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Stephen F Austin State University - Stone Fort Yearbook (Nacogdoches, TX) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Cover

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1U Stone fy-ont PubliAJted by the liuderiU MtepAen tf. Austin Mtate £dito BiUie WcdlUu} BnlineAA. Mf . . . jjea+ute Waldnop, Sectetantf . . . JlaM Ue (liokcsidt SnapiAai Editor . . Commie. 7Ua na i A U jbPieciafi . AfM Minnie B. Maxtin tzsn-d ' JZ 4 pa C- eJe os?o e v " tliat from these honored dead we take increased devotion to that cause for which they gave t)ic last full measure of devotion—that we here highly resolve that these dead sliall not have died in vain— " J. H. HINES— our " Jimmy, " who always rooted for SFA, its athletics, and its community connections, and holds the undying love of all SFA ' s big family. STEVE OATES— worked his way through college, known for his constant ambition to do better — was ambitious to the end in attempting betterment of his world. VERNON WALTERS— took his place on the campus in a quiet and unassuming manner, dreaming his own dreams, but went out willing to fight and die for them. ROBERT WARREN— made a success of his college work and had made the begin- ning of a great life, but stopped and offered service for democ- racy and his fellows — offered to give his life for the land that gave him so much. OIBRSRY OF Stephen F. Austin State teachers College Nacogdoches, Texas KENNETH CRAUSBY— a quietly capable and studious boy with a broad interest in all the world about him — living among the fine things the world could offer, and dying that they might flourish. GERALD KERR— one of SFA ' s youngest and most promising, brought to the forty acres youth, enthusiasm and an eye to the future — and courage to go out to make that future for others. ROSS GARRETT— a natural leader, giving his all to whatever he attempted, went into every wholesome activity with the zest of youth and cour- age — and in his last fight, never faltered. JACK FORD— a typical guy, willing to play and live with the best of them, and willing to die for the land he loved. HARRY WOMACK— was one of our most popular stu- dents — always cooperative, cour- teous, a true gentleman. As he lived, constantly portraying all that is fine in manhood, so he gave his life. TOMMY MILLS— known for his smile, his friend- ship, his intense joy in living, went out to give his youth that others might have college days like his. JACK POWELL— was a quiet fellow, never aggres- sive, but cherishing and holding, up for his beliefs, always willing to defend what he believed to be right and true. He carried this spirit from the campus to die on the battlefield, upholding it. ALSTON GUNTER— respected for his faith and sin- cerity and his depth of character, went bravely forth to give his life that others might have life as it is commanded. ALBERT BATTISE — our " little chief " and " good scout, " proved that tr ue Ameri- canism is of, for, and by all of us. HOLLIE (MAX) CUMMINGS— went out to make a name for himself in the field of education and advanced study — Max car- ried all his ideals into service and the war.. JOHN TIPTON— young, progressive and clear- minded, John had great promise in his college life, and of a great life of service. But he sacrificed his life, his future, and his promise that a great host of the youngsters that he knew and loved might grow up into a free world. LLOYD BELSER— remembered for his work in college and the Nacogdoches schools, and his splendid deter- mination in all things — even unto death. 1 , - - tZ -rig - - s t £ 7 rt - ' (Le - ? t e - £ Uj Aet ?i y J A A a — JflCx c y£ JLz Les abh- -? -- L u - t ? €-s DR. PAUL L. BOYNTON has managed admirably the growth and welfare of a college at war. His constant concern and efforts toward the progress of S.F.A. has kept our school alive and growing, despite war time restrictions and handicaps. The war years will be proud years for S.F.A., despite the war sacrifices, for under Dr. Boynton ' s able guidance, we have cooperated with our nation and state, and still retained our spirit of progress. But not only as a competent executive has Dr. Boynton gained our respect. His friendly counsel to the individual student, his sup- port of our student activities, and his constant regard for our lives, has endeared him to us as a cooperative and friendly person. We are proud of him, proud of the place he holds in all places where men of education convene, proud of his national recognition, proud of the way he has guided S.F.A. through times of unrest and upheaval, proud of the fact that he calls each of us by name, proud indeed that he belongs to S.F.A. and to us. fa . f u£™ J A MATHEMATICS R. B. PINSON C. E. FERGUSON. Head of Department ART MINNIE S. MARTIN, Head of Department JOSEPHINE MIDDLETON, Assistant Prof, of Ar„ BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION AND ECONOMICS DR J. T. RICHARDSON J. H. WISELY, Head of Department SUE HILL MRS. C. C. JOHNSON DR. C. F MARY THOMPSON MODERN LANGUAGE SHELEY, Head of Department EDUCATION BACK ROW: Josephine Middleton Era Mae Smelley, Acting Inst. Valine Hobbs Ethel Scott Louise Hathcock MIDDLE ROW: Anne Yardley Hazel Floyd Lela Oxsheer Morgan Helen Snyder FRONT ROW: Martha McCurdy Haskell McClintock, Acting Inst. Henrietta Whaley R. R. Harvin A. L. Long J. J. Wilson, Director Demonstration School W. R. Davis, Head of Department Not in picture: Gladys Fox, Inst, in Demonstration School on year ' s leave of absence LIBRARY STAFF HELEN SNYDER, Assistant Librarian MILDRED WYATT, Librarian MRS. LOIS BLOUNT. Assistant Librarian and Director of Stone Fort Museum HISTORY AND GOVERNMENT W. F. GARNER, Head of Department VIRDIAN BARHAM DR. A. W. BIRDWELL, Prof, and Director of Research in the Social Sciences Not in Picture: MARY [. LOVE, Registrar and Associate Prof, of History on year ' s leave of absence SCIENCE DEPARTMENTS R. L. TURNER, Acting Head of Dept. of Physics DR. HENRY B. HARDT. Acting Prof, and Head of Dept. of Chemistry W. W. DOSSEY DR. R. H. ADAMS, Head of Department of Biology R. G. UPTON HOME ECONOMICS JANEY HANELINE, Prof, of H. E. and Dietician KATHERINE YOUNG ILENE BROWN EDNA WILKIN, Head of Department Not in picture: JOSEPHINE BROOKS, Associate Prof, of H. E. and GERTRUDE DANIEL, Assistant Prof, of H. E. on year - ! leave of absence ENGLISH LOUISVILLE MARSHALL DR. THOMAS E. FERGUSON, Head of Department DOROTHY A. SANDERS DR. CLIFFORD H. OSBORNE MARY JANE WHITE LOUISE HATHCOCK STAKE MEMBERS sugene spears, mrs. Elizabeth killingsworth. mrs. kattie wil- fong, nan wright. sue thompson. auline cornelius MUSIC MAMIE MIDDLE BROOK J. T. COX, Assist. Prof, of Musk- and Director of Band MARTHA McCURDY IDA PRITCHETT. Assoc. Prof, of Music, and Acting Head of Department PHYSICAL EDUCATION MRS. W. J. McCALU ' M. Acting Assoc. Prof, of P.E. t Women R. H. SH ELTON. Head of Department STANFORD W. McKEWEN. Acting Assist. Prof, of PE I Men DORA HICKS LUCILLE NORTON. Prof, of P.E. for Women. away.S year ' s leave of absence AGRICULTURE, GEOGRAPHY AND BIBLE DEPARTMENTS HARRY HOLMES. Instructor in Religion Wesley Bible Chai WILLIAM T. CHAMBERS. Professor of Geography D. D. GILES, Professor of Agriculture SUMMER SENIORS 5ER, MAZZIE VILETTA iksonville, Texas S., Major, History; lor, English ULEY, DORIS EDITH ;ansport, La. S., Major, Physical Ed.; lor, Biology )RNELIUS, ZELMA AULINE ihing, Texas S., Major, Commerce, Mathematics IAIN, LUCILLE WOMACK Tison, Texas S., Major, Elem. Ed.; Minor, :. St., Fine Arts, English INGSTON, CLAUD L. sk, Texas S., Major, History ; Minor, English OlMER, MYRTA ANN prison, Texas A., Major, Elem. Ed. and glish ; Minor, Spanish iCKLER, MARY lerland, Texas S., Major, Elem. Ed.; Minor, I St., P. E., English CTTEAUER, PAULINE ntington, Texas S. Major, Elen . Ed.; Minor, e Arts, English, P. E. yWMAN, PEGGY JO ner, Texas A., Major, Biology, ;mistry ; Minor, English OFNER, LETA 1AE CRAWFORD igdoches, Texas V., Major, English; or, Spanish OMPSON, BETTY SUE gdoches, Texas ., Major, Commerce; or, Spanish RDEMAN, VIVIAN MARIE t ling, Texas . ., Major, Elem. Education; lor, Fine Arts, P. E., Soc. St. SUMMER SENIORS VOORHIES, ANNA CLAIR] Carthage, Texas B. A., Major, Music; Minor, Commerce WILKERSON, SUNSHINE LUCAS Henderson, Texas B. S., Major, Elem. Ed.; ALDERS, WILLIAM MARVIN Dayton, Texas M. A., Major, Education; Minor, Economics, Sociology LACY, JOE DICKINSON San Augustine, Texas M. A., Major, Education; Minor, English PATE, WILBER FRANK Diboll, Texas M. A., Major, Geography; Minor, Education RAMSEY, MERVYN LEE Beckville, Texas M. A., Major, History; Minor, Education WADE, ONIE JIMMERSON Joinerville, Texas M. A., Major, History; Minor, English SENIORS iOZER, DORIS, President k, Texas 3., Commerce; President, Gibbs Hall Council; )orter, Pine Burrs; Sec, Lumberjackettes ; .-Treas., College Commission; Press Club; man ' s Council; Who ' s Who. IFFORD, WILLIE WILLIAMS, Vice-President rton, Texas 3., Music; Pine Burrs; Band; Orchestra. EWART, GLADYS, Secretary-Treasurer ter, Texas X., History; Gibbs Hall Council, College nmission Representative; Vice Pres., Alpha Chi; inish Club; F. T. A.; Press Club; Stone Fort Staff. DEN, JO ANNA, Reporter rell, Texas S., Home Economics; Sec, Ellen H. Richards Woman ' s Council; Who ' s Who; College Octett; Girl Variety Show. ILEY, JOYCE insport, Louisiana L Home Economics; Sec-Treas., Amitie; as., Lumberjackettes; Ellen H. Richards Club; inan ' s Council. SENIORS BRILL, JALMA San Augustine, Texas B. S., Home Economics; Ellen H. Richards Club, B. S. U. CARROLL, WENDELL Lufkin, Texas B. S.., Commerce; Austinite College Commission Representative. CRUMP, DORIS Timpson, Texas B. S., Commerce. FORSYTH, BUELLA Nacogdoches, Texas B. S., Physical Education; P. W. R. A.; Press Club; F. T. A.; Choral Club Reporter; Pine Log Business Manager. GOLDSBERRY, LENNIJO Cushlng, Texas B. A., Commerce; B. S. U.; S. C. A.; Who ' s Who; Alpha Chi. GOSSETT, JOE RUTH Henderson, Texas B. S., Physical Education; Lumberjackettes; P. W. R. A.; F. T. A. HEITMANN, SARA Goose Creek, Texas B. S., Chemistry. HERRINGTON, CHARLINE Nacogdoches, Texas B. S., Social Sciences; International Relations Club; Lumberjackettes; F. T. A. SENIORS HICKS, SARA 3an Augustine, Texas B. S., Home Economics; Ellen H. Richards Club. HINES, JOHNNIE FAYE San Augustine, Texas B. S., English, Biology; Pine Burrs; Editor of Pine Log; Reporter, College Commission; Vice Pres., Press Club; Duchess to Sam Houston; Historian, Gibbs Hall Council. HONEA, RUTH WESTMORELAND Nacogdoches, Texas B. S., Home Economics. JONES, ARTHUR WAYNE rimpson, Texas 3. S., History. CILPATRICK, MARGIE PARTIN Uacogdoches, Texas 5. A., English; Pine Burrs: Editor, Pine Log; i ' res., Press Club; Alpha Chi; Who ' s Who. A GRONE, DOROTHY ufkin, Texas . A., Chemistry; Chemistry Club. cCAMERON, NANCY icogdoches, Texas S., Chemistry; Chemistry Club. SCURRY, KATHERYN cogdoches. Texas 1 S., Mathematics. SENIORS MABERRY, LUCY MARIE Lufkin, Texas B. A., English; Reporter, Alpha Chi; Who ' s Who; Pres., F. T. A.; Press Club; Pine Log Staff; B. S. U. Literary Editor, Stone Fort; Best Girl Student. MONZINGO, LAURA N ' acogdoches, Texas B. S., Biology; Pine Burrs; Chemistry Club; Band. MURRAY, MARGARET Pineland. Texas B. S., Home Economics; Amitie; Lumberjackettes ; F. T. A.; Press Club; Vocal Ensemble; Choral Club; Stone Fort Beauty, P. W. R. A. NEEL, MARIE l.ogansport. Louisiana B. S., Home Economics; Ellen H. Richards Club. POPLIN, PAULA Center, Texas B. S., Home Economics. PRUITT, GINNY DORIS Laneville, Texas B. A., English; Pres., Pine Burrs; Pres., College Commission; Woman ' s Council; Press Club; Pres., Lumberjackettes; Who ' s Who; President of the Student Body. REED, ELDON Chireno, Texas B. S., History REED, MARY FERGUSON Chireno, Texas B. A., English. SENIORS IICHARDS, LaMERLE an Augustine, Texas . S., Home Economics; Amitie; Pres., Ellen t. Richards; Lumberjackettes ; Sec.-Treas., Press Club; ollege Commission Representative, Woman ' s Council; horal Club; Editor, Pine Log; Stone -Fort Staff. ROGERS, MARY VIRGINIA ufkin, Texas I. A., Biology, English; Pres., Amitie; Roman ' s Council; F. T. A.; Stone Fort Beauty f Austinites; Pres., Alpha Chi; Press Club. " HAGGARD, EDYTH tacogdoches, Texas !. A., Mathematics, English; Sgt. at Arms, Amitie; Ice Pres. and Stone Fort Beauty, Lumberjackettes; ' ress Club; College Commission; F. T. A.; Jhemistry Club; Pres. and Favorite, Junior Class; lenior Class Favorite; Stone Fort Staff; ' ine Log Staff; Dramatics Club. HOMAS, TOMMIE larshall, Texas 5. A., Spanish, Commerce; Sgt. at Arms, Gibbs lall Council; Vice Pres., Spanish Club; Reporter, International Relations Club; Yell Leader; Reporter, [ ' resident, Amitie; Reporter, College Commission; 111 Girl Variety Show; Stone Fort Staff; Pine Log Staff; ' ec.-Treas., Choral Club; Press Club; Dramatics Club; ' res. Jr. Class ; Treasurer, Sgt.-at-arms, Lumberjackets. jPALDROP, JEANNE yler, Texas . A., English; Amitie; Press Club; B. S. U.; usiness Manager, Stone Fort; Stone Fort Beauty. CALLING, BILLE imter, Texas j. B. A., Commerce, English; Pres., Woman ' s juncil; Pres., Press Club; Editor of Stone Fort; )llege Commission Representative, Amitie; amber jackettes ; Band; Sec.-Treas., F. T. A.; :c.-Treas., Gibbs Hall Council; Sec.-Treas., pha Chi; All Girl Variety Show; Who ' s Who. 7 ORLEY, REBA ELLEN THORNTON . o, Texas ] A., English. PAY, ARTHUR BENNETT ( Ireno, Texas (aduate; Pres., Alpha Chi; Vice Pres., F. T. A. Oi. y 6 s lk ' ( L ■ a yMzrd JUNIORS Berry, Wilma President San Augustine, Texas Eaves, Dorothy Sec ' y-Treas. Lufkin, Texas Hale, Imogene Reporter Henderson, Texas Childers, Edna Earl Sergeant-at-Arms Nacogdoches, Texas Browning, Eleanor Lufkin, Texas Bryan, Marjorie Overton, Texas Collier, Bobbie Palestine, Texas Heaton, Jimmie Cushing. Texas Kapp, Maxine Jones Manchester, Tennessee Key, Coy John Lufkin, Texas LaGrone, Kathlyn Carthage, Texas Langston, Linda Nacogdoches, Texas Lowrey, Frankie Henderson, Texas Monzingo, Margie Chireno, Texas Monzingo, Nellie Chireno, Texas Pierce, Mrs. Thelma H. Mt. Enterprise, Texas Powell, Iva Jean Brookeland, Texas Reagan, Kathleen Carthage, Texas JUNIORS Rundell, Rita Pearl Longview, Texas Tidwell, Catherine Nacogdoches, Texas Wilfong, Mrs. J. M. Nacogdoches, Texas SOPHOMORES RHODES, BARHAM (BOB) President Apple Springs, Texas MENEFEE, Joe Vice-President I.ufkin. Texas PIERCE, ROSALIND Reporter Lufkin, Texas BAILEY, JEANETTE Nacogdoches. Texas BECK, SYBIL Cushing, Texas BRUCE, STELLA JUNE Longview, Texas BURROWS, CHRISTINE Nacogdoches, Texas CHAMPION, WANDA Nacogdoches, Texas COATS, ROBBIE LEE N acogdoches, Texas DILLEN, BILLY Lufkin, Texas ENER, MAURINE Hemphill, Texas FORBIS, RUPHELLE Orange, Texas SOPHOMORES Gibbs, Loie Marie Nacogdoches, Texas Hardt, Virginia Malakoff, Texas Keeling, Jean Long Branch, Texas Knight, Oliver Cushlng, Texas Langham, Rose Ann Hemphill, Texas Lashly, Gladys Lufkin, Texas Long, Billy Jo Nacogdoches, Texas McGrede, Eloise Longvlew, Texas McLeroy, Robbie Douglass, Texas Moore, Dorothy Nacogdoches, Texas Neel, Loyce Joaquin, Texas Pye, Jewell Cushing, Texas SOPHOMORES Rees-Jones, Gwendolen Nacogdoches, Texas rouchstone, Frank Nacogdoches, Texas Wedgeworth, L. F. jong Branch, Texas Williams, Helen Nacogdoches, Texas Wing-ate, Eula Maude Nacogdoches, Texas iVoods, Marjorie Nacogdoches, Texas FRESHMEN L.LIS, JOE ce President aquin, Texas DWRY, BENNY jporter fkin, Texas UCKLEROY, CAEOLYN ic.-Treas. .cogdoches, Texas Iford, Claudia .cogdoches. Texas nderson, Edith .cogdoches, Texas rrington, Dean boll. Texas aker, Bobbie Glynn ishlng. Texas anks, Mildred ishing, Texas arnhart, Dorothy icogdoches, Texas iyes, Mona Lois rthage, Texas ake, Richie .cogdoches. Texas anton, W. G. shing, Texas adberry, Louise l Augustine. Texas levelle, Billie Jean I fkin. Texas I own, Bruce T aha, Texas Crter, Walter lbyvllle, Texas iney, Geraldine derson, Texas G ate, Betty Joyce K gdoches, Texas yton, Gay Merle ick, Texas ndinnen, Emilye ;in. Texas FRESHMEN Coe, Helen Nacogdoches, Texas Coffman, Mary Helen Wood vi lie, Texas Collins, Billie Dove Nacogdoches, Texas Conger, Mary Hazel Nacogdoches, Texas Corley, Betty Jo Nacogdoches, Texas Cornelius, Beveline Gushing 1 , Texas Couch, Lawanda Lufkin, Texas Crouch, Christine Chireno. Texas Daniels, Brownie Beckville, Texas Daus, Arthur George Los Angeles, Calif. Douglass, Billy Lufkin, Texas Ellington, Loree Nacogdoches, Texas Elliot, Opal San Augustine, Texas Fincher, R. O. Zavalla, Texas Fowler, Billy Nacogdoches, Texas Frederick, Mrs. Vera Nacogdoches, Texas Gee, Marilyn Ruth Nacogdoches, Texas Gibson, Margaret Lufkin, Texas Gibson, Walyn Lufkin Texas Grimes, Elizabeth Nacogdoches, Texas FRESHMEN gen, Josie Lou ogdoches, Texas gler, Margie B. ter, Texas nnon, Mary Lou ■vklns, Texas rdy, Blanche iqgdoches. Texas rrison, Raymond jogdoches, Texas yes, Billie Jean thage. Texas lpenstill, Lelvyn Enterprise, Texas •bson, La Jeanne ogdoches, Texas ipkins, Wenna Jean iter, Texas idgins, Dorothy Vaye :ogdoches, Texas hnson, Billie Oice Ice, Texas ies, Wanda Louise , kin. Texas lg, Geneva ogdoches, Texas Sight, Frank l|, Texas Sight, Opal i derson, Texas Iner, Nelda Jean It ger. Texas gford, Mozelle Ing, Texas Likford, Faye Lujin, Texas Liender, Mavis Marie Cu Ing, Texas d, Juanita Ing, Texas FRESHMI Lovett, Kitty Loi Lufkin. Texas Loving, Jearleen Center, Texas Lowe, Charles Glenfawn, Texas Lynch, Jane Luskin. Texas McGee, Mona Le Nacogdoches, Texas McNair, Barbara Houston, Texas Magouyrk, Marth Lufkin. Texas Mathews, Tommii Joaquin, Texas Mettauer, Billy J Chlreno, Texas Miller, Julia An Nacogdoches, Texas Mosby, Marceline Nacogdoches, Texas Neely, Betty Bessmay, Texas Norman, Louise Troup, Texas Parmley, Kenneth Loganaport, La. Peacock, Mary El Center, Texas Pedigo, Ann Hull. Texas Riley, Janie Frankston, Texas Rogers, Teddie Je Henderson, Texas Samford, Aillene Nacogdoches, Texas Simmons, Kyle Nacogdoches. Texas FRESHMEN iimonton, Helen ' range. Texas Hover, Marietta ■ufkin. Texas Imith, Margrete iboll, Texas imith, Mildred larrison, Texas pears, Huie ' asadena, Texas almadge, Mary E. lacogdoches, Texas hompson, Dorothy -ut ' kin, Texas rhrasher, Mary ' rankston. Texas rreadwell, Harvey lto, Texas icker, Mary Alice jlacogdoches, Texas Valker, Charlene fronson, Texas Wallace, Harold llo, Texas ' ard, Julia Ann anton, Texas ' eaver, Jean ange. Texas eeks, Ann boll. Texas iggins, Ira naha, Texas 1 illiams, Helen G. ro, Texas X)ds, Marie :kvllle, Texas 1 rbrough, Rachel I iadena, Texas lui.gblood, Mary Nell L kin, Texas III.. DORIS PRUITT President NOT PICTURED Wendell Carroll, Austinites Arthur Gray, Alpha Chi Sunny Harrison, Chemistry Club Joe Menetee, Foresters Charlie Morgan, Freshman Class Bob Rhodes. Sophomore Class Rita Rundell, P. W. R. A. Miss Sue Hill. Sponsor Mr. ' Stan McKewen. Sponsor Huey Spears, Austinites. second sem. Lucy Maberry. Alpha Chi, second sem. Chester Lowery, Foresters, second sem. WILMA BERRY Junior Class BENNY LOWRY Choral Club LA MERLE RICHARDS Woman ' s Council DOROTHY EAVES Ellen H. Richards GLADYS STEWART Gibbs Hall Council JOHNNIE FAYE HINES Pine Burrs EDYTH THAGGARD F. T. A. LOIS MARIE GIBBS Lumberjackettes TOMMIE THOMAS Press Club DORIS PRUITT Student Body President BILLIE WALLING Amities DORIS BOOZER Senior Class DORIS BOOZER Secretary 9 MR. C. E. FERGUSON Sponsor JOHNNIE FA ' HINES Reporter AVENUE NEW p °Vf£«S v 3 si ' 945 " lings ' e ' Che ' Co, 9e Co rW : . , . «• K obe rf p striking out fearlessly for perfec- tion in nil things. HII.I.IK WALL- ING impresses all with her un- ceasing labor. With her natural flair for making friends, she has come to he known to everyone hy her sweet seriousness, her chnr- acter, and the high standards that she sets for herself — and reaches! She will long he re- membered as scholar and a lady. JOHNNIE FA YE HINES, sweetheart of the campus, adding; life to every group and en- dearing herself to all with her natural affec- tion. One of the most popular girls, usually gay about everything, she can be serious, as proved by her splendid work this year. Efficiency is the word for JO ANNA LODEX, With her eye for detail, her personal charm, and her nntural talent for leadership, she has made a host of friends and done a lot of good hard work for the organizations on the cam- pus. People enjoy going into the Registrar ' s Office simply to admire LICY MABEHRY ' s poise and efficiency. With a strong character art her guide, Lucy litis great literary talent, and a grand sense of humor. Her " good-hearted- ness " and " goodwill policy " bring her forth as indispensable to SFA. Yes, Lucy would be ti swell bet for " the girl most likely to succeed. " With her sparkling wit and keen intellect, MRS. MARGIE PARTI N KILPATRICK created a sensa- tion on the campus, captivating the hearts of many, and charm- ing forever the heart of Marine Lt. Charles Kilpatrick. A viva- cious little brunette, she proved a real person. LAMERLE RICHARDS is one of the most dependable students, nn l faces each task with a smile and does it well. Hard- working and capable, vet always agreeable, never com- plaining or letting her many tasks overcome her constant good humor, she is a beloved figure on the campus. DORIS PRUITT Ii.-in renclied unrivaled h fights of scholarship, .service and per- sonality We nil marvel at the wa she works and yet main- t ains her cheer and though t- fulness and her loveliness of person. She is a one-ia-a- niillion uirl. DORIS BOOZER with her capable manner and her constant devotion to duty bos kept many of the or- ganizations going strong. She has been admired by all the campus for her courtesy and adored by all for ,her slow, sweet smile. LKNXIJO GOLDSBERRY with a rare serenity of person- ality, is an excellent scholar, a true Christian, a real person and a lovely girl who is bound to go far. ARTHUR B. GRAY about whom we say ' ' consci- entious. " Returning from serv- ice, he has served as an inspi- ration to ns, We always know lie will no beyond duty. AULIXE CORNELIUS with her quietness, her pa- tience and her devotion to scholarship is a friend of all and we marvel at her high level of liviiiK. 7 be ai il uuba leceiued tbe Ganoiii e Vb-amfxdo-n cttill Aupand w-ad owi stud- ent b du pi iidertt, ui-ba bad mam eiied outdtandina dcbalandbip., le deMkip, iiienaib cboAacten , and IsnaUy t the coUeae. With his own individual handsomeness, and the same individual way of doing everything, BOB RHODES, is a leader, a friend, and a real guy. He is in there now, making a real Navy man. courteous congenial A true Austinite in more way than one is our own WENDELL CARROLL, better known as " Dog. " His steadiness and ever-present wit make him a truly striking personality on the campus. " Have you saw my dog? " WILLIE CLIFFORD, is our shining example of the perfectly happy wife. With her constant smile and high ideals, she has won a place in the heart of every stu- dent. V Poised and self-assured, GLADYS STEWART is a wonderful leader. And she produces good ideas to lead, too. With her head up and her eyes looking into the future, she has brought to- gether in a striking example, " Beauty and Brains. " Known affectionately as an urchin. SAM THORNHILL. has kept alive a lot of the spirit of pre-war SFA. With his swinging walk and happy-go-lucky ways, he is really an all-around person. 29155 Sweet and lovely best describe MARY V. ROGERS. One of the most charming girls SFA has ever known, she combines a graceful manner, a flair for the humorous, and some real scholastic en- deavor. Q od capable collegiate This vivacious red-head, EDYTH THAGGARD, with her " cute " ways and her even " cuter " candidness of speech, her constant desire to be of service and to keep things on the go, has made a definite place for herself in SFA. A beautiful bundle of humor and friendship, TOMMIE THOMAS has made a friend of each person she has met on the campus — and that means everybody. Very lovable and always gay, she is rightly called, " our life and laughter. " One of the most out-standing members in the Pine Burr club is WILMA BERRY, fondly known as " Willie. " With her uniformity of spirits and na- tural ability for making new friends, she has found for herself a distinctive place among the students. A real blond, Laura is really a delectable dish. Yet when she takes over a science laboratory she does it well. She is a cute girl who can get the job done! Billie Walling Sec ' y-Treas. Tommie Thomas Sergeant-at-Arms Gladys Stewart College Commission Rep. Doris Boozer President Joyce Bailey Vice-President Johnnie Faye Hines Historian Jearleen Loving Reporter Jiali Council Mrs. Hattie Wilfong Sponsor Billie Walling President Mary Virginia Rogers Vice-President Billie Jo Long Secretary-Treasurer La Merle Richards College Commission Representative Laura Monzingo Reporter Joyce Bailey Beauty Miss Louisville Marshall Sponsor aman, t rl JL t _juz g A £ Council Wilma Berry Doris Boozer Eleanor Browning Maxine Kapp Linda Langston Jo Anna Loden Clara Wood McCrary Robbie McEleroy Doris Pruitt The 1945 annual staff found that by an early beginning and steady work, a deadline could be made just another day rather than the traditional day to be dreaded. Miss Minnie S. Martin and a group of her art students accepted the challenge from the ed ; tor to see what they could do with the division pages. 1945 Qvd 40 J To prove to the world that there was something on the campus other than the Old Stone Fort and the thousands of pine trees, the art students undertook the task of preparing prints of a few of the many flowers that we sometimes make the mistake of taking for granted. Mary Virginia Rogers President Gladys Lashly Vice-President Joyce Bailey Secretary-Treasurer Tommie Thomas Reporter Billie Walling College Commission Rep. Edyth Thaggard Sergeant-at-arms Dorothy Eaves Historian Kathleen Reagan Pledge Captain Martha McCurdy Sponsor JV V K TAI 7 1 PPB l Wanda Champian Maxine Kapp Kathlyn La Grone Emeline Lockey Billie Jo Long Dorothy Moore Margaret Murray Rosalind Pierce Mary Slover Helen Williams Richie Blake Curry Jo Boesch Helen Coe Brownie Daniels Joan Hull Juanita Jones Jane Lynch Bobbie McNair Betty Neely La Merle Richards Frenchie Waldrop Jean Weaver Huie Spears College Commission Representative Li i-i! Iff: I i : IIP " -111 ' . IIS? tit til Helen Jean Buckner Edna Earl Childers Jerry Chaney Emilye Clendinnen Willie Clifford Billie Dove Collins Linda Daus Loree Ellington Mary Elliott Lois Marie Gibbs Margaret Gibson LaJeanne Hobson Margie Kilpatrick Jearleen Loving Martha Magouyrk Julia Ann Miller Laura Monzingo Carolyn Muckleroy Mary Ellen Peacock Teddy Jean Rogers Hazel Shelton Alma Houston Stallings Mary Elizabeth Talmadge Mary Alice Tucker ft § S MEMBERS Lucy Maberry President Billie Walling Secretary-Treasurer Arthur B. Gray Vice-President Lennijo Goldsberry Reporter Rita Pearl Rundell Historian Sylvia H. Brown Librarian Edyth Thaggard College Commission Rep. Jo Ruth Gossett Irs Hays Bridges Katheryn McCurry Charline Herrington Peggy Ruth Still Mary V. Rogers Gla dys Stewart Buella Forsyth Members: Mildred Banks. Sara Boulware, Cieraldine Cain. Robbie Lee Coats. Betty Jo Corley, Mary Alice Dickens, Maurine Ener. Ruphelle Forbis. Buella Forsyth. Margaret Gibson. Dorothy Hudgins, Geneva King, Mozelle Langford. Evelyn Lowe, Tommye Wayne Mathews. Eloise " McGiede, Marjorie Monzingo, Bettye Neely, Rosalind Pierce, Ann Pedigo. Janie Riley, Mary Slover. Mary Thrasher. Charlene Walker Vocal Ensemble: Mary Ellen Squyres. Helen Williams. Marjorie Woods. Jane Lynch, George Feazell, Marga- ret Murray, Jane Goodrich, Dorothy Hudgins, Benny Lowry, Rita Rundell, Doris Pruitt Mr. J. T. Cox Director Tut Loving Trumpet Albert Long Trumpet Gene Belk Trumpet Fritz McCameron Trombone Jack Hooper Percussion Kathleen Reagan Piano Teddy Jean Rogers Saxaphone Willie Clifford Saxaphone Dorothy Hudgins Saxaphone Dorothy Thompson Saxaphone Jane Lynch Vocalist First Row: Auderle Simons. Vivian Maynard, Nancy Lee McKewen, Sarah Alice Gimore, Ann Mat- chett. Robert Lewis Matchett Second Row: Carol Ann Crawford, Patricia Ann Sitton, Charlotte Burrows. Ester Marie Hargis, Carolyn Kendrick, Rebecca Stephens. Lilly Shiply Third Row: Betty Jean Lee. Laverne Thrash, Bessie Lucille Stephens, Anita Spradley, Charlotte Ruth Dorsey. Shirley Jean Driver Fourth Row: Rita Shepherd, Carolyn Coe. Paula nn Boynton. Eloise Chambers, Duane Adams, Sue Baker Fifth Row: Mary Lou Hanon, Mary Alice Tucker, Sara Ann Stone, Peggy Ann McKay, Joyce Hayney Sixth Row: Jane Lynch, Betty Jo Corley, Bob White, Margaret Murray II Best All-Bound Girl •Ann Hartt B " st All-Round Boy Albert Long Most Popular Girl Jean Pate Most Popular Boy Raymond Burgess i Some force whole regions, in despite O ' Geography, to change their site Make former times shake hands with latter, And that which was before, come after. —Butler How empty learning, and how vain is art, But as it mends the life, and guides the heart ! — Young Study is like the heaven ' s glorious sun, That will not be deep-search ' d with saucy looks; Small have continual plodders ever won, Save base authority from others ' books. — Shakespeare Learning by study must be won; Twas ne ' er entailed from son to son. — CKxy ] framing an artist, art hath thus iecreed, I make some good, but others to exceed. — Shakespeare 2 I .cXc uL a jT 11 11 if A. 7Z Lib Jim s 7(1 ill 1ENFAUSWN ACH EPS COLLECE 1 ■ ! 11 APPRECIATION I wish to express my sincere appreciation to the advertisers for the cooperation and consideration that made this Annual possible. May you continue to prosper and I can say in behalf of the faculty and student body that we will continue to trade with you. Jeanne (Frenchy) Waldrop. The Strongest Supporter . . . Of Stephen F. Austin State Teachers College is a busi- nessmen ' s organization in Nacogdoches whose greatest hope and ambition is to see and help to make Stephen F. Austin State Teacher ' s College grow as much in the next twenty years as it has in the past twenty. Chamber of Commerce NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS The Stone Fort National Bank NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS Under the Same Name Since 1903 Capital: Surplus and Undivided Profits $ 390,000.00 Deposits 4,677,000.00 Resources 5,018,000.00 .:. OFFICERS .:. I. L. STURDEVANT, Chr. of Board B. H. WILSON, Assistant Cashier L. B. MAST, President ALTON KING, Assistant Cashier E. W. MONK, Vice-Pres. and Cashier R. S. GILMORE, Assistant Cashier J. C. BLACK, Assistant Cashier .:. DIRECTORS .:. L. B. MAST R. N. McKINNEY S. B. HAYTER R. N. CASON I. L. STURDEVANT E. W. MONK C. N. THOMPSON A. L. NELSON J. R. GRAY G. F. CLARK H. W. WHITED M. S. WRIGHT C. D. THOMAS This Bank Is a Member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Serving the Independent Retail Merchants of East Texas Distributors of LIBBY ' S FINE FOODS WHITE SWAN FLOUR Nacogdoches Grocery TEXAS FARM PRODUCTS CO. NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS — 4?J 100 LBS. NET LAVING Mil 1 CREAM CORN MEAL . TEXAS FARM PRODUCTS CO. NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS. flUNESTMIk i MAID I CREAM CORN MEAL ELEVATOR, CAP. 50,000 BU. - CORN MEAL MILL. 300 BBLS. - FEED MILL. 100 TONS DAILY • FERTILIZER PLANT. 10.000 TONS ANNUALLY ■ SIDE TRACK FACILITIES. 12 CARS OUR JOB . . . To keep them rolling for Victory! FIRST CLASS REEAIR SERVICE FOR ALL MAKES CARS AND TRUCKS Largest Stock of Parts and Supplies USED CARS BEN T. WILSON CHEVROLET CO. MEMORY TEST . . . You may forget all you have learned in good old S. F. A., but don ' t forget this fact: " Cason, Monk Co. ' s long experience, unbroken reputation for honest value, and pleasing the customer, have been successful selling policies with us for over fifty years. " TELL YOUR FRIENDS TO ATTEND S. F. A. Cason, Monk do. On the Square WRECKER SERVICE STORAGE PHONE 182 HARDWARE - FURNITURE The Modern Science Building Equipped with " Standard " Plumbing Fixtures Visit Our Show Room Hunt Plumbing Supply Co., Inc. Nacogdoches . . . Conroe . . . Mt. Pleasant and Stone Fort Theatres ere Every Patron Is An Honored Guest East Texas Tk eatres, Inc. Compliments of UNITED GAS CORPORATION FROST LUMBER INDUSTRIES, INC. OF TEXAS BETTER LUMBER For Better Homes NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS 5 4 - Our Gift Shop contains a Gift for Every Occasion Swift Bros. Smith " The Downtown College Drugstore " See us for your SCHOOL SUPPLIES and STATIONERY BEST WISHES FROM Compliments of Perry Bros. H. R. MAST I Plymouth-Dodge 5-10-25 Cent Stores SALES and SERVICE Phone 868 Nacogdoches, Texas BEST WISHES Prickett-McElroy TIRE COMPANY 124 Lafkln Ave. Phone 427 Lufkln, Teww FROM Nacogdoches City Lines LUFKIN TYPEWRITER CO. Typewriters, Adding Machines, Cash Registers, Dictaphones, Inter-Communication System Sales, Service, Rentals, Supplies D. C. SATTERWHITE, Manager 14 Shepard Ave. Lufkin, Texas " What sculpture is to a block of marble, education is to a human soul. " — Addison TO THE CLASS OF The Nacogdoches Abstract and Title Company, a Nacog- doches institution, congratulates you upon the successful completion of your college career. May the joys of college days continue with the joy of useful work well done in your chosen profession. The Nacogdoches Abstract and Title Co. Compliments Of IIBCO OF TEXAS, IIC. " The School Worth While " Satterwhite Commercial College 710 NORTH RAGUET STREET Lufkin, Texas Stripling, Hazelwood Co. Your Rexall Store When in Nacogdoches, Meet Your Friends at Our Soda Fountain YOU ARE ALWAYS WELCOME For over 41 years the name of this institution has stood for all that is substantial and dependable in FINANCIAL AFFAIRS IN EAST TEXAS COMMERCIAL NATIONAL BANK Shop at - - - Glamorous Portraits J iize Brothers h FOR Fine MLaterials Selvin Latest Fashions Pkone 2636 Lufkin Texas Main St. Ph. 73 Nacogdoches, Texas In East Texas. . . It ' s the LUMBERJACKS and DAIRYLAND ICE CREAM Nacogdoches Ice Cream Company VISIT THE College Drug Store " Where the college crowd meets ' SCHOOL SUPPLIES DRUGS FOUNTAIN SERVICE LUNCHES Meet Your Friends at the Cash Drug Store Superior Luncheon and Fonntain Service Lufkin, Texas FOR QUALITY IN CLOTHING See Burrows Bros. ' Clothiers Deluxe ' IM Brothers-:] BEST WISHES FROM Bennett-Clark Co., Inc. Novel Bright " Your Grocer Friend ' COME AND VISIT THE HOME OF GOOD FOOD Congratulations . . . To the 1945 Class and To the 1945 Stone Fort Stone-Crawford Building Material Co. Nacogdoches, Texas PORTRAITS BY Joe Adams Wright, Lieutenant (j.g.) BEST WISHES Compliments from McCrory ' s 5-10-25 Cent Store C. E. NISBET, Manager Nacogdoches Bowling Alley and Nacogdoches Bicycle Shop ERNEST V. COSTLOW, Owner The College Coffee Shop COLLEGE SHOE SHOP Quality Shoe Repairing You can always find the college crowd at the coffee shop! Welcome to All College Students C. J. SHRADER Jeweler NACOGDOCHES • SHREVEPORT • BEAUMONT AIRLINE MOTOR COACHES, INC. C. D. THOMAS PRES. AND GEN. MGR. N. B. BUNTING VICE PRESIDENT 1X4 NORTH FREDONIA STREET NACOGDOCHES. TEXAS MARCH 15, 0). W. HYDE SECT. AND TREAS. MRS. MVRA C. ENGLISH DIRECTOR AIRLINE MOTOR COACHES, INC. HEADQUARTERS, NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS We are reoroducing below one of the many appreciated letters tiiat ve r.pve received from customers of our Company, ex- pressing their feelings toward our services as it is being rendered. It is by receiving messages of this kind that make us feel like, after all, we are doing something for the section of the country thst we ere serving. We welcome at all times any criticism that the oublic sees fit to tender us. Respectfully yours, AIRLINE MOTOR COACHES, INC. C. D. THOMAS PRESIDENT AND GENERAL MANAGER It is the purpose of our company at all times to furnish the best equipment obtain- able for the accommodation of the traveling public that we serve. We appreciate, more than words can express, the patience of the public during the present emergency. At times, our coaches are loaded much beyond their capacity. Very seldom do we have com- plaints from the public of the overcrowed conditions on our lines. In overloading our busses we are attempting to serve everybody that finds it necessary to travel at this time. We have been requested by the Office of Defense Transportation and other government offices to make as few miles as is possible in order to conserve equipmeent, gasoline and rubber. We hope that we can serve the people of our section with modern coaches, sec- ond to none. For trouble-free performance, it ' s Humble gasolines. For trouble-shooting, it ' s Humble ' s dependable service. Together they make a team that guarantees you longer car life. HUMBLE OIL REFINING CO HUMBLE) 14,000 T exans Working for Victory Tt»0|.M «K RIG U. S, PAT Oil. l acogdoches Bottling Co. Sdnridft Austin Beauty Shop Our M.otto: Smiling Service AS YOU STUDENTS OF STEPHEN F. AUSTIN prepare yourselves for Ameri- can citizenship, we invite you to consider and think over the following maxims of American Life .... 1. You cannot bring about prosperity by discouraging thrift. 2. You cannot strengthen the weak by weakening the strong. 3. You cannot help small men by tearing down big men. 4. You cannot help the poor by destroying the rich. 5. You cannot achieve prosperity by spending more than your income. 6. You cannot help the wage earner by pulling down the wage payer. 7. You cannot further the brotherhood of man by inciting class hatred. 8. You cannot establish sound security on borrowed money. 9. You cannot build character and courage by taking away iniative and independence. 10. You cannot help men permanently by doing for them what they could and should do for themselves. COMPLIMENTS NACOGDOCHES COUNTY LUMBER COMPANY it ' « , Q_ w5C — — « cr - — T STEPHEN F. AUS j U XcJiJL; sd£c z£ rtj£ zs 7 c s£ ' OF in State teachers College ogdoches, Texas

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