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m m« a «M onm ™mmmrmTMn m, inn n.r.irm — " ■ Mt MI| 1 m 1 I 5 ii ■IB ■ ' I FREEDOM fromjvantJ (freedom from fearJ fn EEl)OM OF RELIGION) IFREEDOM OF SPEECH [ 134404 EX LIBRIS 3hc STONE FORT 1Q43 Published by Students of STEPHEN. F. AUSTIN. STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE JOYCE BRIGHT Editor JEAN WESTMORELAND - - - Business Manager MISS SUE HILL Sponsor MISS MARTHA CONDRA .... Sponsor Jo 3)1 i v CditatJl TZ» r; .... SCENES Never before in the history of our beloved Stephen F. Austin has the year of college life been so affected by outside influ- ences. We have seen our teachers, friends, and loved ones lay down the purple and white of their Alma Mater to take up the red, white, and blue of our grand and glorious U. S. A. Many of those whom we have known and who have fought on Birdwell Field and in Aikman Gym for S. F. A. are now fighting on different fields in many different lands for a far greater purpose. Yes, they are fighting for you and for me, so that we may have the four Freedoms — Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Re- ligion, Freedom from Want, Freedom from Fear — as laid down by our President and Mr. Churchill. Surely, they are worth fighting for! To honor those who have left our forty acres and to present to you a picture of Stephen F. Austin with its many changes, has been the two-fold purpose of the staff of the STONE FORT OF 1943. SNAPS BooAi DEMONSTRATION SCHOOL DEDICATION To Dr. Paul L. Boynton, S. F. A. ' s young president from Peabody, whose boundless energy, untiring effort, and sincere interest in the welfare and benefit of the college aided in secur- ing the W. A. A. C. unit to train here, we earnestly dedicate our annual. In this yearbook we also honor our boys on the fighting front and those in the training camps all over the United States. Yes, to every S. F. A. ex-student who is seeing service under the Stars and Stripes and to those unsung heroes in our college who have yet to answer their Uncle Sam ' s call to colors, we are proud to dedicate our annual. DR. PAUL L. BOYNTON to the flag of the United to the Republic for one nation indivisible, with No institution can be said to have lived in vain if in the hour of crisis its stalwart sons and daughters respond with the courage and distinction which is characteristic of those to whom we pay tribute at this time. To those who have given the last full measure of devotion, mingled with deep sorrow, goes our eternal gratitude. They are now in communion with the spirits of great hearts who, through the ages, have died to make men free. To those who are wounded, we send our sympathy and our prayers for speedy recovery. To all there go from this hallowed place pride and love, together with complete confidence that they will bring undying honor to themselves, their loved ones, and their Alma Mater. Let us here highly resolve to be worthy of their sacrifice. lVU and s ; GusBoun toU941 Son ot Nii- „. Ued in me LT CARL COOk onef anconcentrauon States of America, and which it stands, liberty and justice for all. JOHN CARLOS ROUNSAVILLE — a great patriot from a family of great patriots. One committed both in spirit and in action to the preservation of the loftiest ideals of our American civilization. John, you who were a student in this college from September, 1937, to July, 1939, your name is written indelibly on the scroll of eternity. M. F. RUSSELL — a boy whose love of country must not be confused with blind, youthful enthusiasm. He entered the armed forces fully aware of his likely fate but determined to serve whatever the cost. M. F., you who were a student in the college during the academic year of 1941-42, it is by men like you, men who envision the supreme sacrifice but never quaver, that the flag of liberty will be carried to the mountain peak of lasting victory. STEVE HENRY OATES — the first graduate of our institution to make the supreme sacrifice. A boy with a burning zeal to aid his fellow man through the practice of medicine; one who worked for what he got, and got what he worked for. Steve, you who were a student in this college from Septem- ber, 1937, to June, 1941, as surely as you left a record for friendliness and diligence on the campus and in the com- munity, you have left a record as an unexcelled patriot in the annals of American life. ROBERT D. WARREN, JR. — one who paid with his life for his unwavering belief in the eternal Tightness of the American way of life. Ambitious, but willing to volunteer his services to his country despite early successes in business. Robert, you who were a student in the college during the academic year 1936-1937, you have written your name forever in the clear blue sky of great Americans. BOARD OF REGENTS Mrs. John King Beretta San Antonio, Texas Honorable V. A. Collins Livingston, Texas Honorable M. C. Eidson Luling, Texas Honorable N. S. Harrell Claude, Texas Honorable J. E. Josey Houston, Texas Honorable S. A. Kerr, Jr. Jacksonville, Texas Honorable H. L. Mills Houston, Texas Honorable R. L. Thomas Dallas, Texas Honorable H. A. Turner Austin, Texas Honorable J. G. Ulmer Tyler, Texas RETIRING MEMBERS Honorable W. B. Bates Honorable R. T. Craig Honorable J. E. Hill Houston, Texas Athens, Texas Amarillo, Texas SCENES V- The carving over the entrance designates this as the Stephen F. Austin Building, but to most stu- dents, it is just old " Main. " Stand- ing guard over the rest of the college, it now houses classrooms for both students and WAACS. The simplicity of its Doric archi- tecture symbolizes the higher edu- cational ideals toward which every student strives. V [ A RUSK BUILDING Offspring of old Main is the Thomas }. Rusk demonstration school, which serves as a lab for earnest practice teachers. Besides giving the campus a taste of high school youthfulness, it houses the college library which affords quiet, studious atmosphere for students. GIBBS HALL Symbolic of midnight feasts and too many " nights out, " the girls ' dorm, although now occupied solely by WAACs, is still known as Gibbs Hall. However willing to evacuate their former abode for the young women of the U. S. Army, S. F. A. coeds are looking forward to their future return to Gibbs Hall. And thus it is with the boys ' dormi- tory. It is hard for the former occu- pants to visualize this scene of all-night " bull sessions " and unrestrained gaiety transformed into quiet, rigid routine of the W.A.A.C. administration. But once again " room 305 " will buzz with the clicking of ivory squares and the hep strains of " Well, Git It! " As typical of S. F. A. as apple pie is of America is our beloved Aikman Gym. It is the one building that has remained untouched and strictly for students. Now both girls and boys receive their physical instruction here, and it has become S. F. A. ' s own recreational center. It is particu- larly historic for the Lone Star Conference championships which have been won here and for the peppy games our Lumberjacks have played. AIKMAN GYM W. R. C Where blue shorts and white tennis shoes used to reign, it ' s now khaki and salutes. But there are still echoes of dancing, basketball, and tumbling classes for S. F. A. ' s coeds. And the private, vice versa, and all-college dances which put the Women ' s recrea- tional Center on the map, will never be forgotten. 1 1 la, •,igiir AttHr •• £2 HOME MANAGEMENT HOUSE The college gets its spicy taste of domesticity from the Home Economics Practice House at the edge of the campus. Preparing the future homemakers of America for their great task, its residents serve a term in every position from cook to hostess and furnish proof of their knowledge in the serving of their well-balanced, beautifully served meals. 14 PRESIDENT ' S HOME In keeping with our president ' s efforts and interest in our curriculum is his home which is a vital part of the campus. This work of white colonial architecture is a true symbol of Southern hospitality and a greeting of " Welcome! " issues forth to citizens, faculty, and student bodv. BAND SHACK Under the baton of Maestro J. T. Cox, band members flock here every Mon- day night for a regular session of prac- tice. This is the seat of the many honors bestowed upon the purple and white aggregation, and its fame origi- nated in this hall. For the duration of the war, however, the band shack has been converted into barracks for the headquarters company of the local WAAC school. COLLEGE FARM Furnishing a bit of local color to the " 40 acres " is the pride of all agriculture majors — the College Farm. In this wholesome environ- ment, the future farmers and dairymen of America put into practice what they learn in theory and make it a thriving, essential element of S. F. A. BIRDWELL FIELD Birdwell Field has not witnessed the usual gay spirit of the students, as football was eliminated from the col- lege sport curriculum this year. How- ever, it has not been idle, but has been the scene of both the boys ' and girls ' calisthenics classes. ADMINISTRATION DR. D. D. GILES Dean of the Junior Division Through his continued service and hearty efforts to the school, Dr. Giles has been an inspiration to both students and faculty of Stephen F. Austin. One of his most important duties is acting as armed service representative for the men students of the college. This has won him much praise and admiration from the boys. 1 ELLIS M. SOWELL Registrar Friendly Ellis M. Sowell is well known on the campus for his sincere and straightforward attitude in contacts with the stu- dents. Courteous and kindly, Mr. Sowell is a gentleman in the true sense of the word. An outstanding scholar in his field, Mr. Sowell is a credit to the college and his department. MR. J. H. WISELY Auditor Mr. Wisely capably handles the finances for the college. He is a kind and willing adviser, a friend to all, and deserves hjs title as the " campus ' busiest man. " His ability to assist students with their financial difficulties deserves much praise. Dr. A. W. Birdwell, educator, counselor, scholar, and friend, is a man whose name is engraved in the hearts of all who have come in contact with Stephen F. Austin State Teachers College. Technically, president emeritus is his present title, but he is still as much a part of the college as ever. He has been with our school since its founding in 1923 and was president of the college until the fall semester of 1942. He is still a member of the faculty and is very active on our campus. Although he is known and admired nationally, Dr. Birdwell ' s greatest and most appreciative audience is the alumni and students of S.F.A.; and so we salute our teacher, and most of all, our friendl ROY H. ADAMS, B.S., M.A., Ph.D. Biology JOSEPHINE BROOKS, B.S., M.S. Home Economics KITTY JEAN BROUGH, B.A. Assistant in Registrar ' s Office MARTHA CONDRA, B.S. Assistant Registrar T. COX, B.S., M.M., MA. Band GERTRUDE DANIEL, B.S., MA. Home Economics W. R. DAVIS, B.S., M.A., Ph.D Education W. W. DOSSEY, B.A., Ph.M. Chemistry AGNES ELLSWORTH Critic Teacher C. E. FERGUSON, B.A., M.A. Mathematics Dean of Men FRANK C. FLOWERS, B.A., MA. Ph.D. English GLADYS FOX, B.A., M.A. Critic Teacher W. F. GARNER, B.A., M.A. History V. R. GLAZENER, B.S., M.S. Agriculture H. B. HARDT, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Chemistry JESSIE HICKMAN, B.A., MA. Business Administration VALINE HOBBS, B.A., MA Critic Teacher MARY RAMSEY HODGES, B.S. Assistant Auditor BURNEY E. HOWARD, B.S. Speech MRS. C. C. JOHNSON, MA. Commerce A. L. LONG, B.A., MA. Education MARTHA McCURDY, B.A., MA. Critic Teacher STANFORD McKEWEN, B.S. Physical Education MINNIE S. MARTIN, B.S,, MA. Art RUTH MAYS, B.S. Modern Languages Dean of Women Emeritus MAMIE MIDDLEBROOK, BA. Piano LUCILE NORTON, B.S., M.A. Physical Education IDA PRITCHETT, B.S. Music R. H. SHELTON, B.S. Physical Education SUGENE SPEARS, B.A. Secretary to President MADGE STALLINGS, B.S. Commerce GEORGE J. STEINMAN, B.A., B.D., B.S.T. Bible R. L. TURNER, B.S., M.A. Physics R. G. UPTON, B.S., M.A. Biology MRS. J. M. WILFONG Matron Gibbs Hall EDNA WILKIN, B.S., M.A. Home Economics 6$ NAN WRIGHT Secretary to the Dean of the Faculty MILDRED WYATT, B.A., M.S. Librarian ANNE YARDLEY, B.A, M.A. Critic Teacher VIRDIAN BARHAM, B.A., M.A. History JAMES H. HINDS, B.A., M.S. Agriculture R. A. SHAW, B.S., M.S. Agriculture ESSA MAY BARNES, B.S., M.A. Critic Teacher ESTHER A. HOWARD, B.A.E., M.A. Art C. F. SHELEY, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Foreign Language LOIS FOSTER BLOUNT, B.A., M.A. Archivist MARY LOVE, B.S., M.A. History HELEN SNYDER, B.A., B.S. Librarian ELIZABETH BRADFIELD, B.S., M.A. Librarian OUIDA YARBROUGH McWILLIAMS, B.S. Physical Education LORENE TAYLOR DAVIDSON, B.A., M.A Critic Teacher VERA BROUGH, B.A. Commerce LOUISVILLE MARSHALL, B.A., M.A. English MARY THOMSON, B.A., M.A. Modern Languages ILENE BROWN, B.S., M.S. Home Economics JOSEPHINE S. MIDDLETON, B.A. Critic Teacher in Art ELIZABETH TUCKER, B.A., M.A. Home Economics W. A. CAIN, B.A., M.A. Education LELA OXSHEER MORGAN, B.S., M.A. Critic Teacher in Mathematics MARY J. WHITE, B.A., M.A. English W. T. CHAMBERS, B.A., Ph.D. Geography GLADYS FOX, B.A., M.A. Critic Teacher CLIFFORD H. OSBORNE, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. English R. B. PINSON, B.S., M.A. Mathematics J. J. WILSON, B.A., M.A. Education Director of Dem. School JANEY HANELINE Dietician L. C. HARLING, B.A., M.A. History JAMES T. RICHARDSON, B.A., M.A. Economics J. V. DEAN, B.A. Manager of Book Store ROY R. HARVIN, B.S., M.S. Education DOROTHY A. SANDERS, B.A., M.A. English ARCH LOCKE Engineer LOUISE HATHCOCK, B.A., M.A. English CLASSES Charles Kilpatrick, Pres.; Lois Jarrell, Reporter; Dave Trice. Vice President; Martin Dies, Sec.-Treas. SENIORS SENIORS BETTYE JANE ALEXANDER, Keltys; B.S. Home Economics; Pres., E. H. R. Club; Sec.-Treas., Pine Burrs; Lumberjackettes, Woman ' s Council. AUBRY ASHBY, Henderson; B.S. Agriculture; Sec.-Treas. Aggie Club, Sawyers. CLAUDE E. BANKS, Nacogdoches; B.A. English; Sawyers, Barristers, College Chorus, Dramatic Club, Letterman in Basketball, Track. DON BARKETT, Marshall; B.S. Chemistry and Mathematics; Sawyers, Press Club, Science Club, Alpha Chi, Who ' s Who, Pine Log Staff, College Commission. MARIE BARTLETT, Lufkin; B.S. Commerce; Wesley Student Union. MILDRED MAXINE BATES, Cushing; B.S. Commerce; Alpha Chi. WINCIE LOWE BLANTON, Cushing; B.A. Busi- ness Administration; Alpha Chi, Woman ' s Council, Y. W. A., Historian Gibbs Hall Council, Reporter of F. T. A. Club, Goodfellow ' 41, Who ' s Who. JOYCE MAE BRIGHT, Nacogdoches; B.S. Commerce; Pres. Pine Burrs, Pres. Press Club, Editor Stone Fort, Society Editor Pine Log, Reporter Lumberjackettes, Woman ' s Council, Who ' s Who, Most Popular Girl, Senior Class Favorite, Homecoming Duchess, Flag Bearer in Band. PRISCILLA VINNA BURNS, Troup; B.S. Home Ec; Ellen H. Richards Club, Beauty, Lumberjackettes. MRS. DELL BYRD, Nacogdoches; B.S. Elemen- tary Education; Choral Club, Alpha Chi, Band. HUGH BYRD, Nacogdoches; B.S. Music; Choral Club, Men ' s Chorus, Band, Member of Octet. MARY CUE CADENHEAD, Gilmer; B.S. Home Economics; Ellen H. Richards Club, Reporter Woman ' s Council, B. S. U. Council, President of Y. W. A. LUCILLE CARROLL, Lufkin; B.A. Music; Choral Club President, College Octet, Madrigal Club, Melody Girl ' s Trio, Poems published in National Anthology of College Poetry. MARY LOIS COLEMAN, Alto; B.S. History. BILLIE MAE COLWELL, New Summerfield; B.S. Commerce; Alpha Chi. HELEN ADELE CRAWFORD, Center; B.S. Physical Education; Amities, P. W. R. A. Band, Drum Major. SENIORS WILSON MITCHELL DICKSON, Kilgore; B.S. Commerce; Sawyers. LAWSON EMMONS, Tyler; B.S. Mathematics. ALICE MAUD FEWELL, Nacogdoches; B.S. Home Economics; E. H. R. Club Hostess. LEOTA FORSYTH, Nacogdoches; B.S. Mathe- matics, Alpha Chi, S. C. A., Secretary- Treasurer F. T. A., Member of Civilian WAAC Recruiting Committee. VIRGINIA FREEMAN, Nacogdoches; B.A. Spanish; Member of Spanish Circle. MRS. JOSIE ROYAL GARNER, Nacogdoches; B.S. Home Economics; Alpha Chi, E. H. R. DORIS MARIE GARNER, Nacogdoches; B.S. Home Economics; Amitie, E. H. R., Red Cross Motor Corps, Baptist Student Union. NORMA COLLEEN GARDNER, Frankston; B.S. Commerce; Vice-President B. T. U. HOWARD MARION GATES, Huntington; B.B.A. Commerce; B.B.A. Club, Press Club, Pine Log Staff. BRUCE GOLEMON, Rusk; B.A., Music; College Band, S. F. A. Choir, Men ' s Choir. WILLIE GRAMLING, Nacogdoches; B French and English; Alpha Chi. GEORGIENNE R. GREEN, Nacogdoches; B.S. Commerce and Economics; Spanish Circle, B.B.A. Club, Alpha Chi. BILLIE ANN HANNA, Center; B.S. Business Administration; Library Staff. JANICE MARIE HARVIN, Nacogdoches; B.A. English; F. T. A., Alpha Chi. SENIORS MRS. MODENA BRADSHAW NELSON, Nacog- doches; B.S. English; Alpha Chi, Who ' s Who. FLORIDE PARRISH, Nacogdoches; B.S. Commerce; B.B.A. Club, Curtiss- Wright Engineering Cadette. BROWNIE JO PATTON, Nacogdoches; B.S. Social Science; Vice-President Pine Burrs, Woman ' s Council, Best Girl Dancer. BARBARA PERKINS, Nacogdoches; B.A. Elementary Education; Pine Burrs, Elementary- Council, Pine Burr Beauty, Stone Fort Beauty ' 41, Vice-Pres. Pine Burrs ' 41- ' 42. NELVA FORSYTH PERKINS, Nacogdoches; B.S. Home Economics; Stone Fort Beauty ' 40- ' 41, Ellen H. Richards Club, Associate Editor Pine Log ' 41. JOHNNIE MURVIN PICKARD, Zavalla; B.S. Mathematics; B. S. U. Treasurer, Choral Club, Texas Defense Guard, Choral Ensemble, V-7 Reserve. MAURINE POLLEY, San Augustine; B.S. English. JANETTE RAY, Lufkin; B.S. Business Admin- istration. MARGARET ADELE ROGERS, Lufkin; B.S. Home Economics; Ellen H. Richards Club. KURL SHIREY, Lufkin; B.S. Commerce; Wood- chopper Orchestra Leader, Who ' s Who. Sawyers, Band, V-l. JIM CREWS SIMS, Woodville; B.S. Chemistry; President of Austinites, Woodchoppers, Chemistry Club, Band, Sports Editor of Pine Log, Summer ' 42. MRS. TEXANNA SITTEN, Sacul; B.A. Home Economics; Ellen H. Richards Club. ROSS SMELLY, Appleby; B.S. Agriculture; Basketball. NORENE SPARKMAN, Mt. Enterprise; B.S. Elementary Education; Vice-President of Elementary Council, Lumberjackettes, 2nd Vice-President of B. S. U., Y. W. A. HENRY LESTER SMITH, JR., Leggett; B.S. Agriculture; President of Student Body, Presi- dent of College Commission, President of Sawyers, Ag Club, Press Club, B. S. U., Business Manager of Pine Log, Most Popular Boy, V-5, Texas Defense Guard. LON TULLOS, Leggett; B.S., Physical Educa- tion; College Commission Representative of Ag Club, Sawyer, Press Club, College Commission, Dramatic Club, V-7, Texas Defense Guard. SENIORS SENIORS DAVID TRICE, Henderson; B.S. Commerce; President of Student Body, Sawyers, Vice- President of Senior Class, Chairman of College Commission, V-7. IOE AARON WALKER, Ewing; B.S. Chemistry; Cavalier, Wesley Student Union, Library Staff. LEATRICE IMOGENE WEBBER, Port Arthur B.S. Home Economics; Ellen H. Richards Club Treasurer, Woman ' s Council. IMA JEAN WESTMORELAND, Marshall; B.A. Spanish; President of Lumberjackettes, Presi- dent of Spanish Club, Business Manager of Stone Fort and Pine Log, Pledge Captain of Amities, Woman ' s Council, Wesley Student Union, Who ' s Who, Wittiest Girl. LEILABETH WILLIAMSON, Nacogdoches; B.B.A. Business Administration; Amities, Treasurer of Lumberjackettes, President of Woman ' s Council, College Commission, P. W. R. A., Library Staff. MOZELLE WILLIS, Woodville; B.A. Biology; President of Alpha Chi, President of Chemistry Club, President of Gibbs Hall, Secretary- Treasurer Red Cross Motor Corps, Secretary- Treasurer of Woman ' s Council, Spanish Circle, Baptist Student Union Council, Best Girl Student ' 42 Summer, Who ' s Who. MRS. MERRIAN WHARTON, Diboll; B.S. Home Economics; Ellen H. Richards. JOHN DAVID WHITLEY, Garrison; B.S. Social Science. GERALD WICKMAN, Kilgore; B.S. Physical Education; Austinites, Football. JUNIORS JUNIORS JOYCE BAILEY Logansport, Louisiana iENE BELK Appleby, Texas DEAN BLESSING Nacogdoches, Texas VIVIAN LOUISE BOLES Mt. Enterprise, Texas FAIRY BROWN Nacogdoches, Texas MARY FRANCES CRANE Nacogdoches, Texas GENE CURINGTON Boeme, Texas LOUISE DICKSON Kilgore, Texas RAY ELIOS DIE Beaumont, Texas BETH DRENNAN Kilgore, Texas ELIZABETH RUTH FARLEY Dallas, Texas BETTY LOU FOOTE Nacogdoches, Texas JESSE FRANKLIN GIFFORD Longview, Texas CHRISTINE HALEY San Augustine, Texas ELIZABETH KATE HALL Nacogdoches, Texas JUNIORS DORIS NOLAN Dayton, Texas OLIVER WILLIAM PARRISH Joaquin, Texas FRANCES RHYMES Nacogdoches, Texas CHARLES RUTH Zavalla, Texas JOHN LESLIE SHELBURNE Mineola, Texas MARION EDWARD SHEPHERD Timpson, Texas MILDRED CHRISTINE SMITH Longview, Texas PATSY STILL Chireno, Texas MARGARET ANN STRODE Appleby, Texas SARAH JEAN SWEATMON Overton, Texas RAYMOND ANDREW TARRANT Ranger, Texas BOBBIE TIPPETT Timpson, Texas RUTH MAXINE TRAVIS Chireno, Texas BARBARA JEANELLE TYER Timpson, Texas ANNA CLAIRE VOORHIES Carthage, Texas JUNIORS MYRTLE ERNESTINE HARPER Overton, Texas BILL HENRY HARLAN Gladewcrter, Texas KATHERINE MAURIE HICKS San Augustine, Texas LILLIE MAY HOBBS Lufkin, Texas JOSE IGUINA Arecibo, Puerto Rico EDITH JOYCE JOHNSON Longview, Texas ALTON JOHNSTON Jacksonville, Texas MILDRED RUTH JORDAN Shelbyville, Texas MARIE KENLEY Lufkin, Texas GERALD INE KNIGHT Bessmay, Texas BETH LUCAS Nacogdoches, Texas ALCINE MARGERY McGEE Timpson, Texas CORINNE METTAUER Chireno, Texas DOROTHY MARIE NEEL Joaquin, Texas JAMES JOSEPH NELSON Nacogdoches, Texas NOT PICTURED: NED BARRETT, JR. DOROTHY GENE BEVIL MARY EMMA BURK JANE CALHOUN BREITENBACH INEZ DALE AILEEN DEAN OSCAR MARION DILLEN, JR. OLA MAE DUDLEY LETA HARRELL FOSTER LOUISE GANDY HELEN ELOISE HOLCOMB MRS. GLENN HUFFMAN KEITH KELLOW GEORGE MANN KERMIT PRITCHETT HELEN MARIE QUARLES JAMES EDWIN SEALE DIXIE MERLE WHITEHEAD MARGUERITE YANCEY JUNIORS Pat Nash, President; Alma Stallings, Sec.-Treas.; Mitchell Jetton, Sgt.-at-Arms; Sarah Jane Brazil, Reporter SOPHOMORES SARA ABNEY Lufkin, Texas MAXINE ALLEN Nacogdoches, Texas DORIS BAILEY Logansport, L. MAUDELL BAXLEY Nacogdoches, Texas TOMMYE EARL BEACH Nacogdoches, Texas JOE PRUIT BEAUCHAMP Beckville, Texas IOY BELL Nacogdoches, Texas MYLREA BERRY Lufkin, Texas PERCY BLOUNT Nacogdoches, Texas SARAH JANE BRAZIL Lufkin, Texas IRIS HAYES BRIDGES Henderson, Texas JAMES CAMPBELL Center, Texas KENNETH CARIKER Gary, Texas DAYTON CARTER Groves, Texas ALBERT COLLIER JACOUELIN CONNALLY Port Arthur. Texas SAMMY LANE CRAWFORD Nacogdoches, Texas DORIS CRUMP Timpson, Texas SARAH DANIEL Marshall, Texas JOHNNIE LAMERLE DECKARD Nacogdoches, Texas RENFORD ELLIS Joaquin, Texas NAOMI FARRELL Martinsville, Texas LYNDON FAULKNER Attoyac, Texas CHARLES FINNEY Nacogdoches, Texas EDWIN GASTON Nacogdoches, Texas MILDRED GATLIN Nacogdoches, Texas JOE RUTH GOSSETT Henderson, Texas MOGENE HALE Henderson, Texas LAVELLE HAM Mt. Enterprise, Texas SARA HICKS San Augustine, Texas SOPHOMORES SOPHOMORES JOHNNIE FA YE HINES San Augustine, Texas JAMES HINSON Leggett, Texas ARTHUR HORN Kilgore, Texas JAMES HOMER HUGHES Mineola, Texas MITCHEL JETTON Jasper, Texas BONNIE LEE JIMERSON Henderson, Texas JUANITA JONES Huntington, Texas MRS. NELL WYNN DEVELIN JONES De Berry, Texas WILLIAM CHARLES KINZBACH Nacogdoches, Texas MYRTA ANN LATIMER Garrison, Texas JAMES LAVENDER Lufkin, Texas BETH LAW Lufkin, Texas JO ANNA LODEN Lufkin, Texas PURVIS LOWERY Etoile, Texas jean Mclaughlin Jewett, Texas SARAH McLEROY Timpson, T exas BOBBY McVICKERS Rusk, Texas KATE MARIE MEADOR Nacogdoches, Texas NELLIE GRACE MONZINGO Chireno, Texas WADE OWEN MORRIS Nacogdoches, Texas MARGARET MURRAY Pineland, Texas PAT NEFF NASH Silsbee, Texas ELNORA NEEL Joaquin, Texas PEGGY JO NEWMAN Nacogdoches, Texas MARGIE PARTIN Nacogdoches, Texas WILLIAM PEAK San Augustine, Texas PAUL PERKINS, JR. Nacogdoches, Texas JESSE PETTY Nacogdoches, Texas RUBY LEE PYE Cushing, Texas CHARLES RAMBO Overton, Texas SOPHOMORES SOPHOMORES RUBYE LEE RIVES Laneville, Texas MARY VIRGINIA ROGERS Lufkin, Texas HAROLD ROSS Beckville, Texas MARTHA LOUISE SANDERS Timpson, Texas RUTH SANFORD Timpson, Texas CLARENCE SEIDENBERGER Schulenburg, Texas RICHIE SHAW Carthage, Texas FRANK SISCO Nacogdoches, Texas MARY ALICE SLAY Nacogdoches, Texas DORIS SMITH Pineland, Texas ALMA HOUSTON STALLINGS Nacogdoches, Texas JANE STONE Henderson, Texas JU ANITA STONE Nacogdoches, Texas FA YE STRIPLING Bullard, Texas EUGENE TANNERY San Augustine, Texas WILLIAM DENNIS THAMES Lufkin, Texas BETTY THOMAS Carthage, Texas C. D. THOMAS, JR. Nacogdoches, Texas BETTY SUE THOMPSON Nacogdoches, Texas BILL NASH THORNHILL Nacogdoches, Texas RAY TUGGLE Henderson, Texas GERALDINE WHITEHEAD Henderson, Texas EVELYN WILSON Norphlet, Ark. OPAL MARIE WISE Center, Texas NOT PICTURED W. G. BARR, JR. NORRIS BIRDWELL WALTER EUGENE BOYNTON MRS. IVA G. BURROWS CLIFFORD GENE CAMPBELL ETHEL RACHEL COLE AULINE CORNELIUS MRS. LORA FONTENOT MARY MAURINE GRAVES COLLEEN HARRISON CHARLINE HERRINGTON J. R. HOLT, JR. CAROLYN JIMERSON SARAH CONNER JONES EUGENE JONTE MEDFORD JORDAN LOUISE LEE KATHERYN McCURRY JOHN MAYNARD JAMES HOWARD MILSTEAD LAURA MONZINGO LORRAINE PARMLEY ROSINE PARMLEY MRS. BELLE ROGERS J. D. SHEPPARD MARY SMITH RUBY PEARL THOMAS RUTH WESTMORELAND MABLE HELEN WHITE MARTHA BETH WHITEHORN MRS. LOUISE WILCOX SOPHOMORES Jim Wilson, President; Mary Faye Stallings, Vice Pres.; Edith Thaggard, Sec.-Treas.; Lcaira Monzingo, Reporter. FRESHMEN FRESHMEN BILLIE JO ALEXANDER Pine Hill, Texas MADGELEASE ANDERSON Center, Texas FLORENCE APPLEWHITE Sacul, Texas KATHRYN BARLOW Woodville, Texas WILMA LEE BERRY San Augustine, Texas ELOISE BIGGAR Center, Texas RICHARD BILLINGSLEY Lufkin, Texas MARTHA NELLE BLACK Nacogdoches, Texas LOIS BLOUNT Nacogdoches, Texas DORIS BOOZER Rusk, Texas JOHNNIE RUTH BOWERS Henderson, Texas ADELAIDE BREWER Jacksonville, Texas PERRY BRITTAIN Center, Texas ELEANOR BROWNING Lufkin, Texas MARJORIE BRYAN Overton, Texas CHARLES CAMPBELL Mt. Enterprise, Texas WENDELL CARROLL Lufkin, Texas EDNA CHANDLER Nacogdoches, Texas EDNA EARL CHILDERS Nacogdoches, Texas RUTH CLAMON Hortense, Texas LOUISE CLEAVER Goodrich, Texas BOBBY COLLIER Palestine, Texas SAMUEL CONGER Nacogdoches, Texas BILLY CRENSHAW Center, Texas ELLA MAE DICKERSON Bronson, Texas FRANCIS DuBOSE Nacogdoches, Texas DOROTHY EAVES Lufkin, Texas MAGGIE HANNA FARRELL Martinsville, Texas CONNIE JANE FLEETWOOD Hearne, Texas BUELLA FORSYTH Nacogdoches, Texas FRESHMEN FRESHMEN TINA JO FRANKLIN Nacogdoches, Texas BRAXTON GAGE Lufkin, Texas HILDA GATLIN Nacogdoches, Texas LENNIJO GOLDSBERRY Cushing, Texas MARY JANE HAILE Lufkin, Texas DONALD HALL Lufkin, Texas EVELYN HARRIS Nacogdoches, Texas SARA JEAN HEITMAN Nacogdoches, Texas THELMA HELPENSTILL Mt. Enterprise, Texas VIRGIE MAE HORTON Troup, Texas JUNE IRWIN Laneville, Texas MARGIE IVEY Nacogdoches, Texas NADINE JIMERSON Nacogdoches, Texas DOROTHY JOHNSON Laneville, Texas DOROTHY LEE JONES Huntington, Texas MAXINE JONES KAPP Manchester, Tennessee MRS. LOVELL KELLEY De Berry, Texas TRUMAN KERR Lufkin, Texas ALLISON KING Alto, Texas JACQUELINE KING Nacogdoches, Texas EUGENE KIRKLEY Center, Texas DOROTHY LA GRONE Lufkin, Texas BILLIE LANGSTON Alto, Texas LINDA LANGSTON Nacogdoches, Texas FRANCES LEATH Lufkin, Texas LANDIS LEE Nacogdoches, Texas EMELINE LOCKEY Palestine, Texas JOHNNY LONG Lufkin, Texas FRANKIE RAE LOWREY Henderson, Texas NANCY FAY McCAMERON Nacogdoches, Texas FRESHMEN FRESHMEN BAILEY McCOMMON Chester, Texas LUCY MABERRY Lufkin, Texas HELEN MARIE MILFORD Nacogdoches, Texas JOHN LANCE MILLER Lufkin, Texas VIRGINIA MIZE Nacogdoches, Texas NENA FRANCES MONK Kirbyville, Texas SAMUEL MOSES Lufkin, Texas HUBERT MOTT Nacogdoches, Texas HAROLD NEILL Trawick, Texas ELWOOD OLDS Gilmer, Texas VIRGINIA KAY PATTON Nacogdoches, Texas NELDA PAYNE Carthage, Texas JEROME PITMAN Nacogdoches, Texas MARTHA JO PRICE Nacogdoches, Texas DORIS PRUITT Laneville, Texas EDWARD RAMSEY Garrison, Texas GERALDINE RAWSON San Augustine, Texas PERRY REAVES Groves, Texas LA MERLE RICHARDS Bland Lake, Texas DORIS MARIE ROBERTS San Augustine, Texas MARY FRANCES ROOK Nacogdoches, Texas RITA PEARL RUNDELL Longview, Texas CHARLES RUNNELS Nacogdoches, Texas JACK RUSHING Henderson, Texas DENMAN RUSSELL Lufkin, Texas JAMES SHARP Beckville, Texas GRACE SMITH Magnolia Springs, Texas VIRGINIA DARE SMITH Troup, Texas PEGGY RUTH STILL Nacogdoches, Texas EDYTH THAGGARD Nacogdoches, Texas FRESHMEN 4 I FRESHMEN JUANITA THOMAS Marshall, Texas W. T. THOMAS Cayuga, Texas SAM EVETTS THORNHILL Nacogdoches, Texas BILLIE WALLING Center, Texas MARY BERNICE WARD Canton, Texas GWENDLON WARREN Nacogdoches, Texas FA YE WESTMORELAND DeBerry, Texas GLENN WHITE Gladewater, Texas JIM WILSON Nacogdoches, Texas JOHN WILSON Nacogdoches, Texas JAKE WRAY Linden, Texas WANDA YATES Joinerville, Texas MINNIE RUTH YOUNG Nacogdoches, Texas EDEL ZEVE Nacogdoches, Texas FEATURE MISS S. F. A. l! ; : JOYCE BRIGHT MR. S. F. A. CHARLES KILPATRICK Marie Kcnlcy Junior Favorite HOW THE SELECTIONS WERE MADE MR. AND MISS S. F. A. At the first of the spring semester a general assembly was held for the purpose of pre- senting the candidates. Their names appeared on a ballot at a general student election. The student body voted and chose by a majority the winner for Miss S. F. A. There was a run-off for Mr. S. F. A. between two of the candidates. Votes were counted by an impartial student-faculty committee. THE BEAUTIES Different organizations nominated someone as their choice as most beautiful girl of S. F. A. The pictures of the eleven nominees were sent to the Corpus Christi Naval Air Station, and 4000 cadets selected them in the order they appear. WHO ' S WHO Fifteen students were selected by a student-faculty committee on the basis of their char- acter, leadership, scholarship, extra-curricular activities. HIGHEST RANKING SENIORS The three highest ranking seniors were determined by their record as it appeared in the Registrar ' s office, and their average was compiled by that office. Pabtif, £UU Anna GlaMe VomUieA loU [jcmell ■:■,■ (, lillie Mae JcMi g. q. a. eiuuA ft ell Wytw fjomA H omcmA. ' Council From Marshall, Texas, comes DON BARKETT, a senior who centers his intelligence upon a double major — chemistry and math. Don takes time out from jitterbugging and attending meetings of the Sawyers, Chemistry Club, and College Commission to rate mem- bership in the Alpha Chi. He also works as student assistant in the cafeteria. In his military preference, Don leans toward the Navy and is in V-l of the Navy Reserve. LOIS JARRELL, senior from Hattiesburg, Mississippi, comes all the way from the deep South to major in Vocational Home Eco- nomics. Red-headed Lois was selected beauty of the Sawyer Club. She reports to the Pine Log for the senior class and is a very active member of the Pine Buns. Representing the Woman ' s Council in the College Commission, Lois also holds membership in the Ellen H. Richards Club. ■HHMHBHhHHI WINCIE BLANTON, of Cushing, majored in commerce and was a mid-term graduate. Wincie, who has won the admiration and respect of students and faculty alike, was a member of Alpha Chi, the Woman ' s Council, and the Student Christian Association. Wincie is now teaching at Laneville. CHARLES KILPATRICK is an outstanding senior from Nacog- doches and majors in Social Science. He is president of the senior class and was elected senior class favorite. Charles ' s journalistic efforts combine to make him editor of the Pine Log and sports editor of the Stone Fort, vice-president of the Press Club, and a member of the Publications Committee. He was president of the Cavalier Club before it disbanded. However, this recently elected wittiest boy on the campus holds his chief accom- plishment as being on the All-Intramural Basketball team. " Recently elected most popular girl on the campus " is tr key description of JOYCE BRIGHT, senior from Nacogdocht I majoring in commerce. Responsibility doesn ' t bother Joyc , for she is editor of the annual, society editor of the Pir Log, and she is president of two outstanding campus c - ganizations: the Pine Burrs and the Press Club. She i also a member of the Woman ' s Council and reporter l t the Lumberjackettes. Joyce was the junior Homecomir J Duchess and was elected senior class favorite. MRS. MODENA NELSON of Nacogdoches has won the admira- tion and respect of the students and faculty alike. Besides capa- bly managing a home and large family, Mrs. Nelson has made an excellent record in school — nothing below an " A " — and is a member of Alpha Chi. A senior student majoring in English, Mrs. Nelson will receive her degree in August. Nacogdoches ' s FRANCES RHYMES chose commerce as the cor- rect major since she is secretary-treasurer of both the College Commission and the Amities. She goes in for journalism insofar as she is a Pine Log reporter and associate editor of the annual. Besides being active in both her Junior and extra-curricular activities, Frances holds down a position of secretary to an important business concern and is president of the college class at the Methodist Church. HOWELL OWENS of Nacogdoches, who received his degree in 1942, did post-graduate work in Agriculture and Biology and was very capable as lab assistant in the biology department. Very active in organizations, Howell is a member of the Alpha Chi, the Ag Club, the Dramatics Club, the Motor Corps, and the Austinites. He is now in training to be an Ensign. CHARLES " BABE " RUTH, junior from Zavalla, is an enthusiastic Ag major and is president of the Ag Club. He also holds the executive positions in the Junior class, Dramatics Club, and dur- ing the latter part ol the spring semester, in the Sawyers. " Babe " holds membership in the College Commission and the Press Club and has volunteered his services to the Texas Defense Guard and to V-7 of the Naval Reserve. rogdoches ' s diminutive BARBARA PERKINS is a ior majoring in elementary education. Disproving saying that " beauty is only skin deep, " Barbara ' s rming personality and sweet disposition accom- iies all her honors. Holding membership in the Pine rs, she was elected beauty of that club and was also rted most beautiful girl on the campus. Versatile LESTER SMITH, agriculture major, is a true executive. Elected most popular boy on the campus, he holds the position of president in the Sawyers, College Commission, and the student body. This senior student from Leggett also claims membership in the Ag Club, the Press Club, and the B. S. U. His commercial ability was put to work as business manager of the Pine Log. Les ' s military interest goes to V-5 of the Naval Reserve and to the Texas Defense Guard. BETH WILLIAMSON, senior from Nacogdoches, double majors in business administration and P. E. Proving to be very active in campus organizations, she holds the offices of President of the Woman ' s Council and treasurer of the Lumberjackettes. Beth is also a member of Alpha Chi and the P. W. R. A., and repre- sents the Amities in the College Commission. With blowing his trumpet as a sideline, KURL " BOOKIE " SHIREY, senior from Lufkin, majors not in music but in accounting. He is a member of the band and is an active Sawyer. As leader of the campus ' s organized orchestra, Bookie and his trumpet have gained fame far and wide. And, until the V-l of the Navy calls him for service, he will continue to blow sweet and hot music for the rug-cutters. MOZELLE WILLIS from Woodville, senior majoring in biology, holds the honored position of president of Alpha Chi. She is also president of the Chemistry Club, and was head of Gibbs Hall Council during its existence. Mozelle is very active in the Wo- man ' s Council of which she is now secretary, in the Motor Corps, the B. S. U., and in the Spanish Club. Very appropriately, Mozelle was elected best girl student last summer. Recently elected wittiest girl, JEAN WESTMORELA I comes from Marshall and is a senior majoring in Sp n ish. As pledge captain of the Amities, president of t Lumberjackettes, and likewise the Spanish Club, I jj also claims membership in the Woman ' s Council, business manager of the annual, she exerts her c mercial ability; and her military preference is stc s as being at A. M. J BAPTIST STUDENT UNION THE BAPTIST STUDENT UNION IS THE CONNECTING LINK BETWEEN THE COLLEGE STUDENT AND THE LOCAL CHURCH. IT WORKS THROUGH THE SUNDAY SCHOOL, THE B. T. U, AND THE Y. W. A., IN UNIFYING THE RELIGIOUS ACTIVITY OF BAPTIST STUDENTS ON THE CAMPUS. THE B. S. U. PROMOTES SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT AND OFFERS AN ATTRACTIVE PROGRAM INCLUD- ING CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP AND SOCIAL ACTIVITIES. EVERY STUDENT WHO IS A MEMBER OF ONE OF THE UNIT ORGANIZATIONS OF THE BAPTIST CHURCH IS A MEMBER OF THE B. S. U. THE B. S. U. COUNCIL, THE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE, IS COMPOSED OF EIGHTEEN STUDENTS WHO HAVE CHARGE OF DIFFERENT PHASES OF THE WORK. Sue Barksdale Student Sec ' y Mildred Webb Art and Posters Mildred Smith B. T. U. Rep. Doris Garner — Talents Martha Nell Black Res. Strident Rpd. Mozelle Willis Maaozine Ren. Sue Cadenhead Y. W. A Ren. Doris Bailey- Joyce Bailey Lois Blount Adelaide Brewer Beth Drennan Dorothy Eaves Betty Lou Foote Doris Garner Mary Jane Haile Vergie Mae Horton Nell Wynn Jones Maxine Jones Kapp Emeline Lockey Corinne Metteauer Margaret Murray Doris Marie Roberts Mary Virginia Rogers Juanita Stone Edyth Thaggard Betty Thomas Juanita Thomas Billie Walling Faye Westmoreland Not pictured: Mary Faye Stalling Rosalind Pierce OU T i n I TC Jim Sims President James Nelson Vice-President Stanford McKewen Sponsor IN THE SERVICE The Austinites stand for lead- ership and high scholastic standards, undertake to uphold and popularize the traditions of our alma mater, to promote sin- cere fraternity among ourselves and our successors, and to foster and sponsor desirable school projects. James Campbell Army Air Corps Bill Harlan Array Air Corps Clay Kennedy Sergeant-at-Arms James Homer Hughes Army Chester McCann Sec ' y-Treas. Edwin Gaston Reporter John L. Miller Army J. Leslie Shelburne College Commission Clarence Seidenberger Poll Director Harold Neil Army Bill Peak Army Air Corps Jesse Petty Army Air Corps Perry Reaves Army John Wilson Marines Jake Wray Naval Air Corps Bettye Jane Alexander President Lavyelle Morris Vice-President Lois Jarrell Yearbook Chairman Maurie Hicks College Commission Representative Alice Fewell Room Hostess Pnscilla Burns Club Beauty Gertrude Daniel Co-Sponsor Edna Wilkin Sponsor Wilma Berry Vivian Boles Marjorie Bryan Sue Cadenhead Sarah Daniel Dorothy Eaves Betty Lou Foote Doris Garner Elizabeth Hall Sara Hicks rs. Margaret Jessup Jo Anna Loden Frankie Lowrey Evelyn Matthews Corinne Metteauer Nellie Monzingo Alcine McGee Sarah McLeroy Marie Neel Mrs. Nelva Perkins La Merle Richards Margaret Rogers Richie Shaw Margaret Strode Mrs. Texanna Sitten Mrs. Merrian Wharton Mary Alice Slay Evelyn Wilson Billie Jo Alexander Naomi Farrell Lillie Mae Hobbs Bonnie Lee Jimerson Nell Wynn Jones Ruth Jordan Dolores Kristensen Nena Frances Monk Nelda Payne Barbara Perkins Grace Smith Rita Rundell Maurine Polley Jane Stone Ruth Travis Opal Wise GIBBS HALL COUNCIL Frances Meyer Mrs. J. M. Wilfong Sec ' y -Treas. House Mother Doris Crump Velma Kirkley Maurie Hicks Ruby Rives LIBRARY STAFF Helen Snyder, Jean McLaughlin, Tommie Earl Beach, Beth Williamson, Lyndon Faulkner, Harold Ross, Maurine Graves, Billie Ann Hanna, Elizabeth Bradfield, Ray Tuggle, Mildred Wyatt, Frances Leath. Not Pictured: Sarah Jane Brazil, Eugene Kirkley, Edwin Gaston, Joe Walker, Cline Weaver, Mrs. Guy Blount. MILDRED WYATT Head Librarian HELEN SNYDER Associate Librarian ELIZABETH BRADFIELD Assistant Librarian MRS. GUY BLOUNT Archivist Sarah Abney Alma Stalhngs Johnnie Faye,Hines Tommy Earle Beach Joy Bell Dons Boozer Sarah Jane Brazil Jackie Connolly Louise Dickson Connie Fleetwood Margie Ivey Lois Jarrell Linda Langston Frances Leath Jo Anna Loden Beth Lucas Margie Partin Deris Pruitt Veda Walters Willie Dee Williams Edel Zeve PIANO DEPARTMENT Nancy Osborne, Andrew Hall, Mary Jane Powers, Peggy Ann McKay, Betty Stripling, Monte Hill Davis, Jeny Gartman, Billie Rogan, Billie Jean Dossey, Duane Adams, Mary Nell Russell, Dorothy Chambers, Patricia Ann Sitton, Nelwyn Graves, Mary Ruth Dillen, Bessie Lucille Stephens, Joe Ann McKewen, Sallie Woodward, Bryan Holt Davis, Shirley Frazer, Raymond Hargis, Ester Marie Hargis, Sarah Ann Stone, Clark Colvin, Mozelle Hampton, Janet Davison, Eloise Chambers, Alma Ruth Wil- liams, Paulann Boynton, Elizabeth Monk, Carol Ann Matchett, Lillie Mae Hobbs. NOT IN PICTURE: Shirley June Walker, Judy Crain, Sarah Abney, Dolores Kristensen, Mrs. W. M. Arnold, Ruth Reavley, Helen Odeen, Edna Merle Cox, Sarah Bess Brookshire, James Dyer, Charlotte Burrows, Starr Davis, and Linda McDougal. Mary Jane Perkins is a pupil of Martha McO;rdy. PEGGY ANN McKAY, ten-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Everett McKay and artist pupil of Mamie Middlebrook, has had eruditions with the following members of the Houston Sym- phony Orchestra: Ernst Hoffmann, Conductor; Joseph Gallo, Concert-master; and Mr. Kepner first flutist. Peggy Ann has been presented by Miss Middlebrook in several individual recitals. Her largest work is the " Concerto in A Major " by Mozart. THE PIANO DEPARTMENT MONTE HILL DAVIS, ten-year-old prodigy pianist, daughter of Mrs. Cornelia Davis and pupil of Mamie Middlebrook, has appeared as guest soloist with the Houston Symphony Orchestra on four different occasions. Her major work is the " Concerto in D Minor " by Mozart. Monte Hill has appeared in individual concerts in the following cities: Nacogdoches, Beaumont, Lufkin, Tyler, Austin, and Cleburne. From the proceeds of these con- certs she has financed the purchase of a grand piano, and has begun her educational fund. Miss Middlebrook will take her East for auditions when the desired time MISS MAMIE MIDDLEBROOK CHORAL CLUB The Choral Club pictured as they appeared in the Christmas Cantata assisted by the Demonstration Choral School. COLLEGE ENSEMBLE Bill Peak Murvin Pickard Hugh Byrd Lucille Carroll C. D. Thomas Percy Blount Purvis Lowery Claude Banks Arthur Horn Ray Tuggle Sam Thornhill Morris Marshall Ray Die Pat Nash Bookie Shirey Florence Applewhite Edna Earl Childers Helen Crawford Evelyn Harris Billie Langston Virginia Smith Kathryn Barlow Ruth Clamon Maggie Farrell June Irwin Peggy Jo Newman Jeanelle Tyer Iris Hays Bridges Bobbie Collier Buella Forsyth Dorothy Johnson Doris Nolan Veda Walters Marjorie Bryan Mary Frances Crain Jo Ruth Gossett Jacgueline King Martha Jo Price Beth Williamson Sue Cadenhead Reporter Bettye Alexander Joyce Bailey Johnie Ruth Bowers womws COUNCIL Ruth Mays Sponsor Leatrice Webber Jean Westmoreland Evelyn Wilson S. F. A. BAND FIRST ROW: Billie Ray Smith, Landis Lee, Charles Finney, Glynn Harvin. SECOND ROW: Imogene Hale, Janet Davison, Ruth Marie Bailey, Anne Nelson, Susan Burrows, Joy Bell, Bobby Ann Harris, Billie Louise Walling, Mildred Lee, Lois Nelson, Juanita Jones. THIRD ROW: Madgelease Anderson, Edna Merle Cox, Jane Goodrich, Edwin Curry Boynton, Jean Hunnicut, Betty Ruffs, Warren Hann, Dorothy Hudgens. FOURTH ROW: Barbara Ann Holt, Kurl Shirey, Gene Belk, Emma Nell Shepherd, Lorane Bailey, Bailey Notions. FIFTH ROW: Kenneth Fulmer, Dolbert Doss, George D. Feazell, Wilson Hanna, Fritz McCameron, Earl Heitman. SIXTH ROW: Raymond Shindler, Joyce Bright, Charles Cooper. DIRECTOR: J. T. COX Charles Kilpatrick Editor Published Saturdays by the students of Stephen F. Austin College, twelve months of the year. Written and edited by students and supervised by a fac- ulty committee. Bordering from serious news matter to April 1 editions. Cov- ers all the news on the campus and reports in an unbiased, unprejudiced manner. Many graduates of the Pine Log staff have gone into the newspaper field and have proved the value of the prac- tical training received while in college. The Pine Log offers training in all forms of news reporting and editorial writ- ing, as well as advertising work. Jean Westmoreland Business Mgr., 2nd Term Margie Partin Associate Editor " Chick " E llis, Charles Runnels Sports Staff Geraldine Knight Assistant Editor Lester Smith Business Mgr., 1st Term THE STAFF Joyce Bright Editor 7 STONE FORT STAFF Joyce Bright Editor Jean Westmoreland ... - Business Manager Miss Sue Hill Sponsor Miss Martha Condra Sponsor Frances Rhymes Associate Editor Lois Blount Assistant Editor Charles Finney Assistant Editor Fairy Brown Features Jackie Connally Organizations Mildred Webb Art Gene Curington Art Beth Lucas Senior Editor Anna Claire Voorhies Junior Editor Sarah Jane Brazil Sophomore Editor Imogene Hale Sophomore Editor Margie Partin - - . - - - - Freshman Editor Charles Kilpatrick Sports Billy Howard Sports Beth Williamson - Girls ' Sports Eugene Kirkley ------ Photographer Susan Burrows Demonstration School Jean Westmoreland Business Manager Lois Blount Miss Martha Condra YELL LEADERS JIMMY SEALE JACKIE CONNALLY EVELYN WILSON J. LESLIE SHELBURNE Jackie Connally, Jimmie Seale, Evelyn Wilson, and J. Leslie Shelburne, are Vitamin B-l products of S. F. A. Every cage star can vouch for the splendid work these four carried on this year. Jackie, from Port Arthur, is a sophomore and member of the Pine Burrs. Jimmie, who is an Austinite, hails from Nacogdoches and has attained his standing as a junior in record time. Pretty Evelyn is a sophomore from Eldorado, Arkansas, and belongs to the Amities. J. Leslie is a sophomore coming from Mineola and holds membership in the Austinite Club. All four of these cheerleaders have a peppy spirit that is extremely contagious, and they have done a good job of kindling ' the flame that lies beneath our school spirit. BASKETBALL, P. E. STANFORD McKEWEN ATHLETIC DIRECTOR R. H. SHELTON The season 1942-43 brought great changes in the athletic set-up at Stephen F. Austin. The armed forces had begun a steady drain upon the manpower oi the college, a drain which increased with every month. First casualty oi the campus was football which was dropped for the duration of the war before the fall term began. Intercollegiate tennis and golf had been discontinued the year before by the Lone Star Conference. In order to prepare the men already in school for the physical needs of the armed forces, the athletic council of the college planned an extensive program of physical training and intramural sports. For the first time in history the entire physical plant of the college was devoted to building up the ordinary student Through the untiring efforts of Stanford McKewen, R. H. Shelton, W. W. Dossey, and V. R. Glazener, the men of the college were given planned calisthenics, following Navy methods, for at least three hours each week, and most men participated in the intramural program. In the fall, R. H. Shelton, head coach and athletic director, made the announcement that Stanford McKewen would handle the purple and white cagers for the coming season. No basketball novice, McKewen had starred under Shelton in the early thirties and had been connected with coaching and teaching since graduation. Taking a green set of men, consisting of two lettermen, three junior college transfers, and several transfers, McKewen molded his men into a smooth-working quintet which finished second in the conference. They had the distinc- tion of being one of two conference teams to defeat the champion North Texas Eagles. The Lumberjacks were easily the second-best team in the LSC and showed promise of going on to bigger things the next season. All but one man was eligible for another year of play. ROSS SMELLEY Nacogdoches SOUTHWEST TEXAS BOBCATS The Lumberjacks hit the road for the first two conference games of the season, making the long trip to San Marcos to split with the ' Cats, 56-41 and 40 39. Tatum. Cat guard, won the first encounter but the fighting Lumbermen came back to win the second night in an overtime battle. Die sank a free throw to break a deadlock. NORTH TEXAS EAGLES The fast moving Eagles put on a scoring spurt to down the ' Jacks in the first game of the series; but McKewen ' s men, led by tall J. D. Shepperd, iced the second game in the fading seconds, 52-40. It was the first loss of the season for the Eagles. With the score tied at 42-42, Shepperd dropped in a sensational one-handed push shot, and then followed with a free throw. The ' Jack attack featured Shepperd and Johnston and the ace ' Jack floor- men, Kennedy and Neil). EAST TEXAS LIONS Continuing their policy of losing the first game and win- ning the second, the Axmen split with East Texas in Com- merce, 49-42, 50-51. Norris Birdwell, ' Jack center, played HAROLD NEILL only a few minutes of the first game because of a broken Cushing hand. Sharpshooting Alton Johnston dropped 31 points through the net in two games to spark the drive. SAM HOUSTON BEARKATS Sam Houston won their second victory in history in Aikman Gym, 51-49, in the last minute of the first game, but the Axmen piled up an imposing lead in the second to win, 55-48. Gaining a 50-30 margin in the third quarter, the ' Jacks coasted to win easily. Johnston was high for the night, driving his season ' s total to 147 points. Because of travel difficulties SFA and Southwest Texas were the only conference teams to play a full schedule. PAT NASH Silsbee RAY DIE Silsbee CLAY KENNEDY Kilgore NORRIS BIRDWELL Hooks J. D. SHEPPERD Kilgore ALTON JOHNSTON New Summerlield THE TEAM LEFT TO RIGHT: Mitchell Jetton, Eu- gene Kirkley, Albert Collier, Clarence Seidenberger, Purvis Lowery, W. D. Thames, Claude Banks, Truman Kerr, Dayton Carter, and Coach R. H, Shel- ton. Ably coached by Shelton, the ' Jack harriers showed promise of fine work if competition had been available. PURVIS LOWERY Etoile ' 7 » C. SEIDENBERGER Schulenburg DAYTON CARTER Port Neches 1943 TRACK SEASON Wartime restrictions on travel kept the Lumberjack thinly-clads pretty well confined to the Birdwell oval. Competition during the year was mostly between the team members. The thinly-clads made only two meets this year, the Texas Relays in April and the conference meet in May at San Marcos, at which the ' Jacks finished third with 22 points. KENNETH CARIKER Gary W. D. THAMES Lufkin S3 CLAUDE BANKS Nacogdoches MITCHELL JETTON Center ALBERT COLLIER Palestine PHYSICAL FITNESS PROGRAM Working on the premise lhat men now in college should pre- pare themselves for the rigors of military life ahead, the SFA physical litness program took a group of ill-conditioned boys, and through hard work, calis- thenics, cross-country running, track, competitive sports, and other conditioners, hardened them physically. Probably the best activity of all was the three hours of mass exercise given three days each week. Directed by Stanford Mc- Kewen, the workouts hardened soft muscles and gave the men much needed endurance. Pat terned on the Navy system. SFA ' s P. E. classes became that in fact. Although they hate to do it, most SFA boys recognize the worth of this fine program. Men in enlisted reserves were worked on especially. Some at- tention was given to military drill to promote discipline. ■Hi TORTURE Commonly known as " side- falling-on-the-left-arm. " Exercises such as this were an integral part of the tri weekly calisthenics program. BEND Calisthenics and physical training replaced most intercolle- giate sports at SFA this year. " Bends " such as pictured here made boys want football rein- stated. SIX INCHES UP After nine months of practice, SFA boys found this exercise easier, but not very much easier. Run off the Navy way. mass calisthenics took on military pre- cision. , 1 i CHAMPS — Kilpatrick, Lowery. Tarrant. Berry. Mi Is te ad. Carter. Gaston. CHAMPS Kilpatrick, Lowery. Tarrant. Berry. Milstead. Carter. Gaston of the championship Marine basketball team. A Marine team composed of Carter, Lowery, and Gaston also took the reserve track meet. 1943 MOST SUCCESSFUL YEAR FOR INTRAMURAL SPORTS Intramural sports were strongly emphasized along with the physical fitness program at Stephen F. Austin in 1943. Com- petition was held in basketball, track, volleyball, and softball. Along this line, the gym— with all forms of equipment— was available to all students during the day, night, or week-ends. Intramural competition took on a wartime note with most teams entered being from the enlisted reserves. Army. Marine. Army Air Corps, Navy Air Corps, and two other Navy teams participated. The war in which we are now engaged demands that women, along with men in the services and war industries, must take a full partnership in the struggle. In the light of this demand, the physical education program oi our college has been revised to place increased emphasis on the development oi endurance, strength, flexibility, relaxation, and body control. The girls that are in this physical fitness class will assure you that nothing has been left undone to secure these objectives. ALL-STAR BASKETBALL Billie Langston Beth Williamson Ruth Clamon Kathleen Helvenston Peggy Jo Newman Lois Blount ALL-STAR SPEEDBALL Doris Bailey Edna Earl Childers Ruby Lee Pye Kathleen Helvenston Buella Forsyth Florence Applewhite Beth Williamson Ruth Clamon John Morgan Helen Crawford Jeanelle Tyer Susan Burrows, President Student Body; Charles Cooper, Vice-President; Ann Nelson, Secretary DEMONSTRAT I ON SCHOOL Charles Cooper Alton Dennard Louise File Jean Hunnicutt Anne Nelson Phyllis Warr ELEVENTH GRADE First Row: Nelwyn Graves, Dorothy Vaye Hudgins, Juanita Jones, Pauline Polk, Lowell Westmoreland. Second Row: Theo Hampton, Durward Bridwell, Roy Sweetser, Miss Arline Kilpatrick, Lendon Bridwell, Billy Muckleroy. TENTH GRADE First Row: Jean Pantalion, Ruth Marie Bailey, Lois Nelson, Suenette Mayes, Jewel Y ' Barbo. Second Row: Wilburn Wilson, Doyle Turner, Dorothy Sweetser, Imogene Shackleford, Mrs. Ellsworth. Third Row: Pierson Holly McLain, Albert Long, George Donald Feazell. NINTH GRADE First Row: Elsie Heitman, Mary Nell Russell, Betty Stripling, Emily Summers, Doris Jean McFarling, Evelyn Irvine, Mavis Koonce. Second Row: Reba Mae Green, Maxine Bridwell, Edith Moody, J. W. Dunn, Carroll Bonnette, Raymond Burgess. Third Row: R. L. Keeton, Delbert Doss, Donald Gross, Rogers Parker, Joe Campbell Rowlett, Miss McCurdy. EIGHTH GRADE First Row: Jean Westmoreland, Dorothy Chambers, Mar Jane Perkins, Lorraine Bailey, Jane Goodrich, Evelyn Koonce, Edna Merle Cox, Janet Davison. Second Row: Jo Ann McKewen, Ross White, Eugene Scott, Earl Heitman, Edwin Curry Boynton, Ray Mize, Charles Peacock, Billy Nations, Bernard Mitchell. Third Row: Mrs. Morgan, Buster Winder, Glenn Harvin, Fritz McCameron, Bailey Nations. SEVENTH GRADE First Row: Nancy Osborne, Jean Dossey, Dorothy Shelton, Billie Rulfs, Margareteen Feazell, Jo Nan Shaw, Shirley Frazer. Second Row: Rose Marie Bounds, Emma Nell Shepherd, Mozelle Hampton, Jane Helpinstill, Sarah Ann McAlister, Betty Rulfs, Winifred Burton, Barbara Ann Holt. Third Row: Miss Middleton, Dick Nelson, Billy Ray Smith, Otto Francis, Henry Winder, Kenneth Fulmer. FIFTH AND SIXTH GRADES First Row: Barbara Nell Dillen, Patricia Hinds, Frances Ann Partin, Lynda Young, Viola Bailey, Ima Jane Denman, Alma Ruth Williams, Lillie Marie Koonce, Monte Hill Davis, Doris Jean Robinson, Sylvia Jones. Second Row: Sandra Fulmer, Morris, Muckleroy, Tommy Cox, Wilburn Trammell, Joe Pinson, Rufus Miller, Jimmy Hammet, Don Clark, Bob Nelson, Marion Steinman. Third Row: Fred Joplin, Bennie Rex Bridwell, Levon Foster, Miss Hobbs, Norene Sparkman, L. V. Foster, James Byrd, Jack McFarling. FOURTH GRADE First Row : Sara Bess Brookshire, Rheta Faye Shepherd, Sally Tucker, Suzanne Jessup, Bessie Stephens, Dwayne Foster. Second Row: Lena Beth Alexander, Marvin McBride, Jackie Bailey, George Winder, Miss Fox. SECOND AND THIRD GRADES First Row: Linda Locke, Bryan Holt Davis, John Earl Joplin, Fritz Sheley, Peggy Koonce, Betty Sue Hawkins, Betty Hamp- ton, Donald Hornbuckle, John Nelson. Second Row: Kyle Fitch, Mary Hazel Sullivan, Katherine McKin- ney, Kenneth Bounds, Ellis Mast Sowell, II, Eloise Chambers, Mary McCameron, David Hardt, Patrick Barnett, Charles Dillen, Mrs. Davidson, Anne McCranie. FIRST GRADE First Row: Bobby Stripling, Sue Nell Baker, Elva Nell Mosby, Rebecca Stephens, Frances Harris, Nancy Ruth Burrows, Jo Ann Gregory, David Dyer, Pat Robinson. Second Row: George Lloyd Huffman, Dorothy McKinney, Charles Jones, John Atkins Wood, Sammie Havens, Forrest Gene Braselton, " Bobby Jessup, Terry Morris, Earl Glen Alex- ander. SENIOR CHORUS First Row: Jean Westmoreland, Shirley Frazer, Dorothy Shelton, Margreteene Feazell, Mavis Koonce, Nancy Osborne, Rose Marie Bounds. Second Row: Billy Rulfs, Betty Rulfs, Mozelle Hamp- ton, Jane Helpinstill, Betty Stripling, Mary Jane Perkins, Jean Dossey, Jo Nan Shaw, Miss Mc- Curdy. Third Row: Dorothy Chambers, Sara McAlister, Jean Hunnicutt, Joann McKewen, Winifred Burton, Emily Summers, Doris Jean McFarling, and Mary Nell Russel. Fourth Row: R. L. Keeton, Henry Winder, Jr., Buster Winder, Otto Francis, Alton Dennard, Charles Peacock, and Billy Nations. VIOLIN CLASS First Row: Francis Ann Partin, Sara Bess Brook- shire, Patricia Hinds, Sylvia Jones, Doris Jean Robinson, Rheta Faye Shepherd, and Miss Mc- Curdy. Second Row: Dorothy Shelton, Lynda Young, Suzanne Jessup, Levon Foster, George Winder, Trammell Lacy, Jr., and Bob Nelson. Third Row: Rufus Miller, L. V. Foster, Barbara Ann Holt, Dorothy Vaye Hudgins, James Byrd, and Margreteene Feazell. BASKETBALL SQUAD Front Row: Billy Muckelroy, Raymond Shindler, Charles Cooper, Alton Den- nard, Ray Die (coach). Back Row: J. L. Crain, Durward Bridwell, Roy Sweetser. SNAPS AUSTINITE POLL Truman Kerr — Brownie Patton Best Dancers Martin Dies, Jr. Best Politician W. D. Thames— Joy Bell Best Students FRESHMAN DAY Esquire ' s latest styles. Doris Marie Roberts as Tex Ritter and Murffy Stallings as Mae West. Don ' t Billie and Doodle, Adelaide and Perry make two handsome couples? OVER THE CAMPUS SELECTED SHORT SUBJECTS WAAC BRANCH No. 1 ARMY ADMINISTRATION SCHOO Hut, two, three, four! 8TBPHEH F. AUSTIN STATE COLj Farewell! WAAC Branch No. 1, Army Administration School, is the first school of its kind to be established in the United States;. the first WAAC training unit to have WAAC officers; the first WAAC school to be operated directly under a branch of the regular army — the Adjutant General ' s Department; and the first to have an enlisted personnel in addition to the officer personnel. Arriv- ing in Nacogdoches February 12, the first class was graduated six weeks later. TO OUR ADVERTISERS The Staff joins me in expressing our appreciation and thanks to those people who have made possible the publishing of this annual. Our adver- tisers have given necessary financial support despite the war. It is now up to the students and faculty of Stephen F. Austin to retain this good will by supporting the businessmen of this vicinity. JEAN WESTMORELAND Business Manager SWIFT BROS. SMITH The Downtown College Drug Store Visit the Largest Gift Shop in Town WE HAVE A COMPLETE LINE IN SCHOOL SUPPLIES AND STATIONERY TIME OUT For more than forty years, Cason, Monk Co. has subscribed to . the highest standards for Quality. Even though periods of depression and war have presented problems, this ideal has never been lost sight of. Today, we are going through another such ordeal, America is having her rendezvous with des- tiny. Naturally, we are conforming to war require- ments, but you can be certain that regardless of what conditions may be in the future we will spare no effort to merit your continued Confidence and Busi- ness. cnsoN, MONACO. COLD ALONE IS NOT ENOUGH Air-Conditioned Ice Refrigeration Southern Ice Co. SEE US FOR REPAIRING YOUR PRESENT CAR ON THE BUDGET PLAN 0. K. Used Cars Phone 182 Ben T.Wilson Chevrolet Co. (On the Square) MIZE BROTHERS FACTORY AND STORE Headquarters for College Students We can supply your needs in the newest things out at reasonable prices. Always Showing the Latest Out in LADIES ' READY-TO-WEAR DRY GOODS SHOES, MILLINERY Harris ' DISTINCTIVE STYLES FOR WOMEN The New and Smart Things You ' ll find at . . . HARRIS ' S Phone 143 Compliments of Lacey Brothers Distributors of TEXACO PRODUCTS The MODERN SCIENCE BUILDING EQUIPPED WITH £ 7 PLUMBING FIXTURES VISIT OUR SHOW ROOM HUNT PLUMBING SUPPLY CO., Inc. Nacogdoches .... Conroe .... Mt. Pleasant AIRLINE MOTOR COACHES, INC. " Let ' s Go Places " ON AIRLINE MOTOR COACHES Serving — SHREVEPORT AIRLINE MOTOR COACHES, INC. Home Owned and Operated " If the rest of the road is half as good As the half that has gone before, I ' ll swing along with a singing heart And pray the fates for more. How long? How far? How hard? How fine? How heavy or light the load? If it ' s half as good as the half I ' ve known Here ' s hail to the rest of the road. THE REST OF THE ROAD WILL BE TWICE AS GOOD .... when you ride on AIRLINE COACHES Serving The Garden Spot of East Texas with Comfortable Deluxe Coaches, and Careful, Courteous Drivers East Texas Theatres, Inc. Texan AND Stone Fort THEATRES Nacogdoches " Where Every Patron Is an Honored Guest " The Stone Fort National Bank NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS UNDER THE SAME NAME SINCE 1903 CAPITAL: Surplus and Undivided Profits - - - $ 300,000.00 DEPOSITS - - f 4,000,000.00 RESOURCES - - - - - 4,350,000.00 OFFICERS I. L. Sturdevant, Chr. of Board B. H. Wilson, Assistant Cashier L. B. Mast, President Alton King, Assistant Cashier E. W. Monk, Vice-Pres. and Cashier R. S. Gilmore, Assistant Cashier DIRECTORS L. B. Mast R. N. McKinney S. B. Hayter R. N. Cason I. L. Sturdevant E. W. Monk W. G. Reid A. L. Nelson J. R. Gray This Bank Is a Member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation PORTRAITS by emu. FROST LUMBER INDUSTRIES INC. OF TEXAS BETTER LUMBER FOR BETTER HOMES NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS The Path to Better Livim From the very beginning, our aim has been to give a better Natural Gas Service to a greater number of people, in order that they might enjoy a new comfort and convenience in their daily lives. United Gas Service is a dependable Service. When ' you use your range, when you want hot water, or when you need to drive away the winter ' s chills, this Service is always at hand — ready and waiting for You! United Gas Service is a pioneer of Better Living in your community ! The United Gas way is the path to Better Living. NOVEL BRIGHT " Your Grocer Friend " COME AND VISIT THE HOME OF GOOD FOOD Compliments McKay ' s FOOD MART " The Complete Food Market " Best Wishes from McCrory ' s 5-10-25 Cent Store RED BALL MOTOR FREIGHT LIN1 " Smiling Service " Free Pick-up and Deliveries Overnight fn Dallas, Houston, Shreveport, Beaumont, a Intermediate Points to your door EXPRESS SERVICE at FREIGHT RATI F. S. Rook, Agent Phone 3 1 TEXAS FARM PRODUCTS NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS MANUFACTURERS - REFINERS CO. " FOOD FOR FREEDOM " LONE STAR FEEDS 746 M«R ' 42 " CALLS FOR ' LONE STAR FERTILIZER ELEVATOR, Cap. 50,000 Bu.— CORN MEAL MILL, 300 THE NACOGDOCHES OIL MILL AND REFINERY, nr aVT FEED MILL - 100 Tons Dail y — FERTILIZER Owned and Operated bv TEXAS FARM PRODUCTS I LANT, 10,000 Tons Annually — Side Track Facilities CO. — Annual Capacity 8,000 Tons. 12 ( ars. " The School Worth While " Satterwhite Commercial College 710 North Raguet Street LUFKIN, TEXAS COMPLIMENTS OF SOUTHLAND PAPER J MILLS INC. LUFKIN TYPEWRITER CO Typewriters, Adding Machines, Cash Registers Dictaphones, Inter-Communication System Sales, Service, Rentals, Supplies D. C. SATTERWHITE, Manager 14 Shepard Ave. Lufkin, Texas BEST WISHES from — Piney Woods Business College " The school of the golden rule " Lufkin, Texas BEST WISHES TO YOUR 1943 CLASS Angelina County Lumber Company Keltys, Texas 1887 — Serving East Texas 56 Years — 1943 COMPLIMENTS OF The Lufkin Foundry and Machine Co. QUALITY MACHINERY SINCE 1900 I believe in a college education — But do not believe it is a substi- tute for hard work, proper spirit, and enthusiasm; so don ' t fail to get your education, but be willing to mix a lot of hard work with it and I am sure you will find it will " pay large dividends. " Your friend, A. T. MAST Where Students and Ex-Students are Always Welcome: 16 — Stores Serving East Texas — 16 Let Us Serve You! Stripling, Hazelwood Co. Your Rexal Drug Store When in Nacogdoches, Meet Your Friends at Our Soda Fountain YOU ARE ALWAYS WELCOME Performing an Economical Service NACOGDOCHES GROCERY COMPANY Established 1902 For over 41 years the name of this institution has stood for all that is substantial and dependable in FINANCIAL AFFAIRS IN EAST TEXAS COMMERCIAL NATIONAL BANK Compliments of Branch-Patton Hardware Co. JOHN S. WYATT OFFICE SUPPLIES and EQUIPMENT Nacogdoches, Texas 7 elcome to All College Students C. J. SHRADER Jeweler COLLEGE SHOE SHOP Quality Shoe Repairing Compliments of H. R. MAST DODGE — PLYMOUTH SALES and SERVICE Phone 868 Nacogdoches, Texas Best Wishes From .... NACOGDOCHES CITY LINES SCHMIDT ' S " Where Smart Women Shop " Visit the " Corner Drug " between Classes Drugs Lunches School Supplies Fountain Service College Drug Store Best Wishes from Perry Bros 5-10-25 CENT STORES Compliments of Ideal Bread In East Texas . . . It ' s the Lumberjacks and ICE CREAM • NACOGD C ' s ICe " - NACOGDOCHES ICE CREAM COMPANY Beautiful Nacogdoches . . . Home of the College of Beautiful Girls CHAMBER OF COMMERCE Stephen F. Austin State College Coeds Congratulations to the Class of 1943 TILFORD-HUNT LUMBER COMPANY Best Wishes from BENNETT-CLARK CO., INC. Lacg H. Hunt Best Wishes From Best Wishes Howard ' s Dry Goods MOORE GROCERY COMPANY TYLER, TEXAS Compliments of PALACE SEED STORE Clark Brothers PHOTO S E II VICE.... Formerly W. A. McCONNELL CO. SIO MettOWKM • DADLEY 87 17 • HOUSTON, TEXAS Specializing in School Photography We print the college newspaper in the most modern, up-to-date newspaper plant in East Texas ANYTHING IN PRINTING THE REDLAND HERALD We have all new equipment including a new Goss Press, Model 8 Linotype, Model 14 Linotype, a new Stereotyping Plant, which makes our services better for you. Compliments of RHO COX FRANK H. BUTLER All kinds of farm machinery VIOLINS Compliments of Best Wishes From COLLEGE SERVICE STATION JIM STALLINGS JOHN SLAY, JR. Owner Manager J. G. Bailey Grocery Nacogdoches County Lumber Company Manufacturers of YELLOW PINE LUMBER During the state of preparedness through which this country is going, we are doing everything possible to help supply our gov- ernment with the finest of East Texas Pine Lumber. NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS The College Coffee Shop You can always find the college crowd at the coffee shop! Matthews-Davidson and Company " Complete Insurance Protection " USE ' PRODUCTS J. E. REESE, Agent Brittain and Carroll EDITOR ' S NOTE So ends the STONE FORT OF 1943. It is no longer our book; it is yours. Although we had a late start and have had many difficulties in completing this yearbook, we have tried to give you a permanent record of your 1942-43 school year. To mention every one who has helped to make this book possible would be an endless task, but to those who have done the smallest bit, the staff sincerely thanks you. There are those " faithful ones, " however, who have always been on hand, to whom I wish to express my deepest appreciation. They are: I have greatly enjoyed the privilege of being the editor of the STONE FORT OF 1943. Jean Westmoreland Lois Blount Charles Finney Miss Sue Hill Miss Martha Condra Frances Rhymes Dr. Roy Adams Mildred Webb Gene Curington Fairy Brown Charles Kilpatrick Billy Howard Beth Williamson Jackie Connolly Margie Partin Imogene Hale Sarah Jane Brazil Anna Claire Voorhies Beth Lucas Susan Burrows Eugene Kirkley Evelyn Wilson Yours sincerely,

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