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1 nfllswfiwli' 1229 'iii 115 A Q 11, 1 sn, . 1, 'vs' 1 ' .W 411 1 ,- A 11 .X 1.1 ,, Y "Y1111,,' 6 1i111w1,L .' X ,M H" 111 1 I ' a"1',' ' , U" '1 . F - , L If 5 ,n 7553 1 " . - 1 : -' 1 15 . 1 1 195 -' Ji' 1- ,. ' 1- ' 1 -' 11 pf 1 E1 AP ,LQ H151-5' x , 1 1 1, -F 1 -rl' 111 2111,,N N 1 ' ff , ' ':1 ' ' ' .a ' '11 ' 11111' ' .1117I'Wf1 . -1- 11' , 1,1 ' 1 1 L-4111111.41 1 1 ml .. 1 111 11111 , " 1 1. 'r , 1, 1 V ,. .4112 ' 1 1 1 W AEX11 L 1lnfgl..'1!1 1 1 1 .g,,15i."gi. ?'11f1.4' Q 1. 'Z .1I . , "' 1- K 11- '1 H", Y'ggt1111'g5?'.141- -1Y1'11.XT11. 5"2+11tf3.1' 1:77-f'1,11'1"f 1: "L"vJf?11f ' 19:1 1 " r. v'f ' i' 1211. .1'f"3il . I '- -'ri Lf " 1' . '1' -'-13: .lf-5,1- ,-.trek 1 111' -1 .- .' 'M' 1:51 , . 1?15'1'ia 1 ni, . nf Q' 1 . . A 1 - 1 11111 1,111-1 11 1' . -Q11 6 wp ' 1 a,1 1 1 ll g1111IAmj1l- 1' D -11111. - ! 1 s 1 1 " 1' 11111, 11 1' 1, I Q 1 11111 , 5 " 11,111-1 ' '1 1.5 -' 4'-1 JK' nf, R W' .1 1 -QA 1 1111 X 11 1 "I 15.111 111111 Y " , 5. ' 4- " i ' . 1 it 9 F f Q ,J Q . 'L ' ' 411 A ' 1' 1 ef' ' 11111 11 1 11 1 1 I '- Na-,YZ Q 1 1. 11 111 1111-'11111 1 iff, fn' , .1 Q 1 I 1- Q 11351 I , 1 . 112x111 .1 ' ' 1 1,111 V1 11 1 .1 1- 1 1 1, 11 Q QV . 11,1 ,A is C 111 X 0 ,, 1w 1 1 1g1'1 1 ,.,1A 12, . ,1 111 11 1 1 4 x' 11 '1 W-1' 1 1111' 11 11111 11 1 5 , wJ 11 1' 111 We 15? 111111 M 1 jg., V -' 111 . . 1 1 1 -1 1 11113 - 1'- 11111 ': f' 1 1' ,111 , 1 1 "Af .',1"'- my, 1 .5 1-1. ' - 113. ,, , 111 . 1111! " 11 11 11 V g I 13.5, 1 .,- -z1, 's-':- -.xg ,'f1, -,f,,:--,.:- .. -1-41 .1.1 . Q.. 11- 'v .-6:"vL-8. ,- 1 1 1 11 1. 14 1, Y S E122 1 1 1 . . 7 '1:---111' 1 ' ' ' 4' ' ' . 1 1 W1 11 J' " "111 11 1111 N115 ,F 15 1 -111",1 1 , A W-v A K .1 5,51 b 11x A 13" 41N cfm 1 1 V: NY xad, T I Q Y , 7 .v . , V n L M1 ,md i V mi-3 U , ,. 'ef W . i 5-I M :L Y 'Zi N38 w Q 1 w 4, 1 r , -b Qi' N. '- 'f " :ff f f,. . y gf .5 rj? v""g1,, EH' 11 1.-5 J., .M ,gh L? ra , 14 -.+,l: -4 gy .v. ,g. -lg .- 4 9, -, g, mfg' . A. I - -x Hug 4.-, ,- , Q ,:'.f,w,, -' al - . ". x,, im' , , . giv lnjg- l ',f T. , sm. . 1 VM- :EB M5 I QQ, ' :Ig-' .i-. . - X: m':.y-- g. :sf 'E .. .V 'F fi' - g,,:',v .,n-:- n,, ' -..- ',. ,x , f r wi Af" ' -1 ! W ACA? -'f,.--HL" 55:5 FEB' -3 .-11.-: 'Q' 41 . :r 1, .x 1 ' - MW, .-1... ,- G , -JM "J, ' , .L l'l -. AF J' ff-5 f fuel Vex. au- , - ,- ,. iw" - " YiWVf"f-Y - 'Ee -' ' 'EWU - ' 1-A w'v ..w2?B?ii!is'1Z'i!'z 1 M ',.4w.n? 's aim:-' Edited cmd Published BY THE CORRQL STHFF Of STEPHEN F. HUSTIN SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL P t d by GULF PUBLISHING COMPHNY Houston P rents, RHEBURN and WI-IEFIT STUDIOS jim I9 2 CURB BILL IQRRFLL Editor in Chie1 KQY CQRMICHQFL' Business Monaqer CHROLYN CHITTENDENg-Senior Editor ,u A ,4" M- 1 519. ,:,sfs. fl -1 ,fm ,. U fa., :W ,, 3, .. Nxxg 1- ,, A -..,, fe' Wiz ? fvjpf pf. 1 1-1 Q A f ws . 'J . f ' ,ze U -M . s-mm 3:32 47: . f f" S ff '4 f W , ,E A A ,.,,,g,.. ,, Vg Ji. wwf, K UI IM f ,,gv.,56+:q- Q,-. , .zfwf i 'Hf'f'w -, H Qagwpz - ,Af .. we n X,f. f ,V ,if7f.Q,-if ff f., ' K Q I 21, Vzaffi ' 'Q rf Mg ,f pr H 42 , ' W , if www X 1 2,5 Q, L .. if ,f Q K tiff Q L f , Q X' SQ, f 5 2 , 3,4 K Myf' fr' W Q ,Q A SL A v " ig a r 4 Q ffm W L 3351 :fy f g ,. . My 1 Q QVWN, i -,ww 'mm ..,, W Mp. mx-'::,5 2-gl, A f.. 1: A " " 1 ' Hi bedication To Miss Hdele Waggaman, the l952 Corral Staff proudly dedicates this book. Since her arrival at Flustin High School in 1937, Miss Waggaman has given the school and the students the best of her time and efforts. She is remembered as a friend and counselor to those who know her. Before coming to Flustin High, Miss Waggaman attended Rice Institute. Hfter she was graduated, she taught at Sam Hous- ton High School. She then came to Stephen F. Qustin and is among the few teachers who have taught here since the first day the doors opened. Miss Waggaman has done more than her share to provide entertainment and extra-curricular activities for the Students. She has sponsored the Bowling Club and the Square Dance Club. Today, the Bowling Club is one of the largest clubs at Hustin, the main reason for its rapid growth is the wonderful character and vivacious personality of its sponsor. Miss Waggaman will never be forgotten. She will remain in the hearts of all the friends she has made at Hustin High School. To you Miss Waggaman, our beloved teacher and companion, we are proud to salute you by dedicating this year book to you and the Work you have done to better our school. 'V I.. Mx- -M- srs?Q?NM S , r New Us 513085630 EN 'N .,, . , 5:1 .VF 1 f sqipesg. lu. n :LL C L ff? 1"'J '5 STEPHEN F AUSTIN SENIOR HIGH scHooL ,A Vff lf noun.: AND JEFFERSON K--"4 'I I It I f A -X., ,' , I ' gfoaatoa 3, 7:11:44 fr gf v ,W . t - ,ix ,J , vff"':Y'lg1'l ffjg3:P:'Q !:"fL'x""'-5'A.." .-I' -- - f , i ,, j , fn""S'4f'1gff"vf-- f3Lf,,3, '-Nxifffr '2- nfgff 3n1hh,il-f' ..,,,N , , ,,,.,,, .,. , , ff iv gqRFQxQ ,, ,,. x"m'WJ+w1Wi-Jifwif "Wm H 2 rd -- --Lg, ' - tt- L - 7,49 L 'E-,-mg.-45: 'L '-A-.4-J.. .ga ,A V, - W-4, -, qu.. - Stephen F. Austin Senior High School Dumble at Jefferson Houston 23, Texas Dear Friends, Every year in the life of a school such as ours seems to be better than the last one. Every new yearbook staff earnestly strives to make its book better than the last one preceding it. This year we have tried to put the feelings of the entire student body down on the pages of this book. We have tried to capture the feeling known only to sophomores of belonging to an institution such as ours, that new feeling of worldliness felt by the juniors, and the great new feeling of wisdom experienced by the seniors. We hope that in the eyes of you, the student, we have succeeded. For without the approval of the student body no yearbook is worth the paper it is written on. We humbly present the 1952 CORRAL. The Staff I. II. III. IV. V. VI. VII. VIII. Table of Contents HDMINISTRHTION . . . SENIOR CLPISS .... IUNIOR CLHSS ...... SOPHOMORE CLPISS .... PERSONHLITIES ..... ORGHNIZHTIONS . . . HTHLETICS ..... QDVERTISING . . I. HIIIIIIIIISHHHIUII L sg- . A' 4 WL" My " 'Q f 'LW-L: 'Q' QV'-1 , . C ' M 9 Q..-, f n R .. o 9? I MR. IFIMES H. GOTTEE Principal .xdolminifi frafion MR. Fl. P. DOWLING Flssistcmt Principcxl RQNQRD MRS LE M95 B ' WIS f C I MRS. CROUCH I its N OWHRD Reward ,, ...., -- " MRS' DQXLY I Mr. I. C. Hlexander Science, Physical Education Mr. Charles C. Qcton History Mrs Dorothea Flslcew English Mr R S Bill lr x Industrial Qrts Mrs. Hilda Bradshaw V Mr. Iodie M. Blackwell Mathematics Science 9 Mrs Geraldine Brady Mrs Margaret Beasle English, Corral Mr Clark K Blackbx rn ROTC Miss Ruth Daugherty Qrt Civics and Social Problems . 5 4 Mrs. Frances Demvnt Miss Vernon Dilworth Speech, Debate Spanish Miss Bertha L. Doering Miss Iuanita Doniphan Mathematics Physical Education l 4 . A Mrs. Quay Q. Free English Miss Ruth Greenhill Civics and Social Problems Mr S. S Ions-s R. O. T. C Mrs, Iula B. Leonard English Mrs Marjorie Dyer Mr Robert Y, Eckels Mathematics Industrial Hrts if 4. rs , RQ-is .X Miss Hazel Henderson Miss Beatrice Harrison I Home Economics English Miss Beatrice Lytle Mr. William M MaGee lr. Science Brigade R O T C Mrs. E, C. Gates Science Mrs. Ruth Griswold Home Economics I' Mr F4 E Katrola Physical Education Mr Ioe W. Lyle Ir. Physical Education W Mr EdwinK Mills Science Mrs Lee Dell Neumann Physical Education 'D 3 Mr R. C Schiller Science Mr Damon W. Smazr Mathematics Miss Evelyn McGin1y Miss Sadie H McLean Latin, History English Mrs. Charlinc Potter History L and Paper Miss Lorena Ross English, Drama 'i"l Mr I B Moncrxel industrial Flrts Mrs. Lourina Patton Home Nursing, Climc Miss Bertie Sims Miss Betsy Stemble Miss Hdele Waggaman English, Iournalism, English Music Mr M1chaelS ' 1 spanish Bggcrpgniio Orchestra Mr, Iesse W. Watson Bookkeepiniq, and Commercia Lcrw Mr. Iesse M. Willis Maihemaiics II. SHIIUH CHISS P 1 1 -:QQ -A1 g 1 ..,:, Nejnxm, S ' 5"'i js Sul. hif A, 5 Y ,Y an I ,. ,xanga .-rfwfltly " YN' 9 fx, '.. 4 K,','..?,gJ AF-,4? g" ' 'xQg'4I-' ' X ' g U1 QXNJ. -xfvv' Xt If . vgly - ,-'-,A ...V :RQ .X Q Q.-X -,J wjvss 'L 'X3 'vw' " ' 'f ' L'M W' X W -Xx 'H' f'.., M ' W My. 35- ULU Q N MM4 42 'f J? a W'Wf35' W 'vs LX 1 , .X W Aff f Ah M,,... giiimsmglff CUISS UFFICER F11Pr..dt FHV' P 'd . F1lSc.r' FllT:':'.urer B!LEY S5?l1QE?NO g7M1Lf5eSpTi2B?E' SUGE Mirgerfgfr BETTQY mfrzsmosas Fall Sergeant-at-Firms Fc1lLowyer Fq1lPoet HOWQRD WHIDDON WQYNE FORD LOUISE BRREFIIQLD S :ring PIl?SidUYlf Spring Vice Presideni Spring Secretcug S rinnigfreasurer DAN SLQUGIITIIR BOBBY MOORIT SHLLY THOMPS N 'IPOM Y KIZEH Spring Sergeant-at-Qrmg Springgqhxwyer Spring Poet WILBUR MQINGURD WQLKE IORDHN PQT O'BRIEN WM SENIOR COUNCIL Front row, left to right: Billie Io Walker, Virginia Carmical, Mr. Goettee, Gladys Fitts, Mary Lee Glasli, Ii 1 y C Second row, left to right: Bill Mitchell, Bill Clingrnan, Donald Sanders, Bill Oelfke, Rodney Carpenter Ronald Iackson. VHLEDICTORIQN SRLUTHTORIRN Mary Hnn Kapriva Billie Io Walker STEPHEN F. HUSTIN SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL SCHEDULE OE MIDTERM SENIOR HCTIVITIES-I95I-52 Banquet-Dance, Ianuary Il ......,.......,......,....,., Ye Old College Inn Hloha Prom, Ianuary I8 ..... ....,...... B oys' Gym Baccalaureate, Ianuary 20 .... ...., H uditorium Class Night, Ianuary 26 ......,................................. Ptuditorium STEPHEN E. QUSTIN SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL SCHEDULE OF SENIOR HCTIVITIES-1952 Senior Banquet, I-Ipril 25 .................,......... Senior Dance, May IU ..... Senior Play, May I6 ..... ...... . . .... . . . Senior Picnic, May I7 ,.................................. Farewell Program and Cap and Gown Day, May 23 ......, Baccalaureate, May 25 ............,..................... . . .San lacinto Inn Temple Emanu El Hustin Fluditorium . . . .Lyonclell Park Qustin Huditoriurn . . .Qustin Campus Class Night, May 30 ..... ..... C ullen Theatre-U. of Houston QBSTON, SPILLY Mustang Band '49-'52, Letter '50-'5l: CS U: Booster Club RLLEY, MRYCEL Scottish Brigade '49-'52, Bugle Corps, Soprano Sgt '51-'52, Brigade Letter '50-'5 , Mustang Boosters '49-'52p Iunior Sub- Debs: Senior Sub-Debs: C.S.U. 'Sl-'52g Fllolia Club, Choral Club '5l-'52 RLBERTSON, ROY RLBRIGHT, IIMMY H.O.T,C. '49-'50, Lieutenant: Mustang Boosters '49-'52g Ice Hockey Team '50: Social Prob- lems Club '51-'52, Program Committee: Hall Monitor '49g C.S.U. '49-'51. QLDERSON, MQRGQRET Booster Club '49-'52: Gavel Club '49-'5U: Mustang Moun- ties '49-'5Ug Iunior Sub-Debs '50-'5l: Senior Sub-Debs '51-57: U 5052 lha Cu CS . ' 4 p Ho lb 'Sl-'52: FH l'-1 '51-52, Secretary. HLLEE, IERRY Mustang Boosters '49-'5l. QDQMS, WESLEY B Team Football: Booster Club, Ftloha Club QLTOM, MHBEI. CS.U. '5l-52: Gym Letter: Scottish Brigade '49, Y I 5 QMELQNG, KHRL Mustanq Boosters '49 5113 Bowl ing Club '50-'51, lce-Hockey Team '50-'51 Co-Captain Round Up '50-'511 Fire Lieu tenant '50-'52g Social Prob lems '51-'52, Program Com mittee '51-'52, CSU. '50151 Gym tixeeuitve 150151. Hari Monitor '49-'50, Projector Club '49-'50, BQDOUSEK, BFIRBHRQ Booster Club '49-'52: Rolling Ponies '50, Captain, Iunior Sub-Debs '50-, Senior Sub- Debs 'SZQ F,1'1.Q. '50, Reporter, Qloha Club. D. B BHLLQRD, ERNIISTINE Cheerleader' '51 - '52g lunior Sub-Debs '50-'51, Senior Sub- Debs '51-'52g Rolling Ponies '49-'52, Team Captain '49-'51, National Letter '51. City Letter '51, City Championsg Booster Club '49-'5Z: Qloha Club '51' '52, C,S.U. '51-52. QLLEW, BQBS Scottish Brigade '49, Band '50- '52, Majorette '50-'51, Drum Major '51-'52: lunior Sub-Debra: Senior SubADebs1 Gavel Club '49-'5U3 F HH. President: Mus- tang Boosters '49-'523 Student Council. BQLLEW, IO HNN Mustang Boosters '50-'51, lun- ior SubfDebs. Senior Sub-llebs '51-'52' F 1"1 F1 '51 Reporter, C SU. '52, Gavel Club. HREFIELD, LOUISE Student Council '49-'51 Gavel Club '-19, Qlolia Club '51-'52g C.S.U. '-493525 Scottish Bri- gade '49-'52, Bugle Sgt. '51- '52, Brigade Leiter '49-'5'Z: lunior Sub-Debs '50-'51, Sen- ior Sub-Debs '51-'52, Mufstariq Booster Club '-19152 Senior Class Poet, Midterm Class '52, l'.l'1,H Treasurer '51, Vice President '5Z: Civics Club Sec- ielary '5l. BELL, WINNIE FQYE Boosters '49-'51L Iunior Sub' Debs '5O?51g Senior Sub-Debs '51-'52, Y Teens '51-'52g C.S.U '51-'52, Qloha Club: Business Club '51-'52 BITTNER MRRIE BLHCKMQN, GWEN Mustang Booster '49-'52, F.1-1.9. 51- 52 Songleader, C S U. '50- '52. Flloha Club '51-'52, lunior Sub-Debs 50-51 Senior Sub- Debs 51-'52 Brzgade Cpl. Co. Q 53-51, Brigade Letter '49- '5U, li O.T C, Sponsor '51-'52, Ftitle 'l'eam Letter '51-'52, 'Tkwwuu L X BOURLRND, WHNDQ Scottish Brigade 50-'52, C 1. Bagpipes '51-'52, Letters '50- '52, Iuntor Sub-Debs '50-'51, Senior Sub-Debs '51-'5Zg Mus- tang Boosters '51-'52, Qloha Club '51-'52: C.S,U. '51-'52, Commercial Club '52, Brigade Bowling Club '51-'52, BOBDOVSKY, QNN Scottish Brigade '49-'52, Cpl, Co Q '50-'51, Drill Major '51- '52 Letters '50-'52: Mustang Booster '49-'52, Iunior Sub- Debs 'SO-'51: Senior Sub-Debs 51-'52, Student Council '50- '52, Treasurer '51-'52, Quill 6 Scroll '51-'52, Spring '51 Cor- responding Secretary, Fall '51 Social Chairman, N.l'l,S, '51- '525 F,l'1,Pl '51-'52, Treasurer '51, Hloha Club '51-'52, CSU. 'SO-'52p Corral '50-'51, Faculty Editor: Spanish Bound 'lable '49-'50, lournalism '51- BOTTERF1, ETHEL Scottish Brigade '49-'52 Cpl. Co C '50-'51, Sgt ot Flags '51-'52 FH!-1. '51-'52, Treas- urer, Mustan Boosters '49- '52, Library CTub '50-'51, Pres- identp Iunior Sub-Debs '50-'51, Social Chairman, Senior Sub- Debs '51-'52, Flloha Club '51- '52g Brigade Letters '50-'52, BOUNDS, BHRBQRF1 Mustang Boosters '49-'52, Jun- ior Sub-Debs '50-'Sly Senior Sub-Debs '51-'52 Scottish Bri- gade '49-'52, Cpl Flags '51-S2 1'-lloha Club '51-'52, Library Club, Treasurer 'SU-'51: Be- porter Civics Class '51g C.S.U, '51-'52y F,H.Fl, '51-'52, Parlia- mentarian and Prog. Chair., Round-Up Staff '51-'52g French Club '5U: Library Club '50-'52, Brigade Letters '50-'52, Tennis Club '49-'5O. BOURDON, BFIRBQRQ KQY Mustang Boosters 50-'52, lun- ior Sub-Debs '51 Senior Sub- Debs '51-'52 Qloha Club 51- '52, Student Council '50, NH S, '51-'SZ F.H.i'-1. '51-'52: Gym Perfect Record Letter 'Sly Band '5U: C.S,U. '51-'52, Corral Hep- resentative '51-'52 l.-.L....,- BOBO, lEBRlE Senior Sub-Debs '51 '52 Scot- tish Brigade 52 I C S U '50-'51, Qloha Club '5l- 52, Pan Flmerzcan Club 52- 51 Booster Club '49-52: F,l'1.F1, 51-'52, l BOZE, BILL CSU. '50-'52, Booster Club 50452: ROTC '49-'52, C l. '49, Sgt. '50, Znd Lt, '51, Lst Lt. '5, Drill Platoon '49-'52, Drill Commander '51-'52, Let- ters '5O-'52, Best Dressed Ca- det '50-'5lp Spanish Club '49- '52: Hloha Club '51-'52, Ticket Committee Chairman Fall Dance: Corral Staff '50-'52, Qsst. Rdvertising Mana er '50, Qdvertising Manager SZ, Let- ter 'SI-'52, Sports Editor '51- '52, South Texas Youth Safety Rward for Safety Theme BRHDLEY, ROBERT BROWN, HERBERT BRINKMQN, IOYE Mustang Mounties '49-'51, Booster lub '49-'52, Volley- ball Letter '49g Gym Letter '49g Gavel Club '51-'525 Iunior Sub-Debs '50-'51, Senior Sub- Debs '51-'52: Green Masque Players, Secretary '51-'52q C.S,U. 'Sl-'52: Rloha Club '51- '525 Round-Up '50-'5lg Speech Club '5l. BROOOKS, FREDH Health Club '50: Swimming Team '49-'52: Booster Club '49-'52: C.S.U-: Mustang Moun- ties '49-'51, Secretary, Tennis Club '52: Swimming Team Letters Gym Letters. BROOKS, MRRGRRET Sub-Debs, Boosters, F,H.Fl. BROWN, DHVID l BRENEK, IORNNE Mustang Boosters, '49-'52, Mustang Mounties '49-'51, Class Helper 'SO-'51: Gym Letter '49-'52, Vollewf-I Ball Team '50-'51, Nurse elper '49-'50, Iunior Sub-Debs '50- '5l: Softball Letter '50-'51, worm? BROYLES, ELQINE Round-Up Stat!-I '49-'51, Circu- lation and Exc cnge Manager '50, Editor-in-Chieg '50-'5l: Scottish Brigade '49-' 2, Drum Corp '49-'5l, Drum and Bugle Major '51-'52: NHS '51-'52: Legion Qward Club '49-'52, Secretary and Treasurer 'Sl- '52g Mustang Mounties '49-'51, Vice President '50, President '50-'51, Quill and Scroll '50- 'S2, Recording Secretary '50, Parliamentarian '50-'Sl Vice President '51-'52g lLPC '50- '5l, Secretary, CSU '49-'52, Treasurer '5l-'5Z: La Directiva '49-'50g Gavel Club '49-'50g Booster '49-'52: lunior Sub- Debs '50-'51, Recording Secre- tarv: Senior Sub-Debs '51-52: F H R '51-'52, Secretaryg Hloha Club '51-'52, Treasurer Civics Club: Brigade Letters '49-'52: Round-Up Letters '50-'5lg Mus- tang Mounties Letters '49-'5l. nr- BULGQWITZ, ll:lMES Mir:-:tanq Boosters 719551 CQNNRDHY, VIRGINIQ Ftloha Club '51-'52: Mustang Mounties '50, Orchestra 'Sl- '52, Choral Club '50-'52, Plan- ist: C S.U '50-'52, Senior Sub- Debs '51-'52, Booster Club '50- '52: Y-Teens 'Sl-'52: N l-l.S '51-'52,Swimmina Club '5l-'52 'Qt i BULLITT, WHLTER Mustang Boosters '49"Sl, Track Team '49A'5l, Captain '5l, Let' ters, Projector Club '51, C,S.U. '50-'5lp Social Problems Parlia- mentarian '51, Civics Class President '5l: Hall Monitor '49, BURSON, DONRLD Rolling Ponies: Booster Club: Bridge Club: Tennis '52f Rloha Club, Luncheon Club, CHCIOPPO, SRM Band '49-'52, CHDMQN, IHMES Round-Up, Sports Writer '52: ROTC '49-'52, Sgt ' lst Lieut '50-'5l, Captain '51- '52g Rifle Team Letters '49-'52, Capt. '51-'52, Drill Platoon '5OA '52, School Efficiency Flwarcl '50, PMSGT, Efficiency Flward '51, Good Conduct I-'tward '5lg Flcademic Hchieve- ment Qward '51, Mustang Boosters '49-'52, Pan Flmerican Club '49, La Directiva '49, Hloha Club '50-52: Officers Club, Reporter '51-'52 BRUNING, IEFFREY B Football Team '49-'50, fl Football Team 'Sl Letter Swimmin Team '50, Fire Pre vention Tlept '51, Battalion Chief: Booster '49-'51 CRMMHCK, CHROLYN Brigade '49-'52, Trumpet Sgt '51-'52, Briqacle Letter, Boost' er '51-'52, lunior Sub-Debs '50- '5l: Senior Sub-Debs '5lU52 CSU, '50, Social Chairman Social Problems Class. CQPPEL, THERESF1 C S U 'SO-'52g lunto: and Sen- tor' Sub-Debs 'SU-52, Qlolia Club '51'5lZ, Green Masque Players '5U- 52 Mustang Boosl- ers U19-'52, Scotttslt Brtgafls- '49 Lt Bugles '51-'52 Brt- aatltr Letter 'SU-'52 CQSSIL, CQBOLYN Mustang Boosters Club '49-'52, Pan Flmertcan Club '49-'52, H OTC Snctnsor '51-'52, Lteu- tenant Colonel, Offtcers Club '51'52, Secretary '51, Gtrls Htflle Team '51-'52, Letters' Y- eens '51-52, Flloba Club '51-'52, CSU '51-'52p Iumor Sub-Debs '50-'52, Semor Sub- Debs '51-'52, Corral Staff. Qsst, Business Manager '51- '52q lt".H Q, '51-'52, Treasurer '51, President '51-'52, Gym Letter 'Sly Gavel Club '49: Speech Club, Secretary '50. CHRMICHQEL, KQY Scotusb Brtgacle '49-'52 Cpl Co C '50-'51, Lteut. Co C 'Sl-'52 Brlqade Letters '49-'52, Corral '49-'52, Crrculation Manager '50-'51, Bustness Manager '51-'52: Qurll and Scroll 'SU-'52 Reporter, luntor Sub-Webs '50-'51, Senior Sub- Debs '51-'S2' CSU '50-'52, NHS '51-'52 Mustang Boost- ers Club '49-'52: Qlolta Club '51-'52 FHQ '51-'52 Report- er 'Sl-'52 Protect Cbatrman '5l'52 FTH '50-'51, Treas- urer '50-'51, Pan Qmr-rtcan Club '49-'SU CQRPENTI-TR, RODNEY F1 Team Football '49-'51, Let- ters F1 Team Baseball 'Sly C S U 'Sl '52: Spanish Rouncl Table '49 CQBSON, NQDINE Scottlslt Brtqade '-19 '52 Cr! Co Q '50-'51, Cart lrlaqs '51 '52 Brtgade Letters '49 '52 Boosters Club 'Sl-'52, Student Councll '51-'52, Prtnctrtals Committee, lunior Sub-Dabs '50-'51, Spanlsb Lette: '49 C S U 'SU-'52, Qlolta Club '51- '52, Secretary Soctal Problems' Class: Bustness Culb '51'52, President, NHS '51-'52 Sec retary: Valedtctortan CRRTER, EDITH Scottlsb Brtgade '49-'52 Lteu tenant Co 131, Letters Booster Club '49-'52 lumor Sub Feb '50-'51, Sentor Sub-llebs '51 '52, Secretary Ctvtcs Club '51 Qloha Club '51-'52 CFlRMlCQL VIRGINIH llzxqaie 4'?'52 Cr.-l Co B 'nfl-'51 Capt Co B '51-full Brtaade Letters 31952, Boost rw: Cl,b -39-52 luntor Sub- l'ebs Sll 'Sl Seruor Sub Debt: '51 52 Qutll ar1rlScroll 'SU-'52, Rf rortor 51 N ll S 'SU-'52 Proa Cbaztman "nl, Corral 'll 1-L1'JClI1lt?'1 lldt C SU -19 '52 1' H F1 '5fl- 52 Servtce Clitwkmar. SF Vrco Prestdent 'Sl M .starza Mauntmfz '49, lllelza Cl .lr '51 '52 T CHITTENDFN, CQROLYN fumor Sub-Debs '50-'51: Sen- lor Sub-Debs '51-'52, Mustana Boosters Club '49'52, Flloba Club '51-'52, CSU '51-'52, Quill and Scroll '51-'52, Choral Club '50-'52, Hlternate Student Councll Representattve '49-'52, FHQ '51-'52, Secretary '51, R OTC. Sponsor '51-'52, Sen- tor Captain, G1rl's Rifle Team '51-'52, Letterg Officers Club '51-'52, Treasurer '51g Corral '52, Grrl's Sports Edttor '51, Sentor Class Edxtor '51-'52: Soclal Cbatrman Cuv- lcs Class '51, '50- 'so- CHOFITB FBHNCES Student Councrl SU-'51, C S U -19, 52 F l'I Fl Presrdent, Vrce Presrdent Program Chatrrnan lrnro: Sub-Llebs '50-'5l, tor Subllebfa Sl 52 llallrn Q Ponzr--X '49, St" M,.ztana Boost- ers N 52 QlV?llG Club Sl-52 k"vl'leyhall '49 SO Gym Letters SI 52 Program Charrman of Czvrfsz anal Soo Prob Classes I COLLINS, QNN Scottrslr Brraadr- '49 52 Bot tom Sgt Bagplpe Corp' Brr aadv- Letters F' S U lunror Sub llvlwz Se-ntor' Subfllebs Muntana Boosters '49f'52, Gavel Club Green Masqur- Players Corral '50, Bound- Up Crrfulatrnn Manager, Flloha Club CHUDLEIGH, CLIFFORD Boosters Club 'Sl-'52 Orches- CLFIRK, ROBBII-l Scottrsh Brrgade 49- 52 Cyl Co B, Bottom Sgt Co B '51 '52, Gavel Club '5l-'52 lunror tra '5U-'52 Sub-Debs 'SO-'51, Senror Sub Deb 'Sl '52, Boosters Club '49, '52 Sefretary and Presrdent Speech Class '51 CLQBK, CHQBLES CLINGMQN, BILL Mustang Band 719- 50 Mus' tana Boosters '49-'52 Pluto Mochanrcs Club '51-'52 Sat- at-Qrms rn Crvrcs Class, Sgt - at-Qrrnf: Socral Problems Class, Gavel Booster Club '49-'52 Club '49-'50, Choral 719750 Flloha Club '52 Talent Club '52, Member Green and Whrte Revue and Mustarto Follres '51 '52 CHRON, BILLY Mustang Boosters '49, Bas-- ball Manager '51, Ftrs- Lt 'Sl Bound-Up Stall '50 CSU '49-'5l, Gym Fxecutrve 'SU-'51 Pro Charr Soc Prob Club 'Sl-'52, MYF llall Monrtor Q '11, ROTC '49 Prar C.ub'ftQ COLLINS, IIM Mustang Boosters 'SU '52 Green Masque Players '50 Gavel Club '51 '52, Vrce Pres rdent, Corral '51-'52, Presrdent Socral Problems Class Pre-at dent Speech Club CONDIT, CLIFFORD Track, '49-'52, Letters 'SU-52: Spanish Round Table '49, President: Student Council '49- '52g Principals Committee '50- '52g Mustang Booster 349352: NHS. '51-'52, ROTC. '49- '50, lst. Lt. '50g C SU '51-'52, l CRISWELI., HHRRELL R.O.'1'.C. '49-'51: Golf Team '50-'51, Bowling Team '51g Mustang Boosters '50-'51, COOK, IQMES Spanish Round Table '49, Booster Club '49-'52, C,S.U '51-'52p B Team Football Team '50-'51, Flloha Club '51-'52, Library Club '50-'51, Fire Pa- trol '51-'52: Social Chairman and Vice President Civics Club Manager Track Team '51- COOK, IERN Boosters '49-'SZ Spanish Round Table '49"5O, Student Council '49-'51, Qlternate '50- '51, C.S.U. '49-'52, Iunior Sub- Debs '50-'51g Senior Sub-Debs '51-'52g Mustang Band '49-'52, Letters: Flloha Club '50-'51, NHS, '51-'52, Herald '51, COWQN, IIMMY Spanish Round Table '50, Stu- dent Council 'SO-'5l: ROTC '50-'51, Sgt '51-'52, Orchestra '50-'52, Band '51-'52, Booster Club 'Sl-'52, NHS '51-'52 COX IMMY , 1 Gavel Club '51, President, C.S U. '51-'52, Student Coun- cil, Qlternate '51, Vice Presi' dent '51-'52, Booster Club, Lawyer Booster '51-'52, Flloha Club '51-'52, Parliamentaiicm, Bowling Club '51-'52, Parlia- mentarian '51-'52, Manager School Store '51-'52. i COOK, HELEN Mustang Mounties '49-'SZ Mustang Boosters '49, Iunior Sub-Debs 'SU-'Sl Senior Sub- Debs '51-'52, Civics Club, So' cial Chairman '51: Qloha Club '51-'52, Scottish Bri ade '49- '52, Cpl Flags '51-'SZ CS.U '52 CROUCH, LEWIS CRUMP, RRY ll Tc-am Basketball '49-'5U, Fm 'llrazn Basketball 'SO-'52 30 '67 DOBSKY, EQRBQRQ IEQN C S U '49-'52, Boosters '49-'52, Iumor and Semor Sub'DebS, Llbrary Club '50-'51, Mustang Mounttes '49-'50, Flloha Club '51-'52, FH Q '50-'52, Vlce Presulfrnt 'SU-'51, Sona Loader and Protect Chcurman '51-'52, Qrchery 251752 CUNNINGHRM, MHRY QNN MORRISON Pan Qmerxcan Club '49, Mus- tang Mount1es'49,l.et1erp Bowlmg Club '494 Boosters '45-JA '52, Iunxor Sub-Debs '50, Sen- tor Sub-Debs '51-'52, Hlohc Club 'Sl-'52, CURRIF, IERRY HNN DEMETRE, BETTY Boosters '49-'52g C S U '49-'50, lumor Sub-Debs '50-'51, Sen' tor Sub-Debs 'Sl-'52, Flloha Club '51-'52, Mustang Boosters 493525 lun- DE LLOYD ior Subrfiebs '50-'5l7 Senior Mustang Boosters '50-'52, Sub-Debs '51-'5Z: Flloha Club 'Sl '52, ,........- CUNNlNGl'lQlVl, GERFILD Booster Club 49 '52, Basket ball, Football, Track: C S U DOEBELE, CQROL F H Q '51-'52, Vtce Prestdcnt, Iuntor Sub-Debs '50-'51, Sen tor Sub-Debs '51-'52,CS U '51-'52, Hlolta Club '51-'52, Corral 'Sl-'52, Feature lidltor, Scottish Brtaado '50-'52, Lvtter 'Sl-'52, Mustanq Boosters 719' '52, Llbrary Club '50-'51, Choral Club 'SU-'52 DOUGLHS, NELL C,S,U, '49-'52, Fllolia Club '51 '52, Booster Club '49-'52, lun ioi' and Senior Si1bADebs 'SU 'SZ Gravel Club '49-'5U: Bri qucle '49-'52, Tow Sgi. '51-'52 Lvlterfs SU- 52 1111.9 '5l- 52 Secretary DRISCOLL, IULIQN B O 'l'.C, '49-'51, 151111 'loam '49-'5lp llolling Ponies 'SU-'5lg Mustanq Boosters '49-'5l. E ELDER, IHNET Booster Club '49-'52g CSU '50-'Sly Iunior Sub-Debs '50- '5l: Senior Sub-Debs '5l"52 Swimming Team '50-'51, Let- ter: Hrchery Team '50-'52, Le!- ters '50-'51, Qrcher Club '51- '52g Gym Letters '43,-'SUJ Flloha Club '51-'51Zg FH Fl, '51-'52, IDUCKWORTH, CONSTQNCE DUl..1.,, WRNDH IEQN Brigade '49-'5Og Hlolia Club '51-'52g Iunior Sub-Debs '50- '5l: Senior Sub'Debs '51-'52: Bowling '51-'52, Booster Club '50-'52 DUNQWHY, CHHRLES Booster Club '51-'52: R O '1' C. 51152 DUVE, EMMH IEQN Iunior Sub-Debs '50: Student Council V195 Band '49-'52, lsi. Lieutenant, Leiters '49-'51: Orchestra '49-'52 Qloha Club '51-'52 FHH Parliamen- tcrrian '51, Booster Club '51- L FQRRINGTON, PHILLIP Booster '51-'52, Baseball Team 'Sl-'52 FHRRlS LE BLHND Bowling Club '49-'51, Mustang Mounties SU- Booster Club -49-52 lunicr SubYDebs '50- 5l Senior Suk-Debs 'Sl-'52' Qloka Club Sl-'52, C S U, 'Sl- '5Z, lvlaiorette Band '5lH'52g Band Letter 'Sl-'52 FORD, NQNCY Mustang Mounties '49-'Sl Let- ter, Gavel Club '49, Booster Club '49-'52, lunior Sub-Debs '50-'51, Senior Sub-Debs '51- '52, Hlolia Club '5l-'52z L1- brary Club '51-'52, President: Tennis Club '49-'52, Letter '5l: Volleyball '51, Letter: Gym Letters '49'52, Bowlrnq Club '49-'51, Letters tor City and National '49-'Sl FITTS, GERTRUD FLETCHER, IOE Mustang Band 'SU-'52, Senior Sub-Debs '51-'52, Band Letter, Gym Letter '5lg C.S.U. 'Sl-'52, Booster '50-'52, FITTS, GLQDYS Mustang Band '50-'52, Letter Mustang Orchestra '5lH'52: Senior Sub-Debs 'Sl-'525 C.S.U '51-'52: Booster '50-'52, R.O.l.C, 4951, Lt, 50-bl Rifle Team Letters '50-'5ll Mustang Boosters '49-'51, Roll- ing Ponies 'SU-'51, FLOWERS, MOODY Booster Club '49-'52, Football Team -19-'52, Letters '49-'52f Hloha Club 'Sl-'52: Gavel Club '49-'50, Student Council '49, Track 'SO-'52, Round Up Writer. FISHER, QNN lunior Sub-Debs Faaste' Club, C S U Y-Teens Senior Sub-Debs Gavel Club Fllolia Club, F.ll Q. FORD, WQYNE Senior Class Lawyer '57, 'l'rack '50-'5l: Band '49-'5l: Spanish Round Table '49"50g Library Cgllub '51-'52, Booster Club '49- FOSTER, SUE Brigade '50-'52, Coral. Bag- pi es '5lg Mustang ounties Iunior Sub-Debs '5l: Sen- ior Sub-Debs 'Sl-'52g Flloha Club '5l-'52g Mustang Boosters CSU, 'Sl-'52: N.H.S. GHRRG, IOSEPHINE Gavel Club '5ly Band '50-'5'Zq Booster Club '50-'52p N.H.S. 251352: Senior Sub-Debs '51- '52, C.S.U. '51-'52, FROELICH, BEVERLY Spanish Round Table '49-'50p Iunior Sub-Debs, Vice Presi- dent 'SU-'5lg Senior Sub-Debs, Program Chairman '51-'52: Student Council W19552: Hssist- ant Editor Handbook '50-'51, Editor '51-'52y F.l'l.Fl. '50-'52, Reporter '50-'51, President '50- '5l, President 'Sl-'52p Booster '49-'52: C.S,U. '50-'52, Pianist '50-'5l, Vice President '51-'52: Hloha Club '51-152: Brigade '49-'52, Sgt. of Tenor Bugles Captain of Bugles '51- ruruzia, BETTY ' V FUNDERBURGH, WILOMH C.S,U. '50-'5lp Iunior Sub- Debsp Orchestra '49-'5lg High Point Team '49-'5Og Booster Club '49-'52, Y-Teens '5U. FURLONG, NHOMH Gym Letters '50-'51: Mustang Mounties '5Ug lunior Sub-Debs '5l: Senior Sub-Debs 'Sl-'52y Rloha Club '5l"52p Mustang Booster '50-'52g C.S.U. 'Sl-'52p N.H.S. '51-'52p F.H.Fl. '51-'52, Vice President: Secretary Civics Class. 'tw ti A 4 5 3 FOWLER, MQRY Booster Club '51, i GHRCIQ, lOSEPHlNE Mustang Boosters '50p Secre tary Civics Club: Social Chair man Business Club. GHZZQWHY, LORRINE Band, Nll S.: Booster Club. GERRING, BQRBQRQ Gavel Club '50, CS U,, Iumo and Senior Sub-Debs '50-'52 Mtistan Boosters '5fl-'51, Mus tang lv?ount1cs 'Sl FH Fl Club GLLDHRD, BERT GIBSON, PQTRICIFI Booster Club '49-'52: Cheer- leader '51-'52, Letter, Hloha Club '51-'5Z1Round Up '51-'52, Reporter '50, Sports Editor '5l: Iournalism '50-'Sly Qutll and Scroll '50-'51 Pan Flmerican '49-'50, GELLQTLY DOROTHY QNN Iunior Sub Debs 'SO-'Sl Mus- tang Mounttes '5l-'52- Rolling Ponies 'Sl-'SZ Senior Sub- DEbsi5l-'52: Mustang Boosters '5 -'5 . Scottish Brigade '50-'52, Iunior GIBSON, ROBERT Sub-Debs '50-'5lg Senior Sub- Debs '51-'52: Mustang Boosters '50-'52p NHS. '5lA'52g C.S.U, '5l-'52, GILLMORE, DPIVID Booster Club '49-'52g B Team Football '49-'50, Letterg R Team Football '51, Flloha Club 'Sl-'52, Presidentg Pan Rmeri- can Club '49-'50p Track Team '52, Mgr, B Team Basket Ball 'Sl-'52: CSU 'Sl-'52, Round Up Writer. GINN, BILL Booster Club '49-'525 B Team Football '49: Q Team Football '50-'5l: President Speech Class: Vice President Civics Class GLHSH, MHRY LEE Scottish Bri ads '50-'52, Cpl. Co. C '51-22, Brigade Letter '50-'52, Brigade Bowling '50- '52y Mustang Boosters '49-'52p Rolling Ponies '49-'50: lunior Sub-Debs '50-'Sly Senior Sub- D b '51-'52 V P 'd nt: 6 S 1C6 T651 B cis U. 'so-'52 Flloha club '51- '52g F. H. H. '51-'52, Reporter: Student Council '51-'52g Secre- tzigy Civics Class: Gym Letter HQRDY, MHRY FRRNCES Mustang Mounties '50-'52, Treasurer '51, Secretary '51, Letters '50-'52p Swimming Club '51-'52g Booster Club 'SU-'52: Iunior Sub-Debs '5lp Gavel Club 'Sl-'52, GORDON, IOE Booster '51-'52, GRRHRM, IESSIE LEE Scottish Brigade '49-'52, Cpl. Co. C '50-'51, Colorguard Texas Flag in Flag Corp '51, Colonel '51-'52y Booster Club '49-'52g C.S.U. '49-'52, Secre- tary '51-'52: Student Council '49-'52, Circulation Manager Handbook '50-'5l: luriior Sub- Debs '5U-'51, President: Senior Sub-Debs '51-'52g Flloha Club 'Sl-'521 F.l-LP.. '51-'52, Presi- dent, Secretarlp N.H.S. '51- '52g Letters ' 9-'52 Student Council: Secretar Civics gllasgsi Brigade Bowling Club GRHY, NINH Mustang Boosters '51. GRIFFIN, TRQVIS Bowling Club '49-'5U: R.O.T.C. Sgt. '50g Booster Club GOODE, WQYNE Football Manager '49-'52, B Team Football 'SU-'51g Mustang Booster Club '49-'52p C.S.U. 'SO-'5lg Bowling Club '49-'52g Flloha Club '51-'52. HQRTMQN, ELHINE Booster Clubp l".l'l.Q, Secre tary, HQRTMQN, MHRTHQ Bound Up '50-'52, Exchange Edt, Page Edt, '50-'51, Man- aging Edt. 'Sl-'52y lst place Rdvertising Club Essay Con- testg Iournalism Letter '50-'5l: Y-Teens '49-'50y Mustang Boosters '49-'52: Iunior Sub- Pebs '50-'51, Senior Sub-Debs 'Sl-'SZJ CS U. '49-'52g Qloha Club '51-'52g Quill and Scroll 'SU-'52, Secretary '50-'51, Rec. Secretary '51-'52, Scottish Brigade '50-'52, Lt Co B '51, Capt. Co. C '51-'52, Brigade Letters: N.l'l S. '51-'52 HEQTH, RNN Gavel Club Treasurer '49-'50, Vice President '50-'5l,.Presi' dent '51"52, Scottish Bri ade '49-'52, Cpl. Bagpipes '53-'51, Capt. Bagpipes '51-'52: Mus- tang Boosters '49-'52g Sub-Debs '50-'52, lst Place City in Girl's Poetry: 3rd Place State Qfter Dinner Speaking HHTCHER, GLGRIH Mustang Mounties '49-'52, Program Chair and Letters. Tennis Club '49-'50g Iunior Sub-Debs '50-'Sly Senior Sub- Debs '51-'52z Y-Teens '50-'5l: C S U. 119352, Flloha Club '51- '52p Gym Letter 'SUJ Mustang Boosters '49f'52g Swimming Club '50-'5l: FI-IQ. '5l. HFLWKINS, IOHN Student Council '49-'52g Hloha Club '51-'52: Mustang Boosters '49-'SZ Tennis Club '49-'5l: Quill and Scroll '50-'52g Rept. Civics Classg Round-Up '50- '52, Hdvertisinq Manager, Page 3 Edt. and Lettersg 3.15 U. 'Sl-'52p Swimming Club K HQYES, IQCKIE Mustang Boosters '49-'52p Rept. Speech Class. French Club '49-'SOQ Reg. Civics Classg Iunior Sub- ebs 'SU-'5lp Sen' ior Sub-Debs '51-'52p Gavel Club 'Sl-'52: C.S U. 'Sl-'52: Ftloha Club '51-'52, Bound-Up '50-'52, Qdv. Manager '50-'51, Business Manager '51-'52g Iournalism Letter '50-'52. HHZEL, CHQRLES WILLIQM Booster Club '49-'52, Bowling Club '51-'52. Qloha Club 'Sl- '52, N.H.S. 'Sl-'52: C.S.U. '51- '52g Track '51-'52g Treas. and Parliamentarian of Civics Classg Elite Luncheon Club. Wh- 6 HHRTSFlELD, BOBBY B Team Basketball '49-'filg it Team Basketball '51-'52, Let- ter: Tennis Team Letters '50, '52 Track Team '5l-'52p Bowl- ing Club '50-'52, Capt, Boost- er Club '49-'52: C.S.U. '51-'52, Presidentg Qloha Club '51-'52, Vice President. Elite Luncheon Club: Bat Chiet Fire Dept '51-'52g Vice President Civics Class. 1 HERZIK, MHRY BNN Senior Sub'Debs '51-'52p C.S.U, '51A'52p Mustang Boosters '51- '52p F.H,H. '50-'51 PQGE 37- HESTILOW, NORMH IEHN Scottish Brigade '50-'52, Bot- tom Sgt. Company C '51-'52, Brigade Letters: Mustang Boosters '49-'52, C.S.U. '5l-'5'Z: F.H.H. '50-'52, HOBTON. MHBTHH Swimming Club '51, Mustang '49-'52, Volleyball Letters '49- '5lp Round-Up, Tygist 'Sl-'52, Gym Letters '49, .I-LH., Re- porter '5lg C.S.U. 'Sl-'52, lun- ior Sub-Debs '50, HGLCOMB, HOPE Mustarri? Boosters '50-'52, Mus- tang ounties, Parlmtn. '50- '5l, Vice Pres. '51-'52: Senior Sub-Debs '51-'52, Volleyball Team '50-'52g Swimming Club '50-'52, Rolling Ponies '49-'52: Y-Teens '5l. HOLT, CRROLYN SUE Scottish Brigade '49-'52, Cpl. Co. B '51, Bottom Sgt. '51, Top Sgt. 'Sl-'52, Brigade Letter '49-'52y Fllternate for Student Council '49-'50: lunior Sub- Debs 'SU-'51, Treasurer: Sen- ior Sub-Debs '51-'52, Treas- urer, C.S.U. '50-'52g Flloha Club '51-'52, Mustang Boost- ers '49-'52, F.l'l.Q. '5l-'52, Treasurer: Choral Club '51-'52, HOPKINS, IOYCE Booster Club '49-'52, Business Club 'Sl-'52, Vice President, Iunior Sub-Debs '50-'51, Senior Sub-Debs '5l-'S2p C.S.U. '50- '521 Rloha Club '5l-'52: F.l-l.l'-I. '51-'52, Program Chairman '51, HORN, ICE HNN Iunior Sub-Debsg Senior Sub- Debga Booster '49-'52, l".l-l.Fl. '51-' , -X.. HILLMRN, IHCK B Team Football '49-'50, H Team Letterman '51, N.l-l.S Sgt.-at-I-lrmsg Hmerican Legion Flward Club '49-'5lq 'Battalion Chief Fire Department, Mus- tang Boosters '49-'52. l-IOSEQ, BERT HOUSTON, VICTOR Booster Club. IRCOBS, PEGGY Brigade '50-'52, Corpl. Co. B: Iunior Sub-Debs '51, Senior Sub-Debs 'Sl-'52, C.S U. '51- '52, Qloha Club '51-'52: Booster Club '50-'527 Gavel Club '5U: Spanish Club '50-'Sly Program Chairman Civics Class. HUFFMQN, DOROTHY Mustang Boosters '49-'52z Mus- tang Mounties '49-'52, Pres, '51-'52, C.S.U. '49-'52: Y-Teens '50-'51, Tennis Club '49-'50: Swimming Club 'Sli lunior Sub-Debs '50-'5l1 Senor Sub- Debs 'Sl-'52, Qloha Club '51- '52q Gym Letter '49-'50: Volley- ball Letter '50, HUNT, MILDRED Scottish Brigade, Bugle Corps '49-'50g Mustang Booster '50- '52, Iunior Sub-Debs 'SU-'51, Mem. Secretaryg Senior Sub- Debs '51-'52: Qloha Club '51- '52y C.S.U. '50-'52: F.H.l3l. Song Leader '50-'5l: Secretary Civics Class, Mustang Moun- ties '49, IHCKSON, BETTY Scottish Brigade '50-'52, Corpl. Co, B '51-'52g Iunior Sub-Debs '50-'5l: Senior Sub-Debs 'Sl- '52g Hloha Club 'Sl-'52: C.S.U. '51-'52: Mustang Boosters '50- 52g Business Club 'Sl-'5'Z: F.H.Fl. '51-'52, Buthie's Roving icfscals, Brigade Letters '50- IHCKSON, BONHLD Booster Club '49-'52: Flloha Clubg Bowling Club '50-'52, C.S.U. '51-'SZ HUDDLESTON, IEQNNINE C.S.U, '49-'52, F.H.Q. '51-'52, Sgt.-at-Firms 'Sl-'52, Scottisli Brigade '49-'52, Drums '49-'50, Civ. Bagpipe Drummer, '50- '5 , Caitain Drum Corps '51- '52p Fllo a Club '51-'52, Iunior Sub-Debs '50-'51, Senior Sub- Debs '51-152: Civics Club Re- ggcfrter '5l: Brigade Letters '49- i 5 lf3lCOBSON, NORMQN R.O.T,C. '49-'52, Officers Club '50-'52p Sgt.-at-Qrms '51-'5Zy Booster Club '49-'52, Ice Hockey Club '50-'52, President Civics Class. lHFtRELL, BILL Swimming Team '50-'Sly Mus- tang Boosters '49-'52: Bowling Club '50-'5l: Hloha Club '51- '52: Speech Club 'Sly Gavel Club '52g Corral '50-'52, Qsst Suorts Editor 'SD-'51, l5d,itor-in- Chief '51-'52q Business Man- ager Mustang Folliesp Oil- Man-For-Fl-Day-l95l. lONES, RICHHRD Bowling Club '49-'52: Booster Club '49-'52: Gavel Club '51- '52g Flloha Cluby Track '5U-'52: Square 'Dance Club '49. lFlTTFlFt, DHVID Mustang Booster '49-'5Zp Cha- ral Club '51-'52g Capt. Fire Dept '51-'52, Track Team '49- 'S2, Letters '49-'52, Co-Capt, '51-'52y B Team Basketball '49- 'SUQ Vice Pres. Civics Class. ENNINGS SHIRLEY l . Business Club '51, IOHNSON, HNN Scottish Brigade '50-'51, Bot, tom Sgt. Drum Corp 'Sl-'SZI Booster Club '49-'52: lumor Sub-Debsg C,S,U. 'SU-'5lpCho- ral Club '50-'52, IOHNSON, RQYMOND Mustang Booster '49-'52, Bouncer Booster '5l-'52g Filoha Club: CSU.: Bowling Club, Basketballg Baseball I HSCHKE, PQTRICIQ BNN Mustang Boosters Club '49-52, lunxor Sub-De-bs, Senior Sub- Uebs, FHQ. 'Sl-'52p Library Club '52p Scottish Bri ade '49, '52, Top Sgt, 'so-155 Letter: Commercial Club '52 IONES, WQRREN Booster Club '49-'52, N H S '5l?52g B O T C '49-'SZ Offi- cers Club '5l-'52 I ORDFIN, ELINOB Cheerleader 'Sl-'52, Mustang Booster '49f52, Scribe-Booster 'Sl-'52, Green Masque Play- ers Vice Pres.: Iumor Sub- Debs '50-'5l: Senior Sub-Debs 'Sl-'52, Qloha Club 'Sl-'52, Cate Society '49-'50, Bowling Club, C S.U , Secretary Civics Class Gavel Club 'Sl-'52, Choral Club '49-'52, B Team Volleyball '49 EITH, MQRGHRET IORDFIN, WHLKER Booster Club '50-'52 B O TC Lieut. '51-'52: Officers Club '51-'52, Parliame-ntarian 'Sl- Rloha Club '51 N H S 51352 Gavel Club '50-'52 Vice Pres. '51, President '51-'52g Pr-ogmm Chairman Civics Class Parli amentarian Speech Class '50 ICILLEN FIMES LEE , I Booster Club: R O T.C '49-'52, lst Lieut ,Drill Platoon Coach, Oilicers Club KFIUFI-IOLD, R. I-I, K Booster Club '49-'52p Vice 'President and Treasurer Cuv- ics Class, Track Team '49-'52, Bowling Club '49-'52. KEITH, BETTY SUE Business Club '51-'52, Rolling Ponies '49-'52y Mustang Boost- ers Club '49-'52 Scottish Brigade 'SU-'52, Bag pipeg Mustang Boosters '50-'52 FH Q 'Sl-'52, Reporter '51 C.S,U. 'Sl-'52, Gavel Club '50 'Bly Iunior Sub4Debs '50-'51 Senior Sub-Debs 'Sl-'52, KERNS, IOE Booster Club 'Sl-'SZ KING, DORIS Brigade '49-'52, Bottom Sgt, Bagpipes '50-'51, Lieut, Bag- pipes 'Sl-'52 Brigade Letters Booster Club '49-'52p lumor Sub-Debs '50-'5l, Senior Sub- Debs '51-'52, CSU. '49-'52: I' HH '50-'52, Parliamentarian 'Sl-'527 Iumoi Red Cross Rep- resentative '5U. KING, LYNN Round-Up: Gavel Club: Boost- er Clubg Football Team. KUHN. SHNDBQ Scottish Brigade '49-'52, Cpl. Drums '51-'52: Canasta Club '49-'5Uy C.S.U. '49-'521 F.1'1.Q. Vice President '50-'51, Report- er '51-'52g Iunior Sub-Debs '49-'50p Boosters '49-'52. KIZER, TOMMY Mustang Boosters. Fl Team Baseball, Letterg B Team Bas- ketball, Letter. KOPRIVQ, MQRY FlNN Scottish Brigade '49-'52, Cpl, Co. Ft '50-'51, Lt. Colonel in Charge of Records '51-'52, Brigade Letter '50-'52g Corral '49-'51, lr. Edt. '50-'51: F.1'1.H. '50-'52, Social Chairman '50- '5l, Yearbook Chairman '51- 52. Legion Flward Club '49- '52, Reporter '50-'51, Social Chairman '51-'52: Quill and Scroll '50-'52, Social Chairman '50-'51g Mustang Boosters '49- '52. Iunior Sub-Debs '50-'5l: Senior Sub-Debs '51-52. C S U. '49-'52g NHS. '51-'52, Student Council '50-'52p Hlolia Club '51-'52g Girl's State '51-'SZ KRISCHKE, DELVIN Booster Club '49-'52: B Team Baseball '5Uq Goalpost Deco- ration Committee '51, KBOG, BOB B Team Football '49-'50, Let- ter '5U. Fl Team Football '51- '52. Squadletter: Gavel Club '51-'52: Boosters '51-'52: Presi- dent Social Problems Class '51-'52. KINSTLEY, 1tt'lIFORD Booster Clulfig '1'rea::urei' Civics Clubg ROTC lst Sgt 'Stl 2nd Lieut '5lp PMST Rib- bong Qcademics Qchievornent I-lwarcl. r- 'N-.ff LQCY, BEN Mustang Boosters '49-'52, "B" Team Football '49. "fl" Team Football '50-'Sly Hound-Up Re- porter '50. Rssociate Sports Edt. '51-'52, LHNGDON, IURNITH Booster Club '49-'50g F.H.R. LEHFW, ROBERT I Mustang Boosters '49-'SZ Baseball Letterman '50-'52: Ftloha Club '51, Round-Up '5l: Fire Patrol '51, B Team Foot- ball '50, Track Team '50, Bas- keiball B Team '49, Coll Team '50, Se-rqeant-at-Qrms Civics: Class LRNKFORD, IOELLE Scottish Brigade '49-'52, Cpl. Co, B '50-'51, Lt, Col. Reserves '51-'52, Iunior Sub-Debs 'SO- '5lf Senior Sub-Tlebs 'Sl-'52 C S.U '50-'51, Mustang Boost- ers -'49-'5Zq Student Council '49-'52, Principals Committee 'SU-'51 Recording Secretary 'Sl-'52, N.l-l.S. 'Sl-'52, Parlia- montarian '51, F.l'l.H. '51-'52, Parliamentarian 'Sly Runner- up Sophomore Beauty, Vice President Civics Clubg Brigade Letters '49-'52, LHVIN, BETTY IERN F.H.H, '51-'52, Senior Sub- Debsg Booster Club '50-'52: Choral Club '50-'52 LQWS, IOY lunior Sub-Debs, Sgt,-at-Qrms '50--'5lg Mustanci Mounties '49- '50, Senior Su -Debs 'Sl-'52, Sgt -at-Qrms, R O T C, Spon- sor, Mayor, Girls Rifle Team 'Sl-'52p Student Council '49- '52: Booster Club '49-'52, Cash Booster '51-'52 Bowling Club '49-'52, Team Capt 'Sl-'52, City Bowling Team: C.S.U. '51-'52, Qloha Club: Pan Qmer- ican Club: FH F1350-'51 Sgt- at-Flrms. Treasurer Civics Classg Volley Rall Team '49- '5U, Ladies Luncheon Club. LEE, PQTSY Booster Club '49-'52 CSU '50-'52, F,l'l.Q. '50-'52: Nurses U 2 unior Sub Debs Flid '5 '57 l ' '50-'Sly Business Club 'Sl-'52 Gym Letter '5l-'52 LQNGE, HOMER Bowling Club '48-'50, Lettersg Boosters '49-'52g Ruta Mechan- ics Club '51-'52, Speech Club '48-'49, Vice President Social Problems Class '50"5l. LFMOINE, RICHPIRD Basketball '50-'51 Track '50 '52, Booster Club 'Sl-'57 t LENTZ, BONNIE lunior Sub-Ds-bs '50-'5lg Sen- ior Sub-Debs 'Sl-'52g Rollinq Ponies '49-'5Og Booster Club 'SU-'52g Hlohcx Club '51-'52g lfgzl-l.Il., Social Chairman '51- 'D' L OVETT, CHTHERINE LEONQRD, L, D. R.O,T,C. LUMBLY, KRY LITZLER, LORETTH Booster Club: Library Club Scottish Bri ade '49-'51, Cpl. Bagpi es '53-'51, Brigade Lei- ter 'sfli Mustang Boosters '49- '52q Iunior Sub-Debs '50-'5l: Senior Sub-Debs 'Sl-'52, F ll Q 'Sl-'52, Parliamentarian and Reporter. LONGO ROBERT LUBOWSKI Cl-IHRLES MHBRY, MYRNH Mustang Boosters '49-'52p lun- ior Sub-Debs '50-'5l: Senior Sub-Debs '51-'5.'Zp F HH. '.,l-52 MQHQFFEY, DON B Team Football '49-'50, Let- ter, Q,.f1'eam Football '51, Var- sity Letter, Swimming Team '50-'52, Letter '51-'52, Track Team '51-'52: Goll Club '52g Bowling Club '5l: Qloha Club '51, Booster Club '49-'5O: Spanish Hound Table '49: President Civics Class. MQRTIN, PHILLIP French Club '49-'52, Bowling Club '50-'52 Canasta Club '49, Legion Qi-:ard Winners Club '50-'52, Captain, Mus- tg161g5lBand '51-'52g Band Club MHNES, DGROTHY CS,U. '51-'52: Booster Club '51-'52g Y-Teens '51-'525 Gavel glluigzbl-'52g Senior Sub-Debs MRNLY, BETTY LOUISE Mustang Boosters '50-'52p lun- ior Sub-debs '51, Senior Sub- Debs '51-'52, Scottish Brigade '50-'52, Cpl Co. C '51-'52, Let- ter '50-'52, C SU '51-'52s F HH, '50-'52, Program Chair- man '5l: Hloha Club '52. MHRKLHND, CQROL Quill and Scroll '51-'52, Presi- dent: Scottish Brigade '49-'52, Top Sgt. Co. C '51-'52, CFI. Co. C '51, C,S.U, '50-'51, Qo- ha Club '51-'52: lunior Sub- Debs '50-'Sly Senior Sub-Debs '51-'52, Booster Club '49-'52: N.H.S. '51-'52g Round-Up '50- '52, Exchange Manager '50, Rsst. Page Three Edt '51, Ec1itor-in- hiel '51, Spanish Club '49-'5U. MHRTH, IOQNNE Scottish Brigade '50-'51: lunior Sub-Debs '50-'51, Senior Sub- Debs '51-'52, Flloha Club '51- '52p Booster Club '51-'52 MHIGNQUD, WILBUR Booster Club '49-'52p Sgt.-at Flrms Civics Class. t t t 4 G' MQY, NQNCY Mustang Boosters '49-'52, Iun- tor Sub-Debs '50-'51p Senior Sub-De-bs '51-'52: F.H.F-1.'51-'52, 'X MCCHULEY, BETTY Mustang Boosters '49-'51, K MCDONHLD, GEBHLDINE Scoltish Brigade, Right Color guard Brigade Flag 'Sl-'52 Mustang Boosters 719351 Choral Club '52: C.S.U. '52 F HH. '50-'52: Brigade Letters MILLER. DON Mustang Boosters '49-'50. MCKENZIE, MHBGHBET Scottish Brigade '50-'51p Quill and Scroll '50-'52, Reporter '50-'51, Treasurer '51-'52g Bri- gade Corpl, '51-'52g Iunior Sub-Debs '50-'5lg Senior Sub- Debs '51-'52g C.S.U. '51-'52g Round-Up, Exchange Manager '50-'51, Fldvertising Manager '51-'52p Flloha Club '51-'52, Booster Club '49-'52, Spanish Club '49-'50. MCLENDON TOMMY MEEK, IIMMY Golf Club 'las-'50, Letter: Boll- MILLER. BILLIE in? Ponies '49-'52, Sgt-at-Hrms Bowling Club '50-'51, Mustang '5 4525 Mustang Booster '49- Boostersg F.H.P1. '5lf'52. MILLER, IQNICE Scottish Brigade '49-'52p Iunior Sub-Dabs ' 0-'Sli Senior Sub- Debs '51-'52g Hloha Club '51- '52p C.S.U. '51-'52g Bri ade Letter '50-'52, Sgt. U. S. ilag :ga-'52: Secretarial Club '51- MITCHELL, BILL Bowling Club 'Sly C.S.U. 'Sli Qlternate Student Council Representative '5l: Booster Cbub, President Civics Class '5 . MITCHELL, MFIRY Mustang Booster '49-'52,f',H,H '5l-'52p Brigade 'Sly Iunior Sub-Debs '50-'5l: Senior Sub- Debs '5l-'52: Quill and Scroll 'Sl-'52q Hloha Club 'Sl-'52: Gavel Club 'Sl-'52g Iournalism Letterg Round-Up '50-'52, EX- change Manager '50-'51, Cir- culation Manager '51-'52, Par- liamentarian '50-'51, Secretary Speech Class 'Sl-'5'Z. MORRIS, WILLIHM Bowling Club '50-'52y French Club 'Sl-'52p Booster Club '49- '52g Swimming Team '50-'52. MITCHELL, RONNIE Bowling Club '5lg Golf Team '5O1 Booster 'Sly Sgt-at-Qrms Civics Class '51, MITCHELL, SUE MOLRS, BETTY HNN Senior Class Treasurer '5Zp Library Club '49-'52, Secretary '50, Vice-President '51-'S2g C. S.U. '50-'52g Junior Sub-Debs '50-'5lp Senior Sub-Debs '51- '52: Illloha Club 'Sl-'52: Boost- er Club '49-'52: Scottish Bri- gade '49-'52, Color Guard of lags '51-'52: Treasurer of Social Problem Class '51-'52. MOORE, BOBBY Mustang Booster '50-'52g Track Team '49-'52, Track Letter: B Hloha Clubg Senior Class Sec- Team FOOtbC1ll '50s R TSGITI retary. Football '5lp Rloha Club '51- '52g Honor Roll '49-'52g Presi- dent Civics Class. MORTON, CHHRLENE Gavel Club '50-'52, Secretary 'Sl-'52, Parliamentarian '50- '5lg Speech Letter '50-'52p De- clamation Letter '50-'5l: C.S.U. '50-'52g Booster Club 'SU-'52: Qloha Club '5l-'52: Iunior Sub-Debs '50-'Sly Senior Sub- Debs 'Sl-'52p Bowling Club '49-'5U: Mustang Mounties '49- '5U: Secretary Civics Class, Student Council '50-'5l, MUCKELROY, BOBBY R O TC. '49-'50, Sgt lst class, Crack Drill Platoon '49-'50: Non-Com Club '49-'5Uy French Club '49-'5O: Booster Club '49- '52, Flsst. Chieg Booster '5lp Chiel Booster '5 1 Cheerleader '51-'52: C.S U. '51-'52, Flloha Club '5l-'52g Student Council '49-'52 Tennis '49-'52, Lettered: Vice-President Civics Class. MUSGROVE, IHMES Boosters '49-'Sl B Team Foot- ball '49: Track '50, CS U '50 OROURKE, IOHN Mustang Boosters, '49-'52. MUNHHUSEN, BQRBQRBQ Booster Club '49-'52g Ir. Sub Debs 'SD-'5l: Sr. Sub-Debs '51-'52g Rloha Club 'Sl-'52 Mustang Mounties '50-'5l: Fl H. Q. NOWLIN, DWIGHT R.O.T.C. '49-'51, Sgt. '50-'51. O'BRIEN, PPITRICIR RUTH Scottish Brigade '50-'52, Drum Corpsg Iunior Sub-Debs:Senior Sub.Debs: Orchestra '51s Qloha Club: Corral, Literary Edt, '51-'52g Swimming Team '51-'52, Letteredy Booster Club '49-'5Zp Student Council '5Up C S.U.: F.T.H. OELFKE, BILL Leiut. H.O.T.C '50-'51: Officers Club '50-'Sly Spanish Round Table '49-'5U: Student Council '49+'5Og Principles .Committee e Club '49 '52. '49-'SOQ Boost r - Vice-President Civics Class .1 ' xl pf-.,. ff: i 61 , O'TOOLE, IHMES Mustang Boosters: National Honor Society: Corral Staff: Spanish Round Table. PQDON, DOROTHY 5' S U 'SU '52, FH Q '50 52: Mustang Roosters '51-'52, Cate Sfrcrety'5f1 '51 Gym Letter 'SO l111F1HC1f, RHHBQR171 Mustaua Mcwuntms '51, ltollmg Pfvnws: '51 Mustana Boosters 51 52' Svnrfz Sul:-Tlsl3:1'5l"52 PRRR, GEORGE B Football Team 49750 Man- aqcr '5Ug Swrmmmg Team '50- '57, F1 Team Head Manaqer '5l' Track Manaqer '5l"52 Baostpr '49-'El Mustang Boys Ftrding Clulv, Presrdent '49, R O.TC: Sgt-at-Flrmm Civics Class Band PQTRICK, WYONNE Boostvr Club '49-'52g lunior SubYl'We-bs '50-'51, Semor Suh- Debs '51-'52' CSU 'SU '51 French Club '51-'52, P11 131. '51 '52, Hloha Club 'Sl-'Sir Gavel Club '50-'51: Gym Let- ter rn Basf-ball 'SU-'51, PGYllG' mnntarran Clvrcs Class '5l: President and Secretary Spf-f:c11Classes '51"52 PQYNE, DOROTHY Gym '49-'52, Lette:-rsg Booster Club '49-'Sl Treasurer Socral Problems Class '51 Spamsh Round Table 4950: CSU '50-'51: lunior Sub-Dabs '50- '51, Senior Sub-Delis '51-'52: Qlrltta Clul '51-'52 PEQCH, ROBERTS Booster Clubg Bowlina Clubg Vice Pres- Clothrnq Class: Mustang 1V1Ot11"t1lPS , t,,,,, ,, if' PQGE, SHIRLEY Student Council '50-'52, Circu- latron Manager Handbook '51, '52 lumor Sul::vDe:-bs '50f'5l Parlxamentarran Sennrv Sub' Dabs '51-'52, N.1l,S '51-'52, Qulll and Scroll '5fl-'52 Mus' tang Mountres '49 '5U: Booster Club '49-'52 Scottrsh Brrgade '49-'52, Cyl, Co. Q '50 '51, Capt Co. Q '51-'52p C S U. '49- '52, Qloha Club '51 '52, F119 '50-'52 Prrrsrds-nt '51, Corral Staff 'SU-'51 Club G Faculty Edt '50-'51, Brtgade Lettr-rs, 'SU-'52, Qurll and Scroll, Pars llamentarian 4,57 PITTIVY, 1'Jt'3tN Hourrd-UV 'dll '52 Sr arts lfclr tor 50-'52 Ourll ani Scroll 'H Q" V112 '51'S" PENNY, HLYNE PHILLIPS, WHNDH Mustang Boosters '49-'52, Mus- tang Mounttes: F.H.l3l., Social ChG1TmGHf C S.U.gSen1or Sub- Debs ' PIZZITOLH, MHRGUREITE Iumor Sub-Debs '50-'51g FH '55-'52g Mustang Boosters '49- 'S PHENIX, IOYCE Q PLEDGER, GRRY H Team Football '49-'51, Let- terman: President Ctvtcs. PHIPPS, IO RNN Bootr Cl b '49-'52p I ' ' subftfebs, usentof SubeS2t1Z', PIZZITOLH. TONI C.S.U. '51-'52, Business Club Booster Club '51: Speech Club 321-'52, Reporter: Nurses Qld '5l. PLUECKER, KHTHY French Club '49-'52, Student COUHCII '49-'50, Iunxor Sub- Debs '50-'5lg Booster Club '49-'52. POPE, DONRLD Mustan Boosters 49-'51, Foot- , g . , ball Team '49-'Sl RRBORN, CFIROLYN Student Council '49-'50, Mus- tang Boosters '49-'52: Qsst Postmaster 'Sl '52, Scottish Brigade '49-'52, Top Sgt Co B '5l, Lreut Co B 'Sl-'52, Captain Flags '52, Iunior Sub- Debs '5O"5l, Senior SubADebs 'Sl-52, Social Chairman '51- '52, Business Club '51-'52, Treas '51-'SZJ Qloha Club '51- '52, CS.U '50-'52, Scottish Brigade Letters '49?52, PROVENZQNO FOLEY PRESLEY GERRLD B t Cl b .49 152 C ' . - 2 l 5 - Mustang Boostels' R O'T'C' ci-Clif e'51-'52, Vice Preziiienflg N HS, '51-'52 PRIDDY, IERN '51-'52, Mustang Booster '49 '52, Iunior Sub-Debs '5U?5l Senior Sub-Debs '5lf52g Stu dent Council '50-'52, Hsst, Ed itor Handbook '51-'52p Gave Club '50-'51, Secretar , F.H.Fl 'EIU-'51, C.S.U."49-'Sgr F.T.Q '50-'51, Brigade Letter '50-'52 Hloha Club 'Sl-'52. Scottish Brigade '49-'52, Cpl. Co B '50-'51, Top Sgt. Co. Pl f PURDY, RLEX ' RO,T.C, '50-'51, lst Sgt., Drill Platoon '49-'50, Booster Club 1 '49-'52, spanish Club '50, -v POWER, IOY NELL Student Council '49 '5U, Mus- tang Boosters '49-'52, Senior Sub-Debs '51-'52, Gym Letters '49-50. RRND, ROBERT Mustang Band '49 '52, Swim- ming Team 'SO-'52, Ftloha Club 'Sl-'52, Sgt,-at-Flrms, lce Hockey Team 'Sl-'52, Qdve: tisement Committee Bronco Whirl, Goal Post Decorating Committee '51, Reporter Civics Class:FC1 '51-'52 RQNKIN, RUTH Gym Letter '50-'5lp Mustang Boosters '50-'52g Iunior Sub- Debs '50-'Sly Senior Sub-Debs '51-'52g Hloha Club 'Sl-'52: C.S.U. '51-'52, RRY, HQSKELL R.O.T.C '49-'52, Ca tam '51 '52g Olficers Club '5l-'52 Booster Club 'Sl-'52, RICHEY, SHERRILL Scottish Brigade '49-'52, Tech- nical Sgt. Bugle Cor s '5l-'52, Brigade Letters '50',g22 Boost- er Club '49-'SZQ Iunior Sub- Debs '50-'5ly Senior Sub-Debs '5l-'52p Qloha Club '5l-'52. REICI-l, BILLY Flloha Club '51-'5Zp Mustang Booster '49-'5Zg French Club '49-'50g President Civics Classg Bancl '49-'52, Letter '50-'52, Band Club '50-'51, Drill Sgt. 'SO-'5lp lst Lieut. '51-'25 R.O.T,C. '49-'52, Sgt. '49-'50, lst S t. '50-'51, Zncl Lieut. '51- '52, Crack Drill Platoon '49- '52, Letter '52, Non-Commis- sioned Ofiicers Club '49-'51, ggifgirs Cub '52y Rifle Team ZLBEN RENT E , B Team Football '49g Q Team Football '50-'51, Letterg Track Team 'SU-'51, Lettersg Presi- dent Civics Class, Mustang Booster '49-'51, i REID, Sl'lll1l6EY B d visa: , M B . ein '49-'52p iunllglqnsgub-E235 RTalQgEErc2'itiIEENNETH 'SU-'5lg F HH. 'Sly Tennis Club '50-'5l: C,S.U. '5U. REYNOLDS, llM B Team Football '50-'5l Booster '49-'5Ug Chorus '49-'50 Parliamentarian Social Prob lems Class '51-'52y Parliamen- tarian Civics '51, ROY, SHIRLEY t V Y Sccltafrli rlrlgccv -lr-X. Cpl' Cc " :C-cl, Le41'Ic.f:v..c1:1 Brlqride Flag 'ful-'52, lumox ll b '5U'5l Scmol Sulw Muszmnq Bomslews 719' fwil Q10 S he Club Sl-52 CSU ,IASQ ff S Sl- 52 V159 Pwlsxden' Sly Omll cmd Scroll Sl- 52, Hound-Up 'Sl-'52, Pg, 2 lldilor '5lp Scolllszlm Ermqcde l.ellerf: '50-'52 lovunulxszm Leltms '51 '52 HUTTLR, WQNIDH Muslrzng Hwoste: 49- 52 Mus' lang Mcunfzes 50 Gym L-9210: SC Sl Y.'fi.eyb3.l 45' '5Up Bowlxnq Club 609525 C S U. '51-'52, Qlohc Club '51 '52 llecordlnq Sf-me-lcny, Buen- ness: fllnb, Progzmm Clxmrmun Sl- 52 lilruor Sub-Df'l'S '50 'll Se-mc: S1gbl'lebS Cl- EQ Servxce Clxmrmon Civics floss Rl Sub e s K - , - - llelos 'Sl-'52, Pmlxumonlsrmcn, SQ ICHFZ MQRY Iflll SHNDERS, DONQLD Vice President Gavel Club '5Ug Band '49-'50, Letters, Student Council '49-'52, Vice President Civics Classy President Hmeri- can Legion Hward Winners Club '5lf'52: President Speech Class 'll9: Speech letter '49- 'SU Booster Club, Q SQRFlBlQ, llMlLlO Saanisli Hound Table '49-'50y Student Council 49452, N H S President '51-'52, li Team Football '49 '5Og Vice President Senior Classg Vice President Civics Claszsg Treasiilei Social Problems-s Classg Pailiamenta- rzan f'1'i'1C5ZClL1b SCHULTZ, SHLLY Mustang Mounties '49-'5U: Mustang Boosters '49-'52: lun- ior Sub-Debs '50-'51, Senior Sub-Debs '51-'52, Rloha Club '5l-'52, CSU. '5Of'52, FHQ '50, Sgt -at-Flrmsg Program Chairman Civics Class. SHVQRINO, BILLY Booster Club '49-'52, Cliiet Booster '51-'52p Hloha Club '50-'52g Senior Class Presidontp Basketball '50-'52, Letters: Baseball '49-'51, Qll City 'SO' '51 Captain '51, Letters, Foot- ball Manager '50-'bl Letters. C S U 'Sl-'52, B Team Basket- ball '-19, President Civics Class, SCHILLHCT QNTHONY SCI-IUENEMEN, IOHN Pl O T C '49,'5l ' A SCHULTZ LQRRY BT B k-tbll49gQT f Bajfjfguffs .j9f?51, Lwffgf R.O.'l'.CgBoos1er Cmnt Booster Club '49-'5l. wi . "W SCOTT, BETTY LOU Green Masque Players '51-'52: Boosters 'SU '52, C S U '51.'52- Brigade, Bagpipes '51-'52, Chorus '50-'52, Senior Sub- l-?5lDS '5l"52: Gavel Club '51- SCOTT, MQRY IO Muslancl Mountlr-s '49-'50, lun- IO! Sub-Debs 'SO-'51, Senior Sub llebs El-'52 Boosters 719' '52 Volleyball Team '51, FH Fl SC- SZ, Flloha Club SHOEMFIKER, WQYNE Q Team Foolball '49"51, Lel- tersp Bowlmg Club '49gBoos1er Club '49-'Sig S 1.-al-Hrms S0- cicxl Problems C?ass. "Na, SHQM DOCK SHIELDS, IQMES SHHM, ICH Muslang Boosiers '49-'52y W Bowlmg Club '51-'SZ SHQRPLESS, LOU QNN Mustang Booster 'SU-'Sl Bowl- mn- Club SU-'51 Senior Sub- ' 3 Ilebs 51952 Sl-HRK, BILLY Mustang Booster '49-52: Fxre CSU '50 Lieutenant 'SU-'Sl C '51 Swmmmmg Team Track Team '5l- 52: Club '49-'52, 'SO-'51, Choral -- SHORES, lllvl Library Club '51-'52 SIMMONS, ROGER Mustang Band, Bowling Club' Booster Club: Sgt -at-Firms Civics Class '5l. SIMON, C. M, N ll S 51452 SMITH, IEHN Booster Clubg Iunior and Senior Sub-Debs: Flloha Club, C.S.U,g Business Club- R O.T,C. '51- '5l, Sponsor Co. Q: Choral Club: Mustani Mounties: Scot- gshblirigadey rigade Bowling u , SISCO, PHTSY Booster Club '49-'52, Brigade Co Fl '50-'5l, '49-'52, Cpl Lieutenant Flags '51-'52, C,S.U., lunior Sub-Debs, Sen- ior Sub-Debsg Ftloha Club. SLQUGHTER, DRN Gavel Club '49-'51, B Team Football V195 Q Team Football '50-'51, Co-Captq Booster Club '49-'Elf Cale Society '5l: C.S U. 'Sly President Civics Class. SMITH, BHBBQRH Scottish Brigade '49-'52, Cpl '51-'52, Lette-rsg C.S U.: Social Chairman Social Problems Cgassi F.l'l.Fl. '51, Booster Club '4 -' . SMITH, DONNQ Mustang Booster '49-'52, lun- ior Sub-Debs '50-'5l: Senior Sub-Debs '5l552, Nurses Flid '5U,C.S.U SMITH, LOIS Volley Ball B Team '51, High Point Team '49-'51, Cviu Let- ter, NHS '51-'52: Graohlc Flrts Club '51, Booster Club Pan Qmerican Club SMITH, PQTRICIF1 1'-INN Scottrsh Brrqade '49-'52,1f1rum Cozps Letters '50-'5lp Mustang Mountles '50, lumor Sub'Debs 50751 Sentor SubA15e-bs '51- 'ST French Club '50-'57, Mus: tang Boosters '-19-'52 1'.'l'Q 50 CSU 'Sl-'52 Round-Up Stall Berorter 51 Ti SMIT1-1, BICHQRD Mustang Booster Club 499511 Cboral Club '49-52, Charter Member Mustana Follres '51, Charter Member Grs-on and Wlute Revue '51 SPFEB, GILL Booster Club '49-'52, Manager Bronco Wlurl '51, Reporter So' cral Problems Club. SMITH, ROBERT N SONTHG, IIMMY Mustang Boosters, '49-'52, Mus- Fl Team Football '49-'51, Let- tang Band '49-'52, Znd Lt '51- terman, Fl Team Baseball '50- '52. '52, Letterman, Booster Club SONES, R1TFl '49-'52p NHS SPEED IUNE Scomsh Bmgcde 45UY'52' Top Frencn Club 49-'50 lunror Sgt, Flags '51-'52, Brigade Let tersg Booster Club 'SO-'52 C S U 'SO-'52: Hloha Club '51 '52: Bustness Club '51-'52 Iunror Sub-Debs '50-'51: Sen lor Sub-Debra '51-'52, PHP! '51, Treasurer, Sub-Debs '5UA'51, Semor Sub- Debs '51-'52 Gavel Club '50- '52: Mustang Boosters '49-'52, ROTC. Sionsor, Gtrls Hltle Team '52, etter, Qloba Club '51-'52s Officers Club. 'Z SPEICH, IEBBY Gym Letters 'SU-'52, Booster Club '50-'52, Swrmmlnq Club '50, Iunror Sub-Debs '50, Sen- ror Sub-Webs 'SOUSZ Bollmq Ponies '51-'52 Pllolra Club '51- '52, N 11 S '51-'52, Choral Cggub '50-'51, Tenms Club '51- SPELL BOBBY Gavel Club '49-SU, Vtce Pres- ident Civics Club '51g Booster Club '49-'Bly B Team Football '49-'5Uq Ft 'Team Football '51, Track '50-'51 SV SPENCER, GENE STOVQLL, LYNN Mustunti Boosters '49-'52, Ten- riis Clu '49-'5Uz Corral Rep- resentative '49-'5U: Library Club '50-'51, Vice President Pan Qmericari Club '49-'50 Iunior Sub-Debs '50-'51, Sen ior Sub-Debs '51-'52, Scottish Brigade '50-'52, Cpl. Co. Fl '51-'52, Briqade Letters 'Sl-'52: Round-Un '51-'52, Typist C.S.U. '51-'52g Fflloha Club '51- '52: FH Q '51-'52, Vice Presi- deantz Runner-Up Iunior Beauty '5 -'51, STHNFIELD, MHRGIE lunior Sub-Debs '50-'51: Sen- ior Sub-Debs '51-'52, Presi- dent, Mustang Boosters '49- '52g Hloha Club '51-'52: Quill and Scroll '51-'S2g C.S U, '50- '52 Social Chairman '51-'57 Scottisl: Brigade '49-'52, Drums '50-'51, Qdiutant Maior '51-'52, STQRK, MILTON Booster Club '49-'SZ Bowling Club '49-'52, President '51-'52g French Club '51-'52, Sgt.-at- tfgams '51z Student Council '50- STEED, BHRBHRH IHNE Boosters '49'52: lunior Sub- Debs '51, Senior Sub-Debs '51 Rolling Ponies '50-'52: FH Q. Presidentp Corral '51 Chair mam Pan Hmerxcan Club '50 '5 . STERKEN O ELLEN , 1 Mustang Boosters '49-'52 lun- ior Sub-Debs '50-'51, Senior Sub-Debs '51-'52g F.1'1.H. '51- '52p Hloha Club '51-'SZ Li- brary Club '50-'51: C S U. '51- '5Q: Band '5U. Business Club '51-527 Perfect Record Letter '51 HighPomtTe'1m Letter 50 4 in STBHTTON, RRY Mustang Boosters '49-'51s ROTC '49-'51, Capt. '51, Weaoons Efficiency Drill Team '49-'50, Best Presse-1 Cadet, Good Conduct, '51, Marks- rnanship: B.O,'1'.C, Officers Club '50-'Sly Projector Club. STBOUD, RICHQRD Hound-Up '51, Football Man- aaer '50, Rolltnq Pontes '49- 'SU Hall Patrol Booster Club 4951 STROUP, DICK Booster Clul1'50'fSl TESSIER, MIKE TQYLOR, QNITQ STRUEBER! MQRY IEQN Mustang Boosters 49- 52 lun, Mustang Boosters '49-'52p Gym g'rbSuB5'?Bl5S 5g'SS5nlOT5lSl'gE' Letters '50-'52p F,H.Ft. '5l. 9 S , ', ' ' A 1 F'.H.Fl 50- 52, Plrchery Club, Hloha Clubg Bowlxnq Club. SWOPE IOHN TQYLOB, BILL Rolllna Pontes '49 Captam Mustang Booster 49-'51, ROTC Lt '49-'5lp Booster ROTC. '49-'51, Mayor, Drtll Club '49 '52, Flloha Club '5l- Team '49-'51, Marksmanslfup. '52, Officers Club '50f'5l. THIESSEN, BILL Booster Club '50-'52, Capt Swtmmmg Team '49-'52, Sgt - at-Qrms Civtcs Class '51-'52, Qloha Club '51-'SZ Mustang Folltes 'Sl-'52 Capt Ptna Pont? Team '49-'52 FG THOMHS, ETHEL MRRIE Boosters '49-'525 FH Fl '50-'52: iunior Sub-Dabs '50-'51: Sen- ior Sub-Dabs '51-'52s Volley- boll Club Club '51-'52g Qrchery TYNER, CHTHERINE Mustanq Boosters '49-'52, CS U. 'SU-'Sly lunior Sub- Debs '50-'Sly Senior Sub-Debs '50'52, Reporter '51-'52, Or- chestra '50-'52, Student Coun- cil '50-'52g Band '49-'52, 2nd Lt, '51, lst Lt. '52, Band Let- ters '49-'52gH1oha Club '50-'51, Secretary Sf T17 THOMPSON. 1OQNN C.S.U. '51-'SZ Mustang Boost ers '50-'52q Iunior Sub--Debra '50-'51: Senior Sub-Delvs '5lA '52, Scottish Brigade '49-'52 Scottish Briqode Drum Cpl '51-'52, Brioade Letter '51!52, F HR 51-'52, Clothing Presi dont, Foods Pcrrliomentarionz Brigade Bowling Teom '50-'52 THOMPSON, SQLLY Iumor Sub Debs '51, Senior SubfDebs 51352: Rollinq Po- nies '50-'SZ Bowlinq Letters '51-'52, Swimming Letters '50- '52p C S U. '51-'52, Flloha Club '51-'52 Treasurer: Booster Club '50-'52 Gym Letter '51 Swimming Club '50-'52, Secre- tary Civics: Club '51. TQLHB, CHBOLF Scottish Brigade '50-'57 Sgt Tenor Drums '51-'52g flloha Club '51-'52, Iunior Sub-Debs '513 Senior Sub-Debs '52, Booster Club '50-'52' FHH 'SU-'52 Protect Chairman '51- '52g Clothinq Cluh '51-'52, TBHHQN, CHRO1, F.H.R '51: Booster Chili '51 T HOMES, PHTSY Gym Letters 'SO Mustana Boosters '5Of'52g Iunior Suh- Delns '50-'51g Senior Sub-Dabs '51f'52p Plloha Club '51-'52: C.S U '51-'52, UZZLP, LORHINE Scottish Brigocle '51-'52, Let- ter, Cpl Co C '51-525 Sqt, Co B '52 Briar-ide Howlina Cluh 50752 Hollins Ponies 49'5f1 lunior Stab-Debs '50- '515 C.S.U '50-'SZJ F,1i,H, '51- '5fZ, Vice Ptesident, Treasurer: Flloha Club '51-'S21 Senior Sub-Debs '51-'52, Membership Secretarvg Nlustonq Boosters '49-'52g Library Club '50-'5l. VRN G 'y' m 52 F1111 "1tb'fa1'S7 WEAVER, PQTSY Mtts:tf1 CSU SU 52, 1umo1 Sub Uvbs: 'SU '51 Senior Sub-Dabs '5157 GUVU1 CT1ub '49-'51, 2113116 C1ub 51-'52 F119 '51- , 1: Cp! Buqlws '51-152, Brlqade 1,f'11F?VS4SO '52 if 531' VFIUGHN, RUBY IEW ELL Qlaha Club '51-'52, C S U '51 '52, Mustang Boosters '5lf '52 1um0r Sub-Dabs 'SU-'51 Semar Sub-Dabs '51-'57, Scot- trsh Brtqade 'SU-'52, Sgt Bass Drums '51 '52 Brtaade Lettem '50-'Rl VERC1-IRB, DOLOBES Scotttsh Brlaade '51-'52, F T Q. P11131 Senior Sub-Dabs. Qloha Club, Mustang Boost- fvrs 71952, Spamsb Club 'SU' '51 PS U '57 'Us WQDDELL, LQRBY Bowlmg Club 49-'52 Booster C1ub '49-'52: Football Team B 'SU-'52 Letter Swtmmmg Team 'SUVSI Golf Team 'SU' '52 Letter Wt'-ILKEB BILLIE O , 1 Gym Letters 50-51, Leqxon Flwclrd Wmne-rss C1ub SU' 52 Iumor Sub-Dabs '51 Semor Sub-Debs '51-'52 C S U '51- '52, Plloba C1ub '51-'52 Boost- er C1ub '5U"52, N 1"1 S '51-'52 WESTMORELQND, lOE HNN Mustang Boosters '49'52, Srirarntalt Hound 'lable '49. C.S.U. '5ll"52y Y-Tcerts '50-'5l, lunlor Sul:-Debts '50-'blz Gavel Club '50-'52 Senior SubADelos '51-'52, Recording Secretary: Round-Up '50-'52, lqdVGI'llSl1'lQ Mgr '50 Qssoctate lfdrtor 'Sl Bound Uv Letters '5l- 52. Qurll and Scroll 'Sl-'52 Correspond- tna Secretary, Qloha Club '51- '52, Reporter, Green Masque Players '51-'52, Treasurer and Reporter WILSON, BEN Legion Student I-lward Club: Hustin Fire Department '49- '52g H Team Football '49-'52, Letterman, R Team Basketball '49-'52, President Ctvrcs Class. Presrdent Soctal Problems Classy Mustang Booster Club '49-'52 was WHIPPLE, O. l Booster Club '49-'52p Hloha Club 'Fl-'52 Bowlinq Club '50-'52 Pan Flmerrcan Club '-19-'50 B O T C 49- 51 WHISTLER, CHROLYN WILKINSON, BRYHNT Mustang Boosters, R.O.T.C. '50-'52, Sgt- NHS Sgzfm, Qrms Crvics Class President Qrnerrccrn Hxstory Class VVILMOUTH, DORIS Scottrsh Brigade '49-'52, Cpl, Co. B 'SU-'51, Bottom Sgt, Co. Fl '5lf'52g Mustang Boosters '49-'52: Spanish Round Table '49-'Slly Iunior Sub-Debs '50 'Sly Senror Sul'1-Dvlms 'ful '53, 5, NHS 51-12' TU-'1-'Je' 1. Qfolza Club 51 52 EL:srr1r-f.- Club 'Sl-'52 CSU '50-'52 l Flldfl Sl-.,2, Sgt eat-Qrms '51, Brrrzade Letters '49-'52 WHIDDON, HOWQRD Ofl1r:er:sClub,SC1l -al-flrmrz '51, D lrestcls-nt 'Bl-'SZ Vrrto PTES1 LlCI'lTClVlCi1 Class, Sql-at flrms Gavel Club 'bl-'lJ2i Pres:- rtlent Speerzlr Class 'nl-52: Vice Prosvitlnnl Socmal Prob "las-2 Sl BL' Soi -at flrrns Senror Clos- Fall Graduates, ll O T C -154 '52, Lt Colonrl ISL-'52, Mustang Boosters, '49- wrrsowv, Dortorm CS.U 50- S2 F119 51352: Cafe Soctety 50-'Sl VVILSON, S1'11BLEY Gym Letters 'SO-'51, Band Matorette '51-'52, luntor Sub- ffebs 51 Senior Sub-Debs '51- Sff C S U '51-'52, Booster Cl tb SK' 52 Flloha Club '51- Sf, F H F1 51-'52, Program Cltairmrm '51: B Team Volley- ball '5fl'5lg Swimming Club '51 1 WINBURN, RRY Pan Qmerican Cl-lb '49-'50 Protector Club '49-'50 Booster Club 49-'52 R O T C '49-'51 Best Dressed Cadet '50 Lieut '51 Bolling Ponies '50-'52 President ojrl' G. Club '51-'STL Swimming eam Letter '49-'57, Capt '50-'52: 1.l1'lI'G1V Club '51-'52g Qloha Club '51-'52 ZQMBON, EDDQ Booster Club '49-'52, IUHIOY Sub-Debs '50-'Sly Senior Sub- Debs '51-'52: F,H.F1. '51-'521 C,S,U. '51-'52 Flrchery Clubg Library Club '49-'50, WOOD, IRCK Booster Club '49-'52, I-lloha Club '51-'52, Football B Team WR1GHT, PHT '49, Ill Team Football '50, Foot- ball Letter '51, WOODS, H D. Booster Club '49-'52 Fllona Club '51-9521 Bowling Club '50-'52, Vice Fresidentg Gavel Club: M r. Swimming Team '52s ROTC. '49-'51. Y HWS, IOQN Brigade '49-'52 CD1 Co C SO-'51, Sgt Texas Flag '51-52, Bricyade Letters '49-'52 Booster Club '49-'52, Tumor Sub-Debs '50-'5l: Senior Sub-Debra '51- '52g F.H.H. '51-'52, Song Lead- er, Mustang Mounties '49p Hloha Club '51-'52p Business Club2'5l-'52, Secretary C SU. '49-'5 ,lil ' , ZGOURIDES, TED Booster Club: RO.T.C., Sqt. ZINNECKER, HI-TIL IONES, IQNETTE Speech Club ZURBORG, DHRLENE Mustang Boosters '51-'52: Mus tang '5l-'52: usxness u , reas urer Civics Club: Senior Sub Debs '52, MONTZ, BRRBHRH Mounties '51-'52g csu' B ' Cl b' T - Iunior Sub-Debs '50-'51, Booster Club '50-'51, CSU '50-'Sly French Club 'SOQ Gavel Club '5l: Senior Sub-Debs '51-'52g Qloha Club 'Sig F.H.Fl 'Slg Vice President Civics Class, Softball Letter '51, SENIOBS WHOSE PICTURES DO NOT HPPEQR Hrechiga, Susie Hrmstrong, Margureite Barron, Ierry Beahea, Darlene Bower, David Brady, Charles Cargile, Hnn Carroll, Bobby Coleson, Ianet De Hay, Qnn Durrett, George Durham, Patsy Funderburk, Norma Gaither, Eugene Gray, Iames Gremillion, Billy Gwaltney, Nancy l-lill, Donald lohnson, Delores lohnson, Donald lordan, Marian Kendall, Gail Krohn, Earl Lamp, Estelle Lassen, Phyllis Mclviahan, Dick Parker, David Bobertson, George Rochelle, Craig Bosamond, Ennis Sims, Iackie Tessier, Paul ,M , Webb, Shirley Q" Q Wqlgy, Iames I 9 ' III. JUIIIIIR CIHSS i 5' X 'QQ -, 1 f , Bpfdflf JQP I s ' UV' Q'-rf' 9- . +4 4 Tx 209 .-VV39' .QQ A F-'XX Vjks- VUERX av fx 1 I x ' 1 VH' Tllx: ,111 U IDRS ' QHRDRL, NQNCY QDQIR, THOMQS QDDISON, SYLVIR HLFORD, WYNONNH HRMBRUSTEH, IFICK HTKINSON, IHNE RUGUST, MIKE RVERY, INR BETH BQILEY, CFIROLYN BHRRIER, MILLER BEFIGLEY, PHT BECKER, PQTTI BELL, TOMMY BOLMRN, IOHNNE BOLTON, TOMMY BOWMRN, IRNICE BOYKIN, WRNDR BRFIFFETT, LLOYD BROWN, BILLIE BETH BRINKLEY, BILLY BROWN, BILLIE LEE BROWN, DELWIN BUCHRNHN, BEVERLY BUCSFINYI, KRRL BURRISK, BRHBHBH BUSH, KRTHRYN BYRUM, CLQUDIH CQIN, DONNQ CQLDWELL, LOUIS CHNFIVRN, PHT CHRMHCK, MQRY CHRSON, SUE CRRTER, IEFIN CHQDWICK, NETTH CLINKSCQLES, IOYCE A ua COLE, RONFILD COLLINS, DON CONE, EMMETTE COOK, IEHNNINE COOK, RRY CRQWFORD, BQRBHRF1 CULVER, CQROL DHLE, MHRY ELLEN DRVENPORT, WILLENE DELOFICH, MHRGIE DEMONEY, MQRLENE DOW, TEDDY DRHKE, QNN DEFINE, SHIRLEY DUCKWORTI-I, CONNIE DUNCHN, IOHN DURHHM, ELLIS DWILLIS, COMMIE ELLIOT, BHRBQRPI ELLIOTT, I-IQZEL ESTRELLH, GREGORY ETHEREDGE, ZELMFI EVFINS, NORMFI FELLERS, IOI-INNY FINLEY, MFIRY FINN FITTS, GERTRUDE FITTS, GLQDYS - FITZHRRRIS, SHIRLEY FLIMING, IEHN FORTENBERRY, DON . FOUCI-IE, IRCKIE FRQNKS, IRCIC FREEMFIN PQTRICIFI FROST IRCIC FULLER, BETTY GQTEWOOD, LOUISE GIBSON, PHYLLIS GOSCH, SHIRLEY GOSSETT, BEVERLY GRRVES, MQRIORIE GRQY FLORENCE GREEN, PFIT GRIMES, IIMMY GROSS, SHIRLEY HPILE, BUDDY HFIMPTON, VIRGINIR HHNKS, CQROL HHRBRCH, DEBORPIH HFIRBOUR, PRUL HQRDY, MQRY FRPINCES I-IRRRIGHN, ROBERT H. HHRRINGTON, HRROLD HRRRISON, YVONNE HPISTY, FRQNCES HQTFIELD, IO BNN HERTH, DEMHRIS HEITMEYER, MFIRCIR HICKS, VERNQ MFIE HOFFMFIN, FINNETTE HOKE, PHTRICIFI HOLLEMHN, MRRINELL HUBBFIRD, DICKIE HUBBHRD, IHNELLE HUGHES, PQTRICIFI HUME, FREEL HUNT, NRNCY HUNTER, CHRRLENE HUNTER, LLOYD IGO, VIRGINIPI INGRFIM, WQNDPI IQCKSON, DON IQCKSON, LOU FINN IRCKSON, OMF! DELL IHCKSON, PRTSY JENKINS, BETTY IOHNSON, EDDIE IONES. IRNET IORDQN, IRNE KHPPE, CRROLYN KQZETSKY, BETTY KERR, IO BNN KEITH, MHRGHRET KOEHLER, GRY NELL KOEHLER. IOYCE KROG, IRCK LQ EFISO, RNTHONY LPINCQSTER, BOBBY LFING, ERYE LE MOND, BOBBY LESTER, PRUL LINE, GLENDQ LITHERLRND, BRRBI-IRQ LOMRX, BRRBRRQ LONG, MFIDELINE LOOPER, DOLORES 7 LORENZ, PQTSY Y LOVEIOY, SHIRLEY L LUNSEORD, JQCK MQEINO, BENNIE MHRSH, BOBBIE vEE MRSON, NEDRQ MRTTHEWS, MHRIE MQY, SRDYE MERCHRNT, IOE MCCQULEY, IOHN MCCOY, DQRLING MCILVEEN, MFIRION MCNRY, RUTH MINZENMQYER, DONRLD MOORE, QNN MOORE, MRRTHR IO MORRIS, BONILE LEE MOSER, CHROL NERGER, LR NELLE NICHOLSON, LQ VONEE ORTLI, IOQN OSBORNE, ELQINE OWENS, CRROL LYNN PFIYNE, SUE RNN PORTER, RLRN PYLRND, GEORGE RRY, CRRL REYNR, LIONEL ROMQNS, MQSON RYQN, BETTY SHNDERS, MQXIE SCHMITT, BQRBRRR SCHNQQK, CHRRLOTTE SCHUBECK, HQRRY SCHUMHCHER, BOBBY l SCOTT, EMMQ LOU SHQFEER, THEODORE SLOHN, SHIRLEY SHOUP, RICHQRD SMHRT, HLICE SMITH, BETTY SMITH, KENNETH SMITH, RONRLD SNELL, SFILLY YOU STHCY, WILLIFIM STECK, CFIRL STOCKSTILL, SUE STOLTIE, ROBETT STRUEBER, JOHN TILL, QNNELLFI TREETON, THELMH TOWNSEND, IERRY TRIPP, PHT TOM, HENRY VESSELLS, IOFIN IIBROCK, ROSE IOY VOGLER, QNN WRDE, MFIRTHFI WQGNER, LOUISE WFIRREN, CHTHER VFILKER, CQROL LYNN WFILSTON, ILLEHN WILHELM, LHRRY WEISS, ELLH IEFIN WRIGHT, BOBBY INE gn . cf? ..r V -Q . 4" -S- Vfkxm, WILKINS, FORREST WILLIHMS, IO QNN WILLIQMS, MHRY LOUISE WILLIS, ROGER WILTSHIRE, MQRY FRHNCE WITT, CRRL WOLF, MHRY ELIZQBETH WOMRCK, GEORGE WOOD, CRM WREN, IERN FFIYE YEHMRNS, DICKIE PRIM, SUZHNNE PENIX, BETTY IEHN HRGGHRD, WRRREN gl, fm-:wx From left to right, ONE HCT PLQY: lim Flllan, Theresa Cappell, Richard Srnith, Iune Speed SPELLING: Bobby Hinkle, Margie DeLoach, Ronald Thacker, Hazel Elliott. IHTERSCHOLHSTIC LEHGUE REPRESENTHTIVES J , . r ' mu..-, Back row: Billy Mclllclams, Paula Ross, Pat Tripp, Virginia Igo, Walker Iordan Front row: Carol Lynn Walker, Shirley Roy. IV.SllPHllIIIORl IIHISS , , , . T, ,,,,N.4,.l1,-,.. " , f muh ' P' .wif - 1" - ,MQ 3 ga 4 1, ,M.M,VA,.,!f,,f4.,I Ng V, K I I 11 Q' S 4 xp, - H ,fgj I ,, . X, um ,, J' -,, - ,WL . J-, ' V1 . mm: MSR! X -N 1, ,' ,N W3 in 'je W, x My ,,1-11 1' if .' . 'H i, wciwi L, ' U H. ' 'Y ', 'UF JUG' w A f Wsielffg U c, 1 A -W. ' ,Q A 1 'Ji wg , '1:v!v11..5 4 x."!L'-my-'L w ,v"g,,-hm, 5 .,,l55',-in 1' .w,',1' K. ,- 9 fy: Eilagggf.ngL "ff,aQ .u 'hifwxfjgt Q T 5- 'ei:,.1Q,g,cf J-NU-.H f,,c,,j. , Q. 1.'v,,iw1--!- ,D f,"3?v'?-A 1 '4-2?-ef W , ggqwffpff, Y ,fg."g,,1.pi M . N jn1w3fL1ggQ:g?"1 ,ga35fi.z Ji" W' ' 5 ENI1' 1Q'.wt:A,4ffff,w -' ' -ff-my .p' rw Y ? N 'Mx " ,i'!,,yx 413 V .ix-xawg i? . K J, , " I aww- 1,--5-,: nf . , , Lf23'fwf7fQ?T"'g2v3" 911 5 5 fx f3' F1g"'if?5Lh- l'Yf':7. rgEfQdQQ1i'5rgf ',is:. 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'L-if ,, 5 'Uv-sf W Boo1l1,Mc1rilyn Bosco, Bencxrd Bowen, Betty Boyle, Nancy Branch, Eugene Brunnc1n,Mc1ry Ellen BrcZ1ud,Qnn Bred, Shirley Brown, Tyonn Bucl1cxncrn,Horold Burkhcm, Billy Burksgfiichord llOHtS Buland, Russell Butler, Sally Caldw ell, Sally Lou Carlisle, Mary Hnn Carnathan,Kenneil1 Cane, Marion Castrow, Fred Chambless, Maryola Chappell, Ioan Clary, Charmaine Conneway, Marilyn Cook, Nelda Costelow, Gwen Cotion, Charlene Coury, Mike Cox, lack Cox, Wilma Culver, Billie D'Flmico, Finn Marie Damonte, Plogelle Daniel, Frances Daniel, Royce Darnell, lerry Davis, George Davis, Johnny C" ll? . 5' 4 Dewees, Betty Dibello, Frances Dobos, Sophia Duncan, Helen Eis, Barbara Eis, Betty Frtz, Norma Farley, Pepper Faulkner, Virginia Fitze, Harry Fletcher, Palsy Flqsd, Peggy Haynes, Robert Heinsohn, Raymond Helble, Gene Herbsleb, Barbara Hermann, Shirley Herrington, Kenneth Hickman, Nancy Hill, Iudy Hines, Charles Hinkle, Bobby Holcomb, Io Beth Hooper, If yce Forehand, Bobbie Dale Foster, Doris Frank, lerry Lee Frazier, Melvalene Freeman, Fl G. Frey, George Futrell, Harvey Garreri, Barbara Geiaer, Columbia Geiaer, Martha Gidley, Shirley Gilbert, Shirley Goehring, Royce Goodman, lerry Sue Grady, Helen Geen, Mary Hnn Greene, Garland Griffin, Patsy Grosiean, Don Haggard, Warren Ha1iiilton,Brook:s Hammond, Iorrie Harris, Hnn Harrison, Lloyd Harrison, Pat . i I Horton, Caroline Howell, Ioyce Huddleston, Iackie Hudson, Barbara Hurtt, Lester Hyde, Clifford Iackson, Charles Iohnston, Mary Hnna Johnstone, Clyde Iones, Shirley Keating, Thomasine Kellough, Hnn Ketchum, Lee Keys, Carolyn Kirby, Kathleen Kite, Carolyn Lawler, Barbara Lawson, Iohn Lee, Barbara Lee, Diana Liebert, Robert Liles, Gail Linklater, Iim Linklater, Tom Lipscomb, Thelma Lord, Douglas Loveless, Ken Loverdi, Veda Lowe, Pat Lucky, Ierry Luthe, loan Maddox, Barbara Magee, Douglas Magee, Ruby Lee Malone, Charlotte Massey, Flnne Masters, Betty Sue , .,- A Y V ,., X v , l l K ge :fi Morse, Ginger Moser, Gloria Nelson, Danice Nettles, Cora Hnn Oglesby, Charles Osborne, Melba Oswell, Elaine Otto, Sharon Pace, Elizabeth Parker, Bob Parks, Barbara Payne, Ioyce Maxwell, Lyndall Maxwell, Patsy McCain, Robert McDonald, Nancy McDonald, Nita Faye McDougal, lean McFarland, Elouise McGee, Edmond McGrady, Patsy McIl1wain,Hose McMahon, Betty McNay, Bill McNeill, Grover McPherson, Ianice McVey, James Meadows, Plrtis Meadows, Yvonne Medley, Frances Melnick, Harry Miller, Betty Mitchell, Ioyce Moifett, Milton Moore, Barbara Moore, Ruth Morales, Vincent - -v -1 -n Payne, Klycle Peebles, Kathleen Peevey, Iack , Phillips, Murrel Pier, Qllen Plaster, Betty Pres1ar,Iackie Sue Presley, lo Qnne Pruitt, Beth Purtee, Iohn Putnam, Ierry Rainoshek, Dennis Ramsey, Finn Ramsey, Sue Randle, Marilyn Reynolds, Iacqueline Rhode, Mary Hlice Robbins, Nancy Roberts, Bobby Rodriguez, Eclwina Sarabia, Bertha Scarborough, Ierry lo Schillaci, Ioseph Schwab, Sally Scott, Barbara I t Senechal, Charlotte Shindler, George Shipp, Kathleen Simmons, Patty Simoncls, Billy Sims, Betty Sloan, Pat Slover, Nathan Smith, Margaret Solie, Beverly Sones, Deanna Speight, Carolyn Vercher, lohn Voss, Robert Walker, Robert Walling, Hnn Weaver, Qlice Wedemeyer, Billy Wellborn, Raymond Whigham, S. l. White, Carolyn Whitehurst, Lillian Williams, Mary Lee Wilson, Carlerxe Stagner, Doris Stamps, Frances Stephenson, Ross Stewart, Iames Stewart, Iohn Stewart, Myrna Stockwell, Gail Stoever, Eileen Sump, Carlene Talley, Delores Tapp, Hrnold Taylor, Colleen Taylor, Conneen Teer, Patsy Terry, lack Thacker, Mary Lee Thigpen, lan Thompson, Dickie Thompson, Marcella Thompson, Patty Tinsley, loyce Tuftly, Sylvia Underwood, Lynette Vasina, Betty Io. Vaught, Mary Finn Wilson, Nancy Wilson, Wanda Zufliowslci Bazba lvliideley, Iearinc Childhood sweethearts. Well, shut my mouth! The Dirty Five. Dont snore too loud. Which twin has the toni? Going my way? Lonesome? The two main features. Oh Georgie! Bringing home the ba- con, Faye? Getting ready for a take- off. Going to the dogs? y Three strikes and you're out. Caught in the act! Why losephine, when did you get your poodle cut? Child prodigy! Well, Well! Muscles Lehew, Miss I-lmerica, 1952. MR. SCOTT'S FIRST PERIOD SOCIHL PROBLEMS CLRSS Back row, left to right: Billy Ferguson, Iimmy Killen, Bobby Spell, Charles Brady, Carleton Sage, Betty Lou Scott, Wesley Hdams, Donald Schumake, Foley Provenzano, C. M. Simons, David Parker. Front row, left to right: Donald Hill, Ronnie Mitchell, Ioye Brinkman, Flnn Cargill, Iimmy Cox, Hlyne Penny, Ioy Nell Power, Ierry Hllee, Billy Morris, Pat Wright, Mary Fowler, Dorothy Wilson, Nina Gray, Darlene Zur- borg, Norma Hestilow, Wanda Phillips. Seated, left to right: James Shields, Ben Rentzel, Robert Hand. pi: .ff ,A KIM SCOTT SECOND PERIOD SOCIRL PROBLEMS Front row, left to right: Shirley Reid, Gladys Fitts, Peggy Lester, Estelle Lamp, Eddo Zambon, Flnitcr Taylor. Carolyn Whitler. Second row: Mr, Scott, Naomi Furlong, Billie Io Walker, Ruth Rankin, Mary Strueber, Myrna Mabrey, Marion Iorclan, Barbara Dobsky, Wyone Patrick. Third row: Richard Lemoine, Doc Sham, Io Finn Phillips, Tommy Kizer, Rrm Fisher, lolm O'Rourke, . , -... -, Bill Oelfke, Lynn King, Phillip Martin, Robert Smith, Bill Guinn. R uf- I4 ' ! T751-.s SCOTT THIRD PERIOD Front row, loft to riaht: Pat O'Brien, Iackie Hayes, Carolyn Chittendon, Carolyn Cassil, Kay Carmichael, Mary Lou Sanchez, Nancy May, Sherrill Richey. Second row: loan Hawkins, Martha Horton, Dolores Vercher, Helen Cook, Ethel Botera Shirley Page, Sally Thompson, Pegay lacobs. Third row: Norman lacobson, Warren Iones, Iirnmy Me ek, Donald Burson, Bobby Muckleroy, Ronald laclcson, Gene Schillaci, David Gilmore, Don Mahaffey, Raymond Iohnson, Billy Shirk, Wally Vance, Iirnmy Sontaq, Milton Stark, Iohn Schuenomann. 1 . I ,Q it is 1 A l 3 SCOTT FOURTH PERIOD Front row, left to right: Carol Trahan, Beverly Ftistau, Hnn Heath, Charlene Morton, Iune Speed, Pat Gibson, lerrie Bobo, Betty Lou Manley. Second row: Ben Lacey, Travis Griffin, Dan Peevy, Richard lanes, Bill Mitchell, Charles Hazel, Bobby Lehew, Morris Fldams, Bert Geldard, Ray Winburn. Back row, irregular: Victor Houston, Bill Thession, Gene Spencer, lim Collins, Bill farrell, lack Woods, Raiford Kintsley, Ft. H, Kaufold, David Iattar, Gerald Cunning ham, Theodore di Zegredies, lack Wolfe, Fl. D. Woods. ..--- .I GREENI-IILl..'S FIRST PERIOD SOCIHL PROBLEMS CLQSS First row, left to right: Barbara Badousek, Nancy Ford, Dick Stroup, Iimmy Cox, Dan Slaughter, Ioy Laws Second rowi Flnn Collins, Miss Greenhill, Gladys Fitts, Betty Deznetre, Mary Hnn Cunningham, Ierrie Qnn Currie, Ernestirie Ballard, Gloria Hatcher, Dorothy Huffman, Dorothy Paden, Carlyn Raborn, Loretta Litzler, Winnie Faye Bell, Wanda Bourland, Io Flnn Garag Third row: Betty Ioyce Iackson, Patsy Sisco Mildred I-Iunt, Sally Schultz, Dorothy Gellately, Mary Io Scott, Marie Bittner, , B- -fied GREENHILIJS SECOND PERIOD SOCIQL PROBLEMS CLQSS Front row' Ierry Speich, Haskell Ray, Lloyd DeRoven, G eorge Parr, Gary Pledger, Bonnie Lentz, Second row: Freda Brooks, Mary Mitchell, Kay Lumle y, David Brown, Io QED Thompson, Barbara Steed, lane Van Bibber, Barbara Munhauser, Miss Greenhill, Third wwf Patsy ew- D- -. - eu D D Lois Smith, lu D ua B S ue e Io Ellen Sterken, Ethel Thomas, Maycel Fllley, Patsy Weaver, Theresa, Cappel, O. I, Whipple, K , if ,I- A V, , i . If GREENI-IILL'S THIRD PERIOD SOCIRL PROBLEMS CLQSS Front row, left to right: Terry McKenzie, Bobby Moore, Bobby Hartsfield, Bill Clingman, Billie Second row: Miss Greenhill, Virginia Carmichael, Io Flnri Brenek, Babs Bounds, Plnn Bordovsky, lean Smith, Mary Hnn Kopriva, Hnn Iohnson, Geraldine McDonald, lo Plnn Marth. Third row: Martha Hartman, Hope I-Iolcome, Virginia Cannaday, Sandra Kuhn, Ioe Ptnn Westmoreland, Wanda Dull, Ioan Yaws, Betty McCauley. Fourth row: Ioelle Lankford, Carolyn Holt, Walker lordan, lohn Swope, Moody Flowers, Tommy McCler1don, Hal Zinnecker, - L . GREENI-IILL'S FIFTH PERIOD SOCIQL PROBLEMS CLRSS First row, left to right: Bill Boze, Rodney Carpenter, Clifford, Condit, Wilbur Maignaurd, Miss Greenhill, Iessie Lee Graham, Larry Waddell, Ianice Miller, ' Second rowt Carole Toler, Barbara Pearce, Robbie Cla rlc, Mary Hnri Herzik, Rita Sones, Doris Wilmoth, Betty Lavin, lean Priddy, Lynn Stovall, Donna Smith, Margie Stanfield, Shirley Iennings. Third row: Delvin Kriske, Fllex Purdy, lean Cook, Wanda Rutter, Elaine Broyles, Babs Ballew, Le Bland Ferris, Patsy Thomas, Philip Farrinton, lackie Sims. MISS DHUGHERTYS SIXTH PERIOD SOCIHL PROBLEMS CLQSS First row, left to right: Mary Frances Hardy, Edith Carter, Iames Bulgawitz, L. D, Leonard, Sue Foster, Gary Richter, Bobby Carroll. Second row: Rnita Taylor, Toni Pizzitola, Barbara Bourdon, Sally Rbston, Mary Lee Glash, Ruby Iewell Vaughan, Shirley Wilson, Catherine Tyner, Ieannine Huddleston, Miss Daugherty. Third row: Delores Iohnson, Edda Zambon, Donald Sanders, Charles Dunnaway, Larry Schultz, Barbara Montz, Wayne Goode, Donald Iohnson, Harrell Criswell, lim Shores, Kenneth Reynett, Billy Gremillion. ?-N ,,, . I - A - at Ig Z ,,. Ip rg W ,., ,ic mx 4, A . ,.., , , , , . . I . MISS DQUGI-IERTYS FIFTH PERIOD SOCIHL PROBLEMS CLFISS First row: Karl Flmelana, Richard Stroud, Billy Chron Second row: Carolyn Cammack, lack Hillman, Nadine Carson, Ben Wilson, Howard Widdon, Emilio Sarabia, Walter Bullit. Third rowi Miss Ruth Daugherty, Beverly Payton, Patsy Durham, Nell Douglas, Gwen Blackman, Roberta Peach, Palricia loshe, loyce Hopkins, Iosephine Garcia, Susi Hrechiga Fourih row: Earl Khron, Gil Speers, Iimmy Fllbright, lulian Driscoll, Wayne Shoemaker. 'N x,,', rf O 'N Ty - KK. f',f - , V x y , , . .32 9' xg l 5 M , 4 xml 'M f i J if N-A M 5 w 1 ie- air R ?-4. U .. We " xv H 'v ' 1 X Ullll v-.. A 1 fwvaxaf-wxe2',2w." QQ L V. PH1S0llllllllIS :"'0-,. s I, v - ' , v -,. ., ,Mar AA I av, Q A .U ails , 1... . M 1 ' 1.11 'H UNUIERSLXL-lNTERllMl0NIxL ?lCTX3RE5 February 28th, l952 Dear Carol: You certainly made Ianet's and my task very, yery difficult, first of all hecause every picture we received is lovely and it was quite a problem to choose a winner from such a loyely group. l wish you would tell everyone concerned in the contest that we almost came to the decision to pick numbers from a hat in order to choose a winner, but after some deliberation we were able to pick them as marked f so here they are. TUBDK you again for letting Jane and myself 3udge your contest. Sincerely, TONY i bele Miss Carol Doe arremore 56A9 B Houston, Texas CURll wei- it ' iw X, 'Wm Iu1'1ior's DHRLING MCCOY SHIRLEY GCSCH MISS IOYE BRINKMQN MISS IOELLE Lf-TINKEORD W Sophomores PPIT FLETCHER RUBY LEE MCGEE V 1 ff'- 'N-. gli Most Popular Boy and Girl CATHERINE TYNER BEN RENTZEL 101 A 4? ,,,'- ' XS 4 N 5 2 . Lgk .zwc 1 f 1. 3 I' I l gf, K gg-, : :fp . LY: ' '. IJ WF, ,, - 5 3 2245 A r a' 'f 'T-,Q,::.wi"-'X ' uk' 23. L! gg U -J I 34,1- 5Jg,zif35,3 V' 'fam X14 ru, , ' ,, . S J .M,,,, EQ,--5.46-i ,wg yfglii 3523. A 14 in " ,w m.-..-'- , V .1 Q' ,. ,f. f y, Q j .ljkfij-. ,4 Liv' ' - 4 ff .,-S133 , 1. 1- A Z s-Wa' f' . wgaf fp, A X . , , ,,.5-nv M ' ' vi' ,Q-9 if . I 5. .K ' - ff 31 JJ" .5 - ff . fgS13,j'45 ,. V , , . ' .gl:',L' ,V -rw' -' .3 If 7.345-f ' 1 'J T A V' 9336.13 ' ' A ,gw 1 ' H 'Q 1, Y- . -, 1 '1 - 1 .ki ' 1 Y ,--. -fr" ! , -I x yt I, fy: 'uv 1 'Mlllyf I , QM IANA WT 'x .SQJN-,' 1fnf,jL'-:gifs ff- fx' if, ,fx 'ff " If ,iivv f27'N"76f ,ff :il '3-LM 1 ' v+ z Qlqlvg . A ,,! I . ,A aw, 1, vga- 1, J" A Q I If 5' ' r ! .,, 4, A nf, 7 " JP -,fh2'.a.',: 'awni- , ff ,ww k , , 4 A 'Q " ' rx x 5.-, K, hin. , , K , ,.,l. ,L C Y ,.. six W"..5"u qsl A '. .fY1.A.-'v N, L.. x,m'!'4. 'U u-187 , - AL., Q -L 1.4- ' ' lv 4, '-1 - f.-X . I xii' We 'Sri Q4 1 ' ' 5-Ich P k " I- ' '4' 4. 4 Q 'H W' M55-' 'ax " '..,.,,. F: . x .v i 'hu ,NJ 1,1 ,AU B ,y .M :ki ga .Q.,v,.,,v1Qgpf..7,+-5,--E, ' wiv. K. ,i1":... 1. N, N ' Qs' I A5 4 KA ' I if J- 6 "' ep- . .Sir ,N : - " A H nut, Univvrsily of Housion IQODFOSOIIUIUUUS ,f- VIRUINIA CARNlC. 'S.L BILLY REICH 4- if fx 1 1'-.Q w Best H11-Round Boy CLIFFORD CONDIT Most Popular Boy IIMMY COX fa 7 ,. f RUNNERS UP D.P1.R. Representative IESSIE LEE GRHHPIM ........lilQ Best H11-Round Girl ELPIINE BROYLES Most Popular ' ir? ELINOR IOQQQN f, 1 'Q--'fr VI. URGHIIIZHTIUIIS 'NNW '--1-A f f X g Ck 1 'x x, v Bill checks the class sections. Kay records the finances. THE 1952 CORRHL "Ye gadsl Where's my pencil, mv paper, my copy?" These are the cries heard around 318 from September to Hpril. Plans are made but as usual plans are changed. With a sigh the Editor drops into a chair, Yes, you' guessed it. The Corral staff is hard at work with the subscrip- tion drive, advertisement, lay-outs, write-ups, pictures and everything. Plfter this the yearbook is sent to press. From the staff comes the hope that all the hard Work and effort put into the yearbook will meet with the approval of You, the students of Qustin High. Lower left' Mary and loan ready to start their Club, and lflfr ulty section loci' work Lower middle'Bill Gftd lack look over the sports, me Lower right' Larry ' and his camera Extreme lower left Marcella and Char- lotte look for no- tirtes Extreme lower mid, dle La Nell and Eddie lay out the Iunior Section Extreme lower right' Our Sponsor 1 ll'-A 1 C -.JAg.' ..-.V y. . Ii -i , t il ,ara A :iii li N. .. ll. 'll aw' 4 ' ' IN' ' 'E' N f Carolyn, Sally and Barbara Editor ,....,...,.... Business Manager .. Senior Editor. Tunior Editor ,,.,. Sophomore Editor. . Circulation Manager Sports Editor. Hdvertising Manager. . . Staff Plrtist ..,.....,. Photographers Larry Creech of Robert Liebert Lower left: Lou Finn, Pat, and Carol, Look pretty for us. Lower middle: Hazel, Glenda, and Barbara get pictures ready lor distribution Lower right: Nancy Charlene, and Pat Count subscriptions Extreme lower left: Rob' ert and his camera Extreme lower middlet Sue Finn and Sally smile for the camera. Extreme lower right' Sadie and the dolls I CDR 1 Sl , . t check on ads, Carolyn and lim identity the senior pictures. COBBHL STQFF . . . . . . . .Bill Iarrell Club Editor. . . . , . . .Mary Carmack . .Kay Carimichael .Faculty Editor ,........ ...... l oan Ortli Carolyn Chittenden Literary Editor .... . . . . Pat O'Brier7 . . . . Eddie lohnson Qssistant Senior Editor. . . . . lim Collins Marcella Thompson Girls' Sports Editor ........ Sally Thompson . . .Charlene Cotton l-lelper ............ . . .Sue Qnn Payne Feature Editor ............., Carol Doebele Plssistant Iunior Editor ...., Lou Hnn lackson Pissistant Sophomore Editor Charlotte Malone Sponsor ,. .... Mrs. Margaret Beasley . . . .... Bill Boze . . .Barbara Eliot . . , .Sadie Maye I 51.43-L ,. . r ,f- dl 1. '1 Ll x 1012 ANN WESTMORELHND, Editor-in-Chief MISS BETSY STEMBLE' Sponsor HUSTIH ROUND-UP Published bi-weekly by the Io-urnalism Students of Stephen F. Qustin Senior High School Editor-in-Chief ....,,.,,...,,,.. Flssociate Editors .,,,.. Page Two Editor ..... ...,... Flssistant ,........, . , . , Ioe Finn Westmoreland Shirley Roy and Ioan Hawkins .........Iackie Hayes , . . .Florence Finn Gray Page Three Editor .........,..... Margaret McKenzie Flssistant ..,.....4.,,...,,.. ...........Virginia lgo Sports Editors ....,., Lynn King, Ben Lacy, Dan Peevy ports Writers. . .... TC, Editors. .. olumn Editor .........,....... . . . . . . ,Bobby LeMond, Bill Ginn Iames Cadman, Hal Hubbs ...,.......Ptnn Collins iety and Fashion Editor ......,.... . ..... Pat Smith vertising Manager .,...,. . . sistant . ..,..... . culation Manager. E ange Editor ..,. Cart nist .t....... Typi ....,, . Stu t Sponsor ..., Spohigr ..,....... 1 Y .. .Mary Lou Whittaker . . . ........... Suzann Prim . . . .Florence Finn Gray ....,......Virginia Igo .........,.....Thelma Lipscomb .Babs Bounds, Martha Horton ,...............Carol Markland ...Miss Betsy Stemble -5 ' 4 FIUSTID ROUND-UP Published bi-weekly by the Iournalism Students of Stephen F. Flustin Senior High School Editor-in-Chief ....,....... Flssociate Editor ..., Managing Editor .,... Business Manager ..... Page Two ..,,....... Page Three ........... Sports Editors ......... ..... Dan Peevy, Lynn King Hssociate Sports Editor .... Ftdvertising Manager. , Circulation Manager.. ...... Mary Louise Mitchell Exchange Manager ......,. Reporters ....,,............ Typists ..... Martha Horton, .Carol Markland . . . .Ioe Hnn Westmoreland ,. . . . . . . .Martha Hartman . . . , .Iackie Hayes ......Shirley Roy .......,.....Ioan Hawkins ................Ben Lacy ......Margaret McKenzie Collins .Richard Stroud, Pat Smith Babs Bounds, Lynn Stovall Sponsor ........................... Miss Betsy Stemble . ' x Front row, l. to r.: Margaret McKenzie, Page 3 'Editorg lackie l-laver Page 2 Editor. Back row, l. to rl: Carol Markland, Student Sponsorg Ioe Pl W ,. tv morelcmd, ECNOT: loan Hawkins, Co-Plssociate lIditorTHiShi1fley Boy, Co-Flssocicrte Editor. QW Front row, l, to r.: Pat Smith, Society and Fashion Editorg Babs Bounds, typist. Back row, l. to r.: Suzann Prim, Qssistant Qdvertising Managerg Flnn Collins, Column Editorg Florence Grav Qssistant Page 2 Editor and Circulation Managerg Virainia lgo, Hssistant Page 3 Editor ond Exchange Edie tory Mary Lou Whittaker, Fldvertising Managerg Thelma Lipscomb, Cartoonistg and Grace Brinkman, Reporter Front row, l. to r.t Bill Ginn, Sports Writerg Bobby LeMond, Sports Writer. Back row, l. to r.: Lynn King, Sports Editorg lames Caolman, R OTC, Editor, and Ben Lacy, Sports Editor. Not pictured is Dan Peevy, another Sports Editor. 'I'l'7 IESSIE LEE GRFIHRM Colonel 'vs i 'A - Ml'-IRY FINN KOPRIVH Lt. Col. of Records '94 SCOTTISH IOELLE LQNGFORD Lt. Col. of Reserves BRIGHDE BNN BORDOVSKY Drill Major ELHINE BROYLES Drum cmd Bugle Major If MHRGIE STHNFIELD Fldiutcmt Mcxjor Hg! 119 v i l CRPTRIN NQDINE CHRSON slf , , I - J FLRG CORPS G 1- CAPTAIN ANN HEATH From left to right, Standing: Lt. Patsy Sisco, Ianice Miller, loan Yaws, Ethel Botera Rita Sones. Kneeling: Betty Rnn Moers, Helen Cook, Babs Bounds, Geraldine Macdonalc Shirley Roy. BRGPIPE CORPS Standing: Carolyn Spate, Marbara Hopkins, Eloise McFarland, loan Vessels, Betty Lou Scott, Doris Stagner, Shirley Gosch, Beverly Gossett, Ella lean Wiess, Margaret Rnn Keith, Barbara Schmitt, Shirley Wiggins, Iackie Fouche. Kneeling: Wanda Bourland, Sue Foster, Barbara Smith, Leona Di Giovonni, Patricia Freeman, Damarice Heath, Carolyn Bailey. Sitting: Qnn Collins, Patricia Iasche, Virginia Hampton, Lt. Doris King, Pb'-PM sl V A57 DRUM CORPS Standing, left to right: Pat O'Brien, Nelda Cook, Carol Rnn Garner, Iean Carter, Verna Mae Hicks, Dinah Starkey, Wynonna Hlford, Ina Beth Flvery. Ineeling: Betty Ienkins, Marlene Zainfeld, Shirley Gross, Tyann Brown, Marilyn Booth, Frances Medley, Marion Mclveen, Pat Smith, Iudy MacMahon. Sitting: Ruby Iewel Vaughan, Ioann Thompson, Katherine Bush, Top Sgt.: Carolyn Craig, Lt.: Hnn Iohnson, Bottom Sgt., Carol Toler, Tenor Sgt.p Sandra Kuhn, Bass Corporal. n. 4 1 t 'VAR-F A V ,ai . BUGLE CORPS tanding: Iaclcie Huddleston, Ieanette Schallaci, Patricia Hoke, Norma Ertz, Betty Sue Masters, Shirley Eckman, Sue Hnn Payne, Betty Fuller, Fllice Smart, Ieannine Cook, Carolyn Crull, Phyllis Gibson, Myrtle Green. econd row: Ruth Kemp, Iean McDouga1d, Marilyn Vogt, Plnnella Till, Lynette Underwood, Hlice Weaver, Ianet Iones, Beverly Solie, Sally Lou Snell, Marie Mathews, Top Sgt., Catherine Warren. neeling: Patsy Weaver, Trumpet Sgt., Mary Virginia Bennett, Tenor Sgt, Theresa Cappel, Lt.: Nell Douglas, Top Sgt: Carolyn Cammack, Trumpet Sgt., Maycel Hlley, Soprano Sgt. CHPTHIN IERNNINE HUDDLESTON be 121' CFIPTHIN BEVERLY PROELICH 115 COMPQNY Pl From left to right Marlene DeMoney, la Nelle Neraer, Ioanne Wiiest Pat Reeves, Iackie Pressler, Thelma Lipscomb loan Ortli, Bobbie Vee Marsh, Mary Ellen Dale, Mary Helen Little, Terry McKenzie, Patricia Beagley, lanalle Hubbard, Norma Evans, Carol Doebelo, Mary Carmack, Barbara Crawford, Beth Pruitt, Edwina Rodri ner, Lynn Stovall Kneeling: lean Eriddy, Top Sgt g Edith Carter, Lt., Doris Wilmoth, Bottom Sgt. fx COMPHNY B CHPTRIN VIRGINIR CHRMICHL From left to right: PGQQY lacobs, Sharon Otto, Mary Lou Whittaker, Clintine Dillinshaw, Danice Nelsi Shirlene Woodard, Betty Iackson, Ierrie Hammond Pat Cannavan, Netta Chadwick, Barbara Scott, Co Culver, Betty Smith Virginia Faulkner, Mary Io Ponath, Dorothy Gellately, Mary Lee Williams, Sac May, Sally Butler, Ginger l o, Barbara Elliott. Kneeling, Carolyn Sue Holi, gop Sgtp Carolyn Raborn, Lt., Bobbie Clark, Bottom Sat. I ar-af l, T COMPFINY C From left to right: Betty Lou Manly, Shirley Sloan, P t Gr n, G ac B ' k , D lo e Vercher, Suzanne i Prim, Carol Walker, Illean Walston, Carol Qnn GHank:S Qnnr Meassreiry,ml?ciirair?e rUizle, Hdelia Barth, CQPTHIN MQRTHH HRRTMRIN Dolores Looer, Qnito Sterner, lean Wren, lean Fleming, Sue Stockstill, Wanda Ingram, Mary Lee Glash. Kneeling: Norma Hestilow, Top Sgt., Kay Carmichael, Lt.p Carol Markland, Bottom Sgt. 116 THE MUSTANG BAND The Mustang Band, under the leadership of our beloved "Spamp," has been one of the most active school organizations this year. Two morning assembly programs, an after- noon concert, two nightly concerts playing at all pep rallies and football games, taking trips to nearby music festivals, and visiting other schools to play concerts have been but a few of the activities of the band this year. Hlso a lively social life prevails among. the band members, with two picnics and numer- ous other affairs including several surprise parties for some of the members. Band Members BHSSES BHSSOON CORNETS Walter McConnell Ierry Townsend George Babcock Charles French TROMBONES lake Womack Edwin Patton Delwin Brown lack Peevy Clifford Hyde HLTO CLFTRINET Bobby Hinkle Phillip Martin Mary Elizabeth Wolfe SQXOPHONES Billy Reich Roger Simmons Myrna Stewart lack Krog Iames Stewart PERCUSSION Lloyd Harrison lean Cook Patsy Lorenz Billie Beth Brauner Iimmy Cowan Gertrude Pitts Iohn Duncan Sam Cacioppo Donald Hill Orman Cain Shirley Drain Robert Stoltje Gene Helble Raymond Huckabee Robert Liebert OBOES Betty Kazetsky Fred Lamb BHSS CLHRINET Shirley Lovejoy r U 'f CLHRINETS Donald Sanders Catherine Tyner' George Robbins Loraine Gazza Charles Ogles Ierry Putnam . C. M. Simon I Sally Hbst . Gladys Fit? Bobbie Dale Ferchand Iosephine Garaz Rosemary Iohnson Grover McNeill FLUTE Rose Mcllwain N DRUM MAJORETTES T ,. Drum Major Babs Ballew, Mujorettes Bennie Marino, Shirley Wilson, Leblcmd Ferris, BAND OFFICERS Captain--Phillip Martin Ist Lieutencmt--Billy Reich 1stLieutencmi-Emmclecm Duve 4 2nd Lieutenant-Cathering Tyner Znd Lieutenant-Robert Smith .l 7 . ORCHESTRH CORNETS Sam Cacioppo, Donald Hill, Robert Stoltje CLFIRINET Bobbie Dale Forehand, Bobby Hinkle, Charles Oglesby, Catherine Ty- ner BHSS George Babcock, Ron- ald De Vies, Ierry Town- send DRUMS Lloyd Harrison, C. W. Stewart TROMBONES Edwin Patton, lake Wo- mack OBOE Betty Kazetsky SQXOPHONE VIOLH Charmaine Clary CELLO Clifford chudteigh, nm- mie Cowan, Iohn Cun- ningham FLUTE Rose Mcllwain VIOLINS Tom Bolton, Barbara Caloway, Florence Christian, Robert Hin- ton, Carolyn Keys, lohn Kramer, Edmond Mc- Gee, Margaret Rails, Donna Shultz, Robert Traylor PIQNO Virginia Cannaday, Robert Cooper, Finn Walling lack Krog, Roger Sim- I1'1OI'1S ""!lfl!""Y33i3'll' liliglfqffilinli f Ill" , - fi ' , ll! ll .IJ ' : . 'Heike f mm X, . g:.:E::! .3 l g Eli g -- Amongst ':1t,r.1:':. First Row: Doris King, Shirley Phillips, Carol Doeble, Ioyce Phenix, Bill Clingman, Richard Smith, Iames Cook, Ioelle Lankford, Beverly Froelich, Robbie Clark, lean Priddy, Flnn Johnson. Second Row: Maycel Fllley, Barbara Pearce, Ernestine Ballard, Ruth Kemp, Betty Lou Scott, Edith Carter, Lenora Lowe, Billy Shirk, Larry Schulz, Ronald Iackson, Virginia Cannaday, Betty lean Lovin, Peggy Lester, Lebland Farris, lanice Cain, Elinor Iordon, Barbara Burrisk, Not Pictured: Darlene Bethea, Ioye Brinkman, Herma Breeden, Carolyn Chittenden, Finn Collins, Ruth Craven, Constance Duckworth, Carl lohnson, Raymond lohnson, Sandra Kuhn, George Lesser, Robert Nowlin, Gary Pledger, Lynda Smith, Carolyn Speight, Mary Whittaker, loanne Wiiest. CHORUS MISS BERTIE SIMS The Chorus is under the direction of Miss Bertie Sims. This year it is 'lagain Worthy of its admirable recognition by being invited to sing with other choruses in the Houston Symphony. They have Worked hard in presenting the annual Christmas and Easter programs and in introducing new talent to the school. H11 Plustin is grateful for the splendid music sung by the Chorus on different occasions. W Main appearances this year besides school programs include: Qdministrators Luncheon of T. S. T. H. Meeting of East Texas Teachers Hssociation. City wide spring concert-City Huditorium. Spring Concert of Plustin Music Department Graducation exercises for Fall and Spring Graduation Exercises. Silas S. lones, Master Sgt., lnf. A nm WT! ' S Clark K. Blackburn, Master Sgt., Int William M. MdGee lr., Capt., Inf. C R. O. T. C. The R. O. T. C. is under the direct supervision of Captain Magee, lntan- try, U. S. Hrmy, and he is assisted by Master Sgts. Silas S. lones and Clark K. Blackburn. Special activities ot the corps include participation in the Plrmistice Day parade, ushering at football games, competing in the city, Hearst, 4th Qrmy, and state rifle matches, drill platoon competition with other schools in the city. The Sponsors' rifle team competes with those of the other schools in Houston. - R. O. T. C. OFFICERS Ac, 4. L 6, 5 X I 1, A Lt Cl Howard Li Col Carolyn Major Bill Taylor Mcxior lOY Ldws gdlmunl A Vghiddon V Cf1SSil CcrolynChittenden W Mayor Iumes Ccdmcm Capt. lean Smith Hdiutcmt Hay Stratton Capt. Iune Speed CUPY- Hflskell Ray Cglpf-kGWen GC TUGH Copy jimmy Klilen Lt, Shirley Reid Lt, Bill Boze Lt. Warren Iones Capt. Norman Capt. Billy Reich Iczcobson COMPQNY B COMPHNY P1 COMPHNY C N, RUSTIR DRILL PLRTOOR I i QL ' f I f-'finer-S' BOYS' RIFLE TERM GIRLS' RIFLE TERM Billy Riech, Carl Witt, S, I. Whigham, Harold Bu- Iune Speed, Carolyn Cassil, Carolyn Chittenden chanan, Lowell Moore, Kenneth Carnathan, Standing: Jean Smith, Shirley Reid' roy Laws' Standing: Donald Fortenberry, Kenneth Patrick, Donnie Stacy, Robert McCain, Ronald Vies. 124 1 i Y A RESERVE OFFICERS TRAINING CORPS The Cadets Corps is of Battalion size which consists of Bat- talion Headquarters and three companies. The general objective of the corps is to lay the foundation for intelligent citizenship by teaching the principles of leadership, respect for constituted authority, and habits of precision, orderliness, courtesy, hygiene, and correctness of posture and deportment. It also gives the cadet basic military training which will be of benefit to him and of value to the service if and when he becomes a member thereof. I' f 125 ITIUSTFIHG BOOSTERS Miss Ruth Greenhill The Booster Club is the largest organization in Qustin and is sponsored by two very diligent leaders Miss Ruth Daughrety and Miss Ruth Greenhill. lt creates maintains and extends throughout the school good spirit and sportsmanship. Some of the activities of the Booster Club are sponsoring the annual football dance called the Bronco Whirl. They have a Christmas and Valentine post office sell school and football ribbons sell stickers buttons and banners. With this money they buy sweaters and letters for the cheerleaders, The cost of membership in the Booster Club is twenty-five cents which is used for school and club activities. This year the Brigade sent the girl cheerleaders to cheerleader s training school while the boys were sent by the Booster Club. While the cheerleaders were there they took first place in yell leading! Some more of the activities done by this club, which consists of nine hundred members-this being the largest membership in the history of the Boosters Club-were the decorations on the goal posts .vi ffm and taking up money in the CBUSQDE FOB FREEDOM DRIVE. There is a special section at the football games in which mem- bers of the Booster Club may sit to help the cheerleaders. I. Chief Booster ........... ..... B illy Savarino Plssistant Chief Booster ,.,. .... B ob Muckelroy Scribe Booster ,.......... ...... E linor Iordan Cash Booster ..... ............,........ I oy Laws Lawyer ..,..,.. ..................... I imrny Cox Bouncers .,.... .... E ric Ieter, Raymond Johnson -al MUSTHNG BOOSTER OFFICERS ap? ,Sabi or Q V www S, .X S Gyn WG? flew RHS-sf " QQ N Loyal Mustang Bdvster W S' W r , sr BOOSTER BOOTH lean Cook, Clifford Condit, Carolyn Raeborn, Iames Cadman ' 127 SENIOR SUB DEBS Mrs. Majorie B. Dyer The Senior Sub-Debs is a social group for the Senior girls at Hustin and is under the leadership of Mrs. Majorie B. Dyer. This club sponsors the annual Iunior-Senior Christmas Dance. It was in the gym this year. The installation banquet is held in the month of March for the Iunior and Senior club members and in the Spring a tea and a casual dance. Membership in this club constitutes not less than a "C" average and a "G" in conduct. President .....,........., Margie Stanfield Vice President ............ Mary Lee Clash Recording Secretaryloe Finn Westmoreland Membership Secretary ....... Loraine Uzzle Treasurer .,............. Carolyn Sue Holt Social Chairman .......... Beverly Froelich Parliamentarian . . ...... Shirley Roy Sergeant-at-Hrms , . . ......... Ioy Laws Reporter .,,....... ,... C athrine Tyner A SENIOR SUB DEBS 3 110352 'Z yr! Q 5 1 JUNIOR SUB DEBS Mrs. Neumann The Ir. Sub-Debs promote social interest among the juniors around Qustin. Their installation Was October l2, 1952, in the cafeteria and they have had a tea in November. Their calendar for the remaining months is a Sock Hop in February, Mother and Daughter Tea, a Spring Dance and the last of the season is celebrated by a trip to Lyondale. President, Sue Hnn Payne Vice President, Verna Mae Hicks Recording Secretary, Mary Helen Little Membership Secretary, Sue Stockstill Treasurer, Barbara Elliott Parliamentarian, Shirley Sloan Sergeant-at-Firms, Shirley Drane Reporter, Suzan Prim Aan. JUNIOR SUB DEBS ALOHA CLUB SINIOR ' , Q 'SI Sw . . - - I ' - Mrs. Hskew, Miss Sternble, Mrs, Bradshaw ' I S if RLOHR .......... HND FQREWELL The purpose of this club is to sponsor two semi-formal dances a 'V ,E """r year, one at rnid-term and the other in the spring in honor of the graduating seniors. The club consists of senior boys and girls with 5 satisfactory grades. The first dance was held lanuary 18, 1952. ,in fx vgvfl K lil T 'T 'I , al ,Ill li A g E X! President.. ....,... ...... D avid Gilmore A ' I., D Vice President.. ..... .... B obby Hartsfield of E - f . -' Recording Secretary. . . ...., Wander Rutter x R' Membership Secretary.. . ....,.,.. Cathrine Tyner W N 1' Treasurer .........,... ..,......,, S ally Thompson mi . ' Reporter ..,.......... .... I oe Hnn Westmoreland Sergeant-at-Firms .,.......... Robert Rand mv' V ' Parliarnentarian .... ............ I immy Cox QLOHQ CLUB Vrrsl row liherrrll Hrvizwg f'a:':r1n 'foler Wanda Borrrlanril lean Cool: Mary Mrlcholl Mary Finn Flop-rwa Carolyn Hahorn, Ethel Botlcra lcrnrce Mrllr-:' Helen Cook. Second row Sally Schull: Bonnru Lenrz, lc-rrru llnn Cnrrrcs, Calherrrxo Tyner, Marqrrz Slanlmlrl Elarne Broylr-s Peggy Jacobs, leannrrru Dull, llorolhy Hnllrnan, Glorra llalrrher, loy Brrnlcman 'Third row, llolores Vorvher, Maycol Fllloy, Palsy Qnn Wuaver, Barbara Dobsky, lanel Elder, Hnnc I-'r::lror, Belly Finn Moers, l'r'anco:: Choate, llmma lean Drrve, Flrrn Bordovsky, Wrnnre Tay Boll, Carolyn Ccrssrl, lrrrrrf Sprrorl, Charlene Morlon, Fourlh row: Naonia Furlong, Sue losler, Shirley Wilson, lirllio Io Walker, Hrrlh llrmkrn, Palsy Tlrorriass, llelly loycr- lackson, Wanda llrrllor, Sally Thompson, Ernoslino Brrllarrj, lrfry Laws, loan Priddy, Beverly Frochch, Jessie Loo Graham, Lorraine Uzzel, Mary Lee Glash, leannine Huddleslon. Filth row: Mr. Blackwoll, Mrs lirarl::haw liarlwara Mnnlralrexr-n, l,r- lilanrl Farm: Moody lilowr-r'::, Don Malralloy, lack Woods, Mrkc Comfy Wayrrv Gfsie Charles Eiago, Bert Gulrlrrfi fc EQ' rr Sirk--n E -r-" 3' Ternvzrf Barbara Poxdon Frrsl row, lluby lewr-ll Varrqhn, Carole Dooholo, Lynn Stovall, Baba Bounds, Vrrqinia Carmrcal, Io Hnn Marlh, lo Qnn Yaws, llila Srrncs, Carolyn Suv lloll, Louise Barrrlreld, Slnrloy Page. i Second row: Nancy l'orrl, firm Collrns, Carolyn Chillerrden, Shrrley Hoy, loyce Hopkins, Narlrne Carson, Margaret McKenzie, Carol Markland Martha llarlrnarr lacl-:ie llayes, Gwen Blackman Thrrd row, Maycel Riley, Palsy Weaver, Pal O'Brxan, leanelle lonera Wyonne Patrick, lerry Slperbh, lames Cook, Bobby llarlslreld, David Grlrnorv, llaymcnd lohnson Virginia Carrnaday, Kay Carmichael, Margcrel Qderson, Fourlh row: Ray Wrnbrrm, O I Whipple, Fl, D Woods, Brll Iarrel, Brll Thiesson, Iohn Swope, Bobby Muckleroy, Bert Geldard, Qbe Rodrrqnez Brll Bc-:e Ronald Iackson, Irrnmy Cox, Donald Bufson, Robert Rana. STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Council is com- posed of a representative from each registration section of the school. lts purpose is to pro- vide a means for student partic- ipation in school government, to stimulate student activity, to develop good citizenship, to recognize work of merit, to be a medium of service and to offer a means of cooperation between students and faculty. The sponsors are Mrs. Mauryne Dailey and Mr. G. L. fohnston. This year the Student Coun- cil sponsored a semi-formal dance February l6 called THE SWEETHEHRT BHLL. Seated, left to right: Rnn Bordovsky, Treasurer, Ioyce Clinkscales, Corre- sponding Secretaryp Iimrny Cox, Vice Presidentg Carl Steck, President, foelle Lankford, Recording Secretary, Iessie Lee Graham, Standing, left to right: Nadine Carson, Freel Hume, Shirley Drane, Thelma Lipscomb, Iean McDougald, and Mrs, Dailey, .4--11 m I I 1- 11 I First row, left to right: Shirley Page, Beverly Froelich, lean Priddy, fimmy Cox, Carl Steck, Ioyce Clinkscales, Ioelle Lankford, Finn Bordovsky, Iessie Lee Graham, Second row, left to right: Beth Pruitt, Carolyn Bailey, Charlene Cotton, Ruby Lee Magee, lean McDougald, Barbara Io Herbsleb, Mary Rnn Kopriva, Ioy Laws, Sally Lou Snell, Catherine Tyner, Shirley Drane. Third row, left to right: Nadine Carson, Mary Louise Williams, Bobbie Vee Marsh, Nancy Goosby, Mary Hnn Vaughn, Carolyn Keys, Ioan Hawkins, Frances Medley, Marilyn Booth, Thelma Lipscomb, Darling McCoy, LaNell Nerger. Fourth row, left to right: Donald Sanders, Emilo Sarabia, Freel Hube, Mrs. Dailey, Bobby Muckelroy, Iack Peevey. vi 1 , -5 i Qrrlrvymq 3, bg 14, HQNDBOOK COMMITTEE Shirley Page, Circulation Mcmcxgerg Beverly Froelich, Editorg Iecn Priddy, Hssistcmt Editor. V26 QUILL HND SCROLL OFFICERS First row Qnn Bordovslry lllaine Broyles Carol Markland, Io Qnn Westmoreland, Terry McKenzie Second row, Shirley Page, Martha I-lartman, Dan Peevey, Virginia Carrnical, Miss Stemble. QUILL and SCROLL Miss Betsy Sternble In this organization you'll find the future journalists of tomorrow. Youll usually hear them gabbirig about "deadlines, line-credit, features, copy, and other stuff " Plustin's chapter was founded in 1937 and is sponsored by the able Miss Betsy Stemble, Members are admitted after doing superior literary work on the Corral, Round Up, or Handbook and Directory. They are recommended by publication sponsors and must be approved by Quill and Scroll headquarters at Northwestern University. OFFICERS President . . . . .,.,.,. . , , Carol Markland Vice President Elaine BroYleS Secretary.. . .Ioe Qnn Westmoreland Treasurer . Margaret McKenzie Parliamentarian ,, . . ,Shirley Page Sergeant-at-Plrms. , . , Dan Peevy Social Chairman Finn Bordovsky Reporter , ..,.....,...,.,....,.....,........,, ,... . , .Virginia Carmical OUILI. GND SCROLL MEMBIIHS First rowt Terry McKenzie, Shirley Page, Finn Bordovsky, Mary Qnn liopriva, Elaine Broyles, Kay Car- michael, Martha Hartman, Caro Marlclarid. Second row' Bert Geldard, Ioan Hawkins, Carolyn Chittenden, Marie Mitchell, Margie Stanfield, Florence Gray, Virginia Carmical, Virainta lgo, Carolyn Cammack, Shirley I-ioy l,ynn King HHTIOOHL HONOR SOCIETY Mrs. Charlene Potter , The National Honor Society is made up of the most outstanding group of students in the school. These students have maintained a good record all through school in leadership, service, and char- acter as Well as scholarship. The National Honor Society is under the wise and understand- ing leadership of Mrs. Charlene Potter and these young students will be the future doctors, lawyers, engineers, scientists, teachers, and clergymen of tomorrow. N.H.S. OFFICERS President ...... ...Emilio SC11'GbiC1 Seated atctable: Doris Wilmoth, loelle Langford, Ieanne Cook - - H ".- ' R Nadine arson, Shirley Roy. ggiielicifildent' ' ' Standing: lack Hillman, Virginia Carmical, Emilo Sarabia. Treasurer .,...... ,.... D oris Wilmoth Parliamentarian .. .... loelle Langford Reporter ......,.. ....., I eanne Cook Social Chairman. Virginia Carmical Sergeant-at-Firms I r ,Yip .. ' . . . . .lack Hillman Seated: Billie Io Walker, Warren Iones, Naoma Furlong, Iimmy Sontag, Finn Bordovsky, Charles Hazel. Second row: lean Priddy, Beverly Froelich, Carolyn Sue Raborn, Ioan Yaws, Dorothy Gellattly, Sue Foster, Lois Smith, Margaret McKenzie, Io Finn Westmoreland, losephine Garag, Catherine Tyner. Third row: Kathrine Bush, Threasa Cappell, Nancy Ford, Mary Mitchell, Ianet Elder, Elaine Broyles, Mary Finn Kopriva, lo Finn Wiiest, lean Cook, Ierrie Spiech. Fourth row: Carolyn Camack, Shirley Wilson, Winnie Faye Bell, Kay Carmichael, Barbara Bordon, Ioan Hawkins, Carol Markland, Iessie Lee Graham, Wiloma Funclerburgh. Back row: Donald Sanders, Milton Stark, Foley Provenzano, Clifford Conditt, Ccxrl Steck, Bryant Wilkirson, C .M. Simon, Iimmy Cowen, Henry Tom, lack Frost, Bobby Moore, Walker Iordon. Not shown in picture: Martha Hartman, Shirley Page, Dan Peevey. C. S. U. "POP" Watson W. i -i 1 The Christian Student Union is a non-denominational organi- zation which is open to the entire student body This club hel s - P to create the needed desire for Christian fellowship among the students. President ....... Vice President ,... Secretary ..... Treasurer ....... Song Leader ,... Piano Player ...... . . . .Bobby Hartsfield . . . . . ,Beverly Froelich . . . .lessie Lee Graham . . . . . . . . . .Elaine Broyles . . . , . . . . . .Kenneth Patrick . . . .Mary Elizabeth Wolfe Social Chairman. . .I . .....,. Margie Stanfield Program Chairman .... . . .Margie Delsoach 5 CSU MEMBERSHIP Sally Qbston Sylvia Flddison Margaret Qlderson Maycel Qlley Mable Rlton Carolyn Bailey Winnie Faye Bell Linda Bolin Marilyn Booth Finn Bordoysky Babs Bounds Mary Fllen Brannan Billie Beth Braurter Ioye Brinkman Tyann Brown lilaine Broyles Sally Butler Virginia Cadman Peggy Callicotte Virginia Carmical Kay Carmichael Rodney Carpenter Sue Carson Nadine Carson lean Carter Mary Finn Case Carolyn Cassil Carolyn Chittenden Ioyce Clinkscales Clifford Condit Marilyn Conneway lames Cook lean Cook Ieannine Cook Nelda Cook lean Cooper Carolyn Craig Carol Culver Margie DeLoach Clintine Dilleshaw Carol Doebele Nell Douglas Barbara Elliott Hazel Elliott Norma Ertz Pepper Farley Virginia Faulkner Gertrude Fitts Gladys Fitts Shirley Fitzharris lean Fleming Patricia Freeman Naoma Furlong Louise Gatewood Mary F-lnn Green Patsy Griffin Finn Harris Yvonne Harrison Martha Hartman Bobby Hartsfield Gloria Hatcher lo Flnn Hatfield lackie Hayes Patricia Heefner Shirley Hermann Mary Finn Herzik Norma Hestilow Hnnette Hoffman Patricia Hoke Sue Holt Ioyce Hopkins Marbara Hopkins Dorothy Huffman Wanda Ingram Lou lflnn Iackson Oma Dell Iackson Peggy Iacobs Margaret Keith Carolyn Kite Sandra Kuhn Barbara Lee Thelma Lipscomb Mary Helen Little Delores Looper Dorothy Manes Hnn Massey Frances Medley Bill Mitchell Ruth Moore Darling McCoy lean McDougald Terry McKenzie Ruth Mclrlay Dorothy Padon Shirley Page Edwin Patton Sue Finn Payne lo Finn Phipps Shirley Porter Suzann Prim Marilyn Randle Ruth Rankin Barbara Scott Dan Slaughter Shirley Sloan Hlice Smart Betty Smith Donna Smith Margaret Smith Deanna Sones Rita Sones Carolyn Speight Sue Stockstill Hnita Stoener Patsy Teer Connie Taylor Patsy Tliomazs lcann Marnie Thompson llnnella Till Qnn Vogler Martha Wade Louise Wagner Billie lo Walker Carol Walker Robert Walker loe Finn Westmoreland Doris Wilmoth Rabelle Winston Shirlene Woodard lean Wren Ioan Yawrs THE ROLLING POHIES Miss Pldele Woggomon The Rolling Ponies is the Bowling club at Hustin. They meet Thursday mornings at 7:45 in room 313. They bowl every Thursdoy from 3:30 to 5:30 or 6:00 after school. Their club consists of sixteen teams. ' :::- I Y ' 5 r' Aj, WWMM, NNN N00 I f xxxxx-H ..,., , ,,.- -Q ,WU ' ' Q61 ,7 li 1-EST? V BOLULIIWG CLUB Boys, left to right, bottom row: H. D. Woods, Iimmy Cox, Bobby Liebert, Miss Waggaman, Ronald Iackson, Tommy McLendon, Donald Burson. Second row: Ray Winburn, Dee De l-lay, Travis Griffin, Larry Waddell, Forrest Wilkins, Iohnny Moore, Dicky Yeamans, Leroy Parrish. Third row: Gary Richter, Kenneth Montgomery, R. H, Kaufhold, Richard Iones, Bobby Carroll, lohn Duncan, Roger Simmons, Ronnie Boswell. Top row: Wayne Goode, David McDonald, O. I. Whipple, Billy Gremillion, Milton Stark, William Morris. Girls, left to right, bottom row: Florence Gray, Ioy Laws, Ianice Bowman, Miss Waggaman, Ioanne Brenek, Marian Iordan, Peggy Lester, Nancy Goosby. Second row: Nancy Robbins, Hope Holcomb, Sally Thompson, Wanda Ruttegg-Egt Wright, Roberta Peach, Bar- b St d. ThiScl'ow?T3etty Kazetsky, Deborah Harbach, Zelma Etheredge, Barbara Moore, Ioyce Tinsley, Wanda Dull, Barbara Pearce, Ierry Speich. FUTURE HOmEmFll-SERS OF HHWERICH FOODS ll-PERIOD 5-F, H. F-l. CHHPTER OFFICERS First Flow, left to right: Betty Iackson, program chairman, Io Finn Ballew, reporter, Bobbie Vee Marsh, social chairman, Frances Choate, president, Doris King, parlia- rnentarianp Rita Sones, treasurer, Barbara Dobsky, project chairman. Second Row, left to right: Elaine Hartman, secretary, Hnn Fisher, year book chair- mang Virginia Carmical, vice president, Mrs. Ruth Griswold, sponsor, Ioan Yaws, song leader, Doris Wilmoth, sergeant-at-arms, s FOODS II-PERIOD 5-vF, H. Pl, Cl-IFIPTER First Row, left to right: Mary Otis Underwood, ferry Bobo, Ioyce Howell, Barbara Eis, Helen Grady, Shirley Brood, Mary Finn Green, Second left to right: Ethel Thomas, Edda Zambor, Iackie Lawless, Barbara Lawler, Barbara Gehring, Barbara Garren, Norma lean Bauer, Yvonne Meadows. Third Row, left to right: Dorothy Wilson, Nancy May, Kathleen Kirby, Sherry Iones, Mary Evelyn Boze, Barbara Hudson, Pat Harrison. CHFE SOCIETY First row: Deborah Harbach, Marcia Heitmeyer, Barbara Schmitt, Pat Walker, Maruska Benetti, Bobby Le Moncl, Foley Provenzano, Milton Stark. Second row: Carolyn Kappee, Hazel Elliott, Paula Ross, Ioyce Hooper, Thomasine Keating, Pepper Farley, Patty Thompson, Carlene Surnp, Nadia Benetti, Third row: Martha Wade, Verna Mae Hicks, Mary Helen Little, Barbarba Elliott, Patricia Hoke, Mary Louise Williams, Dinah Starkey. Fourth row: Miss McGinty, Philip Martin, Hlan Porter. We t W . ,HP V 5 Q se in t x , A ty f i xx iw I 'IAQ SPHHISHIWDUHD THBLE 5 First row: 'Nadia Bcnettt, hmm Houston Sharon Otto, Plodne Carpenter clzazrrnan, llamc Nelson., Brooks l'lOllllllOTl, Mar Qnna Johnson Second row Myrna Stuart, lea McDo1xaaEd Betty Eis, lerr Lee Frank, lorry Sur: Gooc man. Third rowg Mary Louise Wi liams, Kenneth Lovf.-less, Bett Kazetsky. Other committee ni.-xnlucrs wh were absent lroni the p1C1x1I are Colleen Taylor, Kyl Blocker, Finn Harris, Roy Hog ers, Fred Castrow, Mario Case Y-TEENS First row: Charlotte Schnaak, Patricia Hoke Darlene Wil- liarns, lean hae Wren, Lou Qnn laclcson, Dolores Looper, Second row: Plnn Moore, Netta Chadwick, Patsy Griffin, Shire ley Herman Carolyn Ke es. Dorothy Mancs, Ruth Mcbllay, Io Rnn Kerr, Barbara Lither- land, Carolyn Kap ee. Third row: Martha Vgade, Carol Lnne Walker, Betty Smith, Shirley Sloan, Verna Mae Hicks, Sue Stockstill, Kay Lumle , Patte Becker, Suzie Prim, getty Kazetsky Carolyn Casstl, Winnie Fay Bell. M4 may , Treasurer Vice President CQROLYN RRBOBN lORN YRWS President NQDINE CHRSON BUSINESS CLUB Social Chairman Q Secrefm-32 YOSEPHINE GQRCI IOYCE HOP INS Miss Helen Soncrant This club is composed of girls from Miss Soncrant's secretarial training classes. Through this clulo they develop the techs nigue, and acquire the skill and poise that Will aid them in their future careers. They strive to gain a complete understanding of the business World. Program Chairman Reporter W NDF-1 BUTTER IO HNN PHIPPS l l ,v-"3 First row, left to right: Rita Sones, Betty Sue Keith, lean Smith, Ianice Miller Second row, left to right: Patsy Lee, Betty Ioyce Iackson, Darlene Zurborg, Nina Gray, Freda Brooks. Third row, left to right: Doris Wilmoth, Io Ellen Sterken, lane Van Bibber, Winnie Fay Bell, Shirley Iennings. mUSTHIlG lllOUIlTIES Mounted, left to right: Nancy McDonald, Io Finn Wiest, Mary Mounted: Mrs. Gates, Marilyn Vogt, Francis Stamps, Ioan Ortli Frances Hardy, Hope Holcomb, Standing: Gloria Hatcher, Dorothy Huffman. Standing: Eloise McFarland, Marilyn Randal, Betty Bowen, Mounted: Barbara Pierce, Kathleen Shipp, Barbara Wilson, La- Mrs. E. C. Gates, Mounted on Shanty Irish Nelle Nerger. Standing: Beverly Ristau, Beverly Buchanan. 146 Front row, left to right: Bob Krog, Howard Whiddon, Don Collins, Walker THE GHVEL CLUB Mrs. Frances Dement Plustin has the distinction of having the only Speech Club in Houston and that is the pride of the club and the students. This well known club is a very fast-growing organiza- tion and has sixty-two paid members. Mrs. Dement has built the club up from twenty members since a few years ago. The dramatic class presented a play this year for the Gavel Club. Refreshments were served afterwards. Ht a night meeting ,they saw a couple of movies. This club has many opportunities to further speech arts and so- cial activities. The purposes and aims of the Gavel Club are the advancement of fundamentals of good speech and to give students the oppor- tunities to apply these fundamentals. President ..............,.... Walker Ior on Vice Presidents. .lim Collins and Don Collins Secretary ................ Charlene Morton Treasury ......... ........ P at Walker Sergeant-at-Plrms . . . . . .Howard Widdon Iordan, lim Collins. , Back row, left to right: Pat Walker, Barbara Moore, Charlene Morton, lim Ellen. J i Back row, left to right: Howard Whiddon, Bob Krog, Walter McConnell, Bobby Schumacher, Cam Wood, Flnita Baker, Billie Culver, Norma Plunkett, Barbara Scott. Middle row, left to right: Bobby Lancaster, Richard lones, H. D. Woods, Iames Shields, Kay Lumbley, Pat Walker, Mary Helen Little, Barbara Smith, Carol Ford, Walker Iordan. ,, Front row, left to right: Iim Collins, Don Collins, Iohnny Fellers, Plnn Collins, Ifm Hllen, Iune Speed, Charlene Morton, Elinor Iordan, Barbara Moore. 147 ggg-at-.- I. Il 5335331 ARCHERYCRUB Left to right: Darlene Williams, Martha Wade, Duclcie Koeler, Gail Liles, Elaine Osborne, Sally Schwab, Marion Case, Hazel Elliott, lane Pltkins. inner 3,:kx X siiwrtai 5 48 -Wa 1. '-VSSQQ V X Q X-, -.., . x A.. Q , 'T A ., . . -"Tf.L"'ff , f at M 'Q A "5 VA. , 'Jun , ,, fx ,vw ,, ,K I NSN! C , 5 , in wil, X fv- +-. If .vt Luft: if L' L A . f 1 N ge. if A U 2.5, K ,A -:umm Q., -Q 1 V xlggl-uv 'z ' , .l'.'9, I 1 , f f u UF: Yu ,L .Sgr A, s U-an .. ' 'tiqk al. fu. XM Afil-.. um I s-A 4 U! F :I 'll , .. -3: 1 4 1 M , it, ,. s.,nu5qf:e,,,,,M,, ,M V- ""- ,Q 2 Q Q -. bg 1 "Qr',.1qt , V I W ..-g.. 1 A J ig.,-'tr -is HREPATROL Ieffery Brunning, Carl Steck, Bill Mitchell, Don Collins, Bobby Hartsfield, Clifford Conditt, and lohnny Moore. --. an l H tl- - ll ' I ' 'W 5 Q I .-no u ww 'I l ul 'R' ' ' ' ur ' " fuk First row: Mary Flnn Kopriva, Social Chairman, Donald Sanders, President, Carl Steck, Vice President: Elaine Broyles, Secretary and Treasurer. Second row: Betty Kazetsky, Barbara Elliott, Billie Io Walker, Patsy Wigginton, Mrs. Crouch, Pat Whitfield. Third row: Mary Hnn Vaught, Nancy Goosby, Iimmy Cowan, Robert Hinton, Bobby Shoemaker, Thelma Lipscomb, Carol Ford, Sally Butler, Ioyce Clinkscales. NNWERICNN LEGION NLUNRD UJINNERS ll This club is made up of members and their alternates which have Won the Plmerican Legion Qward in the high ninth at junior high school. The award is based on Scholarship, Leadership, and Character. Their special activities are taking care of school plants, and the trophy case. They plan a dance to be given for all the school award Winners from all the schools in Houston. NURSE NSSISTNNTS Bennie Webb, Elaine Osbom, Patsy Lee, Ieanette Schallaci, Dorothy Manes, Iuanita Langedon, Hnita Taylon, Maryvlean Struber, Pat Wright, Melvalene Frazier, Ethel Marie Thomas, Io Rnn Presley, Mrs. Patton. LIBRHRY The Library Club is com- posed of B-average students who assist in the library services in our school. Every student devotes one hour each day to library duties and for this service receives one-fourth credit. Our librarian, Mrs. Berry, is one of the best librarians if not THE best in the city. She is always ready with a quick and willing smile to help us find just the book we need. CLUB LIBBQRY CLUB First row: Mary Louise Hlbritton, Marie Louise Matthews, Patsy Weaver, Shirley Fi harris, Billie Beth Brauner, Betty Flnn Moores. Second row: loan Lee Vessels, Yvonne Blackman, Gloria Hatcher, Loretta Litzer, Mi GREEN IUHSQUE PLHYERS DBHMHTICS CLUB Theresa Cappel, Betty Lou Scott, Flnn Collins, loan Lee Vessels, David Brown, Burt Hosea, Elinor lordon, lo Qnn Westmoreland, Miss Mallet, Miss Boss, lim Hllen, Marcia Heitmeyer, Barbara Schmidt, Maruska Benitti, Sue Flnn Payne, Pat Walker, Dorothy Manes, 150 Miss Boss The Green Masque Players a dramatic club at Flustin co posed of students in the drama classes, The first semester it cc sisted of seventeen members cr the spring semester of thirty-fc students. First semester prodt tions were three one-act pla' The Happy Ioumey By Thornt Wilder, Spring Scene By Babe Hughes and White Iris. The club assisted in the prodt tion of the February Senior pl' Her Fatal Beauty. or H Shop Gil Honor, By Wilber Braun.,The se ond semester saw the productii of four one-act plays and assi ance on a three-act Senior Plc The very capable sponsor is Mi Lorrie Ross who is new to o school but is welcomed by ti students as an able Drama Teacher .... FOODS III-Third Period-F. H. H, Cl-IQPTER Officers seated from left to right: Sally Schultz, co-social chairman, Barbara Dobsky, song leader, Kay Lumbley, project chairman, Carol Doebele, vice presidentg Beverly Froelich, president, Finn Bordovsky, treasurer, Carolyn Chittenden, secretary, LaNelle Nerger, sergeant-at-arms, Mildred Hunt, co-social chairman. Second Row, left to right: Vita Ragusa, Rose loy Viberock, Mary Io Scott, Shirley Gholson, Wyonna Fllfred, Hnita Taylor, Norma lean Hestilow, Roberta Peach. Third Row, left to right: Dorothy Bailey, Betty Iackson, Bonnie Grirnm, Ruth Rankin, Betty Sims, Ianet Elder, Pat Wright, Mrs. Ruth Griswold, X s . 1 L J . ,W H OFFICE QSSISTQNTS First Row: Pat Green, Betty lackson, Carolyn Williams, Hnn Lucas, Nelda Cook, Nancy McDonald, Iune Speed, leanne Cook, Maycel Fllley. Second Row: Leona De Giovanni, Iudy McMahan, Shirley Gross, Mary Hnn Hemzeck, Finn Iohnson, Peggy Jacobs, Paebelle Winston, Iean Pridcly, Silviae Flddison, Marbara Hopkins, Sherrill Richey, Nancy May, Betty McCauley, Marie Bittner. Third Row: Carolyn Craig, Sally Sivaube, Bobbie Vee Marsh, Ierry Finn Curie, ferry Lucky, Shirley Lovejoy, Royce Daniel, Bobby Schumacher, Carlton Hitt. 'M OFFICE QSSISTHNTS First row, left to right: Ieannine lnman, Carolyn Williams, Shirley Gilbert, Betty De Weis, Gloria Huston, Betty Eis, Darlene Williams, lllean Walston, lean Fleming, Carol Hanks, Betty Lou Manley, Carolyn Bea, Linda Bolin, Carolyn Bailey, Sally Newel, Caroline Horton, Betty Kazetsky, Dixie Finn Gore. Second row, left to right: Shirley Dean, Ruth Lee, Marie Mitchell, Tyann Brown, Norma lean Bauer, Yvonne Harrison, Eloise McFarland, loyce Clinkscales, Ernestine Ballard, Elinor lordan, loyce Payne, Sally Butler, lane Pltkinson, Yvonne Meadows, Mary Evelyn Boze, Finn lohnson, Patricia Schmitt, Pat Fletcher, Shirley York, PROIECTORS CLUB First row: Lloyd Braffet, Buddy Hale, Walter Bullet, lack Hrmbruster, Kyle Blocker. Second row: Harry Melnick, Bill O'dell, Iohn Duncan, Robert Harrigan, Gene Helble, Perry Io Edgar. Third row: Robert Bedingfield, Freel Hume, Bobby Elmore, ' , -gnup- tvMv""' w RV mugs 'Hu is-ww f lhunnnnp.. f .. A Q. if n Pg , I VII. IIIIIIHIIIS ? 1 401 Z Qf' -vrnr gx - THE musmnes IOYCE CLINKSCQLES M' W SE - 2 N ,,..p ERIC IETER Head Cheerleader -:L BOBBY MUCKLEROY 7--Q Ioyce, Bobby, Elinor, Eric, Burt, and Ernestine pose for the Corral camera. CHEERLEHDERS 1952 ELINOR IORDHN Head Cheerleader ERNESTINE BQLLQRD f r Elinor, Eric, Ernestine, Burt, Bobby and Ioyce czgcxin posing for Corral camera. Y x xfx BURT GELDHRD IOHN SCOTT Track Coach THE PONY l952 COFICHING STIEFF The l952 Qustln Coachmg Staff is headed by H. E. CBulll Kotrola. Mr. Kotrola is the head football and golf coach. l s ll llklllllllll l ' fsz s Mill! iii,-V.k4': " , 9 ewnf , xg Fl. C. SCHILLER Tennis -, re. ,. - HF' IOE W. LYLE, IR. I, C. URKED FILEXRNDER Basketball, Football Swimming, Basketball, Football and Baseball MUSTANG "A" TEAM First row, left to right: George Parr, lack Frost, Iimmy Sanders, Iimmy Sontag, Henry Tom, Wayne Goode. Second row: Mr. Lyle, Carl Steck, Bob Krog, Bobby Moore, lack Hillman, Bill Ginn, Rodney Carpenter, Ben Rentzel, lack Woods, Ben Lacy, David Gilmore, Mr. Kotrola. Third row: Billy Brinkley, Donald Pope, Ieffery Bruning, Don Mahaffey, Gary Pledger, Carl Flay, Ben Wilson, Moody Flowers, Don Weaver, Bobby Spell, Ellis Durham. N IRD F? P End ELLIS DURHHM, End IEFF BRUNING, Tackle BILL 131f11N1cL1:Y Weigm 170 Weight 201 vve1qh1 165 Icxck Hillman, No. 37, runs up Pony yardage with Henry Tom, No, 27, in bcxckground in ihr: Lcxmor-Qusiin scramble. -rw 'egg 74 Q ' -gj' .. . X , Ax A 1 W ' IHCK HILLMHNI Back M SHNDERS Back IQCK WOOD, cemer II , Weight 140 Weight 147 Weight 175 BEN WILSON, End MOODY FLOWERS, Bock BEN RENTZEL, Buck Weight 180 Weight 182 Weight 150 . 1 1 N, ,..' 1,"' .V i. iff ix N i 1' Aff , Q, R . 1 QW" . 14 0 . t, x F W J' uw , if 1. 1' - .Ls K 1 'Tail ygitt, ,-,fl .Lil q 1 M .5 ., ,1-.xL gwvn 7Z'lQ-Q,l3"'5 , ',., qv , K '-H 5, ' .. 5 -. my-. '.+tt-, -fs L at - X , '13 11 it Q -. 4"z'5'5Pa-:.. - 'Y- .5-flw, 'l1'u .. HENRY TOM, Buck Weight 150 'K 7 w , . 1.1 . RODNEY CHRPENTER, Tackle Weight 200 IIMMY SONTRG, Back IHCK FROST, Bczck Weight 160 Weight 152 i162 DON WEHVER, Guard DON MHHQFFEY, Tackle Weight 163 Weight 187 CHRI. RRY, Tackle WRYNE SHOEMHKER, Guard Weight 190 Weight 200 IOHNNY MCDONQLD, Back weigm 138 GRRY PLEDGER, End Weight 180 Left to right, BILL SCHRECKENGHHST, Guard, 1777 CHRL STECK, Center, 175, DQN SLHUGHTER, Guard, 181. IRUSTFIRG "B" TEFIITI GROUP PICTURE "BV TERM Bottom row, left to right: Robert Rnderson, lack Cox, Don Turbeville, Fred Castrow, Ronald Cole, Frank Eber- sole, Harold Harrington, Ed Flshbaugh, Dick Thompson, Raymond We-llborn. Second row, left to right: Coach lake Pilexander, Iohn Clark, Ray Cook, Tommy Bell, Iimmy Delmar, Kenneth Harrington, Ed Rshbaugh, Dan Bridges, Robert Voss, James Chitwood. Third row, left to right: Royce Goehring, Kenneth Loveless, David Billingsley, Teddy Dow, Brooks Hamilton, Robert Walker, Robert Haines, l-lol Hubbs, Billy Wedermeyer, lack Terry, Don Meyers, Tom Linklater, George Shindler, Iimmy Milligan, BASKETBALL "A" TEAM um t wus! 3 mlm- s mf ,nv ..,, sus ' xr if .0 wr- mf 'I1ZgZ,s..s.aWt t...MJ..- , A , Q ' 2 Q .. y. ,E .. X V A In Q . Ng 'J . "'4 J f 1 f I , v A s First row, left to right: Kenneth Harrington, Iohnny McDonald, Raymond Iohnson Buddy Barrrer Second row, left to right: Mack Burk, Tommy Kiser, George Lesser, Bobby Hartsfleld Kenneth Smrth Hustin , . . Hustin . . . Hustin . . . Qustin . . . Hustin . . . Qustin . . . Ftustin . . . Qustin . 4 . Hustin . , . Ftustin . Flustin . . . Ptustin . . . SEI-ISON RESULTS lst Round ...35 Lamar . 4 . 26 Reagan . . . ...4O Milby... ,..44 DaVis...... 44 San Iacinto . .. . 31 Sam Houston 2nd Round . . . 54 Lamar . . 39 Reagan ...38 Milby... 32 Davis . . . 39 San Iacinto . . . . 37 Sam Houston ,..g...1 E , .Sk A 1 KEN HERRINGTON JOHNNY MCDQNQLD TQMMY mzm MQCK BURK P I QB BUDDY BFIRRIER DHVID NESBIT RFIYMOND IOHNSON KENNETH SMITH GEORGE LESSER BOBBY HQRTSFIELD BASKETBALL "B" TEAM Back row, left to right: David Hlexander, Mack Denison, Perry May, Warren Haggard. Middle row, left to right: Thomas Hdair, Mike Flugust, Danny Bridges, Ierry Warren, Mgr, limmy Milligan. Bottom row,-left to right: Iames Brame, Charles Bell, Claude Bauman, Flrnold Tapp, Billy Holcombe. Q Yhxxbsitg 'N co" ,I sovh :I XX A , ,z 'A 5? AX, lu' v f' ,4-nv 25 f 8 If s it B 9 .r 6.1. 1 Q x Y . I ,um Wllrfznv Lifr-,," ,,. L li' . First row, left to right: Roy- mond Wilborn, Iohnny Mc- Dondld, Iimmy Sanders, Iim- my Sontcxg, Dickie Thomp- son, lack Frost. Second row: George Pylcnd, Roy Show, lock Rrmbruster, Billy Borden, David Nesbit, Bobby Wright, Ioseph Scho- Iacci, Bobby Lehew, Phillip Fcrrrington. Third row: Coach Fllexcmder, Kenneth Montgomery, lerry Putman, Eric Ieter, Mock Burk, Tommy Kizer, Sonny Bell, David, Prescott, Paul Pikel, Leon Stebber, Delvin Krische, George Pidcoke. First Row, left to right: Phillip Farrington, Dickie Thompson, Leon Stebbler. Second Row: lack Qrm- bruster, Ierry Putman, Kenneth Montgomery, Roy Shaw. 0000 o o o 5 O 0 fo" 0 rv is I ovo oo. 50,0 O 0 4 0' 'U' 0 o"o O 0.4 .1 0'0 4' n'o'o' 0'o'a fin THE TRACK TEAM ,I-4 SPRINTERS, QURRTER MILERS HND HURDLERS Kneelingz Raymond Iohnson, Terry Beck, Charles Hazel, Iohnny Davis, Donald Meyer, David latlar, Richard Tones CMgr.D, Theodore Shaffer. Standing: Iames Cook CMgr,l, Bill Mitchell, Cardier Heitman, lack Wood, Ben Rentze, Bobby Hartfield, Bobby Rodgers, Gerald Cunningham, Billy Shirk, Henry Baillares fMgr.J. s sf'-Q X SPRINT RELQY TERM T440 6. 8803 Bill Mitchellg lack Wood: David lat- larg Ierry Beck, wa , l ,, 1 v iiy, i,,, ,, T mix E 5 m ,JP ICO FIELDMEN-WEIGHTS, IUMPERS HND VHULTERS Kneeling: Henry Tom, David Gilmore, Dwayne Meacham, Iames Cook fMgr.l. Standing: Richard Tones CMgr.l, Henry Baillares fMgr.l, Gerald Cunningham, Don Mahaffey, Moody Flowers, leffrey Brunning. DISTHNCE MEN Sam Cornman, George Parr Bobby Moore, Clifford Condil THE SWIMMING TEAM so IIE EE LZ? - . ,.,..N..v.w.u-n,M ,raises me . M Www-mwmwqnnnan wwe :an-nwyvrf-w,fw ,vw-w N - f M AMMM I Left to right Eddie Iohnson, Don Collins, Robert Rand, Bill Thiessen, Ray Winburn, less Seddon, Iimmy Delmar Left to right: Fl. D. Woods, Eddie Johnson, George Parr, Don Collins, Roy Winburn TENNIS TEAM 1. BOB MUCKELROY 2. IEROME IOHNSON a, RONNIE Boswlam 4. D1cKEY YEQMHNS 2 5. DONQLD BURSON Alf 6. Fl. C. SCHILLER A.,-W PONY GOLF TEAM HLHN PORTER LHRRY WRDDELL IHCK MINOR ' CORKY BHUGHMHN BILL IHRRELL IIMMY CRRSON VGLLEYBHLL gtiiyfi Under the guidance of Miss Iuanita Doniphan and Mrs. Lee Dell Neumann, the girls of the physical education department have developed skill in and in- creased their knowledge of sports. 1 its . ur'-'f it, 'elsif' 9 Left to right: Mrs. Neumann, Miss Doniphan. Volleyball is a sport that requires much skill and practice and although our team did not come out on top, the girls Worked very hard. Volleyball Team, front row, left to right: Deborah Harback, Io Finn Brenek, Hope Holcomb, Martha Horton, Charlie Clark, Nancy Ford, Marie Smith, Miss Doniphan. Second row, left to right: ferry Io Scarborough, Mary Lee Thacker, Pat Tripp, Shirley Fitzharris, Claudia Bynum, Ethel Thomas, Mary Io Scott. Third row, left to right: Lois Smith, Mary Ellen Brannon, Betty Ryan, Robbye Sawyer. SlUlmlTlIHG Team Swimmers-Front Row, left to right: Hope Holcomb, Sally Thompson, Freda Brooks, Pat O'Brien, Thelma Lipscomb, Io Beth Holcomb. Second Row, left to right: Flrmilda Hackman, Barbara Montz, Flrwilda Hackman. MUDERN DANCE To express our emotions of love, joy, fear, hate, or grandeur through body movements We must learn the techniques and intricacies of Modern Dance. The girls had their first six Weeks of Modern Dance this year. ARCHERY Spring always brings out many archery pros- pects. Team, left to right: Ianet Elder, "Duel-:ie" Koehler, Elaine Osburn. PI NG-PONG Quite an exciting indoor game. TENNIS Tennis also reaches a high point in girls' sports. Team, left to right: Nancy Ford, Dorothy Huffman, Ioye Brinkman, Mrs. Neumann, Ioan Hawkins, Martha Horton, Gloria Hatcher. VIII. HIIVIIIIISIIIII IHCOBSON 5. YELLEN SUPER MHRKET f7o'ux"litnr1nls1 ol L on jdzllfcfl' S6111 I 2702 Telephone Road 5 My VOM QVFNUF vig Pil"'lE"' 'fl-"Fl-7561 llollmtozw, T I C THF FVST FOR LESS QLWQYS COMPHNY BEN FEDER Fino Fabrics - Coslulxre Supplies: wYOlll' ljcifzl land Pontiac' llmwlof' Vfmfe Sllf-Wi tifwl W., Am 0,1 v 5947 llFlRRlSl?UHG PLVID Wlf-9303 P IA Q P1 N CH MCNEEL IEWELHY Fine Wolcli Reooirinci Phone WE-6305 704 Tele-phono Road Next floor lo new postoflice H,-wzclvfrz fl To:-:on CHPTHIN IOHN'S Pon THF Pnmous FRIED sHR1MP QSC E927 WFST GRQY Qssyaastg- TO PROSPERITY Guided by the power of knowledge, each and every graduate shall go on to greater accomplishments . . . achievements which will make the world a better place in which to live, rich in personal freedom and human understanding. Congratulations, young graduate . . . and best wishes for a future filled with success! DEPENDABLE LOW COST ELECTRIC SE Iloustnn lighting 8 Power C ompun y l CONGRHTULQTIONS, GRQDUQTES YGU DESERVE TI-IE BEST . . For only the best in business education can assure you of the best available positions in business, lnvestiaate our class in: SHORTHQND, OFFICE MPICHINES BOOKKEEPING, TYPING VISITORS BRE WELCOME "Heroes the Street from the Post Office" MASSEY BUSINESS EULLESE 1217 Capitol Phone BTwood 5331 "Compliments of cr friend" CHHMPION CLEHNERS 1104 Evergreen Wflyside UOlO GHUTNEY'S SERVICE STHTION he years ahead can be as rc- warding as these school years which you'rc leaving behind. If you turn your education to good account, you will have merited the faith of your parents and teachers . . . you will profit not only yourself, but the world as well. . ' 1 , uqrr'11r r'e1Ff:.k, 'oi 1,41 guy ,N an wmci CALL . , . 111123: - llll ' lillifflim E D . 111157: .ki 1332131 A , ., 1 , Y, na . 'A-1. in." o YH! BIGGIST BA GAIN IN YOUR HOME TODAY . wi ,ar 'fe wheres Washing - Greasing V Tires - Batteries Top Row: Hll dressed up and no place to go at Road Service tha' age' The three muskeleers. . B R :Th h Q 4438 Griggs Rd, Phone Mriby 9145 gill? lhiiwold fail We 57, 2? 2224 2174 N LOOKING through this yearbook one seldom realizes the countless hours, even days, of Work and planning done by the editors to produce an outstanding annual. The editors' supervision includes every- thing trom the tirst idea of a theme through the innumerable details involved in art work, layouts, photographs, copy and printing. Our greatest interest has been to work in the spirit of cooperation, relieving the editors, Wherever possible, of some of their Work and Worry. It is our hope that our organization of experienced craftsmen has suc- ceeded, along with your editors, in turning out a book that you will find attractive and entertaining. 154 275 4 471 THE GULF P BLISHI I3 EU PA Y 3301 BlIFFAl0 DRIVE ' IIUUSTUN, TEXAS I lovrtraiw HGMES cmd CHILDREN COMMEHCIHL COPIES PHRTIES 0 WEDDINGS FILM DEVELOPMENT RHEBURII STUDIUS 2423 RICE BOULEVHRD Phone LY-1060 l Foleyls TOPS IN TEXHS Compliments of Klacle Krew. Yu:-niture Cv. Your Neighborhood Furniture Store 744 Telephone Road Compliments of RICHEY'S UNCLE BENIS One-Stop Shopping Center CONVERTED RICE 6648 CGM 5610 Clinton Drive TELEPHONE ROHD HHRDWHRE CO. 5610 Telephone Road Paint - Model Planes - H O Trains COMPLIMENTS OF EDDIE WQTSON WHTSON OIL CO. ll09 Telephone Competent Service Free Delivery Infant Needs - Sick Room Supplies - P,eSc,ip,iOnS - PORTHBLE POWER TOOLS Compliments of SHNTH ROSH PHHRMHCY 5500 rELEPHoNE Roan MI 2401 I. Fl. Kaufman, Owner INDEPENDENT PNEUMRTIC TOOL CO. 7241 Harrisburg Blvd. Houston ll, Texas Compliments of 8558 01185 I .gn fereri fa nl 5132215 'X .5 N ,mm k es1p.suS"E X ' W M y S .1 7 3 fi ff Q1 "X'?'h.?4'q'q' WALKER ! 1 MNN AT takes pleasure in being able to serve you . . . with QUALITY 0 FRIENDLINESS 0 SERVICE Make Levy9s the answer lo all your shopping problems! H 6. H MUSIC COMPHNY Houston's Leading Band House Complete Stock of Worlds Finest Band lnstruments Compliments Of PHNHMH CLEHNERS SHNTH ROSH CHFETERIH tlftcross from Theatrel 5518 Telephone Road Hours ll:UO - 2:3U 6- 4:30 - 8:00 PM Closed Sundays Spacious Parking Near Hear Entrance Completely Qtr-Conditioned Phone FF! 9501 YW' or Y Y HUGH PHGE CITIES SERVICE STHTION l0l5 Fannin Houston, Texas Tires - Tubes - Batteries 6 FLM. Till 6 PM. Wash - Lubrication - Road Service 3818 McKinney BE-0960 we ofa goof! mean, 8 H is Q I: g H elnmg 0. , . 1 m l- 5 1,-E-u no ' T' extends hearty congratulations WH-4121 6501 Harrisburg WH-2178 and best wishes to DODGE The Class of H152 PLYMOUTH DODGE TRUCKS may every success attend you !9arLer mudic 0. "I-loustorfs Most Complete Bandhouseu Instruments - Repairs - Music Records - Radios Lowrey Organs - Pianos 902 Walker - Corner Travis Schultz Pharmacy 4438 Canal Street WPlf4l33 WHJH33 PLEHSING YOU KEEPS US IN BUSINESS Rettig's Ice Cream Free Delivery T ,.., H wi In eeee P N ,VIQ ff: I I Top Row: Four seniors many long years ago. Middle Row: Cute and sweet. Guaranteed not to sink-or swim. Bottom Row: Guess who and Carolyn. Winter lag art. 512664: PICTURE FRAMING AND PAINT STURE 1703 Telephone Road WE-4248 COMPLETE LINE OF PIRTISTS MHTERIQLS HOUSE PQINTS PICTURE FRPIMES MQDE TO ORDER We Call For and Deliver HRROW CLEHNERS 6. DYERS Over 30 Years Dependable Service S. N. DHMICO, Prop. Parking in Rear for Customers WH-2121 6728 Harrisburg Compliments of BUKOWSKI SERVICE STHTION 2001 S. Wayside Phone WO-0377 DWHRF GHRDEN F LORIST Flowers at Their Best Phone WO-7086 66l9 Lyons Qvenue A Y 1 1-avi' :I HE m E Q1 my IREM! EM..-MQML E' . . I -M, ' Q - F mu ,h . .MJ 5-:H Milvbmf' . MEF'-Sami:l'nf.hMRTY3?HliaWWli"1fK.IIl1WvTKTHf.SJV1MIlf.,,,' ,E1miwMF f4!7V"'!HHfF, .,,,.-.4,.:

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