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Stephen F Austin State University - Stone Fort Yearbook (Nacogdoches, TX) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Cover

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9 ' l A $ ( KJ ' ± U V H t pi THE 1941 STONE FORT CONTENTS Administration Classes Features Athletics College Life % : 1 Yearbook of STEPHEN F. AUSTIN State Teachers College Nacogdoches, Texas Bergman " Boots " Morrison, Editor Pat Hinson, Douglas Swearingen, Business Managers Miss Sue Hill, Sponsor FOREWORD In bringing to you this, the 18th edition of THE STONE FORT, we have attempted to pre- serve for you the glow ing memories of a happy year, to show the golden opportunities which abound on the Stephen F. Austin campus, and to give you an insight into the larger and finer school of tomorrow. If this Yearbook will be of help to you in keeping alive the spirit of loyalty to Stephen F. Austin you have shown throughout the past year, our efforts will be amply rewarded. THE STONE FORT is indebted to the follow- ing people who gave so gratefully and gener- ously of their time and work to help bring you your book. Their school spirit is reflected by their personal traits in doing their share for Stephen F. Austin! Joy Upton Nancy Thaggard Carl Cook Hortense McLennan Pat Hinson Douglas Swearingen Miss Sue Hill EDITOR, The Stone Fort. fe 1 ] u To J. E. " Red " Willis, the Lumberjack football coach, an admired and respected friend to one and all, a scholar and a gentleman, we take pride in dedicating the 1941 Stone Fort. LIBRARY OF STgniew F. Austin State teachers cause NicncnnrHES TEXAS MAIN BUILDING Walking down the vista . . . tall pines and giant trees make a shade over the walk . . going to class or a romance In the air . . . the scene never changes; students come . . . students go . . . but the old Mam Bunding ... the reminder of happy days, days gone by that we would love to live again . . . a guardian of the campus, and a fitting symbol of the life, love, cherished hopes and dreams of the many that have strolled up the vista and into its doors THOMAS J. RUSK Dedicated to a hearty Texas pioneer, the Thomas J. Rusk Build- ing was erected in 1926. This edi- fice embodies the library, a store- house of knowledge containing thousands of volumes of books. A place for those who are searching deep into the caverns of education . . . rest and a little sleep. And it is the home of the demonstration school, a home for future teachers, who practice with elementary and high school students. With the woes and wails of the average school, Thomas J. Rusk continues to settle among the pines .... watching the students come and go, in the acts of college life. SCIENCE BUILDING Sun sifts through stately pines on the Science Building . . . Mod- ernly equipped laboratories . . . A pungent odor . . . The neigh- bor ' s cat . . . Technical and per- sonal terms, that everyone is sup- posed to understand and no one does . . . Students skilled in phys- ical and biological sciences, the art of wood working and interest- WOMAN ' S RECREATION CENTER Girls in shorts . . . Boys looking on ... A white building nestling among the pines . . . time to begin decorating for the dance .... Lots of all college dances . . . " jitterbugging, " Woodchoppers pounding away . . . Wonder how they ' ll ever get this cleaned up in time for me to wake up staring Miss Norton and PE 131 in the face at 8:00 in the morning? AIKMAN GYMNASIUM Right across the street from the W. R. C. . . . Right across from the football field .... The unofficial home of Coach " Bob " and the Lone Star Conference Champs. Some big lyceum numbers held here, some college dances, " aw, " but mostly that non-credit P. E. . . . every other day . . . Willis, Murff, Shelton, or that dumb practice teacher .... GIBBS HALL Surrounded by majestic pines, Gibbs Hall, the girls ' dormitory, is the essence of bountiful beauty. Distinctively modern and artistic- ally touched with feminine grace, this abode of 1 10 girls makes many a young man ' s heart turn from science labs to extracurricular activities. Named in honor of the late Mrs. Eleanor H. Gibbs, head of the is the symbol of this beloved char- BOY S DORMITORY Housing over 75 boys, equipped with the latest room conveniences, a grand place to live is the attrac- tive and comfortable boys ' dorm. Only across the street from the main building ... a spot of inter- est for socials ... a modern ban- quet hall and cafeteria where the bunch gathers for the pause that refreshes. Dancing is fashionable and inexpensive. Boys rise 1 minutes before class time ... in and out all day . . . night falls and the lights go on . . . dating, dancing in the recreation room . . . " bull " sessions . . . par- ents Willis quieten down the " dorm " and the lights go out. BAND HALL Always peace and quiet from mid- night to daylight . . . then the Major and his studes break out in a phantas- magoric pandemonium of various de- grees . . . thus the makings of the pur- ple and white musicians of the Alma Mater. HOME MANAGEMENT HOUSE An ever beautiful spot on the cam- pus, it affords opportunities for future homemakers. A turn at cook, maid, housekeeper, and hostess under the careful super- vision of Miss Tucker . . . and a profit- able term is ended. STEPHEN F. AUSTIN STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE Fall 1940-41 oc I ! t- oc ffi e; » o o „ M H |j o i ' ■ i Mr 1o i jrj cs fame idams, Roy H irnwine, Lena iarham, Virdian iarnes, Essa May ... Mount, Lois Foster Iradfield, Elizabeth |!rooks. Josephine ... FACULTY LIST Address North St. Guadelupe 632 North 1503 North Sta. St. St. St. ..409 North St. ..Ferguson St ...East Tel. No r.H-R 35 ! 662W °A 13 . . ........940; S x i re oo t - w CO o is » M : cm 445 a, 12H « 7. st. ., 965-W; ssESggSSgSwSsISS Austin St S7M j£ ain, W. A North St. Sta 6SC hambers. William T Box 214. North St. Sta 1021-R ox, J. T North faniel, Gertrude 910 Raguet St .. .1176 avis, W. R Box 36, North St. Sta 33 fossey, W. W Austin. St 751-J j erguson, C. E North Mound St 755 ! I erguson, Thomas E 1701 North St 606 i loyd. Hazel 1210 North St 655-W; I I ox, Gladys 516 North St 44$ i ' . arner, W. F 406 Starr Ave 662-5 ! iles, D. D 542 Park 181! ; lazener, V. R 563 King St 30(5 ' £ arling, Lester C Raguet and Austin 795-W: H q arvin, Roy R North St. Sta j . Q athcock, Louise 1449 North St 1 1-5 k ickman, M. Jessie 916 Raguet St eg ill. Sue 306 Mound St 865 g . inds, James H North Mound St 795-J " g 2 obbs, Valine 516 North St 441 2 £ opson, Herschel 106 Lloyd St 1250 5 « oward, Esther A North St 115 K M oward, Burney E Boys ' Dorm ....343 -.126 Carolyn St »202 Mimms St --North St --Box 264, North St. Sta. -Price St — 910A Raguet St .... Feazell St —150 Starr Ave —521 West Main —914 Baker St. .. West Austin ...Box 113, North St ...117 West An ...Elm St ...Pecan St ...910 Da vi HI 1 ,45 n x ■ to . w : . : : i I v Mfltfl Hi cd x ci— . ■ - c § bfHnS m w ox tic ' Q ' cL 5; as cj w as - «h o H « . — i ,-4 J — i — ' ,— ( ,-H PQ i) ■2 w 2 cc 55 m - w t- w IX! j o Si CO 03 ? £ I- z P x x x ID j A : be A c ib- fc- ] 3 s O pq to aJ S as S O W - £ 0) « co Pffi W jS .co ey, Howard lpatrick, Arlene 5ng, A. L cCallum, W. J urray, Allen Mahony arshall, Louisville .. artin, Minnie S ays, Ruth ddlebrook, Mamie .. Dvgan, Lela Oxsheer rff. Ralph rton, Lucile borne, Clifford H. ... rks, Hal B ison. R. B tchett, Ida .! Fid, J. W :hardson, J. aders, Mrs. ] iw, R. A. sley. C lton, Rob fder, Hel llings, M; inman flor, Lor Thmson Tbker, Eli ' Hi !J S. H H tO h. in o | i oo o | ffi ,A ■ N h cc, L 623- U .1176- 413-JI m CO 4-M 2 m K M 924 . 737-Jo .1027-W„ CO ' 5 •5 2; co -a CO . •a co co ITS OC CD ' -H t- m J, OM«™ NrtMn(sB • X « 5 M « «• x " 5 : s : 2 i CO CO co co -a W X r _ — C c ! -s 00 u ' " « S % M « « c co o 1 O X .86 fl) s o o o 2 ,St. St. J. •ner, R. :on, R. G. ' ed, Olga Viite, Mary Wile, Myrtle Wjkin, Edna . |j lis, J. E. ... V son, J. J. . Wiely, J. H. . 552 781 89f 691 90 85{ 101? 1012 .1027-. 21; ..AU-M ..395- V 101 of O ! 2 X tree lir .... St. Sta. aguet St. it Ave orth St. Sta. .1601 North St. • North St. Sta. 910 Raguet St. 1024 Mound St. 516 North St. .. Boys ' Dorm 115 Wetermark 915 Baker St Watt, Mildred Austin and North Yi ' dley, Anne Ferguson St Y brough, Ouida 910 Raguet St 1176-.I CO 1 r os S CD 3J CO C O K ' 2 o o LO IO 1 1 Id E- O c a St 345 i 2 % % ■3 1 i i i ! • O ' g S : : . co : Oi CC ' = : : ; 25 . — • ' CO , J t x r co a CD CM — CP , c i o cp • | x ; co •5 .2 FACULTY ASSISTANTS Address D»n, J. V Starr Ave 757 Hlges, Mary R Raguet St 1028-W Jclison, Gladys B Pine St ( 904-J Henry _ North Mound St 990-W ce, Arch South Fredonia 228 ery, C. E Starr Ave _ _ 523 chews, Kitty Jeane 418 Mound St nley, Buck North Mound St 697-W irs, Sugene 605 Mound St 342 ?ht, Nan 515 Ochiltree 984 H o ;UG „W4 - w % a fl a «i a -«§ w l s -S|1 44vSEco- 5 : ,sg K 5 Q l c -oi5 " - VfxZ Z c i sa Lij o tsoiiiai„o«-™ tf ' -- " - " OOoo«- o3css(j.; Mound St 92(_ 1 9q fi • rvugore .. ™— - " •— — Trawick 1 ' t Neches San Augustine Livingston.. Gushing Center ....Livingston .. Nacogdoches Diboll Center. - Garrison Mt. Enterprise Nacogdoches Broaddus ., .. .Nacogdoches ..Henderson... Timpson Nacogdoches Nacogdoches . Mt - Enrerprise Palestine IVTt. Enterprise. Lufkin Henderson Lufkin ...Nacogdoches... Lufkin ...Nacogdoches... Minden Tel. No. Lufkin Nacogdoches Long Branch Shelbyville Keltys Keltys Nacogdoches T7Mt. writer prise e Card. ...Lufkin ...San Augustine Troup Trawick Nacogdoches Douglass Nacogdoches Huntington Nacogdoc Franks .. Nacogdoc ...Nacogdoc! Nacogdoc. ■ . Nacogdoc] Shreveport, • Garri: ..Hender Hunting -C Center " Texarkana Nacogdoches... Hons Ten;. ha -™ " Gilmer Beckvp ..Nacogdoq r| 1 Lufkin Alto .......Beaumont Henderson. rie. Nacogdoches. .Timpson Clavton Alt o Nacogdoches Lufkin Nacogdoches Kennard...). Lu Martinsville Lufkin ... Nacogdoches Center... Luf Center Laneville th .Nacogdoches Nacogdoches. ...Nacogdoc Lufkin Crockett Nacogdoches Center.. .....Nacogdoc. ...Nacogdoches poH i 1ps ' ShelDyville... Cer BOARD OF REGENTS HONORABLE J. G. ULMER, President HONORABLE R. A. STUART HONORABLE J. E. HILL HONORABLE J. E. HOSEY MRS. JOHN KING BERETTA HONORABLE J. D. JACKSON HONORABLE V. A. COLLINS HONORABLE W. B. BATES HONORABLE H. A. TURNER, Secretary Tyler, Texas Fort Worth, Texas Amarillo, Texas Houston, Texas San Antonio, Texas Alpine, Texas Livingston, Texas Houston, Texas Austin, Texas IN MEMORIAM With the passing of A. Hardy Eubanks, December 30, 1940, the Texas State Teachers Col- leges indeed suffered a se- vere blow. He was a member of the State Teachers College Board of Regents for many years. The inspiration of this educa- tor will live on until the end of age. . .., , ...-«iMa 0 ' ' m HONORABLE A. HARDY EUBANKS Year after year THE STONE FORT comes to you as a reminder of the more pleasant episodes in your college life. It will grow in value to you as the days go by. You enter life at a vital point in human history. The world is confused in its thinking and in its policies. The eternal values that have been prized by Americans are being attacked. The essenticl liberties are threatened with destruction. It will require the same courage and devotion to duty to preserve these liberties as it did in the early morning of our history to establish them. You as citizens of a great nation will have to preserve them. You will have to try not only to protect this nation from foreign enemies, but to make it so effective in promoting the welfare of all our citizens that it may continue to lead in enlightened and progressive policies. It will all require intelligence, good citizen- ship, and courage. I am hoping that each of you will respond to the challenges of the moment as befit the sons and daughters of a worthy ancestry. THE STONE FORT will remind you of friendships and comradeships. I wish for you a continuation of these friendships and comradeships and for the opportunity of playing a big part in this trying hour. A. W. BIRDWELL, President DR. T. E. FERGUSON Dean of Faculty Dr. Thomas E. Ferguson, Dean of the Faculty, has been an inspiration to both students and teach- ers of the Stephen F. Austin campus. He is a kind and willing advisor, a friend to the students, and his untiring ambition to make Stephen- F. Austin a better school is appreciated by all. DR. D. D. GILES Assistant Dean of Faculty Through ceaseless work and hearty efforts Dr. Giles has in many ways been an asset to Stephen F. Austin College. The latest achievement for the friendly, congenial Dean was the securing of the C. P. T. course for the students. His efforts are appreciated by one and all. MISS SUE HILL Dean of Women Through her untiring efforts and continued service to the school, Miss Hill is beloved by the entire student body of S. F. A. Miss Hill ' s deep sense of responsibility, service, truth, and good nature have helped the school to prosper because of her coming. MR. C. E. FERGUSON Dean of Men The happy days at Stephen F. Austin, the friendly spirit of the College, and all the reminders of a happy college life are reflected in the life and per- sonality of Mr. C. E. Ferguson. To every student on the Campus, " Mr. Ferg " is indeed a friend and companion. FINE ARTS MAMIE MIDDLEBROOK ESTHER HOWARD IDA PRITCHETT, Head of Music Department J. T. COX MINNIE S. MARTIN, Head of Art Department B. E. HOWARD HISTORY, GOVERNMENT, AND BIBLE MRS. LOIS BLOUNT GEORGE STEINMAN, Bible L. C. HARLING W. F. GARNER, Head of Department VIRDIAN BARHAM ENGLISH DR. T. E. FERGUSON, Head of English Department MRS. DOROTHY SANDERS HOWARD C. KEY LOUISE HATHCOCK LOUISVILLE MARSHALL DR. C. H. OSBORNE Not in picture: SUE HILL MARY J. WHITE BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION AND ECONOMICS MRS. C. C. JOHNSON J. H. WISELY, Head of Department HENRY KEY J. T. RICHARDSON JESSIE HICKMAN MADGE STALLINGS PHYSICAL EDUCATION J. E. WILLIS OUIDA YARBROUGH R. H. SHELTON, Head of Men ' s Physical Education LUCILE NORTON, Head of Women ' s P. E. RALPH MURFF SCIENCE R. L. TURNER DR. R. H. ADAMS R. G. UPTON, Head of Biology Department DR. HERSCHEL HOPSON, Head of Chemistry Department W. W. DOSSEY DR. H. B. PARKS AGRICULTURE AND GEOGRAPHY DR. D. D. GILES V. R. GLAZENER J. H. HINDS, Head of Agriculture Department DR. J. W. REID DR. W. T. CHAMBERS, Head of Geography Department J. J. WILSON, Director Demonstration School W. A. CAIN R. R. HARVIN DR. W. R. DAVIS, Head of Department A. L. LONG Not in picture: HAZEL FLOYD HOME ECONOMICS GERTRUDE DANIEL EDNA WILKIN, Head of Department ELIZABETH TUCKER JOSEPHINE BROOKS LIBRARY STAFF MILDRED WYATT, Head Librarian HELEN SNYDER, Associate Librarian ELIZABETH BRADFIELD, Assistant Librarian MRS. LOIS BLOUNT, Historian MODERN LANGUAGE RUTH MAYS, Head of Department MARY. THOMSON Not in picture: C. F. SHELEY MATHEMATICS R. B. PINSON C. E. FERGUSON 9 241 3 M. R. 118 Martin 3 1 M. R. 117 Howard 3 341 3 M. R. 117 Howard 7 2 T. R. 118 1 Martin 349 1 M. R. 118 1 Martin 387 2 M. R. 118 Martin BIBLE Fall Spring Period | Room Teacher 1 133 1 T. IB. C. Reavis 7 237 2 T. B. C. Reavis 1 131 4 M. B. C. Reavis 3 137 2 M. B. C. Reavis BIOLOGY Fall Spring Period Room Tea lx 133x 1 M. S. 120 Upton lx 133x 4 M. S. 120 Adams 3x 137x 3 M. S. 120 Parks 235x 4 T. S. 220 Adams 7x 2 M. S. 220 Adams 237x 1 T. S. 212 9x 239x 2 M. S. 201 7x 239x 2 T. S. 201 7x 345x 1 M. S. 212 lx 335x 1 T. S. 220 Lx 4 T. S. 212 CHEMISTR ' all Spring Period Room !x 134x 1 M. S. 305 lx 134x 4 T. S. 305 x 232x 4 T. S. 301 lx 2 M. S. 318 133x 2 T. S. 318 x(4) 332x(4) 1 T. S. 305 X 338x 3 M. S. 318 COMMERC1 ' all Spring Period Room x. 137x 1 M. M. 107 !x 137x 4 T. M. 107 !x 133x 4 M. M. 107 !x 2 T. M. 107 5x(4) 232x(4) 3 M. M. 104 ' .X 242x 2 T. M. 104 x 242x 4 M. M. 104 ' iX 337x 2 M. M. 104 345 1 T. M. 104 347 2 T. M. 107 ECONOMICI all Spring Period Room 3 232 1 T. M. 11 3 232 2 M. M. 11 3 332 4 T. M. 104, 3 349x(4) 4 M. M. 11 241 241 4 T. M. 3 Blount 241 2 T. M. 7 Blount 241 242 1 M. M. 10 Garner 242 2 T. M. 7 Blount 242 4 T. M. 7 Harling 242 2 M. M. 10 Barham 242 3 M. M. 10 Barham 341 342 1 T. M. 10 Barner HISTORY Fall Spring Period Room Teacher 131 1 M. M. 8 Barham 131 1 M. M. 104 Barham 132 1 M. M. 104 Blount 132 1 M. M. 8 Blount 231 232 5 M. M. 10 Garner 233 234 4 T. M. 10 Barham 237 238 1 T. M. 7 Harling 241 242 2 M. M. 7 Harling 250(2) 251(2) 3 T. M. 14 Harling 341 2 M. M. 10 Barham 9 T M m Z6I Z6I w. 1-4 {.f ) s. 239 239 Tu. 1-4 S. 201 343 335 W. 1-4 S. 220 337 239 M. 1-4 s. 201 341 345 Th. 1-4 s. 212 Note: Biology 403 Fall 409 Spring (Adar Biology 405 Fall 407 Spring (Parks) will l Saturday afternoons from 1:00 to 5:30 o ' ck hour and a half lecture and three hours labo CHEMISTRY Fall 133 133 231 233 331 339 Spring 134 134 232 133 332 340 Period | P lace W.Fri.l-3(D) [S. 304 T.Th.l-3(H) S. 304 T. Th. 1-4 S. 301 M. 1-4 S. 318 M. W. 1-4 S. 304 W. 1-4 S. 318 Fri. 1-4 S. 318 COMMERCE BULLETIN OF THE STEPHEN F. AUSTIN STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE CATALOGUE NUMBER Announcements for 1940-1941 CliLdMd Period Arrange Arrange Tu. 2-5 Arrange Th. 2-5 Place M. 107 M. 10 7 M. 104 M. 104 M. 104 ECONOMICS Pe riod |W. 2-5 1 M . Place_ " 104 " GEOLOGY Pe riod | P lace |W. 2-5 |M. 15 IE ECONOMICS Period Place Tu. 1-4 M. 203 Fri. 1-4 M. 203 SICAL SCIENCE | Period Place |M. 1-3 S. 309 PHYSICS Period Place Fri. 2-5 S. 309 Th. 2-5 s. 309 Wed. 2-5 s. 309 Tu. 2-5 s. 309 ill Sp ring 131 133 133 133 133 133 133 225 241 241 243 251 325 361 359 390 357 345(2) 345(2) 349 355 367 Period EDUCATIOJ Ro om M. 5 M. 8 M. 14 M. 14 M. 14 M. 8 M. 14 R. 33 M. 8 M. 8 M. 2 M. 2 M. 7 M. 8 M. 14 M. 14 R. 33 R. 33 R. 33 R. 33 M. 8 M. 1 M. 202 Published by the STEPHEN F. AUSTIN STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE Nacogdoches BULLETIN NO. 69 JUNE, 1940 NOTES iless otherwise indicated c e semester hours of crec courses that vary from th nthesis after the course. j ules for all students muj urns outlined in the curren t Monday, Wednesday an on Tuesday, Thursday an I wiison Wilson ]Davis I Cain Wilson Daniel ENGLISH Spring 131 132 132 132 132 132 132 132 132 132 232 232 232 9Z9 Period M. M. M. T. M. T. M. T. M. M. M. T. T. M. M Room M. 11 M. 113 M. 113 M. 113 M. 113 M. 115 M. 113 M. 113 M. 115 M. 116 M. 11 M. 3 M. 115 M. 116 M 1 1K Teacher Key Osborne Sanders Marshall White Key Marshall Sanders Sanders White Key Sanders White White 243 121 2 M. M. 3 Willis 237 151 3 M. W. R. C. Yarbrough 331 333 6 M. W. R. C. Norton 343 143 4 M. M. 3 Willis 351 275 3 M. M. 3 Shelton 353 1 T. M. 3 Willis 385 387 2 M. W. R. C. Norton PHYSICAL SCIENCE Fall Spring Period Room Teacher 131x 132x 2 M. S. 120 Hopson PHYSICS Fall Spring Period Room Teacher 131x 132x 4 M. S. 309 Turner 131x 132x 2 T. S. 309 Turner 231x 232x 4 T. S. 309 Turner 237x 2 M. S. 309 Turner PUBLIC SPEAKING Fall Spring Period Room Teacher 121 3 M. M. 212 Howard 121 221 2 M. M. 212 Howard 137(1) mm 3 S. M. 212 Buildings and Rooms. Buildings are designa the letters of the alphabet as follows: M- building; R — Rusk building; S — Science bu;| Gym — Gymnasium; W.R.C. — Women ' s Recres Center; B.C.— Bible Chair. The rooms of the ings are designated by numbers preceded by indicating buildings. Practice Teaching. Courses in practice te; (Education 235, 337, 347, 365, 385) do not app the printed schedule. For these courses high practice teachers get the approval of Mr. : elementary teachers get the approval of Miss Home Economics. Arrange Home Economii with Miss Tucker each semester. Arrange Pi Teaching in Home Economics (Education 3 ' j Education 347 H) with Miss Daniel. Assembly. There will be an assembly each GRADUATE STUDENTS Mrs. Lela Starkey Aber Bill McCluney H. D. Ard Arozena McCluris Kyle Bates Jimmie Jeanne Mangum Mrs. Vera Bean S. G. Marshall R. C. Beauchamp Byron Mason Lloyd Belser Vera Moore Mary R. Bumgarner Ethleen Keeling Morris Willie B. Castleberry Clyde Myrick Gerald Chapman Mrs. Maude Newman Mrs. Cynthia Chappe] Johnnie Parmelly J. T. Cox Matthew P ' Pool Mrs. Irma Greve Davison Meryyn L. Ramsey G. E. Day John T. Rousseau Alvis Hanna Mrs. Mildred Russell Mrs. Julia Horrott Bessie Sawyer Mrs. Elizabeth Hubach D. Conal Stockton Neulan Hughes W. B. Thompson Alice Louise Jeter Z. J. Turlington Mrs. Guynell Kennedy Roy James Watson Bess Looney J. C. Wharton John T. Lock JACK AILLS Nacogdoches, Texas B.S., Commerce-Economics LOUISE ALBEA Nacogdoches, Texas B.A., English Alpha Chi 1 ULYSSES ACKER Rusk, Texas B.S., Art Lumberjackettes Spanish Circle MRS. ANNETTE ACREY Alto, Texas B.S., Elem. Education Sec, Elem. Council Choral Club Madrigal Club LEILA MAE BAKER Frankston, Texas B.S , Elem. Education Choral Club FRANCES BARRON Troup, Texas B.S., Elem. Education Lumberjackettes Elem. Council Choral Club A. W. BELL, JR. Nacogdoches, Texas B. S., History Tejas College Commission Press Club F. T. A. Debate Club DOUGLAS BELLAMY Clayton, Texas B.S., Agriculture LELAND CARROLL BASS Martinsville, Texas B.S., Agriculture Sec., Aggie Club MAXINE BAUGH Nacogdoches, Texas B.S., Mathematics B.S.U. Council Pres., YWA ( AUBREY LEE BONE Nacogdoches, Texas B.S., Mathematics Band YM-YWCA TED BOWEN Alto, Texas B.S., Commerce JIMMIE FAYE BLACK Joaquin, Texas B.S., Home Economics E. H. R. Club Amities Lumberjackettes JANEARLE BLAND B.S., Elementary Education Pres., Elementary Council Vice Pres., YM-YWCA Wesley Student Assn. College Commission BETT1E MAE BRADBURY Laneville, Texas 3.S., Elementary Education ilementary Council horal Club MARIE BREWER Nacogdoches, Texas B.S., Home Economics E. H. R. Club ILDRED BUCKNER Huntington, Texas S., Home Economics H. R. Club INEDA BYRD Huntington, Texas B.S., Elementary Education Madrigal Club Dramatic Club Elementary Council Sec.-Treas., Woman ' s Council i « 4 ROYCE BROUGH Redland, Texas B.S., Bus. Adm.— Math. Alpha Chi DOROTHY BROWN Beaumont, Texas B.S., Home Economics E. H. R. Club Gibbs Hall Council FRANCIS CATES Alto, Texas B.S. Dramatic Club Academy of Science REBECCA CHANEY Nacogdoches, Texas B.S., Music, Elem. Ed. Alpha Chi College Commission Pres., Madrigal Club Choral Club Dramatic Club Elementary Council PWRA Who ' s Who in American Colleges MARGARET BLACK Center, Texas B.A., English Pine Log Staff Madrigal Club Sec.-Treas., Dramatic Club FAY CASSITY Carthage, Texas B.S., Elementary Ed.— Dramatic Club Elementary Council •Soc. Science SOPHIA CHILDS Timpson, Texas B.A., English Lumberjackettes V. Pres., Woman ' s Council Dramatic Club HARRY LOU COLLIER Jasper, Texas B.S., Elementary Education Treas., Elementary Council Historian, Gibbs Hall NELL CORLEY Nacogdoches, Texas BA., History, English Spanish Circle FTA ESTHERMAY CORNWELL Beaumont, Texas B.A., English V. Pres., Amities Reporter, Woman ' s Council Gibbs Hall Council CA RL COOK Texarkana, Texas B.S., Commerce-Soc. Science Football Reporter, Sawyers " T " Association Sports Editor, Stone Fort Basketball Mgr. Reporter, Senior Class ELIZABETH COOPER Overton, Texas B.A., Physical Education V. Pres., P.W.R.A. College Commission IRENE CURRY Crowell, Texas B.S., Elem. Education Elementary Council RUBY DeLOACH Beaumont, Texas B.A., Elementary Education V. Pres., BSU Council Elementary Council PWRA YM-YWCA JOE B. CROSS Troup, Texas B.S., Agriculture DALE CUPIT Rosevine, Texas B.S., Math.-Phys. Education Sawyers " T " Association Basketball F.T.A. ROBERT A. DENNARD Carthage, Texas B.S., Commerce Vice-Pres., Barristers MILLER B. DICKEY Alto, Texas B.S., Commerce, Economics Loggers SHERMAN H. FLETCHER Nacogdoches, Texas B.S., Mathematics " T " Association Track JACKIE LEE FORD Nacogdoches, Texas B.S., Home Economics Alpha Chi EDITH ECHOLS Jacksonville, Texas B.S., Elem. Education Elementary Council Dramatic Club MRS. LUCILLE F ARRIS Nacogdoches, Texas B.S., History BENNIS FRANKS B.i Stockman, Texas , Social Science bawyers " T " Association P. E. Club V ho ' s Who in American Colleges Pres., Senior Class LAWRENCE FRANKS Stockman, Texas B.S., Social Science, P. E. Pres., Student Body Pres., Sawyers Pres., " T " Association Pres., College Commission Alpha Chi Who ' s Who in American Colleges MILDRED FORTENBERRY Woodville, Texas B.S., Elem. Education Elementary Council HORACE FRANCIS Stockman, Texas B.S., Social Science Barristers GERALDINE GARNER Nacogdoches, Texas B.A., Home Economics Ellen H. Richards Club EVELYN HARVIN Nacogdoches, Texas B.S., Home Economics Pres., E. H. R. Club College Commission Alpha Chi Lumberjackettes Who ' s Who in Am erican MARY ELIZABETH GARRARD Nacogdoches, Texas B.A., English Press Club Alpha Chi Pres., Spanish Circle Colleges B. T. HAWS Summerfield, Post Graduate Agriculture Loggers Aggie Club YM-YWCA Texas MARTHA JANE GREEN Shelbyville, Texas B.S., Home Economics E. H. R. Club ELOISE HANKS Palestine, Texas B.S., Speech-History Sec, Amities Vice Pres., Lumberjackettes Dramatic Club Press Club FTA PAT HINSON Leggett, Texas B.S., Commerce Pres., Loggers College Commission Press Club Sawyers Business Mgr., Stone Fort VIRGIL HOLLAND Carthage, Texas B.S., Biology Chemistry ED HENNING Coleman, Texas B.S., Social Science " T " Association EDITH HICKMAN Joaquin, Texas B.S., Home Economics EHR Club MRS. FAYE HOLLEMAN Timpscn, Texas B.S., Elem. Education VERNA ALLENE HOLLEMAN Lufkin, Texas B S Choral Club MARGRETT HUGHEY Reklaw, Texas B.S., Home Economics Lumberjackettes Vice-Pres., EHR Club LOTTIE FAYE HULL Hughes Springs, Texas B.S., Elem. Education Elementary Council WAYNE HOLL1NGSWORTH Bruceville, Indiana B.A., Biology FTA College Commission Alpha Chi EVELYN HOLMAN Joinerville, Texas B.S., Elem. Education Elementary Council GLENN JUSTICE Martinsville, Texas B.A., Agriculture Pres., Aggie Club MRS. EVELYN A. KEE Henderson, Texas B.S., Home Economics Program Chairman, EHR Club Spanish Circle MARY GUINNELL JINKINS Nacogdoches, Texas B.S., Home Economics E. H. R. Club BETH JEPSON Kilgore, Texas B.S., Commerce Lumberjackettes PWRA SADIE RUTH KERLIN Jacksonville, Texas B.S., Commerce ENNIS L. KILLINGSWORTH, JR. Waco, Texas B.A., History and Government Pres., Barristers Spanish Circle KATHLEEN LONG New Summerfield, Texas B.S., Elementary Education PWRA Elementary Council JOYCE LUCAS Sacul, Texas B.S., Home Economics EHR WEIR KYLE Timpson, Texas B.S., History YMYWCA LAURELL LANIER Nacogdoches, Texas B.S., Elem. Education r3» f 2 BILLY McLEROY Sacul, Texas B.S., Chemistry Austinites Barristers RALPH MARTIN Camden, Texas B.B.A., Accounting Cavaliers CPT ANNE McCLARY Nacogdoches, Texas B.S., English Band Woman ' s Council Vice-Pres., BSU YWA HORTENSE McLENNAN Central Heights, Texas B.S., Art-Elem. Education Sec.-Treas., Alpha Chi Pi ess Club Staff Cartoonist, Pine Log Art Editor, Stone Fort Art Editor, Pulp Elementary Council Who ' s Who in American Colleges MARDELLE MAXWELL Minden, Texas B.S., Primary and Elem. Education BATES MAYS Laneville, Texas B.S., History, Commerce MRS. JU ANITA McVAY MOORE Longview, Texas B.S., Elem. Education Dramatic Club MARILYN MOORE Omaha, Texas B.S., Physical Education PWRA YM-YWCA FTA P. E. Club Woman ' s Council Director, Folk Dancing THOMAS C. MITCHELL Nacogdoches, Texas B.S., Biology YM-YWCA Barristers ELIZABETH MODISETTE Lufkin, Texas B.S., Elem. Education JE ANNETTE MORRIS Nacogdoches, Texas B.S., Elementary Ed. Amitie Reporter, Elem. Council Dramatic Club Stone Fort Staff Press Club BERGMAN MORRISON Livingston, Texas B.S., History Pres., Debate Club Pi Kappa Delta Pres., Press Club Sawyers V. Pres., Loggers " T " Association College Commission Yell Leader, ' 37, ' 38, ' 39 Editor, Stone Fort Methodist Student Union Business Mgr., Pine Log, ' 39- 40 Who ' s Who in American Colleges MRS. MARTHA LEATH MOORE Henderson, Texas B.S., Physical Education Reporter, P. E. Club PWRA FRANK MOOSBERG Center, Texas B.S., Biology, Foods and Nutrition Loggers Sawyers LaMERLE MUCKLEROY Nacogdoches, Texas B.S., Home Economics Amitie EHR LEO MUCKLEROY Martinsville, Texas B.S., Agriculture Ag Club Barristers BONNIE NEEL Joaguin, Texas B.S., Eiem. Education PWRA Elementary Council YM-YWCA STEVE OATES Teneha, Texas B.S., Biology CPT Sec.-Treas., Pre Meds Academy of Science P. E. Club LINDEN MUDD Port Neches, Texas B.S., Biology Loggers Press Club Sawyers LELAND MURPHY, JR. Henderson, Texas B.S., Physical Education FTA P. E. Club MAURINE PARRISH Nacogdoches, Texas B.S., Mathematics Dramatic Club Press Club Pi Kappa Delta Alpha Chi Secretary-Treas., Debate Club LARKIN PATE Shelbyville, Texas B.S., Biology Barristers Texas Academy of Science Choral Club Track OSCAR ORR Mt. Enterprise, Texas B.S., Economics-Sociology OLGA OWENS Logansport, Louisiana B.A., English Amitie FRANK PEARCE Center, Texas •B.S., Biology i Pre-Med i Sawyers DORA JANE PEAVY Lufkin, Texas B.S., Elem. Education Pine Burrs CPT Dramatic Club JULIAN PERKINS Redland, Texas B.S., Bus. Administration Tejas Press Club YM-YWCA Editor, Pine Log Who ' s Who in American Colleges EARL POE Douglas, Texas B.S., Commerce-Economics MADELINE RAMSEY Newton, Texas B.S., Elementary Education Pres., Gibbs Hall Council Pine Burrs Woman ' s Council YM-YWCA Vice-Pres., Elem. Council DORIS WINDER REAVIS George West, Texas B.A., English Band Dramatic Club Choral Club Woman ' s Council Madrigal Club FRANCES LEE POPE Silsbee, Texas B.S., Music Pine Burrs Choral Club JOHN RAMSEUR Thorndale, Texas B.S., Physical Education " T " Association BEVERLY RHYNE Shawnee, Oklahoma B.S., Commerce — Math. Sec.-Treas., Austinites Football " T " Association Dramatic Club MELBA RODDY Jacksonville, Texas B.A., English Pres., BSU Woman ' s Council College Commission Spanish Circle FTA JESSIE LEE ROSS Nacogdoches, Texas B.S., Physical Education Sec.-Treas., FTA PWRA RUTH ROSS Troup, Texas B.S., Elem. Education Elementary Council EVELYN ROGERS Center, Texas B.S., Home Economics HARMON ROOUEMORE Nacogdoches, Texas B.S., Physical Education Sawyers " T " Association Football Golf ARIE SCALES Kilgore, Texas S., Elem. Education r oman ' s Council :oral Club HENRY SHORT Nederland, Texas B.S., History Tejas Club FTA VIRGINIA STEWART Tulsa, Oklahoma B.A., Elem. Education Elemen tary Council BSU Council Madrigal Club EUGENIA TADLOCK Henderson, Texas B.A., English-Spanish Choral Club Dramatic Club Sec.-Treas., Spanish Club Wesley Student Assn. EDGAR TOMPKINS Gar , Texas B.S., Physical Education " T " Association Loggers P. E. Club WILLIE TREADAWAY Sacul, Texas B.S., Home Economics EHR Club MRS. FLAURIA STANCIL Lufkin, Texas B.S., Home Economics EHR Club FRANCES STEPHENSON San Augustine, Texas B.S., Music Madrigal Club Choral Club Dramatic Club GRACE THOMAS Nacogdoches, Texas B.A., Commerce Pres., Alpha Chi Pres., Choral Club College Commission Stone Fort Staff Amities Lumberjackettes Wesley Student Assn. ALICE JANE THOMSON Nacogdoches, Texas B.S., Home Economics Amities EHR Club JOY UPTON Nacogdoches, Texas B.A., Art Elementary Council Lumberjackettes Press Club Alpha Chi Wesley Student Assn. Associate Editor, Stone Fort MRS. FOY E. WAGSTAFF Nacogdoches, Texas B.S., English, Geography WILMA WESTMORELAND NacQgdoches, Texas B.S., Home Economics E. H. R. MRS. THELMA WHITAKER Kilgore, Texas B.S., Elem. Education PWRA Choral Club wm ill RY VIRGINIA WEATHERLY Nacogdoches, Texas 5,, Biology Tiiiie mber jacket tes ce-Pres., Alpha Chi LOIS MARIE WEBB Timpson, Texas B.S., Biology Pre -Med Club Texas Academy of Science RISTEEN WILLIAMS Jacksonville, Texas ., Elem. Education nentary Council ,-YWCA GEORGE WILLIAMS Dayton, Texas B.S., History Loggers 1 WILLIAMSON Nacogdoches, Texas Commerce, Phys. Ed. :ie surer, Lumberjackettes WCA PWRA ge Commission an ' s Council LlF 2 Chi J. Council Who in American Colleges PERCY WILSON Chireno, Texas B.S., Agriculture Ag Club BEATRICE WILLIAMSON Wells, Texas B.S., History MINNIE LEE WILLIAMSON Sacul, Texas B.S., Elem. Education Elementary Council Woman ' s Council SARAH ABERCROMBIE M. E. ACKER DEAN BIGGERS WILSON LEON BOATMAN JAMES ALEXANDER J. T. ANDERSON NEUVILLE BOGARD JOY BOLES JOHNNY ASAFF JUANITA ASHLEY CLEO BOWERS ZACK BRITTAIN TOMMIE V. BAKER MERLE FAY BARBER ERNESTEEN BROOKS VERA BROUGH WINFRED BATTISE DOROTHY BAUGHMAN DORIS CADE DOROTHY CAMPBELL EMILY BAXLEY MARY LOU BEARD FRANKIE CAMPBELL JAMES CAMPBELL MILDRED CARIKER LEE IRIS CATES KATE DURAN EVELYN DYER BOBBY CLIFFORD HAROLD COLE JOHN EAKIN BERNICE EDDINS JOHN COLWELL LOUISE CONGER MYRPH FOOTE NELVA FORSYTH WILBURN COOK CHARLES COUSSONS JEWELL FULLER MARY JIM GALLOWAY LARRY COVIN LOUISE DAVIS ■ WILLIE ANN GARRETT DOROTHY JEAN GARRISON MATHIE DEARMOND VIVIAN DUNN BONNIE GARY GLYNDON GIBSON JEAN GRANT ARTHUR B. GRAY BILLIE JONES SELWIN JONES BROWNIE GROOM ALSTON GUNTER VIRGIE LEE JOWELL KEITH JUSTICE CARL H. HARRIS, JR. MURRELL HARRISON VERNA MAY KELLY MABEL KRAGNESS CLARENCE HOLDER JOE T. HOLLAND DOROTHEA KYLE ARA ALICE LEATH BILLY HOWARD CLEMIT HYDEN JOSIE LEATH THELMALEE JEWEL IRWIN CARMON JACOBS DOROTHY LETNEY AULINE LOWERY HARLAN McBEE THEDA RAE McKNIGHT RUTH MATTHEWS MARIE MOORE MARY K. McLENNAN IVA NELL McLEROY RUTH MOORE SYBIL MOSS OZELLA McRAE HOMER MARTIN WINFIELD MORRIS IRVIN MOSES T. L. MARTIN OTTIS MEDFORD PAULINE MOSS HELEN MUSSLEWHITE IRENE MEREDITH BERNARD MILFORD BOB MURPHEY JAKE NASH MABEL MODISETTE MONETTE MODISETTE ADDIE MAE NEWTON MAXCENE NORTON 4 M i f f i 1 J ■•m SARA ORRICK HOWELL OWENS EUGENE ROWDEN LUCILLE ROWLAND WAYNE PEDDY BERTHA PERMENTER MATHILDE SCOTT TOM SHARPE LORAN PERRITTE JACK POWELL BETTY ZOU SISCO LAVERNE SITTON FRANCES RAMSEY M. L. RAWLINSON, JR. LESTER B. SITTON ROSS SMELLEY LENA LENT RICE DAVID ROSS F. J. SONNTAG FORD LEE SPIES JO RUTH ROSS JOSEPHINE ROSS LEYCESTER STANLEY JANEY VEE STRICKLAND Jm-wam ABEL ADAMS BETTYE JANE ALEXANDER J. W. BOLTON KING ALLEN BENTLEY DOUGLAS BLACKMON TEMPLE ALFORD AUDREY ADKINSON WINCIE BLANTON DOYLE BOWERS C. W. BRIGGS ROSEMARY ALLEN OTIS ALLISON MARY JANE BROKER MARGARET BROOKSHIRE RONALD BROUGH LEMMAH ANDERSON JOHN BAIN BETH BROWN LA NELLE BROWN KATHLEEN BULLARD INA MAE BAKER LA VERNE BAKER SAMMIE BULLARD NANCY BUNN HUGH BYRD RUTH BEARDEN ALBERT BATTISE FA YE NELL CAGLE MARGARET CHANEY LOUISE CHENEVAL L YVONNE CHILDRESS CECIL CHOATE CARL CLONINGER BILLY FLEETWOOD FRANCES FORD MARY LOIS COLEMAN DOROTHY CORLEY YVONNE COUSSONS K. T. FRANKS ORLAN HENRY FRANKS MARY MARGARET CRADDOCK MARILYN CRANFORD KENNETH CRAUSBY VIRGINIA FREEMAN JEAN GAEDCKE HELEN CRAWFORD AARON CUMMINGS LILLIAN DAVIDSON HOWARD GATES DELL GLAZENER JUANDA DAVIS ANITA DODD W. R. DUNKLIN BRUCE GOLEMAN JOYCE GRAVES MARGARETTE ElilS KENNETH EUBANKS MAUDESS FEAZELL RUTH GREEN EDWIN DALE GUNTER t 1 ALLENE HANKLA VIRGINIA HANNA CHARLES KILPATRICK WILLARD KILPATRICK JACK KIMBRO W. R. HARRISON, JR. AILEEN HARTT MARGIE KIMMEY JUDY KING REX KIRKLEY MALEE HARVILLE KATHLEEN HELVENSTON SHIRLEY LAMBERT T. W. LANGSTON MAE LOWRANCE LUKE HONEA BELLE HANEY STEWART LE SASSIER DRAYTON LESTOR ANNIEDEEN BATEMAN EDWIN ILES FAY GRAY FRANK McCLENNY LOU VENE McDUFFIE donald Mclaughlin J. D. JIMMERSON CLINT JORDON MORRIS MARSHALL THEODOSHIA MARTIN DORIS MAYS JUANITA MEADOWS GRACE MESSEC SARAH ANN METTEAUER EDWIN PHILLIPS MAXINE PLACKER FRANCES MEYER RAY MYERS TOMMY MILLS BERNICE PLEASANT PAULA POPLIN KEITH MIMS GERALDINE MODISETTE ROY MOORE BEATRICE POWELL EVELYN PYE LAVYELLE MORRIS MARY ELLEN MUCKLEROY RAYMOND NEWTON LEON RAMSEY VIVIAN RAMSEY NORMA NEUVILLE NORMA ORRICK BROWNIE JO PATTON AUDREY RICHMOND CLAUDE RODGERS BARBARA PERKINS SUSAN PERRY GWENDOLYN PETERSON MARGARET ROGERS BEN ROPER WILBUR ROPER ELIZABETH ROSS MARJORY ANN TERRY R. B. THOMPSON JOE DELL TILLEY LUCILLE -ROSS ARNODEAN SELDEN ANN TISDALE MARSHALL TOMME WANDA TREADWELL LEAH SESSIONS LESTER SHACKLEFORD MARION TYSON JOSEPH UPTON HAROLD WAGNON CLARICE SHRADER OLENE SIMMONS HARLON WAGSTAFF MARY AGNES WOLFORD JOE WALKER TRUITT SMITH ALLOIS STRICKLAND SHIRLEY WALLACE NORMA JO WATSON HAZEL WEATHERLY DOUGLAS SWEARINGEN IWAN TAYLOR LEATRICE WEBBER JAMES WEATHERLY CLAIRE WESTMORELAND ELNORA WESTMORELAND JACK WHITLEY BETH WILLIAMS FRED WILLIAMS LOUISE WILLIAMS WAYNE WILLHITE MOZELLE WILLIS HELEN JEWELL WOODS BILLYE MARIE YORK BRUCE BATES ETHEL BUCHANAN MARY LOU BOONE JACK WIGGINGTON r , A. ML Adams, Wilbur Alexander, Warrei | Bailey, Joyce Bailey, Olera Baker, Madeline Baldwin, Clarence Ballinger, Bobbye Banks, Zella Kate Barkett, Don Bates, Mildred Battles, Thelma Blessing, Dean Jr. Bobbitt, T. L Boles, Vivian Bowen, Jack Bright, Joyce Brittam, Charles Brooks, Ellen Franc = Campbell, Jack Caveness, Mary Ruth Childers, Imogene Ciamon, Esther Clamon, Miriam Colvert, Carroll Cook, Hazel Blake, Catherine DuBose, Rhosine Darnell, Gladys Davis, Elizabeth Ann Davidson, Patty Sue Dean, Aileen Dennard, Frances Die, Ray Downer, Ila Faye Duke, Louise Dyer, Lenore Echols, Pauleen Elliott, Edward Evans, Elaine Fall, Linn Farley, Ruth Feazell, Willie Jo Hagler, Pearlie Marie Haley, Christine Hall, Elizabeth Hancock, Emory Handley, Sylvia Handley, Thomas Hanna, Billie Ann Harlan, Bill Harper, Myrtle Harris, Juanita Harrod, Charles Hart, Bettye Lou Hctrvin, Marie Heitman, Elizabeth Hensley, David Herrington, Charles Hicks, Kathryn Hofberger, Iris Kerr, Gerald Kerr, Lyska King, Eddie Mae King, Faye Kinzbach, William C Kirby, Vivien Kirkland, Mona Kirkley, Velma Lavender, James M Law, Sara Lawler, Edith Lawrence, Ouinton rence, Winton Linson, Paula Gene Lockler, Mary Lowe, Joe Wheeler Lucas, Beth McAlister, Sam McCann, Chester McCord, Helen McCrory, John McGee, Alcine McKee, Dorothy McKnight, R. F. Martin, G. W. Martin, Mary Virginia Martin, Wilma Louise Mason, An Ellen Mathews, Elizabeth Matlock, Joe Matteson, Irvin Matthews, Evelyn Mattiza, Dorothea May, Cohran Meadow, A. Z. Melton, Rosine Metteauer, Corinne Mitchell, J. W. Mize, Allen, Jr. Mize, Dan Monzingo, Robert Morgan, Wanda Morgan, Morris E. Murrell, Harmon Nelson, James L. Nipper, Mary Nixon, Evelyn Nutt, Coy O ' Brien, Charlie E O ' Hara, Lillian Owens, Lawasa Parrish, Floride Parmelly, Billie Jo 1 Parmelly, Lorraine Stevens, Martha Anne Still, Patsy Strong, Homer Summers, Ann Sweatman, Sara Jean Tarrant, Raymond Taylor, Julian Thomas, Wilton Tidwell, Beth Toliver, Isabelle Tullos, Lon Tyer, Jeanelle Williams, James Williams, Johnnie Faye Williamson, Beth Wilson, Gene Winder, Henry Jean Windham, Ima 4 1 Worsham, Lewis Standing: Bergman Morrison, Barbara Perkins, Wayne Hollingswcrth, Olene Simmons, Doris Mays, Wilbur Roper, Grace Thomas, A. W. Bell, Jr., Janearle Bland, Bennis Franks, Lillian Davidson Elnora Westmoreland. Seated: Charles Coussins, Miss Hill, Mr. Fergerson, Bob Murphey, Miss Thomson, Lawrence Franks, Melba Roddy. THE COLLEGE COMMISSION OFFICERS Lawrence Franks President Charles Coussins Secretary LAWRENCE FRANKS, President The College Commission originated on the campus in 1936. It is an organization representa- tive of the various groups of student activity. The purposes of the club are to promote better relationships between the student body and the faculty, and student government. RUTH WILLIAMSON EVELYN HARVIN Highest Ranking Senior Second Highest Ranking Senior ROYCE BROUGH Highest Ranking Senior Boy LAWRENCE FRANKS Second Highest Ranking Senior Boy The efforts of the Yell Leaders are appreciated by the entire student body of the Stephen F. Austin campus. Head Yell Leader is Bobby Clifford, and his capable assistants are Wanda Morgan, Gene Grant, and Douglas Blackmon. H O M E C O M I N G Homecoming Queen Ozella McRae and her football-playing escort, Roy Parnell, with the Duchesses ground; representing all clubs and classes from Stephen F. Austin. THE SOCIAL COMMITTEE THE PUBLICATION COMMITTEE Chairman of Committee: C. H. Osborne; Standing: J. H. Wisely, L. G. Harling, Julian Perkins, Boots Morrison; Sitting: Chambers, Sue Hill. HOW THE BEAUTIES WERE SELECTED The Stone Fort is indebted to Earl Carroll, who selected the beauties for Stephen F. Austin. -EflRL CflRflOLL TffiflTfle MM SunseT n€flfl Uine - pnone -hollyuuood-710! -}jOLLYliJ C-RLI-PO-F fR 1 February 26, 1941 Miss Nancy Thaggard Stephan F. Austin State Teachers College Nacogdoches, Texas My dear Miss Thaggard: The photographs were all exceptionally lovely and being limited to choosing only four girls made the task most difficult For this reason, I have chosen a fifth also . I trust that my selections will meet with the approval of those who have had the great privilege of seeing these young ladies in person . An autographed picture is being enclosed. Since — Stephen F. Austin favorites are given the name of " Mr. and Miss S. F. A. " These students were elected by popular vote at the poll of the piney woods college. They represent, first, class favorites, then the favorites of the entire student body. " Who ' s Who " represents the students who are active and outstanding in college life or some phase of their college work. These " Who ' s Who " students are selected by the faculty, twenty-five members of the Stephen F. Austin faculty recommending them. Mm- £. Q. A AwtxiUan eldest M . S. q. A. mem Mcm km WHO ' S WHO An active member and President of the Karle Wilson Baker Dramatic Club is Douglas " Blackie " Blackman, popular Sophomore from Hearne, Texas. During the past year, Blackie served as a member of the Sawyers, Spanish Circle and as Assistant Cheer Leader. A charac- ter actcr, " Blackie " served as the leading char- acter in " House Party, " " Ceiling Zero, " and " Our Town. " Transferring from Lon Morris College, k : : Lee Jowell, the popular member of the i Burrs, Pulp, and Woman ' s Council, is Secre c Mr. Cain, and holds the honor of being £ 11 first aviatrix. As a recreation Virgie Lee serves as tr m alist of The Woodchoppers, College Orches r Lawrence " Big Brother " Franks, voted the " Boy Most Likely tc Succeed, " is the holder of more important offices on the S.F.A. Campus than any other student. When not playing basketball on the Lumber- jack varsity squad, Lawrence is probably found, as usual, working in some way for the benefit of the students. Serving as President of the S.F.A. Student Body, President of the College Commis- sion, President of The Sawyers, President of " T " Association, and a member of the Alpha Chi, the youngest, largest, of the Franks Brothers is in- deed a leader on the campus. Bennis " Little Brother " Franks, who as well as being an All-Lone Star Conference guard three years, holds the honors of being the President of the Senior Class, a member of the Sawyers, " T " Association, and Alpha Chi. Hailing from Stockman, Texas the popular sen- ior is never too busy to render a favor, and is respected and admired by every student. Ozella McRae, favorite from the Junic _ 1® is also a beauty of the Piney Woods A member of the Pine Burrs and Madriq vM Ozella has taken an important role in itie: of the campus, serving as the S.F.A. H i ' C oa ing queen during the past year. The College ' s most outstanding artist, Hortense McLennan is also a beauty nominee from the Press Club, Secretary of Alpha Chi, and mem- ber of the Elementary Council, i Characteristic of Hortense is her sweet person- ality and desire to render service to a friend and o devoie her time and talent to all concerned when the slightest need approaches. Admired, known, and respected by all, Ben per is a friend to every student and member the faculty. , Manager of the College Book- 3m, he is never too busy to holler a cheerful seting, to help in time of need, or to say a od word about some friend. Entering college with his son, Ben took the •ing of things, reflecting the true friendly spirit S.F.A.! WHO ' S WHO From Polk County comes Bergman " Boots " Mor- rison, who has held more executive positions at S.F.A. in his four year stay than any other person. Always busy, but always friendly, " Boots " during the past year served as Editor of the Stone Fort Annual, Pres. of the Press Club, Col- lege Commiss ion Representative of the Sawyers, Vice-Pres. of the Loggers, Pres. of the Debate Club, a member of the " T " Association, Metho- dist Students Union, and Pi Kappa Delta. " Boots " was also yell-leader for three years, Business Manager of the Pine Log, and member of the debate team. Being the Senior Class favorite, " Boots " was elected " Mr. S.F.A. " for the term of 1940-1941. An outstanding figure on the campus, Bobby Murphey was voted the " Best Boy Politician. " An active member of the Barrister and Austinite organizations, Bobby also serves as the Presi- dent of the Junior Class. Noted for his " word slinging " and " pen-scrib- bling " Bobby has been in the campus politics every year of his college career. During his spare time, the friendly Bobby serves as the Sports Editor of the . Daily Sentinel. Transferring from Tyler Junior College, Van Samford, the likable, record-breaking Lumber- jack Center, Coach of the Demonstration School, and All-Lone Star Conference player for two years is a proven leader on the campus. Van serves as a member of the Sawyers and " T " Association, and is recognized as one of the all-round best fellows and classiest ball players ever to grace the hardwood of Aikman Gym. Il A National Champion in high school, and lead- ing the Lumberjack Band is Arnodean " Deanna " Selden. A member of the Pine Burrs, Woman ' s Coun- cil, and the " Miss S.F.A. " of 1939-1940, " Deanna " repeated, being nominated from the Sophomore Class, and again won the title " Miss S.F.A. " Not only popular, but Arnodean was a beauty nominee from the " T. " A wonderful personality and a friendly spirit, " Deanna " is the kind of person one enjoys knowing and being associated with. Serving as President of Alpha Chi, and voted the " Girl Most Likely to Succeed, " is Grace Thomas, the senior Editor of the Stone Fort. A member of the Amities, Lumberjackettes, and past President of the Freshman Class, Grace was this year voted the Senior Class Favorite. Always smiling, and always friendly, Grace has attained a level as a student that is well worth looking to. WHO ' S WHO The highest ranking Senior of the 1941 class is Ruth Williamson, the President of the P.W.R.A., member of the Amities, Woman ' s Council, and Lumberjackettes. One may find the admirable Ruth in the W.R.C. at any hour of the day, helping with the stu- dents, or working up a play day. Always the same, the cheerful P.E. major is an inspiration to students who desire to achieve the most from their college life. I Elected the S.F.A. " Smile Girl, " Olene Simn : this year served as the Sophomore and Fea u Editor of the Stone Fort. To occupy her t t, " Butch " works, is a majorette in the Col a Band, a member of the Woman ' s Council il Amities. With a natural smile, and a personality H makes one enjoy her company, " Butch " is or: i : the most popular girls on the campus, as r as filling to an excellent degree the posit :; conferred upon her. The student that has received probably e widest scope of publicity for both the cc ' e and himself is Berton Yates. " Duck " i: " active member of both the Austinite a " T " Clubs. He is known by all football porters of this section of the country as a in ball carrier. He won the Texas Relays, £ »■ western Relays, and the Fat Stock Expo i n broad jump event. Berton is liked by ai is fellow students and he likes everybody. Amitie GLuk I Ofzlla McRae Pme Bwi Glub ELOUISE HANKS Lumberjackettes Choral Club HELEN McCORD Barristers The Coach J. E. " Red " Willis concluded his fourth season as head coach of football here this year. Although his teams have not set the sports world ablaze. Coach Willis has brought good, hard, clean, rough, and smart football to this section of the country. He played his football at Texas Christian University. His High School teams at Marshall were always in the schoolboy championship race. His two years at Texarkana Junior College were successful in more ways than one. The boys who become men that have played football under him will never forget him as a " Coach " who put the boy ' s inter- ests ahead of selfish grandstand quarterbacks ' wishes. Stephen F. Austin is fortunate in having such an individual to lead young men on the gridiron as Coach Ralph Murff. Coach Murff played football under Homer Norton at Centenary, and received All-American recognition for his work at that institution. He was freshman coach there before moving to Texarkana Jun- ior College as Assistant coach to Coach Willis. He went from there to Arkansas State Teachers as Assistant Coach and that club won the State Championship that year. He is a believer in hard work and is well liked by all the boys. Coach Murff came to Stephen F. Austin in 1937 with Coach Willis. Coach Murff Coach Willis THE SEASON RECORD OPP. sf; Lon Morris 40 6 S.L.I. 6 Henderson 12 27 East Texas 7 27 North Texas 7 San Marcos In 7 La. Normal 14 j 18 Texas A I ; .27 Sam Houston IESSE JOHNSON End LARRY COVIN Halfback RAYMOND NEWTON Fullback JAKE NASH End PRE-SEASON GAMES .... Coach Willis and his Lumber- jacks displayed powerful running and dazzling passing attacks in defeating Lon Morris September 19. A man in motion penalty called on Yates after he had scored the tying touchdown re- sulted in the play being called back and a 6-0 victory for the Southwestern Louisiana Institute Bulldogs September 27. The Jacks completely outclassed the Henderson State Teachers Red- dies of Arkadelphia, Arkansas Oc- tober 4, featuring the pass throw- ing of Bob McGraw and Cotton Bolton and the line play of John Ramseur, Carl Cook, Jesse Johnson and Roy Parnell. PRESTON WHITE Guard MM JACK WIGGINGTON Quarterback ROSCOE LINDLEY Tackle F. J. SONNTAG Guard CO-CAPTAIN JOHN RAMSEUR John is as good a guard as there is in the country. This was his best season. He was chosen on the All- Conference team for the last two years. When " Ram " entered the school as a transfer from Kilgore in 1938, he had a pessimistic atti- tude, but if there is a more likable individual on the campus of SFA, that individual is more than great. John hails from Thorndale, Texas. CO-CAPTAIN HARMON ROQUEMORE The greatest honor ever bestowed on a football player from the Pmey Woods campus was given to Rocky when he was invited to play in the Shrine Bowl at San Antonio Christ- mas day. He was one of the stars of the game. He entered SFA as a freshman and is known far and wide for his superb punting and passing. An injury in the early part of the season hindered the chances of the Jacks coming out on top in the Lone Star Conference race. His position was Quarter- back, and his home is Nacog- doches. He has signed a con- tract to play with the New York Giants Pro-Team next fall. BERTON YATES Halfback Center High School Center, Texas ROBERT McGRAW Quarterback Texarkana High School Texarkana Jr. College Texarkana, U. S. A. CARL COOK Guard Texarkana High School Texarkana Jr. College Texarkana, U. S. A W. R. " Dub " DUNKLIN Fullback if 4 M JACK WHITLEY Center AXEMEN DROP LOOP OPENER TO LIONS 27-7 Featuring a mighty running game headed by P. K. Rodgers and Clinton White, the East Texas Lions downed the Lumber- jacks by the score of 27 to 7, October 12, at Commerce. Bob McGraw continued to be a thorn in the neck to Bob Berry through his pass slinging. Bright spots in the line play of the game were Fite, James, and Gregory for East Texas; and Whitley, Wray, and Captain Carl Cook for Stephen F. Austin. WINFRED BATTISE End CHARLES BRITTAIN Guard EAGLES HAND JACKS SECOND CONFERENCE LOSS The North Texas Eagles rolled over the SFA Lumber- jacks by a score of 27-0, October 18 at Denton before «000 cheering spectator;-.. Long passes and a very effi- cient pass interception game brought victory to the Sisco eleven. ' Wm The lack running attack gained as much ground as that ! the Eagles but Captain McGraw had trouble ng a man able to catch his accurate and bullet passes. The Eagles depended upon the passing aim of Stewart to shoot a pass into space and allow Wil- liams, Ashton, and Hicks to catch them in stride and sprint to pay dirt. Asaff, Wray, Ramseur, Bnttain, Roguemore and McGraw were the bright spots in the Austin lineup. AUSTINMEN WIN THRILLER FROM SAN MARCOS, 13-7 Bouncing back into the win column after two discouraging defeats, the Jacks took the measure of Lon Chaney ' s South- west Texas Teachers Bobcats by a 13-7 count before 3000 cheering fans October 26 on Birdwell Field. The Axemen scored first on a line plunge in the first quarter. Then early in the second quarter the Bobcats scored on a line plunge by Brademan. Late in the third period the Jacks counted the final tally by way of a pass from Roque- more to Asaff. The Axemen backfield standouts were Yates, Covin, Bailey, and Roquemore. The Jack line sensations were Captain Roy Parnell, Chief Battise, Nash, and Ramseur. Big guns for the visitors were Lomtrx, Haese, Isham, V. Smith, and L. Barnard. ■ I 4 r I JOHNNY ASAFF Halfback btf ' ■ ■ RAY DIE End LUMBERJACKS LOSE TOUGH ONE TO BEARCATS Coach Willis and his Lumberjacks played the socks off of the Sam Houston Bearcats November 21 in Pritchett Stadium at Huntsville, but they came out on the short end of the score 7-27. It was the seventeenth meeting of the old foes and the eleventh win for the Bearcats. The Jacks wasted no time in scoring early in the first period. They took the opening kickoff and without losing the ball marched to a touchdown. On the next kickoff Ruthstrm went 70 yards for a tally. Late in the second period the Bearcats tallied again on a 40 yard pass from Hair to All-Conference end High- tower. Two more pass plays by Hightower and a neat run by Gifford accounted for the other Sam Houston scores. The Austin- men made 23 first downs to the Houstonmen 6, but lacked pay- dirt drive inside the 20 yard stripe. Stars in the line for the visitors were Roy Parnell, Jesse John- son, and Ramseur. Good play in the backfield was made by Bob McGraw, Roquemore, Larry Covin and Bailey. HARMON MURREL Center CARL CLONINGER Tackle J. W. " Cotton " BOLTON Quarterback LAST MINUTE PASS ROQUEMORE TO McGRAW, DEFEATS DEMONS 14-7 The Louisiana Normal Demons came to the Piney Woods November 2 with a string of 18 wins in a row, and it looked as if they would go back to Natchitoches undefeated until Bob McGraw slipped back of the De- mon safety and Roquemore zipped a 50 yard pass to him for the winning score in the last minute of play, 14-7. The lacks scored first on a line plunge by Roquemore early in the first period. It was a hard fight all the way for the home boys and the rivals from across the line were fighting to keep their high rat- ing and perfect record. Standouts in the game for the Axemen were Battise, Wray, Johnson, Bolton, " Cur- ly " Roquemore, and Robert McGraw. THE DEPARTING SENIORS . . . . Some of these men have played as much as nine years of football. They started out on the Junior High School Gridiron and learned the feel of body contact; they learned how to use this contact with a little more ease in High School; they played their roughest and toughest ball in Junior College, and finally became finished products to go out in the sports world and teach kids what they have learned as a result of specialized and ex- cellent coaching in Senior College. DEPARTING MURFF MOULDED BACKS JAVELINA POWER TOO MUCH FOR LUMBERJACKS .... Coach Bud McCallum and his powerful backs proved too much for ' the visiting Jacks November 9 at Kingsville, and as a result the Texas A I Javelinas defeated the Stephen F. Austin Lumberjacks 18-7. The Jacks played the Hogs on even terms throughout the first half as neither team scored. Early in the third period the Porkers opened with a powerful running game featuring Mattingly, Hilliard, Hall, Mar is, and Rucker, and scored 3 touch- downs before the Axemen could halt the Blitz. The Jacks scored on a pass, McGraw to Johnson, in the fourth period. Men who received recognition in the melee for the Jacks were Johnson, Cook, Battise, McGraw, Ramseur, Roquemore, and Jack Whitley. FOOTBALL IN THE ROUGH The Reddies ' mascot . . . Roy and Chief carry " Ram " off . Official Bud Price in action . . . Coach Murff goes fishing . . San Marcos scores . . . The " Chief " . . . The Gala Homecoming Dub stays ready to keep from getting ready . . . A study in Power ... The victory march . . . Strain, action, and football After season training . . . INTRODUCING . . . THE COACH OF CHAMPIONS There is a possibility that no other coach in the United States has as good a coaching record in one particular sport as does the Lumberjack cage tutor, R. H. Shelton. Ever since Coach Shelton left the Dripping Springs High School to enter San Mar- cos, he has been a figure in the sports world of the Southwest. He earned 15 letters while at that institution and was captain of every team but the track team at least once. " Bob " came to Stephen F. Austin in 1925 as Director of Athletics and since then has won seven cage championships and finished second the other two years in the Lone Star Con- ference Basketball races. The more you see of him and become acguainted with him the more you will admire the man for his principles of fair play and sportsmanship. He teaches a type of basketball that is not complicated for those who are masters of accurate shooting and know what the word hustle anticipates. On the courts he stresses teamwork and plays the boys that work best together. Coach Shelton says that the club he had this year was the best one he has ever had the pleasure of coaching. That point is argumentative, but those who enjoy clean, hard, good, and smooth basketball will always come to see Bob Shelton ' s Stephen F. Austin cage teams perform on the hardwoods. COACH ROBERT H. SHELTON THE CHAMPIONS Top-B. FRANKS, L. FRANKS, V. SAMFORD, J. COOK, CUPIT, BATTISE. Bottom— Coach SHELTON, LUCAS, M. SAMFORD, JACOBS, EMMONS, MARTIN, STAGNER, Mgr. C. C Business at the airport . . . Bridge over Missouri river. THE STARTING FIVE B. FRANKS guard J. E. COOK -...forward V. SAMFORD center D. CUPIT forward R. LUCAS guard LUMBERJACKS TAKE IN KANSAS CITY ENTER INTERCOLLEGIATE CAGE FOR FIRST TIME Coach Shelton and 12 men, Cook, Lucas, Cupit, Jacobs, Em- mons, Stagner, V. Samford, M. Samford, L. Franks, B. Franks, and Battise embarked for Kansas City March 8. They went by way of Texarkana and the Ozark Mountains. While in Kansas City they were rated as one of the favorites, being placed in the first bracket. The Jacks won the admiration of the fans in their first-round win over Simpson, a team with an undefeated season. They lost out to a defensive club, the Maryville Missouri teachers, and that night were guests of Matty Malneck ' s Band. Caballero Martin . . . Cook and Martin Pancho Stag and Villa Van Heap Big Chief and Parson Cupit. I CAPTAIN .... BENNIS FRANKS Stockton LAWRENCE FRANKS Stockton 2 THE NON-CONFERENCE SFA Opponents . . . 76 Southern Select (Houston) 16 35 Baylor University 45 48 Baylor University 50 40 East Central Oklahoma 33 46 East Central Oklahoma 40 47 Southeast Oklahoma 40 28 Southeast Oklahoma 30 58 Morris-Dickson (Shreveport) 32 49 Howard Payne 48 47 Texas A I 35 48 Southwest Texas 36 42 Sam Houston 43 57 North Texas 54 59 Centenary 40 59 Texas A I 35 66 Phelans Best (Beaumont) 47 57 Phelans Best (Beaumont) 27 64 Simpson College (Iowa) t51 28 Maryville Teachers (Mo.) t34 ' Games in San Antonio Shrine Tourna- ment. tGames in National Intercollegiate Meet at Kansas City, Mo. LUMBERJACKS TAKE ONE . . . BEARKATS TAKE ONE . . . Displaying a smashing, accurate attack and stellar guarding, the Sheltonmen hacked away at their arch rivals, the Bearkats oi Huntsville, for a topheavy 59-31 victory in Aikman Gym Saturday night, January 1 1 . Ray Lucas, Jack Cook, Van Sam- ford, and Bennis Franks turned in excellent exhibi- tions at their respective positions. A long tall fellow by the name of Donald Walker, plus a physically weak Lumberjack sguad, resulted in the Sam. Houston Bearkats humbling the Nacog- doches five 61-45 on the Huntsville hardwoods. The tradition that no LSC team can finish the conference schedule undefeated enjoyed its tenth birthday and the jinx on the ' Jack basketball team in the Sam Houston Gym celebrated its sixth birthday. Two records were broken. Van Samford set a record of 138 by adding 1 1 points to the 129 set by Matteson. Chief Battise sank a free throw to set a team record for conference play at 399 points. L. Franks rings up two . . . G. T. STAGNER Edom DALE CUPIT Rosevine JACK EARL COOK Lufkin JACK EMMONS Arp 1 RAY B. LUCAS Cushing AXEMEN SWEEP SAN MARCOS SERIES With big Van Samford pounding the meshes for 21 points, the Lumberjacks came through for their fifth straight conference win by smashing the San Marcos Bobcats 47-29 Saturday night, February 8, in Aikman Gym. Blasting out their sixth conference victory, the Stephen F. Austin Lumberjacks romped over the Southwest Texas Bobcats 51-42 Thursday night, February 13, at San Marcos. Towering Van Samford led the scoring with 24 points, which brought his conference scoring mark to 104 in six games. Lawrence Franks with 9, Jack Emmons with 8, and Jack Cook with 6, helped pace the victory for the Austin men. Bennis Franks, Lucas and Stag- ner, a trio of superb Axemen Guards, stood out on defense. T. L. MARTIN Apple Springs LEADING SCORERS IN LONE STAR CONFERENCE FG FT TP V. Samford SFA 57 24 138 D. Walker SH 39 13 91 B. Gardner SH 32 27 91 Counts N Tex 32 13 77 J. E. Cook SFA 29 19 77 VAN SAMFORD Paxton MORRIS SAMFORD Paxton LUMBERJACKS SILENCE CHAMPION EAST TEXAS LIONS . . . The Axemen cleared one of their toughest hurdles in the Lone Star Conference race Saturday night, January 18, by chop- ping down the Lions of East Texas, the defending champs in a torrid 53-49 battle staged at Commerce. Jack Cook was the big noise for the ' Jacks with 17 points. The Woodsmen were with- out the services of their hustling guard, Ray Lucas, as he was left home to cure an aggravating cold. G. T. Stagner filled the spot nicely. Led by the high-scoring Van Samford who registered 19 points and Jack Cook with 13 markers, the Lumberjacks steam- rolled over the helpless Lions, Wednesday night February 5, by a 43 29 score in Aikman Gym. The game was sort of a revenge affair as the Lions whipped the Lumbermen last year on the Austin court for the first time in five years. THE ALL-CONFERENCE TEAM Benford Gardner . JF . . Sam Houston Donald Walker .. ...JF Sam Houston Van Samford ...._C Stephen F. Austin Jack E. Cook G ... Stephen F. Austin Bennis Franks G . .. .. Stephen F. Austin WINFRED " Chief " BATTISE Livingston CARMON JACOBS Etoile Two points for Sam Houston Van lets one go at hoop against East Oklahoma Walker of Sam Houston in Action BASKETBALL ODDITIES . . . The Lumberjack B team played several games dur- ing the season, giving the Tyler Junior College Apaches their best and closest game before they entered their Pennant Playoffs . . . The Lone Star Cage League had its tournament in Aikman Gym. Huntington and Mt. Enterprise played in the final game with " Red " Mas- sey ' s team from Mt. Enterprise winning a close battle. The Interscholastic League of Texas had its District Tournament on the Piney Woods Campus. A classy ballhandling team from Timpson won the right to rep- resent District 12 at the Regional Meet. The Freshmen did not play any games but they found plenty of work in scrimmaging the varsity. Five of the Fish will bear watching next fall as they had indi- cations of becoming Star Axemen Basketeers freshmen Back Row .... Tullos Morgan Sandel Die Franks, K. T. Front row . . . . Honea Lawrence Tarrant West aptain Berton Yates MEETS TRACK TEAM ENTERED Fort Worth Fat Stock Show. Ft. Worth Southwestern Relay3 Baton Rouge Texas Relays Austin LSC Meet _ San Marcos SWTex-ETex Commerce Sam Houston Huntsville T. L. Martin Hurdles . . . Newcomers to the Lumberjack track squad are Elton Sandel, a big rawboned shot putter, Rangy Tarrant, and W. and Q. Lawrence. m 1 Lee Montes Mile Run Robert McGraw Pole Vault Cleared it Berton . . . Over the top Bob . . . Girls at MARILYN MOORE— EVELYN WORLEY Champs Shuffiebcard . . . Picnic at Scout Lake Champions Volleyball First team Basketball Second Team Basketball At Wiener Roast Champions Field Hockey Jack Wiggington Larry Covin Golf was again put on the regular Athletic pro- gram of Stephen F. Austin in 1941. The team was coached by Coach Ralph Murff. They had several meets but failed to win most of their matches due to much better competition. The Meets . . Texas A SI Sam Houston North Texas . . Texas Wesleyan LSC Tournament Nacogdoches Huntsville Nacogdoches Ft. Wort h Nacogdoches Old Rock in the devilish sandtrap Last to make putt . . . Wiggington, Kirkley, Roquemore, Covin J L 1 Afranoiral Intramural director Roquemore 1 ■ 1 - ' Champion touch footballers . Austinites Tracksters watching the birdies . . Added to the regular program of intramural activities was touch football. A league of 6 teams was organized and the pennant went to the speedy Austinites. The speed of McGraw, Yates, Myers, and Covin was too much for the other teams to cope with. The best intramural basketball league ever to be introduced in SFA was in operation this year. All the clubs were strong, with the Sawyers and Austinites and Loggers having the strongest fives. At the end of basketball, came the " Fife Night, " staged by the " T " Club. It was the best of the pugilistic performances ever to be put on in Nacogdoches. To erid the intramural program, there was the Softball League. Dominant play in this league was between the Austinites and the Sawyers. Sweating at its best on the golf green . . Larry behind the goli ball Roscoe and Charlie in friendly actions . . . The growth of the organizations and of the Stephen F. Austin College has in many ways been through the untiring and cease- less efforts of Miss Ruth Mays. The Student Body of S. F. A. wishes to express its gratitude and appreciation for one who has accomplished much for the benefit of those she loves; and to say a word of " thanks " to Miss Mays for many years of faithful, friendly, and loving service. If pes! taYS i0 fee 5A V .5 4 t« r j[ i u Z?a Emily Baxley Royce Brough Vera Brough Harold Cole Charles Coussons Jackie Lee Ford Bennis Franks Lawrence Franks Jewel Fuller Grace Thomas President ALPHA CHI Mary E. Garrard Willie Ann Garrett Arthur Bennett Gray Evelyn Harvin %,,, Wayne Hollingsworth Iva Nell McLeroy Marie Moore Howell Owens Maurine Parrish Loran Perritte J. H. Wisely Sponsor Mary V. Weatherly Vice-President Hortense McLennan Sec.-Treas. Mathilde Scott Joy Upton Ruth Williamsor Johnny Asc President r: Burton Yates Vice President Ozella McRae Beauty D. T. Bailey Representative Beverly Rhyne Sec.-Treas. AUSTINITE5 The Austinites stand for leadership and high scholastic standards, undertake to uphold and popularize the traditions of our alma mater, to promote sincere fraternity among ourselves and our successors, and to foster and sponsor desirable school projects. W. R. Jones Reporter MEMBERS: Lyvonne Childress Carl Cloninger Larry Covin Bobby Farley Alston Gunter Rex Kirkley Quinton Lawrence Winton Lawrence T. L. Martin John Joseph McCrory Billy McLeroy Edwin Gunter Robert Monzingo Ray Myers Bobby Murphey Claude Rogers Sam McAlister Wilbur Roper Herman Sandford Lesta Shackelford Jim Sims Truett Smith Allen Sturrock Raymond Wray 4 Ikt tm mm _ ■ , ' r . flK ENNIS KILLINSWORTH ROBERT DENNARD First Term Pres. Second Term Pres. JOHN SHADDIX HORACE FRANCIS Vice-President Treasurer LORAN PERRITTE J. LARKIN PATE Secretary Sat. at Arms LESTA SHACKLEFORD JOHN BAIN Reporter College Comm. Rep. BARRISTERS The Grand Order of Royal Barristers, organized in 1936 for the purpose of acquainting pre-law stu- ' dents with the fundamental principles of parliamentary procedure, has made decisive progress in this field, and has aided numerous students in their preparatory course in law. Barristers pictured below are: Mathie T. Dearmond, W. R. Jones, Loran Perritte, G. W. Martin, Donald McLaughlin, Joe Lowe, Alston Gunter, J. D. Jimerson, Abel Adams, Billy Jones, Selwin Jones, J. Larkin Pate, Robert Dennard, Joe Tilley, Bobby Murphey, John Bain, and Dr. W. R. Davis, Sponsor. THE BAPTIST STUDENT UNION The Baptist Student Union is the connecting link between the school and the Church. Representative of the piano department of Stephen F. Austin College is Jittle Miss Monte Hill Davis, highly talented student of Miss Mamie Middlebrook. Monte Hill has received many honors for her outstanding work in the field of music, such as an audition with the Houston Symphony Orchestra, and another for Jacques Abram. Although she is only eiqht years of age, Monte Hill plays with a mature inter- pretation and technique. PUPILS OF MAMJE MIDDLEBHOOK Mary Lou Breazeale Joyce Brookshire Edna Merle Cox Marie Coker Dorthy Chambers Aslee Clark Monte Hill Davis Mary Ruth Dillon Billie Jean Dossey Evelyn Dyer Lenore Dyer Patricia Goldsberry Frances Hartsfield Margie Hartsfield David Hensley Edda Mae King Lolores Krestensen Jo An McKewen Peggy Jo Newman Nancy Osborne Charlotte Ann Perkins Josephine Ross August Rulfs Dorthy Shelton Hazel Shelton Dianne Spradley Jimmy Stephens Frances Stephenson Betty Jo Stripling Craig Tucker Billy Jean Whitaker Colleen Whitaker MISS PRITCHETT Penelope Hayter Mary Jane Perkins Anna Clare Voorhies CAVALIERS President - . Vice-President Sec.-Treas. . Sergeant-at-arms .. . . College Commission Representative Sweetheart. Sponsor Homer Martin Tucker Fuller William Howard Frank Hargis .. Everette Johnston Mary Agnes Wolford Howard Key The object of this fraternal organization for boys is to develop school spirit, train the young man of the campus in leadership and student fellowship, and to promote mutual good feelings among its members. The Cavaliers opened their social season with the first all-college formal dance, and continued with three informal Country Club dances, two picnics, a houseparty, a stag party, and concluded it with their an- nual formal dinner-dance at the Country Club. Mary Agnes Wolford Sweetheart MEMBERS: James Alexander King Allen Bentley Frank Hargis Charles Herrington William Temple Howard Everette Johnston Charles Kilpatrick Stewart LeSassier Homer Martin Keith Mimms J. W. Mitchell Carl Monk II Charles Ray Joe Walker Not in Picture: Tucker Fuller Charles Kimball Arthur Joe Simmons Harrison Stockwell Shannon Wilson PLEDGES: Wilbur Adams Fred Williams Not in Picture: Ross Martin Fountain Alfred Gough Pat R. Griffin Bill Perry Jimmy Seale Herbert White COLLEGIATE F. F. A. Charles Ruth 1st term President Glenn Justice 2nd term President V. R. Glazener Sponsor Howell Owens Secreta ry-Treasurer J f MEMBERS: Carroll Bass Harold Cole Billy Fleetwood B. T. Haws Harlon McBee John Martindale Lester Smith Percy Wilson C. W. Briggs Charlie Franklin Brooks, Jr. James Dawson Thomas Granberry Clarence Holder Stanley Hutson Leo Muckleroy Wilson Muckleroy Bernice Pleasant R. C. Strong Gerald Westmoreland ' We. Of. ■h) 1940-41 witnessed another record-breaking year for the Speech and Drama Department — 95 members in the Dramatic Club and 160 in the Speech classes — and a series of superb shows under the clever direction of Burney E. Howard. The Senior play of last year, " Our Town, " proved to be a sensation. Cyril McGA vray, Elnora Westmoreland, Douglas Blackmon went sweeping to stardom by their superb performances. It went down in his-- tory as S. F. A. ' s finest play. ougl. udry 1. __Elva Kenneth E t finite c Eubank , ' ktlj wing Jofl Otis a .Raymond NewtW £ j W Roy M». o 3 .i- ft? V , ' " 9,1. too ' . cq , We opened our season with the hit of the year " House Party " — cast of 36 — star- ring Douglas Blackmon and Dallas Baker. These two boys were glorious in their team work. Blackmon rose to spectacular heights in his final scenes. We shall never forget — the soft music — the shadow of the gun — and Blackmon and Baker in their last scene — that ' s good theatre. Our second play, " Night of January 16th, " a sensation, starring Lesta Shackle- ford, Elva Mangham, Evelyn Dyer, J. W. Mitchell, unigue, clever and well cast, played in the District Courthouse for 4 nights — had the whole town " arguing " about " who done it. " Ingenious directing — dramatic lighting with only 3 spots. ommencement Play — he immortal " Sun Up " By Lulu Vollmer. Airm oi the ;,.„ assemblies in t% ni ., Astvr " " " day ' s Productj ELEMENTARY COUNCIL Janearle Bland President Harry Lou Collier Treasurer Hazel Floyd Sponsor Jeannette Morris Reporter Madeline Ramsey Vice-President Annette Acrey Secretary Ruth Bearden Faye Nell Cagle Fay Cassity Ruby DeLoach Bernice Eddins Willie Ann Garrett Lottie Fay Hull Eddie Mae King Mabel Kragness Kathleen Long Virginia Stewart foy Upton Chnsteen Williamson Doris Mays Hortense McLennan Bonnie Neel Norma Neuville Gwendolyn Peterson H elen Jewell V oods Minnie Lee Williamson S. F. A. CHAPTER FUTURE TEACHERS ASSOCIATION Iva Nell McLeroy President Mr. J. J. Wilson Sponsor Baughman, Dorothy- Bell, A. W. Jr. Corley, Nell Dunn, Vivian Fuller, Jewell Hanks, Eloise Hollingsworth, Wayne McLennan, Mary K. Moore, Marilyn Murphey, Leland Roddy, Melba Ross, Jessie Lee Short, Henry Tadlock, Eugenia Williamson, Ruth | I I GIBBS HALL COUNCIL LUMBERJACKETTS Ulysses Acker Tommie Baker Frances Barron Jimmye Faye Black Sophia Childs lean Grant Opal House Ottis Medford Josephine Ross Rita Satterwhite Betty Zou Sisco Starley Smith Mary Nell Taylor Nancy Thaggard Grace Thomas Mary Virginia Weatherly Elnora Westmoreland Joy Upton Zilla Short, President Elouise Hanks, Vice-President Mary Lou Beard, Secretary Ouida Yarbrough, Sponsor Ruth Williamson, Treasurer Evelyn Harvin, Representative Sara Abercrombie Bettye Alexander Joyce Bailey Bobbye Ballinger Jimmie Faye Black Mary Lou Boone Zillah Short, College Commission Dorothy Brown Mildred Buckner Sue Cadenhead Evelyn Harvin President Mary Margaret Craddock Secretary Geraldine Garner Beauty Nominee ELLEN Lee Iris Cates Yvonne Coussons Patty Sue Davidson Juanda Davis Aileen Dean lackie Lee Ford Nelva Forsyth Doris Garner Faye Gray Brownie Groom Pearlie Hagler Sylvia Handley Murrell Harrison Malee Harvill A VA m Marie Brewer Vice-President Maurie Hicks m Edith Hickman ™ Kathryn Wood Treasurer Miss Edna Wilkin Sponsor Guinnell Jinkins Evelyn Kee Verna Mae Kelly RICHARDS CLUB LaMerle Muckleroy Mary Ellen Muckleroy Willie Treadaway Mozelle Permenter Susan Perry Audrey Richmond Mattie Mae Roquemore Flauria Stancil Janey Vee Strickland Iwan Taylor Mary Nell Taylor Charlie B. O ' Brien Leatrice Webber Wilma Westmoreland Sara Hester Law- Joyce Lucas Lavyelle Morris Lucette Sharp President PINE BURRS Glyndon Gibson Reporter PRESS CLUB P. W. R. A OFFICERS: Ruth Williamson, President Laverne Sitton, Vice-President Elizabeth Cooper, Vice-President Marion Tyson, Secretary-Treasurer Clarice Shrader, Reporter Miss Lucille Norton, Sponsor MEMBERS Lemmah Anderson Margaret Chaney Esther Clamon Miriam Clamon Ruby DeLoach Bernice Eddins Ruth Farley Belle Haney Kathleen Helvenston Joy Hull Beth Jepson Lula Dell Junge Verna Mae Kelly Dorothy Letney Mary Lockler Dorothy McKee Ottis Medford Marilyn Moore Bonnie Neel Charlie B. O ' Brien Maxine Placker Jessie Lee Ross Johnnie Sanders Starley Smith Sara Jean Sweatmc Beth Williamson Nina Word TEJAS CLUB Temple Alford C. W. Briggs Gene Rhodes Luke Honea Gorden Clegg Clemit Hyden Willard Kilpatrick T. W. Langston Irwin Matteson Frank McClenny Arnold McCarley Bernard Milford Julian Perkins Donald McLaughlin M. L. Rawlinson ■ Eldon Hunt Lesta Shackle ' John Shaddix Henry Short joe Tilley T " ASSOCIATION Members: Coach J. E. Willis, T. L. Martin, Jack Earl Cook, Bennis Franks, Beverly Rhyne. D. T. Bailey, Ed Henning, Dale Cupit, Coach Bob Shelton, Lee Montes, Johnnie Asaff, Win- fred Battise, Jake Nash, Roy Parnell, Harmon Roquemore, Edgar Tompkins, Jack Whitley, Charles Brittain, Carl Cook, Sherman Fletcher, Jack Wiggington, F. J. Sonntag, Coach Ralph Murff, Berton Yates, Morris Samford, W. R. Dunklin, Carl Cloninger, Boots Morrison, Lawrence Franks, Larry Covin, Raymond Wray, Van Samford, Ray Lucas, Donald Bird- well, George Perkins, Roscoe Lindley. Esthermay Cornwell Vice-president Olene Simmons Reporter Betty Jane Alexander Nell Williams Inez Weesner Barbara Perkins Susan Perry Sue Cadenhead Madeline Ramsey Minnie L. Williamson Ruth Williamson Beth Williamson Arnodean Seldon Melba Roddy Mary Jim Galloway Lois Jarrell Opal House Ruth Wright Patsy Still Virqie Lee Jowell Wincie Blanton Ann McClary Peggy Wedgewortl COLLEGE SUNDAY SCHOOL CLASS MADRIGAL CLUB Soprano — Peggy Wedgeworth, Virginia Willis, Joyce Bailey, Mabel Modisette, Mary Nell Taylor, Ethel Buchanan, Mary Lou Beard, Dell Glazener, Rebecca Chaney, Josephine Ross. Second Soprano — Ozella McRae, Frances Stephenson, Bobby Sue Pritchett, Anniedeen Bateman. Alto — Monette Modisette, Lillian Davidson, Lucille Carroll, Annette Acrey, Nancy Thaggard. Tenor — Bruce Goleman, Jimmy Nelson, Herman Sandford. Bass Baritone— Lesta Shackleford, J. W. Mitchell. Bass — Duke Jimerson, Hugh Byrd, Clemit Hyden. THE CHORAL CLUB la Grace Thomas, President Dell Glazener, Secretary Hugh Byrd, Treasurer Ida Pritchett, Director Lillian Davidson. Commission Representative Grace Messec, Beauty YEAR ' S PROGRAM The Oratorio — The Messiah by Handel Choral Club and Community Chorus Ida Pritchett, Director Earline Helvey, at the Organ The Old English Christmas Festival Cantata for Holy Week — From Olivet to Calvary by Maunder Soloists: Peggy Wedgeworth, Soprano Virginia Willis, Mezzo Soprano Lesta Shackelford, Baritone Duke Jimerson, Bass Bruce Goleman, Tenor Baccalaureate and Commencement Music HERE IT COMES — " The boar ' s head, as I understand, is the bravest dish in all the land, " carolled Lesta Shackelford as he carried the gustatory prize to the master ' s table. PEACOCK— Ye Golden Peacock is presented at master ' s table by Miss Grace Thomas. YE OLDE MISS IDA PRITCHETT Originator and Director of the Old English Festival ENGLISH FESTIVAL PROBLEM— Dr. Birdwell tackles proh lem of carving whole roasted pk Mrs. Birdwell is at his right. ACTION — Below are seen the highlights of the Old English Festival, presenting carollers, musicians, and other guests of the festival. This festival is presented annually by the Madrigal and Choral Clubs. Y. ML C«A« k7 Mrs. C. C. Johnson (Not in picture) Sponsors Sarah Jane Abercrombie Audrey Mae Adkinson Albert Battise Wincie Blanton Mary Margaret Craddock Juanda Davis Ruby DeLoach Leota Forsyth Nelva Forsyth Brownie Groom B. T. Haws Jewel Irwin Pauline Jefferies Dorothy Letney Mary Lockler Doris Mays Mabel Modisette Marilyn Moore Bonnie Neel Norma Neuville Julian Perkins Madeline Ramsey Lent Rice Iwan Taylor Christeen Williams 1 r f| ( 1 % 5 ■1 to mm STEPHEN F. AUSTIN BAND Director . ...Mr. J. T. Cox Drum Major Arnodean Selden Twirlers Beth Lucas, Margie Kimmey, Olene Simmons, Helen Crawford Flag Bearers Helen McCord, Anne Summers, Ozella McRae Mascot Edna Merle Cox CORNET Zack Brittam Carroll Colvert Edwin Gunter Bill Henry Harlan Kurl Shirey TROMBONE Pat Griffin Gordon Price Isabelle Tolliver Wilbur Roper BARITONE J. W. Mitchell David Hensley BASS Eugene Burrows Aubrey Lee Bone Robert Shindler Jim Sims FLUTE Sue Burroughs Lois Blount Velma Kirkley BELL LYRE Anne McClary Wilma White ALTO HORN John C. Martin Charles Ray- Gordon Thompson Shirley Wallace Henry Jean Winder CYMBAL Mildred Canker CLARINET Warrena Alexander William Averitt Joyce Bright Gladys Darnell Spencer Ellis Jody Johnson Landis Lee Robert Monzingo Dorthy Paschall Jimmie Williams SAXOPHONE Lillian Davidson Roy Moore Arnold Rhodes DRUM Kenneth Colwell Margaret Pinkard Arthur Joe Simmons ALTO John C. Martin M J Kurl " Bookie " Shirey Only a Freshman, but at the head and directing the College ' s " Woodchopper " orchestra is Kurl Shirey, better known around the campus as " Bookie. " A hard worker and an accomplished musician, " Bookie " is fast molding one of the best orchestras to be found in East Texas. In his one year of work he has proven himself an asset to the field of music at Stephen F. Austin. Meeting the pretty, fast-stepping twirlers of the S.F.A. band from left to right: Miss Helen Crawford, Miss Margie Kimmey, Miss Olene Simmons. Leading the colorful seventy-five piece Purple and White Band is Miss Arnodean Selden, a National Cham- pion hailing from Henderson High School. A sophomore, Miss Selden has strutted at the head of the Piney Woods band two years, and is recognized as one of the most out- standing Drum Majorettes of the Southwest. A combination of beauty, grace, personality, and poise, " Deanna " is appreciated not only by the band, but by the entire student body. Watching out lor the seventy- five " footers " and never too busy to help with the pep, to organize on a minute ' s notice, or to respond when called upon is the swell little fellow, and director of the band, " Ma- jor " Cox. Director J. T. Cox STONE FORT STAFF Boots Morrison Pat Hinson Douglas Swearingen Joy Upton Nancy Thaggard Jeannette Morris Carl Cook Grace Thomas Mary Lou Beard Olene Simmons Carl Harris Hortense McLelian Jo Dan Satterwhite Eugene Rowden Joseph Upton Don Barkett Editor Co-Business-Manager Co-Business : Manager Associate Editor - Club Editor Assistant Editor Assistant Club Editor Sport Editor Assistant Editor Senior Editor Junior Editor Sophomore Editor Feature Editor Freshman Editor . .. .Photographer Art Editor Assistant Art Editor Copy and Proof Copy and Proof . Copy and Typist TOM SHARPE Sports Editor NELVA FORSYTH Assistant Editor PINE LOG STAFF Editor-in-Chief Julian Perkins Business Manager Fred Williams Associate Editor Eugene Rowden Associate Editor _ Irvin Moses Assistant Editor Nelva Forsyth Sports Editor Tom Sharpe Assistant Sports Editor Joseph Upton Circulation Manager _ _ _ Lester Smith Staff Cartoonists Opal House Hortense McLennan Reporters: Murrell Harrison, Mary Garrard, Jewel Irwin, Vivian Dunn, Mabel Modisette, Betty Lou Poe, A. W. Bell, Sarah Orrick, Reva Mikles, Howard Gates, Vera Brough, Jack Wiggington, Brownie Groom, Lavyelle Morris, Iwan Taylor and Catherine Blake. PULP Standing: Julian Perkins, Hortense McLennan, Virgie Lee lowell, Mary Elizabeth Garrard, Irvin Moses, Glyndon Gibson. Seated: Mildred Wyatt, Madge Gribble, Dr. T. E. Ferguson, Howard C. Key. Pulp is a literary magazine published by the students of S. F. A., with the Die-Hards, a literary organization, acting as sponsors. The Pulp of April, 1941, is the fourth annual edition. The editorial staff includes: Madge Gribble, Editor-in-chief; Glyndon Gibson, Virgie Lee Jowei!, Irvin Moses, and Julian Perkins, students; Mildred Wyatt, Howard Key, and T. E. Fergu- son, faculty sponsors, and Hortense McLennan, Art. SENIOR CLASSS TENTH GRADE S n Lucille Mays Dons Battle. Sara Jean Heitman, Nadine Jimerson. Andrena Hall Hrm Hpft ? 65 ! ' ary ir tr gi r ia F l° wers ' Josephine Mora. Mary Louise Swearingin, Virginia Mackey Poe Ya ' Sla Maude Fulmer ' Lois Blount ' Mar Y Alice Mackechney, Rosine Geldmeier. Betty Lou S h Z OW R Annette Mackey, Charles Christian, Gertrude Lambert. Junior Smith, Sam Thornhill Sanders Kenneth CaldweH Raymond Shindler. Landis Lee. Roger Mays, John Martin, Austin Keeling, Herrell .. . NINTH GRADE son First Row: Juanita Scott, Rena Sue Burrows, Joyce Brookshire, Dorothy Grimes, Danny Boone, Lamerle Koonce second How: Caroline Fowler, Helen Williams, Virginia Mize. Anna Mary Jones, Dorothy Moore third How: Charlie Stripling, Nelson Rusche, Norvel Pleasant. Charles Cooper, McNeil Gnmes, Miss Mary Thorn- Fourth Row: John Rusche, J. L. Crane, James Chandler. EIGHTH GRADE First Row: Margie Williams, Eliza- beth Grimes, Julia Ann Miller, Dorothy Vaye Hudgins, Helen Mackey, Verna Mae Christie. Second Row: Hazel Shelton, Mildred Lee, Juanita Jones, Lucille Bailey, Theo Hampton. Third Row: Doris Lockey, Mary Alice Tucker, Mabel Spurlin, Mamie Lee Mays, Melba Fitts, Lowell Westmore- land, Billie Muckleroy, Orene Smith. Fourth Row: Pierson McClain, Jim- my Dorsey, Roy Sweetser, Carol Strahan, Durwood Bridwell. Fifth Row: Frank Touchstone, Honor Crawford, Lenden Bridwell. SEVENTH GRAD First Row: SueNette M Lois Nelson, Helen Odeen, I - Marie Bailey, Mary Ruth Dil c Second Row: Webb Prf Eugene Scott, Edward Blc Albert Long. Third Row: Carol Bonn George Donald Feazell. FIFTH AND SIXTH GRADES First Row: Edna Merle Cox, Janet Davison, Jean Westmoreland, Mary Jane Perkins, Betty Jo Stripling, Ava Jean Trotti. Second Row: Emily Lou Summers, Mary Nell Russell, Mary Nell Williams, Dons Jean McFarling, Bobby Ann Har- ris, Jane Goodrich, Mozelle Hampton. Third Row: Mary Beth Thompson, Opal Wells, Mae Green, Elsie Heitman, Jo Ann McKewen, Dorothy Chambers, Jeanine Neil. Fourth Row: Maxine Bridwell, Glenn Harvin, Delbert Doss, Earl Heitman, Jr., Raymond Burgess, Billy Byrd, J. W. Dunn, Rogers Parker, Kenneth Wor- sham. Miss Valine Hobbs. THIRD AND FOURTH GRADES First Row: Nancy Lee Osborne, Claudia Roberts Caroline Melton, Monte Hill Davis, Margreteene Feazell, Barbara Nell Dillon Second Row: Craig Tucker, Rufus Miller, Thomas Cox, Tasca Blount, Sara Ann McAlister, Donald Moss Third Row: Lindell Westmoreland, Luther Swift Johnny Rudisill, Jimmy Hammett, Andrew Hall ' Edsel James Fourth Row: Kenneth Childress, Dorothy Shel- ton, Jean Dossey, Jo Nan Shaw, Wesley Mason Dick Nelson Fifth Row: Donald Clark, Martha Alice Tannery Patricia Goldsberry, Miss Olga Weed, Barbara Ann Holt, Winifred Burton, Emma Nell Shepherd FIRST GRADE First Row: Rheta Shepherd, Marvin McBride, Hood Goldsberry, Gene Fitts, Rodney Pierce, Suzanne Jessup Second Row: Fred Tucker, Trammell Lacy, Bessie Stephens, Mary Lou Breazeale, Patricia Swift Third Row: Jane Anderson, Lena Beth Alexan- der, Billie Jo Childress, Naomi Nichols, Ann Taylor Gribble Fourth Row: Dan Hendricks, Guy Blount, Anita Spradley, Miss Barnes. BASKETBALL SQUAD First Row— Sam Thornhill, Raymond Shindler, Landis Lee, Her- rell Sanders, Robert Shindler. Second Row— Austin Keeling, Van Samford, Coach, J. R. Holt, Elmer Dennard. Third Row— Ray Lee, G. T. Stagner, Asst. Coach. Clois Walker, Charles Christian. BAND First Row— Helen Wyatt, Nadine Jimerson, Sammy Lane Craw- ford, Dannie Boone. Second Row— Lois Nelson, Rena Sue Burrows, Charles Cooper, Doris Lockey. Third Row — Frank Touchstone, Landis Lee, George Donald Feazell. SB mmmj i STUDENT COUNCIL Sitting — George Donald Feazell, Inez Dale, Sec- Treas., Lois Blount, Pres., Betty Lou Poe, Vice- Pres., Dorothy Scott, Reporter. Standing — Charles Cooper, Ruth Marie Bailey, Clois Walker, Herrell Sanders, Sara Jean Heitman, Anna Marie Jones, Jimmy Dorsey, Julia Ann Miller. CHORAL CLUB First Row— Helen Williams, Ruth Marie Bailey, Margie Williams, Dorothy Grimes. Second Row — Joyce Brookshire, Carolyn Fowler, Mabel Spurlm, Dorothy Moore, Virginia Mize. Third Row— Dorothy Vaye Hudgins, Helen O ' Deen, Anna Mary Jones, Edward Blount FACULTY At Desk— J. J. Wilson, Director First Row— Anne Yardley, W. J. McCallum, Essa May Barnes, Olga Weed. Second Row— Alene Mahoney Murray, Mary Love, 1 Ethel Pumphrey, 2 Arlene Kilpatrick. Third Row — Hazel Floyd, Supervisor, Lela Oxsheer Morgan, Valine Hobbs. Not pictured— Gladys Fox, Lorene Taylor, Mary Thomson. 1 Leave of Absence 2 Resigned SNAPSHOTS Scenes from " LOOK WHO ' S HERE " Junior-Senior Pier ' DUKE JIMERSON NADINE JIMERSON SUE THOMPSON LYNDON FAULKNER LOIS BLOUNT INEZ DALE VIRGINIA MIZE MAURNICE BAKER JULIA ANN MILLER JUANITA JONES RAY LEE AUSTIN KEELING SAM THORNHILL HAZEL SHELTON CHARLES COOPER Uflrt SflMFOQD FOR ' President Student bow r i I p I I STUDENT COOPEBATION HOftf. ECREATIOAI ACTIVITIES PU6UCITV DEPARTMENT FOR 5 FA CjRESIVE ASEMbLV WKXjRAMJ x V- v VV A A Vy vy vx V ttt ' 5 ALL RI6MT Student uodj FRESiiUAI! BALLOT President of Senior Clc Las (Blackie) Bias tenon E L E C T BOB MURPHEY President SEA Student Body A VOTE EOR Bob Murphey Is a Vote for • ORIGINAL IDEAS • UNITY OF STUDENT BODY • A FIGHTING LEADER • SUPER-STUDENT GOT ERNMENT " JOIN THE MOB— VOTE KOlt I!OI5 " A NEW DEAL FOR SF A ! v o t i: v o n ! . II. I HWkS esident of Junior Class ■ aff lead Yell L ' llackie) ZSlaclomn luffy) Smith res of Student Body Van Sanford SOPHOMORE BALLOT President of Junior Class J. (Cottor.) 3olton 0. H a Franks ' Tilbur Roper Head Yell Leader Douf.lac (£lackie) Blaclenon Tr ' -.ett (Snuffy) Smith President of Student 3ody ] oh Murphey Van Samford Signed ody Bob Van lie M , President of So jhonore Class ;;ay (Cupid) Die W. r :. Jones A VOTE FOR W1LBUH PRESIDENT OF JUNIOR 1 Is Vot K..r A Better Junior Class • DEPEND VBIE E • LEA 1 a h n VOTE FOR Tin i:tt -xiniffv- smi for ll »ml Vol I L »a«l r TRUETT CAN DO IT VOTE FOR DOUGLAS (Biackie) BLACKS FOR HEAD YELL LEADER ADVOCATES: FRESHMAN CAPS TUMBLING ACTS RIOCER AM) BETTER I ' KP RA1 I COLOR — SPIRIT — ENTERTAIN? VOTE FOR VAN SAMFORD FOR PRESIDENT STUDENT BODY MORE RECREATIONAL ACTIVITIES PROGRESSIVE ASSEMBLY PROGRAMS STUDENT COOPERATION PUBLICITY DEPARTMENT EOR S. E. A. COLLEGE POLITICS Politics invaded the college earlier this year with lots of cards, pretty faces (?) and signs galore. Campaign promises included every- thing from free beer with pretzels to big- ger and better everything. In the end the girls got heart bracelets and every- body popcorn. The win horses at the end of the home- stretch were V. Samford, D. Blackmon, T. Sharpe, J. Bolton, and W. Jones. ' " ■■ ' K I Two men stop to size things up . . . Next time Squatty prom- ised to bring the door to prove what hit him. . . . Pres. Birdwell does a little reviewing . . . C. C. rests . . . Murrell, too . . . Bennis thinks . . . Red speaks ... A group of lawyers to be . . . the game is over . . . Sunshine and Nell . . . Politician Bob . . . around the Cafeteria at 10; ... a little dance . . . Billy tips his hat • . . once. ... To class . . . Deanna smiles, as usual . . . all goes to make the student life of S.F.A., all enjoy it, and all hate to see it come to a close. ARNODEAN SELDEN JOHNNY ASAFF Most Popular Students BOBBY MURPHY Best Boy Politician DOROTHY CAMPBELL Best Girl Politician EVERETT JOHNSTON Wittiest Boy LOUISE DAVIS Wittiest Girl F. J. SONTAG Dumbest Boy WILBUR ROPER Best Boy Student GRACE THOMAS Best Girl Student SUNSHINE LUCAS DAN PRADO Cutest Couple (Summer) SUSAN PERRY DON BARKETT Best Dancers FLORENCE HEBER SIDNEY EASLEY Best Looking (Summer) JEAN GRANT HODY SPIES Cutest Girl and Boy HARMON ROOUEMORE Best All-Round Athlete MR. C. E. FERGUSON Most Popular Teacher The Austinite Poll, started in 1938, was first directed by Preston Hendrick, whose ceaseless effort and continued work helped it to become a member of American Poll of Public Opinion. Each year the Poll sponsors a " favorite election " and the students fill in a " write-in " blank for the favorites. For the first time this year, the poll was also held in the summer, with Sonntag being absent and delayed until fall to win his third term as " Dumbest Boy. " NAOMA MEADOR Dumbest Girl JUDY KING DOUGLAS BLACKS 2 Best Looking OSCAR MOOSBERG First Boy Home-Ed Major to finish from S. F. A. ' FROSH " VIEWS " Prexy " Birdwell ' Shangri-La " Fish " Royalty, Por- ter and Mitchell Brittain shows off his new haircut Miss Brown steps out Dressed for the ball Pine Burr Pledges before " Goober " pushing jamboree Cox ' s Army marches on The " slimes " march One of the Jones girls Running up the light b " Frosh " register — a merry mix-up Barham takes notes this time A street concert Wide open courting space: " Babe " Ruth slings hash Pres. Bob out for a stroll The Tooters toot Charles Brittain alias Frank enstein ' s monster Barkat ain ' t scared — he is looking natural Pappy Howard, the fish sponsor Seeing Double — It ' s the " Fish " parade. Tsh-Ttsh — Such goings on. Another Nazi bit the dust. 10:00 O ' CLOCK FREE HOUR Guys and gals meander to the cafeteria The band dances, not marches Bashful Beau Brummel £ % mm i Murphey tells one Some students do study Madge goes for a " hair-fixing " date Just " sort ' a " resting like Pine Logs are out at 11 . - .wait . . . wait . . . She ' s just waiting? Free girls ... get ' em boys What do you see? My knee??? " Poss " and more women Coach knocks off for awhile. KlCtices War doncp . . whrrt n rrrr Yrrtpcr trrVos fTPT rnnrep on trnr-lr fiolrl Tnct ViHc: rrt Vi rrrt lo Uur Advertisers The Staff joins rue in expressing our thanks for your support in making this book possible by your advertisements. You have cooperated with us and I feel sure that the students and faculty of Stephen F. Austin State Teachers College will remember this when they go to buy. THE BUSINESS MANAGER Douglas Swearingen FROST LUMBER INDUSTRIES INCORPORATED OF TEXAS BETTER LUMBER For Better Homes 4H Nacogclockes 7 Texas WE HAVE A COMPLETE LINE IN SCHOOL SUPPLIES AND STATIONERY SWIFT BROS. SMITH The Downtown College Drug Store Visit trie Largest Gift Skop m Town Best Wishes MOORE GROCERY COMPANY TYLER, TEXAS In East Texas — It ' s the Lumberjacks and ICE CREAM nacogdoches ice Cream Company LUMBER YARD NACOGDOCHES LUMBER YARD Phone 202 We are just across the street from the Courthouse if you ever need BUILDING MATERIALS TOM H. SUMMERS, Manager Stripling, Hazelwoo o. Your Rexall Drug Store When in Nacogdoches, Meet Your Friends at Our Soda Fountain YOU ARE ALWAYS WELCOME WHEREVER YOU ARE- WHATEVER YOU DO- ALWAYS ENJOY COCA-COLA! " Drink COCA-COLA in Bottles " THE NACOGDOCHES COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. East Texas Theatres, Inc. mm STONE FORT AND RITA THEATRES NACOGDOCHES " WHERE EVERY PATRON IS AN HONORED GUEST " TEXAS FARM PRODUCTS CO. 100 LBS NET 24% DAIRY FEED MFD BY NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS MANUFACTURERS - REFINERS JHM FARM PRODUCTS CC NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS V " V BRAND " " Phcobi m§ TD(AS FARM PRODUCTS Ci HttOCOOCHES, T£X«S. B-IO-7 Ree.u.s.BRAND»w FERTILIZER MANUFACTURED BY ONE STAR i KM COW HA! 13 IAC06D0CHE5. TEXAS B-IO-7 They ' re Both Queens This melon was grown by A. L. Keeling of Swift, Texas. Mr. Keeling is one of Nacog- doches County Champion Melon Growers and is a booster for Lone Star 6-10-7 for watermelons. The " Melonfest " is held each 4th of July and is sponsored by the Nacogdoches " Jaycees. " A crowd estimated at 10,000 people was at the 1940 festival. Miss Juanita Weaver, Class of 1940, Queen of the 1940 " Melonfest " is shown holding a 45 lb. " Cuban Queen Melon. " TEXAS FARM PRODUCT? Cft " i ELEVATOR, Cap. 50,000 Bu.-CORN MEAL MILL, 300 Bbls. - FEED MILL, 100 Tons Daily - FERTILIZER I PLANT, 10,000 Tons Annually-Side Track Facilities THE NACOGDOCHES OIL MILL AND REFINERY, Owned and Operated by TEXAS FARM PRODUCTS CO. — Annual Capacity 8,000 Tons. NACOGDOCHES Experiencing a New and Phenomenal Growth in INDUSTRY— AGRICULTURE— EDUCATION CHAMBER OF COMMERCE NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS A view of Nacogdoches ' modern hospital. Nacogdoches — A city of many industrial plants. View of Rusk and Science Buildings. Nacogdoches — A county ricl agriculture and livestock rais mm NOVEL BRIGHT " Your Grocer Friend " COME AND VISIT THE HOME OF GOOD FOOD Performing an Economical Service NACOGDOCHES GROCERY COMPANY Established 1902 YOU ' LL SAY " First Because It ' s Finest " FIRST IN SALES FIRST IN VALUES FIRST IN PERFORMANCE FIRST IN ECONOMY VISIT OUR SHOW ROOM Ben T. Wilson Chevrolet Co. " ON THE SQUARE " Phone 182 Nacogdoches, Texas COMPLIMENTS MCKAYS FOOD MART " THE COMPLETE FOOD MARKET ' Red Ball Motor Freight Co. " Smiling Service " Free Pick-up and Deliveries Overnight from Dallas, Houston, Shreveport, Beaumont, and Intermediate Points to Your Door Express Service at Freight Rates F. S. ROOK, Agent 376— Phone— 376 COLD ALONE IS NOT ENOUGH Compliments of Air Conditioned HENDERSON-MEDFORD Ice Refrigeration MOTOR CO. AUTHORIZED FORD DEALERS Soutkern Ice Co. LUFKIN, TEXAS HARDWARE and FURNITURE " Sold on Easy Terms " CASON,MONK CO. We print the college newspaper in the most modern, up-to-date newspaper plant in East Texas ! We have all new equipment including a new Goss Press, Model 8 Linotype, Model 14 Linotype, a new Stereotyping Plant, which makes our services better for you. THE RED LAN D HERALD Our BEST WISHES TILFORD-HUNT LUMBER COMPANY LACY HUNT, President THE MODERN SCIENCE BUILDING Equipped with VISIT OUR SHOW ROOM PLUMBING FIXTURES Hunt Plumbing Supply Co., Inc. Nacogdoches — Conroe — Mt. Pleasant Compliments of SOUTHLAND PAPER MILLS INC. MIZE BROTHERS Factory and Store Headquarters for College Students We can supply your needs in the newest things out at reasonable prices. Always Showing the Latest Out in ... . LADIES ' READY-TO-WEAR DRY GOODS MILLINERY Best Welshes to Your 1941 Class... ANGELINA COUNTY LUMBER COMPANY KELTY5, TEXAS 1887 — (Serving East Texas 54 Years) — 1941 ■ Compliments of MATTHEW-DAVIDSON Perry Bros. AND COMPANY 5-10-25 Cent 5tores " Complete Insurance Protection " Words can ' t describe it . . . You ' ve got to see and drive the THOMPSON ' S 1941 DODGE LUXURY LINER with Fluid Drive! DISTINCTIVE STYLES FOR WOMEN H. R. MAS T The New and Smart Things You ' ll Find at— DODGE — PLYMOUTH Sales and S ervice THOMPSON ' S Phone 686 Nacogdoches, Texas Phone 143 1 THE MAN ' S SHOP SAM LEVY — Prop. " Downtown Spot for Students " SCHMIDT ' S " Where Smart Women Shop " Compliments of . . . Branck-Patton Hardware Co. Where Students and Ex-Students Are Always Welcome! 15— Stores Serving East Texas— 15 LET US SERVE YOU! COMPLIMENTS OF THE LUFKIN FOUNDRY AND MACHINE CO. " Quality jMackinery 5ince 1900 might enjoy a new comfort and convenience in their daily lives. United Gas Service is a dependable Service. When you use your range, when you want hot water, or when you need to drive away the winter ' s chills, this Service is always at hand— ready and waiting for you! United Gas Service is a pioneer of Bet- Tll6 Pfltll tO B 6 1 1 8 r LiVing ter Living in your community! The United Gas way is the path to Better Living! From the very beginning, our aim has been to give a better Nat- ural Gas Service to a greater num- ber of people, in order that they UNITED GAS BUICK ' S THE BEAUTY J. E. REESE CO Nacogdoches, Texas " IVs the Ablest of the Eights " JOE BOLT " The Styles of Tomorrow — Today " STAR BAKERY SERVES " Light Crust Bread to Nacogdoches Patrons THE STONE FORT NATIONAL NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS UNDER THE SAME NAME SINCE 1903 BANK ME, iiii STATEMENT OF CONDITION DECEMBER 31, 1940 • RESOURCES LIABILITIES Loans and Discounts $ 725,361.24 Federal Reserve Bank Stock 6,750.00 Furniture and Fixtures 12,000.00 Bank Building Owned 50,000.00 Other Real Estate Owned 10,561.00 U. S. Government Notes $125,000.00 U. S. Government Bonds 99,850.00 Municipal Bonds 327,889.44 State of Texas Warrants 456,460.68 County Warrants 18,733.40 Government Cotton Loans 133,224.10 CASH AND EXCHANGE 630,065.04 1,791,222.66 $2,595,894.90 OFFICERS I. L. STURDEVANT, President L. B. MAST. Active Vice President E. W. MONK. Cashier S. B. HAYTEB, Vice President B. H. WILSON. Assistant Cashier Capital Stock $ 100,000.00 Surplus Fund 125,000.00 Undivided Profits, Net 54,750.00 Reserved for Contingencies 25,000.00 Reserved for F. D. I. C 3,000.00 Reserved for Income Tax 1,000.00 DEPOSITS 2,287,144.90 $2,595,894.90 DIRECTORS I. L. STURDEVANT S. B. HAYTER A. L. NELSON W. G. REID S. H. WATKINS L. B. MAST R. N. CASON J. R. GRAY E. W. MONX This Bank Is a Member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation For over 40 years the name of this institution has stood for all that is substantial and dependable in FINANCIAL AFFAIRS IN EAST TEXAS COMMERCIAL NATIONAL BANK LUFKIN TYPEWRITER COMPANY Typewriters, Adding Machines, Cash Registers, Dictaphones, Inter-Communication System Sales, Service, Rentals, Supplies D. C. SATTER WHITE, Manager 14 Shepard Ave. Lufkin, Texas The College Coffee Shop YOU CAN ALWAYS FIND THE COLLEGE CROWD AT THE COFFEE SHOP! AIRLINE MOTOR COACHES Serving The Garden Spot of East Texas with Comfortable Deluxe Coaches, and Careful, Courteous Drivers " Let ' s Go Places 1 ON AIRLINE MOTOR COACHES HOUSTON ■ ZtrnnnnCHCS - SMEKfWT - TYLtR - BEAUMONT HH ' is.- 1 Economical— Safe— Fast— Comfortable Transportation Serving The Garden Spots of South and East Texas and Louisiana, and all Intermediate Points " HOME OWNED AND OPERATED " If the rest of the road is half as good As the half that has gone before, I ' ll swing along with a singing heart And pray the fates for more. How long? How far? How hard? How fine? How heavy or light the load? If it ' s half as good as the half I ' ve known Here ' s hail to the rest of the road. THE REST OF THE ROAD WILL BE TWICE AS GOOD .... when you ride on AIRLINE MOTOR COACHES COLLEGE CLEANERS LAUNDRY Prompt and Efficient Service BILL DEATON, Owner " It Has Been a Pleasure to Serve You " Rembrandt Studio again says thanks to the many Students for their patronage since our opening and extends a most cordial invitation to all students to call on us at any time you need portraits made. E. E. Sutkerland, DRINK A BITE TO EAT at 10-2 4 Dr. P epper Bottling Co. NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS WHLTBREAD FOOD MARKET We Deliver Phone 900 Quality Vegetables, Fruit, Poultry, Meats, Groceries and Sea Foods " None But the Best " PORTRAITS In step with the drum major are our portraits of beauty, quality, and originality. A rare loveliness of a lasting image. ... p Fishes at " Fish Hop " S. F. A. linksmen Again he missed it. Can you imagine Lon being still? Patiently waiting. Client poses for a minute. Watch out, Carl. McRae between classes Christmas at Gibbs Hall Mr. Howard at class Are you cold, T. L.? Pledges wearing the tow sacks. Graceful Charles dances on. They ' re off ic a dance. They seem to agree. Aero students are entertained. How Gibbs Hall girls spend Sun- day afternoon. Van in his political life. The press club meets again. Why the hurry, Virgie? Grace, watch your work. It ' s only " Red Rocket. " Frances sees that it is being done right. The cutest boy, Hody. Cox ' s army in actl Big shot. Don ' t get into mean- ness. What ' s the center of attraction, Bob? Candidate for prexy, Bob Murphey. Watch out for a fake, Lindiy. The typical Fishes. S. F. A. footballers watch the game. Take it easy. Could this be Joseph Upton? " arrol, what is that you have on? Miss Hill poses for a moment. Are you sure you can box, Stinky? S.F.A. basketball squad in ac- tion. S.F.A. at Huntsville. The S.F.A. Band in action. Gibbs Hall girls on Saturday. |r jfit,ilir 4 ffegoB ■I " " ' " Deanna, wait for Jadie. Homecoming for S.F.A. Rocky in action. Watch the boxer. The Sawyers in meeting. Jack Earl seems to be cold. Nancy, who caught your eye? What do you say, Bobby? The typical bull session in Dorm. Who are you waiting for, D. T.? Lumberjackettes in action. Boy ' s Dorm at night during Christmas. You can tell it ' s Bob. Watch that pitch? Now what are you arguing about? Watch that kick? S.F.A. in action. Make it good, Lawrence. No, she isn ' t near, T. L. Jack, be careful. Mr. Roper always works. Winfield, an Aero student. Watch those gloves. Dr. Fergerson looks on. Now what do you think Coach? ' LIBRARY OF r. Austin State teachers colls

Suggestions in the Stephen F Austin State University - Stone Fort Yearbook (Nacogdoches, TX) collection:

Stephen F Austin State University - Stone Fort Yearbook (Nacogdoches, TX) online yearbook collection, 1938 Edition, Page 1


Stephen F Austin State University - Stone Fort Yearbook (Nacogdoches, TX) online yearbook collection, 1939 Edition, Page 1


Stephen F Austin State University - Stone Fort Yearbook (Nacogdoches, TX) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Page 1


Stephen F Austin State University - Stone Fort Yearbook (Nacogdoches, TX) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Page 1


Stephen F Austin State University - Stone Fort Yearbook (Nacogdoches, TX) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Page 1


Stephen F Austin State University - Stone Fort Yearbook (Nacogdoches, TX) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 1


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