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134413 5 2 the SCRAPKOOK edition of bringing you At Work in Zoology Lab The aim of Stephen F. Austin State College is to broaden and enrich the lives of its students mentally, physi- cally, spiritually, and socially through classes, a balanced sports program, re- ligious organizations, and social events. These form the nucleus of SFA, and in this book we have attempted to present a true picture of these school activities for the year 1951-52. LORETTA HEATH, Editor And Staff your college year at F. AUSTIN " ' deep COLLEGE ' Jacks-Bearkats in Homecoming Tangle One of Many Dances ...registration fin Each school year begins with reg- istration — the day every student selects his courses, meets his instruc- tors, and gets acquainted with a con- fusing number of other students who will probably become his best friends before the year is over. At the Information Desk Paying Fees at Fiscal Office ■ Waiting for Registration to Begin This year ' s registration was marked for the first time with a three-day guidance program for Freshmen during which counsellors helped each student plan his schedule and become familiar with the campus. Freshman Group Meets Librarians BACK Tit SCHOOL WITH FKtii.X I0S OLO NEW U1. O F Til K MAN Y L ON G II O IB S SPENT Science Building Austinite Dinner highlights AUSTINITE POLL FRESH MA N DA Y HOMECOMING 9 SI PARTIES. DANCES Cheerleaders ...sports events New Gymnasium TRACK TENNIS INTRA -MURALS Track Team During Practice Girls ' Badminton Class lub activities A KEEi Winning Float at Homecoming Amities Prepare for Dance Social and professional clubs on the campus keep the student ' s life filled with gay and festive events — events which will never be for- gotten by any participant in them. Beginning with an informal get- acquainted dance in the S.U.B., followed with the homecoming parade and teas, and highlighted with eight Christmas dinner- dances and the presentation ball, the clubs help keep the students busy and happy throughout the INTEREST IN SCHOOL AND STUDENT THIS HAS BEEN Stephen f Gibbs Hall Ye3, this has been SFA in 1952. From the day of registration, through classes, sports eventc, and club activitie3, each day has been full. This has been a year v e will never forget, a year which has brought a deeper love for our college to every student; and as a result we can all earnestly sing, " Oh, future bright ' neath the purple and white, all hail to SFA. " Baptist Bible Chair nustin IN ROW 1 ROW 2 MISS EMMA MAE BROTZE MARSHALL, TEXAS HONORABLE JOHN G. CALHOUN CORSICANA, TEXAS HONORABLE NEWTON S. HARRELL CLAUDE, TEXAS HONORABLE CLAUDE ISBELL Secretary AUSTIN, TEXAS HONORABLE WILLIAM L. KERR MIDLAND, TEXAS HONORABLE CHAS. P. McGAHA First Vice-President WICHITA FALLS, TEXAS HONORABLE HUBERT L. MILLS President HOUSTON, TEXAS HONORABLE R. L. THOMAS DALLAS, TEXAS HONORABLE WALTER WOODUL HOUSTON, TEXAS (NOT PICTURED) HONORABLE MELVIN C. EIDSON Second Vice-President LAREDO, TEXAS THE BOARD OF REGENTS PRESIDENT EMERITUS Loved and admired by all who know him, Dr. A. W. Birdwell, founder of Stephen F. Austin State College, is recognized as one of the leading educators in the country. He has given sound advice to thousands of young men and young w omen, and his counsel is still sought by the school men of East Texas. His entire life has been dedicated to improving the minds of young people, and it is he who has guided S.F.A. to its present high scholastic standards. It can truthfully be said that Dr. Birdwell is really " Mr. S.F.A. " Dr. A. W. Birdwell PRESIDENT OF THE COLLEGE Dr. and Mrs. Paul L. Boynton THE PRESIDENT ' S MESSAGE Contrary to what some may think, a college degree is not a passport to either the State of Success or the State of Reduced Effort. At best, a degree from a strong, fully accredited col- lege, with a highly trained, experienced, efficient, co nscientious instructional staff, a college such as Stephen F. Austin State College, is little more than a public statement to the effect that the one who holds this degree is capable of working hard and wisely in the pursuit of worthwhile personal and social goals. To those of the graduating classes of 1952, the faculty and staff of Stephen F. Austin State College extend the very best of wishes. We hope for each of you ample opportunities, throughout a long life, for full, vigorous, persistent, and wise work. We wish for you, in other terms, the opportunity to capitalize on your potentialities. Ours has been a real privilege to have had the chance to work and associate with you. As members of our family, we are in- tensely proud of you, and ambitious for you. So, if occasion arises in the future where we can help you, we want you to call upon us. Nevertheless, we know that in large degree your fu- ture will be written by the pen of your own diligence and understanding. That this future may have the beauty of a lyric, the dynamic appeal of a drama, the purposeful plot of an epic, and the successful ending of a melodrama is our hope. PAUL L. BOYNTON DEANS OF THE COLLEGE Thomas E. Ferguson, Ph.D. Dean of the College D. D. Giles, Ph.D. Dean of the Graduate School Joe N. Gerber, Ph.D. Dean of the Junior Divison and Director of Guidance R. H. Shelton, M.Ed. Dean of Men Mary W. Thomson, M. A. Dean of Women DEPARTMENTAL HEADS Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 Harold E. Abbott, Ph.D. Chemistry Frederick Baumgartner, M.M. Music Robert B. Capel, Ph.D. Speech William T. Chambers, Ph.D. Geography Robert S, Cornish, Ph.D. Economics W. W. Dossey, Ph.M. Physical Education for Men Thomas E. Ferguson, Ph.D. English and Journalism W. F. Garner, M.A. History Ted L. Jefferies, B.S. Director of Athletics W. I. Layton, Ph.D. Mathematics A. L. Long, Ed.D. Education Edwin L. Miller, Ph.D. Biology DEPARTMENTAL HEADS Row 1 Lucille Norton, Ed.D. Physical Education for Women W. R. Owens, Jr., M.F. Forestry Floyd A. Pollock, Ph.D. Sociology Karl T. Schlicher. Ph.D. Art Row 2 G. F. Sheley, Ph.D. Language J. L. Sullivan, Ph.D. Agriculture Guy W. Trump, Ph.D., G.P.A. Business Administration Rohert L. Turner, M.A. Physics Row 3 Edna Wilkin, M.A. Home Economics Mildred Wyatt, M.S. in L.S. Library FACULTY AND STAFF Row 1 Lena Arnwine, M.A. College Nurse Henrietta W. Baker, M.A. Manager, Student Union Building Joseph B. Baldwin, Ph.D. Speech Row 2 Betty Barber, B.B.A. Secretary to Director of Extension Virdian Barham, M.A. History Helen Barron, M.A. Home Economics Row 3 Robert B. Batchelder, Ph.D. Geography Vesta G. Bratt, M.A. Business Administration J. H. Burr, Jr., Ph.D. Biology Row 4 Robert F. Bussabarger, M.A. Art W. S. Cannon, M.B.A. Economics Maurice W. Cecil, M.A. English Row 5 Charles K. Chamberlain, M.A. History William B. Coble, Th.M. Baptist Bible Chair Charlotte B. Collier, M.S. Home Economics OF STEPHEN F. AUSTIN Row 1: Buford Cooper, Assistant Bookkeeper; Larry Covin, M.A., Physical Education; J. T. Cox, M.A., Music; Elizabeth Davis, M.A., Language; Mary Ruth Dillen, B.S., Secretary to Dean of Graduate School. Row 2: Bettye Doss, M.A., Physical Education; Louis W. Ellerbrook, Ed.D., Education; Ethel Fair, B.S. in L.S., Library; Harold J. Fischer, M.A., Physical Education; Gladys Fox, Ph.D., English. Row 3: Lawrence T. Franks, M.A., Director of Public Relations; Edwin Gaston, Jr., M.A., Assistant Director of Public Re- lations; George W. Gauggel, M.M., Music; G. F. Gray, Ph.D., Agriculture; J. C. Green, M.E. Voc. Agr., Agriculture. Row 4: Elbert L. Griffin, M.A., Chemistry; W. B. Hatcher, Ph.D., Agriculture; F. Eugene Heilman, M.A., Sociology; Iven H. Hensley, Ed.D.. Psychology; George W. Hindman, M.S. Business Administration. FACULTY AND STAFF Row 1 Keith Hogan, B.S. Manager, Bookstore Mrs. Lola Holleman Director, Gibbs Hall Mrs. Faye Huston Director, Senior Dorm for Women Row 2 Bebe Moore Hubbard, B.S. Assistant to Registrar June Irwin, M.A. Physical Education Gladys B. Johnson, M.A. Business Administration Row 3 Cecil Jones, M.S. Agriculture Walter E. Kidd, M.A. English Mrs. Elizabeth Killingsworth Director, Wisely Hall Row 4 Doris Kilpatrick, B.S. in L.S. Library John P. Krier, Ph.D. Forestry Olan E. Kruse, Ph.D. Physics Row 5 Joe D. Lacy, M.A. Business Manager Charles E. Laing, B.D. Wesley Bible Chair W. Hugh Looney Auditor OF STEPHEN F. AUSTIN Row 1: Mary I. Love, M.A., History; Louisville Marshall, M.A., English; Beatrice Bandy Meadow, M.M., Music; W. J. Mc- Callum, Ph.D., Director of Extension; W. Howard McCarley, M.A., Biology. Row 2: LeRoy McClendon, Ed.D., Education; S. W. McKewen, B. S., Registrar; Robert T. McKibben, Ed.D., Education; Carolyn S. Miller, B.M., Music; Elsie C. Milroy, M.A., Dietitian. Row 3: Clifford H. Osborne, Ph.D., English; R. W. Parker, U.S., History and Assistant ' Coach; R. B. Pinson, M.A., Mathe- matics; Ida Pritchett, B.S., Music; Tornmye Redd, Secretary to Dean of the Junior Division. Row 4: Doris Boozer Richardson, B.S., Secretary to Dean of the College; S. D. Redfield, LL.B., CP. A., Business Adminis- tration; Glen Rose, M.S., Physical Education and Basketball Coach; Robert G. Smith, M.Mus.Ed., Music; Hugh B. Smith, Ph.D., Biology. THE COLLEGE FACULTY OF STEPHEN F. AUSTIN Row 1 : Sugene Spears, B.A., Secretary to the President ; Madge E. Stallings, B.S., Secretary to the Faculty; Oran Standley, M.A., Agriculture ; Clinton R. Stimson, Ph.D., Chemistry; Janet E. Turner, M.F.A., Art. Row 2: James H. Valentine, M.S., Director, Soils Analysis Laboratory; John T. Watson, B.S., Director, New Boys ' Dormitory; Billie W. Weatherford, B.S., Secretary to the Business Manager; Ruth Williamson, B.S., Bookkeeper ; Travis Whitaker, M.Ed., Bookkeeper. Row 3: Mrs. Hayden Whitley, B.A. in L.S., Library; John J. Wilson, M.A., Education; Weldon Wright, B.A., English. NOT PICTURED: Lois F. Blount, M.A.. History; Gene S. Cox, M.A., Forestry; Victor B. Fain, B.S., Journalism; Eva Glazener, Switchboard Operator; Mattie Goss. Assistant Bookkeeper; Mary-Will Greenwood, M.A., Home Economics; David P. Lowery, M.F., Forestry; James L. Nichols, Jr.. Ph.D., History; Mrs. Hattie Parsons, B.S.. Director, Stone Fort; Ruth Spurgeon, B.A., Assistant to the Registrar; Mary J. White, M.A., English; Nelda Williams, Secretary to the Librarian; Paul S. Wilson, M.Ed., Director of Maintenance. Coy John Key, President EX-STUDENTS ' ASSOCIATION Since its organization in 1928, the Stephen F. Austin Ex-Students ' Association has maintained the standards of en- couraging good fellowship and loyalty among former students of this institution and to promote the general interests of our college. Homecoming held each fall during football season provides the main function of the year. All former students are urged to return to the campus to meet old friends and view improvements on the college campus. A full day of entertainment is planned for the Ex-Students, beginning with a parade, banquet, football game, social club and organization parties for the Exes, and the day is climaxed with the Homecoming Dance. Meetings of the various county S.F.A. Clubs are held during the year and are a vital part of the entire program. The Ex-Students ' Association maintains an office at the college for the purpose of receiving and disseminating infor- mation about former students. It is the desire of the Association that each student feel free to call upon this office for service while he is off the campus and to make it his headquarters when visiting his Alma Mater. Miss Mary Ruth Dillen Secretary-Treasurer Lawrence Franks Executive Secretary Russell Whiteside Vice-President GRADUATE SCHOOL CLASS OFFICERS Do vie Brads haw Secretary-Treasurer Walter " Mike " Robertson Vice-President Jimmy Wilkins Reporter Charlie Fred Waller President GRADUATE SCHOOL Row 1: Howard Athey, M.Ed., Secondary Education, Kilgore; Kathleen Alford. M.Ed.. Secondary Education, Center; Donald E. Beal. M.Ed., Elementary Education, Bryan; Dovie Bradshaw, M.Ed., Secondary Education, Moscow; John Ripley Colley, M.Ed., Education, Palestine; M. P. Edmondson. Jr., M.A., History, Palestine. Row 2: C. W. Fenner, M.A., English, Lufkin; Ethelwyn Foman, Tyler; Tommy Franks, M.Ed., Elementary Education, Timpson ; Aleene Gray, M.Ed., Elementary Education, Nacogdoches; Robert L. Goss M.A.. Biology, Nederland ; H. N. Herod, M.Ed.. Secondary Education, Nacogdoches. Row 3: Allene Hobson, M.Ed., Elementary Education, Rusk; Joe Hubbard, M.Ed., Seconda ry Education, Rusk; W. M. Lynch, M.A., History, Nacogdoches, Ted Means, Port Arthur; Jack E. McCants, Palestine; William J. Mize, M.Ed., Secondary Education, Shreveport, La. Row 4: Ray Mobley, M.Ed., Secondary Education, Nacogdoches; Charles Morgan. Post-Graduate , Biology, Nacogdoches; Billy Popham, M.Ed., Elementary Education, Lufkin; John H. Redd, M.Ed., Secondary Education, Zavalla ; Walter " Mike " Robertson, M.A., Biology, MalakofF ; John C. Tischhauscr, M.Ed., Secondary Education, Nacogdoches. Row 5: Bert N. Tucker, Post-Graduate, Biology, Jacksonville; R. C. Vance, M.A., History, St. Louis, Mo.; Charlie Fred Waller. M.A., Speech, Corrigan ; James Lewis Wilkins. M.A., Art, Gladewater ; John Wilkins, Gladewater; Milton D. Wilkinson, M.Ed., Secondary Education, Center. SENIORS-CLASS OF ' 52 CLASS OFFICERS John Hill Vice-President Glen White President Bonnie Lawson Secretary-Treasurer Russell Coco Reporter SENIORS Row 1 Ben Adams, Center, B.S. Biology Sam Akin, Livingston. B.S. Chemistry Don Anderson, Rusk. B.S. Business Administration Jackie Jones Anger, Lufkin. B.S. Social Studies Row 2 Fae Armstrong, Carthage, B.S. History and Government Theodore Asimos, Texarkana, B.B.A. General Business Alvin C. Baker, Jr., Gladewater, B.S. Biology Joyce Baker, Turney, B.S. English Row 3 Fannie Louise Baldwin, Tenaha, B.S. History J. D. Ball, New London, B.S. Agriculture Charles Bane, Laneville, B.S. Agriculture W. L. Bane, Laneville, B.S. Speech Row 4 June Barton, Cushing, B.S. Home Economics William Bruce Bates, Nacogdoches. B.S. Social Studies Bobby Beard, Nacogdoches, B.S. Physical Education Paul M. Beauchamp, Milam, B.S. Social Studies Row 5 Marie Denny Belk, Cushing, B.S. Social Studies Faye Bennett, Longview, B.A. English Johnny Bounds, Jacksonville, B.S. History Joy Bounds, Turney, B.S. English Row 6 Jack Bowser, Lufkin, B.B.A. , General Business Wilma Jeanne Buckner Eoyd Alto, B.S. Social Studies Jo Ann Brevell, Lufkin, B.S. Fine Arts Alvine Britton, Nacogdoches, B.S. Social Studies CLASS OF ' 52 Row 1 Sara Brookshire, Nacogdoches, B.A. English Joan Browning, Beckvillc, B.S. in H.E. Home Economics Norma Brumley, Monahans, B.A. Biology Nan Bullock, Gushing. B.S. Social Studies Glenn Burke, Forest, B.B.A. General Business Fred Burnaman, Nacogdoches, B.S. History and Government " Mother Is A Freshman " Row 2 Robert V. Burrows, Nacogdoches, B.S. Social Studies Janice Butler, Chireno, B.S. Social Studies Max Cagle, Chireno, B.S. Speech Helen Caldwell, Wellington, B.A. English Dorothy Carl, Tyler, B.S. English Tom Chandler, Jefferson. B.S. Biology Row 3 Marlin O. Cherry, Nacogdoches, B.S. History Nick Clayton, LaMarque, B.S. Biology Mildred Frankie Cockrell, Joaquin, B.S. History Edith Bland Coco, Alto, B.B.A. Teaching Commercial Subjects Russell Coco, Beaumont, B.B.A. General Business Laura Ann Cole, Jacksonville, B.A. English SENIORS Row I Connie M. Courtney, Jasper, B.S. Chemistry Martha Ann Covington, Jacksonville. B.A. English Tommy Cox, Nacogdoches, B.S. Chemistry Dean Cravey, New London, B.S. Agriculture Row 2 Ray E. Crocker, Bronson, B.S. Agriculture L. D. Cross, Palestine, B.S. Social Studies John Arthur Denny, Cushing, B.S. Physical Education Barbara Dillen, Nacogdoches, B.S. Social Studies Row 3 James Ray Dunsmore, Alto. B.B.A. General Business Jean Durham, Lufkin, B.S. Social Studies Mary Lou Durham, Diboll, B.S. Social Studies Jimmy Eaves, Longview, B.S. Physical Education Row 4 Charles Ellis, Crockett, B.S. Mathematics Patsy Emberlin, Longview. B.S. Social Studies Edward H. Emmons San Augustine, B.B.A. General Business Harold English, Port Arthur, B.S. Physical Education Row 5 Dick Ferguson, Nacogdoches, B.S. Sociology Sue Ferguson, Nacogdoches, B.A. English Mrs. Mary Ann Franks Carthage, B.S. Art Billy Ray Freeman, Joaquin, B.S. Social Studies Row 6 Martin Freshour, Beaumont, B.S. Forestry Jack Fry, Overton, B.S. Physical Education Claude Gatewood, Nacogdoches, B.S. Chemistry Bryan W. Gatlin, Cushing, B.B.A. General Business CLASS OF ' 52 Row 1 Janice Gatlin, Cushing, B.A. English Claude B. Gillis, Kilgore, B.S. Physical Education Billy Guinn, Rusk, B.S. Biology Willi am ae Gwin, Apple Springs. B.B.A. Teaching Commercial Subjects Betty Ham, Cushing. B.S. Social Studies Calvin Hancock, B.S. Business Administration Row 2 Bennett Hanna, Martinsville, B S. Social Studies Harold Hanson, Joaquin. B.S. Business Administration Kenneth Harrell, Woodville. B.S. Chemistry Ann L. Harris, Center, B.A. History Royc.e Hassell, Kerens, B.S. Physical Education Jeanette Hayes, San Augustine, B.M. Piano At the Hallowe ' en Costume Ball Row 3 Loretta Heath, Alto, B.S. Business Administration Jane Helpinstill, Nacogdoches, B.B.A. General Business Willianette Herod, Grapeland, B.S. Business Administration Frances Ray Hill, Hemphill, B.S. Physical Education John T. Hill, Beaumont, B.B.A. General Business Helen Holbrook, Nacogdoches, B.S. History and Government " " " " 9 SENIORS Roto 7 Elsie Holt, Lufkin, B.S. Social Studies Jimmy Hooper, Joaquin. B.S. Physical Education Sally Ann Hubbard, Lufkin, B.A. Social Studies Clifford Hurst, Nacogdoches, B.S. History and Government Row 2 James E. Huston, Trinity, B.S. Forestry Margaret Irwin Laneville, B.S. in H.E. Home Economics Aleene Jackson, Overton. B.A. English Charles James, Chireno. B.S. Mathematics Row 3 Florence Jameson, Houston, B.B.A. Secretarial Science Nadine Jimerson, Baytown, B.S. Music Taylor " Sonny " Johnson Joaquin, B.S. Agriculture Tommie Johnson, Nacogdoches, B.S. Social Studies Row 4 Gordon Jones, San Augustine, B.S. Biology Wynell Jones, Cayuga, B.S. Music Carolyn Keeling, Minden. B.S. Fine Arts Rayborn E. King, Woden, B.S. Physical Education Row 5 Roy Knight, Carthage, B.B.A. General Business Bonnie Lawson, Center, B.S. Business Administration Ira J. LeBlanc, Port Arthur. B.S. Physical Education Robert D. Lee, Nacogdoches, B.S. Social Studies Row 6 Carolyn Lippard, Nacogdoches, B.A. English John A. Long, Junction, B.S. Physical Education Bonds F. Looney, Rusk. B.S. Biology Johnny Lowe, Mart, B.S. Social Studies CLASS OF ' 52 Row 1 Celia Maynard, Nacogdoches, B.B.A. Teaching Commercial Subjects Bernard McCoy, Nacogdoches. B.S. Agriculture James McDaniel, Atlanta, B.B.A. General Business Kester Mc.Gaughey, Lufkin. B.B.A. General Business Joyce Elizabeth Mc.Gehee, Nacogdoches. B.A English Bob McLean, Jacksonville. B.S. Biology Row 2 Mrs. Virginia McLean, Kilgore, B.A. English Vera Joyce McLeroy, Nacogdoches, B.S. Home Economics Jerry McMullen, Nacogdoches. B.S. Physical Education Ulman McMullen, Lufkin. B.F. Forestry Currie Lee Meyer, Columbus, B.B.A. General Business Gordon Miller, Kirbyville, B.S. Chemistry Between Dances at the S.U.B. Row 3 Truman Milling, Alvin, B.S. Physical Education John Mills, Cedar Bayou, B.S. Social Studies Lloyd H. Mills, Nacogdoches, B.S. Social Studies John Mixon, Gushing. B.B.A. General Business June Moore, Nacogdoches, B.S. in H.E. Home Economics Kelsey Moore, Texarkana, B.S. Physical Education SENIORS Row I Mary Lou Davis Morgan Overton, B.S. in H.E. Home Economics Jesse Motley, Nacogdoches, B.S. Agriculture Mrs. Jean Mowl, Henderson, B.S. English Gene Mullin, Port Arthur, B.B.A. General Business Row 2 Martha Ann Nelson Lufkin, B.S. in H.E. Home Economics Bernice Nethery, Milam, B.S. English William Odom, Henderson, B.S. Agriculture Betty Oney, Jefferson, B.S. in H.E. Home Economics Row 3 Benny O ' Rear, Shelbyville, B.S. Chemistry Jim Owen, Duncan, Okla., B.S. Physical Education Jim Pass, Longview, B.B.A. General Business Roy Pearce, Appleby. B.B.A. Accounting Row 4 Claudia Pessarra, Port Arthur, B.S. History Alton P. Polk, Jr., Jacksonville, B.M. Music Jo Ann Popham, Alto, B.S. in H.E. Home Economics Bobbie Potts, Price, B.S. Physical Education Row 5 James Herbert Powell Brookeland, B.S. Agriculture Joy Prince, Nacogdoches, B.S. Biology Francis Rawson, San Augustine, B.S. Physical Education Edward Ray, Lufkin, B.S. Physical Education Row 6 Vernon Redd, Lufkin, B.S. Physical Education George Reese, Houston, B.S. Agriculture Charles Reeves, Lufkin, B.S. Agriculture Betty Sue Richards, Henderson, B.S. History CLASS OF ' 52 Row 1 Anna Jo Risinger, Reklaw. B.S. Social Studies Van Risinger, Reklaw, B.S. Social Studies E. J. Ritchey, Nacogdoches. B.S. History Tommy Roberts, San Augustine, B.S. Chemistry Dunkin Ruby, Lufkin, B.B.A. Accounting Billy B. Rudd, Center, B.S. Mathematics Row 2 Glenda Rudd, Center, B.S. Fine Arts Betty Rulfs, Nacogdoches. B.S. Social Studies Homer Ryan, Weslaco, B.B.A. General Business D. L. Saegert, Killeen. B.S. Physical Education Daniel G. Satterwhite, Gushing, B.S. History and Government Carey B. Sayers, Lufkin. B.A. History Presenting the " Three Notes " Row 3 Betty Schochler, Jacksonville. B.S. Fine Arts Jacob L. Segrest, Lufkin, B.S. Mathematics Gene Shaw, Jasper, B.S. Chemistry Marian J. Shoubrouek, Leggett, B.S. Fine Arts Bobby Glen Singletary Jacksonville, B.B.A. General Business Doris Jo Smith, Hemphill, B.S. Busine ss Administration SENIORS Row 1 Edward Smith, LaMarque, B.S. History Peggy Sue Smith, Lufkin, B.S. English Ruth Sorensen, Longview, B.S. Art Grady Stallings, Nacogdoches, B.S. Mathematics Row 2 Pat Stephens, Gainesville, B.S. in H.E. Home Economics Betty Stoker, Beaumont, B.S. in H.E. Home Economics Charles L. Stokes, Garrison, B.S. Agriculture Marguerite Stone, Nacogdoches, B.S. Social Studies Row 3 Billie Sullivan, Nacogdoches, B.S. Social Studies Doris Talley, Beaumont, B.S. Social Studies Doris Tatum, Lufkin, B.A. English Earl E. Thomas, Jr., Nacogdoches, B.S. Mathematics Row 4 Richard Thomas, Nacogdoches, B.B.A. General Business Hubert Treadwell, Jacksonville, B.B.A. General Business Max Treadwell, Jacksonville, B.A. Physical Education Florence Tullos, Leggett, B.S. Business Administration Row 5 Laddie Lee Walker, Newton, B.M. Band Instruments V. E. Walker, Bronson, B.S. History Carl E. West, Jr., Hearne, B.S. History Doris Faye White, Nacogdoches. B.A. Spanish Row 6 Glen White, Corsicana, B.S. Social Studies W. F. White, Reklaw, B.S. Agriculture Carroll Whitener, Carthage, B.S. Chemistry Mozelle Whiteside, Chester, B.B.A. Teaching Commercial Subjects CLASS OF ' 52 Row 1 McXie Whitton, San Augustine, B.5. Social Studies Miriam Whitton, San Augustine. B.S. Social Studies Thomas Whitton, San Augustine, B.S. Speech Virginia Williams, Garrison. B.B.A. Teaching Commercial Subjects Wayne Williams, Trinidad, B.S. Sociology Winola Williams, Troup, B.A. Library Science Row 2 Linda Wilson, Center, B.S. in H.E. Home Economics Rebecca Ann Wilson, Nacogdoches. B.S. Biology Joe Dan Womack, Tenaha, B.S. Mathematics Elbert W. " Woody " Woodrome, Woodville, Music Willie Earl Woods, Bronson, B.A. Physical Education Velma Worley, Henderson, B. S. Social Studies B.S. Sitting on the Table Is Not Allowed! Row 3 Giles V. Wright, San Augustine, B.A. Social Studies Iva Yates, Douglass, B.S. Fine Arts Sue York, Tatum, B.S. Home Economics Lucille Young, Jacksonville, B.B.A. Teaching Commercial Subjects Burl Youngblood, Huntington, B.F. Forestry JUNIORS CLASS OFFICERS George Barclay Vice-President Charles Bane Reporter Benny O ' Rear Sergeant -at -Arms Randall Lea President Dorothy Wallington Secretary-Treasurer CLASS OF 1953 Row 1 Nolan Alders, Nacogdoches Carl Andress, Athens Doris Baker, Houston Mildred Baker, Shamokin, Penn. Joe F. Banks, Jr., Gushing George Barclay, Kountze Billy Bates. Center Row 2 David Billingsley, Timpson Bill J. Blankenship, Shelbyville Jackie Bond, Orange Mattie Imogens Bossart, Jacksonville Nell Ruth Bowman, Carlisle Jimmy Brake, San Augustine C. B. Burrls, Lufkin Row 3 Mildred Butte, Maplewood. La. Susie Cain, Deweyville Doris Calloway, Kilgore Gibson Carter, Lufkin H. L. Chandler, Palestine Mary Ann Cheever, Donna Ruby Childers, Nacogdoches Row 4 Martha Jean Childress, Lufkin Mary Frances Clark, Bronson Donnie Courtney, Jasper Marianne Daw, Joaquin R. G. Dean, San Augustine Billy Clyde Duncan, Shelbyville Zelda Douglass, Lufkin P Jit Mrs tl v JUNIOR Row 1 Betty Duran, Henderson Betty Durrett, Maydelle Wrennetta Dykes, Kilgore Juanita Edwards, Nacogdoches Row 2 Patricia Ann Fairchild, Nacogdoches Florence Ferrell, San Felipe Edward W. Fitts, Timpson Nell Florey, Kilgore Row 3 Cecil S. Ford, Humble David George, Beaumont Doris Jean Gossett, Longview Barbara Greer, Chireno Row 4 Jonnie Lou Gunn, Nacogdoches Jimmy Hammett, Nacogdoches Barbara Hanka, Houston Elsie Lee Hardin, Gary Row 5 James Hardy, San Augustine Enoch B. Herrington, Jacksonville Dallas Hext, Harlingen Joe Frank Hignett, Colmesneil Row 6 Charles Holmes, Carthage Barbara Horton, Longview Curtis Innerarity, Lufkin DeLois Johnson, Lufkin Row 7 D ' Juana Jones, Port Neches Henry C. Jones, Kirbyville Sylvia Jones, Nacogdoches John R. Keeling, Jr., Minden CLASS OF ' 53 Row 1 Helen King, Nacogdoches Mrs. Mary Ann Kirkland, Lufkin Mildred Knight, Bismay Sarah Dell Landers, Lufkin Mrs. Velma M. Lane, Nacogdoches Randall Lea, Nacogdoches Jerry Leard, Gilmer Row 2 Dale Leggett, Port Neches John Noble Lewis, Jacksonville Dorothy M. Liles, Nacogdoches H. N. Litton, Gladcwater Geri Long, Redland Nan Mace, Lufkin Murline Matkin, Houston Row 3 Gerald Maynard, Alto Frances McCauley, Center M. N. McClain, Nacogdoches Bernard H. McCoy, Nacogdoches Nola Ann McCoy, Logansport, La. Hubert McCray, Vidor H. M. McElroy, Humble Row 4 William Miller, Nacogdoches Edna Morgan, Waller Louis Neff, Houston Dan Newell, Jacksonville Ira Newman, Nacogdoches Norton, Tyler Max Odom, Jacksonville JUNIOR Row 1 Carrie Lou Parks, Chester Donald Bob Parrish, Nacogdoches Frances Ann Partin, Nacogdoches Harold V. Pate, Hemphill Row 2 Billy Penny, Cushing Betty Ann Pepper, Laneville Ed Petty, New London Doris Pittman, Cushing Row 3 Frances Poe, Lufkin Hubert Poskey, Nacogdoches Mary Jane Power, Nacogdoches Albon Quarles, Palestine Row 4 Dorothy Ratcliff, Colmesneil Jean Redmon, Longview Doris Jean Robinson, Nacogdoches Marilyn Self, Cushing Row 5 Don Sinclair, Minden Margie Sincletary, Alto Billy H. Smith, Kilgore Jo Anne Smith, Redland Row 6 Peggy Spence, Crockett Charlotte Strasse, Houston Jackie Ruth Sturrock, Colmesneil Bob Sullivan, Nacogdoches Row 7 Herman Sweeney, Toano, Va. Jim Sweeney, San Antonio Luther Swift, Nacogdoches Patricia Talmadge, Nacogdoches CLASS OF ' 5 3 Row 1 Wayne Tanner, Frankston John Dixon Temple, Lufkin Juanelle Temple, Beaumont Pat Townsend, Pollock Jerry Ann Turner, Kilgore Row 2 Juanita Vick, West Columbia Mary Elizabeth Vincent, Lufkin Dorothy Wallington, Galveston Ruth Watson, Nacogdoches Harvel Weatherly, Rusk Row 3 Mary Jane Webb, Galveston Melba Westmoreland, DeBerry Jo Ann Wills, Henderson A. G. Wilson, Overton Louise Wilson, Call Row 4 Gilbert Wofford, San Antonio Joy ' ce Woodham, Nacogdoches H. V. Wooten, Humble Billy Jack Worsham, Joaquin Orell Yarborough, Pasadena Bl — Jm " mm CLASS SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Jimmy Mahoney President Mary Elizabeth Vincent Secretary-Treasurer Eddie Stone Vice-President Sara Lou Mays Reporter OF 54-SOPHOMORES Row 1 Vevey Alexander, Port Neches Elwood Allred, Groves Rudy Allred. Groves Sue Lindsey Ash wood, Longview Sherman Bailey, Center Freida Barton, Overton Marvin Birmingham, Jefferson William Blevins, Joaquin Row 2 Leroy Bobbitt, Weches James Bogue, Timpson Janet Bowers, Lufkin Jim B. Boyd, Alto Richard Brautigam, Hamilton, New York Mary Ella Brazil, Lufkin Betty Brookshire, Longview Virginia Brown, Buna Row 3 Row 4 Dorothy Brunner, Jasper Jerry Burks, Lufkin Joy Caldwell, San Augustine James N. Campbell, Shelbyville Raymond Chambers, Jasper Jack Chance, Turnertown Travis Chaney, Center Gerald Cheney, Crockett Dean Cherry, Dierks, Arkansas Billie Jo Childress, Lufkin Patricia Ann Childs, Center Doris Chisholm, Selman City Lela Mae Chism, Kilgore Franklin Clayton, LaMarque Charles Coble, Nacogdoches Vermell Cochran, Woden SOPH O M O R E S Row 1 Thomas Collins, Timpson Billie Courtney, Lufkin Jerry Ann Crawford, Nacogdoches Ann Dawson, Cushing Eddie Dean, Henderson Row 2 Beth Donovan, Nacogdoches Max English, Kennard Evan " Kit " Evans, Jasper Jerry Farrar, San Francisco, Calif. Buford Finley, Marlin Row 3 Kitty Folden, Nacogdoches Carroll Levon Foster, Nacogdoches Dwaynne Foster, Nacogdoches Peggy Franklin, Carlisle Eva Dene Fussell, San Augustine Row 4 Gilbert Garrett, Nacogdoches Billie Ruth Garrison, Lufkin Don Gaston, Nacogdoches Dorothy Gay, Longview Helen Gee, Center Row 5 Kate Glenn, Port Arthur Elizabeth " Boots " Goodwin, Lufkin Joyce Gray, Nacogdoches Burton Griffin, Nacogdoches George Grimes, Nacogdoches Row 6 Jean Haltom, Nacogdoches Elizabeth Ann Harris, Tyler Anne Harris, Texarkana Bobby Harris, Geneva Bob Hart, White Oak Row 7 Bobby P. Hart, Nacogdoches Janice Harvey, Nacogdoches John A. Hext, Jasper Bobbie Hickman, Joaquin Joyce Hillin, Henderson CLASS OF ' 5 4 Row 1 Garland Honeycutt, Timpson Ila Verne Hooper, Nacogdoches Major L. Hosea, Humble W. T. Hoskins, Crockett F. M. Hughes, Center Jim Huston, Nacogdoches Johnny Johnson, Crockett Clarence Jones, Lufkin Row 2 Fred Joplin, Nacogdoches Patsy Kendrick, Nacogdoches Ann Kinnear, Jasper Norman Kinsey, Nacogdoches Billy Joe Knox, Crockett Evelyn LaGrone, Beckvillc LuNan Lakey, Chester Kenneth Langston, Orange Row 3 Row 4 Doris Rae Lavine, Deweyville Albert Lee, San Augustine Laurine Lindley - , Jasper Marie Little, Nacogdoches Louella Loevven, Orange Mary Logan, Lufkin Tommy Logan. Beaumont James Lacy Lovell, Crockett Gilbert Low, Geneva Joyce Lynch, Chireno Jimmy Mahoney, Nacogdoches Richard Massart, Hillister Jack Matthews, Nacogdoches Sara Lou Mays, Jasper Bryan McCarty, Lufkin Billie McClure, Woden SOPHOMORES Row 1 Bill McCoy, Logansport, La. Eloise McGee, Timpson Jesse McLain, Nacogdoches Joe Tom McMillien, Geneva Merle Jean McPhail, Harleton Row 2 James Ray McSwain, Center VONCILLE McVlCKER. Rusk Billy Mooney, Woden Natalya Muckleroy, Tenaha Billy Murchisox, Crockett Row 3 James Murdock, Elkhart Arthur F. Nesmith, Lu r kin Alice Vlynn O ' Rear, Shclbyville Donald O ' Rear, Shclbyville Lulu Belle Oates, Joaquin Row 4 Rae Beth Parrott, Nacogdoches Frank Peck, LaMarque Garland Picou, Port Arthur Charles Penney, Cushing Joe Pinson, Nacogdoches Row 5 Riley Pinson, Crockett Josephine Pittman, Colmesncil James Plunkett, Henderson Betty Nell Prince, Orange Odis Paul Procella, Hemphill Row 6 Kenneth Pyle, Gushing Anita Ramsey, Alto Artis W. Ratley, Carthage Virginia Richey, Nacogdoches Wilma Roberts, Nacogdoch.-s Row 7 Malcolm Rodriques, Nacogdoches Martha Roe, Karnack Ernest Rogers, Wiergate Joe Donald Ruby, Lufkin Doris Rushing, Groveton CLASS OF ' 5 4 Row 1 Louis Shaddock, Lufkin Willie Dell Shotwell, Lufkin Carolyn Simpson, Grows Gary Smith, Bronson Harold Smith, Hemphill Robert E. Smith, Kirbyville William T. Stevens, Nacogdoches Eddie Stone, New London Row 2 Joan Stripling, Nacogdoches Jimmie " Slim " Sturrock, Colmesneil Delray Talley, Douglas Mary Jule Tatum, Lufkin Doyle Thompson, Carthage Maurine Tindall, Nacogdoches Craig Tucker, Nacogdoches Jimmy G. Tunstall, Kennard Row 3 Jo Nell Turner, Garrison Dickie Yoigtel, Nacogdoches Jonell Wallace, Cushing Charles Ward, White Oak Shirley Weeks, Lufkin Edward M. Welch, Jasper Ross White, Nacogdoches Armetta Willard, Caldwell Row 4 Harry Williams, Trinidad Gayle Wyatt, Nacogdoches Stephen Youngblood, Center CLASS CLASS OFFICERS Gale Lowe President Max Crisp Reporter Etta Latham Secretary-Treasurer Jerry Hughes Vice-President OF ' 55 — FRESHMEN Row 1 Duane Adams, Nacogdoches Luke R. Adams, Center Lena Beth Alexander, Nacogdoches Dixie Anderson, Arp Mary Angel, Nacogdoches Joyce Ball, New London Barbara Bates, Gushing Don Beck, Nacogdoches Row 2 Bobby Benbow, Weslaco Ann Billings, Lufkin Ira Jean Black, Lufkin Donald Bone, Troup Paulann Boynton, Nacogdoches Wayne L. Bracken, Liberty Charlotte Brazil, Lufkin Rodney Brazil, Lufkin Row 3 Betty Sue Breville, Lufkin Mary Elizabeth Bridges, Henderson Robert E. Brinkley, Jacksonville Mary Beth Brooks. Atlanta Carolyn Bryant, Beaumont Dorothy Louise Busch, Nacogdoches Kenneth Caldwell, Nacogdoches Louie Campbell, Mt. Enterprise Row 4 LaNell Chadwick, Texarkana Mason Chancellor, Fort Worth Jack Chapman, Laneville Leslie Cheever, Donna Robert Claiborne, Vidor Jerry Coker, Nacogdoches Maude Yvonne Conner, Tenaha Max Crisp, Nacogdoches FRESHMEN Row 1 Shirley Cross, Nacogdoches Harry Dailey, High Island Patsy Davis, Nacogdoches Sandra Davis, Jasper Elbert Ruth Dean, Brookland Row 2 Sara Elizabeth Dean, Alto Wanda Dean, Nacogdoches James Dew, Wells Beverly Donahue, Nacogdoches Joy Nell Dover, Rusk Row 3 Hazel Dudley, Houston Donald Lee Edgar, Houston Edd Wayne Essery, Timpson Jimmy Evans, Mt. Enterprise Julia Ann Ferguson, Nacogdoches Row 4 Darvin Fleniken, Nacogdoches Wand Fulton, Ponta W. L. Fussell, San Augustine Joy Lynn Gatlin, Cushing Janet Gellatly, San Augustine Row 5 Dewey Elvin Gibson, MalakofT BorsBY Goff, White Oak M rgaret June Gordon, Joaquin Ann Guibble, Nacogdoches Margie Grierson, Orange Row 6 Kenneth Grigsby, Marshall Shirley Grigsby, Marshall Eloise Gross, Woodville Jo Beth Hardy, Shclbyville IIattil Lou Harper, Garrison Row 7 Patsy Anne FIarper, Woodville Patsy FIays, Lufkin Shirley Head, Center Marilyn Henry, Rusk Joan Hicks, Woodville CLASS OF ' 55 Row 1 Donald H. Hogan, Augusta Homer Holland, Silsbee Pauline Holland. Henderson Jerry Hughes, Nacogdoches Dorothy Jackson, Waco Margaret Jameson, Houston Mona Sue Jennings, Beaumont Bobby Jimerson, Henderson Row 2 Annie Nell Johnson, Jasper Joe Johnson, Laneville Terry Neil Johnson, White Oak Ed Kelly, Beaumont Ernest Paul Kendrick, Nacogdoches Curtis Kimbro, Center Martha King, Clarksville Robert King, Nacogdoches Row 3 John Kunkel, White Oak Don Lade, Waco Etta Latham, Newton Peggy Lee Latimer, Garrison Bobby Lee, Shelbyville Charles Lee, Nacogdoches Shirley Lee, White Oak Bobbie Linthicum, Garrison Row 4 John David Lock, Laneville J. H. Lout, Patroon Rebecca Lovell. Port Arthur Gale Lowe. Gushing Cornelia Lyles, Nacogdoches Bobby Maupin, Nacogdoches Margaret Ann Mayfield, Nacogdoches David McKinney, LaMarque F RESHME Row 1 Peggy Mock, Rusk Barbara Moody, Waco Carolyn Morris, Henderson Juanita Muckleroy, Nacogdoches Row 2 Charles Neel, Timpson Preston Neichou, High Island Sue Nichols, San Augustine Helen Jean Parker, Nacogdoches Row 3 Billy Parmley, Nacogdoches James Payne, Hemphill Rodney Pierce, Nacogdoches Florita Poskey, Nacogdoches Row 4 Frank Radler, LaMarque Mary Helen Ray, Hemphill Ann Reynolds, Leggett Patsy Ann Richards, Delhi, La. Row 5 Marjorie Rider, Gary Raymond D. Rinker, Nacogdoches Hilda Roberts, Nacogdoches Wilda Shaw, Houston Row 6 Rheta Shepherd, Nacogdoches John Shipp, Gladcwater Dan Shrader, Corsicana Betty Simmons, Bronson Row 7 Betty Sims, Nacogdoches Gay L. Sizemore, Galena Park Wanda Smith, Tatum Tommy Speights, Hemphill CLASS OF ' 5 5 Row 1 Anita Spradley, Nacogdoches William Stone, Pittsburg Cemonia Strother, Brazoria Don nice Sutton , Hemphill Patricia Swift, Nacogdoches Anne Taylor, Riverside Row 2 Nita Joyce Teal, Waco Ivan Thomas, Livingston Frances Thompson, San Augustine Earline Tidwell, Blanket Dorothy Jo Treadaway, Houston Jo Turner, Price Row 3 Livie Walker, Nacogdoches Dorothy Warren, Overton Betty Westbrook, Buna Gilbert Wheeler, Center Betty Whitaker, Gushing Henry Whittlesey, Center Row 4 Lindon Williams, Galena Park Robert G. Williams, Jefferson Bill Wills, Henderson Norris Womack, Apple Springs Nelda Wright, Nacogdoches Shirley Wright, Buna Joe D. Zoda, Grapeland SUMMER SCHOOL AT S.F. SUMMER SCHOOL GRADUATES Eloise Adams, Louise Adams, James E. Akery, Ruth Wood Alaniva, Kathleen Janelle Alford, Louise Guinn Arn- old, Barbara Beck Askew, Howard Estol Athey, Dorothy Head Bailey. Zona White Bailey, Ray Baldree, Inez Bal- lard. Carrie Mayo Barber. May Walling Barron, James Lawrence Bartlett, Maxine Fuller Bass, Christine Jimerson Bates. George Eugene Belch, Monta Jo Biggers, Norris Birdwell, Glenn W. Berry, Frank Odell Blackburn, John Blackburn Blankenship, James William Booker, Orville Clayton Bridges, John Ward Brittain. Marie Brown, Mil- dred Ethel Buckner, Roy Dean Burk. Bina Bunn, Travis Roy Bush, Twila Biggers Campbell, Jim Moore Cannon, Guy Melvin Carnes, Anna Mae Carrington, J. B. Carrington, Dot Peacock Carter, Margaret Edens Carter, Clar- ence Carter, Rubye Carter, Anna V. Carthwright, Valder Odel Chaddick, Clara Elizabeth W. Chalk, Kenneth Ray Champion, Opal Liem Chase. Clyde Chisum, Cecil Choate, Jones Bryan Christian, Jr., Billie Jeanne Clark, Hulon Rayford Clark, Kermet Ennis Clayton, Beatrice Chaviers Clifton, Lester Calvin Cobb, Jasper Reagan Cock- rell, Verna Noack Cofty, Martha Nell Cogdill, John David Colley, Ray Carroll Colvert, George W. Colwell, Mar- guerite Minton Colwell, Dovie Lorea Conner, Janice Emily Conner, Marcelle Holland Cooke, Glenn Burton Cooper, Vesta Cooper, ojella Hul Crawford, Edward Clinton Crisp, Walter Standrof Crocker, Annie Maurine Crouch, Royce Herbert D ' Arcy, Lewis Adkin Dennard, Verna Key Dennis, George Robert Dobbins, Frank Patman Dodd, Jr., Ruby Parker Dorsey, Mozelle Moore Drennan. Pauline Jones Duckworth, John Her- bert Eakin, Virginia Merle Pope Evans, Faye Dawson Ezelle. Thomas Shook Fitts, Buel Poynor Fitzgerald, Mary Jane Fontenot, Alice Joyce Forse, Patsy Ann Forse, Thomas Daniel Franks, Thomas Kenneth Franks, Hortense Ellis Freeman, Ancil T. Fuller, Kenneth Lamar Fulmer, Lillie O ' Banion Gann, Edwin Willmer Gaston, Jr., Frank Robert Gilliland, Walter Gimon, Rose Byrne Glaze. Ola Beasley Goodman. John Morgan Gordon, Jr., Jewel Marie Gramling, Jack Graves, D. Swinney Gray, James R. Griggs, Geraldine Hale, Alice Jane Thomson Hall, Golda V. Hall, Julia Nell Hall, James L. Hallmark, Helen B. Harris, Ila Lawrence Harris, Robert Edward Hawthorne, Clelon Hayden, Velera Weaver Henson, Luther Herrin, Sara Frances Hicks, Perry Gandy Hightower, Jr., Anna Rulfs Holbrook, La Verne South Holcomb, Claudia Holder, Luke Samuel Honea, Floreta B. Hood, Sallie Honea, Mary Hooper, Sam P. Hooper, Homer Hoover, Ella Mae Dickerson Horn, Lucille McGown Home, LIna Beard Home, Levis Seth Hurst, Linnie Moore Hutson. Lorene Huttash, Anne Taylor Irish. George Prest- ridge Ivy, Robert Harold Isom, Louise Irwin Jacks, Mildon L. Jacks, Fred Jackson, Jr., Wilmer H. Jackson, Wil- liam Henry Jacobs, Paul Royce Jennings, Velma Jean Jepson, Mitchell Dean Jetton, Blanche Jimerson, Jesse Otto Johnson, Jr., Glynn Josey, Laverne Justice, Ida Atwood Keeling, Evelyn Kennedy, Leo D. Kennedy, Purvis Landry. L. D. Lee, Pauline Koonce Leslie, J. Perry Lewis, Charles Henry Linstrum, Willie Bea Linthicum, Lera H. Lofton, Myrtle Bowman Lovell, Jearleen Loving, Dan C. Lowe, Morris Drew McCall, Fritz Allen McCam- eron, James W. McCauley. Group of Graduates SUMMER SCHOOL AT S.F SUMMER SCHOOL GRADUATES Peggy Ann McClain. Reginald Leland McDaniel, R. L. McDonald, Effie Wesley McElvany, Earleen McGee, Lucy Liston McGowen, James Clifford McKee, Nena Frances Monk McKinney, Estelle Weissinger McLeod. Mil- ton Eastland McMullen, Mary V. Hartgraves McPhail. Wilma Louise Martin, Wayland Matthews, Annie Laurie Maxey, Ruth Elizabeth Maynard, Willie Mae Creech Meadow, Jewell Dean Meredith, Ray Milton Miller, Ray Montgomery Mobley. Cullen C. Monzingo, Joe Everett Moore, Ruth Hairston Moore, Alvin Eugene Morgan, Charlie Morgan. Ethleen Keeling Morris, Alice Hughes Morton, Samuel Fuller Moses, John Burns Motley, Fannie Murchison. Rozene Nagel, George Howard Nail. Pat Neff Nash, Grace Bailey Nations, Ara Neal, George Maxwell Neal, James Thomas Neff, Jimmie Colonel Netters, Trudie Nicholson. Winnie Arch Nicholson, Lera Jane Brevell Oakes, Nannie Hill Oates, John Morris O ' Banion, Irene Price Odom, Annie Mae Oberthier, Ema- line Baker O ' Conner, Regna Lynn Ownby, Gussie Vestal Mallard Parker. Thelma Savage Parker, Norman Paschall, Birdie Berniece Pate, Ruth Tarrance Phillips, Peggy Joyce Pliler, Allen Haywood Plummer, Nena Flournoy Posey, Ruby Garner Powell, James Alton Pratt, Sr., Blanche G. Prejean, Blanche Price, Frank Edward Price, Preston Prince, Jewell Drebon Rainey. Amie Ramsey, Irene Ramsey, Robert T. Ramsey, Mary Rosine Rawson, Berniece Starling Ray, Helen B. Read, John Hammond Read, Burford Ray Rice, Elton Glendon Rice, Nan Lou Richard- son, Joe E. Rich. Mildred Penney Richards, Cecil Richey, Jr.. Benjamin John Ritterskamp. R. J. Roddy. Walter V. Robertson. Carlo Romano. Charles Ephram Root, Jim Ed Rose. Archie Morris Samford, John Haskell Saun- ders, Jr., Lee Olen Savage. Sue Rawlinson Sellers, Ollie Loving Scott, Loraine Bass Selman, Robert B. Sewell, Jr.. Forrest Earl Shanks, Dell Wyche Shannon. Dorothy Claire Shelton, Robert Conrad Shindler, Frankie Sin- clair, Hugh Simpson, Nellie Singletary, Texanna Williamson Sitten, Mildred Grimes Sitton, Grace Thomson Slaughter, Leland Anderson Slaydon, Alsie Barnes Smith, Mary Louise Smith, Mary E. Sneed, Evelyn Jo Sowell. Cloyce Charles Steed. Joan Agnes Steinhour, Steinman Edward Stephens. John Hays Stockton, Claude Guy Stone, Howard Lonnie Stone, James Wilmeth Strode, Margaret Ann Strode, Molly Jeannine Strode, Robert Lansing Strong, Paul Pledger Stroud, Robert Benton Sutton, Sarah Jane Swanzy, Alice Birdwell Swift, Joseph Leslie Tatum, Ann Elizabeth Taylor, Gerald Herbert Taylor, James Edward Taylor, Harry Jackson Tittle, Loraine Wylie Titus. Jay Daniel Tomlinson, Rebecca Mae Townsend, Ina Mae Townsend, James Gilbert Trimble, Jr., Bert Neal Tucker, Ercell Tyson. Ermine Cloud Vandenberg, Roger Victory, Willie Mae Waggoner, James Daniel Walker, Nell Franklin Walker. Ben Marshall Wallace, Edward Seaborn Weatherby, Alice Dees Whittlesey, Gerald David Wickman, Faye Arnold Wiggins, Eric Wilburn, James Lewis Wilkins, Milton D. Wilkinson, Era Williams, Liddie Crouch Williams, Walter Montgomery Williams, Jr., Eloise Bumgardner Willingham, Delia Thompson Wilson, Paul S. Wilson, Wilma Westmoreland Woolley, Murray D. Woods, Francis Ross Wylie. Watermelon Party President ' s Reception features miss aleene jackson forest LELA MAE CHISM Theatre Guild MARGARET SUE JAMESON Sylvans SARA LOU MAYES Sawyer MARY LOGAN Amitie JO ANN POPHAM Ellen H. Richards DORIS PITTMAN Sigma Gamma GLENDA RUDD BETTY SCHOCHLER A Cappdla Choir Arts, Inc. RHETA SHEPHERD EARLINE TIDWELL Pine Burr Barrister CHARLOTTE STRASSE Austinite HOMECOMING QUEEN • miss aleene jackson Betty Stoker Glen White GRADUATES Dovie Bradshaw M. P. Edmondson JUNIORS Doris Pittman George Barclay SOPHOMORES JUANITA VlCK Elwood Allred freshmen- Joyce Ball Edward Kelly SENIORS Edward Smith Billie Sullivan BOBBY BEARD CALVIN HANCOCK MARGARET IRWIN ERNESTINE MORGAN KEY RANDALL LEA CAROLYN LIPPARD HUBERT POSKEY VERNON REDD E. J. RITCHEY GLENDA RUDD PATRICIA ANN TOWNSEND DOROTHY WARD GLEN WHITE JIMMY MAHONEY, BILLIE SULLIVAN Friendliest boy and girl GEORGE BARCLAY, SARA LOU MAYES Most handsome boy, Most beautiful girl JOYCE HILLIN, KENNETH CALDWELL Best boy and girl dancer BOBBY HART, ALEENE JACKSON Cutest boy and girl MARGARET IRWIN, TOMMY WILSON Wittiest boy and girl JOHN AND FRANCES HILL Cutest married couple RUBY CHILDERS, GLEN WHITE MRS. MAURICE CECIL, Most popular boy and girl MR. WELDON WRIGHT Favorite man and woman teachers CAROLYN SIMPSON, MARTIN FRESHOUR, PEGGY SPENCE CHARLES ( " CHICK " ) MclNTOSH Cutest coupU Dumbest- boy and girl SYLVIA JONES, GLEN WHITE Most typical boy and girl WILLIE E. WOODS, WALTER ( " MIKE " ) ROBERTSON Most rural boy and girl organizations THE STUDEN STUDENT BODY OFFICERS E. J. RITCHEY President W. L. BANE Vice-President GLENDA RUDD Secretary MISS MARY THOMSON MR. BOB SHELTON Sponsors The Student Congress, acting as the governing body for S.F.A., has striven this year to bring about an increased interest in student affairs and the realization of the possibilities of an active and unified student body. The group in 1951-52, under the direction of President E. J. Ritchey, has served as a chan- nel through which complete cooperation with the faculty and administration has been achieved. OFFICERS W. L. Bane, E. J. Ritchey, Glenda Rudd, Charlie Waller SENIOR REPRESENTATIVES Dorothy Ward, Glen White, Calvin Hancock, Clifford Hurst CONGRESS OF S. F. A JUNIOR REPRESENTATIVES Joe Frank Hignett, Margaret Irwin, Hubert Poskey, Randall Lea SOPHOMORE REPRESENTATIVES Jimmy Mahoney, Virginia Richey, Hubert McCray FRESHMAN REPRESENTATIVES Gale Lowe, Robert Claiborne BETTY STOKER, Business Manager LORETTA HEATH, Editor THE STAFF Editor Loretta Heath Assistant Editor Patricia Fairchild Business Manager Betty Stoker Assistant Business Manager Billy Bates Senior Class Editors Miriam Whitton Mozelle Whiteside Junior Class Editors Mildred Butte Dorothy Gay Sophomore Class Editors Etta Latham Dorothy Warren Freshman Class Editors Mona Sue Jennings Carolyn Bryant Organizations Editor Ray Crocker Snapshots Editors Betty Oney Joy Bounds Sports Hubert Poskey Len Neff Student Photographers Craig Tucker Dick Brautigam Proofs and Pictures Managers Sam Akin Jimmy Mahoney Presentation Ball Chairman Rudy Millard Extras Juanita Vick, Dot Brunner Joyce Gray, Ruby Childers Sponsor Weldon Wright Faculty Advisors Edwin Gaston, Jr. Lawrence Franks Lawrence Franks, Etta Latham, Dorothy Warren, Ruby Childers, Weldon Wright, Edwin Gaston, Jr. Hubert Poskey, Loretta Heath, Len Neff, Craig Tucker, Faye Bennett, Dot Brunner, Joyce Gray, Weldon Wright, Ruby Childers, Jimmy Mahoney. THE ANNUAL PUBLICATION OF STEPHEN F. AUSTIN STATE COLLEGE Seated: Billy Bates, Weldon Wright. Standing: Pat Fairchild, Loretta Heath, Betty Stoker. Seated: Joyce Gray, Dick Brautigam, Dot Brun- ner. Standing: Craig Tucker, Hubert Poskey. Jimmy Mahoney, Sam Akin, Miriam Whitton The Stone Fort, annual publication of Stephen F. Austin State College, has been published this year for the twenty-eighth successive time in an effort to present a true, lasting picture of S.F.A. in 1951-52 for the student body. Editor-in-Chief Loretta Heath, aided by Assistant Editor Pat Fairchild, has yelled orders to hard-working staff members; while Betty Stoker, backed up by Billy Bates, has striven to keep the advertisers happy. With the entire staff working together to brave all storms and enjoy all laughs, the job of publication has not been a hard one — especially with such able assistance as that given by sponsor Weldon Wright and Faculty Ad- visors Lawrence Franks and Edwin Gaston, Jr. If each person reading through this book in the years to come finds added pleasure in recalling memories of this school year, the aim of the staff will have been accomplished. Jimmy Mahoney, Dorothy Brunner THE STAFF Editor Dorothy Brunner Business Manager Jimmy Mahoney Assistant Editor Joyce Gray Sports Editor Hubert Poskey Assistant Sports Editor Len Neff Columnists Sam Akin, Faye Bennett Mullin Editorials L. D. Cross, Louise Wilson Cartoonist Jimmy Wilkins Reporters Loretta Heath, Miriam Whitton, Pat Townsend, Jerry Turner, James Dunsmore, Charles Bane Faculty Advisors Edwin Gaston, Jr. Lawrence Franks Seated: Pat Townsend. Standing: Virginia Richey, Pat Fairchild, Louise Wilson, Paulann Boynton, Lawrence Franks. Seated at desk: Craig Tucker, Dot Brunner, Joyce Gray. Stand- ing: Loretta Heath, Hubert Poskey, Len Neff, Faye Bennett Mullin, Weldon Wright, Ruby Childers, Jimmy Mahoney. THE WEEKLY PUBLICATION OF STEPHEN F. AUSTIN STATE COLLEGE Seated: Loretta Heath. Standing: Weldon Wright, Lawrence Franks, Max Crisp, Elizabeth " Boots " Goodwin, Craig Tucker. Seated: Joyce Gray. Standing: Sam Akin, Jimmy Wilkins, Faye Bennett Mullin. Seated: Jimmy Mahoney. Standing:: Hubert Pos- key, Len Neff, Edwin Gaston, Jr. The Pine Log, weekly newspaper of the Stephen F. Austin State College student body, has completed its twenty-fourth year of consecutive publication. Under the direction of Editor Dorothy Brunner, the paper during 1951-52 emphasized impartial reporting of all significant events on the campus and stressed pictorial coverage perhaps more than ever before. Contributing directly to the success of this year ' s pub- lications have been the industrious staff members, headed by Business Manager Jimmy Mahoney and Assistant Editor Joyce Gray. Among those other students who performed outstand- ing service for the newspaper have been the following: Hubert Poskey, sports editor; Len Neff, assistant sports editor; Columnists Sam ( " Mumblin ' " ) Akin and Faye ( " Movie of the Week " ) Bennett Mullin; L. D. Cross and Louise Wilson, editorial writers; Jimmy Wilkins, car- toonist; and Loretta Heath, Miriam Whitton, Pat Town- send, Jerry Turner, James Dunsmore, and Charles Bane, reporters. Then, too, the counsel of the Pine Log ' s two faculty advisors has meant much to the staff. They included Lawrence T. Franks, director of public relations; and Edwin Gaston, Jr., assistant director of public relations. First row: Betty Brookshire, Shirley Lee, Patsy Richards, Doris Pittman, luanita Muckleroy, Doris Jean Robinson, D ' Juana Jones. Second row: Mr. Robert G. Smith, Patsy Harper, Dorothy Jackson, John Kunkel, Charles Holmes, Terry Johnson, Joyce Ball, Joyce Hillin, Frances Partin, William Taylor, Donald Greer, Betty Simmons, Lena Beth Alexander, Mr. J. T. Cox. Third row: A. P. Polk, Bobby Mauphin, LuNan Lakey, Doyle Thompson, Charles Neel, Joe Ruby, Jack Briggs, Dick Brautigam, Hubert Wilbur, Kenneth Caldwell, Laddie Walker. Fourth row: Dwayne Foster, Joe Neff, D. Neff, Buford Finley, Ida Rogers, Artis Ratley, John Blair Thomas, William Stone, Foscue Swearingen, Hollis Dean Miller, Bobby Goff, Jerry Leard. Back row: Duane Baugh, W. Gary, Charles Ward. Not Pictured: Eddie Stone, Mary Jane Power, Betty Simms, Jimmy Hammett, Carroll Moseley, D. Sutton. UMBERJACK BAND The Lumberjack Band, under the direction of J. T. Cox and Robert Smith, was one of the most colorful and versatile bands in the state this year. It drew attention with its halftime shows during football season, with its Christmas Concert, winter and spring concerts, and tours of outlying schools. Leading the organization were Doris Pittman, drum major, and Shirley Lee, Patsy Richards, Juanita Muckleroy, Doris Jean Robinson, Betty Brookshire, and D ' Juana Jones, twirlers. A CAPPELLA The A Cappellct Choir has for years been acclaimed one of the best organizations of its kind in Texas. This year it enhanced its reputation with successful concerts before Christmas at Lufkin, Carthage, Gladewater, Hender- son, and Kilgore, and at all of its performances on the annual spring tour. FREDERICK BAUMGARTNER DIRECTOR Front row: Joy Dover, Dwaynne Foster, Doris Talley, Carrie Lou Parks, Frances McCauley, Joyce Ball, Melba West- moreland, Nadine Jimerson, Carolyn Keeling, Patsy Estell, Geri Long, Glenda Rudd. Second row: Eva Dene Fussell, Wanda Arnold, Bobbie Hickman, Florine Irwin, Nan Mace, D ' Juana Jones, Dorothy Ward, Ann Gribble, Patricia Fairchild, Jeanette Hayes, Charlotte Strasse. Third row: Jimmy Hammett, Jerry Leard, Bobby Goff, Artis Ratley, Billy Gary, Betty Sue Brevelle, Sara Bess Brook- shire, Joyce Gray, Wayne Williams, Ivan Thomas, Hollis Miller, Laddie Walker, Carey Sayers. Back row: " Woody " Woodrome, Dale Leggett, John Kunkel, Charles Neel, Thomas Whitton, Dean Christensen, Gordon Strickland, Duane Baugh, Kenneth Caldwell, Joe Ruby, A. P. Polk, Robert Williams.. Not Pictured: Ida Marie Rogers, DeLois Johnson. CHOIR OF S. F. A Choir rehearsals, which took place from four until five on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoons, began with the sound of several pianos going at once and with numerous persons practicing music lessons at the same time. When Mr. " B. " said, " O ' K, let ' s knock it off, " however, everyone soon assembled, ready for earnest work — work which resulted in a very successful year. The first public performance. THE GIRLS ENSEMBLE Doris Talley, Bobbie Hickman, Wanda Arnold, Joy Dover, Betty Sue Brevelle, Florine Irwin, Carrie Lou Parks, Dwaynne Foster, Joyce Ball, Dorothy Ward, D ' Juana Jones. ALPHA PSI OMEGA Alpha Psi Omega, national honorary dramatic fraternity on the Stephen F. Austin State College cam- pus, is open only to those students who, through participation in plays, production staff work, adver- tising, and play authorship, are able to meet the rigid point-system requirement of the organization. Outstanding project for the year 1951-52 has been the sponsorship of the community-college production of Jean Anouilh ' s ANTIGONE, which is based on the ancient Greek tragedy.. Aim of the play was to serve as a stimulus to the interest in fine art of the drama on the SFA campus. Officers for the Beta Phi cast this year included Dorothy Ward, director of the cast; E. W. ( " Woody " ) Woodrome, sub-director; Loretta Heath, secretary-treasurer; and Dr. Joseph Baldwin, sponsor. Seated: Dr. Joseph Baldwin, Dorothy Ward, Loretta Heath. Standing: E. W. ( " Woody " ) Woodrome, Earl Thomas, Gene Lynch, Dick Brautigam, Dr. T. E. Ferguson, Dr. Robert B. Capel. ALPHA CHI The Alpha Chi is a national honor society whose purpose is to promote and recognize scholarship. The chapter on the Stephen F. Austin campus is named the A. W. Birdwell Chapter in honor of Dr. A. W. Birdwell, president of the college for many years.. Since its founding on the campus, the chapter has stood as a goal for upperclassmen who have shown scholastic excellence and as an incentive to the underclassmen in their pursuit of knowledge. Activities of the local chapter include a formal initiation, a coffee for honor students, and the sending of delegates to the National Alpha Chi Convention in the spring. Officers for the year include: President, Glenda Rudd; Vice-president, Carey Sayers; and Secretary, Mary Ann Kirkland. Sponsors of the group are Dr. T. E. Ferguson, Dr. C. F. Sheley, and Mr. E. L. Grif- fin. First row: Mary Ann Kirkland, Bonnie Lawson, Vera Joyce McElroy, Betty Stoker. Second row: Celia Maynard, Glenda Rudd, Doris Talley, Sara Bess Brookshire. Third row: R. C. Vance, Willene Stokes, Mrs. A. T. Chalk, Velma Lane. Fourth row: Mrs. Geraldine Allen, Peggy Smith, Doris Faye White, Mr. E. L. Griffin, Nolan Alders, David George, John Mixon. Back row: Carey Sayers, Bobby Beard, Van Risinger, John Wilkins, Gerald Thornton, Dr. T. E. Ferguson. THEATRE GUILD The Karle Wilson Baker Theatre Guild is open to all students on the Stephen F. Austin campus who are interested in acting and play production. The organization in 1951-52 began its season by scheduling a mystery entitled " Through the Night " for the students and townspeopl e. This was followed by a drama entitled ' The Heiress " during the spring semester. Both plays were under the direction of Dr. Joseph Baldwin, sponsor of the group. Officers for the year were as follows: Von Rae Stevens, president; Gene Lynch, vice-president; Juanita Vick, secretary-treasurer; and Billie Norton, reporter. Seated: Juanita Vick, Sara Bess Brookshire, Dorothy Ward, Pat Townsend, Mary Jane Power, Louise Wilson. Standing: Lela Mae Chism, Dick Brautigam, Loretta Heath, Gene Lynch, Dr. Joseph Baldwin, E. W. ( " Woody " ) Wood- rome, Earl Thomas, Billy Stone. PI KAPPA DELTA The purpose of Pi Kappa Delta is to stimulate progress in and to promote the interests of inter-collegi- ate debate, oratory, and public speaking. It encourages a spirit of fellowship, friendly cooperation, and interest in rhetorical activities by conferring upon deserving candidates badges of Fraternity, Profici- ency, Honor, and Special Distinction that are graduated and varied according to merit and achievement. Members of the Degree of Fraternity, Order of Debate, are: W. L. Bane, E. J. Ritchey, and Buford Finley. Members of Degree of Fraternity, Order of Debate and Oratory: Etta Latham. Members of the Degree of Special Distinction, Order of Debate and Oratory: Pat Townsend and Earl Thomas. Members of the Degree of Special Distinction, Order of Debate, Oratory and Instruction: Robert B. Capel. The original organizer of the local chapter is Dr. T. E. Ferguson. Dr. Robert B. Capel is the chapter sponsor. Standing, left to right: E. J. Ritchey, Earl Thomas, W. L. Bane. Seated: Dr. T. E. Ferguson, Pat Townsend, Dr. Robert B. Capel, sponsor. SIGMA PHI ALPHA Sigma Phi Alpha, the Greek equivalent of S.F.A., is the designation given the local chemistry club which is an officially chartered chapter of Student Affiliates of the American Chemical Society. Mem- bership in the local organization is open to regularly matriculated students interested in chemistry, and who have progressed satisfactorily through the first semester of quantitative analysis. The local chapter has as its purpose the maintenance of high scholarship and the promotion of good fellowship among students of chemistry on the campus. Since its inception in 1942, and affiliation in January, 1950, its activities have included regular monthly meetings with varied programs of an informa- tive and educational nature, alternating with social programs, barbecues, and similar activities. Sigma Phi Alpha sponsors three awards annually to chemistry students at Stephen F. Austin State Col- lege: A cash award of $25 to the outstanding senior chemistry major; reimbursement for tuition and fees (value about $80) to the outstanding junior chemist; and a Handbook of Chemistry and Physics to the highest ranking freshman upon completion of the first semester of chemistry here. Winners of the awards last year, the first time they were offered, were as follows: Senior, Jean Dossey; junior, Buford Rice; and freshman, Louis Neff. Officers for the fall semester of 1951-52 were: Gordon Miller, chairman; Claude Gatewood, vice-chair- man; Hubert Poskey, secretary-treasurer; and Donald Bob Parrish, parliamentarian. First row: Don Parrish, Len Neff, Sam Akin, Hubert Poskey, Tommy Cox. Second row: Kenneth Harrell, Benny O ' Rear, Gordon Miller, Joseph Murphy, Odis Procella. Standing: Mr. E. L. Griffin, June Scarborough, Claude Gatewood, Dr. C. R. Stimson, Dr. H. E. Abbott. THE PRESS CLUB Purpose of the Stephen F. Austin Press Club is the improvement of the campus publications, the Pine Log and Stone Fort, and the promotion of social activities for students interested in journalism. The Press Club is affiliated with the Texas Intercollegiate Press Association, an organization comprised of press groups from the leading colleges in Texas. It was also host for the 1952 convention in Nacogdo- ches. Texas, on April 24, 25 and 26. An important function of the Press Club each year is the sponsorship of the SFA Jamboree, an annual variety stage show composed of campus talent, which is attended by approximately 1,000 high school seniors from East and South Texas. Officers of the club for the fall semester, 1951, were as follows: Hubert Poskey, president; Jimmy Maho- ney, vice-president; Mary Logan, secretary-treasurer; Margaret Irwin, program chairman; and Glenda Rudd, reporter. Sponsor of the group was Mr. Lawrence Franks. First row: Betty Stoker, Ruby Childers, Margie Singletary, Paulann Boynton, Betty Oney, Sue York, Miriam Whitton, McXie Whitton, Rheta Shepherd, Doris Calloway, Shirley Cross. Second row: Doris Talley, Faye Bennett Mullin, Louise Wilson, Etta Latham, Dorothy Warren, Elizabeth ( " Boots " ) Good- win, Edith Bland Coco, Glenda Rudd, Patricia Swift, Louise Hoy a, Sara Brookshire, Anita Spradley. Third row: Patricia Fairchild, Pat Townsend, Loretta Heath, Weldon Wright, Craig Tucker, Mildred Butte, Nelda Wright, Peggy Franklin, Virginia Richey. Fourth row: Hubert Poskey, Kate Glenn, Sam Akin, Margaret Irwin. Standing: Dick Brautigam, Jerry Hughes, Max Crisp, Jimmy Mahoney, Dorothy Brunner, Joyce Gray, Len Neff, Hubert McCray, Billy Bates, E. J. Ritchey, Edwin Gaston, Jr., Lawrence Franks. COLLEGE CHAPTER, FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA The S.F.A. Collegiate Chapter of the Future Farmers of America was organized under the supervision of Mr. J. C. Green, vocational agriculture teacher-trainer, for the purpose of training prospective agriculture teachers in chapter conduct- ing, leadership, and general F.F.A. work. Charter for the organization was received from the state association in the fall of 1950. The " Program of Work " for 1951-52 included such items as the sponsorship of an Area IX leadership contest on the S.F.A. campus, the giving of a scholarship for the outstanding agriculture student of Area IX, the sponsorship of a student-prof banquet, the landscaping of the agriculture building, and participation in all student body undertakings for the advancement of the college. Officers for the fall semester included: Ray Crocker, president; Charles Bane, first vice-president; Ernest Rogers, Jr., second vice-president; James Ray McSwain, third vice-president; Gerald Maynard, secretary; Barnett Cordray, treasurer; Nolan Alders, reporter; George Fisher, student advisor; Herbert Powell, historian; Dickie Voigtel, parliamentarian; and J. D. Ball, sentinel. Front row, left to right: Dickie Voigtel, J. D. Ball, Ray Crocker, Charles Reeves, Jesse M. Motley, lames Weatherford, Nolan Alders, Marlin Brooks, Charles Holmes. Second row: John R. Keeling, William Odom, Herbert Powell. Third row: James Ray McSwain, Dr. William Hatcher, Dr. G. F. Gray, George Grimes, Charles L. Stokes, Dewey Ross, Dean Cravey, Bill Blankenship, Gerald Maynard, A. G. Wilson. GIBBS HALL COUNCIL The Gibbs Hall Council, governing body for the Gibbs Hall dormitory for women, is composed of girls elected for their leadership ability, reputation for fair play, and general good nature. Aims of the organization are to bring cooperation among the dormitory girls and to keep everyone in the dorm happy. President Juanita Vick presides over council meetings, which are called when the need for one arises. Mrs. Lola Holleman, housemother, is always present at the meetings where her pleasing personality and helpful suggestions are always considered to be of value. Among the activities sponsored by the council are a Christmas party with gifts for all girls, a picnic- dance with the boys on the campus as guests, and an annual Gibbs Hall Girls ' Dance. I SYLVANS CLUB The S ylvans Club, organized in the fall of 1946, has as its primary objective the forwarding of forestry knowledge and good will among forest interests throughout the surrounding piney woods area. The outstanding activity is the annual presentation of a Forest Field Day and barbecue, at which time members of the club vie for honors in various forestry skills. Another function is the procurement of guests speakers who give their time to provide educational lectures for the club members. Officers for the fall semester included: Ulman McMullen, president; C. L. McKinley, vice-president; Jim Mayes, secretary; Harold Pate, treasurer; and Jimmy Sweeney, coffee-maker. Front row, left to right: Jim Mayes, Martin Freshour, Jim Huston, Bob McCoy, Harold Pate, Burl Youngblood, C. L. Mc- Kinley, David George, Gibson Carter, R. E. Smith. Standing: Joe Ruby, Jim Sweeney, Ulman McMullen, Ed Stanley, L. D. White, Harvell Weatherly, Glen Martin, Ed Welch, Billy McDaniel, Tommy McDaniel, David P. Lowery, sponsor. Not Pictured: Jack Hambrick, Robert Given, T. S. Hughes, Wayne Tanner, Donnie Courtney, J. C. Lumpkin. WESLEY FOUNDATION The Wesley Bible Chair, located just north of the campus, is now in its twenty-second year as a part of the religious life of the students of this college campus. This organization has a dual purpose. Through the Wesley Bible Chair, courses in bible are available for college credit, while the Wesley Foundation seeks to provide a religious organization in which students may participate in worship services, social functions and recreational activities. Aid to needy families, Christmas caroling, homecoming activities, hay rides, possum hunts, informal group singing and carefully planned worship services make up most of the agenda for activities. The director, Charles E. Laing, assumed this position in August, 1951. The local Foundation is fortunate in having one of the finest physical plants in the state. The present building was completed in September, 1950, and plans are now under consideration for an enlargement of these facilities. One of the high points of the program this year was the annual trip to the State Methodist Student Movement Convention held in Dallas during the Thanksgiving holidays. The officers of the Foundation for the fall semester included: Wayne Williams, president; Glen White, vice-president; Patricia Fairchild, secretary-treasurer; Jimmy Wilkins, reporter; James Ray Dunsmore and Calvin Hancock, members of the executive committee. First row, left to right: Calvin Hancock, Len Neff, Loretta Heath, Louise Wilson, Dorothy Gay, Dorothy Brunner, Joyce Hillin, Wayne Williams, Charles Laing, Louis Shaddock. Second row: Carey Sayers, Sarah Landers, Dorothy Warren, Glen White, Roy Brown. Third row: Robert Claiborne, Rae Beth Parrott, Patricia Fairchild, Sara Brookshire, Dan Shrader. S£ " fe an «mi||. i nn ss, m t win wb III irifj mi - « m mm % mm Wm " ™ L ■ T h 1 U 11 w a BAPTIST STUDENT UNION Seeking to help every Baptist student to find the true relationship that should exist between him and Christ, that is, first place, the Baptist Student Union sets forth a program of activities which provide op- portunities for service, spiritual growth, and Christian fellowship. While serving as a means of pointing the Baptist student to the vital need of serving Christ in the local Baptist churches while at college, the BSU seeks to serve also as a medium for presenting the Christian challenge to the entire campus. Its program includes morning watch each week-day, a period of devotion and worship; visitation to shut- ins, a worship service h eld in the homes of those who cannot attend church otherwise; socials, planned periods of Christian fun and fellowship ranging from banquets to weiner roasts; visitation to students, wit- nessing for Christ by enlisting others and telling the gospel message; Bible study, a period set aside for the study of God ' s Word together; Y.W.A., a missionary program for Baptist girls. Other activities of the year included presentation of a play, " Challenge of the Cross, " to various churches; publication of the Student Directory; working toward First Magnitude, the highest honor attain- able in BSU work; reading the " Baptist Student, " a magazine for college students. A Baptist student automatically becomes a member of the BSU upon joining a local Baptist church or one of its organizations, but every Baptist student who enrolls in college is welcome to participate in any of the activities sponsored by the Baptist Student Union. The organization operates under the guidance of Student Director W. B. Coble and an executive council made up of students elected each spring. First row: Betty Oney, Wynell Jones, Etta Latham, Helen Gee, Dorothy Ward, Nadine Jimerson, Joy Bounds. Second row: Linda Wilson, Juanelle Temple, Sara Elizabeth Dean, Cemonia Strasse, Pat Townsend, Jackie Ruth Stur- rock, Dorothy Jean Ratcliff. Third row: Bobbie Potts, Norma Brumley, Mary Minyard, Billie Courtney, Virginia Richey, Lena Beth Alexander, Joy Prince, Voncille McVicker. Standing: Jimmy Mahoney, T. S. Hughes, Max Odom, Laddie Lee Walker, Joe Frank Hignett, W. L. Bane, E. J. Ritchey, Charles Coble, Don Edgar, Jacob Segrest, Reverend W. B. Coble. DELTA PSI KAPPA The purposes of Delta Psi Kappa are to recognize worthwhile achievements in physical education, to de- velop interest therein, and to promote greater fellowship among women in this field of activity. Delta Psi Kappa is a women ' s national professional fraternity in physical education. It is limited to wo- men who are prospective teachers and have a major or minor in health and physical education. Students must be active in departmental extra-curricular activities and have above average scholarship in aca- demic subjects and health and physical education. They must show evidence of leadership in the de- partment. As a project, Delta Psi Kappa sponsors the annual " Corn Husking Bee " each fall. Throughout the year, several professional meetings are held to which the public is invited. Alpha Xi Chapter of Delta Psi Kappa was organized at Stephen F. Austin State College February 11, 1950. •: WOMEN ' S RECREATION ASSOCIATION The Women ' s Recreation Association is open to all women students of the college who are interested in dance and sport activities. To be an active member one must participate in some recreational activi- ties during the year and attend all club meetings. The purpose of this organization is to promote skill, fellowship, health, and participation in wholesome recreation. The program includes activities that should meet the interest of any girl. The Association sponsors an intramural program of team sports each year, including the annual club basketball tournament and the track and field meet. Also affiliated with the organization are co-educa- tional clubs in square dance, social dance, modern dance, and badminton. First row: Virginia Brown, Barbara Moody, Susie Cain, Juanelle Temple, Bobbie Potts. Second row: Ann Kinnear, Frances Ray Hill, Rheta Smith, Betty Duran, Jo Bess Jennings, Orell Yarbrough, Betty Nell Prince, Willie Earl Woods, Martha Roe. Standing: Doyle Thompson, Hazel Dudley, Carrie Parks, Miss June Irwin, Mona Sue Jennings, Shirley Grigsby, Beth Donovan, Sue Ashwood. ELLEN H. RICHARDS CLUB The Ellen H. Richards Club has been the pride of the home economics department since its foundation in 1926. As the club motto indicates, the members are " Forever Learning. " With its colors of green and white, the organization became affiliated with the state and national Home Economics Association in 1927. Purposes of the club are to promote better relations between the faculty and students and among the students themselves and to promote programs and projects to help the entire college. Officers for the year included Betty Stoker, president; Betty Oney, vice-president; Margaret Irwin, secre- tary; Jo Ann Browning, treasurer; Virginia Richey, reporter; Linda Wilson, room hostess; Sue York, year- book chairman; Barbara Hanka, program chairman; Pat Stephens Evans, publicity chairman; and June Moore, social chairman. Sponsors are Miss Edna Wilkins, Miss Helen Barron, and Mrs. Charlotte Collier. Seated, left to right: Betty Durrett, Betty Stoker, Jo Ann Browning, Margaret Irwin, Vera Joyce McLeroy, Barbara Hanka, Betty Oney, Betty Whitaker, June Moore, Pat Stephens Evans, Doris Chisholm, Doris Rae Lavine. Standing: Bobbie Linthicum, Martha Nelson, Ira Jean Black, Mary Beth Brooke, Mrs. Charlotte Collier, Dorothy Tread- away, Sue York, Virginia Richey, Armetta Willard, Miss Helen Barron, Linda Wilson, June Barton, Miss Edna Wilkins, Marjorie Rider, Peggy Franklin. 134413 ARTS, INC. Arts, Inc. was formed in 1946 in an effort to promote an understanding and appreciation of art on the campus of Stephen F. Austin State College. It is a club composed of art majors, art minors, and persons particularly interested in art. The club has social functions as well as business meetings throughout the year. Each year this group sponsors special exhibits of art work, both local student shows and national travel- ing exhibits. Every year the club enters a duchess, who this year was Joy Bounds, and a float in the Homecoming activities. A beauty for the annual Stone Fort Presentation Ball, who this year was Betty Schochler, is also sponsored by the organization. In December, Arts, Inc. decorated the Piney Woods Country Club for the Cotillion Club Christmas Ball, and late in December, plans were rapidly nearing completion for the establishment of a chapter of Kappa Pi, national honorary art fraternity, on the cam- pus. Dr. Karl Schlicher, head of the art department, is sponsor of the club. Officers for the year were Patti Woods, president; Jimmy Wilkins, vice-president; Gene Lynch, secretary-treasurer; and Edna Morgan, re- porter. Standing, left to right: Miss Janet Turner, Dr. Karl Schlicher, Eloise Gross, Juanell Temple, Mary Franks, Gene Lynch, Pat Woods, Alice O ' Rear, Bobbie Hickman, Joy Bounds, Mary Jane Power, H. N. McElroy, Gayla Wright, Robert Bussabarger. Seated, first row: Frank Hyde, Earl Weeks, Ruth Watson, Jerry Ann Crawford, Mrs. Lillian Hadac. Seated, second row: Dorothy Warren, Linda Wilson, Bobbie Linthicum, Joyce Shoubrouek, Carolyn Keeling, Louise Pate. Seated, third row: Susie Cain, Jimmy Wilkins, Betty Schochler, Mrs. W. C. Fouts, Juanita Edwards, Janice Harvey, Mrs. Lillie Miller. THE VN T " ASSOCIATION The " T " Association, revived this year, functioned for the first time since before World War II. The or- ganization is composed of lettermen of all the major sports at Stephen F. Austin State College. Officers this year include: President, Homer Ryan; Vice-president, Ted Asimos; Secretary, Vernon Redd; Reporter, Edward Ray. Sponsors of the Association are Glenn Rose and Weldon Wright. First row: James McDaniel, Bobby Beard, Leroy Owen, Gerald Thornton, Vernon Redd. Second row: Homer Ryan, Alfred Parker, Baldwin Thompson, Gene Mullin, Mart Crawford, Jimmy Eaves. Third row: Max Treadwell, Fred Johnson, Currie Lee Meyer, Weldon Wright, Edward Ray. Fourth row: Bobby Flanagan, Ted Asimos, Herbert Branch, Gerald Hefferman, Jackie Bond, Kelsey Moore, Billy Penny. GRAND ORDER OF ROYAL BARRISTERS The Grand Order of Royal Barristers is a professional organization of and for those students who are in- terested in parliamentary procedure and the political field. This non-social organization chooses its members with discretion, with emphasis upon character, ability to speak, and other personal character- istics. The members are primarily pre-law students; however, students majoring in other fields are eligi- ble for membership providing the reguirements are met. The Barristers convene each Monday night, and each meeting is characterized by alertness and swift-moving activities according to correct parlia- mentary procedure. Activities range from routine issues of club business to major political issues of the day, including debating, political rallies, mock trials, and other phases of court procedure. The Grand Order of Royal Barristers is proud of its past record at Step hen F. Austin and boasts that its members represent and occupy very active positions in all the various clubs on the campus; thereby upholding the best traditions of a Barrister. The officers include: Claude Gatewood, President; Nolan Alders, Vice-president; Randall Lea, Secretary- treasurer; Kenneth Wyatt, Parliamentarian; Charles James, Sergeant-at-Arms. First row: E. J. Ritchey, Dan Newell, Charles James, Claude Gatewood, Hubert Poskey, Nolan Alders, Randall Lea. Second row: Weldon Wright, Wesley Pybus, Don Parrish, Dickie Voigtel, Lavon Foster. LAMBDA Elwood Allred W. L. Bane Jack Bowser Jerry Burks C. B. Burris Robert Claiborne Connie Mack Courtney Donnie Courtney Calvin Hancock Harold Hanson Garland Honeycutt Jimmy Hooper Roy Knight Don Lade Dale Leggett Bryan McCarty Hubert McCray Len Neff Dan Newell Frank Peck Alton P. Polk James Herbert Powell Edward Ray George Reese Duncan Ruby Joe Donald Ruby Billy B. Rudd Carey B. Sayers Louis Shaddock Gene Shaw Eddie Stone Earl Thomas Edward M. Welch Carroll Whitener Gilbert Wofford Elbert W. Woodrome GAMMA CLUB OFFICERS CONNIE MACK COURTNEY President GENE SHAW Vice-President FRANK BIRMINGHAM Secretary CALVIN HANCOCK Treasurer The year 1952 finds the Lambda Gamma Social Club one of the most out- standing clubs on the Stephen F. Austin campus. Organized in 1948 as the Lufkin Club, the club has made great strides towards its goal of promoting cooperation, leadership, character, and scholarship on the campus. The club officers and members promote fellowship, friendship, and goodwill among the individual students. Among the traditional activ ities of the club, the Sadie Hawkins Day Dance with its beard growing contest and the Showboat Dance, which is sponsored jointly with the sister club, the Sigma Gamma Club, are perhaps the most well known. Other club activities include the annual Thanksgiving turkey raffle, rush parties, stag parties, and the dinner dances. One of the new activities undertaken this year was the formation of a bulletin sent out to ex-members to inform them of coming club activities. The club has a rather small but very active alumni group. The ranks of the secret No. 9 Committee, which is a permanent mem- bership committee, is growing steadily with six new members being appointed tach year. Maurice Hubbard is the permanent chairman of the group. Officers for the year were Connie Mack Courtney, president; Gene Shaw, vice-president; Frank Birmingham, secretary; Calvin Hancock, treasurer; El- wood Allied, sergeant-at-arms; Len NefT, publicity director; Eddie Ray, par- liamenta rian; Gilbert Wofford, athletic director; Carey Savers, chaplain; and Donnie Courtney, health officer. Tea for exes Homecoming float FORESTER Billy Bates Bobby Beard Bill Blankenship Bobby Burrows Raymond Chambers Gerald L. Cheney Tommy Cox Max Crisp Ray Crocker Jimmy Eaves Dick Ferguson Don Gaston James Hardy Bobby Hart Joe Frank Hignett Charles Holmes Jim Huston Johnny Johnson Taylor " Sonny " Johnson Randall Lea Robert Lee Jimmy Mahoney Bill McCoy Jerry McMullen Currie Lee Meyer Truman Milling Joe Pinson Hubert Poskey E. J. Ritchey Mike Robertson Malcolm Rodriques Grady Stallings Delray Talley Richard Thomas Craig Tucker Billy Jack Worsham CLUB OFFICERS JIMMY MAHONEY President RUDY MILLARD Vice-President BOBBY HART Secretary The Forester Club was organized in September, 1943, with a group " I 14 boys as the original signers of the constitution. Since that time the aim of the organization, as set forth in the constitution, has been " to create a more fraternal relationship in our college and to found an organization which will be an asset to the social life of Stephen F. Austin State College. " With this as their goal the club has marched forward, knowing that it has achieved that virtue so earnestly desired — honor. Always strong in intramural sports, the club this year is the defending champion of the coveted Ail-Round Sports Trophy. This is a trophy given to the team which compiles the most points in all intramural play. Club officers for the fall semester were Jimmy Mahoney, president; Rudy Millard, vice-president; Bobby Hart, secretary; Sonny Johnson, sergeant-at- arms; Hubert Poskey, reporter; Joe Frank Hignett, chaplain; and Bobby Burrows, scavenger. Boasting such variety of leaders as the student body president, class presi- dents, cheerleaders, professional club presidents, student congress representa- tives, and an all-conference performer in football, the club can be certain that " FORESTERS FOREVER " will continue to lead the way here at SFA. Club reception Homecoming float SAWYER Duane Adams Rudy Allied Charles Bane George Barclay Paul Beauchamp Jimmy Brake Russell Coco R. G. Dean Charles Ellis Harold English Max English Cecil Ford Martin Freshour David George Jimmy Hammett Bohby Harris W. T. Hoskins F. M. Hughes Clifford Hurst James E. Huston Fred Johnson George Jones Billy Joe Knox John A. Long James Lacy Lovell Gilbert Lowe H. N. McElroy Bob McLean Joe Tom McMillien Gene Mullin Billy Murchison Rufus Miller Benny O ' Rear Donald O ' Rear Gary Smith Jimmy " Slim " Sturrock Max Treadwell Jimmy Tunstall Charlie Fred Waller Harold West Harry Williams Tommy Wilson Stephen Youngblood CLUB OFFICERS HAROLD WEST Sergeant-at-Arms PAUL BEAUCHAMP Vice-President RUSSELL COCO Secretary CHARLES BANE Reporter CLIFFORD HURST President For twenty-five years the Sawyer C ub has been a top boys ' club on the SFA campus. Known for their school spirit and loyalty to the college, mem- bers of the organization attend all athletic events dressed in then white shir ts and purple ties and carrying their ax handles. Among the outstanding activities sponsored by the club each year are the Api on-Overall Dance, the Christmas Dinner-Dance, the Bowery Ball and the Pine Burr-Sawyer Picnic. The Sawyers rank as a top contender in intramural sports each year. For the past three years they have won the basketball tournament and now are able to keep the trophy. From the roll of the Sawyers can be found many school leaders. Among them, past and present, have been president and vice-president of the student body, student congress members, and athletic leaders. AUSTINITE Glenn Burke David Billingsley William Blevins Gibson Cartel Franklin Clayton James Ray Dunsmore M. P. Edmondson Dewey E. Gibson Joe Donald Hubbard John Hill John Keeling Johnny Lowe Bobby Maupen John Mills Jessey McLain James McSwain William Odom Odis Procella Charles Reeves Dan Shrader Bob Sullivan Dickie Voigtel Laddie Lee Walker Glen White Burl Youngblood Charles E. Laing, Sponsor CLUB OFFICERS GLEN WHITE JOHN HILL ODIS PROCELLA Vice-President President Secretary Organized in January, l ' WB, the Royal Order of Austinites was founded for the purpose of sponsoring school projects for the pleasure and benefit of the student body. The small gold emblem of the Royal Order of Austinites is emblematic of the four aims of the organization: Leadership, Scholarship, Character, and Fraternity. The Austinite Club sponsors a varied calendar of activities each year. These activities include dances, picnics, parties, and entering competing teams in intramural sports. One of the most outstanding dances during the fall semester is the Austinite Annual Christmas Dance. Perhaps the most colorful activity is the annual " Pie Night " each spring semester, with its gags and slap-stick it has constantly won acclaim as one of the top activities of the year. As a service to the student body, the Austinite Poll per iodically gets the students viewpoint on pertinent questions and the Austinite Club conducts other polls and elections. The Austinites are always eager to contribute their efforts toward any wor thwhile project that is of interest to, or for- the better- ment of, the student body and the school. It is through service and leadership that we hope to continue to retain a position as one of the leading organizations on the campus. At Homecoming SIGMA Betty Barber Betty Brookshire Janice Butler Susie Cain Jerry Ann Crawford Barbara Dillen Jean Durham Elizabeth " Boots " Goodwin Barbara Greer Barbara Hanka Janet Hayes Bobbie Hickman Helen Holbrook Elsie Holt Sally Hubbard Nadine Jimerson Tommie Johnson Carolyn Keeling Sara Dell Landers Geri Long Joyce McGehee Alice O ' Rear Rae Beth Parrott Doris Pittman Mary Jane Power Betty Sue Richards Virginia Richey Martha Roe Betty Schochler Jo Anne Smith Pat Townsend Louise Wilson Mary Ruth Dillen, sponsor Not Pictured: Janet Bowers Dorothy Ward GAMMA CLUB OFFICERS SUSIE CAIN GERI LONG BARBARA HANKA Vice-President Secretary President " All hail Sigma Gamma " begins each meeting of the youngest and one of the fastest growing clubs on the S.F.A. campus. Presiding at the meetings is Barbara Hanka. assisted by Susie Cain. Geri Long reads the minutes each time, and Betty Sue Richards takes care of the money. Carolyn Keeling keeps the pledges in line while Virginia Richey keeps order among the members, Louise Wilson sees that the Fine Log is informed of the club ' s activities as Bobbie Hickman and Jo Anne Smith talce care of the scrapbook. Sponsor of the club is Mary Ruth Dillen, attractive secretary to the dean of the graduate school, and club mother is Mis. O. D. Tucker. Little Danna Tucker is clu ' j mascot. Honors on the S.F.A. campus to which members of the Sigma Gamma Club have been chosen include the following: Jeanette Hayes, Pat Townsend, Dor othy Ward, and Vera Joyce McLeroy were elected to Alpha Chi; Pat Townsend and Dorothy Ward were chosen to Who ' s Who; Doris Pittman. junior favorite, led the Lumberjack Band; Betty Brookshire was a twirlei; Tommie Johnson and " Boots " Goodwin were cheerleaders; Barbara Dillen and Tommie Johnson wet e Homecoming duchesses; and Doris Pittman and Betty Schochler were beauties. Outstanding events for the year included the fall rush tea. the spring Indian Pow Wow , the Christmas Dinner -Dance, and the Lambda Gamma- Sigma Gamma Show Boat Dance. f c c 1 :, i z Hi __J FIDELE Fannie Baldwin June Barton Faye Bennett Paulann Boynton Mary Ella Brazil Dorothy Brunner Mickie Butte Ruby Childers Billie Jo Childress Lela Mae Chism Mildred Frankie Cockrell Zelda Douglas Mary Lou Durham Patricia Ann Fairchild Sue Ferguson Nell Florey Dorothy Gay Lillian Kate Glenn Joyce Gray Jonnie Lou Gunn Janice Harvey Loretta Heath Frances Ray Hill Aleene Jackson Patsy Kendrick LuNan Lakey June Moore Jean Mowl Juanita Muckleroy Josephine Pittman Anita Ramsey Hilda Roberts Betty Rulfs Marilyn Self Carolyn Simpson Margie Singletary Pat Stephens Betty Stoker Joan Stripling Doris Talley Juanita Vick Mary Elizabeth Vincent Shirley Weeks Melba Westmoreland Winola Williams Nelda Wright Bettye Doss, Sponsor CLUB OFFICERS FAYE BENNETT Vice-President RUBY CHILDERS President J U ANITA VICK Secretary-Treasurer This year the Fideles have had one of the most outstanding years in the history of the club, with the members ranking high in social positions and in activities. Ruby Childers is head of the organization, Faye Bennett is her as- sistant, and Juanita Vick acts as secretary-treasurer. Pat Stephens keeps the pledges in line, Loretta Heath reports the news, and Mary Lou Durham keeps order by collecting nickels. Miss Bettye Doss, with her pleasing personality and suggestions, keeps the club going. This year the Fideles have distinguished themselves in many fields, such as furnishing homecoming queen and numbei one beauty, lovely Aleene Jack- son. Serving as duchesses in the homecoming court were Ruby Childers, June Barton, Dorothy Brunner, Billic Jo Childress. Fiances Hill, I ' at Stephens, Pat Fairchild. Mike Butte, and Doris Talley. Faye Bennett helped lead the student body in yells, while Aleene Jackson. Frances Hill. Ruby Childers. and Carolyn Simpson were among those placing in the Austinite Poll. Ranking high schol- astically were Loretta Heath, Betty Stoker. Fannie Baldwin, Sue Ferguson, and Doris Talley, who were elected to membership in Alpha Chi. Sue Fergu- son was elected club beauty, while Lela Mae Chism represented another or- ganization in the beauty parade. On student publications the Fideles furnished Loretta Heath as editor of the Stone Fort, Betty Stoker as Stone Fort business manager, and Dorothy Bi unnei as editor of the Pine Log. The outstanding Fidele events of the year include the Ranch Rushec Party, the Foi estei -Fidele Hallow e ' en Ball, the tea for the exes, the Christmas Dinner Dance, and the Fidele-Forcster Spring Festival, which is the biggest event of the spring. With such outstanding members and activities can anyone help but sing, OH. YOU ' LL LOVE A FIDELE— A FIDELE SO KEEN? " PINE Vevey Alexander Sara Bess Brookshire Helen Caldwell Doris Calloway Shirley Cross Marianne Daw Patsy Emberlin Kitty Folden Peggy Franklin Ann L. Harris Jane Helpinstill Joyce Hillin Barbara Horton Florence Jameson D ' Juana Jones Sylvia Jones Carolyn Lippard Murlene Matkin Sara Lou Mayes Celia Maynard Martha Ann Nelson Frances Ann Partin Claudia Pessara Doris Jean Robinson Rheta Shephard Doris Jo Smith Peggy Spence Billie Sullivan Patricia Talmadge Jo Nell Turner Dorothy Wallington McXie Whitton Miriam Whitton Virginia Williams Joyce Woodham Willie Earl Woods BURR CLUB OFFICERS McXIE VVHITTON Vice-President CLAUDIA PESSARA Secretary BILLIE SULLIVAN President Organized in 1029, the Pine Buns ' purposes are to promote service to the school, boost the college spirit, and aid the student body as a whole. The eventful Pine Burr year begins with a rush tea and is followed l the Night Club Dance with its brief-skirted chorus line. Homecoming brings the Pine- Burr Exes Tea and the annual float, which won first place this year. At the Homecoming coronation this year were Princess Sylvia Jones and Duchesses Miriam Whitton, McXie Whitton, Sara Lou Mayes, and Florence Jameson. During the Christmas season the club sponsors a dinner-dance, and on Va. en- tine ' s Day it has a spring formal. The " Big an d Little Sister " dinner is given each year in honor of the pledges and is followed with the annual Pine Burr- Sawyer picnic. The year is closed with a Senior Dinner-Dance. Other than these activities, the Pine Burrs are outstanding in social posi- tions. Carolyn Lippard is in Who ' s Who, and Billie Sullivan is Senior Favorite. Twirling in the band is D ' Juana Jones and Doris Jean Robinson. In the beauty parade we have Rheta Shephard. Doris Calloway, and Sara Lou Mayes. The Pine Burrs have also won the assembly and scholarship trophies for the past two years. Mrs. Doris Richardson, an ex-Pine Bur r-, is club sponsor. As the tow-sack clad procession of piedges shouts. " I Wanta Be A Cute Pine Burr, " the whole organization proclaims, " PINE BURRS FOREVER. " The Exes Tea Fall Rush Tea AMITIE Joy Bounds Nell Bowman Jo Ann Browning Dot Carl Doris Chism Edith Coco Beth Donavan Betty Duran Wrennetta Dykes Helen Gee Shirley Head Margaret Irwin Ann Kinnear Helen King Bonnie Lawson Mary Logan Nola Ann McCoy Betty Oney Jo Ann Popham Glenda Rudd Marguerite Stone Charlotte Strasse Doyle Thompson Maurine Tindall Florence Tullos Jerry Ann Turner Dorothy Warren Jo Ann Wills Linda Wilson Orell Yarb rough Sue York Not Pictured: Gay Sizemore Miss Vesta Bratt, Sponsor CLUB OFFICERS BONNIE LAWSON President JO ANN POPHAM Vice-President CHARLOTTE STRASSE Secretary " Oldest in years! Youngest in ideas! " This is the unsung expression ring- ing from ' every niche in the wall of the Amities ' standard meeting room on Tuesday nights. Amitie was the first girls ' social club formed on the S.F.A. campus, and it has never lost its sparkle. This has been proven countless times — one of which was with the presentation of the original " Hawaiian Isle " summer dance recently. The club showed its lively school spirit in helping to make the 1951 Homecoming a success with its float and dinner for its exes, which were carried out with the " Hats off to the Exes " theme. Christmas spirit was symbolized by a dinner-dance and by a joint Austinite- Amitie Christmas Dance for the entire school. Individually, the Amities have brought honor to the club by being selected to represent various clubs and organizations as duchesses and beauties, with one of the members being voted a princess in the annual Homecoming corona- tion. Together, the members strive to make the club better than ever! Yes, every Amitie proves herself to have three qualities: Friendliness, Loyalty, and Good Sportsmanship. " Hats off to the Exes " Float athletics TED L. JEFFERIES Athletic Director, Head Football Coach The 1951 football season found the Stephen F. Austin State College Lumberjacks playing .500 ball. In nine games the charges of Coach Ted L. Jefferies and Assistants Harold Fischer and R. W. Parker won four, lost four, and tied one. The ' Jacks finished fourth in the Lone Star Con- ference with two victories and three defeats. Highlights of the campaign were the LSC tri- umphs here October 20 over Southwest Texas, unbeaten before the tilt, and November 17 over Sam Houston in the Homecoming game. LUMBERJACK GRID Stephen F. Austin State College 1951 Football Squad Six members of the 1951 Lumberjack football team won national and re- gional recognition for their outstanding play. James Terry, end, was named to both the Associated Press Little All- America team and the Lone Star Con- ference all-star eleven. Guard Jimmy Eaves made the all-conference second team. And Max Treadwell, end, Bill Autrey, center, and Backs Mitchell Torok and Vernon Redd received hon- orable mention for all-conference. Athletic Director and Head Football Coach Ted L. Jefferies, right, poses with two of his staff members. Harold Fischer, left, serves as football line coach. R. W. Parker, center, coaches the backs on the grid team and also serves as head track coach. SEASON OF 1951 Almond, Kenneth, Back Andress, Carl, Tackle Autrey, Bill, Center Barnhill, Lawrence, Guard Benbow, Bobby, End Bogue, James, Tackle Cheever, Leslie, Guard Crawford, Mart, Tackle ' Jacks gain against Sam Houston, later win Homecoming game, 14-0 LONE STAR (Season) Team W. L. T. Pts. Oppo. hast iexas btate y o Z U 33z 212 Southwest Texas 6 3 1 271 148 toi nom r fi i i c h n OLfc?[Jilfc?Il r. r UoLlil 4 4 1 i 1 fi? l fin Sam Houston 4 A 1 1 7fi 1 zzu Lamar Tech A 4 C n u 1 QK 1 3D Zo4 Sul Ross o 7 n u 91 Q o 1 (Conferenc e) Team W. L. T. Pts. Oppo. East Texas State 6 196 89 Southwest Texas 2 2 1 89 95 Sam Houston 2 2 1 102 122 Stephen F. Austin n Z, 3 93 101 Lamar Tech 3 88 135 Sul Ross 1 4 110 136 Eaves, Jimmy, Guard Flanagan, Rex, End Gillis, Claude, Tackle Hoskins, W. T., Center Hughes, Steve, Back James, Larry, End Johnson, Fred, Guard Kelly, Ed, End CONFERENCE STANDINGS Highlights of the 1951 football season for the Lum- berjacks . . . Leroy Owen scored two touchdowns, Howard Tisdale and James Terry one apiece, and Frank White booted three extra points September 29 in the season opener with New Mexico A M in Las Cruces. Final score: SFA 27, A M 7 ... Bob Matzig scored two touchdowns, gained 79 yards rushing, in pacing SFA to 14-14 tie September 29 with McNeese in Nacogdoches . . . Baldwin Thomp- son caught 59-yard touchdown pass, and Carl An- dress scored on fumble recovery, but ' Jacks lost October 6 in Beaumont to Lamar, 26-14 . . . Vernon Redd put on one-man show October 13 in Ham- mond, scoring two touchdowns and gaining 97 yards, as SFA handed Southeastern Louisiana first loss, 14-6 . . . Terry, Thompson — twice, and Alfred Parker, on a 55-yard punt return, contributed touch- downs as Lumberjacks handed Southwest Texas first setback, 27-20, October 20 in Nacogdoches . . . Terry ' s two touchdowns, on passes from Mitchell Torok, only bright spot October 27, as SLI trounced ' Jacks, 32-14 . . . Redd, Owen, and Terry scored November 3 against Sul Ross in Alpine, but SFA lost, 34-19 . . . Underdog Lumberjacks, paced offen- sively by Torok, Thompson, and Steve Hughes — all of whom scored touchdowns, lost only in final 40 seconds November 10 in Commerce to heavily fav- ored East Texas . . . Parker and Terry scored touch- downs as Axmen rounded out season with 14-0 Homecoming victory here November 17 over Sam Houston. Long, John A., Guard Matzig, Robert, Back McDaniel, James, Guard Mcintosh, Charles, Back Meyer, Currie Lee, Tackle Mullin, Gene, Guard Owen, Leroy, Back Parker, Alfred, Back LUMBERJACK September 22 SFA 27— New Mexico A M (T) ... 7 September 29 SFA 14— McNeese (H) 14 October 6 SFA 14— Lamar Tech (T) 26 October 13 SFA 14— Southeastern La. (T) 6 October 20 SFA 27— Southwest Texas (H) ....20 October 27 . SFA 14— Southwestern La. (H) 32 November 3 SFA 19— Sul Ross (T) 34 November 10 SFA 19— East Texas (T) 21 November 17 SFA 14— Sam Houston t (H) Denotes conference games. tHomecoming. Pate, Langston, Back Ray, Eddie, Manager Redd, Vernon, Back Ross, Durward, Back Ryan, Homer, Center Saegert, D. L., Tackle Shipp, John, Back Tallant, Raymond, Guard 1951 FOOTBALL RESULTS Thirty-two members of the 1951 Lumberjack football squad, including Team Manager Eddie Ray, were awarded letters. They included: Almond, Andress, Autrey, Barnhill, Crawford, Eaves, Flanagan, Gillis, Hoskins, Hughes, James, Johnson, Kelly, Long, Mat- zig, McDaniel, Mcintosh, Meyer, Mullin, Parker, Ray, Redd, Ross, Ryan, Saegert, Tallant, Terry, Thomp- son, Tisdale, Torok, Treadwell, and Warren. Jimmy Eaves and Vernon Redd were elected co-captains for the season by their teammates. Picked as the most valuable player on the squad was James Terry. mk , . ■. ' • ' ■ •■ v ' wv ..,i ■ " • . ' , , ■ ' • ' V oV ■ ' " js ' Three Bearkats finally stop SFA runner, but ' Jacks go on to victory over Sam Houston. Terry, James, End Tisdale, Howard, End Torok, Mitchell, Back Treadwell, Max, End Warren, Huey, Tackle West, Harold, Manager CHEERLEADERS AT S. The Lumberjack cheerleaders, true to tradition, have been on hand to lead the student body in yells at all foot- ball and basketball games and at all pep rallies. In their flashing purple and white uniforms, they have led our teams to battle and have then proved to be faithful in either victory or defeat. Their voices, the loudest of all, are still ringing in our ears as they shout, " Fight, Jacks, Fight. Back row: Bobby Beard, Hubert McCrary, Jimmy Hooper. Front row: Elizabeth " Boots " Goodwin, Faye Bennett, Tommie Johnson. The 1951-52 season found the Stephen F. Austin State College basketball team compiling its best record in several years. Although Coach Glen Rose ' s Lumberjacks failed to win the Lone Star Conference championship, finishing behind the great Southwest Texas team, they showed the best record in the conference for an SFA team since 1948-49. And the number of games won all season by the Axmen surpassed the total for any year since 1940-41. BASKETBALL 1952 Paul (Buster) Alford Ted Asimos Keith Barnett Jackie Bond The 1951-52 basketball season at Stephen F. Aus- tin State College saw Coach Glen Rose complet- ing his fourth and final season here. Shortly after the end of the campaign, in which his Lumber- jacks compiled one of the most impressive records in years, the soft-spoken coach resigned to return to his alma mater, the University of Arkansas, as head basketball coach. There, Rose will again take over the job which he brought fame to be- fore World War II. At Arkansas in nine seasons, Rose-coached teams won five Southwest Confer- ence championships. The many students and countless other friends of Coach Rose, regretting to see him leave, wish him yet continued success. Lumberjacks ' Ted Asimos, picture at left, fires free throw to record one of 18 points he made in pacing SFA to 77-57 win here over Austin College. At right, Jackie Bond, of SFA, goes high in air with Centenary ' s George Hoke in tilt in Shreveport. ' Jacks won thriller, 67-65. Kelsey Moore Leroy Lusk Leonard Lamb Enoch Herrington Gerald Heffernan Dale Gosnell Dogged determination and a real will to win characterized the 1951-52 Lumberjack basketeers. Often outmanned, they were seldom outfought. In more than half of their games, the Axmen surged from behind in the third and fourth guarters to turn what appeared to be certain defeat into victory. As their noted Coach Glen Rose said: " The boys have been money players, coming through almost every time when the pressure was decidedly on. " In addition to the starting five — Ted Asimos, Jackie Bond, Herbert Branch, Gerald Cecil, and Leonard Lamb, three top-notch reserves reflected this determination and will to win. The spot play of Paul (Buster) Alford, Bobby Flana- gan, and Kelsey Moore, who did yoeman service spelling the starters, saved more than a few games. And, of course, those players seeing limited service in games yet per- formed invaluably in practice and many other ways, including: Keith Barnett, Donald Bone, Dale Gosnell, Enoch Herrington, Gerald Heffernan, and Leroy Lusk. To them all: a rousing WELL DONE! Leonard Lamb goes high to lay in basket against Centenary in Shreveport. In leading his team in scoring this season, Ted Asimos passed the one thousand mark for his four- year career at Stephen F. Austin State College. The achievement placed the all-conference guard from Texarkana in a select class with former Teammate James Johnston. Only those two have scored 1,000 or more points here. During the 1950-51 campaign, Asimos enjoyed the distinction of scoring more points in a single game — 41 against Rice Institute — than any other player in the nation. Many other honors, including scholastic, have been won by the Alpha Chi athlete. Sharing scoring honors this year with Asimos have been Gerald Cecil and Leonard Lamb, second and third-ranking point-makers, re- spectively. Tireless Ted Asimos, number 53, takes one out of the hands of a stunned Centenary Gent. Better luck next time, fellow! The Stephen F. Austin State College Lumber- jacks compiled one of their finest records in years during the 1951-52 season, winning 20 of 24 games and finishing second in the Lone Star Conference with an 8-2 record. Only Southwest Texas, unbeaten all year, managed to beat the Lumberjacks in LSC play. The SFA results: 50 49 65 SFA 77— Austin College 57 SFA 51— Rice Institute SFA 54 — Centenary SFA 67 — Centenary SFA 66 — East Texas Baptist SFA 71— Rice Institute SFA 61— McNeese SFA 70— Sam Houston SFA 78— Midwestern SFA 82— East Texas Baptist SFA 64 — Lamar Tech SFA 69— Sul Ross SFA 87— St. Edward ' s SFA 74— Sul Ross Bobby Flanagan Herbert Branch Gerald Cecil Donald Bone 54 66 83 57 61 68 49 56 52 50 SFA 57— Midwestern 58 SFA 86— Austin College 59 SFA 65— Lamar Tech 60 SFA 40— Southwest Texa ; 67 SFA 77— East Texas 74 SFA 47— Southwest Texas 79 SFA 68— St. Edward ' s 65 SFA 56 — Sam Houston 55 SFA 97— McNeese 73 SFA 72— East Texas 60 Denotes Lone Star Conference games. TRACK ■ 1 The Lumberjack track team, under the direction for the sec- ond straight year of R. W. Parker, continued to show im- provement. It did so, too, in the face of some of the toughest opposition faced in years by SFA thinly clads. During the season, the ' Jacks participated in such meets as: Border Olympics in Laredo, Fort Worth Recreational, Southwestern Louisiana Institute in Lafayette, all-college in San Marcos, Texas Relays in Austin, Houston University in Nacogdoches, and Lone Star Conference in Beaumont. R. W. PARKER Head Track Coach Picture 1 — Robert Matzig Picture 2 — James Terry Picture 3 — Huey Warren Picture 4 — Bobby Benbow, left, and Harry Dailey Picture 5 — Front row, left to right, Robert Matzig, Charles Mcintosh, James Mclntyre, Ed Kelly, Kenneth Almond, Terry Moore, and Gerald Cheney. Second row, left to right, Coach R. W. Parker, Harry Dailey, Bobby Ben- bow, Alfred Parker, Baldwin Thompson, Carl Andress, and Joseph Evans. Third row, left to right, Bobby Sibley, Huey Warren, A. J. Brazil, Max Treadwell, and John Lewis. TENNIS Lettermen Truman Milling and Joe Pinson paced the Lumberjack tennis team this season. They took up where last year ' s fine team, un- beaten in regular play and high ranking in the Lone Star Conference matches, left off. And the season found the netters enjoying consider- able success. Truman Milling goes high for one. Picture 1 — Joe Pinson takes a cut. Picture 2 — Pinson and Milling doubles ' combination. Picture 3 — Milling ' s singles ' stance. MEN ' S INTRAMURALS 1952 The purpose of the intramural program for men at Stephen F. Austin is to provide good whole- some activities for those students who are not members of the var- sity squad in the sport being played. A program is set up which includes football, basket- ball, volleyball, and softball. The 1951 intramural champion- ship was won by t he Forester Club; however the activities this year have not been completed in all divisions. Pictured here are shots of the in- tramural basketball action. Com- petition this season was keen among the thirteen teams enter- ing the tournament. Included were the Sawyers, Rebels, Wet- termarks, Austinites, Lufkin team, Campus Trotters, Foresters, Hun- gry 5, Porkers, Lambda Gammas, Roughnecks, Fast 5, and Jolly Jaxs. MEN ' S INTRAMURALS 1952 The Sawyer team, winner of both the 1952 intramural touch football and basketball leagues, is shown at the right. Shown are (front row) Billy Penny, Leroy Owen, Benny O ' Rear, Harry Williams, and (back row) Wally Williams, Howard Tisdale, George Barclay, Bill Anger. The Forester team was runner-up in both the touch football and basketball divisions in 1952. The team includes (left to right) Tru- man Milling, Robert Goss, Joe Frank Hignett, Malcolm Rector, Bobby Beard, and Jimmy Ma- honey. The Hungry 5, always a top con- tender in intramural competition, won third place recognition in the basketball competition this year. The team was composed of (front row) W. H. Wharton, James " Moe " Linton, James Campbell, and (back row) Bill McCoy, R. G. Dean, Richard Johnson, Billy Jack Worsham, Taylor " Sonny " John- son. WOMEN ' S SPORTS The Women ' s Recreational Association is open to all college women. This organization spon- sors an intramural program in volleyball, speedball, basketball, field hockey, softball, and tennis. On the completion of the tournament in each sport an " All Star " team is selected and one intercollegiate game is played against a neighboring state college which has a similar program. " W.R.A. " is a member oT the Texas Recreation Federation for college women and sends representatives to the annual convention. The Purple Aces, winner of the intramural basketball tournament, consisted of Shirley Grigsby, Sue Ash- wood, Jo Bess Jennings, Betty Durrett, Doris Rae La- vine, Virginia Brown, Charlotte Brazil, Barbara Moody, and Rheta Smith. Winning recognition this year for displaying the best sportsmanship in the basketball tournament was the Amitie Team. Pictured are (front row) Helen Gee, Shirley Head, Gay Sizemore, Margaret Irwin, Nell Bowman, Doyle Thompson, and (back toy ) Dorothy Warren, Linda Wilson, and Florence Tullos. AT STEPHEN F. AUSTIN The All Star team in field hockey is pic- tured at the right. Included in the group are, left to right, Doyle Thompson, Ann Kinnear, Charlotte Brazil, Shirley Grigsby, Betty Duran, Rheta Smith, Virginia Brown, Bobbie Potts, Jo Bess Jennings. Winner in the spring track tournament for all girls ' clubs on the campus was the Fidele Club. Stars on the team, as shown at the right, were (standing) Billie Jo Childress, Shirley Weeks, Lela Mae Chism, and (kneeling) Frances Hill, who headed the list of individual winners with four first places. The All Star team for the basketball intra- murals, as pictured at the right, consisted of (front row) Bobbie Potts, Rheta Smith, Virginia Brown, Betty Durrett, and (back row) Shirley Grigsby, Ann Kinnear, Susie Cain, Charlotte Brazil. WOMEN ' S SPORTS AT S.F.A. The Modern Dance Club is an organiza- tion which furthers the students ' appre- ciation of dance as an art and furnishes wholesome recreation for all women stu- dents on the S.F.A. campus. Its direction is under the guidance of Miss Bettye Doss of the women ' s physical education de- partment. Among the activities of the organization this year have been the presentation of an assembly program for the entire stu- dent body, and a performance for the Homemakers ' convention held here in the spring. The group has also performed at a Polio Drive benefit and at various campus events throughout the year. Invitations have been extended the club to perform at high schools through- out Texas, including those at Orange, Vidor, and Livingston. June Barton, Doris Pittman, Florence Jameson. Margaret " Bitty " Jameson, Florence Jameson, Susie Cain, Virginia Brown, Doris Pittman, June Barton, Dorothy Treadaway, Joyce Hillin. Florence Jameson, June Barton, Virginia Brown, Doris Pittman, Margaret " Bitty " Jameson. Hard at work? WE PRESENT -3 naps At the Presentation Ball Typical inhabitants of Old Folks ' Home Barristers ' second-place float at Homecoming Meet Dot and our pet squirrel Just before the Amitie dinner Ken Caldwell and his orchestra The Lumberjack Band presents a colorful show It ' s mealtime at the girls ' dorm The Canterbury Club at the Episcopal Church The Sawyers entertain their exes Floor show at the Pine Burr Golden Horseshoe Dance Working hard in bacteriology lab At an all-college picnic The Amitie cocktail lounge The bookstore staff Mr. Freshman of 1951 Having fun at one of many dances Learning how to make poultry-raising pay We sectn to have an interesting game Sitting out a dance Relaxing at the S.U.B. At the annual banquet for ex-students Presenting the three top beauties A forestry class in action The W.R.A. salutes Dr. Bir dwell A scene from " Apple of His Eye " The Freshmen receive their caps " I ' m a little Fidele pledge " Stag line forms to the right Rushees of the Amitie Club ater Don ' t you trust the cooks, Charles? Jo and Arthur, the two chickens We caught you, Herb! " I wanta be a cute Pine Burr " Let ' s all smile Who told the joke? Everybody joins in the fun Mr. Manager is ready for action E. J. and Virginia arc through for the day Is this what they raise in La Marque; Jo and Bill have fun at the beach No ladies allowed! M other ' s little fashionplates We love that basketball hero! Birds of a feather For old times ' sake Three campus cuties .J Just before the freshman parade You don ' t need to reduce, Billie. Watching a baseball game, Salty At the BSU Youth Revival Bob and Joyce on an afternoon off. Two chums, Bobbie and Wynell Three Nacogdoches co-eds Leading the freshman parade It ' s love, we betcha Preparing for an exam At the Amitie informal initiation Having a picnic? On a summer picnic STEPHEN F. AUSTIN STATE COLLEGE 3 ™ ■4COGD0CHBS. TEXAS one jrorl C ditor J As you, a representative of the student body or a supporter of Stephen F. Austin, have looked through this, the 1952 Stone Fort, I sincerely hope that you have found much to please you — much that you consider to be typical of S.F.A. If you think that a true, lasting picture of this school year is portrayed in the book, then the aim of the staff has been fulfilled. The publication of this annual has rested largely on the ex- cellent cooperation of the student body, faculty members, and advertisers; however special attention goes to Weldon Wright, sponsor, who has helped the staff over many rough spots with his calmness, faithfulness, and efficiency. Sincere thanks goes to Robert S. See and staff of the Shreveport Engraving Company; Dustyn Zimmerman and Mrs. Mabel Faulkner, commercial artists who did the art work; Edwin Gaston and Lawrence Franks, fac- ulty advisors; and George Shorter, who made the excellent photographs. The assistance, patience, guidance, and diligence of these have made the editorship of this book an enjoyable, profitable experience — one which I will always proudly re- member. Editor STUDENTS WHO REGISTERED AT THE Adamson, Sammy Kilgore Aldredge, Edwin Monroe Keltys Alfordj Kathleen Center Allen, Adene McGallum Overton Allen, Mrs. Velma Jacksonville Allums, Morris C Shreveport, La. Anderson, Claudia Baker Frankston Anger, Paul W. Beaumont Bailey, Auline Lowery Brookeland Bailey, Dan H Mansfield, La. Bailey, Oran B Brookeland Barron, Helen Commerce Bishop, Coye David, Jr Lufkin Black, Olena Day Pineland Bostick, Billye Jean Tyler Bounds, George Y Carthage Bounds, Laura Ellon Center Bradley, Maurine Groveton Brazil, A. J., Jr Jacksonville Bridges, Sarah Elizabeth Tyler Briggs, Billy Joe Overton Brock, Bertie Kirbyville Bruce, Cora Porterfield Rusk Brumble, Elmer O., Ill Lufkin Burch. Jeffie C Lufkin Burgess, Paul Joaquin Burk, Iwana Joinerville Burns, Dimples Carmichael Kilgore Burns, Dorothy Joinerville Burrows, Roland Nacogdoches Burrows, Sharon Richey Mt. Enterprise Bush, Elbert H., Jr Lufkin Bush, Joe Edd Lufkin Chalk, Elizabeth Waldrep Nacogdoches Chastain, Aluarene Wilson Kilgore Chisum, Mrs. Vera H. Jasper Choate, John Kelly Overton Clark, Pearl Porterfield Rusk Clifton, Susan Belle Choice Coats, Martha Mt. Enterprise Coleman, A. B. Jasper Collier, David Jack Galveston Coulter, Martha Joaquin Crump, Mrs. Clara C. Timpson Culbertson, Bowden E. Lufkin Davis, Mrs. Edwin Jacksonville Davis, Eldon Gary Davis, Eva Gene Beaumont Dean, Oran M Brookeland Deaton, E. C Lufkin Dennard, Zuma Forse Newton Dennis, Richard B Nacogdoches Devers, Con Palestine Dickson, Mrs. Minnie C Troup Dillen, Mary Ruth Nacogdoches Dismuke, Barclay W Woodville Dover, Lois Marie Nacogdoches Dry, Ruby Longstreet, La. Due, James L Jasper Ferguson, Frances G Nacogdoches Ferguson, Neil B Nacogdoches Fike, Gladys Grand Cane, La. Finley, Helen Smith Rusk French, John W Vivian, La. Galloway, Elizabeth Nacogdoches Garner, M. Earline Carthage Garrard, George W Nacogdoches George, Dexter Choice Gibson, Mrs. Laura New London Giles, Charles Dan Nacogdoches Giles, Clyde Nacogdoches Gillham, Ralph Egan Dallas Gray, Edith Harris Bronson Hall, Elna Mae Troup Hall, George Thomas Rusk Hallmark, J. L. Tyler Hancock, Alvin Timpson Hardy, Melvin Jefferson Harkrider, George Longview Hart, Claude Tyler Haskins, Dreeby Henderson Hawthorne, Jewelle Rice Kilgore Head, Shirley Jean Trinity Heald, Vivian Rusk Heard, Elma Lufkin Henningan, Ethel Parker Joaquin Hicks, Mary Ann Nacogdoches Hindman, Beatrice S Nacogdoches Holder, Clarence Leggett Holleman, Emmie J Lufkin Honea, Lennie M Nacogdoches Hopson, M. H Kilgore Hubbard, Bebe Jacksonville Hudgins, Jimmie M Timpson Hughes, James Ozra Center Hughes, Ora Newton Humphreys, Willie Mae Newton Hunt, Hollis James Henderson Hunt, LaMerle K Nacogdoches Hutchinson, Howard E Overton Hutson, Thomas Jack Nacogdoches Irish, Annie Taylor Joaquin Jetton, Mary Jean Center Johnson, Jesse Kilgore Jones, Meta Faye Kilgore Jordan, Clara Wood Nacogdoches Jordan, Medford Nacogdoches Kendrick, Lorean H Nacogdoches Kennedy, Hazel Newton Largent, Gary Eurie Lufkin Latham, Lennis E Longstreet, La. Levy, Mrs. Sam Nacogdoches Love, Mrs. Elaine Lufkin Lowe, Mrs. J. D Jacksonville Luker, Winnie Davis Chireno Lum, J. L Longstreet, La. BEGINNING OF THE SPRING SEMESTER McDaniel, Robert E., Jr Atlanta McKinnie, Niles H Kilgore Maddox, Kathleen Gray Henderson Manley, Bennie Don Lufkin Martin, June B Kilgore Meyer, Earl Henry Newell Middlebrook, George F. Nacogdoches Miller, Annabel T. Call Miller, Aussie A Burkeville Miller, James Polk Call Miller, Mattie Youngblood Burkeville Moore, James E Canton Moore, Ted A lto Morris, Curtis Brooks Henderson Moser, Leslie E Nacogdoches Morris, Jackie Lee Ford New London Murray, Hilda Nederland Nichols, C. R New London Norton, Evelyn Nacogdoches Olsen, Fleda Ford Newton Olsen, Herbert Newton Park, Doris Henderson Parker, Margaret Grand Cane, La. Parmley, Kenneth Timpson Payne, Jane Spears Tyler Peavy, Mabel Lufkin Perales, Rudy Anthony Nacogdoches Perry, Ann San Augustine Phillips, Naomi Carthage Pittard, Olivia B Grand Cane, La. Pitts, Frances Hawkins Powell, Evelyn F. Clark Grand Cane, La. Powell, Mrs. Faye Kirbyville Powell, Hollis Dwain Brookeland Powell, Raymond E. Grand Cane, La. Pray, Mrs. Minnie Lufkin Price, Murl P. Lufkin Pruitt, Gaye Gann Laneville Quarles, Mrs. Helen D Alto Ramseur, Mrs. Doris L New London Ramsey, John Donece Center RatclifT, James N. Kirbyville Rawlinson, Mishel Cushing Richardson, Ruby Rusk Riddick, Jean Matthews Henderson Riggs, Mary Helen Sour Lake Rienstra, Jan Nederland Risinger, Camilla Cushing Risinger, Joe F Cushing Roberts, Billy James Texas City Robertson, Jo Frances Alto Robertson. Sarah E Kilgore Roper, Victor W Lufkin Rose, Leon F Jasper Ross, Robert Ellington Center Rowald, Milam Shepherd Russell, Wilhelmina Nacogdoches Sealey, Sara B. Carthage Semple, Mary Marvaleen Mansfield, La. Shannon, Johnny Jacksonville Sharp, Debbie H. Beckville Sharver, Ollie B. Newton Singleton, Jeff C Lufkin Skelton, Joe Clint Henderson Smart, Thelma Brown Logansport, La. Smith, Joseph Paul Kirbyville Smith, Nelda Ruth M Gladewater South, Mrs. Hazel Nacogdoches Stanfield, B. B. Nacogdoches Starkey, Ernest E., Jr Jacksonville Steel, Clyde D Ben Wheeler Stephen, Syble Taylor Nacogdoches Stilley, Talmadge D Price Stone, Mozelle Worsham Joaquin Stringer, James M Joaquin Strong, Joe B Nacogdoches Sullivan, Dixie Nacogdches Summers, Eula Maude Nacogdoches Tankersley, Nola Maxine Jacksonville Taylor, Sam Boyd Trinity Taylor, Mrs. Vallie Timpson Teel, C. Bobby Atlanta Teller, Joe P Henderson Terrell, Ann Alto Townsend, Ina Mae Lufkin Townsend, Rebecca Mae Lufkin Trout, Ted Poston Lufkin Truitt, Marjorie Selman City Tullos, Irene Lukin Turner, Nona Kent San Augustine Valentine, Allie M Logansport, La. Vaughn, Billy T Lufkin Veatch, Leona B Jasper Vest, James A. Nacogdoches Wallace, Elizabeth G Tenaha Wallace, Mary Jo E Nacogdoches Watson, Drucilla E Henderson Watson, John E Shepherd Weatherly, Ruby Jack Nacogdoches Webb, John W Minden West, Janice Longview Westmoreland, Seleta J. Nacogdoches Wharton, J. C, Jr Timpson Whitehead, Maude Ellen Joinerville Whiteside, Katherine Center Whiteside, T. Russell Center Wilburn, Ellis Center Williamson. Joyce R Tatum Williamson, T. J. Tatum Wilson, Marie B Waxahachie Wood, Zettie Center Woodard, Charles R Burke Wyatt, Lela A Lufkin Yarborough, Patsy Gillis Beckville Yates, Lucy Mai Henderson Young, Robert J Appleby veniremen CONTINENTAL Frequent schedules timed to a " T " . . to suit your convenience. That ' s only one of the advantages you ' ll enjoy when you use Continental Trailways buses ... to the next town or across America! 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Pleasant, Texas Conroe, Texas THE LIBERTY HOTEL Clean Courteous Comfort See Us For Your Banquets Air-Conditioned Cafe and Banquet Facilities PHONE 357 COMPLIMENTS OF UNITED GAS CORPORATION OUR GIFT SHOP CONTAINS A GIFT FOR EVERY OCCASION YOUR OQWNTOM SHOPPINO C£NU k T S SM Tffl SEE US FOR YOUR SCHOOL SUPPLIES AND STATIONERY Compliments of the NACOGDOCHES BUSINESS COLLEGE NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS Travis N. Price, Manager W oodman Building Phone 426 WHY LEAVE NACOGDOCHES FOR AN EDUCATION!! Compliments of LEVY ' S MAN ' S SHOP ' The Smart Store for Men " Nacogdoches, Texas SCHLUETER ' S STUDIO Compliments of HELPINSTILL AUTO SUPPLY Nacogdoches, Texas Jewel Helpinstill Owner For Sporting Goods, Hardware and Mercury Outboard Motors Sec Branch - Patton Hardware Company DR. J. A. 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Main ★ TEXAN THEATRE YOUR FAMILY THEATRE 415 E. Main ★ FOR MOVIE INFORMATION Call 1 or 799 Where Every Movie Patron Is Always 1$ An Honored Guest. SOUTHLAND PAPER MILLS, Inc. LUFKIN, TEXAS CONGRATULATES GRADUATES " Pioneer Manufacturers of Newsprint From Southern Pine ' PURE MILK AND ICE CO. 134 W. MAIN NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS LAND O ' PINES DAIRY PRODUCTS CO. Art and Engraving for 1952 Stone Fort by SHREVEPORT ENGRAVING CO, Inc. SHREVEPORT, LA. BUSINESS MANAGER ' S MESSAGE To Our Advertisers: On behalf of the faculty, student body, Stone Fort staff, and myself, I should like to take this opportunity to express our thanks and appreciation for your cooperation in making this yearbook possible. I am certain the students and the faculty of Stephen F. Austin will show their gratitude by calling on you as often as possible. BETTY STOKER Business Manager AUTOGRAPHS AUTOGRAPHS AUTOGRAPHS

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