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5,4 fp Q X 4, V. I I .' , X V,- x L x K X. 1, I lESi S - ? , , 3 3 i' . wi 2 M E2 K 2 . ! ? P 5 f S 1 WELCOME Sffm ..,. . -tiff V XX! f. I i E 'I , 11 .-'., 1. ,., . . .jf-1f A ' . M u . . ' "' 'B fm , W . :"- -.--"' :sta " V 2 f u A 'K glam -P ' tg. , 4 1'1" ' ,I fi-I.-16: ' " 9, Nfl" nf". 1' -V ' 1 F I I I I ,. J 1 x ., ,Qiuf n X S' I l 4 N 1 1' , 9 eff' I Re V1 ,. as-eff Wiv- 1: - 1:3 .f r , 4.3 N. la, -+ 'fir'-" ' .xv , " 'ff -w,.F..4 Q ' 6 i . . :K I .- ' 1 1 1 A! I Q- , S . ,. T. r P' I .. , K t . Ui. J? a JN- , v 1, 5: af , "n, Q f I . .p--. . f . 4 1 L' i V ' L 4 x' ' si H '41--QE n K. -J-, 1 .1 :L M LN - 13- .iimai , AA JY' - 17. il Y 1 in --Jr . .-'Hr-.x J' " "N-Tw f 1' ,. -.ww Jr g., H .-as - Q - . 53,7 .- X2-' -' 5 51, ,, 'L .QP 1 ,-f .' 245575-1 A ' , - M. , A-'gf - --ff. In 23"-' . wM.51ff'3"- JWQ, Q 3. , f., f.. 'lv ' 'W-. Ar., F- l v , . -. .wut .,. V, Lia.. - 5 -'. ."i.j' . y J ', 'F' " f. .r '-V?" 1 - Y , A ' -' ., 35: W W VV: fifkgfjhvv.. HT, ,, 1 t In I X I., E.-. .-j': A .,f' L' A t .31 " 'i ., '. vw " -IFF' a ESE: QQ, 1. 'ASX x. n Id 1 Eli 4 W 15 -'Gu NJ '- -' K 'l' ,nip- . Y 4. ,,g,..,. ,.-,,.V .. ij . I I I 1 1 'Y s,f f. .-.fl . -...1-. .-4 .-5g.i:lT?2zg,g:,f ' .- ' " 5 V VOLUME XX 2 this is your 1959 GRR I -1 ,595-L2 .Www f M , V . wap'-. A ' -- M5 - .l Ma V, :V Z ff 5923, l ffqkfggmw h "4,4,iQj, ffjg 4. fjfy w ws """5 ., ,,,.n ' W- " f f, A ' . 'f ,v 'y , 6' A fl J. 'a,ef,',m N af V -' gy m- - 4' ,E Y' .- .4".l,'g1 52, " q . 'V . diff". we - 2 M if ' 4. - . ..-5:1 an A' ,f QFNQMZQ ,hf I Q'--M -' 1' ,gb xl kxfxiv' S ,565 X, " 5' , fw viffx rjygli ff Q 'Q 'la . , ' .,.,1.1- t, f, ' W A K A w '. ,f , Ai ' V f "V .' M nl' I' 'K ' ,A Qin? g mv me W, , f, ,Va X , , f:?1J"'i' 5 I, A1 1 f w . V ji -' . ' ., ' ,rf 1-:l f?9'f .. .gi 1 Ygkiigzz ff, TM '7 ' ' M I N bfqp,-Q44, i,aofrWg,.3f"'?Vf 1 ,iiyig xggspkll Q Mg' ' Mlm, qffguh .Q . .W Q. K ' ,fm av, 14 f ,, ff", LA, , ,,,,.,,,,,n,, A- , , -1-.M -' 'L M . '- ',.f-'G ' ?+,fr.",?'-fif54"'Ii' fd I J ""L?3i f..,'l.,fg' -'Nf,.Wfw 2 -4 .A', A ,, 5 I-yu' 5 .' ,w.af4, ,,gipg.Aff Q, 'K ivfiaix' -J' Q" at if I N ghfgxgi 'N f Wx' W, v. -41, ffl-A, .-J: W K' ,, fmt, ,Y ww 1 -' f :J Www 'f' - ' ' ' W . "S - ' 1. 'g ff?" f' ' ww-2.3 J W ' 3 'f A Wx 'W"'Z,, 'f-sk 'A 4 -1?"',' 1533 ' ' y Mwf' 1 Q-Y-ww'-. 3-'Li' ,, IJ ' -M . , "' -' Aff A -LH A iw. W V gf" 2 a-A - ge. V -A '54 ' . Qf' .,A. jwk ku, 3 9925, '-3, V ,4.o-N590-QM 4m ,Q ly . : 1 , , Q: .K gf KM - 2 nj A 'VZ-'12 '-..,-v-.auf rrfsf- .'4 7 ,,, ,,4wAvw gl ff .4 Vg. , " , ...A g V ., ,,. 3 f y':f g. Q-:ig V m f 1, a ,af ,A .--H. 2 ' C Q, , Yvfun f 15:37 . . A., .-?T'F"f, 'uf 2 ,m f A 'nf - 4, 'f Q, r -. A 4,5 ,- btw 9 ., ' I 15g1g...'5jU-, fu V" MV' X 1 M f Wg... tid.. A w 1- SK' 4 '. ' fm" if , 1 , +5 ,If .1 , ,si , I . . M xqf,fiJ" A .1---..QI-'f ,u ki- A w ,-2 fag ! f ','+-y+T'53 Q c rw' ' M' X.: ff--' ', . M 44 ,,'b 3, wr ' ffqjgv .3 'IRL' A f x3'Q,9A3?,g1f - ,aa 1 f .. ,G if A' LW 4 "'h':V+' -' ' 1,4 .sis ' ,. ."1 K ' 41 "fm J" use - Q K a'-'fu m V f. . 'L - l'f..fw""' .1 -'z - ,f-1 , - k L, . ww ,' ff' qv, ,-we "2-6-4'-'Ca . ' Av-J.. ,. ,,- . , ,,f,2 'LV 4, f A-4 W WT! -as 'P Yin:-4 we 34 ' 1 f N :"'I - Litas 1 Z". . ' " - ' , N' ,W 'A f Q. wwf Qji.w J -H 55"-. ipw R,-X-5 ,,,,,.:A.. ' ' S: M9 V A h 'W'1W:f:sf F ' ' 'Q ff fig f 1 . 'wv"?g X ' 'rv '11 4' 4 'fa . W r Ark M J- . AN , g 3.5 A P YQ ?'LMn-1"'F"-A Qui, N., Q:lF'4i'h,, .. , H ...:f - ,f ,v- wf1w uw wh - , Ai. 'GIFV J 4 f u cs, lk, Mr .wffyk ., A H. ,v ,,.,,5 N Vg' J' ' f"l"D3"J ,. .1 M-f,,. vw. ' L W ,AiS'Xh',ff 'E M1 X Q ,- , ll 'w ima agQ'yf'A,w gg3,4,,..,.Q' sg? M I fiwkgi IWW Qfim - 'S' L - f 11 ., 4 .M-M A l,Ln.,, ga KJQV! A, .. IA, , 4: . '2 ?- .b ' z Q Y' ,Z ,L M .. .9 INA N D xi V Q, ' K I Y Q. ,Q bfi' I Q -, -2 f.n,,g, ,W M STEVIE COMES OF AGE . . . Stevie has been the Stephen F. Austin High School mascot for twenty-one years, representing the school spirit. His presence is felt in all campus activities and 1'eminds us of our utmost aims: to develop a worthy code of living, to he responsible citizens, to achieve satisfying human relationships to learn to live aesthetically, and to succeed in our life's work. We Wish to show you throughout this your 59 CORRAL, what happens when STEVIE COMES OF AGE an nodal. CORRAL EDITOR a 7 9 ... O CORRAL STAFF Editor-in -C11 ief Seniors Organizations Assistants Persorzalities TABLE OF CONTENTS ORGANIZATIONS PERSONALITIES SPORTS 2 OOOOOO FACULTY SENIORS OOOOOO . 2 it 2 8 I 64 is 82 It I34 L S I54 JUNIORS AND SOPI-IOMORES it 208 ACTIVITIES I 2 IIIIII,I 2 it ADVERTISEMENTS .E..,O 230 I 240 f ll n iors anti Sophomore s Faculty Activities Assistants Boys, Sports Girls, Sports scu :N""x 002 T : 4, Q 0 5 'fwaossv W I .IAN ENDERLI JERRY MURFF SARA SMITH SUNNY ABERNATHY NELLE MESSER I I KAY JACKSON I MARGARET KRAMER CIIARLOTTE FARR LUCY WEAVER MELANIE KIRK SHIRLEY CAVASOS it I BILL LITTLE JERRY COVEY LARRY CASEY BOBBY SCOTT BECKY KERR LA JEANNE WARNELL JARLINE MUELLER BETTY KOPPA CAROLE QUAINTANCE DARLENE TAYLOR Business Manager Circulation Manager , Assistant s,,, 7 Advertising, I H Literary Editor , Artist ,S Photographers Sponsor , , OF 1959 ANGELA AUSTIN BARBARA REAVES S 2 LUCY WEAVER I S SONJA ISHAM ,, I KAY JACKSON is Y JERRY MURFF S LYNNE BRYANT MARGIE THACKER MRS. CAROLYN GILMORE sip xx .NX 5. 6 1235 -xi-2 4' YB Q X -we, KX . J ,,: ,Ll hgh muz- .,.,,'-w.'v,1 , , 6"-fi, 'L 1 If 1 URGA 1 X. S ' STEVIE GETS A FACE-LIFTING ON HIS TWENTY-FIRS Q 1959 CORRAL STAFF EBU N END . vflorral Efhwr "Ninety-five pages are due in Dallas by Monday, stafff, These are familiar words to the 1959 Corral staff when there are deadlines to meet, contests to be arranged and held, pictures to be taken, copy to be Written, plan- ning dummies to be filled in, triplicate copy sheets to be mailed, and advertising to be sold. According to staff members, 'gworking on the yearbook is exciting and rewarding workfi The goal of the Corral staff is to publish a better yearbook each year. Sonja Isham, Barbara Reaves, Angela Austin, and Lucy Weaver prepare to give morning instructions to Corral representatives and alternates. Sponsor, MRS. C. GILMORE Editor-in-Chief ,,,,,,t, JAN ENDERLI Seniors ,I ,,,,i,i,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,, J ERRY IVIURFF Organizations . .......... SARA SMITH Assistants ,,,.,, ,,,,,, , SUNNY ABERNATHY NELLE MESSER Personalities ....... .. .............. . KAY JACKSON Juniors and Sophomores . MARGARET KRAMER Faculty ,,,,,,,v,,,,,, , ,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,t,,,,t, C HARLOTTE FARR Activities ....... ......, LUCY WEAVER Assistants ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,, , t MEIJANIE KIRK Boys' Sports ,,,, Girls' Sports ..... Business Manager .,,,,, Advertising Manager ,,,,. Circulation Manager Assistant ....... Literary Editor .... Photographers -. SHIRLEY CAVASOS BILL LITTLE JERRY COVEY LARRY CASEY BOBBY SCOTT BECKY KERR LAJEANNE WARNELL JARLINE MUELLER BETTY KOPPA CAROLE QUAINTANCE DARLENE TAYLOR ANGELA AUSTIN SONJ A ISHAM BARBARA REAVES LUCY WEAVER KAY JACKSON LYNNE BRYANT MARGIE THACKER Sunny Abernathy, Kay Jackson, Margie Thacker and Sara Smith have division page sheets checked by Mrs. Gilmore. Margin Thavkc-r, l,yunv Bryant, Bvcky Ka-rr. and Bill Little plan and Diane- Bartscli, Margaret Kramvr, Jerry Murff. and Barbara Broylc-Q study tlu-ir various staff dutif-S. takv time- out from the-ir staff jobs to pose for tht- CORRAL ramen ,, ' ' u know! Wvlll You lazy hcoplv--tlwrf' 2- a dP3dlm91 lo ui Mrs. Cilmorv, advisor, and Editor ,lan Endffrli discuss pictures for tlw division pagvs. Kay .lac'ks0n, Sara Smith, and Cllllfltlllf' Farr Compare' tllr-ir svrtion layouts. Editors ln Chief 7, 1959 ROUND-UP STAFF A Sponsor, MRS. M RY BROWN FALL STAFF Editors-in-Chief ,,,,..,.,,,,,,,,,.,..... Managing Editor Feature Editors . Make-Up Editors Sports Editors .. CHRIS BRENNAN NANCY CAMPISE L, SUSIE PAYNE ime Twice monthly, the Round-Up staff works against t to publish a newspaper for the student body. nts are Editorials, features, current news, and sports eve ll red fully in each issue. These journalism students a cove also meet deadlines, sell advertising, and increase cir- culation. SPRING STAFF I BARBARA MCMURREY MAURY LIEBERMAN BARBARA McMURREY BONNIE BEARDSWORTH JEAN DONNELLY JUDY LEMMONS MAURY LIEBERMAN DICK PHILLIPS Associate Editors Business Manager Feature Editors ,, Make-Up Editors Sports Editors , I2 . ,.f.,f JEAN DONNELLY DICK PHILLIPS . PEGGY BURT JUDY LEMMONS NANINE GEE BONNIE BEARDSWORTH MARY ESPINOSA L, RONNIE LORD NIIVIIFFIEAROLYN COWAN , I i., Mr. James Armstrong, substitute teacher, works Be5?dSQ"':ZPS, Barbara MCMuITey S ' with a smile. fo . Of 1 and Mau L' ' USIC Payne B - F mailing VY ieberman fold C0 ' ' onmf? ' pie S of the paper Chris Brennan and Nanc C y ampise, student advisors. Carolyn Cowan asks a question about a story for the sports page ' 1711 anna Cl, . Qzwan llffwdp U . D1-O 'I a Three gals relax after meeting another deadline. 00 I1 O' aaa' Copy Ca 1.0. MUSTANG BOOSTERS BOOSTER OFFICERS: Shelby Traylor, chiefg Miss Ruth Greenhill, sponsorg Weldon Sander, assistant chiefg Mary Espinosa, lawyerg Marvin Aardahl, scribeg Barbara Austirfs largest Club Consists of all McMurrey, cash. Not pictured are Joe Dow and Bill Holt, bouncers. Austin students interested in boosting school spirit. The booster section is the cpre of the rooting and spirit at the football games and other school events. This club sponsors the Bronco Whirl, a sports dance, held annually, to honor the football team. This year the Whirl was held at Sylvan Beach. M..-mei i? Collum, Bellamy lg lgetfterftllef H' a rn Lillian Silence' Vemlor the Reagan ga l making me ribbons MISS RUTH GREENHILL sponsor of the Booster Club I4 OH iv w L 1951 27 fe 53 . vi 1 'M -u 7 li. CHORALE Sponsor, MR. JACK NOVAK FIRST ROW: Norma Trevino, Betty Anne Wessendorf, Verna Dean Tillman, Jackie Burt, Carolyn Bradshaw, Elizabeth Mixon, Bonnie Chap- man, Patsy Price, Diane Crowder, Doris Thompson, Marsha Daigle, Pat Watson, Carole Smith, Kay Jackson, and Willie Lee Rhodes. SECOND ROW: Marylyn Sander, Beverly Hurt, Carol Higginhotham, Trudy Ann Hadsell, Lou Taylor, Lana Weeren, Marye Wynn, Dennis Smith, Sarah Jo Hayes, Betty Collins, Diane Wiggins, Judy Covey, and Sara Smith, THIRD ROW: Brenda Beasley, Nancy Poole, Harry Barrett, Paul Long, Hardy Hughes, Jerry Tauber, Ronnie Kennedy, Daryl James, Sue Cilbreth, Gwenell Harrison, Judy Rhodes, and Bob Johnston. FOURTH ROW: Jimmie Bradley, Rudy Wieser, Brian Wilcox, Jerry Wood, Matt Bell, Jerry Jones, Jerry Brown, Paul Barnette, Ray Witt, Ronny Nessin. and Jerry Hoffman. The Choraleis major project is to create an interest in and an appreciation of music and musical activities on the campus. Among the group7s activities this year have been a Christmas assembly program, a tele- vision appearance, two performances at the Rice Hotel, and participation in the All-City Music Festival, January 9, at the Coliseum. The Chorale rehe , arses for the Baccalaureat 9 Dl'0gram. ff 's ,fs Sy-, I6 CHORALE OFFICERS RONNIE NISSEN Presirieul 'Yr 'PB JUDY RHODES Serremry PAUL BARNETTE Vive-Presillerlt BEVERLY HURT Treasurer LANFLLIC CALLANT Parliamentarian DENNIS SMI I'I'I Librarian LOU TAYLOR Reporter WILLIE LEE RHODES Pianist PAUL LONG Librarian .IUIJY COVEY Rvportrr I7 CHORALETTES Sponsor, MR. J. NOVAK FIRST ROW: Jeannine Chaudier, Kathy Goff, Mary Woods, Mary Sue May, Patsy Vaughn, Mildred Hodson, Barbara Vajdak, Vickie Schult Diane O'Quinn, Charlene Harrison. SECOND ROW: Dorothy Neel. Annette Schultz, Myma Owens, Virginia Boggs, Mamie Brazzell, Ann Haynie, Charlotte Alexander, Joyce Renfro, Gail Hood. THIRD ROW: Wanda Cloud, Rosa Lee Cremona, Yvonne Arnold, Barbara Jones, Brenda Thompson, Janell Lucky, Linda Medaris, La Jeanne Warnell, Karen Stockton, Adelia De Leons. Organized only this year. the Stephen F. Austin Choralette Club is open to girls who are interested in gaining a musical back- ground. This club requires its members to have at least two years of music in school or the equivalent in outside music. if permitted by the director. The Choralettes have a dj cussion after meeting in the auditorium, H business Accompanist Pat Watson plays for Choralette members Mamie Brazzell and Barbara Vadjdak. Z MARY SUE MAY 7'. I ' Mmm 1:1mzxr:LL "fe" 'e5"'f"' Prcxizlfrzl 1 BIILIJRICIJ HOUSON Parliamefztariarz ROSA LEE CHEMONA Tff'llSllfl'f MYRN A OWENS Serrvlary 5 IA JPHNNIC WARNEl,I, ANN HAYNIIC ,'KNNlC'l"l'lC SifHUl,'l'Z Lilrrzlrian Historian I,il:r11rz'al1 CHORALETTE OFFICERS I KEY CLUB Sponsors, MR. J. M. BLACKWELL and MR. CLIFTON CROWSON K '1Xg, we..,- i k 1 FlRS'l' ROW: lJm'Witt Liles. seeretaryg Johnny Curry. president: Sam Brown, vice-presidentg Dil-kic Sl'llllPIll'II1ZlHI1, treasurer. ' ' l " ' ' ' l' Vt r' Billf Jeter, senior clirc-vtnrg Dcllwrt Horton, junior 5lfC.UlND ROW. Ray lahn, sophmrwre mmf 0 , y mlireetorg and Wesley lJoylr-. lleflivaleml to the iniprovement of the selirml anrl the vmnmuuity. the Key Cluh clevoles its effnrts ami funfls to prmicle a lietter sclmol. Cowl felluwsliip. initiative. a desire to serve, and the ulvilily to leafl constitute the basis for Key Clulfs purpose toward huilcling citizens for tmnorrzmx William P. Struln- lstanclingl. vice-president of the Christian Anti- ffnmmunisni Crusade, was the principal speaker at the Key Club lmunquet. 20 e resented at the Leadership Every major organization was r.p L , 1. Banquet given in honor of the leaders of the schoo 1-nllwt fvf lil! 1, 1' 'Ziggy A,.g H in the . , U . - unity fl. wil ,X HH. KW muh wnlir llnmurllmil 11: ulwxlickh and Bulmimy btvm clnml 'Vim"Imfei4lr'nt Sam Brown, fm L- iii ' - suminvr Niuit1l'i' 5'l"'M5 'Hi jf H ,Q On ups-ninff dm, I H K 1- ., I - 0, 1' - . booth 'U illlide- me . 3, Jim m'nmHU1f'1i an inform: ' f1uj,j,,,!. D W W r-Iudcnls. Hart, it iq ml I I 'NWI 1 s on 1 ny-V , i- EHIIN yr KV dem Johnny Curryicix:'Tiff-prf-sidvlll bum H1-QJWII 51,11-iii Rldtiiv. ' """f!1l'y ilc1W'iII i.iizw 1 A and AMW, ,f"' Es'-. ,I Vs Y x , N 'O 5'--,ff " X xx 'f I Rieuyf FIRST ROVV: Mike' Kev-ling, Bill Taylor, Bobby Stcrn, David 0'Hri1'n. john Massiilgglill, Hunalii Murusko, Alton Riddle-. SECOND HOW: Max Tuchl. Juv liunlyn, Holwrt Iiurris, Strive- xviliil'. Utlllgiilq Wm-iw. Paul Clzlllsnm, Nval Wrfavvr, Ernvst Collins. 'HIIHD HOW: Ronnie' Pate, Tfmllny lizu'run, Sn-vc Lil:-S, Bill llanlku, Dun Musivk. Jvrry Cullum-lis, J lfmldin- 1t'llliil'IOIl, Jimmie- Hradluy. l aw FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA The I7.H.A. is a cluh em- phasizing the importance of as being a successful home- maker. Its activities are directed toward gaining experience in this field. ,4- '51 ti ' FIRST ROW: Carolyn Lognion, Rose Dacschner, Shirley Warren, Charlotte Addison, Ann Hays. SECOND ROW: Donna Theuber, Elmer Mae Dewer, Jeanette Evans, Charlene Marsh, Suzanne Self, Earlene Mitchell, Frances Sanders, Loretta Hughes, Mrs. L. Smith. Not pictured is Charlene Rust. "' "" "f"f I .f'...f-i..A , THIRD ROW: Judy Lemons, Carole Rogers. 2 !l!!ll - Q X -2?o,.T FIRST ROW: Rose Olivares, Rosemary Romeo, Millil Calhoun, Barbara Dixon, ,lane Heinlein, Mildred Salinas, Betty Prott, Mamie Brazzel, Georgia Dyliala. SECOND ROW: Mrs. L. Smith, Barbara Shoemake, Renee Deer, Judy Lawyer, Patsy Bell, Joanne Williams. Flora Stephens, Doris Williams, Linda Warren. Irma Ambrig, Sarah Myer, Ruth Almogoliar, .lean Chapman, Patsy Hearn, Evelyn Law. THIRD ROW: Bill Marsh, Barbara Connell, Darlene Jackson, Donna Williams, Ann Mancuso, Betty Levassar. 22 in FIRST ROW: Lynn Johnson, Carol Ramsey, Evelyn Skiiucr, Earle-nv Saunds-rs, Doris Tlxonlpson, Brenda Owens, Karen Stockton. SIEQIUNIJ RUW: Mrs. l,. Slllllll. Marilyn NICKW, Jam? Whitlvy, Jam' llvntlvrson. Falmra lloggs. Joyvf? Pvndlvy, Rita Yarlmcr, Joyvt' K1-nlro, Nlvllva Atwood. Carol Krusr-. Carol Ann Marshall. Judy Caylt- llaynv. 'lllllill ROW: l'at1'it'ia Spvars, Carolyn Pyv, Jo Sills. FlllS'l' ROW: Mary Rauiirvz, Lois Knox, Barbara Jones, Pat Nanci-. Tanua Burroughs. Jane-llv Otto, Diana Hivgman tfliarlottt- livaus. SICIIUND ROW: Linda Nlitvlwll. Mrs. I,. Smitli, Jo Ann Ray. Lana W4-vrz-u. Willit- lmv Rll4ltlt'S, Judy Randall, tllynda 'lJllllIllt'S, Sllirlvy Williamson, Samir' Nt-ll Friery, Jtvwvl Younglilood. Tllllill ROW: linda Nlvdaris, Aurora Ramirez, Joyce 'I'l1on1aQ, Hvrlinda Nlviivliavzt. Carolyn Kirliy, Vickie Krcwson, Janv Jxtltlltlx lliant- liartsvli. llarlnara l'5r0ylt's, Marlo Wlvvliis, Betty Mongur, llc-tty Novotny, Pat Johnston. l"lliS'l' ROW: Judy Horton. Paint-la Jamison, lk-lorm-s Lyon, l'at Watson, Sandra Stanislaw, Rona Barrow, Eva Rodriqut-1. SlfllUNlJ ROW: Mrs. L, Smith, l.z1 Vonnr- Pctitt. Sliirlvy lluxan. Sally Crum. Linda Brown, Olizia Estrada, Bvtty Skid- mon-, th-orggia Warnvr. Kontlra Johnston, Diane' Edwards, Raclwl Alvala. Mary Mvint-ke-. 'l'llllllJ ROW: Wyut-ll Wortliam, Carol Wvst, Patricia Sampson. Gaylt' Pliillipur. K . Sponsor, MR. FLOYD LEWELLYN MR. FLOYD LEWELLYN Director The Stephen F. Austin Band is a group of musicians in which uevery student feels pride." Their consistently good performances add tremendously to the spirit and good fellowship found in our school. Their many performances include football games, pep rallies, parades, concerts and contests. CLARINETS Jerry Keys Ben Holton Dorothy Neel Royce Walker Adolph Gonzales Mike Gentry Wayne Slaikeu Judy Waters Jerry Davenport Shirley Barak Alton Himel Mary Meineke Gary Mayer Lewis Cruz William Chadwick Jeanie Hall OBOE Joyce Vincent BASS CLARINETS Betty Doty Gwenell Harrison ALTO CLARINET Bob Hamilton BAND MEMBERS ALTO SAXOPHONE Edward Holdridge Ronnie Lord Janis Jenkins Jenny Couvillion Reagan Hathcock Tommie Frost TENOR SAXOPHONE Carl Vincent Mark Scott BARITONE SAXOPHONE John Tyler Tommy Crosby CORNETS Galen Mansee Jimmy Lozenby Richard Hernandez Julius Migl Jesse Medina Bill Barrello Norman Heinlein Alton Rousseau Sandra Collum Richard Moore FRENCH HORNS Jana Barr Gregory Garcia Stanley Heaton TROMBONES Brooks Wimberly Lynn Lockler Kenneth Allen Jimmie Nechert Glenn Atkinson Raymond McCreight Dan Cass BARITONE Alvin Krause TUBA David Clark Carroll Cass DRUMS Gene Garison Carlita Cannaday Daniel Picazo Marsha Daigle Kitty Belt TYMPAN l Rebecca May BAD ul- qwm. , 2 f z .......,. CARI. VINCENT Prilnary 2nd Lieutenant NORMAN HEINLEIN Secondary Zlltl Lieutenant sei 7 T A ff Av - U' if T' bf R, . 1 R' If Q' sl ., I ir , V A Q, tn, V l., fs . i .1 I , X.. K 'L ' Q ., 6 1 ' - I! ' i nt 4 ? ' ' 3 , ' "" H , 1' 2 " -, i V' J , 1. 1 ' R " .1 '3 'R ' 24 A if' ," B new '-, R .fi 'QV' X if x V'-4 n jj , I Kfvtlgh Hr Ku' ' it .il vis. 1, X in ' - ' ff' ' , . 0 'f'-s A Q During the- football Season Ihr: lmanci practices third period and after Sfillllli tu pvrfvvt their IN'l4iUI'Ill8HCPS. NEAL WEAVER Captain JERRY KEYS Primary lst Lieutenant JANA BARR Sf'!'UIIlIUf-Y lst L1'el1len11l1I PQ ORCHESTRA MEMBERSHIP YIULINS Lintlu Jtmniiin- lgI'tlWIl llurtwlt- llugli Stunlt-y l'lt-stun liurcn llrutlsliaw Nltw Winton BASS Rwlrvrt Nla'Nz1y I'l.-KNO liviijzult-lv 'l'lnn'ntun l' Ll' l LN Xml XVVLIUI Alt try KU! 'l'Rl 3 XIRUN ES llmnks Winilmvrly Ktfnnvtli Allvn FRENCH HORN Altlllil limi' CLARINETS Adolph Gonzales BCH lhlklllllll Harry Nlvinefkc ALTO SAXK DPHONE .lc-nriy Lfouvillion Edward Holtlritlgc- Nlikt- Muskict TENOR SAXOPHON E ,lx-rry Cuttinvlis TR UNll'ETS Jessi- 'Xlmlina Alton Rl'lllSF6'Hll DRUMS Gvnt- Uarisnn Rvht-cca May Ross Blatllcs ORCHESTRA Sponsor, MR. F. LEWELLYN NEAL WEAVER President 'llie Austin lligli St-lmul Orchestra, coniposcfl ul ulmut forty lllllSll'lilIlS. entertains Austin Stu- tlenls uitli at wicle selection of music. buth classit-al and ptuptllar. This your stung- nwinliers of the orchestra xscrc- t'l1uSt'n to participate in tlle All-City Music: l"t-slixul pri-st-ntt-tl at the Coliseum. 26 JERRY KEYS Serretary JANA BARR Vire-Presirtlelzt 4 1229+ fn O af! on sw We GERRY BURMEISTER CAROL RAMSEY Drum Major p0"'Wf- NW W MAJ ORETTES SUZANNE LANGHORNE Mascot A "C" average and and MEN in conduct are required for the posi- tions of drum major or majorette. To be drum major, a girl must have been in the band one year or have been a majorette. Girls seeking the position of ma- jorette must have heen in the band one year or have spent one semester in majorette class. BEVERLY RIDER JANICE SCOTT MARY JANE WAGNER LYNN JOHNSON Head Majorelte ,wa . x . yn NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Sp 0n50r , MRS. MERRY FIRST ROW: Sue Norris, Mary Jane Wagner, Glenda Thomas, Shel- by Traylor, Shirley Dickinson, Paula Tadlock, Carol Ramsey. SECOND ROW: Meredith Martin, Rosemary Rodd, Kay King, Suzanne Self, Pat Allen. THIRD ROW: Mary Ann Slagle, Alice Kotar, Joni Kellough, Chris Brennan, Barbara Daffin, Nita Sim- mons, Barbara Todd. SPRING OFFICERS Pictured are Robert Harris, president: Joni Kellough, vice-president: and Gail Locke, recording secretary. Other officers are Meredith Martin, membership and correspondence secretary: DeWitt Liles, treasurer: Robert Bush, Sgt.-at-arms: Nancy Campise, reporter: Chris Brennan, program chairman: Kay King, parlia- mentarian. 28 The Stephen F. Austin Chapter of the National Honor Society of Second- ary Schools Was installed November 30, 1937. Membership in this chap- ter is limited to seniors, by invitation only, and is based on scholarship, service, leadership, and character. New members are installed each semes- ter. FIRST ROW: Cary Mayer, Patricia Brown, Jan Enderli, Judy Payne, Barbara McMurrey, Cayle Locke, Ann Lee Walker. SECOND ROW: Joe Buntyn, Betty Levassar, Stuart Moses, Marilyn Grove, Kay Hasha, Robert Harris, Johnny Curry, Neal Weaver. MEMBERS FALL OFFICERS Pictured are Barbara Massey, vice-president: Billy Jeter president: and Verna Dean Tillman, recording secretary Other officers are Carol Ramsey, membership and correspond- ence SSCICISTYQ Shelby Traylor, treasurer: Shirley Dickinson Sgt.-at-arms: Glenda Thomas, reporter: Paula Tadlock. pro gram chairmang Betty Levassar, parliamentarian. FIRE P AT R O L Sponsor, MR. A. E. KOTROLA The memlners of this organi- zation are boys selected by the assistant principal. lts primary re- sponsibility is the safety of every student in the event of fire or other disaster. Throughout the year this respon- sihility is achieved hy well planned fire and disaster drills. Norman Heinlein, Shelby Traylor, Don Musiek, Billy Jeter, Stuart Moses. Johnny Curry. Stfh Hippie, Rohert Christian, Joe Dow, Floyd Cleveland, Neal Weaver. Rodney Jones. FIRST ROW: Judy Radahaugh, viceepresidentg Gayle Loeke, president, Nita Simmons, secretary: Ur. H. Sonerant, sponsor. SECOND ROW: Valerie Lawley, reporter, Diane Bowman, treasurer, Nancy Briedel, program ehair- man, Jean Irish, sgt.-at-arms, Franees Caudiano. parliamentariang Elaine Smith, Marilyn ifliamlwrs, Carolyn Teal, Jimmie ,Io Staek. THIRD ROW: Mary Lee Julian, Leta Richardson, Glenda Thomas, Carolyn Lemley, Charlotte Addison, Peggy Sessions, Jenell Wright, Elda Montemayor, Paula Thompson. Not pictured is Loretta Hughes, aoeial ehairman. BUSINESS CLUB Sponsor, IDR. H. SUNCRANT To students interested in a future in the husiness world. the Rusiness filuh offers a ehanee to visit loeal industries and to learn secretarial duties. during holidays. Advanced shorthand or seeretarial train- ing is required for memher- ship in this eluh. fav p ,gi pl S '-ff - " 'l E xx X T - X ' x l xfx CHRISTIAN STUDENT UNION Sponsors, MR. J. HARPER and MR. W. CRITTENDEN OFFICERS-FIRST ROW: Suzy Pledger, program chairmang Linda Henscli, program ehairmang Paula Thompson, social chairmang Judy Radabaugh, treasurer. SECOND ROW: Mr. J. Harper, sponsorg Daryl James, song leade-rg Joe Dow, vice-presidentg Bobbie Cargill. presidentg Mr. Crittenden, sponsor. The C.S.U. meets every Tuesday morning before school. It consists of students of all denominations who wish to take their stand for Christian living. Inspirational messages hy Houston pastors, spirited singing, and meditation are offered in these services. Kay Hasha. pianist, discusses music for the C.5.Il. nieetinv with sponsor, Mr. W. Crib Hr James H D - - : . Coettee and Presid ' - - t, d I -. ent Bobbie Cargill taHc th h rn en for the annual CSU. assembly. Mr. Frank Boydstlml W1 I e Speaker P Gi LIBRARY AND PROJECTIONERS CLUB The Library Club has been organized since the school opened in 1937. Students must be famil- iar with the library system and be willing to help in the library one period a day to be a member of this club. Members of the Projec- tors' Club are interested and trained in the mechan- ics of operating the audio- visual equipment available for classes. 3--W Projecti equipment. oners Carl Smilh and R AMERICAN LEGION AWARD The aims of the American Legion Award Club are to promote h i gh scholarship, leadership. and service among its memhers and other stu- dents of the school. The cluh sponsors a worthy project for the school each year. Social activities include a dance and a banquet. Winners of the American Legion Award and runners- up are eligihle for memher- ship in this cluh. Sponsor, HR. E. GRISWOLD FIRST ROW: lliane Dawson. llarhara llcncna. l,orcnc Nichols, Verna lla-an Tillman. Paula Tadloc Caro Ann Ilhippemlalc. and llcanna Chittenden. SECOND ROW: Hr. Griswold, sponsor: Sara Smith. sccrctaryg Jamie llanccr. assistant trcasu Christianna lirennan. president: Johnny tlurry. x'icc-president: ltonnic Beartlsworlh. reporter: jtu Payne, Carolyn Cowan. sgt.-at-arms. HRST ROW: Tony Rohinson, Gary Mayer, Jerry Davenport. SHIONIJ ROW: Marianne Slaglc, Judy Payne. Sue Sperling. Mrs. J. Drake, Pan Purdy. Judy Rhodes, 1 irolyn Kirhy. S P A NIS H NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY WHS. ,I, DRAKE The Spanish Cluh is an organization made up of stu- dents from the Spanish class- es. The clulfs aims are to encourage students lo further their study ol the Spanish lan- guage. and to encourage good-will hctween us and our South American neighluors. The Spanish National llon- or Society includes advanced Spanish students who main- tain a "ll" average and an "lf" in conduct. ALO H A C L U B Sponsors, MRS. H. BRADSHAW' and MR. A. C. SCHILLER FIRST ROW: Vvrna Dvan Tillman. Willit- Im- Rlimiffs. Marsha Daiglc. Zvlcia Cmmk. Mary Lou Whittinglun, Nanry ilrimlvl. Suv Norris. Pat Hngcrf. Barbara Hvawf. SECOND RUW: Karvn Walliiigftml. Hwtty Zurn. Btmtiic' Chapman. .Iinimiv Jn Stack, Sui- Ellt-n Wt-vs. Carolyn Cowan, Carolyn Pyv. Hvtly L1-vasfar. THIRD ROYV: ,Inna Barr. jully Lcvvis. Carolyn Iiugniun. .Ivan Dullr-ily. Ruse DElf'5Cill1!'l', Bunnil' Smith. Camlyn Tval. Charlotte- Addistm. llarlmara .NIL-'Xlurri-y. FIRST ROW: jvrilyn Adams. Luily Hindnian. Kay King. Kay Jackson, Myrna Cavasus. janvt Hillyarmi Angela Austin, Sonja lshani. SECOND ROW: Johnny Curry, lliant- Norris, Nanvy Parkvr. Nancy Thompson. Kitty Bt-et. Jane Wil sun. Valvrif- Lawley. Suzanne- St-lf. Ce-nv P:-irsol. 'IHIRIJ ROW: Barbara Huyln-s. Dianv Hartsch. Bonnie- Ah:-arn. Betty? Novotny, Carol Ramsvy, Maile' If-inv Nlcftlaltnn, Mary jane Wagner, Pe-nny Houdvk. Paula Thompson. ALOHA CLUB OFFICERS FIRST ROW: Jacqm- Nlvllonald, vivs--prvsirlvritg Kay Hasha, presitlvntg Paula Tadloek. treasur:-r. SICCUNIT ROW: Joni Kellough, parlianivnlariang Barbara Massey, sewrvlary of IIlt'lIlllt'l'SllljtI Patwy Manning. secretary of corn-fpontlefner': Ch-nda Thomas. rw-porter, The Aloha Cluh is an organization open to juniors and seniors. The elulfs 4-hief purpose is to honor the graduating seniors with a dance once each year. The Boys' Gym. decorated Hawaiian style. was the scenc of the Aloha Prom. TJE'l'6llll'JCI' 5, 1958. uv-Q A. is J ' E X 1 ,. 4 'Q' V in 73. Linda Winilwrly. Mary Jann' Wagner, je-annie l'm'af'livr and Mary Lou Whittington discuss devorationf for tht' Aloha l'roni. Taking a rest hetweeri dances at the Aloha Prom are Mickey Shyrovk, Pat:-y Manning. Guy Savage and Bettyf' Novot- li ny. 3 STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS FIRST ROW: Kay King, recording secretary, Paula Tadlock, president. SECOND ROW: Jeannie Peacher, treasurerg Barbara Massey, corresponding secretary: Paula Thompson, vice-president. The Student Council encourages among students a more active interest in the school. ln addition to publishing a student direc- tory, the Student Council has for three years published a student handbook. Student Council representatives are elected in each homeroom and have various duties con- cerning student government. as well as the collection of all donations for charitable purposes. MEMBERS FRONT ROW: Jeanette Bartlett, Jamie Dancer, Ruby Gaye, Carolyn Allred, Myma Owens, Leslie Butler, Linda Hensch, Sally Crum, Mary Ann Paine, Pamela Kozlee, Sue Hainey. Sue Shannon, Racliealc Buntyn. Ann Blooniquist, and Lilly Chittenden. SECOND ROW: Judy Chadwick, Diane Wilkey. Elizabeth Mays, Barbara Nleltlurrey, Penny Houdek, Judy Horton, Dot O'Kelly, Diane Walker, Sandra Henderson, Judy Radabaugh, Judy Golden, Sue Dow, Linda Moore, Jean Williams, and Allene Laake. THIRD ROW: Verna Collum, Bonnie Beardsworth. Bobbie Cargill, Jeff Gill, Kent Bridges, Frank Waltermire, Mike Taylor, Ronnie Sellers, Ronald Pate. Wesley Doyle, Joe Thompson, Caylen Mane:-y. Mark Scott. Johnny Gonzales, Alton Riddle, Craig Cowgill, Rose Dashner, Cris Brennan. 36 FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA The Future llurniers uf Anierivu partir-ipute in mcleos. lin-slot,-lc allows. und Vl'lI'lUllS field trips. in addition to rflasses. Tlirnugli these aietivities. knowledge is gained in the techniques of l-ilfllllllg. .J . - A. , , . A atm. Carolyn lngnmn and .Magi la U sweetlieurt ruinn-rs-np. - ' Anderson, Ken Hall' , Q . C -lius Lolhy, Lonmf',, .1'-k,. lilrllolllrliill rifoaliillililieit lmuild 00095 iftf lllur baby Q lu Q a MIQIVIBERS Ulf' 'l'lIli F.l".A. ,,,.......... FIRST ROW: Timothy Seaton, Donald Oates, Wayne Kelli-tt, Aviv Mitchell, Wayne Halmin, Tommy Garland, Glenn Kellum, Ken Hall, llolmhy Melear, Larry Rainey, Comelius Cnlhy. SECOND ROW: Harry Anderson, Henry Alle, David Blair, Dnnalml Johnson. Woody lsenhart, Jatncs Deaton, Douglas llieree, Kendall Hay. Eddie Love, James Ragsdale. 'l'l'llliD ROW: ,lanles South. Charles Planehard, Jim Hall, Sidney llruev, lllamie llrazzell, Harold Albright, Melvin lllerchansvn Robert R4-ed, Cena Huit, Kenneth Bower. FOURTH ROW: Buddy Boyd, Rohert Singleton, Lonnit'Anclersm1, Donald lleale, John Dutuud, Lynn Stocver, Jainvs Christian, 'Fyrnne Gorham. Andre Brandt, Walter Finley. 37 Nliss lilukvly and Miss Lytlv. sponsors, tliwuss plains lor the- Shrine Ball per' lminaiwm' with Hr. l.:-wellyn, music direc- lull BARBARA MASSEY TH The hlure of the hugles. the roar of the drums. the whine of the hugpipes. and springy steps of the highland fling. emnhined this year to continue the colorful tradition uf the Scottish Brigade. One ol the oldest organizations on the Austin campus. the Brigade. in '58-'59, promoted interest in school activities at athletic events. :md eivie projeets. fostered good fellowship. scholarship, and good sportsmanship. 38 Drill Major COSETTE CURTS Drum mzrl Bugle Major MERELHTH MARTIN Arljzzrant .llajor COTTISH BRIGADE SIIIIIINUIQ MISS lflf:X'l'RIlfF I.YI'I.lC JONI KlCl,l,Ul'l1II J,fXl1QI7lff MHJONALIJ I,f1'Ill1'l1!1lll l..llll?lIt'l Liczzlvrzrzllt lfolonvl of Rm 0111.8 of R1'.Wr1'c'5 UL -.f Q 9 I ' 1 A W :fl , I jp V E: sig: Z i E .I E' H -. E. 'E Pg - Af: 1 V ,Q ANN Lllli WA LKER Ifzzpfrlirz of Rf'svrz'n's KAY IIASIIA I,'ulur1f'l FLAG AND BAGPIPE CORPS .IEANNIE P ' Cflpfdifl 0fE22gER Ll. Patsy Manning, Color Guard Agnes Murdock, Sgt. Pat Rogers, Color Guard Judy Radabaugh, Color Guard Susan Mathews, Sgt. Mary Lou Whittington, Color Guard Gayle Vanbebber, Color Guard Earlene Saunders, Sgt. Frances. Guadiano, Top Sgt. Jackie Burt. WKBEBLY W LEE.. of Hawes vzxsos NKYRNA CA was 40 LCaPmi" of Rec FIRST ROW: Lt. Jeanette Bartlett, Sgt. Charlotte LeBlanc, Lt. Judy Gonzales, Top Sgt. Betty Novotny, Sgt. Judy Gidden. SECOND ROW: Sunny Abernathy, Patsy Price,. Bonnie Moore, Gwen Schutte, Sherry Morgan, Barbara Rogers, Janice Hatler, Jeanette Trombatore. THIRD ROW: Carol Winters, Sara Bozeman, Barbara Knight, Nancy Poole. Linda Hawkins, Pat Warren, Karen Hawkins, Lynne Bryant, Karen Wallingford. Carol Ballon. Suzy Pledger. DRUM AND BUGLE CORPS 8 N . r2Nl'.Y BRIEIJFI ' 11111111 of ljmmg ' Sl RON! ll lllllllllt Ju Stalk lop Sgt.: l.anc'll1.' Gallant. Snarv Sgt.: Lillian Sps'r1m'Q'. Tvmvr Sgt.: r 1111 ll mlfrfg Zur- Ann ,llllll'lllZil'l. SHOND ROW ,lllll Sullx 1 N Hl'lHF0lIll. lJk'lUl'f'F Nvwlmill, Mary Lynn ClllIlI7l'lltli1ll'. Diane' un V11 1111.1 at Bum Xnm W1-ssr-11dnrf,B1-v1'1'l'y Morgan. IHIRIJ ROW lldllll Hors lat y Elli-ur. Carulyrl Cnwan. Bettc Huffman, Linda Hv11s1'l1, Diannm- 'Worn Nancy lallur jane W1l on Sandra He-nmlvrson, Sandra Hood. FIRST ROW: 111. livlty Harris. Top Sgt.: Uvtty l.Q'V2lrS2iI'. Stillfllllll Sgt.: llarlmara Rl'ZlYl'H, 'lll'lIIlllll'l Sgt Carolyn Pye-, T1-nur Sgt. ,lumly Ranmlall. llaritonv Sgl. Pat Nallcv. SECUND ROW: P1-ggy Se-ssimw llvtty Kuppa. Kay AIlCl6'f5Ul1, Judy Cuvvy. Joyce' Sllf'lllll'l'll. THIRD ROW: Camlyn Sc-warml. Sum' l'llll'll!4 hy, Ravln-I lluntyn, Mary Ann l'ayn1', Uarnvll W'ill1it4', llarri l'I2illllIll'l'. Samlra llrallvy. llvlly lla1n1111'1' llvvky Etlllllilflfl, Judy Rhmlx-s. Nanninr' CW. FOURTH ROW: Allvm- Laakv. fjllflllvll Urn-11w4'lg1'. Alive Nl1'S1'llli1': Carol Illggllllljllllldlll, Kay Klan-ku-y. Elizaln-th Mays, Patty l'v1'ry, sllilftill .lgllIll'S. l.u1'y We-aw-r Arlvnr- Laniua Jvanv Willia111s, ,larlinv lxlllf'll1'I'. fl ferfrllh- YI 1 rn Temple train trip. DRILL CORPS COMPANY MAR FIRST ROW: Lt. Gayle Lock, Top Sgt. Paula Thompson, Sgt. Lana Matthews. SECOND ROW: Cpl. Patti Box, Cpl. Georgie Ann Daugherty, Cpl. Carolyn Gardner, Cpl. Karen Johnson, Cpl. Ruth Warren, Cpl. Nancy Johnson, Barbara Rutland, Carolyn Allred, Frances Argiropoulos. THIRD ROW: Beverly Purfurst, Beverl Hurt Jud Strickland Nancy Thomson Kathy Street Glynda Thames, Dixie Savage, Doris X Y I Y y v 1 Thompson, Mary Lunsford, Beverly Lyles, Diann Wilkey. Not pictured, Yvonne Woodard. Caplflm Ol ' FIRST ROW: Lt. Barbara Todd, Top Sgt. Susie Payne, Sgt. Charlotte Gumm SECOND ROW Cpl Sandra Whatley, Cpl. Avis Chickering, Cpl. Dahlia Casas, Cpl. Pat Allen Cpl Donna Sanders Jerilyn Adams, Carolyn Kirby, Idelia Alanis, Janice Peyton. THIRD ROW Connie Vanbebber Judy Kennedy Barbara Vajdak, Maylene Copeland, Jo Ann Gill, Ann Jackson, Jane Nlchol Melinda Russi Pat Ar 1 MCH, ropoulos, Marion Ray. Not pictured is Cpl. Sue Green. FIRST ROW: Lt. Kay King, Top Sgt. Margaret Miller, Cpl. Sara Smith. SECOND ROW: Carole Smith, Kay Jackson, Donna Cloteaux, Cpl. Elsie Wilmoth, Cpl. Deanna Chittenden, Lauriel Hindman, Pat Gil- chrest, Anne Bloomquist, Lynda Brooks. THIRD ROW: Mary Ann Lucas, Caro Ann Chippendale, Tamara Tanner Sandra Little, Kathleen Goff, Carole Atchison, Sandra Tanner, LaVerne Schoonover, Patricia Crosby? Shirley Warren. Not pictured are Sgt. Velma Arrendale and Cpl. Sandra Hanson. 42 RESERVE CORPS Left PieturefFlRST ROW: Ann Byme, Marijo Lyle, Lily Chittenden, Patsy Gates, Shirley Cavasos. SECOND ROW: Barbara Shoemake, Sandra Stanislaw, Barbara Shenton, Sarah Jordan, Judy Horton, Kaye Prather. THIRD ROW: Sharon Diehl, Beverly McMurrey, Patricia Sampson, Brenda Thompson, Janelle Lucky, Bill Marsh, Patsy Vaughn, Sandra Kaelin. Right Pieture-FIRST ROW: Sue Sperling, Nancy Germany, Oneda Carter, Renee Dees, Annette Howell. SECOND ROW: Delores Castillo, Ruth Hunt. Patty Lueas, Linda Clarke, Annette Schultz, Iris Gillespie. THIRD ROW: Charlotte Lister, Bonnie Harris, Connie Harris, Melanie Kirk, Jane Adams, Martha Dietrick, Sally McAdams, Dot O'Kelly. - --- 3 f -- All year, the reserves work toward THAT dayvlnstallationl .11 150-' Left Picture'-FIRST ROW: Tommie DeHay, Barbara Alexander, Darlene Taylor, Jan McDowall, Eva Whistler. SECOND ROW: Robin Ball, Rosalie Juarez, Diana Walker, Jackie Hill, Wanda Ray. THIRD ROW: Karen Hazzard, Donna Thuel B C I Jer, etty row, Jury Colden, Linda Moore. Right Pieture--l"lRS'l' ROW: Lynn Chadwick, Carolyn Helmke, Carol Herron, Margaret Armbruster. SECOND ROW: Patsy Caperton, Marilyn Merritt, Judy Dugan, Marylyn Sander, Marie Colley. THIRD ROW: Pansy Robinson, Tanua Burroughs, Sharon Culver, Judy Adams. Sue Dow. 43 DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION MEMBERS OF THE D.E. CLUB-FIRST ROW: Helen Wall, Gayle Sledge, Jennie Marshall, Freddie Stark, Ro Anne Odom, Barbara Matthews, Pat Watson. SECOND ROW: Mr. Beveridge, Dale Skeene, Judy Day, Ralph Bronstrop, Eugene Wheeler, David Rushing, Joyce Sisson, Vivian Smerken, Charles Reynolds. THIRD ROW: Louis Jones, Stephen Foster, David Falknor, Ben White, Wayne Davis, Larry Parker. Distrihutive Education is vocational training of em- physical education, ployees in retail, Wh0leSalC, and S6rViC6 Selling. Austinls Chapter of Distributive Education Clubs of QUHlifiCHIi0I1S of D-E Stl1dCHfS are llighf MCU 3V9fage, America meets once a month to plan business and social "En in conduct, good attendance, and at least of junior activitigs- clasification. Two-year D.E. students are exempt from aw..-su 1?- law, ,W . I. -,U,...- students wat h , ,, . ' Stark secre , - . residen 1 ' C as Ben Wh OFFICERS: jlltelidlfreasureil Ben Wlme' weep the an of Selling. ne and Eugene Wheeler demonstrate dent? LOWS, 0. il Marshall, lusmnan' 44 SWEETHEART BARBARA MATTHEWS QUILL AND SCROLL Spwzsor, URS. MARY IERUWN OFFICERS: Joni Kc-llnugh, Hll'll1l!f'I'Sl'llll svcrvtaryg ffllris llrvnnan, VlL'4'-Ill'l'5lIlI'lll1 ,lan End:-rli. prvsinlvnt: Barbara Nlrfliurrcy. vurrn-sponrling slwrvtary. Wlefnilmers of the Corral. lllv Hilllllil-Llp. and the llamllmok staffs. who am- in ilu- tup third of the junior or senior classes. and who ham- clonv Hllliililllillllg wurlx on their partir-ular pulwlicaliun, are- vligilrlr- for memlwrsllip in Quill uml Svrull. Mmnlwrsliip is liy invitation only. flurslvwii Nlvlhmalil, In-afiirn-rg Nluury l,iz-lu-rmun. 41'fQl1'1llll-ill-ill'lll42 Niuicy filllllllihll llLlI'llilllll'IllilIllllll Yusiv l'uym-, prugr'zun vliairmung and ,Ivan Ilwnnf-Ily. re-purl1'r: ure' :ilw xm'mlwr- ul Quill mul Svrnll. 45 ROLLINC CLUB MEMBERS FRONT ROW: Patsy Garner, Roberta Randall. Alan Lemley, Ken Mitchell, Kenneth English, Stephen Liles, Morris Tate. SECOND ROW: Billy Vaughan, Tom Sawyer, Steve White, Charles Johnson, Tommy Barron, Gary Dowdy, Ronald Marosko. THIRD ROW: Don Crawford, Warren Barrington. Louie Hintz, Jack Wilson, Dot Woodward, Daryl James, Rosalind DeNeffe, John Moore. ' ' ' ' D s F k D'tta, Mike Muskiet, Frank Shindler, Morris Murrey. FOURTH ROW: David O Brien, Ronnie Ogleshy, Walter ewee , ran 1 The Rolling Ponies is a club open to Austin students interested in the sport of howling. This club is for fun and recreation and meets at the Gulfgate Bowling Lanes. Tournaments are held and awards are presented at the annual banquet. 2 wus. ,. its the vias OW' Zelda Cook I0 46 OFFICERS line nu i Kenneth En 1j Zeld ar, Secretary: E sh, vice.p,. .d . a Cook, tr68SUl'6r. Gerry Bufmeigssieriintlgrflgilcgtglrilrtih ONI ES SIIUIISUV, MRS. EDNA COOK Ufwl . . HCV lm 1 hum is 1-xlzilzirf-fl I A thi, hall A--Wu nu 8 fy Gerry Hurmwi t th Engllgh Sindh S pl- Kfnni' it stflkv' CLUB MEMBERS I RONT ROW Jh NI : u n , assingill. Lynn Blank, Dennis Smith. Neal Blue, Larry Casey, Joe Guerra. ECOND ROW: Runnin Piercr-, Eugene Freeman, Gerald Rrmlwrtson, Mary Everett, Martha Stukey, Mary Fite, Anna Crain, Mary Ann Grayson. HIRIJ ROW: Rug:-r johnson, Tommy Ferguson. Bill Whitten, Mike Hansen, ,lame H ' 1 ' artin. s alrrfll, Don Bradford, Billy Martin, Pa! Mayes, Bill 47 GREEN MASQUE PLAYERS MRS. M. MIXON, Sponsor OFFICERS-FRONT ROW: Penny Houdek. seoretaryg Mary Jane Wagner, treasurerg Jerry Sander, reporter. SECOND ROW: Charles Harper. parliamentariang Cris Brennan, presidentg Elizabeth Mixon, ' -president. VICC Membership in the Green Masque Players is made up of the members of the drama classes. Plays are presented by each of the classes throughout the year. Students of 758-'59 have gained experience in backstage activities as Well as acting. Austin students have been enter- tained with 'lfleorge Washingtoti Slept Here" and 4'Harvey7, this year. l GREEN MASQUE PLAYERS-FRONT ROW: Beverly Walzel, Sally Crum, Peggy O'Neal, Sue Sperling, Mary Jane Wagner. SFCOND ROW: LaNelle Gallant, Cris Brennan, Nannine Gee, Marilyn Grove, Ann Jenkins, Sharon Martin. ' ' L . TPIIRD ROW: Darl James. Jerry Sanders. Edna Miller, Jerald Kozlek, Richard ang 48 THESPIANS MRS. MARGARET MIXON, Sponsor vanced clraina organization. A "B" average is required for membership in this club. Fifty-four points in drama must be earnedg a E Character reference, and a service for ll the school are also required. OFFICERS: Chris Brennan, preside-ntg Elizabeth Mixon, vice-presidentg Mary Jam- Wagner, treasurvrg Brenda ATCKPP, secretary. Elizabeth Mixon and Chris Brennan take time for a rest during prartiw-. Meredith Marlin and lilizalmctli Mixnn pin up the National Thi-spian Srvvivty pennant. The Thespians are a national ad- NATIONAL FORENSIC LEAGUE MR. D. H. RHODES. 5111111501 1 11x0N'11 ROW: 1.111113 11l111L11'1'k. S111I'l4'y 11I'Ll111t'y. 11111711 Hang. 1l'l"il'llI't'l'l ,lznniv 11LlIll'l'l'. 1111-- pi snlvnlz 131111111 17z1wsu11. l'1'lNII'll'Ii. ' IHCK ROW: Jun-k U'Wc's114'. Rf" Cowurl. p1'4'si111'11t: S1lilI'f1Il Niarlin. Ray ,1il1lIl. 51-1'1'1-1111'x' 1 ll Whili-. ,101111 H1LlIl1'i!'I1f1l11I. T110 Austin Cliapter of 1110 National 17011-11si1r Leagiic is open to sluc1enls of speech. f1I'LlIl1il7 llllfl 116111110 T110 l11I'Ct' purposes of the f'1U17 arv: to 116111 210111016 Z1 style of speaking 211111 avting w11ic11 is 11z1lu1'z11. Corrvvt. and us offectiw as possible for 0111111 i11f1ivif1ua1: to c1fW01op Contest s1'0111i- ers. and to prepare El select group of f1I'IlII1il students for 1110 annual 11110-avt 111215 f'onlcst i11 the spring. MUSTANG MOUNTIES MRS. lf. if. CA'I'lCS. S11o11.w1' QZl1llI'11ilX 111o1'11ing1s am- often sponl in vitx' parks 111' :Xuslin girls who are i11te1'0stec1 in 11orsvn1ans11ip and 11111c'1's of 1110 1Y1lIF1ilIIQI 1v1I1llIl11CS. Tllvsv 1'ir1e1's arf' SlJOTlSIl1HllS11111 MEMBERS: Judy Pvrry, Mrs. Gatvs. L11l1f121 Uimli. Elxelyn Law, Nancy Bvabf-rs. Anna Crain. and Rv' Cnwart. FUTURE NURSES OF AMERICA MRS. L. PATTON. Sponsor lVlemlwrship in the Future Nur- scs Clulm is open to girls who are interested in nursing: as a profes- sion. To encourage more girls to he- Coine interested in nursing is the chief purpose of this organization. The girls in this cluh visited various Nurses' Training Schools K in the spring. from which they had 'Xxx 'A 'N opportunity to select the school of K their choice for individual training. MICMBICRS: Sue Norman, program chairmang Peggy Burt, Pat Langston, and Linda Hens-th. SECOND ROW: Nancy johnson, Carlene Buchom, Angie Carver, Alice Kotar, presidentg and Charlotte Cumm. FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA NIR. J. WILLIS, Sponsor RONT ROW: Beverly Lyle-s, Beverly McMurrey, Lynn Johnson, librarian, Barbara McMurrey, president, Barbara Daffin, vice-president: Car- yn Lemley, Linda Hawkins, and Judy Strickland. ECOND ROW: Bruce Currington. Sarah Smith, Rosemary Rodd, Nancy Boyer, ,lerilyn Adams, Sandra Little, and Pat Argiropolous. Sl Nwwwmws... ,,, -if , f- Stuart Moscs. lieutenant colonelg Stob Hipplc, lH3j0IQ Floyd Cleveland, majorg and Bill Hanley, captain, are the top officers in the R.0.'l'.CI. for the fall 5c'1nf'Stf'r. Jean Donnelly, battle group sponsorg Carolyn Logniun. Pxccutive officcrg and Rose Daschner, adjutant, area the tmp R.0.T.C. sponsors l L n i . I Sgt. Edward J. Nellist and Sgt. Edward M, Payne view awards won by the R.O.T.C. Floyd Ch-vvlantl, Col. K. llurrali, Mr. A. E. Katrola, Mr. J. H. Goettee, Dr. E. D. Martin and Col. H. C. Anderson Pnjoy a luncheon during First City lrispvution. RM-5, .51 , w,Q..' ...wwf 'laik A group of R.0.T.C. Cadets prvparr- tlie' vquipnwnt for tht stats' vonips-tition. 'gy 3 QI , . Nh , f ,...,-. ff f I R056 Dan-scllllvr, ,Iudy Lvwis. Carolyn Lognion, joan llunnn-lly. Angvla Austin. Ilill Hanley, and Sonja lsham attend tln' fall lum-he-on. Austin I.c-gioriairvs arc- lIlSIN'L'l4Fll luy Major Allwrt C. Smith Jr.. Fclwuary 18. l950, prior to leaving for Arlington Army Arc-a Connpvtitiun. 53 i Z S 5 Q 1 Q Q 9 e a Q E E r 1 I X vi wi- N. Hr- - A Avy 4 Q 1 'QW is . Jia' 'z KW it ,ky , V--1' uf' ww fi4. ,l .l?"" --an-sung-4 i KN lr B. Tm N. ve. ,rw if N .. .- ,., A W' , i 1, fpmvr I -K QM 'M' I V, ,X ig R g,w,fgg,'f " aw. M ,-A-M ,Q X .vi MM: 2 mmf. f 5 W,-.v V -6 -X .,,,.,.Px L, , . W , L,fAQb mx 1 Q., x , f ' 5 'W ,. 5' fo., f Wy I -We?-' -4 ' 41-wana? N. -, , 1 h any , 1 Gs- ,Q ,gg . ,L Q, VL' ,f Hi fe", A. my ,4 K' ' , -xw....,-sv'Xr ' ,- ,ga TN ,,' 3 44 Q K Q , i Q N, Q im A l fur ',,, N V ,. mf !'52k',:s,wW" N ,W , MMMWHW COMPANY CGC!! Guidon Larry Hill, Company Com- mander Roger John, Sponsor An- gela Austin, Company Exc. Officer Edward Medley. fe F? SECOND PLATOON Platoon Leader, Jerry Brown. FIRST ROW: Billy Schumate, Jimmie Lazenby, Lee Baker, Doug- las Mclnroe, Stephen Liles, Steve Armstrong. SECOND ROW: Andrew Strom, Kenneth Cudd, Alton Himel, Ron- old Laird, Ray Goodwin. THIRD ROW: Wes Hays, Thomas De Hart, Charlie Cuevas, Walter Stephen. t Company HC" presented Company Commander Roger John with a cake on his birthday. FIRST PLATOON Platoon Leader, Billy Spear. FIRST ROW: Rohert Carr, J. W. Garrett, Johnny Davis, John Haus- er, Don Crain. SECOND ROW: Voyan Calaway, John Williams, Robert Gregg. THIRD ROW: Robert Platz, Glen Wundel, Hubert Birdwill, Ronal Schumacker. RIFLE TEAM The Austin R.O.T.C. Rifle Team is composed of boys who wish to perfect their marlcsmanship. This is ae- complished by practice on the rifle range four days a week after school. The Rifle team won the Regimental Small Bore tro- phy and the All-City Rifle trophy this year. R.O.T.C. FIRST ROW: Major Floyd Cleveland, Captain Bill Hanley, Lieutenant Rudolph Serna. SECOND ROW: Lieutenant Rodney Jones, Lieutenant Robert Hackett lCaptain of Rifle Teamt, Captain Judy Lewis ISponsorJ, Sgt. First Class Robbie Fivecoat. Commanded by Captain Roger Jolm. FIRST ROW: johnny Green, Larry De Leon, Frank Renevides, David Lyon, Ralph Bradford. J. W. Garrett, Roland Townsend, ,lim Stone. SECOND ROW: Dexter Priee, Steb Hipple, Luther Liner. Carl Etheridge. William Redding. Charlie Cuevas. Ronald Laird. THIRD ROW: Robert Carr, Stuart Moses, Don Crain, Douglas Mclnroe, Robert Callemore. David Hoffman, Jim jaynes, Rudolph Serna. LEGIONNAIRES The blue-bereted Austin High School Legionnaires were organized in W5-I, with the guidance of a drill book supplied by the commander of the Volunteer French Bat- talion in Korea and Indo- China. Colonel Frzmeois Cer- miny. This year the Legionnaires represented the city of Hous- ton at the State Drill compe- tition in Arlington. Texas. The Legionnaires won first place in this state competition. 57 SENIOR SUB-DEBS Sponsor, MISS E. COLLINS FIRST ROW: Patsy Manning, treasurerg Barbara Reaves, presidentg Glenda Thomas, vice-presidentg Rose Daeschner, Sgt.-at-arms. SECOND ROW: Kay Hasha, reporterg Jacque McDonald, program chairmang Frances Gaudiano parliamentariang Carol Ramsey, membership secretaryg Paula Thompson, social chairmang Miss E. Collins, sponsor. Not pictured is Jeannie Peacher, recording secretary. ...-1 Q 'th President Barbara Reaves meets W1 space in the 1959 CORRAL- Miss Collins to discuss Primarily a social organization, the Senior Sub-Debs Club, like the juniors, is devoted to the pleasure of its members. Each member must maintain a "Cn average and an MEN in conduct to stay in the club. The members hold teas for the club, and a dance is held annually with the help of the jun- iors. The Sub-Debs strive to create a social and cultural environment for members. SENIOR SUB-DEBS X1 'Ultima' aiiltnimmuww uns, SLS-1. fili-INWSQB' S and an if au1ss'f"slm.m.gmn-1 lww Qu --mf 3 i.. y if ua my Q ,5 ag gg l Rf all 1 fri si-as M' f :fr - 'Nfl 'his MIK' x1i4 l'lR5'l' ROW: Cliris llI't'llIlLlIl, Kay King. Edna Nlillvr, Wlillir- L90 Rlimlvs, Ve-rna Dean Tillnmn, Suf- 'N'urris. llvtllvl Silln-mimi. illary l.ou xvllllilllglllbll. Put Rugivrs. NHLONIJ ROW: Siu- Mzilllii-ws. Bvtty llrfwvk, ,limmiv Ju Stark. Linda Yvinilwrly, Carolyn I,og:nimi, ,lf-un llniiiivlly. ,lunf-I Hillyurrl. V2.llQ'Tll' Lawlcy. Cliarlulte' Aclflisun, Nancy Bricclvl. 'Hlllill ROW: .Xlivv Kwlur. Samlru Sf'llllllllf'l', Sliirlm-y llivkinson, Nln-rm-dilli Martin, Myrna Cuvusus, glllillllll' Svlf. juni Kl'lllbllQll. lxI8l'gllI1'l Millvr. Nita Siininunf, llEll'lJllI'il Tomlil, Cuylv Vzinbvlwlwr, CQ-rry lin l'lll1'lNll'l'. l'lliS'I' ROW: Lynn ,llJllll40Il, Xvrllllflil Cn-Pn. Peggy Sewiuns. Pail NQIINT, Sillnvy Slllllllllf'I'fl. Kay Kkllllhilflll. flllflllfll l,a-inlvy. jvaiivttn- liarllvtt, Kurs-inury Rudd. Nlary Ami liruwn. Hr-lm-n cll'ilf'lll'l4. SIICONIJ HOW: llzirlrarzi MPfNllli'1'c1y', Caylv L-wk. Nunvy Cziinpi-v. Ellvn Hivkvn. Jucly lxwis. Allglvlll -Xuslin. Ninja lfliuiii. Marilyn Uruw. ,luliv l'uIm:in. Hflttys' Nmuliiy. ixllltlf'l1'lllf' lxllfxlllllllll. Xlury ,luna- xx-LlQ,'ll4'I'. ,lunv Anilvrson. Luis Harlv. lliirlnziru Xlziswy. Paula Tzidlnmck, Ann lm- Walks'l'. 59 JUNIOR SUB-DEBS FIRST ROW: Sara Smith, Carole Atchison, Sandra Hanson, Diane Norris, Janice Peyton, Janice Hatler. Patsy Price. Pan Purdy, Sharon James. Kathy Street. SECOND ROW: Patti Meadow, Betty Castleberry, Barbara Denena, Linda Hawkins, Barbara Cholston. I.aVa-rne Sc-hoonover, Margaret Arrnbruster, Shirley Barrak, Nancy Parker. Sara Bozeman. Suzy Pledger. THIRD ROW: Carole Smith, Vickie Glenn, Brenda Beasley, Carolyn Cowan, Sandra Henderson, Sherry Morgan. Elsie Wilnioth. Leslie Butler, Jean Bruner, Shirley Warren, Becky Edmiston. Beverly Rider, Nancy Thompson. Lolly Hindrnan. FIRST ROW: Bonnie Aliearn. Nlildrerl Jousan. Judy Covey. Beth Capps. Betty Castleherry. Ann Jenkins, Julie Sullivan. SIHQONIJ ROW: Dahlia Casas. Mary Espinosa, Deanna Sliittenden. Caro Ann Cllippenflale, Sandra Bralley. Mary Lynn Chippentlale. Betty We-ssendorf. THIRD ROW: Nannie Gee. Carol Higginliothani, Sue Hornsby, Carolyn Crenwelge. Alive Mesehke. Jntly Rhodes. Joyce lmopolcl. Margaret Mixon. ,S K IN I JUNIOR SUB-DEBS Sponsor, MRS. FAYE FANCHER FIRST ROW: Sue Heinsohn, reporterg Beverly Hurt, Sgt.-at-Armsg Pat Argiropoulos, recording secretary: Karen Wallingford, program chairman. SECOND ROW: Patti Box, presidentg Sunny Abernathy, parliamentariang Sandra Hood, vice- presidentq Bette Huffman, membership secretaryg Linda Hz-nsch. treasurer. Not pictured is Nelle Messer, sovial Chairman. The ,lunior Sub-Delis Clulv is open to all junior girls who have a "Cv average and an HEY' in conduct the previous semes- ter. This club sponsors one fiance a year and exists simply for the enjoyment of its members. The dance this year was "Sadie lrlawkinsf, Mrs. Fancher, sponsor, and l'r1-siclent llatti llox make plans for t annual Sub-Deli Dann-. PER O 'Rm' EW Q! K. W 4 J., 1 it E w 2 ' J , S? . -. 7,31 Q Sw - 1 - 21 -W QE E2 E D IE? STEVIE STOPS T0 ADMIRE BEAUTY CONTESTAT 62 XLITIE VH? HFIIPINC T0 TARUIATF VOTES W-at -L, i:fH:5'a1'2I:":I r+'E :EI'3: ' V :7 "Mia , ' nigh- ,-,gg-"N- 1:-1 :-f5:111g'f' 15,1155 Nina' 5515 X .ski .. K A A I ,Xa J-,mm , .. Y V-fly., , ., .-.L-W. , M fr, sifma, I -X X5 , x X' N X K ' ""' W' K, 5 K Q3 K gi f 113 gpm, . YW f-fzgQQ1 2z,e fax! .4 if M, K,.k.,. s-if 5'J':ifll7ik As i:vlfl4:gs,f A - . fi I"?f5ffQ:V55 5 EQQQLN ug NF .,. ox -X aymw :fm few? f:??ifgSz,S'QH.vE l f sa,,Usv.L..M..g:5d,.,, ui - ..fgzafzlzgzkzzlxxilqwfiswalsiai111-fs .-L. ,.m,,, f .. .E Z,-.fgf x A H ,sp ,Q 5 V 'Y Af - ,W ,5,.'5g,.N,i,,,,. ,Q x , xr ,, -' ' ' fff1'f'+l'f:-iiflsfkfg, W ' , f f M-. .-fQg4As1fqf'7g?i1ig3f ,A ' fy:-'mf ,.xwq,rf?5'w . f J 'ffm 1. 'Ms W A , K, , ',g?gdVf,.m:x,, 1 ' 1" , ff,:,ww-f A-.1 8 ,fi .AMS-QQ' FLSEEQW1, If 4 ,....q L5 ff, V. V - 153, 1-i,,faa,.'v , c 4 4, 'Tab lA'F:ifLr1' ' MW' if -4 Y -4 .wg ,wp 9' S. - 1 my 1:.5g.,lk i M , X- r -Q 1 , I 1 1, Q Q Christian HA DSOME SE IOR 65 gli? :VJ vff. 21 Z.. Mike Keeling PEANDSOME JUNIOR 67 mm A ,J B McBay ' MOST SOPHOMORE 69 Ji UNNER - NBR SENIORS J AESCH UE Dow ROSIGOS Betilllniul M0-Sf HUUYZYOIIIP The Sophomore, Junior, and Senior beauties YLOR SQL: rPicii1dS0"'i'3 O., JEANNIF 1 PEACH. M051 6'ea1my,, I ER UNNER .IUNIORS RD RLEY HAQG? Syn Most Beautnfll JIM T fllosf HAYLO . . were R 0,I'K5'0IIlg selected by a trio of Well-known ALES 30HIEi?H2nr1s0Yne 0 judges . . B , CA PPS I pmlflflzf '48 UNNER - BBQ ORS EV ST M050 Bam ' annual Corral Beauty . . . during the HOMORES SOP N . RLY mild M081 Hanffsollze Contest. 1 YLGY1 1 0' MELIND A 1' XVOJI lffvzzllzklibl BE TALL-'ROU D l Barbara McMurrey and Robert Bush Best All-Hound Seniors, elected by the popular vote of the Stxllilll' Claw of 1959. T PGPULAR Edna Miller and Joe Dow . Austufs Most Popular Seniors, according to the Senio lass of 1959 SENICRS MCDST PGPULAR JUNIORS Pat Argiropoulos and Bill Holt . . . AND SOPHGMGRES Connie Crenshaw and Bobby Baker Most Popular Seniors BARBARA MCMUHREY and CHARLES HARPER Most Popular junigrg Most Popular Sophomores PAN PURDY and ALTON RIDDLE JAN 1VIcDOWALL and MIKE TAYLOR D.A.R. GOOD CITIZE AWQ Christiana Brennan and Robert Bush Holme-rl Hush and c:hl'iNliilllil Igl'f'llIlLlll ww-rv illlllHlllI1'f'll Good Cilizm-ns following ll SQ"lli0l' vlcclion. To lw vligilvlr- for this IIUIIOIZ, om- must huvv an "HN 2lVt'l'ilQLi'. am HRM in l'UllllllL'l. mul ln- lllllllillillfhll lmy his IIOIIIPYUOIII if-1u'hvn'. HOMECOMING Q EE 'Huh Mary Jane Wagner During half-time ceremonies at the Lamar-Austin game, Marv Jane VVagner was crowned Homecoming Queen for 1959. F.F. . SWEETHEART Mamie Brazzel Mamie'Brazzell was announced F.F.A. Sweethealt in the Decernlmer 15 edition of the Round-Up, after selling more fountain pens than anv of her mmnprifm-Q UNNER - Homecoming l'rincc2sses M r. and Mzss Green M fl. Homecoming Princesses included Gerry Burmeisler, Edna 11811159 Bette Huffman, Bill Holt. and Edna Mine A r Miller. Paula Tadlock and Kay Hasha. Best All-Round D.A.R. Good Citizens QUIK" f :Q- a Rose Daeschner and Dickie Schuenemann. Rose Daeschner and Dickie Schuenemann. MR. AND MISS GREE SQL E we ,f Ann Jenkins and Charles Harper f1'l2ll'lt'H IIZIVPPI' illlfl A1111 J4-11ki11s we-111 11111c11111m'c'cl N111 illlil Wiss Cl'f't'll N'Ta1sq11v fllll'iHQI, the i11le1'111is 14111 ul the IIILIV 6cC4'IJl'g'fx Xirildlillgfllll Slept H9I'f'x.q, 8' C X ,S I W WINNING THECOVETED CITY SPORTSNIANSHIP TROPHY IS ONE UF AUSTIN'S CHIEF GOALS EACH YEAR. STEVIE ENCOURAGES QTS ff I E W A W, E7 . fag A f f W fzi if 4 L45T,tggMff df wtfn, A XX X 5 WWW LEADERS OF SEVERAL AUSTIN ATHLETIC TEAMS TO PROMOTE ENTHUSIASM TOWARD GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP. 83 QD? fi 1 JK MUSTAN WX al! Q 5? Vx-, iw 4 5 lww, s Thv chcerlvaders pravtlve their popular pyramld. Sponsor MISS BETTY BLAKELY I S E PAN PURDY 84 CHARLES HARPER Head Cheerlearlw MARY ESPINOSA fHEERLEADERS 'DOI'-WO 'E' will nnsafl'-ini unsung no ' quam" unaqn sauna I - sn-nz 3qng nuns wi I :un 2"'- HM I '-.1-.-.-: .. ,A- f 3414 ' Head Clzeerlemler WIEIDON SANDER ROIIERT I I AC IK E'I"I' EDNA MILLER Stevie, mascot, readies himself for the Lamar game. xf"G5Qmg,A 4'-S .,,.. , .,... ' I ' , "af, '. fffl W1 5 .f-B-N.. .av .. . -.1 . -, . - 1-0 ' - 3: ..,. S., , L-,... , ,,.,.......,.L -..,........, .W 'T, .13 n.,....,.4. .,.... .... ,, M.. 'mv , I ,M 1 I , M. .,. -...- wut " T... .L ...L,...., -, ..,..- ' ...W , ,. ,, - . . , I -0- w 'ww- ' ., . .. ... ... ,M M., f- H is ,, ,.. ., , -......-v-- 2' , , . ff" .i3w'ggf Q' 'Q ' x wgi Lv- I i ,W-li L . 'I BILL HOLT IxOIJNEY J ONES 85 MARY JANE WAGNER Homecoming Queen R. GIL BARTOSH FOOTBALL MR. BILL COOK Head Coach MR. BOBBY MCEACHBRN Backfield Coach Line Coach NWN! FOOTBALL 1958 AUSTIN AUSTIN AUSTIN AUSTIN AUSTIN AUSTIN AUSTIN AUSTIN AUSTIN AUSTIN TEMPLE L,L,,, AUSTIN, TEX. REAGAN .... . 7L,, SAM HOUSTON DAVIS SAN JACINTO JONES LLLL.. MILBY ,L,L,LL,. BELLAIRE .,.,. LAMAR 'll-am Captains Johnny Vanllihher and Bill Taylor resent F h 11 M Q 1 thc- Sportsmanship Trophy to Mr. J. H. Goeltee. P oot a anagerk, eft to right Roger Campbell Sluggo Lovm and Sam Brown 6 1,3 J 6 I it ple, Texas, Austin students parade from the train which took them to the football game. HARRY ANDERSON MARVIN AARDAL Tackle Tackle fp, TEMPLE UPSETS AUSTIN IN SEASON OPENER 14-6 DON BARRY BILIY BYRIJ Halfback Q nt r TEMPLE VS. AUSTIN A fumble late in the fourth quarter, by a Mustang player, gave the Temple Wildcats a 14-6 win over the Austin Mustangs in a close game. Bill Jeter passed 4-5 yards to Robert Harris for Austin's score. BOBBY FARCILI. Tackle MAROON BEAT M STANGS 14-0 The strong class AAAA Austin Maroons shut out the Austin Mustangs 1-I-0. Passes accounted for both touchdowns. The Mustangs missed two chances of svoring by fumbling on the 2 yard line early in the game, and by dropping a pass in the end zone later in the game. ROBERT CHRIST IAN DAVID DFALY Quarterback End x ' , N-wi, .e A -NJ' ' ' -, - yvj-7 "?',,. x .N 1.2 ,f ,'lmQ.Q.4 W LA 'Ink . 'ff 1 4 K I' ii xx C- 0 :QQ AUSTIN TRAMPLES REAGAN 14-0 The Austin Mustangs defeated Reagan, a two- touchdown favorite, I4-0. Bill Jeter, who completed 10 out of I2 passes, led Austin to two touchdowns in the last 6 minutes. Larry Thomas scored one on a ten-yard pass, and Don Barry scored the other on a five-yard run. Bill Jeter passed to David Dcaly for the two points. WRIGHT DENISON JIMMY FARRIS Half back Halfback Z I- Vi D f a c!47'7'D sb N I A. 5 5. I 5 lr I Q 5 Y' Y In 6 6 1 LI , X A ll-0. 'df I E: E age' Guy Savage preparing to tackle Lamar player with Robert Christian in the background. DAVIS VS. AUSTIN After nearly three quarters of scoreless ball, Austin scored touchdowns in the last 14 minutes. Bill Jeter passed to Guy Savage for one touchdown, and Jeter scored the other on a 7-yard run. Dennis Medley covered a Davis fumble to set up the second score. FRED HADSEL End ROBERT HARRIS End STI DROPS DAVIS 12-O JOE HOLDEN Tavklf- GILBERT HUFFMAN BILL JETER Cvnter Quartm-rback NEAL KOONCE JERRY LANGFORD Center Guard AUSTIN SMEARS SAN JACINTO 62-O Austin defeated the San Jacinto Bears for their fourth straight win. Scoring touchdowns were: Robert Christian, twog Shelby Traylor, twog Bill Jeter passed to Traylor for oneg Guy Savage, oneg Don Barry, two: and Wright Denison, one. Extra points were made by Shelby Traylor, Wright Deni- son. Gilbert Huffman, and Bill Jeter. This was an all-time scoring record for Austin. Don liurry scorn-s l0lll'lld0WI'l on u pass from Bill I4-trr in the Junrs ggannv. Tlu- play covvrvd 40 yards. DENNFS MEDLEY PHILLII' PETER 'mmm' lalmzmlilm favklv Halflmavk Fulllnue-k , ly -wwagg-ig: xii Y A A UNK xv Robert Harris, 85, and Jerry Langford, 66, tackle Jones, 34, after a 5 yard gain. DICKIE SCHUENEMANN Tackle M. H. SHEPERD Fullback 6 fy! 98 AUSTIN JARS JONES 40-13 RICHARD SULLIVAN End CHARLIE RODRIQUEZ GUY SAVAGE End Halfhack l l JONES vs. AUSTIN The Ponies- turned four fumhles into touchdowns, running overl the Falcons for a -10 to I3 score. The Mustangs scored on the comhined passing and running of Hebert Christian and Bill Jeter. Fumbles were recovered hy Richard Sullivan. Bobbie Cargill. David Dealy, and Johnny Van Bibber. Scoring touchdowns were made by Richard Sullivan, Rohert Christian, Don Barry, M. H. Shepherd, and Wright Denison PN SX " X K .J ,- 'Q'K , - N , 4 xvjt 'i Li. -NK N sg 'W Fl xv -fl 4 -P.. H-'V Q95 54 Y l MA 'uk - ., .1 ' , Q5 -mr. :Hi ff ' 'f f 1? Q 4 ,Q ,b,xb ng a e if ff L 5 if 'wx -M QB X A LARRY THOMAS Fullhack MUSTANGS EDGE BUFFALOS 7-6 An intercepted pass by Guy Savage set up Austin's touchdown. Larry Thomas scored from the two. The statistics favored Milby, but the difference was in Gilbert Huffman's toe. Milby gained twice as much yardage as Austin, but the Mustangs held them to only one score. This game exactly reversed last year's score. Austin players Charles Rodriquez, Bobby Cargill, Robert Harris, Bill Taylor, and Marvin Aardal, in the Milhy game. .T jf? rf 'E H if 747 dm I02 Austin's dark jerseys Guy Savage, 353 Larry Thomas, 40g and Jerry Langford, 66 break up opponent s intended pass. BELLAIRE VS. AUSTIN Bellairels 13-8 victory over the Mustangs ended a six-game winning streak. Gilbert Huffmanis pass interception set up Austinis only score. Wright Denison ran three yards off tackle for Austin's score, and received a pass from Bill Jeter for the two points. BELLAIRE SLIPS BY AUSTIN WILLIAM THOMSEN End 13-8 PLAYERS MENTIONED FOR ALL-CITY JOHNNY VAN BIBBER 7 ,,,, ,,.,7, F irst team-Houston Chronicle, NEAL KOONCE ,L BILL TAYLOR , 7, Post, Press Newspapers First tean1fHouston Chronicle Second teamgpress and Post Second team-Houston Post Honorable mention in Press and Chronicle BILL JETER ,L ,, .,.i , 7, Honorable mention in Houston Chronicle. Post, Press Newspapers SHELBY TRAYLOR JOHNNY VAN H8IfI18Ck Guard ISIBBER LAMAR BLA STANGS 27-O The Redskins defeated Austin 27-0 to give them the district title. Passes accounted for two of LEiIllH1'lS touchdowns and also set up a third. This was the first time Lamar had been successful with their passing. Austin failed to score twice, while on Lamarls 3 yard line, and once on their All yard line. Coaches Bill Cook and Pat Riley in a tense mmnent during the Lamar game. eq . ' 1 FRANK WALTERMIRE Al. WICAVISR End lluuril Ju-iw 5, i V t ' ex i k I l in 116-.. rf. M 1 I l VARSITY TEAM--TOP ROW, left to right: Mr. Riley, Joe Gurdon, Richaril Sullivan, Jimmy Farris, Roll:-rt Christian, Bill ,Ie-tvr, Robert Harris, Fr:-cl Haclsvl, Billy Byrd, Frank Waltvrmirv, Nval Konmw David Uvuly, Mr. Cook, Mr. llartosli. Mr. lx'ICE21C'lIQ'TIl. SECOND ROW: Ruger Cainln-ll. Pliillip, Vvilliam lllllUIIlHCIl, Jvrry Langford, llolllny Cargill, Nlurvin Aarmlal, Jim Taylor, llilln-rt Huffman, Larry Tlmlnas, johnny Van liilmlwr, M. H. SlH'Ilt'l'll, Tmnmy Rickard. FRONT HOW: Je-rry Loving. Sam Brown, Dickie Sl.'llllL'I1l'IIl8I'lI1, Shvlliy Traylor, Di-nnis lNlcill4-y, Cllilfllt' Rmlriquc-2, Guy Savage: Wrigllt Dennison, Bill Taylor, Al W'vavl'r, Harry Amlvrsun, IOS .IU IOR VARSITY WINS CITY CHAMPIO HIP COACH PAT RILEY Douglas Paschal and Johnny Conzlas present the Junior Varsity trophy to Mr. Goettee. Relaxing after a hard practice session: top. Coach Bill Hightower. Left to right: Steve Worchesik. Wesley Doyle, Trinidad Cantu, Mike Taylor. Second row: Lin- wood Nelson, Mike Petilt, Mickey Shy- rock, R. C. Henderson, Larry Carlisle, Jesse Casas, and Tommy Farris. msg' f i " t r T i'r TOP ROW, left to right: Tommy Burnett, Frank Biehunko, Steve Worchesik, Timothy Timmermann, Pat Peoples. Larry Rainey, Andy Delery, Johnny Abernathy, Billy MeBay, LeRoy Stock, Vemon Kripp- ner, Frank Schindler. SECOND ROW: Mike Wilhile, Ronnie Pale, Bc-nard Nleave, Johnny Gonzales, Benny Gilmore, Bobby Bak:-r, Tommy Farris, Jesse Casas, Frank Sicola, Gene Bene-field, Douglas Paschal, Bruce Curringlon, Mike Kneeling. FRONT ROW: Mike Pettit, Eddie Love, R. C. Henderson, Mickey Shyroek, Wesley Doyle, Lenwood Nelson, Trinidad Cantu. Larry Carlisle, Charles Beverly, Mike Taylor, Sam Brown. SEASON SCORES PASADENA C . ..C, 24 AUSTIN E 20 BAYTOWN . .rrr 40 AUSTIN . ., I2 REAGAN ...,., .o.C, , .. 6 AUSTIN .. E, E. -I2 SAM HOUSTON . H C 8 AUSTIN H or 22 JEFF DAVIS 0 AUSTIN .... .E 27 SAN IACINTO .E . 0 AUSTIN 37 JONES C .o...o.o, .... 0 AUSTIN ....r. r.r.. 3 9 IVIILBY , ...o ., 6 AUSTIN .,r.r, 25 BILLLAIRE ......r ....... I 2 AUSTIN 24 AUSTIN rr7..o .. W . LAMAR ..rr C... 0 241 Austin Austin Austin Austin Austin Austin Austin Austin ROBERT BUSH Captain BASKETBALL A TEAM SEASON SCORES ---,. 57 San Jacinto ,, so 36 Bellaire 38 Lamar 51 Jones .,., , ,,77, 4-2 San Jacinto , ,,... 25 Bellaire . . , 53 Lamar L ,, ,,7,, 50 Jones FRONT ROW: Robert Christian, Don Scott, Joe Thompson, Frank Cole, Fred Bradley Steve White BACK ROW: Coach Ed Franklin, Mac Smith, Steve Werchesik, Robert Bush David Dealy Dudley Hardee, Richard Sullivan, Dale Hudspeth, Dickie Rosales, Sam Brown. lflli5'l' SIX l'I..XXlili5. lw-ft In right: Ruin-rl Hu-lx. llivkiv liufulrs. lhlle' Kivllaml Sullixzm. llusllvx H1lIlI4'1'. lhuul Ile-zlly. Xl III 11 tl XXV ITRUWN C. lfll IVHXNKLIX ifmnvll .f S 3 4QH'l"l' HIUIIXHIJ SUl.lAIYAN .IUIC 'I'llllNII'SUN ccB', I EA M W Ill W1 JIU IIIICS My if LL, ,W 49' Ml Mill Ylang V X ps' -uv?-we K FRONT HOW: Elias I.up4-1. YIQIIUIIILIN Wujmlzlk. Kivluurml II4-1114111411-1. Il.ni4l l,ill'l'ixlI. Kivhaml Ull, lizly R1ull'irl11e-Z. NHIJIJIAH ROW: Illllie Hil1ujnxal.,lin1 Uilllllbll. Huy Whit:-, Iiulv Hixll. .limmy l'.1Il'li4, liulrlmy H1lk4'I'. l'U'K KUW' ' ' ' 9' ' ' ' TRACK TEAM-FRONT ROW: Tommy Ferguson, Alton Riddle, Eugene Freeman, Gerald Elston, Johnny Wallingfortl. MIDDLE ROW: VIYUIHIIIY Rickard, Charles Abernathy, Allan Conally, Ronal Baggett, Byern Schroder, Byron Behrens, Mike Taylor. BACK ROW: Bill Jeter, Charlie Rodriguez, Mike West, Charles Johnson, Gene Hewitt, John Massingill, Robert Harris, Joe Dow, Rodger Pettit, Bill Cantka. 'Q' S HIGHJUMPERS 35 TOMMY l A ' FURGUSON N--Q57 RONAL BAGGETT CHARLES ABERNATHY MR. JOHN SCO fl' Coach HHH! DISTANCE A lllllu lllul' lllill lllllli Il'll4., ,, -lmil . Byron Behren, Roger Pettit, Charles Rodriguez, Jim Schroeder, Alton Riddle, Charles Johnson. SPRINTERS N Mike West, Mike Taylor, Joe Dow, John Massingill, Eugene Freeman, Robert Harris, John Wallingford. mu 'N Hilfe 55,1555 x Vilas 5 I la 5 I N H Bryan Sharm on. John Wallingfoxxl, QUARTER-MILE TRACK Bill Canlka, Tommy Rickard. s HURDLER - 611- Nlaffmol Jvlm A Ham" ul Crt Bm Ganika' RL 3 Elslgfh Gerald BREASTSTROKERS WAYNE BILL RICHARD NASH LITTLE WORRINGTON I SWIMMING RELAY BACKSTROKE Ronnie Cunningham Richard Worrington Donald Auderer Terry Deyoe Frank Boudreaux Terry Deyoe Ross Johnson Jim Wallace Ronnie Cunningham FREE STYLES Fwtfngf' FRONT ROW: ,Ion Beckelman, ,le1'ry4Sullivan, Billy Edler, Gene Walraven, Don Keith, Frank Boudreaux. SECOND ROW: Wayne Nash, Ronnie Cunningham, Donald Johnson, Donald Hickey, Lawrence Maynard, William Eclerle. F' Q Q I EL RICHARD ROSS DONALD WORTHINGTON JOHNSON AUDERER ROSS JOHNSON DONALD JOHNSON BILLY ELDER WILLIAM EBERLE BUTTERFLY FREESTYLE RELAY I N'-L. ll I ll K llll BASEB LL DON MUSICK Manager TEAM -- 1959 Coach, BOB MCEACHERN FRONT ROW: Monte Blackman, Harry Barrett, Wesley Doyle, Mike Keeling, Travis Kankey. SECOND ROW: Steve Worchesik, Bobby Baker, Tommy Barron, Tommy Roth. BACK ROW: Glen Lilly, Sam Payne, Barney Francescon, Doug Paschal, Robert Bush, Jimmy Herbster, David Dealy. GOLF QC Jimmy Nash. Bob Sh-rn. Danny Chapman, Harman Wilkixls. Wd TENNIS l"Ii0N'l' ROW: Paul Handalc, Harry Barrtftt. SICCUNIT ROW: Cnuch Sidney Jones, William Thomson, lil:-n Wright, Paul Iiamvlt. .J OLLEYBALL FIRST ROW: Carroll Palmer, Dolores Whittaker, Pan Purdy, Polly Branch, Sylvia Downing, Lula Gomez, Emma Lois Canmill, Bethel Silberman. SECOND ROW: LindafBrown, Carolyn Bradshaw, Joyce Pendley, Elda Montmayor, Heblinda Men- chaca, Nita Simmons, Susie Self, Mary Surcek, Bemice Palmer, Ann Haynie. THIRD ROW: Anne Dancy, .lean Arnold, Judy Poner, Bonnie Chapman, Mary Beth Hughes, Janice Garrett, Christene Flores. MANAGERS: Anne Haynis, Anne Dancy, and Linda Brown. Captains of the Mustang Volleyball Team this year were Polly Branch and Sylvia Downing. Co-Managers were Anne Dancy, Ann Haynie and Linda Brown. The girls were coached by Miss Jeanne Reynaud. Returning lettermen this year were Polly Branch, Delores Whittaker and Bethel Sil- berman. 1 X ' N XNSIH N , Sylvia Downing ami I'if'TiiIltiZ1 Nlvncllzlczi IlI'Z1l'iiCf,' 11110 uf thvir wt-11119. l.111'1'1:Il l,ilillll'l' piviv 1111 il xplkf' wllllv lm' In -.lHl!'k in-1' up." 11- Pr-111llvy rI2illli4 rr-zniy wwe 1.11111 f,m111-I lr- 1111111151 1'1'z14ly In 3-4'I'V1' to tllv nppuslln' I'4llll'Y willln Suriv S+-If iw iviwkirigi lam' up. K, Mary Svrcvk and Nita Sinniions pT2l4'Iil'Q' une' uf thvir S1-t-ups l2l E: 1' . NH .....,,?.,, ARCHERY MANAGER BETTY ZORN 41 I 1 if Q' I , . f' N, V' W' ag!! M ,if A 1+ s,,..wr'.,1M1,f Lady Paramount for the Houston High School Archery Competition this year was Sue Ellen Dewces, an Austin girl. The duty of the Lady Paramount was to be in full charge of the city archery meets. A "C" average and an Mliw in conduct are required for a girl who wishes to make the archery team. Out of twenty girls accepted for the team this year, six high point girls went to city competition. Mrs. Opal Cowan. sponsor, requires that the girls practice everyday. weather permitting, after school to improve their skill. Betty Zorn has been team manager for two years. Mrs. Opal Cowan presents Emily Alford with hcr archery letter at the Sports Banquet. ' ! . R 2 .f 54, rf. A , in by 4 S 173' ' ' , K Q x. ' 1 . 2 N' S. , . A Ly' I 1 N A of? L, LMHA. V, P, ft 3 5 A ST' , , , ' , ' 1. A-rf' X 5 is 4 5 1 it s ,Yi , "","' w " .si l Emily Alford was first high point scorer for the archery team Sue N01'maU fated Second high P0iI1f SCOTCT for the archer? this year. team. I l Betty Zom was third high point scorer for this year's archery team. I24 ARCHERY TEAM LEFT T0 RIGHT: Emily Alford, Sue Norman, Betty Zom, Connie Peet, Sue Ellen Dewees, Rebecca Lopez, Becky Mathis, Sue Norris, Jimmie Gail O'Brien, Evela Boudreaux, and Ann Jenkins. 2 SWIMMING TEAM SWI FRONT ROW, left to right: Betty Zorn, Carolyn Lmnley, Dolores Whitaker, Linda Brown, Bobbie Frm Fink, Carolyn Bradshaw, Deana Herman. Mildred Jousan, Pan Purdy, Sandra Godwin. STANDING: Roberta Randall, Gayle' Rhodes and Manager Sue Norman. KNEELING: Olivia Estranda, Cora LBP Shields. Linda Graham and Emily Alford. nw Captain l3E'l"l'Y ZORN Co-Captain CARD LYN LEMLEY IIN 5,26 ll! fun!" vxrluiun tlu- girlQ .5 wim ilu- lvllglll of Ihr' pool. NI11. Opal ifnwan, swimming Ivan-lwr. inxlruvts Z1 ,urnup of flu- nlvnlx funn pmol-i1lv. ixing, is ax lllrill In nn-Y" says IJIIIUITN xvIlililk4'l'. TENN S TENNIS TEAM-FRONT ROW: Charline Ehrhart, Marieta Cronin, Jane Bostick, Jo Ann Pusaterie. BACK ROW: Janice Garrett, Elda Montemayor, Herlinda Menchaca, Anne Dancy. Marieta Cronin and Charline Er- hart agree that it matters not "whether you won or lost, but how you played the game." r t 'si t MODER DANCE as fs N1'k "yyA A ' . llurbara Nlvrritt. Bewrly Walzcl, Karon Taylor, ,lo Yvayno Crawford. Kay Randolph. and Pat Nlayvs. mvmhvrs of rho fifth pflriod class. practice illPlY' I4'CllTllfllICF. Nlodorn dance is lwascd on the self-expression Course is taught as part of the physival education of ideas or moods through hody movements. This program. FRONT ROWVZ Gaylf- Rhodes Olivia Estrada. Diana Hffrman. Carolyn Bradshaw, Carolyn Lvnlley. SECOND ROW: Linda Brown, Pan Purdy, Dfllorfis Whittaker, Sui' Norman, and Rolwrta Randall. BACK ROW: Bohhir Fink, Emily Alford, Mildrcd Jousan. Cora L90 Shiolds. Betty Zorn. and Sandra Goodwin. Sixth Period Dancers 1 Wh' Kllwlil Ili -N mul CIIIWIIYII HI'Ll1lNllL1W connpusv u flu AICIIIIJUTS of thu sixth pc- riml vlufs prur'IiL'zr ll lc-5: swing. "'? Suv Ntbflllilll, Bvtty Zorn and Ilimlu Brown rlvmon- strulv il difficult tvchniqur' GIRLS' I GIRLS' BADMINTON TEAM Left to right: Donna Williams, Carol Palmer, Carolyn Fuller, Judy Lawyer, Judy Porter, Kay Caspear, Judy Pickens, Barbara Dixon. BRIGADE VOLLEYBALL TEAM KNEELING, left to right: Robin Ball, Bill Marsh, Sarah Jordan, Judy Horton. Assistant Captain, Ann Byrne. STANDING, left to right: Charm Lister. Patty Lucas, Jackie McDon- ald. Carolyn Allred. Dot O'Kelley Captain. - f,v- AV.: if? f , S" . Mfg. fg . GIRLS' ARCHERY TEAM Left to right: Emily Alford. Sue Norman, Betty Zorn, Connie Peet, Sue Ellen Dueese, Rebecca Mathis, Sue Norris, Jimmie Gail O'Brian, Ann Jenkins, Eve-la Boud- reaux, Barbara Bishop. AM RALS i 1111 1 Q X311 1 1 11 , W .. -XR at K A '11 if F S, 1 R E11 Q WINNICHN UI" l1ASKFI'l'1lA1,1. 1N'l'RAN1l11i.1Xl,S INT ROW: 11111111-1 S11Vf'I'lIlllll 111111 1111111 11111111-1. IK ROW: 111-111111111 N1l'll4'1l1ll'2l. 55111111 1111w11i11p. 1111111 1:11115 sw111111N11 1N'1'11,11M1 111115 '11'U11-'11- 1'11'11' W"'1"11'1'1f11'- 11111 111 11111l11111: 11111111111 11illll11l11. 5111111171 H111111111. N111111'1'11 ,11111N1111. 1f111'11 1,11 51111-1111 1l1'l' 1'11111111'li11g 1ll 1111- S111111111111g 1ll1!'lllll1ll'il1'4, "lf111111i1'." Zl'111ll 1I1111k. 11111141-Q Ll 11ask111 with 1ll'1' 111-1' 1111'11w. X 1 111lI'1'1'1I. 1111 111'1111y 111 1111511 1111 1111111 1111111 fi111' 11r1- 1f:11'11 1.11 91111-111s. N111 ,11111f1111. 5111111111 1Q1111wi11. 1111111-1'l11 1:llII11il11. 111 , ,,f:,M..h.,y.,,.-,.W.Wu1,-.,..,,,...,.,,.m,h,s,,W , fi va 1235 .J ACULTY MEIVIISERS AUSTIN? MANY AWARDS. 1 V T . v Q Q3 v vi .1 w .MQW Y N- ,, w s 1 1 3 J fi is , 59 MR. JAMES H. GGETTEE PRINCIPAL MR. A. E. KOTROLA, ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL MRS. BERTHA LE GROS, DEAN OF GIRLS MRS. MAXINE BRANARD, principal's secretary, stops her MISS ANNIE L. HOWARD, registrar, keeps a permanent paper work to answer a phone call. record card for each pupil enrolled in the school. The duties of our office person' are to work as a unit in carrying 1 respective duties. The principal, ass MRS. OPAL MYER, office Clerk, types an order for Austin High Schoul. see , WM... MRS. CECELIA ALSTON, attendance clerk, Checks absentee list. .. M.,- yi W4 2 ZW, gf? xy X X X .fgizggssfsigggs n, ,S1'aje11E,?25'5::.?:5i'2. A . Hg--g . f 3 Rf- -,Fgjfgffi MI 34 'T 2:95 3 3 X? S A igjiax Q ff" W , si X Y Z Kun faiif'5" A mifili , S -1 'iii M M F W 335 U!! Pk In WY! 4' :Q t xy W y Q x 1 ,ix N - KL .... A... 1 as -"' ,,,,, H IAN --.ww fr. i iiliaailfs ff I1 - , ix f.:x:g.f5g2i?qf 'WFW ff. , Lf1,A 51 735 " USQSWQZZIT5 I' , . . , if -6 2.43 Q. w s 'E 1 46-f X, mg, .- ri' 1.5:f:es.:gss' 1 5,l 1 xx g R! if-2 N l i MRS. CAROLYN GILMORE MISS BEATRICE HARRISON ENGLISH DEPARTMENT It has often been said that the pen is mightier than the sworrl. The ability to express oneself in words is of great importanve. English is-the medium of exchange for thoughts anrl ifleas of all English-speaking people. Good English is the mark of an educated person. Our English department offers grammar, literature. Students Study hard in Mrs' Le illl anlis Class' speech. flramatirs. journalism, public speaking, and fleliate. Students who are advanced in varied courses of Eng- lish are eligible to work on the MRound-Upv or the "Corral.', school publications. MR. D. H. RHODES MRS. FAYE SAUER MR. C. R. TAYLOR MR. H. L. TOWNSEND l42 MRS. RUTH BLOYD MRS. HELEN BOOKER MRS. HILDA BRADSHAW MISS ETHELENE COLLINS ,MMM Mrs. Dyer helps her algebra class. MRS. MARJORIE DYER MR. EDWIN C. MASON MRS. MARY MILES MR. W. B. CRITTENDEN w Cen Jue proves a geometry problem to Miss Collins MATH DEPARTMENT The shortest distance between two points is a straight line. A circle contains 360 degrees. If x:y. then what does "av equal? These are some of the many mathematical statements proved in the math courses offered to high school students. Math. according to Webster, is the science that deals with quantities and magnitudes. by the use of symbols. Austin offers general math. book- keeping, algebra, plane and solid geometry, and trigonometry. MR. C. L. RAWSON MRS. EUGENIA STEGALL MR. E. L. VICK MRS. FAYE FANCHER MRS. LORRAINE MERRY Mr. G. L. Johnston checks Ronnie Oglesby and Patti Kirk on a timed writing. COMMERCIAL DEPARTMENT NEW WONDERS UNFOLD IN THE SCIENCE DEPARTMENT Will our rocket ships make it to the moon? Is there life on Mars? These questions are very important to .the people of this country today. Both pertain to science, a very complex subject undergoing rapid ex- pansion. Austinis Science Department offers a variety of courses including biology, chemistry, physics, and physiology. MR. E. R. BAKER Mrs. Gates instructs two of her Biology I students in an experiment. MRS. HELEN BARNES ! I 4 I I i ! ., .,,,,. I -iii-x-E --- U -A i COMMERCIAL DEPARTMENT Do you plan to become a secretary? Do you plan to become a bookkeeper? Perhaps you plan to go into business on your own. If these are your ambitions, then you would profit from a commercial course offered at Austin. The Commercial Department offers a variety of busi- ness courses. Some of these courses include: Typing I, MR. T, M, WALDMANN II, III, and IV, hookkeeping I and II, commercial law. secretarial training and office practice. ACULT SCIENCE MR. A. C, SCHILLER MRS. MARTEEN SMITH Mr. Richard Ferguson corrects mistakes made on a chemistry experiment. MH. J. M. BLACKWELL MRS. E. C. GATES MR. S. L. JONES I -1 i. I .Q n 4 ,,,. MISS HAZEL HENDERSON Miss Henderson examines pupils' work while classmates look on. MRS. LUCILLE SMITH HGME ECONOMICS To prepare a young girl for her future home is the chief aim of the Home Economics Depart- ment. The domestic arts of cooking and sewing are taught to the girls interested in this field of learning. Home management, home nursing, and home and family living courses are also offered. ACULT INDUSTRIAL ARTS MR. R. Y. ECKELS MR. A. M. YARRINGTON Courses in the Industrial Arts department are available to students who desire training in skills for a trade such as working with wood, metal, electricity, 'or machines. Experience in this field at the high school level often serves as an aid to students as they procure jobs after graduation. In addition to wood-working, metal shop, and electric shop, Industrial Arts offers mechanical and architectural drawing as well as machine de- sign and auto mechanics. Mr. Bigbie rl:-monstrates the use of the jigsaw. MR. LEONARD BIGBIE i . sg Mrs. Kendall and her French class listen to the speaker in the front of the room as he gives a French report. MRS. MAYBELLE KENNEDY MR. J. B. TAYLOR MISS EVELYN MQGINTY MRS. ESTELLE TOMEK MRS. JEWEL DRAKE MRS. WOODIE KENDALL A BETTER UNDERSTANDING OF OTHER COUNTRIES THROUGH FOREIGN LANGUAGES - A foreign language is a passport to any numher of interesting jolms. intrlutling the jolms of foreign am- hassaclors. foreign agents. anfl translators. These jolvs are goocl-paying. interesting. anicl require the knowl- edge of a foreign language. Truly. the mark of a smarter person is the almility to speak a tongue other than his own. Our own Foreign Language department offers three years of Spanish. two of Latin. antl one eaeh of French anal German. Mrs. Kennedy reads a humorous excerpt from the Spanish text to Jennie Peacher, Craig Cowgill, and Karen Hazzard .f"'3" I48 MR. C. N. BIGHAM MR. C. CROWSON MISS RUTH GREENHILL SOCIAL SCIENCES History is the story of man,s past events and thoughts. It is important that man know what happened in the past in order to know what pattern to follow in the future. In terms of wealth and strength, the United States is probably the greatest nation in the world today. We, as citizens of tomorrow, take history to further understand the hardships this nation overcame to be- come the great nation it is. Thus, a thorough understanding of history results in a good, well-informed citizen of tomorrow. MR. E. J. GRISWOLD . Mr. R. H. Wright records the date for F.F.A. Sweetheart election. VOCATICNAI. MR. W. J. BEVERIDCE MR. J. O. HARPER MISS MOLLIE JACKSON MRS. CHARLINE POTTER MR. J. C. SCOTT SOCIAL SCIENCE Mr. Griswold explains a history outline to Brenda McKee. FACULTY MR. G. A. POLLARD MR. W. B. SIMONS VOCATIONAL The vocational department trains students to work with their hands. The work they do is hard, but quite worth the effort as they can, on the average, find jobs quickly after graduation. A student may take up to three hours a day in his chosen field. Vocational agriculture, auto mechanics, radio shop, drivers' training, and distributive education are of- fered hy this department. I49 MISS BETTY BLAKELY MRS. EDNA COOK MRS. OPAL COWAN MISS JEANNE REYNAUD Miss Reynaud instructs her first a basket." period seniors on how to "make PHYSICAL EDUCATION A well-rounded physical education program is as useful to a student as the mental portion of his school program. Basketball, track, baseball, football, and swim- ming are courses available to boys. Volleyball, tennis, swimming, basketball, and modern dance are available to girls. MR. C. P. RILEY Mr. Bill Cook looks pleased about results after evening practice. MR. ED H. FRANKLIN MISS MARGARET DUTTON MRS. GLADYS TULEY Mrs. Tuley approves the work of Betty Novotny, Rosaland DeNecfc and I. J. Perish. EXPRESS YOUR IDEAS WITH ART A student who has artistic ability takes an art course to further develop himself. The many students in our art classes keep our school decorated and beautiful for every event. Not only is the student improving and developing his talent. hut he is also boosting school spirit. Other art courses available are handicrafts and commercial art. ACULTY MUSIC FOR EVERY OCCASION The Austin High School Music department is made up of the Mustang Band, the Orchestra, and the Chorale. Under capable leadership, each has earned high honors during this school year. The students in these organizations are taught to appreciate all forms of music. f:"- Mr. Lewellyn pauses for a last check ' I on the sequence of the parade before Q ' , giving last minute instructions to Drum , Major Carol Ramsey. La . Q, A ' i . if O - MR. FLOYD LEWELLYN MR. J. L. NOVAK l ' ' .. -A x V v f Y . ' K! . . I J 'if t - it ' " f ' ' :ibn U Na' it En- : N ',--4.11 MXSGT. EDWARD NELLIST SGT. EDWARD PAYNE R.O.T.C. '6Learn Today-Lead Tomorrow? This is the motto of the Austin Reserve Officers, Training Corps. The objectives of the Corps of Cadets is to lay the foundation for intelligent citizenship by teaching the prin- ciples of leadership, respect for constituted authority, habits of precision, orderliness and courtesy, and correctness of posture and deportment. A further objective is to give the cadet basic military training which will be of use to him and of value to the service, if and when he becomes a member thereof. Sgt Payne and Sgt. Nellist with Jean Donneley and Roger John plan Dads' Club program 1AIP Mrs. Berry explains to sophomores how to locate fiction books-on the shelves. FACULTY LIBRARY Reading is a pleasure that should be enjoyed by everyone. While reading, a person can imagine himself in almost any situation. Not all reading is for pleasure, however. The library is truly an isle of refuge for students cramming for finals and six week tests. Two librarians and their student assistants make Austinis library one of the most efficient in Houston. MRS. ELAINE BERRY MISS BERTIE SIMS Miss Sims checks the shelves for references as an aid to a student making a request. Mm wi STEVIE JOINS THE SPRING SENIOR CUUNK DR 'x K PLANNING THEIR CLASS ACTIVITIES. J ALL SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS fig. 'lb WV? X lag I Q SHELBY TRAYLOR Valedictorian President ,,,,,,,, Vice-Presidenl , S eerelary' ,,,,,, I Treasurer , , Lawyer Sergeani-at-Arms STEB HIPPLE Salutatorian SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Shelby Traylor, Paula Thomp- son, Carol Ramsey, Betty Novotny, Weldolm Sander, Jane Anderson. SENIOR COUNCIL Margaret Miller, Mary Jane Wagner, Kit Carl- son, Verna Dean Till- man FALL CLASS OFFICERS SHELBY TRAYLOR PAULA THOMPSON C CAROL RAMSEY I BETTY NOVOTNY WELDON SANDER I JANE ANDERSON PRING SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS 7 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS IVIIONT IIOVV: I3 i f- k i e Sf'Illli'llf'IIIilllII. C ll ll r I 0 S Ilzlrpcr. Iiosv IJ8f"SI'IIlICI'. BACK HOW: Slew White. Iioln-rl Bush. Al WPax'er. .Z 4-Q, x""'w-I SENIOR COUNCIL FRONT HOW: Chris Brennan, Zelda ,Ioan Cook, Jacque Mf'IJonaImI, Shirley Dickinson, ,Ian Enderli, Pat Scurlock. IIMIK ROW: Mamir Brazzm-II, Joe Buntyn, Ronald Marosko, Johnny Curry, Rodney Jones, Paul Barns-tic, Donna Sanmlclrs. CIIIIISTIANA BRICNNAN JONI KI'II,I.OIICH C0-ValP1l1'r'l0rit1r1.S SPRING CLASS OFFICERS l'rPs1'1ler11 S'I'l'IVE WIIITIC Vicfr-l'resi1lc'11l DICK I If SCII I IIQN EMAN N Sfcrfflary ROSE IIAESCIINISII Treasurer AI. WEAVER Lawyer , , CI'IAIII,I'lS IIARIJER Sergeant-at-.4rn1s IIOIIEIIII BUSH I5 CHARLOTTE ADDISON CHARLOTTE ALEXANDER DIANE ALEXANDER PATRICIA ALLEN ADDISON, CHARLOTTE: CSU 57-58: Booster Club 57-59: Junior Sub Debs 57-58: Senior Sub Debs 58-59: Aloha Club 58-59: FHA. Treasurer 58-59: Business Club 58-59. ALEXANDER, CHARLOTTE ALEXANDER, DIANE: Creen Masque Players 57-59: Booster Club 58-59: Na- tional Thespians 58-59: Library Club 58-59. ALLEN, PATRICIA: Booster Club 56-59: National Honor Society 58-59: Scottish Brigade 56-59, Corporal 58: Corral Representative 58-59: Round-Up Representa- tive 58-59. ANDERSON, JANE: CSU 56-59: Booster Club 56-59: FHA 56-58. Vice-President 56-57. Program Chairman 57-58: Creen Masque Players 58-59: Junior Heauty 57-58: Student Council 56-58: Junior Sub Debs 57-58: Senior Sub Delis 58-59: Aloha Club 58-59: Round-Up Representative 56-58. AARDAL, MARVIN: Student Council 58-59: Aloha Club 57-58: Booster Club 58-59: Varsity Football Team 57-58. Charles Wilder and David Ward prepare a ARMSTRONG, SHIRLEY: Booster Club 56-59: Y-Teens 58-59: Corral Representa- ehemistry experiment. tive 56-57- ARRENDELL, VELMA: Brigade 56-59, Sergeant, Company "C" 58-59: National Honor Society 58-59: Junior Sub Debs 57-58: Senior Sub Debs 58-59: CSU 56-59: Booster Club 58-59: Aloha Club 57-59: Student Council Representative 56-57. JANE ANDERSON MARVIN AARDAL SHIRLEY ARMSTRONG VELMA ARRENDELL LIN DA ARNOLD ARNOLD, LINDA: Rooster Club 55-585 Round-Up Staff 58, Exchange Editor. ATKINSON, SYLVIA: CSU 58-595 Booster Club 58-595 Y-Teens 585 Future Nurses Club 58-59. AUSTIN, ANGELA: ROTC Sponsor 58-595 Corral Staff 58-59, Business Manager5 ROTC Officers Club 58-595 Y-Teens 57-58, Program Chairman5 CSU 57-585 Booster Club 56-595 Alolla Clul Club 58-59. AYSIEN, DELTA: Rooster Club 56-595 Speeclt Club 58-595 FHA 57-585 Volleyball Team 56-575 CSU 56-59 BABCOCK, RITA: Rooster Club 56-595 CSU 56-575 Senior Sub Delis 58-595 Art Club 58-59. BAKER. CAROL: Junior BALLON, BRENDA: Booster Club 56-595 CSU 58-595 FHA 56-59, Secretary 575 Senior Sub Da-bs 58-595 National Honor Society 58-595 Corral Representative 58-595 Future Tc-avliers Cl ub 58-59. BARNETT. PAUL: lloost 58-595 Chorale- 57-59, tive' 58-59. RI'I'A BARCOCK W SYLVIA ATKINSON ANGELA AUSTIN DELIA AYSIEN ' 1 58-595 Junior Sub Debs 57-585 Senior Sub Delis 58-595 Art Avliievementg Y-Teens. er Club 56-595 CSU 56-595 Alolia Club 58-595 Rolling Ponies Vice-Presiclent 585 Tennis Team 56-595 Corral Representa- Anollier bull's-eye for Donnie Cliapinan. CAROL BAKER BRENDA BALLON PAUL liARNl'iT'l 1-gpg MAURICE BAQUERO JEANETTE BARTLETT DIANE BARTSCH IANA BARR DON BARRY FRANCINE BATSON BAQUERO, MAURICE: Chorale 58-59. BARTLETT, JEANETTE: Brigade 56-59, Lieutenant of Bagpipe Drums 58-593 Booster Club 56-593 Student Council 56-593 Aloha Club 57-583 Junior Sub Debs 57-583 Senior Sub Debs 58-593 CSU 58-593 Green Masque Players 58-593 Future Teachers of America 58-59. BARTSCH, DIANE: Booster Club 58-593 Aloha Club 58-593 Corral Staff 58-59, General Staff Assistant. BARR. IANA: Band 56-59, First Lieutenant 58-593 Orchestra 56-59. Vice-President 58-593 Booster Club 56-593 Aloha Club 58-593 Student Council 56-57. BARRY, DON: Football 56-593 Art Club 57-581 Booster Club 57-58. BATSON, FRANCINE: Booster Club 56-583 CSU 58-59. BENNETT, TOMMY: Art Club. BISHOP, BARBARA: CSU 56-593 Booster Club 56-593 Scottie Team 58, BLACKMON, MONTEY: Booster Club 57-593 Art Club 58-59 TOMMY BENNETT BARBARA BISHOP h Brigade Reserves 563 Archery 3 Baseball 57-583 CSU 57-58. MONTEY BLACKMON CARI. BLANKICNSHII' ANDHE BRANDT MAMIE BRAZZEL ANITA BOATMAN ISIANKENSHIP, CARL: ROTC 56-58. BRANDT, ANDRE: Basketball 56-58. HRAZZEL, MAMIE: CSU 58-593 Booster Club 56-593 FHA 58-59, Program Cllairmanp Speech Club 575 Clloralettvs 58-59. BOATMAN, ANITA: Booster Club 57-59g Junior Sub llebs 57-58g Band 56-58. ROMAN, MARY NELL: Booster Club 58-59g Y-Teens 583 ,lunior Sub Delis 57-58g Senior Sub Delis 58-59g Aloha Club 57-58. BOWEN, DIANNE: Booster Club 56-593 Junior Sub Debs 57-589 National Honor Society 58-59g Business Club 58-59, Treasurerg CSU 56-57. BOUDREAUX, EVELA: Archery Team 58-59. BOUDREAUX, FRANK: Booster Club 56-593 Swimming Team 59. MARY NELI, BOMAN DIANNE BOWEN EVELA BOUDREAUX FRANK BOUIJREAUX tl?" CHRISTIANA BRENNAN JERRY BRIDGES NANCY BRIEDEL BETTY BROCK Sylvia Downing hurries to lunch. BRENNAN, CHRISTIANA: National Forensic League 57-59: Austin Forensic League 57-59, Secretary 57, President 58: Green Masque Players 58-59: American Legion Award Club 56-59, Treasurer 57, Secretary 56, President 58: National Honor Society 58-59: Round-Up Staff 58-59, Feature Editor 58, Editor-in-Chief 58-59: Quill and Scroll 59: Junior Sub Debsg Senior Sub Debs: Aloha Club 58: Library Club 57, President: Booster Club 56-58. BRIDGES, JERRY: Booster Club 56-58. BRIEDEL, NANCY: Scottish Brigade 56-59, Captain of Drums 58-59: Booster Club 56-59: CSU 58-59: Junior Sub Debs 57-58: Senior Sub Debs 58-59: Aloha Club 58-59: Y-Teens 58-59: Business Club 58-59, Program Chairman. BROCK, BETTY: Booster Club,56-59: Junior Sub Debs 57-58: Senior Sub Debs 58-59: Green Masque Players 58-59: Round-Up Staff 57-58, Co-Circulation Manager 57, Assistant Feature Editor 58: Y-Teens: Future Nurses. BROCKEN, ALTHEA: FHA 56-59, Reporter 58-59: Booster Club 56-59: Junior Sub Debs 57-58: Senior Sub Debs: Green Masque Players 58-59: Future Nurses Club 58-59: Y-Teens 58-59: Round-Up Staff 58-59, Typist 58-59: Aloha Club 58-59: Scottish Brigade Reserves 56-57. BROOKS, DAWN: FHA 58. BROWN, MARY ANN: FHA 57-58: Booster Club 56-59: CSU 56-59: Junior Sub Debs: Senior Sub Debs: Aloha Club: Junior Beauty Runner-Up: Round-Up Circulation Manager 57-58: Round-Up and Corral Representative 56-57. BROWN, DAVID: Booster Club 56-59: CSU 57-58. ENIOR ,59 ALTHEA BROCKEN DAWN BROOKS MARY ANN BROWN DAVID BROWN I JERRY BROWN BARBARA BROYLES LYNNE BRYANT WAYNE BRUECGEMAN BROWN, JERRY: ROTC 56-595 Chorale 57-595 Booster Club 56-59. BROYLES, BARBARA: Boostc-r Club 58-595 Aloha Club 58-595 Corral Staff 58-59, Genvral Staff Assis BRYANT. LYNNE: Round-Up Rcprvsentative 56-595 Corral Representative 57- 585 CSU 56-595 Svottish Brigade.56-595 Senior Sub D4-bs 58-595 Aloha Club 58-595 Corral Staff 58-59, ljhotograpllvr. BRIIECGEMAN, WAYNE: Booster Club 575 Art Club 58. BUCHORN, CARLENE: Scottish Brigade Reserves 56-575 CSU 58-595 Booster Club 56-595 Spanish Club 56-595 Future Nurses Club 58-595 Y-Teens 58-59. BUNTYN, JOE: Ann-rican Legion Award Club 56-595 National Honor Society 58-595 Km-y Club 58-595 Student Council: Oil Man for a Day 58. BUSH, ROBERT: Basketball 56-59, Letterg Baseball 56-59, Lf'tter5 American Legion Award Club 56-59: Booster Club 56-595 National Honor Society 58-595 Spanish National llonor Sociuty. BURT, JACKIE: Sm-ottish Brigade 56-59, Top Sergeant of Flags 58-595 Student Council 56-575 CSU 56-595 Booster Club 56-595 Senior Sub Delis 595 Chorale' 58-59. CARLENE BUCHORN Tlx:-spians Jerry Sandvrs, Rosm-mary Jamison, and Charles llarpvr rvlir-arse tlu- play 'illcorge Wash- ington Slept Hervf' JOE BUNTYN ROBERT BUSH JACKIE BURT iw PEGGY BURT NANCY CAMPISE GEBRY BURMEISTEB DONALD BUTTON BILLY BYRD BURT. PEGGY: CSU 57-59g Scottish Brigade 56-58. Booster Club 56-593 Round-Up 58-59. Circulation Managerg Future Nurses Club 58-59g Svnior Sub Debs 58-59g Aloha Club 58-59. BURMEISTEB, CERRY: Booster Club 56-593 Aloha Club 58-59g CSU 593 Sonior Sub Delis. Bolling Ponies 56-59. Pre-sidont 593 Crceu Masque Players 58-59g lNIajorettt- 58-59. BUTTON. DONALD: FFA 57-59: ROTC 56-573 Boostvr Club 58-59. BYRD. BILLY: CSU 58-59. Booster Club 58-59. Art Club 58-59. Football 56-59. Varsity 58-59. CANIPISE, NANCY: Scottish Brigade 56-585 Booster Club 56-59: ,luuior Sub Dt-bs 57-582 Svnior Sub Dt-bs 58-59: FHA 56-57, Reporter 56, Sccrt-tary 57g Aloha Club 57-583 Studont Council 57-59: National Honor Society 58-593 Future Nurses Club 58-59. Secretary 58g Y-'Il-ons 58-59. Spec-cli Club 58-593 Round-Up Rcproaentativcg Quill and Scroll 59g Round-Up Staff 57-59. Assistant Feature Editor 57-58, Photographer 59, Editor-in-Chief 58. CAMPBELL. ROGER: junior Varsity Football 56g Manager Varsity Football 58g Art Club 58-59g CSU 56: Booster Club 58-59g Pigskin Press Co-Sports Editor 58. CARCILL. DAVID: Booster Club 56-59: Swimming 'll-am 56-58. Manager. CARLSON. KIT: Baseball 56-58. Letter 58. ,lunior Varsity Football 563 Booster Club 56-58. CASEY. ROBERT ENIO S '59 ROGER CAMPBELL DAVID CARCILL KIT CARLSON ROBERT CASEY M i -I EMMA LOIS ffAR'lIMILL ANGIE CARVER MYRNA CAVASOS FLOYD CLEVELAND II.-KII'l'MII,I,. EMMA LOIS: Iluoslvr Club 56-59: Volleyball Tvam 56-59: FHA 58-59, CAIIVEH, ANGIE: CSU 56-594 Futura- Nursvs Club 56-59, Sc-crctary-'I'rvasllre-1' fllub 56-59: FHA 56-57. IQAVASOS. MYRNA: Scollisll Ilrigamlc 56-59, Captainwwf Records 58-594 CSU 56-57 3 Ilooslcr 56-59: Ilfmslvr Club 56-591 .lunior Sub Debs 57-583 S1-uior Sub Ile-bs 58-59g Aloha Club 58-59g Ilrigaclm' l,f-uf-r 58-59. QIIEVEIANIJ. FLOYD: Ihmsu-r Club 56-59g ROTC 56-59. ROTC Staff 58-59, Ri ILHAIJWICK. WILLIAM flv 'I'e'am IIIIAMIIERS. MARILYNE: Iioustcr Club 56-57g FHA 56-573 Business Club 58-59: CSU 56-57. CIIAVMAN, BONNIE: CSU 56-594 Boosgter Club 56-59g ,luuior Sub D1-bs 57-5 lla-bs 53-591 Alulla Club 57-59g f.IllOI'3Il' 57-59g Volleyball Tvam 58-59. 8g Svniur Sub IIIIILDERS. KAREN: Scottish Brigade Reserves 56-57. Drum Corps 57-59. Sergeant Bass Drum 58-593 Booster Club 56-594 Aloha Club 57-593 CSU 56-595 ,lunior Sub D1-bs Sub Ih-bs 58-593 l'IIIA'56-57g Green Masque: Players 58-59. 57-583 Scuinr WILLIAM CIIAHWICK MARILYNE CHAMBERS BONNIE CHAPMAN KAREN CHILIJERS Cl" JAMES CHRISTIAN JAMES CIOLKOSZ ARTHUR COLE BETTY COLLINS 1 CHRISTIAN, JAMES: Swimming Team 55-57: Junior Varsity Football 56-57. CIOLKOSZ, JAMES COLE, ARTHUR: Booster Club 56-59: CSU 56-57: French Club. COLLINS, BETTY: Chorale 58-59. COLLUM, SANDRA: Band 57-59: CSU 57-58: Student Council 57-58: Booster Clul 57-59. COMMANDER, PAUL COOK, ZELDA JEAN: Booster Club 56-59: Rolling Ponies 56-59, Treasurer 57-55 Letter: CSU 56-59: Student Council 56-57: Junior Sub Debs 57-58: Senior Sub Deb 58-59: Art Club 58-59: Aloha Club 58-59. CORP, MAURY: Booster Club 56-59: CSU 56-59. Neal Koonce, a student library assistant, re- places a library book on the shelf. SANDRA COLLUM PAUL COMMANDER ZELDA JEAN COOK MAURY CORP E WRIGHT IIENISON WALTER IJEWEES DON DIBBLE SHIRLEY DICKINSON IIENISON, WRIGHT: Booster Club 55-59, Football 57-59, Letter, CSU 57-59, Basketball 57. IIPIWEES, WALTER: Rolling Ponies 58-59. IJIBBLE, DON: ROTC 58, First Sergeant Company "A", Boo:-ter Club 57. DICKINSON, SHIRLEY: Scottish Brigade 56-59, Corporal Company "C" 57-58, Captain Com- pany "C" 58-59, Letter, CSU 56-59, Booster Club 56-59, National Honor Society 58-59, Scr- geant-at-Arms 58, Junior Sub Ilebs 57-58, Senior Sub Debs 58-59, Aloha Club 58-59, Library Club 57-58, FHA 57-59, Sergeant-at-Arms 57-58, Song Leader 58-59. IJONNELLY, JEAN: Scottish Brigade Reserves 56-57, Corral Representative 56-57, CSU 56-59, Booster Club 56-59, Girls' Swimming Team 56-57, Bound-Up Representative 57-59, Junior Sub Ilebs 57-58, Y-Teens 57-58, Senior Sub Debs 58-59, Round-Up Staff 57-59, Assistant Make-Up Editor 57-58, Make-Up Editor 58, Quill and Scroll 59, ROTC Sponsor 58-59, ROTC Offieers Club, Girls' Rifle Team 58-59, Junior Achievement 57-59. DOTY, BETTY: Band 56-59, Orchestra 56-57, Y-Teens 56-57, Student Council 57-58, FHA 58-59, Junior Aehievement 57-58. IIUW, JOE: Track Team 56-59, Letter, CSU 57-59, Vice-President 58-59, Booster Club 57-59, Bouneer 58-59, Most Popular Sophomore Boy 56-57, Runner-Up Most Handsome Sophomore Boy 56-57, Most Popular Junior Boy 57-58, Junior Achievement 57-58. IJOWNING, SYLVIA: Green Masque Players 58, National Thespians 58, Booster Club 57-58, Tennis Team 58, Volleyball Team 56, Co-Captain of Volleyball 58, Art Club 58. JEAN IJONNELLY BETTY DOTY JOE DOW SYLVIA DOWNING DIANE EDWARDS JAN ENDERLI KENNETH ENGLISH JERRY FELDMAN Barney Francc-scan, Mary Ann Brown, Peggy Burt, and Dianne Bowen get in a few last moments of study before finals, EDWARDS, DIANE: Booster Club 57-59: CSU 57-583 Y-Teens 57-59, President 55 Volleyball Team 57, Junior Sub Debs 57-58: Senior Sub Debs 58-59g Scottish Brigae Reserves 56-573 Round-Up Representative 57-583 Corral Representative 58-593 Futul Nurses Club 58-59. ENDERLI, JAN: National Honor Society 58-593 Corral Staff 57-59, Circulation Mal ager 57-58, Editor-in-Chief 58-593 Quill and Scroll 58-59: Booster Club 56459, Futul Nurses Club 57-583 Corral Representative 57-59. ENGLISH, KENNETH: Booster Club 56-573 Rolling Ponies 58-59: CSU 58-59. FELDMAN, JERRY: Booster Club 56-593 Art Club 57-59. FINCHER, THOMAS: Green Masque Players 58-593 Art Club 583 Booster Club 58-5 FORD, CHARLES: Booster Club 56-573 Spanish National Honor Society 56-57. FRANCESCAN, BARNEY: Booster Club 56-593 Baseball 58-59, Letter. FRAZER, OLIVE: Booster Club 56-57: Speech Club 58-59. THOMAS FINCHER CHARLES FORD BARNEY FRANCESCAN CLIVE FRAZER JENNY COUVILLION ROBERT CRANE D. J. CRAWFORD CLARENCE CRENWELCE fOllVll.l.lON. JERRY: Rand 57-593 Orchestra 58-593 Rooster Club 57-59. IRANE. ROBERT IRAWFORIJ. IP. .l, .RENWl'il,Uli, Cl,ARl'iNClf: Roostvr Club 56-593 Football 56, Letter, Bas- kr-rlmll 56. l.ettr-r3 Rolling I'oni1-s 58-59. IROSS, Cl.URiA: CSU 58-593 Art Club 56-593 Spf-ech Club 57-583 Booster Club 'f 59 i J J-. . .URRY. JOHNNY: Roost:-r Club 56-593 Chess Club 57-59, President 58-59, l,a-ttc-r3 Anu'rit'an lmgion Award Club 56-59, Vice-President 58-593 Key Club 57-59, l'rt-sidciit 58-593 Studi-nt Council 57-58, Spanish National I llotlol' Som-ivty 56-58. Vive-l'r0sidcnt 58, CSU 57-59, Aloha Club 58-593 National Honor Soi-in-ty 58-593 Oil Man For a Day 581 Round-Up Repre- sm-ntatiw 56-573 Corral R4-prcsentativc 57-58. N-X -5 IllR'l'S, COSE'l"l'E: Svuttisli Brigade 56-59, Sergeant Bass Drum 57-58, Drum and Ruglv Major 58-59, L1-ttt-rs: Booster Club 56-593 CSU, Junior Sub llvbs 57-583 Svnior Sub llebs 58-593 FHA 57-59. JAESCIINER, ROSE: ROTC Sponsor 58-593 Scottish Brigade Reserves 56g Roostvr Club 56-59: CSU 57-583 FHA 56-59, President 58-593 Green Masque Pluyt-rs 58-59: Studi-nt Council 58-593 Y-Teens 57-58, Secretary: Junior Sub llvlns 57-59, Proglrain CllZliI'l1t3I'lQ Senior Sub Dc-bs 58-59. Sergeant- Julia Punnan paints a poster ui,A,-,,,S- advertising the Aloha Prom. GLORIA CROSS JOHNNY CURRY COSETTE CURTS ROSE IJAESCIINER BARBARA DAFFIN JOHN DAGLIO GEORGIE DAUGHERTY REBECCA DAVENPORT WAYNE DAVIS RONALD DEAN DAFFIN, BARBARA: Booster Club 56-595 Scottish Brigade Reserves 56-575 CSU 58-595 Na- tional Honor Society 58-595 Senior Sub Debs 58-595 Oil Woman For a Day 585 Corral Repre- sentative 58-595 Future Teachers of America 58-59. DAGLIO, JOHN: Rolling Ponies 58-59. DAUGHERTY, GEORGIE: Junior Sub Debs 575 Booster Club 57-585 Ccottish Brigade 56-595 FHA 56. DAVENPORT, REBECCA: Booster Club 56-595 CSU 58-595 Rolling Ponies 58-595 Green Masque Players 58-595 Senior Sub Debs 58-595 Aloha Club 58-595 FHA 58-595 Corral Representa- tive 58-59. DAVIS, WAYNE DEAN, RONALD: Booster Club 56-595 CSU 58-59. DEAS, JAMES: Physics Club 58-595 Rolling Ponies 58-59. DEATON, JAMES: Booster Club 57-58. DE HAY, CAROL: Scottish Brigade Reserves 56-575 Booster Club 56-595 Y-Teens 56-58, Vice- President 57-585 CSU 56-595 Green Masque Players 58-595 Student Council 57-585 Junior Sub Debs 57-585 Archery Team 58. JAMES DEAS JAMES DEATON CAROL DE HAY WRIGHT DICNISON WALTER DFIWEES DON DIBBLE SHIRLEY DICKINSON DENISON, WRIGHT: B ooster Club 55-59? Football 57-59, Letterg CSU 57-591 Basketball 57. IJEWEES, WALTER: Rolling Ponies 58-59. IIIISIKLE, DON: ROTC 58, First Sergeant Company S'A"3 Booster Club 57. DICKINSON, SHIRLEY: Scottish Brigade 56-59, Corporal Company "C" 57-58, Captain Com- pany "C" 58-59, I,ettor3 CSU 56-593 Rooster Club 56-593 National Honor Society 58-59, Ser- geant-at-Arms 583 junior Sub Debs 57-583 Senior Sub Delis 58-593 Aloha Club 58-593 Library Club 57-583 FHA 57-59, Sergeant-at-Arms 57-58. Song Learlc-r 58-59. IJONNIQLLY. JEAN: Scottish Brigade Reserves 56-573 Corral Representative 56-573 CSU 56-593 llooster Club 56-593 Girls' Swimming Team 56-573 Round-Up Representative 57-593 junior Sub Deb-s 57-583 Y-Teens 57-583 Senior Sub De-bs 58-593 Round-Up Staff 57-59, Assistant Make-Up Editor 57-58, Make-Up Editor 58g Quill and Scroll 59Q ROTC Sponsor 58-593 ROTC Officers f,IllllbQ Girls' Rifle Team 58-593 ,Iunior Achievement 57-59. DUTY, DET'I'Y: Band 56-593 Orchestra 56-57, Y-Toons 56-573 Student Council 57-583 FHA 58-593 ,lunior Ar'hievenient 57-58. DOW, JOE: Track Team 56-59, Letter3 CSU 57-59, Vice-Prcsitlcnt 58-593 Booster Club 57-59, Bouncer 58-593 Most Popular Sophomore Boy 56-573 Runner-Up Most Handsome Sophomore Boy 56-573 Most Popular Junior Hoy 57-583 Junior Achievement 57-58. IJOWNINC, SYLVIA: Green Masque Players 583 National Thespians 58Q Booster Club 57-583 Tennis Tc-am 583 Volleyball Team 56, Co-Captain of Volleyball 58, Art Club 58. JEAN DONNELLY BETTY DOTY JOE DOW SYLVIA DOWNING DIANE EDWARDS JAN ENDERLI KENNETH ENGLISH JERRY FELDMAN Barney Francescan, Mary Ann Brown, Peggy Burt. and Dianne Bowen get in a few last moments of study before finals. EDWARDS, DIANE: Booster Club 57-59: CSU 57-58: Y-Teens 57-59, President 58 Volleyball Team 57: Junior Sub Debs 57-58: Senior Sub Debs 58-59: Scottish Brigadf Reserves 56-57: Round-Up Representative 57-58: Corral Representative 58-59: Futuri Nurses Club 58-59. ENDERLI, JAN: National Honor Society 58-59: Corral Staff 57-59, Circulation Man ager 57-58, Editor-in-Chief 58-59: Quill and Scroll 58-59: Booster Club 56-59: Futur Nurses Club 57-58: Corral Representative 57-59. ENGLISH, KENNETH: Booster Club 56-57: Rolling Ponies 58-59: CSU 58-59. FELDMAN, JERRY: Booster Club 56-59: Art Club 57-59. FINCHER, THOMAS: Green Masque Players 58-59: Art Club 58: Booster Club 58-59 FORD, CHARLES: Booster Club 56-57: Spanish National Honor Society 56-57. FRANCESCAN, BARNEY: Booster Club 56-59: Baseball 58-59. Letter. FRAZER, OLIVE: Booster Club 56-57: Speech Club 58-59. ENIORS '59 THOMAS FINCHER CHARLES FORD BARNEY FRANCESCAN CLIVE FRAZER 1? 'im NW C, , w ' :J I i - , :ta 5 .- V p N - :, . i A - I JANI5 FREEMAN ALLEN FUGETT LANELLE GALLANT TOMMY GARLAND Carol Ramsey leads the Armistice Day Parade. IJREEMAN, JANIS: Booster Club 58-59. FllCE'l"l'. ALLEN: Booster Club 58-59: Junior Achievement 57-59: Speech Club 56-58: Green Masque Players 57-58. KLALLANT, LANELLE: Scottish Brigade 56-59, Top Sergeant Drum Corps 58-59: CSU 56-59, Crm-en Masque lllayers 57-59: Speech Club 57-58: Junior Sub Debs 57-58, Program Chairman: Aloha Club 58-59: Chorale 58-59, llarliamentariang Corral Representative 57-58: Round-Up x Representative 58-59: Senior Sub Debs 58-59. ' GARLAND, TOMMY: Swimming Team 56-57: Booster Club 57-59: Junior Achievement 56-57. -rl Y v A ILARRETT, JANICE: Tennis Teain 56-59, Letter 58: Booster Club 56-59: Art Club 58: Volley- ball Tezun 58, UUAUIANO, FRANCES: Scottish Brigade 56-59, Sergeant of Texas Flag 58-59: Round-Up Representative 56-58: Student Council 56-58: CSU 56-59: Booster Club 56-59: Junior Sub Dt-bs 57-58, Membership Secretary: Junior Achievement 57-59, Treasurer 57-58: Y-Teens 57-58, 'l'reusurer: Business Club 58-59. Parliamentarian: Aloha Club 58-59: Senior Sub Debs 58-59, I 'Q X V Varliamentarian. UAW, KENNETH: Booster Club 58-59. GIANNUKOS, NICK: Booster Club 56-59, 'Jaw-'N' JANICE CARRETT FRANCES GUADIANO KENNETH -GAW NICK GIANNUKOS 41"-X 'US JUDY GIDDEN LULA COMEZ Ql"1-if-to 'ik- RAYMOND GLASS JEANNE GOLASINSKI JOE GOLDEN GIDDEN, JUDY: Scottish Brigade 56-59, Sergeant Bagpipes 58-593 CSU 58-593 Booster Club 58-59. COMEZ, LULA: Volleyball Team 57-593 Booster Club 57-593 Senior Sub Debs 58-592 Art Club 58-59. CLASS, RAYMOND: ROTC 56-583 Drill Platoon 56-57. COLASINSKI, JEANNE: Y-Teens 56-573 CSU 56-583 Booster Club 56-59. GOLDEN, JOE: Booster Club 56-573 Football 56-59, C-OODROE, JACKLYN: Booster Club 56-593 CSU 56-593 FHA 58-593 Senior Sub Debs 58-59. CORHAM, TYRONE: Booster Club 56-593 FFA 56-59. CONZALES, ADOLPH: Band 55-59. Letterg Orchestra 58, Letterg Booster Club 58-593 Art Club 58-59. GONZALES, JUDY: Scottish Brigade Reserves 56-573 Student Council 56-573 Booster Club 56-59g Scottish Brigade 58-59, Lieutenant of Bagpipes 58-593 Junior Sub Delis 57-583 Senior Sub Debs 58-59.- JACKLYN GOODROE TYRONE GORHAM ADOLPH GONZALES JUDY GONZALES 'K K5 gp lla., I RS 959 JAMES GRACEY WAYNE GRANT CARL CRAY WANIJA GREEN UR.-UIEY. JAMES CRA NT, WAYNE: ROTC 56-595 CSU 58-59g Spevch Club 58-59. CRAY, flARl,: 'lll'Lll'li 'llvum 57-59g llunflel' fflu 4, 4. ,Rl'l4N. WANIJA: Rmustvr Club 56-593 Sl'lll1rl' Sub D1-bs 58-593 CSU 57-59: Slfuttisll llrigudn' 56. 'E NAl'll.YN' S- E 'ff' -T -ff' 'S F -5- Q -- ' " T .RUN , I x . UllIl,ll llllpdllt v6 JJ, CMU 1657, BUO.fll f.lub .16a9g Junior Sub D1-bs 57-583 Senior Sub Ilvbs 58-59: llrven lNlasquc- l"layvrs 58-595 National llunor Sovivly 58-59. f'lllll0 , , . , RY. MARSIIALIJ: llfmstm' Club 56-58 CIVNIM, Cl'lARl.0TTE: Svottisll Brigarll- 56-59, St'l'Q,'t'i1I1l 58-593 Flllllfl' Nurses f:llll7.57-58Q lin nrilvl' fllllll 57-58. l'lAffKETT, ROBERT: Roush-1' Club 56-59: Riflf- Team 57-59g Stewie: 58-59g ROTC Office-rs fllub 58-593 Ari Club 58-59. MARILYN GROVE NIARSHALI, GUILLORY CHARLOTTE CUMM ROBERT HACKETT 3 ROBERT HAM BILL HANLEY DUDLEY HARDEE JAMES HARPER Cheerleaders, Bill Holt, Edna Miller, Charles Harper, Mary Espinosa, Weldon Sanders, and Pan Purdy "get in the swing." LOIS HARLE SANDRA HARRELSON BETTY HARRIS HAM. ROBERT: Booster Club 56-58, HANLEY, BILL: Booster Club 56-573 Legionaires 57-583 Rifle Team 57-5? HARDEE, DUDLEY: Booster Club 56-573 Basketball 56-59, Letters. HARPER, JAMES: Booster Club 56-593 Student Council 562 Round-U 58-59, Assistant Sports Editorg Pigskin Press 58, Sports Editor. HARLE, LOIS: Booster Club 57-593 Green Masque Players 58-59Q FHA 57 Rolling Ponies 57g ,Iunior Sub Debs 58Q Senior Sub Debs 58g Art Clu 58-595 Junior Beauty Runner-Up. HARRELSON, SANDRA: Booster Club 56-593 Future Nurses Club 58-59 CSU 57-593 Y-Teens 58-593 FHA 56-583 Aloha Club 57-593 Round-Up Rel resentative 57-583 Student Council 56-57. HARRIS, BETTY: Scottish Brigade 56-59, Lieutenant Bugle Corps 58-59 Booster Club 56-593 CSU 56? Junior Sub Debs 57-583 Senior Sub Del 58-592 Aloha Club 57-59: Art Club 58-59. HARRIS, ROBERT: Booster Club 56-593 CSU 57-593 Key ,Club 57-593 Alol Club 58-593 Football 56-59, Letters: Track Team 56-593 American Legic Award Club 57-583 Oil Man For a Day 58g National Honor Society 58-5 ROBERT HARRIS TOMMY HARRISON KAY HASHA SAMMY HATFIELD ANN HAYS IARRISON, TOMMY IASIIA. KAY: Scottish Brigade 56-59, Letter 56-57, Colonol 58-59, Booster Club 56-58, Corral Staff 57-58, Typist, Corral Repn-svntatiw 56-59, CSU 56-59, Pianist 58-59, Junior Sub Debs 57-58, Reporter, Senior Sub Dc-bs 58-59, Reporter, National Honor Society 58-59, Aloha Club 57-59, Prositlent 58-59. lA'I'l"lEI,lJ, SAMMY: Booster Club 56-593 Speech Club 56, Vice-President, Parliamentarian 58. IAYS, ANN: FIIA 58-59, Progratn Chairman, CSU 57-59, Aloha Club 58-59, Booster Club 56-59, Art Club 57-59, Student Council 58-59, Rolling Ponies 58-59, Y-Teens 58-59, Scottish llrigatlt- lit-serves 56-57, Round-Up Representative 57-58, Senior Sub Debs 58-59, Future Nurses Club 58-59. IAYS, WES IAYNES, DON: Art Club 58-59, ll rrcis ter Club 56-59, CSU 56-59. ll'iCNlAN. JUDY: li emfr ster Club 56-59, CSU 56-59, Art Club 58-59, Future Nurses Club 58-59. lljfL.NljKl'l, CllARl,E5: Rolling Ponies 771 Booster Club 57, CSU 58, National Honor Society 'm 5 Austin f'llL'CI4ll'LlLlQ'l'S perform thc rlifficult pyratnicl stunt. WES HAYS DON HAYNES JUDY HECMAN CHARLES HICLMKE JUDY HENDERSON ROSALIE HERNANDEZ JERRY HENRY SUSAN HENRY JIMMY H ERBSTER DIANNE HIEATT HENDERSON, JUDY: Future Nurses Club 56-593 Booster Club 56g Art Club. I-IERNANDEZ, ROSALIE: Y-Teens 56-573 Tri-Hi-Y 56-573 Art Club 583 Volleyball Team 57, Lettc-r3 Booster Club 56-583 Junior Sub Debs 573 FHA 56-583 Senior Sub Debs 58Q Aloha Club 56. HENRY, JERRY: CSU 56-593 Booster Club 56-593 Football 56-59. HENRY. SUSAN: Booster Club 56-593 CSU 56-593 Future Nurses Club 58-59, Social Chairman3 Aloha Club 58-593 Senior Sub Delis 58-593 Y-Teens 57-583 Scottish Brigade Reserves 56-57. HERBSTER, JIMMY: Booster Club 56-593 CSU 56-583 Baseball 56-59, Letters. HIEATT, DIANNE: Booster Club 56-593 Aloha Club 583 Senior Sub Debs 583 Art Club 58Q Swimming Team 57-58, Letters3 CSU 58. HIEKEN, MARIE: Scottish Brigade Reserves 564 CSU 565 Booster Club 56-593 FHA 57-583 Junior Sub Debs 57-583 Y-Teens 57-583 Rolling Ponies 58-593 Senior Sub Debs 58-593 Art Club 58-593 Corral Representative. HEINLEIN, NORMAN: Band 56-59, Primary Second Lieutenant of Band 58-593 Assistant Battalion Chief of Fire Patrol 58-59. HILLYARD, JANET: CSU 58-593 Art Club 58-593 Booster Club Junior Sub Debs 57-583 Senior Sub Debs 58-593 Y-Teens. MARIE HIEKEN il' NORMAN HEINLEIN 56-593 Aloha Club 58-593 JANET HILLYARD STE!! IIIPI-'LIC SANDRA HORBINS ANN HOLIFIELD PENNY IIOUDEK HIPPLE, STEB: ROTC 56-59, Battle Group Executive Officer 58-59g Student Council 57: Spcvch Club 57-584 Drama Club 58: National Honor Society 58-59: Booster Club 56-59: ROTC Offir-1-rs Club 58-591 Debatt- Tmnn 57-58. HOBBINS, SANDRA: llnmte-r Club: CSU: fi!'f't'll lNI2lSllll1' Plziyvrs. ,Y llOl.lFll'fI.lJ, ANN: llnoslm-r Club 56-58: Art Club 57-58g CSU 56-57. HOUIPRK, PENNY: Sfuttisli Brigade Rlf5f'l'VOS 56-575 Bnostf-r Club 56-591 Future Nurses Club 58-59: FHA 57-58: Y-Tm-ns 57-59. Prvsitlcnt 57-58g Studvnt Council 58-593 Crm-on Masque Playvrs 58-59. Svcrctary: Archery Team 58-595 Corral Rvprc- svntulivz- 57-58g Art Club 57-591 ,-Xlulizi Club 58-59: CSU 58-59. HOUSTON. .llllll'l'll: Stuclz-nt Cuunvil 563 llunstc-r Club 56-581 Art Club: FHA 57-58. lllll"l"NlAN, Cll,.llER'l': Fmwtball 56-59, I.vtlz'rsg lluustvr f 1 I.. . lRlSll, ,ll-IAN: linostvr Club 5 -. T3 , llttl' .' 1 Q' Q 57-. . ISHNIAN, SONJA: Corral Rwprest-ntativc 56-58: Round-Up Reprt-st-ntativc 56-583 Stu- tlt-nt Council 56-571 Crt-en Mustuc- Playvrs 57-59. Imttc-rg ROTC Sponsor 58-59' K lub Q gli I 6 5 lui Sul ll b 58 l y ht llub 58 J C l Sttff 851 l 1- gi lt grcr, Junior Sub Dt-bg 57-581 Svniur Sub De-bs 58-593 Aloha Club Officvrs Club 58-593 .f ' I .x -5': fnrra f 'i 5 -ff, Arvc-1 ixin A 'ina ' ' , V lluofter Club 56-591 'A M. 58-59g illri-Hi-Y 57-58. Citrix lirrfnnan llfllllll'Q'H bt-r nm-wly 21l'1llllI'1'il r-onif 1' ring JUIJITH HOLTSTON GILBERT HUFFMAN JEAN IRISH SUNJA ISHAM GBR -rf N -if M- IQ- all 1. EDWARD JACKOWSKI TOMMY JAMES BILL JETER ROGER JOHN " i CA11 ty-pe Q60 worDs a MInute," says Gerry Burmeister. JACKOWSKI, EDWARD: Booster Club 58-59: Aloha Club 58-59. JAMES, TOMMY: Art Club 58-59. JETER, BILL: Football 56-59, Letters: American Legion Award Club 56-58, President 56: Key Club 56-59, President 57: Aloha Club: Booster Club, Bouncer 58: Runner-Up Most Handsome Junior 57: Runner-Up Most Handsome Sophomore 56: Runner-Up Most Popular Junior Boy 58: CSU 56-59. JOHN. ROGER: Booster Club: Aloha Club: ROTC Officers Club: Legionaires A JONES, BARBARA: Booster Club 56-59: FHA 58-59: Speech Club 58-59. JONES, LEWIS: Distributive Education 57-59, Treasurer 58-59: Booster Club 56-59. JOHNSON, LYNN: Head Majorettc 58-59: Aloha Club' 58-59: Senior Sub Debs 58-59: Round-Up Representative 56-57: CSU 58-59: Booster Club 56-59: FHA 58-59, Progran . Chairman. JONES, RODNEY: CSU 56-59: ROTC Officers Club 58-59: Booster Club 56-58: Stevie 58-59: Art Club 58-59. ENI R 9 BARBARA JONES LEWIS JONES LYNN JOHNSON RODNEY JONES 4100-x as -... , ROSS JOHNSON MARY JULIAN JOHNSON, ROSS: Booster Club 56-593 CSU 56-593 Hi-Y 56-57, PI'Q'Sltlt'Ill2 Swimming T1-am 56-593 Crt-en Masque Players 58-593 Art Club 58-59. ,lUl,lAN, MARY: CSU 56-593 Booster Club 58-593 Business Club 58-593 Junior Sub Debs 57-58. KEl.l,E'l"ll, WAYNE: Booster Club 57-593 FFA 57-593 Art Club 58-593 Rolling Ponies 59. KELLOUCH, .lONl: Scottish Brigade 56-59, Lieutenant Colonel of Rm-cords 58-593 ,lunior Sub De-bs 57-583 Senior Sub Debs 58-593 Corral Stall' 57-58, Literary Etlitorg Aloha Club 58-593 CSU 56- 59: Quill and Scroll 58-593 National Honor Society 58-593 Oil Vlfoman For a Day 583 Booster Club 56-59. KENT. CARY: lloo:-ter Cllllll Track ,llt'21IIl 56-59. KEYS, JERRY: lland 55-59, Letters, Primary First Lieutenant 58- 593 Orchestra 57-59, Secretary 58-59, Letters3 Booster Club 55-58g Aloha Club 58-59. KINC, KAY: Student Council 56-59, SCCl'C'lHI'y'Q Scottish Brigade 56-59, Lieutenant of Company "C," Letterg CSU3 Aloha Club: Junior and Senior Sub Delis 57-593 Booster Clubg National Honor Socie-ly. KNOTT, KAREN: Aloha Club 583 CSU 56-583 FHA 57-583 Booster Club 56-583 Senior Sub Dabs 58Q Swimming Team 57-583 Y-Teensg Manager Volleyball Teamg Art Club 58. GARY KENT JERRY KEYS WAYNE KEl,l,E'l"l' JONI KELLOUGH lt's clean-up time for the sixth period auto shop students. KAY KING KAREN KNO'I"l ALICE KOTAR GLEN KUHLMAN HARRY LARSON KONECNY, JOHN: Booster Club 58-59: CSU 58-59. KOTAR, ALICE: National Honor Society 58-593 Booster Club 57-59: CSU 57-59: Future Nurses Club 56-59, President 58-59: Senior Sub Debs 58-59. KUHLMAN, GLEN LARSON, HARRY: Distributive Education. LARSON, HAROLD LAZENBY, JIMMY: ROTC 56-59: Band 57-59: Booster Club 56-58. LANGSTON, PAT: Rolling Ponies 58-59: Future Nurses Club 58-59. LAW, CHARLOTTE: Scottish Brigade 56-583 Booster Club 56-59. LAWLEY, VALERIE: Booster Club 56-59: CSU 58-59: Junior Sub Debs 57-58: Senior Sub Debs 58-593 Aloha Club 58-59g Business Club 58-59, Reporter. JOHN KONECNY HAROLD LARSON ENIORS ,59 JIMMY LAZENBY PAT LANGSTON CHARLOTTE LAW VALERIE LAWLEY BETTY LEVASSAR ALAN LEMLEY CAROLYN LEMLEY LHVASSAB, BE'l"l'Y: Scottish Brigade 56-59. Top Sergeant of Bugles 58-595 Booster Club 56-595 CSU 58-595 National Honor Society 58-59. l,arliamentarian5 FHA 58-59, Secretary5 Oil Woman For a Day 585 Stutlt-nt Council 58-59: Aloha Club 58-59. LlCMl.lQY, ALAN: Booster Club 56-595 CSU 58-595 Rolling Ponies 58-595 Library Club 58-595 Oil Man For a llay 58. l.l'INll.lCY. CAHOLYN: Booster Club 56-595 CSU 595 Business Club 595 Spnior Sub Debs 58-595 Swinnningr 'l'ea1n 56-59. LICMONS, JUDY: Booster Club 56-595 CSU 56-595 Junior Sub Debs 57-585 Senior Sub Debs 58-595 Art Club 58-595 Green Masque Players 58-595 Y-Teens 58-595 Rolling Ponies 58-595 FHA 56-59, Secretary 565 Rounrl-Up 58-59, Make-Up Editor. LI-1 BLANC, CHARLOTTE: Scottish Brigade 56-595 CSU 56-595 Booster Club 56-595 Junior Sub Delis 57-585 Aloha Club 58-595 Senior Sub Debs5 Art Club 58-595 Choralettes 58-595 Spot-1-lt Club 58-59. l'arliarnentarian5 Y-Teens 58-59. LILES, DE WI'l"l': National Honor Society 58-595 CSU 56-575 Booster Club 56-575 Key Club 57-59, Sevretaty. l C 9 LILIE. GLEN: Baseball 56-59. Lettt-rs5 Rolling Ponies 57-585 Booster Club 56-59. DY LINDER. JULIA: Chorale 57-595 can 57-594 Booster Club 57-595 Distributive Education 58-59. CHAR'-9'V1'1'3 LE BLAM LOCKE. GAYLE: Scottish Brigade 56-59, Lieutenant Company "A" 58-595 CSU 58-595 Booster Club 56-595 Junior Sub Debs 57-585 Y-Teens 57-585 Aloha Club5 Business Club, Presidentg NHS. DE WITT LILES GLEN LILIE JULIA LINDER GAYLE LOCKIC CAROLYN LOGNION JOE LONSFORD CECILIO LOPEZ JAN LOUT ij: M ? LOCNION, CAROLYN: Student Council 56-583 Round-Up DOQ Art Club 56-58, Q? il 5 4 Presidentg Runner-Up Sophomore Beauty 56g ROTC Sponsor 58-593 FHA 58, it E -- Vice-Presidentg Booster Club 56-583 CSU 56-583 Drill Platoon Sponsor 57-583 D it s Junior Sub Debs 57-583 Senior Sub Debs 58-593 Green Masque Players3 Aloha . . Club 57-583 Junior Achievement 56-58. ii -tgp LONSFORD, JOE: ROTC 56-593 Booster Club 56-593 Drill Team 57-59. LOPEZ, CECILIOZ ROTC 56-59g Office,-S Club sasog Company -"D" Executive C L ' Officers 58-593 Booster Club 56-59. - LOUT, JAN: Booster Club 56-593 CSU 573 Projector Club 56-573 ROTC Drill ' A . Platoon 56-57. .N J' V J . f LEWIS, JUDY: Booster Club 57-593 Senior Sub Debs 58-593 Art Club 58-593 V Q ' 4 ROTC Sponsor 58-59g Rifle Team Sponsor 58. X 'iii MCDONALD, GORDEEN: Round-Up Staff 56-59, Assistant Photographer 57.53, ,M VKLKJ 3' Photographer 58-593 Booster Club 56-593 Art Club 58-593 Scottish Brigade X X ,Hmmm 56-593 CSU3 Junior Sub Debs 57-583 Quill and Scroll 59. - MCDONALD, JACQUELYN: Scottish Brigade 56-59, Lieutenant Colonel of Re- Darbara Droylcs and Diane Bartsch prepare the '58 edition of the "Pigskin Press." JUDY LEWIS serves3 Booster Club3 CSU3 Aloha Clubg Oil Woman For a Day 58? Junior Sub Debsg Senior Sub Densg Spanish National Honor SoCiety3 Corral 57-58, Club Editor. MCKEE, BRENDA: Sophomore Beauty Finalist 563 Junior Beauty Finalist 573 Y-Teens 56-593 Art Club 58-593 Green Masque Players 56-591 National Thes- pians 58-59, Troupe Secretaryg Booster Club 58-593 Style Show Manager 57-58. GORDEEN MCDONALD JACQUELYN MCDONALD BRENDA MOKEE lVlAlJIiI,lCINIi Mt-MAHON BARBARA MclVIURREY PATSY IVIANNINC IVIICRICDITH MARTIN N11-NIAIION. NlADI'II.ICINE: CSU 56-593 Rooster Club 57-59: Aloha Club 58-593 .lunior Sub Di-bs 57-583 Sr-nior Sub Dvbs 58-59: Archery Teain 58-593 GITCII Masque- Playt-rs 58-593 Round-Ilp Ropi'os4-iitativr 56-57: Art Club 56-59. I.1-ttc'rg Spanish Club 57-53. ltlt-NIURRICY. DARIIARA: lloostvr Club 56-593 CSU 56-59: Student Council 56-593 Scottish Rrigxadv 56-583 Round-Ilp Staff 58-59. Co-Columnist 58, I7t-aturo Editor 58: Spanish Club 56-573 .lunior Sub Dt-bs 57-58: Svnior Sub Dm-bs 58-593 Y-Teensg FIIA 58-59. Prcsident: National Honor Socit-ty 58-59: Aloha Club: Quill and Scroll 593 Futurc YIll'Lll'lli'I'S Club. l'i't'Qitl1-lit. MANNINC. l'A'l'SY: St-ottish Brigade' 56-59. Corporal Company HC" 57-58, Licruts-nant of Flag Corps 58-59. Le-ttl-rs 57-593 CSU 56-593 Y-Teens 56-573 ,lunior Sub Dt-bs 57-583 Senior Sub DQ-bs 58-593 Roost:-r Club 56-59: Student Council 56-58: Aloha Club 57-59, lNIAR'l'IN, MEREDITII: National Honor Society 58-59: Spanish National Honor Socicty 56-573 Oil Woman For zi Day 58g Scottish Brigade 56-59, Adjutant Major 58-593 Crt-e'n Masque l'layt-rs 57-593 National Tliospians 58-593 Round-Up Staff 57-58, Assistant Mako-Up Editor 58? "Miss Round-Up" Finalist 57: Aloha Club 57-59: CSU 57-593 .lunior Sub Dt-bs 57-583 Senior Sub Dcbs 58-593 Booster Club 56-59. NIARSIIALL, NOLAN: Roostcr Club 56-59. MORRIS, WILIVORD NIASSINCILL, JOHN: CSU3 Rolling Ponies, Letters 57-59: Booster Club 56-593 Key Club 58-59: Lilirary Club 56-593 Track T1-am 58-593 Oil Man For a Day 58. NIAROSKO. RONALD: Koy Club 58-59: Rolling Ponies 57-59: Chosr Club 58-593 Iloostt-1' Club 58-59: Oil Man For a Day 58. NOLAN MARSHALL WILFORD MORRIS JOHN MASSINGILI, RONALD MAROSKO 4 this 'Y' SHARON MARTIN BARBARA MASSEY SUSAN MATHEWS REBECCA MATHIS IANA MATTHEWS REBECCA MAY MARTIN, SHARON: Booster Club 56-59: CSU 56-59: Forensic League: Green Masque Players 57-59: National Forensic League 57-59: Junior Sub Debs 57-58: National Tliespians 57-59: Spanish Club. MASSEY, BARBARA: Scottish Brigade 56-59, llrill Major 58-59, Letters 57-59: National Honor Society 58-59, Vice-President 58: Student Council 58-59, Corresponding Secretaly 58-59: Booster Club 56-59: Junior Sub Debs 57-58: Senior Sub Debs 58-59: CSU 56-59: Aloha Club: Y-Teens 57. MATHEWS, SUSAN: Scottish Brigade 56-59: Booster Club 56-59: CSU 56-59: .lunior Sub Delis 57-58: Senior Sub Debs 58-59: Aloha Club 58-59: Y-Teens 58-59: Corral Representative 58-59. MATHIS, REBECCA: FHA 56-59: Booster Club 58-59: Speech Club: Archery. MATTHEWS, LANA: Scottish Brigade 56-59, Sergeant Company MA" 58-59: CSU 56-59: Junior Sub Debs 57-58: Senior Sub Debs 58-59: Aloha Club: Y-Teens 58-59: Corral Representa- tive 58-59. MAY, REBECCA: CSU 56-57: Band 56-59, Letters: Orchestra, Letters: Booster Club 56-59: .lunior Sub Debs 57-58. MAYER, GARY: Band 56-59: Spanish National Honor Society 56-59: National Honor Society 58-59: Spanish Club 56-58. MAYES, PAT: Booster Club: Y-Teens: Junior Achievement 58-59: CSU 57-59: Rolling Ponies: Aloha Club: Forensic League: Corral Representative. GARY MAYER PAT MAYES JERLENE MEADOR EDWARD MICDLEY MARY MEINEKE CHARLENE MELNICK ROBERT lVlliI,'l'0N MEAUUR, JERLENE: Rooster Club 56-595 ,lunior Sub D0bS5 Senior Sub IM-bs: Futurv Nurses Club 57. Secretaryg FHA 58-595 Y-Tvens 58-59. MRIJLICY, ICIJWARIJ: Roostvr Club 56-59: ROTC 56-595 Officers Club5 l'fx1-viitivv Officer Company "C"5 Rolling Ponies 59. MPIINEKE, MARY: Rand 57-595 fJl'k'lll'hll'i1 58-59. MICLNICK, CHARLEN R: Rooftvr Club 585 FHA 575 Corral Reprcsentativv. MEl,'I'ON. ROBIiIR'l': ROTC 56-57, Color Cuarcl 57. MliNCHACA, I'iERl,INlJA: Volleyball Team 56-595 Booster Club 56-595 CHU 56-595 FHA 58-595 Junior Achif-vernent 56-595 Rolling Ponies 57-58. MERRITT. RARRARA: Roostvr Club 56-595 Aloha Club 57-595 CSU 57-585 S1-nior Sub De-bs 58-595 Student Council 57-585 Round-Up Rr-pr4'se-ntutiw 57-581 Forensic IA'E1j1llP 58-59. MERRI'l"l', CERRI: Scottish Rrigamlc 56-59. Tc-nor Drum Sergeant 58-595 Boost:-r Club 56-595 Spanish Club 56-575 CSU 56-575 Aloha Club 57-595 ,lunior Sub DQ-bs 57-585 St-nior Sub Debs 58-595 Urevn Masque Players 58-595 National Tllvspians 58-595 Y-'Il-n-its 57-58. MEYICR, OPAL: Boost:-r Club 58. HICRLINIJA MICNCHACA BARBARA MERRITT GERRI MERRITT if , llvvvrly Waizt-l Uvllilllllfi tht Tigers" with he-r paint brush as sho pr:-parses for ai full pop rally. OPAL MEYER EIJNA MILLER MARGARET MILLER PATSY MILLER KEN MITCHELL MILLER, EDNA: CSU 56-59, Booster Club 56-59, Green Masque Players 57-59, Y-Teens 57-58, Parlianientarian, Speech Club 58-59, FHA 56-571 Library Club 57, Aloha Club 58-59, Round-Up Representative 56-59, Student Council 56-57, Junior Sub Debs 57-58. President, Runner-Up Most Popular ,lunior Girl 57-58, Senior Sub Debs 58-59, Cheerleader 58-59. Angela Austin, Jan Enderli, Sonja Ishaln, and Jerry Murff work hard to meet the approaching deadline of the Corral. MILLER, MARGARET: Scottish Brigade 56-59, Top Sergeant Company MC" 58-59, CSU 58-59, Booster Club 56-59, Senior Sub Debs 58-59, Aloha Club 58-59, Art Club 57-59, Green Masque Players 58-59: Round-Up Representative 57-59, Student Council 58-59. MILLER, PATSY: Booster Club 56-59, Spanish National Honor Society 56-58, National Honor Society 56-58, Round-Up Typist 58-59. MITCHELL, KEN: Rolling Ponies 58-59, Booster Club 58-59. MONGER, JOYCE: Rooster Club 56-59, CSU 57-58, Senior Sub Dabs, Art Club 58-59, Aloha Club 58-59, Spanish Round Table 57, FHA 58-59, Scottish Brigade Reserves 56. MONINGER, A. C. MONTEMAYOR, ALFRED: Booster Club 57-58, Manager of HB" Basket- ball. MONTEMAYOR, ARMANDO lm' JOYCE MONCER A. C. MONINGER ALFRED MONTEMAYOR ARMANDO MONTEMAYOR ELDA MONTEMAYOR HUMBERTO MORENO XAVIER MORENO STUART MOSES NUN'l'l'iNlAYUR, lfl,lJA: llouslr-r Clulv 56-573 Vollvylmall Tcani 57-39: llusim-ss Clulv 58-59. MURENO. lllllNll3ERTU: Roustvr Club 56-59g CSU 56g Spanish Cluln 56: Art Club 58-59. MUKENU. XAVIER: llli0SlCl' Cluln 56-59: CSU 56g Spanish Clulm 56: H H ' M, q'1,,l,5g Slu-lby lruylm' and Miukvy Si-liiru put on Ihr-ir slnws for ziftvrnuon fmutball p1'u1'ti1'c-. MOSES. S'l'llAR'l': ROTC 50-59. llaltle- Group Cmnmancler 58-59g Olfivvrx Club 58-595 National Hunur Suvicty 53-593 Debate Team 57. MUYE. IMIRISAR.-X: IglNl5lQ'I' Clulw 57-58: CSUg Round-Up Representa- tiw- 57: Cnrml Rf'IDl4PM'IllilliYf' 58: Art Club 57: Y-Toms 57. Nllllilflf. .llfliliiz limuwtc-1' Clulv 58-591 CSU 56-593 Art Cluli 53-595 C4n'rul Stuff 58-59, Svlliill' Editor. Nllllillllljli. AGNES: S1-uttisll lirigacle 56-591 Corral Reprcsffnlatiw 56-593 Sluelvnl Cuum-il 58: lluuslvr Clulw 56-58g Round-Up Rcp- r1'sn'lllz1IiH' 58-59. NH ERS. PICARI, BARBARA MOYE JERRY MURFF AGNES MURDOCK Pl-IARI, MYERS PAT NANCE SUE NORRIS BETTY NOVOTNY BARBARA NELSON JOSEPH NICASTRO SUE NORMAN NANCE, PAT: Scottish Brigade 56-59, Baritone Sergeant 58-59. Letter: Booster Club 56-59: FHA 56-57. Song Leader: CSU 57-59: Aloha Club 57-58: Junior Sub Debs 57-58: Senior Sub Dt-bs 58-59: Future Teachers. NELSON. BARBARA: Booster Club 56-59: CSU 57-58: Art Club 57-59: Senior Sub Delis 58-59: Future Nurses Club 58-59: Spanish Club 57-58. NICASTRU. NICK: Booster Club. CI b 56 59 CSU 58 59 Mana Cl Swimminff Team 57 59 Letter 58-59' NORMAN. SUE: Booster u - : ., t - : g-' L D . -. . . . Archery Team 58: Future Nurses Club 59, Program Chairman: Aloha Club 58-59: Art Club 58-59: Senior Sub Debs 58-59. 57: Round-Up Representative 57-59: CSU 57-59: NORRIS. SUE: Booster Club 57-59: Y-Teens 58-59: Senior Sub Dells 58-59: National Honor Archery Team 57-59, Letters: Aloha Club Society. Sergeant Bagpipe Corps 58-59: Junior Sub 'Delis NOVOTNY. BETTY: Scottish Brigade 56-59, , Student Council 58-59: Aloha Club 58-59: Creen 57-58: Senior Sub Delis 58-59: CSU 56-59: Masque Players 58-59. OBERMILLER. LEWIS: Booster Club 56-59. O'BRIEN. DAVID: Key Club 57-59: Rolling Ponies 58-59: National Honor Society 58-59: Booster Club 56-59: Projectors Club 56-59. OCLESBY. RONNIE: Rolling Ponies 58-59: Projectors Club 56-59: Rooster Club 56-59. LEWIS OBERMILLER DAVID O'BRIEN RONNIE OGLESBY 1 F.. lv , w N : ,E . -, . . f at 1 it KAREN OSTLIN BRENDA OWENS JACK WWESNE DWAYNE PALERIVIO L. J. PARISH US'l'l,lN. KAREN: CSU 56-583 Y-Tc-ens 58g Future Nurses Club 585 Booster Club 56-581 Art Club 583 Swimming: 'IIUEIIII 57-58. Lvttcrs. Co-Captaing Senior Sub llvlwsg Corral R4'pt'vse'l1tz1- tivo. Aloha Club. OWRNS. BRENDA: lloostvr Club 56-58g CSU 56-595 Rolling Ponies 58-59. IVYWESNE. JACK: ROTC 56-59. Officers Club 58-59g Roostvr Club 56-59g Sp:-wll Club 58-59. Parlianientariang l"re-ncli Club 58-59: Key Club 57-58. l'AIil'lRlNlU. IIWAYNIQ: National Honor Society 58-595 Booster Club 55-59. PARISII. Ii. ,l.: ROTC: Iioostvr Club: Art Clubg French Club. PASKIIC, WANIJA: lloostvr Club 50-593 Future 'llffarliors Club: Ar! Club 57-59: CSU 57-591 Y-Tr-ons 57-58. .lunior Sub Ih-bs 57-581 Senior Sub Dt-bs 58-59g Student Council 583 l"uturo Nursos. PAYNIC, JUIJY: Boost:-r Club 56-58g American Legion Award Club 57-59g FHA 56-583 National Honor Society: ,lunior Sub Ilebs 57-583 Senior Sub Dvbs 57-58: Alolla Club 58-593 Arclu-ry 'llearn 58-59g Spvcvll Club 56-573 Spanish National Honor Soviety 58-59. PAYNE, SUSIE: Iioostt-r Club 56-59g .lunior Sub Debs 57-583 Senior Sub Dvbs 58-59g Scottish Brigade 56-59, Top Sergeant 58-593 Sophomore Beauty 57g CSU 56-59g Aloha Club 57-585 Round-Up Staff 57-58, Advertising Manager, Managing Editor. WANDA PASKIE JUDY PAYNE SUSIE PAYNE Why. JICANNIE PEACHER CONNIE PEET DON PENNINGTON ANN PEOPLES ' v 5 PEACHER, JEANNIE: Scottish Brigade 56-59, Captain of Flag Corps, Letters 58-59g Booster Club 56-57: .lunior Beauty Finalist 57-583 Art Club 57-58g CSU 58-59g Student Council 58-59, Treasurer: Junior Sub Debs 57-58. Recording Seeretaryg Senior Sub Debs 58-59, Recording if is Secretary, " " I PEET CONNIE: Booster Club 56-59g Debate Club 56-58g Green Masque Players 58-593 Na- tional Forensic League 57-583 Forensic League 57-595 FHA 56-575 Archery 'learn 58-59g Speech Club 56-58g National Thespians 58-59. PENNINCTON. DON: Booster Club 56-57g Green Masque Players 58-59. PEOPLES, ANN: Distributive Education 57-59, Secretary. PERRY. PATTY: Scottish Brigade 56-59g CSU 56-593 Booster Club 56-59g ,lunior Sub Debs 57-58g Aloha Club 58-59. PETERSON, JACK PHILLIPS, DICK PIERCE, RONNIE: Aloha Club 57-59: Booster Club 57-59g CSU 58-59g Art Club 58-593 Junior Classical League 56-574 Library Club 58g Booster Club 58-59. . agility, and perfect timing are demonstrated atop tht- parallel bars by Maurice Baquero. PATTY PERRY JACK PETERSON DICK PHILLIPS RONNIE PIERCE SAMMY PIRAINO JODY PITCOCK BOBBIE JICAN POPIC JO ANN l'llSA'I'lCRI l'lli:XlNU. SANININ: lli-l1'ilJlHiw Efllllillllbll 56-57: lluustvr fllllll 56-59: 'l'r:n'k 'l'1-:un 55-56, ,. . . . . , w l'lIl,Uf.lx, HHH: lima-tm' f.lul1 08-2 1 CSU 58-59. l'0I'IC. 8088! E .IICAN l'llSA'l'lCR, .IU ANN: lg!NISll'I' fflulv 56-59: .luninr Sllll U1-bs 57- 58: Alulm llluln 58-59: Rolling Pnuin-s 58-59: Round-llp Rvp- l'f'Sl'IllllllYl' 58: Stufll-nl Cf6um'il 58: FHA. l'ra-sinlvnl: CSU 58-59. l'll'l'NIAN. .IIlI,I.-X: KSU 58-59: lim,-tm' Club 56-59: Art lllulu 58-59: flI'l'1'Il NILIMIIIQ' Playvr- 58-59: :luuiur Sulr Dells 58: Sl'IlllPI' Sul: Ill-IN 58-59: N-'IU-vm 58-59: l'llltlll'1' Nursvs fflulv 58-59. l'Yl'l, ffAHfll,'1N: lion-lvl' Clllligfl-591 Svuttisll llrigizlflv 56-59, vllI'lllllIN'l Sl'l'QL1'IllIl 58-59: CFU 58-59: fll'l'1'Il Masqun- l'laym's 59-592 Alullu lflulm 58-59: FII-X 58-59: R4lllHll-UP Rf'px'ese-11la- flu' 58-59. I-lll.'Xlll',, IUANN: lluuslvl'f.llll1.1ll-.w9, RAllAll.Allflll. .lIllTY: CSU 56-59. 5:-vrvtu1'y-Trr'asllr1'r 58-591 4 liuuflvr flluls 56-51: Stuelf-nl 4lnum'il 56-59: S4-niur Sulu D1-bs 58-59: Scnllisll lirigzulm- 56-59, I.cft Color Guzml Unite-rl Stat:-S lflzlg 58-59: 811-invsx fllulv 58-59, xlll'l'-l,l'f'Ylllt'lll. JULIA Pl.Vl'MAN CAROLYN PYE 51 ..-my W llm-rv is lNlzu1riv1- liaqllmn nn lln- Vllllllllllfl lmur. DIANN QFAIJE JUDY RAIJABAVGII I'l'1'l'll RACUSA JUDY RANDALL KAY RANDOLPH AURORA RAMIRE7 MARY RA MIR EZ CAROL RAMSRY RACUSA, PETE RANDALL, JUDY: Scottish Brigade 56-59, Tenor Sergeant 58-59, Letterg CSU 56-59g Booster Club 56-59. Junior Sub Debs 56-57, Treasurerg Senior Sub Debs 58-591 Aloha Club 56-573 FHA 56-57. Secretary, Vice-President 58-59. RANDOLPH. KAY: Swimming Team 56g Booster Club 56-59g CSU 56-59: Y-Teens 57-59g Junior Sub Delis 57-583 Senior Sub Debs 58-59g Art Club 57-59g Rolling Ponies 58-593 Corral Rep- reaentative 57-58. Creen Masque Players. RAMIREZ. AURORA RANIIREZ. MARY: Booster Club 58-59g Senior Sub Debs 58-59. RAMSEY. CAROL: Booster Club 56-59: CSU 56-59: Drum Major 58-59: Majorette 57-58: Student Council 563 Junior Sub Dt-bs 57-58g Senior Sub Debs 58-59g Spanish National Honor Soeiety 57-59. Corresponding Membership Secretary: Green Masque Players 58-593 FHA 58-59. President. RAPP. FDYVARD: Booster Club 56-59: CSU 58-59: Swimming Team 56-57. REAVES. BARBARA: Scottish Brigade 56-59. Soprano Sergeant Bugle Corps 58-59. Letter: Booster Club 56-593 CSU 56-59: Junior Sub Debs 57-58. Senior Sub Dt-bs 58-59. President 58-593 Aloha Club 58-593 Corral Staff 58-59. Circulation Managerg Y-Teens 57-583 Runner-Up Most Popular Sophomore 56-57: Round-Up Representatiw 56-58. RRICSE. WANNA EDWARD RAPP BARBARA REAVES WANNA REESE BRENDA REICH WILLIE RHODES TOMMY RICKARD CHARLES RICHARDSON REICH, IIRENDA: Rooster Club 56-595 Y-Teens 571 CSU 565 SL-nior Sub I,?IJS 595 Rolling l'oni1-s 595 FHA, Song I.:-atlvr 595 .Iunior iAf'llIt'V1'IIlk'IlI, Svcrt-tary 595 Crm-on Masque Players 59: Round-llp 57-58: Studcnt Council 565 Aloha Club 595 Future Nurses Club 58-59. RHODES, WILLIE LEE: Chorale, Arcoinpanist 57-595 Booster Club, 57-595 Aloha Club 58-595 National Honor Sovit-ty 58-595 CSU 57-585 Creen lWIa9qut- Playf-rs 58-595 Senior Sub Dt-bs 58-593 FHA, Program Chairman 58-595 Senior Play 58-59. RICKARD, TOMMY: Iloostcr Club 56-595 Christian Student Union 58-595 lxootball. Sophoinorc 56, .lunior Varsity 57. Varsity 58. RICHARDSON, CHARLES: Roostvr Club 55-59. RICHARDSON. MIKE: ROTC 56-585 Booster Club 56-59' Christian Stuflvnt U ' ' - I , mon 56515 Aloha 58-595 Bowling Club 58-595 Green Masque Players 58-59. RICHARDSON, LETA: Volleyball 57-585 Rooster Club 56-585 Mustang Mountivs 57-585 Busint-ss Club 58-59. RICHARDSON, SYLVIA: Rooster Club 58-595 Art Club 58-595 CSU 58-595 Future Hoinvinakers of AIIlEI'Il'l1 58-59. RICHEY, BEN: Iloustvr Club 58-595 Football, MB" Tcain 56-57, Varsity 57-585 CSU 58-59. RHXLGS, DAVID: Crccn Masque Playvrs 56-585 ROTC 56-595 I Bowling Club 55-565 National 'ort-nsic Lcagut- 55-59. LE'l'A RICHARDSON SYLVIA RICHARDSON BEN RICHEY MIKE RICHARDSON DAVID RIGGS 5 1 BILLY RISTAU MARY LYNN ROBERTSON JIMMY RODRIGUEZ PATRICIA ANN RODGERS Jimmy Hornsbey and Lynne Bryant discuss their choice for senior beauty. RISTAU. BILLY: Booster Club 55-59: CSU 58-59: Oil Man For a Day: Navy League: Student Council 56-58. ROBERTSON, MARY LYNN RODRIGUEZ, JIMMY: Track 56: Tennis 56-57: Track 57-58: Cross Country 58-59: Junior Classical League 55-56: Booster Club 56-57. RODCERS, PATRICIA ANN: Brigade 56-59, Reserves 56-57, Regular Reserves 57, Company 'AAR and HB," Regulars 58, Flag Corps 58-59, Sergeant of United States Flag: CSU 56-59: Booster Club 56-59: Student Council Alternate 56-58: Junior Sub Debs 57-58: Senior Sub Debs 58-59: Round-Up Rep. 58-59: Aloha Club 58-59. ROGERS, PENNY LOU: CSU 58: Booster Club 58. RODCERS, ANN: Mustang Booster 56-59: Y-Teens 58-59: Sub Debs 58-59. -.SN M ROGERS, WAYNE F.: CSU 58-59: Aloha Club 58-59: ROTC 58-59. - - L RODD, ROSEMARY: Scottish Brigade 56-57, Reserve 56, Regular 57: Booster Club I 'I I 56-59: CSU 56-59: Junior Sub Debs 57-58: Senior Sub Debs 58-59: Aloha Club 58-59: Y-Teens 57-58, Program Chairman 58-59: Future Teachers Club 58-59: Spanish Honor Society 56-58: National Honor Society 58-59. ENIOR 59 ANN RODGERS PENNY LOU ROGERS WAYNE F- ROGERS ROSEIVIARY RODD DAVID RUSHING CIIARLICNIC RUST WI-ILDDN SANDICR DONNA SANDERS RUSIIINC, DAVID: Ibm-I4-1' Club 55-59: Clirisliun Sluflvnt 57-59: Iliilributixo ElIllI'ilII4IIl 58-59. Union RUST, CI'IARl,IfNI'I: Scutli-li Iii-igznlc 56-58, Cmnpany "C" Iluustm' Club 58-59: .Iuniur Sub Di-bs 57-58: Aloha Club I'5llIllI'4' IIunie1n:1lu'1'- uf Aim-rival 58-59: CSU 58-59. 57-58: 57-58: SANIJICR. NVICLDON: Ifuturi- Ifurnn-rs nf Ann-riva. IIII'I'LlSIll'l'l' 57-58, Ili-pu1'I4'i' 59-59: Ilunslf-1' Club 56-59. Assi-tant Cliifff Iloustor 58-59: All-lui Club 57-59: CSU 57-59: Art Club 58-59: GIPVII IVILISIIIU I I'lziy0r- 58-59: Senior Play 59: Hr-nfl filll4't'I'I1'EllICl' 53-59. S.-XNIIICRS, DONNA: Iluuste-1' Club 56-59: Svotliwll Iirigxarlc 56-59. Cur- purul Cnmpuny "II" 58-59: C11l'l'nl IIm'pl'a'sf'1ltz1tivv 58-59, SANIIICRS. JININIY: ROTC 56-59: Aloha Club 58-59: Ilmn-tcr Club 57-59: CSU 57-59: Fuurball 'IIf'i1Ill 57. SAUNIJICRS, IjARI.ICNIf: Scuttisli Ilrigzirle' 56-59, Rigln Color Guurrl. lmlti-r: .luniur Sub Di-bs 57-58: CSU 56-59: Ifuturv Horne-inakers of ,'NllIl'l'II'2l. Se-vw-lury 58-59: Iimnstz-1' Club 56-58. SAV.MlI'I. CU1: Ifuurlwall TCLIIII. "II" 'lleuin I,1-llvr, Varsity I,f'llm-1': lion:-14-1' Club: Alnlui Club: CSU: Swinnning Tc-ani I,ctl0r1nan. SANCIIIHIZ. TONY: ROTC 56-59: Office-rs Club 58-59: Art Club 58-59: Run-lc-r Club 56-59: .luniur .M-liiiwn-im-III 56-59. I'1'1fsi1lm-lit 58-59: CSU 56-57. JIMMY SANDERS EARLICNE SAUNDERS Kay Hunflolph :incl Simlnvy Sluinilu-rg uflniin- Iln- work nf Illvart tIl'lllll'IIllt'llI. GUY SAVAGE M . f l iwsr- wi I lf. TONY SANCHICZ 1? sp? .R TOM SAWYER SANDRA SCHINDLER DICKIE SCHUENEMANN RONALD SCHUMACHER " Q rl IJ A wld 'huwef' no' for "H "' "J" SAWYER, TOM: Art Club 57-59: Rore 56-59: Rolling Ponies 57-59: Green iunnqnn worn out," says Bill Jeter. CSU 58-59. 58-59: Senior Sub Debs 58-59. 58-59. DON SCOTT LIBBY SCOTT PAT SCURLOCK Players 58-59: Austin Legionnaires 56-59: Booster Club 58-59. SCHINDLER, SANDRA: Scottish Brigade 56-59, Regular 58-59: Senior Sub Debs 58-59: Y-Teens 58-59: CSU 58-59: Green Masque Players 58-59: Booster Club 58-59: Art Club 58-59: Future Nurses, Club 58-59, Vice-President. SCHUENEMANN, DICKIE: Booster Club 56-59: Football Team, "B" Team 56, Junior Varsity 57, Varsity 58: Spanish National Honor Society 57-59: Oil Man For a Day 58: Key Club 57-59, Treasurer 58-59, Junior Director 57-58. SCHUMACHER, RONALD: ROTC 56-59: Booster Club 56-59: Rolling Ponies 58-59: SCOTT, DON: Booster Club 57-59: Basketball, HB" Team 57-58, HA" Team 58-59. SCOTT, LIBBY: Booster Club 56-59: National Spanish Honor Society 56-58: Art Club SCURLOCK, PAT: CSU 56-57: Student Council 56-58: Booster Club 56-58: Green Masque Players 56-59: Tennis Team 57-59: Y-Teens 57-58: French Club 58-59: Rolling Ponies 58-59: Aloha Club 58-59: Junior Sub -Debs 57-58: Senior Sub Debs 58-59. SELF, SUZANNE: Junior Classical League 56-57: Booster Club 56-59: Volleyball Team 56-59: Junior Sub Debs 57-58: Future Homemakers of America 57-59: Y-Teens 58-59, Social Chairman: National Honor Society 58-59: Aloha Club 58-59: Senior Sub Debs SUZA NNE SELF SESSIONS, PEGGY: Iioostcr Club 56-59g CSU 56-59g ,Iunior Sub Ilebs 57-58g Scottish Brigade- 56-59: Ilugzle Corps 57-595 Y-Tccns 58-59g Business Club 58-59g Scnior Sub Dcbs 58-59. SIIEPIIERIJ. MARY: Booster Club 56-58g Scottish Brigade 56-58, Captain Company "ll" 585 .lunior Sub Ile-bs 57-583 Aloha Club 57-58. SHIIMATE. I3II.I.Y: ROTC 56-59g Booster Club 56-59. Sllliflllllflill, SIDNEY: Scottish Brigadc 56g Booster Club 56-59g CSU 56-593 Stutlcnt Council R4-prescntativc 58-59g Art Club 57-59g Grccn Masque Players 58-59g Junior Sub Ilcbs 57-583 Scnior Sub llcbs 58-59g Rolling llonics 58-59g Aloha Club 58-59: Swimming Tcam 56-573 Y-'llecns 57-59. Trcusurcr 57-58. Sll,llEI'i'NIAN. I3E'l'HELz Booster Club 56-593 Volleyball 'llcam 57-584 Aloha Club 58-593 Sc-nior Sub lla-bs 58-595 Corral Rcprcscntativc 57-585 Swimming 'llcam 58g Art Club 58-59. SIMMONS, NITA: .lunior Classical Imagzue 56-573 lloostcr Club 56-59g Vollcyball Tcam 56-59: ,luuior Sub IJ:-bs 57-58g Senior Sub Ilcbs 58-59g Busincss Club 58-59. Sccretatyg CSU 58-591 Y-Tc:-ns 57-585 National Honor Socicty 58-59. SIMMONS. ROBERT SKINNER, EVEIHINE: Scottish Ilrigacle 56g Stud:-nt Council Rcprcscntativc 57g Crccn Masquc Playcrs 58g Booster Club 56-58g Senior Sub Ilebs 58g CSU 56: Aloha Club 583 Ifuturc Homc- makcrs of America 58g National Honor Socicty 583 Rolling Ponies 58. BETHEL SILBERMAN NITA SIMMONS ROBERT SIMMONS EVELYNE SKINNER PEGGY SESSIONS MARY SHEPHERD BILLY SHUMATE SIDNEY SHUMBERC MARIANNE SLAGLE GAIL SLEDGE BOBBIE LEE SMITH BONNIE SMITH CAROL SMITH DENNIS SMITH SLACLE, MARIANNE: Booster Club 56-593 CSU 58-593 Future Homernakers of America 56-573 National Honor Society 58-59. SLEDGE, CAIL: Booster Club 57-583 ,Iunior Sub Debs 58: Art Club 58-593 Distributive Edu- cation 58-593 Speech Class President 57. SMITH, BOBBIE LEE: Booster 56-593 Senior Sub Delis 58-593 Future Nurses Club 59g Y-Teens 58-59. SMITH. BONNIE: Booster Club 56-59g CSU 56-593 .lunior Sub Delis 57-58g Senior Sub Debs 58-59: Aloha Club 58-593 Art Club 58-593 Student Council 57-583 Future Homentakers of America 59Q Future Teachers of America 58-593 Rolling Ponies 58-59. SMITH. CAROL: Booster Club 58-593 CSU 58-59. SMITH. DENNIS: Austin Corral 57-593 Librarian 57-593 Football Team 56-573 CSU 58-59: Booster Club 57-593 Chess Club 58-593 Rolling Ponies 58-593 Art Club 57-58: Basketball 58-59, SMITH, ELAINE: Junior Sub Debs 57-58g CSU 56-573 Future Home-makers of America 57-583 Business Club 58-59. SOFFAR, ALLAN: Booster Club 56-59g Spanish Honor Society 57. SONTAG, JANELL: CSU 583 Booster Club 58. ELAINE SMITH ALLAN SOFFAR JANELL SONTAG DOUGLAS SOIVVH ROSE SOWELI. LILLIAN SPENCE JO ANNE SPRIGGS Sfllllll. ll0llf.l..'XN: lima-lvr Club 56-59. SOWl'1l,l,. ROSE: CSI7 56-591 liuustvr Club 56-59: llreefn Musquv Playm-rs 58-593 Aluha ' 7 l f.lub 58-51. Sl'lClYlll'1, l.ll.Ll.'XN: Svollislm llriguwlf- 56-59. Sf'I'Q.EQ'Z1lll Drums 58-59g lluosll-1' Club 56-59g .lllIllOl' Sub llvbs 57-583 S1-uim' Sub ll'-bs 58-59: lfulurr' IAIOIlIt'IIlilli1'I'S of Auu-riva 56-573 Art Club 57-591 CSU 56-57 Sl'IillLlLS. ,IO ANNE: KSU 58-593 llislribulivc' Educ-ation 58-59. S'l'Ol5lVEH. LYNN: lfulurv Furlus-rs of Ameriva 56-59. 'llI'CHSlll't'I' 57-58, l're'simlm-nl 58-591 lluusler lflub 56-593 Art Club 58-59. STORIES. JOHNNY: CSU 56-594 lluusu-r Club 56-59. FIHMIK, ,IININIIE JU: S1-uuisln lirigamlv 56-59, Lie-uteuanl of llrums 58-593 Boost:-1' Club 56-593 CSU 56-59: .luuiur Sub llobs 57-584 S1-nior Sub Dabs 58-595 Aloha Club 58-595 Slumlm-nl f'uum'il 5658' lb ll' H ' ' llall rf 57 furl il R 1 ' 7 ' ' 58-59. STICKN, DOH: lluwling Club 56-581 llouslcr Club 56-59g CSU 56-593 Km-y Club 58-59g Gulf 'l'czuu 57-59. l,1-ltvlw 57-59g Library Club 56-593 Oil Man For a Day 53. YNN S'I'Ol'IVlCR num - Ip vpn-wr ' vm- Jw-.13 , 'z l'll'l'5l'llIllllVl' 56-51: Business Club Hn-ad lNIiljOl'l'lll' l,ynu ,lolmsou anal Drum Major Carol Rzunsvy pnsv for tlu- Corral czuueru. JOHNNY STOKES JIMMII-1 JO STACK HOB STICIRN WALTER STEFFEN JEEFRY STEFFENS JERRY STEFFENS FLORA STEPHENS STEFFEN. WALTER: ROTC 56-59. Platoon Sergeant. STEFFENS, JEFFRY: Booster Club 58: CSU 58. STEFFENS. JERRY: Booster Club 58. STEPHENS, FLORA: Future Ht mlrl emakers of America 58Q CSU 57-583 Booster Club 57. SVRCEK. MARY: Booster Club 56-59g Future Homemakers of America 573 Volleyball Team 57-58. TADLOCK, PAULA: Scottish Brigade 56-59, Captain of Company "A" 58-59, Letters 57-593 Junior Sub Debs, Sergeant-at-Arms 57-583 Senior Sub Debs 58-593 Aloha 57-593 National Honor Society Program Chairlnan 58-593 Oil Vlfomen For a Day S83 Legion Award Club 56-593 Round-Up Representative 56-573 Corral Representative 573 Booster Club 56-593 CSU 56-593 Y-Teens 57-593 Student Council President 58-593 Spanish National Honor Society 57-59. TAYLOR, KAREN: Art Club 56-59, Letter 56-57. President 58-593 Future Homemakers of America 57-59. Vice-President 58-593 Booster Club 56-593 Corral Representative 56-573 Green Masque Players 58-593 Senior Sub Delis 58-59. S TAYLOR. BILL: Football Team, Junior Varsity 56. Varsity 57-583 Booster Club 582 llllt't'I'lt'8tll'l' Mary Espinosa sells a KCLY Clul158. . ,. .' '3, J ' ' . lioutti ribbon to Duk lhillips. TEAL, CAROLYN SUE: Future Homemakers of AIllf'1'lCElQ Booster Club 57--59: Christian Student Union 57-593 ,lunior Sub Debs 57-583 Aloha Club 58-593 Business Club 58-59. MARY SVRCEK PAULA TADLOCK KAREN TAYLOR BILL TAYLOR CAROLYN SUIC 'l'lCAL GLICNDA DALE THOMAS LARRY WAYNE THOMAS l'AlILA 'I'll0Ml'SON TIIUTIIAS. CLICNDA DALIC: lirigafle 56-593 Buglc Corps 57-58, Captain of Iiuglcs 58-593 Roost:-r Club 56-593 Stutlcnt Council Rcproscnlativo 57-58. Altcrnatc Rc-prcscntative 58-593 Student Council Dircctory 581 .Iunior Sub Dcbs 57-58, Vicc-Ilrcsitlcntg Scnior Sub Dabs 58-59, Vicc- I,I'L'SIlI4'llIQ Aloha Club 58-593 Dusincss Club 58-593 National Honor Society 58-59. Reportcr, 'l'Il0lNIAS. LARRY WAXNE: Iloostcr Club 58-593 Football 56-59, .Iunior Varsity Lcttcr 57. Varsity Lcttcr 583 CSU 56-593 Runncr-Up Most Hanclsontc ,Iunior 57-58: Scnior I'lay 593 Art Club 58-59, 'I'lIUfNIl'SUN. l'AIlLA: Iirigiadc 56-59, Company NA" 56-59, 'I'op Scrgxcant Company "A" 58-59: CSII 56-59. Social Chairman 58-59: Stutlcnt Council 58-59. Vico-Ijrcsiticnt 58-59: Junior Sub Dt-be 583 Scnior Sub Dcbs 59, Social Chairman 58-593 lloostcr Club 56-593 Aloha Club 58-59: lluaincss Club 58-591 Rountl-Ilp Reprcscntativc 57-58, 58-593 Senior Play. 'I'HtlNISl'IN. VVILLIAINI ERNEST: Football 56-59, "B" 'llcani 56-57. Varsity 58-593 Dooatct' Club 56-59: "ll" iIll'illll Ilaskctball 56-58. 'l'll.LMAN. VICRNA DEAN: National Honor Socicty, Recording Sccrutary 58-593 Roostcr Club 56-593 Aloha Club 58-593 Austin Choralc 57-593 lirccn Masque Players 58-593 Scnior Sub Dt-bs 58-59: .lunior Sub Dt-bs 57-583 CSU 56-593 Arncrican Legion Club 56-59: Senior Play 58-593 Corral Reprcscntativc 57-593 Stutlcnt Council Directory 58-59. TODD, IIARIIARA: llrigadc 56-59. Reservcs 56-57, Re-gulars Company "IS" 57-58, Licutcnant Company "ll" 58-59. Lcttcr 593 Roostcrs 56-593 CSU 56-593 National Honor Socicty 58-593 .lunior Sub Dcbs 57-583 Scnior Sub Dolls 58-593 Y-Tet-ns 57-583 Aloha Club 58-59. I'UDD. MAX: Iioostcr Club 56-593 Spanish National Honor Socicty 57-583 Key Club 58-59: National Honor Socicty 58-593 Oil Man For a Day 58. 'I'RAYI,.OR. SHELBY: Football 56-59. Junior Varsity 56-57, Varsity Lcttcrs 57-593 Fire- Patrol 57-593 Spanish National Honor Socicty. I'rcSiclent 57-583 National Honor Society. Trcasurcr 58-593 Ilooftcr Cltlb 58-59, Cbicf Boostcrg Scnior I'Iay. I1-:RNA Ill-IAN TILLMAN BARBARA LOUISE TODD MAX TODD WILLIAM ICRNICSI' TIIUMSICN SIIICLRY GUS TRAYLOR RUSSELL GEORGE DALE TURNER JOHNNY VAN BIBBER GAYLE VANBEBBER TREADWAY TREADWAY, RUSSEL TURNER, DALE hope for another District Championship VAN BIBBER. JOHNNY: Booster Club 58: Football 56-58: FFA 58. as they gaze at the trophy case. .Jackie Burt and Barney Francescan VANBEBBER, GAYLE: Scottish Brigade 56-59, Left Color Guard of Brigade Flag 58-59: : Booster Club 56-59: Senior Sub Debs 58-59: CSU 58-59. VAN BLACK, JILL: Booster Club 56-59: Art Club 57-59: Green Masque Players 58-59: Round-Up Photographer 58-59: Aloha Club 58-59: Student Council 57: Junior Achieve- ment 58-59. VICKERY, DWAYNE: Booster Club 58-59: Football 56-58. VINCENT, CARL: Booster Club 56-59: Band 57-59: Orchestra 57-58: Student Council 58: Spanish Club 57-58, President: Secondary Second Lieutenant of Band 58-59: Boys' Chorus 58-59. WAGNER, MARY JANE: CSU 56-59: Booster Club 56-59: Corral Representative 56-57: Spanish Club 57-58: Spanish National Honor Society 57-58: Green Masque Players 58-59: Junior Sub Debs 57-58: Senior Sub Debs 58-59: Art Club 59: National Honor Society 58-59: Aloha Club 57-58: Majorette 58-59. ENIOR 959 JILL VAN BLACK DWAYNE VICKERY CARL VINCENT MARY JANE WAGNER KENDRA JOHNSTON JERRY KELLOW WILLIAM MORRIS GENE PEIRSOL ADDITIONAL 359 SENIOR GRADUATES FERNANDO AGUILAR KENNETH JAMES ALLEN RUTH ALMOGABAR JERRY EARNEST ARNOLD HAROLD BADGETT WILLIAM JAMES BALDWIN JOHN BEESON JEANETTE BLACK LINDA JEAN BLUNT HOMER LORAINE BOASE ROBERT BORREGO GINER BIASE OLIVE BRANCH LINDA JEANNE BROWN PATRICIA BROWN JERRY BURLESON BETTY BURT JOHN FRANKLIN CARLISLE WILLIAM CHADWICK HARRY COCHRAN JOHN CONOVER JOSEPH DACUS JUDY MARILYN DAY NORA JEAN DONNELLY JAMES JOSEPH EDDINS DAVID FALKNOR THOMAS FLANAGAN LOUIS F OWLER MARSHALL FULLEN JOHN GOODWIN TYRONE GORHAM HELEN GRAEBER TRUDY HADSELL FRANCINE HARALSON JAMES HANNING JOSEPH HARRIS JAN HENSARLING AGNES HERRING JAMES HORNSBY DALE HUDSPETH DORIAN JOHNSTON WILLIAM KERR CHARLES KIRKWOOD NEAL KOONCE ARNOLD LANGSTON BONNY JUNE LINE JUDY LEWIS THOMAS LEWIS REBECCA LOPEZ WALTRAUD RENATE LOVINGS CHARLES MARVIN ROSS MATHES MAURICE RAY MATTHEWS LINDA JUNE MITCHELL MICHAEL MCCASLIN PH ILLIP DAVID McCHARGUE CHARLES RAY MCKINNIE LYNN MCWATERS DAVID MEDARIS JESSE MEDINA RUBEN MEJIA LEONARD NICHOLS RO ANN ODOM DELORES ORTIZ LARRY PARKER EDWARD PASSMORE DALE PIXLEY ALFRED PORTER RUTH POWELL TOMMY RAY RONNIE RENO ROBERT RIFFLE JOSEPH RODRIQUEZ RICHARD ROSALES DAVID RIGGS DAVID RYAN JOHN SALADINO DON SCRUGGS VICKI SCHULTZ ALICE SCOTT ELIZABETH ANN SCOTT RONALD SCRANTON RUDOLPH SERNA JERRY SHEFFIELD NANCY SIMS FREDDIE STARK LYNN STOEVER BILLY SPEAR RONALD TINDALL MACK VANCE GRETCHEN WALKER PATRICIA WATSON CAROL ANN WHITE JANE WHITLEY DIANE WIGGINS BILLY WILSON JACKLYN YOUNG j3l l 3 i -. ,qi e 5 1 25? 5 2 'W 11 fr.-is is ag 2345 K! iw st 3 2 E 2 2 EQ E , 3 5 5 Aw have Q1 'I may W .Ifmw 9 mf S NSN . Gaia? if ff' 3:5-31' 'Qi A an DW! it A igw ' .yj me1,,,. ,W . 'fl 3 1 -- um. .Q ,M VV XI AN ,K N LEE WALKER JIMMY WALKER REVERLY WALZEL JOHN WALLINCEURID ER. ANN LEE: Svoltisll lirigzulu 56-59. ffapluin of Rescues 58. Lilllllllll ul' fltllllllillly "li" 53-59: Naliullal Honor Society 58-59: Sllilllhll Nllllilllill llrvnnr Sucivly 53-59. Stuflvnl Council 57-583 f Nl llnlls I If-1' flluln 56-511 fffl 56-593 l"nlurv Nursvs Clulx 57-58. Vivo- l rwsiwlvnlg .luninr Sul: llvlw 57-58: Sl'I1l0I' Suly Dc-Irs 58-595 Oil Wfllllilll lnl .1 llzly 53. W NLKER. .llNl'XlY: llumll-r fllulu 55-59: Art Cluln 59: Spf-vclx Club 59. W NLZ nl.. IEEVICHIX: Iz..,,.,.-,- crm, 58.59. CSU sa-50. All Club Edna Mi',lf'1"."1"'kil'C"9d1"'e'A'?gf"1' N'S'f"- 5"H"1 H"'1"Y' 58 59 Wanda luskw, Mary Swvc-k lllSl'llSS llll'll' plans fur ilu- ml-.m9: Y-Vlll'0IlS 58-59: ilrveu NILISIIIIP l"lz1y4-rs F -. . Bronco whirl. WKLl.lN1ll"URlJ. .lUllN: 'l'l'z1f'k T1-urn 56-59: Rooste-r Clulw 58-59. WEAVER. NEAL: limp-lm-1' fllulm 56-593 Kr-y fllulm 56-59g National lluuur Sm-i4-ly 57-59: Oil Mun Fm' u Day 535 Rand 56-59. Caplui v8-59. l.:-lla-lx 57-59: fJI'l'lll'4lI'il 56-59. So1'g1vz1r1t-at-Arms 58. Prvsidcnt 18-59. l.4'lll'I4 58-59, CAVER. AL: Lllllllllllll 56-59: lima-ls-1' Clulr 56-59. Sturlvnt Council 17-58 fNll 1 39 WEBB. l'llII.LIl' WEISE. INJIIIQIAS: Key Club 58-59. NEAL WEAVER AL WEAVER PIIILLIP WERR lDUllllI,AS WEISE 'R CAROL WELLS LANA WEEREN EUGENE WHEELER STEPHEN WHITE Homecoming Queen, Mary .lane Wagner, is presented a bouquet of American Beauty roses by Principal James H. Goettee. Club 58-59. MARY WHITTINGTON CHARLES WILDER WELLS, CAROL: Booster Club 56-59: FHA 56-58: Business Club 58-59: Y-Teens 56-585 Spanish Round Table, Vice-President: Mustang Follies 57-58. WEEREN, LANA: Booster Club 56-57: FHA 58-593 Chorale 58-59, CSU 57. WHEELER, EUGENE: Distributive Education 57-59, Vice-President 58, President 59. WHITE, STEPHEN: CSU 56-59: Key Club 58-59: Booster Club 56-59: Student Council 58-59: Baseball 56-58: Basketball 56-59, Letters. WHITTINC-TON, MARY LOU: Scottish Brigade 56-59, Sergeant of Brigade Flag 58-59: CSU 57-595' Booster Club 57-58: Art Club 57-59, Reporter 57-585 Senior Sub Debs 58-59g Aloha WILDER, CHARLES: Booster Club 58-59: CSU 58-59. WILHITE, DARNELL: Booster Club 56-59, CSU 56-59: Junior Sub Debs 57-58: Scottish Brigade 56-59: Student Council 58-59. WILKINS, HARMAN: CSU 57-58: Art Club 58-59, Booster Club 56-59: Baseball 56-58. DARNELL WILHITE HARMAN WILKINS 'K' KITNNICTH WILLIAMS PHYLLIS WILLIVION LINDA WIIVIBERLY WILLIAMS. KICNNETII: lloowlvr Club 56-593 Art Club 53-593 ROTC 56-593 junior Acllivvit- nu-ut 56-593 CSU 53-593 Sludvnl Cuunvil 56-57. WILLNIUN, l'I'IYI.I,lS: WlNllil'IRl.Y, LINIJA: llvpn-sm-iltzilive 57-583 ,lunior Sub Ili-bs 57-58 I'lxi'luingv Emlilru' 58. WILSON. JACK: liulling Club 56-593 Swinnning WOLF, HELEN: CSU WTDUIIXVAIIIJ, IIUI: C 56-593 Y-'l'een's 57-583 lluuslvr Club 57-58. Smttisll Brigailme 56-593 Captain of Bagpipes 58-59. Le-Ite'r3 Rounil-Up Finalist Most Pnpular Srrpllmnmee Cirlg CSU 56-593 Aloha Club 57-593 3 Senior Sub Debs 58-593 Ilooe-lsr Club 56-593 Round-Up Stuff 57-58, Punivs 56-59: Art Club 58-593 Round-Ilp H4-pri-serilalivv 58-593 lluostor Tvunx 58-59. 58-593 Iluustn-1' Club 56-593 Future Nursvs Club 58-593 Y-'l'vvns 58-59. re:-n Masque Playvrs 58'59Q Rolling Ilunivs 58-593 CSU 58-593 FIIA Art Club 58-593 ,lunior Avhievenlcnt 58-59, 'I'rcasu11'1'3 56-593 Future! Nurses Club 58-593 Round-Up Rcprvscntativc 56-58. Boustcr Club WOII'l'I'IAfVl, WYNICLL: FHA 58-59? lloustvr Club 58-593 Art Club 58Q CSU 58. WUR'l'lllNC'l'0N, RICHARD: Swinuning Team 57-593 Booslvr Club 56-59. WIIICIIT, ,ll'lNEI.l.: llrmster Club 56-593 CSU 58-593 Businr-ss Club 583 Svotlir-ll llrigallc Hesviwvs. DOT WOOIJWARIJ WYNELI, WURTHAIVI RICHARD WOIITHING vim IACK WILSON HICLEN WOLF TON .I ICNICLL WRIGHI M A R YE WYN N E DAVID WARD BEN WHITE FRANCIS ZANIBON RERTRAM RALZER 7 k,b. W WYNNE. NIARXE: CSU 56-59: I3 mvfw stvr Club 56-59: CI 11v1' alt' 57-59. WARD, DAVID: Art Club 53-59: Booster Club 58-59: CSU 58-59. WHITE. BEN: Distributiw Education 57-59: Vi m-c1- Prvsitle-nt 58-59. ZAINIBON. FRANCIS: Rolling Ponies 58-59: Art Club 57-59. RALZER. ISERTRANI: B Ivlm stPr Club 56-59: Football Trainor 56-57. CUSIMANO, ELAINE: Booster Club 57-58: Junior Sub Ile-bs 57-58: Senior Sub Dvbs 58-59: Art Club 58-591 FHA 58-59. DITTA. FRANK: Football 56-57: Rolling Ponies 58-59. HARPER. CHARLES: CSU 58-59: Boosts-r Club 56-59: Grc-on Masque' Players 58-59. I'arIiamt'ntzirian 53, I7're'sicIr'nt 59: Aloha Club 58-59: ROTC 56-59. Drill 'lleani 56-57: Cho:-rlvatlvr 58-59. HUGHES, LORETTA: FTA 58-59: Rooster Club 56-59: Businvss Club 56-59: junior Sub Dt-bs 57-58. JOHNSON. KENDRA: Boosttlr Club 57-59: ,Iunior Sub Debs 57-58: Senior Sub Dt-Ins 58-59: FHA 58-59. KELLOW. JERRY: Booster Club 56-59: CSU 56-59. MORRIS. WILLIAM PEIRSOL. GENE: Booster Club 58-59: Aloha Club 58-59. ELAINE CUSIIVIANO FRANK DITTA CHARLES HARPER LORETTA HUGHES KENDRA JOHNSTON JERRY KELLOW WILLIAM MORRIS GENE PEIRSOL ADDITIONAL '59 SENIOR GRADUATES FERNANDO AGUILAR KENNETII JAMES ALLEN RUTII ALMOGABAR JERRY EARNEST ARNOLD HAROLD BADGETT WILLIAM JAMES BALDWIN JOIIN BEESON JEANETTE BLACK LINDA JEAN BLUNT HOMER LORAINE BOASE ROBERT BORR EGO GINER BIASE OLIVE BRANCH LINDA JEANNE BROWN PATRICIA BROWN JERRY BURLESON BETTY BURT JOHN FRANKLIN CARLISLE WILLIAM CHADWICK HARRY COCHRAN JOHN CONOVER JOSEPH DACUS JUDY MARILYN DAY NORA JEAN DONNELLY JAMES JOSEPH EDDINS DAVID FALKNOR THOMAS FLANAGAN LOUIS FOWLER MARSHALL FULLEN JOHN GOODWIN TYRONE GORHAM HELEN GRAEBER TRUDY HADSELL FRANCINE HARALSON JAMES HANNING JOSEPH HARRIS JAN HENSARLING AGNES HERRING JAMES HORNSBY DALE HUDSPETH DORIAN JOHNSTON WILLIAM KERR CHARLES KIRKWOOD NEAL KOONCE ARNOLD LANGSTON BONNY JUNE LINE JUDY LEWIS THOMAS LEWIS REBECCA LOPEZ WALTRAUD RENATE LOVINGS CHARLES MARVIN ROSS MATHES MAURICE RAY MATTHEWS LINDA JUNE MITCHELL MICHAEL MCCASLIN PHILLIP DAVID MCCHARGUE CHARLES RAY MCKINNIE LYNN MCWATERS DAVID MEDARIS JESSE MEDINA RUBEN MEJIA LEONARD NICHOLS RO ANN ODOM DELORES ORTIZ LARRY PARKER EDWARD PASSMORE DALE PIXLEY ALFRED PORTER RUTH POWELL TOMMY RAY RONNIE RENO ROBERT RIFFLE JOSEPH RODRIQUEZ RICHARD ROSALES DAVID RIGGS DAVID RYAN JOHN SALADINO DON SCRUGGS VICKI SCHULTZ ALICE SCOTT ELIZABETH ANN SCOTT RONALD SCRANTON RUDOLPH SERNA JERRY SHEFFIELD NANCY SIMS FREDDIE STARK LYNN STOEVER BILLY SPEAR RONALD TINDALL MACK VANCE GRETCHEN WALKER PATRICIA WATSON CAROL ANN WHITE JANE WHITLEY DIANE WIGGINS BILLY WILSON JACKLYN YOUNG 2 sf ' V 'S' L r, k ie I .Mi 1 3 wi 'W' 1 Mlm 7 Y gg? . , H i4,,L ,A 0 ' i 5? . n - . 194 ml V f,- 3 gf Ni, .mea X A W A 'ygffid nf fs! TQ mf? V may g . MK W .W 4 Q--' -iqgwaii .aww xv- . qu.. QM A IV ,:m,.,. W Y 'S xaxgq-:xxx Q 12+ if 5 I ? xv Q-.,,. .4 was :sg-5. G . A wh 41 35' ww iw' ww NL , 'W-frm N. vxmw JU IGRS 3 1 In the school store, Tommy Farris sells an Austin "Rabbit's Foot" for the coming football season to Mary Fite. Abernathy, Sunny Adams, ,lerilynn Adams, Judy Ahearn, Bonnie Almogabar, Ruth Ammons, Tommy Argiropolous, Pat Armbuster, Margaret Atchison, Carole Atwood, lVlelba Auder, Donald Barrett, Harry Barrington, Warrfrn Barak, Shirley Barron, Tommy Barrow, Rena Bell, Johnny Beverly, Charles Brown, Sam Bruner, ,lean Buzan, Shirley Bundy, Exar Mae Burrous, Edwina Beardsworth, Bonnie Bennett, Belvery Borup, Betty Bothwell, Charlotte Box, Patti Bradley, Fred Campbell, Anne Capps, Beth Casos, Dahlia Catala, Caroline Cheatham, Marilyn Chickering, Avis Chiles, Marjorie Chippendale, Caro Ann Chittenden, Deanna Christian, Robert Campbell, Ardene Clark, David Cloteaux, Donna Cole, Frank JUNIORS Colley, Cornelius Collins, Ernest Colwell, Wanda Conover, Barbara Copeland, Maylene Cornelis, Jerry Corgill, Bobby Crosby, Tommy JUNIORS Dobbs, Robert Ellisor, Patsy Espinosa, Mary Etheridge, Carl Everett, Mary Farr, Charlotte Farris, Jimmy Farris, Tommy Covey, Judy Cowan, Carolyn Curran, Ed Crain, Anna Crane, Janice Crawford, Don Craig, Carolyn Crenwelge, Carolyn Crum, Sally Cruz, Lewis Dealy, David Derrick, Van Dewees, Sue Ellen Dobbs, Betty Dowdy, Cary Doyle, Wesley F riery, Sammie Fink, Bobby F ite, Mary Fuqua, Douglas Fortune, Ronald Gardner, Carolyn Garrison, Gene Gee, Nannene Gholston, Barbara Gilbert, Gemey Ka Gill, Jo Ann Gilliam, Wanda Goff, Kathleen Golden, Judy green, Johnny reen, Sue Y JUNIORS Haggard, Shirley Holoman, Charles Gholston, Geraldine Hamer, Barri Harrison, Gwenell Harrison, Nina Heinsohn, Sue Henderson, R. C. JUNIORS v Jordan, John Jousan, Mildred Kankey, Travis Keith, Nancy Kerr, Becky Kessinger, J ame Kennedy, Judy S Henderson, Dixie Heynie, Ann Heussner, Kenneth Higginbotham, Carol Hill, Carol Sue Hill, Larry Holt, Bill Horton, Delbert Huffman, Betty Jackson, Ann Jackson, Kay James, Daryl James, Sharon Jenkins, Ann Johnson, Bob Johnson, Ralph Kissinger, Adrienne Keeling, Mike Knight, Billy Kozlek, Pamela Kramer, Margaret Kummer, Beverly Law, Evelyn Lemley, Walter Liles, Stephen Liner, Luther Lord, Ronnie Lucas, Mary Ann Mixon, Elizabeth Marshall, Jenny Marshall. Nancy Matter, Gordon Mays, Elizabeth Mayes, Jackie Mancuso, Ann JUNIORS gl Meadows, Patti Meschke, Alice Messer, Neil Moore, Larry Moore, Lynn Moreland, Wayne Moorhead, Terry J UNIORS Price, Dexter Price, Patsy Purdy, Pan Ray, Marion Reed, Donna Rhodes, Dona ld Morgan, Sherry Murray, Loretta Murphy, Michael Musachia, George McAllister, James McNay, Robert Neel, Dorothy Newbill, 'Delores Norris, Diane Parker, Nancy Parrish, L. D. Partin, Janet Payne, Sammy Paskie, Linda Perry, Judy Pettit, Lavonne Pledger, Ridley Pledger, Suzy Peyton, Janis Polk, Gloria Robinson, Tony Sanders, Jerry Savage, Dixie Sarria, Dickie Schoonover, Laverne Sedita, Sam Seward, Carolyn Shepherd, M. H. Sisson, Joyce Skillern, Sharon Slaikeu, Wayne Smith, Sara Squires, Tommy Stremson, Robert Stevens, Tony Stockton, Karen JUNIORS 1 Street, Kathy Sullivan, Julie Taylor, Lou Thacker, Margie Thompson, Joe Thompson, Nancy JUNIORS 'Qmr Wallingford, Karen Warren, Shirley Weber, Edwina Watson, Pat Wills, Jane Wittner, Ann Wilkey, Diane Winton, Mae Witt, Raymond Whatley, Sandy Vanbebber, Connie Zorn, Betty Lanius, Arlene Godwin, Sandra Juniors cast their vote for Homecoming Queen. SOPHOMORES Abernathy, Charles Alcala, Racheal Alonis, ldelia Alexander, Barbara Allred, Carolyn Anderson, Kay Andrews, Nancy Archibald, Pat Argiropolous, Francis Baggett, Ronald Ball, Robin Baker, Bobby Barnes, Sue Barron, Garry Beavers, Nancy Benefield, Gene Bennett, Martin Blankenship, John Bloomquist, Anne Bowers, Kenneth Bradford, Michael Brewer, Jimmy Brittain, Etta Lou Brooks, Linda Brown, Roy Burroughs, Tanna Butaud, John Butler, Barbara 1 SOPHOMORES Cardenas Ra mond 1 Y Carlisle, Larry Carr, Dickey Carter, O'neda Casey, Larry Casas, Jesse Chapman, Danny Chittenden, Lilly Clarke, Linda Clark, Earline Colley, Marie Connell, Barbara Cook, Billy Cook, Donna Cooper, Carolyn Caperton, Patsy Crain, Don Crawford, Joyce Crosby, Carol Crouch, Gerry Crow, Betty Daidone, Frank Damon, Jim Crosby, Pat SOPHGMORES Estrada, Rachel Field, Daryl Fortenberry, W. C. Frost, Tommie Frieler, Lutzine Davis, Ruth Dawson, Diane Dees, Rennee DeHay, Tommie DeHart, Tommy Denman, Karen Devaushan, Martha Dietrich, Martha Ditta, Luke Dixon, Barbara Dille, Ruth Donnell, Robert Doty, Roy Dow, Sue Drummond, Linda Duncan, Suzanne Durclen, Sharon Dybala, Georgia Ellis, Joseph Estrada, Olivia SOPHOMORES Fruit, Carol Fullen, Carolyn Carter, Judy Gentry, Mike Gilmore, Benny Golden, Judy Coleman, Linda Gregg, Bobby Greer, Bobbie Guena, Joe Gueclry, Geraldine Guice, Sandra Hodson, Mildred Haldridge, Ed Hale, Shirley Hall, Jeanie Hagg, Carol Harrell, James Handsom, Gene Haney, Diane Hanson, Mike Hamilton, Robe Harris, Ronnie rt SOPHOMORES Harris, Connie Harris, Eddie Harris, George Harrison, Charlene Hartley, Nicky Hawkins, Karen Haynie, Sue Hazzard, Karen Helmke, Carolyn Helton, Barbara Henderson, lane Henderson, Ruby Hernandez, Richard Herron, Carole Hill, Jackie Hill, Margaret Himel, Alton Hoffman, David Horton, Archie Hughes, Mary Beth Howell, Annette ' Hubacek, Linda Huestis, Gerald Hughes, Howard Hunt, Ruth Huestis, Ronnie Jamison, Pamela J aynes, Jim Johnson, Chuck Johnson, Johnny Johnson, Sandra Jones, Bobby Jones, Barbara Jones, Jerry Jordan, Sara Juneman, Zoe Ann Jenkins, Janis Keith, Don Kendrick, Ruth Kerr, Dee Kirby, Carolyn Kirk, Melanie Knight, Barbara Kuppner, Verna Krewson, Vickie Kuhlman, Jean SOPHOMGRES Laake, Allene Lancon, W. T. Landgriebe, Elizabeth Lane, Richard Langford, Jerry Lanford, Ruth SOPHOMORES McCullough, Donald McDonald, Brenda McDowell, Jan McLain, Travis Mclnroe, Douglas McMahan, Arlene McMurrey, Beverly McKee, Marilyn Lanier, Maureen Ledford, Wanda Lewis, Francis Little, Bill Lister, Charlotte Long, Paul Lyle, Margie Lyon, Delores Lunsford, Mary Maddux, Karen Mahle, Lynn Maness, Galen Martinez, Robert Mathison, Joan McBay, Billy McCreight, Raym ond Medley, Dennis Metzger, Sandra Meyer, Sarah Mitchell, J ack Moody, Sandra Moore, John Moore, Linda Moore, Richard Murff, Gene Musick, Donald Nelson, Albert Nichols, Lorene O'Quinn, Judy Ortman, Dennis Owens, Betty Owens, Myrna Ott, Richards Oliveres, Rose Ovason, Billy Palmer, Bernice SOPHUMORES Parrish, Jerry Paschal, Douglas Peebles, Pat Pearce, Shelia Peebles, Danny Pendley, Herman SOPHOMORES Peters, Mary Picanzo, Daniel Poole, Nancy Pratt, Hayes Purfurst, Beverly Quaintance, Carole Radicand, Durwood Rainey, Billy Ray, James Radriquez, Eva Reeves, Diane Reich, Trudy Randall, Roberta Rogers, Carol Rogers, Dorene Rogers, Penny Robertson, Gerald Romeo, Rosemary Romero, Myrna Rosamond, Jimmy WWW ea Roth, Tommy Rousseau, Alton Russi, Melinda Rutland, Barbara Sander, Marilyn Saxon, John SOPHOMGRES Schultz, Annette Schulte, Gwen Scofield, Everett Scott, J anis Scott, Mark Shepherd, Joyce Sheppard, Pat Sellars, Ronnie Serna, Dora Shpemaker, Barbara Sills, Jo Skidmore, Betty Shyrock, Mickey Sperling, Sue Sounders, Jimmie Stock, Leroy Stone, Charles Stukey, Martha Ann Sylve, Johnny Tannick, David l Sophomores find morning announcement amusing. 228 Taylor, Darlene Thames, Glenda Thomas, Joyce Thompson, Ann Thompson, Brenda Thornton. James Townsend, Roland Trevino, Julia Vajdak, Barhara Vaughan, Bill Vaughan, Patsy Wallace, Rick Walker, Diane Walker, Jerry Walker, Judy Walker, Royce Waltermire, Frank Weaver, Lucy Williams, Virginia Wimberly, Brooks Mclntyre, Rany SOPHOMGRES QS' l ,si gl W ccc - Gene Murff arrives to see the mighty Mustangs win another football game. ,F A ,ff ,.,v"". ft .5 tv' ,,-nw' , a QD C QS L. ,,. VK f A 'ffiw sw 1 , if 2 if :AAR 11- -' Q, ., --kvA fi gms QW rf' Z., H M 5 , 9325, 'YT f Wk A I y' '- uf' 25 ff 'Q fi X O , Q if 1' " S A 1 fwtmi ,ff .xg , 'fffsfif , ,'-gSg5,w, . ""i. ,Xa My fifk V LL I . i , M! ' 3 fy? Y E M gk.-g.,,. g K. . 1 M . L, Q ,, M 7 if 5 Ei my I Q ' jj 'M K . 4, . LQSEE' fgiffw 2,46 'I K su 1 f f 1 , ' 'Y VQ1. S1 51 4 1' Q ,f xg , ' , Y Q has Mk: ll' , 6. i is 5 , . ak -4 p, if ' PM 1.. XL Zi f V v'vSv.5x" 'f f 1 1 ,X 5. ff .- 'xv I I 2 . I 4 is K ig? sf, X W , if 1 . A A K .P 5 1 M I m 7 4 K I I k 47 I an E A K . Q, f ' L ,, 4 V is E' ' gw 5 - X T Elkiit 4 g B H A B E K ghxi gg i, F. .. f S- A 4 V I E W5 K Lg K ' , - s K K K - ms ,P no xr? YQ? 1 :Fx x ' ggvfi 5 S fx ,fx 3, b - ,V LG? li ffa 'W ijt 'S 'l iii: K in S if ,Fixx -fs 1 ?w r . if eg if K si 4 9,-1 Ph YW Wi 'Nm' 3 'Tx W 2' W.. Q .gm VN 'T .4 f X w F.. , .JJ ' I -w 1,4 sig Q .ll at -yy I . , if Q QRW ,. 1, Q4 G . .,,... -,, ,. .. .YA . 2 .QL 0 yx -x 1 I , .f 'Y 1 1 ,-Q." ' K Y fx!-N fl , is X vga' '1:,"SN".2'l.i K -s.z-,:- , . Y-lik ,TW A, wfifwkyf . g ...:w.4,M,.... I .M ' ..,, .1 A. P1 fin t I !Q'f!'35p. fg1 i'm , 1 , gli' W 55,5 .i MQ 2 5? if I Kif I f sa ,af ,f mf N.. If-. N. 233 Students Al Weaver, Joe Dow, Steve White, and Carl Grey study Margie Thacker, Polly Branch, and Pat Rodgers explore the mysteries for six weeks tests in the library. wa' 1' ,W n L45 L. M . l3'C'Xf2:2 Q .aft ,JV SSM qxwtw if xx t. of the Crime-Mobile. Margaret Kramer, Becky Kerr, and Ion Watt pause for refreshments during half-time at Jeppesen Stadium. Drum Major Carol Ramsey and Majorettes Gerry Bur- rniester, Lynn Johnson, and Mary Jane Wagner take time to admire a new charm bracelet. Lucy Weaver, Jerry Murff, and Sara Smith, prove that many "kicks" can be had in Corral. Brigadiers demonstrate that afternoon drill is a must for an oustanding performance. I I V .1-smug, yr , 4 Wjffk. '. ' y i2it2Zli"iffft'i .J A .1'iu"z'lff3 ' 2- gj,,:":i'liH 1:4 -1 :sf is i fi bw i ff , li X ' I ' :F-wi n 5 5 t Q s 1 t ff t "'f ' f ' if 7 i 'f 2: y Q. Q1-f "Qu . Postmislross Kay Hasha and Postmaster Robert Harris are assisted n clt-livrfring Valentines by Cupids Edna Miller and Mary Ann Brown. Corral Spring staff members Jarline Mueller, Betty Koppa, and Sunny Sue Abernathy, work frantically to mevt the dearlline. 'IES enjoys a day of fun away from school. 1. X Wir lemen Deutsvhl tWe are learning Cermanll Rosemary Jamison, Billy Wilson, Lutzine Freiler, and "The Ritz Sisters" are among the talent selected for Ted Mack's Original Amateur Hour. ' N A5 K PM av 3 Ab ggi Q Sw W i . . fi? ' , . 7 nh! w gl ,H ,...,.,,,,. 3,51 ww E isa S X115 15 5 'i 9 420 - kq-:X : K ,L wg , P 5 . fi Mrs. Carolyn Gilmore, Corral sponsor, explains to the Beauty Contest Judges, Mr. Chuck Dunaway, Miss Jo Ann McCrea1'y, and Mr. Dick Gottlieb the scoring system of the contest. Coach Bill Cook presents to rookies Frank Waltermire, Jerry Langford, and Us-nnis Medley, their football sweaters. Larry Tllomas, Bill Jeter, Wright Denison, and Ronnie Pierce find that the Booster Club made a profit from the Broncho Whirl. ACTI ITIES Beauty Leslie Butler pauses in front of the judges stand at the annual beauty contest. Miss llvlly lllakvly pre-svnts Janice Carrot! with a svhool l0ttE'r at ilu- Girls' Sports Banque-t. January brings the announvcntm-nt of the Spring Round-Up staff. K I R . Auslinitvs Neal Kooncv, Linda Wimlwrly, Meredith Martin, and Robe-rt Harris pose- with Dm-Jay Paul Berlin at the Teens Against Polio Danvr-. E ' in 15, lg' A L a. . I 2 A s I Y Six girls from the senior vlass represent 'LHarvey's" family at the- mid-term senior play. The cast of the senior play, Harvey, takes a curtain call. 237 .QL Qs: ,Q -NIJ' W V 9- 238 'kfvfkf kt, 7.- fk 'qwjzggfi-B f xy ,. v..,, .-341-'vers-,, S 1: gag, ,fair i V , - fl-i I: ' x - K K , f f X . ,. M ,kt fi , h XL! 1 7 K Km' V " N ,X W g A . , K 6' 4 P Q' ' 4 wt f 1, A I .5 , 'yu .Q . ...Q-f. ' ...Q ' - 2 In .- - M ,- Corral Spring staff members ,Iarline Mueller, Betty Koppa, and Sunny Sue Abernathy, work frantivally to invet llll' deadline. Postxnistrvss Kay Hasha and Postmaster Robert Harris are assisted in dc-livf-ring Vale-mines by Cupids Edna Miller and Mary Ann Brown. TIE ,:4'22V"" -K Wir lemen Deutsch 1Wm art learning, German Rosemary Jamison, Billy Wilson, Lutzine Frcilvr, and "Tho Ritz Sisters" are among the talent selected for Ted Mack's Original Amateur Hour. enjoys a day of fun away from school. t 6.- Emmy! 5 zms ' f f -. fn , I -f M Q 1 Q 'Y M ' Mwwx v Y . .3- . v,.W, i. -- M X M 1 rwag,-ffi . ...QB ,M 41 - .. 1 -- . , ,Wi Ugg - mf 1-1A.:.?J-Q , 5 M U, f- :-'.,a1M- gif. 3 f, .1 in ,ui sl Z , 2 4 2, 31, w, 1 2 5 HGUD UAUAHO? ppm MN xwwjwx K ruff ,. . I i 0933 I ??' f A 1 Q 31 W ni w w -L gr f' .M i , L , N lc W , A . P5 ' -J pg: if 'isxglgafwf if JIMMY REE i u,. n J 5 saw., 1 mmm 'fe Congrarularions, Seniors! From rhe Members of THE AUSTIN AUTO SHOP Complimenrs of WARREN D. ADAMS SERVICE STATION DINNER BELL CAFETERIA 6525 I-awqdale Congralulalions a+ Wayside WA. 8-3239 From BOB ROBERTSON INC. JOSKES GULFGATE JUNIOR WORLD . . . Headquariers for 'l'he Teena Paige Fashions Juniors Love! HOUSTON'S OLDEST CHEVROLET DEALER SLATAPER'S SERVICE STATION 4679 Telephone Road HOUSTON I7, TEXAS Phone MI 5-206I LENOX BARBEOUE Specializing in Hickory Smoked Hoi' Barbecue MARINE DRUG STORE Complefe Cafering Service 5502 Canal 5420 Harrisburg Blvd. Phone WA 6-OI I5 WA I-5600 WA-IZ' I9 FREE DELIVERY LEONARDM2A:::rNEILL' 'IR' Prescriprions Experily Compounded LEONARD McNEILL Owner SERVING EAST END SINCE I930 KOPPER KETTLE CAF ETERIA QCLOSED SUNDAY, Counler Service, I A.M.-8 P.M. Cafeferia Service, II A.M.-8 P.M. Shorl' Orders WA. 6-7203 6623 Harrisburg Blvd. HOUSTON II, TEXAS ART ENDERLI HERMAN GREINER Congra+ula+ions, Seniors From HARMAN WILKINS AND JAN ENDERLI LOWE, THE FLORIST 520I Hillman Sfreel' WA. 3-I63I McNEEL JEWELRY COMPANY Manufaciuring Jewelers NEXT TO POST OFFICE 704 Telephone WA. 3-6305 ALTON T. MOBERG Res. Phone WA. 3-47I6 SHUMBERG ELECTRIC COMPANY 55I7 Dorbrancli WA. 3-I902 WA I-5562 45' 9 Shop Phone OL. 4-l32I ,gr F., CASEY'S 2 PAINT 3. BODY sHoP REX TAILORS Special Discouni' -For Ausfin Sfudenfs Tuxedo Ren'I'aIs La+es'I' SI'yIes P I B ds opu ar ran 3900 TELEPHONE ROAD ' Wreclxs Rebuilf ' Fender Work GUI-FGA-I-E MEYER'-AND ' Complefe Painf Jobs MI 5-8507 MO. 7-9I29 HOME PHONE MI. 9-5296 HOUSTON I7, TEXAS ' TEXAS PLUMBING COMPANY, INC. Mechanical Contractors 7I0 MELROSE BUILDING HOUSTON. TEXAS TEXAS LOUISIANA ARKANSAS "Bes+ Equipped Shop Sou'I'h" RALPH P. GILBERT Presicleni Besl' Wishes From THE ROUND-UP STAFF Nancy Campise Cl1ris'I'iana Brennan Susie Payne Barbara McMurrey Bonnie Beardsworlh Jean Donnelly Judy Lemons Mary Espinosa Maury Lieberman Diclr Phillips Ronnie Lord James Harper Ben HoI+on Peggy Burl Mary Ann Brown Gordeen McDonald Jil Van Black Linda Arnold Allhea Broclren Palsy Miller Meredilh Marlin Beverly Walzel Mrs. Mary Brown Mr. Jaes Armslrong FOLEY'S 5? f' jf Ii? PHONE .... CA8-3311 OVIE DISCOUNT CARD WIIICN INTITLES M! T0 DISCOUNT ADMISSIONS FOI ONE FULL YIAI, AT ANY AND ALL INTIISTATI TIIIATIES AS LONG AS I AM IN THE AGI IIACKIT OF I2 THROUGH 17 YIAIS. ll OUT THIS PORTION 0NlY IF THIS IS A RENEWAI IAM! IINT Nunn flamly HIST MIDDLE IASTI III: lMo.l DATE: Il. UDIESS: fIITf IIONEA rlssfm CARD NO I 0 NOT PRESENTIY HAVE A CARD-Tlll OUT THIS PORTION ALSO 'NI IMO-I om: YR- lllml ll num nur on n num! mn on dinnun A 1 ITE APPIIED FOI: V I 5 APPIICATION AND SI.00 WITH YOU IN PERSON T0 ANY INTERSTATE THEATRE IOOI TELEPHONE ROAD WA. 6-6870 CRAWFORD INSURANCE AGENCY 360I Telephone Road HOUSTON. TEXAS CARR'S TASTEE FREEZ sarees RD. AT GULF EREEWAY Feafuring Sandwiches-Ice Cream-Sofi' Drinlcs CALL IN ORDERS-MI 5-0I63 lorder Ready When You Arrivel .SN M -Z MOBILE HOMES "I' ' MOBILE HOMES FLANNIGAN TRAILER SALES, INC. HOUSTON, TEXAS E- R- Fl-ANNIQAN 360I Telephone Rd. EXPOFI DIVISION Phone: OLive 4-8535 SOUTH TEXAS LUMBER CO. Qualify Building Ma+erials GR. 2-362I Mgr.. TOM WRIGHT JACOBSON-YELLEN SUPER MARKET HousI'on's Finesi' Suburban Food Marlcef 2702 TELEPHONE ROAD WA. I-5765 TAYLOR'S CONOCO SERVICE Comple'I'e Service 5602 LAWNDALE WA. 6-2988 DAMON'S HUMBLE SERVICE 233: TELEPHONE WA. 6-0454 TEXAS STATE TILE 8: TERRAZO, INC 3I I5 Golf Cresi Blvd. Housfon I7, Texas MI. 5-0285 Y 0 I.sf4..f. I and SCHLUMBERGER Means Service cl-IAS. MARTIN 8. coMPANY , INSPECTORS OF PETROLEUM APPROVED AND LICENSED BY NEW YORK PRODUCE EXCHANGE New York, N. Y. Bosfon, Mass. FaII River, Mass. Providence, R. I Tiverfon, R. I. Chicago, III. Philadelphia, Pa. Marcus Hoolr, Pa. Texas Cify, Texas Paulsboro. N. J. Freeporf, Texas Bayonne, N. J. Elizabefh, N. J. Balfimore, Md. TANK STRAPPING AND CALIBRATION San Pedro IPorf of Los Angelesl, Calif. LaIre CI1arIes, La. San Luis Obispo, Calif. San Francisco, Calif. Tampico, Mexico Havana, Cuba New Orleans, La. Bafon Rouge, La. Porf Arfhur, Texas Beaumonf, Texas Housfon, Texas Aruba and Curacao, N. A Trinidad, B. W. I. Caripifo, Puerfo La Cruz Las Piedras, Venezuela Ras Tanura, Saudi Arabia Bayfown, Texas Corpus Chrisfi, Texas Arkansas Cify, ArIr. Maracaibo, Ven. INSPECTION OF ALL LIQUID CARGOES Including Molasses, Creosofe, Benzol, Solvenfs, Alcohols, Acids, Vegefable and Animal Oils OFFICIAL WEIGHERS AND INSPECTORS FOR NATIONAL COTTONSEED PRODUCERS ASSN., AND NATIONAL SOYBEAN PROCESSORS ASSOCIATION ARLEDGE FABRIC CENTER 5 I 88 LAWNDALE AVENUE WA. 3-BOI3 DISC DEN I005 Telephone Road WA. 6-7752 Roof Leaking? Need a New Roof? C. BEN JACKSON . OFFICE RESIDENCE C0mPI'men"5 Ml. 5-6648 WA. 3-6I20 of CINDERELLA BEAUTY SHOP Complefe Hairsfyling Permanenis and SeI's I2l5If2 TELEPHONE wA. 6-0246 A FRIEND fonigif ' ' ' ROLLER SKATE, INC Member USARSA GLendaIe 3-2790 GLendaIe 3-4I34 I355 SHEFFIELD BLVD. HOUSTON I5. TEXAS .mh- 'Air ff! RAEBURN'S OF HOUSTON and Por+rai+s-Weddings Passpor+s Commercial Phofography WA. 6-9108 732 Telephone Road HOUSTON, TEXAS TQ" wh All Graduates COME IN AND REGISTER FOR A PHILCO TRANSISTOR RADIO TO BE GIVEN AWAY Free! as y EE Illlli.l . :Ill -5- .- ., ILPLWQ5 g::f:eaf'3 lx -" 'l"i ' 5 I X NEWELL FURNITURE CO. Selling the Best! Better Nationally Radios Adveffked 54l8 Lyons at Lockwood 2606 Telephone at Freeway Refrigerators Mefehendiee Phone CR 2-0525 Phone WA 6-45lI Ranges HOUSTON, TEXAS To the High and Mighty '59 From THE CORRAL STAFF Jan Enderli Sonia lsham Angela Austin Jerry Murtt Margaret Kramer Charlotte Farr Kay Jackson Sara Smith Bill Little Becky Kerr Lynne Bryant Margie Thacker Barbara Broyles Diane Bartsch Barbara Reaves Lucy Weaver Mrs. Carolyn Gilmore SNOWFLAKE DONUTS NO. I0 Open 6 to I2 7 Days a Week I003 Telephone Rd. MILTON FLOWER SHOP Flowers for Every Occasion "Personalized Service" 702 TELEPHONE ROAD WA. I-766I Calces Wedding Birfhday Pariy Delicious French Bread Specializing in Cusfom Designing and Decorafing Sonia Isham Angela Aus+in Delivery Service R.O.T.C. LOUISIANA BAKERY SPOHSOH C-WSIS non DUMBLE WA. 6-0400 Officers No. 1 WONDERFUL K-NUZ 1320 24 Hours Daily For Fun Radio! On-+I1e-Go Radio! -HEAR K-NUZ HI-FI SHOW- NigIi+Iy, 8 P.M. KERR AUTO SUPPLY Au+omo+ive Paris and Supplies I30I TELEPHONE ROAD WAInui' 3-6636 RUSSELL JACKSON ORCHESTRA Music for All Occasions BROCK 8: MARTIN BOOKING AGENCY JA. 8-I889 HENDRICK GRAIN COMPANY Purina Cliows Hay. Grain, Feed, and Hardware WA. I-7l29 66I9 HARRISBURG JOHNS-MANVILLE ROOFING - SIDING - FLOORING Terms If Desired ESTIMATES WITHOUT OBLIGATION Dial Mlssion 5-6648 BRYANT ROOFING CO. 2525 Gaivesion Rd. MEMBER HOUSTON ROOFING CONTRACTORS ASSOCIATION LOUISE'S BEAUTY SHOP Permanenf Waving Our Specialfy IIII Dumble S+. WA. 6-0405 LOUISE WRAY, Owner CARNES' MOBILE SERVICE Q -2 Free Pick Up and Delivery Road Service 835 Durnble PAUL'S BAKERY GLEN CARNES Pho'1If,j,'2"2fg'7,5 WI1oIesaIe and Re+aiI PIES ' - A. Nu.. CAKES J McCARVER RENTAL AGENCY DoNuTs I' W ROLLS T' 4680 Teiephone Rd. WA. 6-0383 WA. 6-6564 7 I 02 Naviga'I'ion 6929 HARRISBURG BOULEVARD PHONE: WA. I-4I I I BOULEVARD FUNERAL HOME J. V. INC. COSSABOOM, Owner FUNERAL DIRECTORS HOUSTON II, TEXAS Profecf Your Family Wi+h BOULEVARD INSURANCE C + I V EDWIN T. FEIGLE CO. ongra ua Ions Typewrifers - Adding Machines From "WE APPRECIATE Youk BUSINESS" A FRIEND 4909 Fannin JA. 4-6800 ACME ..I"I8zI'IMUSICCO.. II2I Caroline CApI'I. 4-7859 CLEANERS 81 LAUNDRY The Heighi' of Perfecfion 52I 67Ih STREET WA. 6-0376 II005 MARKET ST. RD. OR. 3-9I66 PARKER MUSIC CO. 902 Walker ICorner Travisi "In fhe Hearf of Downfown Hous+on" BAND INSTRUMENTS - RECORDS -- MUSIC The Besf Mexican Food in Hous'I'on MOLlNA'S MEXICO CITY RESTAURANTS 39I6 So. Main JA. 4-OOI9 3606 Bissonnei' MO. 5-9044 HOUSTON, TEXAS JUDY LEMONS Senior Beauty Finalist W U 2 3 -ill f if Wie a ll 1, ' Q Ab - ' P' Weil l? ,wi f 2 THE BANK,TI-IRI' GREW 3 0 urge A BEANSTALK, e 3 J 3 ii if Once upon a time there was a ' . bank that grew like Jack's 2 , K Beanstalk. One day East End State Bank opened with Q 51,300,000 in deposits, and only 12 years later it reached 528,000,000 It grew so fast- '- '- and soundly-that it had to build a new building. East End State Bank has a handsome new building at 4200 Leeland . . . convenient for resi- dential, commercial and industrial accounts. STATE BANK 4200 LEELAND Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Member Federal Reserve System i - i I, , i i i, LWJZ i q : H l Complimenis MARVIN'S FOOD MARKET 5202 Canal S+. WA. 6-0I3l HOUSTON Il, TEXAS EYES EXAMINED GLASSES FITTED DR. C. DALE ROSS DR. A. C. WINFORD 909 Rusk Sheef HOUSTON, TEXAS FA. 3-9065 Across From Majesfic Thealre BOCK CATERING SERVICE Food Tha+'s Righl' for Your FIigh+ MI. 5-6504 82I4 Lockheed WA. I-4l II BOULVARD FUNERAL HOME, INC. The Home of Sympa+heI'ic Service J. V. COSSABOOM. Presidenf 6929 Harrisburg Blvd. SAM WHITE OLDSMOBILE CO. 2520 Main ai' McGowen HOUSTON, TEXAS JAcIcson 9-486I EVELYNE SKINNER Senior Beauty Finalist SS. Phone WA 3-65I9 Bus. Phone WA 8-9329 JETER'S GARAGE DODGE AND PLYMOUTH SERVICE I7 Years Experience - General Repairs 7I II Harrisburg Blvd. JETER. PFOP- HOUSTON II, TEXAS Irvin Johnson's REO CLEANERS 3307 E. Holcombe Blvd. ai' O.S.T. 842 Kress JA. 3-8704 WA. 6-3455 RICHEY'S I-S+op Shopping Cenier 6648 CANAL STREET WA. 8-5464 MILTON FLOWER sl-IOP ggi!! Flowers for Every Occasion ALE! "PERSONALIZED SERVICE" SAV-MOR FOOD MARKET Wi+h WA. I-766I "Your Friendly Grocer" 4203 Telephone Road MIH4-49II shop Ml. 5-6504 Home Ml. 5-6844 Phone WA 60053 BOCK GROS BODY SHOP CATERING SERVICE , , , Palnhng - Welding The Food Thal"s Righl 'For Your Flighl' Free Esnmdes 82I4 Lockheed Houslon, Texas D. GROS HBTZTEEPQSHSTEIEAS MR. AND MRS. L. E. Bock 'me' ' Phone WA. 3-I54I Nile OL. 4-7255 NU-SYSTEM LAUNDRY I I I5 Telephone Rd. MANNING MACHINE SHOP General Machine Work LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANING and Welding INDUSTRIAL UNIFORMS 20II Hackney Slreel' A, R, MANNING, Housfon 23, Texas Phone WA. 6-245 I RELIABLE TIRE SHOP Tires. Tubes and Vulcanizing Recapping - Reireading H, D, AGREGARD 4422 Navigalion and Easfwood Proprielor Houslon, Texas WA. 6-0254 66l0 Capilol Home Ml. 9-8645 Houslon, Texas SKATELAND ROLLER RINK Skaling Classes Privafe Parlies DON MESECHER Operafor 5206 Telephone MI. 9-2735 Senior Beauty Finalist OPEN SUNDAYS JANE ANDERSON SUZY PLEDCER Junior Beauty Finalist BE A REGISTERED MEDICAL TECHICIAN IM.T.I X-RAY TECHNICIAN IR.T.I Apply for I-raining in I'I1e SouII1's Ieading s ecialized medical Iechnology scI1ooIQday and nigI1I' classes. NATIONALLY APPROVED FREE PLACEMENT Courses 6 Io I5 Mon'rI1s WriI'e, Phone, or Visii' for Informafion SOUTHERN COLLEGE OF MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY I004 Truxillo ICorner 3900 Block So. Main, HOUSTON 4, TEXAS TeIepI1one JA. 6-3048 I Y HAHN 8. CLAY Manufadurers complamem of JOHN'S CAMERAS AND CARDS I45 Gulfgafe Mall GULFGATE SHOPPING CITY 907 Rusk GuIf BuIIcIIng POWER BOILERS HEAT EXCHANGERS PRESSURE VESSELS SPECIAL MACHINERY 5I00 CIinI'on Drive HOUSTON 20, TEXAS YOUR FUTURE COMES FIRST WITH MASSEY! FIRST in Oualiiy of Training FIRST in Preference of Employers FIRST in Houslon You are always welcome a+ MASSEY-as a visilor or as a sludenl. Hs classrooms are Iighi and pleasanh ils equipmeni, modern: i+s faculiy, recognized by l'l'1e Nalional Council of Business Colleges. Massey is an approved Veferans Training Agency. Day and nighl' classes begin every Monday. Enroll now. MASSEY BUSINESS COLLEGE HOUSTON, TEXAS l2l7 Capilol CA. 8-633I BETTE HUFFMAN funiar Beauty Finalist LENOX PHARMACY The Prescripfion Drug Slore 532l Harrisburg Boulevard Phone WA. I-7I53 HOUSTON, TEXAS Complimenfs of COUGAR BCOK STORE 3824 WHEELER L . S. M. WALKER FLORIST "FIowers for All Occasions" PHONE OR. 4-I228 ALL HOURS 7IIO LYONS HOUSTON 20, TEXAS Patterson's Foto Art Studio SPOTLIGHTS Paula Tadlock MU RPHY'S SERVICE STATION 70I4 LawncIaIe WA. 6-5I42 HOUSTON. TEXAS ul I MILTON CLEANERS South Park a+ O.S.T. CompIeI'e One-S'I'op Service COX I TRANSFER AND STORAGE II4 Preston Ave. HOUSTON, TEXAS ANN ACKSON 'I Phone CA. 8-4453 Junior Beauty Finalist gqwaiw 5' ix: s a member of the Class of 1959 you're off to a good start toward a useful and rewarding future May We congratulate you, and Wish you every success. A HUMBLE OIL 84 REFINING COMPANY . -- -"-" , .- -''El-'BRE215355I252551515152E25155':IEF5222522152E15IE2325251525252E222E25I52E172EE:IESEI?251E251ESEIEEIEEE1E1EIE2213?'PE251E2E1EfEIE2EIEfE3"'f4ff:f4: .. . 4. 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WE RENT TUXEDOS 6725 Harrisburg 8I2 Presfon "SPECIAL RATES FOR AUSTINITES' HANDI-AD PRINTING CO 3615 Crane OR. 2-0I02 "CIRCULARS" Complimenfs of THE BEST BIOLOGY CLASS IN AUSTIN 4+h Period MR. JONES BERNICE PALMER Sophomore Beauty Finalist KAY ANDERSON Sophomore Beauty Finalist CongraI'uIaI'ions! I 958-59 BOOSTER CLU B JANICE SCOTT Sophomore Beauty Finalist Your MANHATTAN Rubber Bowling Ball Dealer We Also Carry Bags. Shoes and Shiris HOUSTON BOWLING SUPPLY, INC. 2200 Telephone Rcl. WA. 8-3697 Congrafulaiions, Seniors! From MR. JONES' THIRD PERIOD- The Biology Class Which Has 'I'he SchooI's Mosl' Beauiiful Girls and Mosf Handsome Boys!! Congrafulafions 'Io AII I'he GracIua+es of I959 K. C. IKENI RAY Congra'I'uIa+ions I'o I'he Seniors of '59 TELE-RADIO, INC I72I Waugh Dr. I HOUSTON. TEXAS f xx n . . AY d A 5 U? Vg .I ' 5 . v. 'j' .. I . 0 . P f' f 7 izgffri-5 . ' I f, . .I L- Q 1"ii1.:""5l: , J m'1,.'hv w 1 J lv -ff' ir! . 1 W 4 is . g H1 , W . .gs- ,Qg -1 V bfmti ,. W rg-full :- Q 5. 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