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Stephen F Austin State University - Stone Fort Yearbook (Nacogdoches, TX) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Cover

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6V PiAdiikeA, the diudetiU Wendell Gawidl . fewtinedA, Mana i Maltha Gcmcka .... G. Mkdeif .... SfumAM D qce feiiaht .... £po t4 i axe dee dtudentd auzndesuna b zck and jfOsitk to clodded, aaiketina on the Main iiepd, on, cuttina a lua at an aU-cotleae dance, w-e leatije that tkede dame dtudentd ate in ttutk the backbone o the cotteae. 9t id with ledpect and pAide thai we dedicate to- you, the dtudentd, tUid Stone. tyo U bedpite the liendly liaatAy between ctubd, potiticd dpuced with competition, and the dij eAence between the toady JjAedhman and the tojty denkvi, tke dtudent body id united by a common tie- — toy- atty to country and to ichoot. Jd you have keen the backbone o£ youA own S. tf. do autt you, udten you ao out into tije, be the maindtay oj youA nation. 9t id thud that we dedicate thid Stone fya U to y u, in defence to youA padt toyatty and in view ojf youA j f utu ie deAiUce. L I B R A R Y OF STEPHEN F.AUSTIN STATE TEACHERS COLLtSf- NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS VERNE R. GLAZENER 1st Lt., U. S. Air Corps Assistant Air Inspector RALPH H. MURFF Lt., U. S. N. R. Athletic Director JACK MOORE, JR. Lt. (j.g.), U. S. N. R. Supply Officer Along with S. F. A. ' s boys went her faculty into service. Some are still giving orders as they good-naturedly did on the campus, while others are taking orders just as cheerfully. To all of them we owe a deep sense of gratitude and our class- room doors will yawn with welcome as our loyal teachers return home to S. F. A. HERSCHEL HOPSON 1st Lt., U. S. Army Chemical Warfare — Research Division ARLENE KILPATRICK Ensign, U. S. N. R. Ship ' s Service Officer Captain, Specialist A. M. G., A. U. S. 1st Lt., Army Air Corps BURNEY E. HOWARD SK 3 c U. S. N. R. FLORENCE OLGA WEED Lt. (j. g.) U. S. N. R. Naval Training School, Toledo, Ohio W. J. McCALLUM Lt. 0. g.) U. S. N. R. Director of Audio- Visual Training and of the Film Library for the Alaskan Sector FLOYD F. DAVIDSON 1st Lt., M. AC. Aviation Physiologist NOT PICTURED: MAY ELIZABETH BRADFIELD Ensign, U. S. N. R. M. A. BAUMGARTEN Lt., U. S. N. R.— Athletic Officer FRANK C. FLOWERS Sergeant, U. S. Army — Airborne Division PAUL KRUEGER Corporal, U. S. Army — Chaplain ' s Assistant lit Itun i i4 J 1 444 ■4 444 1 444444 144444444 |44444444 i $$$$$ 44444 444441 4444 44444 44444444 44444444 The empty rooms no longer hear Their boyish laughter ringing clear, Those boys are gone, some far away, But here their loyal hearts still stay. The carved initials on the chairs, The footprints lingering on the stairs, Prompt us in paying proud tribute, Our service heroes we salute! 2)4. PgmI I. Qwfrikm Pn tident tke Qolle fe CE OF THE RESIDENT 5 ss gss S?5 s Sir 7 + «e are e( i ua T tarv service, adec mately ™ u ta ve tan ! faith itb y° , bic lx leaa tbin g . forget 4 ««t FACULTY ROY H. ADAMS, B.S., M.A., Ph.D. Biology LENA ARNWINE, R.N. College Nurse VIRDIAN BARHAM, B.A..M.A. History JOYCE BRIGHT, B.S. Assistant in Registrar ' s Office JOSEPHINE BROOKS, B.S., M.S Home Economics WILLIAM T. CHAMBERS. B.A., M.S., Ph.D. Geography MARTHA CONDRA, B.S. Assistant Registrar J. T. COX, B.S., M.M., M.A. Music GERTRUDE DANIEL, B.S..MA Home Economics WILLIAM R. DAVIS, B.S., M.A., Ph.D. Education W.W.DOSSEY, B.A.,Ph.M. Chejnistry C.E.FERGUSON, B.A..M.A. Mathematics Dean of Men ' . F. GARNER, B.A., M.A. History D. GILES, D.V.M., M.S., Ph.D. Agriculture Dean of Junior Division ENRY B. HARDT, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Chemistry :STER C. HARLING, B.A., MA. History DUISE HATHCOCK, B.A., M.A. English . JESSIE HICKMAN, B.A., M.A. Commerce JE HILL, B.S., M.A. English Dean of Women ALINE HOBBS, B.A., M.A. Critic Teacher STHER A. HOWARD, B.A.E. M.A. Art [RS. C. C. JOHNSON, B.A., M.A. Commerce .L. LONG, B.A.,M.A. Education ARY LOVE, B.S., M.A. History Registrar FACULTY FACULTY MARTHA McCURDY, B.A., K Critic Teacher STANFORD W. McKEWEN, | Physical Education LOUISVILLE MARSHALL, B.A., MA. English U( JOSEPHINE MIDDLETON, B.A., MA. Critic Teacher LUCILLE NORTON, B.S., MJ Physical Education IDA PRITCHETT, B.S. Music J. T. RICHARDSON, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Economics and Sociology DOROTHY A. SANDERS, B.A., MA. English ETHEL SCOTT Critic Teacher C. F. SHELEY, B.A., M.A., Ph. Modem Languages R. H. SHELTON, B.S., M.Ed. Critic Teacher HELEN SNYDER, BA, B.S. Associate Librarian JGENE SPEARS, B.A. Secretary to President EORGE J. STEINMAN, j BA.,B.D.,B.S.T. Bible [ARY THOMSON, B.A., MA. Modern Languages .G. UPTON, B.S..M.A. Biology ENRIETTA WHALEY, B.S., MA. Critic Teacher DNA WILKIN, B.S., MA. Home Economics J. WILSON, B A., M. A. Director of Dem. School H. WISELY, B.A., Ph.M., CPA. Commerce Auditor AN WRIGHT Secretary to the Academic Deans IILDRED WYATT, B.A., M.S. in L.S. Librarian MNE YARDLEY, B.A., MA. Critic Teacher FACULTY Dr. A. W. Birdwell, president emeritus, is still a beloved figure on our campus. His many years of service are appreciated by faculty and student body alike; and he is still our teacher and friend. Miss Ruth Mays, former Spanish teacher and at one time dean of women at S. F. A., will always be remembered for her devoted serv- ice here. Retiring in 1943, she had been with us for twenty years. W. A. Cain, former professor of education, took up his duties in that department in 1926 and retired November 26, 1943. His friendly nature and dry wit endeared him to all his students and friends. Miss Jessie Hickman began in 1924 and until January 26, 1944, devot- ed her time to teaching shorthand and typing. Her presence is great- ly missed at Stephen F. Austin. As manager of the bookstore, J. V. Dean, not pictured, supplied the needs of the students from 1924 until June 1, 1943. His willing helpfulness and efficiency are missed on the " forty acres. " Pn udeni al the Mtudent Fairy Brown, Sec ' y-Treas.; Frances Rhymes, Reporter; Betty Lou Foote, President; Corinne Metteauer, Vice-President. SENIORS ASHBERRY, HELEN MAXINE Center, Texas B.S., Home Economics; Treasurer R.; Woman ' s Council. E. H. BARRETT, NED, JR. Lufkin, Texas Pre-Med.; Secretary - Treasurer, Austin- ites; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities; Senior Class Favorite. BEACH, TOMMYE EARL Nacogdoches, Texas B.B.A., Commerce; Pine Burrs BLESSING, MRS. DORIS NOLAND Dayton, Texas B.S., Music; F. T. A., Secretary; P. W. R. A.; Choral Club. BROOKS, MRS. VIVIAN BOLES Mt. Enterprise, Texas B.S., Home Economics; B. S. U.; E. H. R.; College Commission Representative. BROWN, MADELEINE Nacogdoches, Texas B.A., English; Pine Burr Reporter; Press Club; International Affairs Club; Pine Log Society Editor; 1944 Stone Fort Edi- tor; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities; Alpha Chi President. Secretary-Treasurer, Senior Class. BURNS, PRICILLA Troup, Texas B.S., Home Economics; Pine Burr Beau- ty; E. H. R.; F. T. A. CHRISTOPHER, MRS. LANELLE Houston, Texas B.A., English; Alpha Chi. CORNELIUS, AULINE Cushing, Texas B.S., Commerce and Mathematics; Al- pha Chi College Commission Represen- tative; Who ' s Who in American Col- leges and Universities; F. T. A. Reporter and Historian. FOOTE, BETTY LOU Nacogdoches, Texas B.S., Home Economics; Amitie Vice- President; Senior Class President; Ellen H. Richards President; College Commis- sion; Woman ' s Council. GRAMLING, WILLIE Nacogdoches, Texas B.A., French; Alpha Chi. HALEY, CHRISTINE San Augustine, Texas B.S., Elementary Education; Choral Club; F. T. A. SENIORS SENIORS HICKS, MAURIE San Augustine, Texas B.S., Home Economics; E. H. R. Presi- dent; Woman ' s Council Reporter. HICKS, SARA San Augustine, Texas B.S., Home Economics; E. H. R.; Choral Club. JINKINS, JEAN LAMERLE Nacogdoches, Texas B.B.A., Commerce. JOHNSON, EDITH JOYCE Longview, Texas B.S., Elementary Education; Elementary Council; F. T. A.; S. C. A.; College Com- mission; Choral Club. KENLEY, MARIE Lufkin, Texas B.A., Sociology; Amities; Council; Lumberjackettes. Woman ' s LATIMER, MYRTA ANN Garrison, Texas B.A., Elementary Education; B. S. U. President; Lumberjackette Reporter and Beauty; Woman ' s Council; F. T. A. JNDSAY, MRS. LILLIE MAE Redland, Texas B.S., Music; Elementary Council; F. T. Press Club; Choral Club; College Commission; P. W. R. A. LODEN, JO ANNA Terrell, Texas 3.S., Home Economics; Pine Burr Presi- dent; Woman ' s Council President; Col- lege Commission; College Sextette. MANN, GEORGE A. Lufkin, Texas B.S., Biology; Austinite Vice-President. MELTON, ROSINE Nacogdoches, Texas B.S., Home Economics; E. H. R.; Lum- berjackettes. METTEAUER, CORRINE Chireno, Texas B.S., Elementary Education; Amities; Elementary Council; Lumberjackette Vice-President; F. T. A. NEEL, ELNORA Joaquin, Texas B.S., Commerce; F. T. A. SENIORS I SENIORS RHYMES, FRANCES MAY Nacogdoches, Texas B.S., Commerce; Amities; College Com- mission; Press Club; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities; Wesley Student Union President; Lum- berjackettes; Pine Log Assistant Editor; Stone Fort Annual Staff. SLAY, MARY ALICE Nacogdoches, Texas B.S., Home Economics; E. H. R. SMITH, AUDREY RUTH Woodville, Texas B.S., Commerce; Pine Burrs; Lumber- jackettes; Stone Fort Annual Staff. SMITH, MARY Tyler, Texas B.S., Biology and Chemistry; Commission. College STRODE, MARGARET Appleby, Texas B.S., Home Economics; E. H. R. THOMPSON, SUE Nacogdoches, Texas B.A., Commerce; F. T. A. President; Alpha Chi Treasurer. rRAVIS, RUTH Chireno, Texas 3.S., Elementary Education; 3. S. U. F. T. A.; rYER, BARBARA JEANELLE Timpson, Texas 3.S., Physical Education; P. W. R. A., Secretary-Treasurer; F. T. A.; Lumber- ackettes. WILLIAMSON, BETH Nacogdoches, Texas 3.B.A., Business Administration; Presi- dent of Student Body; College Commis- sion Chairman; Lumberjackette Presi- dent; Amities Secretary-Treasurer; Wo- nan ' s Council; P. W. R. A.; Alpha Chi; Who ' s Who; Senior Class Favorite; 5tone Fort Staff. WRIGHT, MRS. PEGGY WEDGEWORTH Nacogdoches, Texas 3.S., Music; Amitie President; Choral Dlub President; College Commission; Woman ' s Council; Austinite Beauty; Who ' s Who; F. T. A. 3EVIL, DOROTHY Hull, Texas 3. S., Commerce JJCAS, MARY BETH Nacogdoches, Texas 3.S., Commerce; Pine Burr Vice-Presi- dent; Stone Fort Senior Editor. SENIORS Myrta Ann Latimer, Secretary; Alma Houston Stallings, Treasurer; Joy Die, Vice-Pres.; Edyth Thaggard, President. lexander, Billie Jo Pine Hill, Texas ailey, Doris Logansport, Louisiana ailey, Oran Bright Lufkin, Texas ennefield, Mavis San Augustine, Texas ■iggar, Eloise Center, Texas oozer, Doris Rusk, Texas kidges, Iris Hays Henderson, Texas frill, Jalma San Augustine, Texas 3usby, Doris Henderson, Texas Crawford, Sammy Lane Nacogdoches, Texas Crump, Doris Timpson, Texas Die, Mrs. Joy Bell Nacogdoches, Texas JUNIORS JUNIORS Gossett, Joe Ruth Henderson, Texas Guy, Mrs. Bonnie J. Henderson, Texas Hardt, Allene Malakoff, Texas Helpenstell, Thelma Jewel Mt. Enterprise, Texas Herrington, Charline Nacogdoches, Texas Hines, Johnnie Faye San Augustine, Texas Jones, Juanita Huntington, Texas Jones, Arthur Wayne Dodson, Texas Kannenberg, Charles Huntington, Toxas Keller, Lou Albert Bronson, Texas Kerr, James Truman Lutkin. Texas Law, Beth Lufkin, Texas JUNIORS Pye, Ruby Lee Cushing, Texas Reed, Eldon Chireno, Texas Rives, Rubye Lee Laneville, Texas Rogers, Mary Virginia Lufkin, Texas Shaw, Ritchie Carthage, Texas Spivey, Dan Lufkin, Texas Thaggard, Edyth Nacogdoches, Texas Thomas, Ruby Cushing, Texas Walling, Billie Louise Center, Texas White, Mable Nacogdoches, Texas Warren, Walter Marvin Center, Texas SOPHOMORES Barlow, Kathryn Woodville, Texas Berry, Wilma Lee San Augustine, Texas Billingsley, Richard Lufkin, Texas Browning, Eleanor Lufkin, Texas Bryan, Marjorie Overton, Texas Carroll, Charles Wendell Lufkin, Texas Collier, Bobby Palestine, Texas Conger, Samuel Nacogdoches, Texas " uculic, Gail Huntington, Texas Eaves, Dorothy Lufkin, Texas Elzner, Margaret Nacogdoches, Texas Farrell, Mrs. Maggie H. Martinsville, Texas A SOPHOMORES acsyth Buella . szas nanklin, Tina Jo Nccc . .exes kige Brax ' .cr. Lufkir.. Texas kr. " ..r. Hi ' .da Nacogdoches, Texas jifford, Doyle Lcngview, Texas Cushing, Texas -loll, Don Lutein, Texas -ial " . u " .:e: Ar. drer.a ! . ' .exes [rwin, June LaneviUe, Texas Ivey, Margie Johnson, Doroth y Lar.eville Texas Kapp, Maxme Jones Manchester. Term. SOPHOMORES Long, Johnny Lufkin, Texas McCameron, Nancy Nacogdoches, Texas Mackechney, Mary Alice Nacogdoches, Texas Mack, Edward Marshall, Texas Maynard, John Nacogdoches, Texas Monzingo, Margie Chireno, Texas Peacock, Gloria Nacogdoches, Texas Powell, Iva Jean Brookeland, Texas Pruitt, Ginny Doris Laneville, Texas Reagan, Kathleen Carthage, Texas Richards, La Merle Bland Lake, Texas Rundell, Rita Pearl Longview, Texas Smith, Virginia Troup, Texas Stewart, Gladys Center, Texas Thomas, Tommie Marshall, Texas Thornhill, Sam Evetts Nacogdoches, Texas Walker, Mrs. Dolvis M. Nacogdoches, Texas Westmoreland, Faye DeBerry, Texas SOPHOMORES Larry Giffen, President; Bob Rhodes, Vice-President; Billye Jo Long, Secretary-Treasurer; Helen Lambert, Reporter. Arrington, Zelda Diboll, Texas Barron, Carolyn Troup, Texas Bates, John Henry Longview, Texas Beck, Sybil Dene Cushing, Texas Billingsley, Elmo Huntington, Texas Brookshire, Joyce Nacogdoches, Texas Bruce, Stella June Longview, Texas Brown, Neal Laneville. Texas Cain, Geraldine Nacogdoches, Texas Cason, Jean Henderson, Texas Champion, Wanda Nacogdoches, Texas Coats, Robbie Lee Nacogdoches, Texas Cooper, Charles Nacogdoches, Texas Cousins, Charles M. Pollolc, Texas Crow, Thomas Henderson, Texas Dickerson, Edith Bronson, Texas Dover, Loyd Wade Rusk, Texas Dudley, James Zavalla, Texas Ener, Maurine Hemphill, Texas Forbis, Ruphelle Orange, Texas FRESHMEN FRESHMEN Lindsey, Carolyn Fowler Nacogdoches, Texas Frederick, Mrs. Vera Lou:: Nacogdoches, Texas Gann, Douglas Choice, Texas Gibbs, Lois Marie Nacogdoches, Texas Giffen, Larry Nacogdoches, Texas Green, Joe Anna Mt. Enterprise, Texas Hallmark, Imogene Colmesneil, Texas Hardy, Blanche Nacogdoches, Texas Harris, Evelyn Nacogdoches, Texas Heaton, Jimmy Cushing Texas Hopkins, Charlsie Center, Texas Hopkins, Cornelia Center, Texas Hunnicutt, Jean Nacogdoches, Texas Irish, Jean Logansport, Louisiana Johnson, Lamerle Nacogdoches, Texas Jones, Maurice Laneville, Texas Keeling, Jean Longbranch, Texas King, Peggy Nacogdoches, Texas Kurtz, Jimmy Longview, Texas Lacy, Idabelle San Augustine, Texas LaGrone, Kathlyn Carthage, Texas Langham, Rose Anne Hemphill, Texas Lashly, Gladys Lufkin, Texas Lawler, Rayford Mt. Enterprise, Texas Lee, Virginia Hancock Garrison, Texas Lloyd, Juanita Cushing, Texas Long, Billye Jo Nacogdoches, Texas McCrary, Mrs. Clara Jordan Nacogdoches, Texas McGrede, Eloise Longview, Texas McLeroy, Robbie Douglass, Texas Mahoney, Bobby Rex Nacogdoches, Texas Mitchell, James Lufkin, Texas Moore, Dorothy Nacogdoches, Texas Neel, Loyce Joaquin, Texas Nelson, Anne Nacogdoches, Texas Parmley, Patti Nacogdoches, Texas Partin, Johnnie Dale Nacogdoches. Texas Perkins, Joe Lufkin, Texas Pierce, Rosalind Lufkin, Texas Reeves, Jolene Nacogdoches, Texas FRESHMEN FRESHMEN Rhodes, Barham (Bob) Apple Springs, Texas Runnels, William F. Center, Texas Russell, Achma Center, Texas Sanders, Clovis Timpson, Texas Schillings, Evaughan Center, Texas Spears, Huie Logansport, Louisiana Stringer, Margie Wise San Augustine, Texas Thurman, Melrose Carthage, Texas Tidwell, Catherine Nacogdoches, Texas Touchstone, Frank Nacogdoches, Texas Wagley, Mrs. Mozelle Huntington, Texas Wedgeworth, L. F. Longbranch, Texas Whitley, David Lloyd Garrison, Texas Wilkinson, Tommie San Augustine, Texas Williams, Helen Nacogdoches, Texas Wingate, Eula Maude Nacogdoches, Texas Wright, Wauldean Pineland, Texas fyed flowett GLqm OF tepmehF. Austin jTRTETEBCHffiCOLLEGE QUEEN lleautu eieciicmd. lUene Made Weifc VOUR nPITlE nriD o R6 h ni zotio n On BHLLOT. VOUR ., 0R6nnr On RLL0T. INDICATE VOIR CHOICF w mm prop inw J 9 Pine fiu nA, 2mda J.cma Myita Ann latime R talwd Pierce Attractive and dignified MYRTA ANN LATIMER has added much to SFA in the three years she has been here. Myrta Ann holds the offices of president of the Baptist Student Union, secretary of the Woman ' s Council, and reporter for the Lumberjackettes, also being elected that club ' s Stone Fort beauty this year. She is a member of the Inter- national Relations Club and the Pine Log staff. A junior student from Garrison, Myrta Ann is double-majoring in English and elementary education. JOY BELL DIE, charming wife of handsome Marine Lieutenant Ray Die, is a junior student from Nacogdoches, majoring in mathematics. Joy ' s intellectual ability is evidenced in the fact that she has been elected " Best Girl Student " two years in succession and is secretary of Alpha Chi for ' 44. She also is very active in extracurricular activities, for she is director of the College Orchestra, proof reader and poll director on the Pine Log Staff, vice-president of the Junior Class, and organizations editor of the Stone Fort, 1944. She is a member of the Pine Burrs and Press Club. Mai Ma Nacogdoches ' MRS. MODENA NELSON has made an admirable record at SFA during her four years here with us, making " all A ' s " and belonging to Alpha Chi honor society. She received her BA. degree in English last August and is now studying for her Master ' s Degree. This is Mrs. Nelson ' s second year to be named to Who ' s Who. A senior student from Lufkin, Ensign NED BARRETT has been active in SFA ' s affairs since he transferred here from North Texas Agricultural College, Arlington, his sophomore year. Blond and handsome Ned was elected senior class favorite. During the fall semester Ned served the Royal Order of the Austinites as secretary-treasurer. He holds the rank of Ensign in the United States Naval Reserve and upon completion of his pre-dental work at SFA entered Houston Dental College to con- tinue his studies. One of the most versatile girls on the campus is MARGIE PARTIN, junior English major from Nacogdoches. Margie is the highly efficient and successful editor of the Pine Log for 1943-44. Her ability as a journalist is a great asset to SFA, and she is student representative on the College Publications Committee. Margie also participates in the campus social organizations as president of the Press Club, College Commission representative for the Pine Burrs, and a member of Inter- national Relations Club. Pretty PEGGY WRIGHT, wife of Lieutenant Tom Wright of the Anti- Aircraft Corps, combines beauty with ability. Mrs. Wright possesses a lovely voice which may account for the fact that she is majoring in music. A senior student from Nacogdoches, she is president of the Amities, president of the Choral Club, and a member of the Woman ' s Council. Peggy was chosen by the Austinites as their 1944 Stone Fort beauty. From Cushing comes AULINE CORNELIUS, a senior who will graduate this summer. Auline has a double major of mathematics and commerce and now holds a position in the auditor ' s office. She is also active in club activities and is reporter and historian for the Future Teachers of America and college commission representative of Alpha Chi. Auline has made the honor roll every semester since she has been enrolled in Stephen F. Austin. One of the leaders of varied activities on the campus is FAIRY BROWN, a senior from Nacogdoches, who receives her B.A. degree in English this May. This talented miss is reporter for the Pine Burrs, secretary- treasurer of the Senior Class, society editor of the Pine Log, and a mem- ber of the Press and International Relations clubs. Despite the trials and hardships of putting out an annual during wartime, Fairy has been the capable and successful editor of the 1944 STONE FORT. Although participating in so many activities, Fairy has not neglected her studies and was elected president of Alpha Chi for 1944. 9a Ame lcaa fyaiu XAitiei and G Ue -i BETH WILLIAMSON, senior student from Nacogdoches, received the honor this year of being the first girl to be elected as president of the student body. She has taken an active part in many student affairs, serving as secretary-treasurer of the Amities, president of the Lumber- jackettes, and faculty editor of the Stone Fort. Beth is a member of Alpha Chi, Woman ' s Council, and P. W. R. A., winning that club ' s highest honor — the sweater award. She was elected senior class favor- ite this year also. This Business Administration major is a member of the Library staff. This is Beth ' s second year to be elected to Who ' s Who. Making Who ' s Who for the second year is FRANCES RHYMES, of Nacogdoches, who received her B.A. degree in commerce in January. Frances was a popular member of the seniors and a member of the Amities and Lumberjackettes and College Commission representative for the Press Club. Frances is now working in the auditing department of the Navy at the nation ' s capital, Washington, D. C. From San Augustine, Texas, comes MAURIE HICKS, a blonde senior, who is majoring in home economics. Maurie is evidently quite talented in the domestic arts, as she was elected prexy of the Ellen H. Richards Club. Maurie also served as reporter of the Woman ' s Council. MEMBERS OF WHO ' S WHO are selected from the Junior, Senior, and Graduate classes on the basis of character, scholarship, leadership, and participation in extracurricu- lar activities. MRS. MODENA NELSON SUE THOMPSON MRS. C. C. JOHNSON AULINE CORNELIUS Reporter Treasurer Sponsor College Commission Rep. MARTHA CONDRA WILLIE GRAMLING PEGGY JO NEWMAN BETH WILLIAMSON Myrta Ann Latimer President ■MB — G EKLI. The Baptist Student Union is the connecting link between the college student and the local church. The B. S. U. promotes spiritual development and offers an attractive program including Christian fellowship and social activities. COLLEGE (OA B.S.U. I Sue Barksdale Student Sec ' y Dr. R. H. Adams Faculty Advisor CHURCH Evelyn Harris 1 st Vice President Peggy Jo Newman Treasurer Maurine Ener 2nd Vice President Lennijo Goldsberry Sunday School Rep. Rose Ann Langham 3rd Vice President Virginia Smith W. A. Representative Ruth Travis Secretary- Mildred Smith Alcohol Ed. Rep. Eloise Biggar Publicity Vivian Brooks Chorister Evaughn Schillings Pianist Billie Walling Magazine Rep. Rosalind Pierce Beauty ' 1 J J At Beth Williamson Secretary-Treasurer Peggy Wright President i Betty Lou Foote Vice-President Jo Brooks Sponsor Doris Bailey Pledge Captain Faye Westmo reland Reporter Marie Kenley College Commission Mary V. Rogers Parliamentarian Joyce Brookshire Kathlyn LaGrone Margaret Murray Edyth Thaggard Wanda Champion Gladys Lashley Anne Nelson Tommie Thomas Dorothy Eaves Billye Jo Long Kathleen Reagan Melrose Thurman Andrena Hall Corinne Metteauer Frances Rhymes Billie Walling Maxine Kapp Dorothy Moore Virginia Smith Helen Williams CLUB BEAUTY PRESIDENT SPONSOR Peggy Wright ' Bobby McVicker Stanford McKewen ca 7 REPORTER— Maurice Jones VICE-PRES.— George Mann SEC.-TRE AS.— Ned Barrett Sgt.-at-Arms— Richard Billingsley ' Samuel Conger C. C. REPRESENTATIVE Biaxton Gage Joe Perkins L. F. Wedgeworth AUSTINITE POLL WINNERS Most popular girl ......... Linda Langston Most popular boy . . Bob Rhodes Most beautiful girl .. . Rosalind Pierce Most handsome boy Bobby McVicker Cutest girl Joyce Brookshire Cutest boy ... Larry Giffen Best politician Wendell Carroll Best girl student . — . Joy Die Best boy student . . ..- Walter Warren Wittiest girl ... ... . Kathlyn La Grone Wittiest boy Charles Cooper Best girl dancer .... ... Jean Hunnicutt Best boy dancer Johnny Long Dumbest girl Margie Ivey Dumbest boy Charles Coussins Most popular teacher ... ..C.E.Ferguson In the Service. Elmo Billingsley POLL DIRECTOR Bob Mahoney NEW OFFICERS FOR SPRING SEMESTER Raytord Lawler Frank Touchstone William F. Runnells Huie Spears James Dudley Thomas Crow THE AUSTINITES The Austinites stand for leadership and high scholastic standards, under- take to uphold and popularize the tradi- tions of our alma mater, to promote sin- cere fraternity among ourselves and our successors, and to foster and sponsor desirable school projects. Sue Hill, sponsor; Wilma Berry, Edyth Thaggard, Alma Houston Stallings, Marie Kenley, Truman Kerr, Beth Williamson, Ruby Pye, Betty Lou Foote, C. E. Ferguson, sponsor; Wendell Carroll, Frances Rhymes, Peggy Wright, Eloise Biggar. Myrta Ann Latimer Secretary -Treasurer fo Anna Loden President i " V -P.. A I V ' r Martha Condra Sponsor NOT PICTURED: Laura Monzingo Reporter Helen Ashberry Betty Lou Foote Anne Nelson Wilma Berry Billye Jo Long Peggy Wright MEMBERS Mavis Bennefield Jalma Brill Margie Bryan Stella Bruce Dorothy Eaves Maurine Ener Imogene Hallmark Rose Anne Langham Virginia Hancock Lee Frankie Lowrey Mary Alice Macheckney Sarah McLeroy Anne Nelson Richie Shaw Melrose Thurman Mozelle Wagley Beatrice Smith Sponsor — Edna Wilkir OFFICERS President — Maurie Hicks, Betty Lou Foote Vice President — Alice Fewell Secretary — Juanita Jones, Maxine Kapp Treasurer — Margaret Strode, Helen Ash- berry College Commission Representative— Priscilla Burns, Vivian Brooks Parliamentarian — Mary Alice Slay Room Hostess — Elizabeth Hall, Catherine Tidwell COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN Program Sarah Hicks Social — - Jo Anna Loden Publicity Wilma Berry LaMerle Richards Yearbook Rosine Melton ponsor — Gertrude Daniel Beth Williamson, President Corinne Metteauer, Vice-President Doris Pruitt, Secretary Tommie Thomas, Treasurer Doris Bailey, Sergeant-at-Arms Wilma Berry, College Commission Rep. Myrta Ann Latimer, Reporter Marie Kenley, Club Representative June Irwin, Club Representative Doris Boozer Charline Herrington Tommie Thomas Rosine Melton Dorothy Moore Margaret Murray Anne Nelson Rosalind Pierce LaMerle Richards Audrey Smith Mary Smith Virginia Smith Edyth Thaggard Sue Thompson Melrose Thurman Jeanelle Tyer Mable White Helen Williams Billy Jo Alexander Carolyn Barron Tommye E. Beach Wilma Berry Doris Boozer Jean Cason Joy Bell Die Margaret Elzner Lois M. Gibbs Margie Ivey Laura Monzingo Patti Parmley Johnnie D. Partin Margie Partin Doris Pruitt Audrey Smith Mamie Middlebrook Instructor in the College Martha McCurdy Instructor in the Demonstration High School Ruth Reavley, advanced pupil of Mamie Middlebrook, who will appear in recital in the late spring. Ruth began lessons with Miss Middlebrook in 1941 with a splendid foundation, having been established by her study with other teachers of Nacog- doches. During the summer of 1943 Ruth accompanied Miss Middlebrook to Albuguerque, New Mexico, where both teacher and pupil studied with Silvio Scionti, world-renowned teacher and concert artist, at the University of New Mexico. Top Row, Left to Right — Sara McAlister, Ruth Travis, Mozelle Hampton, Betty Jo Slay, Geraldine Cain, Ruth Reavley, Helen Odeen, Dorothy Chambers Second Row — Billie Jean Dossey, Nancy Osborne, Peggy Ann McKay, Betty Summers, Starr Davis, Sarah Ann Stone, Lenoir Jasper, Billy Rogan Third Row — Monte Hill Davis, Mary Jane Powers, Sara Bess Brookshire, Paulann Boynton, Eloise Chamber, Ann McCrainie, Shirley June Walker Fourth Row — Betty Hampton, Linda MacDougall, Carol Ann Crawford, Carolyn Ann Matchett, Patricia Ann Sitton, Carolyn Kendrick, Larry Jack Ingraham, Robert Lewis Matchett. Not Pictured— Charlotte Burrows, Esther Marie Hargis, Jeanine Jasper, Leona Louise Lewis, Doris Noland, Mary Ellen Sguyers, Doris Smith, Lilly Shipley, Jane Young, Marshal Odeen, Margreteene Feazell, Edna Merle Cox, Betty Stripling, Jo Ann McKewen, Jerry Gartman, Mary Jane Perkins. Truman Kerr President 1st term Barham Dale Rhodes President 2nd term Vice-President 1st term Dan Spivey Secretary 1st term Charles Kannenberg Treasurer Larry Giffen Reporter Ed Mack Sergeant-at-Arms Johnnie Faye Hines Club Beauty Dr. H. B. Hardt Club Sponsor Charles Cooper illege Commission Rep America ' s war program has brought out various changes in student life on our campus. One out- standing change was the organization of a com- pletely new boys ' club. The Forester Club, founded by an enterprising group of young men, was created to establish a more fraternal relationship and to found an organization which will be an asset to the social life of S. F. A. S. T. C. Although the Foresters are a young organization, they have gained recognition as a leading social club on the campus. May Forester honor never cease in the history of S. F. A! FORESTERS FOREVER! Doyle Gifford 2nd Term Secretary- Jimmy Kurtz Charles Coussins Gail Cuculic Douglas Gann MEMBERS NOT PICTURED: Joe Menefee, 2nd Term Vice-President; Gene Stewart, 2nd Term Sgt.-at-Arms; Basil Atkinson John Henry Bates Ira Goodrich MARTHA McCURDY Soloist — Mary IDA PRITCHETT Director MARSHALL ODEEN Soloist — Narrator Women ' 4, PEGGY W. WRIGI President; Soloist JOYCE BROOKSHIl Vice-Pres.; Soloist TOMMIE THOMAS Secretary-Treasurer 1 JO ANNA LODEN Soloist The Women ' s Chorus in costume for the cantata CHILDE JESUS — " Christmas in the Balkans " Vocal n4emUz IDA PRITCHETT Director MARY LAURA JONES RITA RUNDELL BONNIE JIMERSON GUY MEMBERS OF THE ENSEMBLE Not Pictured: Jo Anna Loden Lillian Davidson Susan Burrows Ruby Lee Pye President Peggy Jo Newman Vice-President Jeanelle Tyer Sec.-Treas. June Irwin Reporter P. ki. a A. Iris Hays Bridges Bobby Collier Buella Forsyth Imogene Hallmark Allene Hardt Rose Ann Langham Lillie Mae Lindsey Juanita Lloyd Eloise McGrede Ruby Thomas Gloria Peacock Rita Pearl Rundell Doris Noland Mable White Beth Williamson Zelda Arrington Doris Bailey Lucille Norton Sponsor Ike QkemiihAf Cum Dan Spivey Dr. H. B. Hardt Melrose Thurman Chas. Kannenberg Frank Touchstone President— Fall Sponsor Beauty President- Spring Vice-Pres.- Spring Bobby McVicker Margaret Elzner Imogene Hallmark Virginia Lee Vice-Pres.— Fall Maurine Ener Jean Irish Bob Rhodes " Henk " Bates Maggie Farrell Truman Kerr Edyth Thaggard Stella Bruce Doyle Gifford Jimmy Kurtz Peggy Jo Newman Gail Cuculic Beth Law Vice-President Doris Blessing Sec.-Treas. Auline Cornelius Historian-Reporter Jean Jinkins Iva J. Powell Myrta Ann Latimer Ruth Travis Corinne Metteauer Jeanelle Tyer Margaret Murray Peggy Wright " Body — Mind — Spirit " OFFICERS: Eldon Reed, President Buella Forsyth, Vice-Pres. Dorothy La Grone, Secretary Allene Hardt, Treasurer Lennijo Goldsberry, Program Edith Johnson, Recreation Eloise Biggar, Col. Comsn. Juanita Jones, Publicity Reed MEMBERSHIP Zelda Arrington Sybil Beck Joyce Brookshire Jalma Brill D. D. Giles Christine Haley Wayne Jones Myrta Ann Latimer Juanita Lloyd Mary Alice Mackechney Nancy McCameron Wauldean Anne Nelson Lucille Norton Mary F. Reed Rita Rundell Clovis Sanders Helen E. Schillings Mildred C. Smith John Spencer Ruth Travis Helen Williams Eula Maud Wingate Wright FACULTY SPONSORS Miss Sue Hill Dr. and Mrs. J. T. Richardson Mr. and Mrs. Geo. J. Steinman Miss J. M. Wilfong MEETING PLACE — WESLEY BIBLE CHAIR SOME 1943-1944 PROJECTS OF THE S.C.A.: The Community Christmas Pageant World Student Service Fund Drive The Visits ot Miss Breese Jones Erection of the Woodland Chapel Forsyth La Grone Jones Biggar Johnson Goldsberry THE PINE LOG Published every week by the students of Stephen F. Austin State Teachers College. Ente red as second class matter February 20, 1926, at the post office at Nacogdoches, Tex., under the act of March 3, 1879. Down-town Office: The Redland Herald, Telephone 121. MARGIE PARTIN WENDELL CARROLL MARGARET ELSNER j FRANCES RHYMES j FAIRY BROWN EVETTS THORNHILL JOY DIE CONTRIBUTING STAFF: Fiances Rhymes, Margaret Eisner, Joy Die, Elnise Biggai, Frank Touchstone, Betty Lou Foote, Margie Ivey, Patti Parmely, Johnnie Dale Partin, Liliie Mae Lindsey, Mel- rose Thurman, Kathlyn LaGrone, Tommy Thomas, Billy Jo Long. Fairy Brown. Represented for National Advertising by NATIONAL ADVERTISING SERVICE, Inc. College Publishers Representative 420 Madison Ave. New York. N. Y. Chicago - Boston - Los Angeles - San Franciseo Member of Texas Intercollegiate Press Association. Subscription Rates: One semester, 75e; two semesters, $1.50. MARGIE PARTIN Editor and President of Press Club The Press Club is made up of the PINE LOG and STONE FORT staffs. This offers opportunity for all students interested in journalism to work on campus publications. Editor Business Manager Assistants Editors Society Editor Sports Editor Proofreader Ike 19 4 4 or STONE FORT STAFF Editor _ Fairy Brown Business Mgr Wendell Carroll Sponsors Martha Condra Joyce Bright Dr. C. F. Sheley Features Margaret Elzner Organizations _ Joy Die Art Eloise Biggar Maurice Jones Senior Editor Beth Lucas Sophomore Editor .... Linda Langston Sports Editor Larry Giffen Snaps Editor Johnnie F. Hines Faculty Editor Beth Williamson Demonstration School Barbara McNair Staff Assistant . Frank Touchstone Dr. C. F. Sheley, Sponsor THE STAFF AT WORK Fairy Brown Editor Joyce Bright, Sponsor Glenn White, trumpet; J. T. Cox, sponsor, trumpet; Peggy Jo Newman, trumpet; Bobby Selden, drums; George Feazell, trombone; Walter Warren, trombone; Jo Anna Loden, vocalist; Kathleen Reagan, piano; Joy Die, saxophone; Charles Cooper, bass horn; Billie Walling, saxophone; Dorothy Faye Hudgins, sax- ophone. NOT PICTURED: Lew Keller, saxophone; Jerry Gartman, trumpet; Albert Long, trumpet; Bob Rhodes, vocalist. QinU ' Atmeticd. RUBY THOMAS Most valuable Purple Field Hockey Player TYER— Head of Indv. Sports IRWIN— Head of Basketball BRIDGES— Head of Softball BAILEY— Head of Field Hockey DORIS BAILEY Captain of the Purple Team FIELD HOCKEY Thomas, Smith, Price, Tyer, Newman, R. Pye, S. Pye, White, William- son, Irwin. VOLLEYBALL Williamson, R. Pye, Bridges, S. Pye, Rundell, Irwin. BASKETBALL Collier, Irwin, Williamson, S. Pye, Bailey, R. Pye. TYER— IRWIN Badminton Doubles Champions Brown Menefee Spivey Heaton Thornhill BASKETBALL Despite the usual wartime handicaps and manpower shortage, Coaches McKewen and Shelton called upon all available material to whip up a neat and winning team that pounded the hardwoods to cop thirteen wins and two losses for the 1944 basketball season. Teachers colleges throughout Texas were faced with the same problems as were our coaches here at S. F. A. As a result of difficulties, our team played various high schools in the East Texas area and won a 3-to-l game victory over Sam Houston State Teachers College. Lumberjack tradition was once again upheld as our small group of men and supporters romped over their opponents for a suc- cessful wartime season. T R Charles Cooper Gene Stewart Gail Cuculic Johnny Long TRACK Fleetfooted Lumberjacks pictured below represent S. F. A. ' s 1944 track team, capably coached by ver- satile Stan McKewen. The group participated in such State events as the Fort Worth Meet and the Texas Relays at Austin. Although the little band of ' Jack men did not come through with decisive vic- tories, Stephen F. Austin was once again placed upon the map in the field of major athletic events. A C K Doyle Gifford Loyd Dover MOST BEAUTIFUL: Ruth Marie Bailey MOST HANDSOME: Billy Nations MOST POPULAR: BOY George Donald Feazell GIRL Barbara McNair BEST ALL-ROUND: GIRL Jo Nell Austin BOY Fritz McCameron SENIORS Juanita Jones President Ruth Bailey Lendon Bridwell George Feazell Theo Hampton Dorothy Vaye Hudgins Geneva King Barbara McNair Billy Muckelroy Mary Lou Seale Bobby Seldon Lowell Westmoreland NOT PICTURED: Mildred Lee Back row: Mavis Koonce, Evelyn Irvine, Reba Green, Maxine Bridwell, Iris King; Mrs. Agnes Ellsworth, sponsor. Second row: J. W. Dunn, Raymond Burgess, Joe Rowlett, Rodgers Parker, Delbert Doss. First row: Carroll Bonnette, Dena Ruth Miller, Elsie Heitman, Edith Moody, Doyle Turner. Back row: John Glenn Kirkpatrick, Harold Wil- kerson, Albert Long, Billy Greer, Billy Cox; Miss Martha McCurdy, sponsor. Front row: Vernice Chambers, Emma Lou Kim- bro, Jean Pantallion, Jo Nell Austin, Clara Sue Martin, Ozeda Pate, Fairy Jinkins. Back row: Edwin Curry Boynton, Jean West- moreland, Dorothy Chambers, Ray Mize, Glenn Harvin; Miss Sue Hill, sponsor. Second row: Lorraine Bailey, Edna Merle Cox, Jane Goodrich, Bailey Nations, Earl Hamilton. First row: Earl Heitman, Billy Nations, Charles £ixtli Qnade Back row: Levon Foster, Sue Jean Haltom, Carl Maynard, Fred Joplin, Roy Maynard, Edward Dupree, Joe Pinson, Tommy Lloyd Koonce, James Byrd. Front row: Frances Ann Partin, Marian Stein- man, Sandra Fulmer, Bob Nelson, Synda Young, Marie Koonce, Sylvia Jones. Back row: Rheta Shepherd, Paulqnn Boyntor! Clara Lee Koonce, Patricia Swift, Bessie Ste | ens, Dwayne Foster, Lena Beth Alexander, Sar Bess Brookshire. Front row: Jackie Bailey, Trammell Lacey, Mai vin McBride, Bennie Rex Bridwell; Valin Hobbs, Sponsor. 7Uind and tyaudh QnadeA Back row: Mary Hazel Collins, Linda Locke, Charles Linthicum, Shirley June Walker, Eu- genia Ann Heame, Vivian Maynard, Stephen Reese, Fritz Sheley, Eloise Chambers, Anne Mc- Cranie, Katherine Ann McKinney. Front row: Gladys Fox, sponsor; Betty Hamp- ton, Thelma Lee Sweetser, Betty Sue Hawkins, Guy Blount, . Shirley Jean Thrash, John Nelson, Kenneth Ervin Bounds, Charles Dillen, John Earl Joplin, Peggy Jean Koonce, Margie Ruth Koonce. Back row: Sue Baker, Charles Jones, John WoodJ Second row: Louise McKinney, Elva Nell Mose- by, Keith Martin, Jo Ann Gregory, Barbarc Linthicum, Nancy Burrows. Front row: Donald Bennett, George Huffman, Frances Harris, Rebecca Stevens, Henry Louis Heath, Bobby Stripling, Earl Alexander, Kyle Fitch, Forrest Braselton; Ethel Scott, sponsor. Carol Wanamaker, Sue Jean Bobo, Peggy Holt; Henrietta Whaley, sponsor; John Young, Wayne Baker, Richard Hall, Philip Prince, Charlotte Fulmer, A. T. Heame, Philip Miller, Bobby Wil- liams, Nancy McKewen, Janice McBride, David Steinman, L. E. Shackelford, Dana Harris, Ed- ward Dean Fincher, Priscilla Abshire. Foreground: Elizabeth Monk, Robert Nesbet. TO OUR ADVERTISERS The Staff joins me in expressing our thanks for your support in making this book possible by your advertisements. You have cooperated with us and I feel sure that the students and faculty of Stephen F. Austin State Teachers College will remember this when they go to buy. WENDELL CARROLL, Business Manager. The Strongest Supporter . . . Of Stephen F. Austin State Teachers College is a busi- nessmen ' s organization in Nacogdoches whose greatest hope and ambition is to see and help to make Stephen F. Austin State Teacher ' s College grow as much in the next twenty years as it has in the past twenty. Chamber of Commerce NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS The Stone Fort National Bank NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS Under the Same Name Since 1903 Capital: Surplus and Undivided Profits -$ 390,000.00 Deposits 4,677,000.00 Resources 5,018,000.00 .:. OFFICERS .:. I. L. STURDEVANT, Chr. of Board B. H. WILSON, Assistant Cashier L. B. MAST, President ALTON KING, Assistant Cashier E. W. MONK, Vice-Pres. and Cashier R. S. GILMORE, Assistant Cashier J. C. BLACK, Assistant Cashier .:. DIRECTORS .:. L. B. MAST R. N. McKINNEY S. B. HAYTER R. N. CASON I. L. STURDEVANT E. W. MONK C. N. THOMPSON A. L. NELSON J. R. GRAY G. F. CLARK H. W. WHITED M. S. WRIGHT C. D. THOMAS This Bank Is a Member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Serving the Independent Retail Merchants of East Texas Distributors of LIBBY ' S FINE FOODS WHITE SWAN FLOUR Nacogdoches Grocery Company TEXAS FARM PRODUCTS CO. NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS LONE STAR FEEDS LONE STAR FERTILIZER OUR JOB . . . To keep them rolling for Victory! FIRST CLASS REPAIR SERVICE FOR ALL MAKES CARS AND TRUCKS Largest Stock of Parts and Supplies USED CARS BEN T. WILSON CHEVROLET CO. MEMORY TEST . . . You may forget all you have learned in good old S. F. A., but don ' t forget this fact: " Cason, Monk Co. ' s long experience, unbroken reputation for honest value, and pleasing the customer, have been successful selling policies with us for over fifty years. " TELL YOUR FRIENDS TO ATTEND S. F. A. On the Square WRECKER SERVICE STORAGE PHONE 182 Cason, Monk Co. HARDWARE - FURNITURE The Modern Science Building Equipped with " Standard " Plumbing Fixtures Visit Our Show Room Hunt Plumbing Supply Co., Inc. Nacogdoches . . . Conroe . . . Mt. Pleasant Compliments of The Texan Theatre Nacogdoches " Where Every Patron Is an Honored Guest " Compliments UNITED GAS CORPORATION FROST LUMBER INDUSTRIES, INC, OF TEXAS BETTER LUMBER For Better Homes NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS WHEN PEACE COMES TO THE WORLD AGAIN AND NEW AUTOMOBILES ARE PRODUCED FOR PUBLIC CON- SUMPTION, WE WILL BE HERE TO SELL AND SERVICE YOUR NEW DeSoto and Plymouth CARROLL ' S AUTO SALES DeSoto Plymouth Sales Service Luf kin, Texas " Selling automobiles in this area since 1921 " Phone 1818 Southern Pine Lumber Co. During the state of preparedness through which this country is going, we are doing everything pos- sible to help supply our government with the finest of East Texas Pine Lumber. DIBOLL, TEXAS LUFKIN TYPEWRITER CO. Typewriters, Adding Machines, Cash Registers, Dictaphones, Inter-Communication System Sales, Service, Rentals, Supplies D. C. SATTERWHITE, Manager 14 Shepard Ave. Lufkin, Texas " What sculpture is to a block of marble, education is to a human soul " — Addison TO THE CLASS OF ' 44 The Nacogdoches Abstract and Title Company, a Nacog- doches institution, congratulates you upon the successful completion of your college career. May the joys of college days continue with the joy of useful work well done in your chosen profession. ★ The Nacogdoches Abstract and Title Co Airline Motor Coaches, Inc. Home Owned and Home Operated The above is a picture of one of the coaches now being operated by Airline Motor Coaches and a number of the older drivers who are still with us, rendering as noble a work as that being done by any group of workers found anywhere. Some of these drivers have been driving buses for Airline Motor Coaches for thirteen years. All of them have been working for the company for more than six years and we are proud to say that none of these drivers has ever had a serious accident — a record of which we are justly proud and a record that takes something besides luck to accomplish. HOUSTON NACOGDOCHES « SHREVEPORT TYLER • BEAUMONT It is always with much pleasure and interest that the stockholders of Airline Motor Coaches, Ino., work with all of the business interests of East Texas. We have always taken the greatest of care to see that Nacogdoches and the entire territory from which Stephen F. Austin State Teachers College gets its students have the very best transportation facilities that are in our power to give. In normal times it has been a reat privilege to not only trans- port the students to and from their homes but to take care of the move- ments of the athletic clubs at all times in a way that has not only been a credit to ourselves but in a way that has put a good taste in the mouths of the students who come to our fair city. V. ' e know that the acts of the students who are now in service will bring much glory to the oollege and East Texas when the facts come home to us as to how they are actually conducting thenselves in the theaters of war. We are proud of Dr. Boynton and his entire faculty for the fine work that they have done. It is because of the interest in the stu- dents that has been taken by these fine educators that they have al- ways and will continue to become the finest citizens that it is pos- sible for any students to become. Because of the fine records that have been made by those in service now from the Stephen F. Austin State Teachers College, we oan look forward to this influence in the future bringing a tremendous number of students from various parts of East Texas to our school. We think that Nacogdoches well deserves the nnre of " The Friendly City " because of the unexcelled efforts of the entire citizenship to let this be known to strangers who come our way by accounts of friendliness that are manifested on the street corners p.nd public places at all times. We are giving the students of the college at this time over the conditions under which we are laboring the very best in transportation that it is possible to have with manpower and equipment shortages that exist here as elsewhere. When we have finally won the present struggle that we are so deeply engaged in, it will be possible, we are hoping, to put into servioe new equipment manned with personnel that will be fitting to the accommodations of the great public that we are so pleased to serve. When it is possible for Airline lootor Coaches to help any member of the faculty or any members of the student body in any way, we shall only be glad for them to call upon us. We hope above everything else that before another annual is pub- lished, that we will have all our fine boys and girls back with us gain. C. D. Thomas President and General 1, ' anager COMPLIMENTS Nacogdoches County Lumber Company Nacogdoches, Texas Congratulations . . . To the 1944 Class and To the 1944 Stone Fort ★ Stone-Crawford Building Material Co. Nacogdoches, Texas Stripling, Hazelwood Co. Your Rexall Store When in Nacogdoches, Meet Your Friends at Our Soda Fountain YOU ARE ALWAYS WELCOME I w «f (ytone ' fcrlt Tlteafae Where you see the big hits at a price alt can afford. In East Texas . . . It ' s the LUMBERJACKS and DAIRYLAND ICE CREAM Nacogdoches Ice Cream Company Our Gift Shop contains a Swift Bros. Smith Gift for Every Occasion " The Downtown College Drugstore " BEST WISHES FROM Perry Bros. 5-10-25 Cent Stores Compliments of H. R. MAST Plymouth-Dodge SALES and SERVICE Phone 868 Nacogdoches, Texas Schmidt ' s BEST WISHES " Where Smart Women Shop " FROM Distinctive Styles for Women Nacogdoches City Lines See us for your SCHOOL SUPPLIES and STATIONERY VISIT THE College Drug Store ' Where the college crowd meets ' SCHOOL SUPPLIES DRUGS FOUNTAIN SERVICE LUNCHES FOR QUALITY IN CLOTHING See Burrows Bros. ' Clothiers Deluxe ' Where Students and Ex-Students Are Always Welcome! 16— Stores Serving the East Texas Area — 16 3-Beall Brothers- BEST WISHES FROM Bennett-Clark Co., Inc. Novel Bright ' Your Grocer Friend ' COME AND VISIT THE HOME OF GOOD FOOL The School Worth While ' Satterwhite Commercial College 710 NORTH RAGUET STREET Lufkin, Texas Compliments of — SOUTHLAND PAPER MILLS, INC. Lufkin, Texas For over 41 years the name of this institution has stood for all that is substantial and dependable in FINANCIAL AFFAIRS IN EAST TEXAS COMMERCIAL NATIONAL BANK BEST WISHES from McCrory ' s 5-10-25 Cent Store C. E.NISBET, Manager The College Coffee Shop Compliments Nacogdoches Bowling Alley and Nacogdoches Bicycle Shop ERNEST V. COSTLOW, Owner COLLEGE SHOE SHOP Quality Shoe Repairing You can always find the college crowd at the coffee shop! Welcome to All College Students C. J. SHRADER Jeweler Best Wishes to Your 1944 Class A te The STONE FORT, a deep tradition on the " forty acres " of S. F. A., has diminished in size but not in value. It is with this value in mind that we have tried to give to you certainly not a complete record but a brief reminder of the days at S. F. A. in 1943-1944. In the days to come, after victory is won, perhaps this annual will remind you not of a year of sacrifice and tur- moil, but of one well spent in the quest of knowledge and of pleasant activities. To the student body and to the follow- ing, I express my deepest appreciation for your cooperation in making this yearbook a possibility: Martha Condra Dr. C. F. Sheley Joyce Bright Beth Williamson Joy Die Beth Lucas Linda Langston Margaret Elzner Margie Ivey Larry Giffen Wendell Carroll Helen Snyder Gertrude Daniel Bobby McNair George Feazell Mary Love Wheat Photo Service Schlueter ' s Studio The Steck Company Eloise Biggar Maurice Jones Ruby Pye Billie Walling Tommie Thomas Frances Rhymes J. T. Richardson J. H. Wisely Johnnie Faye Hines Thank you for the privilege of being your editor. Now it is your book. Sincerely yours, LIBRARY OF STEPHEN F. AUSTIN STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS FAIRY BROWN, Editor The " Stone Fort " for 1944. ; ; I VV.lV ' MI, ■ ,

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