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1344i I y ✓ THE STUDENTS AT STEPHEN F.AUSTIN STATE COLLEGE... LD 5 n .S3 2 57fcX mo NX ...PRESENT SFA )) STOKE FORT Pictures can penetrate the fog of time and bring back pleasant memories of the past. In the following pages of your 1950 Stone Fort, we present a pictorial re- view of life at Stephen F. Austin State College. With the largest student body in history, activities increased in proportion. This gave our aggressive photographers an abundance of material to cover. Space placed its limitations. We selected the subject matter which we considered rep- resentative of " the great life, " and maxi- mum effort was exerted to publish a pose of each and every one of you. Turn these pages, and memories of this magnificent year at Stephen F. Austin will return to you. A d mini i ration Bail d ing ■ -nai ' T •-• HACOGDOCHES.. TBSAS Science Building Knowledge is power, and knowledge is ob- tained easily by doing those tasks which we find enjoyable. As we pursue learning in our selected fields, we are grateful for the facilities which give us the ability to widen our scope of knowledge. Here, at Stephen F. Austin State College, we are blessed with the best of those facilities. C(( New Boys ' Dorm FEATURE FORMAL Student Congress, classes, social affairs . . . our campus activities are a blend of the serious and the lighthearted, dignity and formality tempered with gaiety and festivity. After all, isn ' t that what youth is? Above, Halloween Costume Ball Left, Coke Party - Wisely Hall Activity — from forty winks at Wisely Hall to the lowly freshman ' s reign for a day — life on the forty acres. Homecoming Queen Jean Risber receives roses . . . one of the beautiful floats in Homecoming parade . . . Jacks battle Bearkats in traditional grudge game . . . SFA Band per funis at half-time . . . Pine Burr float with Wishing Well theme . . . A scene from the tea given for the Exes. IN " The best part of beauty is that which a picture cannot express. " These words of Francis Bacon most fittingly symbolize our campus and campus life. We have more than our share of beautiful scenery. Women ' s Recreational Centet Play is essential to a well rounded education. We have spent many happy hours in Aikman Gym and WRC. AND PICTURE The future of East Texas is in her timber. The stately pines of SFA add to the beauty of our campus while they stand as silent guardians to guide our destiny as Lumber- jacks. TMITliS , , ),» : Old Stone Fort ) ) ) We reached a new high in our train of traditions this year. The Sam Houston Bearkats went back to their dens bearing the worst defeat that the Lumberjacks ever handed them. That great event vied even with highlights which started with the President ' s Fall Reception and ended with the gala Spring Festival. 2 A Queen Gibb ' s Hall MHB v ■ Mm ' ' ' A ' " • - ■ MM ■ - l L Ax — 1 . " 1 1 .1 J j Student Union Building The Year... 1950 at SFA From registration to final cramming for examinations, every day has been full. This is our college, the college we hail; this is our life, the life we love. A Scenic View of Our Campus UR FIVE BOOKS s s I COLLEGE II FEATURES III ATHLETICS IV ORGANIZATIONS V DEMONSTRATION STEPHEN F. AUSTIN STATE COLLEGE BOARD OF REGENTS OFFICERS OF THE BOARD Honorable Newton S. Harrell President Claude, Texas Honorable Walter Woodul Vice-President Houston. Texas Honorable Claude Isbell Secretary Austin, Texas MEMBERS OF THE BOARD Honorable Newton S. Harrell Claude, Texas Honorable Walter Woodul Houston, Texas Honorable Claude Isbell Austin, Texas Honorable Wm. L. Kerr Midland, Texas Honorable V. A. Collins Livingston, Texas Honorable Melvin C. Edison Austin, Texas Honorable R. L. Thomas Dallas, Texas Miss Emma Mae Brotze Marshall, Texas Mrs. John King Beretta San Antonio, Texas Honorable H. L. Mills Houston, Texas Dr. A. W. Birdwell PRESIDENT EMERITUS The three attributes of character which we students and faculty members hold in highest regard are those of Courage, Loyalty, and Unselfishness; Courage to do that which one knows to be right; Loyalty to one ' s ideals; and Unselfishness in dealing with one ' s fellowman. To Alton W. Birdwell, whose acts through the years have been conditioned by these attri- butes we owe much. He has had the courage in the face of stern opposition to recommend and do the things which he felt to be the best interest of Stephen F. Austin State College; he has been loyal to the ideals which he set for himself; he has been unselfish in that he has pushed on to goals which he felt would be beneficial to all. So, to Alton W. Birdwell, whose life is the very acme of Courage, Loyalty, and Unselfish- ness, we dedicate this page. OUR PRESIDENT Dr. and Mrs. Paul L. Boynton We are happy to present to all of you, students, faculty, ex-students, and friends of S. F. A., another chronicle of the College ' s personnel and activities. We are intensely proud of our students, and staff. Hence, we are not surprised to find that this has been a good year, one characterized by much learning and much wholesome living, one long to be remembered and cherished by all. To you, our graduates, we wish the best of everything in the years that stretch before you. We hope most sincerely that as a result of your training and experiences at Stephen F. Austin you have acquired those skills and that knowledge, and have perfected those habits of thinking which will be of greatest help to you in your personal and professional lives. We wish for you a bountiful supply of opportunities for hard, worthwhile, and productive work. Also, it is our hope that as you live boldly and effectively, you may also live joyously. In other words, we hope each of you will make the contribution to life about you, and to your own well-being of which we know you are capable. Good luck! It is you who now carry the banner of Stephen F. Austin State College. DEANS Thomas E. Ferguson, Ph.D. Dean of the College D. D. Giles, Ph.D. Dean of Junior Division R. H. Shelton, M.Ed. Dean of Men Mary W. Thomson, M.A. Dean of Women AND STAFF Joe D. Lacy, M.A. Business Manager W. J. McCallum, Ph.D. Director of Correspondence and Extension Stanford W. McKewen, B.S. Registrar Lawrence Franks, M.A. Director of Public Relations DEPARTMENTAL ROW 1 ROW 2 ROW 3 Harold E. Abbot, Ph.D. Chemistry W. B. Coble, Th.M. Baptist Bible Chair Ted L. Jefferies, B.S. Director of Athletics Frederick Baumgartner, M.M. Music Robert S. Cornish, Ph.D. Biz si u ess Administration A. L. Long, Ed.D. Education Robert B. Capel, Ph.D. Speech W. W. Dossev, Ph.M. Physical Education Erwin L. Miller, Ph.D. Biology W. T. Chambers, Ph.D. Geography W. F. Garner, M.A. History Lucille Norton, Ed.D. Physical Education EADS W. R. Owens, Jr., M.F. Forestry Floyd A. Pollock, Ph.D. Sociology Karl Schlicher, Ph.D. Art C. F. Shelev, Ph.D. Language John Sullivan, Ph.D. Agriculture R. L. Turner, M.A. Physics Charles W. Vickery, Ph.D. Math John H. Wheeler, B.D. Wesley Bible Chair Edna Wilkin, M.A. Home Economics Mildred Wyatt, M.S. Library OUR COLLEGE ROW 1 Violet J. Adkins, M.F.A. Art Mrs. S. R. Arnold, M.A. Education Lena Arnwine, M.A. College Nurse Mrs. H. W. Baker, M.A. Manager St udetit Union Betrice Bandy, M.M. Music ROW 2 Virdian Barham, M.A. History Vesta G. Bratt, B.S. in Ed. Business Administration H. E. Broadbrooks, Ph.D. Biology Ilene Brown, M.A. Area Supervisor Mrs. J. S. Campbell, B.A. Speech ROW 3 W. S. Cannon, M.B.A. Business Administration Lessie Carlton, M.S. Demonstration Mrs. M. W. Cecil, M.A. English C. K. Chamberlain, M.A. History Mrs. Letha Cole Demonstration ROW 4 Mrs. C. B. Collier, M.S. Home Economics Larry Covin, M.A. Physical Education J. T. Cox, M.A. Music Mrs. E. Davis, M.A. Demonstration Mary Rut h Dillon, B.S. Secretary to Junior Dean FACULTY Phvlis Dixon, M.M. Ed. Music Betty Doss, B.A. Physical Education L. W. Ellerbrook, M.A. Di recto r Demoustrat io n Harold J. Fischer, B.S. Physical Education Gladys Fox, Ph.D. English G. W. Gauggel, M.M. Music Paul A. Geisler. B.S. History G. F. Gray, Ph.D. Agriculture J. E. Green, M.E., Voc. Agr. Agriculture Elbert Lloyd Griffin, M.A. Chemistry R. R. Harvin, M.S. Education David B. Hawk. M.A. Sociology-Geography Ivan H. Hensley, D.Ed. Education Sara Frances Hicks, B.S. Demonstration George W. Hindman, M.S. Busiti ess Ad minis! ratio n Valine Hobbs, M.A. Demonstration Keith Hogan, B.S. Manager, Bookstore Barbara R. Hussy, B.S. Demonstration OUR COLLEGE ROW 1 June Irwin, M.A. Physical Education Gladys B. Johnson, M.A. Business Ad ministration Mrs. Elizabeth Killings worth Director, Wisely Hall Doris Kilpatrick, B.S. in L.S. Library Burnis Lawrence, B.A. Assistant Director of Public Relations ROW 2 Henry E. LeBrecht, M.S. Chemistry Mary I. Love, M.A. History Mrs. Robena M. Lowery M.A. Demonstration LeRoy McClendon, D.Ed. Education Louisville Marshall M.A. English ROW 3 Mrs. Elsie C. Milroy M.A. Dietitian Clifford H. Osborne Ph.D. English R. B. Pinson, M.A. Mathematics Ida Pritchett, B.S. Music S. D. Redfield LL.B., C.P.A. Business Administration ROW 4 Mrs. Louise Roberson Assistant to Auditor Glen Rose, M.A. Physical Education Charles L. Scanlon Ph.B., A.M. Foreign Language Ethel O ' Dell Scott M.Ed. Demonstration Frank Scott, Jr., M.A. Agriculture FACULTY Hugh Smith, Ph.D. Biology Sugene Spears. B.A. Secretary to President Ruth Spurgeon, B.A. Assistant to the Registrar Mrs. Madge Stallings, B.S. Secretary to the Faculty Johnny Stanley Secretary to the Dean Janet Turner, M.F.A. Art Mrs. Carolyn Wanamaker, B.M. Music Mrs. Billie Weatherford, B.S. Secretary to Business Manager Auline Whitaker, B.S. Assistant Bookkeeper Ruth Williamson, B.S. Bookkeeper J. J. Wilson, M.A. Education Irene H. Wood, M.S. Home Economics Marie Woods, B.S. Assistant to Registrar Weldon Wright. B.A. English Mrs. Sibyl W. Wyatt, M.A. English James G. Yoho, M.F. Forestry EX-STUDENTS ASSOCIATION The purpose of the Stephen F. Austin State College Ex-Student James T. Ogg Association is to encourage good fellowship and loyalty among President , , . , , Class of 1937, Longview former students and to promote the general interest of the College. The main function of the year for the Ex-Student Association is the Homecoming held each fall during football season. At this time all former students are invited and urged to return to the campus. Meetings of county S. F. A. Clubs are held at various times during the year and are a vital part of the entire program. When students leave the college their best avenue of contact with it is through the Ex-Students ' Association. An office is maintained at the college to serve as a " clearing house " for information and requests. It is the desire of the Association that each student feel free to call upon this office for service while he is off the campus and to make it his headquarters when visiting his Alma Mater. Dr. Denton Kerr Sugene Spears Lawrence Franks Vice-President Secretary Executive Secretary Class of 1936, Houston Class of 1929, Nacogdoches Class of 1941, Nacogdoches Senior Officers President . . . . Vice President . Secretary-Treasurer Reporter . . . Billy Jack Roberson . . Oliver McKay Elizabeth Hudgens . . Mary Lou Low ASSES Dreams Are Made of Rosy Shades Dreams are made of pastel shades Mine have a rosy glow For I ' m a lofty senior A man that ' s in the know I ' m acquainted with the classics Know the rest from A to Z And pretty soon they ' ll hand me My lil ol ' first degree Then I ' ll go out, conquer the world Think of all the fame I would introduce myself But I ' ve forgotten my name. : = SENIOR CLASS To the Seniors of 1950, we, the remainder of the Stephen F. Austin student body, lift up our eyes in admiration. You have showed the courage, patience and faith to stick to your objective. Your departure from our ranks will leave a note of sadness, and we know that time will not erase your memory. Row 1 : JAMES EDWARD AKERY, Port Arthur, B.S., Social Science, Lambda Gamma; MRS. ELTON B. ALEXANDER, Nacogdoches, M.A., Education; LEO R. ANGER, Beaumont, B.S., P.E., T Association, Football, Sawyers, Baseball; JESS OWENS BAKER, Corsicana, B.S., P.E.; JOHN W. BARNETT, Carthage, B.B.A., Accounting; GEORGE R. BARSE, Dallas, B.S., Education; GRENVEL T. BATTLE, Nacogdoches, B.S., Agriculture. Row 2: DONALD E. BEAL, Bryan, B.S., P.E., Baseball, T Association; JOHNNY W. BEASLEY, Nacogdoches, M.A., History, Barristers, Pi Kappa Delta; REBA L. BEAVERS, Center, B.S., Sociology, Amitie, Editor of Pine Log, Press Club; WOODROW BEHANNON, Lufkin, B.A., English, Lambda Gamma, Press Club; LOUISE BILLS, Luf- kin, B.A., English; CLEMENT E. BIRKMEYER, JR., Amarillo, B.A., Social Science, Wesley Foundation; JOYCE BOOZER, Nacogdoches, B.S., Education. Row 3: LAWRENCE K. BRINK, Nacogdoches, B.F., Forestry, Sylvans, Austinites; MERLIN A. BROUSSARD, Port Arthur, B.S., P.E., Football, T Association, Sawyers; DOC BUCHANAN, Beckville, B.S., History; LEWIS THOMAS BUCKNER, Nacogdoches, B.S., P.E., Football, Austinites; CHESTER R. BURKHALTER, Garrison, B.S., Agriculture; JEAN HOPKINS BURNS, Center, B.A., Art, Art Club. 5 Row I: RICHARD H. BURNS, El Dorado, Arkansas, B.B.A., Agriculture; JOSEPH B. BUTTON, Sacul, B.S., Agriculture; ALICE RUTH CADY, Orange, B.A., Elementary Ed- ucation, Press Club. Row 2: EVELYN E. CAMP, Carlisle, B.A., English, Who ' s Who, President Future Teach- ers of America, Lumberjackettes, Theater Guild; CLARENCE CARTER, Henderson, B.S., History, Theater Guild, Future Teachers of America, Kappa Betas; JAMES B. CARTER, Shelbyville, B.S., Agriculture. Row 3: WILLIE J. CARTER, Nacogdoches, B.B.A., Accounting; DOROTHY CHAM- BERS, Nacogdoches, B.S., and B.A. Art, Amitie, Choir, Stone Fort Beauty, Who ' s Who; HELEN CHAMBERS, Zavalla, B.S., Elemen- tary Education. Row 4: ROBERT G. CHILDRESS, Gilmer, B.B.A., Business; SARAH J. CHILDRESS, Joaquin, B.A., English, Press Club; CECIL CHOATE, Nacogdoches, B.S., P.E. Row 5: J. B. CHRISTIAN, Nacogdoches, B.S., History; PRESTON M. COCHRAN, Caro, B.S., Social Science; JOHN B. COLLEY, Pal- estine, B.B.A., Commerce. Row 6: VIRGINIA M. COLLIER, Warren, B.S., P.E.; FA YE A. COLLINS, Nacogdoches, B.S., P.E.; RICHARD COMTE, Colmesneil, B.S., Agriculture. = SENIOR CLASS- Row 1: MARY E. COONEY, Lufkin, B.S., Math, Sigma Gamma; ALONZOLA COVINGTON, Center, B.S., Math, Amitie; EDNA MERLE COX, Nacogdoches, B.S., Sociology, Fidele, Press Club, Band, Alpha Chi; JESSE L. CRAIN, JR., Nacogdoches, B.S., Business Administration; MARVIN DAV- ENPORT, Gary, B.F., Forestry; ROY P. DAVIDSON, Beau- mont, B.S., P.E., Football, T Association, Sawyers; BENNIE JANE DAVIS, Nacogdoches, B.S., Business Administration, Fidele, Stone Fort Staff. Row 2- FOSTER E. DAVIS, Henderson, B.S., Agriculture, Barristers; EMMA DEATON, Carlisle, B.S., P.E., W.R.A.; CARROLL DESLATTE, Pt. Acres, B.B.A., Accounting, Sawyers; HENRY J. DISHBURGER, Texas City, B.S., Chemistry, Math, President, Austinites; NOAH B. DORMAN, Nacogdoches, B.S., Math; JAMES L. DUE, Lufkin, B.S., P.E., Football, T Association, Austinites; ORLYN R. DUE, Groesbeck, BBA, Business Administration. Row 3- ARLEIGH E DUFF, B.S., M.A., P.E., Basketball; JEAN F. ELLIOTT, La Porte, B.S., Science; JOE F1ED- IER Wells BS, Agriculture, Aggie Club, Austinite; EDNA R. FRANKS, Timpson, B.S., Math; JOSEPH F. FULLER, Hemphill, B.B.A., Accounting; KENNIE E. G ARLINGTON, Brookeland, B.S., P.E.; JOYCE M. GAT- LIN, Mt. Enterprise, B.B.A., Business Administration. 5 Row I: MARGARET J. GATLIN, Mt. Enter prise, B.A., Library Science, Karle Wilson Baker Theater Guild, Library Club, A Cappella Choir; OZZIE E. GRAMLING, Henderson, B.S., Math, Kappa Beta; MRS. ERA E. GRANT, Appleby, B.S., Elementary Educa- tion. Row 2: WILLIE JOE GREEN, Lufkin, B.S., Chemistry and Math, President of Chemistry Club, Lambda Gamma; THOMAS B. GREER, Chireno, B.S., History; GEORGE GRIGSBY, Nacogdoches, B.F., Forestry, Sylvans. Row 3: BETTY J. GUNNELS, Center, B.S., Home Economics, Education, EHR, Amitie; DANIEL J. HAINES, Van, B.S., Forestry, Aus- tinite; BEULA HARBIN, Eastland, B.S., Ele- mentary Education. Row 4: GLENN C. HARDIN, Daisetta, B.S., P.E.; RAY W. HARRISON, JR., Ft. Worth, B.S., Math, Social Science, Foresters; FUR- MAN D. HORSDORFF, Lake Jackson, B.F., Forestry, Sylvans. Row 5: FRANCES HARTSFIELD, Nacog- doches, B.S., Elementary Education, Fidele, Who ' s Who, F.T.A.; NANCY R. HAW- THORNE, Kilgore, B.A., English, Pine Burr; JAMES HEATH, Nacogdoches, B.B.A., Eco- nomics, Camera Club. Row 6: JAMES E. HEATON, JR., Cushing, M.S., Education, Austinite; HELEN D. HOLI- MAN, Longview, B.S., Government and His- tory, Pine Burr, Press Club; SAM T. HOLT, Carthage, B.A., History, Austinite. rrj « i ■I. . i m f W M ■ 1 1 ' ! " ' SENIOR CLASS FF Row 1: TUCKER HOLT, Patroon, B.B.A., Business, Amitie, A Cappella Choir; SAM HOOPER, Paxton, B.B.A., Business; ELIZABETH HUDGENS, Lufkin, B.S., Business, President Amitie, A Cappella Choir, Secretary Senior Class, Student Con- gress; LUIS IGUINA, Arecibo, Puerto Rico, B.A., Science; MANUEL G. IGUINA, Arecibo, Puerto Rico, B.S., Pre-Dental; FRED JACKSON, Alvin, B.S., Business and P.E., Football, T Association, Sawyer; CHARLES R. JAMES, Orange, B.F., For- es:ry, Sylvans. Row 2: K. P. JEANS, Broaddus, B.S., P.E.; HOWARD M. JOHNSON, Nacogdoches; JAMES C. JOHNSON, Cayu- ga, B.B.A., Accounting; JANIE W. JONES, Reklaw, B.S. and Smith Hughes, Home Economics, E. H. R.; ALBERT N. KELLEY, Woodville, B.S., History, Forester; PATSY RUTH KELLY, Alto, B.S., Spanish, Fidele; LUCY KEN- NEDY, Nacogdoches, B.A., Sociology, President Pine Burr, Who ' s Who, Stone Fort Beauty ' 49; Miss SFA ' 50. Row 3: CHARLES F. KIMMEY, Nacogdoches, B.B.A., Business, Sawyer; GRADY S. KYLE, Tenaha, B.M., Music, A Cappella Choir, Austinite; WILLIAM C. LACY, Troup, B.S. History; DAN M. LANDERS, Nacogdoches, B.S., Art, Art Club; M. WADE LATHAM, Newton, B.S., Math; LYNN L. LILLY, Nacogdoches, B.S., Social Studies; MADELINE C. LILLY, Nacogdoches, B.M., Music, Fidele, A Cappella Choir, Music Guild. 5 • Row 1 : ROBERT E. LORD, Hemphill, B.A., Government and Economics, President Student Congress, Pi Kappa Delta, Barristers; MARY LOU LOW, Geneva, B.S., Business, Secretary Student Congress, Amitie; LINA LEA LUSK, Shreveport, Louisiana, B.A., English, Pine Burr, Pine Log Staff, Gibbs Hall Council. Row 2: W. M. LYNCH, Denison, B.S., His- tory, Ministerial Alliance; FRITZ ALLEN McCAMERON, Nacogdoches, B.A., Account- ing, Sawyer, Pine Log Staff; WILLIAM H. Mc- LAIN, Rusk, B.B.A., Accounting. Row 3: ELAINE McCOY, Logansport, Louis- iana, B.B.A., Business, Amitie; HAROLD H. McGOWN, Bronson, B.B.A., Business; WIL- LIAM O. McKAY, Lufkin, B.S., P.E., Football, T Association, Sawyers. Row 4: BETTY J. McKINNEY, Lufkin, B.A., History and Business Administration; RALPH McKINNEY, Lufkin, B.F., Forestry, Sylvans; MARY A. McLEROY, Timpson, M.A., Edu- cation. Row 5: JOHN C. MAPLES, Cushing, B.S., History; DENNIE E. MAYNARD, Nacog- doches, B.F., Forestry; MARTELL H. MILLS, Nacogdoches, M.A., English, President Bar- risters, Sylvans, Austinites. Row 6: JAMES E. MILSTEAD, Nacogdoches, B.A., Journalism and English, Foresters, Press Club; BILLY J. MOAK, Beaumont, B.S., P.E. and History, Football, Sawyer; CULLEN C. MONZINGO, Nacogdoches, B.S., Social Science. mmm 4k j . ' fr - A P V 1 Ik p IT) k SENIOR CLASS Row 1: EVELYN S. MONZINGO, Lufkin, B.S., English, Theater Guild; CAROLYN MOONEY, Nacogdoches, B.S., Speech, Fidele, Band Drum Major, ' 48, ' 49, ' 50, Stone Fort Beauty, Theater Guild; CHARLES MORGAN, JR., Nacog- doches, B.A., Biology, Forester; MORRIS O. PERKINS, B.S., Education, Austinite; SAMUEL J. MOSES, Lufkin, M.A., Chemistry and Education, Alpha Chi; TILDEN V. NESMITH, Lufkin, B.S., Education and History, Lambda Gamma, Press ciub . MAX NEWLANE 5 Marshall, B.F., Forestry. Row 2: JOHN T. ODOM, JR., Lufkin, B.S., P.E., Sawyers; HAROLD L. OGDEN, Lindale, B.S., Agriculture, For- esters, Aggie Club; GEORGE N. OLIVER, Beaumont, M.A., History and Speech, Barristers, Pi Kappa Delta, Alpha Psi Omega; LAURA E. O ' NEILL, Nacogdoches, B.S., Social Science; JOHN G. ORTON, Nacogdoches, B.S., History, President Sawyers; NANCY LEE OSBORNE, Nacogdoches, B.A., Music, Amitie, A Cappella Choir, Music Guild; THOMAS R. PARKMAN, Teneha, B.B.A., Business. Row 3: JAMES R. PARRISH, Lufkin, B.S., English and Journalism, President Press Club, Lambda Gamma; ROYCE E. PEACOCK, Price, B.S., P.E.; HAZEL JEAN PEARMAN, B.S., Art, Amitie; HOMER P. POLK, San Augustine, B.S., History; EUGENE PRESCOTT, Woodville, B.S., Chemistry; FRANK PRICE, Huntington, Graduate; L. B. RAINS, Douglas, B.S., Agriculture. 5 Row 1 : GEORGE KENNETH RAMBIN, Ap- pleby, B.B.A., B.A.; OPAL A. REDD, Lufkin, M.S., Elementary Education; JAMES E. RED- FIELD, Nacogdoches, B.B.A., Accounting. Row 2: HARRELL D. REYNOLDS, Kilgore, B.S., Art, Art Club, Alpha Chi; EDWIN W. RICE, Nacogdoches, B.S., History; NORMA FAY RIDER, Rusk, B.A., English. Row 3: LOUISE RIGGS, Carlisle, B.S., Home Economics; Ellen H. Richard W. R. A., Lumberjackettes; JEAN RISHER, Tyler, B.S., Elementary Education and History, Fidele, Fu- ture Teachers of America, Homecoming Queen, Stone Fort Beauty ' 48; FRANCILLE ROARK, Marshall, B.M., Music, Sigma Gam- ma, Who ' s Who. Row 4: BILLY JACK ROBERSON, Donna, B.S., and M.A., P.E., Football, T Association, Sawyer, Who ' s Who; MARY LOUISE ROB- ERTS, San Augustine, B.B.A., Business Ad- ministration, Fidele; THOMAS L. ROEBUCK, Lufkin, B.S., P.E., Sawyers. Row 5: WILLIAM F. ROSS, Mt. Enterprise, B.A., Chemistry, Math, Vice President Student Body, Lambda Gamma, Who ' s Who; ERNEST W. RUTLAND, JR., Lufkin, BBA, Business, Lambda Gamma; JACQUELINE F. SOLES, Colorado City, B.S., Education. Row 6: JOHNNY B. SANDLIN, Ft. Worth, B.S., P.E., Football, T Association, Foresters; LEO SAVAGE, Joaquin, B.A., Sociology; CLEON M. SCARBROUGH, Nacogdoches, B.B.A., Busi ness. OR CLASS- Row 1 : MARGARET J. SHANE, Beaumont, B.S., P. E., W. R. A., Lumberjackettes; HAT- TIE J. SHILLINGS, Woodville, B.B.A., Busi- ness; JAMES R. SHINDLER, Appleby, B.S., History. Row 2: HUGH SIMPSON, Beckville, B.S., and Smith Hughes, Agriculture; JAMES D. SINCLAIR, Minden, B.S., Math, Chemistry, Wesley Foundation; LINCOLN SKILLERN, Woden, B.S., Forestry, Austinite, T Associa- tion, Baseball, Sylvans; SAMMY R. SLAY- DON, Newton, B.M., Music, Austinite, A Cappella Choir, Bank, Theater Guild. Row 1: ALBERT ELWOOD SMITH, Wiergate, B.S , Math; FLOYD SIMMONS, Jasper, B.B.A., Business; CHARLES L. SMITH, Nacogdoches, B.B.A., Accounting; GERALD SMITH, Rusk, B.S., Biology, Austinites; HAROLD H. SMITH, Troup, B.S., Agriculture; PAUL G. SMITH, Nacogdoches, B.S., Chemistry and Math; RUFUS S. SMITH, Martinsville, B.B.A., Economics, Foresters. Row 2: NORMAN SPRUILL, Alto, B.B.A., Business; CLARENCE T. STANLEY, Waxahachie, B.S., Sociology; MARION M. STEGALL, Gladewater, B.S., Elementary Education; JOE B. STRONG, Garrison, B.S., Agriculture; CHARLES F. SUMMERS, Nacogdoches, B.S., Art, Art Club; MRS. OTHA TAYLOR, Tyler, B.S., Music; JOHN C. TISCHHAUSER, Nacogdoches, B.S., Science. Row 3: JAMES I. TRAMMELL, Henderson, B.S., History and Government; JAMES G. TRIMBLE, JR., Nacog- doches, B.B.A.; Accounting, Alphi Chi; REVEL A. UNDERDOWN, Joinerville, B.S., Economics; RICHARD L. UNDERDOWN, Joinerville, B.F., Forestry; Sylvans; PATSY R. WAINWRIGHT, New Willard, B.A., Elementary Education, Pine Burr; DARWIN F. WALKER, Lufkin, B.S., History; JAMES O. W ATKINS, Douglass, B.B.A., Business. 95 Row 1: LOUNEITA WATSON, Mt. En- terprise, B.S., Fine Arts, Sigma Gamma; LOWELL T. WESTMORELAND, Nacog- doches, B.S., Agriculture, Aggie Club; AL- BERT A. WHEELER, Northwood Ridge, New Hampshire, B.F., Forestry, Foresters. Row 2: TRAVIS WHITAKER, Nacogdoches, M.A., Education, Alpha Chi, F. T. A.; ROGER W. WHITEHEAD, Minden, B.B.A., Business; T. J. WILLIAMSON, Carthage, B.S., Social Science, Lambda Gamma, F. T. A. Row 3: DOROTHY SUE WILSON, Cleve- land, B.S., Math; H. W. WILSON, Orange- field, B.S., P. E., Football, T Association, Sawyer, Baseball; JOHN F. WILSON, Walnut Ridge, Arkansas, B.S., History, Pi Kappa Del- ta, Theater Guild, Who ' s Who. Row 4: THOMAS L. WILSON, Bronson, B.S., Math, Associate Editor of Stone Fort; JAMES E. WISE, San Augustine, M.A., Chem- istry and English; BONNIE O. WISENER, Douglass, B.S., Math. Row 5: JEANETTE WOLAVER, Jefferson, B.S., Home Economics, Pine Burr, B.S.U., E. H. R.; THOMAS WOOD, San Antonio, B.S., P. E.; DAVID A. WOODELL, Jasper, B.B.A., Business, Forester. Row 6: CHARLES H. WRIGHT, Nacog- doches, B.B.A., Business, Forester; EDWARD L. YARBROUGH, Timpson, B.S., Speech, Sawyer; JOHN WILLIAM Y ' BARBO, Nacog- doches, B.S., Social Science and Business Ad- ministration, Lambda Gamma, F. T. A. JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Dreams Are Made of a Pinker Shade Dreams are made of pastel shades Mine are turning pink For I ' m a joyful junior And I know how to think I love to sit and meditate About the finer things I ' ve even learned to concentrate On Cabbages and Kings Oh! I ' m a mighty thinker Bright as the morning star Did you hear me mention Where did I park my car? JUNIORS-CLASS OF 1951 Row 1 : BETTY ADAMS, Lufkin; BILLY M. ADAMS, Lufkin; W. E. ALFORD, Overton; JAMES P. ANDER- SON, Nacogdoches; JEAN ANDERSON, Orange; LORRAINNE BAILEY, Nacogdoches. Row 2: BETTY BALLOW, Henderson; BARBARA BECK, Port Neches; JOSEPH ROLAND BIENVENUE, Port Arthur; WILLARD J. BILLINGSLEY, Woodville; LLOYD A. BISKAMP, Orange; ROY M. BLAKE, Nacogdoches. Row 3: ANITA BOLES, Mt. Enterprise; JESSE L. BOLLES, Lufkin; CALVIN H. BOWDEN, Nacogdoches; IRIS BRANTON, Nacogdoches; CLOVIS O. J. BRITTON, Long Branch; GENE T. BUCKLEY, Hemphill. Row 4: CHARLES E. BUNN, Cushing; GARY BURKE, Forest; MARGIE BURKS, Mt. Enterprise; ROLAND BURROWS, Nacogdoches; HERMAN " RIP " BYRD, New Willard; MRS. MILDRED BYRD, Nacogdoches. Row 5: ROBERT M. CADY, Orange; SID CAIVLLAVET, JR., Orange; SHARON CALDWELL, Longview; SHIRLEY CALDWELL, Longview; JAMES N. CANTER, Kilgore; JAMES D. CARROLL, Talpa. JUNIORS-CLASS OF 1951 Row 1 : MELBA CARROLL CARTER, Lufkin; JOHN JOSEPH CERTA, Port Arthur; JACK C. CHRISTIAN, Tenaha; N. N. COON, Nacogdoches; GLEN B. COOPER, Nacogdoches; J. B. COOPER, Nacogdoches. Row 2: BESSIE LOU COUSSONS, Hemphill; ALFRED E. DANHEIM, Alto; DAVID P. DANHEIM, Alto; LEN- NIE L. DAVIS, Palestine; JIMMIE G. DAY; Center; WILLIAM EARL DENMAN, Lufkin. Row 3: FRANK P. DODD, JR., Sacul; CHARLES RAY DOIRON, Nacogdoches; CHARLES RAY DOUGL AS, Jasper; MONGO PARK EDMONDSON, Palestine; MARY JO EDMONS, Nacogdoches; RUBY JACK ED- MONS, Nacogdoches. Row 4: ROBERT L. FARLEY, Diboll; MARGARETEENE FEAZELL, Nacogdoches; C. W. FENNER, Lufkin; GUY TAYLOR FOX, Bronson; KENNETH FULMER, Nacogdoches; MARY JEAN GANN, Choice. Row 5: JERRY GARTMAN, Nacogdoches; EDMON J. GENTRY, Lufkin; ANNA JEANNINE GIBSON, Cushing; JOHN W. GILES, Nacogdoches; KATHRYN GLENN, Center; JUAN A. GONZALES, Arecibo, Puerto Rico. JUNIORS-CLASS OF 1951 Row 1: ROBERT GOSS, Nederland; CLYDE E. GRAVES, Gary; MARJORIE ANNE GRAY, Nacogdoches; MAX GRIGSLEY, Nacogdoches; HAROLD HANSON, Joaquin; BILL L. HARDIN, New London. Row 2: ARMOUR S. HAYS, Laneville; CURTIS HEATH, Lufkin; LUTHER L. HERRIN, Bon Wier; DEWEY W. HOLLAND, Huntington; HELEN HOOKER, Carthage; MRS. SAM P. HOOPER, Joaquin. Row 3: JAMES M. HUBBARD, Lufkin; JOE D. HUBBARD, Rusk; MARY K. HUDMAN, Mt. Enterprise; LORENE HUTTASH, Jacksonville; ROBERT H. ISOM, Bronson; DARRELL JONES, Cayuga. Row 4: BETTY KIMMEY, Nacogdoches; MARY LOU KOSTER, Beaumont; NOVA JEAN CONRAD KYLE, Cayuga; MARIE LAFLER, Kilgore; ROBERT LEE LAMB, Nacogdoches; TOM LAWS, Houston. Row 5: FRANK R. LINDSEY, JR., Jasper; WILLIE BEA LINTHICUM, Nacogdoches; ALLISON Q. MARKS, Lufkin; IRAM W. MARTIN, Port Neches; TRUMAN J. MILLING, Alvin; EUGENE M. MINTON, San Augustine. JUNIORS-CLASS OF 1951 Row 1: BEBE JOYCE MOORE, Jacksonville; KATHLEEN W. MOORE, Garrison; GENE BRYAN MULLIN, Port Arthur; JOHN EDD MULLINS, Jacksonville; CHARLES MURDOCK, Elkhart; JAMES McCAULEY, Gar- rison. Row 2: JACK E. McCANTS, Palestine; MRS. GLADYS McDANIEL, Nacogdoches; RAMONA McDANIEL, Nacogdoches; ARCHIE McELVEEN, New London; PEGGY McKAY, Nacogdoches; BRYAN McKENZIE, San Augustine. Row 3: JOE ANN McKEWEN, Nacogdoches; BILLIE GEORGE McKINNEY, Lufkin; BILLY R. McKINNEY, Diboll; THELMA McGILBERRY NULL, Zavalla; DILLON OLDS, Nacogdoches; CHARLES C. PATE, Pine- land. Row 4: CHARLES PEACOCK, Nacogdoches; ELIZABETH PENNY, Cushing; HUEY DAN PHILLIPS, Gary; PEGGY JOYCE PLILER, Longview; BILLY POPHAM, Lufkin; BETTY PRIDGEN, Joaquin. Row 5: JUDY KING READ, Lufkin; MARGIE DOLE REDMON, Longview; JACK N. ROBERSON, Tenaha; MARGARET RUSHING, Joaquin; NELWYN SAMFORD, Center; S. C. SANFORD, JR., Nacogdoches. JUNIORS-CLASS OF 1951 Row 1: BILLY JACK SHIPP, Houston; GLENDELL PROCELLA, Hemphill; VIRGINIA SIMMS, Nacogdoches; MARGARET SINGLETON, Lufkin; LELAND SLAYDON, Newton; ANN SMITH, Tyler. Row 2: PAT SMITH, Porth Arthur; WILLIE MAE SNOW, Hawkins; ERNEST ED STARKE Y, Jacksonville; WILLIE J. STINSON, Douglas; JACK R. STONE, Nacogdoches; KENNETH D. SUMMY, Alto. Row 3: FLORA THAMES, Lufkin; MAX TREADWELL, Jacksonville; BERT TUCKER, Jacksonville; MARY ELLEN ULMER, Santa Rosa; FRANK WAGGONER, JR., Jacksonville; CHARLIE FRED WALLER, Corrigan. Row 4: VERNON L. WEAVER, Cushing; JEAN WESTMORELAND, Nacogdoches; ANITA WHITAKER, Nacogdoches; GUY WHITAKER, Cushing; TOMMY A. WHITE, JR., Bronson; THOMAS W. WHITTON, San Augustine. Row 5: FELIX A. WIGGINS, JR., Groves; MARY FRANCES WILSON, Spurger; GENE M. WOODELL, Grapeland; NAOMI RUTH WRIGHT, Lufkin; DOWELL D. YOUNGBLOOD, Center; EVERETT D. YOUNG- BLOOD, Center. SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Dreams Are Made of a Purple Shade Dreams are made of pastel shades Mine have a purple hue I ' m a romantic sophomore From the women ' s point-of-view I ' ve watched the upperclassmen Developed myself a line And now the girls all love me They think that I ' m divine So call me Casanova And get my number right My problem at the moment — Can I get a date tonight? SOPHOMORES -CLASS OF 1952 Row 1 : BEN ADAMS, Center; ELOiSE ADAMS, Gushing; LOUISE ADAMS, Center; GENE PAUL AGLETON, Nacogdoches; WILLIAM ROBERT ARNOLD, Nacogdoches; VIOLA MAE BAILEY, Nacogdoches; JOYCE BAKER, Jacksonville. Row 2: W. L. BANE, Laneville; BETTY M. BARBER, Nacogdoches; GEORGE EUGENE BELCH, Waskom; JOHN PATRICK BELL, Nacogdoches; HERIBERTO BLANCO, Elatillo, Puerto Rico; EDITH BLAND, Alto; BILL BOLEY, Cushing. Row 3: JO ANN BREVELL, Lufkin; DEWEY GLYN BROCK, Nacogdoches; RALPH A. BROUILLARD, JR., La Marque; FAYE BROWN, Beaumont; GLENN BURKE, Wells; ROBERT V. BURROWS, Nacogdoches; MAX R. CAGLE, Chireno. Row 4: CAROLYN LOVE CANNON, Longview; JACK CARLTON, Crockett; NELSON CHAPMAN, Weather- ford; JIMMIE CHOAT, Nacogdoches; DON CLARK, Nacogdoches; WILLIAM E. COATS, Hemphill; MARTHA COGDILL, Lufkin. Row 5: JACKIE COLE, Nacogdoches; PATTYE COLE, Nacogdoches; JERRY RAY COLLINS, Nacogdoches; WIL- LIAM COONEY, Lufkin; YOLANDO CORTAZZO, Sebastian; CONNIE MACK COURTNEY, Jasper; TOMMY COX, Nacogdoches. SOPHOMORES -CLASS OF 1952 Row 1: OTTIS CRENSHAW, Center; RAY E. CROCKER, Bronson; EVERETT L. DARTER, Pineland; ALVIN ELMO DAVIS, Gary; GLENN DAVIS, Chireno; JOHN ARTHUR DENNY, Cushing; BILLIE JEANNE DEVORE, Buna. Row 2: BARBARA NELL DILLEN, Nacogdoches; GLORINE DOGGETT, Jodie; MARGARET DOSS, Nacog- doches; JEAN DOSSEY, Nacogdoches; JAMES E. DRAKE, Texas City; MARY LOIS DUNN, Nacogdoches; JEAN DURHAM, Lufkin. Row 3: JIMMY EAVES, Longview; PATRICK HAROLD ENGLISH, Port Arthur; JOHN T. FAUCETT, Halls- ville; DICK FERGUSON, Nacogdoches; JANE FONTENOT, Lufkin; ALICE JOYCE FORSE, Nacogdoches; PATSY ANN FORSE, Nacogdoches. Row 4: ALVERSON FRANKS, Bronson; THOMAS D. FRANKS, Timpson; ELNORA FULLER, Hemphill; JOYCE E. GAFFORD, Nacogdoches; PHYLLIS GARNER, Beaumont; BRYAN WILLIAM GATLIN, Cushing; ANN GELLANTLY, San Augustine. Row 5: MARY JO GOODWIN, Lufkin; W. T. GREEN, Martinsville; KENNETH HARRELL, Warren; JEAN- ETTE HAYES, San Augustine; DORIS M. HAYES, Nacogdoches; GENE HARP, Lufkin; LORETTA HEATH, Alto. SOPHOMORES -CLASS OF 1952 Row 1: JANE HELPINSTILL, Nacogdoches; JOHN HILL, Beaumont; TOM HOLLAND, JR., Vidor; ELSIE HOLT, Lufkin; FRANCES HOOPER, Nacogdoches; ADOLPH HRYHORCHUCK, Deweyville; JERRY HUDSON, Garrison. Row 2: ROY JEAN HURST, Lufkin; WILLIAM HENRY JACOBS, Houston; YULLESS JEANES, Broadus; TAY- LOR D. JOHNSON, Joaquin; JACKIE JONES, Lufkin; JOE JONES, Diboll; JOE L. JONES, Center. Row 3: LARRY JAYNER, Logansport; GEORGE B. KEELING, JR., Mt. Enterprise; STELLA KELTON, Lufkin; MARY SUE KILE, Sabine; MARY FRANCIS LaFORGE, Hallsville; ROBERT LEE, Nacogdoches; MORRIS D. McCALL, Diboll. Row 4: PEGGY McCLAIN, Nacogdoches; LANE McCLANAHAN, Lufkin; BOB McCOY, Logansport; EARLEAN McGEE, Nacogdoches; MAURINE McGOWN, Buna; JAMES C. McKAY, Lufkin; PETE McKENZIE, Jasper. Row 5: MELBA McPHAIL, Harleton; HERMAN MAYBERRY, JR., Lufkin; PAUL MAJORS, Jacksonville; KENNETH L. MATTHEWS, Alamo; RUTH MAYNARD, Nacogdoches; ARTHUR ROY MEADOWS, Nacog- doches; RAY M. MILLER, Nacogdoches. SOPHOMORES-CLASS OF 1952 Row 1 : JOHN MILLS, Nacogdoches; TOMMY WRAY MITCHELL, Nacogdoches; RAY MOBLEY, Nacogdoches; JOHN LLOYD MONDY, Cushing; ED MORGAN, Nacogdoches; JOHN B. MOTLEY, Nacogdoches; WALINE MOTT, Nacogdoches. Row 2: JO ANN MUCKLEROY, Alto; BAILEY NATIONS, Nacogdoches; BILLY NATIONS, Nacogdoches; JOHN ROBERT NOWASKY, Deweyville; GERTIE SUE NORWOOD, Joaquin; DWAYNE OVERSTREET, Honey Island; ROY PEARCE, Appleby. Row 3: BILLY PENNY, Mt. Enterprise; HARRY PETTEY, Nacogdoches; BARBARA POTTS, Price; PRESTON O. PRICE, Orange; GLENDALL PROCELLA, Hemphill; JOE PRUITT, Laneville; WESLEY G. PYBUS, Nacog- doches. Row 4: JOHN H. REDD, Zavalla; BETTY SUE RICHARDS, Henderson; MILDRED RICHARDS, Cushing; SHA- RON RICHEY, Ponta; W. V. ROBERTSON, Malakoff ; BETTY RULES, Nacogdoches; BILLIE RULFS, ' Nacog- doches. Row 5: JERRY W. SAMFORD, Center; DOROTHY SCHLLING, Beaumont; HAZEL SHAW, Nacogdoches; RAY- MOND GENE SHAW, Jasper; DOROTHY SHELTON, Nacogdoches; S. A. SHIPLEY, Lufkin; JIMMY SKINNER, Marlin. SOPHOMORES- CLASS OF 1952 Row 1: DORIS JO SMITH, San Augustine; VON RAE STEVENS, Nacogdoches; BETTY RUTH STOKER, Beau- mont; RAYMOND ST. PETER, Beaumont; MOLLY JEANNINE STRODE, Appleby; PAT HENRY STUDDARD; BILLIE LOU SULLIVAN, Killeen. Row 2: JANE SWANZY, Center; EARL E. THOMAS, Nacogdoches; RICHARD THOMAS, Nacogdoches; ROY TIDWELL, Nacogdoches; HOWARD TISDALE, Beaumont; JACK TURNER, Price; DAVE VOSBURY, Shreve- port. Row 3: MRS. HELEN WALKER, Lufkin; VERA JOYCE WALL, Nacogdoches; LOWELL R. WALLACE, Cushing; ERCYLE WALLER, Center; DOYLE S. WATSON, Teneha; J. D. WATSON, Center; ELIZABETH WATSON, Mt. Enterprise. Row 4: CHARLES DONALD WEATHERLY, Nacogdoches; NITA SUE WHITE, Maplewood, Louisiana; WIL LIAM F. WHITE, Reklaw; MOZELLE WHITESIDE, Chester; JAMES H. WHITTON, Broaddus, BILL WILSON, Lufkin; REBECCA ANN WILSON, Nacogdoches. Row 5: JOHN M. WOOD, Nacogdoches; GILES WRIGHT, San Augustine; LUCILLE B. YOUNG, Jacksonville; JERRY ZELESKEY, Lufkin. FRESHMEN CLASS OFFICERS President Harry English Vice President Jerry Pickett Secretary-Treasurer Marilyn Bruyere Reporter June Barton Dreams Are Made of a Gloomy Shade Dreams are made of a pastel shade And most of mine are blue For I ' m a lowly freshman In this flea-bitten motley crew It ' s wintertime, my hair is gone My head is a billiard ball I think of all my lovely curls And tear drops start to fall. What if it comes back purple, Or maybe muckety dun? Then my mama wouldn ' t know Her lil ' ol ' favorite son. FRESHMEN -CLASS OF 1953 Row 1: DOYAL ADKINSON, Lufkin; NOLAN BAILEY ALDERS, Nacogdoches; JAMES RAY ALLEN, Lane- ville; WILLIAM R. ALLEN, Nacogdoches; JIMMY ASKINS, Lufkin; THOMAN BAKER, Center; MARY LOIS BANE, Laneville; JOE F. BANKS, Cushing. Row 2: GEORGE D. BARCLAY, JR., Kountze; JUNE BARTON, Cushing; BILLY BATES, Center; BOBBY JOE BEARD, Crockett; SHIRLEY FAY BELL, Longview; FA YE BENNETT, Longview; JIMMIE LEE BILLINGS- LEY, Huntington; MARY NELL BLACK, Alto. Row 3: EARLINE BOOKER, Nacogdoches; PATRICIA NELL BOWSER, Lufkin; A. J. BRAZIL, JR., Jacksonville; ALYENE ARTIE BRITTON, Orange; E. T. BRITTON, Longbranch; GLENN BROCK, Lufkin; DONALD C. BROADNAX, Newton; CHARLES BROWN, Martinsville. Row 4: JOANN BROWNING, Beckville; MARILYN BRUYERE, Longview; LEAH NAN BULLOCK, Cushing; JAMIE BURLESON, San Augustine; ROBERT CATES BURROWS, JR., Nacogdoches; JANICE FRANCES BUT- LER, Nacogdoches; MILDRED BUTTE, Nacogdoches; HELEN JEWEL CALDWELL, Wellington. Row 5: GIBSON CARTER, Huntington; RICHARD MURRELL CARTER, Nacogdoches; BARBARA CHAMP- ION, Nacogdoches; JAMES OSCAR CHANCE, Nacogdoches; MARY ANNE CHAVER, Donna; JERALDENE CHILDRESS, Lufkin; MARTHA JEAN CHILDRESS, Lufkin; WILDA CHOATE, Nacogdoches. FRESHMEN -CLASS OF 1953 Row 1: RAYMOND B. CHRISTIAN, Beaumont; JAMES CLYDE COKER, Nacogdoches; SALLY ANN COLE, Jacksonville; JAUNICE COLEMAN, Splendora; MARTHA JANE COLEMAN, Splendora; DAVID DONALD COOK, Humble; PLES BUFORD COOPER, Center; DONNIE COURTNEY, Jasper. Row 2: CLARENCE JESSIE CRAWFORD, Lufkin; LLOYD CROSS, Corsicana; F. M. CRUMPS, Timpson; MAX CRUSETURNER, Cushing; GEORGE CULBERTSON, Lufkin; SUE DAVIDSON, Sulphur Springs; STARR DAVIS, Nacogdoches; MARIANNE DAW, Joaquin. Row 3: GEORGE DeCOUX, Port Arthur; MARIE DENNY, Cushing; MARY DOWNS, Hemphill; DIXIE MURUL DuBOSE, Jasper; JAMES DUKE, Lufkin; BILLY CLYDE DUNCAN, Shelbyville; JAMES RAY DUNS- MORE, Alto; MARY LOU DURHAM, Diboll. Row 4: THOMAS EAKIN, Timpson; HARRY ENGLISH, Crockett; MRS. JUANITA EDWARDS, Nacogdoches; ODIS R. FENTON, Mt. Enterprise; SUE FURGUSON, Nacogdoches; EDWARD W. FITTS, Timpson; CECIL S. FORD, Humble; BURTON FORSE, Newton. Row 5: PATRICIA ANN FORSE, Newton; GETHREL FFANKE, Beaumont; JACK FRY, Overton; EDDIE FU- TRELL, Lufkin; ROSALIN GAMMILL, Port Arthur; HUNTER F. GARRISON, Garrison; CLAUDE W. GATE- WOOD, Nacogdoches; JANICE GATLIN, Cushing. FRESHMEN- CLASS OF 1953 Row 1: BILL GIBSON, Lufkin; DON GILES, Corpus Christi; JOE EVANS GOFORTH, Overton; HILDRED W. GOODWIN, San Augustine; KATHRYN GOODWIN, Shelbyville; NEWELL GOODWIN, San Augustine; GAR- LAND GREER, Martinsville; HOOVER GREER, Appleby. Row 2: EDWARD L. GRIMES, Mineola; WILLIMAE GWIN, Apple Springs; BETTY JEAN HALEY, Crockett; BEATON C. HAMILTON, Jasper; JIMMY HAMMETT, Nacogdoches; CARRIE HARGROVE, Nacogdoches; JESSE HARKINS, Longview; CECIL S. HART, JR., Greggton. Row 3: LODASKA HARTT, Nacogdoches; JAMES P. HARWOOD, Daingerfield; JOE E. HAYMAN, JR., La Mar- que; IRA ALFRED HERBERT, Nacogdoches; ALICE FAYE HELPENSTILL, Mt. Enterprise; ANN HERRING- TON, Jacksonville; H. C. HERRINGTON, JR., Nacogdoches; JOE FRANK HIGNETT, Colmesneil. Row 4: BETTY JEAN HOGAN, Augusta; HELEN HOLBROOK, Nacogdoches; JIMMY TERRY HOOPER, Joa- quin; BARBARA HORTON, Longview; ELZIE WAYNE HOYA, West Columbia; DON LANDON HUCKEBA, Douglas; ANNA ROYCE HUGHES, Lufkin; MARGARET IRWIN, Laneville. Row 5: CHARLES GRIFFEN JAMES, Chireno; FLORENCE JAMESON, Houston; REBA JANUARY, Center; LES- LIE LENOR JASPER, Nacogdoches; JOE SINGLETON JENKINS, Sugar Land; FRED JOHNSON, Humble; ROGER W. JOHNSON, Nacogdoches; TOMMIE JEAN JOHNSON, Nacogdoches. FRESHMEN -CLASS OF 1953 Row 1: WYNELL JONES, Cayuga; JACK JUMPER, Lufkin; CAROLYN ELIZABETH KEELING, Longbranch; CLETYS KEELING, Mt. Enterprise; HELEN KING, Nacogdoches; JAMES O. KOONCE, Nacogdoches; VERNA MARIE KYLE, Rusk; THELSTON LATHAM, Newton. Row 2: BONNIE JEAN LAWSON, Center; RANDALL LEA, Nacogdoches; CAROLYN LIPPARD, Nacogdoches; CARRIE VIRGINIA McCALL, Lufkin; BERNARD H. McCOY, Lufkin; H. N. McELROY, Houston; KESTER E. McGAUGHEY, Lufkin; JOYCE ELIZABETH McGEHEE, Nacogdoches. Row 3: CLARENCE McGUIRE. Bronson; WANDA McLELLAND, Wortham; ALFORD McMULLEN, Bronson; TRUETT McMULLEN, Lufkin; MONTY MANN, Tyler; PATSY MANN, Colmesneil; JACK OLAN MATHEWS, Nacogdoches; PEGGY NEILL MAYHALL, Pasadena. Row 4: CELIA MAYNARD, Nacogdoches; LLOYD H. MILLS, Nacogdoches; JOHN MIXON, Cushing; BOBBY R. NULL, Stockman; MARTHA ANN NELSON, Lufkin; DAN NEWELL, Jacksonville; CHARLES R. NORTON, Rusk; LELAND NUNEZ, Port Arthur. Row 5: BETTY SUE OLDS, Orange; BETTY ONEY, Jefferson; JO ANN O ' REAR, Shelbyville; CARRIE LOU PARKS, Chester; DONALD R. PARRISH, Nacogdoches; MARY JO PARTIN, Nacogdoches; HAROLD PATE, Hemphill; LANGSTON PATE, San Augustine. FRESHMEN -CLASS OF 1953 Row 1: THOMAS PATE, JR., Nacogdoches; WILLIAM WADE PEARSON, JR., Pollok; BETTY ANN PEPPER, Laneville; JANETTE PERKINS, Lufkin; JANICE PERKINS, Lufkin; BOBBY PERRY, San Augustine; CLAUDIA PESSARA, Port Arthur; GERALD PICKETT, Port Neches. Row 2: DORIS PITTMAN, Cushing; FRANCES POE, Lufkin; HUBERT POSKEY, Nacogdoches; BOBBIE DEE POTTS, Price; HERMAN THOMAS POWERS, JR., Nacogdoches; RICHARD L. POWERS, Nacogdoches; JAMES PRATT, Hemphill; JOY PRINCE, Nacogdoches. Row 3: FRANCES LOUISE RAY, Hemphill; CHARLES REEVES, Lufkin; RICHARD REEVES, Garrison; ANN REYNOLDS, Leggett; KEIFER RICHARDS, Cushing; BILLY RESINGER, Glen Fawn; JACK RISINGER, Cush- ing; RAMONA ROBERTS, Nacogdoches. Row 4: HOWARD ROSSER, Kildare; GLENDA M. RUDD, Center; DANIEL C. SATTERWHITE, Cushing; CARLY SAYERS, Lufkin; BETTY SCHLOCHLER, Jacksonville; IRA JOE SEXTON, Nome; FRANCES J. SHEAR, Nacogdoches; JEAN SHOTWELL, Lufkin. Row 5: MARIAN J. SHOUBROUCK, Leggett; HOLLIS SLAUGHTER, Port Neches; DOROTHY FA YE SMITH, Alto; PATSY SMITH, Nacogdoches; PEGGY SUE SMITH, Lufkin; W. R. SPEEGLE, JR., Nacogdoches; MAR- GUERITE STONE, Nacogdoches; BOBBY SAM SULLIVAN, Nacogdoches. FRESHMEN -CLASS OF 1953 Row 1 : LUTHER SWIFT III, Nacogdoches; THOMAS LEE TALLEY, Douglas; PATRICIA TALMADGE, Nacog- doches; MARTHA TANNERY, Nacogdoches; ROY M. TAYLOR, Tenaha; JOHN DIXON TEMPLE, Lufkin; SEL- MA THOMAS, Marshall; EVERETT THOMPKINS, Beckville. Row 2: PATRICIA ANN TOWNSEND, Pollok; PATRICIA TOWNSEND, Beaumont; FLORENCE TULLOS, Leggett; LYNETTE UNDERWOOD, New Summerfield; SPURGEON WALDRUP, Rusk; HARVEL GENE WALKER, Hemphill; BETTY JOYCE WALLACE, Rusk; VIRGINIA WATERS, Huntington. Row 3: EDWARD M. WELCH, Jasper; JOE DAN WELL, Hillsboro; CARL E. WEST, JR., Hearne; DORIS JAYE WHITE, Nacogdoches; McXIE WHITTON, San Augustine; MIRIAM WHITTON, San Augustine; ALMA RUTH WILLIAMS, Nacogdoches; VIRGINIA WILLIAMS, Garrison. Row 4: BILLY WILSON, Stockman; LINDA WILSON, Center; GERALD AUSTIN WISENER, Douglas; WAYNE WAGGONER WOMACK, Henderson; WILLIE EARL WOODS, Bronson; HENRY V. WOOTEN, JR., Humble; KENNETH WYATT, Marshall. SUMMER SCHOOL 1949 Students Enrolled Lois Copeland Adams, Hollis Wilton Alford, Joada Allums, Donald Ray Arnett, A. J. Bailey, Auline Lowery Bailey, Carl Bailey, John Forrest Bailey, Marie Parmley Baker, Ernest Balch, Lasette Balke, Jr., Peggy Jean Barber, Ernest L. Bartlett, Jr., Jessie Bone Bates, Pearl Starling Bates, Flossie Tyson Beck, Minnie Starling Beyers, Maureen D. Biggerstaff, Albert Cicero Billingsley, D. Preston Billingsley, Lurene Anderson Billingsley, Mildred Evelyn Billingsley, Jerrell W. Birdwell, Mildred M. Birdwell, Audrey Lee Blanton, Lois Alicia Blount, Wilson L. Boatman, J. M. Boone, Edwin Curry Boynton, Ila Ray Bradshaw, Ruby Baldwin Brown, Mary Catherine Bryan, Mary Hogg Bunn, Delbert Alton Burchfield, Beatrice Burkhalter, Eddie Sue Burnaman. Edwin Earl Burrows, Bill Friday Burton, Billie Jean Burton, Conron Bush, Clifford Gene Campbell, Jennie Mae Chadwick, Kenneth Ray Champion, Annie Baker Carriker, Anna V. Cartwright, John Chaney, Joyce R. Clarke, Lottie B. Collins, Sara-Ella Collins, Kenneth T. Colwell, Benjamin E. Comte, Charles M. Cooper, Grady Luther Cope, Harold B. Cole, Weeks Crawford, Mrs. Berline Danheim, Mrs. Burnis Daniel, Jimmy Garret Da is, Lucille Watson Davis, Minet M. Davis, Jr., William Clarence Dean, Freddye L. Dear, Sue Zanne Denman, Frank T. Devereaux, Terry Dickerson, Paul D. Drawhorn, Donald Ivanhoe Drummond, Jr., La erne Duncan, Dorothea Kyle Eakin, John W. Eakin, Shirley Stewart Elliot, John H. English, Althea Etheridge, John Irby Everett, Fleda Ford, Charles Force, Ollie M. Force, Walter M. Fortenberry, Nelba Foster, Joseph E. Gallagher, Robert A. Garlington, Willie Ann Garrett, Willie Mae Garrett, Clifton E. Gary, Opal Sanders Gerard, Johnie Laurine Gray, E. Ray Green, James T. Green, R. E. Green, Tommy Green, Warren W. Green, Mabel H. Griffin, James Wyatt Griffith, Oran H. Griffith, Lennie H. Grimes, Raymond A. Hagler, Audra B. Halbert, Mozelle J. Haley, Golda V. Hall, Ida Perry Hall, Johnny W. Hargrove, Julia Matthews Harris, Callie Hart, Lou Ella W. Head, Edith Louvilla Hendrick, William Glenn Hendry, Mary Crysler Henry, Wana Walker Hickey, Tinnie Singleton Hill, Clarence Holder, Alyne Ada- line Holt, Thelma Hooper, Juanita Jones Hopson, Edith Dickerson Horn, Bonnie Ruth Franks Hughes, Willie Mae D. Humphreys, Helen McNeill Hunnicutt, Robert L. Hutchinson, Annie Mae Hutson, George P. Ivy, Jewel A. Jackson, Clarence Jenkins, Ona Arwine Jenkins, Claude Kennith Johnson, J. W. Jones, Clara Wilson Kelty, Geneva Grace Kennedy, Getie B. Kennedy, John Harold Kewley, Sybil Lucille Killgore, Iwan Taylor King, Nyle King, W. Ford King, Hazel Matthew Kyle, Alma Richardson Lacy, Bessie Mae Lacy, Mozelle Langford, Rebecca Dawson Langford, Ruth Ross Langston, Burnis Lawrence. Fay Holt Layman, Carol Lee, Landis Lee, Nannie Sue Giles Lee, Ora Honeycutt Lee, Nadine Lindsey, Stanley L. Lindsey, Bessie Ruth Lock, Janis Durrett Lowe, Lillie Mae W. Lowery, Mitchell Lum, Pearl Elizabeth Manry, Bill Allen March, Alice Swan Marshall, Clara Martin, Edna Lacy Martin, Frank Wade Martin, Roy Lou F. Martin, Johnny Mayes, Bessie Ann McClain, Ishmal McClure, Jody McClure, Mary Alice McLeroy, Beulah Inez Miles, James Everette Miller, Mattie Youngblood Miller, Keith Mims, Ida Belle L. Mixon, Joe Everett Moore, William Joab Moore, Wanda Karen Morris, Wade Owens Morris, Callie Rowe Morrison, Sibyl P. Mosby, Lelie E. Moser, Jessie Muckleroy, Margurite Pierce Murray, Mary Lou Murray, Edwin Crenshaw Nash, James Clark Nash, Laverne Hughes Neill, Charles S. Neuville, Winnie Arch Nicholson, Thomas Edward Noble, Alton A. Nutt, Ruby Mays Oliver, Herbert Olsen, Esma Outlaw Owens, Jack R. Parker, Hubert Leon Parks, Wallace Jewel Pate, Robert Leon Peacock, Carlton O. Perry, Lee C. Perry, Clifford Harold Pool, Jr., Margaret Ellen Potts, Janie Roberts Powers, Gaye Gann Pruitt, Walter C. Rainbolt, Daniel Hershell Ramsey, Claudine S. Rice, Dora Lee Richey, Fernada P. Rider, Lucy E. Roark, Lena Clark Robertson, Navoleine Ross Roddy, R. J. Roddy, William D. Rollins, Jr., Lexie B. Rose, Arthur Roseman, Jr., Joe Ruth Ross, James Rousseau, Vera J. Reynolds, Rowell, Leo Williams Rushing, William Jack Rushing, Douglas Virgil Samford, Van Pershing Samford, Maye Holt Satterwhite, Mohea Jarry Savage, Alnet Scott, Virgie Worsham Scurlock, Sara B. Sealey, Ira D. Sexton, Valerious Henry Sharp, Jr., Ollie Baker Sharver, Nettie Jernigan Shaw, Evelyn Sheffield, Addie Inora Shepherd, Linwood L. Shivers. Leta Mae Shofner, Travis Johnwynne Shoup, Patsy Ann Simmons, Bess Coppedge Sims, Tommie Clark Singleton, Alice Smith Skipper, Lee Gaston Sledge, Curtis Ross Smith. Mary Frances Sory. Ottie Mae South, Date Stadler, Syble Taylor Stephens, Betty Sue Stephenson, Edna Pearl Stevens, Maco C. Stewart, Doris Ross Stockton, John Hayes Stock- ton, John Ed Stone II, Orland Strickland, Carl Wesley Stripling, Raymond Tarrant, Lavern Horton Taylor, William R. Taylor, Billy Lee Thompson, May E. Hessel Thompson, Mary Avara Tidwell, Opal Tillery, Russell A. Trawick, James Edward Trevathan, Helen Louise Treadwell, Ruth Thompson Tucker, Ercell Tyson, Pattie Tose Vardeman, Madelene Bradford Varney, James A. Vest, Callie Wofford Vining, Ollie May Waggoner, Annie Belle Walker, William Robert Wallace, Florence Day Walters, Howard Alphus Wal- ters, Bobby Eugene Waters, Violet Vaughan Waters, Mabel J. Watkins. Josie A. Watters, Floyd A. Watson, George Winton Watson- James Christie Weatherford, Ada B. Woods Wells, Sybil Kathryn Wells, Jack Richard Wheat, Louise M. Wheeler, Eugene H. Whitaker, Bobbie Irish Whittaker, Travis Whittaker, Cecil Cryer Wider, jimmie Ray Wikins, Charles Wesley Williams, Mildred Gatlin Williams, Mildred Jacobs Williams, Glynon Williamson, Eloise Bumgardner Willingham, Thomas Jefferson Wilroy, I va McMullen Wilson, Paul S. Wilson, Pearl Avara Winship, Winnie K. Wisener, Levi Newton Wood, Nora Hughes Woods, Willie A. Woods, Vernon Wooley, Hazel P. Zorn. The Summer School Group STONE FORT KING AND QUEEN MR. AND MISS SFA BEAUTIES HOMECOMING COURT WHO ' S WHO AUSTINITE POLL FAVORITES SNAP SHOTS CAMPUS PERSONALITIES KING AND QUEEN Jihs S. Gf. J eaulles at S. £F. Of. MISS PEGGY McKAY FlDELE MISS JEAN DOSSEY Pine Burr 1 MISS CAROLYN MOONEY Theater Guild Pat Middleton Betty Pridgen Judy Read Sawyer Lumber jackette Amitie Margie Redmon Betty Stoker Billie Sullivan Kappa Beta Press Club Ellen H. Richards Homecoming Activitie Shirt sleeves and sunsuits would have been more appropriate for the weather, but the faithful turned out in cold weather designed Lumberjack garb in spite of the heat. The pace of this 1949 Homecoming was nearly as hot as the sun and all but a hardy few were noticeably drooping when the day was done. The big- gest and best Homecoming parade (the Foresters walked off with first prize for their float) yet of- ficially marked the beginning of the day ' s activities. and the dance in Aikman Gym, featuring the corona- tion of Queen Jean, ended it. Sandwiched in between were the Lumberjacks ' rout of the Bearkats, a score of club luncheons, teas, and dinners, and the happy meetings of exes, students, and comrades. When the last note from Buddy Ryland ' s trombone had died away, and the last of the dancers had reluctantly departed, a memorable Homecoming Day was over. Below are a few reminders of the high- lights of the day. and the Queen of Homecoming MISS JEAN RISHER Earl Lord .. .Elizabeth Hud gins . . . Woodrow Bebannon . . . Frances H. Jackson... Margaret Rushing . . . Tom Meriweather . . . Lucy Kennedy . . . Francille Roark. I WHO ' S WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES Members of Who ' s Who are chosen for " excellence and sincerity in scholarship; their leadership and participation in extracurricular and academic activity; their citizenship and service to the school; and their promise of future useful- ness to business and society. " Certificates are presented to all students selected. Ramona McDauiel . . . Billy Jack Roberson . . . Evelyn Camp . . .Paul Smith . . . Mary Lou Low . . . Reba Beavers . . . John Wilson. THE 1950 Oliver McKay Most Popular Boy Jean Risher Most Popular Girl Bert Tucker Betty Adams Cutest Couple Mr. Weldon Wright Favorite Man Teacher Mrs. Maurice Cecil Favorite Woman Teacher Billy Popham Best Boy Dancer Faye Brown Best Girl Dancer Patsy Mann Cutest Girl Oliver McKay Cutest Boy AUSTINITE POLL Helen Holiman Wittiest Girl Hollis Slaughter Wittiest Boy Elsie Holt Most Beaut if I Girl Charlie Morgan Alost Handsome Boy Pat Smith Dumbest Boy Viola Bailey Dumbest Girl Maurice Hubbard Friendliest Boy Phyllis Garner Friendliest Girl Jean Risher Leo Anger Most Typical Students Nothin like a good domino game to relax a tired mind . . . The Old Folks really get the spirit around Christmas . . . No, his hands are not taped, Branch is really holding those balls . . . sh-h-h, we don ' t want this to get out! . . . Adkins and Sheley, faithfully working on the Stone Fort. FTA president, Evelyn Camp, gives Mary Lou Low and Yolando some pointers . . . Albert Kelly, runner-up for Air. SFA . . . Duff lets ' em have it, and takes the hall . . . Mary Lou Low, runner-up for Miss SFA . . . let me show you how to play pool . . . the freshmen have no rest around McCauley (with the pipe) ! ! " Foresters Forever " echo at their meetings . . . Billie George and Bubb said) . . . Gibbs Hall queens making ready for the Sandman . . . the Saw : tertained with a quartet at the Corn Husking Bee, December 5th... Mike, 1 Hamp, and Harold cuttin up in Wisely Hall . . . Caveman Joe Sexton! . ' .5 | A scene from " Fall Fiesta,- presented by the Sigma Gammas in October . Ubby arid Barbara make throwing darts look like fun! . . . the Shadow in opera tion . . . Wesleyan s float carries religions theme . . . Yon name this one . . Sawyers well represented in local parade. Come right in. Tucker . . . Morning coffee at Nance ' s . . . Virginia gets around- here she is at the ball game . . . BSU welcomes students to SFA campus . . . Fideles entertain rushees with ranch party . . . Gibbs Hall, where they study about first one thing and another. Everything from Indians to Pirates were seen at the Fidele-Forester Halloween Costume Ball . . . and the little dog said " everybody makes such a fuss over me " . . . Betty and Tommy dec- orating the goal posts for a home game . . . almost everyone made it for this one . . . " Now girls, let me tell you " . . . My, what a good looking convertible you boys have! ! ! LUMBERJACKS 55 MEXICO CITY COLLEGE For its second go of the year Stephen F. Austin played host to the Aztecs of Mexico City College in an inter- sectional game on September 24. The Jacks downed the game but outclassed Aztecs, made up mostly of Texas footballers getting south-of-the-border learn- ing, 55-0. LUMBERJACKS 40 DANIEL BAKER Coach Paul Tyson, great Waco High coach of yester year, had difficulty getting his first Daniel Baker team to perform as his Waco Tigers used to do. The Hill- billies put up a stubborn fight but weakened in the final frames to give the Jacks a 40-0 win. LUMBERJACKS 1949 Lumberjacks — Texas fourth best team with 7 wins, and 2 defeats. Ted L. Jefferies In his three years on the campus as Athletic Director and head football coach, Ted Jefferies has endeared himself to those with whom he has come in contact. He has proved himself an ef- ficient administrator, and his football teams have proved that he is a capable coach. The Athletic Department has expanded and improved so that now SFA ranks high in Texas athletic activities. Under his leadership, this progress has been made, and as SFA grows its students and ex-students can be proud of Coach Jefferies and the Athletic Department. Gene Paul Agleton Kenneth Almond Leo Anger Georgf Barclay E»d Back Back End W. E. Beathard Lloyd Biskamp Jesse Bolles Jimmie Bonsall Back Center Guard Back GRIDIRON SEASON... Merlin Broussard Guard George DeCoux Center James Canter Back James Drake Back Jack Carlton Center James Due End Roy Davidson Back James Eaves Guard LUMBERJACKS WIN Tri-Captain Ollie McKay scores for Lumberjacks. Recovered fumble sets stage for touchdown. Harold English Back Don Hughes Back Alton Geisendorff Tackle Pete Hughes Back Pearman Hardy Guard Sherman Hughes Back Gene Hill Back Fred Jackson End RST TWO GAMES Stephen F. Austin journeyed to Commerce to meet the East Texas State Lions in the first conference game of the season. An inspired Lion team exploded from the first kickoff, which they ran back 100 yards for their first talley. The Jacks played a stubborn de- fensive game but were downed 13-0 by the conference champion Lions. SFA 19 SFA 55 SFA SFA 6 SFA 23 SFA 13 SFA 40 SFA 12 SFA 51 SCORES East Texas Baptist Mexico City East Texas State North Texas State Southwest Texas State Louisiana Daniel Baker University of Corpus Christi Sam Houston State Sherman Hughes breaks loose for big gain. Before an excited and highly partisan Homecoming Day crowd of 6,000, the Jacks poured on the steam and rolled over the highly touted Bearkats of Sam Houston State Teachers College, 51-14. Uncorking deceptive and deadly accurate passes the Lumberjacks played great foot- ball to wrap up an equally great season and send homecoming visitors home happy. LUMBERJACKS DEFEAT Bill Jacobs End Oliver McKay Tri-Captain, All-Conference Back Bobby Jones End Truman Milling Tackle Johnny Lamar End Gene Mullin Guard Robert Lee Guard Leland Nunez Tackle SCORES Touch- P. A. T. P. A. T. Field Points downs Act. Made Goals SFA 30 30 23 Opponents 13 13 219 85 Bobcats and Lumberjacks scramble for recovery. SAM HOUSTON 51 TO 14 Ed Parrish End Hollis Slaughter Back Oail Phillips Tri-Captain, All-Conference Guard Pat Smith Tackle Vernon Redd Back Howard Tisdale Tackle Johnnie Sandlin Guard Felix Wiggins Back LUMBERJACKS 23 SOUTHWEST TEXAS STATE 20 The Lumberjacks met Southwest Texas State Oc- tober 22, in Memorial Stadium for their second conference tilt. Trailing 13 points at the half, the determined Lumberjacks came back in the last half to snatch victory from defeat. Sparked by the running of James Canter and the quarterback- ing of Leo Anger, the Jacks came through with a 23-20 win over Southwest Texas. When the gun sounded ending the Stephen F. Austin-Sam Houston hoedown, November 19, 1949, the Lumberjacks had completed the most successful year in SFA football history. Coach Bili Wilson H. W. Wilson Ted L. Jefferies ' Lumberjacks played nine games, won seven of them, soundly thrashed the tradi- tional rival Sam Houston Bearkats, tied for second place in the Lone Star Conference, and ended up in fourth place among all Texas college teams. Opening the 1949 season against East Texas Baptist College with 19 to 7 win, and closing it with a 51-14 victory over Sam Houston, the Jacks salted away some fine statistics for Stephen F. Austin football annals. Suffering defeat only at the hands of East Texas State and North Texas, the Lumberjacks were a spirited and ever dangerous team. A REVIEW OF THE Leo Anger wrote finis to four years of college football with brilliant field generalship and Oliver McKay sparked Lumberjack offensives with precision ball handling and yardage gaining runs. In the point-after-touchdown depart- ment, with the ferocious accuracy of Billy Jack Roberson ' s kicking, the only worry SFA had was getting somebody to throw the ball back on the field. Turning in great performances as well as closing out their college football careers were Roy Davidson, James " Dusty " Due, Oliver McKay, Fred Jackson, H. W. Wilson, Leo Anger, Billy Jack Rober- son, Sherman Hughes, and Merlin Broussard. LUMBERJACKS 19 EAST TEXAS BAPTIST 7 For the 1949 season opener SFA jour- neyed to Marshall to take on the East Texas Baptist College Tigers. The in- experienced Lumberjack line met unex- pectedly stiff opposition and floundered during the first half, but came back in the final frame to win 19-7. SEASON SEASON TOTALS RUSHING SFA Times Carried 387 300 No. Act. 195 161 Yards Gain 1167 Yards Loss 362 Opponents 921 402 FORWARD PASSING SFA Net Gain 1295 520 No. Comp. 80 Had Inter. 22 Net Scoring ses Gain Pas 1306 13 Opponents 69 35 1040 TOTAL OFFENSE SFA Total JMays 581 520 Times Kicked 49 68 Opponents PUNTING SFA Yards Kicked 1877 Opponents 2372 Net Gain 2611 1586 Had Blocked 1 2 Coach Rose and bis I 950 Aggregation. BASKETBALL Emmett Battise chalks up two points against Northwestern Jackie Bond goes into the air for field goal Pi! Lj m wL s Jm After an auspicious start in the Lone Star Con- ference in the 1948-49 season when his Lumber- jack charges won the loop crown handily, Coach Glen Rose was faced with that old coaching buga- boo, " rebuilding, " in the next time out. Losing two of his all-conference stars, the lanky mentor from Arkansas fielded a near-freshman quintet on occasions, and guided them to a creditable season. The young team rewarded the coach ' s tutoring with a scrappy, high-scoring try in every one of the twenty-four games. Most of the losses the team experienced could easily have been vic- tories with a little luck. Taking everything into account, Lone Star members had better watch Coach Rose and the Jack cagers for the next three years. They ' re young, big, and full of hustle. Coach Glen Rose AT S. F. A. CONFERENCE STANDINGS SEASON STANDINGS Team Won Lost Points Opp. Pet. Team Won Lost Points Opp. Pet. Southwest Texas . .. 7 5 691 683 .583 Southwest Texas . . .13 10 1273 1222 .565 East Texas 7 5 636 640 .583 Sam Houston .... 11 12 1315 1353 .478 Sam Houston .... 6 6 645 660 .500 East Texas 10 14 1218 1271 .417 Stephen F. Austin .. 4 8 713 692 .333 Stephen F. Austin . . 8 16 1343 1465 .333 Jackie Bond Center Orange Herbert Branch Guard Humble M. Cruseturner Center Cushing Nederland Honorable Mention for All-Conference Cecil Ford Guard Humble Jake Gatlin For n ' ard Cushing James Johnson Forward Jacksonville All-Conference Team Leonard Lamb Center Maydelle Billy Patrick Guard Port Arthur Billy Penny Guard Alt. Enterprise John H. Redd Forward Blossom Harry Williams Forward Deweyville ON THE HARDWOOD The season record for the Lumberjack basketballers showed eight won and sixteen lost, four of the wins and eight of the losses coming during the conference campaign. On the face of it, it didn ' t look too good. There were compensating factors, however, which brought a gleam to the eyes of Jack followers. In the first place, the team was mostly a freshman-sophomore combination, which can be expected to improve rapidly in the next few seasons. Then there is the fact that the ' Jack quint outscored all other Lone Star teams, both in season and conference play. In fact, three Lumberjacks, Johnston, Duff, and Asimos, were among the first seven leaders, with Johnston walking away with first place honors. At the risk of second-guessing, there ' s this to consider, also. At least half of the Jack losses could have been victories with a little more luck. They soundly thrashed every team in the conference at least once, and were never up against a weak quint during the sea- son. They may have been outscored, but nobody could say they were ever outhustled. CONFERENCE SCORERS FG FT TP Johnston, SFA 151 66 368 Collins, SH 132 71 335 Lloyd, SH 127 71 325 Whitten, ET 110 105 325 Duff, SFA 106 82 294 Maze, SWT 104 76 28i Asimos, SFA 105 41 251 THE BASKETBALL SEASON SFA 55 SFA 57 SFA 50 SFA 45 SFA 47 SFA 58 SFA 65 SFA 53 SFA 54 SFA 54 SFA 78 SFA 81 Northwestern La. State 73 Hardin Simmons 48 Centenary College 53 Baylor University 57 Centenary College 60 Lackland Air Base 46 East Texas Baptist 5° Sam Houston State 63 Sam Houston State 56 North Texas State 59 Southwest Texas State 61 Southwest Texas State 51 SFA 54 SFA 47 SFA 45 SFA 49 SFA 51 SFA 41 SFA 51 SFA 49 SFA 63 SFA 61 SFA 82 SFA 53 North Texas State 48 University of Houston 62 East Texas State 49 East Texas State 50 University of Houston 55 Southwest Texas State 66 Southwest Texas State 61 East Texas Baptist 53 Sam Houston State 50 Sam Houston State 67 East Texas State 61 East Texas State 57 Season Record: Won 8 Lost 16 Pts. 1343 Opp. 1365 Conference Record: Won 4 Lost 8 Pts. 711 Opp. 692 Jack Scranton says " Pitch ' er right here! " Richard G I o c h z i n, who signed with the Philadelphia Phillies. The 1949 edition of the Lumberjack baseballers again grabbed a share of the Lone Star Conference champion- ship title — they were co-champions with Sam Houston. In 1947 and ' 48 the Axemen, under the guidance of Coach Joseph Gallagher won the flag outright. In gaining their co-championship title, the Jacks de- feated the University of Houston twice, East Texas twice, and Hardin College and Sam Houston once. Their only two conference setbacks came at the hands of the Bear- kats and the Indians. Two members of the 1949 team made the all-conference team — Leo Anger, junior first baseman and Ted Asimos, freshman second sacker. Richard Glockzin, Axemen pitcher, was the only conference pitcher to go unde- feated in loop play. His four wins and no defeats played an important part in his signing a professional contract with the Ph iladelphia Phillies. ON THE DIAMOND Squad of 1 ( J49 pictured below — seated, left to right — Grady Lewis, Jimmy Moore. Bobby Gene Olivieri. Dong Samfard. Bill Wilhite, Bryan Poole, Richard Carrington . . . Second Row — Ted Asimos, Mitchell Torok, Roy Davidson, Jack Scranton, Don Beat, Roland Spradlin, Link Skillern, Pete Smith . . . Third Row — Don Crouch, Gene Hatton, H. W. Wilson, Leo Anger, Norman Withers, Richard Glockzin, James Canter. 49 BASEBALL SCHEDULE Leo Anger, All-Conference first baseman. Bryan Poole, warming up to pitch. SCORES SFA. . 2 Baylor University. . . . 4 SFA. . .. 4 Baylor University. . . . 7 SFA. . .. 3 Baylor University. . . . 18 SFA. . .. Baylor University 11 SFA. . .. 2 5 SFA. . .. 4 3 SFA. . .. 3 Rice Institute 5 SFA. . .. 4 Sam Houston State. . . 7 SFA. . . .12 University of Houston 3 SFA. . .. 3 Bradley University. . . . 9 SFA. . . . 8 Bradley University. . . 11 SFA. . . .10 University of Houston 4 SFA. . .. 3 Sam Houston State. . . 2 SFA. . . 3 East Texas State 2 SFA. . . 5 Hardin College 3 SFA. . . 6 East Texas State 2 SFA. . . 1 Hardin College 12 Denotes Conference Games. OTHER SPORTS As do most schools, Stephen F. Austin ' s athletic program emphasizes the " big three " in collegiate competition; football, basketball, and baseball. A fairly broad program, however, is embraced and the school fields teams in tennis, golf, and track. Of late, the Lumberjack minors have not been carrying home many trophies, but they keep plugging away. SPORT SNAPS Sportiri Around ON THE TENNIS COURT On days that the sun is permitted to shine, the resound- ing thwack of the tennis balls against catgut is evidence of a lively, rather restricted, interest in tennis. A group of hard-working and determined racquet wielders prac- tice constantly sharpening up their game in preparation for spring tennis tourneys. Due to the stiff practice and additional experience of last year ' s net squad, Stephen F. Austin ' s tennis chances look brighter this year than they have looked for many a moon. Making up the team are three lettermen from the 1949 squad, one from 1947 and one hard serving new member. The 1949 tennis team, made up of Truman Milling, Gene Paul Agleton, Glenn Hardin and Kenneth Fox, won six matches last year against seasoned opponents, and promise to give the big guns of Sam Houston and University of Houston a battle for the honors. The 1949 team was composed of freshmen with little or no tournament experience, but they return this year greatly improved and confident. Milling, Fox and Agle- ton are joined by veteran Jerry Gartman and hard-hit- ting Rudy Bowden, to make up Coach Glen Rose ' s 1950 SFA tennis team. AROUND THE Say, is this Wisely or Gibbs?? Max and Preston give her the oh ' one, two. You ' re My Every- thing, to James and Bessie. Elsie and Billy show ' em how it ' s done in Lufkin. Maurice, Al, and Bill hold a S. F. A CAMPUS Charles Ray wind- ing up for the pitch. Arnitie models and escorts at their Cocktail party. These freshmen are very fitting in front of Gibbs. Selma and Gethrel root in ' for the Jacks. Just another collec- tion of feminine pulchritude thrown in to rest your eyes. That ' s the way I heard it! MORE K A M Betty Pridgen gives Betty Gunnels a coat fitting while Louise Riggs seams up the skirt. Tra-ra-ra-BOOM- ti-a!! " A thing of beauty is a Joy Forever " as seen in Caro- lyn, Rosalin, Peggy and Viola. Don ' t walk too close — they have no spittoons! ! SFA artists take a tip from Joe Sexton. Got ' che covered, Bud!!! K A P E R S Oh-h silly! ! . fight Jacks figbt ! ! ! Sue, Jackie, and Edna Merle get those flags ready for the half- time. I ' m going home! ! Jackie and Jane model latest sleep- walkers. The front steps and other permanent fixtures. Viola Bailey, Frank Lindsey, Henry E. LeBrecht, Sponsor, Phyllis Gamer, Albert " Hamp " Wheeler, Pat Bowser, Maurice Hubbard, Head Cheerleader. THE CHEERLEADERS " We ' ve got the pep, we ' ve got the steam " was a good characteristic of the cheerleaders this year. Not only did they support the Lumberjack teams during athletic events, but they helped foster school spirit during other college activities throughout the year. The cheerleaders led yells at the football games, served as a welcoming committee to all visiting cheerleaders, conducted pep rallies on Thursdays and Saturdays before the games, held an early morning pep rally to send the Lumberjack team to an out-of-town game, participated in the Homecoming parade and were in charge of the bon-fire pep rally, and when basketball season came, they found their place for leading yells on the hardwood sidelines. Under the sponsorship of H. E. LeBrecht, the cheerleaders were Viola Bailey, Nacogdoches; Pat Bowser, Lufkin; Phyllis Garner, Beaumont; Maurice Hubbard, head cheerleader, Lufkin; Frank Lindsey, Jasper; and Albert " Hamp " Wheeler, Northward Ridge, New Hampshire. Intramural Sports Pictured here are shots tak- en at random of various in- tramural football games. I Intramural sports are an integral part of Stephen F. Austin ' s campus life, as is shown by the number of intramural teams and the keen rivalry that exists between them. Not only do the men ' s social clubs field teams in basketball, football, volleyball, and baseball, but a rash of independent teams with eccentric-sounding names breathe hot on the heels of the clubmen. This year the Foresrers, Sawyers, Lambda Gammas, and Austinites had to face the hardy competition of such free wheeling independents as the Crackerjacks, Leaping Lenas, Hot Rocks, Snow Birds, Hungry Five, Ragknots, and Pine Knots. For the second season in a row the Sawyers walked off with the intramural basketball championship, but only after a stiff battle with the Pine Knots. The football championship bat tle was between those two ancient en- emies, the Foresters and the Sawyers. The Foresters took the game and displaced last year ' s winners, the Austinites, as football intramural champions. Because of an early publication date it is impossible to include the outcome of volleyball and baseball, but all organi- zations are zealously rounding up potential players, and the competition is sure to be frenzied and frantic. INTRAMURALS Forester Championship football Team Sawyer Championship Basketball Team WOMEN ' S SPORTS AT S.F.A. Intramural Game Modern Dance — Dorothy Schilling, Betty Haley, Evelyn Monzingo, LaVon Alassey, Mary Ellen LJlmer. Basketball, Standing — Bobbie Potts, Mary Sue Kile, Mike Coleman, Badminton, First Row — Nelwyn Samford, Margaret Shane, Mary Margaret Halbert, Frances Ray, Carrie Lou Parks. Ellen Ulmer. Seated — Margaret Shane, Virginia Tolbirt, Nelwyn Samford, Mary Back Ron — Bobbie Potts, June Irwin, Coach; Virginia Tolbirt. Ellen Ulmer. ALL-STAR TEAMS Field Hockey — Lois Blount, Virginia Tolbirt, Julia Nell Hall, Gloria Wat- son, Nelwyn Samford, Ramona Rob- erts, Earleen McGee, Emma Deaton, Margaret Shane, Alary Ellen Ulmer, Bobbie Potts. THE 1950 Ramona McDaniel, Billie McKinney, Mary Lou Low, Chili Wilson. Sue Ferguson, Jo Ann McKewen, Betty Adams, Alma Williams, Starr Davis, Liz Hudgens, Betty Vosbury, Business Manager, and Ramona McDaniel, Editor. I STAFF Editor Ramona McDaniel Ass stunt Editor Chili Wilson Business Manager . . Betty Kimmey Vosbury Assistant Manager Jerry Gartman Senior Class . . Liz Hudgens, Mary Lou Low Junior Class Editors Betty Adams Billie McKinney Sophomore Class Editors . . . Betty Stoker Phyllis Garner Freshman Class Editors .... Sue Ferguson Starr Davis Faculty Editor Frances H. Jackson Organizations Editor .... Barbara Potts Sports Editor Gene Belch Features Editor Bennie Jane Davis Typists . . Alma Williams, Mary Jo Goodwin Photographers . Roy Wilson, Howard Rosser Tommy Hardy, Selma Thomas Extras .... Betty Oney, Gethrel Franke Reba Beavers Sponsors . . . Violet Adkins, Dr. C. F. Sheley s TONE FORT The end of another year always brings us a new annual. This year, we, the annual staff, have thoroughly en- joyed our work and sincerely hope that we have created a book which shall aid you in recalling all of your fond or otherwise memories of this passing school year. " All work and no play " hasn ' t been our motto. We have had our share of the laughs too. Always around to keep the girls happy and smooth things over was Jerry Gartman, without whose able assistance and moral support we could have never made it. Jo Ann McKewen kept things from becoming dull with her good humor and quick wit. Betty Vosbury, Liz Hud- gens and Mary Lou Low were always standing by, ready to lend a helping hand. Last but not least our talented and courageous editor-in-chief who braved the storms, kept her staff in running order, and executed the many and endless jobs that had to be done; yet Ramona McDaniel had time to give her co-workers encourage- ment and a friendly smile. As you read through this book now and in the years to come, we sincerely hope that it gives you added pleasure in recalling memories of this school year 1949- 50. We trust that you will grow as fond of this year ' s annual as we have been in creating the book for you, the student body. PINE LOG 1 9 5 O Stuff members take time out to pose. As the " voice " of the student body, we realize that several times we have been accused of having laryngitis. In an ef- fort to defend ourselves, as well as help those who will follow in our footsteps, we hasten to point out the following few little-known facts which we hope will be remembered by students in the years to come: the Pine Log office is located in the basement of Main, Room 1-A; all students are entitled and en- couraged to contribute their stories, advice, and spare time to this publica- tion; there is a monster commonly called " deadline " which must be ap- peased; and typographical errors can be corrected provided that at least one loyal friend of the editor can be found to read proofs. We, the vocal chords of this " voice, " have endeavored to pub- lish the news as we saw it and provide entertainment for you. We feel that if the efforts extended by the pictured starting line-up have enlightened or entertained you, our creative attempts have not been in vain. J. T Cox Director Enthusiastically received during all football and basketball games, the Lumberjack band once again filled a nine months ' calendar of musical activity. Music for pep rallies, booster trips to other towns and schools, numerous parades, con- certs, and musical assemblies kept the sixty mem- bers constantly on the move. We salute Director J. T. Cox, Drum Major Caro- lyn Mooney, Twirlers; Faye Brown, Stella Kelton, Mary Jo Goodwin, Patricia Forse, Peggy McKay, and Peggy Mahall: Flag Bearers; Edna Merle Cox, and Jackie Jones. Above, Back Row — Edna Merle Cox, Flag Bearer, Faye Brown, Twirler, Carolyn Mooney, Drum Major, Stella Kelton, Twirler, Jackie Jones, Flag Bearer. Front Row — Mary Jo Goodwin, Twirler, Pa- tricia Forse, Twirler, Peggy McKay, Twirler, Peggy Maball, Twirler, At Right — College Band. LUMBERJACK BAND A CAPPELL A CHOIR The fun began with rehearsals at 4:00 on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays in September with 46 members present. October found " Mr. B " tearing his mustache and forgetting how to say anything except " Let ' s knock off the funny stuff " and " Dooit agin. " The choir boasts of six concerts delivered in good form the week before Christmas holidays as well as several performances for local organizations and school occasions. The sorrows of discords, flat notes, and silent entrances are all forgotten when we recall the fun we had on the concert tours which started before daybreak and ended long after nightfall. Frfderick Baumgartner Director Buddy Rylatid and bis orchestra at Pleasure Pier BUDDY RYLAND ' S The Buddy Ryland Orchestra will say goodbye to the pines of Stephen F. Austin this year to launch itself into the currents of professional life. Buddy Ryland and his orchestra are gradu- ating this year and already have an impressive list of bookings waiting for them. The orchestra has had offers from four dif- ferent booking agencies and will probably start recording for Decca at an early date. Buddy and his boys introduced a new kind of dance music to SFA, and, through consistent listings among outstanding dance bands, earned recognition for SFA as well as for themselves. Since the orchestra ' s organization in 1947, the boys have been building it with only one idea in mind — of hitting the big time. They certainly seem to be on their way. From mop-topped Buddy Ryland to songstress Trixie Butler ( in private life Mrs. Bill Davis) the orchestra is a competent, well-integrated or- ganization that gives out with the newest in musical stylings in a manner that has won them comparison with such progressive greats as Tex Beneke, Les Brown and Gene Krupa. The band already has dates lined up at such popular play- grounds as Houston ' s Plantation Club, the Shamrock, and Lou Ann ' s Club in Dallas. Soon after graduation the band will start its summer tour with three weeks booking at the Pleasure Pier in Galveston, and will then head for the West Coast play- ing mostly one night stands and theater dates. The Big Time is waiting. ORCHESTRA Buddy and bis trombone First Row — Jimmie Day, Bill Ross, Max Grigshy, Willie Joe Green, President, James Sinclair, Royce Wil- liams. Second Row — . L. Beaird, Pete Smith, Gene Prescott, Bobby Jones, Vice-President, Ray Collins, Henry Disb- bi rger, Bryan AlcKenzie. Third Row — Dr. Abbot, Mr. Griffin, Mr. LeBrecbt. The newly formed Amer- ican Chemical Society has been in existence on the campus of SFA for a very short time, yet it boasts a membership of over 95 per cent of the students eligible, name- ly, chemistry majors, and chemical engineers of at least sophomore stand- ing. The object of the Chapter is to foster a professional pride in chemistry, to secure the intellectual stimulation that arises from professional association, and to gain experience in preparing and presenting technical material before professional audiences. ACS CLUB The purpose of the Library Club is to interpret the library ' s work to the students of Stephen F. Austin in such a way that will make books interesting instead of boresome. Another objec- tive of the club is to publicize and promote the activities of the library. Membership in the club is not limited to student assistants; but any inter- ested student is cordially invited to join, especial- ly those students taking library science courses. LIBRARY CLUB Joe Sexton, Jeanette Wolav- er, Rosalin Gammill, Re- porter. Margaret Gatlin, Vice-President, Cleat is Wil- liams, Earlon Williams, Nel- da Williams, Doris Kilpat- rick, Sponsor, Don Hancock, Pat Townsend. Not pictured — President, David Danbeim. Top Row — Yolemdo Cortazzo, Bessie Coussons, Billie Jean DeVore, Loretta Heath. Bottom Ron — Mary Kate Hndman, Mary Sue Kile, Elizabeth Penny, Secretary, Betty Priclgen, Ercycle Waller, Vice-President. LUMBERJACKETTES Margaret Rushing, President The Lumberjackettes is an association open to all women stu- dents on the campus who are interested in promoting a better school spirit. Since its organization in 1925, it has had a major part in all school activities. Dr. Robert B. Cupel, Earl Lord, President, Steiman Stevens, Waline Mott, Johnny Beasley, George Oliver, John Wilson. PI KAPPA - DELTA Members of the Degree of Proficiency, Order of Debate are: Wayple Farrell, Earl Lord, and George Oliver Members of the Degree of Fraternity, Order of Debate are: Waline Mott, Edmond Joe Gentry, John Wilson, Kenneth Fulmer, Charles Williams, Aldous Smith, Earl Thomas, and Steiman Stephens. Dr. Paul L. Boynton is an honorary member. The purpose of this organization is to stimulate progress in and to promote the interests of inter-collegiate debate and oratory and public speaking. It encourages a spirit of fellowship, friendly co-operation, and interest in rhetori- cal activities by conferring upon deserving candidates badges and degrees of distinction, honor, and proficiency, graduated and varied according to merit and achievement. Janice Campbell, John Wilson, Evelyn Camp, Milton Bradford, S. A. Shipley, George Oliver, Ozzie GramUng, Clarence Carter, Evelyn Monzingo, flora Thames. ALPHA PSI OMEGA ■ Alpha Psi Omega is the national honorary dramatic fraternity designed for the purpose of providing an honor society for those doing a high standard of work in dramatics. The aim of Alpha Psi Omega as set down in the Constitution is " fellowship and service to stimulate interest in collegiate dramatics. " The fraternity does not take the place of the regular dramatic club or other production groups, but as students qualify, they are awarded mem- bership in this society. Individual membership in Alpha Psi Omega is awarded to those college students who have participated in enough dramatic activities to meet the rigid requirements set up by the fraternity. These activities may take the form of participation in plays, production staff work, advertisement, direction, and play- writing. Membership is determined on a point-system basis. Each college chapter of Alpha Psi Omega is known as a " cast, " the national officers as " the grand cast, " and the national convention as a " rehearsal. " The Stephen F. Austin chapter is the Beta Phi Cast. Officers for the year are: Milton Bradford, Director of the Cast; Evelyn Earl Monzingo, Sub-Director; Carolyn Mooney, Secretary-Treasurer. Yolando Cortazzo, Secretary, Mary Lou Low, Vice-President, Jean Rhber, Alonzola Covington, Louise Riggs, Alary Lou Koster, Anita Boles, Margaret Rushing, Ramona McDaniel, Evelyn Camp, President, L. W. Ellerbrook and Dr. A. L. Long, Sponsors. The first FTA college and university chapters were chartered in the spring of 1939. One year later there were 64 chapters in good standing. In SFA the charter was revived in October, 1947, after an inactive period. How- ever, its members and officers are now working towards a stronger chapter for the future. Since the purpose of FTA is to train for democratic cooperative action, importance is attached to projects in which young people work at educational and civic problems. FTA brings to the student the motivating power of a lifelong purpose and a nationwide outlook. It is designed to develop ideals and power in the lives of its members. Earl Lord, Harry Petty, Archie Shaver, Sid Caillavet, Gene Buckley, James McCauley, Johnny Beasley, WaUne Mott, Claude Gate- wood, Mart ell Mills, Charles Martindale, Eugene Belch, Roy Blake, James Wright, Raymond St. Peter, Calvin Bowden, Waple Far- rell, Lincoln Skillern, George Oliver, Jack Stone, W. E. Coate, W eldon Wright. GRAND ORDER OF ROYAL BARRISTERS The Grand Order of Royal Barristers is a professional club organized primarily for the benefit of those students who have chosen to enter the political field. This non-social club chooses its members with discretion, with em- phasis upon character, ability to speak, and the capacity to withstand objective criticism. The Barristers con- vene each Monday night and each meeting is characterized by alertness and swiftmoving debate according to Robert ' s rules of parliamentary procedure. The subjects which come under fire at a Barrister meeting range all the way from the routine issues of club business to the major political issues of the day, and all discussions are un- dertaken with the knowledge on the part of each Barrister that no holds are barred. The Grand Order of Royal Barristers is proud of its past record at Stephen F. Austin and its members have con- fidence in their ability to choose new members with the capacity to carry out the best traditions of a Barrister. The officers of the Barristers for the Fall semester of ' 49 were Marter Mills, president; Waline Mott, vice-presi- dent; Kenneth Champion, secretary; Jack Stone, parliamentarian; Weeks Crawford, sergeant-at-arms; Calvin H. Bowden, reporter; and James McCauley, scavenger. First Row — Fritz McCameron, Gene Belch, Vice-President, Sarah Childress, Secretary, Tom Merriiveather. Second Row — Joe Sexton, Harold McGown, Ruth Maynard, jane Helpinstill, Lina Lusk, Betty Haley, Gethrel Franke, Selma Thomas, Reha Beavers, Ramona McDaniel. Third Row — Burnis Lawrence, Archie Shaver, Weldon Wright, Sponsor, Dave Voshury, Woody Behannon. Lawrence Franks, Spon- sor. Not pictured: President, James Parrish. The purposes of the Stephen F. Austin Press Club are to encourage those students who are interested in journal- ism, and to sponsor the student publications, the Pine Log, and the Stone Fort. The Press Club is also spon- soring a college magazine, The Knothole, which is to b- published for the first time this year. A further pur- pose of the club is to aid in the advancement of the public re ' ations of SFA. The members of the Press Club meet weekly with assignments for work on the Pine Log being given out at the meetings. There are no dues required for membership in the club. The Press Club is a member of the Texas Intercollegiat? Press Association, and the Club sends delegates each year to the meetings of the T.I. P. A. The Press Club sponsors the SFA Jamboree, an annual variety stage show of the campus talent. The officers of the club for the fall semester of 1949 ars James Parrish, president; Gene Belch, vice-president; Sarah Childress, secretary; Woody Behannon, reporter, Rimona McDaniel, program chairman; Selma Thomas, ser- geant-at-arms; Weldon Wright and Lawrence Franks, sponsors. Violet Adkius, Sponsor, Edward Mooney, Harold Reynold. President, Dan Landers, Ramona McDaniel, Robert Lee Lamb, Secretary, Peggy McClain, Vice-President, Joe Sexton, Max Woods, Lillian Mays, Betty Scbocbler, Janet Turner, Charles Summers, Dr. and Mrs. Karl Scblicber, Jean Burns. Arts Incorporated was formed in 1946 in an effort to further the understanding and appreciation of the Fine Arts on the campus and in the surrounding communities. Much progress was made by the club this year, 1949-50, when it became a prominent organization on the campus, both as an instrument of culture and as an agency of advice and assistance in art to the other organizations active at SFA. Many and varied are the activities which have high-lighted this year ' s career of Arts Incorporated. To name a few, it has sponsored art exhibits both on and off the campus, solicited funds by making Christmis cards to sell, visited museums and other places of artis- tic interest, and has, in general, tried to raise its own cultural standards, as well as those of the inhabitants of the immediate vicinity. ELLEN H. RICHARDS CLUB The Home Economics Club has been an active organization since its beginning in 1926. In 1932 it became the Ellen H. Richards Club, honoring a pioneer in home economics education. The club flower is the rose; the motto, " Forever Learning, " and the club colors are green and white. Our club has been affiliated with the state and na- tional Home Economics Association since May 19, 1927. Miss Edna Wilkin, with assistance of other faculty mem- bers, has sponsored the club since its beginning. Although the club members delight in new programs and projects, members point with pride and satisfaction to their yearly activities. Each year there is a club page in the annual, a morning coffee on Homecoming day, a float in the Homecoming parade, a Christmas party, Fall and Spring picnics, and a banquet honoring ex-students in the spring. Officers for the club this year are: Betty Gunnels, president; Betty Pridgen, vice-president; Louise Riggs, secretary; Betty Ruth Stoker, treasurer; Jeanette Wolover, reporter; Patricia Townsend, historian; Jane Swanzy, room host- ess; June Barton, parliamentarian; Jane Fontenot, program chairman; Margie Dale Redmon, yearbook chairman; Phyllis Garner, social chairman; and Mary Frances LaForge, publicity chairman. Una Link, Wing Counselor, Ann Herrington, Historian, Mary Louise Roberts, Historian, Reb a Beavers, President, Liz Hudgens, Wing Counselor, Loretta Heath, Reporter, Hattie Jo Shillings, Wing Counselor, Aliss Margaret Richardson, Dorm Hostess, Barbara Beck, Wing Counselor, Libby Watson, Wing Counselor, Bessie Coussons, Secretary. GIBBS HALL COUNCIL Gibbs Hall Council, made up of girls elected by their associates because of their leadership ability, reputation for fair play, and general good nature, attempts to iron out Dormitory difficulties and to promote co-operation among the Dormitory girls to keep " everybody happy. " Prexy Beavers presides to start the ball rolling at council and general house meetings called near the middle of the night or whenever the need arises, to discuss general improve- ments, or in rare instances to investigate a crashing coke bottle explosion at midnight, mostly occurring during deadweek, or to counsel girls who " just couldn ' t say goodnight " by 11 o ' clock. House Mother Richardson, ever promoting the girls ' best interests, adds her quiet peaceful attendance at the meetings and contributes helpful sug- gestions. Bessie Coussons records the happenings of the meetings and keeps account of finances, while Wing Coun- selors Watson and Beck from Third Floor, Lusk and Hud gens from Second, and Schillings from First deliver their respective contributions. The Council promotes occasional General House meetings and other activities where all the Dormitory girls may participate. Among these are: a Coffee introducing Rush Week with all women students and women faculty members invited; a Kangaroo Court, where the freshmen really " jump " ; a Christmas Party with gifts and fun for all, and General Gripe Sessions collecting corrective criticisms of Dormitory conditions. Visitors from the Sam Houston College Student Congress were entertained with an afternoon coffee in Gibbs Hall Lounge in November. Monthly birthdays in each respective month, when they are guests of honor along with faculty members who celebrate birthdays together with them. ALPHA - CHI The Alpha Chi is a national honor society, whose purpose is to promote and rec- ognize scholarship. The local chapter is named the A. W. Birdwell Chapter in honor of Dr. A. W. Birdwell, President of the College for many years. Members of this organization are chosen from the high ranking students of the junior, senior, and graduating classes, the number in each instance being limited to one- tenth of the membership of each class. Active members are elected in the fall, and graduate members at the spring and summer commencements. First Row — Betty Balloiv, Wynell Jones, Virginia Simms, Alary Lois Dunn, Anita Boles. Second Row — Jeanette Wolaver, Margaret Rushing, Barbara Potts, Evelyn Camp, Betty Oney, Mary Lois Bane. Third Rote — Earleen McGee, Lodaska Hartt, Ramona Roberts, Carrie Lou Parks, Sarah Childress, Ramona McDaniel. Fourth Row — W. L. Bane, Frank Waggoner, Melba McPhail, Marguerite Stone, Betty Hogan, Joyce Gafford, Von Rae Stevens, Sharon Richey, Jerry Hudson. Fifth Ron — W. B. Coble, Student Secretary. Jack Robinson, Joe Frank Hignett, Charles Ray Dorian, Harold Hanson, Joe Sexton, James Red field, Robert Lee Lamb, President. BAPTIST STUDENT UNION Baptist Student Center The Baptist Student Union emblem shows what we stand for. The helmet of salvation is uppermost, for all B.S.U. members first must be Christians and in addition members of a local Baptist Church or one of its unit organizations. In the connecting links, we see its unified pro- gram of Baptist religious activity, and realize that it seeks to link the college student to the local church. The shield of faith represents prayer, and denominational loyalty; the sword of the Spirit behind it represents Bible study. Sacrificial service is embodied in the cross. Our campus organization is a part of one which includes the youth of the state, the South, and ultimately the world, as we are connected with the Baptist World Alliance through its Youth Committee. Highlights of the year were our pre-school re- treat, the Thanksgiving Breakfast, State B.S.U. Convention, Christmas party, Youth Revival, Spring Conference, and Spring Banquet. First Row — Doyle Watson, David Danbcim, Sharon Wheeler, Barbara Dillon, Betty Barber, Second Row — Rev. Wheeler, George Ross, Jimmy Skinner, Trudy Wheeler, Wayne Womack, James Dunsmore. Third Row — Jean Anderson, Lucille Young, Jack Matthews, John Mills. Standing — Alice Ruth Cady, Betty Haley, Max Tread well, Dewey Holland, Bob Cady, Dale Sinclair, Clem Birkmeyer. The Wesley Bible Chair began its services to the student body of Stephen F. Austin, January 3, 1929, after five years of dreaming, praying, and negotiating on the part of those responsible for its establishment. From the beginning, directors of the Wesley Bible Chair have offered Bible courses to the students of the campus. The name of the Bible Chair has been changed to " The Methodist Student Center " because of the new duties taken on by this organization. Today not only Bible courses, but a well-rounded pro- gram of worship, recreation, and fellowship is of- fered to all students of the campus. By the end of the school year our housing facili- ties will be adequate for any and all activities sponsored by the Methodist Student Movement of the campus. It is our desire that the students use the new center as a second home, a place to hang their hat, rest by the fire- place, read a good book, or play dominoes. Our little Chapel is to be used for private meditation and devotionals as well as public worship. Through all our activities we trust that students of our campus will find the key to Abundant Living. WESLEY FOUNDATION The Methodist Student Center STEPHEN F. AUSTIN AGGIE CLUB With the exception of the war period, there has been an active Aggie Club organization present on the Stephen F. Austin campus since the beginning of the Agriculture Department. The first meeting was called November 16, 1949, and started the present Aggie Club which has one of the most promising futures of any group on the campus. The plans are to observe local chapters of Area No. 1, and assist them in any possible way with their leadership training program. The main purpose is to set up the ideal as to what a high school chapter should be like in its training program and physical facilities. In addition to regular meetings, the club will assist with the annual Area No. 7 leadership contest and in Homecoming activities, take part in college intramural athletic programs, the Nacog- doches County Fair, and various other activities throughout the year. Officers for the year are Taylor Johnson, president; Harold Ogden, vice-president; Roy Blake, secretary; Granvel Battle, treasurer; Lynn Tatom, reporter; and J. E. Green, sponsor. First Row — Hamp Wheeler, Tom Laws, George Grigsby, T. W. Sullivan, Larry Brink. Second Row — Dan Haines, J. O. Matthews, Billy McKinney, Elwin Seago, Ben Rogers, Don Courtney. Third Row — Charles R. Douglas, C. W. Tanner, Robert Isom, E. C. Beasley, J. C. McKee. Fourth Row — Ralph McKinney, F. D. Harsdorff, Marvin Davenport, Winston C. Jones, John R. Holt, Rip Byrd. SYLVANS The Sylvans Club was organized in the fall of 1946 under the sponsorship of the Forestry staff. The club was originally organized around a group of 20 men and has since increased its membership to over 50 members. All students taking forestry courses are eligible to belong to the club. The purpose and aim of the Sylvans is to bring the forestry students into closer contact with men who are actively engaged in the field of forestry and its allied industries. The club has been most fortunate in obtaining some of the outstanding leaders of forestry in this region as guest speakers, many of whom will eventually be employers of the present students. First Row — Milton Bradford, Evelyn Monzingo, Ozzie Grumling, Steiman Stevens, Clarence Carter, Margaret Gatlin, S. A. Shipley, Gethrel Franke. Willie Joe Green. Second Row — Janice Campbell, Willie J. Stinson, Joe Sexton, George Oliver, Mary Lou Koster, John Wilson, Margaret Potts. The Stephen F. Austin Theatre Guild is a professional and service organization for students participating in or interested in dramatic activity. Enrollment in school is the only qualification for entrance in the Theatre Guild and students retain their membership by the amount of dramatic activity carried on. The aims of the Guild are to develop talent in dramatic work, to cultivate a taste for the best in drama, to foster the cultural values which dramatics are believed to develop, to offer dramatic entertainment for the school as a whole, and to aid other profes- sional and social organizations in their dramatic endeavors. The work of the Theatre Guild in the field of dramatics includes at least one major production each semester of school, a number of minor productions throughout the school year, and as many opportunities to participate with or aid other collegiate organizations in dramatic performances as possible. The purpose of the Guild is to build a greater interest and appreciation in the students and faculty of this college in the field of dramatic activity. Aldonr Smith, Al Franks, Woody Behannon, Clayton Johnson, George Ross, John Mills, Jr., John Wheeler, John Mills, Sr., John Wilson, Robert Jonte, Kenneth Sum my, Clem Birkmeyer, Wayne Williams. MINISTERIAL ALLIANCE Another important organization is the Ministerial Alliance, composed of the ministerial students on the campus. This group meets each week to discuss var- ious spiritual atmosphere among students. This interdenominational group distributes religious literature among the stu- dents, and holds special services during Religious Emphasis Week just prior to Easter. The governing body for the students in the Student Congress. A president, vice-president, and secretary are elected in the latter portion of the spring semester to serve throughout the summer term and the next year. Each class president and representatives elected by the classes sit in a body with the student body officers to act on matters that are pertinent to the students. Under these democratic principles, the Congress serves the school in a most valuable manner. This year ' s body, headed by Earl Lord, has been very efficient and very successful in its undertakings. President Earl Lord THE STUDENT CONGRESS SENIOR REPRESENTATIVES Billy Jack Roberson, Jean Risher, Bobby Janes, Woody Be- JUNIOR REPRESENTATIVES bannon. Everett Yonngblood, Rip Byrd, Betty Adams, Jerry Gartman. STUDENT BODY OFFICERS President, Earl Lord; Vice-President, William F. Ross; Secretary, Mary Lou Low; Sponsors, Miss Mary Thomson and Mr. Robert Shelton. SOPHOMORE REPRESENTATIVES FRESHMAN REPRESENTATIVES Dorothy Shelton, Jerry Samford, Roy Tidwell. Hurry English, Martha Tannery. First Row — Bobbie Potts, Emma Deaton, Faye Bennett, Frances Ray, Shirley Bell. Second Ron — Ramona Roberts, Mary Ellen Ulmer, Julia Nell Hall, Virginia Tolbirt, Gloria Watson. Third Ron — Mary Sue Kyle, Maurine McGowan, Earlean McGee, June Irwin, Sponsor, Nelwyn Samford, Margaret Shane. WOMEN ' S RECREATION ASSOCIATION Officers for the year are Virginia Tolbirt, President; Nelwyn Samford, Vice-President; Mary Ellen Ulmer, Secre- tary; June Irwin, Sponsor. The Women ' s Recreation Association is open to all women students in the college who are interested in recreation and sports. Its purpose is to promote skill, fellowship, health, and participation in wholesome recreation, as well as sponsor friendly competition through intramural activities. The W. R. A. holds regular meetings once every month and intramural activities three days each week. OUR SOCIAL CLUBS Presenting the social clubs of Stephen F. Austin 7 LAMBDA GAMMA First Row — Harold Fischer, Sponsor; Ben Adams, James Akery, W. L. Bane, John Barnett, Woodrow Bebannon, John Bell. Second Row — Gary Burke, Glenn Burke, James Carter, Robert Childress, William " Pete " Cooney, Connie Courtney, Tommy Franks. Third Row — Harold Hanson, Jimmy Hooper, Maurice Hubbard, Al Marks, Lane McClanahan, Tilden Nesmith, James Parrish, William F. Ross. Fourth Row — Jerry Samford, Gene Shaw, Ray Shindler, James Sinclair, Earl Thomas, Jack Turner, T. J. Williamson, John W. Y ' Barbo. Lambda Gamma was formed in the Fall semester of 1948, but it has already attained a membership and fraternal spirit equal to any on the campus. The club has grown until it now is well known for its enterprising activities. Lambda Gammas annually support all activities and customs of the college. They believe in undivided co-operation and fellowship among members. The club annually holds a beard-growing contest, a Sadie Hawkins dance, a dinner- dance with its sister club, the Sigma Gammas, and picnics and parties. The highest honor to which any member can be elected is the secret Number Nine Committee. Three members are elected to this committee each semester. Their term of office is for life. Present honorary, but definitely qualified, members are: Maurice Hubbard, James Nesbitt, Tilden Nesmith, Charles Root, Gene Shaw, and Jerry Samford. F FORESTERS First Row — Paul Geisler, Sponsor; Billy Adams, Gene Paul Agleton, Bobby Burrows, Roland Burrows, Nelson Chap- matt, Tommy Cox, Charles Ray Douglas. Second Row — Jimmy Eaves, Dick Ferguson, Kenneth Fulmer, Jerry Garttnan, Armour Hays, Albert Kelly, Robert Lee, Paul Majors. Third Row — Truman Milling, Charlie Morgan, Ed Morgan, Pete McKenzie, Harold Ogden, Thomas Parkman, Billy Popham, Preston Prince. Fourth Row — Glendell Procella, Joe Pruitt, W. V . Robertson, Johnny Sandlin, Richard Thomas, Roy Tidwell, Bert Tucker, Dave Vosbury. Fifth Row— Albert " Hamp " Wheeler, Billy Wilson, Bill Wilson, David Woodell, Charles Wright. OFFICERS Pete McKenzie President Albert Kelly V ice-President Charles R. Douglas . . . Secretary The Forester Club was organized in September, 1943, by a group of 14 boys as the original signers of the Forester constitution. The aim and purpose of the club as set forth in the preamble of our constitution is " to create a more fraternal relationship in our college and to found an organization which will be an asset to the social life of Stephen F. Austin State College. " With that as their goal the Forester Club marched a long way in that direction and with each step they have gained compliments which are best appreciated within the Forester Club, for the Foresters know that they have achieved that virtue so earnestly desired . . . Honor. Starting during the war years with two strikes against them, they rose to become one of the finest men ' s clubs on the campus. They are setting an incredible rapid pace in intramural athletics and social affairs. They are just now gaining their momentum and their spirit is unlimited. It was once said that " the Forester Club was a war club and could not survive after the war. " But those who are here know that it will always be . . . Foresters Forever! SAWYERS First Row — George W. Gauggel, Sponsor; Leo Anger, Lloyd Biskamp, Merlin A. Broussard, Herman " Ftp " Byrd, James Canter, jack Carlton. Second Row — Roy Davidson, William Earl Denman, Carroll Deslatte, Fred Jackson, Charles Kimmey, Tom Laws, Fritz McCameron. Third Ron — Oliver McKay, Billy Moak, Gene Mullin, John Odom, Dillon Olds, John Orton, Charles Peacock. Fourth Ron — Harry Petty, Billy Jackson Roberson, Thomas Roebuck, Hollis Slaughter, Pat Smith, Pat Studdard. Fifth Rou — Howard Tisdale, Charlie Fred Waller, Felix Wiggins, H. W. Wilson, Everett Youngblood. OFFICERS John Orton Oliver McKay . . . 1 Everett Youngblood . . The Sawyer Club was organized in the fall of 1927, and is the oldest club in SFA. They are easily recognized at any football or basketball game because of their traditionally famous ax handles. The purpose of this organization is to promote school spirit among all college students and to bring together, in friendship and harmony, leaders of all phases of student life who are interested in working for the good of their school and club. The organization, besides promoting school spirit and backing SFA, win or lose, does things socially on a large scale. The annual Bowery Ball and Apron-Overall Dance are two of the most popular and electrifying dances given on the forty acres. The Sawyers ' loyalty to SFA is beyond question. A AUSTINITES First Row — Frederick Baumgartner, Sponsor; Lawrence Brink, Lewis Buckner, Sid Caillavet, Jack Christian, Ray Collins, David Danbeim. Second Row — Henry Dishhurger, James " Dusty " Due, Joe Fiedler, Dan Haines, Sam T. Holt, Joe Jones, Grady Kyle. Third Row — Frank Lindsey, Bryan McKenzie, John Mills, Martell Mills, Charles Murdoch, Bailey Nations, Howard Rosser. Fourth Row — Lincoln Skillern, Jimmy Skinner, Sammy Slaydon, Gerald Smith, Doyle Watson, Gene Wood ell, Dowell Y ounghlood . OFFICERS Henry Dishburger . . Sammy Slaydon . . . Frank Lindsey . . . . Organized in January, 1938, the Royal Order of Austinites was founded for the purpose of sponsoring school projects for the pleasure and benefit of the student body. The small gold emblem of the Royal Order of Austinites is emblematic of the four aims of the organization: Leadership, Scholarship, Character, and Fraternity. The Austinite Club sponsors a varied calendar of activities. Perhaps the most colorful activity is the annual " Pie Night " each spring semester; with its gags and slap-stick it has constantly won acclaim as one of the most outstanding features of the year. As a service to the student body, the Austinite Poll periodically gets the students viewpoint on pertinent questi ons and conducts other polls and elections. The Austinites are always eager to contribute their efforts toward any worthwhile project that is of interest to, or for the betterment of the student-body and the school. It is through service and leadership that we hope to continue to retain a position as one of the leading organiza- tions on the campus. The Sigma Gamma Club was organized during the spring semester of 1948, as the sister club of the Lambda Gamma, a men ' s social club. The motto, " friendship, fellowship, and felicity, " symbolizes the activities of Sigma Gamma. Under the sponsorship of Mrs. Sibyl Wyatt and Mrs. Holt Davis and the leadership of Viola Bailey, we have striven to attain a worthy and respected place in Stephen F. Austin social life. The affairs given by the club included a Fall Fiesta, to be continued annually, a Carnival Rush Party, and other events. The theme adopted by the club was Dutch and pledges carried it out in dress and manner. It is the hope of each member that our organization will grow and in doing so enrich not only her own school career but the life of the entire student body. First Row — Sibyl Wyatt, Sponsor; Viola Bailey, Betty Barber, Barbara Dillon, Mary Jo Ecimons. Second Row — Ruby Jack Editions, Jeanette Hayes, Mary E. Cooney, Jean Durham, Margaret Singleton. Third Row — Elsie Holt, Kathleen Moore, Sharon Richey, Francille Roark, Von Rae Stevens. Fourth Row — Libby Watson, Louneita Watson, Anita Whitaker. OFFICERS Betty Kimmey . President Ramona McDaniel . . . President, Spring Semester Frances Hartsfield . Vice-President Jean Risher Secretary ' 50 was an unforgettable year for the Fideles — who in four short years have rapidly risen to prominence and now are contending with the older clubs for the berth of the most outstanding club on the campus. The Fideles are not famous yet for their history but do rank high in social positions and activities. This year Betty Kimmey furnished the leadership with Frances Hartsfield acting as her assistant. Jean Risher was secretary and supervised the club expenditures . . . Jane Fontenot furnished weekly news to the Pine Log . . . Ramona McDaniel and Margareteene Feazell pasted the activities in the scrapbook . . . Peggy McKay kept the pledges in line . . . Bennie Jane sat in the corner collecting nickels and shouting " Order " . . . Miss Adkins wore a pleasing smile and exerted her congenial personality. Jean Risher reigned as Homecoming Queen with Betty Adams, Frances Hartsfield and Phyllis Garner as Duchesses . . . Carolyn led the SFA band for the third year . . . Peggy served as one of the twirlers, Edna Merle carried the flag, while Phyllis, Sophomore Favorite, led yells on the side line. Ramona and Frances are members of Who ' s Who and Marjorie and Edna Merle are Alpha Chi members. Billie George, Junior Favorite, won title as Stone Fort Queen. The Ranch Rushee Party, the Fidele-Forester Halloween Ball, the Tea for the Exes, Christmas Dinner Dance, picnics, and the biggest event of the Spring, the Fidele-Forester Spring Festival, furnished the topics of conservation for many people throughout the year. r= l F I D E L E S First Row — Violet Adkins, Sponsor; Betty Adams, Jackie Cole, Pattie Cole, Edna Merle Cox, Bennie Jane Davis, Mar- gareteene Feazell. Second Row — Jane Fontenot, Ann Gellatly, Phyllis Garner, Marjorie Gray, Frances Hartsfield, Stella Kelton, Betty Kimmey. Third Row — Ramona McDaniel, Peggy McKay, Jo Ann McKewen, Billie George McKinney, Patsy Mann, Carolyn Mooney, Jean Risher. Fourth Row — Mary Louise Roberts, Betty Rulfs, Billie Rulfs, Betty Stoker, Mozelle Whiteside, Jerry Zeleskey. OFFICERS Lucy Kennedy Flora Thames Jo Ann Jones . President Vice-President Secretary This year marks a " 20 " in the sands of time for the Pine Burrs. For two decades the wearers of the tiny golden pine burr have added their charm, style, and personality to the Stephen F. Austin campus. In retrospect of this year we see Kennedy wielding the gavel with Thames second in command and keeping pledges in tow . . . Jones keeping minutes and pinching pennies . . . Hurst quieting us down while Gann records history and Lusk acts as publicity man . . . Mrs. Baker acting as prime minister in her role of sponsor ... in the beauty parade, Dossey, Gammill, Goodwin, Middleton, and Sullivan ... a fairyland Homecoming float topped by four pretty misses surrounding a wishing well . . . Gibson, Holiman, and Kennedy in the Queen ' s Court ... a brief-skirted chorus line entertaining guests at " Club 20 " ... a tow-sack clad procession of pledges shouting, " I wanta be a cute Pine Burr! " ... and a whole organization proclaiming PINE BURRS FOREVER!!! First Row — Henrietta Baker, Sponsor; Barbara Beck, Faye Broun, Jean Dossey, Rosaline Garnmill, Mary Jean Gann. Second Row — Jeaninne Gibson, Mary Jo Goodwin, Nancy Hawthorne, Jane Helpinstill, Helen Holiman, Lucy Kennedy. Third Row — Lina husk, Ruth Maynard, Martha Nelson, Margaret Rushing, Dorothy Shelton, Doris Smith. Fourth Row — Johnnie Stanley, Billie Sullivan, Flora Thames, Patsy Wainwright, Jeanette Wolaver. Since the year 1928, the Amitie Club has been one of the most outstanding organizations on the SFA campus. The small gold diamond-shaped pin of the club distinguishes the members from the pledges, who wear small silver A ' s. President of the club for this year is Liz Hudgens, with Mary Lou Low serving as vice-president. Naomi Wright collects the money and records the meetings and Jo Ann Muckleroy is the journalist. Tucker Holt is in full command of the pledges, making their pledge semester a cherished memory of those first college days. Dorothy Chambers serves as sergeant-at-arms at the regular Tuesday night meeting. The scrap book is kept in good order by Junior Covington and Ercycle Waller. Some of the most outstanding social events on the Amitie calendar start off with the Amitie Cocktail Party for rushees, followed by the Anniversary Ball, Homecoming Dinner for the exes, Christmas Dinner Dance, the Spring Formal, and all club Backward Dance ending with a slumber party for the girls, and many other picnics and parties. A AMITIES First Row — Vesta Bratt, Sponsor; Mary Lois Bane, Reba Beavers, Edith Bland, Dorothy Chambers, Barbara Champion. Second Row — Yolando Cortazzo, Alonzola Covington, Carrie Hargrove, Tucker Holt, Elizabeth Hudgens, Margaret Irwin. Third Row — Helen King, Mary Lou Low, Elaine McCoy, Jo Ann Muckelroy, Jo Ann O ' Rear, Nancy Osborne. Fourth Row — Barbara Potts, Judy Read, Jane Swanzy, Selma Thomas, Ercycle Waller, Linda Wilson, Naomi Wright. OFFICERS Thomas Hearne .... President George Ross .... Vice-President Mary Frances Wilson . . Secretary The Kappa Beta Club was organized in 1946 as the only co-educational club on the campus and it still holds that dis- tinction. The club advocates the idea of an independent social club which all students are invited to join. Its activities range from participation in intramural sports to sponsorship of the annual St. Agnes Eve dance. At its name suggests the Kappa Beta Club seeks to promote fellowship, democracy, and co-operation among college stu- dents. This year the club sponsored a coffee at the beginning of the fall semester to which all non-club students were invited, entered a float in the Homecoming parade, and gave various parties and dinners for members. Ably sponsored by Mr. Scanlon and Mrs. Maurice Cecil, the young club has rapidly taken its place among the organiza- tions of the college. First Row — Maurice Cecil, Sponsor; Louise Adams, W . E. Alford, Gene Belch, Clarence Carter. Second Rotv — Margaret Doss, Ozzie Gramlin, Dewey Holland, James Johnston, Maurine McGowen. Third Row — Margie Redmon, Betty Sue Richards, Mary Frances Wilson, Lucille Young. Rushees enjoy Mexican food in " Grub Hall " at Fidele Ranch Party. On behalf of the Kappa Betas, I extend the warmest " Welcome Home, Exes. " " W ha ' happened to them? " Have your fortune told at the Sigma Gamma Circus! " Cocktail ' s on the Amities tonight, " says Nancy. Tor a minute I thought I was in Holland. SOCIAL ACTIVITIES DEMONSTRATION SCHOOL On the following pages are pictured the students and activities which make up the Demonstration School. This aggressive and co-operative group is an indispensable part of our college. DEMONSTRATION SCHOOL Favorites Fred Joplin Most Handsome Boy Sam McClain Most Popular Boy Louise Loller Most Beautiful Girl DEMONSTRATION SCHOOL SENIORS First Row — Sara Bess Brookshire, Honor Society, Girls ' Sextet, Chorus, Pan-Am Club, Stone Tort Staff; Kenneth Boozer; Ma- ble Buchanan, Quill and Scroll, Pan-Am Club; . . E. Deen, Basketball; Forrest Dillon. Honor Society, 4-H Boys ' Club, Basketball; Dwaynne Foster, Treas., Senior Class, College Band, Most Popular Girl, Best Ail-Around Girl. Second Row — LeVon Foster, Basketball, Choral Club, Pres., Honor Society; Clyde Giles, Basketball; ' Fommye Gillespie; Sue Jean Halton, Sec, Honor Society; Dorothy Hays; Floyce Irvine. Third Row — Paul Jenkins, V. Pres., Student Council, Basketball, Best Ail-Around Boy; Fred Joplin, Honor Society, Most Hand- some Boy; Clara Koouce, Sec, Senior Class, Pan-Am Club, Quill and Scroll; Tommie Jean Latimer, Girl ' s Sextet; Louise hollar, Quill and Scroll, Editor, Pine Straws, Most Beautiful Girl; Sam McClain, Quill and Scroll, Basketball, Most Popular Boy; Wanda Martin, Advisory Council. Fourth Row — Ellen Matthews; John Pleasant, Basketball; Robert L. Presley; B. B. Stanfield, Basketball; Bessie Stephens, Thes- pian, Quill and Scroll, Student Council, Advertising Manager, Pine Straivs; Betty Jo Wiggins, V. Pres., Senior Class, Honor So- ciety, Assistant Editor, Pine Straivs; Gayle Wyatt, Thespian, Van-Am Club, Honor Society, College Band, Pres., Student Council. The Senior Class of 1950 is one of the most active and versatile in the history of the Demonstration High School. Representatives as well as leaders are to be found in every organization in school. The class boasts of a president, Gayle Watt, who has consistently won the highest scholastic award throughout his high school career. Class officers are: President, Gayle Wyatt; Vice-President, Betty Wiggins; Secretary, Clara Koonce; Treasurer, Dwaynne Foster; and Sponsor, Miss Anne Yardley. DEMONSTRATION Boy ' s 4-H Student Council Pan- Am Thespian Girl ' s 4-H Honor Society Septet Not Pictured — Betty Muller Kathryn Prince Junior Choir Pine Straw Staff SCHOOL ACTIVITIES AND SPORTS Demonstration School Basketball Squad made up of fourteen men. First Row — LeVon Foster, Robert Black, John Pleasant, Sam McClain, Paul Jenkins, Bill Tom Weaver, Fred Joplin, B. B. Standfield, Eugene Chandler, Student Manager. Second Row — Emmette Battise, Student Teacher; Charles Ford, Clyde Giles, Austin Dillon, J. E. Deen, Bennie Bridwell, Kenneth Boozer, John Certa, Student Teacher. DEMONSTRATION SCHOOL FIRST GRADE Burgess, Dan; Byrd, Charles; Franks, Larry; Hargis, Linda Kay; Hazle, Michael; Hughes, Joe; Miller, Eric; Moore, Linda Grace; Morgan, Dinah; Motley, Glen; Olson, Normanne; Palmer, Carroll; Patterson, John; Pollock, Alice Ann; Pool, Paula; Peterman, Wihna; Rittcrskamb. Susie; Rollins, James; Slayden, Virginia; Stone, George; Thrash, Susie; Triana, Jerry; Ward, Jackie Ruth. SECOND GRADE Anderson, Stephen; Baker, Thomas; Baumgartner, Anne; Bone, David; Bone, Kathy; Capel, Charles; Chambers, Terry; Christopher, Charles; Deatou, Charles; Estes, James; Gauggel, Herman; Hale, Juanita; Hand, Eliece; Jones, Lee; Lane, Marsha; McMullen, Kenneth; Silton, Ronald; Spradley, William; Swindell, Diane; Swindell, David; Taylor, Sally; Wanamaker, Sturdy; Westerman, Charles Tucker. DEMONSTRATION SCHOOL THIRD AND FOURTH GRADES Abbot, John; Bay, Danny; Beseler, Rona; Boatmen, Terry; Byrd, Patricia; Campbell, Tommy; Clark, John; Clark, Lee; Doss, Peggy; Gray, Robert; Hammett, Billy; Hardy, Mary; Henegan, Susan; Jones, Beth; Jowell, Ruby; Loveless, James Ann; McCauley, I ma Jean; McMullen, Dean; Mattaver, Kenneth; Mefford, George; Miller, Brian; Moore, Sylvia; Motley, Evan; Nelms, Fanchon; Parti n, Jimmie; Patterson, Tommy; Sitton, Donald; Smith, John; Whitton, Carol. FIFTH AND SIXTH GRADES Abbot, Virginia; Alexander, Faye; Anderson, Norman; Angle, John; Arnold, Jerry; Bailey, Goldie; Bane, Neil; Barwick, Diana; Brodie, Bill; Burrows, John; Cooper, Patricia; Harris, Charles; Holt, Billie Jo; Hooker, Harolyn; Hutson, Leon; Lacey, Mary; Mc- Cameron, Charles; McKinney, Harriott; March, John; Mefford, Nita; Minton, Joseph; Nelms, Shirley; Newton, Jeanette; Scoggins, Loy; Shofner, Shirley; South, Charlotte; Sutton, John; Tannery, Clifton; Turner, Margie; Westmoreland, Don; Whitton, Shir- ley; Williams, Edward. DEMONSTRATION SCHOOL SEVENTH AND EIGHTH GRADES Abshier, Pricilla; Alexander, Earl; Baker, Sue; Baker, Wayne: Baumgartner, Lynn; Burrows, Nancy; Ellerbrook, Bill; Ellerbrook, Harry; Tulmer, Charlotte; Green, Peggy; Hall, Richard; Hammett, Dorothy; Langford, Barbara; Lowery, Bruce; McGehee, Bar- bara; McKewen, Nancy; McMullen, Peggy; Monk, Elizabeth; Power, Nelwyn; Stephens, Rebecca; Sutton, Delores; Wanamaker, Carol; Whitaker, Jerry. NINTH GRADE Brodie, Jim; Cole, Virginia; Crain, Judy; Davus, Bryan; Doss, Truitt; Ford, Charles; Gray, Benney Jean; Hall, Joe Ellen; Hampton, Betty; Hawkins, Betty Sue; Hays, Shirley Anne; Hutson, Gordon; Joplin, John Earl; Mackey, Leon; Maynard, Vivian; Polk, Mamie Lois; Redden, Lee; Seago, Ray; Seago, Shirley; Sheley, Fritz; Thrash, Shirley; W hatley, Shirley; Wiggins, Margie. LIBEAXT? STEPHEN F. AUSTIN STATE C( NACOGDOCHES. TEXAS DEMONSTRATION SCHOOL TENTH GRADE Bailey, Barbara; Chandler, Eugene; Hendricks, Dan; Hendricks, Mary Nell; Koonce, Peggy; McCameron, Mary; McLain, Eliza- beth; Mallory, Tommy; Matthews, Nola Mae; Meadows, Tommye; Midler, Betty; Partin, Wyno Dean; Power, Henry L. ELEVENTH GRADE Alexander, Lena Beth; Avery, Lloyd; Bailey, Jackie; Bridwell, Bennie; Black, Robert Enos; Byars, Fannie; Greer, Martha Helen; Langston, Kerr; McBride, Carol; Moore, Raenell; Mora, Lewis; Muckleroy, Carolyn; Rhodes, Pay; Sidwell, Pat Lanier; Weaver. Bill Tom. STUDENTS WHO REGISTERED AT BEGINNING OF SPRING SEMESTER ACKER, THELMA GLADYS ALEXANDER, MRS. ELTON B. ANDERSON, ROBERT E. ANDING, RUTH ARNETT, DONALD R. ASH, MILBURN ASH BY, BETTY ASH BY, EDNA IRENE BAILEY, ORAN B. BALDWIN, MILDRED BANE, CHARLES BARCLAY, PEGGY JOYCE BARTLETT, JAMES L. BASS, JO ANN BATEMAN, MRS. WILLIE C. BATES, WILLIAM B. BEAIRD, GERALD ELTON BEALL, NELL LINDSEY BEASLEY, GERTRUDE BEAUCAMP, PAUL BELL, LYNN ELLA BERQUIST, MRS. N. N. BIGGERS, EARL BISHAP, GORDON CLIFF BLACK, OLENA DAY BLAKE, BENNETT P. BLACK, RUBY JOYCE BOCKMON, BILLY G. BOLES, YVONNE BORENE, HALE D. BOYD, MRS. WILMA J. BUCKNER BRADSHAW, ALMA BRANTLEY, BERTHA BRASELTON, MRS. CYNTHIA BRIGGS, JACK C. BRITTAIN, MARJORIE BROOKSHIRE, SARA BESS BROWN, DON L. BROWN, MARIE BROWN, WILLA D. BUCKALEW, LARENE VADA BULLOCK, GERTRUDE BURNS, HAY LAMAR BURTON, MATTIE HELEN BYRD, CECIL R. CADY, MRS. ANN WEEKS CAIN, CHARLES E. CAMERON, WILLIAM H. CAMPBELL, JAMES M. CAMPBELL, JERRY BOB CARLTON, LESSIE CARNES, GUY M. CARTWRIGHT, ANNA V. CASTLEBERRY, LUCILLE B. CERTA, PETE CHALK, ALVIN T. CHAPMON, ROY O. CHRISTIAN, CHARLES CLEMENT, GEORGE RAY COCO, RUSSELL COE, FAYE COLLEY, JOHN DAVID COLLIER, HOWARD WAYNE COLLINS, WILTON COLVERT, CARROLL COL WELL, COY B. COLWELL, MARGUERITE M. CONNER, JANICE WALTMAN COOK, NORMAN COX, IKE R. CRAUSBY, TERESSA FRANCIS CRAVER, HOWARD DEAN CRUMP, MRS. CLARA C. CRUMP, ZANNIE DANIEL, LOIS M. DAVIDSON, GEORGE LAFAYE DAVIDSON, RAY DAVIS, CHARLES DAVIS, ELI JEFFERSON DAVIS, MARY ELIZABETH DAVIS, WILLIAM S. JR. DILLEN, MARY RUTH DISMUKES, BARCLAY W. DOBBINS, GEORGE ROBERT DOROUGH, NADINE BROYLES DORSEY, MRS. CORNELL DOUGLAS, WILLIAM BENTON DUHON, GLEN D. DUNN, MRS. FRED WRIGHT EZELL, FAYE DAWSON FARR, ESTELLE R. FAULK, MRS. GRADY J. FAULK, HENRY G., JR. FEAZELL, MERLINE FELDER, MAXINE FINCH, JUDSON, R. FITE, FRANCIS PITTS FITE, MRS. VARINE FITTS, H. MELBURN FLANAGAN, JOE FOUNTAIN, WALTER JACK FRIDAY, ROBERT H. FULLER, ANCIL T. GANN, DOUGLAS B. GARCIA, VICTOR GARNER, EARLINE GASTON, EDWIN W. JR. GASWAG, THELMA DANIELS GILBREATH, HOWARD GILCHRIST, ALICE GILL, MELV1N ROY GILTIS, CLAUDE B. GIMON, WALKER GLAZE, ELTON LEROY GLAZE, ROSE BRYANE GAINS, JAMES W. GOOLSBY, BENJAMIN GRAHAM, HAROLD LAVERNE GRAMLING, MARIE GRANT, CHOD E. GRAG, D. SWINNEY GRAY, G. J. GRAY, JEAN GREEN, FRANKLIN GREEN. LELVYN HELPINSTELL GRIMM, ROBERT W. HAIRGRAVE, GENE HAIRGRAVE, JAMES E. HAGLER, MRS. LILLIAN B. HALEY, MARY BELLE HALL, GALDA V. HALL, J. R. HANCOCK, JOHN D. HANNA, ROY HARDY, JAMES R. HARSDARFF, BERNELLE ESKEW HARLEY, GEORGE HAWK, ELOISE BEST HAWKINS, CLINTON HEATH, MRS. VIRGINIA HELTON, VERDINE HENSON, VELERA W. HICKEY, GENE HIME, ROBERT HODGES, MRS. LUCILLE HOLLEY, DOROTHY HOLMAN, EVELYN HORN, JAMES D. HUFFMAN, ALINE HUNT, ALFRED WOODROW HURST, MARIE HUTSON, WAYNE JACKSON, DON WILLIAMS JACKSON, IRA M. IRWIN JACOBS, JAMES BYRON JEFFERY, WILLARD S. JEFFRESS, PEGGY S. JENKINS, PAUL ROY JIMMERSON, BLANCHE JOHNSON, BILL L. JOHNSON, BILLY F. JOHNSON, DELOIS JOHNSON, HUBERT J. JOHNSON, A. L. JOHNSTON, VALLIE KENDRICK JONES, CHARLES JONES, HENRY C. JONES, TALMADGE LEON JORDON, EBER L. KARRER, BERT LOUIS KENDRICK, LOREAN KING, EVELYN KNOX, BILLY JOE STUDENTS WHO REGISTERED AT BEGINNING OF SPRING SEMESTER LACY, CURLEY LAIRD, ARLON E. LAIRD, SHERMON LANE, FANNIE D. LANE, VELMA LANGSTON, WINNIE B. LAPRODE, BENNIE JOE LAWRENCE, L. C. LEE, L. D. LEE, LOUISE CLARK LIEM, BEATRICE O QUINN LISTER, SIDNEY LITTLE, EARL LITTLEFIELD, DAVID POWELL LOGAN, SAM LONG, JOHN A. LOVE, MYRTLE LOWREY, ROBERT LUMBLY, LOUIS LYNCH, EARNEST C. McALISTER, CHARLES GENE McALPINE, PAUL McCALL, VIRGINIA McCLAIN, MERRIS N. McDANIEL, JAMES EDWIN McKINLEY, CHARLIE LYNN McKINNEY, MRS. LILA Mcknight, joe dan McLEOD, MRS. JOHN D. MARTIN, GLENN MASSEY, LA VON LOVELL MATTHEWS, WAYLAND MATTHUSEN, KARL M. MAYES, JAMES H. MEEK, CLYDE MENGE, JOYCE E. MEXIA, STEVE MILLER, MARJORIE MILSTEAD, MRS. LORENE MINTON, JAMES A. MOORE, CHESTER H. MOORE, JAMES E. MORGAN, ERWIN GRIFFIN MORRIE, MRS. HARRY MORIS, JACKIE LEE MORRIS, JOHN W. MORTON, ALICE H. MURPHEY, JOE H. MURPHEY, THOMAS S. MUSGRANE, JACK G. MUSTO, FRANK MEYERS, JEWEL MYERS, LUCILLE NATIONS, MRS. GRACE NETTERS, JIMMY NORTHCUTT, IRENE NORWOOD, JOHN OATES, MRS. BESSIE ODEN, FRANKIE ODEN, DEWEY ODON, IRENE PRICE O ' DONNELL, BUELAH BELL OLIVER, MRS. RUBY O ' REAR, BENNY ORTSHEID, BERNARD J. OSBORNE, ERNESTINE OWEN, A. J. PACE, MRS. THELMA MASSEY PARKER, GUSSIE VETBAL PARKMAN, MRS. ROBBIE PARMLEY, ROBERT PEACOCK, DOT PHILLIPS, EDWIN PHILLIPS, HARRY PICKERING, BEN POE, EDGAR CECIL PAINT, ALBERT DONALD POLLARD, LOIS COOK POWELL, JAMES PUJEAN, J. C. QUILTER, CHARLES RAMSEY, MRS. ANNIE RAMSEY, JAMES W. RATCLIFF, JAMES N. READ, MARY JOHNSTON REEVES, JAMES B. RICHARDSON, RUBY BESINGER, VAN H. RITCHEY, E. J. ROGER, BELLE RYAN, HOMER RYMAL, JOHN M. SANDERS, HAZEL SCHULER, MRS. PHILA GENE SCURLOCK, MRS. VIRGIE SELF, ROY L. SENOUR. BESS B. SEYMOUR, ALEX M. SHEFFIELD, JAMES SHOTWELL, GEORGE SIMMONS, JAMES C. SKEELER, JAMES F. SMITH, MRS. CLARA SMITH, EDWARD M. SMITH, ELOISE E. SMITH, LULA HIGGINS SMITH, ROBERT G. SMITH, MRS. WINCIE SPARKS, AGNES WILLIAMS SPEAR, BETH DRENNAM SPENCER, EDWARD STAGGS, DON STANLEY, WILLIE REA STEPHENS, BESSIE STEVENS, RUTH STEWART, BILLIE JOE STOKES, WILLIANE BIRD STRICKLAND, LULA BELL STRODE, J.W. TAYOR, THOMAS G. THOMPSON, ELMER M. THORNTON, GERALD TINNIN, RAY A. TIPTON, MARGIE KNIGHT TOMPKINS, SIDNEY L. TOWNSEND, IRA MAE TOWNSEND, REBECCA TUCKER, MRS. FLORENCE VOIGTEL, RICHARD M. WAGGONER, MRS. WILLIE WALKER, BILLY JACK WALKER, MRS. DALVIS WALKER, MRS. MARY WALKER, MICKEY WALKER, V. E. WALKER, BESSIE WALTERS, ELBERT WARNICK, OLIN WARREN, L. D. WATERS, POLLY THOMAS WATERS, ROBERT WATSON, MRS. HOLLIS WATSON, MACK WEAVER, LOY CURTIS WEBB, BILLY D. WELLS, MAXINE BIRL WEST, BILLIE L. WEST, GEORGE WILLIAM WESTMORELAND, FAYE WESTMORELAND, THOMAS L. WHITE, LORANNA WHITE, ROSS B., JR. WHITTON, ABBIE EARL WILBURN, ELLIS WILLIAMS, BEULAH WILLIAMS, GORDON L. WILLIAMS, MARY KATHRYN WILLIAMS, MILDRED WILLIAMS, NAOMIE WILSON, CHARLES N. WILSON, MRS. HOMER WOOD, BILLY FRANK WOOD, SAMUEL J. WOODROME, ELBERT WAMON WOOLAERTON, JIM DAVID WOODS, ANDREW WOODS, M. L. WOOLEY, MRS. WILMA W. WORRY, BAMMA WRIGHT, CHARLES W. WRIGHT, GAYLA WRIGHT, JANIE M. WYATT, BLANCHE YOUNG, MASON PARHAM The 1950 EDITOR ' S MESSAGE Here ' s your 1950 Stone Fort that we ' ve been " bustlin around " so much about all through the year. Since September it has been on our hands. We now place it in yours. It has taken the combined efforts of a great many students, the faculty, and many others who have joined in com- piling this record of Stephen F. Austin life during the past year. The staff wishes to pay full tribute to these faithful workers who would otherwise remain unrecognized. To Robert S. See and the staff of the Shreveport Engraving Company go our gratitude for their co-operation and splendid service; to Bob Smith, commercial artist of Shreveport Engraving Co., who did all the art work. We are indebted to Dr. Sheley and Violet Adkins, annual sponsors, for their patience, guidance, and faithfulness; for Lawrence Franks ' helpful advice and co-operation; to R. R. Harvin for publicity; to Louis Secard for for picking the Stone Fort beauties. George Shorter of Shreveport is to be congratulated upon his excellent photography which is featured through- out the book. To all others not mentioned here who played some part in compiling this book, go our humble thanks. Also, we wish to thank the advertisers who have helped to finance this yearbook. EDITOR TO OUR ADVERTISERS On behalf of the faculty, student body, Stone Fort staff, and myself, I should like to take this opportunity to express our thanks and apprecia- tion for your co-operation in making this Yearbook possible. I am cer- tain the students and the faculty of Stephen F. Austin will repay their gratitude by calling on you as often as possible. BUSINESS MANAGER The Stone Fort National Bank NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS Under the Same Name Since 1903 Capital: Surplus and Undivided Profits $ 553,957.45 Deposits 7,274,436.40 Resources 7,828,393.85 OFFICERS I. L. STURDEVANT Chairman of Board B. H. WILSON Assistant Cashier L. B. MAST President ALTON KING Assistant Vice-President E. W. MONK .... Vice-President and Cashier R. E. GILMORE Cashier S. B. HAYTER Vice-President G. V. BURROWS Assistant Cashier DIRECTORS L. B. MAST R. W. McKINNEY S. B. HAYTER R. N. CASON I. L. STURDEVANT E. W. MONK C. N. THOMPSON A. L. NELSON J. R. GRAY G. F. CLARK C. D. THOMAS M. S. WRIGHT This Bank Is a Member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Our Gift Shop Contains a Gift For Every Occasion SWIFT BROS. SMITH " The Downtown College Drug Store See Us For Your SCHOOL SUPPLIES and STATIONERY Compliments of TEXAN, STONE FORT AND REDLAND DRIVE-IN THEATRES NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS For the Best in Sales and Service Ben T. Wilson Chevrolet Co. 204 Pillar 182 183 Compliments of 3-Beall Brothers-3 QUALITY MERCHANDISE Nacogdoches, Texas For over 42 years the name of this institution has stood for all that is substantial in financial affairs in East Texas. COMMERCIAL NATIONAL BANK Member. Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Special Notice to Campusology Students We carry a complete stock of nationally advertised lines of engagemen t and wedding rings, glassware, china and silverware. Choose Your Patterns Today Kennedy ' s Jewelry Store NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS Shop At... E. C. Best Co. The Smartest Clothes For The Smartest People Compliments of SISCO Feed and Supply PURINA CHOW Phone 531 Nacogdoches, Texas Nacogdoches Cycle and Sport Shop Headquarters For QUALITY SPORTING GOODS On Main St. Phone 54 For Sporting Goods, Hardware, and Mercury Outboard Motors SEE BRANCH-PATTON HARDWARE CO. Compliments of Burrows Brothers Men ' s Furnishing Ladies 9 Lingerie Compliments of Martin ' s Drive-In It Pays to Shop at PENNEY ' S NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS Compliments of Gilbert Furniture and Appliance Co. Your Big Friendly Furniture Store Phone 262 Nacogdoches, Texas NACOGDOCHES ICE Serving Dairy and Ice Cream CREAM COMPANY All Over Deep East Texas STRIPLING ' S Phone 590 We Sell Everything Across From Post Office ★ Compliments of H. R. MAST Your Dodge Dealer for 27 Years SALES — SERVICE 112 North Street NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS LIKE S. F. A. GRADUATES Jlam Stab Pioduotl ARE HIGH QUALITY Best Wishes For Your Success And So Goes The Success of East Texas When You Pick Up This Annual 10 Years From Now Then As Now— Lone Star Folks Will Still Be Pulling— For S. F. A. Texas Farm Products Co. NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS Serving The Independent Retail Merchants of East Texas Distributors of LIBBY ' S FINE FOOD WHITE SWAN FLOUR Wholesale Only Nacogdoches Grocery Company Best Wishes From BENNETT-CLARK CO., INC. The Herald Publishing Co., Inc. PUBLISHERS OF The Daily Sentinel The Redland Herald AND Remington-Rand Agent Commercial Printing NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS Compliments of Wedgeworth Buick, Inc. We Serve Any and All Makes of Cars " When Better Automobiles Are Built Buick Will Build Them " 1601 North Phone 152 Phone 773 210 Pillar St. LINDSEY ' S PAINT AND GLASS STORE ( On the Square ) AUTO GLASS INSTALLED ALL KINDS OF MIRRORS AND GLASS WORK — RESILVERING L. B. Lindsey, Owner Nacogdoches, Texas Compliments Helpinstill Auto Supply NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS JEWEL HELPINSTILL, Owner 100 Per Cent For S. F. A. C. N. Thompson Insurance Agency NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS Best Wishes From NACOGDOCHES CITY LINES Compliments of S. F. A. BARBER SHOP " It Pays to Look Nice " Best Wishes from HARRIS ' Ladies ' Wear PERRY BROTHERS 5-10c AND 25c STORE " Air Conditioned For Your Comfort " All Standard Brands in Quality 5-10c and 25c Store Merchandise Make Our Store Your Headquarters PATRONIZE STONE FORT ADVERTISERS PERRY ' S TAILOR SHOP Cleaning, Pressing, and Altering 108 North Church St. Phone 67 1 NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS Paul H. Martin Electrician 1512 North Street Phone 229 NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS Always Welcome JORDON ' S CAFE NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS NACOGDOCHES FLORAL CO. Lovely Corsages For All Occasions Phone 76 107 S. Church St. WE DELIVER Member F. T. D. THE COLLEGE GROCERY " Your Neighborhood Grocery " We Carry Everything You Need in GROCERIES AND MEAT JIMMY PARTIN Phone 970 We Deliver Compliments LEVY ' S MAN ' S SHOP " The Smart Store For Men ' ♦ NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS ★ MIZE BROS. DEPARTMENT STORE Quality Merchandise NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS Compliments of SCHLUETER ' S STUDIO " For Better Portraits " Compliments of Burrows Brothers Men ' s Furnishing Ladies ' Lingerie Compliments of NORTON ' S ICE AND ICE CREAM COMPANY CONTINENTAL Frequent schedules timed to a to suit your convenience. That ' s only one of the advantages you ' ll enjoy when you use Continental Trailways buses ... to the next town or across America! ROYAL TYPEWRITERS World ' s No. I Typewriter CLARY ADDING MACHINES World ' s Fastest Adding Machines CLARY CASH REGISTERS DICTAPHONES Sales — Service — Rentals — Supplies Lufkin Typewriter Company LUFKIN, TEXAS Compliments WM. 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HERBERT YOUR FORD DEALER 131 West Main Street Phone 196 Nacogdoches, Texas Max Greer Clothing Store New and Used Men ' s Clothing Hats — Shoes — Accessories — Buy — Sell — Trade Anything of Value Jewelry — Luggage — Radios Phone 292 Phone 292 OAKLEY-METCALF Day or Night AMBULANCE " Call Us and Count the Minutes " PHONE 292 PHONE 292 Depend On THE COLLEGE CLEANERS For Your Cleaning, Pressing, And Laundry " They Can Clean ' em " BILL DEATON, Owner Good sports from 8 to 80 enjoy the atmosphere of our complete sporting goods department. Come in and browse or buy, or for expert advice about your favorite game or hobby! CASON, MONK CO. HARDWARE NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS Compliments of QUALITY CLEANERS KOSF 1230 on Your Dial Keep Listening Nacogdoches Bottling Company Compliments of R. T. NUTT New Car Center Nacogdoches, San Augustine, and Garrison PRICES PRICED TO SELL CRAIN CRAWFORD Sales — Service 133 Mound Street Nacogdoches, Texas COMPLIMENTS OF UNITED GAS CORPORATION Compliments of CITIES SERVICE Compliments of MASON ' S CAFE Fresh Home Killed Meats Blended into a Variety of Fine Foods. Mexican Food Served Year Round 218 West Main Phone 9541 Compliments of POSTY ' S SNACK SHACK REID PARMLEY Allis-Chalmers Tractors and Parts Poultry Products Nacogdoches, Texas Compliments of NACOGDOCHES COUNTY CHAMBER OF COMMERCE Nacogdoches, Texas HUMBLE THE HUMBLE COMPANY its 19,000 employees, and 8,000 driveway salesmen who supply you with Humble products, extend to the CLASS OF 1950 their hearty congratulations and best wishes Dr. J. A. Swindell Over Commercial National Bank Eyes Examined Glasses Fitted Manufacturer of Lenses Four-Hour Delivery Compliments of McCROY ' S 540 25c STORE The Nacogdoches Implement Company JOHN DEERE SALES AND SERVICE Leather Goods Farm Implements Phone 197 FIDELITY UNION LIFE INSURANCE rf lt May Be Sooner Than You Think. " J. R. Holt Phone 209 Nacogdoches, Texas HUNT Plumbing Supply Company Fine Plumbing Fixtures Visit Our Show Rooms Nacogdoches, Texas Texarkana, Texas Mt. Pleasant, Texas Conroe, Texas THE LIBERTY HOTEL CLEAN COURTEOUS COMFORT See Us For Your Banquets AIR CONDITIONED CAFE AND BANQUET FACILITIES Phone 357 Art, Design and Engraving for the 1950 Stone Fort by Shreveport Engraving Company, Shreveport, Louisiana.

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