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134414 LO 5111 STEPHEN F. AUSTIN STATE NACOGDOCHES, STONE FORT reflections o j 1953 The 1952-53 school year has been memor- able for many reasons at Stephen F. Austin State College. In this issue of the Stone Fort yearbook, we have attempted to portray in picture and word the spirit of the times. Through the years, we hope, you will find the work a product to be cherished as a faithful chronicle of those precious days spent on the campus of " the college among the pines. " RUBY CHILDERS, Editor and staff Dr. Birdwell Honored at Homecoming MMtflTT Y. AUSTIN STATE COLLEC? NACOGDOCHES. TEXAS Campus Drive OF CAMPUS L I F Senior Sock Hop Smiling Service at Luncheonette IN THE CLASSROOM Just as every year, 1952-53 opened with students going through the familiar motions of registering, meeting new and old friends and faculty members, and getting introduced to the classroom routine. Thomas J. Rusk Building Science Building IN THE LABORATORY The laboratories of the Science building command much of the student ' s time. So in 1952-53 could be seen and heard the flash of test tubes in the afternoon sun, the sounds of research training the doctors, dentists, nurses, scientists, and technicians of to- morrow. OF ACTIVITIES... A multitude of outside activities, bringing relaxation from books and lectures, came often and enjoyably during the year. The first big undertaking, Homecoming, fea- tured colorful floats sponsored by the clubs and the dance with music by Hal Mclntyre ' s orchestra. Terry and Key honor Queen Doris Pittman Wisely Hall Men ' s Dormitory Gibbs Hall Women ' s Dormitory PROFESSIONAL AND SOCIAL Baptist Bible Chair Both professional and social ac- tivities interest students during their leisure hours. A combination of the two pursuits is evident in the programs of the two campus Bible chairs — Baptist and Meth- odist. These institutions in addi- tion to providing religious instruc- tion and training also sponsor many delightful activities during the year. 1952-53 proved no ex- ception. SERIOUS AND FUN Dances almost every week attracted SFA students during the year. These ranged from the formality of the Homecoming ball, and other annual club functions, to the gay informality of the Sock Hop, Sadie Haw- kin ' s struggle, and many others. Dance Ticket Dormitory for Senior Women Ferguson Hall Men ' s Dormitory OF FRIENDSHIP... First friendships often prove the most lasting. Thus it is that the persons — faculty and students — met in college generally remain your good and close friends for life. 1952- 53 found this true at SFA. Gunter Memorial (Wesley) Bible Chair 1 OLD AND NEW A happy blend of old and new friendship was evi- dent during the 1952 Homecoming celebration. Members of the 1923 faculty, the first at SFA, ap- peared in a body during the activities of the day dedicated to Dr. A. W. Birdwell, president emeritus of the College. They welcomed back to the campus the students of yesterday and worked with those of today in staging the celebration. SFA first faculty members, Shelton and Blount, front, Pritchett and Wilkin, back, ride in Homecoming parade. Student Union Building Physical Education Building " ALL Coffee Time at the SUB HAIL TO S F A " These Stone Fort reflections of 1952-53 — of campus life ... in the classroom, in the lab- oratory ... of activities, professional and social, serious and fun ... of friendship, old and new — sum up the times that have been ours ' . While they constitute a record of the past, they also serve as a reserve to be drawn upon as a guide and inspiration for success- ful living today and tomorrow. SCHOOL SPIRIT OF OLD All that SFA is today can be attributed to planning and work of yesteryears, just as any product is the flower of seeds sown earlier. Were it not for a keen school spirit born of old, a proud tradition, we of this day and year could not enjoy the many advantages that are afforded us. And just as we have benefited from those who went before us, so shall the students of tomorrow have greater opportunities on this campus because we have passed this way. The Old Stone Fort Museum THE BOARD OF REGENTS Honorable W. H. Frank Barnes Terrell, Texas Miss Emma Mae Brotze Marshall, Texas Hi- Honorable John C. Calhoun Corsicana, Texas Honorable Newton S. Harrell Claude, Texas Honorable Claude Isbell Secretary, Austin, Texas Honorable William L. Kerr Midland, Texas Honorable Charles P. McGaha Wichita Falls, Texas Honorable Hubert L. Mills Houston, Texas Honorable Frank White Groveton, Texas Honorable Jack Woodward Dallas, Texas DR. A. W. BIRDWELL PRESIDENT EMERITUS Loved and admired by all who know him, Dr. A. W. Birdwell, founder of Stephen F. Austin State College, is recognized as one of the leading educators in the country. He has given sound advice to thousands of young men and young women, and his counsel is still sought by the school men of East Texas. His entire life has been dedicated to improving the minds of young people, and it is he who has guided S.F.A. to its present high scholastic standards. It can truthfully be said that Dr. Birdwell is really " Mr. S.F.A. PRESIDENT AND MRS. PAUL L. BOYNTON PRESIDENT OF S FA To each of the 1953 graduates we wish to extend our warmest congratulations for having done a good job, and our sincerest hopes for a profitable, wholesome, active, and enjoyable life in the years which lie ahead. To the families and friends of all we wish to express our appreciation for the efforts which you have expended to help these, our grad- uates, learn much and live well during their sojourn with us. College graduation is an event which all of us approach with mixed emotions each time. We who have been so fortunate as to be permitted to work and associate with those of the graduating classes naturally regret to see them leave. It means a severing of personal ties, a loss of pleasant and satisfying daily contacts. Yet we have a fullness of pride at each commencement season in seeing our newest group achieve long-sought goals, and attain merited recognition as trained, qualified citizens and leaders. To you who are graduating we say, " We hate to see you leave these forty acres, but we are thrilled at the opportuni- ties which are yours, opportunities which you have earned and for which we know that you are qualified. " So SFA bids you adieu with confidence, and pride, and with the hope that through the years you will want to visit us often, and will look back on the College as your home away from home. PAUL L. BOYNTON DEANS OF THE COLLEGE THOMAS E. FERGUSON, Ph.D. DEAN OF THE COLLEGE D. D. GILES, Ph.D. DEAN OF THE GRADUATE SCHOOL JOE N. GERBER, Ph.D. DEAN OF THE JUNIOR DIVISION AND DIRECTOR OF GUIDANCE R. H. SHELTON, M.Ed. DEAN OF MEN MARY W. THOMSON, M. A. DEAN OF WOMEN DEPARTMENTAL HEADS AT Harold F. Abbott, Ph.D. Chemistry Frederick Baumgartner, M.M. M usic Robert B. Capel, Ph.D. William T. Chambers, Ph.D. Speech Geography Robert S. Cornish, Ph.D. Economics W. W. Dossey, Ph.M. Physical Education for Men Thomas E. Ferguson, Ph.D. English and Journalism W. F. Garner, M.A. History Ted L. Jefferies, B.S. Director of Athletics Frank Lauderdale, M.Ed., C.P.A. Business Administration W. I. Layton, Ph.D. Mathematics A. L. Long, Ed.D. Education STEPHEN F. AUSTIN Edwin L. Miller, Ph.D. Biology Lucille Norton, Ed.D. Physical Education for Women W. R. Owens, Jr., M.F. Forestry Floyd A. Pollock, Ph. D. Sociology Karl T. Schlicher, Ph.D. Art C. F. Sheley, Ph.D. Language J. L. Sullivan, Ph.D. Agriculture Robert L. Turner, M.A. Physics Edna Wilkin, M.A. Home Economics Mildred Wyatt. M.S. in L.S. Library FACULTY AND S T A F mm . jm ■i - - W ldm k. m)m± i k mm • I A 4 Lena Arnwine, R.N., M.A. College Nurse Henrietta W. Baker, M.A. Manager Student Union Building Betty Barber, B.B.A. Secretary to Director of Extension Helen Barron, M.A. Home Economics Robert B. Batchelder, Ph.D. Geography Vesta G. Bratt, M.A. Business Administration J. H. Burr, Jr., Ph.D. Biology Robert F. Bussabarger, M.A. Art W. S. Cannon, M.B.A. Economics Maurice W. Cecil, M.A. English Charles K. Chamberlain, M.A. History William B. Coble, Th.M. Baptist Bible Chair Edith B. Coco, B.B.A. Secretary to Librarian Gene S. Cox, M.F. Forestry J. T. Cox, M.M., M.A. M usic FACULTY AND STAFF Elizabeth Davis, M.A. Foreign Languages Louis W. Ellerbrook, Ed.D. Education Victor B. Fain, B.S. Journalism Ethel Farr, B.S. in L.S. Library Service Gladys Fox, Ph.D. English Edwin W. Gaston, Jr., M.A. College Information George W. Gauggel, M.M. Music G. F. Gray, Ph.D. Agriculture J. C. Green, M.E. Voc. Agr. Agriculture Elbert L. Griffin, M.A. Chemistry George Hardin, B.B.A., CP. A. Auditor William B. Hatcher, Ph.D. Agriculture Loretta Heath, B.S. Secretary to Dean of Junior Division F. Eugene Heilman, M.A. Sociology Iven H. Hensley, Ed.D. Psychology FACULTY AND STAF George W. Hindman, M.S- Business Administration Keith Hogan, B.S. Manager of Bookstore Lola Holleman Director of Gibbs Hall Faye Huston Director of Senior Women ' s Dormitory June Irwin, M.A. Physical Education for Women Gladys B. Johnson, M.A. Business Administration Cecil Jones, M.S. Agriculture Walter E. Kidd, M.A. English Elizabeth C. Killingsworth Director of Wisely Hall Doris Kilpatrick, B.S. in L.S. Library Olan E. Kruse, Ph.D. Physics Joe D. Lacy, M.A. Business Manager Charles E. Laing, B.D. Wesley Bible Chair Mary I. Love, M.A. History William J. McCallum, Ph.D. Director of Extension FACULTY AND STAFF LeRoy McClendon, Ed.D. Education Stanford W. McKewen, B.S. Registrar Robert T. McKibben, Ed.D. Education Louisville Marshall, M.A. English Lois N. Mason, B.S. Secretary to Dean of Graduate School Robert S. Maxwell, Ph.D. History Beatrice B. Meadow, M.M. Music Carolyn S. Miller, B.M. M usic Elsie C. Milroy, M.A. Dietitian James L. Nichols, Jr., Ph.D. History Clifford H. Osborne, Ph.D. English R. W. Parker, B.S. History Paul W. Parmalee, Ph.D. Biology R. B. Pinson, M.A. Mathematics Ida Pritchett, B.S. Music FACULTY S. D. Red-field, LLB., CP. A. Business Administration Doris B. Richardson, B.S. Secretary to Dean of the College Nelson T. Samson, Ph.D. Forestry Hugh B. Smith, Ph.D. Bioloqy Robert G. Smith, M.M.Ed. Music Sugene Spears, B.A. Secretary to the President Ruth C. Spurgeon, B.A. Assistant to Registrar Madge E. Stallings, B.S. Director of Stenographic Bureau Oran Standley, M.A. Agriculture John O. Stephens, M.A. Physical Education Clinton R. Stimson, Ph.D. Chemistry James H. Valentine, M.S. Director of Soils Analysis Laboratory Ruth M. Walters, B.S. Home Economics John T. Watson, M.Ed Director of Ferguson Hall Travis Whitaker, M.Ed. Assistant Auditor Ruth Williamson, B.S. Head Bookkeeper J. J. Wilson, M.A. Education Paul S. Wilson, M.Ed. Director of Plant Maintenance Weldon Wright, M.A. English Wot Pictured: LOIS F. BLOUNT, M.A., History; BETH DURRETT, B.S. in L.S., Library; ETHEL R. FERGUSON, Director of Stone Fort Museum; EVA GLAZENER, Switchboard Operator; MARY J. WHITE, M.A., English; CATHERINE L. WHITEHORN, M.A., Library. EX-STUDENTS ' ASSOCIATION Organized in 1928 as a service agency both to the former stu- dents of Stephen F. Austin State College and to the institution itself, the Ex-Students ' Association performs a multitude of functions. It maintains a campus office, headed by the executive secretary, as the clearing house for all activities. Through this office the Association keeps in touch with ex-students, maintains records and mailing addresses, publishes alumni news each month, and provides many other services. Officers of the Associa- tion furnish the leadership for organizing and supporting local ex-student clubs, enlisting members for the parent organization, and carrying out projects of all types. Among these projects, Homecoming each fall and the A. W. Birdwell Scholarship Fund rank foremost. From the very start, the Ex-Students ' Association has enjoyed splendid support from all concerned with its activi- ties. And it has continued to grow in function and size. Under able leadership, it looks forward to further expansion, confident that all goals will be reached. WALTER C. TODD President TRAVIS N. PRICE MRS. JIM STALLINGS EDWIN W. GASTON, JR. Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer Acting Executive Secretary GRADUATE SCHOOL OFFICERS E. J. RITCHEY President RANDALL LEA Vice-President BOB SULLIVAN Secretary-Treasurer LUTHER SWIFT Reporter GRADUATE SCHOOL 1953 The Stephen F. Austin State College Graduate School offers master ' s degrees in arts and education. Several hundred students comprised the enrollment in departments offering work leading to these degrees. In addition to academic work, graduate stu- dents participated actively in extra-curricular activities. Under able leadership the contribution of these students proved highly valuable to the college. CHARLES BATY JIMMIE CARROLL ELMER GIBSON LEVERN O. KING VIRGINIA MATHEWS KELSEY MOORE LUTHER SWIFT DOROTHY WARD SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS JIMMY MAHONEY HUBERT McCRAY VIRGINIA RICHEY President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer SENIOR CLASS DENNY ADAMS SAMMY ADAMSON NOLAN ALDERS WILLIAM R. ALLEN SUE ASHWOOD BERNARD ATHEY CHARLES BANE JUNE BARTON JAMES BAUMAN BILLY JO BLANKENSHIP JACKIE BOND NELL RUTH BOWMAN SENIOR CLASS ARTHUR BRYAN CATES BURROWS MILDRED BUTTE SUSIE CAIN GIBSON CARTER GERALD CECIL VERNELL COCHRAN LAWANDA CRAVEY CON DEVERS BILLY CLYDE DUNCAN SENIOR CLASS BETTY DURRETT JIM EAVES PATRICIA FAIRCHILD NELL FLOREY CECIL FORD DAVID GEORGE BUDDY GILLIS DORIS GOSSETT BARBARA GREER BARBARA HANKA SENIOR CLASS ELSIE HARDIN JAMES HARDY WILLIAM HEMBRY JOE FRANK HIGNETT CHARLES HOLMES FRED JOHNSON TOMMIE JOHNSON D JUANA JONES SYLVIA JONES JOHN R. KEELING SENIOR CLASS HELEN KING LEONARD LAMB RANDALL LEA DOROTHY MILLER LILES GERI LONG HUBERT McCRAY VONCILLE McVICKER JIMMY MAHONEY CURRIE LEE MEYER SENIOR CLASS EDNA MORGAN LOUIS E. NEFF DAN NEWELL BILLIE NORTON MAX ODOM CARRIE LOU PARKS DONALD BOB PARRISH FRANCES ANN PARTIN FRANCES POE HUBERT POSKEY SENIOR CLASS MARY JANE POWER CHARLES REEVES VIRGINIA RICHEY JAN RIENSTRA BILLY SMITH JO ANNE SMITH NELDA SMITH ALFRED STEWART ALVA NELL STONE JOAN STRIPLING SENIOR CLASS JACKIE STURROCK JIM SWEENEY JUANELLE TEMPLE PAT TOWNSEND JOHN VANDERBURG RICHARD VOIGTEL HARVEL WEATHERLY EDWARD WELCH JO ANN WILLS HENRY V. WOOTEN CAMPUS SNAPSHOTS Ellen H. Richards club Homecoming parade float depicts President Emeritus and Mrs. A. IV. Bird well in retirement. Barrister float shows A. W. Birdwell, then president of SFA, and Engineer R. W. McKinney laying off first campus for college. Sammye Walker and Jim King discuss campaign in play, " So This Is Politics? " unior s ludd OFFICERS PAUL ALFORD President JOE SKELTON Vice-President ANNE HARRIS Secretary-Treasurer 3 unior 1953 VEVEY ALEXANDER PAUL ALFORD ELWOOD ALLREI) RUDY ALLREI) CARL ANDRESS JOE S. ASH BILL AUTREY NEAL BARTON SHIRLEY BEALL JAMES BOGUE BILLYE BOSTICK A. J. BRAZIL DOROTHY BREVARD VIRGINIA BROWN RAE LAVINE BURROWS RUBY CHILDERS PATRICIA CHILDS LELA MAE CHISM ROBERT CLAIBORNE JAMES COKER DORIS JEAN COLLEY BILLIE COURTNEY JERRY ANN CRAWFORD GENEVA CRAYCRAFT PATSY MARIE DAVIS R. G. DEAN EVAN (KIT) EVANS GRACE FENTON junior Calais 1953 BUFORD FINLEY BOBBY FLANAGAN BILL FLORES DWAYNE FOSTER BILL CANDY BILLIE RUTH GARRISON DON GASTON ELIZABETH ROBERTSON GARDNER JOYCE GRAY GEORGE GRIMES ANNE HARRIS EULAINE HAWS DALLAS HEXT W. T. HOSKINS MAJOR HOSEA WANDA HUDMAN F. M. HUGHES BETTY DURAN JOHNSON NORMAN KINSEY VENITA KRAUSE LuNAN LAKEY ELIZABETH LaBORDE JOHNNY LINNEY H. N. LITTON LOUELLA LOEMAN GERALD McCLURE MARIE McCLURE RANDOLPH McHANEY junior Class of 1953 NAN MACE JACK MATHEWS W. O. MOORE BILLY MURCHISON LOU LA BELL OATES DWAYNE OVERSTREET RAE BETH PARROTT RICHARD PHILLIPS JOSEPHINE PITTMAN FRANCES PITTS ELI POOL GENE PRATER ANITA RAMSEY DOROTHY RATCLIFF MARLENE ROUSSEAU JOE DONALD RUBY MARILYN SELF BILLIE SHADDOCK MARGIE SINGLETARY MARY SI STRUCK JOE SKELTON ROY SKILLERN HAROLD SMITH ROBERT SMITH BOBBY STANLEY EDDIE STONE CHARLOT TE STRASSE JIMMY STURROCK junior C iadd oj? 1933 rj ' I? m MJIL If 1 11 J- " " FLORINE TERRY BALDWIN THOMPSON DOYLE THOMPSON MARJORIE TRUITT JU ANITA VICK CHARLES WARD RUTH WATSON ARMETTA WILLARD HARRY WILLIAMS VALORIE WILLIAMS WALLACE WILLIAMS JOHN PAUL WOOD ROBERT WRIGHT GAYLE WYATT BILLY YOUNG LYNDA YOUNG BILL YOUNGBLOOD STEVE YOUNGBLOOD OFFICERS BOB CLAIBORNE President PATSY HAYS Vi ee-President EARLINE TIDWELL Secretary-Treasurer 1953 OUANE ADAMS LENA BETH ALEXANDER MARY ANGEL JOYCE BALL KEITH BARNETT DON BECK BOBBY BEN BOW DONALD BONE JANET BOWERS PAULANN BOYNTON IRIS BRADBERRY MARY ELIZABETH BRIDGES MARY BETH BROOKE TAUL BURGESS KENNETH CALDWELL LA NELL CHADWICK LESLIE CHEEVER GERALD CHENEY FRANKLIN CLAYTON LETA JOYCE CONNER SHIRLEY CROSS MAX CRUSETURNER HARRY DAI LEY ANN DAWSON 1953 EDDIE DEAN ROY DEAN RUTH DEAN SARA DEAN JACK DILLON BEVERLY DONAHOE BETH DONOVAN JOHN DOUGLASS JOY NELL DOVER PATSY LOMAX FORD DEWEY GIBSON LLOYD GILES KATE GLENN JUNE GORDON PATSY HAYS SHIRLEY HEAD MARY ANN HICKS HORACE HORN MARY JO HUTCHISON DOROTHY JACKSON MONA SUE JENNINGS JOE JOHNSON NORRIS JOHNSON BOBBYE JUSTICE 1953 f o AM ED KELLY BETTYE KING MARTHA KING PEGGY LATIMER LOUISE LEE BOBBIE JEAN LINTHICUM JOHN DAVID LOCKE PEGGY MOCK BARBARA MOODY BARBARA BATES NEFF SUE NICHOLS A. T. NUTT ODIE NUTT HELEN PARKER MARY RAY MALCOLM RECTOR MARJORIE RIDER IDA ROGERS JOAN ROGERSON DORIS RUSHING MURRAY SHAW BETTY SIMMONS WINNIE SMITH JERRY STOVALL OFFICERS BUDDY FEAZELL President DON DAVIS Vice-President MARY BAKER Secretary-Treasurer 1953 JOYCE ADAMS MARIE ADAMS BILLY ADKINSON MAVIE ALLEN BEVERLY JUNE ANSLEY ELTON BAILEY FAYE BALLOW BOBBY BANE OTTIS BARGE JOYCE BARKER EARL BARNETT GLENN BARRETT GEMAR BATTISE REBA BAXTER SCOTTY BEAIRD BILL BIDDLE CAROLYN BICE CAROLYN BLANTON ORIE BOONE CHARLES BOULWARE GLORIA BOVVLIN DOROTHY MAE BROCK WALTER BURKHAM ELOISE CHAMBERS SUE CHAMBERS ELTON CHANEY KATHLEEN CHEEVER JOHN CHEESHER MARY JO GHRISTIAN ELOISE CLARK MOZELLE CLARK DOROTHY DEE CLOYD SUE COCKE SUE COLEMAN ANN CRABTREE RICHARD CRAIG STEVE CROWE DONALD DAVIS PATSY DAVIS BILLY DEAN Y I 7 " i-f v f i m red tmun C la 5 J 1953 BARBARA DEITZ JANE DONOVAN JO NAN DURAN TOMMY DURHAM JAUNIECE DRAWHORN JOHN RAY EDMONS BESSIE LOU FARLEY WILMA DELL FERGUSON JANE FIELDS ANNE FLETCHER JAMES FURLOW NANCY FOGLE GLORIA GARNER MURLENE GARRETT BILLY GASTON JO ELLEN GASTON RALPH GILLHAM BETTY GRAY DOROTHY JO GRIMES BILLY HALFIN EUNICE HANEY ALVILYN HARRISON HOWARD HART JACK HAVARD BETTY HEATH TOMMIE JEAN HENDRICKS LuGENE HENDERSON J. D. HIGDON JIMMIE FRANK HUEY BRUCE IVY JENNY JARED BOBBY JENKINS CHARLES ALVIN JETER DOROTHY JONES JOHN JOSHLIN WAYNE KEYS VICTOR KINNEY KATIE MAE LADNER MARY ANN LAIRD BEVERLY LINNEY 1953 GLEN DA LOVE NELLENE LOWE BILL McCALL BOB McCALL HAYDEX McGAULEY SHIRLEY McGEE JAMES McINTYRE katherine mckinney dale McMillan carol manning BAILEY MARSHALL MARGARET ELIZABETH MARTIN E. C. MOORE JIM ED MUCKLEROY JOE MULLER HILDA MURRAY PRESTON NEICHOY JANIECE NICHOLS BOB OWEN ELIZABETH PARKER SARAH PEARCE SUE PEEL RUDY PERALES JANET PERSON MARTHA PETERS BETTY PHARR MURELENE PONDER QUENTIN PREWITT EDDIE PEARL PRICE CHARLES RANDALL JAVAN RANDALL MISHEL RAWLINSON STEVE REESE SUE REYNOLDS KEIFER RIC:H ARDS RAY RITCHEY MARY ELLIOTT RODRIGUEZ MARY ELIZABETH RUSHING CURTIS SEELBACH PRESTON SHOUBROI EK Y 1953 DAVID SMITH EARLINE SMITH PAULA SORY ANN SPAIN BETTY SUE SPILLERS AL STODDARD WILMA DALE STRICKLAND BARBARA SUTTON RICHARD TALLENT MARY ANN TERRY BARBARA THOMPSON BILLIE JEAN THOMPSON BARBARA TODD BARBARA TRAYLOR FRANK SIIARPE TUCKER DOLORIS WALKER SAMMYE LOU WALKER SHIRLEY WALKER OTIS WHEELER LONNIE WHITTON JAMES WIDNER DORIS WILKINSON GERALD WILSON AUBREY WOMACK CHARLOTTE WOMACK CHARLES RICHARD WOOD OUIDA WOODS BONNIE FAYE WORRY SHIRLEY WRIGHT LOWELL YOUNGBLOOD Summer School 1952 Himmer GRADUATES BACHELOR OF ARTS: Elma G. Boudreaux, Sara Bess Brookshire, Laura Ann Cole, Martha Ann Covington. Margie Hartsfield Fuller. Hildrcd W. Goodwin, Jimmie Coleman Ciitfith. Mary Ann Cheever King. Faye Bennett Mullin, Carey Binion Savers. John William Wilkins, Elberl Wamon Woodrome. BACHELOR OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION: Bowden E. Culbertson, John Thomas Hill. Willimae Hutson. Florence Ann Jameson, John Mixon. Howard Edward Tisdale, Huhert Thomas Treadwcll. Jt. Hat old Valjean Pate. BACHELOR OF FORESTRY: Chat lie Lynn McKinlc Loranza White. Jr. BACHELOR OF MUSIC: Robin Brown Helwig, De Lois Johns,,,, BACHELOR OF SCIENCE: Geraldene Allen. Kenneth Almond. Bui en M. Amerine, Jr., Bobby Joe Beard. Marie Denny Belk. Olena D. Black, Robert Byron Blalock. Carolyn Keeling Blankenship. Clem Baggett Blankenship. Wilma Jeanne Boyd. Leah Nan Bullock. Max Robert Caglc. Dorothy Call, Tom Hub bard Chandler, Mat lin O. Cherry. Irene M. Conn. Calvin Barnette Cordray, Mary Edelbrock Cordts, Alvin Elmo Davis. Thomas L. Eakin. Patsy Ruth Em berlin. Billy Ray Freeman, John William Gibson, James Harold Goins, Nora Ctews Gregory. Kenneth Hal rell. Ava Ernestine Harris, Sterling Claude Hart, Celeste Duncan Holt, James Oliver Horn, Steve Junior Hughes. Larry Keith James. Jo Bess Jennings. Henry Chester Jones, Nada Wynell Jones. Raybon E. King. Robert Lee Kurth, Bonnie Jean Lawson, Arthur H. Leggett. Jr.. Jack Edwards McCants. Henry Lane McClanahan. Bob W. McCoy. Truman John Milling. James E. Moore. Lois Westmoreland Morrison. Miriam Whitton Na- tions. Richard Lee Neel. Eloise Patterson, Claudia La Verne Pessarra, Bobbie Dee Potts. James Noel Ratcliff. Anna Jo Murray Risinger, Van Hugh Risingei . Thomas B. Roberts, III. Dewey Dalton Ross. Billy Byron Rudd. Betty Carroll Schochler. Marian Joyce Shoubrouek, Peggy Sue Smith. Henry Grady Stallings, Jr., Ima Boyett Stanaland. Ernest Ed Starkey. Jr.. Raymond Dennis St. Peter. Bob Sam Sullivan, Luther Swift. Ill, Doris Mae Talley. Edna M. Terrell. Bennie Mae Swanzy Vittetoe. Beatrice Yancey Walker. Joan Elizabeth Watson. Melba Lauren Westmoreland. Marvin Carroll Whitenei . Nola Eai lv Whitesides, Jack Quarles Whitley. Lillian Joyce Williamson. Thomas Dewey Wilson. Jr., Bamma Worry, Allie Sue York, and James Edward Young. BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN HOME ECONOMICS: Joann Browning. Mary Lou Morgan. Betty La Rue Oney. Linda Lee Stephenson. MASTER OF ARTS: Eustace Evelyn Camp, Nellie Birdwell Compton, Randolph Cox, Jr., Jasper Richardson Flanakin. Beatrice Faye Huston. Lillian Opal Gar- rett Jones. James Stuart Keeth. Irby Campbell Kiely. Jerry Emmett Loveall. Paula Joyce Low, Jack Wilson Nicar, Joseph Carlyle Prejean, Johnnie Gaylc Roberts, Roberta Lewis Scott, Bela Tenison Wade. Thomas Russell Whiteside. Winded Anthony Williams. MASTER OF EDUCATION: Honor Haskins Allen. Thomas Reese Allen, Velma Wallace Allen. Donald Ray Arnett, John Calvin Austin. Dan Houston Bailey, Jesse Owens Baker, Thomas Lee Baker, Martha Hazel Ballow, Lois Lona Bane, Joe Pruit Beauchamp, Lorene Waldrop Belk, (Catherine Creech Bell, Willory Viola Best, Gordon Cliff Bishop, Tom Harold Blackstonc, Bertie Brock, Clyda Biggs Brown. Nell, Bryan, J. I.. Buck, Mill, ml Lee Burroughs. William Hugh livid, Mali,- Wilson C.ulscii, Willie Mini x Caitcr. Francis W. Gates, John Joseph Cei t -I . Valdcr Odd Chaddick, Vera Hybarger Chisurn, Mary Jane Christian, Pearl Porterfield Clark, Melva Biggs Cods . Verna Landers Coker, Willie Ruth Cole. Lottie Belle Collins, Evelyn Cook Jack Earl Cook. Hallie S. Crawford, Dennie Modisette Culbertson, Lois Maii, Dover, David Daniel Dunham, Mary Spencei Durrett, Mar r Frances Blythe Eakin, Vera East, Mongo Park Edmond son. Jr., Lucile Edwards, Robert Mason Erwin. Helen Smith Finley, Sarah Lou Fleming. Artimese Forrest, Attress Randle F ' lost. Artimese S. Garner, Marian Earlinc Gai nei . 1 helma Daniels Gasway. Dextei Gcoige. .Alice Davison Gil cluist. Charles Dan Giles, Alleene Commando Gray. Dorothy Baughman Gray, May Lewis Green, Lillian Bell Haglei . William D. Haley. William It. Herring- ton, Alien,- Hobson. Am Camp Hobson, W ' altei Kimme] Holliday. Milam Hugh Hopson, Joe Donald Hubbard, Marshall II. Jackson, K. P. Jcanes, Cecile Whcclci Johnson. Clara Sue Jones, John Ray Jones. Pearl Deamei Jones, Clara Joidan. Victor H. Jordan, Ima Lee Kellum, Lorean H. Kendrick, Gertie Bell Kennedy. Biooksie Holt Kennemer, Eddie Mae King, Joseph Oliver Lake, Win- nie Bridges Langston, Lennis Elton Latham. Johnny Thomas Long. Edward Harvey Lumpkin, Wilburn Cecil Lynch, Eugene McEIroy, Kathleen Long Mc- Elroy, Alma Posey Mcllwain. Chester A. McLeioy. John Crawford Martin, Ethel Cole Massey. Georgia Woods Mathews, Thelma Scale Menefi-e, Cynthia Spaiks Metteauer, Doi is Millard. Annabel Talley Miller. James Ernest Milstead, Fiances Monroe, Robert Joseph Monzingo, Ted Moore, Winfield Taylor Morris. Gene Bryan Mullin, Lillian J. Myers. Ray Myers, Cloyd R. Nichols. Fleda Ford Olsen. Herbert Olsen. Fannie Martin Osborn. Verlyn Nethery Owens, Kenneth B. Parmley, Etta Cottingham Patton, Marion Lucille Peebles, Eula Colwell Pickard, Paul Pickard, Jimye Arnwine Pipes. Lois Cook 1 011.11(1, Carrie Irene A. Pool. Lewis Hall Pool, Raymond Edwaid Powell, Crawford A. Piesley, Gayc Gann Pruitt, Versie Hyden Quick, Myrtle Newman RatcliH . Wallace Read, John Hammond Redd, Jack Norris Roberson, Mildred Hargis Roberts, Victor Wallace Roper, Lexie B. Rose, Frankie Bui ke Russell. Jimmie Leon Sanford, Mada Spaiks Scott, Debbie Harris Shaip, J. D. Sheppaid, John Henry Slack, Joseph Paul Smith, Louise Margaret Smith. Pauline Coats Smith. Wincie Buckner Smith, Yonsda Still. Talmadge Delton Stilley, Claude Laneau Stoutamire, Faila Maude Wingate Summers. Mattie Elizabeth Thompson. I ' .von Mcl.emoie Tisdale. Allie M. Valentine, Evelyn Vanderburg, Leona Brandon Veatch. Margaret Porcher Wade, Clarence Bernard Waggoner. Alvin Clyde Wallace. Elizabeth Grimes Wallace, Polly Thomas Waters. Bonnie Harrell Wcatheily. William Lucius Whitehead. Hazel Whitton. James Lewis Wilkins, Mildied Jacobs Wil- liams. T. J. Williamson, Joy Lowrance Wright. Blanche Cooper Wvatt. l.ela Alma Wyatt, Berton Arnold Yates. George Wesley Youngblood. R. W. PARKER Football Backfield Coach The Stephen F. Austin State College Lumberjacks during the 1952 football campaign won three games and lost six. This showing ranked the charges of Coach Ted L. Jefferies and his assistant, R. W. Parker, fifth in the Lone Star Conference standings in which they tied Lamar Tech. In regular season play, SFA also placed fifth amonq LSC teams. The Lumberjacks defeated Sul Ross and lost to East Texas, Lamar Tech, Sam Houston, and Southwest Texas in conference play. Outside the conference they topped Texas A I and Southwestern Louisiana Institute, and lost to McNeese and Southeastern Louisiana. Alfred Parker, with ball, gains against Sul Ross in Homecoming game won, 28-7 , by Lumberjacks ■KBkaHHI R GRIDIRON SEASON.. James Terry, SFA ' s Liitle Ail-American end, snags pass against Sul Ross. INDIVIDUAL Heading the list of outstanding football players at SFA in 1952, James Terry bid again for the Little All- American berth he won as an end in 1951. Terry caught 39 passes for 515 yards and three touchdowns in nine games. Other team leaders: Alfred Parker, first, and Leroy Owen, sec- ond, rushing: Mitchell Torok, first and Johnny Linney, second, passing; Linney, first, and Torok, second, total offense; Torok, first, punting; and Bob Matzig, first, scoring. LESLIE CHEEVER Guard CECIL FORD End JAMES COKER Guard RALPH GILLHAM Center DON DAVIS Back BUDDY GILLIS Tackle REX FLANAGAN End BILLY HALFIN Guard TARS SHINE 1952 RESULTS September 20— SFA 14, Texas A I 12 September 27— McNeese 25, SFA 7 October 4— Lamar Tech 27, SFA 6 October 1 1— Southeastern La. 21, SFA 7 October 18— Southwest Texas 20, SFA 10 October 25— SFA 20, Southwestern La. Inst. 19 November 1 — SFA 28, Sul Ross 7 (Homecoming) November 8— East Texas 54, SFA 7 November 15— Sam Houston 32, SFA 20 Denotes Conference games FINAL CONFERENCE STANDINGS r 1 1 p ( i cs v Ui 1 1. y tj. W L Pet r lo Opp East Texas State 5 1.000 249 70 Southwest Texas State 4 1 .800 142 151 Sam Houston State 2 3 .400 148 158 Sul Ross State 2 3 .400 99 130 Lamar Tech 1 4 .200 85 145 Stephen F Austin State 1 4 .200 71 140 FINAL SEASON STANDINGS College W L Pet Pts Opp East Texas State 10 1.000 496 111 Southwest Texas State .. 7 2 .778 257 190 Sam Houston State 5 4 .556 294 213 Sul Ro ss State 4 6 .400 186 252 Stephen F. Austin State 3 6 .333 119 217 Lamar Tech 2 7 .222 147 279 HOWARD HART Guard BOBBY JENKINS End JACK HAVARD Back ED KELLY End HORACE HORN Back WAYNE KEYS Guard W. T. HOSKINS Center JOHNNY LINNEY Back Lumberjacks gain against Texas A l, go on to win, 14-12, in season opener. HIGHLIGHTS Highlights of ' 52 grid season . . . Bob Matzig, on a two- yard plunge, and James Terry, on a pass from Mitchell Torok, score touchdowns, and Joe Skelton kicks two extra points September 20, as SFA opens season with 14-12 win over Texas A I . . . Matzig scores on one- yard plunge and Skelton adds extra point, but Axmen lose, 25-7, September 27 to McNeese in Lake Charles . . . Johnny Linney passes to Terry for touchdown, although SFA drops 27-6 decision to Lamar Tech in conference opener here October 4 . . . Southeastern Louisiana trims SFA, 21-7, here October 11, when Earl Barnett scored on one-yard plunge and Skelton kicked extra point for ' Jacks . . . Lumberjacks lose second LSC match on October 18, dropping 20-10 tilt to Southwest Texas in San Marcos. Matzig scores on one-yard plunge, Skelton kicks extra point, and Leslie Cheever boots 35-yard field goal for SFA . . . OF ' 52 SEASON ' 52 highlights continued . . . Breaking four-game losing streak and 15-year-old jinx, SFA edges Southwestern Louisiana Institute, 20-19, October 25 in Lafayette. Terry Moore, on 40-yard pass interception return, James Terry, on a pass, and Alfred Parker, on two-yard plunge, score touchdowns, and Skelton adds two extra points that en- able Lumberjacks to defeat SLI for first time in 16 games . . . Thrilling 7,000 Homecoming fans, SFA trounces Sul Ross, 28-7, here November 1. Matzig, Leroy Owen, Parker, and Bailey Marshall run over touchdowns and Skelton kicks four extra points . . . Unbeaten East Texas, LSC champ for the second straight year, crushes SFA, 54-7, here November 8. Moore ' s touchdown on a pass from Torok, and Skelton ' s extra point only bright spots for ' Jacks . . . SFA ends season November 15 in Huntsville, bowing to Sam Houston, 32-20, despite touchdowns by Baldwin Thompson, on two passes, and Parker on five- yard run, plus Skelton ' s two extra points. FOOTBALL LETTERMEN FOR 1952 Carl Andress, Bill Autrey, Elton Bailey, Earl Barnott, Bobby Benbow, Bill Biddle, A. J, Brazil, Leslie Cheever, James Coker, Donald Davis, Rex Flanagan, Cecil Ford, Ralph Gillham, Buddy Gillis, W T. Hos- kins, Fred Johnson, Johnny Linney, H. N. Litton, Bailey Marshall, Bob Matzig, Currie Lee Meyer, Earl Meyer, Terry Moore, Leroy Owen, Alfred Parker, Durward Ross, John Shipp, Joe Skelton, Raymond Tallant, Richard Tallent, James Terry, Baldwin Thompson, Mitchell Torok, Huey V arren, Bill Young- blood, Lowell Youngblood, and Joe Sibley (man- ager). JOHN SHIPP Bock BALDWIN THOMPSON End JOE SKELTON Back MITCHELL TOROK Bock RAYMOND TALLANT Guard HUEY WARREN Tackle RICHARD TALLENT Guard B. YOUNGBLOOD Tackle JAMES TERRY End L. YOUNGBLOOD Guard LUMBERJACK The 1952-53 basketball season at Stephen F. Austin State College proved highly successful. Playing for the first time under Coach John O. Stephens, who c ame here in April of 1952 replacing Glen Rose, the Lumber- jacks swept to 15 victories against nine defeats. In Lone Star Conference play, the Axmen won six of 10 games to finish third. For the season, the SFA cagers tallied 1699 points, second only to Southwest Texas which set a new Conference team scoring record. The field goal and free throw shooting averages of .386 and .610, re- spectively, compiled by the ' Jacks came as the highest in many seasons. JOHN O. STEPHENS Head Basketball Coach SQUAD ROSTER Front row, left to right, Bobby Flanagan, Roy Skillern, Joe Johnson, Roy Dean, Donald Bone, Gemar Battise, Norris Johnson, and Gerald Cecil. Back row, left to right, Murray Shaw, Bill Gandy, Keith Barnett, Leonard Lamb, Jackie Bond, Lloyd Giles, and Paul Alford. Not pictured: Will O. Moore, Glenn Pearson. A R D W O O D SEASON Individual and team performances stood out during the 1952-53 basketball season at SFA. Gerald Cecil, a Houston guard, scored 405 points in 24 games to set a new individual scoring record at the College. He also tallied the most points for a single game during the year — 34 against East Texas Baptist here December 1 , 1952. Other individual stars included: Lloyd Giles, who scored 325 points; Paul (Buster) Alford, 276 points; Bobby Flanagan, 230 points; and Jackie Bond, 186 points. Giles compiled the best field goal shooting average of .506. Cecil and Flanagan, with averages of .798 and .756, respectively, led in free throw shooting. And Alford and Bond tied for rebound honors, garner- ing 200 each for the season. PAUL ALFORD KEITH BARNETT DONALD BONE GERALD CECIL SEASON ' S RESULTS SFA 85 East Texas Baptist 76 SFA 73 Centenary 64 SFA 73 Centenary 78 SFA 61 McNeese 72 SFA 79 Texas Lutheran 60 SFA 66 Rice 87 SFA 83 East Texas Baptist 81 SFA 74 Sam Houston 73 SFA 68 Texas Wesleyan 61 SFA 63 Lamar Tech 54 SFA 85 Mexican Oil Co 67 SFA 69 Sul Ross 57 SFA 69 Sul Ross 63 SFA 78 Texas Wesleyan 72 SFA 87 Texas Lutheran 65 SFA 75 St. Edward ' s 58 SFA 64 Lamar Tech 52 SFA 61 Southwest Texas 82 SFA 57 St. Edward ' s 60 SFA 57 East Texas 60 SFA 58 McNeese 64 SFA 62 Southwest Texas 86 SFA 86 Sam Houston 80 SFA 66 East Texas 73 Denotes Conference games. GEMAR BATTISE JACKIE BOND BOBBY FLANAGAN BILL GANDY i t LLOYD GILES JOE JOHNSON NORRIS JOHNSON LEONARD LAMB WILL O. MOORE MURRAY SHAW THRILL IN Thrilling games featured the 1952-53 basketball season. Of the 24 tilts played by SFA, five were won in the fading minutes of play — two of them in overtime periods. The Sam Houston games, here and there, prove a case in point. With Sam Houston leading 73-72 and five sec- onds left to play in the game here January 5, Gerald Cecil fired a field goal from near the mid-court mark to give SFA the win, 74-73. And in Huntsville February 24, Sam Houston held a four-point lead with only 15 seconds left. In fireball fashion, SFA tied the score and went on to win in overtime. An overtime win also was recorded by SFA over Texas Wesleyan, champion of the Big State Conference. Gerald Cecil of SFA goes up for a field goal. GAMES F E A LONE STAR CONFERENCE SEASON STANDINGS Team W. L. Pts. Opp. Southwest Texas ...21 3 1877 1503 East Texas 19 3 1475 1206 S. F. Austin 15 9 1699 1645 Lamar Tech 11 12 1391 1399 Sam Houston 8 15 1550 1386 Sul Ross 5 19 1455 1673 T U R E YEAR LONE STAR CONFERENCE CONFERENCE STANDINGS Team W. L. Pts. Opp East Texas 9 1 707 587 Southwest Texas 8 2 759 622 S. F. Austin 6 4 671 680 Lamar Tech 4 6 604 635 Sam Houston 3 7 691 715 Sul Ross 10 553 755 Bill Gandy takes aim and fires. Buster Alford in action TRACK The 1953 Stephen F. Austin State College track team took on one of the most ambitious schedules in years. And the performance of the Lumberjack thinly clads proved in keeping with the quality of the schedule. Sparking the team, Milers Joe Evans and Gerald Cheney took up from where they left off in 1952, when then finished first and second, respectively, in the Lone Star Conference. Alfred Parker, middle-distance runner, Baldwin Thompson, and others stood out for the Ax- men, too. The schedule included meets in Fort Worth, San Marcos, Austin, Denton, Commerce, Huntsville, and Nacogdoches. SFA trackmen, front to back, Joe Evans, Dale Gosnell, James Mclntyre, Billy Gaston, Bobby Sibley R. W. PARKER Head Track Coach SPORTS SNAPSHOTS 1923 Football team, first at SFA, appears in group on a Homecoming parade float. Cheerleaders arrive in style for SFA-Sul Ross football clash here. Massed high school and college bands per- form at halftime of SFA-Sul Ross Home- coming football game here. C H E E R L E A D E R S ' 53 Six cheerleaders, led by Charles (Soap) Martin, gen- erated enthusiasm for the Lumberjack intercollegiate athletic teams during 1952-53. At football and bas- ketball games, particularly, these students stuck with the ' Jacks through good times and bad, never losing heart. On the road as well as at home, they followed the teams, taking with them large groups of other students to lend support with cheers and shouts of encouragement. In addition to Martin, cheerleaders included: Anne Harris, Iris Bradberry, Jack Dillon, Juanita Vick, and H. N. McElroy. Smartly outfitted in white sweaters, with purple emblems of megaphones carrying the letters " SFA " in white, white trousers and skirts, and purple shirts, the cheerleaders added a dash of color as well as enthusiasm to every contest. Serving as sponsor of the cheerleaders was Dr. Lucille Norton. MEN ' S INTRAMURALS Championship competition in four major sports comprises much of the men ' s intra- mural program at SFA. In football during 1952-53, the Wesley Foundation team cap- tured the pennant. Winners in basketball, volleyball, and track had not been deter- mined when the yearbook went to press. This year, Charles Ellis served as director of men ' s intramurals, sponsored by the men ' s department of physical education. W. W. Dossey headed the department. WOMEN ' Under the sponsorship of the Women ' s Physical Education Department, a bal- anced program of sports is conducted at SFA. Open to all co-eds, competition includes the intramural program in vol- leyball, speedball, basketball, field hockey, softball, and tennis. Many other sports events round out the program. Individual champions in various sports won acclaim at SFA. Shown in the three pictures at left on this page are some of these champions. They include: Shirley Grigsby, bowling, top; Faye Ballow, basketball free-throw, center; and Kathleen Cheever, archery. Intramural Council, composed of the president of the Women ' s Recreation Association and representatives of the social clubs, includes the members shown from left to right in the picture at the top left, opposite page: Virginia Brown, Fidele club; Mary Elizabeth Bridges, Pine Burr; Susie Cain, Sigma Gamma; Sue Ashwood, WRA; end Shirley Grigsby, Amitie. SPORTS AT STEPHEN F. AUSTIN The all-star basketball team, left to right in picture top center: Doris Rae Burrows, Betty Gray, Sue Peel, Betty Duran Johnson, Sue Ashwood, Susie Cain, Shirley Grigs- by, Jean Hendrix, Betty Durrett Sayers, and Kathleen Cheever. Sigma Gamma championship basketball team, top right, left to right: Lou Ethel Mettlen, Faye Ballow, Susie Cain! Barbara Moody, Kathleen Cheever, Doris Rae Burrows, Betty Durrett Sayers. All-star volleyball team, center, left to right: Bobbie Potts, independent; Joan Smith, Sigma Gamma; Sue Ashwood, Amitie; Charlotte Brazil, Fidele; Shirley Weeks, Fidele; and Shirley Grigsby, Amitie. Track winners, lower left, left to right: Susie Cain, Sigma Gamma, shot put and high jump; Barbara Moody, Sigma Gamma, standing broad jump; Rheta Smith Cook, Amitie, running broad jump, 50-and-60-yard dash; Mary Logan, Amitie, javelin; Marilyn Self, Fidele, 75-yard dash; Shirley Weeks, Fidele, 50-yard dash; Virginia Brown, Fidele, discus; and, kneeling, Louise Wilson, Tommie Johnson, Boots Goodwin, and Nell Prince (not pictured), Sigma Gamma relay team. Amitie winning track team, lower right, left to right: Eloise Gross, Mary Logan, Rheta Smith Cook, Sue Ash- wood, and Shirley Grigsby. THE STUDENT OFFICERS HUBERT POSKEY President JOE FRANK HIGNETT Vice-president VIRGINIA RICHEY Secretary DEAN MARY THOMSON DEAN R. H. SHELTON Sponsors HUBERT POSKEY President The Student Congress of Stephen F. Austin State College exists, according to its constitution, " to insure the personal rights and liberties of the individual student and to form a more perfect union and secure the welfare of the students within this union. " In keeping with its expressed purposes, the Student Congress during 1952-53 undertook several major projects. One of the most important projects undertaken this year or any year by the SFA Student Congress was that of encourag- ing better sportsmanship within the Lone Star Athletic Con- ference. Under the leadership of SFA, several member colleges of the conference formulated a plan for accomplish- ing this goal. The plan at the February deadline for yearbook copy remained to be adopted. SENIOR REPRESENTATIVES JUNIOR REPRESENTATIVES C ' .iarlos Reeve;, Jimmy Wo. ' ionev, Nolan Al-]crs, Dono d Bob Parris ' i Inot shown! R. G. Dean, Doy. ' o Thompson, Joe Evans CONGRESS AT S. F. A For financial support of its activities, the Stu- dent Congress at SFA draws on several sources. Soft drink and food vending machines, from which the organization receives a commission, serve as one source. And this spring another source was added, when the Student Congress passed legislation assessing each student in Col- lege a fee of twenty-five cents. Energetic leadership was evidenced in student government this year. Directed by a group of capable officers, the Student Congress members worked conscientiously on all projects under- taken by the organization. As President Hubert Poskey said, " The success achieved this year by the Student Congress has come through team- work. " RUBY CHILDERS, left, Editor IRIS BRADBERRY, Business Manager THE STONE FORT THE STAFF RUBY CHILDERS Editor BARBARA BATES NEFF Assistant Editor IRIS BRADBERRY Business Manager VIRGINIA RICHEY Graduate Class Editor BILLY MURCHISON Senior Class Editor HARRY WILLIAMS Junior Class Editor NONA HOSKINS BEVERLY LINNEY Sophomore Class Editors SUE COCKE LYNDA YOUNG Freshman Class Editors SHIRLEY CROSS Faculty Editor NELDA WRIGHT Organizations Editor MARY JO HENSON LELA MAE CHISM Snapshots Editors BOB CLAIBORNE LEN NEFF Sports Editors VIRGINIA BROWN .. Women ' s Sports Editor MARY ANN HICKS Proofs and Pictures Editor SHIRLEY WALKER Presentation Ball Chairman EDWIN W. GASTON, JR. WELDON WRIGHT Faculty Advisors Left to right, Hubert Poskey, Nelda Wright, Virginia Richey, Mary Ann Hicks (seated), Shirley Cross, and Jimmy Mahoney — staff members. MEMBERS OF THE STAFF IN 1953 The 1953 Stone Fort comes as the twenty-ninth yearbook publication of Stephen F. Austin State College. With such a rich background of tradition to draw on, the staff of this edition has concentrated on combining the best of the past with that of the present to give readers an outstanding publication. Credit for the work must go to all oi the staff members, whose names appear on the opposite page, as well as all others having a part in its production. THE PINE LOG. MEMBERS The Pine Log, weekly newspaper publication of the Stephen F. Austin State College student body, in the 1952-53 school year celebrated its twenty- fifth birthday. Under the direction of Editor Len Neff, the paper stressed objective reporting of all significant events on the campus, with particular emphasis on pictorial journalism. Sharing equal responsibility with the editor in making The Pine Log operation highly successful has been Business Manager Bob Claiborne. FLs duties consisted mainly of soliciting the local and national advertising, financial backbone of any newspaper, and handling other fiscal matters. In addition, Claiborne on many occasions also helped in the editorial department. Contributing, too, to the success of The Pine Log have been all the students writing for the publi- cation. While space does not permit special recog- nition of all there are these who must be singled out: Virginia Richey, associate editor; Hubert Poskey and Billy Murchison, sports; Elizabeth Gardner, feature writer; and Lynda Young and Pat Swift, staff writers. Special thanks also go to Dr. C. F. Sheley, SFA faculty member, for his penetrating analysis of foreign affairs, and to Dee Walker, famed Texas poet and former student of the college, who edited the paper ' s poetry column. OF THE ' 52 - ' 53 STAFF H. N. McElroy, clever with pen and word, served as cartoonist this year for The Pine Log. Whether drawing humorous or seri- ous cartoons, McElroy proved equally effective. His works ranked high in con- tests sponsored by the Texas Intercollegiate Press Association. BOB CLAIBORNE, business manager, (standing), LEN NEFF, editor THE STAFF LEN NEFF Editor HUBERT POSKEY BILLY MURCHISON Sports Editors VIRGINIA RICHEY Associate Editor EDWIN W. GASTON JR. BOB CLAIBORNE Business Manager WELDON WRIGHT Faculty Advisors Pine Log staffers, left to right-. Billy Murchison, Ruby Childers, ten Neff, Pat Swift, Shirley Cross, Hubert Poskey, Lynda Young, and Pat Fairchild (seated) ROBERT G. SMITH Director LUMBERJACK Robert G. Smith this fall became the second band director in the history of Stephen F. Austin State College. The assistant director last year, his first at SFA. Smith succeeded J. T. Cox. Founder and director for 26 years of SFA bands. Cox gave up active direction to devote full time to teaching in the music department here. In addition to tutoring the band. Smith organized the first college orches- tra on the campus in several years. BAND R O S T E R Joyce Adams. Marvin Aiken, Joyce Ball, Gloria Eowlin, Kenneth Caldwell. Kathleen Cheever, Mary Jo Christian, Eldridge Creech. Dawn Dillard. Mary Elliot. Buford Finley. Elizabeth Gardner. Donald Geer, Bobby GofT, Jimmy Hammett, James Henderson, Joyce Hillin, Dorothy Jackson. Ben Jernigan, Jack Johnson. Joe Johnson, Terry Johnson, John Kunkel, Patsy Lomax, Hollis Miller Joe Bob Miller. Billy Noble. Frances Ann Partin, Martha Ann Peters, Doris Pittman, Artis Ratley, Pete Rodrigues, Ida Rogers, Joe Ruby, Jack Smith. Gordon Strickland. Bobby Teel. Doyle Thompson, Charles A. Ward. Ouida Woods. BAND AND MAJORETTES The SFA Lumberjack band distinguished itself in 1952-53 in appearances at activities of all types. At the beginning of the year, it played for halftime ceremonies at college tootball games here and away. Perhaps the top performance of the year came at Homecoming, when the Lumberjack band stood out in two parades and in impressive half- time ceremonies at the SFA-Sul Ross football yame. The band also played ;it basketball names, appeared in concert here and in other towns. Lending color and beauty to the Lumberjack band were the members of the front section. Heading this group, Doris Pittrnan served her third year as drum major. Assisting her as majorettes were Mary Jo Christian. Dawn Dillard. and Martha Ann Peters. Flag bearers for the band included Joyce Ball, Joyce Hillin, and Frances Ann Partin. MAJORETTES 1953 Dawn Dillard, Doris Pitiman, Mary Jo Christian, Martha Ann Peters (back) A CAPELLA CHOIR Under the direction of Frederick Baum- gartner, head of the SFA music depart- ment, the A Capella Choir enjoys the reputation of being one of the finest in the Southwest. Concerts here and away during 1952-53 added luster to the repu- tation of the Choir. FREDERICK BAUMGARTNER Director Beth Alexander Dennis Don Arnold John Anthony Joyce Ball Reba Anne Baxter Shirley Ann Beall Carolyn Blanton Kenneth Caldwell Dean Christenson Robert Claiborne Doris Jean Colley Patsy Marie Davis Mary Elliott Patsy Estell Patricia Fairchild Bessie Lou Farley A CAPELLA CHOIR MEMBERS Dwayne Foster Donald Lee Geer Bobby Goff Joyce Gray Jimmy Hammett James Henderson Mary Ann Hicks Jack Johnson Vernon Joe Johnson D ' Juana Jones John C. Kunkel Mary Ann Laird Nan Mace Voncille McVicker Hollis Miller Carrie Lou Parks Janet Person Harry Petty Artis Ratley Pete Rodriguez Ida Rogers Joe Ruby Mary E. Rushing Jack Smith Paula Sory Gordon Strickland Bobby Teel Laddie Walker Dorothy Ward Robert Williams John Paul Wood I AT STEPHEN F. AUSTIN One of the many honors coming to the SFA Choir in 1952-53 was the invitation to give a concert at the State Music Educators ' Conference in March at Dallas. The invi- tation added to the recognition constantly given the group. Each year the SFA Choir gives concerts in communities of East Texas in the fall and spring. The fall tour took the Choir to Kilgorc, Redland, Lufkin, San Augustine, and other points. Climaxing the programs presented at Christmas, the con- cert on the campus was broadcast through- out the area. Choir members, left to right. Patsy Estell, Patsy Davis, Joyce Gray, Dwayne Foster, Shirley Beall, Dorothy Ward, Doris Colley, Artis Ratley, Hollis Miller, Jack Smith, Harry Petty, Gordon Strickland, Robert Claiborne. ALPHA PSI OMEGA Alpha Psi Omega is the largest of the National Honorary Dramatic Fraternities. Stephen F. Austin State College organized the Beta Phi Cast early in the history of the school. Since that time people who have done outstanding work in the field of dramatics have been elected to membership. Alpha Psi Omega is not designed to replace the local Dramatics Club but it does attempt to foster the love of and partici- pation in good drama. In drama circles, all over the United States it is recognized as a distinct honor to be elected to membership. MEMBERS Those holding membership and those eligible for membership in Alpha Psi Omega as of January. 1953, include: Dr. Robert B. Capel. Mrs. Holt Davis, and Dr. Thomas E. Ferguson, faculty members; and Don Beck, Wrennetta Dykes, Don- ald Edgar, Joyce Gray, Bennett Hanna, Loretta Heath, Jim King. Gene Lynch. Barbara Bates Ncff, Harry Petty. Mary Jane Power, Pat Town- send, Juanita Vick, and Dorothy Ward. MEMBERS Alpha Chi members include: Doris Baker, Robert C. Coble, R. G. Dean. Dorothy Brunner Duns- more, Billie Ruth Garrison. Don F. Gaston. Helen Gee, Anne Harris, Murray D. Hooks. Betty Duian Johnson. LuNan Lakey, Cornelia Jane Lylcs. Robert E. McDaniel, Nan Mace, Rat- Beth Parrott, Josephine Pittman. Robert R. Rollins, Robbie H. Stilt. Charlotte Ruth Strasse, Mary E. Vincent. Charles A. Ward. Myrtle Armetta Willard. William E. Wills, and Gayle D. Wyatt, all juniors; Denny L. Adams. Nolan Alders, Robert C. Burrows, Lavvanda Cravey. Patricia A. Fail child. Jack N. Foshee, L. Yevonne S. Hadac, Bobby Gene Halbei t, Jack W. Hambrick, Barbara Anna Hanka. Sylvia Jones, Mary Ann Kirkland. Jerry L. Leard. Virginia Richey. Henry F. Smith. Winnie Dell Stephens, Alfred F. Stewart. Patricia Ann Town- send, and Jo Ann Wills, all seniors; and Geral- dene Allen, Theodore T. Asimos, Bobby Joe Beard, Jimmie li. Blankenship, Sara Bess Brook- shire. Martha Ann Covington. Lindon D. Cross Jr., Thomas Y. Foster, Margie Hartsfield Fuller. Lora Janice Gatlin, Jimmie C. Griffith. Loretta L. Heath, DeLois Johnson. Carolyn Lippard. June Bynum Martin. Celia Maynard. Nellie Lorene Milstead, John Mixon. Bern ice S. Ncthery, Roy Pearce, Chai les H. Roberson, Stephen E. Shepherd, Betty Ruth Stoker. Sam Tarry. Gerald E. Thornton, Ruben C. Vance, Dorothy Ward. Doris Faye White. Lillian Joyce Williamson, and John W. Wilkins, all graduates. Stephen F. Austin State College was the eighteenth institution to be admitted to the Scholarship Societies of Texas. It was admitted on Feb- ruary 22. 1926, and was known as the A. W. Birdwell Chapter. Later the society became known as the Scholarship Society of the South, and still latei became Alpha Chi, a national chapter. The local chapter is known as the Texas Sigma of that last organization. Membership in Alpha Chi is based purely on scholarship and comprises three classes of members: juniors, seniors, and graduates. Each year the highest ranking ten per cent of these three classes is elected to membership. The local sponsors are Dr. C, F. Shelcy, Elbert L. Griffin, and Dr. T. E. Ferguson. Dr. Ferguson is also first vice-president of the national chapter. ALPHA CHI PI KAPPA DELTA Pi Kappa Delta is the largest national debate fraternity foi colleges. The Texas Mu chapter was organized on the SFA campus in 193-1. Pi Kappa Delta recognizes achievement in public speaking activities which include debate, oratory, extemporaneous spcakiim. disc ussion, radio speaking, and instruction. Four ranks of achievement are provided for. f irst the student is elected to the rank of " fraternity " and with addi- tional experience may raise his achievement rank a step at a time until he has reached the fourth or highest rank ol " special distinction. " On alternate years. Province (regional) tournaments arc conducted by the fraternity. On the other years .1 national tournament is held. Each chapter is obligated to participate in every Province tournament and at least one national tournament in eac h foui years. In tins w.n not onl is high achievement recognized but an opportunity is provided for the student to meet and compete with othei students i rom othei s .mil other regions. JO ' - MEMBERS Dr. Robert B. Capel and Dr. T. E. Fer- guson, faculty members : Buford Finley, Bennett Hanna, Minnie Pearl McGaughy. Billie Norton. Pat Townsend, and Robert Williams. Sigma Phi Alpha, the Greek equivalent of SFA, is the designation given the local chemistry club which is an officially chartered chapter ol Student Affiliates of the American Chemical Society. Membership in the local organization is open to regularly matriculated students interested in chemistry, and who have progressed satisfactorily through the first semester of quantitative analysis. The SFA chapter has as its purpose the maintenance of high scholarship and the promotion of good fellowship among students of chemistry on the campus. Since its inception in 1942, and affiliation in January. 1950. its activities have included regular monthly meetings with varied programs of an informative and educational nature, alternating with social programs, barbecues, and similar activities. SIGMA PHI ALPHA GRAND ORDER OF ROYAL BARRISTERS The Grand Order of Royal Barristers is composed of those students interested in parliamentary procedure and politics. A non-social organi- zation, it chooses its members with discretion, placing emphasis on character, ability to speak, and other attributes. The club functions prima- rily as a pre-law organization ; however, students majoring in other fields are eligible for membership. The Barristers stress training in parlia- mentary procedure, public speaking, and harmonious relationships regardless of individual convictions. The Barristers meet each Monday night, with sessions characterized by alertness and fast-paced activities. These activities range from routine issues of club business to major political issues of the day and include debating, political rallies, mock trials, and other phases of order. MEMBERS Nolan Alders, parliamentarian; Don Beck, reporter; Jimmy Cunningham; Con Devers; John A. Douglass: Darrell Doss; Randall Lea. secretary-treasurer; Bob McDaniel; Allen Mercer; Dan Newell, president; Donald Bob Parrish ; Hubert Poskey ; Wesley Pybus ; Charles Reeves ; E. J. Ritchey. vice-president; Ray Ritchey: Clyde Steel; Luther Swift, sergeant-at- arms; and Bob Williams. BSU OFFICERS Jimmy Mahoney, president; Charles Coble, first vice-president; Billie Court- ney, second vice-president ; Dorothy Jean RatclifF, third vice-president ; Beth Alex- ander, fourth vice-president ; Dorothy Ward, music director; Jackie Ruth Stur- rock, secretary; Billy Smith, missions ' representative; Joe Frank Hignett, ath- letic director; Pat Townsend. reporter; Donald Edgar, publicity director; Nita Joyce Teal, Sunday school representative to First Baptist Church ; Virginia Richey. Sunday School representative to Fredonia Hill Baptist Church; Mary Minyard. training union representative to First baptist Church; Joan Stripling, training union representative to Fredonia Hill Baptist Church; Shirley McGee, YWA representative; W. B. Coble, student director. One of the leading agencies working with SFA students on campus is the Baptist Student Union. With an impressive new structure and the best of facilities, the BSU gives religious instruction and training, as well as recreation activities for the students. The BSU students participate actively in the functions sponsored by the college and student body, contributing valuably to these projects. BAPTIST STUDENT UNION SFA CHAPTER OF FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA The SFA Collegiate Chapter of Future Farmers of America was organized under the supervision of J. C. Green, vocational agriculture teacher-trainer, for the purpose of training prospective agriculture teachers in chapter conducting, leadership, and general FFA work. Charter for the organization was received from the state association in the fall of 1950. The program of work for 1952-53 included such items as enter- ing into the Homecoming celebration, forming a preliminary judging team, sponsoring an area leadership contest on the SFA campus, spon- soring a student-prof banquet, and erecting a plow symbol and sign for the Agriculture Department building. MEMBERS Serving as members of FFA were: Charles Reeves, president; Charles Bane, vice- president; Bill Flores. second vice-presi- dent; Charles Penney, third vice-president ; Gene Prater, secretary; Harold Harris, treasurer; Bob Keeling, reporter; Ernest Rogers, sentinel ; George Hadac, histor- ian ; and Charles Holmes, parliamentar- ian; and Nolan Alders, Gerald Maynard. Olin McCurry, William Odom. Donald O ' Rear, Herbert Powell, Gus Salbador. Baldwin Thompson, and Dickie Voigtel. MEMBERS Members of the Gibbs Hall Council in 1952-53 included: Susie Cain. Mona Sue Jennings. LuNan Lakey, Hilda Murray. Barbara Bates Neff, Mary Ray. and Lola Holleman. director. The Gibbs Hall Council, governing body for this dormitory for women, is composed of girls elected for their leadership, reputation for fair play, and general good nature. Aims of the organization are to bring cooperation among the dormitory girls and to keep everyone in the dorm happy. Among the activities sponsored by the Council are a Christmas party with gifts for all girls, a picnic-dance, and an annual Gibbs Hall Girls ' dance. GIBBS HALL COUNCIL SYLVANS CLUB The Sylvans Club, organized in the fall of 1946. has as its primary objective the forwarding of forestry knowledge and good will among for- est interests throughout the surrounding piney woods area. Outstanding activity sponsored by this organization is the Forestry Field Day in which students compete in various forestry skills contests. The club also brings in noted guest speakers for lectures on forestry and kindred fields. Officers of the club for 1952-53 were: David George, president; Harvel Weatherly, vice-president; Robert Smith, secretary; James Miller, treasurer; Clyde Steel, parliamentarian; and M. A. Bradshaw, reporter. MEMBERS Billy McDaniel, Tommy McDaniel, Jim Sweeney, J. P. Miller, Joe Ruby, Jerry Stovall, Jack Dillon, James Quitta, Rob- ert Wright, Henry Steitz, Edward Welch, Bob Owens, John Chessher, Jack Ham- brick, R. D. Given. MEMBERS Members of the Ellen H. Richards Club included: Ira Jean Black. Avis Boaz, Iris Bradberry, Sarah Bridges. Mary Beth Brooke. Doris Rae Burrows, Sue Cham- bers, Billie Courtney, Sylvia Cund ' ff. Jane Donovan. Dixie DuBosc, Betty Durrett. Nancy Fogle. Murline Garrett. Dorothy Jo Grimes, Barbara Hanka, Margaret Irwin. Katie Mae Ladner. Bobbie Linthi- cum, Glenda Love, Lucille McKissack, Sue Nichols, Anita Ramsey. Dorothy Jean Ratcliff, Virginia Richey, Marjorie Rider, Margie Singletary. Earlean Smith, Wilma Dell Strickland. Barbara Ann Todd, Dor- othy Jo Treadaway, Sammye Lou Walker. Armetta Willard. Ever since its founding here in 1926, the Ellen H. Richards club for home economics students has had for its motto " Forever Learning. ' - Pur- poses of the club, which became affiliated with state and national Home Economics Association in 1927, are to promote better relations be- tween faculty and students and among the students themselves and to promote programs and projects to help the entire college. Officers this year were: Barbara Hanka, president; Margaret Irwin, vice-president; Sylvia Cundiff. secretary; Dorothy Jo Treadaway, treasurer; Virginia Richey, reporter; Ira Jean Black, historian; Dorothy RatclifF, parliamentarian; Sue Nichols, room hostess: Betty Durrett. social chairman; Mary Beth Brooke, program chairman ; Bobbie Linthicum, yearbook chairman ; and Doris Burrows, publicity chairman. Sponsors were Miss Edna Wilkin, Miss Helen Barron, and Mrs. Ruth Walters. ELLEN H. RICHARDS CLUB FUTURE TEACHERS Chartered in 1941, the SFA Chapter of Future Teachers of America has as its purposes the following: (1) to develop among young people preparing to be teachers an organization which shall be an integral part of state and national education associations: (2) to acquaint teachers in training with the history, ethics, and program of the organized teaching profession; (3) to give teachers in training practical experience in working together in a democratic way on the problems of the profession and the community; (4) to interest the best young men and wom- en in education as a lifelong career: (5) to encourage careful selection of persons admitted to schools which prepare teachers, with emphasis on both character and scholarship: and (6) to seek through the dissemination of information and through higher standards of preparation to bring teacher supply and demand into a reasonable balance. MEMBERS Members of the SFA Chapter of FTA include: Pat Townsend, president; Geri Long, vice-president ; Juanita Vick. sec- retary-treasurer : Nell Bowman, librarian: Shirley Cross, reporter; Fae Armstrong. Reba Baxter. LaNell Chadwick. Martha Childress. Sarah Dean. Grace Fcnton, June Gordon, Barbara Greer. Yevonne Hadac, Anne Harris, Mary Ann Kirkland. LuNan Lakey, Louella Loewen, Cornelia Lyles. Freida Low Miller, Voncille Mc- Yicker. Billie Norton. Loulabell Oates. Mattie Pane, Hazel Harman Ray. Joan Rogerson. Jo Ann Smith. Nelda Smith. Alva N. Stone. Pat Swift, Juanelle Tem- ple, Nelda Wright, and Dr. LeRoy McClendon. sponsor. OFFICERS Officers of the Wesley Foundation for 1952-53 were: Kelsey Moore, president: Rae Beth Parrott. vice-president: Wren- netta Dykes, secretary-treasurer; Patsy Davis, social choir director: and Billie Norton, reporter. The Rev. Charles Laing served as Foundation director until Jan- uary, when he was called to duty as a Navy chaplain. Lloyd Giles, student min- ister, assisted in the direction of Wesley Foundation work. The Wesley Foundation in 1952-53 entered its twenty-third year as a part of the religious life on tin campus. This organization has a dual purpose. Through the Bible Chair, named for Macon Alston Gunter — SFA student killed in World War II. courses in bible are taught for college credit. Too, the Wesley Foundation seeks to provide a religious organization in which students may participate in worship servii eSj social functions, and recreational activities. These purposes are carried out in a beautiful structure recently renovated. WESLEY FOUNDATION WOMEN ' S RECREATION ASSOCIATION The Women ' s Recreation Association is open to all women students of the College. To be an active member one must participate in some recreational activity during the year and attend all club meetings. The purpose of the WRA is to promote recreational activities and an in- tramural program for women. In keeping with this purpose, the organization sponsors an intramural program of team sports and other activ- ities. MEMBERS Virginia Brown, Mary E. Bridges. Susie Cain, Wanda Hudman, Shirley Grigsby (reporter), Beth Donovan, Kathleen Cheever (basketball director), Dorothy Brock, Odie Nutt. Pat Swift, Betty Duran Johnson, Barbara Moody (secretary-treas- urer), Doyle Thompson (vice-president), Lou Ethel Mettlen, Mary McCameron (badminton director), Mozelle Clark. Rheta Smith Cook, Sue Ashwood (presi- dent), Faye Ballow (archery director), June Irwin (sponsor), Virginia Mathews (assistant sponsor), Billye Bostick (bow- ling director), Marlene Rousseau, Jean Hendrix, Dorothy Cloyd, Shirley McGee. Eloise Clark, Sue Peel, Barbara Sutton, Joyce Adams, Lynda Young, Sue Rey- nolds, Ann Fletcher. MEMBERS Left to right in picture at bottom: Dr. Lucille Norton, June Irwin, Betty Duran Johnson. Not pictured: Rheta Smith Cook. The purposes of Delta Psi Kappa are to recognize worthwhile achievements in physical education, to develop interest therein, and to pro- mote greater fellowship among women in this field of activity. Delta Psi Kappa is a women ' s national professional fraternity in physical edu- cation. It is limited to women who are prospective teachers and have a major or minor in health and physical education. Students must be active in departmental extra-curricular activities and have above average scholarship in academic subjects and health and physical education. They must show evidence of leadership in the department. Alpha Xi Chapter of Delta Psi Kappa was organized at SFA on February 11, 1950. DELTA PSI KAPPA SPEECH CLUB During the fall semester of 1952-53, following several preliminary meetings, a large group of students met and decided to organize .1 speech club. The constitution and bylaws were not completed until the second semester at which time officers were elected. The club is composed ol four groups of students on the SFA campus: speech majors, speech minors, those interested in debate, and those interested in dramatics. The purpose of the organization is to promote good fellowship among those interested in speech and speech activities and to pr ote the growth and development of speech training and activities on the campus. MEMBERS Dr. Robert B. Capel and Mis. Holt Davis, (acui- ty members; ana Kathleen Barton. James O. Bauman, Iris Bradberry, Myrl Bradshau, Mike Butte. Donald Lee Edgai . Buford W. Finley, D. F. Freeman. Elizabeth Gardner. Helen Gee, Joyce Gray, Bennett Hanna, Mary A. Harrison. Mary Henson, F. M. Hughes, Jerry Hughes. Jim King, Geri Long. Gene Lynch, Estelle McFadden, Minnie Pearl McGaughy. Joe T. McMillen, Billie Norton, G. L. Jimmy O ' Quinn, Harry Petty. Mary E. Rushing. Paula Sory, Maxine Tankersley, Florine Terry, Pat Town- send, Juanita Vick. Sammye Walker, Dorothy Ward, and Robert G. Williams. MEMBERS Paul Alford, Kenneth Almond, Carl Andress, Bill Autiey, Earl Bainett, Keith Bai nett. Bobby Benbou, Bill Biddle. Jackie Bond, Donald Bone. A. J. Brazil, Gerald Cecil. Leslie Cheever, Gerald Cheney, James Coker, Max Cruseturner. Don Davis, Jimmy Eaves, Joe Evans, Bobby Flanagan. Rex Flanagan. Cecil Ford, Ralph Gillham. Buddy Gillis, Dale Gosnell, W. T. Hoskins, George Jones, Fred Johnson, Ed Kelly, Leonard Lamb. Johnny Linney, H. N. Litton, Bailey Marshall. Currie Lee Meyer, Earl Meyer, Billy McDaniel, Tommy McDaniel. H. N. McElroy, Charles Mcintosh, Kelsey Moore. Ter- ry Moore, Leroy Owen, Alfied Parker, Joe Pinson. Duruard Ross, John Shipp, Bob Sibley. Joe Sibley, Hank Tailant, Richard Tallent, James Terry, Richard Thomas. Baldwin Thomp- son, Mitchell Torok, Huey Warren. Bill Young- blood. Buck Youngblood. and Hairy Williams. Revived last year after a wartime lapse, the " T " Association this year continued to expand its activities. Composed of athletic lettermen on the campus, the organization serves to promote athletics as well as the welfare of its individual members. Serving during 1952-53 ;is president f the " T " Association was James (Buddy) Terry, Little All-American end on the Lumberjack football team. Under his leadership, tip organi- zation enjoyed a highly successful year in which all members contributed much to the advancement of the group. THE " T " ASSOCIATION kappa pi; Beta Iota chapter of Kappa Pi. national honorary art fraternity, was installed at Stephen F. Austin State College on February 9. 1952. with 20 active members. The charter members included both undergraduates and graduates, and most of them were former members of the campus art club, Arts, Inc. The purpose of Kappa Pi is to promote an understanding and appreciation of art on the campus. It is composed of art majors and art minors. The chapter has social functions as well as business meetings throughout the year. Dr. Karl Schlicher. head of the SFA art department, is the sponsor of the new chapter of Kappa Pi. Honorary members, who were initiated at the same ceremony, were Mrs. Gillette Tilford and Mrs. Thomas W. Baker. Mrs. Marie B. Ryan, national representative of Kappa Pi, presided at the installation and initia- tion ceremony. In the picture shown at the left top. seated on the floor from left to right, are: Mary Ann Franks; Betty SchocMer; and Bobby Hart. Seated on the middle row, left to light, are: Marie B. Ryan, national representative of Kappa Pi; Mrs. T. G. Tilford and Mrs. Thomas W. Baker, hon- orary membeis; Edna Morgan; Susie Cain; Yevonne Hadac; Robert Bussabarger, SFA art instructor; Mary Jane Power; Dr. Karl Schlicher. head of the SFA ait depai tment and chapter sponsor; Mrs. Homer Wilson; Mrs. Lillie Miller; Mrs. Karl Schlicher; Mrs. W. T. Chambers; Pat Wood, chapter president; and Ruth Sorenson. Standing, left to right, are: James Wilkins, vice- president; Fiank Hyde; Gene Lynch, secietary- treasurer; and Dan Landers. Shown in the bottom left picture, from left to light, are: Juanita Vick. Barbara Horton, Ruth Watson, La Nell Chadwick. Sue Nichols, Marv Beth Brooke. Di. Kail Schlicher. Lillie Miller, Yevonne Hadac. Neil Ferguson. Susie Cain. Edna Morgan. Gene Lynch, Mary Jane Power, Yevonne Lilly, Dorothy Jackson. Robert Bussabarger, Lela Mae Chism, Nita Ramsey, Anne Hai i is, Rebecca Ann Wilson, Joy Nell Dover, and Voncille Mc- Vicker. Dr. Schlicher serves as sponsor; Miss Cain, secretary-treasurer; Miss Morgan, vice- president; Mr. Lynch, president; Miss Power, reporter; and Mi. Bussabarger, an SFA art insti uctor. Each spring Kappa Pi sponsors special exhibits of art work, both by local students and others whose works travel in exhibits, and the work of regional artists at the Nacogdoches County Fair. Every year the club enters a duchess, who this year was Edna Morgan, and a float in the Homecoming activities. A beauty for the Stone Fort yearbook, who this year was Joy Nell Dover, is also sponsored by the chapter. In Decem- ber, the chapter decorated the Piney Woods Country Club for the Cotillion Club Christmas Ball. In January, 16 pledges were initiated. Offi- cers for the year were: Gene Lynch, president; Edna Morgan, vice-president; Susie Cain, secretary-treasurer; Mary Jane Power, reporter; Dr. Karl Schlicher. sponsor. kappa pi: Serving as the major officers of the Amitie club during 1952-53 were: Margaret Irwin, president; Jo Turner, vice- president; Sylvia CundifT, secretary; and Shirley Grigsby, treasurer. Sponsor of the club was Maurice Cecil. The Amitie Club was the first women ' s organization formed at SFA. Through the years, the growth of this club into one of the foremost on the campus has been attributed to the three qualities stressed by its members: friendliness, loyalty, and good sportsmanship. MARGARET IRWIN President AMITIE CLUB Helen King was elected by the Amitie Club to be its repre- sentative in the Stone Fort beauty contest. Another mem- ber of the organization receiving outstanding recognition was Jo Turner, named by the students as sophomore class favorite. During 1952-53, the Amitie Club participated in such activities as rush party, Homecoming, Christmas dance, and others. In all of its undertakings, the club enjoyed much success. SUE ASHWOOD NELL BOWMAN DORO THY BREVARD BETH DONOVAN HELEN GEE SHIRLEY GRIGSBY SHIRLEY HEAD MARGARET IRWIN HELEN KING MARTHA KING BOBBIE LINTHICUM PEGGY MOGK SUE NICHOLS BILLIE NORTON MARY SISTRUCK JO TURNER JO NELL WALLACE JO ANN WILLS MAURICE CECIL, SPONSOR (Not pictured) SYLVIA CUNDIFF Serving the Austinite club as major officers in 1952-53 were William Odom, president, Robert Smith, vice-president, and Richard Voigtel, secretary-treasurer. Dr. William B. Hatcher was sponsor. Organized in January, 1938, the Royal Order of Austinites have as their purpose sponsoring school projects for the pleasure and benefit of the student body. The small gold emblem of the club signifies the aims which include leader- ship, scholarship, character, and fraternity. AUSTINITE CLUB Serving as Austinite club Stone Fort beauty was Mary Ann Laird. Members of the club winning high honors were: Franklin Clayton, voted in the Austinite Poll as " cutest boy; " and Richard Voigtel, voted in the Austinite Poll as " wittiest boy. " The Austinite club had as its projects a rush party, Home- coming, Austinite Poll, Christmas dance, and Pie Night. In addition the club contributed much to the academic and extra-curricular life of the campus. Austinite officers, left to right, Richard Voigtel, William Odom, Robert Smith. Austinite Homecoming Parade Float Austinite Christmas Dance GIBSON CARTER FRANKLIN CLAYTON EL WIN GIBSON JOHN KEELING DON LADE H. N. LITTON ALBERT LEE JOHN LOCK RODNEY PIERCE GENE PRATER ODIS PROCELLA CHARLES REEVES DAN SHRADER ROBERT SMITH JOHN VANDERBURG RICHARD VOIGTEL (Not pictured) FRANKLIN BURLESON ELDON CLOUDY LOY LADD JESSIE McCLAI N RAYMOND NICHOLS WILLIAM ODOM THOMAS PATE HOLLIS POWELL DON HUGHES CLYDE STEEL DR. WILLIAM B. HATCHER. Sponsor Fidcle club officers for 1952-53 included: Mildred Butte, president; Nell Florey, vice-president; and Mary Elizabeth Vincent, secretary-treasurer. Under their leadership the club enjoyed one of its most succesful years. Advising the club on its projects, Mrs. Elizabeth Davis served as sponsor. One of the top honors of the Fidele club in 1952-53 came in having one of the members chosen the most beautiful girl at SFA. Gloria Garner, nominated as the club beauty, won the honor in judging by Garland Roark, famed Nacogdoches novelist. FIDELE CLUB Activities in which the Fideles as a club or individuals participated included: rush party, Homecoming celebra- tion, tea for former students, Forester-Fidele Hallowe ' en Ball, Christmas dinner dance, and the Spring Festival. Other Fideles bringing recognition to the club through activities were: June Barton, winner of the " Miss Nacog- doches " contest; Ruby Childers, editor of The Stone Fort yearbook; Joyce Ball Cruseturner, band flag bearer; Anne Harris, cheerleader; Joan Stripling, junior class favorite; Juanita Vick, cheerleader; and Mona Sue Jennings, picked with Bill Anger as " Cutest Couple " in Austinite Poll. Fidele Homecoming Parade Float Fidele Christmas Ball Fidele officers, left to right: Mary E. Vincent, Nell Florey, and Mildred Butte. JUNE BARTON BILL YE BOSTICK PAUL ANN BOYNTON BETTY SUE BREVELLE VIRGINIA BROWN MILDRED BUTTE ELOISE CHAMBERS RUBY CHILDERS BILLIE JO CHILDRESS LELA MAE CHISM ANN c:rabtree JOYCE BALL CRUSETURNER ANN DAWSON JANE DONOVAN ZELDA DOUGLASS JOY NELL DOVER DOROTHY DUNSMORE PATRICIA FAIRCHILD NELL FLOREY GLORIA GARNER KATE GLENN JOYCE GRAY ANNE HARRIS PATSY HAYES MONA SUE JENNINGS PATSY KENDRICK MARY ANN LAIRD LU NAN LAKEY JUANITA MUCKLEROY FAYE MULLIN HILDA MURRAY BARBARA BATES NEFF HELEN JEAN PARKER CARRIE LOU PARKS JOSEPHINE PITTMAN ANITA RAMSEY MARY HELEN RAY MARJORIE RIDER JOAN ROGERSON MARILYN SELF MARGIE SINGLETARY JOAN STRIPLING MARY ANN TERRY EARLINE TIDWELL DOROTHY JO TREADAWAY JUANITA VICK MARY VINCENT SHIRLEY WEEKS NELDA WRIGHT ELIZABETH DAVIS, Sponsor (Not pictured) SARAH BRIDGES NELL JOHNSON FRANCES NATIONS 134414 James Hardy served as president of the Forester club dur- ing 1952-53. Other major officers were Currie Lee Meyer, vice-president, and Randall Lea, secretary-treasurer. Wel- don Wright served as club sponsor. Organized in Septem- ber, 1943, with 14 boys as charter members, the Forester club strives to " create a more fraternal relationship in our college and to found an organization which will be an asset to the social life of SFA. " The club prides itself in accom- plishments in all walks of academic and extra-curricular life on the campus. FORESTER CLUB Dorothy Jo Treadaway represented the Forester club as Stone Fort beauty. Members of the club winning high honors included: Jimmy Mahoney, elected " Mr. SFA, " " friendliest boy " in the Austinite Poll, and Who ' s Who; Joe Frank Hignett, senior class favorite, runner-up for " Mr. SFA, " and Who ' s Who; E. J. Ritchey, graduate class favorite; Don Beck, sophomore class favorite; Carl Andress, " most rural boy " in Austinite Poll; and Weldon Wright, club sponsor, " favorite man teacher " in Austinite Poll. Among the many activities in which the Forester club engaged were rush party, Homecoming, Forester-Fidele Hallowe ' en Ball, Christmas dance, and Spring Festival. Forester Homecoming Parade Float Forester Christmas Dance DON BECK KEITH BARNETT JAMES CAMPBELL LESLIE CHEEVER GERALD CHENEY MAX CRISP EVAN EVANS 1 DON GASTON JAMES HARDY DALLAS HEXT JOE FRANK HIGNETT CHARLES HOLMES MAJOR HOSEA JIM HUSTON JOHNNY JOHNSON RANDALL LEA JIMMY MAHONEY CURRIE LEE MEYER EARL MEYER MAX ODOM BOB OWENS HUBERT POSKEY MALCOLM RECTOR E. J. RITCHEY PRESTON SHOUBROUEK BALDWIN THOMPSON HARRY WILLIAMS WELDON WRIGHT, Sponsor (Not pictured) CARL ANDRESS BOBBY BENBOW CHARLES BYERLY G. W. GARRARD JERRY HUGHES LEONARD LEA BILLY McGRAW CHARLES MARTIN WENSLOW MOORE GARLAND PICOU DURWARD ROSS BOBBY SIBLEY BILLY WORSHAM JAMES WHITE WAYLOR WILLIAMS Activities of the Pine Burr club in 1952-53 were directed by the top three officers. They were Shirley Cross, presi- dent; Vevey Alexander, vice-president; and Mary Eliza- beth Bridges, secr etary-treasurer. Henrietta W. Baker served as club sponsor. Organized in 1929, the Pine Burr club functions to pro- mote service to the school, boost the college spirit, and aid the student body as a whole. The activities sponsored by the club this year were in keeping with these objectives. Pine Burr officers, left to right, Mary Elizabeth Bridges, Vevey Alexander, and Shirley Cross. PINE BURR CLUB Club members holding high office and winning honors in- cluded: Iris Bradberry, business manager of The Stone Fort yearbook; Joyce Hillin, band flag bearer and chosen in the Austinite Poll " best girl dancer; " Sylvia Jones, second most-beautiful girl, Who ' s Who, and " Most Typical Girl " in Austinite Poll; and Frances Ann Partin, named by the Austinite Poll " Dumbest Girl. " Among the activities sponsored by the Pine Burr club were rush party, Homecoming entertainment for former mem- bers, Christmas dinner dance, and others. Pine Burr Homecoming Parade Float Pine Burr Christmas Dinner VEVEY ALEXANDER IRIS BRADBERRY MARY ELIZABETH BRIDGES SHIRLEY CROSS JAUNIECE DRAWHORN MARY ANN HICKS JOYCE HILLIN D ' JUANA JONES SYLVIA JONES FRANCES ANN PARTIN MARY ELIZABETH RUSHING PATRICIA SWIFT SANDRA DAVIS YOUNGBLOOD HENRIETTA W. BAKER, Sponsor (Not pictured) NONA HOSKINS ANN PERRY Cecil Ford, president, George Jones, vice-president, and Billy Murchison, secretary-treasurer, served the Sawyer club during 1952-53 as the major officers. Sponsor of the club was W. R. Owens. Oldest social club on the campus, the Sawyer club went into its twenty-sixth year. Through the years, this club has become famous for its ax-handle support of the athletic teams. As a body, the club attends these sports functions, all wearing white shirts and purple ties, and carrying ax handles. Sawyer officers, left to right, Billy Murchison, Cecil Ford, George Jones. SAWYER CLUB Joyce Ball Cruseturner represented the Sawyer club as Stone Fort beauty. Club members winning high honors in- cluded: James Terry, Little All-American football end, Who ' s Who, and voted in the Austinite Poll " most hand- some boy; " Harry Dailey, voted in the Austinite Poll " best boy dancer; " Gerald Cecil, basketball star, voted in the Austinite Poll " most popular " and " most typical " boy; R. G. Dean, Who ' s Who; and David George, Who ' s Who. The Sawyer club participated in such activities as rush party, Homecoming, apron-overall dance, Christmas dance, and others. Sawyer Christmas Dance DUANE ADAMS PAUL ALFORD RUDY ALLRED CHARLES BANE A. J. BRAZIL KENNETH CALDWELL JAMES COKER MAX CRUSETURNER R. G. DEAN HA RRY DAILEY JOHNNY DOUGLASS CECIL FORI) DAVID GEORGE BUDDY GILLIS BOBBY HARRIS ENOCH HERRINGTON W. T. HOSKINS F. M. HUGHES JOHN LEWIS GILBERT LOW H. N. McELROY JAMES McINTYRE JOE McMILLEN RUFUS MILLER BILLY MURCHISON WALLY WILLIAMS HARRY WOOTEN STEPHEN YOUNGBLOOI) (Not pictured) LUKE ADAMS, BILL ANGER. JIM BRAKE, GERALD CECIL, OBIE DAV- IDSON, MAX ENGLISH, REX FLANA- GAN. BOBBY HAYS. FRED JOHNSON. GEORGE JONES. JACK LEATH, BOB Mc LEAN. SPECK MASON, BOB MAT- ZIG. BENNY O ' REAR, DONALD O ' REAR. LEROY OWEN. LANGSTON PATE. BUD SALBADOR, GORDON STRICKLAND, BUDDY TERRY. MICKY THEODORE. GILBERT WHEELER. LARRY WILSON, WESLEY GOSSETT. and W. R. OWENS. Sponsor. Sigma Gamma officers, left to right, Susie Cain, Geri Long, Virginia Richey. For its three major officers in 1952-53, the Sigma Gamma club had Geri Long, president; Virginia Richey, vice - president; and Susie Cain, secretary-treasurer. Beth Dur- rett served as club sponsor. While one of the youngest women ' s clubs on the campus, Sigma Gamma has enjoyed rapid growth. Responsible for its continuously expanding program is the spirit of the organization typified by the words to its song, " All hail Sigma Gamma. " SIGMA GAMMA CLUB Among the Sigma Gamma members bringing outstanding recognition to the club were: Virginia Richey, named " Miss SFA, " senior class favorite, and a member of Who ' s Who; Doris Pittman, Homecoming queen, band drum major for the third consecutive year, Stone Fort beauty, and named in the Austinite Poll " most popular girl " in SFA; Susie Cain, named in the Austinite Poll " most rural " girl; and Geri Long, Who ' s Who. Activities in which Sigma Gamma participated included: rush party, Homecoming, Christmas dinner dance, and many others. Sigma Gamma Homecoming Parade Float Sigma Gamma Christmas Dance JANET BOVVERS MARY BETH BROOKE RAE BURROWS SUSIE CAIN KATHLEEN CHEEVER JERRY ANN CRAWFORD BETTY DURRETT JANE FIELD ANNE FLETCHER DWAYNE FOSTER ELIZABETH GOODWIN BARBARA GREER TOMMIE JOHNSON GERI LONG NELLENE LOWE BARBARA MOODY ALICE O ' REAR RAE BETH PARROTT DORIS PITTMAN MARY JANE POWER VIRGINIA RICHEY IDA ROGERS JO ANNE SMITH PAT TOWNSEND RUTH WATSON ARMETTA WILLARD OUIDA WOODS (Not pictured) FAYE BALLOW IRA JEAN BLACK YVONNE LILLEY LOU ETHEL METTLEN BARBARA SEELHORST BETH DURRETT. Sponsor Lambda Gamma officers, left to right, Len Neff, Ed Welch, Hubert McCray, and Eddie Stone. The Lambda Gamma club had for its top four officers in 1952-53 Ed Welch, president; Eddie Stone, vice-president; Len Neff, secretary; and Hubert McCray, treasurer. Serv- ing as sponsor of the club was Keith Hogan. Organized in 1948 as the Lufkin club, Lambda Gamma has for its objectives promoting cooperation, leadership, character, and scholarship on the campus. Club officers and members promote fellowship, friendship, and goodwill among; the individual students. LAMBDA GAMMA CLUB Nellene Lowe represented the Lambda Gamma club as Stone Fort beauty. Members of the club holding high office and winning other campus honors included Bob Claiborne, Who ' s Who and Pine Log business manager, and Len Neff, Who ' s Who and Pine Log editor. Among the activities sponsored by the club during 1952-53 were Sadie Hawkins Day Dance, beard growing contest, rush party, Christmas dinner dance, and others. Lambda Gamma Homecoming Parade Float Lambda Gamma Christmas Dance ELWOOD ALLRED C. B. BURRIS BOB CLAIBORNE GEORGE GRIMES HOMER HOLLAND HUBERT McCRAY LEN NEFF JOE DONALD RUBY EDDIE STONE EDWARD WELCH KEITH HOGAN, Sponsor (Not pictured) MERYL BRADSHAW KENNETH GRIGSBY GEORGE RAGSDALE KENNETH WYATT NOLAN ALDERS GATES BURROWS ROBERT CLAIBORNE DAVID GEORGE JOE FRANK HIGNETT R. G. DEAN SYLVIA IONES JIMMY MAHONEY KELSEY MOORE GERI LONG LOUIS NEFF DONALD BOB PARRISH VIRGINIA RICHEY JAMES TERRY (Not pictured) MITCHELL TOROK Jimmy Mahoney, Juanita Vick Joyce Hillin, Harry Dailey Gerald Cecil, Doris Pittman Friendliest boy and girl Best boy and girl dancer Most popular boy and girl James Terry, Sylvia Jones Bill Anger, Mona Sue Jennings Leroy Owen, Frances Ann Parti Most handsome boy, Most beautiful girl Cutest couple Dumbest boy and girl Mrs. Maurice Cecil Weldon Wright Favorite Woman and Man Teacher Charlotte Strasse Franklin Clayton Cutest Girl and Boy (Not pic tuud) Patsy Estell Wittiest Girl Susie Cain, Carl Andress Sylvia Jones, Gerald Cecil Most Rural Girl and Boy Most Typical Girl and Boy Dickie Voigtel Wittiest Boy Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Linney Cutest Married Couple PRESENTING THE BEAUTIES... Beauty flourished during 1952-1953 at SFA. Representative of the many attractive co-eds on the campus, the beauties appearing on the following pages competed in the annual beauty contest sponsored by The Stone Fort. Garland Roark, Nacogdoches author of Wake of the Red Witch and other famous novels, took time out from his writing chores to serve as judge of the contest. Mr. Roark, shown in the above pic- ture with the contestants, selected a winner and two runners- up. Jkird Wod autifu( QJ CARRIE LOU PARKS Sylvans Wost Beautiful QJ GLORIA GARNER Fidele JOY NELL DOVER BARBARA HANKA MARY JO HENSON Kappa Pi Ellen H. Richards FFA ELNA MAE HALL HELEN KING Barristers Amitie MARY ANN LAIRD Austinite NELLENE LOWE Lambda Gamma JOSEPHINE PITTMAN Press Club DORIS PITTMAN Sigma Gamma PAULA SORY Chemistry SNAPSHOTS Th e multitude of activities on the campus in 1952-53 are depicted in part by snapshots . . . formal and informal . . . humorous and serious . . . posed and impromptu. These pictures have been assembled in the following section rounding out The Stone Fort. Campus Activities Don Gaston and Paulann Boynton depict the wedding scene of President Emeritus and Mrs. A. W. Birdwell during the Homecoming celebra- tion parade. Choir Homecoming Float shows advancement of music training at SFA. Sylvans ' tie-whacking float in Homecoming parade. Football stars, left to right, Hank Tallant, Buddy Gillis, Bill Autrey, Durward Ross, and Currie Lee Meyer, all of whom played their last season in 1952. Random shot at the SUB. SFA faculty members since 1923 — R. L. Turner and Virdian Barham in front seat of Jeep; W. F. Garner and Dean T. E. Ferguson in back seat. President Paul L. Boynton and little Barbara June Capel at Homecoming coronation ceremonies. Socks abounded at the Senior Class Sock-Hop. Voncille McVicker welcomes SFA ex, Dr. Frank Beall, to Homecoming football game. CAMPUS ACTIVITIES Kate Glenn admires Rudy Allred ' s muscle (?) The play, " So This Is Politics, ' ' won raves from everyone. Sadie Hawkins ' dancers, left to right, Ger- ald Cecil, Mary Elizabeth Bridges, John Shipp, Juanita Muckleroy, Patsy Hayes, Paul Alford. Henry Whittlesey, Malcom Rector, Gerald Mc- Clure, and Leroy Owen, left to right, " pool " at the SUB. Joe Evans and Billy Murchison try their hand at table tennis. Ruth Williamson and Beverly Linney, seated, register exes at Homecoming. " So This Is Politics " cast in action. Stone Fort beauties, left to right, Helen King, Paula Sory, Gloria Garner, Etna Mae Hall, Josephine Pittman, Joy Nell Dover, Barbara Hanka, and Mary Jo Henson. SNAPSHOTS The " five horsemen, ' ' Bob Claiborne, atop stack, Hubert McCray and Bob Owens, in the middle, and Bill Anger, Dan Shrader and Dwight Mason " down under. ' ' " Barber ' ' Dwight Mason prepares to shave (butcher?) Bob Claiborne, while three " huskies ' ' hold the patient down. " So This Is Politics? " scene, featuring, left to right, Barbara Bates Neff, Bennett Hanna, Donald Edgar, and Pat Townsend. Kenneth Caldwell beams in anticipation of the picnic chow being spread by Anne Harris, left, and Billie Jo Childress. " Babes in the wood, " left to right, Mike Butte, Lela Mae Chism, Shirley Weeks, and Vevey Alexander. A square dance class, taking the advice of the " Merry Christmas " sign in the background, en- joys a number called by Professor W. W. Dossey. Wesley Foundation leaders, left to right, Pat Davis, Rae Beth Parrott, Kelsey Moore, Wrennetta Dykes, and Billie Norton. Sylvans club float in Nacogdoches County Fair parade. LIMMtt 7 STEPHEN P. AUSTIN STATE COLLEGE NACOGDOCHES . TEXAS EDITOR ' S MESSAGE This has been Stephen F. Austin State College in 1952-53. Through pic- ture and the printed word we have attempted to make as accurate a presentation as possible. Whatever measure of success we have attained in this undertaking must be attributed to many. While space limitations make it impossible to give credit to all who co- operated so splendidly in bringing out The Stone Fort of 1953, there are groups and individuals deserving of special commendation. The Adminis- tration, faculty and staff, and student body, without whose help this year- book could not have come out, rate an emphatic " well done " and " sincere thanks. " And special thanks, too, must go to these individuals: Weldon Wright and Edwin W. Gaston Jr., faculty advisors; Robert S. See and staff of the Southwestern Engraving Company; and the photographers — D. M. Dandurant, Charles Robinson, Billy McCroskey. It has been a genuine pleasure to have served as editor of this yearbook. The experience is one which we shall always cherish. And as years unfold, we hope that you, the reader, shall find a large degree of satisfaction in the product. RUBY CHILDERS Editor STUDENTS REGISTERED IN SPRING Adams, Duane Nacogdoches Adams, Denny Center Adams, Joyce Douglass Adams. Marie Alto Adams, Luke Center Adamson, Sammy Kilgore Acker, Willie Harold Jacksonville Akin. Bertie Crosby Alders, Nolan Nacogdoches Alexander, Lena Beth Nacogdoches Alexander, Vevey .. Port Neches Alford, Paul Dallas Allen. Adene Overton Allen. William R. Nacogdoches Allied. Elwood ... Groves Allred. Rudy Groves Allums, Morris Bossier City, La. Almond. Kenneth Groves Anderson, Claudia Frankston Anderson. John Martin Port Arthur Andress, Carl Athens Andress. Edith Kirbyville Andrews, Doris Nacogdoches Andrews, P. H. Nacogdoches Angel, Mary Nacogdoches Ansley, Beverly June Houston Anger. Paul William Beaumont Anthony. John Henderson Archibald. Jewell Kilgore Armstrong, Fae Carthage Arnold. Dennis Henderson Arnold, Louise Henderson Ash. Joe S. Nacogdoches Ashwood. Sue Longview Athey, Bernard Greggton Athey, Howard Kilgore Audibert. Blanche Greggton Autrey, Bill Marquez Bailey, Elton Gilmer Bailey. Oran Vidor Bailey, Sherman Center Baker, Doris Houston Baker, Edward Nacogdoches Baker, Mary Evelyn Houston Baker, Parmley Appleby Baker, Robert Dialville Balch, Mary .. San Augustine Ballard. Benny Joaquin Ballow. Faye Woden Bane, Bobby Laneville Bane, Charles Laneville Bane, Joan Rogerson Kilgore Banks, Joe Cushing Barbee, Basil Nacogdoches Barge. Ottis Zavalla Barker, Joyce Henderson Barnes, Clayton Humble Barnett. Earl Hamilton Barnett. Keith Kirbyville Barnhill. Lawrence Gladewater Barrett, James Lufkin Barton, David Joaquin Barton. Kathleen Henderson Barton, Neal Apple Springs Basham. Joe Dell Pollock Bate, Irion San Augustine Bates. Ray Murl Garrison Battise, Gemar Livingston Bauman, James O. Troup Baxter. Reba Marshall Beal, Norman Bryan Beall. Shirley Milam Beard. Annie Lois Lufkin Beaird, Scotty Lufkin Beauchamp, Robert Beckville Beck, Don Nacogdoches Belk, Hazel Kirbyville Bell. Mildred Frankston Benbow. Bobby Weslaco Bennett. Kenneth Gladewater Bentley. R. L Nacogdoches Bice. Carolyn Beaumont Biddle, Bill Beaumont Biggs, Jimmy Kilgore Birmingham. Marvin Jefferson Black, Ira Jean Lufkin Bland, James Alto Blankenship. Billv Gladewater Blankenship, Billy J. Shelbyville Blankenship, Carolyn Al ' o Blankenship. Fiances Lufkin Blanton, W illiam Cushing Booz. Avis Lindale Bogue, James Lowell ' l imp on Boles. Gladys Frankston Boley. Billy Cushing Bond, Agnes Beaumont Bond, Jackie Oran ;. Bone, Donald Troin Boone, Mary Rusk Boone, Orie .. Jacksonville Bostick, Billye Tyler Boulware, Charles Zavalla Bounds, John Beckville Bowers, Janet Lufkin Bowers, Sam Blane Nacogdoches Bowlin, Gloria Tenaha Bowlin. La Wanda Port Neches Bowman, Nell Ruth Henderson Boyd. Jim Alto Boynton. Paulann Nacogdoches Braden, Edwin T. Lufkin Bradberry. Iris Nacogdoches Bradshaw, Ila Ray ... Center Bradshaw. Myrl Silsbce Brake, James ... San Augustine Braselton, Cynthia Nacogdoches Brazil, A. J. Jacksonville Bresie, Jack Lufkin Brevelle, Bettye Sue Lufkin Bridges, Carrol Athens Bridges, Mary Eliz. Henderson Bridges. Sarah Eliz Tyler Bridwell, Bennie Appleby Briggs, William Gladewater Bright. Bertha Troup Brightwell, Edwin Henderson Brock, Dorothy Lufkin Brooke, Mary Beth Atlanta Brooks. William Elkhart Brown. Austin Henderson Brown, Florine Woodvillc Brown, Philip Lane Tenaha Brown, Roy Jasper Brown. Virginia Buna Browning, Horace Overton Brumbelow, Wilma Jean West Columbia Bryan. Arthur Lufkin Buckner, Doyle Cushing Bullard. Jeannette Kilgore Buller. Murry Dolph Colmesneil Burgess. Taul Joaquin Burk. Bernadine Trawick Burk. Donald Trawick Burks. Bertha Mae Deweyville Burleson. Franklin San Augustine Burnett. Harry Longview Burns. Dimples Kilgore Burns, Hoy Lamar Jacksonville Burns. June Jacksonville Burris, C. B Lufkin Burrows, Rae Deweyville Burrows. Cates Nacogdoches Bush, Elbert Lufkin Butler. Martha Kilgore Butte, Mildred Maplewood, La. Byars, Lenvillc Houston Byerly, Charles Curtiss Cain, Susie Buna Caldwell, Kenneth Nacogdoches Callaway, Billy Gladewater Calloway, Mercedes Lufkin Campbell, James Shelbyville Campbell, Turla Center Canter, James Gladewater Castleberry, Carol Nacogdoches Carter, Bonnie Kirbyville Cecil, Gerald Houston Chadwick, LaNell Texarkana Chambers, Sue Hemphill Chance, Jack Selman City Chance, Oscar Nacogdoches Chandler, Doyle ( lhandler, Tom Chancy, Elton Chancy, Rosalie Cheney, Gerald Cherry, Dean .. Cheever, Ellen I ' .u isli Kirbyville Jefferson Price Shreveport, La. Crockett Nacogdoches Nacogdoches Cheever, Kathleen Nacogdoches Cheever, Leslie . Nacogdoi lies Chessher, John Saratoga Childers, Ruby Nacogdoches Childs, Patricia Center Childress, Billie Jo Lufkin Chism, Lela Mae Kilgore Christenson, Dean .. Lufkin Christian, Charles Nacogdoi lies Christian, Mary Jo Nacogdoches Claiborne, Robert Beaumont Clark, Dorothy Troup Clark, Eloisc Nacogdoches Clark, Marie .. Shreveport, La. Clark, Mozelle Waco Clarke, Franklin Carthage Clay, Ronald Lee . Lufkin Clayton, Franklin LaMarque Clements, Patricia Lufkin Cloudy, Eldon Nacogdoi lies Cloyd, Dorothy Dee Lufkin Cobb, Edmond Carthage Coble, Robert Nacogdoi In s Cochran, Vermeil Nacogdoches Cocke, Sue Jacksonville Coco, Russell Nacogdoches Coker, James Nacogdoches Coker, Jerry Nacogdoches Coleman, Elsie Palestine Coleman, Sue Lufkin Colley, Doris Henderson Conn, Kenneth Bronson Cook, Donald Humble Cook, Reta Smith Gladewater Cooper, Buford Nacogdo hes Corley, Claude Sacul Courtney, A. D. Lufkin Courtney, Billie Lufkin Covington, Vera Center Coward, Walter Rusk Crabtree, Boyannah Nacogdoches Craig, Richard Henderson Grain, Judy Nacogdoches Crawford, Elizabeth Silsbee Crawford, Joe Chireno Cravey, Donald Center Cravey, Lawanda Center Crawford, Jerry Ann Nacogdoches Craycraft, Geneva Mt. Enterprise Creech, Eldridge Colmesneil Creech, Roy Glenn Choice Crew, Beulah Natchitoches, La. Crisp, Max Nacogdoches Crocker, W. E. Bronson Cross, Bobby Kilgore Cross, L. D Nacogdoches Cross, Shirley Nacogdoches Crow, Steve Tyler Crouch, Adela Kirbyville Crump, Clara Timpson Cruseturner, Joe Alto Cruseturncr, loyce Cushing Cruseturner, Max Cushing Cundiff, Sylvia Gladewater Cunningham, James Nacogdoches Currie, J. C. Lufkin Cyphers, Ray Mt. Enterprise Cyphers, Ruth Mt. Enterprise Cyphers, Wayne Mt. Enterprise Dailey, Harry High Island Darington, John Palestine Davidson, Obie Jacksonville Davidson, Royce Bethany, La. Davis, Billy Wayne Gary- Davis, Cathryn Jacksonville Davis, Clifford Lufkin Davis, Dchlia Lufkin Davis, Donald Beaumont Davis, Effie Henderson STUDENTS REGISTERED IN SPRING Davis, Pat Lufkin Davis, Patsy Nacogdoches Davis, Patsy Marie Tyler Davis, R. C Beckville Davis, Ruth Palestine Davison, Wallace Lufkin Dawson, Ann Gushing Dawson, Jeannine Trawick Dean, Eddie Henderson Dean, Billy Woodville Dean, Esther Henderson Dean, Mabel Woodville Dean, R. G. Nacogdoches Dean, Ruth Brookeland Dean, Sara Alto Dean, Wanda Jean Nacogdoches Deitz, Barbara Appleby DeLaFosse, Richard Lufkin Dennard, David Carthage Dennis, Richard Nacogdoches Dent, Robert Gerald Beaumont Deraps, Douglass Lufkin Devers, Con Palestine Dew, James Wells Dickson, Geneva Nacogdoches Dillard, Dawn Overton Dillcn, Charles Nacogdoches Dillon, Forrest Appleby Dillon, Jack Dallas Donahoe, Beverly Nacogdoches Donahoe, Lillian Nacogdoches Donovan, Beth Nacogdoches Donovan, Jane Nacogdoches Doss, Darrell Nacogdoches Douglass, John Lufkin Douglass, Zelda Lufkin Dover, Joy Nell Rusk Dowden, Edith Natchitoches, La. Drawhorn, Jaunice Bronson Driver, Essie Huntington Dry, Ruby Longstreet, La. DuBose, Dixie Jasper DuBose, Paul Apple Springs Duncan, Lajean Marshall Duncan, Montel Rusk Dunn, J. W Nacogdoches Duran, Jo Nan Henderson Durrett, Betty Maydell Dykes, Wrennetta Kilgore Easley, Bettie Jane Bronson Edgar, Donald College Station Edmons, John Ray Cushing Edwards, Ruth Troup Ellis, James Charles Nacogdoches Emmons, Edward San Augustine English, Charles Nacogdoches English, Max Kennard Estell, Patsy Nacogdoches Evans, Evan " Kit " Jasper Evans, Joe Troup Fairchild, Carol Nacogdoches Fairchild, Louise Nacogdoches Fairchild. Patricia Nacogdoches Faulk, H. G Tyler Farr, Estelle Newton Feazell, Elmo " Buddy " Nacogdoches Fenton, Grace Longview Ferguson. Dick Nacogdoches Ferguson. Wilma Douglass Field, Jane Logansport. La. Field. Lloyd Palestine Fielder. Joe Wells Fike, Gladys Grand Cane, La. Finley, Buford Marlin Fischer. George Potcet Fitts, Edward Timpson Flanagan. Rex Henderson Flanagan. Bobby Houston Flores, Bill Mineola Florey. Nell Kilgore Fogle. Nancy Jane Marshall Forbis, James Longview Ford, Billy Lufkin Ford, Cecil Humble Foshec, Jack Nacogdoches Foster, Carroll Nacogdoches Foster, Dwayne Nacogdoches Fowler, Sarah Eliz Nacogdoches Franklin, Terrell Beaumont Frazier, Mary Etta West Columbia Freeman, Billy Rusk Freeman, D. L Lufkin Furlow, James Shelbyville Gadman, Ronald Sour Lake Gandy, Bill Many, La. Gandy. Philip Hemphill Gandy, Roy Clifton Honey Island Garner, Gloria Henderson Garrard, George Nacogdoches Garrett. Gilbert Nacogdoches Garrett, H. R Rusk Garrison, Billie Ruth Lufkin Garrison. Lester Nacogdoches Gaston. Don Nacogdoches Gaston, Jo Ellen Beaumont Gaston. William Nacogdoches Gatlin. Bryan Cushing Gatlin, Joy Lynn Cushing Gee, Helen Choice Geer, Donald Selman City Gentry. Jack Tyler George, Betty Choice George, Hulen Carey Diboll Gibson, Elmer Longview Gibson, Dewey MalakofF Gibson, Lura New London Giles, Lloyd Texarkana Gillham, Ralph Dallas Gillis, Claud Kilgore Gilpin, Charles Gladewater Given. Robert Lufkin Gladden, Bob Keltys Glenn, Kate Port Arthur Goff. Bobby Longview Goldsberry, Hood Nacogdoches Gordon, Margaret June Joaquin Gosncll, Dale Longview Gossett, David Jacksonville Gossett, Doris Longview Gossett, Jack Henderson Gramling. Ozzie Henderson Gray, Betty Zavalla Gary, Edith Zavalla Gray, Jack Marshall Gray, Joyce Nacogdoches Greer, Barbara Chireno Greer, Thomas Diboll Griffin, Burton Nacogdoches Grigsby, Kenneth Marshall Grigsby, Shirley Marshall Grimes, Corlie Jacksonville Grimes, Dorothy Jo Lufkin Grimes, George Nacogdoches Grimes, Jean Longview Grimes, Mary Ruth Rusk Gunn, Bill Orange Gunn, John Charles Nacogdoches Hadac, George Nacogdoches Hadac, Yevonne Nacogdoches Hagler, Leon Choice Halbcrt, Bobby Rusk Hall, Bobbie Appleby Hall, Elna Mae Troup Hall, Ida Perry Lufkin Hall, Juliet Nacogdoches Hambrick, Jack Neches Hamilton, Benny Nacogdoches Hammett, Jimmy Nacogdoches Haney. Eunice Waller Hardin, Elsie Gary Hardy, James San Augustine Harris, Anne Texarkana Harris, Charles Nacogdoches Harr is, Hubert Nacogdoches Harris, Ila Carthage Harris, James Albert Nacogdoches Harris, Julia Geneva Harris, Robert Geneva Harrison. Mary Alvilyn Wells Hart, Howard Greggton Haskins. Dreeby Henderson Havard, Macie Huntington Haws, Eulaine Jacksonville Hawthorne. Jewelle Kilgore Hayden. Howard Lufkin Hayes, Patsy Lufkin Hayes, Robert Liberty Head, Shirley Center Heald. Vivian Rusk Heard, Lucille Rusk Heath, Betty Velasco Heath. Loretta Alto Helwig, Robin Nacogdoches Hemby. William Tatum Hendeson. James Longview Henderson, Lue Gene Rusk Hendricks, Tommie Jean Honey Island Hendry, James Lufkin Hennigan. Ethel Joaquin Hensley. Bernice Nacogdoches Hensarling, Ruth San Augustine Henson, Mary Jo Houston Hext, Dallas Harlingen Hicks, Mary Ann Nacogdoches Higdon, J. D " Lufkin Highnote, Joe Garrison Hightower, Ethel San Augustine Hignett, Joe Frank Colmesneil Hill. Larry Lufkin Hill. Tommye Kilgore Hillen. Joyce Pine Hill Hilton, C. F. Jasper- Holder, Clarence Leggett Holland, Homer Silsbee Holland, Thomas Huntington Holleman. Bess Lufkin Holliman, Billy Gladewater Holt, Robert Lufkin Honea, Bobby Glenn Garrison Honea, Lennie Nacogdoches Hooks, Murray Apple Springs Horn, Horace Gladewater Hosea, Major Humble Hopkins, Martha Carthage Horton. Barbara Longview Howard. Ralph Kinder, La. Howell, T. E Woodville Huckaby, Marion Attoyac Hudman. Wanda Mt. Enterprise Huff. I ma Gary Hughes, Donald Joaquin Hughes, F. M Center Hughes, Kenneth Jerry Nacogdoches Hughes, Ora Newton Hughes. Ozro Center Humphreys. Willie Newton Hunt, Alfred Henderson Hurt, Darrel Hutchison, Kan. Huston, Johnnie Belton Irish. Anne Joaquin Innerasity, Curtis Keltys Jared, Jenny Rusk Jarratt. Jeffie Appleby- Jenkins. Robert Beaumont Jennings, Mona Sue Beaumont Jernigan. Benjamin Port Neches Jeter, Charles Alto Jimerson, Bobby Henderson Johnson. Mrs. A. N Kilgore Johnson, Annie Nell Jasper Johnson, Betty Duran Henderson Johnson, Fred Humble Johnson, Joe Laneville Johnson, Johnnie Crockett Johnson, Norris Rusk Johnson, Oscar Troup Johnson, Terry Longview Johnson, Tommie Nacogdoches Johnson, Vernon Joe Odessa Johnson. Jack Odessa Johnston, Wade Gladewater Johnston, William Earl Jacksonville Jones, Clarence Lufkin Jones, D ' Juana Port Neches Jones, George Orange STUDENTS REGISTERED IN SPRING Jones. Dorothy Henderson Jones, Lillie Mae Lufkin Jones, Virgie Kilgore Jonte, Robert Joaquin Joplin, Fred Nacogdoches Jordan. EfBe W ' oodville Joshlin. John Henry Orange Justice, Beeman Nacogdoches Keeling, John Robert Long Branch Keeling. Kittie Claire Mt. Enterprise Kellum. Arlon Nacogdoches Kelly, Ed Beaumont Kendrick. Katheryn Nacogdoches Kendrick, Patsy Nacogdoches Kendrick, Ernest Paul Nacogdoches Kennedy, James Kilgore King. Helen Nacogdoches King, James Nacogdoches King, Jimmie Overton King. I.evern Nacogdoches King. Lillian Huntington King. Lois Nacogdoches King. Martha Clarksville King, Robert Hemphill King, Ruby Hemphill Kinsey. Norman Nacogdoches Kirkland. Randel Bossier City, La. Knapp. Faye Lufkin Knouse, Ruth Zwolle, La. Krause. Venita Nacogdoches Kruse, Lucille Nacogdoches Kunkel, John White Oak Kyle, James Jefferson Labosky. Bobby Nacogdoches Lacey, Mrs. Trammell Nacogdoches Ladd. L. G Lufkin Lade, Don Waco Ladner. Katie Mac Hemphill Lafler, Floyd Kilgore Laird. Mary Ann Tenaha Lakey, Lu Nan Chester Lamb, Leonard Maydell Lambright, Charles Jacksonville Lampkin, Frank Bossier City. La. Landers, Sarah Lufkin Lane, Velma Nacogdoches Lankford, Jerry Lufkin Lantrip. Alma Garrison Lantrip. Harold Garrison Latimer, Peggy Garrison Lea, Leonard Nacogdoches Lea, Randall Nacogdoches Leadbetter. James New Summerfield Leard. Jerry Gilmer Leath, Jack Henderson LeBlanc. Nolon Nacogdoches Lee, Albert San Augustine Lee. Bobby Shelbyville Lee, Charles Nacogdoches Lee, Freda Minden Lee, J. B Lufkin Lee, Louise Henderson Legg, Gene Lufkin Lewis, Betty Nacogdoches Lewis. Jimmie Nacogdoches Lilley, Yvonne Honey Island Lindsey. Bevil Honey Island Lindsey. Carolyn Honey Island Linney. Beverly Longview Linney, John Ernest Longview Linthicum, Bobbie Garrison Littlejohn. Lake Marshall Litton. Herman Neal Gladewater Lock, John David Laneville Loewen, Louella Orange Lofton. Lera Lufkin Long, Geri Lufkin Looney, Bernice Rusk Lout. J. H Patroon Love. Glenda Hemphill Low, Gilbert Geneva Low. Mary Geneva Love. Gale B. Cushine Lowe. Nellene Glenfawn Lunsford. Bessie Rusk Lyles. Cornelia Lynch, Eugene Nacogdoches .Nacogdoches McAlister. Charles Nacogdoches McBride. Bobby Bronson McCall, Bob Lufkin McCall. Bill Lufkin McCameron, Mary Nacogdoches McCarty, Bryan Lufkin McCauley. Ramon Henderson McCauley, Hayden Garrison McClure, Gerald Etoile McClure, Marie Etoile McClain. Ida . Spurger McClendon, Lillian Nacogdoches McCoy. Benard Nacogdoches McCray, Hubert Vidor McCronie, Irene Nacogdoches McCurry, Olin Nacogdoches McDaniel, Billy Longview McDaniel, Bob Atlanta McDaniel, Tommy Longview McDuff, Lillie Grand Cane, La. McElroy, H. N Houston McFadden, Mary Lindale McGaughey. Minnie Texas City McGee, Shirley Nacogdoches McHaney. Helen Longview McHaney, Raymond Kilgore Mcintosh. Charles Lufkin Mclntyre. James Alto McKinney, David LaMarquc McKinney, Edgar Nacogdoches McKinney, Katherine Nacogdoches McKinnie. Niles Kilgore McKinzie, Frances Lufkin M( Lain, Jesse Garrison McLean, James Robert Jacksonville McLemore, Julia Overton McLemore, Virginia Shreveport, La. McLeroy, Ernest Lufkin McLeroy, Martha Nacogdoches McMichael. Harold Longview McMillan. Dale Sacul McMillien. Joe Geneva McNabb. James Graford McNeill, Anita Nacogdoches McSwain, James Tenaha McVicker, Voncille Rusk Mace, Nan Lufkin Maddox, Kathleen Henderson Mahan, William Colmesneil Mahoney. Jimmy Nacogdoches Manchac, Manuel Call Manley, Don Lufkin Marshall. Bailey Georgetown Martin. Ila Verne Nacogdoches Martin. Margaret Martinsville Martin. Marie Nacogdoches Martin. Mary Lizzie Carthage Martin, Max Martinsville Martin, Vivian Nacogdoches Mason, Charles Henderson Mason. Jo Anne Henderson Mathews, Jack Nacogdoches Mathews. Virginia Nacogdoches Matlock. Travis Nacogdoches Matthews. Dan Shelbyville Matthews. Janie Kilgore Matzig, Robert Dallas Maynard. Gerald Alto Maynard, Lillian Nacogdoches Mettlen. Lou Ethel Liberty Meyer. Earl New L ' lm Middlebrook. George Nacogdoches Mike. Jim Marthaville, La. Miller, Freida Kilgore Miller. Hollis Jasper Miller, James Call Milling. Truman Alvin Milner, Ivan Dallas Minis, Annie Provenial, La. Minyard, Mary Colmesneil Mitchell. Lee Gladewater Mock. Peggy Rusk Modisette. Freddy Chester Moodv. Barbara Waco Mooney. Billy Nacogdoi hes Moore, Edwin Shelbyville Moore. James Lufkin Moore, Kelsey Texarkana Moore. Mauline Troup Moore, Ferry Alto Moore, Will Owen Humble Morehead. William ... Longview Morgan, Edna Wallci Morgan. Joel Nacogdoches Morris, Billie Henderson Morris, James Edward Hemphill Morris, Jarrell Woodville Morris, Mrs. Lee Nacogdoches Mosely, Donald Henderson Moseley, Nell Louise Lufkin Moser, Ruth Nacogdoches Murchison. Billy Crockett Mucklcroy, Jim Garrison Muckleroy, Juanita ... Nacogdoches Muckleroy, Lee Center Muckleroy, Roland Tenaha Mullin, Faye Bennett Longview Mundell. Shirley ..Kilgore Murphey, Joseph Nacogdoches Murphy, Cecile Milam Murphy. Edward Corsicana Murray, Bobby ....Nacogdoches Nash. Wilma Silsbee Nations, Bailey Nacogdoches Nations, Frances Nacogdoches NefF, Barbara Cleveland Ncff, Len Austin Neichoy, Preston High Island Neel, George Nacogdoches Nelson, Robert Nacogdoches Newell, Dan Jacksonville Newberry. Era Newton Newland. Frank Marshall Nichols. Janiece San Augustine Nichols, Kenneth Timpson Nichols, Mrs. Peggy Timpson Nichols, Preston San Augustine Nichols, Raymond San Augustine Nichols, Sue Chireno Noble, Lester Billy ... Overton Norton, Evelyn Nacogdoches Numsen, George Longview Nutt, A. T. Gary Null, Mrs. Thelma Woodville Odom, Max Jacksonville Odom. Marilyn Nacogdoches O ' Quinn. George Nederland O ' Rear. Benny Nacogdoches Orr, Dorothy Mt. Enterprise Orr, Nellie Bearden Mt. Enterprise Osborne. Willard Centei Overstreet. Dwayne Honey Island Owen. Bob Waco Owen. John Crockett Owen. Leroy Nacogdoches Parker, Alfred Jacksonville Parker. Clemon Laurel, Miss Parker. Elizabeth Logansport, La. Parker. Helen Jean Nacogdoches Parker. Robert Nacogdoches Parker. W. A Haslam Parks. Carrie Lou Chester Parrish, Donald Bob Nacogdoches Parrott. Rae Beth Nacogdoches Parrish, Glen Maydell Partin. Frances Anne Nacogdoches Pate. Langston San Augustine Pate, Thomas Nacogdoches Paul, David Nacogdoches Paul, Mattie Nacogdoches Payne. Billie Tyler Pearson, Glenn Dallas Peel. Sue Newton Peavy. Mabel Lufkin Penney. Charles Cushing Perales. Rudy Nacogdoches Perry. Charles Overton STUDENTS REGISTERED IN SPRING Perry. Jim ...... Beaumont Perry, Richard Gladewater Person, Janet .. Nacogdoches Peters. Martha Timpson Petty, Harry Nacogdoches Petty, William E. Overton Phares, Johnsa Lufkin Pharr, Betty Henderson Phelps, Ann Kilgore Philips. Mrs. Middleton Many, La. Phillips, Mrs. Naomi Carthage Phillips. Richard Mt. Enterprise Picou, Garland Port Arthur Pierce, Rodney Nacogdoches Pirtle, Emma Lufkin Pittard, Olivia Grand Cane. La. Pittman, Doris Marie Cushing Pittman, Josephine Pitts, Frances Hawkins Plunkett. James Henderson Plunkett, Kitty Nacogdoches Poe, Frances Lufkin Poe, Howard Winston Nacogdoches Polk, Marcella Price Ponder, Murlene San Augustine Pool, Eli Henderson Porterfield, Eloise Timpson Poskey, Hubert Nacogdoches Poss. Bennie San Augustine Potts, Arthur Price Powell, Faye Kirbyville Powell. Hollis Brookeland Powell, James Brookeland Powell, Varina Nacogdoches Power, Irene Rusk Power, Mary Jane Nacogdoches Powers, Gertrude Nacogdoches Prater, Kenneth Gene Nacogdoches Pratt, Bertie Hemphill Procella, Oris Hemphill Presley, Janie Gorum, La. Prewitt, Quentin Kirbyville Price, Eddie Pearl San Augustine Price, Frank Nacogdoches Price, Murl Preston Lufkin Pridgeon, Paul Elkhart Prince, Silas Chireno Quarles, Albon Palestine Quitta, James Smithville Ragsdale, George Overton Rainey, Florence Kilgore Ralph, Thomas Center Ramseur, Dori New London Ramsey, Anita Fort Worth Randall. Charles Appleby Randall, Javan Appleby Ratcliff, Dorothy Colmesneil Ratley. Artis DeBerry Rawson, Dickey New London Rawlinson, Mishel Cushing Rawson, Francis San Augustine Ray, Hazel Whitehouse Ray, Mary Hemphill Rector, Malcolm Beaumont Redus, Faye Katy Reed, Hoyt Pleasant Hill, La. Reese, Steve Nacogdoches Reeves, Charles Lufkin Reeves. Richard Garrison Reynolds, Sue Houston Rich, Wynifred Lufkin Richards, Keifer Cushing Rider. Marjorie Gary Richey, Virginia Nacogdoches Rigsby. Dink Dallas Ritchey. Ray Nacogdoches Ritter. David Carthage Rivens, Edith Joaauin Roberson, Jo Frances ..... Alto Roberts, Cyril Center Roberts, Irene Mansfield. La. Roberts. Wilma Nacogdoches Rodriques. Malcolm Nacogdoches Rodriqucz, Pete Longview Rogers, Ernest „ Wiergatc Rogers, Ida New Boston Rogers, Mattox Wiergate Rogers, Laura Palestine Rogers, Teddy Jean Henderson Rollins, Robert Nacogdoches Rose, Leon Jasper Ross, Dewey Wiergate Ross, Durward Beckville Rosseau, Marlene Henderson Rowe, Maude Tenaha Ruby, Joe Donald Lufkin Rushing, Bob Tyler Rushing, Doris Groveton Rushing, Mary Eliz Joaquin Russell, John Wayne Nacogdoches Russell, Margaret Henderson Russell, Robbin Dell Henderson Ruth, Frances Lufkin Salbador, Gus Nacogdoches Salter, James Zwolle, La. Salter, Woodrow Zwolle, La. Samford, James Longview Samford, Janell Center Samford, Ruth Shelbyville Samford, S. C Shelbyville Sandel. Retha Nacogdoches Satterwhite. J. H Sacul Scarborough, June Nacogdoches Scott, Tommy Lufkin Seago. Christine Nacogdoches Sedberry, Mrs. Dossie Henderson Seelbach, Curtis Henderson Schillings, David Center Self. Marilyn Center Semple, Mary Mansfield. La. Sepaugh, Jewel Carthage Shaddock. ' Billie Lufkin Sharver, Ollie ..... Newton Shaw, Murray Texarkana Sheffield, Leona Spurger Stephen, Shepherd Timpson Shipp. John Gladewater Shoubrouek, Preston Leggett Shrader, Dan Corsicana Sibley, Bobby Henderson Sibley, Joe Nederland Simmons. Betty Bronson Sims, Bess Huntington Sims, Betty Nacogdoches Sims, Billy Nacogdoches Singletary, Margie Alto Sistrunk, Mary Carthage Sitton, Billy Cushing Sitton. Marie Nacogdoches Skelton, Joe Henderson Skillern, Roy Troup Sk inner, Burnice Many, La. Smart, Thelma Logansport. La. Smelley, Ruby Gushing Smith, Arthur San Augustine Smith, Bobby Earl Kirbyville Smith, Bonnie Joinerville Smith, Charles Garrison Smith, Donald San Augustine Smith. Donald Wayne Gladewater Smith, Earlene Huntington Smith, Mrs. F. H. Diboll Smith. Gary Nacogdoches Smith. Harold Hemphill Smith, Henry Floyd Hemphill Smith. Jack Nacogdoches Smith, Leonard Chireno Smith, Margaret Rushing Nacogdoches Smith, Tucker Turney Smith, Wm. David Nacogdoches Smith. Winnie Nacogdoches Soape. Gerald Carthage Sory, Paula Port Neches Spain, Ann Crockett Spcegle, Danny Nacogdoches Spencer, Ethel Shreveport, La. Spillers. Bette Sue Freeport Spring, Gary Apple Springs Stanley, Bobby Neuville Staton. Jimmy Jacksonville Steed, Lillian Lufkin Steitz, Henry Conroe Steel, Clyde Ben Wheeler Stephens, Winnie Lufkin Stephenson. L. A Joinerville Stevens, Leo Overton Stevens, William Nacogdoches Stewart, Alfred Lufkin Stewart, Mrs. Helen Lufkin Stidger, Johnny Tyler Stidgcr, Madaleine Tyler Stoddard, Al Garrison Stocker, Lewie Glen Chester Stoker, Bernice Nacogdoches Stoker, R. J Nacogdoches Stone, Eddie New London Stone, Mozell Joaquin Stovall, Jerry Kerens Strasse, Charlotte Houston Strickland. Gordon Henderson Strickland. Wilma ... Chireno Stripling, Joan Nacogdoches Sturrock, Jackie Colmesneil Sturrock, Jimmie Colmesneil Sturrock, John Lufkin Sullivan, Bob Nacogdoches Sullivan, Joseph Lufkin Sutton, Amelia Hemphill Sutton, Barbara Nacogdoches Swanzy, Vera Shelbyville Sweeney, James San Antonio Swift, Luther Nacogdoches Swift, Patricia Nacogdoches Swindell, James Lufkin Taliaferro. Dorothy Henderson Tallant, Mary Eliz Lufkin Tallant, Raymond Wichita Falls Tallent, Richard Gladewater Talley, Delray Nacogdoches Tankersley, Gene Jacksonville Tankersley, Nola Jacksonville Tarrant, Doris Silsbee Tatum. Lynn Diboll Taylor, Abbie Nacogdoches Taylor, Alton Nacogdoches Taylor, Annie Nacogdoches Taylor, Vallie Timpson Teal, Nil a Joyce Waco Temple, Juanelle Beaumont Terrell. Willie Henderson Terry, Florence Houston Terry, James Longview Terry, Jonnie Huntington Terry. Mary Ann Clarksville Thomas, Billie Cushing Thomas. John Nacogdoches Thompson. Baldwin Weslaco Thompson, Barbara Henderson Thompson, Doyle Carthage Tidwell. Earline Blanket Tillison, Vivian Henderson Tinnin, Ray Longview Todd, Barbara Longview Tolar, Raymond Deer Park Torok, Mitchell Houston Towns, Raymond Tyler Townsend, Pat Pollock Trantham, John Troup Travis, Charles Huntington Travis, J. E Burke Trawick, Winona Mt. Enterprise Trcadaway, Dorothy Jo Houston Truitt, Marjorie Selman City Tucker, Frank Sharp Nacogdoches Tucker, Fred Nacogdoches Tucker, Hendrick Center Turner, Charles Keltys Turner, Jerry Ann Kilgore Turner, Jo Price Valentine. Aubrey Haslam Vanderburg, John Haslam Vaughn, Billy Lufkin Vest, James Slocum Vick. Juanita West Columbia Voigtel, Dickie Nacogdoches STUDENTS REGISTERED IN SPRING Wade, Donald Curtis Center Wages, Orland Jacksonville Waggoner, Lurcne Henderson Waldie, John Rusk Walker. Billy Doyle Nacogdoches Walker, Doloris Nacogdoches Walker, Laddie Lee Newton Walker, Sammye Lou Texas City Walker. Shirley June Nacogdoches Wall, Laura Nacogdoches Wallace, Jonell Cushing Waltman, Boyd Lufkin Waltman, Melvin Lufkin Walton, Leonla Chireno Ward, Charles Nacogdoches Ward Dorothy Henderson Ward. Mrs. Dorothy Nacogdoches Ware, Lillie Rusk Warren, Robert Overton Warren, William Tyler Watson, Drucilla Henderson Watson, Fannie Paxton Watson, George Colmesneil Watson, Ruth Nacogdoches Watson, William Rusk Weatherly, Harvell Rusk Weaver, M. R Natchitoches. La. Webb, Bessie Henderson Webb, Gene Mt. Enterprise Webb, John Wm. Minden Weeks. Earl Wayne Lufkin Welch, Edward Jasper Wendt, Charles Marshall Wendt, Marlene Tenaha Westmoreland, Braxton Nacogdoches Wheeler. Gilbert Center Wheeler. Otis Nacogdoches Whitaker. Betty Cushing White. James Marion Dovers Whitehead, Jerald Trawick Whitehead, Maude Henderson W hiteside, Katherine Centei Whitsitt, Clifford . Overton Whittlesey, Alice Kilgore Whittlesey, Henry Center Whitton, Lonnie Trawick Widner, James Zavalla Wilkins, James Gladewater Wilkinson. Doris San Augustine Willard, Armetta Caldwell Williams, Billie Nacogdoches Williams. Era Newton Williams. Harry Trinidad Williams, Harry S Nacogdoches Williams, Jimmie Dean Lufkin Williams, Lee Sour Lake Williams, Raye Lufkin Williams, Robert Glenn Jefferson Williams, Wallace Beaumont Williams. Waylon Jasper Williamson. Buford Gilmer Williamson. William Sacul Wills, Jo Ann Henderson Wills, William Nacogdoches Wilson, Larry Tyler Windham. Everne Yellowpinc W isener. Fred Darrell Douglass Winn. Cecil Nacogdoches Womack, Aubrey Apple Springs Womack; Charlotte Tenaha Womack, N orris Apple Springs Wood. Charles Alto Wood, John Paul Kilgore Wood. Zettie Centei Woods. ill-nil e Zwolle. La. Woods, Jewell Zwolle. La. Woods. Ouida Hemphill Woolley, John Selman City- Worry, Bonnie Warren Wright, Josie Henderson Wright. Nelda Nacogdoches Wright, Robert Baytown Wright, Shirley Buna Wyatt, Gayle Nacogdoches Wyatt, Kenneth Marshall Wynn, H. E Kilgore Yarborough, Patsy Beckville Young. Billy Gary Young, Lynda Nacogdocher, Young. Mary Huntington Young, Robert Appleby Youngblood. Bill New Boston Youngblood, Everett Call Youngblood, Steve Center Youngblood. Lowell New Boston BUSINESS MANAGER ' S MESSAGE To Our Advertisers: On behalf of the faculty, student body, and Stone Fort staff, I should like to take this op- portunity to express our thanks and apprecia- tion for your cooperation in making this year- book possible. I am certain the students and the faculty of Stephen F. 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