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134410 Digitized by the Internet Arcliive in 2013 http: cletails stonefort194900step Rusk Building THIS IS OUR A.MITIE lloat in Homecoming Parade Rusty: Signed and sealed tor delivery Rush Tea Halloween Ball Science Building OF COLLEGE LIBRARY BTEPHEN P. AUSTIN STATE COLLEGF HACOGDOCHES . TEXAS AT ...STEPHEN F. AUSTIN ti New Boys ' Dormitory From tha t very first turbulent day in September, otherwise known as Registration, until more confusion with mid - year examinations in January, a resourceful student body on the SFA campus provided ample entertainment for itself. This included everything from masquerade balls, picnics, parades, and pep rallies to kangaroo court, basketball and foot- ball games. And last, but not least — Bearkat Day! Just a stroll across the campus would have been incomplete without a pause to watch the progress of a forestry class cutting down an East Texas pine. Rush parties, in such varied forms as hayrides and teas, made the annual Rush-Week memorable. It may have been turmoil in September, but it was the be- ginning of a great year at SFA. Ill Forestry Class Bookstore Football Game Basketball Game J[ Record of... Stephen F. Austin began its first classes twenty-five years ago in borrowed rooms at the Nacogdoches High School. Its sole build- ing at that time was a small shack situated on the high school campus. Today, ex-students of only two or three years will be amazed at the growth of the physical plant of the college. One main addition to the college facilities is the athletic field including the stadium seating 6,000 spectators. New buildings will be noticed on every hand, the two newest being another men ' s dormitory and the Student Union Building. w APIECE £ Kangaroo Court Picnic Band on Parade Pep Rally Christmas Dinner-Dance ...AND ...PERSONALITIES, ACTIVITIES Women ' s Recreational Center Aikman Gymnasium Fall Faculiy-Sludent Reception IN THE SPRING, FALL AND New Swimming Pool In the fall, we started off with the annual Faculty-Student Reception which formallY opened the new Student Union Building. Then, it was Football, v ith pep rallies, team send-offs, and the football games themselves. The Presentation Ball in early- December was the long-awaited moment when class favorites, campus beauties, and Mr. and Miss SFA were presented. After that the social season went into full swing with organization-sponsored dances leading the parade of varied college life. Fifteen shopping days ' til Christmas found us in a whirl of formal dinner-dances end- ing with the Austinite all-college dance the last night before holidays began. Student Union Building Popular spring festivities were the Valentine Dance, Bowery Ball, Pie-Night, Apron-Overall dance. Skit Night, and the Spring Festival. In the late spring, we spent every spare moment at our appealing new Swimming Pool — ■ splashing and sunbathing in an effort to relax our over- burdened minds. Christmas Spirit at Wisely Hall Presentation Ball REMEMBER . way back in H8 Vel Village: Ralph Beal, Housemother Dunking as penalty lor failure to wear Lumber- jack Costume. How well we remember the integral parts of our year at SFA that have combined to make it a good year — a pro- gressive year — a year that we ' ll never forget. The tradi- tional Freshman Day initiated modest freshmen — minus dignity and pride — into campus life on the Forty Acres. Homecoming, the much anticipated week-end, which hard work makes successful and memorable, is gone — in a flurry of Lumberjack Day, parades and floats, the football game, the receptions for the exes, and the magnificent Coronation Ball. Intramural sports, club meetings. Student Congress meetings, and the highly entertaining club as- semblies are all a part of our SFA . . . Pine Burrs ' Winning Float at Homecoming McKay Gains Yardage in Cougar Territory Freshman Day in Town at S. F. A. . . . Nine months of campus activities and life-long friend- ships. Not just those special occasions when we went on parade in a formal or a bow tie, but everyday happenings — classes, comments on the world situation exchanged over a coke at that miraculous money-making machine in Main, hikes to the Student Union Building whether in rain, sleet, or snow, for hot coffee, a game of dominoes, or a dance or tv o. Yes, we will more than likely forget the term themes, book reports, and book-length examina- tions, but we will be a long time forgetting the walks through the tall pines, the all-college festivities, and the friends we made while living here. Asseriibly Program Homecoming Dance Emma, Annie Mae, and Tolbirt take time out lor tennis Wesley Bible Chair ' ' Make way today for our own SF. ' -- These are the words of our school song as well as the words in the hearts of all Stephen F. Austin stu- dents and faculty. It is a wonderful feeling to watch our College Among the Pines as it grows, both in en- rollment and prestige. In 1923, the first year of the school ' s existence, the initial enrollment totaled 50 students. Today a progressive SFA boasts of 1264 members in the student body, which promises a " future bright. " Cotiee Time Freshmen Serenade Gikbs Hall Girls Wisely Hall The Old Stone Fort Yes, after twenty-five years of service to the citizen- ship of this great region, Stephen F. Austin College has become as integral a part of the vivid history of East Texas, as is The Old Stone Fort, which stands now as a landmark and museum on our beautifully wooded campus. BOARD OF REGENTS Honorable William L. Kerr President Midland, Texas Honorable Newton S. Harrell Vice-President Claude, Texas Mrs. J. K. Beretta San Antonio, Texas Honorable V. A. Collins Livingston, Texas Honorable Melvin C. Eidson Austin, Texas Honorable S. A. Kerr, Jr. Conroe, Texas Honorable H. L. Mills Houston, Texas Honorable R. L. Thomas Dallas, Texas Honorable Walter F. Woodul Houston, Texas Perhaps no man in the teaching profession has as many admirers as A. W. Birdwell. He • DDHCir CKIT has given sound advice to thousands of F K L O I U L I N I young men and young women, and his counsel is still sought by the school people of | E R I T U S East Texas. Dr. Birdwell has often said that he would cross Texas to ser e a friend and his actions have proven this no idle boast. The students and faculty of Stephen F. Austin wish him many more years of useful service to the profession he loves. Dr. a. W. Birdwell Dr. Paul L. Boynton, President TO THE GRADUATES, UNDERGRADUATES, AND FRIENDS OF S F. A. This volume of the STONE FORT presents a recDrd of another year ' s progress, activities, and personalities at Stephen F. Austin State Colleg3. We believe that, taken as a whole, it has been a period of personal growth and intellectual development for the vast majority of the students and faculty. Certainly it is true that we are mos happy to see this fine group of seniors, the largest in the history of our College, achieve the distinction of college graduation. For each of you who is leaving with our highest award, a standard academic degree, we hope and trust that future years will be arduous, profitable, developmental, interesting, and happy. For those still plodding the academic path, we wish " good hunting, " and the persistent drive to surge to even greater heights than your predecessors. DEANS AND STAFF Thomas E. Ferguson, Ph.D. Daan of the College D. D. Giles, Ph.D. Dean of Junior Division R. H. Shelton, M. Ed. Dean of Men Mary W. Thomson, M.A. Dean of Women Joe D. Lacy, M.A. Business Manager Clifford H. Osborne, Ph.D. Director of Correspondence and Extension Stanford W. McKewen, B.S. Regis frar Lawrence Franks, M.A. Director of Public Relations B B 1 DEPARTMENTAL Harold E. Abbott, Ph.D. Chemistry Frederick Baumgartner, M.M. Music W. T. Chambers, Ph.D. Geography W. W. DossEY, Ph.M. Physical Education C. E. Ferguson, M.A. Mathematics A. L. Long, Ed.D. Education Edwin L. Miller, Ph.D. Biology Lucille Norton, Ed.D. Physical Education EADS. W. R. Owens, Jr., M.F. Forestry Floyd A. Pollock, Ph.D. Sociology Karl Schlicker, Ph.D. Art C. F. Sheley, Ph.D. Language John Sullivan, Ph.D. Agriculture R. L. Turner, M.A. Physics Edna Wilkin, M.A. Home Economics Mildred Wyatt, M.S. Library THE COLLEGE FACULTY Violet Adkins M.F.A. An Lena Arnwine M.A. College Nurse Mrs. Henrietta Baker M.A. Hostess, Union Building ■ViRDiAN Barham M.A. History Vesta G. Bratt B.S. in Ed. Business Administration W. S. Cannon M.B.A. Business Administration Mrs. Maurice Cecil M.A. English C. K. Chamberlain M.A. History LiLLA Clark B.S. Area Supervisor W. B. Coble Th.M. Bapist Bible Chair Larry Covin M.A. Physical Education J. T. Cox M.A. Music Gladys Fox Ph.D. English George W. Gauggel M.M. Music George F. Gray Ph.D. Agriculture THE COLLEGE FACULTY J. C. Green M.E. Voc. Aqr. Agriculture Elbert Griffin M.A. Chemistry Elizabeth Grimes B.A. Library IvEN H. Hensley M.A. Psychology George W. Hindman M.S. Business Administration A. K. HOGAN B.S. Manager, BooJ: Store Flowayne Holt M.S. Home Economics NoRRis E. Holt B.A. Chemistry Mrs. Jack Irwin B.S. Stenographic Bureau June Irwin B.S. Physical Education Mrs. Gladys B. Johnson M.A. Business Administration Mrs. Elizabeth Killingsworth Director, Wisely Hall Doris Kilpatrick B.S. in L.S. Library Mary Love M.A. History William J. McCallum Ph.D. Education THE COLLEGE FACULTY Louisville Marshall Marian Virginia Miller Mrs. Elsie Milroy Kenneth J. Morgan Anne Nelson M.A. M.A. M.S. M.F. B.A. English Physical Education Dietitian Forestry Business Ollice Thomas W. Raymond Glen Rose Mrs. Dorothy Sanders Charles Scanlon Frank Scott M.ii. M.A. M.A. M.A. M.A. Biology Physical Education English Spanish Agriculture Hazel Self Hugh B. Smith Sugene Spears Ruth Spurgeon Johnnie Stanlett M.S. Ph.D. B.A. B.A. Secretary to Dean Library Biology Secretary to President Assistant to Registrar THE COLLEGE FACULTY Janis Stephens B.A. Speech Janet Turner M.F.A. An Mrs. Donald Tyler M.M. Music John H. Wheeler B.D. Methodist Bible Chair AULINE WhITAKER B.A. Assistant Bookkeeper Mrs. Bobbie E. Whitley B.A. Library John L. Wilson M.A. Education Marie Woods B.S. Assistant to Registrar Weldon Wright B.A. English James G. Yoho M.A. Forestry Ex-Students Association Ancil Hogan President Preston Hendricks Vice-President Lawrence Franks Executive Secretary Marie Woods Secretary The Stephen F. Austin Ex-Student Association was formed in 1928 and has been in operation since that date. The purpose of this organization is to encourage good fellowship and loyalty among former students and to promote the general interests of our college. The main function of the year for the Ex-Student Association is the Homecoming held each fall during football season. At this time all former students are invited and urged to return to the campus. Meetings of county S.F.A. Clubs are held at various times during the year and are a vital part of the entire program. When students leave the college their best avenue of contact with it is through the Ex-Student ' s Association. An office is maintained at the college to serve as a " clearing house " for information and requests. It is the desire of the Association that each student feel free to call upon this office for service while he is off the campus and to make it his headquarters when visiting his Alma Mater. We, the Senior Class of ' 49, would like to say " Thank You " to Stephen F. Austin College. Thinking back, it hardly seems possible that four years have passed so quickly, that this is our commencement year and our turn to receive a degree, and that, at last, our pictures are in the SENIOR section of the Stone Fort. THE J ) First Row: ABERNETHY, FRANCIS EDWARD, Nacogdoches; B.A., English and Speech; President Barristers ' 48, President Karle Wilson Baker Theatre Guild ' 46, ' 47, ' 48, Editor Stone Fort Annual ' 47- ' 48, Yell Leader ' 46- ' 47 . . . ARNETT, DONALD R., Lufkin; B.B.A., Business; President Lambda Gamma ' 49 . . . ARRINGTON, MRS. RUTH, Lufkin; B.S. Elementary Education and Social Science . . . BAKER, LORENE, Nacogdoches: B.S., Commerce; Lumberjackettes, Aggie Club Beauty ' 47- ' 48 . . . BARBER, PEGGY, Nacogdoches; B.S., Elementary Education; A Cappella Choir, Lumberjackettes, Future Teachers America, Stone Fort staff . . . BARRINGTON, MARTIN, Henderson; B.S., Agriculture; Aggie Club . . . BEAIRD, J. L., Lufkin; B.S., Chemistry; Lambda Gamma. Second Row: BEAL, RALPH, Bryan; B.S., Physical Education; Austinites . . . BEAVERS, LEROY, Crockett; B.S., Business Administration and Education; Vice-President Austinites ' 49, Student Congress, Veterans Club , . . BELL, MARY ROBERTS, Tyler; B.S., Social Science . . . BEYERS, MRS. MINNIE, Spurger; B.S., History; A Cappella Choir . . . BICKFORD, MARY, Lufkin; B.S., Elementary Education and Social Science; President Pine Burrs ' 48- ' 49, Stone Fort staff . . . BIRDWELL, JERRELL, Garrison; B.S., Moth; Kappa Beta, Press Club, Pine Log, Junior Class Editor ' 49 Stone Fort . . . BLALOCK, MRS. DOROTHY B., Cloquet, Minn.; B.S., Business. Third Row: BLANTON, W. G., Gushing; B.S., Agriculture; Chemistry Club, Aggie Club . . . BOOZER, CHARLES E., Nacogdoches; B.S., Chemistry; Alpha Chi . . . BOYER, GILBERT E., Center; B.S., Chemistry and Education . . . BOYNTON, EDWIN CURRY, Nacogdoches; B.B.A., Accounting . . . BRADSHAW, LESLIE R., Gushing; B.S., Physical Education; Basketball, Veterans Club . . . BRIGHTWELL, WIL- LIAM, Henderson; B.S., Commerce and Physical Education; Vice-President Sawyers ' 48- ' 49, Student Congress, Freshman Favorite ' 47, Foot- ball ' 46- ' 49, Mr. SFA ' 49 . . , BROOKS, CURTIS, Henderson; B.S., Commerce; Fidele Club, S ecretary-Treasurer Lumberjackettes ' 47, Gibbs Hall Council ' 46- ' 47, Band ' 46. Our freshman year is now but a vague memory of purple and white freshman caps; awe-inspir- ing college classes, so very different from our respective high school classes; returning vet- erans overflowing our Forty Acres; a well-worn path through the woods to the " Corner " ; and the wonderful feelings we experienced at our first big pep rally and football game. SENIOR CLASS First Row: BROOKS, DORIS GENE, Henderson; B.S., History and Commerce; Fidele Club, Sophomore Favorite ' 48, Forester Beauty ' 48, Student Congress ' 48 . . . BURCHFIELD, D. A., Diboll; B.B.A., Accounting . . . BURROWS, ERWIN E., Nacogdoches; B.B.A., General Business; Sawyers . . . CADY, FRANK, Orange; B.S., Speech . . . CAMPBELL, CLIFFORD, Nacogdoches; B.A., B.B.A., Economics; Aus- tinites. Band . . . CARIKER, GENE, Gary; B.S., History; Vice-President Austinites ' 48, President Ministerial Alliance ' 43, President Wes- ley Foundation ' 48, Alpha Psi Omega . . . CARTER, CLARENCE, Henderson; B.S., History. Second Row: CA3KEY, READEY, JR., Briggs; M.A., Physical Education . . . CHAMBERS, DOROTHY, Nacogdoches; B.A., Art; Top Beauty ' 47, ' 48, ' 49, President Arts Inc. ' 48, Amities, A Cappella Choir . . . CLEMONS, ARTHUR W., Sacul; B.B.A., Accounting; Baseball. COLLINS, FAYE, Nacogdoches; B.S., Physical Education; W.R.A COLLINS, JOHN M., Palmyra, Ark.; B.F., Forestry . . . COMTE, BENJAMIN E., Colmesneil; B.B.A., General Business . . . COMTE, RICHARD, JR., Colmesneil; B.S., Agriculture. Third Row: COOPER, BENNIE, Timpson; B.A., Mathematics and Music;; A Cappella Choir, Music Guild, Band, Kappa Beta . . . CORDARY, JAY LYNN, Lincoln, Ark.; B.F., Forestry . . . CORDELL, NELWYN, Garrison; B.S., Sociology; Press Club, Amities, Assistant Editor ' 49 Stone Fort, A Cappella Choir Beauty ' 49 . . . CRAWFORD, WEEKS, Timpson; B.S., Agriculture; Sawyers, Barristers . . . CROUCH, DON, Deer Park; B.S., Math, Physical Education; Who ' s Who ' 47, ' 48, Sawyers, Basketball, Sports Editor Pine Log . . . DAVIS, KATHERINE, Nacog- doches; B.S., Commerce . . . DAVIS, MAUDE ELTON, San Augustine; B.S., Elementary Education. Traditions of Stephen F. Austin became our tra- ditions. We backed our school to the fullest de- gree, although we still had a tendency to stand around and watch the exes as they came to Homecoming in droves, and to wonder at their eagerness to get back each fall to the scene of book reports, term themes, and exams. THE. First Row: DAVIS, WELDON, Gary; B.B.A., Accounting; Kappa Beta ' 47 . . . DEAN, WILLIAM, Nacogdoches; B.B.A., Accounting; Austiniles . . . DESLATTE, CARROLL, Port Acres; B.B.A.; Accounting . . . DICKENS, FERMAN A., Sanford, N. C; B.S., Biology; Alpha Chi, A Cappella Choir, Austinites, Pre-Medical Society . . . DILLEN, MARY RUTH, Nacogdoches; B.S., Commerce;. Alpha Chi, Lumber- jackettes. Music Guild, A Cappella Choir . . . DORSET, JIMMY, Nacogdoches; B.A., Biology; Foresters, Pre-Medical Society . . . DRAW- HORN, PAUL, Bronson; B.S., Social Science; Austinitfes. Second Row: DUDLEY, JAMES F.. Zavalla; B.S., Sociology; Austinites, Veterans Club . . , DUFF, ARLEIGH Nederland; B.S., Physical Education; Basketball . . . DUFF, JACK, Kemp; B.S., Art; Kappa Beta Beauty ' 47, Gibbs Hall Council, B.S.U. . . . EDENS, MARTHA HOWELL, Daingerfield; B.S., Elementary Education; Vice-President Wesley Foundation ' 48 . . . EDENS, ROBERT F., Corrigan; B.F., Forestry; Foresters, Wesley Foundation . . . ELLIOTT, MRS. SHIRLEY, Beaumont; B.S., History; Lumberjackettes . . . ESKEW, BERNELLE, Kilgore; B.B.A., Secretarial Science. Third Row: ESTES, FRANCES RUTH, Port Arthur; B.S., Biology and Social Science; Fidele Club, Forester Beauty ' 49 . . . EVANS, LONNIE D., Big Spring; B.B.A., Economics; Veterans Club . . . FINCANNON, BILL, Beaumont; B.S., Physical Education; Football ' 47- ' 48, Sawyers, " T " Association . . . FINLEY, GLENDA, Jacksonville; B.S., Biology . . . FORD, FLEDA, Logansport, La.; B.S., Elementary Education and Social Science; Choral Club, Lumberjackettes, B.S.U FORD, OPAL, Logansport, La.; B.S., Home Economics and Art; Ellen H. Richards Club, B.S.U. Council, Lumberjackettes, Choral Club . . . FORTENBERRY, WALTER M., Newton; B.S., Chemistry. Little by little, we grew to be more a part of SFA. By the time we had thirty curriculum, hours to our credit and had the new freshmen shining our shoes, there was no stopping us. We had made many new friends and thought of our dormitories as our second homes. We were going in full speed amidst classes, social clubs, end other campus interests. SENIOR CLASS First Row: FRANKS, ORLAN H., Malakof f; B.S., Business Administration . . . FREEMAN, ALLEN, Silsbee; B.S., History and Government; Sawyers, Stone Fort Staff, Treasurer Junior Class, Student Congress ' 47, ' 48 . . . GARLINGTON, MRS. RUTH POWELL, Brookeland; B.S., Business Administration . . . GARLINGTON, ROBERT A., Brookeland; B.S., Physical Education; Sawyers . . . GARNER, BILL, Nacog- doches; B.S., Physical Education; Austinites . . . GILES, MILTON, Nacogdoches; B.S., History; Alpha Chi . . . GLAZENER, REY, Nacogdoches; B.A., English; Fidele Club, A Cappella Choir. Second Row: GOODRICH, JANE, Nacogdoches; B.A., English; A Cappella Choir, Fidele Club, Gibbs Hall Council ' 47, ' 48, Future Teachers America . . . GREEN, ELVIS, Martinsville; B.B.A., Business Administration . . . GREEN, E. RAY, Henderson; B.S., Art, Vice-President Arts Inc., ' 48, Austinite Poll Director ' 49 . . . GREEN, JAMES, ShelbyviUe; B.S., History . . . GREEN, TOMMY, Mabank; B.S., History; Future Teachers America . . . GRIMES, BRYAN E., He nderson; B.S., Business Administration . . . HALBERT, A. B., Milam; B.S., Chemistry. Third Row: HAIRGROVE, MRS. BILLY W., Tenaha; B.S., Physical Education; W. R. A., Kappa Beta, Lumberjackettss . . . HALEY, JAMES W., Center; B.B.A., Accounting . . . HALL, CAROLINE ANN, Abilene; B.S., Art; Pine Burrs, Press Club, Arts Inc., Assistant Editor ' 49 Stone Fort . . . HANCOCK, ROLAND, Kilgore; B.S., Forestry . . . HARDY, WILSON B., Gushing; B.S., Agriculture; Austinites, Aggie Club. HARRISON, RAY W., JR., Fort Worth; B.A., Math; Foresters, Tennis . . . HAWKINS, THOMAS M., Nacogdoches; B.S., Physical Education. We watched with undeniable interest as our campus grew. Agriculture, Music, and Business buildings sprang up all around us. New tennis courts were put in, and best of all, by ' 48, our Swimming Pool was completed. Those of us who attended summer school will agree that what time was not spent in classes was most assuredly spent in the pool. THE First Row: HICKEY, ED, Hallsville; B.S., Agriculture . . . HOOPER, SAM P., Paxton; B.B.A., Business . . . HUGHES, BUFORD, Chester; B.S., Aqiiculture; Foresters, Aggie Club, Basketball, Track . . . HURST, MARIE, Center; B.S., Elementary Education; Pine Burrs, Lumber- jackettes, Press Club, Cutest Girl ' 47 . . . HURST, RAY, Burkburnett; B.B.A., Accounting . . . HUTSON, ANNIE MAE, Nacogdoches; B.S., Physical Education; W. R. A. Second Row: IRWIN, JACK, Chandler; B.S., Forestry , . . IVY, GEORGE PRESTRIDGE, Huntington; B.S., Biology . . . JACKSON, FRED, Alvin; B.S., Physical Education; Foresters, " T " Association, Football, Most Handsome Boy ' 49 . . . JERNIGAN, ALFRED, Carthage, B.S., History; Barristers, A Cappello Choir, Kappa Beta . . . JOHNSON, CLAUDE K., Brookeland; B.S., Agriculture; Barristers, President Foresters ' 48, Track, Stono Fort staff . . . JONES, J. W., Lufkin; B.B.A., Business; Vice-President Lambda Gamma ' 49 . . . JONES, MRS. JOHN MORGAN, Bronson; B.S., Geography; Amities, Gibbs Hall Council. Third Row: KENNEDY, GENEVA GRACE, Lufkin; B.S., Home Economics; Amities, Ellen H. Richards Club, Wesley Foundation . . . KEN- NEDY, JAMES DWIGHT, Delhi, La.; B.S., Social Science . . . KEWLEY, JOHN H., Palestine; B.S., Sociology . . . KING, NYAL C, Nacog- doches; M.A., History; Who ' s Who, Alpha Chi . . . KINNEY, MATHES L., Gushing; B.S., Forestry . . . KYLE, MRS. JOHNNIE BROOKS, Beckville; B.M., Music; Amities, Band, A Coppella Choir . . . LACY, WILLIAM, Tyler; B.S., Social Science. In our junior year, we perhaps realized the short time left before us in our college career and attempted to take part in more college ac- tivities We saw now what Homecoming meant to exes, — and we breathed many a sigh ovei " just one more year. " SENIOR CLASS First Row: LAWRENCE, BURNIS, Hemphill; B.A., English; Barristers, Tennis, " T " Association, Assistant Editor Pine Log ' 49 . . . LEEDIKER, BILL E., Crockett; B.S., Social Science; Theatre Guild, Ministerial AlUance . . . LINDSEY, DONALENE, Kountze; B.S., Com- merce; Fidele Club, Choral Club, Lumberjackettes, Wesley Foundation . . . LONG, MRS. ROSE MARY, Garrison; B.S., English; Fidele Qub, Band . . . LOW, PAULA, Geneva; B.A., English; Miss SFA ' 49, Secretary-Treasurer Student Body ' 48, ' 49, President Amities ' 48, ' 49, Presi- dent Future Teachers America ' 48, ' 49, Duchess to Sam Houston Coronation Ball ' 48 . . . LOWE, CLYDE, Glenfawn; B.S., Biology; Kappa Beta, Seminar Club . . . LOY, CECIL, Nacogdoches; B.S., Math. Second Row: LYNCH, WILBURN C, Chireno; B.S., History . . . McCULLOUGH, DON C, Alto; B.S., Commerce; Foresters . . . MAHONEY, BOBBY REX, Nacogdoches; B.S., Commerce; Austinites ' 44- ' 48, Goli ' 47 . . . MARTIN, FRANK W., Loraine; B.A., Pre-Dental . . . MARTIN, JOHN CRAWFORD, Nacogdoches; B.A., Sociology; Editor ' 49 Stone Fort, Vice-President Student Body ' 48, ' 49, President Austinites ' 48, Head Cheerleader ' 48, ' 49 . . . MARTIN, ROY L., Tulsa, Okla.; B.B.A., General Business . . . MARTINDALE, CHARLES, Nacogdoches; B.S., Sociology; Barristers. Third Row: MERIWETHER, THOMAS G., Nacogdoches; B.B.A., Business; Secretary-Treasurer Austinites ' 49, Business Manager ' 49 Stone Fort, Press Club, Theatre Guild . . . MILES, BEULAH, Nacogdoches; B.S., Biology . . . MILLS, MARTELL, Nacogdoches, B.S., Forestry; Barristers, Austinites . . . MIMS, KEITH, Nacogdoches; B.S., Biology. . . MOORE, JIMMY, Crockett; Physical Education; Baseball ' 47, ' 48. MORGAN, D. DEWEY, Nacogdoches, B.S., Social Science; Future Teachers America . . . MOSES, SAMUEL FULLER, Lufkin; B.S., Chemis- try; Alpha Chi. By the time we held the d istinguished title of SENIORS, we had absorbed some understand- ing of those mysterious gradepoints and degree requirements. We all but neglected our studies to take part in every school function, no matter how great or small. This fall, we came back to find a new boys ' dormitory and a new Student Union Building where that path through the woods used to be. THE: First Row: MUCKELROY, FRITZ A., Nacogdoches; B.A., Math; Sawyers, Press Club . . . MUCKELROY, RICHARD W., Nacogdoches; B.B.A., Business Administration; Austinites . . . MULLINS, E. H., Carlisle; B.S., Physical Education; Basketball ' 47- ' 49, " T " Association. MURDOCK, J. A., Elkhart; B.S., Physical Education; Foresters . . . MURPHY, MARLEN D., Nacogdoches; B.B.A., General Business . . . NAIL, HOWARD, Carthage; B.S., Sociology; President Kappa Beta ' 48, Veterans Club . . . NEUVILLE, CHARLES S., Honey Island; B.B.A., Economics and Business Administration. Second Row: NEWLAND, MAX, Marshall;. B,F., Forestry; Sylvans . . . NIVENS, LANORE, Palestine; B.S., Home Economics; Kappa Beta, Ellen H. Ritnards Club . . . NOBLE, THOMAS E., Nacogdoches; B.S., History . . . NOONER, HELEN, Nacogdoches; B.S., History. NORWOOD, CAROLYN, Nacogdoches; B.S., Business . . . NUTT, ALTON A., Gary; B.A., Physical Education . . . OLIVER, GEORGE NATHAN, Beaumont; B.S., Speech and History; Alpha Psi Omega, Pi Kappa Delta, Barristers, Kappa Beta. Third Rcw: OLSEN, HERBERT, Deer Park; B.S., Physical Education; Austinites, Baseball, " T " Association . . . O ' NEILL, LAURA ELLEN, Crystal City; B.S., Education . . . O ' QUINN, ROSE, Wells; B.S., Elementary Education . . . PARRISH, JANIE, Timpson; B.A., English and Commerce; Secretary Amities ' 48- ' 49, President Gibbs Hall Council ' 48- ' 49, Senior Class Favorite, Friendliest Girl ' 47- ' 48, ' 48- ' 49 . . . PEA- COCK, R. LEON, Garrison; B.S., Speech; President Ministerial Alliance ' 48 . . . PEEBLES, ROBERT BLAKE, JR., Lufkin; B.B.A., Business Administration; Lambda Gamma . . . PELHAM, ODELL, Tatum; B.S., Health and Physical Education; Secretary W. R. A., Lumberjackettes. It is with mingled pride and sentiment that we find our names in alphabetical order in this, the Senior Section of our annual. And with deepest appreciation to our school we, until future home- comings, bid Stephen F. Austin goodbye. SENIOR CLASS First Row: PERKINS, IRENE, Lufkin; B.A., Commerce; Secretary-Treasurer Future Teachers America ' 48- ' 49, Kappa Beta Beauty ' 47- ' 48. Press Club, Lumberjackettes . . . PERKINS, JOE R., Lufkin; B.S., Business; Austinites . . . PERKINS, MARJORIE, Lufkin; B.A„ Art; Secretary- Treasurer Arts Inc., ' 48, President Kappa Beta ' 47, Press Club, Future Teachers America . . . PERMENTER O. E., Center; B.S., Physi- cal Education; President Sawyers ' 48- ' 49, President Sophomore Class, Student Congress, Football . . . PLUNKETT, MERLINE. Henderson; B.S., Biology; Pine Burrs Gibbs Hall Council, Pine Burr Beauty ' 49 . . . PORTER, FREDDY E., Beaumont; B.S., History; Foresters . . . POTTS, MARGARET, Price; B.S., Home Economics; Ellen H. Richards Club, A Cappella Choir, Lumberjackettes; B. S. U. Second Row: PRICE, MURL P., San Augustine; B.S., History . . . RACE, LILLIE MAE, Palestine; B.A., Sociology; Theatre Guild, Alpha Chi, President Kappa Beta ' 46 . . . RAINBOLT, WALTER C, Timpson; B.B.A., Business; Sawyers . . . READ, WALLACE, Lufkin; B.M., Music; Band, A Cappella Choir, Orchestra . . . RICE, HARRY, Overton; B.S., Physical Education; Senior Favorite ' 49, Sergeant-at-Arms Austinites ' 49, Football, " T " Association . . . ROACH, JAMES M., Diboll; B.S., Agriculture; Austinites, Veterans Club . . . ROBERTS, CYRIL J., Nacogdoches; B.S., History; Sawyers. Third Row: ROGERS, MAURICE, Gushing; B.S., Accounting . . . ROPER, VICTOR W., Lufkin; B.S., Math; Foresters . . . ROWELL, MARTHA SUE, Athens; B.S., Home Econom ics; Ellen H. Richards Club, Pine Burrs . . . RUSCHE, NELSON, Nacogdoches; B.B.A., General Business . . . RUSHING, WILLIAM J., Joinerville; B.B.A., Business Administration; Band, Austinites . . . SANFORD, JIMMIE LEON, Jackson- ville; B.B.A., Accounting . . . SANFORD, S. C, JR., Nacogdoches; B.S., Physical Education. Savage, L. O., B.S. Joaquin Social Science Schmidt, Catherine, B.S. Nacogdoches Art; Pine Burrs THE First Row: SCOTT, ALNET, Broaddus; B.S., Physical Education; Miss Athlete ' 47- ' 48, President Lumberjackettes ' 48, Freshman Editor ' 49 Stone Fort, Amities . . . SCURLOCK. JAMES, Beaumont; B.S., History and Government; Sawyers . . . SHINDLER, ROBERT C, Appleby; B.S., Math . . . SHIVERS, LINWOOD L., Lufkin; B.B.A., Business . . . SHOULTZ, JACK W., Grapeland; B.S., Biology; A Cappella Choir, Wesley Foundation, Pre-Medical Society, Austinites . . . SINCLAIR, JAMES DALE, Minden; B.S., Chemistry and Math; Wesley Foundation. SINGLETON, TOMMY, Lufkin. B.S., Chemistry and Math. Second Row: SKILLERN, LINCOLN, Woden; B.S., Forestry; Austinite Poll Director ' 48, Barristers . . . SMITH, JACK V., Orange; B.A., Commerce; Tennis . . . SMITH, RUFUS, Martinsville; B.B.A., Business; Foresters . . . STILLEY, DELTON, Timpson; B.S., Math . . . STEPHENSON, BETTY, Vidor; B.S., History; Lumberjackettes . . . STONE, HOWARD LONNIE, Nacogdoches; B.S., Geography; Parliamen- tarian Austinites ' 48 . . . STRICKLAND, JAMES ORLAND, Chireno; B.A., History; President Student Body ' 48- ' 49, Alpha Chi, Foresters, Barristers. Third Row: STUBBLEFIELD, J. B., Lufkin; B.B.A., Business; Lambda Gamma . . . SUMMERS, EMILY, Nacogdoches; B.S., Elementary Educa- tion; Fidele Club . . . TAYLOR, EDWARD J., Trinity; B.S., Physical Education; Austinites, Baseball, Football . . . THAMES, DOLLIE, Lufkin; B.A., Sociology and Education; Secretary-Treasurer Pine Burrs, Stone Fort Staff, Gibbs Hall Council, Press Club . . . THOMPSON, BETH, Livingston; B.S., Commerce; Vice-President Fidele Club, Senior Editor ' 49 Stcne Fort, Vice-President Press Club ' 48- ' 49, Future Teachers America . . . THOMSON, IRVIN, Nacogdoches; B.S., Physical Education; Secretary-Treasurer Sawyers ' 48- ' 49, Veterans Club, Future Teachers America . . . THOMPSON, MRS. MAY ELIZABETH, Houston; B.B.A., General Business; Pine Burrs, Cheer Leader ' 47- ' 48, Most Popular Girl ' 47- ' 48. Valentine, G. W., B.F. Nacogdoches Forestry: Foresters, Sylvans, B.S.U. Vest, James, B.S. Nacogdoches Agriculture; President Aggie Club ' 46, Veterans ' Club SENIOR CLASS First Row: V ALDIE, JOHNNY, Itasca; B.S., Physical Education; Football, Sawyers . . . WALLACE, BEN M., latum; B.B.A., Business; President B.S.U. ' 48- ' 49, Secretary Foresters ' 48- ' 49, Who ' s Who ' 48-49, Student Congress ' 48- ' 49 . . . WALLACE, ELIZABETH, Rockland; B.S., Physical Education; Reporter Amities ' 47, W.R.A., All-Star Basketball Team ' 47- ' 48, Miss Field Hockey ' 47- ' 48 . . . WATERS, POL LY THOMAS, Zavalla; B.S., Elementary Education and Social Studies . . . WATSON, GEORGE W., Tenaha; B.S., Forestry; Sylvans . . . WAT- SON, J. N., Center; B.S., Math . . . WATSON, LOUNEITA, Mt. Enterprise; B.S., Elementary Education; Lumberjackettes, Wesley Founda- tion, Gibbs Hall Council. Second Row: WATT, JACK D., Henderson; B.B.A., Business Administration . . . WHEAT, JACK R., Beaumont; B.S., Business; Business Manager Pine Log ' 48- ' 49, Foresters, Barristers . . . WHITLEY, BOB, Bryan; B.S., Agriculture . . . WHITE, HELEN, San Augustine; B.S., Home Economics; B.T.U., Ellen H. Richards Club, W. Y. A., A Coppella Choir . . . WILKINS, JIMMY, Logcnsport, La.; B.F., Forestry; Foresters, Sylvans . . . WILLIAMS, RAYE, Stockman; B.S., History; Sawyers, Future Teachers America, Wesley Foundation . . . WILLIAMS, WYNDLE A. , Beckville; B.B.A., Accounting. Third Row: WILSON, PAUL S., Geneva; B.S., History; President Barristers ' 47, President Veterans Club ' 47- ' 48, President Pi Kappa Delta ' 47 . . . WIMP, BOB, Lufkin; B.S., Sociology; Ministerial Alliance, Lambda Gamma . . . WISE, JAMES E., San Augustine; B.A., Chemistry and English . . . WOOD, THOMAS, Nacogdoches; B.S., Physical Education . . . WOOD, WAYNE, Orange; B.S., Math; Editor Pine Log ' 48- ' 49, Student Congress ' 48- ' 49, President Press Club ' 48, Vice-President Foresters ' 48 . . . YARBROUGH, BETTY, Martinsville; B. S., English and Social Studies; Secretary-Treasurer Fidele Club ' 46, Secretary-Treasurer Sophomore Class ' 46- ' 47, Press Club, Lumber- jackettes . . . YARBROUGH, EDWARD L., Timpson; B.S., Speech; Sawyers, B. S. U. Officers James L. Due President Tucker Holt Secretary Jean Risher Reporter Thomas Lee Roebuck Vice-President First Row: Akery, James; Anger, Leo Rodney; Baker, Jess Owens; Bills, Louise; Blake, Roy M. Second Row: Brittain, Marjorie; Broussard, Merlin; Buckner, Lewis T.; Burkhalter, Chester R.; Burnaman, Sue. Third Row: Camp, Evelyn; Cave- ness. Hazel Jean; Chestnut, June; Childress, Sarah; Christian, J. B. Fourth Row: Cochran, Preston M.; Cooney, Mary Elizabeth; Cov- ington, Alonzola; Crump, Mrs. LaMerle; Cruze, Frank. Fifth Row: Danheim, A. E.; David- son, George LaFayette, Jr.; Dav- is, Bennie Jane; Davis, Lud; Dawson, Mrs. Jeannine Neill. Sixth Row: Dishburger, Henry; Due, James L.; Evans, Thelma D.; Ferguson, Robert; Fiedler, Joe. THE JUNIOR CLASS First Row: Fisher, Serena; Fuller, Fred; Gant, Louis R.; Garlington, Kennie; Garrison, B. G. Second Row: Gatlin, Joyce; Goins, Clydelle; Green, John Charles; Gramling, O. E.; Grigsby, George. Third Row: Hawthorne, Nancy; Holiman, Helen; Holt, Barbara, Holt, Joy; Holt, Sam T. Fourth Row: Holt, Tucker; Horn- buckle, Chester, Jr.; Hudgens, Elizabeth; Hughes, Sherman Eli; James, Charles R. Fifth Row: Jeanes, K. P.; Jones, Bob; Kelly, Patsy; Kimmey, Charles, F.; Knight, Joy Marie. Sixth Row: Kyle, Grady S.; Lacy, Griff; Latham, Wade; Lilly, Madeline; Lippard, Terry. FT " First Row: Loveall, Jerry; Lovell, La Von; Lord, Earl; Lowery, Nor- wood; Milstead, James. Second Row: Moak, Billy; Mooney, Carolyn; McCameron, Fritz; Mc- Kay, Oliver; McKinney, Betty. Third Row: McKinney, Ralph; Os- borne, Nancy Lee; Parkman, Thomas; Penney, Elizabeth; Per- kins, Morris. Fourth Row: Person, Don; Pitman, Wayne; Prescott, Eugene; Reyn- olds, Harrell D.; Rider, Norma Fay. Fifth Row: Riggs, Louise; Risher, Jean; Roark, Francille; Roark, Glenn; Roebuck, Thomas L. Sixth Row: Ross, George W.; Root, Charles E.; Sandlin, Johnny, Jr.; Samford, Douglas; Scarborough, Cleon. THE JUNIOR CLASS First Row: Shane, Margaret; Sharp, Val, Jr.; Shindler, Raymond; Shofner, Vyrne; Sims, R. O- Second Row: Singleton, Margaret; Smith, Elwood; Smith, Gerald; Smith, Paul H.; Spear, Paul M. Third Row: Spruill, J. N.; Stephens, Thomas C; Stephens, Virginia Lee; Stewart, Bill; Strode, I. W. Fourth Row: Strong, Joe B.; Tal- madge, Oliver; Tatum, Thomas F.; Taylor, W. R.; Thompson, James A.; Thompson, Billy Lee. Fifth Row: Walker, Derwin F.; Watson, Mrs. Bonnie; Westmore- land, Lowell; Whitaker, Travis; White, Bonnie; White, Janie. Sixth Row: Wilson, H. W.; Wilson, John F.; Wisener, Ted; Wolaver, Jeanette; Wortham, Carolyn; Yeoman, Jack. Everyone enjoyed the square dance at the Amitie-Fidele Box Supper. They must he checking on Mrs. Cecil ' s Enghsh classes. THE SOPHOMORE: Officers Earl Lord President David Woodell Reporter Elizabeth Hudgens Secretary James Parrish Vice-President CLASS: First Row: Adams, Betty Jean- Bailey, Shirley; Barrow, Lloyd O.; Beauchamp, Paul M. Second Row: Beavers, Reba: Boozer, Joyce; Branton, Iris; Breaux, Albert. Third Row: Brock, Betty; Buckley, Gene T.; Burke, Gary; Burks, Gail. Fourth Row: Burrows, Roland; Byrd, Mrs. Charles L; Byrd, Rip; Carter, Willie J. Fifth Row: Caveness, Lenore- Chandler, Tom; Christian, Jack; Clayton, Nick. Sixth Row: Coon, Nathan; Coop- er, Gleen; Coussons, Bessie; Cox, Edna Merle. Seventh Row: Crosby, Sarah Jo; Curl, Jim; Davis, Alvin E.; Den- man, Bill. Eighth Row: Douglas, Charles Ray; Edmons, Mary Jo; Edmons, Ruby Jack; Elliott, Jean. THE SOPHOMORE First Row.: Feazell, Mctrgreteene: Fuller, Ancil T.; Fulmer, Ken- neth; Gartman, Jerry. Second Row: Gatlin, Jon; Giles, Dan; Glenn, Kathryn; Grcrves, Clyde E. Third Row: Green, Willie Joe; Grigsby, Max; Hairgrove, Gene; Hancock, Dan. Fourth Row: Horsman, Bob; Hays, Armour S.; Hubbard, Maurice; Hudman, Mary Kate. Fifth Row: Hurst, Mrs. Eleanor, Jackson, Nita; Jetton, Mary Jean; Johnson, James C. Sixth Row: Jones, Joe L; Kelley, Albert; Kendrick, Vallie; Kelton, Stella. Seventh Row: Kennedy, Lucy; Kimmey, Betty; Longford, Gloria; Laws, Tom. Eighth Row: Lewis, Grady; Lind- sey, Frank; Lindsey, Nell; Loon- ey, Alice Joyce. CLASS: First Row: Low, Mary Lou; Lowery, Gordon; Lunsford, Billy R.; Lusk, Lina Lea. Second Row: McClain, Peggy; Mc- Daniel, Gladys; McDaniel, Ra- mona; McDonald, R. L. Third Row: McGee, Earlean; Mc- Gown, Harold H.; McGraw, Slugger; McKinney, Billie George. Fourth Row: McKinney, Billy; Mc- Kenzie, Bryan; McMuUen, Jerry; McPhail, Jane. Fifth Row: McPherson, Billie; Marks, Allison; Moore, Kath- leen; Muckleroy, Harold. Sixth Row: Muckleroy, Sue Shol- ner; Nations, Bailey; Nesbitt, James W.; Parker, Milton. Seventh Row: Parrish, James; Par- rish, William E.; Pate, Charles; Patterson, Eloise. Eighth Row: Petty, Harry; Picker- ing, Ben; Pitman, Wayne; Pop- ham, Billy. THE SOPHOMORE First Row: Potts, Jack; Pridgen, Betty; Rector, Joyce La June; Redmon, Margie Dale. Second Row: Roberts, Mary Louise; Robertson, Jo Ann; Sam- ford, " Kinky " ; Savage, Bobbie. Third Row: Sharp, Robert; Shaw, Jo Nan; Simmons, Floyd; Simms, Virginia. Fourth Row: Slaydon, Leland; Slocum, Jessie Lea; Smith, Charles E.; Smith, Charles Lee. Fifth Row: Smith, Pat; Snow, Wil- lie Mae; Spears, Paul; Starkey, Carl E. Sixth Row: Starkey, Ernest; Steed, Mary Lois; Stewart, Billie; Stone, Jack R. Seventh Row: Stroud, Ann; Sween- ey, Sybil; Thames, Flora; Thomas, Richard. Eighth Row: Toney, Frankie; Ty- ler, Donald L.; Walker, Clarence; Walters, Carroll. CLASS First Row: Watkins, Carolyn; Wat- son, Mack; Weaver, Harry; Wedgeworth, Robert. Second Row: Westmoreland, Se- leta Jean; Wheeler, Art Albert; Whitoker, Colleen; Whitaker, Guy. Third Row: Whitton, Thomas; Wil- kinson, Milton; Williams, Clea- tis; Williams, Earlon. Fourth Row: Williams, Emma Nell Shepherd; Williams, Jimmie; Wilson, Mary Frances; Wilson, Tom. Fifth Row: Woodell, David A.; Woodell, Gene; Y ' Barbo, John William; Youngblood, Dowell. Officers Pete McKenzie Student Congress Representative Dorothy Shelton Vice President Vernon Redd President Elsie Holt Secretary Edward Ray Reporter THE FRESHMAN First Row: Adams, Eloise; Adams, Louise; Agleton, Gene Paul; An- derson, Dorothy Ann; Bailey, Viola. Second Row: Bane, W. L.; Barber, Betty; Barton, Carolyn; Beck, Barbara; Belch, George Eugene. Third Row: Blance, Edith; Brad- shaw, Etheleen; Brevell, Jo Ann; Brock, Glyn; Brooks, Marlin. Fourth Row: Brouillard, Ralph A., Jr.; Brown, Fay; Bryan, Arthur; Buckner, Gene; Burke, Glenn. Fifth Row: Burrows, Robert V.; Cagle, Max; Caillavet, Sid; Chaney, Joan; Chapman, Nel- Sixth Row: Christian, Charles; Collins, Hilton; Collins, May- delle; Collins, Ray; Cooney, Wil- liam. Seventh Row: Cortazo, Yolanda; Cox, Thomas Elvan; Craycraft, Bobbie; Crouch, Essie Faye: Crosby, Rita. Eighth Row: Culbertson, Bowden E.; Danheim, David P.; Davis, Glenn; Dillen, Barbara Nell; Diseker, Charles M. CLASS THE FRESHMAN First Row: Dossey, Jean; DeVore, Billie Jeanne; Dukes, Violet Joy; Durham, Jean; Dunn, Mary Lois. Second Row: Eagle, Gayle; Eaves, Jimmy; Ferguson, Dick; Fonte- not, Jane; Forrest, Marceil. Third Row: Forsythe, Will; Forse, Joyce; Forse, Patsy; Franks, Thomas D.; Gafford, Joyce Evelyn. Fourth Row: Gann, Mary Jean; Gellatly, Ann; Gladden, Ann- elle; Goodwin, Mary Jo; Gracey, Louie. Fifth Row: Grandstaff, Dale; Gray, Marjorie Anne; Griffin, Wynell; Guinn, Robert R.; Hall, Julia Nell. Sixth Row: Hairgrove, Billy W.; Hamric, Adie Lou; Hanson, Harold Glen; Hays, Doris Marie; Hays, Gene David. Seventh Row: Hayes, Jeanette; Hearne, Thomas; Heath, Loretta; Horsman, Robert E.; Hodges, Edith Marie. Eighth Row: Hooper, Frances; Hopper, Garvis M.; Hudson, Jerry; Hurst, Roy Jean; Jeanes, Yulless. CLASS First Row: Johnson, Sonny; Jones, Darrell; Jones, Joe; Justice, Bob- bye; Kile, Mary Sue. Second Row: King, Rufus J.; Knight, H. J.; Knight, Mildred; LaForge, Mary Frances; Lamarr, Becky. Third Row: Lee, Robert; Lilly, Wil- bur R.; McClanahan, Lane; Mc- Carty, Earnest; McCauley, James W. Fourth Row: McGown, Maurine; McKenzie, Pete, Jr.; McLeroy, Betty; McMuUen, Ulman; Mc- Phail, Melba. Fifth Row: McSwain, S. B., Jr.; Maberry, Herman; Malone, Billie; Mason, Wesley; Mat- thews, Kenneth L. Sixth Row: Mills, John W.; Mon- zingo, Reginald; Morgan, Ed; Moses, Sonny; Mott, Waline La- vaughan. Seventh Row: Muckleroy, Jo Ann; Muckleroy, Helen; Murdock. Charles; Neves, Jesse; Newman, Burnell. Eighth Row: Nowasky, Robert; Odom, Maxine; Pearce, Roy; Polk, Connie Mae; Potts, Bar- bara. M I BP IIIRIRIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIHRIIIF ' ' upmi pi l s ■ ■ ■ Pi THE FRESHMAN First Row: Powdrill, Joy; Prince, Preston O.; Procella, Glendell; Reynolds, Frankielene; Richards, Betty Sue; Ritchey, Ray. Second Row: Richards, Mrs. Rog- er; Robertson, W. V.; Ross, Robert E.; Rulfs, Betty; Rulfs, Billie; Rushing, Margaret. Third Row: Samtord, Jerry W.; Santord, Joyce Nell; Samford, Fred; Scranton, Jack C; Shaw, Hazel; Shelton, Dorothy. Fourth Row: Shipley, S. A.; Smith, Betty Sue; Smith, Doris; Smith, Larry; Sparks, Claudine; Stall- ings, Grady. Fifth Row: Stevens, Von Rae; Stoker, Betty Ruth; Strode, Molly Jeannine; Studdard, Pat H.; Summers, Bette; Tidwell, Roy. Sixth Row: Tompkins, Jerry R.; Tucker, Bert Neal; Turner, Jack; Vosbury, Dave; Waller, Charles Fred; Waller, Ercycle. Seventh Row: Waters, Homer Eu- gene; Watson, Elizabeth; Weeks, Hilda; White, Ross, Jr.; White, William F.; Whitton, James. Eighth Row: Williams, Bennie; Williams, Mary Margaret; Wil- son, Bill; Wolaver, Jerrell W.; Young, Lucille Bernice; Young- blood, Everett D. CLASS Slime assemble at high school to form Freshman Day parade. Don, Jeanette, Wiggie, and Robert are declared " Best Dressed " Freshmen. Bennie, Joan, Nita, Claudine, and Doris on review. 3n m mnnam • WILLIAM PARRISH • J. P. SULLIVAN • JERRY WATERS DEMONSTRATION SCHOOL The functions of the Demonstration School are to provide the best education possible for its students, to serve as a laboratory for the education of teachers, to serve as a center of educational research, and to serve as an educational service center for East Texas. Director Mrs. Sally R. Arnold Ruby Lee Bevill Lessie Carlton Mrs. Holt Davis Mrs. Earl Hanna Sara Hicks Valine Hobbs Mrs. Robena Lowery Mrs. Lela Morgan Ethel Scott Anne Yardley FIRST ROW Jo Ann Bass, Mary Louise Boozer, J. C. Briggs, Billie Jean Bulher, Jerry Camp- bell, Jo Lane Dennard. SECOND ROW Margaret Doss, L. V. Fos- ter, Nelda Joy Gregory, Gloria Jean Jamison, Eddie Joiner, Louise Lavender. THIRD ROW Steve Lilly, Joyce McGee- hee, Charles Martin, Fran- ces Pena, Hattie Roque- more. FOURTH ROW Billy Ray Smith, J. M. Tol- birt, Loy Weaver, Lindell Westmoreland, Freddie Jean Young. SENIORS The Seniors, under the guidance of Miss Anne Yardley, have proven them- selves very capable by taking part in the Student Council, Junior-Senior Play, basketball, and other activities of the Demonstration School. DEMONSTRATION SCHOOL FAVORITES Mary Louise Boozer J. M. Tolbirt Most Beautiful Girl Most Popular Boy Jean McCarver Eddie Joiner Most Popular Girl Most Handsome Boy Earlene Chandler Loy Weaver Best Ail-Around Girl Best All-Around Boy ACTIVITIES AND SPORTS DEMONSTRATION FIRST GRADE Anderson, Stephen: Baker, Tom; Baumgardner, Anns; Bone, David; Bone, Kathy; Chambers, Terry; Christopher, Charles; Deaton, Charles; Estes, James; Fouts, Casey; Fouts, Court; Gauggel, Herman; Hale, Juanita; Hand, Eliece; Jones, Lee; Lanagan, Tony; Lane, Marsha; McMuUen, Ken; Self, Kenneth; Sprad- ley. Bill; Swindell, David; Svi ' indell, Diane; Taylor, Sally; Wanamaker, Sturdy. Sponsor: Mrs. Pearl Hanna. SECOND GRADE Abbott, John; Bay, Danny; Carter, Annette; Clark, Lee; Donoho, Rich- ard; Gintz, Sylvia; Loveless, James Ann; McMullen, Dean; Mettauer, Kenneth; Miller, Brian; Mefford, George; Motley, Evan; Patterson, Tommy; Watson, Judy; Whitton, Carol; Wilson, Harris Paul. Sponsor: Miss Ethel Scott, SCHOOL UNDERCLASSES THIRD AND FOURTH GRADES Beseler, Rona; Boatman, Terry Campbell, Tommy; Carter, Russell Clark, John H.; Doss, Peggy Ann Gray, Robert; Hammett, Billy Jack Henigan, Susan; Honeycutt, Sandra, Jones, Beth; Jowell, Ruby Carolyn Looney, Hugh, HI; Moore, Sylvia Partin, Jimmy; Alexander, Faye Rene; Angle, John Franklin; Arnold, Jerry Wayne; Bailey, Goldie; Bane, Travis Neil; Burrows, John Lynn; Cooper, Patricia Ann; Holt, Billie Jo; Hooker, Harolyn Luc;lle; March, John; Minton, Joseph; Nevirton, Jean- ette; Scroggins, Loy Milton; South, Charlotte; Sutton, John Oliver; Wil- liams, Edward; Wilson, Betty Sue; Wilson, Hazel Joyce; Tannery, Cliff- ton. Sponsor: Miss Lessie Carlton. FIFTH AND SIXTH GRADES Abbott, Virginia; Allen, Jo Ann; An- derson, Norman; Barwick, Diana; Brodie, Bill; Harris, Charles; Hartley, Hugh; Hutson, Leon; Lacey, Mary; McCameron, Charles; McKinney, Har- riet; Medford, Nita Gayle; Turner, Margie; Westmoreland, Don; Whit- ton, Shirley; Abshier, Priscilla; Bak- er, Wayne; Ellerbrook, Harry; Ful- mer, Charlotte; Hall, Richard; Ham- mett, Dorothy; Kenesson, Lory; Lang- ford, Barbara; Looney, Thomas; Lowery, Bruce; McGehee, Barbara, McKewen, Nancy Lee; McMullen, Peggy; Monk, Elizabeth; Sutton, De- lores; Wanamaker, Carol; Watson, Kenneth. Sponsor: Miss Valine Hobbs. DEMONSTRATION SEVENTH AND EIGHTH GRADES Alexander, Earl Glynn; Baker, Su - Nell; Baumgartner, Mary Lynn; Bur- rows, Nancy Ruth; Ellerbrook, Bill- Power, Nelwyn; Stephens, Rebecca Louise; Whitaker, Jerry; Brodie, Jim; Cole, Virginia; Grain, Judy; Davis. Bryan Holt; Doss, Truitt; Hampton, Betty; Hawkins, Betty Sue; Hutson, Gordon; Joplin, John Earl; Mackey, Leon; Maynard, Vivian; Sheley, Fritz; Thrash, Shirley Jean; Wiggins, Margie. Sponsor: Mrs. Robena Lowery. NINTH GRADE Bailey, Bajbara; Carpenter, Mar- garet; Greening, Gary; Hicks, Jack; Koonce, Peggy; Lewis, Shirley; Mc- Cameron, Maiy; McLain, Dorothy; McLain, Elisabeth; Matthews, Nolo Mae; Muikleroy, Carolyn; Partin, Wyno Dean; Power, Henry; Tindall, Edward. Sponsor: Mrs. Lela Morgan. SCHOOL UNDERCLASSES TENTH GRADE Alexander, Lena Beth; Bailey, Jockiei Grant, Lonzo; Kerr, Langston; Moore, Raenell; Mora, Lewis; Price, Pearl; Slay, Joe Allen; Wilkinson, Donald; Wilkinson, Helouise; Wyatt, Gayle. Sponsor: Mrs. Elizabeth Davis. ELEVENTH GRADE Brookshire, Sara Bess; Busch, Vera Mae; Byars, Fannie; Deen, J. E.; Denman, James; Dillon, Austin; Fos- ter, Dwayne; Foster, Le Von; Giles, Clyde; Gillespie, Tommy; Haltom, Sue Jean; Irwine, Floyce; Joplin, Fred; Latimer, Tommy Jean; Martin, Wanda; Matthews, Ellen; McCarver, Jean; Pleasant, John; Riddles, Mi- riam; Slay, Ralph; Smith, Geraldine; Smith, Patsy Spencer; Stanfield, B. B.; Stephens, Bessie; Wiggins, Betty. Sponsor: Miss Sara Hicks. ! " PARLOR STORY " cast pictured above includes: Emma Nell Williams, John Wilson, George Oliver, Janice Conner, Jo Ann Muckleroy, Jerry Samiord, Ailred Jernigan. • MR. SFA • MISS SFA • FAVORITES • HOMECOMING QUEEN • BEAUTIES OF SFA • WHO ' S WHO • AUSTINITE POLL • SEEN ON THE CAMPUS CAMPUS PERSONALITIES Class Favorites Class Favorites eitij of Jams ames yMilslcaJ Sophomore Sophomore (Pete .JlicO enzle £ h ' Le 3{.o[i Freshman Freshman Homecoming Queen Iss ircfinia Step kens Nelwyn Cordell A Cappella Choir The beauties were chosen this year by Miss Gussie Nell Davis, sponsor of the famous Kilgore Rangerettes. Miss Davis, na- tionally known beauty expert, based her decisions on poise, grace, figure, hair, and com- plexion. The contestants were chosen in a contest in October and were presented in the Stone Fort ' s annual Presentation Ball in December. Serena Fisher Amitie Lucy Kennedy Sawyer Eleanor Miles Hurst Kappa Beta La Von Lovell Barrist er WHO ' S WHO Orland Strickland John C. Martin Nelwyn Cordell Ferdinand Ross Paula Low Dorothy Chambers Janie Parrish Wayne Wood Kendall Jennings BuRNis Lawrence Gene Cariker Ben M. Wallace Don Person Charles Kimmey — Doris Gene Brooks Cutest Couple Mr. C. E. Ferguson — Mrs. Maurice Cecil Favorite Teachers Oliver McKay Cutest Boy Betty Adams . Cutest Girl William Brightwell Dumbest Boy Frankie Toney Best Girl Dancer Billy Popham Best Boy Dancer John C. Martin Friendliest Boy Janie Parrish Friendliest Girl THE AUSTINITE Dorothy Chambers . Fred Jackson . . . Carolyn Mooney . John C. Martin Virginia Stephens . . Wayne Wood . . . Beth Thompson James L. Due . . . Jack and Betsy Smith . . Most BeauiiM Girl . Most Handsome Boy . . Most Popular Girl . Most Popular Boy Most Typical College Girl Most Typical College Boy Wittiest Girl Wittiest Boy . Cutest Married Couple POLL FOR 1949 Jack takes it slow and easy; Paul likes it dreamy; Brouillard wheels in there like 60; and Mack gives with the yickety yickety . . . and that was the spoiling of the Cougar Homecoming . . . Well, it ' s just like one dumbbell said to the other, " Hi ya, Emma! " . . . And about that time we gave out with that all-time favorite, " Its a J! " . . . Wouldn ' t you agree that Frankie was in good form that day at the pool? . . . Reading left to right are five steps in proper watermelon eating: (1) Looks good. (2) Think I ' ll dive in. (3) That first bite. (4) Oooh! just right ... (5) Gorge, gorge, gorge! . . . Marjorie and Rene bemoan the fact that Mr. Snowman isn ' t long for this world. Scottie and Liz display winning boxes at Amitie-Fidele Box Supper. ( . . . and Thank you, Paul!) . . . John Crum shows ' em how . . . Forester pledges at initiation . . . Helen, Mary Jo and Doris pause on way to SUB . . . Billie, Connie and Rene thought the snow was mighty fine . . . Naturally, Paul ' s got to supervise all Upton Hall carryings on. That ' s the spirit, Ernest. Let Tucker knock herself out while you stand there and gape . . . " This is a Westinghouse, isn ' t it? " Well, we ' re just " westing " . . . " Ignorance is Bliss " . . . Billy and Dave — a gruesome, woosome twosome patiently waiting for their girls . . . Look at Liz. Thinks she ' s a lifeguard . . . " Yes, ma ' am, Mrs. Cecil, Glendell, Raymond, and I studied for your English test until 2:30 this morning " . . . Worm ' s eye view of three campus cuties., Austinite picnic climaxed with fire-side entertainment . . . Soft music, dim lights, and, oh, what a wonderful time! . . . Jeonette thought the reception was just wonderful . . . Golden-earringed Doris displays a shapely limb at Forester-Fidele Hallowe ' en costume ball . . . Kappa Beta " Eve of St. Agnes " dance featured Max Neel and his orchestra . . . Wiggie and Strawberry were really in there on those fast ones. V esley Foundation has sing-song before business meeting begins ... Amitie-Austinite Hobo party had everything from soup to nuts. (The nuts are pictured above on hoyride.) . . . " Cave Man " Watson and his " Savage " mate pose with " Cleopatra " Wheat during Hal- lowe ' en ball. (Get those garters.) . . . Nell, Tee Ree and LaVon howl at Joan Chaney ' s hilarious entertainment during Kangaroo Court . . . Last dance at gala 25th Homecoming celebration . . . Pine Burr Christmas dinner-dance was really something according to the looks on the faces of Canter, Jetton, and Miller; yet Bickio, Tolmadge, Thames and Bucker seem absorbed in other things. (Probably Santa Clous). Wiggie, Faye, and Mary Jo practice their twirling at night behind Gibbs Hall . . . Elizabeth Penney wore her freshman cap and Lumber- jack garb all day for Homecoming, but she left that frown at home, we hope! . . . Woodwork class keeps Forester group busy . . . Jimmy Eaves relaxes to smooth Scissor Serenade of T. J. Williamson and his Comb . . . Registration Day at mid-year finds some of the same old faces and a few new ones . . . Professor J. T. really got a bang out of the Bearkat " Good Vv ' ill Commission. " (But - -didn ' t we all?) . . . Grapeland ' s gift to SFA: Shoultz, Woodell and Parker . . . Lumberjack baseball squad puts Austinite-contributed score board to good use. Dr. Sullivan ' s Ag classes keep the farm in good condition . . . Mr. Shelton donates, benevolently, to the " Send Rusty Back To Huntsville " fund . . . Ag students pay chicken yard daily visit . . . Crude Austinite float on Homecoming Day includes a motley crew: Beavers, Hardy, a freshman, and a " J " . . . Lambda Gamma prexy, James Parrish, takes time out for a guick snooze while cronies Peebles and Nesbitt stand by . . . Davis may get Price to laugh at his corn, but Lynch has heard that one too many times . . . Mr. Owens has his Forestry class inspect new sawmill. Cheer up, girls! Things are tough all over . . . Pat, Charles and Jerry display the latest in " Shadow " haircuts . . . Kappa Beta Home- coming float was an eye-catcher; as was Jack Duff, the Pumpkin Girl . . . Mack and Bobbie again. (Where ' s Wheat?) . . . Colorful Freshman Day parade featured legs, mid-drifts, mustaches, cigars, veils, etc. . . . Barrister president, Ed Abernethy, accepts trophy in behalf of club from Kennedy ' s Jewelers for " Throwing the Bull. " That ' s the first time I ever saw an angel " praying like the devil " . . . lerry, Vi ' ola, and Fat strike out for tov n and big pep rally . . . Will, you really wouldn ' t hit that baby, would you? . , . Sue Shofner adds touch of beauty to Homecoming parade . . . The Aggie Club float was very clever and original " and this ain ' t no bull, " either . . . I ' ve got a feeling that boy without his Lumberjack attire on is in for a good ducking . . . Student Congress float was composed of happy trio: Low, Strickland, and Beavers. (Up in front. Freshman McKenzie wonders about Paddleford ' s driving ability.) S taff John C. Martin Editor Ann Hall Assistant Editor Nelwyn Cordell Assistar t Editoi Tom Meriwether Business Manager Peggy Barber . . Assistant Business Manager Dr. C. F. Sheley Facuhy Sponsor Milton Parker Photographer Jerry Samford Photographer James McCauley Photographer Wayne Wood Sports Editor BuRNis Lawrence Sports James Dudley Sports Beth Thompson Senior Editor Reba Beavers Senior Editor Virginia Stephens Junior Editor Jerrell Birdwell Junior Editor Carolyn Mooney Sophomore Editor Ramona McDaniel .... Sophomore Editor Alnet Scott Freshman Editor Mary Jo Goodwin Freshman Editor Margaret Paddleford . . . Freshman Editor Mary Lou Low Feaiure Editor Serena Fisher Organization Editoi Bessie Stephens . . Demonsfraiion SchooJ Editor Stati Members — Liz Hudgens, Charles Root, Claude Johnson, Flora Thames, Mary Bick- FORD, June Chesnut, Billy Popham, Betty Adams, Dollie Thames, May Deanne Goodwin. Thomas Whitton, Don Per son, Jane Goodrich, Nelwyn Samford. Tom Meriwether Business Manager John C. Martin Editor Stall members search tor " new " ideas THE STONE FORT 1949 The Stone Fort staff has endeavored this year to bring you a book worthy of your approval. If this book fails to enrich your memories and recollections, please restrict your comment to these 26 brow-beaten countenances exhibited on these two pages who furnished the blood, sweat, and tears required for its publication. There was nothing quite like the Stone Fort office during the days when the staff labored over this edition. It was always quiet, of course ■ — even our innumerable staff typewriters were of the muffled variety. Naturally, J. C, our ever- lovin ' Editor, whip-master, slave-driver, — need we say more — rarely ever spoke above his usual soothing tones. Staff members had little trouble in organizing their work, since the fashion this year was to alphabetize the classes. It was a struggle for us to learn the alphabet so late in life, but courageously, we managed! And, then, there were always those ex-officio staff members who so obligingly tip-toed in to offer their services. Oftentimes, we on the staff, could barely open that ole swinging door for the deluge of snapshots that poured in by the thousands. THE PINE LOG STAFF Wayne Wood Editor Jack Wheat . . Business Manager Shown below in the picture at the left are Eurnis Lawrence, Virginia Stephens, Ben Wal- lace, John Martin, Reba Bsavers. In the pic- ture to the right are Alnet Scott, Elizabeth Hudgens, Billy Popham. As the " voice " of the student body, we realize that several times we have been accused of having laryngitis. In an effort to defend ourselves, as v ell as help those who will follow in our footsteps, we hasten to point out a few little-known facts which we hope will be remembered by students in the years to come: the Pine Log office is located in the basement of Main, Room lA; all students are entitled and en- couraged to contribute their stories, advice, and time to this student publication; there is a monster commonly called " deadline " which must be appeased; and typographi- cal errors can be corrected provided that at least one loyal friend of the editor can be found to read proofs. We, the vocal chords of this " voice, " have endeavored to publish the news as we saw it and to provide entertainment for you. We feel that if the efforts expended by the pictured starting line-up have enlightened or enter- tained you, our creative attempts have not been in vain. In the picture at the top are James Dudley, Nelwyn Cordell, JeiTeli Birdwell. In the center are Ramona McDaniel, Mitchell Torek, Ann Hall. Pictured below are Mary Lou Low, Peggy Barber, June Chesnut. THE LUMBERJACK BAND Drum Major Carolyn Mooney ond Director . T. Cox Enthusiastically received during all football and basketball games, the Lumberjack band once again filled a nine months ' calendar of musical activity. Music for pep rallies, booster trips to other towns and schools, numerous parades, concerts, and musical assemblies kept the sixty members constantly on the move. Drum Major Carolyn Mooney; twirlers Bette Summers, Faye Brown, Mary Jo Goodwin; ex- hibition tv irler, Wiggie Hamric; and flag bear- ers Edna Merle Cox and Mary Jean Jetton add- ed beauty and grace to this fast-stepping band of Stephen F. Austin. The fun began with rehearsals in September with 49 mem- bers and Wally Read, the most entertaining element present (when he could make it). October found " Mr. B " tearing his mustache and forgetting how to say anything except, " Let ' s knock off the funny stuff, " and, " Dooit again. " The Choir boasts of nine concerts delivered in good form the week before the Christmas holidays with soprano soloists Francille Roark and Madeline Lilly, baritone Ben- jamin Murdock, and tenor Grady Kyle straining satis- factorily. The sorrows of dischords, flat notes, and silent entrances are all forgotten when we recall the fun we had on the concert tours which started before daybreak — especially the hilarious time we had on the over-night trip to Beau- mont when Lamar Junior College was our host. A CAPFELLA CHOIR Frederick Baumgartner, Director Buddy Ryland The Buddy Ryland band began to take shape two weeks before school began in September. The rehearsals saw four members added to last year ' s crew: Wally Read and Jack Briggs on trumpet, James Dunn on trombone, and Rocky Hampton on tenor. Ryland took this band and worked it on new numbers and shined up the old ones. The work paid off in the form of the band being voted one of the top bands in the nation in tv o leading music magazine polls. The band went to Denton two years and participated in the annual Dance Band Contest for College Bands in the South and took all honors. Members ore Wally Read, Robert Kennerly, Bill Briggs, Jack Briggs, trumpets; Buddy Ryland, Jerry Loveall, Ray Griffin, James Dunn, trombones; Bill Davis, Emmery Webb, Sam Burke, Rocky Hampton, Ray Davidson, saxo- phones; Bill Wallace, piano; Bobby Selden, drums; Bill Ross, bass. BUDD Y RYLAND HIS TROMBONE AND HIS ORCHESTRA IDA PRITCHETT MUSIC GUILD Lett to righ; — Landis Lee, Nan Lee, Mary Jean Gann, Barbara Back, Miss Fritchett, Steinrnan Stephens, Alonzola Covington, Pat Studdard, lanie Farrish, Margaret Potts, Kathryn Glenn, Bannie Cooper, Glenn Roark, Jai-k Turner, Mary Lois Steed, Harold Hanson, Margaret Rushing, William Earl Denman, Barbara Nell Dillen, George Ross, Mary Ruth Dillc-n, Ban Murdock, Francille Roark, Jeanette Hayes. This club of talented young men and women was established in the fall of 1947. The Christmas dinner, pictured above, is an annual affair followed by other socials and programs throughout the seasons. During the past year the Guild sponsored Operetta trips to Dallas, presented musical programs, had a campus candy sale, and brought several musical artists to the campus for special occasions. Holding the seat of honor was President Alonzola Covington, followed by Kathryn Glenn. Roll caller and fee collector was Mary Lois Steed. Janie Parrish Alonzola Covington Kathryn Glenn Francille Roark Jeanette Hayes Barbara Beck Mary Jean Gann Members Mary Ruth Dillen Nancy Osborne Peggy McKay Barbara Nell Dillen Nan Lee Bennie Cooper Ben Murdock Glenn Roark Mary Lois Steed Margaret Rushing Yolanda Cortazo Steinman Stephens Miss Ida Pritchett First Row — Yolanda Cortazo, Bessie Lou Coussons, Loretta Heath, Doiothy Andeison, Ercycle Waller, Gloria Langiord Partm. Second Rov — Jane Black, Betty Pridgen, Anita Whitaker, Jeanette Hayes, Elizabeth Penney, Mary Margaret Williams, Mary ]o Edmons. Third Row — Ruby lack Edmons, Betty McKinney, Alnet Scott, Elizabeth Watson, Evelyn Camp. LUMBERJACKETTES Energetic Lumberjackettes — sparkling and cheering for every sports event. Since their formation in 1325, they have had a major part in all school activities. Upholding the traditional school colors, you ' ll see them sporting new uniforms this year: purple skirts and ties and white blouses. Rushees are always entertained at picnics, and the pledges — well, they ' re — ah — entertained. The pass word is " It ' s a J! " or has it been changed to " Cage the Bearkats " ? The Jackettes are always behind you. Jacks — so keep up the good work! PI KAPPA DELTA HONORARY FORENSIC FRATERNITY TEXAS MU CHAPTER Officers Wayple Farrell President Alfred Jernigan Vice-President Earl Lord Secretary-Treasurer George Oliver Reporter Mrs. Betty Hunt Sponsor Members of the Degree of Proficiency, Order of Debate are Wayple Farrell, Earl Lord, and George Oliver. Members of the Degree of Fraternity, Order of Debate are A.Ifred Jernigan, Claude Johnson, Harry Weaver, Waline Mott, Jack Wheat, Edmond Joe Gentry, John F. Wilson, Kenneth Fulmer, Charles Williams, J. Aldous Smith, Steinman Stephens, and Orland Strickland. Dr. Paul L. Boynton is an honorary member. The purpose of this organization is to stimulate progress in, and to promote the interests of intercollegiate oratory and debate and public speaking by encouraging a spirit of fellowship, brotherly cooperation, and interest; and by conferring upon deserving candidates a badge of distinction, proficiency, and honor, varied and graduated according to merit and achievement. The highlight of the season was a forensic tournament on the SFA campus when we were hosts to forensic students from fifteen colleges of this area. The group also entered the tournament at Abilene Christian College, Abilene, Texas; The Savage Forensic Tournament, Southeastern State College, Durant, Oklahoma; the North- western State College Tournament, Natchitoches, Louisiana; and the Southern Speech Association Tourna- ment, Baylor University, Waco, Texas. Alpha Psi Omega is a national honorary dramatic fraternity which was founded to recognize and reward all phases of student participation in college play production. It is the largest national college organization in any departmental field. The Stephen F. Austin chapter, Beta Phi cast of Alpha Psi Omega, is composed of the members pictured below who are: Alfred Jernigan, George Oliver, Edward Abernethy, Gene Cariker. Standing are Mrs. Holt Davis, Dr. T. E. Ferguson, Miss Janis Stephens, John Martin, Hazle Shelton Abernethy. Not pictured is Miss Mary Jane Y hite. PSI OMEGA FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA The Future Teachers of America who met once a month were presided over by President Paula Low. The other officers were: Vice-President, Jack Christian; Secretary-Treasurer, Irene Perkins; Librarian, Beth Thompson; and Reporter, Jane Goodrich. The co-sponsors of the organization were Mr. L. W. Ellerbrook a nd Dr. A. L. Long. The group is a part of the national professional organization of the Future Teachers. The charter was revived at SFA in October, 1947, after a long dormancy. The purpose of the organization is the encouragement of future teachers to meet together for debating and listening to lectures concerning the future of the teaching profession. This aids students to acquire a professional attitude toward teaching before they enter the field. First Row — Elizabeth Wallace, Martha Edens, Evelyn Camp, Mary Jean Gann, Beth Thompson, Jane Goodrich, Jeanette Wolaver, Yolanda Cortazo, Barbara Beck, Paula Low. Second Row — Nelwyn Cordell, Irene Perkins, Elizabeth Watson, AInet Scott, Mary Lou Low, Margaret Rushing, Maude Davis, Mary Frances Wilson, Peggy Barber, Marjorie Perkins. Third Row — Helen V hite, Thelma Evans, Gene Buckley, Jack Christian, Dewey Morgan, Claude Johnson, Morris Perkins, Raye Williams, Dr. A. L. Long, John C. Martin, Mr. L. W. Ellerbrook, Orland Strickland, Howard Nail, Lonnie Evans, Mrs. Minnie Beyers. The Grand Order of Royal Barristers was founded on the democratic tenet that men should be schooled in a sane and systematic type of self-government. It adheres to the rules of parliamentary procedure and strives to teach the budding young politicians of Stephen F. Austin the forms and self-discipline so necessary to the governing bodies of these United States. The school year ' 48- ' 49 has been an exceed- ingly productive one for the Barristers. It saw many heated debates; stirring trials of cases, both civil and criminal; and a strong reinforcement of the Barrister principles. The high points of the Fall semester were the winning of second place on the Homecoming Day float; the trial of the Hon. Paul Wilson for perjury; the trip to hear the President of the United States; and the leception of a trophy from Kennedy ' s Jewelers for " slinging the bull. " Withal, it has been an enjoyable session, and the chambers which have held it will long echo with the president ' s call to order of the oaken gavel. Officers for the Fall semester were: President, Ed- ward Abernethy; Vice-President, Link Skillern; Sec- retary-Treasurer, Alfred Jernigan; Sergeant-at-Arms, Claude Johnson; Parliamentarian, George Oliver; Re- porter, Jack Wheat; Scavenger, Orland Strickland. Spring officers were: President, James Sharp; Vice- President, Claude Johnson; Secretary-Treasurer, Jack Wheat; Parliamentarian, Earl Lord; Sergeant-at-Arms, Wayple Farrell. GRAND ORDER OF ROYAL BARRISTERS Members Seated — James Sharp, Paul Wilson, Claude lohnson, Edward Abernethy. Standing — AUred Jernigan, Roy Blake, Bennett Blake, Jack Stone, Orland Strickland, Gene Buckley, Wayple Farrell, Earl Lord, George Oliver, Charles Martindale, Link Skillern, Jack Wheat, Waline Mo (. Not Pictured — Andrew Champion. Weeks Crawiord. PRESS CLUB With a membership of thirty students this year, the Stephen F. Austin Press Club has as its purpose the improvement of campus publications and the oppor- tunity for association among students with interests in journalism. The Press Club is affiliated with the Texas Intercollegiate Press Association, an organi- zation comprised of Press groups from the leading colleges in Texas. Officers during the fall term were President, Wayne Wood; Vice-President, Beth Thompson; Secretary- Treasurer, Nelwyn Cordell; Reporter, Jack Wheat; Sergeant-at-Arms, James Milstead; Social Chairmen, Betty Kimmey and Mack Watson; Sponsor, Lawrence Franks. Spring term officers were President, Virginia Stephens; Vice-President, Beth Thompson; Secretary- Treasurer, Ann Hall; Reporter, Ben M. Wallace; Ser- geant-at-Arms, Frankie Toney; Social Chairmen, Betty Kimmey and Peggy Barber; Sponsor, Weldon Wright. Members First Row — Ben M. Wallace, Mr. Weldon Wright, Tom Meriwether, Sue Sholner Muckleroy, Virginia Stephens, Adie Lou Hamric, Betty Kimmey, Mary Lou Low, Juanita ]ackson, Francille Roark, Nelwyn Cordell, Sara Childers. Second Row — Burnis Lawrence, Jack Wheat, lames Milstead, Jerrell Birdwell, Billy Popham, Ramona McDaniel, Paula Law, Ann Hall, Beth Thompson, Alnet Scott. Third Row — Edna -Merle Cox, Elizabeth Hudgens, Wayne Wood, John C. Martin. Not Pictured — Frankie Toney, Peggy Barber, Reba Beavers, Lawrence Franks, Don Crouch, June Chesnut, James Dudley, Mitchell Torok. Arts Inc., is a club composed of art majors, art minors, and other persons who are particularly in- terested in Art. The Club has social and studio as well as business meetings. Its work is to promote interest, appreciation, and better understanding of Art at Stephen F. Austin. The club sponsors annual exhibits of students ' work, field trips to museums in Dallas and Houston, and takes part in all campus activities. ARTS INC. Members First Row — Miss Jane Turner, Louneiia Watson, Jack Duff, Dorothy Chambers, Marjorie Perkins, June Chesnut, Miss Violet Adkins. Second Row — Louise Adams, Dr. Karl Schlicher, E. Ray Green, Alnet Scott. Not Pictured — Jesse Neeves, Ever Holmes, Harrell Reynolds, Mitchell Torok, Robert Lee Lamb, Roger Victory, Ramona McDaniel. ELLEN H. RICHARDS CLUB The E. H. R. was founded on our campus in 1926 . . . one of the thirty-three college Home Economics clubs in Texas . . . has been busily at work since its first meeting and has annual Candlelight Installation Ser- vice . . . Wielding the gavel is Margaret Potts; second in command, Louise Riggs; efficient secretary, Caro- lyn Watkins; dues collector, Jean Dossey; reporter, Dorothy Shelton; Margie Redmon industriously works on the club scrapbook; and Mary Frances LaForge keeps peace and order . . . Some 800 high school homemaking girls were guests of the club for an Area meeting in April . . . Representatives attend the annual province workshop each year . . . E. H. R. girls till their social calendar with such goings on as wiener roasts with the Ag boys, annual Christmas party that has tree, lights and gifts for all, annual Homecoming banquet for Ex ' s with Italian theme this year, and spring picnics. Members First Rov — Margaret Potts, Mary Frances LaForge, Janie White, Margie Redmon, Betty Gunnels, Jane Fontenot, Betty Stoker, Mary Frances Wilson, Vera Wall, Jane Black, Dorothy Shelton. Second Row — Miss Edna Wilkin, Louise Riggs, Ever Holmes, Miss Flowayne Holt, Elizabeth Penney, Dorothy Anderson, Betty Pridgen, Jeanette Wolaver, Elizabeth Watson, Carolyn Watkins, Helen White, Betty McLeroy. Not Pictured — Carolyn Barton, Gail Burks, Maydeile Collins, Jean Dossey, Mary Kate Hudman, Geneva Grace Kennedy, Lanore Nivens, Martha Sue Rowell. THE GIBBS HALL COUNCIL— made up of girls elect- ed by their associates for leadership ability, reputa- tion for fair play, and general good nature — attempts to iron out Dormitory difficulties and to promote co- operation among the Dormitory girls to keep " every- body happy. " Proxy Parrish presides to start the ball rolling at council meetings called near the middle of the night whenever the need arises, to discuss general improvements, or in rare instances, a fire- cracker explosion at midnight, or girls who " just couldn ' t say goodnight " by 11. House Mother Rich- ardson, ever promoting the girls ' best interest, adds her peaceful presence to the meetings, and con- tributes helpful suggestions. D. G. Brooks records the happenings of the " highly secretive " meetings and keeps account of finances, while contributions are welcomed from Wing Councilors Duff and Sweeney from Third Floor, Cordell and P. Low from Second, and Plunkett from First. The Council promotes occasional General House Meetings and other activities where all the Dormi- tory girls may participate. Among these are: Coffee introducing Rush Week with all women students and women faculty invited; Kangaroo Court, where the freshmen really " jump " ; Christmas Party with gifts and fun for all; General Gripe Sessions, collecting corrective criticisms of Dormitory conditions; and Picnic-Dance with the boarding boys on the campus as guests. A " Typical Gibbs Hall Room " rolled in the Homecoming Parade, and the Dormitory offered a " fresh-up room " for the convenience of women Ex-Students on Homecoming Day. Activities are faithfully reported to the Pine Log by Reporter M. L. Low together with interesting tid- bits of gossip concerning the popular girls who call Gibbs their college home. In order that posterity may know that Gibbs Hall Girls of 48-49 were definitely " in the news, " Historian Scott keeps a scrap book to which we point with pride. ALPHA CHI The Alpha Chi is a national honor society, whose purpose is to promote and recognize scholarship. The local chapter is named the A. W. Birdwell Chapter in honor of Dr. A. W. Birdwell, President of the col- lege for many years. Members of this organization are chosen from the high ranking students of the junior, senior, and graduating classes, the number in each instance being limited to one-tenth of the mem.bership of each class. Active members are elected in the fall, and graduate members at the spring and summer commencements. Officers for the current year were: Kendall Jennings, President; Charles Boozer, Vice-President; Janie Par- rish, Secretary-Treasurer; Burnis Lawrence, Reporter; T. £. Ferguson, C. F. Sheley, and Mrs. Gladys John- son, Faculty Sponsors. The Baptist Student Union is an organization for Bap- tist students on college campuses throughout the South. The local chapter was organized in 1923 for the purpose of helping the students to find their proper relation with God, to find a place of service in the church, and to find sources of spiritual power for everyday college life. A wide range of activities are incorporated in the program of the Baptist Student Union, such as a Pre- School Retreat, Christmas caroling, a BSU Sweetheart Banquet, a Spring Retreat, and various social func- tions. One of the outstanding events of its 1948-1949 calendar was the State BSU Convention at Waco on October 29-31, which 28 students from Stephen F. Austin attended. Another important part of BSU activity has been the Morning Watch program which met each morning at 7:40 at the Baptist Student Center. Much of the work of the Baptist Student Union is planned by an executive council. Those serving as officers on the council for the 1948-1949 school year are: Ben M. Wallace, President; G. W. Valentine, Enlistment Vice-President; Alnet Scott (Fall) and Von Rae Stevens (Spring), Social Vice-Presidents; Gail Burks (Fall) and Robert Lee Lamb (Spring), Devotional Vice-Presidents; Jane McPhail, Secretary; Curtis Brooks (Fall) and W. L. Bane (Spring), Treasurer; Billie Stewart, Publicity Director; Francille Roark, Music Director; Mary Lois Steed, Pianist; Earlean Mc- Gee, Jimmy Dorsey, and Nyal King, Sunday School Representatives; Jeanette Wolaver, Training Union Representative; and Ray Harrison, Missions Chair- man. W. B. Coble is Student Secretary, George W. Hind- man is Faculty Advisor, and the Rev. L. E. Lamb is Pastor Advisor. BAPTIST STUDENT UNION WESLEY FOUNDATION When the Wesley Bible Chair first opened in January, 1929, the Rev. George J. Steinman was Professor in Charge. During that first year, two hundred and twenty-six students were enrolled in the Bible classes. Today Rev. John Wheeler is director of the Chair and also acts as sponsor for the Wesley Foundation. Continuous entertainment during the active year in- cluded hoyrides, picnics, a rummage sale, Christmas caroling, a Valentine Sweetheart Banquet, a treasure hunt, visiting Fellowship Teams from Lon Morris Junior College, and the trip to A. M. for the annual Texas Methodist Student Movement Conference. One of the SFA delegates to the TMSM, John C. Martin, served as Vice-President from the Texas Conference. Officers for the 1948-49 school year were President, Gene Cariker (Fall), Alfred Danheim (Spring); Vice- President, Martha Edens (Fall), Louneita Watson (Spring); Secretary-Treasurer, Jane Goodrich (Fall), Helen Muckleroy (Spring); Social Chairman, Mary Lou Low (Fall), Mary Ruth Dillen (Spring); Reporter, Charles Smith (Fall); John C. Martin (Spring). First Row — Louneita Watson, Peggy Barber, Jean Dossey, Mary Lou Low, Mary Ruth Dillen, Martha Edens, Barbara Nell Dillen, Jane Black, Lucille Young, Helen Muckleroy. Second Row — John Mills, Dick Ferguson, Jack Shoultz, Paul Beauchamp, Paula Low, Gene Woodell, Barbara Holt, Charles Smith, Jane Goodrich, George Ross, Billie Jeanne DeVore, Derwin Walker, Alfred Danheim, David Danheim, Gene Cariker, John C. Martin, Robert Edens. The Aggie Club was reorganized in 1946 after tem- porary disbandment during the war years due to a shortage of Agriculture majors. This is primarily a professional club set up to aid future Agriculture teachers in F.F.A. work in the high schools, but social activities are carried on such as the annual Aggie Club Barbecue which is held each spring. Picnics and parties are also given in conjunction witli the girls in the Ellen H. Richards Club, an organization consisting of Home Economics majors. This tends to develop an understanding and relationship which will be of definite benefit to those boys and girls who will be working together after completion of college work. During special meetings speakers who are specialists in some phase of Agricultural work present worth- while programs. STEPHEN F. AUSTIN AGGIE CLUB SYLVANS The Sylvans Club was organized in the fall of 1946 for the purpose of bringing Forestry students in closer contact with professional foresters and men in related fields. The club has grown considerably since that time and now has a membership of 50 students. It has been very fortunate in obtaining noted speakers from many different fields such as surveying, dry kiln, paper mill industry, soil conservation, wood preser- vation, and sawmills. The first president of the club was Carl Mallory, who is now a private forester in this area. The forestry professors act as sponsors and co-spon- sors of the Club. First Row — George Grigsby, Max Newland, F. D. Harsdorff, Reginald Monzingo, Burl Youngbiood, J. H. Mays, Charles Ray Douglas, D. E. Maynard, R. F. Edens, Tom Laws, Jimmy Wilkins. Second Row — Mr. James Yoho, Mr. Kenneth Morgan, H. R. Clark, Herbert Branch, William E. Denson, O. Warnick, C. R. James, Jack Irwin, Ralph McKinney, Carl Stripling, Link Skillern, Claude Johnson, Alvin Morgan, Kenneth Matthews, Ulmer McMuUen, Rip Byrd. Not Pictured — Larry Brink, Marvin Davenport, C. A. Ford, W. R. Fowler, Mathes Kinney, S. L. Lindsey, Martell Mills, Oliver Stanley, Elwin Seago, G. W. Valentine, Mr. W. R. Owens. " Parlor Story, " which was the Karle Wilson Baker Theatre Guild ' s production for 1949, was presented in February and again in March under the capable direction of Miss Janis Stephens. This political com- edy was filled with humor, comedy, and student tal- ent. Pictured below is a typical Guild meeting; in this scene, Gene Cariker, John Martin, and Carolyn Mooney, who starred in last year ' s hit, " Dear Ruth, " give a few pointers to the " Parlor Story " cast. Guild President Edward Abernethy found bountiful dramatic ability among the members who are pic- tured below. Seated are Von Rae Stevens, Flora Thames, Francille Roark, Mary Ruth Dillen, Betty Barber, Evelyn Camp. On the second row are Jo Ann Muckleroy, Jerry Samford, Tom Meriwether, Peggy Barber, Jerrell Birdwell, Jessie Lea Slocum. Standing are Al Marks, Steinman Stephens, Ozzie Gramling, R. L. McDonald, Clarence Carter, John F. Wilson, Emma Nell Williams, Gene Cariker, John Martin, Carolyn Mooney. Miss Janis Stephens, Spon- sor, is seated at the desk. KARLE WILSON BAKER THEATRE GUILD MINISTERIAL ALLIANCE The Stephen F. Austin Ministerial Alliance is com- posed of the ministerial students of the college. As it is an inter-denominational organization, the Alliance serves to promote the religious life of all students. Religious material in pamphlet form is distributed periodically to the students and each year during Re- ligious Emphasis Week the Alliance sponsors special services for the student body. Even though the Al- liance is a small organization, its influence is felt throughout the college. Fall semester officers were President, Leon Peacock; Vice-President, Bob Wimp; Secretary - Treasurer, Robert Jonte; Reporter, Billy Bonner. Officers for the spring semester were President, Al Franks; Vice- President, Woody Behannon; Secretary-Treasurer, Aldous Smith; Reporter, Billy Bonner. Sponsors for the Alliance were Rev. John Wheeler, Wesley Bible Chair; and Rev. W. B. Coble, Baptist Bible Chair. Members Seated — Ray Harrjson, Billy Bonner, Aldous Smith, Leon Peacock, Robert Jonte, Frank Cady, Al Franks. Standing — John Mills, Bob Wimp, Rev. Coble, Bill Leediker, Gene Cariker, RuJus King, Derwin Walker, Louis Cant, Rev. Wheeler, Bob Waters. Senior Representatives Wayne V ood Nelwyn Cordell Ben M. Wallace George Oliver Student Body Officers Orland Strickland President John C. Martin Vice-President Paula Low Secretary Gene Cariker Chaplain Miss Mary Thomson Sponsor Mr. Robert Shelton Sponsor STUDENT Student Congress . . . the brain of the student body . . . meets bi-monthly to work out the governing poUcies of campus life . . . Orland Strick- land is the guiding light and is followed by most . . . John Martin assists in keeping the beam aglow . . . while Paulo Low recuperates from the writer ' s cramp . . . Deans Thomson and Shelton at- tempt to keep the brains on the straight and narrow . . . meeting with success . . . sometimes, that is. Junior Representatives Oliver McKay Virginia Stephens Leo Anger James L. Due CONGRESS Sophomore Representatives Paul Beauchamp Reba Beavers Earl Lord Freshman Representatives Vernon Redd Pete McKenzie The Women ' s Recreation Association is open to all women students in the college who are interested in recreation and sports. Its purpose is to promote skill, fellowship, health, and participation in wholesome recreation, as well as sponsor friendly competition through intramural activities. The W. R. A. holds regular meetings once every month and intramural activities three days each week. WOMEN ' S RECREATION .ASSOCIATION Members First Row — Margaiet Shane, Yolanda Coitazo, Gloria Langtord, Emma Deaton, Nelwyn Samlord, Billie Jeanne DeVore, Mary Ulmer. Second Row — Gloria Watson, Faye Lewis, Annie Mae Hutson, Alnet Scott, Joy Holt, Betty Smith, June Chesnut. Third Row — Virginia Tolbirf, Odell Pelham, Faye Collins, Miss June Irwin, Sponsor. Members Not Pictured — Claudia Hairgrove, LaVon Lovell, Earline McGee, Elizabeth Wallace, Julia Hall, Lois Blount. Presenting the members and pledges of the social clubs and the highlights of their social activities. 134410 Officers Claude Johnson Presideni Johnny Sandlin Vice-President Ben M. Wallace Secretary-Treasurer Members First Row — fioy Blake, Jim Cuil, Glenn Davis, Charles Ray Douglas, Robert Edens, Kenneth Fulmei. Second Row — Jerry Gartman, Louie Gracey, Ray Harrison, Bulord Hughes, Fred Jackson, Claude Johnson. " Foresters Forever! " is the battle cry of the fighting Foresters . . . Organized in the fall of 1943, the Forester Club is one of the most active social clubs on the campus . . . Picnics, parties, and dances galore highlight the frequent social activities .... The Foresters aWays stand ready to undertake any project that will make life in college more comfortable and enjoyable . . . and are always willing to help anyone in time of distress or emergency ... In intramural sports, the Foresters are a thorn in the side of all opposition ... in other activities the competition is always keen . . . Look for bigger and better things on the Stephen F. Austin College campus with the " Foresters Forever " among those leading the way. Third Row — Taylor Johnson, Albert Kelley, Earl Lord, Jerry Loveall, Don McCuUough, Jerry McMuUen. Fourth Row — James Milstead, Billy Popham, Freddie Porter, Johnny Sandlin, Charles Smith, Orland Strickland. Filth Row— Ben M. Wallace, Jack Wheat, Albert Wheeler, Guy Whitaker, Wayne Wood, David Woodell, Dr. D. D. Giles, Sponsor. Members Not Pictured — Richard Ails, Rex Parkman, James D. Partin, Charles Wright, Gene Starkey, Ingram Thomas. FORESTERS Officers William Brightwell Vice-President O. E. Permenter President Irvin Thomson Secretary-Treasurer The Sawyers were founded in 1927 and are one of the oldest clubs on the campus . . . Easily recognized at any football or basketball game are these energetic sports backers, in their white shirts and purple ties, pounding away with their famous ax handles . . . For the past two years the Sawyers have won the basketball trophy in intramural sports . . . Proud of such outstanding members as Brightwell, who was elected Mr. SFA ' 49, and McKay, who was chosen Junior Class Favorite, the Sawyers are also noted for their annual dances such as the Christmas Dinner-Dance, Apron-Overall Dance, and last but not least, The Bowery Ball. The Apron-Overall Dance is usually held in March and is an all-college affair to which high school seniors from surrounding counties are also invited . . . The Sawyers were responsible for the school song, " Make Way For SFA, " which Fred Waring wrote and played during one of his nation-wide broadcasts in 1940. Members First Row — Edward Abernetby, Leo Anger, Lloyd Bar- row, William Brightwell, Erwin Burrows, Rip Byrd. Second Row — Weeks Crawtord, Don Crouch, William Earl Denman, Bill Fincannon, Allen Freeman, R. A. Garlington, Dan Giles. Third Row — James Johnson, Bob Jones, Charles Kim- mey, Tom Laws, Terry Lippard, Gordon Lowery, Norwood Lowery. Fourth Row — Wilburn Lynch, Fritz McCameron, James McCauley, Oliver McKay, Fritz Muckleroy, O. E. Permenter, Don Person. Filth Row — Harry Petty, Walter Rainbolt, Cyril Roberts, Thomas Lee Roebuck, Douglas Samlord, Jimmy Scurlock, Robert Sharp. Sixth Row — Pat Smith, Oliver Talmadge, Bill Taylor, Billy Lee Thompson, Irvin Thomson, Johnny Waldie, Clarence Walker. Seventh Row — Mack Watson, Raye Williams, H. W. Wilson, Tommy Wilson, Everett Youngblood. Not Pictured — James Canter, Murph Drewry, C. O. Permenter, Harold Pool, Jack Lovelady, Roy David- son, A. J. Luquette, Lloyd Biskamp, Mr. Joe Gal- lagher, Sponsor. SAWYERS Officers Gene Cariker Vice-President John C. Martin President Milton Parker Secretary -Treasurer Members The small gold emblem of The Royal Order of Austinites marks the man of distinction on the campus of Stephen F. Austin College. Its four points are emblematical of the four aims of the organization: Leadership, Scholarship, Character, and Fraternity ... In addition, the club has a social function and supports a varied calendar of activities. Several dances, both private and all-college, are featured in the program . . . Per- haps the most colorful activity is the annual " Pie Night " each spring semester; with its gags and slap-stick it has constantly won acclaim as one of the most outstanding features of the years . . . As a service to the student body the Austinites Poll periodically gets the students viewpoint on pertinent questions and conducts other polls and elections . . . The Austinites are continuously eager to contribute their efforts toward any worth- while project that is of interest to, or for the betterment of the student body and the school ... It is through service that we hope to continue to retain a position as one of the leading or- ganizations on the campus. First Row — Ralph Real, Leroy Beavers, Lewis Buck- ner, Clilford Campbell, Gene Cariker, Jack Chris- tian. Second Row — Henry Dishhurger, Paul Drawhorn, james L. Due, E. Ray Green, Gene Hairgrove. Third Row — Sam T. Holt, Grady Kyle, Grady Lewis, Frank Lindsey, Lowell McGee, James McGraw. Fourth Row — John C. Martin, Tom Meriwether, Martell Mills, Bailey Nations, Milton Parker, Joe Perkins. Fitth Row — Morris Perkins, Harry Rice, James Roach, Jack Skoultz, Link Skillern, Gerald Smith. Sixth Row — T. C. Stephens, Howard Stone, Ed Tay- lor, Wayne Wolaver, Mr. Frederick Baumgartner, Sponsor. Members Not Pictured — Fred Fuller, Wilson Hardy, Jack Rushing. THE ROYAL ORDER OF AUSTINITES Officers WooDROw Behannon Vice-President James Parrish President Charles Root Secretary-Treasurer Members From out of the twilight of the past years has emerged the Lambda Gamma, which in its infancy seeks to be the very essence of fellowship, mutual interests, and common coopera- tion among its members in an evolving social progression. The Lamda Gamma, in its first year of activities, has attempted to function as an agent to bring about among its members the feeling of patriotism, to the College, to instill in the hearts of all students a consciousness of all of the values of the College. The club has participated in all intramural sports, has pre- sented all-college dances and contests, and has attempted to do its part in all other functions of the College throughout the year. It has at all times, and will continue to do so, attempted to cooperate in the traditions and customs of the College. The officers pictured are the installing officers, who wrote the constitution and served for the first semester. All members pic- tured are charier members of the club. First Row — Don Ameii, Charles Diseker, Joe Gayle Eagle, Maurice Hubbard. Second Row — R. L. McDonald, Allison Marks, James Nesbitt, James Parrish. Third Rov — Robert Peebles, Bin Pickering, Charles Root, Bill Stewart. Fourth Row — Bob Wimp, Tom Tatum, Carroll Walters. Members Not Pictured — Edward Ray, Tilden Nesmith, Rudolph Fuller, Ernest Rutland, Ernest Bartlett, Milton Bradlord, J. L. Beaird, Jack Read, George Collier, Ray Gill, Pat Ryan, Tom Chandler, Peyton Denman, Josh Duncan, Robert Wedgeworth, Mr Harold Fischer, Sponsor. LAMBDA GAMMAS FIDELES FIDELES Members First Row — Betty Adams, Curtis Brooks, Doris Gene Brooks, Edna Merle Cox, Bobbie Craycralt. Second Row — Ruth Estes, Margreteene Feazell, Rey Glazener, Jane Goodrich, Patsy Keliy. Third Row — VaUie Kendrick, Betty Kimmey, Madehne Lilly, Donalene Lindsey, Ramona McDaniel, Billie George McKinney. Fourth Row — Carolyn Mooney, lean Risher, Mary Louise Roberts, Jo Ann Robertson, Bobbie Savage, Jo Nan Shaw. Fiith Row — Virginia Stephens, Emily Summers, Beth Thompson, Frankie Toney, Betty Yarbrough, Miss Violet Adkins, Sponsor. Officers Vice-President Presideni Secretary-Treasurer The Fideles were founded in 1946 . . . Noted not only for their winning ways and wit, but also for their beauty and brains . . . Forester-Fidele Halloween Ball claimed as one of the best . . . Stephens, club president, elected Homecoming Queen . . . Brooks, Mooney, and Kimmey represented the other three class- es in the coronation . . . Everyone enjoyed the Rushee ranch- style party held at Fern Lake . . . McDaniels, club beauty, se- lected second beauty of the College and Toney tied for third . . . Hay, string band, and box suppers produced rip-roaring square dance . . . Proud of the many girls elected as beauties who are McDaniels, Toney, Risher and Estes . . . Everyone decked out in their best for the Christmas Dinner-Dance . . . Risher elected Junior Favorite and Adams elected Sophomore Favorite . . . Fideles can be spotted on Tuesday nights by their green sweaters . . . Everyone talking about the Forester-Fidele Spring Festival; considered one of the biggest and best events of the year. Beth Thompson . Virginia Stephens Betty Kimmey . . FINE BURRS PINE BURRS Members First Row — Barbara Beck, Mary Bickiord, Essie Faye Crouch, Jean Dossey, Mary Jean Gann. Second Row — Annell Gladden, Ann Hall, Marie Hurst, Mary Jean Jetton, Lucy Kennedy. Third Row — LaVon Lovell, Merhne Plunkett, Johnnie Stanley, Dollie Thames, Flora Thames. Fourth Row — Mae Elizabeth Thompson, Jeanette Wo- laver. Miss Marian Miller, Sponsor. Not pictured — Mildred Evans, Pattie Vardaman, Helen Jean Buckner, Mary Alice Tucker. Officers Mary Bickfopd President Johnnie Stanley Vice-President Dollie Thames Secretary-Treasurer The Pine Burrs took root in SFA way back in 1929 . . . They help fill the social calendar with the annual Pledge Day, Night Club Dance, Christmas Dinner-Dance, Valentine Ball, Senior Dinner-Dance, Sleeper (who said sleep?), and the Sawyer-Pine Burr picnic . . . The spotlight shone on beauties Merline, Lucy, LaVon, and Flora at the Presentation Ball . . . Bickie is Pine Burr big wheel, with Johnnie as her able substitute . . . Dollie pushes the pen with one hand and clutches our piggy bank with the other . . . Fall semester, Tee Ree kept order and assessed fines, and now, LaVon shouts " QUIET! " . . . Ann pastes up the scrapbook and records history . . . Miss Miller, holding the title of sponsor, gives first class advice from the back row during our Tuesday night sessions . . . Our war-cry, as we pushed peanuts with cur noses while garbed in traditional tow-sacks, was " I wanta be a cute Pine Burr " . . . you heard us! . . . AMITIES AMITIES Members First Row — Reba Beavers, Lenore Caveness, Hazle Caveness, Dorothy Chambers, Nelwyn Cordell. Second Row — Alonzola Covington, Serena Fisher, Tucker Holt, Elizabeth Hudgens, Juanita Jackson. Third fioiv — Geneva Grace Kennedy, Johnnie Kyle, Mary Lou Low, Paula Low, Nancy Osborne. Fourth Row — Janie Parrish, Alnet Scott, Jessie Lea Slocum, Elizabeth Wallace, Miss Vesta Bratt. Sponsor. Riding the crest of the Amitie wave of friendship is President Paula Low with Liz Wallace second in command; Janie Parrish holds pen and ink over the weekly get-togethers and keeps track of the key to the mint; Reba Beavers makes with the re- porting and Liz Hudgens is the link in the chain that binds the pledges to the members; Miss Bratt acts as navigator . . . Beauty, personality, and brains have distinguished the typical Amitie since 1928, the year of organization. This year, Paula, Miss SFA ' 49; Dorothy, Number One Beauty for two consecutive years; Janie, Senior Class Favorite; and Nelwyn, A Cappella Choir beauty, are also members of both Alpha Chi and Who ' s Who. Nan Lee, another Alpha Chi member, and Serena, club beauty, also add to our outstanding record . . . Amitie Red Let- ter Days include our Anniversary Ball, Spring Formal, Christ- mas Dinner-Dance, Tea for Exes, Cocktail Party for rushees, and a Backward Dance for other social club members which is fol- lowed by a slumber party for the girls . . . Various picnics, dances, etc., add to campus activities and make the Amities an asset to the social life at Stephen F. Austin College. KAPPA BETAS KAPPA BETAS Members Fiist Row — Jeirell Birdwell, Iris Branton, Bennie Cooper, Jack Duil, Joyce Gatlin. Second Row — Dale Grandstatt, Armour Hays, Eleanor Hurst, Ray Hurst, AUred Jernigan. Third Row — Clyde Lowe, Charles Murdock, Howard Nail, Lanore Nivens, George Oliver. Fourth Row — Irene Perkins, Marjorie Perkins, Lillie Mae Race, Francille Roark, Charles Fred Waller. Fifth Row — Colleen Whitaker, Lucille Bernice Young, Mrs. Maurice Cecil, Sponsor: Mr. Charles Scanlon, Sponsor. Members Not Pictured — Gene Maynard, Valerie May- nard, Donald Evans, Jeaneite Hays. Officers George Nail Vice-President Ray Hurst President Joyce Gatlin Secretary -Treasurer The Kappa Beta, which is the only co-ed club on the campus, was organized in 1946, then known as the " Independents. " Today the club still advocates the idea of an independent social club to which every student is invited to join. The activities of the KB ' s range from private and all-college dances to participat- ing in intramural sports. During the past year the young club sponsored a coffee at the first of school to which all non-club members were invited, won third place in the Homecoming parade with its novel float, and presented a " Gay Nineties " as- sembly program. At the present time there is some discussion of the organization of a state-wide Independent group with membership from all Texas colleges. Coach Ted L. Jefferies A salute to Coach Jeileries who in two short seasons pulled SFA out ol a protracted iootball slump and into third place in Conference standings. COACHING STAFF The 1948 Lumberjack gridiron eleven end- ed their highly successful season with the best record of any SFA team since the founding of the college. And the man re- sponsible for that record was Coach Jef- feries, who in two short seasons as head coach and athletic director pulled the col- lege out of a protracted iootball slump and put them back in the win column. Ably assisted by Coaches Harold Fischer, line coach; Joe Gallagher, assistant line coach; Buddy Hawkins, assistant backfield coach; trainer Readey Caskey; and stu- dent manager Thomas Roebuck, Coach Jefferies guided the ' Jacks through seven wins, two losses, and one tie into third place in Conference standings. Presenting the Lumberjacks — a squad with 25 returning lettermen copped second best season record tor 1948. AND THE TEAM .... IN 1948 Captain Dick V right Tangling with East Texas Baptist in their season opener, the Axemen caught fire and trampled the hapless Tigers 36-6. This was the first sea- son opener victory at SFA since 1935. Sparked by Oliver McKay and Roy Davidson, the Axe- men chopped the Tiger line for 21 points in the first 6 minutes. Their control was never ques- tioned after that. The Austin College Kangaroos fell beneath the Lumbermen ' s lightning attack in the second game of the season. Leo Anger, Sherman Hughes, Oliver McKay, Doug Samford, and Roy Davidson starred as the ' Jacks trampled over Austin 39-6. Bruising line play by Axemen forward wall kept the Kangaroos bottled in their own backfield most of the game. Gene Paul Aggleton, End Leo Anger, Quarterback Elton Beaird, Tackle Lloyd Biskamp, Center William Brightwell, Tackle Merlin Broussard, Guard Lewis Buckneh, Quarterback S. F. A. SUCCESSFUL For the second straight year SFA and Trinity battled to a tie. In their initial Conference game the Lumberman combination of Bobby Lee Smith and Doug Samford gave the local fans their thrill of the year. Only six seconds of play- ing time remained, and the ' Jacks trailed 0-7, when Smith connected to Samford with a touch- down pass. Bobby Lee then coolly kicked the tying point. This game was line against line. " Buddy " Shotwell, " Bum " Phillips, and Billy Jack Roberson stood out for the ' Jacks. The sweetest victory of the year came over East Texas State. A 14-6 Lumberjack victory gave SFA their first win over the Lions since 1928. Alert line play by Billy Jack Roberson and John Crum set up the first tally. They recovered a Lion fumble on the eleven yard stripe. Sher- man plowed over for the score, and Doug Sam- ford ' s touchdown run late in the fourth period clinched the game. James Canter, Quarterback Richard Carrington, Center John Crum, End James L. Due, End B. F. Christian, Back Roy D.avidson, Back James Eaves, Guard Bill Fincannon, Center Melvin Gill, Cenfer EIGHT A sparkling of the bitter must come with the sweet. Or that ' s what North Texas proved to the ' Jack fans when they blasted the Axemen 19-6 on Homecoming Day. The Eagle wall proved too much for the Lumbermen as it stop- ped them cold several times inside the 1 yard line. This was SFA ' s first defeat of the year. Defeat number two came when the SFA eleven failed to get by the jinx at San Marcos. A first quarter field goal by the Bobcats proved to be the deciding factor in the game. The Lumberjack line throttled the Feline attack but could not get their own offense rolling. So the scoreboard read 3-0, Southwest Texas. Pearman Hardy, Guard Fred Jackson, End Sherman Hughes, Back Austin Jones, Tackle Samiord goes over with an intercepted pass for tirsl cd against Bsarkats Bobby Jones, End Mitchell Lum, Guard Raymond Keown, End Oliver McKay, Back FOOTBALL A fighting, but outmanned Louisiana College aggregation bowed to the tune of 21-12 as the ' Jacks hit their comeback trail. Dusty Due, Sher- man Hughes, and Billy Jack Roberson, the tackle who intercepted a pass, scored for the Woodsmen. Turn about is fair play; so the Axemen told the Cougars as they spoiled the University of Houston Homecoming by handing them a 23-13 trouncing. Diminutive Oliver McKay was a thorn in the Cougars ' sides all during the game. Hughes, Wilson, and McKay tallied for SFA. In their final home appearance of the season, the Axemen continued their winning streak by air-blitzing Corpus Christi University 20-0. Pass combinations of Leo Anger to Roy Davidson, Hollis Slaughter to Bo Christian left the Tarpons surprisingly beaten. Phillips goes high to bring them low — Wilson and Jones rush to give assistance EASON«SPIRIT HIGH The game-of-all-games ended the Axemen ' s season — naturally that means the game with the Bearkats. Invading the Kat den, the Lumber- men skinned their arch rivals 21-0. Led by the pass interceptions experts, Samford and Wright, they left the Huntsville eleven wondering what was happening. Anger, Samford, and Wright scored for SFA. SEASON STANDINGS Team w. L T. Prt Pts. Op. S. West Tex. 8 1 .889 115 34 SFA 7 2 1 .750 185 72 Trinity 5 3 2 .667 121 85 N. Texas St. 6 4 .600 249 133 Houston U. 5 6 .453 129 169 E. Texas St. ■ 3 6 1 .350 87 171 Sam Houston 9 1 .050 65 230 1948 was indeed a great year for SFA on the gridiron. Regardless of the setbacks, the boys on the squad maintained a high spirit and the determination to win. The ' Jacks placed two men, Oliver McKay and Billy Jack Roberson, on the AU-Conference first team. With Coach Jefferies and his capable assistants at the helm, and with the 1948 record as a guide, the future seems to hold nothing but better years for SFA on the football field. Jimmy McGraw, Center S. B. McSwAiN, Tackle Herman Maberry, Center Ed Parrish, End Jerry McMullen, Back Billy G. Nichols, End Truman Milling, End O. E. Permenter, Back Billy Moak, Guard SCORES AN Bum Phillips, Guard Vernon Redd, Back Harold Pool, Tackle Billy Jack Roberson, Tackle Scores SFA 36 East Texas Baptist 6 SFA 39 Austin College 6 SFA 7 ... Trinity 7 SFA . . 14 East Texas State 6 SFA . . . 6 North Texas 19 SFA Southwest Texas 3 SFA 21 ... Louisiana College 12 SFA . . 21 University of Houston 13 SFA ... 20 Corpus Christi University SFA .... 21 . Sam Houston Bearkais Halt " Jacks " Drive Doug Samford, Back Johnny Sandlin, Guard Sam Houston . 6 .000 28 120 George Shotwell, Guard K Q. Sims, Back First flov — Hollis Slaughter, Quarterback; Bobby Lee Smith, Quarterback: Pat Smith, Tackle; Howard Tisdale, Tackle. Second Row — Mitchell Torok, Back; Johnny Waldie, End; Bill Wilson, End; H. W. Wilson, Back. Season Standings Coach Glen Rose Coach Rose was no stranger to SFA cage fans when he assumed the duties of basketball mentor this year. These fans, recalling his prowess as an athlete who made three All Southwest Conference basketball teams and one All Southwest Con- ference football team, also were aware that, as a coach in this same conference for nine years, he had led his charges to five championships. With this record in mind. Jack fans began looking toward the 48-49 team as potential champions from the first workout staged by Rose. These great expectations and confidence were rewarded as they settled back to watch him develop this team into an impressive offensive machine that piled up a praiseworthy season record and donned the Lone Star Conference basketball crown. Team Won T net Pic f IS. Opt. Pts. I ' d. Stephen F. Austin . 15 5 1186 978 750 East Texas State .13 7 1137 883 650 Southwest Texas 2 11 1249 1268 522 Sam Houston . , 12 11 1574 1426 522 University of Houston 1 1 11 1210 1152 500 North Texas . .10 13 1312 1228 435 Trinity University . 9 15 1196 1296 375 Conference Standings Team Won Lost Pis. Opt. Pts. rCI. Stephen F. Austin ,9 3 763 615 750 East Texas State 8 4 703 642 667 Sam Houston 7 5 724 663 583 University of Houston 7 5 732 691 583 Southwest Texas 4 8 688 732 333 Nnrth Texas 4 8 669 679 333 Trinity University . . . 3 9 648 753 250 ON THE TED ASIMOS, Guard, from Texarkana; classifi- cation, freshman; nickname, " Osmosis " ; has played here for one year. EMMETT BATTISE, Guard, from Livingston; classification, junior; nickname, " E " ; has letter- ed here three years. HERBERT BRANCH, Forward, from Humble; classification, freshman; has played here for one year. FOSTER BULLOCK, Guard, from Livingston; classification, sophomore; nickname, " Buck " ; has lettered here two years. HARDWOOD Seated, Aileigh Duii, E. H. MulHns, Winifred Williams, Wyatt Dotson, Foster Bullock, ]ames Johnston, Billy Penney . . . Standing, Mr. L. V. Lum, Ted Asimos, R. 0. Sims, Herbert Branch, Glenn Foster, Coach Glen Rose, Raymond Keown, Guy Whitaker, Don Crouch, Emmett Battise, Thomas Lee Roebuck. DON CROUCH, Forward, from Deer Park; classification, senior; nickname, " Hook " ; has played here two years. WYATT DOTSON, Forward, from New Summer field; classification, senior; nickname, " Ham mer " ; has lettered here three years; only unani- mously selected member of mythical All Lone Star Conference basketball team, 48-49. ARLEIGH DUFF, Guard, from Nederland; classi- fication, senior; nickname, " Skivey Shirt " ; has played here three years. GLENN FOSTER, Center, from Chester; classifi- cation, freshman; nickname, " Poke Easy " ; has played here one year. LONE STAR CONFERENCE CHAMPIONS 48-49 JAMES JOHNSTON, Forward, from Jacksonville, classification, sophomore; nickname, " Johnny " ; has lettered here two years. RAYMOND KEOWN, Center, from Silsbee; classification, freshman; nickname, " Goggle Eye " ; has played here one year. E. H. MULLINS, Forward, from Carlisle; classifi- cation, senior; nickname, " Moon " ; has played here three years. BILL PENNEY, Guard, from Mt. Enterprise; class-- ification, freshman; nickname, " Sam Bass " ; has played here one year. R. O. SIMS, Forward, from Per- sonville; Junior; nickname, " Rich- ard Ouincy " ; has played here one year. GUY WHITAKER, Center, from Gushing; Sophomore; nickname, " Whitaker Chambers " ; has play- ed here two years. WINIFRED WILLIAMS, Center, from Caro; Senior; nickname, " Lanky " ; has lettered here three years; named on 48-49 All Lone Star Conference basketball team. A FINE YEAR FOR S. F. A. SFA 76 East Texas Baptist 55 SFA 60 Shur-Start Battery 48 SFA 67 East Texas Baptist 42 SFA 47 Texas Christian University 36 SFA 49 Centenary College 45 SFA 38 Centenary College 44 SFA 47 Texas Christian University 44 SFA 58 Sam Houston 44 SFA 57 Southwest Texas 55 SFA 69 Trinity University 51 SFA 55 North Texas 48 SFA 39 Southeastern Okla 49 SFA 47 University of Houston 59 SFA 59 Trinity University 44 SFA 67 University of Houston 44 SFA 91 North Texas 49 SFA 50 East Texas 56 SFA 67 Sam Houston 68 SFA 61 East Texas 51 SFA 82 Southwest Texas 46 The early deadline which had to be met in order for you to get this anniversary edition made it impossible for us to have a complete sports section. At the time this annual went to press, the baseball season had just begun; track, tennis, and golf workouts had hardly started, and the intramural program had reached the halfway mark. We hope that our coverage of football, basketball, baseball, the completed phases of the intramural program, and the random shots thrown in will meet with your approval. BASEBALL 1949 Meet Joseph E. Gallagher, the genial all-around campus favorite, student, and coach. His record since coming to Stephen F. Austin is as follows: 1947 — 12 wins, no losses; 1948 — 10 wins, 9 losses; 1949— ??? Squad pictured below — seated, left to right — Grady Lewis, Jimmy Moore, Bobby Gene Olivieri, Doug Samford, Bill Wilhite, Bryan Poole, Richard Carrington . . . Second Row — Ted Asimos, Mitchell Torok, Roy Davidson, Jack Scranton, Don Beal, Roland Spradlin, Link Skillern, Pete Smith . . . Third Row — Don Crouch, Gene Hatton, H. W. Wilson, Leo Anger, Norman Withers, Richard Glockzin, James Canter. Action on the diamond LUMBERJACK BASEBALL SCHEDULE March 8 Baylor University Here March 9 Baylor University Here March 11 Baylor University Waco March 12 Baylor University . . ' Waco March 19 Rice Institute Houston March 22 Rice Institute Here April 2 East Texas State Here April 5 Sam Houston State Huntsville April 12 University of Houston Houston April 13 Bradley University Here April 14 Bradley University Here April 21 Hardin College Here April 29 University of Houston Here May 10 Sam Houston State Here May 12 East Texas State Commerce May 13 Hardin College Wichita Falls Indicates Lone Star Conference Games. . A. Murdoch, Harold Muckleroy, Jack Yeoman, James Wright, Al Marks, John Thomas Hill. ON THE TRACK Track has been one of the victims of the de-emphasis program on minor sports on the Stephen F. Austin campus. Few tracksters are interest- ed, and for the past two years little has been accomplished. There are still a few lovers of the sport, how- ever, who refuse to give up, and these can be found almost any afternoon jogging around the new cinder path of Memorial Stadium. A few die- hard fans are still hoping that some day more interest will be shown in the sport, whether it becomes self- supporting or not. Ernest Starkey, Preston Prince, Tommy Franks The net sport has never been popular on the Lumberjack athletic agenda, and this year is no exception. Coaches of other sports are usually assigned this job, and never more than half a dozen candidates are out for positions. The young man pictured on the right was one of those in the 1948 season. His record in the Lone Star meet still stands, and his name is Burnis Lawrence. Below is pictured another Tildenesque character of the Lumberjack tennis fold, Raymond Harrison, Jr. The spring of 1949 was Raymond ' s first try for a letter, and early indications pointed to his earning it — the hard way as the photo shows. Harrison is a ministerial student, and divides his time between theology and the racquet. ON THE TENNIS COURTS A varied athletic program at SFA gives every stu- dent an ample opportunity to choose his favorite form of sport, for both recreation and varsity teams. On almost any spring afternoon every little nook on the campus is being used for some athletic contest. The crack of ash against horsehide, the laughter of swimming beauties, and the thud of a high jumper hitting sawdust are familiar sounds to SFA students. And when the weather frowns on outside sports, they merely move inside to table tennis or badminton. Hot game ol ping pong AROUND THE CAMPUS And it ' s up and over Badminton game during rainy aiternoon CHEERLEADERS Those flashing new royal purple and white cheerleader uniforms were worn this year by Flora Thames and Maurice Hubbard from Lufkin; Nell Lindsey and Frank Lindsey from Jasper; and Viola Bailey and John Martin, head cheerleader, from Nacogdoches. They not only exhibited their pep, energy, and school spirit at home football and basketball games, but they followed the team to Houston and Huntsville as well. In our estimation, they deserve a hearty vote of t hanks for helping to raise the spirit of SFA to a new high and for backing the Jacks to their prominent standings in the Lone Star Conference. Flora Thames, Maurice Hubbard, Nell Lindsey, Frank Lindsey, Viola Bailey, John Martin IMTRAMlIRAt SPORTS.. » The purpose of the intramural program is to pro- vide good wholesome activities for those who are not members of the varsity squad engaged in that particular sport. This program includes football, basketball, volleyball, and softball. Intramural Basketball Champions: SAWYERS James Canter a. j. luquette Billy Thompson Oliver McKay Clarence Walker Thomas Roebuck Joseph E. Gallagher Bill Fincannon Bobby Jones H. W. Wilson MEN ' S INTRAMURAL InframuraJ Football Champions: AUSTIN ITES In the picture to the left are Harry Rice, Link Skill ern, Ed Taylor, John Robert No- WGsky, Ralph Beal, Weeks Crawford, J. W. Jones, Milton Parker, Leroy Beavers, T. C. Stephens. CHAMPS Random shots taken of intramural sports on the campus portray the interest and scope of the program as a whole. Pictured below are only two phases of the program: football and basketball. The Modern Dance Club meets weekly under the sponsorship of Mrs. Martha Ashworth. The emphasis in this group is upon compo- sition. A Square Dance Club also meets weekly. It is co-ed and includes both stu- dents and faculty. These dance groups en- tertain various community and campus or- ganizations. Badminton Group Pictured Above — Front Row — Margaret Shane, Mary Ellen Ulmer, June Chesnut, Emma Deaton, Nelwyn Samlord, Dr. Lucille Norton. Back Row — Virginia Tolbirt, Odell Pelham, Annie Mae Hutson, Betty Smith, Liz Wallace, Lois Blount, Miss June Irwin. Modern Dance Group — Betty Hataway, Liz Wallace, Jes- sie Lea Slocum, June Chesnut, Valerie Maynard. S. F. A. Heads ot Sports Group — Emma Deaton, head ot basket- ball: Lois Blount, head oi soitball: Faye Collins, head of volleyball: Liz Wallace, head of speedball: Vir- ginia Tolbirt, Purple Captain: Margaret Shane, White Captain. Faculty members pictured at left: Miss Marian Miller, Mrs. Martha Ashworth, Miss Barbara Hussey, Miss June Irwin, Dr. Lucille Norton, head of department. Modern Dance group pictured at right: Liz Wallace, Valerie Maynard, Betty Hataway. The Badminton Club meets weekly under the sponsorship of Miss June Irwin. Following a club tournament the five top winners have represented Stephen F. Austin in tournaments: the Texas Amateur Athletic Federation, Amateur Athletic Union, Texas Open, and Texas Collegiate. Virginia Tol- birt and Mary Ellen Ulmer won con- solation doubles in both the South- western Intercollegiate and Baylor Open Badminton Tournament. Annie Mae Hutson won the consolation singles in the Intercollegiate Tourna- ment. Annie Mae Hutson won the consolation singles at the Texas Amateur Athletic Federation Tourna- ment. Mary Ellen Ulmer and Vir- ginia Tolbirt won consolation doubles in the same tournament. Lois Blount won consolation singles in the Ama- teur Athletic Union Tournament. ALL Pictured above in the Badminton group are Virginia Tolbirt, Odell Pelham, Annie Mae Hutson, and Mary Ellen Ulmer. Below in the picture to the lelt in the basketball group are; Billy Jeanne DeVore, Mary Sue Kile, Mary Ellen Ulmer, and Virginia Tolbirt. Standing are Gloria Wa(son, Liz Wallace, Odell Pelham, Annie Mae Hutson, Earlene McGee. In the picture to the right oi the volleyball team are Mary Allen Ulmer, Odell Pelharn, Annie Mae Hutson, Mary Kate Hudman. Not pictured are Alnet Scott, Marcelene Young- blood, Lavelle Youngblood, and Julia Ward Brown. The Women ' s Recreational Associa- tion is open to all college women. This organization sponsors an intra- mural program in volleyball, speed- ball, basketball, field hockey, soft- ball, and tennis. On the completion of the tournaments in each sport an All-Star team is selected and one in- tercollegiate game is played against a neighboring State College which has a similar program. " W. R. A. " is a member of the Texas Recreation Federation for College Women and sends representatives to the annual convention. STARS The tennis stars pictured above, are Alnet Scott, Odell Pelham, Billie Sue Peters, Annie Mae Hutson. In the lower picture to the lelt are the members of the sofiball team who are Margaret Shane, Virginia Tolbirt, Mary Ellen Ulmer. Standing are Nelwyn Samiord, Claudia Ray Hairgrove, Annie Mae Hutson, Odell Pelham. Not pictured is Alnet Scott. Seated in the lower picture to the right are the members o the speedball team — Mary Ellen Ulmer, Margaret Shane, Claudia Ray Hairgrove, Emma Deaton. Standing are Virginia Tolbirt, Liz Wallace, Annie Mae Hutson, Faye Collins, Odell Pelham, Nelwyn Sam- ford. Not pictured are Billie Sue Peters, Alnet Scott, Willa D. Brown, Lavelle Youngblood. IN RETROSPECT Well, it seems as if this is it: my final exam, my last tree chopped for today. As I think back, the struggle to edit a yearbook worthy of your appreciation and enjoyment has been a wonderful experience. It has given me an opportunity to work with a staff of con- siderate, loyal, and inspiring helpers. To each one I am everlastingly indebted for his contribution, re- gardless of its degree of importance. Together we have worked and planned diligently, striving to bring you a meritorious book of memories of what we con- sider to be the grandest year of all in the history of our college, es, this is my final exam; and now it is up to you, my judge, to evaluate my efforts. This is my all. I ' ve tried, teacher! JCM. STUDENTS WHO REGISTERED AT BEGINNING OF SPRING SEMESTER (Pictures not shown in this book) beniors Karrer, Bert L. Rfll PR K fflRTP P iR yfT FV KiLLGORE, Mrs. Sybil L. RfTvIMFTT r )p)M IL IN In tj 1 i , Ly IN McClendon, James Rt a cv f j a F) a V LJ IS. , i- LjL r l— rt I McKenzie, Ernestine RoKTF Attrrfv T FF Manry, Mrs. J. B. Rr A7 ' T r A M IT A R A T Moore, Joe E. Rttrtpim TvArc; I-Tft FM A Musselwhite, Mrs. Thelma t FTRTCiTf PT-rFR A Trc; ( ' ' HART F Q Perry, C. O. ir T T TMC; T r TTTF RfT T v. ! J_iJ_.llN o, J-ji i 1 iH. J_JilJ_ J_, Phares, Mrs. Johnsa H. r r r DFR ( WART Ft: ] A Power, Mrs. Janie P)fFC; T r )TTTF Rider, Fenada P. Olf T FR T [r TfR A Sealey, Mrs. Sara B. r RTTT yT ' NAO ' M ' n l r lM T Skipper, Alice (t-frarti r p a T Thompson, Elmer r TRCjplKT [rc; f-- FT T A vJJ i O O IN , iVino. kJ L Li ivi Tillery, Opal (t-rt ' fpt ' m XAart f Walker, J. B., Jr. Hall, Ida Perry A A T T A r V A TT T T A R PiT ' D ' T ' Hargrove, Mrs. Johnnie W. A aTTFRc: H a VV r i-, I Li n. O , li. IX . Henderson, Mrs. O. A. A A T TFRC; TvTrQ pT f RFMr ' F P) Holt, John R., Jr. A ATc:r )M Pt ovt i A IsoM, Robert H. AA pir Fic; KyTRC! NFpiR a VV KJ i-J , IVino. iNwn v Juniors AtFiORTi A A T Morris, Mrs. Ola ArMiOT n T rMTTC;T Motley, John B. Newberry, Maurine Rtt ' dmc v a m JJUrtlNo, JilAJN Odom, John T., Jr. l T T ' nTT ' DM T A r TTC v J_.lcS U rtJN , Ji JVlr.o i. Peacock, Royce E. ( i T F NyfRQ T Tr M A Salter, Mrs. Shirley A. V R A KT ' Cf ' OT r U ' K rJ I ' D V riA W r LJrtJJ, JUrlJN VV J-K. Sanford, S. C, Jr. O A A ' TQ r ( QTT ' D r Smith, Harold J_ ' rlL W r.ri I , ri UooilL Spear, Paul M. (-T RAMT AA ' DQ rDA ( A D T V TT D Stanley, Johnnie (T.Rr ' ' pr T ' T-Tf lV f A Q R vjrr n.r.n., iritJlVl vo i-). Stinson, Willie Joe r4 fl T M IT C AMTTT TaX TTO Taylor, Elaine Hartsfield, Frances Thomas, Bernice Iguina, Luis E. Underdown, Richard L. Johnson, Hugh Clayton Wainwright, Patsy King, James Ed. Walker, Mrs. Nell F. Molloy, Robert Williams, Naomi Sophomores McKay, Peggy McKewen, Joe Ann MuLLiN, Gene Bryan O ' Daniel, Roy Leon Ragland, Frank O. Sanford, Agnes Smith, Auther A., Jr. Strother, Minnie Hilton Thrasher, Eva Jo, Jr. Wallace, J. W., Jr. Wiggins, Felix A. WiLBURN, Eric Williams, Gordon L. Wilson, C. P. Withers, Norman Casey Freshmen Alexander, Inez Lanham McGraw, Elizabeth Jane Alford, Kathleen Janelle McKay, James Curtis Bailey, Carl r McMullen, Alfred Baker, Alvin C, Jr. McMillon, Gene Banks, Joe F. Majors, Paul Black, Joe M. Mason, Charles E. Booth, Billy V. Mathews, Jack Olan Carlton, Jack A. Maynard, Ruth E. Choate, Jimmie Meritt, Robert Coats, William E., Jr. Merritt, Mrs. Louise Coleman, Jaunice ■ " MiDDLETON, Pat CoRLEY, Campbell Miller, William R., Jr. Cunningham, John M. Mitchell, Tommy Wray DeCouz, George Nunez, Leland Doggett, Glorine Olivieri, Louis E. Edwards, Elise Olson, Norman L. English, Patrick Harold OVERSTREET, DwAYNE V. Fink, Joseph Perkins, Jimmie Katherine Foster, Thomas Royce Pittman, Ross L., Jr. Frederick, Ilaverne Randall, Myra Fuller, Elnora Reeves, Charles Garner, Phyllis Shepherd, Marvin Garrard, G. W. Smith, George Griffin, Itasca Blount Spradlin, Ronald Grimes, Elizabeth St. Peter, Raymond Hairston, Willard Morris Sullivan, Billie Lou Hanks, Frances SwANZY, Sarah Jane Harris, Hubert Harold Taylor, Marvin Hataway, Betty Frank Tischhauser, p. a. Hayman, Joe E., Jr. Turner, Ray Harris Holland, Tom Weatherly, Charles Donald Hutchinson, Tommy Wells, Maxine Bird Jarrett, Bobby Jack Wiggins, Charles Ray JoRDON, Carlos Gene Wilhite, Bill Jordon, Price Lamar Wilkinson, Mrs. Muriel Latham, Delbert Thelston Williams, Royce L. Leediker, James Robert Williams, Walter M. McGaughey, Kester E. Wood, J. Maxv ell Abernathy, Sid B. BiviN, Richard Bowden, Calvin H., Jr. Boynton, Betty Jo Buchanan, Doc, Jr. Carrington, J. B. Cooper, J. B. CoRDRAY, Mrs. Lillian CouNCiLL, George, Jr. Davis, Teddy J. Donahoe, Mrs. Lillian Farley, Robert L. Fluitt, Clyde, Jr. Gresham, Joe Bob Hampton, Mozelle Harris, Mrs. Ila ...TO OUR ADVERTISERS! On behalf of the faculty, student body, Stone Fort staff, and myself, I should like to take this oppor- tunity to express our thanks and appreciation for your coopera- tion in making this yearbook pos- sible. I am certain the students and the faculty of Stephen F. Austin will show their gratitude by calling on you as often as pos- sible. Thomas G. Meriwether, Business Manager. OUR JOB... TO SERVE THE PUBLIC! FIRST CLASS REPAIR SERVICE FOR ALL MAKES CARS AND TRUCKS Largest Stock of Parts and Sup})lies NEW AND USED CARS BEN T. WILSON CHEVROLET CO. Oil The Square WRECKER SERVICE STORAGE PHONE 182 Our Gift Shop Contains a Gift For Every Occasion ★ SWIFT BROS. SMITH " T ie Downtown College Drug Store ' ★ See Us For Your SCHOOL SUPPLIES and STATIONERY For over 42 years the name of this institution has stood for all that is substantial in financial affairs in East Texas. COMMERCIAL NATIONAL BANK Member, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Best Wishes From BENNETT -CLARK CO., INC. Special Notice To Campusology Students We Carry a Complete Stock of Nation- ally Advertised Lines of Engagement and Wedding Rings, Glassware, China, and Silverware. Choose Your Patterns Today KENNEDY ' S JEWELRY STORE NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS Compliments of mmm INCORPORATED Finishing Plants: Tuscaloosa, Ala., Chattanooga, Tenn., Springfield, Ohio Compliments SOUTHLAND PAPER MILLS, INC LUFKIN, TEXAS The Only Manufacturers of Newsprint From Southern Pine in The Nation Compliments of 3 BEALLS BROTHERS 3 QUALITY MERCHANDISE Nacogdoches, Texas For Sporting Goods, Hardware and Home Furnishing — SEE — Branch -Patton Hardware Company Compliments of BURROWS BROTHERS Men ' s Furnishing Ladies " Lingerie THE STONE FORT NATIONAL BANK NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS Under The Same Name Since 1903 Capital: Surplus and Undivided Profits $ 502,000.00 Deposits $7,250,000.00 Resources $7,570,000.00 OFFICERS I. L. STURDEV ANT, Chairmnn of Board B. H. WILSON, Assistant Cashier L. B. MAST, President ALTON KING. Assistant Vice-President E. W. MONK, Vice-President and Cashier R. E. GILMORE, Cashier S. B. HAYTER. Vice-President G. V. BURROWS, Assistant Cashier DIRECTORS L. B. MAST R. W. Mi KINNEY S. B. HAYTER R. N. CASON I. L. STURDEVANT E. W. MONK C. N. THOMPSON A. L. NELSON J. R. GRAY G. F. CLARK C. D. THOMAS M. S. WRIGHT This Bank Is a Member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation LIKE JS. F. A. GRADUATES LONE STAR PRODUCTS ARE HIGH QUALITY Best Wishes For Your Success Aud So Goes The Success of East Texas mm BRAND»™»« FERTILIZER MAOTTACnmED BT raSfARMPRODUCM =IUC06D0CHES.rE]US 5-m -5 When You Pick Up This Annual 10 Years From Now Then — As Now Lone Star Folks— Will Still Be Pulling— For S. F. A. TEXAS FARM PRODUCTS CO. Nacogdoches, Texas Phoue 590 We Sell Everything Across From Post Office CONTINENTAL Frequent schedules timed to a " T " . . . to suit your convenience. That ' s only one of the advantages you ' ll enjoy when you use Continental Trailways buses ... to the next town or across America! 100 Per Cent For S.F.A. C. N. THOMPSON INSURANCE AGENCY NACOGDOCHES. TEXAS It Pays To Shop at 4. »r«M r «•.. fi .e NACOGDOCHES. 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