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'- 7 ' A54-"' ' f ' f-4':'fff'T.4-- 5'3i'4?7I 4 f 5' ' ,- ,, - ' ff? 41 --' ?"- ,4 2. 44-fy ' "' -, - 'fy--' Lf". ' - 414, . Vu,-Inj .si . - '4'..j5f4,s4. - 'Q . -4 iz 4 Vw 44 4, . VV, 4: - , . , ,jf ,Nga ll- 4 .-4 - 4 ,- ., it-' -' , - ,, 1 '-j 'ff -wr f 3 4- 'Q-1. ,X4 A 'K 'Q,4'1l'g: 1L ' - 4 M- -54 4 , "' '..-.,4:'L4'? -. ' ' -' 4 ' .fic "fa 4. 4' 41' 4' 44: -. , . A ,. , ,Q ,- ey - 3 94 4 M.: -4 4 . 14. ,p 4 -1 I-4 1 -, 4 - , 4 4 J--1 ,- V T-' . 'Q 'f'4if'F f,- Q'?""'-2E515--?LT'l:4 4.-I, ,4 4 . Q'4g,.f 4-ffl? . ' ' ' "54542ff'fe?:W15-'-ufEia-1if1:f5f7iF,Q-TSM'-4 if .J 4, 'iff--4-41. ' ' TE- j'v 1,5 4L .4,'i.-r- 45 , . ' WQ4'-'JSF' "fig 11 Iii' .Qt-.41-431' 1 I 'F "' 5 1. ' -' -4.255-4F-"1,n-4344.4 4 .4144 4. ' . 4 ' '41H.:f.k'744'Q, '- 74573 f'Z"Y'3f" " TQ-2-I-4. 4 T - - 'IT'-"T?:a1ii"' 44' ' ' r41fQ--4-F. .41-'. 4 -1'F14- 4 f 4 4- J- 4 ' 2- 1 1 '44 4 ,,- - 4 -4 -4 .A .4 4 , -- '44'-3 -A+,-'4 74:-.ffl i"-- , -, - IH'L.,' 1" -4 ,' --1 GJ" .- -,'-14 4 4. " 4 -4 4,.-- 4 4:,4fFf'4 i-1-4'g24,-441:--3? -1 F-- -"t4.'--4 4 ' 'EYE 44-sl. '-V425-":7"" 4"'-- ' ' -7 44 4 -4 '.'iil,4s'f' 2'-G445'e"AE' " 441' 4 . ' 4 ' 4- 4 4 ' 243- 4 ' , 1-' 4:-'- ,, . 9 4.4, ,.-.. . , 34511, I , N E I ,4 M114 4,,4,4:55. 42Q'14'S- -44.L :Q 4 -444144,-'fi 2 4 -. f 4 ' li , 3- jf '- 24 - 4' ' , 4 - 4 4 L4C:'T 444.44155-444444 542 ' ' 5 -.-tgp'-A .M 444 --Q.. g , f P ' -F-,f4 i' sg..---4'.' , Q 4,4 ' f ' -11-4 - - 1 , ,34fJ:gz44,544, 4 4. 4 ,.-- e1.1q.4,4 4 ' 4- 1 , I yu..--:M 4,,iQ?:., ,ygkwfi 'I M n A ,S 5, , 4 ,44:::,3v0,4,41-31,45 , i"Tf1f4- ' 7-if-": ,-if " ' - - 4 4' '4 " ',' 4 1.16, - 44-74 4' L, An Q , M 1vM4N '. '- ' -ti' ' . . 4 , 4- , , 4, -,ai 4" ' 4. 4. '-Q - '. 1 -7 '-A455 '- ' 4I .-1541 - .513 . 4 4,-4. .4-il Q 1'-- , i , i " r "J .nf nc .4 2 x .V . Edited and Published BY THE CORRHL STHFF Of STEPHEN F. HUSTIN SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL 1dBy GULF PUBLISHING COMPRNY HOUSTON TEXRS P By RHEBURN, WHEHT, HND HILLIS STUDIOS omm l Phoiography By I. L. PHTTERSON, IR. W BFIRBHRH MYHTT-Editor-in-Chief BQRBHRH HHRRIS-Business Mcmcxger BEVERLY THRTT-Senior Hssistcmt Editor 4 bedication We dedicate the 1951 Corral to Mr. Iames H. Goettee who has made this school not only a place of learning but a place in which We, as individuals, have equal,rights and can express our opinions in the Way We choose. Mr. Goettee received his Bachelor's degree from Sam Hous- ton State Teacher's College in 1933 after teaching for six years at schools in Trinity and Waller counties. He then went to Spring, Texas Where he Was superintendent of Spring Public High Schools from 1933 to 1938. He completed his Master's degree in 1937 at the University of Texas and has had two years further study beyond his Masters at the University. Hfter serving as a social science teacher and principal at Oates Prairie School in Houston, he came to S. F. Hustin as assistant principal. .He was appointed principal in 1949. This will end his twenty-fourth year of Work in the education field. Pllthough this was his first full year as principal We know that in no other year to come can he surpass the true meaning of the Words 'Tlustin High" which he alone has created for us. By going along in his quiet and understanding Way he has helped many students for he is never too busy to listen to your problems. Mr. Goettee has made it plain that the students come first with him. To you Mr. Goettee, We could not have chosen a more de- serving and sincere person for our dedication. v , "-:z'x.A .f v . L m .W . , A W" '4 .4 , 6 v-va.gf3'f?rnf'?j24-N+5fk'j'M 'K 5 . , MA . ' 'W' M 1 , . 4' wx' J! H. . F"7'M .Y 4 W ' 2? . " ,Ji 1.3" W ,S x 7. SQA ' 4 if .V 'riff w X MH mm' 'Aw 1 ' - Q 1, ' H f zrwxnye A A kv f 4 " .-,Q Q sw x H, tg. ' -S 1 X. iii ff Mmm www H ,if , :,,.if if Q 'f ff: f .L 'wtif ' .1 L "'??'??jssQ?f"'1' ?'i'ze"zhm!-ffgs, iw 1:3 X: .. bf 2 J V A Af im? 'WIA 5?'fgx:jf.1,w 1 f1g':V.ff:fi:w , Z 9' 'HX 1 E1 wy THE LONG HWHITED NEW WING Of STEPHEN E. HUSTIN M B A T A 'I' 7757 IN SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL STEPHEN F. AUST DUIIILI Ann nrrnuon Www 3. 74:44 Austin Senior High School Stephen F. and Jefferson Dumble Houston 3, Texas ts Dear Students, Every year in the life of a high school and i students is a momentous one. This year saw a large group of our boys leave for all branches of the service. Their laughter, companionship, and wonder- ful spirit has beenudssed very deeply. In the l95l Corral we have tried to capture the feelings of the students in their activities throughout the entire school year. Spirit, the Mustang Spirit, started with the First Day Performance and continued growing during the athletic events, the social life, and will ' full expectations with the conclusion of reach its ' f our Class Night. all to you the Joys o May these pages rec ' ing l95O and l95l. days at Austin dur The Staff Table of Contents 1 Q.DM1N1s'rRaT1oN Office Staff ..... .... l 4 Faculty ..,... .... l 6 II CLHSSES Senior ..... .... 2 U Iunior ....... .... 5 8 Sophomore . . . . . . . 66 Ill FHVORITES Beauties and Runners-Up ........... .... 7 6 Most Popular Senior Boy and Girl ..... .... 8 U Best Hll Round Senior Boy and Girl .... .... 8 l D. Pl. R. Flward ........................ .... 8 2 University of Houston Representatives .... .... 8 3 Runner-Up Favorites ................. .... 8 3 IV ORGHNIZHTIONS . . . . . . . 86 V HTHLETICS Boy's Sports .... .... l 38 Girl's Sports .... .... l 56 VI HDVERTISING . . . . . . .l62 fl Salute to the Boys in the llrmed Forces p, wav .9 mu Left to Right: Richard Case, lohn McClenny, Billy Brown, lay Barrett, Ronnie Lunsford, Sherman Searls, Iirn Odell, Eddie I-lrechiga, Paul Greene, ferry l-luggs, Bill Munoz, Bill Lucy, Milton Cooper. By hirnself4Carl Dudensing To our boys who have left for the Plrmed Forces We Wish to dedicate these pages. lt would take more than words to express how much you have been missed this year, for you had added something to the school that could not be replaced. You will long be remembered by your friends and the faculty as an out- standing group of boys. May the Lord bless and keep you, and return you to a peaceful and more secure place in which to live so that your efforts may not have been in vain lay Barrett, Billy Brown Ronnie Lunsford, lohn McClenny, lim Odell fin.. 45. is Poul Greene Richard Ccise lim Odell, Ronnie Lunsford, lcrckie Moore, lohn McClenny lay Burrell, Billy Brown Ronnie Lunsford, Iohn McClenny, lim Odell Principal Goettee dictates to Secretary Brcf- ncrrd concerning problems of the ........ HDIWIHISTRHTIUU 'F7,1fwf "f sg V. iii: 44 T' . h , 1 'Fir- xxx? 1 mndoetfee Q U-iuiqij IHMES H GOETTEE, Principal MISS QNNIE LHURIE HOWHRD, Registrar Fl, P. DOWLING, Vice Principal 14 mr.Cnocthc Uffice Staff MHS MPIXINE BRQNQRD, Secreicrry Nu' C? MRS MHURYNE DQILFY, Guidance Counselor MRS. PERRL LEWIS, Plltendomce Clerk N! flu f MRS PHULINE CHOUCH, Deon MHS LOURINF PQTTON, School Nurse MRS IOYCE HOKE and MRS ELQINF BERRY, Libromcm 1- : ' .-,..-,, r:' vit? Tis' E' 1 1 aww Qui' 'W 40 D Q fs 5' 1-IQ' 4 f 'f 2, ,Z J '55 , 1:- eff " '- "T".5-ma fge: -,,,f5. ,: gf ?-.P we .ggi K '25 11 0 gag, ,, ll... V 5 if 1 ff "sz" 5' e A ,gp-1' .Mr K , 'gunz " .iq K, M . - E hm' . Q ,i A Q 2 ' uw' x ' P X X . i f ' i ku gif , k , A H Ts f'x 3. v ' - aug-il T " 1 r. M 2 Q 1 1 3 Y +wpx,1 -:wmv m,, w f f' I L x xfl'iW m 1 l W' if 43'Y'v+jY 4. Hg ' gl" "-GFSV-. .- -W- .Q Q53 The events of the post ond those of the future were brought to mind by the presen- tation of the rings to the ................ SEIWIGRS IIIID-TERIII SEIIIDR CLHSS UFFICERS President .,...... Vice President. . . Secretary ....... Treasurer. Class Poet .... . Class Lawyer .... .QUINTON SIECK . DONHLD MCLLENDON .............Mf-IRIEDUKE . . , . .GLENROSE RHNDOLPI-I . . . .GWEN I-IILDEBRHND . . . .SHIRLEY TOM Sergeant-at-Hrms. . . . . . . Event Banquet ............. .... Dance Cllloha Proml .... ..... I anuary Farewell Hssembly . . . Graduation ........... Baccalaureate Service . . . SENIOR HCTIVITIES Date .Ianuary 12 .... 19 .... 19 .... . . .Ianuary ...Ianuary 25. . .. ...Ianuary 21. . .. .LEE SQLHDINO Place . . . .San Iacinto Inn ..,...Hustin Gym . . . .Hustin Huditoriurn Hustin Huditoriurn Flustin Huditorium 's A Wyfw-ff-Tyr ww' DONQLD FORD ED BRUNE president Vice Presidem BILL MILLIGQN Treasurer '95-"R+ gif r I f I :' " A . l CHROLYN CHFINDLER CURTIS MILLS Secretory Sgt.-out-Firms . EEN BQTY Lawyer SEllIOIl CLIISS UFFICERS PHT MCCRHCKEN Poet SEIIIDR CUUIICIL ganna- ,ICN ,,,,u.1, Standing: luanita Freitag, Miss Ekrnan, Carole Billingsley, Miss Dilworthg Carolyn Stevenson, Mrs. Dyer, Sam Madeley, Miss Greenhill, Hndy Cash, Mrs. Dailey, Bobby Ioe Williams, Miss Roy, Tornmye Lee Pierce Mrs. Dementg Nina Cecil, Mr. Willis, Carolyn Thacker, Mrs. Brady. Seated: Mr. Goettee. Motto: "The Foundation is laid: our life's house is yet to be built. SENIOR QCTIVITIES Event Date Place Banquet . . . . .Plpril 30. . . . . .San lacinto Inn Dance . . . .May l2. . . . . .Temple Emanu El Picnic ....... . . .May l8. . . ...... Lyondell Park Senior Play .......... . . .May 23. . . . . .Qustin Huditorium Baccalaureate Service. . . . . .May 27. . . ...... Hustin Campus Class Day . , . . .May 23. . . . . .Plustin High School Graduation . . . .Iune 2. . . . . .The Cullen Theatre QDKINS, BHRBQRFI Iuntor Sub-Debs '49-'5Op Senior Sub- Debs '50-'5lp Mustang Boosters '48- '51g C,S.U. '50-'5lg T.N.T, Club '49- '50, Treasurer: Pan Flmerican Club '48-'49g Hloha Club '50-'5l. HDKINSON, DOLORES Iunior Sub-Debs '49-'50g Senior Sub- Debs '50-'5lp Mustang Boosters '48- '5lg Scothsh Brigade '49-'5Og Gavel Club '48-'49g CSU. '49-'5Uy Brigade Letter '49-'50, HKIN, NHN lvitgsgang Boosters '48-'51p Gavel Club HLLISON, KHY Gavel Club '48-'50, Corresponding Secretaryg Mustang Boosters '48-'5l: French Club '5Ug Iunior Sub-Debs '49-'50p Senior Sub-Debs '50-'5l: T.N.T. Club '50g Gym Letter '50, RLY, IQNE Gavel Club '49-'5Ug Y-Teens '49-'5O: C.S.U. '49g Mustang Boosters '48-'5lp Iunior Sub-Debs '49-'50p Senior Sub- Debs '50-'5l: Pan Qmerican Club '49- '5Up PTH. '50-'Sly Scottish Bri ade '49-'5l, Captain Drum Corps '53-'5l: Bglgggfie Letters '49-'Sly 1'-lloha Club RLY, MQBVIN Mustang Boosters '48-'Sly Band '48-'Slg Band Letters '48-'51, HNDBEWS, NQN Senior Sub-Debs '50-'Sli C,S.U, '49- '5lp Mustang Boosters "49-'51, HBMSTRONG, GEORGE ltgrustang Boosters '48-'Sly Track Letter HRMSTRONG, IIMMY B,O.T.C,, lst Lieutenant: Round U '49-'50, Regorterp Gavel Club '45 Board of irectorsg Green Masque Players '5Up Mustang Boosters '49-'5l. Six gals but no guys, 95 SEHIORS Two Barbara's in their better days. HSHLEY, IERRY Iunior Sub-Debs '49-'5U: Senior Sub- Debs '50-'5lg Y-teens '497 Mustang Boosters '48-'5l5 Commercial Club '50- '5l, Presidentp Scottish Brigade '48 Gym Letter '49g Ftloha Club '50-'51, BHLHIKH, IOQN Iunior Sub-Debs '49-'50g Senior Sub- Debs '50-'5lp Mustang Boosters '49-'5l: C.S.U, '49-'51, Program Chairmang Pan Hmerican Club '49-'50, Treasure-rg Hloha Club '50-'5l. BFILL, BETTY IEFIN Mustang Boosters '48-517 Rolling Ponies '49-'5ly Gavel Club '48-'49p C.S.U. '49-'Sly Iuriior Sub-Debs '49- '5Op Senior Sub-Debs '50-'5lg Pan Qmerican Club '48-'5l5 Hloha Club 'SO-'5lp B.O.T.C, Sponsor '51, Captain Coq Runner Up Sophomore Beauty Runner Up Iunior Beauty BHRBON, ELIZHBETH Iunior Sub-Debs '49-'5Og Senior Sub- Debs '50-'Sly Mustang Boosters '48-'Sly C.S.Ur '49-'5U: Scottish Brigade '48-'49y Y-teens '49-'50g B.O.T.C. Sponsor '50, Captain Co.p Scottish Brigade Letter '48-'49p Rifle Team Letter '50-'5lg Qloha Club '50-'51, BHRTSCH, DORIS Commercial Club '50-'5lg Mustang Boosters '48-'Sly Gym Letter '48-'49g Volley Ball Letter '4'-3. BHSS, PHT Iunior Sub-Debs '49-'5Ug Senior Sub- Debs 'SU-'5lg Scottish Brigade '49-'51, Right Color Guard of Brigade Flag '50-'Sly C.S.U. '49-'5Uy Mustang Boost- e4rS 15318-'Sly Scottish Brigade Letter BHTY, BEN I Rolling Ponies '48-'51, Presidentp Mus- tang Boosters '48-'5lg Senior Class Lawyer '51p B Team Basketball '49p B Team Baseball '5Ug Qloha Club '50-'5l. BEHN, CLIFTON Mustang Boosters '48-'5l. BEHRDEN, GLORIH Senior Sub-Debs '50-'5lp Mustang Boosters '49-'5lp Volley Ball Managerg Volley Ball Letter. frrf Q fi? BECKEH, Ml'-ll'llLYN Senior Sub-Debs '50-'51: Mustang Boosters '48-'5l. BEIHL RMES , l Pan Qmerican Club '48-'49p Mustang Boosters '48-'5l. BILLINGSLEY, CQBOLE Iunior Sub-Debs '49-'50: Senior Sub- Debs '50-'51, Sergeant-at-Firms: Roll- ing Ponies '48-'5l, Vice President: Mustang Boosters '48-'5l: Tennis Club '49-'Sly Mustang Mounties '50-'5l: Y-teens '50-'51p Tennis Letter '50y Bowling Letters '49-'5lp Baseball Let- ter '49-'5U: Gym Letters '48-'5Op Tennis Singles '5Uy Senior Council '5l: Qloha Club '50-'5lp F.T.P1. '51, Parliamen- tarian. BLIESE, TOHN Rolling Ponies '50-'Sly Mixed Chorus '50-'5lg Mustang Boosters '50-'51. BOCK, IIMMY Gavel Club '48-'5l: Mustang Boosters '49-'5l, BORCHERDING. lO QNN Iunior Sub-Debs '49-'5Op Senior Sub- Debs '50-'5l: C.S.U. '49-'5l: Scottish Brigade '48-'51, Corporal '49-'50, Bot- tom Seraeant Co Q '50, Lieutenant Co. H 'Slg Mustang Boosters '48-'5lg Rloha Club '50-'5l. BOWMQN, MHRILYN lunior Sub-Debs '49-'5U: Senior Sub- Debs '50-'Sly Mustang Boosters '48-515 Round Up '50-'Sly Circulation Man- ager: Designers Decorators '48-'Sli Graphic Qrts Club '50-'5ly T.N.T. Club '5U: C S U. '49-'51, Program Chairman '50-'5ly French Club '49-'51, Program Chairman '50-'Sly Hloha Club '50-'5l: Iournalism Letter '50-'Sly Winner Be- gional Exhibit '50y Quill and Scroll '51, BOWSERUHOWQBD Gavel Club '48-'49g Mustang Boosters '48-'Sly Fire Department '49-'50: Let- ter H Team Basketball '49-'Sly Letter H Team Football '49-'5l. BOX, IOY I-'INN Mustang Boosters '48-'Sly Quill and Scroll '50-'Slg Parliamentarian: Scot- tish Brigade '48-'50, Co Fig C.S.U '50-'5ly Pan Flmerican Club '48-49, Gavel Club '48-50, Second Vice-Pres- identg Junior Sub-Debs '49-'5Og Senior Sub-Debs '50-'5Ip Round Up '50-'51, Hssociate Editor '50p Filoha Club 'SO- '5lg Y-teens '50-'51, Sergeant-at-Firms: Scottish Brigade Letters '48-'5O. i l 195 Those summer days at Lyondale Leta's true self- SY SEHIORS ls that you, Tommye? My, how times have changed! BREWER, BETTY IERN Mustang Boosters '48-'Sly Rolling Ponies '48-'Sly Student Council '49, Gym Letters '48y Bowling Letters '49- 5O,R1oha Club '50-'51, BREWER, PHTSY Gavel Club '49-'51, Board of Directors '49-'51, Treasurer '51, Mustang Boost- ers '49-'5lp Mustang Mounties '49-'5lp Rolling Ponies '49p Senior Sub-Debs '50-'5l: C.S.U. '50-'51p F.T.Pl. '50-'51, Vice President: Y-teens '50-'51, Gym Letters '49-'5Op Speech Letter '50, BROWN, FRQNK Mustang Boosters '48-'50p B Team Football '49, Q Team Football '5U. BROWNHILL, IIM Rolling Ponies '49-'50, Mustang Boost- ers '48-'5U: Track Letters '49-'50, Cap- tain, Hloha Club '5U. BRUNE, EDWRRD Mustang Boosters '48-'51, Gavel Club '49-'5U: French Club '50-'5lp Fire De- partment Batt. Chief '50-'5lg B Team Football Letter '48, Q Team Football Letters '49-'50, Captain '49-'5Og Senior Class Vice President '51, BUCK, ELIZABETH BNN Iunior Sub-Debs '49-'5U: Senior Sub- Debs '50-'51, Scottish Brigade '48-'51, Sergeant of Tenor Drums '50-'51, Mus- tang Boosters '48-'5l: Gavel Club '48- '49g C,S.U. '5Ug F.T.Fl. 'SU-'51, Presi- denty Student Council '48-'49, Scottish Bigggfe Letters '48-'51, Flloha Club BUNDRICK, HELEN Mustang Boosters '48-'51, Iunior Sub- Debs '49-'50, Senior Sub-Debs '50-'51: Gavel Club '49, Chorus '49-50. BUTLER, NRNCY Mustang Boosters '48-'51, Band Letters '49-'5l. BUYS, ERRL Mustang Boosters '48-'5l7 Pan Hmer- ican Club '48, Mustang Band '48-'491 Student Council '49, T.N.T. Club '5Oq gallons Club '5Op Ping-Pong Team CHBGILL, PHULH luntor Sub-Debs '49-'5Ug Senior Sub- Debs '50-'5lg Student Council '49-'5Up Mustang Mounties '49g Hmerican Le- gion Hward Club '49-'51, Program Chairman, Secretary '50-'5lp French Club '50-'51, Secretary: Mustang Boosters '49-'5lg C,S.U. 'SU-'Slp Re- gional Qrt Certificateg Gym Letter '49g N HS. '50-'5lp Hloha Club '50-'5l. CQBNES, GLEN Mustang Boosters '49-'Slp Round Up '49-'50, Sports Writery Bound Up Letter '49: Rloha Club '50, CQRMON, BOBBYE GRY Mustang Boosters '48-'Slg Iunior Sub- Debs '49-'5Ug Senior Sub-Debs '50-51: Mustang Mounties '48-'51, Treasurer: Pan Qmerican Club '48-'5Ug Scottish Brigade '48-'49, Tenor Drumsg Y-teens '50-'5ly Volley Ball Manager '49-'5ly Mustang Mounties Letters '49-'51g Vol- leg' Ball Letters '50-'5lg Hloha Club 'S -'51, CHRROLL, THOMHS Green Masque Players '48-'Slp B Team Bootball '49p Mustang Boosters '48-'5lg Letter in Dmmatics. CQRTER, PHT Mustang Boosters '48-'5lp Mustang Mounties '48-'5l. CHSE, MQBILYN HNNE Mustang Boosters '48-'Sly Scottish Brigade '48, CQSH, FINDY Mustang Boosters '48-'5l7 B Team Football Letterg B Team Basketball Letterg B Team Baseball Letterp Senior Council '5l. CECIL, NINH Mustang Boosters '49-'5lp Sophomore Beauty '5Up Gym Letter '49p Hloha Club '50-'5l. CHHMBERS, PEGGY Mustang Boosters '50-'Sly Senior Sub- Debs 'SU-'5lp Baseball Letter '48, 195 Look at those dimples! Qnother day at Galveston. Flnother Brigade Slumber Party. CHHNDLER, CHROLYN Iunior Sub-Debs '49-'50, Senior Sub- Debs '50-'Sly Mustang Boosters '48-'5lp Spanish Club '49-'5Og Green Masque Players '49-'50, R.O.T.C. Sponsor, Lieutenant Colonel 'SU-'51, Rifle Team '50-'51, Qloha Club '50-'51, Senior Class Secretary '51. CHESSLER, CLOVIS Mustang Boosters '48-'51, Spanish Round Table '49-'5O: Senior Sub-Debs '50-Egg C.S,U. '50-'51, Volley Ball Let- ter' . CHOHTE, HOLLIS V., IR. Rolling Ponies '49-'50, Sergeant-ah Firms, Mustang Boosters '48-'Sly Track Zlgejafgil '48-'50, Hssistant Firt Chief CHHSNOFF, IOSEPH Mustang Boosters '48-'5lp R.O.T.C. '48-'51, lst Lieutenant, Drill Team. CHHUDIER, IHMES Mustang Boosters '48-'51, CHRISTMHS, BILLIE Mustang Boosters '48-'5l: Rolling Ponies '49-'51, Student Council '49-'5U: Iunior Sub-Debs '49-'50g Senior Sub- Debs '50-'51, Nurses Hid '49, Plloha Club '50-'51, CLHRKE, DIHNE Scottish Brigade '48-'51, Corporal Co. C '49-'50, Captain Co. C '50-'51, Mus- tang Boosters '48-'51p C.S.U, '49-'Sly lunior Sub-Debs '49-'50, Senior Sub- Debs '50-'51, Scottish Brigade Letters '48-'Sly Hloha Club 'SU-'51, COLE, TOMMY Round Up '49-'5Up R.O.T.C. '48-'5Ug Mustang Boosters '48-'5O. COLLINS, DON Student Council '48-'50, Vice Presi- dent '49-'5Uy N,H.S. '49-'Sly R.O.T.C. '48-'51, Lieutenant '49-'50, Ca tain '50-'Sly Pan Flmerican Club '48-'45 La Directiva '49-'5U: Gavel Club '49-'50, Green Masque '49-'5l: Mustang Blgoifrs '48-'51, Rifle Team Letter CONWHY, DOROTHY TEER Iunior Sub-Debs '49-'5U: Senior Sub- Debs '50-'Sly Mustang Boosters '48-51: Ysteens '49g C S U, '50-'5l. COURY, LUCILLE Mustang Boosters '48-'51g Senior Sub- Debs '50-'5l. CRHIN, CHHRLES Pan Flmerican Club '48-'49g Mustang Boosters '48-'5l. CRHIN, lOl-INNY Mustang Boosters '48-'5lg B Team Football '48-'497 Fi Team Football '50, CUMPSTON, IULIH Mustang Boosters '5UA'5ly Flloha Club '50-'Sly Senior Sub-Debs '50-'5l. DQUGHERTY, NQNCY Scottish Brigade '48-'51, Co. H '48-'50, Colonel '40-'Sly Iunior Sub-Debs '49- '5U, President: Senior Sub-Debs '50- '5lg Mustang Boosters '48-'5lg Flloha Club 'SO'-'51, Charter Membery Red Cross '48-'49, La Directiva '48-'49g Pan Hnierican Round Table '48-'SU7 Student Council '49"5lg C.S.U. '50-'5lp N,H.S. '50-'51, Sergeanteat-Qrmsg Brigade Letters '48-'5lp Runner Up Sophomore Beauty '48-V195 Runner Up Iunior Beauty '49-'5U. DFIVENPORT, ETHEL- Gavel Club '48-'49p Iunior Sub-Debs '50--'Sly C,S.U. '50-'5lg Pan Hmerican Club '48-'50g Mustang Boosters '48-'5l: Volley Ball Team 'SU-'51, DHVIS, ESSIE Iunior Sub-Debs '49-'5Ug Senior Sub- Debs '50-'Slg Mustang Boosters '48- '5l: C,S.U. 'SO-'Sly Gym Letters '49-'50, DIBELLO, TONY Mustang Boosters '48-'51, .,.....-.-.-.-. I I., E4 if 195 Irvin's one and only. Theadus Schrader hasn't changed a bit. SERIQRS Something puzzling you Norma? The windblown look. DIFURO, MHRIHN Mustang Boosters '48-'5l. DUDENSING, CHRL Mustang Boosters '48-'51, Round Up '50, Sports Writer, B Team Football '48, Captain. DUGGHN, KENNETH Mustang Boosters '48-'51, Chief Boost- er, Cheerleader '50-'51, B Team Bas- ketball '48-'49, Projection Club '49-'50, Cheerleader Letter '50-'51, Runner Up Most Popular Senior Boy '51. DUKE, HLLEN Mustang Boosters '48-'51, Hloha Club '50-'51, DUKE, MHRIE N.H.S. '50-'51, Mustang Boosters '48- '5l, Lawyer '50-'51, Senior Sub-Debs '50-'51, C.S.U, '50-'51, Commercial Club '50-'51, Reporter, Round Up '49- '50, Typist, Gym Letters '48-'51, Volley Ball Team Letter '50-'51, Round Up Letter '50, I-lloha Club '50-'51, Charter Member. DUKE, ROY Mustang Boosters '48-'5'l, Round Up '49-'50, B Team Football '48, H Team Football '49-'50, Baseball '49-'50: Baseball Letters '48-'50, Football Let- ters '48-'50, Hloha Club '50-'51, Char- ter Member. DYKES, CHBRLOTTE Scottish Brigade '48-'51, Bugle Corps '48-'50, Lt. Colonel Records '50-'51, Mustang Boosters '48-'51, Y-teens '48- '49, Plmerican Legion Hward Club '48- '5l, Secretary-Treasurer '49-'50, Presi- dent '50-'5l, Quill and Scroll '50-'51, President, Pan Hmerican Club '48-'49, Corral '49-'50, Iunior Sub-Debs '49- '50, Senior Sub-Debs '50-'51, Blue- bonnet Girl's State '50, Scottish Bril- gade Letters '48-'51, Hloha Club '50-'51, N.H.S. '50-'5l. ECKHRDT, DORIS lunior Sub-Debs '49-'50, Scottish Bri- gade '48-50, Mustan Boosters '48-'50, Round Up '48-51, Exchange Editor, Fldvertising Manager, Business Man- ager, Round Up Letter, Scottish Bri- gade Letter, ECKERMHN, IHMES Mustang Boosters '48-'51, Corral '50- '5l, Hdvertising Manager, Track Team. S -lifz, " ' ' ELLHBD, VIRGINIH Senior Sub-Debs '5UA'5l: Mustang Boosters '48-'51, lunior Sub-Debs '49- 'SU EVRNS, lPtCK R OTC '49-'5Ug Mustang Boosters '48-'50, Fire Department '50-'51, Batt. Chief EVRNS, BOSS Mustang Boosters '5UA'51. FEREDHY, BQBBHBQ Rolling Ponies '49-'51, Secretary: lu- nior Suh-Debs '49-'5Op. Senior Sub- ltehs '50-'Sly Mustang Boosters '48-'Sly Choral Club '49-'5Oy R O.T.C. Sponsor '5Of'5l, Captain Cog Rifle Team '5lg Cwvm Letter '495 Bowling Letter 'SUJ Volley Ball Letter '507 Softball Letter '50, Qloha Club '50-'51, FILES, Io HNN Mustang Boosters '49-'Sly Y-teens '49- '51p Iunior Sub-Debs '49-'5Og Senior Sub-Debs '50-'Sly C.S.U. '49-'5Og Scottish Brigade '49-'51, Bugle Corps: Round Up '50-'51, Beportery Scottish Brigade Letters '48-'5lp Iournalism Letters '50-'51, FINCH, PQULQ SUE Mustang Boosters '43-'Sly Y-teens '49- '50p funiar Sub-Debs '49-'5Uy Senior SubADebs '50-'Sly C S U. '49-'Sly Scot- tish Brigade '49-'51, Corporal Co, C '49-'5U, Top Sergeant '5l: Round Up Ziguglfypistp Scottish Brigade Letters FITZGEBQLD, PQTRICIQ Mustang Boosters '48-'5l: lunior Sub- Uelos '49-'51: Mustang,Mounties '50- '5lp Senior Sub-Dehs '50-'51p Gavel Club '49-'5U. FITZHQRRIS, CYRIL Mustang Boosters '49-'51. FLOWERS, IIM Mustang Boosters '48"5lg Band Letters '48-'51, 1 H trip on the Galveston Ferry. 95 FORD, CHHRLES Mustang Boosters '48-'5l. FORD, DONHLD University of Houston Representativep Mustang Boosters '48-'Sip Bronco Whirl Manager 'SUQ Projection Club '50-'5lp Manager B Team Football '48y Manager Q Football Team '49-'5Up Senior Class President '5l. FORD, WHYNE ltilgxstang Boosters '50-'5l: Gavel Club FREITHG, IUFINITH Scottish Brigade '48-'51, Corporal Co. B '49-'50, Fldiutant Major '50-'5lg Stu- dent Council '48-'Slp Qssistant Editor of Handbook '49-'50, Editor '50-'Sly Gavel Club '48-'49p Iunior SubADebs '494'5U, Treasurer: Senior Sub-Debs '50-'51, Treasurer: Mustang Boosters '48-'5lp Pan Plmerican Club, Bound Table '48-'49p T.N.T. Club '49-'50, Vice Presidentp Scottish Brigade Letters '48- '5lg Best Hll Round Senior Girl 'Sly Rloha Club '50-'51, Treasurer. FRUIT, IEBRY Mustang Boosters '48-'5U. FULCHER, PEGGY Senior Sub-Debs '50-'Sly Mustang Boosters '48-'5l: Orchestra '49-'5l: Band '48-'5l: Flmerican Legion Girl's State '5Ug Swimming Lettersp High Point Team Lettersg Perfect Record Letter. FUQUH, BOBBY Mustang Boosters '48-'5l: Gavel Club '4Bf'49g Track Team '50-'Sly Baseball Pl Team Basketball Letters GHITHER, EUGENE '48-'5lg Mustang Boosters GHLLHGHER, HRTHUR Mustang Boosters '48-'5lp R.O.T.C. '48-'50, lst Lieutenant Pan Flmerican Club '48-'49: N.H.S. '5U4'5I. GRRCIQ, GLORIH Commercial Club '50-'Sly Mustang Boosters '43-'5l. GQRFINKEL, MORRIS Pan Qmericari Club '48p Mustang Boosters '48-'5U7 Rolling Ponies '49-'Sly Mustang Mounties '49g T.N.T. Club '49, GELDQBD, IO HNN lunior Sub-Debs '49-'5Ug Senior Sub- Debs '50-'Sly Mustang Boosters '48-'5l: Gavel Club '48-'49p C.S,U, '50-'51g Scottish Brigade '48-'51, Corporal U.S Flag '50-'51g Scottish Brigade Letters '48-'5l: Qloha Club '50-'51. GIBSON, IIMMY Mustang Boosters '48-'51g B Team Bas- ketball '48-'50, GILCHRIST, BILL Rolling Ponies '49"5lg Pan Ptmerican Club '49-'5Og Mustang Boosters '49-51. GHOLSON, PQTRICIH Iunior Sub-Debs '49-'SUQ Senior Sub- Debs '5lg Mustang Boosters '48-'Sly Mustang Mounties '48-V195 Spanish Club '49-'49 GOODWIN, HMMY RO.T.C. '49-'Sip Orchestra, '50-'5lp Mustang Boosters '48-'Ely French Club '50-'Sip Debate Club '49-'5Ug Gavel Club '49-'50, GORMQN, MINNIE Scottish Brigade '49-'51, Bugle Corpo- ral '5G-'5lp Iunior Sub-Debs '49-'5U: Senior Sub-Debs '50-'5lg Mustang Boosters '49-'Sly Scottish'Brigade Let- ters '49-'51, GOTHHRD, MQRY Rolling Ponies '48-'51p Mustang Moun- ties '48-'495 Mustang Boosters '48-'5l. M.- 1. al lui' 'MP' , s 1 V'-wt' ,M 1 J' A li' xg fs.. 3' f- if I 4 mu ,, s.Ng f'i4M"'N. X a 'N at '7- W4 me ,A 0 .,.i, ,gx mi , 4 . X A , Kam "2.. 4 I .1 , Qff' it L at-1, 5 V, 1 A ,Q ' 1. E 31" 1. , an i ,h , AI' K 1 .37 ',4'gfm'z. 9- w' 195 Paiila and Carolyn enjoy the sun. Ed's Little ga . tr i VSV New qv0W"" F1 little get together, This is Iohn Speich!! www. 5. GOURLEY, BHRBHRH Mustang -Boosters '48-'51, GOWEN, BHRBHRH Scottish Brigade '49-'Sly Sergeant Texas Flag '50-'5lp Pan Flmerican Club '48-'49y Mustang Boosters '49- '5lg Nurses I-lid '49-'SU7 Chorus '48- '49g Brigade Letters '49-'5l. GRRY, PPITSY Rolling Ponies '50-'5Ig Mustang Boost- ers '48-'5l: Pan I-'lrnerican Club '48-'49, GREINER, VONNH MERLE Scottish Brigade '48-'5lg Mustang Boosters '48-'5l. GRIFFIN, BNN Mustang Boosters 'SU-'51, HHGLER, DHVID R.O.T.C. '48-'51, Lieutenant '50-'51p Round Up '49-'50, Letter. HHLE, HHZEL liound Up '49g Mustang Boosters '48- ' l. HPILE, MHRLENE "TONl" Mustang Mounties '48-'49p Student Council '48-'49p Iunior Sub-Debs '49- '5Up Senior Sub-Debs '50-'51, Program Chairmang Scottish Brigade '49-'51, So- prano Sergeant Bugle Corps '50-'5lg Mustang Boosters '48-'51g Green Masque Players '5U: Spanish Round Table '48-'49y Orchestra Secretary '49-'50y Scottish Brigade Letters '49-'5l1 I-'lloha Club '50-'51, HQMER, IOHN Mustang Boosters '49-'5l: Bolling Ponies 'SU-'Sli Senior Sub-Debs '50-'Sir Hmerican Legion Plward Club '49-'51p Qloha Club '50-'5l. HQMILTON, BUCK Mustang Boosters '4'l"5l, Track Team '49-'5l, Football Team '49-'Stl HQNCOCK, MQRY Mustang Mounttes '49,Mustang Boost- ' 'IW 'Sl HFINID, FREIDH NELL lunror Sttb-Debra '49-'SCJ Senior Sub- llf-bs '50-'5l, C S U '49-'51, Mustang Boosters '48-'5l: TNT Club '49-'50, Pan Flmertcan Club '48-'50, Ottice Pls- fsrstant '48-'49, Gym Letters '48-'49, tllrrlta Club 'Stl-'51, N llS 'SU-'Sl HHNLEY, IOHN H O T C '49-'50, Lieutenant '49, Major '5tl, lhlle Team '50, Letter HF-IRBOLT, IO HNN University ot llouston Representative: Scottish Briaacle '48-'51, Lieutenant Co H '50-'51, Gavel Club '48-'50, Cor- rerzrrondtna Secretary 7185 Iuntor Sub- Uebzg '49-'50, Recording Secretary, Senior Sub-Debra 'SU-'51, Presidentg Mttmtang Boosters '48 '51, Student Council 'lift '51, Corrr-sponding Secre- tary '50 '5l, French Club '49, C S U 'Stl '5l,Scottish Brigade Letters '49-'51, N ll S 'SU-'51, Ftloha Club 'SO-'51, HPlBBlC:FlN, QNN - C S U '49-'51, Scottish Brigade '48-'51, Tort Sergeant Drum Corps 'SU-'51, Pan Hrnerrcan Club '48-'ABQ lunior Sub- ltwl-s 'ftfl-'50, Senior Sub-Debs '50-'5l: Mustana Boosters '48-'5l: Hound Up 'Stl 'Sl, Typist, Scottish Brigade Let- ters '49-'Sl Plloha Club '50-'51, HQRBIS, BQRBQBQ Scottish Brigade '48-'5l, Lieutenant Drum Corps 'Stl-'Sly Mustang Mounttes '49, CSU '49-'51, Secretary '50-'51, Corral '49 '51, Business Manager '50- '5l, Quill and Scroll 'Stl-'51, Vice- Prestrient, tumor Sub-Debs '49-'50, He- porter, Senior Sub-Debs '50-'5l, Mem- bership Secretary, Mustang Boosters '48-'51, Student Council '50-'Sly Qloha Club 'SU-'51, Gavel Club Board ot Di- rectors '50-'5l, Recording Secretary, N lf S '50 '51, Social Chairman, Scot- tish grigade Letter '49-'51, Corral Let- ter ' HQTCHER, CLQRENCE Mustang Boosters '50-'5l. HQTCHFR, IQNIS Rolling Ponies '49-'50, CSU '49-'5lg Mustang Boosters '48-'Sly R,O.T.C. Sponsor '50-'5l, Captain Co., Rifle Team 'SU-'Sly Commercial Club '50-'Sly Qloha Club '50-'51, 14? X, ,Qkgfr 195 Mad at Bob again? Carolyn Wynne and Beverly talk about Lamar G Ptustin. SEIWIGRS Charlotte's being nosey again!!! Nancy Hendley enjoyed the ice. HHWKINS, NORMFIN Mustang Boosters '48-'50, Bouncer Boosterg Cheerleader 'SU-'Sip Bolling Ponies '50-'Sly Filoha Club '50-'5lg Cheerleader Letter 'SU-'5l. HEHTHCOTE, IHNET Iunior Sub-Debs '49-'5O: Senior Sub- Debs '50-'Sly French Club '49-'5Up Mus- tEx61g5l3oosters'48-'5UgQloha Club l'lElNLlNE, VIRGINIQ Senior Sub-Debs '50-'Sly C,S.U. '50-'51p Mustang Boosters '48-'5l. HENDLEY, NHNCY HNN Pan Qnierican Club '48-'49, Vice Presi- dent: Iunior Sub-Debs '49-'50, Social Chairmanp Senior Sub-Debs '50-'5lg Mustang Boosters '48-'51, Scribe Booster: La Directiva '48-'495 Gavel Club '4Bp Student Council '49-'5U: Hloha Club '50-'51, Charter Mernberg Corral '50-'51, Senior Pissociate Editorp Scottish Brigade '48-'50, Rt. Color Guard Texas Flag '5Up R.O.T.C. Spon- sor '5U-'Sl Majorg F,T.Fl. 'SU-'51p Rifle Team '50-'5lp Iunior Red Cross: Scot- tish Brigade Letters '48-'5O: Spanish Round Table '48. HENRY, NOBMH Junior Sub-Debs '49-'50, Parliamenta- riang Senior Sub-Debs '50-'51, Parlia- mentariang C.S.U. '49-'50, Vice Presi- dent, Treasurerg Gavel Club '48-'5Up Student Council '48-'49p Scottish Bri- gade '48-'5l, Corporal '49-'50p Lieuten- ant Co. C '50-'Sly Mustang Boosters '48-'5Up Qloha Club '50-'Sly Scottish Brigaige Letters '48-'Sly Speech Let- ter' , HIBBS, RUSSELL Mustang Boosters '48-'5l, HILDERBRHND, GWEN Iunior Sub-Debs '49-'5Uy Senior Sul:- Debs 'SU-'51p Mustang Mounties '49- 'SUJ C.S.U. '50-'5l: Filoha Club '50-'5l: Gym Letters '49g Mustang Boosters '48-'51, HILMERS, PRISCILLR SCOTT Iunior Sub-Debs '49-'5Op Senior Sub- Debs '50-'5lp Mustang Boosters '49-'Slg Student Council '49-'50g Scottish Bri- gade '49-'5U, Co. Q7 Scottish Brigade Letter '49-'5U. HOLDITCH, PEGGY C.S.U, '49-'5'lg Iunior Sub-Debs '49-'5Up Senior Sub-Debs '50-'5lg Scottish Bri- gade '48-'50, Tenor Sergeant Bugles '49-'5Up Mustang Mounties '49-'5Op Mustang Boosters '48-'49g Scottish Bri- gade Letters '48-'5Ug Mustang Moun- ties Letter '49. ..-Q' My ,., HOLLEY, IQMES Mustang Boosters '48-'Sly Q Team Football '50, Letter. HOLLIEN, IOYCE Mustang Boosters '43-'51 Cash Boost- er, Rolling Ponies '48-51, Iunior Sub- Debs '49-'50, Senior Sub-Debs '50-'5l: Rloha Club '50-'51, Charter Memberp Student Council '49-'50, Bowling Let- ter '49-'50g Gym Letters '48-'5U. HOLT, WILLIHM Mustang Boosters '48-'5l: Fire Depart- ment, Captain '50-'51, Bolling Ponies '48-'50g B Team Football '47-'48, .Q Team Football '48-'49. HOOD, CBBOLE QNNE Scottish Brigade '48-'51, Coproral Co. B '49-'50, Bottom Sergeant '50-'Sli Iunior Sub-Debs '49-'5Og Senior Sub- Debs 'SU-'Sly Commercial Club '49-'Slg C S,U. '49-'5lp Mustang Boosters '48- '5l, Scottish Brigade Letters '48-'5lp Flloha Club 'SO-'51, HOPKINS, BOB . Pan Hmerican Bound Table '49-'50, Student Council '49-'51, Presidenty Ftmerican Legion Flward Club '49-'51y B Team Basketball '49-'SU7 Mustang Biaosggrs '49-'51, Harvard Book Hward HOPPER, CHARLOTTE Pan Rmerican Club '48-'49, La Direc- tivag Scottish Brigade '48-'51, Corporal Co. C '49-'50, Sergeant Brigade Flag '50-'51, Iunior Sub-Debs '49-'5U: Senior Sub-Debs '50-'5l: Mustang Booster '48-'51, C.S.U. 'SU-'51, Commercial Club '49-'Sli Hloha Club '50-'51, Scot- tish Brigade Letters '48-'5l. HORNE, DOROTHY Senior Sub-Debs '50-'51, Mustang Boosters '48-'51, HORSFHLL, IOYCE MCCOLLOM Round Up '48, Reporter, Club Editor '49, Scottish Brigade '48-'49g Mustang Mounties V187 Mustang Boosters '48- '5ly Scottish Brigade Letters '48-'49p Journalism Letter '48-'49, HUMQSON, MILDRED Mustang Boosters '48-'51, Iunior Sub- Debs '49-'SUg Bound U '48-'51, Flloha gl3ul:El'5O, Reporter gage 3, Editor W , J: 1. .V A . 1951 Good ole Iackson days. H few years back. SEITIDRS Miss Greenhill way back in '48, How bored. can you look? IHLQNLICKE, IO HNN Student Council '48-'51, Social Chair- man '49-'50, Recording Secretary '50- '51y lunior Sub-Debs '49H'5U: Senior Sub-Debs '50-'Sly Pan I-lmerican Club '48-'50, La Directiva '48-'49, Spanish Round Table '49-'5Op Choral Club '48-'Sly Mustang Boosters '48-'5lp Scottish Brigade '48-'51, Captain Co, Fl '50-'Sly C.S.U. '50-'5lp Scottish Bri- gade Letters '48-'5lg Flloha Club '50- '5l5 N l-l,S. '50-'51, IFINES, CQRRIE LOUISE. C.S.U. '50-'5l: lunior Sub-Debs '49-'5Up Senior Sub-Debs 'SU-'Sly Mustang Boosters '48-'51g French Club '50-'5l. IOHNSON, CHROLYN Mustang Mounties '49-'5Ug C,S U, '50- '5l7 Senior Sub-Debs 'SO-'5lp Mustang Boosters '49-'Sly Hrchery Letterg Base- ball Letterp N.H.S. '50-'5l. lOl'lNSON, DOUGLHS Mustang Boosters '48-'51. IONES, SIDNEY lllloha Club '50-'51, Charter Member: Mustang Boosters '48-'5lp Pan Hzneri- can Club '48-'49p B Team Football '48- '49p H Team Football Letters '49-'5lg Fl Team Baseball Letters '49-'51y Pl Team Basketball '49-'5l. lOSEPH. LaDELLE ltglaisgcing Boosters '48-'Sly Qloha Club IOYCE, HNITH KEISTER, HFIRRY Mustang Boosters '50-'Sly Q Team Football Letter '49-'5lp Baseball Letter H Team '49-'5O. KELLY, BILLYJEHN Mustang Boosters '48-'5lg Valley Ball Team '50-'5l, Captaing Gym Letter '49g High Point Team Letter. KELLY, IHNETTLI Gavel Club '48-'49: Chorus '48-'Sli Mustang Boosters '48-'Sly Swimming Team '48-'50, Swimming Letters '48- 'WU KELLY, ROBERT Band '48-'51, lst Lieutenant, President ol Band Club, Orchestra '48-'5l5 Band Letters '48-'51, KENNEY, KONNIE Gavel Club '4Bf'5D: Mustang Boosters '48-'5lg Iunior Sub-Debs '49-'50y Senior Sub-Debs '50-'5lg Speech Letter '49- '5Up Ftloha Club '50-'51, KENT, NORWOOD R.O.T.C. lst Lieutenant, Rwarded P.M,S.rST. Efficiency Ribbonp Mustang Boosters '48-'51, KEHN, LYVONNE Mustang Boosters '48-'5lg Senior Sub- lZe6bg1'5O-'5ip Rolling Ponies '48g C.S.U. KESSLER, ELENOR Mustang Mounties '48-'51, Secretary '5U!5lg C.S.U. '49-'Sli Mustang Boost- ers '48-'5lg Square Dance Club '48-'49y Iunior Sub-Debs '49-'5Up Senior Sub- Debs '50-'Sly Volley Ball Team '49-'5lp Gavel Club '50-'51, Y-teens '50-'Sli Gym Letters '48-'5Up Mustang Moun- ties Letters '48-'5l. KIESCHNICK, GENE RHY Mustang Boosters '48-'5l. KRQUSE, DELVIN Rolling Ponies '50p Mustang Boosters '49-'51: Radio Club '50. LQ FQSO, CHTHERINE Mustang Boosters '48-'Sly Rolling Ponies '49-'5l: Gavel Club '48-'49: Student Council '48-'5lg C.S.U. '49-'51, Social Chairmanp lunior Sub-Debs '49-'5Ug Senior Sub-Debs '50-'5lg Com- mercial Club 'SU-'5lg R.O.T.C, Soon- sor '5lg Ft.O.T.C. Sponsor '51, Cap: tain Co.g Qloha Club '50-'5l. Check those tans! Cute dog. 95 SEHIGHS Peggy and Oma seem to take to cars. LHNE, PHTRICIH Gavel Club '48-'49y Mustang Moun- ties '49g Mustang Boosters '48-'5lg Gym Letter '5O. LHUGHTEB, BONNIE Mustang Boosters '48-'5lp Qloha Club '50-'51, Charter Memberg Pan Plmeri- can Club '48-'49, La Directivay Projec- tion Club '48-'49, LEHCH, FRED!-'I Mustang Banclg Orchestra: Mustang Boosters '48-'5lp C.S.U. '50-'5lp Gym Letterp Band Letter '50-'Elf Orchestra Letter '50-'5l. LEE, HHROLD Mustang Boosters '48-'5l. LEMMON, SHIRLEY HNN lunior Sub-Debs '49-'5Ug Senior Sub- Debs '50-'5ly Mustang Boosters '48-'5l: Band '49-'51, Head Majorette 'SU-'51: Nurses Rid '49-'Sly Band Letter '50-'5l' Piloha Club '50-'51, LETNEY, IO HNN Scottish Brigade '49-'51, Co, Pl '49-' Left Color Guard Texas Flag '50-' : Mustang Boosters '49-'51p lunior Sub- Debs '49-'5Og Senior Sub-Debs '50-'5l- Scottish Brigade Letters '49-'.5l. 50, 51 LILIE, KENNETH Mustang Boosters '48-'5lg Baseball '48-'51, H11 City, Letters '48-'51, LIM, EDWHRD Mustang Boosters '48-'51, LONG, KQY Mustang Boosters '48-'51, 1..ufv1.,rx.fA, Amir.,-A French Club, Band, Iunior Sub-Debs '49-'5fl, Senior Sub-Debs 'SU-'51, Mus- tang Mountres '49-'Sip CS.U. '49-'Sly Mustang Boosters '48-'Sly Band Letters '48-'51, Gym Letters '50-'51, Mustang Mounties Letter '1tB-'49 LOYHCHNO, RRY Mustang Boosters '49-'51: Bolling Ponies '48-'49 MQDELEY, SQM Fl Team Football '48-'Sly Fl Team Base- ball '49-'51, Senior Council '50, Mus- tang Boosters '48-'5l, Fire Department '49-'51, Chief, Flloha Club 'SU-'51, MFIHQN, IEBBY Mustang Boosters '47-'50, Projection Club '48-'49g Letter in Fl Team Football '49-'5l: Band '47-'5Ug Rolling Ponies '47, MQLEY, LETQ Mustang Mounties '48-'51, Vice Presi- dent '49-'50, President 'SU-'51, C.S U. '49-'51, Vice President, Iunior Sub- Debs '49-'50, Senior Sub-Debs '50-'51, Vice President: Mustang Boosters '48-'5lp Scottish Brigade '43-'51, Drum Corps '48--'50, Drum and Bugle Major '50-'Sly Mustang Mounties Letter '48- 5l, Scottish Brigade Letters '48-'Sly Hloha Club '48-'5l. MHLONE, IHMES Mustang Boosters '48-'51p B Team Footbcil '4Bp Checker Team '48-'51, MQNN, ROBERT Pan lilmerican Club '48-'49, La Direc- tiva, Plmerican Legion I-lwarcl Club '48-'51, RO 'ITC '48-'51, Rifle Team, Drill Teamy Mustang Boosters '48-'51: Fire Department 'SU-'51, Captain, Win- ner City Essay Contest, interscholas- tic League '50, 3rd Place State Con- testg Runner Up Best Pill Hound Senior Boy '51, N HS, '50-'51, MQTTHEWS, OMP1 IEHN Mustang Boosters '48-'51g Corral '48, Hssistant Pldvertising Manager '48, Iunior Sub-Debs '49-'50, Senior Sub- Debs '50-'51, Qloha Club '50-'51. MHXWELL, IDR MHUD Pan Rmerican Club '49-'50, C SU. '49- '51: Student Council '49-'5lg Mustang Boosters '49-'5lp Iunior Sub-Debs '49-'5Ug Senior Sub-Debs 'SU-'51: Scot- tish Brigade '49-'5l, Corporal Bugles 'SU-'5ly Scottish Brigade Letters '49- '5lg Qloha Club '50-'51. sim r .9 .- ..,,.. ,. sgrfreglftmy jg " .Q s-, - . ':, fz: -' ,- " ffis f 7 in .'.. xt' A -. ':.g.V ' '1 it SEITIORS Well shut my mouth. lVlCL,HNN, Nll1.l..l5H Orchestra '48-'Sly C.S,U. '49-'Sly Sen. ior Sub-Debs '50-'5lp Mustang Moun- ties '50-'5l: Volley Ball Team '50-'Sly Mustang Boosters '48-'5l7 Commercial Club '50-'5l: Gym Letter '49, MCCHY, BOBBY Mustang Boosters '48-'5l: Gavel Club '48-'49g Student Council '48-'51, Vice Presidentp Flloha Club '50-'51, Charter Membery B Team Football '48-'49g B Team Basketball '49-'5Op Manager Baseball Team '5Op l'-l Team Basketball '50, Letterg Manager Letter Baseballg Most Popular Senior Boy '51, MCCLEHRY, CHHRLES Mustang Boosters '48-'5lg Q Team Football '50, Letter. MCCLENDON, MILDRED Scottish Brigade '48-'51, Co. H '49-'50, Lieutenant Flags '50-'5lp Mustang Mounties '48-'49: Gavel Club '48-'491 Junior Sub-Debs '49-'50p Senior Sub- Debs '50-'Sly T.N.T. Club '49-'5Uy Latin Club '48-'49: Y-teens '49-'50g French Club '50-'Sly Mustang Boosters '48-'Sly C,S.U. '50-'5l: Scottish Brigade Letters '48-'Sly Mustang Mounties Letter '48- '49: Runner Up Most Popular Senior Girl '5l: Hloha Club '50-'51, MCCRHCKEN, 'PHT Iunior Sub-Debs '49-'5Up Senior Sub- Debs '50-'5l: Band '48-'51, lst Lieu- tenantp Orchestra '49-'5l: T,N.T, Club '49-'50, Secretaryp Mustang Boosters '48-'51p Band Club Treasurer 'SU-'5l: Pan Plmerican Club '48-'49y Band Let- ter '48-'5lg Orchestra Letter '49-'5l: Qloha Club '50-'5lp Senior Class Poet '5l: N.H.S. '50-'51, MCGHNN, ROBERT Mustang Boosters '48-'51, MCKENZIE, DEHN Rolling Ponies '48-'49p Iunior Sub- Debs '49-'5O: Mustang Boosters '48-'5lg Volley Ball Team, Letter '49. MCLENDON, DON Golf Club '48-'49p Mustang Boosters '48-'Sly N.H.S, '49-'Sly Senior Class Vice President: Golf Letter 'SUJ Foot- ball Letter H Team '5O. MCMORRlS, BILL Track Team '4Bg B Football Team '49- '5U: Gavel Club '49-'5Up Swimming Team '50. McMORBlS, MQRY LUE Scottish Brigade '48, Senior Sub-Debs 'SU--'51, Mustang Boosters '48-'Sli Plloha Club 'SU-'51, Charter Member, Mustang Mounties '49-'5l, Commercial Club 'SU-'5l, Rifle Team '5UA'5l7 RO.T C, Sponsor '50-'5lp Gym Letter '49, lunior Beauty '49-'50, Senior Beauty '50-'51, MERRITT, GFIRLEEN Student Council '49-'50, Mustang Boosters '49-'51, lunior Sub-Debs '50: Senior Sub-Debs 'SU-'5l, Scottish Bri- gade '49-'51, Baritone Sergeant Buqles 'Fall '51, CSU '5Uf'5l, French Club '50-'5l, Pan Qmerican Club '49g Scottish Brigade Letters '50-'51, Flloha Club '50-'5l. METZLER, BETTY IUNE Senior Sub-Debs '50-'5l: C.S.U '50- '5lg Mustang Boosters '5U"5lg Com- mercial Club '5Of'51, Gym Letter '49, MILLIGQN, BEVERLY Scottish Brigade '49-'51, Bottom Ser' aeant Drums '50-'5l7 Hound Up 'SU-'5l, Circulation and Exchange Manager: Mustang Boosters '49-'51, MILLIGHN, BILL N,H.S. '50-'5lp Gavel Club '48-'50, Board of Directorsg French Club '49- '5D, Treasurer, Student Council '5Og Mustan Boosters '48-'5l: Ping-Pong Team '28-'Sly Green Masque layers '49: Senior Class Treasurer '5l: Qloha Club '50-'51, MlLLS, CURTIS Mustang Boosters '48-'5lg Gavel Club '48-'5Og B Team Basketball: French Club '49-'51, Senior Class Sergeant- rvt Qrms '51, Plloha Club 'SU-'5l: Pina litalng Team 'SO-'51, Student Council MILTON, ll3lClC Projection Club '48-'49, Mustang Boosters '48-'5l: Swimming Team '48, Letter, Track Team '48-'50, B Team Eootball '48, Ft Team Football '49-'51, etter. MINOR, SUZQNNE Iunior Sub-Debs '49-'5Op Senior Sub- Debs '50-'5l: Mustang Boosters '48-'51, Scottish Brigade '48-'51, Captain Co, B5 Qlolia Club '50-'5l. MONIGOLD, IOY Iunior Sub-Debs '49-'5Up Senior Sub- Dells '50-'5lq Mustang Boosters '48-'5lg C SU. '49-'51, When we were coltsltt 95 MORELHND, 'l'OMMlE LEE Spanish Round Table '48, Treasurerg Junior Sub-Debs '49-'50: Senior Sub- Dehs '50-'5l: C.S,U, '50-'Sly Mustang Boosters '48-'Slg T.N.T. Club '5Up Pan Plmerican Club '48-'49g Gym Leiter '49p Rloha Club '50-'5l. MORGHN, NQNCY WRIGHT MORRIS, DHVID MUCKELROY, BETTYE Rolling Ponies '48-'Slp Mustang Boost- ers '48-'5lp Scottish Brigade '49-'5U, Bagpipes: Student Council '49-'5Oy C.S.U, '48-'Sly Iunior Sub-Debs, '49- '5U, Vice Presidentg Senior Sub-Debs '50-'51, Social Chairman: Cheerleader '50-'Sly Cheerleader Letter '50-'5l: Flloha Club '50-'5l. MURRHY, BHRBHRH Orchestra '48-'5l7 Vollev Ball Team '49-'51, Letterg Mustang Boosters '48- '5lp Commercial Club '50-'Sly Gym Letters '49-'5O. MYQTT, BHRBHRH Iunior Sub-Debs '49-'5Up Senior Sub- Debs '50-'5lg Gavel Club '48-'49: Mus- tang Boosters '48-'5Ip Student Council '48-'49p Chorus '48: C.S.U, '49-'5lg Commercial Club '50-'5l, Treasurer: Quill and Scroll 'SU-'51, Correspond- ing Secretary. President: Filoha Club '50-'Sly Corral '49-'51, Editor-in-Chief '50-'51, Letter: Qssistant Business Manager '49-'5Ug Scottish Brigade '48- '5l, Lieutenant Co. B '50-'51, Cor- ooral Co. B '49-'5Op Scottish Brigade Letters '48-'5l. NEEDHHM, MHHDEEN Mustang Boosters '48-'5l: Scottish Bri- gade '48-'51, Captain Bagpipes '50- '5lp Iunior Sub-Debs '49-'50, Member- ship Secretary '49-'5Op Senior Sub- Debs '50-'5l: C.S.U. '50-'5lg Scottish Bsigggiie Letters '48-'5lg Hloha Club NEIGHBORS, LOU ELLEN Senior Sub-Debs '50-'5l: Mustang Mounties '50-'5lp Volley Ball Team '48-'50, Letter: Mustang Boosters '48- '5lz Qloha Club '50-'5l. NORTHRUP, BROWNIE Mustang Boosters '48-'5lg Baseball Letters '50-'51, O'BRlEN, DICKIE Mustang Boosters '48-'51, Bouncer Boosterp Band '49-'5l: Chiet Cheer- leader '50-'5l, Baseball Letter 'SUJ B Team Footballg Band Letter '49p Cheer- A lgizcler Letter '50-'Sly Qloha Club '50- OFIELD, PHUL Mustang Boosters '48-'5l: Gavel Club 'SU-'Sly Bolling Ponies '48-'49: Chorus '48-'5l: Spanish Club '48-'49, La Direc- tiva, C,S.U. '50-'5lg Track Team '49- '5Ug Qll City Chorus '49. ONOl7RlO, MQRY Iunior Sub-Debs '49-'5O: Senior Sub- Debs '50-'5lg Mustang Boosters '48-'5ly Commercial Club '50-'51, Sergeant-at- Flrmsg Flloha Club 'SU-'5l. PPllNTER, THORNTON Bowling Club '49-'5Op Mustang Boost- ers '50-'51, PHRKEH, ELIZHBETH French Club '49-'Sly Band '48-'51, Let- tersg Orchestra '49-'Sly Mustang Boost- ers '5lg N.H S. '50-'51, PQRHISH, BFIRBQBFI Runner Up Best Illll Round Senior Girl '5l: Qloha Club '50-'5lp N.H.S. '50-'5l: Mustang Boosters '48-'Sly Iunior Sub- Debs '49-'5Uy Senior Sub-Debs 'SU-'5lg Rolling Ponies '48-'51, Treasurerp Pcm Qmerican Club '48-'50, La Directiva, Spanish Round Tableg Tennis Club '48-'5lg French Club '50-'5lg Y-teens 'SU-'51, Treasurerp F.T.l5l. '50-'Sly Gym Letters '48-'5Ug Softball Letter '49p Bowling Letter '49-'50. PHTTERSON, l. L., lB. Mustang Boosters '48-'5l: Bound Up 'SU-'5l: Corral 'SU-'Sly Orchestra '48- '5lp Band '48-'51, lst Lieutenant, Band Letters. PQYNE, EBLON Mustang Boosters '48-'5Ig Projection Club '50-'5lp R.O.T.C. '49-'51, Rifle Team, lst Sergeant. PEEVEY, IUNE Band '48-'51, Maiorette '50-'5lp Mus- tang Boosters '48-'5l, Flssistant Chief Booster: Corral '50-'51, Literary Edi- torg Latin Club '48-'49g French Club '49y C,S.U, '50-'5lp lunior Sub-Debs '49-'5Ug Senior Sub-Debs '50-'Sly Qloha Club '50-'51, 4-.....,q .Ms agen- ff-1 if mis 195 Babara's going to the Shamrock, all dressed up. That's OK. kicls, laugh. Hmm PENNEY, DIHNE Rolling Ponies '48-'51, Reporterg Pan Flrnerican Club '48-'49p Tennis Club '48-'Sly Y-teens '50-'Sly Gavel Club '5Ug Iunior Sub-Debs '49-'5U: Senior Sub-Debs '50-'Sly C.S.U, '50-'5l: Mus- tang Boosters '48-'51, Reporter: Round Up 'SO-'51, Page 3 Editorg Bowling Letters '49-'5lg Gym Letters '48-'49p lgejrfegcft Record Letter '49g Flloha Club PHILLIPS, FRQNK Mustang Boosters '50-'5l. PIERCE, TOMMYE LEE Red Cross '48-'49, Vice Presidentp Gavel Club '48-'49p Mustang Boosters '48-'Sly lunior Sub-Debs '49-'5Ug Senior gub-Debs '50-'Sly Plloha Club '50-'51, harter Memberg Scottish Brigade '48- '5l, Corporal Co. H '49-'50, Captain Flags '50-'Sly C.S.U. '49-'5lp Student Council '49-'5l: Latin Club '48-'49: F.T.Q. '49"5U, Secretary: Scottish Bri- gade Letters '48-'5lg N.H.S, '50-'51, PITT, NELDH Mustang Boosters '49-'Sly Volley Ball Nurses Rid '49-'5lg Hloha Club POWER, THOMHS Projection Club '48-'5Op Rolling Ponies '50-'5lg Mustang Boosters '48-'5l. PRHTT, YVONNE Iunior Sub-Debs '49-'5Up Senior Subf Debs '50-'5lp Scottish Brigade '49-'51, Lieutenant Bagpipes '50-'Sly Y-teens '50-'Sly C.S.U. 2504515 French Club '50-'5Ig Mustang Boosters 'SO-'5ly Flloha Club '50-'51, Scottish Brigade Letters '49-'51, PRICE, MERLE Mustang Boosters '48-'51: French Club '49-'51, Vice President. PRIDDY, RUFUS Mustang Boosters '48-'50, PRIEST, FHNNIE LOU , Gavel Club '48p Mustang Boosters '48- '51p C.S.U. '49-'Sly Iunior Sub-Debs '49-'5Up N.H.S.p Scottish Brigade '48- '5l, Corporal Co. Hp Commercial Club '50-'5lg Scottish Brigade Letters '49-'51. PYLE, DE WHYNE Mustang Boosters '48-'5l. RQNDOLPI-I, GLENROSE Sen-tor Sub-Debs '50-'51, Band '50-'51, Maiorettep Mustang Boosters '50-'5lp Qloha Club 'SO-'5l, Senior Class Sec- retary '5U. REID, ROY Mustang Boosters '48-'5lg Band '48-'51, Letter. REMSBURG, SUE Mustang Boosters '48-'49, French Club '49-'50, Iuriior Sub-Debs '49-'50, Senior Sub-Debs '50-'5Ig Nurses I-'tid '5Op Flloha Club 'SU-'5l. REYNOLDS, IOYCE WEISINGER Scottish Brigade '48A'5Ip Iunior Sub- Debs 119450, Senior Sub-Debs '50-'51, Mustang Boosters '48-'5l: French Club '49-'51, Hloha Club '50-'51, Scottish Brigade Letters '50-'5l. RHODES, IOYCE C S U. '49-'51, Iunior Sub-Debs '49-'SUI Senior Sub-Debs 'SU-'Sli Mustang Boosters '48-'Sly Scottish Brigade '48- '5l, Co, B, Left Color Guard Bri ade Flag '50-'5lg Pan Qmerican Club, Y-teens, Secretary: Swimming Letter 'AB-'49p Brigade Letter '50-'Sly Ptloha Club '50-'51, RICE, CHQRLES Mustang Boosters '50-'Elf Spanish Round Table '49-'5Up Projection Club '48-'5l: C,S.U '50-'5l. RIDDLES, DOUGLQS Mustang Boosters '48-'5I. RIDGE, GLEN C S.U., R.O.T.C. '48-'5l: Gavel Club, Mustang Boosters '48-'51, M , Q u Bw Ages fy L . wirhw- ami 'ft' ' 1 iff? ' it 1 fffsm,u!'2vftMm2 fvft sft K' P - .QQ-itiaesf 1 as-M I M4 5. .T f f I, ,y u - 4 fe 5' hm 't'.1.".1-E':5f.:::f-.Q ,elf ' ' A, 1951 Those Majorettes. Dor1't get too wet, Carolyn SEHIDRS Ioyce a few years back. The legs that Won Lyvonne fame!!! RIESEL, RUTH Scottish Brigade '48-'51, Corporal Co. B '50, Lt. Colonel of Reserves '50-'5lp Mustang Mounties '48-'49: Mustang Boosters '48-'51, Student Council '48- '5l, Social Chairman '50-'51, Iunior Sub-Debs '49-'50, Senior Sub-Debs 'SU- '5l7 French Club '49-'50, President, Scottish Brigade Letters '48-'SIA Run- ner Up D.H.R, citizenship Qwuid '5l' Hloha Club 'SU-'Sly N.H.S. '50-'51, RISLEY, IEROME Mustang Boosters '48-'5Ig French Club '50-'51, RIVERS, FILMH IO Orchestra '49-'5lg Gavel Club '49-'51 Mustang Boosters '43-'Sly Band '50-'51 Letter in Orchestra. ROBBINS, DUHNE C.S.U. '48-'51, President: Mustang Boosters '48-'51, Office Plssistant '50, ROBERTSON, ROSEMHRY Mustang Boosters '48-'51, Scottish Bri- gade '48-'51, Top Sergeant Co. B '50- '5Iy Iunior Sub-Debs '49-'5U: Senior Sub-Debs 'SU-'Sly French Club '49-'50, Secretary: Red Cross '48-'49- Rloha Club '50-'Sly Scottish Brigade' Letters '48-'51, ROBINSON, DICK Mustang Boosters '48-'Sly B Team Basketball '48-'49p H Team Basketball '49-'51, Letters, I-lloha Club '50-'51, ROBINSON, IENNIE LOU Mustang Boosters '48-'51p Commercial Club '50-'51, Social Chairman, Iunior Sub-Debs '49-'50, Senior Sub-Debs '50-'51, C,S.U,7 NI-LS. '50-'51, Y-teens, Cheerleader '50-'5lp Volley Ball Team '49-'51, Lettersg D.H.R. Good Citizen- ship Rward '51, Swimming Club, President, Gym Letters '49-'51, RODGERS, HNNE Pan Qmerican Club '48-'49, La Direc- tivap Gavel Club '48-'49g Spanish Round Table '495 C.S.U. "SU-'51, Mus- tang Boosters '48-'5Ig T,N.T, Club '49- '5Op Iunior Sub-Debs '49-'5Op Senior Sub-Debs '50-'5lg Scottish Brigade '48-'51, Corporal Co, H '49-'50, Top Sergeant Flags 'SU-'51, Scottish Bri- gjgdgl Letters '48-'51, Flloha Club RODGERS, WINONH RFIMEY Scottish Brigade '48-'51, Top Sergeant Co. C '50-'511 Iunior Sub-Debs '49-'SUJ Senior Sub-Debs 'SU-'51p Mustang Mounties '48-'49: Mustang Boosters '48-'5lg Pan Qmerican Club '48-'49, Scottish Brigade Letters '48-'51, Qloha Club '50-'51, ROSENKRQNZ, IQNET Mustang Boosters '48-'fnlp Rolling Ponies '49g Mustang Mounties '50, Iunior Sub-Debs '49-'5Op Senior Sub- Debs '50-'5l5 R OTC, Sponsor '50-'51, Captaing Rifle Teamp Green Masque Players '50-'5l: Gavel Club '49-'50, Flloha Club 'SU-'5lg Gym Letter. RULE, RRY Pan Flmerican Club '48-'49, Baseball Team '48-'49, Letterp Swimming Team '48-'50, Lettersg Bolling Ponies '48-'49, Letter: Mustang Boosters '48-'5O:Track Team '48-'49g C.S.U. '49-'5Uy Chorus Club '50-'5l, B Team Basketball '4B. SHLHDINO, LEE Golf CLub '49-'SUQ Fire Department Batt Chief 'SO-'5lp Student Council '50-'51, Principals Committee: Mus- tang Boosters '4B-'5l: Flloha Club 'SU- '5lp Senior Class Sergeant-at-Firms 'Sly Q Team Football Letter '49, Fl Team Manager'5Op Golf Letters '48-'49. SHNDEL, BILL Mustang Boosters '48-'5l. SCHEHNI, LEONQ Hloha Club '50-'Sly N.S.H. '50-'5l: Mustang Mounties '48-'Sly Mustang Boosters '48-'Sli Scottish Brigade '48- '5l, Co B '48-'49, Sergeant Texas Flag '50-'5l: French Club '50-'51, Pres- identg Gavel Club '48-'50, Iunior Sub- Debs '49-'50p Senior Sub-Debs '50-'Sly T,N,T. Club '49'50p Y-teens '49-'5U: Square Dance Club '48-'49g Scottish Brigade Letters '48-'5l. SCT-llLL, PHT Iunior Sub-Debs '49-'5Ug Senior Sub- Debs '50-'5l: Mustang Boosters '49- '5lp Scottish Brigade '49-'50, Co. Ftp Qloha Club '50-'5lg Gym Letter '48-'49, Scottish Brigade Letters '49-'50, SCHBHDER, THEHDUS Brigade, Bugle Corps, '48-'SOQ Tenor Corporal, '5U5 Tenor Sergeant, '5Ug Brigade Letters, '48-'Sly Mustang Mounties, '49g Mustang Boosters '48- '5lg Iunior Sub-Debs '49-'50, Senior Sub-Debs '50-'517 Flloha Club 'Sly Gavel Club 'SU-'5l, Vice-President '51, Volley Ball Letter '50, Speech Letter '5lg Pan Qmerican Club '48-'49, SCOGIN, PHTSY QDSEL. '50-'51, Mustang Boosters SCOTT, IHMES Mustang Boosters '48-'51, Basketball Team '48-'51, Lettersp Football '49-'50, Track '49-'SUQ Baseball '5l. 195 Ernestine and her brother. Two happy Brigaders. .14 s SIEHIGR Eleanor, Richard and Paula in their better days. SELLERS, TOMMY T,N,T, Club, President, Mustang Boosters '48-'51, French Club, Ser geant-at-Firms, Track Team '49, F1 Team Football Letter '49g B Tegm Football Letter '48. SELMHN, BOB R.O.T.C. '48-'49, Sergeant: Projection Club '49-'5U5 Mustang Boosters '48-'50 SHHM, GUMMY Mustang Boosters '45-'51, SHHW, IO HNN , Iunior SubADebs '49-'50, Senior Sub- Debs '50-'Sly Flloha Club '50-'51, Char- ter Member, Mustang Boosters '49-'Sly Band '49-'51, Maiorette '49-'50, Drum Major '50-'S1. SHINDLER, ERNESTINE '50-'51p Mustang Boosters SHUTTLESWORTH, ELERNOR Mustang Boosters '49-'5U: Iunior Sub- Debs '49-'5Dg Choral Club '48-'51. SIECK, OUINTON Flmerican Legion Hward Club '48-'5U: Mustang Boosters '48-'51, Student Council '48-'Sly Projection Club '48- '49g Student Council Letterp Senior Class President '51. SILLS, I. W. Round Up, Sports Writer: B Team Football '48-'49,- Captain: Hloha Club 'SU-'51, Baseball Letter '48-'50, Cap- tain Hll City '50. SINGLETON, BETTY Senior Sub-Debs '50-'51g Mustang Boosters '48-'5l. N.-J A s, I SLORN, NELDR IERN Iunior Sub-Debs '49-'50, Senior Sub- Debs 'SU-'51, CS U. '49-'51, Secre- taryg Choir Leaderg Scottish Brigade '48-'50, Lieutenant Bugle Corps '50- 5l, Commercial Club '50-'51, Mustang Boosters '49-'5l. SMRLL, BETH BNN Gavel Club '48, Chief Cheerleader '50-'Sly ILIHIOY Sub-Debs '49-'50, Ser- geant-at-Qrms, Senior Sub-Debs '504 '51, Commercial Club '50g Mustang Boosters '48-'5l: Student Council '49- '5l, Principals Committee, Valley Ball Team '49-'51, Lettersg High Point Team Letter, Perfect Record Letter, Most Popular Senior Girl '5l. SMITH, HLTGN Mustang Boosters '48-'51: Projection Club '4Bf'49. SNHPP, CHHRLEEN Mustang Mounties '48-'49g Lettersg Senior Sub-Debs '50-'51, Gym Letter '49-'50, SNEED, MRRY Mustang Mounties '48-'5l, 'Gavel Club '48-'Sly French Club '50-'5l: N.H.S. '50-'51g Mustang Boosters '48-'51, SONES. llMMY Mustang Boosters '43-'51, SPEICH, IOHN ROBERT Mustang Boosters '48-'51, Swimming Letter '50, STEVENSON, CRROLYN Mustang Mounties '48-'51, Pan Flmer- ican Cub '48-'49, Band Znd Lieu- tenant, Lettersg Flloha Club '5015lp Mustang Boosters '48-'5lq Iunxor Sub- Debs '49-'50, Senior Sub-Debs '50-'Sli Gym Letters '48-'51, Senior Council '50-'Sly Crchestra '48-'51, STEELEY, DORIS Iunior Sub-Debs '49-'50, Senior Sub- Debs '50-'Sly C.S,U. '50-'51, Mustang Mounties '50-'ily F.T.H. '50-'51, Roll- ing Ponies '50-'51, Mustang Boosters '48-'51p Gavel Club '49-'5Cg Y-teens '50-'5l: Qloha Club 'SU-'51, Perfect Record Letter '49-'50, Heap, big slumber party. 95 STOCKBRIDGE, BI-TRBQRH French Club 'SU-'51, Treasurerg Mus tang Mounties '49-'5Op Mustang Boost ers '48-'Sli Scottish Brigade '48-'51 Corporal Co, B '49-'50, Drill Major '50-'5lp Student Council '48-'51, Prin cipals Committee '48-'50, Treasurer '50-'5lp N.H S. 'SO-'5lg Student Legion Ptward Club '48-'Slp Scottish Brigade Letters '48-'51, SULUVHN, EVH Senior Sub-Debs '50-'5l: Mustang Boosters 'SU-'5lg Commercial Club '50 Gym Letter '5O. SUMNLIN, IHCK 'jlgrfzck Team '48-'51y Booster Club '48 SUTTEBFIELD, PHTSY Senior Sub-Debs '50-'5l: Mustang Boosters '50-'51p Ftloha Club '50-'51p Runner Up Senior Beauty '50-'51, SWHNK, IHCK Mustang Boosters '48-'51: Spanish Round. Table '49-'5Oz C.S,U, '50-'5l: gbojgction Club '50-'51: Ftloha Club THRPEY, NELLIE Senior Sub-Debs '50-'Sly Iunior Sub- Debs '49-'5Ug Mustang Mounties '50- 'Slg Rolling Ponies '50-'51g Scottish Brigade '49y Mustang Boosters '48-'Sli Y-teens '49p Flloha Club '50-'51. THRTT, BEVERLY IHNE Corral '48-'51, Hssistant Business Manager '48-'49, Qdvertising Manager '49f'5Ug Senior Editor 'SO-'5l, Letterg TN T. Club '49-'50: C.S,U, '49-'50g French Club '49-'5Up Red Cross '48- '49y Iunior Sub-Debs '49-'50y Senior Sub-Debs '50-'5lp Scottish Brigade '48-'50, Top Sergeant Bagpipes '5O: Latin Club '43-'49g Mustang Boosters '48-'Sly Qloha Club '50-'51, Charter Member: Student Council '48-'49g Bolling Ponies '5U7 Mustang Mounties '5U: Gavel Club '48-'49p Scottish Bri' gade Letters '48-'SOQ Corral '50-'5l. THYLOR, GLENDH Scottish Brigade '49-'Sly Corporal Co H '5U, Top Sergeant '50-'5lg lumor Sub-Debs '49-'5Ug Senior Sub-Debs '5U35l Recording Secretaiyg Flloha Club '50-'Sly Mustang Boosters '48-'El THYLOR, MPIUREEN Pan Qmerican Club '48-'49, Treasurer: Iunior Sub-Debs '49-'5Op Senior Sub- Debs '50-'Sly Commercial Club '5Of'5l: Bolling Ponies '50-'Sly Mustang Boost- ers '48-'51 -J . . Vg 1 . 73' if ,..t I is . st , 3 ., '31 ' ' - .-:' ' ,,'- " C S ,X 1 , N' , t S t --V'-i t f S i"' t . .T 1, r L ff i-i22-' n ,. A P P ..'::,, , " gmt lglv- :vl 5 -EE.: .V . , . A. ,. .,',v.4m x . buqgg .L T ' T 5 W K . Q .,,- 1 ::-l..A Q- r gtvzz ,- ':,,- :At H . y at Q I, K 1 ig K K .1 T I. I :J - gt X ,. is - Q:-Zi.. Z Q I 'P Q I . S. 4 The FICIQ Corps before a Performance. H' T5 g i f S A h U1 ft' T gil iuul U L I' 1' that S ,l, T T l',lVll"Lf., UCIHVLNL Scottish Brigade '49-'50, Corporal Co. B 'SO-'51, lunior Sub-Uebs '49-'5U: Senior Sub-De-bs '50-'5l: CSU, '49- '5l, Gavel Club '49, Mustang Boosters '50-'51,Scottish Brigade Letters '49-'5l. HQCKER, CHHOLYN Pan Hmerican Club '48-'49, Mustang Mounties '48-'49, Volley Ball '48-'5U: Letters, C,S.U., Senior Sub-Debs '50- '5l, Mustang Boosters '48-'51, High Point Team Letter. HQCKER, DICK Booster Club '48-'51, "B" Team Base- ball '50, "Fi" Team Baseball '5l. THOMPS ON, CQBOLYN Scottish Brigade '49-'51, Drum Corps: lunior Sub-Debs '49-'50, Senior Sub- Debs '50-'5l: C.S.U, '50-'51, Mustang Boosters '49-'51, Flloha Club '50-'51, TOLLERNE, GLENN N H S, '49-'5l, President: Corral '49- '5l, Sports Editor, Quill and Scroll '49-'51, Treasurer, Rolling Ponies '48- '515 Sergeant-at-Firms, Student Coun- cil '49-'50, Mustang Boosters '48-'51, Flloha Club '50-'51, Charter Member, President, Band '48-'51, Captain, Let- ters, Golg Letters '49, Bolling Ponies Letter '4 -'51, Track Team '5O: Best Fill Round Senior Boy '51, Corral Let- ter '50-'51. TOM, SHIRLEY Student Council, Senior Sub-Debs '50- '5l, Mustang Boosters '48-'5i. TREFIDHWHY, DOROTHY IO Mustang Boosters '48-'5l: Scottish Bri- gade '48-'49, Commercial Club 'SU-'5lg Iunior Sub-Debs '49-'50, Senior Sub- Debs '50-'51, Volley Ball Team '50-'51, Egrrglsetter, Hloha Club '50-'51, N.l-LS. TREFIDHWHY, OMH LYNN lunior Sub-Dabs '48-'51, Senior Sub- Debs '50-'51, Scottish Brigade '43-'51, Corporal Co, C '49-'50, Bottom Ser- geant 'Fifl-'50, Scottish Brigade Letters '48-'5l: C-avel '50-'51. TRULL, IUHNITH Scottish Brigade '48-'51, Top Sergeant '50-'51, Iunior Sub-Debs '49-'50, Senior Sub-Dehs '50-'5l, Student Council '48- '49, French Club '49-'50, Mustang Boosters '49-'Sli Commercial Club '48- '5l, Scottish Brigade Letters '48-'51, 195 Fun in the snow-Oh well, they thought it was lun. Y 'lf .v S E n I 0 H S 1 t Graham and Glash at Jackson. Bathing beauty.: A kC:dxe'l"CldB'?1iBf'11BgllMustang Boosters '48-'5lg Senior Sub-Debs '50-'Sly C.S.U. '50-'5l: Qloha Club '50-'51, TYNER, MHRGIE C.S.U, '49-'SU7 Band '49-'50, Letters: lgurses Hid '50p Mustang Boosters '48- VHUGHN, EVELYN Iunior Sub-Debs '49-'5Og Senior Sub- Debs '50-'51: Mustang Boosters '48-'Sly Volley Ball Letter '49. VERBOIS, MPIRIE LOUISE Senior Sub-Debs '50-'Sly Mustang Boosters '48-'5Ug Red Cross '48g Gym Letter '4B. VHNDERGOTZ, EHRLE R.O.T.C, '48-'50, Sergeant '48, Lieu- tenant '48, Captain '49-'50, Colonel 'S0p Mustargg BIg9cStgrZT'4BE'?Ug Fire lgeggrt- ment' g . .. , iciency i on '49-'5Ug Runner Up Best Drilled in Manual of Hrms '49. WQLLQCE, CHARLES C.S.U. 'SU-'Sly Mustang Boosters '48- '51g Chorus '48-'5lg Gavel Club '50-'5l. WQRE, EILEEN Student Council '49-'SUQ C.S.U. '50-'51: Mustang Mounties 'SU-'Sly Senior Sub- Debs '50-'Sly Mustang Boosters '494'5l5 Plloha Club '50-'5l. WHTSON, IESSE C,S.U.y Mustang Boosters '48-'51y Mus- tang Mounties '49-'50, WELLS, DELORES Scottish Brigade '48-'51, Captain Bu- gles '50-'5l: Mustang Mounties '48-'49p Iunior Sub-Debs '49-'50, Program Chairrnanp French Club '49-'50: Mus- tang Boosters '48-'5l: Senior Sub-Debs '50-'51g Student Council '48-'5lp Scot- tish Brigade Letters '48-'51g Hloha Club '50-'51, WHITE, EDMUND Mustang Boosters '48-'Sli WIGGINS, STPINICE Mustang Mounties '50-'51, Mustang Boosters '48-'51, Senior Sub-Debs '50- '5lq gommercial Club '5Ug Hloha Club 'SU-' . WILLIFIMS, BOBBY IOE Mustang Boosters '48-'Sly Fire Depart' mentb'5O, Hssistant Fire Chief: Q Team Foot all Letter V197 Track Letter '49, Manager Fl Team Football '50, Flloha Club '50-'5l. WILSON, PIRTHUR ROTC. '48-'5l, Sergeantg Mustang Boosters '48-'51, WIZORECK, ROBERT Mustang Mounties '49-'50, Mustang Boosters '49s'5l, C.S.U. WOLF, HERBERT Mustang Boosters '48-'5lg Flloha Club '50-'Sly Q Team Football Letters '48- '5Up Fl Team Basketball Letters '48-'507 Baseball Letters '48-'49. WRIGHT, BEBNICE BEESE Scottish Brigade '48A'5l, Corporal Co. Fl '49-'50, Sergeant U, S. Flag '50-'Sly Iunior Sub-Debs '49-'5Ug Mustang Boosters '48-'Sly Chorus '48-'5l: Scot- tish Brigade Letters '48-'5lp Hloha Club '50-'51, WRIGHT, RICHRRD Mustang Boosters '48-'Sly Student Council '50-'51, WYHTT, DONNFI LOU Gavel Club '48-'49, Mustang Boosters '48-'Sly Iunior Sub-Debs '494'50g Senior Sub-Debs '50-'5lp Commercial Club 'SU-'5lg Hloha Club '50-'51, 1951 Gwen and Mary Ptnn look happy as they pose for the Corral Camera. Less Work cmd more fun by the time you crre one of the ........................., J HIORS QV Rm X c Ni 57 CRRTER, EDITH CHSSIL, CHROLYN CHITTENDON, CRROLYN CHOHTE, FRFINCES CI-IRON, BILLY CLHRK, CHHRLYN CLHRK, ROBBIE CLINGMHN, BILL COLLINS, BNN CONDIT, CLIFFORD 58 QBSTON, SHLLY QDHMS, WESLEY FILDERSON, MQRGFIRET HLTOM, MHBEL HRECHIGQ, SUSIE BRLLHRD, ERNESTINE BHRLOW, DONNIE MHRIE BELL, WINNIE FHYE BORDOVSKY, HNN BOWEN, VENITR BOZE, BILL BRHDLEY, ROBERT BRINKMQN, IOYE BROOKS, MFIRGHRET BRUNING, IEFFREY BULGHWITZ, IQMES BULLITT, WHLTER CRDMRN, IRMES CHMMHCK, CBROLYN CFIPPEL, TI-IERESR CRRMICFIL, VIRGINIF1 CHRMICHHEL, KHY CHRROLL, ROBERT CQRROWQY, IOY CHRSON, NHDINE CONNEWQY, BOB COOK, HELEN COOK, IRMES COOK, IEHN CROUCH, LEWIS CUNNINGI-IRM, GERRLD CURRIE, IERRIE I-INN DRNIELS, IRNET DEMETRE, BETTY DOBSKY, BHRBRRFI DOEBELE, CRROL DOUGLRS, NELL DRISCOLL, IULIRN DURHHM, PHTSY DUVE, EMMFI IEHN ELDER, IHNET FILES, IO HNN FINCH, PFIULH SUE FISHER, HNNE FLETCHER, IOE FORD, NQNCY FOWLER, IOYCE FOX, MFIRIE LOUISE FREELFIND, ELIZRBETH FROELICI-I, BEVERLY FUNDERBURGH, WILOMFI FUNDERBURK, NORMR GELLQTLY, DOROTHY HNN GIBSON, HELEN GORDON, IOE GRRNT, LYNWOOD GRQY, IHMES HRRTMHN, MHRTHR HRRTSFIELD, BOBBY HRTCHER, GLORIH 59 KRISCHKE, DELVIN' KHOG, BOB KUHN, SHNDRH LHNGE, HOMER LHNKFORD, IOELLE LHTHROP, CLIFTON LHWS, IOY LEE, PFITSY LENTZ, BONNIE LOGGINS, NHNCY HPIWKINS, IOFIN HPIYES, IRCKIE HERZIK, MHRY HNN HOLCOMB, HOPE HORTON, MRRTH9. HUDDLESTON, IEPININE HUFFMFIN, DOROTHY HUNT, MILDRED IFICKSON, RONHLD IFICOBSON, NORMRN IPIRRELL, BILL IENNINGS, SHIRLEY IOHNSON, FINN IOHNSON, DELORES IOHNSON, IRNE IONES, WHRREN IORDON, ELINOR IORDON, WHLKER IULIHN, IIMMY KHUFHOLD, R. H. KILLEN, IIMMY KING, LYNN KINSTLEY, Rf-IIFORD KIZER, TOMMY KOPRIVH, MHRY HNN MCCFIULEY, BETTY MCDONFILD, GERFILDINE MCKENZIE, MQRGQRET MCLENDON, TOMMY MRBRY, MYRNH MHHHFFEY, DON MPIIGNHRD, WILBUR MHRKLQND, CFIROL MQRTH, IOFINNE MFIRTIN, EVERETT MFIY, NRNCY RNN MILLER, DON MILLER, IFINICE MITCHELL, BILL MITCHELL, MRRY H6 MITCHELL, RONNIE MORRIS, WILLIQM MORRISON, MHRY QNN MORTON, CHFIRLENE MUCKLEROY, BOBBY MUNHRUSEN, BFIRBHRI-I MUSGROVE, IHMES NOWLIN, DWIGHT O'ROURKE, IOHN PQDON, DOROTHY HNN I Qsv PHGE, SHIRLEY PHTRICK, WYONNE PHYNE, DOROTHY PEEVY, DHN PHIPPS, IO HNN PIZZITOLH, MQRGERITE PLEDGER, GHRY PLUECKER, KHTHY PLUMLEE, QLBERT POWER, IOY NELL SMITH, IERN SMITH, LOIS SMITH, LYNDH SMITH, NEVH SMITH, PFITRICIH SMITH, ROBERT SONTHG, HMMY SPEED, IUNE SPEER, GILL SPELL, BOBBY PROVENZFINO, FOLEY RHBORN, CQROLYN SUE RFIND, ROBERT RRY, HHSKELL REED, IRMES DENMFIN RENFROW, LOVETR RENTZEL, BEN RICHEY, SHERRILL RIEMEN, LILLIHN FRHNCIE RODRIGUES, HBE ROY, SHIRLEY RUTTER, WHNDH SQGE, CURLTON LEE SQNCHEZ, MHRY LOU SRNDERS, RONHLD SHRRBIP1, EMELIO SCHUENEMHNN, IOHN SCHULTZ, SHLLY SCHULZ, LFIRRY SHIRK, BILLY SIMMONS, ROGER SISCO, PHTSY SLFIUGHTER, DQN SMITH, BHRBHRH SMITH, DONNPI STQNFIELD, MHRGIE STRRK, MILTON STEED, BHRBFIRH STERKEN, IO ELLEN STOVQLL, LYNN STRUEBER, MHRY TFIMBORELLO, WESLEY TFIYLOR, HNITQ THYLOR, BILL TI-IIBODFIUX, MHRGRRET THOMFIS, ETI-IEL TYNER, CQTI-IERINE UZZLE, LORRINE VHN BIBBER, IHNE VRNCE, WHLLY WHDDELL, LRRRY WEFIVER, PPITSY WESTMORELHND, IO FINN WILMOTH, DORIS WILSON, BOB WOODS, IHCK ZRMBON, EDDR ZENNICKER, I-IRL ZURBORG, DFIRLENE .uk xtluni 8 I, I, Qmmwm ms' "2 2 - x"g 2 is .2.- 2, 'I arg' Ninn Three long yecxrs of hard work are just beginning for the .............. soPHomoREs --...,,,.,.X.., - N.,M.A,., .king W 'H--.W - 'X' vafnfm "4"7-7-N-..M..w ' w,...X -'-W--Q-.,.,,Mw-Nm w,"" W -MMWM , ' 'rx X ,"'T1"'R-,gy Nj Q 5 ' f , x v M '1 A X X, if M x ar ,,,,:,,.. . wx" I . xv' U. iv-W mf QM Mwrn ' cuxwefwr 4, ,wwf 1 K N ' mf 1-nu www mm 1 M3-1 'mx-nd ans., :wa 1 .e WN 2 ,,. ,fig , REL fit.-Qfk Qarclal, Nancy Fldair, Thomas Fldarns, Lynn FlddiSor1,Slyvia Fllford, Wynona Plrrnbruster, lack Fttltins, Io Finn Qtkinson, lane Qugust, Mike Hvery, Ina Beth Bailey, Carolyn Baker, Iimmie Bales, Dell Ballew, Io Flnn Bankston, Shirley Barrier, Miller Beagley, Patricia Becker, Patricia Bedingfield, Bober Bell, Bobert Bell, Tornrny Bencal, Iohn Benefield, Mary Francis Benetti, Maruska Bennett, Mary Virginia Blake, Tullis Bone, Edgar Lee Bourdon, Barbara Bourland, Wanda Bowman, Ianice Boykin, Wanda Braffett, Keith Lloyc Briggs, Nancy Brinkley, Billy Brown, Billie Lee Buchanan, Beverly lean Bush, Kathryn Burk, Mack Burrisk, Barbara Hr Byrum, Claudia Byrum, Nelda Cain, Donna Caldwell, Louis Callicote, Peggy Canavan, Patricia Cannaday, Virginic Carmack, Mary Carson, Sue Finn arter, lean haclwick, Netta linkscales, loyce lutter, Collis -ole, Bonald fone, Emmette Ionley, Patricia Zonn, Roger fonner, Bobby look, leannine ,ook, Bay Gene Iraig, Carolyn Irawford, Barbara Irull, Carolyn Zulps, Elaine julver, Carol Dale, Mary Ellen Davidson, Hallie May De-em, Bobby Deloach, Margie Qnn De Money, Marlene Di Giovanni, Leona Di1lishaw,Clintine Dockworth, Constance Drake, Flnn Drane, Shirley Durham, Ellis Durham, Io Finn Dwillis, Constance Elliot, Barbara Finn Elliot, Hazel Estrella, Gregory Etheredge, Zelma Evans, Norma Fel1ers,Iohnny Finley, Mary Flnn Fitts, Gertrude Fitts, Gladys Fitzharris, Shirley Fleming, lean Floyd, David Foster, Pat Foster, Sue Fouche, Iackie Francis, Pat Franks, lack Frazier, Donald Freeman, Patricia RARE., W Q Q , F SEN 1 fem I ,,,..-1. .qw - l 5 , 8? i Q ' 4 S fps , sf! N A 1 xx . E ,t ... X XM M K NX we X 5 9 Sie X X , .Nat S gi .F X 61 fi xg Hubbard, Dickie Hubbard, Ianelle Hubbs, Hal Hughes, Patricia Hunt, Nancy Frost, lack Fuller, Betty Furlong, Naoma Furstenberg, Doi Garag, Iosephint Garner, Carol Gatewood, Louis Gehring, Barbara Gibson, Phyllis Gosch, Shirley Gossett, Beverly Grant, Drusella Graves, Majorie Gray, Florence Green, Bobbie Le Green, Myrtle Grimes, Iimmie Grimm, Bonnie Le Gross, Shirley Guerin, Belua Guidry, Helen Mc Hampton, Virginit Handley, Eddy Hanks, Carol Finn Harbach, Deboral Harbour, Paul Hardy, Mary Fran Hargiss, Barbara Harrigan, Robert Harrison, Yvonne Hasty, Francis Hatfield, Io Hnn Hawkins, Ieanette Heath, Darnarice Heitmeyer, Marcii Henry, La Verna Hewitt, lo Finn Hicks, Verna Mae Hillis, Sandra Hoke, Patricia Hornsby, Shirley F Howard, Charles Jnter, Claude o, Virginia gram, Wanda Jacks, Bobby ckson, Betty loyce ckson, Don ckson, Lou Plnn Iclcson, Oma Dele cobs, Peggy rkins, Betty ter, Eric thnson, Eddie lhnson, Patsy mhnson, Thomas nhnson, Virginia mes, Georgia mes, lanet mes, Robert appe, Carolyn azetsky, Betty err, lo Hnn lieth, Margaret Finn irkwood, Patsy foehler, Gaye Nell Ioehler, loyce Irog, lack Cuhena, Charles .a Faso, Hnthony .ancaster, Bobby .ane, Phelps .ang, Faye Yvonne .avin, Betty lean ,ee, Betty .e Fever, De Lynn .emke, Charles .esser, George ..ester, Paul .ine, Glenda -inn, Donna .itherland, Barbara .ittle, Mary Helen, Madeline Look, Bobby Looper, Dolores Lorenz, Patsy Lunbley, K.ay Lunsford, lack McCoy, Darling .L hiv J, K 53 .1 if , .. , 4. l' ', gg: L A - 1. 2 ,J 2" uk YW' ,, , kv' I 'e I it 4 Q' lp K ., 4 K My Q X ft A5 3 t Vg f I , W1 Q 3 ' 'gy' 'WJ ,t,,,, ,, 1 .y 5 ga Q 5 , . . . it Y A .ex W K gt as, KP . t yi P, ff-P P 1 gt 955 t 't " e K i L P l l - ' tg I S l,, an :pak as Q, rl M, . we tg Y S xx Q WD i' Q, ' f 9' tk iv Y E 3 f,.,, , 'WF lll 5' P - y t yiy ,,., R S? , 'i - ' i. . ., . , ' ., . ,Q .7 nh M -5 it Q McKenzie, Harol Mfzlveen, Mariar McNay, Ruth Manly, Betty Marsh, Bobbie V Martin, Emma Martin, Patsy Martin, Rosa Matthews, Marie Louise May, Patsy May, Saclye Maywald, Io Rnr Mitchell, Neva Io Moore, Martha lc Moore, lohnny Ir Morrow, Carolyn Mulhollan, Shirle Nail, Wayne Nelson, loy Nerger, La Nelle Nettles, Rllen Owen, Carol Lyn Page, Diane Payne, Sue Finn Peyton, Beverly Philips, Shirley Poteet, Lailah Prim, Suzanne Provenzano, Matt Provenzano, Matt Pylord, George Ragusa, Vita Mae Rankin, Ruth Ray, Carl Lynn Reynnett, Kennetl Richey, Hlvan Ristau, Beverly Hr Romans, Mason Rosebrock, Betty Russell, Ieanelle Sadler, Bryon Sampson, Nancy Sanders, Iimmie Sanders, Maxie Sawyer, Robbye Schmitt, Barbara Schnaak, Charlott Schumacker, Bobl: lcott, Betty Lou lcott, Emma Lhatter, Theodore lhores, lim lhreckenqanst, Bill tirnmons, Wayne imon, C. M, ingleton, lohanna loan, Shirley mart, Hlice mith, Betty mith, Billy mith, Kenneth mith, Marie milh, Richard mith, Ronald nell, Sally Lou peich, Terry tpillers, Paula ttacy, Donnie ttacy, William ttagner, Doris Ltarkey, Dinah lteck, Carl tockstill, Sue ttoerner, Plnita ttoetje, Robert ltrueber, Ioan lutton, Frances 'erry, Nancy 'homason, Roger 'hompson, Sally 'i1l,Flnnella 'oller, Carole 'oller, Karen 'ownsencl, lerry Tripp, Patricia Jmberger, George laughan, Ruby Iewell lessells, Ioan Lea librock, Rose Ioy logler, Hnn Wade, Martha Dee Wagner, Louise Walker, Billie Io Walker, Carol Lynn Walker, Pat Wals1on,ll1ean 'fs yn 5 mt i X K 0' n if N. 'JR' N4 Wood, Campbell Wren, Iean Fae Yeamans, Dickie Zwiener, Iudy Warren, Qlton Warren, Catherii Weaver, Donald Whistler, Caroly Whitcomb, Roge White, David White, Lanelle Whittaker, Mary Wiess, Ella lean Wiiest, loanne Wilkins, Forrest Wilkinson, Bryar Williams, Caroly Williams, Eugen Williams, Ioann Williams, Mary Louise Willis, Rodger Wilson, Curtis Wilson, Shirley Wiltshire, Mary Francis Witt, Carl Womack, George Womack, lake Womack, Ray ,4m,,,,,01 571, f . e X , 2 to I , 1 i , -mg , lX43f1,,'f"' mf ' AA Q f uafm ,IV LJ A-'V' H boy, cr girl, and cr Warm spring day com- pose CI picturesque setting to introduce the 1 school s ....,.....,...............,...... PERSOIWHLITIES , Y, 155 Wa i .5 . ,, ,,:E 'I Q W 1 K Mm"""""""-0-5 l I I DICK KRUGER HND HENRY KING COMPPIRING THE BEQUTY OF TWO CHNDIDFITES The Beauty's for the Corral this year were nominated by the students. The girls with 5 or more nominations Were running for beauty of their class. First they were judged in person by three ot Houston's prominent men and by two teachers at Hustin High School. The judges Were Henry Southerland, Garland Roark, Pllan McKinley, Mrs. Scarborough, and Mr. Hlexander. They chose 6 girls out of each class. These l8 girls had their pictures taken, which were sent to Henry King, the orchestra leader at the Shamrock Hotel and Dick Kruger, vocalist. We hope you are as delighted as We are with the results. To these gentlemen and Mrs. Scarborough We extend our thanks for the time and effort spent in judging our beauties. SENIOR CLFISS Betty lean Ball Nina Cecil june Peevey Mildred McClendon Mary Lue McMorris Patsy Sutterfield jinagafd IUNIOR CLHSS Kay Carmichael Iessie Lee Graham Carolyn Sue Holt Nancy Loggins Lynn Stovall Lorraine Uzzle SOPHOMORES Maruske Benetti Mary Virginia Bennett Nelda Bynum Marie Louise Matthews Betty lean Penix SENIOR BEPIUTY mary Jae We morrid R UNN ER- U P ab Suffer iefo! y IUNIOR BEHUTY Jczg CarmicAae! RUNNER-UP lynn govaff SOPHOMCRE BEHUTY marie Jouide maffkewb RUNNER-UP Ziff, jean Pe ...J- MOST POPULHR SENIOR BOY HND GIRL M, mea, M ,4,,,, swf! BEST HLL ROUND SENIOR BOY HND GIRL juanifa jreifag gdnn jomrene H. R. REPRESENTHTI yenny lou palinaofz ZW 511555 F I' EIIB E!!! iiiii Runner-Up Favorites and ll. A. R. M 55553 ga fgtgzi ,fb ,Jia IO HNN HHRBOLT and DONHLI7 FORD :th gtg fi laiisi iiiila University of Houston Representatives Mildred McClendon, Runner-up Most Papularg Kenneth Duggan, Runnereup Most Poputarg Ruth Riesscit, Runner-up Dilliig Robert Mann, Runner-up Best H11 Roundg Barbara Paz- rish, Runner-up, Best H11 Round. The presldents talk over problems of ' thelr GRGHHIZHTIOHS .X Ng , 3 4-'az-24' 'N-J X-Lx' i We see Barbara getting ready to go to the printers. Mrs, Beasley smiling for I, L THE 1951 CURRHL CORBHL STHFF Mrs. Margaret Beasley, Sponsor Bill Iarrell, Hssistant Sports Editor Barbara Myatt, Editor-in-Chief Shirley Page, Club Editor- Barbata Harris, Business Manager Hnn Bordovsky, Faculty Editor Beverly Tartt, Senior Editor Iune Peevey, Literary Editor Mary Hnn Kopriva, Iunior and Sophomore Nancy Hendley, Plssistant Senior Editor Editor Carolyn Chittendon, Girls Sports Editor Sue Hnn Payne, Helper Virginia Carmical, Favorite Editor Eddie lohnson, Plssistant lunior and lames Eckerman, Staff Hrtist Sophomore Editor I. L. Patterson, Photographer Sandra Hillis, Helper Kay Carmichael, Circulation Manager Glenn Tollerene, Sports Editor Bill Boze, Hdvertising Manager With the first day of school, plans We.e made for completing of the material for the l95l Corral. Hfter completion of the big subscription drive and the soliciting of ads, Work was begun on the book itself. H great deal of hard work and tireless energy was contributed by the sponsor Mrs. Beasley and each member on the staff toward making it a better book, There were pictures to be taken and retaken, lay-outs and write-ups, sections to be outlined, and deadlines to be met. Lastly it was assembled and sent to press. We now leave it to you, the critics, to make your own decision. Beverly working on senior paste-ups, Barbara balancing her books. 'W' fi ii Bill, Kay, and Iairies discussing problems of Bill and Glenn working on the Sports Section finance. 67' I, L, with the camera, as usual. Mary Plnri pasting up the Iuniors and Sophomores. V3 Nancy, Carolyn, Sue Firm, Virginia, and Eddie Shirley, Iurie, and Hnn discussing club taking time out. layouts. f . - .I Elaine Smiles Cheerluul' Ovef the Ioy cmd Elaine talking over business. first edition of the Round-Up. Rllllllll-UP EXTRH!! EXTRH!! Read all about it! This could well be the slogan for the school paper, the Round-Up. This newspaper, published every two weeks under the direction of Miss Betsy Sternble, helps to promote a closer bond of understanding and cooperation between the faculty and students. The staff strives diligently to keep the student body posted on the latest "doin's" and activities. To a stranger, all of the confusion, which takes place at the sixth period in room ll9, may seem like a complete chaos, But all this buzzing around makes for a good newspaper. The Round-Up Staff pose agreeably for the Corral Photographer. Miss Betsy Slemble Glen, Norman, Tommy, Dan and Bert discuss the sports. Iackie and Ioan make up the ad section Editor-in-Chief. . . .r.. Elaine Broyles Ptssociate Editor. . . ....,.. Ioy Finn Box Page Two Editor .,,, .... M ildred Humason Page Three Editor. . . ...... Diane Penney Page Four Editor .,.. .... B everly Milligan Page Five Editor .... ..,.. . . ....,.................. Ioy Hnn Box Sports Editor .....,.. Bert Gelclard Sports Writers .......,..,.. Glen Carnes, I. W. Sills, Tommy Cole, Dan Peevey Pidvertising Managers ............,.....,....... Iackie Hayes, Ioan Hawkins Circulation Manager .... ............... M ary Louise Mitchell Exchange Managers ,,.. ...,... M artha Hartman, Carol Markland Cartoonist ...,,.,...., ......,........,........... P atsy Iohnson Typists ....... .... Q nn Harrigan, Io Hnn Files, Marie Duke Reporters ..... ...Norman Hbbott, Io Hnn Westmoreland Sponsor. . .................... Miss Betsy Stemble l Carol, MUTY Louise. Gnd MGl'ThG lake lime OUT- Hnne, Marie, and Patsy, three hard workers. SCUTTISH Nancy Daugherty, Colonel Ruth Riesel, Lt. Colonel In Charge of Reserves Charlotte Dykes, Lt. Colonel In Charge of Records BIIIGHDE Left to right: Barbara Stockbridge Drill Major Leta Maley Drum and Bugle Major Iuanita Freitag Hdjutant Major SCOTTISH BRIGHDE Under the firm and splendid leadership of Miss Beatrice Lytle, the Scottish Brigade has indeed proved to be the top in the city this year. With unsurpassed performances and drills, they competed with the drill squads in Houston and San Hntonio. The Brigade, consisting of five units, the flag corps, the bagpipe corps, the drum and bugle corps, the drill corps, and the reserve corps, instills school spirit at athletic events and civic projects, engenders good sports- manship, scholarship, and fellowship be- tween girls, and promotes freindly relation- ship between schools. Michael Spampinato, better known to Hustinites as "Sparnp" is responsible for the fine work done by the drums, bugles, and bagpipes. Flag Corps Left to right: lo Qnn Geldard, Barbara Cwowen, Qnn Rodgers, Top Sergeant, les- sie Lee Graham, Leona Shifani, Io Flnn Letney, Pat Bass, Charlotte Hopper, loyqe Rhodes. Kneeling: Trudy McClendon, Lieutenant, Left 10 1-ight Ellq lean Wie-SS,'Bqrbgrq T0mmYe I-ee Pierce. CGPTGU1- Smith, Pat Freeman, Demaris Heath, Bar- bara Schuutt, Sue Foster, Ruby Vaughn, leannine Huddleston, Mildred Hurnason, Hnn Collins, Carolyn Morrow, Shirley Goshe, Beverly Gossett, Catherine Lovett, Standing, second row: Doris King, Bottom Sergeant, Patricia laschke, Top Sergeant, Yvonne Pratt, Lieutenant, Kneeling: Mahdeen Needham, Captain, Bagpipe Corps 1143.8 6 Ivgmix . ex MV , xxx " BUGLES Kneeling: Minnie Gorman, Corporal, Iuanita Trull, Top Sergeant, Delores Wells, Captain, Nelda Sloan, Lieu- tenant, Garleen Merritt, Sergeant Ida Maude Max- well, Corporal, Beverly Froe- lich, Sergeant. Standing: Ieannine Cook, Sue Qnn Payne, Patsy Weaver, Nell Douglas, Phylis Gibson, Myrtle Green, Loveta Ren- frow, Mary Virginia Bennett, Louise Barefield, Theresa Cappel, Sally Snell, Sherrill Richey, Marie Matthews, Carolyn Crull, Macel Fllley, Io Hnn Files, Pllice Smart, Betty Fuller. Bugle Corps DRUMS Kneeling: Iane Hly, Captain, Vonna Merle Grimer, Bever- ly Milligan, Finn Harrigan, Barbara Harris, Lieutenant, Carolyn Thompson, Corpo- ral, Elizabeth Buck, Sergeant. Standing: Ruby Vaughn, lna Beth Hvery, Virginia Hamp- ton, Shirley Gross, Leona De Giovani, Pat Smith, Dinah Starkey, Carol Garner, Caro- lyn Craig, Io Hnn Thompson, Elaine Broyles, Margie Stan- field, Hun lohnson, Katherine Bush, Carole Toler, Sandra Kuhn. COMPHNY B Kneeling, first row: Suzanne Minor, Captaing Barbara Myatt, Lieuten- ant. Kneeling, second row: Rosemary Robertson, Top Sergeant, Carole Hood, Bottom Sergeant. Standing: Ioelle Langford, Robbie Clark, Netta Chadwick, Sadye May, Geraldine McDonald, Carolyn Holt, Peggy lacobs, Virginia Car- mical, Helen Gibson, Norma Hesti- low, Martha Hartman, lean Priddy, Bobs Bounds, Carolyn Raborn, Carol Culver, Doris Wilmoth, Bar- bara Elliott, Helen Cook, COMPHNY Pt Kneeling: Io Hnrt Borcherding, Bot tom Sergeantg Io Hnn Iaenecke Captain, lo Qnn Harbolt, Lieuten ant. Standing: Lynn Stovall, lanelle Hub bard, Pat Reaves, Patricia Koim Shirley Page, Carol Doeble, Mar leen De Money, Finn Bordosky Mary Finn Kopriva, loan Ortli Edith Carter, lanice Miller, Nadine Carson, Barbara Crawford, Patsy Sisco, Mary Carmack, Gwen Black IYIGT1. COMPQNY C Kneeling: Norma Henry, Lieutenantg Diane Clark, Captain, Paula Finch, Top Sergeant, Standing: Betty Lou Manley, Mary Lee Glash, Elaine Culps, Ethel Bot- tera, Shirley Roy, Shirley Sloan, Sue Stockstill, Suzanne Prim, Ril- leen Walston, Ioan Yaws, Lorraine Uzzle, Pat Green, Nancy Loggins, lean Fleming, Kay Carmichael, Dolores Looper, Carol Markland. Wichaef .gaampinafo Ht this time we would like to recognize Mr. Michael Spampinato, who has done such splendid work with our Band, Orchestra, and Brigade here at Hustin High School. Mr. Sparnpi- nato, better known to Flustinites as "Spamp," has been with Hustin for the past 14 years. Each year he has strived to create a better band and orchestra, and has made the Flustin Band one of the best in the city. In 1940 Spamp took the band to the state contest where they won state title and held the same for eight successive years. Once a year his band attends Music Festivals in Dallas and elsewhere and each time they were judged as excellent. "Spamp" doesn't need much introduction for he is loved by one and all and he will always remain a vivid part of Hustin High. He will live always in the heart of 'every Hustinite. 4 x Spc1mp's Birthday Pciriy. Directing the Bond at the Third Period cis Usual. A 93 4, fs ff K Surprise ! Surprise l IIIUSTIIIIG BIIIID The Mustang Band, under the leadership of our beloved "Spamp," has been one of the most active school organizations this year. Two morning assembly programs, an afternoon concert, a night concert, playing at all the pep rallies and football games, taking trips to nearby music festivals, and visiting other schools to play concerts have been but a few of the activities of the band this year. Qlso a lively social life prevails among the band members, with two picnics and numer- ous other affairs. H surprise birthday party for "Spamp" was the event of the season, nearly scaring the poor man to death. Hll in all, it's no wonder that band members are so crazy about the band and "Spamp." DIRECTED BY MICHHEL SPHMPINHTO CLHRINETS BQRITONES Shirley Drarie In L4 pcttersonl fr' lack Wolf Iohn Duncan Donald Sanders lim H1195 gogali-llglg Glenn Tollerene 0 91' 9 Y Carolyn Stevenson TFESHMEOVICISE Robefi Sffifge Wayne Ford ROY Raid Sum CGCWPPO Catherine Tyner Patsy Lovejoy Margie Tyner Sally Flbston C, M. Simon lake Womack loel Stanley PERCUSSION Freda Leach FLUTES Pat McCracken Elizabeth Parker GIGCIYS Pitts Patsy Lorenz OBOE Nancy Butler lean Cook Betty Kozetsky Iames Reed SHXOPHONES BQSSQON Billy Reich HORNS Philip Martin Roger Simmons Emma lean Du ve Mary Elizabeth Wolfe lack Krog Robert Smith lohn Dowds Bass CLQRINET BQSSES Gaye Nell Koehler Edwin Patten Charles French Ierry Townsend TRUMPETS Thomas Vogt Orman Cain Shirley Lovejoy QLTO CLHRINET Marvin Hly vii! Glenn Tollerene Cctrolyn Stevenson I. L, Pc1tterson,Ir. Pc1tMcCrccken Robert KellY MHIORETTES Left to right, first row: Io Hnn Show, Drum Major. Second row: Iune Peevey, Bennie Marino, Barbczrcx Bcllew. Third row: Glenrose Randolph, Shirley Lemmon. ,STEPHEN F. HUSTIII URCHESTRH Michael Sparnpinato, Director ORCHESTRH The orchestra, under the direction of Michael Spampinato, has done splendid Work this year. They have given four concerts, and played for all the auditorium programs, besides giving several programs outside of school. There is a real spirit of cooperation in the orchestra, which causes them to give a fine performance every time. VIOLINS Timmv Goodwin Tommv Bolton Donald Minzenmayer Wiloma Eunderburgh Barbara Murray Melba McCann Pat O'Brien FRENCH HORN Emma Iean Duve FLUTES Elizabeth Parker Pat McCracken OBOE Betty Kozetsky BHSSOON Mary Elizabeth Wolfe CELLO Iimmy Cowan Clifford Chudliegh David Bower fnot picturedl CLHRINETS I. L. Patterson Carolyn Stevenson Catherine Tyner Bobby Hinkle HCCOMPRNIST Hlma Io Rivers TRUMPETS Thomas Vogt Orman Cain Donald Hill Robert Kelly fnot pictured? TROMBON ES Roy Reid fake Womack BRSS VIOLIN Peggy Fulcher TUBH Edwin Patten DRUMS Freda Leach Lloyd Harrison fnot picturedl CHURUS Left to right, first row: Ida Measday, Finn Iohnson, Constance Duckworth, Patsy Sutterfield, Imogene Rives, Nan Qndrews, Barbara Gowen, Richard Smith, Richard Randall, Ronnie Haddon, Donald Lyons, Iames Cook, Buddy Hale, David Bower, Buck Hamilton, Richard DesRochers, Iames Wise, Paul Ofield, Charles Wal- lace, Ioyce Fowler, Virginia Cannaday, Ruth Kemp, foan Bliese, Beverly Froelich. Second row: Betty Iean Lavin, Patsy Foster, Rnn Griffin, Hnn Collins, Peggy Chambers, Linda Smith, Ernestine Schindler, Vonna Merle Greiner, Carol Doebele, Shirley Reid, Carolyn Chittenden, Carolyn Bailey, Shirley Phillips, Lucille Coury, Elinor Iordan, Minnie Gorman, Donna Linn, Robbye Sawyer, Io Finn faenecke, Gloria Bearden, Iulia Cumpston, Ioyce Phenix, Ieanette Muraca, Bernice Wright, Ierry Speich, Eleanor Shuttlesworth, Peggy Lester. Piccompanist: Virginia Cannaday. Student Leader: Paul Ofield. Under the direction of Miss Bertie Sims, the Chorus is indeed Worthy of its admirable recognition. They have worked hard in presenting their annual Christ- mas program and in introducing new talent to the school, and all of Plustin is grateful for the splendid music sung by the Chorus on different occasions. R. 0. T. C. The R. O. T. C. is of battalion strength, having three companies. The objective of the Cadet Corps is to lay the founda- tion for intelligent citizenship by teaching the principles of leadership, respect for constituted authority, habits of precision, orderliness, and courtesy. Pl further ob- jective is to give the cadet basic military training which will be of value if he be- comes a member of the armed forces. The Battalion takes part in the Hrmistice Day Parade, and such others as may be ap- propriate. Several inspections are con- ducted through the year by regular army personnel from the 4th Hrrny. Sergecmts Jones, Wall, and Blackwell BHTTRLION STQFF Cadet Lt. Col, lack Evans, Sponsor Lt. Col. Carolyn Chandler, Cadet Major Robert Mann, Sponsor Major Nancy Hendley, Cadet Senior Captain Norwood Kent, Sponsor Senior Captain lanet Rosenkranz. -- 4 f -nv 11.1 - LIEUTENHNTS Left to righti Hay Stratton, Walker Iordon, Haskell Ray, Ioe Fletcher, Norman lacobson, James Cadman, Bill Olfke, Rayford Kingstley. COMPHNY B Richard Randell, Carolyn Chandler, lanies Hatcher, Guide Bobby Deem. First row: David Parker, loe Chasnoff, Clifford Condit, limmv Qlbright, Bobby Wilson, limrny Wise. Second row: Travis Griffin, lohn Swope, Bobby Muckleroy, Ray Winburn, Her- shel Weinberg, Iames Creech, lack Smith, Karl Buscanyi. Third row: Terry Glass, Wallace Mash- burn, Plllen Nettles, Larry Wilhelm, Roger Willis, Carl Witt, Bob Stewart, Don Miller, Larry Schultz. Fourth row: Kenneth Patrick, George Umberaer, lohn Doe, Hugh Shripling, lohn Tawater, Floyd Tippit, Hal Hubbs, Hayes Harris, Fifth Row: Patl Littleton, Carlton Sage, Orvil Wilson, Bobby Lancaster, Har- old Yarbor, Dan Coleman, Bob Connway, Dwight Nowlin. Sixth row: Lowell Moore, lames May, Louis Crouch, Country Whiddon, West- ley Tamborello, Robert Ratisseau, Hal Zinnecker, Raybord Hinsley. COMPFINY H lack Evans, Nancy Hendley, lanet Rosenkranz and Guide lohn Ben- call. First row,-left to right: Warren lones, lames Cadrnan, Norman lacobson, Gerald Presley, loe Fletcher. Second row: Billy Reich, R. D. Woods, limmy Killen, lohn Craig, ' limmie Cowan, Harry. Schubeck Third Row: Donald Shoemake, Dickie Hubbard, lohn Dowds, Bert Wig- gins, limmie Grimes, Harold Mc- Kenzie, Fourth row: Leroy Parrish, Fred Marks, Wallace Mashburn, Bobby lsaaclcs, Billy Smith. Fifth row: Wayne Nail, Carleton Sage, lulian Driscoll, O, I. Whip- ple, Frank Braudigan, Charles Kubena. Sixth row: lohnny Fellers, Donald Fortenberry, Ray Womack, lames Shields, Ray Winburn, Ronnie Mitchell. f rt Q - K A COMPQNY C Commander-Bill Mitchell SponsorsfMary Lou McMorris, Eliz- beth Barron, Ray Stratton. First row: L. D. Leanord, Norwood Kent, David Hagler, Rlex Priddy, Eugene Gather, Robert Mann. Second row: lack Wolf, C. M, Simon, George Parr. Haskell Ray Y' 'Il ye' . :A l . .f 1 1 . rf irq SH 11 --f ,W ,gs XZQQWM iw , vw IIIUSTHIIG BUUSTERS Q MHSS MEETING OF THE BOOSTERS Of the many organizations at Hustin the Mustang Boosters is the largest. Under the able sponsorship of Miss Ruth Greenhill and Miss Buth Daugherty, assistant sponsor, the club's main purpose and aim is to create and preserve spirit throughout the student body and to help organizations to help them- selves. The Booster Club provides a special rooting section at football games for the members to help support the team. With the money raised through selling membership cards, ribbons, Booster pins, banners, and stickers, the organization annually presents the cheerleaders with sweaters and decorates goal posts. Fit the end of football season the Bronco Whirl sponsored by the Mustang Boosters is given in honor of the football squad members. BOOSTER OFFICERS Left to right, standing: Norman Hawkins, Bouncer, Dickie O'Brien, Bouncer, loyce l-lollien, Cash Booster, Diane Penney, Reporter, Kenneth Duggan, Chief Booster, Sitting: lune Peevey, Rssistant Chief Booster, Miss Greenhill, Sponsor, Miss Daugherty, Sponsor, Nancy l-lendley, Scribe Booster. BOOSTER BOOTH Left to right: William Holt, Bill Milligan, Donald Ford, "Trudy" McClendon, Ed Brune, Kenneth Duggan, Bobby McCay. l SEIIIUR SUB DEBS l OFFICERS Left to right, first row: Mrs, Scarborough, Sponsor, Barbara Harris Membership Secretary Io Finn Harbolt Presidentp Leta Maley, Vice President, Carol Finn Billingsley Sergeant at Hrms Glenda Taylor Corre sponding Secretary. Second row: Marie Duke, Reporter, luanita Freitag, Treasurer Bettye Muckelroy Social Chairman Norma Henry Parliameritarian, "Toni" Hale, Program Chairman. Sub-Debs Hnnual Christmas Dance at the Blossom Heath Country Club SENlOR SUB-DEBS The Senior Sub-Delos, an organiza- tion of girls, fosters the social and cul tural development of its members so that they may represent the hiahest ideals of Stephen F. Hustin High School. Starting off their successful social season was the "Backward" Sock Hop, followed by the Hnnual Christmas dance, the formal initiation of the lun- iors at a banquet at Bill Williams, and a picnic, and swimming party at Lyon- dell Park in May. Much of the credit for the clubs' suc- cess is due to its tireless and efficient sponsor, Mrs. Scarborough. lU6 MEMBERS Left to right, Iirst row: Beth Hnn Small, Ioan Balailca, Freida Nell Hand, Eleanor Kessler, Patsy Lovejoy, Patsy Brewer, Pat McCrack- en, Marilyn Bowman. Second row: Tommye Lee Pierce, "Trudy" McClendon, Flnne Rodgers, Nancy Daugh- erty, Charlotte Dykes, Leona Schifani, Pat Bass, Betty Iune Metzler, Ioyce Rhodes, Barbara Flskins, Ioy Monigold Third row: Barbara M att, Bobbye Gay Car- mon, loyce Hollien, Betty lean Ball, Yvonne Pratt, Dolores Qtkinson, Maureen Hornsby, Dorothy Horn, Lucille Courey, Tommie Lee Moreland, leannine Turner Fourth row: lo Qnn laenecke, Suzanne Minor, Patsy Sutterfield, Shirley Lemmon, Carolyn Thacker, Carolyn Iohnson, Helen Bundrick, Nan Qndrews, Doris Steeley, Melba Mc- Cann, Essie Davis. SEIIIUR SUB-DEBS MEMBERS Left to ri ht, first row: Ianet Rosen- kranz, Ngancy Hendley, lune Peevey, Maureen Taylor, Iuamta Trull, lo Hnn Letney, Iennie Lou Robinson, Doro- thy Io Treadway. Second row: Yvonne Kern, Glenrose Randolph, Garleen Merritt, Paula Cargill, Octavene Temple, Jerry Hshe ley, Mar Onofrio, Staniece Wiggins, Dolores Kllfells, Barbara Stockbridge, Ruth Riesel, Barbara Fereday Third rowz Charlotte Hop er, Carole Plnn Hood, Mahdeen Needham, Cath- erine La Faso, Rnn Harrigan, Ethel Davenport, Ioy Qnn Box, Barbara Parrish, Minnie Gorman, Rosemary Robertson, Charleen Swann, Carolyn Stevenson, Diane Penney Fourth row: Pats Schill, Elizabeth Buck, Carolyn Thompson, Theadus Schrader, Beverly Tartt, Ianet Heath- cote, Kay.. Long, Gwen Hildebrand, Clovis C essler, Pat Fitzgerald, La Dell loseph, Elizabeth Barron, Mary Lue McMorris, Eva Sullivan. JUIIIUR SUB-DIEBS OFFICERS Left to right, first row: Carolyn Holt, Treasurerp Beverly Froelich, Vice President, Mrs, Dyer Sponsor lessie Lee Grahan, President, Ethel Bottera, Social Chairman, Second row: loelle Lankford, Reporter, Mildred Hunt, Membership Secretary, Elaine Broyles Recording Sec retaryg Shirley Page, Parliamentarian, Ioy Laws, Sergeant-at-Firms. Hs the Iunior Sub-Debs look back over their year they find memories which they Wiil long remember and many exciting events. Some of the different activities held during this year have been a tea, a Valentine Dance, a formal initiation banquet at Bill Williams, a dance, and a picnic. This organization sponsors a va- riety of entertainments and teaches correct social procedures ,in each activity. 108 Iunior Sub-Deb Tea Left to right, first row: lackie Hayes, Doris King, Bennie Marino, Gloria Hatcher, Dorothy Huffman, Carolyn Raborn, Charlene Morton, lean Smith. Second row: Maycel Pllley, Kay Carmichael, Bobbie Vee Marsh, Barbara Dobsky, Finn Collins, lda Maud Max- well, Helen Gibson, Margaret Qlderson, lean Priddy, Nell Douglas, Io Rnn Weist. Third row: Mary Lee Glash, Lorraine Uzzle, Katherine Tyner, Nancy Loggins, Babs Bounds, Gwen Blackman, Mary Finn Kopriva, Finn Bordovsky, Io Rnn Thompson, Lynn Stovall, Patsy Smith, lane Iohnson, Sally Schultz, Wanda Rutter. Fourth row: Mary lo Scott, Robbie Clark, lanet Daniel, Carolyn Chittendon, Mary Louise Mitchell, Wyonne Patrick, Linda Smith, Dorothy Gillantly, Helen Cook, Ianice Miller, Myrna Mabry. Fifth row: Edith Carter, Carole Toler, Wanda Bourland, Barbara Borden, lo Ellen Sterken, Patsy Weaver, Loveta Renfrow, Carolyn Cassil, Winnie Faye Bell, Pat Gibson. Left to right, first row: Ruby Iewel Vaughan, Nadine Carson, lo Finn Files, Paula Sue Finch, lerry Finn Currie, loye Brinkman, Louise Barefield, Betty Demetre. Second row: Bonnie Lentz, Barbara Munhausen, Ioan Yaws, Virginia Carmical, loyce Hopkins, Doris Wilmoth, lean Cook, Sherrill Richey, Le Bland Farris. Third row: Ruth Rankin, Naomi Furlong, Sally Thompson, Ernestine Ballard, Shirley Wilson, Mary Frances Harding, Myrna Mabry, Pat Gibson, Ianice Miller, Wilorna Funderburg, Hnne Fisher. Fourth row: Ianelle Hubbard, Martha Hartman, Carol Markland, Billie Io Walker, Peggy Iacobs, Ianet Elder, Io Plnn Phipps, Io Finn Westmoreland, Margie Stanfield, Margaret McKenzie, Hnn lohnson. ,, Hl0HFl CLUB ORIGINHL "IS" Left to right, sitting on car: Nancy Daugherty, Mary Lue McMorris, Beverly Tartt, Nancy Hendley, Ioyce Hollien Ronnie Laughter. Sitting in car: Marie Duke, Roy Duke, Io Hnn Shaw, Tommye Lee Pierce. Standing: Bobby McCay, Glen Tollerene, Sidney Iones. The Hloha Club, as signified by its name, sponsors the last dance, The Plloha Prom, for the graduating seniors of each semester. The background or decorations for the Prom usually feature a tropical or underwater scene The club is composed of all senior members, who Work diligently to make a success of these dances. Barbara Hdkins Ioan Balajka Betty lean Ball Pat Bass Ben Baty Carole Billingsley Gwen Blackman Marilyn Bowman Ioy Hnn Box Elizabeth Buck Earl Buys Carolyn Cammack Paula Cargill Bobbye Gay Carmon Flndy Cash Carolyn Chandler Frances Choate Hollis Choate Diane Clark lean Cook Nancy Daugherty Ethel Davenport Essie Davis Kenneth Duggan Barbara Fereday Paula Sue Finch Donald Ford Iuanita Freitag Beverly Froelich lo Flnn Geldard Helen Gibson Bill Gilchrist Marlene Hale Gloria Hall Frieda Nell Hand Io Finn Harbolt Qnn Harrigan Barbara Harris Nancy Hendley Ioyce Hollien William Holt Carole Plnn Hood Charlotte Hopper Dorothy Horn Maureen Hornsby Mildred Humason lo Hnn Iaenecke Carrie Louise lanes Sidney Iones Lyvonne Kern Eleanor Kessler Bob Krog Catherine La Faso Ronnie Laughter Shirley Hnn Lemmon lo Qnn Letney Patsy Lovejoy Leta Maley Ida Maude Maxwell Bobby McCay Mildred McClendon Garleen Merritt Curtis Mills Suzanne Minor Ioy Monigold Tommie Lee Moreland David Morris Bettye Muckleroy Barbara Myatt Mahdeen Needham Lou Ellen Neighbors Mary Onofrio Barbara Parrish lune Pe-evey Dianne Penney Tommye Lee Pierce Yvonne Pratt Winona Ftamey Ioyce Rhodes Duane Robbins . Ienny Lou Robinson Flnne Rodgers Leona Schifani Pat Schill Theadus Schrader Io Hnn Shaw Beth Qnn Small Nelda Smith Carolyn Stevenson lack Swank Patsy Sutterfield Beverly Tartt Octavene Temple Carolyn Thompson Glenn Tollerene leannine Turner Dorothy Io Treadway Bobby Io Williams Donna Lou Wyatt OFFICERS Left to right Glenn Tollerene, President Bobby Ioe Williams, Sergeant-ut-Plrrnsg Mildred Humcrson, Reporter Roy Duke, Vlce Presidentg Marie Duke, Secretcxryg Iucmitcx Freitag, Treasurer, 1 J-.-.-...... OFFICERS Left to right, first row: Io Rnn Harbolt, Corresponding Secretary, Io Qnn Iaenecke, Recording Secretary, Barbara Stockbridge, Treasurer, Bob Hopkins, President, Bobby McCay, Vice Presi- dent, Iuanita Freitag, Editor of Handbook. Second row: Ioyce Clinkscales, Principal's Committee, Beth Hnn Small, Principal's Committee, Ioelle Lankford, Principals Com- mitteeg Clifford Condit, Principals Committee, Carl Steck, Prin- cipa1's Committee, Iessie Lee Graham, Circulation Manager, Beverly Froelick, Flssistant Editor of Handbook. STUIIEIIT CIIUIICIL The Student Council, composed of representatives from each horne room, is the student government of Plustin and is continually lending its service to our school. The,,or- ganization's main aim is to help in the governmental projects of the school through democratic repre- sentation. The most outstanding activity of this club is the publication of the Student Handbook and Directory. t 4 i 5 STUDENT COUNCIL Left to right, first row: Mrs. Dailey, Shirley Page, Mary Finn Kopriva, Carol Finn Garner, Ruth Riesel, Billie Christmas, Betty Ryan. Second row: Shirley Tom, Sadie May, lean Fleming, Charlene Morton, Darling McCoy, Ida Maud Maxwell, Barbara Bourdon, Pat O'Br1en, Mary Louise Williams. Third row: Finn Bordovsky, Donald Sanders, Hlbert Meyer, Bob Harrigan, Emilio Sarabia, Richard Wright, Ioan Hawkins, Carolyn Bailey, Katherine Tyner. Ulll Hllll SCR0ll To become a member of the Quill and Scroll, it is necessary to rank scholastically in the top third of the class and do outstanding literary work on any of three Qustin publica- tions, the Corral, Round-Up, or Handbook and Directory. They must be recommended by publication sponsors or the principal and samples of their work must be approved by Quill and Scroll headquarters at Northwestern University. Under the sponsorship of Miss Betsy Sternble, these students are the future journalists of tomorrow. OFFICERS Left to right, seated: Barbara Harris, Vice Presidentg Charlotte Dykes, President, Elaine Broyles, Recording Secretaryg Miss Stemble, Sponsor. Standing' Barbara Myatt, Corresponding Secretaryg loy Finn Box, Parliamentarian, Mary Finn Kopriva, Social Chairmang Kay Carmichael, Beporterg Glenn Tollerene, Treasurer, UZ' if g s vu. rurgvuv- . -.- -- - 1 ,-. Yi? , MEMBERS Left to right, Seated. Martha Hartman, Carol Markland, Margaret McKenzie, lo Finn West- moreland, loan Hawkins. Standing: Bert Geldard, Diane Penney, Virginia Carmical, Nancy Hendley, Marilyn Bowman, Hnn Bordovsky, Shirley Page, Dan Peevy. :S - 4 4. if IIHTIDIIHL H0ll0R SDCIETY OFFICERS Seated: Don Collins, Vice President, Fannie Lu Priest, Treasurer, Glenn Tollerene, President, Marie Duke Secretary. Ftbsent: Don McClendon, Parliamentarian. f The National Honor Society is the honorary group of our school. Chosen for their outstanding records of scholarship, leadership, service, and character, these students make up the backbone of our school organizations. Under the Wise and understanding leadership ot Miss Charlene Potter, these young people represent the future doctors, lawyers, engineers, scientists, and clergyrnen of tomorrow. MEMBERS Left to right, first row: Elizabeth Parker, Mary Sneed, Pat McCracken, Barbara Harris, Carolyn Iohnson, Freida Nell Hand, Ienny Lou Robinson, Edna Earl Horton. Second 'rowrt Virginia Carmical, Ruth Riesel, Barbara Stockbridge, Io Hnn Harbolt, Tommye Lee Pierce, Leona Schifani, Paula Cargill, Charlotte Dykes, Third row: Io Rnn Iaenecke, Nancy Daugherty, Ptrthur Gallagher, Robert Mann, Barbara Parrish, Dorothy Io Treadway, Mrs. Potter, Sponsor. OFFICERS Left to right, seated: Mary Hnn Kopriva, Reporter, Mrs, Crouch, Sponsor, Charlotte Dykes, President, Paula Cargill, Secretary-Treasurer. Standing: Bob Hopkins, Social Chairman, Robert Mann, Vice President. lEGI0ll STUDIEIIT llllllllllll CLUB Sponsored by Mrs. Pauline Crouch, its membership is composed of those boys and girls who Won the Qrnerican Legion Student Flward in the ninth grade at each junior high school. The highest record of scholarship service, character, and leadership were used as a basis for awarding the Legion Student Medal, The club's activities include bowling, Canasta parties, and dinners, all of which help to foster a bond of companionship among this group and tc carry on the ideas of good citizenship. MEMBERS Left to right, seated: Barbara Elliott, Billy Io Walker, loyce Clinkscales, Elaine Broyles, Sally Butler, Carol Ford. Standing: Betty Kotzeky, Carl Steck, lack Hillman, Ioan Hamer, Thelma Lipscomb, Phillip Martin, Donald Sanders, Barbara Stockbridge, Ioan Balajka. C. S. U. OFFICERS Left to right, seated: Mr. Watson, Sponsor, Nelda lean Sloan, Song Leader, Beverly Froelich, Pianist, Barbara Harris, Secretary, Catherine La Faso, Social Chairman, Leia Maley, Vice President. Hbsent: Duane Robbins, President, Norma Henry, Treasurer, Marilyn Bowman, Program Chairman. The Christian Student Union helps to develop a religious atmosphere among the student body. This organization is inter- denominational and it instills fellowship and brotherhood among its members. This year's activities included a picnic, Christmas-caroling, and the inspiring programs that were presented at their regular meetings. Their beloved sponsor, "Pop" Watson, who organized the Club, has done much to add to the success of the Club. - - ..f. A .. , 5' , . ' 1 gg A us-- ",', st' f . . Sally Qbston Barbara Hdkins Dolores Hdkinson Margaret Pllderson lane Pily Nan Rndrews lane Htkinson Ioan Balajka Shirley Bankston Louise Barefield Elizabeth Barron Pat Bass Beryl Blakely ferry Bobo F-Inn Bordovsky Io Hnn Borcherding fanice Bowman Marilyn Bowman foy Rnn Box Bill Boze Patsy Hnn Brewer Elaine Broyles Beverly Buchanan Elizabeth Finn Buck Carolyn Cammack Theresa Cappel Paula Cargill Virginia Carmical Kay Carmichael Nadine Carson I Pat Carter Clovis Chessler Diane Clark lean Cook Barbara Crawford Nancy Daugherty Ethel Davenport Essie Davis Margie De Loach Betty Demetre Barbara Dobsky Marie Duke Ianet Elder Peggy Elliott Norma Evans Io Finn Files Qnn Fisher Marie Fox Iuanita Freitag Beverly Froelich Wiloma Funderburgh Carol Garner lo Plnn Geldard Helen Gibson Phyllis Gibson Mary Lee Glash lessie Lee Graham Drusilla Grant Freida Nell Hand Io Rnn Harbolt Hnn Harrigan Barbara Harris Dorothy Hatcher Gloria Hatcher Iarrice Hatcher Martha Hartman Virginia Heinlein Norma Henry Patricia Hoke Peggy Holditch Carole Hnn Hood Carolyn Sue Holt foyce Hopkins Carolyn Hoppe leannine Huddelston Dorothy Huffman Mildred Hunt Lou Hnn Iackson Io Finn laenecke Carrie Louise lanes Finn Iohnson Carolyn fohnson feanette lones Hnita Ioyce Ruth Kemp Lyvonne Kern lo Rnn Kerr Eleanor Kessler Doris King Mary Plnn Kopriva Sandra Kuhn Catherine La Faso loelle Lankford Ereida Leach Nancy Loggins Patsy Lovejoy Barbara Litterland Leta Maley Carol Markland lda Maud Maxwell Melba McCann "Trudy" McClendon Garleen Merritt Betty lean Metzler Betty Plnn Moersi Ioy Monigold Tommie Lee Moreland Charlene Morton Iames Musgrove Barbara Myatt Mahdeen Needham foyce Padon Shirley Page Wyonne Patrick Sue Flnn Payne fune Peevey Diane Penney Tommye Lee Pierce lean Priddy Fannie Lou Priest Lovetta Renfrow Ioyce Rhodes Charles Rice Glenn Ridge Duane Robbins Ienny Lou Robinson Plnne Rodgers Carl Sandburg Leona Schifani Sally Schultz Tommy Sellars Ernestine Shindler Billy Shirk Nelda Iean Sloan lean Smith Charlene Snapp Margie Stanfield Doris Steeley Carolyn Stevenson fack Swank Charleen Swann Carolyn Thacker Margaret Thibodaux Carolyn Thompson Hnnelle Till Shirley Tom Orna Lynn Treadway Pat Tripp feannine Turner Catherine Tyner Margaret Tyner Lorraine Uzzle Martha Wade Charles Wallace Eileen Ware Iesse Watson Patsy Hnn Weaver Io Hnn Westmoreland Doris Wilmoth Dorothy Wilson Mary Wiltshire Mary Wolfe fean Wren Robert Wyzorick Ioan Yaws 117 Blllllllilli lllllli A OFFICERS Left to right, kneeling: Glenn Tollerene, Sergeant-at-Hrmsg Ben Baty, President. Standing: Barbara Fereday, Treasurer, Carole Billingsley, Vice President, Barbara Parrish, Secretary, Diane Penney, Reporter. The Bowling Club is open to any student who is interested in learning to bowl or in improving their skill in the game. lt provides recreation, creates a good fellowship between schools, and cultivates friendship. Besides the weekly intramural games, there are the State and City Meets during the Christmas Holidays, and the National Meets in the spring, which the members take part in. ' Miss Pldele Waggaman, the Club's tireless and efficient sponsor, is responsible for its success during the past year. ui, f- f - . MEMBERS Left to right, first row: loyce Hollien, Le Bland Farris, Nancy Ford, Billie Christmas, Carole Billingsley, Diane Penney, Barbara Parrish, Mada Mciftngus, Betty Sue Keith. Second row: Miss Waggaman, Mary Gothard, lulia Cumpston, laniece Bowman, Patsy Gray, Barbara Steed, Barbara Baclouseck, Geraldine Machala, Ioan Hamer, Ftnita Ioyce. Third row: Sally Thompson, Betty lean Ball, Barbara Fereday, Ioan Bliese, Wanda Rutter, Maureen Taylor, Ernestine Ballard, Ioy Laws, Catherine La Faso, Estelle Lamp, Lou Flnn Sharpless, Myrtle Cromer. MEMBERS Left to right, first row: Carl Hmelang, Pl. D. Woods, Travis Griffin, Edward McClinton, Ronald lackson, Ben Baty, Richard Iones, Donald Burson. Second rowz Larry Waddell, Bill larrell, Ray Winborn, Thomas Powers, Glenn Tollerene, Larry Landry, Iames Eckerman, R. H. Kauhfold. , Thircggrofrviklfflilton Stark, Lynn King, Homer Lange, Miss Waggarnan, Tommy McClendon, Billy Morris, Morris ar in e. Q CFIFE SUCIETY MEMBERS Left to right, first row: Wyonne Patrick, leanette lones, Shirley Tom, Leona Schifani, Mildred McClendon, Sue Remsburg, Marilyn Bowman, Norma Funderburk. Second row: Pat Smith, Barbara Keene, Mary Williams, Elizabeth Parker, Virginia lgo, Mary Sneed, Phillip Martin, Third row: Tommy Bolton, Bobby Lemon, Miss McGinty, Sponsor, Donald Ford, lerome Risley, Merle Price. The Spanish Round Table goes to work again this year collecte ing items for their ex- hibit case, gathering material for their news bulletin, planning Mex- ican suppers, and being good neighbors in many ways This organization, un- der the sponsorship of Miss Vernon Dilworth and Mrs. Mauryne Dailey, strives to de- velop a better under- standing of lnter-lllmerf ican affairs and to sup- port the ties that find the three Hrnericas in a common culture of de- mocracy. SPIIIIISII R0llllll TIIBLE Would you like to take a trip to "Gay Paree" and be able to carry on a conversation in true French style? lf so, just take a short trip up to Miss McGinty's French Club some Frie day morning and you will think you are in France. The Cafe Society is an organization for stu- dents interested in French culture. The stu- dents strive to learn community used French expressions and to gain a better knowledge of French customs. Club programs and home parties help to stimulate a broader in- terest in the study of French culture. ,fnfw .-and MEMBERS Left to right, first row: Orman Cain, Shirley Drane, lean Fleming, Chairman, lack Frost. Second row: Thelma Lipscomb, Shirley Lovejoy, Wanda lean Dull, Ioyce Clinkscales Suzanne Prim. Third row: Gregory Estrella, Rlvan Richey, Bobby Schumacker, Eddie Iohnson. Rbsent: Raymond Wellborn and Rnthony La Faso. OFFICERS President ferry Plshley Vice President Carolyn Iohnsori Secretary Beth Finn Small Treasurer Barbara Myatt Sergeant-at-Firms Dolly Onofrio Social Cairman Ienny Lou Robinson Reporter Marie Duke f X F QQh.JJ. Af 'DQ K - --,:.g,.,itg ' ,,, fi BUSINESS CLUB Q9 its 5 if .zu W , if Qi 'iri X if T , ,..- , xii R ,f v The future business girls of tomor- row are getting their good training in Miss Helen Soncrants secretarial training classes. ' The purpose of this club is to en- courage a greater interest in the study of business, to increase the social spirit, and to rnaintain higher standards of training for business. MEMBERS Left to right, first row: Mary Lue McMorris, Eva Sullivan, Staniece Wiggins, Evelyn Vaughan. Second row: Catherine La Faso, Doris Bartch Maureen Taylor, Fannie Lu Priest, Third row: Ianice Hatcher, Betty Iune Metzler, Nelda lean Sloan, Gloria Garcia. Fourth row: Dorothy Io Treadway, Carole Finn Hood, Carolyn Thacker, fuanita Trull. Fifth row: Donna Lou Wyatt, Charlotte Hopper, Melba McCann, Barbara Murray. Left to right, mounted: Mrs. Gates, Sponsor, Hope Holcombe, Mary Frances Harding, Elaine Broyles, Ioy Laws, Carole Hnn Billingsley, Wanda Rutter, Beverly Buchanan. IIIUSTHIIG IIIUUIITIIES OFFICERS Spring: Fall: Elaine Broyles, President Leta Maley, President Carol Billingsley, Vice President Elaine Broyles, Vice President Dorothy Huffman, Secretary Eleanor Kessler, Secretary Bobbye Gay Carmon, Treasurer Bobbye Gay Carmon, Treasurer Gloria Hatcher, Seraeant-at-Firms Nancy Ford, Sergeant-at-F-lrms Hgain this year we see the Mustang Mounties of Ponyland as they mount their horses out at Palace Riding Stables. This all-girl organization sponsored by Mrs. E. C. Gates, con- sists of 40 members chosen from a long Waiting list. To receive a letter, these girls must ride at least twice every six Weeks. They assemble together for the purpose of learning good horsemanship, and to create an interest in horses. Left to right, mounted: Nancy Ford, Gloria Hatcher, loye Brinkman, Dorothy Huffman, LeBland Farris, Bobbye Gay Carmon, Mrs, Gates, Mary Io Scott. X FIRE DEPRRTIIIERT MEMBERS Fire Chief .. ,.....,. Sam Madeley Hssistant Chief ........ Hollis Choate First Floor Battalion Chief, .Ed Brune Flssistant Battalion Chief Ben Wilson First Floor Battalion Chief Bobby loe Williams Second Floor Battalion Chief Robert Mann Qssistant Battalion Chief, .Carl Steclc Second Floor Captain ..... lack Frost Third Floor Battalion Chief Donald Ford Hssistant Battalion Chief. . ,Ben Baty Third Floor Captain .,,. Henry Tom Exits and Lunchroom ..., lack Evans Hlways standing by and ready to protect our school in case of a fire is our SFR. Fire Patrol, These volunteer firemen are boys from Flustin, who work effi- ciently to make our fire drills a success. FUTURE TEACHERS 0E AMERICA Left to right, seated: lane Ptly, Io Finn Harbolt, Tommye Lee Pierce, Kay Carmichael, Elizabeth Buck, Bare bara Parrish, Nancy Hendley, Car- ole Plnn Billingsley. Standing: Pat O'Brien, Barbara Gil- liam, Mr. Willis, Sponsor. tt The Future Teachers of Hmerica is a club which gives the members an idea of what to expect later as teachers, The members are given pamphlets pertaining to the different fields and problems of each. These they read and give reports on, Qlso, they study the National Education Qssociation lournal. On March 30 and 31 the club's members took a trip to Lubbock to Texas Tech for the state convention. 7 - 7 Left to right, tirst row: Mrs. Patton, Nelda Pitt, Louise Kirkley, lo Flnn Presley, Hallie Davidson, Martha Goggans, Orna Dell Iaclcson, Mary-Louise Williams, Second row: Roberta Peach, Pat Wright, Helen Bunderick, Donna Smith, lo Qnn Phipps, Wynonna Pllford, Patsy Lee, Sadie Simmons, Pat Sloan, lo Finn Brenelc, Georgia Iones, Margie Tyner, Barbara Schmidt. IIURSES HID lf you have any aches or pains, just drop by the TEH. clinic and there you will always find Mrs. Patton and her nurses aids ready to lend a helping hand. Some Snapshots Taken in the Clinic, V-W"'?!v v 3 LIBRHRY IISSISTHNTS Left to right, first row: Mrs. Hoke, Sponsor, Carole Plnri Hood, Betty Finn Moers, Lynn Stovall, Ethel Bottera, Patsy Durham, Lorraine Uzzle, Babs Bounds, Barbara Dobsky, Mrs. Berry, Sponsor. Second rowt Charlotte Hopper, Rita Sones, Delores Htkinson, lo Ellen Sterken, lack Evans, Kay Hllison, Nellie Tarpey, loy Monigold, Barbara Gowen. Library assistants help the librarians by checking in books, Working in the circulating department, pasting in book pockets, typing, and Working on bulletin board displays. By helping in the library the assistants learn a great many things about the organization of a library which will help them after they graduate from high school. Filing cards in the card catalog teaches them tiling speed which they will be able to use in the business World. They also letter and repair the books, and file magazines. UFFICE FISSISTIIIITS OFFICE HSSISTHNTS Office assistants are just what the name signifies. These students type, file, sell school supplies, and run errands. We do not realize the importance of their- Work, but if they were all absent on the same day, you could im- agine what would hap- pen. Left to right, first row: Nancy Loggins, loyce Hollien, Ianet Rosenkranz, Ioyce Rhodes, Virginia Heinline, Carole Finn Hanks, lo Plnn Wiest, Elinor lordan. Second row: loan Yaws, Margaret Finn Keith, Virginia Carmical, Nadine Carson, lerrie Hnn Currie, Nancy Morgan, lean Priddy, Louise Barefield, Maruska Benetti, lulia Cumpston, lean Fleming, Carolyn Craigf Third row: George Flrmstrong, Bill Holt, ferry Mahan, lames Biehl Iames Holly, Bobby Schumacker. The office assistants who Work for Mrs. Lewis, at- tendance clerk, probably do more walking than the other students in Hustin for each day they pick up the absentee blanks from the teachers and carry messages from teacher to teacher. These assistants also act as general host to people who are visiting the build- ing and help to take care of people who are sick and wish to go home. Left to right, first row: Mary Flnn Herzik, Gloria Bearden, Carolyn Thompson, Bar- bara Elliott, Yvonne Pratt. Second row: Pat Smith, Hope Holcombe, Elizabeth Buck, Phyllis Gibson, Patsy Sutterfield, Geraldine Mahalcr, Nelda Bynum, Bobbie Vee Marsh. Third row: Qndy Cash, Bonnie Lentz, Patsy Martin, Leona Digiovani. 126 Left to right, first row: Patsy Durharn, fo Finn- Files, Paula Finch, Dorothy Huffman, Gloria Hatcher, Essie Davis, Dolores Pltkinson, Mada M'cFlngus, Nancy Ford. Second row: Mary Virginia Bennett, Marie Louise Matthews, Ienny Lou Robinson, Dorothy Io Treadway, Betty fune'Metzler, Pat Bass, Pat Tripp, Charlotte Schroak, Charleen Swann, Patsy Brewer. Third row: lean Wren, Carolyn Iohnson, Hnn Harrigan, Pat Caravan, Patricia Hoke. Y-TIEEIIS The Y-Teens of Plustin High School are affiliated with the Y.W.C.H. Repre- sentatives from each school attend council meetings which are held at the downtown "Y" once a month. There they discuss problems of their clubs and learn how other clubs have solved these same problems. The Y-Teens from all of the Houston High Schools present the Sunrise Serv- ice at Miller Memorial Park every year. This is only one of 'the various activi- ties sponsored by the Y-Teens. will Q s C M GREENHILL-lST PERIOD Left to right, first rowt Miss Greenhill, Elizabeth Parker, Pat McCracken, Carolyn Thacker, Carolyn lohnson Billie lean Kelly, Barbara Murray, lanice Hatcher. Second row: Ierry Mahan, 'lTrucly" McClendon, Ronnie Laughter, Robert Mann, Dolores Pltkinson Third rowi Sue Rernsburg, Pat Schill, Catherine LaFaso, Melba McCann, Carolyn Chandler, Carol Billingsley Helen Brundrick, Dick Thacker, Miss Curry Fourth row: Fllton Smith, Thornton Painter, Iimmy Lowe, Illllen Sisk, Norwood Kent, lirnrny Gibson, Merle Price Russell Hibbs, Cyril Fitzharris 0 0 , I f ff V X I l ' g 1111111110 ' f - lf- KERRY? GREENHILI.-ZND PERIOD Left to right, first row: Miss Greenhill, Doris Eckhart, Ioyce Rhodes, Hnita Ioyce, Kay Long, Ethel Davenport, Lucille Coury, Second row: Tommy Sellers, LaDelle Ioseph, Ed Brune, Donald Ford, Yvonne Pratt, Theadus Schrader. Third rowi Ieanette Muralca, Margie Tyner, Bob Longo, Charleen Swann, Charles Wallace, Ernestine Snyder, Konnie Kenney, lerome Risley, Patsy Gray, Martha Goggans, Carolyn Forbes, Yvonne Kern, Fourth row: Browne Northrup, Roy Reid, Marlene Hale, Earl Vondergoltz, Bill Gilchrist, Barbara Parrish, Ierry Fruit, Clarence Hatcher. l GREENHILL-3RD PERIOD Left to right, first row: Beth Plnn'Small, Diane Clark, lane F-lly, Eleanor Kessler, Beverly Tartt, Ioan Balajka, Nancy Daugherty. Second row: Ioy Monigold, lack Swank, Suzanne Minor, Barbara Harris, Charles Crain, Wayne Ford, Miss Greenhill. Third row: Ioyce Reynolds, lofllnn Borcherding, Nelda Pitt, Diane Penney, Qllen Duke, Leta Maley, Norma Henry, Barbara Myatt, Ioy Finn Box, Lou Ellen Neighbors, Pat Carter, Fourth row: Thomas Power, Iames Malone, Toni Hale, Billie Christmas, Gloria Bearden, Nan Hkin, Doris Bartsch, Glen Ridge, David Hagler, Iulia Cumpston. I 'Y YW GREENHILL-5TH PERIOD Left to right, first row: Barbara Gowen, Iennie Lou Robinson, Essie Davis, Ioan Elie-se, Hazel Hale, Iohnnie Lee Craig. Second row: Bill Sandal, Ioyce Horsfall, Ross Schilaci, Bettye Muckelroy, Bill Milligan, Sam Madeley, Kenneth Duggan, Io Finn Iaenecke, Iames Eckerman, Third row: Charlene Snapp, Patsy Lovejoy, Charlotte Hopper, Patsy Brewer, Carol Rnn Hood, Iuanita Trull, Miss Greenhill. Fourth row: Winona Rogers, Mahdeen Needham, Bernice Wright, Iune Peevey, lo Plnn Tarbolt, Rufus Priddy, Iames Gray, Buck Hamilton. 0 0 . C . 1111411115 4 ' A A Qs .wi DQUGHERTY-l ST PERIOD Left to right, first row: Eva Sullivan, Clovis Chesser, Mary Onofrio, Staniece Wiggins, Marilyn Becker, Evelyn Vaughn, Marie Verbois. Second row: Marie Duke, Frank Brown, Glen Carnes, I. W, Sills, Mary Lue McMorris, Miss Daugherty. Third row: Oma Iean Mathews, Bill Holt, Jerry Plshley, Peggy Holditch, Eleanor Shuttelsworth. Fourth row: Qrthur Wilson, Iim Flowers, Tommy Carol, Earl Vondergoltz, Iimmy Sones. Fifth row: Iimmy Flrmstrong, Frank Brown, Dickie O'Brien, Norman Hawkins, Gene Ray Kieschnick. , .,w..t .. DHUGHERTY-5TH PERIOD Left to right, first row: Maurene Taylor, Iames Biehl, Edna Earl Horton, Robert Wizorick, Nelda Iean Sloan, Minnie Gorman, Virginia Heinlein, Miss Daugherty, Second row: Ioflnn Shaw, Nancy Morgan, Dorothy Horn, Dorothy Conway, Roy Iohn, Edward McClinton, Cy Peabody, lack Sumlin, Duane Pyle. Third row: Marilyn Case, Louise Kirkley, Betty Iune Metzler, Nan I-lndrews, Eileen Ware, Mary Sneed, Gwen Carpenter, Dona Lou Wyatt, Ima lean Reeves, Plnn De Hay. DHUGHERTY-SRD PERIOD Left to right, first row: Peggy Chambers, Iimmy Bock, Edward Lim, Donald McLendon, Fannie Lou Priest, Lee Saladino. Second row: Don Yeager, Bill McMorris, Iames Biehl, George Hrmstrong, ferry Patterson, Barbara Finn Gour- ley, Miss Daugherty. Third row: Tommy Cole, Viola McKenzie, Qnn Griffin, Pricilla Helmers, Gwen Hildebrand, Wilmer Iohnston, Roy Duke. 0 0 fi W' ' 4111444 ' f ' ummm IW. .H '-X MR. SCOTT-ZND PERIOD Left to right, first row: Doris Steely, Leona Schifani, Dorothy lo Treaclway, Mildred Humason, Patricia Fitz- gerald, Betty Ball. Second row: Nancy Hendley, Iuanita Freitag, Kenneth Lilie, Iames Holley, Tommie Moreland, Patsy Sutterfield Third row: Mr. Scott, Nina Cecil, Ianice Tarry, Betty Iecm Brewer, Kay Flllison, Betty Singleton, Glenda Taylor Marilyn Bowman, Barbara Fereday. Fourth row: Paul Ofield, Doug Riddles, Sidney lones, Earl Buys, Hollis Choate, Fred Grimm, Morris Garfinkle. , D P ,S ' ii Q, flzfllrlflg 1 The pcrrt played by all the students in the Winning of this trophy has mecmt cfs much cis placing in any of the ................. SPORTS 5 5 3 ' 1 ? 1 Z - 3 5 ,,, L , C 'f E' 2 4 X1 0 ' ' l 6 4 if ug .N - 5 W . I , J 95' 1 " Q' if i. il' V ' I gig . 1, W Fig' 1 N ,, K 1. ,fm " 'B . I M ,1 ui ,jp P? r 1 x Mus 5 5 MK ,uf A-nw L 'Y 'va :iwwwf Y' S? SQ i .2 J 3, E.- E 3 Q' ' ws xv .W Y s- F fi, fa - 2 f Q W? if K4 W fs as wx .2. ..Q Dickie O'Brien Beth Finn Small Kenneth Duggan Betty Muckleroy Norman Hawkins Ienny Lou Robinson Here's an action shot of our cheerleaders really doing their stuff. Left to right Ure! Ienny Lou, Norman, Betty, Kenneth, and head cheerleaders Beth Finn and Dickie. COHCHES, IOE LYLE, IQKE HLEXHNDER, H. E, KOTROLR, JOHN SCOTT Showing a good deal of improvement over the last few years in City Conference play, the Hustin Mustangs ended the season with a rec- ord of three wins and four losses. Hlthough this was his first year as head coach, Mr. H. E. "Bull" Kotrola brought his team into high rank before the season closed. Pllong with Kotrola we had Ioe Lyle as backfield coach, and fake flllexander as UB" team coach. The "B" team was in the running for the City Title, but was beaten in the season's last game. Had they won the game they would have 'Won the title. Hll in all, both teams were great in the eyes of the Hustin students. Congratula- tions to all three coaches for a fine job. Best of luck in the following years. E 'J . 1' N1 in Q K .Qi x ga.. Q l SHM l'1UU51'UN IEFF DHVIS FHEEPORT LHMHR CONHOE MILBY ST. THOMHS SHN IHCINTO REHGHN SHN HNTONIO The Hustin Mustangs, in only their second H fine Freeport team overcame our early 7-O lead and after a thrilling and exciting game finally beat our boys 20-7. SHM HOUSTON IEFF DHVIS FREEPORT game of the season, came through with a deci- sive Win over the Hlamo Heights Mules of San Hntonio, 18 to 6. Hfter a first half of scoreless ball, the Mustangs showed a sparkling offense LHMHR CONROE MILBY ST. THOMHS and a stout defense to sew the game up. SHM HOUSTON IEFF DHVIS FREEPORT LHMHR JCONHOE MILBY ST. THOMHS SHN IHCINTO REHGHN SHN HNTONIO In a great defensive game, the St. Thomas SHN IHC1 O REHGHN SHN HNTONIO In a heart-rending battle Hustin was de- feated by Conroe with a score of 13 to 7. The field was muddy and Hustin was plagued with fumbles. Sidney Iones was on the receiving end of a pass from Roy Duke to make the Mustangs' lone score. Herb Wolf converted for the extra point. SHM HOUSTON IEFF DHVIS FREEPORT Eagles edged out the Hustin Mustangs, 14 to 7. The Mustangs started out like a house afire scoring first, midway through the second quar- ter, but the Eagles came back in the last half to play a good offensive, and better defensive game to hold the Mustangs. LHMHR CONROE MILBY SST. THOMHS SHN 1HC1NTO REHGHN SHN HNTONIO u SHM HOUSTON IEFF DHVIS FREEPORT LHMHR CONROE MILBY S THOMQS SHN IHCINTO REPIGHN SHN HNTONIO SHM HOUSTON IEFF DHVIS FREEPORT LHMPIR CONROE MILBY ST. THOMHS SHNIPICINTO REHGQN SPIN QNTONIO 142 Gary Pledger ln Hustin's first City Conference tilt Reagan powerhoused the way to a 26 to U defeat of the Mustangs. Hlthough the ponies threatened twice they were unable to score. Our Hustin Mustangs, in probably their best effort of the year, turned two early game breaks into touchdowns then went on to wear down and completely stop the Davis Panthers 28 to 0. ln a fast moving game, the Mustang fans saw their eleven defeated by the San Iac Bears by a 26-13 score. lt was a gruelling 2 touchdown fourth quarter that decided the victor. ln one of the best games of the season our Pony eleven stomped the Milby Buffs by a de- cisive 33-7 tilt. Our boys were out for blood to avenge last year's game, and more than did just that. 'ww ,- I . , Rodney Carpenter Carl Ray SHM HOUSTON IEFF DHVIS FREEPORT LQMHR CONROE MILBY ST. THOMQS SHN IHCINTO REHGHN SHN HNTONIO Donald McLendon .. as . 5 in ' s SRM HOUSTON IEP? DPIVIS PREEPoRT LHMHR coNRoE MILBYAT. THOMQS SHNIQCINTO REQGQN SHN HNTONIO 14 SHM HOUSTON IEFF DHVIS FREEPORT LHMHR CONROE MILBY ST. THOMHS SHN IHCINTO REHGHN SHN HNTONIO SHM HOUSTON IEFF DHVIS FREEPORT LHMHRN CONROE MILBY ST. THOMHS SHN IHCINTO REHGHN SHN HNTONIO Iames Holley Carl Steck Wayne Shoemaker Using a good mixture ot running and pass- ing plays we drubbed Sam Houston 26 to 6. Little Iohnny Crain intercepted two passes for 69 and 48 yards respectively. The Lamar Redskins Won their fifth game ot the season at the expense of the Hustin ,Mus- tangs, 52 to O. Hlthough the score was lopsided, the Mustangs played good ball until midway in the third quarter, when the Redskins Went Wild, scoring 40 points during the rest of the game. .1 , - .F . is T X i ai Bill Shreckengoust Dan Slaughter Charles Mcclegry Herbert Wolf CCG-Coptcrinl Iclck Milton sl Roy Duke Bill Ginn Ed Brune lCo-Coptcinl Moody Flowers lack Frost l0hm'1Y Cmifl Icrmes Scott LETTERITIEH Mukhi!!! p 4: ge.: A 2 I I 1 Q13 E' "' lefflf Mahan ' t Mgr. Donald Ford Charles McCleary Billy Savarino Bobby MCCQY Ray Crump Bobby Fuqua BHSHETBHLL Hustin Went through one of it's most thrill- ing seasons this year. The conference standing was near the top during the Whole year. The team which was capable of a state champion- ship was Well on it's way to a city title when it lost a heart breaking "sudden death" over- time game to our old rival, Lamar. The ponies never quite recovered from this defeat until the last game of the season when they defeated Lamar by a score almost identical to the previ- ous game. The only school to defeat the ponies twice were the Milby Buffaloes. Dick Robinson Sidney Iones Howard Bowser Hustin Hustin Hustin Hustin Hustin Hustin Hustin Qustin Hustin Hustin Plustin Qustin C P. Sternes 43 39 LETTERITIEH ....53 Reagan... ....34 Milbym.. ....6U Davis...... San Iacinto 51 Sam Houston 59 Lamar ..... 2nd ROUND ...44 Re-agan.... ...41Mi1by.... .. . 46 Davis .... . .. . . . 39 San Iacinto . . Sam Houston 62 Lamar In the San lacinto fracas an- other Mustang adds two points to our lead over the Bears. This game was a smashing 43 to 34 victory for Flustin. In this shot of our second La- mar game an unidentified Pony goes into the air to score for Hustin. "Wimpy" Wilson drops in two points on a fast-break in the first Lamar Game. In spite of the efforts of the fighting 'Mustangs, the Redskins won, 61 to 59. In our second Lamar game Wilson again leaps high for two. This tilt ended in a thrilling vic- tory for the Mustangs. The final score was Hustin 62, Lamar 58. Bottom Row: Charles McCleary, Bobby McCoy, Bob Fuqua. Second Row: Sidney Iones, Billy Savarino, Ray Crump, Dick Robinson, Standingt Coach Lyle, Howard Bowser, C. P. Sternes, Ben Wilson, Iames Scott, Mgr., Hndy Cash. ia 26: Bottom Row: Flnthony LaFaso, Robert Wisdom, Iohnny McDonald, Woody McRae, Buddy Barrier, Kenneth Smith. Second Row: Raymond Iohnson, Tommy Kaiser, Richard Le Mond, Charles Clark, David Nesbit, Perry May, Fllton Warren. Top Row: George Pllexander, George Lesser, Bobby Hartsfield, Gerald Cunningham, Ellis Durham, Mack Burk, Charles Nash, lake Hlexander, coach. Bottom Row: Brownie Northrup, Iimmy Sontag, Bobby Lehew, lack Frost, Eric letter, Phillip Farrington. Top Row: Coach Iake Hlexander, Sidney Iones, Sam Macleley, Kenneth Lilie, Mack Burk, Billy Savarino, Tommy Kaiser, Gene Schalacci, Dick Thacker. BHSEBHLL Our Mustang baseball nine, with eight returning lettermen, promise to have a fairly good team this year. In their pre-season games they broke about even but after a little polishing up, we are looking forward to a favorable season. Kneeling: Bobby Lehew, lack Frost, Phillip Farrington. Stcinding: Som Modeley, Tommy Kizer. Kneeling: Iimmy Sontcxg, Brownie Northrup, Eric letter. Standing: Billy Scivclrino, Gene Schalocci, Merck Burk. in lock Hrmbruster, "Fireman" Ken Lilie, Sidney Iones, Dick Thacker, Kenneth Montgomery. TRHCI-4 The Hustin track team, with but a few returning lettermen is unpredictable so tar. By the time for the real test, at the City Meet, We are confident they will make a good show, as have all our previous teams. I Z e Wm T t 'Hn- Dash men: Ierry Beck, lack Sumlin, Walter Bullit, Bill Mitchell, Clarence Hatcher, Frank Tronbatore, Buddy Rodgers, David letter. 3 if if Field men: R. H. Kaufhold, Bobby Hopkins, Duane Meecham, Richard Lelvlond, Iames Musgrove, George Pyland, Hlton Smith. Distance men: Theodore Schaffer, Bobby Moore, Clifford Condit, T X! 7 I E I Qi' Hurdlers: Standingg Gerald Cunningham, Wayne Fordg Kneelingg Ronnie Haddon Duane Meecham. I 2 ,iv 'sn-.,g-N Quarter men: David Ielter, Iames Musgrove, Walter Bullit, lack Sumlin, Henry Bailleres, -N Q If o M , .. A . va ff! ... nd' QQ GIRLS' SPURTS A 'ugu Q .Isl 4 :BEL -gg 'ag J af-I u -'mais - -ff, i cg Q-A 7 353 ii ri ljlilag ia .fl I '- T 'ffilrii ' S -1-'w Q, if -gf i -i .. F e e ,..." fgg. -is 1-i L. O Girls in the physical education classes learn the skill and the technique needed in playing volley ball, basketball, baseball and swimming. They also get a chance to improve their ability in playing tennis, archery and ping-pong. Refereeing and scoring for each particular type of game is also taught to 'the girls. .5 Qf. U 65 yi-ur 'i"'5f',g g V ai in , an 4 Q3 Q as if Q ,J Q.. 355 an at A , gy I W M...-v-"' .M Q , MARX M, """"'9""1' Q?" U KW 'X x X wr -1 5 Q33 53. LN 1, ff Our thanks and appreciation to those who bought ................................. HDS il Q5 ,ggff W wif? -1' vm, 1 -'S 53253 ,ewes P, ,. I-1-1 R JI ' ,,- :- 'N-hi., , ,, wif? ' ,w hh' um., H ' 7 .. t Q 1,,v +1 r . sf Hifi? .... K V! .' . Mug' 1, x MM: .. ,J 91 lf r . M W, ,. ' , ., 0 .leg xW 'L f-u.,'w'a , 'k N' ff 2. , , , ,Q it .-A. ,c A - rg.: sf f Q ,. ' r Pol-tra: 1Y HOMES HND CHILDREN COMMERCIHL COPIES PHRTIES ' WEDDINGS FILM DEVELOPMENT RHEBIJRII STUDIUS 713 FHNNIN STREET 2423 RICE BOULEVHRD Phone PR-6557 Phone LY-1060 mc, 1-., x "0" arf?" XX -2 P- 4 ' - ,garter Wuaic 0. "HOUSTON'S MOST COMPLETE BHNDHOUSEU 902 Walker Corner Travis INSTRUMENTS - REPRIRS - PIHNOS ORGHNOS - MUSIC - RECORDS RHDIOS South Texas Parts Cn. 23 Years in Houston as Hutomotive Parts Distributors R COMPLETE MODERN MACHINE SHOP Two Stores 3501 Harrisburg PR-5233 1607 N. Shepherd TW-1425 Compliments of BOB RUBERTSOH IHC. Houston's Oldest Chevrolet Dealer 5800 GULF FREEWHY Phone WR 7134 Compliments of the 0-S0-GRIIPE BUTTLIIIG CUIIIPIIIIY Bottlers of: O-SO-GRHPE O-SO-BEVERHGES DR. SWETTS BOOT BEER NESBITT ORHNGE HUMBLE OII. 6. REFINING CO extends hearty congratulations and best wishes to The Class nf 1951 may every success attend you Skimng ighofo .szruice YU 3386 YU 3387 LIFELIKE PHOTOGRHPHY C. C. Hamilton, General Manager 5217 Lawndale Houston 3, Texas HERB HUTO SUPPLY HUTOMOTIVE MHCHINE SHOP K. W. COLD WELDING WHOLESHLE PHRTS Phone WE 1434 1301 Telephone Rd. Houston 3, Texas IUFIRREITS GHRFIGE Complete Overhauling - Tune Up Phone CH-4084 616 N. Drenncm Street SCHULTZ PHHRIUHCY 4438 Ccmcrl Street WH 4133 WH 4134 PLEHSING You KEEPS Us IN BUSINESS Rettig's Ice Cream Free Delivery 9 I LYS AT You HNGLRHT 'HIE WURLD Tun cum AFTER HW Y , 0 ' In cnooslrw THESE POINTS ol CQIISIDER SCIIO ' use SALP-'Y GS 1 -k HIGH 51:21 sunkouumr AnvANcEMETNcneAsES ,, PLEPIS RTUNITIES 'O Gunn WAGE f OPPO ul-AR AND FRE G 4: 'E COME IN AND TALK IT OVER WITH OUR EMPLOYMENT COUNSELORS TODAY '1 AT X ROOM I00, 'll'l4 TEXAS AVENUE ' SOUTHWESTERN BELL TELEPHONE COMPANY 3 I I DODGE PHSSENGER CHRS DODGE Iob-Rated TRUCKS 4fiW5??93 1' .., . Ji 'L . M ' f wr pw we fy ,, - , , f if , :',Z:i,L551 V, r. X ,.. " f- " ,H 'K 2 p , A fl-5 ,g , . Q..,2,. f. .. 1 fig, -V ,,: , Vg . ,M BRYHIIT lll0T0ll C0. 6501 Harrisburg Blvd., Houston ll, Texas PLYMOUTH PHSSEN GER CHRS WHyside 4121 's Tl 1 1-sg 'D PR-0914 Compliments of OHKLHWN GROCERY 4535 Harrisburg Wllyside 7231 . L HND R STEHM CLEHNING 6. SHNDBLHSTING 3601 Texas SN YDER'S SERVICE STHTION Fl. W. Snyder, Proprietor 3504 Harrisburg Blvd. Phone FH-0866 Compliments of PHRKVIEW PHHRMHCY Complimenis of MCDONHLD SERVICE STHTION WHSH - LUBRICHTION Flnything for Your Qutomobile Phone WH-0888 Polk G Dumble Sts. Housion 3, Texas Compliments of THE FINAL TEST Success will not depend on what you've learned Cor how rnuchl, but on the better decisions you will be able to make because of knowledge. For Hrnerica's future and yours lies not in knowing but in doing what is right and best. -,,-,-- EHHLIT ..1-u'g"7"" Tidal' L7 - ,IR mal , Sli.: , CLHUDE PERMERTER ,N .-..:-11-1"1:5:531 ...f:- "N . ' - - FH-6956 3509 Harrisburg E Ti 85 Years of Dependable G 'XS Servwce Vo Housfonlcns FOLEY'S 4? 570664, ncfure jraming .fgnolfgainf .gore 1703 Telephone Rodd WE-4248 Complete Line of House Paint Sundry Items Needed Every Ddy in Your Home I E I. ll II I' S E .W conrsrnvcriom C0MPANY INCORPOIAYED .J gym uousrou. runs. u. s. A. lllISHIllG llllill DRIVE-Ill 912 Telephone Road US BHKED HRM SHNDWICH and the GLORIFIED HRMBURGER LEUOX PHHRITIHCY The Prescription Drug Store 5321 HHRRISBURG Wilyside 7153 Houston, Texas YWWWUJ : ,. Compliments of CON GRHTULHTIONS, GRHDUHTES! YOU DESERVE THE BEST . . . For only the best in business education can assure you of the best available positions in business. Investigate our J Z class in: ufriefg an 0l'Cl, SHORTHHND, OFFICE MHCHINES BOOKKEEPING, TYPING 0. VISITORS HBE WELCOME "Ftcross the Street from the Post Office" il? 6950 Lawndale Phone WO 2618 1217C Capitol Phone HTwood 6331 Music Company, Inc. 1015 Fannin Street FH 9501 Houston First Federal Savings 84 Loan Assn. 1114 Capitol FH 3314 L S ix! nr it IOIN THE GANG HT In ' ' P :fem iff 805 TELEPHONE ROHD WO-0007 Compliments of MR. HND MRS. I. H. GOETTEE Compliments of M11.TON FLOWER SHOP Phone WH-7661 702 Telephone Ro Houston, Texas LEHRN TO BOWL MODEL P CY Have Fun and Enjoy ' 5802 Canal Phone WO-1841 Hecdthful Recreation PRESCRIPTIONS SUNDRIES DELIVERY SERVICE Wt'-I-4134 WH-4133 WE-6686 Compliments of V M dd ernon G OX Compliments of LITTLE SUPER FOOD MHRKET 203 South 75th Vernon Mqddgx WH-2660 Proprietor PHLHCE RIDING STHBLES Compliments of FORD'S GHRHGE COMPLETE nuro SERVICE Phone WE-4598 1301 Telephone Compliments of LHWNDHLE GIFI' SHOP 5131 Lcxwndcxle Mrs. I. Dee Cownerl Compliments of u Friend i LOWE THE FLORIST Compumemso' 5202 LOIWIICIGIG BH.RTON'S SERVICE STHTION WE-1631 Hddress Phone 4801 Harrisburg WH-4143 Mrs. C. L. Lowe Houston, Texas Competent Service Free Delivery . Compliments of Infant Neeis PrescrQSliEl:xlilsogn Supplies SHNTH ROSH PHHRMHCY MIHYS GRILL ssoo Teiephone Rd. MI-2401 I. H. Kaufman, Owner Compliments of Compliments of EHSTWOZD CLEHNERS 6. LEVVIS GROCERY S H 4701 Canal 4700 Harrisburg WH-4105 WH-2148 U ' z 2 I PEHCOCK HUTO REPHIR General Repairing - H11 Makes HUTO-LITE BHTTERIES, STHRTERS, GENERRTORS, ETC. 5537 Lawndale Houston 3, Texas Z7 Years Experience Clarence I. Peacock WH-7064 Compliments of DON ZEEK SERVICE STHTION Compliments of BELL UNIFORM COMPI-INY Compliments of BROOKS' FOOD MHRKET Open Sunday 4953 Polk Phone WO-3786 HILLIS STUDIOS Portraits ' Weddings ' Commercial 2206 Telephone Road Phone WH-5349 KOPRIVH BODY WORKS 4 619 Harrisburg WE-44 1 2 Wrecks Rebuilt Huto Painting 45" YFPVWFIKE14 Sw , Xa. 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Hillis Studios .................... Houston's First Federal Savings a nd Loan Hssociation ............... Humble Oil Company .... I. H. Goettee ........ Kerr Pluto Supply ...... Kopriva Body Works ..... L and R Steam Cleaners ...... Lawndale Bowling Center ,..., Lawndale Gift Shop .......... Lenox Pharmacy .... Lewis Grocery Market ..., Little Super Food Market .... Lowe the Florist .............. MacDonald's Service Station .... Massey Business College .... Mike's Grill ............. Milton Flower Shop ..... Model Pharmacy ...... Oaklawn Grocery ............. O-So-Grape Bottling Company. . Palace Riding Stables .......... Parker Music Company .... Parkview Pharmacy .... Peacock Pluto Repair .... Phifer's Cafe ...,.... Raeburn Studios ,.... Santa Rosa Pharmacy ..... Schultz Pharmacy .,.... Shilling Photo Service ..... Snyder's Service Station ..... South Texas Parts Company .,.. Southwestern Bell Telephone Company .................. Speedy Picture Framing ....... Stower's Furniture Company .... Telepsen Construction Company United Gas Company ...... . . . Warren's Garage ...... Wishing Well Drive Inn ..... - I, ' I ' . 5-LIVI .I , V.-1. if - V V55 .- vw n,,I :5L'i5T",'.f'V: L. ' - -'IL' . ... - ' ' ' ""' " 'V-R' -' -f'i V 1' I ' TN . 'L' .. UQ' V .. . V ,V ,VV . -I . .2 V.'1'.-E . V V . V I , I V rg d,V H yy 31 .Au W ' " 1 ivy" - - V '- I - 'V .5,Vu'1"-,:',f,z3 dp .QV YVV w V, , sn V Jaw? Wwxmuwvqffwwwgi . L" V .VV Vf' ," V,- : 1-1 s 'f V' ,V Vfmwi. 3' Q ' ima ' Q " . Y V 4 4 V VV " W ' 3 V V-1 s , 4 1, U45-3' in 59 I, Y 4' ,If 4 if iii . , V . , , V V Vs ff' -H' V -' V- V ,,V::V.v 4-,.' V ,. ,ITF 231753 5'f:1'Il:5 . , --3-fy . - , ., , I II I .,III .II II III'VF.,.-35555 'g I .I I -V VV IV , K:.II1zffVV'5'1' """"f'v- V .. II I I I IIIIIIII II 'V - .V V' VV Tv . X' ' '-"1+- 'V - V V ' .- 11" V1-'-.V"-'nV::--'ut-sr V' V V ..- :gf V V ' ' L V li' Z" r," V 'V 1 " -' 'g L gg VV I-'QQ "'i'I:1 11.-IVITFH I ILL". 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Suggestions in the Stephen F Austin High School - Corral Yearbook (Houston, TX) collection:

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