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Stephen F Austin State University - Stone Fort Yearbook (Nacogdoches, TX) online yearbook collection, 1939 Edition, Cover

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THE STONE FORT 1939 As varied as the history of the Old Stone Fort is The Stone Fort ' s history of a year at Stephen F. Austin State Teachers College. WlLMA WATKINS Editor-in-Chief Harold Wisely Business Manager Evalyn Lynch Sponsor Published by the Students of STEPHEN F. AUSTIN STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE Nacogdoches, Texas DEDICATION As an appreciation for his untiring efforts to make Stephen F. Austin College a better institution of higher learning, his desire to integr ate the modern methods of education with the true principles of womanhood and manhood, and his ability to gain the confidence and friendship of college students, we affectionately dedicate the 1939 issue of The Stone Fort to Mr. C. E. Ferguson. jMain Building Girls Dormitory IN MEMORIAM MRS. ELEANOR H. GIBBS MISS LOULEIN HARRIS ADMINISTRATION HON. R. A. STUART President Fort Worth HON. H. A. TURNER Secretary Austin HON. W. B. BATES Houston MRS. JOHN KING BERETTA San Antonio HON. V, A. COLLINS Livingston HON. A. H. EUBANKS McKinney HON. J. E. HILL Amarillo HON. J. D. JACKSON Alpine HON. J. E. JOSEY Houston HON. J. G. ULMER Tyler BOARD OF REGENTS p B R I E R s D T A w D E E L N L T Another year has gone and 77?e Sfone Fort stands as a reminder of its activities. In this book you see familiar scenes, familiar faces, and the usual and unusual college activities. Through the years it will arouse pleasant memories. But with it all, perhaps you will remember other phases of college life: hard tasks, fine victories, an occasional defeat — all will be ever present, and all will find a place in your personalities and perhaps a place in the life structure you are building. Your years in college will be fruitful only in so far as you are able to use the things learned here in the solution of your own life ' s problems. And these problems are becoming more and more complex as changes in the industrial, economic, political, and social phases of our common life become more frequent. Always it has required a bit of training and considerable information to function properly as a citizen of a democracy. The need is more insistent now than ever before. So I am hoping, as you look over the pages of The Stone Fort, that you try to get the idea that your education has only begun, and that studious habits will, in the long run, pay larger dividends than accumulated knowledge. With such habits fully established, you will be an asset to Texas, and you will have fulfilled the hopes of the College Faculty and will have justified the State in furnishing you fine opportunities. A. W. BlRDWELL, President. DEANS My four-fold wish for all the students of the College is that they may have enough of the grind to sharpen their intellects for clear and straight thinking, enough of play to make them capable and desirous of playing the rest of their lives, enough of soaal contact to give them poise among scholars and gentlemen, and enough of general culture to make them patrons of the arts. Thomas E. Ferguson Dean of the Faculty. May the warmth of friend- ship, the stimulus to thought, the challenge to service, and the love of good be the fruits of your college experience, and may you continue to grow as you seek your fortune in the world. Sue Hill. Happy is that person who can afford to remember what hap- pened in the past. My wish is that each one of you will be able to look back upon your days in college as happy, profitable, and honorable. May there be no regrets. Your friend, C. E. Ferguson. FACULTY A. W. BlRDWELL, M. A., President of the College R. H. ADAMS, M. A., Associate Professor of Biology Lena Arnwine, R. N., College Nurse VlRDIAN BARHAM, M. A., Assistant Professor of History ESSA May Barnes, M. A., Critic Teacher in the Demon- stration School Sam B. Barton, Ph. D., Assistant Professor of Economics and Sociology Mrs. Guy A. Blount, M. A., Director of Stone Fort Museum and Acting Registrar ELIZABETH BRADFIELD, M. A., Associate Librarian W. A. CAIN, M. A., Associate Professor of Education William T. Chambers, Ph. D., Professor of Geography J. T. Cox, B. S., Director of Band GERTRUDE Daniel, M. A., Instructor in Home Eco- nomics William R. Davis, Ph. D., Professor of Education J. V. DEAN, B. A., Manager of Book Store W. W. DOSSEY, Ph. M., Associate Professor of Chemistry RUTH DOZIER, M. A., Associate Professor of Art C. E. FERGUSON, M. A., Professor of Mathematics and Dean of Students Thomas E. FERGUSON, Ph. D., Professor of English and Dean of Faculty HAZEL FLOYD, M. A., Director of Elementary Instruction and Assistant Professor of Education GLADYS Fox, M. A., Critic Teacher in the Demonstra- tion School FRANCES FULLER, B. A., Assistant Librarian W. F. GARNER, M. A., Professor of History D. D. Giles, D. V. M., M. S., Assistant Professor of Agriculture V. R. GLAZENER, B. S., Instructor in Agriculture L. C. HARLING, M. A., Associate Professor of History ROY R. Harvin, M. S., Assistant Professor in Education LOUISE Hathcock, M. A., Instructor in English M. JESSIE HICKMAN, M. A., Assistant Professor of Busi- ness Administration SUE Hill, M. A., Dean of Women J. H. HINDS, M. S., Professor of Agriculture VALINE HOBBS, M. A., Critic Teacher in Demonstration School B. E. HOWARD, M. A., English and Dramatics BERTHA JACK, M. A., Associate Professor of Health and Physical Education C. C JOHNSON, M. A., Professor of Chemistry ARLENE KlLPATRICK, B. S., Instructor in Demonstration School Physical Education A. L. LONG, M. A., Assistant Professor of Education EvALYN ABSHEAR LYNCH, B. A., Instructor in Physical Education W. J. McCALLUM, M. A., Critic Teacher in the Demon- stration School ALLENE MAHONY, M. A., Instructor in Music and Critic Teacher in the Demonstration School Louisville Marshall, M. A., Assistant Professor of English Minnie Martin, M. A., Instructor in Art Ruth Mays, B. S., Professor of Modern Languages and Dean of Women Emeritus Mamie MiDDLEBROOK, B. A., Instructor in Music LELA Oxsheer Morgan, M A., Critic Teacher in the Demonstration School C. B. ODELL, Ph. D., Assistant Professor of Geography C. H. Osborne, Ph. D., Professor of English Hal B. Parks, Ph. D., Assistant Professor of Biology R. B. PlNSON, M. A., Assistant Professor of Mathematics IDA PRITCHETT, B. S., Associate Professor of Music ETHEL PUMPHREY, M. A., Critic Teacher in the Demon- stration School W. C. ROYLE, B. S., Instructor in Agriculture DOROTHY A. SANDERS, M. A., Instructor in English R. A. SHAW, Vocational Agriculture Director of Area VII C. F. SHELEY, M. A., Assistant Professor of Foreign Language R. H. SHELTON, B. S ., Professor Physical Education LORENE TAYLOR, B. A., Critic Teacher in the Demon- stration School Mary Thomson, M. A., Instructor in Modern Lan- guages ELIZABETH Tucker, M. A., Associate Professor of Home Economics R. L. TURNER, M. A., Associate Professor Physics R. G. UPTON, M. A., Professor of Biology Mary Josephine White, M. A., Assistant Professor of English EDNA WILKIN, M. A., Professor of Home Economics J. E. WILLIS, B. A., Assistant Professor of Physical Edu- cation J. J. WILSON, M. A., Associate Professor of Education and Director of Demonstration School ROSA WlRZ, M. A., Instructor in Home Economics J. H. WISELY, Ph. M., C. P. A., Professor of Commerce and Auditor A. H. WORD, Ph. D., Professor of Chemistry Mildred Wyatt, M. S., Librarian ANNE YARDLEY, M. A., Critic Teacher in the Demon- stration School 1 FACULTY MEETING President Birdwell, Sheley, Wyatt, Barnes, Royle, Parks, Willis, Shelton, C. E. Ferguson Lynch, Jack, Martin, Fuller, Bradfteld, Wisely, Johnson, White, Adams, Dossey, Wilson Cox, Odell, Tucker, Harling, Davis, Glazener, Chambers, Osborne, Long, Barham, Thomson T. E. Ferguson, Pritchett, Mays, Stallings, Marshall, Dozier, Sanders, Morgan, Fox, Hathcock, Floyd, Cain Howard, Murff, Harvin, Barton, Dean, Garner, Wirtz, Kilpatrick, Taylor, Pumphrey, Mahoney, Hobbs Upton, Daniel, Middlebrook, Wilkin, Giles, Hinds, Turner, Yardley, Hill, Arnwine, Blount, McCallum Dr. C. H. Osborne Director of Extension W. A. Cain Director of Teacher Placement Bureau J. J. Wilson Director of Demonstration School H. A. Spell Secretary to Director Lena Arnwine College Nurse Arch Locke College Engineer Rev. L. A. Reavis Director of Bible Chair COLLEGE COMMISSION C. E. Ferguson, Harold Wisely, Bergman Morrison, Elton McNiel, Willard Whitesides, W. D. Moore, Tom Davison, Preston Hcndrick, Wilson McKewen, James Fuller, Gorman Mc- Mullen, Vernon Barron Faye Jones, Wilma Watkins, Hilda Wallace Sue Hill, Lucette Sharp, Avis Adcock, Grace Thomas, Crystelle Wilson, Lorine Lunsford, Gladys Burrows, Henry Avis Brown Tom Reavley, Dan Prado Chairman Dan PRADO Secretary ..... TOM REAVLEY A •l SOCIAL COMMITTEE Sue Hill, Chairman; Dr. W. T. Chambers, C. E. Ferguson, Lucette Sharp, Willard Whitesides, Bertha Jack, Avril Wood. CLASSES GRADUATE STUDENTS ANDERSON, EMMA LUCILE Kilgore ARCHIBALD, FRANK Kilgore BACHTEL, HAROLD O. Palestine COSTON, I. A. Lufkin GARRET, JACK P. Beaumont HINSON, Y. L. Lufkin LUKER, WINNIE DAVIS Chireno MONK, MRS. E. W. Nacogdoches NEWMAN, MRS. MAUDE Lufkin SMITH, CLAY Goodrich S ENIORS WlLLARD WHITESIDES President Adcock, Avrs Nursery, Texas B.S. English — Home Eco. College Commission Ellen H. Richards Sec.-Trcas. I.umberjackettcs Madrigal Club W. S. A.; Y. W. C. A. Arthur, Jktt Clinton Hemphill, Texas B.A. Chemistry — Mathematics Acad, of Science V. Pres., Alpha Chi Axley, Branch Nacogdoches, Texas B.S. Business Administration Austinites W. S. A. Bkll, Julia Ann Center, Texas B.A. English Berryman, Myrle Ruth Hemphill, Texas B.A. English Sec.-Treas.. Alpha Psi Omega Dramatic Club House Representative BLACKSHER, Esterlene Nacogdoches, Texas B.S. Home Eco., Smith-Hughes Ellen H. Richards Pine Burrs Woman ' s Council Boles, Lois Jacksonville, Texas B.A. English Sec, B. S. U. Council Y. W. C. A. Choral Club Bond, Mary Addie Lufkin, Texas B.S. Primary Elementary Education Choral Club Elementary Council Bradbury, Elizabeth Laneville, Texas B.A. Spanish Spanish Circle Brown, Ci.ara Nacogdoches, Texas B.S. Home Eco. — Smith-Hughes Pres., Lumberjackettes V. Pres., Ellen H. Richards Amitie Woman ' s Council Brown. Hhnry Avis Nacogdoches, Texas B.S. Home Eco., Smith-Hughes Ellen H. Richards College Commission I.umbcrjackettes Amitie Choral Club Burgess, Carroll Nacogdoches, Texas B.S. Agriculture Treas., Agr. Club College Commission Burgess. Mrs. Lee Ella Boone Nacogdoches, Texas B.A. English Carikl:r, Irene Rusk, Texas B.A. Elementary Education Sec, Elementary Council Sec. Alpha Chi P. W. R. A.; Y. W. C. A. Cariker, Lois Nacogdoches, Texas B.S. Home Eco., Smith-Hughes Ellen H. Richards Choral Club P. W. R. A. B. S. U. Council Carter, Rea Nacogdoches, Texas B.S. Commerce — Mathematics Austinites Chambers, S. D. Milam, Texas B.S. Chemistry Cliburn. Eva Percdla, 7 " exas B.S. Home Eco., Smith-Hughes L umber jackettes Ellen H. Richards James (Plash) Fuller Vice President Reporter WlLMA WATKINS Secretary Cooper, Robert ardean Brookeland, Texas B.S. Physical F.ducation Basketball Col well. Blanche Nacogdoches, T exas B.S. Commerce — Economics Dramatic Club Choral Club Y. W. C. A. CONDREY. VALERIE Fairfield, Texas B.A. F.nglish- — Commerce Coward, Muriel Eloise Corrigan. Texas B.S. Home Hco., Smith-Hughes Lumberjackettes Amitie Ellen H. Richards Crawford, Nach B. Huntington, T exas B.S. Sociology- — Economics Curl, Ruth Chireno, Texas B.S. Commerce — Economics Amitie Band Davis, Fannie C. San Augustine, Texas B.S. History Pine Burrs Choral Club Dickey, Evelyn Mason Rusk, Texas B.S. Public School Music Duncan, Evelyn Linden, Texas B.S. Primary Education Pine Burrs Ehlers, Edith Austin, Texas B.S. Biology Feazelle, Martha Elizabeth Nacogdoches. Texas B,S. Home Economics, Smith-Hughes I ' Hen H. Richards Choral Club Fuller, Forrest G. Nacogdoches, Texas B.S. Commerce — Economics B. S. U. Council Austinites Madrigal Club Choral Club Band Annual Staff Fuller. James C. (Flash) Tufkin. Texas B.S. Business Administration Pres., Sawyers Pres.. Press Club The Pine Log, Editor }7 ' 38 The Pine Log. Bus. Mgr. ' 38- ' 39 T.l.P.A. — Publicity Director ' 38 ' 39 Loggers College Commission Annual Staff V. Pres.. Senior Class Fullwood. Mrs. Bill Kilgore. Texas B.S. History Choral Club Garrett, Darnell Tufkin, Texas B.S. Business Administration Green, Norma Marshall. Texas B.S. Elementary Education — English Flementary Council Y. W. C. A. Pine Burrs Hale. Ford Nacogdoches. Texas B.A. Business Administration Pres.. Alpha Chi Sec. -Trcas. . Austinites Tennis Hall, Mildred Chireno, Texas B.A. English — History Hamilton, L. K. Henderson, Texas B.S. Economics Sawyers Hand. Barham Nacogdoches. 7 exas B.S. Chemistry Press Club Acad, of Science Annual Staff Hankla. R. A. San Augustine, Texas B.S. Business Administration Sawyers Barristers Dramatic Club HANNA. Aliece Nacogdoches, Texas B.A. English Ellen H. Richards P. W. R. A. Press Club Y. W. C. A. Hanna. Lynn Nacogdoches. Texas B.A. Biology Band Dramatics Madrigal Club Hargts. Troy Martinsville, Texas B.S. Agriculture Ag. Club Harrell, Frances Nacogdoches, Texas B.S. Commerce — Fconomics B. S. U. Council Harris. Alfred Jacksonville, Texas B.S. Economics Barristers Alpha Chi Band Hawkins, Chester Beaumont , Texas B.S. Agriculture Pres., " T " Association Sawyers Ag. Club Football Track Hayes, Jack Center, Texas B.S. B usiness Administration Holleman, Lucy Laneville, Texas B.S. Elementary Education Elementary Council Hunt. Marie Port Arthur, Texas B.S. Elementary Education W. S. A. V. Pres., Elementary Coun. Jackson, Zilla John Malakoff, ' Texas B.S. Home Economics Ellen H. Richards Dramatic Club Johnstone, Malcolm Beaumont, Texas B.S. Math ematics — Science Sawyers Sec.-Treas., " T " Association Football, Basketball, Tennis Alpha Chi Jones, Connie Louise Jacksonville, Texas B.A. English Sec.-Treas., Pine Burrs Y. W. C. A. W. S. A. Alpha Chi Annua! Staff Jones, Manton Lufhin, Texas B.A. Business Administration Austinilcs V. Pres.. Press Club Kilpatkick, Doris Nacogdoches, I ' exas B.A. Social Science 1 . timberjackettes Alpha Chi Woman ' s Council Pres.. P. W. R. A. Kirk. Marie San Augustine. Texas B.S. English LARor.NT, Maude Joaquin. Texas B.S. Home Economics Ellen H. Richards Lee. Hazel Nacogdoches. 7 exas B. S. English Lewis, Roberta [Catherine Rusk, Texas B.S. Sociology — Economics Little. Andrew LaneVtlle, 1 exas B.S. Physical Education Sawyers " T " Association Football Co-Capt. Baseball; Boxing Y. M. C. A. }7 LOWERY. ROLLAN Nacogdoches. Texas B.S. Business Administration Band Austonians LUNSFORD, LORINE Cilmer, Texas B.S. Home Economics Amitie College Commission P. W. R. A. Y. W. C. A. House Representative Ellen H. Richards McCANN. Hattie Mt. Enterprise, 1 exas B.S. Elementary Education Elementary Council McGee, Fannye Maye Timpson, Texas B.A. English Lumber jackettes Choral Club McNiel, Monroe Elton Nacogdoches, Texas B.A. Agriculture Pres., Ag. Club Acad, of Science Band Y. M. C. A. Maroney, Imogene Nacogdoches, Texas B.A. Business Administration Choral Club V. Pres., Spanish Circle Martin, Willie A. 7 roup, Texas B.S. Biology — Agriculture Loggers Acad, of Science Ag. Club Choral Club Mays, Mary Frances Laneville, Texas B.S. Elementary Education Pres.. Elementary Council Y. W. C. A. P. W. R. A. Mosby, Sibyl Nacogdoches, Texas B.S. Elementary Education Elementary Council Moser, Leslie Eugene Palestine, 7 exas B.A. English Alpha Chi Myers, Watson l.ufhtn. l exas B.S. History — Phys. Education " T " Association f ootball. Basketball Nix, i.a Verne Center, I exas B.S. Commerce Nolen, Harry Liverpool, I exas B.S. Mathematics Sawyers Loggers oates, Leonard C. Center, Texas B.A. Spanish Spanish Circle Y. M. C. A. Dramatic Club Oliver. Clemmie Dtboll. Texas B.S. Elementary Education Choral Club Osbornk, Mary Nacogdoches. I exas B.A. English Band. Drum Major Amitie Alpha Psi Omega Acad, of Science Owens. Ella Mae l.ogansport , La. B.S. Physical Education P. W. R. A. Y. W. C. A. PAINE, J AMI ' S E. Nacogdoches, Texas B.S. Mathematics Band Pennington, jack Nacogdoches. Texas B.A. Biology — Chemistry Band Austinitcs Director. Austonians Choral Club Madrigal Club Tennis Perkins, Shirley Marie Tufkin, Texas B.S. Home Eco., Smith-Hughes Ellen H. Richards Pou, MABELE Nacogdoches, Texas B.S. Business Administration Power, Rosaline Nacogdoches, Texas B.S. Home Economics, Ellen H. Richards Woman ' s Council Smith Hughes JR. P ' POOL. MA ' ITHEW W. Nacogdoches, Texas Smith Hughes Certificate E. E. A., Sec. 1st Semester Acad, of Science Prado, Dan Woden, Texas B.A. History Pres., College Commission Pres., Y. M. C. A. Alpha Chi Austinites Spanish Circle Pres., Student Body Priddy, Dorothy Hot Springs, Arkansas B.S. Elementary Education Elementary Council Reese. Alice Elizabeth Nacogdoches, Texas B.A. English, Commerce and Economics B. S. U. Council Woman ' s Council Pine Burrs Annual Staff, Senio r Class Editor Richards, Virginia Lorene Cushing, Texas B.S. History Press Club Treas.. Y. W. C. A. Acad, of Science Alpha Chi Annual Staff Pine Log Staff Riddlesperger, Mary Lee M ulakoff, Texas B.S. Music Lumber jackcttes Y. W. C. A. Choral Club Ellen H. Richards Ross, Griff Terry Ml. Enierprise, Texas B.A. Chemistry Alpha Chi A uMinites Band Pi Kappa Delta State V. Pres., Acad, of Science Ross, E. LEROY Ml. Enterprise, Texas B.S. Agriculture Austinites Pres., Ag. Club SAMF : ORD, ESTELL1NE Center, Texas B.A. English V. Pres., I.umberjackcttes Dramatic Club Scales, Louise Kdqore, Texas B.S. 1 mentary Education Elementary Council Shaw, Aril Carthage. T exas B.A. Elementary Education Elementary Council Slade, Floy Longview, Texas B.S. Commerce Amitie Dramatic Club Smith,; Barnes ' .aoalla. Texas B.S. Commerce and Economics Smith. J. D. Frank Lufkin, Texas B.S. Physical Education Spell, Horace a. Beaumont , Texas B.S. Business Administration Ag. Club B. S. U. Council STEPHENS; DAGMA Nacogdoches. Texas B.A. Business Administration P. W. R. A. Spanish Circle Stevens, Mildred Tufkin. Texas B.S. Physical Education P. W. R. A. Strowbridgk. Eleanor Port Arthur, ' Texas B.S. Elementary Education Elementary Council Woman ' s Council Pine Burrs Swanzy, James ShelbuviUe, Texas B.S. Agriculture Sawyers Y. M. C. A. Ag. Club Loggers B.S. Home Economics Lumber jackettes P. W. R. A. Ellen H. Richards Dramatic Club Tipps, Dawn Minden. Texas B.S. Home Economics — Science Treas.. Ellen H. Richards Trawick, Russell a. Cushing, T exas B.S. Agri. — Smith Hughes Ag. Club Sawyers Tucker. Billy Nacogdoches, Texas B.A. Mathematics — Chemistry Alpha Chi Austinites Tullos, Lorraine Leggett. Texas B.S. History Choral Club P. W. R. A. Y. W. C. A. Turpin, Helen Nacogdoches, T exas B.A. English W. S. A. Twohig, Paul Nacogdoches, Texas B.S. History Sawyers College Commission Wallace, Hilda Aliene Cushing, Texas B.S. Commerce — Economics Lumberjackettes Press Club Annual Staff College Commission Watkins, Wilma Nacogdoches, Texas B.A. English Editor, Stone Tort Pres., Pine Burrs V. Pres., Alpha Psi Omega V. Pres., Press Club College Commission Pine Log Staff Woman ' s Council Sec, Senior Class Westmorland, Mary Clyde Marshall, Texas B.S. Physical Education Alpha Chi Pres., Woman ' s Council Pres.. Y. W. C. A. Amitie College Commission W. S. A. P W. R. A. Westmoreland, Mary Louise Elysian Fields, Texas B.S. Elementary Education Lumberjackettes WHITAKER, Addijo Nacogdoches, Texas B.A. History Alpha Chi Whiteside, Mary Eva Timpson, Texas B.S. Home Economics Ellen H. Richards WHITESIDES, Willard Troup, Texas B.S. Agriculture Austinites W. S. A. Y. M. C. A. Ag. Club College Commission Basketball Pres.. Senior Class Williams, Lula Sue At to, Texas B.A. Home Economics Ellen H. Richards Alpha Chi Worley, Evelyn Long Branch, Texas B.S. Physical Education P. W. R. A. JUNIORS Alexander, Irene Allen, Joyce Barber, Albert Barron, Vernon Bartlett, Will Henry Bass, Evelyn Bass, Regenta Rhelda Bolster, Harry Brazier, Clarence Brumbelow, Chrystine Buchanan, Tom, Jr. Buffington, Clarence, Jr. Burns, Doris Burns, Elizabeth Burrows, Gladys Castleberry, W. B. Cates, Mary Chandler, Hollis Chaney, Catherine Clark, Nan Vernon Barron President Clayton, Kermet Coussons, Joy Cranford, Melba Crusse, Robert Payne Davidson, George H. Deason, Margaret Dorsey, Fred Dunn, Lindsey English, J. H. Franks, Bennis Franks, Clay Franks, Lawrence Fuller, Velma Gray, Evie Haney. Paskel Haskell, Faye Hayes, Grady Lou Hendrick, Preston Holcomb, Ruby Lee Holland, Marcelle Wilson McKewen Vice President Hughy, Ruby Lee Hyden, Clemit JlMMERSON, N. B. JlNKINS, THELMA Johnson, Howard Johnson, Jessie Mae Jones, Faye Jones, Jimmie King, Floyd Kingham, Kathleen Latham, Alice Lee, Fred Lewis, Frances Lunsford, Bessie McGee, Theo McGraw, Willie Dennis McMullen, Gorman Marshall, James A. Matteson, Marshall Mays, Emily Evie Gray Secretary Mills, A. K. Moncrief, Burton Moore, Melba Moore, W. D. Moser, Ruth Small Muckleroy, Wilson T. Nash, Edwin Nowlin, Rhoberta Oden, Luzell Osborne, John Frank Pagan, Wendell Partin. Marguerite Perritte, Willie Price, Bessie Lou Ramirez, Rafael, Jr. Ray. Marie Richmond. Odis Roark, Lucius Roe. Joe B. Rogers. Evelyn W. D. Moore Reporter Scott, Maurine Sisco, Barham, Jr. Smith. Barbara Jane Smith, Laurette Stanley, Evie Lena Strong, Lois Thaggard, Alvin Thomas, Marzett Thomson, Alice Jane Todd, Ralph Todd, Walter Treadaway, Maud Tucker, William George Vermillion, Raymond Walker, Kirby D. Walters, Joe Ferrell Warr. Bessie Weaver, Juanita Westmoreland, Marjorii Whitaker, Clois Wilson, Crystelle Wilson, Percy Winder, Zelma Wisely, Harold Wood, Avril SOPHOMORES Tom Reavley President Crawford, Juanita Crocker, Reba Cross, Joe B. Crouch, Maurine Cruse, Stella Cupit, Dale Davison, Tom Dennard, Robert Dominy, Mablf. Earle, Virginia Fitch, Katherine Futch, Joe Alton Garner, Geraldine Garner, Mrs. Josif. Glaznf.r, Joy Green, Fay Hart. Kathryn Hartgraves, Mary V. Hanson, Marie Hayes, Jim Henning, Ed Hinds, Barbara Holleman, Verna Hooper, Nannie Hill D. T. Bailey Vice President Fay Green Secretary Hull, James B. Lanier, Laureli. McGown, Claudia Martin, Charlotte Hutson. Standley lowrance, oxsheer McKewen, R. P. Martin, Ralph Irwin, Frances Ivey, Tannie Frances King, Mary Lee Lucas, Ray Burk McCawley, W. J. McClary, Anne McLaughlin, Hazel McLennan. Hortense McMullen, Julius Mathews, Kitty Jeane Mays, Bates Meriwether, WlLHELMINA Kyle, N. W. McCormack, Virginia McVay, Juanita MlLFORD, RETHA Mills, Rose Mai Mudd, Lindon Pope, Frances Lee Mitchell, Thomas Morrison, Bergman Moyer, Wilma Oates. Steve Pearson, Phoebe Ann Perkins, George Powell, Eugene Powell, Gladys Rains, Modena Muckelroy, Janie Merle Perkins, Julian Ramsey, Madeline Muckelroy, LaMerle Polk, Jacque Rawlinson, Annie Lee Ray, Maurine Reavley, Martha Reavley, Tom Rhyne, Beverly Roquemore, Harmon Russel, Prebble Tom Davison Reporter FRESHMEN Peck Acker Ulysses Acker Fannie Map-: Alexander DORETTE Al.FORD [Catherine Andrews John Asaff Marie Ash Juanita Ashley Minnie Kate Bagley Tom m ie Baker Bernice Barron Frances Barron Carroll Bass Albert Battise Winered Battise Maxine Baugh F.mii.y Baxley Dean Biggers Edna Merle Black JaNearle Bland Joseph N. Bogard Joy Boles Mary Lou Boone Robert Bowlin Mildred Buckner Mozelle Buckner Ineda Byrd Doris Cade O. T. Carlisle. Fay Cassity Pauline Casti.eberry Iris Cates Rebecca Chaney Sophia Childs Jack W. Clark Lena Clark Bobby Clifford Harold Cole Florence Coi well JlMMIE COLWELL John Durwood Colwei. Louise Conger Wilburn Cook Verlyne Dainwood Nell Corley Larry Covin Dorothy Cruthirds Miller B. Dickey Lovis Eakin Arlie Eddins Edith Enmon William Ferem Sherman Fletcher Myrph Foote Jackie Lee Ford Mildred Fortenbikrv Mozell Fuller Tucker Fuller Bobbie Greene Futch Maurice Garner CoYSTELLE GENTRY Mary Elizabeth Garrard Jean Grant Sidney Gray Rebecca Chancy Secretary Madge Gribble Inez Griffith Louise Hall Orlena Hamilton Allene W. Hankla Florine Hankla Elouise Hanks Frank Hargis John Hargis Marie Harris Evelyn Harvin Rosemary Hatchett Doris Hawthorne Maudelle Heaton Margaret Henley Lester Hoffman Joe Tuck Holland Wayne Hollingsworth Billie Haltom William Howard Anna Mary Howell Betty Huckabee Peggy Atrelle Hyden GUINNELL JlNKINS Ju anita Johnson Keith Justice Lonnii- B. Keller Charles King Dorothy Letney Alline Lowery Joyce Lucas Joe Lula McAlister §m 2 Madge Gribble Reporter Ray McCawli y Orris Medi-ord Helen McDonald Lynn Metteauer Mary Katheryn McLennan Anne Middlebrook Homer Martin T. L. Martin Bryan Joy Matthews Rum Matthews Alan Curtis Meador Bernard Mileord D ALTON Miller Howard Miller Melvin M. Miller Vera Mae Miller Elizabeth Modisette Mabel Modisette Monette Modisette Jack Monzingo Frances Moore Marilyn Moore Winfield Morris • John Irvin Moses Pauline Moss Naomi Murdock Bob Murphey Helen Musslewhite Bonnie ' Neel Claudia Neal Perry Nicks Howell Owens Lois Parker Larkin Path Dora Jane Peavy Wayne Peddy R. B. Peebles Maxine Permenter Mildred Permenter Loran Perritte Dorothy Pinkerton Maurine Polley Jim mil Porter James Irl Powell Louise Powers Opal Rainwater Lamar Randle M. L. Rawlinson. Jr. Mrs. Ahleene Reavis Doris Rodgers Elayne Ross Jean Sanders Beltha Scarborough Kathleen Sexton Tom Sharpe Virginia Slade f. j. sontag Glenora Spring Frances Stevenson Mary Louise Sterrett Margaret Still Thomas Earl Stone Doris Strickland Janey Vee Strickland m ' l v t i m i4 Allen Sturrock Josephine Triana I- E. Wells Shannon Wilson J P. Sullivan Joy Upton Esther Westmoreland Harry Womack Jane Summers Elsie Van Deventer Travis B. Wiiitaker Emily Withers Bill Swanzy Raymond Vincent Bob Whitbread Catherine Wood Mary Nell Taylor Jack Walker Marie Whitehead Fahy Woods Nancy Lee Thaggard Milryn Wallace Fred Williams Eva " Wright Grace Thomas Vernon Walters Ruth Williamson Reba Wright James A. Tipton Sara Frances Ward Chari.ine Wilson Billye Marie York Most lopular Girl KATHERINE FlTCH Most Popular Boy CHESTER HAWKINS yptcal College Girl WlLHELMINA MERIWETHER rr . , „ „ _ Mary Clyde Westmoreland 1 yptcal College Boy J AMES (FLASH) FULLER Best All-round Girl WlLMA WATKINS Best All-round Boy D T BAILEY Wittiest Girl . ' . ' . ' . Dorothy ' Campbell w attest Boy Lawrence Franks Dumbest Girt CHRISTINE FlNNEY Dumbest Boy FELIX (SQUATTY ) SONNTAG Best Liked Teacher C. E. FERGUSON Most Beautiful Girl R.EBA CROCKER Most Handsome Boy VERNON (Gus) BARRON Cutest Girl Jean Grant Best Girl Dancer LAURETTE SMITH Best Boy Dancer WILSON McKEWEN Best Dressed Girl VIRGINIA SLADE Best Dressed Boy RALPH RAMIREZ Late in the first semester Stephen F. Austin students went to the ballot box to elect their all-college favorites. After a day of voting the ballots were counted by Henry Key, Lena Arnwine, Evalyn Lynch, Boots Morrison, Gor- man McMullen, and Bill Ferem. The class favorites were elected by popular vote of respective classes in meeting to represent that class in all-college favorite election. Twenty-five members of the S. F. A. college faculty nominated students for the Who ' s Who section of The Stone Fort. Seniors most likely to succeed after finishing college were nominated by members of the Senior class and elected at a meeting of that body. The votes were counted by C. E. Ferguson, class sponsor, and Senior Class President Willard Whitesides. Jimmie Herron, " The King of the White Waters, " and nationally famous lumberjack, selected the beauties from photographs submitted to him. The results were announced by J. H. Wisely, Evalyn Lynch, and Harold Wisely. f | " All the girls were pretty, and I thought and looked a long time before I decided . . . I have had a lot of fun picking these pictures . . . If Texas is like the girls, it must be a great place " JIMMIE HERRON, King of the White Waters. FAVORITES DAN PRADO Senior Boy Most Likely to Succeed After Graduation WILMA W ATKINS Senior Girl Most Likely to Succeed After Graduation Graduating Seniors of Highest Scholastic Standing CONNIE LOUISE JONES FORD HALE WHO ' S WHO One of Stephen F. Austin ' s most talented and best liked students is Griff Terry Ross, pre-medical student. Much credit should be given Griff for h : s part in directing the Second Annual Piney Woods Debate Tournament which was held on the S. F. A. campus this spring. Griff is accordionist for the famed " Plowboys " and plays saxophone in the band. He is a member of the Texas Academy of Science, Austonites, and Alpha Chi. Included in his school work is a biology lab assistantship. Outstanding for her creative writing is Gladys Burrows, junior student from Lufkin, who is editor of the college magazine, Pulp. Gladys plays the piano and is an active member of the Choral Club and the Madrigal Club, representing those groups in the College Commission. She also belongs to the Press Club, Alpha Chi, and Die-Hard Club. James (Flash) Fuller, manager and announcer of the Nacogdoches Broadcasting Company, is president of two campus organizations, the Sawyers and the Log- Fort Press Club. He is business manager of The Pine Log and served in the same capacity for the Student Directory for 1938-39. Flash is, for the second time, Publicity Director of the Texas Intercollegiate Press Association, and he is an officer of the Loggers, and a member of the College Commission. He is associate editor of The Stone Fort and holds membership in the Nacogdoches Junior Chamber of Commerce. A senior, Flash is vice president and reporter of his class. STUDIOS NAC00DOCHES BROADCAST COMPANY UPSTAIRS James (Yankee) Graham may be considered as an all-round boy. He is outstanding in music, holding the presidencies of the Choral Club and Madrigal Club. He has a melodic tenor voice, and sings over the local radio station. Yankee is a Lumberjack yell leader, takes part in all intramural sports, and is a member of the tennis team. Lorene Richards, who has won for herself a place among the outstanding students despite her physi- cal handicap, is one of the most talented and hard- working persons on S. F. A. campus. Lorene is treasurer of the Y.W.C.A. and program leader for the Press Club for which she did outstanding work on Skit Nite. She is also a member of the Alpha Chi scholastic society. Characterized by his keen wit and humor, Gorman (Mac) McMullen has done a creditable piece of work as editor of this year ' s The Pine Log. It has been his desire to make that publication a credit to S. F. A. Mac is an out- standing member of the junior class and holds membership in the College Commission, Austinites, Press Club, and Alpha Chi. Mary Osborne, well known over East Texas as the " Queen of Strut, " leads the Lumberjack band on parades. Mary was one of the beauties last year and this year the band beauty nominee. She is a member of the Amitie social club and Alpha Psi Omega. Student president of the Stephen F. Austin College is Dan Prado, whose duty it is to preside over the College Commission. He is also president of the Y. M. C. A. and a member of the Alpha Chi and Austinites. Dan is known for his friendly manner and is honored by all who know him for his fair dealings. fm m Although just a sophomore, Tom (Slats) Reavley has made a name for himself on S. F. A. campus. Tom is president of his class, the Wesley Council and the Austinites. He is an associate editor of the Pine Log, famed for his " Sez Me " column. He is also a member of the Press Club and College Com- mission. Mary Clyde (Big Sister) Westmoreland holds two important presidencies — Woman ' s Council and Y. W. C. A. She is a member of the Amities, Wes- ley Council, P. W. R. A., and Alpha Chi. In her spare time, this Physical Education major plays ten- nis and is active in all other girls ' sports. Senior class president, Willard Whitesides is re- sponsible for the growth of interest in the assembly programs by the introduction of club participation this year. Willard is also president of the Methodist College Students Sunday School class, a member of the Austinites, College Commission, and Wesley Council. He lettered in basketball with the S. F. A. cagers this season. Characterized by her pleasant personality and a smile for everyone, Wilma (Queenie) Wat- kins is this year ' s " Sweetheart of S. F. A., " " S. F. A. girl most likely to succeed, " and one- half of the campus ' cutest couple. She is editor of the 1939 Stone Fort, president of the Pine Burrs, secretary of the senior class and vice pres- ident of the Press Club, from which she was beauty nominee. A member of the Woman ' s Council and College Commission, Wilma was a twirler in the S. F. A. band for two years. She has received more honors during her school career than any other S. F. A. student, yet she remains the same Wilma to all who know her — and everyone does. Harold Wisely, junior sti dent and president of tr Baptist Student Union, is great leader of religious acti ities. He is business manag of the Stone Fort, a memb of the Sawyers, Alpha Ch and Debate Club. Harold a veteran clarinet player fc the band. MADELINE RAMSEY Pine Burrs MARY OSBORNE Band MARY CLYDE WESTMORELAND Y. M. C. A. and Y. W. C. A. Efficiently assuming their duties of handling the college ' s pep rallies, and leading yells at football and basketball game Stephen F. Austin ' s four yell leaders are to be commended on their fine work toward keeping enthusiasm high at S. F. A. The yell leaders led college students on several eventful trips to back the Lumberjack grid and cage teams the past seasoi highlighted by memorable treks to Huntsville and Beaumont. During the past school year the duties of head yell leader were handled by Bergman (Boots) Morrison. His assistan were Lucette Sharp, Jean Grant, and Jimmy Graham. COACHING STAFF Rounding out his second year of service at Stephen F. Austin, genial J. E. (Red) Willis, with the first Lumberjack gri team he could call his own, gave S. F. A. in 1938 a hustling, colorful aggregation that on its best days was on a par with an team in the Lone Star Conference. This Texas Christian University alumnus has high hopes of building teams of increasin formidability around the sophomore eleven that showed so much promise in 1938. Recognized as one of the smartest gri mentors in this section, Willis is expected to give Stephen F. Austin during ensuing seasons something to talk about in th football way. The versatile " Red " rounds out his coaching duties at the local college by tutoring the Lumberjack freshman basketbai squad. In his two years at the helm of the first year quintet, Willis has developed two of the strongest Junior Jack basketbal teams in the history of the college. When Coach Willis came to S. F. A. from Texarkana Junior College in 1937 to assume the leadership of local gri; destinies, he chose as his assistant Ralph Murff, a former Centenary College football luminary and earlier a protege of Willi when the likable " Red " was head coach at Marshall High School. During his two years at S. F. A., Murff, as first assistan to Coach Willis, has been an invaluable asset in tutoring the Lumberjack football teams. Fresh from the gridiron where h starred in the rear cordon for Centenary, Murff aided greatly in developing the colorful 1938 Axemen eleven. Coach Murff also served as head tennis coach at the piney woods institution during the past season coach of every major sport participated in by Lumberjack teams. d 3t var V m g tlm « as SST TS i l h ±l " ta f, ™ C l m °l? " -. t ° bu . ildi " 8 Purp., and Wbitt basketball prestige all over the nation. Coach Bob ' s annual development of formidable quintets has stood out as one of the outstanding coaching achievements of this section and his success as a basketball coach is indeed a fitting monument to his rare ability as a builder of men and as an athletic tutor. It is doubtful that the amazing record of six successive Lone Star Conference bas- ketball championships compiled by Shelton ' s S. F. A. cage teams will ever be seriously challenged by another team in the L . S. C Coach Shelton, admired and respected by all who come in contact with him. has also suc- cessfully handled the duties of track coach at Stephen F. Aus- tin for the past two seasons. Murff Shelton Willis Top Row: Myers, Hopson, Bailey, Rhyne, B. Walters, Swier, Ferem, L. Baker, Stone, Whitbread. Second Row: Massengill. Roquemore, Sturrock, Lindley, Bolster, Yates, McGraw, Asaff, Sonntag, B. Perkins. Third Row: Asst. Coach Ralph Murff, G. Perkins. Johnstone. McHenry, Ramseur, Kubosh, E. Nash, J. Baker, Covin, J. C. Nash. Gantt, Lowrance, Head Coach J. E. (Red) Willis. Bottom Row: White, Brown. J. Walters. Henning. Jones, Cook, Battise, McKewen, Hawkins. FOOTBALL R esume o f 1938 S eason .... A colorful, hustling, new sophomore grid team .... decked out in befittingly new uniforms .... freshman eligibility ruling . . . . training grind starts in August .... nocturnal grid encounters .... heartbreaking loss to East Texas .... over- whelming triumph over San Marcos before overflow Homecoming Day crowd on Birdwell Field .... holiday as result of heart-warming victory .... rugged, stellar line play .... booming punts .... accurate passes . . . . ' vicious tackling . . . . class sponsored pep rallies .... the annual bonfire .... student specials to Beaumont and Huntsville .... lumi- nous sophs make all-conference teams .... all packed into a memorable 1938 football season at Stephen F. Austin. M. H. Hopson Jimmy Jones Co-Captain Gene Swier Winfred Battise Edwin Na; Watson Myers . Nash Bobby Blanchard Joe Farrell George Perkins Lynn Baker Bill Ferem Walters LUMBERJACKS SHADE LON MORRIS 6-0 IN OPENER Opening their 1938 season on Birdwell Field September 23, the Axemen took advantage of a fourth quarter break which mabled them to nose out a fighting band of Bearcats from Lon Morris Junior College of Jacksonville, 6-0. Joe Farrell Wal- ters, burly Jack tackle, gathered in a blocked Lon Morris pass and raced 35 yards before being hauled down from behind on the Cat 10, and Bob McGraw plunged over for the fray ' s only tally three plays later. Ragged, unimpressive play by the Forestmen hindered considerably their chances of scoring a more convincing win over their lighter Junior College opponents. WILLISMEN DROP CLOSE DECISION TO S. L. I. In spite of the fact that they flashed vastly improved play over their opening game ' s performance, the Lumberjacks dropped a close, hard-fought 7-0 tilt on the local gridiron September 30, to a well-drilled Southwestern Louisiana Institute .Jeven from Lafayette, Louisiana. A first quarter pass by the Bulldogs, good for 23 yards to the Jack 17, set the stage for the touchdown that enabled the visitors to score the victory. Except for this one offensive splurge, both teams battled on even terms in a nip and tuck defensive fracas that featured the booming punts of sophomore Harmon Roquemore. AXEMEN DOWN HENDERSON TEACHERS IN ARKADELPHIA Coach Willis and his Lumbermen journeyed to Arkadelphia, Arkansas, October 7, and returned with a well-deserved 6-0 win over the Henderson State Teachers College. Although they pushed the Reddies all over the field, the locals were able to score only one marker, enough for a victory over their intersectional foes. Buster Walters scored the game ' s only touchdown on an end swieep in the waning minutes of the fray after a sustained Jack drive had advanced the oval to the Arkansans ' eleven-yard line. The outclassed Reddies never threatened in an encounter that saw the Axemen gain almost at will in piling up 18 first downs as compared to the Arkadelphia team ' s three. Co-Captain OE LlNDLEY OX LOWRANCE BILL PERKINS HOLLIS MASSINGILL CHESTER HAWKINS JqHN RAMSEUR Carl Brown Carl Cook Wilson McKewen Beverly Rhyne Oscar Gantt D. T. Bailey Bob McGraa JACKS DROP 7-6 HEARTBREAKER TO EAST TEXAS Opening their conference season in Commerce on October 14, a battling band of Lumberjacks lost a heartbreaking 7-6 game to the powerful East Texas Lions, defending conference champions who went on to win the loop gonfalon for the second consecutive year. Even though they were completely outplayed and outclassed throughout the tilt, the Lions scored the touchdown that gave them a lucky victory after Gene Hodge had recovered a costly Lumberjack fumble deep in S. F. A. terri- tory on the first play from scrimmage by the Axemen. Bob Harp, Etex quar- ter, plunged over for the Lion tally and then kicked the goal that enabled the Commerce lads to eke out the win. Featuring Bob McGraw and M. H. Hopson, the Axemen completed 22 of 44 passes attempted, rolled up nearly 400 yards on offense and led in first downs, 19-4. Except for their first period score the Lions were never able to penetrate the Lumbermen ' s 40 yard stripe and were completely bewildered by the dazzling Stephen F. air raid. The hustling Lumberjacks tallied early in the second period on a neatly executed pass from D. T. Bailey to McGraw, but Harmon Roquemore failed to convert. Although the Willismen pushed the defending champs all over the gridiron, most of their brilliant offensive spurts seemed to gum up once inside the Lion twenty. 0 Burton Yates Henning Buster Walters Harry Bolster James McHenry John Baker POWERFUL EAGLES DOWN WILLISMEN IN DENTON A big, bruising flock of North Texas Eagles pushed across two quick scores against a jittery S. F. A. eleven in Denton October 21, and went on to score a 21-6 Lone Star loop victory over the Lumberjacks. The Woodsm en settled down during the final half and played the Dentonites on even terms but were never able to overhaul the early North Texas lead. The Axemen pulled up to 6-14 after Harmon Roquemore plunged over for the lone Purple and White tally midway in the fourth canto. However, the Eagles were able to stave off a desperate last minute aerial attack by the Jacks that saw Bob McGraw complete 50 and 35 yard aerials to end Gene Swier. It was a long, last minute heave by McGraw, intercepted and returned 65 yards by Johnny Shoemaker of the North Texans, that gave the victors their third tally. Even though they led in first downs, 10-8, fumbles and offensive impotency once inside their foe ' s twenty yard line again hindered the locals ' cause. LUMBERJACKS MASSACRE SAN MARCOS, 33-0 Before an overflow Homecoming Day crowd, the Stephen F. Austin Lum- berjacks reached new heights Octob er 29 when they trampled an outclassed Southwest Texas Bobcat eleven, 33-0. Held to a standstill by their L. S. C. rival during the opening period, the Jacks broke loose on the initial play of the second stanza when Harmon Roquemore found a wide opening off tackle, cut away from the charging Cat secondary and raced 53 yards to a score. From then on it was a question of how many touchdowns a primed S. F. A. team would score. The Axemen, discarding their renowned aerial attack, relied almost solely on a juggernauting ground offensive to run up the overwhelming score. Pushed all over the gridiron during the entirety of the fracas, the Bobcats never had a chance to make a scoring sally of their own. Two touchdowns by Burton Yates and one by Bob McGraw in addition to another tally by Roquemore, completed the Lumbermen ' s offensive outburst. Sparking the vicious ground attack of the locals were Yates and Roquemore, while the line play of M. H. Hopson, Jimmy Jones. Wilson McKewen and George Perkins featured in the invulnerable S. F. A. forward rampart. LOUISIANA NORMAL EKES OUT 6-0 WIN OVER S. F. A. Suffering somewhat of a letdown after their heart -warming triumph over San Marcos, the Lumberjacks dropped a close 6-0 decision to the invading Louisiana Normal Demons November 4. Starting off as though they were going to repeat their previous week ' s slaughter, the Woodsmen twice drove to the shadows of the Natchitoches team ' s goal early in the first period. But a heads-up Demon forward wall staved off both thrusts, and after the visitors scored on a 28 yard pass from Wiggins to Perkins later in the period, the Purple and White never seemed to get going again. Both elevens played on even terms throughout the three final quarters of a see-saw melee marred by frequent penalties. Except for the opening quarter scoring spree, the listless tilt consisted mainly of a punting duel between Lumberjack Harmon Roquemore and Demon Jack Wiggins. LAMAR CARDS RALLY TO DEADLOCK AXEMEN Coach John Gray ' s scrapping Lamar Cardinals rallied in the final half to gain a 13-13 tie with S. F. A. fast game played in Beaumont, November 12. in a After Bob McGraw had originated two first half touchdown passes, one to Gene Swier and one to Watson Myers, the Lumberjacks appeared on their way to a decisive victory. But the hustling Redbirds rallied gloriously in the final half before a wildly cheering crowd and scored twice to gain a well-deserved deadlock. The tying Lamar score came in the final three minutes of play after the Cardinals had recovered a Jack fumble in midfield. Choate of the Cards plunged over after two completed passes had put the ball in scoring position and then kicked goal to knot the count as the partisan attendance went wild. Listless play by the Lumberjacks aided a badly outweighed but scrapping Beaumont eleven in gaining the unexpected tic. G. Perkins Henning McKewen L. Baker McGraw J. Walters SAM HOUSTON SUBDUES JACKS, 13-6 The Lumberjacks journeyed to Huntsville Thanksgiving Day where they closed out their 1938 season against their traditional Turkey Day foe, Sam Houston. In a game that was from the start an aerial duel between Bob McGraw of the Jacks and Robert Barfield and Jimmy Hair of the Bearkats, the Huntsvillites scored a bitterly contested 13-6 win. The Willismen, striving valiantly for a victory that would have given them a second place tie in the Lone Star Conference, opened with a vengeance and kept the ball deep in Sam Houston territory during the first period. Obvi- ously disheartened after two first quarter touchdown passes were called back on them, the Axemen fought unsuccess- fully in an attempt to break up a devastating Bearkat passing attack turned loose in the final three quarters. High- lights of the ultra-effective Kat aerial offense that completed 11 of 17 passes tried, were touchdown heaves from Barfield to Gifford and from Hair to Wells. Oddly enough, it was a Bearkat pass, intercepted by Lumberjack D. T. Bailey, that gave the Jacks a score in the waning minutes of the game. Bailey raced fifteen yards to midfield before lateraling to Bob McGraw, who scam- pered the remaining 50 yards through a broken field for the S. F. A. score. Co-captains Chester Hawkins and Watty Myers closed out their collegiate grid careers in sterling fashion for the vanquished Lumberjacks. Bailey Hopson Roquemore Ramsf.ur Yates Co captain Hawkins 1 938 LONE S TAR CONFERENCE STANDINGS W. L. Pet. East Texas 4 1.000 Sam Houston ... . 3 1 .750 North Texas 2 2 .500 Stephen F. Austin 1 3 .250 4 .000 1938 STEPHEN F. AUSTIN FULL SEASON RECORD Lumberjacks 6, Lon Morris Junior College Lumberjacks 0, Southwest Louisiana Institute 7 Lumberjacks 6, Henderson State Teachers (Ark.) Lumberjacks 6, East Texas State 7 Lumberjacks 6, North Texas State 21 Lumberjacks 33, Southwest Texas State Lumberjacks 0, Louisiana Normal 6 Lumberjacks ! 3, Lamar Junior College 13 Lumberjacks 6, Sam Houston Stale 13 Squadmen Not Pictured: Preston White, Ernest Kubosh, Gail Doerge. Seniors Graduating: Co-captain Chester Hawkins, Co-capiain Watson Myers, John Baker, Malcolm Johnstone. Bailey, Roquemore, Yates, McGraw Tutoring a squad made up primarily of inexperienced but brilliant freshmen and sophomore prospects, Coaches J. E. Willis and Ralph Murff had their first real opportunity in 19 38 to put on the gridiron a bona fide Willismen-Murffmen aggregation. On paper, the season record of the team molded by Willis and Murff was not impressive. But during the 1938 campaign these two mentors were also looking to 1939 and 1940 when they will have a veteran squad well grounded in their funda- mentals. The Lumberjacks exhibited enough in two games during 1938 — the East Texas and San Marcos frays — to verify the conclusion that better days are in store for S. F. A. from the football standpoint. The sophomorish Axemen began their 1938 season in unimpressive fashion but gained precision as the season wore on, showing flashes of true brilliance, although they were never able to reach a very high degree of consistency. The fact that the locals, who played with a spirit and zest seldom seen on previous S. F. A. teams, were never decisively outplayed in any of their nine games and lost only one — a 21-6 setback by North Texas— by more than one touchdown, goes to show that the 1938 proteges of Willis and Murff offered a potent defensive unit. Something else unusual for Stephen F. Austin grid teams was the wealth of capable reserves the 1938 team boasted. This was partially brought about by the new Lone Star Conference ruling which declared freshmen athletes eligible to par- ticipate in varsity competition during the school year of 1938-39. Although first year men were eligible under the new set-up to participate in any intercollegiate athletic competition at S. F. A., the Lumberjack football team was the only local athletic unit to materially benefit from the change. Several frosh gridders who would have been ineligible for varsity competition under previous conference rulings bolstered no little the 1938 Stephen F. Austin football eleven. The versatile locals offered a powerful ground attack as well as an effective aerial offense that would have done justice to the wildest exponent of the razzle-dazzle. Brilliant backfield and end play featured the colorful Lumbermen ' s games during the entire 1938 campaign. Such factors as a weak pass defense, inexperienced tackle play, and an offense, otherwise brilliant, that choked up once inside the opponent ' s twenty yard line, were major deficiencies on the 1938 Jack team that kept their record from being probably the best in Stephen F. Austin grid history. And these flaws will more than likely be remedied by 1939. Prospects for a winning Lumberjack eleven in 1939 are probably the most promising in the history of the school. Of the four squadmen lost from the past season ' s team, only two — co-captains Chester Hawkins and Watson Myers — saw extended service during 1938. With practically the same team he sent to battle in 1938 returning to him early next September, Coach Willis has hopes of smoothing out the rough spots and developing a smooth-working unit in 1939 that will be second to none in the Lone Star loop. Football-starved S. F. A. in its entirety will be pulling for just that. MM Front roiv. left to right: Coach Bob Shelton, Jimmy Jones, Marshall Matteson, Chauncey Van Modisette, Willie McGraw, D. T. Bailey. Middle row: Carl Cook, manager; Bennis Franks, Jack Earl Cook, Ray Burk Lucas, Vernon Barron, Watson Myers. Top row: E. C. Gunnels, Willard Whitesides, Kermet Clayton, Lawrence Franks, Paskel Haney, M. H. Hopson. BASKETBALL BASKETBALL CALENDAR Regular Season Games: Stephen F. Austin 48, Texas Wesleyan College 31. Stephen F. Austin 40, Texas Wesleyan College 36. Stephen F. Austin 3 1 , Rice Institute 24. Stephen F. Austin 44, House of David 32. Stephen F. Austin 44, Kearney (Nebr.) Teachers 33. Stephen F. Austin 5 1 , New Mexico Teachers 30. Stephen F. Austin 32, New Mexico Teachers 33. Stephen F. Austin 56, Southwest Texas State 27. Stephen F. Austin 68, Howard Payne College 35. Stephen F. Austin 56, Howard Payne College 30. Stephen F. Austin 35, Louisiana Normal 39. Stephen F. Austin 38, North Texas State 44. Stephen F. Austin 47, East Texas State 58. Stephen F. Austin 41, Sam Houston State 33. Stephen F. Austin 56, North Texas State 42. Stephen F. Austin 58, East Texas State 44. Stephen F. Austin 47, Southwest Texas State 36. Stephen F. Austin 44, Texas A. 8 I. 41. Stephen F. Austin 39, Texas A. « I. 47. Stephen F. Austin 35, Sam Houston State 41. Posf Season Games: Stephen F. Austin 36, American Liberty Pipeliners (Kilgore) 33. Stephen F. Austin 56, Magnolia Dealers (Beaumont) 50. Stephen F. Austin 33, Texas Wesleyan College 40. 1939 LONE STAR CONFERENCE STANDINGS W. L. Pet. East Texas 7 1 .875 Stephen F. Austin . 5 3 .620 Sam Houston 5 3 .620 North Texas 3 5 .370 Southwest Texas . 8 .000 Watson Myers Marshall Matteson Paskel Haney EARLY SEASON GAMES After opening 1938-39 pre-season workouts with one of the most promising squads ever assembled at Stephen F. Austin, Coach Bob Shelton had his star-studded squad in mid-season form for their opening games with Texas Wesleyan College here December 7 and 8. The locals copped both tilts from the formidable Rams and went on to extend their victory streak to six straight before New Mexico Teachers finally nosed out the Axemen 33-32 in an overtime thriller here. The locals had walloped the New Mexico quint the evening before, 51-30. The Sheltonmen finished out their pre-conference schedule with a record of six won and one lost. Highlighting the early season games here were S. F. A. victories over Rice Institute and the House of David. Vernon Barron E. C. Gunnels Willard Whitesides LONE STAR CONFERENCE GAMES Lumberjacks Rout San Marcos in Conference Opener Keeping the hoop fairly sizzling with remarkable shots from all an- gles, Bob Shelton ' s quintet looked like the class of the conference here January 9, in trouncing an inexper- ienced San Marcos team, 56-27. Af- ter being held almost to a standstill during the opening period, the spec- tacular Jack offense went to work in earnest during the final periods to score the overwhelming win over an outclassed Bobcat five. Guard Pete Gunnels paced the vie- LAWRENCE FRANKS RAY BURK LUCAS tors both on offense and defense, tallying 1 6 points besides doing yeoman work in keeping Southwest Texas forwards well covered. McCarty and Lomax mon ti olized the throttled Bobcat offensive, scoring 12 and 10 markers respectively. Sheltonmen Wallop Sam Houston, 41-33 Nearly three thousand screaming fans packed every crevice of Aikman Gym February 6 to watch an inspired Stephen 1 Austin basketball team trounce their arch-rivals, the Sam Houston Bearkats, 41-33. The spirited L. S. C. melee saw the Axer n exhibit just about their best form of the season to hand the Huntsville quintet its first loop setback. The heated fray was nip and tuck all the way, the lead changing hands almost as often as the ball before the Forestmen pul away in the waning minutes to take a commanding lead. Again it was Marshall Matteson who led the way to the heart-warming S. F. A. triumph. The ace junior forward racked i 18 counters. Vernon Barron and Bennis Franks were standouts on the Purple and White defense. Floyd Dotson was easily Huntsville ' s standout, both on offense and defense. Revived Jacks Swamp North Texas, 56-42 Stephen F. Austin ' s rejuvenated Lumberjacks went on their determined way of making a comeback in the league title tij when they scored a decisive 56-42 win over North Texas here February 10. The victory was the locals ' third loop win of 1 season as compared to a pair of defeats. It was Bennis Franks and Marshall Matteson who furnished the spark as the Sheltonmen put on a scintillating offens i display to annihilate a dazed Denton five. After building up an overwhelming lead the Lumbermen let up a bit during the fi: i quarter and the Eagles staged a m Ij Bennis Franks Jack Earl Cook ra li y that saved the tilt from devek [ ing into a complete walk-away. Matteson ' s offensive play, good ]c 1 6 points, and Bennis Franks ' fla t less floor play, featured the game fr( i the very start. McConachie a l Yarbro were the big guns of the li ' less Denton attack. McConachie ' s points were high for the evening. : ft. M. H. Hopson imber jacks Thump San Marcos, 47-36 Chauncey Modisette Woodsmen Classy in 58-44 Win Over East Texas In one of the fastest and most ex- citing frays ever reeled off in Aikman Gym, S. F. A. ' s Lumberjacks played superb basketball February 15, to knock East Texas out of the unde- feated class, 58-44. For three breath-taking quarters the two fine quintets battled on even terms, the lead changing hands nu- merous times as stirring rallies by one five would nullify a previous scoring spurt by the other. A determined Lumberjack team finally pulled away during the final quarter to ice the decision. Although the Jacks led in field goals 22-12, converting free throws kept the Lions in the game until the final quarter. Brilliant guard play by Bennis Franks and Vernon Barron of the Axemen held Etex scoring aces well in hand while Marshall Matteson kept the hoop warm with 1 7 mark- ers, high for the game. Gene Hodge, a substitute center, paced the visitors with 1 1 points. Marshall Matteson, a name synonymous with basketball at S. F. A. during the 1939 cage season, scored 20 points in San arcos February 20 as the proteges of Bob Shelton annexed an easy 47-36 win over the Bobcats. The Purple and White led all the way in handing the hapless Southwest Texans their eighth Lone Star Conference defeat. McCarty with 9 points and Henson with 8 led the luckless Bobcats in scoring. Kemen Drop 41-35 Thriller to Sam Houston It was simply a little too much Sam Houston in their own gym February 28, as Stephen F. Austin went down fighting to an spired Bearkat quintet, 41-35. East Texas had clinched undisputed possession of the Lone Star Conference title the night before with a win over North Texas. The Jacks held an 18-17 lead at half time but the Huntsvillites came back strong in the final half to pull ahead and protect a int lead despite valiant efforts by the Woodsmen to overhaul Puny Wilson ' s team. Waning minute loopers by Lumberjacks Lawrence Franks and Ray Lucas threatened to put the locals into a final lead, but little abert Croucher of the Kats supplied the necessary offensive spark in the tilt ' s final minutes to offset the S. F. A. rally. The lead Id by Sam Houston as the fray ended was larger than any advantage they held during the hair-raising fracas. Closing out their luminous cage careers with the proverbial blaze of glory, the Dotson brothers, Clifford and Floyd, and Gor- n Cotton led the Bearkats to victory. Clif Dotson ' s 1 1 markers was high for the victorious five. Although forced out of the game ith a badly gashed forehead in the urth stanza just as the Sheltonmen ere threatening to regain the lead, arshall Matteson led scoring with points. Paskel Haney with 9 ints was little less effective than atteson. By virtue of their triumph over F. A., Sam Houston was able to Ijidlock the Lumberjacks for second ijce in final L. S. C cage standings. Jimmy Jones D. T. Bailey Axemen Drop 44-38 Tilt to Eagles in Denton Lumberjack hopes for a seventh Lone Star Conference championship in eight years were given a rude jolt in Denton February 1 , when the de- fending champion North Texas Eagles bumped the Axemen, 44-38, in a rough game. Even though the brilliant Jack scoring ace, Marshall Matteson, had the spectators gasping with a glitter- ing offensive exhibition that netted him 18 points, the veteran Eagle crew held a scant lead throughout. Action shot Chiefly due to the stellar mesh- splitting of Captain Dan Yarbro and Doyle Smith who together scored half the Denton total, North Texas staved off desperate attempts by the Woodsmen to pull ahead. Inability to drop their free throws was a major factor con- tributing to the Jack setback. The Lumbermen canned but 14 of WILLIE McGRAW 7 gratis heaves during the nip and tuck encounter. East Texas Dims S. F. A. Title Hopes with Win in Commerce Closing out a disastrous northern invasion, Stephen F. Aus- tin was all but knocked out of the title picture February 4 when the classy East Texas Lions romped to a 58-47 win over the Lumberjacks in Commerce. Action shot With forwards J. P. Vinson and Woodrow Vanderslice featuring the effective Etex attack, the Lions went far ahead during the early stages of the game and never relinquished their lead. Vinson with 21 points and Vanderslice with 14 made life miser- able for the Jack guardsmen. The desperate Sheltonmen ral- lied sharply during the final half, threatening several times to work into the lead. Matteson and Cook led S. F. A. scoring with 1 6 points each. Kermet Clayton Myers, Barron, Haney, Gunnels, Matteson POST SEASON GAMES After closing out their regular season in Huntsville February 28, the Stephen F. Austin cagers accepted an invitation to compete in the Southern A. A. U. basketball tourney in Dallas, beginning March 6. Two benefit exhibition tilts were carded for the Axemen before they made their trek to Dallas. The fir t encounter, reeled off in Aikman Gym March 2, saw the locals coast to a 36-33 victory over the strong Ameri- can Liberty Pipeline five as Lumbermen substitutes enjoyed a field night. Jack Cook was high for S. F. A. with 10 markers and Bill Baxter, former S. M. U. ace, paced the losers with 12 points. The following evening the Jacks played the classy Magnolia Dealers quintet in Beaumont. In what the South Texas city fans called the best game there all season the S. F. A. five romped to a 56-50 verdict. Mat- teson with 1 8 counters and Myers with 1 7 led the victorious offense. Although they had won handily over Texas Wesleyan College here in their first two games of the season, the Lumberjacks found the Ft. Worth quintet steaming hot when the two teams met in an A. A. U. tourney opener March 6, and the Jacks were out-scored in a hard fought fracas, 40-33. Eliminated from the Southern A. A. U. event, the Axemen returned home with a complete season record of 1 6 victories against 7 defeats for their efforts during the 1938-39 campaign. Even though Bob Shelton ' s 1939 Lumberjacks failed in a valiant attempt to regain the Lone Star Con- ference title they lost for the first time the year before, Stephen F. Austin partisans recognized the ' 39 aggrega- tion as undoubtedly one of the classiest quintets the soft-spoken Jack cage mentor ever developed at the pine tree school. Even though the conference title failed to return to realms of S. F. A. as pre-season predictions prognosti- cated, the past season can not be called anything other than successful. The campaign was not without numer- ous thrills and nerve-tingling games and on a whole was one of the most exciting as well as one of the most hectic loop races ever waged in the classy Lone Star cage league. The Lumberjacks defeated every team in the conference in the local gym more or less handily, but fared not nearly so well on foreign floors, winning only one of four loop contests away from home. The highlight of the court campaign at S. F. A., and for the whole conference for that matter, was Mar- shall Matteson, spectacular Jack scoring ace who shattered by 29 points the existing L. S. C. scoring record. Matteson, a junior at Stephen F. Austin, had an average of more than 16 points per game for eight loop fra- cases. Besides Matteson ' s irrepressible offensive performances, stellar defensive play by guards Bennis Franks, Vernon Barron, and Pete Gunnels also featured in S. F. A. tilts during the 1939 season. The 1939 S. F. A. cage quintet was also characterized by probably the greatest amount of first class reserve strength a Shelton-coached team ever had. Throughout the season, the Purple and White had access to three A-l quints, each one capable of holding its own in the fastest of company. I The only weakness on an otherwise almost invulnerable 1939 Sephen F. Austin quintet, was its failure to reach top form on foreign courts. Literally unbeatable on their home court, yet almost mediocre on foreign floors just about sums up the Lumberjack team of the past season. Of the thirteen lettermen from the 1939 Jack squad only two will be lost to next season ' s team. Those two exceptions are Watson (Bird Dog) Myers, Axemen cage captain, who closed out three years of first class service during the past basketball season, and Willard Whitesides, reserve center. With eleven ace lettermen returning for the 1940 season, plus the classiest graduates from the past season ' s Freshman squad, Coach Shel- ton will have in 1940 all the makings for his seventh Lone Star loop cage titlists. Incidentally, many Stephen F. Austin followers predict that the 1940 S. F. A. basketball five is destined to become the greatest of all the great Woodsmen quints that have made the name Stephen F. Austin synony- mous with brilliant basketball teams. Action shot Action shot Front row, left to right: Ross Smelley, Winfred Battise, A. N. Walley, Bill Ferem, Coach J. E. Willis. Top row: Bill Roy, Tom Davison, mascot; Lamar Randle, Gene Swier, J. C. Nash, T. L. Martin. Freshman Basketball Although freshmen were eligible to participate in varsity athletics during the past year, athletic officials here felt that a very promising squad of first year cagers enrolled at Stephen F. Austin would derive more benefit from playing regularly on a freshman squad than seeing infrequent service on the varsity five in their first season. The 1939 edition of the S. F. A. freshmen, under the very capable tutelage of J. E. (Red) Willis, played a heavy schedule of games during the past cage season, including tilts with several of the strongest junior college and high school teams of the State besides their regular games with freshmen teams of other Lone Star Con- ference schools. Hindered by lack of team-play that is always a drawback to the success of a freshman team, the Hatchet- men tasted their share of defeats over the season ' s span but nevertheless Willis ' quintet had on it several mem- bers who will put in real bids for starting berths on next season ' s varsity aggregation. Front row, left to right: T. L. Martin, Burton Yates, Larry Covin, J. P. Sullivan, Bobby Clifford, Albert Battise. Back row: Gene Swier, Ralph Todd, Sherman Fletcher, Walter Todd, Bill Perkins, LeRoy McPhail. TRACK Although only three lettermen returned to Bob Shelton ' s 1939 S. F. A. track squad, a talented group of freshmen and sophomore cinder aces gave the local college in ' 39 one of the classiest and best balanced track teams in the history of the school. Three veterans, Ralph Todd, Lone Star Conference record holder in the 440 yard run, Walter Todd, another middle distance ace, and LeRoy McPhail, field events specialist, gave needed steadiness to the promising but inexperienced squad. Bur- ton Yates, sophomore pole vaulter and spring relay man. Bill Perkins, classy freshman high hurdler, Larry Covin and J. P. Sullivan, both frosh dash and relay stars, were among the best of the classy list of newcomers who garnered many points for the locals ' cause this spring. The Jack harriers competed in several very fast invitation, dual and triangular meets this spring before journeying to San Marcos in May where the Lone Star Conference meet was held. Although the youthful Purple and White cinder team was improving by leaps and bounds as the campaign wore on, the Lumberjack thinly clads were given little chance to outscore nationally prominent track teams from North Texas and East Texas in the conference meet. Observers predicted that the Jacks would fight it out with a very fine team from San Marcos for third place laurels in the loop get-together. Bobby Clifford Albert Battish T. L. Martin Sherman Fletcher Bill Perkins Burton Yates Le Roy McPhadl i Left to right: Carl Brown, Malcolm Johnstone, Edwin Nash. Wilson McKewen, Harmon Roquemore, Tom Davison. TENNIS Ralph MurfT took over the duties of tennis coach at Stephen F. Austin this spring due to the temporary absence of Howard C. Key, who was doing post graduate work at Harvard University. A small but promising squad reported to Coach Murff in early March and the team was in fine shape for its opening match late that month. Three lettermen, Malcolm Johnstone, Carl Brown, and Wilson McKewen, returned from the 1938 net team to give S. F. A. its best balanced team in several seasons. Harmon Roquemore, Ralph Rami- rez, Lindsey Patterson, D. T. Bailey, Tom Davison and Edwin Nash were among the newcomers to the ' 39 squad. A very attractive slate of matches both on the home courts and away were arranged for the local netters this season and the Jack courtmen turned in a commendable account of themselves in every contest. Although the local netters showed flashes of really fine net play in their matches this spring they were conceded slight chance of ending the supremacy of powerful tennis teams from North Texas, the defending champions, and San Marcos in the conference meet here in May. Even so, the 1939 Lumberjack tennis team showed enough improvement over the ' 38 squad to indicate that tennis is definitely on the upgrade at the piney woods school. 134400 Squadmen not pictured: RALPH RAMIREZ, LlNDSEY PATTERSON, D. T. BAILEY MISCELLANEOUS AND INTRAMURAL ATHLETICS Andy Little Bill Ferem Among the highlights of the athletic year at Stephen F. Austin in 1938-39 were two " Fite Nite " programs staged by the S. F. A. athletic department this spring. These gala festivals of fisticuffs featured S. F. A. talent in a series of boxing and wrestling matches and several very classy boxing and grappling aces were uncovered. Pugilistic standouts like Andy Little, Johnny Asaff, and Chauncey Van Modisette and scufflers like F. J. Sonntag, Bill Ferem, Jesse Johnson, and Lynn Baker were among the highlights of the " Fite Nite " programs. Intramural basketball play at Stephen F. Austin was revived in 1939 after a three year lapse. Under the capable super- vision of J. E. Willis the cage loop was a success from the very start. Ten teams were entered in a heated intramural race that flashed a surprisingly high brand of court play throughout. Quintets representing the Sawyers and Sullivan House were con- ceded to be the two best fives in the race, although the others were not far behind. Climaxing one of the most active intramural programs in the history of the school an intramural softball league was sponsored at S. F. A. the past spring. The loop was under the supervision of Bob Shelton with Willie McGraw efficiently handling the duties of student director of the league. Games were played on Birdwell Field and a very high grade of softball play was prevalent from the start. Several very fine softball tens were entered in the loop in which many hot battles were waged between the S. F. A. intramural softballers. Golf took its greatest step forward in 1939 as an intercollegiate sport at S. F. A. when a team of ace Lumber- jack linksmen, under the tutelage of J. E. Willis, scheduled matches with several of the strongest college teams in the State. Matches at the Piney Woods Country Club in Nacogdo- ches and on foreign courses were included on the S. F. A. golfers ' schedule. The team this spring was made up of M. H. Hopson, Gerald Millard, James Graham, Chester Hawkins, Tom Davison, and Harmon Roque- more. Chauncey Modisette Johnny Asaff Carl Cook Jesse Johnson Lynn Baker AIRMAN GYMNASIUM POWER HOUSE COLLEGE FARM BIRDWELL FIELD WOMEN ' S RECREATIONAL CENTER GIRLS ' SPORTS Girls ' athletic activities arc confined to games and tournaments in individual and team sports. Ft) addition to sport events the Piney Woods Recreation Asso- ciation sponsors hikes, weiner roasts, parties, and other recreational activities. 1 . Baseball Tournament Winners 2. Bates-Barbee-Bone Bunch 3. " All Winners " 4. Tennis Doubles 5. Speedball Champs 6, " Smart " Seniors 7. Badminton Champ 8. Tennis Singles 9. Fresh-Soph Basketballers ORGANIZATIONS ALPHA CHI A. W. BIRDWELL CHAPTER Ford Hale. President J. H. Wisely, Sponsor PURPOSE To Foster Higher Ideals of Scholarship a nd Character MEMBERS Jett Arthur Mary Cates Malcolm Johnstone John Kilpatrick Ruth Small Moser Griff Terry Ross Mary Clyde Westmoreland Lula Sue Williams Gladys Burrows Erna Clay Franks Connie Louise Jones Gorman McMullen Dan Prado Billy Tucker Addijo Whitakfr Miss Mildred Wyatt. Sponsor Irene Cariker Alfred Harris Doris Kilpatrick Leslie Moser Lorene Richards Joe Ferrell Walters Harold Wisely Dr. C F. Siieley. Sponsor AMITIE PURPOSE The purpose of the Amine Club is to create among the members a feeling of friendship through cooperation. OFFICERS President Vice President Secretary Treasurer .... Reporter . College Commission Representative Sponsor . . Marguerite Partin Addie Belle Bcx.ard (Catherine Fitch . Frances Irwin . Lorine Lunsford Miss Minnie Martin Frances Irwin Virginia Slade Grace Thomas Mary Flla Bates Ineda Byrd Evie Gray Clara Brown Mary Osborne MEMBERS Lorine Lunsford Jean Grant Mary Virginia Wbatherly Mary Clyde Westmoreland Orlena Hamilton Henry Avis Brown Alice Jane Thomson Ruth Curl Marjorie Westmoreland Elouise Hanks Floy Slade Frances Barron Muriel Coward Juanita McVay Mary Nell Taylor Verlyne Dainwood Arnett DORSEY AUSTINITES AXLEY Bailey Pennington Sullivan Yates Martin Tucker Jones Covin ASAFF Buchanan Fuller McCawley Sisco Tom R.EAVLEY .... President Preston Hendrick . Vice President hORD HALE . . Secretary-Treasurer Ri:a Carter . . Socio Director Leroy Ross . . Sergeant -at -Arms Tom Davison . Publicity Supervisor Dan Praix) Gorman McMullen Griee T. Ross WlI.I.ARD WHITESIDES AUSTINITES The Austinite Club was organized on the campus of SFA in order to sponsor worthy school projects designed to aid the student body in work and play. The welfare and progress of its alma mater has been in the past and will be in the future the primary motivation of the Austinites in their activities. Notable chapters of the 1938-39 Austinite program included: the big Christmas All- College Dance which featured the music of Raymond Rhone and his orchestra, union of the Austiniie Poll of SFA student opinion and the Student Opinion Surveys of America, edition of a college handbook, second annual Piney Woods Debate Tournament which brought over fifty high school debaters to the campus, and several intra-organizalion social events which were highlighted by the annual banquet at the close of the school term. Member not pictur Bill Perkins ELEMENTARY COUNCIL B. S. U. COUNCIL Harold Wisely . Fred Dorsey . . Enlistment Vice-President Katherine Fitch Social Vice-President Faye Jones . Devotional Vice-President Lois Boles . Recording Secretary Horace Spell . Corresponding Secretary Willie D. McGraw . Treasurer Forrest Fuller Reporter Frances Harreli. Pianist Jack Pennington Special Music Marguerite Partin . Y. W. A. Representative D. T. Bailey . ■ Sunday School Representative Alice Reese . B. T. U. Representative Myrtle White Church Representative Not in Pictures: Mrs. Paul Perkins . Church Representative Dr C. H. Osborne . Faculty Representative Mrs. J. H. Wisely . Sponsor Lois Cariker Honorary Devotional Leader BAPTIST STUDENT UNION The Baptist Student Union is the connecting link between the college student and the local church It works through the Sunday School, the B. T. U.. and the Y. W. A. in unifying the religious activity of Baptist students on the campus The B. S. U. promotes spiritual development and offers an attractive program including Christian fellowship and social activi- ties. Kvery student who is a member of one of the unit organizations of the Baptist Church is a member of the B. S. U. Outstanding events of this year ' s work have included the annual welcome banquet, delegation of eleven to the Southwide Baptist Student Convention, youth revival from December 4 to II. creation of B S U. library, weekly prayer and devotional services in Boy ' s Dormitory and inauguration of stu- dent church services. The B. S. U. Council, the executive committee, is composed of Sixteen officers who have charge of different phases of the work. BARRISTERS lQ-J h l G ?u d ° rder ° f , Royal barristers, which was organized in tor the purpose of acquainting pre-law students with the „ T e " " li? n 5 C S leS °t P arlia ?? entar y Procedure, has made decisive progress in this field, and has aided numerous students in their ore- paratory course in law. p The personnel of the organization is composed of a select group of scholarly students who are desirous of the benefits to be derived rrom training and expression of this nature. Eligibility for membership depends upon a C average in all academic work a reputable character, and election by the body as a whole, as stipulated in the constitution. The barristers pictured below are: Mitchell, Johnson, Marshall, Eddins, Whitehead Sisco, Murphey, Futch, Marshall, Lee, King, Muckleroy, Dennard, Brown, Moore, Hendrick, Jimmerson, Bell. Members not in picture are: Harris. Pate, Alders, Ramsey, Hyden. I B I B B Preston Hendrick President Dr. W. R. Davis Sponsor 1 - X r T CHORAL CLUB Director Ida Pritchett President JAMES GRAHAM Vice President James HAYES Secretary-Treasurer Jack PENNINGTON Commission Representative . . . GLADYS BURROWS Beauty Mary Katheryn McLennan YEAR ' S PROGRAM Christmas Cantata— " Bethlehem, " Maunder Sponsor Scionti Concert — Silvio and Isabel Scionti, duo pianists Concert for District Hlementary Council Sponsor High School Choral Festival Sponsor Houston Symphony Orchestra Concert Sunrise Easter Service on College Vista National Music Week Program — " The Open Pinafore " Open program for Nacogdoches Symphony Club, College Audi- torium Commencement Music The Choral Club is a credit organization of the college. It is open to any student who can sing. It averages about 80 voices. I SFA Del aters " pi If Under the direction of B. E. Howard, the newly organized debaters extended their scope of activi- ties this year. Positions on the squad were secured by actual competition among the contestants, being selected by the coach and two other judges. The debaters ' itinerary included Huntsville Centenary and Natchitoches. The Debate Group entered the tour- nament at Louisiana Normal and the men ' s team went to the semi-finals, being eliminated by Baylor University. 8 The debate teams spent four hours a week in actual class work on debate besides outside work Next year the group of debaters promises to be bigger and they are looking forward to a banner year. This year all teams were com- posed of freshman students. B. E. Howard, Director THE DEPARTMENT OE S PRES THE KARL WILSON BA OFFICERS Tom Jack Lucas President LYNN Hanna Vice President Orlena Hamilton Secretary-Treasurer Ray McCawley Reporter Fay Rodgers College Commission Representative B. E. Howard Director and Sponsor MEMBERS Alexander, Fannie Lewis. Roberta Bailey. D. T. Lucas, Ray Baker. John Matteson, Marshall Berryman. Myrle McCormack, Virginia Blanton, Audrey McVay, Juanita Campbell. Dorothy Mills, Rose Mai Carlisle, O. T. Modisette, Elizabeth Carter, Clara Moore, James B. Cates, Francis Moore, Marie Chaney, Catherine Murdock, Naomi Childs, Sophia Myers. Watson Colwell. Blanche Oates, Leonard Conger. Louise Osborne, John Crocker, Reba Reavley, Tom Ferem, William Rhyne, Beverly Fitch. Katherine Russell, Harvey Franklin, Frances Samford, Estelline Fuller, Velma Scott, Oneita Hankla, Allene Smith. Jewel Hankla, Randolph Stone, T. Earl Hanks, Eloise Strowbridge, Eleanor Hartgraves, Mary Tadlock, Eugenia Hooper, Nannie Tamplin, Eloyce Jackson, Zilla Terry, Vernece Jimmerson, Basil Todd, Ralph Jones, Jimmie Todd, Walter Justice, Keith Wallace, Hilda Kingham. Kathleen Winder, Doris Kyle, Wier Worley, Evelyn Lawrence, James Zeve, Charlotte PEECH AND DRAMATICS ENTS KER DRAMATIC CLUB 1938-39 witnessed a record-breaking year for the Dramatic Club — 65 members and a series of great shows under the capable direction of B. E. Howard — a new curtain installed, additional lighting equipment including a complete new system of wiring throughout the stage and auditorium, and a new switch board. " Night Must Fall " .... Splendid perform- ances from well-trained actors surmounted difficulties of time, equipment, and the play itself .... played three nights, November 2 and 3 with two different casts and Novem- ber 7. with an all-star cast selected by the players. " Stage Door " . . . . " A smooth performance — without prompting or confusion — one of the best amateur productions ever to be given in Nacogdoches. " .... Produced with a cast of 30 players and a production staff of 42 . . . . 96 changes of costumes . . . .two sets. Commencement play . . . " Outward Bound. " LOG-FORT PRESS CLUB LOGGERS ■ campus Alter a few weeks odrow baker was elected the In the fall of 1937 a new organization was created on the Step of deliberation the small group of charter members named this du first president. The purposes of The Loggers are. to promote a close harmony among all phases of college life, and mutual understanding and a cooperative spirit between the faculty and the students; to cultivate relations between the col- lege and the community; to labor on all occasions for the best interest of the college; to create favorable publicity for the college throughout the State by a more accurate reflection of the character and condition ol student life; and to sponsor such forms of entertainments as shall be most conducive to the pleasure and mutual associations of the entire student body. The Loggers organized the first SFA Softball league in 1938. They have been successful in many other campus projects. MEMBERS J. T. Anderson W. H. Bartlett Vernon Barron Wilburn Cook James (Flash) Fuller Dillon Hamilton Paskii (Redj Haney Stanley Hutson Doyle Marshall Willie Martin Burton Moncriep W. D. Moore Bergman (Boots) LlNDON MUDD Morrison Edwin Nash George Perkins Joe Roe James (Red) Swanzy C. C. Tullos William G. Tucker Members not pictured: Jack Brazier Jack Cook E. C. (Pete) Gunnels Billy McLeroy Bob McGraw Jake Nash C. E. Ferguson Sponsor Mad rigal Club This club is composed of a group of students selected from the Choral Club because of superior musicianship and voice quality. Its repertoire con- sists of music of advanced type. It has appeared in several concerts throughout East Texas and was sent en masse to the Southwestern Music Educators Con- ference as representatives of the Choral Club and the College. SOPRANO Rebecca Chaney Louise Day Mary Nell Taylor Gladys Burrows Dorothy Cruthirds Mabel Modisette Wanda Buckner Frances Stephenson Peggy Hyden Avis Adcock Fay Rodgers Erline Helvey (Honorary) ALTO Zelma Winder Doris Rodgers Monette Modisette Dorette Alford TENOR Robert Jimmerson James Hayes James Graham BASS Jack Pennington A. K. Mills Lynn Hanna Jack Rodgers (Honorary) Director . . IDA PRITCHETT Pianist MAMIE MlDDLEBROOK Organist FRANCES FULLER D epartment Pupils of Ida Pntchett — Joy Boles Gladys Burrows Tom Jack Lucas Mrs. Gussie Parker Mary Jane Perkins Mary Virginia Upton Zelma Winder Pupils of Mamie Middlebrook— Joy Bell Rena Sue Burrows Mrs. Tessie Fountain Chambers Dorothy Cruthirds Merle Daniel Monte Hill Davis Janet Davison Mary Ruth Dillon Billie Jean Dossey Pauline Frederick Jane Goodrich Andrena Hall Maggie Pearl Hanna Francis Hartsfield Margie Hartsfield Jim Hayes Billye June Hittson Anna Mary Jones Mary Lee King Lilla Mae Lowery Sara Ann McAIister Jo Ann McKewen Mable Modisette Jary Jo Pearce Dora Jane Peavy Charlotte Ann Perkins Linnie Fern Reynolds Mary Lee Riddlesperger Josephine Ross Aril Shaw Dorothy Shelton Hazel Shelton Sue Shofner Vyrn Shofner Betty Jo Stripling Nancy Lee Thaggard Billie Tucker Mary Alice Tucker Edel Zeve PINE BURRS President . Vice President Secretary - 1 reasurer Reporter Sergeant-at-Arms Sponsor . OFFICERS WlLMA WATKINS . Lucette Sharp Connie Louise Jones Madeline Ramsey Dorothy Campbell ... Evalyn Lynch MEMBERS Lucette Sharp Connie Louise Jones Madeline Ramsey Dor othy Campbell ESTERl.ENE BlACKSHER Kathryn Brown Rkba Crocker Fannie C. Davis Fay Green Norma Green Faye Haskell Barbara Hinds Tannie Frances Ivey Wu.hei.mina Meriwether Naomi Murdock Rhobfrta Nowlin ft - ■ - • Lois Parker Jacque Polk Frances Lee Pope Alice Reese urette Smith •:anor Strowbridge ove Young iibcrs not pictured: • lyn Duncan ry Stockwell Rosemary Gunning PIN E Y WOODS RECREATION ASSOCIATION S A¥ Y E R S John Baker Vernon Barron L. K. Hamilton Chester Hawkins Malcolm Johnstone Andy Little Bergman Morrison Joe Biggs Rowe. Jr. Paul Twohig Russei. Trawick Kirisy D. Walker Raymond Vermillion Howard Bailey Dugan Carter Paskel Haney Burton Moncrief Depicting the spirit of the true Lumberjack booster, the Sawyers is an organization founded on the Stephen F. Austin College campus for the purpose of furthering school spirit among SFA-ites. The organization also makes an effort to unite a group of college leaders into an unfaltering bond that will last long afier those students have departed from the pine-covered campus The Sawyers stand ready to assist at any time in any worthwhile campus project which has as its object the advancement of our college: in doing so. the members carry out the motto of the club: " For the Lumberjacks and SFA. Win-Lose-or Draw. " New members are selected by invitation and must be voted on by the members of the organization. Each year the Sawyers entertain students of Stephen F. Austin with an Apron-Overall dance. May the Sawyers, in the future as in the past, uphold the spirit and honor of the fighting Axemen! Willie D. McGraw W. G. (Tubbo) Tucker Harold Wisely C. C. Tullos Peck Acker Edwin Nash O. T. Carlisle LlNDON MUDD Randolph Hankla Joe Walters Bobby Clifford Dalton Miller Lawrence Franks Bennis Franks Ralph Arnett Standley Hutson OFFICERS President .... J AMES C. (FLASH) FULLER Secretary- ' ! reasurer . . KlRBY D. Walker Sergeant -at -Arms .... CHESTER Hawkins College Commission Representative BERGMAN MORRISON Members not pictured: Wilson McKeWEN Gerald Millard Jack Brazier James C. (Flash) Fuli President Ru; M. 1 ii nderson Hopson i Fannie Mae Alexander Edna Merle Black Lois Boles Shirley Fayf Booth Valerie Condrey Tommy D. Cook Nell Corlfy Corine Covington Sibyl Marie Escoe MEMBERS Mary Elizabeth Garrard Aliece Hanna Marie Hanson Floyd King Mary Lee King Janie Merle Muckleroy La Merle Muckleroy Leonard C. Oates William Eugene Powell Dan Prado Prebble Russell estelline samford Jessie Squier Eugenia Tadlock Mary Thomson Ju ANITA Weaver Reba Wright SPANISH CIRCLE OFFICERS Kitty Jeane Matthews . . . President Emily Baxley .... Secretary-Treasurer Miss Ruth Mays Sponsor Imogene Maroney . . . Vice-President STEPHEN F. AUSTIN BAND As a signal honor this year the colorful sixty-five piece Lumberjack Band was desig- nated to be the official band at the Tyler Rose Festival and also led the parade. The band traveled to Denton, Beaumont, and Huntsville during the football season as well as to many of the surrounding East Texas towns in its annual goodwill tour sponsored each spring by the Boosters. Another evidence of growth during this successful year was the purchase of an alto clarinet, a bass clarinet, and a set of tympana. CORNET Thaggard Moore Hanna Heaton Arnett Brittain Clifford Perritte McNiel Bradbury TROMBONE Turner Harris Thresto Byrd C. Kilpatrick Harrison Toliver BARITONE J. W. Mitchell T, Mitchell Monzingo BASS Bailey Bone Foote J. Jimmerson Lawrence Henderson BELL LYRE Beard McClary ALTO CLARINET Nancy Thaggard BASS CLARINET Nathan Langham FLUTE Blount McClary BASSOON M. D. Winder FRENCH HORN Z. Winder Director Mr. J. T. COX Drum Major Mary OSBORNE Twirlers BlLLYE Jump. HlTTSON, Doris Cade, Nancy Thaggard, Ineda Byrd, Jean Sanders Mascot Edna Merle Cox Banner Bearer GLENORA Springs Flag Bearers Ruth Curl, Peggy Wedgeworth CLARINET Pennington Buchanan Wisely Williams Weatherly Tucker Dainwood F. Fuller J. Ross Wilson Lee SAXOPHONE Stockwell G. Ross Keller J. Kilpatrick Preston BASS DRUM Johnson SNARE DRUM Sullivan Blake Muckleroy Orton ALTO HORN J. Paine H. J. Winder T. Fuller T " ASSOCIATION D. T. Bailey John Baker Lynn Baker Vernon Barron Harry Bolster Carl Brown Carl Cook Jack E. Cook Gail Doerge Bennis Franks Lawrence Franks Bill Ferem Pete Gunnels James Graham Paskel Haney Chester Hawkins Ed Henning M. H. Hopson Malcolm Johnstone Jimmie Jones Ernest Kubosh Roscoe Lindley Andrew Little Ray B. Lucas Bob McGraw Wilson McKewen Leroy McPhail Chester Hawkins President Marshall Matteson Gerald Millard C V. Modisctte Boots Morrison Watson Myers Edwin Nash George Perkins John Ramseur Harmon Roquemore Beverley Rhync Earl Shanks Gene Swier Ralph Todd Walter Todd Raymond Vermillion Buster Walters Joe F. Walters Willard Whitesides Burton Yates HONORARY MEMBERS Jean Grant Lucette Sharp Chester Hawkins President Watson Myers Vice President Malcolm Johnstone . . . Secretary Treasurer The " T " Association is composed of men in school who have earned a letter in any branch of varsity athletics. Its purpose is to develop a greater interest in athletics at S.F.A. and a better brand of sportsmanship in intercollegiate athletics. " Fight N ' te, " a night of entertainment in the athletic field, was sponsored to arouse student interest in athletics the past year. Culminating its activities for the year is the annual " T " banquet. i S. F. A. COLLEGIATE CHAPTER OF MOTTO: " Learning to do Doing to learn Earning to live Living to serve. ' First Semester Elton McNiel . . Leroy Ross . . . Carroll Burgess . Matthew W. P ' Pool Percy Wilson . . Wilson Muckleroy Second Semester President Leroy Ross Vice President . . . . CARROLL BURGESS Treasurer Bernard Duke Secretary JOE B. CROSS Parliamentarian Troy Hargis Reporter .... Wilson Muckleroy Advisers: Dr. D. D. Giles, V. R. Glazner, J. H. Hinds, W. C. Royle, R. A. Shaw. Elton McNiel Pres., 1st Semester Carroll Burgess W. B. Castleberry Joe B. Cross Robert Dennard Bernard Duke Troy Hargis Chester Hawkins Burton Moncrief Wilson Muckleroy Matthew W. P ' Pool Horace Spell James Swanzy J. C. Tischhauser Willard Whitesides Percy Wilson Dr. D. D. Giles V. R. Glazner J. H. Hinds R. A. Shaw Texas Academy of Science OFFICERS W. J. McCAWLEY, President Wilson Muckleroy, Vice President CRYSTELLE WILSON, Secretary -Treas. Alvin Thaggard, Reporter SPONSORS . G. Upton Dr. Hal B. Parks Roy H. Adams W. J. McCAWLEY, President The old Biology Club took a charter with the State Academy of Science in the early spring of 1938 and became the S. F. A. Chapter. Texas Academy of Science. . . . Organized to foster interest in any field of science. . . . Programs in charge of one or more students. . . . All graduate students and a number of undergraduates are state members. . . . Highlights of year. . . . Presentation of paper at regional meeting. Baylor University in Waco. . . . Winning vice presi- dency of State organization by Griff Terry Ross. . . . Sponsoring erection of markers at the entrance to the college drive. . . . Calling attention of public to science departments by conducting open house. . . . Objectives for 1939: .. . Establishment of a news letter or bulletin for the State Academy (College Division). . . . The adoption of a key in keeping with academic traditions of the organization. Members of the Academy of Science are: Carrol Burgess, Elaine Black- stock, Fred Dorsey. Bill Ferem, Lynn Hanna, Mary Hartgraves, Dillon Hamil- ton, Florine Hankla. John Kilpatrick, Ray McCawley, Elton Lee, Willie Martin, Elton McNiel, John Osborne, Jack Pennington. Leroy Ross, Fay Rodgers, Lorene Richards, Doris Winder, Robert Wyatt. Graduate Members are: Howard Bachtel, Jack Garrett, Clay Smith. Marl Caldwell, Otis Lewis, Frank Archibald. WOMAN ' S COUNCIL Barron. Esterlene Blacksher. Ineda Byrd. Sophia Guilds. Verlyne Dainwood, Geraldine Garner. Evie Gray, Faye Haskell, JCES Irwin. Doris Kilpatrick. Anne McClary, La Merle Muckleroy. Marguerite Partin. Barbara Perkins, Madeline Ramsey. Alice Reese. Virginia Slade, Jam- Summers. Mary Nell Taylor. Mary Jane Thomas. Wilma Watkins OFFICERS Co-Presidents Dan Prado Mary Clyde Westmoreland Co-Vice Presidents .... WiLLARD WHITESIDES Avis Adcock Co-Secretaries W. D. Moore WlLMA WOODARD Marilyn Moore Treasurer LORENE RICHARDS MEMBERS 4ays. Ruth Wi Andy L i Paga In eda Byrd. E LARY. WlLMA MOYER, Melba Moore, Lorraine Tuli WESLEY STUDENT ASSOCIATION Motive: To promote a greater Christian fellowship among college students and faculty members. COLLEGE SUNDAY SCHOOL CLASS Rev. L. A. Reavis Mrs. L. A. Reavis Sarah Jane Teutch Marjorie Westmoreland Joy Upton Janearle Bland Sarah Lynn Tiller Nell Lee Joy Glazner Jake Hepinstill Jean Grant Mary Ella Bates Mary Cl yde Westmoreland Frances Barron Avis Adcock Connie Louise Jones Mrs. William Pou William Pou Peggy Hyden Martha Reavley Gladys Powell Wilma Moyer Juanita Weaver Helen Turpin Willeene Mclver Bergman Morrison Vernon Barron Barbara Hinds Madeline Ramsey Emily Baxley Regenta Bass Bessie Lou Price Marie Hunt Andrew Little Wier Kyle Branch Axley Bill Perkins Larry Covin Bobby Clifford Audrey Lee Bone Thomas Mitchell Dick Hepinstill PUBLICATIONS Gorman McMullhn r.duoc James (Flash) Fuller Business Manager The Pine Log, printed each Saturday during the long term, has as its purpose the presentation of news of interest to the student body and the fur- nishing of a medium of expression of students ' viewpoints. One of the outstanding features of the 1938-39 paper was the weekly student opinion column which printed all contributions, without censorship, that concerned questions of student interest and did not make a personal attack on an individual. Lively controversies throughout the year kept this column in the student ' s eye and many times brought action by the College Commission. Another project of the 1938-39 Pine Log was the securing of newspaper cuts of students and faculty members who figured in campus news, and as a result this year ' s issues have featured more pictures than any other year ' s. Thus a valuable file of newspaper cuts has been created for present and future use. THE STONE FORT The Stone Fort tells its story of Stephen F. Austin State Teachers College with pictures. WlLMA W ATKINS Editor-in-Chief ' ■ ' James (Flash) Fuller Associate Editor Barham Hand Staff Photographer Associate editors JAMHS C. FULLER Lorene Richards Senior Class Editor ALICE REESE Junior Class Editor AVRIL WOOD Sophomore Class Editor WlLMA MOYER Freshman Class Editor NANCY THAGGARD Photographers BARHAM HAND Homer Martin Elton Lee Bergman Morrison W. D. Moore Athletics Editor TOM DAVISON Girls ' Athletics BERTHA JACK ARLENE Kilpatrick Mildred Stevens Publications MARY ELLA BATES Features MARJORIE WESTMORELAND Demonstration School BETTY Rose GlNTZ Organizations HILDA WALLACE Eugenia Tadlock Charlotte Zeve Mary Upton Forrest Fuller Melba Moore Administration CATHERINE CHANEY Club Editors CONNIE LOUISE JONES, AL HARRIS. lorine lunsford. irene cariker, floyd king. barbara Hinds, Fay Rodgers. Evie Grey, Juanita McVay, Willie D. McGraw. Rosemary Gunning, Kitty Jean Matthews, Tom Buchanan, Jr., Malcolm Johnstone. Chester Hawkins. Elton McNiel, W. J. McCawley, Ineda Byrd, Ahleene Reavis. Pulp, the first literary magazine ever published at Stephen F. Austin, made its initial appearance in the spring of 1938 under the sponsor ship of Mildred Wyatt and H. C. Key. It was a natural outgrowth of the literary work of the Die-Hards, an organization of students whose writings, until then, had all been rejected for publication. Pulp offers all students, with the gift or desire to write, a chance to place their work before the student body, in printed form. At the present time the Die-Hards act only as editorial and advisory staff, and most of the contributions come from students who are not members. The 1939 issue was sponsored by Mildred Wyatt and Dr. T. E. Ferguson. Ray McCawley W. J. McCawley Dr. T. E. Ferguson Mildred Wyatt Sponsors DEMONSTRATION SCHOOL SENIORS Newel Adams Mary Lou Beard Vivian Dunn Maudess Feazell Willie Jo Feazell Frances Ford Ross Martin Fountain Betty Rose Gintz Murrel Harrison Charles Kilpatrick Martin Lewis King John Roland McNeil Doris Mayes Roy Muckleroy John G. Orton Barbara Perkins Mary Jo Preston Claude Rodgers Josephine Ross Betty Zou Sisco Harrison Stockwell Joseph Upton TENTH GRADE Top row, left to right : Darrel Fulmer, Robert Shindler, J. L. Jimerson, Jr., J. W. Mitchell. Elmo Pleasant, Hulon Cureton, W. R. Jones, James Williams, Dan Mize. Second row from top: Isabelle Toliver, Mrs. Morgan, Elsie Mills, Margaret Strode, Olive Reed, Bernice Koonce. Third row from top: Louise Brandon. Hazel Black, Ruth Smith, Jane Hughes, Elizabeth Heitman. Fourth row: Prank Thresto, Truitt Fuller, Doris Garner. Virginia Burrows, Henry Jean Winder. Rose Marie Poe, Peggy Wedgeworth, Helen Doss. George Wilson. John Heaton. NINTH GRADE Top row, left to right: Gene Belk, Clois Walker, Mr. McCallum. William Ross. Second row: John Tipton, Paul Perkins, Jr., Pat Hooper, Elmer Dennard, Frank Sisco. Boffomroif: Dorothy Scott, Thclma Reed, Patricia Andrews, Marie Harvin. Mary Livingston, Lucille Hobbs. EIGHTH GRADE Top row, left to right: M. C. Mora, Grar Battle. Second row: John Rusche, Bryant Battle, Au: Keeling, Jr., James Chandler, J. R. Holt, Raymond Shindler, Willie Hughes. Third row: Mary Alice Mackeckney, Felix Mu leroy, Josephine Mora, Dovie Battle, Hi Scott, Helen Carnley, Landis Lee. Bottom row: Andrena Hall, Nancy Fae McG eron, Nadine Jimerson, Betty Lou Poe, I Blount, Sara Jean Heitman, Sammy L Crawford. SIXTH AND SEVENTH GRADES Top row, left to right: J. J. Grain, Jr., Pierson Hoily, Nelson Rusche, Dannie Boone. Second row: Theo Hampton, Billy Glazener, James Burke Dorsey, Jr.. Patti Parmley, Vir- ginia Mize, Anna Mary Jones, Eugene Brown. Third row: Verna May Cristi. Carolyn Fowler, Lucille Baily. Coma Power, Barbara An- drews. Julia Anne Miller, Miss Hobbs. Bottom row: Charles Cooper. Wilbur Mills, Hel- en Williams, Hazel Marian Shelton, Doro- thy Moore. Rena Sue Burrows, Ford Simp- son, Honor Logan Crawford. FOURTH AND FIFTH GRADES Top row. left to right: Marjorie Annette Preston, Willie Blanche Carter, Mary Alice Tucker. Margie Harts- field. Miss Pumphrey. George Donald Feazell. Ira Hemphill. Beverly Thresto. Albert Long. Second row: Jimmie Morris, Jack Ford. Edward Blount J. W. Dunn, Jr.. Rodgers Parker, Billie Byrd. Charles McCawley. Kenneth Worsham, Raymond Burgess. Bottom row: Mary Ruth Dillcn, Ruth Mane Bailey. Vern Rey Glazener. Opal Wells, Elsie Marie Heitman. Betty Jo Stripling, Emily Lou Summers, Mary Nell Russell. SECOND AND THIRD GRADES Top rou left to right: Ray Mize, Edna Merle Cox. Jane Goodrich, Miss Taylor, Mozelle Hampton, J. J. Lov- ing. Glen Harvin. Second row: Earl Heitman. Jo Ann McKewen. Bobby Ann Harris. Mary Jane Perkins. Dorothy Chambers, Fran- ces Hartsfield. Third row: E. W. Long. Stephen Tucker, Jr.. Betty Ann Hooker. Geraldinc Leslie, Edward Blount Tucker. Wesley Mason. Fritz McCameron. Bottom row: Jean Dossey. Patricia Ann Goldsberry. Nancy Lee Osborne, Margreteene Feazell. Winifred Burton. Jo Nan Shaw. Dorothy Shelton, Barbara Ann Holt. FIRST GRADE l op row. left to right: Luther Swift, Donald Will Clark, Jimmy Hammett, Miss Barnes. Robert Cates Bur- rows, Donald Langston Moss. Andrew Hall. econd row: Frank Sharp Tucker, Tommy Cox, Craig Tucker. John J. Rudisill. Jr.. Rufus Miller. Sammy Logan. Jimmy Willis. ottom row: Patsy Seeking, Betty Ruth Johnson, Starr Davis. Martha Alice Tannery, Monte Hill Davis. Sara Ann McAlister, Peggy Ann McKay. Mary Nell Dillen. BASKET BALL Left to right, top row: Coach Matteson, Upton, Hopson, Stockwell, Wilson, Fulmcr, McNeil. Bottom row: King, Bunn, Perkins, Mitchell, Kilpatrick, Fountain, Fuller. The Blue Devils closed their season by winning their last ten games. Tn the entire season they won 14 out of 22 games, beating such teams as Gary, Laneville, Pineland, and Nacogdoches, all Class A County Champions. They also tied the ' Doches team for third place in the Dragon tournament. Red King was high scorer for the season with 202 points, followed by Roach, 148; Fuller, 100; Bunn, 75; and Kil- patrick, 46. Girls Sports 1. Lois swats ' cm 2. This is Magalene 3. Very exciting 4. Children! 5. More baseball •napshots Note the head size 2. We know who, but why? 3. Guess who this is? 4. Tomorrow ' s worries 5. Just mugs 6. Every noon 7. The morning after 8. Smile please 9. They thought it funny 10. What is this? 1 1 • Magalene takes off 12. Bringing it in 13. The leaning tower 1 4. This wasn ' t posed SNAPSHOTS By ballot the students of Stephen F. Austin College selected Hash and Wilma as " The Campus ' Cutest Couple. " t ■ m £ » •. Jl f i hUU 1 BALL lNSPlKbD IT I. " Major Hoople " Vermillion poses f »i a photo. 2. " Bird Dog " Myers got off the grour c long enough to have his picture mad • 3. Little Jimmie Willis, class of ' 55 ar candidate for All-American. 4. " The Yank " leads a yell. 5. " Now, it ' s this way boys. " 6. Looking for a seat — or a boy. 7. Looks like a bald-headed guy, but it is on] Gene Swier. 8. Chester Hawkins and Coach Willis off for i round of " pellet pounding. " 9. When the going gets rough. 10. Pep rally. I 1 . Suckers. 12. " Pardon our backs. " 13. Up she goes! 14. Dan Wilmoth came in handy before he was bit ten by the bug. 15. Don ' t remind us of this place. What ' s Durante got that I haven ' t? " Money. " Speedie " brings up the rear, as usual. Now, J. E., you know better than to leave these headgears out, etc. John Hargis with background of females. " Butch. " " Coach, let me play. " " Honest, folks, 1 ain ' t posing. " " 1 Ca n ' t Tell a Lie " Baker and Madie attend the Homecoming game. Everyone yelled but Jones — he chawed. " On to Huntsville. " Looks like they are looking down at Little but sure enough they are not. Building the bonfire. They haven ' t worked this hard before or since. FISH FISH ! FISH! FISH! don ' t laugh, upperclassmen, because you probably looked worse than this .... Now who put that middle picture, top row, in there? Doing a good egg a good turn. . . . Rodgers doesn ' t seem to mind all this. . . . O. K., Bud, you go right ahead and wear your JB. V. D. ' s. . . . Ray and Jack at it again. . . . This is what you call getting down to earth. . . . Now, ain ' t we cute? .... Last summer at SFA. " Beetle " Cox, Glyndon Gibson, and O zie Osborne get in a bit of rehearsing. . . . Taking it easy. . . . Grant washes windows. Bill Butler hops down from Kilgore. . . . Hilda s on the fence. . . . Howdy . A little bashful. . . . Sidney Easley caught by the cameraman. LEERS, LAUGHS, FROWNS, SMILES, NONCHALANCE AND UNAWARENESS MAKE CAMERA FODDER. SAWDUST BY WAY OF EXPLANATION: Sawdust is the leavings from The Pine Log. There is no particular reason why you should read what is printed in this section, but the staff realizes the importance of filling in around the photos. If your name or photograph is not included here, don ' t get mad. After all, you didn ' t pay us as much as those whose cognomen or resemblance is displayed here. Of course, the cracks printed here are ancient; however, they are so old that we feel that you have forgotten them. Anyway, what do you expect? Tf we were any better we wouldn ' t have to write for a yearbook. Now, maybe the photos in this effort are not up to your expectations. If they don ' t suit you, don ' t blame us. Blame Schleuter. Maybe they are not funny. Well, chances are that you are a sourpuss and you don ' t think anything is funny. And maybe you don ' t like this whole mess a durn little bit — the chances are you don ' t, but who cares? We don ' t. You can tell the man who boozes by the company that he chooses. This member of the college herd was sold and sent up North. Just goes to show how far a little bull will go. " Nope, I didn ' t make the first team, I I would have if I hadn ' t hurt my sho der. HISTORICAL DEFINITIONS The Liberty Bell — It rings at the end of every hour. The Revival of Learning — Night before exams. THE Dark AGES — The period of separation from your one and only. The Age OF Realism — The day your grades come out. RESTORATION Period — The morning after the night before. The REVOLUTIONARY Period — The College Commission tries to do some- thing. CENTRAL Powers — Miss Hill, Mr. Birdwell, and Mr. Ferguson. WATERLOO — Getting caught slipping in at 12 o ' clock. BOSTON TEA PARTY — President Birdwell ' s reception. A FREEMAN — Graduate student. Emancipation Proclamation — Degree from S. F. A. Slavery — N. Y. A. worker. Taxation Without Representation — Library fines. DIET OF Worms — Spaghetti at the Cafeteria. TREATY OF VERSAILLES — Woodrow Wilson made the Kaiser buy him a coke. Plebiscite — The Austinite Poll. ANSCHLUSS — Marriage on the campus. Lord Chesterfield — Strong cigarette. DISCOVERY — Mr. Lowery makes them quite frequently. SETTLEMENT — Mr. Birdwell tells the College Commission they can ' t do that. PIONEERS — Couples exploring the campus. Puritan — She won ' t neck. Alsace-Lorraine — She started the World War. What we want to know is this: Where do the ears stop and the hands begin? Sonntag meets his match. " What an unusual phone booth. SUGGESTED READING LIST AGGIE CLUB — The Good Earth, The Harvester. CHORAL CLUB — God ' s Troubadours. An American Tragedy. DRAMATIC CLUB — The Cream of the Jest. The Light That Failed. HOUSE REPRESENTATIVES — The Gentleman in the Parlor. To Have and to Hold. SPANISH CIRCLE — Against the Grain, Les Miserables. ODELL ' S GEOGRAPHY CLASS — Gulliver ' s Travels, Innocents Abroad. E. H. R. CLUB — Old Wives Tale, Vanity Fair. Y. W. C. A. — The Perennial Bachelor. When Knighthood was in Flower. Y. M. C. A. — Little Women. The Sheltered Life. B. S. U. — All This and Heaven Too. STUDENT BODY — The Trail of the Lonesome Pine, Slave Ship. " T " ASSOCIATION — Big Money. The Danger Trail. PINE LOG STAFF — End of the Chapter, The Isle of Thorns. BAND— The Turmoil. The Power to Kill. WOMAN ' S COUNCIL — Lively Lady. Men of Iron. AUSTONIANS — Swan Song. Return I Dare Not. AUSTINITES — How to Win Friends and Influence People. PINE BURRS — The Story of Mankind. That Man Is Mine. SAWYERS — How to Live on Twenty-four Hours a Day. LOGGERS — Paul Bunyan, The Call of the Wild, Come and Get It, Big Timber. PRESS CLUB — That Printer of Udell ' s. How to Press Pants, Creative Writing, How to Make Filler. FACULTY — And Tell of Time. Life Begins at Forty. COLLEGE COMMISSION — Adolescent Psychology, Dreams Disrupted. BARRISTERS — Tobacco Road. Listen! The Wind. ANNUAL STAFF — Bookmaking for Beginners. Murder with Pictures. LUMBERJACKETTES— Goodbye, Mr. Chips, Beloved Stranger, O Careless Love. ELEMENTARY COUNCIL T Little Shepherd of Kingdom Come, The Young in Heart. r_ _ MADRIGAL CLUB— Mother Carey ' s Chickens. Give Yourself a Chance. ALPHA CHI — Ask Me Another, The Seven Pillars of Wisdom, Mother Goose. P. W. R. A. — Of Mice and Men. Beautify Your Figure, To the Last Man. ACADEMY OF SCIENCE — The Citadel, Horse and Buggy Doctor, 100,000,000 Guinea Pigs. DEBATERS— -Effective Speaking, Gone With the Wind. LIBRARY STAFF — Lulu ' s Library. J AN I TORS — Dark Treasure. N. Y. A. — Twenty-four Hours a Day. WESLEY STUDENT ASSOCIATION — Heaven Knows What. He ' s not drunk ankle. Honest. Just sprained an BUSINESS BEFORE PLEASURE Old Mose Epstein lay on his death bed. For twenty years he had been manager, owner, bookkeeper, chief clerk, and jan- itor of the Mose Epstein Mercantile Company, dry goods, gro- ceries, gasoline, and gravestones. For twenty years the Epstein Company had opened at six o ' clock in the morning and closed at six o ' clock in the evening — provided there were no customers in the store. Only twice had the famed Epstein Company staged a sale, however, they both lasted ten years each. Today it appeared that the citizenship of Centerville would be reduced to 327 and the Chamber of Commerce had called a special meeting to receive bids on a bit of sign changing. There was no doubt but what the C. of C. would appropriate funds to renovate the billboard on highway 91 which read " You are now entering Centerville. Population 328. " Mama Epstein and the seven little Epsteins had gathered at the bedsid? of their husband and father. Abie, Rosie, Jakie, Jodie, Harry, Julius, and Pippie stood in a circle around the bed. Mama Epstein spoke. " Papa, speak to us, " she said, " we ' re all here — little Abie, Rosie, Jakie, Jodie, Harry, Julius, and Pipp.e. Speak to us before you leave us. " Old Mose s eyes slowly opened. With a quivery finger he motioned for his family to come closer. In a faint voice he began to call their names. " Mama, " his voice was dim. " Yes, papa, " his wife replied. One by one he called the names of his family. One by one they answered, " Yes, papa. " The old man then turned his pale face to his wife and asked, " Veil, vot do you say, mama, are all the boys and girls here all de time, huh? " " Yes, papa, dey all here, " she answered. " Veil, are you positive? " the old man questioned. " Positive, papa, " she returned. " Tell me mama — " " Yes, papa. " The old man turned as white as a bucket of calcimine as he mustered up all his energy and bellowed, " Veil, tell me, who in de hell is keeping the store? " Francile Morrison, last year ' s Stone Fort Editor, and a donkey. Francile is on the extreme right. There used to be a filling station here, but those mean old college boys carried it away, piece by piece. . . . . Morrison ' s had a bad night. This shows how low down a camera man can get. . . . . " Gorsh, this is the first time I was ever photographed in my nightshirt. " Don ' t blame this poor bird for being bald-headed. You would probably be the same way if you had to run around the country photographing college students. . . . This is Barham " Schleuter " Hand. " I wonder if I made the Rambler? " . . . " Times are getting so hard that a man has to tie up his thumb in order to catch a ride. " Hark! Hark! The Lark! .... Three of a kind. Watch out for the flies, Ab. . . . " We ' re so tough we stink. " " Well, Glazener, I ' ll tell you why you should vote for etc., etc., etc. " . . . The Gathering of the Nuts. " Nope, I ' m not scared. It ' s the goldurn photographer. " THINGS WE WOULD LIKE TO KNOW Why is Ralph Arnett called " Charlie " ? Does Mr. Dean really lose money on every sale he makes? Is Mr. Lowery triplets? Has Mr. Cain learned a new joke yet? Is " Bone " Barton really an honest-to-goodness cowboy? Why do all the girls go for Earl Carter? Did anyone ever make an " A " under " Red " Harling? How old do you have to be before you retire as a college professor? Why some S. F. A. professors never attend student affairs? When will Mr. Garner get a new phrase to let us know " that we have been weighed in the balance and found lacking " ? When will S. F. A. professors stop pulling against each other and start pulling for each other? When will we stop this stuff? . . . Right now! Oh! Bertha, what big feet you have! Hold It! The End. SHOW WINDOWS OF NACOGDOCHES AIRLINE MOTOR COACHES Serving the garden spot of Texas with com- fortable, de-luxe coaches and careful, How long? How far? How hard? How fine? How heavy or light the load? If it ' s half as good as the half I ' ve known Here ' s Hail to the rest of the road. THE REST OF THE ROAD WILL BE TWICE AS GOOD ON AIRLINE MOTOR COACHES THE PAUSE THAT REFRESHES THE NACOGDOCHES COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY itn » CASON, MONK 8 CO. The Best Known Name in HARDWARE AND FURNITURE Front View of Our Hardware Store THIS IS AN OLD FIRM THAT KEEPS ABREAST OF THE TIMES! We enjoy a wonderful heritage. Your Father and your Father ' s Father have traded with us. We cherish those fond recollections. May we serve you, also? AVAIL YOURSELF OF OUR EASY TERMS A Glimpse Into C Furniture Stor Weekly Radio Program from George Davis Store Featuring College Student Talent. GEORGE DAVIS " Where the New Things Are Shown First " EXCLUSIVE MEN ' S STORE BUICK ' S THE BEAUTY J. E. REESE COMPANY It ' s the Ablest of the Eights FROST LUMBER INDUSTRIES INCORPORATED OF TEXAS Largest Selection of Style Shoes for the Fashion-Wise Women of East Texas MATTHEWS - DAVIDSON Complete INSURANCE Protection THE STONE FORT NATIONAL BAN NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS Capital, Surplus, and Undivided Profits $288,000.00 Total Resources $2,790,000.00 Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Modern 17 -Ton Time Vault Directors ' Room Science Building Equipped with (J J PLUMBING Hill) RES by HUNT PLUMBING SUPPLY CO. Nacogdoches Conroe Mt. Pleasant We Print the College Newspaper In the Most Up-to-date Newspaper Plant in East Te c 1 Recently installed new Goss Press, Model 8 Linoty: Model 14 Linotype, New Stereotyping Plant and Other Equipment. THE REDLAND HERALD CONGRATULATIONS 1939 SENIORS We are sure the training you have received will fit yc to grow with Texas, and because of that training Tex; will grow with you. The S. F. A. dormitories that have been your home for the past few years were kept warm and comfortable by natural gas service. Make use of this great natural servant in your future years! UNITED GAS Col BftJ " w USE GAS FOR THE 5 BIG JOBS I CORPORATION CHEVROLET BEN T. WILSON CHEVROLET CO. NACOGDOCHES NACOGDOCHES DRUG COMPANY " Student Headquarters " We Handle the Best in Notions, Candies, Gifts, Drugs, and Cosmetics When you buy a gift for any purpose come to NACOGDOCHES DRUG We Have Satisfied Hundreds of Students With Our Watches and Jewelry Official Jeweler for College Class Rings IHir I Where Students and Ex-Students Are Always WELCOME 13 — Stores Serving East Texas — 13 —LET US SERVE YOU— DEPARTMENT STORES Use Modern Olympic Refrigerators with AIR CONDITIONED ICE REFRIGERATION Cold Alone Is Not Enough SOUTHERN ICE CO. Home Economics Students Use Ice in the Nursery School COMMERCIAL NATIONAL BANK " The Friendly Bank " Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation For over 39 years the name of this institution has stood for all that is substantial and dependable in FINANCIAL AFFAIRS IN EAST TEXAS drfl NOVEL BRlorjTS RasS NOVEL BRIGHT " Your Grocer Friend " COME AND VISIT THE HOME OF GOOD FOOD TENNIS PLAYERS Get Your Racquets and Tennis Supplies AT Branch-Patton Hardware Co. 3 Pennsylvania Balls, $1.00 DR. H. L STOCKWELL OPTOMETRIST Special Attention to Students ' Eye Problems Located in BOWDON S JEWELRY STORE 205 Main Nacogdoches, Texas Phone 3C COUNTRY CLUB Here many of the professors spend their leisure hours and quite a few of the dances and parties of the year are given. WRECKER SERVICE ANY TIME GENERAL AUTO REPAIRING MACHINE SHOP AND WELDING MUCKELROY MOTOR CO. Phone 241 Phone 241 Buy Your COLD DRINKS — SANDWICHES SUNDRY SUPPLIES AT THE COLLEGE PHARMACY Visit us after the show — Open ' til Midnight INDUSTRY AGRICULTURE HISTORIC NACOGDOCHES ty of Many Industrial Plants A County Rich in Agriculture and Livestock Raising Experiencing a New and Phenomenal Growth in Industry — Agriculture — Education CHAMBER OF COMMERCE Nacogdoches, Texas EDUCATION View of Rusk and Science Buildings View of the Modern College Dormitory for Boys i East Texas - - It ' s the Lumberjacks and ICE CREAM NACOGDOCHES ICE CREAM COMPANY YOUR SITE TO EOT 0-2 E4 O I ' M D r COh DR. PEPPER BOTTLING CO. JOHN L. BAILEY, Mgr. Group of College Students " Drinking Their Bite to Eat " at the Cafeteria. Performing an Economical Service NACOGDOCHES GROCERY COMPANY Established 1902 Distinctive Apparel for Women and Fashionable Footwear SCHMIDT ' S THE COLLEGE GROCERY " Your Neighborhood Grocery " We Carry Everything You Need in GROCERIES and MEATS CITY MEMORIAL HOSPITAL The City Hospital is one of the most mod- ern in East Texas. Students are provided with hospitalization here for $2 a semester. WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE Come in and Look at Our Complete Stock of RADIOS AUTO ACCESSORIES saw the place and my heart beat fast I had found the perfect spot at last I could see the house, I could see the door, I could see the roof, the walls and floor, I could see the smoke from the burning logs In the fireplace. I could see my dogs. I could trace the path from the house to the spring, I could see it all except one thing . . . The money I ' d need to buy the land And build the house, for, you understand, That drifter ' s gold is a priceless thing But it ' s not the gold that ' ll ever bring A single sou in the marts of trade . . . So I saw my long-held vision fade. — From Song of the Seven Senses. Such treasured dreams as these need not fade . . . It is our pleasure and purpose to aid you in realizing yo visions . . . FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION OF NACOGDOCHES TEXAS FARM PRODUCTS COMPANY NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS FERTILIZER PLANT. FEED MILL AND ELEVATOR Annual Capacity Fertilizer Plant 10,000 Tons, Side Track Facilities 12 Cars Manufacturers of LONE STAR BRAND DAIRY AND SWEET FEEDS POULTRY FEEDS CORN MEAL GRAIN PRODUCTS FERTILIZER FIELD SEEDS COTTON SEED PRODUCTS The Lone Star Plowboys, consisting of Marzett Thomas, Howard Johnson, Griff Ross, Basil Barbee, and Steele Wright, broad- cast on Tuesday and Thursday of each week over KRBA for Texas Farm Products. Proving that you can grow bigger and better crops with Lone Star Fertilizer, Bob Millard of Nacogdoches produced 683 pounds of lint cotton per acre with 200 pounds of Lone Star 6-9-3 per acre. uU MBE««» D NACOGDOCHES LUMBER YARD Phone 202 We are just across the street from the Courthouse if you ever need BUILDING MATERIALS Tom H. Summers, Manager WE POINT WITH PRIDE TO OUR COLLEGE T. L. BLACKSHER Everything in Dry Goods COMPLIMENTS OF McKAYS FOOD MART The Complete Food Market " BEAUTIFUL HOMES This scene shows only a few of the many beautiful homes of " The Friendly City. " HERMAN SEALE FEEDS FOR ALL YOUR NEEDS Phone 266 East Main STRIPLING, HASELWOOD 8 CC Your Rexall Drug Store When in Nacogdoches. Meet Your Friends at Our Soda Fountain YOU ARE ALWAYS WELCOME " The Store Where Your Dollar Goes Further " J. C. PENNEY CO. Operating Fifteen Hundred Stores Serving Millions of Students | BEAUTIFUL TREES i Not only is the college campus located in a nat- ural grove of pine but practically every street in Nacogdoches is shaded by beautiful trees. Red Ball Motor Freight Co. " Smiling Service " Free Pick-up and Deliveries Overnight from Dallas, Houston, Shreveport, Beaumont, and Intermediate Points to Your Door. EXPRESS SERVICE AT FREIGHT RATES F. S. Rook, Agent LUFKIN TYPEWRITER COMPANY Typewriters, Adding Machines, Cash Registe Dictaphones — Inter-Communication System Sales, Service, Rentals, Supplies D. C. SATTERWHITE, Manager 14 Shepard Ave. Lufkin, Tex Look at THE NEW ' 39 DODGE LUXURY LINER Before You Buy H. R. MAST Your Dodge and Plymouth Dealer PERKINS MATTRESS COMPANY Manufacturers of Felted Staple Cotton Mattresses Innersprings and Regulars " Most Up-to-Date Plant in East Texas " MISE BROTHERS HEADQUARTERS FOR COLLEGE STUDENTS We can supply your needs in the newest things out at reasonable prices. Always showing the latest out in . . . Ladies ' Ready-to-Wear Dry Goods Millinery THE PHELAN COMPANY WHOLESALE GROCERS AND COFFEE ROASTERS Mary Osborne, Drum Major of the " Lumberjack " Band Leads the Parade at the Spring Opening PHELAN LEADS THE PARADE IN FINE COFFEES CATES ROBERTS RADIO AND ELECTRIC SHOP " Everything Electrical " SHE SHALL HAVE MUSIC WHEREVER SHE GOES An R. C. A. For Every Need Scene Taken at Fight Night Wrestling Requires Ruggedness and Endurance Modern Travel Requires Tires to Have These Qualities BUY DAYTON THOROUGH-BRED TIRES AT Helpinstill Auto Supply Co. With the Compliments and Best Wishes of J. E. Stone Lumber Company Manufacturers and Wholesalers Band Sawn Yellow Pine and Hardwood Lumb NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS BOWDON ' S NACOGDOCHES HEADQUARTERS For Fine Jewelry, Watches, Diamonds, Glassware, China, and Silver LET US SELL YOU A GIFT THAT WILL LAST " If It ' s from Bowdon ' s It ' s New " NACOGDOCHES DRY GOODS CO. " A Good Store in a Good Town " Ready-to- Wear — Shoes — Men ' s Eutnjshings, The College Coffee Shop You Will Always Find the College Crowd AT THE . . AUS HACOGDO 3 TATE COLLUG! COFFEE SHOP CHES. TEXAS READY TO SERVE ALL EAST TEXAS with PROPERLY PASTEURIZED MILK PURE MILK S ICE COMPANY Nacogdoches, Texas TO LOOK WELL DRESSED Have Your Cleaning and Pressing Done at THE COLLEGE CLEANERS To the Advertisers I wish to express on be- half of The Staff and The Student Body as a whole our appreciation for your cooperation in en- abling us to publish the 1939 Stone Fort. TO THE STUDENTS The merchants who have advertised in The Stone Fort have made it possible for you to have an annual of this size and quality. I have tried to add interest to this section by the use of pictures. If you notice an ad here tell the merchant and .... TRADE WITH HIM Harold Wisely, Business Manager This Snow Scene is Unusual in East Texas THE HIGH QUALITY OF OUR LUMBER IS UNUSUAL ALSO Tilford-Hunt Lumber Company Lacey Hunt, President Students . . . Fall Term 1938-1939 Name Address A Acker, Peck Tyler Acker, Ulysses Tyler Adcock, Avis Nursery Aills, Jack Nacogdoches Albea, Louise Nacogdoches Alders, James Nacogdoches Alders, Rayford Nacogdoches Alexander, Fannie Mae Nacogdoches Alexander, Ir ene Troup Alford, Dorette San Augustine Allen, Billie Joyce Nacogdoches Alston, John, Jr Kilgore Anderson, J. T Mt. Enterprise Andrews, Katherine Lufkin Armstrong, Mrs. Faye Nacogdoches Arnett, Kenneth Lufkin Arnett, Ralph C Lufkin Arthur, Jett Nacogdoches Arthur, Smithie Nacogdoches Asaff, John Marshall Ash, Joe Smith Nacogdoches Ash, Maree Garrison Ashley, Juanita Nacogdoches Avara, Burwell Alto Avara, Oleta Bane Alto Axley, Branch Nacogdoches B Bagley, Minnie Kate Waskom Bailey, D. T Marshall Bailey, Felix Nacogdoches Bailey, Harold Timcson Bailey, Howard Nacogdoches Bailey, Mary Beulah Timcson Baker, John Henderson Baker, Lynn Corsicana Baker, Tommie V Center Ballard, Ned Nacogdoches Barber, Albert Tenaha Barrett, Fay Nacogdoches Barron, Bernice Nacogdoches Barron, Frances Trouo Barron, Vernon Troup Bartlett, Will Henry Mt. Enterprise Bass, Evelyn Appleby Bass, Leland Carroll Martinsville Bass, Mouzon Garrison Bass, Regenta Relda Marshall Bates, John W Timoson Bates, Mary Ella Nacogdoches Bates, Melba Nacogdoches Battise, Albert Livingston Battise, Winfred Livingston Baugh, Iris Maxine Nacogdoches Baxley, Emily Nacogdoches Bearden, Brooksie Lee TimDson Bell, A. W., Jr Nacogdoches Bell, Julia Center Belser, Berna Deane Nacogdoches Belser, Loyd Nacogdoches Bergman, Kathleen Nacogdoches Berryman, Myrle Ruth Hemphill Biggers, Dean Center Biflingsley, Lorene Lufkin Birdwell, Anne Nacogdoches Birkelbach, Alvin Thrall Black, Edna Merle Alto Blacksher, Esterlene Nacogdoches Blackstock, Elaine Center Blanchard, Robert Port Neches Bland, Janearle Port Neches Blanton, Audrey L Cushing Boatman, Jack Garrison Bogard, Addie Belle Timpson Bogard, Joseph Neuville Timpson Bohanan, Phinks Houston Boles, Joy Mt. Enterprise Boles, Lois Jacksonville Bolster, Harry Baytown Bond, Addie Lufkin Bone, Aubrey Lee Nacogdoches Boone, Mary Lou Nacogdoches Booth, Shirley Fay Center Borders, Maurene Choice Bowen, Teddy, Jr Alto Bowers, Mrs. Nina Carthage Bowlin, Robert Nacogdoches Bradbury, Bettie Mae Laneville Name Address Bradbury, Elizabeth Laneville Bradberry, Floyd Nacogdoches Bradberry. Vernon L Nacogdoches Brannon, Mrs. Loma Sutton Gary Brazier, Clarence Ponta Brewer, Marie Nacogdoches Brittain, Joe Ed Lufkin Brittain, Zack Center Brough, Royce Lufkin Brough, Vera Lufkin Brown, Carl Texarkana, Arkansas Brown, Clara Nacogdoches Brown, Henry Avis Nacogdoches Brown, Kathryn Nacogdoches Brown, Raymond Beaumont Brumbelow, Chrystine Kilgore Buchanan, Tom Nacogdoches Buckner, Mildred Huntington Buckner, Mozelle Nacogdoches Buckner, Wanda Louise Huntington Buffington, C, Jr Montgomery, Alabama Burgess, Carroll Nacogdoches Burgess, Mrs. L. E Nacogdoches Burns, Doris Timpson Burns, Elizabeth Tenaha Burns, Robert Emmett Tenaha Burrows, Gladys Lufkin Byrd, Ineda Huntington c Cabaniss, Mrs. H. N Nacogdoches Cade, Doris Nacogdoches Cain, A. J Pitkin, Louisiana Campbell, Dorothy Nacogdoches Camobell, Mrs. Perry Nacogdoches Cariker, Annie Rusk Canker, Irene Rusk Cariker, Lois Nacogdoches Cariker, Mildred Nacogdoches Carlisle, Osborne Tommie Livingston Carter, Clara Joinerville Carter, Earl Bronson Carter, Lamar Shelbyville Carter, Rea Nacogdoches Cassity, Fay Carthage Castleberry, Ophal E Goose Creek Castleberry, Pauline Nacogdoches Castleberry, Willie Nacogdoches Cates, Francis W Alto Cates, Lee Iris Alto Cates, Mary Alto Chambers, S. D Milam Chandler, Hollis Turney Chaney, Catherine Nacogdoches Chaney, Rebecca E Nacogdoches Childs, Sophia Timpson Christopher, Bennett Nacogdoches Clark, George F Nacogdoches Clark, Jack W Orlando, Florida Clark, Lena Henderson Clark, Nan Port Neches Clayton, Kermet Nacogdoches Cliburn, Eva Percilla Clifford, Bobby Bethany, Louisiana Coats, Laverne Nacogdoches Coburn, Haskell Swift Cochran, Mary Virginia Lufkin Cofty, Thomas Vester Bon Wier Cole, Harold Frankston Cole, Oma Morris Alto Colwell, Blanche Nacogdoches Col well, Florene Ercelle Zavalla Colwell, Jimmie Zavalla Colwell, John Durwood Zavalla Colwell, William Fletcher Zavalla Copeland, Forrest Timpson Condrey, Valerie Nacogdoches Conger, Louise Alto CoQk, Carl Texarkana Cook, Ezelle Nacogdoches Cook, Jack Earl Lufkin Cook, Tommy D Center Cook, Wilburn Livingston Cooper, Robert Ardean Brookeland Corley, J. W Timpson Corley, Nell Nacogdoches Cornelius, Bernon Timpson Coussons, Charles W Hemphill Coussons, Joy Hemphill Name Addre i Covin, Larry. Mineol , Covington Corine Hemphi ! Coward, Muriel Corriga Cox, Doris l_ . Crain, T- P- • • • Corriga Cranford, Melba S aci Cain, Wilber L Rodessa, Louisian Crawford, Juanita Timpso Crawford, Mrs. Lillie Chiren Crawford, N. B Nacogdoche Croker, Reba Lynn Joaquii Cross, Joe 8 Jrou| Crouch, Maurine Chiren Cruse, Robert Payne Jacksonville Cruse, Stella Kountz. Cruthirds, Dorothy Dibol Cupit, Dale Bronsoi Curl, Ruth Nacogdoche Cuthrell, Betty Nacogdoche Cuthrell, Camp Nacogdoche D Dainwood, Verlyne Bessma; Daniel, Margie Swif Dalton, Dorothy Katherine Kilgon Davis, Louise Lufkir Davidson, Bill Nacogdoche Davidson, George H Nacogdoche: Davidson, Rachel Lufkir Davis, Mrs. Cornelia Nacogdoche Davis, Fannie C San Augustin Davis, James Tenah Davison, Tom Nacogdoche; Day, Mrs. Bessie Appleby Day, Louise Appleby Deason, Margaret L . .Mt. Enterprise Dennard, Robert Alton Carthage Dickey, Ada Nacogdoche ' Dickey, Evelyn Mason Nacogdoche: Dickey, J. T Lufkir Dickey, Miller B Altc Doerge, Gail Hendersor Dollar, Milford Franklin Kilgore Dominey, Lula Belle Appleb) Dominy, Mable Centei Dorsey, Fred Nacogdoche: Duke, Bernard Chirenc Duncan, Evelyn Linder Dunn, Lindsey Nacogdoche: Duran, Mrs. Bertie Mae Overton E Eakin, Louis Timpsor Earle, Virginia Altc Eddins, Arlie Shelbyville Ehlers, Edith Austin English, John H Joaquin Enmon, Edith Centei Escoe, Sibyl Elysian Fields F Feazell, Martha Beth Nacogdoches Ferem, William San Francisco, California Finney, Christine Nacogdoches Fitch, Katherine Nacogdoches Fleming, Jane Kilgore Fletcher, Sherman Nacogdoches Floy, Hazel Nacogdoches Floyd, Wena Beth Nacogdoches Foote, Myrph Nacogdoches Ford, Jackie Lee Bronson Forsyth, Nelva Nacogdoches Fortenberry, Florine Woodville Fortenberry, Mildred Woodville Fox, Gladys Nacogdoches Franks, Benns Center Franks, Erna Clay Lufkin Franks, Lawrence Center Fuller, Forrest Nacogdoches Fuller, James Lufkin Fuller, Mozell Jewell Hemphill Fuller, Tucker Martinsville Fuller, Velma Mt. Enterprise Fullwood, Mrs. Nell Overton Futch, Bobbie Greene Nacogdoches Futch, Joe M Pinehill Name Address G Gandy, L. H Hemphill Garner, Geraldine Nacogdoches Garner, Mrs. Josie Royal Nacogdoches Garner, Maurice Alto Garrard, Mary Elizabeth Nacogdoches Garrett, Darnell Lufkin Garrett, Fred. M Frankston Garrett, Ross Nacogdoches Garrett, Willie Ann Nacogdoches Gary, Clifton Gary Geldmeier, Bernhardt Appleby Gentry, Cecil Henderson Gentry, Coystelle Beckville Gibson, Glyndon Mildred Nacogdoches Glazner, Joy Nacogdoches Glazner, V. R Nacogdoches Graham, James F Sewickley, Pennsylvania Grant, Jean Nacogdoches Gray, Authur Bennett Chireno Gray, Crayton E Chireno Gray, Evie LongWew Gray, Sidney . Ponta Green, Ester Paxton Green, Fay Marshall Green, Gerald H Martinsville Green, Norma Marshall Greene, Jack M Lufkin Greenfield, Julia J Nacogdoches Gribble, Madge Nacogdoches Griffith, Inez Nacogdoches Grimes, Lee Roy Nacogdoches Grimes, Lois Burke Grisham, Mrs. Dora Long Rusk Gunnels, E. C Choice Gunning, Rosemary Ft. Worth Guy, Beth Laneville H Hale, Ford Nacogdoches Haley, Cnarles San Augustine Hall, Jane Marie Nacogdoches Hall, Louise Nacogdoches Hall, Mildred Chireno Haltom, Billie Melrose Hamilton, Dillon W Mt. Enterprise Hamilton, L. K Nacogdoches Hamilton, Orlena Waco Hammer, Janet Lufkin Hancock, John D Garrison Hancock, Marnise Garrison Hand, Barham Nacogdoches Haney, Paskel Etoile Hankla, Allene Whitton San Augustine Hankla, Florine San Augustine Hankla, Randolph Allen. ..... San Augustine Hanks, Eloise Lillia Mae Palestine Hanks, Euel Bronson Hanna, Aliece Nacogdoches Hanna, Lynn Nacogdoches Hanson, Marie Joaquin Hargis, Frank Nacogdoches Hargis, John Nacogdoches Hargis, Troy Martinsville Harling, Mrs. Thelma Jagoe. . . Nacogdoches Harrell, Frances Nacogdoches Harris, Alfred Jacksonville Harris, Eugene Cushing Harris, Henry Lee Nacogdoches Harris, Lovis Timpson Harris, Marie Center Hart, Kathryn Alto Hartgraves, Mary V Nacogdoches Harvin, Evelyn Nacogdoches Harvin, Lillian Ruth Nacogdoches Haskell, Faye Beaumont Hawkins, Chester Beaumont Haws. B. T Ponta Hawthorne, Doris Timpson Hayes, Jack Center Hayes, Jim Center Hayes, Grady Lou Center Heaton, Maudelle Gary Henderson, Rufus Nacogdoches Hendrick. Preston Trinidad Henley, Margret San Augustine Henning, Ed Coleman Hickman, Edith Joaquin Hilliard, Ellen Garrison Hinds, Barbara Nacogdoches Hinson, Pat Neff Leggett Hittson, Billye June Nacogdoches Hoffman, Lester Lufkin Name Address Holcomb, Ruby Lee Jacksonville Holland, Joe Tuck Nacogdoches Holland, Marcelie Lufkin Holleman, Lucy Laneville Hollingsworth, Wayne Nacogdoches Hooper, Nannie Hill Paxton Hopson, M. H Jacksonville Howard, William Nacogdoches Howell, Anna Mary Chireno Huckabee, Betty Kilgore Hughey, Mrs. Margarett Reklaw Hull, James B Beckville Humphrey, William Nacogdoches Hunt, Marie Port Arthur Hutson, Standley Lamar Apple Springs Hyden, Clemit Richard Yellow Pine Hyden, Peggy Atrelle Hemphill I Irick, Maurice Nacogdoches Irwin, Frances Laneville Ivey, Tannie Frances Nacogdoches Ivy, John B Huntington J Jackson, Zilla Malakoff James, John Warford Nacogdoches Jessup, Mrs. R. M Nacogdoches Jimmerson, Basil Martinsville Jimerson, Robert Nacogdoches Jinkins, Guinnell Nacogdoches Jinkins, Thelma Nacogdoches Johnson, Bill Nacogdoches Johnson, Florene Waskom Johnson, Gay Nacogdoches Johnson, Howard Nacogdoches Johnson, Jessie Mae Kilgore Johnstone, Malcolm Beaumont Johnson, juanita San Augustine Jones, Connie Louise Jacksonville Jones, Faye Long Branch Jones, Jimmie Texarkana Jones, La Vera Appleby Jones, Manton Lufkin Justice, Glenn Martinsville Justice, Keith Martinsville K Kee, Evelyn Amanda Tutt Nacogdoches Keller, Lonnie B Bronson Kerss, Mary Mozelle Trawick Key, Frank Hardin Kilpatrick, Doris Nacogdoches Kilpatrick, John Nacogdoches Kimball, Charles Nacogdoches King, Anna Lou Parish Woden King, Bess Houston King, Charles G., Jr Joaquin King, Floyd Attoyac King, Ford Nacogdoches King, Mary Lee Nacogdoches Kingham, Kathleen Nacogdoches Kirkland, Violet Woodville Kubosh, Ernest Richmond Kyle, N. W Chillicothe L Lacy, Isabel San Augustine La Grone, Edsel Lufkin Lamb, Charles Wells Lambright, T. C Pitkin, Louisiana Lane, Jim C Nacogdoches Langham, Nathan Chireno Langham, Robert B Chireno Langston, William Nacogdoches Lanier, Laurell Nacogdoches Largent, Maude Joaquin Latham, Alice Clayton Latimer, George Garrison Lawrence, James Lee Lufkin Lawson, Oleta Center Layton. Dorothy Martinsville Lee, Elton Nacogdoches Lee, Fred Nacogdoches Lee, Hazel Nacogdoches Lee, Janice Nacogdoches Lee, Mouzon Nacogdoches Lee, Janey Baily New Salem Leslie, Mrs. Bobbie Jewel Long Branch Letney, Dorothy Aileen Brookeland Lewis, Frances Nacogdoches Lewis, Roberta Rusk Name Address Lindley, Roscoe Mineola Little, Andrew Laneville Locke, Jack Nacogdoches Long, Alice G Nacogdoches Loving, Mrs. Jane Squires Lufkin Lowery, Auline Etoile Lowery, Mrs. Lilla Mae Woden Lowery, Rollan Nacogdoches Lowrance, Iva Bell Timpson Lowrance, Joy Timpson Lowrance. Oxsheer Timpson Loy, Doralyce Trawick Lucas, Joyce Sacul Lucas, Ray B Nacogdoches Lucas, Tom Jack Nacogdoches Lunsford, Bessie Rodgers Rusk Lunsford, Lorine Gilmer Lynch, Eugene Nacogdoches M McAlister, Joe Lula Woodville McCann, Hattie Mt. Enterprise McCarty, Gladney Burke McCawley, Ray Nacogdoches McCawley, W. J Nacogdoches McClary, Anne Nacogdoches McCormack, Virginia Long Branch McCrary, Hugh Joaquin McDonald, Guy Tenaha McDonald, Helen Bessmay McDonald, Lillian Yellow Pine McElmury, Dick Nacogdoches McGee, Fannye Maye Timpson McGee, Theo Timpson McGown, Claudia Pineland McGraw, Robert Texarkana McGaw, Willie Dennis Jasper McHenry, James Port Neches McKewen, R. P Huntington McKewen, Wilson Nacogdoches McKnight, Theda Rae Reklaw McLaughlin, Hazel Jewett McLennan, Ho rtense Appleby McLennan, Mary Katheryn Appleby McLeroy, Billie Sacul McLeroy, Chester Center McLeroy, Iva Nell Center McLeroy, Verla Marie Sacul McMullen, Gorman Lufkin McMullen, Julius Acol McNiel, Elton Nacogdoches McRae, Lucy Carthage McVay, Juanita Longview Malavansas, Suzanne Tyler Mangham, Elva Nacogdoches Manning, Gene Nacogdoches Maroney, Imogene Nacogdoches Marshall, Chusteen Nacogdoches Marshall, James A Carthage Marshall, James Doyle Carthage Marshall, Verble Douglass Martin, Charlotte .Martinsville Martin, Faye Martinsville Martin, Homer Nacogdoches Martin, Raiph C Camden Martin, T. L Apple Springs Martin, Willie A Troup Massingill, Hollis Lufkin Matteson, Marshall Nacogdoches Matthews, Joy Bryan Cemer Matthews, Kitty Jeane Trawick Matthews, Ruth Center Maxwell, Lee Mt. Enterprise Maxwell, Mardelle Mt. Enterprise Mayes, Lillie Mae Lufkin Mays, Bates Laneville Mays, Emily Henderson Mays, Mary Frances Laneville Meador, Alan C Nacogdoches Medford, Ottis Reklaw Meriwether, Wilhelmina Nacogdoches Metteauer, Lynn Chireno Metteauer, Oma V Chireno Middlebrook, Anne Nacogdoches Milford, Bernard Nacogdoches Milford, Retha Nacogdoches Millard, Gerald Nacogdoches Miller, Dalton San Augustine Miller, Howard Ronald Ponta Miller, Melvin M Tenaha Miller, Nolen San Augustine Miller, Vera Mae Tenaha Mills, Arthur K Nacogdoches Name Address Mills, Rose Mai Timpson Mitchell, Thomas Nacogdoches Mize, Dorothy Nacogdoches Modisette, C.V Lufkin Modisette, Elizabeth Lufkin Modisette, Mabel Lufkin Modisette, Monette Lufkin Modisette, W. E Lufkin Molder, Clarence Pineland Moncrief, Burton Kosse Monk, Carl, Jr Nacogdoches Monzingo, Jack Henderson Moore, Eric Nacogdoches Moore, Frances Garrison Moore, James B Nacogdoches Moore, Kenneth Henderson Moore, Marie Clyde Moore, Marilyn Omaha Moore, Melba Nacogdoches Moore, W. D Nacogdoches Morris, Winfield T Hemphill Morrison, Bergman Livingston Mosby, Sibyl Nacogdoches Moser, Leslie Palestine Moser, Ruth Small Palestine Moses, John Irvin Alto Moss, Pauline Nacogdoches Moyer, Wilma Henderson Muckelroy, Leo Martinsville Muckleroy, Janie Merle Nacogdoches Muckleroy, La Merle Nacogdoches Muckleroy, Vilson T Nacogdoches Mudd, Lindon Port Neches Murdock, Naomi Rusk Murphey, Bob Nacogdoches Musslewhite, Helen Arp Myers, Bennie Paxton Myers, Watson. Lufkin N Nash, Edwin Silsbee Nash, James Clark Silsbee Naylor, Temple Center Neal, Claudia Fort Worth Neel, Bonnie Timpson Nichol, Mrs. Blanche Lufkin Nicholson, Kenneth Center Nicks, Perry Lufkin Nix, Maxine Garrison Nolen, Harry Liverpool Nowlin, Rhoberta Houston o Oates, Leonard C Joaquin Oates, Steve Henry Tenaha Oden, Luzell Marshall Oliver, Clemmie Diboll Osborne, John Frank, Jr.. . Shelbyville, Indiana Osborne, Mary Nacogdoches Owens, Ella Mae Logansport, Louisiana Owens, Howell Nacogdoche 9 P Pagan, Wendell Urbana, Arkansas Paine, James Nacogdoches Parker, Mrs. Gussie Overton Parker, Lois Tenaha Parrish, Maurine Nacogdoches Partin, Marguerite Nacogdoches Pate, Kenton Camp Worth Pate, Larkin Shelbyville Patterson, Lindsey Waskom Pearce, Frank Lewis Center Pearson, Mrs. J. W Rusk Pearson, Phoebe Ann Nacogdoches Peavy, Dora Jane Lufkin Peddy, Wayne Tenaha Peebles, R. B Lufkin Pence, Charles, Jr Nacogdoches Pennington, Jack Nacogdoches Perkins, Bill Fort Worth Perkins, George Houston Perkins, Julian Lester Lufkin Perkins, Norman Lufkin Perkins, Paul Lufkin Perkins, Shirley Lufkin Permenter, Bertha Shelbyville Permenter, Maxine Shelbyville Permenter, Mildred Tenaha Perritte, Loran Nacogdoches Perritte, Willie Nacogdoches Petty, Rua Lufkin Name Address Phares, Mrs. Lenore Lufkin Phifer, Ernest Lufkin Pinkerton, Dorothy Nacogdoches Polk, Jacque Kosse Polley, Maurine San Augustine Pope, France Lee Silsbee Porter, Jimmie Diboll Posey. Alma Maye Chireno Pou, Mabele Nacogdoches Pou, William Tenaha Powell, William Eugene Texas City Powell, Gladys Nacogdoches Powell, James Irl Center Power, Rosaline Nacogdoches Powers, Louise Timpson P ' Pool, Matthew W., Jr Nacogdoches Prado, Dan Woden Price. Bessie Lou Henderson Priddy, Dorothy Mae Nacogdoches Pruett, Guy Danbury Pulliam, Burdett. Broaddus R Rains, Modena Turnertown Rainwater, Opal Overton Rambin, Tommy Garrison Ramirez, Rafael, Jr Hebbronville Ramseur, John Thorndale Ramsey, Madeline Newton Ramsey, Frances Timpson Ramsey, Robert Thomas Center Ramsey, Rosa Lee Nacogdoches Randle, John Lamar, Jr Burkeville Rawlinson, Annie Lee Cushing Rawlinson, M. L., Jr Cushing Ray, Marie Carthage Ray, Maurine Bullard Reavis, Mrs. Andy Nacogdoches Reavley, Martha Nacogdoches Reavley, Tom Nacogdoches Reedy, Sybil Nacogdoches Reese, Alice Nacogdoches Renfro, LP Huntington Rhyne, Beverly Shawnee, Oklahoma Richards, Lorene Cushing Richardson, Annie R Lonqview Richardson, Rayburne Lufkin Richmond, Odis Nacogdoches Riddlesperger, Mary Lee Malakoff Riley, Redland Roark, Lucius Alto Roberts, Lillian Gill San Augustine Rodgers, Doris Alto Rodgers, Fay Winder Alto Roe, Joe Biggs Carthage Rogers, Evelyn Center Rogers, Sammie Weatherly Trawick Rollins, Frank Thompson Nacogdoches Rollins, Roland Nacogdoches Romon, Malcolm Corsicana Roquemore, Harmon Nacogdoches Ross, Elayne Center Ross, Griff Terry Mt. Enterprise Ross, Jo Ruth Center Ross, Leroy E Mt. Enterprise Ross, Mrs. Irene Joinerville Rout, James Nacogdoches Roy, Philip Milvard Kirbyville Royle, Mrs. W. C Nacogdoches Runnels, Hurchial Nacogdoches Russell, Harvey Center Russell, James Harold Nacogdoches Russell, Prebble Lufkin s Samford, Estelline Center Sanders, Jean Center Sanders, Johnnie Nacogdoches Sanders, Sarah Lynn Center Scales, Louise Kilgore Scales, Marie Kilgore Scarborough, Beltha Nacogdoches Scogin. Emogene Appleby Scott, Maurine Kilgore Scott, Oneita Atlanta Scott, Sid Keltys Self, Ralph Douglass Sessions, Opal Rogers Wells Sexton, Kathleen Bessmay Shanks, Earl Kilgore Sharp, Lucette Nacogdoches Sharpe, Tom Nacogdoches Shaw, Aril Carthage Name Address Sheffield, E. E Lufkin Short, Zillah Beatrice Nederland Shumate, George Appleby Sitton, Lavon Trawick Sitton, Lester B Trawick Sisco, Barham, Jr Nacogdoches Slade, Floy Longview Slade, Virginia Longview Slaughter Tommy B Marshall Sledge, Gordon Long Branch Sledge, Lee Gaston Long Branch Smelley, Ross Appleby Smith, Mrs. Aaron E Nacogdoches Smith, Estes- Henderson Smith, J. D. Frank Lufkin Smith, Jewel Martinsville Smith, Laurette Henderson Smith, Martha Frances Center Smith, Vaughn Lufkin Smithey, Mary Faye Overton Solly, Mollis Yellowpine Sonntag, F. J Texarkana Spell, H. A Beaumont Spring, Glenora Apple Springs Squier, Jessie Jasper Stanfieid, E. A., Jr Nacogdoches Stanley, Evie Lena Choice Steele, Estelle Oxford, Louisiana Stephens, Dagma Nacogdoches Stephenson, Frances San Augustine Sterrett, Mary Louise . . .Rockbridge Baths, Va. Stevens, Mildred Lufkin Stewart, Marie Nacogdoches Stewart, Willie Mae Kilgore Still, Margaret Nacogdoches Stockwell, Mary Nacogdoches Stone, George Nacogdoches Stone, Thomas Earl, Jr Victoria Strauss, J. D Diboll Strength, Jack Marshall Strickland, Doris Nacogdoches Strickland, Janey Vee Orange Strong, Lois Logansport, Louisiana Strong, Robert Logansport, Louisiana Stroud, Paul Henderson Strowbridge, Eleanor Port Arthur Stuckey, Juanita Joinerville Sturrock, Allen Colmesneil Sullivan, J. P Nacogdoches Summers, Jane Nacogdoches Swanzy, Bill Shelbyville Swanzy, James F Shelbyville Swier, Gene El Paso T Tadlock, Eugenia Henderson Tarnplin, Eloyce Lufkin Taylor, Bertha Nacogdoches Taylor, George Lufkin Taylor, Jewell Carthage Taylor, Mrs. Mable Edens Forest Taylor, Mary Nell Pine Hill Terry, Vernece Apple Springs Thaggard, Alvin, Jr Nacogdoches Thaggard, Nancy Lee Nacogdoches Thomas, Grace Nacogdoches Thomas, Mary Jane Carthage Thomas, Marzett Port Arthur Thompson, Kit Lufkin Thomson, Alice Jane Nacogdoches Tidwell, Elouise Nacogdoches Tiller, Mary Lynn Carthage Tipps, Dawn Minden Tipton, James A Nacogdoches Tipton, Louise Nacogdoches Tipton, Maxine Nacogdoches Tischhauser, J. C Nacogdoches Todd, Ralph Henderson Todd, Walter Henderson Todd, W. R Timpson Treaaaway, Maud • Sacul Trawick, Russel Cushing Treadaway, Willie ;Sacul Triana, Josephine Nacogdoches Tucker, Billy Nacogdoches Tucker, John Nacogdoches Tucker, William Nacogdoches Tullos,C. C Leggett Tullos, Lorraine .Lewett Turner, Billy • Crockett Turpin, Helen Nacogdoches Twohig, Paul Nacogdoches Name Address u Upton, Joy Nacogdoches Upton, Mary Nacogdoches V Van Deventer, Elsie Bessmay Vermillion, Raymond Rusk Vincent, Raymon Alvin Tatum w Walker, Jack lufkin Walker, Kirby D Moscow Walker, Marguerite Lufkin Wallace, Hilda Cushing Walley, A. N., Jr Ponta Wallis, Milryn Lufkin Walters, Joe Ferrell Buna Walters, Therwin Corrigan Walters, Vernon Timpson Ward, Sara Frances Henderson Ware, Lee Roy Navasota Warr, Bessie Center Watkins, Wilma Nacogdoches Watson, Eleanor Center Weatherly, Mary Virginia Nacogdoches Weatherly, Roy Pineland Weaver, Juanita Appleby Weaver, Nuytron Hardin Name Address Webb, Beulah Hill Appleby Webb, Lois Marie Nacogdoches Wells, L. E., Jr Monroe, Louisiana West, Donald B Groveton Westmoreland, Edith Nacogdoches Westmoreland, Esther Elysian Fields Westmoreland, Marjorie Marshall Westmoreland, Mary Clyde Marshall Westmoreland, Mary Louise Elysian Fields Westmoreland, Wilma Nacogdoches Whitaker, Addijo Nacogdoches Whitaker, Clois Cushing Whitaker, Travis B Cushing Whitbread, Bob Nacogdoches White, Preston Nacogdoches Whitehead, Herbert Nacogdoches Whitehead, Marie Nacogdoches Whiteside, Blanche Timpson Whiteside, Mary Eva Timpson Whitesides, Willard Troup Williams, Fred Martinsville Williams, Fronia Marie Leggett Williams, Julia Jasper Williams, Lula Sue Alto Williamson, Minnie Lee Sacul Williamson, Ruth Woden Willis, James Timpson Wilmoth, Dan Longview Wilson, Charline Nacogdoches Wilson, Crystelle Nacogdoches Name Address Wilson, Percy Chireno Wilson, Shannon Nacogdoches Winder, Doris Nacogdoches Winder, Zelma Nacogdoches Winfrey, E. C Logansport, Louisiana Wisely, Harold Nacogdoches Withers, Emily Madalene Buna Womack, Harry Haynes Paxton Wood, Avril Henderson Wood, Catherine Joaquin Woodard, Wilma Troup Woods, Elizabeth Silsbee Woods, Fahy Newton Worley, Evelyn Long Branch Worsham, Charles Ray Appleby Wright, Eva Hemphill Wright, Reba Bronson Wyatt, William Robert Nacogdoches y Yancy, Doris Rose Lufkin Yates, Berton Joaquin York, Billye Marie Lufkin Young, Ellen Love San Augustine z Zeve, Charlotte Nacogdoches Zimmermann, Violet Camden EDITOR ' S NOTE Out of the debris that is so easily made by nearly one hundred persons working with two hundred pages of annual material, this Stone Fort of 1939 has emerged. The hectic days of compiling are over and all that is left is a " might have been. " The appreciation of the staff is extended to the following people and organizations for their invalu- able services to the annual: The Steck Company Schleuter ' s Studio Texas Forestry Service J. H. Wisely Mrs. Guy A. Blount Teachers who compiled Who ' s Who Sugene Spears Dr. H. B. Parks J. J. Wilson The Fox Company President A. W. Birdwell Jimmie Herron The Pine Log John H. English The annual is now yours, no longer is it ours. Yours sincerely. Wilma Watkins.

Suggestions in the Stephen F Austin State University - Stone Fort Yearbook (Nacogdoches, TX) collection:

Stephen F Austin State University - Stone Fort Yearbook (Nacogdoches, TX) online yearbook collection, 1936 Edition, Page 1


Stephen F Austin State University - Stone Fort Yearbook (Nacogdoches, TX) online yearbook collection, 1937 Edition, Page 1


Stephen F Austin State University - Stone Fort Yearbook (Nacogdoches, TX) online yearbook collection, 1938 Edition, Page 1


Stephen F Austin State University - Stone Fort Yearbook (Nacogdoches, TX) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Page 1


Stephen F Austin State University - Stone Fort Yearbook (Nacogdoches, TX) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Page 1


Stephen F Austin State University - Stone Fort Yearbook (Nacogdoches, TX) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Page 1


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