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the 1957 58391 s tone Fort STEPHEN F. AUSTIN STATE COLLEGE CONTENTS STUDENT LIFE PERSONALITIES FOREWORD The 1957 Stone Fort depicts a year at SFA — a year beginning in April, 1956, and closing March, 1957. For some, this book will contain the memories of their first year at college. For others, the 1957 Stone Fort will be the last memento of college life. But for all students, this book is intended as an aid to help you retrace your footsteps through a year at Stephen F. Austin State College. 1957 STONE FORT STAFF Betty Ann Yarborough murrkll tuornhill Carolyn Guest John Hardin Lester Edwin Gaston, Jr. Editor Assistant Editor Copy Editor Business Alanager Sponsor Mary Hood Tom McGee Joyce Hinton ASSISTANTS Dick Burnett Deanne Dunbar Penny Chadwick Lillian Singleton COMPETITION PRESIDENT OF THE COLLEGE Colleges are strikingly similar to parents. Both rejoice in each new arrival; both visualize each newcomer as a potential leader in some field or fields of human endeavor; both struggle to give their best to each one entrusted to their care; both sympathize in the tribulations and rejoice in the achievements of their charges; both hate to see the ties of wholesome daily admiration, and companionship snapped by the inevitable maturity which comes to all normal persons, each selfishly wishing that these bonds could remain forever; and yet both glow with the greatest of pride when their progeny actually go forth and reflect the sincerity and adequacy of their training by becoming strong, honorable, whole- some, capable men and women, so thinking, so working, so living that they reflect at all times the best in human existence. Naturally, we at Stephen F. Austin State College hate to see you, our 1956-57 grad- uates, leave these forty acres. You have become part of us. Nevertheless, we are proud of that which you already have accomplished, and are confident that you can and will reach many more goals of even greater personal consequence and social magnitude. We believe you possess the basic intellectual tools and academic skills needed to build lives of distinction. So for each of you we wish a full life-time of opportunities for hard, produc- tive, enjoyable work, work which will make you a compliment to yourself, your family, your friends, your nation, your college, and your Creator. Paul L. Boynton BOARD OF REGENTS Hubert L. Mills Houston J. S. Woodward President Dallas Miss Elizabeth Koch San Antonio C. Smith Ramsey San Augustine Richard F. Stovall Floydada It seems that, whenever man has wanted to preserve something, he has recorded it in a book. We are trying to preserve for you the 1956-57 year at Stephen F. Austin State College; thus we give you the ' 57 Stone Fort. We, the staff, hope that in the years to come this annual will bring back the fun- filled memories of a college year. These pages are our meager attempt to preserve for posterity the highlights of one year at S.F.A. This book is what might be termed a transition into a bigger and better annual for your college. Henceforth, the Stone Fort will contain the events from March of one school year to the March of another. This will allow the spring sports and events to be included in the annual. This book attempts to catch the most important moments of last spring in both the sports and social spheres, but we were somewhat handicapped in the picture department. We ask you to keep in mind that we worked with what we had. The putting together of a yearbook is a tedious task. We lost pictures, forgot to get pictures made, put pictures on incorrect pages; we did everything wrong that a person could possibly do. BUT, we redid it, and in good faith we are saying (with bated breath) that we believe that most of our wrongs have been righted. Special thanks go to Mr. Robinson, who never complained of our terrible picture- shooting schedule; to Mr. Gaston, who never became angry at our tardiness in getting things in on time; and to all those wonderful people who kept popping in and out of the office to give us a laugh when we needed one most. The ' 57 Stone Fort was ours. A lot of hard work and a lot of good fun went into its making. Yes, it was ours, but now it is yours. We hope you like it! Betty Ann Yarborough Stone Fort Editor STUDENT LIFE VET VILLAGE ORGANIZATIONS Students are the life of a college campus. You can hear the hum of activity as you see boys and girls walking to class, to the Sub, or back to the dorms. The following pages show a year full of people, the place where most of our married couples reside, our college where many footsteps have fallen through the years, and the organiza- tions that bind our student body together. APRIL Spring sports get underway in April of 1956. Golf, track, and tennis teams vie in conference meets. The Forestry Depart- ment conducts a field day. Assembly pro- grams are presented by the social clubs on the campus. George wins gold spitoon in tobacco spitting contest. Sprinters prepare for conference meet. Tennis is our game 1 „1t ' i, J i MAY The merry month of May is indeed festive as some of the social clubs hold thdr biggest dances of the year. Forester-Fidele Spring Festival gaily begins the month. Rebel-Rebel Ann ' s Old Southern Garden Dance is another important occasion. The Pine Burrs have a week- end of fun at the beach before Commencement closes out the 1956 Spring Semester. Check all those sunglasses, please! — .- . ; ■ ' ■ ■ ' . 1 A degree at last, and it was worth it! Who is Kathy ' s handsome date? These people are really getting acquainted! Such a serious air for the Sub. Such fun this class is having If 1 f JKti JUNE Summer school gets underway with a " Get Acquainted Dance " at the Sub. Everyone tries to get in a swimming class. Conventions get underway and the Texas Christian En- deavorers meet here at SFA. The Pine Burrs give a Ranch Dance at the Sub that really has that western atmosphere. At the end of the month the annual school picnic is held. And they made it too. »» ' ale r The staff of the twirling camp. One reason why our boys like SFA ' s twirling school. JULY Summer gets into full swing with a sock hop at the Sub. Registration takes place again and a cheerleader clinic is held here. Highlighting the month, a watermelon picnic is given. The Fideles spend a gala weekend in Galveston. At the close of the month, batons are flashing as the twirling camp gets under- way. Three entertaining instruc- tors. And the " rah, rah ' s " filled the air. What nice looking batons? So refreshing. The mad rush of registration. Blow, man, blow! Things were buzzing around the history table. Refreshment time at the President ' s Recep- tion. Sooooo many hands to shake! AUGUST And summer school draws to a close as August rolls around. Social clubs enter- tain summer students with parties, and the Sigma Gammas entertain with an Inch Dance at the SUB. Then comes Commencement to climax the month and conclude summer school. Now it ' s the graduates ' turn to stand in line. SEPTEMBER September brings everyone back to school. Freshmen begin orientation with their days being full. But nights bring students to the Sub where old friends meet and new friends are made. A few days after registration President Boynton honors the student body with a reception. Tell them about it. Dr. Franks. The whole school must be in line. OCTOBER Fall is ushered in and school gets into full swing. An Inter-Social Club Council is formed to organize Rush. Partying is carried on for several weeks, and then pledging begins. With football still the spotlight of interest, a little excitement is stirred up when some Sam Houston boys visit the campus. SUB is scene of Amitie rush party. Sam Houston Bearkats toast Lumberjacks Pine Burrs entertain with fashion show at rush party. 3. Fi deles practice " tying the string " for annual ranch party. 4. Sigma Gammas hold rush party in Hotel Fredonia ' s Banita Ballroom. NOVEMBER The Duchesses are on the move again in pre- game activities. It looked doubtful at times November 3 marks SFA ' s 1956 Homecoming, and what a wet and sloppy day! In spite of the weather the ' Jacks emerge triumphantly 9-7 over Sul Ross in a thrilling ball game. Coronation is held at a dance that night after the Fred Waring Show. Other features of the month are the Corn Huskin ' Bee and Lambda Gamma Pledge Day. DECEMBER Spirits soar high at the thought of the Christmas season and vacation time. Weird chants of " I love you, Pine Burr " are heard on the campus during P.B. Pledge Day. Christmas Dinner Dances are in full swing all during the month. SFA gets a touch of the true Christmas spirit as a toy campaign for underprivileged children is conducted. Just look at all the " dress- ed up " people. Scenes from the Forester Dinner Dance. This looks like serious business. JANUARY And the holidays are over; it ' s back to the grind again. The Fideles and Foresters have it rough with their Pledge Day and Flour Fight. The B.S.U. entertains with a banquet. The Art Department sponsors a student art exhibit. Everyone can be found at the Sub after basketball aiames. Fidele pledges in tradi- tional pledge day cos- tumes. Some new assets to the art de- partment are found in these Kappa Pi pledges. B.S.U. members prepare for a 1 ' V These SFA ' ers entertained on TV no less. FEBRUARY February brings a month full of activity. Registration takes place and the spring se- mester gets under way. Basketball season ends for another year, and the spring sports begin. Various elections are held to elect the campus favorites. Sales of razor blades drop as SFA ' s annual beard growing con- test starts. The biology club has a banquet at the hotel. Toward the last of the month the faculty entertains the students with an assembly program. Dick Burnett approaches the poll: | add his vote to the many cas in the elections. The Sub is always a place to have a good time. Paul ' s Performing Professors should go into show business. MARCH Delicious, I ' m sure! March winds usher in some spring weather, but school goes on as usual. Excitement prevails at the Presentation Ball as the top beauties, as well as Mr. and Miss S.F.A., are revealed. Religious Emphasis Week is held toward the middle of the month. Then the girls " get their chance " during Twirp Week at the latter part of March. Everyone seems to be having a good time at the Presentation Ball. VET VILLAGE Vet Village is a rapidly expanding housing project for the young married couples on the Stephen F. Austin State College campus. The majority of the students on the campus are not familiar with the married couples and their surroundings. Therefore, on these pages we present a few of the couples that make up the married circle. Wisely Hall Ferguson Hall W. R. C. Aikman Gym II Officers of the Student Con- gress, pictured left to right, are: Cathie Klein, secretary-treasurer; T. A. Ford, sergeant-at-arms; John Wood, vice-president; and Alwin Whitaker, president. ORGAN STUDENT CONGRESS Led by President Alwin Whitaker, the Student Con- gress aids the student body in cooperating with the administration and the staff to the fullest degree. This organization has as its chief objective the promotion of interest in the student body ' s being unified on the campus. Other officers, besides President Whitaker, are Vice- President John Wood; and Secretary-Treasurer Cathie Klein. Other members are elected representatives from each class. iATIONS FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA The Future Farmers of America selected Miss Faye Adams for their sweetheart for this year. Officers for the professional club are Kenneth Barton, president; John Woods, vice-president; Donald Franke, secretary; Charles Williams, reporter; John Aiken, treasurer; Felix Johnson, sentinel; Kenneth Franzen, student advisor, and James Stewart, parliamentarian. Miss Faye Adams STUDENT PINE LOG A newspaper carries the news to the people, and The Pine Log carries the SFA news to the student body, but it is sometimes quite a struggle to get it there every Saturday. Each week the staff labors to meet that Friday deadline, and then when it is met, there is the next week ' s paper to put out. But the students couldn ' t get along without the Pine Log! Editor-in-chief Cathie Klein in her second home, the Publications Office. ml mid V »!»« • Reporters for the Pine Log are Jerry Reck, Maury Darst, Mary Jane Hooper, Preston Stephens, and Charles Skinner. The Pine Log staff looks over papers from other colleges and universities. Tom McGee, sports editor; Evelyn Austin, assistant editor; and Cathie Klein, editor-in-chief. PUBLICATIONS STONE FORT An annual sets down in picture form the never-to-be-forgotten record of one school year. There is a lot of work, sweat, and tears that go into the pro- duction of a yearbook. Often the work becomes tedious, but when all is said and done the members of the annual staff will treasure always the memories that went into the making of the Stone Fort. Editor Betty Ann Yarborough takes times out for a few minutes gab. ALPHA CHI Officers of Alpha Chi National Honor Society on the Stephen F. Austin State College campus for the fall semester were: Tommie Jan Wilson, president; Mary Jane Martin, vice-president; Mary Wallace, secretary- treasurer; Kathy Angell, reporter. Mary Jane Martin and Tommie Ian Wilson The A. W. Birdwell Chapter of Alpha Chi, a na- tional honor society, strives to promote and recognize scholarship on the campus of Stephen F. Austin State College as well as nation-wide. Sponsors of the organ- ization for the fall semester were Dr. Sheley, Dr. Fox, and Mr. McElroy. Mary Wallace and Kathy Angell KAPPA PI The national honorary art fraternity, Kappa Pi, is represented at Stephen F. Austin State College by the Beta Iota chapter. This chapter has actively promoted understanding and appreciation of art on the campus and promoted good relations with art departments of other colleges and universities, since it was created in 1952. In October, 1956, the chapter was awarded the national fraternity AWARD OF MERIT award given each year to the outstanding chapters of Kappa Pi for highest recognition for SKETCH BOOK requirements. Beta Iota chapter was one of the few chapters to win this award last year. The Beta Iota chapter began its new year with seven past members entertaining eighteen pledges with a pledge party at the Hotel Fredonia, November 8, 1956. The formal initiation was held in the home of Mrs. Tilford, January 17, 1957. There have been several entertaining programs given by the members of the chapter throughout the year. The activities planned for the Spring include: participation in Ranch Day fes- tivities, a Spring initiaton for new members, and a Kappa Pi picnic to be held at Fern Lake. Kappa Pi is sponsored by Dr. Karl Schlicher, head of the Department of Art, Stephen F. Austin State College. Lynn Garrison Sibley was president of the chapter for the Fall Semester, 1956. Cecil Primrose is the president for the Spring Semester, 1957. E. H. R. CLUB The Ellen H. Richards Club on the campus of Stephen F. Austin was named in honor of a pioneer in home economics. This college homcmaking club is an association of all girls interested in the field of Home Economics. The sponsor of the club is Miss Edna Wilkin; Billie Self is president. B. S. U. B.S.U. members enjoy one of the many banquets given by the student organization of the Baptist Church. This organization endeavors to promote spiritual development among the students on the campus through Bible study and prayer. Allen Lea serves as president of the B.S.U. , and Reverend James Wray is director. CANTERBURY ASSOCIATION The Canterbury Association, under the leadership of Murrell Thornhill, is a college student organization of the Episcopal Church. Dr. Lucille Norton is faculty sponsor of the association. The Rev- erend H. Raymond Kearby, rector of the Christ Episcopal Church, organized the group. The purpose of the organization is to forward the work of the Episcopal church in the colleges and universities of America. WESLEY The Wesley Foundation, under the direction of Reverend Aln Reed, is composed of Methodist students on the campus of SFA. The purpose of this organization is to provide worship, fellowship, and service oppor- tunities for Methodist students. John Revis serves the organization as president. The SFA Science Club is the Collegiate Division of Texas Academy of Science. The club is un- der the sponsorship of Dr. Hugh Smith. Miles Richardson serves as president of the organiza- tion. SCIENCE CLUB BIOLOGY CLUB The Biology Club on the SFA campus provides both professional and rec- reational interest in biol- ogy. The club encourages interest in biological sciences and extends stu- dent interest in this field of work. Dr. Miller is sponsor of the club and John Wood is the presi- dent. The purpose of the Physics Club is to create interest among potential physics majors and oth- ers interested in physical science. Monthly pro- grams are given concern- ing various science sub- jects. Dr. Rigney and Dr. Eager are sponsors and Harold Parker is the president. PHYSICS CLUB SIGMA PHI ALPHA The name of the local chapter of the American Chemical Society is Sigma Phi Alpha which is the Greek equivalent of SFA. The club pro- motes professional growth and development of its members in the field of chemistry. Odis Procella serves as president of the organization and Dr. Ab- bott and Mr. Halbert as sponsors. Delta Psi Kappa is a women ' s national profes- sional fraternity in physi- cal education. Phyllis Big- by serves as president of the organization and Dr. Lucille Norton as spon- sor. The primary objec- tive of the organization is to recognize worth- while achievements in physical education and to develop interest there- in. DELTA PSI KAPPA W. R. A. Miss June Irwin and Mrs. Virginia Mathews are the sponsors of the Women ' s Recreation As- sociation, which is open to all women students of the college. The promo- tion of recreational ac- tivities and intramural programs for women is the primary objective of the WRA. Future Teachers of America is a national or- ganization primarily for the purpose of training teachers for democratic co-operative action. Spon- sor of the organization was Dr. LeRoy McClen- don. Fall semester presi- dent was F. M. Hughes and spring semester presi- dent was Estelle Florey. During the year, the group enjoys various panel discussions, student programs, and visiting speakers. FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA SYLVANS The Sylvans Club is com- posed of forestry majors on the campus of Steph- en F. Austin State Col- lege. This club, organ- ized in 1946, has as its purpose the forwarding of forestry education among forest interest throughout the surround- ing area. The club spon- sors the annual Forest Field Day. President of the club was James Jor- dan and sponsors are Dr. Sampson and Dr. Baker. Alpha Psi Omega is a national honorary dramatic fraternity whose aim is " fellowship and service to stimulate interest in col- lege dramatics. " This organiza- tion is an honor society for stu- dents doing high standard work in dramatics. Dr. Robert Capel is sponsor of the group. ALPHA PSI OMEGA PI KAPPA DELTA Miss Edna Sorber is sponsor of Pi Kappa Delta, national speech honorary fraternity. The group encourages a spirit of fellowship and friendly cooperation and is interested in intercollegiate de- bate, oratory, and public speaking. THE 1956-57 LUMBERJACK BAND Jimmie Hudgins, director The Lumberjack Band of Stephen F. Austin State College lends color, spirit, and pep to the school. As time goes by, this organiza- tion is becoming more and more efficient, and it proves its worth by the spontaneous enthusiasm that is brought about by its every performance, whether it is at a football game, a basketball game, a pep rally, a parade, or a concert. Our band is something of which we ought to be very proud. BAND CLUBS Branches of Tau Beta Sigma, national sorority for girls interested in music, and Beta Zeta, national fraternity for boys interested in music, have been formed on the campus this year under the direction of Jimmie Hudgins. Hertha Stahl is presi- dent of the girls ' club, and Lee Wayne Jones is president of the boys ' . These na- tional organizations are found on nearly every college campus in the Lone Star Conference. THE COLLEGE ORCHESTRA The college orchestra is well known for the enjoyable music it provides each Mon- day night at the Sub. Playing for many festive occasions in towns all over the state, this organization is a favorite for its fine music for " dancin ' and listenin ' . " This is a familiar scene at the Sub. The college orchestra takes time out to pose for the photographer. A CAPPELLA CHOIR Under the very fine direction of Mr. Frederick Baumgart- ner, head of the Stephen F. Austin State College music de- partment, the A Cappella Choir renders many concerts to organizations in and around Nacogdoches. The schools in the surrounding area are honored with our fine SFA choir. Mr. Frederick Baumgartner Director I.S.CC The Inter Social Club Council is a newly organized club on the Stephen F. Austin State College campus. The council is comprised of the president and a delegate from each of the social clubs. The chief purpose of this club is to promote better understanding and more uniform rules for the social clubs. The ISCC sponsors a convocation to begin Rush, and it also sponsors several school dances. There is a separate men ' s and women ' s council, but they function jointly as well. PRESIDENTS Catherine Tucker Clarence Everett Sherry Smith Fall Semester Girls ' President Boys ' President Spring Semester Girls ' President Carolyn Bice Wan Delle Grogan Officers of the Amitie Social Club are left to right: Bonnie Jones, vice-president; Dolores Shove, secretary-treasurer; Caro- lyn Bice, president. Bonnie Jones AMITIES The Amitie Social Club was the first girls ' club to be organized on the campus of Stephen F. Austin. The club activities for the year are the Rush Party, Exes Tea at Homecoming, Christmas Dinner Dance with the brother club, the Austinites; Spring Rush Party, Mother-Daughter Banquet, April Showers Dance, and the end of semester picnic and Diamond Horseshoe Dance, both with the Austinites. Margie McNeil Dolores Shove Rose Ware The Amities entertain at Homecoming with a tea for the exes. James Cogswell Clarence Everett Clifford Flourncy Jess Darrell Mattison Don Patrick AUSTINITES Organized in January, 1938, the Royal Order of Austinites was founded for the purpose of sponsoring school projects for the p leasure and benefit of the student body. The Austinite Club sponsors a varied calendar of activities each year. These activities include dances, picnics, parties, and teams to compete in all intramural sports. Perhaps the most colorful activity is the annual " Pie Night " each spring semester. As a service to the student body, the Austinite Poll periodically gets the student ' s view point of pertinent questions. The Austin- ites are always eager to contribute their efforts toward any worthwhile project that is of interest to, or for the betterment of the student body and school. Carrol Ballard Terry Gene Bonner 1956-57 FIDELE OFFICERS Betty Ann Yarborough President Tommic Jan Wilson Vice-President Betty Stewart Secretary-treasurer Mary Helen Baxter Reporter Joyce Smith Pledge captain Polly Youngblood Sergeant-at-arms Glcnda Smith Chaplain Mary Jane Hooper Historian Dorothy Hammctt I.S.C.C. delegate Mrs. Elizabeth Davis Sponsor Pictured left to right are: Joyce Smith, pledge captain; Betty Ann Yarborough, president; Tommie Wilson, vice-president; and Betty Stewart, secretary. The old members met with the new at the Homecoming Tea at the Hotel Fredonia. Tommye Fuller Sue Greer Dorothy Hammett Betty Hawthorn Mary Jane Hooper Minnie Irish Joy Jones Sammie J. Sitton Cathie Klein Annette McNair Frances McNair Sue Parrott FIDELES Evelyn Austin Mary Helen Baxter Fall got underway at SFA. and the Fideles began to assume their roles in the activities of the year. Cathie Klein and Evelyn Austin assumed the respective positions of editor and assistant editor of the " Pine Log. " Betty Ann Yarborough took over the editorship of the Stone Fort with Murrell Thorn- hill serving as her assistant. Homecoming soon rolled ar ound and eleven Fideles were duchesses: Joyce Smith. Glenda Smith. Mary Jane Hooper. Polly Youngblood, Carolyn Casburn, Cathie Klein, Frances McNair. Sammic Jones, Pat Browning, Sue Greer, and Mary Wallace. Tommie Wilson served as lady-in- waiting in the queen ' s court. Elected to Who ' s Who were Mary Wallace. Cathie Klein, and Betty Ann Yarborough. Alpha Chi was headed by president Tommie Wilson, and Mary Wallace served as secretary. Members were Cathie Klein. Frances Mc- Nair. Glenda Smith, Betty Ann Yarborough, and Jane Good- man. Cathie Klein served as secretary of the Student Congress. Joyce Smith was reporter of the junior class: Murrell Thornhill was secretary of the freshman class. Maggie Blackmon was elected sophomore class favorite. In the Austinite poll the Fideles received eight honors: Betty Yarborough, Most Popular; Cathie Klein. Friendliest Girl; Penny Chadwick, Cutest Girl: Glenda Smith. Most Beautiful; Murrell Thornhill. Wittiest Girl; Joyce Smith, Cutest Couple; and Sandra Stephens. Cutest Marrie d Couple. Stone Fort beauties were Sue Greer, Joyce Smith, and Carolyn Triplett. Maggie Blackmon Pat Browning Dixie Bullock Carolyn Casburn Penny Chadwick Alma Cherry Deanne Dunbar Mary W. Fuller lo Helen Ratcliff Charlotte Rosson ... Auderle Simons Glenda Smith Joyce Smith Sandra Stephens Betty Stewart Murrell Thornhill Carolyn Triplett Pat Williams Betty Yarborough Polly Youngblood OFFICERS FOR THE FALL SEMESTER Bob Youngblood President William Jarrell Vice-president Johnnie Morrow Secretary-treasurer James White Sergeant-at-arms Chester Haynes Chaplain Paul Davis Reporter Bubba Chastain Scavenger John Woods Parliamentarian There was really a gay crowd at the annual Homecoming Tea. William Jarrell James Jenkins Myles Jones Mark Ke eling Marshall Kendrick Jimmie Loftin % I Johnnie Morrow Gary Partin Charley Patterson David Patterson FORESTERS The Foresters had a bigger and better club than ever this year. They were one of the most active clubs on the campus. Rush parties, initiations, the flour fight, stag parties, and all the activities of the club were never-to-be-forgotten events. The Foresters entered into intramural athletic competition and won first place in football. The Christmas Dinner Dance was a big occasion, as was the Valentine Party with the Fideles, our sister club. Members of this social organization can never forget their club, and the rest of the student body of SFA will always remem- ber the cry, ' ' Foresters Forever! " Joseph Boatman Joseph Castleberry John A. Chastain Joe Clark Joe C. Daniel Paul Hill Davis Harry Ellerbrook Charles Gosnell Billy Gregory Chester Haynes It was such fun talking over old times at the Homecoming Tea. Peggy Cox Freddie Gossett Sue Crausby Anice Hardin Helen Davis Jay Nita Holcomb Gay Nell Fausett Janece O. Hudson Diana Fouts Jane Lambert Janan Gillespie Pat Lefors £0 PINE BURRS With eight new pledges, the fall semester grew into a very eventful one for the Pine Burrs. The highlight of the year was the reigning of Sara Walters as queen over the Homecoming ceremonies. During the Homecoming activities several Pine Burrs were chosen as duchesses. They were Billie Altom Hendrix, Anice Hardin, Janan Gillespie, Jay Nita Holcomb, Freddie Gossett. Kathy Bratton Angell, Rebecca Collins, Catherine Tucker, and Helen Davis. Mrs. Lynn G. Sibley, another duchess, was chosen to be lady-in-waiting. Many mem- bers of the Pine Burrs served as officers of various other organizations on the campus. They were Catherine Tucker, president of the I.S.C.C.; Lynn G. Sibley, president of Kappa Pi, reporter for the senior class, Student Congress representative; Hertha Stahl, secretary of the senior class; Anice Hardin, secretary of the junior class and class favorite; and Judy Lumpkin, reporter for the freshman class. Backing the ' Jacks were two cheerleaders, Jenny Neichoy as head cheerleader, and Judy Lumpkin. Gay Nell Fausett served as head twirler for the Lumberjack Band. Receiving the honor of being selected as members of Who ' s Who were Lynn G. Sibley, Ann Matchett Williams. Jenny Neichoy, Catherine Tucker, and Sara Walters. Selected as members of the Alpha Chi were Janece Oliver Hudson, Jenny Neichoy, Kathy Angell, Ann M. Williams, and Catherine Tucker. Barbara Adams Freddie Beasley Tyann Akins Judy Lumpkin Jo Sutton Mavis McCauley Sylvia Swift Wanda Morgan Catherine Tucker Martha Rotan Lynn G. Sibley Ann M. Williams Hertha Stahl Pinky Wilson ( Ik 4 The Sawyer Social Club has had a very fine and enjoyable year under the very able leadership of the president, Jack Leath. They have participated in all the school activities and have proven again their famous school spirit. The annual Apron-Overall Dance will always be remembered by the student body as one of the best spring dances. The mem- bers can also look back upon the Christmas Dinner Dance, the Bowery Ball, and the parties held jointly with their sister club, the Pine Burrs, with memories filled with hours of enjoy- ment. Many members hold offices in non-social organizations on the campus and also have had some honors bestowed upon them. Truly this has " been a fine year for the Sawyers. Pictured left to right are Phyllis Bigby, vice-president; Bennie Muckel- roy, secretary; and Sherry Smith, President. Just look at these Indians on the Sigma Gamma homecoming float. SIGMA GAMMA Activities of the Sigma Gamma Club 1956-1957 were directed by the three major officers. They were Sherry Smith, President, Phyllis Bigby, Vice-President, and Bennie Muckelroy, Secretary. Dr. Doris King served as the club sponsor. " All Hail Sigma Gamma " begins each meeting of one of the youngest and one of the fastest growing clubs on the S. F. A. campus. Responsible for its continuously expanding program is the spirit of the organization and the club is always expected to do the unex- pected. Honors on the S. F. A. campus to which members of the Sigma Gamma have been chosen include the following: Phyllis Bigby, Presi- dent of Delta Psi Kappa; Sherry Smith, President of I.S.C.C., Dorothy Hooper was duchess for Sigma Gamma in the 1956 Homecoming activities; Helen Wilcox was elected a member of Kappa Pi. In the intramural program, there were three members of the all- Star basketball team — Margie Holmes, Bennie Muckelroy, and Bar- bara Shoubrouek. Sherry Smith and Margie Holmes were members of the all-Star Softball team. Outstanding events for the year included the Fall rush party at Hotel Fredonia. the Spring Indian Pow Wow, Christmas Party, and the Lambda Gamma — Sitrma Gamma Show Boat Dance. Phyllis Bigby Betty Blear Gay Nell Buckner Frances Colwell Polly Flores Sandra Garner June Hamilton Claudine Hinson Margie Holmes Bennie Muckelroy Sherry Smith Nina Watkins Mary Wright LAMBDA GAMMA The Lambda Gamma Social Club was founded in the fall of 1948. The club was based on the need for an organized group working together to stimulate brotherhood and school spirit at SFA, to promote the principles of the American way of life, to strengthen character, and to create an eternal indivisible bond among men. and to this end the Lambda Gammas are dedicated. The members of Lambda Gamma are active in Student Con- gress, athletics, and all social functions. The highlight of every year is the Show Boat Dance at which time is presented the sweetheart of the club. The Lambda Gammas are also famous for the Beard Growing Contest which is also held at the Show Boat Dance. Prizes are given each year to the five most outstand- ing beards. The club enters a float in the homecoming parade each year. The club colors are blue and gray- Aside from the Smoker, informal dances, picnics and other social activities, the club has a formal Christmas Dinner Dance. The sweetheart of the Lambda Gammas this year is Miss Anice Hardin. Pictured left to right are Cotton Ford, secretary-treasurer; Bruce Goforth, sergeant-at-arms; Kenneth Barton, president; Troy Yarbrough, reporter; and Tom McGee, vice-president. Not shown is sponsor Robert Baker Sweetheart Anice Hardin receives a bouquet oi carnations at the annual Lambda Gamma Show- boat Dance Everyone ' s ready for a bite to eat at the Lambda Gamma gathering after the Homecoming game Kenneth Barton Tom Bingham Rex Cammack Ladd Clark Clyde Cozart Maury Darst Ron Davis James R. Elliott Jan Curtis Fant Cotton Ford Hugh Farr Bruce Goforth Tommy E. Gray Don Harrison James Honeycutt Billy Hopson David Kinsey Walter H, Koster Charles McCameron J. W. McCauley Tom McGee Jimmie Martin Don Mathews Brian Preston Jerry Reck Sherman Rodgers Thurman Rodgers George Thomas Rogers John Scott James Sewell Kenneth Smith Ray Allen Smith Larry Spradley Charles Stahl John Sullivan Charles Stubblefield Thomas Taylor Leon Thomas Darrell Tidwell Richard Van Fleet Rudolph Voigtel Alwin Whitaker Kenneth Yarbrough Troy Yarbrough Darrell Zwick ' f Si V V V m 0, i j ry dm Officers for the Rebel Club for 1956-1957 were: seated, president, Robert Gary; left to right, vice-president, Maurice Fitzgerald; secretary-treasurer, Ward Westbrook; reporter, John Nash; sergeant-at-arms, Delton Parker. REBELS The newest men ' s social club on the campus is the Rebel Club. Entering its :hird year of activity, the club has endeavored to uphold the true standards of the ■ outh. The year ' s activities began with a rush party which was held in the early part )f October. This proved to be very successful as several pledges were later initiated nto the club. The club next turned its thoughts to homecoming. An historical event, the information of Austin ' s contract of 1823, was chosen as the theme of the Rebel loat. Miss Frances McNair was chosen as homecoming duchess for the club. An annual affair of the club is the " Old Southern Garden Dance " which is idd in the spring with the sister club, the Rebel Anns. The year ' s activities are limaxed by a picnic and swimming party somewhere in the vicinity of Nacog- loches. Marvin Brown Billy Dowdy J. R. Honea John David Nash Ben Neel Delton Parker Jesse Richardson James Skinner Maurice Fitzgerald Bob Walton Ward Westbrook Robert Gary REBEL ANNS The Rebel Ann Club, the newest women ' s social club on the campus, along with their brother club, the Rebels, have worked together diligently to build their clubs. Thev began their year ' s activities with a rush party. They will also have their annual spring dance, the Old Southern Garden Dance, and a spring trip. The Rebel Anns took an active part in the homecoming activities with Alice Henry as their homecoming duch- ess. Along with the other clubs on the campus, the Rebel Anns were active in the I.S.C.C. which sponsored many activities on the campus. nn Byrnes Mary Ann Collier Alice Henry Billie Nicar Dolores Wood PERSONALITIES WHO ' S WHO AUSTINITE POLL PRESENTATION BALL HOMECOMING FOOTBALL SWEETHEART BEAUTIES The following pages show the personalities on the Stephen F. Austin State College campus — the people whose busy footsteps have led them to be recognized as leaders, favorites, and beauties, whether their steps have led them to the library, to their place of work, or simply to the Sub. A junior member of Who ' s Who is LOUVERL GRIFFIN who hails from Rusk, Texas. Louver] is a music major and is a member of the college trio. An Alpha Chi member, she is known for taking an active part in the work of the BSU. Senior biology major JOHN WOOD is from Bonham, Texas. A member of the Forester Social Club, John serves as vice-president of the Student Congress, vice-president of the Chemistry Club, and president of the Biology Club. In the annual Austinite Poll he was elected both Most Popular and Friendliest. WHO ' S WHO IN AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES All-conference quarterback VOTTO GADDIS is a senior physical education major from Halls- ville, Texas. Votto was an outstanding player on the Lumberjack football team, and he was rec- ognized as such by the Lone Star Conference. Homecoming Queen SARA WALTERS is a senior speech major from Nacogdoches. This hometown girl is a member of the Pine Burr Social Club, a Stone Fort Beauty, a member of the debate team, and a member of Alpha Psi Omega. A well-known student at SFA is CATHI KLEIN. This senior English major from Naco 1 doches is editor of the Pine Long, vice-presidei of Wesley, president of Alpha Chi, and secretai of the Student Congress. A Fidele Social Ch member, Cathie was elected Friendliest Girl in tl Austinite Poll. Senior elementary education major BETTY TN YARBOROUGH from Carthage, Texas, is elected Miss SFA by the college student body, e serves as editor of the 1957 Stone Fort, sident of the Fidele Social Club, and reporter the Women ' s I.S.C.C. A member of Alpha Chi, • was elected Most Popular Girl in the Aus- ite Poll. Gushing, Texas, is the hometown of MARY WALLACE FULLER, a senior home economics major. Member of the Fidele Social Club, Mary was elected as a 1956 Homecoming Duchess. She is an active member of Alpha Chi, having served as its secretary-treasurer. Students who were chosen as the 1957 Who ' s Who were selected on the basis of leadership, scholarship, and service to the college. A com- mittee of faculty members chose these students as the outstanding leaders on the campus. ALWIN " POLY " WHITAKER, a senior mem- ber of Who ' s Who, is from Carthage, Texas. A business major, " Poly " heads the student body as president of the Student Congress. This well- known figure is also known for his active mem- bership in the Lambda Gamma Social Club. A well-known hometown student is PARRISH OX, a senior member of Who ' s Who. This his- « y major is president of the senior class, a •mber of the Sawyer Social Club, and a member ■ the Student Congress. He takes an active part i intramural sports. An EngUsh major CATHERINE " PUNKIN " TUCKER, well deserves her place in Who ' s Who. This Alpha Chi member, besides being president of the Pine Burr Social Club and the Women ' s I.S.C.C, was a 1956 Homecoming Duchess. Catherine is a senior from Nacogdoches, and she was runner-up for Miss SFA. A senior biology major, TRACIE PEARMAN, hails from Alto, Texas. Tracie is an outstanding Lumberjack athlete, having won honors in both football and track. He also takes an active part in intramural basketball. Tracie is active scholar- wise too, being a member of Alpha Chi. Busy in the field of art is LYNN GARRISON SIBLEY from Nacogdoches. Lynn served as a lady-in-waiting in the 1956 Homecoming activities. Lynn is a member of the Pine Burr Social Club, Kappa Pi National Art Fraternity, and Alpha Chi. She is reporter for the senior class. ANN MATCHETT WILLIAMS, senior busi- ness major from Nacogdoches, is not pictured. She is a member of the Pine Burr Social Club and Alpha Chi. High Island, Texas, is the home of JENNY NEICHOY, senior physical education major. In addition to being an active member of the Pine Burr Social Club, she is a member of Delta Psi Kappa, W.R.A., and Alpha Chi. Jenny served as head cheerleader for SFA this year. ■ i One of the most deserving members of Who ' s Who, is JOHN LaNOUE, who comes from Beau- mont, Texas. John, an active member of the BSU, is a senior English major who combines scholar- ship with clean living to become one of the out- standing students on the campus. WALLACE KISSEL is well-known in the business department for his fine work in the accounting field. This senior member of Who ' s Who is another Nacogdoches student. austinite poll cutest married couple sandra and duane step cutest couple jimmy nutt wittiest nurrell thornhill joh joy e smith m most handsome most beautiful kenneth barton glenda smith friendliest john wood cathie klein austinite poll most typical college students dumbest Chester haynes joy jones bubba chastain joyce aikman cutest most popular penny chadwick john scott betty yarborough john wood austinite poll best dancers barbara richards favorite teachers peevine brightwell mrs. cecil dr. chamberlain senior favorites estelle florey jack leath class favorites junior favorites anice hardin hood goldsberry freshman favorites silver bell george bill perry sophomore favorites maggie blackmon cotton ford HOMECOMING Even the rain couldn ' t dampen the spirit of the 1956 Homecom- ing. The floats were better than ever with their frontier theme, and the duchesses were more beautiful. And the football team gave us a victory to remember forever. This is one group that really took this day seriously Talk it over, big team; talk it over. He knew he was leading the team to victory And the cheers filled the air. First place float was the showboat built by the Lambda Gammas. TCTr i Second place float, built by the F.F.A., personified the Indians welcoming Stephen F. Austin to Texas. A view of the Homecoming Dance through the decorations. ' Button that beanie, fish " was the third place float, built, of course, by the freshmen. The music-makers at the Homecoming Dance. MARY LOU BIDDY B. S. U. CLAUDETTE BRASHEAR KATHY BRATTON PAT BROWNING CAROLYN CASBURN REBECCA COLLINS Sylvans Wesley Foundation F. T. A. HELEN DAVIS JANAN GILLESPIE FREDDIE GOSSETT Canterbury Association Sawyers W. R. A. ALICE HENRY JAY NITA HOLCOMB Rebel Anns Senior Dorm MARY JANE HOOPER Pine Log LINDA JONES E. H. R. SAMMIE JONES Foresters CATHIE KLEIN Student Congress FRANCES McNAIR ODIE NUTT FLOY RHIDDLEHOOVER BETTY SHELTON Rebels Delta Psi Kappa A Cappella Choir Gibbs Hall DOLORES SHOVE Amitie GLENDA SMITH Stone Fort JOYCE SMITH Junior Class FREDDYE THEDFORD Austinites CATHERINE TUCKER Pine Burrs I homecoming duchesses V LYNN WELCH Play Cast MARY WALLACE Alpha Chi SHERRY W ATKINS F. F. A. JEANNE WILLIAMSON Wisely Hall POLLY YOUNGBLOCD Fideles LYNN GARRISON Lady-in- Waiting TOMMIE WILSON Lady-in-Waiting Miss Beth Campbell was elected 1956 Football Sweetheart by the Lumberjack foot- ball team. Beth, a freshman student from Jasper, Texas, is number two Stone Fort Beauty. Co-captains Dick Burnett and Charles Simmons presented Beth as their sweetheart at the East Texas game here in Nacogdoches. y X football sweetheart miss beth campbell BETH CAMPBELL beauty no. 2 s CAROLYN TRIPLETT beauty no. 3 SPORTS CHEERLEADERS FOOTBALL BASKETBALL INTRAMURALS College life would be dull indeed if it were not for sports. An athlete ' s footsteps often are weary after a rough workout, but there is something about sports that _ keeps a guy going, that binds him to his pals, and gives- him a feelins of satisfaction that is equaled bv nothing, else. The following pages show the people who have to maintain their grades and their school ' s honor. They are really cheering those ' Jacks on! Jenny Neichoy, George Rogers, Judy Lumpkin, Don Mathews, Betty Goodwin, and Marvin Brown FOOTBALL Twenty-four players on the 1956 Stephen F. Austin State College Lumberjack football team won letters for their efforts. Of this number, two received their fourth letter each in the grid sport — fullback Herman Hendrix, of Lufkin, and center Sherwood Barker, of Angleton. Three others — fullback Don Davis, of Beaumont; guard Joe Angell, of Ft. Worth; and end Thomas Evans, of Hawkins — received their third letter. And twelve others won their second letter: quarterback Gaddis, of Hallsville ; halfback Stanley Cruse, of San Angelo ; fullback Charles Simmons, of Nacogdoches; center Bill Lane, of Pottsboro; guards George Cates, of Dallas, Hil ' .on Lambeth, of Kaufman, Wayne Johnson, of Huntington, and Roy Gee, of Lufkin; tackles Dick Burnett, of San Angelo, and Arnold Schieberle, of Gonzales; and ends Tracie Pearman, of Alto, and Charlie Brazil, of Jacksonville. First-year awards went to ends George Barfield, of Nacogdoches, and James Nutt, of Corsicana; tackle Rual Smith, of Nacogdoches; guard Millard Allen, of Corpus Christi; fullback Cullen Rasbeary, of Houston; and halfbacks Bruce Bradshaw, of Center, and Ken Davis, of Wills Point. Letters went also to Neil Post, of Texarkana, and Daryl Zevely, of Kilgore, the team managers. Burnett and Simmons, the co-captains of the team, head the list of ten graduating seniors. Others lost through graduation include: Hendrix, Barker, Angell, Evans, Lane, Biazil, Lambeth, and Roy Bush. Individual pictures of the graduates are shown on pages 116, 117, 118, and 119 of this yearbook. 1956 LUMBERJACK FOOTBALL TEAM First Row: Manager Daryl Zevely, Gene Davis, Sherwood Barker, Bruce Bradshaw, Kenneth Davis, Hilton Lambeth, Roy Bush, Dale Taylor, Donald " Red " Davis, Cullen Rasbeary Second Row: Manager George Allen, Stanley Cruse, Arnold Schieberle, Herman Hendrix, Rual Smith, Charles Simmons, Dick Burnett, Millard Allen, Jimmy Nutt, Thomas Jordan, James Mclntyre Third Row: Coach Billy Jack Roberson, Manager Neil Post, Wayne Johnson, George Cates, Bobby Fowler, George Barfield, Pat Patrick, Jerry Fausett, Buddy Castleberry, Bill Lane, Coach James Canter, Coach Harold Fischer. Fourth Row: Joe Angell, Don Piatt, Jimmy Cobb, Roy Gee, Charlie Brazil, Lewis Summers, Thomas Evans, Tracie Pearman, Votto Gaddis BILLY JACK ROBERSON Line Coach JAMES CANTER Backfield Coach LONE STAR CONFERENCE FOOTBALL FOR 1956 CONFERENCE STANDINGS College W L T Pet. Sam Houston 6 1.000 Texas A I 5 1 .833 Southwest Texas 4 2 .667 Stephen F. Austin 3 3 .500 Lamar Tech 2 4 .333 East Texas 1 5 .167 Sul Ross 6 .000 Coaches brief boys before Homecoming tilt. SEASON STANDINGS College W L T Pet. Sam Houston 9 1.000 Texas A I 7 3 .700 Southwest Texas 6 3 .667 Lamar Tech 4 4 1 .500 Stephen F. Austin 4 6 .400 East Texas 2 8 .250 Sul Ross 1 9 .100 HAROLD J. FISCHER Head Coach SHERWOOD BARKER Center ROY BUSH Halfback ■ CO- , lost, z ' ber 9n -o! °« 4 e fo a, £Si ,„ ' •5 o f Ottf. Ss fr, ' erf e . JOE ANGELL Guard Bradshaw carries the ball during the Homecoming game with Sul Ross. HILTON LAMBETH Guard Burnet », ,ohnson, and rush in the Lamar game. to assist the ball-earner during Otve o ' 9 Ocve , vj» td %V ? eVft - s X Ga°- , N V lot rt c - te » s JriJ ° S tN e V 0,0-6 v xX VP se c ' -,a% s to ce „n otv o -P 6P ' to G ft 1 HERMAN HENDRIX Fullback All-conference Gaddis throws one of his well-known passes during the tilt with Sul Ross. BILL LANE Center 1956 FOOTBALL RESULTS Opponent Northwestern La. Northeast La. Louisiana Tech Lamar Tech Howard Payne Southwest Texas Texas A I Sul Ross East Texas Sam Houston SFA Op p. Date Site of Game 12 Sept. 15 21 Sept. 22 Sept. 29 26 18 Oct. 6 14 7 14 37 12 Oct. 13 32 Oct. 20 13 33 Oct. 27 7 Nov. 3 14 Nov. 10 9 27 31 Nov. 17 Nacogdoches Monroe, La. Ruston. La. Nacogdoches Nacogdoches San Marcos Kingsville Nacogdoches Nacogdoches Huntsville •Denotes Lone Star Conference Games. DICK BURNETT Co-Captain Tackle Dick Burnett Millard Allen Joe Angell George Barfield Charlie Brazil Sherwood Barker Bruce Bradshaw Joseph Castleberry George Cates James Cobb Stanley Cruse Donald " Red " Davis Roy Bush Kenneth Davis Thomas Evans Jerry Fausett Coach Harold J. Fischer Coach James Canter Manager Daryl Zevely LUMBERJACK BASKETBALL The 1956-57 Lumberjack basketball team, which failed by one slim game of sharing in its second Lone Star Con- ference championship in as many seasons, compiled the best won-and-loss mark in 24 years for an SFA quintet. In winning 23 of 26 games, Coach John O. Stephens ' charges earned an average of .884, the best mark since the 1932-33 season and second-best in the history of the college. Moreover, they ranked first in the nation in de- fense, holding their opponents to an average of only 51.4 points per game. And they won the McNeese invitational tournament at Lake Charles and defeated every foe they met in Nacogdoches for the first time in more than a decade. The Axmen ' s success added additional lustre to Coach Stephens ' record, already one of the best in the Southwest, as well as to that of the institution, which for more than 30 years has been one of the nation ' s small- college cage powers. In five seasons at SFA, Stephens has guided teams to 92 victories in 128 contests, one conference championship, and one second- place finish. Overall, his college " coaching record stands at 154 victories in 239 games. In 33 seasons, SFA cage teams have won 446 of 682 games. And in 26 LSC campaigns they have won the championship nine times and finished second six times. Coach gives a few last-minute instructions. Coach John O. Stephens SEASON ' S STANDINGS OF LONE STAR CONFERENCE TEAMS College W. L. Pet. Stephen F. Austin 23 3 act a .884 Southvvest Texas 19 6 .760 East Texas 20 7 .740 Lamar Tech 14 11 .560 Sam Houston 13 13 .500 Sul Ross 14 16 .467 Texas A I 10 14 .417 Howard Payne 10 15 .400 •Does not include NAIA playoff games CONFERENCE STANDINGS OF LONE STAR CONFERENCE TEAMS f ' .1 loir.. -iOiicge w . i ret. East Texas 1 c o I .oou Stephen F. Austin 11 3 .785 Southwest Texas 11 3 .785 Sam Houston 7 7 .500 Lamar Tech 5 9 .357 Sul Ross 4 10 .400 Texas A I 3 11 .214 Howard Payne 3 11 .214 Players standing, left to right: Elvin Lowery, Johnny Cooper, C. L. Nix, L. D. Morgan, Gus Carroway, Bobby Moore. Kneeling, left to right: John Drew, Billy Patrick, Willard Tinsley, Delbert Ballard, Earl Tipton, Rodney Zachry, Ed Hunter, Billy Doggett, Tommy Atkins. Tommy Atkins Delbert Ballard Roy " Gus " Carroway John Cooper Bobby Moore L. D. Morgan Ten members of the Lumberjack 1956-57 basketball team won athletic letters for their efforts. Two of them — Roy (Gus) Carroway and Bill Patrick — earned their fourth award; two others — Delbert Ballard and C. L. Nix — their third ; two others — Bobby Moore and Rodney Zachry — their second; and four — Tommy Atkins, John Cooper, Elvin Low- ery, and Willard Tinsley — their first. Carroway and Ballard were elected co-captains of the team. Of the lettermen, five rounded out their playing careers. They were Ballard, Carro- way, Nix, Patrick, and Zachry. One of these, Nix, in three seasons set seven individual records for single games or entire seasons and tied one other. He scored 1,573 points for his career, setting an all-time individual record; completed 16 free throws in as many attempts in one game to set two single- game records; scored 223 field goals for a season record; attempted 256 free throws and completed 175 for two season records; scored 621 points for a season record, and tied Ted Asimos at 15 for the most field goals scored in one game. Tommy lack Shepherd Willard Tinsley The 1956-57 Lumberjack basketball team maintained the college ' s domination over other teams in the Lone Star Con- ference. In 27 LSC campaigns, the ' Jacks, who this season won 11 of 14 games, have built up a series advantage over every conference foe but East Texas, with which they have split even. They hold a 30-30 tie with East Texas and boast a 14-5 advantage over Howard Payne, an 1 1-3 edge over Lamar Tech, a 39-38 lead over Sam Houston, a 34-23 margin over Southwest Texas, a 14-2 advantage over Sul Ross, and a 24-1 edge over Texas A I. ' Jacks take pre-game warmup. Team " talks it over " in dressing room. Players and fans stand for school song ' Jacks discuss strategy at intermission. SFA 67, St. Edward ' s 59 SFA 70, Northwestern Louisiana 66 SFA 80, Texas Lutheran 31 SFA 71, Midwestern 48 SFA 59, Northwestern Louisiana 49 SFA 53, St. Edward ' s 33 SFA 85, Texas Wesleyan 53 SFA 95, Texas Wesleyan 59 SFA 63, Southwestern Okla. 57 Denotes Lone Star Conference games SFA 1956-57 BASKETBALL RESULTS SFA 44, McNeese 41 SFA 56, Texas A I 37 Southwest Texas 74, SFA 55 SFA 74, Lamar Tech 59 SFA 49, Sam Houston 37 East Texas 69, SFA 60 SFA 77, Midwestern 43 SFA 72, Texas Lutheran 31 SFA 56, East Texas 53 SFA 80, Howard Payne 62 SFA 61, Sul Ross 43 Sam Houston 72, SFA 66 SFA 48, Lamar Tech 40 SFA 60, Southwest Texas 53 SFA 55, Texas A I 44 SFA 67, Sul Ross 65 SFA 71, Howard Payne 59 Moore scores two for SFA. ) I Final Lone Star Conference sta tistics showed SFA ahead in tw categories, second in one, third i| two, and fourth and fifth each in one. As the nation ' s top deferisivi team, the Lumberjacks also led th league, in which they boasted th best season record. They finishec second in conference standings, thir in field goal and in free throw shoot ing, fourth in rebounds, and fift in total offense. Two SFA players figured among the individual statistical leaders in the Lone Star Conference. C. L. Nix tallied 423 points to rank third in scoring, and snagged 251 re- bounds to finish fourth in this de- partment. Bobby Moore, who hit 109 of 135 free throws, ranked sec- ond. One of the highlights of the se son was the ' Jacks ' winning of tl McNeese tournament. Pitted again, NAIA defending champion Ml Neese, NAIA participant Sout eastern Oklahoma, and LSC pow Southwest Texas, SFA defeated M Neese and Southeastern to take tl crown. Victory in that competiti enabled the Lumberjacks also maintain their unblemished reco against non - conference opponer during the 1956-57 campaign. Chips-down players, the 1956-57 Lumberjacks won eight games by margins of less than 10 points. And two of the three games they lost were by margins of fewer than 10 points. The largest margin of vic- tory for SFA was 49 points in the Texas Lutheran game. And the smallest margin of victory was two points in the Sul Ross game. MEN ' S INTRAMURALS Intramural athletics are stressed on the Stephen F. Austin campus so that all male students who desire may have an opportunity to partici- pate in physical activity. Under the very able direction of Ronnie Moye, Charles Reeves, and George De- Coux, competition has been keen and interest high. Intramural tour- naments are held in the fields of football, basketball, and volleyball. Student directors George DeCoux, Charles Reeves, and Ronnie Moye The winning football team was the Foresters, composed of: Chester Haynes, Myles Jones, James Jenkins, Henry Pope, Marshall Kendrick, Bubba Chastain, Edmund Smith, Jim Loftin, Bill Bo Jarrell, Roy Hunt, and Terry Morris. ■I The winning basketball team was the BSU, composed of: Ralph Smith, Gemar Battise, Rual Smith, R. C. Welch, Carroll Burleson, Jimmy Cobb, and Jack Allen. Looks as though he missed the ball, doesn ' t it! That ball has just got to come down sometime. And everybody goes up and up! Such an intent group of spectators. Tracie is after that ball, without a doubt The boys talk over some strategy during time out. Let ' s jump it, what do you say. Edmonds goes high and scores two for the Sawyers. £ in 1 th ni 1 Til -|-J Award Winners HIGHEST AWARD WINNER Virginia Kennedy WOMEN ' S INTRAMURALS The women ' s intramural program of SFA, one of the busiest phases of student activity on the campus, is planned for the challenge and enjoyment it offers to any girl. Girls can enter intramurals with a competitive spirit and ex- perience the fullness of friendship based on mutual interests. ARCHERY WINNER Phyllis Bigby Basketball Winning Team: Margie Holmes, Odie Nutt, Shirley Logan, Betty B:ear, Burney Turner, Barbara Van Shoubrouek, Patsy Smith, Merle Jones, Bennie Muckelroy, and Betty Ezell. ALL-STAR BASKETBALL TEAM. Mary Wright, Burney Turner, Barbara Van Shoubrouek, Deanna Smith, Jenny Neichoy, Betty Ezell, Merle Jones, Faye O ' Riley, Margie Holmes, Marian Young, Wanda Morgan, and Bennie Muckelroy. BASKETBALL FREE THROW Marian Young TENNIS DOUBLES TABLE TENNIS DOUBLES: Virginia Kennedy and Pat Ousley. Tennis Singles, Virginia Kennedy TRACK WINNERS: Susie Cooper, Margie Holmes, and Bennie Muckelroy SOFTBALL WINNING TEAM: Phyllis Bigby, Janice Schie- berle, Freddie Gossett, Wanda Morgan, Sara Nelson, El Marie Cotton, Frances Herman, Glenda Edmiston. BADMINTON SINGLES Wanda Morgan ALL-STAR VOLLEYBALL TEAM: Virginia Kennedy, Bennie Muckelroy, Margie Holmes, Mary Wallace, Patsy Smith, Gloria Lowery, and Betty Blear. ALL-STAR SOFTBALL TEAM: Sara Harris, Barbara DeVille, Merle Jones, Gail Bagley, Janice Schieberle, Wanda Morgan, Margie Holmes, Deanna Smith, Letha LaGrone, and Marian Young. DEPARTMENT HEADS FACULTY GRADUATES SENIORS JUNIORS SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN Students stand in line to register; they become classified; and they walk to classes to begin a college year. The freshmen are green and inex- perienced. The sophomores have all the knowledge they need. Juniors plod steadily along. And the seniors just want to get out. From a freshman to a senior — what a short time it is in the walkway of life. DEPARTMENT HEADS J. L. SULLIVAN, Ph D. Professor of Agriculture KARL T. SCHLICHER, Ph.D. Professor of Art JAMES A. WRAY, Th M. Director of Baptist Bible Chair EDWIN LYNN MILLER, Ph.D. Professor of Biology FRANK J. LAUDERDALE, M.Ed., C.P.A. Professor of Business Administration HAROLD E. ABBOTT, Ph.D. Professor of Chemistry DAVID TOWNSEND, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Economics ARTHUR L. LONG, Ed.D. Professor of Education T. J. KALLSEN, Ph.D. Professor of English ARNE K. KEMP, Ph.D. Professor of Forestry C. F. SHELEY, Ph.D. Professor of Foreign Languages WILLIAM T. CHAMBERS, Ph.D. Professor of Geography W. W. DOSSEY, Ph.M. Professor of Health and Physical Education for MEN LUCILLE NORTON, Ed.D. Professor of Health and Physical Education for WOMEN W. F. GARNER, M.A. Professor of History and Government EDNA WILKIN, M.A. Professor of Home Economics MILDRED V. WYATT, M.S. in L.S. Librarian W. I. LAYTON, Ph.D. Professor of Mathematics FREDERICK BAUMGARTNER, M.M. Professor of Music CARL RIGNEY, Ph.D. Professor of Physics F. A. POLLOCK, Ph.D. Professor of Sociology ROBERT B. CAPEL, Ph.D. Professor of Speech DOYLE ALEXANDER Acting Instructor of Mathematics ROBERT BAKER Assistant Professor of Forestry HELEN BARRON Assistant Professor of Home Economics LOIS F. BLOUNT Assistant Professor of History J. H. BURR Assistant Professor of Biology W. S. CANNON Associate Professor of Economics JIM CANTER Instructor in Physical Education, and Director of Ferguson Hall MAURICE W. CECIL Acting Assistant Professor of English C. K. CHAMBERLAIN Associate Professor of History and Government ALBERT T. CLARKE Assistant Professor of Education N. R. CLIFT Instructor in Music LARRY COVIN Associate Professor of Health and Physical Education, and Director of Guidance J. T. COX Associate Professor of Music ELIZABETH DAVIS Instructor in Foreign Languages SHERMAN W. EAGER Associate Professor of Physics LOUIS ELLERBROOK Associate Professor of Education, and Director of Elementary Student Teaching SUE ENGLISH Instructor in Home Economics VICTOR B. FAIN Lecturer in Journalism HAROLD J. FISCHER Director of Athletics GLADYS FOX Professor of English LAWRENCE T. FRANKS Associate Professor of Education, and Director of Student Placement and Alumni Services HARRY FRISSELL Assistant Professor of English EDWIN W. GASTON, JR. Assista nt Professor of English, and Director of Office of College Information G. F. GRAY Professor of Agriculture J. C. GREEN Assistant Professor of Agriculture GEORGE HARDIN Instructor in Business Administration, and Auditor ELMA HEARD Acting Assistant Professor of English F. EUGENE HEILMAN Assistant Professor of Sociology IVEN H. HENSLEY Associate Professor of Psychology DAVID CRAIG HIGBEE Instructor of Art FACULTY wmg m JIMMIE M. HUDGINS Instructor in Music J. A. HUFF Assistant Professor of Music ELLIS V. HUNT Assistant Professor of Forestry JUNE IRWIN Assistant Professor of Health and Physical Education TED L. JEFFERIES Director of College Inventories GLADYS B. JOHNSON Associate Professor of Business Administration B. T. JONES Associate Professor of Business Administration CECIL JONES Assistant Professor of Agriculture DORIS ELIZABETH KING Assistant Professor of History and Government JOE LACY Associate Professor of Education, and Business Manager WILLIAM J. McCALLUM Professor of Education, and Director of Extension HOWARD McCARLEY Assistant Professor of Biology LEROY McCLENDON Associate Professor of Education, and Director of Secondary Student Teaching JOHN P. McELROY Instructor in Art S. W. McKEWEN Associate Professor of Health and Physical Education and Registrar ROBERT T. McKIBBEN Associate Professor of Education LOUISVILLE MARSHALL Associate Professor of English VIRGINIA J. MATHEWS Acting Instructor in Health and Physical Education ROBERT S. MAXWELL Associate Professor of History and Government, and Director of Bureau of East Texas Research CAROLYN S. MILLER Part-time Instructor in Music JAMES LYNN NICHOLS, JR. Associate Professor of History and Government R. B. PINSON Associate Professor of Mathematics CAROLYN M. PRICE Instructor in Business Administration S. D. REDFIELD Lecturer in Business Administration BILLY JACK ROBERSON Instructor in Health and Physical Education, and Director of Men ' s New Dorm NELSON T. SAMSON Associate Professor of Forestry HELEN B. SAVAGE Assistant Professor of English and Philosophy HUGH SMITH Professor of Biology EDNA C. SORBER Assistant Professor of Speech ORAN STANDLEY Assistant Professor of Agriculture ROBERT H. STEINKELLNER Assistant Professor of Education JOHN O. STEPHENS Assistant Professor of Health and Physical Educatioi JANET E. TURNER Assistant Professor of Art JAMES H. VALENTINE Director of Soils Analysis Laboratory RICHARD J. WALLACE Assistant Professor of Forestry GLENN S. WEIGHT Assistant Professor of English JOHN JAMES WILSON Associate Professor of Education PAUL S. WILSON Instructor in History and Government, and Director of Maintenance SIBYL W. WYATT Acting Assistant Professor of English MRS. FLORINE ALEXANDER Secretary to Director of Student Placement MRS. SHIRLEY ATKINS Assistant Bookkeeper MRS. HENRIETTA W. BAKER Manager Student Union Building MRS. BETTY BARBER BERNHARD Secretary to Director of Extension ANN CRABTREE Assistant to the Registrar MRS. SUE DINGES Secretary to Director of College Information MRS. ELIZABETH G. KILLINGSWORTH Director of Wisely Hall MRS. J. R. MELTON Director of Gibbs Hall MRS. ELSIE MILROY Dietitian MRS. PEGGY NIX Assistant Bookkeeper MRS. CLIFFORD OSBORNE Secretary to the Registrar MRS. MARY JEAN RUDISILL Secretary to Director of Guidance MRS. ELIZABETH SCOTT Secretary to the Business Manager SUGENE SPEARS Secretary to the President MRS. GLENDA R. SPRADLEY Secretary to the Dean of the Graduate School MRS. RUTH C. SPURGEON Assistant Reg istrar MRS. MADGE E. STALLINGS Secretary to the Faculty, and Director of the Stenographic Bureau MRS. OCE W. STEVENS Director of Senior Dormitory for Women TRAVIS WHITAKER Assistant Auditor and Cashier RUTH WILLIAMSON Bookkeeper STAFF GRADUATE CLASS OFFICERS NEIL POST President RONNIE MOYE Vice President JEWELL SHEFFIELD Secretary ALEXANDER, MRS. FLORINE Nacogdoches ANDERSON, R. CARROLL Nacogdoches ATKINS, SHIRLEY WALKER Nacogdoches BERNHARD, BETTY Nacogdoches BURKETT, DAURICE F. Lufkin CRABTREE, ANN Nacogdoches DINGES, EUGENE Stafford EVANS, THOMAS Hawkins FEW, JEAN C. Jasper GLASS, JOHN MARSHALL Dialville KENNEDY, VIRGINIA Lufkin MARTIN, MARY JANE QUEEN Nacogdoches MOORE, DAN HANEY Port Arthur MOYE, RONNIE Nederland NORMAN, BRUCE Dallas ODOM, MARILYN Nacogdoches PENNEY, DAN Alto POST, NEIL Texarkana PROCELLA, ODIS P. Hemphill PRL ITT, WILLIAM C. Muleshoe ROBERSON, W. M. Nacogdoches RUDISILL, MARY JEAN Center RUNNELS, BOBBIE Center SCOTT, ELIZABETH Nacogdoches SHEFFIELD, JEWELL Center SPRADLEY, GLENDA RUDD Center WINSTON, MARY PAULINE Tyler WRAY, JAMES A. Nacogdoches SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Parrish Cox President Kenneth Barton Vice-President Hertha Stahl Secretary Lynn Garrison Sibley Reporter SENIORS AKINS, TYANN BROWN Houston ALSUP, OLLIE W. Alto ANGELL, JOE L. Fort Worth ANSLEY, BEVERLY Houston ATKINS, TOMMY Homer, La. BAILEY, SHERMAN Center BAKER, J. L Lufkin BAKER, ROBERT San Marcos BARBE, BILLY BO Center BARFIELD, GEORGE H. Nacogdoches BARKER, SHERWOOD Angleton BARTON, KENNETH Garrison BATTISE, GEMAR Livingston BAXTER, MARY HELEN Henderson BELL, ROBERT Nacogdoches BIDDY, MARY LUE Avinger BICE, CAROLYN Beaumont BRANNON, EMMA C. Carthage BRANNON, JAMES Carthage BRATTON, KATHLEEN Price BRAZIL, CHARLIE Jacksonville BREVELL, ROBBIE Lufkin BUCKNER, DOYLE Gushing BUCKNER, GANELL Cushing BURLESON, CARRELL Atlanta BURNETT, RICHARD Big Lake BUSH, ROY Childress BUTLER, DOUGLAS Hemphill BYNUM, WANDA Alto CAMMACK, BETTYE Kilgore CAMMACK, REX Joaquin CASBURN, CAROLYN Nacogdoches CASHELL, FOX H Longview CHAMBLIN, JOHNIE W. Bay town CLARK, LADD M. Troup CLARK, PAUL RAY Checotah, Okla. CLARK, ROYCE La Porte CLARK, WANDA Texarkana CORLEY, ARVLE C Sacul COX, WILLIAM A. P. Nacogdoches COX, ERNESTINE Brazosport COZART, CLYDE Gary CRAUSBY, SUE Timpson CROCKER, WILLIAM F. Nacogdoches CRUSE, STANLEY San Angelo DALBY, LOREE New London DAVIS, SHIRLEY Douglass DEBENPORT, KENNETH Longview SENIORS DOGGETT, BILLY Lake Jackson EDMONDS, TOM Houston ENMON, BILLIE Center EPPS, ANN Nacogdoches EVERITT, CLARENCE Cushing FARLEY, TRAVIS Henderson FENLEY, JEANETTE Hemphill FERGUSON, JAMES K. Nacogdoches FLENIKEN, MARY L. Houston FLORES, GEORGIA L. Waco FLOREY, ESTELLE Longview G ADDIS. VOTTO Hallsville GARNER, SANDRA Port Arthur GARRISON, LYNN Nacogdoches GILLESPIE, JANAN Jacksonville GLASS, JAMES HUGH Jacksonville GOFORTH, BRUCE Overton GOODMAN, JANE Wells GOSSETT, SYLVIA Nacogdoches GROGAN, WAN DELLE Rusk GUEST, CAROLYN Tyler HALE, BILL Troup HARRIS, SARAH Tenaha HAWTHORN, BETTY Timpson HAYNES, CHESTER Carthage HEASLET, EDNA Baytown HEATH, MABEL LEE Jacksonville HENDRIX, BILLIE A Price HENDRIX, HERMAN Lufkin HINTON, JOYCE New London HOLCOMB, JAY NITA Alto HOLLOW AY, VIRGINIA Gladewater HOLMES, GLORIANN Carthage HOOPER, MARY JANE Garrison HOPKINS, JoANN Gary IRISH, MINNIE Center JACOBS, ELLA LOUISE Nacogdoches JOHNSON, ALICE G. Nacogdoches JOHNSON, ROGER W. Nacogdoches JONES, BONNIE Rusk JONES, ORVILLE DEAN Carthage JONES, SAMMIE LOU Gary JORDAN, THOMAS E. Blooming Grove KEELING, MARK Minden KING, MARILYN W. Nacogdoches KUYKENDALL, LINDSEY Longview LACKEY, COLVIN ATLEE Tyler LACY, WALTER J San Antonio SENIORS LADD, LOIS Lufkin LAMBETH, HILTON Terrell LANE, WILLIAM H Dennison LaNOUE, JOHN L. Nacogdoches LaNOUE. KAY B. Nacogdoches LEA, GEORGE ALLEN Nacogdoches LEATH, JACK H. LEFORS, PAT Henderson New London LEMMERHIRT, KATHRYN Texarkana LESTER, JOHN HARDIN Nacogdoches LESTER, MAURINE Lufkin LOFTON, JIMMY RAY Price McCAULEY, HAROLD Henderson McCAULEY, MAVIS Price McCLURE, DOROTHY FAY Alto McCOY, VERA MAE Logansport, La. McCULLOCH, HARVEY K. Corsicana McELROY, ELWYN Price McGRAW, MARGIE L. Hemphill McINTYRE, JAMES Alto McINTYRE, JERRY LEE Eagle Pass McLAIN, JESSE C. Garrison McNAIR, FRANCES Garrison McNeill, marjorie Brookland T S y i i IT ' Bp i . fi ' IT) iT v! ■P a Hr - V V 1 A 111 Mum W T J McSWEEN, MAREE Lufkin MATCHETT, ANN Nacogd oches MEADOWS, JAMES E. Center MERCER, WILLIAM M. Nacogdoches MESSER, BETTYE Gladewater MOONEY, ALLEN STONER Woodville MOORE, BOBBY Laneville I fj tl MOORE, MRS. MARGIE ' M Marshall Ammm Aw MORGAN, WANDA Jasper NEAL, SUE Nacogdoches NEEL, JOE Timpson NEEL, VIRGINIA B Linden « - - Ik NICK, CHARLES F Lufkin H NORTON, CHARLES ROYCE ■mm Rusk NUTT, ODIE Tenaha ORR, NELLIE B. Mt. Enterprise PAGE, CHARLES L Alto PARKER, VIRGIL JAMES .: Port Arthur PARRISH, JAMES M Rusk PATTERSON, CHARLES W. Overton PEARMAN, TRACIE D Alto REEVES, CHARLES A. Carthage RICHARDSON, JESSE H Tyler RICHARDSON, MILES Palestine SENIORS RIDER, HAROLD Gary RISINGER, CAMILLA Mt. Enterprise ROBERTS, CLETUS Tyler ROETHKE, SIBLE Logansport, La. SCHILLINGS, DAVID E. Center SELF, BILLIE Douglass SEWELL, JAMES CLARK Dallas SHIFLETT, WENDELL Kilgore SIMMONS, CHARLES W. Nacogdoches SINGLETON, LILLIAN Lufkin SMITH, KENNETH Garrison SMITH, PATSY Lake Creek SMITH, SHERRY JEAN Leggett SMITH, VIRGINIA New Caney SPURGEON, RALPH MORRIS Woden SPURGEON, RAY FORD N. Woden STAHL, HERTHA ANN New London STANFIELD, BARBARA Tyler STEITZ, HENRY EUGENE Conroe STEWART, JAMES R. Logansport, La. STEWART, MARGARET Gladewater STROUD, MRS. GERALDINE Henderson STRYBOS, RONALD Houston SUTTON, MELVA JO Longview f • 1 A L mr 1 | It J IB i r ■bib jMr ■f ' ■ 1 1 | 1 - § TALLEY, THOMAS L. Douglass TANNERT, WILLIAM E. Nacogdoches THOMPSON, CAROL Memphis, Term. TIMBROOK, ROBERT I. Toledo, Ohio TODD, BETTYE Longview TOOLE, EDWIN Hemphill TUCKER, CATHERINE Nacogdoches VALENTINE, MAXINE Logansport, La. WALKER, ELIZABETH Lufkin WALKER, MRS. ETHEL C. Lufkin WALKER, SIDNEY BENNY Jacksonville WALLACE, MARY Cushing WALTERS, SARA Nacogdoches WATSON, WILLIAM E Rusk WEBB, JOSEPH M. Jacksonville WHITAKER, ALWIN Carthage WHITEHEAD, MRS. MAGGIE Cushing WHITEHEAD, SHERWOOD San Augustine WHITEHURST, PAT Gladewater WILCOX, ELIZABETH Hughes Springs WILCOX, HELEN Houston WILCOXEN, RUTH Gladewater WILLIAMS, CHARLES Broaddus WILSON, MARTHA Lufkin WILSON, TOMMIE JAN Huntington WOODS, WILMA BERRY San Augustine YARBOROUGH, BETTY ANN Carthage YARBROUGH, TROY F. Center YOUNG, ELIZABETH Nacogdoches YOUNG, JOE R Austin YOUNGBLOOD, POLLY Henderson YOUNGBLOOD, ROBERT Henderson SENIORS ML J B JUNIOR CLAS S OFFICERS Tom McGee President Bob Barton Vice-President Anice Hardin Secretary Joyce Smith Reporter ADAMS, BARBARA Overton AKINS, ROBERT New Boston ANDERSON, CHARLES R. Jacksonville ANGELO, JACK Houston BARRETT, ROY GLENN Houston BASS, CHARLES LEE Nacogdoches BEASLEY, FREDDIE Spring Hill BERRY, ROBERT Laird Hill BIGBY, PHYLLIS Longview BINGHAM, THOMAS Carthage BOLT, CLIFTON L. Wills Point BOREN, RUBY ANN Henderson BOYETT, WILLIAM G. Nacogdoches BRADSHAW, BRUCE Center BRASHEAR, CLAUDETTE Lufkin BRIDGES, JERRY Henderson BROWN, JOHN LUTHER Tyler BROWN, LEWIS AUBREY Tyler BROWNING, PAT Tyler BRYANT, BOB Valliant, Okla. CATES, GEORGE Pleasant Grove CHANDLER, CLARENCE Nacogdoches CHERRY, ALMA Nacogdoches CLARK, JAMES LOWELL Lufkin CLARK, JOE WELDON Overton CORLEY, ARTHUR C. Jacksonville COX, PEGGY GREEN Nacogdoches CRAMPTON, JOHN A. Albuquerque JUNIORS CRUTCHER, BETH Kilgore DAVIS, DONALD R. Beaumont DAVIS, RON M Dayton DREW, JOHN A. Mercedes DUNCAN, FRANCES B. Frankston DUNCAN, JAMES H. Frankston EZELL, DEAN Maydelle EZELL, GLENN Maydelle EZELL, WANDA Maydelle FARMER, MRS. LUCY Gladewater FAUSETT, JERRY Center FITZGERALD, MAURICE San Augustine FOJTIK, SONJA A. Lufkin FRANKE, DONALD Shelbyville FULLEN, EVA CHARLENE Big Spring GARY, ROBERT K Jasper GOLDSBERRY, HOOD Nacogdoches GORE, LOUIS EUGENE Kilgore GOSNELL, CHARLES W. Longview GRAINGER, GLORIA Timpson GRIFFIN, LOUVERL L. Rusk HALL, HOWARD ROSS Childers HAMILTON, JOHN Rusk HARDIN, ANICE Port Arthur JUNIORS HARRISON, J. W. Longview HOLLOW AY, LORENE Nacogdoches HONNEYCUTT, JAMES G. Timpson HOOD, MARY R Jefferson HUGHES, CHARLES PAUL Center JOHNSON, DAVID LLOYD Pleasant Hill, La. JOHNSON, WAYNE Huntington JONES, JOY Nacogdoches JONES, MERLE Cayuga JORDAN, JAMES R. Leesburg JOSHLIN, JOHN H Orange KERR, WADE Longview KEY, JIMMY Overton KIDWELL, BERRY Alto KLEIN, CATHERINE Kerrville LABOR, JAMES PAUL Harlington LaGRONE, LETHA Carthage LAIRD, PRUDENCE Jacksonville LAMBERT, JANE Center LANE, RICHARD Center p I I V o $ % 2 1 LATIMER, UNICE Lockesberg, Ark. LILLY, NANCY Nacogdoches LOGAN, SAM D Lufkin LOWERY, ELVIN Lufkin JUNIORS 1 • £»••« 7 . McCRARY, BARBARA Gladewater McDANIEL, REX Joaquin McGEE, THOMAS Nacogdoches McKEOWN, CHARLENE Jacksonville McLEMORE, HENRY San Augustine McNEESE, JOHN Q. Jacksonville McNEIL, JOHN DILLON Lufkin MATHIS, CHARLES Port Arthur MEEKS, MILLER Price MELTON, HOWELL Longview MODISETTE, JERRY Lufkin MOORE, ALENE Alto MOORE, WALTER B. Greggton MORRIS, TERRY Nacogdoches NERREN, KENNETH W. Lufkin NUTT, JAMES EDWARD Corsicana ODNEAL, CHARLES Kilgore OLIVER, JANECE Lufkin PARKERSON, LARRY White Oak PARROTT, SUE Nacogdoches PERRETT, JOHN H. Nacogdoches PICKETT, ANNA MARTHA Winnie PRICE, PEARL San Augustine PYLE, OUIDA Alto JUNIORS RATCLIFF, JOHELEN Colmesneil REDDING, DICK Corpus Christi REVIS, JOHND. Alto RIDER, CAROL Nacogdoches RIDER, DALE RIVES, WILLIAM Deer Park Henderson ROBERTS, ANNETTE Nacogdoches ROBERTS, NORRIS Huntingdon SCHIEBERLE, ARNOLD E. Gonzales SEBESTA, CHARLIE Bryan SECHRIST, JERRY Kilgore SHELTON, JAMES L. DeKalb SIMONS, AUDERLE Nacogdoches SIRMAN, JOHN M. Corrigan SITTON, BUENE Cushing SKINNER, JAMES R. Joaquin SMITH, ANITA Marshall SMITH, CLYDE D. San Augustine SMITH, GLENDA Alto SMITH, JERRY W. Carthage SMITH, JOYCE Rusk SMITH, PAUL DAVIS Laird Hill SMITHART, E. E Tenaha STALLINGS, DONALD W. Redland JUNIORS STEWART, BETTY Garrison STUBBLEFIELD, CHARLES Liberty TAYLOR, DALE Hamilton TENNISON, PATRICIA New Summerfield THOMAS, GEORGE Palestine TINSLEY, WILLARD Houston TODD, FRED W Garrison TUCKER, ANN Waskom TUCKER, JUNE Waskom k TURLINGTON, MRS. EVELYN W Malakoff TURLINGTON, JAMES C. Malakoff TURNER, BURNEY Atlanta TURNER, HELEN El Dorado, Ark. TURNER, WADE San Angelo VAN SHOUBROUEK, BARBARA Leggett VAN WERT, JIM HANKS Marshall WALKER, CD Lubbock WALKER, FA YE WOODS Hemphill WALKER, HARVEL Hemphill WARE, ROSE Gary WEATHERLEY, MICHAEL Gushing WEBB, REX DARREL Lanevilje WEIR, JERRELL Carthage WELCH, R. C Troup WELLS, TRAVIS Freeport WHITAKER, JERRY Cushing WHITAKER, ROBBIE Cushing WHITTEN, REX Price WILLIAMS, JAMES Kilgore WILLIAMS, PAT New London WILLIAMS, PAUL E. Henderson WILLIS, BILLY MARVIN Nacogdoches WILSON, PINKY Jefferson WISENER, GERALD Douglass WISENER, KING Douglass WOOD, JOHN A. Bonham WOOTEN, SHIRLEY Gary rm, 3 JUNIORS SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Marshall Kendrick President Buddy Castleberry Vice-President Freddie Thedford Secretary Sandra Christie Reporter SOPHOMORES ADAMS, FA YE Douglass ADAMS, SHERRIE Nacogdoches AGAN, JOHN Lufkin ALBEA, TOMMY Nacogdoches ALDERS, FRANCES Nacogdoches ALLEN, BILLY RAY Pollok ANDERSON, GEORGE D. Grapeland ANDERSON, WILLIAM C. Pollok ARMS TRONG, TRACY Zavalla ASKINS, MICHAEL Lufkin AUSTIN, EVELYN Nacogdoches BAKER, DURA Joaquin BALL, JACK D. Rusk BALLENGER, JACK Carthage BATTON, BARBARA Kerens BEALL, ROBERT Lufkin BEARD, OLAF D. Rusk BEST, G WEN Lufkin BIGGERSTAFF, JOE Nacogdoches BLACKMON, MARGARET Henderson BLEAR, BETTY Gladewater BOATMAN, JOSEPH Nacogdoches BOOZER, RALPH W. Douglass BOYD, BOBBY Alto V IT 1 1 4i r " ' V,. f 1 4 ] E V SOPHOMORES BRASHEAR, DORIS Lufkin BREWER, TAYLOR Wells BROTHERS, JAMES Lufkin BULLOCK, DIXIE Lufkin BURCH, JOE Lufkin BURGESS, PAT Goliad BURNS, JOHN Lufkin BYRNES, ANN Center CARPENTER, MYRTLE Nacogdoches CASTLEBERRY, JOSEPH Nacogdoches CHAMBERLAIN, KEN Nacogdoches CHANCELLOR, GLENN Nacogdoches CHASTAIN, JOHN A. Douglass CHRISTIE, PHILLIP Jacksonville CHRISTIE, SANDRA Jacksonville COBB, JIMMY White Oak COGSWELL, JAMES Joaquin COLLIER, ANN Hillister COLLINS, CHARLES RAY Nacogdoches COLLINS, FLOY Nacogdoches COLLINS, J. LYNN Trinity COLLINS, JOE Kennard COLLINS, TURNER Livingston COLMER, MARVIN Carthage COLWELL, FRANCIS Jasper COOK, CLAUDE D. Lufkin COOK, JAMES Lufkin COOPER, JOHN L. Spring Branch CORNETT, WILLIAM Center COURTNEY, FELDA Rusk COURTNEY, RALPH Orange COX, GILMORE Lufkin COX, KAY Henderson CRAWFORD, WILLIAM Martinsville CRUMP, ROBERT Timpson CULBERTSON, JAMES Lufkin DANIEL, JOE Woodville DAVIDSON, OWEN McKinney DAVIS, CLARENCE DeKalb DAVIS, DELWIN Lufkin DAVIS, GWEN Woodville DAVIS, HELEN Nacogdoches DAVIS, PAUL Nacogdoches DAVIS, TOMMY DAN DeBerry DAVIS, WILBURN Ballinger DICKINSON, DON Keltys DIXON, BEAUMAN D. Lufkin DODSON, MARY Rusk SOPHOMORES DODSON, W. R. Kirbyville DOWDY, BILLY Whitehouse DUNCAN, WAYNE DeKalb DURHAM, C. E. DeKalb EARLEY, BILLY J Big Spring EAVES, BOBBY Center EDDINGTON, JAMES Apple Springs EDMONDS, SUE Nacogdoches ELLERBROOK, HARRY Nacogdoches ELLIOTT, JAMES R. Rusk ELLIOTT, JIM JOEL Milam ESSERY, EDD W. Timpson EVANS, JERRY Jacksonville FARR, HUGH K Hawkins FARRIS, HILTON Mt. Enterprise FLOURNOY, CLIFFORD Center FORD, T. A. Carthage FOUTS, DIANA Nacogdoches FRANZEN, KENNETH Winnie FULLER, GEORGE C. Nacogdoches FULLER, TOMMYE Nacogdoches GANDY, SHIRLEY Pineland GEE, ROY Lufkin GENTRY, NELDA Henderson GILLEY, JOHN H. Texarkana GILLIAM, MARY San Augustine GILMORE, JIM EDD Lufkin GIPSON, JAMES Woodville GOODWIN, BETTY Lufkin GOOLSBY, J. B Timpson GOSSETT, BILLY R Henderson GOSSETT, FREDDIE Henderson GRAY, TOMMY Joaquin GREER, SUE Nacogdoches GREGORY, BILLY Colmesneil GRIMES, ELMER LEE Nacogdoches GUINN, BRYAN Rusk HAIGHT, DAFFORD Spring Hill HALEY, CHARLES Shelbyville HAMILTON, JUNE Cushing HAMMETT, DOROTHY Nacogdoches HANCOCK, TERRY Jasper HARRIS, JAMES K Center HARRIS, JEAN Nacogdoches HARRISON, CAROLE Liberty HART, HOWARD Pine Tree HAVARD, NORA CAPPS Lufkin HAWKINS, MILTON W. Huntington J! V 1 p- i IT ' 4Hok V . ' jf i I ? jBL Vr v ■ S 5 v J A, Jul __ ' SOPHOMORES HENRY, ALICE MARIE San Augustine HENRY, FREDDY Center HINSON, CLAUDINE Livingston HOLLAND, NEWL G Linden HOLMES, MARGIE NELL Pennington HOLMAN, BILLY La Porte HOLT, DORIS ANN Center HUCKABY, MARION V. Douglass HUFF, IMA GENE Henderson HUNT, ROY New London HYLTON, ELIZABETH Liberty IHLE, STEPHANIE Port Acres JARRELL, WILLIAM Overton JOLLY, LEO Cleveland JOHNSON, FELIX Nacogdoches JOHNSON, JAMES F. Alto JONES, BARBARA Waco JONES, JOY Nacogdoches JONES, LINDA JO Grapeland JONES, MYLES Saudi Arabia JOPLING, FLOYD Garrison JOSHLIN, CHARLES Deweyville KEELING, RANDALL Henderson KENDRICK, MARSHALL Nacogdoches KERSS, JAMES THOMAS Nacosrdoches O KING, KENNETH Garrison KOSTER, WALTER Beaumont KRAUSE, CHARLES Nacogdoches KYLE, CARROLL Carthage LAMB, MICKEY Liberty LANGFORD, CAROLYN Lufkin LANGFORD, CLARENCE DeKalb LAZARINE, CLIFFORD Nacogdoches LAZARINE, MARSHALL Nacogdoches LEADBETTER, LOLA MAY Jacksonville LEDBETTER, JACK Waco LEWIS, PATSY San Augustine LILLY, DON Timpson LINDSEY, HERSHEL Pineland LOWERY, BRUCE Nacogdoches McBRIDE, DAMARIS Lufkin McBRIDE, JANICE Nacogdoches McBRIDE, NAY Pine Tree McCAULEY, J. W. Center McCLAIN, GUY W. Nacogdoches McFERRIN, TOM Port Neches McLENDON, JANICE Jacksonville McMILLIAN, EPHIE JOE Nacogdoches SOPHOMORES McMULLEN, ANNETTE Lufkin McNAIR, ANNETTE Garrison MARTIN, JIMMIE KENT Pittsburg MASSEY, HENRIETTE Kelley MAURITZEN, KENNETH Carthage MAXEY, ANDREW DeBerry MAYES, FANNIE Lufkin MINTON, CAROLYN Geneva MINTON, ROBERT Hemphill MIXON, DORIS Douglass MONROE, GLORIA Lufkin MONTES, FRANCIS Nacogdoches MONTGOMERY, GENE C. Ratcliff MOODY, MARTHA Waco MORGAN, BOBBY Nacogdoches MORGAN, L. D Naples MUCKELROY, BENNIE Etoile MULLEN, DEWARD Fairfield NAIL, ANNA LEE Lufkin NASH, JOHN DAVID Nacogdoches NEEL, BEN Timpson NEEL, CHARLES Timpson NETHERY, JULIUS Milam NEWTON, KENNETH New London NICAR, BILLIE Jasper NICHOLS, PRESTON San Augustine NIXON, R. A Nacogdoches NORTON, JANICE F. Ventura, Calif. NULL, BETTY Lufkin OVERSTREET, ROBERT Beaumont PACK, JOHN R. Garrison PALMORE, ALAN Lufkin PARENT, ALBERT Lufkin PARKER, JOE DAN Jacksonville PARR, EDWARD Trinity PERKINS, BETTY Freeport PHILLIPS, LLOYD Jasper PHILLIPS, PATSY Woden POPE, HENRY Corrigan PRESTON, BRIAN Houston PRICE, JANE Kilgore PRINCE, JEAN Nacogdoches PRINCE, PHIL Nacogdoches QUINN, MORRIS Nacogdoches RASBURY, GLENN Pineland REVIS, BILLYE Guymon, Okla. RHIDDLEHOOVER, FLOY Henderson RILEY, JIM Lufkin SOPHOMORES Wk M M w _ j Tl ■ ' c V 4 ROBERTSON, BETTY J. Nacogdoches Cushing ROCKA, BILLY ROSENBERGER, KENNETH Nacogdoches ROSS, BONNIE WAYNE Jefferson ROSS, MRS. HAZEL Mt. Enterprise ROSSON, CHARLOTTE Palestine ROT AN, MARTHA SUE Woodville SCHIEBERLE, MRS. JANICE Gonzales SHADDOCK, ROBERT Lufkin SHELTON, BETTYE Athens SHELTON, JOHN M Kilgore SHERMAN, JAMES Maydell SHOVE, DELORES Stowell SIDWELL, PAT Nacogdoches SIDWELL, THELMA Nacogdoches SITTON, GERALD Cushing SITTON, K. BROOKS Cushing SKINNER, CHARLES F Lufkin SKREHOT, DONALD Kenedy SMITH, CHARLES San Augustine SMITH, DEAN Gilmer SMITH, EDMOND Lufkin SMITH, RAY ALLEN Garrison SNELL, ALBERT K Jasper SOWELL, RAYMOND A. San Augustine SPURLIN, CHARLES Nacogdoches SQUYRES, CINDY Lufkin STEPHENS, DUANE .. Nacogdoches STEPHENS, MRS. SANDRA La Porte STEIGEL, HOWARD Lufkin TANNER, POLLY Beaumont TAYLOR, MARY NELL Lufkin TAYLOR, WAYNE Kirbyville TEER, IVIS Lufkin THEDFORD, FREDDYE Hemphill THOMAS, BLAKE Lufkin THOMPSON, ALBERT Pennington TIDWELL, JOHN Corrigan TILLORY, TOM BOB Woden TINDALL, HULAN Nacogdoches TIPTON, EARL Houston TOWNSEND, NORMAN Pittsburg TRAYLOR, LONNIE Gaston TRIPLETT, CAROLYN Woodville TROXLAR, ROY Texas City TUCKER, JAMES Alba VARDEMAN, KENNETH Wells VICKERY, ANN Tyler SOPHOMORES VILES, RALPH Hardin WAAK, JOHN H. Lufkin WADE, JOHNIE L Center WALTON, BOB San Augustine WALTON, DAVID WEEMS, THURMAN Percilla Nacogdoches WELCH, MRS. MARY Troup WESTBROOK, CAROLYN Pollok WESTBROOK, WARD Jasper WHEELER, ODIS Nacogdoches WHITAKER, DEWEY Gushing WHITAKER, SUZANNE Jacksonville WHITE, PAT Silsbee WHITEHEAD, JERALD Cushing WILLIAMS, RODNEY Mart WOLVERTON, JACK Mt. Enterprise WOOD, DOLORES Rusk WOODS, B ARTIE Bronson WOOLVERTON, BUFORD Mt. Enterprise WORLEY, JOEL Mt. Enterprise WRIGHT, MARY Cushing YORK, JOHNNY Lufkin YOUNGBLOOD, TERRY Lufkin ZWICK, DARRELL Logansport, La. FRESHMEN CLASS OFFICERS Larry Spradley Rudy Voigtel Murrell Thornhill Judy Lumpkin President Vice-President Secretary Reporter ABERNATHY, DOLLY Rusk AIRMAN, JOYCE Houston AINSWORTH, TRAVIS Lufkin ALDERS, BONNIE JO Nacogdoches ALDERS, MARY ANN Nacogdoches ALLEN, ELBERT ALLEN, GENE P. ALLEN, JO ANN ALLEN, MARY L. ALLEN, MILLARD Nacogdoches Lufkin Nacogdoches Longview Corpus Christi ALLEN, PAULINE Lufkin ALLRED, KEITH Lufkin ALMANY, HARRY G. Nacogdoches ALTOM, BUD Price ANDERSON, MARION Grapeland FRESHMEN ANGER, JOHN P Orange ANTHONY, CLARA Nacogdoches ARCHER, MICHAEL Houston ASHWORTH, DONALD Austin BAGLEY, GAIL Rusk BALCH, ERNEST DON Lufkin BALLARD, CARROLL Hayettsville, Md. BANE, BETTY JEANE Nacogdoches BARBER, JEANETTE Aransas Pass BARNES, DWIGHT Mt. Enterprise BARNETT, SON J A Pasadena BARNWELL, HOOD Pittsburg BARTON, CHARLES Apple Springs BASS, GAY NELL Martinsville BASS, INA DORA Timpson BAXTER, NORMA Houston BEALL, JAMES RAY Lufkin BEHELER, BARBARA ANN San Angelo BELK, JAMES Cashing BELL, SILVER Center , BIRDWELL, WYVONNE Jasper BOLES, MARIE Lufkin BONNER, TERRY Burkeville BOOKER, BILLY B. Cushing BOWER, JOE Beaumont BOYETT, ROBERT Huntington BRADSHAW, JAY DEAN Douglass BRADSHAW, JOHN Center BRANDON, DOTTIE Nacogdoches BRIGHTWELL, CHARLES Henderson FRESHMEN BRITAIN, JERRY LYNN Lufkin BROCK, ERTIS ASHFORD Lufkin BROOKS, GEORGIA R. Center BROWN, MARVIN M. Silsbee BRUCE, GLORIA ANNE Nacogdoches BUCHANAN, JACQUELINE Nacogdoches BURGESS, ROCHELLE Nacogdoches BURKE, MAY ELLEN Lufkin BURNAMAN, HARLENE Nacogdoches BUTLER, EVIE JOY Chireno BUTLER, JERRY ESTLE Douglass CALLAWAY, ELIZABETH Longview CAMPBELL, BETH Jasper CARIKER, JAMES W. Kountze CARNLEY, LEO F. Corrigan CARSWELL, MARSHALL Lufkin CATES, DAN Alto CHADWICK, PENNY Longview CHAMNESS, TOMMY Kilgore CHANDLER, DOUGLAS Seabrook ■■IP » 1 I 1 i • CHAPPELL, LARRY Lufkin CHASTAIN, ANNE Bridge City CLARK, M. J. Lufkin CLIFTON, J. W. Central Heights COKER, CLIFFORD WAYNE Slocum COLLINS, ERNEST L. Alice CONDITT, NORRIS LEE Lufkin COOK, JOHN DAVID Nacogdoches CORDER, JAMES EDWIN Livingston CORDRAY, SIDNEY Milam FRESHMEN COTTON, EL MARIE Gallatin COURTNEY, JO MARIE Lufkin CRAGER, CARROLL Diboll CRAWFORD, KENNETH Pollok CREECH, MARCELLE Center • CROCKETT, L. H. Jacksonville CUNNINGHAM, HUNTER 1 M Goliad CURBOW, JAMES E Garrison DARST, WILLIAM Galveston DAVIS, CAROLYN Lufkin DAVIS, CAROLYN JOY Nacogdoches DAVIS, JEAN Long Branch DAVIS, JO BETH Nacogdoches DAVIS, KEN Wills Point DAVIS, MRS. MYRTIS A Corpus Christi DEAN, ERNEST WATT Woodville DERRICK, KENNETH Tenaha DEVER, PHYLLIS Texas City DeVILLE, BARBARA Lake Jackson DIXON, CHARLES Lufkin DIXON, EMERY CARL Lufkin DOBBS, ERW1N Lufkin DOGGETT, SHIRLEY Lufkin DOYLE, WILLIAM Pennington DuBOSE, JACQUELINE Wells DUDLEY, KENNETH Nacogdoches DUNBAR, DEANNE Longview DURRETT, ROSE Moody DYES, FRANCIS Nacogdoches EDMISTON, GLENDA Hemphill 5 FRESHMEN EMMONS, ROBIN DALE Gallatin ERICKSEN, TED Galveston ERWIN, JEAN Lufkin ETHRIDGE, REGINALD La Porte EUBANKS, EDWARD Center EVANS, PEYTON Mt. Enterprise FAIRCLOTH, MAXINE Pollok FANT, JAN CURTIS Linden FARISS, BARBARA Lufkin FARRELL, COREY T Dayton FITCH, GEORGE Nacogdoches FITCH, JAMES Nacogdoches FORSE, MARILYN Houston FORT, DONALD F. Center FRANKLIN, LILLIAN Diboll FREDERICK, ROBERT L. Garrison FREEMAN, VERLON DALE Joaquin FULLER, JAMES D Lufkin GARNER, RICHARD Nacogdoches GERLOFF, MARSHA Temple GIBSON, GLENDA Henderson GIBSON, RAYFORD Lufkin GILMORE, GLEN Burnett GLEAVES, DONALD Diboll GOBER, RALSTON Lufkin GOODWIN, VICTOR Nacogdoches GOOLSBY, BENJAMIN Timpson GOUGH, BOBBIE ANNA Henderson GRANT, MARJORIE Houston GREEN, BARBARA Henderson FRESHMEN GREEN, ERNEST Karnack GREER, CURTIS Henderson GRIFFIN, JOE LYNN Mt. Enterprise GRIFFITH, GERRY ALVY Wells GRIGGS, LEWIE WAYNE Jacksonville GROGAN, ROBERT Rusk GRUBBS, CHARLES W. Mt. Enterprise HAIRGROVE, KENNETH , Tenaha HALE, DELORES Arp HALL, TRUMAN Huntington HALL, THOMAS Nacogdoches HAMILTON, ERNEST Lufkin HARBER, JAMES PAUL Marshall HARBUCK, OTIS Lufkin HARDY, CARROLL EUGENE Cushing HARRIS, CHARLES Nacogdoches HARRIS, FURMAN Nacogdoches HARRIS, JAMES LUTHER Tenaha HARRIS, LA NELL HARRIS, SARA Lufkin Henderson HARRISON, DONALD RAY Liberty HAVARD, BETTY NELL Lufkin HAYES, GEORGE TOM Mineola HENDERSON, CYNTHIA Alto HENRY, ERA JO Center HENSON, CHARLES B. Houston HERBECK, FRANK La Porte HERRMANN, FRANCES Smiley HICKS, JEANNE Jacksonville HIGHTOWER, JOSEPH Palestine • JB Pi i FRESHMEN HILEMAN, JAMES R. Jefferson HILL, BILLY M Jacksonville HILL, KENNETH Lufkin HILL, SARAH Nacogdoches HINES, JOE Cleveland HINSON, JOE MICHAEL Brownwood HINSON, LINDY Longview HOLCOMB, ROBERT H. Alto HOLLAND, PRESTON Linden HONEA, J. R. Nacogdoches HOOVER, SANDRA SUE Aldine HOPE, DAVID Wills Point HOPKINS, MARTHA Lufkin HOPSON, BILLY FRED Alto HORN, JIMMIE LEON Gladewater HUNTER, WILEY EDWIN Coushatta, La. HUTSON, LEON Nacogdoches IRISH, LEONARD B. Center IRWIN, CAROL JEAN Tatum JARVIS, ALFRED NEWTON Lufkin JENKINS, JAMES LOUIE Woodville JETTON, VIRGINIA Center JOHNSON, CHARLES RAY Nacogdoches JOHNSON, LAURA LEE Nacogdoches JOHNSON, MARTHA C. Houston JONES, JOHN THOMAS Diboll JONES, ROSIE ANN Alto JONES, WILLIAM DON Alto JUMPER, EVELYN JEAN KEENER, EDITH Lufkin Marshall FRESHMEN KELLY, ROBERT Lufkin KIMES, JACK Lufkin KIMBRO, GAY NELL Center KING, CAROLYN Rusk KINSEY, DAVID L. Nacogdoches KLEIN, BARNEY Nacogdoches KLENKE, D. B. San Antonio LAMBERT, JOE EDWARD Nacogdoches LANG, JOHNNY Jacksonville LANGFORD, DALE Cushing LANGFORD, JAMES EDWARD San Augustine LANGFORD, MARLANE DeKalb LANKFORD, JERRY RAY Redland LANKFORD, MARY ANN Woodville LAWRENCE, A. J. Logansport, La. LAZARINE, LEROY Nacogdoches LEE, GINGER Houston LEE, JOHN EDWARD Diboll LEFEVRE, CLAYTA SUE Lufkin LINDSEY, PATSY Bronson LINK, GILBERT WAYNE Tennessee Colony LITTLE, JAMES NORMAN Chireno LOFTIN, VERNON H. Groveton LOGAN, SHIRLEY J. Houston LOUVIER, CLAUDETT ANN Nome LOVETT, SANDRA Lufkin LOVELADY, BILLY W. Jacksonville LUMPKIN, JUDY Henderson McADAMS, HOLLIS Pollok McBRIDE, JAMES DONALD Woodville FRESHMEN McCAMERON, CHARLES Nacogdoches McCAULEY, HELEN Timpson McCORMICK, JOHN EARL Livingston McGIBONEY, SHIRLEY Lufkin McGONEGEL, DELORES Beaumont McLEMORE, VERNON San Augustine McMILLON, WILLIAM H. Lufkin McMULLEN, RAYMOND Lufkin MACE, JOYCE Lufkin MAGGARD, STEWART Nacogdoches MATHEWS, DON Joaquin MATLOCK, BERTIS L. Nacogdoches MATTHEWS, DAN GUS Jacksonville MATTISON, JESS DARRELL Overton MAY, KENNETH Alto ml ■ i hV B jr. MAYFIELD, EARL BRIAN Douglass MEADOR, FORREST LEE Nacogdoches MEFFORD, NITA GALE Nacogdoches MELTON, JERRY D Bronson MENEFEE, TOMMIE JEAN Center MICHELS, BILL Jacksonville MIDDLETON, MARY Port Arthur MILLIGAN, JERRY Lufkin MOHUNDRO, CHARLES Ferris MONTES, SIMON LYNN Nacogdoches MOORE, THOMAS Lufkin MORGAN, MARGARET Lufkin MORRIS, BOBBY Woodville MORROW, ANITA Mt. Enterprise MOTT, BOBBY GLENN Lufkin FRESHMEN ■ :, B Iter Y A % or 1 MUCKLEROY, JAMES Center MURPHY, LAURIE Center MURPHY, MARY LOU Nacogdoches MUSGRAVE, ELIZABETH Livingston NEEL, BILLIE Freeport NELSON, SARA LOUISE Lufkin NICAR, CAROLYN Jasper ODOM, ORVILLE NEAL Apple Springs OLIVER, RUTH Tenaha O ' QUINN, CLARA FRANCIS Wells O ' QUINN, JANICE Nacogdoches O ' RILEY, FAYE Pineland PARKER, ALLEN LEON Lufkin PARKER, DELTON Jasper PARKS, GLORIA ANN Riesel PARMLEY, FELIX Nacogdoches PARRISH, CULBERSON Leggett PARTIN, GARY Galena Park PATRICK, DONALD Oil City, La. PATRICK, PAT Houston PATTERSON, PATSY Timpson PENNEY, MARY BETH Pasadena PERKINS, HAROLD RAY Clute PERRY, GEORGE BILL Lufkin PHILLIPS, LAWRENCE Kirbyville PHILLIPS, ROY KNIGHT Kilgore PLATT, LEE DONALD Kilgore POOL, NEAL Kirbyville POSKEY, PAT Nacogdoches POWELL, ELTON Brookeland FRESHMEN POWELL, HELEN Lufkin POWELL, JUANICE W. Center POWER, MARCELEETE Nacogdoches PRADO, THOMAS Nacogdoches PROCELLA, EARNEST RAY Hemphill RICE, WILEY Hemphill RAMEY, SALLY JO Reklaw RASBEARY, CULLEN Houston RECK, JERRY Houston REED, CLARYCE Freeport RICHARDS, BARBARA Houston RICHARDS, DON BRUCE Houston RINKER, RAYMOND Nacogdoches RISINGER, AMOS W. Timpson ROACH, DONALD LEE Apple Springs ROBINSON, GLADYS Woodville ROBINSON, ROBERT Seabrook RODGERS, F. SHERMAN Temple RODGERS, L. THURMAN m Temple V J T W RODRIGUES, LEO DANIEL Jm, U Nacogdoches mm? ' ' MR ROETHKE, CHARLES A. Milwaukee, Wis. I ■P i ROGERS, BILLY ELLIS Nacogdoches - ROGERS, GEORGE PERRY Nacogdoches ROGERS, GEORGE THOMAS Palestine ROGERS, JOE TUCKER Douglass ROGERS, KENNETH B. Brookeland RUSHING, WANDA Lufkin SAMFORD, BEN E Center SANDERS, JAMES CLAYTON Douglass SAYERS, SIBYL M Lufkin FRESHMEN p ■L 0i P SCARBOROUGH, VERNON VAN Diboll SCHROEDER, ALFRED New Braunfels SCOGGINS, BRUCE Lufkin SCOTT, JOHN ROLAND Liberty SCOTT, NANCY Henderson SEAGO, THOMAS D. Tenaha SEALE, JOSEPH Pineland SEALE, TOMMY Melrose SELF, GEORGE Central Heights SELMAN, GEORGE Lufkin SHEPHERD, TOMMY Nacogdoches SHEPHERD, W. J Appleby SIMMONS, DEWEY Lufkin SIMMS, JIMMIE Pollok SITTON, JOE Nederland SITTON, MARTHA ANN Beaumont SITTON, ROBERT Cushing SIZEMORE, JERRY M. Lufkin SKILLERN, ELWANDA JEAN Nacogdoches SMITH, DEANNA Lake Jackson SMITH, DONNA ELOISE Center SMITH, JANICE Texas City SMITH, MILLARD San Augustine SMITH, RUAL Nacogdoches SMITH, SUE Nacogdoches SMITH, VERGIL Lufkin SOUTHERN, ROBERT D. Gilmer SPENCE, LINDA China SPRADLEY, LARRY W. Port Arthur STAHL, CHARLES New London FRESHMEN STANFORD, VIRGINIA Woodville STEPHENS, HERCHEL Lufkin STEPHENS, LAURA ANN Lufkin STEPHENS, PRESTON Lufkin STEWART, CAROL Judson Grove STEWART, FRANKLIN Nacogdoches STODDARD, C. H. Garrison STONE, CARROLLE Henderson STRANAHAN, SARAH Port Arthur SULLIVAN, JOHN S. McMinnville, Tenn. SWANSON, CYNTHIA Lufkin SWINNEY, ALVIN Woodville TATUM, JOHN H. Keltys TAYLOR, THOMAS E. Joaquin THOMAS, LEON Dickinson m THOMAS, JERRY Pasadena THOMAS, KENNTH J. Cushing THOMPSON, CLETA R. Jacksonville THORNHILL, MURRELL Nacogdoches THORNTON, ROBERT C. Lufkin TOWNSEND, CLIFFORD Pollok TRIANA, ALBERT Nacogdoches TRIMBLE, JEAN Lufkin TUCKER, CORA LOVE Center TUCKER, FRANK Nacogdoches TULLOS, JERRY LYNN Apple Springs UPSHAW, JOHN H. Ringgold, La. UPTON, GERALD Lufkin VAN FLEET, RICHARD Austin VARDEMAN, IMOGENE Central Heights FRESHMEN VAUGHN, MELVA LEE Marshall v mr ■§r. „ m 1 41M VELVIN, SANDRA Henderson VICKERS, PENNY Killeen VILLEMEZ, DORIS JEAN Killeen VODICKA, VIRGINIA M. Natchitoches, La. VOIGTEL, RUDOLPH N. Nacogdoches WAGNER, ROBERT D. Lufkin WAGNON, DONNA Nacogdoches WALKER, WILLIAM H. Laneville WALLACE, ROBERT C. Nacogdoches WALTERS, BILLY M. Nacogdoches WALTON, GRACE Chireno WARD, JIMMY Tyler WARE, JIMMY Gary WARE, LEON San Augustine WARR, KENNETH WAYNE Center W ATKINS, EVERETT Douglass WATKINS, SHERRY Tenaha WATLINGTON, BILLY Center WATSON, BOBBY D. Center WATTS, CHARLOTTE Lufkin WEBB, ROBERT S. Center WEDGEWORTH, ANITA Pampa WEIR, RICHARD WAYNE Tenaha WELLS, GLEN F. Central Heights WELLS, HERMAN Dallas WEST, HOUGHTON HENRY Nacogdoches WHITAKER, CHESTER DON Cashing WHITAKER, SANDRA Cushing WHITEHEAD, JAMES WORTH Henderson WHITEHEAD, LUVINIA Bronson WHITTON, SHIRLEY Nacogdoches V ILKS, ANN Texas City WILLIAMSON, JEANETTE Nacogdoches WILLIAMSON, JEANNE Nacogdoches WILSON, BETTYE Nacogdoches WILSON, FRAZIER Marshall WILSON, JAMES MICHAEL Lufkin WILSON, KENNETH Center WISENER, DONALD WAYNE Lufkin WOOD, LEAH Carthage WOODROW, JULIE Ottumwa, Iowa WORRY, G. C. Houston WRIGHT, PAULA Hemphill YARBROUGH, KENNETH Timpson YEARGAN, HENRY S. Nacogdoches ZEVELY, DARYL D. Kilgore FRESHMEN M r ■ • L V f - i V lit r f i A. W. BIRDWELL We ' re proud to have a part in the building of a greater SFA. Our bricks have been used in the Birdwell and Library buildings, the new men ' s dormitories, and the new family apartment units. HENDERSON CLAY PRODUCTS MANUFACTURERS OF QUALITY FACE, ROMAN AND NORMAN BRICK White, Buff, Pink, Gray, Brown and Red Box 870— Phone 3505 HENDERSON, TEXAS THE STONE FORT NATIONAL BANK NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS 1903-1957 — FIFTY-FOUR YEARS UNDER THE SAME NAME OFFICERS L. B. MAST, President E. W. MONK, Executive Vice-Pres. H. T. EDWARDS, Active Vice-Pres. S. B. HAYTER, Vice-President R. E. GILMORE, Vice-Pres.-Cashier ALTON KING, Asst. Vi ce-Pres. GEO V. BURROWS, Asst. Cashier G. P. RAWSON, Asst. Cashier T. ' T. WILLIAMS, Asst. Cashier PARRISH PALMER, Asst. Cashier DIRECTORS R. N. CASON GEO. F. CLARK S. B. HAYTER J. R. GRAY This Bank Is a Member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation THE LARGEST BANK IN NACOGDOCHES COUNTY L. B. " MAST E. W. MONK R. W. McKINNEY A. L. NELSON C. D. THOMAS C. N. THOMPSON M. S. WRIGHT LIKE S. F. A. GRADUATES LONE STAR PRODUCTS ARE HIGH QUALITY BEST WISHES FOR YOUR SUCCESS FOR SO GOES THE SUCCESS OF EAST TEXAS When You Pick Up This Annual 10 Years From Now Then As Now— Lone Star Folks Will Still Be Pulling- For S. F. A. BRAND BRAND TEXAS FARM PRODUCTS COMPANY NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK " It doesn ' t do much good to be on the right track if you don ' t keep moving. " THOUGHT FOR YOUR FUTURE " When you get out of college and get married and establish your own home you ' ll need furniture, stoves, refrigerators, television sets and many other comforts. Always remember that we can serve you best . . . with the right prices . . . and the easiest credit terms. " CASON, MONK CO. HARDWARE— FURNITURE —Established 1893— COMMERCIAL NATIONAL BANK Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. SOUTHLAND PAPER MILLS, Inc. LUFKIN, TEXAS CONGRATULATES GRADUATES " Pioneer Manufacturer of Newsprint From Southern Pine " A good start on a GOOD FUTURE As a member of the Class of 1957, you re off to a good start! May we congratulate you . . . and wish you every success in the years to come. HUMBLE OIL REFINING COMPANY HUMBLE Best Wishes Thomas Appliance Co. From 320 North Street Phone LO 4-9241 BENNETT-CLARK CO, INC RCA MAYTAG Compliments of HELPINSTILL AUTO SUPPLY H E M () I) ERN . . . Nacogdoches, Texas C, () E I. E C T R I C . . . Jewel Helpinstill Owner Texas Power Light Company fashions Dependable Service UNITED CAS S I R V I N 6 T H I for college for career • for-about the-liome MIZE DEPARTMENT STORE SWIFT BROS. SMITH, INC. Druggists The place where you get what you want 221 EAST MAIN STREET PHONE LO 4-4651 and LO 4-4101 " Across Street from the Hospital " PRESCRIPTIONS SICK ROOM SUPPLIES PHONE LO 4-5712 Serving The Independent Retail Merchants of East Texas wholesale only Nacogdoches Grocery Co. IT ' S Compliments of SANDWICH SISCO TIME Feed and Supply PURINA CHOW LUMBERJACK Nacogdoches LUNCHEONETTE BealFs Gray Motor Company Your Dealer NACOGDOCHES. TEXAS ■ DUALITY MERCHANDISE Nacogdoches Bottling Company KENNEDY ' S JEWELERS GIFTS FOR ALL OCCASIONS 201 Main Nacogdoches Compliments of S. F. A. Barber Shop " It Pays to Look Nice " Banita Laundry and Dry Cleaners FOR THE PAST 44 YEARS HAS BEEN SERVING THE CLEANING NEEDS OF NACOGDOCHES FRED B. DAVIS W. T. ' " WINDY " McKEWEN FOR SPORTING GOODS, HARDWARE AND HOUSEWARES . . . See . . . Branch-Patron Hardware Co. PERRY BROTHERS 5-1 0c and 25c Store " Air Conditioned for Youi Comfort " All Standard Brands in Quality MAKE OUR STORE YOUR HEADQUARTERS STRIPLING ' S WE SELL EVERYTHING Across From Post Office PHONE LO 4-4646 C» N. Tlh(0iiffli]ps £ ffli Imsimraimc© Agency Room M-2 — Stone Fort National Bank Phone LO -4525 1— P. O. Box 327 Nacogdoches, Texas Herald Printing Company COMMERCIAL PRINTING 125 N. Fredonia Phone L04-5539 Nacogdoches, Texas IO ALWAYS FIRST OU A 1 1 T Y t Quality is your greatest saving DrPepper Bottling Co. 1615 S. Fredonia St. NACOGDOCHES Dial LO 4-7881 Compliments of THE HERALD PUBLISHING CO., Inc. PUBLISHERS OF The Daily Sentinel Shofner Hardware Co. • HARDWARE • SPORTING GOODS • PAINTS • APPLIANCES 600 E. MAIN Turner ' s Prescription House Hallmark Cards Helena Rubenstein Cosmetics Main at Church Distinctive Apparel and Beautiful -Footwear COMPLIMENTS OF Gound Chevrolet Co. Phone LO 4-8381 Nacogdoches, Texas COMPLIMENTS OF WEDGEWORTH BUICK, INC. " When Better Automobiles are Built, Buick Will Build Them " GENERAL OAK FLOORING COMPANY Phone LO 4-8251 DRESS FABRIC CENTER MEN ' S APPAREL 416 North Ph. LO 4-8660 ROBINSON ' S STUDIO " One of the Finest " All Phases of Photography College Heights COMPLIMENTS OF R. W. McKinney AND Jack McKinney REESE BROS. PONTIAC WE SERVICE ALL MAKES Phone 4-4331 613 West Main Nacogdoches, Texas Lacy H. Hunt Lumber Company, Inc. Manufacturers, Wholesalers and Exporters YELLOW PINE AND HARDWOOD MINE PROPS AND TIMBERS Nacogdoches, Texas Nacogdoches Floral Co. LOVELY CORSAGES FOR ALL OCCASIONS Phone 4-7361 107 S. Church St. WE DELIVER Member F. T. D. CE CREAM Try the Finest The Borden Company Nacogdoches, Texas DEPEND ON THE COLLEGE CLEANERS Cash and Carry a Saving For You " THEY CAN CLEAN EM " Enjoy A Good Movie MATTY MATTESON ' S Home Owned Operated S. F. A. THEATRE Clean — Comfortable — Courteous Plenty of Free Parking Nacogdoches, Texas Shop At ROYAL TYPEWRITERS WoHd ' s No. , Typewriter CLARY CASH REGISTERS CLARY ADDING MACHINES DICTAPHONES World ' s Fastest Adding Machines Sales — Service — Rentals — Supplies Lufkin Typewriter Company Lufkin, Texas Phone 3-9113 The S. F. A. College Bookstore " the Student Needs It... We Have It " IN APPRECIATION In January, 1957, John James Wilson, associate professor of education at Stephen F. Austin State College, officially closed out a 48-year career of service to public school and higher education. Associated since June, 1926, with SFA, where he came from work as a teacher and administrator in Texas public schools and at Western Kentucky State College, Mr. Wilson played an instrumental role in shaping the destiny of the youth of his day. Here he served first as director of the Demonstration School and then as a faculty member in the Department of Education. And many of his students themselves have gone on to serve as educators and to instill in their wards the high ideals of the SFA teacher. In view of Mr. Wilson ' s long and distinguished service to the cause of education, The Stone Fort of 1957 hereby expresses its appreciation and extends its best wishes in his retirement from active service. IN DEDICATION " But the poor dog, in life the firmest friend, The first to welcome, foremost to defend. " Byron Not many students have come and gone from Stephen F. Austin State College in the past few years without becoming acquainted with Tripod and Jess. They are likely to be found anywhere from the Art Department to the Birdwell Building and are two of the most well-known and best-loved figures on the cam- pus. Having been here for quite some time, they are simply and sincerely a part of this college. But the sweeping scythe of time is shortening their lives, and the day is drawing nigh when Tripod and Jess will be only mem- ories at SFA. For this reason, we, the 1957 Stone Fort staff, wish to pay tribute to these two by dedicating this yearbook to them. As Pope once said, " Histories are more full of examples of the fidelities of dogs than of friends. "

Suggestions in the Stephen F Austin State University - Stone Fort Yearbook (Nacogdoches, TX) collection:

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