUTHWEST REGIONAL KAPPA PI CONFERENCE The work of planning and guiding a regional conference becomes sheer joy when the meeting is an enthusiastic success. This was the experience of Beta lota Chapter of Kappa Pi when it organized and administered the First Southwestern Regional Kappa Pi conference. The region consisted of five states, Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana. The afternoon sessions of the conference were opened with a welcoming address by Dr. Joe Gerber, Dean of Stephen F. Austin State College. Three Professional seminar type meetings were held during the afternoon. The first meeting was conducted by Miss Charlotte Griesser, a mem- ber of Beta lota chapter, a graduate of S ' FA who is now teaching art in Moore Junior High School at Tyler, Texas. Miss Griesser explained her approaches to form, color, and design and illustrated her talk by presenting a rich variety of examples of high school student art work which had been done under her supervision. The third meeting was devoted to the creative aspects of Fine Art. Leader of this discussion meeting was Lowell Collins, Sponsor of Gamma Epsilon chapter, Director of the Art School of the Houston Museum of Fine Arts. Mr. Col- lins gave a dynamic presentation. He declared, " There is no room for mediocrity in art and you will always find that basic structure is essential in any work of art. " The speaker punctuated his remarks by showing examples of his own encaustic paintings, many of which had won prizes in state and regional art shows. The next session consisted of reports of chapter activi- ties by each of the seven chapters attending. At the con- clusion of the chapter reports, members gathered at the Hotel Fredonia patio and swimming pool to witness the judging of the art exhibition. Lowell Collins and Charlotte Griesser judged the exhibition. An eager audience of Kappa Pi students awaited the verdict, and Hotel guests witnessed the exciting event through the picture windows which separated the dining room from the patio. Prize winners were announced and prizes awarded. First prize of a Grumbacher oil painting set was presented to Benedict Kocian, Beta Tau, Lamar State College, Beau- mont, Texas for his ink drawing entitled " Rebellion. " Second prize, a ten dollar cash award, was presented to Jami James, Beta Tau, for his painting entitled, " Claude. " Third prize, a five dollar cash award was presented to Linda Umphers, Phi, for her watercolor painting entitled, " Boquet. " £. H. R. The name, Ellen H. R ards, was given to the lege homemaking club honor of a pioneer in he e economics. This club is n association of all girls in r- ested in the field of He e Economics. The presiden1 f the club is Kay Asher an is sponsored by Miss E | Wilkin. The Future Farmer ! America is a professiona club set up to aid prospec- tive vocational agriculture teachers. Leading th ganization for this yea Wayne Taylor, and sp of the group was Mr. Green F F A S. F. A. ORCHESTRA Under the direction of Jimmy Hudgins, the Stephen F. Austin college orchestra is well known for its fine music. It provides music for the dances at the SUB each Monday night. From the dreamy waltzes to the newest " rock and roll " hits, the college band is always avail- able for college dances as well as making appearances all over this area. Beta Zeta is the SFA equivalent of the national music sorority, Tau Beta Sigma. It is newly organized at SFA and is open to all girls interested in music. This club is sponsored by Mr. Jimmie Hudgins, and its president is Dolores Hale. BETA ZETA Dolores Hale President Gamma Phi, like Beta Zeta is the SFA chapter of the national music fraternity, Kappa Kappa Psi. This fraternity is open to all men interested in music and is sponsored also by Mr. Hudgins. The club president is Neil Grant. cellent job this year of providing musical enter- College Choir presents annual Christmas program. tainment for many college functions. This choir is noted for its blend of fine voices, and is an asset to the SFA campus. The National Education Association is the national or- ganization for future teachers on the SFA campus. It pro- vides experience in democratic and cooperative action and presents many beneficial meetings during the school year. Membership in this club provides membership in the state and national organization. The group is under the capable sponsorship of Dr. LeRoy McClendon. NEA i Dr. McClendon and guest speaker, Dr. Lawrence Franks President Vice-President Secretary Reporter Mary Ann Ellis Wanda Rushing Bonnie Alders Emmeline Irwin Cheerleaders take time out to pose for photographer. A quiet moment — a rare time in the life of an SFA Cheerleader. :aders W — -» ..■■ Freda Shadowens Carolyn Wood Special thanks go to this rousing bunch of SFA students. Don Mathews, in his third year as cheerleader did a grand job of leading the lively sextet. Ann, Larry, Carolyn, Gene, Freda, and Don did an excellent job of helping to boost school spirit during all the sports activ- ities at SFA. Gene Epperson Hit ' em high, Jacks! Co-captains — Wade Turner. Bobby Sliva FOOTBALL 1958 Lumberjacks, front row, from left to right: Bechtold, Warr, Thom- ason, Cates, Cannon, Hagins, Sliva. Turner, Neill, Greer. Ford, Bevering, Weldy. Barker, Acker. Second row, left to right: Canter, Abel, Cyphers, Lindsey, Blakeney, Pair, Loyd, Dykes. Jim Canter — backfield coach Charles Barker ft Minton, Nichols, Roberson, Hathom. Manchester, Oliphant. Third row, left to right: Fischer, Roberson, Shirkey, Fikes, Herman, Bunt, Young, Smith, Echols, Eudy, Hatton, Stephens, Hargett, Brewer. Raymond Manchester — student assistant ' Jacks are victorious on homecoming day. Jackie Cannon Phillip Cyphers James Dawson Spike Dykes Somebody get that ball! Lumberjack goes down despite expert blocking. Odis Echols Quinn Eudy Dean Fikes George Ford FINAL CONFERENCE STANDINGS Team — W L T Pet. Pts. Opp. East Texas State 6 1 .857 248 58 Lamar Tech 5 2 .714 162 52 Sam Houston State 5 2 .714 105 118 Texas A6J 4 3 .571 84 54 Southwest Texas State 4 3 .571 69 105 Howard Payne College 2 5 .285 81 144 Stephen F. Austin State 1 6 .143 88 159 Sul Ross State i 6 .143 54 201 Nick Greer Bernie Hagins Jackie Hathom Gerald Loyd Frank Minton Ronnie Neill Jere Nichols FINAL SEASON STANDINGS Team — W L T Pet. Pts. Opp. East Texas State 9 1 .900 349 105 Sam Houston State 7 2 .778 123 124 Lamar Tech 6 2 .750 188 52 Texas A6J 7 4 .636 174 102 Southwest Texas State 5 5 .500 114 170 Stephen F. Austin State 2 7 .222 134 173 Howard Payne College 2 7 .222 119 214 Sul Ross State 2 8 .200 72 246 Pair George Shirkey Bobby Sliva David Smith Harold Stephens Wade Turner SFA 1958 FOOTBALL RESULTS Date Opponent Site SFA Opp. September 20 Northeast Louisiana Monroe 12 14 September 27 Southern Arkansas State Magnolia 34 October 4 Lamar Tech Nacogdoches 6 35 October 1 1 Howard Payne Nacogdoches 7 13 October 18 Southwest Texas San Marcos 13 29 October 25 Texas A I Kingsville 7 November 1 Sul Ross Nacogdoches 38 6 (Homecoming) November 8 East Texas Nacogdoches 12 48 November 15 Sam Houston Huntsville 12 21 Denotes Lone Star Conference games The 1958 Lumberjack football team, under the leadership of Coach Harold Fischer and his assistants, Billy Jack Roberson, Jim Canter, Charles Barker, and Raymond Manchester, won two of the nine games, and had a 1-6 mark in Lone Star Conference play. Highlights of the season follow: SEPTEMBER 20: Inclement weather made the pigskin hard to handle and caused most of SFA ' s ten fumbles, leading to its 14-12 defeat at the hands of Northeast Louisiana at Monroe. Quarterback Jackie Hathorn, who suffered a leg injury destined to sideline him for four games, still managed to score both of the Lumberjacks ' touchdowns. SEPTEMBER 27: The ' Jacks made use of three quarterbacks to trounce the Southern State Muleriders 34-0 in Magnolia, Arkansas. Ottis Hargett scored twice for the Lumberjacks and Frank " Golden Toe " Mmton kicked three of four extra point attempts. The victory evened Stephen F. Austin ' s record at 1-1 . OCTOBER 4: Lamar Tech ' s Cardinals completely shocked the Lumberjacks by dealing them a 35-6 thrashing at Nacogdoches in SFA ' s first conference outing of the season. Ronnie Neill scored Stephen F. Austin ' s lone TD. so, W Pff: i OCTOBER 11: A spread formation and a freshman quarterback for Howard Payne baffled the Lumberjacks long enough to give the Yellow Jackets a 13-7 upset victory at Nacogdoches. The man-under for Howard Payne, Dayle Byerly, passed for both of the ' Jackets touchdowns. Harold Stephens scored SFA ' s TD on an 18-yard keeper play. OCTOBER 11: A spread formation and a freshman quarterback for Howard Payne baf- fled the Lumberjacks long enough to give the Yellow Jackets a 13-7 upset victory at Nacog- doches. The man-under for Howard Payne, Dayle Byerly, passed for both of the ' Jackets touchdowns. Harold Stephens scored SFA ' s TD on an 18-yard keeper play. OCTOBER 18: Southwest Texas handed the ' Jacks their third consecutive conference de- feat, 29-13, at San Marcos. Passing again proved to be the deciding factor in smashing the Lumberjacks. SWT ' s Robert Manning com- pleted 11 of 15 passes for 199 yards gained. OCTOBER 25: The Texas A I Javelinas fought off a last quarter scoring threat by SFA, and went on to win, 7-0, at Kingsville. Jackie Hathorn returned to action for Stephen F. after missing the last four games due to a leg injury. NOVEMBER 1: A large homecoming crowd helped provide the Lumber- jacks with their second win of the season, a 38-6 rout of the Sul Ross Lobos. It was SFA ' s first and only LSC victory of the season. Ottis Hargett crossed the goal stripe twice for the winners. NOVEMBER 8: The powerful East Texas Lions completely demolished the ' Jacks, 48-12, in SFA ' s last home game of the season. Sam McCord of the Lions led his team to their seventh win in eight starts, scoring three TD ' s. Hathorn and Neill scored for the Lumberjacks. : ■ NOVEMBER 15: SFA met its traditional rival, Sam Houston, in the last game of the season, and fell before the Bearkats, 21-12, at Huntsville. The tilt was a thriller until late in the final quarter, when Sam Houston col- lected another touchdown to boast a 9-point lead over the Lumberjacks. A run by Ronnie Neill and a pass from Bernie Hagins to Bob Young accounted for SFA ' s two scores. BASKETBALL John O. Stephens, Lumberjack basketball coach for the past seven seasons, this year rounded out his active coaching duties. He resigned as basket- ball coach to accept a promotion as athletic direc- tor of SFA. Stephens ' 1958-59 team won 15 of 22 games and finished in a three-way tie for second place in Lone Star Conference standings. Overall his SFA teams since 1952 have won 126 of 176 games, captured a conference championship and two second place finishes, and participated in the NAIA tournament. The 1958-59 Lumberjack team, which led the Lone Star Conference in defensive play and ranked third in the nation in this category, maintained its recent trend of holding opponents to low scores. The previous year, SFA also won con- ference defensive laurels and finished second in the nation. SFA 1958-59 BASKETBALL RESULTS SFA Opponent Opponent Score Score Northwestern Louisiana 64 50 Texas Lutheran College 54 33 Southwestern University 44 31 Northwestern Louisiana 66 72 Texas Lutheran College 68 33 Midwestern University 65 57 Austin College 60 63 Southwestern University 51 42 Sam Houston State 54 52 East Texas State 61 43 Lamar Tech 60 69 Denotes Elks ' Cotton Bowl Tournament SFA Ousted In Semi-Fina s Denotes Lone Star Conference Games -iist row: Mahone, Davis, B.. Moore, Bane, Gonzalez, Jones. Second row: Tins- ey. Cooper, Coe, Morgan, Powell, Dixon, Davis, D., Honea, Lowery. The 1958-59 Lumberjack basketball team had an- other fine season, winning fifteen of twenty-two contests. In the Lone Star Conference race, the Jacks finished in a three-way tie for second place with Lamar Tech and East Texas State, all winning nine and dropping five. Southwest Texas State, with an impressive 13-1 conference mark, fmishf 3 in first. SFA has, in 28 LSC campaigns, built up c advantage over every league foe but East Texa which holds only a slight 33-31 edge. They boa: a 17-6 advantage over Howard Payne, 14-4 ove Lamar Tech; 43-38 over Sam Houston; 35-26 ove Southwest Texas; 18-2 over Sul Ross; and 27-2 over Texas A6J. LUMBERJACK TRACKSTERS FOR 1959— Front row. Billy Hobson. Ottis Hargett, Bobby Barber, Thomas Cook, Bruce Reed, Jackie Cannon, Danny Pearsons. Back row. Ken Davis, Glenn Duke, Robert Cashell, David Wise, Hardy Carlton, Jimmie Herman, Maurice Moore, Travis Abel, Barry Hensley. WOMEN ' S INTRAMURALS The women ' s intramurals are a very important phase of collegiate ac- tivities to women who are interested in competitive sports. There are many well-planned and supervised activities for the girls who participate. This program offers a lot of fun and enjoyment for the women who take a part in it. This year three teams, the Lumberjeans, Timberjacks, and the Wood- choppers vied for the different sports trophies. Letter Award Winners are left to right: Sarah Harris, Martha Strawn, Mary Wright, Letha Lagrone, Burney Wilson, Merle Baker, and Bar- bara DeVille. The nine girls shown above were chosen to the WRA ' s 1959 all-star bas- ketball team. Left to right, they are De- Ville, Lowery, Spears, Fagg, Foote, Short, King, Hinson, Heath. Not shown is Stockton. Burney Wilson, La Juan Griffin, and Goldie Bailey make up the team that swept the track champion- ship in the WRA for the 1959 sea- son. The all-star team for volleyball is shown above. Front row, left to right, are DeVille, Rochester, Buraaman, Hin- son. Standing are Woehst, Spears, Short, Lowery, and Griffin. Harris and Margie Holmes. These are the girls that composed the champs in basketball. In front are Martha Foote and Donna Worthington. Behind are Harlene Muckleroy, Glenda Short, Pat Fagg, Edith Chance, and Diane Heath. Quite a batting order! These are the women chosen to the baseball all-star team. Looking left to right are Fagg, Spears, Woehst, Stuteville, Worthington, Savage, DeVille, Willifred. Kneel- ing is Rochester. The champion volleyball team is as follows: DeVille, Burnaman, Lowery, Strong, Taylor, Willifred, and Spears. MEN ' S INTRAMURALS FINAL FOOTBALL STANDINGS Team W. L. T. Pts. Opp. Sawyers 6 1 125 24 Foresters 4 3 89 42 Rebels 3 2 2 27 48 Austinites 2 3 2 25 36 Roadrunners 2 4 1 37 44 Lambda Gammas 1 4 4 24 42 Toppers 1 4 2 46 73 Goldbricks 1 5 1 20 62 HEAD MAN— Coach Ward Tishler is shown busy at work keeping the SFA intramural pro- gram running smoothly. His office is located in Aikman Gym, around which point all intramural activities center. Earl Tipton, scorekeeper, is shown marking up a tally during one of the basketball games as Glen Sewell, timekeeper, looks on approv- ingly. Intramural assistant Earl Tipton is shown marking the final results of a basketball game on the big board for all competitors to see. Intramural basketball referee Bobby Harriad seems to be ready to begin a basketball contest. The Sawyers collected two victories in the last week of play to win the championship two full games ahead of the battling Forester team. Both teams were undefeat- ed, but the Foresters had three ties marring their way, and the Sawyers, only one. Kenny Davis of the cham- pions won the scoring crown with forty-nine points, ten ahead of runner-up, Marshall Kendrick, of the Foresters. From the first game of the season the Sawyers were in command, and ended the season scoring 125 points while holding their opponents to a mere 24 in seven games. SCORING LEADERS Player Team Points Kenny Davis Sawyers 49 Marshall Kendrick Foresters 39 Ottis Fox Sawyers 30 Joe Adams Toppers 25 Jerry Bridges Sawyers 24 Ernie Procella Foresters 24 Doug Mattox Rebels 20 Boots Cashell Sawyers 18 Ervin Moore Goldbricks 18 Mike Jones Roadrunners 18 The Wolverines, led by the Manchester brothers trampled the Skids, 30-18, to claim the pre-season intra- mural basketball tournament championship. The Vikings, after losing to the Wolverines, came back to win the consolation crown, defeating the Goldbncks, 32-25. The Wolverines placed three men on the All-Tourna- ment team and another in the honorable mentions. Ray- mond and Ronnie Manchester and Sonny Hatton were the first team choices while Tracie Pearman was the honorable mention. All who have meditated on the act of governing mankind have been convinced that the fate of empires depends on the education of youth. — Aristotle GRADUATES Brown, Lewis A. Tyler Byrum, Bobby Gene Nacogdoches Cox, Peggy Nacogdoches Davis, Paul Nacogdoches Fisher, Audrey Whitehouse Flournoy, Clifford Center Fojtik, Sonja Lufkin Harrison, Betty Lufkin Hillin, Joyce Pinehill Humes, Bennett Carthage Hylton, Elizabeth Nacogdoches Lowery, Elton Huntington Metcalf, Rosa Beckville Mooney, Allen Woodville Moore, Tommy Henderson Pickett Gerald Port Neches Primrose, Cecil Chireno Stallings, Donald Lufkin Taylor, Dale Hamilton Turner, Wade San Angelo Wood, John BONHAM SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS President George Gates Vice President Jerry Sechrist Secretary Silver Bell Reporter Taylor Wharton Booker, Billy B. Cushing Born, Kenneth Lee Italy Boozer, Wayne Abshier, Priscilla Nacogdoches Adams, Joel Dean Carthage Alders, Bonnie Nacogdoches Alexander, Frances Ann Houston Alexander, Patricia Nacogdoches Allen, Mary Linda Longview Anderson, Charles Robert Jacksonville Anderson, Lois Tyler Angelo, Jack Houston Anthony, Clara Nacogdoches Armstrong, Tracy Zavalla Ashworth, Don Austin Atchley, Ann Alice DeKalb Baker, Wayne Nacogdoches Ballard, Marsha Temple Baxter, Norma Houston Bell, Silver Center Biggerstaff, Joe Nacogdoches Biggers, Martha Houston Bittick, Bobby Nacogdoches SENIORS Bowers, Jean Center BoYETT, LURLENE Nacogdoches Brady, John Kilgore Brightwell, Charles Henderson Brock, Ashford Lufkin Brouillard, R. A. Hitchcock Buchanan, Deanne Longview Butler, Joy Chireno Castleberry, Buddy Nacogdoches Cawthon, Tracy Nacogdoches Chadwick, Penny Tyler Cobbs, Russell Corrigan Cole, Robert San Augustine Collins, Turner Nacogdoches Colmer, Marvin Nacogdoches Cooper, John Houston Crawford, Gerald R. Timpson Creech, Marcelle Center Davis, Helen Nacogdoches Davis, Ron Dayton Fitzgerald, Carey Tyler Fouts, Diana Nacogdoches Frank, Hugo Carl Lampassas Dawson, Harry Royce City Delmar, James Earl Houston Denman, James Nacogdoches Derrick, Kenneth S. Nacogdoches DeVille, Barbara Lake Jackson Dickerson, Daneen Joinerville DuBose, Wanda Carthage Chandler, Janean Kilgore Dunlap, Royce Elton Henderson Earley, Bill Big Spring Eddington, James Big Spring Elliott, James Ray Rusk Ellis,. Mary Ann Vidor Ellis, Verne Lufkin Eubanks, Robert L. Marshall Fagan, H. E. Redwater Farr, Hugh Hawkins Fenton, Alice Fay Mt. Enterprise Ferguson, Helen Nacogdoches Fitch, Robert Laredo SENIORS French, Betty Houston Glass, Nona Corsicana Gossett, Billy Ray Henderson Gray, Stella Lonsrview Gray, Tommy Joaquin Gray, Wanda Faye Carthage Green, Major Lufkin Greer, Curtis Henderson Greer, Sue Nacogdoches Griggs, Wayne Jacksonville Grissom, Ira Leon Nacogdoches Hale, Delores Arp Hall, Dottie Nacogdoches Hart, Howard Greggton Hamilton, Julia Selman City Hathorn, Jo Beth Nacogdoches Hellums, Gene Scurry Hendricks, LeRoy Kilgore Hicks, Orval Baytown Holland, Jim Belton Howard, W. S. Jr. Tenaha Hunt, Roy Nacogdoches Johnson, Carolyn Houston Jackson, Karlena Selman City Johnson, Felix Nacogdoches Jones, Russell Avery Kendrick, Marshall Nacogdoches King, Kenneth Garrison Koster, Henry Nacogdoches Kucera, David Nacogdoches Langford, Clarence DeKalb Larison, Larry Lynn Tyler LaRue, Charlotte Palestine Lester, Juanell DeKalb Lewis, Imogene Tyler Little, Norman Chireno Long, Sylvia Jacksonville Lovell, James Lacy Augusta Louvier, Claudette Nome McBride, Marvin Nacogdoches McGown, Rosemary Beaumont SENIORS McMillian, Joe Nacogdoches McMillian, Louis Duncan Troup Mace, Joyce Lufkin Mann, Betty Sue Henderson Martin, Paul C. Athens Massey, Harriette Lufkin Mefford, Nita Gayle Nacogdoches Menefee, Sally Center Moore, Billy Corsicana Moore, Elizabeth Longview Morris, J. B. Dallas Mooney, Allen Colmesneil Neill, Ronnie Tyler Nix, Shirley DeKalb Oswald, Gerald Ray Clifton Pack, John Richard Garrison Palmer, Marcia Oklahoma City Parker, Norris L Henderson Patterson, David Nacogdoches Peacock, Rodney Nacogdoches Scates, Barbara Center Sechrist, Jerry Kiigore Sitton. Brooks Peacock, William H. Jacksonville Pierce, Patsy Garrison Pool, Dolores Henderson Pope, Henry D. Corrigan Pratt, Bobbie Nacogdoches Power, Marceleete Nacogdoches Preston, Brian Bellaire Prince, Phil Nacogdoches Quinn, Morris Nacogdoches Randolph, Betty Clute Rice, Mary Lou Texas City Rodgers, Alice Nacogdoches Rodrigues, Malcom Nacogdoches ROSENBERGER, KENNETH West Columbia Ross, Marie Henderson ROUNTREE, VERABEL Jacksonville Runnels, Joy Nacogdoches Rushing, Wanda Lufkin Russell, James B. Dallas Scarber, Clifford Jacksboro 05? SENIORS Skillern, Elwanda Nacogdoches Slipakoff, Philip Shreveport, La. Smith, Carrie Mae Glade- water Smith, Eloise Center Smith, Mrs. Gladys Laird Hill Smith, Laretta Gary Smith, Paul Laird Hill Snell, Albert Jasper Sowell, Raymond San Augustine Spradley, Larry Port Arthur Stallworth, Jimmy Bellaire Stephens, Herchel Lufkin Stewart, Thomas Tyler Strahan, Elvin Long Beach, Cal. Strybos, Anna Martha Houston Summers, Betty June Nacogdoches Taylor, Wayne Kirbyville Temple, Beth Lufkin Thomas, Paul D. Atlanta Thompson, Albert E. Nacogdoches Tucker, Francis H. Center Turner, Carolyn Carthage Vance, Barbara Troup VlCKERS, JONNY Pittsburgh Wallace, Bobby Henderson Walton, Grace Chireno Ware, Jimmy Gary Wells, Glen Nacogdoches Westbrook, Ward Jasper Wilson, Bettye Nacogdoches Wilson, Dowlin Center WlNSTEAD, OLLIE Baytown WOEHST, LORETTA Dickinson Wood, Ann Wilks Texas City Wood, Betty June Center WOLVERTON, BUFORD Nacogdoches Worley, Joel Mt. Enterprise Worsham, James Barry WORTHINGTON, DoNNA Port Arthur Wyley, Hugh Bob Henderson YOUNGBLOOD, TERRY Jo Houston ' resident Tommy Humphrey if Charles Brightweix JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS ecretary Dixie Queen leporter Cora Love Tucker Abel, Travis Acker, Betty Agan, John Cat Spring, Texas Lonyview Lufkin San Augustine Anderson, Corbett Anderson, James Baird, Paul S. Baker, W. D. Barnes, Billy Pollok San Augustine Henderson Huntington Nacogdoches Barton, Charles R. Barton, Tommy Bateman, Nancy Ann Brawner, Rena Brazil, Rodney Britain, Jerry Broach, Pascal B. Brooks, Georgia Bunt, Rayford D. Burris, Harold Cannon, Lewis Cates, Dan B. Apple Springs Tenaha Athens Saint Jo Lufkin Lufkin Carthage Center Hallsville Palestine Greggton Alto JUNIORS Chastain, John R., Ill Choate, Nancy Coats, Jim Coker, Billy Nacogdoches Baylown Nacogdoches Longview Coker, Jerry Collins, Pansy Nacogdoches Nacogdoches Conley, Leo Cox, Kay Crutcher, Jeanette Culver, Robert Gerald Cunningham, Hunter Daugherty, Hiawatha Dabbs, Erwin Davis, Joe Pat Darst, Maury Dean, Barbara Dixon, Emery Carl Doggett, Billy Douglas, Art C. Duncan, Judy Ellis, Rual Pittsburg Goliad Kilgore Gary Apple Springs Galveston Tyler Lufkin Lufkin Garland Mt. Enterprise Houston Eppers on, Gene Ericson, T. H. Jr Ethridge, Reginald Espin Kilgore Galveston La Port Maydelle Fuller, Odie Garner, Richard Garrett, LaJuan Gibbs, Donald G. Gibson, Glenda Nacogdoches Nacogdoches Chireno Nacogdoches Henderson Glass, Bobby Gleaves, Donald Gene Goad, Herbert Goodman, Christene Goodwin, Maxwell Grant, Neil Green, Barbara Green, Joe Max Grimes, Lee Hackler, Harold H. Hampton, Barbara Ann Hardy, Carroll Gene Snyder Lufkin Tatum Wells Dallas Center Henderson Tyler Nacogdoches Gilmer Nacogdoches Cushing I 1 1 JUNIORS Hardy, Nelda Lois Harper, Jessie Ann Harper, Tessie Ann Harvey, William Kenton Hathorn, Jackie Havard, Kenneth Port Neches Texas City Herman, Jimmie Hightower, Joseph W. Holland, Curtis Marfa Palestine Linden Holland, Preston Honea, J. R. Hopkins, Errol Dean House, Troy Hoya, Catherine Humphrey, Tommy Dee Irwin, Carol Jean Jackson, Mike Jarvis, Martha L. Johnson, Joe Pat Jones, Clayton Keenan, Betty Rose Linden Nacogdoches Gary Frankston Corpus Christi San Angelo Tatum Mt. Enterprise Tyler Nacogdoches Carthage Longview Keener, Edith S Kittles, Betty Ann Korn, Charles Lambert, Joe E Marshall Athens Kerens Nacogdoches Lang, T. Langford, Dale Ledford, Marquell Lewis, Betty Ruth Louvier, Claudette Palestine Cushing Troup Texarkana Nome Love, Jim M. Lovelady, Billy Luckett, James Dale McLain, Presley Lee McGown, Rosemary McRae, Charles D. Malone, David Alfred Mauritzen, Kenneth Martin, James W. Matthews, Don May, Hugh Kenneth Mayfield, Earl Nederland Jacksonville Bronte Ennis Beaumont Tyler Corrigan Carthage Kilgore Joaquin Alto Beaumont JUNIORS Metcalf, Rosa Elizabeth Miller, Patricia Middleton, Mary MlLLIKEN, R. J. Minton, David Frank Morrow, Johnnie Snyder Kilgore Murray, Bobby Nacogdoches Murray, Joe Conrad Nelson, Sara Jacksonville Lufkin Nesbitt, Nancy Newton, Gayle Nutt, Mary Lou Odom, Orville Neil Ogden, Varginia O ' Quinn, Janice Parks, Gloria P arc her, Sherry Raye Patrick, Don Juan Patrick, James Peterson, Betty Jo Pinkerton, Betty Jean Gatesville Henderson Nacogdoches Apple Springs Kilgore Nacogdoches Crockett Gladewater Oil City Nacogdoches Kilgore Tyler Platt, Don Pool, Neal, Jr. Powell, Helen Power, Marceleete Kilgore Kirbyville Lufkin Nacogdoches Pritchett, Laura Queen, Dixie Ann Quick, Shirley Raby, Walter Glenn Ray, Morris Tyler Nacogdoches Palestine Moody Burlison Reck, Jerry Richards, Bruce Richardson, Joe L. Richardson, Thomas H. Robinson, Gloria Jean Rogers, Billy Edwin Rogers, Billy Rogers, Margaret Nell Ross, Maurice Rucker, Carmen Ann Scarborough, Bob Scott, Frances Ann Houston Cushing Midland Hallsville Henderson Port Neches Nacogdoches Palestine Beaumont Houston Nacogdoches Timpson JUNIORS Scott, Nancy Lane Seagler, Dwyane Seale, Joseph Shambauch, Phyllis Henderson San Angelo Pineland Lufkin Shepherd, Maelinda Shofner, Shirley Sitton, Robert Skinner, William L. Smith, George Edward Smith, Janice Smith, Jimmy Spears, Fran Stahl, Charles Stanfield, Margie Starkey, Patricia Steinmann, Barbara Jean Stewart, Robert J. Theriot, James Patrick Thomason, Bill Truitt, Paul Tucker, Cora Love Texas City Bryan Nacogdoches Longview Nacogdoches Kilgore Tyler Logansport, La. Arp Brownfield Tyler Center Cushing Nacogdoches Center Nacogdoches Velvin, Sandra Vincent, Lynn Walker, John Stephens Wall, Lewis Henderson Carthage Carthage Jacksonville Walton, Bob Warr, Kenneth Wayne Watkins, Sherry Wedgeworth, Anita Wheeler, Mozelle Nacogdoches Center Tenaha Pampa Houston Whitehead, James Worth Wilson, Kenneth Wilson, Ted Wood, Carolyn Wright, J. R. Wright, Phillip Wullschleger, Sherilyn Zevely, Daryl Minden Center Nacogdoches Shelbyville Kilgore Longview Mexia Kilgore SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Jkrry Moore Tim Burgess Linda Smith Nancy Chancellor Abbott, Edna Abernathy, Jo Abney, Thomas A. Adams, Edgar Geral Adams, Garleatha Overton Huntington Alexander, Odis Donald Nacogdoches Alford, Donald San Augustine Allen, Charlotte Nacogdoches Amos, Delbert T. Mt. Enterprise Anderson, Jerry F. Lufkin Anderson, Marilyn San Augustine Angle, John Franklin Arnold, Sammy Jo Nacogdoches Carthage Arnold, Scharla Alto Asher, Kay Alto Ashworth, R. B. Austin Atchley, Gimmie Lee DeKalb Bailey, Goldie Nacogdoches Bailey, Larry Marshall Baker, Welta Wynn Buffalo Baldree, Lucene Bronson Ballard, Carroll W Hyattsville, Md. Barton, Gene D. Bivins Beavers, William Glen Baytown Benander, Emily H. Dorchester, Mass. Biggerstaff, Wanda Jean Nacogdoches Blankenship, Jo Tatum SOPHOMORES 4 r Blood, Philip Alan Houston Blount, Guy A. Nacogdoches Ballinger, Billy Jacksonville Bradshaw, Charles Ray Center ) Bretz, Beverly Cactus Brewer, Raymond L. Gladewater Brock, Charlene Lufkin Brooks, Alice Brooks, Orby S. Bryan, John G Burch, Robert C Burgess, Tim L Burke, May Ellen Butler, Raymond Cain, John Walton Cain, Sam Callahan, Loyd Lufkin Carlock, J. B. Big Sandy Carlton, Hardy Blake Jasper Chance, Alfred Bronson Chance, Henry N. Pittsburg Chancellor, Nancy Nacogdoches Christian, Sonny Henderson Christopher, Thomas D. Houston Coe, Bobby Paris Collins, Montague Kirkwood Mo. Lufkin Hemphill El Paso Nacogdoches Cook, Albert Crossley, David Darcy, Paulette Darling, Wendy Davis, Don Wayne Athens Lufkin Houston Texas City Haslet Davis, Eval G. Nacogdoches Davis, Hilton Brent Orange Dean, Delores Henderson DeCordova, David Beaumont Delaney, Clarence E. Ft. Worth Deran, Jean Dickson, David Donahoe, Mary Nacogdoches Dorsey, Gary Droddy, LaVerne Durham, Curtis Eddington, Jimmy Hallsville Bronson Linden Groveton Eisenmann, George Fagg, Pat Faircloth, Darcey Fenley, B. C.j Jr. Fiedler, Jean Fisk, Eleanor Fletcher, Bobby Forbis, Anita Ford, David Nederland Evandale Lufkin Lufkin Wells Huntington Logansport, La. Nacogdoches Dallas Freeman, Martha Sue Freeport SOPHOMORES Fuller, Jimmy D. Orange Fyderek, Shirley Anne Lufkin Gannon, Dolly Texas City Garrett, Kenneth Garrett, Patsy Chireno Houston Gothard, Ann Graeter, Billy Gray, Martin Green, Thomas Allen Nacogdoches Griffin, LaJuan Garrison Groom, Travis Lufkin Guillory, Glenda Rice Camden Gilcrease, James Goldwater, Phillip Gonzales, Joe Goodman, Patrica Ann Jacksonville Hacker, Sandra Hairgrove, Preston Hamiter, Dolores Hammond, Thomas Hanks, Hillman Hanka, Shirley Hanson, Frederick Hardy, Lois Harris, Jeannean Harris, Jim Houston Nacogdoches Lufkin Nacogdoches Palestine Harrod, Bettie Heath, Diane Hendrix, Paul Henslee, Barry Herrington, Harold, Jr. Bellaire Jacksonville Tyler Jacksonville Nacogdoches Hileman, James R. Hileman, Paul Hopkins, Martha Horn, Jimmy Hughes, Lester Jefferson Jefferson Lufkin Nacogdoches Center Hutchins, Robert J. La Marque Ingram, Wilber Longview Irwin, Emmeline Port Arthur Jenkins, John Johnson, A. D. Johnson, Herb Johnson, Iva m Tyler Nacogdoches Grand Rapids Nacogdoches Johnson, Vester Jones, Edmond Jones, Jerry Jones, John E. Nacogdoches Waskom Alto Nacogdoches Jones, Judy LaVoyce Nacogdoches Jones, Lonnie Avery Jones, Tommye Darlene Lufkin Kennedy, Carmen Franklin King, Connie Post Lenhart, David Austin SOPHOMORES 3» - Lilly, Brooks Nacogdoches Lockey, Eddie Lowery Troup Lout, Jack Shelbyville Iohler, Edward loNTGOMERY, LOIS Iontes, Paul loORE, HARLEY Ioore, Jerry Ioore, Maureen ' Iorgan, Charles loss, William ' eal, Joyce ' ickell, Helen Manning, Leon Meyers, Jackie Miley, Shirley Mixon, Hughie Beaumont Ratcliff Nacogdoches Houston Laneville Nacogdoches Cleburne Fremont Douglas Alpine Lowery, Billie Lyles, Virginia McBride, Janetta L. Nacogdoches McBroom, C. J. Nacogdoches McElmurry, Judy Jacksonville McEwin, Harold Nacogdoches McGown, Joyce San Augustine McLemore, Evelyn San Augustine Mahone, Wayne Garrison Center Nacogdoches Broaddus Etoile Cushinp; Noble, Bernice Norton, Eugene Parrish, Ben Payne, Jerry Dale Pepper, Inell Nacogdoches Baytown Lufkin Tyler Tatum Perry, Rex Michael Nacogdoches Pitman, Thomas Wayne Nacogdoches Pinson, Donnie Longview Platt, Nell Chireno Nacogdoches Porter, Dianne Longview Powell, Elton Brookland Puckett, Charles Haines Mineola Baytown Quarles, Mary Ramey, Sally Jo Reagor, Walter Reaves, Joe C. Alto Reklaw Nacogdoches Nacogdoches Reeves, Aidney M. Lufkir Ren fro, Joe Huntingtor Richey, Norma Jean Nacogdoche: Richey, Velma Christine Nacogdoche; Rives, Madonna Hendersor Roberson, Bobby George Valley Mill: Robinson, Rachel Rochester, Jamie Rodgers, Jimmy J Rogers, Jerry Brownsvilh Lake Jacksor Hawkin Orangf SOPHOMORES Rogers, Peggy Ross, James Greggton Henderson Rucker, Mrs. Martin Willis Nacogdoches rucker, totsy Saunders, Larry Schaff, Chase Shreveport, La. Scoggins, Winnie Dell Lufkin Self, George Nacogdoches Selman, Patricia Ann Lufkin Shadowens, Freda Kay DeBerry Sharp, Travis Shepp, Charles Sides, Sue Tyler Simmons, Lola Nacogdoches Singleton, Harold L. Nacogdoches Smith, Juanell Smith, Linda Smith, Nelda Gwyn Smith, Rual Spencer, Billie Stewart, James E. Strong, Sue Jean Stuteville, Robert M. Summers, Wanda Tate, Amy Carolyn Nacogdoches Carthage Rusk Houston Douglass Houston Henderson Palestine Huntington Marlin Henderson Taylor, Rebecca Ellen Kilgore Thomas, Emma Joe Wells Thompson, Bill Henderson Thompson, Dorothy Merle Lufkin Thompson, Earl Wayne Huntington Threatt, Thomas Grand Prairie Tindall, Steve Nacogdoches Townsend, Clifford Pollock Vano, Arlyne Brownsville Wade, Jackie Frank San Augustine Wallace, Jane Henderson Wallace, Roy Gene Port Arthur Walling. Thomas Grapeland Waller, Martin D. Warr, Bobby Watkins, Everett Watkins, Mildred Milam Center Douglass Douglass Watson, Charles Webster, Dan H. Welch, Harland Williams, Carolyn worley, verna Wood, Thomas San Augustim Nacogdoche Trouj New Cane Lufkii Beaumon Yarborough, Kenneth Timpsoi t 1 1 • Young, Bill Lufkii FRESHMEN CLASS OFFICERS Odus Elliott Jimmy Partin Nancy Duran Chuck Darden Abney, Dixon Adams, Dorothy Adams, Gene Lufkin Pasadena Henderson Aechternacht, Jeannie Marshall Alders, Gloria Jean Nacogdoches Alders, Weldon William, Jr. Nacogdoches Allen, Judy Allen, Robert Houston Henderson Almany, Patricia Lee Nacogdoches Ash, Jo Marie Alto Ashworth, Kenneth Diboll Baker, James Mitchell Pollok Baker, William Ronald Austin Bane, Lawrence Houston Banks, Jeanie Laird Hill Barber, Bobby Joe Jacksonville Barfield, Julia Ann Martinsville Barnes, Basil Marshall Barnett, Curtis Bo Cleveland Bateman, John Paul Lufkin Beaty, Joseph Foster Carthage Bell, Emily Jo Brazoria Benoit, Larry Dale China BlLLINGSLEY, LITTLETON Lufkin Black, Carrell Diboll Black, Patricia Jordan Diboll Bledsoe, Sandra Texas City Bobbitt, Charles E. Augusta Booker, Kenneth Nacogdoches Booth, Tommie Jean Nacogdoches Bowlin, Melba Louise Center Bowman, Elvis Larry Diboll FRESHMEN Boyett, Sue Beth Appleby Boyett, William Byron Tehuacana Brackett, Jerry Garland Bradford, E. C. Minden Brads haw, Leah Carole Nacogdoches Brewer, Rebecca Houston Briley, Rex Chireno Broussard, James S. Lufkin Brown, Ardie Lufkin Brown, Charles Earl Campbellton Brown, Howard Houston Brown, Lloyd Jr. Humble Bryant, Richard Nacogdoches Bullion, George Leon Brownwood Bullock, Jean Sinton Burnaman, Carolyn Anne Nacogdoches Burnaman, Lillie Ruth Nacogdoches Burney, Henry Arlon Hughes Springs Burrow, Dan Henderson Burton, Michael G. Houston Burton, Charles Shepherd Texas City Butler, Patricia Ann Beaumont Byers, Joyce Carthage Byrd, Ralph Lufkin Byrd, James Howard Nacogdoches Byrum, Betty Jean Nacogdoches Cammack, Rodney Joaquin Carfker, McErwin Gary Carpenter, Wayne D. Dallas Carswell, Mary Jane Lufkin Carter, Doyle Carter, James Cates, Dan Z. Chambliss, Lena Chance, Edith Shelbeyville Lufkin Minden Center Nacogdoches Chaviers, Delores Faye Nacogdoches Cherry, Anna Jane Childers, Glynn Clark, Jerry M. Tatum Center Lufkin Clark, Joe Edd Lufkin Coats, Jon Byron Nacogdoches Cockrell, Robert S. Corrigan Cole, Jimmy E. Lufkin Collins, Benny San Augustine Collins, Betty Sue Nacogdoches Collins, Bevolyn Nacogdoches Cooper, Jerry Carl Lufkin Cooper, Ralph Daniel Newton Cordray, June Elwyn Milam Covington, James L. Nacogdoches Creath, Jarvis Crockett Crisp, Franklin Terrell Waskom Crosley, G. David Bellaire Darden, Charles Beaumont Davis, Georgia Lufkin Davis, Janet Davis, John Paul Davis, Lee Baxter Davison, Claude J. Nacogdoches Lufkin Cameron Clarksville Davison, Joel R. Royce City Dean, J. Fuller Lufkin DeLoney, Bettie Jean Nacogdoches Dempsey, Linda Mrs. Nacogdoches Denman, Jerry Nacogdoches Dickerson, Donald Fred Broaddus Dickerson, Wanda L. Milam Dickey, Michael G. Texas City FRESHMEN Dingle, Kenneth Clifton Dixon, Ardie Doggett, Billy Dominy, Johnny F. Doss, Peggy Ann Douglas, Jack Wayne Dowden, Claude Doyle, Linda Drewry, Jan DuBose, Gary Lynn Greggton Lufkin Lufkin Pennington Nacogdoches Nome Waskom Houston Nacogdoches Lufkin DuBose, Thomas Dunn, Juanita Fae Duran, Elizabeth Duran, Joseph E. Duran, Nancy Apple Springs Mauriceville Henderson Henderson Henderson Durham, Dalton S. Murchison Durham, Ronnie Lufkin Dyer, Carleton Stanford Murchison Eakin, Donald G. Nacogdoches Edgar, John Wayne Garrison Edwards, Billy G. Lufkin Eldridge, James William Lufkin Elliott, Carol DeKalb Elliott, Odus Nacogdoches Enmon, Mary Jo Center Ewing, Gracie Irene Faries, Annette Forbis, Myra Pearl Foster, Don Lufkin Buna Center Daingerfield Foster, Judy Marilyn Falfurrias Franklin, Judy Beaumont Frazer, Is sac Rusk Freeman, Joe Lufkin Furqueron, Carl Henderson Furra, Shirley Ann Nacogdoches h Galloway, Wilbur Lee Livingston Gambill, Alvin Wesley Waskom Gamble, Fred G. Nacogdoches Garcia, John Glen Lufkin Gardner, Bobby John Texas City Garrett, Iris Chireno Garrison, Carl Alvin Dallas Gesin, James Port Arthur Gibson, Rosalind Longview Giles, Douglas William Apple Springs Goodwin, Gerald Lufkin Graham, Earl Geneva Graham, Marilyn Henderson Grammer, Johnny Richard Woodville Gray, Ann Gray, Jack Houston Rusk Gray, Joyce Chireno Gray, Robert James Nacogdoches Gray, William H. Kentchie, La, Green, Karol Keith Lufkin Green, Lydia Lufkin Greer, Lois Faye Henderson Gregston, Ferriel Wayne Woden Gresham, Lee Edward Longview Greusel, Paul Charles Hebbronville Grime, Lucretia Lee Dallas Grogan, Linda Elizabeth Rusk Grounds, Ruth Longview Gundelfinger, Marsha Tyler Halden, William Mineola Ham, Arthur Dale Mt. Enterprise Hambrick, Joy Houston FRESHMEN Hamilton, Glen Hammett, Jack Hanley, Rosalee Hanna, Kenneth Harrison, Susan Yenn Nacogdoches Nacogdoches Longview Diboll Lufk in Hartt, Ray F. Nacogdoches Harvey, Georgia Sue Marshall Hayden, Charles Wills Point Hearn, Charles Bennie Lufkin Heldenfels, Walter D. Rockport Henigan, Susan Hensarling, Robbie Henry, Johnnie Sue Henider, Lynda L. Hill, Larry B. Nacogdoches Nacogdoches Brazoria Center Lufkin Hillin, Wyrelle Pinehill Holgombe, Thomas Earl Groveton Hollis, Patrick D. Nacogdoches Holyfield, Frank Irving Hopkins, Tom Mike Waco Howard, Rieta Lindale Hudman, Leon Houston Hughes, Robert Irvin Center Hunter, Randle Lufkin Hutson, Rebecca Aleene Freeport Ingram, Russell Wood Irish, Charles Jenkins, Donna Jenkins, Larry Johnson, Beamon Center Center Tyler Garland Orange Johnson, Donald Clayton Lufkin Johnson, Jane Nacogdoches Johnson, Joe C. Lufkin Johnston, Arnold Wayne Elkhart Jones, C. A. Jr. Nacogdoches Jones, Charles Alvin Moscow Jones, Frances Anne Nacogdoches Jones, Jere Chester Rockland Jones, Linda Longview Jones, Linda Lavon Jones, Patricia Jones, T. Michael Jones, Tommy Reklaw Lufkin Jasper San Augustine Jopling, Charles Garrison Jordan, Bobby Bryant Carthage Kahanek, Janice Marie Houston Keith, Walter Jack Center Kelley, Carolyn M. Diboll Kerr, Stephen D. Jasper Keys, Nancy Carol Marshall Kimble, Kimmie Nolan Lufkin King, Luther Nacogdoches King, Margaret Louise Paris Kirkland, Martha June Pollok Knight, Don Lufkin Knippers, Lewis Nacogdoches Kratna, Gordon Lufkin Kucera, Daniel Robert Ennis Lacy, Charles Arp Lacy, Joe Ann Marshall Lalumandier, LaNell Lufkin Landtroop, Andrew Alvin Texas City Lawler, Kay Lazarine, Dock L. Lee, Jerry Lee, Jesse Lf.ocv Center Nacogdoches Lufkin Chireno Lufkin FRESHMEN Leith, Jeannine Linscomb, Peggy Sue Lloyd, Judy Loggins, Bobby Lott, Raymond Loveless, Clark Lowery, Mary Ann Luce, Jimmy Lufkin, Salee Luster, Donald McAbee, C. T. McAbee, Mildred McAndrew, Pauline McBride, Ralph Pampa Sour Lake Rusk Woodville Bellaire Irving Etoile Henderson Lufkin Lufkin Nacogdoches Nacogdoches Lufkin Bronson McCracken, Eddie Clair Marshall McDaniel, B. H. Hemphill McGibony, Charles Lufkin McKeel, Barbara Jean Marshall McKelvey, Polly Lufkin McLaughlin, Mary Elizabeth Kila:ore McMahone, Sam Malone, Reagan Mangrum, William Martin, Jerry W. Martin, Peggy Meadows, Guy Medina, Roy Melton, Robert Messec, Nelda Miles, Gloria Miller, Herman Miller, Joseph Minton, Billy Modisett, Carey Moffett, Maryln Newton Ft. Worth Lufkin Pineland Longview Lufkin Jefferson Lufkin Cushing Texas City Nacogdoches Alto Diboll Huntington Center Monzinoo, Noel Moody, Sandra Lea Moore, Maurice Moore, Tommy Lufkin Shelbyville Houston Henderson Moores, Ronnie Henderson Morrison, John William Garrison Morrison, Roger Glenn Elgin Mulhall, Sarah Ann Pollok Muller, Mary Frances Nacogdoches Murray, Joe Nacogdoches Nader, Ronald Wayne Marshall Neal, Albert Neill, Harold Nesmith, Jerry Lufkin Mineola Jacksonville Nethery, Mrs. Inez Nacogdoches Newell, Jimmy Jacksonville Nix, Jimmy Jacksonville Noble, Harry Polk, Jr. San Augustine Nutt, Sherry Owens, Jack Nacogdoches Kings Mountain, N. C. Owens, Whit Lufkin Pace, Mary Jo Kilgore Page, Kay Sherron Hallsville Parish, Edwin Carter Cleveland Parrish, Patricia Lufkin Partin, Jimmy Nacogdoches Patterson, Robbie LaNell Nacogdoches Peebles, Philip Eugene Nacogdoches Peek, Benny Roger Mt. Pleasant Penn, Michael Allen Lufkin Perry, Betty Joyce Nacogdoches Peteet, D ' Ann Marshall FRESHMEN Peterson, Margaret Garrison Pfleider, Darlene Beaumont Phillips, Margie Perry Nacogdoches Phillips, Necia Janice Carthage Pierce, Nancy Sue Elkhart Pike, Derwood Joe Carthage Pirtle, Elbert M. " Jr. Nacogdoches Pool, Charles Edwin Nacogdoches Potts, Kay Price Powell, Alfred Brookeland Powell, Lloyd James Kirbyville Price, Darlene Marshall Qltmby, William Floyd Nacogdoches Rabe, Ray Elton Port Arthur Raines, Jerry D. Nacogdoches R mey, Janice Louise Nacogdoches Ramsey, Sharon Henderson Rankin, Harold Sour Lake Ready, Kenneth Lloyd Reed, Druenetta Port Arthur Carthasre Reed, Janice Guthrie Lufkin Reeves, James F. Lufkin Rice, Evelyn Nacogdoches Rich, Carla Jean Nacogdoches Rodgers, Severn Jefferson Augusta Rodriques, Aletha Nacogdoches Russel, Olin Kyle Salmon, Cynthia Sample, Luana Sanderson, Joyce Annona Diboll Houston Nederland Sartain, Gloria Ann Alto Savage, Sammie Silsbee Scarborough, Peggy Meek Nacogdoches Scott, Pataicia Lou Lufkin Seale, Linda Jean Raywood Sears, James F. Sebastian, Don Sebastian, Jean Sellars, Henry Shaw, Betty Sue Shelton, J. L. Sheppard, Evelyn Sheridan, Neil Jr. Short, Glenda Simmons, Charlie L. Sitton, Betty Jane Sitton, Julia Kay Nacogdoches Irving Irving Nacogdoches Kilgore Arp Orlando, Fla. Augusta Rusk Moscow Cushing Cushing Sizemore, Royce Lufkin Sloan, Jimmy Talco Smith, David James Nacogdoches Smith, Gayla Marie Nacogdoches Smith, Jerry Taylor Diboll Smith, Kenneth San Augustine Smith, Robert Aaron Troup Snider, G. W. Center Soloman, Harold Marshall Spann, James Douglas Logansport, La. Spradley, Lillie E. Spradley, Linda Port Arthur Nacogdoches Springborn, Sandra Lufkin Spurgeon, Darvis Nacogdoches Stephen, Bess Ellen Nacogdoches Stephens, Walter E. Nacogdoches Stephenson, George Price Lufkin Sterling, Thomas Texas City Stewart, Carole Ann Houston Stewart, Nay Deen Nacogdoches FRESHMEN .tewart, Robeleen Nacogdoches ■tockton, Mary Lee Falfurrias Itokes, James Garrison Itone, Billy Walton Lufkin iTotts, Sylvia Ann Pittsburg iTRicklanh, Gene Clyde Lufkin troud, Joe Paul Lufkin tuteville, Laura Moore Palestine .ullivan, Charles Nacogdoches " ate, Frank Howard Pollok " aylor, Mary Frances Saratoga aylor, Patricia Ann Houston jvylor, Susan Ann Athens iemple, John Diboll fHOMAs, Pauline Cushing rHOMASj Jimmy rHOMPSON, George Colbert, Jay B. rooKE, Ben [riplett, Warner Bronson Henderson Lufkin Tyler Texas City fuRNER, Billie Lynn Jacksonville " urner, Micheal Lufkin " yler, Lawana Tyler anglahn, Herbert A. Huntington ensaw, Charles Lufkin aughn, Barbara Jeff Shelbyville aught, Peggy M. Cushing Valker, Lawrence Gordon Hughes Springs Vall, Lou Ann Dallas Vallace, Glenn Lufkin Valters, John Clemon Mineola Vaver, George Shelbyville Vatson, Gordon Wayne Mt. Enterprise Vatson, Robert Rusk Veatherly, Rose Marie Nacogdoches 1 A Wells, Bertis Leon San Augustine Wells, Billy Waskom Wells, Travis Nacogdoches Wark, James Lufkin Wharton, Arnold D. Henderson Wheeler, Diamond Jim Nacogdoches White, John Van Port Arthur White, Mrs. Kathleen Bronson Whittredge, Mary Ellen Houston Widner, Margaret Nacogdoches Willard, Ivan Henderson Williams, David Rogers Chattanooga, Tenn. Williams, Georgia Lufkin Williams, Irma Kountze Williams, Norman Douglas Arp Williford, Sadie Joyce Lufkin Wilson, Helen Rusk Witten, Darrell Hemphill Wittenberg, Peter Dallas Woods, James M. San Augustine Woods, P. M. Worley, Judy Wright, Truman Houston Mt. Enterprise Jasper Yarborough, Sherry Nacogdoches Yarborough, Spencer Timpson Yeates, Herbert Don Huntington Young, Jimmy Nacogdoches Youngblood, James Richard Lufkin Youngblood, Sarah Lufkin Zook, Joe INAUGURATION CEREMONIES FOR PRESIDENT RALPH W. STEEN ADVERTISERS On behalf of the student body, the faculty and administration, and the Stone Fort Staff, we wish to express our thanks and appreciation for your cooperation in making the ' 59 Stone Fort possible. Our advertisers are an important part of our yearbook and we are certain the faculty and student body will express their gratitude by calling on you as soon as possible. NACOGDOCHES TEXAS COMPLIMENTS OF TEMPLE ASSOCIATES GENERAL CONTRACTORS DIBOLL, TEXAS Thomas Appliance Co. 320 North Street Phone LO 4-9241 Compliments of HELPINSTILL AUTO SUPPLY NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS Jewel Helpinstill Owner BE MODERN.. GO ELECTRIC RCA MAYTAG Texas Power Light Company Compliments of " If We Make It, It ' s Good! " NATURAL GAS, " THE FUEL WITH A FUTURE " . . . ALWAYS DEPENDABLE IN PERFORMANCE ALWAYS ECONOMICAL IN SERVICE 1 1 1 1 1 • • t fashions • for college • for career for-about the-home 00 MIZE DEPARTMENT STORE SWIFT BROS. SMITH, INC. Druggists The place where you get what you want 221 EAST MAIN STREET PHONE LO 4-4651 and LO 4-4101 Turner ' s Prescription House Hallmark Cards Helena Rubenstein Cosmetics Main at Church Distinctive Apparel and Beautiful Footwear CU Vlr L,l VlcfV 1 3 C r Gound Chevrolet Co. Phone LO 4-8381 Nacogdoches, Texas Best Wishes ' THE PINE LOG SFA Student Newspaper Compliments WEDGEWORTH BUICK CO. Buick and Studebaker Dealer Sales and Service to all Cars Phone LO 4-4641 2301 North St. NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS MEN ' S APPAREL DRESS FABRIC CENTER 416 North Ph. LO 4-8660 ROBINSON ' S STUDIO " One of the Finest " All Phases of Photography College Heights BealFs QUALITY MERCHANDISE Gray Motor Company Your Dealer NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS l DRINK oca Nacogdoches Bottling Company KENNEDY ' S JEWELERS GIFTS FOR ALL OCCASIONS 201 Main Nacogdoches Compliments of S. F. A. Barber Shop " It Pays to Look Nice " Banita Laundry and Dry Cleaners FOR THE PAST 45 YEARS HAS BEEN SERVING THE CLEANING NEEDS OF NACOGDOCHES FRED B. DAVIS W. T. " WINDY " McKEWEN FOR SPORTING GOODS, HARDWARE AND HOUSEWARES . . . See . . . Branch-Patton Hardware Co. Congratulations! MAIN THEATRE 219 SOUTHLAND PAPER MILLS, Inc. LUFKIN, TEXAS CONGRATULATES GRADUATES Natural and Planted Pine Stands in the South, perpetuates one of our Nation ' s most important industries, the manu- facture of Paper. A s a member of the Class of 1959, you ' re off to a good start toward a useful and rewarding future. May we congratulate you, and wish you every success HUMBLE OIL REFINING COMPANY fit! 220 " Across Street from the Hospital " PRESCRIPTIONS SICK ROOM SUPPLIES PHONE LO 4-5712 Serving The Independent Retail Merchants of East Texas wholesale only Distributor of White Swan Flour Nacogdoches Grocery Co. Compliments of SISCO Feed and Supply PURINA CHOW Nacogdoches IT ' S SANDWICH TIME LUMBERJACK LUNCHEONETTE LINDY ' S Bar-b-que our specialty Easy parking — Friendly service — Low prices 900 North Open 7-11 221 J. E. GASTON. President CARL MONK. V. P. Manager T. B. CASON, Secy-Treas. ESTABLISHED 1893 — INCORPORATED 1906 CASON, MONK g CO. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL FURNITURE, HARDWARE, IMPLEMENTS Paints. Accessories. Wall Paper. Sash and Doors. Building Material Refrigerators. Radios. Washing Machines P. O. Drawer 231 FUNERAL DIRECTORS Dial lo 4-4663 NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS You, as did Mom and Pop (and Gran ' maw, too) will be proud to say, " It came from Cason, Monk Co. " Our business established in 1893! CnSDN.MONK CO Good food awaits you at THE COLLEGE GRILL Lunches Sandwiches Steaks, Chicken Home-made Pies Across from Wisely Hall 222 oUleU t lot exat S. F. A. Library Building •I. A. « " sbil Company General Contractors Nacogdoches, Texas " the friendly city 19 223 224 COMPLIMENTS OF R. W. McKinney AND Jack McKinney Nacogdoches Paint Wallpaper Co. Floor Coverings Phone LO 4-3267 P. 0. Box 590 2111 North St. NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS REESE BROS. PONTIAC WE SERVICE ALL MAKES Phone 4-4331 613 West Main Nacogdoches, Texas Compliments of Lacy H. Hunt Lumber Company, Inc. Manufacturers, Wholesalers and Exporters YELLOW PINE AND HARDWOOD MINE PROPS AND TIMBERS Nacogdoches, Texas Nacogdoches Floral Co. LOVELY CORSAGES FOR ALL OCCASIONS Phone 4-7361 107 S. Church St. WE DELIVER Member F. T. D. ICE CREAM Try the Finest The Borden Company Nacogdoches, Texas DEPEND ON THE COLLEGE CLEANERS Cash and Carry a Saving For You " THEY CAN CLEAN EM " S. F. A. THEATRE MARSHALL MATTESON Ouner-Mgr. Nacogdoches, Texas Always an enjoyable array of attractions! Plenty of Free Parking 225 Lufkin Typewriter Company Sales — Service Rentals — Supplies Lufkin, Texas Phone NE 4-9113 or NE 4-9124 The S. F. A. College Bookstore " the Student Needs It . . .We Have It " Shop At . . . THE STONE FORT NATIONAL BANK NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS 1903-1959— FIFTY-SIX YEARS UNDER THE SAME NAME L. B. MAST, President E. W. MONK, Executive Vice-Pres. H. T. EDWARDS, Active Vice-Pres. S. B. HAYTER, Vice-President R. E. GILMORE, Vice-Pres. -Cashier OFFICERS ALTON KING, Asst. Vice-Pres. GEO. V. BURROWS, Asst. Cashier G. P. RAWSON, Asst. Cashier T. T. WILLIAMS, Asst. Cashier PARRISH PALMER, Asst. Cashier DIRECTORS R. N. CASON GEO. F. CLARK S. B. HAYTER J. R. GRAY L. B. MAST E. W. MONK R. W. McKINNEY A. L. NELSON C. D. THOMAS C. N. THOMPSON M. S. WRIGHT This Bank Is a Member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation THE LARGEST BANK IN NACOGDOCHES COUNTY LIKE S. F. A. GRADUATES LONE STAR PRODUCTS ARE HIGH QUALITY BRAND BEST WISHES FOR YOUR SUCCESS FOR SO GOES THE SUCCESS OF EAST TEXAS BRAND When You Pick Up This Annual 10 Years From Now Then As Now— Lone Star Folks Will Still Be Pulling- For S. F. A. TEXAS FARM PRODUCTS COMPANY NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS 227 STRIPLING ' S WE SELL EVERYTING Across From Post Office PHONE LO 4-4646 Insurance C. N. Thompson Insurance Agency Room M-2 — Stone Fort National Bank Phone LO 4-5251— P. 0. Box 327 Nacogdoches, Texas Penney ' s ALWAYS FIRST QUALITY! Quality is your greatest saving " Boosting SFA All the Way " THE HERALD PUBLISHING CO., Inc. PUBLISHERS OF THE DAILY SENTINEL and THE REDLAND HERALD Herald Printing Company COMMERCIAL PRINTING 125 N. Fredonia Phone LO 4-5539 Nacogdoches, Texas io DrPepper Bottling Co. 1615 S. Fredonia St. NACOGDOCHES Dial LO 4-7881 Shofner Hardware Co. • HARDWARE • SPORTING GOODS • PAINTS • APPLIANCES 600 E. MAIN 228 CONGRATULATIONS, SENIORS Library Building We ' re proud to have a part in the building of a greater SFA. Our bricks have been used in the Birdwell and Library buildings, the men ' s dormitories, the family apartment units, and the new Fine Arts building. HENDERSON CLAY PRODUCTS MANUFACTURERS OF QUALITY FACE, ROMAN AND NORMAN BRICK White, Buff, Pink, Gray, Brown, Red and Black Box 870— Phone 3505 HENDERSON, TEXAS 229 For over 50 years the name of this institution has stood for all that is substantial in financial affairs in East Texas. COMMERCIAL NATIONAL BANK Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation AUTOGRAPHS 230

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Stephen F Austin State University - Stone Fort Yearbook (Nacogdoches, TX) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Page 1


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