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50702 Presenting the Stephen F. Austin State College Annual Publication for 1955 The Stone Fort LO Views of the 5. F. A. Campus fl II ' Si IS MAIN BUILDING as seen from the Vista THOMAS J. RUSK BUILDING SCIENCE BUILDING In Me mo riam DR. A. Y. BIRDWELL How tall the pines are standing, How tall they brush the sky. How deep beneath the grasses Their rooted anchors lie. So may we in our springtime Lay hold on verity. So may we seek at morning break The truth that maketh free. THE PINE TREE HYMN How proud the pines are standing. How proud their piumed heads. How unashamed and lordly Each crest of power spreads. So may we in their shadows In linked freedom stand, Each soul alone to seek its own Each comrad hand in hand. How still the pines are standing How sure they are and still. How each in steadfast gladness Works out a hidden will. So may our loves and labors In wise allegiance free Turn loss and gain and sun and rain To beautv like a tree. President of the College Much of the joy of living comes from the thrills and satisfactions of the present. It would seem that the school year of 1954-55 has an unusually large number of these satisfactions and enjoyable instances. To begin with, our student body showed an appreciable increase in number. This gave us the opportunity to know, work with, and enjoy a much larger number of fine young men and women. Then the attitudes and spirit of the students and faculty have been unusually fine. This has added a fine zest and wholesome enthusiasm to our daily liv- ing that has meant much. Further, teachers report much good student learning, and students report much excel- lent teaching. So 1954-55 is and has been a good year in which to live, and work, and play at Stephen F. Austin State College. Probably the most regretted part of the year is the realization that some will be leaving the College during or at the end of the year. This, of course, is normal, and to be expected. Nevertheless, we do hate to see them go, and yet we want them to know that at all times, where- ever they may be, they carry the best wishes of S. F. A. To all, we say that it has been good to have had you with us, and we hope that your stay has been profitable and pleasant. It is our hope that the future holds for each of you a life of full rewards for hard, conscientious, intelligent work, a life endowed with joy, hope, satisfac- tions, respect, success a,nd love. Paul L. Boynton 6 Left to Right Left to Right Honorable H. L. Mills, Houston Honorable Charles P. McGaha, Wichita Falls Honorable W. H. Frank Barnes, Terrell Honorable Newton S. Harrell, Claude Honorable W. L. Kerr, Midland Miss Emma Mae Brotze, Marshall Honorable Frank E. White, Cleveland FIonorable J. S. Woodward, Dallas Honorable Claude Isbell, Austin 1 Ionorable John C. Calhoun, Corsicana OFFICERS OF BOARD Honorable Charles ?. McGaha President Honorable John C. Calhoun Vice-President HoNORAb L Claude Isbel Secretary 7 Deans and Department Heads Thomas E. Ferguson Ph.D. Dean of College Joe N. Gerber Ph.D. Dean of Junior Division D. D. Giles Ph.D. Dean of Graduate School Mary W. Thomson M.A. Dean of Women R. H. Shelton M.Ed. Dean of Men Harold Elliott Abbott, B.S., M.S., Ph.D. Chemistry Department Frederick Baumgartner, B.A., B.M., M.M. Music Department Arthur L. Long, B.A., M.A., Ed.D. Education Department Lucille Norton, B.S., M.A., Ed.D. Health and Physical Education Department Robert B. Capel, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Speech Department William Trout Chambers, B.A., M.S., Ph.D Geography Department Edwin Lynn Miller, B.S., M.S., Ph.D. Biology Department C. F. Sheley, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Foreign Language Department Robert Sanford Cornish, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Economics Department W. W. Dossey, B.A., Ph.M. Physical Education Department Karl Theodore Schlicher, B.S., M.S., Ph.D. Art Department Edna Wilkin, B.S., M.A. Home Economics Department W. F. Garner, B.A., M.A. History Department Olan E. Kruse, B.S., M.A., Ph.D. Physics Department J. L. Sullivan, B.S., M.S., Ph.D. Agricidture Department James H. Valentine, B.S., M.S. Soils Analysis Laboratory Frank J. Lauderdale, B.S. in Ed., M. Ed., C.P.A. Business Administration Department W. I. Layton, B.S., M.S., Ph.D. Mathematics Department William J. McCallum, B.S., M.S. Director of Extension Lawrence T. Franks, B.S., M.A. College Inform ation Ph.D. Helen Barron, B.S., M.A. Home Economics Lois Foster Blount, B.A., M.A. History Department J. C. Green, B. S., M.Ed. l ricji f irt? Department ElbertLloyd Griffin, B.A., M.A. Chemistry Department J. 1 1. Burr, Jr., B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Biology Department Dan B. B ynum, B.S. in Ed., B.D. Director of Wesley Bible Chair Elma Heard, B.A., M.A. English Department F. Eugene Heilman, A.B., M.S., M.A. Ph.D. Sociology Department VV. S. Cannon, B.S., M.B.A. Economics Department Maurice W. Cecil, B.A., M.A. English Department Iven H. Hensley, A.B., M.A., Psychology Department J. M. Hudgins, B.Mus., M. Ed. Music Department Chas. K. Chamberlain, B.S., M.A. History Department Larry Covin, B.S., M.A. Physical Education Department J. A. Huff, B.Mus., M.M. Music Department Gladys B. Johnson, B.A., M.A. Business Administration J. T. Cox, B.S.. M.M., M.A. Music Department Elizabeth B. Davis, B.A. M.A. Foreign Languages Department Ed.D. Cecil Jones, B.S., M.S. igriculture Department Doris E. King, B.A., M.A., Ph. History Department D. Louis William Ellerbrook, B.S. Ed., M.A. Ed.D. Education Department Victor B. Fain, B.S. Journalism Department Joe D. Lacy, B.S., M.A. Business Manager Howard McCarley, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Biology Department I larold J. Fischer, B.S. in P.F.. M. . Physical Education G. F. Cray. B.S., M.S., Ph.D. Agriculture Department LeRoy McClendon, B.S., M.A., Ed.D. Education Department S. W. McKewen, B.S. Physical Education Department Registrar 1«J V . r TV Staff Robert T. McKibben, B.S. in Ed., M. Ed., Ed.D. Education Department Louisville Marshall, B.A., M.A. English Department Nelson T. Samson, B.S., M.S., Ph.D. Forestry Department Hugh B. Smith, B.S., M.S., Ph.D. Biology Department Virginia Mathews, B.S., M.A. Physical Education Department Robert S. Maxwell, A.B., M.A., Ph.D. History Department Oran Standley, B.S., M.A. Agriculture Department John O. Stephens, B.A., M.A. Physical Education Department Carolyn Sturdevant Miller, B.A., B.M. Music Department James L. Nichols, Jr., B.A., M.A., Ph.D. History Department Jack Thompson, B.S., M.S.A., Ph.D. Agriculture Department Janet E. Turner, A.B., M.F.A. Art Department Clifford H. Osborne, A.B., A.M., Ph.D. English Department R. B. Pinson, B.S. M.A. Mathematics Department J. J. Wilson, B.A., M.A. Education Department Paul Wilson, B.S., M.Ed. Director of Maintenance Floyd A. Pollock, B.A., M.S., Ph.D. Head of Sociology Department Carolyn M. Price, B.S., M.Ed. Business Department James A. Wray, B.A., Th.M. Director of Baptist Student Center Faculty ■ A ' Arnwine, Lena, College Nurse Baker, Mrs. Henrietta, Manager of Student Union Barber, Betty, Sec. to Director of Extension and Correspondence Benbow, Mrs. Ann, Assistant to Registrar Blake, Roy M., Manager of Book Store Dennard, Mrs. Ruth, Director of Gibhs Hall Ferguson, Mrs. C. E., Director of Stone Fort Miiseum Glazener, Mrs. Eva, Switchboard Operator Killingsworth, Mrs. Elizabeth, Director of Wisely Hall Linney, Mrs. Beverly, Sec. to Director of College Information Martin, Mrs. Vivian, Sec. to Bttsiness Manager Mason, Mrs. Lois, Sec. to Dean of Graduate School Milroy, Mrs. Elsie, Dietician Nix, Mrs. Peggy, Assistant to Auditor Adorn, Mrs. Marilyn, Sec. to Dean of junior Division Spears, Sugene, Sec. to President Spradley, Mrs. Clenda, Sec. to Dean of College Spurgeon, Mrs. Ruth , Assistant Registrar Stallings, Mrs. Madge, Sec. to Faculty Stevens, Mrs. Ora, Director of Senior Girls ' Dormitory Stokes, Mrs. Willene, Sec. to the Librarian Whitaker, Travis, Assistant Auditor and Cashier Williamson, Ruth, Bookkeeper Wilson, Paul, Director of Maintenance and Storekeeper Highlights of a Year at SFA U e Begin w fth Registration . . And a Chance To Meet Teacher! Ghost Of a Chance " Ghost of a Chance " was a fast-moving, three-act comedy that provided all who attended some very un- usual entertainment. It had a strong and well-balanced casf under the direction of Dr. Robert Capel. The Na- cogdoches Lions Club was in charge of ticket sales. All proceeds went to the Lions Club charity fund. Those included in the cast were: Minnie Irish as Agatha; Betty Miller and Fred Salmons as Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Hale; Mary Witworth and Marry Brown as Amy and Andy Fitzgerald; Sue Glasgow as Polly Vickers; Raymon Glasgow and Beth Ellis as Mr. and Mrs. Fred Ralston; Woody Gann as Frank Orr; Rosa Castleberry as Opal Freeze; Jack Wilbanks as the taxi driver; and Charlsie Conerly as the messenger from the stars. Lumberjack Appreciation Daq ! Graduating Seniors Rush Parties Ranch Daq 9 ip Each Fall and Spring the Social Clubs on the campus give a rush party in honor or the girls or boys who are rushees that semester. There are now five women ' s clubs and five men ' s clubs at S.F.A. This vear, the Rebels and their sister club, the Rebel Anns, organized. HINGO And I lis Pxind Christmas Dinner Dance Annual Presentation Ball Laurence Franks, Executive Sec; Madge Stallings, Sec; M. M. Stripling, President. Not Pictured: Franklin Weeks, 1st V. Pres. and Dee Walker. 2nd V. Pres. Ex-Students Association Since its organization in 1928, the Stephen F. Aus- tin Ex-Students Association has maintained the standards of encouraging good fellowship and loyalty among former students of this institution and to promote the general interests of our college. The Ex-Students Association maintains an office at the college to ohtain information and requests. It is the desire of the Association that each student feel free to call upon this office for service while he is off the campus and to make it his headquarters when visiting his Alma Mater. Dawn Miller Mary Bridges Mary Rushing Mary Etta Frazier Kathy Bratton Sue Nell Ramsey Nellene Lowe Gracie Moranto Sara Walters Sue Reynolds Homecoming The Homecoming Duchesses were elected by each class and club on the campus and were pre- sented i n the parade and at the dance. Jane Ann Woodfi Jane Donovan November 13, 1954 Those duchesses not pictured are Mary Mc- Cameron, Margie Gibson, and Adah Shannon. Fidele First Place Lambda Gamma Second Place Pine Burr Third Place Amitie Baptist Student Union Homecoming Floats Two parades were held on Homecoming Day to entertain the many visitors who were in Nacog- doches for the annual celebration. The first one was at 10:00 that morning. It was very colorful as it moved through downtown Nacogdoches. The second one preceded the football game between the Lumberjacks and East Texas State. Prize-winning floats were as follows: Fidele, Lambda Gamma, Pine Burr. Austinite 1 L I V • o r ° Wesley Foundation Sawyer Sigma Gamma Forester Lady Martha Peters and her Escort, Buck Hawthorne Coronation Ball The annual Coronation Ball was held in Aikman Gymnasium. Her majesty, the Queen, Shirley Walker, reigned over the ceremonies. After each Duchess and her escort was presented, the Queen was crowned, and a short program was presented. The Homecoming Dance officially began at 9:00 with Ernie Rudy and his Orchestra furnishing the music. He played to a large and appreciative audience of Exes, students, and friends of the college. Homecoming Queen Shi ' rleq Walker Top Beautij at SFA Miss Glenda Hebert Miss Carol Fairchild Second Beauty Miss Mary Elizabeth Rushing Third Beauty Miss Mary Elizabeth Bridge MARLYS MASON Beautq Nominees GLEN DA SMITH REBECCA STEPHENS MAXINE VALENTINE SHIRLEY WALKER Beautq Nominees DORIS WILKINSON MARILYN WILLIAMS O LI IDA WOODS Most typical college students: lean Ann Jefferies and Joe Johnson Wittiest Boy and Girl: Jennv Neichoy and Elton Bailey Austinite Friendliest Boy and Girl: Luke Adams and Sue Beard Cutest Boy and Girl: Aubrey Womack and Kathy Bratton Most Beautiful Girl and Most Handsome Boy: Mary Bridges and Kenneth Barton Most Popular Boy and Girl: Luke Adams and Mary Bridges Cutest Married Couple: [ohnny and Beverly Linney with Rustv and Mike Poll 1955 Cutest Couple- Billie Altom and Herman I lendrix v F avorite Teachers: Mrs. Maurice Cecil and Mr. C. K. Chamberlain Best Dancers: Kathv Bratton and Bovd Waltman Not Pictured: Dumbest Boy and Girl: Marlys Mason and Wayne ohnson 14 %£t£ii ROY CANDY MARY ETTA FRAZIER . - x«r jfrtsu - k. - ■ ■ BOBBY J1MERSON SUE REYNOLDS ]0 NAN DL1RAN Who ' s In American Colleges DON " Ringo " LADE ELOISE CHAMBERS FAYE BALLOVV LARRY WILSON Who And Universities BETH ALEXANDER [ IAYDEN " Buzz " McCALILEY JIM " MM (!»!»!!!! IRIS BRADBERRY ROY CREECH J 1 , ■ • • ' fC- ' J Football at SFA 1954 Co-Captains JOHNNY LINNEY Football has played a great part in the lives of the co-captains. Both have chosen a career in coaching upon graduation. It has been a goal for both of them since they were old enough to know what they wanted in life. The " football bug began .working on |ohnny in I louston where his football career began officially. From James Deady Junior High School, after earning two letters, he moved to Longview Senior High School. His high school carried him through three " average " seasons which were climaxed by three letters, team captain, and second team all-district in 1950. Johnny played well from his quarterback position and was selected to play in the All-Star game in Tyler. This led to a scholarship at Tyler Junior College where he began his college edu- cation. The climax of Johnny ' s Junior College career was the trip to Pasa- dena, California, for the National Junior Rose Bowl game with Pasa- dena City College. Johnny returned to Texas to learn he had been chosen to the Little All-American team as No. 1 quarterback. He was also selected to the first-team Big Six All-Conference team, and the first-team All-Texas Junior College Offensive team. The Apaches chose him as a co-captain, and to receive the " Most Conscientous Plaver Trophy " for 1951. In three years as Lumberjack quarterback, Johnny has compiled an outstanding record with a .592 passing average. The climax to his college and football career found him being chosen as co-captain and receiving the Ralph Todd Memorial Award as Outstanding Lumber- jack Athlete for 1954. ■ JAMES SIMMONS James began his football career as a freshman in Nacogdoches I ligh School where he lettered for four years as a Tackle. T here he was chosen as team captain and to tl e first-team All-District his senior year. James began his college education at Texas University where he played football as a freshman. From there he transferred to Del Mar Junior College at Corpus Christi where he played varsity ball for one year. He then returned to Nacogdoches and Stephen F. Austin to letter one year in 1950 before entering the Air Force. James could not leave football alone, so he joined the Burtonvvood, England, " Bullets " where he received much fame at the Cuard slot. He was team captain for his three years with the " Bullets " . In 1952 and 1953, James played before the King of Ireland when the " Bullets " went to the All-European championship finals in Wimbley Stadium, London, the largest stadium in the world. James had many honors come his way during his service career. He was chosen to the All-United Kingdom service team for three years, the All-European service team in 1953, and the All-Service team in the same year. In 1952, he was awarded the " Outstanding Base Athlete Trophy. " James returned to the U. S. and Texas where he joined the Lum- berjacks for one of their most success! ul seasons in the school ' s history. At SFA, James added to his string of honors the election to second-team All-Conference and second-team All-Texas. Johnny and James love the game for everything it means. They have played the game and played it well, along with other fine boys. As representatives of the 1954 Lumberjacks, they capably fill their jobs as Co-Captains. Bailey Marshall Back Johnny Linney receives Ralph Todd Award for outstanding athlete at SFA. 1954 Lettermen ■ ' V Huey Warren Tackle Sherwood Barker Center joe Angell Tommy Atkins Elton Bailey Eugene Barbin Sherwood Barker Bill Blakely Gahlen Crawford Harry Dailey Gene Dinges Tommy Evans Rex Flanagan Ralph Gillham Merman Hendrix Edgar Kelly johnnv Linnev Bailev ' Marshall Clyde McAuliffe Jimmy Murphy Woody Pierce Ken Scarbrough |ames Simmons Rusty Talhot Richard Tallent Huey Warren Buck Youngblood V m w I 1954 Squadmen Gerald Gilbert David Anderton Charles Brazil Joe Sibley Wayne Johnson Lloyd Giles Norman Baker Howard McSpedeen Don Smith Neal McCord Robert Crenwelge Preston Shoubrouek Jerry Fausett Orville Jones Ken Scarbrough End Richard Tallent Guard Eugene Barbin Back I Rex Flanagan End Seasons Resume The Lumberjacks opened the 1954 season by wallopping the Mc- Neese Cowboys 40 - 13, as Jimmy Murphy started things rolling by block- ing a McNeese punt. . . . Next the Axemen ripped Austin College 34-12 as five different players scored touchdowns. The Kangaroos had pre- viously been undefeated, but they couldn ' t match the Jacks flow of strength from the bench. . . . The first Conference game saw the Jacks defeat Lamar in a thriller, 20-7. Barbin and Dinges turned in several dazzling runs and Marshall broke up two Lamar touchdown drives in the second half. . . . Win No. 4 came as the Axemen rolled over Texas Lutheran 33-6. Linney, Barbin, and Marshall again spearheaded the at- tack as the Jacks gained 292 yards. . . . The Jacks saw their undefeated record come to an end as they lost a tough one to Southwest Texas 7-6. Although Simmons missed the tieing extra point, he turned in an out- standing performance from start to finish. . . . The second conference win came as the Jacks jumped the A I Javelinas 14-7. Although the score was close, the Jacks had control of the game practically all of the time. Linney completed two thrilling passes and Marshall turned in a brilliant 38 yard touchdown run with excellent blocking by Joe Angell. . . . Next g ground attack to humble the Sul Ross Lobos 40-14. The Jacks gained 384 yards as Hendrix accounted for 176 of these in 10 carries. The Jacks used 39 men in this game. ... A leaky pass defense got the best of the Jacks on Homecoming Day as they lost a heart-breaker to the East Texas Lions 25-21. East Texas rallied for two touchdowns in the third quarter to come from behind to win. Hendrix again received honors in the backfield as he gained 86 yards on 15 carries, and Angell and Flanagan at ends were outstanding for the Jacks. . . . The Axemen finished third in the Lone Star Conference when they bowed to the Sam Houston State College Bearkats 42-25. The Jacks were so ham- pered by injuries that they were never really in the game. Linney was the bright spot for the Jacks as he finished out a brilliant college career. He carried the ball only six times but gained 74 yards. ... In spite of the fact that the Jacks finished second in the conference race they remained at the top in Seasons Standings. the lacks used ird clr Tommy Atkins Back Bill Blakely Center } i Herman Hendrix Back Thomas Evans End Gene Dinges Back SFA 34 - Austin College 12 Tense moments before the game ' »•». ' " ' •. ' Guard SFA 2f -East Texas 25 Clyde McAuliffe Back Ed Kelly End Jimmy Murphy Tackle SFA 6 -Southwest Texas 7 ■ - fjffit Buck Youngblood Guard Woody Pierce Tackle Kickoff, Homecoming 1954 Gahlen Crawford Tackle Joe Angell End SFA 14 Texas A I 7 Robert Crenvvelge Jerrv Fausett Back Don Smith Back Preston Shoubrouek Center 40-Sul Ross 14 Neal McCord Tackle Howard McSpedeen Back Texas Lutheran 6 Rustv Talbot Back 4 l V Hvans goes over for 6 Elton Bailev Back Ralph Gillham Guard tie or a touchdown drive Orville Jones College w L T Pet. Pts. Opp. Stephen F. Austin 6 3 .667 233 133 Southwest Texas 6 3 1 .650 160 170 East Texas 6 3 1 .650 152 163 Sam Houston 5 5 .500 242 130 Texas A I 5 5 .500 141 120 Sul Ross 4 6 .400 185 225 Lamar Tech 3 7 .300 138 182 SFA 25 Sam Houston 42 College W L T Pet. Pts. Opp. Southwest Texas 5 1 .910 107 76 East Texas 5 1 .910 94 62 Sam Houston 3 3 .500 130 97 Stephen F. Austin 3 3 .500 126 102 Texas A I 2 4 .333 76 102 Sul Ross State 1 4 .200 75 133 Lamar Tech 1 5 .167 66 94 Lumberjack Basketball II r GLEN PEARSON ermanent Team Captain Second-Team All Conference enior letterman from Dallas. Transferred to SFA from Tavlor Junior College. Played basketball at Crozier Teeh High and Tyler JC. Made All-Citv one year. Holds record for most rebounds in a game for SFA last season with 16. Scored 307 points and had a 12.8 average. C. L. NIX Second-Team All Conference Tyler Junior College transfer from Laneville. Made All-District, All-Regional, and All-State while playing in high school. Played on two good TJC teams before com- ing to SFA this fall. Scored 529 points and had a 22.0 average. 99 V41 32 1 JAMES SITTON Second-Team All Conference A junior letterman from Laneville. Played basketball and baseball at Laneville High School before going to Tyler Junior College. Transferred to SFA last fall. While in high school he made All-Regional. Dead on the basket, Sitton is an excellent team man. Scored 318 points and had a 13.3 average. Bruce Norman Basketball Sweetheart Mrs. Annie Ruth Pearson Larry Wilson presents Mrs. Pearson her flowers Coach Curfman Track Events Entered by S.F.A. Mile Run — Billy Gaston, Ronald Strybos Two Mile Run — Gaston and Strybos 100 and 220 yard Dashes — Eugene Barbin, Marvin Lay Mile Relay— Don Lilly, Bo Barbe, Tracy Pearman, Gary Spring 220 yard Low Hurdles — Don Smith, Bobby Sibley 880 yard Run — Gaston and Bobby Moore 120 yard High Hurdles - Sibley 440 yard Dash — Spring and Lilly 440 yard Relay — Barbin, Smith, Bill Kendrick, Lay High Jump — Billy Patrick, Sibley Discus — Bob Rhoades Shot Put - Rhoades Javelin — Tommy Atkins Track at S. F, A. Eugene Barbin Bobbv Sibley Marvin Lav i 1 1 SFA Golf Team Charles Waldrip Robert Baker Stewart Bell Pictured below. John Wood Earl Barnett James McConnell Men ' s Intramurals Women ' s Bebe Whitworth Table Tennis Singles Champ All-Star Basketball Team First Row, left to right: Wynn Tennison, Dell St. Clair, Wanda Morgan, Mary McCameron, Mo- zelle Clark Second Row, left to right: Mar- jorie McNeill, Teddy Boyd, Sherry Smith Top: Virginia Kennedy Badminton Squad Front: Kathleen Cheever, Vir- ginia Kennedy Back: Mary McCameron, Wan- da Morgan Badminton Doubles Winners: Kathleen Cheever and Virginia Kennedy Badminton Singles Winner: Kathleen Cheever n All-Star Softball Team Front Row, left to right: Adah Shannon, Sandra Garner. Vir- ginia Kennedy, Sherry Smith, Kathleen Cheever Back Row, left to right: Wanda Morgan, Jeri Haves. O ' Lena Jon s, Mozelle Clark, Mary Mc- Cameron Tennis Doubles Champs: Virginia Kennedy and Kathleen Cheever Intramurals All-Star Volleyball Team Standing: Wanda Morgan, Sue Beard, Man ' Wall ace, Robbie B revel 1, Jimmie Jones, Ann But- ler Kneeling: Adah Shannon, Bobby- Atkinson. Virginia Kennedv, Faye Ballow Not Pictured: Mary Liz Rush ing, Dell St. Clair Table Tennis Doubles Champs: Sandra Garner and Adah Shan- non Win ning Volleyball Team — Indeperidents — Left to Right: Sue Parrish, Jod Oliver, Wanda Morgan, Phylli; Bigby, Robbie Brevell, Jimmit Tones, Ethel Brader, Ann But ler, Bebe Whitworth, Sandra Garner, Adah Shannon Tennis Singles Champ Kathleen Cheever Winning Basketball Team — Independents — First Row: Jimmie Pond, Wynn Tennison, Jodv Oliver, Teddv Boyd Second Row: Wanda Morgan, Nancy Satterwhite Third Row: Phyllis Bigby, Adah Shannon, Jimmie Jones Delwyn and Sue Edgar and Nancy Duane and " Re " Following in the traditions of past SFA Cheerleaders, the cheerleaders of 1954-1955 served as the spark-plug for school spirit. These students stuck with the Jacks through good and bad times at all the athletic contests. Leading the student body; they supported the teams with their cheers and shouts of encouragement. Serving as cheerleaders were: Nancy Agan, Sue Beard, Edithmarie Erickson, Duane Stevens, Delwyn Davis, and Edgar Dorsett. Edgar served as head yell- leader. Smartly outfitted in white shirts, trimmed in purple with purple lettering " Lumberjacks " on the back, and purple skirts and trousers, the yell-leaders added a dash of color as well as enthusiasm to every contest. Serving as sponsor of the cheerleaders was Dr. Lucille Norton. Cheerleaders Stephen F. Austin State College Staff Beverly Linney Iris Bradberry Ray Swindell Ralph Womack Beth Alexander, Editor Fayne Childers, Business Manager Student Publications Staff John Hardin Lester, Business Manager Shirley Walker, Editor Beverly Linney Ann Crabtree Graeie Moranto The Stone Fort Lumberjack Band Stephen F. Austin College Magazine Staff Organized 1955 The Stephen F. Austin State College Magazine Publication The Tef Hayden McCauley Vice-President Student Government Student Congress Members Luke Adams Cathie Klein Mary Frazier, Secretary Diana Engstrom R. H. Shelton Mary Bridges Roy Gandy Eli Pool Larry Wilson Hollis Powell Jack Gossett Don Lilly Sue Beard Buzz McCauley Under the direction of Mr. Baumgartner, head of the SFA music department, the A Capella Choir enjoys the reputation or being one of the finest in the Southwest. Concert tours are made to many of the High Schools and Colleges in the surrounding territory during the school year. All of these concerts add luster to the reputation of the Choir. 1 Mr. Frederick Baumgartner Director A Capella Choir Spring Initiation Kappa Pi Baptist Student Union Everyone who joins either a local Baptist church or one of its or- ganizations automatic- ally becomes a member of the B.S.U. The Baptist Student Union seeks, first, to enlist every Baptist and Bap- tist preference student in those religious acti- vities which will bene - fit him most, and sec- ond, to unify the Bap- tist activities on the campus. James A. Wrav is the Director. Since 1929, when it was first opened, Wes- ley Bible Chair has been a very active or- ganization. The Foun- dation has a dual pur- pose: to teach Bible courses, and to provide a religious organization in which students may participate in worship services and recreation al activities. Dan By num is the Director. 76 U esleij Foundation Biologij Club Womens Recreation Center Women ' s Recreation Association The W. R. A. is open to all women stu- dents of the College. To be an active mem- ber one must participate in some recreational activity during the year and attend all club meetings. The purpose of the W. R. A. is to promote recreational activities and an in- tramural program for women. In keeping with this purpose, the organization sponsors an intramural program of team sports and other activities. Delta Psi Kappa Kathleen Cheever, President Virginia Kennedy, Vice-President Mary McCameron, Secretary Faye Ballow, Reporter Barbara Moody, Sergeant-at-Arms Mrs. Virginia Mathews, Association Member Dr. Lucille Norton, Sponsor Gibbs Hall Mantle decorations at Gibbs Hall and Sr. Dorm Christmas 1954. ormitorq ' J Mrs. Ora Stevens Director Each dormitory elects a council every school year which serves as the gov- erning hody. Aims of the organization are to bring cooperation among the dormitory girls and to keep everyone in Sigma Phi Alpha Alpha Chi Alpha Chi is a national honor society whose pur- pose is to promote and recognize scholar ship. The chapter on the cam- pus is named the A. W. Birdwell Chapter. Dr. T. E. Ferguson and Dr. C. F. Sheley serve as spon- sors of the group. 80 Alpha Psi Omega " Fellowship and ser- lce to stimulate interest collegiate dramatics. " his is the aim of Alpha si Omega, the national onorary dramatic fratern- y, an honor society for ose doing a high stan- ard of work in dramatics, ponsors of the group are )r. Robert Capel and Dr. E. Ferguson. Pi Kappa Delta The purpose. of Pi Kap- pa Delta is to stimulate progress in and to pro- mote the interests of inter- collegiate debate and ora- tory and public speaking. It encourages a spirit of fellowship and friendly co-operation. Sponsors of this group are Dr. Robert Capel and Dr. T. E. Fer- guson. Sqlvans The Svlvans Club was organized in the Fall of 1946 for the purpose of forwarding forestry knowl- edge and good will throughout the surround- ing territory. The Svlvans outstanding activity is the annual Field Day and bar- becue. Sponsors of this group are Dr. Samson and the Forestry teachers of the college. All-College Devotional Ellen H. Richards This Home Economics C 1 li h brings together young women interested in Home Making. The club was named honoring a pioneer in home eco- nomics, Ellen H. Rich- ards. Miss Edna Wilkin, with the assistance of oth- er faculty members, has sponsored the club since its beginning. Future Farmers of America The S.F.A. Collegiate Chapter of the Future Farmers of America was organized in the fall of 1950 as provided by the constitution of the nation- al organization, set up un- der the Smith - Huphes Act of 1917. Faculty ' Ad- visor is J. C. Green. ' Future Teachers of America The purpose of Future Teachers of America is to train for democratic operative action. Its im portance is attached projects in which young people work at education- al and civic problems. Sponsor of this group is Dr. Lerov McClendon. co- to The Press Club has as its purpose the improve- ment of the campus pub- lications, The Pine Log and The Stone Fort. The club is affiliated with the Texas Inter collegiate Press Association, an or- ganization comprised of press groups from the leading colleges in Texas. Press Club Arrwtfe Club Wilma Strickland — President, Koleta Steaddum — Vice-President, Martha Clinton — Secretary The Amitie Cluh was the first women ' s organization on the S. F. A. cam- pus. Amitie means friendship; and friendliness along with loyalty and good sportsmanship are some of the qualities stressed by the Amitie members. The school year of 1954-55 was highlighted for the Amities by the Amitie Cocktail Lounge, the Homecoming Tea for the Exes, and the Christmas Dinner Dance with their brother club, the Austinites. Also the Spring Formal and the Mother-Daughter Banquet in the Spring. Among the honors received by the Amities this year were the Alpha Chi membership of Martha Clinton, Jeannette Broker and Wilma Strickland; and Wilma was elected to Who ' s Who. Ruth Dean was a duchess in the Home- coming Parade. I Robbie Briery Jeanette Broker Mozelle Clark Martha Clinton Carolyn Collier Carolyn Cross Lu Cene Crow Ruth Dean Wan Delle Grogan Betty Heath Bonnie Jones O Lena Jones Martha King Jimmie Lowery Bonnie McClain Marjorie McNeil |anice Nichols Joy Reeves Koleta Steaddum Wilma Dell Strickland Ruth Wade Freda Williams " " I 1 Austimte Club Billy Dean— Secretary, Doyle Buckner— President, Jerry Stovall— Vice-President Organized in January, 1938, the Royal Order of Austinites was founded for the purpose of sponsoring school projects for the pleasure and benefit of the student body. The Austinite Club sponsors a varied -calendar ' of activities each year. These activities include dances, picnics, parties, and teams to compete in all intramural sports. Perhaps the most colorful activity is the annual " Pie Night " each spring semester. As a service to the student body, the Austinite Poll periodically gets the student ' s view point on pertinent questions. The Austinites are always eager to con- tribute their efforts toward any worth-while project that is of interest to, or for the betterment of the student body and school. Eloise Chambers - President, Mary Ann Terry - Secretary, Sue Reynolds - Vice- " For it ' s Fideles, Fideles, Fideles, That make you feel so welcome, On the campus of S. F. A. " The meetings are called to order by Eloise Chambers, with Sue Reynolds as a very able assistant, while Mary Ann Terry acts as Secretary-Treasurer. Shirley Walk- er keeps the pledges in line; Beverly Linney reports the news; Sue Beard keeps order by collecting nickles; Bobbie Rudd is Historian; and Sammye Walker is Parliamen- tarian. Mrs. Holt Davis ' pleasing personality and helpful suggestions keep the club going. Shirley Walker reigned as Queen of Homecoming, attended by Martha Peters, while Sue Reynolds, Gracie Maranto, Jane Donovan, Anne Benbow, Betty Holland, and Dawn Miller were duchesses. Bobbie Rudd, Tommy Wilson, and Jane Pitts rode the first prize float with the theme, " Our Jacks Are Riding Fligh. " Sue Beard and Edithmarie Erickson led the student body in yells. This year Lydia McMullen was Freshman Favorite and Sue Beard was Sophomore Favorite. Eloise Chambers, Shirley Walker, Sue Reynolds, and Sammye Walker were selected members of Who ' s Who; and Eloise Chambers, Mary Ann Claiborne, Ann Crabtree, Jo Nan Duran, Shirley Walker, and Doris Wilkinson were elected to Alpha Chi membership. Jane Donovan was choosen Sweetheart of the Future Farmers. The Stone Fort was edited by Shirley Walker with the active assistance of Ann Crabtree and Gracie Maranto. The outstanding Fidele events of the year are the Ranch Rushee Party, the For- ester-Fidele Halloween Ball, the Homecoming Tea for the Exes, the Christmas Din- ner Dance, and the biggest event of the Spring — the Forester-Fidele Spring Festival. Sue Beard Eloise Chambers Mary Ann Claiborne Sue Cooke Ann Crabtree Jane Donovan fo Nan Duran Edithmarie Erickson Earline Flanagan Laura Beth Gregory Patsy Hayes Betty Holland Sammy Jones Martha Nell Keeling Gloria Kelly Carolyn Kendriek Beverly Linney Cracie Maranto Barbara Martindale Lvdia MeMullen Frances Nations Jane Pitts Veronica Prado Eddie Pearl Price Sue Reynolds Bobbie Rudd Bette Sue Scarbrough Kathryn Stovall Mary Ann Terry Sammve Lou Walker Shirley Walker Mary Wallace Doris Wilkinson Mary Louise Williams 1 ommie Wilson Don Beck — President, Leonard Lea — Secretary There is not a more active and worthwhile social organi- zation on the campus than the Forester Club. This club, al- ways in the lead in any movement that will benefit the school,- is composed of boys who are leaders in college activities on all levels. The Foresters are glad that their number is rapidly increasing and thev strive to make the club one of the best on the campus. The most unforgetable event of the year lor the Foresters is the Spring Festival " which is sponsored jointly with their splendid sister club, the Fideles. Other annual affairs are the Rushee Party, Homecoming float for the parade, the Halloween Dance, the Christmas Dinner Dance, and the Forester-Fidele picnic. The Foresters art al- ways among the first to back activities sponsored by the col- lege as a whole. Many of the Foresters are active in other organizations on the campus. The most unusual activity of the Forester Club is its Radio Program. They operate a one hour musical program on Saturday night with Don Beck as announcer. It is through service and leadership that the Foresters look for bigger and better things to do in the service of S. F. A. You will always find the " Foresters Forever " among those leading the way. Don Beck Bobby Benbow Gerald Cheney Favne Childers Lowell Clark Bryan Davis W. L. Ellerbrook Mark Keeling Bill Kendrick Leonard Lea Joe Lee Johnny Linney Clyde McAuliffe Clarence McGuire Randall Milstead Jack Peebles Glendele Procella Malcolm Rector Bobby Sibley Bob Stripling David Sullivan Richard Tallent lames White Pine Burr Club Mary Liz Rushing — Secretary, Pat Swift — President, Mary Bridges — Vice-President Clad in tow sacks, the twenty Pine Burr pledges chanted " I want to be a cute Pine Burr . . . . " as they pushed peanuts up the Vista for the twenty-fifth year. Be- sides this unique initiation, other annual events fill the Pine Burr Calendar such as, the Big and Little Sister Dinner, Christmas Dinner Dance, Valentine Dance, Pine Burr-Sawyer Picnic, trip to Galveston, assembly program, a sleeper, and the Senior Dinner Dance. With all these activities, Pine Burrs have distinguished themselves in other fields such as furnishing Iris Bradberry as a lady-in-waiting to the Homecoming Queen; duchesses in the Queen ' s court were Jane Ann Woodfin for the Press Club, Mary Bridges for the Senior Class, Sue Nell Ramsey for the Sophomore Class, Betty Sue King for the Rebels, Kathleen Bratton for the Sawyers, and Mary Elizabeth Rushing for the Pine Burrs. The Pine Burrs won third place on their Homecoming float with the theme of " Gem of the Conference. " Rebecca Stephens sat in a large oyster shell made of purple and white angel hair, throwing white balloons that rep- resented pearls. Leading the Lumberjack Band was Sue Nell Ramsey as head ma- jorette and Mavis McCauley as majorette and flag bearer carrying the Texas flag was Marilyn Movers. Iris Bradberry was selected for Who ' s Who and she also won the Miss Nacogdoches contest during the summer. Several Pine Burr members par- ticipated in the school beauty contest. This has been a wonderful year for the Pine Burrs and for S. F. A. Vevey Alexander Katherine Ashmore Georgetta Blalock Alice Blankenship Annette Boling Kathy Bratton Mary Elizabeth Bridges Tvann Brown Sarah Ann Covington Ernestine Fuson Sue Goodwin Nona Hoskins Betty Sue King Marlys Mason Ann Matchett Mavis McCauley Marilyn Movers Sue Nell Ramsey Mary Elizabeth Rushing Dell St. Clair Rebecca Stephens Patricia Swift Jane Ann Woodfin 50702 Phillip Brown — Secretary, Gilbert Wheeler — President Under the leadership of Gilbert Wheeler, President, and Phil ip Brown, Secretary and Treasurer, the Sawvers have en- joyed one of the best years of the organization. Highlights of the year were: the election of Sawyer Luke Adams as President of the Student Body and a member of Who ' s Who. Sawyer Larry Wilson was elected Senior Class President, most popular Senior boy, and a member of Who ' s Who. Sawyer Jack Gossett was elected as Senior class repre- sentative to Student Congress. Sawyers Herb Branch and Luke Adams hold offices in other campus organizations as do many other club members. Bob Bryant was elected most pop- ular boy of the Freshman Class. The Sawyers hold the intra- mural trophy presented to the Winner of the All-Around Sports. The social functions of the Sawyers are always considered among the best. Some of these are: the Bowery Ball, Christ- mas Dinner Dance, the Apron-Overall Dance and picnics with the Pine Burrs. Luke Adams Campbell Cox Parrish Cox Harrv Dailev Talmadge Fuller Tommye Gillespie Jack Gossett Robert Graham Bucky Hawthorne Bruce Hughes F. M. Hughes Dwight Mason George Numsen Riley Pinson Jerry Reisz Murrav Shaw Gary Spring Don Wade Boyd Waltman Gilbert Wheeler Orren Ray Whiddon Larrv Wilson Sigma Gamma Club Polly Laudermilk — Secretary, Nellene Lowe — Vice-President, Virginia Kennedy - President Activities of the Sigma Gamma Club 1954-55 were directed by the three major officers. They were Virginia Kennedy, President, Nellene Lowe, Vice-President, and Polly Laudermilk, Secretary. Dr. Doris King served as the club sponsor. " All Hail Sigma Gamma " begins each meeting of one of the youngest and one of the fastest growing clubs on the S. F. A. campus. Responsible for its continuously expanding program is the spirit of the organization and the club is always expected to do the unexpected. Honors on the S. F. A. campus to which members of the Sigma Gamma have been chosen include the following: Kathleen Cheever, Pres. of Delta Psi Kappa; Barbara Moody, and Virginia Kennedy became members of Delta Psi Kappa; Mary McCameron was duchess for Delta Psi Kappa; Nellene Lowe was duchess for Sigma Gammas; Polly Laudermilk became member of Kappa Pi; Mary McCameron was elected to Alpha Chi; and Faye Ballow was elected to Who ' s Who. In the intramural program, Sigma Gammas have won first place in Badminton for three consecutive years, and were second in basketball this year. There were four of the members on the All-Star Team — Virginia Kennedy, Sherry Smith, Sue Cla- mon, and Mary McCameron. Outstanding events for the year included the Fall Rush Tea, the Spring Indian Pow Wow, Christmas Party, and the Lambda Gamma-Sigma Gamma Show Boat Dance. 98 Jo Ann Adams Mary Angel Faye Ballow Nancv Bethune Dorothy Mac Brock Canell Buckner Kathleen Cheever Jovce Childress Betty Cole Bobbie Craig Jerry Donnell Charlotte Edmons Diana Engstrom Eunice 1 laney Virginia Kennedy Pollv Laudcrmilk Nellene Lowe Barbara Moody Elizabeth Reynolds Sherry Smith Martha Stevenson Nina Watkins Helen Wilcox Lillie Jo Wright Ouida Woods 99 Lambda Gamma Club j: Roy Gandy — President, J. L. Yarbrough — Vice-President The Lambda Gamma Club was reorganized with a new constitution and new charter members in the Fall of 1954. Since that time it has proved through the ini- tiative of its members and pledges to be one of the best social clubs on the campus; and it is rapidly growing in membership. The club ' s activities for the year have been: the an- nual Beard Growing Contest, the Show-Boat Dance, second place on its float in the Homecoming Parade, the Christmas Dinner Dance, and the annual picnic with its sister club , the Sigma Gammas. Honors won by some of the members are: Roy Gandy and Buzz McCauley were elected to Who ' s Who; Roy is also president of the Junior Class; Buzz is vice- president of the student body. J. T. Henderson was elected the most popular sophomore boy and Don Smith was elected to Alpha Chi. The 1954-55 school year proved to be a successful one for the club and a memorable one for its members. Kenneth Barton Bill Blakely Gahlen Crawford Steve Crow Roy Candy Fred Garcia David Crogan John T. Hendeiaun Havden McCaulev jimmy McConnell Ray Maguess Royce Sargent James Sevvall Jason Summers Rebel Club Robert Glover — President, Elroy Nichols — Vice-President, Joe Craig — Secretary The Rebel Club is the newest social club on the S. F. A. campus. The Rebels made their debut on Homecoming of 1954. This organization is based on the theme of the Old South. The Rebels require a certain scholastic level which must be main- tained by all members if they wish to remain active Rebels. The Rebels are eager to help make S. F. A. a better school in any way thev can. 102 foe Craig Robert Glover |ohn Hamilton Charles Johnson Jimmy Key Johnny Mullins Neal Murphy Robert Nelson Clifton Nichols Elroy Nichols Burclett Pulliam Keith Walton 103 PINE BURR PLEDGES FIDELE PLEDGES Graduate Class Officers ELI POOL . BOBBY JIMERSON CHARLES RUSSELL President Vice-President Treasurer Graduates Franklin Clayton Elclon Cloudy Ruth Dean Sue English Bobby Flanagan tied Frick F. M. Hughes Bobby Jimerson Bailev Nations Eli Pool Charles Russell Jimmie Sturrock Dorothy Ward Harry Weaver Bob Williams Senior Class Officers Seniors ADAMS, LUKE R., B.S. Center, T exas President Student Body, Who ' s Who, Sawyer Officer, F.F.A. Officer, Texas Academy of Science Officer, Mr. S.F.A. ADAMS, MARIE, B.S. Alto, Texas Kappa Pi AKIN, HAROLD, B.S. Long Branch, Texas ALEXANDER, LENA BETH, B.S. Nacogdoches, Texas Alpha Chi, Who ' s Who, Pine Log Editor, Choir, Cirls ' Sextette, B.S.LJ. Council, Press Club. ALEXANDER, VEVY. B.A. Port Neches, Texas Pine Burr ANGEL, MARY LOU, B.B.A. Bonita, Texas | BALLOW, FAYE, B.S. Nacogdoches, Texas President Gibbs Hall, Sigma Gamma, Delta Psi Kappa, W.R.A., Allpha Chi, Who ' s Who, Homecoming Duch- ess. BAMBERG, JAMES, B.B.A. Kilgore, Texas Band BECK, DON, B.A. Nacogdoches, Texas President Forester Club, ' 55, Vice-President, ' 54, Who ' s Who, Vice-President Alpha Chi, Vice-President Grand Order of Royal Barristers, Student Congress, Speech Club, Asst. Editor " The Echo. ' ' BENBOW, BOBBY, B.S. Weslaco, Texas Football, Track, Forester Club Seniors BILLINGSLEY, DAVID, B.S. Timpson, Texas BLACK, JEAN, B.S. in H.E. Lufkin, Texas Sigma Gamma, E.H.R. BLAND, JAMES, B.B.A. Alto, Texas BLANTON, CAROLYN, B.S. Henderson, Texas Choir, F.T.A. BOICE, DAVID, B.S. Overton, Texas BOWERS, JANET, B.S. in H.E. Lufkin, Texas Sigma Gamma BRADBERRY, IRIS PEARL, B.S. in H.E. Nacogdoches, Texas President Pine Burrs, E.H.R., Press Club, Junior Class Secretary, Business Manager Stone Fort, Cheerleader, Third Stone Fort Beauty, Who ' s Who. BRIDGES, MARY ELIZABETH, B.B.A. Henderson, Texas Who ' s Who, Pine Burr Sec.-Treas. ' 52, ' 53, Vice-Pres. ' 54, President ' 55, W.R.A., Student Council, Homecom- ing Queen ' 53, Stone Fort Beautv ' 54, ' 55. BRIERY, ROBBIE, B.A. Carthage, Texas Amitie BYNUM, NORMAN, B.B.A. Carthage, Texas Seniors CHAMBERS, SUE, B.S. in H.E. Hemphill, Texas E.H.R. CHENEY, GERALD, B.A. Crockett, Texas Track, Golf, Forester CHEEVER, KATHLEEN, B.S. Donna, Texas Sigma Gamma, Delta Psi Kappa President ' 54- ' 55, Sec Treas.- ' 53- ' 54, W.R.A. Vice President ' 53, ' 54, ' 55. CLAIBORNE, MARY ANN, B.M. Tenaha, Texas Alpha Chi, Choir, Women ' s Sextette, Fidele, Homecom- ing Duchess ' 53, Stone Fort Beautv ' 52, ' 53. CLARK, MOZELLE, B.S. Waco, Texas Wesley, W.R.A. , Amitie. CLINTON, MARTHA, B.S. in H.E. Mount Enterprise, Texas Amitie, E.H.R. , Alpha Chi. COLEMAN, LORENE, B.A. Carthage, Texas Choir, College Plav, Choir Duchess ' 54, Stone Fort Beau ty ' 54, Biology Club Duchess ' 55, Biology Club Secretary Alpha Psi Omega, Alpha Chi, B.S.U. Council. COURTNEY, A. D., B.S. Lufkin, Texas CRABTREE, BAYANNAH L„ B.B.A. Nacogdoches, Texas Alpha Chi, Fidele, B.S.U., Stone Fort Annual Staff, Press Cluh. CRAIG, JOE, B.A. Henderson, Texas Library Assistant, Rebel Club Secretary - Treasurer ' 54- ' 55 ' . Seniors DAILEY, HARRY, B.S. High Island, Texas Football, Track, Sawyer. DONAHOE, BEVERLY, B.B.A. Nacogdoches, Texas DONOVAN, JANE, B.S. in H.E. Gushing, Texas Fidele, Kappa Pi, E.H.R. Club, Press Club ' 54, Student Congress ' 54, Senior Class Reporter. DU BOSE, PAUL, B.B.A. Apple Springs, Texas DL1RAN, JO NAN, B.S. Henderson, Texas Fidele DURAN, JOY, B.S. Carthage, Texas F.T.A., Choir EDMONS, JOHN RAY, B.S. Ciishing, Texas ELLIS, BETH, B.S. Chandler, Texas FAULKNER, CLIFTON, B.B.A Avinger, Texas FERGUSON, WILMA, B.A. Douglass, Texas i Seniors 1 FRANKLIN, TERRELL, B.B.A. Nacogdoches, Texas FUSTON, FRED, B.F. Paris, Texas GADMON, RONALD A., B.S. Sour Lake, Texas GEORGE, BETTY, B.B.A. Center, Texas GIBSON, MARGIE, B.S. Gushing, Texas Choir, Sextette, Junior Class Officer, Junior Class Fav- orite. GILBERT, PHIL, B.B.A. Laird Hill, Texas GILES, LLOYD, B.A. Texarkana, Texas Basketball, Football GLASS, JOHN M., B.S. Jacksonville, Texas Seniors GLOVER, ROBERT, B.S. Tyler, Texas President Rebel Club GOQLSBY, UPSON B., B.S. Carthage, Texas GOSSETT, JACK, B.S. Henderson, Texas Sawyer GRIESSER, CHARLOTTE, B.A. Tyler, Texas Kappa Pi HANEY, EUNICE, B.S. Waller, Texas B.S.LI., Sigma Gamma, Kappa Pi HAWTHORNE, JOHN " BUCKY " , B.S. Nacogdoches, Texas Sawver HAWTHORNE, RAMONA, B.S. Kilgore, Texas B.S.U., F.T.A., Pine Log Staff, Press Club. HAYES, PATSY, B.S. Lufkin, Texas Fidele HEATH, BETTY, B.A. Velasco, Texas Amitie HERRINGTON, W. T., B.B.A. Timpson, Texas Seniors i HUDSON, ROBERTA, B.S. Cus iing, Texas Choir, Senior Class Favorite HUGHES, DONALD, B.S. Logansport, Louisiana Austinite ■■I HURT, DARREL, B.B.A. Hutchinson , Kansas HUSTON, DONNA, B.S. in H.E. Nacogdoches, Texas HUSTON, JIM, B.S. Nacogdoches, Texas Forester HUTCHISON, BERNIE, B.F. Beaumont, Texas B.S.U., Sylvans KEELING, MARTHA, B.S. Gary, Texas Fidele KELLY, EDGAR, B.S. Beaumont, Texas Football, Track, Alpha Chi, Who ' s Who. KELLY, GLORIA G., B.B.A. Henderson, Texas Fidele, Band, Stone Fort Beauty, Most Beautiful Girl ' 53. KENNEDY, KEITH, B.B.A. Rusk, Texas Seniors KING, MARTHA, B.S. Clarksville, Texas Amitie LADE, DON, B.S. Waco, Texas Pine Log Cartoonist LATIMER, PEGGY, B.S. Garrison, Texas Alpha Chi LEA, LEONARD, B.B.A. Nacogdoches, Texas Forester Club Secretary LINNEY, JOHNNY, B.S. Nacogdoches, Texas Football, Student Congress, " T " Association, Forester, Senior Class President ' 54, Who ' s Who. LOCK, JOHN, B.S. Laneville, Texas LOVE, GLENDA, B.S. in H.E. Hemphill, Texas E.H.R. LOWE, NELLENE, B.S. Glenfawn, Texas Kappa Pi, Sigma Gamma MARANTO, GRACIE, B.B.A. Marshall, Texas Fidele, Fidele Duchess, F.T.A., Press Club, Annual Staff, Vice-President FT. A. MASON, DWIGHT, B.S. Henderson, Texas Sawver Seniors McCALL, BOB, B.A. Lit f kin, Texas B.S.U. McCARTY, ERNEST, B.A. Alto, Texas McCORD, NEAL, B.S. Kernes, Texas Football McMillan, dale, b.s. Sac ul, Texas MERCER, ALLEN, B.A. Nacogdoches, Texas B.S.U. MOODY, BARBARA, B.S. Waco, Texas Delta Psi Kappa, Sigma Gamma, W.R.A. MOONEY, BILL, B.B.A. Nacogdoches, Texas NICHOLS, JANICE, B.A. San Augustine, Texas Amitie, F.T.A., Kappa Pi. PARRISH, GLENN, B.S. Maydellc, Texas PEARSON, GLENN, B.S. Nacogdoches, Texas Basketball Seniors PEPPER, BETTY ANN, B.S. Laneville, Texas PITTMAN, WAYNE, B.B.A. Cushinv Texas PITTS, JANE, B.S. Carthage, Texas Fidele POWELL, MOLLIS, B.S. Brookeland, Texas Austinite, FT. A., Student Congress, Intramural Sports. t RANDALL, JAVAN, B.S. Appleby, Texas RECTOR, MALCOLM, B.S. Beaumont, Texas Forester, T.A.S.C.O., Intramural Sports, FT. A. REESE, STEVE, B.B.A. Nacogdoches, Texas B.S.U. REYNOLDS, SUE, B.S. Livingston, Texas Fidele, Band, Choir, Sextette, B.S.U., Alpha Chi, Who ' s Who, Senior Class Secretary-Treasurer, Miss ST. A. RICE, MARCIE, B.S. Overton, Texas Debate RIDER, MARGIE, B.S. in H.E. Gary, Texas Fidele, E.H.R. Seniors SCARBROUGH, BETTE SUE, B.S. Freeport, T exas Fidelc, Vice-President Kappa Pi, Cheerleader. SCARBROUGH, KENNETH RAY, B.S. Kerens, Texas Football, All College Football Team in Texas, Second Team in Lone Star Conference. 4- SCOTT, ELIZABETH, B.S. Nacogdoches, Texas SEELBACH, CURTIS, B.A. Henderson, T exas SHANNON, ADA! I, B.S. New London, Texas VV.R.A. SHAW, MURRAY, B.S. Texarkana, Texas Basketball Seniors SIBLEY, BOBBY, B.S. Huntington, Texas Forester, Track SMITH, HAROLD, B.S. Hemphill, Texas Rebel SMITH, WINNIE, B.S. in H.E. Lufkin, Texas SPARKS, AGNES W., B.S. in H.E. San Augustine, Texas E.H.R., Alpha Chi. SPIVEY, JAMES, B.S. Jacksonville, Texas B.S. LI., Die-Hards, Intramural Sports. SPRING, GARY, B.B.A. Apple Springs, Texas Sawyer STOKER, CECILE ANN, B.S. Beaumont, Texas B.S.LI. STOVALL, JERRY, B.E. Kerens, Texas Austinite, Svlvan STRICKLAND, WILMA DELL, B.S. in H.E. Chireno, Texas Amitie President, E.H.R., B.S.U. SWIFT, PATRICIA, B.A. Nacogdoches, Texas Kappa Pi, Annual Staff, Pine Log Staff, Canterbury Club, Pine Burr. Seniors TALBOT, RUSTY, B.S. Electra, Texas Football TALLENT, RICHARD, B.S. Gladewater, Texas Football, Forester, " T " Association. TERRY, MARY ANN, B.B.A. Clarksville, Texas Secretary, Fidele Social Club, Choir, Wesley Foundation. WALKER, SAMMYE LOU, B.S. Texas City, Texas Alpha Psi Omega, Pi Kappa Delta, Fidele, President F.T.A., Vice-President Wesley, Debate Squad, Drama, Choir. WARREN, HL1EY, B.S. Gladewater, Texas Football, Track WHEELER, GILBERT, B.S. Center, Texas Sawyer President ' 54-55, Sawyer Secretary-Treasurer ' 53,- ' 54, President F.F.A., Texas Academy of Science, Intramural Sports. WHIDDON, ORREN RAY, B.A. Joaquin, Texas Sawyer, Basketball. WHITE, CAROLYN, B.S. in H.E. Tyler, Texas WHITE, JAMES, B.S. Devers, Texas Forester, F.F.A. WILLIAMS, FREDA, B.A. linden, Texas Seniors WILSON, LARRY, B.S. Sawyer, Student Council, President, Classes. WOFFORD, GILBERT. B.B.A. San Antonio, Texas Tennis Junior-Senior WOMACK, NORR1S, B.S. Apple Springs, Texas Business Manager, Pine Log. WOMACK, RALPH, B.S. Jacksonville, Texas President, Baptist Student Union, State B.S.LI. Officer, President, Press Club, President, Alpha Chi. WOODS, OUIDA, B.S. Hemphill, Texas B.S.LI., Sigma Gamma WORRY, BONNIE, B.S. Warren, Texas B.S.LI. Junior doss Officers Juniors Scotty Barnes Earl Barnett Ottis Barge Juniors Lenville Bvars Laverle Carrinpton Carol Castleberry Juniors Juniors Marv Etta Frazier Rov Gandy Fred Garcia Juniors Ralph Gillham O ' Neal Griffin Betty Holland K-assel J. Lambert Bill Lane Polly Laudermilk Juniors Bailey Marshall Bernard Mask jimmy McConnell Martha McLeroy Frank Meador James Meador Juniors Juniors Martha Peters John Rhodes Keifer Richards Shirley Russell Juniors Juniors Sophomore Class Officers JOHN LA NOUE ..President BETTY SUE KING _ _ .Secretary RANDALL MILSTEAD _ Vice-President SUE COOKE Treasurer Sophomores {Catherine Ashmore Tommy Atkins Bill Barker Sherwood Barker Sue Beard lack Berg Nancy Bethune Georgetta Blalock r Kenneth Barton Gemar Battise Lee Roy Batv Mary Baxter Alice Blankenship Annette Boling Doris Brandon lohn Branis Ola Burnett Ann Butler Douglas Butler Earl Capps sB I jfli Nelson Cloudy Sue Coffey Betty Cole Carol vn Collier Sophomores Alma Bridges Dorothy Mae Broek Tyann Brown Elizabeth Brvson Rosa Marie Castleberry Fayne Childers Joyce Childress Lowell Clark Sophomores Mary Collier Gwenda Cook Sue Cooke Morris Cordova f $ r Sarah Ann Covington Tommie Covington Campbell Cox Parrish Cox Arvle Corley Campbell Corley Betty Courtney Lorlene Covington Gay Crawford Carolyn Cross Bryan Davis Robert Dil Diana Engstrorn Edithmarie Erickson Thomas Evans Henry Flournoy Billy Gaston Dottie Gay Tommye Gillespie Sue Glasgow Sophomores Sue Reese Dinges Shirley Driver Charlotte Edmons Bettv Emerson Richard Forrest Talmadge Fuller Ernestine Fuson Alice Garner Sophomores Bob Goodwin Robert Graham Lelwyn Green Laura Beth Gregory Herman Hancock Jacko Hargrove John T. Henderson Herman Hendrix V David Grogan Wan Dell Grogan Viola Gulledge Homer Lee Hairston 1ST ' Bm Si 1 Joyce Hodges Marilyn Honea Tommy Hooper Bruce I lughes Sharon Jarrell Char] es Johnson Nina Johnson Orville Jones fimmie Key Glynis King Betty Sue King Barhara Kronig Sophomores Gordon Hutson Ross Jaekson Louise Jacobs Jack James Mark Keeling Bill Kendrick Carolyn Kendrick Virginia Kennedy Sophomores John La Noue Kay Baldwin La Noue Joe Lee Ma urine Lester Vivian Maynard Clyde McAuliffe Shirley McGee Jerry Mclntyre 4 | Beverly Linney Carol Manning Marlys Mason fohnnv Matthews Mi Marjorie McNeill Ray m on d McSped de n Randall Milstead Patricia Minton Elroy Nichols Ruth Norris Margaret Overstreet Lvnne Owens Tracie Pearman Mary Elizabeth Peebles Dan Penny Rudv Perales Sophomores Reginald V. Monzingo Allen Mooney Johnny Mullins R. E. Nadeau Charles Page Katherine Parks James Parrish Patsv Patterson Sophomores Veronica Prado Eddie Pearl Price James D. Price Burdett Pulliam Jerry Reisz Elizabeth Reynolds Bob Rhoades Norma Richards Mary Jane Queen Sue Nell Ramsey Charles Reeves Joy Reeves Eddie Riley Bobby Rix James Rogers James Sewall Jewell Sheffield Charles Simmons Glen Simmons Ronald Strybos David Sullivan Sue Summers Lillian Timmons Sophomores Bobbie Rudd Bobbie Runnels Joseph Sapp Royce Sargent Ruby Smelly Koleta Steaddum Martha Stevenson Kathryn Stcvall 4 11 ■ Sophomores Lynne Trout Ruth Wade Charles Waldrip Bill Walton 1 Elizabeth Wilcox Helen Wilcox Marilyn Williams Mary Louise Williams 1 Francis Ware Nina Watkins John C. Watts Eddie Glen Wheeler Jane Ann Woodfin Lillie Jo Wright Troy Yarbrough Pollv Younyblood Freshman Class Officers KATHY BRATTON TOMMY REED LOUVERL LLOYD DON LILLY Reporter Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer President Bobby Jean Adekison Robert Akin Harold Allen Leonard Allen Billie Altom Roy Anderson Gwenozelle Armstrong Jo Ann Baggs Norman Baker Gay Baldree Arlin Barges Bob Barton Laura Bean Joy Beckham Donald Beitler Robert Bell Norma Jean Berry Phyllis Bigby Carol Ann Birmingham Mollie Blansett Lloyd Bow den E. C. Bowens Eva Bowlin Freshmen Freshmen Teddy Boyd Duke Braselton Billie Brasher Kathy Bratton Robbie Brevelle Jerry Bridges Roy Brown Bob Bryant Ganell Buckner Virginia Buller G. W. Butler Jerry Burkett Nancy Ruth Burrows Wanda Bynum Peggy Capps Lila Faye Clamon James Cogswell Charlsie Conerly Bob Cook James Cooper Sue Crausby Robert Grenwelge William F. Crocker Bernice Crouch Freshmen Bob Crump Dixie Curl James Dabney Delwin Davis Franklin Davis Peggy Davis Shirley Davis Helen Deggs James Denney Jerry Donnell Norma Drewery Ray Dunn Billy Edwards W. L. Ellerbrook Barbara Elliott Billie Enmon Ann Epps Charles Evans Clarence Everett Jerry Fausett Jeanette Finley Maurice Fitzgerald Sonja Fogtik Charles E. Fowler A 1 Freshmen Franklin Davis Martha Franks Nell Fuller Woody Gann Sandra Garner Lynn Garrison Gerald Gilbert Diane Gilmore Jane Goodwin Sue Goodwin Haskell Gossett Sylvia Swift Gossett Gloria Granger Lex Grantham Evelyn Green Jack Griffin Russell Hairston John Hamilton Esther Hargis Sarah Harris Langston Hasley Betty Hawthorn Patricia Hearon Glenda Hebert Freshmen Martha Hill John Hillin Jay Nita Holcomh Nan Holleman Mary Jane Hooper Harold Home Nancy Huffman C. R. Huggins Maybell Hughes Minnie Irish Ruth Jacks James Jackson Ouida James Jean Ann Jefferies James Ray Johnson Wayne Johnson Charles Jones Jimmie Jones O ' Lena Jones Sammy Jones James Jordan Berry Kidwell Carolyn Killion Wallace E. Kissel ft y u . r r ; i ! 4 1 € f jjj Freshmen Cathie Klein Lois Ladd Phillip Largent Joyce Lee John Lester Royaleen Lewis Don Lilly Troy Lilly Louverl Lloyd Jimmie Lowery Bonnie McClain Joan McClain Mavis McCauley Tom McFerrin Margie McGraw Mary Ann McGuire Charlene McKeown Lydia McMullen George Ann Mast Ann Matchett William Mitchell Joe Moake Frances Montes Ruth Moore Freshmen Marilyn Moyers Neal Murphy- Sue Myers Jimmy Nabours Joe Neel feanette Neichoy Clifton Nichols Charles Oliver Sue Parrish Bonita Ann Patterson David Patterson E. L. Pelt Frank Perkins Mittie Phillips Ann Martha Pickett Jimmie Pond Pearl Price Joe Lee Pyle, Jr. Henry Ramos Glenn Rasbury Paul Reavis Dick Redding Joe Renfro Troy Pflieder Freshmen Freshmen Bob Stripling Wynne Tennison G. W. Thompson Darrell Tidwell Bryant Tindall Bettye Todd Fred Todd L. V. Trahan Catherine Tucker Annelle Turner Maxine Valentine Ralph Viles Elizabeth Walker Mary Wallace Sara Walters Keith Walton Sherwood Whitehead Teresa Wiggins Anne Williams John R. Williams Johnny Williams Paul Williams Jack Wilbanks Harold Wilson Tommie Wilson Editor ' s Message Another edition of the Stone Fort is now in the hands of the Student Body. It has been the sincere desire of the entire staff since September to compile a volume that will serve as a reminder of old familiar scenes and faces and records of your fellow students during the year 1954-55. The excellent co-operation of the student body, faculty members, administrative staff, and advertisers played an im- portant role in the publication of this book. Sincere thanks for their splendid services are extended to the entire staff; to Miss Elma Heard, sponsor; to Robinson Studio for the pictures; to the Hurley Publishing Company; and to Lawrence Franks. The patience, guidance, and faithfulness of these has made our task a most enjoyable and profitable one. Shirley Walker Editor ♦ ♦♦To the class of 1955 A sincere wish that each of you may find success in your chosen career. HUMBLE HUMBLE OIL REFINING COMPANY Those we have served are our best reference. In reality ... your approval is our only necessary reward. Cason, Monk Co. HARDWARE — FURNITURE Nacogdoches, Texas Established 1893 LIKE S. F. A. GRADUATES LONE STAR PRODUCTS ARE HIGH QUALITY BEST WISHES FOR YOUR SUCCESS FOR SO GOES THE SUCCESS OF EAST TEXAS When You Pick Up This Annual 10 Years From Now Then As Now— Lone Star Folks Will Still Be Pulling- For S. F. A. TEXAS FARM PRODUCTS COMPANY NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS BRAND BRAND SOUTHLAND PAPER MILLS, Inc. LUFKIN, TEXAS CONGRATULATES GRADUATES Pioneer Manufacturer of Newsprint From Southern Pine " THE STONE FORT NATIONAL BANK NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS 1903-1955 — FIFTY YEARS UNDER THE SAME NAME L. B. MAST, President ALTON KING, Asst. Vice-Pres. E. W MONK, Executive Vice-Pres. GEO V. BURROWS, Asst. Cashier H. T. EDWARDS, Active Vice-Pres. G. P. RAWSON, Asst. Cashier S. B. HAYTER Vice-President T. T. WILLIAMS, Asst. Cashier R. E. GILMORE, Vice-Pres.-Cashier PARRISH PALMER, Asst. Cashier R. N. CASON L. B. MAST A. L. NELSON GEO. F. CLARK E. W. MONK C. D. THOMAS S. B. U A YTPR HI A 1 1 Ll K. VV . MClxllNlNtl IN. 1 PI J M r jU 1 N J. R. GRAY M. S. WRIGHT This Bank Is a Mem ber of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation THE LARGEST BANK IN NACOGDOCHES COUNTY COLLEGE GRILL Phone 4-9027 205 East College Thomas Appliance Co. 320 North Street Phone 4-9241 GENERAL ELECTRIC RCA MAYTAG Compliments of WEDGEWORTH BUICK, INC. Your BUICK Friend " When Better Automobiles are Built, Buick Will Build Them " COMMERCIAL NATIONAL BANK Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. Compliments of HE LPIN STILL AUTO SUPPLY Nacogdoches, Texas Jewel Helpinstill Owner ROYAL TYPEWRITERS World ' s No. I Typewriter CLARY ADDING MACHINES World ' s Fastest Adding Machines CLARY CASH REGISTERS DICTAPHONES Sales — Service — Rentals — Supplies Lufkin Typewriter Company Lufkin, Texas Phone 3-9113 Serving The Independent Retail Merchants of East Texas Wholesale Only Nacogdoches Grocery Company Best Wishes From BENNETT-CLARK CO. INC Y OUR success as a student is a per- sonal triumph that can never be erased by time, if you will make every effort to utilize constructively the knowledge you have gained throughout your school years. Text- book facts take on value only when you apply them to the principles of good citizenship and honest ambition. When you have done this, you will find the future equally generous with success . . . equally prepared to give personal satisfaction as a reward for genuine effort. lllVM T £ A NMIVItlAtvjl 15 fP UNITED CAS ROBINSON ' S STUDIO " One of the Finest " All Phases of Photography College Heights BE MODERN GO ELECTRIC Texas Power Light Company Best Wishes From MEN ' S APPaRQ. Nacogdoches. Tex. OUR GIFT SHOP CONTAINS A GIFT FOR EVERY OCCASION Swift- Bros. Smith " YOUR DOWNTOWN SHOPPING CENTER See Us For Your SCHOOL SUPPLIES AND STATIONERY THE HERALD PUBLISHING CO., Inc. PUBLISHERS OF The Daily Sentinel AND The Redland Herald Compliments of LEVY ' S MAN ' S SHOP ' The Smart Store for Men ' Nacogdoches, Texas COMPLIMENTS OF Gray Motor Company Your FORD Dealer NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS COMPLIMENTS OF The S. F. A. College Bookstore " IF THE STUDENT NEEDS IT . . . WE HAVE IT " STRIPLING ' S We Sell Everything ACROSS FROM POST OFFICE PHONE 4-4646 KENNEDYS JEWELERS GIFTS FOR ALL OCCASIONS 201 Main Nacogdoches " Your only real security is a home of your own. " STONE-CRAWFORD Building Material Co. NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS The Flower Shop 309 Mound Street Phone 4-7245 " THE BEST IN FLOWERS " Trammel! C. Lacey CONSIGNEE THE TEXAS COMPANY Drawer 830 — Phone 4-4961 NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS Mize Department Store QUALITY MERCHANDISE NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS Banit j Laundry and Dry Cleaners FOR THE PAST 41 YEARS HAS BEEN SERVING THE CLEANING NEEDS OF NACOGDOCHES FRED B. DAVIS W. T. " WINDY " McKEWEN Best Wishes From NACOGDOCHES CITY LINES Compliments of S. F. A. Barber Shop " It Pays to Look Nice " Coca-Cola Nacogdoches Bottling Company PERRY BROTHERS 5-10c and 25c Store " Air Conditioned for Your Comfort " All Standard Brands in Quality MAKE OUR STORE YOUR HEADQUARTERS A L W AT S F i R ST O U AltTY ! Quality is your greatest saving FOR SPORTING GOODS, HARDWARE AND HOUSEWARES Branch-Patron Hardware Co. Nacogdoches Floral Co. LOVELY CORSAGES FOR ALL OCCASIONS Phone 4-7361 107 S. Church St. WE DELIVER Member F. T. D. DEPEND ON THE COLLEGE CLEANERS For Your Cleaning and Pressing " THEY CAN CLEAN ' EM " N» trior drink piaki yen of likt Dr. Ptprx ' Dr. Pepper Bottling Co. 1615 S. Fredonia St. NACOGDOCHES COMPLIMENTS OF Gound Chevrolet Co. Phone 4-8381 Nacogdoches, Texas McCRORY ' S THE FRIENDLY 5 AND 10c STORE Are Your Best Entertainment MAIN THEATRE ' EAST TEXAS FINEST ' 511 E. Main PHONE 4-3951 Where Every Movie Patron Is Always An Honored Cuest. Shofner Hardware Co. HARDWARE • SPORTING GOODS PAINTS • APPLIANCES 600 E. MAIN DIAL 4-3509 COMPLIMENTS OF R. W. McKinney AND Jack McKinney REESE BROS. PONTIAC WE SERVICE ALL MAKES Ph one 4-4331 100 Bremond Nacogdoches, Texas Enjoy A Good Movie MATTY MATTESON ' S Home Owned Operated S. F. A. THEATRE Clean — Comfortable — Courteous Plenty of Free Parking Nacogdoches, Texas ICE CREAM Try the Finest The Borden Company Nacogdoches, Texas Phone 4-3491 COMPLIMENTS OF SISCO FEED AND SUPPLY PURINA CHOW Nacogdoches, Texas To Our Advertisers Our sincere appreciation to all advertisers for their help in making this book available to us. Merchants have found the Stone Fort a good advertising medium which places their names and products in a permanent record. It is an inspiration to see that you are behind us, and we of the college pledge to patronize you as often as possible. JOHN HARDIN LESTER Business Manager Six Top Beauties CtLENDA Hebert Mary Elizabeth Rushing Mary Elizabeth Bridges Carol Fairchild Jane Donovan Anne Williams t HUHLET

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