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PRESENTING THE STECK COMPANY, PUBLISHERS AUSTIN, TEXAS BA-DOR COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHERS NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS K ' INESS STUDIOS NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS STONE FORT STEPHEN F. AUSTIN STATE COLLEGE NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS ID Q 1 11 EDWARD ABERNETHY EDITOR WILLIE CARTER McCULLOUGH BUSINESS MANAGER DR. C. F. SHELEY SPONSOR ORDER OF BOOKS Buildings Administration Classes Leadership Personalities Athletics Organizations Features Demonstration School Advertising HOME ECONOMICS COTTAGE FORESTRY AND MUSIC BUILDINGS POWER HOUSE COLLEGE FARM STEPHEN F.AUSTIN STATE COLLEGE EXPERIMENTAL FARM N?2 ADMINISTRATION In Tribute In Memoriam Board of Regents President ' s Message Faculty Ex-Students Graduates DR. A. W. BIRDWELL President Emeritus For the past half century Dr. Birdwell ' s life has been dedicated to improv- ing the minds of the young people of Texas. He has been recognized for years as one of the leading educators of the country. The success of his students in all walks of life attests to his worth. He is loved and respected by both teachers and students of Stephen F. Austin and the school itself is a monument to his work. IN TRIBUTE MR. R. G. UPTON His was a life devoted to the pursuit of truth. He disagreed with many in his conception of truth but was fair and honest. He was loyal to his friends and the school. He fought for the principles of professional justice and labored incessantly for the betterment of human welfare. His personality and services will be missed on our campus. BOARD OF REGENTS Front Row: HON. V. A. COLLI NS LIVINGSTON HON. W. L. KERR, President MIDLAND MRS. J. K. BERETTA SAN ANTONIO HON. H. L. MILLS HOUSTON Back Row: HON. R. L. THOMAS DALLAS HON. M. C. EIDSON LULING HON. WALTER WOODUL HOUSTON HON. S. A. KERR JACKSONVILLE HON. N. S. HARRELL, Vice-President CLAUDE Stephen F. Austin State Teachers College Nacogdoches. Texas OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT The year 1947-48 has been a good one at Stephen F. Austin. In fact, it probably has been the best year, all things considered, that the college has had. You, the students and faculty who have been here at this time, have made it a good year. Naturally, we do not say that it has been perfect. Few things are perfect, espe- cially things which are composed of, and operated by human beings. There have been some disappointments, some wasted opportunities, and even some misuse of both opportunities and capacities. Yet, looked at from an overall point of view, these have been relatively few. So we hope that as you look back in future years you will see this as a time in which you drank deeply from the wells of the world ' s great knowledges; lived fully and wholesomely with your fellow students; and thought clearly and well on the great verities which make and have made this a great nation, and ours a great people. DEAN OF COLLEGE DR. T. E. FERGUSON Although Dean Ferguson occupies a position in the col- lege that keeps him very busy, he always has time to talk with a student and help him thrash out his problems however small. Besides being an efficient school administrator, he is also head of the English Department, and is a wise counselor. He has many friends in the student body and is beloved by all for his warm human qualities. DEAN OF THE JUNIOR DIVISION DR. D. D. GILES Dr. Giles has filled the position of Dean of the Junior Division since the Spring of 1943. He has proven himself a very capable administrator by helping overcome intricate problems of school routine. In addition to these duties, he is also on the advisory council and a professor of agriculture. DEAN OF WOMEN MISS MARY THOMPSON The young women of this college have been guided by the hand of Miss Mary Thompson since 1945. Intellectually, morally, religiously and socially, this adopted mother of the girls has been a strong influence for better living in the college. She is a friend to all; her rare patience and under- standing making Ker one of the most loved personalities on the campus. DEAN OF MEN MR. R. H. SHELTON Having served as Coach and Athletic Director for twenty- three years at this college, Mr. Shelton assumed the duties of Dean this year. His past experience with boys has enabled him to become a capable and outstanding director of men ' s activities on the campus. Often referred to as " Coach, " Mr. Shelton has a warm understanding of problems confront- ing college students, a quality which makes him " one of us. " BUSINESS MANAGER MR. JOE D. LACY As Business Manager of the college, Mr. Lacy spends many extra hours giving his personal attention to the innumerable details connected with the finances of the institution. He has helped many students with their pecuniary difficulties and is always ready to lend a hand when needed. DIRECTOR OF STUDENT EMPLOYMENT AND PLACEMENT BUREAU W. F. GARNER As the result of his success in placing graduates of this college, Mr. Garner has hundreds of friends scattered through- out Texas and surrounding states. He has been very efficient in helping students find part-time jobs and through his willing- ness to help has made many friends among students. Besides these duties, he also serves as head of the History and Govern- ment Department. DIRECTOR OF CORRESPONDENCE AND EXTENSION DR. C. H. OSBORNE Under Dr. Osborne, the Extension Department has enrolled many non-resident students in courses offering credit toward a college degree. At present, in addition to his many duties as Director of Correspondence and Extension, Dr. Osborne finds time to instruct classes in English. REGISTRAR MISS MARY I. LOVE Since 1943, Miss Love has been entrusted with the duties of registrar. Every student who has taken his registration difficulties to the office appreciates Miss Love ' s efficient service and friendly welcome. In addition to these duties, Miss Love teaches classes in History. DEPARTMENTAL HEADS C. E. FERGUSON, M.A. Department of Mathematics ft k FLOYD A. POLLOCK, Ph.D. Department of Sociology WM. T. CHAMBERS, Ph.D. Department of Geography W. R. OWENS, M.F. Department of Forestry A. L. LONG, Ed. D. Department of Education HAROLD ABBOTT, Ph.D. Department of Chemistry JANIS STEPHENS, BA. Department of Speech JOHN SULLIVAN, Ph.D. Department of Agriculture DEPARTMENTAL HEADS W. J. McCALLUM, Ph.D. Department of Biology W. W. DOSSEY, Ph.M. Department of Physical Education for Men FACULTY VESTA BRATT, B.S. Business Administration C. K. CHAMBERLAIN, MJ History J. T. COX, MA. Music ROBBIE DEAUMAN, B.S. Secretary to the Dean L. W. ELLERBROOK, M.A. Education BEATRICE EXNER, Ph.D. Biology FACULTY NICK GOODRICH, B.S. GEORGE F. GRAY, Ph.D. ROBERT GREAVES, B.D. J- C. GREEN, M.E. Chemistry Agriculture Bible Agriculture ELBERT GRIFFIN, M.S. ELIZABETH GRIMES, B.S. R. R. HARVIN, M.S. LOUISE HATHCOCK, M.A. Chemistry, Physics Library Education English FACULTY i GEORGE W. HINDMAN, M.S. Business Administration FLOWAYNE HOLT, M.S. Home Economics MRS. ANDREW HUNT, M.A. Speech ANNA LYNN HOWE, B.A. Dietitian JUNE IRWIN, B.S. TED L J EFFERIES - B - s - MRS. GLADYS JOHNSON, M.A. HAYDEN KELLY, B.A. Physical Education Physical Education Business Administration Library MRS. E. KILLINGSWORTH DORIS KILPATRICK, B.S. LOUISVILLE MARSHALL, M.A. KENNETH J. MORGAN, M.F Hostess of Men ' s Dorm Library English Forestry FACULTY MARGUERITE MYERS, M.M. R. B. PINSON, M.A. MRS. CHARLOTTE POE, M.A. IDA PRITCHETT, B.S. Music Mathematics Assistant Registrar Music FRANK S. SCOTT, M.A. Agriculture HAZEL SELF, M.S. Library - - MRS. MADGE STALLINGS, B.S. JANET E. TURNER, M.F.A. Stenographic Bureau Art MRS. J. M. WILFONG, B.A. Hostess, Gibbs Hall JOHN J. WILSON, M.A. Education RUTH WILLIAMSON, B.S. Business Office MILDRED WYATT, M.S. Library EX-STUDENTS ASSOCIATION President OTTIS E. LOCK Vice-President MOSS CRENSHAW Executive Secretary LAWRENCE FRANKS Secretary-Treasurer RUTH WILLIAMSON GRADUATES Andrews, Mrs. J. B. B.A. Arnwine, Lena M.A. Barber, Mrs. A. N. B.S. Bass, Mrs. Louie B.S. Beck, William W. B.S. Bell, A. W., Jr. B.S. Biggers, Earl B.S. Birdwell, Grace B.S. Blackstone, Tom H. B.S. Brantley, Bertha T. B.S. Cannon, Mrs. Jim M. B.S. Carter, Smith L. B.S. Cole, Harold B.S. Cooper, Mrs. Alma P. B.S. Covin, B. L. B.S. Crain, Mrs. Kate B.S. Danheim, Mrs. Verline B.S. Davidson, Rachel B.S. Davis, Mary Elizabeth B.A. Dillen, William A. B.S. Ellison, Hollis B. B.S. Everett, James D. B.J. Fleming, Rhosine B.S. Foote, Mrs. Clyde L. B.S. Forse, Charlie B.S. Franks, Bennis E. B.S. Franks, Lawrence T. B.S. Garrett, Lorene B.S. Garrett, Willie Ann B.S. Gaut, Hilda Merle B.A. Gay, Patsy Porter B.A. Gintz, Walter, Jr. B.S. Glass, Mrs. Ella M. B.S. Griffin, Mrs. Wanda B.S. Hale, Pauline B.S. Hanna, Mrs. Pearl B.S. Herrington, Mrs. Dale B.S. Holcomb, Ruby Lee B.S. House, W. D. B.S. Irwin, Mrs. Blanche B.S. Jenkins, C. R. B.S. Jenkins, Mrs. Clarence B.S. Jimerson, Bonnie R. B.A. Johnson, Howard M. B.S. Jones, Mrs. Greta B.A. Jones, Reagan B. B.A. Kelley, Hazel J. B.A. Kelty, Charles W. B.S. Key, Coy John B.A. Knight, John Wesley B.S. La Grone, Grady B.S. La Grone, Kathlyn B.A. La Grone, Mrs. Lelia B.S. Lanagan, William A. B.B.A. Lloyd, Annie V. B.S. Locke, Gertrude B.A. Loden, Nolie Locke B.S. Lowery, Mrs. Robena B.S. McClain, Mrs. Beulah B.A. McCluney, Bill B.S. Mayberry, Mrs. Lita B.S. Melott, Eula T. B.S. Mitchell, Daniel C. B.S. Moon, Mrs. Merline C. B.S. Morgan, Bonnie Bess B.S. Nash, Edwin C. B.S. Neill, Blanche Dean B.S. Neill, Howard H. B.S. Neill, Mrs. Lela Rhodes B.S. Nelson, James Joseph B.A. Oates, Mrs. Bessie W. B.S. Odom, Mrs. Jessie B.S. Parrish, Oliver Wm. B.S. Perkins, Paul R., Jr. B.A. Phillips, Bobby Floyd B.S. Powell, James I. B.S. Rushing, Mrs. Leo W. B.S. Saunders, Mary E. B.S. Schinke, Mrs. Maynard B.S. Starkey, Norris B.S. Stoker, Mrs. Kathryn B.S. Sturrock, Allen B.S. Summerlin, Edgar B.A. Tannery, Ruby Feazell B.A. Thompson, Mrs. Fred B.S. Walker, Otto B.S. Wallace, Howard D. B.S. Westmoreland, Garrel B.S. Wright, Weldon B.A. Wyatt, Mrs. Sibyl B.S. CLASSES Senior Junior Sophomore Freshman SENIOR OFFICERS J HELON M. BALDWIN CENTER, TEXAS B.S., Education and Commerce, B.S.U. Council, Choral Club. v. JAMES T. BANKS CARTHAGE, TEXAS B.S., Music. ft WILLIAM BELL NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS B.S., Chemistry. BENNETT BLAKE NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS B.S., Agriculture. CLAIRE BARNETT KILGORE, TEXAS B.B.A., Business Administration. ROBERT PERCY BLOUNT NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS B.B.A., Commerce, Student Congress ' 47, ' 48, Pine Log, Sawyers, Commerce Club, Tennis, Golf. MONA LEE BAYES CARTHAGE, TEXAS B.S., Commerce, Amities, Press Club, Commerce Club, Wesley Foundation, Austinite Beauty ' 48. PEGGY CHILDERS BOWEN ALTO, TEXAS B.S., Elementary Education, Fideles, Lumberjackettes, Choral Club. BETTY BROOKSHIRE NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS B.S., Elementary- Education, Fideles, Future Teachers of America, Stone Fort, Lumberjackettes, Choral Club. 1 1 WILLA D. BROWN MART INSVILLE, TEXAS B.S., Physical Education, Lumberjackettes, Pine Log, Stone Fort, W.R.A. JAMES CAMPBELL NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS B.S., Physical Education, Basketball. 4 REBA CASSITY CARTHAGE, TEXAS B.S., Elementary Education, Arts Inc. SAM COLBURN CARTHAGE, TEXAS B.A. History Austinites, Press Club, Pine Log, Stone Fort, Choral Club, Band. SAMUEL CONGER NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS B.S., Business Administration, Austinites. •S X V .4 I KENNETH CARIKER GARY, TEXAS B.B.A., Business Administration, Austinites, President of Commerce Club, Student Congress ' 47. LAZ CORLEY ALTO, TEXAS B.A., English, Foresters, Foreign Language Club, Veterans Club, Who ' s Who ' 48. CHARLES DANHEIM RUSK, TEXAS B.S., Social Studies, Foresters, Choral Club, Who ' s Who ' 48, Karle Wilson Baker Theatre Guild, Wesley Foundation. JAMES E. DANHEIM RUSK, TEXAS B.A., History, Foresters, Press Club, Who ' s Who ' 48, President of Student Body and Student Congress LINDA LANGSTON DAUS NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS B.A., Spanish, Pine Burrs, Pine Log, Press Club. I MURPH DREWRY NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS B.S., Science, Sawyers. BAKER DENMAN NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS B.S., Agriculture, Football, Sawyers. CHARLES K. FINNEY NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS B.B.A., Business Administration, Golf. DORIS JO DICKENS TIMPSON, TEXAS B.S., History, A Cappella Choir. JEAN DEVEREAUX NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS B.S., Art, Pine Burrs, Arts Inc., Stone Fort, Pine Log, Lumberjackettes, Karle Wilson Baker Theatre Guild, Press Club Beauty ' 47. ERNESTINE FLEMING SHELBYVILLE, TEXAS B.S., Commerce, Lumberjctckettes, Gibbs Hall Council, W.R.A., A Cappella Choir, Karle Wilson Baker Theatre Guild, Commerce Club. JAMES HEATON CUSHING, TEXAS B.BA., Business Administration, Austinite. GENELL GODLEY CAYUGA, TEXAS B.S., Elementary Education and English, Pine Burrs, Homecoming Queen ' 4E Stone Fort, Press Club. MARY FRANCES HAGLER NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS B.S., Mathematics, W.R.A., Choral Club. ALLENE HANKLA SAN FRANCISCO, CALIF. B.S., Home Economics, Karle Wilson Baker Theatre Guild, Ellen H. Richards Club, Barrister Beauty ' 39, E.H.R. Beauty ' 48. KEITH HOGAN AUGUSTA, TEXAS B.S., Business Administration, Austinites, Commerce Club, Who ' s Who ' 48. MRS. LEO KENNEDY JACKSONVILLE, TEXAS B.A., English. GRACE LAND KIRBYVILLE, TEXAS B.S., Home Economics. LA FLORA LATTIMORE JACKSONVILLE, TEXAS B.S., Elementary Education. w JOE LOWE CUSHING, TEXAS B.S., Commerce, Sawyers, Barristers, Student Congress, Veteran ' s Club, Future Teachers of America. MURRAY LILLY NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS B.S., Business Administration, Austinites, Karle Wilson Baker Theatre Guild, Stone Fort, Veteran ' s Club, Cheer Leader ' 47. h PURVIS PAUL LOWERY ETOILE, TEXAS B.S., Agriculture, Sawyers, Aggie Club, " T " Association, Track, Student Congress ' 43. HAROLD A. LLOYD KOUNTZ, TEXAS B.S., Physical Education. i 1 DORIS McCLAIN ALTO, TEXAS B.S., Home Economics, Lumberjackettes, Chemistry Club, Gibbs Hall Council, A Cappella Choir, President of Ellen H. Richards Club. EVELYN LOWE CUSHING, TEXAS B.S., Elementary Education and Music, A Cappella Choir, Lumberjackettes, Wesley Foundation, Music Club, Ellen H. Richards Club, Karle Wilson Baker Theatre Guild. MAURICE McLAIN NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS B.S., Chemistry, Austinites, President of Pre-Med Society. HALE MARTIN MARTINSVILLE, TEXAS B.S., Agriculture. WANDA NELL MATLOCK NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS B.S., Business Administration. THEO MILES WOODVILLE, TEXAS B.S., Physical Education, Football, Track, Baseball, Who ' s Who ' 48. PAT MEADOW BRONSON, TEXAS B.S., Economics, Austinites, Veteran ' s Club, Pine Log, Student Congress ' 47, Tennis. ROBERT G. MUCKLEROY NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS B.S., History and Economics, Austinites. ANNE NELSON NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS B.A., Commerce and Spanish, Amities, Lumber jackettes, Gibbs Hall Council, Student Congress ' 48, Ellen H. Richards Club, Band, Who ' s Who ' 48. LOIS NELSON NACOGDOCHES, B.S., Commerce, Amities. TEXAS CECIL PARRISH NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS B.B.A., Business Administration, Sawyers, Who ' s Who ' 48. LUCILLE PEEBLES LUFKIN, TEXAS B.S., Elementary Education, A Cappella Choir Karle Wilson Baker Theatre Guild, W.R.A., Lumberjackettes, Wesley Foundation. PERRY M. REAVES GROVES, TEXAS B.S., Economics, Austinites, Veteran ' s Club, Student Congress ' 47, President of Boy ' s Dorm Council ' 48. BILLIE SUE PETERS CHESTER, TEXAS B.S., Physical Education, Ellen H. Richards Club, W.R.A. MRS. MARGIE L. RICE OVERTON, TEXAS B.S., Government and History. TRAVIS NOEL PRICE BRYAN, TEXAS B.S., Physical Education, Austinites, " T " Association, A Cappella Choir, Student Congress ' 48, College Quartet, Football, Track, Basketball, Business Manager of ' 47 Stone Fort, Vice-President of Student Body ' 48. MRS. MARY S. RICHARDS RUSK, TEXAS B.S., Business Administration, Commerce, and Education, Future Teachers of America. EDWARD RAMSEY GARRISON, TEXAS B.S., Social Science, Austinites, Veteran ' s Club, Student Congress ' 48, Boy ' s Dorm Council, President of Senior Class. CECIL RICHEY REKLAW, TEXAS B.S., History, Foreign Language Club. 1 BEN RITTERSKAMP VINCENNES, INDIANA B.B.A., Business Administration, President of Austinites, President of Junior Class Student Congress ' 48, Who ' s Who ' 48. JOHN LOUIS SCHMIDT NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS B.B.A., Business Administration, Austinites. JOHN D. SHEPPARD KILGORE, TEXAS B.S., Physical Education, Sawyers, Basketball. HAROLD SPRINGER NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS B.S., History and Government. MARY LOU SEALE NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS B.S., Spanish, Amities, Press Club, Pine Log, Karle Wilson Baker Theatre Guild. 3ENE TANNERY SAN AUGUSTINE, TEXAS B.S., Commerce, Loggers ' 41, President of Sawyers, Choral Club, Press Club, Veteran ' s Club, Student Congress, Stone Fort ' 43, Karle Wilson Baker Theatre Guild. HAZEL MARIAN SHELTON NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS B.A., History, President of Pine Burrs, Lumberjackettes, Student Congress, Press Club, Karle Wilson Baker Theatre Guild, Business Manager of Pine Log, Stone Fort, Who ' s Who ' 48. C. D. THOMAS JR. NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS B.B.A., Business Administration, Austinites, Golf. I HAROLD WHITESIDE TIMPSON, TEXAS B.S., Business Administration. KATHERINE VINING MT. SELMAN, TEXAS B.S., History. WINFRED WILLIAMS CARO, TEXAS B.S., Physical Education, Sawyers, Basketball. MARIE WOODS BECKVILLE, TEXAS B.S., History and Biology, Future Teachers of America, Alpha Chi, Who ' s Who ' 47 and a HELEN GhACE WILLIAMS CARO, TEXAS B.A., English. MRS. OUIDA WHITESIDE TIMPSON, TEXAS B.A., English, A Cappella Choir. MARY NELL YOUNGBLOOD LUFKIN, TEXAS B.S., Home Economics, Ellen H. Richards Club, W.R.A. JAMES L. BARTLETT MT. ENTERPRISE, TEXAS B.S., Commerce, Karle Wilson Baker Theatre Guild. BRYCE KENNEDY DELHI, LOUISIANA B.S., Physical Education, Austinites, Basketball. NORRIS E. HOLT CARTHAGE, TEXAS BA., Science and English, Sawyers, Veteran ' s Club, B.S.U. Council. HAROLD BUTLER CARTHAGE, TEXAS B.S., Mathematics, Future Teachers of America. JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS I BEN RITTERSKAMP PRESIDENT ALLEN FREEMAN TREASURER CHARLES RUNNELS VICE-PRESIDENT BOBBIE HARGIS SECRETARY JOHN C. MARTIN REPORTER EDWARD DONALD AUBREY ABERNATHY ALLEN ASBY MARY MARY ALBERT CHARLES GILBERT BENAVIDES BICKFORD BILLINGSLEY BOOZER BOYER v CURTIS DEAN FRANCIS FRANCES JOHN E. BROOKS BULLOCK CADY CHANEY CHANEY 1 «r ARVAL COHAGEN MARIE COLLINS L. J. CONNOR BILLIE CRAWFORD DON CROUCH BROWNIE DANIELS WELDON DAVIS CECIL DEAUMAN V F. A. DICKENS DOROTHY DILLARD MARY RUTH DILLEN DONALD DRUMMOND JAMES DUDLEY JANICE DURRETT MARTHA EDENS WILLIAM EDGAR BILL EVANS LONNIE EVANS MRS. BEN JOE BRYAN CARL FARRELL FARRELL FOSTER BILLIE ALLEN BILL LAURINE ELVIS FOWLER FREEMAN GARNER GRAY GREEN REBA MAURICE AUDRIE E. GROVER CHARLES GREEN HAIRGROVE HALL HALL HAYNES JAMES HAROLD MARY BUFORD ROBERT [ERRING HOGAN HOGG HUGHES HUTCHISON 1 BERT KARRER KIMBALL LOVE J DAVID IRWIN GENEVA KENNEDY I CHARLES LOWE JEANINE JASPER LEO KENNEDY WILLIE McCULLOGH JACK JONES NYAL KING ROBERT McCURRY MONA LEE McGEE MARY ALICE McLEROY BOB MAHONEY ■ JOHN C. MARTIN ALBERT LONG DORIS McFARLING MRS. GLEASON MARTIN Is ROBERT MOSS SAM NOONER -J TOM MERIWETHER BILLY MUCKLEROY GEORGE OLIVER 2 « IRENE PERKINS JOE PERKINS JIMMY MOORE fs O FRITZ MUCKLEROY W. A. ORTON R. O. PERKINS V SAMUEL MOSES ' MARLEN MURPHY KENNETH PARMLEY C. O. PERRY ODELL NICHOLS BILLY PARRISH 1 MERLENE PLUNKETT LILLIE MAE RACE IAMES RAINBOLT CYRIL ROBERTS CHARLES RUNNELS JIMMIE SANFORD CATHERINE SCHMIDT GERALD SMITH KENNETH STEPHENSON SHIRLEY STEWART 1 — JAMES SHARP KYLE SIMMONS HOWARD STONE JOHN STOTTS ORLAND STRICKLAND VALERIA STRICKLAND BETH THOMPSON CLIFFORD TREVATHAN MARY ALICE TUCKER DOYLE WALLER CLOIS WALKER DOLV1S M. WALKER MRS. DOROTHY WALTON JACK D. WATT BOB WATERS ROBERT WHITE t MRS. VIOLET WATERS RAYE WILLIAMS CLAUDIA WATSON GLYNON WILLIAMSON JOHN WATSON JACK WISENER REX WOMACK O. E. PERMENTER PRESIDENT SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS si » BILL ABLES dvjd BEDDINGTON JOHN BOWLING LERA BREVELL JOHN AINSWORTH CHARLES BECK EDWIN CURRY BOYNTON V WILLIAM BRIGHTWELL W LEO ANGER MARTIN BARRINGTON 1- MINNIE BEYERS 4 I LOUISE BILLS MARGUARETTE BEASLEY r KING BLAKE ILA RAY BRADSHAW LESLIE RAY BRADSHAW BETTY BRASHER DORIS GENE BROOKS JERRY BROWN BUCKNER LEWIS ft ERWIN BURROWS ROSE BYRNE DOROTHY CHAMBERS BETTY JEAN CONNER SUSAN BURROWS GENE CARIKER HELEN CHAMBERS SUE BURNAMEN MELBA CARROLL I. B. CHRISTIAN JANICE CONNER MARY ELIZABETH COONEY KATHERINE BUTTE HAZEL CAVENESS ARTHUR CLEMONS BENNIE COOPER ft JOSEPH BUTTON GRALAND CHAMBLEE RICHARD COMTE NELWYN CORDELL VIDA FAYE CORLEY MARVIN DAVENPORT LUD DAVIS WEEKS CRAWFORD BENNIE JANE DAVIS MAUDE DAVIS G. J. CRENSHAW ft ELDON DAVIS WILLIAM DAVIS JOHN CRUM FOSTER DAVIS JIMMY DORSEY FRANCIS CRUZE KATHERINE DAVIS JOHN DOUGLAS PAUL DRAWHORN J. E. DRENNAN DARWIN DUDLEY J. L. DUE ROBERT EDENS THELMA EVANS ROBERT FERGUSON 3 BILL FINCANNON GLENDA FINLEY HI ' i ' ; • ™ iff FELDA FORD Mr •■ - _ ;f « :::::::: ; ' tr r J : : ; ; ; r • : • REY GLAZNER i r GEORGE GRIGSBY FRED FULLER DAVID GOBLE V V DOROTHY FULTS CLYDELLE GOINS ROBERT A. GARLINGTON JANE GOODRICH BILLY G. GARRISON JOHN GREEN JAMES HALEY ANN HALL ROLAND HANCOCK GLEN HARDIN WILSON R. WILEY R. ANN W. G. TOMMY HARDY HARDY HARTT HENDRY HERRINGTON MARIE RAY ANNIE MAE GEORGE P. ADA HURST HURST HUTSON IVY JEFFUS ALFRED MARIAN PATSY LUKE JAMES JERNIGAN JONES KELLEY KENNEDY KENNEDY JAMES ED KING WILLIAM TOM LILES WILBURN LYNCH LOUELLA DAVIS McGEE LANDIS LEE LAMAR LILLY FRITZ McCAMERON LOWELL McGEE MRS. NAN GILES LEE MADELINE LILLY LYNN McCLAIN OLIVER McKAY MARIAN LEE PAULA LOW LEE LUNDY CLYDE LOWE SHIRLEY McCRARY DON McCULLOUGH BETTY McKINNEY RALPH McKINNEY I •ft ROBERT L McLEROY MARTELL MILLS J. A. MURDOCK, JR. CAROLYN NORWOOD REGINALD E. MARCONTELL LEROY MOLBERT HOWARD NAIL ROSE O ' OUINN ft GLEASON MARTIN ROBERT MOLLOY CHARLES S. NEUVILLE MARY JEAN OLDS ft ft JAMES M. MASON RICHARD M. MUCKLEROY LANORE NIVENS HERBERT OLSEN WEBB MELDER E H MULLINS Vv. THOMAS E. NOBLE If HOWARD RAY PAGE JANIE PARRISH ft MORRIS E. PENTECOST MARGARET POTTS BILLY JACK ROBERSON JAMES D. PARTIN MARJORIE PERKINS 4- MURL P. PRICE p L. B. ROGERS • ROBERT L. PEACOCK O. E. PERMENTER I I GEORGE KENNETH RAMBIN VICTOR W. ROPER MARY ELLEN PEACOCK DON PERSON WALLACE READ FERDINAND ROSS ODELL PELHAM 1 ZA FREDDY PORTER I HARRELL DALE REYNOLDS BETTY ROTAN JOHNNY SANDLIN ELWIN SEAGO PATSY ANN SIMMONS WILLIAM M. SATTERWHITE MARGARET SHANE HUGH SIMPSON CLEON SCARBOROUGH HATTIE JOE SHILLINGS pi i mm f- i 1 1 3 JAMES D. SINCLAIR ALNET SCOTT LINWOOD SHIVERS TOMMY SINGLETON r SAMMY R. SLAYDON JACK V. SMITH PAUL H. SMITH WILLIE MAE SNOW JOHNNIE STANLEY JACQUELINE STROTHER VIRGINIA STEPHENS EMILY LOU SUMMERS BETTY STEPHENSON OLIVER TALMADGE JAMES STRODE EDWARD J. TAYLOR, JR. FRANK STROTHER JOHN BYRON TAYLOR W. R. TAYLOR DOLLIE THAMES JAMES THOMPSON ROSE MARIE THOMPSON LEWIS THOMAS j0 a G. W. VALENTINE BILLY LEE THOMPSON PATTIE ROSE VARDAMAN IRVIN P. THOMPSON JAMES A. VEST BEN WALLACE MARTHA WATHEN JANIE LOU WHITE ELIZABETH WALLACE LOUNEITA WATSON LESLIE H. WHITMAN JAMES WALTERS FLOYD A. WATSON JIMMY R. WILKINS JOHN F. WEATHERLY JULIA ANN WARD H. W. WILSON 1 JAMES E. WISE TED R. WISENER O. A. WOOD WAYNE WOOD mm. JERRY J. WATERS LOWELL WESTMORELAND PAUL S. WILSON JACK YOEMAN PAT SMITH VICE-PRESIDENT LUCY KENNEDY PRESIDENT FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS JAMES AKERY REBA ARNOLD LORRAINE BAILEY LLOYD O. BARROW JAMES BAYS PAUL BEAUCHAMP DAGMA SITTON BEAVERS REBA BEAVERS MRS. CHARLES BECK WILLARD BILLINGSLEY C. O. BLACK JOANNE BLACK FRANK BLACKBURN JOHN M. BOOZER JOYCE BOOZER CHRISTINE BRADBERRY IRIS BRONTON O. J. BRITTON ELAINE BROADFOOT MARIAN BROOKSHIRE MERLIN BROUSSARD GENE BUCKLEY CHARLES BUNN D. A. BURCHFIELD GARY BURKE CHESTER BURKHALTER GAIL BURKS ROLAND BURROWS HERMAN BYRD MRS. MILDRED BYRD EVELYN CAMP JAMES CANTER THOMAS CARROLL JOHN CARTWRIGHT LENORE CAVENESS TOM CHANDLER DOROTHY CHANEY CHARLES CHAPMAN MICKY CHATELLIER JIM CHESTER RUBY CHILDERS SARAH CHILDRESS JACK CHRISTIAN ROBILINE CHRISTIAN NICK CLAYTON CHARLES COATS GLEN COOPER RUSSEL CORLEY BESSIE COUSSONS ALONZALA COVINGTON EDNA MERLE COX ROSE MARY CRAWFORD SARAH JO CROSBY LEWIS DARREL WANDA LOU DAY WILLIAM DEAN EMMA DEATON WILLIAM DENMAN JAMES DENNY JANE DERAPS I HENRY DISHBURGER FRANK DODD BOBLINE DOSS CHARLES DOUGLAS C. E. DRUMMOND CARL DuBOSE ELTON DuBOSE MARY JO EDMONS RUBY JACK EDMONS WAYNE EPPES JACK EDDINGS JOHN FAUSETT NEIL FERGUSON JOE FIEDLER LOIS FINDLEY EVELYN FOWLER FRANCES FOWLER BILLY FORD MRS. VERA FORREST OSCAR FREDRICK PEGGY FULLER RUDOLPH FULLER KENNETH FULMER ELOISE FULTS KENNIE GARLINGTON RUTH GARLINGTON ROBERT C. GASTON JOYCE GATLIN MARGARET GATLIN EDMOND GENTRY LLOYD GEORGE ELTON L. GLAZE MARTHA GODLEY FLOYD GOLEMON KATHRYN GLENN WILLIE JOE GREEN THOMAS GREER MAX GRIGSBY LARRY GUINN BETTY GUNNELS BILLY HAIRGROVE GENE HAIRGROVE JAMES HAIRGROVE JO NELL HAIRGROVE AUDIE HALL DORIS HALTOM DOROTHY HALTOM DAN HANCOCK JACK HARGIS JACK HARRELL BOBBY ANN HARRIS FRANCIS HARTSFIELD JAMES HEATH EARL HEITMAN BARBARA ANN HOLT TUCKER HOLT TOMMY HOMES SAM P. HOOPER BARBARA DELL HORN CHESTER HORNBUCKLE STEVE HOWLE ELIZABETH HUDGINS MARY HUDMAN ANNELLA HUNTER HOWARD JACKSON K. L. JEANS JAMES JOHNSON BOBBY JONES DARRELL JONES MILLARD JORDAN ALBERT KELLEY VALLIE KENDRICK LUCY KENNEDY BETTY KIMMEY GRADY KYLE JOHNNIE B. KYLE JIMMY J. LAING GLORIA LANGFORD HAROLD LEE TOM LAWS GRADY LEWIS DONALENE LINDSEY TERRY LIPPARD ALICE JOYCE LOONEY ROBERT EARL LORD MARY LOU LOW GORDON LOWERY JOYCE LOWERY NORWOOD LOWERY J. C. LUMPKIN BILL LUNSFORD PEGGY McCLAIN MRS. GLADYS McDANIEL FRED McFARLAND HAROLD McGOWN JAMES McGRAW BETTY McGUIRT SARA BETH McKAY BRYAN McKENZIE JO ANN McKEWEN BETTY McKINNEY BUDDY McKINNEY CHARLOTTE McMILLAN JERRY McMULLEN ULMAN McMULLEN JANE McPHAIL BILLIE McWHORTER REAVIS MAGGARD JOHN MANGHAM MARY LEE MANGHAM BILLIE MARTIN OUENTON MARTIN TOMMIE MITCHELL BILLY MOAK RAY MOODY CAROLYN MOONEY KATHLEEN MOORE HAROLD MUCKLEROY VIRGINIA i NABINGER JEANNINE NEIL DORIS NERREN HAROLD OGDEN JACK OGDEN ROBERT DILLON OLDS BARBARA OLIVER NANCY OSBORNE GEORGE OXSHEER MILTON H. PARKER WYNODEAN PARMLEY JOEL A. PARROTT ELOISE PATTERSON MARIAN ELLYN PAYNE RODNEY J. PENCE ELIZABETH PENNEY MORRIS PERKINS HAROLD POOL BILLY POPHAM STEVE PORTER DELBERT POWERS JOHN R. POWERS BETTY PRIDGEN LETITIA PRINCE FRANCIS RAWSON JOYCE LA JUNE RECTOR JAMES REED EDWIN W. RICE LOUISE RIGGS E. J. RITCHEY JAMES ROACH CHRYSTELLE ROBERSON BOBBY ROBERTS JO ANN ROBERTSON THOMAS ROEBUCK HURCHIAL RUNNELS MARY RUTLEDGE NELWYN SAMFORD BOBBIE SAVAGE BETSY SCHWARTZ ROBERT SHARP VAL SHARP ROSEL SHILLINGS VYRNE SHOFNER JACK SHOULTZ FLOYD SIMMONS MARGARET SINGLETON LELAND SLAYDON JESSIE LEE SLOCUM CHARLES SMITH CHARLES SMITH PAT SMITH OLIVER STANDLEY T. C. STEPHENS BILLIE STEWART JOHN ED STONE, II JUNE STOLEBARGER WANDA STRIBLING JOHN B. STRONG MORGAN STRONG DON TAYLOR FLORA THAMES , INGRAM THOMAS BILLY LEE THOMPSON FRANKIE TONEY FRANCES TOOLE JOAN TOWNSEND JAMES TREVATHAN MARY ELLEN ULMER ROY WADE CLARENCE WALKER KATHRYN WALKER MRS. LEVLA WALTON CLAUDENE WARNER LAURA WASHINGTON JAMES W ATKINS MACK WATSON ROBERT WEDGEWORTH OMIE DELL WELLS JEAN WESTMORLAND ANITA WHITAKER COLLEEN WHITAKER GUY WHITAKER JAMES WHITAKER LEROY WHITAKER TRAVIS WHITAKER BETTY JANE WHITE BONNIE WHITE ROSS B. WHITE THOMAS WHITE THOMAS WHITTON RAYMOND WILKINSON CLEATIS WILLIAMS EARLON WILLIAMS MAVIS WILLIAMS WYNDLE WILLIAMS DOROTHY WILSON TOM WILSON BOB WIMP VERDIE LEE WISE JEANETTE WOLAVER DAVID WOODELL LEADERSHIP Student Body President Caroline Thompson Hill Award Ranking Seniors Alpha Chi Who ' s Who Student Congress Austinite Poll JAMES DANHEIM STUDENT BODY PRESIDENT HAZEL MARIAN SHELTON CAROLINE THOMPSON HILL AWARD RANKING SENIORS MEMBERS FIRST ROW: Harold Hogan, L. J. Conner, Kenneth Parm- ley, Eustace Frizzel, William T. Bell, Ferman Dickens, Charles Boozer, Marie Woods, and Clifford Trevathan. SECOND ROW: Genell Godley, Mary Dillen, Lillie Mae Race, Louise Norman, Laz Corley, Samuel Moses, Daryl Nooner, Lawrence Franks. THIRD ROW: Mrs. C. C. Johnson, Elizabeth Grimes, Mary Nell Youngsblood, Orland Strickland, Doyle Waller, Dr. T. E. Ferguson, Wanda Matlock, and Dr. C. F. Sheley. NOT PICTURED: Milton Giles, Nyal C. King, Mary E. Thomas, Helon Baldwin, Evelyn S. Kennedy, Anne Nel- son, Ben J. Ritterskamp, and Wallace Scott Patterson. ALPHA CHI OFFICERS SPONSORS MARIE WOODS, President DR. T. E. FERGUSON CLIFFORD TREVATHAN, Vice-President MRS. C. C. JOHNSON EUSTACE FRIZZELL, Secretary-Treasurer DR. C. F. SHELEY MARY RUTH DILLEN, Reporter NYAL KING 5AM COLBURN 1 DON CROUCH EDWARD ABERNETHY CECIL PARRISH SOPHOMORE: O. E. Permenter, Bill Brightwell, Don Person MOST HANDSOME BOY - MOST BEAUTIFUL GIBL Bobby Jones Pattie Vardeman BEST STUDENTS Dillon Olds - Paula Low AUSTTNITE POLL FAVOBITE TEACHER C. E. Ferguson BEST BOY POLITICIAN Gene Tannery BEST GIRL POLITICIAN Hazel Shelton MOST POPULAR BOY Dusty Due MOST POPULAR GIRL Chip Hessel CUTEST COUPLE Ed Ramsey - Nelwyn Cordell CUTEST BOY Oliver McKay CUTEST GIRL Martha Godley CUTEST MARRIED COUPLE Joe and Mary Ellen Lowe (NOT PICTURED) DUMBEST BOY AND GIRL Pat Meadows Billie Crawford WITTIEST BOY Baker Denman WITTIEST GIRL Johnnie Stanley BEST BOY DANCER Billie Lee Thompson BEST GIRL DANCER Katherine Butte FRIENDLIEST BOY John C. Martin FRIENDLIEST GIRL Janie Parrish HOW THE SELECTIONS WERE MADE BEAUTIES This year fourteen clubs put up beauties to be judged, and we feel that they were fourteen of the most beautiful girls this school has ever assembled at one time. They were judged by five news- paper editors from the surrounding towns who were unacquainted with any of the contestants. The beauties were announced and presented at the Stone Fort Ball. WHO ' S WHO The students honored by mention in Who ' s Who were selected by a student-faculty committee. They were judged on character, leadership, scholarship, and participation in extra-curricular activities. CLASS FAVORITES The favorites were elected in class meetings with each of the classes electing a boy and girl favorite. The exception came in the Freshman class where two girls tied for the honor. MR. AND MISS S.F.A. Names of qualified junior or senior candidates, who were petitioned by 25 signed voters, appeared on a ballot at a general student election. The student body voted and chose the winners. Votes were counted by an impartial student-faculty committee. CAROLYN THOMPSON HILL AWARD The winner of this award was selected by the Student Affairs Committee on the basis of scholar- ship, leadership, strength of character, and loyalty to the college. SCHOLARSHIP The two highest ranking seniors were determ ined by their record as it appeared in the Registrar ' s office, their average being compiled by that office. AUSTINITE POLL Each year the Poll sponsors a personalities election and the students choose the outstanding campusites by ballot. PERSONALITIES Mr. S. F. A. M ss S. F. A. Fcruor tes Beauties MR. S. F. A. GENE TANNERY MISS S. F. A. ED RAMSEY j JUNIOR FAVORITES WAYNE WOOD SOPHOMORE FAVORITES DORIS JEAN BROOKS WANDA DAY . MICKEY CHATELLIER yg BETSY SCHWARTZ Pine Burrs MOHA BAYES AustxmUs IRENE PERKINS LORENE BAKER Independent Aggie Club DOROTHY CHAMBERS . . . AMITIES MRS. RANDOLPH ALLEN. HANK LA BOBBY SAVAGE Ellen H. Richards A Cappella Chmr VIRGINIA STEPHENS .... SYLVANS 4 1 FRAHKIE TOMEY Fidel es JOYCE LOWERY Press Club DORIS JEAN. BROOKS Foresters MICKEY CHATELLIER . . . SAWYERS ATHLETICS Coaching Staff Football Basketball Track Baseball Tennis Golf Intramurals Women ' s Sports TED L. JEFFERIES STANFORD McKEWEN JOE GALLAGHER HAROLD FISCHER Although the first part of the 1947 football season was heart-breaking to the Lumberjacks, their head coach and athletic director, Ted L. Jefferies, maintained indefatigable courage, sportsmanship, and undoubted ability which resulted in vic- tory for the team in the latter part of the season. Assistant athletic director, assistant football coach, head basketball and ten- nis coach is Stanford McKewen, an ex-Lumberjack captain and all-conference football player. Having lettered in football, tennis, and basketball makes him a qualified centerpiece in the athletic department. Coaching the 1947 Lone Star Conference championship baseball team, the Stephen F. Austin Lumberjacks, was Joe Gallagher, former big league baseball player. Coach Gallagher served his first year here winning the LSC champion- ship without losing a conference game. Besides being head baseball coach, Mr. Gallagh er is in charge of ticket sales, programs, and sports publicity. Au outstanding football letterman in high school and in the University of Texas is Harold Fischer, assistant football and head track coach. Coach Fischer made all-conference in 1945 while playing with the Longhorns, coached at Cisco High School two years, and is serving his first year in the Lumberjack camp. LEO ANGER BACK V 1 dm Hi ' " ' ' ■ f : - Captain Lloyd Coach Jefferies THEO MILES BACK CAPTAIN HAROLD LLOYD Ranking with the best guards in the Lone Star Conference Harold Lloyd, senior from Silsbee, finished his football career here in a blaze of glory against the Sam Houston Bearkats. Har- old was a great team play- er, a natural athlete, and a lover of the game of foot- ball. A two-year letterman, Captain Lloyd has been one of the mainstays of the Jacks ' line. DOUG SAMEORD BACK V I Axemen in Huddle OLIVER McKAY BACK it Austin Jones makes tackle SHERMAN HUGHES BACK HARRY RICE BACK 31 4 LUMBERJACKS TIE TIGERS The Stephen F. Austin Lumberjacks played the fa- vorite Trinity Tigers to a 0-0 standstill in a hot San An- tonio sun. The Jacks were sparked by the great defen- sive playing of Billy Jack Roberson and Dick Wright. While the Axemen pene- trated within the Tigers ' ten- yard line three times, they were unable to score. Each time they were held for downs. BUDDY HAWKINS BACK m ' 1 Lumberjacks smother passer JERRY McMULLEN BACK FRED JACKSON END Sctmford makes 80-yard touchdown jaunt JAMES DUE END AXEMEN WALLOP COUGARS The determined Lumber- jacks won their first game of the season by walloping the University of Houston Cou- gars, 25-14 before 4,000 thrilled fans who turned out for the colorful Homecoming Day contest. Brilliant pass interceptions and long runs by Douglas Samford and James (Dusty) Due, a 15-yard touchdown sweep by Leo Anger and the scintillating Anger ' s 16-yard peg to Bill Nichols accounted for Aus- tin ' s scoring. Three of the touchdowns came in the second guarter to overcome a 7-0 defeat. STEVE HOWLE END Anger on long end run JOHN CRUM END li t PAT SMITH TACKLE McKay makes block as Hughes circles end ■ ■ B. ROBERSON TACKLE LUMBERJACKS BOW TO LIONS The East Texas Lions blanked the Lumberjacks in Commerce 27 to 0. The Lions scored in every quar- ter including a safety in the third period when Buddy Hawkins was smothered be- hind the Jacks ' goal. The Lumberjacks made their most serious scoring threat in the fourth quarter when Lewis Buckner intercepted one of Batchelor ' s passes. The Jacks maneuvered the ball down to the four-yard line where they lost it on downs. B. NICHOLS END 5 Rainbolt and Anger close in for tackle W. BRIGHTWELL TACKLE Anger sweeps end for 20 yards AUSTIN JONES TACKLE LUMBERJACKS LOSE TO MISSISSIPPI SOUTHERN For 58 minutes in Hatties- burg, Mississippi, the Steph- en F. Austin Lumberjacks fought the powerful Missis- sippi Southern Bulldogs to a standstill before finally losing by a 20 to 7 margin. Pre-game dope had the Bulldogs favored four or five touchdowns. The Lumber- jacks ' score came in the fourth quarter when Harold Pool, Lumberjack tackle, tore through and blocked a punt on the Southerners ' 9- yard line. A pass from Leo Anger to Billy Nichols ad- vanced the ball to the 10- yard line, where Bobby Lee Smith shot over for a touch- down. M. BROUSSARD GUARD Hughes makes first down JAMES RAINBOLT TACKLE : _ . — I Quarterbacks BEN HOWLE BACK V C. DRUMMOND TACKLE FIGHTING AXEMEN BLAST JAVELINAS IN UPSET Showing great team play and the strongest running attack of the season, the Lumberjacks drubbed the undefeated, untied Texas A. and I. Javelinas, 15 to 7. The Jacks scored in the first pe- riod when Doug Samford slashed over from the 3-yard line to give the Axemen a 6 to lead, went ahead 13 to on Sherman Hughes ' 45- yard gallop in the final pe- riod when five charging Lumberjacks tackled Danny Wright behind the Javelina goal for a safety. C. HAYNES GUARD McKay makes long run Jacks hold for no gain H. POOL TACKLE JACKS FALL BEFORE EAGLES Superb defensive play en- abled a battling band of Stephen F. Austin Lumber- jacks to hold the vaunted North Texas Eagles to a 13 to 7 victory. The Axemen scored in the second quarter to tie the game 7-all. Baker Denman crashed through the Eagle line, blocked a punt, then gathered in the leather in full stride and tore 31 yards for a touchdown. The Lions made their final score in the second quarter on a 30-yard pass from Cromer to Abbey. H. LLOYD GUARD Samford drives through line for first down J. WALTERS GUARD Jacks go through dummy scrimmage W. ORTON CENTER LUMBERJACKS WHIP BEARKATS The Lumberjacks calmly- ground out a sweet 13-0 vic- tory over rival Sam Houston Bearkats on muddy, rain- swept Memorial Field. At the opening kick-off, the stage was set by a series of runs by Samford, McKay, and Hughes which placed the ball on the Bearkats ' 16- yard line. On a fake hand- off, Anger shot a pass to Crum who was completely in the open. The second score came in the fourth guarter when the ball had been advanced to the one- yard line where Hughes sliced over. D. WRIGHT CENTER Jacks T-formation 1. 3 M iftiSiSw iM The 1947 Lumberjacks J. CANTER BACK H. WILSON BACK Although having hard luck the earlier part of the season, the Lumberjacks under the capable leader- ship of Coach Jefferies, hit their stride against the Uni- versity of Houston and won the remaining games. B. SMITH BACK L. BUCKNER BACK STANDINGS Conference Team W. L. North Texas S. 6 East Texas S. 4 2 Southwest Texas S. 4 2 Trinity Univ. 3 2 S. F. Austin 2 3 Sam Houston S. 1 5 Houston Univ. 6 Team W. L. North Texas 10 1 East Texas 8 2 Trinity 4 3 Southwest 5 4 S. F. Austin 3 6 Sam Houston 3 6 Houston Univ. 3 8 T. 1 1 T. 2 1 Pts. 145 129 69 82 45 35 21 Pts. 250 222 145 115 73 68 96 Op. 27 52 54 66 74 102 113 Op. 64 59 126 92 159 130 212 Pet. 1.000 .667 .667 .583 .417 .167 .000 Pet. .909 .800 .556 .556 .350 .333 .273 V BASKETBALL CONFERENCE STANDINGS TEAM SAM HOUSTON NORTH TEXAS EAST TEXAS UNIVERSITY OF HOUSTON STEPHEN F. AUSTIN SOUTHWEST TEXAS TRINITY SEASON ' S STANDINGS w L PCT. TEAM W L PCT. g 3 .750 EAST TEXAS 19 4 .826 9 3 .750 NORTH TEXAS 16 10 .615 9 3 .750 STEPHEN F. AUSTIN 13 9 .591 6 6 .500 SAM HOUSTON 10 8 .556 5 1 .417 UNIVERSITY OF HOUSTON 11 11 .500 3 9 .250 SOUTHWEST TEXAS 11 13 .458 1 11 .083 TRINITY 9 15 .375 WINFRED WILLIAMS Center From-Caro; graduated from-Central Hts; classi- fication-Grad. Sr.; nickname " Lanky " ; has played ball here for two years. WYATT DOTSON Forward From-New Summerfield; graduated from New Summerfield; classification-Jr., nickname " Ham- mer " ; has played ball here for two years. LUMBERJACKS DOWN TRINITY TIGERS The Jacks opened the conference race with a 62-50 win over the Trinity University Tigers at San Antonio. Sparked by the sharp shoot- ing Wyatt Dotson and " Lanky " Williams, with 18 and 17 points res- pectively, they played a safe ball game throughout. BOBCATS TRIM JACKS IN SECOND ROAD TRIP Led by George Carlisle with 23 points and Jim Littleton with 20 points, the San Marcos Bobcats bested the Lumberjacks with a 74-62 win. Dotson was again high-point man for the Jacks with 19 points. A last minute effort sent the Bobcats into a lead which was never overcome. EMMETT BATTISE Guard From-Indian Village; graduated from-Living- ston; classification-Sophomore; nickname- " E " ; " E " has played here here for two years. WINFRED BATTISE Forward From-Indian Village; graduated from-Living- ston; Classification-Grad. Sr.; nickname- " Big Chief " ; has played here for four years. LIONS BEST JACKS ON HOME COURT Very erratic ballplaying by both teams highlighted this performance on the Jacks ' home courts. Troy Ingram and all- conference Jake Carter provided the scoring punch for the Lions with 14 and 12 points respectively. Emmett Battise was high for the Jacks with ten points. BEARKATS DEFEAT JACKS IN THRILLER The Axemen fell before the powerful Sam Houston Bearkats by a score of 56-52. The Kats had to come from behind numerous times in order to remain undefeated in conference play. Williams led the scoring for the Axemen with 16 points; Watkins was high point man for Kats with 13 points. FOSTER BULLOCK Guard From-Indian Village; graduated from-Living- ston; classification-Freshman; nickname- " Buck " ; has played here for one year. JAMES JOHNSTON Center From-Jacksonville; graduated from-New Sum- merfield; classification-Freshman; nickname- " Johnny " ; has played ball here for one year. )OTSON RACKS UP TWO POINTS JACKS GET REVENGE OVER BOBCATS The Lumberjacks evened the series with San Marcos by defeating them 76-70. Jim Littleton, leading scorer of the conference, led the San Marcos scoring with 24 points. " Old Man " Battise sparked the Jacks with 18 points. AXEMEN EDGE COUGARS James Johnston sank the winning field goal to give the Jacks a 51-49 win. Williams was high for the Jacks with 10 points. ARLIEGH DUFF Forward From-Nederland; graduated from-Nederland; classification-Sophomore; nickname- " Pee Wee " ; has played here for two years. BRYCE KENNEDY Center From-New Delhi, La.; graduated from-Kilgore; classification-Grad. Senior; nickname- " Hooch " ; has played here for three years. LUMBERJACKS BEATEN BY EAGLES Staving off a last minute rally, the North Texas Eagles coasted for a 62-53 win. The only time the Jacks led was in the first quarter but the Eagles overcame the difficulty with ease. Williams again led the Jacks with ease. Candler sparked the Eagles with 13 points. LIONS BLAST JACKS Humbling the Axemen before a capacity crowd, the East Texas Lions scored at will to tromp the Jacks 58-38. The Lions built up a 15 to 4 lead in the first quarter and then relied upon the scoring of Ingrim and Carter to coast to an easy vic- tory. These two Lions scored 22 and 18 points respectively; Dotson hit the meshes for ten points. GLYNON WILLIAMSON Guard From-Carthage; graduated from-Carthage; clas- sification-Grad. Sr.; nickname- " Fingers " ; has played ball here for three years. JAMES CAMPBELL Forward From-Nacogdoches; graduated from-Nacogdo- ches; classification-Grad. Sr.; nickname- " Ox " ; has played ball here for three years. LANKY FIRES -DOTSON READY FOR BACK-UP , AXEMEN AGAIN BEAT TIGERS The Jacks, paced by Dotson ' s 24 points, hit their stride by downing the Trinity University Tigers 69-57. Mur- phy kept the Tigers in the race by scoring 18 points. EAGLES FALL BEFORE LUMBERJACKS The Lumberjacks had an easy night as they defeated the North Texas Eagles 62-46. This game squared the Axe- men with the home folks and knocked the Eagles from championship play-off. Dotson, whose 20 points led the scoring for the night, was very outstanding on defensive plays. DON CROUCH Forward From-Deer Park; graduated from-Deer Park; classification-Senior; nickname- " Fishhook " ; hav- ing played here for one year. E. H. MULLINS Forward From-Price, Texas; graduated from-CarlisIe High; classification-Junior; nickname- " Moon " ; having played here for two years. BEARKATS ROMP OVER AXEMEN Paced by two potential all-conference men, Sam Houston Bearkats handed the Jacks their worst defeat of the year. The Jacks got off to a roaring start by building up the lead 8-1, but the two-point makers for the Kats scored with 26 and 25 points respectively. Williams tried in vain to keep up with these men but fouled out with 15 points. TRAVIS PRICE Guard From-Bryan; graduated from-Bryan; classifica- tion-Grad. Senior; nickname- " Knot " ; Travis has played here for four years. J. D. SHEPPARD Center From-Kilgore, graduated from-Kilgore; classifi- cation-Grad. Senior; nickname- " Big John " ; J. D. has played here for three years. GUY WHITTACKER Center From-Cushing; graduated from- Cushing; classification-Fresh.; nickname - " Cush " ; has played ball here for one year. JAMES PREMER Guard From-Bethany, Mo.; graduated from-Bethany, Mo.; classification-Fresh.; nickname- " Tex " ; is a newcomer to SFA. JERRY McMULLEN Guard From- Nacogdoches; graduated from-Nacogdo- ches; classification-Fresh.; nickname- " Mac " ; has played ball here one year. TIPOFF BILL PERRIN Forward From- Vernon; graduated from- Vernon; classification-Fresh.; Bill is a newcomer to SFA. TRACK MEN Curtis Collier William Denman John Thomas Hill Alison Marks Bryan McKenzie Bill Parrish James Wright Herbert Davis Darwin Dudley Kenneth Parmley Frank W. Martin Lewis Miles Vyme Shofner Jack Yeoman Front Row: BILL PARRISH, HAROLD MUCKLEROY, ALISON MARKS, JAMES WRIGHT Back Row: VAN HERRIN (Coach), JOHN THOMAS HILL, WILLIAM DENMAN, JACK YEO- MAN, J. A. MURDOCK, WILLIAM WHITE, VYRNE SHOFNER. TRACK SPRINT RELAY TEAM BILL PARRISH, HAROLD MUCKLE- ROY, JOHN THOMAS HILL, JACK YEOMAN « » REGULAR SQUAD MEN PITCHERS PAUL H. SMITH KING BLAKE JOHN TAYLOR DON CROUCH DON BEAL JAMES CANTER FIRST BASE LEO ANGER LUD DAVIS THIRD BASE PAUL GRIFFITH LINCOLN SKILLERN CATCHERS JAMES MOORE J. E. DRENNAN SHORTSTOP JOE McFARLAND ROY DAVIDSON SECOND BASE GLYNON WILLIAMSON OUTFIELD DOUG SAMFORD TROY JOHNSON H. W. WILSON GRADY LEWIS THEO MILES JESSE NEVES TRAVIS HARRELL LEO ANGER DOUG SAMFORD, H. W. WILSON, GRADY LEWIS JAMES MOORE BASEBALL •ML FRONT ROW: SKILLERN, LEWIS, ANGER, DAVIDSON, TAYLOR, GRIFFITH, SANFORD, MILES, WILSON, DRENNAN. BACK ROW: TAYLOR, WINGROVE, MOORE, GALLAGER, JEANS, CANTER, KIMMEY, BLAKE, JOHNSON, CROUCH, CLEMONS, DAVIS, LOUQUETTE, GLACKZIN, BEAL, SMITH, WILLIAMSON. TENNIS JACK V. SMITH, GRADY FAULK, BURNIS LAWRENCE. (Not Pictured) ROY L. MARTIN, PAT MEADOWS. INTRAMUAL CHAMPS WOMEN ' S SPORTS ALL-STAR TEAMS FIELD HOCKEY ALNET SCOTT SUSAN BURROWS LOUISE RIGGS BILLIE SUE PETERS ANNIE MAE HUTSON ODELL PELHAM CLAUDIE RAY WATSON DOROTHY DILLARD MARGARET SHANE BASKETBALL ANNIE MAE HUTSON SUSAN BURROWS BILLIE SUE PETERS ELIZABETH WALLACE JANICE DURRETT CLAUDIE RAY WATSON DOROTHY DILLARD MARGARET SHANE SOFTBALL BILLIE SUE PETERS ANNIE MAE HUTSON GAYMERLE CLAYTON DOROTHY DILLARD WILLA D. BROWN ODELL PELHAM JEANNINE KAISER ALNET SCOTT CLAUDIE RAY WATSON TENNIS BADMINTON ALNET SCOTT BILLIE SUE PETERS ODELL PELHAM ANNIE MAE HUTSON BILLIE SUE PETERS ODELL PELHAM ANNIE MAE HUTSON MARY ULMER A M E ORGANIZATIONS Social Professional Religious Academic ANNE NELSON NELWYN CORDELL BILLIE CRAWFORD PRESIDENT BROWNIE DANIELS REPORTER SERGEANT-AT-ARMS SEC.-TREAS AMITIE PAULA LOW VICE-PRESIDENT PLEDGE CAPTAIN CO-HISTORIANS JOAN TOWNSEND BETTY ROTAN JANIE PARRISH NADINE LINDSEY DOROTHY CHAMBERS DOROTHY WALTON HAZEI CAVENESS GENEVA KENNEDY NAN LEE MARIE COLLINS SUSAN BURROWS ELIZABETH WALLACE EDWARD RAMSEY President — Summer ... - V. JOHN C. MARTIN Poll Director FRED FULLER A REN RITTERSKAMP President — Fall JAMES DUDLEY Parliamentarian ROYAL ORDER OF JAMES HEATON Secretary-Treasurer ROBERT HARDY ROBERT L. McLEROY Reporter I ■ KEITH HOGAN -0 ■■■■■ CHARLES BUNN Sergeant-at-Arms I RALPH BEAL Health Officer is ' ! r GRADY KYLE MR. BAUMGARTNER Sponsor SAMUEL CONGER Parliamentarian MAURICE McLAIN Ex-Presidents at Homecoming JOHN ED STONE ED TAYLOR AUSTINITES KENNETH CARIKER President — Spring ft GENE CARIKER MURRAY LILLY f I J KOBERT MUCKLEROY CHARLES LOWE LEWIS BUCKNER Vice-President • CHARLES RUNNELS Secretary-Treasurer SAMUEL COLBURN LINWOOD DUE 1 4 . • lit jt BOB MAHONEY PERRY REAVES JOHN LOUIS SCHMIDT The AUSTINITES stand for leadership and high scholastic standards, undertake to uphold and popularize the traditions of our alma ma- ter, to promote sincere fraternity among our- selves and to foster and sponsor desirable school projects. SAM T. HOLT Sergeant-at-Arms BILL GARNER mm i PAT MEADOWS JOE PERKINS HOWARD STONE THOMAS C. STEPHENS MONA BAYES Club Beauty i ■ CHARLES HAYNES w 4 TOM MERIWETHER TRAVIS N. PRICE VIRGINIA STEPHENS President VIOLET ATKINS Sponsor JANE GOODRICH Secretary-Treasurer CHARLOTTE McMILLAN MARY LEE MANGHAM Sergeant-at-Arms Historian CURTIS BROOKS WILLIE McCULLOUGH Reporter DORIS BROOKS The word " Fidele implies faith and loyalty. This past year we believe we have carried out its meaning to the fullest extent. Our purposes are to promote friendship among various clubs, students, and faculty, and to encour- age the development of school spirit. POLLY JONES Historian REY GLAZNER MADELINE LILLY EMILY SUMMERS PATSY SIMMONS DONALENE LINDSEY PATSY KELLY BETTY BROOKSHIRE tk ANN HARTT ft JO ANN McKEWEN EDNA MERLE COX WANDA DAY JAMES PARTIN ORLAND STRICKLAND ROR EDENS FOSTER DAVIS ELWOOD OLDS ALRERT LONG CARL FOSTER ODELL NICHOLS LEWIS THOMAS GALE LEE NOT PICTURED CHARLES WRIGHT AND GENE HILL CHARLES DANHEIM ED XING FREDDY PORTER RORERT JACKSON MIKE YOUNG DAVID GORLE VYRNE SHOFNER CEORGE GRISRY KENNETH PARMLEY RILLY DILLEN BILLY DILLEN 1st Term President FRED JACKSON G. W. VALENTINE FORESTER CLUB 1 JIMMY DORSEY 2nd Term President DR. D. D. GILES SPONSOR i KENNETH PARMLEY Vice-President JOHNNY SANDLIN RICHARD AILS LAZ COR LEY BEN WALLACE JAMES DANHEIM DON McCULLOUGH CHARLES JORDAN ALBERT KELLY J. A. MURDOCK BUFORD HUGHES MARGAURETTE BEASLEY NICKIE BECK MARY BICKFORD JOANNE BLACK KATHERINE BUTTE MICKEY CHATELLIER JEAN DEVEREAUX BILL EVANS MARTHA GODLEY ANN HALL BOBBY HARRIS CHIP HESSEL IN E OFFICERS GENELL GODLEY Historian MARY JEAN OLDS Sergeant-at-Arms LINDA DAUS Reporter MISS DORA HICKS Sponsor MARY HOGG ANNELLA HUNTER MARIE HURST LUCY KENNEDY RILLIE SUE MARTIN DORIS JEAN McFARLING MERLINE PLUNKETT BETSY SCHWARTZ JOHNNIE STANLEY FLORA THAMES MARY ALICE TUCKER PATTIE VARDAMAN URRS OFFICERS HAZEL SHELTON President MARY ELLEN LOWE Vice-President CATHERINE SCHMIDT Vice-President DOLLIE THAMES Secretary-Treasurer LEO ANGER WILLIAM BRIGHTWELL KING BLAKE DON CROUCH WEEKS CRAWFORD JAMES SHARP BILLY LEE THOMPSON PAT SMITH NORWOOD LOWERY BILLY TAYLOR LEROY MOLBERT DILLON OLDS OLIVER McKAY OLIVER TALMADGE TERRY LIPPARD FRITZ McCAMERON H. W. WILSON THOMAS ROEBUCK DON PERSON JOHN LEE SHOFNEI WILBURN LYNCH GORDON LOWERY RAY WILLIAMS ROBIN HOOPER TOMMY WILSON NOT PICTURED C. (). PERMENTER BOBBY JONES WEBB MELDER CYRIL ROBERTS EDWARD ABERNETHY JOE LOWE JOHNNY WATSON NORRIS HOLT BERT KARRER ' AUL LOWERY JAMES RAINBOLT FRITZ MUCKLEROY MURPH DREWRY BAKER DENMAN JAMES WALTERS BESSIE COUSSONS GEORGE OLIVER MORRIS PERKINS JACK HARRELL Sergeant-at-Arms DOROTHY DILLARD MARGARET GATLIN BENNIE JANE DAVIS DAGMA SITTON BEAVERS CLAUDIE WATSON NOT PICTURED: BAXTER DUNCAN; GENE MAYNARD; EDWARD MOONEY; PETE STILL, PARLIAMENTARIAN; ANCIL FULLER; BILL ABLES; BOBBY MILARD; CHARLES DOUGLAS, REPOR- TER SPRING SEMESTER; LES WHITMAN, TREASURER SPRING SEMESTER. I N D E P E N D E N T S VALERIA STRICKLAND HOWARD NAIL GERALD LUMPKIN TREASURER VICE-PRESIDENT REPORTER FALL SEMESTER SPRING SEMESTER FALL SEMESTER OFFICERS BERT KARRER - - President FOSTER DAVIS Vice-President CHARLES BECK Secretary ED ' ABERNETHY . Reporter PAUL WILSON . Sergeant-at-Arms JAMES SHARP . Parliamentarian WEEKS CRAWFORD Scavenger GRAND ORDER OF ROYAL BARRISTERS DR. W. R. DAVIS HONORARY SPONSOR BACK ROW: Jack Swanzy, Wayple Farrell, John Beasley, Weeks Crawford, R. D. King, Earl Lord, Charles Runnels. FRONT ROW: Martell Mills, Ed Abernethy, Joe Lowe, Bert Karrer, Foster Davis, James Sharp, Paul Wilson. OFFICERS FALL SEMESTER MARY JEAN OLDS President WILLA D. BROWN Vice-President DORIS BROOKS Secretary-Treasurer JANIE PARRISH Reporter OPAL FORD Sergeant-at-Arms MISS JUNE IRWIN Sponsor OFFICERS SPRING SEMESTER ALNET SCOTT President JOHNNIE STANLEY Vice-President LAURINE CRAY Secretary-Treasurer LUCILLE PEEBLES Reporter ERNESTINE FLEMING Sergeant-at-Arms MISS DORIS KILPATRICK Sponsor PICTURED, LEFT TO RIGHT: ERNESTINE FLEMING, LU- CILLE PEEBLES, JOHNNIE STANLEY, ALNET SCOTT, MISS DORIS KILPATRICK, LAURINE GRAY, AND MARY JEAN OLDS. LUMBER JACKETTES OFFICERS NYAL KING LAURINE GRAY MRS. MINNA PERRY L. W. ELLERRROOK A. L. LONG President Reporter Historian Co-sponsor Co-sponsor FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA FIRST SEMESTER SECOND SEMESTER President MAURICE HAIRGROVE JOHN C. MARTIN Vice-President MARY LOU SEALE PAULA LOW CHARLES RUNNELS PAULA LOW Secretary Reporter MARY LOU SEALE ROR McLEROY Social Chairman JOHN C. MARTIN FRANKIE TONEY Sponsors DR. C. F. SHELEY LAWRENCE FRANKS PRESS CLUB MEMRERS Maurice Hairgrove Mary Ruth Dillen Dan Hancock Marjorie Perkins Charles Danheim Rene Perkins Jimmy Dorsey J. C. Stallings Wayne Wood James Danheim Raxter Duncan John C. Martin Gerald Lumpkin Marie Collins Dorothy Walton Paula Low Nelwyn Cordell Rilly Popham Virginia Stephens Rob McLeroy Charles Runnels Sam Colburn Katherine Rutte Frankie Toney Alonzola Covington Howard Ray Page Don Crouch Albert Kelly ARTS, INC. OFFICERS Virginia Stephens President Dorothy Chambers Vice-President Ann Hartt Sec.-Treas. Alnet Scott Reporter MEMBERS Jean Devereaux Johnny Douglas Ann Hall Peggy McClain Bobbie Savage ELLEN H. RICHARDS OFFICERS DORIS McCLAIN First Semester President LOUISE NORMAN Second Semester President BETTY ROTAN Vice-President MARY ALICE MeLEROY Secretary GENEVA GRACE KENNEDY Treasurer JO FRANCIS ROBERSON First Semester Reporter BETTY GUNNELS Second Semester Reporter MARGARET POTTS Social Chairman OPAL FORD Parliamentarian MARY NELL YOUNGBLOOD Publicity Chairman JANTE WHITE Program Chairman GIBBS HALL COUNCIL ALNET SCOTT Historian NOT PICTURED PAULA LOW Reporter MEMBERS Janie Parrish Dollie Thames Mary Hogg Louneita Watson Laurine Gray Nelwyn Cordell Jane Goodrich Alnet Scott Paula Low ADVISOR Mrs. Hattie Wilfong OFFICERS DOROTHY DILLARD President ANNIE MAE HUTSON Vice-President BILLIE SUE PETERS Secretary-Treasurer ALNET SCOTT Sergeant-at-Arms VVILLA D. BROWN Reporter MISS JUNE IRWIN Sponsor PICTURED, LEFT TO RIGHT: MISS JUNE IRWIN, BILLIE SUE PETERS, DOROTHY DILLARD, ANNIE MAE HUTSON, AND ALNET SCOTT WOMEN ' S RECREATION ASSOCIATION THE CHURCH THE STUDENT THE COLLEGE LINKS THAT FORM THE BAPTIST STUDENT UNION OFFICERS G. W. Valentine — President NORMS HOLT - Enlistment vice-pres. CURTIS BROOKS - Devotional vice-pres. GAIL BURKS - Secretary ALNET SCOTT - Publicity director JANIE PARRISH - Social chairman DORIS BROOKS - Treasurer MONA LEE McGEE - Y.W.A. Representative MARY MARGARET HEAD — Student Secretary MR. GEORGE HINDMAN - Faculty Repres. WESLEY FOUNDATION Co-Sponsors REV. AND MRS. ROBERT GREAVES Co-Sponsors FRANK SCOTT VIOLET ATKINS OFFICERS FALL TERM President ._. .._ _ JOHN MARTIN Vice-President ' BOB WATERS Sec.Treasurer ...... BETTY ROT AN Reporter MONA BAYES Social Chairman PAULA LOW 23 SPRING TERM President JOHN MARTIN Vice-President BOB McLEROY Sec-Treasurer _ _ PAULA LOW Reporter WAYNE WOOD Social Chairman MARY LOU LOW MEMBERS: PAUL BEAUCHAMP, ELDON CHESTER, SAM COLBURN, ANN DANHEIM, JAMES DANHEIM, BENNIE DAVIS, MARY R. DILLEN, MARTHA EDEN, ROBERT EDEN, REY GLAZE NER, LAURENE GRAY, EUMELIA GREAVES, ROBERT GREAVES, MOZELLE HAMPTON, BARBARA HORN, BERT KARRER, FRANK CADY, GRACE LAND, DONALENE LINDSEY, MARY LOU LOW, PAULA LOW, EVELYN LOWE, BOB McLEROY, JOHN MARTIN, LUCY PEEBLES, DON PERSON, BETTY ROTAN, SAMMY SLAYDON, BOB WATERS, JERRY WATERS, VIOLET WATERS, LOUNEITA WATSON, WAYNE WOOD, BILLY POPHAM, CHARLES DANHEIM, GENEVA G. KENNEDY, JAMES BLOXHAM, TUCKER HOLT, JANE GOODRICH, BILLIE CRAWFORD, FRANKIE TONEY. m MEMBERS Floyd Watson Gene Hairgrove M. Barrington J. C. Weaver Raymond Hagler Luke Kennedy R. Q. Perkins ' Granville Battle Jimmy Reed Charles Forse Hugh Simpson Sam Nooner Billy Hairgrove Woodrow Lucas C. Burkhalter Paul Drawhorn David Erwin James Herring Charles Lowe Robert Hardy Warren Jones H. L. Ogden Charles Coats Bobby Millard Harold Smith Joe Fiedler J. C. Green Ed Hiekey SPONSORS Dr. D. D. Giles Dr. J. L. Sullivan Dr. G. E. Grey Mr. J. C. Green Mr. F. S. Scott AGGIE CLUB CLOIS WALKER - President JAMES VEST - Vice-President JOE STRONG - Secretary ELDON DAVIS - Treasurer BUFORD HUGHES - Historian PETE STILL - Parliamentarian LOWELL WESTMORELAND - Reporter JOE FARRELL - Sentinel RALPH McKINNEY President CLEON FAUSETT... Vice-President G. W. VALENTINE ...... Secretary STAN LINDSEY Sergeant-at-Arms BILLY MUCKLEROY Reporter KEN MORGAN Sponsor SYLVANS PROFESSIONAL FORESTRY CLUB MEMBERS Marvin Davenport W. E. Denson Jimmy Wilkens J. L. Grain G. G. Grigsby G. W. Valentine Fred Hardy G. W. Watson Boh Edens C. N. Kerr D. E. Maynard T. E. Laws Rip Bvrd B. R. McKinney L. M. Miles Boh Waller Dennis Waller C. A. Ford Link Skillern W. R. Fowler Olin Warnick Martell Mills OI iver Standley Verlon McKinnev N. W. Coon Max Newland J. D. Fountain J. M. Hollingsworth I. W. Martin Rav Lee BUDDY RYLAND HIS TROMBONE AND HIS ORCHESTRA RHYTHM: Bill Wallace, PIANO; Bill Ross, BASS; Bobby Selden, DRUMS. REEDS: Bill Davis, Charles Webb, ALTOS; Sam Burke, Pete Rodriguez, TENORS; Ray Davidson, BARITONE. BRASS: Buddy Ryland, Jerry Loveall, Ray Griffin, TROMBONES; Bill Johnson, Bill Briggs, Bob Kennedy, Jack Smith, TRUMPETS. VOCALIST: Sally Davidson. A CAPPELLA STEPHEN F. AUSTIN LUMBERJACK BAND Organized in October 1947, the Guild was named in honor of Miss Ida Pi itchett in appreciation of her service in the col- lege and friendship to music students in Stephen F. Austin College. OFFICERS: NAN LEE, President; BILLIE CRAWFORD, Vice-President; MARY RUTH DILLEN, Secretary-Treasurer; JANIE PARRISH, Reporter; SAMMY SLAYTON, Parliamentarian; IDA PRITCHETT, Sponsor. IDA PRITCHETT MUSIC GUILD i The organization of the Alpha Psi Omega Dramatic Fraternity is the result of the great interest taken in the educational theatre by universities and college during the past twenty-five years. It is an honorary fraternity limited to those who have done outstanding work in the dramatic field during their college careers. ALPHA PSI OMEGA NATIONAL DRAMATIC FRATERNITY MEMBERS Janice Stephens (Sponsor) Hazel Shelton George Oliver George Feazell Cecil Parrish Ed Ahernethy Bob Tipton J. C. Martin Bettv Zeve Mrs. ' R. A. Hankla Gretchen McMullen Lillie Mae Race Gene Cariker Flora Thames Mrs. Holt Davis f JOHN BEASELEY, SAM COLBURN, PAUL WILSON, ROSEL SHILLINGS, EARL LORD, WAPLE FARRELL, E. J. RITCHEY, GEORGE NATHAN OLIVER, MRS. ANDREW W. HUNT. PI KAPPA DELTA NATIONAL HONORARY FORENSIC FRATERNITY OFFICERS PAUL WILSON President EARL LORD Vice-President ROSEL SHILLINGS Secretary-Treasurer E. J. RITCHEY Recorder MRS. ANDREW W. HUNT Sponsor DR. PAUL BOYNTON Honorary Member THE PINE LOG CAMPUS RAMBLER GBBSHaLL DM vou know: That Gloria I tnglord trot awful- |j excited over a c; 11 ph« icot from a felh w ii CokMrsde thi« weik? thai Hi- WRA girls had a sleep- Ill ihe WRC Saturday ni ht? Thai Ri ' : n Renvois get more .- • ' • .j geting Mind Jattrs Atlantic Magazine Seeks Talented New Personalities Prom the first has t-:»rne(i the if) hnspi ' nhle i " on tl P iirl ' cit l« Dogwood Week Set Memorial Shrubs Harmed In City Nancy O.borne finds [ lite a charming companion i has a new Foid. Johnny Stanley ai d l ' ei r I It.- t.» court, in the social ■ anywhere else. Mollis Pertsini hioUii»i ice ul the game Monday ni Emilio Lou a :d Pec A ' oi I riding attmrii in Knit! ' U Bday al ' tel lior.n. K. ■ -pi:.e •r tl.e frame, Pee Wee ' lni Ave hear faint ' tiSit frtauce, Ro.-e A ' ary and A i Oh) Doris Titlery and B i« u;.-li. how we mis - you . re looking forward ' Iffl iettv hack m« fl " ■ n ne wgi Marif Weeds and ! ||| ana men wcic socii ' ' :i ' ijwjj i Ji.rdan ' after ' tl.i I WK ' i Grail To I By !Vi ( HDl I lowing i Pine I, niembei faculty week. Jan. l! -24, has aied " Nacogdoches Dogwood i.nd all residents arc being to plant dogwood trees as a memorial to the city ' s war dead. The program will be by the Nacog it the Request of the ( I. Kilty trees will he planle I Metro] be club, v. ho also | a ny i WMmm! H " y " A l ril Desil pleasant a numb sponsored : mcm bei rden Club in , he ,. r Planning ' to atlc JO ' F iN c - Martin Feafur « Editor Ke Por(er " 4Z£ e s HELT NOT PICTURED: . He Porter MARY LOU SEALE Society Editor ED RICE Staff Writer WELDON WRIGHT Staff Writer VIRGINIA LEE STEPHENS C 1.1 1. 1 hrl L hrs. Year 1 . - .- hi- my 357 ill ' s. 4 hrs. or 2 12 bra. .4 .4 hrs. hr... 13 hrs. Year :!2 r 345 hrs. r 347 . .3 hrs .3 hr.; .3 hrs .4 hrs SDOrts Editor and prizes .. hands in 42 and bit it bridge. Mrs. W. F. Garner ' was high score winner in 42. while Mr... I. A. Mai shall won high sec. re- prize in bridge. During the short business ses- sion, presided over by Mrs. 1!. C. Cornish, Miss Lessie Carlton, sec- i retary. read the minutes, and a treasurer ' s report was (riven by Mrs. I. M. Wilfong. Mrs. Wilfong stated that the club Rave $10 to ihr Junior Chamber of Commerce I Christmas cheer drive. At the request of Mrs. Andrew Hunt. Mrs. Cornish made an an- nouncement, urging all member.- to pay their poll tax. , Mimeographed copies of the re vised constitution and by-law- were distributed. Thirty - five members attended V. S VTl R- starring Donley and ' " " aTI-RIi. ' • HDNICHT- •Johnny O ' Clock. " starrin; Dick Row ell and Evelyn heyes. SIM» VV. MONDAY — ' Vt yon- inu, " starring Rill Btfott, John Carroll and Cabby Hayes. TFF.SD W W EDN F.SD.U — • " «} Brother Talks to Horses " , starring Dutch Jenkins and Deter Law ford. Stone Fort FRIDAY, ATll!i)W- Mar-hall of Cripple i .eek. in- Allen t ire and Rohl: SUNDAY, MONDAY •The slar- Ulake .. " Un- tamed Fury " , starring Mikel Con- rad and Gaylord Pendleton. TUKSDAV O N I- Y— " Arizona th SATURDAY. JANUARY 24, 1918 ven Appointed Registrar A ?s Named Unite Poll " THE NEBULAE Lock Of Hair Costs SFA Students $87.60 ech Depai mansion Pi Thix in a tale of an unrequi- ted romance in which the hero sought a lock of lair from a rcr- (»in co-ed at Stephen F. Austin College. Il ends, not with the couple living happily c cr after, but ' he iiaii snipper nnccrt. Odlj I. .led before the com.- ■■barged »i;h high. She consulted her father in (enter, the father talked with the Shelby Count) attorney, and the Shelby County attorney tele- phoned the Nacogdoches County prosecutor. The co-ed, her father, and the high sheriff of Shelby ( ounty appeared in the courthouse Thursday and pressed the charg- er. constable fetched tile hoyH | J «« niijht, and Satuulay they Ik fore the judge. " — » u! I.air " £ for : ;»ii " ii was n reived in i Roy Dedithofc dj ■ f the league. - viid it was- his ' inder- t under the new setup will become the site : " nal track and field M all literary events, mis. I arc that the district held in Jacksonville, date for the regional l m Hallos thir... . . to completion .. bt sr. .). W. rk on the y . stopped last fall w hen 1 shorta . at cenieiit developed n, Th- swinming poo) proper, in- The Student n.. eluding the purification nah, has senting all of the art ci„. been eempfeted end ie ready for H7 in lne j{ U „ k building ir eerj educational, interesting, and mcnsionai The entire unit will he completed very worthwhile. The color and de- bininr with all k,.... tag brfbre warm weather arrives- .; Kn f ,a5, |, „„, a required curs. ; textures, and shapes. " The cu.- Mr. Sellings promised H „ f „ r students who intend to hv hori MrV-rlio., „n,l iWoth, irtiportHnco I that every t express hi by paying his ,ts declared. ,s participating iire Viola Rnil ■rtwa ' Nell Dili .loodwin, Tommy h e v S, Roy Tea Goodwin. Imu J lazel Shaw, Werir . I iv King. Don C or, Ralph Slay and ' lis . Anno Ysrdley. leatre Guild iave Meeting Tho Theatre Guild wil first mciting of the spri 1 t« Feb. 0, at 7:30 p. ri college auditorium, Mi .Stephens, hend of the s ' paitmont at Stephen F. tponaor of the guild, nounced. fine of the main topi, eiis.-ion in the meeting w points system. Membei guild receive a certain I point? for the work the; STONE FORT STAFF EDWARD ABERNETHY Editor JOHN C. MARTIN Assistant Editor WILLIE McCULLOUGH Business Mgr. HAZEL SHELTON Senior Editor ADA JEFFUS Junior Editor WILLA D. BROWN .... Sophomore Editor LUCY KENNEDY Freshman Editor RAMONA McDANIEL Freshman Editor DOLLIE THAMES Favorite Editor SAM COLBURN Organization Ed. O. E. PERMENTER .... Sports Editor WAYNE WOOD. .. Sports Editor DON CROUCH... Sports Editor BUBBA FREEMAN Sports Editor MARY BICKFORD Features Editor BILLY POPHAM ... Features Editor MOLLY STRODE Demonstration IMA JANE DENMAN School CONNIE MAE POLK Editors GENELL GODLEY Typist MARTHA GODLEY ...Typist KATHERINE BUTTE Layouts BETTY ZEVE Layouts 100 TNKN ' m TOOHjJ - STONE FORT STAFF WILLIE McCULLOUGH BUSINESS MANAGER FEATURE EDITORS MARY BICKFORD BILLY POPHAM MILTON PARKER PHOTOGRAPHER FEATURES Registration Receptions Freshman Day Rush Week Homecoming Christmas ' 47 Snapshots RECEPTIONS RUSH WEEK X RECEPTION FRESHMAN DAY AT 5. F. A. R U H K To those who do not know, Rush Week is six consecutive days in which the Freshman and non-Social Club member is the object of undivided attention by social clubs on the campus. The clubs do what is com- monly known as " puttin ' on the dog " in their effort to show the prospective pledges that their particular club is the best. This page presents a pictorial survey of the clubs at their best. HOMECOMING 47 What can easily be considered as the outstanding event of the fall se- mester was the 1947 Homecoming. The stage was set by Mayor " Whi- tey " Thompson, who proclaimed the Friday and Saturday of Homecoming Week as Lumberjack days. By Fri- day night and the big pep rally everyone had gotten into the mood for a first class celebration — and they got it. The log started rolling with a parade, which was not the longest the town had seen, but one of the best. The returning Ex ' s, all twelve hundred of them, spent the remainder of the morning in the hall of the Main building. Highlighting the day was a 25-14 victory over the University of Houston Cougars. A point to mention is the fact that it is the first ' Tack victory in Memorial Stadium. The clubs took over after the game and served up three hours of entertain- ment until time for the dance. A capacity crowd filled the Aikman Gym for the dance and all were properly impressed as President of the Student Body James Danheim crowned Genell Godley Queen of Homecoming. — Students, faculty, Ex ' s, and visitors trooped wearily homeward well satisfied. CHRISTMAS 1 9 4 7 A VISIT FROM SANTA Adaptations by Jack V. Smith ' Twas the night before Christmas and all through the college The students were sleeping content in their knowledge That stockings were hung by the chimney with care And jolly St. Nicholas soon would be there. The boys at the dorm were asleep in their beds While visions of coeds danced through their heads. The girls down at Gibbs had just closed their yaps And jumped in their beds for their usual naps. When out through the pine trees there rose such a clatter I called for a frosh to see what was the matter. I was too scared to talk and was trembling with fear. I was frightfully scared that the Bearcats were here. The rain on the mud in the gutter below Made me wish for the moon on some new-fallen snow. When what to my wondering eyes did appear But a miniature sleigh and eight tiny reindeer; And a little old driver so lively and guick That the freshman decided that he was St. Nick. More rapid than eagles his coursers they came And he whistled and shouted and called them bad names. He gave a good whipping to Dancer and Vixen And splattered some acid on Donder and Blitzen. To the top of the porch where three of them fell And he kicked them and whipped them and cussed them like hell. By coaxing and pleading in language guite warm He finally got them on top of the dorm. Around on the dorm top his reindeer they flew; The sleigh lights were lit and St. Nicholas, too. And then in a twinkling I heard overhead Noise and commotion to waken the dead. While the freshman was trying to find us a gun, Down the hall St. Nicholas came on the run. He was dressed all in furs from his feet to his head. He looked sort of shot and was pretty near dead. Four cases of whiskey he had on his back And he looked like a bootlegger opening his pack. His eyes were all fuzzy; his dimples were frowzy; His nose was like blood; his complexion Was lousy; His breath was a mixture of bourbon and wine, And I knew he stopped for a while at the Line. A dirty cigar he had stuck in his face, And the way that it smelled was an utter disgrace. He had a broad face and a gosh-awful belly That shook when he coughed like a tub full of jelly. He was more than just plump; I would say he was fat; Drunk as a Sawyer and wet as a rat. He reeled when he walked and his manners were rude. I could tell at a glance he was thoroughly stewed. He spoke not a word but went straight to his work, Gave out the presents and turned like a jerk, And wiping his nose with his hand and sleeve, He spat on the floor and started to leave. He crawled in his sleigh and I heard Santa sneeze As Nick, sleigh and reindeer took off through the trees. But I heard him exclaim as he drove out of sight, " Merry Christmas to all, it ' s a J, and good night. " DEMONSTRATION SCHOOL Faculty Snapshots Favorites Classes PEARL HANNA LESSIE CARLTON SARAH HICKS MRS. LELA MORGAN DEMONSTRATION SCHOOL FAVORITES ROY PEARCE BEST ALL-ROUND BOY rfn MOLLY STRODE BEST ALL-ROUND GIRL SECRETARY TREASURER HAZEL SHAW MOLLY STRODE BETTY SUE DON TOMMY BARBER CHAMBERS CLARK COX BARBARA IMA JANE BILLY BILLIE JEAN DILLEN DENMAN DOVE GOODWIN MAE DEANNE W. T. DWAIN EMMA LEE GOODWIN GREEN JOINER KING FIRST GRADE JOHN ABBOT DANNY BAY ANNETTE CARTER GEORGE COMMONS SYLVIA GINTZ ANN LOVELESS GEORGE MEFFORD KENNETH METTAUE MILTON MOORER TOMMY PATTERSON BILLY SHOWERS DONALD SITTON CAROL WHITTON PAUL WILSON SECOND GRADE JOE GLEN ASH DELORES BEARD RONA FAY BESELER TERRY BOATMAN FRANKIE BOLES THOMAS CAMPBELL JERRY CRAWFORD PEGGY ANN DOSS ROBERT GRAY BILLY HAMMETT SUSAN HENIGAN SANDRA HONEYCUTT CAROLYN JOWELL JAMES McCLENDON SYLVIA MOORE JIMMY PARTIN JAN SCHIEFFER THIRD GRADE FAYE ALEXANDER JOHN F. ANGLE TRAVIS NEIL RANE JOHN LYNN RURROWS PATRICIA COOPER HELEN FORREST RILLIE JO HOLT HAROLYN HOOKER JOSEPH MINTON JOHN SUTTON LOY SCOGGINS CHARLOTTE SOUTH LINDA SUE TATE EDWARD WILLIAMS RETTY WILSON HAZEL WILSON FOURTH GRADE VIRGINIA ARROT JOANNE ALLEN NORMAN ANDERSON DIANA RARWICK CAROL EVANS GEORGE FITCH JAMES FITCH CHARLES HARRIS LEON HUTSON MARY LACEY NITA MEFFORD HARRIOT McKINNEY CHARLES McCAMERON RICHARD SCHIEFFER MARGIE TURNER DON WESTMORELAND SHIRLEY WHITTON FIFTH GRADE MARY ABSHIER WAYNE BAKER READ DAUGHERTY HARRY ELLERBROOK DIANA FOUTS CHARLOTTE FULMER DOROTHY HAMMETT LORY KENESSON RARBARA LANGFORD JANICE McBRIDE RARBARA McGEHEE NANCY McKEWEN ELIZARETH MONK DELORIES SUTTON CAROL WANAMAKER SIXTH GRADE EARL ALEXANDER SUE NELL RAKER LYNN BAUMGARNER NANCY BURROWS RILL ELLERBROOK DIANE GILMORE HARRIET JONES REBECCA STEPHENS SEVENTH GRADE JUDY CRAIN BRYAN HOLT DAVIS TRUITT DOSS BETTY HAMPTON BETTY SUE HAWKINS GORDON HUSTON JOHN EARL JOPLIN FRITZ SHELEY SHIRLEY THRASH MARGIE WIGGINS EIGHTH GRADE CHARLES DILLEN PEGGY JEAN KOONCE NOLA MAE MATTHEWS MARY McCAMERON ELIZABETH McCLAIN WYNO DEAN PARTIN HENRY LANE POWER NINTH GRADE LENA ALEXANDER JACKIE BAILEY BENNIE BRIDWELL SARA BROOKSHIRE JERRY DAUGHERTY DWAYNNE FOSTER JEAN McCARVER RAENELL MOORE JOE ALLEN SLAY BETTY WIGGINS DONALD WILKINSON HELOUISE WILKINSON GAYLE WYATT BESSIE L. STEPHENS STEPHEN P. AU HACOGD TENTH GRADE J. E. DEEN JAMES DENMAN LE VON FOSTER L. V. FOSTER SANDRA FULMER CLYDE GILES SUE HALTOM FLOYCE IRWINE FRED JOPLIN JOYCE McGEHEE ELLEN MATTHEWS FRANCES PARTIN JOHN PLEASANT PATSY SPENCER B. B.. STANDFIFLD ELEVENTH GRADE BILLIE BULHER JO LANE DENNARD BOBBIE HALL EDDIE JOINER JAMES KING STEVE LILLY CHARLES MARTIN ODELL MYERS JEAN ROQUEMORE RALPH SLAY JOHN TYNER LOY WEAVER LINDELL WESTMORELAND TO OUR ADVERTISERS In behalf of the faculty, student body, Stone Fort staff, and myself, I should like to take this opportunity to express our thanks and appre- ciation for your co-operation in making this Yearbook possible. I am certain the students and the faculty of Stephen F. Austin will repay their gratitude by calling on you as often as possible. Willie McCullough Business Manager OUR JOB TO SERVE THE PUBLIC! FIRST CLASS REPAIR SERVICE FOR ALL MAKES CARS AND TRUCKS Largest Stock of Parts and Supplies NEW AND USED CARS BENT, WILSON CHEVROLET CO, On the Square WRECKER SERVICE STORAGE PHONE 182 SHOP AT . . . The Smartest Clothes For The Smartest People THE HERALD PUBLISHING CO. INC. PUBLISHERS OF THE DAILY SENTINEL THE REDLAND HERALD AND REMINGTON RAND AGENT COMMERCIAL PRINTING NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS (t)fL Want to S wft ERIDN SNK CB. CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES TO OUR FRIENDS AT STEPHEN F. AUSTIN STATE COLLEGE PROVIDING SAFE-COMFOR TABLE-RELIABLE TRANSPORTATION FOR THE LUMBERJACKS DIXIE-SUNSHINE TRAIL WAYS (SUCCESSORS TO AIRLINE MOTOR COACHES) THE COLLEGE GROCERY " Your Neighborhood Grocery " COMPLIMENTS OF . . . We Carry Everything You Need in GROCERIES AND MEATS Jimmy Partin NANCE ' S CAFE Phone 970 We Deliver COLLEGE MAGNOLIA - SERVICE STATION " WHERE THE STUDENTS MEET " MOBILGAS MOBILOIL WASHING AND LUBRICATION COLLEGE HEIGHTS JIM STALLINGS, OWNER Shop for COMPLIMENTS OF . . . S.F.A. BARBER SHOP Food " IT PAYS TO LOOK NICE " at AlforcT first in CONGRATULATIONS THE COLLEGE INN COLLEGE " FAMOUS CHICKEN SINCE 1948 " Heights TEXAS FINEST DRIVE-IN RESTAURANT JOHN ORTON ! DOUGLAS METTAUER j L Compliments of RAMSEY ' S CAFE HOME OF GOOD COFFEE AND APPETIZING LUNCHES College Students Are Always Welcome on East Main Street COMPLIMENTS . LEVY ' S MAN ' S SHOP " The Smart Store For Men " PHONE 378 NACOGDOCHES. TEXAS IF YOU WANT THE BEST ICE MADE AND SOLD IN NACOGDOCHES BUY FROM — HOME ICE COMPANY A. T. Mast, Jr. Compare Our Quality WitJi O thers The Store Where You Are Always At Home ' 108 5 FRED0NSA STREET PHONE 79 Telephone 703 East Main Street CONGRATULATIONS . . . TO THE 1948 CLASS AND TO THE 1948 STONE FORT STONE-CRAWFORD BUILDING MATERIAL CO. NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS VISIT THE . . . DEPEND ON ... . COLLEGE DRUG STORE The College Cleaners " Where Your Business Is Appreciated " Elmer Childers FOR YOUR CLEANING, PRESSING AND LAUNDRY CLYDE WHITTON ' S " They Can Clean Era " TEXAS SERVICE STATION North and Upton Streets College Heights BILL DEATON Always extends a hardy welcome to the Faculty; Owner and Student Body of S.F.A. For Complete Washing and Lubrication and All That Is Good for Your Car in COMPLETE TEXACO SERVICE COLLEGE SPORTING GOODS STORE COMPLIMENTS COLLEGE SUPPLIES FISHING TACKLES OF ATHLETIC GOODS HUNTING SUPPLIES HARDWARE AND TOYS BA-DOR HUMBLE COLLEGE SERVICE COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHERS STATION C. A. NORTON, OWNER FEATURING ESSO EXTRA AND HUMBLE MOTOR FUEL WOODROW BAKER PHONE 1167 " 997 " AND ESSO MOTOR OILS A VARIETY OF SERVICES FOR YOUR CAR PHONE 653 1 THE STONE FORT NATIONAL BANK NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS UNDER THE SAME NAME SINCE 1903 CAPITAL: SURPLUS AND UNDIVIDED PROFITS $ 421,450.00 DEPOSITS 7,413,969.53 RESOURCES 7,867,619.53 OFFICERS I. L. STURDEVANT, CHR. OF BOARD L. B. MAST, PRESIDENT E. W. MONK, VICE-PRES., CASHIER S. B. HAYTER, VICE-PRES. B. H. WILSON, ASSISTANT CASHIER ALTON KING, ASSISTANT CASHIER R. E. GILMORE, ASSISTANT CASHIER GEORGE V. BURROWS, ASSISTANT CASHIER DIRECTORS L. B. MAST R. W. McKINNEY S. B. HAYTER R. N. CASON I. L. STURDEVANT E. W. MONK C N. THOMPSON A. L. NELSON J. R. GRAY G. F. CLARK C. D. THOMAS M. S. WRIGHT This Bank Is a Member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation All Over Deep East Texas TURNER PHARMACY (Turner O ' Daniel) Dedicated to Your Health The Liberty Hotel Nacogdoches Newest and Finest Drug Store Prescriptions His-Men ' s Line Drugs Men ' s Catalina Suits Sundries Hospital Supplies Cosmetics Dermetics Charbert Pangburn ' s Chocolates CLEANLINESS 1 1 OURTESY UOMFORT Modern Fountain Booths Downtown Nacogdoches BEST WISHES See Us For Your Banquets FROM AIR CONDITIONED CAFE BANQUET FACILITIES NACOGDOCHES CITY LINES Phone 357 COMPLIMENTS OF TEXAN AND STONE FORT THEATRES NACOGDOCHES m Wliere Every Patron is an Honored Guest COMPLIMENTS Wm. PERRY CAMPBELL Nacogdoches Floral Co. CONSIGNEE LOVELY CORSAGES FOR ALL OCCASIONS MAGNOLIA Phone 76 107 S. Church St. PETROLEUM WE DELIVER PRODUCTS Member F.T.D. Nacogdoches County, Texas SERVING THE INDEPENDENT RETAIL MERCHANTS OF EAST TEXAS DISTRIBUTORS OF LIBBY ' S FINE FOODS WHITE SWAN FLOUR WHOLESALE ONLY Nacogdoches Grocery Company MASON ' S CAFE 220 West Main TASTY, WELL SEASONED FOOD OF ALL VARIETIES INCLUDING MEXICAN FOOD MAURICE ' S FLOWERS TIAOt-MAKK RIO. U.S. PAT. OFF. " Flowers For Every Occasion ' T acoe dockes Bottling Co. We Deliver o J Phone 1346 309 Mound Street i. For over 41 years the name of this institution has stood for all that is substantial in financial affairs in East Texas COMMERCIAL NATIONAL BANK Member, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation COMPLIMENTS BJIKE H. HERB E FljTj COMPLIMENTS jpy OF YOUR FORD DEALER CITY ICE COMPANY, Inc. 131 WEST MAIN STREET NACOGDOCHES. TEXAS Formerly PHONE 196 SOUTHERN ICE CO., INC. Compliments 141 Cox Street Phone 19 HELPINSTILL AUTO SUPPLY NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS Jewel Helpinstill, Owner Compliments of THE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE Nacogdoches, Texas Compliments of J. J. Baker and Son Ladies ' and Mens Wearing Apparel COMPLIMENTS OF CONTINENTAL OIL COMPANY J. E. Reese, Agent — Bremond Street NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS COMPLIMENTS OF Goldsberry-Hamilton Furniture Co. NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS SANITARY LAUNDRY DRY CLEANING " We Pick Up and Deliver " JOHNNIE PERRITTE, OWNER Phone 45 East Main Street STEWART SHOE REPAIRING 106 North Church Phone 961 NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS VISIT THE . . . COLLEGE COFFEE SHOP . . . OPEN AFTER EVERY GAME Hazel and John Motley COMPLIMENTS OF CRAIN AND CRAWFORD DE SOTO - - - - PLYMOUTH SALES AND SERVICE 133 MOUND STREET COMPLIMENTS OF Burrows Brothers Men ' s Furnishings Ladies ' Lingerie COMPLIMENTS PURE MILK ICE CO. Bluebonnet Dairy Products Freeman Crawford Son BAXTER DUNCAN N. ST. Phone 100 Nacogdoches, Texas EXPERT WASHING GREASING TIRES, TUBES ACCESSORIES RHO COX WHITBREAD ' S FOOD MARKET YOUR McCORMICK-DEERING FARM IMPLEMENT AND INTERNATIONAL MOTOR TRUCK DEALER SEAFOODS IN SEASON FINE QUALITY BRANDED BEEF 147 WEST MAIN JOHNNIE TRIMBLE, MGR. COMPLIMENTS OF NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS FOR SPORTING GOODS. HARDWARE. AND HOUSE FURNISHING — SEE — BRANCH - PATTON HDW. CO. Compliments of POOL - PERKINS PHARMACY QUALITY, ACCURACY, COURTESY " Filling Prescriptions Is the Main Port of Our Business " PHONE 320 WE DELIVER BEST WISHES FROM HARRIS ' LADIES WEAR PERRY BROTHERS 5-10 AND 25c STORE " Air Conditioned for Your Comfort " All Standard Brands in Quality 5- and 25c Store Merchandise Make Our Store Your Headquarters COMPLIMENTS OF H. R. MAST Your Dodge Dealer for 25 Years SAL ES-SERVICE 112 NORTH STREET NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS HOME SUPPLY CO. Special Notice FURNITURE 1 AND to Campusology Students APPLIANCES WE CARRY A COMPLETE STOCK OF NATIONALLY ADVERTISED LINES OF NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS ENGAGEMENT AND WEDDING RINGS, GLASSWARE, CHINA, AND SILVERWARE Choose Your Patterns Today COMPLIMENTS OF KENNEDY ' S JEWELRY STORE KOSF NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS NACOGDOCHES CYCLE MIZE BROS. AND SPORT SHOP DEPT. STORE BICYCLES SPORTING GOODS TOYS " IT PAYS TO PLAY " PHONE 54 QUALITY MECHANDISE IT PAYS TO SHOP AT NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS J. C. PKNNer CO., 4NC. NACOGDOCHES. TEXAS COMPLIMENTS OF UNITED GAS CORPORATION COMPLIMENTS OF SCHMIDTS FEMININE APPAREL NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS 700% FOR S.F.A. C. N. THOMPSON INSURANCE AGENCY Nacogdoches, Texas Be Bright -Buy Right at Novel Bright Modern Grocery Your Complete Food Center of Nacogdoches, Texas BEST WISHES FROM STRIPLING, HAZELWOOD CO. Bennett-Clark Your REXALL Store Co., Inc. When in Nacogdoches, Meet Your Friends at Our Soda Fountain You Are Always Welcome HUMBLE The Humble Company joins the friends and relatives of the Class of 1948 in extending hearty congratulations and best wishes to every member of it. HUMBLE OIL REFINING COMPANY Phone 292 Phone 292 OAKLEY-METCALF Day or Night AMBULANCE ' Cali Us and Count the Minutes " Phone 292 Phone 292 REESE BROTHERS COMPANY SALES PONTIAC SERVICE We Service All Makes PHONE I486 NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS DR. J. A. SWINDELL Over Commercial National Bank EYES EXAMINED GLASSES FITTED MANUFACTURER OF LENSES FOUR-HOUR DELIVERY Would you like this to be your home? SEE CARTER REAL ESTATE AND LOAN COMPANY Phone 905 Above Ben T. Wilson Chevrolet Company We Handle All Types of Insurance 3 AMERICAN GENERAL LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY HOUSTON, TEXAS Harris Auto Supply Company AUTOMOTIVE MACHINISTS AND JOBBERS A C Spark Plugs and Filters C. R. TANNERY, Representative 130 Feazell Street Nacogdoches, Texas Phone 1372 or 345 GENE TANNERY, Representative Box 422 San Augustine, Texas Phone 202-J ' Life Insurance A Public Trust ' 624 South Street Nacogdoches, Texas THE PHELAN COMPANY WHOLESALE GROCERS AND COFFEE ROASTERS M S WR.GHT PRESOENT STEELE WRIGHT. V PRES MoR G L Wi AVER Sec y -Treas Texas Farm Products Company REFINERS ' 8u r CORN MEAL AND FLOUR DAIRY AND POULTRY FEEDS SWEET FEEDS GRAIN - FIELD SEEDS MIXED FERTILIZERS FERTILIZER MATERIALS COTTONSEED PRODUCTS LONE STAR M AID COT- N : O 1 1 BRAND FARM PRODUCTS Xacogdoches, Texas LIKE S. F. A. GRADUATES LONE STAR PRODUCTS ARE HIGH QUALITY MANUFACTURED BY TEXAS FARM PROOUCIS CI NACOQXKKiTCMS WHEN YOU PICK UP THIS ANNUAL 10 YEARS FROM NOW THEN - AS NOW LONE STAR FOLKS - WILL STILL BE PULLING FOR S.F.A. Best Wishes for Your Success -and So Goes the Success of East Texas FIDELITY UNION LIFE INSURANCE " CAN PUT GOLD IN YOUR POCKET COMPLIMENTS WHEN SILVER IS IN YOUR HAIR " OF J. R. HOLT NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS ASHFORD JONES AND COMPANY Phone 209 Dependable Insurance of All Kinds PERRY ' S TAILOR SHOP 5 Perkins Building CLEANING, PRESSING, AND ALTERING NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS 108 North Church Street Phone 671 NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS Compliments of SISCO Feed and Supply BROOKSHIRE BROTHERS PURINA CHOWS Phone 531 Nacogdoches, Texas " Your Most Complete Grocery " Compliments of ROOK ' S DRYGOODS STORE 747 East Main NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS i EDITOR ' S WORD The STONE FORT staff and I have endeavored to compile in this yearbook enough representative material to stir the memory of future SFA exes an d give pleasure to the students of this day and time. Ac- knowledging our shortcomings and admitting many mistakes, we hope that in spite of these things this annual will prove entertaining to all. Any senior found in the freshman section is due an apology. I wish to express my appreciation to the STONE FORT staff and all others who aided in assembling this yearbook. Theirs were many hours spent with the only reward the satisfaction of doing a good job. FRANCIS E. ABERNETHY THE 1948 STONE FORT

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