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3o8 9 COPYRIGHT This book will become, as the years pass, more and more a book of mem- ories. The light that strikes backward across the pages will bring out in the familiar landscape surprising features. Mountains will dwindle into mole- hills; mole-hills may loom into mountains. Jokes that seemed excruciatingly funny may lose their point, and disasters and tragedies may take on a comic air. Some of the high spots may fade out altogether. But, as they fade, others will emerge. The day on which a friendship was born will keep its halo; so will the humdrum class-room hour when some enkindling word reached us out of the past; and beauty, like a butterfly, suddenly drifted through the dusty air. Somehow, the look of pine trees will be forever entangled with certain ideas and loyalties; and the brick and mortar of the buildings that sheltered our labors will seem less substantial things than certain remembered hours of victory, of liberation, or of love. When these things shall have come to pass, and we, a scattered fellowship, shall turn the yellowing pages, perhaps we shall begin to understand the somewhat cryptic saying of a modern master; " The days that make us happy make us wise. " Page 5 D E D I CAT I O To Thomas E. Fergu- son, in recognition of the constructive influence upon the Stephen F. Aus- tin State Teachers Col- lege and of the enthu- siasm he has given both teachers and students in their work, this issue of The Stone Fort is dedicated. The historic old Stone Fort is an eloquent reminder of the sacrifices and patriotism of our Pioneer Fathers, who estab- lished here Anglo-American civilization and dedicated the fairest of all lands to Universal Education, Religious Freedom, and Representative Government. BOARD OF REGENTS OF THE TEXAS STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE Honorable M. O. Flowers, President... __.Lockhart Honorable H. A. Turner, Secretary Austin Miss Margie E. Neal, Vice-President .. Carthage Honorable J. J. Bennett Stephenville Honorable A. B. Martin Plainview Honorable Henry Paulus Yoakum Honorable A. B. Mayhew Uvalde Page 21 wealth of Texas has made a large investment in each one of you. Texas, therefore, expects you to render to her distinct, even dis- tinguished service. It is your privilege and your duly to exem- plify the highest type of citizenship, to be exponents of good government, to be evangels of education and culture, to do well your appointed tasks. As teachers, the hands of the little chil- dren are held up to you. Your own welfare and the welfare of the State depend on the direction in which you lead them. Therefore, prove yourselves workmen who need not to be ashamed. Sincerely, A. W. BIRDWELL, President. Thomas E. Ferguson Dean of the Faculty Mr. Thomas E. Ferguson, Dean of the Faculty, has been an inspiration to all the teachers and students who have come in contact with him. He has given them higher ambitions, and he has made them accomplish more than they thought was ever possible by making them want to live up to his expectations of them. He has been one of the most outstanding figures in our college since its founding. C. E. Ferguson Dean of Students Mr. C. E. Ferguson has filled a most difficult position; more- over he has filled it so well that he has made a friend of every stu- dent of the College. He has the rather unique ability of being able to retain the friendship of a student even after he has per- suaded the student to attend assembly when there is something else he would prefer to do. His personality has made his math- ematics courses well-attended, although mathematics courses are not required courses. Mr. Ferguson is much esteemed as a teacher, but by the students he is first thought of as a friend. Miss Ruth Mays Dean of Women Miss Mays has an office on the top floor of the Administration Building. This office, with its home- like appearance and comfortable coziness, is a refuge to m any a homesick girl. In this little retreat Miss Mays gives advice to those who need it with a kind- liness that is unmistakable. She is always ready to give help where help is needed and to lend the force of her personality to a worthy movement. Page 25 Miss Hazel Floyd, M.A. Education Miss Mary Love, B.A. Critic Teacher Miss Barbara Birdwell, B.A. Critic Teacher Miss Mary Jane Agee Critic Teacher Miss Jessie Ruth Gooldy, M.A. English Mrs. Karle Wilson Baker, Litt.D. English Page 3g Miss Ruth Mays, B.A. miss Mary Thomson, M.A. Dean of Women and Spanish Spanish Page 31 Miss Edna I. St. John. M.A. Home Economics Miss Elizabeth Tucker. B.A. Home Economics Miss Edna May Wilkins. B.S. Home Economics C. E. Ferguson, M.A. Mathematics and Dean of Students Page S- Page 3s Miss Helen Hickman College Nurse Miss Bernardine McKnigh Secretary to the Pteztdent Page 37 STUDENT ASSISTANTS J. M. CLAUNCH ....Agriculture Savannah L. Cross„_ ...Mathematics J. V. DEAN___ ..Mathematics Audrey Hanna„_ Spanish D. L. WALKER— History Page 39 c LAS SES JUNIOR-SENIOR OFFICERS Dee L. Walker __ President AUDREY HANNA Vice-President GOLDA MULLINS . Secretary -Treasurer Joe Miller... Reporter Miss Gooldy.__ Sponsor REMEMBER — FORGET The years rush by in sounding flight. I hear their ceaseless wings: Their songs J hear, some far, some near. And thus the burden rings: " The morn has fled, the noon has past, The sun will soon be set. The twilight fade to midnight shade: Remember — and Forget! " Remember all that time has brought— The starry hope on high. The strength attained, the courage gained, The love that cannot die. Forget the bitter, brooding thought. — The word too harshly said. The living blame, love hates to name The frailties of the dead! Ah, Boys! we clustered in the dawn. To sever in the dark: A merry crew, with loud halloo. We climbed our painted bark : We sailed her through the four years ' cruise, We ' ll sail her to the last, Our dear old flag, though but a rag. Still flying on her mast. — Oliver Wendell Holmes. Page 44 Mintie Blount Nacogdoches Bachelor of Science Home Economics University of Colorado, Summer, 1925 The Stone Fort Staff, 1924-1925 President, Y. W. C. A.. 1923-1924 Reporter, Pine Log Staff, 1925-1926 President, Home Economics Club, 1925-1926 Dora Arthur .. Nacogdoches Bachelor of Science Home Economics Rice Institute, 1 92 1 - 1 923 ; Maryland College, 1923-1924 Art Editor. The Stone Fort. 1924-1925 Vice-President, Junior-Senior Class, 1924-1925 Vice-President, Home Economics Club, 1925-1926 Senior Editor, ' The Stone Fort. 1925-1926 Press Club. 1925-1926 Pine Knots Club, 1924-1926 J. C. Armstrong ..New Salem Bachelor of Arts History S. V. T. S. T. C; S. M. U. T. J. Rusk Society, 1925-1926 Spanish Club, 1 925-1926 Choral Club, 1925-1926 HOWARD Brown„_ .. Royston, Georgia Bachelor of Science History Southwest Texas State Teachers College, 1921-1925 Assistant Track Coach, 1925-1926 Page 46 Augusta Burrows_ Nacogdoches Bachelor of Science Home Economics Southern Methodist University, 1921-1923 Home Economics Club, 1925-1926 Pine Knots Club, 1924-1926 Lois Coker... Nacogdoches Bachelor of Arts English A. B. C. Club, 1923-1926, President. 1925-1926 Spanish Club. 1924-1926 Y. W. C. A., 1923-1924 Dramatic Club, 1923-1925 Choral Club. 1923- 1925 Page 47 Ruby Coon. Appleby Bachelor of Arts Spanish Texas University. 1922-1923 Y. W. C. A., 1924-1925 Spanish Club. 1924-1925 Dramatic Club. 1924-1925 Girl Scouts. 1924-1 925 Associate Editor, The Stone Fort. 1924-1925 H. C. Davidson .. _ Nacogdoches Bachelor of Science History Rusk Junior College, 1919-1921 University of Texas, 1922-1923, summer term, 1924 MRS. O. H. Evans... Nacogdoches Bachelor of Arts English W. T. S. T. C. 1915-1916 Columbia University, 1920-1921 Writers Club, 1925-1926 MRS. Evie GEORGE __ . Nacogdoches Bachelor of Arts English College of Industrial Arts Sam Houston State Teachers College The University of Texas Page Audrey Hanna Nacogdoches Bachelor of Arts Spanish Southern Methodist University. 19 20 Sam Houston State Teachers College, summer, 1922-1923 Vice-President, Junior-Senior Class, 1925-1926 President, W. A. A., 1 925-1926 President, Y. W. C. A., 1924-1925, Secretary, 1925-1926 Vice-President, Spanish Club, 1925-1926 Carrie Hodges . _ Nacogdoches Bachelor of Science Home Economics Rice Institute, 1914-1920, B.A. Y. W. C. A.. 1924-1926 Home Economics Club, 1925-1926 Rena Luker Alto Bachelor of Science English Southwest Texas State Teachers College, 1923-1925 A. B. C. Club, 1925-1926 Alta McDonald... __ i 1 Bachelor of Science English Southwest Texas State Teachers College. 1922-1924 Home Economics Club, 1925-1926 Spanish Club. 1925-1926 Y. W. C. A., 1925-1926 W. A. A., 1925-1926 Mary Golda Mullins ...Nacogdoches Bachelor of Arts English S. M. U., Fall, 1923 Dramatic Club. 1924-1926, President. 1 925-1 926 The Stone Fort Staff, 1925- 1 926 Press Club, 1925- 1926, Secretary, 1925-1926 Pine Knots Club, 1924-1926 Secretary, Junior-Senior Class, 1925-1926 Grady Thompson . „ Nacogdoches Bachelor of Science Business Administration Football, 1 923-1 924 Business Managei and Associate Editor, The Stone Fort, 1924-1926 B. S. U. President, 1925 Page s. ' Bertha Mae Treadway Sacul Bachelor of Arts History A. B. C. Club, 1923-1924 Girl Scouts, 1923-1924 W. A. A., 1924-1926 Thelma Louise Watson __ Nacogdoches Bachelor of Arts English Y. W. C. A., 1923 Girl Scouts, 1 924-1925 A. B. C., 1925-1926 Spanish Club, 1925-1926 Writers Club, 19 25-1926 A. B, C. Club, 1924-1926 Mrs. Catherine Lolly Wood.- ...Overton Bachelor of Science English John E. Brown College, 1921-1922 Lon Morris, 1922-1924 Page 54 JUNIORS Herman Alders Nacogdoches Football Editor-in-Chief, The Stone Fort, 1925-1926 Press Club Faye Arnold . ...Troup Y. W. C. A. Cabinet Spanish Club Kodak Editor, The Stone Fort Press Club Pearson Chandler ._ Nacogdoches Spanish Club Edward Lee Bailey Track Gallatin Evelyn Bergman —Port Washington, New York R. C. Buckner __ —Glenfawn Choral Club Mary Edwards Tyler Pine Log Staff The Stone Fort Staff Press Club Y. W. C. A. Lucy Melear __ Student Assistant in Mathematics Wells J. M. Claunch . .. Kelly. Louisiana Vice-President, Y. M. C. A., Fall term President, T. J. Rusk Literary Society Business Manager, The Stone Fort Press Club Track Student Assistant in Agriculture Samantha Cross . _ Troup President, Y. W. C. A. Writers Club Pine Log Staff Dramatic Club Press Club Savannah Cross Troup Associate Editor, The Stone Fort Vice President, Y. W. C. A. Spanish Club Press Club Student assistant in Mathematics Wyatt Summers ... Rusk Football Page 58 A Nena Flournoy___ _. Chireno W. A. A. Council BYRON MCKNIGHT . ...Nacogdoches Pine Log Staff Press Club Thomas J. Rusk Literary Society Miss Leila Smith . __ Nacogdoches C. N. " Choc " Thompson. . Rusk Football Baseball Page 59 Ruth Middlebrook ...Nacogdoches Vice-President, Spanish Club Pine Knots Club Joe Miller Putnam President, Spanish Club Vice-President, Thomas J. Rusk Literary Society Y. M. C. A. Cabinet Athletic Editor, Pine Log Writers Club Press Club Intercollegiate Debater Reporter, Junior-Senior Class KARIAN TURNEY... Gallatin D. L. WALKER.__ Nacogdoches President, Junior-Senior Class President, Y. M. C. A., Fall term Athletic Editor, Pine Log Assistant Business Manager, The Stone Fort Thomas J. Rusk Literary Society Writers Club Press Club Intercollegiate Debater Student Assistant in History Page 60 LIBR] MM a h- 1 four Year CerTtlicare SOPHOMORES SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS WiLBUR FOUTS President Louise Blount . . ..Vice-President HOOD Goldsberry.... Secretary -Treasurer LANDIS TlLFORD __ ...Reporter J. H. Hinds ...Sponsor COLORS: Purple and White. Flower: Violet MOTTO : Onward and Upward Page b2 Mrs. Isabel Armstrong .__ ._ Seattle, Washington Spanish Club A. B. C. Choral Club Mabel Beavers .. Wiergate MRS. Bea BENEDICT- _. Nacogdoches Choral Club Winnie Bridges _. Henderson W. A. A. RACHEL CASTLEBERRY . Nacogdoches O. Henry Club Spanish Club W. A. A. Jewel Davis .. O. Henry Club Nacogdoches Nora Estell Bell.__ Garrison Louise Blount . . Nacogdoches Orchestra Pine Knot Club LOY BREWER . Nacogdoches Orchestra Lee Conner Burke Business Manager, Pine Log Staff Orchestra Football Baseball Bessie Mae Clark Livingston O. Henry Club Y. W. C. A. W. A. A. Council Spanish Club Bill Friday CJroveton S. R. Davis La Pvyov, Louisiana Football Basketball Baseball Track Intercollegiate Debater Johnnie Pearl Durham ...Wells Choral Club Thelma McLendon .. Alto A. B. C. George Mitchell Choral Club President, O. Henry Club Nacogdoches Gussie Mitchell Nacogdoches Hollie Lee Parish Moscow Nora Enloe Wood vi lie AUDREY Feazell... — Nacogdoches Spanish Club Lois Gibson... Jasper Norma Hambrick ... Nacogdoches Violet Hanna... Nacogdoches Y. W. C. A. Cabinet W. A. A. Council Secretary, O. Henry Club Lillian Jones Lufkin Wilbur Fouts___ - Nacogdoches President, Sophomore Class Dramatic Club JUNIE JAMES___ Nacogdoches Vesta Shofner..___ Nacogdoches NELLIE TODD___ Nacogdoches Home Economics Club LELLA WlLSON___ .. Nacogdoches Home Economics Club W. L. WYATT San Augustine age 67 MARIE FUSSEL . Ml. Enterprise Choral Club Elbert Griffin . Nacogdoches Editor-in-Chief, Pine Log Press Club Baseball Science Club Paul Landers .. Nacogdoches Choral Club Mary Jack Masterson ...Warren A. B. C. Home Economics Club Velma Medford _ Lufkin J. V. Melton___ Appleby Virginia Hulse_._ Nacogdoches Orchestra Declamation Lucille Rogers ...Groveton A. B. C. ELMINA Rudisill.__ Nacogdoches Bessie Stewart. . Woden W. A. A. O. Henry Club Alameda Turner Lufkin The Stone Fort Staff Spanish Club Frances Wilson ...Nacogdoches Page 69 Henry Key__. Ballard Choral Club Ida Kirk . -Milam Mrs. Mary Ann Webb._. . Nacogdoches A. B. C. Margaret Lipscomb.... Lufkin Odelle Mitchell .. Pine Hill Annie Mae Moore ... Tyler Page Mamie Middlebrook._. ...Nacogdoches Student Assistant in Music Choral Club Orchestra ERVIN NEEL ... - Timpson Track HOLLIE Lee PARRISH Moscow Gay STEWART Nacogdoches Mrs. Celesta Slack Hillister Dramatic Club Choral Club Meta Strauss Diboll Pine Knot Club Page 71 Henderson Nacogdoches Nacogdoches .. Sacul Nacogdoches Henderson Yantis Rogers ._ Gay Stewart... Fritz Thompson... Y. M. C. A. Thomas J. Rusk Literary Society Basketball Louise Treadaway. . W. A. A. Home Economics Club W. W. Washburn Press Club Art Editor, The Stone Fort Pearl White Page J2 Vernie Richards .Coldspnngs Y. M. C. A. Thomas J. Rusk Literary Society FAYE SCURLOCK ..Tenaha VESTA SHOFNER . Nacogdoches LILLIAN ThomASON ... __ Nacogdoches Choral Club Spanish Club W. A. A. G. E. Walker . Baseball Lillian White. Kilgore Sacul Hubert Blackburn ...Shallowatet Kate Crawford . _ Tenaha Thelma Frizzelle Nacogdoches W. A. A. Curtis Mitchell Nacogdoches VADA Steger ._ Carthage Home Economics Club D. M. Walker Kilgore Football Baseball Intercollegiate Debater BERDELLE WRIGHT Garrison Home Economics Club O. C. NETHERY... - Nacogdoches Orchestra o FRE5HHEN FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS TOM BAKER __ .__ President Fred Thompson Secretary -Treasurer Ben Golub Reporter Rosalie Biggio . Sponsor GREEN We are the " green things growing " That Prexy tells about; We ploic and hoe and harrow To wake our ideas sprout. Our dear instructors plant them With (mutual) care and pain: Seeding our minds and note-books Through class-room, sun, and ram. But when we ' ve slipped forever From clutch of prof and dean. We hope we ' ll leave a harvest To keep our memory green. Dixon Abney— Lufkin Edith Barnes.- Barnum Clarice Bettis . Lufkin NORINE CARNES .Nacogdoches Y. W. C. A. John Thomas Castleberry... Nacogdoches Christine Coon ... -Timpson F. T. Crocker Center Bobby Ervin Center Home Economics Club A. B. C. W. A. A. Page 77 Sophia Sue Abshier... ...Daisetta Home Economics Club Choral Club A. B. C. W. A. A. Y. W. C. A. Charles Bright... Nacogdoches THURMAN CAMPBELL... Choice F. T. Crocker .. ...Center Lauree Davidson.. _ Milam Home Economics Club Ouida Day __ Slocum Choral Club Spanish Club Flora Foster... Lufkin Zuma Glover Overton Page 78 Choice Slocum Woodvtlle Martinsville Nacogdoches -Tenaha .. Athens Glenfawn Page 79 Bernice Adams. __ Elise Alsabrook. Elizabeth Barclay Spanish Club Mrs. Maxine Bass.- Bob Cash Ruth Clarke.- Spanish Club Mrs. D. M. Collins Ross Campbell.- Betty Adams... ...Henderson Mil. burn Ash . Alto Thomas J. Rusk Literary Society Pine Log Staff Y. M. C. A. Press Club Kate Atkinson ._ . Gcooeton A. B. C. Y. W. C. A. Cabinet Clara Baker _. Bannister A. B. C. W. A. A. Spanish Club MAURINE BAKER . _ San Augustine Spanish Club Helen Baker.__ Groveton A. B. C. Y. W. C. A. Cabinet REED BAKER _San Augustine Artie Barrington... Chireno Writers Club Press Club Pine Log Staff Spanish Club Y. W. C. A. Pane Margaret Alredge .__ Gilmer Anna Beth Blount . „ San Augustine Omer Campbell Eustace Y. M. C. A. TROY OLDS.__ Nacogdoches HERMAN MCDUFFIE... Garrison Orchestra IVIE WHITAKER.-_ Carthage Home Economics Club Gladys Woods.- Broaddus xMaurine Woods Lufkin Page Si Tom Baker Nacogdoches President, Freshman Class Secretary-Treasurer, Dramatic Club Ruth Beach ... ...Center Choral Club A. B. C. Patsy Birdwell _ Tyler Dramatic Club Spanish Club Pine Knots Club Mrs. Louise Blalock .. ._ New Wiltard Y. W. C. A. Pauline Carnes... ..Nacogdoches Y. W. C. A. Elvira Cochran ...Lufkin W. A. A. Glenn Berry. _ _ Lufkin Bernice Davis. _ ....Gaty ORPHA BAUGH Nacogdoches LAURA BEALL Nacogdoches Publicity Manager, W. A. A. Pine Log Staff The Stone Fort Staff Press Club Spanish Club THELMA BEARDEN._. ...Long Branch ERNEST BELSER _ San Augustine MABEL BENTLEY . Martinsville W. A. A. Y. W. C. A. Home Economics Club Spanish Club O. Henry Club Fairy Bowers. __ ...Tenaha Home Economics Club Jacqueline Blackwell... Gushing Dramatic Club Spanish Club Pine Knots Club Marguerite Bradford— —Bethany, Louisiana Page 8s Christine Beasley. . .. Overton D. P. BlLLINGSLEY .._ -Nacogdoches JuANITA EVANS . ..Nacogdoches W. A. A. MAXINE La RUE.._ _ Eustace Spanish Club Choral Club EDNA Lewis . .. Nacogdoches O. Henry Club OTTO McDufeii Garrison JESSIE MuCKLEROY___ Nacogdoches Bent Pannell Pineland Basketball Baseball Otto Bridges Center Lynn Brown Kennard MACIE BROCK _. Nacogdoches ESTELLE BRUMFIELD— __ Hemphill Spanish Club Dolly Bunn __ ...Sacul V. C. BURK Nacogdoches Football MELDRUM BURROWS. __ . Nacogdoches Vera Butler . Hemphill Otha CARTER ._ Nacogdoches Home Economics Club Rubye Carter . Tenaha Spanish Club Rachel Castleberry Nacogdoches O. Henry Club Lois Chandler Nacogdoches Spanish Club Charles Brown. . Kennard Virgie Collier _ —Hemphill Spanish Club Y. W. C. A. Mrs. D. M. Collins __ Athens HATTIE COMPTON— Timpson Dramatic Club Spanish Club Home Economics Club Y. W. C. A. Page 8( Zelma Cook . Lufkin ELLEN Coogler Livingston O. Henry Club Spanish Club Billie Crawford . Laneville Paul Crawford Joaquin Lois Crump . . Gary Spanish Club Thomas Curl Chireno Mozelle Darnell,.. Timpson Choral Club George W. Dear Troup Dramatic Club Y. M. C. A. Page 87 Dorothy Davis - Nacogdoches W. A. A. A. B. C. Choral Club Opal Davidson Milam Home Economics Club Vessie Mae Dubose ..Blox Lucille Eddings . Lufkin Myrtle Glover _ - New Willard O. Henry Club INA PEARL GRIMES .. Nacogdoches Dramatic Club Choral Club W. A. A. Douglas Hanson. Cleveland Jim Keeling ._ - Minden Secretary, Y. M. C. A. Thomas J. Rusk Literary Society Troy Duran . Pine Hill LURA FEAZELL Nacogdoches A. B. C. Choral Club Bonnie Gary Tenaha TOM GARY Henderson Mrs. Uta Gordon Gary Pineland Choral Club Margaret Gaston._. . Nacogdoches A. B. C. Choral Club Jewell Gilchrist Bon Wier ELRIE GILLESPIE ... Nacogdoches Page Hazel Fulmer Homer, Louisiana Ray Giles Long Branch Intercollegiate Debaters Thomas J. Rusk Literary Society Y. M. C. A. Choral Club Virginia D. Harris . Hemphill Home Economics Club Marie Killingsworth Longview A. B. C. Welda " Ted " Poston .. Lufkin Mrs. B. A. Raney.__ Cushing James C. Ragland Chtreno Buel Sitton . Choral Club Orchestra Trawick Ben GOLUB Nacogdoches Intercollegiate Debater Dramatic Club Pine Log Staff Press Club Thomas J. Rusk Literary Society G. J. GRAY Wresgate Burnette H. Hall . Neivton Esther Hammil Humble Olen Henderson - Sacul Evelyn Henslee .. Jasper QUILLA HERRINGTON Gallatin REBA HlCKS .. „ Nacogdoches Page gi Houston Hanly Laneviile W. R. Haygood _ Lufkin Ol.EN JOHNSON . Nacogdoches Isaac J. Jackson _ Nacogdoches Reporter, Y. M. C. A. Lena Jopling Tenaha Home Economics Club Arozena Luker ... Alto GEORGE MEISENHEIMER _ Nacogdoches Spanish Club Thomas J. Rusk Literary Society William M. Ray... _. Longview Football rage g: Charles H. Jackson .. Nacogdoches BLANCHE JlMERSON. . .. Henderson Spanish Club Odelle Johnson. __ _ Joaquin Dramatic Club Spanish Club Lucille Lacy„_ Carthage OMA LOY— . Cushing HUBBARD McCARTER ____ Henderson Writers Club Corinne McNair _ __ Nacogdoches Choral Club A. B. C. WINNIE McGaugHEY— . Huntington Home Economics Club Spanish Club O. Henry Club Page 93 Myrtice Kinnear . Newton Elizabeth LeBlanc .. Beaumont Earl Medeord Lufkin Lillian Mooney... ..Woodville Dramatic Club Muriel Morris __ Silsbee Spanish Club FEDELL MULLER ._ Nacogdoches Floy Peevy ... Teague O. Henry Club W. A. A. Choral Club Pine Log Staff Alice Lee Perkins .. . Nacogdoches W. A. A. The Stone Fort Staff Page y-f Mary Middlebrook Clayton Rubye Mitchell _ Carthage Home Economics Ciub Hyacinth Petty.. _ ..Nacogdoches Bessie Lou Risinger ...Warren LOUISE RHEIN __ - Nacogdoches Y. W. C. A. AUDREY Rulfs ._ . Nacogdoches Choral Club REBA RUTH ...Nacogdoches Spanish Club Mary Alice Saunders ...Center A. B. C. W. A. A. Page 95 Homer Miller __ Newton Murry Miller . Burkeville Opal Mitchell _. Nacogdoches Home Economics Club Choral Club Y. W. C. A. Bonnie Bess Morgan ...Beaumont May Delle Perry ._ Timpson Y. W. C. A. Grace Phillips __ Henderson Spanish Club O. Henry Club W. A. A. Erby Norman ..Troup Spanish Club Home Economics Club Carrie Bell Pinkerton___ ...Tyler Page 96 .. Nacogdoches Monroe, Louisiana _. Mt. Enterprise ..Nacogdoches ...Corrigan ...Appleby Sacul ...Lufkin Julia Nelson. __ W. A. A. Eva Reed.__ Bernice Reeves ... Carolyn Sturdevant .. Spanish Club Dramatic Club Jim Lou Tarver... Mary Tillery ... Louise Treadaway .. Home Economics Club W. A. A. Henry Weaver Page 97 Roxy Lou Porter __ Henderson ALICE POWELL __ Nacogdoches LORAINE PERRITTE .. . Nacogdoches A. B. C. Grace Reed Nacogdoches Sarah Ramsey... Timpson B. A. Raney Cushing Wilbur Roush ._ Newton Oran Russell Huntington Page gS Leon Samford__. Burkeoille VADA SAMFORD Center Leonard Shoultz HallsviUe Y. M. C. A. Thomas J. Rusk Literary Society MAURINE SlTTON Trawick Choral Club Home Economics Club Y. W. C. A. Raymond Smith . Livingston ENNIS SPRADLEY Nacogdoches SUGENE Spears Nacogdoches Haskell Street Nacogdoches Page ) } LUCILLE SHARP___ Nacogdoches Pine Knots Club EDWIN Sharpe... Nacogdoches Y. M. C. A. Charley Shaw„. - Minden Y. M. C. A., President Thomas J. Rusk Literary Society Frank Simmons,- ...San Antonio Annie Bertha Smith .. ...Gary Spanish Club Y. W. C. A. Herbert Smith.- ...Burkeville Jennie Alpha Smith __ Gary Spanish Club Myrtle Sparkman .__ Alto Spanish Club Page 100 Cecil Strahan Savalla Aline Thompson. ._ . Corrigan O. Henry Club Spanish Club Writers Club Deward Todd Gary Thomas J. Rusk Literary Society Y. M. C. A. Ruth Treadwell Diboll Marshall T. Treadwell ...Reklaw Y. M. C. A. Hessie West ... Lufkin Choral Club Dee White.... .Sacul Leo White Tenaha Page 101 Virginia Thompson Tenaha Dramatic Club Pine Knots Club Maurine Todd Tenaha A. B. C. Elva Tisdall ... Broaddus MARY SUBLETT.. San Augustine Home Economics Club Pine Knots Club Annie D. Williams... Longview A. B. C. Espie Wedgeworth Timpson Choral Club Gladys Webb . Center W. A. A. A. B. C. Iris Wagstaff __ . Soda W. A. A. Page ;o_» Ruth Young Nacogdoches W. A. A. A. B. C. Choral Club GLADYS SEELBACK Henderson Fred Thompson Nacogdoches Secretary-Treasurer, Freshman Class Secretary-Treasurer, Spanish Club Thomas J. Rusk Literary Society Y. M. C. A. Lois Mae Turner Groveton A. B. C. Y. W. C. A. Press Club Joke Editor, The Stone Fort Mays Wallace ... Mt. Enterprise LOUELLA WARD . Beaumont Cullen E. Weeks . Diboll Choral Club Bessie West.- Lufkin Choral Club Emerson Johnson Hull Ocie Poole .. Groveton Alton Pope... ...Helmic Effie Post. .. Grand Saline Home Economics Club Millie Post.. ...Grand Saline Home Economics Club George Samuels - Appleby Clifford Weatherly. - Nacogdoches Irene Williamson __ - Sacul F. G. Rogers . Neivton Y. M. C. A. Thomas J. Rusk Literary Society Page 104 RESOLUTIONS ADOPTED BY THE STUDENTS OF THE COLLEGE It is hard for us to realize that our fellow- student, friend, and com- rade, Sammie Walker, is dead. He came to the Col- lege after graduating from the Lufkin High School. He at once proved to be an earnest student and an up- standing, manly man. On the football field he ex- emplified the best ideals of true sportsmanship. Sammie Walker was clean in speech and in habits. He was diligent in practice and always worked for the success of the team. He had already won his letter, the highest athletic honor the College gives. But more important was his attitude as a col- lege student. His class work was entirely satis- factory, and his influence in the student-body was thoroughly wholesome. His outlook on life was sane; his prospects for fu- ture success were bright. He was a clean and healthy-minded Christian gentleman. In this hour of our sorrow, we are hoping that we shall have the courage to emulate his many manly virtues. Page 105 Page 106 SUB-COLLEGE CLASS OFFICERS Ollie Grimes Otha McCall Paul Koonce.. Edith Barnes Otha McCall Ruth Fouts President Vice-President Secretary -Treasurer Reporter Yell Leader Sponsor Class Colors: Red and White Class Flower: Red Carnation Class Motto: " Excelsior! " SCHOOL DAYS " Joyous school days ' . Golden school days! Happiest days of life! Peaceful school days, ever, always Free from care and strife. Golden memories we shall cherish As the years pass on. Treasured mem ' vies ne ' er to perish Till we cross beyond. Memories of dearest classmates. Of happy days we ' ve spent. Foremost still on mem ' ry ' s pages Will be found imprint. Ties of friendship Time may sever, But tho ' in separate ways Life may call us. we can never Forget those happy days. Memories of golden school days Will flash on Memory ' s screen. And hopes of youth will always surely. Keep our ambitions green. Page Ic8 BON.N.IE LAW ERE MCE ¥ est All- l Rounc Qirl FRAMtv CREATH- JAost Handsome Bo-y 5 pot TAUL koon.ce pest All- ' Rouivd Aari EDITH BARRES JAost Po-polar Cjirl Sub-College Ta vorites Lucy Andrews .. . Martinsville Bert Anthony... . Fairdale Edith Barnes .. Barnum Faye Baxter... Elmina Kathleen Beard.. Broaddus Jennie Gill Boynton... Lufkin Clara Sue Bryan... Laneville Dorothy Finley... Lakeland Gladys Gates _ Huntington OPHIE HOLBROOK... Cushing Mrs. Vera Andrews Choice Felix Corley— Port Arthur Opal Davidson „ . Milam Bernice Durham . Forest VIOLET Forgaison... . Logansport, Louisiana ELIZA Fox San Augustine MILLIE Fulmer... ...Homer, Louisiana Bonnie Harrell . Grigsby LORAINE HOLLAND— Nacogdoches Annie Hunt Broaddus Ferd Evans.__ _. Cushing Olga Gr aves.- Timpson OLLIE GRIMES - Nacogdoches T. C. Jones.- Laneville Bonnie Lawrence __ Logansport , Louisiana Berry Leslie ... Long Branch Marjorie Robinson.- ...Clayton Matilda Russell... Huntington LlLLIE SPURGEON - Chireno Maxine Stockman .. . Timpson Page 112 Thrya Hurst... ..Tenaha Evilla Jarry ... Center Ruby Lawson . ...Garrison BERNICE MENEFEE Center Recie Roberts... Onalaska Christine Simmons .. Hightower Vale Smith Burkeville Bertie Travis __ ...San Augustine Lorene Williams . Newton Hazel Wilson Chireno Vennie Lee Johnson . Nacogdoches PAUL KoONCE— Ml. Enterprise Pauline Koonce . Mt. Enterprise Lucille Manry.._ . Moscow RUTH PARRISH Nacogdoches MARY RADER __ Nacogdoches Karye Smith . ..Lufkin Charles A. Sullivan Nacogdoches Olga Wilson Chireno Mrs. Maggie Worsham . Tyler Page 114 Lois Bailey ___ Nacogdoches MlLLEGE JACKSON . Nacogdoches Matthew P ' Pool _ ._ Nacogdoches OTHA McCALL Nacogdoches Monnie Mae Thompson Mt. Enterprise Virginia Thompson __ Mt. Enterprise HAZEL VAWTER Gushing Lamar G. Vawter .. Cushmg Erven Wallace _ Pine Hill David Watts _ Chester Bessie Mae Wright___ Newville Dexter George. __ Choice CLEO SNOW__. Nacogdoches Page 115 P R F Fl 8 BE1 BB BB EIBBF PFPaBBBE =BPE Ch .r ' « Srbble DEiTOATON smnof 1 Page 117 Fourth and Fifth Grades Sixth and Seventh Grades Page ng DEMONSTRATION SCHOOL FAVORITES Tasca has been with us since the open- ing of the Demonstration School in 1923. Her genial disposition, sunny smile, and good sportsmanship have made her a friend to the entire Demonstration School. She plays an important part on the Girls ' Basketball Team. The school is glad to know that she plans to continue to be with us. Tasca Blount Most Popular Girl It is not every fifth grade boy that has the love of every pupil and teacher. Since Gerald came here last year in the fourth grade, he has won the confidence and af- fection of everyone. His interesting per- sonality, good scholarship, and clean sportsmanship made him easily the school favorite. Gerald will make a record of which the Demonstration School will be very proud. Gerald Millard Most Popular Boy Page i}o ATHLETICS Bob Shelton, Coach In the three years that Coach Shelton has been at S. F. A., he has built up a record that enabled the College to enter the Texas Intercollegiate Athletic Association without going on probation. This is something no other college has ever done in the history of the T. I. A. A., and S. F. A. could not have done it if the other coaches had not known that Coach Shelton puts out clean, strong athletic teams. W. W. DOSSEY, Assistant Coach J. H. HlNDS. Track Coach Mr. Dossey came to S. F. A. from the Nacogdoches High School, where his work had proved his ability as a coach. As line coach, Mr. Dossey did very valuable service for the football team. He is also a good basketball and base- ball coach and has done good work in both sports. He is the kind of man who commands the respect of everybody. Mr. Hinds has had several years of experience as a track coach. " Jimmie, " as we call him, knows his stuff. He has that " you can ' t get beat if you won ' t get beat " spirit. Although Jimmie ' s men haven ' t always reached the string first, you always know that they ' ve put everything they had into their effort. mnTRAi i lUU 1 D L L The 1925 Lumberjacks Top Row: Hale, C. N. Thompson. Burke, Thomas, Bates. Tucker. Putman. White. Second Row: Dossey. Asst. Coach; D. M. Walker, Youngblood, Sharp, Alders, Grimes. Mathis, Shclton. Coach. Third Roic : Martine, Summers. Parker. Ray, Davis, Captain; Jones. Matkin, Hall. Bottom Roto: Sitton. F. Thompson. Frizzell. Seale. Sammie Walker, Conner. FOOTBALL RECORD, 1925 September 26, at Houston — S. F. A., 0: Rice, 30. October 3, at Nacogdoches — S. F. A., 0; San Marcos, 12. October 10, at Jacksonville — S. F. A., 0; Lon Morris, 0. October 17, at Denton — S. F. A.. 0: Denton, 10. October 24, at Nacogdoches — S. F. A., 27; Marshall, 0. October 31. at Nacogdoches — S. F. A., 6: Rusk 0. November 7, at Natchitoches — S. F. A., 7; Louisiana Teachers College, 6. November 14, at Lafayette, La. — S. F. A., 6; Southwestern Institute, 24. November 21, at Nacogdoches — S. F. A., 0; Huntsville, 6. November 27, at Nacogdoches — S. F. A., 0; South Park, 0. Page Sam Davis. Captain Lawrence Martine. Captain-Elect Fullback Halfback THE SEASON Rice 3 3 — Lumberjacks The first game of the season, only a few days after the opening of school, was with Rice, a member of the Southwestern Conference. Some of the men had been out only a few days and were not in condition. The Owls made four touchdowns in the first half, two coming as a result of fumbles on account of the muddy field. The Lumberjacks held the Owls to a lone touchdown in the second half, again the result of a costly fumble. For the Lumberjacks, Parker. Alders, and Sharpe stood out in the line; while the work of Sam Davis and White and the punting of Sam Walker were the high lights of the backfield. Hcrting was the Owls ' big gun. Bobcats 12 — Lumberjacks o In the second game the Lumberjack s were again defeated. Several times the Lumberjacks worked the ball to the twenty-yard line only to be held for downs. A place-kick from the twenty-yard line, which was unsuccessful, was our strongest bid to score. The Bobcats scored twice. McCall and Darby for the Bobcats, and Ben Tucker for the Lumberjacks were the most outstanding players. Page 129 James Parker, Captain-Elect Herman Alders Tackle Guard Low Morris — Lumberjacks Rain and mud were too great a handicap, and the Lumberjacks were unable to score on the Lon Morris Bobcats. The Lumberjacks repeatedly plunged the line for good gains, carrying the ball io the onc- vard line when the hall ended. In the third quarter a place-kick went wide, and the game ended scoreless. The Lumberjacks made seventeen first downs to one for Lon Morris. Denton 10 — Lumberjacks In the game with Denton the Lumberjacks upset the dope, and Denton, rated as a thirty- point better team, was lucky to get a 10-0 victory. Denton, in the second quarter, fell on a fumble and scored three on a place-kick. Their touchdown came in the last quarter on a pass. Although the Lumberjacks outfought the Eagles the entire game, once carrying the ball to the five- yard line, they were unable to score. Sam Davis played a great game at fullback: Ray, too, was right, outpunting his man and outcharging every man on the Lagle team. Vernoy Burke Halfback Lee Comer End Marshall College — Lumberjacks 27 Against Marshall the Lumberjacks chalked up their first victory of the season. Though again playing on a wet field, they were not to be denied, and by great running and passing smothered the Marshall team. Sam Davis again stood out with his line plunging and defensive work. Martine opened up with some great end runs, and Choc ' s passing was accurate and consistent. Sam Walker ' s punting and Ben Tucker ' s defensive work were other bright points of the game. Rusk — Lumberjacks 6 Again it was a case of too much mud, and the Rusk College Indians held the Lumberjacks to one touchdown. Passing was impossible and end runs almost so because of the slippery field. Lafayette Stopped at the Line Page 131 Sam Frizzell End Kyle Putnam Tackle Martinc and White as line plungers looked good on offense; while the work of Da ' is and Tucker in breaking up passes held Rusk in check. Natchitoches 6 — Lumberjacks 7 This is one of the times when the best team wo n. The confident Louisianians had not figured on fight and a comeback, but they learned. The whole team was " right " and played great football to beat our out-of-the-state rivals. Natchitoches took an early lead in the first quarter by marching down the field for a touch- down on the kickoff. But in the second quarter by a series of passes the Lumberjacks carried the ball over, and Summers kicked goal. During the remainder of the game, the Louisiana teachers tried desperately to score but could not. Lafayette Again Hits a Wall Page 132 W. M. (Doc) Ray Tackle Wyatt Summers End Ray s punting, Sam Davis ' defensive work, Choc ' s returns of punts, and the line plunging of Martine and White featured in the victory. Lafayette 2 7 — Lumberjacks 6 After winning three games in a row, the Lumberjacks dropped the next to Southwestern Institute at Lafayette. Louisiana. The Lafayette team ' s offense was built around the passing and running of Cagle, and it was too strong a foundation for the Lumberjacks. " We managed to score ' ' is about all that can be said. There are no stars for the Lumberjacks unless Doc Ray receives mention for leading the charge. Page 133 Mm ' . i i s Leo White Guard Half Bearcats 6 — Lumberjacks Our friendly enemy, Sam Houston, was the next opponent to come over and beat us in our own back yard. Their six points were made on two field goals following fumbles by the Lumberjacks. Except for these two goals the game was an even break, neither side having an advantage. White, Parker. Davis and Putnam featured. South Park — Lumberjacks Mud again cheated us of a victory. Both teams did their best to win the Thanksgiving game, but neither could push over a single point. Early in the game Beaumont barely missed a field goal. After this most of the game was played in midfield. with neither team having an advantage. Morris Mcknight Yell Leader 1 BASKETBALL The Basketball Squad, 1926 Top Roiv : Shclton, Coach; Joe Davis, Baker, Tucker, Parker, Thompson, Sam Davis, Dossey, Assistant Coach. Bottom Roic : Seale, Frizzell, White. Bradley, Pannell. Gray. BASKETBALL RECORD, 1926 January 8, at Nacogdoches — S. F. A., 33; Rusk, 1 1. January 9, at Rusk — S. F. A., 24; Rusk, 8. January 18, at Huntsville — S. F. A., 20; Sam Houston, 3 2. January 19, at Huntsville — S. F. A., 20; Sam Houston, 27. January 25, at Nacogdoches — S. F. A., 25; Commerce, 15. January 26, at Nacogdoches — S. F. A., 23; Commerce, 22. February 3. at Nacogdoches — S. F. A., 21; Denton, 35. February 4, at Nacogdoches — S. F. A., 18; Denton, 23. February 11. at Nacogdoches — S. F. A., 45; Marshall, 1 5, February 12, at Nacogdoches — S. F. A., 39; Marshall 1 3. February 15, at Natchitoches, La. — S. F. A., 18; Normal, 44. February 16, at Natchitoches, La. — S. F. A., 24; Normal 45. February 22, at Nacogdoches — S. F. A., 16; Daniel Baker. 30. February 23, at Nacogdoches — S. F. A., 17; Daniel Baker, 29. RESUME Most of the old men were back this year, but the 1926 season was not as successful for the Lumberjacks as was expected. They were able to win only two out of eight T. I A. A. games. Of the T. I. A. A. games that were lost, however, two were with the champions of the Association, and the others were with two of the strongest teams in the T. I. A. A. The Rusk Games The Lumberjacks opened the basketball season of 1 926 by beating the Rusk College Indians 33-11 on the home court. The passing and defense of the Lumberjacks was fast and steady. Captain Bradley was high point man with eleven points. Parker and Samford were close seconds with eight and six points respectively. The next night the Lumberjacks again routed the Indians, winning the game by the score of 24-8. Lumberjacks Lose to Bearcats Due to inability to hit the basket, the Lumberjacks lost two hard fought games to the Sam Houston Bearcats. The floor work and passing of the Lumberjacks was much faster than that of Huntsville. but poor goal shooting lost the game. Parker and Pannell scored six points each the first night. The game ended 3 2-20 in favor of the Bearcats. Sam Houston repeated the victory the following night but was held to a smaller margin. Bradley and Samford. Lumberjack forwards, were again off form, and the Bearcats chalked up another victory, 27-20. I i Sam Davis Guard i Sam Frizzell Forward Lumberjacks Take Two From Commerce In two of the most interesting and thrilling games of the season the Lumberjacks defeated the Commerce Lions. The guarding and offense of the Lumberjacks was perfect, and Com- merce never threatened seriously. By perfect team work and consistent goal shooting the Lumberjacks piled up a 25-15 score. The Lions came back strong th e second night, and the game was a toss-up from the begin- ning. The score at the end of the half was 15-14 for the Lumberjacks and tied at 21 near the end of the game. Pannell rang up a field goal for the Lumberjacks, which bettered the Lions ' free throw one point. The game ended 21 22 alter a Commerce player missed a free attempt. The work of the entire team was brilliant, though the guarding of Sam Davis and Pannell ' s goal shooting stood out. Lumberjacks Beaten by Eagles The champion Eagles were forced to the limit to win two games from the Lumberjacks, but wonderful goal shooting turned the trick. Both games were exceedingly rough, a large percent of the Eagles ' scores resulting from free throws. In the first game the half ended 16-12 for the Eagles, but by the end of the; game they had run up the score to 35-21. The second game was a fight from the beginning. Early in the game the Lumberjacks grabbed an eight-point lead, and it looked like our game. But the Eagles again started their great passing and goal shooting, and at the end of the half, were several points ahead. In the last half Parker. Joe Davis, and Sam Davis were put out on fouls, and the Eagles managed to gain a 2 3-18 victory. Joe Davis and White played great basketball in the two games, outshining the brilliant Hayes. Bent Pannell James Parker Forward Guard The Marshall Games The Lumberjacks took two fast games from the College of Marshall quintet by good team work. Although weak in goal shooting, the Marshall team had a fast and steady defense, and only good passing and shooting by the Lumberjacks overcame it. The visitors played hard, fast games though thev were hopelessly outclassed. The Lumberjacks won the first game 4 5 to 15. and the second 39 to 13. The Natchitoches Games The Lumberjacks went to Natchitoches and lost two games to the Louisiana Normal five. The team was one of the best encountered during the season. Both of these games were somewhat one-sided so far as scores go. Captain Bradley was the king pin of the Lum- berjacks ' offense, scoring 1 3 points in the first game and ten points in the second. Sam Davis and Parker also played good ball for the Lumberjacks, especially on defense. Page iy Fritz Thompson Guard BiiN Tucker Center Daniel Baker Defeats lumberjacks In the final games of the season the goal shooting jinx was again present, and the Lumber- jacks dropped their last two games. Bradley, Sam Davis, and Joe Davis were handicapped by sore arms, and this slowed them up both on offense and on defense. Both teams were off in their shooting, repeatedly missing crip shots. The majority of the points were made by long shots. Bradley tried again and again to find the loop, but he had hard luck in both games, repeatedly missing easy shots. Leo White Forward Page 140 — r_-- BASEB ML ,4m 5 n : N - ■ " i Z : mbt 4 r vs. The Baseball Squad, 1926 Top Row: Thomas. White, Conner, Frizzell, Sanders, Bates. Bottom Row: Prince, Joe Davis. Thompson. Sam Davis, Medford, D. M. Walker. RESUME OF THE SEASON, 1925 The team of 1 925 would rank favorably with the best in the T. I. A. A. Out of four- teen intercollegiate games, only two were lost. In most cases the Lumberjacks won easily. With five lcttermen of last season, nine old men, and several experienced new men, the team struck its stride early and developed rapidly. Much of the credit for the large number of victories was due to the pitching of Joe Davis. Joe won every start of the season, and on several occasions, as a relief hurler, saved the game. D. M. Walker, star pitcher of 1 9 24, though hampered all season by a bad shoulder, managed to hang up several victories. The hitting of Prince. Sam Davis. Everett Walker. Conner, and Thompson was a big factor in winning such a large percent of the games. The Rusk Games. 13-1 and 6-4 The Lumberjacks opened the season with two games against Rusk College. Behind thz great pitching of ' Joe Davis, the first game was annexed by the Lumberjacks 13 to 1. Rain stopped the second game, with the Lumberjacks on the big end of a 6-4 score. Lumberjacks at Natchitoches, 9-8 and 8-4 With several members of the squad in poor condition the Lumberjacks went to Natchi- toches and won both games of the series. Walker pitched good ball in the first game; but Page 142 N. " Choc " Thompson Third Base Eura Bates Center Field owing to several errors and bunched hits he was forced to give way to Joe Davis in the eighth. The final score was 9 to 8. The pitching of Davis gave the Lumberjacks a victory the second day with a score of 8 to 4. Lumberjacks Win from Bearcats, 3-2 and 12-6 In the first of a two game series on the home field the Lumberjacks nosed out the Sam Houston Bearcats by the close score of 3-2. Joe Davis was the winning pitcher in this game. In a heavy hitting affair the Lumberjacks took the second game 1 2-6, with D. M. Walker pitching. Every one of the Lumberjacks did good hitting in this game. Lee Conner Right Field i A( I m 4 HA Joe Davis Pitcher Page 143 Sam Davis First Base Sam Frizzell Short Lumberjacks Versus Bobcats, 3-2 and 5-7 In the first game Joe Davis and Darby staged a pitching duel which came near being a draw, but the Lumberjacks pushed a man across in the last part of the ninth to a win, 3-2. Aided by two home runs, the Bobcats took the second game, 7-5. They were forced to use three pitchers in this game. Lumberjacks Win at Huntsvii le, 2-0 and 1 1 - 7 The timely hitting of Sam Davis and the pitching of Joe Davis were responsible for the 2-0 win in the first game of the second series with the Bearcats. Seventeen hits and the relief hurling of Davis were too much for the Bearcats, and they dropped the second game to the Lumberjacks. 11-7. Earl Medford Pitcher Page 144 Howard Prince Eugene Sanders Left Field Short S. F. A. vs. Dallas University. 7-6 and 5-9. The first game with Dallas University was a hotly contested one, and it took all the Lum- berjacks had to win. However, with the good pitching of Joe Davis they were able to come out ahead. The Lumberjacks held the lead in the second game until the eighth inning. The Dallas team rallied in the eighth and scored six runs. Walker had been pitching air-tight ball up to this time when two bases on balls and three hits were good for the six runs. Two more scores were added in the ninth, and the Lumberjacks lost the game. 9-5. Hollis Thomas Second Base Page 145 The Games With South Park. 16-2 and 27-5 In the final games of the season, featured by the slugging of the Lumberjacks, South Park was defeated by large scores. The Lumberjacks hit everything the visitors had to offer. D. M. Walker and Hudson each slipped one over the fence for a homer, and Joe Davis, Conner, and Prince did some good hitting. The second game was a pretty good imitation of a track meet, with the Lumberjacks winning all the first places. They clouted the ball for a 27 to 5 victory. Leo White Second Base Page 14b TRACK i 7 Track Squad, 1926 Top Row: George. Pate, Todd, Ainsworth, Kooncc, Shoultz, Henderson. Bottom Row: Golub. Shaw, Claunch, Miller, Rochefort, Johnson. Stanfield. RESUME OF 1925 SEASON The record made in track was very good considering the size of the squad and the fact that several members were handicapped by injuries. A good show- ing was made in the Rice Relays: and in meets with Sam Houston and San Marcos, the older institutions were crowded closely. Garner, Bailey, and Parker defeated some of the best track performers in the T. I. A. A. Prospects for the 1926 season are very good. Ray, the captain of the 1924 team, is back; and Neel, Sam Davis, Parker, and Claunch are the other old men who will be in the squad. Burk, a letterman from Nacogdoches, in the dashes, and Miller, Todd and Shoultz in the distances are making strong bids for places. Page 148 E. L. Bailey Henry Blackwell THE RICE RELAYS With only a small squad of men the Lumberjacks went to the Rice Relays and brought back one second place. This meet, an athletic carnival of na- tional recognition, brings together some of the best colleges and universities in the United States. In the medley relay, a Lumberjack team composed of E. L. Bailey, Roy Self, Henry Blackwell, and Tom Lattimer won second place and the gold medals offered for the event. A team also entered the mile relay but Wilbur Fouts Page 149 Tom Lattimer Roy Self failed to place. Garner in the high jump, Neal in the dashes, and Parker in the shot put gave a good account of themselves but failed to place in their events. THE DUAL MEET AT HUNTSVILLE In the dual meet at Huntsville the Lumberjacks encountered their first T. I. A. A. competition. The squad won the greater number of the first places, but lost the meet by eleven points, due to Sam Houston ' s many second and third places. Sam Davis won first place in the javelin and discus throws. Parker won first place in the shot put. Garner took first place in the high jump and pole vault, and Neal won first place in the 100-yard dash. Bailey won first in the quarter and in the half but was disqualified, and Claunch, who was next to Bailey, got first in the quarter. He also got third place in the half mile run. The Lumberjacks won seven first places out of twelve. The Meet at Nacogdoches In a triangular meet with Sam Houston and San Marcos the Lumberjacks took last place with only six points between them and Sam Houston in second place. San Marcos with a veteran squad won an easy first place, but the strug- gle for second place was undecided until the last event. In the pole vault Parker tied for first place with Dailey of San Marcos, one of the best vaulters in the T. I. A. A. Both missed at twelve feet. Parker won first place in the shot put. while Bailey outran San Marcos ' unbeaten entry in the half mile and won first place. Top Roll ' : Laura Boall. Rosalie Biggio. Bessie Mae Clark. Bottom Row: Audrey Hanna, Violet Hanna, Theima Jagoe, Bertha Mae Treadaway. W. A. A. COUNCIL Audrey Hanna... .-.President Bertha Mae Treadaway... . Vice-President Violet Hanna Secretary NENA FLOURNOY... Treasurer LAURA Be ALL.. Publicity Manager Bessie Mae Clarke... Hockey Manager THELMA JAGOE... . Faculty Sponsor ROSALIE BlGGIO ... Faculty Sponsor The Council is the governing body of the Woman ' s Athletic Association. It supervises all activities, both social and athletic. In order that the body may function more effectively, a manager is elected for each sport. The work of the Council this year has been very efficient, and its co-operation with the members of the organization has been felt in the rapid progress and growth of the W. A. A. W. A. A. MEMBERS AND PLEDGES The Woman ' s Athletic Association co-operated with the Physical Educa- tion Department in the development of women ' s athletics. The aim of the organization is to promote all physical activities and to encourage a spirit of good sportsmanship, loyalty and honor. There are many fields of activity in which points may be won for W. A. A. awards. These awards are made according to a graduated point system based on physical ability in each sport. The Woman ' s Athletic Association is a member of the State organization and has applied for membership in the National Athletic Conference of Ameri- can College Women. Page 153 Page 155 ACTIVITIES Literary Club Publications Favorites Society LITER,AR,Y CLUBS- First Roiv: J .M. Claunch. Ben Golub. Byron McKnigbt. Morris McKnigbt. Joe Miller. Second Row : L. F. Ramsen. Vernie Richards, F. G. Rogers. Charlie Chaw. Third Roic : Leonard Schultz, Fred Thompson, Fritz Thompson, Deward Tadd, D. L. Walker. THE THOMAS J. RUSK LITERARY SOCIETY OFFICERS FOR 192S-1926 J. M. Claunch ...President Joe Miller .. ..Vice-President Lester Rawson._. .Secretary -Treasurer Morris McKnight.. Reporter T. E. Ferguson... ..Sponsor The Thomas J. Rusk Literary Society, having grown from the previous year ' s enrollment of twenty-nine members to the present enrollment of forty members, has contributed its full share to every endeavor attempted to make the young men of the College more fit for leadership in literary affairs. Under the leadership of Mr. T. E. Ferguson, to whom the Society is glad to acknowledge its indebtedness, the Thomas J. Rusk Literary Society began its work early in the fall term. The members were enthusiastic and interested in the Society from the very start last fall. Perhaps the most beneficial work undertaken was a series of drills in Parliamentary Law from which every mem- ber of the organization derived much benefit. Most important of all, however, is the part the Society has played in pro- moting intercollegiate friendship, all of which has been brought about through the Society ' s interest in oratory and debate. The Society is sponsoring three debating teams — the first in the history of the college — who will compete with Louisiana College, the North Texas State Teachers College, and the East Texas State Teachers College. Page 160 Firct Row: Gladys Webb. Lois Coker. Thelma Watson, Lorainc Perritte, Clara Baker. Ruth Young, Mary J. Mastcrson, C!e3 Snow. Second Row. Mary A. Webb. Thelma McClendon, Dorothy Davis. Kate Atkinson, Maurine Todd, Lois Turner, Sugene Spears. Mary A. Saunders. Third Row: Alene Dennard. Bobby Ervin. Sophia S. Abshier, Margaret Gaston. Lura Feazell. Corine McNair, Ruth Beach. Helen Baker. OFFICERS LOIS COKER President MAURINE TODD.__ ..Vice-President Mary Jack Masterson Secretary Thelma McClendon Treasurer Mrs. Mary Ann Webb Reporter COLORS: Yellow and Red Page 161 First Row: Mabel Bcntley. Rosalie Biggio, Rachel Castl.eberry, Eileen Coogler, Jewel Davis, Eliza Fox. Sicond Row: Myrtle Glover. Violet Hanna. Quilla Herrington. Edna Lewis. Winnie McGaughcy. Third Row: George Mitchell. Floy Pccvy, Grace Phillips, Bessie Stewart, Aline Thompson, Bertha Mae Treadaway. O. HENRY CLUB Mabel Bentlcy. Rosalie Biggio. Rachel Castleberry , Eileen Coogler, Jewel Davis, Eliza Fox, Myrtle Glover. Violet Hanna. Quilla Herrington, Edna Lewis. Winnie McGaughcy, George Mitchell, Floy Pccvy. Grace Phillips. Bessie Stewart, Aline Thompson. Bertha Mac Treadaway. OFFICERS George Mitchell . . President Bessie Mae Clark . Vice-President VIOLET HANNA _ . Secretary -Treasurer Aline Thompson .. Reporter Mabel Bentley Sergeant-at-Arms Rosalie Biggio _. . Sponsor COLORS: Green and Lavender Slogan: " Keep Step. " The O. Henry Literary Club was organized October 5, 1925, for the pur- pose of a closer study and deeper appreciation of William Sydney Porter and his works. Membership in the club is open to any woman student interested in such a study. The social activities of the club have included a Hallowe ' en party, story hours at the Campus Shop, and a box party at the Austin. Page 162 Top Rolc : Mrs. Karle Wilson Baker, Artie Barrington, Samantha Cross, T. E. Ferguson, Irma Greve. Second Row: Miss Jessie Ruth Gooldy. Pauline M. Moore. Mary Ann McKinncy. Joe Miller. Third Rote: Aline Thompson. D. L. Walker, Thclma Watson. WRITERS ' CLUB OFFICERS Fall Term Samantha Cross . President THELMA WATSON Secretary -Treasurer Artie Barrington . Reporter Winter Term Gladys Hardeman .__ . President THELM WATSON... Secretary -Treasurer Artie Barrington Reporter " Of all those arts in which the wise excel. Nature ' s chief masterpiece is writing well. " — Sheffield. Page 163 SPANISH CLUB OFFICERS J. C. Armstrong . President RUTH MiddlebrooK . Vice-President Fred Thompson ...Secretary-Treasurer Ml MBFRS Armstrong. J. C. Clark. Ruth Rogers. Yantis Armstrong. Mrs. J. C. Carter, Rubye Rochefort, Raymond Arnold. Faye COMPTON. HATTIE Rulfs, Audrey Aldredge. Margaret Collier, Virgie Smith, Annie Mae Atkinson. Kate Crump, Lois Sparkman, Myrtle Barclay. Elizabeth Day. Ouida Spears, Sugene Baker. Maurine Edwards. Mary Sturdevant. Carolyn Bailey. Grace Gaston. Margaret Thompson, Fred Bentley. Mabel Hanna, Violet Thompson. Aline Bell. Nora Harris. Oleta Thomas, Hollis Beall. Laura Hammil, Esther TlSDALE, ELVA Birdwell. Patsy Hodges, Carrie Todd, Maurine Blount. Louise Jimerson, Blanche Williamson, Una Mae Blackwell. Jacqueline Mcknight. Morris White. Dorothy Brumfield. Estelle Middlebrook. Ruth White, Lillian BURK. VERNOY Morris. Merle White. Dee Butllr. Vera Norman. Erby Woods, Gladys Bryan. Huldah Pace. Lilah Blanche Young, Ruth Clark. Bessie Mae Pack, Noel First Rolv: Sophia S. Abshicr, Mabel Bentley, Mintic Blount. Fairy Bowers, Hattie Compton. Second Row: Opal Davidson. Lauree Davidson. Bernice Dent. Violet Haiina. T hird Row: Virginia Harris. Carrie Hodges. Bobby Ervin. Lena Jopling, Mrs. Mary A. Webb. Fourth Row: Mary J. Masterson, Alta McDaniel. Opal Mitchell. Effie Post. Fifth Ron ' : Millie Post, Flossie Runnels. Maurine Sitton, Clco Snow, Gay Stewart. Sixth Row: Vada Stecer. Nellie Todd, Ruth Treadwell, Ivie Whitaker. HOME ECONOMICS CLUB Sophia S. Abshier, Mabel Bentley. Mintie Blount. Fairy Bowers. Hattie Compton, Opal Davidson, Lauree Davidson, Bernice Dent, Violet Hanna, Virginia Harris. Carrie Hodges. Bobby Ervin, Lena Jopling, Mrs. Mary A. Webb. Mary J. Masterson. Alta McDaniel, Opal Mitchell, Fffie Post. Millie Post. Flossie Runnels. Maurine Sitton. Cleo Snow, Gay Stewart. Vada Steger, Nellie Todd, Ruth Treadwell, [vie Whitaker. OFFICERS MlNTIF BLOUNT President Dora Arthur -Vice-President Bernice Dent Secretary MRS. J. V. DEAN .Treasurer Dora Long _. Reporter Miss Edna I. St. John .__ Sponsor COLORS: Pink and Orchids. FLOWER: Sweet Pea PURPOSE: " To further the world-wide movement in home economics. Page 165 i nsl Roll ' : Tom Baker. Patsy Birdwcll, Jacqueline Blackwell. Hattie Compton, Samantha Cross. Second Rolu : George W. Dear. Irma Greve. Ina Pearl Grimes. Odelle Johnson. Third Row: Lillian Mooncy. Golda MuIIins. Flossie Runnels. Mrs. Celesta Slack, Virginia Thompson. KARLE WILSON BAKER DRAMATIC CLUB OFFICERS GOLDA MULLINS _. President Wilbur Fouts . Vice-President Tom Bakl.R . Secretary -Treasurer Raymond Rochefort _ Sergeant-at-Arms Charlotte Baker Reporter Mary J. White Director THE CLUB CALENDAR May 23, 1925: The Intimate Strangers, by Booth Tarkington, a comedy in three acts. June 9, 1 925: Three one-act plays. " Modesty. " by Hervieu. " Three Pills in a Bottle, " by Field, and " The Shoes That Danced. " bv Branch. August 7, 1 925: Two one-act plays: " Two Crooks and a Lady, " by Pilot, and " The Coming of the Bluebonnets, " by Pearl Miller. The latter play won the prize offered by Miss Mays for the best play written by a student in 1925. December 1 2, 1 925: The Man Who Married a Dumb Wife, by Anatole France, a comedy in two acts. December 14, 1 925: Christmas party. February 8, 1 926: Three one-act plays. " Phoebe Louise, " by Sobel, " Lonesome-Like, " by Brighouse, and " The Land of Heart ' s Desire, " by Yeats. Page 166 A scene from THE INTIMATE STRANGERS A scene from 1 HE MAN WHO MARRIED A DUMB WlFE Page 167 OFFICERS Fall Term Dee L. Walker ._ J. M. Claunch .. Fritz Thompson Joe Miller President Vice-President Secretary -7 reasurer Reporter Winter Term Charley Shaw President M. T. TREADWELL - Vice-President Edwin Sharpe „ Secretary -Treasurer F. G. Rogers . ._ Reporter Spring Term Edwin Sharpe President D. M. WALKER _. Vice-President JlM KEELING Secretary -Treasurer F. G. Rogers _. Reporter Kate Atkinson, Faye Arnold, Helen Baker. Mintie Blount, Samantha Cross, Savannah Cross, Violet Hanna. Audrey Hanna, Carrie Hodges, Flossie Runnels, Cleo Snow, Elizabeth Tucker. CABINET Samantha Cross President Savannah Cross .. Vice-President Audrey Hanna .... Secretary CARRIE HODGES i_ Treasurer FAYE ARNOLD ... Social Committee MARY EDWARDS ._ . Program Committee CLEO Snow... ._ Membership Committee VIOLET HANNA . Publicity Committee Flossie Runnels .. Publicity Committee MlNTIE BLOUNT ._ ._ Social Welfare Committee HELEN BAKER __ Finance Committee Gladys Hardeman .. .. Music Committee Kate Atkinson . _ Music Commute, ' Elizabeth Tucker Sponsor The Y. W. C. A. organized its cabinet at the beginning of the fall term and went on a retreat to Farm Lake to make plans for the term. During the year, the Y. W. C. A. has been instrumental in bringing noted speakers, such as George Collins, Dr. Searly, Harry Bone, and Francis Miller to the campus. In its weekly meetings the organization has discussed common campus prob- lems and the ways of solving these problems. Page 169 COLLEGE ORCHESTRA Louise Blount . . Violin Tinnie Singleton Violin Virginia Hulse . Vtolm Mary Jane Agee . Violin Loy Brewer . Cornet I. D. Power Trumpet BUEL SlTTON ._ Alto Lee Conner Alto TROY DURAN . Trombone MORRIS McKNIGHT_„ Trombone BRONSON CANSLER . . Baritone Espy Wedgeworth ._ Tuba Herman McDuffie Small Drum George Meisenheimer _Bass Drum PAUL KoONCE.__ Clarinet ARTHUR NETHERY Saxophone Howard Dennard Saxophone Top Ron ' : Herman Alders. Faye Arnold. J. M. Claunch. Savannah Cross. Marv Edwards Bottom Row ■ Irma Greve, Golda Mullins, Eugene Sanders, Lois Mae Turner. THE STONE FORT STAFF THE STAFF Herman Alders . Editor-in-Chief Savannah L. Cross -Associate Editor J. M. CLAUNCH . Business Manager D. L. WALKER Assistant Business Manager IRMA GREVE . Literary Editor Frances Wilson . Assistant Literary Editor Eugene Sanders Athletic Editor LAURA BEALL Assistant Athletic Editor Golda Mullins . Societ y Editor Raymond Rochefort Assistant Society Editor William W. Washburn - Art Editor Charlotte Baker - Assistant Art Editor Alice Lee Perkins _. - Assistant Art Editor Alameda Turner Assistant Art Editor Mary Edwards Photograph Editor Faye Arnold . Kodak Editor Lois Mae Turner - Joke Editor Page IJ2 Top Rolv : Milburn Ash. Artie Barrir.gton. Laura Bcall, Samantha Cross, Mary Edwards. Bottom Row: Ben Golub. Elbert Griffin. Bvron McKnight. Joe Miller. D. L. Walker. PINE LOG STAFF THE STAFF Elbert Griffin .. -Editor-in-Chief MRS. Elma H. JACKSON ... Managing Editor D. L. WALKER . Athletic Editor Joe Miller Athletic Editor BYRON MCKNIGHT... Exchange Editor Samantha Cross .-.Society Editor MlNTIE BLOUNT— Society Editor Pauline Moore, Milburn Ash, Artie Barrington, Ben Golub. Mary Edwards. Laura Beall Reporters LEE CONNER ... Business Manager Page 17s First Row: Herman Alders. Faye Arnold. Milburn Ash. Artie Barrington. Laura Beall, J. M. Claunch, Samantha Cross. Second Roll ' . Savannah L. Cross, Mary Edwards, Ben Golub, Jessie Ruth Gooldy, Irma Greve, Elbert Griffin. Third Roiv: Mrs. Elma H. Jackson. Byron McKnight, Joe Miller, Golda Mullins, Lois Mae Turner. William V. Washburn. D. L. Walker. PRESS CLUB OFFICERS Mrs. Elma Heard Jackson President Elbert Griffin,.. Vice-President GOLDA Mullins.. . Secretary-Treasurer Irma Greve ... Reporter The Press Club was organized with the members of the Pine Log and The Stone Fort staffs as members. The purpose of the club is to encourage friendliness and good fellowship among the students of the college who have literary inclinations. Membership in the State Press Association has been applied for. Page 174 rOCTFTY 1 liii 1 IS SOCIAL CALENDAR September 25 — The churches of the city entertained the students of the Col- lege with " indoor " parties. October 3 — President and Mrs. Birdwell entertained the faculty and students of the College with a beautiful carnival party. October 28 — The Rotary Club of this city entertained the faculties of the College and of the Public Schools of Nacogdoches with a dinner and a delightful Hallowe ' en party at the Woodmen Hall. November 6 — Evelyn Scotney, Australian Coloratura Soprano, appeared in recital in the Auditorium. November 9 — Miss Gooldy, the Junior-Senior sponsor, entertained the members of the Junior-Senior class with a supper at Cooper ' s Lake. November 10 — Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Garner were host and hostess to the faculty of the College. November 1 7 — The W. A. A. had an open air supper at Ysleta Lake. November 28 — The joint cabinets of the Y. M. C. A. and the Y. W. C. A. spent the week-end in a delightful retreat at Fern Lake. December 14 — The annual W. A. A. Christmas party was held in the Gym- nasium. December 15 — A large crowd enjoyed a Christmas Festival sponsored by the Physical Education and Music Departments of the College. January 1 — Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Birdwell, with the Faculty of the College assisting, were host and hostess to the students of the College at their home on Starr Avenue. January 4 — Misses Gooldy and Jagoe and the T. E. Fergusons entertained the Junior-Senior class at the Agriculture Shack on the campus. January 16 — Lambert Murphy, one of America ' s best tenors, was presented as the principal soloist in an evening of musical entertainment for the students. January 18 — The Pine Knots had an interesting party at the Middlebrook home. January 1 8 — The Thomas J. Rusk Literary Society was entertained at a " stag " party given at the home of Mr. and Mrs. T. E. Ferguson. January 22 — The Press Club of the College had its first regular meeting in the form of a dinner at the Campus Shop. January 5 — An enjoyable play, Adam and Eva, was presented in the Aikman Gymnasium. February 6 — Miss Gooldy was hostess to the Junior-Senior Class at a theatre party. February 8 — The Karl Wilson Baker Dramatic Club, under the direction of Miss White, presented three one-act plays. February 13 — Misses Lois Coker and Thelma Watson were hostesses to the Anne Birdwell Club at a delightful Valentine party. March 2 — Charles W. Paddock, the world ' s fastest sprinter, gave an exhi- bition and a lecture at the College. March 24 — D. L. Walker and Joe Miller won over Denton in an inter- collegiate debate. March 26 — D. M. Walker and Sam Davis lost in debate at Commerce. Page 184 Page 185 Page 1S7 NACOGDOCHES - - A PAGEANT OFFICERS OF THE PAGEANT VIRGINIA BROADFOOT Pageant Director THOS. E. FERGUSON Pageant Author THELMA JAGOE... . Costumer HOLLAND SMITH Music Director Mrs. Eleanor H. Gibbs Art Director H. F. MCKNIGHT Business Manager EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Guy Blount, Holland Smith. Robert Findsey, Orland Patton. John Crawford, Robert Muck- leroy, Mrs. Tom Davidson, Mrs. Adlai Mast, Mrs. W. S. Davis, C. E. Ferguson. PAGEANT HISTORIANS Mrs. W. D. Pcevy, Judge S. W. Blount. W. F. Garner. DIRECTORS OF EPISODES I. The Fand of the Tejas __ W. R. Davis IF Founding ot the Missions __ Mrs. Bonnie Grimes, Mrs. Thos. E. Ferguson, Mrs. J. H. Wiseley III. The San Antonio Road — The Gateway into Texas Robert Jordan, Mrs. Mert Blackburn, Henry Millard IV. The Fredonian Rebellion and the Battle of Nacogdoches .. ...N. Ethie Eagleton V. The Early Social Fife of Nacogdoches „ W. C. Fouts, John Perkins VI. The Volunteer Firemen Albert Brewer VII. Modern Nacogdoches — The Educational Center of East Texas ... ... Hazel Floyd Page 18S EPISODE I — The Land of the Tejas A scene showing East Texas in the peaceful and normal possession of the Indians. A typical Indian settlement in a quiet time — stolid squaws going about the drudgeries, braves dozing in the sun, the medicine man performing his cures. Sentinel brings news of an uprising: then follows a war dance and a powwow of the chiefs. EPISODE II — Founding of the Missions and of Nacogdoches Captain Mendoza and Father Lopez pass through Nacogdoches, but make no settlement. Captain De Leon and Father Massanet found Mission San Francisco of the Tejas. St. Denis and Captain Ramon mark out the San Antonio Trail. Settlers and soldiers, after being ordered to San Antonio in 17 73. returned with Gil Ybarbo in 1 779 and found the Stone Fort, which becomes the center of the settlement of Nacogdoches. EPISODE III — The San Antonio Trail; The Gateway of Texas A scene showing a cavalcade of home seekers and fortune hunters passing along the trail. They camp for the night and enter into rivalries of story telling, fiddling, jigging, etc. EPISODE IV — The Fredoman Rebellion and the Battle of Nacogdoches Hayden and Benjamin Edwards raise the flag of independence and establish the Republic of Fredonia. Mexicans from San Antonio, joined by dissatisfied colonists and Indians, put the Edwardses to flight. Colonists at Nacogdoches under Bullock refused allegiance to Bustamentc. Friction pro- duces a state of war. In a sniping, gorilla battle which lasts all day, Americans and Indians drive the Mexicans in riot from the Stone Fort. Page HSg EPISODE V — Early Social Lite in Nacogdoches David Crockett arrives from Nathitoches. is greeted by prominent citizens of Nacogdoches, and passes on towards the Alamo. Guests arrive at a lawn party, at which Sam Houston and Rusk are special guests. After a period of talk and greeting, the guests engage in an old-fashioned square dance. EPISODE VI — The Nacogdoches Firemen Local firemen pass in review, showing steady growth of equipment since days of the " bucket brigade. " EPISODE VII — Nacogdoches as a Center of Education Scenes showing the founding of the district school, 1839; the Nacogdoches University. 1 845; The Nacogdoches High School, 1909; the Stephen F. Austin State Teachers College. 1 923. NOTE: At the beginning of each scene the herald recited a few lines of blank verse, giving the central idea. Page igo 1 IT PAYS TO ADVERTISE This Store Is Headquarters for f School Supplies, Toilet Articles, Fountain Drinks, School Jewelry, Gift Articles, Life- time Sheaffer Pens and Pencils, Victrolas and Records. SWIFT BROS. SMITH, INC. THE SCHOOL ANNUAL IS AMONG AMERICA ' S MOST PRECIOUS INSTI- TUTIONS. dS ON ITS PAGES LIE THE ARTISTIC EXPRESSION OF YOUNG AMERICA. jg BUILDED IN- TO IT IS THE LIFE OF OUR YOUTH. IT IS A MIRROR THAT REFLECTS THE INSPIRATIONS OF YOUNG MANHOOD AND ASPIRING WOMAN- HOOD. FITTING INDEED THAT SO MANY OF THE YEAR BOOKS SHOULD SEEK THE FAITHFULNESS OF REPRODUCTION AND THE FINE EXPERT TOUCH OF THE CRAFTS- MANSHIP CHERISHED BY THE SOUTHWESTERN ENGRAVING COMPANY Fort Worth : : Dallas : : Houston : : Tulsa : : Wichita Falls Member Federal Reserve System THE COMMERCIAL STATE BANK Capital $100,000 — Surplus $50,000 Eugene H. Blount, President Thos. E. Baker. Active Vice Pres. John Schmidt, Vice Pres. V. E. Simpson. Vice Pres. Geo. P. Campbell Frank Sharp F. H. Tucker. Vice Pres. T. S. Davidson. Cashier Aaron B. Cox. Asst. Cashier Nacogdoches, Texas To the President. Faculty and Student Body — Ladies and Gentlemen : As individuals and as an institution we are interested in you; we are proud of you. and want to co-operate with you in everything from baseball to belles ' letters and from football to calculus. Your friend. The COMMERCIAL STATE BANK THE INN HOTEL " Pride of Nacogdoches " NEW — MODERN — FIREPROOF Operated on American and European Plan Good Food - - Good Service - - Reasonable Prices Our Motto " We Satisfy " JOHN P. DAVIDSON, Owner " You Are Not Experimenting When You Trade With Us " THE PALACE BARBER SHOP (Next Door to Palace Theatre) THE REDLAND HOTEL It will be our pleasure to have all college students make this your headquarters and will make every effort to cause you to feel at home and enjoy your stay with us. T. E. BAREFIELD, Manager Honor Crawford, Alvin Lange, Clerks We Wash Everything But the Baby At THE CITY TAILORS Dry Cleaning, Pressing, and Dyeing Our Specialty Phone 540 T. C. Spencer, Manager COMPLIMENTS OF SCHLEUTER STUDIO " YOUR PHOTOGRAPHER " Compliments of THE SUGAR BOWL " Good, better, best — We ' ll never let it rest Till the good is better — and the better is best. " Students Are Always Regarded as Special Guests COMPLIMENTS OF MAGNOLIA FILLING STATION Phone 81 Opposite Court House PERRY BROS. VARIETY STORE We Are Glad to Have the Stephen F. Austin College In Our City and Will Appreciate S. F. A. S. T . C. Patronage " The Bargain Center of Nacogdoches " PIGGLY-WIGGLY NATIONAL - - ADVERTISED - - GROCERY Lowest Possible Prices " Cleanliness Is Our Watchword " Also First Class Market in Connection " whoa lizzie! honk: here it is " POST OFFICE FILLING STATION " Service With A Smile " T. L. PARRISH, Prop. NORTH STREET GROCERY Groceries and School Supplies Headquarters for Light Housekeepers C. W. Muckelroy W. D. SePaugh Phone 188 V. U. Perkins, Pres. and Mgr. V. E. Simpson, Vice-Pres. R. C. Monk. Sec ' y-Treas. NACOGDOCHES OIL MILL DIRECTORS „ E H Blount Manufacturers op D. K. Cason COTTON SEED and PEANUT PRODUCTS John Schmidt c V. E. Simpson and FERTILIZERS y- J ? ERKINS Nacogdoches. Texas R. C. Monk THE STUDENTS AND FACULTY OF THE STEPHEN F. AUSTIN STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE Will Find a Cordial and Responsive Welcome At the STONE FORT NATIONAL BANK J. EICHEL DRY GOODS CO. We Always Have on Hand a Big Assortment of Sample Gar- ments From Large Manufacturers at Half Usual Retail Prices. Sample Dresses Sample Hats Sample Shoes Latest Styles — Unusually Low Prices J. EICHEL DRY GOODS CO. Nacogdoches, Texas Compliments of KLINES " Nacogdoches ' Finest Store ' THE LUFKIN NATIONAL BANK Lufkin, Texas THE OLD RELIABLE Capital $100,000.00 Surplus $75,000.00 OFFICERS E. J. MANTOOTH, President J. H. KURTH, Vice Pres. G. A. Kelley, Vice Pres. R. W. Kurth. Cashier J. H. Gibson, Ass ' t. Cashier C. B. Richardson, Asst. Cashier A REPRESENTATIVE BANK OF EAST TEXAS Courtesy Service Full Weight Dependable Service 366 Days Each Year Southern Ice and Utilities Company THE CAMPUS SHOP Complete Line of School Supplies - - Fruits - - Candies — Eats We Appreciate Your Business Nacogdoches ' Progressive Store is looked to as a leader in Style and its Merchandise. The best dressers shop with us, as ice show the New- est thing First. Each department has standard and guaranteed merchandise — perfect satisfaction goes with each purchase. We invite the student body to inspect our store and we will show personal attention and service to each purchaser. THOMAS AND RICHARDSON Nacogdoches ' Progressive Store " Compliments of J. G. BAILEY ' S NOVELTY STORE Everything in Gifts and Novelties " We are not selling out — We are just out selling. " BURROWS BROS Men ' s Furnishings Clothes for Men and Young Men MAYER and SCHMIDT, Inc. THE BIG STORE IN NACOGDOCHES .878 31 1926 Leaders in CLOTHING, DRY GOODS, SHOES, READY-TO-WEAR. MILLINERY, HOUSE FURNISHING GOODS, MEN ' S HABERDASHERY SINCE 1878 High Quality Merchandise at Moderate Prices Dr. J. D. Ellington Dental Surgeon Nacogdoches, Texas Res. Phone 180 Office Phone 279 ARMY STORE Boots — Clothing — Shoes Camping Equipment For Sale or Rent STUDEBAKER ONE PROFIT VALUE UNIT-BUILT CONSTRUCTION " No Yearly Models " Used Car Pledge Lowest Time Payment Rates BALDWIN MOTOR CO. VISIT OUR SHOWROOM You will see the kind of bathroom fixtures your home always wanted. Ask us for the estimate in Plumbing, Heating and Sheet Metal Work. Hunt Plumbing and Supply Co. C ompliments Phone 301 Armour ' s Quality Products Are The Best Look for the Oval Label W. I. BAKER Manager Branch House Compliments of STRIPLING, HASELWOOD S CO. Cold Drinks School Supplies Paints and Sundries PURE DRUGS Nacogdoches. Texas THE NEW DODGE For Ten Years Dependable High in Quality and Low in Price For Economical Transportation Get a DODGE H. R. MAST Phone 194 Dodge Brothers Dealers Armstrongs FURNITURE AND HOUSE FURNISHINGS THAT APPEAL TO EVERYONE Our Stock Is Always Complete and Selecting Your Home Things Is a Pleasant Task Here Agents for FLORENCE OIL STOVES Our Motto: " Service and Loiv Price " KITCHEN CABINETS The best and most economical stove on the market. Hundreds of satisfied users here. J. F. SUMMERS S SONS On the Public Square — Opposite Post Office Nacogdoches ' Cheapest Place to Buy Furniture Delight Your Family With PURITY BREAD " It ' s Different " NACOGDOCHES HOME BAKERY Phone 182 Chas. Spies, Prop. GREEN 8 MULLER Cleaning, Pressing, Dyeing and Alterations " Service Is All We Have To Sell " J. S. HERRINGTON, Mgr. Exide Batteries Exide Batteries JOSEPH JOHNSON ' S GARAGE A-l Bonded Garage All Work Strictly Guaranteed Washing Storage Greasing READY-TO-WEAR and MILLINERY DRY GOODS and NOTIONS " Where You Never Pay More " MIZE BROTHERS MEMORIES OF 1926 As the " Old Stone Fort " recalls memories of Texas Independence, so will this issue of the " STONE Fort " recall memories of your college days in Nacog- doches, " The Friendly City, " during 1926. Remember This Request From Us: " In a few years from now it will be your task to build a home, a church or a school building and we ask that you let us sell the building material for the structure. " OUR QUALITY IS HIGH GRADE OUR PRICES ARE RIGHT CASON, MONK 8 CO. FIardware Wall Paper Paint ' ' Where The Crowd Gathers " THE PALACE THEATRE Home of Paramount Pictures COMPLIMENTS OF SAN AUGUSTINE COMPRESS CO. AND NACOGDOCHES COMPRESS CO. ROLAND JONES " YOUR THEATRE " THE AUSTIN Nacogdoches ' Best Play House High Class Motion Pictures THE PLACE TO GO AFTER THE SHOW MAIN STREET PHARMACY ' Good Drinks And Sandwiches " Austin Theatre Bldg. Phone 797 " Where You Never Have To Wait " THE REDLAND BARBE R SHOP (Next Door to The Redland Hotel) TUCKER-HAYTER 8 CO. Has a distinct individuality in every College man or co-ed ' s mind. It is the Home of CLOTHCRAFT Clothes for the boys; Bischof Designed dresses for the girls; HOWARD-FOSTER footwear and Phoenix hose. Then it is the Downtown Shop for the College man and girl. Here he finds a happy welcome from the steady grind of study and a whole gang of boosters for all his school activities. " ALWAYS WAITING TO SERVE YOU " STEP ON THE GAS, BOYS " Pep " Is the College Boy ' s Watchword— And Texaco Gasoline Does Its Part Nacogdoches Filling Station W. O. Stewart YOUNG MAN— YOUNG WOMAN— LISTEN TO THIS To Insure Your Intellectual Future Attend the Stephen F. Austin State Teachers College and Make the Best of Every Worthy Opportunity Offered You To Insure Your Property, Life, Health, Simply Consult Us Haselwood and Perkins Insurance Agency Phone 38 Nacogdoches, Texas R. W. Haselwood Jno. H. Perkins There Is No Form of Insurance But What We Write ORTON FURNITURE STORE Z o X 13 X o z w ORTON FURNITURE STORE Phone 159 Phone 159 One Price to Everybody QUALITY MEATS AND HONEST WEIGHT Success to The Teachers ' College STAR MARKET Patton Bros., Props. Wilbur Fouts went into the Campus Shop, picked up a foun- tain pen, and told Chock to charge it. Chock: On what account? WILBUR: On account of not having any money with me. NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS " THE FRIENDLY CITY " Offers Prospective Homeseekers Pure Artesian Water Paved Streets Sewerage Delightful Climate Best Public Schools in the State Best Teachers College in the South Splendid Churches Good Citizenship Offers Opportunity as a Growing City Write The Chamber of Commerce COMPLIMENTS OF NACOGDOCHES FURNITURE CO. ( Successor to Co-operative Furniture Co.) Phone 53 IT ' S CHEAPER to RENT- A-FORD " We Rent ' Em — You Drive ' Em " 407 E. Main Phone 3 77 Compliments of Branch-Patton Grocery Co. GROCERIES HARDWARE W. O. W. Building - - Nacogdoches, Texas Phone 85 Phone 86 The Proof of the Scientific Value of CHIROPRACTIC lies in the hundreds of thousands of patients it has benefited — a very high percentage of them " hopeless " cases under other methods. EDWARDS B GIBSON Chiropractors Nacogdoches, Texas GOLUB ' S SHOE SHOP If in Town — We Welcome You If Out of Town, Mail Your Shoes in for Repair and Return GOLUB ' S SHOE SHOP Nacogdoches. Texas Phone 365 327 Main MARIGOLD PRODUCTS Pasteurized Ice Cream and Butter Sold All Over East Texas and Guar- anteed to Be Pure and Nutritious. Give Us a Trial and You Will Be a Booster The Nacogdoches Ice Cream Company Expert Shoe Repairing Bring or Mail Your Shoes in for Repair Owned and Operated by an American E. T. HAND 109 N. Fredoma St. Nacogdoches, Texas DON ' T FORGET! " We Never Close " The Buckhorn Cafe F. T. WHITED, Pres. H. W. Whited, Vice Pres. C. G. GRIBBLE. Secy.-Trcas. Frost Lumber Industries, Inc. OF TEXAS Manufacturers of YELLOW PINE AND HARDWOODS Nacogdoches, Texas Compliments of C. L. DuPUY, Inc. SALES and SERVICE Nacogdoches Texas Bob CASH: Quick, give me a round trip ticket? AGENT: Where to ? BOB: Back here, of course. Where ' d you reckon ? BEN GOLUB: Do you think betting on football games is wrong? RAYMOND: The way I bet is. JACK BLACKWELL: I ' ve been filing Jack ' s love letters away. LUCILE S. : Were they as rough as that? We wish to express our sin- cere thanks to our advertisers, who have helped to make pos- sible this volume of THE STONE FORT AUTOGRAPHS AUTOGRAPHS Warn ' fn$m ■ 5

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