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Stephen F Austin State University - Stone Fort Yearbook (Nacogdoches, TX) online yearbook collection, 1935 Edition, Cover

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THE STONE FORT in mm. Erx Libric THE STONE FORT 1935 Published by the Students of en F. Austin State Teachers ' Colle Nacogdoches, Texas Copyright 1935 James Woodrow Wilson Editor John Lynn Bailey Business Manager FOREWORD It has been the purpose of the staff to create a book which will give a glimpse of college life m all of its colors — a glimpse of life as it was lived by you and by me. If, after the lapse of years, this symbol of our feeble endeavor should evoke sant memories of the days that used- to-be, the efforts of your 19 35 Stone Fort Staff will not have been in vain. — The Editor DEDICATION To one who has made the students ' interests her interests and who has, through her service and her influence, endeared herself to those who know her. To the wife of our President : a native of our State, and a rightful heir to true Southern hospitality. To Mrs. A. W. Birdwell, scholar, ed- ucator, and friend of students, this edition of The Stone Fort is respectfully dedicated. CONTENTS I. THE CAMPUS II. THE SCHOOL III. ACTIVITIES IV. ATHLETICS V. FEATURE THE VISTA BOARD OF REGENTS TEXAS STATE TEACHERS COLLEGES Honorable A. B. Mayhew, f resident Uvalde Honorable Henry S. Paulus Yoakum Honorable J. E. Hill Amarillo Honorable Thomas H. Ball Houston Honorable Herbert Kokcrnot, Jr Alpine Honorable J. E. Josey Houston Honorable Ward Templeman Navasota Honorable J. G. Ulmer Tyler Honorable H. A. Turner. Secretary Austin Mrs. John King Beretta San Antonio A MESSAGE FROM PRESIDENT BIRDWELL The Stone Fort comes to you near the close of the school year. It will be a pictorial history of your college. Its interest will increase with age. It will serve to recall the hopes and the achievements of college activities. I desire to congratulate the student body for supporting so worthy an enterprise, and the Staff for an excellent product. I desire also to wish for each student represented a goodly number of years filled with achievements of both- personal and social significance; and, therefore, justifying the existence of educational institutions in general, and particularly that of your own Alma Mater. Very sincerely, A. W. BlRDWELL. THE DEANS As Dean of Faculty, Dr. T. E. Ferguson has very efficiently served this institution for a number of years. His value to the school can- not be overestimated, as he has proved his worth as an expert in ad ministrative problems as well as in other phases of administrative life. As a teacher, adviser, and friend, Dr. Ferguson has gained the esteem and the confidence of all with whom he has come in contact. Miss Ruth Mays is well qualified to fill the position she occupies as Dean of Women. Although her first duty is concerned with the welfare of the col- lege women, Miss Mays is vitally interested in every student. With her winning personality and her willing helpfulness, she has inspired many in the pursuit of the attainment of life ' s finer things. A highly commendable administrative service is being rendered by Mr. C. E. Ferguson, as Dean of Men. He is possessed with a gra- cious nature and a keen insight into youth, its problems and its opportunities. Mr. Ferguson is always willing to assist students in any way possible, and to make their college career here one of achievement and one of keen enjoyment. W. R. Davis Ph. D., Columbia University J. V. Dean B. A., Stephen F. Austin State Teachers College W. W. DOSSEY Ph. M., University of Wisconsin Margaret Downs M. A., University of Texas Gladys Fox M. A., University of Texas W. F. Garner M. A., University of Texas Eleanor Gibbs Art Department of Teachers College, Columbia University L. C. Harling M. A., Columbia University R. R. Harvin M. S., Agricultural and Mechanical College of Texas Louise Hathcock M. A., Columbia University k Jessie Hickman M. A., Columbia University J. H. Hinds M. S., Agricultural and Mechanical College of Texas Valene Hobbs B. A., East Texas State Teachers College Thelma Jagoe M. A., Columbia University C. C. Johnson M. A., University of Colorado A. L. Long M. A., University of Colorado Mary Love M. A., Columbia University Harmon L. Lowman Ph. D., University of Chicago Louisville Marshall M. A., Columbia University Helen Moore B. A., Stephen F. Austin State Teachers College «9» Rubal Moore B. D., Southern Methodist University Clifford H. Osborne M. A., University of Indiana Lela Oxsheer M. A., Columbia University Edna E. Phillips B. S., George Peabody College R. B. Pinson M. A., University of Texas Ida Pritchett B. S., George Peabody College Edith Ramsey B. A., Southern Methodist University Mrs. Golda Rochefort B. A., Stephen F. Austin State Teachers College Robert H. Shelton B. S., Southwest State Teachers College Mrs. Dorothy Sanders M. A., University of Texas Helen Snyder B. S., Columbia University Ellis Sowell B. S., Stephen F. Austin State Teachers College Mary Thompson M. A., Columbia University Elizabeth Tucker M. A., Columbia University R. L. Turner M. A., University of California R. G. Upton M. A., University of Texas Eugene H. White M. A., Washington and Lee University Margie Whittington B. S., Stephen F. Austin State Teachers College Edna Wilkins M. A., Columbia University J. J. Wilson M. A., George Peabody College John Harold Wisely C. P. A., Ph. M., University of Wisconsin Ann Yardley M. A., Southern Methodist University Mrs. Ina Pearl Brewer B. A., Stephen F. Austin State Teachers College Maggie Byrd Assistant Registrar Mary Ramsey B. A., Stephen F. Austin State Teachers College Sugene Spears B. A., Stephen F. Austin State Teachers College Nan Wright Secretary to the Dean of the Faculty Kathleen Stevens Secretary, The Demonstration School Essa Mae Barnes B. S., George Peabody College Helen Coffin M. A., University of Texas George L. Crockett Professor Emeritus, History D. D. Giles M. S., Agricultural and Mechan- ical College of Texas Loulein Harris B. A., University of Michigan Allene Mahony M. A., Columbia University Mamie Middlebrook B. A., Stephen F. Austin State Teachers College Madge Edmonds B. S., Stephen F. Austin State Teachers College Mary J. White M. A., University of Texas Earl Biggers B. S., Economics Center. Texas Bertha Allen Brewer B. S.. English Jacksonville, Texas LOIS BlRDWELL B. A.. English Pine Burrs Scholarship Society Troupe. Texas Terrel Brookshire B. S.. Economics Dramatic Club Vice-Pres.. Y. M. - Y. W. Nacogdoches, Texas Marjorie Blackshear B. A.. English Appleby, Texas Cletice Brown B. A.. English Choral Club House Representative Teneha, Texas Lealon Bone B. S.. Science Nacogdoches, Texas Jessie Brown B. S.. English B. S. U. Dramatic Club Lumberjackettes Rusk. Texas t Oleta Campbell B. S.. Fine Arts Lovelady, Texas t Gara Cooper B. S., History Vice-Pres.. Senior Class Basketball Cushing, Texas Ethel Craig B S . English Choral Club Spanish Circle Hallsville. Texas Ruth Evans B. S.. English Pine Burrs Choral Club Woodville, Texas Jack Crawford B. S.. Business Administration Pres . Student Body Sawyers Pres.. " T " Association Basketball Track Nacogdoches, Texas Carmen Gartman Fain B. S.. English Nacogdoches, Texas Lurline Day B A . English Pine Burrs Nacogdoches. Texas Mildred Feazell B. A.. English Scholarship Society Spanish Circle. Y. M Nacogdoches, Texas V. O. Easley B. S.. History Jasper. Texas Albert Fields B. S.. Mathematics Sawyers Ponta. Texas Clarice Green B. S.. English Lufkin, Texas Anabel Hanna B. A . English Pres , Dramatic Club Nacogdoches. Texas Nell Grimes B A . English Pres.. Spanish Circle Scholarship Society Cleveland. Texas Verna Heaberlin B. A.. English Nacogdoches. Texas G R Grissom B S.. History Henderson. Texas Albertine Holcomb B. A . English Dramatic Club Alto. Texas Donald Hammett B. A.. English Y. M.-Y. W. B. S. U. Spanish Circle Nacogdoches. Texas Brooksie Holt B. A., English Center. Texas 2 t Eunice Jenkins B. A., English Lumberjackettes Log-Fort Press Club Scholarship Society Nacogdoches. Texas Zelda McNeill B. S., Mathematics Y. M.-Y. W. Nacogdoches. Texas J. W. Kennedy. Jr. B. A.. Chemistry Scholarship Society Log-Fort Press Club Tennis Nacogdoches, Texas Myrick Monroe B. S.. Chemistry Sawyers Track, " T " Association Jasper. Texas E. Lock B. S.. History Zavalla. Texas W. Fedell Muller B. .S., Science Nacogdoches, Texas f Mrs. Ruth Taylor McAnally B. S.. English Joaquin, Texas Neal Mullins B. S-, Science Track Sawyers Tatum, Texas J C. Gates B S.. Business Administration Lufkin. Texas Uel Owens B. S., Science Colmesneil, Texas Evelyn Odom B A . English Pres.. Lumberjackettes P. W S. A. Dramatic Club Woman ' s Council Alto. Texas Ross Parker B S . Mathematics Track. Tennis Band " T " Association Nacogdoches. Texas Tfrrf.ll W. Ogg B. S . Social Science Fcrgarling Forensic Society Pi Kappa Delta Log-Fort Press Club Lufkin. Texas Grady Perkins B S., History Lufkin. Texas Elizabeth O ' Quinn B A . History l ufkin, Texas Ted Phelps B. S.. Home Economics Pine Burrs Woman ' s Council Pres . House Representatives Choral Club Fastrill, Texas Winston Power B. S.. English Log-Fort Press Club Dramatic Club Nacogdoches. Texas Pauline Rounsaville B A.. English Pine Burrs House Representative Alto. Texas Robert Elmo Price B A , Chemistry-Mathematics Band, Tennis Log-Fort Press Club Scholarship Society Madrigal Club Pres , Y. M.-Y. W Nacogdoches. Texas Josephine Russell B. S.. English Nacogdoches. Texas Mervyn L Ramsey B. S.. History Editor. Pine Log: Y. M Y W Executive Committee T I P A Fergarling Forensic Society Dramatic Club. Choral Club Gary. Texas Weldon Sanders B. A . English Y M.-Y W Nacogdoches, Texas Nellave Rogers B. S.. Business Administration Woman ' s Council. Pine Burrs Alto. Texas Myrtle Amanda Shaw B. S.. Music Home Economics Club. Dramatic Club Carthage. Texas Jimmie Lee Smith B S.. English Lufkin. Texas Ora Fay Wallace B. A.. English Spanish Circle P. W. S A. Jacksonville. Texas Cynthia Sparks B. S., Home Economics Nacogdoches. Texas May Walling B A . English-History Choral Club Center. Texas Conal Stockton B. S., History Jacksonville, Texas Nolvin A. Ward B. S.. Social Science Track " T " Association Orchestra Lufkin. Texas Inez Washburn B. S.. English P W S. A. Log-Fort Press Club Shamrock. Florida Agnes Houston Frankston. Texas Ada Banks Alto. Texas Bonnie Dean Everitt Lufkin, Texas Mrs. Wanda Griffin Lufkin, Texas Aline Watkins B. S., Business Administration Scholarship Society Log-Fort Press Club Nacogdoches. Texas Woodrow Wilson B. A.. Chemistry-Mathematics Editor. Stone Fort Scholarship Society Y M.-Y. W . Band. Sawyers Nacogdoches. Texas Lorraine Wharton B. S . Business Administration Pine Burrs Willis. Texas RUBYE WOMACK B. S.. English Choral Club Madrigal Club P W S. A Paxton. Texas C. C. Williams B S.. History Sawyers. Football. Track Basketball. Tennis " T " Association Pres . Senior Class Brookland Texas Sarah Helen Works B A . English Lumberjackettes Woman ' s Council Scholarship Society Nacogdoches. Texas Avola S. Martin Alto. Texas Mrs. Lilla Modisette Nacogdoches. Texas Mary Sue Nevill Lufkin, Texas F. L. Singletary Laneville, Texas Trudie Nicholson Center. Texas Raymond Parsons Nacogdoches. Texas Mrs. J. Robinson Lufkin. Texas Virginia Smelley Appleby, Texas Beth Bourdier Orange. Texas Lonnie B. Browning Beckville, Texas Modena Boyd P. W. S. A. Harleton, Texas Joyce Bullard Amitie Mount Enterprise, Texas Murray Brewton Y. M.-Y. W. Bronson, Texas Evie Ruth Burns Vice-Pres., Choral Club Madrigal Club Timpson, Texas Hubert Briggs Beckville, Texas Charles Carter Sawyers Pine Log Staff Football Nacogdoches, Texas W. L. Brinkley Mount Enterprise, Texas Kathryn Chambers House Representative Y. M.-Y. W. Y. W. A. Arp, Texas Ruby Coffee Bronson. Texas Alice Louise Currie Tyler. Texas Marie Coker Choral Club Orchestra Mount Enterprise, Texas Elizabeth Daniels P W S A Choral Club Newton. Texas Sterling Covington Nacogdoches. Texas Malie Daniels Home Economics Club Nacogdoches, Texas Annie Mae Craig Woman ' s Council Spanish Circle House Representative Hallsville. Texas Casey Drawhorn Bronson, Texas Grace Cravy Pine Burrs Nacogdoches, Texas Inez Duncan Lindale, Texas Ruth Ennis Dramatic Club Chireno. Texas Dessie Garrett Nacogdoches. Texas Victor Fain Pine Log Staff Nacogdoches. Texas Ellis Gaston, Jr. Football " T " Association Sawyers. Choral Club Nacogdoches. Texas Lou Ida Fletcher Choral Club Nacogdoches. Texas (Catherine Gaston Pine Burrs Scholarship Society Nacogdoches, Texas Hulie W. Freeze Nacogdoches, Texas Benett A. Gray Nacogdoches, Texas Mrs. Cora Fuller Nacogdoches. Texas Mary Helen Grider Tyler. Texas Emil. Hanicak Basketball Silsbee. Texas LORENE HOBBS Chireno, Texas Katherine Hanks Lufkin. Texas J. Orville Hollis Pres . Texas Mu. Pi Kappa Delta Alpha Psi Omega. Y M.-Y W Fergarling Forensic Society Business Mgr.. The Pine Log Log Fort Press Club Carthage. Mississippi Mildred Hargis Chireno. Texas Alma Clyde Hood Pine Burrs Woman ' s Council Livingston. Texas T. A. Hargis Martinsville. Texas Don L. Hough Sawyers Football. Track " T " Association Nacogdoches, Texas VlMON HARVILL Lufkin. Texas Agnes Houston B. S.. English Choral Club Frankston. Texas Woodrow Hunt Band Fergarling Forensic Society Mount Enterprise. Texas Lumberjackettes Vice-Pres.. Woman ' s Council Y. M.-Y. W. P. W S. A.. President Lufkin. Texas Paiil Irick Football Tennis Nacogdoches, Texas Pi Kappa Delta Fergarling Forensic Society Y M.-Y W Log-Fort Press Club Scholarship Society Mount Enterprise. Texas MOHEA JARRY Y W C A . P. W. S. A Home Economics Club Choral Club Center. Texas Farrjs Jones Football, Choral Club Track Laneville. Texas Louise Kilgore Vice-Pres . Junior Class Pres . Woman ' s Counci Lumberjackettes. P. W. Pine Burrs. Yell Leader Choral Club Pineland. Texas Gladys McKewen Huntington, Texas Cecil Mitchell Y MY W Dramatic Club Nacogdoches. Texas Jeffie McNair Appleby. Texas Gary Morrison Sawyers Yell Leader Livingston. Texas Edwin Martin Sawyers Band Nacogdoches. Texas Sidney Orton President. Sawyers Nacogdoches. Texas Mozelle Massey Tyler. Texas Mrs. Fannie Osborne Dramatic Club Pineland. Texas Travis Melton Sawyers Log-Fort Press Club Appleby. Texas Mrs. Margaret Owens P W S. A. Magnolia Springs. Texas y Everett Page Fergarling Forensic Society Carthage, Texas Irene Ramsey Timpson, Texas Lee Parmley Track Football Nacogdoches. Texas Mildred Ramsey Pine Burrs Longbranch. Texas Edwin Pate Sawyers Gilmer. Texas Vestal Ramsey Sawyers Football. Basketball, Track " T " Association Center. Texas Inez Peddy Y MY W Stone Fort Press Club Intra-Mural Chairman, P. W. S. A. Teneha. Texas S. L. RAWLS Sawyers Track Douglass, Texas Gladys Ragland Choral Club Alvin. Texas Stewart Rice Livingston, Texas Fay Riddlesperger Malakoff. Texas Sam Sitton Nacogdoches. Texas Pat Rodgers Spanish Circle Nacogdoches, Texas Willie B. Sitton Track Cushing. Texas Henry Schmidt Sawyers Nacogdoches. Texas Kathleen Stevens Lufkin, Texas Mina Bell Shaw Vice-Pres.. Y. M.-Y. W Dramatic Club House Representative Troup. Texas Florine Tingle Spanish Circle Nacogdoches, Texas F. L. Singletary Laneville. Texas Noble Vaught Timpson, Texas in Pi J ai B— ■MP9BHH Betnel Carter Ruth Cino S D Chambers Johnny Clark Coy Caldwell Eula V Caldwell Aletne Commander Kathleen Conn Avis Cook : ianci5 King Corry Eula Coward R L Chapman Stacy Caldwell Mts. Lucile Crane Rachel Dawson Opal Lee Daniels J. H. Crenshaw Helen Decard Lola Davidson Joe W Dickerson Cleman Dillen Martha Fewell Sarah Fleminn Tessie Fountain Henry Frederick m i 1 « I kvJI 1 1 H v Jimmie Cifford Oscar Glenn Daily Mary dibble Jack Harvey Lovis Harris Rachel Haden Lloyd Hawkins fl a I 4 Sfe . ...j Vernelle Moses Paul Pickatd Marine Newberry Mary Ruth Pace Mrs Lela Muller Sweanngen Now I in Carrot Richmond Charlsv Rogers Oida Reed Hazel Roberts Gladys Parker Jessie Rogers Mane Parmley Selman Rollins 6 h:. i ' Mat iQi Lamar Roquemor Helen Sbattuck Chjrles Ross Wileu Shjw Jeff Sanford Clyde Skaggs William Schleuter Antho " Sitton Jessie Scogin Earline Smith Henry Sharpe Pauline Smith Marv Sharpe Katherine Spradley : Jm 1 - tH 11 t Mrs Geneva Stephens Ethel Todd Hildrcth Stephens Edward Wagner Hershel Stephens Vera Walters Peyton L Sulln Louise Watson Hazel Taylor Orlan Watson Svble Taylor Pauline Watson Buran Thomas Eugene WeatberW 3 1 V mm ' l » pi g Franklin Weeks Myrtle White Mrs Laverne Willis Johnte Lou Weatherly W G. Weatherly Eugene Whitakcr Edna Whitmire Thelma Willmon Fletcher Wilson Ewel Wood Drenton Woods Dana Williams Vernon Womack Lenore Woodall lit -mm 3 m Vernon Wooley Lita Youngblood JUNIORS Woodrow Arnold Escoe Bailey Lois Bright William Bussey R G Cyphers Charley Forse Joe L. French Leah Golub Mrs. Nora Crews Gregory Charline Harden Virginia Harris Mrs. B. T. Hill Mrs. Bertie Land Mrs. Vivian Hall Love Mrs. Wilma S. McKenney H. H. Minton Zera Mosby Mrs. C H. Redd Oscar A. Riley Robert Ross Winnie Saxon Anna Mary Schott Mildred Taylor Marshall R. Vance Lucy Vermillion Essie Williams SOPHOMORES Lenie Bradshaw Edwin Alton Collier Mrs. Exir Lewis Farr Mrs Mae George Louise Haltom Mrs. Alice Humphreys Betty Keidal Maston Landrum Marshall Lewis Samuel McBride Mrs. Addie McKnight Mrs. Clara Musick Grace Grant Propes Mack Ray Allie M. Royce Mrs. Ima Stanaland Sarah Frances Stark Edward C. Stephens Jewell Stephens Elizabeth Stroud Paul S. Tinkle A. V. White M. D. Woods Eloise C. Hicks 4 , w f 1 fm 1 . V - mm ■ • wi j| A if - l ft n 1 l .y 4 fH J8L J| 1 1 i Mary E Bvrd Shelby Caton Lois Chambers Pete Chandler Bessie F. Crossland Merle Daniel Effie Davidson Altha Lee Davis Frasier Choate Eugene Day Jewel Christopher Leemon Dearmond Alton Clayton Reed Dominey Harold Cline Carl Driver Clarice Coleman Bernard Duke Sammye Coleman Christine Eaves loreen colwell boodles edens Hazel Cammack Thelma Edwards Eloise Cook John H English Julia Coussons Merlene Feazell Muriel E Coward Ernest B Ford Randolph Cox Clay Franks Ralph Crawford Juanita Freeman Tom Crawford Fletcher Garner ,° 1 n Jib. | ' ' jDj M .1 Lorene Garrett Maurice Holcomb Ina Fay Gibson Hattie Holmes Ouida Gill Florence Haltom Lessie B Graham Lawrence Hough Mildred Graves Jane Green I amar Green Mary Lou Green Harold Greer Pauline Guinn Grace Haire Cecil Hali John Hanna Inez Harris Vernon Hasley Jo Hawkins Bob Howard Josfph Howard Levis Hurst Mrs M F Irick Virginia Jackson Martha Jeter Basil Jimmerson Inez Johnson S ' idney Johnson Mary Sue Jones Ruth Jones Gladys Kendall Elizabeth Hinkle Albert Knierim Granville Hobson Thurman Kerr 1 Am till dm , s M K " ' • mam 2 A J3 Johnnye Lacy R E McGee Kathleen Lacy Maurice Marshall Kathleen Langford Verdell Marshall Odell Langford Harlan Martin Grady Lee Ruth Lee Charles Lewis LaVelle Lewis Mikl Lewis Haufton Lilly Oscar Lindsey Will ii B Linthicum Andy Little Theda Lout Cecil McCann Vera McGowen Julia Mathews Mrs. C C- Maxey Katherine Maxey Elizabeth Millard Marjorie Millard Joe Minton Maxine Mitchell Margaret Moore Maurine Moore Ted Moore Francile Morrison Lillard Morrison Leroy McPhail Pauline Motley Reginald Maberry Adarene Muckleroy Aft 1 . A ' dm f ill ¥3 ««4 1 I „ si fit mmk JE9H Genevieve Mucklerov Glyndon Perkins Milton Murphy Joe Pittman Dorothy Newberry Margaret Pitts Sara Dell Newsom Jack Porter Bernice Nolan Stephen Pounds Verdell Nolan Ruthmary Price Doris O ' Banion Melvin Ramsey James Ogg Tilithia Sue Rawlinson Lewis Orms Mabel Ray Berkley Overman Robert Reed Ella Mae Owen Mildred Rider Madaliene Parmley Hoyt Riley Molly Tucker Parmley Jack Rodgers Elsie Parish Lula Mae Ross Arthur Partin Claudine Scarborough Mildred Partin Hazel Scarborough Cleddie Pate Bobby Schillings Annie Laura Payne Harold Seamans J mlm km Ah " m mh J. TW. 2k T t HI . if Iva Self Earl Shanks Edgar Tompkins Paul Twohig I ) Shankles Paul Warren Elizabeth Shearer John William Watt Fred Shumate Alton Sitton Lavon Sitton Leon Sitton Clifford Weir Ruby Welch Joe West [ ay Westmoreland Charles Lee Smith Vebda Clai» West Helen Smith Lamerle Williams E A Stanfield Robbie Williams Juanita Strahan Ruth Williams Joyce Stuckey Freddie Williamson L A Willingham. Jr Leon Taylor Laura Beth Wilson Sarah Teutch Lloyd Woods Katherine Thomas Lorene Woolly Rfba Thornton Weldon Wright k 2 fir •-■ 1 :JH Woodrow Baker Tim Barton Mrs. Modea Bland Holcom Ernest Bass Charles Hoya Lloyd Beathard Chester Keown Marcus Berry C H McGaughey Donald Birdwell [mogene Maroney Cletus Blankinship Guy Massey Corralie Byrd Mrs. Charlie Masterson Pauline Caldwell Mamie Smith Dorothy Grant J B Wallace Forest Gregory Louis Weems Addie Lou Guin Barbara Williams i f 9 DEDICATION To Miss Hazel Floyd, former Super- visor of Elementary Instruction, whose quality of work was of the highest order, and whose acceptance of a promotion was a distinct loss to the College and to the Demonstration School, this section of The Stone Fort is respectfully dedicated. Valena Adams Martinsville Rea Carter Nacogdoches Troy Fulmer Nacogdoches Tuel Hooper Martinsville Li M " ILfc i ft! Elva Bane Nacogdoches C A Chapman Nacogdoches Virginia Beard Nacogdoches Nawasa Clark Jacksonville Llovd Belser Nacogdoches Helen Clemens Sacul Ester lene Ri ckshe o Nacogdoches Barbara Cross Jacksonville Jean Blount Nacogdoches Wayne Davis Nacogdoches Reba Bolton Nacogdoches Novie Flowers Swift Jack Galloway Laneville Blanche Johnson Appleby Mildred Grimes Appleby Daniel Johnson Nacogdoches Olen Halbert Attoyac Dorothy Justice Martinsville Aliece Hanna Nacogdoches Marie Keeling Nacogdoches Troy Harris Martinsville Lillian Kendrick Nacogdoches Cecil Harold Martinsville Floyd King Attoyac Jean Carrol Martinsville Golda Floyd Nacogdoches Lillian Harvin Nacogdoches Fred Lee Nacogdoches a, A. J ft i V ■ h . If A hJ Alton Blackburn Nacogdoches Eugene Burrows Nacogdoches Lorene Lilly Nacogdoches Edwin Moorman Nacogdoches Tucker Lilly Nacogdoches Mildred Muckleroy Appleby JuliA Belle McCord Emory Leroy Ross Henderson Mt. Enterprise Florien Nixon Nacogdoches Chusteen Marshall Aaron Sanders Nacogdoches Nacogdoches Audrey Pace Swift Laverne Martin Martinsville Pauline Partin Nacogdoches Clifford Mayes Attoyac Lawrence Pate Attoyac Ogle Mayes Attoyac Harlon Posers Chireno Carl Moore Attoyac LaVera Rapp Appleby Lancford Warren Nacogdoches Edmund Schoenvogel Nacogdoches Eddie Byrd Nacogdoches J. E. Rowlett Nacogdoches J Yvonne Weatherly Appleby George Shumate Appleby Dena Mae Webb Nacogdoches Gary Taylor Martinsville B H. Williams Gary Kyle Thomas Gary Bill Wortham Nacogdoches Harry Wilson Nacogdoches Dorothy Zachary Nacogdoches BASKETBALL TEAM Top Row: Harlon Powers, Kyle Thomas. Lcroy Ross. Coach Williams, Langford War- ren. J C Olds. Lawrence Pate. B H Williams Front Row: Elva Banc Robert Baker. Rea Carter. C. A. Chapman. Harry Wilson. Lloyd Belscr. Daniel Johnson. 9 f£| f V DRAMATIC CLUB 7 op Roll ' : Norrell Thomason. Miss Abshear. Mrs. Rochefort. Alliece Hanna, Edwin Moorman, Lcroy Ross. Upper Middle Row: Lutherine Reeder. Chustine Marshall. Louise Reed. Evelyn Harvin, Alice Jane Thompson Ethel Hutto, B H Williams. Griff Terry Ross. Lower Middle Row: Wayne Davis. Gene Spencer Hunt. Wilma Watkins, Geraldine Garner. Mary Virginia Upton, Lloyd Belser, Golda Floyd. From Row Mary Osborne. Joy Upton. Berna Deane Belser. Bertha Taylor, Reba Bol- ton. Florcne Nixon. Jeanette Olds, Rhoberta Nowlin. TRAINING SCHOOL BAND Mr. J. T. Cox. Director. Trumpets: Edwin Moorman. Lynn Hanna. Alvin Tbaggard. Bob Turner. John Heaton. Ervin Thompson. Gene Bclk. and C C. Dcnman. Clarinets: Rhoberta Nowlin. Alice Jane Thompson, Allen Mize. and Joseph Upton Saxophones: Harold Wisely. Griff Terry Ross, and Harrison Stockwell. Baritones: Thomas Mitchell, and J. W. Mitchell. Altos Gordon Thompson. Baker Dcnman Melvin Shofner. Robert Shindler. and Raymond Shindlcr. Trombone J. P. Sullivan Basses Aubrey Lee Bone. Gene Burrows, and John Schmidt Snare Drums Charles Finney and Paul Perkins. Bass Drum Junior Jimmerson. t GLEE CLUB Top Row: B. H. Williams, Leroy Ross, J. D. Jimerson. Miss Mahoncy. Louise Reed, and Yvonne Weatherley. Middle Rou. ' : Reba Bolton, Gene Spencer Hunt. Luthenne Rceder. Grace Thomas. Gay- nelle Hughes. Evelyn Harvin, Geraldine Garner, Golda Floyd Bcrna Deane Belser. Wilma Watkins. Wayne Davis, and Willie Ann Garrett Front Roll ' : Chustine Marshall, Crystelle Wilson. Mary Osborne, Florene Jones, Joy Upton, and Bobby Murphy. f STONE FORT STAFF Wooobow Wilson Editor John Lynn Bailey Business Manager Don Langston Classes Eunice Jenkins Art J. W. Kennedy Feature Elmo Price activities Victor Fain Men ' s Sports Inez Peddy Women ' s Sports Winston Power Staff Photographer Woodrow Wi lson Ed i tor John Lynn Bailey Business Manager PINE LOG STAFF EDITORIAL STAFF Mervyn L. Ramsey Editor-in-Chief Travis Melton Associate Editor A. B. akers associate Editor Don J. Langston Associate Editor Victor Fain Sports Editor Pauline Ramsey Exchange Editor Polly Anna Langhorne Society Editor BUSINESS STAFF J. Orville Mollis Business Manager Eula Coward Circulation Manager REPORTERS Terrell Ogg, Elmo Price, Muriel Coward, Charles Carter, Ruth Hargis, Inez Washburn, Avis Cook, Jodie allred, Una Holmes, Peyton L. Sullivan, and Dorothy Milner. Mervyn L. Ramsey Editor J. Orvi lle Holli s Business Manager (NTERCOLLEQfATE DEBATE Joe Dickerson, Everett Page, Don Langston, Terrell Ogg, J. Orville Hollis, Dr. T. E. Ferguson, Professor L. C. Harline, and Harold Bates. The 1934-35 season was one of the most successful in the history of the participation of this school in intercollegiate debating. It witnessed, in many ways, a continuation of the progress and accomplishment which character- ized the season of 1933-34- And to equal the 1933-34 season was a rather difficult task; for during that debating year the two teams won more than THIRTY CONTESTS, AND THE TEAM COMPOSED OF TERRELL OGG AND HaROLD BaTES WON the trophy for second place at the tournament at natchitoches, louisiana. then too, it was in april, 1934. that rosser melton, don langston, and terrell oqg attended the national convention of pi kappa delta at lexington, kentucky, at the beginning of the 1 934-— 35 season, the outstanding debaters were don Langston, Joe Dickerson, Terrell Ogq and Everett Page, with Harold Bates and Orville Hollis closely following. During the year, the teams attendeo speech tournaments at Waco, Conway, Ourant, Waxahachie, and Natchitoches, and made a laudable record. Early in the school year, the debate organization, formerly known as The Debaters Club, adopted the name, " The FergaRling Forensic Society, " in honor of the debate coaches, Dr. T. E. Ferguson and Prof. L. C. Harling. The society features a general discussion group which meets each week for the purpose of considering various current problems • in addition, it sponsors declaiming, oratory, extemporaneous speaking, and debate. the officers for the year were: Don Langston, president; ' .Veldon V right and Terrell Ogg, vice presidents; and Joe Dickerson, secretary. The year 1934-35 was the first year of the existence on the Stephen F. Austin campus of the Texas Mu Chapter of Pi Kappa Delta, a national honorary forensic society. Largely due to the efforts of t he Stephen F. Austin delegates, the charter for the chapter was granted at the National Convention at Lexington in the spring of 1934- Officials of the charter organization were: Orville Hollis, president; Harold Bates, vice president; Don Langston, secretary- treasurer; and Terrell Ogg, corresponding secretary. If a CWx OFFICERS Woodrow Wilson President Don lanoston Vice President Nell Grimes Secretary-Treasurer Elmo Price Reporter Professor J. H. Wisely, Faculty Sponsor ACTIVE MEMBERS Elwaro Alford, Mildred Feazell, Kathryn Gaston, Nell Grimes, Eunice Jenkins, j. w. Kennedy, Don Lanoston, Terrell Oqq, Elmo Price, Billie Monte Wall, Aline Watkiws, Woodrow Wilson, Professor J. H. Wisely, Sarah Helen Works. The a. W. Birdwell Chapter of the Alpha Chi Scholar- ship Society was founded for the purpose of fostering and encourag i nq higher i deals of scholarship and character. the meaning. Truth and Character, is embodieo in the terms Alpha Chi. It rs the sincere belief of the local Chapter that, in the future as has been the case in the past, students will cherish membership in a Society which rewards and honors intellectual effort and achievement. SIDNEY ORTON .. President JACK Crawford .Secretary -Treasurer Charles Carter Sgt.-at-Arms The Sawyers were organized in 1927 for the purpose of establishing a more enthusiastic school spirit. The Sawyers with their axe-handles have become famous and can always be depended upon to support the ' Jacks. The organization has become the leader in social life on the campus. May the SAWYERS in future years carry on and uphold the spirit and honor of the fighting LUMBERJACKS. Orton. J. Crawford. Carter. Alford. H. Arnold. W. Arnold. Bailey. Baker. Browning, Bush. Chapman, R. Crawford, Fields. Ford, Gaston. Honeycutt. Hough. James, MciMinn, Martin, Melton, Monroe, G. Morrison, L. Morrison. Mullins, Nowlin, Pate. Porter, Ramsey, Rawls, Roqucmore. Schmidt, Shanks, Sitton, Wall. White, Williams, Wilson, Ross. Arlene Kilpatrick Sarah Helen Works Polly Anna Langhorne Margie Whittington Jessie Brown Jane Green Mary Lou Green Mae Oma Brady Evelyn Odom Louise Kilgore Jeanette Bates Annie Ruth Hendricks Dorothy Lee Jones Mary Elizabeth Byrd Ruth Carter Ouida Gill Molly Parmley Martha Mackechney THE " T " ASSOCIATION First Row: Jack Crawford, C. C. Williams, John Lynn Bailey, Wooorow Arnold, Lee Parmley, Travis Bush. Seoond Row: Vestal Ramsey, Myaick Monroe, Nolvin Ward, Ellis Gaston. Third Row: Foye Waqstaff, Turner Mills, Don L. Hough, Talmadge Jones, Lamar R oqu em ore . Fourth Row: Ross Parker, Gara Cooper, Robert Ross, Lloyd Hawkins, W. B. Sitton. Not in Picture: Emil Hanicak, Coy Colwell, Stacy Colwell, Bill Hendrix, Beeman Justice. Jack Crawford President " Icha " Williams Vice President Woodrow Arnold Sec ' y Treasurer The " T " Association is composed of men in school who have earned a letter in any branch of varsity athletics. Its purpose is to develop a greater interest in athletics at S. F. a. and a better brand of sportsmanship in inter-collegiate athletics. Its activities for the year are climaxed with an annual banquet which is attended by all alumni letter men as well as active members. Elmo Price-Mauri ne Austin Terrel Brooksh t re-M r na Bell Shaw- ■Co-PRES I DENTS ■CO-Vl CE PRES I DENTS Donald Hammett-Wi leta Shaw- •Co-Secretari es Woodrow Wi lson-Asenath Acrey •Co-Treasurers Weldon Wright-Inez Peddy Co-Reporters Myrtle White-Pauline watson- Social Committee □on Langston Publicity Chairman Thurman Kerr-John Wesley McNeil Finance Committee Robert Jimerson-Maxine Mitchell Music Committee W. Rub al Moore-Margaret Downs-Elizabeth Tucker Sponsors helping students to fino the way of life and to live it more abundantly and creatively. the association brought to the campus this year Mrs. Mildred Morgan, who led a series of discussions on marriage and family relations. local projects include the publi- CATION of the Student Directory and the running of the Candy Store. Among its social activities the Association sponsored two barn dances one in connection with the College Jig-Saw Christmas party, a program including a guest speaker, a group discussion and group singing, was HELD AT THE C. C. C. CAMP AT WODEN. In NOVEMBER, THE ASSOCIATION WAS REPRESENTED AT A RELIGIOUS CONFERENCE AT HOUSTON. |N FEBRUARY, DELEGATES WERE SENT TO THE MODEL WORLD ' S STUDENT CHRISTIAN FEDERATION WHERE THE TOPIC FOR CONSIDERATION WAS CHRISTIANITY VERSUS NATIONAL- ISM. The Y. M. C. A.-Y. W. C. a. is anticipating sending members to Hollister, Missouri, where students receive inspiration for future work as Christian leaders on the Stephen F. Austin campus. The combined Y. M. C. A.-Y. W. C. A. has for its purpose ELLEN H. RICHARD ' S CLUB Bessie Fate Crossland, President; Imogene Moore, Vice President; Maggie Bell, Secretary. Edith Halbert, Treasurer; Jessie Scoggin, Club Reporter; Miss Edna Wilkin, Sponsor. Behniece Anderson Gwendolyn Brewer Lucille Burgess Hazel Cook Merle Coward Tom Crawford Malie Daniels Thelma Eowaros Sarah Flemi ng Mildred Graves Martha Jeter Willie Bea Li nth i cum Merelene Mc Lemore Lorene Mc Swain adar i ne muckleroy Faye Rl DDLESPERGER jessie rodgers Hazel Scarborough Wi leta Shaw Maxine Smelley Helen Smith Lou i se Watson 4 AAITIE Green, Sharp, Wilson, H. Holmes, Halbert, Lanqhorne, Mitchell, Scarbarough, Byrd, Lacy, Green, Muckleroy, Bates, Coward, U. Holmes, Walters, Ray, Langford, Bristow, Bullard, Mackechney, Parmley, Milner, Nolen, Bullard. Dorothy Milner President Patty Bullard Vice President Joyce Bullard Secretary-Treasurer Una Holmes Reporter Hazel Walters Sergeant-at-Arms Miss Brooks Sponsor Jane Green Moll I E T . Parmley Mary L. Green Kathleen Lacy Mable Ray Dorothy Bri stow Martha Mackechney Clauoine Scarborough I nez Johnson Verdell Nolen Mary Sharpe Laura Beth Wi lson Kathryn Thomas Kathleen Bergman Mary E. Byrd Polly A. Lanqhorne Kathleen Langford Hattie Holmes Edith Holbert Genevieve Muckleroy Elizabeth Johnson M a x i n e Mitchell Jeanette Bates Eula Coward Colors: White and Red Flower: Red Carnation Miss Brooks The Amitie was reorganized at the beginning of the fall term with Miss Brooks as sponsor. Some of the major events in which the amitie ' s participated during the year were: a coffee— dance, September 21, for its pledges- A Hallowe ' en Dance, October 31, and a May Party May 3 r d. A banquet closed the amitie social season on May 17th. ' 3 1 „M 7 J I A . - f ;i 1 1 B. S. U. COUNCIL Pat Rodgcrs President Weldon Wright First Vice President Ouida Reed Second Vice President Katherine Chambers .... Third Vice President Myrick Monroe Fourth Vice President Orville Hollis Corresponding Secretary Ruby Nell Ivey Pianist Fletcher Garner Sunday School Representative Reba Thornton B. Y. P. U. Representative Myrtle White Y. W. A. Representative Roy Adams Faculty Representative J. H. Wisely Church Representative Mrs. Bonnie Grimes m Sponsor Rev. Bonnie Grimes . . Pastor THE BAPTIST STUDENT UNION This organization is the connecting link between the college and the local church. It is the voluntary religious activities of the Baptist students of the college. It affords an attractive program of Baptist religious work and an effective appeal to the students to participate in all church activities. t M f f THE KARLE WILSON BAKER DRAMATIC CLUB OFFICERS Anabel Hanna President Mae Oma Brady Treasurer Exier Lewis Farr Vice President Alton Clayton Sergeant-at-Arms Fannie Osborn, James Langston-Secretary Polly Anna Langhorne Reporter FALL PRODUCTION The Parvenu By G. Godfrey Cast or Characters Sir Fulke Pettigrew Everett Page Mr. Ledger, M.P. Alton Clayton The Hon. Charles Tracey — Hulie Freeze Claude Glynn Louis vyeema Mai d Ferryman Alton Sitton Lady Pettigrew Ruth Ennis Gwendolen Pettigrew Anabel Hanna Mary Ledger Mae uma Brady — Albertine Holcomb The Dramatic Club entertained at the home of Mrs. Paul Perkins on n ' ovemeer 2, in honor of mr. and mrs. francis tucker. mrs. tucker, formerly Corrine Hendricks, was a valuable member of the club last year. At the Christmas Party for the entire school on the eve of the Decem- ber holidays, the Club staged a pantomime representing an old English Christmas and a tableau of the Nativity, while the Choral Club sang appropriate carols. The staff wishes to express its appreciation to THE following people who have gladly co-operated AND GIVEN VALUABLE ASSISTANCE IN THE PREPARATION OF THE STONE FORT: MAUR I N E AUST I N Li lli e Bell Reba Bolton Jessie Brown Jack Crawforo Roy Henderson Louise Kilgore Arlene Kilpatrick Ola Lane Dr. W. T. Chambers Pauline Locke Terrell Ogg Ted Phelps Aline Watk ins Vera Walters Weldon Wright Miss Margie Whittinqton Mi ss Loui se Hathcock Miss Thelma Jagoe Louise Kilgore Presi dent Arlene Kilpatrick Vice President Nellave Rogers Secretary Dorothy m i lner Reporter Maurine Austin Eloise Cook Annie Mae Craig Inez Duncan j i mm i e g i fford Annie Ruth Hendricks alma Clyde Hood Evelyn Odom Inez Peddy Ted Phelps Bernice Anderson Reba Bolton Laura Beth Wi lson Myrtle White Helen works t f R. H. Shelton W. VV. Dossey Mb. Shelton is Director of athletics and coach of basketball and track. a tireless, efficient worker, a lover of clean sports, and a gentleman, coach shelton ' s name will forever remain indelible on the pages of Lumberjack athletic history. For four consecutive years his basketball teams have won the lone star conference championship and gat ned for the school invaluable publicity. each spring his track teams are among the best in the conference and always make a strong bid for first place honors. quiet and modest and a natural builder of men, mr. Shelton always attributes his success solely to " the boys " . And " the boys " love and respect him, knowing that only through his inspirational guidance have they been able to attain their successl Mr. Dossey is coach of freshman athletics — football, basketball, and track • Possessed of a splendid personality and thoroughly schooled in the Lumberjack style of play, Coach Dossey is more than capable of filling his great responsibility of carefully preparing the first-year athletes for future years of varsity stardom. coupled with his thorough knowledge of every phase of athletics is mr. dossey ' s ability to instill in the minds of athletes the ideal of fair play and clean living! Mr. White is coach of varsity football. For the past six years it has been his unpleasant job to fashion a football team out of mediocre, untried material. and not once has he failed to put a hard, clean-fight- ing grid machine on the field. his 1 934- team was one of the most success- ful in the history of the school, and with virtually all men due to return , prospects have never been brighter than for 1 935 • no man has made greater effort than gene white to raise the athletic standards in stephen f. austin. it is mainly through his unselfish and efficient management that several of the school ' s athletes are afforded an honest means of working their way through college. coach ivhite is known and loved not only by the entire student body, but by all who know him. FRONT ROW: Bush, Bailey, F. Jones, Freeze, Mills, Parsons, Lawrence, Hough, Ross . CENTER ROW: Cain, T. Jones, Ramsey, Irick, Gaston, Roquemore, Crenshaw, Parmley, Hawkins. BACK ROW: Coach White, Carter, Wagner, Weatherly, Wagstaff, Whitaker, Honey- cutt, Williams, Hoya, McMinn. I93I4. SEASON t Lumb ERJACKS 10 Lumberjacks Lumberjacks 19 Lumberjacks 13 Lumberjacks Lumberjacks Lumberjacks 13 Lumberjacks 7 Lon Morris 2 East Texas 32 Southwest Texas 19 La. College 6 North Texas 14- La. Normal s. L. I. 39 Sam Houston 6 1935 SCHEDULE September 21, Texas A. M . , THERE September 27, LaFayette HERE October I4., East Texas HERE October 11, Southwest Texas THERE October 18, Louisiana College THERE October 25, North Texas HERE November 1, Austin College HERE November 8, Louisiana Normal THERE November 15» Lon Morris THERE November 23, Sam Houston HERE i Bailey Freeze HONEYCUTT RESUME? OF SEASON the 1934 gridiron season was one of the most successful and colorful campaigns ever waged by a purple— and— wh i te eleven. three games were won, three lost, and two tied. Never before has a Lumberjack team finished with a football percentage higher than .500 or ended the season out of their conference cellar. Sixty-two points were scored against 118 for our opponents. Not since I926 has a Lumberjack eleven scored that many points. .On September 10th, Coach White issued equipment to 28 eager ' Jack gridmen. Optimism prevailed throughout the camp, and for over a week the lumbermen bore down through two torrid practice sessions daily. during the second week of pre-season practice, coach White began to get some idea of what to expect from his material. It became evident that the team would have to rely mainly on a group of untried sophomores. Spirit was running high on the campus as Friday, September 28th, rolled around. It broke into a feverish pitch that night as the Lumberjacks blasted open the 1934 season by waltzing to a 10 to 2 victory over the Lon Morris Bearcats from Jacksonville. Early in the first quarter the brilliant Turner Mills kicked a field goal from the 22- yaro line. Later in the game the same Mills shot a beautiful, forty-yard pass to Talmadge Jones, who gallopeo untouched for a touchoown. The extra point was converted, and the finishing touches were put on the first pu r pl e- a n d-wh i t e gridiron victory SINCE 1932. unfortunately, the woodsmen were next called upon to play the powerful east texas Lions at Commerce on October 5th. The champion Lions struck with a vengeance at the injured Axemen, and the result was a severe 32 to drubbing. At least six on the ' Jack regulars sat on the sidelines nursing injuries and the Whitemen never had a chance against their initial conference foe. Swinging back home, Coach White did his utmost to piece his battered squad to- gether for the invading San Marcos Bobcats on October 12th. His efforts were reward- ed WITH A SPECTACULAR 19 TO 19 TIE. THE FIGHTING ' JACKS SCORED EARLY IN THE GAME when Don L. Hough intercepted Mangum ' s pass and sprinted 65 yards for a touchdown. The ' Jacks bounced to an amazing 12 to lead a few moments later when Freeze sliced off-tackle to climax a passing drive that had advanced the oval down to the six- yard line. Turning a complete " about face " the ' Jacks trailed 19 to 12 as the game faded into the last glimmering seconds, mills fired two 20-yaro passes to Parmley in quick succession, and it was a touchdown. Bedlam reigned as Mills tied the score from place- ment. It had been eight years since a ' Jack team had scored more than three touch- downs. Parsons Hawkins Whitaker Parmley The Louisiana College Wildcats from Pineville, Louisiana, came to the Lumberjack camp for their first time on Friday Night, October 19th. again the good right arm of Turner Mills proved the enemy ' s undoing. Soon after the third quarter began, he beautifully passed forty yards to Jones for a touchdown and put his team into a 7 to 6 lead by perfectly place-kicking the extra point. A few minutes later another ' Jack goalward drivf was climaxed when Mills shot the oval 17 yards to Hough - - who fought his way to a touchdown. On October 26th, Coach White took twenty men to Denton to battle the North Texas Eagles. The North Texans com- pletely muzzled the ' Jack passing game and scored two touchdowns in the first half to gain a hard-earned victory of 111 TO 0. On November 2nd, the Lumbermen played their first day-game against the Louisiana Normal Demons on Birdwell Field. Rain fell during most of the game, and the result was a listless to tie. The ' Jacks never threatened to score, but played good defensive ball to repulse completely every demon threat when yardage meant a touchdown • The following Friday, November 9th, the Axemen journeyed to Lafayette to play S. L. I. Bulldogs. Fob three quarters the Axemen battled their powerful opponents to a standstill, and with ten minutes to plat, were clinging to a 13 to 13 tie. Suddenly, the Louisianians broke WmmL, WOOBH Cain Ross Bush f LOOSE, AND WHEN THE SMOKE HAD CLEARED, THEY HAD ROLLED OVER 26 POINTS. IT WAS A HUMILIATING 39 TO 13 DEFEAT FOR THE WEARY LUMBERJACKS • AFTER THE S. L. t. DEBACLE, COACH WHITE HAD TWO WEEKS IN WHICH TO PRIME HIS CHARGES FOR THE ANNUAL GRUDGE BATTLE WITH THE SAM HOUSTON B E A R- k at s at Hunts v 1 lle on November 24th. The entire squad bore down in earnest, tightening their pass defense, brush- i no up on fundamentals, and sharpen- ing their own offensive weapons. a holiday was declared for the game, and hundreds of lumberjack fans moved en masse to hunts v i lle to cheer their fighting favorites before a bearkat home-coming crowd. Playing inspired football, and the perfectly conditioned axemen pranced down the field early in the game to stack up a 7 to lead. goat Hough made the touchdown, and Mills kicked the extra point that was to mean a glorious 7 to 6 victory when the bearkats failed to convert after their fourth period touchdown. gaston Playing without a single substi- tution, THE GALLANT AXEMEN ROUNDLY OESERVED TO WIN WHAT WAS UNDOUBTEDLY ONE OF THE GREATEST OF ALL LUMBERJACK ATHLETIC VICTORIES. IT WAS A FITTING CLIMAX TO THE SUCCESSFUL 193l|. SEASON AND WON FOR THEM A WARM SPOT IN THE HEART OF EVERY FAIR-MINDED FAN THAT WATCHED THEIR STIRRING, UNDER-DOG EXHIBITION. Mills ROQUEMORE Carter Hendr I X 9 9 AND HOUOH DIVED THROUGH THE AIR FOR THE TOUCHDOWNl " DEDICATION TO THOSE ELEVEN " IRON MEN " WHO DEFEATED Sam HOUSTON IN Hunts v i lle on November 21|.th ano to the coach that trained them, we sincerely dedicate this page. Never will be forgotten that beautiful saturday afternoon when the j perfectly conditioned ' jacks fought the cocky bearkats to a standstill ano emerged victorious with a 7 to 6 ver- dict, a dazzling running game unleashed by the fighting axemen in the first quarter swept the kats deep into their own territory. from the seven-yard line, hough plunged head-first over the left side of his line for a touchdown. Twenty seconos later Mills place-kicked the ball through the uprights for the extra point. the cheers of three hundred ' Jack fans reverberated through the crisp November air. Struggling courageously, the amazed Bearkats pushed across the ' Jack goal in the final stanza. Their try for extra point failed, and the game was over. For the first time in history, a lumberjack team had beaten sam houston i n Hunts v i lleI ' nm v mmm mm m • in ifiim w j FRONT ROW: Johnson, Hurst, Schillings, Day, Edens, Little, T. sittow, W. Si tton. MIDDLE ROW: West, Collier, Pate, Maberry, Porter, Barwick, Dominy, Warren, BACK ROW: Lewis, Seamons, Shanks, Hough, Lindsey, McPhail, Birowell, McGee, Blackburn, and Coach Dossey. 1934 SEASON FRESHMEN 21 Sam Houston FRESHMEN 6 North Texas 12 FRESHMEN 12 KlLGORE HIGH FRESHMEN 31 Lufkin High FRESHMEN 3 l Center High Front row: Coach Shelton, Crawford, Arnold, Cooper, C. Colwell. Hanicak. Ross. Middle row: Hendrix, Wagstaff, Crenshaw. Hawkins, Ramsey. Back row: McNeil, Bates, Dillon, Williams. Jones, S. Colwell. Arnold Crenshaw Williams HANICAK Waqstaff Lumberjacks Lumberjacks Lumberjacks Lumberjacks Lumberjacks Lumberjacks Lumberjacks Lumberjacks Lumb e rjacks Lumberjacks Lumberjacks 58, 23, (B) 35, 11: S: I LONE STAR CONFERENCE STANDING TEAM — G.P. V. L. STEPHEN F. AUSTIN 8 7 1 Southwest Texas 8 4 4 Sam Houston 8 4 4 Ea t Texas 8 4 4 NoriTH Texas 8 1 7 ALL-SEASON RECORD J ' ville Baptist 38 Lumberjacks 34, Texas a. M. 39 Lumberjacks 35, 42, A. M. (B) 34 Lumberjacks 51 , Centenary 33 Lumberjacks 3$, Baylor- 21 Lumberjacks 39, Hardi n-S i mmons V Lumberjacks 24, J ' ville Baptist 37 Lumberjacks 67, St. Edwards 11 Lumberjacks 53, La. Normal 41 Lumberjacks §5, T. W. C. 10 Lumberjacks 41 , Sam Houston 25 Lumberjacks 24, Pct . .875 .500 • 500 .500 • 125 Baylor 29 East Texas 33 La. Normal 53 North Texas 27 S. W. Texas 29 A. I. 15 A. I . 26 North Texas 22 East Texas 62 S. W. Texas 36 Sam Houston 34 ▼ S. CoLWELL Crawford Hendri x f Cooper C. COLWELL JOPft BASKETBALL 1934- ' 35 The 1934- ' 35 Lumberjack caqers deserve to be ranked as one or tmc GREATEST TEAMS IN THE HISTORY OF THE SCHOOL • WITH A START I NO FIVE COMPOSED OF THREE FIRST-YEAR MEN AND TWO LETTERMEN, THE SHARPSHOOTI NO LUMBERMEN BLAZED THEIR WAY THROUGH A TRYING PRE-SEASON SCHEDULE WITH ONLY TWO SET- BACKS AND MARCHED ON TO SEVEN STRAIGHT CONFERENCE WINS OVER HARD— FIGHTING TEAMS THAT STAKED THEIR SEASON ' S SUCCESS ON A WIN OVER THE CHAMPION ' JACKS. WtTH THEIR FOURTH CONSECUTIVE LONE STAR CROWN SALTED AWAY, THE PURPLE CLAD CAGERS FINALLY CRACKED UNDER THE GRUELLING STRAIN AND WERE UPSET 34 TO 24 BY AN INSPIRED BEARKAT TEAM IN HUNTS V I LLE ON FEBRUARY 28TH. The following Monday, however, the Axemen received a telegram from officials in Denver, Colorado, inviting them to participate in the annual cage tourney of the National Amateur Athletic Union. Realizing the dis- tinct honor of the invitation and the glorious opportunities that such a venture afforded, the ' jacks accepted. a " benefit " game to help finance the trip was arranged with the humble oilers on march 8th. a fair-sized crowd watched the logmen win 45 to 37. on march 10th, coach shelton and nine players left for abilene for a two-game series. the jacks dropped. the first encounter, 59 to 4l » but came back to win the second, 45 to 33 ' n thri ller. Leaving Abilene on the following Wednesday, the Axemen and Cowhands headed for the hills of colorado and the denver tourney. the woodsmen paused at texline for a game with an independent club, which they won by the POST-SEASON GAMES ' Ross Ramsey iop-heavy score of 119 to Z4.I . Their next stop was at Colorado springs, Colo- rado, WHERE THEY PUSHED BACK THE COLORADO INTERSTATE GaS QUINT BY A SCORE OF 52 to 4.3. Coach Shelton and his men then headed for the tourney at Denver.- (n the first round of play, oklahoma t i re and supply company of tulsa threw down a late challenge by the ' jacks to eliminate them 31 to 30- the axemen trailed 18 to 9 t the intermission, but almost caught the tulsans twice, falling one point short each time. twenty seconds before the end, Arnold, ' Jack Captain and leading scorer of the game with 14 points, swished IN THE LAST GOAL Individual ' Jack Scorers In Conference Games Player Gp, Williams, c. 8 Arnold, f.(C) 8 Han i cak , g . Crenshaw, f, Wagstaff, f, Hawk ins, g . hendrix, f. Jones , f. c. c0lwell.f.5 s. colwell.g.o Ramsey, g. 1 Fg. k6 31 17 15 10 10 k 2 1 1 1 Ft. 8 20 7 3 13 8 2 3 o LETTERMEN ARNOLD YEARS LETTERED 3 Cooper 3 Willi ams 2 Crawford 2 Crenshaw Han i cak Wagstaff Hawk i ns c. colwell s. colwell Ramsey Jones HENDR I X FRONT ROW: R. Crawford, Clayton, W. Sitton, T. Sitton, Kerr, Little. BACK ROW: Massey, Tompkins, Driver, Howaro, Lindsey, Porter, Barwick. SEASON ' S RECORD FRESHMEN FRESHMEN FRESHMEN FRESHMEN FRESHMEN FRESHMEN FRESHMEN FRESHMEN FRESHMEN FRESHMEN FRESHMEN 62 45 35 29 a 29 Nat High School Gushing High School Nacogdoches High Sam Houston Fish Gilmer High School Nacogdoches High Mt. Enterprise High Cushing High School Mt. Enterpri se high Sam Houston Fish Stockman High School 27 16 12 39 21 zl 16 25 V 24 Won 10, lost 1 ; percentage .909 Average score per game: FRESHMEN 1+2, Opponents 22 FRONT ROW: Stevens, Justice, Hough, Mills, ' Ward, Glenn, and Gregory. BACK ROW: Monroe, Woods, Aiken, Parker, Hanna, Mullins, Rawls, Bush, and Wall. 1935 SEASON Early in March prospects were not exceptionally bright for the Lumberjack tracksters. There was no outstanding star on the squad for the first time in several seasons. bad weather and the late basketball season hampered early season workouts. Sunnier days finally came, and Coach Shelton had at his command a well balanced squad of eighteen men, featuring seven lettermen and several sophomores. the lettermen incluoed nolvin ward, star in the broad jump and dashes; Woodrow Arnold, pole vaulter; Icha Williams, weight man; Beeman Justice, 880— yard run and relay flash; Ross Parker, high jumper and hurdler; Myrick Monroe, dash man; and Don L. Hough, a sure point-getter in the mile and two mile runs. Arnold and Williams were in Colorado with the basketball squad when the track pictures were taken • April April SCHEDULE March 30th, Texas Relays April 6th, at Huntsville 13th, at Commerce 15th, Triangular meet i Denton 20th, Triangular meet Huntsvi LLE 27th, San Marcos, here 1935 SEASON (CONTINUEO) Other men lending strength to the •Jack thinly clads included Turner Mills in the weights and jumps; Neil Mull i ns in the sprint and mile relay; Travis Bush in the I|4o-yard dash; Forest Gregory in the dashes; " Herc " Stevens in the pole vault; " Duck " Woods in the quarter-mile and relay, and S. L. Rawls in the high jump. Monroe Gregory • Parker, Wilson, Bailey, Nowlin. McNeil, Roquemore, Dillen, Price, Cain, Lanqston. 1935 SEASON An inexperienced but promising squad of ten men answered Coach a. L. Long ' s call for tennis practice early in March. Early season workouts were hampered due to poor condition of the outdoor courts, but once started, the enthusiastic ' jack netters bore d own in earnest preparation for the i ntra— s quad tryouts. Ross Parker and Lamar Roquemore were the sole lettermen on one of the largest racquet wielding squads in Lumberjack history. Ross and Lamar, along with John Lynn Bailey, ranking number five player in 1 93 4-. and Clemon Dillen, gangling sophomore, bore the brunt of the •Jack cannonading throughout most of the eventful SEASON . The buffer -they arc the harder etc The depression is felt on the. campus You know this pic+u was posed Kit Prexy tafts in assembly No peeping The eternal freshman Airbrick modern convences Cain perfecting a neu hair restorer Spring is still here m Distinguished Visitors on the campus 3ue (iclcl Q litiUpoxt HlS fioir WdS W ) ' e a; snow eye-ry whe.r ftat " jc ey want " B,Uy, 13,1 ly • -» - L ye| V a)|, he is so s all A ' Td t " coudA eat him, hat and (• t ii i Nere ' s solemn " bu-e. I lolly luxker . . Kerkpper Wh t shall we do { Turn her Pace U tht wall .) ,h e cornier to. . Ad.lfar, a , «r doll i There Wdi d |.|t e g,r( Who h d a We carl RigU m I be •Sr e WAS V€ Tjj V€ y do @u-f when, iKc wd5 2? O ' clock scholar had a CfTeai f sl|, All the ki s hfcTjes 4 4 a» the kiir gs tncix C©uddv£ pu,i ampsy XloYnjoiy together a am. The SF.A. Went o sea in a bow , I{ fh bo ha4 b en {ro gsr My o g, had been longer. If costs, A d c rrj, the evj 5 j for sh -1 leeVi ' llie- « inktt.Yn, (Jp stairs aA i X)ou n-itair.s Iti bar rugWtpown,. Ar Come, apairv Another V , =» )irtwfr«J Weil PS A ifw kU; W«» d 1 Schmidt ' s Smart Shoppe The Downtown Headquarters of All Girl Students It is the wish of this ready-to-wear store that you never get so far away from S. F. A. and SCHMIDT ' S that you cannot always return for a hearty handshake and welcome. PERRY ' S TAILOR SHOP 1 1 2 N. Church St. 671 — Phone — 671 ( Ip ninor Ptpqqi ncr anH A Ifprinor V_ 1 tl 1 1 I 1 1 , L l Cool Hgt £11111 IlllCllllg NAVARRO COX Invite me To Your Next Blow-Out Tires and Tubes 81 - - -Phone- - - 81 SHOES HATS J. J. Baker Son Allen A Hosiery Students Always Welcome CLOTHING NOTIONS The Star Bakery Home-Owned Home-Operated Makers of Light Crust Bread " It ' s Better " MIZE BROS. Headquarters for college students. We can supply your needs in the newest things out at reasonable prices. Always showing the latest out in LADIES ' READY-TO-WEAR DRY GOODS MILLINERY AND GENTS FURNISHINGS Tke Stone fort National Bank Nacogdoches, Texas Capital, Surplus and Undivided Profits $240,000.00 Total Resources $1,800,000.00 For over 34 years the name of this institution has stood for all that is substantial and dependable in FINANCIAL Affairs in East Texas. COMMERCIAL STATE BANK FROST LUMBER INDUSTRIES Incorporated OF TEXAS Better Lumber for Better Homes NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS WHEN You want a duplicate of any photograph in this book, write to SCHLUETER ' S STUDIO The College Photographer NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS We Made Them CONGRATULATIONS To the Seniors of 1935 F. FORD SIMPSON Good Luck to You! — FROM — CASON, MONK CO. " The Most Complete Hardware Store in Nacogdoches " Compliments of 0 SWIFT BROS. SMITH, Inc. q) DRUGGISTS Phones 56 and 57 SMITH-LOVELL Womens ' Wear of Distinction Infants ' Wear Women ' s Shoes Novelties J. E. REESE COMPANY Quality Automobiles PONTI AC 6 ' s - 8 ' s Low as B U I CK 8 ' s Low as $795.00 $987.00 Delivered Nacogdoches, Texas Drink In Sterilized Bottles Phone 82 Compliments COLLEGE COFFEE SHOP Student Headquarters v »i m i w i m i m m n Compliments STONE FORT THEATRE One of Texas ' Coziest Theatres Home Operated Jack Eaves, Mgr. Banita Laundry Dry Cleaning Company Careful and Dependable While your teachers are busy remoulding and shaping your lives for more useful services, we are busy reshaping and renewing your clothes. Ready to Serve You at All Times Telephone 483 THE NEW AUSTIN The Theatre Moderne EAST TEXAS ' FINEST THEATRE EMBODYING EVERY KNOWN MODERN FACILITY TO PRO- VIDE LUXURY ★ COMFORT ★ ★ ENTERTAINMENT ★ Owned and Operated by and fur EAST TEXAS PEOPLE RITA THEATRE MORE THAN A THEATRE . . A PUBLIC INSTITUTION ★OFFER- ING THE FINEST IN MOTION PICTURES AT POPULAR PRICES ★FOUR COMPLETE CHANGES WEEKLY Nacogdoches Lumber Yard Phone 202 We are just across the street from the courthouse if you ever need In Nacogdoches as in many other towns in Texas It ' s PERRY BROS. For Shopping Values That Count BUILDING MATERIALS Students Always Find A Welcome 1 J™ THE ONLY I Purified Air REFRIGERATION Southern Ice Utilities Co. 1 9 Phone 1 9 TEXAS FARM PRODUCTS CO- Mfr. of LONE STAR BRANDS Dairy and Sweet Feeds, Poultry Feeds, Corn Meal, Grain Products, Fertilizer, Field Seeds Gratings to the Graduates of 1935 UNITED GAS PUBLIC SERVICE CO. Visit Our Showroom Wholesale Plumbing Supplies HUNT PLUMBING SUPPLY CO. Phone 301 CTUDENTC — It was through this advertising that you were able to secure an annual for 1935. Re- member, when buying, the facts found in the advertisements of — Th E STONE FO rT

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