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Ij, t« 1» ft Di gitized by the Internet Archive in 2013 h tt p : a rc h i ve . o rg d eta i I s sto n ef o rt 1 93 8 Oste p THE STONE FORT OF 1938 Published by STEPHEN F. AUSTIN STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS FRANCILE MORRISON, Editor WOODROW BAKER, Business Marker MISS EVALYN ABSHEAR, Sponsor MISS MINNIE MARTIN, Art Supervisor Foreword Believing that a college yearbook has one true purpose — that of aiding you to relive your college life of 1937 and 1938 — the staff of the 1938 Stone Fort hopes to guide you back over the road of memories of your Alma Mater beneath the majestic pines where many happy hours were spent in work and in play. Order of Books COLLEGE VIEWS ADMINISTRATION STUDENT LIFE ORGANIZATIONS FAVORITES SPORTS FEATURES DEMONSTRATION SCHOOL STEPHEN F. AUSTIN STATE COLtEGl EACOGDOCHES. TEXAS Dedication The smiling gentleman in the picture is known and admired by all students, but fully appreciated only by those whose path brings them close to the essential, everyday machinery of college life. For this reason, and because the annual staff more than any other organization has opportunity to benefit by his friendly interest in student affairs, his patience, and his genial wit, this volume of the Stone Fort is affectionately dedicated to Mr. J. H. Wisely. College Views In 1845 the Nacogdoches University was founded and since that time Nacogdoches has been a center of higher education. Before viewing the buildings of the Stephen F. Austin State Teachers College and the beautiful campus — stop and glance at the Old Nacogdoches University Building. This building was finished in 1859 and is now standing on the Nacogdoches High School Campus. During the Civil War this building was used as a hospital for the wounded soldiers. You are ready now to continue the journey around the campus and see our build- ings as they stand today. I Stephen F. Austin Building Nestling among the towering pines the center of scholastic endeavor .... the realization of an ambition for establishing a school of higher learning for East Texas .... the beautiful view down the vista . . . couples strolling down the long and shady walks .... the entrance .... decisions and decrees issuing from the admin- istrative offices .... crowds around the bulletin board in the hall .... commerce majors diligently struggling with typing budgets and accounting problems .... both idlers and the studious gathered in the Social Room .... tempting aromas drifting down from the cooking labs . . . . on the third floor .... the auditorium .... scene of student assemblies .... dramatic productions, choral club rehearsals and programs, forensic encounters, lyceums, addresses of famous personages visiting the campus .... odors of HgS and formaldehyde evidencing labors of chem- istry and physiology students on lab days .... just out- side, the elm tree rich in memories of tall tales, campus politics, and vociferous arguments .... across the walk the y stand .... cold drink mecca for perspiring and withering summer students. Thomas J. Rusk Building An imposing and beautiful edifice .... the demon- stration school . . . . a laboratory for training future teachers . . . . student artists gaining inspiration and technique .... offices of professors .... shouts from the gym- nasium . . . . sh! QUIET .... third floor— LIBRARY .... industrious student assistants .... the center desk .... row upon row of books in the stacks .... reference room walls lined with books .... historic old treasures in the rare book room .... lines waiting after 4 o ' clock for reserve books .... the extensive reading rooms offering a resting place for some and a workshop for others .... quietness and calm reign supreme .... fairyland and adventure for smaller children in the children ' s room .... from the window .... the playground .... beyond that the tennis courts and practice field. Science Building Continuing ever toward the right, the new Science building .... aspiration of modern architecture .... magnificent interior with up-to-date equipment .... too youthful as yet to hold as many pleasant recollections as the others. President ' s Home Down Clark Boulevard .... past the historic replica of the Old Stone Fort .... scenes of skating parties . . . . shady walks and cool streams .... among the trees .... our president ' s home .... its exterior, pleasing and attractive .... beautiful flowers and shubbery .... the spacious green lawn .... scene of numerous parties and receptions .... inside, an atmosphere of culture and refinement lent by the well chosen furnish- ings .... a home of cordiality representing to our students the friendliness of the president and his wife. Practice House Past the PRESIDENT ' S HOME to an ever beautiful spot on our campus .... practice house for future home makers .... colorfully flushed with the green hues of spring and magnificently tinted with fall ' s array of coloration. Woman ' s Recreation Center Green leaves, blue sky, red shrubbery, and but a step or two away lies the place of recreation and gaiety . . . parties and dances . . . the place where the campus Venuses are molded . . . you will like to relive in your imagination many colorful all-college dances. Football Field Across from the Woman ' s Recreation Center, the sovereign in memorable scenes of activity . . . proclaimed ruler with its momentous and significant victories . . . yell leaders before the cheering throngs . . . the band drumming out a rhythm of marches. College Farm Behind the football field, the efficient college farm .... contented cattle complete the charmingly rustic scene .... gently sloping meadows and pictur- esque haystacks . . . romancers sooner or later yield to the lure of the greensward, lover ' s iane. Aikman Gymnasium Just across the street from the football field, the Aikman gymnasium, co-sharer in athletic honors . . memorable for lyceum numbers, especially the United States Navy Band concert . . . proving ground for athletes making up the college basket- ball five. Band Hall Surrounded by tall trees, the Band Hall . . . there ' s silence and quietude here from midnight until about dawn ... and then, phantasmagoric pandemonium of varying degrees of musical sounds ... the building echoes with the strains of Alma Mater. L Mm UN f» ! l kui il Ml .... Boy ' s Dormitory The pride of the campus in modern equipment and rooms for students .... across the street is the Main Build- ing .... equipped with the latest room communication system .... modern electric coolers on each of the three floors .... attractive and comfortable rooms for seventy-six boys .... scene of many hectic hours for the Fish .... athletes everywhere .... Coach and Mrs. Willis, successful foster-parents of all seventy-six while they stay in the dormitory .... day begins .... students jump into their clothes and rush off to class .... many hours of work ahead for Will, the janitor .... the rush back at noon to the cafeteria .... floating aromas of food from the fashionable, inexpensive cafeteria .... clattering of dishes and noise of conversation .... athletes at their training table .... night comes . . . . parties and informal dances in the recreation room .... all rooms lighted .... an occasional burst of laughter or heated argument .... visits and games among the boys .... eleven o ' clock .... radios off ... silence interrupted only by occupants returning from nightly activities. How the Campus Has Progressed A forty-acre forest of native East Texas pines and oaks, part of the homestead of General omas J. Rusk, was donated by the city of Nacosdoches to the youth of Texas, as the site for a teachers college. As a monument to that peerless pioneer of Texas, Stephen F. Austin, the administration building was finished in 1924, and since that time has served as the nucleus around which other buildings of the campus have been clustered. In the fall of 1926 the college was enlarged to meet an ever increasing enrollment through completion of the Thomas J. Rusk Building, which houses the library and demon- stration school. Athletic interest was furthered through the gift of the Aikman Gymnasium, a substantial wooden structure with a basket ball court, large stage, and seating capacity of more than 3,500. Women ' s recreational activities were given a chance for better development in 1935, when the Woman ' s Recreation Center, with its large gymnasium, modern showers and dressing rooms, kitchenette, reading-room and offices, was constructed. The boy ' s dormitory, accommodating seventy students, and housing the college cafeteria, was finished in 1936, and with its modern architecture and up-to-date interior equipment is a valuable additicn to the campus. The new band hall was thankfully moved into the same year. The new Practice House is a more recent addition to the college equipment, and furnishes a splendid opportunity for home economics majors to acquaint themselves with every problem of homemaking. A long-felt need has been answered in the construction of the Science Building, which, with its separate and complete laboratories for physics, chemistry, and biology depart- ments, provides the incentive to accomplish bigger things in analytical lines. It has been gratefully accepted by all scientifically-minded students. In addition to the above-mentioned buildings, the campus also includes a power house, football field, tennis courts, and college farm. Administration Educators endeavoring to train future teachers, to impart social effective- ness, and to develop thinking ability . . . expressing philosophies . . . dispensing facts, knowledge and theories . . . the administration aiding students in planning their courses of study . . . the deans interested in developing social activities . . . officials solving problems of expendi- ture and management . . . striving for betterment and improvement of the school in everyway ... on the golf course of the country club many of our professors spend their leisure hours . . . hunting, fishing, and checkers occupy others when work is done . . . lectures . . . exams . . . jokes told year after year ... all in all, we have a " swell " group of professors. Board of Regents Hon. R. A. Stuart President Fort Worth, Texas Hon. H. A. Turner Secretary Austin, Texas Hon. J. G. Ulmer Tyler, Texas A. W. Birdwell, President From the very first year of the College, the STONE FORT has painted a faithful picture of its activities. As the years go by students appreciate more and more the college annual. Looking back over it they find the faces of fellow students and suggestions of activities that meant perhaps more than formal study The year 1937-1938 has been another one of progress. Improvements on the campus give promise of better service in the future. The course of study is being constantly revised to meet the needs of students. There is no reason why the past should not be regarded with pride and the future faced with confidence. It all depends on what the students do with the information acquired and the disciplines to which they have been subjected. It is my hope that each one will carry away from the College a genuine respect for it and an increasing consciousness of responsibility that come from participating in its activities. The College tries to think that it has a mission, and that mission is to furnish the altar from which coals will be carried to all sections of East Texas. Its prayer is that the students who go out from the College Among the Pines will be a benediction to the young life of East Texas, and will exert real influence in solving the problems of society in such a way that a finer civilization may be guaranteed to all the people. A. W. Birdwell, President. February 1, 1938 Left to right: Dr. T. E. Ferguson, Mr. C. E. Ferguson and Miss Sue Hill Deans ' Messages " The adventure of life is the quest of the unknown, in the search of which our best guides are knowl- edge, integrity, health and the outlook of youth. These it is the end of education to acquire, cherish, guard, and preserve. " Dr. Thomas E. Ferguson, Dean of Faculty " The truly happy person is the one who can afford the luxury of remembering his past. My wish for you is that in the years to come you can look back upon your days in S. F. A. as truly happy days. Get everything out of each day as it comes. Keep your feet on the ground, your chins up and your eyes open. " Mr. C. E. Ferguson, Dean of Men " Another year in passing leaves its record here. Do these pages reflect for YOU the spirit of S. F. A.? College spirit is infinitely more than yelling for your team at athletic events. If you have caught here something of the spirit of learning, the spirit of service, and the spirit of truth, life has become enriched not only for you, but also for those whose lives you touch, — and this is a better school because you came. " Miss Sue Hill, Dean of Women College Faculty AGRICULTURE AND GEOGRAPHY L ft to right: W. C. Royle, Director of Agricultural Teacher Training. V. R. Glazener, Assistant Professor of Agriculture. J. H. Hinds, Professor of Agriculture, Head of the Department. R. A. Shaw, District Supervisor of Agricultural Education. Clarence B. Odell, Assistant Professor of Geography. Dr. William T. Chambers, Associate Professor of Geography,. Head of the Department. FINE ARTS Minnie Martin, Assistant Professor of Art. Ruth Dozier, Associate Professor of Art, Head of the Department. Allene Mahoney, Instructor in Music, Supervisor of Music in the Demon stration School. J. T. Cox, Director of the College Band. Mamie Middlebrook, Private Instructor in Music. Ida Pritchett, Associate Professor of Music, Head of the Department. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION AND ECONOMICS Ellis M. Sowell, Assistant Professor of Business Administration, College Registrar. Madge Edmonds Stallings, Instructor in Business Administration. John Harold Wisely, Professor of Business Administration, College Auditor. James Tull Richardson, Assistant Professor of Economics. Mary Jessie Hickman, Assistant Professor of Business Administration. EDUCATION Dr. William R. Davis, Professor of Education, Head of the Department. J. J. Wilson, Associate Professor of Education. A. L. Long, Assistant Professor of Education. Hazel Floyd, Assistant Professor of Education. Roy R. Harvin, Assistant Professor of Education. W. A. Cain, Assistant Professor of Education. College Faculty ENGLISH Left to right: Dr. T. E. Ferguson, Professor of English, Head of the Department. Dr. Clifford H. Osborne, Associate Professor of English. Louisville Marshall, Assistant Professor of English. Howard C. Key, Assistant Professor of English. Dorothy Arnold Sanders, Assistant Professor of English. Louise Hathoclt, Assistant Professor of English. Sue Hill, Instructor of English. Not in Picture: Mary Jane White, Assistant Professor of English and Director of Karle Wilson Baker Dramatic Club. HISTORY, GOVERNMENT AND BIBLE Left to right: James Tull Richardson, Assistant Professor of Government. Rev. Andy Reavis, Director of Wesley Bible Chair. Virdian Barham, Assistant Professor of History. W. F. Garner, Professor of History, Head of the Department. L. C- Harling, Associate Professor of History. HOME ECONOMICS Elizabeth Tucker, Assistant Professor of Home Economics. Josephine Brooks, Assistant Professor of Home Economics. Edna Wilkin, Associate Professor of Home Economics, Head of the Department. Gertrude Daniel, Director of Teacher Training in Home Economics. PHYSICAL EDUCATION Ralph Murff, Student Assistant of Physical Education, Assistant Football Coach. J. E. Willis, Assistant Professor of Physical Education, Coach of Football. Evalyn Abshear, Assistant Professor of Physical Education for Women. R. H. Shelton, Associate Professor of Physical Education, Head of Depart- ment, Coach of Basketball. Bertha Jack, Associate Professor of Physical Education, Head of the Department of Physical Education for Women. W. W. Dossey, Line Coach of Football. College Faculty MODERN LANGUAGES Ruth Mays, Professor of Spanish, Dean of Women Emerita. Mary Thomson, Assistant Professor of Spanish. Not in Picture: C. F. Sheley, Assistant Professor of French, Head of Department. SCIENCE AND MATHEMATICS R. B. Pinson, Assistant Professor of Mathematics. R. L. Turner, Associate Professor of Physics. C. C. Johnson, Professor of Chemistry. C. E. Ferguson, Professor of Mathematics, Dean of Men. R. H. Adams, Assistant Professor of Biology. W. W. Dossey, Assistant Professor of Chemistry. Dr. Hal B. Parks, Assistant Professor of Biology. R. G. Upton, Associate Professor of Biology, Head of Biology Department. LIBRARY STAFF Helen Snyder, Assistant Librarian. Student Assistants: Mildred Grimes, Marie Risinger, Helen Medford, Albert Barber, Juanita Weaver, Joecile McDowell, Lynn Hanna, Louise Reed, Avril Wood. Mildred Wyatt, Associate Librarian. Not in Picture: Loulien Harris, Head Librarian and Assistant Professor of Library Science. Student Assistants: Doris Kilpatrick, Edith Bean, Aliece Hanna, and Dagma Stephens. ASSISTANTS TO THE ADMINISTRATION Left to right: Ina Pearl Brewer, Assistant in Registrar ' s Office. Mary Ramsey Hodges, Assistant to Business Manager. Maggie Byrd Moncrief, Assistant to the Registrar. Nan Wright, Secretary to the Dean of the Faculty. Sugene Spears, Secretary to President. Lorene Turk, Secretary to the Director of the Demonstration School. Upper left hand corner: J. V. Dean, Manager of Book Store. Not in Picture: Lena Arnwine, College Nurse. Student Life Registration week . . . the lowly fish begins his groping for knowl- edge . . . sophomores have become all-knowing and superior creatures .... eight o ' clock classes . . . then daily class routine . . . class elections and political maneuvers . . . class picnics in the spring . . . dances . . . dead week and finals . . . moaning and wailing by some . . . haggard and tired faces everywhere . . . senior activities . . . donning the cap and gown for rehearsal . . . graduation . . . good- bye until next year for the rest. m V. La m I iili " jf ' itiii) ! k in? .11 " " " ' " " ' ' ' • ' !! fi ' i .ir, nil ill ' ' ' ' i ' 1 §mmm n , ill] JMmI Graduates Graduates consistently working over research difficulties. Graduates OTTIS ARMSTRONG Ponta, Texas President Agriculture Club FRANKLIN WEEKS Burke, Texas B. S. 1937 Reporter of Agriculture Club President of Wesley Student Association Vice-President V. M. C A. College Commission Seniors Lines of black-gowned figures slowly filing across the stage . . . graduating.. . the ultimate goal of all undergraduates . . . remembrances of tomorrow always focusing upon this stately occasion. WOODROW BAKER Livingston, Texas B. S. Mathematics President Senior Class, President Loggers, Sawyers, Business Manager Stone Fort ERNEST FORD Mineola, Texas B. S. Biology President Sawyers, " T " Association, President B. I. O., College Commission, Loggers, Track, Press Club, Business Manager Pine Log, Vice-President Senior Class. FRANCES CLYDE PRATOR Magnolia, Arkansas B. S. Home Economics Secretary Senior Class, Amitie, Vice- President, Ellen H.Richards, Woman ' s Council, Lumberjackettes. HELEN SHATTUCK Alto, Texas B. A. English, Elementary Education Pine Burrs, Woman ' s Council, House Repre- sentatives, Senior Representative College Commission. AVIS ADCOCK Nursery, Texas B. S. Vocational Home Economics B. I. O., Wesley Student Association, Ellen H. Richards, Lumberjackettes, yM-WVCA. LUCY ALBEA Nacogdoches, Texas B. S. English-Geography CLYDE ARNOLD Appleby, Texas B. S. Mathematics OPAL ARRANT Nacogdoches, Texas B. S. English-Spanish Spanish Circle. MELBA BAILEY Nacogdoches, Texas B. A. English Amities, College Commission, Spanish Circle, Wesley Student Association. BASIL C. BARBEE Nacogdoches, Texas B. S. Mathematics Band, Choral Club, Barristers, Press Club, Austonians, Campus Ramblers. JEANETTE KATHERYN BATES Nacogdoches, Texas B. S. English Amities, Ellen H. Richards, y.M.-Y.W.CA., Wesley Student Association. EDITH BEAN Jasper, Texas B. S. Geography Ellen H. Richards, Elementary Council IMA BEAN Jasper, Texas B. S. Primary Education Elementary Council. VAUCYLEEN BELL Nacogdoches, Texas B. S. Elementary Education Elementary Council, Dramatics, Choral Club, b. i. o„ p. w. s. a., y. m.-y. w. c. a. KATHLEEN BERGMAN Nacogdoches, Texas B. S. Home Economics Pine Burrs, Ellen H. Richards, Woman ' s Council. NELLIE BIRDWELL Pinehill, Texas B. A. English-Spanish Spanish Circle, Press Club, Secretary-Alphe Chi, Choral Club. IMA LEE BLACKBURN Trawick, Texas B. S. Commerce-Economics Accounting CI ub. REBA BOLTON Nacogdoches, Texas B. A. Mathematics Woman ' s Council, B. S. U. Council, Span- ish Circle, B. I. O, Alpha Chi. MAE OMA BRADY Center, Texas B. A. English Amitie, Dramatics, College Commission. ARTIE NELL BRAZIL Lcjfkin, Texas B. S. Elementary Education N. G. BRIGHT Nacogdoches, Texas B. S. Commerce Band, Sawyers. HELEN BUCHANAN Nacogdoches, Texas B. A. English Alpha Chi. JAMES BURROWS Nacogdoches, Texas B. S. Agriculture Smith-Hughes Certificate, culture Club. Reporter Agri- BESSIE FAYE CROSSLAND Nacogdoches, Texas B. S. Home Economics Ellen H. Richards. SH M.-y. W. C. A. LOIS CHAMBERS Arp, Texas B. S. Mathematics Accounting Club, Alpha Chi B. S. U. Cou not. B. I. O. FRANCES CHANEY Nacogdoches, Texas Spanish Circle, Dramatics Club, Amitie. HILDA CLIBURN Percilla, Texas B. S. English-Biology Secretary Lumberjackettes, B. I. O., Che Club, P. S. W. A., P. W. S. A. RUBYE COFFEE Bronson, Texas B. S. English Choral Club. ELOUISE COOK Livingston, Texas B. A. English-History Secretary Pine Burrs, Secretary Woman ' s Council. RANDOLPH COX, JR. Nacogdoches, Texas B. S. Geography, Dramatic Club. WILTON COX Nacogdoches, Texas B. S. Commerce Band, Orchestra. MUFFET DAVIS San Augustine, Texas B. S. History Pine Burrs, English Club. HUTSON DEATON Groveton, Texas B. S. Agriculture Agriculture Club, B. I. O. MRS. IRMGARD DENMAN Nacogdoches, Texas B. S. Elementary Education Alpha Chi, Elementary Counci LULA BELLE DOMINEY Appleby, Texas B. A. English Choral Club, Dramatics. REED DOMINY Groveton, Texas B. S. History " T " Association, Track, Football, Barristers, y. m. - y. w. c. a. BESSIE DONOVAN Zavalla, Texas B. S. Physical Education p. w. s. a., b. i. o. ; y. M. y. w. c. a. MAMIE EDWARDS Whitehouse, Texas B. A. English WALTER A. FERGUSON New London, Texas B. S. History ALMA FINKLEA Shreveport, Louisiana B. S. English-Biology Choral Club. MIRVLE FULMER Nacogdoches, Texas B. S. Mathematics LORENE GARRETT Nacogdoches, Texas B. S. Geography LESLIE B. GRAHAM Appleby, Texas B. S. English JANIE GREEN Mt. Enterprise, Texas B. S. Business Administration Lumberjackettes, P. W. S. A., Stone Fort Staff, Head Yell Leader. MILDRED GRIMES Appleby, Texas B. A. Elementary Education Secretary Elementary Council. CLAIRE GRISHAM Pinehill, Texas B. S. History Dramatics GRACE HAIRE Nacogdoches, Texas B. A. Mathematics Press Club, Alpha Chi, P. S. W. A., Spanish Circle, Y. M.-Y. W. C. A., P. W. S. A. JOHN HANNA Nacogdoches, Texas B. S. Business Administration President Accounting Club, President y. M. C. A,, Barristers. R. E. HANICAK Nacogdoches, Texas B. S. Social Science VIRGINIA HARRIS Nacogdoches, Texas B. S. English VERNON HASLEY Nacogdoches, Texas B. S. Biology b. i. o., y. m. - y. w. c. a. HAZEL ALYNE HAWTHORNE Timpson, Texas B. A. English-Elementary Education, Dramatics. ARNOLD HOOPER Joaquin, Texas B S. Agriculture Smith-Hughes Certificate, B. I. O, Agri- culture Club, Sawyers, Loggers, Choral Club. MRS BEULAH HOLT Nacogdoches, Texas B. S Home Economics Smith-Hughes Certificate, Ellen H. Richards, P. S. W A., P. W. S. A., Dramatics. MYRLE VIRGINIA HOUGH • B. S. Business Administration Lumberjackettes, B. I. O., Accounting Club y m - y. W. C. A. LEVIS HURST Center, Texas B. S. Agriculture Sawyers, " T " Association, Football. BILLY JOE IRWIN Laneville, Texas B. S. Agriculture Agriculture Club, Sawyers, Loggers. JIMMIE DUNKIN JACKS Rockland, Texas B. S. Business Administration College Commission, y. m. - y. w. c. a. Cabinet, Accounting Club, B. I. O. MARTHA ELIZABETH JETER Kilgore, Texas B. S. Economics Ellen H. Richards, P. W. S. A., Y. M. y. W. C. A., Log Fort Press Club. MAXINE JOHNSON Center, Texas B. A. English THURMAN KERR Nacogdoches, Texas B. S. Science B. I. O., Accounting Club, Wesley Student Association, College Commission, Bar- risters, Press Club. KATHLEEN LAO Mt. En terprise, Texas B. A. English Lumberjackettes, P. W. S. A., Alpha Chi. GLADYS LILLEY Wakefield, Texas B. S. Business Administration Press ClubfcY. M. - Y. W. C. A., Account- ing Club, f. W. S. A. CORRIE LOVE Lufkin, Texas B. A. English b. i. o. ( p. w. s. a., y. m. - y. w. c. a. FRANCES LOWE Woodville, Texas B. A. En S lish LLOYD McCAMERON Tyler, Texas B. A. Biology B. I. O. ALLEN McCRARY Cushing, Texas B. S. Agriculture Smith-Hughes Certificate, Agriculture Club. LEROY McPHAIL Nacogdoches, Texas B. S. Biology T " Association, Football, Track. HARLON MARTIN Nacogdoches, Texas B. S. History President of Student Body, President Alpha Chi, Barristers, Chairman College Com- mission, Pi Kappa Delta, Accounting Club, Pine Log Staff. GUY MASSEy Zavalla, Texas B. S. Physical Education ' T " Association, Basketbal MARY MATHEWS San Augustine, Texas B. S. Biology B. I. O. ' CARMEN MAXWELL Mt. En terprise, Texas B. S. Elementary Education Club President Elementary Council, Choral Club. HELEN MEDFORD Reklaw, Texas B. A. English Alpha Chi, Spanish Circle, Press Club, P. W. S. A., Dramatics. 4IRON METTEAURER Chireno, Texas B. S. Business Administration Accounting Club, Agriculture Club. RAYMOND TURNER MILLS Nacogdoches, Texas B. S. Agriculture " T " Association, Football, Track, Loggers, Sawyers. MXINE MITCHELL Nacogdoches, Texas B. S. Commerce Co-President Y. M. - V. W. C. A., Amitie, Lumberjackettes, P. W. S. A., Wesley Student Association, College Commis- sion, Accounting Club. CORINNE MONK Nacogdoches, Texas B. S. Mathematics Pine Burrs, College Commission, Account- ing Club. MILLIE FAYE MONKRESS Jacksonville, Texas B. S. English JOSEPHINE MOORE Omaha, Texas B. A. Commerce College Commission, Y. M. - Y. W. C A., P. W. S. A., Accounting Club, Spanish Circle, House Representative, Wesley Student Association. My WOk. » VERA MOORE Lufkin, Texas 8. A. History-English Alpha Chi. FRANCILE MORRISON Hobbs, New Mexico B. S. Business Administration, English Editor Stone Fort, Press Club, President Lumberjackettes, College Commission, President B. S. W., B. S. W. LILLARD MORRISON Livingston, Texas B. S. History Sawyers, Loggers. GENEVIEVE MUCKLEROY Nacogdoches, Texas B. S. Home Economics Band, Treasurer Ellen H. Richards, Woman ' s Council, College Commission, President Amities. MRS. LELA NEIL Nacogdoches, Texas B. S. Elementary Education Alpha Chi, Choral Club, El ementary Council DOROTHY NEWBERRY Nacogdoches, Texas B. S. Commerce-Economics Pine Burrs, Accounting Club, Wesley Stu- dent Association, Alphi Psi Omega. 3ERN1ECE NOLEN Nacogdoches, Texas B. S. English. VERDELL NOLEN Nacogdoches, Texas B. S. Commerce-Economics Dramatics, Accounting Club. OMA LEE NOONER Appleby, Texas B. S. English-Primary Education Choral Club, Dramatics, Ellen H. Richards. LUCILE ORR Mt. Enterprise, Texas B. A. English P. W. S. A. FRANCES ANNA PRADO Nacosdoches, Texas B. A. Spanish-English Spanish Circle. TELITHA SUE RAWLINSON Cushing, Texas B. A. Biology-English Alpha Chi, B. I. O., P. W. S. A., Y. M. y. W. C. A., House Representative. LOUISE REED Center, Texas B. S. Home Economics Ellen H. Richards, Y. M. P. W. S. A. y. w. c. a., LUTHERINE REEDER Broaddus, Texas B. S. English B. I. O. IRENE RIDDLESPERGER Malakoff, Texas B. S. Elementary Education y. M. - y. W. C A., Ellen H. Richards, P. W. S. A., College Commission, Dra- matics, Lumberjackettes, Vice-President Elementary Council, Wesley Student Association. JACK RODGERS Alto, Texas B. S. Mathematics Alpha Psi Omega, Band, Choral Club, Press Club, Dramatics. L D. Rulfs Nacogdoches, Texas B. A. Mathematics y. M. - y. W. C. A., Barristers, Loggers, " T " Association, Tennis Captain. BERN ICE SANDERS Overton, Texas B. S. English HAROLD SEAMANS Nacogdoches, Texas 8. S. Commerce Barrister, " T " Association, Track. EARL SHANKS Kilgore, Texas B. S. Agriculture T Association, Football, Track, Baseball, Boxing, Handball, Intramural Basketball. LANGFORD warren Beckville, Texas B. S. Agriculture Agriculture Club, Football, " Reporter, Track, Handbal Basketball. Association Intramural JOE WEST Groveton, Texas B. S. History T Association, Football, Track, College Commission, B. I. O. LOUISE WILKINS Nacogdoches, Texas B. A. English-History P. W. S. A., Band, B. I. O. FRANCES WILLIAMS Nacogdoches, Texas B. S. Home Economics Smith-Hughes Certificate, Ellen H. Richards. BILL IE BURKE WINDHAM Center, Texas B. S. English Pine Burrs, Dramatics. WELDON WRIGHT Nacogdoches, Texas B. A. English Spanish Circle, College Commission, Log- gers, Press Club, B. S. U. Council. CORNELIA WYATT Attoyac, Texas B. S. Elementary Education Elementary Council, Choral Club, B I. O. MARGARET LAURA YARBROUGH Beckv Te B. S. Elementary Education House Representatives, P. W. S. A., Wesley Student Association, Y. M. - V. W. C. A., Elementary Council. ■ INEZ YOUNGBLOOD Trawick, Texas B. S. Elementary Education LORENE yOUNGBLOOO Lanevilie, Texas B. S. Elementary Education Elementary Council. Juniors Patterning after their betters, the Seniors . . . . observing as spectators, yet anxious to share their place in the limelight .... promotion to the ranks of the Seniors culminating the year ' s activity. Juniors James Fuller, President Lufkin, Texas Jack Pennington, Vice-President Nacogdoches, Texas Alice Elizabeth Reese, Secretary Nacogdoches, Texas Dan Prado, College Commission Woden, Texas Marvine Abercrombie Livingston, Texas Looney W. Allen Rusk, Texas J. M. Ashby Overton, Texas Branch Axley Nacogdoches, Texas John Baker Henderson, Texas Lois Baker Chireno, Texas Esterlene Blacksher Nacogdoches, Texas Lois Boles Jacksonville, Texas Juniors Elizabeth Bradbury Laneville, Texas Irene Canker Rusk, Texas Eva Cliburn Percilta, Texas Ardean Cooper Brookeland, Texas Virginia Ellington Nacogdoches, Texas Forrest Fuller Nacogdoches, Texas Clyde Reed Bussey Nacogdoches, Texas Lots Cariker Nacogdoches, Texas Blanche Colwell Nacogdoches, Texas Alyne Cunningham Nacogdoches, Texas Inez Fitch Nacogdoches, Texas George Everett Green Timpson, Texas Juniors Norma Green Marshall, Texas Mildred Hall Chireno, Texas Ford Hale Nacogdoches, Texas Aliece Hanna Nacogdoches, Texas Frances Harrell Nacogdoches, Texas Jessie Hellan Harris Beckville, Texas Chester Hawkins Beaumont, Texas Marcelle Holland Lufkin, Texas Lucy Holleman Lufkin, Texas Marie Hunt Port Arthur, Texas Zilla John Jackson Malakoff, Texas Inez Johnson San Augustine, Texas Juni uniors Connie Louise Jones Jacksonville, Texas Dora Mae Kee Troup, Texas Janice Lee Jasper, Texas Lorine Lunsford Gilmer, Texas Joecile McDowell Center, Texas Doyle Marshall Carthage, Texas Manton Jones Lufkin, Texas Floyd King Attoyac, Texas Andrew Little Laneville, Texas Hattie McCann Mt. Enterprise, Texas Chusteen Marshall Nacogdoches, Texas W. D. Moore Nacogdoches, Texas Juniors Leslie Eugene Moser Palestine, Texas Mary Osborne Nacogdoches, Texas Mrs. Carolyn Oliver Perry Henderson, Texas Mabele Pou Nacogdoches, Texas Lorene Richards Cushing, Texas Leroy E. Ross Mt. Enterprise, Texas Clemmie Oliver Diboll, Texas Shirley Perkins Lufkin, Texas Rosaline Power Nacogdoches, Texas Velma Lee " Bo " Ramsey Center, Texas Mary Lee Riddlesperger Malakoff, Texas Avril Shaw Carthage, Texas Juni uniors Floy Slade Longview, Texas Horace A. Spell Beaumont, Texas Mildred Stephens Lufkin, Texas James Swanzy Shelbyville, Texas Li la Smith Longview, Texas Catherine Spradley Nacogdoches, Texas Mildred Stone Henderson, Texas Eloyce Tamplin Lufkin, Texas Nancy Thompson Keltys, Texas Ralph Todd Henderson, Texas Dawn Tipps Mi nden, Texas Walter Todd Henderson, Texas Juniors iilly Tucker Nacogdoches, Texas Etta Vaughn Shelbyville, Texas Mary Clyde Westmoreland Marshall, Texas Willard Whiteside Troup, Texas Helen Turpin Nacogdoches, Texas Raymond Vermillion Rusk, Texas Mary Eva Whiteside Timpson, Texas Floyd Wilkins Honey Island, Texas Fay Winder Nacogdoches, Texas Ada B. Woods Broaddus, Texas Denman Yarbrough Troup, Texas Sophomores Jack Martmdale, President Griff Terry Ross, Vice-President Lucille Holland, Secretary Wilma Watkins, College Commission Ralph Arnett Thomas Parrish, Collese Commission Julian C. Ashby Nathalee Ashley Lavelle Barker Vernon Barron Cecil Lee Bass Berna Deane Belser Myrle Ruth Berryman Harry Bolster Clara Brown Henry Avis Brown Tom Buchanan Doris Burns m mm I ft ft ITS u Ji Si Soph pnomores James Graham Evie Gray obG unter Elizabeth Hale Lynn Hanna Preston Hendricks Johnnie Mae Hyden Carmon Jacobs Bessie Johnson Howard Johnson Doris Kilpatrick Kathleen Kingham Fred Lee Vallie Lee Tommie Linthicum Louise McCauley W. D. McGraw Verla Marie McLeroy Soph omores Gorman McMullen Willie A. Martin Marshall Matteson Oma V. Metteauer Ellen Middlebrook Burton Moncrief James Blain Moore Sibyl Mosby Wilson T. Muckleroy Harry Nolen Olga Owens Marguerite Partin Willie Perritte Alma Maye Posey Mrs. Abbie Lee Pratt Bessie Lou Price Lucius Adell Roark Bessie Rodgers Sophomores Sara Shearer Charles Shless Ruth Darwin Small Mrs. Aaron E. Smith Lois Strong Naomi Banks Taylor Alice Jane Thompson Verna Lee Tounley Kathryn Tucker Kirby D. Walker Hilda Wallace Donald B. West Edith Westmoreland Verda Claire Westmoreland Clois Whitaker Harold Wisely Avril Wood Evelyn Worley Fresh men Jack Strength, President Dan Hinds, Vice-President Mary Ella Bates, Secretary Kathryn Fitch, College Co mmission Tom Reavley, College Commission JackAills Harold Aken Louise Albea Billie Joyce Allen Kenneth Arnett Felix Bailey Albert Barber Melba Bates James Beavers Carolyn Best Lorena Billingsley Jimmie Faye Black A. L. Blanton Addie Belle Bogard Joe Barham Boles Aubrey Lee Bone Elouise Bourn Bettie Mae Bradbury Alma Marie Brewer Kathryn Brown Raymond Brown Freshmen Ted Brown Frances Buckner Sam Bullard Gladys Marie Burrows Bill Butler N ovel le Byrd Francis Cates La Verne Coates R. E. Cook Verna Copeland Juanita Crawford Joe B. Cross Maurine Crouch Stella Cruse Dale Cupit Tom Davidson Miller Dickey Mable Dominy James Cade Downs Lindsey Dunn Virginia Earle Marie Easley Bernice Eddins Mrs. Mildred English Wena Beth Floyd T. U. Fuller Geraldine Garner Joy Glazener Fresh men Fay Green Martha Jane Green Marnise Hancock Kathryn Hart Mary Virginia Hartgraves Verna Holleman Stanley Hutson Frances Irwin Tannie Frances Ivey Virginia Jinkins Mary Lee King Noble Weir Kyle Alice Latham Dorothy Layton Elma Lea Doralyce Loy Ferman McCann Gladney Jane McCarty Virginia McCormack Guy McDonald Lillian McDonald Carrie Jo McLendon Helen Hortense McLennon George Henry McMillan Julius McMullen Juanita McVay Verble Marshall Charlotte Martin Fresh men -aC ill Viola Fay Martin Kitty Jeane Matthews Wilhelmina Meriwether Thomas Mitchell Carl Monk Marbert Moore Bergman Morrison Wilma Moyer La Merle Muckleroy Janie Merle Muckleroy Rachel Muckleroy Chester Neel Steve Oates John Frank Osborne Annie Lee Pace Julian Lester Perkins Norman Ross Perkins Paul Dalton Perkins Jacque Polk Frances Lee Pope William Pou Gladys Powell Madeline Ramsey Annie Lee Rawlinson Martha Reavley Lillian Gill Roberts Harmon Roquemore Johnie Rounsaville Freshmen Johnnie Mae Sanders Marie Scales Emogene Scogin Lucette Sharp Lester B. Sitton Alyne Spears Jessie Squier Evie Lena Stanley Irene Starr Royaleen Stephens Marie Stewart La Nell Still Eugenia Tadlock Bertha Taylor Vernece Terry Mary Jane Thomas Elouise Tidwell Mary Lynn Tiller J. C. Tischhauser Maud Treadaway Fresh men Willie Treadaway C. C. Tullos Mary Upton Anne Wallace Mary Virginia Weatherley Juanita Weaver W. E. Westfal! Wilma Westmoreland E. W. Wh,tehurst, Jr. Ernestine Williams Minnie Lee Williamson Crystelle Wilson Zelma Winder Wilma Woodard Elizabeth Woods Jim Ted Woods Dorothy Wright William Robert Wyatt Ellen Love Young Charlotte Zeve Organizations A prominent feature of colle S e activity ... an unequaled growth of the number of organizations during the year . . . increased interest in student government . . . initiation of pledges into societies clubs offering hours of relaxation and recreation from study . • Pine Burrs, Sawyers, and Stone Fort Staff sponsor important all-college dances awarding of recognition to those excelling scholastically . . • activities to fit every liking of every student on the campus . . ■ IMPORTANT EVENTS on the campus directed by organizations ... Pi Kappa Delta initiates first Piney Woods Debate Tournament for over a hundred high school students, furnishing lodging, entertainment, and a supper . . . famous purple and white band tours East Texas . . • wins recognition and praise from many sources . . . Spring Choral Festival over 400 high school students welcomed by Choral Club . • • Press Club sponsors Skit Nite . • • Karle Wilson Baker Dramatic Club commemorates Nat.onal Drama Week . . . Debate Club sends two congressmen to National Debate Congress at Topeka, Kansas . . • . P. W. S. A. stages Piney Woods Play Day . • - Student opinion determined by Austinite polls . . . spring and more social functions . . . Com- mencement Week . . . plans for next year. NIHIIIIIIIUI iiiiiHiiiiiFiiifiiiniiiiHiiiiiiiiiiiiiiK Francile Morrison Editor The Stone Fort Staff Francile Morrison Editor Woodrow Baker Business Manager Mary Sharpe . . Senior Class Editor Al ice Reese Junior Class Co-editor Forrest Fuller Junior Class Co-editor Nathalee Ashley Sophomore Class Editor Bertha Taylor . Freshman Class Editor Janie Green Club Editor James (Flash) Fuller Sports Editor Nettie Lee Poore Faculty Editor Fay Winder . . Proof Reader Lucille Holland Copy Writer Jack Rogers . . . . . Copy Writer Wilma Watkins . Feature Editor Harold Wisely Assistant Feature Editor Harold Greer Photographer Lorene Richards . Art Editor Virginia Ellington Art Editor Ernest Ford Art Editor John Osborne, Margurite Partin, Jack Aills, Randolph Cox . . Art Staff Doris Kilpatrick Girls ' Sports Editor Frances Ford Demonstration School Editor Woodrow Baker Business Manager Standing: Sitting Ford, Abshear, Winder, J. Fuller, Wisely, Baker, F. Fuller, Poore, Greer Holland, Richards, Ashley, Watkins, Kilpatrick, Sharpe, Reese, Morrison, Green The Pine Los Staff Standing: Haire, Bates, Moore, Winder, Lane, Stanfield, Holland, Kerr, Martin, F. Fuller, McMullen, Tullos, Barbee, Hanna Sitting: Ford, Watkins, J. Fuller, Ashley, Wright, Richards EDITORIAL STAFF James (Flash) Fuller Weldon Wright Wilma Watkins Aurice Stanfield Fay Winder Lucille Holland Basil Barbee . Jim Lane Forrest Fuller BUSINESS STAFF Ernest Ford Business Manager C. C. Tullos . . Circulation Manager Editor Associate Editor Assistant Editor Sports Editor Music Editor News Editor Columnist Columnist Columnist James (Flash) Fuller Editor Ernest B. Ford Business Manner Collegiate F. F. A. Chapter First row, top: W. Todd, McNeil, Sanford, Beck, Brazier, Rogers, Richardson, Cupit, Warren, Burrows, Hodges, Ross, Whitehead, P. Wilson Second row: R. Todd, Tischauser, Armstrong, Bass, Hawkins. Trawick. Moncrief, Sitton, Swanzy, Chamblee, Spell, Martin, Varbrough, McCrary Third row: Shaw, Glazener, Burgess, Carrol, Duke, Weeks, Muckleroy, Hooper, Irwin, Trawick, Walters, Richard Deaton, E. Wilson, Royle Hooper, Historian Hodges, Secretary Burrows, Reporter Yarbrough, Watchdog Rogers Swanzy, Treasurer Warren Soil Conservation Animal Husbandry Trawick, Armstrong, Royle, President Vice-President Advisor Agriculture Faculty Weeks T " Association Top row; Myers, McKewcn, Warren, Pate Second row. Hough, B.rdwell, Deason, McPhail, Nash, Shanks Third row: W. Todd, Porter, Dominy, Crawford, B. Walters, Rulfs, Ford Fourth row: West, P.ckard, J. Walters, M.lls, Vermillion, Little, Hurst, Hawkms Members not in p.cture: Massey, R. Todd, Sevens, Berwick, Barron. Gunnels, Matron, Haney, Thompkms, Jones, J. Baker W. Baker Bright Sawye rs OFFICERS President . Secretary-Treasurer Sergeant-at-Arms Health Officer Ernest B. Ford Lillard Morrison Jack Porter Levis Hurst Fuller Hooper Hamilton Hawkins Hurst Irwin Little Martindale Mills Porter Stanfield Twohig Vermillion Walker Wilkins Ernest Ford Lillard Morrisor MEMBERS WHOSE PICTURES DO NOT APPEAR: Millard, McKewen The Sawyers The Sawyers is an organization founded on the pine- covered campus of Stephen F. Austin State Teachers College for the purpose of supporting the fighting Lumberjacks in every kind of athletic contest. The organization also tries to help promote a true SFA spirit among the various college groups. Members of the Sawyers strive to encourage the development of worthwhile campus activities along with their academic movement which has as its object the advancement of our college; in doing so, the members carry out the motto of the club: " For the Lumberjacks and SFA, Win- Lose-or-Draw. " New members are selected by invitation and must be voted on by the members of the organization. Pins are being bought this year for the first time and a speical Sawyer homecoming is being arranged for May 21st. May the Sawyers in the future carry on and uphold the spirit and honor of the fighting Lumberjacks. Lumberjackettes OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer Sergeant-at-Arms Reporter Sponsor . Francile Morrison Nettie Lee Poore Hilda Cliburn Clara Lee Brown Myrle Hough Arlene Kilpatrick Poore Ellington Black Green H. Brown Wallace M. Riddlesperger Weatheriy MEMBERS Hough Tucker Adcock E. Cliburn Jackson C. Brown Gray Irwin POLICY Mitchell Kilpatrick H. Cliburn Prator Glazener Lacy I. Riddlesperger Wood To stimulate an interest and to develop a better understanding of school spirit on the campus. m 7 Y.W.C.A. John Hanna Maxine Mitchel OFFICERS Co-Presidents Co- Vice-Presidents Co-Secretaries Co-Treasurers John Hanna Maxine Mitchell Franklin Weeks Avis Adcock Lynn Hanna Melba Moore Reed Dominy Josephine Moor MEMBERS Franklin Weeks, Avis Adcock, Lynn Hanna, Josephi Moore, Reed Dominy. Willard Whitesides, Lorene Richards, W. D. Moore, Wil Woodard, Avie Squier. Weldon Wright, Sara Teutsch, Genevieve Muckleroy, V Jimmie Jacks, Helen Turpin. Jeanette Bates, Thomas Mitchell, Aliece Hanna, Glac Lilley, Grace Haire. Lorine Lunsford, Robert Wyatt, Mary Riddlesperser, Zi Jackson, Vernon Hasley. Louise McCauley, Aubry Bone, Blanche Colwell, Ire Riddlesperger, Martha Green Janice Lee, Myrle Hough, LD. Rulfs, Lois Chambers, Eun : Stansbury. SPONSORS J. T. Richardson, Elizabeth Tucker, Ellis Sowe Sue Hill, A. L. Reavis Amitie OFFICERS President Genevieve Muckleroy Vice-President .... Virginia Ellington Secretary-Treasurer . . Frances C. Prator SPONSOR Miss Josephine Brooks MEMBERS Genevieve Muckleroy, Virginia Ellington, Frances Prator, Kathryn Tucker Marguerite Partin, Nancy Thompson, Mary Ella Bates, Mary Clyde Westmoreland K therine Fitch, Addie Belle Bogard, Melba Bailey, Frances Chaney Jeanette Bates, Floy Slade, Evie Gray, Lorene Turk Frances Irwin, Jimmie Faye Black, Mae Oma Brady, Sam Bui lard Juanita McVay, Nathalee Ashley, Geraldine Garner, Maxine Mitchell Inez Johnson, Alice Jane Thomson, Lonne Lunsford, Mary Osborne Tommie Grey Linthicum MEMBERS WHOSE PICTURES DO NOT APPEAR ARE: Olga Owens, Ruth Curl Class of 1938 " Accounting Club The Accounting Club was organized in October of 1937. The aim is to foster an interest in accounting practice as related to modern business and pro- fessional enterprise. Alford, Walker, Kerr, F. Fuller Downs, Moore, Martin, Jacks Lilley, Parrish, Hough, McGee Wisely, Colwell, Hale, Nolen Squier, J. Fuller, Chambers, Spell Axley, Mitchell, Garrett, Reese Harrell, Jones, Blackburn, Hendricks 4 Br Loggers W. B. Baker, President R. T. Mills, Sergeant-at-Arms J. C. Fuller Secretary E. A. Stanfield, Health Officer The Loggers is a new organization that originated on the S. F. A. campus in the fall of 1937. The purposes of The Loggers are: to promote a close harmony among all phases of college life, and mutua understanding and a cooperative spirit between the faculty and the student body,- to cultivate relations be- tween the college and the community,- to labor on all occasions for the best interest of the college; to create favorable publicity for the college through- out the State by a more accurate reflection of the character and condition of student life,- and to sponsor such forms of entertainments as sha be most conducive to the pleasure and mutua associations of the entire student body. C. E. Ferguson, Sponsor Vernon Barron James Graham MEMBERS Ernest Ford Billy Joe Irwin Willie D. McGraw Weldor Wright Burton Moncrief Kirby D. Walker Arnold Hooper L. D. Rulfs D. K. (Pat) Hamilton Lillard Morrison Thomas Glenn Dillion Hamilton C. C. Tullos Harry Bolster Paul Twohig Member not on this page: Joe Roe Leroy Ross Thomas Parrish Tom Reavley Austinites Gorman McMullen Dan Hinds Marshall Matteson John Hanna Griff T. Ross Willard Whites.des Organized in January 1938, the Austinites were founded for the purpose of sponsoring school projects designed for the pleasure and benefit of the student body. Although a youthful organization, the Austinites planned several proj- ects, and looms as one of the leading organizations on the campus. Rea Carter Harlon Martin President Bergman Morrison Vice-President Reed Dominy Dan Prado Elementary Council Carmen Maxwell President OFFICERS President Vice-President .... Secretary Treasurer Publicity Chairman . Reporter .... Representative to College Com. . Sponsor Carmen Maxwell Irene Riddlesperger Mildred Grimes Hattie McCann Irene Cariker Irmgard Denman Edith Bean Hazel Floyd Lavelle Barker frmgard Denman Mildred Grimes Sally Jones Lela Neil Lucius Adell Roark Annie B. Smith MEMBERS Edith Bean Mary Frances Dorsey Lucy Holleman Hattie McCann Lorene Richards Avril Shaw Corneilia Wyatt Irene Cariker Hazel Floyd Marie Hunt Louise McCauley Irene Riddlesperger Li la Smith Maggie Laura Varborough Others: W. R. Davis, Essa May Barnes, Valine Hobbs, J J Wilson Louise Hathcock, Golda Rochefort, Blanche Colwell, Minnie Martin, Etta Vaughn ' Ima B. an, Louise Tipton, Lula N. Stevenson, Vaucyleen Bell _The Elementary Council of Stephen F. Austin State Teachers College is a duly affiliated branch of the Association for Childhood hducat.on. The purposes of the local branch are professional, social, and recreational. The membership consists of those who interested in the education of young children. are Choral Club DIRECTOR President . Vice-President Secretary . Treasurer Reporters Accompanist OFFICERS . James Graham Basil Barbee . Alyne Cunningham Bessie Rogers Marcelle Holland ■ Gladys Burrows Mamie Middlebrook MADRIGAL CLUB Soprano Mamie Middlebrook Gladys Burrows Erline Helvy Lura Beth Wilson Alto Tenor Bass Alyne Cunningham George Taylor Geraldine Garner Robert Jimmerson James Graham Jack Rodgers Basil Barbee Ida Pritchett YEAR ' S PERFORMANCES Christmas Concert and incidental music for the play " Why The Chimes Rang " Spring Concert Music Festival for Music Week Commencement Music Stephen F. Austin Band Director . Drum Major Twirlers . Mascot Banner Bearer Flag Bearers Mr. J. T. Cox Mary Osborne Billie June Hittson, Wilma Watkms Edna Merle Cox Bertha Taylor Maudess Feazell, Jeanette Olds PELL LYRE M, Beard M Upton CORNET Thaggard Rout Hanna Parker J. Kilpatrick Poe Heaton I. Thomson Spies Monzingo McNei Akens TROMBONE Manning Harris Ramsey C. Kilpatrick W. Ha rnson Perritte BARITONE J. W. Mitchell T. Mitchell Blake BASS F. Bailey Bone Foote J. Jimmerson BASS DRUM Paine SNARE DRUM W. Cox Martin Whitbread Orton SAXOPHONE Bright Stockwell Ross OBOE Lowery FLUTE Barbee Wilson McClary BASSOON Muckelroy CLARINET Pennington Buchanan Wisely V. Beard Jordan Johnson Williams Averitte Weatherly D. Winder Fuller Burgess N. Bailey Tucker Cunningham M. Ha rnson Stephens ALTO Rogers Burrows F. Winder A. Bailey J. Upton FRENCH Worsham Z. Winder G. Thomson Spanish Club Weldon Wright President Avie Squire Secretary PURPOSE To further better relations between students of the Spanish language. Melba Bailey Frances Chaney Hazel Hawthsrne Charlotte Martin Helen Medford Dan Prado Sarah J. Teutsch MEMBERS Nellie Birdwell Elizabeth Galloway Sally Jones Kitty J. Matthews Josephine Moore Frances Prado Mary Thomson Reba Bolton Grace Haire Ruth Mays Laverne Pitts Sue Rawlinson Billy Tucker Alpha Chi A W. Birdwell Chapter PURPOSE To foster higher ideals of scholarship and character. MEMBERS Nellie Birdwell Irene Cariker Ford Hale Helen Medford Laverne Pitts Eunice Stansbury Billy Tucker Reba Bolton Lois Chambers Grace Haire Leslie Moser Dan Prado Avie Squire Lorene Turk Harlon Martin, President J. H. Wiseley, Sponsor Hellen Buchanan Mrs. C. C. Denman Kathleen Lacy Lela Neil Sue Rawlinson Mrs. G. M. Taylor Mildred Wyatt - M Ellen H. Richards Club MEMBERS Marguerite Partin Juanita McVay Rosaline Power Irene Riddlesperger Ernestine Williams Kathleen Bergman Genevieve Muckleroy Lorine Lunsford Zilla Jackson Helen Smith Gladys Lilley Martha Jeter Mary Virginia Weatherly Jeanette Bates Louise Reed Clara Brown Frances Williams OTHER MEMBERS La Merle Graves Sue Williams Clois Whitaker Martha Elizabeth Feazeli Lorena Gilmore Wilma Westmoreland Kathryn Hart President . Vice-President Secretary . Treasurer Reporter . OFFICERS Eloyce Tamplin Esterlene Blacksher Dawn Tipps Frances Prator Frances Irwin Marie Stewart La Merle Muckleroy Evie Gray Avis Adcock Mary Lee Riddlesperger Aliece Hanna Mrs. Mary Eva Whiteside Mrs. Beulah Holt Joy Glazner Henry Avis Brown Edith Bean Shirley Perkins Bernie Greve Gladys Powell Maxine Smelly Lorene Lilly Bessie Faye Crossland Louise King Mrs. Josie Garner Lois Cariker Frances Prator Clara Brown Genevieve Muckleroy Aliece Hanna Lois Cariker, President MOTTO: Forever Learning Gertrude Daniel, Co-Sponsor Woman ' s Council Mary Ella Bates Kathleen Bergman Esterlene Blacksher Reba Bolton Geraldine Garner Frances irwin Ruth Mays, Sponsor Ann McClary Wilhelmina Meriwether Corinne Monk Motive: to study the problems of women on the campus and their adjustment as good citizens in society. Genevieve Muckleroy La Merle Muckleroy Frances Prator Mary Frances Dorsey, President Rosaline Power Madeline Ramsey Alice Reese Wilma Watkins, Vice-President Elouise Cook, Secretary- Treasury Lucette Sharp Mary Sharpe Helen Shattuck 134399 Lois Strong Mary Jane Thomas 1 1 j . Si ' ff A L Jp HI 4ti House Representative President Helen Shattuck Secretary Kathl een Lacy Sponsor Miss Sue Hill The purpose of this organiztion is to make the house rules for the girls of the college. The organization is composed of one representative from each boarding house and the dean of women, who is the sponsor. Yea, Jacks Beat The Kats THE PINE LOG Attend Pi v Club Meeli PUBLISHED WEEKLY BY SFA STUDENTS Volume XV NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS, 1938 Nu PRESS CLUB MEMBERSHIP TOTALS ! President James Fuller James Fuller Wilma Wat KINS Lucille Holland Nathalee Ashley Mary Ella Bates Nellie Birdwell Gladys Burrows Tom Davidson Grace Haire Aliece Hanna Howard Johnson Thurman Kerr Gladys Lilley Harlon Martin Helen Medford W. D. Moore Mary Osborne Madeline Ramsey Tom Reavley Lorene Richards Lucette Sharp Hilda Wallace Mary V. Weatherly Weldon Wright John Robert Wyatt Club Sponsors Printing Pine Log, Stone Fort It is the purpose of the Press Club to sponsor the publica- tion of the Pine Log and the Stone Fort. The club has many social functions dur- ing the year. V.-Pres. Wilma Watkins — — V0 THE PRESS CLUB MOTTO: To do our best at all times; to publish a bigger and better Pine Log and Stone Fort; and to stimulate interest in the above publications at Stephen F. Aus- tin State Teachers ' College, Sec ' y.-Tr u A Lucille Hoi ii Karle Wilson Dramatic Club Presents President .... Blanche Colwell Reporter . . Mary Cates Commission Members Mae Oma Brady, Kirby D. Walker Nathalee Ashley, Addie Belie Bogard, Gladys Marie Burrows, Hazel Hawthorne, Mrs. Beuiah Holt, Zilla John Jackson, Lorine Lunsford, Dorothy Newberry, Verdell Nolert, Irene Riddlesperner, Mary Lee Riddlesperger, Irene Starr, Wilma Watkins, Mary Eva Whiteside, and Billie Burke Windham. ALSO f Director Secretary Serseant-at-Arms Miss Mary J. White Ellen Middlebrook Roland Rollins Lois Baker, Vaucyleen Bell, Myrle Ruth Berryman, Elouise Bowen, Lula Belle D ominey, Claire Grisham, John C. Jefferies, Elva Mangham, Harold Moss, and Sandal Rowe, Jr. The Biology Club OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer Reporter . R, G. Upton SPONSORS Hal B. Paries Ernest B. Ford GriFf Terry Ross Mary Hartgraves Hilda Wallace Roy H. Adams The Biology Club was organized early in the fall of 1937, and its members numbered forty-six within two weeks after its first meeting. The highlights of the year were the " Scavenger Hunt, " the Treasure Hunt, " and the formal dance. Much of the success of the organiza- tion is due to the influence and cooperation of Dr. Hal. B. Parks. The club hopes to create an interest in the biology department of the college and to be able to join a national society for students interested in biology and its related sciences. Although the organization is one for students of the sciences, it is not interested altogether in academic endeavor. It has its social functions and tries to create a friendly spirit of cooperation among students and faculty members. Ernest B. Ford, President MEMBERS OF THE BIOLOGY CLUB Hasley, McCameron, Moore, Wallace, Adock, Barron, Caldwell, Cates, Chambers, Chamblee, Clayton, E Cliburn, H. Cliburn, Coats, Crawford, Deaton, Downs, Duncan, Eaves, Ford, Hooper, Graves. Greer, Hamilton, Hartgraves, Buckner, Kerr, King, Lilley, McCraw, Marshall, Martin, Malthews, Moncrief, Muckleroy, Osborne, Parks, Pennington Pickard, Prado, Rawlinson, Reeder, Richards, Rodgers, Ross, Slade, J. Smith, L Smith, Stephenson, Teutsch, Thaggard, Tichauser, lurpin, Upton, Wagstaff, Wallace, West, Whitaker, Wilkens, Wilson, F, Winder, Z. Winder, Wyatt, Allen, Beard, Bolton, Bellamy, Bone, Buckner. S L£ ' Bfady ' Sh - C E. F„ 3USO n, Martin, Wat.,, Moo,. S qui e,, Woodward, Do.e. W Word, F it ch R.dd.e er IX T P sh ' McM ul!e n, McGraw, Gr Ba.lev, HendrU. . The College Commission OFFICERS President Secretary Harlon Martin Wilma Watkins The College Commission originated on the campus in 1936. It is an organization representative of the various groups of student activity. The purposes of the ciub are to promote better relationships between the student body and the faculty, and student government. Harlon Martin, President Barristers Baptist Students Union Beet row; front row: Forres, Fuller, Weldon Wright, O. T. Bailey, Thomas Glenn R z :t G :z: ( ::r:i Rebs 8o,ton ' Lois m - — « —on, Janie Green Not in picture: Mrs. J, H. Wisely, Sponsor Mary F Lois Soles Harold Wisely P. W. S. A Wilma Watkins Social Chairman Mildred Stevens President Eva CI i burn Secretary Hilda Cliburn Chairman of Intramurals II 11 Tod row—Left to right: Louise MeCauley, Stella Cruse, Irene Canker. Wilma Woodard, Aliecc Hanna, Doris Kilpatrick, Maud Treadaway, Alyne Spears, Juanita Crawford, Wilhelmina Meriwether, Kathleen Lacy, Janie Green, Eva Cliburn, Hilda Cliburn, Sally Jones, Irene Starr, Hilda Wallace, Doris Cox, Avril Wood Second row: Mary Upton, Come Love, Bonny Gay Wagstaff, Gladney McCarty, Madelaine Ramsey. Mary V.rginia Weatherly, Crystelle Wilson, Katherine Fitch Mary hlla Hates, Addie Sell Bogard, Lucette Sha ' p, Mary Clyde Westmoreland, Henry Avis Brov n, Frances Irwin, Joy Glazener, Clemmie Oliver, Velma Mae Fuller, Betty Mae Bradbury Orace Maire Third row: Buelah Holt, Mary Eva Whitesides, Mary Lynn Tiller, Darnell Garrett, Lavelle Barker, Irene Riddlesperger, Eloyce Tamplin, Vena Copeland, Joy Coussons, Alice Latham, rvlaxine Mitchell, Josephine Moore. Lorene Lunsford, Lorene Richards. ■„.■«., ■ k , , c L r- j . i ill.. Fourth row: Mildred English, Evrlyn Worley, Lucille Orr, Dagma Stephens, Mary Jane Thomas, Lois Strong, Zelma Winder, Adell Roark, Wilma Watkins, Nelwyn Stephenson., Uladys Lilly, Fay Winder, Mildred Stevens Dan Hinds, Tom Reavley, IN, Harlon Martin, Gorman McMulfen A. W Betl, Jr., Griff Terry Ross Prof. L. C. Harling, Harold Wisely, Bergman Morrison Resume of 1937-38 Debate Season At the inception of the 1937-38 debate season, only three experienced debaters reported to Coach L. C. Harling. Gorman McMullen, Griff Terry Ross, and Harlon Martin launched their second year as college debaters. Freshmen recruits were Tom Reavley, III, Dan Hinds, regional champions of 1937, Bergman Morrison, and A. W. Bell, Jr. who also had achieved enviable records in High School forensics. Tournaments attended during the season by the squad were those sponsored by Baylor University, Waco, South- west Texas State Teachers College, San Marcos, Louisiana Normal, Natchitoches, Louisiana, and the Mid-South tourney at Arkadelphia, Arkansas. The season was climaxed by a trip to the National Convention of Pi Kappa Delta at Topeka, Kansas. For the first time in the history of the college, the debate squad sponsored an interscholastic forensic tournament, the Piney Woods Debate Tourney, which was attended by representatives of numerous schools in this vicinity and which was declared a success. In addition to the ordinary debate squad, the college maintains the Texas Mu Chapter of Pi Kappa Delta, a national honorary forensic fraternity. Officers of the chapter during the year were Griff Terry Ross, President; Harlon Martin, Vice-President,- Gorman McMullen, Secretary-Treasurer,- and other active members were Harold Wisely, Dr. T. E. Ferguson, and Coach Harling. New members inducted into the chapter at the end of the season were Dan Hinds, Tom Reavley, A. W. Bell, and Bergman Morrison. Janice Lee Tom Reavley Mary Clyde Westmorland Franklin Weeks Royalene Stephens Thurman Kerr Connie Louise Jones Wesley Student Association Motive: To promote a sreater Christian fellowship among college students and faculty members. Mary Ella Bates Maggie Laura Yarborough Avis Adcock Dorothy Newberry Melba Bailey Maxine Mitchell First row: Floyd Powell, Glazener, Bat Easley, Jones OLLEGE SUNDAY SCHOOL CLASS Kerr, Reavis, Green, Barker, lergman, Jones, Newberry, Second row: T. Kerr, Lee, Teutsch, Floyd, Fled Manning, Riddlesperser, Riddlesper Third row: Pe T. i, C. Mitchell, Weeks, Bone, Whitesides, Neel, Albea, furpin, Bates, Westmorland, Thomas, Tiller, Jackson, Fourth row: Yarborouah, Albea, Reavley, Hinds, Cox, Alexander, Bailey, Cox, Ramsey, Bailey, Dillon, Axley, L nsford, Starr Sarah Jane Teutsch Chester Neel Irene Riddlesperger Josephine Moore Willard Whitesides Lorene Lunsford Marguerite Partin Dawn Tipps Hazel Hawthorne Who ' s Who important are the positions held by Woodrow " Honest John " Baker. Included in that number are the presiden- cies of the Senior class and the Loggers and business managership of The Stone Fort. This math major and Sawyer from Livingston has a " cut and dried " method of handling his lady friends that has worked for years— as well as attaching the title, " Candy-Boy " to Baker. " He wasn ' t gonna play basketball ' but Coach Shelton changed the mind of Vernon " Gus " Barron, sophomore from Carlisle who has become outstanding as a regular guard of the Lumberjack quint. In mid-season Barron received a shoulder injury that put him out of the playing for a few games. This handsome sportsman also claims membership in the Sawyers and Loggers organizations. Ernest " Knob " Ford is one who stands high in the ranks of campus leaders. His striking personality has ever brought him popularity on this campus. He is President of the Sawyers and The Biology club; he is serving as Business Manager of The Pine Log, a position he has filled through three editorships; he is a track man, a wearer of the " J, " a Logger, a " Jaycee, " the Sawyer representative in College Commission, a popular song lyric writer, and an art editor of The Stone Fort. James Flash " Fuller, Pine Log Editor characterized by his hat, bow tie, and pipe, holds the presidencies of the Junior Class and the Press Club. His natural friend- liness and ability has made him publicity manager as well as an executive committeeman of the Texas Intercollegiate Press Association. He, as a charter member of the Log- gers, was elected secretary-treasurer. He is sports editor of The Stone Fort, and has membership in the Sawyers, Accounting Club and the Nacogdoches Junior Chamber of Commerce. " Flash " is also a member of the College Commission executive committee. On the side, he substitutes for vacationing staff members of the town newspapers. Who ' s Who Head cheer leader, Janie Green, was elected most- popular girl on the campus during her sophomore and junior years, and rightly so, even if she has chosen Don L. Hough, from among her many admirers, as keeper of her heart. Janie is a Lurnberjackette, a beauty nominee, and a member of the Piney Woods Sports Association. She is active in sports and a social leader. John " Percy " Hanna, Stephen F. Austin ' s choice for favorite boy, is the efficient president of two major organizations: the Young Men ' s Christian Association and the Accounting Club. His executive ability and his occupation as keeper of the bookroom has won for him the title " Captain " John. This Nacogdoches boy is a senior, majoring in Business Administration. Lawrence " Grease Ball " Hough, the other captain, has played good football for three seasons in spite of a serious injury in the A and M game last year.. This member of the " T " Association sports a mustache and reigns over the gate at athletic encounters. Andrew Little was co-captain of the 1937 football team. " Andy " completed his fourth year of Stephen F. Austin football this last season as chief ball carrier of the Lumberjacks. He was also chief escort of the footbal Queen, Evie Gray. " Andy " is a Sawyer and a member of the " T " Association. Who ' s Who Filling executive positions is a daily occurrence with Harlon " Prexy " Martin. As president of the student body, the highest ranking political position on the campus, Harlon piesides over the College Commission. Along with that important position go the presidencies of the A. W. Birdwell chapter of Alpha Chi and the Austinites. Among the Barristers and Pi Kappa Deltas, this first ranking Stephen F. Austin debater is known as vice-president. 1 ' 3 Guy " Red " Massey is Stephen F. Austin ' s pride on the basketball court. A three year letterman, " Red is outstanding in the Lone Star conference. In line with his athletic career, Massey coaches the Demonstration School basketball team and plays ping-pong. He belongs to the " T " Association, of course. On the side, there is the corner filling station and a host of admirers to occupy his time. Marshall " Matty " Matteson is the sophomore forward who reached high in scoring honors this season. He is an industrious student well liked by all his associates. From his looks in the picture, this man of basketball will continue to threaten all scoring records if not break them. A leader with the welfare and progress of Stephen F. Austin at heart is Maxine Mitchell. She is president of the Young Women ' s Christian Association and represented that organization and the college at the National Assembly of Student Christian Associations at Oxford, Ohio, during the Christmas holidays. Maxine represents the Lumberjackettes in College Commission and has member- ship in the Arnitie social organization. Who ' s Who Cul mindting four years of work on the annual staff with the editorship of the 1938 edition, Francile Morrison, " Francy " to friends, has attained a position among the select of Stephen F. Austin. This Commerce-English major demonstrates her executive ability by holding presidential positions in two important campus organiza- tions, the Lumberjackettes and the Baptist Students Union — and represents the latter in the College Commis- sion. " Queen of Strut " was the title given to Mary Osborne, drum-major of the Lumberjack Band, when the local musicians took a prominent part in the annual Rose Festival in Tyler last fall. Mary was selected by the Sawyers as a beauty nominee for The Stone Fort. She is an Amitie, the secretary of Alpha Psi Omega, national dramatic honor society, a member of the Karle Wilson Baker Dramatic and the Biology Clubs. Jack Rodgers is outstanding among the music students on the campus. When the Austonians, local dance orchestra, needs an arrangement, J. Delos makes one for them. In that orchestra Jack chases his fingers over the pino keys; at various other times he plays a violin, a bass violin, trombone, alto and practically all the other brass instruments. He belongs to every musical organization cn the campus such as the Band, and the Madrigal and Choral Clubs. Jack is a copy writer on The Stone Fort staff and the designer of many of the Dramatic Club production sets. When an accompanist is needed Jack Rodgers is found. Pi Kappa Delta s president is Griff Terry " Dimples " Ross, pre-medical student with unusual talents and a variety of campus positions. He is vice-president of the Biology Club, a Barrister and a member of the Martin- Ross debate team. While in Galveston last fall, Griff was elected to the Theta Kappa Psi Medical fraternity. He is an Austinite and plays a saxophone in the Band. As the accordion player of the famed " Campus Ramblers, " Griff broadcast over Longview ' s station KFRO and Kilgore ' s station KOCA last fall. A fun-loving and likable athlete is Earl Shanks. He has won the admiration and respect of Stephen F. Austin with his accomplishments on the football field and track. This wearer of the " T " is also a student- of good standing, well liked by the faculty as well as being extremely popular with the students. Mary Sharpe ' s remarkable number of good qualities make her universally liked. She presides at Pine Burr meetings and represents that club in the College Commission. The Loggers chose Mary as their beauty nominee and she holds the title of " Miss Nacogdoches of 1937. " The senior class ecitorship of The Stone Fort is also filled by this Nacogdoches girl. An excellent dancer and a good sport, Mary is a possessor of many friends. Langford " Lanky " Warren ' s track record is nothing less than remarkable, having performed enough feats on the cinders to require pages to name them. At a tackle position on the football team he won the acclaim of the spectators many times. " Lanky " is majoring in Agriculture thus accounting for his membership in the Aggie Club. Likable and lanky is " Lanky " Warren. One who carries her many honors with dignity and modesty is Wilma " Queenie " Watkins. Her record speaks for itself. She is secretary and sophomore class representative in the College Commission, assistant editor of The Pine Log, feature editor of The Stone Fort, vice-president of the Press Club and the Woman ' s Council, a member of the Dramatic Club, Alpha Psi Omega, national dramatic society, Pine Burrs, and the Piney Woods Sports Association. The Barristers selected Wilma as their beauty nominee, and she reigned as Queen of the 1937 P. W. S. A. Carnival. As Stephen F. Austin ' s representative, Wilma attended the Coro- nation Ball in Huntsville, March 5. In the Band, this Nacogdoches girl twirls a baton, and during her leisure time she reads the magazine, Leisure. A student on the campus for twelve years is Harold " Money Bags " Wisely — from the first grade in Demonstration School to a sophomore ranking in college. He represents the national debater ' s society, Pi Kappa Delta, in the College Commission, and is treasurer of the Baptist Students Union. Harold is a member of The Stone Fort staff, a veteran clarinet player in the Lumberjack Band and holds membership in the Accounting and Biology Clubs. Swinging a tennis racquet occupies his spare time. How the Favorites Were Chosen Ted Shawn selected the beauties — four among the fifteen. Mr. Shawn and his group of men dancers appeared in a program in Davis Gymnasium, early in December. At that time he submitted his choice of four to the annual editor. " I am very glad to be asked to select your beauties ' said Mr. Shawn upon being asked to judge. " I wanted to select them all, " he revealed when his task was done. Stephen F. Austin favorites were given the title of " Mr. " and " Miss SFA " in an election conducted b the student body of the Piney Woods College. Eight boys and eight girls were nom- inated for the titles by the four classes. SFA ' s Who ' s Who was selected by a vote of all the professors. Students receiv- ing the largest number of votes were honored in this year ' s Stone Fort. Per- sonality, school spirit, friendliness, ability, and other traits were considered by the professors. Athletics A new football coaching staff . . . J. E. Willis, a friend of the stu- dents and a capable coach . . . games under the lights . . . freshman night . . . Homecoming Day . . . Lumberjack Band . . . resplendent new uniforms . . . martial airs . . . marching of newly formed girls ' pep squad . . - formations on the field during the half . . . the bon- fire . . . basket ball season begins ... an inexperienced sopho- more team develops into a powerful, dangerous team . . . House of David . . . Commerce, Sam Houston ... all colorful, exciting games . . . Denton heartbreaker featuring Ab Curtiss . . . holiday after brilliant win over Bearkats ... the trip to Mexico City . . . Track aspirants break the tape the whiz of a cross-court drive as racqueteers go into action . . . baseball continues its comeback atS. F. A. as an experienced group of sluggers finish out a year of sports at S. F. A. Ralph Murff R H Shelton J. E. Willis Coaching Staff A builder of men —Coach W. W. Dossey deserves such a title. Every athlete that has donned the Purple and White of Stjphen F. Austin college finds Coach Dossey ' s name etched deep into their hearts. He has imbued the battles of life and football into countless Axemen warriors. Coach Dossey has the responsibility of building and directing the Lumberjack line in the gridiron sport. Stephen F. Austin is indeed fortunate in having such a man as Coach Dossey on its coaching staff. . TL. A newcomer to the SFA campus is Ralph Murff, former Centenary College star. During the short time that Coach Murff has been connected with " the pine tree school " as backfield coach he has gained many friends. He is full of the desire to build a winning Lumberjack eleven and his efforts have won the respect and admiration of all who know him. In 1923 the citizens of Njcogdoches built among the stately pines of East Texas a college and christened it Stephen F. Austin College. Years later that institution gained nationwide attention because of its many out- standing basketball teams. The Lumberjacks ' fame has traveled near and far. and many have been credited for their achievements, but those who follow the court game know that a small solemn-faced man by the name of R. H. Shelton is the man behind the wheel. Through his untiring efforts the Lumberjack basketball teams have finished on top of the Lone Star confer- ence ladder five times out of the last six years. Coach Bob was recruited from Southwest Texas at San Marcos to take the roll of Athletic Director of SFA in 1923. He has held this position since that time. Quiet and modest and a natural builder of men, Mr. Shelton always attributes his success solely to " the boys. " Coach Bob has gained the respect and friendship of every student in Stephen F. Austin. When Coach Eugene H. White, for eight years head grid mentor at SFA, left the local campus to return to his Alma Mater, Washington and Lee, to act as assistant coach, the administration of SFA sought the services of a capable and efficient coach to take his place. Their selection was J. E. (Red) Willis, former coach at Tex- arkana Junior College and star back at Texas Christian University. Although Coach Willis has been at SFA only a short time, he has proven himself to be a " regular fellow " and is well liked by the student body. That Coach Willis has unusual ability in the realm of coaching football is unquestionable. His followers predict many many banner years for him and his Axemen. Bergman Morrison Janie Green Nettie Lee Poore D. K. (Pat) Hamilton Yell Leaders Handling pep rallies, leading yells at the football and basketball games, journeying with the teams as much as possible and promoting pep and school spirit on the College campus are the duties of the yell leaders. The yell leaders led the students on two eventful trips this year, a foot- ball trip to Beaumont by special train, and a basketball trip to Huntsville by chartered bus. During the past year Janie Green was head yell leader with Nettie Lee Poore, D. K. (Pat) Hamilton, and Bergman (Boots) Morrison as assistants. I The cooperation and spirit of the 1937-1938 yell leaders in backing the Lumberjack teams has been appreciated by the entire student body. Frances Ann Partin Mascot F O O T B A L L Back row: Whitehurst, Manager, Pate, J. Walters, Scofield, Nash, Porter, Vermillion, Little, McPhail, Shanks, McKewen. Middle row: Birdwell, Ramsey, Dommey, Whitaker, B. Walters, Bai-wick, West, Hough, Myers. Front row: Hawkins, Hurst, Kubosh, Baker, Deason, Johnstone, Jones, Glenn- Resume of 1937 Season JACKS DRO? FIRST ENCOUNTER TO SLI In their initial encounter the Axemen dropped a heartbreaking defeat to the Southwest Louisiana Institute Bulldogs of Lafayette, on October 2, by the score. of 7 to 6. The ' Jacks outplayed the Pelican State aggregation in every department, piling up 14 first downs to 9 for the Dogs. The locals struck paydirt in the first stanza when Andy Little streaked across the last line from the 10-yard stripe for the first touchdown of the hectic battle Lawrence Hough ' s attempted conversion was blocked. The SLI score came in the third period when Gunter circled the Willismen ' s left end from the 30-yard marker to chalkup the Bulldogs ' lone touchdown. Gunte s conversion proved to be the margin of victory. CONFERENCE CHAMPS SMOTHER AXEMEN 33-0 Greatly outplayed and outclassed, the Stephen F. Austin Lumberjacks fought in vain on Birdwell Field, October 8, to stop the powerful East Texas Lions from Commerce, but emerged on the small end of a 33-0 score. Twenty-five hundred spectators witnessed Johnnie Garrison take the opening kickoff on the 10-yard stripe and race 90 yards for a touchdown that started the fireworks for the East Texans. The Lions continued their scoring spree throughout the second and- third cantos but were bottled up by the locals in the last frame. The jacks made various touchdown drives throughout the game but by many fumbles marred their chances to score. . occasion was the second LAMAR CARDS HAND AXEMEN 10-6 LICKING On October 14, five hundred Lumberjack rooters boarded a special train which conveyed them to the South Texas city of Beaumont. The meeting of the SFA gridiron warriors and the Lamar Junior College Cardinals. Outplaying their larger opponents throughout the game the Cardinals took the SFAites into camp by the score of 10-6. The Cards ' passing attack completely baffled the Lumberjacks as they piled up 110 yards from their aerials. Frequent Axemen fumbles marred the locals ' chance for victory. Shanks Deason Co-Captain Little Baker Vermillion Glenn Wick J. Walters EAGLES HOLD LUMBERJACKS TO 6-6 TIE t JS k 31 ' ' ° f D — More . SAN MARCOS WINS 26-6 The lone Lumberjack tally came in the last quarter when Andy Little returned a punt 70 yards for a score. JACKS WIN 2-0 CONTEST FROM LOUISIANA NORMAL ,,nrhIho CdlS broke T k ' Ce T N ° vember f when they defeated the highly-touted Louisiana Normal Demons 2 to in Natch .toches, Louis.ana. The Axemen eleven starred in the encounter, as the Demons crossed the 50 yard stripe only once he iJni Zn " T mi T Y m n stdnzd , when L ry (Butch) Deason quick-k.cked over the Normal safety to place he ball on the Demon 8 yard line On the next play a bad pass from center sent the oval swirlmq over the on n w Loomis, Normal back, covered the ball, as a swarm of Purple and White jerseys tackled him behind paydirt Pate Jones Scofield JAVELINA PASSING ATTACK CLICKS AS ' JACKS LOSE 33-6 Displaying a powerful passing and running attack that hit its stride in the third period by scoring four touchdowns, the Texas A. I. Javelmas, from Kingsviile ; rooted the Lumberjacks by a score of 33 to 6 in a non-conference clash on Birdwell Field, Novem- ber 25. The Hogs held a 7-0 lead over the Woodsmen at half time,- however, they returned to the fracas at the beginning of the third quarter and completely baffled the Lumber- men with their long aerial attack. The local ' s lone score came in the fading minutes of the encounter when Malcome Johnstone passed from the 18 yard stripe to Jimmie Jones for the marker. ' JACKS DROP 8-0 TILT TO BEARCATS For the first time in ten years, Coach Mollie Crawford ' s Sam Houston Bearcats defeated the SFA Lumberjacks on Birdwell Field when they handed the Axemen an 8-to-0 setback Thanksgivins Day, November 25, before 2,000 spectators. Swede Hill, driving backfield star from Houston, proved the sparkplug in the Huntsville rear cordon as he passed to Callahan from the 47 to the 10, then hit the Jack forward wall for the only touchdown of the game. Barnett failed to convert. The marker came in the first quarter. Late in the final period, Malcome Johnstone attempted to pass from behind his own goal, line but was smothered for a safety by Seldon Broughton, Kat wingman. The locals drove deep into the Prison City ' s territory on various occasions,- however, fumbles and penalties marred their chances to score. The Woodsmen threatened in the final canto on a passing attack, Johnston to Watson Myers, but the drive flunked on the 20 when the Jacks fumbled. Although the locals dropped the fracas they were on top in first downs by 7-to-6. Ramsey Birdwell Whitaker Co-Capt. Hough t Hawkins Hurst Even though the Lumberjacks cannot call the season a success from the standpoint of wins and losses, what many ardent supporters deemed a new era in Stephen F. Austin football was begun . In the first place, many of the stars of the ' 36 team were missing from the line-up. Then the boys were forced to master a new system of football under the tutelage of J. E. Willis, who came down from Texarkana Junior College to replace Gene White as head mentor. Ralph Murph, a former Centenary College gridiron great, was employed as assistant coach to aid Willis in molding the Jack machine. A long and torrid practice grind was begun in mid-September to get the Axemen in top form for the opening fiasco with the Southwest Louisiana Institute Bulldogs. On the opening night the Jacks unleashed a passing attack and tore through the Bulldog line with a viciousness that provoked fond hope from the most pessimistic ' Jack supporters. The Louisianians are always a thorn in the side of ttie Axemen and after the smoke had cleared, prospects for a winning team loomed bright for the purple and white However, the Axemen encountered tough sledding most of the remainder of the season. With their proteges in tiptop condition, Coaches Willis and Murph sent them into battle with the strong East Texas aggregation on October 8. Outplayed and outclassed, the Jacks were the victim of a 33-to-O shellacking, a defeat which they never seemed to get over throughout the season The East Texans, boasting one of the strongest teams in the history of the Conference, took all comers with compara- tive ease, with a rugged line backed up by such leather luggers as Defee, Tu My and Garrison. After the debacle with the East Texans, the Lumbermen could never get to clicking. Injuries laid Captain Hough on the shelf most of the remainder of the season along with several other mainstays. A number of newcomers donned the purple and white uniform for the first time, being transfers from Junior colleges, hindering considerably the smoothness of the Jack eleven because they had not played with the Lumbermen before. However, prospects for the 1938 season are fairly promising. Coach Willis will lose several of his mainstays but a flock of promising freshmen along with a number of transfers will undoubtedly bolster the Jack Eleven for the coming year. Operations were underway to plow up and re-sod the playing field. Soft ball players and fans will be forced to look for another pasture during the coming summer but will gladly do so in order that a better sod be provided for the Lumbermen to fall on next year. Plans for building a new stadium are also being formulated, their outcome depending on the passage of the current spending bill in Congress. Kubosh West Back row: Blanchard, McHenry, Bolster, Dennis, Hopson, Muckieroy, Martindale, Tucker, Harris, Roquemore. Front row: Brown, Rhyan, White, Hagler, Willrs-(Mascot) Graham, Crain, McGraw, Yates. Not in picture: 8utler, Bailey. SEASON ' S RESULTS SFA Freshmen 7 Marshall Junior College ... 19 SFA Freshmen 13 Allen Academy . . . . . .19 SFA Freshmen 26 East Texas Freshmen . . . . 14 SFA Freshmen Sam Houston Freshmen . . . .20 SFA Freshmen 14 Louisiana Normal Fish .... Front row — left to right: Coach Bob Shelton, Harry Nolan, Jimmie Jones, Dan Prado, Malcome Johnstone, Carmen Jacobs, Walter Beck, Vernon Barron. Middle row: Ralph Crawford, Pascal Haney, Guy Massey, Watson Myers, Edwin Nash, Edgar Tompkins. Back row: Walter Todd, Willard Whitesides, E. C. Gunnels, Kermit Clayton, Marshall Matteson Basket Ball Calendar SEASON RECORD Stephen F. Stephen F. Stephen F. Stephen F. Stephen F. Stephen F. Stephen Stephen Stephen Stephen Stephen Stephen Stephen F Stephen F Stephen F Stephen F Stephen Stephen Stephen Stephen Stephen Stephen Aus Aus Aus Aus Aus Aus Aus Aus Aus Aus Aus Aus Aus Aus Aus Aus Aus Aus Aus Aus Aus Aus n 44 Lon Morris 39 n 33 Lon Morris 31 n 38 Texas Wesleyan 45 n 35 West Texas 44 n 48 Texas Tech 35 n 30 Southwestern Teachers (Durant, Oklahoma) 32 n 36 East Central Oklahoma 32 n 41 Texas Christian University 40 n 23 Texas University 31 n 72 Daniel Baker 35 n 47 Daniel Baker 37 n 42 Southwest Texas 23 n 38 Southwest Texas 32 n 44 East Texas 42 n 53 Texas A. I 31 n 40 Texas A. I. 34 n 49 House of David 32 n 26 Sam Houston 46 n 36 North Texas .40 n 62 East Texas 67 n 33 North Texas 26 n 39 Sam Houston 32 ft . m m , Matteson Barron Massey Lone Star Conference Games AXEMEN WIN CONFERENCE OPENERS FROM SAN MARCOS 42-23,- 38-32 Coach Bob Shelton ' s Stephen F. Austin Lumberjacks blasted the 1938 conference lid off with a roar by hand- ing the Southwest Texas basketeers two straight defeats, 42-23; 38-32. The first encounter was played in San Marcos on January 10, and the second fracas was staged in Aikman Gymnasium January 18. Watson Myers was high point man in the first clash with 13 markers. Marshall Matteson zipped the mesh for 15 chalkers to lead the ' Jacks in the second game. LOCALS DOWN LIONS 44-42 In a thrill-packed court drama that left 1,500 fans limp at the final gun, a fighting Lumberjack basketball team kept intact its perfect record in the Lone Star Conference by repulsing the East Texas State Teachers College Lions from Commerce Friday night, January 21, in Aikman Gymnasium 44 to 42. Guy Massey with 17 markers and Pascal Haney and Marshall Matteson with 13 each placed the sensational Jack attack. SAM HOUSTON TROUNCES AXEMEN 46-26 It was too much Bearkats, February 7, and the SFA basketeers fell before a rampant Sam Hous- ton attack to the tune of 46 to 26. Before the Axemen ever knew they were on the floor, the sharp-shooting Bearkats tore away to a 11 to 2 lead and held a decisive margin until the final whistle. Captain Massey ' s seven points and Matteson ' s five were high for the losing Jack offense. Lone Star Conference Games (Continued) NORTH TEXAS SHADES WOODSMEN IN 40 TO 36 OVERTIME GAME A guy named Smith broke 1,500 fans ' hearts in Aikman Gymnasium February 10, and it was not his good looks that did the trick. In a nerve-tingling court drama that re- quired two extra periods to determine, the elongated Eagle forward came through with two field goals in the final extra stan- za to give his mates a 40 to 36 decision over the Lumberjacks in the first defeat for the Axemen in Aikman Gym since 1931 . ... $ ' h Playing without the services of Captain Red Massey, an influenza victim, and Vernon Barron, handsome guard, the Lumberjack sophomore five fought their way to an early 5 to 3 lead over the Denton lads. However, the North Texas crew came back strong to lead by 20 to 18 at intermission. The game ended in a 32-32 deadlock. The second overtime period ended at 35-all; however, that guy Smith dropped in two field goals during the second extra period and Jones added a shot from the 15 foot line to give the visitors the win. LOSSES IN COMMERCE AND DENTON DETHRONE ' JACKS After six long years the Lone Star Conference basketball crown toppled from the heads of the Stephen F. Austin College Lumberjacks. The crown, growing a little heavy on a crippled, sophomorish quintet, was lifted only after some furious court play February 14 and 15 in Commerce and Denton where the Axemen bowed to the East Texas quintet 67 to 62 and the North Texas crew 33 to 26. Captain Massey played only a few minutes in the Commerce game, but did not enter the Denton battle. Also out of the lineup was Vernon Barron, injured guard. Matteson made 23 points for the Axemen and Haney came through with 14 and Myers 11 in the Commerce encounter. Big guns for the Lumberjacks in the Denton clash were effectively stilled by the North Texans. Myers led the Purple attack with 11 markers. Myers Haney C5l G unneis Jones r 19 A !H Toa jfems Crawford Beck McGf«w Lone Star Conference Games (Continued) AXEMEN END SEASON WITH 39-32 WIN OVER SAM HOUSTON In a thrill-packed encounter that was witnessed by 2,000 spectators, Coach Shelton ' s SFA basketeers defeated their arch-rivals, the Sam Houston Bearkats, by the score of 39 to 32 in Aikman gymnasium February 25. The game was the last LSC encounter for both teams. The victory placed the local cagers in second place in the LSC with four games won and four lost. The Bearkats led 21 to 19 at the half,- however, Haney dropped in a field goal during the early minutes of the second period to tie up the game at 21 -all. The encounter was knotted up five times during the last canto. With nine and one-half mirvutes left in the fracas, the Bearkats held a 28-26 lead over the Woodsmen, but the locals soon tied up the game at 31 -all. Matteson, Haney, and Massey zipped the mesh for field goals to send the Sheltonmen into a commanding lead of 37 to 31 as the timer ' s clock registered one and one-half minutes of playing time. Matteson dropped in a last-rr.mute field goal to ice up the game. Billie White, half-pint forward for the Prison City five, made a free shot to end the scoring for the night. Haney led the local scoring with 13 chalkers. C Dotson was high for the losers with 8. Coach Shelton, McGraw, Jones, 8arron, Matteson, Tompkins, Myers, Haney, Gunnels, Massey T H E J A C K S G O T O M E X I C o On Saturday, February 3, Coach Bob Shelton received from Leoncio Ochoa, coach of Mexico City ' s Y. M. C. A. basketball team, an invitation requestins the Purple and White basketeers to participate in the International Basketball Tournament in Mexico City on March 6-13. Injuries and illness on the Lumberjack roster at the tourney caused the locals to be eliminated; however, the trek was of lasting interest to the nine players that made the trip, they reported. The photos below will verify the above remark: That new suit that Coach Shelton purchased in Mexico Citv. Two for the price of one .... Massey shoves off for a boat ride . . . ' Posing .... Matteson goes " round and ' round " .... " Mattey, " Red " and " Mc " with a couple, ' of friends .... the Jacks take a boat ride. - Who is the senorita? .... These two guys got sick when they went over the mountain. Stopped to get rid of some chili . the mighty Myers — nuf said . . . where did you get ' em, Coach? Did " Mattey " bring ' em up? SEASON ' S RESULTS Freshmen 36 Freshmen 30 Freshmen 30 Freshmen 34 Freshmen 45 Freshmen 20 Freshmen 48 Freshmen 30 Freshmen 40 Freshmen 32 College of Marshall 29 College of Marshall 37 Tyler Junior College 38 Tyler Junior College 31 East Texas Freshmen 43 East Texas Freshmen 31 Sam Houston Freshmen 36 Sam Houston Freshmen .44 Livingston High School 31 Colmesneil High School 29 THE SQUAD Back row - I eft to right: Jones, Deason, Sitton, Bohannon, Cooper, Moncrief, Millard, Myers Front row— left to right: Coach Murff, McGraw, Wallcer, Grayson, Vermillion, Little, Sisco Baseball was revived at the Piney Woods school in 1937. This year the Purple and White diamond performers possessed one of the most outstanding college nines in Texas. The locals played numerous games with outstanding college and semi-pro teams. Coaches J. E. (Red) Willis and Ralph Murff handled the club. THE COACH " Come off the bag. " On Third Base .... " Go home! " r 1 x ' •«r + ft t Although the Lumberjack track squad of 1938 was not so well balanced, several men were able to gather in points in most of the meets. Among the most consistant of these point-getters were Langford Warren, speedster from Beckville, who participated in the dashes, Jack Porter, Ernest Ford, Ralph and Walter Todd, Chester Hawkins, Leroy McPhail, Marion Parker, Earl Shanks, and Reed Dominey. The ocal harriers attended ail important meets in the southwest and made an excellent showing in many of them. With practically no chance at first or second place at the Conference meet, the Axemen were slated to fight it out with Southwest Texas for third place. s m 1 Back row — left to right: Jack Pennington, Ford Hale, Branch Axley, Gerald Millard, Coach H. C. Key Front row — left to right: Carl Brown, Jimmie Graham, L. D. Rulfs, Lynn Hanna Coach Key Th rough the untiring efforts of Coach H. C. Key, the Stephen F. Austin tennis squad has made much progress. Working with a somewhat inexper- ienced but promising group of aspirants, Coach Key has developed a formidable team of netters. Returning from last year ' s squad was L. D. (Sqush) Rulfs, Ford Hale, Jack Pennington, Branch Axley, and Lynn Hanna. Jimmie Graham, Gerald Millard, and Carl Brown are the newcomers to the team. The squad played a number of matches both at home and away before the conference meet. The Purple and White tennis warriors deserve much credit for their efforts on the courts. Poor facilities at the Piney Woods school hamper their efforts. Ralls Co-Ed Recreation Favorite Activities I mm I I Features A cross section of campus life as seen through a camera . . . person- alities . . . events . . . sport flashes . . . organization fun . . . fish initiation . . . shots of love in bloom . . . entertainment . . .danc- ing . . . spring fever . . . and things and such . . . just the old grind . . . caricatures and cartoons . . . all in fun. ari nd tethooT h M °f re —ted S-thering, fats for her™ W f T d ° rm,t0ry ' b ° drdinS houseS « " ™ ' " to 9-b the scSnl. b 7Z „ ' e i ed £ r , FO ° tbal1 ' dub ' nitiation5 ' - d materials for TorllZ it toot ° f 0eWneSS in the ' " i boys ' the Jdent ' y hS ' B Ta h ' $ Pr ° SPeCtS of 6 SUCcessful r « of uniform F b ° dy ' A Mr - Co w « " " ore than glad to unpack his 75 new band t ' lzz rrf " iittlest " Lumberjack ' ', and the faculty looked most unhappy about the whole thing. , La iiT N r r ber t v !mw s, °™ 901 e " " 9h ' io « t»™ " «■ »8«d the semester finals that caused even Tony to play " Poor Pussy. " At the New Year s reception things went in pairs— two Presidents and two shiny pates. McCauley was indeed the " man of the hour " for he stayed in our school about that long,- Prado acted the a S e that the House of David center inferred his size indicated; the camera-shy faculty made good targets,- and ail stopped to admire the deoaters paying homage to their " Czar. " One day " Pat " and Ralph, " Rooster " and Nan, Sea- mons and Billie Bob, Chester and Nancy, " Chesty " and " Tubbo, " " Andy " and Evi e, McHenry and " Blondie, " " Flash " and Wilma, Jack and Ella, Jimmie and Billie, Earl and Kathleen, Hazel and Cooper, Nettie and " Hoss, " " Chirp " and " Cookie, " Dan and Zelma, Helen and " Cow, " Marion and Ruth, and Evelyn and " Wimpy " were seen together — everybody, including the camera- man, winked their respective eyes. Last summer a lot of people came to Stephen F. Austin —school teachers, boys from A and M, some from just about everywhere—but " Shorty " went to Mexico. The class hours were early— the enrollment was large - shorts were chosen by Helen— and Dialville ' s swimming pool by everybody— during the summer of 1937. In November, Col. Charles Benter conducted his U. S, Navy Band in matinee and evening concerts that brought the bands of East Texas high schools to Nacogdoches in a Band Festival. January 28 and 29, the Piney Woods Debate Tournament was introduced to Stephen F. Austin. Seventeen East Texas high schools participated, with Gladewater winning the boys ' division, and Lufkin the girls ' . Freshmen have been gathered in the W. R. C. on sunny afternoons in autumn for the last two years. The occasion — Freshman intelligence examinations. At the Piney Woods Project Show of December 11, the Hudson School Exhibit won second place. In the picture are R. E. Evers, teacher of vocational agriculture, and Miss Faye Westmoreland, home economics teacher and advisor for Future Home- makers of Area VII. The Sawyer Apron-Overall All-College Dance brought a record-breaking crowd to the W. R. C. to hear Al Dunn and his famous orchestra " swing it. " Jacques Abram appeared in his eleventh concert on the campus, November 17, as National winner of the Federation of Music Clubs contest, and winner of the Schubert Memorial award, the greatest prize offered to young instrumentalists. Pictures of Students Not in Class Section Louise Miller Freshman Norerte Sparkman Freshman Demonstration School Not only a laboratory for future teachers but a normal progressive school in itself . . . from first grade through the eleventh . . . expert teach- ing and instruction . . . opportunity for self-expression . . . numerous student activities . . . excellent equipment . . . capable critic teachers . . . .glimpses of high school life . . . pretty girls skating . . . social functions . . . Hallowe ' en Jamboree . . . Christmas Tree . . . Junior-Senior functions, including Senior Day . . . the Senior Ba nquet . . . annual Junior-Senior play . . . Graduation Week climaxes the year. The Demonstration School Faculty Miss Hazel Floyd . • . Miss Arlene Ki 1 patrick Mrs. R. B. Pinson . Mrs. Golda Rochefort Mr. J. J. Wilson . . Miss Anne Yardley . Miss Valine Hobbs Miss Mary Love . Miss Aline Mahoney Miss Gladys Fox Members not in picture- Mrs. J. Y. Morgan Miss Lorene Taylor Supervisor of Elementary Education Physical Education and Biology Resigned Sixth Grade Principal of Training School Senior Sponsor Fourth and Fifth Grade Sophomore Sponsor Music Teacher Eighth Grade Seventh Grade Second and Third Grade Seni mors 1937 Bobby Murphy, President 1938 Joy Upton Fred Williams Florine Hankla Evelyn Harvin Tommie Ruth Worshan Marnell Smelley Hazel Crenshaw Gaynell Hughe Charles Hi Tommie Jean McClain Glenn Mills Grace Thomas Odis Medford Willie A. Garrett Gene Hunt Florence Wilson Margie N. Daniels Wk Ross Garrett Roy Muckleroy Anne McClarv Juniors Mary Lou Beard, President,- Betty Rose Gintz, Secretary; Joseph Upton, Vice-President; Claude Rodgers, Treasurer Peggy Wedgeworth, President,- Charles Finney, Vice-President; Rose Marie Poe, Secretary-Treasurer Seventh and Eighth Grades Favorites MOST POPULAR GIRL Grace Thomas BEST ALL-ROUND BOY MOST POPULAR BOY Hurde Manning BEST ALL-ROUND GIRL Bobby Murphy Willie Ann Garrett Favorite Activities Blue Devil The Blue Devils got off to a slow start this season, due partly to a mix-up in the practice schedule which kept several promising candidates from coming out. Coach Guy Massey started the season off with three lettermen and several promising Sophomores and Juniors with no experience. By mid- season the record of the Blue Devils was far from brillant with only two wins. However, on the last lap they began to sprint and finished in a small blaze of glory with four wins out of six. The surprise of the season came with the defeat of the powerful Nat team, which showed the possibilities of the Blue Devils. This year ' s lettermen are: James Trimble, Charles Kilpatrick, Hugh Lee Patrick, and J. W. Mitchell. Second year men are: Ross Smelley, Charles Lee Hill. Third year man: Ross Garrett. 4 •MS ■ 9 } Clubs Near " the end of the trail " let the wanderer through the year, digress a bit with the faculty my theme. Mr. Pinson, the mathematician, is advocating the use of " common- horse-sense " and Mr. Hinds the profit in chicken raising. Mr. Upton raises a brow at the misuse of bugs, beetles, and juch, and Dr. Chambers ' never satisfied curiosity demands to know just what is in that picture. The little director of the band, Mr. Cox, is a golf enthusiast, and Mr. Sheley, with the patience of Job, instills French, Spanish, and German into United States minds. Of the physical education department there are golfers Murff, Willis, Abshear, and Shelton. Airline Motor Coaches, Inc. Serving South and East Texas De Luxe Buses Careful and Dependable Drivers While your teachers are busy remolding and shaping your lives for more useful service, we are busy installing better buses for your comfort while riding on our lines. Francile Morrison, Editor of the 1938 Stone Fort Annual .... Nettie Lee Poore, Assistant Yell Leader .... Janie Green, Yell Leader .... Mary Osborne, Drum Major— FAVORS AIRLINE MOTOR COACHES. Phone 668 Nacogdoches, Texas LXBHAHY 8T1IPHSH F. AUSTIN STATS COLLEOT NACOGDOCHES . TEXAS FROST LUMBER INDUSTRIES INCORPORATED OF TEXAS Better Lumber for Better Homes NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS Commercial National Bank " The Friendly Bank " c=3 a c= Member of FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION 0=2 a c=o For over 36 years the name of this institution has stood for all that is substantial and dependable in FINANCIAL AFFAIRS IN EAST TEXAS. Ben. T. Wilson Chevrolet Company Selling ECONOMICAL TRANSPORTATION IN EAST TEXAS — IT ' S THE LUMBERJACKS AND DAIRYLAND ICE CREAM NACOGDOCHES ICE CREAM COMPAIv " Dairyland Products Help Build East Texa MIZE BROTHERS Headquarters for College Students We can supply your needs in the newest things out at reasonable prices. Always showing the latest out in — LADIES ' READY - TO - WEAR DRY GOODS MILINERY TEXAS POWER LIGHT COMPANY PHONE 269 NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS TEXAS FARM PRODUCTS COMPANY and THE NACOGDOCHES OIL MILL LONE STAR BRAND Dairy and Sweet Feeds Poultry Feeds Corn Meal Grain Products Fertilizer Field Seeds Cotton Seed Products UNITED GAS CORPORATION Wishes Each Graduate of 1938 Much Success for the Future USE NATURAL GAS FOR BETTER — Health BETTER — Heat GUESS WHO? 1. Mary Osborne " Black John " Baker 2. " Bear " Ross Miss Tucker 3. Raymond Vermillion Miss Hillard 4. Mr. C C. Johnson Dagma Stevens 5. Frances Clyde Prator. ,_Woodrow B. Baker 6. Langford Warren Marcelle Holland 7. Marguerite Partin Gerlan Millard 8. Raymond Vermillion 9. Joyce Stuckey Gerlan Millard 10. Miss Marshall Nan Wright 11. Joecile McDonald Russell Trawick 12. Tully Mae ?????? 13. Bessie Rodgers Eleanor Strawbridge 14. Eleanor Strawbridge L. D. Rulfs 15. Mildred Stone Mildred Syphrett 16. " Bird Dog " Myers Verdell Nolen 17. Byron Teague Virginia Ellington 18. Fay Winder Frances Harrell 19. Lorraine Tullos Forrest Fuller 20. " Droopy " McCameron Harold Greer 21. " Pete " and " Pat " Hamilton 22. " Pete " and " Pat " Hamilton COMPLIMENTS OF GEORGE DAVIS Where the New Things Are Shown First SHOES AND MEN ' S FURNISHINGS 3 7 8 — Phone — 378 NACOGDOCHES TEXAS 1915 1938 LAUNDRY — CLEANING PRESSING 2 3 Years Serving Dependable Laundry and Dry Cleaning Service We are proud of our years of experi- ence, serving dependable service. When dealing with us you can be sure that we will overlook nothing that will add to your satisfaction. We are always glad to see and welcome you — Always ready to serve you. Banita Laundry and Dry Cleaning Company NACOGDOCHES TEXAS For Fourteen Years Your Dependable DODGE and P L Y M U T DEALER H. R. Mast 194 — Phone — 194 NACOGDOCHES TEXA Compliments of W A NATION WIDE ft ■ fill INSTITUTION- i ' jLKenneyta V«V.i DEPARTMENT STORES Operating Fifteen Hundred Stores Serving Millions of Students Red Ball Motor Freight C " Smiling Service " Free Pick-up and Deliveries Overnight from Dallas, Houston, Shreveport, Beaumont, and Inter- mediate Points to Your Door. Express Service at Freight Rates F. S. Rook, Agent 3 7 6 — Phone — 376 Compliments of SWIFT BROS. SMITH, I nc. llll! The Downtown College Drug Store PHONE 56 and 57 You owe it to yourself to consult us relative to your requirements in — HARDWARE REFRIGERATORS — RADIOS FURNITURE We welcome charge accounts with S. F. A. students and alumnae. BUY ON OUR EASY TERMS Cason, Monk Co " BETTER BUY BUICK " Greetings and Best Wishes For Graduates of 1938 J. E. REESE 109 North Street CO. Nacogdoches Chamber of Commerce NACOGDOCHES TEXAS I Compliments of — NACOGDOCHES NACOGDOCHES DRY GOODS CO. " A Good Store in a Good Town " 184 — PHONE — 184 eady-to-Wear — Shoes — Men ' s Furnishings LUMBER YARD PHONE 202 We are just across the street from the courthouse if you ever need BUILDING MATERIALS THE STONE FORT NATIONAL BANK NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS Since 1903 Capital, Surplus, and Undivided Profits $250,000.00 Total Resources $2,300,000.00 Member of FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION Southern Ice Company, Inc. NACOGDOCHES GROCERY 19 — PHONE — 19 • COMPANY Complete Modern Ice Refrigeration WHOLESALE ONLY Service • Prompt Friendly Service No orders too large for our capacity and none too small for our best attention. uiH€ftt smflRT ujomtn s«op Established 1932. Distinctive Apparel for Women and Fashionable Footwear I0-2e4 The Dr. Pepper Bottling Co. John Lynn ■ailey. Mgr. W. Main, Nacogdoches FOR Diamond Rings Elmo Diamond Wedding Rings Yardley Elgin Watches Lucien-LeLong Hamilton Watches Lines Exclusive Alvin Watches Evening in Paris Gruen Watches Coty ' s Lockets, Cross and Boyer Cameo Necklaces Max Factor Wahl Fountain Pens Three Flowers Parker Fountain Pens Tangee Fostoria Glassware Leon Laraine Sterling Silver Lady Esther College Degree Rings Martha Lee Stones Mello-Glo — SEE nacogdoches Drug Company DRUGS AND JEWELRY Walgreen Agency NACOGDOCHES TEXAS " The Pause That Refreshes " DRINK IN STERILIZED FOTTLES 82 —PHONE— 82 Dr. H. L. iStockwell OPTOMETRIST Special Attention to Students ' Eye Problems Located in Bowdon ' s Jewelry Store 205 Main Phone 303 Nacogdoches, Texas NOVEL BRIGHTS CASH store GROCERIES, FLOUR AND FEED On the Square for 31 Years COMPLIMENTS OF THE COLLEGE COFFEE SHOP Students ' Headquarters 150 — Phone — 150 Fall Term 1937-38 Stephen F. Austin State Teachers College Student Directory Faculty List Name Address Birdwell, A. W Starr Avenue Abshear, Evalyn Wetermark Street Adams, R. H North Street Arwine, Lena Garner Street Barham, Virdian 632 North Street Barnes, Essa May North Street Blount, Mrs. Guy A North Street Brooks, Josephine Austin Street Cain, W. A North Pecan Street Chambers, W. T North Mound Street Cox, J. T North and Mackeckney Streets Daniel, Gertrude Austin Street Davis, W. R North Mound Street Dean, J. V 504 Starr Avenue Dossey, W. W Austin Street Douglas, Christine 409 North Street Dozier, Ruth 428 Mound Street Ferguson, C. E North Mound Street Ferguson, T. E 1701 North Street Floyd, Hazel 409 North Street Fox, Gladys 516 North Street Garner, W. F Starr Avenue Glazener, V. R Center Road Harling, L. C Mound and Austin Streets Harris, Laulein 1211 North Street Harvin, R. R North Street Station Hathcock, Louise 1449 North Street Hickman, M. Jessie 933 Mound Street Hill, Sue North Pecan at Davis Street Hinds, J. H North Mound Street Hobbs, Valine 516 North Street Jack, Bertha 224 Dennis Street Johnson, C. C Pine Street Key, Howard 126 Carolyn Street Name Address Kilpatrick, Arline 202 Mimms Avenue Long, A. L North Street Love, Mary 645 North Street Mahony, Allene 321 North Street Marshall, Louisville 708 Mound Street Martin, Minnie 428 Mound Street Mays, Ruth 1 50 Starr Avenue Moore, W. R 224 Dennis Street Morgan, Mrs. Lela Oxsheer 144 Carolyn Street Odell, Clarence B North Street Station Osborne, C. H 117 West Austin Street Parks, Hal B 548 Mound Street Pinson, R. B Pecan Street Pritchett, Ida Austin Street Richardson, J. T Wetermark Street Rochefort, Mrs. Golda West Main Street Royle, W. C North Street Rucker, Ellis Starr Avenue Sanders, Mrs. Dorothy A 140 Sanders Shaw, R. A Elm Street Sheley, C. F Annette Apartment Shelton, R. H North Mound Street Snyder, Helen 113 Pillar Street Sowell, E. M 151 Starr Avenue Thomson, Mary 641 North Street Tucker, Elizabeth Starr Avenue Turner, R. L North Street Upton, R. G Upton Street White, Mary Jane 150 Starr Avenue Wilkin, Edna 516 North Street Willis, J. E Dormitory Wilson, J. J Wetermark Street Wisely, J. H 915 Baker Street Wyatt, Mildred 1001 Baker Street Yardley, Anne 321 North Street Faculty Assistants Name Address Brewer, Ina Pearl West College Street Hodges, Mary Ramsey 802 Tucker Street McCree, Mrs. L. H Dormitory Middlebrook, Mamie 521 West Main Street Moncrief, Maggie Byrd Wetermark Street Name Address Murff, Ralph Dormitory Spears, Sugene 605 Mound Street Stallings, Madge Edmon Turk, Lorene 158 Starr Avenue Wright, Nan 623 Logansport Name Address A Abercrombie, Marvine Livingston Adcock, Avis Wynona Nursery Ailes, Jack Nacogdoches Aken, Harold Potan Akins, Howard Jasper Albea, Louise Nacogdoches Albea, Lucy Nacogdoches Alford, Elward B Shelbyville Allen, Billie Joyce Nacogdoches Allen, Looney W Rusk Ammons, Wilson Jim Nacogdoches Anderson, J. T Mt. Enterprise Applegate, William C Center Armstreet, Susan Belle Choice Armstrong, Ottis F Ponta Arnett, Kenneth Lufkin Amett, Ralph C Lufkin Arnold, Clyde Appleby Arrant, Opal Nacogdoches Arthur, Jett Nacogdoches Ashby, J. M Overton Ashby, Julian C Overton Ashley, Nathalee Nacogdoches Axley, Branch Nacogdoches Students Name Address B Bailey, Daniel T Marshall Bailey, Felix Nacogdoches Bailey, Melba Nacogdoches Baker, John W Henderson Baker, Lois C Chireno Baker, Robert Appleby Baker, Woodrow B Livingston Bane, Elva Nacogdoches Barbee, Basil C Nacogdoches Barber, Albert Tenaha Barker, Lavelle Buna Barron, Rodney William Tyler Barron, Vernon Troup Barwick, Eugene Palestine Bass, Cecil Lee Nacogdoches Bass, Evelyn Appleby Bates, Jeanette Nacogdoches Bates, Mary Ella Nacogdoches Bates, Melba Nacogdoches Bean, Edith Jasper Bean, Ima Jasper Beard, Joe C Broaddus Beard, Virginia Nacogdoches Beavers, James Thomas Shelbyville Name Address Beck, Walter William Shelbyville Bell, A. W., Jr Nacogdoches Bell, Julia Center Bell, Vaucyleen Nacogdoches Bellamy, Douglas Clayton Belser, Berna Deane Nacogdoches Belser, Lloyd Nacogdoches Bergman, Kathleen Nacogdoches Berryman, Myrle Ruth Hemphill Best, Carolyn Nacogdoches Billingsley, Lorena Lufkin Birdwell, Donald Nacogdoches Birdwell, Estella Trawick Birdwell, Nellie Pinehill Black, Jimmie Faye Joaquin Blackburn, Alma Lee Trawick Blackburn, James Lufkin Blacksher, Esterlene Nacogdoches Blakeney, Fritz Athens Blanchard, Robert Port Neches Blankinship, Cletus Rusk Blanton, Audrey Lee Cushing Bogard, Addie Belle Timpson Bohanan, Phinks Houston Boles, Joe Barham Mt. Enterprise Boles, Lois Jacksonville Student Directory — Continued Name Address B Bolster, Harry Baytown Bolton, Marie Rusk Bolton, Reba Nacogodches Bone, Aubrey Lee Nacogdoches Bourn, Elouise LaFeria Bowen, Teddy, Jr Alto Bradbury, Bettie Mae Laneville Bradbury, Elizabeth Laneville Brady, Mae Oma Center Brazier, Clarence Ponta Brazil, Artie Nell Lufkin Brewer, Alma Marie Nacogdoches Brewer, Loy E Nacogdoches Bright, N. G Nacogdoches Brittain, Ruth Wanza Lufkin Brittain, Zack Center Brown, Carl Texarkana Brown, Catherine Lufkin Brown, Clara Nacogdoches Brown, Gordon S Lufkin Brown, Henry Avis Nacogdoches Brown, Kathryn Nacogdoches Brown, Raymond Beaumont Buchanan, Helen Nacogdoches Buchanan, Tom Nacogdoches Buckner, Frances Cushing Buckner, Wanda Louise Huntington Bullard, Sam Mt. Enterprise Burgess, Carroll Nacogdoches Burnaman, Lucile Etoile Burns, Doris Timpson Burrows, Gladys Lufkin Burrows, Gladys Marie Nacogdoches Burrows, James E Nacogdoches Bush, Woodrow Carthage Bussey, Clyde Reed Nacogdoches Butler, Bill Kilgore Byrd, Novelle Nacogdoches Caraway, Linville Lufkin Cariker, Irene Rusk Cariker, Lois Nacogdoches Carroll, Dick Joaquin Carter, Rea Nacogdoches Cates, Francis Alto Cates, Mary Alto Chambers, Lois Arp Chamblee, Garland Huntington Chandler, Mrs. L. F Nacogdoches Chaney, Catherine Nacogdoches Chaney, F rances Nacogdoches Christopher, Mrs. Mary Nacogdoches Clark, Nan Port Neches Clay, Garland Nacogdoches Clayton, Kermet Nacogdoches Cliburn, Eva Percilla Cliburn, Hilda Percilla Coats, La Verne Nacogdoches Coffee, Rubye Bronson Cole, Doris Houston Col well, Blanche Nacogdoches Compton, Mrs. Earline Poynor Cook, Elouise Livingston Cook, Jack Earl Lufkin Cook, R. E Nacogdoches Cooper, Ardean Brookeland Copeland, Vena Carthage Cornelison, Mrs. Lola Nacogdoches Cornelius, Pearl Timpson Cornelius, Vernon O Timpson Coussons, Joy Hemphill Cox, Doris Lott Cox, Randolph, Jr Nacogdoches Cox, Wilton Nacogdoches Crain, T. P Corrigan Crawford, Juanita Timpson Crawford, Ralph Nacogdoches Cross, Joe B Troup Crossland, Bessie Faye Nacogdoches Crouch, Maurine Chireno Crump, Dorothy Timpson Cruse, Stella Kountze Cunningham, Alyne Nacogdoches Cupit, Dale Bronson Curl, Ruth Nacogdoches Name Address D Daniel, Katherine Pollok Davidson, George H Nacogdoches Davidson, Rachel Lufkin Davis, Cornelia Nacogdoches Davis, Evelyn Overton Davis, Muffet San Augustine Davison, Tom Nacogdoches Deason, Emory Bryan Deaton, Hutson Groveton Denman, Mrs. Irmgard Nacogdoches Dennard. Robert Alton Carthage Dennis, Marshall Tyler Dickey, Mrs. Ada Uvalde Dickey, Miller B Alto Dobbs, James Preston Garrison Dominey, Lula Belle Appleby Dominy, Mable Nacogdoches Dominy, Reed Nacogdoches Donovan, Bessie Cryer Zavalla Dorsey, Fred Nacogdoches Dorsey, Mary Frances Nacogdoches Downs, James Cade San Augustine Driver, Carl Woden DuBose, Addie Lee Burke Duke, Bernard Chireno Duncan, Evelyn Marietta Dunn, Lindsey Nacogdoches Durham, Joe Lufkin E Earle, Virginia Alto Easley, Marie Yellow Pine East, Zula Timpson Eaves, Lela Ethel Center Eddins, Bernice Shelbyville Edwards, Mamie Whitehouse Ehlers, Edith Agatha Austin Ellington, Virginia Nacogdoches English, John H Joaquin English, Mrs. Mildred Joaquin Evans, Marvin W Rusk F Feazell, Martha Beth Nacogdoches Ferguson, Walter A Overton Finklea, Alma Shreveport, La. Fitch, Inez Nacogdoches Fitch, Katherine Nacogdoches Floyd, Mary Nacogdoches Floyd, Wena Beth Nacogdoches Ford, Ernest Mineola Forse, John Burton, Jr Newton Fowler, Howard Colmesneil Frost, LaRue Lufkin Fuller, Forrest Nacogdoches Fuller, T. U Martinsville Fuller, James Lufkin Fuller, Velma Mt. Enterprise Futch, Joe M Nacogdoches G Gallaway, Elsibeth Laneville Garner, Geraldine Nacogdoches Garner, Mrs. Josie R Nacogdoches Garrett, Darnell Nacogdoches Garrett, Lorene Nacogdoches Gary, Clifton Gary Gebb, Linwood G Nacogdoches Gilmore, Lorena Elkhart Glazener, Joy Nacogdoches Glenn, Thomas Beech Grove Graham, James F Sewickley, Pa. Graves, LaMerle Garrison Gray, Evie Longview Grayson, Robert W Huntsville Green, Fay Marshall Green, George Everett Timpson Greene, Jack M Lufkin Green, Janie Mt. Enterprise Green, Martha Jane Shelbyville Green, Norma Marshall Greer, Harold Chireno Greve, Bernie Nacogdoches Griffith, Jonnie Lufkin Grimes, Mildred Appleby Grisham, Claire Pinehill Gunnels, E. C. . . . ' Choice Gunter, Billie Bob Kosse Guy, Beth Henderson Name Address H Hagler, Ramon Center !1 a ! re v9 race Nacogdoches Hale, Elizabeth Overton Hale, Ford Nacogdoches Ha ey, Charles San Augustine Hall Mildred Chireno Hamilton, D. K Nacogdoches Hamilton, Dillon W Mt. Enterprise Hancock, Marnise Garrison Hancock, T. W., Jr Lufkin Hand, Barham Nacogdoches Haney, Paskel Etoile Hanicak, R. E Nacogdoches Hanks, Euel Bronson Hanna, Aliece Nacogdoches Hanna, John Nacogdoches Hanna, Lynn Nacogdoches Hargis, Troy Martinsville Harrell, Frances Nacogdoches Harrington, Mary Leah Seguin Harris, Alfred Jacksonville Harris, Berdelle. Laredo Harris, Jessie Hellen Beckville Harr is, Virginia Nacogdoches Harrison, J. Francies Rush Hart, Kathryn Alto Hartgraves, Mary V Nacogdoches Hasley, Vernon Nacogdoches Hawkins, Chester Beaumont Hawkins, Marguerite Lufkin Hawthorn, Hazel Timpson Hayes, Grady Lou Center Hayes, Jack Center Heaberlin, Pauline Nacogdoches Henderson, Ann Linden Hendrick, Preston Trinidad Hilliard, Ellen Garrison Hinds, Dan Nacogdoches Hinson, R. James Lufkin Hodges, Dan B Nacogdoches Holland, Lucille Lufkin Holland, Marcelle Lufkin Holleman, Lucy Laneville Holleman, Verna Lufkin Holt, Mrs. Beulah Nacogdoches Hooker, Chester Lufkin Hooper, Arnold Joaquin Hooper, Nannie Hill Paxton Hopson, M. H Jacksonville Hough, Lawrence Nacogdoches Hough, Myrle Nacogdoches House, G. R Nacogdoches House, Mrs. G. R Normangee Hunt, Marie Port Arthur Hurst, Levis Center Hutson, Lula Houston Hutson, Lamar Apple Springs Hyden, Johnnie Mae Yellow Pine I Irwin, Billy Joe Laneville Irwin, Frances Laneville Ivey, Tannie Frances Nacogdoches J Jacks, Jimmie Dunkin Rockland Jackson, Olan Center Jackson, Virginia Lufkin Jackson, Zilla John Malakoff Jacobs, Carmon Etoile Jefferies, John C Appleby Jeter, Martha Kilgore Jinkins, Thelma Nacogdoches Jinkins, Virginia Nacogdoches Johnson, Bessie Tenaha Johnson, Mrs. Frances Wisener . Nacogdoches Johnson, Gay Nacogdoches Johnson, Howard Nacogdoches Johnson, Inez. . San Augustine Johnson, Mrs. Maxine Center Johnstone, Malcolm Beaumont Jones, Connie Louise Jacksonville Jones, Jimmie Texarkana Jones, Manton Lufkin Jones, Sally Buna Jordan, John Henry, Jr Bronson Student Directory — Continued Name Address K Kee, Dora Mae Troup Kerr, Thurman Nacogdoches Kilpatrick, Doris Nacogdoches Kilpatrick, John Nacogdoches King, Floyd Attoyac King, Louise Douglass King, Mary Lee Nacogdoches Kingham, Kathleen Nacogdoches Kornegay, H. G., Jr Lufkin Kubosh, Ernest Richmond Kyle, Noble Weir Chillicothe L Lacy, Kathleen Mt. Enterprise Lamb, Charles W Normangee Landrum, Verba G Zavalla Lane, James C Nacogdoches Lanier, Laurell Nacogdoches Latham, Alice Clayton Layton, Dorothy Nacogdoches Lea, Elma Henderson Lee, Fred Nacogdoches Lee, Janice Jasper Lee, Vallie Appleby Leslie, Mrs. Bobbie J Longbranch Lewis, Frances Grace Nacogdoches Lewis, Gladyce Houston Lilly, Fannie Belle Nacogdoches Lilley, Gladys Wakefield Lilly, Lorene Appleby Linthicum, Tommie Nacogdoches Little, Andrew Laneville Long, Melvin Gary Long, Vivian Cushing Love, Corrie Lufkin Lowe, Frances Woodville Lower , Rollan Nacogdoches Lowrance, Iva Bell Timpson Lowrance, Joy Timpson Loy, Doralyce Trawick Lunsford, Lorine Gilmer Mc McCameron, Lloyd Tyler McCann, Ferman Paxton McCann, Hattie Mt. Enterprise McCarty, Gladney Burke McCauley, Louise Neuville McCrawley, William J Timpson McCormack, Virginia Longbranch McCrary, Allen Cushing McCrary, Hugh Jones Joaquin McCuistion, Milton Nacogdoches McDonald, Guy Tenaha McDonald, Lillian Yellow Pine McDowell, Joecile Center McGee, R. E Timpson McGee, Theo Timpson McGraw, Robert Texarkana McGraw, Willie Dennis Jasper McHenry, James Port Neches McKewen, R. P., Jr Huntington McKewen, Wilson Nacogdoches McKinley, Eizia Nacogdoches McLaughlin, Hazel Jewett McLendon, Carrie Jo Alto McLennan, Helen Hortense Appleby McLeroy, Billie Nacogdoches McLeroy, Verla Marie Nacogdoches McMillan, George Henry Glenfawn McMullen, Gorman Lufkin McMullen, Julius Nacogdoches McNiel, Elton Nacogdoches McPhail, LeRoy Nacogdoches McVay, Juanita Longview M Mangham, Elva Nacogdoches Mangum, Jimmie Jeanne Center Manning, Eugene Nacogdoches Mantooth, Margaret Jeanette Lufkin Marshall, Chusteen Nacogdoches Marshall, Doyle Carthage Marshall, Verble Douglass Martin, Charlotte Martinville Martin, Dave S Nacogdoches Name Address Martin, Edwin Nacogdoches Martin, Harl on Nacogdoches Martin, Viola Fay Nacogdoches Martin, Willie A Troup Martindale, Jack Jasper Massey, Guy L Zavalla Mathews, Mabel Rawson San Augustine Matthews, Kitty Jeane Chireno Mathews, Mary San Augustine Matteson, Marshall Nacogdoches Maxwell, Carmen Mt. Enterprise Mays, Bates Laneville Medford, Helen Reklaw Meriwether, Wilhelmina Nacogdoches Metteauer, Miron Chireno Metteauer, Oma V Chireno Middlebrook, Ellen Nacogdoches Millard, Gerald Nacogdoches Miller, Winston Warren Procter Mills, Turner Nacogdoches Mitchell, Maxine Nacogdoches Mitchell, Thomas Nacogdoches Modisette, Chauncy Van Nuys Lufkin Moncrief, Burton Kosse Monk, Carl, Jr Nacogdoches Monk, Corinne Nacogdoches Monkress, Willie Faye Jacksonville Monzingo, Phillip Nacogdoches Moore, Calvin Groveton Moore, Eric Nacogdoches Moore, James Blaine Nacogdoches Moore, Josephine Omaha Moore, Marbert Cushing Moore, Melba Nacogdoches Moore, Vera Lufkin Moore, W. D Nacogdoches Morrison, Bergman Livingston Morrison, Francile Hobbs, N. M. Morrison, Lillard Livingston Mosby, Lamar Nacogdoches Mosby, Sibyl Nacogdoches Moser, Leslie Eugene Palestine Moss, Harold Nacogdoches Moyer, Wilma Henderson Muckleroy, Genevieve Nacogdoches Muckleroy, LaMerle Nacogdoches Muckleroy, Janie Merle Nacogdoches Muckleroy, Rachel Sacul Muckleroy, Wilson Nacogdoches Murff, Ralph Marshall Myers, Vera Nacogdoches Myers, Watson Lufkin N Nash, Edwin Silsbee Neel, Chester Joaquin Neil, Mrs. Lela Nacogdoches Newberry, Dorothy Nacogdoches Noen, Berniece Nacogdoches Nolen, Harry Liverpool Nolen, Verdell Nacogdoches o Oates, Steve Tenaha Oliver, Clemmie Diboll Orr, Lucille Mt. Enterprise Osborne, Frank J., Jr Shelbyville, Ind. Osborne, Mary Nacogdoches Owens, Olga Logansport, La. P Pace, Annie Lee Logansport, La. Paine, James Nacogdoches Parker, Marion Nacogdoches Parmelly, Johnnie B Nacogdoches Parmley, Mollie Tucker Nacogdoches Parrish, Elsie Woden Parrish, Thomas Moscow Partin, Marguerite Nacogdoche s Pate, Cleddie Camden Pate, Preston Center Pennington, Jack Nacogdoches Perkins, Julian Lester Lufkin Perkins, Norman Ross Lufkin Perkins, Paul Dalton Lufkin Perkins, Shirley M Lufkin Perritte, Willie Nacogdoches Perry, Mrs. Carolyn Oliver Henderson Name Address Perry, Weldon Frankston Pickard, Paul Zavalla Pitts, La Verne Nacogdoches Poe, Earl Douglass Polk, Jacque Kosse Polk, Roy Alton Jacksonville Poole, Elizabeth Henderson Poore, Nettie Lee Alto Pope, Frances Lee Silsbee Porter, Jack, Jr Henderson Posey, Alma Maye Chireno Pou, Charles Tenaha Pou, Mabele Nacogdoches Pou, William Tenaha Powell, Gladys Nacogdoches Powe, Rosaline Nacogdoches Prado, Dan Woden Prado, Frances Nacogdoches Prator, Frances Clyde Magnolia, Ark. Pratt, Mrs. Abbie Lee Hemphill Pratt, Alton Hemphill Price, Bessie Lou Henderson Price, Mrs. Flora Nacogdoches R Ramsey, Evie Nacogdoches Ramsey, Madeline Newton Ramsey, Velma Lee Center Ramsey, Rosa Lee Nacogdoches Rawlinson, Annie Lee Cushing Rawlinson, Telitha Sue Cushing Reavley, Martha Nacogdoches Reavley, Tom Nacogdoches Reed, Arnold Lee Center Reed, Louise Nacogdoches Reeder, Lutherine Broaddus Rees«, Alice Nacogdoches Reynolds, Mary Essie Appleby Rhyne, Beverly Shawnee, Okla. Richards, Lorene Cushing Richardson, Anna Lee Nacogdoches Richardson, Rayburne Lufkin Riddlesperger, Irene Malakoff Riddlesperger, Mary Lee Malakoff Risinger, Marie Tenaha Roark, Lucius Adell Alto Roberts, Lillian Gill San Augustine Roberts, Virginia Center Rodgers, Bessie Alto Rodgers, Jack Alto Roe, Joe Biggs Carthage Rogers, W. J Douglass Rollins, Robert Roland Kirbyville Roquemore, Harmon Nacogdoches Ross, Elmo B Beckville Ross, Grifi Terry Mt. Enterprise Ross, Leroy E Mt. Enterprise Rounsaville, Johnie Alto Rout, James Nacogdoches Rowe, Sandal, Jr Moscow Rulfs, Kathryn San Augustine Rulfs, L. D San Augustine Runnels, Ruth Chireno Russell, Prebble Lufkin s Sanders, Bernice Overton Sanders, Johnnie Mae Nacogdoches Sanders, Maxie Nacogdoches Sanford, Wilbern Chireno Scales, Louise Kilgore Scales, Marie Kilgore Schofield, Tom Jasper Scogin, Emogene Appleby Scroggins, Fred Garrison Seamans, Harold Chester Shanks, Earl Kilgore Sharp, Lucette Nacogdoches Sharpe, Mary Nacogdoches Shattuck, Helen Alto Shaw, Aril Carthage Shearer, Elizabeth Lufkin Shearer, Sara Lufkin Shindler, Vera Appleby Shless, Charles Lufkin Sisco, Barham, Jr Nacogdoches Sitton, Lester B Trawick Skillern, Lincoln Nacogdoches Slade, Floy Longview Student Directory — Continued Name Address s Sledge, Lee Gaston Appleby Small, Ruth Darwin Palestine Smelley, Mary Maxine Appleby Smith, Mrs. Aaron E Nacogdoches Smith, Annie Bertha Gary Smith, Charles Lea Alto Smith, Helen Lufkin Smith, Jewel Martinsville Smith, Justine Lufkin Smith, Laurette Henderson Smith, Lila Longview Smith, Thelma M Taft Smith, Vaughn Lufkin Spears, Alyne Logansport, La. Soell, H. A Beaumont Soies, Ford Lee Nacogdoches Soies, Henry A Nacogdoches Spradley, Catherine Nacogdoches Squier, Avie Elizabeth Jasper Squier, Jessie Earl Jasper Stallings, Mrs. Madge Nacogdoches StanfieTd, E. A., Jr Lufkin Stanley, Evie Lena Choice Stansbury, Eunice Port Arthur Starr, Irene Elkhart Stephens, Dagma Nacogdoches Stephens, Royaleen Nacogdoches Stephenson, Lula Nelwyn Gary Stevens, Mildred Lufkin Stewart, Marie Nacogdoches Still, LaNell Shelbyville Stone, Mildred Henderson Strength, Jack Marshall Strong, Lois Logansport, La. Strowbridge, Eleanor Port Arthur Stuckey, Joyce Humble Summers, Josephine Henderson Swanzy, James Shelbyville Syphrett, Ella Winnie S phrett, Mildred Winnie T Tadlock, Eugenia Henderson Tamplin, Eloyce Lufkin Tate, John Talco Taylor, Bertha Nacogdoches Taylor, Mrs. George M Timpson Taylor, Naomi Banks Joaquin Terry, Vernece Apple Springs Teutsch, Sarah Nacogdoches Thaggard, Alvin, Jr Nacogdoches Name Address Thomas, Kathryn Nacogdoches Thomas, Mary Jane Carthage Thomson, Alice Jane Nacogdoches Thompson, Nanry Keltys Tidwell, Elouise Nacogdoches Tiller, Mary Lynn Carthage Tipps, Dawn . .Minden Tipton, Louise Nacogdoches Tischhauser, J. C Nacogdoches Todd, Ralph Henderson Todd, Walter Henderson Tompkins, Edgar Gary Townley, Vema Lee Alto Trawick, Garland Cushing Trawick, Russell Cushing Treadaway, Maud Sacul Tucker, Billy Nacogdoches Tucker, John Harriett Nacogdoches Tucker, Kathryn Grace Nacogdoches Tucker, Lucian Nacogdoches Tucker, William Gladewater Tullos, C. C, Jr Leggett Tullos, Lorraine Leggett Turk, Lorene Beaumont Turner, Jerutia Livingston Turpin, Helen Nacogdoches Twohig, Paul Nacogdoches u Upton, Mary Virginia Nacogdoches V Vaughn, Etta Shelbyville Vermillion, Raymond Rusk w Wagstaff, Bonnie Gay Paxton Walker, Kirby D Moscow Walker, Marguerite Lufkin Wallace, Anne Marshall Wallace, Floyd Alto Wallace, Hilda Cushing Walters, Joe Ferrell Buna Walters, Therwin S Corrigan Warren, Langford Beckville Watkins, Wilma Nacogdoches Weatherly, Mary Virginia Nacogdoches Weatherly, Yvonne Appleby Weaver, Juanita Appleby Weeks, Franklin Burke West, Donald B Groveton West, Joe Groveton Name Address Westfall, William Earnest Rusk Westmoreland, Edith Nacogdoches Westmoreland, Mary Clyde Marshall Westmoreland, Verda Claire. . . .Nacogdoches Westmoreland, Wilma Nacogdoches Whitaker, Addijo Nacogdoches Whitaker, Clois Cushing Whitaker, Eugene Nacogdoches White, Preston Nacogdoches Whitehead, Herbert Nacogdoches Whitehurst, E. W., Jr Marshall Whiteside, Mary Eva Timpson Whitesides, Willard Troup Wilken, Louise Nacogdoches Wilkin, Edna Nacogdoches Wilkins, Floyd Honey Island Williams, Christine Center Williams, Ernestine Newton Williams, Frances Nacogdoches Williams, Lula Sue Alto Williamson, Minnie Lee Sacul Willis, James Timpson Wilmoth, Dan Longview Wilson, Crystelle Nacogdoches Wilson, Earl Center Wilson, Percy Chireno ' Winder, Fay Nacogdoches Winder, Zelma L Nacogdoches Windham, Billie Burke. . Center Wisely, Harold Nacogdoches Wood, Avril Henderson Wood, Catherine Joaquin Wood, Jim Ted Alto Woodward, Wilma Troup Woods, Ada B Broaddus Woods, Elizabeth Longview Woods, Marjorie. . . Crane Worley, Evelyn Long Branch Worsham, Charles Ray Appleby Wright, Dorothy Nacogdoches Wright, Joe Nacogdoches Wright, Weldon . . . . : Nacogdoches Wyatt, Cornelia Attoyac Wyatt, Robert San Augustine y Yarbrough, Denman Troup Yarborough, Maggie Laura Beckville Yates, Berton Joaquin Young, Ellen Love San Augustine Youngblood, Inez Trawick Youngblood, Mrs. Lorene Laneville Name Address Adams, Moss Nacogdoches Anderson, Joe C Alton, III. Bass, Mouzon Garrison Bryan, Lois Nacogdoches Bush, Elvin Carthage Campbell, Dorothy Nacogdoches Carter, Lamar Shelbyville Castleberry, Willie B Etoile Cochran, Mary Virginia Lufkin Collins, Tom Lufkin Condrey, Valerie Nacogdoches Crawford, N. B Nacogdoches Davidson, Agatha Nacogdoches Davis, James Tenaha Davison, Robert Houston Fitts, Thomas S Rusk Garner, Howard Victoria Gray, Oma Parish Garrison Halbert, Syble Milam Hankla, Randolph Allen San Augustine Harris, Eugene Cushing Harris, Hellan Nacogdoches Harrison, Mrs. W. R Nacogdoches Hayes, Jim Center Hayter, Penelope Nacogdoches Roster of New Students SPRING SEMESTER 1937-38 Name Address Hill, Smith M Garrison Hinds, Barbara Ann Nacogdoches Holmes, Frances Carthage Hooker, Beth Tenaha Irick, Maurice Nacogdoches Jarvis, Max Troup Jones, Clay Beckville Jones, Fay Long Branch Langham, Robert Chireno Latimer, George Garrison Lee, Mrs. Ruth Lowe Nacogdoches Lewis, Odis Nacogdoches Locke, Jack Nacogdoches Lucas, Tom Jack Cushing McCawley, Ray Orlando, Fla. McElmury, Dick Vivian, La. McGilvray, Cyril Ellis Timpson McNair, Dannie Garrison Mansinger, John Pinchill Mayes, Dolis Attoyac Milford, Retha Nacogdoches Miller, Louise San Augustine Mitchell, Ruth San Augustine Mudd, Lindon Port Neches Nowlin, Eleanor Rhoberta Houston Parmelly, Jean Nacogdoches Name Address Posey, Mrs. Nena F Chireno Powell, Eugene Texas City Power, Harlon Attoyac Priddy, Dorothy Mae Nacogdoches Ramirez, Rafael, Jr Hebbronville Rawls, Loren Jacksonville Reedy, Sybil Nacogdoches Richmond, Odis Nacogdoches Roquemore, Laura DeBerry Ross, Anne Carthage Royle, Mrs. W. C Nacogdoches Samford, Esterline Center Sitton, Lavon Trawick Sledge, Gordon Clifton Long Branch Smith, Elson O Nacogdoches Sparkman, Norene Mt. Enterprise Stone, George, Jr Nacogdoches Swier, Eugene El Paso Townsend, Rebecca Lufkin Treadaway, Willie Sacul Watkins, Frances Center Winder, Doris Nacogdoches Wright, Gwen Normal, III. Young, Mrs. R. C Greggton Zeve, Charlotte Nacogdoches EDITOR ' S NOTE: Dreams of an outstanding annual, one giving a complete record of the school year, have mostly turned to nothing. The editor, deeply conscious of the book ' s short- comings, hopes only that the ' 38 Stone Fort will uphold the previous standards, and leave with the students an indelible impression of their carefree college days. I wish to thank the following for their co-operation in editing the 1938 Stone Fort. The Stone Fort Staff: Mary Sharpe Forest Fuller Nathalee Ashley Bertha Taylor Janie Green Nettie Lee Poore Wilma Watkins Harold Wisely Ernest Ford Dons Ki I patrick Lucille Holland Margueritte Partin Jack Rodgers Randolph Cox Jack Aills Bob Grayson Helen Shattuck Lucette Sharp Mary Ella Bates Harold Greer Virginia Ellington Miss Arlene Kilpatrick Frances Ford Woodrow Baker Lorene Richards The Administrative Staff of the College Miss Evalyn Abshear, Sponsor Miss Minnie Martin, Art The entire student body Annually yours. Francile Morrison Editor, 1938 Stone Fort

Suggestions in the Stephen F Austin State University - Stone Fort Yearbook (Nacogdoches, TX) collection:

Stephen F Austin State University - Stone Fort Yearbook (Nacogdoches, TX) online yearbook collection, 1935 Edition, Page 1


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Stephen F Austin State University - Stone Fort Yearbook (Nacogdoches, TX) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Page 1


Stephen F Austin State University - Stone Fort Yearbook (Nacogdoches, TX) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Page 1


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