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Stephen F Austin State University - Stone Fort Yearbook (Nacogdoches, TX) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Cover

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I TWENTY-FOURTH EDITION THE STECK COMPANY, PUBLISHERS AUSTIN, TEXAS WHEAT PHOTO SERVICE, INC., PHOTOGRAPHERS DALLAS, TEXAS BA-DOR COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHERS NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS TEPHEN F. AUSTIN STATE COL NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS CAROLYN MUCKLEROY EDITOR TRAVIS N. PRICE BUSINESS MANAGER DR. C. F. SHELEY SPONSOR TO THE PAST, THE PRESENT, AND THE FUTURE, TO THE STUDENTS, EX- STUDENTS. AND ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF OF THIS INSTITUTION, WE DEDICATE THE 1947 STONE FORT OF STEPHEN F. AUSTIN STATE COLLEGE 6 ' vv vv - Stephen F. Austin BuMmg Thomas J. Rusk Building Science Building V E T E R A N V E T E R A N V I L L A 6 E N 0, I 60 Of »t6t« HONORABLE V. A. COLLINS, President .... LIVINGSTON HONORABLE S. A. KERR, Vice-President . . . JACKSONVILLE HONORABLE R. L. THOMAS DALLAS HONORABLE SALLIE WARD BERETTA . . SAN ANTONIO HONORABLE MELVIN C. EIDSON ... . ... . . . LULING HONORABLE NEWTON S. HARRELL CLAUDE HONORABLE H. L. MILLS HOUSTON HONORABLE WALTER WOODUL HOUSTON HONORABLE Win. L. KERR AUSTIN HONORABLE V. A. COLLINS PRESIDENT PRESIDENT OF THE COLLEGE Man s optimism leads him not only to extremes of judgment but also to emo- tional i e erses. Of course, we do not want to surrender that optimism because a world of dour pessimists would yield few incentives for full, wholesome living. Optimism is essential. If we are going to derive the greatest benefits from it, lu) e er, we must season it adequately and well with realism. Only a few years ago we heard the cry that everything would be " all right " as soon as the war was over. Now that the war is over we find the most dangerous upsurge of pernicious ideologies society has ever seen. The very foundations of human freedom and individual rights are being attacked by those with the voice of Jacob but the hands of Esau. You, the students not only of this College but of all other colleges, are being urged into a bacchanalian revelry of " isms " which, though they paint an optimistic future, can lead but to the destruction of democ- racy and the debauch of individual rights. We hope and trust that those of you who have been with us at Stephen F. Austin have learned to be alert to deceptive creeds, to be discriminative academi- calh ' , socially, economically, and morally, to be committed to fundamental rather than temporary or superficial human needs, and to be cognizant of the fact that that which is truly worthwhile can and will come only if the most capable mem- bers of our society equip themselves to lives of careful, thoughtful, diligent, un- remitting service. We have enjoyed the year with you, and we trust that your own years whict) be ahead will prove this to have been one of growth, of under- standing and an appreciation of the nature, rights, needs, and obligations of your- self and your fellow man. DR. PAUL L. BOYNTON Dean of the College Dr. T. E. Ferguson, Dean of the College since 1923, has proved himself not only an efficient school adminis- trator, but also a civic leader, wise counselor, and valued friend. His unfailing courtesy, sportsmanship, warm human sympathy, and understanding of student prob- lems hav e endeared him to the hearts of all. Dr. D. D. Giles, Dean of the Junior Division, helps to meet and overcome the intricate problems of school routine with his rare patience and understanding. In his capacity as dean and veterans ' counselor, his brisk good humor helps to make him one of the most loved personalities on the campus. Mr. Joe D. Lacy is entrusted with .administering the finances of our college. In his role as business man- ager, he has firmly established himself by his unchang- ing, democratic efficiency, and has made himself a source of inspiration to both faculty and student body. Business Manager Registrar Registrar, Miss Mary I. Love, heads an organization that serves as historian for every college student ' s scholastic record. We cannot praise too highly her untiring efforts as Registrar, nor can we adequately express our appre- ciation of her willingness to give help wherever it is needed. Mr. C. E. Ferguson, Dean of Men, is the capable direc- tor of men ' s activities on the campus. He has become one who fits so exactly and so properly into our scheme of things that we, in terms of both affection and respect, now refer to him simply as " one of us. " Miss Mary Thomson, Dean of Women, performs the task of being a mother to every girl of the college, directing their activities, settling their problems, and looking out for their general welfare. Miss Thomson has been more than just a dean, she has been the friend, advisor, and sympathizer of all the students in college. Dean of Women PRESIDENT EMERITUS DR. A. W. BIRDWELL DIRECTOR OF CORRESPONDENCE AND EXTENSION DR. C. H. OSBORNE DIRECTOR OF STUDENT EMPLOYMENT AND PLACEMENT BUREAU DEPARTMENTS OF AGRICULTURE FORESTRY W. R. OWENS Head of Forestry Department KENNETH MORGAN DR. J. L. SULLIVAN Head of Agriculture Department V. R. GLAZENER DR. D. D. GILES DEPARTMENT OF ART JOSEPHINE S. MIDDLETON MINNIE S. MARTIN Head of Department DEPARTMENTS OF BIBLE AND GEOGRAPHY HARRY N. HOLMES Instructor in Rible DR. W. T. CHAMBERS Head of Geography Department DEPARTMENTS OF BIOLOGY AND CHEMISTRY DR. ROY H. ADAMS Head of Biology Department NICK GOODRICH W. W. DOSSEY Head of Chemistry Department R. L. TURNER R. G. UPTON DR. W. J. McCALLUM DEPARTMENTS OF COMMERCE, ECONOMICS AND SOCIOLOGY S. D. REDFIELD DR. R. S. CORNISH, Head of Commerce and Economics Department VESTA BRATT DR. F. A. POLLOCK Head of Sociology Department MRS. GLADYS B. JOHNSON W. S. CANNON DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION PSYCHOLOGY JOHN J. WILSON R. R. HARVIN DR. HAZEL FLOYD DR. A. L. LONG LAWRENCE FRANKS DR. W. R. DAVIS Head of Department DEPARTMENT OF ENGLISH LOUISE HATHCOCK MILDRED WYATT MRS. DOROTHY A. SANDERS LOUISVILLE MARSHALL DR. T. E. FERGUSON Head of Department DR. C. H. OSBORNE MRS. FRANK HATHCOCK DR. GLADYS FOX MARY JANE WHITE Not in picture DEPARTMENTS OF SPEECH AND JOURNALISM MRS. SUSIE KALLINA Director of Speech VICTOR B. FAIN Director of Journalism DEPARTMENT OF FOREIGN LANGUAGES SELMA REYNOLDS MRS. HOLT DAVIS MARY W. THOMSON DR. C. F. SHELEY Head of Department DEPARTMENT OF GOVERNMENT HISTORY W. F. GARNER Head of Department MARY I. LOVE FRANKIE WILLIAMS VIRDIAN BARHAM DEPARTMENT OF HOME ECONOMICS MARY-WILL GREENWOOD EDNA WILKIN Head of Department MARY MARGARET SHAW ILENE BROWN DEPARTMENT OF MATHEMATICS MRS. LELA O. MORGAN R. B. PINSON C. E. FERGUSON Head of Department DEPARTMENT OF MUSIC MAMIE M. MIDDLEBROOK VIRGINIA LEWIS J. T. COX FREDRICK BAUMGARTNER IDA PRITCHETT Head of Department DEPARTMENT OF PHYSICAL EDUCATION DORA HICKS R. H. SHELTON, Head of Men ' s Physical Education S. W. McKEWEN HARMON ROQUEMORE DR. LUCILLE NORTON, Head of Women ' s Physical Education WILLIAM PIERCE LIBRARY STAFF HAYDEN KELLY MILDRED WYATT Head Librarian DORIS KILPATRICK ASSISTANTS TO THE ADMINISTRATION RUTH WILLIAMSON MRS. INEZ HARRINGTON MRS. AULINE WHITAKER BILLIE WALLING MRS. ROBBIE DEAUMAN EX -STUDENTS ASSOCIATION MOSS CRENSHAW RUTH WILLIAMSON Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer The Ex-Students Association of Stephen F . Austin State College is an organization for the purpose of promoting good fellowship and loyalty among former students of this institution, to encourage educational ideals for which this institution stands, and to pro- mote the general interest of the college. For the first time, the college has a full-time executive secretary who acts as liaison officer between the college and ex-students. LAWRENCE FRANKS Executive Secretary ( I Graduates WAYNE HOLLINGSWORTH Bruceville, Indiana Education ROBERT OLIVER Mt. Enterprise, Texas Pre-Dental ALLEN STURROCK Colmesniel, Texas Veterinary Medicine FLOYD KING WRIGHT Nacogdoches, Texas Spanish Graduates MRS. LILLIE BELLE COLLINS _ - English Groveton, Texas RICHARD FRANKLIN COPELAND Education New London, Texas MRS. GLADYS BAILEY HAMPTON Sociology Nacogdoches, Texas MRS. FRANCES B. HANNA ....Education Kilgore, Texas MRS. INEZ M. HARRINGTON Education Nacogdoches, Texas MRS. BEATRICE JOHNSON Education Fairfield, Texas MRS. ALICE G. LONG _ English Nacogdoches, Texas MRS. ROBENA LOWERY Education Nacogdoches, Texas LEROY McPHAIL Agriculture Nacogdoches, Texas MRS. LILLA G. MODISETTE Education Lufkin, Texas TED MOORE Science Woden, Texas MRS. ELLA MOSELEY Education Nacogdoches, Texas WALLACE PATE Education Logansport, Louisiana MRS. HELEN OUARLES Elementary Education Alto, Texas RICHARD CURTIS SAVAGE . ..Education Joaquin, Texas FRANK MARK SIMMONS ..- Education Houston, Texas W. B. THOMPSON History Livingston, Texas MRS. DONNIE M. WALTERS : Education Rusk, Texas TRAVIS B. WHITAKER ._ Biology Trawick, Texas DANA WILLIAMS Education Teneha, Texas MRS. LILLIAN DAVIS YOUNG English Greggton, Texas MR. C. E. FERGUSON SPONSOR Seniors I DEAN BLESSINQ, JR. Nacogdoches, Texas B.S., Mathematics Barristers, Pres. ' 42-6-7 Foresters, Pres. ' 46-7 College Commission ' 41 Fr. Class Officer ' 40 Veteran MRS. DOROTHY BLESSING Nacogdoches, Texas B.A., Chemistry Amities ' 44-7, Pres. ' 46 Orchestra Chemistry Club, Sec.-Treas. Student Congress ' 46 College Commission JAMES H. ALEXANDER Zavalla, Texas B.A., Pre-Medicine Sawyers Veterans ' Association MILDRED BANKS Cushing, Texas B.S., Commerce Choral Club J. N. BOGARD Timpson, Texas B.S., Forestry Barristers Veteran JOHN W. BRITTAIN San Augustine, Texas B.S., Physical Education Sawyers Football Veteran JERRY CHANEY Price, Texas B.S., Commerce Press Club ' 42 Dramatics Club ' 45 Gibbs Hall President Pine Burrs, Sec. ' 46- ' 47 Gibbs Hall Council GAYMERLE CLAYTON Trawick, Texas B.S. Physical Education Vl .R.A. MRS. CHARLES CARRICO DAYTON G. CARTER Nacogdoches, Texas Groves, Texas B.S. Elementary Education B.S. Physical Education Austinites Football Track ' 42- ' 43- ' 47 Student Congress ' 46- ' 47 Veteran Seniors MARY HAZEL CONGER Nacogdoches, Texas B.S. Commerce Methodist Student Union CHRISTINE CROUCH Chireno, Texas B.S. Elementary Education Choral Club MARILYN GEE Nacogdoches, Texas B.A. Spanish Baptist Student Union HELEN COE Nacogdoches, Texas B.S. Home Economics Ellen H. Richards, Rep. Amities ' 44- ' 47, Rep. Vice President ' 47 Harvest Festival Duchess SAMUEL COLBURN Carthage, Texas B.A. History Band Austinites A Cappella Choir Orchestra Veteran RUSSELL DENMAN Nacogdoches, Texas B.S. Mathematics Barristers Baseball Basketball Track Sawyers DOUGLASS ELLIOTT Nacogdoches, Texas B.A. History Veteran REUBEN C. GIBSON Henderson, Texas B.S. Pre-Dental Sawyers Pres., Junior Class ' 46 Veteran JEAN GORDON Woodville, Texas B.A. English Baptist Student Union LOIS MARIE GIBBS Nacogdoches, Texas B.A. English Pme Burrs ' 43- ' 47 Vice Pres. ' 45 Lumberjackettes, Pres. ' 45 Alpha Chi Band, Flag Bearer Dramatics Club Who ' s Who ' 45- ' 47 Homecoming Duchess ' 46 Methodist Student Union Reporter, Junior Class College Commission ' 44- ' 46 Seniors JOHN M. HONEA Nacogdoches, Texas B.S. Biology Basketball Veteran LUKE S. HONEA Nacogdoches, Texas B.S. Commerce Veteran ELIZABETH GRIMES Nacogdoches, Texas B.S. Commerce Library Staff Alpha Chi ' 46- ' 47 Who ' s Who ■46- ' 47 JOSIE LOU HAGEN Nacogdoches, Texas B.S. Home Economics Ellen H. Richards Club CLEMIT HYDEN Yellow Pine, Texas B.S. Commerce President Senior Class Tejas Club ' 40 Sawyers Barristers Student Congress Veteran ELWIN ILES Brookeland, Texas B.S. Commerce Veteran JEAN KEELING Longbranch, Texas B.A. History and Eng. Chemistry Club ' 44 Pine Log Staff Stone Fort Staff Press Club Library Staff Who ' s Who BOBBIE KERR Lufkin, Texas B.S. Music Dramatics Club Reporter Choral Club, Pres. Fidele NELSON JOSEPH JONES Choice, Texas B.A. Chemistry and Mathematics Alpha Chi Who ' s Who EUGENE JONTE Nacogdoches, Texas B.A. History and Education Seniors JOHNNY LONG Lufkin, Texas B.S. Forestry Austinites ' 44 Veteran EDITH McLEROY Center, Texas B.S. Commerce Band Lumberjackettes Pine Burrs ' 46- ' 47 Alpha Chi ' 46- ' 47 Who ' s Who ' 46- ' 47 JEARLEEN LOVING Center, Texas B.S. Music Orchestra Band Pine Burrs ' 44- ' 47 Gibbs Hall Council Press Club LOUISE LEE Nacogdoches, Texas B.S. History BILLYE JOE LONG Nacogdoches, Texas B.S. Commerce Choral Club Lumberjackettes Amitie ' 43- ' 47 Alpha Chi ' 46- ' 47 Who ' s Who ' 46- ' 47 I MRS. LILLIE McCAULEY Nacogdoches, Texas B.S. Elementary Education DORIS McCLAIN Alto, Texas B.S. Home Economics Lumberjackettes Ellen H. Richards HOMER ERNST MARTIN Nacogdoches, Texas B.B.A. Commerce Pres. Cavaliers ' 41 - ' 42 Sawyers Veteran ' s Club MRS. JONELL MESSEC Henderson, Texas B.S. Home Economics Ellen H. Richards Club Pine Burrs ' 46- ' 47 Gibbs Hall Council Lumberjackettes OUENTIN MARSHALL Lufkin, Texas B.S. Social Science Veteran Seniors ARNOLD MOORE Rusk, Texas B.S., Mathematics Veteran CALVIN MOORE Groveton, Texas B.S., Vocational Agriculture Veteran RAY MYERS Amarillo, Texas B.S., Physical Education Austinites, Pres. ' 46 " Mr. S.F.A. " ' 46 Track Veteran JAMES NELSON Daisetta, Texas B.S., Mathematics Chemistry Veteran Alpha Chi EDWIN PHILLIPS Mt. Enterprise, Texas B.S., Economics Veteran CHARLES E. POU Orange, Texas B.B.A., Commerce Veteran ROBERT MONZINGO Carlisle, Texas B.S., Music Band Orchestra Austinites Choral Club Dramatics Club College Congress Press Club Veteran CAROLYN MUCKLEROY Nacogdoches, Texas B.S., Commerce Pine Burrs, ' 44- ' 47 Pres. ' 46- ' 47 Press Club, Pres. ' 46- ' 47 Editor, Stone Fort Stone Fort Beauty ' 44- ' 46 Student Congress, Sec. Bus. Mgr. Pine Log ' 45 Soph. Class, Pres. ' 45 Senior Class, Rep. ' 47 Freshman Class, Sec. ' 44 B. S. U. Homecoming Queen ' 46 LAW ASA OWENS Paxton, Texas B.S. Home Economics Ellen H. Richards Independents MARY JO OXSHEER Garrison, Texas B.S., Commerce Dramatics Club •eniors GENE-F. RHODES Woodville, Texas B.A., Commerce Forester, Pres. ' 46 Student Body, Pres. Dramatics Club Baptist Student Union Who ' s Who Alpha Chi Veteran JO FRANCES ROBERSON Alto, Texas B.S., Home Economics Chemistry Club Ellen H. Richards MRS. LOREE RAINBOLT Nacogdoches, Texas B.S., Commerce Pine Burrs, ' 44- ' 47 Press Club ' 44- ' 47 Dramatics Club Pine Burr, Reporter Stone Fort, Junior and Senior Editors Bus. Mgr. Pine Log ' 45- ' 47 Lumberjackettes ' 44- ' 47 Reporter ' 46 Methodist Student Union ZED RAMSEY Timpson, Texas B.B.A., Commerce Veteran Austinites TEDDY JEAN ROGERS Price, Texas B.S., Commerce Band Orchestra College Commission Pme Burrs ' 44- ' 47 Junior Class, Sec. ' 46 Gibbs Hall Council Press Club Pine Burr, Sgt.-at-Arms HELEN SIMONTON Orange, Texas B.S., Education MARY SLOVER Lufkin, Texas B.A., Physical Education Cheer Leader, Head ' 46- ' 47 Pine Burr ' 46- ' 47 Dramatics Club Choral Club; W.R.A. Lumberjackettes, Pres. Senior Class, Sec. Methodist Student Union Pine Log Staff Stone Fort, Feature Ed. Senior Favorite LANSING STRONG Henderson, Texas B.S., Physical Education Basketball Sawyers Veteran JOHN L. SHELBURNE Mineola, Texas B.B.A., Commerce Cheer Leader ' 42, ' 46- ' 47 Austinites, Vice-Pres. Who ' s Who Student Congress, Vice-President Veteran Soph. Class, Pres. Golf Team EDWARD MARION SHEPHERD Timpson, Texas B.B.A., Commerce Austinites Veteran Disciplinary Committee Seniors .BOBBIE TIPPETT Timpson, Texas B.B.A., Commerce M.S.U. Veterans Club Austinites, Rep. ' 46 Alpha Chi JOE ORVILLE TODD Henderson, Texas B.S. Agriculture Pine Log Staff Press Club Track " T " Association Aggie Club, Reporter Veterans Club Senior Favorite Sawyers, Vice-Pres. College Comm. Rep. MARY ELIZABETH TALMADGE Nacogdoches, Texas B.S., Commerce Pine Burrs, Pres. ' 45, Vice Pres. ' 46- ' 47 Lumberjackettes, Vice- President Dramatics Club ' 45- ' 46 Press Club Pine Log Staff Stone Fort Staff, Favorite Ed., ' 46- ' 47 Jr. Editor, ' 45- ' 46 MRS. MARCELINE THOMPSON Nacogdoches, Texas, B.S. Elementary Education Choral Club VIRGINIA DARE WARREN New London, Texas B.S., Biology Stone Fort Staff Press Club Gibbs Hall Council ' 46- ' 47 Independents Lumberjackettes Karle Wilson Baker Theater Guild GARREL WESTMORELAND Nacogdoches, Texas B.S., Agriculture Sec.-Treas., Barristers Veteran RACHEL YARBROUGH Pasadena, Texas B.S., Chemistry Basketball W.R.A. Amities Alpha Chi MRS. MARY WATHEN WHITE Athens, Texas B.A., English Choral Club Pine Log Staff JAMES WILSON Nacogdoches, Texas B.S., Mathematics Basketball Freshman Class President Sophomore Class Vice-Pres. Junior Class Vice-Pres. College Commission Austinites, Sgt.-at-Arms, ' 45- ' 46 Sec. ' 46- ' 47 Veteran CLASS OFFICERS REUBEN GIBSON PRESIDENT - 1ST SEMESTER VICE-PRESIDENT - JIM WILSON 1ST SEMESTER VICE-PRESIDENT-JOHN SCHMIDT 2ND SEMESTER SECRETARY - TEDDY ROGERS TREASURER - HAZEL SHELTON REPORTER - EDWIN GASTON SPONSOR -MR. W. W. DOSSEY uniors DORIS JEAN ALLEN Kilgore, Texas CLAIRE BARNETT Kilgore, Texas JAMES L. BARTLETT Mt. Enterprise, Texas CALVIN W. BATTISE Livingston, Texas CHARLES W. BEDINGFIELD Mt. Enterprise, Texas RICHARD BILLINGSLEY Redland, Texas MRS. FAY BLAKE Nacogdoches, Texas ROBERT P. BLOUNT Nacogdoches, Texas BETTY BROOKSHIRE Nacogdoches, Texas WILLA D. BROWN Martinsville, Texas KENNETH CARIKER Gary, Texas REBA CASSITY Carthage, Texas PEGGY CHILDERS Nacogdoches, Texas BENNETT CHRISTOPHER Nacogdoches, Texas MAVIS CHRISTOPHER Nacogdoches, Texas I Juniors CLINTON CRISP Nacogdoches, Texas AURBON CROW Minden, Texas CHARLES W. DANHEIM Rusk, Texas JAMES E. DANHEIM Rusk, Texas BAKER DENMAN Nacogdoches, Texas MRS. JEAN DEVEREAUX Nacogdoches, Texas MRS. DORIS JO DICKENS Timpson, Texas WILLIAM J. EDGAR Hooks, Texas GEORGE DONALD FEAZELL Nacogdoches, Texas ERNESTINE FLEMING Shelbyville, Texas OPAL FORD Logansport, Louisiana EDWIN GASTON, JR. Nacogdoches, Texas MRS. BOBBE DEE GLAZENER Nacogdoches, Texas MRS. ARLENE GORANSON Lufkin, Texas REBA GREEN Nacogdoches, Texas J uniors EDWARD HELPENSTELL Mt. Enterprise, Texas DEWEY B. HENSON Martinsville, Texas DAMON HOLLINGSWORTH Corpus Christi, Texas NORRIS E. HOLT Carthage, Texas DOROTHY HUDGINS Nacogdoches, Texas JAMES H. HUGHES Mineola, Texas BOBBIE IRISH Center, Texas BETTY JEFFREY Lufkin, Texas MITCHELL JETTON Jasper, Texas MARGIE KEMBLE Orange, Texas ANNYE LEE LAFLEUR Beaumont, Texas DAN M. LANDERS Nacogdoches, Texas LA FLORA LATTIMORE Jacksonville, Texas JAMES M. LAVENDER Lufkin, Texas MURRAY LILLY Nacogdoches, Texas Juniors EVELYN LOWE Laneville, Texas JOE LOWE Gushing, Texas MARY ALICE McLEROY Timpson, Texas PERCY MANNING Nacogdoches, Texas MRS. BILLIE SUE MARTIN Nacogdoches, Texas TOMMYE MATTHEWS Joaquin, Texas PAT MEADOW Bronson, Texas THEO MILES Woodville, Texas JULIA ANNE MILLER Nacogdoches, Texas WADE O. MORRIS Nacogdoches, Texas ANNE NELSON Daisetta, Texas LOUISE NORMAN Troup, Texas ELWOOD M. OLDS Gilmer, Texas BILLIE SUE PETERS Chester, Texas J. E. PETTY, JR. Nacogdoches, Texas J uniors MARY LOU PLUNKETT Henderson, Texas TRAVIS PRICE Bryan, Texas EDWARD B. RAMSEY Garrison, Texas PERRY REAVES Groves, Texas CECIL RICHEY Reklaw, Texas B. J. RITTERSKAMP Appleby, Texas MARY SAVAGE Longview, Texas HAZEL SHELTON Nacogdoches, Texas I. D. SHEPPARD Kilgore, Texas MARJORIE SMITH Vidor, Texas NOLAN SMITH Nacogdoches, Texas MRS. JUANECE SMITH Nacogdoches, Texas P. SULLIVAN Nacogdoches, Texas EUGENE TANNERY San Augustine, Texas C. D. THOMAS Nacogdoches, Texas 4 Juniors MARY ELIZABETH THOMAS Nacogdoches, Texas GLENNIE DELLE THOMPSON Lufkin, Texas DORIS TILLERY Mauriceville, Texas FRANCES WALL Tenaha, Texas HAROLD WALLACE Alto, Texas JAMES R. WEATHERBY Jacksonville, Texas JAMES WEATHERFORD Henderson, Texas JEAN WEAVER Orange, Texas MARVIN P. WHITE Nacogdoches, Texas HAROLD WHITESIDE Timpson, Texas JOAN WILLIAMS Athens, Texas MARIE WOODS Beckville, Texas STELLA YEAGER Brookeland, Texas Sophomores EDWARD ABERNETHY . FRED L. ALEXANDER GILBERT BOYER CURTIS BROOKS JOE F. ATKINSON HELON BALDWIN ERWIN BURROWS JAMES CAMPBELL PEGGY BARBER KENNETH BARFIELD KENNETH CARSON JOHN CASON MILDRED BATES LEROY BEAVERS ARVOL COHAGEN SARA-ELLA COLLINS WILLIAM BELL ALBERT BILLINGSLEY SAMUEL CONGER L. J. CONNER ROBERT BILLINGSLEY BENNETT BLAKE LAZ CORLEY VIDA FAYE CORLEY X. 4. im Sophomores BILLIE CRAWFORD JOHN CR AWFORD, JR. JIMMY DORSET LOYD DOVER DON CROUCH JACK CRUSE JAMES F. DUDLEY JAMES L. DUE BROWNIE DANIELS FOSTER DAVIS OPAL ELLIOTT BILL EVANS KATHERINE DAVIS CECIL DEAUMAN CATHERINE EVANS LONNIE O. EVANS C. C. DENMAN, JR. FRANK DEVEREAUX E. L. FARRELL JOSEPH B. FARRELL DOROTHY DILLARD MARY RUTH DILLEN SERENACARLIN FISHER JOE FLANAGAN 1 ' V Sophomores ALBERT A. FLOYD CARL FOSTER RAYMOND HARRISON THOMAS HAWKINS STEPHEN FRANKLIN ALLEN FREEMAN CHARLES HAYNES JAMES HERRING GEORGE GLAZENER VERNON GLENN A. K. HOGAN HAROLD HOGAN IRA GOODRICH ELVIS GREEN ROBERT HOGAN MARY HOGG THELMA HAIRGROVE MRS. NELWYN HANN SAM P. HOOPER BUFORD HUGHES WARREN HANN BOBBY HARGIS MARIE HURST ROBERT HUTCHISON Sophomores ANNIE MAE HUTSON DAVID IRWIN NYAL KING GALE LEE MORRIS W. JARRATT JEANNINE JASPER JIMMIE LOU LEWIS NADINE LINDSEY VERNON JENKINS O. C. JOHNSON ALBERT LONG LaVON LOVELL MRS. O. C. JOHNSON TROY JOHNSON ROBERT McCURRY DORIS McFARLING JACK JONES KATHERYN KENDRICK JAMES McGEE BOB MAHONEY GENEVA GRACE KENNEDY ROBERT KENNERLY GLEASON MARTIN ROY MARTIN A HA IIVH B J. - Jr SAMUELS NOONER ; .V. ANDY J. MODISETTE JR. JIMMY MOORE DILLON OLDS GEORGE OLIVER CHARLIE MORGAN JOHN MORGAN JOHN G. ORTON FRANK PARKER SAMUEL F. MOSES R. H. MOSS JR. KENNETH PARMLEY CECIL PARRISH HUBERT MOTT BILLY MUCKLEROY WILLIAM PARRISH JOSEPHINE PARROTT RICHARD MUCKELROY ODELL NICHOLS LUCILLE PEEBLES IRENE PERKINS r Sophomores JOE R. PERKINS MARJORIE PERKINS NELSON RUSCHE NELDA SAPPINGTON R. 0. PERKINS ARCHIE PICKETT LEO SAVAGE JOHN L. SCHMIDT LILLIE MAE RACE JAMES H. RAINBOLT JAMES SHARP CLYDE SHEFFIELD W. C. RAINBOLT GRACE RICHARDS RAYMOND SHINDLER ROBERT SHINDLER NORMA FAY RIDER VICTOR ROPER DOROTHY SIMS RUFUS SMITH W. F. ROSS V ILLIAM F. RUNNELS EVELYN EARL SPROTT GENE STEWART Sophomores HOWARD STONE VALERIE STRICKLAND CLOIS WALKER CLAUDIE RAY WATSON BETTY STRIPLING DENNIS SULLIVAN CHARLES WEIMER PERCY LEE WHALEY CHARLES SUMMERS EMILY LOU SUMMERS HELEN WHITE IRA WIGGINS BILLY TAYLOR JAMES TAYLOR GLYNON WILLIAMSON PAULA GENE WILROY BERNICE TRAVIS CLIFFORD TREVATHAN JOHN V. WILSON BETTY YARBROUGH JAMES TURNER ROBERT VINSON JACK YEOMAN BURNEY YOUNG GlcuU 0 i950 Freshmen ROBERT ADAMS JOHN AINSWORTH CLEVELAND ANDERSON DONALD ARNETT AUBREY ASBY THOMAS ASHLEY ELVYN BAKER LORENE BAKER DORIS BALLENGER BRENT BANE JAMES BANKS MARTIN BARRINGTON TWYLA SUE BAXTER CHARLES BECK ROBERT BEDDINGFIELD LOUISE BILLS CHARLES BIRDWELL ROBERT BIRDWELL KING BLAKE SAMMY SLAYDON JOE BODINE CARROLL BONNETTE CHARLES BOOZER RAYMOND BOUNDS Freshmen JOHN BOWLING CALVIN BOWDEN EDWIN CURRY BOYNTON ILA RAY BRADSHAW LESLIE BRADSHAW LERA BREVELL WILLIAM BRIGHTWELL ELAINE BROADFOOT DORIS GENE BROOKS JERRY BROWN LEWIS BUCKNER JULIAN BULLOCK PERCY BURK SUE BURNAMAN CARL BURROWS ROSE BYRNE GORMAN CARRIKER HAZEL CAVENESS DOROTHY CHAMBERS JEAN CHAPMAN WILLIAM D. CHAPMAN ALICE JOYCE CHANDLER JOHN CHANEY JOE EVERETT CLINTON Freshmen JAMES COCHRAN CECELIA COLLINS SAM COLLINS JOHNNIE CONNALLY BETTY JEAN CONNER MRS. JANICE CONNER MARY ELIZABETH COONEY BENNIE COOPER J. B. COOPER WILLIAM COOPER NELWYN CORDELL JIM COWART O ' NEIL CRAWFORD J. G. CRENSHAW, JR. MARVIN DAVENPORT BENNIE JANE DAVIS ELDON DAVIS LUD DAVIS WELDON DAVIS HENRY DISHBURGER NOAH DORMAN ROBERT DRUCKHAMMER JOHNNY DOUGLAS DARWIN DUDLEY Freshmen JACK DUFF JERRY DUNKIN , S. J. EARLE BOBBY ELLINGTON JIMMY ERWIN MILLER ERWIN THELMA EVANS NEIL FERGUSON FLEDA FORD SHIRLEY RAY FOSTER OSCAR FREDERICK FRED FULLER RUDOLPH FULLER DOROTHY FULTS BILL GARNER JANE GEEN EDWARD GENTRY NAN GILES REY GLAZENER DAVID GOBLE CLYDELLE GOINS JANE GOODRICH CLYDE GRAVES LAURINE GRAY Freshmen JEANNINE GRIFFIN PAUL GRIFFITH JR. GEORGE GRIGSBY LARRY GUINN BASIL HAIRGROVE MAURICE HAIRGROVE JAMES W. HALEY AUDRIE HALL WILEY HARDY WILSON HARDY ANNE HARTT TOMMY HERRINGTON SAM T. HOLT ROBIN L. HOOPER MRS. SAM HOOPER BUFORD HUGHES O. R. HURST JOLINE IVY CECIL JAMES MARY HELEN JEFFREY ALFRED JERNIGAN WILMOTH DORICE JOHNSON J. W. JONES MARIAN JONES Freshmen PHIL JONES JEANNINE KAISER BERT KARRER PATSY KELLY LUKE KENNEDY BILLYE JO KING IRIS KING JOSEPH KING BETTY LANDERS WILLIAM LANGFORD WILLIAM LAWLER BETTY LEE MIRIAN LEE LYNN LILLY MADELINE LILLY DONALENE LINDSEY STANLEY LINDSEY MARGARET LOKEY PAULA LOW CLYDE LOWE LOU ADA LOWRANCE SOPHIA LOWRANCE NORWOOD LOWERY JOE LOWRY FresKmen CECIL LOY HOMER LOYD JAMES LUMPKIN DORTHA LUNDAY LEE LUNDY WILBURN LYNCH FRITZ McCAMERON FRANK McCLAIN DON McCULLOUGH D. W. McENERY LOUELLA McGEE VENSON McGEE OLIVER McKAY BETTY McKINNEY RALPH McKINNEY CHARLES McLEROY CHARLOTTE McMILLAN FRANK MADDEN MARY LEE MANGHAM R. E. MARCONTELL FRANK MARTIN CHARLES MARTINDALE ARCHIE MASTERSON LORNE MAYBERRY i I i A Freshmen ARTHUR MEADOWS WEBB MELDER ■ THOMAS MERIWETHER ELEANOR MILES MARTELL MILLS JOHN MINTON RAY MIZE ROBERT MOLLOY ED MOONEY DEA MORRIS JANE RUTH MORRISON E. H. MULLINS THOMAS MURRAY HOWARD NAIL JEANNINE NEILL CHARLES NEUVILLE HARRY NOBLE, JR. MARY JEAN OLDS HERBERT OLSEN ROSE O ' OUINN RICHARD OWENS HOWARD RAY PAGE CHARLES PARKER JANIE PARRISH Freshmen RUTH PARROTT JAMES PARTIN DONALD PATTERSON ODELL PELHAM MORRIS PENTECOST JAMES PERMENTER C. O. PERRY DONALD PERSON HOWARD PETERS CARLA PETTEY CHARLES PIERCE JACK PIERCE MARGARET POTTS FRANK PRICE MARTHA PRICE JIMMIE PRICKETT KENNETH RAMBIN ANNE REESE BILLIE JEAN REEVES ROBERT REID CHARLES REYNOLDS HARRY RICE RAYMOND RICE CYRIL ROBERTS Freshmen BILLY JACK ROBERSON THOMAS ROEBUCK LUNSFORD ROGERS BETTY ROTAN JACK SALTER WILLIAM SATTERWHITE JACK SCOTT ELWIN SEAGO BOBBY SELDEN BILLY SHARP JOHN LEE SHOFNER PATSY SIMMONS CHARLEY SLAUGHTER GERALD SMITH HAROLD SMITH MERLIN SMITH GARVIS SMITHHART LENARD SOWELL T. C. STEPHENS VIRGINIA STEPHENS BETTY STEPHENSON BILLY STEPHENSON E. O. STEVENS JOHN STOTTS Freshmen HOWARD STRAILY ORLAND STRICKLAND MORGAN STRONG FRANK STROTHER lACKIE STROTHER B. STUBBLEFIELD ROBERT SWITZ OLIVER TALMADGE RAYMOND TATUM CHARLES TAYLOR EDWARD TAYLOR ELAINE TAYLOR JOHN TAYLOR LES TAYLOR DOLLIE THAMES LEWIS THOMAS A. J. THOMPSON BETH THOMPSON BILLY THOMPSON JAMES THOMPSON ROSE MARIE THOMPSON IRVIN THOMSON MARY THURMAN CECIL TOWNSLEY (?5 1 Freshmen JOAN TOWNSEND MAUDELIA TREVATHAN DARLINE TUCKER G. W. VALENTINE JAMES A. VEST, JR. A. F. VICKERY BEN M. WALLACE ELIZABETH WALLACE JAMES WALLACE PATRICIA WALLACE BILLIE WALTON FLOYD WATSON GEORGE WATSON LOUNEITA WATSON DOROTHY WEATHERLY LATHAM WELLS LOWELL WESTMORELAND V JAMES WHITAKER JANIE LOU WHITE TOMMIE JEAN WHITE JAMES WHITLEY JOHN WHITTON JIMMY WILKINS CHARLES WILLIAMS Freshmen RAY WILLIAMS ROSCOE WILLIAMS BILL WILLINGHAM H. W. WILSON JAMES WISE TED WISENER ALMA WOODHAM BILLY TROY WRIGHT DOROTHY JO WRIGHT M. C. YOUNG LAFFELLE YOUNGBLOOD GENE RHODES The president of the student body is chosen each spring for the following year by popular vote of the student body. That person chosen must be an eligible member of the senior class. Gene Rhodes has been an excellent leader in his capacity as president of the student body, and has made outstanding contributions to the progress of Stephen F. Austin. CAROLYN MUCKLEROY The CaioIiTie Thompson Hill Award was presented this year to CaroKn Muekleroy, editor of The 1947 Stone Fort, who has manifested outstanding scholarship, leadership, strength of character, and loyalty to the college. Each year this award is presented to that girl of the Junior or Senior Class who has demonstrated these (lualities. TOP ROW: LENA ARNWINE, REBA CASSITY, LOIS MARIE GIBBS, ELIZABETH GRIMES, BETTY JEFFREY MIDDLE ROW: NELSON JONES, EUGENE JONTE, BILLIE JO LONG, EDITH McLEROY, JIMMY NELSON BOTTOM ROW: LOUISE NORMAN, EDWIN PHILLIPS, GENE RHODES, RACHEL YARBROUGH WHO ' S WHO AMONG 5TUD ENT5 IN AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES JOHN LESLIE SHELBURNE is an outstand- ing commerce ma or from Mineola, Texas. J. Leslie is vice-president of the student body and Congress, a very active Austinite, a veteran, and served three years as a Lumberjack cheer leader. Representing the senior class in the Student Congress, " Jay " is responsible for much of the growth and interest in campus activities. Longbranch ' s JEAN KEELING is outstanding in both literary and historic fields. Jean takes an important role in activities of the campus, having been a faithful member of the Press Club and contributed to both The Pine Log and The Stone Fort. She spends her free moments as library assistant. Having won much admiration and respect, Jean is a senior with a double major in English and history. Characterized by her pleasant personality and friendly spirit EDITH McLEROY has placed her- self among the outstanding students on the cam- pus. Holding memtbership in the Alpha Chi, Edith is a Pine Burr, a member of the Lumberjackettes and Stone Fort Staff. During the fall semester, she served the band as drum major. Edith is the kind of person one enjoys knowing and being associated with, and has attained a level as a student that is well worth emulating. A leader with the welfare and progress of Stephen F. Austin at heart is MARIE WOODS. Marie is a junior student majoring in history. She is a member of the Alpha Chi, a lab instruc- tor in biology, and is employed in the Stenographic Bureau. Always the same, Marie is an inspiration to stu- dents who desire to achieve the most from theii college life. i An outsianding student from Orange, Texas, is JEAN WEAVER, a past editor of The Pine Log. Jean is a junior student, holding membership in the Amities, Lumberjackettes, and Press CJub. She is society editor of The Pine Log and organ- izations editor of The Stone Fort. She is characterized by her desire to render service to a friend, and to devote her time and talent to all concerned when the slightest need occurrs. Listed in last year ' s Who ' s Who, is LOIS MARIE GIBBS, a senior English major. Lois Marie is a past president of the Lumber- jackettes, vice-president of the Pine Burrs, and a two-year representative to the former College Commission. She hJlds membership in the Alpha Chi, and carries the flag for the Lumberjack Band. With a natural smile, and a personality that makes one enjoy her company, Lois Marie is one of the most popular girls on the campus. One of Stephen F. Austin ' s most promising stu- dents is EARL ELLIOTT, president of the Vet- erans ' Organization. Much credit shotdd be given Earl for his inter- est and responsibility in handling the problem ' s of the campus veteran. He is an ex-Sawyer, and a very efficient business administration student. Earl is liked and respected by all his fellow students. ELIZABETH GRIMES, voted the best girl stu- dent, is one of the hardest working individuals on the campus. This commerce major holds membership in the Alpha Chi, and is an efficient library secretary. Noted for her high scholastic record, Elizabeth is admired by both faculty and students. A graduate student from Marshall, Texas, is DON BARKETT, who was elected to Who ' s Who in 1943. Returning to his alma mater after the war, Don became a chemistry instructor and president of the Alpha Chi. He is a Sawijer and definitely a campus leader. Don is a student of rare ability and truly an asset to any student body. The junior home economics major, LOUISE NORMAN, is a notable figure on the Stephen F. Austin campus. Louise is president of the Ellen H. Richards Club, a Fidele, a member of the Alpha Chi, and M. S. U. A wonderful personality and a friendly spirit, Louise is active in all student affairs. WHO ' S WHO AMONG 5TUDENTS IN AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES ★ As president of the student body, the highest ranking political position on the campus, GENE RHODES presides over the Student Congress. Gene has served as president of the Foresters, starred in three major dramatic productions, is a member of the Alpha Chi, B. S. U., a veteran, and employee in the Auditor ' s office. " Prexy " is known for his friendly manner and is honored by all who know him for his fair deal- ings. Always busy, but always friendly, is CAROLYN MUCKLEROY, editor of the 1947 Stone Fort. Carolyn is president of the Fine Burrs and Press Club, reporter for the senior class, and is serving her second year as secretary of the student body and Congress. She is a past business manager of the Pine Log, a Stone Fort beauty, and was elected ' 46 Homecoming Queen. Filling to an excellent degree the positions con- ferred upon her, Carolyn is one who carries her many honors with dignity and modesty. One of the highest ranking students on the cam- ms is NELSON JONES of Shelbyville, Texas. Nelson is a math major, a member of the Alpha Chi, and prominent in extracurricular activities. During his spare time, he is a part-time employee at Cason, Monk ir Co. A likable person and a good sport. Nelson ' s future looks very brigJit. A possessor of many friends is BILLIE }0 LONG, a Nacogdoches co-ed. Billye }o is a member of the Alpha Chi and Amities, having served that club as secretary- treasurer. She is a senior commerce major, a Lumber jackette, and an employee for Tilford Hunt Lumber Company. Billye Jo ' s remarkable number of good quali- ties and versatility make her universally liked. student Qcrnxz iedA- G. . ' encj.nAan Qene f Aaded. Pied-ident J!.euu i B nckHel Q. Q. ' enmcm. A ai Pictn.ed: Pelcif. Blount amed. Jlcunen, Jiu ke6. P vu Q.eaae6. 2nd Memedie [lepAe ieniatlue l OlAuUe %(M, Vernal JIuJjieni Mail, »p.U»mx Pat Meadow-, union. Biildf Q. AicAoid, ledAman Giemii Jli den He HOW THE SELECTIONS WERE MADE THE BEAUTIES Different organizations nominated someone as their choice as most beautiful girl of S. F. A. The pictures of the thirteen nominees were sent to Earl Carroll, and he selected the top three in the order they appear. ★ ★★ im. cflflfiOLL mfiW msmmi Sun3€T n€flfl Uin€-fHOn€-HOUYUUOOD-7IOI " HOLLYiilOOD February 26, 1947 C-flLlfOfldl-fl Miss Carolyn Muckleroy Editor, me STOI-E PORT Stephen P. Austin State Teachers College Nacogdoches, Texas Dear Miss Muckleroy: Mr, Carroll received the pictures of the contestants and because they were all so lovely, it was very difficult for him to make his selections. However, he has chosen the three winners and marked his selections on the backs of the photographs, as you requested. We hope that Mr. Carroll ' s selections will meet with the approval of those who have had the pleasure of meeting the young lodies in person. MR. AND MISS S. F. A. Names of qualified junior or senior candidates, who were petitioned by 25 signed voters, appeared on a ballot at a general student election. The student body voted and chose the winners. N otes were counted by an impartial .student-faculty committee. FAVORITES During the fall semester, each of the four classes elected favorites by popular vote. CAROLINE THOMPSON HILL AWARD Tiie winner of this award was selected by the Student Affairs Committee on the basis of scholarship, leadership, strength of character, and loyalty to the college. SCHOLARSHIP The two highest ranking .seniors were determined by their record as it appeared in the Registrar ' s office, their average being compiled by that office. WHO ' S WHO Twelve students were selected by a student-faculty committee on the basis of character, leadership, scholarship, and participation in extra-curricular activities. CAROLYN MUCKLEROY NORRI5 BIRDWELL MARY S LOVER... ORVILLE TODD HAZEL S HELTON... MITCHELL JETTON. EVELYN EARL 5PROTT EDWARD ABERNETHY. JEANNINE JASPER FORESTER DOROTHY CHAMBERS AMITIE JOAN TOWNSEND AUSTIKITE MILDRED BATES ELLEN H. RICHARDS LEFT TO RIGHT: McKEWEN, BASKETBALL COACH; SHELTON, TRACK COACH; PIERCE, FOOTBALL COACH; AND ROQUE- MORE, ASSISTANT FOOTBALL COACH A LOOK AT THE COACHING STAFF The Athletic Department of Stephen F. Austin revolves around four capable men. Boh Shelton, Stan McKewcn, Bill Pierce, and Curly Roquemore. This able staff has done much to promote greater interest in the athletic activities of Stephen F. Austin. Coaching football falls to the lot of Bill Pierce, an d his assistant Curly Ro(juemore. Coach Pierce estab- lished for himself a very ini]:)ressive record as a football mentor before coming to SFA last year. Ro(jue- more, a graduate of SFA and a former stalwart of the Lumberjack gridsters, also joined the coaching staff last year. Handling the boys on the hardwood floor is Stan McKewen. Coach McKewen. assumed the duties of head basketball coach in 1942. Since that time he has dexeloped teams that have been great competitors for the conference championship. Widely known for his cinder teams is the Athletic Director of the college and track mentor. Bob Shelton. ( oach Shelton has turned out several championship teams at SFA since he took up the duties of head tiack coach. Besidc-s coaching intercollegiate sports, these four men are memlu-rs of the Physical Education Depart- ment of liic (Jollege. THE 1946 LUMBERJACKS FIRST ROW: Left to right: Bill Garner, Francis Dupree, Jesse Boles, Norvel McKinney, Allen Freeman, Elton Brookins, Leroy Molbert, Oliver McKay. SECOND ROW: Left to right: Thomas Roebuck, Cecil James, James Due, Kenneth Outlaw, Bill Willingham, James Walters, Billy G. Nichols, Harold Lloyd, Billy Jack Roberson, Tommy Wilson. THIRD ROW: Left to right: Harry Rice, Thomas Hawkins, Clinton Crisp, William Brightwell, R. H. Wilson, Leo Anger, Charles Quilter, Harmon Roquemore, Bill Pierce, Johnny Brittain. Jacks attempt to block extra point try in San Marcos game. JACKS LOSE OPENER TO LOUI SIANA ELEVEN SFA SLI 9 First Downs 7 136 Yards gained rushing 56 48 Yards gained passing 6 19 Passes attempted 5 3 Passes completed 2 35 Punting average 40 10 Penalties 60 Playing their first game of the 1946 season in Lafayette, Louisiana, the Lumberjacks displayed great class despite the fact that they came out on the short end of a 13-2 score. The S.L.I. Bulldogs, scoring early in the game, were held until the fourth period when a pass interception paved the way for another touchdown. The Axemen scored a safety in the third period. LUMBERJACKS TRIP KANGAROOS SFA AUSTIN COLLEGE 13 First downs 14 277 Yards gained rushing 210 26 Yards gained passing 23 4 Passes attempted 12 2 Passes completed 2 39 Punting average 30 30 Penalties 20 Scoring two touchdowns in the final quarter, the Lum- berjacks handed the Austin College Kangaroos a 20-7 defeat. The game was a non-conference tilt played in Sherman. LEROY MOLBERT BILL GARNER CLINTON CRISP HARRY RICE Back Back Back Back LEO ANGER Back OLIX ' ER McKAY Back BILL WILLINGHAM End HAROLD LLOYD End HOMECOMING SPOILED BY EAST TEXAS SFA 6 First downs 84 Yards gained rushing 70 Yards gained passing 12 Passes attempted 4 Passes completed 32 Punting average 50 Penalties EAST TEXAS 12 250 153 15 11 34 50 The largest homecoming crowd ever to witness a game in Stephen F. Austin ' s Memorial Stadium saw the Lumber- jacks crushed by East Texas ' powerful Lions 39-0. The Jack line was never able to stave off the very effective Lion attack. It was a game that saw the Lions score in every period, while holding the Jacks well in hand. LUMBERJACKS BOW TO NORTH TEXAS EAGLES SFA 4 First downs 85 Yards gained rushing 11 Yards gained passing 5 Passes attempted 2 Passes completed 34 Punting average 5 Penalties NORTH TEXAS 11 195 41 45 While rain was falling, the Lumberjacks were losing their second conference encounter to the Eagles of North Texas 9-0. A slippery ball and a rain-soaked field slowed the offensive efforts of both teams. The Eagles scored a touchdown late in the first quarter and added a safety in the last quarter. Al Collier comes rushing in to aid in handling San Marcos ball carrier. ». ' - Lumberjack ball carrier is tackled by two San Marcos men. SAN MARCOS WHIPS JACKS IN THRILLER SFA 11 135 35 8 3 38 30 First downs Yards gained rushing Yards gained passing Passes attempted Passes completed Punting average Penalties SAN MARCOS 9 130 90 14 7 40 25 The Lumberjacks dropped their third straight confer- ence game to the Southwest Texas Bobcats 13-7. Scoring in the first period on a long run by Cox, the Jacks held a 7-6 advantage throughout the first three periods, but suc- cumbed to a passing attack by the Bobcats ' Paul Carlisle in the last minute of play. FIGHTING JACKS BOW TO MISSISSIPPI SOUTHERN SFA 5 45 25 2 1 49 15 MISS. SOUTHERN First downs 11 Yards gained rushing 142 Yards gained passing Passes attempted 1 Passes completed Punting average 40 Penalties 45 Showing their greatest defensive playing of the season, the Lumberjacks were edged by a strong Mississippi South- ern eleven 7-0. The Southerners scored early in the first period which proved enough to hold the fighting Jacks. Lumberjack hopes of scoring were crushed by a fumble on the Southerners ' three yard line. A highlight of the game was the great defensive work of Lumberjack end, Billy Nichols. BILLY NICHOLS End NORVEL McKINNEY Center JAMES WALTERS Tackle CECIL JAMES End .4 KENNETH OUTLAW Tackle ALLEN FREEMAN Center BILLY JACK ROBERSON Tackle JESSE BOLES Guard JACKS FALL BEFORE COUGARS LUMBERJACKS LOSE THRILLER TO A I SFA UNIV. HOUSTON 13 First downs 9 140 Yards gained rushing 165 70 Yards gained passing 45 18 Passes attempted 12 9 Passes completed 6 45 Punting average 40 30 Penalties 35 Playing before a University of Houston Homecoming crowd, the Axemen lost to the Cougars 16-7. The Jacks were held scoreless the first half, making their lone touch- down early in the fourth period. The Cougars scored twice in the second period and added a safety in the final period of play. SFA TEXAS A I 6 First downs 9 73 Yards gained rushing 83 136 Yards gained passing 92 23 Passes attempted 13 5 Passes completed 7 37 Punting average 31 10 Penalties 40 A field goal with less than two minutes to play spelled defeat for the Lumberjacks. A I took an early lead but saw it vanish when the Jacks scored two touchdowns in rapid fire succession early in the third period. However, the Javelinas came back with two tallies to take the lead again 20-13. The Jacks tied the score on a pass play. Anger to Nichols. With less than two minutes to play the Jave- linas kicked a field goal. The final score was 23-20. At} 1 " A Roberson kicks extra point against San Marcos Bobcats. JACKS DEFEATED BY BEARKATS AXEMEN LOSE GRID FINALE TO DEMONS SFA 9 15 147 41 12 38 30 SAM HOUSTON First downs 12 Yards gained rushing 91 Yards gained passing 186 Passes attempted 32 Passes completed 13 Punting average 34 Penalties 50 The Lumberjacks, failing to score after repeated scoring threats in the first period, bowed to Sam Houston ' s Bear- kats 20-7, before a homecoming crowd at Huntsville. The half ended with the Bearkats holding a 7-0 lead. This lead was widened with two more touchdowns in the third period. The Jacks scored in the fihal period. SFA 6 13 134 21 9 40 30 First downs Yards gained rushing Yards gained passing Passes attempted Passes completed Punting average Penalties DEMONS 20 212 124 16 4 42 40 In their last grid battle of the current season, the Jacks fell easy victims to a rugged Northwest Louisiana eleven, 27-6. The Demons chalked up two touchdowns in the first half and added two more in the final period. The Jacks scored their lone tally in the second period on a pass, Anger to Wilson. FRANCIS DUPREE ELTON BROOKINS JAMES QUIETER WILLIAM BRIGHTWELL Guard Guard Tackle Tackle ALBERT COLLIER DOUGLAS SAMFORD FRANK DEVEREAUX JOHN BRITTAIN Tackle Back Guard Guard 1946 GRID SCORES STANDINGS JACKS 2 , , SOUTHWEST LA. INST. 13 CONFERENCE AUSTIN COLLEGE TEAM W. L. T. PTS. OP. PCT. JACKS 20 , , 7 NORTH TEXAS S. 4 1 69 22 .800 JACKS EAST TEXAS STATE 39 EAST TEXAS S. 3 1 1 1 78 61 .700 SAM HOUSTON S. 3 1 73 34 .700 JACKS NORTH TEXAS STATE SAN MARCOS S. 3 2 55 45 .600 9 HOUSTON UNIV. 1 4 46 83 .200 JACKS 7 SOUTHWEST TEXAS STATE 13 S. F. AUSTIN S. 5 21 97 .000 JACKS MISSISSIPPI SOUTHERN 7 SEASON JACKS 7 UNIV. OF HOUSTON 16 TEAM w. L. T. PTS. OP. EAST TEXAS 5 2 2 156 107 JACKS 20 TEXAS A. I. 23 SAM HOUSTON 6 2 1 130 53 SAN MARCOS 6 2 2 155 56 JACKS 20 HOUSTON UNIV. 4 6 140 140 NORTH TEXAS 6 3 1 113 39 JACKS 6 NORTHWESTERN STATE 25 S. F. AUSTIN 1 9 69 174 Jacks ( (Itjcd by Saii Muicos 13-7 ill last tlircc iiiiiuitcs ol pla . TWENTY-FIVE AXEMEN AWARDED LETTERS DON CROUCH Back Twenty-five men were uwarcled letters by the College Athletie Committee at the close of the grid season. They were John Brittain, Albert Collier, Pete Farmer, Buddy McKinney, Jesse Boles, Elton Brookins, Billy Jack Roberson, Charles Quil- ter, James Walters, Keni eth Outlaw, Harold Lloyd, Billy Nichols, Cecil James, Bill Willingham, OHver McKay, Leroy Molbert, Sherman Hughes, Les Taylor, Clinton Crisp, H. W. Wilson, Leo Anger, Don Crouch, Buddy Hawkins, Theo Miles, and Bill Garner. PETE FARMER SHERMAN HUGHES GEORGE SHOTWELL L. J. COX Center Back Tackle Back LUMBERJACK CAGERS BACK ROW: Left to right: Glynon Williamson, Emmett, Battise Jesse Richardson, Winfred Williams, Stan McKewen, J. D. Sheppard, Norris Birdwell, Calvin Battise, Wyatt Dotson. FRONT ROW: Left to right: Lansing Strong, Travis " Knot " Price, Arleigh Duff, -Kenneth Cariker, Chester Kennedy. NOT PICTURED: James Campbell, John Bowling, H. W. Wilson, Theo Miles, Ernest Mullins. u LANSING STRONG Guard GLYNON WILLIAMSON Guard JACKS LOSE TO NORTH TEXAS Opening the conference schedule against North Texas, the Lumberjacks bowed to the Eagles 53-39. Candler took high scoring honors with 21 points for the Eagles, while Dotson was toppfng the Jack cagers with 13 points. LIONS OUTSCORE LUMBERJACKS Facing the East Texas Lions in their second conference encounter, the Axemen came out on the short end of a 79-66 score. The Jacks trailed only by two points with seven min- utes to play, but the Lions rallied and pulled away to a 13-point victory. Dotson led the scoring with 17 points. Birdwell gets high for two points in battle with San Marcos. " Little Chief " Battise sinks two points in 55-53 victory over Eagles. JACKS WHIP SAN MARCOS Breaking a fourteen-year-old team scoring record, the Lumberjacks racked up their first Lone Star Conference win of the season bv overwhelming Southwest Texas 88-55. The Jacks managed to push ahead 31-29 at the end of the half, but with Birdwell, Williams and Dotson gaining accuracy as the game progressed, the Axemen made a route of the contest during the second half, and scored 57 points. LUMBERJACKS EDGE EAGLES Staving off a last minute rally, the Jacks edged North Texas ' Eagles 55-53, before a capacity crowd in Aikman Gym. The Axemen held a nine point lead at half-time and piled up a fourteen point margin in the third quarter, hut saw this lead cut to one point with three minutes to play. Lanky Williams, whose 25 points paced the scoring, dropped in two field goals and a free throw in the last two minutes to pull the game out of the fire. EMMETT BATTISE Guard WINFRED BATTISE Forward CHESTER KENNEDY Guard WYATT DOTSON Forward LUMBERJACKS TOPPLE EAST TEXAS Coach Stan McKewen ' s Lumberjacks stopped the East Texas Lions 58-57 before perhaps the largest crowd ever to witness a basketball game in Nacogodoches. The Axemen trailed, the Lions virtually the entire ball game but broke the ice when Emmett Battise slipped through the East Texas defense to collect a free throw while dropping in a game-tying crip shot. The game- winning free toss gave the Jacks their third straight conference win. BEARKATS TRIM AXEMEN Stephen F. Austin ' s Lumberjacks lost a hard fought game to Sam Houston ' s Bearkats 62-57 in Aikman G Tn. The game was nip and tuck all the way with the Bearkats pulling ahead midway the final period. Murray Mitchell, the leading conference scorer, paced the visitors with 15 points, while Lanky Williams collected 17 for the Lumberjacks. " Lanky " Williams loops basket against East Texas Lions. Battise breaks through for two points in Sam Houston fray. JACKS TROMP TRINITY Playing without the services of their scoring aces, Lanky WiHiams and Wyatt Dotson, the Axemen romped to an easy triumph over the winless Tigers of Trinity University 53-32. Jumping into an early 9-0 lead the Lumberjacks were never rushed. Every reserve on the bench played, John Sheppard copping scoring honors with 10 points, fol- lowed by E. Battise with 9. SAN MARCOS DEFEATS JACKS Weakened by injuries and illness, the fighting Lum- berjacks suffered a severe setback at the hands of San Marcos 70-38. The McKewenmen were unable to cope with the South Texans and trailed the entire ball game. Williams tallied 9 points for the Axemen. J. D. SHEPPARD Center THEO MILES Guard AXEMEN SLIP BY TIGERS A free throw by Chester Kennedy in the last five seconds of play gave the Lumbermen a one point win over the Trinity University Tigers 50-49. The Jacks held a comfortable lead until the fourth quarter when a Tiger rally evened the score. The winning free toss gave the Axemen five conference wins against four losses. Williams copped scoring honors with 19 points. AXEMEN BEATEN BY COUGARS The fighting Lumberjacks dropped their final home game of the season to the Universitv of Houston Cougars 67-6L The Axemen out-fought the league leaders most of the game and held a 53-45 advantage at the end of the third quarter. But after three of the Jacks had left the game on fouls, the Cougars pulled ahead for the winning margin. Williams led the scoring for the Axemen with 13 points, followed closely by W. Battise with 11 points " Big Chief " Battise makes a valiant effort to overcome University of Houston lead. Wilson goes in for lay-up against Tiger pack. LUMBERJACKS BOW TO COUGARS After leading most of the way, Stephen F. Austin ' s Lumberjacks dropped behind in the last half and bowed to the University of Houston Cougars 60-57. The Jacks had a 25-23 lead at halftime, but the Cougars, led by Guy Lewis, cut this lead and were out in front 41-37 at the third quarter. The lasfminute rally by the Axemen fell short of victory. Winfred Battise led the scoring with 22 points. Lewis tallied 17 for the Cougars. JACKS DROP CAGE FINALE The Axemen dropped their Lone Star Conference cage finale to Sam Hpuston ' s Bearkats by a 16 point margin, 85-69. The Bearkats ripped into the Jacks and had piled up a 48-27 lead at halftime. However, the Jacks came back fighting and scored 31 points in the final period. Birdwell took top scoring honors for the Axemen with 16 points while Mitchell led the Bearkats with 26 markers. TRAVIS PRICE Guard JOHN BOWLING Forward H. W. WILSON Forward CONFERENCE STANDING W L PCT. PTS. OP. U. OF HOUSTON 11 1 .915 721 564 NORTH TEXAS STATE 8 4 .666 721 559 EAST TEXAS STATE 7 5 .585 792 705 SAM HOUSTON STATE .... 7 5 .585 717 654 STEPHEN F. AUSTIN 5 7 .415 621 637 SOUTHWEST TEXAS 4 8 .333 717 808 TRINITY UNIVERSITY 12 .000 448 810 SEASON STANDING W L PCT. PTS. OP. EAST TEXAS STATE 14 6 .700 1225 1039 U. OF HOUSTON 16 7 .695 1303 1160 SAM HOUSTON STATE . . . .14 10 .585 1401 1278 NORTH TEXAS STATE . . . . 13 10 .565 1278 1192 STEPHEN F. AUSTIN 11 13 .46 0 1257 1220 SOUTHWEST TEXAS 8 16 .333 1310 1464 TRINITY UNIVERSITY 2 16 .110 7131155 A tense crowd at the ' Jack-Cougar thriller. TOP ROW: Left to right: Jack Yeoman, Mitchell Jetton, C. O. Permenter, Raymond Peacock, Darwin Dudley, Bill Parrish, Bob Shelton. BOTTOM ROW: Left to right: Dayton Carter, Ray Myers, Raymond Bounds, Ira Wiggins. NOT PICTURED: Albert Collier, Vyrne Shofner, Frank Martin, Clarence Stanfield, O. E. Permenter. I VYRNE SHOFNER Parrish hands baton to Carter in 440-yard relay. JACKS EDGED IN TRIANGULAR MEET In a triangular meet at Huntsville, the Jack trackmen were edged by Sam Houston State. The Bearkats piled up 57 points to 55 for the Jacks, and the University of Houston trailed with 44. The Axemen took six first places, the Bearkats five, and the Cougars four. Albert Collier picked up 13 points with first places in the discus and shot put and second in the javelin. Ray Myers took firsts in the 440-yard dash and the 220-low hurdles. Dayton Carter topped the sprinters in the 100-yard dash, and a relay team composed of Parrish, Carter, Myers, and Yeoman took first place in the 440-yard relay. JACK YEOMAN ALBERT COLLIER RAY MYERS FRANK MARTIN Myers hits finish hne in 440-vard dash at Fort Worth Meet. JACKS COP TWO RELAYS IN BORDER OLYMPICS Stephen F. Austin ' s tracksters took fourth place at the annual Border Olympics aj: Laredo and came back with two of the three trophies offered in the college class. The Axemen won the trophies by copping the 440 and 880 relays. The winning relay team was composed of Bill Parrish, Dayton Carter, Ray Myers, and Jack Yeoman, in both the 440 and 880 events. Albert Collier accounted for two second places in the shot put and discus throw. Yeoman was third in the 100-yard dash to round out the Lumberjack scoring. BILL PARRISH DAYTON CARTER MITCHELL JETTON CLARENCE STANFIELD JACKS TAKE TWO FfflST PLACES IN FORT WORTH MEET The Lumberjack thiiily-clads copped two firsts, two seconds, and one third in the Southwestern Exposition and Fat Stock Show track meet held in Fort ' Worth, a feat which earned the small squad fourth place in the college division. Yeoman and Collier- took first places in the 100-yard dash and shot put respec- tively, and Collier also placed second in the discus throw. The Jack 440-relay team took second, and Carter came in third in the 220-yard dash. IRA WIGGINS Shofner takes lead in 220-low hurdles at Fort Worth. T E N N S LEFT TO RIGHT: Bobby Watson, Don Crouch, Raymond Harrison, Rudy Bowden, Pat Meadow, and Dr. A. L. Long, coach. DON CROUCH LEFT TO RIGHT: J. Leslie Shelburne, C. D. Thomas, Jr., Percy Blount, " Curly " Roque- more, Lynn Hill, Tommy McNeil, Charles Finney. BACK ROW: Left to Right: T. C. Stephens, James Bcryes, Arthur Clemons, Troy Johnson, Coach Joe Gallegher, Foster Davis, Johnny Beasley, John Taylor, Paul Smith, Ben Wallace, Robert Birdwell, James Weatherford, Clyde Sheffield, Rudy Bowden, and Edward Taylor. FRONT ROW: Left to right: Don Crouch, Damon Hollingsworth, Jack Scales, Paul Griffith, William Ford, Jimmy Moore, Ernest Mullins, Lud Davis, King Blake, Donald Beal, Grady Lewis, and Glynon Williamson. INTRAMURAL CHAMPS TUSH HOGS DEFEAT AUSTINITES FOR TITLE The Tush Hogs maintained a sUm lead in the final minutes of play to edge the Austinites 42-39, for the intramural basketball championship. Both teams entered the game undefeated. Miles and Manning led the scoring for the Hogs, while Hughes and Meajdows were leading the Austinites. The two teams were evenly matched, and the fans enjoyed a real thriller from start to finish. This was the first large scale intramural program to be organized in four years. The league was very successful despite the fact that it was slightly unbalanced; the Hogs and Austinites outclassed most of the other competition. The nine teams that composed the league were the Outlaws, Sawyers, Heavyweights, Heated Heavers, Independents, Tigers, Doodlebugs, Tush Hogs, a nd the Austinites. " LEFT FOOT FORWARD AT THE McNEES GAME. " CLAYTON LAYS IT IN THE GOAL. (McNEES GAME) ALL STAR BASKETBALL TEAM AMITIE BASKETBALL TEAM FRONT ROW: ELIZABETH WALLACE, ANNIE MAE HUDSON PRONT ROW: ELIZABETH WALLACE, RACHEL YARBROUGH, GAY MERLE CLAYTON, ODELL PELHAM JOHN MORGAN SECOND ROW: DR. LUCILLE NORTON, COAJH, SUSAN SECOND ROW: FRANCES JANE WALL, SUSAN BURROWS, BURROWS, MARJORIE SMITH, BILLIE SUE PETERS GRACE RICHARDS i ANNIE MAE HUTSON HEAD OF SOFTBALL ' ALL TIME OUT TO READ " THE PINE LOG " EN ROUTE TO S. F. A. — SAM HOUSTON GIRLS BAS- KETBALL GAME. BADMINTON CHAMPS FRANCES JANE WALL, SUSAN BURROWS, BILLIE SUE PETERS, ANNIE MAE HUTSON. ALL-STAR SPEKDBALL GAYMERLE CLAYTON, SUSAN BURROWS, ANNIE MAE HUTSON, BILLIE SUE PETERS, ELIZABETH WALLACE, DOROTHY DILLARD, CLAUDIE WATSON, ERNESTINE FLEMING. LAKE CHARLES WAS NICE, BUT I ' LL TAKE TEXAS ANY OLE ' TIME! " Mv soul into the Ixniglis does glide There, hke a liird it sits and sings . . " —Andrew Mar el " Lilt ()nr arms to the stars And gi e an immortal shont " -John Hall W ' hcelock " Look up, look np and seek yoin Maker Before ( n travel on .... " —From Lonesome Road " In the day of deceit when ends meet; In the da ' of despair when the heart ' s hare- Turn to V ' oiir God! .... — Aixhibiild MiicLcish M O D R N D A N C " Beneath the whitening stars I flew And floated moon-like on the breeze . " — . nna Hempstead Brand ' He that is down needs fear no fall. He that is low, no pride .... " —John Bnin a ' " But what have I, hut what have !, mv fri ' Mid, To give you, what can vou rceeivc tiom me? . ••-T. ,S. Eliot " Jesus is fairer; Jesus is pmer. He makes our sorrowing spirit sing . . . . " Beautiful Savior . . . . Melius Christiansen mi Rachel Yarbrough PRESIDENT Edwin Gaston VICE-PRESIDENT James Homer Hughes SECRETARY-TREASURER Jim Wilson SERGEANT-AT-ARMS Damon Hollingsworth PARLIAMENTARIAN Kenneth Cariker REPORTER Carl Burrows FIRST TERM OFFICERS i PRESIDENT Allen Sturrock VICE-PRESIDENT J. Leslie Shelburne SECRETARY-TREASURER Marion Sheppard PARLIAMENTARIAN Ray Myers POLL DIRECTOR John Louis Schmidt HEALTH OFFICER Lewis Buckner SECOND TERM OFFICERS The AUSTINITES stand for leadership and hi h scholastie standards, undertake to uphold and popu- larize the traditions of our alma mater, to promote sincere fraternity amonp, ourselves and to foster and sponsor desirable school projects. Club Beauty JOAN TOWNSEND Sponsor FREDERICK BAUMGARTNER ROSTER OF MEMBERS Real, Ralph Brown, Jerry Brown, Bruce Buckner, Lewis Carter, Dayton Cariker, Kenneth Colburn, Sam Collier, Albert Conger, Samuel Billingsley, Robert Heaton, Jimmie Dudley, James Devereaux, Frank Gaston, Ed Dickens, Ferman Garner, Bill Gifford, Jess Hughes, Sherman Hollingsworth, Damon Haynes, Charles King, J. B. Lowe, Charles Lilly, Murray Meriwether, Toiu Due, Linwood Mahone ' , Bob Myers, Ra - Nelson, James Price, Tra is Ree es, Perry Schmidt, John L. Shelburne. J. L. Mon ingo, Bob Shepherd, Marion Sturrock, Allen Tippett. Bobbie W ' iggens, Ira ' i]son. Bubba Wilson. James R. Yeoman. Jack Ramse , Ed Jones. Phil MradcnCs. Pat FIRST ROW — Doris Tillery, Virginia Stephens, Jane Ruth Morrison, Emily Summers, Betty Yarbrough, Bobbie Kerr, Bobby Hargis SECOND ROW — Jane Goodrich, Jeannine Jasper, Peggy Childers, Pat Kelly, Rey Glazener, Madeline Lilly, Patsy Simmons THIRD ROW — Charlotte McMillen, Polly Jones, Mary Lee Mangham, Jeaninne Kaiser, Doris Jean Brooks, Beth Thompson, Curtis Jean Brooks NOT PICTURED - Alice Chandler, Bobbie Glazener, Elaine Broadfoot, Willie B. Carter FIDELE OFFICERS i GENE RHODES 1st Term President .J DEAN BLESSING, JR. 1st Term President CHARLIE MORGAN 2nd Term President BUFORD HUGHES GEORGE GRIGSBY ROBERT R. HOGAN JAMES PARTIN NELSON RUSCHE CARL FOSTER BEN M. WALLACE CHARLIE MACK BAILEY RAY W. HARRISON, JR. L. J. CONNER BILL GLAZENER JIMMY DORSEY JIMMY R WILKINS JAMES CAMPBELL JACK JONES HAROLD WALLACE BILLY DOUGLASS VICTOR ROPER CHARLES EARLE DON McCULLOUGH JOHNNY SANDLIN CHARLES WRIGHT LAZ CORLEY ALBERT LONG ODELL NICHOLS ORLAND STRICKLAND LIZ TALMADGE Vice-President TEDDY ROGERS Sergeant-at-Arms JOHNNIE CONNALLY JEAN DEVEREAUX BILL EVANS CATHERINE EVANS JANE GEEN LOIS MARIE GIBBS GENELL GODLEY NELWYN HANN BOBBIE HARRIS DOTTIE BETH HAYES MARY HOGG MARIE HURST MARGARET LOKEY LAVON LOVELL TUT LOVING LYNN McCLAIN EDITH McLEROY CAROLYN MUCKLEROY President JERRY CHANEY Secretary-Treasurer LOREE RAINBOLT Reporter DORIS JEAN McFARLING BILLIE SUE MARTIN JONELL MESSEC CURTIS JEAN METCALF JULIA ANNE MILLER MARY JEAN OLDS MARTHA PRICE JIMMIE LEA PRICKETT MARY JANE RAMSEY ANNE REESE HAZEL SHELTON MARY SLOVER EVELYN EARL SPROTT GAYLA STEGALL DOLLIE THAMES MARY ALICE TUCKER JO ANN WILLIAMS DOROTHY JO WRIGHT Ed Abernethy James Alexander Leo Anger Don Barkett Emmett Battise Winifred Battise Norris Birdwell Percy Blount C. J. Bonnette Bill Brightwell Bubba Burrows James Burt John Cason Don Crouch Ludd Davis Baker Denman C. C. Denman Russell Denman R. B. Dennis John Douglas Bobby Ellington Albert Floyd Bubba Freeman Reuben Gibson Fred Holleman Norris Holt Robin Hooper Clemit Hyden David Irwin Cecil James Mitchell Jetton Bert Karrer Luke Kennedy Terry Lippard Joe Lowe Norwood Lowery Wilburn Lynch Gleason Martin Webb Melder Fritz McCameron Carl Messec Leroy Molbert Hubert Mott Thomas Murray Dillon Olds Cecil Parrish Don Persons O. E. Permenter Jack Pierce James Rainbolt W, C. Rainbolt Thomas Roebuck Charles Reynolds Cyril Roberts James Sharp J. D. Sheppard John Lee Shofner Oliver Talmadge Eugene Tannery Raymond Tatum Billy Taylor Charles Taylor Irvin Thompson Orville Todd James Weatherford W. R. WilUams Winfred Williams H. W. Wilson E. L. Yarbrough INDEPENDENTS 1ST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT (SITTING): Neuville Bogard, Bill Parish, James Kennedy, George Oliver, Elbert Bagly, Howard Neil, Weldon Davis. 2ND ROW: Marjorie Perkins, Virginia Warren, Patricia Wallace, Alnet Scott, Odell Pelham, Rene Perkins, Nelda Sap- pington, Lanore Nevins, Lillie Mae Race. 3RD ROW: Wade Morris, James Walters, Dennis Maynard, Harold Hogan, Rudy Bowden, Charles Beddingfield, Ray Hurst, Sammy Slaydon, Maurice Hairgrove, Sam Collins, Tilden Nesmith. NOT PICTURED: Willa D. Brown Betty McKinney Eleanor Miles Dave Martines Edward Gentry Larry Guinn Bill Langford Reagan Guy C. R. Buckner Clyde Lowe Charles Forse Bill Abies David Goble Jack Duff C. O. Perry Cecil Richey C. D. Price Robert Ferguson Morris Jarrott Edwin C. Boynton Lewis Thomas Archie Pickett Opal Ford Lawasa Owen Darwin Dudley Garvis Smithhart Marvin Davenport Betty Sue Stephenson Shirley McCrory Janie Lou White Edward Helpenstell Harry Noble Kenneth Carson Fred Alexander Betty Jean Conner James Freeman Glen Hatch James Rhiddlehoover Grady Kyle Morris Perkins Dennis Maynard OFFICERS DEAN BLESSING President C. C. DENMAN Vice-President VERNON lENKINS Secretary JACK SWANZY Treasurer FOSTER DAVIS Sergeant-at-Arms NEUVILLE BOGARD Reporter JOE LOWE Parliamentarian DR. W. R. DAVIS Sponsor GRAND ORDER OF ROYAL BARRI5TER5 MEMBERS Foster Davis C. C. Denman Jack Swanzy Neuville Regard Bert Korrer Joe Lowe Hubert Mott Dr. W. R. Davis Ed Abemethy Dean Blessing Russell Denman Vernon Jenkins Mortel Mills James Sharp NOT PICTURED K. P. Carson W. C. Rainbolt Lamar Lilly Charles Beck Edwin Gaston John Lee Shofner G. L. Westmoreland FT lLtejo. 3 Anne Nelson Ernestine Fleming Bobby Hargis Julia Anne Miller Grace Richards Norma Fay Rider Nelda Sappington Hazel Shelton Mary Slover Nadine Lindsey Lorene Baker Peggy Barber Curtis Brooks Doris Brooks " Bill " Evans Jane Goodrich Jean Devereaux Laurine Gray Bobbie Irish Billye King Annye Lee La Fleur Edith McLeroy Mary Jean Olds Rose O ' Ouinn Janie Parrish Lucille Peebles Irene Perkins Marjorie Perkins Gaymerle Clayton Bennie Jane Davis Dorothy Dillard Betty Stephenson Virginia Stephens Doris Tillery Joan Townsend Lounita Watson Percy Lee Whaley Betty Yarborough Laffelle Youngblood Margaret Potts Claudie Watson REPORTER PRESIDENT SEC.-TREAS. Norma Fay Rider " Bill " Evans Grace Richards u Norma 1- ay Kider Bill Lvans Orace hichards J e !Lraj-pjj-JT- b44d f KARLE BAKER THEATRE GUILD President — EDWARD ABERNETHY Vice-President — JOHN CASON Secretary — HAZEL SHELTON Treasurer — JULIA ANN MILLER Sergeant-at-Arms BOBBY ELLINGTON Reporter — BOBBIE JEAN KERR Vifgioia Lee Steptiens Josephine Middleton Mionie S, Maftio Nadine Lindsef Oorotlif Ctadibejs Chafles hmm Marjofie Peflins Sam Colburo Reba Cassitf JotiDOf Douglass Julia Anne Miller Dan Landers Ciiarles Summefs Not Pictured: Gene Davidson Lfnn McClain ELLEN H. RICHARD5 LOUISE NORMAN President 1st Term LAWASA OWENS President 2nd Term JOSIE LOU HAGEN Vice-President DORIS McCLAIN Secretary HELEN COE Treasurer OPAL FORD Reporter JONELL POOL MESSEC Program Chairman MILDRED BATES Room Hostess GLENNIE D. THOMPSON Yearbook Chairman CLARA WOOD JORDAN GENEVA GRACE KENNEDY MARIAN LEE SOPHIA. LOWRANCE POLLY MALLORY MARY ALICE McLEROY LANORE NIVENS ODELL PELHAM MARGARET POTTS JO FRANCES ROBERSON BETTY ROTAN HELEN WHITE JANIE WHITE JOAN ROWELL WILLIAMS LAFELLE YOUNGBLOOD MARY WILL GREENV OOD EDNA WILKIN Sponsors JERRY CHANEY-PRESIDEXT RACHEL YARBROUGH-VICE-PRESDENT MRS. HATTIE WILFONG HOSTESS I Am VIRGINIA WARREN-HISTORIAN CURTIS BROOKS-REPORTER Gibbs HqII Counci WING COUNCILORS LEFT TO RIGHT: Lillie Mae Race, Rachel Yarbrough, Curtis Brooks, Mrs. Wilfong, J erry Chanev, Tut Loving, and Ernestine Fleming. NOT PICTURED: Sue Burrows and Anne Nelson Marilyn listens to G. D. The council at work Campus strolling Margarett at Ridgecrest The BAPTIST STUDENT UNION is a con- necting link between the college and the church. It seeks to enlist all Baptist and preference stu- dents in the organizations of the church, and to deepen the spiritual life of all college students. THE COUNCIL President — Mono Lee McGee Enlistment Vice-Presidents Bernice Travis Gene Rhodes Devotional Vice-President Don Crouch Social Vice-Presidents Julia Anne Miller George Donald Feazell Secretary — Helon Baldwin Treasurer — Christine Crouch PuWicity — Marie Collins Chorister — Travis Price Representatives of Organizations: Training Union — G. W. Valentine Sunday School — Marilyn Gee and Ray Myers Y. W. A.— Norma Faye Rider Magazine Representative — William Edgar Church Representatives — Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Stone Faculty Advisor — Dr. Roy H. Adams Pastor — Rev. L. E. Lamb Student Secretary — Margarett Chandler Picnics galore Spring Retreat at Middlebrook Farm METHODI5T 5TUDENT UNION President — Reuben Powell Vice-President — Mrs. Carl Messec Secretary — Mary Hazel Conger Treasurer — Victor Roper Methodist Publications — Billie Crawford Recreation Chairman — Louise Norman OFFICERS Social Chairman — Ruth Dillen Reporter — John Cason Dormitory Contact Representatives — Grace Richards, Percy Whaley, Sam Colburn, W. C. Rainbolt Sponsor — Harry N. Holmes S. ¥. A. AGGIE CLUB OFFICERS FALL TERM President ----- Allen Sturrock Vice-Pres. - -- Clois Walker 2nd Vice-Pres. Robert Hogan 3rd Vice-Pres. R. Q. Perkins Secretary A. J. Thompson Treasurer - -- -- -- -- -- James Vest Reporter Orville Todd Historian Leroy McPhail Sentinel ---- James Permenter SPRING TERM President ------ James Vest Vice-Pres. - - Charles Lowe 2nd Vice-Pres. Buford Hughes 3rd Vice-Pres. - - - - Percy Burke Secretary - - -- - Eldon Davis Treasurer - - Aurbon Crow Reporter ---------- Robert Hogan Historian Smith Permenter Sentinel - -- - H. L. Ogden SPONSORS: Dr. J. L. SulHvan and Mr. J. C. Green Front Row: Lowell Westmoreland, Clois Walker, J. G. Crenshaw, R. Q. Perkins, Dr. J. L. Sullivan, Richard Comte, Buford Hughes, Cecil Deauman, J. C. Green, James Permenter, R. H. Bounds, Smith Permenter. Second Row: G. T. Battle, J. W. Strode, H. L. Ogden, Joseph Farrell, Lenord Sowell, Wilson Hardy, Robert Adams, Martin Barrington, Aurbpn Crow, Charles Lowe, James Anderson. Third Row: Ross Garrett, James A. Vest, Robert Hogan, Allen Sturrock, Shirley Bounds, Sam Nooner, A. J. Thompson, Eldon Davis, Bill Parrish, Luke Kennedy, Tommy Rambin, John Taylor, Roy Hanna, Vernon Scarbrough, Bennett Christopher. Not in Picture: Garrell Westmoreland, Leroy McPhail, Orville Todd, Percy Burke. SUSAN BURROWS PRESIDENT LUCILLE NORTON SPONSOR DOROTHY DILLARD VICE-PRESIDENT BILLIE SUE PETERS REPORTER MILDRED BANKS SECRETARY BILLIE CRAWFORD TREASURER MEMBERS (LEFT TO RIGHT) First Row: Jecnnine Kaiser, Dorothy Dillard, Gay Merle Clayton, Billie Sue Peters, Curtis Brooks Second Row: Annie Mae Hutson, Odell Pelham, Claudia Watson, Percy Whaley, Elizabeth Wallace Third Row: Rachel Yarbrough, Su- san Burrows, Alnet Scott NOT PICTURED: Mary Slover Margie Smith Jeannine Neill Lucille Peebles Mary Hogg Reba Cassity Opal Ford Billie Jo King Earnestine Fleming Aviation LEFT TO RIGHT: Clarence Stanfield, Dick Muckleroy, J. P. Sullivan, John Baker Terry Crawford (Air- port Manager), Lanore L. Nivens, John E. Chaney, James Dudley Fred Alexander, Carl Foster, O. R. Hurst, Tom E. Rutlferford (Instructor), Keneth P. Carson, and Don Barkett. ■ THE PIAMO DEPARTMENT MISS MAMIE MIDDLEBROOK PIANO INSTRUCTOR PUPILS FIRST ROW: Emily Quattlebaum, Billie Jo Holt, Harolyn Hooker, Auderle Simons, Charlotte Fulmer, Elizabeth Monk, Sylvia Johnson, Sara Moore, Robert Lewis Matchett, Sarah Alice Gilmore. SECOND ROW: Ester Marie Hargis, Charlotte Burrows, Carol Ann Crawford, Ann Matchett, Martha Gee, Richard Hall, Mac Middlebrook, Read Dougherty, Chris Nelson. THIRD ROW: Lynn Boumgartner, Sandra Fulmer, Mary Jane Powers, Paulann Boynton, Charlotte Ruth Dorsey, Charlotte Brazil, Mary Ellen Brazil, Kenneth Fulmer. TOP ROW: Nancy Ruth Burrows, Betty Barber, Peggy Ann McKay, Starr Davis, Tommye Matthews, Andrew Hall, Erwin Dougherty, Mamie Middlebrook. NOT PICTURED: Helen Williams, Priscilla Abshier, Carolyn Coe, Shirley Jean Driver, C. F. Cooper, Bill Davis, Margueteen Feazell, Mary Ruth Dillen, Warren R. Ryland, Dorothy Fults, R. E. Green, Frances Harris, Dana Harris, Carolyn Kendrick, Leona Lewis, Nancy McKewen, Jo Ann McKewen, Garvis Smithhart, and Jerry Loveall. COLLEGE Back Row: Jack Smith. Bill Johnson. Bill Briggs, Robert Kenerly Second Row: Ray Grilfith, Jerry Loveall Front Row: William Averett, Bob Monzingo, Bill Davis. Charles Cooper. Jess Pettey Piano. Dorothy Hudgins; Bass Viol, Ferdinand Ross; Drums. Kenneth Colwell; Trombone. Buddy Ryland LUMBERJACK BAND DIRECTOR: J. T. COX 4- f ' V JOHNNIE CONNALLY JEANNINE JASPER PROFESSIONAL FORESTRY STUDENTS CLUB MEMBERS FRONT ROW: CARL FOSTER, J, N. BOGARD, R. D. BILLINGSLEY, JIMMY WILKINS, W. G, GRIGSBY, G. W. VALENTINE, JAMES PEMENTER, C. L, MALLORY, K. J. MORGAN, FRED ALEXANDER. SECOND ROW: F. V. NESMITH, FOSTER DAVIS, MARVIN-DAVENPORT, J. L. GRAIN, ALBERT VICKERY, JOE SITTON, W. F. DENSON, H. L. OGDEN, BENNETT CHRISTOPHER. THIRD ROW: JACK SWANZY, JOHNNY LONG. RALPH McKINNEY, A.. H. ASBY, S. L. LINDSEY, R. F. DRUCKHAMMER, C. R. BUCKNER, RAYMOND HAGLER, HUBERT MOTT. THE PINE LOG Published every week by the students of Stephen F. Austin S ate •llego. Enteied at the United States Post Office in Nacoffdoches, Texas as H ' rtiul Class Matter under the Aft of Coiigi-ess of March 3, 1879. hn V. Wilson, Editor Loree Rainboit, Business Mgr. Lawrence Franks, Faculty Advisor C. Stallings Associate Editor Jwin Caslon Special Feature Editor -an Weaver • Society Editor uward Ray Page Sports Editor Contributing staff: Maurice Hairgro ' ve, Mary Lou Scale, Ann Reese, irl Burrows, Nelda Sappington, Jean Keeling. Bob Monzingo. Sub.scription rates: One 7- ' ' ' :yi ' t .». esters $1.50 ' •■ ' ' .V I 01 ' nit the Ui ■ the L.r lor " etT o c ' ' ' ' ' 1 ; I r r THE 1947 5TONE FORT CAROLYN MUCKLEROY Editor JULIA ANNE MILLER Assistant Editor TRAVIS PRICE Business Manager STONE FORT STAFF CAROLYN MUCKLEROY - Editor JULIA ANNE MILLER Assistant Editor TRAVIS N. PRICE BusiT ess Manager DR. C. F. SHELEY ... - Sponsor MRS. LOREE RAINBOLT -- -. Senior Editor HAZEL SHELTON Junior Editor ED ABERNETHY -- Sophomore Editor MARY JEAN OLDS - - Freshman Editor DOLLIE THAMES - Freshman Editor LIZ TALMADGE Favorite Editor MRS. JEAN DEVEREAUX Art and Layout JEAN WEAVER Organizations Editor KENNETH CARIKER - Sports Editor ALLEN FREEMAN Sports Editor SUE BURROWS Sports Editor MARY SLOVER Features Editor EDITH McLEROY Features Editor GENE TANNERY Features Editor C. C. DENMAN Photographer JEAN KEELING Typist C. C. DENMAN Photographer Pictured at top are class editors, Thames, Abemethy, Olds, Rainbolt, and Shelton. In the center. Tannery and McLeroy working on features; Talmadge and Devereaux making layouts. Pictured below are sports editors Cariker and Freeman, with the editor. 5f emOHdMauoH ' BoUool SENIORS 1947 PRESIDENT Billy Nations i 1. . s!.-5 J SECRETARY Jo Nan Shaw Lorraine Bailey Christine Bradberry Richard Burgess Roland Burrows Tommie Chancellor Rose Mary C];awford Edna Merle Cox Bobbie Doss Margreteene Feazsll VICE-PRESIDENT Bennett Hanna TREASURER Omie Dell Wells Rosene Bailey A-- It Ercille Fulmer Kenneth Fulmer LaVene Gates Mozelle Hampton Glenn Harvin Earl Heitman Barbara Holt Rex Layton Gwendolyn Martin Peggye McClain Bailey Nations Nancy Osborne Bobby Parrish Charles Peacock Harry Pettey Jeannie Shaw Billie L. Sullivan Betty Trevathan Jean Westmoreland Doris Y ' Barbo ELEVENTH GRADE FIRST ROW: (left to right) Eugene Haney, Billy Dove, W. D. Slay, Bobby Kerr, Roy Pierce, James Reed, Erwin Dougherty. SECOND ROW: (left to right) Miss Virginia Lewis, sponsor of Junior Class, Betty Barber, Billie Malone, Betty Jo Pleasant, Hazel Shaw, Molly Strode, Sue Chambers, Connie Mae Polk. THIRD ROW: (left to right) Ruby Childers, Roy Commander, Dwain Joiner, Loy Weaver, W. T. Green, Troyis Wilson, Rita Jo Russell. TENTH GRADE FIRST ROW: (left to right) Robert Lane Clark, Don Clark, Jimmy Hammett, Tommy Cox, Andrew Hall, Luther Swift, Lindell Westmoreland, Eddie Joiner, Ralph Slay. SECOND ROW: (left to right) Billie Jean Buhler, Hattie Jean Rocquemore, Jo Lane Dennard, Bar- bara Nell Dillen, Emma Lee King, Ima Jane Denman, Bobbie Lynn Hall, Viola Bailey. THIRD ROW: (left to right) J. E. Deen, Odell Myers, James Denman, Wesley Pybus, L. V. Foster, Cleo Lowery, Lester Honeycutt, James Ray King, Mrs. Hol{ Davis, sponsor. NINTH GRADE l- ' iRST ROW: (left to right) Fred Joplin, Levon Foster, B. B. Stanfield, Forrest Austin Dillon, Clyde Giles, John Pleasant, Lewis Mora, Billy Warren Stripling. SECOND ROW: (left to right) Sandra Fulmer, Patricia Fairchild, Sylvia Jones, Frances Ann Par- tin, Joyce McGehee, Ellen Matthews, Frances Ann McCauley, Patsy Spencer. THIRD ROW: (left to right) Floyce Irvine, Marie Koonce, Miss Louise Hathcock, sponsor, and Sue Jean Haltom. Not Pictured: Eileen Sullivan and Marjorie Miles. EIGHTH GRADE FIRST ROW: (left to right) Jackie Bailey, Jerry Daughtery, Marvin McBride. SECOND ROW: (left to right) Paulann Boynton, Sara Bess Brookshire, Bessie Stephens, Louise Hoya, Lena Beth Alexander, Dwayne Foster. Miss Whaley, sponsor. SEVENTH GRADE FIRST ROW: (left to right) Nola Mae Matthews, Carrol Johnson, Arleene Alford, Kathleen Sulli- van, Peggy Koonce, Jimmy Ouattlebaum, Janet Person. SECOND ROW: (left to right) Charles Dillen, Miss Whaley, sponsor, and Henry Power. FIFTH AND SIXTH GRADES FIRST ROW: (left to right) Shirley Thrash, Betty Hampton, Nancy Burrows, Lynn Baumgartner, Sue Nell Baker, Rebecca Stevens, Frances Harris, Earl Alexander, Richard Childree. SECOND ROW: (left to right) Linda Locke, Judy Grain, J. H. Turner, Firman Alford, Charles Jones, Kyle Fitch, Gordon Hutson, Forrest Braselton. THIRD ROW: (left to right) Valine Hobbs, teacher, Truitt Doss, David Harkrider, Bryan Holt Davis, Jr., Fritz Sheley, Katherine McKinney, Vivian Maynard, Betty Sue Hawkins. THIRD AND FOURTH GRADES FIRST ROW (left to right) Richard Hall, Read Dougherty, George Fitch, Phil Prince, Norman Anderson, Don Westmoreland, Richard Schieffer, Charles McCameron, Glenn Adams. SECOND ROW: (left to right) Diana Barwick, Joanne Allen, Shirley Jo Whitton, Carol Wanamaker, Dana Harris, Elizabeth Monk, Charlotte Fulmer, Janice McBride, Nita Gayle Mefford, Margie Nell Turner, Barbara McGehee. THIRD ROW: (left to right) Dorothy Hammett, Mary Lacey, Wayne Baker, Chris Nelson, James Fitch, Lucette Sharp, teacher, Delories Sutton, Priscilla Abshief, Nancy McKewen, Lory Kenneson. SECOND GRADE FIRST ROW: (left to right) Bobbie Jean Phillips, Hazel Wilson, Charlotte South, Jerry Lee Burk, Travis Neil Bane, Bill Bass, John Oliver Sutton, Loy Scoggins, John Angle, John Lynn Burrows. SECOND ROW: (left to right) Joe Pat Johnson, Harolyn Hooker, Billie Jo Holt, Valerie Braselton, Linda Sue Tate, Ethel Scott, teacher, Faye Rene Alexander, Thomas Smith, Emily Ouattle- boum, Patricia Cooper. FIRST GRADE FIRST ROW: (left to right) Jan Schieffer, Mary Frances Phillips, Carolyn Jowell, Sandra Honeycutt, Peggy Ann Doss, Sylvia Ann Moore, Jean Bul- lock, Susan Henigan, Rona Fae Beseler. SECOND ROW: (left to right) Donald Dorman, Frankie Boles, Phil Darby, Mrs. Martin, teacher, Billy Jack Hammett, Jimmy Partin, Terry Boatman, Billy Pierce. DIRECTOR OF DEMONSTRATION SCHOOL Serving as director of the Demonstration School since 1927, Mr. J. J. Wilson has been largely responsible for the growth of that institution. He has shown his ability to manage the school in an efficient, yet pleasant way, and thereby has won for himself a host of friends and good wishes. FAVORITES BEAUTIFUL — HANDSOME Lorraine Bailey Bobby Kerr POPULAR Jeannie Shaw Bailey Nations ALL-ROUND Rosene Bailey Jimmy Hammett — Pi 1 Us REGISTRATION BUT To every freshman, the first two days he or she spent matriculating at college is a never-to-be-forgotten experience. To the upperclassman, it is just a hard day ' s work. Getting a class schedule and schedule card, arranging classes only to have them re-arranged by faculty members if the student has to stand in line too long before getting signed up for a class, obtaining the final okay, filling out a card at every step :; Methodist NOT FOR THE ARMY . . . up and down the main line, waiting outside the book store is a hard job in any man ' s school. These shots were taken during registration for the fall semes- ter. Here we see faculty members and students just as they appeared. This is the place where many a person has said, " Here is where my papa ' s money goes, " as he forked over a $37.00 registration fee. And this is the place where few of the many would like to get their books and go home instead of spending more time. RUSH WEEK The one week in the school year when everyone gets enough of parties is Rush Week. The significance of all the festivities is to show the new students that they can attend social gather- ings at night and still meet classes the following day. The 1946 fall semester rush week turned out to be a; fine occasion for all. The enrollment of the college exceeded that of former years and all the clubs wanted to get the " cream of the crop. " The old members of the boys ' clubs smiled continuously, patted backs, and served coffee and cigars to the beaming candi- RUSH WEEK dates for pledgeship. All the gatherings were glorified bull- sessions; but the Sawyers and Austinites named theirs " smokers, " while the Foresters had a poker party. 1 The girls ' social clubs also had bull-sessions which the Pine Burrs called a tea; the Fideles, a ranch party; and the Amities a cocktail party. At all the functions, the young ladies smiled their best and acted very charmingly. By the end of the week, all the candidates had enough tea, coffee, and cigars to last until the next semester, and the clubs had incurred debts that would take months to erase. no HOMECOMING.. Once a year Stephen F. Austin celebrates an occasion that is appropriately named Homecoming. It is the one time that the old students may return and flaunt their success in the eyes of the callow youngsters who are still struggling to get an edu- cation. Homecoming ' 46 fell on as nice a day as one could wish. The student organizations had planned the day so that none of the Exes would have a dull moment. It was a beautiful after- noon and all the Exes had a chance to tell of their wilder days and condemn the present day scholars for their apathy and lack of fire. The students, in turn, wondered how such a bunch of old fogies ever make a decent living. I, AN EVENTFUL DAY. Dances, meetings, and dinners made the afternoon inter- esting, and the only damper to the spirit of the festivities was the loss of a football game that evening. Everyone had so much fun reviving old acquaintances that it was not given too much thought. After the game came the coronation of the Homecoming Queen. Miss Carolyn Muckleroy was regina of the ball, and the dance that followed— lasting until the wee hours of the morn— was a Terpsichorean endeavor that will long be remembered. At the end of the festivities, the weary Exes plodded back home to recuperate and wait for another year— and Homecom- ing—to roll around again. 2. 3. 4. FRESHMAN DAY Acting President of the Student Body J. Shelburne announcing winners of the day. Rabbit Betty Lee winn ' j: of freshman girls. " Phil " Jones as " Mr. 1947 " — winner of freshman boys. Freshmen take over the band. 5. " Mother " of Gibbs Hall — no doubt! ! 6. Talking over what the y are going to do when they become upperclassmen. 7. Just showing those lovely legs. . . . 8. Speaking of lovely legs — look at Freshmen Prickett ' s and Lokey ' s. 9. What a tiring day — Whew! ! 10. And the band played on as Connolly danced. 1. Nelwyn wondering if this day will ever end. 2. Just an old bag in the crowd — -self-conscious (?) 3. Freshman Price — camera shy . . . 4. Gosh — lookie! Elaine Taylor and Louneita Watson all dressed up. 5. " Sheik of Araby " 6. " Gibbs Hall " Freshmen. 7. Martha and Johnnie looking all too meek. FRESHMAN DAY 8. Powers models — you kidding??? 9. Si, Si, Senorita . . . 10. Gobs of bull 11. Gad!!! 12. Frosh Boynton showing what the well- dressed man will wear. AND GOOD TIMES 1. Pettey ' s orchestra swings into action at an informal luncheon. 2. The Pirate and the Lady. 3. There was room for only one more couple here. See for yourself - - - 4. Which way did he go, George??? 5. The pirates brought their treasures . . . 6. Yarbrough and Sturrock, winners at a costume ball. 7. Rigor Mortis set in about that time. 8. A reminder of " too much " fun. 9. Carmen was there. Tatum was too! ! 10. And the judges had a hard time! WERE HAD BY ALL 1. After the ball was over - - - - 2. Moody, weren ' t they????? 3. Webb must have gone stagl 4. Cute couple. 5. Ferdinand gives with a hot vocal. 6. Cheek to cheek - - 7. Uuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmm — Nice! 8. Tannery swings the President ' s secretary. 9. Bet Bozo and Liz knew this picture was being taken. 10. Ladies! Ho! 11. Funny????? I. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. WORK AND PLAY Barkett didn ' t miss a game " Ear Banger " Tannery! A-rowing we will go. " Posty, " is it that serious?? Inasmuch as I don ' t know, I can ' t say! ! Red, Carolyn, and " Sport " waiting for classes to ' begin, Ipana smile of beauty! Don ' t peep, " Dusty " Odds one — not two to one, Margaret Nell; The old lamplighter — Weatherford. At ease in front of Main. In our solitude. Three grand cheerleaders Waiting for your " Baby, " Bob?? Jim found his! ! AT SFA 1. " Hot Lips " Griffin. 2. Unposed???? 3. Can ' t you stand to hear yourself talk, Pat? 4. Back to nature. 5. Cutting Class. 6. Hiding from something, girls? 7. Baker and his first love. Watch the Fords go by. 9. Jolly couples. 10. Campus cut-ups. 11. My greatest ambition — to be a student. 12. " Legs " Price. 13. Hi-ya, Tex. 14. Rugged crew. 15. Your birthday, Nadine? ' ? FROM INDIA TO S F A 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. Pat caught in the act. — and then there was the one about — Some freshman girls help build a bonfire. Gee— fellows????? Summertime. Reuben and his charming smile. Just strutting. The triumvirate. Where are the blankets, boys??? Slover, just smiling too! Billie Sue waiting for Gleason. Carla just waiting. Why so sad, Gayle? Cooper, our best liked student. Jimmie telling Julia Anne all about him. Crip, smile for us. 1. Bring " another cold one, AbuduUah. 2. Halloween party. 3. Miss Henderson — 1947. 4. On the sunny side. 5. Pass the biscuits. Pappy! 6. Is this Lufkin ' s Chamber of Commerce? 7. " Jay " had a crop failure — he wanted a Chrysler! 8. Cox was proud of his band. The craziest people. After chow and before o ' clock class. It snowed that day. Two Lufkinites — it ' s Kennerly and Barfield. ]. In spring, a young man ' s fancy turns to — baseball! 2. The rocks from the roost. 3. Stand on your heaa and see who this is. 4. Collier, I don ' t see that belt! 5. The " ole swimming hole. " 6. Looks good to see a man on Main. 7. Mitch. 8. Percy and Viola wait for classes — or??? 9. Leo, what big feet you have! ! 10. Cutie just saw Jean! 11. Teddy waits for Tutter. 12. Jo Frances stands guard while the girls go in and out the windows. 13. Gleason doesn ' t seem to have in-law trouble. 14. Gibbs Hall girls go to town. 15. George waits for Jane. 16. Shep takes time out to rest at the " hop. " 17. Red gives out with one of his rare smiles. 18. Freshmen, no doubt, just back from Morgan ' s. 19. That touchdown demon! 20. James going to classes, for a change. I. Miss Whaley had a trying day. 22. Seesawing is fun. 23. Mrs. Monzingo. 24. Jean, wash off that " Kat " sign. 25. Been to the corner. 26. The Denman ' s go for the gals. 22. Mildred looking for Harold. 28. Thfese co-eds welcome you to_ SFA. 29. That cute blonde Keeling gal. 30. Where ' d you get that hat. Red? 31. Ride ' em, cowboy! I H - Dr. Long took his Ed. class on a field trip. 2. Nice ccrr, Samford! 3. My buddy. 4. SFA pines are taller than this. 5. " Pick Pick " Reeves. 6. Two Garrisonites with Paula. 7. More lettermen on the cam- pus! 8. The buzzer-girl at Gibbs Hall. 9. Studying? 10. " Red Dog " — need we say more? 11. John Crawford Martin flashes his toothpaste smile. 12. Come down out of that tree, Hazel. 13. Two Mineola Romeos. 14. Men! and how! 15. What ARE you doing, Nelwyn? 16. These two Frosh finally got their hair grown out. 17. Pee Wee, where ' s Dusty? 18. Opal goes to work. 19. Bill " sends " everyone. 1. I think that ' s PIE FACE! 2. What are those things in your hands, boys? 3. Glamour per- sonified. 4. Just Glynon. 5. J. C., where ' s the pipe? 6. Dudley ' s got the favorite bench at the Dorm. 7. Just watching the cars go by Main. 8. Have you seen Orville? 9. Hann studies some now??? 10. My gosh! Why didn ' t I study some? 1. Two pretty boys, " hmmmm. 12. Dora pride of the Pine Burrs. 13. Loafing 14. Whar ' s Li Abner, Liz? 15 Prexy. 1 6. Stac party?? 17. Thredi stellar football stars. 16, From Mineola???? 19. Jus ' y Moody 20. Teeref dropped her cookies afterwords Mflfr 21. Sandlin won a cake. 22 Showi ing Liz how it was done in the Navy 23. All smiles — the day ' s work is done 24. Mrs. Wilfong and her knitting. 25. WOW TO OUR ADVERTISERS: Speaking for the faculty, student body, Stone Fort staff, and myself, I take this opportunity to express our thanks and appreciation for your co-operation in making this Yearbook possible. I am certain the stu- dents of Stephen F. Austin will repay their gratitude by calling fre- quently. TRAVIS PRICE, Business Manager OUR JOB TO SERVE THE PUBLIC! FIRST CLASS REPAIR SERVICE FOR ALL MAKES CARS AND TRUCKS Largest Stock of Parts and Supplies NEV7 AND USED CARS BENT, WILSON CHEVROLET CO. On the Square WRECKER SERVICE STORAGE PHONE 182 Our Gift Shop contains a Gift for Every Occasion Swift Bros. Smith " The Downtown College Drugstore " Sm us for your SCHOOL SUPPLIES and STATIONERY HOME SUPPLY CO. FURNITURE AND APPLIANCES ED HOYA L. L. JASPER THE HERALD PUBLISHING CO., INC. Publishers of THE DAILY SENTINEL THE REDLAND HERALD Nacogdoches, Texas SHOP AT... E. C. BEST AND COMPANY " Tke Smartest Clotkes For Tke Smartest People " COMPLIMENTS SOUTHLAND PAPER MILLS, INCORPORATED Furniture Is a Big Part of It Get Married, and Buy Your Furniture From Us on Easy Terms CASON, MONK CO. NACOGDOCHES CYCLE AND SPORT SHOP BICYCLES SPORTING GOODS TOYS IT PAYS TO PLAY PHONE 54 AIKEN and MARTIN ELECTRICIANS QUICK DEPENDABLE SERVICE 1512 NORTH STREET PHONE 229 NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS Compli omnliments of iSoutnern Ice Company, Inc. 141 COX STREET PHONE 19 NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS WE ARE ON THE JOB WORKING FOR NACOGDOCHES AND BALANCED PROGRAM INDUSTRY AGRICULTURE EDUCATION STEPHEN r. AUSTIN STATE COLLEGE CHAMBER or COMMERCE NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS . X x T ffVATIONAL BANK NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS Under the Same Name Since 1903 Capital: Surplus and Undivided Profits $ 402,282.71 Deposits 7,666,692.24 Resources . 8,084,690.03 OFFICERS 1. L. STURDEVANT, Chr. of Board L. B. MAST, President E. W. MONK, Vice-Pres. and Cashier S. B. HAYTER, Vice-Pres. B. H. WILSON, Assistant Cashier ALTON KING, Assistant Cashier R. E. GILMORE, Assistant Cashier GEORGE V. BURROWS, Assistant Cashier DIRECTORS L. B. MAST R. N. McKINNEY S. B. HAYTER R. N. CASON L L. STURDEVANT E. W. MONK C. N. THOMPSON A. L. NELSON J. R. GRAY G. F. CLARK C. D. THOMAS M. S. WRIGHT This Bank Is a Member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation THE COLLEGE GROCERY " Your Neighborhood Grocery " We Carry Everything You Need in BEST WISHES GROCERIES AND MEATS Jimmy Partin FROM Phone 970 We Deliver BEST WISHES » Bennett-Clark FROM Co., Inc. HARRIS ' LADIES WEAR TRACTORS IMPLEMENTS Compliments NEW ULLEGE GARDEN TRACTORS COFFEE SHOP SADDLES HARNESS MILKERS COOLERS . . . OPEN AFTER EVERY GAME LEATHER GOODS TIRES TUBES NACOGDOCHES IMPLEMENT EVERYTHING IN MUSIC COMPANY AT JOHNSON ' S ELECTRIC mini nrmr nriii mo JOHN DEERE DEALERS 411 EAST MAIN EASY HINES, CO-OWNER MGR. NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS - ' ■ - - — PHONE 797 L — LUFKIN COMPLIMENTS TYPEWRITER COMPANY OF TYPEWRITERS ADDING MACHINES CASH REGISTERS UNITED GAS DICTAPHONES INTER - COMMUNICATION SYSTEM CORPORATION • Sales, Service, Rentals, Supplies D. C. Satterwhite, Manager 14 Shepard Ave. Lufkin, Texas WE SPECIALIZE IN PORTRAITS AND ACTIVITY PICTURES FQR SCHOOL ANNUALS WHEAT PHOTO SERVICE HOUSTON DALLAS " ALWAYS FIRST WITH THE BEST " For over 41 years the name of this institution has stood for all that is substantial and dependable in FINANCIAL AFFAIRS IN EAST TEXAS COMMERCIAL NATIONAL BANK MEMBER, FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION SERVING THE INDEPENDENT RETAIL MERCHANTS OF EAST TEXAS DISTRIBUTORS OF LIBBY ' 5 FINE FOODS WHITE SWAN FLOUR WHOLESALE ONLY Nacogdoches Grocery Company THE LIBERTY HOTEL HUNT PLUMBING SUPPLY CO. | |LEANLINESS 1 CURTESY UOMFORT WHOLESALE • PLUMBING SUPPLIES LET US SERVE YOUR CLASS AND ORGANIZATION BANQUETS. HEATING EQUIPMENT MODERN CAFE PIPE — VALVES — FITTINGS BANQUET FACILITIES • Nacogdoches PHONE 537 Conroe Mt. Pleasant STRIPLING, HAZELWOOD CO. Your REXALL Store When in Nacogdoches, Meet Your Friends 1 at Our Soda Fountain 1 You Are Always Welcome VISIT THE . . . TtAOI.MARK RiO. V. S. PAT. OPr. COLLEGE DRUG STORE " Where Your Business Is Appreciated " N acogdoclies Bottling Co. Elmer Childers IT PAYS TO SHOP AT ! COLLEGE SPORTING GOODS J. e. fmMMtr co,, tMo, STORE COLLEGE SUPPLIES FISHING TACKLES ATHLETIC GOODS • HUNTING SUPPLIES HARDWARE AND TOYS NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS HUMBLE COLLEGE SERVICE STATION C. A. NORTON, OWNER AUTO ELECTRIC SHOP DEALERS IN GENERAL ELECTRIC FEATURING REFRIGERATORS APPLL NCES ESSO EXTRA AND HUMBLE MOTOR FUEL PHONE 777 " 997 " AND ESSO MOTOR OILS NACOGDOCHES. TEXAS A VARIETY OF SERVICES FOR YOUR CAR PHONE 653 WHERE THE STUDENTS GO Compliments HELPINSTILL AUTO SUPPLY NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS Jewel Helpinstill, Owner COMPLIMENTS E ' » WLHERBaBtTtf YOUR FORD DEALER 131 WEST MAIN STREET NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS PHONE 196 BEST WISHES FROM NACOGDOCHES CITY LINES COMPLIMENTS . . . LEVY ' S MAN ' S SHOP " The Smart Store For Men " PHONE 378 NACOGDOCHES. TEXAS MIZE BROS. DEPT. STORE B. C. GROCERY MKT. " Your Grocer Friend " COME AND VISIT THE HOME OF GOOD FOOD QUALITY MECHANDISE NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS FOR SPORTING GOODS. HARDWARE. AND HOUSE FURNISHING — SEE — BRANCH - PATTON HDW. CO. PERRY BROTHERS 5-10 and 25c Store DEPEND ON " AIR CONDITIONED FOR YOUR COMFORT " ALL STANDARD BRANDS IN QUALITY 5-10 and 25c THE COLLEGE STORE MERCHANDISE CLEANERS Make Our Store Your Headquarters FOR YOUR CLEANING MAKE YOUR OLD SHOES NEW . . . AND PRESSING AT THE " THEY CAN CLEAN ' EM " COLLEGE SHOE SHOP J. D. TIDWELL BILL DEATON OWNER OWNER NIBCO OF Texas, inc. i Congratulates the Class of 947 COMPLIMENTS OF . . . BaDor COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHERS COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHY ENLARGEMENTS ELECTRO PHOTO COPYINO PHOTO FINISHING COMPLIMENTS OF SCHMIDT ' S FEMININE APPAREL NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS PALMER HOTEL COURTS AND COFFEE SHOP 1 MILE FROM COLLEGE ON HIGHWAY 59 COMPLIMENTS OF NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS FOR BETTER PORTRAITS SCHLUETER ' S STUDIO NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS COMPLIMENTS Wm. PERRY CAMPBELL CONSIGNEE MAGNOLIA PETROLEUM PRODUCTS Nacogdoches County, Texas Compliments of Moody R. Alford Grocery and Market FIDELITY UNION LIFE INSURANCE " CAN PUT GOLD IN YOUR POCKET WHEN SILVER IS IN YOUR HAIR " J. R. HOLT Nacogdoches, Texas Phone 209 CONGRATULATIONS . . . TO THE 1947 CLASS AND TO THE 1947 5TONE FORT 5TONE-CRAWFORD BUILDING MATERIAL CO. NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES TO OUR NEW FRIENDS AT STEPHEN F. AU5TIN 5TATE COLLEGE PROVIDING SAFE-COMFOR TABLE-RELIABLE TRANSPORTATION FOR THE LUMBERJACKS DIXIE-5UNSHINE TRAIL WAYS (SUCCESSORS TO AIRLINE MOTOR COACHES) All Over Deep East Texas COMPLIMENTS PURE MILK ICE CO. COMPLIMENTS OF Bluebonnet Dairy Products H. R. MAST Phone 100 Nacogdoches, Texas YOUR DODGE DEALER FOR 25 YEARS ★ ★ " SAY IT WITH FLOWERS, BUT SAY IT WITH OURS " S. F. A. FLOWER SHOP WE DELIVER DAY PHONE NIGHT PHONE 417 392 910 NORTH STREET NACOGDOCHES. TEXAS SALES-SERVICE ★ ★ 112 North Street Nacogdoches, Texas COMPLIMENTS OF TEXAN AND STONE FORT THEATRES NACOGDOCHES " WHERE EVERY PATRON IS AN HONORED GUEST " THE SIGN OF FRIENDLY SERVICE Throughout Texas, the Humble sign flashes a friendly greeting to motorists, invites them to the driveways of stations fully equipped and capably manned to render prompt, experienced service. Restrooms are spotless. Products ore second to none. Let the Humble station in your neighborhood care for your car. And when you travel Texas highways, stop at the Humble stations along your route. You ' ll get improved performance from your cor. more comfort for yourself. Stop for friendly service at any Humble sign. OVER 6.000 TEXAN5 ARE WAITING TO WELCOME YOU UNDER THE HUMBLE SIGN The aim of THE 1947 STONE FORT is to portray in permanent form some of the highlights of this school year. Through pic- torial illustrations an attempt is made to give permanency to out- standing events and occasions in a manner that will make it pos- sible to enjoy and relive many years hence the inspiration of the time. Various cross-sections of our college life are informally pre- sented. In order to obtain great- er variety, no definite theme per- meates the sections, but we trust that the continuity of our daily contacts and activities is in no wise impaired by the lack of a theme. Let a simple expression convey my sincere appreciation for the privilege of editing this publication. ' Thanks a million, " faculty, students, and staff, for your cooperation, diligence, and interest. Annually yours. CAROLYN MUCKLEROY, EDITOR THE 1947 STONE FORT if ¥m mm.

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