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Stephen F Austin State University - Stone Fort Yearbook (Nacogdoches, TX) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Cover

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Published by the Students of STEPHEN F. AUSTIN STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE Organizing Editor Nancy Thaggard Editor Mary Lou Beard Business Manager . . Douglas Swearingen Sponsor Miss Sue Hill op O » I To Dr. Birdwell, a man who, by living daily for his beloved " lads, " has endeared himself to all of us as our college presi- dent and friend — we dedicate this annual. The College in War Times Tl whole world is being tried I |:ift Character, courage, enduran igion, are being tested as ne fore. Those who stand the test a|L t the rulers of tomorrow ' s world. S only in battle will we ■ be teste I tasks at home will be difficult anc ing. We shall have to live in economy. There will be few li there will be work to do. There no place for slackers. In it all colle j and women should take the " heav r May you have a big part in winr. war, and a decisive part in making world. My heart goes out to the h who are in the armed forces of this t and equally so to those who prod material and food that make ultimate certain, and to those who " keep the ho c burning. " Each will have a part. Do Victory is coming and with it a bette " Quit yourselves like Men. " Th :ac wc ie: b me iar. th ette red ntr; th tor; fire ell orlc Affectionately, FOLLOW OUR MARCHING MEN Across memory ' s stage marched soldiers — to " The Marseillaise, " to " God Save the King, " to " Yankee Doodle, " and to " Dixie. " Dusty boots shone as the strains of " The Mar- seillaise " swung them along, for the song meant the army, and the army meant — France! An orator in Berkeley Square spoke two hours about the English forces in the Boer war and only four of his words were heard by the English people, " God Save the King. " These people marched for a king, but over in America men marched for a principle — they marched for democracy. Ragged feet beat time to a new rhythm and a new tempo — that of freedom! And for them " Yankee Doodle " meant " America " ! In 1863 drums rolled a funeral hymn for the United States. " Yankee Doodle " no longer meant a union but represented what was left of a bleeding republic. From the South came a lilting air — " Dixie " — as the feet of a decadent aristocracy stepped proudly to its strains and gave to the world an example of noble (if misguided) bravery. . . Today the wounds have healed — rather they have been stitched to- gether by the master surgeon — Time. Twenty-five years ago, Americans marched under a flag that meant purity, bravery, courage. Today America must again march together in unity or the stitches will break and there will be a gaping wound in the United States. There is a challenge to be met — can we, America, " give proof that OUR flag is still there? " — and to the men in the armed forces — in the Navy, in the Army, and in the Marines — we dedicate this Yearbook. LIBRARY OF STEPHEM r. AUSTIN STATE TEACHERS COLLEGF MACOWOWES, TEXAS Here in the Home Economics cottage is the arsenal of American homelife as SFA girls learn to live on a war- time budget, cooking soldier fare in the cottage kitchen and victory-gardening at the college farm. . . . No SFA Ex will ever forget Aikman Gym, home of the Lumberjacks and the Dramatics Department. Across its stage has marched a brilliant parade of Homecoming Queens and SFA beauties— but this year will be the first time that men in the uniform of the Service will be there — in spirit, if not in reality. . . . From its Biology, Chemistry, and Physics labs, the Science Department has sent men to join the ranks of the U. S. Army, Navy, and Marines . . . while on the home front the mechanics and hard-working Aggies roll material off the assembly line. . . . " The Star-Spangled Banner " brings every college student to his feet, as J. T. Cox leads the Lumberjack Band in this solemn salute to the Flag . . . The band hall does its share in uplifting college morale with the college orchestra, the band, and the recently organized all-girl band. . . . " Any Stamps Today? " might well be the theme song of Gibbs Hall as all the girls con- tribute to defense by buying stamps and bonds. Through the halls of Demonstra- tion School have walked all types of students, but never before have they been united in so worthy a cause — that of patriotism. . . . These students are saving waste paper, old stamps, and are buying and selling Defense Stamps — all for the good old U. S. A. . . . Back row: Turner, Craig, Bates, Thomas, Eidson. Second row: Hill, Ulmer, Mrs. Beretta, Josey, Collins. Honorable James G. Ulmer BOARD OF REGENTS Honorable James G. Ulmer, President Tyler Honorable John E. Hill, Vice-President Amarillo Honorable H. A. Turner, Secretary Austin Honorable W. B. Bates Houston Honorable R. T. Craig Athens Honorable V. A. Collins Livingston Mrs. J. K. Beretta San Antonio Honorable J. E. Josey Houston Honorable R. L. Thomas Dallas Honorable M. C. Eidson Luling X A T X THE FACULTY: T. E. Ferguson, Dean of the Faculty Sue Hill, Dean of Women C. E. Ferguson, Dean of Men Dr. D. D. Giles, Assistant Dean of Faculty J. H. Wisely, Auditor Ellis M. Sowell, Registrar Myrtle Franks, Assistant Registrar Jack Moore, Assistant Auditor Mrs. Mary Hodges, Assistant Auditor Kitty Jeane Brough, Assistant to the Registrar Nan Wright, Secretary to the Dean of the Faculty Sugene Spears, Secretary to the President Lena Arnwine, Nurse MUSIC: Ida Pritchett J. T. Cox Paul Krueger Mamie Middlebrook I ART: Minnie S. Martin Esther Howard Josephine Middleton , ' SPEECH: B. E. Howard ENGLISH: Dr. T. E. Ferguson Mrs. Dorothy Sanders Dr. Frank Flowers Louisville Marshall Louise Hathcock Dr. C. H. Osborne Mary Jane White Dr. Giles feels at home among the cat- tle .. . Mr. Sowell and little Ellis talk things over . . . Dr. Osborne takes a stroll through the campus on a fine Spring morning . . . the office force on their way for that pause that refreshes . . . Auditor Wisely knocks off an hour for lunch . . . Miss Hathcock says she walks for her health . . . the assistant auditor demonstrates his casting ability . . . Miss Ida is all dressed up with someplace to go, as usual . . . Dr. Flowers beams on the Mrs. . . . Mrs. Sanders takes pride in her beautiful home and flower garden . . . Professor J. T. Cox smiles for the FORT photog- rapher . . . Miss Howard bicycles to school . . . ' . ' Doc " Howard and his fa- mous record collection . . . Miss Middle- brook is an interested onlooker . . . Miss Mary Jane White on Barcarolle. . . W. F. Garner L. C. Harling Virdian Barham Mary Love Mrs. Lois Blount BIBLE: Rev. George Steinman PHYSICAL EDUCATION R. H. Shelton Maurice Baumgarten Ralph Murff Stanford McKewen Lucile Norton Ouida McWilliams SCIENCE: R. G. Upton Dr. Roy H. Adams Dr. Hal B. Parks Dr. Herschel Hopson W. W. Dossey R. L. Turner Mrs. Stallings rejoices at her new ca i era . . . Brother Steinman . . . Hold it . Thank you . . . Coach Shelton driv one down the fairway . . . Parks a: pipe — the inseparable duo . . . Coa r Murff smiles fondly on his offspring . Miss Love tries a Garbo act as t cameraman catches her in an off n : ment . . . Mrs. Johnson rides to wc on her bike . . . Mr. Harling at hoi tasks . . . another golf ball hits t dust as Mrs. McWilliams swings Y trusty golf stick . . . Miss Hickm gives Boy a winning smile . . . nati. ( claims its own — Dr. Adams in the grt : out-of-doors ... Dr. Hopson shuns t " birdie " . . . man ' s best friend clai i Mr. Dossey as one of his . . . come of the dark, Mr. Richardson ... 1 Turner between labs . . . Coach Bai. garten in an upswing . . . AGRICULTURE: J. H. Hinds V. R. Glazener Dr. D. D. Giles R. A. Shaw GEOGRAPHY: Dr. W. T. Chambers Dr. J. W. Reid EDUCATION: Dr. W. R. Davis W. A. Cain R. R. Harvin A. L. Long J. J. Wilson Hazel Floyd HOME ECONOMICS: Edna Wilkin Elizabeth Tucker Josephine Brooks Gertrude Daniel MODERN LANGUAGE Ruth Mays Mary Thomson C. F. Sheley MATHEMATICS: R. B. Pinson Ferguson Mr. Hinds and his flowers ... the tree, not Mr. Shaw, finds life rather boring . • . geology begins at home — or so says Dr. Chambers ... Dr. Reid makes sure of finding his way around— he carries his maps with him . . . shades of Rabinoff! Dr. Davis practices in his leisure time ... Mr. Harvin, caught offguard . . . Miss Tucker in one of her happier moments . . . from the practice house into the world she goes • ■ • Miss Daniels gives the cameraman a big smile . . . a-hunting we shall go —Mr. Pinson with his dog . . . LIBRARY: Mildred Wyatt Helen Snyder Elizabeth Bradfield Mrs. Lois Blount, Historian DORMITORY OFFICIALS: Mrs. J. M. Wilfong, Housemother Miss Christine Berrier, Dietitian DEMONSTRATION SCHOOL FACULTY: J. J. Wilson, Principal Dr. Floyd Davidson Mary Lee Sanders Fay Pierce Lela Oxsheer Morgan Anne Yardley Arlene Kilpatrick Josephine Middleton Valine Hobbs Olga Weed Lorene Taylor Essa May Barnes ASSISTANTS: J. V. Dean, Manager of the Bookstore Arch Locke, Supervisor of the Grounds and Engineer Buck Parmley, Farm Superintendent C. E. Lowery, Night Watchman Miss Wyatt goes up to her pla business . . . Library Assistant field scowls at the staff photogn . . . the Gibbs Hall azaleas are lc says Mrs. Wilfong . . . Miss Berri. usual with her mouth open . . Wilson asks the Mrs. to smile k birdie . . . caught Miss Sanders v mouth full ... a sweet smile fc camera, Miss Pierce . . . camera . . . Miss Yardley arranges a I of spring posies . . . Miss Hobt ways knitting for the Junior Red . . . another ardent member of t cycle brigade is Miss Kilpatrick Mr. Dean hurries back to work GRADUATE STUDENTS Lelct Starkey Aber Jacksonville Mrs. Winnie Barr Garrison Kitty J. Matthews Brough Nacogdoches Ola Mae Campbell Palestine Willie B. Castleberry Lufkin Vivian Perritte Craig - Nacogdoches Dorothy Denby Kilgore Ruby Irvin Gossett Henderson G. R. Grissom Joinerville Gladys Bailey Hampton Nacogdoches Emil Hanicak Henderson Sue Hill Nacogdoches Lorene Hobbs Nacogdoches Mrs. Alice Humphreys Garrison Alice Louise Jeter Kilgore Ella Boatman Jinkins Douglas Avis Kinard Beckville Joe D. Lacy San Augustine Maston L. Landrum Nacogdoches Beckie B. Lester Rusk Odis Lewis Nacogdoches Mrs. Marie K. Livsey Longview John T. Lock Laneville Nolie Locke Nacogdoches Wilber F. Pate Diboll Annette Penman Nacogdoches Sadye Pratt Nacogdoches Mervyn L. Ramsey Beckville Berniece Starling Ray Nacogdoches O. G. Speer Lovelady Katherine Spradley Nacogdoches Fannie Mae Stone Nacogdoches Zellner Joel Turlington Beckville Dale Currie Herrington Garrison Anne Williams Garrison SENIORS TOM SHARPE, B.S., Commerce, Nacog- doches; Pres. Senior Class, Editor Pine Log, Sawyers, Press Club, Contest Director T.I.P.A., Who ' s Who, College Commis- sion. JOHNNIE ASAFF, B.S., Physical Educa- tion, Lake Charles, La.; Austinites, Vice- President Junior Class, College Commis- sion, Dramatics Club, Boxing, Football, T Association, Who ' s Who, Senior Coun- selor Boys ' Dorm. MARY LOU BEARD, B.A., Music, Nacog- doches; Editor Stone Fort, Pres. Lumber- jackettes, Sec ' y-Treasurer Amities, Re- porter Woman ' s Council, Sec ' y-Treasurer Senior Class, S.F.A. Choir, Alpha Chi, Press Club, Who ' s Who, Goodfellows, Col- lege Commission, Society Editor Pine Log, Social Calendar Committee. LUNELLE ABERCROMBIE, B.S., English, Livingston; Lumberjackettes, Vice-Pres. P.W.R.A., Gibbs Hall Council, Wesley Stu- dent Association. SARAH JANE ABERCROMBIE, B.S., Home Economics, Nacogdoches; Sec ' y S. C. A., Treasurer Ellen H. Richards Club. AUDREY MAE ADKISON, B.S., Elemen- tary Education, Choice; Elementary Coun- cil, S.C.A. J. T. ANDERSON, B.S., Commerce, Mt. Enterprise; B.A. Club. TOMMIE V. BAKER, Elementary Educa- tion, Center. MERLE FAY BARBER, B.A., English, Jack- sonville; Spanish Circle, Dramatics Club. LAWRENCE BARNES, B.S., Commerce, Henderson. Doug loves nature Don knew this picture was going in the year- book; he POSED for it. ANNIEDEEN BATEMAN, B.A., Music, Alto; S.F.A. Choir, Woman ' s Chorus, Melody Trio. EMILY BAXLEY, B.A., Chemistry, Nacog- doches; Alpha Chi, Future Teachers of America, Red Cross Motor Corps. JOY BOLES, B.A., Music, Mt. Enterprise; S.F.A. Choir, Spanish Circle. ARTHUR PEYTON BOLTON, B.S., Educa- tion and Social Science, Alto. MARY LOU BOONE, B.S., Home Econom- ics, Nacogdoches; B.S.U., Y.W.A., Ellen H. Richards Club, Future Teachers of Ameri- ca, College Commission. MARIE BREWER, B.S., Home Economics, Nacogdoches; Pres. Ellen H. Richards Club, Woman ' s Council. VERA BROUGH, B.B.A., Business Admin- istration, Mathematics, Redland; Pres. Alpha Chi, Pine Log Staff, Press Club, Who ' s Who. DORTHY BROWN, B.S., Home Economics, Beaumont; Historian Gibbs Hall Council, Parliamentarian Ellen H. Richards Club. ETHEL BUCHANAN, B.S., Home Econom- ics, Nacogdoches; Ellen H. Richards, Episcopal Forum, S.F.A. Choir, Choral Club. NANCY BUNN, B.A., English, Nacog- doches; Lumberjackettes, Reporter P.W.R.A., Sec ' y-Treasurer Wesley Student Council, Dramatics Club, College Com- mission, Press Club, Feature Editor Pine Log, Stone Fort Staff. SENIORS SENIORS DORIS CADE, B.S., Commerce, Nacog- doches; Amities, Lumberjackettes. FRANKIE CAMPBELL, B.S., Business Ad- ministration, Kennard; Alpha Chi. MILDRED CARIKER, B.S., Elementary Edu- cation, Nacogdoches; Spanish Circle, Elementary Council, Pianist B.S.U. Coun- cil, Y.W.A. LEE IRIS CATES, B.S., Home Economics, Alto; Ellen H. Richards Club. LAVONNE CHILDRESS, B.S., Biology and Chemistry, Joaquin; Biology Lab. Instruc- tor, Red Cross Motor Corps. BOBBY CLIFFORD, B.S., Physical Educa- tion, Bethany, La.; Pres. Wesley Student Association, Sawyers, Head Yell Leader, T Association, Track. LOUISE CONGER, B.S., Mathematics, Alto; Dramatics Club, Future Teachers of America. STELLA CRUSE, B.S., Commerce, Kountze. JUANDA DAVIS, B.S., Home Economics, Huntington; Ellen H. Richards, S.C.A. LOUISE DAVIS, B.S., Elementary Educa- tion, Lufkin; Pine Burrs. Somebody said stop, and Jo did . . . Mary Katherine is ac- tually going to class today . . . it ' s Spring, too . . . VIVIAN DUNN, B.A., Spanish and English, Nacogdoches, Pres. Spanish Circle, Vice- Pres. Future Teachers of America, Pub- licity Director B.S.U. Council, Press Club, Pine Log Staff. EVOLYN DYER, B.S., Speech and English, Maverick; Dramatics Club, Vice-Pres. Choral Club, Y.W.A., Spanish Circle. BILLY FLEETWOOD, B.S., Agriculture, Hearne; Sawyers. MYRPH FOOTE, B.S., History, Nacogdoch- es; Pres. Loggers. FLORENE FORTENBERRY, B.S., Elemen- tary Education, Woodville; Elementary Council, P.W.R.A. K. T. FRANKS, B.S., History and Govern- ment, Center; Basketball. JEWELL FULLER, B.S., Business Adminis- tration, Hemphill, Alpha Chi, Future Teachers of America, College Band. ALBERTINE GANDY, B.S., Elementary Education, Apple Springs; Lumberjack- ettes, Elementary Council. WILLIE ANN GARRETT, B.S., Elementary Education, Nacogdoches; Alpha Chi, Ele- mentary Council. MRS. W. F. GARNER, B.S., Home Econom- ics, Nacogdoches; Ellen H. Richards. SENIORS SENIORS GLYNDON GIBSON, B.A., English, Nacog- doches; Reporter Pine Burrs, Reporter B.A. Club, Alpha Chi, Spanish Circle, Press Club, Die Hards, Pine Log Staff, Stone Fort Staff. ARTHUR BENNETT GRAY, B.S., Mathe- matics, Chireno; Alpha Chi, College Com- mission, Reporter F.T.A. GEORGIENNE RUTH GREEN, B.B.A., Com- merce, Apple Springs; Alpha Chi, B.A. Club. MADGE GRIBBLE, B.A., Commerce, Nac- ogdoches; Lumberjackettes, Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges, Editor Pulp. BROWNIE GROOM, B.S., Home Econom- ics, Watertown, Tenn.; Ellen H. Richards Reporter, Pine Log Reporter, S.C.A. EDWIN D. GUNTER, B.S., Music, Jackson- ville; Austinites, Band, F.T.A. , College Commission, Ass ' t Band Director. VIRGINIA HANNA, B.A., English, Rusk; Alpha Chi, Reporter Spanish Circle, F.T.A. JOYCE GRAVES HONEA, B.S., Commerce; Nacogdoches. JEWEL IRWIN, B.S., Home Economics, Reklaw; Pres. EHen H. Richards, Vice-Pres. Student Christian Association, Librarian F.T.A., Alpha Chi, Woman ' s Council, Die Hards. JEWELL JAMES, B.S., English, Gibsland, La.; Dramatics. Newspaper women, Josie and Glyndon, talk over next week ' s Pine Log . . . Hal must be lost where ' s Leatrice? BILLIE JONES, B.S., Chemistry, Nacog- doches; Austinites, Sergeant-at-Arms Bar- risters, Biology Lab. Assistant, Lieutenant in Motor Corps, First Aid Instructor. SELWIN JONES, B.S., Commerce, Lane- ville; Art Assistant, Treasurer Barristers, Treasurer Tejas, Alpha Chi, F.T.A., Men ' s Chorus, B.A. Club, College Commission. VIRGIE LEE JO WELL, B.A., Journalism, Frankston; Pine Burrs, Woman ' s Council, College Commission, Spanish Circle, Sec ' y to Mr. Cain, Who ' s Who, First Girl C.P.T., College Orchestra Vocalist. JOHN KEITH JUSTICE, B.S., Economics, Martinsville; Pres. Choral Club, Reporter Student Christian Association, Men ' s Chorus, S.F.A. Choir, F.T.A., Red Cross Motor Corps. VERNA MAY KELLY, B.S., Home Econom- ics, Tyler; Lumberjackettes, Ellen H. Rich- ards, P.W.R.A. MABEL S. KRAGNESS, B.S., Elementary Education, Nacogdoches, Choral Club, Elementary Council Vice-Pres. HOLLIS LATIMER, B.S., Commerce, quin; Men ' s Chorus, B.A. Club. ARA ALICE LEATH, B.A., English, Long- view; Choral Club, F.T.A., Pres. Y.W.A., B.S.U. Council. JOSIE LEATH, B.A., English, Longview; Third Vice-Pres. B.S.U., Y.W.A., Choral Club. DOROTHY LETNEY, B.S., Art, Brookland; Woman ' s Chorus, Baptist Student Union. SENIORS i J SENIORS MRS. JANE LOVING, B.S., Elementary Education, Nacogdoches. MRS. ALLIE ROYCE LOVETT, B.S., Ele- mentary Education, Lufkin; Choral Club, Elementary Council, F.T.A. AULINE LOWERY, B.S., Elementary Edu- cation, Etoile. JO LULA McALISTER, B.S., Business Ad- ministration, Woodville. ARNOLD McCARLEY, B.S., Mathematics and Economics, Cushing; Alpha Chi, Sergeant-at-Arms Tejas Club. THEDA RAE McKNIGHT, B.S., Commerce, Reklaw. DONALD McLAUGHLIN, B.S., Social Science, Jewett; Alpha Chi, Vice-Pres. Tejas, Barristers, College Commission, Who ' s Who, Library Staff, Wesley Student Foundation. MARY KATHERINE McLENNAN, B.A., English, Nacogdoches, Choral Club, Pres. F.T.A. OZELLA McRAE, B.S., Elementary Educa- tion, Joaquin; College Commission, Pine Burrs, Elementary Council Reporter, Band, Choral Club, Who ' s Who, Cheer Leader, Sec ' y-Treasurer S.F.A. Choir, B.S.U. Coun- cil. WILLIAM AUTREY MADDOX, B.S., Chem- istry, Hillister; Sawyers, B.T.U. Pres. Amitie prexy hears pledge captain Lamerle tell the latest on this term ' s pledges . . . Lots of play and a little work make Clarice a mighty cute girl . . . SYLVIA CHUSTEEN MARSHALL, B.S., Biology, Nacogdoches; Red Cross Corps. G. W. MARTIN, B.A., Chemistry and Biology, Attoyac; Red Cross Instructor, Barristers. T. L. MARTIN, B.S., Biology, Apple Springs; Vice-Pres. Austinites, T Associa- tion, Basketball, Track. THEODOSHIA MARTIN, B.S., Elementary Education, Nacogdoches; Elementary Council. RUTH MATTHEWS, B.S., Biology, Center. DORIS JANE MAYS, B.S., Elementary Edu- cation, Laneville; S. C. A., C. C. Reporter, College Commission, Library Staff, Wo- man ' s Chorus. OTTIS MEDFORD, B.S., Elementary Edu- cation, Reklaw; Lumberjackettes, Chair- man of Program Committee Elementary Council. RETHA MILFORD, B.A., Elementary Edu- cation, Nacogdoches. MABEL MODISETTE, B.S., Music and Physical Education, Lufkin; S.F.A. Choir, Secretary - Treasurer Woman ' s Chorus, Press Club, Pine Log Staff, S.C.A., Pianist of Square Dance Club. MONETTE MODISETTE, B.S., Art, Lufkin; Reporter S.F.A. Choir, S.C.A., Choral Club, Elementary Council, Press Club. SENIORS SENIORS SYBIL MOOS, B.S., Social Science, Lufkin; Dramatics Club, All-Girl Band. IRVIN MOSES, B.S., Mathematics, Alto; Die Hards, Associate Editor Pine Log Who ' s Who. VIOLET PAULINE MOSS, B.S., Music and English, Nacogdoches; Choral Club. LaMERLE MUCKLEROY, B.S., Home Eco- nomics, Nacogdoches; Pledge Captain Amities, Ellen H. Richards. BOB MURPHEY, B.S., Social Science, Nacogdoches; Pres. Student Body, Chair- man College Commission, Pres. Barristers, Pres. Austinites, Who ' s Who. HELEN MUSSLEWHITE, B.S., Elementary Education, Arp; Choral Club. NORMA NEUVILLE, B.S., Elementary Edu- cation, Honey Island; Elementary Council, Choral Club, All-Girl Band. SARA ORRICK, B.S., Music and Elemen- tary Education, Malakoff; Lumberjackettes, Library Staff, Reporter Senior Class. HOWELL OWENS, B.S., Agriculture and Biology, Nacogdoches; Pres. Aggie Club, Alpha Chi, Dramatics Club, Motor Corps, Austinites. LORAN PERRITTE, B.A., Mathematics, Nacogdoches; Sec ' y Alpha Chi, Barristers. Camera shy? Not Pine Burr prexy, Susan . . . John lays the plans be- fore Harlan . . . SUSAN PERRY, B.S., Home Economics, Nacogdoches; Ellen H. Richards, Pres. Pine Burrs, Woman ' s Council. EARL POE, B.S., Commerce, Douglas; Loggers. M. L. RAWLINSON, JR., B.S., Mathematics, Cushing; Tejas Club, S.C.A. MARGIE REYNOLDS, B.A., English, Kil- gore; Sec ' y Press Club, B.S.U. LENA LENT RICE, B.B.A., Commerce, Laneville; Sec ' y B.S.U., F.T.A., Dramatics Club, Y.W.A. CLAUDE W. RODGERS, B.S., Commerce, Nacogdoches; Pres. B.S.U., Sec ' y-Treas- urer Austinites, Band, College Commis- sion, Biology Lab. Assistant, Co-organizer and Vice-Pres. B. A. Club. BEN ROPER, B.S., History, Nacogdoches; Alpha Chi. WILBUR ROPER, B.A., Chemistry and Mathematics, Nacogdoches; Alpha Chi, Austinites, Sec ' y-Treasurer Men ' s Chorus, Pres. Wesley Student Association, Pres. Student Christian Association, Who ' s Who, Goodfellow, Annual Staff, Chemistry As- sistant. JO RUTH ROSS, B.S., Sociology, Center; Pine Burrs. JOSEPHINE ROSS, B.A., Music and French, Mt. Enterprise; Vice-Pres. Lumber- jackettes, Vice-Pres. S.F.A. Choir, Reporter Amities, Press Club, Stone Fort Staff, Pine Log Staff, All-Girl Band. SENIORS t -Alt V SENIORS MARIE WHITEHEAD, B.S., Home Econom- ics, Nacogdoches; Ellen H. Richards. JACK WHITLEY, B.S., Physical Education, Houston; Football. NELL WILLIAMS, B.A., English and French, Rosebud; Pres. Woman ' s Council, Wesley Student Association, Lumber- jackettes, Library Staff. VIRGINIA WILLIS, B.S., Elementary Edu- cation, Center; S.F.A. Choir, Elementary Council. RAYMOND WRAY, B.S., History and Physical Education, Linden; Austinites, T Association, Track, Football. CHARLOTTE ZEVE, B.S., Art, Nacog- doches; Press Club, Dramatics Club Sec ' y-Treasurer, Pine Log Staff, Stone Fort Staff. Mr. Roper looks awfully happy and contented to be a hard-working MRS. OTTILIE BREAZEALE, Crockett IRIS CARTER, Center LARRY COVIN, Mineola MRS. CHARLES CHRISTOPHER, Nacogdoches MRS. TOMMY COOK DOCKENS, Center FRANKIE FLANAGAN, Mt. Enterprise DOROTHY JEAN GARRISON, Shreveport, La. BONNIE GARY, Henderson CHARLES W. GJEDDE, Lufkin WILLIE GRAMLING, Nacogdoches ALSTON GUNTER, JR., Kosse MARY HALBERT, Milam MILDRED HOLCOMB, Jacksonville BILLY IRWIN, Cushing LONNIE B. KELLER, Bronson DOROTHEA S. KYLE, Carthage MRS. BERTHA PERMENTER LAWRENCE, Shelbyville GLADYCE MAE LEWIS, Malakoff ROSCOE LINDLEY, Mineola JACK LOCK E, Nacogdoches ELVA MANGHAM, Nacogdoches MRS. S. W. MONROE, Jasper MONKE MOORE, Clyde GRACE BAILEY NATIONS, Nacogdoches MARTHA ELIZABETH REAVLEY, Nacogdoches MALCOLM ROMAN, Corsicana LESTER B. SITTON, Trawick W. A. SMART, Ivanhoe G. T. STAGNER, Ben Wheeler GEORGE H. STONE, JR., Nacogdoches ERMA JEAN TODD, Henderson MRS. GRACE WEAVER, Zavalla CLAIRE WESTMORELAND, Nacogdoches BERTON YATES, Joaquin HAZEL PRINCE ZORN, Timpson JUNIORS J. W. Bolton, President Henderson, Texas W. R. Dunklin, Vice-President Henderson, Texas Arnodean Selden, Sec ' y-Treasurer Palestine, Texas Betty Jane Alexander Pineland, Texas Lemmah Anderson Odessa, Texas Helen Ashberry Center, Texas Aubrey Ashby Henderson, Texas John Bain Centerville, Texas Dallas Baker Chireno, Texas Lavaughn Baker Nacogdoches, Texas Mattie Baldwin Gary, Texas Claude Banks Port Arthur, Texas Marie Bartlett Lufkin, Texas Ruth Bearden • Long Branch, Texas King Allen Bentley Martinsville, Texas Wincie Blanton Cushing, Texas C. W. Briggs Many, Louisiana John Brittain San Augustine, Texas Ah . . . this must be an executive meeting . . . Charles, Brownie, and Wade come back to class after the coke hour. . . . Mary Jane Broker Diboll, Texas Beth Brown Minden, Texas Helena Brown Nacogdoches, Texas Dell Byrd Nacogdoches, Texas Hugh Byrd Nacogdoches, Texas Lucille Carroll Lufkin, Texas Mary Ruth Caveness Jacksonville, Texas Wade Clendenen Henderson, Texas Carl Cloninger Marshall, Texas Willie Ruth Cole Jacksonville, Texas Mary Lois Coleman Alto, Texas Dorothy Corley Garrison, Texas Yvonne Coussons Hemphill, Texas Marilyn Cranford Sacul, Texas Helen Crawford Center, Texas Lillian Davidson Nacogdoches, Texas James Dawson Cushing, Texas Mathie Dearmond Nacogdoches, Texas JUNIORS JUNIORS Robert Duval Palestine, Texas Margarette Ellis Ponta, Texas Alice Fewell Nacogdoches, Texas Orlan Henry Franks Malakoff, Texas Virginia Freeman Nacogdoches, Texas Doris Garner Nacogdoches, Texas Howard Gates Huntington, Texas Joyce Ginn Rusk, Texas Fay Gray Carthage, Texas Allene Hankla San Augustine, Texas Carter Hart Kountze, Texas Kathleen Helvenston Tatum, Texas Clint Jordan Hemphill, Texas Clay Kennedy, Jr. Kilgore, Texas Betty Jean Killingsworth Nacogdoches, Texas Charles Kilpatrick Nacogdoches, Texas Margie Kimmey Nacogdoches, Texas Judy King Nacogdoches, Texas Dave, Doris, Bobby, and Lon pose for the camera- man. . . . Iwan Taylor King San Augustine, Texas As usual . . . Homer, Bar- bara, Queenie, and Jean in front of the main. . . . Rex Kirkley Center, Texas Elvagene Lawson Appleby, Texas Mary Lockler Nederland, Texas Harlan McBee Nacogdoches, Texas Chester McCann Mt. Enterprise, Texas Edith McCormack Cushing, Texas Morris Marshall Carthage, Texas Homer Martin Nacogdoches, Texas Evelyn Matthews Nacogdoches, Texas Naoma Meador Coffeyville, Kansas Juanita Meadows Nacogdoches, Texas Frances Meyer Haskell, Texas Tommy Mills Tyler, Texas Monette Modisette Lufkin, Texas Rufus Moore Edon, Texas Lavyelle Morris Nacogdoches, Texas Mary Ellen Muckleroy Nacogdoches, Texas JUNIORS 1 JUNIORS Ray Myers Amarillo, Texas Billie Joyce Parmelly Nacogdoches, Texas Floride Parrish Nacogdoches, Texas Brownie Jo Patton Nacogdoches, Texas Barbara Perkins Nacogdoches, Texas Mozelle Permenter Shelbyville, Texas Murvin Pickard Zavalla, Texas Wyatt Pool Lindale, Texas Paula Poplin Center, Texas Beatrice Powell Nacogdoches, Texas A. J. Pruitt Laneville, Texas Evelyn Pye Sacul, Texas Audry Richmond Nacogdoches, Texas W. L. Robbins Hemphill, Texas Margaret Rogers Lufkin, Texas Ruth Rowland Kilgore, Texas Lucille Ross Nacogdoches, Texas Bedena Jane Rountree Nacogdoches, Texas Bea, you and Johnnie be careful . . . can ' t you see the no parking sign under you . . . ? Norene Sparkman Mt. Enterprise, Texas Norris Starkey Groveton, Texas Orville Todd Henderson, Texas Wanda Treadwell Burke, Texas Lon Tullos Leggett, Texas Harlan Wagstaff Paxton, Texas Joe Walker Ewing, Texas Leatrice Webber Arp, Texas Garrel Westmoreland Nacogdoches, Texas Jean Westmoreland Marshall, Texas John Dave Whitley- Nacogdoches, Texas Gerald Wickman Kilgore, Texas Wayne Willhite Palestine, Texas Beth Williams Alto, Texas Louise Williams Garrison, Texas Mozelle Willis Woodville, Texas Billye Marie York Lufkin, Texas JUNIORS " Cotton " AND his big black hat . . . Doug, j |j if Lon, and Shorty keep a very neat room . . . The Yell Leaders in I J l-fll action on " Fish Day " . . . The Lumberjackette Uk W- 41 ■) M 3 informal dance Dorthy and Polly pause between -f ' r ' classes . . . The Yell Leaders pose for cameraman Doug . . . " Old-timey gymnastics " Brownie and Teddy smile . . . Billie afk. holds SFA in the palm of his hand . . . Rose and " Queenie " . . . The w W P. E. girls show off . . . another dance . . . " Doc " gets ready for the play . . • Two twirlers on " Fish Day " . . . The torch light parade . . . Some GOOD Skit Nite performers . . . Dub and Carl smile . . . The Dormitory crew . . . Pine Burr pledges . . . Orville just looks . . . Peggy sells Defense Stamps . . . Going to class . . . Some of the front door gang. . . . kit SOPHOMORES W. R. Jones, President Nacogdoches, Texas Ray Die, Vice-President Beaumont, Texas Rose Marie Poe, Sec ' y-Treasurer Douglass, Texas Joyce Bailey Logansport, La. Olera Bailey Center, Texas Clarence Baldwin Gary, Texas Bobbye Ballinger Neches, Texas Don Barkett • Marshall, Texas Herman Barrington Leggett, Texas Mildred Bates Trawick, Texas Sadie Lee Beck Nacogdoches, Texas Catherine Blake Nacogdoches, Texas Dean Blessing Nacogdoches, Texas Vivian Boles Nacogdoches, Texas Fannie Byrd Bolton Jacksonville, Texas Joyce Bright Nacogdoches, Texas Charles Brittain San Augustine, Texas Charles Brooks Mt. Enterprise, Texas Bob and Peggy of " Club Cafeteria " Society. m I Is Lois smiling for the camera or for Don? Fairy Brown Nacogdoches, Texas Mary Ellis Bryan Nacogdoches, Texas Priscilla Burns Troup, Texas Mary Sue Cadenhead Gilmer, Texas Esther Clamon Hortense, Texas Miriam Clamon Nacogdoches, Texas S. E. Colburn Logansport, La. Louis Collida Port Arthur, Texas Hazel Cook Nacogdoches, Texas Francis Crosslin Waco, Texas Gene Currington Boerne, Texas Pat Davis Clayton, Texas Aileen Dean Joaquin, Texa s Ila Faye Downer Center, Texas Sara Louise Duke Center, Texas Lenore Dyer Concho, Texas Elaine Evans Attoyac, Texas Bryan Fleming Center, Texas SOPHOMORES mm « m J i mlm .7a i 11 V | SOPHOMORES Betty Lou Foote Nacogdoches, Texas Leota Forsyth Nacogdoches, Texas Gaye Gann Nacogdoches, Texas Norma Gardner Frankston, Texas Stephen Gauntt Houston, Texas Cullene Gibbs Mabank, Texas Elwanda Glenn Center, Texas Mary Nell Griffin Henderson, Texas Pearlie Hagler Center, Texas Christine Haley San Augustine, Texas Elizabeth Hall Nacogdoches, Texas Billie Ann Hanna Center, Texas Bill Henry Harlan Gladewater, Texas Marie Harvin Nacogdoches, Texas Robbie Hathorn Nacogdoches, Texas John Heaton Nacogdoches, Texas Elizabeth Heitman Nacogdoches, Texas Charles Herrington Nacogdoches, Texas Bobbye beams. The army ' s here, it seems. Something personal be- tween Bookie and Marie. Maurie Hicks San Augustine, Texas Maxine Harris Nacogdoches, Texas Iris Hofberger Lufkin, Texas John Honea Caro, Texas Earline Humphries Tenaha, Texas Lois Jarrell Jasper, Texas Pauline Jefferies Appleby, Texas Jean Lamerle Jinkins Nacogdoches, Texas Edith Johnson Longview, Texas Pauline Jones Nacogdoches, Texas Ruth Jordan Shelbyville, Texas Lula Delle Junge Cleburne, Texas Lou Albert Keller Bronson, Texas Marie Kenley Lufkin, Texas Lyska Kerr Lufkin, Texas Eddie Mae King Nacogdoches, Texas Faye Evelyn King Douglass, Texas Velma Kirkley Center, Texas SOPHOMORES SOPHOMORES Sara Law Lufkin, Texas Edith Lawler Mt. Enterprise, Texas Quinton Lawrence Woodlake, Texas Winton Lawrence Woodlake, Texas Lucille Lawson Joaquin, Texas Joe Lowe Cushing, Texas Beth Lucas Nacogdoches, Texas John McCrory Cayuga, Texas Alcine McGee Timpson, Texas Joe McLane Lufkin, Texas Bill Mace Overton, Texas Wilma Louise Martin Llano, Texas Bessie Mae Mathews San Augustine, Texas Elizabeth Mathews Nacogdoches, Texas Dorothea Mattiza Silsbee, Texas Lorene Medford Reklaw, Texas Rosine Melton Nacogdoches, Texas Corinne Metteauer Chireno, Texas Bennie says, " Oh! The horror of it all. " Joyce reassembles after the 10 to 1 1 dance session. Dan Mize Nacogdoches, Texas Robert Monzingo Carlisle, Texas Wanda Morgan Silsbee, Texas Harmon Murrell Marshall, Texas Dorothy Myrick Jacksonville, Texas Elnora Neel Joaquin, Texas Marie Neel Joaquin, Texas Mary Nipper Garrison, Texas Coy Nutt Nacogdoches, Texas Charlie B. O ' Brien Logansport, La. Lillian O ' Hara Diboll, Texas Billy O ' Ouinn Lufkin, Texas Edna Earle Parker Gladewater, Texas Lorraine Parmley Logansport, La. Dorthy Paschall Woodville, Texas Rozene Patterson Center, Texas Peggy Lou Pigford Burke, Texas Virginia Merle Pope Houston, Texas SOPHOMORES SOPHOMORES Mary Lynne Porter Lufkin, Texas Gordon Price La Marque, Texas Bobbie Sue Pritchett Lufkin, Texas Margie Dale Pye Nacogdoches, Texas Charles Ray Price, Texas Janette Ray Lulkin, Texas Louise Reneau Houston, Texas Frances Rhymes Nacogdoches, Texas Mattie Mae Roquemore DeBerry, Texas Charles Ruth Zavalla, Texas Herman Sandford Lufkin, Texas Jimmie Seale Nacogdoches, Texas Marion Shepherd Timpson, Texas Kurl Shirey Lufkin, Texas Lauree Simpson Jacksonville, Texas Jim Sims Woodville, Texas Bennie Jo Smith Henderson, Texas Lester Smith Leggett, Texas Mary Nell drags reluctant Harmon from the cafe- teria. Oh! YOU cuties. Ruth Squyres Lufkin, Texas Josie Stansbury Port Arthur, Texas Margaret Strode Appleby, Texas Ann Summers Nacogdoches, Texas Sara Jean Sweatmon Overton, Texas Raymond Tarrant Ranger, Texas Thomas Taylor Center, Texas Wilton Earle Thomas Chireno, Texas Beth Tidwell Nacogdoches, Texas Isabelle Toliver Nacogdoches, Texas Joseph Touchstone Nacogdoches, Texas Mary Doris Troutman Hankamer, Texas Jeanelle Tyer Timpson, Texas Vivian Vardeman Cushing, Texas Anna Claire Voorhies Carthage, Texas Oneta Wagstaff Nacogdoches, Texas Hattie Belle Walker Bullard, Texas Louise Wallace Nacogdoches, Texas SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN Lavoy Moore, President Nacogdoches, Texas Evelyn Wilson, Treasurer Eldorado, Arkansas Melba Maxine Allen Nacogdoches, Texas J. T. Allison Warren, Texas Doris Bailey Logansport, Louisiana Jack Averett Logansport, La. Charlie Jo Barbe Center, Texas Maudell Baxley Nacogdoches, Texas Tommie Earle Beach Nacogdoches, Texas Hazel Mae Bearden McCamey, Texas Joe Pruit Beauchamp Beckville, Texas Gene Belk Nacogdoches, Texas Katie Mavis Bennefield San Augustine, Texas Mylrea Berry Lufkin, Texas Percy Blount Nacogdoches, Texas Eva Ruth Harris Boozer Nacogdoches, Texas Gene Boynton Center, Texas Sarah Jane Brazil Lufkin, Texas Mary Nell Brewer Nacogdoches, Texas Iris Hayes Bridges Henderson, Texas Jalma Brill San Augustine, Texas Gay and Frances seem happy about the. whole thing . . . Could it be our Homecom- ing Queen, Mildred Kerr? James E. Campbell Center, Texas Kenneth Cariker Gary, Texas Billie Bob Carrol Lufkin, Texas Dayton Carter Groves, Texas Norman Chambers Hemphill, Texas James W. Cole. Houston, Texas Albert S. Collier Palestine, Texas Richard Collins Livingston, Texas Jacqueline Connally Woodville, Texas Frances Crain Nacogdoches, Texas Sammie Lane Crawford Nacogdoches, Texas Mitchell Crausby Timpson, Texas Mary Jane Crow Koontze, Texas Doris Crump Timpson, Texas Gay Cullom Carthage, Texas Gene Currington Boerne, Texas Sarah Daniel Marshall, Texas Bobbie Tom Davis Shelbyville, Texas Charles Monroe Davis Nacogdoches, Texas Dorothy Mae Dean Nacogdoches, Texas Lamerle Deckard Nacogdoches, Texas FRESHMEN l CI! m v 1 , i %r ■ I MF . 0T 1 .» ii FRESHMEN Nell Wynn Develin Carthage, Texas Horace Dickerson Hemphill, Texas Dalton Easley Yellowpine, Texas Renford Ellis Joaquin, Texas Lyndon Faulkner Attoyac, Texas Delwin Freiberger Emory, Texas Bettie Fuller Center, Texas Phillip Gandy Hemphill, Texas Pat Gatewood Nacogdoches, Texas Mildred Gatlin Nacogdoches, Texas Jess Franklin Gifford Longview, Texas Raymond Geldmire Nacogdoches, Texas Joe Ruth Gossett Henderson, Texas Maurine Graves Nacogdoches, Texas Ruth Green Broadus, Texas Minnie Jean Grimes Nacogdoches, Texas Imogene Hale Carlisle, Texas Lavelle Ham Mt. Enterprise, Texas Aljean Ham Mt. Enterprise, Texas James George Heath Cushing, Texas Edward Helpenstill Mt. Enterprise, Texas Huff and Tuggle . . . the tennis champs . . . Don ' t Lee and Say look pretty? Joe Henson Nacogdoches, Texas Lewis Hicks Lufkin, Texas Sara Hicks Lufkin, Texas Johnnie Faye Hines San Augustine, Texas Lillie Maye Hobbs Lufkin, Texas Robert Rankin Hogan Nacogdoches, Texas Frances Holman Joinerville, Texas Damon Hollingsworth Dripping Springs, Texas J. R. Holt Nacogdoches, Texas Authur Horn Kilgore, Texas Charles Huff Sand Springs, Okla. James Hughes Mineola, Texas Dorothy Ingram San Augustine, Texas Mitchell Jetton Center, Texas Carolyn Jimmerson Nacogdoches, Texas Joe Emmett Johnson Douglass, Texas Connie Jones Wascom, Texas Lou Albert Keller Bronson, Texas Theda Ray Kelley Douglass, Texas Mildred Kerr Beaumont, Texas Dorothy King Dallas, Texas FRESHMEN FRESHMEN Geraldine Knight Bessmay, Texas Lee Langhorne Henderson, Texas Harold Langley Kilgore, Texas Myrta Ann Latimer Garrison, Texas Josie Beth Law Lufkin, Texas Murray Lilly Nacogdoches, Texas Mary Livingston Center, Texas Joanna Loden Lufkin, Texas Elsie Dee Lowery Lufkin, Texas Wilma Jo McCuiston Nacogdoches, Texas Erma Jean McLaughlin Jewett, Texas Edith McLeroy Center, Texas Sarah Elizabeth McLeroy Timpson, Texas Marvin Maddox Hillister, Texas Adelaide Manning Nacogdoches, Texas Emily Frances Martin Center, Texas Kate Marie Meador Nacogdoches, Texas Billy Katherine Menefee Nacogdoches, Texas Lyda Merchant Nacogdoches, Texas Frank Metz Center, Texas Martha Middlebrook Nacogdoches, Texas Two handsome men on the way to that Monday afternoon lab. . . Just a bunch of girls down by the tennis courts. James Milstead Etoile, Texas Hassie Lee Mitchell Nacogdoches, Texas Geneva Mizell Texarkana, Arkansas Nellie Monzingo Chireno, Texas Wade Owen Morris Nacogdoches, Texas Pat Neff Nash Silsbee, Texas George Max Neel Douglass, Texas Joe Wm. Nelson Timpson, Texas Doris Lee Noland Dayton, Texas Jesse V. Parmley Nacogdoches, Texas Sarah Jean Parmley Nacogdoches, Texas Jeanne B. Patton Nacogdoches, Texas Lela Merle Peabody Nacogdoches, Texas Marjorie Perkins Lufkin, Texas O. E. Permenter Center, Texas Jesse Pettey, Jr. Nacogdoches, Texas Travis Price Bryan, Texas Ottis Jane Pye Nacogdoches, Texas Rubye Lee Rives Henderson, Texas Sidney Robbins Baird, Texas Tommie Ruth Roberson Gary, Texas FRESHMEN FRESHMEN Mary Virginia Rogers Lufkin, Texas Harold Ross Beckville, Texas Martha Helen Sanders Joinerville, Texas Martha Louise Sanders Timpson, Texas Ruth Sanford Timpson, Texas Dorothy Savage Timpson, Texas Gilbert Ray Schenks Nacogdoches, Texas Clarence Seidenberger Schulenburg, Texas Nolan Smith Martinsville, Texas Mary Smith Alto, Texas Doris Smith Pineland, Texas Mary Alice Slay Nacogdoches, Texas John Leslie Shelbourne Mineola, Texas Richie Shaw Carthage, Texas Bonnie Belle Shackleford Livingston, Texas Bettie Shackleford Nacogdoches, Texas Alma Houston Stallings Nacogdoches, Texas Jane Stone Henderson, Texas Juanita Stone Nacogdoches, Texas John Strength Marshall, Texas Eugene Tannery San Augustine, Texas Frank does his best to smile . . . 1 1 V 1111 : ,;imr At the Girl ' s Dorm— Mil- dred Kerr, Woodie, and Rebecca. Jim Taylor Timpson, Texas William Dennis Thames Lufkin, Texas Betty Thomas Carthage, Texas C. D. Thomas Nacogdoches, Texas Bettie Sue Thompson Nacogdoches, Texas John M. Tipton Nacogdoches, Texas Nan Tipton Lufkin, Texas Ruth M . Travis Chireno, Texas Ray Tuggle Henderson, Texas Jake Vannoy Palestine, Texas James Vest Nacogdoches, Texas Clois Lee Walker Nacogdoches, Texas Joy Walker Irving, Texas Mary Edna Walker Corrigan, Texas Joe Wallace Jacksonville, Texas Jeane Walton Gilmer, Texas Lois Walters Nacogdoches, Texas Mary La Verne Watkina Douglass, Texas Joseph Cline Weaver Appleby, Texas Charlie Weber Nacogdoches, Texas Johnnie Faye Webb Timpson, Texas FRESHMEN 3 FRESHMEN Ruth Westmoreland Nacogdoches, Texas Mabel White Nacogdoches, Texas Archie Lee Whitson Nacogdoches, Texas Willie D. Williams Lvl. Chapel, Texas Glynon Williamson Carthage, Texas Ima Windham Nacogdoches, Texas Irene Clare Winston Lufkin, Texas Marilyn Woods Newton, Texas Dorothy Woodworth Lufkin, Texas Joyce Wright Henderson, Texas Rebecca Wright Henderson, Texas Ely Yarbrough Beckville, Texas This is a fine group. FISH boys from the dive— on initiation day— nite life— just Bill— torch light parade — foe and Oneta, why so glum, chums?— Cullom and Langhorne Handsome— lack and John— Ochie— pep rally— dance— Richard Collins — Sawyer initiation— dance— Birdbrains Jimmerson— Evelyn and student prexy — Freshman dance— Langhorne, Tuggle, and Huff at Freshman dance— More Pine Burrs on initia- tion day — another dance — WHO ' S WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERICAN AND COLLEGES UNIVERSITIES JOHNNY ASAFF Football Student government Favorite Organizations MARY LOU BEARD Organizations Publications Favorite Editor, Stone Fort J. W. BOLTON Football Organizations Student government Favorite ! ERA BROUGH Scholarship Student government .ARRY COVIN Athletics Favorite MADGE GRIBBLE Scholarship Publications VIRGIE LEE JOWELL Aviation Music Scholarship Publications )Onald Mclaughlin irvin moses Pre-law student Scholarship Organizations Scholarship Poetry Publications )ZELLA McRAE Favorite Student government Music Beauty DRAN PERRITE Scholarship Science Organizations lN ROPER Scholarship Bookroom Manager Minister )M SHARPE Pine Log editor Student government Favorite RY NELL TAYLOR -fome Economics Organizations Beauty BOB MURPHEY Student body president Pre-law Publications Favorite WILBUR ROPER Scholarship Religious leadership Science ARNODEAN SELDEN Drum major Music Scholarship Student leadership NANCY THAGGARD Business administration Publications BERTON YATES Athletics Organizations ... Mr. hurrell ■ HOW TH6 ELECTIOMS WERE MAD6 MR. AND MISS S. F. A. Late in the fall of 1941, the classes held special meetings to nominate their candidates for Mr. and Miss S. F. A. The names of candidates thus selected appeared on the ballot at a general student election — the student body voted and chose by a majority the winners. Votes were counted by an impartial student-faculty committee. THE BEAUTIES Each club on the campus had an opportunity to nominate someone as their choice of most beautiful girl at S. F. A. Seventeen beauties were announced as candidates. Photographs of these beauties were sent to Mr. George Hurrell, noted portrait photographer for Esguire Maga- zine, who ranked them as they appear here. GOODFELLOWS This group of students, outstanding at S. F. A. for one reason or another, was selected by mem- bers of the college faculty. Reasons for choosing each of these students appear later in this book. MISS . F. A Arnodean Seld en GOODFELLOWS BOB MURPHEY — leader of some organization ever since he has been big enough to rap a gavel, student prexy murphey has a long cam- paign record behind him — he has been president ol his college classes in his sophomore and junior years, maintaining in them that " political " air he is noted for — " pep " and " enthusiasm " are words synonymous with bobby ' s personality, and he infects all those around him with his immense vitality. ARNODEAN SELDEN — " popular, " " talented, " " good sport " — all are adjectives in common use when the conversation centers around sfa ' s baton magician — she has combined play and work so successfully in her college career that one is in- clined to forget the hard work and think only of what the work has accomplished — she has earned for herself the reputation of an all-round popular girl, a leader in everything she under- takes — besides having put sfa on the map with her magnificent drum majoring, deana is a member of pine burrs, woman ' s council, and alpha chi — managing all these and other activi- ties with sincere effort and a level head. TOM SHARPE — a guy with a nose for news and an ear to the ground is the pine log editor and senior class president — he publishes the college paper efficiently and, in the words of a faculty member, " he puts out a good paper without howling about it " — torn manages to get out a weekly rag, make his school work and enter into college life enthusiastically, doing all these things capably and well. GOODFELLOWS MRS. J. F. McWILLIAMS — by popularizing a new form of recreation, or rather reviving an old one, that of square dancing, mrs. mcwilliams has also made a name for herself as one of the most personable young teachers on the campus — active in club and professional work, she is a person whose pep and vitality are evident in her classes as well as outside. J. W. BOLTON — one expression voiced by faculty and student body alike gives " cotton ' s " personal traits in a nutshell — " best-liked boy in school " — this football player ' s genial personality and friendliness has made him a big influence on the campus in his positions as sawyer and junior class president. LARRY COVIN — larry, now with uncle sam ' s armed forces, is a former sfa-ite who was an all- round boy and student — an austinite who left behind him a fine football record, both as a player and as a good sport. GOODFELLOWS OZELLA McRAE — ozella ' s friendly good nature is a true barometer of her popularity — she has been chosen a stone fort beauty for the two years she has been here, is a member of the pine burrs, college commission, the campus cut- ups, and is the very zippy sfa yell leader. B. E. HOWARD— " mahvullus " — an adjective fre- quently employed by this popular professor, is one that fits his personality perfectly — the " doc " — maintaining equably the difficult line between teacher and student — has made himself one of the best-liked teachers on the campus. CLAUDE RODGERS— claude, known on the cam- pus as bsu prexy, has the unusual reputation of feeding religion to the students in big doses and making them like it — genuinely interested in his church work, rodgers ' enthusiasm and vigor in- fects all who come in contact with him. GOODFELLOWS BEN ROPER— genial and dignified, yet on a level with every student— ben roper is a familiar figure on the campus — he maintains a courteous air in the bookroom — always eager to help any student who asks it. G. T. STAGNER — " stag " is one of sfa ' s regular fellows, for his likable personality would win him friends, even if he had not created a place for himself as the mainstay and captain of the ' 42 basketball team. HOWELL OWENS— howell is a lab and red cross instructor, member of alpha chi, austinites, and president of the aggie club— he performs all of these duties quietly and efficiently — besides turning in brilliant performances in two of mr. howard ' s major plays. WINCIE BLANTON— a little girl with a big heart —whose charming personality has won her countless friends at sfa — in the words of a fac- ulty member, " she goes on where many of us would JUST QUIT! " JOHNNY ASAFF — johnny is always pleasant, his popularity never dimmed by the fact that he is quite a gridiron star— he is a former austinite prexy, a member of " t " association— and well- liked because of his geniality and friendliness. A. W. BIRD WELL — the students ' friend and presi- dent — noted for his all-round service to everyone —he always has time to talk to and encourage a troubled collegian— his best trait is his ability to stay young and thus sympathize with the problems of youth. 9 Judij King AUSTIMITES Mr. Hurrell ' s " . . . very definite first choice " . . . was selected Miss East Texas the summer of ' 41 . . . SFA Homecoming Queen in 1940 . . . though extremely photogenic, is more ' beautiful even than her picture. Coaches Murff and Baumgarten and sons COACHES Head coach M. A. (Dutch) Baumgarten finished his first year of collegiate coaching this year guiding the grid fortunes of S.F.A. The likable mentor who came to the forty acres from Nacogdoches high school ha; made himself an integral part of the athletic setup of the college and has made many fast friends among the students and faculty alike. His team, this year, was noted for their clean play and sportsmanship, and for their never-say-die spirit wher fighting against superior odds. Coach Baumgarten played his football at Texas Uni versity where he is considered an all-time great at the guard position. Line coach Ralph Murff and his untiring efforts playec an important part in molding this year ' s edition of th Lumberjacks. Murff has served the cause of the purplt and white since 1937 and left S.F.A. for naval service ii Maich. With him goes the respect and admiration of thi host of young men that he has developed and trained THE 1942 FOOTBALL SEASON Regardless of the statistical outcome of the 1942 football season at Stephen F. Austin, the season as a whole can only be termed successful. True, the Lumberjacks could only manage o ne victory and one tie against six defeats, yet the results of the year and its bearing on the teams of the next four years are more important than any one year ' s wins. Coach M. A. (Dutch) Baumgarten started the year with a small draft-riddled squad composed principally of freshmen and sophomores, all relatively inexperienced. During the season ' s battles he whipped them into shape and formed a smooth-work- ing, hard-fighting machine out of his inadequate material; a team that had seven freshmen and sophomores booked for starting berths; a team of comparative youthfulness that stands a good chance of avoiding the draft for at least another season; a team that if it holds together will be a Lone Star Conference pennant contender before another year passes. The Lumberjack grid machine opened the season against the Trinity University Tigers and came out victors by a 6-0 margin. The Henderson State Teachers from Arkadelphia, Ark., were next on the schedule, tying the Axmen, 13-13. Next came the Lions of East Texas State who downed the fighting Jacks, 20-0. The Lumberjacks next felt the force of the North Texas State Eagles who took the ' Jacks to camp by a score of 28-0. The Bobcats of Southwest Texas State next defeated Stephen F. Austin, 27-0, for the Axmen ' s third conference loss. On Homecoming Day, Texas A. I. administered a 55-7 licking to S.F.A. The Lumberjacks went to Lafayette, La., and received a 25-0 defeat at the hands of Southwestern La. Institut e. The final game of the 1942 season found the Sam Houston Bearkats edging out the ' Jacks in a 20-13 battle. CO-CAPTAINS Larry Covin J. W. Bolton As one of the most feared cli- max runners in the conference, Larry Covin earned the respect of both teammates and oppo- nents. He was a brilliant run- ner without an equal for elu- siveness and speed in the con- ference. He was selected for the L.S C. all-conference team and co- captain of the Axmen. Covin is regarded by many as one of the greatest, if not the greatest, backfield men to perform for S.F.A. in history. The success of the season rested in part o sturdy shoulders of " G BDlton, triple threat quaite : who handled the passing, t ing, and running duties i f team. A heads-up, canny fiek eral, Bolton turned in a ' standing performance in 1 contest. He was elected co-capt iiai the team and selected c ■ L. S. C. all-conference m x Q. Lawrence Tackle Arthur Horn Back Delwin Freiberger Back W. Lawrence Tackle O. E. Permenter Back ' JACKS TAKE SEASON ' S OPENER In a game that featured plentiful kicking on the part of both teams, the Lumberjacks opened the 1942 football season with a close 6-0 win over the Trinity Tigers. First downs favored the victors 8-6. The Axmen scored midway in the final period after a sustained drive, led by Larry Covin, for 55 yards. Covin and " Cotton " Bolton were the main cogs in the ' Jack backfield, with Jetton, Brittain, and Starkey shining in the forward wall. REDDIES TIE ' JACKS 13-13 With the Lumberjacks staging a sensational last quarter rally which netted 13 points, the ' Jacks garnered a 13-13 tie with the fast moving Henderson State Teachers Reddies in the second game of the year on Birdwell Field. The Reddies led 13-0 going into the final canto but a drive, sparked by Larry Covin, tallied one touchdown, and a series of passes netted the tying marker. For the first score, Covin scurried 34 yards on a punt return, received the benefit of a 15-yard penalty, and then Bolton plunged over for the score. A series of passes from Bolton to Ray Wray and Covin knotted the count at 13-13. The Lumberjacks of 1942 . " isBf J p Q . _ 80 , O 8 f 2 tf tek 2 . $ J4 Ml TOP ROW: Coach Baumgarten, Freiberger, Mills, Cloninger, Murrell, Lindley, Die, Nash, Whitley, Burnett, Cole, Collier, Siedenberger, and Coach Murff. MIDDLE ROW: Manager Hollingsworth, Horn, Wray, Carter, Asaff, Dunklin, C. Brittain, J. Britain, Price, W. Lawrence, Q. Lawrence, Starkey. BOTTOM ROW: Currington, Duty, Wickman, Bolton, Covin, Henson, Collida, Langly, Jetton, and Manager Myers. Eugene Curington Back Charles Brittain Guard Tommie Mills End Ray Die End Bolton hits tackle for three yards LUMBERJACKS FALL BEFORE LIONS On Oct. 1 1 , the Lumberjacks traveled to Commerce to meet the fast East Texas Lions in the conference opener for both clubs. The Axmen found themselves unable to stymie the potent air attack of the East Texans and fell to a 20-0 defeat. The Lions counted in the first three periods but were held scoreless in the final stages of the game by a concentrated attack led by Larry Covin and Cotton Bolt on. Covin turned in a dazzling 84-yard run which fell short of a score by a narrow margin. Whitley and Brittain starred in the line. EAGLES DROP ' JACKS 28-0 The mighty North Texas Eagles met the Lumberjacks on Birdwell Field, Oct. 18, and came out on the long end of a 28-0 score. The power and pass- ing of the championship Eagles was too much for a fighting band of Axmen who fought a losing battle from the start. Despite the top-heavy score, the purple and white turned in a good per- formance and gave the invaders a run for their money. Larry Covin was a constant menace with his shifty broken field running, as was Bolton with his aerial heaves. Tommie Mills, rugged end, and Whitley, aggressive center, led the fighting but outmanned line. Covin nearly shakes loose . . r life. Jake Nash End Carl Cloninger Tackle Mitchell Jetton End Travis Price End Permenter makes a first ' CATS HAND AXMEN THIRD LSC LOSS Coach Baumgarten carried his Lumberjacks to San Marcos, Oct. 24, where they lost a hard fought battle to Southwest Texas, which was closer than the 27-0 score indicated. The defeat marked the third straight loss for the inexperienced ' Jacks. Accurate passing spelled victory for the surprising Bobcats who tallied three of their four scores via the air. Lopin ' Larry Covin led the Lumberjack offense with several flashy runs. Brittain, Cloninger, and Whilley stood out in the line. Jack Whitley Center " Harmon Murrell Center ' Johnnie Asaff Back Roscoe Lindley Tackle Mike Collide Back Gerald Wickman Guard Wk I TEXAS A I CRUSHES ' JACKS 55-7 Before a large homecoming crowd on Nov. 1, the mighty Texas A. I. Javelinas, one of the most powerful small college elevens in the entire nation, invaded the Piney Woods and administered a crushing 55-7 defeat to the Axmen. The purple and white was completely smothered by the Hog onslaught which featured a galaxy of Little All-America stars. Covin, Duty, and Bolton checked the rout in the closing minutes with a drive which netted the lone Stephen F. Austin tally of the game. Harold Langley Guard Albert Collier Tackle Norris Starkey Center Linnie Burnett Tackle fc , • ' " HI mmm i m 1 i % M r- 1 Permenter makes a tackle BEARKATS WIN OUT 20-13 On Nov. 23, the Lumberjacks ' ancient enemies, the Sam Houston Bearkats edged out the Lumberjacks, 20-13, in a close fought battle on Birdwell Field. The ' Jacks scored first on a series of passes by Bolton to Covin and Horn. Then the ' Kats tallied a pair of touchdowns to lead 13-7 which was nullified by Michell Jetton ' s sensational touchdown jaunt for 95 yards behind the entire team ' s interference. The Bearkats ' power plays began to click at this point and resulted in another 7 points to give a lead of 20-13. The Axmen put on an inspired spurt in the closing minutes which saw Covin hipper-dipper through the entire ' Kat team for a 43-yard run and a score, only to have the play called back because of a penalty. The Lumberjacks turned in their best performance of the year this day, only to lose by hard luck and bad breaks. The final gun found them knocking on the ' Kats ' goal line. The entire team played inspired ball and each man was a star. LUMBERJACKS LOSE AGAIN, 25-0 The Lumberjacks traveled to Lafayette, La., to engage the strong South- western La. Institute Bulldogs and fell to another defeat, 25-0. A superior ground game coupled with power plus spelled victory for the Bulldogs. Larry Covin and " Cotton " Bolton led the Axmen in a losing fight for victory. A tremendously outweighed line put up a valiant fight, led by Brittain, Burnett, and Whitley. i ' - v Clarence Seidenberger Back James Cole Tackle Raymond Wray I 4 %£ Get in line, Dunklin . . Three of a kind . . . AND END f ft The zero hour . . Die and Nash . . Out of bounds COACH R. H. (BOB) SHELTON Coach Bob Shelton is the personable, well- liked mentor of the Lumberjack cage teams and head athletic director of Stephen F. Austin, serving his eleventh year at the Piney Woods college under Lone Star Con- ference participation, ten of which years his teams never placed lower than second in the final standings. Out of eleven chances, his Lumberjacks have won the L.S.C. title seven times, placed second three, and last once. Were it not for the draft, Coach Shelton would very likely have added another title to his enviable collection. LETTERMEN G. T. Stagner, Captain T. L. Martin Clay Kennedy Elton Sandel Ray Die John Honea Just waiting for game time . . . Kennedy goes up on tip-off SEASON ' S RECORD n F. Austin Opponents 72 28 Trinity University 42 30 Trinity University 42 46 Durant Teachers 24 29 Durant Teachers 37 42 Howard Payne 36 46 Howard Payne 40 54 North Texas 30 .54 East Texas 39 52 North Texas 38 44 Sam Houston 40 48 Southwest Texas 21 48 East Texas 46 38 Southwest Texas 46 45 Sam Houston 553 604 Totals Games Won: 4 Games Lost: 10 " Denotes conference games. Captain G. T. Stagner Forward Just before the battle The shot that beat Sam Houston Ray Die Center EAST TEXAS COPS PAIR On Jan. 23, the powerful East Texas Lions invaded Aikman Gym and copped a 54-30 victory from the inexperienced Lumberjacks which was closer than the score indicates. The sharpshooters from Commerce and their strong reserve wealth meant the margin of victory. Elongated Ray Die, stalwart center, and Captain " Stag " Stagner served the purple and white cause well with Die taking scoring honors for the night. Stephen F. Austin played the return game of the series in Commerce and fell before a furious last period assault by the clever Lions, 48-21. The Axmen were able to pace the champions for three quarters but fell beside the way in the final period. Martin and Stagner again led the way for the Lumberjacks. m Q. Lawrence Forward Elton Sandel Center Glynon Williamson Guard W. Lawrence Guard T. L. Martin Forward Aw, send him in, Coach Nash goes high Clay Kennedy Forward M - Damon Hollingsworth Forward John Honea Guard AXMEN SPLIT BILL WITH BEARKATS The Lumberjack cagers traveled to Huntsville, Feb. 3, and dropped a thrilling, near-victory game to Sam Houston Bearkats, 44-38. After leading the ' Kats nearly all the contest, the ' Jacks faltered under a last-minute flurry of scoring by the Prison City boys and lost out. Die, Martin, and Stagner carried the load for S.F.A. and rightly deserved a win for their efforts. On the following Feb. 31 Sam Houston returned the game in Aikman Gym for the twenty-second renewal of conference battles between the ancient rivals. The Austinmen came out winner in as thr illing a ball game as was ever played in venerable old Aikman Gym. After nearly four quarters of nip and tuck playing in which the ' Jacks held a small margin all the way, Sam Houston forged ahead and with ten seconds to go, led 45-44 and held the ball in their possession. At this stage, Captain Stagner deftly stole the ball from his opponent and dribbled the length of the court to sink a crip shot which sacked the game 46-45, just as the timer ' s gun sounded to end the contest. " Chigger " Berry Guard AX MEN DROP TWO TO EAGLES The Lumberjacks dropped a hard-fought game to the North Texas Eagles in Denton, Jan. 12, by a score of 54-40. The fast- breaking Eagles piled up an early lead which the ' Jacks were unable to overcome, despite a desperate last minute rally. T. L. Martin, ace forward, and " Stag " Stagner led the purple and white attack with their sharp shooting and smooth floor play. In the return game of the Eagle series, Feb. 6, in Aikman Gym, the fast improving North Texans smothered the ' Jacks, 52-39, under an avalanche of goals. Elton Sandel and T. L. Martin headlined the Axmen offense, with Stagner playing capable defensive ball. Just a crowd . . . practice game . . . ready to travel . . . pair of lovebirds . . . " Mumps " takes a shot. Menefee sinks one Sam Houston takes a rebound They carried the load . . . One-hander by an Eagle . . . ' JACKS TRADE OUT WITH BOBCATS The Lumberjacks trekked to San Marcos on Feb. 13 to meet the Bobcats of Southwest Texas Teachers in a fast and furious contest which ended 48-40 in the ' Cats favor. The game was hard fought throughout and was only decided in the fading minutes of the final frame. Ray Die, elongated center, turned in the best performance of his collegiate career to tally 18 points to lead all scorers for the night. Stagner turned in an excellent floor game, skillfully feeding the ball to his mates. On Feb. 24, the Bobcats came to the forty acres for the final game of the season for Southwest Texas and got the short end of a tight 46-38 game. It was the first conference win for the Lumberjacks. The Lumberjacks were trailing going into the last quarter when Clay Kennedy, speedy forward, entered the game in the guard position and broke up the ball game with his long, looping shots from mid-court. The entire club played smooth, smart ball and deserved the win. Stagner and Martin showed well on both the defense and offense. THE TEAM THE TEAM No. 1— Charles Huff No. 2 — Ray Tuggle No. 3— Billy Howard No. 4 — Autrey Maddox No. 5— C. D. Thomas TENNIS 1942 ' s tennis team is perhaps the strongest and best all-round group of netmen ever to wear the purple and white. Striking feature of this group is the unusually low aggregate age of the boys, being less than 18 for the team of five. Due to the excellence of ' 42 ' s netters, Coach Shelton booked many matches to prepare them for the annual Lone Star Con- ference meet which closes the net season. In their opening match, SFA downed Sam Houston, 5-2. A return match ended with the same score. The ' Jacks defeated Southwest Texas, 5-1, and dropped a match to East Texas, 8-1. Louisiana Normal handed the Axmen a 5-1 defeat for the only other loss of the season, giving them a 3-2 edge in wins. The Lumberjacks were entered in the conference meet May 5 and 6 in San, Marcos. Charles Huff plays in the No. 1 slot; Ray Tuggle at the No. 2 post; Billy Howard No. 3; Autrey Maddox at No. 4; and C. D. Thomas plays No. 5. With one exception, these men will all be eligible for confer- ence competition for the 1943 season. THE SQUAD Howard, Maddox, Thomas, Tuggle, Huff, Henson, Tullos. Autrey Maddox Hillister, Texas Marvin Maddox Hillister, Texas Lester Smith Leggett, Texas C. D. Thomas Nacogdoches, Texas Elton Sandel Nacogdoches, Texas Ray Myers Corsicana, Texas Damon Hollingsworth Dripping Springs, Texas The Squad • In ' - J mm Martin, Wray, Currington, Myers, Lowery, Rogers, Todd, Sandel, Hollingsworth, Nash, Horn, Jetton, Tarrant, Lawrence, Shelburne, Collier, Price, Permenter. TRACK Stephen F. Austin was blessed with a strong track and field team for the 1942 season. Strongest departments were in the dashes, hurdles, and weights division. The purple and white harriers were entered in several meets by Coach Shelton and showed a good account of themselves. First of the season was the Fort Worth Fat Stock Show meet where the Lumberjacks picked up ten points in competition with some of the strongest cinder teams in the southwestern region. The following week the Axmen were entered in the Texas Relays, where the sprint relay team placed third. Other meets entered were a triangular meet with Southwest Texas and East Texas; a dual meet with Sam Houston; the Lone Star Conference meet, and others. Track, like other major sports of the Piney Woods school, was. crippled by the draft and graduation. Ray Wray Linden, Texas Gene Currington Schulenburg, Texas James Rodgers Louise, Texas Purvis Lowery Etoile, Texas Ready . . . aim . . . fire S.F.A. representatives to T.R.F.C.W., Kathleen r venston, Clarice Shrader, and Lemmah Ander: go with club sponsor, Lucile Norton, to Denton . AGGIE CLUB OFFICERS President Howell Owens Vice-President Purvis Lowery Secretary, First term Lavaughn Baker Second term James Dawson Treasurer _ .. Garrel Westmoreland Parliamentarian, First term James Vest Second term ... Cline Weaver Sergeant-at-Arms Robert Hogan College Commission Representative ... ... Charles Ruth Reporter - Lester Smith, Jr. Howell Owens Lavaughn Baker James Dawson Robert Hogan Harlan McBee Charles Ruth Lester Sitton MEMBERS Not Pictured: Purvis Lowery James Milstead Ely Yarborough Lester Smith, Jr. Nolan Smith Clois Walker Cline Weaver Garrel Westmoreland James Vest ALPHA CHI Mary Lou Beard Vera Brough . . . President Loran Perritte . . . Vice-President Emily Baxley . . . Secretary-Treasurer Wincie Blanton Dell Byrd Arthur B. Gray . . . College Commission Howell Owens Glyndon Gibson . . . Social Chairman J. H. Wisely Frankie Campbell Jewell Fuller Mrs. Josie Garner Willie Ann Garrett Georgienne Green Virginia Hanna Jewel Irwin Arnodean Selden Selwin Jones Rex Kirkley Donald McLaughlin Mozelle Willis Billie Marie York Wilbur Roper a CD it D D Wilbur Roper Bob Murphey President Herman Sandford Reporter Raymond Wray Secretary Johnny Asaff Sergeant-at-Arms T. L. Martin Vice-President IN THE SERVICE: Rex Kirkley College Commission Claude Rodgers Treasurer Ray Myers Poll Director Allen Sturrock Lyvonne Childress Howell Owens A _i , M T ■ 1 OFFICERS Mary Nell Taylor President Peggy Wedgeworth Vice-President Mary Lou Beard Sec ' y-Treasurer Jo Brooks Sponsor Josephine Ross Reporter Bea Powell College Commission Doris Bailey, Joyce Bailey, Bobbye Ballinger, Doris Cade, Betty Lou Foote, Doris Garner, Marie Kenley, Mildred Kerr, Judy King, LaMerle Muckleroy, Frances Rhymes, Jean Westmoreland, Beth Williamson, Evelyn Wilson, Rebecca Wright. Baptist Student Union The Baptist Student Union is the connecting link between the college student and the local church. It works through the Sunday School, the B. T. U., and the Y. W. A., in unifying the religious activity of Baptist students on the campus. The B. S. U. pro- motes spiritual development and offers an attractive program including Christian fellowship and social activities. Every student who is a member of one of the unit organizations of the Baptist Church is a member of the B. S. U. Outstanding events of this year ' s work included the welcoming banquet with Dr. Thomas Taylor, president of Howard-Payne College as guest; delegation of twenty-five to the State Baptist Student Convention; assembly program featuring Brother J. W. " Bill ' Mar- shall as speaker; luncheon with Chester Swor and Kearnie Keegan as guests; and a spring retreat at Fern Lake. The B. S. U. Council, the executive committee, is composed of fourteen students who have charge of dif- ferent phases of the work. Not pictured: Mrs. J. H. Wisely, Sponsor Rev. J. I. Cartlidge, Local Pastor Mrs. Myrtle Franks, Church Representative Lent Rice Secretary Vivian Dunn Publicity Director Herman Sandford Chorister Mildred Cariker Pianist HHHBIH Alice Leath Y.W.A. Representative Dr. Roy Adams Faculty Advisor Alice Reese Church Representative Selwin Jones Treasurer Loran Perritte Secretary W. R. Jones Reporter Don McLaughlin College Commission Grand Order of Royal BARRISTERS Front Row: Dan Mize, Billie Jones, John Bain, Bob Murphey, W. R. Jones, Mathie Dearmond. Second Row: Dr. W. R. Davis, Sponsor; Jodie Johnson, G. W. Martin, Don McLaughlin, Selwin Jones, Dean Blessing, James Allen, charter member. Third Row: Harold Ross, James Hughes, Harlan McBee, Loran Perritte, Leslie Shelburne, John Shaddix. Fourth Row: Winton Lawrence, Quinton Lawrence, John Honea, Claude Banks, Pat Gatewood. Business Administration Club • Joseph Upton President k Claude Rodgers Vice-President Vera Brough Secretary Madge Gribble Treasurer J. T. Anderson Beth Brown Morris Marshall Ellis M. Sowell Co-sponsor Theda Rae McKnight Howard Gates Frances Myers The purpose of the Business Administration Club, organized in 1941-42, is to encourage high standards of efficiency and achievement in commercial work, to emphasize and develop the proper personal qualifications for commercial positions, and to en- courage student interest in com- mercial education. The membership is restricted to students either majoring or minor- ing in commerce and having com- pleted either Commerce 231 or 241 with 45 semester hours of aca- demic work. J. H. Wisely Co-sponsor Glyndon Gibson Charles Kilpatrick David Trice Wincie Blanton Hollis Latimer Beth Williamson . . . Cavaliers . . . President _ Homer Martin Vice-President Tucker Fuller Sec.-Treas William Howard Sergeants-at-Arms King Allen Bentley Frank Hargis College Commission Rep Charles Kilpatrick Sweetheart Barbara Perkins Sponsor Dr. Frank Flowers Most Outstanding Ex-member .. . Lt. George Davidson Barbara Perkins Sweetheart Homer Martin Billy Howard Charles Kilpatrick Frank Hargis King Allen Bentley Charles Ray J. W. Mitchell William C. Kinzbach Joe Walker MEMBERS: Charles Weber Joe McLane Duke Jimmerson Charles Finney Bill Nash Thornhill Keith Mims Wilton Thomas Charles Herrington NOT IN PICTURE: Tucker Fuller Harrison Stockwell Earl Elliot Jimmy Seale Billy O ' Ouinn M. F. Russell Activities . The purpose of this fraternal organiza- tion for boys is to develop school spirit, to train the young man of the campus in lead- ership and student fellowship, to promote mutual good feelings among its members, and to further the social interests of the group as a whole. The Cavaliers, who are noted for their symbolic red shirts, opened their social season with a pledge rush party, and con- tinued with two informal Country Club dances, two picnics, a stag party, an all- college dance with the entire student body as their guests, a joint all-college dance, and concluded it with their annual formal dinner-dance at the Country Club. Activities . . . COLLEGE COMMISSION Bob Murphey Chairman W. R. Jones Secretary-Treasurer MEMBERS Johnny Brittain Beatrice Powell J. W. Bolton Lavoy Moore Joseph Upton Selwin Jones Dean Blessing, Jr. Leycester Stanley Tom Sharpe Donald McLaughlin Claude Rodgers Arthur B. Gray Doris Mayes C. E. Ferguson Delores Singleton Jacgueline Connally Ozella McRae Miss Sue Hill Miss Mary Thomson Jeanne Barclay Patton rwnc Nancy Bunn C. C. Rep. 3d! ira- ad 1941-1942 witnessed another record-breakini for the Speech and Drama Department — 9 matics Club members presented clever r plays under student direction — THE 1941 YEAR closed with the Senior play Up " — Madeline Baker, Douglas Blackmon, c r nora Westmoreland gave unforgettable p- r ances — 1941-1942 opened with the famous New Yc " |hit " You Can ' t Take It With You, " with Howell ( i Evolyn Dyer, and an all-star cast, giving SFj goers their finest comedy IN KEEPING with the tin 3 rector B. E. Howard picl 3 old-time melodrama, " F i the Driven Snow, " as his £ production. It was done : ly, keeping the audience r terics most of the time. | Permenter, Lyda Mercho i : ma Howell Owens starred W a perfect supporting cast- THE CASTING of plays : i U» by the try-out method, iM open to everyone in schc We feel that the Drama and .jecn Department is doing its and is taking its place 3, we SFA campus — SENIOR PLAY — the re mtic drama, " The Cradle Soi ? W G. Martinez-Sierra— un- El- rm- ■ns, ay- Di- an as aid rer- iys- E. Vivian Vardeman Edith McCormack Audrey Mae Adkison Norma Jo Watson Frankie Washmon Ottis Medford Mary Jane Broker Wanda Treadwell Mabel Kragness OFFICERS Sponsors Dr. W. R. Davis Miss Hazel Floyd Reporter ...... _ Ozella McRae Treasurer Ruth Bearden Commission Rep. Delores Singleton President Doris Mays Vice-President Lucille Rowland i Virginia Willis Theodoshia Martin Beatrice Powell Willie Ann Garrett Lucille Ross Mildred Cariker Albertine Gandy Edith Johnson Iris Hofberger ELEMENTARY COUNCIL ELLEN H. RICHARDS CLUB Marie Brewer President, First Semester Mary Nell Taylor .. Vice-President Bettye Jane Alexander Secretary Lavyelle Morris College Commission Juanda Davis .. Social Chairman Brownie Groom Reporter Edna Wilkin Sponsor Jewel Irwin President, Second Sem ;r Sarah Abercrombie Trea; Dorthy Brown Parliament Helen Ashberry Program Chair r Lois Jarrell Publicity Chair r Aileen Dean Room Ho t Joyce Bailey Club Be i Mavis Bennefield Priscilla Burns Mary Lou Boone Jalma Brill Lee Iris Cotes Willie Ruth Cole Yvonne Coussons Betty Lou Foote Mrs. Josie Garner Faye Gray Allene Hankla Imogene Hale Maurie Hicks MEMBERS Sara Hicks Elvagene Lawson Lucille Lawson Wilma Jo McCuistion Corinne Metteauer Nellie Monzingo LaMerle Muckleroy Susan Perry Paula Poplin Audry Richmond Mattie Mae Roguemore Richie Shaw Mary Alice Slay Janie Vee Strickland Margaret Strode Beth Tidwell Leatrice Webber Marie Whitehead SFA CHAPTER OF FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA Mary Kathryn McLennan Vivian Dunn Nell Williams President Vice-President Secretary -Treasurer Allen Sturrock . . Parliamentariai J. J. Wilson Sponso Mary Lou Boone .... College Commissioi Jewel Irwin Libraricn Emily Baxley Wincie Blanton Margaret Ellis Arthur B. Gray Edwin Dale Gunter Virginia Hanna Marie Harvin Selwin Jones Alice Leath Mrs. Allie Lovett Lent Rice John Shaddix Mozelle Willis President Bobbye Ballinger .... Secretary-Treasurer Wincie Blanton Historian Lunelle Abercrombie Dorothy Brown GIBBS HALL COUNCIL Mrs. J. M. Wilfong .... House Mother Christine Berrier Dietitian Mrs. Bennie Buford . . . House Mother, first semester Louise Reneau Ruth Squires Jean Westmoreland Dorothy Jean Garrison Edith Johnson McLaughlin, Walker, Snyder, Hanna, Musslewhite, and Justice. Sisco, Honea, Mayes, Wyatt, and Bradfield. THE LIBRARY STAFF Mildred Wyatt „ Head Librarian Elizabeth Bradfield _ _ Assistant Librarian Helen Snyder Assistant Librarian STUDENT ASSISTANTS Billie Ann Hanna Joyce Graves Honea Keith Justice Donald McLaughlin Doris Mays Helen Musslewhite Charlie B. O ' Brien Betty Zou Sisco Joe Walker Nell Williams Beth Williamson Sara Orrick Clarence Baldwin Bruce Bates L. J. Belser Cecil Choate Joseph Upton Sec ' y-Treasurer Horace Dickerson S. E. Colburn Wilson Dickson Philip Gandy Clint Jordan Lou Albert Keller Jack Kimbro Bill Mace Morris Marshall Earl Poe W. L. Robbins, Jr. Ross Smelley Leycester Stanley College Com. Rep. George Stone John Peyton Strength Eugene Tannery James Tipton John Tipton Jake Vannoy Harlon Wagstaff Joe Wallace " ' p| J3l Mary Lou Beard President Josephine Ross . . . Vice-President Betty Zou Sisco Secretary Beth Williamson .... Treasurer Mary Jo Whitbread .... Sergeant-at-Arms Jacqueline Connally .... Commission Rep. Madge Gribble Reporter Ouida McWilliams .... Sponsor LUMBERJACKETTES fz2 j Abercrombie Doris Bailey Joyce Bailey Ballinger Blake Faulkner Gandy Polly Jones Connie Jones Kelley Meador L. Medford O. Medford Melton Orrick Pope Powell ■ Rhymes Sitton Taylor Thaggard Westmoreland Williams Wilson Susan Perry President Barbara Perkins Vice-President Bettye Alexander Sec.-Treas. Brownie Patton Sgt.-at-Arms Ozella McRae Comm. Rep. Glyndon Gibson Reporter Naoma Meador Beauty Elizabeth Tucker Sponsor Tommye Earl Beach Sarah Jane Brazil Joyce Bright Fairy Brown Mary Ellis Bryan Jackie Connally Gay Cullom Mary Nell Griffin Johnnie Faye Hines Frances Holman Lois Jarrell Betty Killingsworth Lee Langhorne Jo Anna Loden Beth Lucas Martha Middlebrook Lil O ' Hara Rose Marie Poe Virginia Pope Bobbie Sue Pritchett Louise Reneau Jo Ruth Ross Bennie Jo Smith Deana Selden Alma Houston Stallings Jane Stone Anna Claire Voorhies Marilyn Woods Gene Wilson OFFICERS CLARICE SHRADER .... PRESIDENT LUNELLE ABERCROMBIE .. VICE-PRESIDENT LEMMAH ANDERSON ... ... SECRETARY-TREASURER JEAN WESTMORELAND ... PARLIAMENTARIAN RUTH SANFORD .. ... COLLEGE COMMISSION REP. MISS LUCILE NORTON ....... SPONSOR Kathleen Helvenston Nancy Thaggard President, first term Joseph Upton ..... President, second term Catherine Blake Secy-Treasurer Lon Tullos Sergeant-at-Arms Charles Kilpatrick Vice-President Lester Smith Commission Rep. LOG-FORT PRESS CLUB Don Barkett Stephen Gauntt Mary Lou Beard Ruth Green Joyce Bright Nancy Bunn Glyndon Gibson Mabel Modisette Patricia Davis Vivian Dunn Monette Modisette Frances Holman Billy Howard Margie Reynolds Josephine Ross Tom Sharpe Douglass Swearingen Mary La Verne Watkins Charlotte Zeve Wade Clendenen Tom Sharj 4 Harold Langley mtrey Maddox David Trice Douglas Swearingen Reporter Louis Collida Lester Smith Billy Fleetwood The Sawyers were organized in the fall of 1927, and is the oldest club in S. F. A. The purpose of this organization is to promote pep and school spirit among all of the college students and to bring together in friendship and harmony leaders of all phases of student life who are interested in working for the good of their school and club. . . . The organization, besides promoting pep, does things socially in a big way. The annual Bowery Ball, and the Sawyer Apron-Overall Dance are not to be missed. . . . Officers Lois Jarrel Club Be h Not in picture — Jim Kingham Elton Sandel Fred Buckner Ely Yarbrough Charles Ri t Health C [ Johnny Brittain W. R. Dunklin B. E. Howard Don Barkett C. C. Rep. Sgt.-at-Arms Sponsor Sec-Treasurer Jack Whitley AULD LANG SYNE Men in Service 4 Marvin Mc : G. T. Stagi £ Jake Nash 3X Dallas Bak a Lavaughn Baker K. T. Franks Tommy Milis Charles Brooks Vivian Dunn, President Josephine Triana, Vice-President Jean Westmoreland, Secretary Marilyn Woods, Treasurer Sue Thompson, Social Chairman Jeanne Patton, College Commission Merle Faye Barber Mildred Bates Evolyn Dyer Lenore Dyer Virginia Hanna Marie Harvin Joy Boles Ruth Farley Frances Ho lman Joe Pruit Beauchamp Kenneth Cariker Mildred Cariker Virginia Freeman Stephen Gauntt Glyndon Gibson Geraldine Knight Myrta Ann Latimer Irene Winston Y.W.C.A. Wilbur Roper President Student Christian Association NOT PICTURED: Dorothy lean Garrison Treasurer Myrtle Harper Joe Pruit Beauchamp Juanita Jones Ruth Rowland Dolores Singleton Emily Baxley Jewel Irwin Vice-President Sarah Abercrombie Secretary Keith Justice Reporter Doris Mays College Commis- Audrey Mae Adkison Ruth Travis Willie Ruth Cole Brownie Groom Mary Margaret Craddock Geraldine Knight Mary Lockler Jean McLaughlin Mabel Modisette Miss Sue Hill Sponsor Rev. G. E. Steinman Sponsor Monette Modisette Gordon Price M. L. Ra .vlinson Ruth Sandford Chester McCann College Commission Representative Bettye Alexander, Joyce Bailey, Wincie Blanton, Mary Sue Cadenhead, Jewel Irwin, Lois Jarrell, Velma Kirkley, Jo Anna Loden. Sara Orrick, Dorthy Paschall, Brownie Patton, Jeanne Barclay Patton, Susan Perry, Clarice Shrader. Mary Nell Taylor, Nancy Thaggard, Leatrice Webber, Inez Weesner, Mozelle Willis, Evelyn Wilson. Wesley Student Association MEMBERS — WESLEY STUDENT COUNCIL Wilbur Roper President THE COUNCIL THE PIANO DEPARTMENT In memory of Anna Mary Jones promising young pianist, whose brief career was brought to a tragic close July 19, 1941, this page is lovingly dedicated. PUPILS OF MAMIE MIDDLEBROOK Jimmy Stephens Billie Tannert Monte Hill Davis Mary Ruth Dillen Duane Adams Mary Belle McKinley Patricia Ann Sitton Jerry Ann Crawford Billie Jean Dossey Dorothy Shelton Eddie Mae King Doris Smith Lenore Dyer Evolyn Dyer Thad Dyer Patricia Goldsberry Joe Ann McKewen Betty Stripling Mary Nell Russell Pansy Bennett Craig Tucker Dolores Kristensen Mozelle Hampton Nancy Osborne Frankie Washmon Josephine Ross Lucille Carroll Dorothy Chambers Edna Merle Cox Albert Tischauser Ouida Fox Lillian Davidson W. R. Speegle Lillie Mae Hobbs Mary Lou Breazealle Iris Hayes Bridges Jo Ruth Gossett Peggy Ann McKay S. E. Colburn Chester McCann Bessie Lucille Stephens Jerry Gartmann Ruth Reavely Billie Lou Childress Virginia Willis, Margarette Ellis, Lavoy Moore, Oliver Parrish, Keith Justice, Lucille Carroll, Monette Modisette, Mabel Modisette, Bobbie Sue Pritchett, Mary Lou Beard, Anniedeen Bateman, Jean Westmoreland, Josephine Ross, Joyce Bailey, Ozella McRae, Lillian Davidson, Peggy Wedgeworth. Women ' s Chorus Back Row — Williams, Kragness, Carroll, Ellis, Patton, Monette Modisette, Chaviers. Second Row — Boles, McCormack, Mabel Modisette, Farrell, Walker, Ward, Mays, Yancey. First Row — Shackleford, Martin, H. Walker, Voorhies, Wilson, Travis, Hofberger. Inset — Miss Ida Pritchett, Director. Mrs. Orin G. Helvey Accompanist Lucille Carroll President MEMBERS Anniedeen Bateman Catherine Blake Joy Boles Lucille Carroll Beatrice Chaviers Mary Frances Crain Margarette Ellis Naomi Farrell Bettie Fuller Gaye Gann Iris Hofberger Mabel Kragness Allie Lovett Edith McCormack Emily Martin Doris Mays Mabel Modisette Monette Modisette Jeanne Barclay Patton Bonnie Belle Shackleford Laurel Simpson Ruth Travis Vivian Vardeman Anna Claire Voorhies Hattie Belle Walker Joy Walker Mozelle Ward Flossie Williams Evelyn Wilson Marguerite Yancey The Men ' s Chorus was organized by Mr. Krueger in the fall of 1941. Under his direction it has participated in numerous activi- ties on the campus and in the community, was featured on the initial radio broadcast of " Make Way for S. F. A. " , and presented the " Darktown Jamboree " for the benefit of the U. S. O. S. E. Colburn, Selwin Jones, Lavoy Moore, Herman Sandford, Travis Price. James Tipton, John Honea, Quinton Lawrence, Winton Lawrence, Gordon Price, Ray Myers. Tom Touchstone, Hugh Byrd, Claude Banks, Keith Justice, Oliver Parrish, Marvin Maddox. WOODCHOPPERS S. F. A. BAND J. T. Cox, Director FLUTES Velma Kirkley Imogene Hale SAXOPHONES Charles Cooper Alma Houston Stallings Johnnie LaMerle Deckard Louis Keller a Jack Averett Arnold Rhodes Willie Dee Williams Theo Hampton TROMBONES Gordon Price Hugh Byrd Donald Feazell Bonnie Belle Shackelford Miriam Clamon Norine Sparkman BASSES Jim Sims Charles Morrison Hooks Otto Walker Raymond Shindler Paul Perkins DRUMS LaMerle Peabody Mary Smith Charles Finney Red Caldwell TYMPANI Deana Selden HORNS S. E. Colburn Lavelle Ham Nelwin Graves Sue Thompson Charles Ray Rusty McCrory CORNETS Kurl Shirey Gene Belk Bill Harlan Max Neil Renford Ellis Ruth Sandford Billie Katherine Menefee Richard Riley Collins CLARINETS Robert Monzingo J. E. Pettey, Jr. Tommie Earl Beach Jodie Johnson Pat Gatewood Ann Nelson Lois Nelson Sue Burrows Olera Bailey Dorothy Vaye Hudgens Sammy Lane Crawford Mildred Bates BASS CLARINET Landis Lee ALTO CLARINET Chester McCann DRUM MAJOR Deana Selden TWIRLERS Alma Houston Stallings Johnnie Faye Hinds Imogene Hale Bobby Andrews BARITONES Jesse Gifford Algean Ham Doris Nolan HONORARY MEMBERS Wade Clendenen David Trice FLAG BEARERS Bennie Jo Smith Gay Gann Helen Adele Crawford CAMPUS CUT-UPS (Deana Selden, Bobbie Sue Pritchett, Ozella McRae) Tom " Sloppy " Sharpe THE PINE LOG Published every week by the students of Stephen F. Austin State Teachers College STAFF Tom Sharpe Editor-in-Chief Lester Smith Business Manager Charles Kilpatrick Associate Editor Glyndon Gibson _ Assistant Editor Josephine Ross Society Editor Nancy Bunn .._ Feature Editor Wade Clendenen c . D Sports Reporters Bill Nash Thornhill ) Charlotte Zeve Cartoonist REPORTERS: Frances Holman, Vivian Dunn, Mary LaVerne Wat- kins, Mabel Modisette, Billy Howard, Catherine Blake, Bob Duvall, Jewel Irwin, and Dorothy Moore. Lester " Tubbo " Smith Charles " Slowtrain " Kilpatrick Glyndon " Sob-Sister " Gib: Nancy " Scooper " Bunn Josephine " Josie " Ross Wade " Winchell " Clendei THE STONE FORT THE STAFF Nancy Thaggard Organizing Editor Mary Lou Beard _. Editor Douglas Swearingen Business Manager Wilbur Roper Photographer Sherrod Osborne _ _ Photographer Selwin Jones Art Editor Charlotte Zeve _ Art Staff Nancy Bunn (Feature Editor (Girls ' Sports Editor Charles Kilpatrick Sports Editor Wade Clendenen Sports Staff Josephine Ross | Senior Editor Assistant Editor Glyndon Gibson . Assistant Editor Joyce Bright ( " junior Class Editor (Assistant Editor Don Barkett Sophomore Class Editor (Associate Editor Frances Holman — Freshman Editor Dorothy Moore Demonstration School Editor Miss Sue Hill _ - Sponsor Second Highest Ranking Boy SELWIN JONES SOCIAL CALENDAR COMMITTEE E. Ferguson, Nancy Bunn, Donald McLaughlin, Miss Sue Hill (chairman), Mary Lou Beard, Miss Edna Wilkin, Dr. Frank Dwers, Charles Kilpatrick. PUBLICATIONS COMMITTEE Tom Sharpe, Dr. William T. Chambers, J. H. Wisely, Miss Sue Hill, L. C. Harling, Dr. Clifford H. Osborne (chairman), Mary Lou Beard. AUSTINITE POLL RESULTS Arnodean Selden Most Popular Girl J. W. Bolton Most Popular Boy Lee Langhorne _ _ _ Cutest Girl Charles Brittain Cutest Boy Vera Brough . _ Best Girl Student Wilbur Roper Best Boy Student Barbara Perkins Best Looking Girl Billy Howard Best Looking Boy Ann Summers Dumbest Girl Bill Nash Thornhill _ Dumbest Boy Susan Perry Best Girl Dancer Wade Clendenen _. Best Boy Dancer Bob Murphey Best Boy Politician Ozella McRae _ Best Girl Politician Louise Davis _. _ Wittiest Girl Charles Kilpatrick _ Wittiest Boy B. E. Howard ) [ Most Popular Teachers C. E. Ferguson ) Ray Die Best All-Round Athlete Mary Lou Beard Girl Most Likely to Succeed Tom Sharpe Boy Most Likely to Succeed X c H D a Dannie Boone James Buchanan Audie Mae Bulher J. L. Crain Dorothy Moore Juanita Scott Charles Summers Phyllis Warr Helen Williams ELEVENTH GRADE Charles Cooper President Joyce Brookshire . . Secretary-Treasurer Rena Sue Burrows .... Vice-President (not pictured) Others not pictured: James Chandler Ann Nelson Harrell Sanders Raymond Shindler BACK ROW— Theo Hampton Narvel Pleasant Miss Arlene Kilpatrick Durwood Bridwell Roy Sweetser Lendon Bridwell Frank Touchstone FRONT ROW— Pierson McClain Barbara Andrews Nelwyn Graves Dorothy Vaye Hudgens Mabel Spurlin Billy Muckleroy Lowell Westmoreland TENTH GRADE NINTH GRADE BACK ROW— Wilburn Wilson Doyle Turner Albert Long George Donald Feazell M. C. Pleasant Glenn Moore FRONT ROW— Lois Nelson Ruth Marie Bailey Lucille Bailey Miss Mary Lee Sanders Dorothy Sweetser Suenette Mayes BACK ROW- Rciymond Burgess Joe Rowlett Rogers Parker Billy Byrd Delbert Doss Robert Leon Battle J. W. Dunn Tommy Lynn Fuller Carroll Bonnette FRONT ROW— Reba Green Jeannine Neill Doris Jean McFarling Emily Lou Summers Mary Nell Russell Mrs. J. Y. Morgan Betty Jo Stripling Mary Beth Thompson Maxine Bridwell EIGHTH GRADE BACK ROW— Ray Mize Joean McKewen Miss Josephine Middleton Dorothy Chambers Mary Jane Perkins FRONT ROW— Bailey Nations Billy Nations Bernard Mitchell Lorraine Bailey Janet Davidson Bobby Ann Harris Jean Westmoreland FOURTH AND FIFTH GRADES Fourth Row: Donald Moss, Jimmie Hammett, Joe Pinson, Morris Muckleroy, Fred Joplin, Jr., Andrew Hall, Miss Olga Weed. Third Row: Lindell Westmoreland, Charles Greer, Jr., Jack McFarling, James Byrd, Billie Jo Sparks, Bennie Rex Bridwell. Second Row: Sara Ann McAlister, Viola Bailey, Luther Swift, III, Dean Howe, Marion Steinman, Leona Lewis. First Row: Frances Ann Partin, Monte Hill Davis, Martha Alice Tannery, Sylvia Jones, Patricia Hinds, Billie Jean Bulher, Claudia Roberts. Not in Picture: Kenneth Earl Childress, Don Clark, Tommy Cox, Barbara Nell Dillen, Jo Ann Crippen, Bob Nelson, Craig Tucker, and Lynda Young. SIXTH GRADE Third Row: Wesley Mason, Edsel James, Miss Valine Hobbs, Thomas Shafer, Dick Nelson. Second Row: Emma Nell Shepherd, Winifred Burton, Bar- bara Ann Holt, Patricia Goldsberry, Mozelle Hampton. First Row: Jean Dossey, Dorothy Shelton, Margreteen Fea- zell, Nancy Osborne, Willie Mae Shafer, Jo Nan Shaw, Jane Helpenstell. Not in the Picture: Lorine Sweetser. ■Si SECOND AND THIRD GRADES Third Row: George Winder, Marvin McBride, Jr., Miss Lo- rene Taylor, Hood Goldsberry. Second Row: Billy Rogan, Bernard Hornbuckle, Sally Tucker, Lena Beth Alexander, Patricia Swift, Jackie Bailey. First Row: Bessie Stephens, Billie Jo Childress, Rheta Shep- herd, Patricia Roebuck, Sara Bess Brookshire, Ann Taylor Gribble, Mary Lou Breazelle. Not in Picture: Guy A. Blount, Charles Dillen, Suzanne Jessup, Trammel Lacey, Jr., Naomi Nichols, Anita Spradley, Thelma Lee Sweetser, Fred Tucker. FIRST GRADE hird Row: Jamie Johnston, Miss Essa May Barnes, Jon White, Kyle Fitch. scorid Row: Ann McCranie, Donald Hornbuckle, Eloise Chambers, Mary Hazel Sullivan, John Earl Joplin, Orin Helvey, Jr. rst Row: Randall Milstead, Linda Lock, Shirley June Walker, Katherine Ann McKinney, Betty Hampton, Bryan Holt Davis, Betty Sue Hawkins. at in Picture: Ken Chamberlain, Judy Crain, John Thomas Nelson, Dianne Newsome, James R. Quattlebaum, III, Fritz Sheley, Ellis Mast Sowell, II. STUDENT COUNCIL Second Row: Frank Touchstone, Tenth Grade; Charles Cooper, Council President; Doyle Turner, Ninth Grade; George Donald Feazell, Ninth Grade; Miss Anne Yardley, Sponsor; Billy Byrd, Ninth Grade. First Row: Joyce Brookshire, Helen Williams, D annie Boone, Dorothy Moore, all from Eleventh Grade; Mary Beth Thompson, Eighth Grade; Nelwyn Graves, Tenth Grade. SCIENCE CLUB Second Row: Ray Mize, Billy Nations, Bernard Mitchell, Dr. Floyd Davidson (sponsor), Dorothy Chambers, Bailey Nations. First Row: Joeann McKewen, Janet Davison, Jean Westmoreland, Loraine Bailey, Bobby Harris, Mary Jane Perkins. J fr y. SECOND ROW— Nelwyn Graves Dorothy Chambers Maxine Bridwell Mabel Spurlin Reba Green Bobbye Ann Harris Loraine Bailey FIRST ROW— Mary Jane Perkins Jeannine Neill Doris Jean McFarling Miss Faye Pierce Director Mary Nell Russell Emily Lou Summers Betty Stripling Janet Davison HIGH SCHOOL CHORUS THE VIOLIN CLASS SECOND ROW— Margreteen Feazell Barbara Ann Holt Emma Nell Shepherd Dorothy Vaye Hudgens Delbert Dawson Albert Long Maxine Bridwell Janet Davison J. W. Dunn Wesley Mason Mary Jane Perkins FIRST ROW— Frances Ann Partin Trammel Lacey Kenneth Childress Thomas Cox STANDING— Dorothy Chambers Pianist Miss Faye Pierce Director NOT PICTURED— Patricia Hinds Sylvia Jones Leona Lewis Linda Young Andrew Hall Edna Merle Cox Edsel James DEMONSTRATION SCHOOL BAND Second Row: Billy Byrd, Albert Long, George Donald Feazell, Raymond Shindler, Rena Sue Burrows, Frank Touchstone, Anne Nelson. First Row: Robert Monzingo (assistant in reeds), Lois Nelson, Ruth Bailey, Bobby Andrews, Gwendolyn Peterson, Nelwyn Graves, Beth Thompson, Charles Cooper, Kurl Shirey (as- sistant in brass). BASKETBALL TEAM Second Row: Narvel Pleasant, James Chandler, Durwood Brid- well, Lendon Bridwell. First Row: Charles Cooper, Raymond Shindler, J. L. Crain, Billy Muckleroy, Frank Touchstone. DEMONSTRATION SCHOOL PERSONALITIES WITH THE SNAPSHOT PHOTOGRAPHER In M emoriam ELY YARBOROUGH, JR. Rehearsal for a grand entry . . . Comes the day, the game, the ribbons. Lumberjackettes sport chrysanthemums on sticks . . . Her majesty, the Queen . . . Girls chose their favorite . . . Cameras are ready to grind Deana puts on show for exes Captains pose with the Queen . . The purple and white band g ' show at the half . . . " Over there " . . . After the ball . . . HOMECOMING DAY dear mom: fish have a pretty tough time ... we heard the governor . . . coming from the cafeteria ... we burned sam houston in this bonfire . . . sometimes i bike ... or go to a dance . . . we ' ve got a swell orchestra . . . basketball games are fun ... i made the trip with the band . . . drop by the drug store occasionally ... we had a parade downtown there was a party to hear fred waring play the pep song . . . labs are dull . . . chem, biology ... but i like field trips ... we got some sugar cane i like singing . . . i think about you often . . your loving son SMILES " Tee-Hee " Queenie, Butch, losie, Fairy, and Bea Davis, McRae, and Morgan . . . Bennie, Cotton, and Deana . . . Dorothy and Polly . . . Just Helen . . . Carl, Dub, and John . . . T. Hardie Sharpe . . . Duvall, Asaff, and Clifford Evelyn . . . Josie, Kil, and Blondie . . . hats off to champion footballers and basket- ballers . . . beth holds the racquets . . . three pretty goils on a fender . . . pine burrs go through the sacred rites . . deana in action . . . jetton and permenter bow to the will of the shadow . . . waiting on the walk . . . johnny talks to soldier-boy larry — boy on the snoop for any snapshots that come his way (and some that don ' t) . . . posed or just resting . . . schenks shows off at the bowling alley . . . what ' s the matter, bennie, did he get away? . . . doris watches while keith mixes . . . upton and com- pany just strolling . . . sorry, gotta go to class The things a camera can make boys do! It ' s " artificial " — artificial respiration. Whatcha making, boys? Gardening for Victory or for fun? Lillian is " flying high. " J. T. " Toots " Allison takes it like a little man. Jimmie does the back Johnnie Faye dresses up for Fish Day. Officers of the College Nuts Club. Dr. Flowers and his gals show off at Skit Nite. Where are you going, Mr. Ben? Frances, Billy, Pat, there ' s something ' missing here. Confidentially, it ' s Joe. driving for Butch and Josephine. CANDIDATES FOR MR. AND MISS SFA Left to right — Sophomores: Rose Marie Poe and Ray Die; Juniors: Arnodean Selden and J. W. Bolton; Seniors: Ozella McRae.and Larry Covin; Freshmen: Lee Langhorne and Charles Huff . . . YELL LEADERS Left to right — Gilbert Ray Schenks, Ozella McRae, Wanda Morgan, Bobbye Ballinger, and Lavoy Moore In East Texas - - It ' s the Lumberjacks and ICE CREAM ' NACOGD yC ICE CNiffi NACOGDOCHES ICE CREAM COMPANY TIME OUT For more than forty years, CASON, MONK CO. has subscribed to the highest standards for QUALITY. Even though periods of depression and war have pre- sented problems, this ideal has never been lost sight of. Today, we are going through another such ordeal. America is having her rendezvous with destiny. Naturally, we are conforming to war requirements, but, you can be certain that regardless of what condi- tions may be in the future we will spare no effort to merit your continued Confidence and Business. CHSDN MONK CD (In Armed Service ) AIRLINE MOTOR COACHES Serving The Garden Spot of East Texas with Comfortable Deluxe Coaches, and Careful, Courteous Drivers Let ' s Go Places 1 ON AIRLINE MOTOR COACHES Economical— Safe— Fast— Comfortable Transportation Serving The Garden Spots of South and East Texas and Louisiana, and all Intermediate Points " HOME OWNED AND OPERATED ' ( In Armed Service ) If the rest of the road is half as good As the half that has gone before, I ' ll swing along with a singing heart And pray the fates for more. How long? How far? How hard? How fine? How heavy or light the load? If it ' s half as good as the half I ' ve known Here ' s hail to the rest of the road. THE REST OF THE ROAD WILL BE TWICE AS GOOD .... when you ride on AIRLINE MOTOR COACHES NOVEL BRIGHT " Your Grocer Friend " COME AND VISIT THE HOME OF GOOD FOOD 1 LUFKIN TYPEWRITER COMPANY Typewriters, Adding Machines, Cash Registe • Dictaphones, Inter-Communication System Sales, Service, Rentals , Supplies D. C. SATTERWHITE, Manager COLLEGE CLEANERS LAUNDRY Prompt and Efficient Service Bill Deaton, Owner 11 It Has Been a Pleasure to Serve You " 14 Shepard Ave. Lufkin, TexM COMPLIMENTS MCKAY ' S FOOD MART " THE COMPLETE FOOD MARKET " The College Coffee Shop YOU CAN ALWAYS FIND THE COLLEGE CROWD AT THE COFFEE SHOP! Compliments of JOHN SEXTON CO. , Mis YOUR COMPLIMENT TO YOUR GUESTS! GOOD FOOD FOR PLEASED GUESTS I SEXTON Best Wishes MOORE GROCERY COMPANY TYLER, TEXAS Performing an Economical Service Compliments of NACOGDOCHES LACEY BROTHERS GROCERY COMPANY Distributors of TEXACO PRODUCTS Established 1902 FROST LUMBER INDUSTRIES INC. OF TEXAS Better Lumber For Better Homes NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS WE HAVE A COMPLETE LINE IN SCHOOL SUPPLIES AND STATIONERY SWIFT BROS. SMITH The Downtown College Drug Store I isit tke Largest Gift 5kop in Town THE HUMBLE COMPANY A TEXAS INSTITUTION extends to the Class of ' 42 its hearty congratulations. May you find in your life ' s work both happiness and success. NACOGDOCHES LUMBER YARD Phone 202 We are just across the street from the Courthouse if you ever need BUILDING MATERIALS TOM H. SUMMERS, Manager I believe in a college education — But do not believe it is a substitute for hard work, proper spirit, and enthusiasm, so don ' t fail to get your education, but be willing to mix a lot of hard work with it and I am sure you will find it will " pay larger dividends. " Your friend, A. T. MAST Compliments of IDEAL BAKERY " SCHMIDT ' S " Where Smart Women Shop " DRINK Coca-Cola Compliments of BRANCHPATTON HARDWARE CO. IN BOTTLES BE5T WISHES TO YOUR 1942 CLASS ANGELINA COUNTY LUMBER COMPANY KELTYS, TEXAS 1887 - - S erving East Texas 55 Years — 1942 COMPLIMENTS OF THE LUFKIN FOUNDRY AND MACHINE CO. Quality Machinery Since 1900 For over 41 years the name of this institution has stood for all that is substantial and dependable in FINANCIAL AFFAIRS IN EAST TEXAS COMMERCIAL NATIONAL BANK BEST WISHES FROM bennett-Clark Co., inc. DR. H. L. STOCK WELL OPTOMETRIST NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS WHITBREAD FOOD MARKET We Deliver Phone 90 1 Quality Vegetables, Fruit, Poultry, Meats, Groceries and Sea Food 3 " None But the Best " Compliments of SOUTHLAND PAPER MILLS Inc. THE MODERN SCIENCE BUILDING Equipped with £ 7 PLUMBING FIXTURES VISIT OUR SHOW ROOM Hunt Plumbing Supply Co., Inc. Nacogdoches — Conroe — Mt. Pleasant Stripling, Hazelwood Co. Your Rexall Drug Store When in Nacogdoches, Meet Your Friends at Our Soda Fountain YOU ARE ALWAYS WELCOME East Texas Theatres, Inc. STONE FORT AND RITA THEATRES NACOGDOCHES " WHERE EVERY PATRON IS AN HONORED GUEST " THE PATH TO BETTER LIVING From the very beginning, our aim has been to give a better Natural Gas Service to a greater number of people, in order that they might enjoy a new comfort and convenience in their daily lives. Milt IIOTN gg 1 - MWUFACTUftINC CO. innr " i " ' ' i m iiiiih wfm ■■■■■•■» . • - I IjgjgP g | United Gas Service is a dependable Service. When you use your range, when you want hot water, or when you need to drive away the winter ' s chills, this Service is always at hand — ready and waiting for You! United Gas Service is a pioneer of Better Living in your community! The United Gas way is the path to Better Living. MIZE BROTHERS FACTORY AND STORE Headquarters for College Students We can supply your needs in the newest things out at reasonable prices. Always Showing the Latest Out in . . . Ladies ' Ready-to- Wear Dry Goods Shoes, Millinery Compliments of Perry Bros. M attkews-Daviclson and Company 5-10-25 CENT STORES " Complete Insurance Protection " Perkins Insurance Agency GENERAL INSURANCE NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS Red Ball Aiotor Freigkt Lines " Smiling Service " Free Pick-up and Deliveries Overnight from Dallas, Houston, Shreveport, Beaumont, and Intermediate Points to your door EXPRESS SERVICE AT FREIGHT RATES F. S. Rook, Agent Phone 37( TEXAS FARM PRODUCTS CO. NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS MANUFACTURERS REFINERS reg u s BRAND Wffll SHtt FERTILIZER MANUFACTURED BY snsfiUMPRODunsn A MC0600CHB. TEXAS . £§-10 - 7 3 " FOOD FOR FREEDOM " 746 MAR ' 42 CALLS FOR ' LONE STAR FEEDS LONE STAR FERTILIZER S FAHM PR00UC ELEVATO R, Cap. 50,000 Bu.— CORN MEAL MILL, 300 THE NACOGDOCHES OIL MILL AND REFINERY, Bbls. — FEED MILL, 100 Tons Daily — FERTILIZER Owned and Operated by TEXAS FARM PRODUCTS PLANT, 10,000 Tons Annually — Side Track Facilities CO. — Annual Capacity 8,000 Tons. 12 Cars. We print the college newspaper in the most modern, up-to-date newspaper plant in East Texas! We have all new equipment including a new Goss Press, Model 8 Linotype, Model 14 Linotype, a new Stereotyping Plant, which makes our services better for you. THE REDLAND HERALD NACOGDOCHES COUNTY LUMBER COMPANY MANUFACTURERS OF YELLOW PINE LUMBER During the state of preparedness through which this country is going, we are doing everything possible to help supply our government with the finest of East Texas Pine Lumber. NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS BEA UTIFUL NACOGDOCHES Experiencing a New and Phenomenal Growth in INDUSTRY - - - AGRICULTURE - - - EDUCATION Nacogdoches — A city of many industrial plants. art lCBfc= Nacogdoches — A county rich in agriculture and livestock raising. View of a Modern College Building. CHAMBER OF COMMERCE NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS COLD ALONE IS NOT ENOUGH Air-Conditioned Ice Refrigeration Southern Ice Co. (Remember Pearl Harbor) THOMPSON ' S DISTINCTIVE STYLES FOR WOMEN The New and Smart Things You ' ll Find at— THOMPSON ' S Phone 143 Words can ' t describe it . . . You ' ve got to see and drive the 1942 DODGE LUXURY LINER with Fluid Drive! H. R. MAST DODGE - PLYMOUTH SALES AND SERVICE hone 868 Nacogdoches, Texas SEE US FOR REPAIRING YOUR PRESENT CAR ON THE BUDGET PLAN O.K. USED CARS Phone 182 BEN T. WILSON CHEVROLET CO. (On the Square) Best Wishes to the Class of 1942 . . . TILFORD-HUNT LUMBER COMPANY LACY H. HUNT Where Students and Ex-Students are always welcome! 16 — Stores Serving East Texas — 16 Let Us Serve You! THE STONE FORT NATIONAL BANK NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS UNDER THE SAME NAME SINCE 1903 CAPITAL: SURPLUS AND UNDIVIDED PROFITS - - $ 300,000.00 DEPOSITS $2,500,000.00 RESOURCES - - $2,500,000.00 OFFICERS DIRECTORS L. B. MAST, President B. H. WILSON, Assistant Cashier j STURDEVANT A. L. NELSON E. W. MONK, Vice-President ALTON KING, Assistant Cashier L B MAST S. B. HAYTER and Cashier R. S. GILMORE, Assistant Cashier r CASON E. W. MONK W. G. REID J. R. GRAY This Bank Is a Member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation PORTRAITS At home or in the fighting forces our por- traits are always first in the lines of beauty, quality, and originality. A rare loveliness of lasting image. Columbia Phone 797 Records Albums and Popular Recordings Latest Popular Sheet Music Nacogdoches Radio and Music Service 411 East Main Street Compliments of . . . LEROY SKINNER North Street Humble Station ZENO COX, Agent Nacogdoches, Texas TO THE ADVERTISERS I wish to express on behalf of The Staff and The Student Body as a whole our appreciation for your cooperation in enabl- ing us to publish the 1942 Stone Fort. Hf SL ■ 1 L :m Id ■ TO THE STUDENTS The merchants who have advertised in The Stone Fort have made it possible for you to have an annual of this size and quality. I have tried to add interest to this section by the use of pictures. If you notice an ad here tell the merchant and . . . TRADE WITH HIM Douglas Swearingen, Business Manager Compliments of PALACE SEED STORE Clark Brothers Compliments of Jim Stallings COLLEGE SERVICE STATION USE | pg PRODUCTS J. E. Reese, Agent Welcome to All College Students C. J. SHRADER Jeweler So ends our book. Its picturization of life at Stephen F. Austin Teach- ers College is nowise complete, but this cross-section of our school will serve as a reminder of the eventful years 1941 and 1942. The STONE FORT is truly a democratic yearbook — without the splen- did cooperation of student body and administrators, it would be nothing. The following persons are especially praiseworthy for their ceaseless efforts: Nancy Thaggard Douglas Swearingen Wilbur Roper Selwin Jones Josephine Ross Joyce Bright Don Barkett Frances Holman Nancy Bunn Charles Kilpatrick Sherrod Osborne Dorothy Moore Glyndon Gibson Miss Sue Hill Miss Jo Brooks Mrs. Jim Stallings The annual and I are Yours sincerely,

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