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Stephen F Austin State University - Stone Fort Yearbook (Nacogdoches, TX) online yearbook collection, 1932 Edition, Cover

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134395 STONE FORT LD 5 lb The Stone Fort was not published in 1933 nor 1934 on account of the Depression, Publication was re summed in 1935. LOUISE SPIES Editor ADDISON LEE Business Manager SOUTHWESTERN ENGRAVING COMPANY W. F. SCHLUETER Photographer 1932 STONE FORT Published by the Students of STEPHEN F. AUSTIN STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE Nacogdoches, Texas LIBMRY STEPHEN F. AUSTIN STATE COLLET UCOGDOCHES . TEXAS FOREWORD In this issue of the Stone Fort we wish to give grateful recognition to the heritage left us by aboriginal man, the Tejas Indian, who three hundred years ago, like shadows of the dawn on a misty autumn morning, here measured off their days in peace. The red man, calm beneath the peace of heaven, the sky his sanctuary, companion of the pines and moaning winds and hills and laughing streams, pursued his stolid way, perhaps in sloth about his tent, perhaps in chase of game to fill his simple wants, perhaps in war to test his strength, or make a name, or guard the store that lavish nature freely gave. His day has passed and gone. The red man took his squaw, his horse, his dog and van- ished like silent mist, but tokens of his life remain forever. He has left his mark upon our pine trees, left his name upon our rivers, left romance in many a legend, left his poetry upon our flowers. ORDER OIF IBOOIkS I. CLASSES II. SCHOOL LIFE III. ATHLETICS IV. ACTIVITIES DEDICATION To the sacrifices of the parents of the students of Stephen F. Austin State Teachers College who have this year, more than in former years, denied themselves in order that we might receive the benefits of an education, this volume of the Stone Fort is affectionately dedicated. Page 7 Page 8 Page 3 T. E. FERGUSON, Ph.D. Dean of Faculty RUTH MAYS, B.S. Dean of Women C. E. FERGUS ON, MA Dean of Men BOARD OF REGENTS HON. A. B. MAYHEW, President Uvalde HON. W. Z. HAYES • Dallas HON. WEBB WALKER Fort Worth HON. HENRY S. PAULUS Yoakum HON. J. E. HILL Amarillo HON. THOMAS H. BALL Houston HON. HERBERT KOKERNOT, Jr Alpine HON. J. W. FITZGERALD Tyler HON. W. C. CRANE Franklin HON. H. A. TURNER, Secretary Austin OFFICERS OF ADMINISTRATION A. W. BIRDWELL, M.A President THOS. E. FERGUSON, Ph.D Dean of Faculty J. H. WISELY, M. Ph Auditor C. E. FERGUSON, M.A Dean of Men RUTH MAYS, B.S Dean of Women J. J. WILSON, M.A Director of Demonstration School EDNA E. PHILLIPS, B.S Registrar LOULEIN HARRIS, B.A Librarian MILDRED WYATT, B.A Assistant Librarian HELEN SNYDER, B.A Assistant Librarian HELLEN HICKMAN Associate Dean and School Nurse J. V. DEAN, B.A Manager of Book Store THE FACULTY AGRICULTURE CHEMISTRY J. H. Hinds, B.A., M.S. ... ... _ D . DL D. D. Giles, D.V.M., M.A. W " W " Dorse V ' ' Pk ART Mrs. Eleanor Gibbs Mabel Vandiver, B.F.A., M.A. BIOLOGY C. C. JOHNSON, B.A., M.A. COMMERCE J. H. Wisely, B.A. R. G. Upton, B.S., M.A. JessIe Hickman, B.A., M.A. Roy H. Adams, B.S., M.A. Francis Wilson Oliver, B.A. ' On leave, 1931-32. EDUCATION W. R. Davis, B.S., M.A. H. L. Lowman, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. J. J. Wilson, B.A., M.A. W. A. Cain, B.A., M.A. Hazel Floyd, B.A., M.A. A. L. Long, B.A., M.A. R. R. Harvin, B.S., M.S. ENGLISH Thos. E. Ferguson, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. ' Clifford H. Osborne, B.A., M.A. Louisville Marshall, B.A., M.A. Mrs. Karle W. Baker, Litt.D. Louise Hathcock, B.A., M.A. Margaret Downs, B.A., M.A. FOREIGN LANGUAGES Ruth Mays, B.A. Edna E. Phillips, B.S. Mary W. Thomson, B.A., M.A. Dorothy A. Sanders, B.A., M.A. GEOGRAPHY Wm. T. Chambers, B.A., M.A. W. A Browne, B.A., M.A. HISTORY AND GOVERNMENT W. F. Garner, B.A., M.A. L. C. Harling, B.A., M.A. Virdian Barham, B.A., M.A. HOME ECONOMICS Edna Wilkin, B.S., M.A. Elizabeth Tucker, B.S., M.A. Josephine Brooks, B.S., M.A. LIBRARY SCIENCE Loulein Harris, B.A. Helen Snyder, B.A., B.S. Mildred Wyatt, B.A. MATHEMATICS C. E. Ferguson, B.A., M.A. Lela Oxsheer, B.S., M.A. Savannah Cross, B.A., M.A. MUSIC Ida Pritchett, B.S. Allene Mahony, B.S., M.A. J. T. Cox, B.S. PHYSICAL EDUCATION R. H. Shelton, B.S. E. H. White, B.A., M.A. Thelma Jagoe, B.S., M.A. Evelvn Abshear, B.A. Margie Whittington, B. S. PHYSICS R. L. Turner, B.S., M.A. WESLEY BIBLE CHAIR Rubal Moore, B.A., B.D. DEMONSTRATION SCHOOL J. J. Wilson, B.A., M.A. J. V. Dean, B.A. Edyth Erhard, B.A., M.A. Gladys Fox, B.A. Valine Hobs, B.A. Mary Love, B.S., M.A. Ann Marshall, B.A., M.A. Roxie E. Osborne, B.S., M.A. R. B. Pinson, B.S. Eloise Roach, B.A. Golda Rochefort, B.A. Ann Yardley, B.A., M.A. " On leave. J. B. ADAMS B. S.i Geography Timpson, Texas OZELLA BARNES B. A., History Chester, Texas HAZEL BEALL B. A., Spanish Nacogdoches, Texas ALICE BEASLEY B. S., Home Economics Wells, Texas ELM A BIGGAR i. S., Physical Education Center, Texas MONNIE BIRDWELL B. A., Spanish Nacogdoches, Texas BERTHA T. BRANTLEY B. S., Geography Nacogdoches, Texas OTIS CARNES B. A., English Nacogdoches, Texas BERNICE CHAMBERS B. A., English Arp, Texas ETHEL COVINGTON B. S., Social Science Augusta, Texas EVANGELINE DEAN ■B. S., Biology Nacogdoches, Texas MRS. CORNELL DORSEY B. S., History Nacogdoches, Texas Pane 10 RETHA FEAZELL B. A., English Nacogdoches, Texas CULLEN GEORGE B. S., Commerce Nacogdoches, Texas ROBERT GILLESPIE B. S., Mathematics Nacogdoches, Texas AUDRA HAMBRICK B. A., Biology Nacogdoches, Texas IRIS HERRINGTON B. A., English Nacogdoches, Texas J. T. HERRINGTON B. S., Commerce Nacogdoches, Texas ROBBIE JEAN HILL B. A., English Nacogdoches, Texas ROWENA HINSON B.A. English Livingston, Texas CARMEL HYBARGER B. A., Physical Education Pineland, Texas DELMAS HYBARGER B. S., Social Science Pineland, Texas GRADY IRWIN B. S., Chem. and Bio. Reklaw, Texas ERVIN SLADE JENKINS B. S., Mathematics Nacogdoches, Texas rage 17 LEMUEL KERR B. S., Mathematics Lufkin, Texas HENRY KEY B. S., Commerce Bullard, Texas ;atherine lewis B. S., English Nacogdoches, Texas EDITH LITTLE B. S., English Tyler, Texas JOHN T. LOCKE B. S., History Zavalla, Texas W. J, McLEROY B. S., Mathematics Nacogdoches, Texas ANNA LI LA MOORER B. S., Fine Arts Nacogdoches, Texas HILDA MUCKLEROY B. A., History Nacogdoches, Texas ROY PARKER B. S., Mathematics Nacogdoches, Texas EMMA PHILLIPS B. A., English Nacogdoches, Texas WALLACE PHILLIPS B. S., English Cookville, Texas MARY RAMSEY B. S., Co mmerce Nacogdoches, Texas Fane IS CLAUDE RANEY B. A., Commerce Nacogdoches, Texas BERNIECE STARLING RAY B. S., Home Economics Nacogdoches, Texas JOHN RHEIN B. S., Commerce Nacogdoches, Texas ELMA R. RICHARDSON B. A., Fine Arts Nacogdoches, Texas R. ROBERT RlVbb B. S., Chemistry Nacogdoches, Texas J. C. ROGERS, JR. B. S., Mathematics Alto, Texas FRANK RUNNELS B. S., Social Science Huntington, Texas MARTHA SHARPE B. A., Spanish Nacogdoches, Texas MARY HAZEL SHAW B. A., Mathematics Minden, Texas ELLIS STAGNER B. S., Agriculture Pineland, Texas LURLYNE THOMASON B. A., Physical Education Nacogdoches, Texas JOHN F. TIDWELL B. S., English Alto, Texas Page 10 MALCOLM WELLER B. S., English Staunton, Va. MAURICE WHITTON B. A., English Chireno, Texas MARIE WILSON B. A., Spanish Nacogdoches, Texas MARGARET WILSON B. A., English Nacogdoches, Texas ORAN B. WHEELER B. S., History Center, Texas SARAH SINGER WORKS B. S., Home Economics Nacogdoches, Texas LAMERLE YARBROUGH B. S., English Garrison, Texas VELMA COURTNEY B. A., English Groveton, Texas EDITH CROSBY B. A., Spanish Alto, Texas BRYAN BAKER Nacogdoches, Texas TRUETT COSTON Lufkin, Texas LUCIUS SHARP Lufkin, Texas CLARA BAKER Nacogdoches, Texas JEWEL CROW Appleby, Texas FRANCES STAFFORD Grapeland, Texas REED BAKER Nacogdoches, Texas TROY DONNELL Huntington, Texas JOE BARHAM THRASH Nacogdoches, Texas KATHLEEN BAY Nacogdoches, Texas PEARL HARRIS Beckville, Texas THELMA THRUSTON Nacogdoches, Texas ROY DEAN BURK Nacogdoches, Texas RUBY LOWRIE Henderson, Texas MRS. W. F. PRICE Nacogdoches, Texas OLGA WILSON Chireno, Texas I Paye 20 CDDO0O a DELL ANDERSON Ratcliff, Texas CLEABURN BANE Nacogdoches, Texas MAE BELLE BARTON Marlin, Texas ALICE BAUGH Nacogdoches, Texas JUANITA BIGGER Keltys, Texas MRS. R. B. BLAKE Nacogdoches, Texas MAYDELLE BURNS Timpson, Texas BARFIELD BURROWS Nacogdoches, Texas RUTH BUTTON Sacul, Texas ARLIE COOK Center, Texas HOLLIS COOK Calera, Alabama INEZ CRAWFORD Nacogdoches, Texas DALE CURRIE Garrison, Texas MRS. BESSIE DAY Nacogdoches, Texas MAJORIE DELANEY Lufkin, Texas MADGE EDMOND Nacogdoches, Texas Page 21 lOIS ELLIS Keltys, Texas BETTY ENLOE Colmesneil, Texas NELVA FOSTER Nacogdoches, Texas DORIS GRANT Nacogdoches, Texas LOUISE GREVE Nacogdoches, Texas HORACE HARRINGTON Minden, Texas PEARL HARRIS Beckville, Texas GRANVILLE HAYES Nacogdoches, Texas VERNA HEATON Nacogdoches, Texas CHARLES LEE HILL Nacogdoches, Texas ANCIL HOGAN Nacogdoches, Texas C. F. HOGLAN Nacogdoches, Texas HERDEN HOWARD Marshall, Texas MACRA JENKINS Nacogdoches, Texas VESTA JONES Huntington, Texas MORRIS KEE Groveton, Texas Pa ge 22 S. A. KERR Bronson, Texas J. C. LATIMER Garrison, Texas FAYE LIVELY Palestine, Texas BILLY McCRARY Joaquin, Texas LODELLA McGREDE Longview, Texas ELAINE McNEILL Nacogdoches, Texas NOVIE MAUND Nacogdoches, Texas MELISSA MENEFEE Teneha, Texas LOIS MILSTEAD Overton, Texas RUBY MITCHELL Nacogdoches, Texas MARY SUE NEVILL Lufkin, Texas WANDA NEWMAN Lufkin, Texas ALBERT ORTON Nacogdoches, Texas ROY PERMENTER Joaquin, Texas ELWYN PRICE Henderson, Texas MARGARET RAMSEY Nacogdoches, Texas Page MYRIAL REED Nacogdoches, Texas DOVIE RILEY Diboll, Texas RALPH RUSSELL Nacogdoches, Texas LEW SAYERS Huntington, Texas HAZEL SEALE Nacogdoches, Texas MRS. E. M. SOWELL Nacogdoches, Texas LOUISE HOPPER SPIES Nacogdoches, Texas PAUL STREET Nacogdoches, Texas MACK STRIPLING Nacogdoches, Texas GOLDA STROUD Nacogdoches, Texas LUCILLE TATE Henderson, Texas JOHN TERRY Clarksville, Texas IRENE THOMAS Cushing, Texas ALBERT THOMPSON Nacogdoches, Texas HALCONE PORTER Atlanta, Texas JOHN C.WHITAKER Nacogdoches, Texas Page 2J, MARY EMMA WILSON Nacogdoches, Texas T. J. WILROY Huntington, Texas W. R. WILLIS Nacogdoches, Texas CLERMONT WILLIAMS Alto, Texas ANAN GOLUB Nacogdoches, Texas OVID KING Douglas, Texas MORRIS O ' BANION Center, Texas VIRGINIA BEAL JAN 1 E PEARL HARRISON C. C. MURRAY Palestine, Texas Palestine, Texas Lufkin, Texas HALLIE BIGGS AUDIE HOLLMAN ELSIE NEWTON Nacogdoches, Texas Lufkin, Texas Doyline, La. MAJORIE BLACKSHER MILLEDGE JACKSON JOE BILL PIGFORD Appleby, Texas Huntington, Texas Melrose, Texas EVA COUSSINS MARIE C.JOHNS JOE ROACH Hemphill, Texas Keatchie, La. Nacogdoches, Texas W. S. DAVIS, JR. MILDRED JONES MRS. VERA SHINDLER Shiro, Texas Nachodoches, Texas Appleby, Texas MRS. W. S. DAVIS, JR. HATTIE LODEN VERNA MAE SHIPPEY Shiro, Texas Nacogdoches, Texas Nacogdoches, Texas EARL FUTCH EARL LOWERY MARTHA THOMASON Nacogdoches, Texas Nacogdoches, Texas Nacogdoches, Texas PITSER GARRISON CHARLIE McKEWEN JIMMIE VINSON Lutki n , Texas Huntington, Texas Chester, Texas GERTRUDE HALL FRANK MORTON JIM WHITLEY Nacogdoches, Texas Jacksonville, Texas Henderson, Texas J. C. MURPHY Culleoka, Tenn. Page 2o Mflk if • 4 . Morris Coodson Charles Gribble Lois Hale L. T. Holbert Will Dona Haralson Ruth Hargis Brooksie Holt Virginia Harris Q. R. Hatchel Clarice Helvenston Willie Clarke Finley Homer Brvce Fern Holloway I. P. Renfro Lowery Hopson Heyman Huggins Bernie Lee Johnson Mildred Johnson Ik £ k. £5 it 1 i -,r 1 - » - 1 lb ft Fred Long Harmon King Howard Motley Murph Kvle Addison Lee Wilma Long Stanford McKewen Merle McLain £sta McLanahan Roy Maness Evalena Moore Jack Moore Victor Koonce Frances Muller Vesta Nelson Jimmie Netters Verda Newberry Buster Parrish H - te i J; J ITi 61 Reba Perry Irene Scales Ola Mae Thrasher Ted Marion Phelps Evelyn Simmons Mrs. J. F. Tidwell Chester Phillips Christene Spivey Bob Tribble Bob Pinkston Florine Stayton Lamar Nolen Margaret Rountree Gladys Stephens Clarence Watson Katherine Sandel Arline Stone Louise Weatherly Mrs. Stella Key Juanita Weisner Bob Phillips Irvin Smith Dorothy Bay Eutha Cowart Jewel Kendrick Mrs. Lillie Ratcliff Marjorie Beck Delores Cox Jewel Lowman Cecil Richardson John Biggarstaff Clyde Davis Clyde Miller B. G. Robb Vera Mae Blackburn Mrs. Nellman Cook Evelyn Moore C. C. Rogers Albert Brewer M. O. Eddings Bert Newman Evelyn Simmons Robbie Choate Horace Gillespie Lamar Nolen Jimmie Lee Smith Currey Cook Mina Hanna Carroll Nowlin Ben Stripling Nellie Cook Bailey Hawkins Vada Pate Gracie Lee Todd Morris Cook Sam Heaberlin Dewey Patterson Mrs. Myrtie Tommlinson Henry Covington, Jr. Frauline Hogan Winston Powers Mary Alice Weeks Eula Cowart Homer Hoover Virgil Prince Dulcie Wilroy 1. J. Wilroy Page 27 mill J " Mil mfc . ' J- J? VVindell George Edward Hanicak Johnie Mae Hayes Nell Grimes Bernad Hanna Rowena Hayes Saxon Harris Verna Heaberlin Clemia Hales Thebus Harris Dorothy Herbert Donald Hammett Mrs. Calude King Tom Ray Harvin Mabel Harrison Ruth Hickman Verna Hickman € 1 0- m P hi 1 , 1 1 fd .9 M mm " 3 - IB 1 r f ' n IT.i h V ] : j Wk. Wmy Br Carl Hicks Arnold Hooper Ercelle Jarry Margaret Hinson J. T. Hull Willie B. Jasper Albertine Holcomb Dorothy Humphrey Eunice Jenkins Arthur Holcomb Deason Hunt Ezelle Johnson Tnell Holcomb Orville Holcomb Celia Hutson • Jimmie James Elwyn Jones Mabel Keeling £ flf " ST w W J ■STi k HOT if§ V ni- - m § O. D. Kerr Jesse F. Latham Paul McLain Arlene Kilpatrick Jack Latimer Wilene Mclver Billie King Luicile Lewis Curtis McLead Florence King Ruby G. Lloyd Ralph McMhm Maurine Kyle Lucile Langston Pauline Locke Ruth Lowe John McNeill Faye Magee Page 20 4- " ' fn 1 A.. V. l t t lit Ikfetm. (A 1 v» If ,e Jf Rushing Manning Berlnn Manrv Ooal Maride Ralph Marsh Clara Marshall Joe F. Marton Lvle Mae Mathis Travis Melton Majorie Merriweather Leah Midrllebrook Lavaice M ddleton Cecil Mitchell Mnzelle Mnore Ruth Moore Mrs. Amy Mount Doyle Mulhall H D. Murphy Frances Nelson t " 1 ft to- » 1 lb . r ■ ' m O 1 If 1 M k-x-o Hi Helen Nerren Mrs. Bertha Neuburn Cecil Newsnme Tack Nicar Harold Norton Dovle Oates J. C. Oates Leonard Oates Elizabeth O ' Quinn Jessie Orr S ! dnev Orton Mane Parker Ross Parker Marie Parmley Peggv Pearce Grady Perkins Evelyn Phillips Essie Daye Porter Dennis Price Hazel Prince Vestal Ramsev Mack Rav C. Pearl Reed Hubert Renfro Stewart Rice ort n Richmond Fav Riddlesperger Frances Rollins Vcrda Ross Lawrence Rulfs Fernella Russell Louis Russell Ruth Samford James A. Sartain Onesia Satterwhite Thelma Savage v ' li C: » 4 v 4 Tommy Sears Bernie Mae Swanzy Marshall Vance Mary Shaw Marie Tate Lora Vinson Wanda Simmons Hazel Taylor Floyd Wagstaff 2 win III mi Margaret Steed James Taylor Travis Wagstaff James Stevens Louis Templin Doris Walker Shannon Strong Edna Tompkins Zettel Walker if P p |,? 4SI JPfc ft n Inez Washburn Bertie Williams Annie Willson Evelyn Webb Jewel Williams Louise Wilson John Cecil Wharton Lera Williams Myrtle Nell Wilson Jake McLead Lucille Williams Vivian Windham Mamve White Nell Williams Rubye Womack Laverne Whiteheaa Mrs. Louise Willis A. J. Woods If t j li fx ' J 1 mm ' J i Cecil Weisner Jesse Scogin Courtland Wooten Dixie Carter Louis Wortham Anna Mary Schott Adon Duncan Ruth Young Edwin Martin Bob House Vivian Zachary Alene Waters Cora Smith Justus Smith Page 31 Wilna L islps - ' 1 I II U LIjICj ( r i r q lor K 1 toriA 1 ommic ivia ui ic hjihimIo — i inono K ror L_UvJtM lO UuNCI R plnp KA c p i pw j c m ici i vi l_ v a u i c y 1 nrpnr BpUpp 1 LJ 1 C 1 1 LJ Uvl Jvl Anson McCornn ick Sa ip R O ,= T m =! n jq 1 1 1 c uua 1 1 1 1 a 1 1 KA r 1 1 n rp K i r( 1 1 1 Q + irin IVIUUI ILC |V|V_ U 1 J 1 I J I 1 1 i irin Bowman Maurice Malone (-iprirrip R rriw n v — C J 1 Ul UWI 1 pp K ir ywp i — e e i v i (j a w c i i occ io M R r " i a n -JtJbblC i . U 1 (J VV 1 1 C - 7 A i KA pnTf r H _ an ivicljiljivj ( pr-iA C h mhprc V ICkJC 1 1 O 1 I 1 kJt?l O R pi n n i p R p Kyi p on u j 1 1 1 1 1 e ucn ivicivi i i a i lj 1 1 1 1 a 1 1 y N 1 1 HtpH K 1 1 Arn IVIIILJICLJ IV1 1 1I a 1 J C—jp r+n i pj p C h a rr % — ci 1 1 u j c 1 1 ci i y KArs. C J a K lpirnc i v 1 1 b . v. 1 a ivi ji i i b G r r t nnnpr v- U 1 (J v — - vUUCI V i rn i n i r K 1 p K 1 v p m u m 1 1 u i viae iviayo Dev itt Crawford 1 po K lurk prov l_ _j L- 1 V 1 LJ L l 1 L 1 L- y A " } " 2 K 1 p ( wth rH lc i a i viae o w iui J KA rc T apfl K lllCIPr IVI 1 O . V. lUI O IVlUolCfx Thurrririn C rpn nriw 1 MUI 1 1 1 LJ 1 1 — ✓ 1 C 1 1 J 1 1 (J VV Trip rrir Np m ; 1 1 ICU 1 IU 1 NCII 1 1 J Mnrfl CZ rprpc I 1 y 1 U v ✓ 1 L M i o 0 ;r r Cirr Rprnpirp DriVI W I I 1 L 1 L L L- U V 1 J Otis Oswalt 1 V ll o . |(J 1 V I (J e L ij V 1 j i a y 1 1 lu i aiokjiio — ' i i lj —s lj y KA ft 1 1 rmp PinTPirH IVIUUI IMC 1 1 LJ 1 LJ 1 LJ Sr mmiP Dprirmrinn JUl MIIIIC LJ COI 1 1 1 J 1 1 1 )pa rcPPCP SnPrmr n rein i nntnn ' 1 1 1 IIPLJM L U U 1 M U M J II K i r KiiHHLci iviai y i ilj wJIc Louise Enloe 1 f m pq R nnprQ uai i icj inuljci o 1 L 1 M U L- V U 1 1 O I m AT " -i 1 |A r-v- Arn l_ulllQI IxUUUtJI 1 IUI c K f C r rmpn rr i n 1 v | | o , — U 1 1 MCI 1 1 CJlll Maim fr ai mcA illa rdui ixouribaviMc; Mildred Feazell K j r ; FrW R ivp Spflr iviio i u y im vco jcu i o Terah Forhp ; Oarn oiTTQn Bonnie Fussell Thfln Sitton 1 1 1 LJ LJ 1 1 1 VJ 1 1 Sterling Garlinton m mp Ri i rl p S m i " fn JUl II UCI J U 1 r C J 1 1 1 1 1 1 I Bur Grsrnpr cms ivi. oowen Mi dred Giles 1 v i | t 1 L LJ ' IIC J Arl llo ViW xueiie oTiii Cone Hairston nu y u i a y iui Effie Holt i icia i nui i io o Grace Holt George Thompson Hazel Honeycut Ray Todd K. R. (Bob) Isbell Frances Turner Adalaide Johnson Cecil Weisner Talmage Jones Leon Woods J. C. Key Woodrow Yancey Tom Latimer Millard Zeagler DEMONSTRATION HIGH SCHOOL SENIORS Marie Ainsworth Vivian Ainsworth Gordon Boyd David Burrows Arl ; ne Bane Guy Baker Reagan Barclay Vonnie Barnhardt Alma Callahan Joseph Castleberry Maggie Castleberry Maurine Coburn Harold Bates Ruth Consford Truman Cordray Geneva Hogan Bamma Davis Herman English Marlin English Asteen Hughes Jimmie Jordan B. B. Kilgore Mollie Gillikin Ruth Latham Flora Goodman Lovelle Lewis Lorene Hobbs Arthur Mathews Lucv Mathews Ruby Maves Dennv Mount Benny Nichols Margaret Parker Catherine Petty 4ncle Power Hazel Ross Peyton Sullivan Neil Todd Opal Trimble Wilma Watkins Lucile Wilson Voodrow Wilson Page J J OGOOOQ, [LDPD STAN McKEWEN Athletics HAZEL BEALL Scholarship MARIE WILSON Scholarship J. B. ADAMS Athletics On the right, Hybarger; on the left, Parrish. Notice the fruit jar in Orton ' s hand. The campus buzzards pose in an Auburn and Billy King looks on. Speaking of Billy ' s, we have Billy Parsons Chemistry Major. Where did Dixie get that cigar- ette? In the lower left we have a puzzle picture. Puzzle: Find the faculty member. ft } Believe it or not, Stan McKewen is a man-about-town. Florence discusses the new hog law with " Hog " Parrish and Virgil Prince. Paul Street poses for the camera while Bob and Mr. Wisely talk business. Weller gets a lecture from Miss Hellen on wearing torn shirts to school. We couldn ' t get a picture of Willie Gribble, so Charles ' other dogs pose. C. C. Murry and Dorothy Humphries head for the woods and somebody gets Marie Tate toid. Page 30 4 m Over on page 40 we see Frances Muller, other member of the Street and Muller Firm. Charles DeBlie ' ux, Florence Birdwell, and a horse. (The horse is in the lower left of the picture.) Col- onel Weller is resting. (He is always resting.) Ben Stripling and Francis Schott practicing the art they so fervently learned at A. and M. The Lufkin girls fall for it, too. Hybarger and Mrs. Fred Tucker pause for a picture. Deal Reese and Francis Atkins are caught holding hands. It seems this isn ' t the only thing Deal ' s been caught at. ranc hi ROACH HUGGINS HAYS YELL LEADERS Page 1,1, m i mi i i Mi 4 i I o FOOTBALL SQUAD | 09 O P £ THRASH ROBB GILLESPIE, H McKEWEN BENGE HAWKINS 1 Nup HYBARGER PHILLIPS Sr - « 1 , ■ « ■ a I i I i Resume of the 1932 Football Season Playing their first game after only a few day ' s workout, the Lumberjacks showed up to a dis- advantage against Lon Morris and went down before the Bearkats 19 — 0. Robb and McKewen stood out for the Axmen. The Purple and White should have won the game but the Jacksonville boys continued to exercise their jinx over the ' Jacks and decisively outscored the local warriors. In the next encounter the Lumberjacks suffered a defeat at the hands of the Commerce Lions that was very hard to take. The game was even more bitter- ly fought than the 8 — 6 score indicates, for the Axmen round- ly outplayed the Lions through the entire 60 minutes. The Purple clad boys showed great improvement in their team play over the last engagement. The ' Jacks dominated the entire play. So versatile, in fact, was their at- tack that they kept the ball in- side the Lion 20 yard line most of the time. The game was misery for the spectators who saw a freak safety for the Lions keep the Lumberjacks from attempt- ing a field goal and at the same time give the game to Commerce. On the following week-end the Lumbermen pitched camp in San Marcos for a tussle with the Bobcats. The Purple thrusts were in vain however, as the ' Jacks lost their second straight game by a 19 — score. Although dis- appointing, this defeat did not dismay the Purple gridmen who still have great respect for the Hill-top boys. The ' Jacks have scored on the Bobcats only once and that was in ' 29. The Axmen were hitting hard that day but the scoring machine of the Cats was a little too much for the East Texans to cope with. One week later they returned from Natchitoches smart i n g from their third defeat by 19 — 0. Perhaps the only way to explain this loss is to say that the ' Jacks had an off day, because for three quarter s of hard fought football the score was deadlocked — 0. It was a matter of outlasting the opponents, and in this matter of endurance the Demons were suc- cessful. Many substitutions were made during the game, and one thing that kept both sides from scoring was the excessive number of penalties inflicted. The ' Jacks offer no alibi, but their leader, Coach White, says that the fight the boys put up that day should have meant victory. COACH WHITE COACH DOSSEY Page i By this time the Lumberjacks were thoroughly riled up over their inability to score on other teams. But if the ' Jacks had any winning aspirations that day, they were doomed to disappoint- ment, for this time the foes were the Denton Eagles, who later be- came conference champs. Time after time the purple clad boys made tackles in the Eagle back- field, but all efforts were in vain. The Denton boys had a diversi- fication of play and a line that took us under. The Lumberjack offense showed to a better ad- vantage this day than on any previous occasion, but their task was to penetrate a veritable stone wall. In their game with Kingsville A. I. the ' Jacks managed to push over a score but were un- able to stop the repeated Javalina thrusts and went down fighting 46 — 7. However while losing this game the Axmen created a cer- tain respect for themselves in the Hog camp. The Kingsville boys will long remember the Lumberjacks for their terrific hitting that day. Most of the Lumberjack foot- ball history should be written about the game with Huntsville. This was the game that ended a successful season, brought prom- ise of a turkey dinner, and left everybody happy. The whole story can be told in four words: Lumberjacks 3, Bearkats 0. Each ' Jack that day made every pos- sible sacrifice for Coaches White and Dossey. The purple jerseyed boys dis- played a remarkable repertory of both offensive and defensive tac- tics that completely held the Kats in check and scored three points for Alma Mater. The three points came from Captain Thrash ' s toe in the last quarter, and from that time on, it was impossible for the Bearkats to gain inside the Purple ' s ten yard line. The Lumberjacks knew the Bearkats so well that day that they broke up Orange plays with a regularity that soon became monotony to the Prison City boys. Heads up football, attitude, ability, strategy, and that old fight brought the season to a glamorous finish. " Alls well that ends well. " Starting Lineup Against Huntsville si es P- p. NETTERS HOWARD O ' BANION ADAMS FUTCH KING STAGNER ROGERS MOORE % 2V» 1 CO-CAPTAIN THRASH CO-CAPTAIN HYBERGER I ' ayc 1,6 RESULTS OF 1932 BASKETBALL SEASON S. F. A. S. F. A. S. F. A. S. F. A. F. A. F. A. F. A. F. A. F. A. F. A. F. A. S. F. A. S. F. A. S. F. A. S. F. A. S. F. A. S. F. A. S. F. A. S. F. A. S. F. A. TOTAL 65 Kelley Field Fliers 16 Natchitoches 30 Lafayett - 40 Lafayett 29 Natchitoches - 25 Daniel Baker 36 Daniel Baker 29 San Marcos 12 Huntsville - 27 Denton 34 House of David 36 Kingsville - 24 Kingsville - 22 San Marcos 53 Trinity - 41 Commerce 26 Huntsville - 29 Denton 26 Commerce 34 Trinity 634 OPPONENTS WON 15 LOST 5 28 31 19 22 35 22 23 25 31 26 37 25 22 26 24 36 21 25 22 2! 526 COACH SHELTON CAPTAIN HARRINGTON Resume of the 1932 Basketball Season The Lumberjacks opened their 1932 basketball season with a series of pre-holiday games which included encounters with the Kelley Field Fliers, the Demons from Natchitoches, La., and the_ Southwestern Institute Pirates. The Purple squad won from the Fliers 6 5 — 28, dropped a game to the Demons 1 6 — 3 1 , and copped a pair from the Lafayette quint 30 — 19 and 40 — 22. After the holidays the Lum- berjacks resumed their play by losing another game to the De- mons on the local court. How- ever, in the same week, the ' Jacks took a pair of hard fought games from the Hill-Billies of Daniel Baker. On the nineteenth of January, the Axmen won their initial game in the newly formed Lone Star Conference from the San Marcos Bobcats 29 — 2 5. Street and Haw- kins were the outstanding per- formers in this contest. The next conference foes were the Bearcats from Sam Houston, who caught the Stephen F. Austin cagers in a crippled condition and carried off the big end of a 31 — 12 score. The entire ' Jack squad was badly off form, and the team was materially weakened by the illness of Captain Har- rington. By virtue of their triumph over the Denton Eagles 27 — 26, the Lumberjacks really became contenders for the conference crown. In this game the ' Jacks demonstrated their championship mettle by fighting their way up and by winning from an ap- p a r e n 1 1 y stronger team. Paul Street ' s cripper in the last second of play pulled the Axmen one point ahead. During the next week the Lumberjacks had abreathing spell from conference competi- tion. They were not idle, how- ever, as they dropped a close game to the strong House of David team, and on successive nights breezed through a pair of tilts with the Kingsville A. I. club. February 8 found the Axmen in the Bobcats ' lair, where they met defeat 2 6 — 22. This loss left the Lumberjacks with a percent- age of 500, and their chances to cop the title flag was considered nothing more than a bare pos- sibility. But the fighting spirit of the Purple and White had not been reckoned with, and the boys again took up their winning ways at the expense of the Trin- ity Tigers. In this game, which the Lumberjacks won 5 3 — 24, Kerr, the all-conference forward, scored a total of 24 points, there- by setting an individual confer- ence scoring record. The overwhelming victory over the Tigers restored the con- Pagv 1,7 fidence of the Lumberjacks whose combined efforts three nights later brought about the downfall of the East Texas Lions 41 — 36. It was in this game that Stag- ner hit his stride for the first time in the season, and accounted for ten points which turned the tide of victory in favor of the Axmen. On February 19 the ' Jacks be- gan that memorial road trip that called for four games in six nights. When the local quint left Nacogdoches, they were in a tie with the Eagles for first place, and were conceded little more than an even chance in the race. Nothing daunted, however, Coach Shelton and his men, backed by the Sawyers 40 strong, invaded the Prison City and downed the Bearkats 26 — 21. Stagner again starred, but the feature of the game was the sen- sational guarding by Hawkins. As a result of their win over the Bearkats, the Lumberjacks went into the Denton fray with a full game lead over the Eagles. The scoring spree put on by Kerr and Stagner coupled with air-tight guarding by the re- mainder of the team was sufficient to net the Axmen a 29 — 2 5 win. Coach Shelton ' s charges were now in high spirits, and were per- forming with the precision of a machine. On the night of Feb- ruary 23 the now highly excited studentbody of Stephen F. Aus- tin wor ' ' d itself into a fre nzy when word was received that the Lumberjacks had cinched a tie for the conference title with a 26 — 22 win over the Commerce Lions. Only the Trinity Tigers, who up to this time had not regis- tered a single conference win, re- mained in the path to undisputed championship. Success was just around the corner, and only an average amount of importance was attached to the game. True to predictions, the Lumberjacks, although played down by their prolonged road trip, trounced the Tigers to win their first confer- ence championship in basketball. Improving with every game, the Lumberjacks at mid-season had overcome their none too im- pressive start and were well on their way in a successful quest for the crown. The past basket- ball season inaugurated the new Lone Star Conference, and the ' Jacks by winning the title, not only demonstrated their present status but sounded a signal warn- ing of their potential power in the future. Out of a large group of can- didates, nine men were lettered, but the entire squad shared in making this a most successful season. As practically the entire squad will return, the chances that the Lumberjacks will repeat their success next season are ex- ceptionally bright. HP i U H» , mmk ft t HARRINGTON STAGNER RUNNELS KERR McKEWEN STREET m ADAMS HAWKINS O ' BANION LETTERMEN ON THE 1932 S. F. A. QUINT Letters Received Captain Horace Harrington, forward 3 Captain-elect Paul Street, guard 3 Stagner, center 3 Kerr, forward 2 Hawkins, guard I Adams, guard and center I O ' Banion, forward I McKewen, forward I Runnels, guard I Page . ' -s .til A i it- 1 1 Track Squad 1932 TRACK SCHEDULE DATE OPPONENT AT March 12 Southwestern Field and Track Meet Fort Worth March 26 Commerce Nacogdoches April 1 Louisiana Relays Lafayette, La. April 16 Triangular Meet Huntsville April 23 Drake Relays Lawrence, Kans. April 30 Huntsville Nacogdoches May 5 San Marcos San Marcos May 13-14 Lone Star Conference Meet Commerce 1 m ■V COACH SHELTON I 1 932 Track Season Up to the time that this book went to the press, there had been no track meets. However, through the efforts of Coach Shel- ton there had been a very attractive schedule ar- ranged in anticipation of a strong team. At the present time the Lumberjacks are favored to carry off first honors at the conference meet which is to be held the first week in May. The scene of the meet this year is Commerce, and there will be plenty of competition there at that time. Stephen F. Austin boasts their strongest track team in several seasons, and at the time of the writing of this article, has some thirty- aspirants working out daily in preparation for the com- ing meets. Among the last season men who are the mainstays of the team are: Donnell (captain), distance man; Bob Gillespie, middle dis- tance; Adams, sprints and weights; Robb, weights; ind Stagner, pole-vault and high-jump. In addition to these men the Purple still boasts a wealth of material. Several good men are coming up from the last season Fresh- man squad, foremost among whom is Bob Phil- lips, dash man par excel- lence. Two other men who should be valuable to the Lumberjack cinder path squad are King and Per- menter, both dash men. Although these are the main members of the team, there are other point get- ters worthy of mention in this account. At the present time we are in no position to show many records, but we can confidently predict a Lone Star Conference champion- ship for the thinly-clads of Stephen F. Austin. CAPTAIN DONNELL Page R. GILLESPIE PERMENTER K ' NG McCLAIN STAGNER W. PHILLIPS DONNELL H. GILLESPIE B. PHILLIPS COOK ADAMS PARISH LETTERMEN Among this great array of cinder path performers there are five men who wili be lost to the Purple and White at the end of this season. They are: Captain Donnell, Bob Gillespie, " Windmill " Phillips, J. B. Adams, and Stagner. Donnell is a three-year man who excells in distance runs. He will be the leading man for the two-mile run in the conference meet this year. His absence will be keenly felt on the campus as well as on the track. Stagner is another man that will do his part to bring the champion- ship to S. F. A. He is a conference champion in the high jump. Bob Gillespie, J. B. Adams and Phillips are outstanding performers for the Lumberjacks in addition to commanding positions of respect in the activities of the college. TENNIS SQUAD THRASH RULFS SITTON STREET KERR TERRY TENNIS SCHEDULE In view of a potential championship team this season, a well- rounded card has been made for the Lumberjack tennis performers. DATE OPPONENT AT March 26 Commerce Nacogdoches April 2 Huntsville Huntsville April 8 Centenary Shreveport April 30 Huntsville Nacogdoches May 6-7 Conference Meet San Marcos Resume of the 1932 Tennis Season With the advent of the 1932 season Coach Long was more than satisfied with the prospects. Al- though only two lettermen, Thrash and Terry, were back, the team as a whole appears to be better bal- anced than in any previous season. The Lumberjacks en- joyed only a fair degree of success last season, but the team as a unit shows great improvement. This season the Purple and White will compete with two conference champions: Huntsville, winner of the T. I. A. A. last season, and Trinity, winner of the Texas Con- ference, of which both schools were members last year. This situation will be interesting as it will afford a comparison of the two conferences. For the cur- rent year the two schools are in the newly formed Lone Star Conference. The new point system in scoring, which has been adopted this year by the coaches, should prove a benefit to the Purple and White racket wielders. At the present time competition is keen for ranking on the local squad, with six players seeking to represent their Alma Mater. The boys are taking advantage of the fine weather and the concrete courts, and are looking for- ward to a highly successful season in conference com- petition. Pa tic A3 TT DVD IT D DO LOG FORT PRESS CLUB Stone Fort Staff Pine Log Staff Louise Spies Editor-in-Chief Charley DeShazo - - - Editor-in-Chief Joe Roach ----- Associate Editor Marie Wilson " " " " Associate Editor Addison Lee - - - - Associate Editor Addison Lee - - - - Business Manager Qo|ub _ Business Manager Hilda Muckleroy - - - - Class Editor Hollis Cook .... Editorial Writer John Terry ------ Sports Editor J. C. Rogers - - - - Feature Writer r , r ... 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BIRDWELL SCHOLARSHIP SOCIETY Bob Gillespie J. H. Wisely Edna Wilkin Iris Herrington Mary Ramsey Hazel Beall Lela Oxsheer Jimmie Vinson Hollis Cook Marie Wilson C.E.Ferguson Maurice Whitton SAWYERS Lowery Hopson, I. P. Renfro, J. H. Foster, J. C. Rogers, Albert Orton, Williams Bussey, Morris Goodson, Quenton Hatchel, Charley DeShazo, Albert Brewer, Arlie Cook, Ralph Russell, Clermont Williams, Jack Moore. Johnny Locke, Charles DeBlieux, Adon Duncan, Ralph McMinn, Billy McCrary, J. T. Hull, Charles Gribble, Grady Irvin, John Terry, Conway Rogers, Joe Roach, Woodrow Arnold, Jack Nicar, Louis Wortham, Buster Parrish, Cecil Richardson, Bob Pinkston, Sidney Orton, Jimmy Hayes, Heyman Huggins, Carrol Nowlin, Ervin Jenkins, Thad Sitton, H. D. Murphy, Howard Motley, Deal Reese, Roy Maness. PYTHAGOREAN CLUB (BP «r« r Evelyn Moore, Miss Oxsheer, Fay Shaw Eva Coussins, Barfield B " " ° " %. Ad ° Mae . ' f™ ' Mathie Dearmond, Edgar Floyd, Hollis Cook, Mr. Ferguson, Ralph Russell, Add.son Lee, Emma Arnwine, Alclne Coward, Gradv Perki " ' Pane 60 HOME ECONOMICS CLUB Miss Edna Wilkin, Sponsor Martha Louise Condra Wilene Mclver Ezell Johnson Mrs. Berneice Ray Ruth Button Bertha Allen Brewer Inez Washburn Alice Baugh Ellen Bailey Alice Beasly Fay Magee Effie Claire Blake Majorie DeLaney, Vice-Pres. Frauline Hogan, Treasurer Mozelle Moore Novie Maund, President Ola Mae Thrasher Mabel Keeling Rosalie Barr Dulcie Wilroy, Secretary PINE BURRS ' 32 Y. W. C. A. President Lois Hale Vice-President Emma Arnwine Treasurer Ruby Mitchel Secretary Inez Crawford Y. M. C. A. President Otis Carnes Secretary Heyman Huggins Treasurer Vernon Campbell 1932 INTERCOLLEGIATE DEBATERS 1 ■ . r tJ r President, Hollis Cook; Vice-President, Addison Lee Secretary, Anan Golub; John C. Whitaker, Walter Willis, Sam Heaberlin, Milledge Jackson Mathie Dearmond. 1932 INTERCOLLEGIATE DEBATERS CST " " 1. ■ .u . Margaret Ramsey Madge Edmond Lucile Gentry Inez Crawford Catherine Lewis Hazel Taylor ADVDRUDODQQOnO i8y8 1932 Mayer Schmidt, Inc Your Store NACOGOOCHES, TEX. MAXIMUM IN QUALITY MINIMUM IN PRICE x - Nacogdoches, Texas OUTSTANDING In Strength In Facilities In Management In Experience The Stone Fort National Bank Organized 1903 NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS Capital, Surplus and Undivided Profits $237,000.00 Compliments of Swift Bros. Smith, Inc. DRUGGISTS Phone 5 6 and 5 7 FROST LUMBER INDUSTRIES Incorporated OF TEXAS Better Lumber for Better Homes NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS BL ANTON ' S SHOE STORE Beautiful Styles — Real Values Hosiery Too Good Luck To You -FROM- CASON, MONK CO. " The Most Complete Hardware Store in Nacogdoches In Nacogdoches — it ' s PERRY BROS. Students Always Find A Welcome! For Shopping Values That Count The New Dodge and Plymouth For 1932 With Flo ating Power H. R. MAST, Dealer Also Dependable Used Cars Pane 6.9 Best Wishes FROM The Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company " W here Economy Rules " Nacogdoches, Texas Tucker, Hayter Co., Inc. " The Friendly Store " mm9 —m m rff No courtesy is too small and none too large for us to ei-W £ LCOME • i 1(11,1 f " S ' ' F A ' Students or Faculty members. Ask us for 11 any courtesy and you will receive. JJJ In every department, we feature nationally advertised lines For Men and Young Men For Ladies , , Beautiful Dresses and Millinery Kirschbaum Clothes _ „, J Redfern Coats- John B. Stetson Hats Phoenix and Gordon Hosiery Knox Hats Belding Silks Munsing Underwear Everfast Fabrics Howard and Foster Shoes (America ' s best of its kind) Munsing and Martha made Underwear Phoenix Hosiery Queen Quality Shoes Shirtcraft Shirts Gossard Corsets Tucker, Hayter 8 Co., Inc. WRECKER SERVICE --- ANY TIME Joseph Johnson ' s Garage ALL WORK STRICTLY GUARANTEED Washing — Greasing — Storage Phone 1 9 2 Congratulations To The Class oS 1932 F. FORD SIMPSON Banita Laundry and Dry Cleaning Co. While your teachers are busy remoulding and shap- ing your lives for more useful service - We are busy reshaping and renewing your clothes. Ready for service to you at all times. Gloverized Dry Cleaning Valateria Pressing Telephone 4 8 3 Compliments o! At All Druggists, Barber Shops and Hairdressing Parlors EVERYWHERE Compliments of The Dresses ■ ■ ■ m J Zm%, IWfcy Newest Coats | I I £A Fashions 4 ■ iBd Moderately Millinery Priced Compliments of Davidson ' s Drug Store Drugs — Drinks — Sandwiches — Our Specialty 1 7 — Phone — 1 7 You Are Always Welcome at Davidson ' s HOLLINGSWORTH CANDIES J. G. BAILEY .2$ .$0 $1.00 STORE VISIT OUR SHOWROOM — ASK FOR AN ESTIMATE ON Plumbing, Heating and Sheet Metal Work Hunt Plumbing and Supply Co. Phone 3 1 The Commercial State Bank INVITES YOUR BANKING BUSINESS AND EXTENDS YOU Every Courtesy and Accommodation Consistent With Sound Banking DIRECTORS A. W. BlRDWELL Frank S. Airman John Schmidt W. F. Gintz Allen Mize W. S. Davis Geo. P. Campbell Jewel W. Byrd V. E. Simpson Guy A. Blount F. H. Tucker Thos. E. Baker For over thirty years the name of this institution has stood for all that was substantial and depen- dable in the development of this community. Our hope and aim is to maintain this record unbroken. The Commercial State Bank OPE P. AT E D BY AND FOR. EAST TEXAS PEOPLE A I DEDICATED to the highest ideals of Comfort, Service and Quality of Entertainment, The Austin stands among the leading theatres in the United States presenting the Ultimate in voice, music and sound in Motion Pictures. The Austin doors are open to the Students of Stephen F. Austin State Teachers College, City of Nacogdoches, and Beautiful East Texas. . . . with a Hearty and Sincere Welcome in the hope that they will find Relaxation, Pleasurable moments of Fo rgetfulness, Entertainment and Joy. tlie AUSTIN THEATRE ' More than a Theatre — A Public Institution " Compliments oi The New and Modern COLLEGE COFFEE SHOP Student Headquarters A Clean Fountain and Pleasing Service Make Our Store a Delightful Place to Refresh Yourself When Downtown. Drugs Soda Jewelry THE CITY DRUG STORE, Inc. " A Good Place to Trade " Phone 2 Phone 2 WHEN You want a duplicate of any photograph in this book, write to SCHLUETER ' S STUDIO The College Photographer NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS We Made Them Cj ) to Stripling, Hazelwood 8 Co. (The Big Store of East Texas) Downtown headquarters for College Faculty and Students Toilet articles of almost every make. Stationery, Drugs, Drug Sundries, Kodaks, and Films, Jewelry, Watches, Diamonds, Watch and Jewelry Repairing. Prescriptions Carefully Compounded Day or Night Phone 590 or 591 Make Our Place Your Loafing Place MIZE BROTHERS Where you always find dependable merchandise at attractive prices coupled with courteous service and ap- preciation of patronage. Compliments of J. J. BAKER 8 SON Dry Goods, Shoes, Ready to Wear J. M. JAMES I L PERRY We congratulate the College and the Faculty on the wonderful work they have done during the past years and we hope the College will continue to grow as the years may come and go. REDLAND CLEANERS 324 East Main Nacogdoches, Texas 134395 I ' ai c 77 COMPLIMENTS OF NACOGDOCHES OIL MILL . £ GHTANDQlW rY I GUABANTttD i ; " VOC00CHES 0H V i Cotton Seed Products and Fertilizer 44 A Nacogdoches Industry Since 1900 " ANGELINA COUNTY LUMBER CO. KELTYS, TEXAS MANUFACTURERS OF Virgin Long Leaf Yellow Pine Strongest of Soft Woods " Supreme Structural Wood of the World " 44 Years of Sudden Service Page 78 Why Natural Gas? 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