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3 S MM, .dw r +4 ' IV , - I law ., V'9'X Q , 4 1 f fa , xe. 'x ,M V A Y .naw 1:0 Wasted Is Existence 'Fu ,y 6 gm e W JI qc x ' Ty N9 If , my A sb Nw "' 5 wr- ,ig px 'A . all D 4 .QMT - , 1. W ,al A, V X X 1 u A 4 4 'E L i 35, ,. -q--.-,-- - , .wp vzif.-f's?w f fx , 1 fi 1 ' , - ,,'f7'4f"1'-' '7 Vf W' '4'3Bm'YI:?!'7",,L. 'i 1' ,wg f ff' 'ff-iff' +454 4, 1, I "iv ' iv f- : ' hifi 3 . , , VVNQ 11 1532 WA, ii 5 L- f uw, A 'fL,4:,:t,1,, L, if 4 X f' R ff, I 5 -.......,, L ,, ,, 4 , NLBIYLISI :QE iA'lEll'HK-HHKKII lI..lllf.S5A?h45L'HlvSSi..',...i ' ' ""' 'Z' ' i W 1 FORE ORD Time . . Wasted Is Existence . . . Used Is Life. -YOUNG We, the students, faculty, and administration of Stephen F. Austin High School, strive daily to use our time to provide and insure enriched life. We believe that our success Where We are now, is and always has been the first step to a bigger success. The 1960 Corral is an historical record of this school year-a year unlike any other year-in which We have lived! QA:-EJLJ Editor-in-Chief NX f X T BLE OF CO TENTS ACTIVITIES II,.I IIII I 2 PERSONALITIES A III. 24 ORGANIZATIONS .,.. 46 SPORTS ,.OOOOSO,OOOOOO TTOOT....OTTOTOOOO,,.,.,.OOOO..S.SSSSOOOO 1 16 ADMINISTRATION AND FACULTY ....O,,, 162 SENIORS III.TTTSITTTI,....STI.I I ..T,O,..OOOOOOST.SOSOSTSSvO. I90 UNDERCLASSIVIEN III.III 252 ADVERTISEMENTS D,,OSOO 280 dedicated to GUI' ':.b g f 2' I can ie sfis1,i.3 ua H ,. '.: 'i I- -V 2. J The Austin Chorale, under the direction of Mr. Jack Novak, re- hearses for the annual Harvest Music Festival presented at the Sam Q ,QHouston Coliseum during the fall semester. igTlireefAustin seniors arrangeia display in the school library in i ohservariee--of Thanksgiving. :Q ,A , . ?L,T5i,Q if ' , 2 3 . an is 513'-f. f Q-!i+ri,':11-,, J, , f J 1 ' 'ti ff 'S 'ii ,,,.,..... .,,,,, ff- --Q ,, '-P57-'ig 1 .- ,.,-Q - -. rf -Y 1,-fra, -- V - Y, ,E ff- 'fi fy. ' L Members of the Scottish brigade, R.O.T.C., and stu- dent body salute the flag in a special flag raising cere- mony. is +52 if 1 of if .. lg Lrr if K - .A ,V r he , :5x..,,. - ' ' . .dm 'X fi '.f'E4f7" , Q, F ..'. 'if iff, f , 5'-196151 I ff- Tv- Q, figs, xx . X Guru, , li 4. Af: 0 'U .--1- S n ,,f Q1 , xv fp- -5 ., r 5 ,rl Q 1 ' 'L Mgiyolf where we enjo the major portion of our year 1 I Of 1 QW F 3 xiii! 'I ' W ff 'V7' ,fm ff ff f f gg" ib 4-f jf'?2'QQf5?' V . ,F ., 3,1 Z, ,, V Q 5 if 4 4 In 1 V TBR "x Austin front entrance . . . as seen by Austin High Stu dents for over two decades. A practice field for sports, drill squad, a.nd R.0.T.C. units borders the girls' gymnasium at far right. ACTIVITIE . . . K il I lx , T" V Q ' M 4.5.1 l fl ge- lu. Cheerleaders Cemey Kay Gilbert, Sharon James and Leslie Butler get in the swing of "Activities" while preparing for a football game at Jeppesen Stadium. Through each semester, happy day When class is finished Austin helps direct play. .sn- ACTI ITIE Majorette Ann Jenkins, Drum Major Marsha Daigle, a.nd Majorette Sherry Burwell lead the Mustang Band in an outstanding first performance. Members of the R.O.T.C. Color Guard, Ronny Farrar, Frank Benevides, Jim Jaynes, and David Lyon, raise the American Flag in the opening performance. The school year 9 936 Houston Public School Superintendent, Dr. John W. McFarland, addresses the student body While Dr. lv. H. COMICS, MES Jimmie LaRue, and MTS- FHYG Colonel Sara Smith, Officers, and Regulars of the Scottish Birgade, salute the -531-161' liiifffl. American Flag as the National Anthem is played. I4 'inure 'lit Stephen F. Austin opened its doors to students for its twenty-second year, Septem- ber 8, 1959. Rain prevented the customary Opening Performance. An Opening Performance on the front campus by the Band, R.O.T.C., Cheerlead- ers, and the Scottish Brigade was presented September ll. Houston Public School Superintendent, John W. McFarland con- cluded this traditional ceremony by ad- dressing the student body. The first Week of school ended with the season's uout-of-townv football game at Temple, Texas. Harry Barrett sells football ribbons to Boosters: Frank Waltermire? Chester Couch, Mark Therrell, Pattie Box, Pat Meadows, Suzy Pledger, Jams Hatler, and Lolly Hindman, as they gather in the school store. commences with a Variety of activities . . . Enjoying a short snack on the way to the Temple football game are: Donald Musick, Ruby Henderson, Diane Haynie, Linda Raymond, Sally Way, Harry Barrett, and Darryl James. I5 4 4 , , I f, 1 f .-6' WM Wy, A far., . , f f K f QQ Q ,, lv 6' 4, 5' " fs f 7 fp. 3: " 1 " if M50 ,.. f Al f I Lg , , - 1. L ff' " H1 .aff T' if r 3 " ,. Q n . ff 5, ,. ' f .iiqf,3255?51.g.:fY2f3?g3?W4yfgwygfyfff f ' f W , ' , 0 'S-,.3,Z,-., 'W ' 3 H F04 29 Q IQ I -. Q:--.1 .L 0, 6 aw 7 Pan Purdy, "Green Locksf' and Diane Dawson go over their script for the Three Bears, before the San Jacinto game Pep Rally. Cheerleaders, Harry Barrett. Woody lsenhart, and Frank Cole. imitate Jones High football players for the Austin Pep Assembly. I 6 Betty Koppa, Lucy Weaver, and Allene Laake discuss their routine backstage before appearing in the Jones Pep Ral- ly. Varsity Team old Mliin Footballw .Sy an X mmm M41 is presented to the Mustang Boosters. CTI ITIE f 2 ? , 2 4 4 5 X f XXL! ' ' 4 , , ,,-2 4-'ffj 0 CZ' ,ir ff ,f "g,.1g,,-,fi J f' f me ,,.,, r f Connie Crenshaw adds Carol Neetle's name to the list as she gets in line for her indiyidual school picture. season brin s on pep rallies and The Cheerleaders, g'Stevie," and the Band lead pep rallies before every football game. These are held in the auditorium at the sixth period. Victory Posters are made by the Art department and placed in the halls to pro- mote more spirit. offs 'Z extra school spirit . . . rt students paint a victory poster for the Galena Park Game. I CTIVITIE Cadet Corporal Douglas Hainiine and ll Cadet Sergeant First Class Jim Jaynffs fold the flag after school. . . .the Weather ets Seniors, with money in hand, stand in line to buy their senior rings. Eddie Love, Frank Walterniire, and Le- roy Stock sign to have their tubercu- losis x-rays taken. Mr. Johnston shows Barbara Knight how 10 use an adding machine. Members of the Booster Club's Junior committee, Connie Crenshaw, Dennis Medley, Lenwood Nelson, Douglas Paschal, and Larry Casey work on place cards for the Bronco Whirl, Football dance. cooler, studies become harder, activities increase . . . Joyce Leopold waits backstage for her cue in the Green Masque play. "Harvey." Marsha Daigle and Mickey Shyrock share leading roles in 4'Harve'y." mm' t- V, s v-sa-use . Pigskin Press staff members distribute newspapers to the homeroom before the Austin- Lamar Homecoming Football Came. I9 ACT I ITIE Johnny Abernathy, Jerry Langford, Douglas Paschal, and Bobby Cargill conduct a last minute inspection of their WJ "Scottie" uniforms before they give a performance for the Dad's Club. 20 Bette Huffman s-t-r-me-t-1'-h-4--sz to tape streamers to the ceil- ing ut Sylvan Bench hefore the Bronco Whirl. fd' johnny Bell, Bette Huffman, Lenwood Nelson, Bobby Biehl and Sue Heinsohn hang the rope 19 9 closes with the "" if "W l L,,'f,S",'11'v ,,E1,'fl+'. We fvif ff. ', ' 6- 'lf fl fo r - 'f if . ,za-'atm M, . 5, 2-N fs 7 ,f .94 ff 'W t ' 1 g ,y , f c 3 1- " 5 ., '- '114"-WWI ' f'..'f2 f ,,,f'.-Zi! , ,-V 3 , , ' 1' - ,Q 1? 1 .-it 1 215 A ff,' 1 .1-,f -'---" " ff .f , v-,, y R ff 1 5. , fe 1 ff 7' "Bronco Whirl', sign at Sylvan Beach. annual Bronco Fixx-X jwifff' 'z' 2163 M- zy, -1-11:29.12-H .aj 1 ficpf' 'W ? V ' Wy, I Aw , W f ze Gail Sledge and Bruce Currington receive Christmas cards from messengers Philip Peter, Patsy Price, Elsie Wilmoth and Mark Therrell. Wfhirl and Christmas holidays . . . Karen Bradshaw helps the Sub-Debs decorate the tree given to the school by the Dad's Club. s ":?:ff4Q'.,: "WWW gif? ff! Lynda Brooks purchases a Christmas card from the 2' Booster Booth. f 'Q4' ii. Carolyn Bradshaw, Sharon Timmerman, Samie Nell Friery, and Bobbie Fink attend the Girls' Mid-Term Sports Banquet at Weldon's Cafeteria. eff Ann Jackson, Sandy Whatley, lo Ann Gill, Marian Ray and Nanlnine Gee wait in the dressing room for the an nouncement of beauty finalists. With the new year comes cclllavolfitew selections, fmals, Julius Migl, Billy Wilson, Sue Heinsohn, Lou Tay- lor, Bobby Cargill, Mary Espinosa, Fred Bradley, and Frank Cole perform in the Senior Farewell Program. Y , -71 ,gy I :,A Y ,- is - X Q f-3: rf-Q-,1,,., i -es' X-A-r X 42? gl0S+6IEi1'y Exmison, Philip Peter, and ue en ey reheals f th Sign' Pl21Y '6Dear Phoebe." e or e mr .32 ACTI ITIE Dolores Whitaker reads instructions from the First Aid Handbook while Diane Dawson practices bandaging her i'patient's" head. mid-term raduation, the '60 snow and new classes. 'W-. Douglas Paschal and Allefne Laake take part in the English VII Art Seminar Class by doing research work in the school library. Austin High School was selected, along with Bellaire and Reagan, to participate in this experimental program. The purpose of these classes is to enrich th-e students' knowledge and appreciation of all the Fine Arts. Senior 'Tavoritesf' Woody Isenhart and Pat Argiro- poulos, have a SNOWBALL fight in the February snow of 1960. PERSONALITIES . . . 44 HH, 1 1 5 ggmasf Students Ronald Fortune. Doris Thompson, Clyndu TIILIIHFFQ, Frunccs Argiroupoulos, Betty Hmmm-r, Kay Anderson and Burri Hammer serve ui li comlnittee from each class to tabulutc- votes in the election of "Most Handsom.-" Insy. , 4 Elections to remember, contests exciting Results kept secret - . - Winners named in Writing 11 A , . X , ,ui 1 hh, , 1-1 ,, f K ,f ,, ,M 1 fy, W fo, Z 5 is .gf :sf.,fmgg -1 fm Q Ti, W Q :arise if? E 955 1 ' if :Q -i . - M-ww., Q ' f isgk, MOST BEAUTIFUL SENIOR GEMEY KAY GILBERT MOST HANDSOIVIE SENIOR OBERT CHRISTIAN Q1 9 1 f Q f'?E4X4' 22 sm X s N, f jk, ,qfZ4"f6 QQZQIAS, - xs,?sp,-'yn- V1 Q K ' ,VA, 2 28 gi:- B V ffl W MOST HANDSOME UNIOB BOBBY BAKER M Z 9 3 772255 , , ' :gas ff .row ,Q 409 N 1 :sz 26' 7 SUSIE MILLER MOST BEAUTIFUL CONTEST Contestants meet requirements listed in Student Hanalboolf. Nominations by homeroom section. Six finalists from each class selected by judges wang CORRAUS A nnual Beauty Contest, at school. Final selection by competent judges. 30 0, , , ,. s ' ml sv XZ by , f A 4 2? ta f x f ' , ' , Q V B s A' - 412' X 1 . K L 2iffE5?'?23. V Llw. :- 4235:I:Eo1.:'.:1 Most Beautiful ophomore Most Handsome Sophomore GLENN COOK MOST HANDSOME CONTEST Contestants meet requirements listed in Student Handbook. Nomination by homeroom section. Winner and runners-up elected by student bailot. 3l 55? ,,,4 . , .,.,... 4 1- SE IORS ,W -E4 31 ,fl ' f .Mas-as i1W.,,, .-,f, 3 4 . :,:.w Kap-.f:' 11, ,wT'1 f"f fra, . W '1 , X 56 . 'f ,A v f'usp,.: ,W Az, A -, aj' E9'ij4,5, - ,L .. MOST BEAUTIFUL RUNNER-UP f Q , Ixathy Street iii MOST BEAUTIFUL RUNNER-UP V lazlzhzv Elsie Wiliiioth '2 . ,,:.w:,.N S3 , , , f f 'P 0, 5 ff 9 v , , 1 0 , X ' X N x :S Q HOST H,-XNDSOME RUNNER-UP Ronnie Cunningham 32 MOST HAMJSONIIC RUNNIQRUP YVt'Hit'f Uuylt- JUNIORS MOST BEAUTIFUL RUNNER-UP Earlme Clark !,,, if ww: fx -1 - wif Hz Z, MOST BEAUTIFUL RUNNER-UP Judy Golden iw MOST HANDSOME RUNNER-UP Mike Taylor MOST HANDSOME RUNNER-UP Eddie Love SOPHGMORES MOST BEAUTIFUL RUNNER-UP Gail Blakey ' Imigsgfisgg I N 9' yi! I , 34 zvifw' ' iii?" rf ' pr sf' f M. ,. 4 ,f ' pq .- ,, MQ: J AM . , ,Aj , MOST HANDSOME RUNNER-UP James Chadwick f7 f f L, 3.446 :ff ,iff f I f I! f X 7 5 xxx X S Q MOST HANDSOME RUNNER-UP Jimmy Brewer MOST BEAUTIFUL RUNNER-UP Sherry Burwell D.A.R. GOOD CITIZENS ALTON RIDDLE and PAN PURDY The D.A.R. award is sponsored by the Daughters of the American Revolution. To be eligible for this honor, one must have a HB7, average and an ME" in conduct. Nominations are made by the homeroom teachers and are voted on by the senior class. The primary qualifications are dependability, scholarship 111.3 averagei. lead- ership, service and patriotism. BEST ALL-'ROUND SENIORS DAVID DEALY and PAT ARGIROPOULOS As voted by the Stephen F. Austin Senior Student Body. ,A+- 0 V - 4 z., '-gl .44 . W M-u-w,,,,,, -www, ? 2 4, as , 2 - 4 v mf wi WI? , , fw f 'ww y ' fy 2 f ' in f, JN, 4 H f 2 g f'+4Zf4741Qffv,7Zw wfffwf f - J f'i,,+,,'jvg',,2Q."f, 6 jfanff, ,w,,f,n V 4 5 ,fakffgifzyhygfjff 1 ,,,j4jg,f44v- hfmfi Q ,fwAw,m,,jj',f1ff.f+W .WH H515 ,jlw 'u,'7n'wM4 ,H A I4,jf,jv,7+4W!j,,,, 4,Z,A,! X44 4,wfr,,:74f4,,jf,,,,, way ffff fM,rfw1f,.gH44 ?gf,2f?y?Z'Wwmy,'Z'1fl'w4M4w ffglVyf4f w4,,,,f14w4+m+ ,fjwfb L'fffm,,g1yf MH, A UNM j w,,,,,,wMf, fu " fjj "Hf2g,w4efzn MM. "5 'MH Hzwwwwf HM, ' "H ffffweffwfwawwa f WN'Af4fffiwi'f4s14 g,f4,4 fi 'UH vwfewffgmf, HH, if ,L,"'f'7f1r44nQ6f4if6v1 ,isp 4 tv fM.,,fs4.,HU4M, bffYfMwsw+ma4wz 12+ ,, G jjP'Hf-wwmfeww ,M , 'ff'4Haww4Mf,H, fm,mM9,ma1sf1H 'Uf4w,wz4nuf4,2 vz ffffiviy4 s4q,,4,, ffwfmsm M,,,, MO T POP LAR E IOR PAT ARGIROPO LOS and WOODY ISENHART Elected by popular vote of the 1960 Seniors. ' v 04 1 sf, Ur 94 4 4 ffm: 9 g sz, 444 1914, Elected ly ll Q .lu bl MOST POPULAR JUNIORS MIKE TAYLOR SARAH JORDAN , L 1. 'ni 'QQ 3 . .Wx wi' ' Ml? gff' 'Q Elected by the Sophomore Cla MOST POPULAR SOPHOMORES DIANN E LOVING BOBBY TREVATHAN RUNNERS-UP MOST POPULAR SENIORS Alton Riddle Pan Purdy .v,.vv- G -L ,, k,,, , HW W ,HN 3 V f A.,v f vw ' 751 f lvz, , ,M ,M g RUNNERS-UP George Harris MOST POPULAR SOPHOMORES Joyce Hagan A RUN NERS-UP MOST POPULAR JUNIORS Bobby Baker Anne Bloomquist 39 1 M-an . Q 5,1 g , P-'Q-"' , , J, 3 Q l N vt can K. m ,K Mew :right Mwwfbfw v xi l I lk - 3 fll'3l5'ff we 1 1. , rfylp 'I 2 " if an 4 tzfj N J MR. AND MISS ROUND-UP MIKE PETTIT and BONNIE BEARDSWORTH Journalism students must first nmninate boys and girls with a "C" average and 'En in conductg then narrow the list to the lop nine girls and boys. Round-Up ubscribers elect winners. who are announced at the annual Round-Up Banquet. V 2 5 Ns F .F .A. SWEETHEART CONNIE CRENSHAW F.F.A. Sweetheart is elected by popular vote of the student body. Sopho- more, junior and senior girls with a MCU average and an 'SEN in conduct are eligible. The chapter sweetheart rides in the Houston Fat Stock Show and Rodeo Parade and also represents Austin in the District F.F.A. Sweetheart Contest at the University of Houston, in April. MR. AND MISS GREEN MASQUE N, -X Q '-vqgsw BILL HOLT and BETTE HUFFMAN lVlr. and Mrs. Green Masque were announced during intermission at the play, "Harvey" December 10. They were elected bv popular vote of the Qtudenk an d' , - - en mg the play. All drama students who maintain a "CH average. in conduct and have rendered outstanding service in drama are eligible. MR. AND MISS GREEN MASQUE RUNNERS-UP Sherry Burwell Harry Barrett BEST ALL-ROUND RUNNERS-UP Sunny Abernathy, Wesley Doyle MR. AND MISS ROUND-UP RUNNERS-UP Verna Collurn Maury Lieberman 43 PRINCESS BEVERLY HURT W ,.,., . i , , 4 ' -YJ 'f 'V gf Q, P, ,. 1 . ,- 4 Zi 'Md-V PRINCESS . KATHY STREET U , V. J I I X 1 3 , 6 W Q 2 4 The Homecoming, Queen and ball Game, Novemberi 26. T156 Qivfz election by popular vofge of the and a bouquet of muhxs. Her 44 . 5 - S XFX f M ROY L CO RT M Z ,ff K .X X sf Xi SS X S -Kg .E 3 fi HOMECOMING QUEEN KAREN WALLINGFORD QRGAMZATIQ S . . , gif? v HX, ,Q Rlambqyl mg EY'v1lT1d-IVV' Smff, fxlrb. Mary C. Brown, adviser, and honored 3116515 Tvllwf 1: .13 Jun mer their dinner at tlxc HUTILIHE binxlxvfll 95' 1' V2 11'vvHlt6r'f F-ndmlwr in the field Of Joumahsm- Th-2 R0Und'I'i' ' 'E W Wglwlrlsilwle for Austirw 'I+-raw!! if"-imp ' wrlwllllwfl. bl-swfelly, Types are varied, standards sound Clubs help students f f f WW, ,f ff W H f ' Fun and service bound W..,,,,,,,-I' ' ,,,, V+. , ,f 'Q X757 l J .4...-ni OUTSTANDING STUDENTS OF IINIIOR HIGH ,M -..ILL , .5-Jn-w-un--Q AMERICAN LEGION ,G AWARD CLUB Sponsor MR. E. GRISWOLD A project for the school is an annual aim of the American Legion Award Club. Thus, sav- ings stamps sales have added to the students' United State Sav- ings Bonds this year. A "Mem- bers Onlyw Dance and a ban- quet are social activities for this group. FRONT ROW: Linda Sternerg Karolyn O'Brieng Joyce Pledgerg Caro Ann Chippendale, presi- dentg Deanna Chittenden, vice-president. SECOND ROW: Sara Smith, parliamentariang Carolyn Cowan, program chairrnang Marilyn Berryg Lorene Nicholsg Linda Swonkeg Darlene Jael-:song LaVerne Schoonover, secretary and treasurer. THIRD ROW: Mr. E. Griswoldg David Tannichi Arther DeAlba, sergeant-at-amisg Ross Simpsong Bonnie Beardsworthg Helen Ruthg Wesley Doyleg Delbert Hortong Michael Windham. BUSI ESS WO E OF THE E TURE BUSINESS CLUB Sponsor MRS. C. PEEL Co-Sponsor MISS S. BEESHEARS With the opportunity to visit industries and to learn office procedure, the members of the Business Club prepare for the future. At a meeting on the first Monday of each month the students present current reports that prove interesting to future business methods. 48 FRONT ROW: Margaret Armbruster, Glenn, president: Gemey Kay Gilbert, Miss S. Beeshearsg Nancy Kirkpatrickg Shieldsg Sue Hornsby, Arlene Laniusg ROW: ludy Feldmang Darlene Koochg Wanda Gilliamg Beverly Riderg Loretta ViCC'DfCSidE'Hl: Sandra Godwin, sergeant-at-arms, Vicki treasurer, Barbara. Denena, secretary. SECOND ROW: .loyce Vincentg Shirley Barakg Dorothy Neelg Cora LCC New Pafkfffi Chflsfme Florezg Mrs. c. Peel. THIRD Mefle WGCHHS -THONG Eli-wr. Billy Smith' Meuie Josani Murray. ' BETTER APPRECIATIO OE MU IC ORCHESTRA Sponsor MR. F. LEWELLYN MEMBERS VIOLINS Ella Canion Stanley Heaton Carole Pugh Mae Winton CLARIN ETS Pat Adams Jerry Davenport Dorothy Neel FLUTE Roland Butler ALTO SAXOPHONE Edward Holdridge TENOR SAXOPHONE Janis Jenkins BARITONE SAXOPHONE John Tyler TRUMPET Richard Moore DRUM Carlita Connaday PIANO Benjadele Thornton TROMBONES Eric Besselman Lynn Lockler Jimmie Ueckert LYNN LOCKLER President DOROTHY NEEL. Vice-President ORCHESTRA MEMBERS Austin's Orchestra pre- sents to the students and fac- ulty a wide selection of mu- sic, which includes classical as well as popular. Orchestra members, not only play for our enjoyment but they try out annually for a chance to participate 'in the All-City Music Festival which is pre- sented at the Coliseum, No- vember 21. f i ...exif A SPIRITED B . g A Q4 J K, LYNN LOCKLER Band Captain A ........ 5 2 AUSTIN HIGH SCHOOL BAND MEMBERS FLUTES Roland Butler Edward Holdridge OBOE Joyce Vincent BASSOON Karolyn O'Brien CLARINETS Marilyn Cain Armando Cardona Ted Chesser Lewis Cruz Jerry Davenport Patsy Garner Mike Gentry Fred Hall Jeanie Hall Ben Holton Dorothy Neel Joyce Pledger Jimmy Rosamond Frank Vaught Royce Walker Judy Waters BASS CLARINETS Shirley Barak Wayne Slaikeu ALTO SAXOPHONES Tommie Frost Reagan Hathcock Ronnie Lord Johnny Tipps TENOR SAXOPHONES Janis Jenkins Mark Scott DRUMS Marquita Andrews Kitty Belt Carlita Cormaday Gene Garison Larry Handel Shelby Harbour MAJORETTES Sherry Burwell Marola Daigle Ann Jenkins Joyce Leopold Elizabeth Mixon Janice Scott BELLS Rachel Jordan BARITONE SAXOPHONES Tommy Crosby John Tyler CORNETS Bill Borrello Judy Chadwick James Cox Paul Handel Richard Hernandez Galen Mansee Gerald Robertson Sam Rose Everett Scofield Wayne Vickers FRENCH HORNS Gregory Garcia Stanley Heaton Halbert Shaddix Gerald Tapp TROMBONES Eric Besselman James Chadwick Lynn Lockler Raymond McCreight Douglas Pierce Jimmie Ueckert Brooks Wimberly BARITONES Billy Doyle Alvin Krouse BASS David Clark OR PIRITED TUDE T 4 6 1 4 wwf fi ff W Band officers ,lob.n Tyler, primary first lieutenant, Shirley Barak, second- ary second lieutenantg Joyce Vincent, secondary first lieutenant, and Tommy Crosby, primary second lieutenant con- duct a called meeting concerning a form of march. mxg. If ' . YH. Austin High School's Band is active. It entertains beginning with the Opening Day Performance, through pep rallies, parades, concerts and programs, until the spring contest and close of FLOYD LEWELLYN Sponsor school in June. A large per- centage of individual mem- bers receive annual state awards and honors. The Band is usually a recipient of top state honors and rat- P-in U: y .,,, N. ' :.. ,v.A 4 A IL' In 'bt qv - 3.5, gag , ,g xy, 1 1 ..i. . -,Nr QQ, , x . Qi., rzgg -5 v ' V ..,..,, I, I 'Q . jf- N - 4 " in "" X TX .- I ., v. ,nv eg, . Q. ll- vang'-15 V -s .1 E , - 4 ....... 3 , W " """ -Q w -' .. to il-nil' :if 1- - I NX 5 1. , , , 1 ' fi vig t'v- -Q Y ah:1':r-451,31 h, -+141 - M..-.V V 1 v he 1,-,, 4. ,Q-Y' "A 4-A W f ?- x 'vi :z.xH'.---- ,-'- .., .E I 1' ,S h, V 5 . Q if jig: 4' :ws 1 , f X Y ,K A, 1 ,. . .,,..,, I ,.,. , , . x T , N .. V , rg, x ' A ff..1Q , V was ,s,-Wax . ., l ,u ' ,J ' .' , ,t X , 5 4 Ii ,, rg Z FIT'-31 1 , 4" 'Z 'Rf 3, Majorettes of 1960 are Sherry Burwell, Anne Jenkins, Marsha Daigle, Joyce Leopold, Janice Scott and mascot, Suzanne Lang- horne. AJORETTE LEAD THE BAND if --- Q Majorettes salute at the First Day performance as '59-'60 activities begin. 52 Majorettes lead the band in the First Day perform- ance, football games, parades, and many other activi- ties. Position of majorette requires a MCM average, 'AEN in conduct, and a minimum of one year's band experience. Being a majorette requires much practice with the baton O R ACTIVITY ENTHUSIASTS BOOSTER CLUB orrrcerzs lp" TEL FRONT, center: Philip Peter. BACK ROW: Dickie Carr, bouncerg lVlikc Keeling, lawyerg Frank Waltermire, assistant boosterg Pan Purdy, secretaryg Billy McBay, booster. My ff' f ,f , f ,ff MISS RUTH GREENHILL, Sponsor Members of the Booster Club. the largest club at Austin, help boost the school spirit. They arouse the spirit at football games as well as other events. A dance, the Bronco Whirl. is sponsored annually by the Booster Club. Sylvan Beach was the site of this year's dance in December. Philip Peter, chief booster, and Mark Therrell, manager of bronco whirl, count the money from ticket sales for the Bronco Whirl football dance. 5 f, ,Z ffl' , I , W, ,, ,.,, A. 4!"2'f ,i 53 I i Booster Clulfs Decoration Committee heilps advertise for the Bronco Whirl. "A colorful column will help matters," say these Decoration for the Bronco Whirl, a sports dance in honor of Austin's football team, is the responsibility of the Boosters' Decoration Com- mittee. PRO GTER 2 BOO TERS "You just hold the sign, please, I'11 drive the nail." 'LLet's get a picture of this bandstand decoration." sluts Anas mia-fa 1 ' 4. - an xvafrw Boosters gather for meetings at 7:45 a. in. CLB OF 960 "Just a few finishing touches and we are ready for the Bronco Whirlf' WMM AW qflvfm, Bonnie Beardsworth and Billy McBay pin up the 1959 football ganie ribbons. 55 if A K OFFICERS, Left to Right: Judy Rhodes, pianistg Sharon Jump pro ram chnrman Daryl Janie president Patti Box. social chairman: Sunny Abernathy, vice-president. C.S.U.. which meets every Thursday morning before school, is Composed of students of all denominations. 'U DJ U1 FF O H U7 kfl o : 1-9 :- F DJ Q. fb "1 CD SJ :s za. U2 FP x: cn. FD 3 57 CD '1 'D .. :- fb H. :: M -1: -. "1 DJ 3. O 'L' QL speakers at the meetings. 5 . i :li 'S ev y ,f W' 5 f is -' ws- 'ief R : Q Msngmf- .4 f w . ' Mr. W. B. Crittenden ,ind Hr. J. O. Harper sponsor C.S.U. Judy Rhodes pianist says that she enjoys playin f r C SU 56 THEIR S AN Daryl James, president. presides at C.S,U. meeting. 2 Daryl James, president, and Patti Box, social chairman, study program sheet. C.S.U. meetings are well attended and the group joins in spirited singing. 'N' . fm X Q .ff B X X .,. Q f x' M X Hx NEW 'Q it Planning next wee-k's meeting are, FRONT ROW: Sharon James, program chairmang Mr. Harper. sponsor: Patti Box, social chair- man. BACK ROW: Daryl James, president: Sunny Abernathy, vice- president. 57 .S.U. MEMBER Students who believe in practicing . . Chrisfs teachings in every-day living! L 3 AUSTI ' AR O IZER - CHORALE .rrt Wie ' ,.,, f ff... -A A fmwmwwaiiwaif Ween M 4 ameaaez WWW'ff payee ., "" g .,,. , f -.: fl , f 'V .Q,!f,,ff4 V, f,..gf9',. -A fl "What suggestions do you have for next year?" asks the president. 1 Many rehearsals are required for the programs that are presented during the year. 5 President Daryl James makes an announcement to Chorale. ,W M Mr. N. Blevins, student teacher, directs the chorale. CHORALE Sponsor MR. JACK NOVAK Being a member of the Chorale creates a greater interest in music. A Christmas assembly program, television appearances, and participation in the All-City Music Festival are just a few of the activities of the Chorale. '4Of course, we want to be on television." agree the students. 59 CHURALE Sunny Ahernathy Marquita Andrews Yvonne Arnold Harry Barrett Brenda Beasley Patti Box Carolyn Bradshaw Judy Covey Carolyn Crenwelge Diane Crowder Marsha Daigle Wlesley Doyle Samie Friery Bob Hamilton Cwenell Harrison Janice Hatler Sarah Jo Hayes Carol Higginhotham EMBER HIP TUTAL FIFTY-THREE Jerry Hoffman Hardy Hughes Beverly Hurt Kay Jackson Daryl James Bolt Johnston Jerry Jones Sarah Jordan Ronnie Kennedy Paul Long Ronnie Lord Richard McClain George Mttsachia Bonny Nissen Susan Pledger Nancy Poole Patsy Prite Gayle Rhodes Judy Rhodes Marylyn Sander Carole Smith David Smith Gayle Smith Sara Smith Jerry Tauber Lou Taylor Brenda Thompson Doris Thompson Sharon Timmerman Ray Vanover Barbara Vajdak Betty Anne WCSS6Hd41Ff Rudy Weiser Brian Wilcox Raymond Witt CHORALE - MIXED CHDRUS ff f Daryl James, president, presides at a Chorale meeting. Daryl James, president, Beverly Hurt, secretary, Nancy Poole, treasurer: and Mr. Jack Novak, director. discuss plans for a program. Klly Jackson, reporter, Rudy Wie-ser, librarian, Sarah Jordan, pianist, Nancy Poole, treasurerg Judy Covey, parlia- menluriang Beverly Hurt, secretaryg and Daryl James, president, hold an of- ficial meeting every Friday. Sara Smith, reporter, keeps Chorale 'gin the news." Pianist, Sarah Jordan, practices before class. Usri 9 cHoRAn3TTE y MEMBERS: Pat Archibald, Freya Baxley, Linda Bearden, Karen Beasley, Dianna Benter, Nancy Bevers, Virginia Boggs, Donna Boozer, Betty Borup, Exar Mae Bundy, Vera Burch, Jeannine Chaudier, Tommylene Collum, Carole Cox, Marcia Cudd, Suzanne Duncan, Denah Duren, Alice Gallier, Barbara Cholston, Kathy Goff, Lynda Coleman, Nancy Haisten, Judy Harmon, Helen Hawkins, Ann Haynie. Gail Hodd, Barbara Jones, Becky Kerr, Margaret Kramer, Charlotte Lawson, Joyce Leopold, Janelle Lucky, Mary Cenell Lunsford, Beverly Lyles, Ann Mancuso, Carol Marsh, Mary Sue May, Diane McCormick, Carolyn McGee, Linda Medina, Sandra Moody, Myrna Owens, Janell Reese, Soledad Rodriguez, Dixie Savage, Sue Shannon, Shirley Sibert, Connie Simmons, Karen Sisco, Betty Skidmore, Linda Stoerner, Mary Anne Swearingen, Ann Thompson, Patsy Vaughan, Shirley Vickery, Joyce Waggett, Laleanne Warnell, Pat Watson, Virginia Williams, Shirley Williamson, Mary Wood. 62 CHORALETTE OFFICER President Dixie Savage presides at Choralettes regular Monday meeting. Secretary Joyce Leopold and Treasurer Mary Sue May check over minutes. Librarians Barbara Jones, Jeannine Chaudier, and Parliamentarian Mary Anne Swearingen check music Vice-president Myrna Owens and Historian Pat Archi- bald discuss types of music suitable for spring per- formances. , VZ, 41 r 0 , Pianist Pat Watson nods "ready" during rehearsal. Reporter Laleanne Warnell Lakes notes to be turned in to the HRound-Up." Choralettes, a girls, chorus, is experiencing its second year at Austin. Members have been a part of many programs this school year. Q0 X 5 X A -. Q X axis , X- Vs wx . 1 ., Miff- 1igf3f.NQXS..454 ,5,,B.,'i Wag. X. fs who M -X. R -fn.. 4 -, ,.s..,Ar bfi Sex "A ' X' . sw-,4.f33 l vm- X sfmai-f H., ,, - l : Qs, lg .X.A',iy.L .ska , . Q 4 .Y , -as f ' 1 - . X 1. s .,,15.QrgxQ ,rg X 5 2? . . new E X Q In Like the Chorale, many rehearsals are a must. b 911 'gWhy e nervous. say the girls just before they go on stage for the Christmas program at Austin. CORRAL-STUDE T PROD Delbert Horton, boys' sports editor, and Diane Dawson, girls' sports editor, activities editor, and assistant photographer. K CED YEARBOOK LUCY WEAVER editor-in-chief 4 , ff, . ' , v f Mas. CAROLYN c1LMoRE at sponsor M W- 1 There are two major sections in the Corral staff: the editorial department and the business department. The mem- bers of the editorial staff are kept busy arranging contests, taking pictures, writing copy, typing copy drafts, and mailing triplicate copies to the publisher. The business staff is responsible for advertising, promoting circulation, collecting money, and keeping financial records. Connie Crenshaw, personalities editor, and Cemey Kay Gilbert, facu.lty editor, select pictures and type copy. , CURRAUS Editorial Department: Plans and Produces ' . - ' .fs - ee sw VG- ,V ... , , 5, 2 N- sm .1 wa, af' , Kathy McClain, assistant organization editor, George Harris, and Donald Auderer, boys' sports editors joined the staff at mid-term. ' fr, - Qi? fl. , Nw... we ul fi - Pk M' 4 lil HMT2 ,tid . ...,a..-..,... rf-N 1 K 5. Q1 X 'Ng N -. .. H r A r 'K Q Tj' -ez , .-Nw - 'ff X gap. for it 'sf he Q K . ,A li game - . A, il, f ' !im5,g'1X'k , VT ver ers. f""W'tt' 5? n 1, J if If kgs pi-'L 1 - +'Y,Z'L', ., t tw, sic. . . A f, . ' ' V "M Q, , '-'MS '-4 v n:s.M3WLsf,,.,,,fgH,Q Book's Pa ,l a rlin e Mueller, senior editor, is re- sponsible for the senior section. Lorene Nichols, assistant, and Laleanne Warnell, organiza- tion editor, arrange dummy layouts. Beverly Morgan, sopho- more editor, and staff artist, is a senior. es, Cover at xg s 'T . N .Q ii?-It v Q xy5W..S is 3 snap- . , ww-5 Y F fs gt rsix. gaisgj . 5 F Ts Egg K. . is as T iessffff Margie Thacker, photographer, prepares camera for Polaroid pictures. st. John Boyle. junior editor, helps also with art work for the yearbook. AKA X ' Qs :S K f , fi?g.5,q X - 5 f ' X ' we , ,Q difilf'-, , , V 'wk-ii , ' we WM 3 a 3 A Q -r , X ' v Suzanne Page, as- sistant personalities editor, serves dur- ing Corral's Open House for Dads' Club. Suzanne be- came a staff mem- ber at mid-term. ,fe- X Kay Jackson, busi- W ness manager, pre- pares a purchase order form preced- ing approval of a check request. We Corral's Betty Koppa and co-workers on the business staff explain ff! their work to some members of the Dads' Club during the Publica- tions' Open House, February 9. lVlR. CHARLES BIGHAM sponsor Business Department. Budgets and Controls Finances ,, If 'fg Zz!- ' 74? Af 4 - ' ,- ywf-v i .V wgazffwfwfd. dw' W , , w, M, 1:22 M ffm-'-I r 1 ff , f ,M 1 I ff mf ' , , V f , V 5 -,vw ax,-.,fffQ'Z2i4,iQ-41:ww ,.,,. , 'Q-f"f"" rf 11 4-2,--M 'fm "ff f : 4 ,Aw-44 my WMM, 'aff Myflik V yygy ,f ff 'KDWO' swf 'ww ,fav Nelle Messer, circulation managerg Betty Koppa, advertising managerg and Delores Newbill, assistant circulation manager, begin work in the summer, close records the following June. 67 F TURE HOMEMAKER x ,. I fi , . . ff may Kita . ow n , ,, - 'HA-,, be Ex 43- fk. H . 5555 kills FRONT ROW: Eva Olivaras, Sharon Wilson, Patricia Brooks, Suzanne Oates, Sherye Funk, Joe Nell Napierkowski, Charlotte Bothevell, Barbara Canavier, Shirley Gaines. SECOND ROW: Esther Littleton, Claudia Matthews, Barbara Matthews, Betty Jenkins, secretary, Kean Kuhlrnan, presidentg Jean Weatherly, program chairmang Karen Johnson, Jeanette Hall. BACK ROW: Linda Michalec, Madeleine Gray, Nancy Halsten, Beverly Halsten, Valerie Gallup, Dianne Haney, Peggy Johnson, Betty Borup, Exar Mae Bundy. Judy Wolfe, Barbara Ascher, Mrs. Lucille Smith. ki .. FRONT ROW: Julia Trevina, Gloria Benavides, Kay Wiggins, Dian Cooper, Vivian Engelke, Linda Drummond, Peggy Hotton, Marilyn Cheotham, Barbara Butler. SECOND ROW: Judy Wilker, Edwina Weber, Margie Thacker, program chairmang Eva Rodriquez, secretary, Sally Crum, vice-president, Becky Kerr, treasurer, Earline Clark, Dell Burford. BACK ROW: Karen Beasley, Bonnie Ferguson, Melva Ivey, Joyce Waggett, Georgeanne Munger, Connie McClelland, Bonnie Harris, Lois Synne, Marilyn White, Carla Spears. Linda Graham, Mrs. Lucille Smith. 68 F AMERICA 95,5 ,, FRONT ROW: Carolyn Ansohn, Gloria Loesch, Louise Barrfos, Carolyn Barrett, Shirley Trautwein, Jeannette Col- bert, Karen Howkins, Sandia McCharge. SECOND ROW: Lois Kluna, Mary Ann Swearingen, Carolyn Allred, May- lene Copeland, treasurerg Helen Hawkins, president, ,Jenna Martin, vice-presidentg Madeline Gaz, sc-cretaryg Kath- leen Goff. BACK ROW: Donna Randall, program chairman, Ellen Sawyer, Lucille Gennusa. Connee Brown, Bette Birtcher, Gay Pratt, Martha Mott, Marguerite Gee, Helen Riojas, Janie Smith, Dorothy Beauchamp, Jeani Guinn, Mrs. Lucille Smith. 4, 15,4 7 ff 7 ff ' f 9+"41A fi L , ,.,, M, FRONT ROW: Josephine Cuevas, Mary Rivera. Gloria Romero, Barri Hammer, Sandra Glenn, Charlotte Massey, Naomi Durrett, Patty Tresler. SECOND ROW: Rachel Alcala, Karen Wallingofrd, treasurer, Linda Hensch, vice- presidentg Frances Florez, program chairman, Pat Argiropoulos, president, Elizabeth Landgrehe, secretary: Judy Kennedy, Carole Atchison, Lois Davis. BACK ROW: Beverly Lyles. Lucy Weaver, Judy Golden, Karen May, Vera Burch, Pansy Robison, Patricia Brown. Sharon Gale Durden, Sue Haynie, Connie Cunningham, Jackie Higgins, Mrs, L. Smith. ,,nu, . -l?, 1 f'Vv H ' O zyW'pv,f,1w,f ' I yy.. wr' o +0 t 'v J' . 'B 3 ' ' , 3 E lm 1 - -I 1 'N ' H u J ' ' S' oi 0 4,0 '31 Nfw IA 'I 5 , , Q? Q Z Sabra Boggs and Connie Harris demonstrate their cooking ability. fl ,", I j , 5 , V V1 5 9 , rk,',' QW , l ' "I ",' ' 'V ,. ' ,f as , "" H ,, ,.:, ATIONAL COPE . . . F.H.A. YV Q67 x FRONT BOW: Joyce Renfro, Sabra Boggs, Pat Bailey, Mary Everett, Delores Barnard, Maxine Howard. SECOND ROW: Martha Meave, Carol Kruse, treasurer, Patricia Spears, program chairmang Linda Hawkins, president, Delores Lyon, vice-president, Sharon Hobbs, secretary, Carman DeLeon. BACK ROW: Ruth Yarber, Johnnie Lyon, Wanda Colwell. Sharon Wortham, Mary McCarty, Gwenell Harrison, Melba Atwood, Carol West, JoAnn Bay, Connie Harris, Mrs. Lucille Smith, FUTURE HOMEMAKERS' ' OF AMERICA Sponsor MRS. L. SMITH Becoming a successful homemaker is the goal to which the members of the F.H.A. aspire. Cooking plays an important part in their activities. Too many cooks didn't spoil the broth when Martha Meavc, Carman DeLeon and Jean Barnard got together. Melva Atwood makes cookies "like mother used to bake!" 70 L D.E.- ELLI G MAKES IT NIARK f 'kb I W ' , V y-,fxfy Q 1 7 f 'r ff H ifi., H Z .ff 1 4 , 1 ', 47 40 wnvng I wry V FRONT ROW: Virginia Marshall, secretaryg Gail Sledge, Helen Wall, Barbara Matthews, Linda Bowman. SECOND ROW: Al Bowen Adrienne Kissenger, Janet Partin, Charles Reynolds, presidentg Roy Neely, lr. THIRD ROW: Lynn Black, Stephen Foster. DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION Sponsor lVIR. T. M. WALDMANN Margaret Hill, Virginia Marshall, and Sharon Diehl were named candidates for D.E. Sweetheart. Xllf Q Q , Z . gqossuo ' 0 0 91 n f so , 7I DI T RIB TIVE DUCATIO AIDS STUDE T 5 St . wr t .X st fy' E-...f X QM? vi' CLASS, FRONT ROW: Barbara Pettit, Lynn Moore, Sharon Diehl, treasurer: Betty Adams. BACK ROW: John Zimmernian, xice president: Glen Jones, ,lay Angenend, Woodrow Watts, JW we Charles Reynolds, Stephen Foster, and Virginia Marshall on sales duty ut the school SIOTE. 72 Mr. T. M. Waldniunn, sponsor, gives Bar- bara Matthews her ussignnlent. .h Y? Training in the field of retail. wholesale. and service selling is offered to the students of Dis- tributive Education. Meetings are held once a month for business and the planning of social activities. D.E. ELECT A WEETHEART H42 VIRGINIA MARSHALL. D.E.Sweell1earI UE. Sweetheart is eleetecl from the girls who volunteer from each of the UE. Classes. The lor,-al winner van then run in the State contest. From the Slate winners. the National Sweetheart is Chosen. O 'pl f f'2 ' MW XY? CLASS, FRONT ROW: Diana Herman, Jane Winters, Carole Ballon, reporterg Etta Lou Britton. BACK ROW: Charles Stone, Paul Payne, sergeant-at-armsg Margaret Hill. John Cardona. 73 USTI PRO OTE FIRE PRE E TIO ff? ,ff nf' kT DNN FIRE PATROL Sponsor MR. A. E. KOTROLA Austin students depend upon Fire Patrol for safety. Many drills are held in order to maintain achieve' ment of their responsibility. Billy Lucas. Lynn Lockler, jerry Davenport. Frazer Dealy, Frank Waltermire, William Eberle. Mike Taylor. Joe Thompson. Johnny Green. Harry Barrett. Daryl James, Frank Cole. Robert Christian. Don Musick. FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA .., T I . I G72 2 ' 1' 4 Q f 3 , I , fgiilllixl ' FRONT ROW: .lerilyn Adams. Avis Chiekering. Beverly MeMurrey. Becky Edminton. treasurer: Karen Hawkins, Darlene Taylor, Kay ,lackeon. mrre-ponding sec-retaryg Pat Argirupoulos, president. BACK ROW: Patti Box. vice-presidentg Alice Mesclike, llis- torian: Linda Hvnswh. program chairman: Diane Norris, Miss Evelyn McCinty. Sponsor: Linda Hawkins. recording secretary: Verna lfnllum. Karen lwhnswn. Dr. Helen Sonerant. Sponsor: Vivian Sue Gilbreth. V 74 FUTURE FAR ERS OF MERIC - S Harry Anderson appears with his Participating in livestock shows and various field trips. in addition to regular class activities, is a schedule which is assumed by each member of the Future Farmers of America. Members also have individual projects. Entering these activities enables the boys to learn about agricul- ture and its related occupa- tions. , ft '73 W Y ,.f' i,'l I 1 l w ' v 49 t , , Q ' ll ,I it f KW .iff if , , jf :Ci f f' " V w ' f 7 5 I, fkf,,.,'g' .,,1s.,'.. . ' 1 Ma f 7, , f . v ? 1 f ,fflpfvi ,Q f ff ' 'LZZM K WQWMZ 4 , 4 w ,, 4 ws, ,wt iff, calf "Junior" which he fed for the F.F.A. Fat Stock Show, April 24--29, on South Main Street. t l .. , ,,,.i. -I Tim Seaton Watches "bacon in the making." 75 F TURE FARMERS OF AMERICA Me, . . . 'H ,fy ,ig 56 ,,2i,J,s,,, ,Ms . 1,1 ..,. -F 31 V 'H , , .s , ,, sz . 'TFKY fe Y' ff Kiwis, -' V raises , J A- is MEMBERS, FRONT ROW: Vincent Ditto, James Alston, Charles McDuft'ie, Billy MoCanless, Fred Hoffman, Harry Garland. SEC- OND ROW: Henry Allee, Larry Deaton, Roger Langford, Don Spiller, David Franklin, Eugene Freeman, Donald Bradford, Mr. Wright, Kennon Kellum, Mike Jackson, David Little, Orville Boston. BACK ROW: Douglas Fugua, Larry Rainey, Wayne Babin, Lester Word, Jerry Casey, Glenn Kellum, Rue Moore, Harold Albright, Don Reynaud, Curtis Burt, Joseph Lillis, Douglas Peppen, Harry Anderson, Eddye Love, Mike Appleton. Mr. R. H. Wright, sponsor, reviews rules for Fat Stock Show entries. lsivrwwwmnnnlqgg f6N 'af'f'Ms 2 'wi Linda Henscli, Ann Jenkins, and Judy Adams are the runners-up for F.F.A. Sweetheart. wmv Wayne Babin points out the qualities for hshowv in "Bob," his calf. Henry Ollee grooms his entry, 'LChris," in the F.F.A. Fat Stock Show gli 9" wwzswx srswzsammnnmmammmsswe .ww s.. mmm' wsu. A FUT RE NURSES OF AMERICA . 5 . K t ,t 'sms ' f'N"' N N Q' we K it ess N ,mf ix i R Var' 7' . V f . .. 51 iss , :yes 4 Q if 2-.Q as fs t .. 'W' -M as X s ' k .ww ll 5 Q'-YSFYQY . il WMM 3 km Q? Q fgf FRONT ROW: Goldie Grant, program chairman and vice-president: Pam Kozlek, treasurerg' Carolyn Craig, presi- dent: Linda Coleman. BACK ROW: Rachel Compas, Regal Tapiz, Shirley Lee, Carole Atchison, Nancy Johnson. Future Nurses of Americais purpose is to encour- age Girls to choose nursing as a career. The or- U Ct D ganization helps prepare them for the school of nursing of their choice. The group has made several field trips this year to hospitals and hotties for student nurses. places relating to the nursing profession. Outstanding persons in this field visit the club as speakers. EU13 Eamm 1120153 4-Vi av Rules Concerning nursing are read to the members of the EN. Cluli hy Carolyn Craig, president. Mrs. L. Patton, sponsor, gives an eye test. 78 STUDENTS LEAR, TO PEAK NATIONAL F ORENSIC LEAGUE Sponsor MR. D. H. RHODES A selected group of drama students prepare for the an- nual one-act play contest in the spring. Members of the N ati o n al Forensic League also try to achieve a style of speaking and act- ing which is natural, correct and effective. C79 FRONT ROW: Kathy McClain, Ann Thompson, Diane Dawson, treasurerg Sharon Swearengin, Ella Canion, Alice Fitzgerald, Jamie Dancer, president. BACK ROW: Re Cowart, Nancy Keith, Cherrill Jones, Douglas Hainline, Glen White, reporterg David Smith, Stuart Mashburn, Michael Hammons, Mr. D. H. Rhodes, sponsor. MEMBER OF THE WRITER 9 CLUB FRONT ROW: Verna Collum, Sandra Tanner, Marion Ray, Tamara Tanner. BACK ROW: Vivian Gilbreth, Jamie Dancer, Mike Pettitg president, Nannine Gee. SGRIVEN ERS Sponsor MRS. M. LORD Members of the Scriveners Club pro- mote writing ability through practice. 79 GREE MASQUE-AUSTI ' PLAYER FRONT ROW: Juilleta Ninlsk, Pat Spear. Mellwa Atwood. Ina Klan- Ward. Sue Heinsohn, Rosemary Jamison, Elsie Wilmoth. Shirley Buzan. Sharon James, Marsha Daiggle. Sherry Burwell. Connie Crenshaw, Bette Huffman, Ann Jenkins, Pat Gilchrist, Mari- lyn McKee. SECOND ROW: Nancy Womack. Pain Kozlek, Sue Ellen Dewees, Sally Crum, Mickey Shyrock, Bill Holt, Bobby Bish. Harry Barrett. Jerry Sanders. Dennis Medley, Ceiney Kay Gilbert. Sherri Coates. Diane Haney, Pat Beck. BACK ROW: Robert Christian. Ray Witt. Bill Holton. Brooks Xvimberly. Douglas Pierce, Billy Eherly. Jerald Kozlek. Richard Lane, Jimmy Brewer. George Musachia. Joyce Leopold. Ronnie Lord. Carol Cox. Helen Ruth. Daryl James, Mike Whilhite. Philip Peters. Diane Reeves. Bobby Cargill, Johnny Bell. Tommy Hogan. Paul Long. David Klewer. Hike Ccntry. XVXAR ,Il MRS. lVl. MIXON. Sponsor Runners-up for Mr. and Miss Green Masque: Daryl James. Harry Barrett. Sherry Burwell, and Sue Heinsohn. OFFICERS FRONT ROW: Bette Huffman, social chairmang Jeri- lyn Adams. reporterg Sue Ellen Dewees, vice-presi- dentg Marsha Daigle. parliatnentarian. BACK ROW- Philip Peter. social: Bill Holt, president: Ann Jeni liiI1S. S6'C1'6Idry'1 Jerry Sanders. treasurer. lvlembers of the Green Masque players gain experience in backstage activities as well as acting. Several plays have been presented this year. among them "Harvey", and "Dear Phoebe." RR 1 UNIOR SUB-DEB YW 6' 1 -. Q 1 . .' I ff ' . .zz ya 2 ' , aff , 'W 'fl-T' 4 ' ,f 4 2 I an ' . f f , WW' CLUB MEMBERS, FRONT ROW: Diane Dawson, Carol Carlisle, Earline Clark, Sue Dow, Karen Hazzard, Bobby Greer, Barbara Knight. SECOND ROW: Delores Leon, Sandra Johnson, Kay Prather, Arlene McMahan, Lin Harrington, Betty Crow, Hayes Pratt Lilly Chittenden. BACK ROW: Allene Laake, Betty Koppa, Jean Williams, Beverly Purfurst, Patsy Caperton, Judy Pickens, Bar bara Dixon, Jarline Mueller. Miss Ethelene Collins, sponsor, gives instructions to the decoration committee. Junior girls upholding a "CN average and an NEW in conduct are eligible for membership in the Junior Sub-Debs. The Junior Sub-Deb Club was created for the social and cultural interests of the junior girl. The entertainment provided is an annual dance held in the boys' gym. The Debs meet on the second and fourth Friday mornings of each month: Their usual program at these meet- ings consists of helping Senior Debs plan the annual dance. MEMBERS JU lor: UB-DEB . QW li e ' ,m K 55 N X X Q x Y. Y X xx X QQ X NX X X X X. W N YQ' QV' Vx n X fs? or . Nav N. Ex if MEMBERS, FRONT ROW: Carol Fruit, Ann Byrne, Carolyn Allre d. Carol Quaintance, Dorothy O'Kelley, Judy Horton, Marie Colley. SECOND ROW: Mary DeVaughn, Judy Colden, Jane Golden, Jan McDowall, Lynda Broods, Pat Shephard, Myrna Owens, Stevelyn Brooks, Frances Argiropoulos. BACK ROW: Darlene Taylor, Lucy Weasfer, Gwen Schutte. Ann Bloomquist, Barbara Rutland, Sarah Jordan, Beverly McMurrey. SUB-DEBS SPONSOR 'LBut it seems like we just got here," was the general comment at midnight. 82 UNIOR SUB-DEB l Billy McBay and Stevelyn Brooks dance to the music of "Bob Simmons and his band." GALA DANCE X ' w Ei, . .T- -Q f.,-1: 45 C,'f5.'OX yt' V fi: , , . are ' 0 ' Qxssxgxy, fi' . QW X ' X ' 5 'il' OFFICERS: Ann Bloomquist, secretaryg Barbara Rutland, treasure-rg Lucy Weaver, presidentg Beverly McMurrey, vice-president Frances Argiropoulos, reporterg Gwen Schutte, program chairman: Sarah Jordan, social chairman, 83 Nlr, J. Xl. Blat-kwell and Mr. L. Lrmvson, sponsors. diseuas tlw KEY CL B- OFFICERS. FRONT ROW: Bill Gantku. treasurer: Alton Riddle. president: Delbert Horton. vice-president: Steve Liles. Secretary. BACK ROW: Harry Holmes. soplwmore director: and Ernest Collins. Alton Riddle. president. elncees the annual beauty C Sponsored lay the CORRAL. school yearbook. EMBER KEY UDIPSI. RO OTE HIGH IDEALS lg . KEY CLUB MEMBERS, FRONT ROW: Russell Herbert, Mike Keeling, Ronnie Pate, Wesley Doyle, Eddie Pendleton. SECOND ROW: Mike Pettit, Tommy Barron, Sam Brown, Jerry Brewer, Jerry Coumelis and Tony Robinson. BACK ROW: George Taulbee, Don Musick, Mike Windham, Mark Scott, George Harris, David Tannieli, Bill Little, and David Smith. LUB Key Clubls purpose is to build citizens for tomorrow through good fellowship, initiative, the ability to lead. and a desire to serve. if E Bill Gantka, treasurerg Steve Liles, president, discuss Candy sales funds. secrettuyg Delbert Horton, vice- 85 1 l E BERS EXPRESS THEIR COODWILL KEY CLUB - Q 5 ,M . Tony Robinson, George Harris, David Tannicli, Bill Gantka, and Dr. Goettee, morning devotional committee, get ready to start the day. Key Club president, Alton Riddle, sells Christmas cards, one of the club's projects. Bill Gantka, treasurer, and Mark Scott sell one of the Key Club products to Vicki Krewson, student. Harry Holmes helps the underprivileged at the Eastern Houston lxiwanis Clulfs Christmas party for underprivil- eged and erippled Children, 86 1'': , tn :ru INDUSTRIOUS LIBRARY WORKER F STUDENT ASSISTANTS, FRONT ROW: Barbara Welch, Carol Marsh, Jeannie Weatherly, Joyce Pendley, Judy Colden O'Kelly, Judy Horton. BACK ROW: Michael Windham, Linda Byrne, Nancy Poole, Jackie Tiller, David Smith, Edwina Bu Caro Ann Chippendale, Jerry Coumelis. LIBRARY CLUB To be a member of the Library Club, students must be familiar with the library system and must work in the library one period each day. This club has continued since the school first opened in 1937. Mrs. Elaine Berry, sponsor. issues books to students. , Dot rrows, 87 HO OR STUDE- T DE ERVE RECOG ITIO :lt 89 J tm' -I3 nity, 6? A E27 'mf ti X it tt t ,t , t A ,I I li N.H.S. MEMBERS, FRONT ROW: Caro Ann Chippendale, Deanna Chittenden, Lolly Hindman, Diane Wigington, Suzy Pledger, Sandra Tanner, La Verne Schoonover. SECOND ROW: Sara Smith, Joyce Vincent, Nancy Parker, Ruth Dille, Tamara Tanner. THIRD ROW: Sue Ellen Dewees, Carolyn Crenweldge, Kathy Street, ,Ierilynn Adams, Pan Purdy, Beverly Morgan. FOURTH ROW: Mike Pettit, Beverly Rider, Diann Wilkey, Linda Hensch, Doris Thompson. FIFTH ROW: Diane Norris, Sunny Abemathy, Jerry Davenport, Jerry Coumelis, Dixie Savage. BACK ROW: Delbert Horton, Mike Keeling, Clarence Welch, Gene Gennings, Lynn Lockler. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Sponsors MRS. LORRAINE MERRY and MISS BERTIE SIMS For membership in the National Honor Society, a student must qualify on the basis of scholarship. leadership, and character. Membership is by invita- tion only, and is limited to the senior class. T The Stephen F. Austin Chapter was installed No- vember 3O, 1937. OFFICERS: Sara Smith, parliamentarian: Diane Wigington, vice-president: Deanna Chittenden, recording secretary: Sunny Abernathy, corresponding secretary. 88 SUPERIORE WORK ON SCHOOL PUBLICATIONS EARNS NATIONAL MEMBERSHIP Q Yi A 4 mi Q' ',:' t in --f' W , ' "" "rm, 1'1fftg53jf'w.a ..t,.ii.ifiii Wi IEQN a VEPL y . I E . c l I I B A ,, 1 f A 'Vf , ,ff 4 .I ff 5, mn ff f ft 2, I as 11 -- 5 2551? 'WW lsaH"ZI'1 MEMBERS: ,Iarline Mueller, sergeant-at-arms, Betty Koppa, Kay Jackson, presidentg Nannine Gee, secretary. BACK ROW: Maury Lieberman, Linda Paskie, Kay Mackey, vice-president, Elizabeth Mays, Bonnie Beardsworth, Laleanne Warnell, treasurer. QUILL AND SCROLL BSR INGN .,,. , 532' 5 S1 5 , , f."f'y23i?i 'ft . 2,5 ,K " 'M ,, Maury Lieberman, fall president, checks assignment calendar. nw: ' W Bonnie Beardsworth, vice-president, Kay Jackson, treas- urerg Maury Lieberman, president, the fall officers, check files for suitable copy. 5-"N V. 5,:m.g..15:z:- .a Sponsor, MRS. MARY BROWN To become a member of Quill and Scroll, an international journalistic honor society for high school students, a student must rank scholastically in the top third of the junior or senior class. He must also do superior work on a school publication. Members of the Corral fyearbookj, the Round-Up lnewspaperl, and the Handbook staffs are eligible for membership by invitation after a minimum ser- vice of one year. Austinls Chapter of Quill and Scroll was organized in 1937. BOWLER U E LEI URE CLUB MEMBERS, FRONT ROW: Patsy Garner, Woo-dy Isenhart, Roberta Randall, Maylene Copeland, Virginia Weaver, Martha Stukey, Glenn Wright. SECOND ROW: Bill Whitten, John Ferguson, David Smith, George Washington, Virginia Brimberry. THIRD ROW: Robert DeNeefe, Joe Guerra, George Harris, Howard Hughes, Glenn Kellum, Joe Humber, Mike Childers, Miss Dineen, sponsor. FOURTH ROW: David Blair, Don McCollough, Sallye Way, Bill Everly, Chuck Johnson, Jerry Coumelius, Mike Muskiet. BACK ROW: Daryl James, Ken Hay, Robert Gossett, Douglas Fuque, Tommy Treadway, Emerson Horton. OFFICERS- STAXIHXH: Rolwrt Randall. sc-crelaryg Don Crawford, vice-presidentg Dillyl James, president. SEATED: Miss Dineen, sponsor: H,i3lt-in 4 .W Lmtl. tr:-uxurer. 90 Tl E TO DE ELOP SKILL THE ROLLING PONIES Sponsor MISS MARJORIE DINEEN Rolling Ponies offers students a chance to express their enthusiasm for the sport of bowling. Approximately ninety-five members meet at the Gulfgate Bowling Lanes once weekly, after school. Awards in the form of letters and the installation of officers are highlights at an annual banquet which is usually held at Elliottls Steak House. Don Crawford, vice-president, bowls. ar f y Q ' i , CLUB MEMBERS, FRONT ROW: Diane Walker, Marilyn McKee, Travis Kanky, Bill Holt, Tony Stevens, Ronnie Pate, SECOND ROW: Pamela Jamison, Lynn Svendson, James Hairrel, Jackie Tillar, Don Bradford, Connie Crenshaw Warren Barrington. THIRD ROW: Kay Choate, Carol Crosland, Gerald Roberts, Gene Freeman, Linda Raymond, Cookie Davis Pam Kozlek. BACK ROW: Delbert Horton, Morris Tate, Billy Elder, Sammy Paine, Jerald Kozlek. l 9I CITY BOWLI G TEAM A h , is ,4..,,-v HTL-52 .....,a--M FRONT ROW: Glenn Wright. James Hairrell. J. C. Herring. Joe Guerra. John Ferguson. SECOND ROW: Jackie Tiller, Connie Crcnahaw. Martha Stukey. Maylene Copeland. Don Crawford. THIRD ROW: Daryl James, Linda Raymond. Pam Kozlek. Bill Wllitten, Roberta Randall. TOP BOWLERS QUALIFY FOR AWARDS Warren Barrinslnn .mil Nlwrrix Vlxrllfl carefully select their howling halls for the aftf-rnf'-fn. 92 at Connie Crenshaw the others howl as she relaxes for a while with rowt beer. says that she enjoys watchin me ACTION IN A ,IUURNALISTUS LIFE so ,. , V w U 596 sf, E25 ' f , 7 Q P , J, my - ,,'. , Y., BQPQI Anne Campbell, sports editor, and Diane Godlove, exchange Mike Pettit, issue reporterg ,lane Wilson, make-up editorg Yv editor, attach clippings to the current news bulletin board. Arnold. make-up editorg and Kay Mackey work to meet the prin deadline date. 1960 ROUND-UP STAFF OHDS ter's A ,,,, ,YH , Robert McNay, photographer, takes a picture for the Round-Up, school newspaper. Austin's Round-Up, published twice each month. Students strive diligently for positions on the assures subscribers thorough news coverage, ex- Austin Round-Up which is well known locally, cellent editorials, and well-written features, plus a state-wide, and nationally for its excellent quality. variety of pictures in each issue. 93 AUSTI- 7 JOURNALISTS STRI E ' AKC A ,X ,nm 1i1.f, Q AU FALL STAFF, FRONT ROW: Nannine Gee, editor-in-chiefg Diane Godlove, exchange editorg Anne Campbell, sports editorg Linda Paskie, business managerg Mary DeVaughn, typist. SECOND ROW: Robert McNay, photog- rapher: Pansy Robison, copy editorg Bonnie Beardsworth, editor-in-chiefg Verna Collum, circulation managerg Kay Mackey, sports editorg Jane Wilson, make-up editorg Nancy Marshall, feature editor, Elizabeth Mays, feature editor: Yvonne Arnold, make-up editor: Allene Laake, advertising managerg Carol Crosby, assistant business manager. , Qxxitafm .S MV' R ' Ill' 41 gn - -, ,m .. , fl V nf , -,iff W.. va " B' Q M .- 1' ' 'fl ' ' " - .1 -ess?-Jr im, J. " -' -f .Crue Mrs. Mary Brown. 5p0n50r, reads a copy of the Round-Up for staff evaluation. 94 1960 ROUND-UP -K .E , Fall editors Nannine Gee and Bonnie Beardsworth display honor awards which have been received for outstanding work in journalism. FOR THORO GH EW COVERAGE 'er Q, citc Kg., f ., ,,,, ,,. t , , i , ,,, . 9 I . f ,W M, . .lslxfwso SPRING STAFF, FIRST ROW: Pansy Robinson, feature editor: Verna Collum, feature editorg Robert McNay, photographer, Kay Mackey, assistant editor, Jane Wilson, assistant editor: Nancy Marshall, news editor. SECOND ROW: Carolyn Cowan, student adviser: Allene Laake, business manage-rg Anne Campbell, editor-in-chiefg Mike Pettit, editor-in-chiefg Linda Paskie, managing editor, Elizabeth Mays, student advise-rg Carol Crosby. BACK ROW: Paul Suttle, advertising salesmang Pat Crosby, assistant feature editor: Avis Chickering, assistant photographer: Helen Ruth, exchange editor: Beverly Purfurst, circulation manager: Mary DeVaughan, typistg Carolyn Helmke, column editor: Yvonne Arnold, column editor, Darlene Taylor, assistant editor. For having an outstanding high school newspaper and for distinctive achievements in having numerous publications and activities in journalism, the Round-Up received the National Newspaper Citizen Award in 1959. Spring editors Anne Campbell and Mike Pettit file some "dead copy." Qi? tab' on rules and information new rex porters may need. 95 Nannine Gee, student adviser, "keeps Qs j NSS - f at ' 1 NVQ f S 1 X Q' ,, Xd x xx D n A 'X f rx BATTLE GROUP OFFICERS: Commander Jerry Hoffman, Executive Officer Lawrence DeLeon, Training and Operations Officer Billy Lucas. Adjutant Larry Krause Q xi draw POWDER PUF FS STANDING: Anna Crain, Re Cowart, Patsy Ellisor, Judy Golden. KNEELINC: Mary Espinosa, Patti Meadow. SITTING: Sidney Bradley. Powder Puffs are the girls who are active members of the rifle team. R.O.T.C. COMMANDANTS S.F.C. Edward Payne and M! Sgt. Edward Nellist compile of- ficer and cadet data after school hours. f mm f i ,, as f EM, VJ uw 4 'ff mi 35231554 M rf ,ff 'V n Q 5 U A 1 Q .k,,. ,, ' N . x f" ,..,f, . fn' V Q, ,mx "' . ffpwdwy ,4wgf,w,,. , vg Z fwffff, 2 l LEGIONNAIRE HO- OR AUSTI Don Crain Ulridon' Johnny Green, commanderg Patsy Ellisor, sponsorg and Robert Carr, co-commanderg hold the R.O.T.C.'s Pro D S ' d Tlcticw tru uh won by the Lefflonnalres ID tlns ye-ar's conmpetltmn. Auslln S Leglonnalres were forme- fessor of Military .cxence an 1 .E I y, , :- in 1955. 97 3 R.O.T.C. BAND: Cadet First Lt. Jack Henderson. FIRST RANK: Cadet MfSgt. Robert Noerr, Cadet Sgt. Douglas Allee. Capt. Donald Aubry. Cadet Cpt. Fred Carrieo. SECOND RANK: Cadet Sgt. John Appleton, Cadet Cpl. James Chadwick. COMPANY WA" OFFICERS Left to right: Guidon Thomas Crain, Company Commander Johnny Green, Company Sponsor Judy Colden, Com- pany Executive Officer Cadet lst Lt. Dexter Price, Ist Sgt. David Tannich. Cadet FIRST I'l,XTU',tN: Cadet Ist Lt. J. W. Garrett. FIRST RANK: Cadet MfSg1t. Donald Crain, Cadet S.F.C. Andy Johnson, P,F.4,f. Pirtlfy xllwvtvft SECOND RANK: Cadet S.F.C. Sollie Christian, Cadet P.F.C. Thomas Karonika, Cadet P.F.C. Roy THIRD R XXI! fader Sit. Ned Ruah. Cadet P.F.C, Kenneth Anthony, Cadet Cpl. Ross Simpson. 98 . wt ' Cadet M efza . J, COMPANY "A"-SECOND PLATOON: Lt. Frank Benuvides. FIRST RANK: Jim Stone, Glenn Windham, Jesse Rodriguez. SEC- OND RANK: Douglas Mclnroe, Bobby Standard. THIRD RANK: .luan Ramos, Milton Miller. A COMPANY MB" 3... OFFICER, FRONT ROW: Company Commander David Lyon, Company Sponsor Anna Crain, Company Executive .Iohn Karonika. SEC- OND ROW: Guidon Raymond Cardenas. BACK ROW: Platoon Leaders Carl Etheredge, Luther Liner, Ralph Bradford. FIRST PLATOON: Ist Lt. Carl Elheredge. FIRST RANK: Clarence Welsh, Jim Jaynes, Raymond Erlanson, Gayle Smith, Tommy Blankenship, Billy Burrows. SECOND RANK: Richard Hovis, Jimmy Runge, Henry Horeliea, Jack Faulkner, Douglas Cherry. , 99 COMPANY "B"-SECOND PLATOON: Platoon Leader, lst Lt. Luther Liner. FIRST ROW, left to right: MfSg1. Tony Robinson, S.F.C. Robert Callemore, P.F.C. Stephen Morton, P.F.C. Robert Mitchell, P.F.C-. Larry Robinson, Cpl. Cande Alanis. SECOND ROW: S.F.C. William Redding, P.F.C. John Cain, P.F.C. Roy Collins, Cpl. Fred Roberts. THIRD ROW: S.F.C. Michael Bradford, P.F.C. Roy Smith, P.F.C. Larry Barrington, Cpl. Louis Sabayrac P" IP' vw COMPANY t'B"eTHIRD PLATOON: Ralph Bradford, Ronny Farrar, Tommy Bandy, Joe Fry, Ronald Meese, Billy Hanks, Graham Marquis, Joseph Ellis. 9 , COMPANY He: nf A A A T' . 0 OFFICERS: ' 5 ' 1, Q ' f e , :R ,,,, ' " " ' - :Q ,Q t,, a eb . le Company Commander: ROBERT CARR 5 we , 15" 1 gi, X 1 Ie. -.,: 0 A 3 ' SELF Company Sponsor: MARY ESPINOSA ' r 4 5 ft'-3 gl ,W . .,.. Company Executive: ANDREW STROM I It - Rf 15 p"1:i:,,V 1 euidont LARRY ROCKETT V M y A ,vi . ,At v I f, First sgr., ROBERT PLATZ . "-J. ,, V, ij 5 Vi A --, f' . L ., , R ttsre- .ziggy 1 it 1, il. A R- ' 'T .,,, .,..t ..,,. , COMPANY MC" FIRST PLATOON: lst Lt. Robert Carr. FIRST RANK: ,lack Eaton, Russell Oliver, Andrew Blake, jimmy Green. SECOND RANK: Ronny Huestis, Wayfne Knight, Henry Cato, Bernard Moore. THIRD RANK: Rany Mclntyre, Micheal Audish, Hayden Barron. SECOND PLATOON: Ist Lt. Andrew Strom. FIRST RANK: Raymond Goodwin, Jerry Casey, Jeff Gill, John May. SECOND RANK: Robert Dorsey, Ralph Stenzel, Kenneth Gill, Bob Jones. THIRD RANK: Bill Cole, Ray Dean, Jerry Wiess, Claude Roberts. THIRD PLATOON: lst Lt. Stephen Liles. FIRST RANK: Lee Baker, Kenneth Cudd, Freddie Hoffman, Ted Wallace. SECOND RANK: Richard Sims, Matt Dawson, Claude Cook. THIRD RANK: Herbert Birdwell, Gary Hinkie, Gordon Pierce. IOI Q s . '16-ii 'YSL . xxg. ll.. if 'I gg ,i ' 3 K Ref 4, I xg: E 3 ' s , 'fi Austin Legionnaires ready for inspection. R.O.T.C. SPONSORS Lt. Col. Patti Meadows. Major Re Cowart. and Capt. Patsy El- lisor. IO2 TI-IE AUSTIN LEGIONNAIRES RIFLE TEAM STANDING: Lee Baker, Andrew Strom, Johnny Green, SITTING: J. W. Garrett, Ray Collins, Tom- my Blankenship. ADVANCED PLAYERS ACTIVE ,J 9' ll i FRONT ROW: Rosemary Jamison, Shirley Buzan, Marsha Daigle, parliamentarian: Sharon James, secretary: Ann Jenkins, treas- urer: Sue Ellen DeWees, vice-president: Sally Crum, Pat Watson, Nancy Womack, Joyce Leopold. BACK ROW: Jerald Kozlek, Billy Eberle, Jimmy Brewer, president: Hill Holt, Daryl James, Jerry Sanders. THESPIANS Sponsor MRS. M. MIXON fi ll 4: 3 l NDUSE M MOH , .f 23" 'T fn, A Joyce Leopold and Marsha Daigle rehearse a scene from the play "Harvey," Fifty-four points in drama, character reference, and service for the school are a few of the requirements for membership in the Thespians, a national advanced drama organization. Thespians are in many of Austinls programs each year. CLUB OFFICERS Marsha Daigle, parliamentariang Ann Jenkins, treasurer: Jimmy Brewer, president: Sue Ellen Dewees, vice-president: Sharon James secretary. IO3 v X THE CUTTI H BRIGADE Scottish Brigade. girls' drill team. is one of the oldest orgaiiizations on the Campus. The girls take part in not only N l E . 1. . 1 U 6 the fall sports program and school attixltles throubhout th year. but in niany Civic programs as well. f Y-XXX? -Q, X he XX XX X -5 K - ZW y Z Is 2 Miss Betty Blakely and Miss Beatrice Lytle. sponsors, meet with Mr. Floyd Lewellyn. music director. SARA SMITH. Colonel Bette Huffman, Drum Sunny Abernathy. Adjutant Majorg and Bugle Major: Lolly Hindman, Drill Major. IO4 . Mx Kathy Street, Lieutenant Colonel of Reserve-sg lynn Adams, Lieutenant Colonel of Records. I eri- 1""N,, Diann Wiikey Captain of Company A I0 Ann Gill Captain of Company "B" GIVES PATRIOTIC UPPORT Dixie Savage, Captain of Reserves: and Linda Henscli, Captain of Records. Diane Wigington, Captain of Bugles. filth I and Sandra Bralley w-'-NN ,xmunfz.1naxs. mrs me rf .131 :uni ZW F LAC D RAGPIPE CORP 6' Mai., , f - ,M-, ,,-A f IO6 FLAG CORPS: Lt. Avis Cliiekeringg Rt. Color Gd. U.S. Flag, Margaret Armbrusterg Sgt. of U.S. Flag, Karen Johnson, Lft. Color Gd. U.S. Flag, Mary Ann Lucasg Rt. Color Gd. Texas Flag, Tammara Tannerg Sgt. of Texas Flag, Marion Ray, Lft. Color Gd. Texas Flag. Sandra Tannerg Rt. Color Cd. Brigade Flag, La Verne Sclioonoverg Sgt. Brigade Flag, Elsie Wilmothg Top Sgt. Kay Jackson. B.-XGPIPE CORPS. FRONT ROW: Sgt. Bagpipes Bass Drum, Barbara Rogers, Sgt. Bagpipe Tenor Drum, Sherry Morgang Sgt. Bagpi me Snare Drum. ,lane Wilson: Sgt. Bagpipes, Linda Hawkinsg Top Sgt. Bagpipe Bass Drum, Janice Hatlerg Top Sgt. Bagpipes, Patsy Price: Lt. Bagpipe Drums. Mary Lynn Chippendale, Lt. Bagpipes, Sara Beth Bozeman. SECOND ROW: Marylyn Sander, Nancy Poole. Patsy Vaughan. Beverly McMurrey, Gwen Sohutte, Myrna Owens, Karen Hawkins, Barbara Schenton, ,lan McDowell. BACK ROW: Wanda Ray. Carol Winters, Barbara Knight, Karen Wallingford, Nancy Germany, Lois Knox, Carolyn Helmke, Ann Byrne. Jeanette Troinliatore. ag Z E 'VE 5 l Z Q 5 DRUM AND B OLE CORP fi' 2 4 DRUM CORPS, FRONT ROW: Lt. Carolyn Cowan, Top Sgt. Betty Anne Wessendorf, Sgt, Snare, Julie Sullivang Sgt. Tenor Drum, Diane Norris, Sgt. Bass Drum, Sandra Henderson, Cpl. Sue Heinsohn. SECOND ROW: Beverly Morgan, Virginia Pettus, Nancy Parker, Shirley Cavasos, Linda Moore, Judy Colden, Marie Colley, Sarah Jordan. BACK ROW: Zoe Ann Juneman, Nelle Mosser, Judy Dugan, Marilyn Merritt, Charlotte Lister, Suzanne Page. Janelle Lucky, Carole Herron. Sandra Kaelin, Iris Gillespie, Delores Newbill, Lilly Chittenden. 3 BUGLE CORPS, FRONT ROW: Lt. of Bugles, Carolyn Crenwelgeg Top Sgt. of Bugles, Alice Mes-chkeg Trumpet Sgt., Judy Covey, Soprano Sgt., Becky Edmistong Tenor Sgt., Judy Rhodes, Baritone Sgt., Carolyn Seward, Cpl. Carol Higginbotham. SECOND ROW: Arlene Lanius, La Cretia Gamble, Jo Ann Stubblefield, Lucy Weaver, Bill Marsh, Sue Dow, Allene Laake, Karen Beth Hazzard, Kay Mackey, Rachael Buntyn, Jeanne Williams. BACK ROW: Barri Hammer, Donna Jarvis, Kay Anderson, Darlene Tav- lor, Betty Hammer, Joyce Shepherd, Betty Koppa, Sue Hornsby, Gwen Willis. IO7 DRILL CORP COMPANY tw' if-ff FRONT ROW: Beverly Hurt, Lt., Doris Thompson, Top Sgt., Judy Strickland, Sgt.g Nancy Johnson, Corporal. SECOND ROW: Patsy Caperton, Sally McAdams, Sandra Davis, Beverly Lyles, Barbara Rutland, Frances Argriopoulos, Carolyn Allred, Esther Alexander. BACK ROW: Deanna Hodge, Pat McCormick, Brenda Thompson, Glynda Thames, Patricia Sampson, Martha Dietrich, Sharon Culver, Beverly Purfurst. M399 FRONT ROW: Dahlia Casas, Lt., Judy Kennedy, Top Sgt., Pat Argiropoulos, Sgt.g Barbara Vajdak, Cpl.g Melinda Russi, Cpl.g Carolyn Kirby. Cpl. SECOND ROW: Linda JO Sullivan, Helen Medley, Linda Stoerner, Sandra Stanislaw, Charlotte Castlcberry, Betty Birtcher. Darla Shelburne. BACK ROW: Doris Belt, Paulette Brocato. Bobby Hatter, Roberta Wisler, Jo Ann Meadows, Dorothy Beauchamp. Linda Swonl-ae. Dorothy O'Kelley, IO8 ,ff COMPANY MC" gyliv 'E' fi' 1 Him if 9 FRONT ROW: Caro Ann Chippendale, Top Sgt., Carole Smith, Sgt., Pat Gilchrist, Cpl., Janis Peyton, Cpl. SECOND ROW Marcia Cudd, Anne Bloomquist, Delores Castillo, Beverly Davis, Robin Ball, Nancy Vernon, Patsy Gates, Sandra Glenn. BACK ROW Judy Christian, Maryjo Lyle, Lynda Brooks, Gail Blakey, Sue Sperling, Ruth Hunt., Pat Crosby, ldelia Alanis, Eva Whistler. COTTI H BRIGADE Brigade in action at the First Day Performance. Brigade girls perform in the girls' gym for a Dads' Club program '9' SCU'l"l'1SH BRIGADE RESERVE CORPS I FRONT ROW: Rosemary Barnhart, Marilyn Crump, Carol Braffett, Marilyn Berry, Linda Brown, Virginia Harwood, Connie Cun- ningham, Susie Miller, Kathy McClain. SECOND ROW: Cheryl Jolivette, Gloria Beylotte, Carolyn Stalnaker, Karen Jones, Freya Baxley, Carol Arre, Allynn Knox, Pat Peacock, Claudia Simmons, Linda Johnston, Shirley Snelling. BACK ROW: Susan Morrison, Caylene Lawless, Anne Dunford, Betty Brosmer, Patricia Syphrett, Ann Heussner, Ella Mae Blake, Karen Nelson, Carole Gay Scott, Kitty Coffey, Jenni Van Black, Ronnie Jean Golden. ' 2 3 Q Q s , M113 , P R b' , Linda Monternayor, Karen Smith,'Ma1'y Webb, Karen Sisco, Marilyn Blount, B d FRONT EgglgN'lganE33gf. lqaallggle SEgi,ppgCliJ1SlfSlilHie Ruth Williams, Pat Pulliam, Diane Clayton, Eleanor Williarns, Lucille Genrrfgsaal Morgan' 1 J d Huie Ann Dewey BACK ROW' Pat Shepard, Martha Helen Flake, Faye Miller, Donna Randall, Judy Wolfe, I I0glQf1If5l5HefSg,QZ,f IQUQQIOLQ June EnA'N1mek, Kathleiie Gassner, Pat Sheffield. 1 S1 H 7 STUDE T COUNCIL- THE VOICE OF COVER ME T A REPRESENTATIVE FROM EACH HOMEROOM INCLUDES4FRONT ROW: Shelia Pearce, Ann Dancy, Patti Box, Doris Thompson, Pan Purdy, Diane Dawson, Annette Simmons, Kay Anderson, Rachel Buntyn, Marie Colley, Frances Argiropoulos, Anne Bloomquist. SECOND ROW: Marilyn McKee, Dianne Walker, Pamela Jamison, Carole Hagg, Susie Miller, Judy Wagner, Linda Stout, Marilou Pangram, Linda Brown, Mary Vara, Linda Stoener, Joyce Pledger. BACK ROW: Pat Argiropoulos, David Tannich, Galen Mansee, Don Crawford, Richard Lane, Johnny Gonzales, Hugh Ramsey, Gary Curry, Russell Herbert, Mike Keeling, Wesley Doyle, Sharon James. FOR APPROXIMATELY 1800 STUDENTS I l E fi , l Q E i 5 2 S I 3 I A -4 an 'Tuw""., OFFICERS: Mr. G, L, Johnston, sponsor, Wesley Doyle, president: Frances Argiropoulos, corresponding secretary. , ,. 1 . V aw SE IOR GIRL ' PROMOTE x rw vv In N C9 'ED' 1819 "wa, 's..,f , OFFICERS, FRONT ROW: Verna Collum, treasurer, Pan Purdy, vice-president, Dixie Savage, presidentg Linda Hensch, member- ship secretary: Patti Box, recording secretary. SECOND ROW: Diane Wigington, parliamentariang Kathy Street, program chairman, Mrs. Fancher, sponsor: Sandra Henderson, social chairman, Pat Argiropoulos, sergeant-at-arms. , SENIOR sUB-nEBs . Verna Collum, treasurer, pays her dues to Mrs. Faye Fancher, sponsor. Decoration Committee studies book of ideas in mf' preparation for the dance. FRONT ROW: Diane Wigington, Dixie Savage, Patti Box, Pan Purdy, Pat Argiropoulos. BACK ROW: Beverly Rider, Sandra Henderson, Verna Collum. Il2 WHOLESOME SOCIAL ACT I ITIE f f 4 , f Zi M ff 2 fl 1? ff' 3 97 5, , mv M ' -.f ' f 5' mf , I ff 73 'Xwsav 1, ,VV ,M,,,..,i 4-ff A, f My Q f, , 7 f ,V ' "" , 3 SUB-DEB MEMBERS, FRONT ROW: Marjorie Childs, Vickie Glenn, Beverly Rider, Jackie Tillar, Betty Wessendorf, Julie Sul- livan. SECOND ROW: Marilynn Cheatham, Sue Shannon, Shirley Barak, Barbara Gholston, Jane Wilson, Elizabeth Mayes, Ruth Dille. BACK ROW: Diane Norris, Becky Edmiston, Linda Hawkins, Bonnie Ahearn, Gloria Loesch, Nancy Marshall. 157 cz? E 'XG'-W ,Q assi:-'Q-' . A 1 ' 3 9 in ss BQ B B MEMBERS, FRONT ROW: Deanna Chittenden, Helen Ruth, Carole Smith, Donna Cloteaux, Elsie Wilmoth, Delores Newbill Janis Peyton. SECONITROW: Margaret Armbruster, Avis Chickering, Sandra Tanner, Tamara Tanner, Carolyn Cowan, Betty Zorr Nancy Parker. BACK ROW: Kathy Street, Lolly Hindman, Susan Pledger, Patsy Price, Bette Huffman, Karen Wallingford. II3 SE IOR SUB-DEB V ff 1 9072 1 WW f ff K MEMBERS, FRONT ROW: Jerilynn Adams. Sandy Bralley. Jean Kuhlman, Vicki Krewson, Carol Marshall. SECOND ROW: Caro Ann Chippendale. LaVerne Schoonover, Rara Beth Bozeman, Pam Kozlek, Marlene Copeland, Sue Ellen Dewees, Diann Wilkey. OFFICERS: Sandy Bralley. Linda Hensch. Kathy Street, Lolly Hindman, and Bette Huffman work as a planning committee for Senior Sub-Deb dance, Senior Sub-Delis is a club created for the social and cultural interests of the senior girl. Seniors must maintain a "C" average and an "E" in conduct to he eligible for membership. Senior girls promote wholesome social activities through this organization. Senior Sub-Debs sponsor teas and an annual flance. This year's dance was held in the boys, gym. February 20, l960. The Sub-Dehs meet twice each month to make arrangements for their activities. II4 STI ,S SINGI G BOYS We ,Q 3 ,, 14 W2 few Q5 I I ' :V vm . . I ,M M I w 'f gf- 1411. 'ii X 'W - Z? AV , 4, ' , 4 f if Tiki? M 4' fr A ef' M fw+yrwm,tw+-mfnoawwwfw .X 4 2 ' ' 2 ' tf ,f Www W' , , ,, f Vg H , ,5 f fit 'A 'f 1' 'ff 4 fi -.e - "' f fx oz' if' 6.21-wa 4 " 1 ,., y A - . I ff ,wo ME ,L I- f ,. 1, 5 v er f i rx:-,V 1 The Boys' Chorus rehearses under the direc tio n of Mr. ,lack Novak. Members of the Boys' Chorus per- form at the Christ- mas Program. BOYS'CHORUS Sponsor MR. J. NOVAK MEMBERS John Appleton Larry Baxter Willia,m Blackmon Tommy Burnett Tommy C0015 James Cox Tommy Decherd Charles Hill Travis Kankey Cordon Matter Billy McBay Dennis Medley Jerry Ndlson Robert Shumway Mickey Shyrock Tommy White PORT J I ll' I V Mwiuuwwaw Varsity basketball members Kim Baker and Joe Thompson chat with fellow students as they are congratulated -after the game at the Houston High School Gymnasium. In 1959 Austin students won the coveted All-City Sportsmanship Trophy as a result of their loyal support and excellent conduct disulaved at athletic events. Deeds win prizes, together team Conquer our opponent Bolster the sehool esteem CHEERLE DER BOO T 12, X511 ahQi WO' 1 K N .B 3-'P' f V 5 - Y 1, T H ., .iq L 0 . , A L .. Q v. 7 14-31, I .14 .51-:S 7. 5, K A925 ,N .,y,,M.' XM: . gtg gN i i la . X Q y sq? XSS x Q. N. 5 be 35 . , ' , "" f 5 ' 'Sf A T A? S i xasil, '59-'60 CHEERLEADERS Hmm' f,'ll6t"I'1Hlll,t'l'S FRANK COLE WOOIJY ISENHART HARRY BARRETT GEHEY RAY CSILRERT SHARON JAMES LESLIE BUTLER IIB E- THUS ASM Cheerleaders are elected each year in the Spring Semester by popular vote. A MC" average and an "E" in conduct are necessary to run for this position. This average must be maintained while holding the cheer- leader position. They lead the Mustang Boosters in yells at pep rallies and all sport events. The Booster Club awards each Cheerleader a letter sweater for boosting school spirit. "Stevie,7' the school mascot, is selected in the fall of each year by a faculty committee and a student commit- tee. The qualifications for this position are: a senior boy, a "CN average and an MEM in conduct. "Stevie" continues to parade as the school mascot. .1-. .- X ULOCOMOTIVE YELL' N. xy X , fn gg .' I Sponsor MISS BETTY BLAKELY ,, ,W-f-'gy . 2 gm 5 W !, Q 1 7 1, y , , v. 1 Q fel lf- AQWMZW ff, ,f . ,, ,z,,4,., Q mzvffa- ' .f. t .- - V ivzC.4'z'.34g - "ff-- 2 3 ,af M2 "J ' 'AZ ' " 453221 4 - ' T .iff -V'V ' ""' ' 1 i ' fi 112 , f , f E 1 wif s f Q' -1' 43, 'T 1 1 Stevie's action Bill Holt Russell Herbert Aw 'st s Akumg, Gemey Kay Frank Sharon Woody Gilbert Cole James lsenhart Leslie Harry Butler Barrett f 1 f f M fff off 90 f 7 fl f ff! , ff " if .M as , ,nu 1.1 i ,- - mio i Y 1 1 9" 'Q 5 'FH 85,5 , f QW?-ow .- ' + ...::isw,:-2 , .as . ,gp . .g:g:g,1.v:: . .5-5.:,,.6:3:4' ,:L -'21,135:g5:,:f-gfif-Q-:.f' 1. 32 :7.l:j-:..- .., .'c',4:t f .a:aaf:..- .,.1.afs::::st - . .-.,..:1:s:::.1:A:,::'.:-:.- . -. f- a.':e:5:e:V S f mil, 9 11.1431 .. .:,e,..t. , ss.-.-,zv - .,33,:,551,53.-I-gg: ,ji - V A -ff I fy.. -1 f - -1- .4 , K 1 . ,, t 1 , .- , ff 23' rf ' . ' TOP: Coach Pat Riley, a graduate of Sam Houston State Teachers College, was also a member of the coaching staff in 1954. In 1958, his .Iunior Varsity team took the City Championship Crown. BELOW: Coach Bob Mclfachern, a graduate of Texas Christian University, has been at Austin for two years. He has six years of coaching experience. I2O 32+ 'W Coach Bill Cook, a graduate of the University of Houston, was first on Austinis coaching staff in 1954 when Austin went to the State Finals. This is Coach Cook's second year as Head Coach. ATHLETIC STAFF JUNIOR VARSITY COACHES, Coach A1 Her- man and Coach Lee Beeson, are both new- comers this year to Austin's coaching staff. Their work together has helped produce the 1959 City Championship ,Iunior Varsity. Q M SENIOR KAREN WALLINGFORD "' A NLUGGO LOVINL f""" Head Traincr SAM BROWN Head Managvr Far left: DON HOOD J.V. Trainer Left: HUGH RAMSEX J.V. Manager "From Temple's early 9-0 lead to the final seconds of the ball game, the Austin Mustang- Temple Wildcat clash was a spectator's thrillfi according to local newspapers. Austin recovered two consecutive Wildcat fumbles and converted both of them into scores before the half. AUSTIN BEATS TEMPLE 37-28 IN SEASON OPENER Austin football players, too excited to sit, focus on the ball near the close of the Austin and Temple game, at Temple, Texas. Temple came back, after Austin made another touchdown in the second half, to tie Austin 22-22. Robert Christian scored another 6 points and passed to Wesley Doyle for a 28 yard run to cinch the victory 37-28. JOHNNY ABERNATHY' BOBBY BAKER CHARLES BEVERLY Guard Back End fell-lk 2 ' S 2 . ii JOHN BLANKENSHIP Center Mickey Shyrock, 26, recovers a fumble in the third quarter on Austin's goal line as Leroy Stock, 18, and Frank Waltermire, 64-, scramble for the ball. YELLOW JACKETS STING PONIES 21-0 In a September 16 battle be- fore 7000 at Jeppesen Stadium, Galena Park's Yellow Jackets showed they were a vital factor in Houston area football as they ground out a 21-0 victory o v e r previously unbeaten Austin. ln a complete reversal of their performance against Tem- ple, one Week before, the Mustangs never once were able to cross the double stripe. TOMMY BURNETT TRINIDAD CANTU Tackle Guard 'Sf .K bf' 49 , .. 5+ 'K rf 9 Wi xg- - is K. of K1l,,iir.5, w ft. sb, REAGA Swlft Reaffan backs and Delmar mud formed an Douglas Paschal s 9 yard run caused Austin to unbeatable comblnatlon as the Reaffan Bulldogs lead 8 7 durmg the flrst half Mustangs collapsed trounced the Austm Mustangs 25 8 at Delmar offenslvely and defensrvely as the Bulldogs scored tadlum, September 25 1959 three more touchdowns to turn the tide in the K 5 , 'se ' ' ,, N X' . Ng,-:wee ,WI 1 5l'1'?7Kl' 5452, aff 1 f f 4 t ,,. ' sw? I ,, j-ix, jw.'g'2h,A1 3, 3 V ' 1 '--fl.-:1,'n"w"' f. 1- ' , 9 j . 1 ,.f Y get -'55 QW- - - V -.. v' tm. . f ,W vt. DAVID DEALY End Phillip Peter, 39, gains eight yards before he is stopped by Reagan, 4-5, and Reagan, 11. DOWNS AUSTI 25-8 ANDY DELERY WESLEY DOYLE ROY FAUBION Tackle Back Back 2 ' i Pf , 2 '--.. ,. , WW' if M ' 'ivi 2 1v. 2221 ,,,V Q V. Q :fn 1 1 . . VM, .. ,. , , f.-', ' ik RM ., K e:,J', 12- , ,f :Q 'Q N :vi Q ,, fm . l V. R ' "f si3fr2ggaf,l,M,.,,-15,6752 ,t x In 7,2 X, .9 -,,-H-.pfyij 7? G .tm my .r 31 ,4-,,.,,V.z , V , V. JV " KV-5 .WEN ' - 'iiilffh ' -4 g f fc, 'fi 551,-" ' 5: 5,32 ,f 2252, :'i R , R Qw?g,,v3: Q R in wil' 4 .4 7 ff 0 an Y xi 'QQ 5? in W gif Rig 1. A'-f 4 . .11 . V V v we . ., ,Q Q 1. . 2,-9 ,, - 1 ,E . ,Iwi f? 1' 'gfilfi "3 - V' Qs. 'A , . . kswv gm 5. ..X. , v 4115 5 ,-1 be is .1 K 'gin zz xiii! V: ? ' 4 vkvlilii - ' - eff? ' If I25 I5 'I f' x,f 'si W sihsfk ' I 5-fi T"5f 'SVT .ffl Jxxzn'-fwi X I f QQ it I ygwws, ,L Sk --ws M ,4 6 X. , , -. , -, X -yy Q wx .. Q X.,-ww N. 5 ww -V+ -- if xv.. , I V X -,. V, ., yy - use- nf - -as . :, if .-45 I ,.Qiv E'?fri 's- ze , ,4s:5a?i - X P ' rf I X cf ' , ,. : ici 'i l X 2 - . I-Qijf'-v S' J5:l1. If.. A, '1. f11'f' Q i, ., 6 t f IQQQXQ- f" 5' .- , ' .IIIVI FARRIS BENNY GILMORE JOHNNY GONZALES Back Back End PO IES RO P S IVI HOU TO TIGER I8-6 Stubborn Austin defense and a hard-driving offense proved the Ponies an powerhouse of talent, October 8. as they came from a 6-6 tie at the half to' romp over Sam Houston I8-6 at Delmar Stadium. During the first half. the Tigers held a 6-6 tie against the raging Ponies. The Ponies were able to tie the Tigers in the second quarter with a drive started by Robert Christian,s passing. In the third quarter, Robert Christian threw passes to David Dealy and Charles Beverly to tally the score I8-6. IVIIKE KEELING VERNON KRIPPNER JERRY LANGFORD Back Tackle Guard -X T 6 Q sw xg- lfwkuwuw Ve iiwwgf 2775 W2 4 I Austin football players relax in the dressing room during the half of the jefferson AUST I PANICS DA I' PA THER 28-7 Vaunted Austin defense reared into high gear on the passing of Robert Christian and the running of a stable of fleet Mustang hacks to pound the Jeff Davis Panthers, 28-7, at Jeppesen Stadium, Oc- tober 5. In the latter part of the first quarter, the Mustangs recovered a Davis fumble which was con- verted into an eight-point lead. ran six points. Mus- 2 crossed the double Austin then tangs again stripe. Austinfs final touchdown was the result of a pass to Wesley Doyle from Robert Christian for a 59-yard run. X H w.WM-:'- 'W X me -Q. er-sf ft N 95:3-ilk - Ms . r Q, Nlliefr? ' ,. " 'A NQQQXQM Q .Q Q ' was Eg ' r . ' figs. S '- Q3 -is .- f: Y' - .:.1' Y12.s'S -fats " 'TQ if-"" ' 5 ' - 1tSff--by , -:,,,.j-1:59 -' X - S .war t rf. ,.....,k.a. N-rw f .,.,. 4 - '- it 5: 52: A fi' fi? ll- 2 Midway in the second quarter, gy, BILLY MQBAY BERNARD MEAVE End Guard ' Z f I A 1 ' rrrei riarry .QE U . N R X to , XV,. V -V 5. X , a - as .D was Q A Q. , ix .at fs K Q 'Q .1 ,sv + Lf - Q' kv 6+ -SP 1 it .f'-sf.-'rex ' 'Y ns K "w5-155-N by Q New Q Q, New mei Q, is-5 Q55 :rr M H Shepherd plun es one yard 1n the second quarter as San Jac1nto 1385 trles to make stop. AUSTIN COASTS DOWNS SAN JACINTO 32-6 Austrn Mustanos klCkCd off the-1r brd for thelr cham Ponles took the krckoff from the Bears and after p1OHSh1p by maklnb llfe unbearable for the San twelve plays they were over the double stripe for an Austln scored 1tS flrst marker 1n the OPCHIHC perlod Bruce Currln ton Robert Christian, and Jimmy when fullback M H Shepherd ran 14 yards to end a Farrrs summed up the flnal score for the Ponies. DOUGLAS PASCHAL Back Austin held the fighting Jones Falcons until the last part of the second quarter, October 29, at Jeppesen Stadium, when Jones raged over the goal line for a 6-0 lead. Austin carne back after the half to score two touchdowns. The touchdowns were the result of a run by Robert Christian and a pass from Douglas Paschal to Charles Bev- erly. Jones cinched their victory by earning thirteen points in the third and fourth quarters. F LCO S FLAY Phillip Peter consults Coach Bill Cook before being sent in at ht third quarter of the Jones game. RONNIE PATE MIKE PETTIT PHILLIP PETER Guard Center Back Qyv' ,uw An 'Qs Still 5 is 433-K5 Wits N pkigkb 3 jf" S? R sv 1 ? as t X K W 2-' 1 mfkg 3, vi 'X rx LARRY RAINEY M. H. SHEPHERD MICKEY SHYROCK End Back Back MILBY EDGES AUSTIN MUST ANGS 7-6 Milby Buffalos edged by the Austin Mustangs 7-6, seventy-eight yards for the tally. Early in the second in a frost-bitten battle in Jeppesen Stadium. Novem- half, Milby intercepted an Austin pass and rnoved to ber 6. the end zone in six plays. Milbyis kick changed the tally Austin scored in the first period by stopping the t0a7'6 Milbylead' strong Buffalos at the 22 yard line and advancing Austin's Phillip Peter drives five yards for a first down. He is stopped by Milby's 62 LEROY STOCK Back 3 A . X fs, as y. RICHARD SULLIVAN JIM TAYLOR MIKE TAYLOR End Guard Back MUSTANGS STOMP CARDINALS 22-15 Mustangs pulled a desired victory out of the hat against the Bellaire Cardinals, 22-15, in Jeppesen Stadium, November 13. Jimmy Farris intercepted a Tom Hillary pass and ran twenty-six yards for a 6-0 Austin lead. The Cards forged in front 7-6 by moving sixty-five yards in 'W ll 2 fa , J 52 X122 Q2 3 f Ma M 15 we M 5' 3 W5 IQEEEQS eighteen plays. A 14-7 Austin lead was the result of a pass to Wesley Doyle for thirty-three yards. Nine plays later, in the second quarter, Jimmy Farris recovered a Bellaire fumble. Wesley Doyle snagged a pass to cross the double stripe again. After the half, the Cards scored only eight more points. FRANK WALTERMIRE MIKE WILHITE Guard Center 'WU IW :li Robert Christian tries to break up a Lamar pass in the third period of the Lamar game. Austinls Mustangs closed their 1959 Grid Season with a 44-6 victory over the Lamar Redskins. The game was played at Jeppesen Stadium, November 20, 1959. Ponies raged from their 32-yard line, sixty-eight yards in thirteen plays, to score in the first period. The second touchdown was the result of a Lamar fumble. recovered by Dennis Medley. Three plays later, the Mustangs crossed the double 'stripe again. The Lamar Red- skins scored in the third period. Other Austin touchdowns were scored by Robert Christian. Richard Sullivan. M. H. Shepherd. Jimmy Farris. rw ts- . 5 , KVA' r . - ,Sag .h sr , STEVE WORCHESIK AUSTIN . me Q ' I32 JS Tr? like ,sry 0 ,G A QQ-" ' 3, A , f 4 " Q 1' my 1 , ,,, , 0,1 1 4 f 2 f ' 'K'h- l . - , .,,,..,,-r:f""d,U,f VV 7' Q I X I If ,X 1 Mmm, 4. .qw 1 U 8 2-fg:,i.x.X . S Q53 if.. NMR NNXA V1 5 49 Y Austin's football players look on with excitement during thc Lamar game. VIU TANGS T OP LAM R REDSKINS 44-6 mm.: - Q 1. wsu M. H. Shepherd is brought down on Lamar's 15-yard line by Lamar's f30l and Lamar's f31l. W QNX W RHF, Q .f .5 i f ovvo4m 1. Ag fl 3 , 133 5 I H I I u 1 H 4' W WW ,f W 2 :R 5 zgrg ,V ,lj f bg.. A, , . , ,' " yi Azz, ,fy ' f Q f 'A " , , f f ,7,f?'f,3 'f ' , ' 7?52,Qf,ff 'Vw V 7 if, 'M f Of geiwaf www VARSITY TEAM . . . FRONT ROW, left to right: Coach lNICEachern. ,lim Taylor, Johnny Abernathy, Bernard Mease Hike Taylor Trinidad Cantu, Wesley Doyle. Bruce Currington. Mike Kee-ling, Roy Faubion. Dennis Medley, Ronnie Pate, Coach Pat Riley CENTER ROW: Sain Brown. Charles Beverly, Bobby Baker, John Blankenship, Jerry Langford. Frank Walterniire Andy Delen M. H. Shepherd. Mike Pettit. Benny Gilmore. Vernon Krippner, Billy lNIcBay. Sluggo Loving. BACK ROW: LeRoy Stock Johnny Gonzales. ,Iininiy Farris, Robert Christian. Phillip Peter, Bobby Cargill, Richard Sullivan, Tommy Burnett. Larry Rainey Dawid Deals Mike Wilhite. Eddie Love. Coach Bill Cook. V R ITY TEAM CALENA PARK I JEFF DAVIS SAN JACINTO is . JoNEs ,asses ip NHLBX '... . LAMAR eee. SEASON SCORES TEMPLE s REAGAN A SAM HOUSTON . BELLAIRE,ee Trainer Jerry "Sluggo" Loving tapes Austin football player Johnny Gonzales's leg before a practice. AUSTIN AUSTIN AUSTIN AUSTIN AUSTIN AUSTIN AUSTIN AUSTIN AUSTIN AUSTIN SEASON SCORES GALENA PARK SSSS 22 AUSTIN REAGAN ,,,S,,,ASSSS,,,, 0 AUSTIN SAM HOUSTON 0 AUSTIN SPRING BRANCH 28 AUSTIN JEFF DAVIS so IISUI 6 AUSTIN SAN JACINTO IIII 0 AUSTIN JONES I .II.,II, . IUISISIU I4 AUSTIN MILBY SIO,OU ,SO,OO,, 18 AUSTIN BELLAIRE SIUII SIISII I 9 AUSTIN LAMAR ,OSO,. . SS.I.,OO 7 AUSTIN JUNIOR VARSITY SECOND YEAR CITY CHAMPIONS FRONT ROW: Bill Hudson, Roy Doty, Ronnie Lucas, John Sutterfield, Paul Nimmons, Jim Spurgers, John Saxon, John Kenney Anthony Sicola, Jackson Pledger, and Noel Kohler. CENTER ROW: Richard Johnson, Jerry Dibble, Frazer Dealy, George Miller Mike Snow, Mike Jackson, Richard Ott, Mike Cole, Carl Sims, Bobby Trevathan, Wayne Williams, Bobby Scott, and Don Hood BACK ROW: Coach Lee Beeson, Coach A1 Herman, Richard Tadlock, Rick Wallace, Ken Thompson, David Parrish, Pat Gilbert Kenneth Koerner, Carter Franks, Johnny Wilhite, David La Fargue, Glen Cook, George Harris, Kenneth Reese, and Hugh Ramsey z.saa'4auax,.gauzew+swwzw"f w-,xzrmmwfwssssxxxzmras,rm-vw-smsv'r fri.:-sq, as Aww: vfw. .-'wwe-xw...sf ,.,. --1 we vm 'wr'-f' 5 -- 1 , I., .,,, ---wk-us..w Qwvu 1 ' K . J ,ffliv TOP ROW: Coach Al Herman, Fred Bradley, Terry Chesser, David Dealy, Jimmy Farris, Louis Hinojosa, Larry Moore Don Hood. CENTER ROW: Steve Worchesik, ,lim Damon, Bohhy Bish, Richard Hernandez, Harry Barrett, Kim Baker FRONT ROW: Sam Brown, Frank Cole, Joe Thompson, Tim Timmerman, Richard Sullivan, Ray Rodriguez, Roger Ballard. SAM BROWN Trainer VARSITY TE M COACH AL HERMAN . ' gy-jgsk , it kX,-, - -L L,,-. 11,224 1 ...12 e"', an WWMMA. www.: N ,E Q R' r. DON HOOD Manager KIM BAKER ROGER BALLARD HARRY BARRETT BOBBY BISH SIX STARTERS, left to right: Joe Thompson, Fred Bradley, Roger Ballard, Richard Sullivan, Tim Timmerman, and Ray Rodriguez , A .Q XNJ7 N , ..,, ,. bi , . ,.,. , ,...:.. , 1 . m x ,Q mm. I38 FRED BRADLEY FRANK COLE JIM DAMON DAVID DEALY VARSITY SCORES CLEAR CREEK EEE,ECEEC 59 AUSTIN ,,..EEE,ECE.EEC 52 SOUTH HOUSTON ...,3l AUSTIN .,......EE.,EE .561 IEFF DAVIS ......,,EEEE 36 AUSTIN ...E.....E..E,,, 37 ROCKDALE .E,,EE..EEEE,.. 39 AUSTIN .....I..E,,.EE, 47 TEMPLE CEEECEC,., .,IC 41 AUSTIN ...EEEE.CCC... 64 JONES CCC,C CCE, ,,,,,EEE 6 5 AUSTIN. ...,EE,EEEC.,, 53 MILRY CCCC,,,, C,,,,,CC 5 7 AUSTIN .......EEEE,.I C42 LAMAR ,CCC,CL, ,,,,,C,,, A 3 AUSTIN ,,EEEEE. ,.EE 3 5 JIMMY FARRIS RICHARD HERNANDEZ LOUIS HINOJOSA Richard Sullivan attempts free shot in Austin Mrlby ame BA KETBALL LARRY MOORE RAY RODRIGUEZ Austin Varsity Basketball Team, under the instruction of Coach Al Herman, has par- ticipated in three tournaments. Austin came in second in the Pasadena Tournament and in the Rockdale Tournament which was held during part of the Christmas holidays. At press tirne, the Mustangs won their first city game against Jeff Davis of Houston. RICHARD SULLIVAN TIM TIMMERMAN JOE THOMPSON TERRY CHESSER MBE team, under the instruction of Coach HBO? Sid Jones, at press tirne, January II, had not been defeated. FRONT ROW: Jackson Pledge-r, Ed Verner, David Parrish, George Miller, .Iohnny Moran, Tommy Nance, Kent Thompson, ,lim Spurgers. BACK ROW: Coach Sid Jones, Hugh Ramsey, Richard Oy, Jerry Brewer, LCC Hopkins, Pat Gilbert, Wayne Schiller, Richard Kropp. Frazer Dealy. Ray White. I40 Mr. John Scott, track coach, helps Mike Jackson. Springtime finds the cindermen of Austin working after school to get into shape. The Austin Track Team has en- tered the quarter-mile, shot put, and relay events in its 1960 meet schedule. The track team is under the supervision of Coach John Scott. 7 Q W' Ski ,..,, , y f 4,11 'I fr, I V rl. 6 , I . o ii e rtc .',"', V 'Al ,f' ..fff:31',,Q,f, V1 if 'ff A Z 'V 4? J ! V, , .525-1 ,Z 1 , f K fl 1 4 f ff A, , , M 5 ,aff 1 WM, f f 4 fi! 5 Ng? 4-Z Milf? 7 ij f W! ff ff 54715 , 1 4 4 4' f Q M My 1 f X 1 W 4, 4 ,eg 1 f 1 I idjf Y Z 5 1 f X ff , 0 ' ? ,mafia is 4 4,0 6 ' ig ff' fa ' ff C 'ff ' X f f 1 ,fan f f f f 114' fa , fn, 1 4, Z 'J fww , f , ' Wd 9 I fl 'I j 1 4 f W, iff, 4 I X WJKMQZ7 ' fl ' f 5,41 0 f 1 TRACK SWEETHEART Leslie Butler Coach Scott supervises track boys' calisthenics. 4 V. --y S1- je- Q WZ' 'F' f1iv31vE2":gjf,?jfW'1 f , 1 gin 4,511 , , ,My nw ,, , 4 TEAM MEMBERS, FRONT ROW: Bobby Weyrich, Fidel Mejas, Gary Baron, Eugene Freeman, Ronnie Baggett, Mike Jackson, Jesse Beck, David Wright, John Kenny, Mike Faye. MIDDLE ROW: Alton Riddle, Frank Biehunko, Wilfred Litzler, Frank Schindler, Byron Behrens, Mike Wilhite, Charles Abernathy, Charles Johnson, Bobby Trevathan, Jerry Dibble. BACK ROW: Kenneth Bower, George Harris, Mike Taylor, Randolph Willoby, George Taulbee, Ronald Bookout, Glenn Morris, Jim Farris, Bill Gantka, Daryl James, Lloyd Currington, Terry Moorhead, Jimmy McBride, Gerald Elston. t ,tx X . N X X Q ? I4I felis FIRST ROW: Alton Riddle, Mike Wilhite, Byron Behrens, Daryl James BACK ROW Charles Johnson, Terry Moorhead, Bill Gantka, Ronald Bookout, Frank Schindler GERALD ELSTON Trainer FIRST ROW: Eugene Freeman, Fidel Mejas, Jesse Beck. BACK ROW: George Taulbee, Wilfred Litzler, Cary Baron, Bobby Weyrich. is exe A :l.5g Kenneth Koerner puts the shot. FIELD FIRST ROW: Charles Bedingfield, Ronnie Baggett, Charles Abernathy Tommy Farris BACK ROW: Gene Hewett, Robert Shumway, Jim Farris, Frank Biehunko. 1960 HOPEFULS - TRACK FIRST ROW: John Kenny, Bobby Trevathan. BACK ROW: Glenn Morris, Jerry Dibble, Jimmy McBride. FIRST ROW: Lloyd Currington, David Wright, Randoff Wlllby Mlke Jackson. BACK ROW: Mike Faye, George Harris Roy Faublon Mike Taylor. MR. BOB McEACHERN Coach BASEBALL Austinls Baseball Team, clad in new uniforms, had seven returning lettermen this season. The team, under the instruction of Coach Bob lVIcEachern, played two out-of-town games, Smiley and Texas City. CoACaptains WESLEY DOYLE HARRY BARRETT TED CHESSER Manager Travis Kankey and Ronnie Wucnsch at practice. A quick baseball meeting starts off the season ,,.,,. 5,3 gd qt , -gs, X r 7 s- it al' mort -sjqzyw ?, A - -A vs- ,g..-,,,, , ' . Q ,f as XX Q ,,.' W ' ' ' ww s- sp? is 10 A 1 gtf Q:-A - g 4' v 1 5 29 x . L I . , 'E 2359911 ' , 1-if Q its 4 , ,N .,,r,,. fe. , X ' atm , . , gl, " 'ik f , 53? kg A. A -wa! 't Vi' 'P- Q' . I V 'rg f' f ..,,Q X I ?i'51f7fQ1?2f Q77 ' f X' 3?ffafav-A 1 Q K f 1 ,WX gf ---' 5 wx, f f i , , V' ','7fffZiQi'j"",w Q TERRY CHESSER DAVID DEALY XX RX ' 4153: RETURNING LETTERME HARRY BARRETT BOBBY BAKER WESLEY DOYLE DOUGLAS PASCHAL TRAVIS KANKEY WIMMING sr .SN Z ke-it TEAM MEMBERS. FRONT ROW: Gene Wallraven. Donald Aud erer. ,Ionnie Wilhite, Gregory Garcia. Jerry Sullivan, Jimmy Wallace, and Lyndon Parker. SECOND ROW: Billy Eberly, Bill Little, Don Keith, Billy Elder, Ronnie Cunningham and Donald Hickey. BACK ROW: Ridley Pledger. Billy Cook, Coach Beeson. Morris Kruemcke and Bill Temple. F REESTYLE , 'Z if-J R. 'Ref X -P9 'N ., ,V ws XJ FRONT ROW: Ronnie- Cunninghani, Jonnie Wilhite, Billy Elder, Gregory Garcia and Donald Keith. BACK ROW: Lyndon Parker Jerry Sullixcin. Nlorrig Kruei-mc-ke. Bill Temple. and Hugh Butler. 146' 1' Austin's swimming team, under the instruction of 1 I 1.7 Coach Lee Beeson, had six returning lettermen in '6O. ' The team participated in the All-City Swimming Meet, A March IO. Austin had five triangular meets scheduled this season which included eight other Houston high 5 schools. if The team members elected Lyndon Parker as their I I captain. SCHEDULE AUSTIN Feb. 4- ,,,,,t,, Bellaire Milby AUSTIN Feb. II San Jacinto Davis AUSTIN Feb. I8 . Iones Lamar 25 W Lamar COACH LEE BEESON Sam Houston AUSTIN M h 3 R ff arc Dififn BACKSTRDKE AUSTIN March I0 ALL-CITY A SWIMMING MEET FREESTYLE RELAY W C! Billy Elder, Ronnie Cunningham, and Lyndon Parker Jimmy Wallace, Gene Wallraven, Donald Hick- ey, Billy Cook, and Her- man Wehner await the starter's gun. X N- 'F-1 watch Jerry Sullivan make a start. . ' vt 5' " ' . Q x , ,, K X k.kkhh. . ,.,e,-:- yQ- ' ., Q - N j ,' e t, ,'X- -,r:pw,m"- .iss-1: 5 ., -7 .- e-af-Q-2-X2f.fkwTfr'f5 N- 2' fu.-WA N-fix' b e -.,. -f ei if "" -25' Eg,-' 3 f-N,.v...f N, wwf: "ref, Q.: f. we I 'QA it ,-,- - - Im a MEDLEY RELAY Bill Temple and Donald Auderer watch Bill Little dive as Gene Wallraven finishes. BREASTSTROKE LWIMMING RETURNINC, LETTERMEN Donald Auderer, Jerry Sullivan, Lyndon Parker, Billy Elder, Jimmy Wallace, and Ronnie Cunningham are first and second year lettermen who returned to the '60 team. Mike Fay. Bill Little. and Donald Auderer await the starter's signal. I48 Members of the swimming team cheer from the sidelines as Lyndon Parker makes a turn in the 50-yard freestyle race. fn! 45 5 . .vt wh 1 no 'OZ ' .Lv 19134 P? J f Austin's golf team. in- structed by Coach Bill Cook, practices at the Houston T Q ,t,t . ,iff .11 '41 iI53??,f at kay, ,,.' r . . 2 X S wa., S2 Executive Club and Mac- ,.,, , .. f 014 ' ',Q..,, 5 X, , ,f Q PZ, 1, . 4 f' Gregor Park. They partici- pate in the high school tournaments at various courses throughout the city. A f f K f My t- to z,, E if 3 3 J .g ,km ' W Vtyngzmr .Nw 0, V, TEAM MEMBERS, FRONT: John Terry, Reiny Froelicli, Ronnie Wilkins, and Danny Chapman, BACK: Sam Brown, Jim Nash. Ray Rodriguez, Dwight Ne-vil, and Couch Cook. 4' 2 Nuff A ' Paul Handel demonstrates the backliand method to the team members. .m'n.,,.,..-1-4" ' ,,.,-f- S 'K .r ' X , TENN S Coach MR. SIDNEY JONES TEAM MEMBERS, FRONT: Patil Handel, Jess Aiken, Harris Joe, and Vernon Morgan. BACK: Coach Jones, John Stern, David Smith, Pete s 5, X 1 lt Q X Q x M Spence, and Ronnie Pate. f , 4 M V ,,,, TRI-CAPTAINS L QS T My Us T DOLORES WHITAKER ANNE DANCY PAN PURDY GIRLS' VOLLEYBALL Tiniekeeperz BOBBIE FINK Manager: CHARLENE MARSH Scorelieeperz ANN H.-XYNIE TEAM MEMBERS - FRONT ROW: Dolores Whitaker, Pan Purdy, Anne Dancy. SECOND ROW: Carol Palmer, Carolyn Bradshaw, Diane Dawson, Shar- on Timmerrnan, Mary Beth Hughes, Sylvia Rodriquez, Mar- ieta Cronin, Christine Flores, Eva Rodriquez, Joyce Pendley. THIRD ROW: Judy Piekins, Barbara Dixon, Marie Bishop, Linda Michalec, Bea Lusk, Judy Hicks, Barbara Davenport. BACK ROW: Ann Haynie, Becky Meave, Loretta Murray, Judy Ramsey, Susan Farrington. Samie Freiry, Helen Riojas, San- dra Guice, Bobbie Fink, Char- lene Marsh. 1 ,QS 5 x VOLLEYBALL AUSTIN LLLL.,. ,LLLLL, 2 O BELLAIRE ,L.L I , LLLLLLL 24 AUSTIN LLLLLL. L..LLLL 3 2 JEFF DAVIS L LLLLLLL LLL.. 25 AUSTIN UU.L.LLL .LLLLL, I 39 SAN JACINTO LLLLLL ,LLLLLLL 1 3 AUSTIN SI.L.,., L.....L 2 3 SAM HOUSTON ,LLLLL LLLLLLLL 1 9 AUSTIN LL..L,L, LLL,LL,. 1 3 REAGAN LLLLLLLLLLLL LL..LL 2 2 AUSTIN LL..L..L LLLLLLL I 30 JONES L LLLL,, LLL,L, I 4 AUSTIN LLLVLLL. ,LLL 9 MILBY LL...L,. LL.,. . .317 AUSTIN L..,L.LL ,LLLLLL I 21 LAMAR ,LLL.L .LLLLL 2 0 Coach MISS IEANNE REYNAUD CITY VOLLEYBALL TEAM "cs V1 1'-Z' Q' .--, 3 1, if pq N 'Q .1--1 I XXSTU, I A V' 42 53 I nw., 5, BUSTI - - I5l VOLLEYBALL - X wil "set-up" help- L1 player lo 4-one tr l rhe lu l52 ll. Dolores Whitaker "pushes back" the hall across the net. Mary Beth Hughes attempts to 'glilocki' as Dolores Whitaker jumps to "spike" the ball. Austinis City Volleyball team. coached by Miss Jeanne Reynaud. finished the season with five wins and three losses which placed 'them in fourth posi- tion in the city. To be on the team. a girl must have a 'LCN average and an HE" in conduct. Attending four practice sessions after school each week is required. ODER DA CE Modern Dance is taught as part of the physical education program. It is hased on the self expression of ideas or moods through body movements. Techniques, focus study. rhythm and heats compose the major parts of the modern dance program. All girls taking physical education are required to lake pf! modern dancing in the spring semester. X 5 I n .S t r Il L' to r ,.., r 2-52 .,..' ww wwf xv! Qmsm Archery Team Mana er SUE ELLEN WTS DGWEE Q ' Captain B BETTY ZOBN yiit A of S f fy s Srf.. ,, QQ Af fp ' Assam , ll? Si ARCHERY This year, seventeen girls "went outw for Intra- mural Archery. Six high point girls went to city competition. Mrs. Opal Cowan, coach, requires that the girls practice every day, weather permitting, after school to improve their skill. A girl must have a NCB average and an "E" in conduct as qualifications to make the Archery team. 4-4' 3 ' muah. n fl . ' ugqnulfl B , , , 4. ff llu'ffl:i3E:"lJJ 'lil uhlgiildv 'Hill' be f if ff! f ' 0 J , l.i"'-ru:-ll'.i if -- -:J 0 hd Iuifl 1' 1 -.UI .'J, X , I Coach MRS. OPAL COWAN IXTHAHQR,-XL TEAM MEMBERS: Libby Dana, Ruth Kendrick, Dianna Beuter, Mary Partida, Freida Ramsey. Sue Ellen Dewees, Daphne Kerley, Sheila Pearce. Arlene McMahan, Betty Zorn, Edith Owesne, '54 Eileen Stixers. Emily Alford. CITY ARCHERY TEAM w gz,.........1 M' i fF ' X K-.XENA X - - CITY TEAM MEMBERS: Sue Ellen Dewees, Emily Alford. Betty Zorn, Ruth Kendrick, Sheila Pearw, Edith O'Wesne. I56 Practicing thc Leg Stroke ure: frunt to hack. Carolyn Cowan, Carolyn BrndShuw, Bobbie Fern Fink, Edith Olwesne. Sliurnn Tininiernian, Lihhy Dana. SWIMMING Four returning letlermen, Pan Purdy. Dolores Wllitaker, Carolyn Bradshaw. and Buhhie Fern Fink. were the bacl-:hone of the l'J6ll swimming team. Twenty-three girls of Sophomore, junior and Senior Classification joined lhv team. Cuachecl hy lVlrs. Opal Cowan. the team allemlecl pravtire sessiuns for improving speed and skill. These sessiuns were heh! every flay cluringx the season. Cflllffll-II ROBBIE FERN FINK Carolyn Cowan executes a dive ' Qzaxvj... -Amare www pa. Nm-wma. WIML 1 l i -,qv 'M Wx fv ,.,.,,,. A f ' -y ff' ' A 2 . . ,pw Mwwf' X Xi ff F fl Kyl- J- w,.:,,.:,, .1,,. 4 '-'- T iwyff' JAM I ,f ', fd, , J w' " " K M", ' ' J ' f' -' If l, l g f, ' fr I 'lf I 1,-1 1 SITTING: Peggy Heinrich, Lydia Romero, Edith O'Wesne, Carolyn Cowan, Bobbie Fern Fink, Dolores Whitaker, Carolyn Bradshaw, Pan Purdy, Doris Williams, Olivia Estrada, Marilyn White, Libby Dana, Sharon Timmerman, Linda Michalec, Susan Farrington, Carolyn Thomp- son, Nancy Shaw. KNEELINC: Judy Ramsey, Marilyn Woylek, lean- ette Hall, Cheryl Shiro, Yvonne Newson, Diann Reinschmidt. Coach MRS. OPAL COWAN ,,f " ,,-'f'1":,,,'ff -5, , , X f f , W W 7 7"u.f, 1 , 9 4 ml if , Z 7 ' 2 Y X P - Q , gi- ir 5.1, ,Q-if Q XS .Q X , Q,-2.. S L3 f I57 2 TENN S b 61192 TENNIS TEAM MEMBERS, front to back--Left Net: Stevelyn Brooks, Connie Crenshaw, Helen Riojas, Frances Flores, Eva Rodri- quez. Diane Ddwsnn, Right Net: Marjorie Chiles, Sylvia Hernandez, Loretta Murray. Charlene Ehrhart, Marie Ann Carr. I58 Charlene Ehrhart puts the ball into play with an overhead SGFVC. Diane Dawson playing "net" position returns the ball to her opponent. Marieta Cronin ex- hibits her tennis skill. Coach MISS JEANNE REYNAUD The Girls' Tennis Team, coached by Miss Jeanne Reynaud, had two returning letter- rnen, Charlene Ehrhart and Marieta Cronin. Eleven girls from the junior and senior classes joined the team. These girls went into City competition with the other Houston Public Schools. -..wMW,..-+R . . ,, .A -sf' 4, ' uw., .eg :gr 5 ,v f I-if, K " '51 iz if , his - ' I-fl f 1 ' NW 'ifif' i l 7 . ni f-1 INTHAMURAL ARCHERY TEAM MEMBERS: Libby Dun, Ruth Ixmmlruk D1.1un.1 Beuter Mary Parllda Frelda Ranwew Sue Ellen De-Yvees, Duplme Kerley. Sllellll Peallvv, Arlene lxlflxlllllll bellx Yom hllllll OWLNHL EllPPI'l bt1serQ Emily Alford 4 TU" 5U3'UJ fveffgfzg CU' 752.5 wi? u, C'15':L::FlE'-1 Trgwg W-22: .fda-Zgcl-E ,fmffgsm :FEEE T , - ELF-Emu' 'HSS P25 Q-Sign 3 rn: 5321? DSE? F5 'TJ F3521 -:Silo ng-Z 2724 EDT :vim gjogo 5213? 1 fem , ' ' ' ' 'C+-24 Aill A ' " "fMf:f,,j,j..:::':f:i M A 0 A - "" ff U, f fhywl?V'A-3W4fv7:.-,fwlszjvf7"""" 7 , l l l ,WM fcylf-' ,',, W, ,iff V: 4 . -,fll h- I . mf, ,ry , ,, 77 :1 f . , X Q , ,,g,f,,fi V ""Wff ' 7 . , w xv 13414, ,M 1 MV, 4 "'f'f"WWwfw V ,eff . , ,f4,f,gQ,, , r Q fQ--' ' + 4 ' ' ' ' f. 'cfff' 'ray Q , fvfymf-,, , ,,,, , ,lv "rf f M A 'f ' if! 1342! ff ' f , W. ffm ' , , , if M , f, , ,, , 4 f, f, ,,,,.,,,fA f f, 4 , f ,f ,ef gp . , 07, " 'N f fy fowmf 'V f ' 4f7ff'f,'ff,'f'7n 'f' X ' f " - V, V fyy' f , , , , l ,ff I60 I TRAMURAL -1960 Dolores Whitaker, all-around athlete, receiving her letter for basketball lntramurals at the Sports Banquet, held at Weldon's Cafeteria. Presenting the letter to her is Miss Jeanne Reynaud. Stevelyn Brooks serves in an afternoon intramural bad- minton game. Each year, intramurals are held in all the girls' sporting events. These in- clude: volleyball, basketball, badminton, swimming, archery and baseball. The intramural teams are selected by and composed of the students. Each team is responsible for entering a tourn- ament. Brigade sponsors its own volley- ball tournament. The only mixed tourn- ament in which both boys and girls may participate is that of badminton "doubles" All tournaments are held after school and all winners receive felt letters at the fall or spring sports banquet. ix Q 131 ... . 5 ,W Vgyaj U ,.... V . X , S. pp,,.,,, Frances Florez and Loretta Murray participate in the girls 'idoublesn badminton tournament. ACULTY. . . x ' ,7,,sX . 3 vi Rx , N . --. -1 .xxx 5. 5 X , , X, -Tflf ikjxgxjxlxiig wif- 1. X f 4 4 gm... x,,X . ,W X -- Q Q K 1 5 . , , 5 f S5 1 iz N YY X VA Sf-wml fdcully members nsscrnhle in tho office ul the end of the school day to "sign nut" and 'LATIN' nlwirh lmw uf-Curred during the day. to speak of humorous in For Austirfs faculty, three Cheers Prepared to guide . . . Each student three ears Y i - ADMINISTRATION DR. JAMES H. GOETTEE, PRINCIPAL 5 2 5 5 5 5 t1"'Ns 4 Q Nair! Milf,--Q,-. the student lmdy over the pulwlic address system in Honors are many in Dr. James H. Goettee's past and present. An outstanding honor received by our principal in I959 is the accreditation given him in the recent edition of Whois Who in the South and Southwest. The write-up gives Dr. Goetteeis life history, including positions he has held, and the many clubs and organizations of which he is a member. Another recent honor includes Dr. Goettee as' the first honorary Colonel of the Army ROTC in the Houston School District. This honor was presented to Austin,s principal in formal ceremonies by the ROTC in appreciation of his serv- ice and assistance to the organization. his Ed.D.. University of Houston, another P-' xo an to D3 O fb O E rc: ,. -. Ill :- E VD : 5" W XXV 1 X fff Dr. Goettee receives his Doctorate in Education from the University of Houston. ADMINISTRATION DISCIPLINE TO LOST AND FOUND Numerous is the word that describes the duties of the assistant principal and the dean of girls. They are re- sponsible for enrolling new students, changing programs for students. and in addition. supervision and improvement of instruction. MRS. BERTHA LEGROS, dean of girls lcenrerl, supervises the lunchroom during the three lunch periods. Discipline and related guidance problems pertaining to girls are under the supervision of the dean. She is the social hostess at all school functions and social occasions. She also acts as hostess to the students in the lunch- room. and is responsible for handling lost and found articles. MR. A. E. KOTROLA, assistant prin cipal. watches a Junior Varsity foot ball game after school. Assistant principal and prin- cipal work together in the organ- ization and administration of the school. The general supervision of the conduct of the students in the building and on the school grounds is one of his most im- portant assignments. He is directly responsible for boys' problem cases. and acts as co-host with the dean at all school functions. l65 os ,it sing? - 9 Q :as rs" ws.. so -iw K . 'i . 3 1 X1 . Q5 X. Qs, . ilg. gg gs W. 5 . . offvs -0 Neff. -sf 5 ,J SL .5 f. vs-.1 ., ' as 'lib , 1 ls iS Dr. Sonerant h xxx X iss. STUDE TS SEEK COUNSELOR, ADVICE ef' DR. HELEN SONCRANT Senior Counselor B.A.. Northwestern State College MA.. Ph.D.. The University of Texas Sponsor: Future Teachers of America Flu. 'fwssw r-www., fiuvmwwusmsmsmwm elps Jimmy Farris. a graduating senior, with his schedule for his last semester. MISS MILDRED HART junior Counselor B.A., The University of Texas: M.Ed., University of Houston. mow i . 'P . i w N by ni- ..., .K si ...vs Mlbb BEATRILE LX PLE - s hopliomore COIIIZSCIUT X HA.. The University of Tcxusi M.A,, New York University: ss-wi Coiinselofs Certifieuto, IlIllVt?l'- U F sity of Houston. t Q Sponsor: Scottish Brigade. lmm, 'U A. 4 'I Bliss Hurt git.-s l're!imin.try St-hold-tic Aptitude Miss Lytle counts the Otis Mental Ability tuts tests to ,ill tht' Uitiniors. in the Juditorium. that she will give to the sophomores. I66 LIBRARIANS ASSIST STUDENTS WITH RESEARCH WORK Nm 'Kiwi J... MRS. ELAINE BERRY. librarian, glances through one of the new magazines from the magazine shelves. Mrs. Berry has earned a BA. in Library Science. T.W.l,l., and is sponsor of tht- Library Club. MISS BERTIE SIMS, assistant librarian, letters the new books that come into the library. Miss Sims has earned a B.lVlus Lon verse Collegeg M.Mus., Louisiana State University, and is sponsor of the Projectionists' Club and assistant sponsor of t e N.H.S. ..,,,,,au-R .--7' 1 ,-1- A , ,, 'V si 1 . E Ng ' 1 L 1 ""'t . t'f'e f . fig fttl Several students search rt-feretivrs themes. for the correct information to voniplett- their researr Austiifs library is open for students at all periods of the day and after school until 3:30 p.m. The librarian guides the pu- pils in the use of library mater- ials. She also teaches a library orientation Course. through the English lll classes. to all sopho- more pupils. Movie equipment. phono- graphs. and public address equip- ment are under the supervision of the assistant librarian. She also combines and binds magazines and letters the books. AUSTIN COUI.DN'T OPERAT E WITHOUT ITS OFFICE PERSONNEL vdig-X Eitilzi MRS. LOURINA PATTON the school nurse is on duty every day. Teachinz, home nursm, checking eyesight giving hearing tests, and taking students temperature are a few of Mrs. Pattons Jobs She is also sponsor of the Future Nurses' Club. MISS ANNIE L. HOWARD, registrar, keeps a perma- nent record card for each pupil enrolled in Austin. In addition, she ascertains that all seniors have met graduation requirements, prepares transcripts for the. college and other high schools, and classifies pupils according to grade levels. 4 1 Q .. fn f Q 1 my fi K Q ZX A , " ' 2 55. 5-fg5,,., 3, viaas :ii rf f ' "" ' A f l ' Q Q A h , M I 5 A f, ff- we fQ!V2j,'9,',,c 'tg J! ff! Q MRS. OMA PEARL LLWIS financial clerk is the school treasurer and keeps the hooks on all money taken in and expended hy the sarious clubs of the school She andles the athletic reports and performs other routine work as assigned hy thc principal www Hrs. Alston. Hrs. Lewis. and Mrs. Myer eliut 0 MRS. MAXINE BRANARD, princi- pal's secretary, does Clerical work and miscellaneous duties for thi' Principal- Sln- also makes six-week. scliolursliip. age-grade, transportation reports and types the State Department and boutllern Assuciatiun reports. QQ, ,,v. 1 - i I ver ii cup ul' coffee wliile tliey luke ll lireiik in the teachers' lounv GWR-M 1 4 ,A-Q, Wfffgiim-M ,cn MRS. CECELH ALSTON, atteiiilamw- HRS. OPAL MYER. fiffiev clerk, 1 Clerk. eller-ks iillentltinee. keeping rer'urdQ -if reQpiinsilwle fur ordering teaeliing sn daily absentees and turclies, Her routine plh-4 and doing niiineugiuipli work: she work ciinsists of culling parents to clmek alsii Limits as assistant to tlie reuiitriir on absences and answering inquiries repiircling lldll--Illlltf basis. K attendance. I69 1 2' a9""v-mfs M155 LIARQARET ANN MRS. CLADYS TULEY DUTTON BA.. University of Texusg B,A,, T,W,U, M.Ed., University of Houston. Sponsor: Art Club. SPOHSOF1 AFI Clllll- ART FACULTY Courses Fine Arts Enrich Students' Lives lVlany fine arts courses are offered to the students in Austin. Students may learn anything from cle- mentary drawing to complex picture painting in the art classes. Handicraft is another course in art in which students learn how to make leather belts. copper earrings. and other useful articles. Courses in general music. theory. appre- ciation. hand. orchestra. and chorus are offered in the music department. General Music l and II are prerequisite to all other chorus classes: Orchestra l and ll or Band l and H are prerequisite to other in- strumental classes. Ml Bobby Biehl is learning to make a tile table top in art class. MR. FLOYD LEWELLYN BA.. University of lowag M.A., Colorado State College of Education. Sponsor: Band and Orchestra. MR. JACK NOVAK BS.. University of Houston. Sponsor: Chorale. Chorale ettes. and Boys' Chorus. als! libvff' Mr. Novak directs the Clioralettcs as tlicy rclicarsc in room 316. FACULTY . . . Mastery of Foreign Languages Helps Insure Peace Among Nations Foreign language courses have common contributing characteristics. Probably the fore- most of these is the development of understand- ing of our own language. Another is the insight given into the lives of a different people and the humanizing results of this vision. A third is the effect of daily study. essential to the learning of a language, on the study habits of the learner. Three years of Spanish, and two years of Latin, French, and German are offered by Aus- Dt. UZ-P. tin,s Foreign Language Department. wif rw 'r itll s V, A jivffjg-fi " ' I ' ' -- . .fx,, ' nfl as g V4 T M fa 323 gg'-UQ L' 1-1, N-. ' ', 21:31, def 1 . V A 'v V' 'J if: 3 i ig ,, -1, gg, 'gm 1 'S T-wx: 1,.f ' gm 1 . si, K 4L':'I',1f:'I.', f"A1H. - . W J X 'tw 4 9 ..... , if 3 YE ,QQ 5. ,J .,v1wv. X 1 3' T f it S, 5 'izfil is E51 ig at 9 K' A Y 4 5 L Q, , 'aw RX . l as ommiwg " , QENITIVE 5 I Miss McGinty quizzes Esther .Alexander and Thomas Wajdak on Latin declensions. Hiram.. .fiiw ' MRS. JEWEL B. DRAKE MRS- MAYBELLE B.A., Scarritt Collegeg M.A., KENNEDY UUiVf'f5iYY Of Houston- B.A., University of Arizona MISS EVELYN MCGINTY B.A., Riceg M.A., University of Texas. of Houston. Assistant sponsor: Future Teachers' Club. Mrs. Kennedy and her Spanish III class listen as Bobby Trevathan explains the significance of a piiata. MRS. ESTRELLA TOMEK BS. in Education, University MR. JAMES W. BRITTAIN B.A., Harding Collegeg M.Ed., University of Houston. FACULTY MRS. JULIA LEONARD Bachelors, University of Texas. Chairman, English Depart- ment. 3 f . I ' z-'1.''i 4 A Q51 ft f, . ,ff-f " ,,. ' 1" an I 1 1 V 'V f s. 'Nu wifi' MISS EUNICE CARROLL MRS. ROBERTA DEASON B.A. and M.A., University of B.A., T.C.U.g M.E., Univer- Houston. sity of Houston. MRS. MARY BROWN B.A. and B.S., Howard Payne Collegeg M.A.. Columbia Uni- versity. Sponsor: Round-Up, Quill and Scroll, and "Pigskin Achievement Award." Each Student Completes a Major Courses in English are offered to every student en- rolled at Austin. A major. three credits, in English is required for graduation. Austin's English department offers grammar. litera- ture, speech, dramatics, public speaking. debate, journa- lism, and the opportunity to work on either the "Round- Up" or UCorral," school publications. Mrs. Deason's English V class listens as Nancy Bowyer gives her oral report. MRS. FRANCES DEMENT B.A., S.W.T.T.C.g M.A., Uni- versity of Iowa. MRS. CAROLYN GILMORE B.S., S.H.S.T.C. Sponsor: Corral Sponsor: Public relations for school and senior farewell and graduation programs. in English Before Graduation Mrs. Maryanne Lord explains to a student how to diagram a sentence MISS BEATRICE HARRISON BA., Rice. MR. JACK TAYLOR B.A., T.C.U.g Master of Let- ters, University of Houston. Sponsor: Student Directory. MRS. DOROTHY HUTCHISON B.A., University of Texa MISS SADIE MCLEAN MR. J. H. MOORE MR. D. H. RHODES MRS. FAYE SAUER BA., Riceg M.A., University B.A., Trinity Universityg BA.. University of Texas. A.A., Lon Morris Junior Lol of Texas. M.A., Uniuevsite de Grenoble, Spgnsor: National Forensu legeg B.A., Centenary Colle e France. League and Debate Club. Sponsor: French Club. lv-xi 1 fini wk.. i Sw I -.A vs s T s."'X 'L- N99- MRS. RUTH BLOYD MRS. HELEN BOOKER BA., Rice, BS., University of Houston. FACULTY Knowledge of Necessary in Mathematics introduces Austin students to such terms as equations, theorems, exponents, and func- tions of an angle. Courses are offered in general math, bookkeeping, algebra, plane and solid geometry, and trigonometry. Q' .fc c i iv' Mrs. Bloyd discusses a geometric figure with Janis Jenkin. fwwims J fi -- - MRS. HILDA BRADSHAW MISS ETHELENE COLLINS Miss Collins explains the proof of a theorem to one of her BIA., Lvnivergity of Texas: B.S., Delta State College, Geometry I students, Marilyn White. B-Aw MUS' H5-film BSYIOT- M.Ed., Duke University. Sponsor : Junior Sub-Debs. I 74 Mathematics Any Profession .f f 3 1,4 x 35 75,2 Q .I ,TX 2 f y B 2.0 ' E -,1 .. f - - . . A Knowledge of math IS needed by all students Whether or not they plan to attend college. It has become as vitally important to a secretary, clerk, or to a housewife, as it has to any college entrant. MR. W. B. CRITTENDEN B.S., Mississippi State Uni- versityg M.Ed., Mississippi College. Sponsor: CSU and Booster Club. 51 wtf- V Y . wggff -f 154322. - .21 i .... Q 5.5: ,,,,, . W ff,.,,.f,Mm.m44w Pat Gilbert explains the problem that he has graphed as Mrs. Booker and her Algebra III class listen. MRS. MARJORIE DYER B.A. in Math, Mary Hardin Baylor. MR. EDWIN C. MASON MRS. MARY MILES MRS. EUGENIA STEGALL MR. E. L. VICK B.A., Southwegtem Univer. B.A., University of Houston. B.S. and M.S., University of BS.. S.H.S.T.C. 'siityg M.A., University of Houston. exas. l75 .R N Xx-x . HM N MISS HAZEL HENDERSON MRS. LUCILLE SMITH Teaching Diploma, H. Sophie Newcomb, B.S., S.H.S.T.C.3 and M.S., University of Texas. B.A., Hardin-Simmons. Sponsor: F.H.A. Sponsor: F.H.A. Some foods students in Mrs. Smith's sixth period class arrange the student contributed articles in Christmas baskets for the needy. FACULTY Practical Training 1n HOME ECONOMICS Each of the basic courses in Home Economics includes materials drawn from many different areas essential to homemaking education. Knowledge, skills, habits, and attitudes needed for building and maintaining satisfying home life are stressed. In striving to attain this aim, the Homemaking De- partment offers courses that reach out into each of the following areas: personal growth and family relations, the family,s food, the family's clothing, the familyls housing, child development, and fam- ily economics and consumer education. Training received in the Industrial Arts courses not only prepares some students for their future occupations, but also the training received in various shops is vital in this century of do-it- yourself building and repairing. Wood-wsforking, metal shop, electric shop, mechanical drawing, auto mechanics, architectural drawing, and machine de- sign are the courses offered by this department. MR. LEON E. FULLER MR. OSCAR D. MACKEY MR. A. M. YARRINGTON ,B.S., Arkansas ASM. B.S., East Texas State College. B.S., University of Texas. I76 INDUSTRIAL ARTS Xreas Essential to Living VOCATIONAL Up to three hours a day may be taken in one of the courses offered by the vocational de- partment. Vocational agriculture, auto mechanics. drivers, training, and distributive education are of- fered to students interested in training for agricul- ture, business, and industry. DRIVER EDUCATION Mr. Reid instructs auto shop students at the work bench. MR. GEORGE POLLARD BS., University of Houston. DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION AGRICULTURE AUTO MECHANICS MR. T. MASON WALDMANN B.B.A., University of Texasg M.B., University of Houston. Sponsor: D.E., Key Club, and Junior Red Cross. MR. R. H. WRIGHT M.A., S.H.S.T.C. Sponsor: F.F.A. 6 , MR. WALTER B. SIMONS B.B.A. in accounting and M.L. in Psychology, Univer- sity of Houston. MR. F. R. REID B.S., S.H.S.T.C. I77 ' V 632 -153 s. Q, , rf 1 - wg L, 4 ,19 ' 1 146, , 11, 2 Qsaaefc'-Y as iii? H V Zi .Qi V ' ti' 1 'Liz M432 - - ' ,Q 1 .. f - . f . it s - ff, ,wg-f A ,, X X g ' Q .. - ' qt 5 ft' . MR. ERN EST R. BAKER BS., Alabama Polytet-linis' Institute. Sponsor : Science Club. FACULTY MRS. HELEN BARNES MR. J. M. BLACKWELL MISS NAOMI EKMAN BS.. Florida State University. BS., S-H-ST-C. B-A-, UI1iVC1'SiIy of Texasg Sponsor. Key Club. M.A., Columbia University. Knowledge of Science Affords Many Opportunities The parts of the human body are made visible through a plaster of Paris struc- ture demonstrated by Karolyn O'Brien and Robert Callemore. ln almost every line of industrial work, a knowledge of science serves as a background for further vocational training: also. the study of science affords opportunities for developing hobbies and adds to the joy of living in years after graduation. A knowledge of science also enables a student to keep up with the world about him. Austin's Science Department offers courses in biology and physiology as well as courses in chemistry and physics. Aiivvn-nuu..,, HRS. E. Lf. GATES MR. ALFRED HERMAN MR. SIDNEY JONES MR. A. C1 SCHILLER BA.. State lfniversity ,if BS. in P.E., High Point Col- B.S. in P.E., Rice. B.S., University of Texas: boulll l'ldlt"lu' lege' Coach: MB" Basketball and M-Ed-v Univefsilb' Of HOUSIOU Coach. Assistant: Football Tennis Teams. Chairman: Cafeteria. I78 and Basketball. .ferr Mrs. Woodie Kendall points out errors in a typing assignment and still manages to MRS. FAYE FANCHER keep an eye on the C1355- B.S., Mississippi College. Sponsor: Senior Sub-Debs. FACULTY Commercial Courses Prepare Students for Business World Business education provides those students who will not attend college with the means of earning a livelihood. It benefits students who plan to continue their education, if they need to work their Way through college. Also, it prepares students to use sound judg- ment in the management of those business activities which are com- mon to all individuals, regardless of vocation. Typing, bookkeeping, secretarial training, shorthand, office practice, commercial arithmetic, and commercial law are offered by Austin's Commercial Department. MRS. WOODIE KENDALL MRS. LORRAINE MERRY B.A, and B.B.A., Baylor Uni- B.A., Southeastern Stateg W, versity, ME., University of M.A., University of Houston Texas' Sponsor: N.H.S. Avis Chickering leams the use of the rotary calculator under Mr. G. L. Iohnston's supervision. I79 MR. CHARLES BIGHAM MR. CLIFTON CROWSON B.A., Southwestern Univer- B.S. and M.A., S.H.S.T.C. ally? M-Ed-, University Of Co-sponsor: Key Club. exas. Sponsor: Corral. MR. JOHN HARPER B.S., Arkansas A3zMg M.A., Arkansas University. Sponsor: C.S.U. Students in Mr. John C. Scott's economics class volunteer for panel discussion parts. FACULTY Social Science Classes Manls relationship to his environment and his rela- tionship to other men is dealth with in social science courses. Historical events from the dark mysteries of the ages to the cold War in Korea are explored. ln world history, the ways of the ancient Egyptians are studied. ln American history, the American heritage becomes importantg and in Texas history, the students study the rich Texas background. MISS MOLLIE JACKSON BA., Riceg ll..-X., University of Colorado. I80 Mr. Elvin J. Griswold shows Betty Crow the exact location of a battle discussed in American history. MISS RUTH GREENHILL BA and MA., Rice. Sponsor Booster Club. MR LOREN E. JARRELL MR. JOHN C. SCOTT I , eff V Jackie Elliott shows Miss Greenhil1's civics class the process of voting by means of a sample ballot. Promote Understanding of World Civics and American history are the only subjects in social science that are required for graduation. The depart- ment of social science at Austin offers each student an opportunity for a better understanding of the history of Texas, America, and the world. lt also offers courses in Civics and economic problems. MR. ELVIN J. GRISWOLD B.S., S.H.S.T.C. Sponsor: American Legion Award Club. MR. CHARLES R. TAYLOR B.A., Rice. 1 I . gc? .f Q.. f - . .f BS and M.S., Pittsburgh B.A., College of Emporia. State College' Sponsor. Track Team, Green Classroom students congratulate Mr. Charles Taylor, selected and White Revue- as the only high school teacher of Texas History, in Houston. l8l MISS BETTY BLAKELY B.S., University of Houstong M.A., Colorado State College. Sponsor: Brigade, Cheer- leaders, and "Stevie," FACULTY MRS. OPAL W. COWAN MISS MARJORIE DINEEN MISS JEANNE REYNAUD B.S., University of Oklahoma. B.A., University of California. B.S., University of Houston. Sponsor: Archery and Swima Sponsor: Rolling Ponies. Sponsor: City Volleyball and ming Teams. City Tennis Teams. Physical Education Stresses Physical Fitness Physical Education is required of nearly all students because most educators feel that physical training is as important as mental exercise in regular school work. Because total fitness today demands a condition of strength, endurance, ability, stamina, and co-ordination, the present physical education program emphasizes a high degree of physical fitness. Boys and girls, through an intensified program of activities, meet this need. Counses available to boys are baseball, basketball, golf, track, football, and swimming. Courses for girls are volleyball, tennis, archery, swimming, basketball, and modern dance. Ability to play games, to swim, and to dance enables the student to use his leisure time to better advantage. MR. LEE R. BEESON B.S.. S.H.SfI.C. Coach: Junior Var-ity Foot- ball Team. l82 MR. WILLIAM J. COOK MR. BOB MCEACHERN MR, C. P, RILEY B.S. and M.Ed., University of B.S., T.C.U. B.S., 5,1-1,5-T,C. HOUSIOU- Coach: Football and Baseball Coach: Football Team. Coach: Varsity Football and Teams. Assistant, Track. f ff' f, M!Sgt. EDWARD J. ? SGT. EDWARD M. NELLIST PAYNE, JR. Administrative Supervisor, Sgt. Nellist instructs several R.O.T.C. boys in the treat- TE-X35 ASIM, Keio University, ,lapang and ment of jaw wounds. Sponsor: R-OUT C DDU Fort Benjamin Harrison. Team. I Q Sponsor: R.0.T.C. Boys' and Girls' Competitive R i fl e Teams, R.O.T.C. Drum and Bugle Corps and R.O.T.C. Oil ficers Club. Reserve Officer Training Corps Gives Instruction i11 Military Tactics Boys are permitted to substitute R.O.T.C. training for regular work in physical education. An officer of the U.S. army trains the boys by giving them instruction in military science and tactics. Students gain valuable experience in both giving and following commands by carrying many of the responsibilities that the operation of a battle group demands. ,.y. ,- .eea . 3 fg gf - 1: .1 t ilt-'V Qs X S S ' iii Q ii 4 f n - W ll WW is' K v 1 omg. F S . t X g ,gg -I . t 't"I"SlS51l5il5?ii 1 I I I n 1 ' 3 . - ,. A group of R.O.T.C. students display their military ability on stage during lohnny Green, Billy Lucas, and Lawrence DELQOH an auditorium program. prepare the rifles for an R.O.T.C. inspection. I83 I I 1 if gig, ,N , . X ,, W .. K 5. fb 1 Yi WWW ..,, A- 101' .aw Niki 2 W NN KX ,W Y, .. ,, ,,,V. ' x..aX Q -WX Q? Q. I. 1 Y YU Q s 5 lm:4 1 . M , WW f 1 fy 1 mv' K... . , 1 gp 1 ' 4 3 its 'Gr I EE., , FALL CLASS wk Q V L , , Aix L SALL TATORIAN Bonnie Beardsworth VALEDICTORIAN Pat Wiatsfwii Beck i 5 ww 5EXI0R QQLASS OFFICERS, STANDING, left to right: Ray Witt. lawyer3vPliilip Peter, president: Bruce Curring Ln- ,Pm,,ml.Jt.dfyng, SEATED: Bonnie Beardswortli, vice-presidentg Sandy Whatley, treasurer: and Barbara Denena Nw1I'rJlLlI'B. I86 DF 960 PRESIDENT Philip Peter VICE-PRESIDENT B mvllll ie Rearclswurllr SECRETARY Barbara Ilenena TREASURER Sandy Wlratley SEROEANT-AT-ARNIS , Bruce Currington M 7 SENIOR COUNCIL MEMBERS, STANDINIL: Frank Cale- ami Rwnniw IN1 SEATED: Sue: Ilcinson anfl Pat Spears. SENIOR FAREWELL PROGRAM. SPONSOR AND MEMBERS. FRONT ROW: I.1 lsponfmrl, Sue Heinmn. and Mary ESpinosa. BACK ROW: Fr:-rl Bradley. Bnlalviv Car .X ,s 5. Cx is lu Taylor, Gail Sledge, Mrs, Demenl gill. Frank Colm Charles Beverly Wfs, 'iillflif og Il 5. Nh . IA? 5 ,wr SPRING CLASS CLASS OFFICERS PRESIDENT --f- - Y-f-----SSSSv'fffY,-7f .f..,f..A.C....,.,,.....,,,,. W esley Doyle VICEPRESIDENT S1Vff-'A Delbert Horton SECRETARY .eeeee I I Mxeeuee M pan Purdy SECRETARY eee,eCCCCCC.C,ACe .i--,-A A P an Purdy TREASURER --eeeee-- S -f-fV-r -A .,,,. Pat Argiropoulos ,,CC,YY, Ysrvk T Ommy Burngtt LAWYER f7----eeeeeeee . 777f7f..f .. ..,,,,.,,, Bill Holt Senior Class Officers are elected by seniors to represent the class during the school year at various senior activities. Senior Council Members are chosen by homerooms to govern the Senior Class. Outstanding leadership and scholarship are the requirements for either position. SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS, left to right: Bill Holt, lawyerg Delbert Horton, vice-presidentg Pan Purdy, secretaryg sergeant-at-armsg Pat Argiropoulos, treasurerg Wesley Doyle, president. QW T342 ' ak.: Nmwwmmmw 126 aww 1 Tommy Burnett, on S sw., 756 'giif OF 960 3, f CO-VALEDICTORIAN CO-VALEDICTORIAN Pan Purdy Tony Robinson SENIOR COUNCIL MEMBERS, FRONT ROW: Tony Robinson, Patsy Price, Leslie Butler, Jerly Tauber. BACK ROW: Jerilyn Adams, Patti Box, Carolyn Crenwelge, Beverly Hurt, and Verna Collum. sam ,aggaga ffalm ER lv T ESB 960 SENIORS Seniors, Yvonne Arnold and Daryl James, start the year with the eager displaying of their Senior Rin JOHN LEE ABERCROMBIE BONNIE LOUISE AHEARN it SUNNY SUE ABERNATHY PAUL GRADY ALBERT JERILYNN RAE ADAMS EMILY CAROL ALFORD Senior Rings JUDY KAREN ADAMS HENRY EDWARD ALLEE WN 'Wh - .. E ZZE Arrived in September ANDERSON, HARRY C. ANDERSON, LONNIE LEE: Vocational Agriculture 57: Booster Club 59-60: CSU 59-60. APPLETON, MICHAEL: FFA 57-60: Booster Club 58-60. H l JOHNNY ALLRED E F l HARRY C. ANDERSON LONNIE LEE ANDERSON MICHAEL APPLETON ABERCROMBIE, JOHN: Booster Club 57-60. ABERNATHY, SUNNY SUE: Scottish Brigade 57-60, Bagpipes 57-60, Sergeant Bagpipes 59, Adjutant Major 59-60: Booster Club 58-60: Junior Sub Debs, Parliamentarian 58-59: Corral Staff 59: CSU 58-60, Vice-President 59-60: National Honor Society, Membership Secretary 59: Chorale 59-60. ADAMS, JERILYNN RAE: Aloha Club 58-59: CSU 57-60: Junior Sub Debs 58-59: Senior Sub Debs 59-60: Student Council 58-59: Corral Representative 57-60: FHA 59-60: FTA 58-60: Green Masque Players 57-60, Reporter 59-60: Booster Club 57-60: .National Honor Society 59-60: Round Up Representative 58-59: Scottish Brigade 57-60, Letters 57-60: Company HB," Lieutenant Colonel of Records 59-60: Spanish National Honor Society 57-59. ADAMS, JUDY KAREN: Booster Club 57-60: Senior Sub Debs 59-60: CSU 59-60. AHEARN, BONNIE LOUISE: Booster Club 58-60: Junior Sub Debs 58-59: Senior Sub Debs 59-60: Aloha Club 58-59: CSU 59-60: Bowling Club 58-59: Art Club 59-60: Business Club 59-60. ALBERT, GRADY PAUL ALFORD, EMILY CAROL: CSU 57-60: Mustang Mounties 57-58: Baseball Intramurals 58-59, Letter: Art Club 58-60: Archery 57-60, Letters-City 58-60: Booster Club 57-60: Swimming Team 59. ALLEE, HENRY EDWARD: FFA 58-60: Booster Club 58-60. ALLRED, JOHNNY: Booster Club 58-60: Rolling Ponies 58-60: CSU 58-60. . 4 mr 'fa 7 , f " if , , , A 21. A: A - " " 'aw' A 5 if PATRICIA ARGIROPOULOS MARGARET MARRIAN YVONNE ARNOLD CARoLE ANN ArCH1soN MELRA LANE ATWOOD ARMBRUST-ER EDWARD WAYNE BABIN PAT ANN BAILEY DONALD E. AUDERER ARGIROPOULOS, PATRICIA: Booster Club 57-605 CSU 58-605 Student Council 57-585 Aloha 58-595 FHA 58-595 FTA 58-60, President5 Junior Sub Debs 58-59, Recording Secretary5 Most Popular Sophomore Girl 585 Most Popular Junior Girl 595 Scottish Brigade 57-60, Company HB" 58-59, Sergeant of Company "B" 59-60. ARMBRUSTER, MARGARET MARRIAN: CSU 57-605 Scottish Brigade Company "C" 59-605 Junior Sub Debs 58-595 Senior Sub Debs 59-605 Booster Club 57-605 Aloha Club 58-595 Library Club5 Business Club, Vice-President 59-60. ARNOLD, YVONNE: National Honor Society 59-605 Booster Club 57-605 Aloha Club 58-595 Junior Sub Debs 58-595 Senior Sub Debs 59-605 Choralettes 58-595 Chorale 605 Round Up 59-60, Make-Up Editor. ATCHISON, CAROLE ANN: CSU 59-605 FNA 59-605 Scottish Brigade 57-605 Company "C" 58-59, Corporal of Company HC" 59-605 Junior Sub Debs 58-595 Senior Sub Debs 59-605 Art Club 59-605 Booster Club 57-605 FHA 59-60. ATWOOD, MELBA LANE: Booster Club 57-605 Art Club 59-605 FHA 58-605 Junior Sub Debs 58-595 Senior Sub Debs 59-605 CSU 58-605 Scottish Brigade Reserves 57-585 Green Masque Players 59-605 Round Up Staff, Co-Advertising Manager 58-595 Junior Achievement 58-60. AUDERER, DONALD E.: Swimming Team 57-60, Lettersg CSU 57-605 Booster Club 57-605 Rolling Ponies 59-60. BABIN, WAYNE EDWARD: FFA 57-595 Booster Club 57-595 Football 57-58. BAILEY, PAT ANN: FHA 56-575 Booster Club 56-695 Art Club 56-695 Aloha Club 56-575 "Y" Teens5 Rolling Ponies 56-575 Green Masque Players 56-58. A A ,ff -. X ' if -- ---s-1.-'r - L . New . 33 315 .sf A fi i t I 3? -0, . ,, -V fi gi,ug'57f?fr1',v V, J 5 - '4 gy. ' " -.5 -1,5 72'-3. ,Z -'4 , ' I ' -9-2 g Sue Heinson, Bette Huffman, and Fred Bradley work on the Decorations Com- mittee for the Bronco Whirl. 960 SENIORS We Named Committees for the Bronco Whirl BAKER, KIM: Booster Club 57-595 Basketball "A" 59. BALLON, CAROLE ANN: Booster Club 58-605 CSU 59-605 Green Masque Players 58-59. DARAK, SHIRLEY ANN: Mustang Band 58-60, Letter, Sec- ondary Lieutenant 59-605 Junior Sub Debs 58-595 Senior Sub Debs 59-605 Aloha Club 58-595 CSU 57-595 Business Club 59-605 Booster Club 57-605 -Round Up 595 FHA 57-585 Librarian5 Round Up Representative 58. BARRETT, HARRY ESMOND: Baseball 58-60, All-City 59, Letters 58-605 Tennis Team 57-59, Letter 585 CSU 57-605 Cheerleader 59-605 Booster Club 57-605 Bowling Club 58-60, Letter5 Chorale 57-60, Letters, Vice-President 605 Drama, Club 59-605 Student Council 59-605 Fire Patrol 59-60, Asst. Bat- talion Chiefg Track 59-60. BARRINGTON, WARREN JAMES: CSU 57-605 Rolling Ponies 58-605 Booster Club 58-60. BARRON, TOMMY: Key Club 58-605 Rolling Ponies 58-605 Booster Club 57-605 Baseball 57-60. KIM BAKER SHIRLEY ANN BARAK CAROLE ANN BALLON WARREN JAMES HARRY ESMOND BARRETT BARRINGTON TOMMY BARRON 5 K - ":":' ' has . 3 L I mLA, C fb, E LARRY DAVID BAXTER BONNIE BEARDSWORTH BRENDA JEAN BEASLEY KAREN VIRGINIA BEASLEY BEHRENS, CHARLES BYRON: Track 59-605 Booster Club 58-605 Swimming Team 58. BELL, JOHNNY CLIFTON: Booster Club 57-605 CSU 57-595 Aloha Club 58-595 Art Club 59-60. BELT, KITTY: Scottish Brigade Reserves 575 CSU 58-605 Mustang Band 58-605 Junior Sub Debs 58-595 Aloha Club 58-595 Senior Sub Debs 59-605 FTA 59-605 Booster Club 58-605 Round Up Representative 58-595 Corral Representative 58-595 Round Up Staff 59-605 Green Masque Players 59-60. BERNARD, MICKIE: Archery Team 59-605 Senior Sub Debs 59-605 Booster Club 59-60, CSU 59-60. BEN-XYIDES, GLORIA GRACE: Booster Club 57-595 CSU 59-60. BEVERLY, CHARLES HENERY: Booster Club 57-605 CSU 58-605 FFA 57-605 Speech Club 59-605 Football Team 57-60, Letters 57-60. I94 96 BAXTER, LARRY DAVID BEARDSWORTH, BONNIE: Booster Club 58-60, Cash Booster 59-605 Aloha Club 58-595 Junior Sub Debs 58-595 Student Council 57-60, Round Up Staff, Feature Editor 58, Make-Up Editor 59, Editor-in-Chief 595 American Legion Club 58-60, Vice-President 595 National Honor Society, President5 Quill and Scroll 59. BEASLEY, BRENDA JEAN: Chorale 58-605 Booster Club 58-595 Green Masque Players 585 Junior Sub Debs 58-595 Senior Sub Debs. BEASLEY, KAREN VIRGINIA: AFL 57-585 CSU 57-595 Jun- ior Sub Debs 58-595 Senior Sub Debs 59-605 FHA 59-60' Choralettes 59-60. 1 CHARLES BYRON BERENS MICKIE BERNARD JOHNNY CLIFTON BELL GLORIA GRACE BENAVIDES -'NPR SENIORS BEWLEY, OSCAR MCCELVEY BIEHL, BOBBY: Art Club 59-605 CSU 59-609 Booster Club 58-60. BISH, BOBBY: CSU 57-60g Basketball "B" Team 57-595 Basket- ball "A" Team 605 Booster Club 57-60g Track 58-60g Green Masque Players 60g Choral 603 Speech Club 59-60. BLACK, LYNN RODNEY: Rolling Ponies 58-599 Distributive Education 59-60. KITTY BELT CHARLES HENERY BEVERLY oscAR MCCELVEY BOBBY BIEHL BEWLEY LYNN RODNEY BLACK BOBBY BISH 'ff1,2ZlQr:?F'f'-' V ' Preparing a mosaic tile table in art class are Connie Sarabia and Gloria Benavides. l95 3' ms. if 'Wa LOIS MARIE BLACKARD SABRA BOGGS BETTY J. BORUP JANE BOSTICK BOTHWELL, CHARLOTTE: Booster Club 57-593 Art Club 593 FHA 593 Aloha Club 59Q Senior Sub Debs 593 CSU 57-59. BOX, PATTI JAN: Scottish Brigade 57-60, Company "A" 58, Corporal of Company "AM 58, Left Color Guard of United States Flag 59, Captain of Flag Corps 59-603 Junior Sub Debs, President 58-593 Senior Sub Debs 59-603 Booster Club 57-603 CSU 58-60, Social Chairman 59-60g Chorale 59-603 Runner-Up for Most Popular Junior Girl 57-583 "Y"-Teens, Vice-Presi- dent 59-603 FTA 58-60, Treasurer 58-59, Vice-President 59-603 Junior Red Cross, Vice-President 58-595 Round Up Staff 58-593 FHA 59-603 Student Council 59-60. BRALLEY, SANDRA FAYE: Scottish Brigade 57-60, Bugle Corps 58-59, Captain of Bugle Corps 59-60. Letters 57-603 Junior Sub Debs 58-593 Senior Sub Debs 59-603 Booster Club 57-603 CSU 57-603 Spanish Club 57Q FHA, Secretary, 58-593 FTA 59-603 Aloha Club 59-60. BRADSHAW, KAREN ELIZABETH: CSU 57-583 Orchestra 57-593 Booster Club 57-601 Junior Red Cross 57-53- I96 960 BLACKARD, LOIS MARIE: Booster Club 59-60. BOGGS, SABRA: Booster Club 57-603 Student Council 57 CSU 59-603 Senior Sub Debs 59-OOQ FHA 58-60. BORUP, BETTY J.: Booster Club 57-603 Rolling Ponies 58 FHA 59-603 Choralettes 59-60. BOSTICK, JANE: Booster Club 59-603 Tennis Team 59: Senior Sub Debs 59-603 Rolling Ponies 59-603 Green Masque Players 59-60. CHARLOTTE BOTHWELL SANDRA FAYE BRALLEY PATTI JAN BOX KAREN BRADSHAW E IORS ff'zwwffWMW Recording their voices for the Bellaire Speech Tournament are John Boyle, Daphane Curley, and Elsie Wilmoth. JOHN BOYLE MARSHALL RAY BOYD CAROLYNN SUE RALPH ANDERSON BRADSHAW BRADFORD SARA BETH BOZEMAN FRED EMMETT BRADLEY BOZEMAN, SARA BETH: Booster Club 57-60: Student Council 57: CSU 57-60: Junior Sub Debs 58-59g Senior Sub Debs 59-60: Aloha Club 58-59: Spanish Club 57-58: Scottish Brigade 57-60, Bagpipe Corps 59-60, Lieutenant of Bagpipe Corps 59-60, Letters 57-60: Round Up Representative 57-58. BRADLEY. FRED EMMETT: Booster Club 57-60: CSU 59-60: Basketball 58-59, Letter 59: Baseball 58-59, Letter 59. BOYLE, JOHN: Booster Club 57-60: Art Club 57-605 Rolling Ponies 58-595 Corral, Junior Section Editor, 59-60. BRADSHAW, CAROLYN SUE: Booster Club 57-605 Girls' Chorus 57-58: Chorale 58-60: Volleyball Team 58-59: Swim- ming Team 58-60. BRADFORD, RALPH- ANDERSON: ROTC 57-60: Rolling Ponies 57-585 Legionnaires 58-60: ROTC Officers Club 59-60. I97 BRENNAN, PAT Letters. BROWN, SAM J.: Key Club 57-60, Vice-President 58-59: Booster Club 57-60: Golf Team 57-59, Letters 57-59: Basketball Team 57-60, Trainer, Letters 57-60: Football Team 58-60, Trainer, BRUNER, JEAN: CSU 57-60: Booster Club 57-60: Junior Sub Players 59-60. Manager 57. PAT BRENNAN SAM I. BROWN JEAN BRUNER BOB C. BUCHANAN BUNDY, EXAR MAE: CSU 59-60: Clioralettes 59-60, Booster Club 57-60: Art Club 59-60: FHA 59-60. BURFORD, DELL LEE: CSU 58-59: Scottish Brigade 56-57: Booster Club 56-58: Aloha Club 58-59. BURCESS, SID: CSU 58-60: Booster Club 57-60. BURNETT, THOMAS EDWARD: Art Club 58-59: Booster Club 57-60: Football Team 57-60. BURROWS, EDWINA: CSU 57-60: Booster Club 58-60: FHA 57-58: Round Up Representative 57-58: Student Council 57-58: Rolling Ponies 58-59. BUSSEY. JOYCE BETTY: FHA 56-57: Green Masque Players 59-60: Art Club 59-60: Student Council 57-58. BUTLER, LESLIE: CSU 59-60: Booster Club 57-60: Junior Sub Debs 58-59: Senior Sub Debs 59-60: Aloha Club 58-59: Student Council 58-60: "YH Teens 58-59: Runner-Up Most Popular Sophomore Cirl 57: Runner-Up Most Beautiful Sophomore 57: Cheerleader 59-60. BLIZAN, SHIRLEY GAYLE: FHA 58-59: Senior Sub Debs 59-60: Junior Sub Debs 58-59: Aloha Club 58-59: ,lunior Red Cross 59: Tltespians 59-60, Parliamentarian 60: Round Up Repre- sentative 59. BYRN. CAROL ESTELLE: FHA 58-59: Booster Club 57-60: CSU 57-58: Round Up Staff 59-60.' CAAKIPBELL, ANNE: CSU 57-60: Booster Club 57-60: FHA 57-58: "YH-Teens 58-59: Aloha Club 58-59: Junior Sub Debs 58-59: Senior Sub Debs 59-60: Round Up 59-60, Sports Editor, Advertising Staff: Art C-lub 59-60. I98 Debs 58-59: Aloha Club 58-59: "Y"-Teens 58-59: Corral Repre- sentative 59-60: Round Up Representative 59-60: Green Masque BUCHANAN, BOB C.: Booster Club 57-60: Rolling Ponies 57-60: Football 57: CSU 57-60: Basketball Manager 57: Baseball 760 EXAR MAE BUNDY JOYCE BETH BUSSEY - and Posed for Our Senior Group Picture in November - xg-M far 'lik Seniors look at the Senior Group Pictures. SE IORS DELL LEE BURFORD SID BURGESS LESLIE BUTLER SHIRLEY GAYLE BUZAN J F' ' J .E , THOMAS EDWARD BURNETT CAROL ESTELLE BYRN EDWINA BURROWS ANNE CAMPBELL Ah 1- slum EVELYN AUIJENE CAMPBELL 760 CAMPBELL, EVELYN AUDENE: Booster Club 57-60, FHA 57-585 Junior Achievement 58-59g Green Masque Players 59, Art Club 58. ,iffy 'gifs' 'imma-f" I Wiilmrsnnnnw awww MARY BARBARA CANAVIER CARLITA ANN CANNADAY CANAVIER, MARY BARBARA: Art Club 595 CSU 57-605 Booster Club 57-609 FHA 59, Aloha Club 595 Senior Sub Debs 59-60. CANNADAY, CARLITA ANN: Booster Club 57-603 CSU 59-603 French Club 58-59, Corral Representative 57-58g Green Masque Players 59-605 Orchestra, Leftter 59-60g Junior Sub Debs 58-59, Senior Sub Debs 59-60g Mustang Band, Letters, 58-593 Swimming Intramurals, Letter, 57-58. BOBBIE CARROLL CARGILL ROBERT C. CARR CARCILL, BOBBIE CARROLL: CSU, Vice-President, 57-58, President, 58-593 Football Teams, Letters, 57-60, Booster Club 57-603 Student Council 57-60, Vice-President 59, President 59-60. CARR, ROBERT C.: Booster Club 57-60g Color Guard 58-59, Legionnaires 57-60, Co-Commander of the Legionnaires 59-60, Letter 59, Squad Leader 58-59, Honor Committee, Law Member. DAHLIA CASAS MIKE V. CASTILLO CASAS, DAHLIA: Scottish Brigade 57-60, Company "B" 58-60, Corporal of Company "B" 59, Lieutenant Company MB" 59-60, National Honor Society 59-60, Booster Clubg CSU 57-603 Junior Sub Debs 58-59g Senior Sub Debs 59-60g Corral Repre- sentative 59-60g FTA 59-60. CASTILLO, MIKE V. SENIOR CAROLINE CATALA MARILYN G. CHEATHAM CATALA, CAROLINE: Booster Club 56-573 FHA 56-573 Swim- ming Team 57-583 Archery Team 57-583 Booster Club 58-60. CHEATHAM, MARILYN C.: Booster Club 58-603 Junior Sub Debs 58-593 Senior Sub Debs 59-603 Aloha 58-59g FHA 59-60. AVIS FAYE CHICKERING MARJORIE LEE CHILES CIIIICKERINC, AVIS FAYE: Scottish Brigade 57-60, Company B 58-59, Corporal of Company "B" 58-59, Lieuten-aht of Flag Corps 59-60, Letters 57603 CSU 57-603 Booster Club 57-603 Student Council 57g Junior Sub Debs 58-593 Senior Sub Debs 59-60g Aloha Club 58-593 Library Club 58: FHA, Program Chairman 58-593 A11 Club 58-593 Speech Club 57-583 Round Up Representative 58-593 Junior Red Cross Representative 58-59. CHILES, MARJORIE LEE: Booster Club 57-603 Junior Sub Debs 58-593 Senior Sub Debs 59-603 CSU 59-603 FHA 57-603 Junior Achievement. CARO ANN CHIPPENDALE MARY LYNN CHIPPENDALE CHIPPENDALE, CARO ANN: Scottish Brigade 57-60, Company "C" 58-59, Top Sergeant of Company "C" 59-603 American Legion Club 57-60, President 593 Junior Sub Debs 58-593 Senior Sub Debs 59-603 Booster Club 57-603 CSU 57-603 Span- ish Club 57-58, SNHS 58, Library Club 593 FHA 57-58. CHIPPENDALE, MARY LYNN: Scottish Brigade 57-60, Drum Corps 58-59, Lieutenant Bagpipe Drums 59-603 Booster Club 57-603 Spanish Club 57-583 SNHS 57-583 FHA 57-583 Junior Sub Debs 58-593 Senior Sub Debs 59-603 CSU 57-60. ROBERT JERRY CHRISTIAN DEANNA LOU CHITTENDEN CHRISTIAN, ROBERT JERRY: Booster Club 57-603 National Honor Society 59-60, Sergeant-at-Arms, 593 CSU 57-603 Aloha Club 58-59g Football Teams 57-60, Letters, 58-601 Basketball Letters, 58-60. CHITTENDEN, DEANNA LOU: Scottish Brigade 57-60, Com- pany "C" 58-59, Corporal of Company "C" 59, Captain of Company HC" 59-603 American Legion Award Club 57-60, Reporter 59, Vice-President 592 Round Up Staff, Assistant Sports Editor 594 National Honor Society, Recording Secre- tary, 59-603 Junior Sub Debs 58-593 Senior Sub Debs 59-603 Booster Club 57-60. L: 4" A-I , P' ' '4 wig. V, V .A ,lx -. W , ,MSR -Y -L f A 1 J " 4 w 1. '- -Q . 1 A crowd gathers at the Senior Poll Box to vote for Homecoming Queen. DONNA GAIL CLOTEAUX VERNA COLLUM CORNELIUS COLBY WANDA COLWELL K S MMO ,Xnn I 'Mm ,,.,, SG FRANK COLE MAYLENE COPELAND F5 ' 'f:5niFwQ' ...Sf S Spirits Rc-:maimed Higl' 760 ERNEST COLLINS CHESTER COUCH R 'Vi 1 '1' -l"1fi'5i: f ' ' ':?'5z3?' I' if ,- Q9' Af 731 Lf 'P ff SKO M41 -, JE IORS luring the Football Season -- COVEY, JUDITH: CSU 57-605 Chorale 58-60, Reporter 58-59, Parliamentarian 59-605 Junior Sub Debs 58-595 Senior Sub Debs 59-605 Booster Club 57-605 Aloha Club 58-595 Scottish Brigade 58-60, Bugle Corps 58-59, Trumpet Sergeant 59-60. COWAN, CAROLYN: Booster Club 57-605 CSU 57-605 Mustang Mounties, President 57-58, Treasurer 58-595 Junior Sub Debs 58-595 Senior Sub Debs 59-605 Aloha Club 58-595 Swimming Team 57-585 Scottish Brigade 57-60, Drum Corps 57-59, Lieu- tenant of Drum Corps 59-605 American Legion Award Club, Sergeant-at-Arms 57-58, President 58-59, Program Chairman 59. COWART, RE.: ROTC Sponsor, Company MA" 59-605 Mustang Mounties, Vice-President 595 Booster Club 58-605 NFL, Presi- dent, 58-595 Speech Team 58-605 Round Up Representative 59-605 Senior Sub Debs 59-605 CSU 59-60. COX, BARBARA JO: Booster Club 57-605 CSU 57-605 Scottish Brigade Reserves 57-585 FTA 58-595 Junior Sub Debs 58-595 Senior Sub Debs 59-605 Chorale 58. WILLIAM COLLINS JERRY COUMELIS JUDITH CovEY CAROLYN COWAN RE COWART BARBARA Jo Cox CLOTEAUX, DONNA: CSU 58-605 Booster Club 58-605 Aloha Club 58-595 Junior Sub Debs 58-595 Senior Sub Debs 59-605 Scottish Brigade, Company "C" 58-59, Lieutenant Company HC" 59-60. COLBY, CORNELIUS: FFA 58-605 Booster Club 57-60. COLE, FRANK: CSU 58-605 Booster Club 58-605 Cheerleader 59-605 "B" Team Basketball, Letter 585 HA" Team Basketball, Letters 59-605 Fire Patrol Captain 59-605 Art Club 59-60. COLLINS, ERNEST: Student Council 57-595 Key Club 58-605 CSU 57-595 Football, Letter 57, Booster Club 57-605 National Honor Society 59-60. COLLINS, WILLIAM COLLUM, VERNA: Aloha Club 58-595 Art Club 58-60, Letters5 CSU 57-605 FHA 59-605 Booster Club of-605 Student Council 57-605 Junior Sub Debs 58-595 Senior Sub Debs 59-605 Round Up Staff 58-60, Circulation Manager 59-605 FTA 59-60. COLWELL, WANDA: FHA 57-605 Rolling Po-nies 58-595 CSU 59-605 Booster Club 59-605 Senior Sub Debs 59-60. COPELAND, MAYLENE: Booster Club 57-605 CSU 58-605 Scottish Brigade 57-595 Junior Sub Debs 58-595 Senior Sub Debs 59-605 Aloha Club 59-605 Rolling Ponies 59-605 Round Up Repre- sentative 59-60. COUCH, CHESTER: CSU 59-605 Booster Club 58-605 J.A. 59-605 Rolling Ponies 59-60. COUMELIS, JERRY: Orchestra 58-59, Letter 58-595 Library Club 57-605 Key Club 58-605 Rolling Ponies 59-605 Booster Club 58-605 National Honor Society 59-60. aww Q 2 I . .4 , "W" R., . GRAIG DALE CRAIG ANNA R. CRAIN JANICE GAYE CRANE DONALD' EARL CRAWFORD JO WAYNE CRAWFORD CAROLYN MARIE SALLY DEANNE CRUM TOMMY L. CROSBY CRENWELGE CRAIG, GRAIG DALE: Junior Sub Debs 58-594 CSU 57-604 Scottish Brigade Reserves 57-584 Booster Club 57-604 Senior Sub Debs 59-604 FNA 58-59, President4 Aloha Club 58-594 Archery 592 J.A. 58-60, Secretary 58-594 Mustang Mounties 59-604 Art Club 59-60. CRAIN, ANNA R.: CSU 57-604 Mustang Mounties 57-584 Rolling Ponies, Letter 58-594 Junior Sub Debs 58-594 Senior Sub Debs 59-604 Scottish Brigade Reserves 57Q ROTC Sponsor 59-60. CRANE, JANICE GAYE: Booster Club 57g FHA 57-584 J.A. 58-594 Art Club 59. CRAWFORD, DONALD EARL: CSU 57-604 Booster Club 57-604 Rolling Ponies 58-59, Vice- President 59-60, Letter 58-604 Student Council 59-604 Round Up Representative 59-60. CRAWFORD, JO WAYNE: CSU 57-604 Art Club 57-60, Secretary, Treasurer 57-584 Booster Club 57-604 Green Masque Players 59-604 Student Council 57-584 Corral Representative4 J.A. 58-60: Rolling Ponies 58-594 Senior Sub Debs 59-60. CRENWELGE, CAROLYN MARIE: CSU 59'-604 National Honor Society 59-604 Junior Sub Debs 58-594 Chorale 59-604 Cho-ralettes 594 Booster Club 57'60Q Green Masque Players 58-604 Corral Representativeg Round Up Representative 57-594 Scottish Brigade 57-60, Bugle Corps 58-59. Lieutenant of Bugle Corps 59-60, Letters. CRUM, SALLY DEANNE: CSU 57-604 Booster Club 57-604 NFL 57-584 Green Masque Players 58-602 53-60. FHA 57-604 Junior Sub Debs 58-594 Senior Sub Debsg Student Council 58-594 ,I.A. CROSBY, TOMMY L.: Booster Club 59-OOQ Band 57-60, Primary Second Lieutenant 59-60. 204 Robert Christian and Bobbie Cargill relax until afternoon practice begins. 960 SENIDRS As the Football Boys Played DCI6fllll116dly - CRUZ, LEWIS AYALA: Band 57-58, Letter, 575 Booster Club 60. CROWDER, DIANE JULIA: Booster Club 57-605 CSU 57-605 Girls' Chorus 57-585 Chorale 58-605 Scottish Brigade Reserves 57-585 FTA 58-605 Junior Red Cross, Secretary 58-595 Senior Sub Debs 59-60. CUNNINGHAM, RONNIE ELTON: CSU 57-585 Green Masque Players 58-595 Booster Club 58-605 Swimming Team 58-60, Letter 58. CURINGTON, BRUCE ELDON: CSU 57-595 FTA 595 Football Teams 57-595 Track 59. CURRAN, EDWARD LOUIS: CSU 57-605 Green Masque Play- ers 58-595 Student Council 57-58. DAIGLE, MARSHA: Booster Club 57-605 Junior Sub Debs 58-595 Senior Sub Debs 59-605 Band 58-60, Letter, Drum Major 59-605 Green Masque Players, Parliamentarian 59-605 Art Club, Letter 58-595 FHA 59-605 Chorale 58-605 Choralettes 585 Aloha Club 58-59. LEWIS AYALA CR UZ RONNIE ELTON CUNNINGHAM LOUIS EDWARD CURRAN DIANE JULIA CROWDER ELDON BRUCE CURINGTON MARSHA DAIGLE -vig-,L ,. V ii .WL a . - . :gg 9. .r -.1 :K 4, -uw., 'Shui' WHS ANNE DANCY JERRY WAYNE KELLY FRANK DAVIS DAVENPORT ARTHUR LARRY DeALBA DEALY, DAVID: Football Teams 57-60: Basketball Team, Letters 57-60: Baseball, Letters 59-60: Tennis 58: Track 58-60: Booster Club 57-60: CSU 57-60: American Legion Award Club 57-59: Library Club 59-60. DEICKE, GLORIA ANN: Booster Club 57-59: Scottish Brigade Reserves 57-58: Art Club 59-60. DeLEON, LAWRENCE WAYNE: Booster Club 57-60: Rolling Ponies 57-59: ROTC 57-60, Legionnaires 57-59, First Sergeant 58-59: Staff Executive Officer 60, Officer Club. DELERY, JAMES ANDREWS: Football 58-59: CSU 58-60: Green Masque Players 59: Projector Club 57-58 : Library Club 58: Booster Club 57-60. DENENA, BARBARA ANN: Aloha Club 58-59: American Legion Award Club 57-59, Parliamentarian 58: Booster Club 57-59: Business Club 59-60, Secretary: Corral Representative 58-59: FHA 58-59, Secretary 58-59: Junior Sub Debs 58-59: National Honor Society 59-60: Senior Sub Debs 59-60: Stu- dent Council 57-58. DERRICK, LAURENCE VAN: CSU 57-59: Rolling Ponies 59-60: Booster Club 57-60: Swimming Team 59-60: J.A. 60. 206 Then Came the Closf DANCY, ANNE: CSU 57-59: City Volleyball Team 57-59: Mustang Mounties Secretary 57-58: Booster Club 57-59: FHA 58-59: Senior Sub Debs 59-60. DAVENPORT, JERRY WAYNE: Band 58-60, Letter: Orchestra 59-60: SNHS 57-60: Art Club 59-60: Booster Club 59-60: CSU 59-60: Fire Patrol 59-60. DAVIS, FRANK KELLY: Booster Club 59-60: CSU 59-60: Baseball Team 59, HB" Team. DeALBA, LARRY ARTHUR: American Legion Award Club 57-60: Key Club 58-59: SNHS 57-58: Booster Club 57-60: CSU 57-60. DAVID DEA LY JAMES ANDREWS DELERY 9 GLORIA ANN DEICKE BARBARA ANN DENENA Q o Our Football Season - DEWEES, SUE ELLEN: Booster Club 57-609 Green Masque Players 57-60g Thespians 58-60, Secretary 59-60g Junior Sub Debs 58-69g Aloha Club 58-595 Archery Club 58-60g Senior Debs 59-60. DEWER, ELMER MAE DEYOE, TERRY JOE: Booster Club 57-60g CSU 59-60g Swim- ming Team 57-60, Captain 58-60g Art Club 59-60g Green Masque Players 57-604 Student Council 60. DILLE, RUTH ELIZABETH: Booster Club 57-603 CSU 57-605 Junior Sub Debs 58g Senior Sub Debs 59-609 National Honor Society 60. SENIORS LAWRENCE WAYNE DeLEON LAURENCE VAN DERRICK mm We ww 'TW SUE ELLEN DEWEES ELMER MAE DEWER TERRY JOE DEYOE ELIZABETH RUTH DILLE 7 Vylnvnt fl' -. A Sip' , V Seniors on the Round Up Staff sign the Pigskin Press. 207 i""!1':-H CAROLYN JOYCE ELAINE DOUGLAS DOMANN JOHN H. EATON GEORGE WESLEY DOYLE EBERLE, WILLIAM: Booster Club: Swimming Team 603 Green Masque Players 603 Rolling Ponies 60. EDMISTON, BECKY: Scottish Brigade 57-60, Bugle Corps 58-59, Soprano Sergeant of Bugle Corps 59-603 Spanish Club 57-583 Corral Representative 57-583 Junior Sub Debs 58-593 Senior Sub Debs 59-603 FTA 59-60, Treasurer 59-603 Booster Club 57-603 CSU 57603 Round Up Representative 59-60. ESPINOSA, MARY ELLEN: Head Cheerleader 58-593 ROTC Sponsor 59-60, Girls, Rifle Team 59-603 Booster Club 5960, Booster Lawyer 58-593 Junior Sub Debs 58-593 Senior Stub Debs 59-603 'LYH-Teens 58-593 FHA 58-593 CSU 57-603 RO-und Up Assistant Make-Up Editor 58-59. ETHEREDCE. CARL 208 760 DOMANN, CAROLYN JOYCE: Business Clubs 59-603 J.A. 58-59. DOUGLAS, ELAINE: Scottish Brigade Reserves OTQ Booster Club 57-603 CSU 57-603 FHA 57, DOYLE, GEORGE WESLEY: Football Teams 57-60, Letters 58-603 Key Club 58-603 Baseball 59-60, Letters 59-603 Booster Club 57-603 Student Council 57-603 CSU 59-603 Chorale 59-601 American Legion Award Club 57-60, Treasurer 58-59. EATON, JOHN H.: ROTC 57-603 Booster Club 57-603 ROTC Drill Team 58-60. WILLIAM EBERLE MARY ELLEN ESPINOSA High Seniors Voted BECKY EDMISTON CARL ETHERED-GE SENIORS election run-off Gail Sledge votes in Mid-Term Senior Killing will' 'f f ,ff-,fig - 4ff!2'7?'.'v' V lfor Mid-Te1'111 Class Officers - l - JACKIE ELLIOT JEAN EVANS 1 1 l PATSY JANE ELLISOR MARY RUTH EVERETT i L CHARLOTTE ANNETTE FARR RUTH FARRELL ELLIOT, JACKIE: Scottish Brigade Reserves 57-585 Aloha Club 595 Booster Club 57-595 Senior Sub Debs 595 Round Up Representative 57. ELLJSOR, PATSY JANE: Scottish Brigade 57-595 Drum Corps 58-595 ROTC Sponsor 59-60, Legionnaire Sponsor 59-60, Girls' Rifle Team5 Booster Club 57-595 CSU 57-595 Junior Red Cross 58-595 Corral Representative 58-595 Junior Sub Debs 58-595 Senior Sub Debs 59-60. EVANS, JEAN: CSU 58-595 Booster Club 57-605 Senior Sub Debs 59-605 FHA 57-605 Green Masque Players 59-60. EVERETT, MARY RUTH: Booster Club 57-605 CSU 57-605 Rolling Ponies 58-605 FHA 58-605 Senior Sub Debs. FARR, CHARLOTTE ANNETTE: Booster Club 57-605 Junior Sub Debs 59-605 Corral Staff 57-58, Faculty Editor 58-595 Corral Representative 57-605 Green Masque Players 59-60. FARRELL, RUTH: Booster Club 58-595 American Legion Award Club 58-595 Senior Sub Debs 59-60. 209 JAMES W. FARRIS THOMAS FRANK FARRIS JUDY FELDMAN BONNIE JOE FERGUSON FINK, BOBBIE FERN: Girls' Swimming Team 58-605 Booster Club 59-602 CSU 58-605 Girls' Volleyball Squad 59. FISHER, HAI.. BURTON: NFL 575 AFL 575 Green Masque Players 57-585 Speech Club 585 Booster Club 595 Thespians 57-59. FITE, JOHNNY ELIJAH: CSU 58-595 Booster Club 59-60. FITE, MARY LOUISE: Booster Club 57-605 Rolling Ponies 57-60, Treasurer 59-605 Art Club 57-605 Junior Sub Debs 58-595 Senior Sub Deb-s 59-605 CSU 57-605 FHA 57-60. FLORES, CHRISTINE: Volleyball Team 58-595 Business Club 59-605 Senior Sub Debs 59-605 Booster Club 58-60. FLORES, JESSE: Booster Club 60. FLOREZ, PAULINE FRANCES: Booster Club 57-605 Scottish Brigade 57-58: Junior Sub- Debs 585 Senior Sub Debs 59-605 Art Club 59-60. FORTUNE, RONALD CSU 59-605 Booster Club 58-60. ZIO FARRIS, JAMES W.: Football 57-60, Lettersg Basketball 57-60, NB" Team 57-58, "A" Team 59-605 Track 57-605 CSU 57-605 Booster Club 57-605 Aloha Club 58-595 Student Council 594505 National Honor Society 59-605 Key Club 59-60. FARRIS, THOMAS FRANK: Football Teams 57-605 Track 57-595 Booster Club 57-59. FELDMAN, JUDY: CSU 57-605 Art Club 58-595 Booster Club 57-605 Business Club 59-60. FERGUSON, BONNIE JOE: Swimming Team 605 Booster Club 57-605 Rolling Ponies 605 CSU 60. 760 BOBBIE FERN FINK CHRISTINE FLORES , fa Z , lm Girls learn the art of Homcmaking in foodsg Edwina Weber and Connie Mc Clelland are fixing a lunch. SENIORS HAL BURTON FISHER JESSE FLORES JOHNNY ELIJAH FITE PA ULIN E FRANCES FLOREZ MARY LOUISE FITE RONALD H. FORTUNE 7 STEPHEN FOSTER SAMIE NELL FRIERY FOSTER, STEPHEN: Rolling Ponies 57-585 D.E. Club 58-605 Booster Club 59-605 Projector Club 57-585 J.A. 58-60. FRIERY, SAMIE NELL: Booster Club 57-605 FHA 57-595 Roll- ing Ponies 57-585 Student Council 57-585 CSU 58-595 Choral- ettes 59-60, Chorale 59-605 Volleyball Team 59-60. DOUGLAS LYNDON FUGUA BILL JAY GANTKA FUGUA, DOUGLAS LYNDON: CSU 605 Booster Club 605 Art Club 59-60. GANTKA, BILL JAY: Booster Club 58-605 CSU 58-605 Track Team 57-60, Letters 57-605 Key Club 58-605 Treasurer 59-605 .l.A. 57-60. GREGORY GARCIA CAROLYN GARDNER GARCIA, GREGORY: Swimming Team 58-605 "Av Band 58-60. GARDNER, CAROLYN: Scottish Brigade 57-60, Company NA" 58-595 Corporal 58-605 Booster Club 57-605 CSU 58-605 Art Club 58-595 Senior Sub Debs 59-60. .l. W. GARRETT EMMALINE NANNINE GEE GARRETT, .l. W.: Booster Club 59-605 Drill Platoon 57-595 Rifle Team 59-60. GEE, NANNINE EMMALINE: Round Up Staff 59-60, Feature Editor 59, Editor-in-Chief5 .lunior Sub Debs 58-595 Senior Sub Debs 59-605 Aloha Club 58-595 Booster Club 58-605 Quill and Scroll 605 Green Masque Players 58-605 Round Up Representative 59-605 CSU 58-605 Scottish Brigade 58-59, Bugle Corps 58-595 Y-Teens 58-59. SENIOR BARBARA GHOLSTON GEMEY KAY GILBERT GHOLSTON, BARBARA: Booster Club 57-603 Junior Sub Debs Senior Sub Debs 59-603 Aloha Club 58-593 Choralettes GILBERT, GEMEY KAY: Cheerleader 59-603 Student Council 57-58: CSU 57-603 Aloha Club 58-593 Junior Sub Debs 58-593 Senior Sub Debs 59-603 FHA 57-583 Green Masque Players 59-603 Booster Club 57-603 Business Club Treasurer 59-603 Corral, Faculty Editor 59-60. GENE GARRISON VIVIAN SUE GILBRETH GARRISON, GENE: Mustang Band 57-59. GILBRETH, VIVIAN SUE: CSU 58-.603 Chorale 59: Tennis 603 Booster Club 58-60. PATRICIA ANN GILCHRIST .IO ANN GILL GILCHRIST, PATRICIA ANN: Scottish Brigade 57-60. Company "C" 58-603 Booster Club 57-603 Green Masque Players 59-60: Round Up Representative: Corral Representativf- 59-603 Cor- poral Company "C" 59-60. GILL, JO ANN: Scottish Brigade 57-60, Company "B" 58-59, Captain Company "B" 59-60: Booster Club 57-603 CSU 57-60: Aloha Club 58-59: Corral Representative 59g Junior Sub Debs 58-59. WANDA JO GILLIAM WINFORD GILLIAM GILLIAM, WANDA JO: CSU 593 French Club 59: Booster Club 59: Business Club 59. GILLIAM, WINFORD: Booster Club 58-593 Key Club 57-58: American Legion Award Club 59-60. f"k"-ff Bbw, : ,, f xr-, ,I " -:ff 4,4525 ., ,N 3, ., f , xr 1' J W, . ' , , A, f,t w. ft 8 X I ' AQ ,uv f 0 at -1 W, 4, ,, ,7 X fa M, f ,,. ik. ,sv I xv St 5114, W- X, Frank Chlimlcr and jim Pm-1'kir1R wt up material in handicraft. VICKIE GLENN MANFRED COPPERT DIANE LOUISE CODLOVE ROBERT D. LlO5SETT 4 L 2 5 N. If If SANDRA MARIE GODWIN MARY ANN GRAYSON .'.:: -, V 'Q EQ Q I, bl 1 I ,353-14 , is I QXX if X X 0 V '6C Then Our Work KATHLEEN COFF JOHNNY LEO GREEN Q-gm fgswf-Srl" SENIORS HAISTEN. NANCY CHARLENE: Choralettes 59-60. HAGGARD, SHIRLEY: FHA 57, Program Chairman: Runner- Up for Most Beautiful Junior Girl 59: J.A., Secretary, Treas- urer 57-58: CSU 57-60: Booster Club 57-60: Senior Sub Debs 59-60: Round Up Representative 58-60: Corral Repre- sentative 58-60. HAM. KENNETH EDWARD: Booster Club 57-60: ROTC 57-59. HAMMER, BETTY: CSU 57-60: Booster Club 58-60: Art Club 59-60: Senior Sub Debs 59-60: Junior Sub Debs 58-59: Scot- tish Brigade 58-60. Bugle Corps 58-60. Began - .IUDITH ANNETTE GOLDEN MICHAEL F. HACKNEY NANCY CHARLI-:NE SHIRLEY HAGGARD HAISTEN BETTY HAMMER KENNETH EDWARD HAM GLENN, VICKIE: CSU 57-60: Booster Club 57-60: Senior Sub Debs 59-60: Junior Sub Debs 58-59: Business Club 59-60, President: FHA 57-58. GODLOVE, DIANE LOUISE: Booster Club 57-59: Round Up Staff, Exchange Editor 59: FHA 57-58. CODWIN, SANDRA MARIE: CSU 57-58: Booster Club 57-60: Swimming Team 58-60: Scottish Brigade Reserves 57-58: Business Club 59-60, Sergeant-at-Arms. GOFF, KATHLEEN: CSU 57-60: Scottish Brigade Reserves 57-58: Clioralettes 58-60: Booster Club 57-60. GOLDEN, JUDITH ANNETTE: Booster Club 58-60: CSU 58-60: Junior Sub Debs 58-59: Senior Sub Debs 59-60: ROTC Sponsor. Company "A" 59-60: Girls' Rifle Team 59-60. GOPPERT, MANFRED: CSU 58-60: Booster Club 58-60. GOSSETT, ROBERT D.: Booster Club 59-60. GRAYSON, MARY ANN: Scottish Brigade Reserves 57-58: Booster Club 58-60: FHA 58-59, Rolling Ponies 58-59. ,. GREEN, JOHNNY LEO: Booster Club 58-60: Fire Patrol 59-60: ROTC 57. Company "A Commander 59-60: Legionnaires 57-60, Commander 59-60: CSU 59-60. HACKNEY, MICHAEL F.: Booster Club 58-59: IA. 59-60. 2l5 be Q X, QA x ,W .A .- -- -- I W wQ.Q.x,.m,yhk BARRI HAMMER GEORGE EARL HARRIS ELIZABETH GWENELL NINA SUE HARRISON REAGAN HATHCOCK JANICE HATLER HARRISON KENDALL HAY LINDA GAIL HAWKINS I-IAMNIER, BARRI: SwtliSl1 lirigadu 57-60. Buglc Corps 58-603 Junior Sub DI-bs 58-59: Senior Sub III-IIS 59-60: CSU 57-601 lylmvsler Club 53-60: Art Club 53-601 Aluha Club 58-59. HQXHHIS, GEORGE EARL: lj66St1'r Club 58-59g Hnlliug llullivs 59-60. HARRISON, ELIZABETH CWICNIQLL: Baml 57-59g Ilnmster Club 58: Art Club 581 Spwcll Club 501 CSU 59-60. HARRISON, NINA SUE: lluusla-I' Club 57-604 CSU 57-601 ,luuiur Sub Ilvbs 58-59: Senior Sub llvlw 59-60: FN.-X 59-601 :XII Club 59-601 I"l'l.X 57-59. HA'I'H4164iK. REQXC,-KN: llmaqvy' Club 57-601 CSU 57-60: Mustang lluufl 58-60. I'I.-YIILEH. J.-XNILIE: CSII 57-601 IIIHISII-I' Club 57-60: .luniur Sub lla-IIS 58-593 Sunim' Sub llebs 59-603 .-Xlulma Club 58-593 Sl'lllllSll llrigudc 57-50. 'l'up Sv1'geauI llngpipl- llrums 59-60: Cllnralv 59-60: f.l1urulI-Il:-S 585 Cnrrul 58. Hc'pI'x'f-l'l1ILlllH'. IIXWKINS. LINDA HAIL: llllIPSl4'I' Club 57-603 S1-ulliSl1 llrigucle 57-60. Svrglvzxlll ul llugpipt-Q 59-60: CSU 57-601 Alwlmu Club 58-591 Junior Sub DI-bs 58-59: SCIIIIII' Sub llvbS 59-601 FTA 58-60, C11I'1'u-purlalixlg S1'I'rvIII1'y 59-601 Cm-ml lil-presm-rmzutive. HIXY. lilfNlJ:XI-L: FF.-X 59. III-pnlb-I' 59: Rwlliup l'uuicS 59. 2l6 960 SENIOR ,lust as the Routine of Studying Fell Into Pace - HAYNIE, ELIZABETH: Student Council 57-58: Booster Club 57-60: Choralettes 58-60: Corral Representative 57-58: Round Up Representative 57-59: Volleyball, Letter 58-60: Senior Sub Debs 59-60. HEBERT, JOHN RUSSELL: Spanish Club 57: SNHS 57: Booster Club 57-59: CSU 58: Key Club 57-59: Rolling Ponies 59: "Stevie" 59: Student Council 59: Art Club 59: National Honor Society: Round Up Representative 59-60. HENDERSON, JACK: Booster Club 59-60: ROTC 57-60: Austin Legionnaires 59-60: ROTC Band 59-60: Officers Club 59-60: ROTC Band Commander 59-60. HEINSON, SUELLEN: Library Club 57: Student Council 57-60: Scottish Brigade 57-60, Drum Corps 58-60, Corporal 59-60: Junior Sub Debs, Reporter 58-59: CSU 57-60: Senior Sub Debs 59-60: Aloha Club 58-59: Art Club 59-60: Green Masque Players 59-60: Corral Representative 57-58: Business Club 59-60: Booster Club 57-60. HEGMAN, DIANA HENEXSON, DIXIE LEE: Booster Club 57-59: Aloha Club 58-59: MY"-Teens 58-60: Junior Sub Debs 58-59: Student Council 57-58: Senior Sub Debs 59-60. ELIZABETH HAYNIE JACK HENDERSON DIANA HEGMAN Aiwa JOHN RUSSELL HEBERT SUELLEN HEINSON DIXIE LEE HENEXSON , V awww, wwf l ,, 4 'line L. 217 I ' .- fit 1.- taiiizgt- "cv s -A ,H 5 5 . . 1 SANDRA ANN CHARLES RICHARD HENDERSON HENDRIX LINDA HENSCH JOHN RICHARD HERNANDEZ HICGINBOTHAM, CAROL JEAN: Scottish Brigade 57-60, Bugle Corps 58-59, Corporal 59-60: Chorale 58-60: CSU 58-60: Booster Club: Round Up Representative 59-60: Junior Sub Debs 58-59: Senior Sub Debs 59-60: FHA 57-58: FNA 59-60. HILL, CAROL SUE: Scottish Brigade Reserves 57: CSU 57-59: Booster Club 57-59: Green Masque Players 57-59: Junior Sub Debs 58: Senior Sub Debs 59. HILL, LARRY WILSON: Booster Club 56-58: Chess Club 57-58: CSU 56: ROTC, Platoon Leader, Officers Club 58. HILLMAN, THURMAN PAUL: Booster Club 58-60. HINDIIAN, LAURIEL LEE: Scottish Brigade 57-60, Cgmpany "C" 58-59, Drill Major 59-60: Round Up Representative 57-58: SNHS 57-58: CSU 57-60: Booster Club 57-60: FTA 58-59: Aloha Club 58-59: Junior Sub Debs 58-59: Senior Sub Debs 59-60: Co-Editor of Handbook 57-59. HODBS, SHARON ANN: Booster Club 59: FHA 59: Student Council 58: Art Club 59. 2I8 HENDERSON, SANDRA ANN: Scottish Brigade 57-60, Drum Corps 57-59, Sergeant Bass Drums 59-60: Student Council 58-59: Aloha Club 58-59: Junior Red Cross 58-59: Junior Sub Debs 58-59: Booster Club 58-59: Senior Sub Debs 59-60. HENDRIX, CHARLES RICHARD: CSU 58-60: Booster Club. HENSCH. LINDA: Scottish Brigade 57-60, Drum Corps 58-59. Captain of Records 59-60: Letters: CSU 57-60, Program Chair- man 58-59, Secretary, Treasurer 59-60: Junior Sub Debs 58-59, Treasurer 58-59: Senior Sub Debs 59-60: Booster Club 57-60: Student Council 57-59: Aloha Club 58-60: FNA 57-60. Program Chairman 58-59: Green Masque Players 59-60: "Y"-Teens 58-60: FHA 59-60: Co-Editor of Handbook and Directory 58-59. HERNANDEZ, RICHARD JOHN: Basketball Teams 58-60: Booster Club 59-60: WA" Band, Letter, 58-59. 9 CAROL JEAN CAROL SUE HILL HIGGINBOTHAM LAURIEL LEE HINDMAN THURMAN PAUL HILLMAN HOFFMAN. EDWARD JERRY: Autsin .Chorale 57-60g Student Council 57-58g Booster Club 57-60g CSU 57-603 Chorale Librarian 59-60g Austin Legionnaires 57-60, ROTC Officers Club 59-60, Battlegroup Commander 59-60. HOGAN, TOMMY: CSU 59-609 Booster Club 59-60g Art Club 59-60. HOLLOMAN, CHARLES E.: Booster Club 57-60. igiww Maw HOLT, BlLL: Booster Club 58-60g Bouncer 58g Runner-Up Mr. Green Masque 58: Cheerleader 583 Most Popular Junior 583 Rolling Ponies 59-603 Green Masque Players 58-60, President 59-601 "Stevie" 59-60g CSU 60. SENIORS -me LARRY WILSON HILL SHARON ANN HOBBS JERRY EDWARD Tomrr HOGAN HOFFMAN BILL HoLT CHARLES E. HOLLOMAN Bobby Biehl and Margie Thacker put up posters for American Educa- tion Week. 'fwfw 2I9 BEN ALLEN HOLTON ROGER HOPPENS SUE HORNS-BY DELBERT EARL HORTON HORTON. EMERSON: Swimming Team 60: Rolling Ponies 59-60: Booster Club 60. HORTON, TED HURT, BEVERLY: Scottiall Brigade 57-60, Company HA" 58-59, Lieutenant 59-60: Booster Club 60: Chorale, Treasurer 60: Junior Sub Debs 58-59: Senior Sul: Dt-bs 59-60: CSU 57-60: Student Council 60: Green Masque Players 59-60. ISENHART. WOODROW WILLIAM: FFA 57-58, President 59-60: Booster Club 57-60: Rolling Ponies 59-60: Head Cheer- leader 59-60: CSU 59-60. 220 t 960 HOLTON, BEN ALLEN: Band 57-60: Orchestra: Round Llp Staff 58-59. Advertising Manager. HOPPENS, ROGER: CSU 59-60: ROTC 57-60. Legionnairp 57-58: Booater Club 57-59: Rolling Ponies 58-60. HORNSBY. SUE: Scottish Brigade 57-60, Bugle Corps 58-60: Booster Club 58-60: CSU 58-60: Junior Sub Debs 58-59. Senior Sub Delis 59-60: Business Club 59-60. HORTON, DELBERT EARL: Key Club 57-60: Booster Clu 57-60: CSU 58-60: American Legion Award Club 57-60: View President of Key Club 59-60: Round Up Representative 58-59 Corral Staff 59-60, Sports Editor: Rolling Ponies 59-6C National Honor Society 59-60. EMERSON HORTON TED HORTON BEVERLY HURT WOODROW WILLIAM ISENHART 'Stun-Q-..,... ff!- k r E IOR JAMES, DARYL L.: CSU 59-60, Songleader 58-59, President 59-60, Rolling Ponies 58-60, Letters 58-60, President 59-60, Chorale 57-60, President 59-60, Letters 58-60, All-State Chorus 59, Letter 59, Tennis Team 57-59, Letters 58-59, Track Team 59-60, Letter 59-60, Green Masque Players 58-60, Letters 59-60, Booster Club 59-60, Fire Patrol 59-60, Battalion Chief 59-60, Corral Representative 59-60, Speech Club 59-60, Thespians 59-60. JAMES, SHARON: Booster Club 57-60, CSU 57-60, Program Chairman 59-60, Junior Sub Debs 58-59, Senior Sub Debs 59-60, Aloha Club 58-59, Student Council 57-58, Green Masque Players 59-60, Scottish Brigade 57-59, Bugle Corps 58-59, Spanish Club 57-58, Library Club 57-58, Head Cheer- leader 58-59. JENKINS, ANN: Art Club 57-58, CSU 58-60, Green Masque Players 58-60, Miss Green Masque 58, Booster Club 58-60, Archery Team 58, Junior Sub Debs 58-59, Senior Sub Debs 59-60, Majorette 59-60. JENKINS, BETTY JUNE: CSU 59-60, Booster Club 59-60, Senior Sub Debs 59-60, FHA 57-58. BETTE JEAN HUFFMAN JOHN HARDY HUGHES KAROL KAY JACKSON MARGARET ANN JACKSON qwuwuw Wy, f ,faxama 1-- -Mi DARYL L. JAMES SHARON JAMES ANN JENKINS BETTY JUNE JENKINS HUFFMAN, BETTE JEAN: Scottish Brigade 57-60, Drum Corps 58-59, Drum and Bugle Major 59-60, Corral Repre- sentative 57-58, Round Up Representative 57-58, Booster Club 57-60, CSU 57-60, Green Masque Players 58-60, Social Chairman, Miss Green Masque Runner-Up 58-59: Junior Beauty Finals 58-59, Junior Sub Debs, Membership Secretary 58-59, Aloha Club 58-59, Spanish Club 57-59, Senior Sub Debs 59-60. HUGHES, JOHN HARDY: Chorale 57-58. JACKSON, KAROL KAY: Scottish Brigade 57-60. Company "C" 58-59, Top Sergeant Flags 59-60, Corral Staff 58-60, Business Manager 59-60, Literary and Feature Editor 58-59, Letters, Chorale 58-60, Reporter 59-60, Letters: Choralettes 57-58, Librarian 57-58, Aloha Club 58-59, CSU 57-60, Booster Club 57-60, SNHS 57-58, Senior Sub Debs 59-60, Reporter 59-60, Junior Sub Debs 58-59, FTA 59-60, Corresponding Secretary 59-60, Quill and Scroll 59-60. JACKSON, MARGARET ANN: Scottish Brigade 57-60, Company HB" 58-59, CSU 57-58, Booster Club 57-60, Junior Sub Debs 58-59, Senior Sub Delis, J.A. 56-58, AFL 57-58. 22l ,,-, ' ' jg . -., : -1-ssc'-' Q , gf.. .VQQ it JENKINS, HARVEY LEE: Booster Club.57-60. JOLLY, LESTER A.: Booster Club 57-59. JOHNSON, DONALD HENRY: Swimming Team 58-59: Booster Club 57-60: FFA 58-60, Treasurer 58-59: Art Club 59-60. JOHNSON, KAREN EDITH: National Honor Society 59-60, Program Chairman 59-60: Scottish Brigade 57-60, Corporal Company HA" 58-59, Sergeant of United States Flag 59-60. Letters 58-60: FHA 59-60: Booster Club 59-60. 495. Along Cam' NANCY CARROLL JOHNSON JOHN JORDAN HARVEY LEE JENKINS LESTER JOLLY DONALD JOHNSON KAREN EDITH JOHNSON JOHNSON, NANCY CARROLL: Scottish Brigade 57-60: FNA 58-59, Treasurer 59: Booster Club 58-59. JOHNSON, RALPH: Booster Club 57-60. JOHNSON, RAY: Booster Club 60. JOHNSON, WARREN W. JONES, BARBARA JANE: Scottish Brigade 57-58: Choralettes, Librarian 59-60: Booster Club 58-59: Junior Sub Debs 58-59: Senior Sub Debs 59-60: FHA 58-59: J.A. 58-60: FHA 59-60. JORDAN, JOHN: Booster Club 59-60. JOUSAN, MILDRED LEAH: Booster Club 57-59: CSU 57-59: Art Club 59: Green Masque Players 58-59: Business Club 58-59: Junior Sub Debs 58-59: Swimming Team 58-59: Student Council 57-58: Round Up Representative: Corral Representative 57-59. KAELIN. SANDRA LEE: Scottish Brigade 57-60: FHA 58-59: Booster Club 58-60. KANKEY. TRAVIS VIRL: Booster Club 57-60: Rolling Ponies 59-60: Baseball Team, Letters 59-60. KEE, JERRY SUE: Booster Club 57-60, CSU 57-60. SENIORS Turkey Day - RALPH JOHNSON MILDRED LEAH JOUSAN David Dc-aly studies in the library for six weeks exams. RAY JOHNSON SANDRA LEE KAELIN .K ,, -wa., WARREN W. JOHNSON TRAVIS VIRL KANKEY BARBARA JANE JONES JERRY SUE KEE X .fgx K L X 5 v- , . ,X r X, .,. Q ,, 5 fwim X ,N rr fre GRN V W Y Wg 'Y ,. . M . X wal, ,XM XL xx ,. ,. X ,. . . 1. ' M We E1lI61't6li116d ana 5-1, The Chorale rehearses under the direction of Mr. Novak. MICHALE ELWOOD KEELING DAPHANE IZORA KERLEY GLENN WAYNE KELLUM BECKY JANE KERR JUDY ANN KENNEDY NANCY LEE KIRKPATRICK RONNIE KENNEDY ADRIENNE KISSINGER in 'ib---ur L. Were Elitertained KLUNA. LOTS MARIE: Booster Club 57-60, Art Club 59-603 Green Masque Players 59-603 Senior Sub Debs 59-60. KOCH, LILLIAN DARLENE: Booster Club 57-603 CSU 58-603 Secretarial Club 59-60. KRAUSE. CHARLES LAWRENCE: Booster Club 59-60g ROTC, Battle Group Adjutant 59-60. KREWSON, VICKI LEE: CSU 58-603 J.A. 581 Choralettes 59Q FHA 58-593 Green Masque 58-603 Booster Club 58-602 .lunior Sub Debs 592 Senior Sub Debs 60g Scottish Brigade, Re- serves 58g Aloha Club 60. PAMELA IRENE KOZLEK MARGARET LORAIN KRAMER LOIS MARIE KLUNA DALENE LILLIAN KOCH LAWRENCE CHARLES VICKI LEE KREWSON KRAUSE KEELING, MICHALE ELWOOD: Football 57-593 Key Club 58-DQQ CSU 57-603 Booster Club 57-59, Lawyer 593 Student Runner-Up Most Popular Sophomore. KELLUM, GLENN WAYNE: Booster Club 57-603 EFA 59-60, Vice-President3 Rolling Ponies 59-60. KENNEDY, JUDY ANN: Scottish Brigade 57-60. Top Sergeant Company "B" 59-603 Booster Club 59-603 Student Council 58-693 .lunior Sub Debs 58'59Q Senior Sub Debs 59-603 Aloha Club 58-59g National Honor Society 59-603 CSU 58-60. KENNEDY, RONNIE "Y"-Teens 58-593 Booster Club 57-603 FNA 59-60 Swimming Club 57-583 Rolling Ponies 59-603 Aoha Club 58-593 Spanish Club 57-583 Corral Representative 58-59. KERLEY, DAPHANE IZORA: CSU 57-603 Archery 59-60. KOZLEK, PAMELA IRENE: CSU 57-603 Junior Sub Debs 58-593 Senior Sub Debs 59-603 3 Green Masque 59-603 Student Council 58-603 l KERR, BECKY JANE: Booster Club 57-603 .lunior Sub Debs 58-593 Senior Sub Debs 59-60: Corral Representative3 Student Council 57-60g Corral Staff 58-59. Girls, Sports Editor3 Aloha Club 59-603 Choralettes 59-50. KIRKPATRICK, NANCY LEE: Scottish Brigade 57-59: CSU 58-593 Booster Club 57-603 Junior Sub Debs3 Senior Sub Debs 58-593 Aloha Club 58-593 Business Club 59-60. KISSINCER, ADRIENNE: Booster Club 57-603 CSU 59-603 D.E. 58-60. KRAMER, MARGARET LORAIN: Booster Club 57-603 Aloha Club 58-DQQ Senior Sub Dabs 59-603 Choralettes 59-603 Corral Staff 58-59, Junior and Sophomore Editor. 225 'Vx : ,e-- QQ. . A X t N --ZA 'Q A , x t Mme S QQ- 'UNM CARLO JUNE KRUSE BEVERLY ANN KUMMER PATSY ARLENE LANIUS JOYCE LYNNE LEOPOLD STEPHEN PAYNE LILES LUTHER DULAH LINER KRLSE. CAROL JLNE: FHA 58-59: Booster Club 59-60: FNA 59-60: CSU 59-60: Booster Club 58-59. KLNINIER. HEYERLN ANN: Junior Sub llt-bs 58-59: FHA 57-59: Booster Club 57-60: CSC 57-60: Senior Sub Delis 59-60: Art Club 59-60. LANILS. PATSY AHLENE: Scottish Brigade 57-60. Bugle Corps 57-60: Booster Club 57-60: Junior Sub Debs 58-59: Corral Rt-piwseiitalixe 59: Business Club 58-60: Senior Sub Debs. LEE. KATY LEOPOLU. JOYCE LYNNE: Spunisli Club 57-58: Speech Club 58-59: Green Masque Players 59-60: Chorale 59-60: Clioralettes Secretary 59-60: Band 57-60. Head Majorette 59-60: Student Council 57-58: Rooster Club 57-60: Junior Sub Debs 58-59: CSU 59-60. LILES. STEPHEN PAY NE: Key Club 59-60. Seeretalyg Booster Club 57-60: Rolling Ponies 58-59: ROTC 59-60: CSU 59-60: National Honor Society 59-60. LINER. LLTHER DLLAH: Booster Club 59-60: CSU 59-60: ROTC 57-60. Officers Club 59-60: Austin Legionnaires 57-60. LOLQKER. LYNN SHERNYJN: lfirv Patrol 59-60: CSC 59-602 Booster Club 59-60: National Honor Society 59-60: Ort-liestra. llresident 59-60: Band 57-60. Letters. Captain. KIETH, NANCY: Booster Club 56-60: CSU 56-60: Round Up Representative 60. KATY LEE LYNN SHERWIN LOCKER NANCY KIETH '60SE by Holiday Activities . LOESCH, GLORIA GAY: Booster Club 58-60: Green Masque Players 58-60: CSU 59-60: Senior Sub Debs 59-60: FHA 59-60. LONG, PAUL EUGENE: Booster Club 57-60: Chorale 57-60, Librarian 58: CSU 58-60: Green Masque Players 58-60: Track Team 58-60. LOVING, JERRY WAYNE: Football 57-60: Booster Club 60. LORD, RONNIE DEAN: Mustang Band 57-59: Concert Band 59, Letters 58-59: Booster Club 58-59: CSU 59-60: Green Masque Players 60: Chorale 60: Round Up Staff Assistant Sports Editor 58, Sports Editor 59. LUCAS, MARY ANN: Scottish Brigade 57-60, Left Color Guard of the United States Flag 59-60: Booster Club 57-60: Corral Representative: Round Up Representative 58-60. LYLES, BEVERLY ANN: Scottish Brigade 57-60. CSU 57-60: Booster Club 57-60: FTA 59: .Iunior Sub Debs 58-59: Senior Sub Debs 59-60: Corral Representative 59-60: FHA 57-58, Secretary: Choralettes 59. LYON. CLARENCE DAVID MARY ANN LUCAS IORS GLORIA HAY LOESCH JERRY WAYNE LOVING BEVERLY ANN LYLES PAUL EUGENE LONG RONNIE DEAN LORD CLARENCE DAVID LYON 13 t A T "' ? MWA JAMES W. MCALLISTER RICHARD JOSEPH JERRY HAL MCBRIDE MCCLAIN CONNIE MCCLELLAND MQKEE. M.-XRILEE: Cr:-on Ha-qtu' l"layerS 59-60. Mc-NATT. CHARLE5 C.: B4iHhlI'I' Club 57-60:' Crcen Masque Players 59-60. HCNAY. ROBERT H.: Boostt-r Club 57-603 Orrliebtra 57-59: All-City Orclit-Ntru 57-59: Ruuml llp Staff, lllwtograplier 59-60. M.-XCKEX. KAY JAXNE: Boostrr Club 57-60: Svuttixli Brigade, Bugle Corps 57-60: CSU 57-60: Round Up Staff 58-60. Circu- lation Staff 58. Sports Editor 59: Jtmior Sub Dabs 58-59: Nlnior Sub Dvb- 59-60: Alolm Club 58-59. H.XXCliSCl. L.-Xl.iH:5t ANN: CSC 59-601 Art Club 57-60: Btm:+tPI' Club 57-60: Clioralvttv- 59-60. ll.XRlQIOTT.-X. LEON 228 . 76C Mt-Al,I,lS'l'ER, JAMES W.: Booster Club 57-58: CSL' 57-60. MCCLAIN. RICHARD JOSEPH: Boo-ttfr Club 57-60: Chorale 59-60: Key Club 59-60: SNH5 57-60: Spanish Club 57-60: Rolling Ponita- 59-60: CSU 59-60: National Honor Society. MCHRIDE. JERRY HAL: Booster Club: CSC 59-60: Green Masquf- Players 59-60. Mt-CLEl.l.ANlJ. CONNIE: Round lip 5taff 59. FHA 58-59, Reporter 59: Booster Club 57-60. MARILEE McKEE KAY JAYNE MACKEY 311537557 . -,f: z " Wllicll Followed tht CHARLES C. IJCN.-ATT LAURA ANN MANCUSO JW! Z SENIORS MARSHALL, CAROL ANN: Booster Club 59-603 CSU 57-605 FHA 58, Swimming Team 57, Letter, Senior Sub Debs 59-60. MARSHALL, ,IENNIE LEE: Booster Club 57-60, D.E., 58-60, Historian 58-60, Reporter, Secretary 59-60. MARSHALL, NANCY KATHRYN: CSU 57-60, FHA 603 Senior Sub Debs 59-60, Junior Sub Debs 58-59, Booster Club 57-605 Round Up Staff 59-60, Photographer and Feature Editor. MATTER, GORDON LEE: Projectors Club 57-59, Boys' Chorus. Bronco Wllirl ROBERT H. MCNAY LEON MARGIOTTA CAROL ANN MARSHALL JENNIE LEE MARSHALL NANCY KATHRYN GORDON LEE MATTER MARSHALL ups 'QS'--up-'ti Morris Kruemacke and Carl Etheredge find machine design interesting. s xo... N Qt X X Q X t g . 1 . X , .t siills.-, T" Y we - ' 'X x x mm x BARBARA MATHEWS ELIZABETH MAYS PAT MEADOW MARTHA MEAVE MESCHKE, ALICE MARIE: Scottish Brigade 57-60: Bugle Corps 58-60, Top Sergeant 59-60: CSU 59-60: Booster Club 57-60: Junior Sub Debs 58-59: Senior Sub Debs 59-60: Aloha Club 58-59: FTA 59-60, Historian: Sophomore Beauty Finalist. METZLER, JOHNNY: Booster Club. MIXON, ELIZABETH: Booster Club 56-60: CSU 56-60: .lunior Sub Debs 58-59: Senior Sub Debs 59-60: Tliespians 58-60, President 59-60: Majorette 59-60: Creen Masque Players 56-60: Round Up Representative 56-57: Library Club 56-60: NFL 56-60. MOORE, LARRY WADE: Booster Club 57-60: CSU 59-60: Bas- ketball 59-60: Rolling Ponies 59-60. MESSER, NELLE: Scottish Brigade 57-60, Drum Corps 58-60: Corral 59-60. Circulation Manager 59-60: Booster Club 57-60: CSU 57-60: Green Masque Players 59-60: Student Council 59-60: FHA 58-60, Vice-President 59-60: Aloha Club 59-60: Junior Sub Debs 58-59: Senior Sub Debs 59-60. NELLE MESSER 9 MATTHEWS. BARBARA: Booster Club 57-60: CSU 59-60: Dis- tributive Education 58-59, Sweetheart 59. MAYS, ELIZABETH: Booster Club 57-60: CSU 57-60: Student Council 57-60: Scottish Brigade, Bugle Corps 57-59: Round Up Staff 58-60, Feature Editor 59: Junior Sub Debs 58-59: Senior Sub Debs 59-60: FHA 59-60. MEADOW, PAT: Booster Club 57-60: CSU 57-60: FHA 57-60, Sgt. at Arms 58: FNA 57: Corral Representative 57-59: Student Council 57: Scottish Brigade, Bugle Corps 57-58: Junior Sub Debs 58-59: Aloha Club 58-59: Senior Sub Debs 59-60: NHS 59-60: ROTC Sponsor 59-60: Cirls Rifle Team 59-60. MEAVE, MARTHA: Booster Club 57-60. January, a Cold ALICE MARIE MESCHKE ELIZABETH MIXON JOHNNY METZLER LARRY WADE MOORE J SENIORS MORGAN, SHERRY: CSU 58-59: Scottish Brigade 57-60, Bag- pipes 58-59, Sgt. of Bagpipe Tenor Drum 59-603 Junior Sub Debs 58-59: Booster Club 57-60. MORNER. JOY: Booster Club 57-60: Art Club 58-60: Senior Sub Debs 60: Green Masque Players 59-60: CSU 57-58: Spanish Club 57-58. MURRAY. LORETTA: CSU 57-58: Booster Club 57-60: Junior Sub Debs 58-59: Business Club 59-60: City Volleyball Team 59: Senior Sub Debs. MURRAY, MORRIS LEE: CSU 59-60: Booster Club 58-60: Rolling Ponies 58-60, Month Witli Flu and Finals . WAYNE MEYER JOHN WAYNE MORELAND KATHRYN EARLENE MITCHELL BEVERLY JUNE MORGAN Emu, , 01411 4 X WW 1 W6 ,.V,, jf' . ' . ' Y ' v ,, -?',77 A , , ,.- f 'ff 11212347 .":'l-' . I t,.,, .,, . , .. A ., if ..,. Z W QE5"?3':5I' ffl: x A IEQ' YI, 71 , L. , 731 f I SHERRY MORGAN JOY MORNER LORETTA MURRAY MORRIS LEE MURRAY MEYER, WAYNE: Booster Club 57-60: Rolling Ponies 57-60. MITCHELL, KATHRYN EARLENE: CSU 59-60: Art Club 59-60: Booster Club 57-60: FHA 58-59: Green Masque Players 59-60: Senior Sub Debs 59-60. MORELAND. .IOHN WAYNE: ROTC 57-60: Booster Club 57-58: CSU 58-59. MORGAN, BEVERLY JUNE: CSU 57-60: "Y" Teens 58-59: Scottish Brigade 57-60, Druni Corps 58-60: Aloliu Club 58-59: Junior Sub Debs 58-59: Senior Sub Debs 59-60: Corral Stuff 59-60, Artist, Sophomore Editor 59-60: Booster Club 57-60: Art Club 59-60: Corral Representative 59-60: National Honor Society 59-60. 23I - gg, ' ,,. ,JET L-P4575 37 """ s?-7'3,211i?5f'nfI. A fr If MUSACHIA, GEORGE VINCENT: Booster Club 59-60: Rolling: Ponies 58-60: Green Masque Players 59-60. INIUSKIET. CHARLES MICHAEL: Rolling Ponies 57-60: Student Council 57-60: Booster Club 59-60. NULL. STEVE NEEL, DOROTHY: Band 57-60: Ort-lit-stra 58-59, Vice-President 59-60: Booster Club 57-60: CSU 57-60: Junior Sub Debs 58-59: Senior Sub Debs 59-60: Business Club 59-60: Choralt-Iles 58-59. NELSON. JERRY DUKE STEVE NULL RONNY WILLIAM NISSEN .IIMMIE GAII. O'I3RIEN DELORES FAY NEWBILL DIANE NORRIS 3? 5511-I GEORGE VINCENT CHARLES MICHAEL MUSACHIA MUSKIET DOROTHY NEEL JERRY DUKE NELSON 960 NEWBILL, DELORES FAY: Booster Club 57-60: CSU 57-60: Junior Sub Debs 58-59: Senior Sub Debs 59-60: Scottish Brigade 57-60, Drum Corps 58-60: Corral Staff 59-60. Ass't. Circulation Manager 59-60: Green Masque Players 59-60: FHA 58-59: NFL 58-59: Corral Representative 59-60. NISSEN. RONNY WILLIAM: Booster Club 57-60: CSU 57-60. Song leader 59-60: Chorale 57-60, President 58-59: Student Council 59-60. NORRIS, DIANE: Scottish Brigade 57-60, Drum Corps 58-59, Letter 59, Sgt. of Tenor Drums 59-60: Booster Club 57-60: CSU 57-60: Speech Club 57: FTA 59-60: Junior Sub Debs 58-59: Aloha Club 58-59: FNA 59-60: Round Up Representa- tive 57-60: Senior Sub Debs 59-60: NHS 59-60. O'BRIEN, JIMMIE GAIL: CSU 58-60: Booster Club 58-60: Green Masque Players 58-60: AFL 59-60, Secretary 60: Archery Intramurals 59-60: Badminton Intramurals 58-59. PAT ODENA RUSSELL A, OLIVER CONNIE SUE OTTO JANELLE OTTO SENIOR PARKER, LYNDON F.: Swimming Team 57-60. Letters 57-60, Captain 60: Booster Club 58-60: Art Club 59-60: Most Hand- some Sophomore 57: Track Team 57-58. PARKER. NANCY LOU: Scottish Brigade 57-60, Drum Corps 58-60: CSU 57-60: Booster Club 57-60: Junior Sub Debs 58-59: Senior Sub Debs 59-60: Aloha Club 58-59: Business Club 59-60: Student Council 57-58: Corral Representative 57-59: Round Up Representative 58-59. PARTIN, JANET: Art Club 59-60: Distributive Education 58-60. PASKIE, LINDA ANN: Booster Club 57-60: Scottish Brigade, Reserves 57: Art Club 57-60: CSU 57-60: FHA 57-59: Round Up Staff 58-60. Business Manager 59, Advertising Manager 59: Junior Sub Debs 58-59: Senior Sub Debs 59-60: Green Masque' Players 58-60: Aloha Club 58-59. ODENA, PAT: CSU 57-581 Bfmstef Club 57.601 flff-f--H Mwtw- Players 59-60. OLIVER, RUSSELL A. OTTO, CONNIE SUE: Booster Club 59-60: Rolling Pfvniw 59-00- OTTO, JANELLE: Art Club 59-60: Booster Club 57-59: FHA 58-59. LYNDON F. PARKER NANCY LOU PARKER JANET PARTIN LINDA ANN PASKIE 9 RONNIE PATE TOMMY PATTERSON PATE, RONNIE: Swimming Team 58-604 Key Club 58-604 CSU 58-604 Booster Club 59-60Q Student Council 57-604 Football Team 58-59. PATTERSON, TOMMY: Booster Club 58-59. KENNETH PAUL PAYNE MARY ANN PAYNE PAYNE KENNETH PAUL: Booster Club 59-604 Distributive Education 59-60. PAYNE, MARY ANN: Scottish Brigade 57-60, Bugle Corps 58- 602 Booster Club 58-604 CSU 58-604 Art Club 57-585 Student Council 58-594 PNA 57-584 Corral Representative 58-59. SAMMY W. PAYNE EDDIE H. PENDLETON PAYNE, SAMMY W.: CSU 57-604 Booster Club 57-607 Rolling Ponies 58-604 ,I.A. 59-60. PENDLETON, EDDIE H.: Booster Club 58-604 Key Club 59-604 CSU 59-604 Tennis Team 58-59. JIM E. PERKINS JUDYTH PERRY PERKINS. JIM E.: Booster Club 59-60. PERRY, JUDYTH: Mustang Mounties 57-59, President 58-594 Booster Club 57-604 CSU'57-604 Art Club 58-594 Scottish Brigade. Reserves 57-584 Senior Sub Debs 59-60. SENIORS PHILIP PETER NEIL JOSEPH PETRILLO PETER, PHILIP: CSU 58-605 Booster Club 58-60, Chief Booster 59-605 Green Masque Players 59-60, Social Chairman 59-60 Track Team 58-595 Football Teams, Letter 57-58, Letter 58-60 PETRILLO, NEIL JOSEPH: CSU 57-605 Booster Club 57-60. MIKE PETTIT VIRGINIA PETTUS PETTIT, MIKE: NFL 57-595 AFL 57-595 Writers Club 57-60 Debate 57-585 NHS 59-605 CSU 57-605 Booster Club 57-60 Key Club 58-60. PETTUS, VIRGINIA: Scottish Brigade 57-60, Drum Corps 58-60 Booster Club 57-605 CSU 57-605 Mustang Mounties 57-59 Senior Sub Debs 59-605 Art Club 57-60. JANIS PEYTON ROBERT WAYNE PLATZ PEYTON, JANIS: Scottish Brigade 57-60, Co. "C" 58-605 Choral- ettes 58-59g Chorale 59-605 CSU 57-605 Booster Club 57-605 Junior Sub Debs 58-595 Senior Sub Debs 59-605 J.A. 59-605 Art Club 59-605 NYU-Teens 59-60. PLATZ, ROBERT WAYNE: Art Club 59-605 ROTC 59-60: Booster Club 57-59. SUSAN DIANNE PLEDGER WILLIAM RIDLEY PLEDGER PLEDGER, SUSAN DIANNE: CSU 57-60, Program Chairman 58-595 Scottish Brigade 57-60, Bagpipe Corps 58-59, Captain of Bagpipes 59-605 Aloha Club 58-59: Junior Sub Debs 58-595 Senior Sub Debs 59-605 Chorale 59-605 Student Council 57-585 Junior Beauty Finalist 585 Booster Club 57-605 Corral Repre- sentative 59-60. PLEDCER, WILLIAM RIDLEY: Booster Club 57-605 Swimming Team 57-605 Green Masque Players 58-59. . uw GLORIA CAE POLK LYDIA ANN PORTER LOUIE DEXTER PRICE PATRICIA ELIZABETH PRISCILLA ANN PURDY MARION ELIZABETH RAY MARTHA JANELL REECE PRICE David Clark xv.:-lies a ear in auto shop class. 236 CHARLES T. REYNOLDS 9 POLK, GLORIA CAE: Booster Club 58-60: Junior Sub Debs 58-59: Rolling Ponies 59-60. PORTER, LYDIA ANN: Booster Club 57-58: CSU 57-58: "YH-Teens 58-59: Corral Representative 58-59. PRICE, LOUIE DEXTER: Booster Club 57-60: CSU 59-60: ROTC 57-60, Officers Club 59-60. PRICE, PATRICIA ELIZABETH: Scottish Brigade 57-60: Bagpipe Corps 58-59, Top Sgt. of Bagpipes 59-60: Booster Club 57-60: Corrul Representative 57-59: CSU 57-60: Junior Sub Debs 58-59: Senior Sub Delis 59-60: Aloha Club 58-59: Chorale 59-60: "Y"-Teens 59-60. PURDY, PRISCILLA ANN: CSU 58-60: American Legion Club 57-60: Junior Sub Debs 58-59: Booster Club 57-60, Scribe 59-60: Senior Sub Debs 59-60: Aloha Club 58-59: Student Council 59-60: NHS 57-59. Secretary 58-59: Cheerleaders 58-59: Runner-Up Most Popular Junior: Swim Team 57-59, Letter: Volleyball Team 58-60, Letter. RAY, MARION ELIZABETH: Scottish Brigade 57-60. Sgt. of Texas Flag 59-60: CSU 57-60: Booster Club 57-60: Junior Sub Debs 58-59: Aloha Club 58-59: Scrivners 58-59. REECE, MARTHA JANELL: Booster Club 59-60: Choralettes 59-60. REYNOLDS, CHARLES T.: Booster Club 58-60: FFA 58: CSU 59-60: Distributive Edueation 59-60, President 59-60: Art Club 59-60. fW""""-. Kip.. JUDY LAYNE ROHDES BEVERLY JANE RIDER ALTON DENTON RIDDLE ANTHONY ROBINSON DANNY EUGENE RODE RAY RODRIGUEZ BARBARA ROGERS Z. W. ROGERS E IORS RHODES, JUDY LAYNE: Scottish Brigade 57-60, Bugle Corps 58-59, Tenor Sgt. 59-609 CSU 57-60g Junior Sub Debs 58-59, Senior Sub Debs 59-603 Booster Club 57-605 SNHS 57-593 Spanish Club 58-595 Chorale 58-60, Secretary 58-59g Student Council 59-60. RIDER, BEVERLY JANE: Junior Sub Debs 58-59g Senior Sub Debs 59-60g CSU 57-603 Majorette 58-593 Booster Club 57-60, Business Club 59-605 Green Masque Players 59-60. RIDDLE, ALTON DENTON: Key Club 58-603 Track Team 57-603 Student Council 57-595 CSU 59-60. ROBINSON, ANTHONY: Booster Club 57-605 Spanish Club 57-58g SNHS 57-595 Key Club 59-60g ROTC 57-60, President SNHS 58-59. RODE, DANNY EUGENE RODRIGUEZ, RAY: Booster Club 59-603 Basketball Team 57-59, CSU 59-60: Art Club 59-60. ROGERS, BARBARA: Student Council 579 Scottish Brigade 57-60, Drum Corps 58-59, Sgt. of Bagpipe Drums 59-603 CSU 58-59: Booster Club 57-603 Corral Represen- tative 59-60. ROGERS, Z. W.: Booster Club 57-60. .f Forms. forms. forms! Pan Purdy, Carmen De Leon, 'and Mary Ann Grayson fill out forms for Senior group pictures. 237 But, Alas! Our High Senior Activities 9 60 DONALD ARTHLR ROHDE HELEN SLE RL'TH RICHARD MALCOLM SARRIA 238 ii-if TOMMY ROTH BEN F. ROUNDTREE IIl JIMMY W, RUNCE WILLIAM ROBERT JERRY ELLIS SANDERS CONNIE RUTH SARABIA SANCHEZ ROHDE, DONALD ARTHUR: Booster Club 57-60. ROTH, TOMMY: Booster Club 57-60: CSU 58-59: Football Teams 57-59. ROUNDTREE III, BEN F. RUNCE. JIMMY W. RUTH, HELEN SUE: Scottish Brigade 57-58, Bagpipe Corps 57-58: Student Council 58: Amerieun Legion Awurd Club 57-60: Booster Club 57-60: CSU 58-60: Senior Sub De-bs 59-60: Creen Masqite Players 59-60. SANCHEZ, WILLIAM ROBERT: Booster Club 57-60. SANDERS, JERRY ELLIS: Booster Club 57-60: Thespiuus 59-60, Reporter 59-60g Green Masque Players 58-60, Treustlrer 59-60g CSU 59-60. SARABIA. CONNIE RUTH: Booster Club 58-59. SARRIA, RICHARD MALCOLM: Booster Club 57-60: Truck 57-60: Alolm Club 58-59: Corral Representative 58-59: Truck Manager 59-60. Brighten the Day . SENIORS DIXIE ANN SAVAGE MARIE LA VERNE SCHOONOVER SAVAGE, DIXIE ANN: Scottish Brigade 57-60: Co. "A" 58-59, Captain of Reserves 59-60: Booster Club 57-60: CSU 58-60: Round Up Representative 58-59: Choralettes 58-60, President 59-60: Junior Sub Debs 58-59: Senior Sub Debs 59-60. SCHOONOVER, MARIE LA VERNE: Scottish Brigade 57-60, Co. "C" 58-59, Right Color Guard of Brigade Flag 59-60: American Legion Award Club 57-60, Secretary-Treasurer 59-60: ,Iunior Sub Debs 58-59: Senior Sub Debs 59-60: Aloha Club 58-59: Booster Club 58-59: CSU 58-60: Student Council 57-58: NHS 59-60. JIM SCHROEDER MARK G. SCOTT SCHROEDER, JIM: Track Team 58-60: CSU 57-58: Booster Club 59-60. SCOTT, MARK G,: Key Club 58-60: Band 58-60, Letter 59-60: Student Council 58-59: Booster Club 59-60. SAMMY VINCENT SEDITA CAROLYN ANN SEWARD SEDITA, SAMMY VINCENT: Booster Club 59-60. SEWARD, CAROLYN ANN: CSU 57-60: Booster Club 58-60: Scottish Brigade 57-60: Bugle Corps 58-59, Sgt. of Baritones 59-60: Junior Sub Debs 58-59: Senior Sub Debs 59-60: Aloha Club 58-59. SUE ANN SHANNON CORA LEE SHIELDS SHANNON, SUE ANN: Booster Club 57-60: Student Council 58-59: CSU 58-59: Round Up Representative 58-59: Choralettes 59-60: Senior Sub Debs 59-60. SHIELDS, CORA LEE: Booster Club 57-58: Swimming Team 58-59: Business Club 58-59, Program Chairman 59-60: Green Masque Players 58-59. ROBERT BRADFORD ROBERT LEE SIEMSEN SHUMWAY SHARON LEE SKILLERN JOYCE SISSON SLAIKEU. VVAYNE ROGER: Creen Masque Players 58-59: Band 57-60. SMITH, SARA LOUISE: Booster Club 57-60: CSU 57-60: Pro- gram Chairman 59-60: FTA 58-59: NHS 59-60, Parliamentarian 59-60: Student Council 57-591 Chorale 58-60, Rt-porter 59-60: Corral 58-59, Organization Editor 58-59: Scottish Brigade 57-60. Co. 58-59, Colonel 59-60, Letters 57-60: Corral Representative 58-59: Round Up Representative 57-59: Art Club 59-60: JuniOr Sub Debs 58-59: American Legion Award Club 57-60, Parliamentarian 59-60. SMITH, MACK ARTHUR: Booster Club 58-60: Basketball Team Manager 58-59: FFA 57-60. SMITH, CAROLE BARBARA: St-ottish Brigade 57-60, CO. "C" 58-59. Sat. Co. 59-60: CSU 57-60: BOOSIR1' Club 57-60: Junior Stub Debi 58-59: Seninr Sul: Delis 59-60: Chorale 58-60. 240 SHUMWAY, ROBERT BRADFORD: Boobter Club 59-60: Bray- Chorus 58-59: Track Team 58-60: Rolling Ponies 59-60. SIEMSEN, ROBERT LEE SISSUN, ,IOS CE: Booster Club 57-60: Dir-tributive Edut,-atiOn 57-60. SKILLERN, SHARON LEE: Booster Club 58-60: CSU 58-60: NYN-TUCIIS 58-59: Aloha Club 58-59: Junior Sub Debs 58-59: Senior Sub Ut-bs 59-601 FHA 58-59: Choralettes 57-58: Art Club 59-60. And Cupid Aim: 96C SARA LOUISE SMITH CAROLE BARBARA SMITH WAYNE ROGER SLAIKEU MACK ARTHUR SMITH SMITH, BILLIE RAE: CSU 59-60: Booster Club 58-59: Senior Sub Debs 59-60. SPEARS. PATRICIA ANN: CSU 58-60: FHA 58-59: Booster Club 57-60: Scottish Brigade 57-58, Reserves. SQUIRES, TOMMY LYNN: CSU 59-60: Booster Club 59-60: Track Team 58-60, Letter 58. STEVENS, TONY LESLIE: Booster Club 57-60: Rolling Ponies 59-60: CSU 59-60: Basketball Team 57-58. His Bow on MVR Day . SENIORS DOUGLAS STOKESBERRY ANDREW WILLIS STROM KATHY LYNNE STREET JUDY KAY STRICKLAND BILLIE RAE SMITH PATRICIA ANN SPEARS TOMMY LYNN SQUIRES TONY LESLIE STEVENS STOKESBERRY, DOUGLAS STREET, KATHY LYNNE: Scottish Brigade 57-60, Co. "A" 58-59, Lieutenant Colonel of Reserves 59-60: Most Beautiful Sophomore 57-58: Aloha Club 58-59: Junior Sub Debs 58-59: Senior Sub Debs 59-60: Booster Club 57-60: CSU 57-60: Round Up Representative 57-58: Corral Representative 57-58: Home- coming Queen Finalist 59-60. STROM, ANDREW WILLIS: Booster Club 57-60: ROTC 57-60, Officers Club 59-60, Rifle Team 59-60. STRICKLAND, JUDY KAY: Scottish Brigade 57-60, Co. "A" 58-59, Sgt. CO. HAH 59-60: CSU 57-60: Booster Club 57-60: Junior Sub Debs 58-59: Senior Sub Debs 59-60: Aloha Club 58-59: Speech Club 58-59: J.A. 57-58: FTA 58-60: French Club 59-60. 24I I. 5 . . A Q, . , A a ss V 491 ' 5 ff ii. , Qigong .3 . . X . N ,. RK M .I .X ..,,q X MILDRED SALINAS PAUL ARTHUR SUTTLE LYNN NORAAS SVENDSEN JERRY MICHAEL JULIE ROSE SULLIVAN dances Drill Major, Lauriol Hindman the "Old Fling." ,A . -fgasefe Aa "'- . - - - - A - - ffl-SEV 'M 5' 4x cr 15 ft S' '5 ' .- 'A'- -H :a- ze-4-. 5 Fw ,4 ' AV, , .. .... . -1. 1 ,z-:a x 2 -"k' , ' ' - 5... -, 1 . ., l 4, ' 1 - , . rt 'rfv .ggi gi L2 ' -2.3: 5. L-2' 5, .ff'f1f'-xy.. QA - BW- E '-Jw.S4.Q42viafF l.,I . V .W l,w2 A yn ogw-'Ai-Msf, Qbyi'-A53 A 4 T miss? 313139,-na cfzyil ff" ex. Ti f ff 22 64 A it in 1 " S, A . P, N V xg ix H QA J ff 3-fi f A 1 W L' - .if . M.-Sa . ff-A,-.,-.-,,.f-Q . f . f ,on -54554 ,f-ff:--1-'.' f f' Je- - J Ds- 1 'r ay af-Jawa i SANDRA TANNER SULLIVAN MORRIS EDWARD TATE TAMARA TANNER 7 SALINAS, MILDRED SVENDSEN, LYNN NORASS: Booster Club 57--58: Aloha Club 58-593 Junior Sub Debs 58-593 Senior Sub Debs 59-60g Rolling Ponies 59-60Q CSU 58-60. SULLIVAN, JERRY MICHAEL: Bo st- Chl 5'-9 o tr ll 763 Art Club 59-603 Swimming Team 58-60. SULLIVAN, JULIE ROSE: Scottish Brigade 57-60. Drum Corps 58-59. Sgt. of Snare Drums 59-603 Booster Club 57-603 Library Club 57-583 Junior Sub Debs 58-593 Senior Sub Debs 59-603 CSU 59-603 SNHS 57-583 Round Up Rep1'esentntix'e 58-603 FNA 59-601 Art Club 58-59. SUTTLE, PAUL ARTHUR: CSU 58-60: Booster Club 57-60. TANNER, SANDRA: FHA 57-583 Junior Sub Debs 58-59: Scriveners Club 57-58' Booster Club 57-603 Scottish Brigade 57-60, Co. "C" 58-59. Left Color Guard of Tegcas Flag 59-603 NHS 59-603 Senior Sub Debs 59-60. TANNER 'l'AlVlARA: FHA 57-58, Reporterg NHS 59-603 Round Up Representative 58-593 Junior Sub Debs 58-593 Serlveners Club 57-59, President 57-583 Booster Club 57-59: Scottish Brigade 57-60. Co. "C" 58-59, Right Color Guard of Texas Flag3 Senior Sub Delis 59-60. TATE, MORRIS EDWARD: CSU 58-593 Booster Club 58-59: Rolling Ponies 58-60, SW' JERRY TAUBER GEORGE C. TAULBEE JAMES R. TAYLOR LOU TAYLOR MARJORIE ANN THACKER MARK THERRELL DORIS ANN THOMPSON JOE D THOWIPSON JR Danny Rodes and Ro John in o to their locker between TAUBER. JERRY: CSU 59-60: Booster Club 59-60: Rolling Ponies 59-60: Chorale 58-60. TAULBEE, GEORGE C.: CSU 59-60: Booster Club 59-60: Track 59-60: Key Club 59-60: FTA 59-60. TAYLOR, JAMES R.: CSU 57-59: Booster Club 57-60: Football Team 57-60. Letters. TAYLOR, LOU: Booster Club 58-60: Chorale 58-60: Student Council 58-59: Corral Representative 59-60: Green Masque Players 59-60: Round Up Representative 58-60: CSU 58-59: Girls Chorus 57-58. THACKER, MARJORIE ANN: Booster Club 57-60: FHA 59-60: Aloha Club 58-59: CSU 59-60: Senior Sub Debs 59-60: Art Club 59-60: Corral 58-60. Photographer 58-60. THERRELL, MARK: CSU 58-60, General Manager of Bronco Whirl: Rolling Ponies 58-59: Booster Club 57-60: Art Club 59-60. THOMPSON, DORIS ANN: Booster Club 57-60: Chorale 58-60: CSU 59-60: Junior Sub Debs 58-59: Scottish Brigade 57-60, Co. "A" 58-59, Top Sgt. Co. "A" 59-60: Student Council 59-60. THOMPSON, JOE D. JR.: Student Council 59-60: American Legion Award Club 58-59: Booster Club 58-60: Basketball 58-60: Letters 58-60. Wm QW 'Qa- '60 ROBERT RADFORD THOMPSON JACOUELINE JOAN BLAND TILLAR THOMPSON, ROBERT RADFORD: CSU 59-604 ROTC 57-60g Booster Club 58-604 Rolling Ponies. TILLAR, JACQUELINE JOAN BLAND: CSU 57-609 Art Club 58-605 Booster Club 57-60g Library Club 57-603 Senior Sub Debs 59-60g Rdlling Ponies 57-60, Secretary 58-59, Letters 58-603 Projectionist Club 57-603 FHA 58-59. TOMMY TREADWAY BOBBY J. TRIM TREADWAY, TOMMY: Booster Club 57-60g Rolling Ponies 58-60. TRIM, BOBBY J. JEANETTE MARIE TROMBATORE JOHN WAYNE TYLER TROMBATORE, JEANETTE MARIE3 Junior Sub Debs 58-599 Senior Sub Debs 59-60g Aloha Club 58-59g Round Up Repre- sentative 58-59g Corral Representative 58-593 Scottish Brigade 57-60, Bagpipe Drums 58-595 Corral 59-60. TYLER, JOHN WAYNE: Booster Club 57-605 Swimming Team 58-595 Band 57-60g Orchestra 59-60, Student Council 58-59. JOYCE MAY VINCENT MARY HELEN WALL VINCENT, JOYCE MAY: Booster Club 57-60g Junior Sub Debs 58-595 Aloha Club 58-593 CSU 58-59, Business Club 59-603 Orchestra 59-604 SNHS 57-58g NHS '59-60g Band 57-60, Second- ary First Lt. 59-60. WALL, MARY HELEN: Booster Club 59-605 Junior Sub Debs 58-595 Distributive Education 58-60, Sweetheart 58-59. SENIORS KAREN ANNE WALLINGFORD INA MAE WARD WALLINGFORD, KAREN ANNE: Booster Club 57-60, CSU 57-60, Scottish Brigade 57-60, Bagpipes 58-59, Corporal 59-60, .Iunior Sub Debs 58-59, Program Chairman, Senior Sub Debs 59-60, Aloha Club 58-59, FHA 58-59. WARD, INA MAE: Booster Club 57-60, Green Masque Players 57-60, Art Club 59-60, Senior Sub Debs 59-60. PATRICIA WARREN SANDRA RUTH WARREN WARREN, PATRICIA: CSU 59-60, FTA 59-60, Booster Club 57-59, NHS 59-60, Reporter 59-60, Scottish Brigade 57-60, Bagpipes 58-59. WARREN SANDRA RUTH: Scottish Brigade 57-60, Co. HA" 58-59, Corporal 59-60, Student Council 57-58, Booster Club 57-58, CSU 57-58, NFL 58-59, AFL 57-58. SHIRLEYIFAYE WARREN ION H. WATT WARREN, SHIRLEY FAYE: SCU 57-60, Booster Club 57-60, FHA 57-60' Scottish Brigade 57-60, Co. "CH 58-59, Right Color Guard of American Flag 59-60, Mustang Mounties 58-59, FTA 59-60, Senior Sub Debs 59-60, Junior Sub Debs 58-59, Speech Club 58-59, Secretary 58-59. WATT, ,ION H. PATRICIA JANE WATSON DORIS EDWINA WEBER WATSON, PATRICIA JANE: FI-IA 59-60, Booster Club 57-60, Student Council 57-60, Thesplans 58-60, NFL 57-60, Green Masque Players 57-60, Speech Club 57-58, Chorale 59-60. WEBER, DORIS EDWINA: Booster Club 57-60, Junior Sub Debs 58-59, Aloha Club 58-59, FHA 59-60, Senior Sub Debs 59-60, CSU 57-59, .. -W-vm Cheerleaders lead the "Yea, Green," yell. They are Frank Cole, Woody Isenhart, Harry Barrett, Gemey Kay Gilbert, Sharon Jams, and Leslie Butler. Our Last Year Gives a SANDY WHATLEY JOHN THOMAS WHITE BILL P. WHITTEN DIANE JETON WIGINGTON DAPHNE DIANN WILKEY ELSIE ETTA WILMOTH JANE WILSON JOY DELL WILSON f 'AY 'iz - ' ' .-L -I ' . ' fi' -: E ioas WEEINIS, MERLE: FHA 57-58: Businss Club 59-60. WELSH, CLARENCE A.: CSU 57-58: ROTC 57-60: Booster Club 57-59: SNHS 57-59: Spanish Club 57-58. WESSENDORF, BETTY ANNE: Scottish Brigade 57-60: Drum Corps 58-59: Top Sgt. Drums 59-60: Chorale 57-60, Letters: Booster Club 57-60: Junior Sub Debs 58-59: Senior Sub Debs 59-60: FNA 59-60. WEST, MIKE W.: Booster Club 57-60: Track Team 57-60: Letters 58-59. Final Fling . . . MICHAEL TERRY WILHITE MAE ELIZABETH WINTON MERLE WEEMS CLARENCE A. WELSH BETTE ANN WESSENDORF MIKE W. WEST WHATLEY, SANDY: Booster Club 57-60: CSU 57-60: Most Beautiful Junior 59: Scottish Brigade 57-59, Co. "B" 58-59, Corporal 59-60: Junior Sub Debs 58-59: Senior Sub Debs 59-60: J.A. 59-60: Art Club 59-60: HY" Teens 59-60: Speech Club 58-59, Vice-President 58-59: Creen Masque Players 59-60. WHITE, JOHN THOMAS: Booster Club 57-60: Boys Chorus 59-60: Track Team 58-59. WHITTEN, BILL P.: Booster Club 58-60: Rolling Ponies 58-60. WIGINCTON, DIANE JETON: Scottish Brigade 57-60, Drum Corps 58-59, Captain of Drums 59-60: Booster Club 57-60: Round Up Representative 59-60: CSU 57-60: Senior Sub Debs 59-60: Aloha Club 58-59: NHS 59-60, Vice-President 59-60: American Legion Award Club 59-60. WILHITE, MICHAEL TERRY: Football 57-59: Basketball Team 58-59: Track Team 58-59: Green Masque Players 59-60: Library Club 58-60. WILKEY, DAPHNE DIANN: Booster Club 57-60: Scottish Brigade 57-60: Co. "A" 58-59. Captain of Co. MA" 59-60: ,Iunior Sub Debs 58-59: Aloha Club 58-59: CSU 58-60: Student Council 57-60: Senior Sub Debs 59-60. WILMOTH, ELSIE ETTA: Booster Club 57-60: Scottish Brigade 57-60, Co. "C" 58-59, Corporal 58-59, Sgt. of Brigade Flag 59-60: ,lunior Sub Debs 58-59: Senior Sub Debs 59-60: CSU 57-60: Green Masque Players 59-60. WILSON, JANE: Scottish Brigade 57-60, Drum Corps 58-59: Sgt. of Bagpipe Drums 59-60: Round Up Staff 59-60, Make Up Editor 59-60: Mustang Mounties 57-60, Vice-President 57-58: Aloha Club 58-59: ,lunior Sub Debs 58-59: Senior Sub Debs 59-60: Booster Club 58-60: CSU 57-60: FTA 59-60. WILSON, JOY DELL: CSU 57-58: Booster Club 57-59: Aloha Club 58-59: Corral Representative 58-59: .lunior Sub Debs 58-59. WINTON, MAE ELIZABETH: Orchestra 57-60. 247 5 t ws if 5 A Ii X . 'fi Wm-,-'ibliw x X fig: , Caro Ann Chippendale and a representative from T.C.U. discuss future pl WITT, RAYMOND: CSU 57-609 Student Council 59-60g Chorale 58-60g Boys Chorus 58-593 Oil Man for a Day 58-593 Booster Club 57-60. WITTNER, ELIZABETH ANN: Booster Club 57-589 CSU 58-60g Archery Intramurals 59-60. WOMACK, NANCY CAROLYN: CSU 57-603 Booster Club 57-605 Chess Club 57-58g Green Masque Players 59-605 Art Club 59-60, Letter 59-60. WOOD, JERRY LEE: CSU 59-60g Booster Club 59-60. HHS. RAYMOND WITT NANCY CAROLYN WOMACK Then Itls Time 960 ELIZABETH ANN WITTER JERRY LEE WOOD WRIGHT, GLENN I.: Key Club 59-60g CSU 38-605 Corral Representative 59-605 Booster Club 59-603 Rolling Ponies 58-595 Football Team 57-60. Ann Jackson, Barbara Canavier, and Char- lotte Bothwell discuss artwork. WRIGHT, LOLA BETH: Booster Club 59-60' Library Club 59-605 CSU 59-605 Senior Sub Debs 59-60. to Earn Our College Ring . . E IOR MARY LOUISE WOOD SHARON JULANE WORTHAM RONALD L. WOODS F. L. WREN GLENN I. WRIGHT LOLA BETH WRIGHT WOOD, MARY LOUISE: CSU 58-60g Booster Club 58-60g Art Club 59-60g Cboralettes 59-60. WOODS, RONALD L. WORTHAM, SHARON JULANE: CSU 58-593 FHA 57-583 Booster Club 59-60. WREN, F. L.: Booster Club 57-60. 249 APE N BETTY JEAN ZORN CAROL KRUSE MARY BENJADELE THORNTON 'X 5 WUENSCH, RONNIE W.: Booster Club 59-60g CSU 58-603 Baseball Team 59-60. ZORN, BETTY JEAN: Booster Club 57-605 FNA 59-605 Aloha Club 58-593 CSU 58-59g Round Up Representative 58-603 Swimming Team 57-59. Captain 59-603 Archery 58-60. Manager 57-58, Captain 575 Senior Sub Debs 59-60. HEUSSNER, KENNETH KRUSE, CAROL: Booster Club 57-60: CSU 59-603 FHA 57-60, Treasurer 58-591 Junior Sub Delis 58-59g Senior Sub Debs 59-60. THORNTON, MARY BENJADELE: Orchestra 58-60. RONNIE W. WUENSCH KENNETH HEUSSNER Seniors, along with underclassmen, take time to play in the snow. Yes, that's a snowman! f 2 250 Seniors Beverly Morgan and Mike PeItit assist Mrs. Carolyn MiIes and Mr. Jack Taylor, Beauty Contest tabulators. SENIOR OF I96O ADDITIONAL '60 SENIOR GRADUATES BETTY ADAMS BILLY ALLEN HARRY ANDERSON JAY ANGENEND RUDOLPH BAKER BETTY JO BEARD RAYMOND BEARD RUTH BEASLEY FRANK BENAVIDES DAVID BLAIR HOMER BOASE WALTER BOLES WILLIAM BOWEN VIRGINIA BRIMBERRY CHARLES BORDOVSKY MILLIE CALHOUN LEONARD CAMPOS TRINIDAD CANTU STEVE CARRIZAL CAROLINE CATALINA DAVID CLARK PEGGY JEAN CLARK DONNA CLOTEAUX TOMMY COOTS DIANE COOPER CARMEN DE LEON EDWARD DINDORE GARY DOWDY BILLY DOYLE O. E. DUTTON HAROLD FISHER ROGER GARCIA JOHNNY GONZALES RAY GOODWIN PAUL HANDEL SARAH HAYES CLYDE HICKS CHARLES HILL ROY HUNGERFORD ROSEMARY JAMISON GENE JENNINGS BOB JOHNSON KEN JUE PEGGY JOHNSON JERRY JONES JOHN KARONIKA GERALD KEEN CAROLYN KIRBY BILLY KNIGHT LOIS KNOX ALVIN KRAUSE EVELYN LAW JEANETTE KRUSE ALLEN LEMKE WALTER LEMLEY MAURY LIEBERMAN CHARLENE MARSH MARY LUNSFORD WILLIAM MARTIN ACIE MITCHELL BONNIE MOORE J. C. MORRIS JANE MOSS SID MCILVEAN ROY NEELY BARBARA PETTIT THOMAS PITTMAN WANDA RAY SANDRA REYNOLDS VIVIAN REYNOLDS CLAUDE ROBERTS LARRY ROCKETT LARRY SEAMENS BRYAN SHANNON M. H. SHEPHERD GAIL SLEDGE JOHN SINCLETON DEAN SMITH RICHARD SULLIVAN GEORGE SWEETIN DONALD TARDY CLYNDA THAMES LONNIE TILL CHITA TREVINO THOMAS WADJAK CAROL WHIDDON DOLORES WHITAKER RUDY WIESER JERRY WILKER ROSS WILLIAMS BILLIE WILSON CAROL WINTERS JANE WINTERS UNDERCLASSME . . . ,.,, , f , 4 f f f ,,', 7 um, ffnflflrlrrx-111f'I1 1,-rc-wd inn, Mrs. Maryannr- Lord! room to "sign up" for next semester's class. Individual student program cards fgifntgrining 1 rffwrd of Qcheduled Clauses. ul vhnsen hours, must be complete wlth teachers, slgnatures before a new school term Wam- ,rf -Q Sophs and Juniors, accomplishing things Collect credits slowly Yearn for Senior rings 253 OA ,Q-.,,, I. .- f Af ' 1:12:2- 'Win 1 . ..a NXips,s....:' . Q M X N' . :Am 'ra len.: ' ff 'Q gh H x ' , f . -I A cw MIR A we X e X? 'XX ,-ay. .... 13,05 Q P A ff? 1 ll fs l 7 X -ev A li Z 4 'za f Y' 1-Wx., ww ff? 1,7 of WY if Ji 4? Y, djs, 2 K? GK-ff? r ,su I 5 in ,1'?fE Y esaai 254 I an . Vs Q 5 l gk -. ,,, A, -, an 5 1 44 or lr 1 j lf l ,,.-, fel- . 11- -gb ,Hg-WF .rig 74 A - A i ,ra ,rss ..,,,i fyr 4' -. . "W " ff ,A f . . '.,. Charles Abernathy . , 5 , 'wx I gk, My if Y 5 Mruv 4 ' , ,. , Kg-,.f . r ,V -.L :Lift ' X' 2: wr , ldelia Alanis Barbara Alexander vw ' X 1' r afr H , Carolyn Allred 7? 'm W .3 48 X f ,fr If YJ ' 'Ffa 212531 -.Q . ill Va' 5" fmt 1' '61 Romanrta Alrnendarez K if q Wm af X x' cr A Q'. A. y Kay Anderson f A Marquita Andrews t 274 ' Alfred Appleton A 1 Jil fi Pat Archibald R 1 Vzl, Q ':'l 1 lg , Frances Argiropoulous - .,l' X sr Ronald Baggett Bobby Baker Robin Ball Louise Barrios Matt Bell Robert Beverly Nancy Bevers Mable Birk Marie Bishop Anne Bloomquist Neal Blue Ronald Bookout JU IORS Other Austin travelers to the Temple football want to be in Karen Den1nan's picture too. Donna Boozer Michael Bourke Kenneth Bower Sidney Bradley Library workers, Judy Horton, Marie Colley, and Judy Golden are pleased about the latest pictures in the new Houston Beautiful scrapbook. OF '60 Garry Barron Tanua Burroughs Barbara Butler Roland Butler Patsy Caperton Raymond Cardenas Larry Carlisle Dickie Carr Larry Casey L f3aw,: ,diff 1 it , IW f' -ffz Jimmy Brewer Johnny Brewer Etta Lou Britton Lynda Brooks Stevelyn Brooks Bobby Brown Rachel Buntyn Vera Burch , ,.i, ,,,,, , , . ' , W , ff W ariegg ',', f V ' ' '7 An wa ' x Carol Carlisle ' -at rf 3 x an Q IR Q of X , an t in H QW 6 X 9 5' 1 t W 2 fist .nf f Crit!! 4 , A 1 16 '77, .11 lib . f am.. A w, it ' 1 A' 1 . T9 wh. if J ,A ff , ffffff X M W4 f W W , ,,, , f W, a,,,TfA, if V ,, ! I 6 1, . , ,fl vm., MM yi 21, If .t,,t .. ,f may f vs " Z i xM,,f4 23 W, , f f 'fab -' 104 , 4 ,r .mm ,,. In U- fi Z '44 2 5 , ffl ff 1" A' .' ' 4 T 7 x Q If ' 135 'N ,fi X ii U f ., , r ' I Y , 1 1 if f rm f I 11' I, , if X W f ff f gf, 1, , , ,f 225735, V' ,, fi " ' K 1 4 2 V. if . Q' M.. y ' at 'W W I , 7 I . , f , -7 Kg , 'V 45' if f ,E X I f" 1 fax ' 5 il H Danny Chapman ,lean Chapman Ted Chesser Lilly Chittenden Kay Choate ,lean Ciolkosz Earline Clark Linda Clarke Ronald Clements Paul Clauson J U IORS Speech students, Tommy DeHart and Ronnie Reagan, practice for the Sam Houston speech l1011I'I13.I1'1CI'lI. 'EPB J S" 7,gM,,V " " I 1 vo- l xgtl t av 3 ttii 1 5 3' t ii ' , .N Q. V 3 13? 1 N . f 1 Sherri Coates Marie Colley Barbara Connell Billy Cook Jerry Covey Don Crain Charles Cramer Carolyn Crane Carol Crosby Patricia Crosby Gerry Crouch Betty Crow Kenneth Cudd Sharon Culver Frank Daidone Jamie Dancer Cookie Davis Diane Dawson 5 ! f 4 ... ii . - yasyg 53 ,Q 0 , f ,A 'vt Z if 1 Tig , , 1 5 . 5 .5.,1e? .f , iff? ei 1' Ft. t e , ' , lf Si 3 2 x g - -. t'-Ez - .ms , X F scsi X . 1 -9 , 14 ,i,- my 4. ,Q 'X' 'a . Q 3 . 'J i 4, 54 x X l.i 4 up f lf X I 1 ff , 42 , X X, IVQ ,,,t,4 4- 4 5 3 E gy, .xt I , fi M at ' "" 1 f X' f X t ,cy ,f sf A -,ggi fffi wi , wh., V , 1' I ,P In 4' f, K M'- , Vin 6 f I y -,.. f! 1, , -X f, " , : 'H' .. 1 . R , qi . xy , , X N I I K Q F' N, :MEA K -.8 ' iii Q . . X XX fgsgibs. ' ' X X xt X .X xx WX X 53 X .43 if eie teef D 1 e l'seiiri vivr Q ,,., , i -, f A I . N J 5 W V' .112 ' li l Iflg ' l 42 ' X fi ff f',V f 'I , I, 7-'ww ff V ' 554 1, ' I ,, , , ,Q if V. K If 'Z ' V. ' , X , N. M- A xy 4 , !,V7,V V,,f I q V ,! ,AV,, V V 4 , X rw ,W ' ye VI- A, ,Vg , V ff ' Q-1 4 if f f, -W, 2 V f v , 'V A. V . V ' V' V V 5,7 Linda Drummond Q ,, V, , ,AA f Suzanne Duncan 4 as 4? , 'A - 1 Georgia Ann Dybala 0 "'V' .... V ..., ag: A 4 . df- .f1ff4! 4 ,4 21 ,V,. V V V ' ,V a'Sj,,5ii? w frfw iz acyijyzgq V V r W W Billy mer M gf- '27, A ' Q l f .l oseph Ellis V 4 f Olivia Estrada , , fi , A' 'WV' QV, , JV Q1 A VVV V A W,V, V A, ,1,n A .,,n A ,. ' " , fu, ' PM V Z " V, a,n' 413, Rachel Estrada C 4 ? 1 -L14 C' fy C Tommy Ferguson A A., xl j V' W. C. Fortenberry A AAAA ,A,, W ,xy 7, A ,A A , 14 , lg , . f Q AE ' T1 ,fyez.,-wtwj73Vrgq,y, A, '-aV 614, . ,,,,A,,V,A,,A V ,A Hz, ,M I f f I 4? Z4 ff 'ffm 4? 9 "P' 3' , -Lf all wr A 0 w my -7 4, V J jglf- ' -f ' Aafe rj? IV ,ov 4 A ff 41 .X , 4 ,Awlgw V. , W3 , " vw" Q 4 4 ' gi! , X X X V mf A, wi, Y' , , if W if 'lv E ' .iii ' tg- Mars' -Q WV ,, ,, A, V VV " 5 ' f 4 1 7 KZ M ,ji , , , 1 ? 4 ff w f g, 25291171 ', ' -, 'L vu., X Q X .A P", -, an , if 27 , X 4 if ,Q 5"A'+ ' Carter Frank Lutzine Frieler Tommie Frost Carol Fruit Carolyn Fuller Alice Gallier Patsy Garner Patsy Gates Nancy Germany Charlotte Deas Tommy DeHart Karen Denman Mary DeVaughan Sharon Diehl Martha Dietrich Barbara Dixon Robert Donnell Roy Doty Sue Dow OF 60 Betty Koppa arranges her layouts for the year book advertising section :amwmmww t www. mumuxwapuu Diane Gibson Iris Gillespie Benny Gilmore Judy Golden Linda Golemon Robert Gregg Bobbi Greer Joe Guerra Sandra Guice Carol Hagg Beverly Haisten Jeanie Hall Paul Hamilton Dianne Haney Gene Hanson Junior, Bill Little, concentrates on an exact drawing in machine design. lm . ardsin 3 i w"""'5'5i. ,, f' rs' WF! N ,if S5 ,ZA l si ii N h ft G 6' T: i K xl: V' , -A Q A , 4. v--'W 5 'Q ' "" is ar . is i Y . v gh 1 Sr e ' Lrg! hr ig JU IORS Corral staff members, La Jeanne Warnell and Jarline Mueller, work to meet the November deadline. X ,yo QF '60 Tom Holmes Lee Hopkins Judie Horton Richard Hovis Ronnie Huestis Mary Beth Hughes Ruth Hunt Ray Jahn Pamela Jamison Jim J aynes Janis Jenkins Charles Johnson Johnny Johnson Richard Johnson Sarah Jordan James Hariell Connie Harris Charliene Harrison Nickie Hartley Sidney Hartsfield John Hauser Karen Hawkins Sue Haynie Karen Beth Hazzard Stanley Heaton Carolyn Helmke Barbara Helton Ruby Fay Henderson Diana Herman Louie Hintz 5 '4""'W ' ,F Ar X - S at -3' - E T . . . 'N x A R 6 .xx K 1' Q a 'sq , . 2 - ' ,X x it . M ,T W ,Aa H W. ' w " ..., X an f I .AIN ,' - " N' X ' 4 ai 4- -1 A 5 it -..--- .A X xf A .QM 1 D K S, Xl Q , U Q ' Q' 35' semi M X , is Y " X tx' i X, R , , lk t X NW-. ' lb L . x u . A if ' x i- ,.Qx Ar, fi L .,.. f e pit b .KX S in .Q Q 'W' X 3 N s , m.A. - S 3 .K - - " 'tt w 1 X , 3 ft., N xv: ,.: , Q Q NN Q 1 EU -Q 'SE mo. ET :UE To wwf UI? H O U: 39 QFD Q. EE 35 mm R, 2? qc' SE, :- RFU O :s :1 co Z' U3 : .- L" :. .. ... In ca :s Q. Zoe Ann Juneman ,K David Kabell Kay Kaspar Don Keith warg K i if ,...,, uv Robert. Kelly Ruth Kendrick Sharon Kennedy Carolyn Kirby Barbara Knight Lois Knox ,N Betty Koppa Jerald Kozlek Vernon Krippner ,lean Kuhlman Allene Laake -Umoas Elizabeth Landgrebe Richard Lane Ruth Lanford Jerry Langford Judy Lawler Wanda Ledford xx -dl! ,md Frances Lewis Charlotte Lister Bill Little Lois Little Janelle Lucky Mary Lunsforcl lVlarijo Lyle Delores Lyon Galen lVlansee Stewart lVlashburn ,loan lVlathisen Lawrence Maynard Billy lVlcBay Odessa lVlcClain Raymond lVlcCreiglit OF 960 f 211' 4' H . L M. ' ' 5... If 1111 . J . ,,...., H 1 ., Qu, 1 1, 1 1f 1 1 ,X y 4: ',-1 4, 3 1 , Q 7 in 4 ! W , , 1f 1 1 1 f 7 Q 1 1 9 f1yff,jykf ff f f I 1 1 X 7 jf! , f 'ff' ff Y' 91 ZH f X C if W MV 1 f W I I 1 X 1 Z 411 X 1 ff, X Q 1 1 1 f 4 L 1 0 fl 0 1 1 1 63? f f ' 1 ? If 14 ,,-1 ., . ' 's.y.,.! In 'hwy f 1 1 if I 1' 7' 1,,.m,-Q, , 1: 42 ,gr lj - , qv, ,HA V X 1-. - -:,, f f f 1 1 w. M xlrzl , ,, ,.., , Ji 4? ,z lg V: Don McCullough Brenda McDonald Jan lVlcDowall Travis lVlcLain I A Arlene lVlclVlal1an Beverly lVlclVlurrey ,1 Uma: HQ, -A 1 -vm .-..g , ' -' f ff 'fit' 1: WWWJVW7 " 1 01 f 4 if f , W 6 f 1 , 1 W jf... Z7 , 1 I I f .Pr 11 .j 7 I navy- 17, A qi' . 1, 14 1' 11713 M, 5 f Z 1 4 gl .,,.,.11-vw' X 6 f 4 y 21 1 V 4411 jan ,1 ', -Q AW' 1 7" I "1 , ' 2, 2,2 '3 1 A XX YS 5 . X, 7, 1 Vyyv 1 A 2 1 W 4' ff? 1 ' ff ' ,W W jf ,nf f' , 1 0 '9 . -4 X 11 " 1 3 4 , 1 X 1 , 1 1 a4a.-we J.f'cfnZf'f ,H .l , . , X1 f" I ' I , .V ff 1 of ffl , ,Zigi vt ,. E , , if f -V f , 4 V 1 . 1 J 'Vi L ff f I 1 ,X ,l M 45 V 5 1 W , f 1 ,1 Q W , 1 1 , 1 , 1 gf 12 if 1 f 'Z I sf 'lv Band members, Waller Limley, Johnny Tipps, and Lavelle Carlile, practice for their next football performance. .1 ,, 1 , M J 1 , , 741 , 'Q 111, A rf 4 ' 1, fl 1 ff , 1 Z 1, , , 'W f 7' , , -1 ' 11 1 f ' I'-I! -V -.13 b wuhz New m..Vh 3 Dennis Medley 0 R , '-f' '--f' x-'Y .aff 4 BobbY Melear N 3 1 A' Q. I .7 Sarah Meyer 1 ' H J ack Mitchell jx? Sandra Moody qlivy is 1 of 1 Q l e X ' ,Pee fo V o o . y Joho Moofo ' '33 -. --ol f '1,' cy. , V A my Linda Moore -as Q , 3 " .f,:. H. ' ' 1. ' ' . .fo V- 1.--. ,V Jarline Mueller Ann Mulholand " Q .P " Melvin Murchison N o o so if 4, X lll Wvw ,M-aw 4 if as QW' , ' 'f X, ,1 , . 4 , .1 V. : - ' ,1. ,, ga N 3 F V ., - . an , f , f o , 1 , 'f- A L ' M ,vw r 01" J 1 gm ,J -f wp' S , ,. xqgxh M- . ,- V A X3 3 'i " sofas- 3 R. , :aw A 4 1 Thelma Murphree Rosanne Neff Lenwood Nelson Carol Nettles Oren Newton Lorene Nichols Robert Noerr Karl Nunemaker Donald Oates Dorothy O'Kelly Dennis Ortrnan Richard Ott JU IORS Lynda Brooks and Charlotte Deus discuss last nighfs dance before bookkeeping class, begins. .lunior Sub Deli, Patsy Caperton. helps decorate the school Christa OF '60 Carole Pugh Beverly Purfurst Carole Quaintance Freida Ramsey Roberta Randall Larry Rainey Ronnie Reagan Diane Reeve Joyce Renfro Gerald Robertson if M KV 5 lf' , M. . . +V X I 'Y f If fait.. y we 1 , ,J 'ff ,f5 5 Y 13 4 f I' X vt fy - t. f .W Q 1 X Betty Owens Bernice Palmer Shelia Pearce Herman Penclley Mary Peters Daniel Picazo Judy Pickens Douglas Pierce Betty Nan Pitman Nancy Poole Betty Pratt Hayes Pratt ' ' -was -' ' f 5: 1,1- "', '-"',,, ' ' :ff ' f xg, .1 .wmht sa Jeff? I W ,sf gg f f f X if a k ' fk 'V , if "':", Gfigslffkflj fi V A' . V .,i..i, .V V yC y y V H Q, :kg 1 x , V I- Q . k I v..,Vrk K JV . SIP.: vkrv i . ,K ,VVLL ir- in ' ' "1 ' ffliii ' 5 ' 1 YHA 1 291 ' , A, V!! ff Q X ff! W, , , , 2 2 W 1 WV , y ' 1,7 f , ' 5 I' ' ,' 1 'A V, 1, 1 V ,fy 3 V " " ,fV ' 1, 4, " ' "Mi 4 , V 91.3 ,. f ,,, V x Z '41-' -2 V ' , 4 Q-, , 4, f, 4 , 2 etee '- ml Q ,V ,muy 17 FXS? x " me 2. V, V' .f.-4.1, f sw e Xa X ' N X mix x QQX QXQ . Q3 S A X Q S tx D Q X X X X --5 X XX DX 4 Rx N sf Robert Robinson HW 4i1W??iz8 4 "'?f?'v Lucy Weaver waits for a cold drink from the new soft drink machine in the school store. UNIGRS Sue Sperling Theron Spradley Sandra Stanislaw John Stilley Leroy Stock Martha Stukey David Tannich Darlene Taylor Glenda Thames Donna Theuber B 16 ,di fm., 'Q Gayle Rhodes Penny Rodgers Eva Rodriguez Melinda Russi Barbara Ruhland John Saxon Gwen Schutte Bobby Scott Ronnie Sellars Wynell Sheffield Pat Shepard Joyce Shepherd Mickey Shyrock Jo Sills Carl Sims Eddie Snyder Carla Spears I I I ",' IcI1,fIa5g . ,f'11fIfq N yy , , xx 2:1 VV x at 7 1 ,22 w 'R I Z ff: M , ' I 'I O , , A 5 4 X, .' -WI .rw 7 X f,, ,, 1 I" f , ': ,, wi 0' ,s ,., ,i , V ' -ff' . ,-J ' 1, .i f ' 7, f' fl '7 ' f X f ai 4 f 53. , i' ' Z 2 I f A, ' f' ,',I 7 Q ' 1 f: Q "W ,-21:-7 ' ' f I ,iii Q Z2 - M ' 1. ,, - " Y, "fy !,V' P fjny, "-12 1. ,V ., fi, .,.. .V ' I 1- .,Ui4I- 2 I :. A r gi? -I IML " l ax ., Yi , ' - r M U : s z-Ai ,. , il 45, ,. Nw.. ..,. xg QW - Ei -'-' , X ' ' -I 1,1 ..,. I Q 2 ,.,., 1 I . S L -..-.. X In ' JB ' I X .Q ,--.tmp J K UE: I ,QQ X sg iv .r.,a,ry..Q I X Ni ' 'Ulm X X N , X . 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'-7-,.- -Q 5 P' No 0 17 he ' 2 , "1?fA5'4'4eQL,. 1 4 55 3 X' Z Q , 1-V Ie . 1 -V .. f?fx2f,2fuf'.'t --c- Q f Wi' we ,na . 1 f ,- : If ,fjfvqf-2 infix ,I fig? e..,, , A ' ' 5' VM- "-'l A " 4 Z A .1. x .idk vii 5 W l fi 4 1' I 'iv 45 Ag' ' 4 Uv. 4 3 24 541 ff? , w. 3 5 , ff,f?,a, A fe-. , 1"k1,.. la I A M ., e. Qgmefl .. , ,, , ,gk fi S . , 'MTX ,S ff , .A 12 .' r jg, . .3 lg: 1 Webb, Mary Weems, Allene Wehner, Herman White, Kay White, Marilyn Whited, Harold Wiggins. Kay Wilkins, Ronnie Williams, Eleanor Willis, Gwen Windsor, Shirley Wisler, Roberta OPHOMGRES ,ww V Ami! K ., ,,.1, 4-WWW! J Q9 if N , ff! "" v A e ag, fr iw W ' - ,.., - Efrrr .V :Q N- m y Z."1 ,f' J- .. .,.,. V. 1 'L ' ff:-' , , , ..., Il A ,gi X . Edith O'Wesne, Barbara Lamb. and Norris place basketballs in the newly storage rack in the girls' gym. ,lane built 5 , s we 'Y' We-,ll never forget B G-olog Mrs. Kendall's sixth period typing class strives for that H60 w.p.n1." 278 SOPHOMORE . 4, , 5, ,,,, Q w 'Jil e e V' lk HQV A . . . 'V 5+ exf,y4',' W 2 f , 'A fl! V W ,, 295 7 5? if if f 1 ,X f f 1 I ,c f, , , ,, 1 f 1 7 2, 'A f XV f gg! W f W K f ff ,A , , 4 , 'X fff 3 Oh. we'll be glad when We're Juniors! Wolfe, Judy Woodward, Pat Wright, David Wynne, Lois Yarlaer, Ruth Churpentier, Kathy Gerard, Billy Kendrick, Frank Kenney, John Murff, Gene Putman, Joan Sims, Richard Sophomores Claude Cook. Gail Meyer, and Andy john-.on look forward to next year when they will be Juniors. iw 'Q' ADVERTI EMENTS . . . V - f ,f N MW 'M 5 wir! qffginfzsi ,Xuqjn qmlent- ,lolmny Gonzales, Elizabeth Mayes, Douglas Paschal, and M. H. Shepherd make floral selections for holiday lPvtlNlIlvfw Businessmen in 760, d0n7t forget In future years Buying records wegll set life WADHAM AND MAGOWN AGENCY Insurance and Bonds 5638 LAWNDALE AVE. WA I-4l78 BEST TAILORS, INC. We Renr Tuxedos 6725 Harrisburg Blvd. 8I2 Presfon "Special Rales for Aus+ini+es" BOATMAN'S Floor Coverings O Furnifure Carpefs I Painfs 5909 Lyons Avenue OR 2-75I7 3535 Lockwood Drive OR 3-3334 8528 Long Poinf Road HO 5-3433 FRANK GROCERY 6006 Wallisville Rd. OR 3-9456 "The Friendly Neighborhood S+ore" LAWNDALE CLEANERS 5525 Lawndale PHONE: WA I-I777 W. G. PETERSON CUSTOIT1 Upholgfering FUFDHUFG Phone OR 3-6420 WAL-MARS MaH'ress 8: Upholsrering Co. 7034 Lyons Houslon, Texas NEIGHBORHOOD APOTHECARY Prescripfion Specialisls 7I20 Lyons Phone OR 4-7676 HOUSTON, TEXAS S. M. WALKER FLORIST "Flowers for All Occasions" Phone OR 4-I228 All Hours 7l IO LYONS HOUSTON 20. TEXAS SAMPERI DRIVE-IN GROCERY IO0I TELEPHONE ROAD WA. 6-6870 g sum: ,DOC S RICHEY'S Q I-Siop Shopping Cenier 'T 6648 CANAL STREET 'I WA 8-5464 Congrafulaiions 'Io All 'I'he I960 Graduafes of Ausfin Senior High OATES LUMBER OR 2-2524 Cong ra'l'uIa+ions From BOB ROBERTSON I NC. HOUSTON'S OLDEST CHEVROLET DEALER TEXACO SERVICE STATION 1415 Mccmy OR 3-9285 ANDY CORDELL BRICK COMPANY Congrafulaiions +o I'he I960 Seniors X611 afoccaszbns HARRIS' PARK PLACE PHARMACY Visil Our Balcony Gill Shop ' 0 'Q - 8000 Park Place Blvcl 6 LUKE MEDLEY Sinclair Service S+a+ion ' WA I-2322 WA 6-0483 Harrisburg Blvd. ai' Wayside Drive X -a Q O I 9 NIII WELDING COMPANY Boar Trailers Ulilily Trailers Livesfoclc Trailers Towing Eguipmenr Cusrorn Welding Wood and Melal SPECIALTIES I25I Sharpe WA 3-4390 MAKERS OF "LIFETIME" TRAILERS CongraIuIaI'ions, Seniors HOUSTON TELEVISION SERVICE CO. I8I7 Dumble WAInuI' 3-2873 HOUSTON. TEXAS LENOX BARBEOUE Specializing in Hickory Smoked Hoi' Barbeque CompIe+e Cafering Service 5420 Harrisburg Blvd. PI1one.WA 6-0Il5 LEONARD O. McNEILL. JR., Manager LEONARD McNEILL, Owner MARINE DRUG STORE 6602 CANAL WA I-5600 WA I-2II9 Free Delivery Prescripfions Experfly Compounded Serving Easr End Since I93O Congra+uIa+ions, Seniors! MARVIN'S FOOD MARKET 5202 Canal SI. WA 6-0I3I HOUSTON II, TEXAS Zara 'ham BUR-IHS FOOD MARKET Denver Harbor AcIdi'I'ion OR 4-0064 A 81 B AUTO ELECTRIC Au'ro S1'ar'rer and Generafor Wholesale and Re+aiI H. S. DILLON 9022 Manchesfer HOUSTON, TEXAS TEXAS STATE KERR AUTO SUPPLY TILE 8K TERRAZZO. INC. Au+omo'Iive Parfs and Supplies 3I I5 Golfcresi' Blvd. WA 3-6636 HOUSTON I7' TEXAS I30I Telephone Rd. Housfon, Te MI 5-0285 Disfribufors WHOLESALE ELECTRIC SUPPLY COMPANY 4242 GuIf Freeway P.O. BOX I8I97 CA 3-406I HOUSTON 23, TEXAS cw I LENOX PHARMACY 5AFoR BROADMOOR The Prescripiion Drug Sfore YQUI FOOD SHOP 532I Harrisburg Boulevard Phone WA I-7.53 4 K7 A Complefe Food Marker WA 6-I433 HOUSTON' TEXAS A I580 Telephone Road Congralularionsl BOOSTER CLUB REX TAILORS Special Discouni' for Ausiin Sfudenfs Tuxedo Renfals La'res'l' Sfyles Popular Brands GULFGATE MEYER!-AND Ml. 5-3507 MO. 7-9l29 DAMON'S HUMBLE SERVICE 233i Telephone WA. 6-0454 LENox BARBEQUE Specializing in Hickory Smoked Hoi' Barbecue Complefe Cafering Service 5420 Harrisburg Blvd. Phone WA 6-OI I5 LEONARD O. McNElLL, JR. Manager LEONARD McNElLL Owner SHlMEK'S TV 81 RADIO SERVICE CLA TELEVISION ' RADIO I AUTO RADIO SIN 'R xW,5,O WEB MARCEL sr. cmco ff' 'L Service Call 54.50 E Au'romo+ive Service ' P "PromP+-Dependable-Reasonable" nltsu Rl-un 'P 0 6PAlRWx 1504 EDMUNDSON DEALER IN SINCLAIR Pkooucrs HOUSTON' TEXAS HUBERT SHIMEK Phone FA. 3-9240 WA, 3-5531 Owner HOUSTON 3, TEXAS 4691 Gulf Freeway 24 Hr. Se,-vice Qian chat! 99 J 0"-9 -1 S PAK-A-SAK DRIVE-IN GROCERY Lawnclale a+ Dismulce Idylwood Beauty Salon PHONE WA. 6-5698 zoos A wayside HOUSTON, TEXAS WE FINANCE OUR OWN CARS ANDERSON MOTORS, INC. GOOD USED CARS NEW... USED Phone OR 2-6393 72l3 Lyons Avenue M- MAY HOUSTON 20, TEXAS 9 Phone MI 4-4083 Renfrewns Beauty Salon Specialisls in Slyling Lyn., Perrnanenl' Waving, Tinling and Silver Blending 'RS 7l iz LAWNDALE 4,73 SOUTH PARK BLVD. M G-LADYS RENFREW WA. I-7736 +he MacGregor Park Shopping Cenfer W FACT! N Qwq Anne. iw? HARDWA R APPLIANCES 5002 NAVIGATION PHONE WA 6-2639 FRIGIDAIRE Q MAYTAG 0 o'KEEPEaMERRiTT Frlgldalre o GULFGATE 56 STATE BANK d-U6 J s s Locafed in 'The if Gulfgafe Shopping Cenfer O 44 'U' "1 L . of Hous+on, Texas J :5. ' JOHNNY JOHNSON Thanks for Your Pa'I'ronage REO CLEANERS 842 Kress . . . Holcombe Blvd a+ O.S.T. JA 3-8704 HC?l4Z S1LxTE BANK 4200 LeeIancI Avenue MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION ..i , -,.. iff? i rug.-" 1.1,f1L.,..iH.-Ml. 431, Y, JEFICV EGU SARA SMITI-I F ' E 'ry I:inaIisI Phone CA 8-86I7 3839 Harrisburg Nighf WA 6-4l57 Housfon 3, Texas CHADWICICS NATIONALLY ADVERTISED BRANDS Appliances O Air Condiiioners Television O Heafing LUBBOCK DRUG STORE Regisfered PI'1armacis'I's 380I HARRISBURG BOULEVARD Phone CA 7-333I Housfon, Texas CNE STOP 15,5 SERVICE AE I: 1 'Y MURPHY'S SERVICE STATION 70I4 Lawndale WA 6-5I42 CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS! From +I1e l96O Track Team 4 AUT REPAIRS 'V x f General Auromobile 4Repair 5606 Polk Avenue SIMMQNS GARAGE WA 3-5774 V. A. SIMMONS HAMILTON'S TEXACO SERVICE STATION 3446 Leeland CA 5-5I3I HOUSTON, TEXAS TE CO Texaco Service The Bes+ Friend Your Car I-Ias Ever I-IacI 136 f Senior Beaufy FinaIIsI ALICE MARIE MESCI-IKE OASIS DRIVE INN 2OI5 Jefferson FA 3-3553 Congra+uIa+ions, Seniors! TRAHAN'S GROCERY AND MARKET 6423 Lyons Avenue OR 2-I646 SAM WHITE OLDSMOBILE CO. 2520 Main a+ Iv1cGowen HOUSTON, TEXAS JAcIcson 9-486I CHAS. MARTIN 81 COMPANY INSPECTORS OF PETROLEUM APPROVED AND LICENSED BY NEW YORK PRODUCE EXCHANGE TANK STRAPPING AND CALIBRATION New York, N. Y. Bosfon, Mass. Fall River, Mass. Providence, R. I. Tiver'Ion, R. I. Chicago, III. Philadelphia, Pa. Marcus Hook, Pa. Paulsboro, N. J. Bayonne, N. J. Elizabeih, N. J. Balfimore, Md. New Orleans, La. Baron Rouge, La. Lake Charles, La. PorI' Arihur, Texas Beaumonf, Texas Housfon, Texas Bayiown, Texas Texas CiI'y, Texas Freeporf, Texas Corpus Chris'I'i, Texas Arkansas Ciry, Ark. Maracaibo, Ven. San Pedro IPor'I' of Los AngeIesI, Calif. San Luis Obispo, Calif. San Francisco, Calif. Tampico, Mexico Havana, Cuba Aruba and Curacao, N. A. Trinidad, B. W. I. Caripifo, PuerI'o La Cruz Las Piedras, Venezuela Ras Tanura, Saudi Arabia Rio De Janerio, Brazil INSPECTION OF ALL LIOUID CARGOES Including Molasses, Creosofe, Benzol, SoIven'I's, Alcohols, Acids, VegeI'abIe and Animal Oils OFFICIAL WEIGHERS AND INSPECTORS FOR NATIONAL COTTONSEED PRODUCERS ASSN., AND NATIONAL SOYBEAN PROCESSORS ASSOCIATION Congra+uIaI'ions Io Ihe Seniors of '60 TELE-RADIO, INC. I72I Waugh Dr. HOUSTON. TEXAS come 5 AND ls? GET m f DINNER BELL CAFETERIA 6525 Lawndale a+ Wayside WA 8-3239 McNEEL JEWELRY COMPANY Manufacfuring Jewelers NEXT TO POST OFFICE 704 Telephone WA. 3-6305 ALTON T. MOBERG Res. Phone WA, 3-4716 JOSKE'S GULFGATE JUNIOR WORLD . Headquarfers for +he Teena Paige and Ofher Famous Name Fashions Juniors Love! WMMWM SpeciaI'ry METAL FABRICATING CO. Ornamen+aI and Wrough+ Iron B. A. VANCE Phone CA 7-0520 39I3 Polk HOUSTON 23, TEXAS Congra+uIa+ions, Seniors! MRS. GILMORE'S FOURTH PERIOD LAB CLASS ALWAYS THE NEWEST IN HAIR STYLING PAULINE BEAUTY SHOP Pauline Mays 6302 Laredo Housion 20, Texas OR 3-2785 Beauglwzfmie LOIS ANDERSON BEAUTY SALON HENDRICK GRAIN COMPANY Purina Chows Hay, Grain, Feed, and Hardware 6619 L o - - Yong R 2 8692 WA. I-7I29 6619 HARRISBURG HOUSTON, TEXAS .ir z W. P. THOMASON SHELL STATION Washing ' Lubrica+ion Road Service ' Tires Bafferies ' Accessories II02 Kress Sfreei' BUS. PHONE WA 3-5953 E LAWNDALE CLEANERS 5535 Lawndale PHONE: WA I-777 W. G. PETERSON Congra+uIa'rions Io 'Ihe High and Mighry Seniors of 'rhe I96O Class Sharon James Gemey Kay Gilberi' Leslie Bu'IIer Woody Isenhari' Harry BarreH Frank Cole CHEERLEADERS FOR '59-'60 03... as I 1 I-is 164 I I S I Senior Beaufy Einalisf JANELLE OTTO POWLEDGE CLEANERS 81 LAUNDRY 7I23 Lyons Avenue OR 2-76I I MILTON FLOWER SHOP Flowers for Every Occasion "PERSONALIZED SERVICE" 702 Telephone Road WA. I-766I TAYLOR'S CONOCO SERVICE 5602 LAWNDALE WA. 6-2988 CONOCO CompIe+e Service R , 7 IV CINDERELLA BEAUTY SHOP CompIe+e Hairs'IyIing PermanenIs and Sefs lzrslfz TELEPHONE WA. 6-0246 PARKER MUSIC CO. 902 Walker ICorner Travisj "In +I1e I-Ieari' of Down+own I-Ious'Ion" BAND INSTRUMENTS - RECORDS - MUSIC CongraI'uIa+ions Io +I1e 1960 SENIORS ,R. 0. T. C. 6929 HARRISBURG BOULEVARD PHONE: WA I-4I II BOULEVARD FUNERAL HOME INC. J. V. COSSABOOM, Owner FUNERAL DIRECTORS Housion II, Texas Pro+ecI' Your Family Wi+I1 BOULEVARD INSURANCE CONFRO CORPORATION Truck Loading 5403 OATES ROAD OR 3-5I79 MI 5-3836 j, .5...g 49 FERRELUS Va.a fl' GROCERY Daffy Ei - 4707 Iv1cCar+y 525 X OR 3 9676 tg? 58:91 of - Owner Guaranfeed BaHeries S. WEHMYER Genera+ors Sfarfers SOUTHERN BATTERY 81 GENERATOR SERVICE Phone OR 4-3090 I933 McCarI'y Drive HousI'on, Texas Junior Beaufy Finaiis CAROLYN ALLR ED TELEPHONE ROAD AQUARIUM Tropical Fish and Supplies 3I00 Telephone Road "Where I-lobbyisls Meer" THE RIG RESTAURANT Feafuring "OWNERIZED SERVICE" 2807 Old Spanish Trail JA 2-i687 ARLEDGE FABRIC CENTER 5I88 LAWNDALE AVENUE WA. 3-BOI3 WOODLEIGH PHARMACY LOUIS T. DAIGLE . . .Reg. Ph. 420I McKinney Avenue CA 7-I468 TEXAS Pelroleum Produc'rs 7I0O Clinlon Dr. Phone OR 4-6OIl OR 3-9835 HUMBLE SERVICE STATION BELTIN6 81 MILL SUPPLY CO. Inclusfrial Mill Supplies Transmission Specialisfs Rubber and Composi+ion Bel+ing Packing ' Belling Supplies 6600 Harrisburg Blvd. HOUSTON I, TEXAS CONGRATULATIONS! l960 SENIORS BILL WILLIAMS RESTAURANT YOUR FUTURE COMES FIRST WITH MASSEY! FIRST in QuaIi+y of Training FIRST in Preference of Employers FIRST in Housfon You are always welcome ar MASSEY - as a visiior or as a s+uden+ Hs I cassroonfis are IigI1+ and pleasant iIs equipment modern: ifs Iaculfy, recognized by The NaTionaI CounciI of Business Colieges Massey is an approved Veferans Training Agency. Day and nigI'iT classes begin every Monday. Enroll now. MASSEY BUSINESS COLLEGE HOUSTON. TEXAS I2 I 7 Capi'IoI CA. 8-6331 Barbecue Is Our Feafure I WINKLER DRIVE-INN X, SAM SALADINE I20 Winkler Drive 8020 Irvingfon MI 5-584I No. 2 No. I CompIimen+s JOHN'S CAMERAS AND CARDS I45 GuIfga+e Mall GULFGATE SHOPPING CITY 907 Rusk GULF BUILDING CongraIuIa+ions, Seniors! AIVIELANG SERVICE STATION Humble ProcIuc+s 5545 LAWN DALE DELUXE CLEANERS CIeaner ' Fur S'Iorage ' Laundry 5420 Lawndale Ave. WA 3-I555 Phone HAHN 81 CLAY Manufacfurers of POWER BOILERS HEAT EXCHANGERS PRESSURE VESSELS SPECIAL MACHINERY 5I00 CIinI'on Drive HOUSTON 20. TEXAS LEE INSURANCE AGENCY 64II Lyons OR 2-0529 Denver Harbor HOUSTON 20. TEXAS JO'S BEAUTY SALON AppoInImenIs Only HOURS: 8 A.M. TO 5 P.M. 632I Lyons OR 3-9I24 DENVER HARBOR ADDITION FITZGERALDS TEXACO SERVICE Lyons Ave. aI' Kress HOUSTON 20, TEXAS JESSIE'S CAFETERIA 9 I 29 Manchesier Home Cooked Meals Homemade Rolls and Corn Bread JESSIE SILRA, Owner FOLEY'S zjv M MQ fwfvgz, Z f- f FX. ii JL PHONE CAS 3311 4-2694 CALHOUN L Plumbing Conrracfors HOUSTON 2l, TEXAS Congra+ula+i0ng! Chadwick Studios TRAHAN'S GRO. AND MARKET CREATORS OF FINE COLOR PHOTOGRAPHY 6423 Lyons Ave. BOTH PORTRAIT AND COMMERCIAL Denver Harbor's Lucky Seven S+ore Homebzffgfgsfid P'9f'+ QR 2-1646 4999 so. PARK BLVD. 2 f Congrafulafions 4405? fo +he Excelleni' S+uden'r Body af Aus+in Senior High School H AT E. L. LESTER 8: CO. HARBOR FOOD MARKET 5050 H0lmeS Rd- OR 3-SIS' HOUSTON 2l, TEXAS Good Luck, Seniors! MICKEY'S FLOWER SHOP LANDIS 8, CQ, REALTORS Flowers for All Occasions 5205 Telephone 622 Easl' llih M' 4-5684 UN I-6l59 TEXAS PLUMBING COMPANY, INC Mechanical Contractors I P.O. Box I4394 HOUSTON, TEXAS TEXAS LOUISIANA ARKANSAS "Best Equipped i'Shop South" RALPH P. GILBERT President GAIDO LINGLE PIPE APPLICATORS . Pipe Coafing and Wrapping 'For Line and Oil Field Tubular Producfs 739 ALEEN ORchard 2-820I ONE STOP SEIQVICE S 4:01 POLK ,jg 515 CA 4-2358 JOHNSON SERVICE STATION Tires ' Ba'Heries ' Accessories , E' Fasi' Road Service H y? f 3 W! n, , ,f f f Aff-,, Z ' f y ' f f M f ff f I y Z 3 . I 22 6 7 I , If '- . X 4 1 , ff Z x . ww? , I 'T W' ff JW WW C I y ,.,, . 9 XZ 4 WWWZ, 7. 1 . I . ..., ,.,- ,H ff , ., 3 if y- j.1..j:jW5. l. 4g - yy , Q71 7 ., f yfpfrii DISC DEN I005 Telephone Road WA. 6-7752 WAInuI' I -2055 WAInu'I' 6-6248 X xx XII fflf xx X - :non nn 'zz .. SAUL MARSHALL 9 Manager Hough-in I I, Tex. 6729 Harrisbur Blvd. HARBOR CLEANERS 7029 Lyons OR 3-242l If your cIo'I'hes are noi' becoming I'o you Ihey should be affer coming 'Io me-GUY HERMAN. Bonded Licensed Real Esfafe Brokers TODD REALTY CO. DAY OR 5-I779 NITE OR 2-0296 6920 Lyons Housfon 20, Texas ANNIE BESS TODD CONGRATULATIONS, SENIORS! From MRS. PEEL'S 6+h Period Shorfhand 2 Class Individual Hair Sfyling Consuli' Our Experienced Operafors OTTALEE BEAUTY SALON Complefe Beaufy Service For Appoinimenl' Call OR 3-9562 703I Lyons OTTALEE AND FRANCES JONES ' I H. T. NEELY f sw TIRE COMPANY N -2 9 1 - hilrt 5420 CIin+on and -gas Lockwood Firesione Tires Besf Wishes, Seniors! LILLIAN'S BEAUTY SALON II7 Lenox WA 6-I997 Phone JAMES WISE LILLIAN WISE A EDWIN T. FEIGLE CO. Typewrifers - Adding Machines "WE APPRECIATE YOUR BUSINESS" 4909 Fannin JA. 4-6800 Texaco ProducI's LOONEY'S HOUSTON. TEXAS 6004 Lyons SWEQTCEIE OR M493 ,..O U nsousz f FIRST RTHOUGHT X, .IS fl lllt'llI!N'I' ff fflr' Cfzlxv qf196'0. fW7Il?l'1' fig In ll gunz! .vfnrl fU7l'IlI'Il fl IIXILIIII 111111 l'l'1l'1II'Ill.llg' kfizllzrf. JIM' zur' l'0IlgI'I1fllllIf1' Wm. E . . f A I .Q and Zlfl-.Sf1'I'0Il fzwrj' .Ylll'f'l'.Y.S'. V N I HUMBLE ou. a Rsrnvnve co. I - 7 4 f"' f " ' - - .6514 '-" :" L S V I . . 6 X , - f by My . V U ..-f I. ..,.., s . si . J , I ' " "" I i A - , Q I 6 J f , xlll HARBOR AUTO PARTS Aufomofive Parfs and Machine Shop 707 HOUSTON HARBOR Phone OR 3-556I Housfon 20, Texas EAST END FLORIST 6925 Harrisburg WA-l-0095 Alice and Roberf Neuman 5 Phone: WAlnul' 6-0779 y f A -1 "gl Q , 112222 if B' T531 1' '?L4,. I a fl A I SHAW SALON fy, P ISOI Dumble Sf. V i - - - jf Housfon, Texas 1 - Junior Beauly Funalisf iigigii "We May Daze, BA R BA RA K N l G I-l T ehixal, 'Bui' Never Close" N i AB LADDER CO. 2228 Telephone Hous'l'on's Exclusive Ladder Disfribufor HOUSTON, TEXAS Prinfing Q Office Supplies Q Office Furnifure Aw" gif, , W i ' ,W I,i 1 HLA," O ' I, :IU lillinc' "--.Apply lrh - '-- - I, ..,., -. N., ,WM xfuu FIT TINY., I' TfILl4l fl M. REESE PHIPPS Mlssion 4-537I 4657 Telephone Rd. Housfon I7, Texas HUMBLE PETROLEUM PRODUCTS BROSEMER'S SERVICE STATION 3820 Harrisburg Housfon, Texas W. L. BROSEMER PI'l0f1e Dealer THE AUSTIN ROUND-UP Co-Edifor-in-Chief Co-Edifor-in-Chief Bonnie Beardsworfh Nannine Gee Qu LL h ' ,-"' Business Manager ' " LINDA PASKIE K - ou. 4,1 Co-Feafure Edifors Elizabefh Mays, Nancy Marshall . Jane Wilson, Yvonne Arnold , Kay Maclrey, Anne Campbell Copy Eclifor . .,,.,, ,, , Pansy Robison , , Milce Peflif , ,, Roberf McNay , Diane Godlove , Verna Collum . . .,,, Allene Laake , , , . ., , Mary De Vaughan Co-Malre-Up Edifors Co-Sporfs Edifors , Assisfanf Page Edifor ,, Phofographer. , Exchange Edifor , Circulafion Manager Adverfising Manager A Typisf ,. ., Sludenf Adviser Maury Lieberman Faculfy Adviser Mrs. Mary C. Brown Published bi-weelcly by fhe iournalism Sfuclenfs of Sfephen F. Ausfin High School Dr. James H. Goelrle, Principal Subscripfion rafe: Sl:OO per semesfer Prinfed by Scardino Z V '. , Vvvhvv V , GEL , Z Z I .,,, ,,.,, V , U ,I ,. , 7 7 ' ' 1 ',, J c 8 6 5 1 1 9 -f ' 7 4,1 1 , Az y 3 2 ' f' 'zw 2 'im ,L ' f ' f ' f "' ' ARGAINS -T 4,54 2 f 5 3 R 1 2 2 O R D E N gM.,,4:,..MMM it PM BORDEN BROS. 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DOUGLAS, Manager THE CHANGING SEASONS OFFER WTIMEF . This 'ctimen used by Corralis staff became its ulifefl Work began' in the early summer, and, as Austin's doors opened for another school year, the pace was set in the Fall. As the days grew shorter, the staff met the first page deadline, and then the second deadline was mel in the bleak December cold, for winter had descended upon us. As the staff continued work on the final dead- line, a seeming "miracle'7 occurred, for Austin High became a white winter wonderland. Perhaps the snow iso unusual in Houstonl set 1960 apart from all other years . . . We, as yearbook editor, business manager, adviser, and staff members, had a tremendous opportunity to create a beautiful and memorable book. This yearbook we have produced may last longer than any one of the dozen best selling novels that hit the bookstores today. This has been our opportunity to give to the faculty, administration, and student body a hook to cherish always. Now, in the spring, it is our hope that we have created something of lasting beauty and real signifi- cance . . . THE 1960 CORRAL STAFF 308 X rw 4' 1 if' J , 4 ,ng gig! ,a-1, fix' ik 2,2345 fa Wfwfw 'Wk 4. is H52 fi!! fx 'W .g,.,,.,, U X 1. N X 9' as 1 X , ww! iw www' . s 1 I fa' 'I 1 I 7, Q llff .ji X 1, 4 K, fc AV? 3 af AUTOGRAPHS This Book Belongs to - -Qq , , ' - 1 w'11a-. 111 1 1 11 ' 1 1 . 1 1 V 1. ,,, M ,M F 1 ' . m'j,'1 ,1,' --1-1 ' ,,1j,2 mf ,I , 1 11-1. 11. ,. 1: - 11 11 - 1 K 1. ,1 1 , Y. , ,,1 ., ., 1 -G - .r , ll .1 X If I, W W 1 , , 11, 1. G A Mm 1 1 11,11 J ' 1' - 1 1 1-ffm, 111 41 . 1. 1 111 , 1 1 1 ,W , 1-111 11. -L. 1 ., . . 1,1 1, 1.2111 5 ' 11111 11 111.- 1 1 1 '111v"1,1g1:1J1 1i'. . 13,51 51119, ," 1 1- 11- .',,, 1 ' ' J- ' , 11. 1. " N," 11 ,Q .1 1 - ., 1 11, Q 1:1 ' 1 .,,..11.111111.1-N1111,mu1e.11.f1mm111111111mmmmmA :mmsxfa-.muuvsrugnanmymmvwmmxmnamzemzzumemwmnwnwmmammmsgxn'muses'', ff' - ffff 'UM ' ff- . , ,V W ,- ,v ,-4 1 'SQ-,, ' R 4 f A 1-, . , , , " W' W, ,gy .MQ v - ,1- ' , , 1 1' ,fp .1,., W.. 1 -ma. ff -. g:N,1,:uw.ea4,-ulw. f Awfmzuxcfwzsz-sm. w'w.:rsamAma:hz mm-:mac 1rnmmzgmm1nxnc4:nmsv,1m.:A:Qammx::.1mvJmmamnumu:m-nsum af TAYLOR PUBLESHING COMPANY 6 "The Worlds Bes1 Yearbooks Are Taylor-made MKG .uf 6-' ffl' A Wasted Is Emstence .. ff' 1 X ' 5 Q3 A -' iw 1 -' 'H Ns I I s -,M .ff K Affv u 1 -'J' .,,v" 1 , ' , X iff 1 9 W 1 , ,.,.,.,,X Y ' - f- 4-,Ln A-,v W1 MW. , " " , kf7Vi, V -1 2' N 5 M? , g 5' .1 .4 1 X X 5 , 5 , 'Liz' ' ,, t 1 . 4 Q-,,3:H:p-,, .1' V, 'Jeff T523 Q w 'ii 1. i' J'

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