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Stephen f. austin state college 54339 Catherine Ashmore Elwyn McElroy Sara Walters Marilyn Moyers Neal Morgan John Lester editor-in-chief ... associate editor layout editor copy editor co Py editor business manager administration organizations social clubs college life athletics classes contents We spend but four years at college, yet during these years we experience a life- time of growth and development, socially and culturally as well as intellectually and with us grows our college. To grasp at the fleeting passage of a single one of these years and draw from it the promise of the student side by side with the promise of a great college is the special purpose of this book. When the sun goes down, the faculty of S. F. A. doesn ' t disappear with it. After the classrooms are emptied, the teachers join the students in social activities. The old saying about " all work and no play " is not only preached, but also practiced by our administration. They don ' t stay tied to their desks. You ' ll find them in the Sub or Grill discussing world problems and at football or basketball games yelling right along with the rest of the crowd. You can ' t stay sore at a prof for that rough quiz when you find him right beside you shout- ing just as loudly as you for the " Jacks. " administration Stephen t austin state college president paul boynton Not only to those who are receiving degrees but also to those who are yet to obtain these honors we wish to extend best wishes and the sincerest hopes that in the years ahead you will find more and more evidences of the fact that your stay on the Stephen F. Austin State College campus has been professionally valuable and personally satisfying. Colleges as mere institutions are somewhat cold, almost foreboding. As ways of living, expressed in the lives of wholesome and effective men and women, however, they are warm and intensely human. We hope that each of you will have found in S. F. A., its faculty and staff, its customs and traditions, those things which will weld you to it throughout your lives, and that each of you will enjoy long years studded with much intelligent and productive effort, all in a setting of salutary, honorable, joyous living. President of The Colleae board of regents Supervising the affairs of Stephen F. Austin State College and other institutions supported by the State of Texas, the Board of Regents is appointed by the Governor. Shown here at one of their 1955-56 meetings are members of the Board and their administrative assistants. From left to right, they are: the Hon. Frank White, of Cleveland, the Hon. H. L. Mills, of Houston, and Miss Elizabeth Koch, of San Antonio, all members of the Board, the Hon. Claude Isbell, of Austin, secretary to the Board, the Hon. Charles P. McGaha, of Wichita Falls, the Hon. John C. Calhoun, of Corsicana, and the Hon. Jack Woodward, of Dallas, all members of the Board, Mrs. E. Orter, of Austin, secretary to Mr. Isbell, the Hon. Wm. L. Kerr, of Midland, the Hon. Henry Sears, of Hereford, and the Hon. W. H. Frank Barnes, of Terrell, all members of the Board. Mr. Wood- ward is president of the Board, and Mr. Calhoun is vice-president. DEAN OF THE COLLEGE Joe N. Gerber DEAN OF THE GRADUATE SCHOOL D. D. Giles deans DEAN OF MEN DEAN OF WOMEN R. H. Shelton Mary W. Thomson Dr. Thomas Ewing Ferguson dedication On August 31, 1955, Dr. Thomas Ewing Ferguson retired from his position as dean of the college and head of the English department at Stephen F. Austin State College. In bringing to an official close 32 years of continuous service to this institution and nearly half a century of distinguished work in Texas education, Dr. Ferguson logically could have been expected to rest on his laurels. To the contrary, however, he continues to maintain an office on the campus, where he still takes a deep interest in the academic and extra- curricular activities of the institution. Moreover, Dr. Ferguson continues to pursue an exceedingly heavy schedule of public service activities, serving as governor of Lions International Texas District 2 S-l and working with numerous other organizations. Throughout the years, the first dean of the college at SFASC has demonstrated keen intellectual qualities, as well as a warm attitude toward the countless hundreds of students and others with whom he has worked. To Dr. Thomas Ewing Ferguson the man, the educator, and the public servant, then, the 1956 Stone Fort yearbook is dedicated. department heads J. L. SULLIVAN KARL T. SCHLICHER DAN B. BYNUM JAMES A. WRAY EDWIN LYNN MILLER FRANK J. LAUDERDALE Ph.D.,, Ph.D., B.D., Th.M., Ph.D., M.Ed., C.P.A., Professor of Agriculture Professor of Art Director of Wesley Director of Baptist Professor of Biology Professor of Business Bible Chair Bible Chair Administration HAROLD ELLIOTT DAVID TOWNSEND ARTHUR L. LONG T. J. KALLSEN ARNE K. KEMP C. F. SHELEY ABBOTT Ph.D., Ed.D., Ph.D., M.F., Ph.D., Ph.D., Assistant Professor Professor of Education Professor of English Professor of Forestry Professor of Professor of Chemistry of Economics Foreign Languages WM. TROUT CHAMBERS W. W. DOSSEY LUCILLE NORTON W. F. GARNER EDNA WILKIN MILDRED V. WYATT Ph.D., Ph.M., Ed.D., M.A., M.A., M.S. in L.S., Professor of Geography Professor of Health and Professor of Health and Professor of History Professor of Librarian Physical Education Physcial Education and Government Home Economics for Men for Women W. I. LAYTON FREDERICK OLAN E. KRUSE FLOYD ALLEN POLLOCK ROBERT B. CAPEL Ph.D., BAUMGARTNER Ph.D., Ph.D., Ph.D., Professor of M.M., Professor of Physics Professor of Sociology Professor of Speech Mathematics Professor of Music faculty HELEN BARRON Assistant Professor of Home Economics LOIS FOSTER BLOUNT Assistant Professor of History J. H. BURR Assistant Professor of Biology W. S. CANNON Associate Professor of Economics MAURICE W. CECIL Acting Assistant Professor of English ■A CHAS. K. CHAMBERLAIN Associate Professor of History and Government N. R. CLIFT Instructor in Music LARRY COVIN Assistant Professor of Physical Education, and Director of Orientation J. T. COX Associate Professor of Music R. A. CURFMAN Instructor in Physical Education, and Director of Ferguson Hall ELIZABETH DAVIS Instructor in Foreign Languages LOUIS WM. ELLERBROOK Associate Professor of Education, and Director of Elementary Student Teaching SUE B. ENGLISH VICTOR B. FAIN HAROLD J. FISCHER Instructor in Lecturer in Journalism Assistant Professor of Home Economics Physical Education, and Director of Counseling GLADYS FOX Professor of English W W LAWRENCE T. FRANKS Assistant Professor of Education, and Director of Student Placement, and Alumni Services HARRY L. FRISSELL Assistant Professor of English EDWIN W. GASTON, JR. G. F. GRAY Assistant Professor of Professor of Agriculture English, and Director of the Office of College Information J. C. GREEN Assistant Professor of Agriculture ELBERT LLOYD GRIFFIN GEORGE W. HARDIN Assistant Professor of Chemistry Instructor in Business Administration, and . Auditor ELMA HEARD Acting Assistant Professor of English F. EUGENE HEILMAN Assistant Professor of Sociology IVEN H. HENSLEY Associate Professor of Psychology JIMMIE M. HUDGINS Instructor in Music J. A. HUFF Assistant Professor of Music JUNE IRWIN Assistant Professor of Physical Education TED L. JEFFERIES Associate Professor of Physical Education, and Director of Athletics faculty GLADYS B. JOHNSON Associate Professor of Business Administration CECIL JONES Assistant Professor of Agriculture DORIS KILPATRICK Associate Librarian DORIS ELIZABETH KING Assistant Professor of History and Government JOE LACY Associate Professor of Education, and Business Manager WILLIAM J. McCALLUM Professor of Education, and Director of Extension HOWARD McCARLEY Assistant Professor of Biology LEROY McCLENDON Associate Professor of Education, and Director of Secondary Student Teaching john p. Mcelroy Instructor in Art S. W. McKEWEN Associate Professor of Physical Education and Registrar ROBERT T. McKIBBEN Assistant Professor of Education LOUISVILLE MARSHALL Associate Professor of English VIRGINIA J. MATHEWS Acting Instructor in Physical Education ROBERT S. MAXWELL Associate Professor of History and Government, and Director of Bureau of East Texas Research CAROLYN S. MILLER Part-time Instructor in Music JAMES LYNN NICHOLS, JR. Associate Professor of History and Government R. B. PINSON Associate Professor of Mathematics CAROLYN M. PRICE Instructor in Business Administration NELSON T. SAMSON Associate Professor of Forestry HUGH SMITH Professor of Biology ORAN STANDLEY Assistant Professor of Agriculture JOHN O. STEPHENS Assistant Professor of Physical Education JACK C. THOMPSON Associate Professor of Agriculture JANET E. TURNER Assistant Professor of Art JAMES H. VALENTINE JOHN M. WHITE JOHN JAMES WILSON PAUL S. WILSON SIBYL W. WYATT Director of Soils Assistant Professor Associate Professor Instructor in History and Acting Assistant Analysis Laboratory of Biology of Education Government, Director of Professor of English Maintenance and Storekeeper staff FLORINE ALEXANDER Secretary to Director of Student Placement LENA ARNWINE College Nurse HENRIETTA W. BAKER Manager Student Union Building BETTY BARBER Secretary to Director of Extension JEAN CHILDERS FEW Secretary to Guidance Division MRS. ELIZABETH G. KILLINGSWORTH Director of Wisely Hall LOIS N. MASON Secretary to Department of Forestry MRS. J. R. MELTON Director of Gibbs Hall MRS. ELSIE MILROY Dietitian MARILYN ODOM Secretary to Dean of the College ELIZABETH SCOTT Secretary to the Business Manager SUGENE SPEARS Secretary to the President NOT PICTURED Mary-Will Greenwood, Associate Professor of Home Economics Ellis V. Hunt, Assistant Professor of Forestry Peter A. Kuttner, Acting Instructor of Physics Henry McCullough, Part-time Instructor in Business Administration Mary A. Nooe, Assistant Librarian S. D. Redfield, Lecturer in Business Adminstration M. M. Stripling, Lecturer in Business Administration Sue Taylor, Assistant Librarian Richard J. Wallace, Assistant Professor of Forestry Roy M. Blake, Manager of the Bookstore Bayannah L Crabtree, Assistant to the Registrar Mrs. C. E. Ferguson, Curator of the Stone Fort Museum Mrs. Eva Glazner, Switchboard Operator Mary Jo Linthicum, Secretary to the Librarian Mrs. Clifford H. Osborne, Secretary to the Registrar The Vista campus scenes A. W. Birdwell Build Stephen F. Austin Building Power Plant Band Hail President ' s Home When the Nacogdoches street lights begin to dim, the students at S. F. A. can be seen leaving their dorms for meetings or activi- ties of any of the 35 campus organizations. No student ' s education is complete with " book laming " alone. Membership in several of the campus clubs adds to the development of his personality and his ability to get along with fellow students. These organizations which offer social and educational opportunities, are a storehouse of implements which help us mold our lives. organizations Stephen t austin state college student congress Aiding the entire Student Body so that it may cooperate to the fullest extent with the administration and the staff, the Stu- dent Congress has striven to bring about an increased interest in campus affairs and a unified student body. The Student Congress is composed of Presi- dent, Jack Peebles; Vice-President, Fayne Childers; Secretary-Treasurer, Sue Nell Ramsey; and representatives from each class. I alpha chi A national honor society, Alpha Chi strives to promote and recognize scholarship on the campus as well as nation-wide. The Chapter on the campus is named the A. W. Birdwell Chapter. President of the organi- zation for the spring term was Eloise Chambers and sponsors were Dr. Sheley and Mr. Griffin. The leaders of Alpha Chi, President, Elo- ise Chambers; Vice President, Kassel Lambert; and Reporter, Shirley Atkins pause for a few moments to discuss campus problems. The two editors in one of the many conferences with their conscientious sponsor, Mr. Ed Gaston. pine log The newspapers are the pulsebeat of the nation, just as the Pine Log, our school newspaper, is the pulsebeat of SFA. Each Saturday ' s publica- tion is a culmination of a week of limitless labor by the members of the Pine Log staff, efficiently headed by editor-in-chief Ray Swindell. Caught unawares is our capable editor-in-chief, Ray Swindell. publications This " ray of sunshine " in the publication office is the never - tiring assistant editor, Elwyn McElroy stone fort After many hours and days of hard work the 1956 Stone Fort went to press. It was made possible by each energetic member of the staff. Not only this year, but every year in the past and the future to come, this yearbook serves as a collection of memories— each page and each picture a reminder of those grand days at SFA. Catherine Ashmore, surprisingly bright-eyed after a hard day with the book, was editor-in-chief for ' 56. Staff members, Sara Walters, Mary Lou Morgan, Lynn Garrison, Annelle Turner, Sue Turner, Catherine Tucker, Marilyn Moyers, Tyann Brown, and Delphine Angle, look over past publications. Diligently at work on copy for the ' 56 Stone Fort are Marilyn Moyers and Neal Morgan, copy editors. e. h. r. club The name, Ellen H. Richards, was given to the college homemaking club in honor of a pioneer in home eco- nomics. This club is an association of all girls interested in the field of Home Economics. The club has had an unusually successful year in that the club ' s sponsor was also State Ad- visor and a member of the group, Mary Wallace, was chosen as State Treasurer at the October meeting. f. t a. Future Teachers of America is a na tional organization primarily for the purpose of training teachers for democratic co-operative action. Dur- ing the year, this group enjoys vari- ous panel discussions, student pro- grams, and speakers on topics such as history, ethics, and generalized teaching. President of the organiza- tion for the year was E. J. Ritchey and sponsor of the group was Dr. Leroy McClendon. sylvans club The Sylvans Club, organized in •he fall of 1946, has as its main objective, the forwarding of fores- try education among forest interests throughout the surrounding area. An outstanding event of the year is the annual Forest Field Day, spon- sored by the Sylvans. The president of the club this year was Scotty Barnes and the sponsor was Dr. Samson. future farmers of america The Future Farmers of America is a professional club set up to aid prospective vocational agriculture teachers. Leading the organization for this year was Don Smith, and sponsor of the group was Mr. Green. biology club The main objective of the Biology Club is to encourage interest in bio- logical sciences, to extend student interest in this field of work, and to provide both professional and recreational interest in biology. The organization is efficiently led by the competent president, Wentworth Ea- ton, under the supervision of Dr. Miller. s. f. a. science club The Collegiate Division of Texas Academy of Science here at S.F.A. is the S.F.A. Science Club. It forms a liaison among all the science clubs on the campus. The club is headed by Roy Creech, President, and Dr. Hugh Smith, sponsor. physics club The Physics Club is a professional club whose purpose is to create in- terest among potential physics ma- jors and others interested in physical science. Monthly programs are given concerning various science subjects. President of the club for this year was Gene Hillen. Dr. Kruse is the faculty sponsor. sigma phi alpha Sigma Phi Alpha, the Greek equiv- alent of S.F.A., is the name of the local chapter of the American Chem- ical Society. The club, under the lea- dership of president, Fritz Sheley, and the sponsorship of Dr. Abbott and Mr. Griffin, is for the primary purpose of promoting professional growth and development of its members in the field of chemistry. Other purposes of the organization are to acquaint students with ad- vantages of membership in the so- ciety and to promote social activi- ties among students. Of special in- terest to the students are the many enjoyable chicken barbecues held during the year. die-hards The Die-Hards is a writers club un- der the direction of Miss Elma Heard. This club is purposely inten- ded so that the students might con- tinue to advance their interest in writing and selling articles and short stories to magazines and newspa- pers. Staff members in the club are Thomas E. Ferguson, Miss Mildred Wyatt, and Mrs. Flo Alexander. pi kappa delta Pi Kappa Delta is a fraternity in- terested in intercollegiate debate, oratory, and public speaking. The organization encourages a spirit of fellowship and friendly co-opera- tion. Sponsor of the group is Dr. Robert Capel. alpha psi omega The aim of Alpha Psi Omega, the national honorary dramatic frater- nity is " fellowship and service to stimulate interest in college drama- tics. " This is an honor society for those doing high standard work in dramatics. Sponsor of the group is Dr. Robert Capel. wesley foundation The Wesley Foundation is the Methodist Student Movement on the S.F.A. campus. It is organized to provide worship, fellowship and ser- vice opportunities for Methodist stu- dents. Recent outstanding programs have included a Korean, a Latin American, and an S.F.A graduate who is now a missionary in Japan. President for the fall term was. Jer- ry Mclntyre and the director of the group is Reverend Dan Bynum. b. s. u. The B.S.U. on the campus of S. F.A. is a student organization of the Baptist Church. The purpose of the organization is to promote spiritual development among the students through Bible study, prayer, and Kingdom advancement. With Charles Brazil as President and Reverend James Wray as director, the B. S. U. has had a very successful year. The Presbyterian Student Associa- tion is a newly organized group on the campus. The primary purpose is to provide a religious organization in which students may participate in worship services and recreational activities. Barbara Elliot is president of P.S.A. and the director is Rev- erend Leon Wilder. kappa pi The national honorary art fraternity, Kappa Pi, is represented at Stephen F. Austin State College by Beta lota Chapter. The purpose of the organization is the promotion of understanding and appreciation of art on the campus, and the promotion of good relations with art departments of other colleges and universities. Students eligible for membership are art majors and minors who have maintained a satisfactory scholastic average. The sponsor of the group is Dr. Karl Schlicher, head of the S.F.A. Department of Art, and this year ' s president is Wan Delle Grogan. Activities of Kappa Pi include an annual Spring exihibition, participation in Homecoming activites, and a party or picnic held in the Spring. An outstanding annual activity of the club was participation in the National Art Exhi- bition of Kappa Pi members throughout the nation. The club received eighteen pledges in the fall of this year. They were entertained with a tea in the Anna Raguet Room at the Hotel Fredonia. a cappella choir The direction of Frederick Bctumgartner has led the Stephen F. Austin College A Cappella Choir to fame throughout the Southwest. The choir has grown in not only quality but also in quantity each year. The for- mation of the Sextette has enabled the choir to be presented on more programs in various towns in this area. The choir is an unexcelled and highly respected organization at S.F.A. Members of the Sextette are Hertha Stahl, Doris Morrison, Louverl Lloyd, Floy Rhiddlehoover, Nelda Gentry, and Alice Garner. lumberjack band No football game or basketball game at Stephen F. Austin is complete without the stirring music and flashing colors of the Lumberjack Band. This outstanding organ- ization has proved its worth this year by half-time performances at every home game, the Homecoming, and numerous other parades, basketball games, and pep rallies. Music and campus life go hand in hand at S. F. A. We are the lucky recipients of the ultimate in musical enjoyment through the efforts of our own Lumberjack Band. Drum major for ' 55 and ' 56 was Jack Wilbanks These seven young lovelies were majorettes for ' 55 and ' 56. They are: Glenda Smith; Jean Ramsey; Doris Morrison; Mavis McCauley; Sue Coffey, head twirler; Cathy Klein and Virginia Buckland delta psi kappa Delta Psi Kappa Is a women ' s national professional fraternity in physical education. The primary ob- jectives are to recognize worthwhile achievements in physical education and to develop interest therein. The president was Teddy Boyd and the sponsor was Dr. Norton. The Women ' s Recreation Associa- tion is open to all women students of the colfege. The purpose of W. R.A. Is to promote recreational ac- tivities and intramural programs for women. The present president of W. R.A. is Sandra Garner and sponsors are Miss Irwin and Mrs. Mathews. corn huskin ' bee The Corn Huskin ' Bee is an annual event sponsored by the Delta Psi Kappa. It features square dancing, the husband calling and wife calling contest, the corn husking contest and various other events. The winners of all the contests. " You Are My Sunshine " Husk that corn, men! Try a little ole ' do-si-do! The grandeur of this dance is significant of the many dances and other social func- tions characteristic of the social clubs on the campus of S. F. A. There is a friendli- ness which prevails in each of these clubs and extends into campus-wide relations. Each of the five men ' s clubs and five women ' s clubs has projects and standards for which their club is known throughout the campus. Student activities as well as the college scholastic program benefit from the functions of these organizations. social clubs Stephen t austin state college amities The Amitie Social Club was the first girls club to be organized on the campus of Stephen F. Austin. The club activities for the year are the Rush Party, exes tea at Homecoming, Christmas din- ner dance with the brother club, the Austinites; Spring Rush Party, Mother-Daughter Banquet, April Showers Dance, and end of semester pic- nic and Diamond Horseshoe Dance, both with the Austinites. Officers of the Amitie Club are President— Lu Gene Crow; Vice-President— Joy Reeves; Secre- tary—Carolyn Collier; Treasurer— Koleta Stead- dum; Reporter— Bonnie Jones; Historian— Cla- reece Yarbrough; Parl iamentarian— Wan Delle Grogan; Sponsor— Mrs. Sue English. t 1 Officers for the year were Lu Gene Crow, president; Carolyn Collier, Secretary; and Joy Reeves, vice-president. I The Amities had their Annual Exes Tea at Hotel Fredonia. austinites Organized in January, 1938, the Royal Order of Austinites was founded for the purpose of spon- soring school projects for the pleasure and bene- fit of the student body. The Austinite Club sponsors a varied calendar of activities each year. These activities include dances, picnics, parties, and teams to compete in all in- tramural sports. Perhaps the most colorful activity is the annual " Pie Night " each spring semester. As a service to the student body, the Austinite Poll periodically gets the student ' s view point of pertinent questions. The Austinites are always eager to contri bute their efforts toward any worth- while project that is of interest to, or for the better- ment of the student body and school. Dan Penny— Vice-President Clarence Everitt— Secretary-Treasurer Roy Creech— President -1 The Christmas Dinner Dance was held at Hotel Fredonia. fideles The eight officers have worked hard to make Fidele ' s ninth year at SFA the best ever. This year the top Fidele is President Bobbie Rudd, assisted by Sammie Jones. Other officers are Lynn Baum- gartner, secretary-treasurer; Mary Wallace, re- porter, Sue Coffey, sergeant-at-arms; Mary Louise Fleniken, Historian; Carolyn Kendrick, pledge cap- tain; and Tommie Wilson, parliamentarian. Club sponsor is Mrs. Elizabeth Davis. FIDELE ACTIVITIES This year Fideles have been active in campus activities and have distinguished themselves in many fields. At the Homecoming Ball, Bobbie Rudd and Sue Summers served the queen as ladies- in-waiting. Duchesses in the queen ' s court were Mary Wallace, Dur- relle Day, Laura Gregory, Rose Baird, Minnie Irish, and Anne Crab- tree. Minnie was beauty nominee. Elected to Who ' s Who were Bob- bie Rudd, Tommie Wilson, and Sue Beard Neal. Bringing in Scho- lastic honors were Alpha Chi members Bobbie Rudd, Tommie Wil- son, Gwenda Cook, Anne Crabtree, Shirley Atkins, Lydia McMullen, Rose Baird, Laura Gregory, Nina Johnson, and Linda Wallace. Tom- mie Wilson succeeded Eloise Chambers as president of Alpha Chi. Mary Jane Martin was vice-president, and Mary Wallace was sec- retary-treasurer. Leading yells and supporting all athletic contests was head cheerleader Sue Beard Neal. In front of the SFA band were majorettes Sue Coffey, Glenda Smith, and Cathy Klein. Serving as members of Student Congress were Bobbie Rudd and Sue Beard Neal. The Fideles have had a very successful year. Fall rush ees were entertained with a ranch party at Lake Alazan. Next came the ex- citement of pledge day and pledge parties. Old members met with new at our annual Homecoming Tea at Hotel Fredonia. The For- esters — our brother club — joined us for a picnic at Royle ' s Retreat Clubhouse in Lufkin. The Christmas Dinner Dance at Harris ' topped the season. Clowns, fortune tellers, wild horses and animals were brought out for Fidele Fair, the spring rush party. Among several all-college dances sponsored by the club was the biggest event of the Spring— the Forester-Fidele Spring Festival. Tommie Wilson and Sammie Jones rode on the beautiful Home- coming float, made of purple and white crepe paper petals which depicted the theme " We ' re Making Headlines, Jacks Win Again. " Shirley Atkins Rose Baird Wilma Barnes Mary Baxter Robbie Brevelle Yvonne Chaney Eloise Chambers Sue Coffey Gwenda Cooke Dorelle Day Barbara Elliot Mary Louise Fleniken Jane Goodman Gloria Grainger Laura Beth Gregory Betty Hawthorne Mary Jane Hooper Marilyn Honea Maybelle Hughes Minnie Irish Nine Johnson Sammie Jones Carolyn Kendrick Cathy Klein Nancy Lilly Barbara Martindale Charlene McKeown Lydia McCullen Sue Neal Jody Oliver Janice Royle Bobbie Rudd Billie Self Glenda Smith Joyce Smith Sue Summers Betty Stewart Fay Tillison Mary Wallace Tommie Wilson Betty Yarborough Polly Youngblood Officers for the year included Fayne Childers, pledge captain; Jack Peebles, parliamentarian; Bob Stripling, secretary; Joe Lee, president; David Patterson, scavenger; and James White, sergeant-at-arms. foresters " Foresters Forever! " is the phrase that SFA students can never forget! Whenever an ex-student thinks of social life at SFA, his mind always returns to the Grand Old Club. During the school year 1955- 56 the Foresters were easily one of the more active social clubs on the campus. Such gala oc- casions as the Spring Festival, Christmas Dinner Dance, and the Halloween Ball can never be for- gotten. Stag parties were held at regular intervals for members of the Club, and several parties were given in cooperation with their sister club, the Fideles. The Forester float won third place in the Homecoming Parade, and its radio show was tops for listening among the college set. Rush parties, initiations, intramural athletic participation, and even those licks that the Foresters gave during their meetings further assured Forester members that they were in a well intergrated social organization at SFA. Fayne Childers Jimmy Doggett Bill Ellerbrook Russell Hairston Chester Haynes Donald Klingle Joe Lee John Nelson David Patterson Jack Peebles Ronald Sedtal Joh n Sirman David Walker James White John Wood Bob Youngblood The three lovely girls above served as officers of the Pine Burr Social Club for 1955-56. They are Tyann Brown, President; Marilyn Moyers, Secretary-Treasurer, and Ann Matchett, Vice-President. With 12 new pledges, the fall semester successfully grew into one of tne most eventful years the Pine Burrs have ever had. The spotlight of the year was focused on Sue Nell Ramsey as she so graciously reigned as Queen over the Homecoming ceremonies. During the homecom- ing activities several Pine Burrs were chosen as duchesses in the Queen ' s Court. They were Tommye Rudd, Kathy Bratton, Elwyn McElroy, Catherine Ashmore, Betty Sue Ferguson, Annelle Turner, Billie Altom, Janece Oliver, Anice Hardin, Lynn Garrison, Elizabeth Monk, and Bebe Whitworth. Making Homecoming complete was the beautifully constructed float, the S.S. Pine Burr. This 38 foot cruiser was of all white napkins with purple trim. Proudly bearing its theme, " We ' re sailing to victory, " the S.S. Pine Burr completed its voyage as first place winner. Backing those Jacks as the twelfth man were two Pine Burr cheerleaders, Kathy Bratton and Marilyn Moyers. Serving as first alternate and leading the cheers at many of the basketball games was Mary Lou Morgan. A twirler for the past two years in the Lumberjack Band was Mavis McCauley. Sue Nell Ramsey as secretary-treasurer of the Student Congress, Annelle Turner, Kathy Bratton and Jenny Neichoy as class representa fives, aid the Student Congress with its many worthwhile activities helping the students and the college. Ann Matchett was elected to serve as Junior Class Secretary and Tyann Brown was chosen as reporter, and class favorite. In the Sopho- more Class, Lynn Garrison serves as secretary-treasurer and was chosen as favorite of the class. On Sub Nights, or on T.V. one has probably seen the soloist of the College Orchestra, Hertha Stahl. While speaking of talent, Sara Walters must not be forgotten as one of the stars in both college plays. There are three editors in the Pine Burrs this year. Catherine Ashmore has the difficult task as Editor of the Stone Fort and Elwyn Mc- Elroy is her able assistant. " Tef " the college magazine, is edited by Bebe Whitworth. For the second consecutive year, Jenny Neichoy was chosen as Wittiest Girl on the campus. Sue Nell Ramsey was also chosen by the Austinite Poll as Most Popular Girl. Receiving the honor of being selected as members of Who ' s Who were Catherine Ashmore and Sue Nell Ramsey. The club " smarties " must not be forgotten, as Catherine Ashmore, Kathy Bratton, and Ann Matchett are members of Alpha Chi. Besides having a very active group of girls, they are a very pretty group too. Chosen as third Stone Fort Beauty was Ernie Fuson. Other beauties include: Sue Nell Ramsey, Catherine Ashmore, Janece Oliver, Anice Hardin, Carol Wannamaker, and Sara Walters. Billie Altom Delphine Angle Beverly Ansley Catherine Ashmore Peggy Baker Kathleen Bratton Tyann Brown Sue Crausby Gloria Dorsett Betty Sue Ferguson Ernestine Fuson Lynn Garrison Sue Goodwin Sylvia Gossett Anice Hardin Jay Nita Holcomb Jean Anne Jefferies Mavis McCauley Louise McKinney Elwyn McElroy Ann Matchett Elizabeth Monk Mary Lou Morgan Wanda Morgan Marilyn Moyers Jenny Neichoy Janece Oliver Sue Nell Ramsey Tommye Rudd Hertha Stahl Catherine Tucker Annelle Turner Sara Walters Bebe Whitworth Jane Ann Woodfin Officers of the Sawyers for 1955-56 were George Numsen, President; Robert Graham, Reporter; Talmadge Fuller, Secretary; Parrish Cox, Sergeant-at-arms. sawyers Under the leadership of George Numsen and Robert Graham as presidents, the Sawyers have enjoyed a fine year. Many of the Sawyers hold offices in other worthy organizations on the campus. The social functions of the Sawyers are always considered among the best. Some of these are the Bowery ball, the Christ- mas Dinner Dance, the Apron-Overall dance, and of course picnics with the Pine Burrs. Bobby Akins Sam Bass Bob Bryant Parrish Cox Robert Crump Kelton Ferguson Talmadge Fuller Hood Goldsberry Robert Graham Tommy Hughes Roland Muckelroy Riley Pinson Keith Turner Jack Utley Officers of the Sigma Gammas were Sherry Smith, president; Ganell Buckner, vice-president; Diana Engstrom, secretary. Activities of the Sigma Gamma Club 1955-56 were directed by the able hand of Sherry Smith, President. " All Hail Sigma Gamma " begins each meeting of one of the youngest and one of the fastest growing clubs on the S.F.A. campus. Responsible for its continously expanding program is the spirit of the organization and the club is always ex- pected to dc the unexpected. Honors on the S.F.A. campus to which members of the Sigma Gamma have been chosen include the following: Dorothy Brock was duchess for the club at home- coming; Virginia Kennedy was duchess for the Delta Psi Kappa; Diana Engstrom was elected to Who ' s Who; Virginia Kennedy and Mary Wright were members of the All- Star Basketball team and Virginia Kennedy and Sherry Smith were members of the All-Star Baseball team. Outstanding events for the year included the Fall rush party at the Hotel Fre- donia, the Spring Pow-Wow, the initiation, and the Lambda Gamma-Sigma Gamma Show Boat Dance. The Sigma Gamma Homecoming float showed the ' Jacks taming the Southwest Texas Bobcats. Dorothy Mae Brock Ganell Buckner Betty Cole Charlotte Edmons Diana Engstrom Virginia Kennedy Sherry Jean Smith Nina Watkins Helen Wilcox Lillie Jo Wright Mary Wright Ann Byrnes Buddy McKinley, President; Buzz McCauley, Vice-President; Troy Yarbrough, Secretary constitute the officers of the Lambda Gamma Club for 1955-56. lambda gammas The primary purpose of the club is to promote fellowship and leadership among the members and to sponsor desirable school projects. The club holds an annual beard growing contest in which all male members of the college are urged to enter. The club gives a trophy to the male social club entering the most beards in the contest excluding the Lambda Gamma Club. Then individual prizes are given for Best looking beard, longest beard, most fuzzy, and most unique beard. The main activities for spring are the Showboat dance, Lambda Gamma and Sigma Gamma annual picnic and numerous club parties. Honors on the S.F.A. campus to which members of the Lambda Gamma club have been chosen include the following: Kenneth Barton, Most Handsome Boy, by Austinite Poll; Troy Yarbrough, President of Junior Class. The officers of the Rebel Ann Social Club for 1955-56 were Mary Ann Collier, President; Katie Latimer, Vice-President; and Bobbie Runnels, Secretary. rebel arms The Rebel Ann Club is the newest women ' s social club on the campus. This year, with their brother club, the Rebels, they have worked diligently to build their clubs. Their year ' s activities began with a rush party. Later entering in the Homecoming activities they built a float depicting " a trip down memory lane " honoring the class of 1930. This float featured a dance band with Joe Craig and Mary Ann Collier doing the Charleston. Bobbie Runnels was Homecoming duchess for the club. In the Spring the Rebel Anns along with the Rebels will have an " old Southern Gardens Dance. " They also will make a trip with their brother club. Mary Ann Collier Carol.yn Killion Katie Latimer Entering its second year among the men ' s social organizations here on the S.F.A. campus, the Rebel Club has endeavored to uphold the true standards of the South. The year ' s activities began with a rush party which was held in the early part of October. This indeed proved to be very successful as ten pledges were later initiated into the club. The club next turned its thoughts to homecoming. A float, depicting a true Southern theme was chosen to represent the club in the various activities of homecoming. Miss Elizabeth Monk was chosen homecoming duchess for the club. In mid-December a Christmas party was held in the S.U.B. with approximately forty-five guests present. The club is eagerly looking forward to the " old Southern Gardens Dance " which will be held with the sister club, the Rebel Anns, in the spring. Of interest also, is the fact that an annual trip is taken by the brother and sister clubs each spring. Last year the club enjoyed a visit to Notches, Mississippi and the Pilgrimage of old Southern plantation homes there. The year ' s activities are climaxed by a picnic and swimming party somewhere in the vicinity of Nacogdoches. Honors won by Rebel club members: Burdett Pulliam was initiated into Alpha Chi, Harold Johnson received one of the leading roles— that of Dr. Haggerty— in the Fall play, Joe Craig was elected Secre- tary of the Graduate class, and also appeared as duke in the 1955 homecoming queen ' s court. As one travels through the four winters of college life, he becomes accustomed to seeking out gather- ing places and hang-outs. Typifying one of these is a friendly meeting in the College Grill. Not only the fun-loving, but the intellectual as well, participate in college life to the extent of devel- oping new interests and attaining different aims. Within the ever-increasing depths of the college, a secure foothold is often reached through an intel- lectual struggle of some people, but to others the security of mediocrity is sufficient. Stephen t austin state college registration [ jf Amid the clamor and rush of registration, the bewildered freshmen are confronted with one of the most confusing aspects of college life. How- ever, not only the freshmen, but all upperclass- men as well are just as confused and bewildered with the necessities of registration at Stephen F. Austin. Untiringly, the teachers conduct registra- tion surprisingly well in spite of the last minute change of schedules and battle for certain classes. But without all this, college life could not begin. Not that card, freshman, the other one! first of school activity LOOKS like fun at the Halloween Costume Ball sponsored by Forester-Fidele. FIDELE pledge, Yvonne Chaney, entertains with a song. A HAPPY-looking group of rushees enjoy the Pine Burr Rush Tea. pep rallies Each week during football season the Lumber- jack football team is cheered on by the hope and spirit of the Stephen F. Austin student body. Music, cheers, and speeches comprise the spirit that " backs the ' Jacks " each year. TEAM and students ' spirits rise with the flames at a typical pep rally. building the floats Anticipation ran high at S.F.A. as the Homecoming floats were in the stages of construction. Competition was keen, and the judges had a tough time picking the winner from such a large array of beautiful creations, the products of many hours of tiring labor. THE SKELETON of a float rises as students burn the " Midnight oil " to finish. homecoming Another year of the usual Homecoming fes- tivities occupied a big weekend in the fall activi- ty and social scene. The celebration traditionally provided hundreds of students with night after night work sessions on homecoming floats and decoration of dorms. Throughout the day such activities as the downtown parade, homecom- ing teas, and the football game are thoroughly enjoyed by all, climaxed by the all-school dance featuring Shep Fields. RUNNER-UP and second prize was given to this huge fish of the Freshman Class. THIRD prize was given to the Forester Social club and this original float. " PREXY " Jack Peebles and Ex-Students Association president, M. M Stripling, crown Miss Sue Nell Ramsey as S.F.A. ' s Homecoming Queen. SHIRLEY DRIVER SUE TURNER LYNN GARRISON B. S. U. Freshman Class Pine Log MARILYN WILLIAMS LOVERL LLOYD DOROTHY BROCK JUnior Class Gibbs Hall Sigma Gamma JANECE OLIVER Wisely Hall TOMMYE RUDD Pine Burr BETTY SUE FERGUSON Sawyer B ILL IE ALTOM Sophomore Class KATHY BRATTON F. F. A. ANNELLE TURNER Student Congress elwyn Mcelroy Chemistry Cub CATHERINE ASHMORE Stone Fort Miss Sue ftell Ramsey homecoming queen " THE LATE Christopher Bean, " was the fall speech production. HERTHA Ann Stahl was presented on both television and radio during this year. Throughout the Fall and Spring semesters a variety of social entert ainment is provided by the students at Stephen F. Austin. The sextet, Miss Hertha Stahl, the School Orchestra, and the Carlisles present popular, classical and Hillbilly music, all of which are en- joyed by the student body. Dr. Capel ' s dramatic class presented a play each semester both of which were very well directed and im- mensely entertaining to all. All these plus school dances each week, and special dinners during the year provide many happy hours of wholesome entertainment to the S.F.A. student. THE S. F. A. College Orchestra provided music for the college dances and also appeared on television and radio. THE CARLISLES provided entertainment for many programs. leisure time at s. t a. classes the halls ring with friendly conversation typifying the congeniality of S.F.A. BENEATH the splendor of the tall pines is a perfect place in which to study. PASSING the time away with a game of " moon " or dominoes is a favorite pastime of most boys. A FAST game of ping-pong is an old favorite. Fuzzy " doesn ' t seem too interested in this pool game. LUCKY boy, whoever she ' s calling! ' twirp " week " The woman is requested to pay " week was observed at S.F.A. for the first time this year. During this week the girls asked the boys for dates, and paid all date expenses. A Mock wedding was held, and a Sadie Haw- kins day dance culminated the first " Twirp " Week at S.F.A. TWO Cokes, please. ' On November 13, 1955, Stephen F. Austin State College dedicated a nearly half-million dollar classroom and office building to the memory of Dr. Alton William Birdwell, nationally-famous ed- ucator who founded the Piney Woods institution and served 19 years as its first president. Texans and others from all walks of life joined in the impressive ceremonies formally opening the liberal arts structure of 21 classrooms and 31 offices, housing the departments of geography, history and government, English, sociology, foreign lang- uages, and mathematics. In the picture at top left is shown a portion of the crowd at the outdoor ceremonies, which featured the presentation of an original Inness landscape painting to the college. The donor of the painting, Roy J. Beard, shown right above inspecting the work, gave the land- scape in memory of Dr. and Mrs. Birdwell under whom he once was a student. Highlights of the program included an invocation by the Rev. Wil- liam J. Crook, a welcome address by SFA President Paul L. Boynton, the principal address by Dr. H. L. Stilwell, and an acceptance speech by Regent Frank White, all four of whom are shown left to right on the front row of the picture at right center. Dr. Stil well, life-long friend of Dr. Birdwell, is shown in the picture at the bottom right making his address. East View of Library Building New Apartment Units for Married Students construction boom A construction boom set in on the campus during the 1955-56 school year. Inspired by a growing number of students, the construction program included such projects as the new li- brary building, a new dormitory for men stu- dents, and several new apartment buildings for married students. In all, new construction started this year totals about one million dollars. West View of Library Building Out of the Pines Grows the Libra In addition to starting construction on the library, dormitory, and apartments, SFA this year dedicated a new liberal arts building that was opened during the summer of 1955. Too, the College carried forward plans for addi- tional construction in the future. Among those buildings to be built is an auditorium and fine arts structure. Site of New Dormitory for Men A business education major, DIANA ENGSTROM, combines scholarship and activities to deserve her place in Who ' s Who. This well liked senior girl has been active in Student Congress affairs, and is a member of the Sigma Gamma social club. FAYNE CHILDERS voted Most Popular Boy is also vice- president of the student body and a member of the Forester social club. Emory, Texas. Fayne is a Senior student from who ' s who in american colleges and universities Homecoming Queen, SUE NELL RAMSEY, is well known as an " activities girl. " Active in the Student Congress as secretary-treasurer. Sue is a member of the Pine Burr Social Club. This versatile Senior undoubtedly has a bright future ahead of her considering her capabilities. Leadership, scholarship, and service to the college characterize these students who have been chosen as the 1956 Who ' s Who. This year twelve seniors and two juniors receive the honor of being named as the outstand- ing leaders on the campus, and the Stone Fort dedicates the following pages to recognition of these fourteen students. CHARLES BRAZIL, a conscientious worker as President of the S.F.A. Senior class has a combination of integrity and clean living that enables him to be president of the B. S.U. and also an outstanding football player on the Lum- berjack team. Charlie is a history major from Jackson- ville, Texas. This good-looking, six-feet-six, basketball star, C L. NIX, is certainly a deserving member of Who ' s Who. Besides being on the all-Conference team, the tall center was leading scorer for the Lumber- jacks, leading them to the Lone Star Conference Championship. | junior member of Who ' s Who, TOMMIE WILSON, is one o ? Campus " smarties, " being Spring semester president ol pha Chi. Besides being smart Tommie is one of the mos pular girls on the campus. She is a member of the F i dele d was elected Most Typical Girl. Editor-in-Chief of the 1956 Stone Fort, CATHERINE ASHMORE has an impressive record to boast of activity-wise. This smil- ing physics major was a member of Alpha Chi besides being a Stone Fort Beauty and a member of the Pine Burr Club. Serving as vice-president of Alpha Chi, KASSEL LAMBERT well de- serves his spot in Who ' s Who. Being an agriculture major he was also busy with F.F.A. activities. Busy in the field of science was REGINALD MONZINGO. He has this year distinguished himself not only with his outstanding work in his major of physics, but also in chemistry and math. ■■Ill 11 BrnMH i ' i ii n i o JACK PEEBLES was the very capable president of the student body for 1955-56: Besides these duties he was an active member of the Forester Social Club serving as an officer. The enthusiastic cheerleader, SUE NEAL, certainly helped the spirit of the student body of S.F.A. Being a Home Economics major, Sue was vice-president of the club and was a hard-working member of Stu- dent Congress. BOBBIE RUDD has distinguished herself on the campus as Miss S. F. A. This cute Senior served as president of the Fidele Social Club and was a member of Alpha Chi. A member of the Student Congress, Bobbie was also a lady-in-wait- ing for the Homecoming Festivities. v " ,v -.- . ' i ■; ' wBHHHHHHMhHHhk STONE Fort beauties among the pines. JUDGES of beauty contestants in The Stone Fort year- book contest observe Carolyn Williams, one of twenty contending for top honors. The judges, all prominent Nacogdoches residents, from left to right, are Jim Clift, Mrs. Sam Hayter, Jr., Mrs. Charlie Heitman, and Hugh Thompson. Not shown is the fifth judge, Mrs. R. N. Cason. Since the Stone Fort staff feels that a girl ' s beauty should not be judged solely on her personality, nor solely on her photogenic qualities, a method of selection is used that insures the combination of both of the above points. Therefore, a group of judges, chose twenty candidates from pictures of the entire girl student body. The top beauties were then selected by these judges upon a personal appearance. stone fort beauties Miss Minnie J risk beauty no. I BOBBIE SMITH MARGE McNEILL beauy nominees beauty nominees EVELYN GREEN SANDRA STEPHENS beauy nominees ANN COLLIER ■ CAROL WANAMAKER JEAN RAMSEY austinite poll The Austinite Poll is sponsored by the Austinite Social Club to determine the campus favorites. The poll was begun in 1939 and has been continued each year since then. Friendliest Boy and Girl FAYNE CHILDERS CATHY KLEIN Most Handsome Boy KENNETH BARTON Most Beautiful Girl SUE TURNER Most Typical Boy and Girl JOHN WOOD TOMMIE WILSON Cutest Married Couple SUE AND GENE DINGES Best Dancers SHIRLEY BRULE JAMES WHITE Cutest Couple JAMES SITTON SAMMY JONES MRS Favorite Teachers CECIL MR. CHAMBERLAIN valentine sweetheart On February 14, the Pine Burrs sponsored a Valentine Dance. Brown-eyed Sue Turner, a vivacious freshman from Nacogdoches, reigned over the Valentine Dance as Sweet- heart. She was chosen by popular vote at this dance given annually by the Pine B urr Social Club. f. f. a. sweetheart Chosen as F.F.A. Sweetheart was pretty Sam- my Jones, a junior Home Economics major from Gary. She was elected by the S.F.A. college chapter of Future Farmers of America. Miss Bobbie Kudd miss s. f. a. Mr Charles Brazil mr. s. f. a. 54339 What would a college be without ath- letics? Part of the real beginning of a school year is that first football game, as well as all the rest, with a jam-packed Memorial Stadium to cheer the team on to victory. Then as the weather grows colder and the gridiron frosts over, the hoopsters take over. This year just as the Lone Star Conference Crown was placed on them, the track team began their season, as did the golfers and tennis team. Yes, all ath- letics with the able guidance of those men behind the scenes are truly a part of college life at S.F.A. athletics Stephen i austin state college football at sfa in 1955 • 3 i a - W ? Q m LUMBERJACK 1955 FOOTBALL TEAM Front row: Joe Angell, D. D. Perkins, Sherwood Barker, Marvin Lay, Charles Thompson, Kenneth Thomas, Eugene Barbin, Don Jones, Larry Parkerson, George Vaughn, and Lowell Youngblood. Second row: Elton Bailey, Bailey Marshall, Votto Gaddis, Charles Simmons, Herman Hendrix, Hilton Lambeth, Tommy Jordan, Billy Blakely, Herman Maberry, James Mclntyre, and Roy Bush. Third row: Asst. Coach R. A. Curfman, Wayne Johnson, Ralph Gillham, Tommy Atkins, Tom Edmonds, Charles Brazil, Richard Whiddon, Blake Thomas, Tommy Evans, Tracie Pearman, Gahlen Crawford, Jimmy Murphy, Trainer, Kenneth McCullough, and Head Coach, Ted L. Jefferies. Back row: Arnold Schieberle, Roy Gee, Robert Akins, Don Davis, Gene Dinges, Jerry Fausett, Keith Turner, George Cates, Orville Jones, Dick Burnett, William Lane, and Fred Johnson. Through nearly three months of grueling activity, SFA Coach Ted L. Jefferies and his assistant, R. A. (Babe) Curfman, put their charges through their paces. During this time the mentors find moments, such as this in the picture shown at the top left, to pause for formal photographs. But more often than not, they must be photographed in the heat of action, such as the game at which the picture at the bottom left was snapped. Each year during the SFA homecoming celebration, Walter Todd, of Dallas, presents a wrist watch to an outstanding Lumber- jack athlete. Given in memory of Todd ' s late brother, Ralph, and of all other deceased ath- letes of the college, the award this year went to Bailey Marshall, star football halfback from Georgetown. The fourth recipient, Mar- shall joins these other Todd award winners: James Terry, 1952; Alfred Parker, 1953; and Johnny Linney, 1954. Jefferies and Curfman at Practice Session Todd Award Goes to Bailey Marshall Jefferies and Curfman During Game Robert Akins ' Jacks Kick Off to Bobcats Joe Angell Tommy Atkins Elton Bailey Gene Barbin Sherwood Barker Bill Blakely Charles Brazil Dick Burnett George Cates Jimmy Cobb Gahlen Crawford Gene Dinges Simmons Penetrates ' Cat Line Tom Edmonds Thomas Evans Jerry Fausett Ralph Gillham Herman Hendrix Fred Johnson Wayne Johnson Don Jones Orville Jones Hilton Lambeth Bill Lane Votto Gaddis Roy Gee BH Who ' s Piling On Whom? Simmons Gains Against Bobcats Marvin Lay Bailey Marshall The 1955 football season saw the Stephen F. Austin State College Lumberjacks compile a rec- ord of five victories against four defeats. The wins were recorded over two foes of the Lone Star Conference, in which the ' Jacks finished fourth, and over three foes outside the league. For the season, SFA scored 179 points, while holding its opponents to a total of 119 points. Ronnie Moye Jimmy Murphy Larry Parkerson Tracie Pearman D. D. Perkins Arnold Schieberle Charles Simons ' Jacks Start Drive in Homecoming Tilt Blake Thomas Lowell Youngblood Season Standings of Lone Star Conference Teams College W L T Pet. Pts. Opp. Southwest Texas 6 1 2 .777 219 96 Sam Houston 6 1 2 .777 238 126 S. F. Austin 5 4 .555 179 119 East Texas 5 4 1 .550 164 129 Texas A l 4 6 .333 167 189 Lamar Tech 4 6 .333 137 167 Sul Ross 2 8 .200 93 238 » ' J saw Which Way Did the Ball Go, Ralph? Joe? Charles? Date September 24 October 1 October 8 October 15 October 22 October 29 November 5 November 12 November 19 Stephen F. Austin State College 1955 Football Results Opponent Site of Game SFA Northeast Louisiana State Nacogdoches 15 Austin College Sherman 14 ' Lamar Tech Beaumont 20 Texas Lutheran Seguin ' Southwest Texas (Homecoming) Nacogdoches " Texas A l Nacogdoches Sul Ross State Alpine ' East Texas State Commerce .... ' Sam Houston State Nacogdoches Denotes Lone Star Conference games. The Stands Were Jammed For This One. 64 20 12 13 14 6 Opponent 6 6 8 26 13 33 27 Conference Standings of Lone Star Conference Teams College W L T Pet. Pts. Opp. Southwest Texas .... 5 1 .833 160 71 Sam Houston 5 1 .833 163 79 East Texas 5 1 .833 115 55 Texas A l 2 4 .333 101 115 S. F. Austin 2 4 .333 85 107 Lamar Tech 2 4 .333 81 135 Sul Ross 6 .000 27 179 highlights of 1955 lumberjack football season A rain-soaked field for the season opener against Northeast Louisiana ' s Indians here September 23 didn ' t slow the ' Jacks. Led by Bailey Marshall, who scored two touchdowns and kicked one extra point, and by Roy Bush, who tackled an enemy ball carrier for a safety, they triumphed, 15-6. By the second game, played October 1 at Sherman, the ' Jacks were old hands at the mud game. Plowing through the mire, Marshall scored one touchdown and Tommy Atkins another. For good meas- ure, Marshall booted two extra points to make the Axmen ' s margin of victory, 14-6, over the Austin College Kangaroos. Opening Lone Star Conference play October 8 against the Lamar Tech Cardinals at Beaumont, SFA rolled to its third victory of the season by a 20-8 tune. Marshall contributed two touchdowns and Tommy Evans chalked up one, while Votto Gaddis split the uprights with a pair of extra points. Their fourth consecutive victory— and by far their most impressive one— the Lumberjacks recorded October 15 against Texas Lutheran at Seguin. The 64-0 score resulted from three touchdowns by Herman Hendrix, who scampered 75 yards with an intercepted pass for one of them; two by Marvin Lay; and one each by Charles Simmons, Marshall, Jerry Fausett, Orville Jones, and Charlie Brazil. Oh, yes, two extra points by Marshall and one each by Gaddis and Hendrix also helped. Disaster first struck the ' Jacks on October 22, date of the homecoming celebration here. The South- west Texas Bobcats, destined to go on to a three-way tie for the Lone Star Conference championship, edged SFA, 26-20. Simmons, Marshall, and Hendrix scored touchdowns for the home team, while Gaddis kicked two extra points. The remainder of the campaign found SFA winning only one and losing three. Following the South- west Texas debacle, the ' Jacks bowed, 13-12, October 29 at Nacogdoches to Texas A l. Simmons and Hendrix provided the scoring On November 5 at Alpine, the Axmen bounced back to top Sul Ross, 13-0, with Evans and Tracie Pearmun scoring touchdowns and Simmons adding the extra point. One week later, on November 12 at Commerce, East Texas trounced SFA, 33-14, as Pearman recorded one touch- down and Simmons contributed another, as well as two extra points. The season ended November 19 at Nacogdoches, where Sam Houston topped the Lumberjacks, 27-6. Fausett made the lone score for the home team. Gillham, on bottom, and Youngblood, on top, stop enemy carrier. Gaddis Boots Extra Point. Six of the 34 Lumberjack lettermen won special recognition for their work during the 1955 grid campaign. Tommy Evans and Ralph Gillham were named to the all-Lone Star Conference second team, while Jimmy Murphy, Votto Gaddis, Bailey Marshall, and Charles Simmons received honorable mention. Murphy, moreover, was signed to a pro- fessional contract by the Chicago Cardinals. Of the lettermen, four received their fourth in football at SFA. They were Gillham, Fred Johnson, Buck Youngblood, and Marshall. Others winning the coveted " T " awards were: Roy Bush, Don Jonos, Tracie Pearman, Joe Angell, Charlie Brazil, and Tommy Evans, ends; Gahlen Crawford, Dick Bur- nett, Blake Thomas, Jimmy Murphy, Arnold Schie- berle, and Roy Gee, tackles; Tommy Edmonds, Wayne Johnson, and Hilton Lambeth, guards; Sherwood Barker, Billy Blakely, William Lane, and George Cates, centers; Tommy Atkins, Votto Gad- dis, Jerry Fausett, and Orville Jones, quarterbacks; Marvin Lay, Elton Bailey, Eugene Barbin, and Her- man Hendrix, halfbacks; and Gene Dinges, Charles Simmons, and Don Davis, fullbacks. Dig the Red Flag Chasing the Ball! cheerleaders What would a game be without cheerleaders, Full of " vim, vigor, and vitality, " these six people are a stimulation to the spirit of the student body, pushing the " Jacks " onward to victory. Truly " the twelfth man, " the cheer- leaders, are an asset to SFA. SUE NEAL Head Cheerleader It ' s not often you see this vigorous group so calm and quiet. They are Kathy Bratton, George Cannon, Sue Neal, John McDonald, John Hamilton, and Marilyn Moyers. KATHY BRATTON MARILYN MOYERS GEORGE CANNON MARY LOU MORGAN LEONARD STEWART Alternate Alternate John O. Stephens a story of champions In winning the Lone Star Conference championship and the District IV playoffs to determine the area ' s representative to the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics tournament March 12-17 at Kansas City, the 1955-56 Lumberjacks took their places beside an impressive list of other winners in the colorful basketball history of Stephen F. Austin State College. They became the ninth team at SFA to wear the crown of champions and the fourteenth to finish second or better in 25 LSC campaigns. To turn the trick, this year ' s team defeated 10 of 12 conference opponents— more than any other ' Jack quintet— and 21 of 26 regular-season foes. Too, they defeated East Texas Baptist College twice in District IV NAIA playoffs and edged Coe College, of Iowa, in the national tournament, to extend their total number of victories to 24. Their loss to Wheaton College, of Illinois, in the national tournament, extended to only six the total number of setbacks sustained for the entire campaign. John O. Stephens, coach of the championship team here, followed in the tradition of R. H. (Bob) Shel- ton, S. W. McKewen, and Glen Rose— his predecessors as Lumberjack basketball coaches— in producing winning teams. And his outstanding work was recognized during the SFA athletes ' annual spring re- union, where Stephens, Shelton, and McKewen posed for the photograph above. Rose, who is head coach at the University of Arkansas, could not be present. During his four years as coach here, Stephens has produced teams that have won 69 of 102 games or 67.6 per cent of their contests. Thus, he has contributed immeasurably to the- extension to 468 of the number of victories recorded by all SFA teams in 728 games, and to the elevation of the percentage mark to 64.3. SEASON STANDINGS OF LONE STAR CONFERENCE TEAMS College W L Pet. Pts. Odd O. r. AUS ' in A 1 C .oUo 1 Q Q C 1 JO J Sul Ross 19 6 .760 1899 1669 Southwest Texas 14 5 .732 1530 1276 East Texas 1 4 12 .538 1676 1657 Lamar Tech 1 2 12 .500 1576 1682 Texas A l 1 1 14 .440 1713 1669 Sam Houston 7 19 .269 1652 1927 CONFERENCE STANDINGS OF LONE STAR CONFERENCE TEAMS College W L Pet. Pts. Opp. S. F. Austin 10 2 .833 760 664 Southwest Texas 8 4 .667 952 783 East Texas 8 4 .667 804 763 Lamar Tech 7 5 .583 846 857 Sul Ros 6 6 .500 858 898 Sam Houston 2 10 .167 685 838 Texas A l 1 1 1 .091 723 832 Does not include SFA victories over East Texas Baptist in two NAIA District IV playoff games, or that of SFA over Coe in national tournament. Neither does it include the SFA loss to Wheaton in national tournament. Sitton, Barker, Norman Round Out Careers. It Isn ' t Exactly Calm on the Bench. Three Lumberjacks rounded out their playing careers with the close of the 1955-56 season. James Sitton, a three-year let- terman, and Bill Barker, who has earned two numerals here, were starters. And Bruce Nor- man, also a two-year letterman, served as a valuable reserve. During his career at SFA, Sitton twice made the all-conference team. Delbert Ballard Bill Barker Joe Bolton Carrell Burleson Roy Carroway Sharp-shooting and an air-tight defense proved to be the keys to the success of the 1955-56 Lumberjacks. Of the six players who alternated at starting posts, each hit more than 40 per cent of his field goal attempts and only one failed to hit less than 70 per cent of his free throw attempts. As a team, SFA hit 45.1 per cent of its field goal attempts to lead the Lone Star Conference and held its opponents to an average of only 60.9 points a game to also top the circuit. And it provided in Bill Barker, who hit 77.9 per cent of his free throws, the top gratis-toss shooter in the league. C. L. Nix, who set a new scoring record for an SFA player, tallied 538 points to finish second in the LSC individual of- fense race. Turner Collins Johnny Cooper ' Jacks Take Floor for Crucial East Texas Tilt Stephens Gives Team Last-Minute Instructions. 31 1 Billy Doggett Bobby Moore C. L Nix Bruce Norman Bill Patrick Four members of the SFA champ- ionship team were named to the All-Lone Star Conference team. C. L. Nix and James Sitton were placed on the first team, while Roy Carroway and Bobby Moore re- ceived honorable mention. Nix and Sitton had been named to the sec- ond team in 1954-55, but Carro- way and Moore made the mythical five for the first time. James Sitton Johnny Williams Rodney Zachry -61 LUMBERJACK 1955- (SFA SCORE St. Edward ' s 66-58 Texas Wesleyan 70-54 Texas Lutheran 89-50 Centenary 64-62 Northwestern Louisiana 78 Trinity U. 89-65 Trinity U. 79-57 East Texas Baptist 72-64 McNeese 60-72 Texas Wesleyan 89-56 St. Edward ' s 87-63 Southwest Texas 60-77 Sul Ross 82-64 Sul Ross 83-64 Centenary 66-69 Northwestern Louisiana 66-80 Denotes Lone Star Conference games. tDenotes NAIA District IV playoff games. J! Denotes NAIA tournament games. 56 BASKETBALL RESULTS SHOWN FIRST)) East Texas 51-49 Texas Lutheran 89-55 Southwest Texas 99-94 Lamar Tech 63-55 East Texas 66-55 Texas A l 62-55 Texas A l 57-51 Lamar Tech 72-75 Sam Houston 64-38 Sam Houston 63-42 jEast Texas Baptist 81-63 :j:East Texas Baptist 95-56 ttCoe 72-64 JtWheaton 66-74 Barker Shooting Against East Texas. Nix Lofts Shot Against Bobcats. Barker Taking Rebound from Southwest Texas. Sitton Works the Ball Down Court. Cumulative Basketball Statistics Summary for Lumberjack Starters in 1955-56 Player G FGA FGM Pet. FTA FTM Pet. RB Av. Fouls Pts. Av. C. L. Nix 26 405 195 .481 216 148 .685 260 10.0 62 538$ 20.7 James Sitton 26 311 148 .476 138 99 .717 185 7.1 73 395 15.2 Roy (Gus) Carroway 26 229 98 .428 78 56 .718 150 5.0 66 252 9.7 Bobby Moore 26 173 74 .428 1 13 85 .752 180 7.0 63 233 9.0 Bill Barker 24 165 67 .406 95 74 .779 68 2.9 63 208 8.7 Delbert Ballard 25 84 35 .417 18 14 .778 84 3.4 58 84 3.4 TEAM TOTALS 26 1508 680 .451 746 525 .704 1050 40.4 469 1885 72.5 OPPONENTS 26 1476 525 .356 793 535 .675 899 34.6 461 1585 60.9 Does not include post-season games. |New record for individual player at SFA. In 25 campaigns, SFA has held the advantage over five of the six other teams in the Lone Star Con- ference. Only East Texas State has SFA failed to defeat more times than it has bowed to that college. But the Commerce five does not hold the advantage. In 58 contests, the two teams have broken even, each winning 29. Sitton passing against East Texas Lions. Is This Game Football? When the Lumberjacks defeated Southwest Texas, 99-94, here Feb- ruary 4, they broke a 13-game losing streak to the San Marcos quintet. Not since the first two games of the 1949-50 season, when the two clubs met four times, had an SFA team triumphed over Southwest Texas. Nix (41), Carroway (33), and Ballard (24) Eye Ball. Participation in the NAIA tourna- ment March 12-17 at Kansas City was the second for an SFA team. The 1940-41 team was the first from here to compete in the na- tional tournament. C. L. Nix, who holds the record for the most points scored by a single player in one season at SFA, this year set another mark. He sur- passed James Johnston ' s previous mark of 1063 for individual scor- ing during his entire college career. With one more season to play, Nix will hike his new mark of 1150 points. t ' Jacks, in White, Move Out to Stop East Texas. Ballard (24) Gets Jump on Sam Houston Foe. The 193 points scored in the SFA- Southwest Texas game here Feb- ruary 4 set a record for total points scored in one Lone Star Conference game. SFA contributed 99 of those tallies, while Southwest Texas added 94. ' Jacks, in white, and Lions Battle for Ball. Laneville high school played an in- strumental part in the Lumberjacks ' championship this season. Three starters— James Sitton, C. L. Nix, and Bobby Moore— graduated from that East Texas school. Sitton and Nix played at Tyler junior college before coming here, while Moore played at Lon Morris junior college James Sitton, a workhorse for the ' Jacks, played 956 minutes during the 26 games on the regular sched- ule to pace his teammates. A close second was C. L. Nix, with 931 min- utes of playing time. The time of other players: Roy Carroway, 893; Bobby Moore, 832; Delbert Bal- lard, 510; and Bill Barker, 482. In case you ' re wondering, 1040 min- utes is the limit a player can par- ticipate in 26 games, unless some of the tilts happen to be overtime ones. Moore Takes Aim At the Free Throw Line. Three ' Jacks Converge on a Fleeting Lion. Although 15 players constituted the Lumberjack squad, only ten were allowed to compete in the Kansas City tournament. They were: C. L. Nix, James Sitton, Roy Carroway, Bobby Moore, Bill Bark- er, Delbert Ballard, Carrell Burle- son, Billy Patrick, Rodney Zachry, and Bruce Norman. One additional player made the trip, however. Billy Jack Doggett stowed his uni- form away and served as trainer. Nix Outbounds a Bearkat on the Backboards. A significant development during the 1955-56 season was the organ- ization of a Lumberjack Basketball Boosters club in Nacogdoches. The club was formed to promote in- terest in the cage sport at SFA and to assist in every way in boosting the college. track 1956 LUMBERJACK TRACK FIELD SCHEDULE March 9-10— Border Olympics at L aredo. March 1 6-1 7— Southwest Recreational Meet at Ft. Worth. March 23-24— All-College Meet at San Marcos. April 6-7 —Texas Relays at Austin. April 1 3-1 4— Southwestern Relays at Lafayette, Louisiana. April 20 Triangular Meet at Huntsville with Sam Hous- ton and Lamar Tech. April 28 Dual Meet at Commerce with East Texas. May 3 Triangular Meet at Nacogdoches with Sam Houston and Lamar Tech. May 11-12— Lone Star Conference Meet at Commerce. Bob Rhoades: Big Man With the Discus. Joe Parker, Don Bone, Joe Ewing, Eugene Barbin, and Marvin Lay Warm Up. High Jumping Isn ' t Easy Under the direction of Coach R. A. (Babe) Curfman, the 1956 Lumberjack track team competed in nine meets, including that of the Lone Star Conference. Mainstays of the team were Eugene Barbin, Donald Bone, Roy Bush, Charles Bledsoe, Jimmy Cobb, Bobby Eaves, Joe Dan Parker, Tracie Pearman, Bob Rhoades, and Keith Turner. Barbin, in 1955, won the conference 100 and 220-yard dash events, while Lay placed high among dash- men and Rhoades among discus tossers. Bone returned this year after a tour of duty with the armed forces and regained his old form as a top hurdler. Bobby Eaves and Jimmy Cobb Limber Up. Marvin Lay Sprints for the Finish Line. Keith Turner and Tracie Pearman Turn on Steam. Barbin Takes Off. On Their Marks. Coached by Ted L. Jefferies, the Lumberjack tennis team engaged a number of impressive foes, includ- ing those of the Lone Star Confer- ence, during the 1956 sseason. Leading members of the team were Randall Milstead, Jimmy Robert- son, Billy Dean, Charlie Brazil, and James Walker. Randall Milstead, Jimmy Robertson, Billy Dean (kneeling), and Charlie Brazil and James Walker. tennis Robertson Returns One. golf Under the direction of Coach Ted L. Jefferies, the Lumberjack golf team took on foes from the independent ranks, the Southwest Con- ference, and their own Lone Star circuit. The 1956 links team was composed of Robert Baker, Bill Cook, Jimmie McConnell, and Ron- nie Moye. Baker, McConnel, Moye, Cook. A Fearsome Foursome. men ' s Intramurals The men ' s intramural program at Stephen F. Austin State College is one of the most widely activated programs on the campus. Due to the efforts of the directors, Bill Den- man and Charles Reeves, more and more students are participating in a wide var- iety of tournaments, including football, basketball, handball, and volleyball. There is keen competition between the dif- ferent teams, and all-school champs are declared in most of the sports. Interest is maintained throughout the year providing a well-balanced and diversified program. The intramural directors for 1955-56 were Bill Denman and Charles Reeves. " The Skids, " champions of the intramural football program. Men ' s Intramural Athletics In Review Women ' s Intramural Athletics in Review women ' s intramurals The rapidly expanding women ' s intramurals program saw an increased number of girls participating this year. There are planned and supervised activities of all types for the interest and enjoyment of every girl in the college wishing to participate. The archery championship was won by Phyllis Bigby. The Tennis Doubles Champs were Jeri Hayes Kathleen Cheever and Virginia Kennedy were the and Mary McCameron. badminton doubles winners. Winner of the basketball free throw trophy was Wanda Morgan. The Basketball Sportsmanship Trophy was awarded to the members of the Sigma Gammas. The All Star Basketball Team was composed of Jane Edmonds, Sue Coo- per, Mary Wright, Barbara Van Shoe- brouek, Bernice Muckleroy, Wanda Morgan, Jennie Neichoy, Virginia Kennedy, Teddy Boyd, and Marjorie Holmes. Winner of the badminton singles was Kathleen Cheever. Track Winners were Ann Butler, Adah Shannon, Virginia Kennedy, Wanda Morgan, Mary McCameron, Teddy Boyd. Members of the Ail-Star Softball team were Sandra Garner, Virginia Kennedy, Sherry Smith, Ethel Brader, Odie Nott, Dorothy Brock, Marjorie Holmes, Jenny Neichoy, and Wanda Morgan. Though not formally organized, each class of the college has a characteristic which binds it as a group: freshman greenness marks the first-year group, followed by the sophomore sophistication of the student who has had a worldly year of experience; juniors are the determined class that final- ly decides on a major and moves into upper-division courses; the senior slump eventually is replaced with mature thoughts of the future and the realization of a long-sought goal—a college degree. classes Stephen f. austin state college graduate class officers R. G. Dean President Bill Denman Vice-President Joe Craig Secretary E. J. Ritchey Treasurer graduates Joe Craig Henderson Bill Denman Tyler John Marshall Glass Jacksonville Glynis King Pineland Henry McCullough, Jr Nacogdoches Vera Joyce McLeroy Jasper Bobby Sibley Price Bob Sullivan Nacogdoches Homer Wilson Nacogdoches senior class officers Charles Brazil... Roy Glen Creech Faye Tillison President Vice-President Secretary seniors R. Carroll Anderson Lufkin Beverly Ansley Houston Joel N. Arnold Price Catherine Ashmore Overton Shirley Atkins Nacogdoches Elton Bailey Gilmer Rose Marie Baird Price Delbert Ballard Pattonville Bobby Bane Laneville Bill Barker Oliver Hill, Kentucky Eugene Barbin Nederland Clayton Byard Barnes, Jr Humble Wilma Barnes West Columbia Earl Barnett Hamilton Lee Roy Baty Palestine Sue Beard Nacogdoches Bill R. Blakely Kilgore William Blevins Joaquin Charles Boulware Zavalla Judy Crain Bower Nacogdoches Ethel McNeil Brader Livingston James Brader Livingston Doris Brandon Cushing Lillie Jo Branton Nacogdoches seniors Bessye Hillin Nacogdoches Claude Hines Cushing Joyce Hodges Wells Marilyn Honea Nacogdoches Mary Ellen Huff Nacogdoches Carolyn Hughes Longview Gordon Hutson Nacogdoches Fred Johnson Humble Nina Johnson Lufkin Don Jones Paris Carolyn Kendrick Nacogdoches Virginia Kennedy Lufkin Langston Kerr Garrison Betty Sue King Rusk Katie Mae Ladner Hemphill Kassel Lambert New Iberia, Louisiana Robert Littlejohn Marshall Herman Maberry Longview Bailey Marshall Georgetown Mary Jane Martin Nacogdoches Barbara Martindale Nacogdoches Ed Mason Price Virginia McCall Lufkin Hayden McCauley Garrison Charles McCurdy Lufkin Billie McElroy Troup Martha Messer Gladewater Ivan Milner Dallas Dan Moore Port Arthur Neal Morgan Nederland Roland Muckleroy Tenaha John Mullins Overton Jimmy Murphy Tyler John Nelson Nacogdoches Robert Nelson Henderson Mary Thomas Newman Henderson Billy Noble Overton Bruce Norman Dallas George Numsen Longview Jeanette Oliver Alvin Elizabeth Parker Tenaha Katherine Parks Riesel Bill Patrick Port Arthur Howard Patton Crockett Jack Peebles Nacogdoches Mary Elizabeth Peebles Lufkin Dan Penney Cushing Marilyn Phillips Mt. Enterprise Joe Pickard Nacogdoches Riley Pinson Houston Margaret Pittman Waco Frieda Jo Pitts Tenaha Henry Lane Power Nacogdoches Everett Quentin Prewitt Kirbyville James Donald Price San Augustine William Charles Pruitt Muleshoe Sue Nell Ramsey Center Joy Reeves Lufkin Bob Rhodes Port Jarvis, New York Norma Jean Richards Cushing Bobbye Lou Rix Rusk Jessie Rowland Longview Bobbie Rudd Center Bobbie Ruth Runnels Center James Russell Van Betty Salter Joaquin Florine Sears Mineral Wells James Sheffield Nacogdoches Doyle Sitton Laneville James Sitton Laneville Koleta Steaddum Henderson Linda Wallace Timpson seniors Sue Summers Huntington Donniece Sutton Hemphill Ray Swindell Lufkin Fay Tillison Henderson Donald Turner Nacogdoches Jack Turner Henderson Elaine Vincent Lufkin Clarence Walker Hemphill William Walton Grapeland Frances Ware Gary James White Liberty Mary Whitworth Jefferson Joyce Wilson Nacogdoches Jeannette Woodard Diboll Jane Ann Woodfin Shelbyville Cecilia Woodle Henderson Billy Young Gary Lowell Youngblood New Boston junior class officers Troy Yarbrough President Sherwood Barker Vice-President Ann Matchett Secretary Tyann Brown Reporter Woodson Alsup Henderson Billie Altom Price Joe Angell Fort Worth Tommy Atkins Homer, La. juniors Joan Bane Arp Bo Barbe Center Sherwood Barker Angleton Kenneth Barton Garrison Charles Lee Bass Nacogdoches Mary Baxter Henderson Robert Bell Nacogdoches Mary Lue Biddy Avinger Beverly Boring Tyler James Brannon Carthage Kathy Bratton Price Robbie Brevelle Lufkin Tyann Brown Houston Ann Browning Overton Shirley Brule Tyler Virginia Buckland Linden Daurice Burkett Lufkin Carrell Burleson Atlanta Douglas Butler Hemphill David Byford Center Bettye Cammack Kilgore George H. Cannon Angleton Earl Capps Selman City Eleanor Carter Beckville Johnie Chamblin Mont Belview Ladd Clark Troup Paul R. Clark Checotah, Oklahoma Wanda Clark Texarkana Sue Coffey La Marque Betty Cole Jacksonville Carolyn Collier Woodville Mary Collier Palestine Sue Cooper Troup Morris Cordova Nacogdoches Arvle Corley Sacul Parrish Cox Nacogdoches Clyde Cozart Gary Gay Crawford Henderson Loree Dalby Overton Tom Edmonds Houston James Emerson Texarkana Diana Engstrom Beaumont Billie Enmon Center Kelton Ferguson Port Arthur Joe Fleming Center Mary Louise Flenikin Houston Henry D. Flournoy Center Joyce Folden Nacogdoches juniors juniors Wilson Folden Nacogdoches Talmadge Fuller Hemphill Ernestine Fuson Lake Jackson Eddie Futrell Nacogdoches Jo Ann Gaddis Longview Votto Gaddis Hallsville Alice Garner Nacogdoches Tommy Gillespie Nacogdoches James Glass Jacksonville Robert Graham Geneva Dwain Gregory Overton Wan Delle Grogan Rusk Carolyn Guest Tyler Bill Hale Troup Raymond Hargis Nacogdoches Sara Harris Carthage Chester Haynes Carthage Mrs. Mabel Heath Jacksonville Edna Heaslet Baytown Herman Hendrix Lufkin Jean A. Hillin Nacogdoches Joyce Hinton New London Virginia Holloway Gladewater Maebelle Hughes Timpson Minnie Irish Center Ross Jackson Beaumont Louise Jacobs Nacogdoches Charles L. Johnson Troup Bonnie Jones Rusk Elouise Jones Gary Max Jones West Columbia O ' Lena Jones Corrigan Orville Jones Carthage Sammie Jones Gary Billie Jumper Lufkin Jimmy Key Overton Nina Kirksey Nacogdoches Bill Lane Pottsboro John La Noue Beaumont Kaywin La Noue Nacogdoches Marvin Lay Texarkana Joe M. Lee Nacogdoches Kathryn Sue Lemmerhirt Texarkana Maurine Lester Lufkin Jimmie Lofton Price Carolyn Ann Matchett Nacogdoches Mavis G. McCauley Price Dorothy Black McClures Alto juniors juniors Vera Mae McCoy Logansport, La. Harvey Kenneth McCullouch Corsicana Andrew Donald McGown Curtis Jerry Mclntyre Eagle Pass Lydia McMullen Huntington Majorie McNeill Brookeland Freddie Coats McWilliams Henderson Gene Meador Jacksonville Patricia Minton Nacogdoches Allen Stoner Mooney Woodville Bobby Moore Laneville Wanda Morgan Jasper Arlen D. Moye Saratoga Ronnie Moye Nederland Donald Pat Murphy Kilgore Charles R. Norton Rusk Patricia Joan Ousley Palestine Margaret Overstreet Livingston Charles L. Page Alto James M. Parrish Rusk Charles W. Patterson Rusk Tracie D. Pearman Alto Elmer Luther Pelt Honey Island Dossie Dell Phillips Lufkin Neil Post Texarkana Burdett Pulliam Bronson Jimmy Ragsdale Logansport, La. Charles Reeves Carthage Harold Rider Gary Jack Roach Houston Cletus Roberts Tyler Jewell Sheffield Nacogdoches L. A. Sherman Maydell Wendell Shiflett Troup Tommy Shofner Center Charles Simmons Nacogdoches Harold Small Fairfield Bobbie Smith Joaquin Jerry Smith Benson, La. W. R. Speegle Nacogdoches Hoyt Wayne St. Ama Kerens Barbara Stanfield Tyler Margaret Stewart Gladewater Bob Stripling Nacogdoches Ronald Strybos Channelview Irene Summerlin New Summerfield Melva Jo Sutton Longview Thomas Talley Douglass juniors j juniors Carol V. Thompson Memphis, Term. Robert I. Timbrook Lufkin Edwin Toole Hemphill Maxine Valentine Logansport, La. Mary Ethel Wallace Cushing Mary Jackson Wallace Price Nina Watkins Douglass Elizabeth Wilcox Newton Helen Wilcox Houston Marilyn Williams New Caney Nancy Anne Williams Corpus Christi Tommie Wilson Huntington Mary Pauline Winston Tyler Cynthia Whiddon Joaquin Alwin Whitaker Carthage Pat Whitehurst Gladewater John Wood Bonham Clareece Yarbrough Pasadena Troy Yarbrough Timpson Elizabeth Young Nacogdoches Joe Young Geneva Bob Youngblood Henderson Polly Youngblood Henderson Rodney Zachry Lockesbury, Ark. sophomore class officers sophomores Bobbie Jean Adkison Lufkin Robert Akins New Boston Edna Arnold Nacogdoches Ray Atkinson Nacogdoches Gay Baldree Pat Barton Woden Lynn Baumgartner Nacogdoches Donald Beitler Houston Virginia Belch Reklaw Ross Bernhard San Antonio Phyllis Bigby Gladewater Peggy Blackburn Lufkin Lloyd Bowden Nacogdoches Teddy Boyd Sour Lake Garvis Brookshire Huntington Charles Brown Martinsville Bob Bryant Valliant, Okla. Gay Buckner Cushing Maury Burk Nacogdoches Dick Burnett Big Lake Wanda Bynum Alto Jerry Campbell Nacogdoches Bob Capps Henderson George Cates Dallas Haydren Chapman Waco Tommy Chumley Nacogdoches Royce Clark Nacogdoches Lynn Collins Lufkin James Cooper Zavalla Gil Cox Lufkin Sue Crausby Timpson Pauline Crisp Shelbyville Bob Crump Timpson Wyndel Cummins Jacksonville Dean Curren Henderson Ray Curry Wichita Falls Charles Davis Lufkin Shirley Davis Douglass Tommie Davis Carthage Roy Denney Dallas James Denney Cushing Jimmy Doggett Lufkin Norma Drewery Nacogdoches Russell Dunkin Nacogdoches Yvonne Easley Jasper Emma Jo Edwards Bloomburg Bill Ellerbrook Nacogdoches Barbara Elliot Houston sophomores sophomores Ann Epps Nacogdoches Clarence Everitt Cushing Jerry Fausett Center Jeanette Fenley Hemphill Maurice Fitzgerald San Augustine Sonja Fojtik Lufkin Martha Franks Timpson Jack Fulton Tyler Sandra Garner Port Arthur Lynn Garrison Nacogdoches Robert Gary Jasper Janan Gillespie Jacksonville Hood Goldsberry Nacogdoches Jane Goodman Wells Lew Goodman Douglass Sylvia Gossett Nacogdoches Gloria Grainger Timpson Lex Grantham Gladewater Evelyn Green Nacogdoches Jimmy Griggs Jacksonville Gloria Gullatt Logansport, La. Russell Hairston Orange John Hamilton Rusk Esther Hargis Nacogdoches James Harris Center Betty Hawthorn Timpson Frank Henderson Nacogdoches Melvin Hendry Lufkin John Hoagland Many, La. Jay Nita Holcomb Alto Mary Jane Hooper Garrison Clarence Huggins Alto Tommy Hughes Tyler Ouida Jo James Alto William Jarrell Overton Jean Anne Jefferies Nacogdoches David Johnson Pleasant Hill, La. James Ray Johnson Nacogdoches Wayne Johnson Lufkin James Jordan Leesburg Carolyn Killion Tyler Cathie Klein Nacogdoches Donald Ray Klingle Rosenberg Lois Ladd Lufkin Prudence Laird Columbia, Miss. Michael Lamb Liberty Hilton Lambet h Terrell John Hardin Lester Nacogdoches sophomores sophomores Nancy Lilly Nacogdoches Louverl Lloyd San Benito Sam Logan Lufkin Charles Mathis Port Arthur Rex McDaniel Joaquin Billy Jo McDuffie Garrison Elwyn McElroy Price Garland McGarrahan Jacksonville Billy McGaughey Lufkin Mary Ann McGuire Woodville James Mclntyre Alto Charlene McKeown Jacksonville Buddy McKinley Alice Joan McLain Garrison Frances McNair Garrison John Dillon McNeil Lufkin James Meadows Center Howell Melton Longview Jessie Menefee Center William Mercer Nacogdoches Ernest Miller Forney Tom Minniear Shreveport, La. Jerry Modisette Lufkin Bruce Moore Galena Park sophomores i Ruth Moore Houston Terry Morris Nacogdoches Marilyn Moyers Price Neal Murphy San Augustine Jenny Neichoy High Island Wayne Nerrin Lufkin James Newman Garrison Amos Nolley Rusk Odie Nutt Tenaha Harold Parker Nacogdoches Sue Parrish Rivera Beach, Fla. Morris Parrish Nacogdoches David Patterson Nacogdoches Mary Jane Pattillo Bloomburg Rick Pezdirtz Lufkin Anna Martha Pickett Winnie Sudie Powell Waco Pearl Price San Augustine Cecil Primrose Beaumont Tommy Randall Nacogdoches Dick Redding Rusk Max Reeves Panola Marvin Rice Kilgore Charles Riddle Henderson fo. wL I m -Hi nK r ' --• 7 v i Nancy Jo Satterwhite Nacogdoches Charles Sebesta Bryan Ronald Sedtal Anahuac Billie Self Nacogdoches Billy Sessions Wells Bobby Sessions Wells John Sirman Corrigan Buene Sitton Cushing Maree Skeeters Lufkin James Skinner Joaquin Celcie Slechta Lufkin Anita Smith Marshall Glenda Smith Alto James Guy Smith Tyler Jerry Smith Carthage Joy Smith Rusk Julia Smith Nacogdoches Roy Spradley Nacogdoches Ralph Spurgeon Nacogdoches Rayford Spurgeon Nacogdoches Hertha Ann Stahl New London Sammy Steed Houston Leonard Stewart Houston Katherine Sullivan Nacogdoches sophomores Billie Thomas Lufkin Darrel Tidwell Houston Bettye Todd Longview Fred Todd Garrison Catherine Tucker Nacogdoches Annelle Turner Nacogdoches Jack Utley Pleasant Grove Johnny Valentine Pelican, La. Ralph Viles Hardin David Walker Houston Elizabeth Walker Lufkin James Walker Lufkin Patricia Walker Moscow Sara Helen Walters Nacogdoches Rose Ware Tenaha Helen Weber Midland Robbie Whitaker Cushing Maggie Whitehead Nacogdoches Sherwood Whitehead San Augustine Ruth Jacks Whitton Sabine Jack Wilbanks Hooks Carl Williams Carthage John Williams Livingston Thomas Williams Paris sophomores sophomores John N. Williamson Garrison Billy Marvin Willis Nacogdoches Howard Willoughby New London Charles Wilson Center Betty Ann Yarborough Carthage freshman Buddy Castleberry Larry Parkerson .. Barbara Adams .. President Vice-President Secretary freshmen Kenneth Acker Jacksonville Barbara Jean Adams Overton James Adams Garrison Sam Adams Baytown Sherrie Adams Nacogdoches Earl Adkins Pineland Walter Adkins Pineland John Agan Lufkin Frances Alders Nacogdoches Frances Alexander Houston Billy Ray Allen Lufkin Elbert Allen Nacogdoches Jo Nell Allen Lufkin George Darsey Anderson Grapeland Glenn Anderson San Augustine Fayette Anger Nacogdoches Oelphine Angle Nacogdoches Tracy Armstrong Zavalla James Askins Lufkin Evelyn Austin Nacogdoches George Patrick Austin Lufkin Paul Bailey Timpson Dura Baker Joaquin Peggy Baker Nacogdoches Nancy Ballard Center Hood Barnwell Pittsburg Bill Basham Lufkin Janette Bass Timpson James Beall Nacogdoches Olaf Beard Rusk Marzie Belt Colmesneil Billy Bennefield San Augustine Dale Bickerdike Troup Martha Biggers Houston Joe Biggerstaff Woden Margaret Blackmon Henderson Betty Blear Gilmer Joseph Boatman Nacogdoches Joe Bolton Orange Billy Booker Cushing Wayne Boozer Douglass Bobby Carl Boyd Alto Margaret Ann Boykin Beaumont Billy Bradshaw Douglass Claudine Branton Nacogdoches Taylor Brewer Nacogdoches James Allen Brothers Lufkin Carl Brock Jr lufkin Marvin Brown Silsbee Barbara Brumfield Texarkana Thomas Brunner Camp Hill, Penn. Dixie Bullock Lufkin Joe Burch Lufkin Patricia Burgess Goliad Bennie Burleson Magnolia John Burns Lufkin Donald Burrows Nacogdoches Curtis Byerly Jasper Joe Bynum Lufkin Effie Ann Byrnes Center Janice Campbell Center Vara Jane Cantrell Houston Myrtle Carpenter Nacogdoches Alton Casey Cushing Doris Cassidy Garrison Joseph Castleberry Nacogdoches James Cecil Crockett Doris Chisholm Selman City Doris Chambliss Carthage Clarence Chandler Nacogdoches John Chastain Douglass Alma Cherrv Nacogdoches Doris Chisholm Selman City Ralph Christensen Nacogdoches Edward Christian Waco James Christian Nacogdoches Phillip Christie Jacksonville Sandra Christie Jacksonville Joyce Cippele Longvlew Richard Clay Timpson Benard Clifton Nacogdoches freshmen freshmen Jim Allan Coots Nacogdoches James Cobb Nacogdoches Jimmy Cobb Longview Alfred Coleman Rusk Anne Collier Woodville Joseph Collins Kennard Turner Collins Livingston Richard Collmorgan Lufkin Frances Colwell Jasper Dorothy Conn Hemphill Charles Conner lufkin James Cook Lufkin Colleen Cooke Nacogdoches Charles Cooper Troup John Cooper Spring Branch James Corder Lufkin Billy Cordova Nacogdoches Felda Courtney Rusk Ersell Paul Coussons Hemphill Sammy Coussons Hemphill Catherine Cox Bella ire Garvis Cravey Center J. C. Crawford Lufkin Kenneth Crawford Pollok William Crawford Martinsville Drewey Darnell Nacogdoches Donald Davis Beaumont Helen Davis Nacogdoches Joe Davis Lufkin Paul Davis Nacogdoches Van Davison Lufkin Lester Dawson Cushing Marvin Dickerson San Augustine J. C. Dilliard Rusk Beaman Dixon Lufkin Mary Dodson Rusk James Doggett Lufkin Wallace Donahoe Nacogdoches Winford Donahoe Nacogdoches Richard Donavan Zavalla Gloria Dorsett Henderson Veeda Rae Dorsey Houston Joe Doss Wells Billy Dowdy Whitehouse Clifford Duke Center Gwen Dunn Lufkin Bobby Eaves Center James Eddington Apple Springs Jane Edmons Gushing Harry Ellerbrook Nacogdoches Harold English Ratcliff Jerry Evans Orange Hilton Farris Mt. Enterprise Jewell Feazell Texas City B. C. Fenley Lufkin Arlie Ferguson Lufkin Clifford Flournoy Center Zaundra Ford Center Lurene Franks Clute Kenneth Franzen Winnie Bob G. Fuller Nacogdoches Carrol Fuller Nacogdoches Tommy© Fuller Nacogdoches Roy Gee Lufkin Nelda Gentry Henderson Rayford Gibson Lufkin Sharon Gillen Houston Betty Goodwin Lufkin Sue Goodwin Lufkin Jean Gray Dallas Tommy Gray Joaquin Peggy Ann Green Nacogdoches Beverly Green Nacogdoches Edgar Green Center Sue Greer Nacogdoches Frances Griffin Burkeville David Griffith Port Arthur Elmer Lee Grimes Nacogdoches Glenn Grimes Lufkin Robert Grogan Rusk freshmen freshmen Charles Williams Grubbs Mr. Enterprise Henda Sue Halbert Rusk Charles Haley Shelbyville Gene Hallmark Lufkin June Hamilton Nacogdoches Dorothy Hammett Nacogdoches Terry Hancock Jasper Anice Hardin Port Arthur Tomas Harper Pasadena Carolyn Harris Henderson Howard Hart Greggton Shirley Hartley Timpson John Head Nacogdoches Alice Henry San Augustine Freddy W. Henry Center Margaret Henry Center Clovis Ray Henson Lufkin Joseph Hightower Palestine James Hileman Jefferson Horace Gee Hill Nacogdoches Claudine Hinson Nacogdoches Newel Gene Holland linden Lorene Holloway Nacogdoches Margie Nell Holmes Pennington Milburn Holmes Joaquin Doris Ann Holt Center James Holt Price John Lee Hopkins Lufkin Lola Houston Center Voncille Howard LaRue Marye Hubbard Lufkin Robert Hughes Timpson James Alfred Hutson Nacogdoches Stephanie Ann Ihle Port Arthur Betty Jackson Beaumont Felix Johnson Nacogdoches James Ford Johnson Alto Harold Johnson San Augustine Corry Jones Moscow Joy Ann Jones Nacogdoches linda Jo Jones Grapeland Charles Joshlin Orange Harold Kay Shelbyville James Kelsey Jefferson Joan Kimbro Center Howard Kenneth King Garrison A. D. Kirby Newton Hayden Knighton Jr Douglass Jack Knox Corrigan Carroll Kyle Carthage Jane Lambert Center Clarance C. Langford De Kalb Curtis Layton Nacogdoches Clifford Lazarine Nacogdoches Jack Ledbetter Waco Robert Ledwig Houston Alice Leggett Lufkin Newton James Lemke Lufkin Patsy Lewis San Augustine Johnny Lightfoot Bearden, Ark. H. S. Lindsey Pineland Gilbert Link Palestine Sue Liles Henderson Frances Lovelady Rusk Ray Lowell Nacogdoches Gloria Lowery Etoile Mary Anne Luna Nacogdoches James Lyles Lufkin Mary Lois Mabry Waco Jeanne Claire Mandeville Lufkin Acie Nolan Martin Nacogdoches Jimmie Martin Pittsburg Harriette Massey Lufkin Charles Maxwell Jefferson Fannie Mayes Lufkin Janice Kay McBride Nacogdoches James McCall Diboll J. W. McCauley Center Guy McClain Nacogdoches Jerry McDaniel Houston freshmen freshmen John McDonald Many, La. Don Mcintosh Houston Gary Scott Mclver Kermit Laura Louise McKinney Nacogdoches Ephie Joe McMillian Nacogdoches Julia Ann McMillian Houston Annette McNair Garrison Bobby Glenn McSwain Center Martha Meadows Center Jerry Melton Bronson Neil Miller Silsbee Eileen Milstead Burkeville Robert Minton Hemphill Doris Mixon Douglass Elizabeth Monk Nacogdoches Gloria Monroe Lufkin Gene Montgomery Ratcliff Alene Moore Alto Benton Moore Jefferson William Moore Lufkin Earl Morgan Nacogdoches Mary Lou Morgan Beaumont Doris Ann Morrison Longview Anita Morrow Mt. Enterprise Johnnie Morrow Henderson John Morse Lufkin Bennie Lue Muckleroy Etoile Ann Nail Lufkin John Nash Nacogdoches Ben Neel Timpson Marilyn Nelson Henderson Billie Ann Nicar Jasper John Northcutt Lufkin Gilbert Norton Lufkin Janice Norton Nacogdoches Walter Norwood Fort Worth Betty Null Lufkin Janece Oliver Lufkin Mack O ' Rear Shelbyville Phillip Osborne Corpus Christi Milton Overstreet Beaumont Janie Lou Owens Houston John Richard Pack Garrison Alan Palmore Lufkin Joe Dan Parker Jacksonville Ruth Ann Parker Port Arthur Larry Parkerson White Oak Sue Parrott Nacogdochos Jimmie Pcrtin Houston James Norman Parvino Greggton Dorman Doyle Perkins Nederland John Perrett Joaquin Ronald Ray Peterson Jefferson Loyd Phillips Jasper Joe Mac Pittman Zavalla Bobby Jack Dodson Nacogdoches Henry Pope Corrignn Brian Preston Houston Jean Prince Nacogdoches Morris Ouinn Nacogdoches Jean Ramsey La Porte Johelen Ratcliff Colmesneil Bobby Lynn Ray Chireno Paul Reavis Lufkin Floy Rhiddlehoover Henderson Darrelton Richardson Chester David Riley Lufkin Jim Riley Lufkin Billy Ray Rocka Cushing Kenneth Rosenberger Nacogdoches Bonnie Wayne Ross Jefferson Hazel Ross Mt. Enterprise Charlotte Sue Rosson Palestine Martha Sue Rotan Woodville Janice Ann Royle Lufkin Catherine Anne Russell Beaumont Arnold Schieberle Gonzales Janice Schieberle Gonzales George Selman Lufkin Marjorie Shepherd Houston freshmen Mattie Lee Sherman Clayton Dolores Shove Stowell Robert Sibley Nederland Coy Simms Lufkin Auderle Simons Nacogdoches Jeff Singleton Lufkin Brooks Sitton Cushing Gerald Sitton Cushing Joe Sitton Nederland Charles Skinner Lufkin Raymond Skinner Lufkin Donald Skrehot Yoakum Charles Smith San Augustine Joe Ann Smith Pasadena Kay Francis Smith Lufkin Ollie Dean Smith Lufkin Ray Allen Smith Garrison Albert Snell Jasper Raymond So well San Augustine Kenneth Sparks Kaufman Bill Spier Many, La. Charles Spurlin Nacogdoches Cindy Squyres Lufkin Reginald Squyres Lufkin Mary Jane Stafford Cushing Jo Ann Stasney Port Arthur Duane Stephens Nacogdoches Francis Stephens Nacogdoches Betty Stewart Garrison Edwina Storm Port Arthur Mary Nell Taylor Huntington Rosanne Teal San Antonio Gayle Teel San Augustine Ivis Teer Lufkin Jo Ann Teutsch Lufkin Robert Teutsch Lufkin Blake Thomas Lufkin Kenneth Thomas Cushing Julienne Thomas Cleveland Albert Thompson Groveton freshmen freshmen Cleta Thompson Jacksonville Darrell Thompson Tolar Glen Thomson San Augustine John Tidwell Lufkin Tom Bob Tillery Nacogdoches Betty Lou Tomlin Center Billy Wayne Tompkins Beckville Norman Townsend Leesburg Marshall Treadwell Rusk Edward Brooks Trimble Nacogdoches Jimmy Trimble Henderson Roy Troxlar Texas City Bobby Tucker Pollok Nell Tullar Houston Keith Turner San Augustine Sue Turner Nacogdoches David Turnage Nacogdoches Barbara van Shoubrouek Leggett Kenneth Vardeman Wells Gary Finley Vaughn Diboll Millard Vieno Beaumont John Waak Lufkin Sandra Wall La Porte Albert Wallace Tatum Charles David Walker Corrigan Robert Walker Lufkin Bobby Jack Walton Chireno David Walton Percilh Carol Wanamaker Nacogdoches Leeon Ware San Augustine Billy Warren Angleton Everett Watkins Douglass Kenneth Watson Joaquin Roger Dean Weatherly Garrison Dan Webster Nacogdoches Tucker Weems Nacogdoches Richard Abner Whiddon Joaquin Vaughn Patrick White Silsbee Joe Bob Whitehead Nacogdoches Don Wier Freeport freshmen Alice Williams Deweyville Carolyn Williams Woodville Rodney Williams Mart Russell Williams Longview Wanda Williams Lufkin James Wilson Center Pinky Wilson Jefferson Jack Wolverton Mt. Enterprise Dolores Wood Rusk Sam Wood Joaquin Tom Floyd Wood La Feria B. T. Woods Bronson Buford Woolverton Mt. Enterprise Shirley Wooten Gary Joel Keeling Worley Mt. Enterprise Mary Olivia Wright Nacogdoches Johnny York Lufkin Norma Jean Young Kilgore Terry Jo Youngblood Lufkin Gala, colorful, and weird costuming marked SFA ' s annual Fresh- man Day this year. A parade led by the college band was one of the highlights of the day. Mr. and Miss Freshman were selected by a group of Nacogdoches merchants. Costumes were judged with em- phasis placed on originality. The winners were Miss Freshman, Jean Ramsey and Doris Morrison, Mr. Freshman, Hilton Farris. Following the judging of costumes was a Pep Rally before the Texas A I game. A Freshman shoe scramble was held at the game during half time. The day ended another unforgettable event among the many in the lives of S. F. A. students. Typical of a " green freshman " is this " Big Baby Boy " who was Mr. Freshman. Eh-h, What ' s up, Doc? ' Salt that IN ' jewell " This clever pair was named Miss Freshman. ct HSN T- AUSTIN ST NACOGDOCHES, Hang on, Daisy Mae (typical Freshman girl), don ' t let that " flapper " beat your timelj Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn seem to be attracted by these two smiling little pickaninni c S. F. A. Library Building •1. A. Nesbit Company General Contractors Nacogdoches, Texas " the friendly city " THE COLLEGE GRILL 205 Scut goOe e PUte 40-4-9027 THE STONE FORT NATIONAL BANK NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS 1903-1956 — FIFTY-THREE YEARS UNDER THE SAME NAME OFFICERS L. B. MAST, President E. W. MONK, Executive Vice-Pres. H. T. EDWARDS, Active Vice-Pres. S. B. HAYTER, Vice-President R. E. GILMORE, Vice-Pres.-Cashier ALTON KING, Asst. Vice-Pres. GEO V. BURROWS, Asst. Cashier G. P. RAWSON, Asst. Cashier T. T. WILLIAMS, Asst. Cashier PARRISH PALMER, Asst. Cashier DIRECTORS R. N. CASON GEO. F. CLARK S. B. HAYTER J. R. GRAY L. B. MAST E. W. MONK R. W. McKINNEY This Bank Is a Member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation THE LARGEST BANK IN NACOGDOCHES COUNTY A. L. NELSON C. D. THOMAS C. N. THOMPSON M. S. WRIGHT LIKE S. F. A. GRADUATES LONE STAR PRODUCTS ARE HIGH QUALITY BEST WISHES FOR YOUR SUCCESS FOR SO GOES THE SUCCESS OF EAST TEXAS When You Pick Up This Annual 10 Years From Now Then As Now— Lone Star Folks Will Still Be Pulling- For S. F. A. BRAND BRAND TEXAS FARM PRODUCTS COMPANY NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS ILJTY DEPENDABILITY DEPEND A NDABILITY DE PENnaRILIT Y DEPE DEPENDAP oTPEN ' V b T Y Y D r T ABILITY f»END l ' LIT ILITY T DEPENDABIIi DEf|,DA! □ABILITY DEPylABILITY IPENDABILITY g 3EPE g DEPt TfEh _ITY DFTIuaBIUTY DE OAB ABILITY DEPENDABILITY DEPEf ' ENDABILITY DEPENDABILITY DE Whether it ' s by strong arm — or just plain hard experience . . . there is satisfaction in the knowledge that we represent the very essence of proven dependability. Your father and your father ' s father did business with us. CASON, MONK CO., Hardware and Furniture Doing Business in Nacogdoches Since 1893 COMMERCIAL NATIONAL BANK MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION SOUTHLAND PAPER MILLS, Inc. LUFKIN, TEXAS CONGRATULATES GRADUATES " Pioneer Manufacturer of Newsprint From Southern Pine " A good start on a Best Wishes GOOD FUTURE As a member of the From Class of 1956, you re off to a good start! May we congratulate you . . . and wish you every success in the years to come. BENNETT-CLARK HUMBLE OIL REFINING COMPANY CO, INC (humble) Thomas Appliance Co. I ' ve got a secret " My best-loved dishes come already prepared, ready to serve. " pACH Sexton Menu Marvel is. the recipe of a famous chef. Each calls for premium quality meats and vege- tables, blended with secret sauces plus subtle gravies and spices. Let your secret chef be a shelf-ful of Sexton Menu Marvels. There are 12 in all ... at the better independent grocers. Qualify cfoccfa- John Soxton Co., Sexton Square, Chicago, III. 320 North Street Phone LO 4-9241 RCA MAYTAG B E MODERN . G () E EEC T R 1 C Texas Power Light Company Shop At . . . Compliments of ROYAL TYPEWRITERS World s No. 1 Typewriter HELPINSTILL AUTO SUPPLY CLARY ADDING MACHINES World s Fastest Adding Machines CLARY CASH REGISTERS Nacogdoches, Texas Uld ArnONbb Sales — Service — Rentals — Supplies Jewel Helpinstill Owner Lufkin Typewriter Company Lufkin, Texas Phone 3-9113 ttacogdochesTex. " H Kte 7K i6e It, It ' $o d! " CONGRATULATIONS ON ANOTHER STEP FORWARD in your life-long education. This is a " giant step " . . . one that should carry you swiftly into the world of business success or domestic happiness, where you may reach unlimited heights of personal achieve- ment and satisfaction. It is with pride that your natural gas service finds itself mak- ing " giant steps " of progress each year toward its goal of better service to more people. OUR GIFT SHOP CONTAINS A GIFT FOR EVERY OCCASION Swift Bros, £ Smith Drug Store " YOUR DOWNTOWN SHOPPING CENTER The S. F. A. College Bookstore Mize Department Store ' IF THE STUDENT NEEDS IT WE HAVE IT- QUALITY MERCHANDISE NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS STRIPLING ' S WE SELL EVERYTHING Across From Post Office PHONE LO 4-4646 G» Thompson Insurance Agency Room 5 — Stone Fort National Bank Phone LO -4525 I— P. O. Box 327 Nacogdoches, Texas Herald Printing Company COMMERCIAL PRINTING 125 N. Fredonia Phone L04-5539 Nacogdoches, Texas IO A L W AT S f I R S T QUA llTY ! Quality is your greatest saving DrPepper Bottling Co. 1615 S. Fredonia St. NACOGDOCHES Compliments of PUBLISHERS OF The Daily Sentinel S " tner Hard . 3 Co. • HARDWARE • SPORTING GOODS • PAINTS • APPLIANCES 600 E. MAIN BealTs Gray Motor Company Your Dealer NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS DUALITY MERCHANDISE Nacogdoches Bottling Company KENNEDY ' S JEWELERS GIFTS FOR ALL OCCASIONS 201 Main Nacogdoches Compliments of S. F. A. Barber Shop " It Pays to Look Nice " Banita Laundry and Dry Cleaners FOR THE PAST 42 YEARS HAS BEEN SERVING THE CLEANING NEEDS OF NACOGDOCHES FRED B. DAVIS W. T. " WINDY " McKEWEN FOR SPORTING GOODS, HARDWARE AND HOUSEWARES . . . See . . . Branch-Patron Hardware Co. PERRY BROTHERS 5-10c and 25c Store " Air Conditioned for Your Comfort " All Standard Brands in Quality MAKE OUR STORE YOUR HEADQUARTERS DEPEND ON COMPLIMENTS OF R. W. McKinney AND Jack McKinney THE COLLEGE CLEANERS For Your Cleaning and Pressing " THEY CAN CLEAN EM " Visit Beautiful Hotel Fredonia Cabana Suites Around Pool Excellent Coffee Shop Completely Air Conditioned Nacogdoches, Texas Enjoy A Good Movie MATTY MATTESON ' S Home Owned Operated S. F. A. THEATRE Clean — Comfortable — Courteous Plenty of Free Parking Nacogdoches, Texas Serving The Independent Retail Merchants of East Texas Nacogdoches Grocery Company CREAM Try the Finest The Borden Company Nacogdoches, Texas COMPLIMENTS OF SISCO FEED AND SUPPLY PURINA CHOW Nacogdoches, Texas WE SERVICE ALL MAKES REESE BROS. A f nt car mtd fitter - Phone L04-433I 100 Bremond Nacogdoches, Texas Turner ' s Prescription House Hallmark Cards Helena Rubenstein Cosmetics Main at Church Distinctive Apparel and Beautiful Footwear COMPLIMENTS OF Gound Chevrolet Co. Phone LO 4-8381 Nacogdoches, Texas COMPLIMENTS OF WEDGEWORTH BUICK, INC. " When Better Automobiles are Built, Buick Will Build Them " GENERAL OAK FLOORING COMPANY Phone LO 4-8251 DRESS FABRIC CENTER MEN ' S APPAREL 416 North Ph. LO 4-8660 ROBINSON ' S STUDIO " One of the Finest " All Phases of Photography College Heights Lacy H. Hunt Lumber Company, Inc. Manufacturers, Wholesalers and Exporters YELLOW PINE AND HARDWOOD MINE PROPS AND TIMBERS Nacogdoches, Texas " Across Street from the Hospital " PRESCRIPTIONS SICK ROOM SUPPLIES PHONE LO 4-5712 Compliments of JOHN S. WYATT Stephen F. Austin State College Nacoodocho. Texas ornc« or COU.IO! INFORMATION npn rxxm Cn ' acul t y , v 4- to in memoriam Dr. CLIFFORD H. OSBORNE Carlyle once said, " He is wise who can instruct us and assist us in the business of daily virtuous living. " More than anything else perhaps, instruction in the " business of daily virtuous living " typified the life and work of Dr. Clifford H. Osborne, Stephen F. Austin State College English professor who died March 19, 1955. By precept and example, Dr. Osborne— an accomplished scholar, an exemplary family man, and a devoutly religious person— inspired the hundreds of students and others with whom he came in contact. In this deep East Texas institution, far removed from his native Indiana, he dedicated his life to education and service. Such a noble pursuit is the mark of a wise man, and wisdom personified is a fitting epitaph for an educator whose mem- ory will remain always as green as the pines which tower over the fields of his labors.

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