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+---- ---1 ' 1--vs -1--an 1: -un 4-pu-.J nuuiqlq- , ,mt N171- X Amnl' Am,- nHS,5,11'c Dis 22,30 1 I 'X L, f, , f we f " rbzxx I V. L25 S sf l 1 Q' .. 5.65 ' fl an ' ' w ' Rum , . N f A XX N! 4 A rg, 'cw 4, Q '4 N' -0 s sf , 2' , as v, ., 2 -- D' x Ti - i 0 C34 X QQ :I 1 ti . -..,l '::f Q A . 1 QV' ' . M Y, - 1 Q, UL , , .Q lf 2 Q i O 4 fez Z. gf, ' V f ':A ae 3 K 4 N A ' V ' Q- b 9 'o N fa ' L 50.16, . ff-5' 20 JIM! JAN 2,1 ' i Q 1 Eiinm. 12.9115 !l1a'Z.l1'lE?A'1i!nhQ!m1.'.':vwuyuam.w:u nz. .fm im. 5 I BN 364 2, 7x . K I APR Q XCR. . NPO Q 'ef ' , v , V' 15 . :Ll -I 3' 0 . 3 2 . 0 4 2 U' 5 Q . 2 CD . 3' - o Q 4 . 0 5 3 Q. .. Q Z4 HP 0 DREAMS For Dreams and ambmons are qunfe the same, And emprres ruse at their magic name But somebody s dreammg has paved the way. Why' Out on the edges of endless space God dreamed a dream for the human race. Basil Willis ' ii E K . 4 e me Me Qreameza M g O I is 5e ate out Mem! 35 :UQXSK ws- K .wwf X W Ki E MCE 1 fqmgwimamviu iz PFW W t Q g , , Q A . S . Z ,i-1 . ' gd ' A . . V ' - 4 vpn .wwf fl l I Y5 C H 0"U1Z""""a f .sq ,W as depicted in 'Q JW, M "' XA 1 P f-fwsfpgg 722 1949 6221! xiifkft 5, 4. . - if VIf , Q -' Y yay-,4 , , L . . M: Vikki AM, 5 l if e iii. so ooso gg .i-- iw , , ii ii., is' MARTEL CULLEN, Editor-in-Chief 'SS KATHLEENB KASP EcB,m Assistani Ediior A S"'f BARBARA EBZT, Business Manager A nz .r 'Q Asssi-3, Q V sv A Member National Scholastic Press Association sk' A ,N B' , . A X I Mug .QQ-ge i X x I .N K S . ss. ., A. JJ W ,W N' 'L SSA -s V b X S A A .1 S - ii i E I 5 4 new i.Awv .1,,wa Stephen . Austin 46 7 ? 'amor 351311 ,School Martel Cullen, Editor-in-Chief Kathleen Kasper, Assistant Editor Carolyn Burleson Business Manager DUMBLE AND JEFFERSON, HOUSTON 3, TEXAS May 15, 1949 Student Body and Faculty Stephen F. Austin Senior High School Dumble and Jefferson Houston 3, Texas. Friends: Four years of one's life cannot be surrendered without the wish that somehow, sometime, a record of those activities, accomplishments, pleasant associations, and even the trials and tribulations could be captured. The sophomores now have dreams of being great seniors someday, just as we, the seniors, had when we were sophomores. It is with this purpose in mind that the following informal pictorial review of our life at Austin has been compiled. We, the Staff, have tried to depict the dreams of the Sophomores of 194-9 in this, the Dream Book edition of the Corral. To carry out the "Dream" theme, clouds and zodiacs were used, since they represent those intangible, transient things-dreams. On the division pages snapshots were intermingled with clouds, giving a mystic background for the dreaming sophomores silhouetted below them. Humbly, we present the 1949 CORRAL. M056 Tlw facade, still and liff- Ivss, after 3 ffcloclf. Pars, vars, mm' more Pars dot the back of the warm, rfd blfildifzg wr' Call "our sf'l100I", S. F. A. Ijllffllg ilu' school hours, Austin talfvs on 0 care- frvv, gay appmrrzrmv. I,-v' -ff .M7 ,,.. ,, to, LWS3. MR? tTIlAlll INF. l'0'l"l'lCIl MRS PU'l'l'l'Ylt CAUGHT TALKING Blu I-'UNI-I UNF. Ol" 'lillli NATIONAL HON SOCIli'l'Y'S VVl'QIilil.Y Ml'1l'1'l'lNUS. D E D I CAT l 0 N National Honor Society Tlw NHS 'l'liv Nntimml llnnni' Snc'it'tx'. 'l'll4' rr:-uni nl tllc' st-nun' crop tlif' nppc-V ITU- nf tht- ggr'ml1mtii1g1c'lz1ss. llllS group nl zippmxlliintvlux' nl- nu-nilwrs is nmrlv up nf stnmlc-nts lnniilim' tn all nl ns stiult-nts who wnrk qnivtly zincl e-l'l'ifivntly tnwniwl Illilliltlg Austin just at little- lit-ttf-i'pltiw lni'1'nc'li Ulill9l1lXYtlt'li. think, and play. Chosen for their nntstanclirxg recortls nf srlmlnr- ship, 54Gl'ViCU.C'll2lI'2K'll't'.2lll1lll'iltlI'I'Slllp,lll1'SC'Sllltl1'lllS rvc'c-ivv little' rmtngri tion ni' pmisv, hut tlic-ir own por' sonnl Sill.lNlhfli'll0Y10flH?lli,,'Iitf'I'l'tlll tn tllvil' sfllnnl nnrl vnnininnity, These are the buys and girls that omn- pnsc- tliv lmacklmnc nl' our srlinnl orgmiifntinm. tlu- lizincl, Svnttisli Brigaclv, liUllIIl1'IlfI. l'urrnl, Boosts-i' Club, nncl the Stuclcint Council. 'I'licf l'ntnrP doctors, lnwyt-rs. Nlillt'SlIlC'Il. sri:-n tists, c'l1'rgynimi, journalists, nnfl just clownriglit gmail vltizc-ns nl tmnnrrim' nrt- i't-pil-smltvrl by tlwsc- ylbllilgl' pc-oplv nl' tmlny, Xu nivnlinn of that .Xustin Clinptoi' nl tlic Nai- tinnnl llnnm' Snfivtx' unultl lar- cnniplvtt- witllmll at wnrrl illlfllll iti sprnisur. Nlrs. fillilfllllt' l'nttt'l'. Um' ul' tlic- lwst lnvvfl ol tllc' l'nc'nlty, xlll' is at lasting inspira- linn tn tllnw wlin onnit' in t'mltzir't witli limi NYitll iiimlvsty. lliirlm-rstuiirliiigl. nncl S,YliIfiilllll'llf' li-ntli-12 sliip sl1t'r'mitiillu'strvlmtllf-gnirlinglligllt lwliinfltlii- torrll nl tlit' lN.ll.5. To yon. illl'iillN' 's nl tlif- National llcnmi' Snrivtlv. tlit- 1931! Cfuiinl Stull' Pi'0ll1ll.X' rlwlifntc-s tllis lmnk. l4'Al.l. IXIICMISICRS Slrzndingx 'l', li. Nilancl. .lanivs Kor- gvs. llarliara Taylor. Rogvr lloinivy. Marilyn l,iu'v. .lohn llanrlx. llnth Smith, llat lit-nip. Nlrs, l'nttvI'. .liinniy Moffatt, lionnio Gray. Rini lVlrCi'4-aii'y, liallilvvn liaspvix Nlar lvl Unllvn. 'l'oni l.nhowslxi. S1'11t4'4f.' Uorolliy,NliiClwlroy. lluight llarrit-r, llolun-s Nlartin. .lnlia Ann l'lil1'llSXVtll'lll. .laclaiv St. iiyi'. .loyw llill, .lvaniv Uwviis. FAI .li Ul4'l"Il1lillS Bonnie- liray. illl'0ilSlII't'I'L Dwight llarrivr, l'i'e-sitlviilg .lvainiiv Owmis. Social lfhairnian. Nor l'i1't11r4'1l.' Virginia hlaplvs. Yin- Prvsialviitg .lanv Clinginan. Parlia- nivntariang Snmla llaniilton. Si-ci'n-V tary. SPRING MICMBICRS Slamlings Marion lVlc'I,achlan, Janet Snidow, l,awrvn1'0 Smith. Carolyn VVo1n1narli, .loan Clutter, lcla lN'lauclc- lmwv, Pvggy lflliott, .lohn Shaw. llosv Kathryn Pizzitola, lVlary Ili-milf-y, Conrad Stn-lan, Shirle-y Hvnry. .loyrv lVlc'lVlahan, Iilliott Pool:-y. Bvrt Gray, Shirlvy Buys, Pat Cfmnino, Norma Sini- mons. Swzlwls Nlinna .Ivan Asliock, Bcity Im' l'arrish, Mary lfilviiri Brons- sarfl. Anlrvy Ticlinorv, Shirloy l'5lac'ksloc'k. Barbara Biltrln-i', Faye- Cioclwin, Mary Pwllc- Caglv. SPRING OI"I"ICI'IRS Slmzrlings Kim lVIvCr0ary, Sergeant- at-Arnisg .lohn Hantli. Parlianivn- tariang Pat Kvmp. Hvralcl, Scaled: Dorothy Muckvlroy, Secre- taryg .limrny Nloffatt, Prvsidvntg Dolores Martin, Vice-Presidc-ntg Julia Ann Farnsworth, Social Chairman. Not Pirturrrl: lVIildred Moorra, Treasf urer. 'fm ' iff AQAAQX' Tl 5 X, 'pf ,Vgv Mmm' + i. Vp W ...M rja-.---X -' ' f' a,. , 21 - w Zh.. YQ qty' 1 zwfqx I ya' 1 f , . e me the pzeameu fhede ate out team! OF THE FACULTY Just as there is a guiding force behind everything in the universe, the faculty of any school is the guiding force in back of the students. We at Austin can well be proud of our wonderful faculty. The sophomores look into the future hoping to have as wonderful Il friend as Miss Waggaman to whom they can turn with their problems and triumphs. What good is an automobile with no motor? A wagon with no horse? A radio but no tubes? Thus the faculty quietly but constantly provides that vital element which brings to life the latent potentialities of the boys and girls at Austin. And in the back of every teacher's mind is the undying desire and silent hope that he can lead and guide each student in the right way to inspire each with the desire to make the most of his life--to instill in each the ideals of democracy, fair-play, honesty, justice and patriotism-and to help each one to steer his course down the right stream and toward the right goal of life. Just ordinary people, our teachers unselfishly dedicate themselves to the task of making this country's leaders of tomorrow out of the children of today. i Silo 5? k- 'z g Z if iii 2' 1 P ?' +i1reielfQ,ftti nk , wr.. yd., -Nvlx 149- pmlkim rv! W Y we R. X. .QW N25-v.f'?1's, SSL' ' f Q! N5 .3 fs., - ,N A. . E X...: in , ,-Sai l X53-1g :wg ki? X 9955 E -'J x . 1 f 'fiw--" xf"f1Y ' f- M -5 3 Qs, K L MISS ANNIE LAURIE HOVVARD. The lhiiwwsily of Tvxzis. As Sffilfil as Ihr' lu-zithvr mul swvol as Cam bv, Miss How- ard rivals with lhv mzmy IJIUIJIPIIIS of progrmiis amd crmhls, with paiimiro and u11d0rsta11di1ig. ' Pagr' Tm: G. A. I.OI'iSCIIII'iH. Bvlfiit lYlliVl'I'Sil'Y. Univvrsity of XfViSi'0IlSill. YVithm1l il hc-z11'I th0r0 is 110 lifv. witliout Nht Invsvlim' Austin would waist' to bf-. It is his high spirited idvals :md Courage that havv 11111111- Austin what it is. MRS. PAULINIC CROVCII. Baylor I'11ix'm-wily. Univf-rsity of Tr-xas, Cohxrnhin Vriivm-1'sily. Friend, Counselor. amd c'0mpzi1ii011 to :ill Ausiinitvs, sho C1111 always ho 011111111-rl till I0 solvf- prohif-ms with pzilimifff. IIIl4if'l'A slmiclixlg. and sy111pz1lhy. MR. .lAlN'll?S H. GOl?T'l'Fl2. Sam Houston State Teacliers College. University of Texas. VVithout si shy grin, Mr. Goettee handles the "problem children" of Austin with a will of iron and ai heart of gold. MRS. MAXINFI BRANARD. Houston Business College. No matter how husy she is, lVlrs. llrzuiard is always her sweet. efficient self. NIRS. PEARL K. LEWIS. The University of Houston. Although za newromer to 'ole S. F. A. this year, she has ailrezicly Won many hearts with her quiet efficiency and sweet smile. ' Page Eleven S In nl mr Smiling, plus 2 to lmuli. lrllvs url, l pzltix-nt, I x s I Smm mlm c hlllllillg S NU RNNI IJXII IS 0 rx wg mul li not xc: Nils, Dnilvy. ltv. llu-rv h S cmllx luly who su S IH XIX! I S DI IVII NI' Spmuh Um lm 111 1 s tx IS c N 1,1 lllV4'l'SiIY uf F J 'WE tw 'N Y "lin, We it -1 ., N s , . ,1,. K V Nw I 1 , I 'Qs--x t .. " 'Q' Q -, . 4, iff F r L A 'Z If lg: I . at . V . Tx Y .. W :M Top row, left lo right: MISS VERNON DIIAVORTII. Spanish. Columbia University, University of Puerto Rico. Spanish, Spanish, and more Spanish. She not only teaches it, but is really 'ta good neighbor" in all ways. MISS BICRTIIA I.. IIOIQRING. Mathernaties. University of Texas. Dainty and Cllill'llllllg1,', her twinkling eyes and rippling personality nlake her an ideal teacher. MRS. IIICLICN DONAIIUIC. Iiibrarian. T. S. C. IV. Reigning supreme in room 5216, the library, she knows its 7500 volumes backwards and forwards. MR. AI.I"RICD PICTF DOXYLING. Physiral Iidueation. Texas A. and M., University ol' Houston. Although he doesn't say niueh, you Can bet that when he does, it's really potent. Bottom row, left to right: MRS. MARJORIIC B. DYICR. Mathematics. Mary Ilardin-Bavlor. With a grin, an understanding heart, and a fine sense of lunnor, she's one of Austin's favorites. MISS NAOMI ICKMAN. Chemistry. University of Texas, Columbia University. In Miss likrnan, Austin boasts one of the finest Chemistry teachers in the state. Ineidentally, it's her Classes that are respon- sible for the pungent aromas floating around 'ole F. A. MRS. QUAY A. FRICIC. lCnglish. North Texas State Teachers College, Universitv of Colorado. llehave in her Class and 'ou've trot a l.l'IOIICl-IIIISIJOITEIVC well, we wouldn't advise it., Confidentiallv, thou Th, . I' 'J .f . she's tops. MRS. li. C. GATICS, Biology. South Dakota State. Iiffieient and tireless-biology is just second nature to her. ' Page Thirteen 'E A i 7,011 l'UIl'. lwfl lo rigflll: NIISS lll"l'll Glll'llCNllll,l.. Civics, Social l'1'ol1l1-1115. Hiro liistitutv. 0110 of tho most llIlfll'l'SlEllllllIlgI 11111 ge-1111i111-ly llvllllllll ll'iN'll0l'S at Austin. sliv is 11 Sl'f'0llKl 11111tl11-1"'o all in IlCl'fl, XIISS l3Ii.X'l'lllCIlC llAlllllSON. liiiglisli, l71'z1111z1tic's. Riu- liistituic-. rlllli!IlliS to lwr 1-xpvrl l1'z11'l1i11g illlll 1li1'1-1'ti11ff. A11sti11itc-s llilVI' witiivssc-fl 1111111v v11'c1Vz1l1l0 1lz1Vs. P" . 1 1 MRS. lClJlS S. IIAYNICS. linglisli, lllllVl'l'Sllf' 11f'l'0xz1s. Ilv1'clz1ss1-Q 2111- iwvr-1' rlull. as slim- l11'i11g.fs lC11glisl1 to lifm- with lll'l' VllJl'illll pv1's1111z1lity. MISS ll.X7,lQl. lllCNlll".llSON. Cltlllllllg, llliysiology. lVl2ll'y llz11'cli1'-l3z1ylo1'. Cliif. fll'Illlll'U. illltl lmllv lilu- slim- sm-is il goml 0XilIIlIllO fm' illl lim' girls. lllffflllll mu' lvfl In righl: Kill. fil,lf.N l.l",l1', .l0llNS'l'ON. 'l'ypi11g. Nnrtli Tvxzis Slam' 'l've1c'l1v1's' Coll:-go. IT11ivv1'siiy of llnustmi. Mild I1-111111-1'111l mul pntiviil, liv always ll2lS El kind worrl for 0vv1'yo110. MRS. .ll'l,l.1X ll. l.lCON.-Nllll, lC111flisl1. llilivorsitv0f'l'vxz1s. llvr d1g11ifi0rl grzirv 1111111111 i'0IlCf'ill il vvry PS . XX'ill'lll lli'ill'l mul 1111cl1-1'stz1111li11g Il2llLll'0. Nlll. IRYING XY. l,l?lVlPlilN, Pliysivs. S0lllllVVOSl 'l'c'Xz1s Stall' 'llO2lCll0l'Sl Coll!-glv. lf11ivv1'sity of Tc-Xas l'11iv1-rsity 111' llUllSlUll. l'l1il11s11pl101', psycllolfvgist, pl1ysic'ist, Zlllll 2111 all 'Vllllllfl llllf'l'l'SllllgL' p1-1'so11-- tlml lu-st mlm-swilmc-s lVl1'. l,11111pki11. Nlll, .lOl-f NY. l,Yl,li. Pliysicul l'lflllCilll0ll. SQ1111 lloustoii Stem- rlll'iN'll0l'S Collvgc-. A friviimlly and unclvr stzimliiig 1'11z1c'l1, lll'lS il pal to all his boys. ,gg e 'F Q15 Qi ""- "Br" fa 3 QV' 'Dx Top row, Icfl to right: MISS BEATRICIC I,YTI,li. Biology, Scottish Brigade. University of Texas, New York University. Sponsor of our renowned Brigade. it is her forceful personality and originality that have made this organiza- tion what it is. lVIlSS FVICLYN MCGINTY. American llistory, Latin. Rice Institute, University of Texas. YVitty, cheerful, and full of fun, she is an all 'round swell teacher. MRS. IDURINA PATTON. Nurse. Raylor University, Memorial Hospital. No matter what ails you, from a hang-nail to a sprained ankle, the nurse is alwayson hand to fix you up. lVIfSgt. M. ll. PHILLIPS. R.0.'l'.C. Tenacious and persevering, he delights in getting things done. 130110111 row, left to right: MRS. CIIARLINIC POTTER. American llistory. Rice Institute. lNith a shy smile and a bashful air, she Cilll make even the most prosaic historical event seem more exciting and interesting than Dick Tracy. MRS. BARBARA ROTIlSCllll,D. Civics, Social Problems. VVestern Reserve University. Sam llouston's loss was Austin's gain, and we're mighty glad to have such a charming and effective teacher. MRS. FLORINIC SCARBOROUGH. American llistory, English. University of Houston. Versatile, petite, and charming, Mrs. Scarborough is a model teacher. MR. JOHN C. SCOTT. Physical lCducat.ion. College of ltfmporia. The master of the checker hoard as well as the football field, he's a jovial and friendly coach. ' Page Fifteen 'lop rozr. lrfl In I'l.,L"lll.' XIII. tf. ll. SIIICIIMNN. Imlustrinl ."Xrts. Ilrmllvy I'0IytOc'li1iic'ziI Colli-gt-. Always NYIIIIIIQIIOgl'lYt'1l lic-lpiug.: luiiicl to support uftivitivs. his IIIIIITIIIQII 1-l'I'ic'it'iu'y zuul p2lIIt'Ili't' tllillil' him ai fzivm'itc- with alll his pupils. MISSIllill'l'll'1SlNIS. Musir. Clmivorsc- Cullm-go. lin you lilu- goml musitf' 'I'lii-ii Nliss llc-rtiv Sims prulmlvly lilw yuu. Ili-i' wit zuul rlmrni uri- likt-ai IIVURIIII0llSIII'III,L1. will NIII. XIlt1II.iXI",I. SI'.X NII'IN.X'I'U. lizuul, Owlivstm, Spzuiish. Ilitw- Iustitutv. .-Xl1i'umlgi'iii,n IIl'ilI'IYi'IlllC'IiIt'., mul IiltlgIIIllIg1lJI'UXYll vvvs itl0l1til'x'ml0 pvrsmi wlm has iivvr-i'ii1vt ai sti'mig1c'i'. "Spuiup." sis lu- is nllvr' timuiti-ly caillvml hy vvvlylimly, is mu' ul' .'Xustin's fzivm'itt's. MISS lll",'I'SY S'I'IClNIIlI,Ii. Iiiigglish, .loii1'imlisui. Illiivvrsity ol' 'I'0xns. lit-lying tht- oltl tlivury that In' nins mul lwauitv tlmft grin tugs-tlivr, lVIiss Stvuihlc- has provvrl slit- rc-silly knows lim' jmiriuilisili mul liuglisli. linllmn ruu'.l1'fl lu l'I,iIfIl.' NIISS .XllICI.If', XY.'Xtlti.'XlX'I.-NN. Iiiiglisli. Riu- Instituto. As ziftivv :mtl viivrgt-tic' as any stutlvut, II1'l' viva- rmiis pe-rsmuilitv mul lu-r UPIIIIIISIIK' spirit nizikv hm' mi iiispirzition to ull. MII. .l, XX. NN .X I SUN. llookkvvpiiig, Umiiiillt-i'c'1zil I,z1w. Sum Iloustou Stzitv It-nflu-i's Cmllc-gc-, Mau ml iii-vt-r ltimw it lrmu tlic' suhjvft lu' tvawlic-s, but lu"s just itll ulcl vzittlc- mzui at Iivnrt. Nllt. .X. Nl. N .-XIIIIINUITIN. lutlustrinl Arts. lliiivc-rsity of 'IR-xzis. Iiulustrious, wisv, mul quivt, lit- is tht- rulvr ul' tht- mctal slump. NHS, ICNIIIN Y.X'I'lCS. IQIIQIISII. Ilia- Instituto. Alltel' nimiyyvzirsol'tvm'l1ii1g.gzitSam lloustmi Iliglli Srl Mrs. Iiuiily Yutvs luis vmiiv to Pony Ilauitl. Ilor vigor, vitality, mul st-usv of humor uuikv plt-aisauit pi-rsmi to lw nmuiul. C-'23 :S lmml, Iwi' ai 'N.. Q. Jw-I' 'Q' C Q07 Us P Kms QP! :wr"'W"'N S 'YN ty K as I, aavuo af' .hu-pf-J' I '5 A II4-mls, lu-mls. who novcls il llvilll? . .ll'ilIllIl4', lim-ry. mul ilu' lutvsl morlol poznlul Curt. Wlwn-'cl thu squirrvl come- from. Pnl? llolty .lo, youlxl nmlw an wonrlvrful mollu-V. ldlllgll., fools! llvtly Zinkgml' Cnuglll short. 'l'hv logs that won the-m fzmlv. 8 9 10 11 12 15 14 , Well, shut my mouth! . My. how strange you look. . ,llI'2lVlS Dmkv vvvuring his famous clunfo rap. . loreital Wolf mugllt for once- not ash-vp in clrnmatirs. . Cuddle up il little closer. . Miss Stvmble Conducting one of hvr informal English Clnssf'-s, A gpoodyyp Page Scvonts-vu at fiiitfii' , X X. " If 'ahifwti e 5 c e me the Qeemetd . . . fhede me out team! OF THE CLASSES Some tall, some short, some fair, some dark, some seriousg some gay, all these types are represented in the student body, each just a little bit different from his class- mates., and each with his own hopes and dreams. Some aspire to wealth and fame, others to the simpler things like homes and families of their own. The main objective of t0day's sophomore is to make his last exit from Austin, going on to bigger things as we, today's Seniors are. Regardless what our dreams may be, there is the com- mon hope of us all-that each of us may succeed in what- ever we strive to do, and that we can take our places in society, assets to our communities and our country. Realizing the importance of changing world conditions, and the responsibilities that will be ours when we take our turn at running this country, each of us hopes that he will have the courage and good judgment to keep our country safe for our children and grandchildren. From the lowly ditch-digger to the most skillful lawyer or statesman, it's not the job that counts, but how well we do it. Looking forward with confidence and hope we, the students of Austin High School, continue to dream of the years that lie ahead of us. Qi .' is ,U f lain 3 - X, -XQEYTEMW , xx 33 X W Q X Q sv Q N - -Q i R x X ,K S5 is , :QW X , V f-S...,' Q My , N . W, 3533. y L, - 5 ,. ,Rfk h is QQ il Eff ' JS ' ' ik s ' ,' 1 ' -5 ri" Shi ' 1' - 1- -' Sli ' ai1e" '5I f 'Yu , :ix . - A - , 3 S1 k , N f viii sq L X M SENIOR COUNCIL Standing: Marjorie Schilling, H4--5 Doeringg Dolores Martin, H4-4 Fre-eg Peggy Elliott, H4--8 Dementg Autrey Tidmore, H4-9 Sherman: Ernest Priest, H4--3 Stembleg Mary Hendley, H4--7 Soncrnntg Betty Brown, H4-I0 Ehy: Betty Barrett, H4-1 Carleton, Barbara Brown, H4-6 Leonard. Seated.: Martel Cullen, H4--2 Waggaman. SENIOR ACTIVITIES Event Banquet Dance Picnic CSenior Dayj Graduation Day Class Morning Class Night Event Banquet Dance Picnic CSenior Dayj Graduation Day Class Morning Class Night Time Date 7:00 p. m. May 2 9:00 p. m. May 14 9:00 a. m. May 20 9:30 a. m. June 2 8:00 p. m. COMMITTEES FOR SENIOR ACTIVITIES Faculty Sponsors Mrs. Leonard, Chm. Mr. Sherman Miss Carleton Miss Waggaman, Co-Chm. Miss Soncrant Miss Doering Mr. Watson Miss Greenhill Miss Eby Miss Stemble Mr. Lyle Miss Harrison, Chm. H4 Homeroom Teachers G. A. Iioescher, Chm. Program-Mrs. Haynes Mrs. Dement Miss Sims Mr. Spampinato H4 Homeroom Teachers Place San Jacinto Inn Shamrock Hotel Lyondell Park Austin Auditorium Senior Chairmen Earl Madeley Margie Ball Baymond Gehring Ernest Priest Marjorie Schilling Martel Cullen Barbara Brown Autrey Tidmore Dolores Martin T. K. Niland Frank Agnello Gloria Morris James Korges Danny Orsak Nlarilyn Knox BIZNIUK LLA55 UHILIZKB DA N UHSA K IlI'l'Sil1l'I'lf Nr up... , 51 Dyjj, AR, Nw A dem Y' Vice-Prey - K XWBOWSK XQNX povi 5 MARIL s YN KNOX f'CI'gfa,,T QTTY DQN MOOH L0Q1yerHLAD CLAUDE BRINKLEY Page Twenty one Treasurer BILLY MINTURN Sgt.-at-Arms .' ,5 ' '4'1gl'2'm,, BILLY ACORD NOVA ALLEN 1 I ,Gt 'E PATSY ALLEN ROYAL ALLEN fr.. 6- . Qt DERELL ADAMS MARY ANN ADAMS FRANK AGNELLO Ae 9225 ACORD, BILLY: Mustang Boosters '45-'49, "A" Team Football, Letterman '48-'4-9. ADAMS, DERELL ADAMS, MARY ANN: Brigade '4-5-'48, Top Sgt. of Co. C '48, Jr. and Sr. Sub-Debs Pan American Club '4-5-'4-7, Mustang Mounties '47, Mustang Boosters '45-'4-8: Club '48, Aloha Club '4-8. AGNELLO, FRANK: Fire Department, Batall.on Chief, Football '45-'49, Letterman ALLEN, NOVA: Mustang Mounties '47, Jr. Sub-Debs '4-8: Band '4-7-'4-8, Letter Directiva '47, Aloha Club '48-'49. '4-7-'4-95 Bridge '4-6349. '4-8: La ALLEN, PATSY: Mustang Mounties '47, Rolling Ponies '47, Brigade '47-'4-8, Letter '4-8, Mustang Boosters '47-'48, ALLEN, ROYAL: Mustang Boosters '45-'4-9: T. N.T. '4-8: Choral Club '45-'C-6: Aloha Club '4-8-'49, Gavel Club '4-8: Hospitality Club '48-'49, Band '47-'4-9, Letter '4-9, Journalism Letter '48-'49. ALVAREZ, ROBERT: Track Team '4-7348: Hall Patrol '47-'4-8, Mustang Boosters '4-8. ANDERSON, BARBARA: Mustang Boosters '45-'4-9: Rolling Ponies I4-5: Brigade Letter '46-'4-8: Flag Captain '4-8, Gym Letter '4-5. ASBECK, BILL ' Page Twenty-two ROBERT ALVAREZ BARBARA ANDERSON . -sn L' , tt 7 tr- 1"" 'M '4-6-'48, BILL ASBECK ve ERVIN ASBECK MINNA JEAN ASBECK MARIE ASH ASBECK, ERVIN: American Legion Club, Golf, Letterman. ASBECK, MINNA JEAN: Jr. Sub Debs, Gym Letters. ASH, MARIE ATKINSON, FRANCIS: Brigade, Letters, Trumpet Sgt., Sub Debs, Latin Club, Secretary, Mustang Boosters. ATTRA, HARVEY: Mustang Boosters '45-'49, Radio Club '48, Program Chairman, Aloha Club, Rolling Ponies, Student Council '47, Hospitality Club '48, Treasurer. BAILEY, PATRICIA: T.N,T. Club, Treasurer, Rolling Ponies, Letter '48, Mustang Boosters, Volleyball Team, Letter '4-7. BALL, MARGIE: Mustang Boosters '47-'4-9, Tennis Club '47-'48. BARNES, JOYCE BARRIER, DWIGHT: Scottish Brigade '45-'49, Corporal Co. C '47-'48, Drill Major '48-'49, Letters '45-'49, Round-Up '47-'49, Assistant News Editor '47, News Editor '48, Editor '48, Student Sponsor '49, Corral '45-'48, Literary Editor '47-'48, Jr. Sub Debs '47-'48, Sgt. at Arms '48, Senior Sub Debs '48-'49, Mustang Boosters '45-'49, Choral Club '48-'49, Pan American League '45-'47, Quill and Scroll '47-'49, Secretary '48-'49, National Honor Society '48-'49, President '48, Journalism Letter '48, BATTERSON, DOLORES: Rolling Ponies '46, Mustang Boosters '46-'4-9, Jr. Sub Debs '48, Senior Sub Debs '4-9, Gavel Club. A 9225 ' Page Twenty-three MARGIE BALL DWIGHT BARRIER FRANCES ATKINSOI' HARVEY ATTRA is 'U . YL7 PAT BAILEY DOLORES BATTERSOI 'N 4 it 1.1- 'UN .I ,DI NE BAI IGHIVIAN ILEY BLACKSTOCK f'X ROGER BONNEY DORIS BOONE PAT BEARD EVELYN BLACKMON JAMES BLACKSHEAR A 4' 9 BAUGHMAN, GERALDINE: Radio Club '4'6g Tennis Club '46-'4-75 Booster Clubg Gym Letter '46-'47. BEARD, PAT: Rolling Poniesg Pan-American Clubg Senior Sub-Debs. BLACKMON, EVELYN: Y-Teens '475 Gavel Clubg Jr. Sub-Debs '4-84 Senior Sub-Debs '49g Gavel Club '48-'4'9g Brigade '45-'49, Color Guard U. S. Flag '48-'4-94 Brigade Letters '4-7349. BLACKSHEAR, JAMES: Jr. Red Cross, President '484'4-95 Mustang Boosters '46-'49g Fire Department '4-8349g Gavel Club '47. BLACKSTOCK, SHIRLEY: Aloha Clubg Jr. Subvllebsg Sr. Sub-Debsg Hospitality Clubg Pan- American Club '4-5-'475 Booster Club '45-'4-94 Student Council '46A'47g Brigade '45-'49, Rt. Color Guard Brigade Flag, Bottom Sgt. Co. C, Lt. Co. C, Brigade Letters '47-'49. BONNEY, ROGER BOONE, DORIS: Mustang Boosters '48-'49g Mustang Mounties '49g Gavel Club '4-94 High Point Team Letter, Volleyball Letter '48g Runner-Up Senior Class Poet. BOSQUEZ, ELIDA: Mustang Boosters. BOVEE, THOMAS BOYDE, SHERWOOD: Mustang Booster Clubg Hall Patrol. ' Page Twenlyffour ELIDA BOSQUEZ TONIIVIY BOVEE SHERWOOD BOYDE ' as N I gm- . Q rf . sv 5 if Q""-+10 'I' .IACK BRADFORD CLAUDE BRINKLEY LLOYD BRITAIN ALEETA BRODERIC MARY EILEEN BROUSS BRADFORD, JACK BRINKLEY, CLAUDE: Corral Staff '47-'49g Mustang Boosters '45"49g Track '47-'49g T.N.T. '4-7-'4-83 Baseball '4-7-'4-94 Football '4-734195 Basketball '48g Senior Class Treasurer. BRITAIN, LLOYD BRODERICK, ALEETA: Mustang Mounties, Treasurer '47-'48, President '48-'4-94 Rolling Ponies '47-'49g Jr. Sub-Debs '4-734-85 Sr. Sub-Debs '48-'49: La Directiva '475 Student Council '47-'4-94 Mustang Boosters '4-6-'49g Mustang Mounty Letter '4-7348. BROUSSARD, MARY EILEEN: Gavel Club '47-'4-83 Mask and Gavel Club '47g Mustang Band '47-'4-94 Pan-American Club '47g Mustang Booster Club '47-'4-9g Band Letter. BROWN, BARBARA: Scottish Brigade '47-'4-9, Captain Co. B '4-8-'4-95 Mustang Booster Club '4-6-'4-85 Pan-American Club '45-'46g Jr. Sub-Debs, Sgt. at Arms '47-'4-85 Student Council '4-84 Corral '48-'4-95 Runner-up Jr. Beauty '48, BROWN, BETTY RUTH BROWN, LORAINE: Mustang Booster Club '47-'49g Gym Letter. BRUNSON, MARTHA CAROL: Scottish Brigade '46-'4-8, Base Drummer '4-5-'47, Bagpipe Drummer '47-'48g Student Council '4-6-'4-7g Mustang Booster Club '4-5-'4-94 Gavel Club '4-7-'4-94 Pan-American Club '46-'479 Rolling Ponies '48-'49g Sub-Debs '4-8-'4-94 Green Masque Players '48-'4-9g Cheer Leader '4-8-'4-95 Brigade Letters '45-'48, BURKETT, G. D.: Student Council '46g Chess Club '46-'4-65 Legion Student Award '4-6-'4-84 R.O.T.C. '4-53474 Rolling Ponies '4-7-'4-8g Mustang Boosters '47-'48g Pan-American Club '4-734189 Chess Club Letter '4-64 R.O.T.C. Letter '4-7g Rolling Ponies, Letter '4-7. BETTY RUTH BROWN LORAINE BROWN MARTHA CAROL BRUNSON G. D. BURKETT ' Page T"'f"'f-fm BARBARA BROWN P'-wg Misa YZ" XROLYN BURLESON BARBARA BUTCHER SHIRLEY BUYS MARY BELLE CAGLE FEWART CAMPBELL 1 , 6, I 'BERT CANTERBURY JRMA JEAN CARTER A 9225 BURLESON, CAROLYN: Junior Sub-Debs '47-'48, President '47, Senior Sub-Debs '48-'49, Scottish Brigade '45-'49, Colonel '48-'49g Quill and Scroll '48-'49, Corral Staff '47-'48, Aloha Club '48, Hospitality Club '48, Gavel Club '47-'49, Student Council '47-'48, Scottish Brigade Letters '46-'49, Pan-American Club '454'46. BUTCHER, BARBARA: Mustang Band '47-'49, Student Council '47-'48, Pan-American League '46-'47, La Directiva '47, Gavel Club '47-'48, Band Letter '48. BUYS, SHIRLEY: Scottish Brigade, Sgt., Captain of Trumpets, Mustang Boosters '45-'49, Pan- Ainerican Club '45g Junior Sub-Debs, Treasurer '48, Senior SubADebs '49, Student Council '49, Scottish Brigade Letters '46-'49, CAGLE, MARY BELLE: Mustang Booster Club '46-'48, Mustang Mounties '48-'49. CAMPBELL, STEWART: Mustang Booster Club, Rolling Ponies '46-'47, Letter, Track Manager Letter. CANTERBURY, ROBERT: R,O.T.C. '45f'4-6, Mustang Boosters '45-'48, Rifle Team '46, Bowling Letter '47-'48. CARTER, NORMA JEAN: Scottish Brigade '47-'49, Sgt. '49, Mustang Boosters '47-'4-93 Senior Sub-Debs '48-'49, Aloha Club '49, Gavel Club '48-'49, Hospitality Club '49, Pan-American League '47-'48, Brigade Letter '47-'49. CECIL, MARY: Rolling Ponies '46-'48g Mustang Boosters '46-'48g Pan-American Club, La Directiva '46-'47. CEMINO, PAT: Mustang Booster Club. CHAMBERS, FRANK WILLIAM JR.: Pan Arrerican Club '46"47, Rolling Ponies '47-'49, President '48-'49, Student Council '46-'47g Bowling Letter '48, Runner-up Senior Class Vice-President. - Page Twenty-sir MARY CECIL PAT CEMINO FRANK CHAMBERS l KIRBY CHANCICY DOLORES CHAUDIER JACQUALYN CLARK JANE CLINGMAN CHANCEY, KIRBY: Mustang Boosters. CHAUDIEB, DOLORES: Bed Cross '4834-9, Secretaryg Mtistang Boosters '46-'49, CLARK, JACQUALYN: lVlustang Boosters. CLINGMAN. JANE: N.H.S.g Corral, Journalism Letter W6-'47, Quill and Scroll, Gavel Club Board of Directors, Debate Letter '47-'48, T. N. T. Club, Mustang Boostersg P. E. Letter. CLllTTl7lR, JOAN: Gavel Club '47-'48, Legion Student Award '47-'48, American Legion Award, Mustang Boosters '47-'49, Student Council '4-7-'49, Assistant Editor of Directory '48-'49, Band '47-'4-9. Letter, Mask and Gavel Club '4-7, Pan-American Club '47, CONNOR, TED: Mustang Boosters '45-'49, Bouncer '46-'47, Pan-American Club '45-'46, Hall Monitor '46, H-Y '46-'47, Rolling Ponies '4'7g Student Council '46-'4-7, "A" Club '45-'49, Austin Hospitality Club '49, Manager "B" Football, Letter '45g Manager "A" and "B" Basketball, Letter '4-6. CONWAY, JEAN: Mustang Boosters, P. E. Letters. COOPER, JANET: Scottish Brigade '46-'49, Sgt. Co. B '48-'49, Y-Teens '45-'4-6, Pan-American Club '46-'48, Aloha Club, Mustang Boosters '4-5-'49, Hospitality Club. COULL, LO'I'I'IFf: Mustang Boosters, P. E. Letters. COUVILLION, CLAUDELLA: Junior Sub-Debs '4-73484 Mustang Boosters l47-'48, Rolling Ponies '47-'4-8. JOAN CLUTTER 'E 1 e 4 Qezj A TED CONNOR JEAN CONWAY .JANET COOPER LOTTIE COULL CLAUDELLA COUVILLIO TGI l Y 1. ELMER COX MABJORIE CRUMP Q- V5 XGARET CHUNDWELL MARTEL CULLEN X. af at X i 1 M PEGGY CRENWELGE BILL CROSBY BERNICE CROVVSON 72 4 9225 COX, ELMEB: R.O.T.C. '46-'49, Staff Sgt., Letters '46-'48. CBENWELGE, PEGGY: Scottish Brigade '45-'49, Corporal Co. A '47-'48, Sgt. of Flags '48-'49, Student Council '45-'48, Mustang Boosters '45-'49, Gavel Club '47-'49, Senior Sub-Debs '48-'49, Girls' Chorus '45-'49, Scottish Brigade Letters '45-'47, CROSBY, BILL CBOWSON, BEBNICE: Booster Club, Y-Teens, lladio Club, President, Student Council, Gym Letter. CBUMP, MARJORTE: Scottish Brigade '45f'49, Sgt. Co. A '48-'49. Letters '4-7349. CRUNDVVELL MABGABET: Mustang Boosters '45-'49, Junior Sub-Dehs '47, Senior Sub- Debs '48, ,Gavel Club '47-'49, Social Chairman '48-'49, Board of Directors '48, Bridge Club '48, Gym Letters '45-'47, Baseball '48, Speech Letter '48, Declamation Winner Beagan Speech Tournament, CULLEN, MABTEL: Corral Staff '45-'49, Sophomore Class Editor '46-'47, Club Fditor '47-'48, ' "" ' A ' -' -Th,Stdent Editor-in-Ch1ef'48-'49, Mustang Boosters 47-49, Bolling Ponies 45 47, e u Council '47, Pan-American League '45-'47, The Gavel Club '46-'49, Board of Directors '48-'49, Bipley Mask and Gavel Club '47, Bridge Club '47, T. N. T. Club, Vice-President '48, Chemistry Club '47-'48, Badio Club '47, Quill and Scroll '48-'49, President '48-'49, D t e it Assist mt B'it'tlion Chief '48-'49, Round-Up Staff, Photographer '48-'49, Fire epar m ,r . .. . 1 1 . i Safety Patrol '46, N. H. S. '48-'49, Christian Student's Union, Treasurer '48-'49, Green Masque Players '49, Runner-Up American Legion Award '46, Harvard Prize Book Award '48, Bowling Letter '46, Journalism Letters '47-'49, Corral '47-'49, Bound-Up '48, Speech Letter '48, Hy Senior Council, Runner-Up Senior Class President. DAHL DOLOBES: Bolling Ponies, Tennis Club, Gavel Club, Treasurer, Mustang Booster, S d t Council Letter '47-'48, Cash Booster, Student Council '45-'49, B.O.T.C. Sponsor, tu en DALE, WALTER: Bolling Ponies. DAVIS, CLAUDE: Band '45347, Football '47, Vlustang Booster Club '48-'49, Track '48-'49 ' Page Twenlyfeighl DOLORES DAHL WALTER DALE CLAUDE DAVIS .E-A .- s l a - ,B fl X is NICK DEMERIS JACKIE DES ROCHERS HARRY DODGE DUANE DOWELL DEMERIS, NICK CHARLES: Mustang Boosters '45, Radio Club '46-'4-7, R.O.T.C. '45-'4-8 Flag Detail '46-'48, TfSgt. '47, Letter '47, Marksmanship Ribbon '47. DES ROCHERS, JACKIE DODGE, HARRY: R.O.T.C.. Staff Sgt.. Letter '46-'11-8. DOWELL, DUANE: Round-Up, Sports Writer '47-'48, Mustang Booster Club '45-'49, HB' Team Letterman '464'47, "A" Team '48, "B" Team Basketball '46-'48, Football Letter man '4-84 Journalism Letter '47-'4-8. DRAKE, TRAVIS: Rolling Ponies '47-'49, Mustang Booster Club, Track Team ,47-'4-9. DRUMMOND, RUTH ANN: Booster Club '4-6347, Rolling Ponies '48-'49, Baseball Letter '47. DUDLEY, HAZEL: Booster Club '45-'49, Gavel Club '48-'49, Gym Letters '45-'4-8. DUNCAN, TOMMY DUPUY, CLYDE DURAND, KYLE: Fire Department, Captain. HAZEL DUDLEY TOMMY DUNCAN ' Page Twenty-nine CLYDE DUPUY v TRAVIS DRAKE W RUTH ANN DRUMMONI KYLE DURAND A 32' Y"""' SHIRLEY EASTERLY IARJORIE ELSENBROCK 4.5 'E' BARBARA ERZT BILLY EVANS ilu-v VIRGIE EINKAUF MAX EISELE PEGGY ELLIOTT A 4' 9 EASTERLY, SHIRLEY: Y-Teens '46-'49g Musiang Boosters '45-'49. EINKAUF. VIRGIE: Volley Ball Team. Letter '46-'48g Baseball Letter '47g Perfect Record Letter '4-73481 Gavel Club: lVIustang Boosters '46-'49. I ICISELE. MAX ELLIOTT, PEGGY: Mustang Boostersg .Iunior Sib-Deb '4-73484 Senior Sub-Debs '48-'4-95 Scot- tish Brigade '47-'4-9. Sgt. Flags '48-'49. Letters '47-'49g Quill and Scroll '49g Round-Up Column Editor '48-'49. ELSENBROCK. MARJORIE: Mustaiig Boosters '45-'4-6: Scottish Brigade '4-5. EBZT, BARBARA: Mustang Boosters: Student Council '48-'49g Aloha Clubg Hospitality Clubg Quill and Scroll: Corral Letter '47g Gym Letter '46g Junior and Senior Sub-Debs-4 Pan- American Club: Corral Staff. Business Manager, Round-Up Staff. Circulation Manager. EVANS. VVILLIAlVl: Mustang Boosters: "B"-Team Football. EVANS, BOBBY: Mustang Booster Club '4-5349. FARNSVVORTH, JULIA: Pan-American Club '46-'4-8: Mustang Mounties '47-'48g Junior Sub- Debsg Band '4-6349. lst Lieutenantg Orchestra '47-'4-8g Mustang Booster Club '47-'4-9: Band Letter '47-'4-84 Mounty Letter '47-'4-81 N.H.S. '48-'49, FAULKNER, JAMES D.: Radio Club: l'anfAmerican Club: Company Commander R.O.T.C.4 Mustang Boosters '46-'4-9: R.O.T,C. Letter '46-'47, ' Page Thirh' BOBBY EVANS JULIA ANN FARNSWORTH JAMES FAULKNER S A ini til".-, dill .wx JOANN FELTS DARRELL FLEMING JOHN FOSTER FELTS, JOANN: Junior Sub-Debs '47-485 Senior Sub-Debs '48-'49g Pan-American Club '45-'4'6g Scottish Brigade '45-'46g Mustang Boosters '45-'49g Hospitality Club '48. FLEMING, DARRELL FOSTER, JOHN: Mustang Booster Club. FRANCIS, DEE: Mustang Boosters '45-'49, Bouncer '4-85 Hi-Y '4-6-'4-8, Vice President '48g Track Team '47-,4'8g Swimming Team '47, FRANKLIN, DAN: Safety Patrol. GAGER, ANN: Green Masque Players '48-'49. GARCIA, ALBERT: Gavel Club '4-8-'4-9g Mustang Boosters '4-83494 Pan-American Club '4-83494 Orchestra '46-'4-7g Hi-Y '47-'4-9. GARNER, DOLLY: Rolling Ponies '45-,464 Girls' Chorus '47-'48g Gavel Club '47-'4-95 Junior Sub-Debs '47-'48g Senior Sub-Debs '48-'4-9g Mustang Boosters '45-'4-9gBowling LettergGym Letter. MSTEVIEH GEHRING, RAYMOND: Mustang Boosters, Chief Booster Basketball Team '47-'4-84 Track Team '47-'48g Rolling Poniesg Cheerleader '48-'4-9. Ae 9225 ' Page Thirty-one ALBERT GARCIA "STEVIE" -'V' U51 4 , . wi I , 't Q2 DEE FRANCIS DAN FRANKLIN 41'-x ANN GAGER RAYMOND GEHRING E " . A PAUL GILL BARBARA GLAZE RAMON GLIDER FAYE GODWIN IEWEY GOLDSBERRY "ff sh, HILDA GOTCHER ENNETH GRAHAM 4,3 Q, 4: 5 . 'TQ A 9225 GILL, PAUL: Rolling Ponies '45-'46, Mustang Booster '45-'4-9, "B" Team Football '47, Track Team '4-6-'49, Student Council '48-'49, Bowling Letter '46, Track Letter '4-7. GLAZE, BARBARA: Mustang Band '4-6349, Y-Teens '46-'4-7, Student Council '4-7-'4-8glVIustang Boosters '4'5"4S, Senior Sub-Debs '48-'49, Band Letter '47-'48, GLIDER, RAMON: Hospitality Club, Sgt. at Arms, Aloha Club, Mtlstang Boosters. GODWIN, FAYE: Mustang Booster Club '45-'49, Rolling Ponies '45-'49, Secretary '47-'48, Student Council '47, .Iunior Sub-Debsg Choral Club, Gym Letters '45-'47, Bowling Letter '46-'48, High Point Team Letters '46-'47. GOLDSBERRY, DEVVEY M. GOTCHER, HILDA: Brigade, Co. C '4-5348, .I inior Sub-Debs '47, Senior Sub-Dobs '49, Student Council Letter '45-'49, Booster Club '45-'49, Brigade Letters '45-'48. GRAHAM, KENNETH: Aloha Club '48, Hi-Y '47-'48, Nlustang Booster Club '47-'48, Hospi- tality Club '48, Basketball '46-'48, Rolling Ponies '46, Tennis Letter '48. GRAY, BERTA LEE: Rolling Ponies, Tennis Club, Mustang Mounties, Mustang Booster Club, Student Council, R.O.T.C. Sponsor. GRAY, BONNIE V.: N. H. S., Junior Sub-Debs '47, Rolling Ponies, Radio Club, Secretaryg Mustang Booster Club, Gym Letters '46-'47, High Point Team Letters '4-6347. GREEN, HARRY: Mustang Booster Club '4-5, Lawyer '47, Bridge Club '47, Rolling Ponies '46, President '47, Cheerleader '48-'49, Student Council '45, Track Team '4-6-'48, Letter '4-8. ' Page Thirty-two BERT GRAY BONNIE GRAY HARRY GREEN MARY ANN GREENE TEX GREENE DONALD GREINER GREENE, IVIARY ANN: Nlustang Boosters '45-'48g Hospitality Club '48-'4-94 Choral Club '4-73483 Aloha Club 483494 Tennis Club '45-'47g Radio Club '48g Bridge Club '48-'4-9. GREENE, TEX: Rolling Ponies '46-'4-8g Mustang Booster Club '46-'4-74 HB" Football '445 Basketball '44-3454 Bowling Letter 48. GREINER, DONALD: Pan-American Club '47-'4-84 Rolling Ponies '4-8g Letter '48. GRIFFIN, BILL TOM: Nfustang Boosters '46-'49g Student Council '46-'4-7g Hall Patrol '46-'4-7g Mustang Band '47-'48g Rolling Ponies '48-'495 Hospitality Club '48-'4-94 Aloha Club '48-'49. GRIFFIN, JOAN: Rolling Ponies '45-'46g Y-Teens '46-'47, Program Chairmang Mustang Boosters '45-'49g T.N.T. '48g P. E. Letter '46-'48g Senior SubfDebs '4-8g Green Masque Players '4-9. GRIFFIN, MARY JOAN: Student Council '45-'46g Hospitality Club '4-83495 Pan-American Club '45-'47g Aloha Club '48-'4-9g YATeens '4-5-'49g Mustang Boosters '46-'4-9. GRISSOM, FRED B.: lNIustang Boosters. GUTIEBREZ, BEN: Pan-American Club '45-'-I-fi. Presizlent. Letter 'Wig Gavel Club '4-5' '48- Radio Club '46-'47g Mustang Boosters '47-'48g Track '4-53499 Rolling Ponies '46, HABERLE, DOROTHY: Y-Teens: Junior Sub-DebsgSenior Sub-DebsgGavel ClubgAloha Clubg Hospitality Clubg Nlustang Boosters '46-'4-95 Pan-American Club '45-'4-74 Choral Club: P. E. Letter '46, HAHN. JACK: Radio Clubg Latin Clubg Track Team '46-'49, Letter '48, Track Manager '49g Football HB" Team '47g Assistant Football Manager '48. 72 9224 FRED GRISSOM ' Page Thirty-three BEN GUTIERREZ Bri DOROTHY HABERLE .ix BILL TOM GRIFFIN JOAN GRIFFIN MARY JOAN GRIFFIN JACK HAHN LAWRENCE HALE PATSY HARRELL GEORGE HARRIS V, D. HARTLEY BOBBIE HAMER SUDA HAMILTON TOMMY HARPER Ae 9225 HALE, LAWRENCE: Mustang Boosters '4-6349: PanfAmerican Club '46-'4-7. HAMER, BOBBIE HAMILTON, SUDA: Mustang Boosters '46-'48, Pan-American Club '45-'47, Treasurer '4-6, Letter '4-5: Choral Club '45-'48, N. H. S. '4-834-9: P. E. Letters '45-'47, Baseball Letter '4-8. HARPER, TOMMY: Swimming Team '46-'48, Letter '48, Mustang Boosters '45-'48. HARRELL, PATSY, Pan-American Club '45-'47, Mustang Boosters '45-'49, Brigade '45-'48, Letters '46-'4-8: Latin Club: Hospitality Club, Aloha Club: Junior Sub-Debs, Senior Sub- Debs: Gavel Club. HARRIS, GEORGE: Latin Club '45-'47: Mustang Boosters '4-4348: Chess Club '4-8: Bridge Club '48: Rolling Ponies '48, R.O.T.C. '45-'47, Letter '46, Sgt. HARTLEY, V. D.: Mustang Boosters '45-'48, Rolling Ponies ,4-8. HATFIELD, BILLY: Hall Patrol. HAUCK, JOHN: Mustang Boosters '45-'48: Student Council '45: El Circulo '47-'48, Letter, Pan-American Club, La Directiva '4-7-'4-8. HEISE, MARTHA SUE: Scottish Brigade '4574-8, Lt. of Flags '49: Junior Sub-Debs '47-'48, Social Chairman, Gavel Club '48-'4-9: Aloha Club '48,Pan-American Club '45-'4-75Choral Club '46-'49: Hospitality Club '48, Mustang Boosters '45-'4-9, Assistant Chief Booster '4-9, Runner-Up Senior Class Treasurer. ' Page Thirly-four BILLY HATFIELD JOHN HAUCK MARTHA SUE HEISE QI' MARY HENDLEY FANNIE JO HESTER JEAN HILL HENDLEY. MARY: Bridge Club '4-5. Pan-American Club '45-'4-65 Gavel Club '47g Junior Sub, Dt-bs '47-'-48. Scottish Brigade '4-534-9, Left Color Guard Texas Flag '4-8. Top Sgt. Co. B '4-94 Senior Subellebs '48-'4-9. Aloha Club '48-'495 Hospitality Club '48-'49g La Directiva '45-'46g T. N. T. '4-84 Brigade Letters '47-'49g Rolling Ponies '45-'46g IVIustang Boosters '45-'4-9. HlCS'I'lCIl, FANNIE JO: Aloha Clubg Hospitality Clubg Gym Letter. HILL, JEAN: YATeens, President '47-'48, Secretary '46-'4-7g Scottish Brigade '45-'49, Top Sgt. U. S. Flagg Latin Club '46-'4-74 Brigade Letters. HILL, JOYCE: Mustang Booster Club '45349g Pan-American Club '45-'46g Legion Student Award '46-'4-9g Hospitality Club '49g Aloha Club '48g Junior Sub-Debs, Secretary '47-'48g Orchestra '-1-53494 Student Council '4-84 Choral Club '47-'48g Senior Sub-Debs '48-'49g Gym Letter '4-63484 Band Letter '47-'4-8g American Legion Award '4-6g Runner-Up Junior Class Secretary. HILLENDAHL, MALCOLM: Bolling Ponies '4-8g Mustang Booster Club '44348g Chess Club '4-85 Bridge Club '48g B,O.'I'.C.. Letter '47, 2nd Lt. HILMERS, BOBlCB'I': Mustang Booster Clubg MB"-Team Football '47g Track Letter '47-'48. HOCK, HAROLD: Band '4-53494 Bolling Ponies '45-'465 Hospitality Club '48f'49g Aloha Club '48-'49g Latin Club '46-'485 Band Letter '45-'49g B.O.T.C. Letter '45-'48g Rifle Team Letter '45g Mustang Boosters '45-'4-9. HOLLENBURG, BEGINA: Mustang Booster Club '46-'4-95 Pan-American Club '46-'49g Junior Sub-Debsg Girls Chorus, Secretary '4-84 Student Council '47-'49g Senior Sub-Debsg Base- ball Letter '48. HOPKINS, AUDREY MAE: Junior Sub-Debsg Mustang Boosters '47-'495 Bandg PanAAmerican Clubg Senior Sub-Debsg Band Letter '47-'49. HOSKINS, LOUISE: Mustang Boosters '45"485 Hospitality Club '48-'49g Choral Club '4-73485 Aloha Club '48-'49g Gavel Club '47-'48g Bridge Club '48f49g Baseball Letter '46, Ae 9225 REGINA HOLLENBURG AUDREY MAE HOPKINS ' Page Thirtyffive HAROLD HOCK JOYCE HILL MALCOLM HILLENDAHI ROBERT HILMERS LOUISE HOSKINS E REI I Y HUDSON ROBERT JACOBSEN . W , L. 179' 5 ,, NANCY JETER LYLA JOHNSON DALE HUGHES DOC HUMASON CAROL HUNT Ae 9225 HUDSON, BETTY: Mustang Booster Club '45-'4-85 Gym Letters '45-'48g Baseball Letter '45. HUGHES, DALE: Gavel Club '47-'4-9g Booster Club '48-'4-9. HUMASON, J. P. JR.: Swimming Team '45g Track Team '45g "B"-Team Football '45-'4-63 Football Manager '45, Letter '45, HUNT, CAROL JACOBSEN, ROBERT: Rolling Ponies '45-'46g Band '48-'49g R.O.T.C., Sgt. '45-'48g Aloha Club '48g Bowling Letter '45-'4-6. JETER, NANCY: Rolling Ponies '46-'4-85 Mustang Booster Club '45-'48g Student Council '4-53489 Gavel Club '48"49g Bowling Letter '4-75 High Point Team '4-7. JOHNSON, LYLA: Mustang Booster Clubg Hospitality Clubg Aloha Clubg Rolling Ponies. JOHNSON, PAUL: Rolling Poniesg HA" Clubg Hall Monitor '45-'48g Mustang Boosters '4-5-'4-9g HBH-Team Football '45g Football Manager '4-7, Letter '46g Basketball Manager '47g Letter Basketball '4-69 Baseball Manager '48, Letter. KANE, BILLY: Hall Patrol ,4-6g Rolling Ponies '4-63 "B"-Team Basketball '46-'4-7g "A"-Team Basketball '4-85 Baseball Letters '4-7-'4-95 American Legion Baseball '46-'48, KASPER, KATHLEEN: Scottish Brigade '45-'49, Lt. Colonel Reserves '4-8349, Corporal Co. A '475 Junior Sub-Debs, Recording Secretary '4-73 Corral, Circulation Manager '46-'47g Assistant Editor '4-8-'4-99 Quill and Scroll Social Chairman '4-8g Student Council, Corres- ponding Secretary '47-'48g Choral Club '45-'4-85 Aloha Club '48g Mustang'Booster Club '4-53495 Hospitality Club '48g Pan-American Club '46-'4-79 Senior Sub-Debs '48-'49. Journalism Letters '4-73494 Brigade Letters '4-6-'4-9g N. H. S. '48-'4-9. ' Page Thirty-,viz PAUL JOHNSON BILLY KANE KATHLEEN KASPER , 'Qin .,,,-r9vf"f LILLIE MAE KEEPERS PAT KEMP JACKIE KENDRICK KEEPEBS, LILLIE MAE: Mustang Booster Club: Pan-American Club: Aloha Club: Hospi- tality Club: Gavel Club: Senior Sub-Debs: N. H. S. '48-'4-9. KEMP, PAT: B.O.T.C., Sgt. '45-'4-7: Mustang Booster Club: B.O.T.C. Letter '47: Baseball Manager, Letter '4-7. KENDRICK, JACQUELINE: Mustang Boosters '45-'48: Baseball Letter. KENNELLY, ALICE: Junior Sub-Debs '4-7: Senior Sub-Debs '48: Mustang Boosters '46-'4-9: Round-Up, Typist '46-'47, Exchange Editor '47-'4-8, Circulation Manager '48-'4-9: Jour- nalism Letters, '47-'4-9: Baseball Letter '47, KERR, BARBARA ANN: Mustang Booster Club '4-5348: Brigade '45: Bolling Ponies '47. KERR, JANE: Mustang Boosters '44-'4-8: Pan-American Club '4-7348: Tennis Club '4-7: Volley Ball Team '48-'4-9: Gym Letters. KIECKE, MARION: Scottish Brigade, Top Sgt. Co. B, Lt. of Co. B: Hospitality Club: Aloha Club: Round-Up '48-'49, Assistant News Editor '48: Brigade Letter '48-'49, KIEL, JOHNNY KILLGORE, AL: La Directiva '45-'46: Pan-American Club '45-'4-6: Mustang Boosters '45-'4-9: "A" Club '46-'4-7: Hall Monitor '46-'47: Swimming Team: Track '48: MB"-Team Basket- ball Letter: Aloha Club: Hospitality Club: Swimming Team '45-'49: Football '46-,49. KING, DWIGHT: Mustang Booster Club '4-4-'4-8: Swimming Letter '46-'4-8: Football Letter '47348: Track Team '4-5347: All City "B"-Team '45. Ae 9225 ' Page Thirty-seven MARION KIECKE AL KILLGORE fs- ALICE KENNELLY BARBARA KERR JANE KERR DWIGHT KING f"N PEGGY KING MARILYN KNOX if JAMES KORGES ARTHUR KOY JANE KINSEY JOE KIRKLAND CHARLES KIRKWOOD A 4, 9 KING, PEGGY: Scottish Brigade '4-5347: Mustang Boosters '45-'4-9: Junior Sub-Debs, Social Chairman '47-'48g Senior Sub-Debs '48-'49g Gavel Club '47-'4-8: Tennis Club '47-'4-8: Aloha Club: Hospitality Club: Brigade Letter '46-'47. KINSEY, JANE: Corral Staff '4-6-'4-9: Junior Sub-Debs '47-'4-8: Senior Sub-Debs '4-83493 Mustang Mountiesg Rolling Ponies. KIRKLAND, JOE: Mustang Boosters '45-'49. KIRKWOOD, CHARLES KNOX, MARILYN: Mustang Boosters '45-'4-8.5 Tennis Club '46-'47, Gym Letters '4-5-'4-7: Tennis Letter '46-'4-7g Volleyball Letter '46- 4-7: Senior Class Secretary. KORGES, JAMES: Latin Club, Program Chairman '46-'48: Mustang Boosters: Gavel Club, Board of Directors '48-'49: Student Council '46-'4-7: Safety Patrol: Rolling Ponies: Green Masque Players: Legion Student Award Club '46-'49g N. H. S. '4-8349. KOY, ARTHUR, JR. KRISCHKE, JOAN KRONE, DONALD: Gavel Club: Mustang Boosters. LANGE, WILLARD: Mustang Boosters '47-'48g T rack '4-7-'4-8: Football '4-5-'4-6. ' Page Thirlyaeight JOAN KRISCHKE DONALD KRONE WILLARD LANGE '1!r":1' 'rf-..., W PAT LEBLANC YVONNE LECOMTE BILLY JOE LEE LEBLANC, PAT: T.N.T. Club '48, Mustang Boosters '47-'4-94 Rolling Ponies '47-'49, "B"- Teain Basketball '47, Safety Patrol '47-'4-8. LECOMTE, YVONNE: Junior Sub-Debs '48, Senior Sub-Debs '48-'49g Pan-American Club '46-'47, Student Council '46f'48g Hospitality Club '48, R.O.T.C. Sponsor Captain '47-'48, Runner-Up Junior Beauty '47-'48, Gym Letter '46-'47, Baseball Letter '46, J.C.C. City Singles Bowling Championship, Rifle Team Letter '47-'48, Rolling Ponies '46-'49g Mustang Boosters 46349. BILLY JoE LEONARD, BETTY LEWELLEN, JOYCE: Mustang Booster Club '46-'49, Mustang Band '4-7-'49, Choral Club '46-'49, Band Letter '4-8. LIVESAY, PATSY: Mustang Mounties, Mustang Booster Club, Gavel Club, Pan-American Club, Gym Letters. LOCKWOOD, RICHARD: Mustang Boosters '4-5-'4-9, Bolling Ponies '45-'47, Letter '45. LOGGINS, GLENN: Basketball "B"-Team '46J4-7, Football NB"-Team '47, "A"-Team '48, LOOK, KITTY: Scottish Brigade '47-'49, Drum and Bugle Major '48-'49, Senior Sub-Debs '4-8-'49, Mustang Boosters '47-'4-94 Round-Up Society Editor '48, Brigade Letter '48-'49, Quill and Scroll '48-'49, Pan-American Club, La Directiva '4-8. LOVE, EDGAR Ae 9225 GLENN LOGGINS KITTY LOOK - Page Thirlyfninr RICHARD LOCKWOOD BETTY LEONARD JOYCE LEVVELLEN 'UB PATSY LIVESAY EDGAR LOVE 7. 'T TONI LIIBOVVSKI MARILYN LUCB ANN LIICY Ae 9225 LOWE, IDA: Mustang Booster Club '46-'48, l'anfAmeriCan Club, La Directiva '46, Bolling Ponies '48-'49. LUBOVVSKI, TONI: Mustang Boosters '46A'49, Pan-American Club '46A'48, Mustang Mouna ties '46-'48, Gavel Club '46-'49, Student Council '46-'49, B.O.'I'.C. '48-'49, Corral '47-'49, Junior and Senior SubMDebs '47-'49, Quill and Scroll '48-'49, Bound-Up Staff '48, 'I'.N.T. Club '47-'48, National Forensic League, Viceapresident, B.O.'I'.C. Sponsor '48-'49, Letter, Debate Squad '46-'48, City Debate Representative '47-'48, Speech and Debate Letters, President of Gavel Club '48, Mustang Mounties Secretary '47, Corral Literary Editor '47-'49, Junior Sub-Deb Perliamentarian '47, Vice-President '48, Senior SubADebs, Parliamentarian '48, N. H. S. '48-'49, Senior Class Poet. LUCIC, MARILYN: Gavel Club, Pan-American Club, Junior Sub-Debs, Orchestra '46-'49, Mustang Booster Club '46-'40, Brigade, Top Sgt. American Flag '48, Lt. of Flags '48-'49, Captain of Flags '48-'49, Brigade Letters. LUCY, ANN: Hospitality Club '48, Aloha Club '48, Scottish Brigade, Top Sgt. '48, Lt. of Drums '49, Senior Sub-Debs '49, Y-Teens '47-'49, Mustang Booster Club '46-'4-9, Bound- Up, Society Editor '49, Gym Letter '46-'47, Brigade Letter '47349. MACKFY. DAISY MAY: Mustang Booster Club '46-'47. MADICLICY, ICABL: Fire Department, "Chief" '47-'48, Assistant Chief '46, Mustang Booster Club '45-'48, Football Letters '45-'47, Track Letter '46, "A" Club '45-'48, Senior Class Vice-President. MALONE, GFORGF: Mustang Booster Club '45-'48, Football '46-'49, "B"-Team '46-'47, Gavel Club '47-'49, MALONIC, JDIIN: Nlustang Booster Cluli, MANN. DONALD MAPLFS, VIRGINIA: Scottish Brigade '45-'49, Captain Bagpipes, Aloha Club '48, Hospitality Club '48, Student Council '45-'46, Pan-American Club '45A'49, N. H, S.. Vice-President '48-'49, MUSIEIIIQ Booster Club '45-'4-9. ' Page Forty .IOIIN MALONIC DONALD M ANN VIRGINIA MAl'l.FS MAVIS MARRERO CLARA MARSH ALPHA MARTIN MARRERO. MAVIS MARSH, CLARA: Tennis Club '4-6-'4-74 Band '48g Orchestra '47-'4-85 Mustang Boosters '46-,48g Mustang Mounties '4-7g Chorus '47-'4-8. MARTIN, ALPHA: Mustang Boosters '4734-99 Rolling Ponies '48-'4-95 Senior Sub-Debsg Pan- American Club '48-'4-9. Volleyball Letter '47, MARTIN, DOLORES: Rolling Ponies '-18g Pan-American Club '46-'48, Letter '4-6g Mustang Boosters '4634-74 Hospitality Club '48-'4-94 N. H. S. '48-'49g Perfect Record Letter '46. MAYES, LORADIA: Mustang Boosters. MCCREARY, KIM: Mustang Boosters '4-83494 Bowling Club '48-'49g Safety Patrolg N. H. S. '4-83494 T. N. T. Club, Vice-President. MCCREARY, ROBERT MCFARLAND, ROBERT: Mustang Boosters '47-'4-9gR.O.T.C.,2nd Lieutenant '45-'48,Letterg Pan-American Club '4-6348. MCFERRIN, PHADALIA: Mustang Boosters '4-73494 Junior Sub-Debs '47-'4'8g Senior Sub- Debs '4-8-'4-94 Pan-American Club '4-73495 Brigade '4-7-'4-9, Letters '48-'4-94 Student Council '47-'4-8. MCILWAIN, CARL: Band '47-'4-9. Letters '47-'49g Orchestra '47-'49. Ae 49225 ' Page Fortyfone ROBERT MCCRICARY PI-IADALIA MCFERRIN .,. ., DOLORES MARTIN LORADIA MAYES -4-x .Q .-is A 5 -3 KIM MCCREARY CARI, MCILWAIN ROBERT Mc:KENZIE IETTY JO MEI ,VILLE ,Q V JANE MILLER JIMMIE MILLER JOYCE MCMAHAN LA DON MCVEY ROBERT MEACHAM A 4' 9 MCKENZIE, ROBERT: Mustang Band, Orchestra. MCMAHAN, JOYCE: Mustang Boosters '47-'49, T.N.T. Club '47-'48, Secretary, Scottish Brigade '46-'4-9, Captain of Drums '48, Letters '47-'4-8, Junior Sub-Debs '47-'48, Senior Sub-Debs '48-'49, Gavel Club '48-'49, Board of Directors '48-'49, Recording Secretary '48-'49, Bridge Club '47-'49, Pan-American Club, Corral Staff '48-'49, Advertising Manager. MCVEY, LA DON: Scottish Brigade '46-'49, Top Sgt. of Bagpipes, Lt. of Bagpipes, Letters '48-'49, Mustang Boosters '45-'49, Corral Staff '47, Junior Sub-Debs, Senior Sub-Debs Y-Teens '48, Hospitality Club '49, Aloha Club '49, Mustang Mounties '48-'49, Green Masque Players '49, Commercial Club, President '49, Gavel Club '49. MEACHAM, ROBERT MELVILLE, BETTY JO: Mustang Boosters '4-5-'49, Rolling Ponies '48-'49, Senior Sub-Debs '48-'49, P. E. Letters '4-6348. MILLER, JANE: Mustang Band, Scottish Brigade, Y-Teens, Choral Club, Mustang Boosters. MILLER, JIMMIE: Mustang Mounties '46, Pan-American Club '45-'46, Rolling Ponies '46-'47, Student Council '45-'46, Junior Sub-Debs, Secretary '47-'48, Senior Sub-Debs '48-'4-9, Mustang Boosters '45-'49, P. E. Letters '46-'48. MINTURN, BILLY: Football '45-'4-9, Letters '46-'49, Baseball '47-'49, Senior Class Sgt. at Arms. MITCHELL, BARBARA: Mustang Boosters, Hospitality Club, Gavel Club. MITCHELL, JOHN: Mustang Band '48-'49, Orchestra '47-'48, R.O.T.C. '4-7-'4-8. ' Page Forty-two BILLY MINTURN BARBARA MITCHELL JOHN MITCHELL JIMMY MOFFATT BOBBY MONROE MILDRED MOORE DON MOORHEAD ESTHER MORALES MOFFATT, JIMMY: Hi-Y Club '45-'46, Mustang Boosters '46-'49, Hospitality Club '48"49, Aloha Club '48-'49, Basketball '4634-9. MONROE, BOBBY: R.O.T.C. '45-'46, Sgt. '46, Letter '46, Band '45-'49, Captain '49, Letter '48-'49, Orchestra '48-'49, T.N.T. Club '48, MOORE, MILDRED: Pan-American Club: Mustang Boosters '45-'49,Chief Cheerleader '47-'49, Junior Sub-Deb '47-'48, Senior Sub-Deb '48-'49, Rolling Ponies '47-'48: Student Council '45-'46, Corral '47-'48, Archery '46-'48, Freshman Beauty '46. MOORHEAD, DON: Gavel Club, Sgti at Arms: Basketball '47-'48, Football, Manager '48, Baseball, Letter '47-'48, American Legion Baseball, Senior Class Lawyer. MORALES, ESTHER: lwustang Boosters, Senior Sub-Debs '48-'49g High Point Team '47, Gym Letter '48. MORALES, JO FRANCES: Mustang Boosters: Junior Sub-Debs '47-'48, Senior Sub-Debs '47-'48, Rolling Ponies '48-'49, Pan-American Club '45-'47, Corral '47, Gym Letters 47- 48. IVIOREL, SHIRLEY MORRIS, GLORIA: Mustang Boosters '4-5349: Junior Sub-Debs '47-'48, Senior Sub-Debs ,4 J l - - - t - 8 49, Pan American Club 45-47, T.N.T. Club '47-'48, Tennis Club '46-'47: Gym Letters '47-'48, High Point Team '48, Green Masque Players '47-'49, Letters '47-'48, Gavel Club '47-49: Speech Letter '47-'48, Declamation Letter CCityj: Rolling Ponies '46-'49, Letter '47-'4-8. MOSTERT, PHYLLIS: Band '46-'49 Fir t Lt. '48-'49 , s ., Letters '46-'49, Pan-American Club V 46, M , , . , , , ustang Boosters 48-49, Gym Letter 46. MUCKELROY, DOROTHY: Scottish B ' d '47 ' riga e - 49, Bugle Sgt. '48-'49, Letters '48-'49, Pan- A ' 1 C1 b ' -' ' ' ' ' ' 1 mericin u 47 49, La Directiva 48, Letter 48- TNT Club 48- Mustang Boosters , 47,495 Junior Sub-Debs '47-'48, Senior Sub-Debs i Corresinonding Siecretar '48-'49' 7 y 7 N.H.S. '48-,4-9. 4 4' 9 ' Page Farlywthree JO FRANCES MORALES SHIRLEY IVIOREI.. GLORIA MORRIS PHY LLIS MOSTERT DOROTIIY MUCKELROY IV' 2 'IARILYN MURRAY IEANNINE OWENS BE l'l Y LEE PARRISH CHARLES PATRONELLA lg I" T. K. NILAND BETTY SUE NORMAN KEITH O BRIEN 72 4 9225 MURRAY, MARILYN: Band '47-'49, Major '48-'49, Senior Sub-Debs, Pan-American Club. NILAND, T. K.: N. H Mustang Boosters '45-,494 Football ,416-'485 Baseball '47. enior Sub-Debs '4-8-'49, Round-Up Re- .S. '48-'49, Student Council '4-5-'49, President '48-'4-9, "A" Club, NORMAN, BETTY SUE: Junior Sub-Debs '47-'48, S porter '47-'48, Staff Artist '48-'49. O'BRIEN, KEITH: Hall Patrol '47-'48, Mustang Boosters, Baseball Letter '48-'4-9. OVVENS, JEANNINEz Scottish Brigade '45-'49, Top Sgt. '46-'47, Captain Bagpipes '47-'48, Lt. Colonel Records '48-'49, Linguae Latinae Languidae '4-6-'48, President, Legion Award Club '45-'49, N. H. S. '48-'4-9, Aloha Club, Mustang Booster '45-'49, Hospitality Club, S "l Chairman, Junior Sub-Debs, Program Chairman '47-'4-84 Senior Sub-Debs '48-'4-9, ocia Student Council '45-'46, American Legion Award, DAR Good Citizen 48- 49. Senior Sub-Debs '48-'49, Rolling Ponies PARRISH, BETTY LEE: Junior Sub-Debs '47-'48g '45-'4-7. 48349, Mustang Boosters '4-5-'49, Gym Letter PATRONELLA, CHARLES: Rolling Ponies '4 7-'48, Mustang Boosters '4-7348. Sgt. '48-'49, Pan-American Club '47-'48, PAYNE, LANELLE: Scottish Brigade '4-7-'49, Top -'4-93 Aloha Club '48-'49, Hospitality Club ' Senior Sub-Debs '48-'49, Mustang Boosters '47 ,4-8349. PAYNE, MILLARD: Ti.N.T. Club '47-'48, Gavel Club '47-'48, Quill and Scroll, Treasurer '4-8-'49 Round-Up, Exchange Editor, Assistant Editor '48-'49, Aloha Club, Hospitality ' Cl b '47-'48, Club, Rolling Ponies, Reporter '48-'49, Gavel Club '48-'49, Chemistry u Journalism Letters '47-'49, Mustang Boosters '45-'4-9. PERALES, LEROY: Latin Club '4-7, Mustang Booster Club '47-'49, Track '46-'47, Hall Patrol '48-'4-9. ' Page Forty-four LANELLE PAYNE MILLARD PAYNE LEROY PERALES ,....1...-.--- MARY ANN PETERS JORENA PETERSON DAVID PETTY PETERS. lVlARY ANN: Scottish Brigade '4-7-'4-9, Lt. Co, A '48-'4-9g Senior Sub-Debs '48-'49g Hospitality Club '48-'49g Aloha Club '48-'49g hlustang ,Boosters '47-'4-94 Brigade Letters '48-'4+9. PETERSON, .IORENAQ Pan-American Club '45-'4-64 La Directiva '4-54 Scottish Brigade '45-'4-65 Gavel Club '47-'4-8g lN'lustang Boosters ,45-'49g Hospitality Club '4-94 Aloha Club '4-99 Junior Sub-llebs 474 Parliainentarian '48, Sgt. at Armsg Rolling Ponies '48-'4-9g Senior Sub-Debs '48349. PETTY, DAVID: lVlllSIilIlg Boosters-'-1-53494 Quill and Scroll '48-'49g Round-Up Literary Editor '48. News Editor '4-94 T.N.T. Club '4'8g Gavel Club '49g Pan-American Club '45-'4f7g C.S.ll. '48-'49, Reporter '48-'49g Journalism Letter '4-99 Speech '49. PIERCE. VERNON: Nlustang Band '45-'4-95 bflustang Boosters '4-5-'49g Pan4American Club '45347g Band Letter '45-'49, PITTS, BURTON: R.O.T.C, '45-'4-84 Mustang Boosters '46-'49g lst. Lt. R.O.T.C. '48, Letter '45-'4-8. PIZZITOLA, ROSE KATHRYN: Student Council '47-'49g Junior Sub-Debsg Mustang Boosters '47-'49. POOLEY, ELLIOTT: M , , , Chief '47-'4-94 Rolling Ponies '48-'4-95 Hospitality Club '48-'4f9g Aloha Club '48-'4-9g Quill and Scroll, Vice-President '47-'4-9g Round-Up Co-Assistant Editor '46-'49' Chemistr Cl b 1 Y u 484 Gavel Club '49g Pan-American Club '45-'46g Journalism Letters '47-'49g Speech Letter '49 ustang Boosters '45-'495 T.N.T., Reporter '47-'48' Fire Patrol Battalion PRICE, GARY: T.N,T. Club, Sgt. at Arms '48, PRIEST, ERNIE: La Directiva '45-'4-7g Gavel Club, Sgt. at Arms '48g Hall Patrol ,4-53494 Football Letter '47g Hy Senior Councilg Runner-Up Senior Class President. PURVIS, RURL: Hi-Y Club '47-484 UB"-T F eam ootball '46-'475 HA"-Team Football '48-'49g Track '48-'4-9. 4 4, 9 ' Page Fortyffizfe ELLIOTT POOLEY GARY PRICE ERNEST PRIEST VERNON PIERCE BURTON PITTS ROSE KATHRYN PI'ZZITOl BURL PURVIS X. 'it-."" 'TY A fag, REI l Y RAMEY KENDALL RAMEY D .lOAN REED BETTY REMSBURG in 35 Xa ,fs ALMAN RANDLE AUGUST RATEAU Ae 49225 RAMEY, BETTY: .lunior Sub-Dcbsg Gavvl Club: Aloha Clubg Hospitality Clubg Mustang Boostersg Student COllI1CllQ Senior Sub-Dffhrag Pan-American Club, La Dircftiva. RAMEY, KENDALI.: Mustang Bandg Orclicstsa. RANDLE, DALMAN1 Mustang Boosts-rs '45-'4'ig R.O.T.C. '46-'48. RATEAU, AUGUST REED, JOAN: Gavel Clubg Mustang Boosters. REMSBURG, BETTY RElVlSBURG, HARTVVEIAI, REYNNETT, MARTHY: Mustang Boosters '47f48g Junior Sub'Debs. ROBERTS, FRANK: Mustang Booster Club. ROBERTSONQ MORRIS: Hall Patrol '47-'494 Football '45f46g Football Manager '47, Letter '48, ' Pagz' Forly-sir MORRIS ROBERTSON Clrllp RElVlSBURG MARTHY REYNNETT FRANK ROBERTS 1' K' ' QL Rf , Y' FT 3 , GERALDINE ROBICHEAUX ROYCE ROBIN MARY SUE ROBINSON ROBICIIICAUX, CliRAl,DlNli1 Cavvl Club, Mustang Boostor Club '45-'49, Student Council '48, llast-ball l.vttvr '-1-8. ROBIN. l't0YCli: Mustang Boostvrs '45-'49, R.O.'l'.C, '45-'47, Pan American Club '4-6348, Rowling Club 'At-8-'49, R,O,'l'.C, 1.1-ttvr. ROlllNSON, MARY Slllf: Ann-rirau ,luuior Rod Cross, Nlustaug lloostor Club, l'lllSSlCl,I., Cl'fNl'l: "A"-Club, Rolling Ponivs '4-5, Round-llp '47-'48, Aloha Club 49, Hospi- tality Club '-Ht, Mustang lioostvrs '45-'49, Basc-ball Le-ttvr '48, .lourualisni Letter '49. SACICR, B1'l'l"l'Y MARIIQ: Mustang Boostvrs, Gym Lotte-rs, Pc-rfect Record '46-'48, High Point 'l'c-am. SCHll.l.lNG, MAR.lORll'i: .lunior Sub-Dobs, Fall Term Vice-President '47-'48, SCOttislt Bri- gadv '45-'49, Sgt. of Bagpipes '-W. lit. of Bagpipes '48, Captain of Bagpipes '49, Student Couufil 'Mi-'-Ht, Mustang Boostc-rs '-I-5-'-HJ, I,atiuClub '46, SCO'l"l'. llAllOl.ll: Studvut Couufil '-Hi-'Al-7, Radio Club '46-'47, Fire Patrol '46-'47, Nlustang Boosters '45 'At-9, T.N.T. Club '40-'+7, R.O.T.C. '45-'48, Rolling Ponies '48-'49, R.O.T.C. l,t. Colouvl '47-'48, Rifle 71.931111 "Hi-WH. SHARLS, I,OllllAlNl'1: Sfottish Brigado '45-'49, Corporal of Co. B '48, Lt. of Co. B '49, lVluslang ltoostt-rs 'Al-55143, Cavvl Club '47-'4-8, llridgf- Club '47, Aloha Club '48-'49, Svottisll lirigadv Lvttvrs '46-'-W. SEl,S'l'AIl, JACK: 'l'.N.'I'. Club '47-'48, lfirc Patrol '47-'48, ll.O.T.C. Captain '45-'4-8, Mustaixg Boosters '45, Il.O.'l'.C, lliflv 'l'0am '45-'48, SENKICL, EMMA .IICANQ Scottish Brigade, '4-5-'49, Sgt. of Drums '48-'49, llflll-AIIll'fiC'ilH Club '45-'46, Cavvl Club '-1-7 '49, Junior Sub-Dc-bs '47-748, Sc-nior Sub-Uvbs '48-'49, Student Council '48-'49, Mustang Boosters '-1-ti-'49, Corral '46-'47, Srottish Brigade Letters '47-'49. J A 4' 9 HAROLD SCOTT LORRAINE SEARLES ' Pagr Forty-seven JACK SELSTAD ,sf 1' Xt ,pm Ks L GENE RUSSELL BETTY MARIE SAGER 5 , ni? " ft fm. , . ,, . Y ff ii .iq 'WN 'Nerf MARJORIE SCHILLING EMMA JEAN SENKEL 4 .. FT, I Q- Q N ,N G. Q7 'ft JOHN SHAW CURTIS SHERRILL ROSE MARIE SHUTTLEWORTH MYREECE SLOAN EANNETTE SMITH f, fi' J UANITA SMITH LAWRENCE SMITH Ae 9225 SHAW, JOHN: Mustang Boosters, Aloha Club '48-'49, Hospitality Club '48-'4-9. SHERRILL, CURTIS SHUTTLEWORTH, ROSE MARIE: Mustang Boosters '45-'48, Gavel Club '47-'48, Pan- American Club '45-'46, Aloha Club '48, Hospitality Club '48, Gym Letters '47-'48. SLOAN, MYREECE SMITH, JEANNETTE: Pan-American Club '48-'49, Green Masque Players '45-'46, Choral Club '45-'4-6. SMITH, JUANITA: Mustang Boosters '45-'49, Choral Club '47-'48, Gym Letters. SMITH, LAWRENCE: Mustang Boosters '45-'49, Student Council '45-'46, Chess Club '45f4-6, Pan-American Club, La Directiva '45-'47. SMITH, PATSY: Mustang Boosters '45-'49, Scottish Brigade '45-'48, Sgt. Bass Drum '47-'48, Letters, Band '48-'49, Junior Sub-Debs '47-'48. SMITH, RUTH: Mustang Boosters '46-'49, Student Council '46-'49, Principal's Committee '47348, Pan-American Club '46-'48, Treasurer '47-'48, La Directiva '47, Junior Red Cross '47f48, Rolling Ponies '48-'49, President '48, Bowling Medal '48, Letter '48, Gavel Club '46-'49, Secretary of Board '48, Speech Letters '4-6-'47, R.O.T.C. Sponsor '47-'49, Captain '47-'48, Rifle Team, Letters '47-'49, Gym Letters '46-'49, Volleyball Team '47-'49, Archery Letter '48, Tennis Doubles '48, Sportsmanship Team '47. SNYDER, PHILIP ' Page Fortyveight PATSY SMITH RUTH SMITH PHILIP SNYDER YN QQ NANCY SORY JO ANN SOUTH JOYCE SOUTHERLAND EARLINE SPANIEL SORY, NANCY: Scottish Brigade '45-'49, Corporal '47-'48, Captain Co. A '48-'4-95 Choral Club '47-'4-94 Aloha Club '48-'4-94 Brigade Letters '4-53494 Mustang Booster Club '4-5-'4-9. SOUTH, JO ANN: Scottish Brigade '45-'49, Lieutenant of Bugles '4-8-'49g Junior Sub-Debs, Reporter '47g Student Council '46g Pan-American Club '45g Hospitality Club '4-8g Senior Sub-Debs '49g Scottish Brigade Lettersg Mustang Booster Club '46-'4-9. SOUTHERLAND, JOYCE: Scottish Brigade, Senior Sub-Debsg Y'Teensg Mustang Boosters. SPANIEL, EARLINE: Aloha Clubg Hospitality Clubg Scottish Brigade '45-'49, Rt. Color Guard U. S. Flagg Mustang Booster Club '46-'49, SPINNER, BEI I Y: Scottish Brigade '45-'49, Top Sgt. Bugles '4-8-'4-9g Pan-American Club '4-5-'48, La Directiva '47-'48g Junior Sub-Debs '47-'4-85 Mustang Booster Club '4-8-'4-9g Scottish Brigade Letters '47-'49. STANDARD, BARBARA STARK, JIMMIE DELI.: Scottish Brigade '45-'4-9, Corporal Co. A '47-'48, Top Sgt. Co. A '4-8-'4-94 Aloha Club '48-'49g Scottish Brigade Letters '46-'49. STARK, LE ALVIN: Mustang Booster Clubg Chess Club '46-'4-75 Quill and Scroll '48-'4-94 Journalism Letter '48-'4-94 Round-Up '48-'49, Sports Editor, Advertising Manager, Busi- ness Managerg Green Masque Players. ST. CYR, JACKIE: Scottish Brigade '46-'4-9, Right Color Guard '48g Gavel Club '48-'49gJuni0r Sub-Debs '47-'48g Senior Sub-Debs '48-'494 Mustang Booster Club '45-'49g Y-Teens '48g Green Masque Players '48-'495 Hospitality Club '48-'495Aloha Club '48-'49g Mustang Mounties '48-'49g Corral Staff '47g Gym Letter '4-54 Scottish Brigade Letters '48-'49g N. H. S. '4-8-'4-9. STEGALL, LEE A 4' 9 JIMMIE DELL STARK LE STARK ' Page Form'-nmr JACKIE ST. CYR BETTY SPINNER YF' BARBARA STANDARD LEE STEGALL are --f BETTY STEPHENS KENNETH STEVENSON ELLEN SEWART ROGER STOCKTON Ae 9225 STEPHENS, BETTY: Junior Sub-Debs '47, Senior Sub-Debs '48, Mustang Booster Club ,cy '46-'49, Scottish Brigade '45-'48, Pan-American Club '47-'48, Aloha Club '48, Hospitality ii Club '48, Y-Teens '47, STEVENSON, KENNETH STEWART, ELLEN: Y4Teens '47-'49, Student Council '48-'49, Mustang Booster Club '47-'49, Baseball Letter '49, STOCKTON, ROGER: "B"-Football '45-'47, HA"-Football '47. BETTY JEAN STOUT 'Q STOUT, BETTY JEAN: Mustang Booster Club '45-'48, Tennis Club '46-'47, Bridge Club '47. STRATTON, PAT: Quill and Scroll, Sgt, at Arms, Hospitality Club, Mustang Boosters '45-'49, Aloha Club, Junior Sub-Debsg Senior Sub-Debs, Pan-American Club, Corral Staff, Round- Up Staff, Advertising Manager, Business Manager, Journalism Letter '48. STRELAU. CONRAD: Mustang Booster Club '45-'49, Student Council '47-'48, Rolling Ponies '45-'47, Track Team '46-'49, Fire Patrol '47-'49, Cheerleader '48-'49, Bowling Letter '45-'46, STRINE, NIKKI: R.O.T.C. '45-'48, TfSgt, '47, 2nd Lt. '48, Mustang Boosters '46-'49, R,0.T.C. Letter '46, Rifle Team Letter '46-'47. SWOBODA, JOY: Scottish Brigade '45-'49, Captain Co. C '48-'49, Pan-American Club '46-'4-7, Secretary Junior Sub-Debs '47-'48, Senior Sub-Debs '48-'49, Mustang Booster Club '45-'49, Corral '47-'49, Senior Class Editor '4-83495 Quill and Scroll '48-'49, Brigade Letters '45-'49, SYKORA, JAMES: Corral Staff '46-'47, R.O.T.C. '45-'48, ist. Lieutenant '47-'4-84 Rolling Ponies '48-'49, Mustang Booster Club '45-'49, Journalism Letter '47, R.O.T.C. Letters '46-'48. V PATSY STRATTON ' Page Fifty CONRAD STRELAU NIKKI STRINE JOY SWOBODA JAMES SYKORA PN 'Qi 'tra' ...,, WYNONA TALLEY DONALD TATUM BARBARA TAYLOR TALLEY, WYNONA: Y-Teens '45-'46, Mustang Boosters '45-'49, Pan-American Club '47-'48, Hospitality Club, Aloha Club, P. E. Letters '46-'47. TATUM, DONALD: Mustang Band, Letters, Mustang Boosters. TAYLOR, BARBARA: Scottish Brigade, Bagpipes '45-'47, Letter '46, Mustang Mounties '46-'49, Treasurer '48, Pan-American Club '45-'48, Junior Sub-Debs, Senior Sub-Debs, Mustang Boosters '45-'4-9. TAYLOR, LEROY: Mustang Boosters '45-'49, TENNISON, ELIZABETH: Mustang Boosters, Tennis Club, Y-Teens, Bridge Club. THEODORE, BEVERLY: Rolling Ponies '49, Aloha Club '48-'49, Hospitality Club '4-8349. THOMASON, EVERETT: Mustang Boosters, Football, Letter. THOMPSON, DAVID THOMPSON, EDWARD: Student Council '47-'48, Parliamentarian '48, Gavel Club, Sgt. at Arms, Parliamentarian, 2nd. Vice-President, Speech, Letter '47-'48, Extemporaneous Letter 47, Debate Letter '48, Debate and Extemporaneous Squads, R.O.T.C.g Lone Star Boys State Award '48, Mustang Booster Club '47-'49, National Forensic League, President '48-'49, Fire Patrol, Captain '48-'4-9. TIDM ant Major '49, Aloha Club '48, Hospitality Club '48- Pan-American Club '45 '46i J ' , - , umor Sub-Debsg Senior Sub-Debs, Green Masque Players '47, Mustang Boosters '45-'49- Round Up, Club Editor, Feature Editor, Y-Teens'46-'49,Vice-President, Student Council '47-'49, Editor Handbook '4-8-'49, Quill and Scroll '48-'49. ORE, AUTREY: Scottish Brigade, Letters, Bottom Sgt. '47, Lieutenant Bagpipes Adjut- Ae 9225 ' Page F i fly-one EVERETT THOMASON EDWARD THOMPSON 'RW' LEROY TAYLOR ELIZABETH TENNISON ru.. 'E' BEVERLY THEODORE AUTREY Timmons ' --. KR , K, NINA FAE TIPTON TTY JOYCE TRAGESSER 1 I 1 D N1 ff' V FRANK TRAHAN BETTY JO TUCKER 'R 1'--, Q7 JULIA ANN TISCHENDORF LANELL TISCHENDORF ANN TODD Ae 9225 TIPTON, NINA FAE: Rolling Ponies '45-'46g Mustang Boosters '4-5349: Junior Sub-Debs '4-7-'4'8g Senior Sub-Debs '48-'4-9: Pan-American Club '45-'4-64 Baseball Letter '47-'4-8. TISCHENDORF, JULIA ANN: Mustang Booster Club '47-'4-9: Rolling Ponies '4-834-9: Cheer- leader '48-'4-94 Sophomore Beauty and Runner-Up: Gym Letter '46: Bowling Letter '47: Sophomore Beauty '48, Runner-Up '4f7. TISCHENDORF, LANELL: Rolling Ponies: Mustang Boosters. TODD, ANN: Pan-American Club '46-'49g Mustang Boosters '47-'4-8: Y-Teens '47-'48: Rolling Ponies '48: Gym Letter '4-8: N. H. S. '48-'4-9. TRAGESSER, BETTY JOYCE: Aloha Club '4-8-7495 Scottish Brigade '45-'49, Flags '48-'4-9: Mustang Booster Club. TRAHAN, FRANK: Mustang Booster Club '45-'49: Rolling Ponies '48: Hi-Y '47-'48: Football, Letter '47-'4-8. TUCKER, BETTY JO: Mustang Booster Club '47-'4-99 Girls' Chorus '47-'48, TUCKEB, NANCY: Scottish Brigade '46-'49: lVIustang Boosters '45-'4-9. TUNSTALL, ELIZABETH: Scottish Brigade, '45-'48, Top Sgt. Bagpipes '4-8: T.N.T. Club '47-'48: Junior Sub-Debs '4-7-'4-8: Senior Sub4Debs '48-'49g Mustang Booster Club '45-'49g Pan-American Club '45-'48. VAN LOON, FLORENCE: Y-Teens '46: Mustang Booster Club '46-'4-8: Pan-American Club ' Page Fifty-H110 NANCY TUCKER ELIZABETH TUNSTALL FLORENCE VAN LOON FQ.. WY' DONALD VAN METER KATHRYN VERBOIS REX VICKERS VAN METER, DONALD VERBOIS, KATHRYN: Mustang Boosters '47-'4'9g Junior Sub-Debs '4-7-'4-8. VICKERS, REX: Mustang Boosters 473484 Fire Patrol '48, WADE, NORMA: Mustang Boosters '45-'4-9g Mustang Mounties '4-8-'4-9g Volleyball Letters '4-7-'4-85 High Point Team Letter '48g Two Perfect Record Letters '48. WALKER, JOYCE: Mustang Boosters '46-'4-8g Tennis Club '47-'4-8. WALKER, LEO: Mustang Boosters '45-'4-7. WARREN, JAMES: Mustang Boosters '4-89 Latin Club, Vice-President '4-73484 Hall Patrol '474 Football '47-'4-89 Tennis Letter '48. WARREN, LEROY WAYCOTT, TOMMY: Fire Patrol '4-74 Safety Patrol '47-'4-8. WEAVER, JOANNE: Mustang Boostersg Mustang Mountiesg Gym Letters. 72 9225 JAMES WARREN YN LEROY WARREN A ' Page Fifty-three TOMMY WAYCOTT NORMA WADE JOYCE WALKER Gr-if LEO WALKER JOANNE WEAVER VIRGINIA WHITE El I Y LOU WILDMAN -3 TED WILKE ALAN WILLIAMS iw. 'fv- I Q51 f., 1,15 JOE WIESER ARLEN WIGGINS JEAN WILCOX Ae 9225 WHITE, VIRGINIA: Mustang Boosters '49. WIESER, JOE WIGGINS, ARLEN WILCOX, JEAN: Mustang Boosters '47-'48g Junior Sub-Debs '47-'4'8g Senior Sub-Debs '48-'49g Pan-American Club, La Directivag Hospitality Club '48g Aloha Club '4-84 Tennis Clubg Student Council '48g Corral '4-8. WILDMAN, BETTY LOU WILKE, TED: Mustang Boosters '4'8. WILLIAMS, ALAN: Mustang Boosters '45-'4-95 Gavel Club '46-'4-74 Hospitality Club '4-8-'49g Aloha Club '48-'49g Safety Patrol '45-'47g Round-Up '4-6-'49, Associate Editor '48, Editor '4-95 Quill and Scroll '4-8-'4-93 Journalism Letter '47-'4-9. WILLIAMS, LENA: Gavel Club '4-83494 Mustang Boosters '48-'49g Gym Letterg Baseball Letter. WILLSON, JIMMIE: Mustang Boosters '45-'49g Rolling Ponies, Parliamentarian '48-'49g T.N.T. Club, Sgt. at Arms '4'8g Pan-American Club '4-53418. WILLY, ROBERT: Safety Patrolg Baseball Letter. ' Page Fifty-four LENA WILLIAMS J IMMIE WI LLSON ROBERT WILLY in bg as 6 mf X I 2 .Qs EVELYN WILSON VVILSON, EVELYN: Mustang Boosters '47-'48, Y-Teens '47-'48, Rolling Ponies '48, P. E. Letters '48. WOLF, LORETTA: Corral '47-'49, Circulation Manager '48-'49, Mustang Mounties '46"47, Junior Sub-Debs '47-'48, Mustang Boosters '46-'49, Scottish Brigade, Co. C '46-'48, Letter '47-'48, Student Council '46-'47, Mustang Band, Majorette '48-'49, Gavel Club, Corres- ponding Secretary '49, Board of Directors '48-'49, Green Masque Players '48-'49g Choral Club '46-'48, Quill and Scroll '48-'49, T.N.T., President '47-'48, Pan-American Club, La Directiva '47. WOODWARD, JAMES: Hall Patrol. WRIGHT, SHIRLEY: Mustang Boosters '46-'48, Pan-American Club '46-'48, P. E. Letters '47-'48. YANTZ, BERNICE: Junior Sub-Debs '47-'48g Senior Sub-Debs '48-'49, Mustang Mounties '47-'49, Vice-President, Letter '47-'48, Mustang Boosters '47-'49, P. E. Letter '4-7-'48, YATES, JO ANN: Mustang Boosters. YOUNG, GLORIA: Mustang Boosters '46-'49, Rolling Ponies '47-'49g Tennis Club '46-'47g P. E. Letter '4-64 Bowling Letter '48, League Champion '48, Medal. ZINKGRAF, BETTY NELL: Mustang Boosters ,45-'4-8g Pan-American Club '46-'47g Aloha Club '47g Radio Club '48, Hospitality Club '48, Secretary, Bridge Club '48, Tennis Club '47, P. E. Letters '46-'47, Rolling Ponies, Letters '46-'48, Singles and Doubles Champion '48 ZOCH, MARTIN: Student Council '47-'48, Safety Patrol '47-'49, "B"-Football '46-'48, "A"-Football, Letters '48-'49, Baseball Letter '47"49. IDLE DREAMER A 4' 9 GLORIA YOUNG BETTY NELL ZINKGRAF ' Page Fifty-live MARTIN ZOCH snr Qs LORETTA WOLF JAMES WOODARD SHIRLEY WRIGHT BERNICE YANTZ is.. T7 JO ANN YATES IDLE DREAMER 0 .Oo 0 . 0 . . 0 , X j 1 A X X1 ,Q eniozi Sherman fm! Holzx' 'lk-tl Willw, Sidney llatis sc-nu, .lvmminv Owens, Marilyn l.iu'f-, .lllllllly Mrmffzitt. Alan Wil- liuma. rom! lfoux- llurvvy Attra. Pat Kr-mp. Don lVloorlwzifl. Betty Zink- grzif, Allvn White, V. D. Hartley. Burl Wairrvn. lird Hom- .lorry Calalmn, Frank 'llI'illlElIl. lnuisv Hoskins, Travis Urnkv, Curtis Sliorrill. ' Przgr' Filly'-sir Carr Fronl li'011': .lo Ann South, .lllilllllil Smith, Nancy Scary, Dwight Hair- rivr. Bonnie Gray. Scffoml I1'011': Nl:iryAin1 Arlenns. .lunc- lmrllwttvr. llvtty llnrlson. Kuthlf-on Kaspvr, Nlaxwlizi llvisv. Juno Cling- inan. Yvonne' l.0Conitv, Third How: Vvrnon Pivrcv, Stvwurt Campbell, Harry Grvvn, llwiglit King, Hnrvvy Attra, Def- l'lY'iIllflS. Fourth Rout: G. ll. Burke-tl. Bill Crosby, Winston Durden. Waggaman mt How: Miss Waggaman, Joan Iriffin, Betty Tucker, Peggy Cren- fvelge, Margie Crump, Dolly Gar- ier, Barbara Kerr, Mary Cagle, Lottie Goull. Ymd Hour: Betty Zinkgraf, La Nell fischendorf, Marjorie Elsenbrock, Elizabeth Tunstall, Faye Godwin, Rose Shuttleworth, Nina Tipton, Georgia Knight, Gloria Conway. rird How: Walter Dale, Martel Cullen, Dewey Goldsberry, Kirby Ghmufey, Paul Gill, Garl Mellwain, ,.,,,,.,..- s,,....---0 mf. mmm., Stemble Front Row: Peggy King, Joann Felt .lorena Peterson, Joyce Hill, Jea Hill, Patsy Harrell, Pat Bean Betty Norman, Betty Lee Parrisl Charles Patronella, Bobbie Myr Hamer. Semnd Hour: Tommy Harper, De man llandle, John Foster, Ger Russell, T, K. Niland, Jimmi Willson, Millard Payne, lillio Pooley, Third How: Al Killgore, Paul .lohi son, Joe Kirkland, .lillIl0S Korgu Dale Hughes, Malcolm Hillendah George Harris, David Petty. eniou en IGM ......... Doering 'ont How: Lillie Mae Keepers, Mary Ann Greene, Pat Stratton, .lackie st. cyr. 'cond Row: Emma .lean Senkel. Betty Marie Sager, Margie Schil- ling, Patsy Smith, Betty Spinner, Lawrence Smith, Harold Scott. llifd Row: James Sykora, Conrad Strelau, Roger Stockton, Le Alvin Stark. ' Page F i fly-eight Free Front How: La Don McVey, Joyce lVlcMal1an, Pat Bailey, Mildred Moore, Loraine Brown, Jimmie Miller. Second Row: Mrs. Free, .lo lfrances Morales, Daisy Mae Mackey, Esther Morales, Margaret Crund- well, Dolores Martin, Clauflella Couvillion. Third Row: Phillip Snyder, Myreecc Sloan, Robert Mel"arlanrl, Pat Le- Blanc, Frank Roberts, .lames Woodward. Fourth Rout: Tommy VVaycoek. Edgar Love, Richard Lockwood. Billy Minturn, Royce Robin, More ris Robertson. Leonard 'ont Ifozv: lVlill'll.Yll Knox, Bernice Yanlz. Belly llainey, Betty Trages- ser, liarline Spaniel, llarliara Standard. .lillia l"ai'nsworth, 'rrnull1'o11'.' Margie llall, Doris Boone, llarliara llrown, .laelxie Kendrirk, llelly lVlelville, Aleela llrnderieli, .lean Wilrox, Gloria Morris. lfannie llesler. llirrl li,0Il',' l.awrenm'e llale. llilly Grifliii, Claude Davis, George lVlalone, lVli's. Leonard, Roy lrlllliill. .lolin llauek, Kenneth llnlsey. Pat Ceinino, is. ' A , 1 rl . I O I O I O O O O L Soncrant From Ifoui: Hilda Gotelier, Barbara Glaze, VVynona Talley, Gerry Baughman. Mary llendley, Vir- ginia VVhite, Betty llernsburg. Svrond Hour: Alpha lVIartin, Kathryn Verbois. Kathleen VVallare, Gloria Young, Ellen Stewart. Florence Van Loon, Loretta Wolf, .lanet Cooper. Third HOIIH' Willard Lange, liverett '1'llOIIliiS0ll, Burton Pills. .lolin Welwer, .lolin Shaw. Fourllz How: Kenneth clfilllillll, Claude Brinkley, Paul Johnson, T. K. Niland, Billy ltvans, l.eo Walker. Harvey Kemp. enio 25 Q enio-M Rawson lron1l1'm1 I irolsu Wommick Janet Snidow .lulii Ann 'Iisrhendorf in "1 71 ' Nincy Tuc or Dorothy Cl1I'lSl0Il0l .loycv Qouther- lind. Second Row: Sterling Sierk, David Thompson, Felix Fritz, Gordon Edgely, Roy Evans, Alfrvd Gross, Don Tigner. Bud Warren. ' Page Sixty Dement Front Hour: Phyllis Mostvrt, Am Todd. Louisv Hoskins, .lorry Cala han, Ruth Smith, Gary Price Regina Hollonhurg. Second How: Shirloy Wright, Flor enre Boho, Beverly 'l'lic-ocloro Evelyn Wilson. Audrvy Hopkinf Clara lVIarsh, Ruth Drummond. Third How: lfllmvr Cox, August Rat eau, Harry Doclgv, J. P. Humasor Fourth Row: James BlEK'liSll0Ell', .lac Hahn, Donald Groinvr. :GHny-Pearson It How: Betty Leonard, Carmen 'rez, Miss Mcilinly, Bose Kath- 'n llizzitola, Sally MfMurlry, lairy Suv llolminson, l.ila Pom-I mlinson. mrul Ilona- .lohn Milcllell, Johnny iel, Marian Mm''l1lan, Jerry liillips, lllladalia lN'll'l"errin. alnon Glider, Bill Grahoni, Mari- vn Murray, Murthy lloso Reyn- Oli. rd Hour: llolwrl .lam'olisen, Allmvrl larvia, .linnny Spurlovli. ' rrh Ifouvs Robert Alvarez, .lohn 'lalon0, .lack lllasli, Donald lN1or ls, .lohn Jones, lleroy Perales. raymond Gehring. Jackson-Ulmer Front How: Lena Williams, Shirley Easterly, Bobbie Butcher, Mary Broussard, Dolores Chaudier, Dorothy Christenot, Joyce Barnes, Joan Clutter, Betty Buth Brown. Second Row: Shirley Morel, Joan T Reed, Joyce Ilewellen, Hazel Dud- ley, Phillis Dobbs, Geraldine Robi- cheaux, Nancy Jeter, Mary Cecil, Bert Gray, Mary Lee Chase, Lora- dia Mayes. hird Row: Robert McCreary, Charles Kirkwood, Donald Krone, Fred Grissom, Billy Hurry, Sher- wood Boyd, Lloyd Britain, George Vlfhite. ' Page Sixty-one anion l anis-Z5 Bradshaw ron! llouv Nancy Ann Beitler. Annahelle Allen. Neva .loyec Brimherry. Barhara Bnth Barnes, Betty Anthony. llelen .lane Burk. Lucille Adams. Virginia Brooks. rmnrl lfoux' Mrs. Bradsh-aw, .Ioeene Foley. Palsy Beals. Leita Rue Atchison. Patsy Barlow. Kay Bar- nett. Ann Barlow. Bnth Ann Bod- zleker, Barbara Ann Barnes, Sandra Bordelon. 'llird lf0Il'.' Wayne lrhy, Dick Boyce. Bill Armstrong. Johnny Broker, Arvel Bean. llarolrl Black. 'ourtl11i'011'.' George Anthony, Donald Browning. Mike Batmanis, Philip Baker. Billy Andrews. ' Pngr Sirtv-lun i'2?Hf W I I I IS Front Row: Shirley Henry, Peggy Elliott, Marion Kiecke, Nova Allen. Jo Ann Albertson. .loycf Askin. Second Row: Mary Fuller. Gene Hopkins, Robert Willy. Dmialri Van lVIeter,Irving Haddon, Minna Jean Asbeck. Third How: Mr. Willis. .Ioe Henry Wieser, Bill Asbeck. I Gates ont Row: Helen Cmll, Mary Eva Dwyer, Shirley Duren, Shirley Davis, Carol Sue Davis, Nina Bess Chambers, Eloise Johnston, La Doris Cameron. cond Row: Mrs. Gates, Joyce Cone, Joan Clark, Norma Jean Calahan, Sherrill Carmichael, Betty Ann Chadwick, Anne Dunlop, Judy Canterbury, Helen Dunkin. zird Row: Billie Jean Crouch, Jo Ann Collins, Mary Ann Denny. turth Row: Milton Cooper, Dexter Culver, Louis Cutropia, Billy Cooper, Jimmy Cammark, Ray- mond Chambers, Donald Douglas, Johnny Calaway, Harry Carter. fl Levee .L As. Watson Front Row: Beverly Fleming, Elaine Good, Johnnie Mae Foley, Sue Hammet, Mary Anne Davidson, Ruth Lundwell. Second Row: Mr.Watson, Betty Her- mann, Jo Anne Gathright, Patricia White, Joanne White, Patsy Hanks, Anna Mae Lim. Third Row: Pat LaTouche, B. C. Estes, Jack Barber, Robert Lindsey, Donald Gosch, Clarence Estes, Thad Gillian. Fourth Row: Elmo Hale, Bobby Hard, Renegade Brown, Clyde Dupuy, Leon Gerlick, Billy Harris, Donald Lovell. unio- U Lcniou ......... Haynes Front Row: Betty Towler, Angelene Taylor, Juanita Rodgers, Martha Parks, Willie Ann Pier, Billie Sue Richardson. Semnd Row: Florence Richter, Jo Ann Pollock, Ann Rosenkranz, Marie Tardo, Joan Prince, La- vonne Pyle, Patsy Richey, Joyce Padon, Carole Purdy. Third How: Bernard Rodgers, Floyce Taylor, Ann Peterson, Fred Pon- tello. ' Page Sizly-four Daugherty Front Row: Sandra King, lris Brown, Rosemary Pyland, Re-tty Joan lVlcClinton, Marrie Micliels. Second Row: Lauretta Meillain, Doris Johnson, Betty Nelson, fienece Grimes, Betty Moore, Alice Krog. Third Ifouw J. D, McCambridge, Michael Nicholas, Jerry Jarrell. Harrell Moore. Harnson ron! How: Cllilflllilllll' Swygert, Margie Vermilye, Billie Joyce Sim- mons, Betty Stronp. rrorzzl Houf: Miss Harrison, Dolores Sage. Paula Sue Snyder, Marilyn Sutton, Shirley Warriner, Jerry Whipple. him' Ifow: .lnlia Shine, lionise Searls, Anita Sager, Kathleen Smith, Bar- hara Slater, Doris Wlieeler, Joan Marie Simpson. 'mrtll How: Jackie Sweeney, Felipe Sarahia, Boy Smith. Billy Tom Wilson. iflh Ifow: llnnter Sheridan, Robert Pot-r, llohert Smith, .lark VVrani- shar, John Sorenson, llanl W0t- tring. R. -o. Henderson Fronl Row: Mary Arechiga, Barbara Lorenz, Alta Marie Palmer, Miss Henderson. Second How: Janene Clark, Mary Alice Berg, Gloria Caldwell, Leslie Wright, Barbara Berry, Dorothy De Vien, Joydell McPherson, Velma Swonke, Mary Jean Magee. Third Row: Rose Marie Westerman, Anona Youngs, Betty Jean Payne, Barbara, Mary Lou White, Peggy Jean Dickey, Lucy Blakely, Janice Stoever, Janet Minella, Joyce Prescott. Fourth Row: Tim Banning, David Sellars, Gerald Huggs, Ted Ma- haffey. Standing: L l 0 y d e Bramble, Iverson Branan. ' Page Sizlyfliue union Q .go-jQAOmo+'re5 'er x ,Qnvw Johnston Ff0l1fROIl'.'J02lIl Smith, Mary Lou Jahn. Elaine Hoffman, Tommie Lou Brown, Betty .lime Kirby. Kathryn Logue-, Olga Zenda Miller. Srrond Row: Billy .loo Lee, Robert Hilmers, Don Irby, Lee Otis Kelso, Eugene Stvphens, Maurire Barrett. Third Roux: Howard Hosek, Peyton Srliuller, Bobby Godwin. ' Page Sixty-:iz l . 5 3 .V 4 mfg, M, Qu '?liz,w i:, . X , Fran! Row: Alleon Bonnott, llose Nlarie lVlcNPf-lvy, Lonorv N1-wton, Shirley Nlottcr. Svroml Row: Putririu llllgllP92, Sliirlf- Nlims. Lois Edwin, llurlmm Tilton. Third Roux' Paul 'Nlotzgvrx lllurt-im' Woliver, Bob Wadfl 1-ll. l.t-str-r David. RothschHd 'ont Rout: Marianna Forrest. Dixie Walston, Frances l'llll'lIll!Il. Mari- lyn Becker, Francis Ferguson, Barbara Feretlay, .loan llryant. fiom! How: Mrs, llotlisrlliltl, Anna llell llnrk, Ann lloring, Shirley Arnold, Jerry Ashley, Nlary Dna- frio, Mary .lane Marikos, Gloria llass, livelyn lflllll, lflizalieih Barron. 'ini How: lfrank Brown. Marvin My, .lint llrownllill, Ceorge Arm- strong, Kenneth llenton. 'lrth Ii,I7ll'.' llilly Barth, .lerry llris- 'oe, James Biehl. Lumpkin Front How: Frances Cronkite. Mary Ruth Cody, Joe Ann Cox, Esther Clements, Dorothy Durrenburger, Stanieee Wiggins, Gwen Hilde- brand, Mary Cremona, Clovis Chessher. Second How: Tommy Cole, Martha Arm Carroll. Peggy Chambers, Marie Duke. Betty Barnett, Tony Dibello. Third How: Willis Dent, Paul Difuro, Thomas Carroll, Carl Dudensing, Dr. Lumpkin. Fourth How: Glen Carnes, Charles Darnell, Cy Peabody, Marion Difuro, Hollis Choate, Don Collins, Dick Durham, Roy Duke. GIQAG-m0'ze5 0,24 0144 GTZ! W"MvcNfJf,?1.tll'5sfLii,ff5 V J' ,a Scarborough Front How: Shirley Maples, Winnie Faye lloye, Dean McKenzie, Fan- nie Lee Priest, Juan Parker, Joann Miller, .Jackie Quinn, Nlary line McMorris, Beverly Meadows. Second Roux' Harvey Thornton, David Rich, Benson Sharp, Jerry Mahan, Dickie 0'Brien, Glen Tol- lerence, Jacqueline Renter. Third How: llill MclVl0rris. Ray Rule, Mrs. Scarbormlgh, James Milton. John Newcomb. ' Pngr Sixty-righ! LyHe Front Row: Shirley l,awrence, l Delle Joseph, Edie Hollas, Maxi! Griffin, Peggy Holclitch, Martl' Holcomb, Jeanette Jacobson. Second Hour Harold Lee, Williai Holt, Pat Harris, Norman llav kins, Bert l,ee Hosea. Third How: Gene llav Kieschnic John Hanley, llay Loyacano. Nli Lytle. i K Mclean I"ront1t'ou': .loannv Sanclvrs, Doris Walton, livvlyn Vaughn. Eva Sullivan. Sf'mr111'lfou'f Quinton Siock. Maris' l.ouisv Vvrlmois, ll1'l'lllil Marie' Willlwlxn, llillio Strivlx-ck. Audrey l"lanagan. llvtly Singleton. Ray- mond Shuts-. 'l'l1ird Hllllk' llancly XlilllilC'l'Slily, liarl Vamlvrgolll. lm' Salamlino. Fourth l1'o11': .l, VV. Sills. .limmy Sonvs, llc-rlwrl Wolf, llolw Svlman. Artlnn' VVilson, Rilylllllllll Hold. 'l'nn Slum-ple-my Cunnny Sham. 3 u ,, 12 r Y Dilworth From How: Carole- Billingslvy, llilliv Christmas, Carolyn Chancllvr, Mznrilyn Bowman, Dianv Clark, .lo Ann Borflwrding, Doris llarlsclm, Sara Ann Charter. Semrld Row: Batty Cll00ll0VOI', .lo Ann Bundy, Lucillv Coury, Mari- lyn Casv, Nlarjoriv Dorranfo, .loy Ann Box, Bonnio Clapp, Patsy Ruth Cartor. Third l1'ou':Bvtly Joan Bra-vvvr. l'llizaA lwtll Burk. .lollnny Crain, Clmrlvs Crain. Fourth Roux' ICrlwarcl Brown, liarl Buys, Andy Carl, Anlon n0IlfllilllI'. ' Pngp Sixty-nim' . . . . . . . GIQAGIWZGTZJ .Y GFA 0144 02' ef ....... l l l s s 5 l Yates iron! Row: Doris lfckardt, Evelyne Brooks, Mildred Humason, Nancy Hendley, Edna Earl Horton, Ann Harrigan. 'cconrl How: Hazel Marie Hale, Freida Nell Hand, Barbara Harris, Norma Henry, Charlotte Hopper, Carol Ann Hood, Marlene Hale, Maureen Hornsby. Nlllifd Row: Clarence Hatcher, Jack Evans, David Hagler, Ross Evans, Irvin Hungerford. ' Page Seventy Ekman Front Row: Barbara Adkins, Juanita Freitag, Jimmy Dean Gatewood, Charlotte Dykes. Second Row: Kay Allison, Ethel Davenport, Marilyn Green, Nancy Daugherty, Shirley Gray. Third Row: .James Gray, Jimmy Gib- son, Jimmy Flowers, Bill Flanders. Fourth Row: Donald Ford, Wesley Floeck, Charles Ford, Arthur Gallager, Richard Des Rochers. Kenneth Jackson. f Greenhill Tron! How: Suzanne Minor, Barbara Murray, Joy Manigold, Nan Ad- kin, Evelyn Martin. Beth Miller. Melba McCann, 'erroml Row: Joyce Mrflollom, Onia Jean Mathews, hlildred lNTcClen- don, Barbara Myatt, l,eta Darleen Maley, Tomniie Lee Moreland, Betty Muckelroy. 'llird Row: Miss Greenhill, Robby Mfflay, James Moore, David Mor- ris, John Mrlllenny, Johnny 0'Dowd. 'op How: Robert Mann, Cliarles Kle- Cleary, Rill Nlilligan, .laines Malone. J Potter Front Row: Barbara Parrish, Joyce Rhodes, Anne Rodgers. Shirley Ann Lemmon, Janette Kelly, Bon- nie Pullin, June Peevey, Tommye Lee Pierce. Second How: Diane Penney,Yvonne Pratt, Lou Ellen Neighbors, Mah- deen Needham, Patsy Lovejoy, Marie Stanley, Elizabeth Parker. Third How: Rufus Priddy, Jerry Pat- terson, Sidney Jones, Thomas Power, Ronnie Laughter, Kenneth Lilie, C. M. Leonard, Ronnie Lunsford. Fourth Row: Brownie Northrup, Merle Price, De Wayne Pyle, Donald Williams, Charles Lubow- ski, Thornton Painter, Douglas Johnson. EFA 01440 'ref 0-,ado-me-'red Brady Front Row: Winona Ramey, Rose- mary Robertson, Gloria Bearden, Joyce Weisinger, Janet Rosen- kranz, Jo Rene Rousseau. 'Q , Dailey Front Row: Theadus Schrader, Sarah Ann Stamps, Barbara Stockbridge, Juanita Trull, Oma Lyn Treada way, Maurene Taylor, Dorothy Teer. Second Row: Carlene Swann, Leona Schifani, Rae Jean Smith, Mary Sneed, Nelda Jean Sloan, Glenda Taylor, Nellie Tarpey, Janice Stewart. Third Row: Alton Yauch, Eleanor Shuttlesworth, Alan Sisk, Carolyn Thacker, Ross Schillaci, Betty Springer, Anthony Schillaci, Char- leen Snapp, Carolyn Stevenson, Lee Sausley, Fourth Row: Dan Tucker, John Spieck, Mrs, Dailey, Alton Smith, Bill Sandel, Dick Thacker. Second How: Ruth Riesel, Dolores Wells, Eleanor Kessler, Margie Tyner, Alma Jo Rivers. Third How: Norwood Kent, Robert Kelly, Johnny Villasenor, Edmund White, Jerome Risley, Charles Winham. Fourth How: John Robert Voss, Richard Randall, Jereld White, Jesse Watson, Robert Wizoreck. ' Page Seventy-two Q' ??.af5,,qt-W ,M L 4 Roy From How: Jeanine Turner, Patricia Bass, Betty June Nletzler, Jacque- line Banning, Jenny Lou Robin- son, Donna Lou Wyatt, Betty Jean Ball. Svvonrl How: Felix Fritz, Beth Ann Small, Konnie Kenney, Catherine La Faso, Joy Denison. Third How: Charles Wallace, Tommy Sellers, Richard Wright, James Scott. 5 Dyer Front How: Elizabeth Reed, Je Jures, Charlcie Pate, Patrit Lave, Sue Remshurg, Lau Willen, Beverly Tartt, Loy Lovell. Second Row: Janet Heathcote, Ani Joyce, Fay Hardy, Dorothy Treadaway, Grace Riemann, Joy Lovell, Jo Ann Harbolt, Patrit Gholson, Barbara Gowan. Third Row: Kenneth Updegra: George Lance, Leroy Holle James Deyoe, Ben Baty, Janf Bock, Donald Tolar. Fourth Row: Tommy White, Ca Cox, Alan Hickman, James Ri Willis, Robert lVIcGann, Char Reibling. 67QA0l4'l6"Z'Z.1 e ate ine pzeameza . . . 246:12 JZZ Gu? 2261715 OF THE FAVORITES What is a favorite? According to Mr. Webster it's some- thing that is particularly liked. But to Austinites, the favorites stand for much more than that. Respected and admired by everyone they represent a goal toward which each of us works. Not everyone can be chosen most popular, best all-round, or beauty, of course. But everyone can strive to reach the standards which are prerequisite to these honors, and today's sophomore is dreaming of the day when he will, too, be a favorite. Character, personality, service, leadership, and scholar- ship are all taken into consideration by those who judge you. Our favorites have shown that they are worthy of our respect and admiration. Their records and achievements are an inspiration to us all. RUNNERS-UP CLASS FAVORITES Best All-Round Seniors ...................... Ruth Smith and T. K. Niland K T Most Popular Seniors ..... Marilyn Murray , and Frank Agnello ,vt ff, ". li E I D E1 X9 i s R 1 so . 1 ,gg , .. NE: . H. ,JV 12.- 1 ,xx 12.4 x X fivfgh --.N X - X Q- 'mx w Y Q-N y X X .1 'T Y THE SELECTION OE AUSTIN PERSONALITIES The Corral Favorite Section personalities were chosen in various ways this year. The beauty nominees were selected by the homeroom sections, the pictures made at Raeburn Studios, and then mailed for judging to Mr. Harry Conover of the Conover Modeling Agency in New York. Any person wishing to nominate someone for most popular boy or girl filed his nominations in the principalls office. The senior registrars recommended the person for best all- round boy and girl. The selection of the senior favorites was voted on by the seniors in their individual homerooms, and thus, We the student body selected our favorites. The students nominated qualified according to the Interscholastic League requirements: must be of good standing, C average, H conduct, passing in three half-credit subjects, and have the approval of their registrars. THE ORIGINAL NOMINEES For Class Beauty: SOPHOMORE "'Ball, Betty Bass, Gloria Buck, Anna Bell Buck, Elizabeth Chandlier, Carolyn Choonover, Betty Clemens, Esther Cox, Jo Ann "'Daugherty, Nancy Ferguson, Frances Greiner, Vonna Hale, Jo Ann Harholt, Jo Ann Ilendley, Nancy Hollas, Edie Jacobsen, Jeanette Matthews, Oma Jean McCollom, Joyce Parker, Joan ' ' ' Winners For Class Favorites BEST ALL-ROUND GIRL "'Adams, Mary Ann "'Barrier, Dwight Blackstock, Shirley Peevey, June Dahl, Dolores Pierce, Tommy Lee Davis, Carol Sue Ramey, Winona Risel, Ruth Sanders, Jo Ann Schroder, Theadus Springer, Betty Stamps, Sarah Ann Streibeck, Billie Tartt, Beverly Wilhelm, Bertha Willer, Laura JUNIOR Allen, Nova Barnes, Barbara Barnett, Kay Beals, Patsy Cahal, Margie Cecil, Mary Gray, Bonnie Hamilton, Suda Hendley, Mary Hill, Joyce Broussard, Mary Eileen ""Kasper, Kathleen Buys, Shirley Butcher, Barbara Clingman, Jane Clutter, Joan LeComte, Yvonne Lowe, Ida Lubowski, Marilyn Luce, Marilyn Ertz, Barbara Muckleroy, Dorothy Farnsworth, Julia Godwin Fa e Owens, Jeannine St C r Jackie , Y - Y q Gray, Berta Lee "'Smith, Ruth Des Rochers, Jacqueline "'Dickey, Peggy Jean Foley, Jonnie Mae Gray, Beita Lee Hammet, Sue Henry, Shirley Jeter, Nancy Johnson, Lyla Johnson, Sue Lee, Barbara McFerrin, Phadalia McMurtry, Sally Michells, Marcella Minilla, Janet Murray, Marilyn Parks, Martha Payne, Lanella Richter, Florence ii! lit Taylor, Barbara Talley, Wynona Tidmore, Autrey Robicheaux, Gerry Simmons, Billie Southerland, Joyce Stravacki, Imogene Swygert, Charmaine Tischendorf, Julia Tucker, Nancy SENIOR Adams, Mary Ann Anderson, Barbara Ball, Margie Brown, Barbara Crenwelge, Peggy Farnsworth, Julia Garner, Dolly Green, Marian Harrell, Patsy Heise, Martha Sue Hollenburg, Regina Schilling, Marjorie Tucker, Nancy Wolf, Loretta ' ' 'Kasper, Kathleen Keepers, Lillie Mae Kinsey, Jane Knight, Georgia Knox, Marilyn OUUL' P ivesay, atsy Look, Kitty Lubowski, Marilyn Maples, Virginia Miller, Jimmie Moore, Mildred Owens, Jeannine " ' ' Parrish, Betty Schilling, Margie Smith, Ruth Stewart, Ellen Theodore, Beverly Todd, Ann Wallace, Kathleen Wolf, Loretta "'Niland, T. K. Shaw, John Smith, Lawrence Stark, Le Alvin "'Strelau, Conrad Mosr POPULAR GIRL BEST ALL-ROUND BOY Williams, Alan Ball, Margie Bonney, Roger Brunson, Martha Carol "'Cullen, Martel ' " 'Burleson, Carolyn " ' 'Look, Kitty Morris, Gloria ' ' 'Moore, Mildred i U U Murray, Marilyn "' Top four candidates in primary election. ' Page Seventy-sir Hauck, John Kemp, Pat Korges, James McCreary, Kim ' ' 'Moffatt, J immy MOST POPULAR BOY " ' "Agnello, Frank ' ' 'Davis, Claude Monroe, Bobby Purvis, Burl Q' 4 we e of og? + oval '9 A ga xb' fi 0 I 00 K0 . V' 9 A ' 0 Q' 'S '30 1-9 o .1 Q1 X-0 '90 'bo' 9 410 Q0 50 fi 00 h 6 0 4 Q' 99: wb ff"'e"5 x at .xp ,yo 4,5 n K5 -,GO 10,30 . QQ- 500 m.y9bK,O0 coxxqof coo 5,-jx :bb-X, ofciwxo 0 vifw Q5 ic,'g,f9.Q inf? H A R R Y C 0 N 0 V F R V9 5 Y-0 9 59 09 . 494-K' f Q , 1 Q 0 6 va ' 0 o i5bN"o-x,qh0Q.Q'+ 00" 0t'.g00 fa-UQ inc-Bqzcfrl cevx qkoeeqveoo, 60.9 extgqpoxe 600602 ,ow xo J 'J' gen Q . 0v',dQ 13, ,Q-Q' We 0 Gel' .351 4 x -5 'O he V' to oldeb off Qxcovomicewof 6950 K, .5 ' , x 305.2-Q, 0N2:i943g,yx,'l' 9?-'S Q0 X 1904 + 0 9 0 ev 5- 0 ZS C '33 4930922490909 V990 -x,- 9:50 o X 9 9 49' Q 9 6+ 1 o 0 o . 0 io .3 4' -:P -1 5 xv li 'boo ve? Q20 -We We 61 -9' Y' 1 iv' N 1- Y O 'K .5 9 99 Q-Ol ,silt 49 P' 'X N 5X Q8- CANDY JONES O X4 4 Y' do 'X xfck Y X Mr. llnrry Conovvr. lllil'llY1'l'l'!' nf tlu- l-1llllIllINflIH'1'Y' Girl and Cnr:-1-i'Gii'l. ilulgvcl ilu- lfl-llfl lfrirrzil lx-nuty c'ui1h'stnlits. Uvvr 80 girls sulmiittvrl pllutogzrnplis. from wliirli Mr. Cinmvm-r pwsmizilly rllnsc- thx' fllY'C'l' lwnmivg and six runners-up, Miss Camdy .loin-s. intvr- iiaitimmlly faunous lwauty and mmlc-I. ziiclr-cl in ilu- mi'rc-spoilrlvnrr' livtwr-vn tlm staff mul Nr. llonovvr. Tlu- Stuff taikvs this UIbIHll'lllllllj' unu- ngnin to tlmnk Mr. Cnrmvor and Miss .lnnvs for tln-ir ln-lp in sol:-cling tlw lwzilxtiv'-2 slinwn lwrvwitll. ManolCiilloi1.lf1clitm- Ill-1-0 Currnl .5 iw N 09' X -x + in N 'I-s Nw r Sffgi if ,lr Qi 5 Q A X N wg A asa 1 Q x wg K' K 'R' .ff NH' kk.. Q Qdllze Sifzfcieck CHOSEN BY MR. HARRY CONOVEH AS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL SOPHONIORE f MARILYN MURRAY KASPYB BE ' LEW TTY B MTH ALL PA TSy LI 'Six PEGGY DICKEY NPN 'Pl 1 QAUGBEYK cz ! Representatives to the University oi Houston Frontier Fiesta 7om!woWwmmZMamZ6fflZm 6666346 Uwem D.A.R, soon CITIZENSHIP AWARD A . KU if 357 e SAE if islxiillffyet f f Qs. l X xx e me the pteamezd . . thefe ate out team! GF THE CLUBS Uniting and mobilizing the student body into an en- thusiastic, spirited group, the school clubs stand for the ideals of good citizenship and democracy that are so American. They put into practice the principles upon which our government is operated. Teaching and guiding the young of today to become the leaders of tomorrow, the school organizations and clubs are a vital part of Austin. Active clubs make active minds and the Booster Club is one of Austin's most active organizations. The sophomores look with anticipation to the time when they, like the seniors pictured, can take their places in the Booster Booth to carry out one of this club's various activities. Q 1 Fx fm a l 'Q , M f 3 M ks : " 6 h A I 53 'xjfx NX 'f-.., ,, Aw. f ' 1 . 421. S +, , 5 ,. .21 A - "X - W ,- WN . A 5. x .N , x "RIS - N- I . f .,,..., K . , , . 1-X - Q L - gg, .w if-fwfr f y K , MQW -:il f E . . 4, S - x . - xx, ls , xwfigful Qff-A A if x I . V ' i Martel smilingly works on the '49 Corral dummy Kathleen checks all layout pages for accuracy THE 1949 CORRAL STAFF MRS. l+1lVlll,Y YATICS VVith glad sighs of relief, the 1949 Corral Staff has closed its books, put away its paste and scissors. covered its typewriter, and locked up its camera for the year. Room 119 has been buzzing constantly since September: First came the subscription campaign which turned out satisfactorily. Then the staff Covered Houston sclieiting ads. With the suliscriptions and ads sold, the staff could concentrate in turning outa book to please everyone. There were times when the going was toughldeadlines to be metfpictures to be remadef -'sections to be outlined and changedgbills to be straightened out. To the staff, all the work, planning, and worry was well spent if the Corral recalls to each of you pleasant memories of a wonderful school year. Now it's up to you, the readers, to give your verdict. Barbara records a recent collection of money in her ledger. Loretta totals the number of '49 Corrals sold. "Sugar" alphabetizes senior pictures. FEW' , Ruth. Toni. and Peggy rhat o1'er Il new photograph just XX. reeei ved . illarrella and Barbara recon! the sale of horneroorn spare. foyer' and Randy fherk the afirertising section of the '47 Corral. W6 Editor'in-Chief Assistant Editor. . . Senior Editor. . STAFF .......,.......Martel Cullen . . . .Kathleen Kasper . . . . ."Sugar" Swoboda D L 'Kimi Literary Editor .... .... T oni Lubowski Homcroom Editor. . , , . .Barbara Brown Business Manager. . . , .... Barbara Erzt Circulation Nlanager ,,........ .Loretta Wolf MEMBERS Ruth Ann Boddeker Marcella Michels Claude Brinkley Billie Sno Richardson Peggy Dickey Elmo Hale Beverly Tartt llandy Vanderstay Joyce Mclwahan Plaiuir' ana' Elmo mull over a new sport layout. Mrs. Yates hunts busily for our Corral Sir Weeks' Test. Billie Suv and Bpnprljy type inzfoires for the advertising manager. H.. 1 G? .4 0 1. X. ,....::."2L.- Dwight, Miss Stemble, and Alan ad- mire the Round-Up's trophy cup. Millard, Elliott, and Le discuss page make-up for the April Fool's issue. Doris, Pat, and Le check advertising solicitors. ' Page Ninety Round-Up MISS BETSY STEMBLE "Where are those features for page three?" "Say, is that editorial fin- ished yet?" 4'Two more news stories still out!" If you should stroll past room 117 at the sixth period some afternoon and hear these comments, you could be sure the Round-Up deadline was drawing near. It may sound like bedlam, but from the apparent confusion the staff publishes a paper that Austinites can really be proud of. For twelve years it has sought to bring about closer understanding and cooperation between the students and faculty and to promote greater sup- port of school functions. Martel. Alive. Betty Sue, and Pat rherk headline Ann, David, and Mary Lou find time in bpfwpgn 001011. their many duties to read Readerls Digest. Peggy, Kitty, and Palsy read stories lurned in by the Journalism classes. Editors ......... Dwight Barrier and Alan Williams Co-Associate editors ..,,.....,. Millard Payne and Elliott Pooley Business managers ,,..... Le Stark and Pat Stratton Page two editor ..... ....... ...... P a tsy Richey Page three editor ..., .... S ally McMurtry News editor ......,,.. ..... D avid Petty Assistant news editor .... .... T oni Lubowski Feature editor ..,.... ...,...,... K itty Look Column editor. .. ..,. Tommie Lou Brown Society editor .... STAFF Marion, Tommie Lou, and Sally read efrhanges. Club editor ...., Literary editor .... Sports editor ........ ..., . . . .Bonnie Gray . . . .Mary Lou White . . . ......,... Le Stark Assistant sports editor. ..,....... Leroy Shoemaker Advertising managers Doris Wheeler and Le Stark Circulation manager .... .......... A life Kennelly Exchange manager. . . Staff artist ..,..... Photographer .... . . . . .Elaine Hoffman . . . .Ruth Ann Boddeker ............Martel Cullen Sponsor ................ Miss Betsy Joyce Stemble .......Ann Lucy ' Page Ninezy-om y MUSTANG BAND Unsurpassed by any other high school band in musical ability and technique, the Mustang group is a pride to all Austinites, Under the excellent and artistic direction of Michael Spampinato, better known to all as "Spamp", the year was a full one for the Pony musicians. During football season, the band was always present at games to encourage our players and boosters alike with its fury, and spirited numbers. In the early part of February, seven band members represented Austin at the All State Clinic and Band Festival held in Galveston. March 12 found the entire group in Conroe for a music festival. and on March 26 they journeyed to Dayton for a contest. Representatives of the group attended the Huntsville State Band Contest on April 9, The Mustangs invaded Dallas, April 28-50, for an outstanding nieet. Two special busses were hired for the trip, which was unforgettable. As usual, the band's two auditorium programs were a treat to everyone, and at its annual night concert, April 26, .there wasn't a vacant seat to be found. The members of the organization received a special thrill when they were asked to drill in tie parade for the world premiere of "The Green Promise." ' In May, they laid aside their music and instruments and took time off for their annual picnic at Lvondale Park. OFFICERS Captain ......,.. .,............,... l lobby Monroe First Lieutenants . . .,........ Julia Ann Farnsworth Plivllis Mostert Second Iiieuteuants ,...., Barbara Glaze and Vernon Pierre Major .,........., ...,.,.... ...... N I arilyn lVlurray blajorettes .... .... I .oretta WVolf and Sue .lohnson F , , --1-, 1 ,uid , R,-'1f5J.5... X W!!-'-'24 llze officers Vernon Pierce 1111111 Ann Farnsworth, Phyllis Moslert, Barbara Glaze, Bobby Boyd, Ioan Clutter, Hugh Ire Lachey lzmrny Hulchlnson, and Gary Price decked out in full regalia. CLARINETS Marvin Aly Shirley Davis Julia Ann Farnsworth Audrey Hopkins Jimmy Hutchison Joyce Lewellen Patsy Lovejoy Marian McLachlan J. L. Patterson Herman Randolph LeRoy Smith Carolyn Stevenson Donald Tatum Glenn Tollerene Arlen Wiggens FLUTES Pat McCracken Carl Mcllwain Elizabeth Parker June Peevy Howard Rogers OBOE Bernard Rogers SAXAPHONES Bobby Boyd Robert Jacobsen Pat La Touche Clara Marsh Ruth Murphree Kendall Ramey Raymond Reid DRUMS Royal Allen E, A. Boehler Mary Broussard Philip Burns Bobbie Butcher Joan Clutter Barbara Glaze Patsy Smith BASSES Roy Lobon Gary Price Benson Sharp BASOON Alice Krog fs Ei gi- TRUMPETS Harold Hock Billy Jordon Robert Kelley Kathryn Logue Bobby Monroe Dickie O'Brien Randy Vanderstay Thomas Vogt George White TROMBONES Ed Alvarez Earl Buys J imm Flowers Hugh Lee Lackey BARITONES Jerry Mahon Joe Neal Leroy Warren Edmund White FRENCH HORNS Bill Brown Emma Jean Dewe Phyllis Mostert FIRE DEPARTMENT ron! roux- James Blarkshr-ar, assistant battalion chief, Frank Agnello, battalion rhief, Earl Marleloy, chief, T. K. Niland. assistant chiefg Leo Stegall, battalion chief. ark row: Martel Cullen, assistant battalion chief, Miko Batmanis, captaing Elliott Pooley, battalion Chief, Edward Thompson, captain, Conrad Strelau, captain, Jack Selstacl, assistant battalion chief. F SAFETY PATROL Fran! rout: Ted Connor, Bill Norton, Charles Gwaltney, Ervin Asbeck, Glen Loggins, Billy Hurry, James Wood- ward. Martin Zock, Emelio Sarabia, Felipi Sarabia. Second row: James Goettce, Willard Lange, Gene Grosiean, Govan Griffin, Jackie Glash, Morris Robertson, Bill Robinson, Lawrenfe Newton, John Webber, Robert Ehrlund, Bill McMorris. Third raw: Sherwood Boyd, Charles Kirkwood, Robert Alveraz, Enloe Adams, Gene Hopkins, Fred Pontello, Jimmy Moffatt. Quinton Sieck, Gene Russell, David Rich, Arlen Wiggins, Billy Earl Evans, Billy Minturn, Tommy Waycott, Jack Denny, Earl Buys. Fire Patrol MR. .JAMES H. GOETTEE Clang! Clang! Clang! wcnt the be Ding! Ding! Ding! wont the gong Down the stairways with nary a yt Went the students in a silent thror Why the ringing of the gong? Why the silent, orderly throng? A fire drill at 'ole S. lf. A. Just in case ther0's a blaze some de' 6'Better be safe than sorry," shot be the motto of thc fire patrol w helped make Austin's l-I'0QllClll dri a success. Thanks to their vffirien Austinites would have little to fc from the real McCoy. Safety Patrol MR. JAMES H. GOETTEE If a casual visitor should st down the halls at 'ole S. I". A.. might mistake the hall monitors mischievous students who were bt punished. However, just lot. some student to slip by them without signing he'll find out who gets punished Just be sure you always have admit. though. and vw-i'yIliiiig be fine. Hospitality Club lVllSS RUTII DAUGIIICRTY lfostt-ring good will and friontlly rt-lations throughout, Ponyland, tho Hospitality Club typifivs tho Austin spirit. It sponsort-tl purtios. pirnirs. llziyritlos and aft:-rscllool ll2lllfl'S. But most unfor- ggvttnlmlt- ol' ull its urtiyitit-s was tho lost Nsxltlllil PFUIIIN. Austinitos smlly said l'Aloha" to this rluh ontl its innjor projt-vt. tht- l"roln. Front row: Dwight Barrivr. Bvvrwly Tlworlorv. Shirlvy Blarkstork. lVlary Hrfndley. Jackiv St, Cyr. Betty TFGQZTPSSPF, ltlnrlinv Spnnivl. .lo Ann South. IliIIlPll0 Pzlyno. Fl0I'l'IlC4' Vein l,oon. .hmnita Smith. Svvrnltl' rout: .lzinvt Goopor. lNlan'y .loan Griffin. .loznivttv Smith. Patsy Stratton. Lil Koopcrs. Gorry R0lJlCll6ill,lX, Poggy King. llotty Stoplwns. Lorrainv Swirls. Wynorm Talley. Batty Pmmey. illlllilll row: lluroltl llorlx. Carolyn Bnrloson. ltlu lxlillltll' liowo, Doris Boone. Nlary Ann Pratt. Bvtty Noll Zinkgraph, lXlnria1n Grvon. lxlilfltlll Kiorlu-. Louiso Hoskins. Funny .lo Hosts-r. .loan Wilcox. Dorothy llnberlv. Mary Ann l'4-tt-rs. I"OI1l'fll roux- Elliott Pooloy. lvlilflill Zorh. Billy Gronncl, Travis Drzlko. Jimmy lVl0fl'Ptt. Billy Tom Griffin, Hnrvoy Attrn, Donald lNloorvh0ml. Paul Johnson. Iiyln Johnson. Hobbit' Myrlc' llaimor. George Harris. Clyde Duprey. Ififlh row: Nlillaml l'nynv. .lolln Shaw. Tod Wilde-. Allan Whito. Myreorv Sloan. Tommy Hzn'p0r. Robert Willy, ltfvvritt Thomason. Qi S ss Ag. WAS IT A STRIKE. JULIA ANN? Front row: Millard Payne, Frank Chambers, Jimmie Willson, Pat LeBlanc, Don Huff, Walter Dale, Murray Leva. Second rout: Lawrence Smith, ,Glenn Tollerene, Royce Robin, Elliott Pooley, Malcolm Ilellendahl, George Ilarris, Billy Brown. Third row: Kim McCreary, Darrell Fleming, Travis Drake, .James HHFPOF. Patil Johnson, Kirby Cliancey. Phil Snyder, VVayne Shoemaker, Miss VVaggaman. Rolling Ponies MISS ADICLE VVAGGAMAN "Rolling along together ...... " could well serve as the the: song of the Alley Cats, Pin Heads, Topy-Turvy Ten Pins. and otl' bowling teams in the Rolling Ponies. Its 65 active members composed six boys' and seven girls' tean Every Thursday afternoon they could be found competing agaii each other at the Recreation Bowling Palace. In March, the teams entered the National Ilowling Tourname' The Gutter Girls took first place in Houston in the girls' divisit For this they were awarded small chenille "II's." Throughout the year the Rolling Ponies participated in pract' tournaments with teams from other Houston high schools. In April, the five girls and the five boys with the highest av: ages and the best ability to play in competition were chosen to rep sent the Austin league in the Jaycee 'l'ournament. These ten mernbe were also awarded small "H's". The high school bowling clubs held their annual banquet Nl 10 at Ye Old College Inn. Austin furnished the master of ceremon for the occasion. In May the members on the winning boys' and girls' teams the Austin league received chenille letters. Much of the credit for the club's success is due to its tireli sponsor, Miss Waggaman. With her vigor, vitality, and cheerful tl position, she is loved by all the members, Front row: Betty Jo Melville, Bon V. Bray, llert Gray, Yvonne l Comte, Pat Bailey, Faye Godw hlartha Carole Brunson. Second row: Miss Waggaman, ' I.owe. Evelyn Wilson, Dean P Kenzie, Ile ty Twoler, Iletty Je Mcfllinton, Joan Griffin, N Shrayer. Third row: Alpha Jo Martin, Frances Wlorales, Bernice Ya! Barbara Parrish, Ann Ilosendra Janet Rosendranz, Betty Parri Dolores Martin. Fourth row: Ftegina Ilollenburg, A Todd, Betty Brewer, Carole l lingsley. Joyce Ilollien, Julia I' Tischendorf, lleverly Theodore, Delle Joseph. Doris lloone, Dial Penny. 0 r c h e s t r a MR. MICHAEL SPAMPINATO Austinites l1ad many opportunities during the year to enjoy the fine music of the orchestra. During football season, the auditorium rang with the cheers of an enthusiastic student body, and the spirited school songs and marches performed by the orchestra. Combining the popular and the classical, the orchestra added to the enjoyment of the music depart- ment's two auditorium programs and annual night contest. On April 8 the group played for the banquet of the Texas State Teachers Association at the Rice Hotel. MEMBERS Royal Allen, E. A. Boehler, Bobby Boyd, Bill Brown, Bobbie Butcher, Charles Darnell, Gordon Edgley, Peggy Fulcher, Barbara Glaze, Joyce Hill, Harold Hock, Carol llunl, Robert Jacobsen, Alice Krug, llllgll l.ackey. lxlnrray l,eva. Joyce Lewellen, Marilyn Luce, .lo Ann Mandola, Clara Marsh, Melba McCann, Carl Mcllwain, Robert McKenzie, Bobby Monroe, Cleo Monteau, Phyllis hflostert, Shirley Motter, Barbara Murray, J. l.. l'alterson, Gary llrire, lien- dall Ramey, Raymond Reid. Alma Jo Rovers, Louise Searls. Patsy Smith, Leroy Wlarren, Jean VVil- vox. -or mt ....-.-.Q 5 . " axe.: Y a-'JB lf- N 1 2 'sflbmilw W. f 'juli' N Q s ,3- 3 , :XX v :i- .mzrffei-1 --3 . . X., . ...aids I 5. Xt 1 'I S' SI ' Z5! 'f "' '-' ..... N... .- ' alll? ie ,X B. LEGION STUDENT AWARD CLUB Front row: Charlotte Dykes, Shirley Motter, Jeannie Owens, Joyce Hill, Joan Bryant, Joan Clutter. LEGION STUDENT AWARD MRS. PAULINE CROUCH Were you awarded the Legior Student Award in the nintl grade? If you weren't, this organi zation is not for you. The boy and girl in the nintl grade at each junior high with th4 highest record of scholarship serv ice, leadership, and character re ceive this award. Second row: Gene Hopkins, James Korges, Quinton Sieck, Mike Batmanis, Mrs. Crouch. ' P C189 Ninety-Seve? Third row: Irvin Asbeck, G. D. Burckett, Robert Mann. BOOSTER CLUB MISS RUTH GREENHILL Some 750 members strong, the 'Booster Club is the backbone behind Austin High. As the largest club at Austin its influence and activities are far reaching. Foremost in the club's activities is its support of school athletic events-qfootball in particular. Every season the club maintains a special cheering section for members, to encourage the team onward. At the end of the football season, it annually sponsors the Bronco 'VVhirl, honoring football squad members. The Booster Club also sponsors Christmas and Valentine ,post offices where, for a nominal fee, students can have cards delivered. ' In addition to these activities, the club annually 'presents the cheerleaders with sweaters and letters. We all agree that the Booster Club boosts Austin-but it's their sponsor, Miss Ruth Greenhill, who boosts the Boosters. Without her wise, understand- ing leadership, the club would have a hard time maintaining its record of achievements. OFFICERS Chief Booster .......... ...Raymond Gehring Cash Booster' ..................... Marilyn lxnox Assist mt Chief Booster, .. ...Martha Sue Heise Lawyer Booster ...,......... .... onrad Qtulau Scribe Booster ........ ..... D olores Dahl Bouncer Boosters. .Roger Boneys Jllllfl T154 hU'd0'f Miss Greenhill and the officers, Raymond Gehring, Marilyn Knox, Roger Bonney, Martha Sue Heise Com id Strelau and Dolores Dahl, relax after one of the Booster meetings in the cafeteria. MUSTANG BOOSTER CLUB 750 STRONG The Bronco Whirl Committee, Raymond Gehring, Martha Sue Heise, and Leroy Taylor, was largely responsible fo the success of this year's Whirl. STEM af YN. .1-1 4 S SSSis,, inffiq S P B THE 19-L9 MUSTANG BOOSTER CLUB AT A MASS MEETING MISS ICVIQLYN McGIN'I'Y Looking back ovcr the ycar, tho Sonior Snhwllc-hs havt- tnctnorios of many exciting 1-vc-nts. In Dc-cc-inhor thvsv ghoulish girls rackorl their brains thinking up ich-as for initiating the .Iunior Sub-Dohs. To provv thvy XYl'l'0ll'l quitt- So crucl, though, they formally initiatt-tl tht- juniors at a banquet at thc Ship Ahoy in March. Completing tht' svllotltllv for tho yt-ar was a forinal Christmas clancv in thc- gym antl a swinnningg party and picnic at Lyondell Park in May. OFFICERS Kneeling: Shirley Buys. treasurerg Dorothy Muckf-lroy, corresponding secretaryg lVlarjor.e Schilling, vice-presidonlg Nancy Tucker, sergeant-at-arms. Standing: Pat Stratton, recording secretaryg lVIary Ilvncllcy. president. Regina Hollenburg, social chairmang Betty Jo Mr-lvillo, hostess. Front Row: Kathleen Kasper, Kitty Look. Carolyn Burleson. Norma .loan Ciar- tvr. .hwy Swohotla. lxllll'1'-Y 'liiflHl0I'4'. lVIartha Carol Ihnnson. l'al llailvy. .Io lfranct-S Nioralt-s. Second Roux' .lo Ann VVc'aw-i'. Nlarillvn Luce. Patsy Smith. .Ioan Kilnltf-r. Phylis Nlostort. Shirltw lhiys. Dwight Ilarrior. liarhara Brown. Third ltolr: .hilia Ann lfarnsworlli. Pwllqx' Spinncr. Nlary Iicntlloy, Dorothy Nlncklcroy. Nancy 'lilIi'l'il'I'. .lvaninv Owens. fxiariorio Schilling, Front liOIl'.' lit-gina llollt-nhurg. Dolores llaltvrson. Nora Allvn, lWary Ann Adams. Ann Lucy. .Io Ann South, All-via llrorlorick. lNlinna .loan Ashc-ck. Srv'on1l lt'ou': Iistlwr lVIoralcs. lVIarilyn l.nc0. Palsy llarrvll. linima .Ivan Sf-nkol. l,a Nell Paync. .loyco Hill. Ill-rniro Yantz. Dolores Dahl, Yvonne l,0Co1nptc. Tllirrl lfoux- Martha Snr' ilcisv. Pcggy lClliotl. Pat Stratton, .loycv lWclVlahan, Holly l.ou Parrish. Julia Ann Tis- chvndorf. Bc-tty .lo Mvlville. Alpha Martin. my-I Frou! Row: Patsy Barlow. l.eita Rue JUNIOR SUB-DEBS MRS. Nl.XR.lOllllC DYICR "Did you see the red underwear and purple shoes Susie haul oui' Anil that hone in lletty's hair!!" So the Con- versation went as the Junior Suh-Delis started a successful social season with their informal initiation at Ilerlnann Park on Deeenlher 5. Quite a Contrast, to this was their forinal initiation at a banquet at Ship Ahoy. Olher events of the year were a haru dance, a "hack- warcl" mlanre on April l"ool's Day, and a picnic at Lyon- ilell Park in May. OFFICERS Kneeling: Barbara Berry. sergeant-al-armsg Kathleen Smith, social rhairmang Ann Dunlop. treasurer. Marcella Michels, vice- president, S'l11nn'ir1g: Shirley Henry. program Chairmang Ruth Ann Bocldeker, recording secretary. Mrs. Dyer. sponsorg Jo Ann Pollock, presidentg Sherrill Carmifhael. membership secretary. Atrhinson, Ann Rosenkranz. Carol Sue Davis, Beverly Fleming. Carole Purily. Slurli- hliuuns. .lovenv Foley. Ann Peterson. Judy Canterbury. Svrorzrl Row: Martha Parks. .Juanita Rodgers. Ann Barlow. Palsy Beals. Mary Lucille Ailaxns. Alive Krog. .loan Simpson. l.ois liilwin, llarbara l,0e. Annabelle Allen. lloselnary Py- lancl. lflorenre llirhter. lfloyre Taylor. Virginia Brooks. Front Row: Rose Marie Westerman, Mary Svro Ann Denny, Peggy Jean Dickey. Joanie Parker, Patricia Hughes, Joan Prince, Helen Jane Burk, Sue John- son, Betty Jean Payne. ml Ii'o11': Janene Clark. Velma Swonke. Joyce Prescott, .Josephine Kelley, Kay Barnett. Lucy Blakely. Paula Sue Snyder. Billie Sue Richardson, Leslie Wrighi. Mary Jean Nlagee, Anona Youngs. R.0.T.C CAPTAIN JOHN C. HOLMAN SGT. MALCOMB PHILLIPS SGT. CLARK BLACKBURN .I , U, lik 75 ts. " .Qvt.f:4.t.t-at-so . 1 - at A .-xg ,, I-he 4514: I 6 '-s., The organization of today that prepares for tomorrow-that's the Austin Reserve Officer's Training Corps. I This year was a full one for the cadets, with lectures, movies, inspection, parades, and trips for the rifle team to keep them busy. Included in their course of study were such subjects as the world military situation courtesies, customs, and rules of conducts, individual weapons and marksmanship, military tactics, and the mili- tary history of the United States. Once a week was devoted to planned and controlled athletics. The boy's rifle team was kept busy all spring with matches and trips. In January they parti- cipated in the 4th Army Rifle Match and in February they fired in the national Randolph Hearst Rifle Match. The boys drove up to Arlington, Texas, in March, for the 4th Army sponsored State Rifle Match and a week-end of festivities. In April the team fired intercity matches in Galveston and San Antonio. Finally in May the boys took part in the City Rifle Match. The team was composed mainly of Military 1's so prospects for next year's team are excellent. Not to be left out, the sponsors formed their own rifle team and fired paper matches with the sponsors of other Houston schools. For this they received 7 inch chenille letters. Among the varied social events of the corps, the Officers Ball at the Rice Hotel, a picnic to Clear Lake, a combined talent show and picnic at Milby Park, the Cadet Battalion Dance in the gym and the fishing trip to Galveston were the most outstanding. The cadets, sponsors, and the instructors alike agree that 1949 was a good year for the R.O.T.C. Company A INSPECTION!! Left to right: Capt. Lubowski, Lt. Col. Smith. Pvt. Ptatissf-au, Pvt. Wise, Capt. Faulkner, Pvt. Taylor, Sgt. YVilson, Pvt. Driscoll, Pvt. Parker, Pvt. Lu- bowski, Pvt. I-Ienery, Sgt. Cole, Pvt. Fletcher. AIM RIGHT!! Left to right: Lt. Wranisher, Pvt. Kendell, ist Sgt. Thompson, Pvt. Johnson, Pvt. Hanley, Sgt. Evans, Pvt. Dent, Sgt. Shepler. CAN YOU TAKE A GUN APART AND PUT IT TOGETHER AGAIN? Left to right: Pvt. Hitt, Sgt. Andrews, Sgt. Brownino, Sgt. Armstrong, Sgt. Collins, Sgt. Vandergoltz, Pvt. Parker, Lt. Batmanis. Company B GAS ATTACK!! Right to left: Instructor Lt. Cooper, Pvt. Zennecker, Sgt. Metzger, Sgt. Gosch, Sgt. Calaway, Lt. Black, Sgt. Latouch, Pvt. Tigner, Pvt. Vander- stny, Sgt. Carter, Pvt. Fisher. Pvt. Baker. P KNOCKOUT? Left to right: Pvt. Brannen, Sgt. Estes, Pvt. Bennett, Pvt. Phister, Pvt. Becker, Pvt. Alvarez, Pvt. Louell, Pvt. Nicklos, Pvt. Galloger, Pvt. Tharp, Pvt. Meek, Pvt. Moys- ten, Pvt. Mayhan, Pvt. Cooper, Capt. Verbois, Capt. Grey, Maj. Le Compte, Capt. Dahl. WHAT'S THE TARGET? Lelt to right: Sgt. Mann, Pvt. Schallaci, Pvt. Jack- son, Capt. Holman, Capt. Grey, Maj. Le Compte, Capt. Dahl, Pvt. Taggard, Pvt. Gaither, Pvt. Pruit, Sgt. Hagler, Pvt. Kent, Pvt. Shoemaker. SCOTTISH BRIGADE MISS BEATRICE LYTLE With a blare of the bugles, a roar of the drums, moans of the bagpipes, and a flare of bright plaid the Brigade proudly marched out in another successful year. Its beloved sponsor, Miss B. Lytle, is responsible for the unique drills the girls perform, while we are indebted to Mr. Michael Spampinato C'fSpa1np" to most of usl for his wonder- ful help on the drums, bugles, and bagpipes. Aside from drilling the Brigadiers enjoyed their bowling every Wednesday. Early in August the new girls were initiated at the annual picnic held at Lyondale Park. A group of bagpipers and our Colonel performed at a lunch- eon in the Rice Hotel. As before, the Brigadiers had fun presenting their annual Brigade Follies. April 29 came again with a sad group of old officers relinquishing their braid, brass, and stripes to the overjoyed new officers. The Brigade, o11e of the strongest links in the backbone of our school spirit, should be well rewarded. E , 7 W 7 fir.. .l Colonel ..... Carolyn Burleson Lt. Colonel of Reserves- . , , , , , Kathleen Kasper Colonel Carolyn Burleson Lt' Colonel of Records- Lt. Colonels Jeannine Owens . . . . . . Jeannine Owens d K hl K Adjutant Major- an at een asper . . . . . , Autrey Tidmore Drum and Bu le Mah,-- Look, and Dwight Barrier Majors Autrey Tidmore, Kitt g 1, ..,........KmyL00k Drill Major . . .Dwight Barrier Page One-hundred-four ' FLAGS CaptainA'Marilyn Lure F! li lieutenant-Evelyn Blarkmon l '- Ruth Ann Boddeker, Mary Lee Chase, Peggy 'i' Elliott, Beverly Fleming, Jean Hill, Kathleen Smith, Paula Sue Snyder. Jackie St. Cyr, Betty J oyre Traggesser. BAGPIPES Captain-Mariorie Sfhilling l.ieutenantAI.a Don McVey Top SergeantANanCy Tucker Bottom Sergeant-Nlartha Parks Ann Barlow - Drummer, Margie Cahal, Anne Dunlop, Martha Holcomb, Sally MrMurty - Drumnier, Beth Miller, Mahdeen Needham, Alta Marie Palmer, Joan Parker, Jo Ann Pollock, Carole Purdy, Jo Ann Russell, Beverly Tartt. BUGLES Captain '--- Shirley Buys lieutenant V-Betty Spinner Sergeant - Dorothy Christnot Sergeant Josephine Kelly Sergeant--lN'lary Fuller Sergeant llelen Crull Sergeant Dorothy Muckelroy Sergeant-V-l"rain'is Atkinson l"lorenre Bristow, Helen Jane Burk, La Doris Canierson, Billie Jean Crouch, hlary Ann Denny, Charlotte Dykes. Elaine Good, Shirley Gray. Peggy Holclitch, Sandra King, Lauretta McClain. Ann Peterson, Joan Prince, Billie Sue Richardson, Theaclus Schrader, Nelda Jean Sloan, Juanita Trull, liarline Van Loon. Doris Walton, Dolores VVells. DRUMS Captain Shirley Henry l,ieutenant -'Ann l.ut'y Sergeant Sainniye Kuhn Sergeant Juanita llotlgers Sergeant lfinnia .lean Senkel Sergeant .loyre Szintlieilanil l,ieta llue Atchison. Patsy Barlow, Kay Barnett, Gloria Bass, Georgia Boring. Annabelle Burk, lililalmeth Burk, Nina Bess Chainhers, Jo Ami Collins, Johnnie Main- Foley, l"rant'es l"urnian. I.eta lwaley, Jo Anil Sanders, Barbara Slater, Harvey Thornton, Esther Villasenor. fl ,.-.-f-wr ' 3-v"""c , , iii. COMPANY B Captain-Barbara Brown Lieutenant-Marion Kiecke Top Sergeant-Mary Hendley Bottom Sergeant-Janet Cooper Jo Ann Albertson, Annabelle Allen, Sandra Bordelon, Judy Canterbury, Sherrill Car- michael, Mary Ruth Cody, Jeannette Jacob- son, Joyce McCollom, Suzanne Minor, Barbara Myatt, Tommy Lee Pierce, Joyce Prescott, Florence Richter, Ruth Riesel, Leona Schifani, Velma Swonke, Floyce Taylor, Shirley Warriner, Juanita Willy. COMPANY A Captain-Nancy Sory Lieutenant-Mary Ann Peters Top Sergeant-Earline Spaniel Bottom Sergeant-Margie Crump Jo Ann Borcherdine, Joy Ann Box, Nancy Daugherty, Lois Edwin, Evelyn Finn, Jo Ann Harbolt, Nancy Hendley, Carole Ann Hood, Jo Ann Jaenecke, Barbara Lee, Mildred McClendon, Phadalia lVIcFerrin, Nlarcella Michels, Shirley Mims, Betty Nelson, Fannie Lu Priest, Bernice Reese, Anne Rodgers, Glenda Taylor, Dorothy Jo Treadway, Shirley Wilemon. wdqdvw-,,,.f'f' - nr Il COMPANY C Captain-Joy Swoboda Lieutenant-Shirley Blackstock Top Sergeant-Lanelle Payne Bottom Sergeant-Norma Jean Carter Shirley Arnold, Joyce Askin, Elizabeth Bar- on, Pat Bass, Barbara Berry, Virginia Brooks, Diane Clark, Jo Ann Cox, Peggy Jean Dickey, Juanita Freitag, Norma Henry, Charlotte Hopper, Anita Joyce, Mar- iuean Magee, Wynona Ramey, Jackie Reut- er, Oma Lyn Treadway, Jerrie Whipple, Leslie Wright, Anona Youngs. GIRLS"CHORUS front Row: Mary Ann Denny, Janice Stewart, Jean Roberts, Bonnie Pullin, Barbara Gowen, Peggy Chambers, Jo Ann Saunders, Bar- bara Myatt, Norma Jean Carter, Louise Hoskins, Jane Miller, Betty Jo Tucker, Marjorie Crump, Dolly Garner, Nelda Sloan, Mary Cremona. 6001111 How: Alleen Bennett, Lenore Newton, Maureen Hornsby, Nellie Tarpley, Jo Ann Jaenecke, Joyce Lewellen, Audrey Hopkins, Gloria Bearden, Shirley Easterly, Betty .lnne Metzler, Shirley Arnold, Mary Annette liively, Iiottie Coull, Jo Ann Yates. Georgie Knight, Bernice lleese, Norma Henry, Peggy Crenwelge. 'hirn' Hom: Nancy Sory, lNlary .loan Griffin, .lo Ann Ilnssell. T CHORUS MISS BICRTIE SIMS Under the able direction of Miss Bertie Sims, the choruses have done splendid work again this year. In December they presented an inspiring program of beautiful Christmas Music. The Girls' Chorus worked hard to present some new talent to the school. Sixth period was the time and 516 the meeting place of this wonderful group. VVith some of the loveliest voices at Austin represented in the group, their music was a pleasure to hear. MIXED CHORUS Front How: Geraldine Kelly, Clara Marsh, Juanita Smith, Dorothy Haberle. Jo Ann Russell. Second Row: Georgie Knight, Shirel lVIorel, Dwight Barrier, Nancy Sory, Julia Shine. Nina Chambers. Third How: Jack Hahn, Eleanor Shuttlesworth, Nanette Akin, Dolores Martin, Barbara Slater, Jo Ann Miller. Fourlh How: Johnny Jones, Margie Cahal, Shirley Henry, Martha Carroll, Judy Sager. ron! Row: Alice Kennelly, Barbara Standard, Lawrence Hale, Robert Jacobsen, Peggy Crenwelge, Bill Acord, Margie Crump, Gary Price, Richard Lockwood. econd How: Betty Jo Tucker, Miss Greenhill, Lottie Coull, Dolly Garner, Regina l-lollenburg, George Harris, James Faulkner. hird Row: Jane Miller, Marilyn Know, Georgie Knight, Gerry Kelly, Jackie Def: Rochers, Duane Dowell, Dolores Martin, Martha Carol Brunson, Burl Purvis. ourlh Row: Ruth Drummond, Jimmie Miller, Robert McFarland, Roger Hubble, Dalman Randle. ifth Row: Phylis Mostert, Audrey Hopkins, Joan Clutter, Mary Broussard, Harold Hock. Stockton, James Sykora, Richard 'ront Row: Shirley Wright, Shirley Morel, Rose Kathryn Pizzitola, Toni Lubowski, Mildred Moore, Betty Lee Parrish, Betty Sue Norman. econd Row: Peggy King, Claudella Couvillion, Dolores Dahl, Jane Kinsey, Joann Felts. 'hird Row: Marty Reynnett, Ruth Smith, Raymond Gehring, Ted Connor, Kathleen Wallace, Julia Ann Farns- worth, Norma Wade, Betty Jo Melvill, Alpha Jo Martin, Frances Atkinson. 'ourth Row: Le Alvin Stark, Morris Robertson, T. K. Niland. 'iflh Row: Martha Sue Heise, Gloria Morris, Elizabeth Tennison, Arlen Wiggins, Royal Allen, John Shaw, Bobby Monroe, Miss Greenhill. GreenhHVs '49ers lust Usn GreenhHI RuHHes Ruthless RMT-Rafts reenhHVs mofy Guys ind Gab A 1 "' K wx 'e . '- E ' ESP? k Q Q - -A K . s i V is -" .. X D. Q X QR, if xx I 4 XX .L 4 - ,, 'J W t' was 'si Front Row: Donald Tatum, Joyce McMahan, David Petty, Pat Bailey, Rodger Bonney, Martel Cullen, Robert McCx'eary. Second Row: Jane Clingman, Doris Boone, Carolyn Burleson, Doc Humason, Joan Griffin, Barbara Butcher, Patsy Livesay, Malcolm Hillendoeh, John Foster, Dan Franklin. Third Row: Nikki Strine, Harold Scott, Miss Greenhill, Kathleen Kasper, Roy Loban, Martin Zock, Robert Willy, Jack Selston, Dale Hughes. Front Row: Phil Snyder, Mary Hendley, Jimmy Wilson, Ernest Priest, Claude Brinkley, Willy Minturn, Ear Madeley. Second Row: Minna Asbeck, Betty Joyce Leonard, Marilyn Luse, Esther Morales, Mary Ann Peters, Joe Weiser Frank Roberts, Tommy Waycott, August Rateau, Jackie Clark. Third Row: Leroy Warren, Bud Warren, Kirby Chancey, Carl McIlwain, MiSS Greenhill. Jo Ann Yates, Jame Woodard, Kim McCreary, Robert Canterberry, Pat Le Blac, Jackie Bradford. rc- 'K S. 0. S. SOCIETY OF SGCIOLOGISTS Front row: Peggy lilliott, Elizabeth Tunstall, Ido lVIae Lowe, Evelyn VVils0n, Ann Todd, Hilda Gotclier, Betty Spinner. Seromi rout' .lairkie Kondrirk, lVlzirgio Brill, Floronre Van Loon Wynona Talley, Janet Cooper, Dolores Bntterson. Third row: lVlarilyn Knox, Betty Lou Wildman, Betty Barrett .loyco Walker, Ann Lucy, Autrey 'I'iclmor0, Evelyn Black- man, Put Gemino, Claude Davis, George lVlolone. Fourlh I'011'.' Miss Greenhill, Edward Thompson, Frank Clnim4 bt-rs. Billy Jo Leo, Bill Asbeck, Auther Kay, lfifllz I'UIl'.' Donald Greinor, Al Kilgore, Johnny Kiel, Pot Kemp, Fred Grissom. Sifflz roI1f.' .lorry Colalnni, Lloyd Brittain. FY' A120112 FIYIIII rout- Nlrs. Bollisi liilil Billy lom Griffin. xvilllfxl' Dzilo Bobby Nll'0fllilIIl. Serorzzl I'0Il'.' Dnvvy Golclsborry Clmrles lleitroiiolln. lflnioi' tlox lloyre Robin. B1ii'lJeii'u 'l'zivlor Lziwrenre Smith. 1 c:Ac:'rrs mxs mxoiaiiovs DELINQITENTS I"ron1rou': lfaiye Godwin. Novo Allen, NOITIIEI .loan fiill'l0l'. .loy Swobocln. Sliirlox' Buys. llait Board. SFFUIIII l'f1Il','NilIlK"X' lotor. lllimlzilin Nlclforrin. Bzirbzirn Brown. Yiiw ginizi Nlaiples. Nlary .lo Griffin. 7-llllfll rozrx Nlrs. Bollierliilil. li-1' Ste-gall. l'iYl'I'C'll llionisoii, Billy llni'i'.x'. Billx' l'iViIIlS. tfili'liQ l,1ii'siS. Bobby l'lYilll9. Koitll U'Brion. Fourth row: Leo VValker. Frank Agni-llo, Cliairlos Kirkwood, l7illIl.l0l1IlS0ll. .lorry Nlintor, Ervin Asbvrk. Donny Ursok, Albert Garcia. 1 toThschiId's Iadiant tascals Heise's lonorable iobos pw ss? Front row: Nlargaret Crundwell, Bernice Yantz, Joyce Hill, Mary Ann Adams Jorena Peterson Je in Wil o , , 'z C X, Alleta Brodwick. luninia Jean Senkle. Second rout- Virginia VVhite, Virgie Flinkauf, Joyce Lewellyn, Fannie Joe Hester, Nina Fae Tipton, Betty Marie Sager, Kathryn Verbois, Daisy Mae Mackey, Barbara Ertz, Mary Sue Robinson, Jo Ann Weaver. Third row: Patsy Smith, Kyle Durand, Harry Dodge, Leroy Perales, Donald Krone, Conrad Streleau, Clyde Dupuy, James Blackshear, Mrs. Rothschild. Front roux- Mary Cecil, Carol Hunt, Lyla Johnson, Jeanette Smith, Delores Chardier, Barbara Glaze, Billy Grounds, Ralph Hughes. Second row: Mrs. Rothschild, Beverly Theodore, Doris Jean Barrilleaux, Thyra Dale Smith, Patsy Harrell, Betty Jean Stout, Betty Stephens, Vernon Pierce, Ben Giltierrez. Third row: Raymond Glider, Pete Hunt, Nancy Tucker, Bob Meacham, Kitty Look, Barbara Anderson, Lanelle ' Payne. Joyce Southerland, Jean Hill, Billy Hartfield, Tommy Duncan. GREE.ll..MA.?.9.l'.E.PLAYfR Sz PAN AMERICAN LA DIBBCTIVA Fall Term Frou! rout: Marian lVIcI.acklan. Frank Brown, Phadalia Mc- Ferrin. Jo Ann Hale. Second rout: lVlary Ann Denny, Marianna Forrest, Regina llollenburg. Third rout: lfloyce Taylor, Paula Sue Snyder, lVlarilyn Mur- ray, Ann Peterson, Nancy Hendley. Spring Term l"ror1lrm1': Paula Sue Snyder, Marian Nlcliacklan. Nancy llendley, Tommie Lee Moreland. Srmml row: .loan Blailca, Nlaurene Taylor, Sherrill Car- michael. Clovis Chesser, Patricia Hughes. Tlzirn' rout: Nancy Daugherty, Beverly Froelich, Ann Bogers, Alta Marie Palmer. l"Ulll'IlI rout: limelio Sarabia, Norwood Kent, Bill Armstrong, Anthony Schillaci, Phil Baker, Bill Gilchrist. To the average students, such phrases as "Cut that line!", "Pick up your cue", or i'Trim those borders" sound very mysterious. But to the budding Thespians in the Green Masque Players they are typical everyday expres- sions. During the year the group., under the artistic direction of Miss Harrison, presented five plays: "Girls Must Talk", t"I'he Pie and the Tart", i'I'he Bec- tor", "The Good and Obedient Young Man", and "The Tea- pot". In addition to these they put on the annual senior class play, "Curse You,.lack Dalton". At the end of the semester, qualifying members received dramatic letters. S if N-... Fran! rmr- lVlargie Crump. I.:-ua Williams. Gloria Morris. Buth I,undwall. .laneue Clark. Hack roux' Dolly Garner, Dorothy De Vieu. Ann Gager. Martha Carol Brunson, .lackie St. Gyr. James Korges. No! Piclurrrl: Martel Cullen. .lane Clinp: man. l.e Stark. .loan Griffin. Jerry Calahan. Mary Lou VK'hite. Bill lVlilli' gan. I.a Don lVlcVey. Loretta VVolf. PAN AMERICAN CLUB MISS YICBNUN DI l ,NYOBTII Hliuenos dias, amigos! Como estan ustedes? lVluy bien, no?" lu other words, 'tllil llow are you?" This is the greeting from the members of the Pan-American League. This club is composed of all those who are tal-:ing Spanish, and is run by "l.a l7irectiva" made up ol' two members from each Spanish Class. The purpose ofthe league is to further the Good Neighbor policy. The activities of the organization includes class progranis, Spanish travel movies, and correspondence with students in South and l.atiu American countries. E . 1 L . Front row: La Don MCVey, Lillie Mae Keepers, Betty Stephens, Miss Daugherty, Gloria Young, Ellen Stewart, Lorraine Searls. Frank Agnello. Bobby lVIeaChain, Robert Alverez, Joe Kirkland. Srrond rom: Pat Stratton, Rex Virkers. Third row: Royal Allen, Elizabeth Tunstall, Alan VVilliams. Jerry Finch, Elmer Cox, Dwight Barrier, Hilda Gotcher, John Haufk. Darrell Fleming. Betty Nell Zinkgraf. Fronl row: Everett Thomason, Harry Green, lVIavis lVIarrCro, Betty Jean Stout. .lane Kerr. Betty Hudson, Nlarie Ash, Patsy Allen Pitcock. Mariorie lilsenbrock. Mary Ann Adan1s.Bernire Crowson. Louise Hoskins. Svrorm' roux- Nlarian Greene. Myreece Sloan. Betty Nell Zinkgraf, Elizabeth Tennison, La Nell Tisrliendorf. Third row: Jark Bradford. Tommy Duncan. Tex Greene, Keith O'Brien. Gene Russell, Curis Lucas. Teddy Connor, .lack Hahn, Nirk lJ6IIl9I'lS swiss!" '- 1 Q. ws vs on V., 46 Flemings Fugitives from 'ate Jr 4 F's .,...,....., ...N ..... W .. WW., .,... . . , . . ,. ,..o i C' 1gherty's zial nblems b R 9' GAVEL CLUB MRS. FRANCFS DIQMICNT Growing . . . growing . . . growing. VVhat? The Gavel Club, what else? Composed of speech students, former speech students, and others interested in speech work, the club had approximately 120 members this year-more members than ever before in its history. The club also has the distinction of being the only one of its kind in Ilouston. Once every six weeks, the group held a meeting at Ripley House, where fun, food, and business were combined. Spicy hot dogs, chili, and spaghetti dinners were served to the accompaniment of well done monologues, poetry readings and dramatic inter- pretations. The club's annual Christmas banquet was hel-'l at Ripley Ilouse on Decem- ber 12. On May 16 members took over Bill VVilliam's private dining room for an un- forgettable banquet honoring the graduating- seniors. As part of the program chenille letter "Ns" were awarded to those earning them. From an humble beginning twelve years ago, the sponsor, Mrs. Dement, has suc- ceeded in making the Gavel Club one of Austin's outstanding organizations. FALL OFFICERS SPRING OFFICERS President ,,....,.,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,.,,, .,,, ,I erfy Calahan President ........,.,.............,.... .... I luth Smith First Vice.Pre5idem ,,.,. ,,,,. R uth Smith First Vice-Presi-'lent .... ,...... M artha Parks Second Viqp.Prq-gidgm .,,, 4..,,. G loria Morris Second Vice-President ..,. .... F dward Thompson Secretary .,,,,,,,,,,,,, 4,., J Oyge MCMahan Corresponding Secretary .... ...,,. I ,oretta Wolf Treasurer ,,,,,,,,, r A .Delores Dahl Recording Secretary .... .... J oyce McMahan Sergeant-at-Arms ..,. .,,.... E rnest Priest Treasurer .-.,..... . ,... .lane Clingman Parliamentarian. . . .... Edward Thompson Serge-amfatsArms. . . . . .Richard Wright Bgard .,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,. Margaret Crundwgll, Parliamentarian ...,... .. . ....,., Hugh Lackey Kenneth Jackson, Jane Clingman, Martha Parks, Laura Board .........,,..........,,.,..,....,.. Carol Sue Davis, Willen, Loretta Wolf, James Korges, Martha Carol Jane Clingman, Jimmy Armstrong. Doris Boone. James Brunson. Blackshear. Gloria Nlorris. Regina Hollenburg, Anne Dunlop, Delores lWartin, .James Korges, Martel Cullen, Bill Kilgarlin, Laura Willen. Ol"l"lCI'1llS S1'11Ic'rl: Dolores Dahl, Gloria Nlorris. .lerry Calahan. Ruth Smith. Joyce lxlflvlilllilll. Sflllllllillgf Doris Boone. llirllard VVrighl. Kenneth Jackson. Carol Sue Davis. James Black- shear. Laura WVillen. lirnesl Priest, Martha Carol Brun- son. Ilugh Lackey. Martha Parks. James Korges, lidward Thompson, Billy Kilgarlon. Regina llollenburg, Ann Dunlop. E i ' Pagr One-hundred lourtcfn Front row: Kay Allison. Donna l,ou v bl' White. lkdary l.ucille Adams. Kath. leen Sniith. lVlartha Jl0lt'0lIll. 7 l.anella layne. Norma Henry. Gatherine"aso. .lane Aly. Rthel Davenport. Jarkie Renter. rom! rout: Juanita Freitag. Janet Heathroat. Beth Small. Anne Dun- lop. l.a Don lVlcVev. Jarkie St. Cyr. Shirley Mims. Jo Ann Rus- f sell. .loan lN1arie Simpson. Carol 1 Purdy. Carol Sue Davis. Nancy .V A 4 l lendley. t lIil'f1l'0ll'.' Pat Bass. Dolly tl 1'tl'tN'l' lfmma Jean Senkel. Peggy Cren: welge. lVlargie Crump. .loan Grif- K fin. l.orelta Wolf. Tontnive r Pierce, Joy Ann Rox. Ann Rogers. lflizaheth lluck. Dorothy Christe- not. .Jeannine Turner. Shir Henry. Jo Ann Hai-bolt. 'haf S! f..t.s - f .NX -II if 5 -if in K Adams, Mary Ami Adams. Mary I.urillt- Akin, Nannette Alrlerson, lNlarg.u'et Allan, Royal All1'll. NUXHI Allison. Kay Aly, Jane Armstrong. .limmy Bailey. Pat Ball, Betty Jean llauett. Jay Barbara. Jark Barefield. Louisa Hass. Gloria Bass. Patrica Battnguli. Joyce liatterson, Dolores Baty. Ben Blacknian, Evelyn lilarkshear, James Bork. Jimmy Boone. Doris Bosque, lilida Bowson, Howard Box, Joy Ann llrune. lldwartl Rrunson. Martha Carol Buck, liliznbeth Ann Calahan. Jerry Carter, Norma Jean Christenot. Dorothy Clark, Janene Glingman. Jane Gouvillion. Claurlella Cranwelge. Peggy Crump. Margie Grundwell. lklargaret Cullen. lklartel Dahl, Delores Davenport, lithel Davis. Carol Sue Dt-Vien. Dorothy Jo Deyoe. Jini Dorranfe. lktariorie Douglas. Nell Dudley. llazel Dunlop. Anne Durham, Patsy liasterly. Shirley liisele. Max lillzey. Elaine Francis. Dee lfreitag. Juanita lfuqun. Bobby Fllflllilll. Frances Gager. Ann Garria. Albert Garner. Dolly Glash, Jack Gillard. Jo Ann Gray. Shirley Griffin, Joan Gutierrez. Ben Haherle. Dorothy R O S T IC R Harbolt, Jo Ann Hardy. Faye Harrell. Patsy Heath, Ann lleatllrote. Janet Heise. Nlartha Sue Henrlley. Nanry Henry. Norma Henry. Shirley Holcomb. Shirley Hollenburg. Regina Hughes, Dale Humason. lVlildreml Hunt, Carol Jackson, David Jackson, Kenneth Jeter, Nancy Keepers. Lillie Mae Kelly. Janet Kenney, Konnie Kilgarlin. Bill Kinsey, Jane Korges. James Krone, Donald Lackey. Hugh Lee I.aFaso. Catherine Lucas, Curtis I.undwall, Ruth Macey, Kamel Malone, George Martin, Delores McCay. Bobby lWrGlendon. Trudy McMahan, Joyce lVlcMorris, Mary Lou MrVey. J.aDon Meadows, Beverly Metzger. Paul Miller. Jimmie Milligan. Bill Minis. Shirle Ruth Mitcltell. Barbara Moore. James Moore. Mildred Moorehead, Don lklorris. Gloria Myatt. Barbara Parks. Martha Payne. Lanelle Petty, David Pierce. Tomniye Lee Price. Gary Priest. Ernest Purdy. Carol Ramey. Betty Reed, Elizabeth Reed, Joan Reuter. Jarqueline Ridge, Glyn Rivers. Alma Jo Rodgers. Ann Rodgers. Juanita Rollins. Claudette Roye. Winnie Faye Russell, Joanne Sanders, Jo Anne Front row. Alvin Stark. .lo Ann Reed. Glaurlella Covillion. Norma Jean Carter, Nova Allen, Mary Ann Adams. Nancy Jeter, James Brock. lklartha Carol Brunson. llohhy McCoy. Semml mir- Mrs. Dement. Patsy llarrell. Beverly Theodore. Pat Bailey. Dolores Martin. .lovce Mr- lVlahan. Martha Parks. .lo Ann South, Betty Jean Rall. Dolores Ratterson. Laura Willen. Jane Clingman. Third rout Ann Heath, Joyce Taylor, VVinnie lfaye Roye. Gloria Morris, Norma Ami Wade. Regina Hollen- hurg. Jimmy Miller. Marv Ruth Smith. Doris Boone. Rae .lean Smith. Mary Sneed. Tommy Bovee. i Fourlli row: Jim Deyse. lidwartl Thompson. Jo Anil Zantlers, Jua- nita Smith. Nancy Sory, Rirhnrd VV:-ight. Glyn Ridge. Hugh Lackey, llill Villigan. Jerry Cunningham, Donalil Krone, Albert Garria. Frfllllmn-',linnni Armstrong. Steve Vt'nlson. ,loan Griffin. Don Moor. IN'-Ill. Dee lfranris. Frank Traltan. .lanies lilackshear. George Malone, fklax lfisele. llilly Kilgarliu. James lxorges, Senkel, Emma Jean Shuttleworth, Rose Marie Simpson. Joan Marie Small. Beth Ann Smith, Juanita Smith, Kathleen Smith. Rae Jean Smith. Ruth Sneed. Mary Sory. Nancy South. Jo Ann St. Cyr. Jacqueline Swindler. Dolores Taylor. Joyce Temple. Ovtovene Theodore. Beverly Thompson, Edward Turner, Jeannine Wade. Norma Ann White, Mary Lou Wilemon. Shirley Willen, Laura Williams, Lena Wilmoth. Doris YVilson. Steve Wolf. Loretta Womack, Carolyn Wranisrher, Jack Wright. Richard Wyatt. Donna Lou Zanders. Jo Ann Zinnecker, Darrell NURSE'S AIDES 'l'. ll. A., the arhe antl pain palaee, is the hearlquarters of Mrs. Patton and her aitles. If you have a headache, toothaehe, hang-nail, Cut, or spring-fever, the clinic is the plaee to go. If they c'an't fix you up in short orcler, someone must he slipping. NURSES AIDES Front row: Shirley Ann Lemmon, Jeanette Smith, Laura Willen, Mary Ann Adams, Norma Jean Carter. Geraldine Kelly. Second row: Barbara Goeven, .loses pliine Kelly, Evelyn Wilson, Geralcline Marks, Pearly Ber- trand. Georgie Knight Wisdom, Eleanor Shuttleworth. Third rout: Elizabeth Ann Buck, .lanire Hatcher, Maureen Hornsby, Audrey Hopkins. Gloria Young, Mrs. Patton. DlCAN'S ASSI STANTS renee, Virginia Cill'I1llCl1il0l Nlrs. Crouch, Shirley Arnoltl. Betty Songleton. Aleue Ken nelly. Uma .lean Mathews, lmo gene Stravoski. llarhara Slater V .loan Russell. Freida Hand l Freda Leach. Third row: Alex Purdy. Dorothy Treaclway, Virgie lfinliaul Loraclia Mayes, Virginia Brooks Carol Sue Davis, Etlna liar llorton. Franres Furman. Top row: Paul Ofieltl, Peggj I'1lllCllf'I', .lafqualyn Clarli Shirley Gray. .loyre Cone, .lane Sniclow. Shirley lVlotter. AJ-Q! fi? get DEAN'S ASSlSlAN'lS MRS. PAUl.lNl". Cllfillflll Cheerfully performing a variety of cluties, Mrs. Crouelfs assistants are always busy. lnriclentally tliey're the ones who fall your home when you're absent. Of Course, you neetln't worry about this- f-unless you're playing hookey. But Austinites tlon't play hookey, clo we? Fran! roux- Rose Marie MrNeeley, Virginia Heinlein, .loan Yaws. Nlartha Holeomh, Shirley Seronrl rout: Mary .loan Griffin. Se11t4'rl: llvelyn VVilson. lfinma Slmulingr lleverly Theodore. Betty STUQDENTVCOUNOL The Student Council is the service organization of Austin. Timeless are its efforts when it Comes to Carrying out its projects to serve the school. Perhaps its most outstanding aetivity is the publishing of the Student Handbook and Directory. This year 773 books were ordered and by November 2, they were distributed. STUDENT COUNCIL Front r0uf:lVlarianna Forrest. Ellen Stewart. Sherrill Carmichael. Paula Sue Snyder--Treasurer. Nlarlene llale. Anita Joyce. Barbara Storkbridge. Ruth lliesel. Jacqueline Banning. Serorlrl' rout: .loan Clntter--'fAssist- ant lfditor of Handbook. Bar- bara llrown. Dolores Dahl. Shirley llenry---Corresponding Seerelary. Margie Calial. llutli Ann lloddeker--Recording Secretary. lVlarjorie Schilling - Vice-l'resident, Kathleen Kasper. 'llnii l.lIllllYYSlil. lletty .ln ller mann, Thirrl row: llnth Smith. Antrey Tidmore Handbook Editor. lidie llollis. .lo Ann laenerke. lidward Tlionipson Hrparlianien- larian, Mrs. lDailey---Sponsor. Fourlli roux' lffdmnnd lfisrlier. llernard llodgers Cirrulation Manager of llandbook. 'lied s'3t imlmfft-y. '11 K. Niltma tum. rw ,Xl i dent. llanl Gill. Quinton Sierk. M' Y-TICICNS Senkel. .lean llill. Carmen Perez. .loyee Sontherland. llermann. Charlotte Dykes Mary .loan Griffin. Dorothy llaberle. Antrey Tidniore. Shir, ley liasterly. Sue Johnson. .laniee Stewart. Not l,il'flllY'l!.' lillen Stewart Nanry Tucker. Marjorie Srhil- ling. lilizabeth 'Ift-unison. Y-TEENS MRS. IIlil,liN DONAIIUIC Sponsored by the Y. XY. C. A., the Y-Teens meet every Friday inthe library. The purpose of the rlub is to interest girls in Y. NY. C. A. activities. n .The girls sold Christmas Cards and wrappings in December and Iiaster Cards in April. Other activi- ties ineluded a style show, a week-end at Camp Allen, and a picnic at Camp Ross Sterling. CHEERLEADERS M ISS M A RGARIYI' I-IBY good use. body to XYfl0i0-EIOZIIEOKHV hsupport the temnf' Our chief I'llCOI'l0?N,0l'S. Harry Green and Mildred Nfoore, do a snappy back bend. 1 The lively six take time out from their yelling and jumping to pose for the Corral cameras. In the usual order, they are Julia Ann Tischendorf, Ray- mond GL-firing, Martha Carol Brunson, Conrad Strelau, Harry Green, and Mildred Moore. Our six spry cheerleaders reach for the sky Ally body got some garpglvf' After lliosv pm-ppx ull sossions our six viwrpgetir Chverlezulvi's roulcl huvr- put ll to 'flu-ir 0lliflllSi2l55IIl mul effort inspired the entire st LIBRAQRYW ASSISTAWNTS lienie, Wleenie, Mi nie, Moe. lYlll'l't' on earth does this book go? Dmft worry, illilllS why Mrs. llelen Donalnn-'s assistants are tliere. l'II't'ic'ient antl imlnstri- ous, they ln-lp keep the library running smoothly. Front row: Charlotte Dykes, Joan Reed, Anona Youngs. Second row: Phadalia McFerrin. Bernice Yantg. Elizabeth Tunstall, Elizabeth Tennison, Mary Lee Chase, Barbara Taylor, Jean Roberts, Janet Minella, LaNell Tischendorf Woods. Third row: Nick Demeris, Malcolm Hillendahl, Robert Hilmers. COMMERCIAL CLUB MISS I Ilil ,ICN SONCRANT COMMERCIAL CLUB From rout: Jackie Kendrick. Mari lyn Knox. .lean llill. lillen Stewart, lfnima .lean Senkel Mavis Marrero, Dolores Chau flier. Phyllis Dobbs. Second row: Virginia White, Ber- nice Clrowson. Nlargie Ball ltvelyn lllwekmon l"'irline Spaniel. Dolores llatterson. Third row: Barbara Glaze. Kath- ryn Verhois. llazel Dutllvy. llntli Ann Drummond, listher Nlorales, Jackie Sl. Clyr, lla Don lNlrVey, Rose Garcia. Fourth row: lVlarie Ash, lletty Bar' rett, lVlarie l4'redrirkson, Betty Sager,Jean Conway, Mary Belle Cagle, Lottie Coull, Daisy May' lVlackey, Betty lo 'l'uc'ker, Joyce Soutlierland. These future gals of the business world learn many of the tricks of the trade in Miss rrantls secretarial training classes. Through this club they develop business skills and iniques, poise and self-Confidence that will aid them in their careers. s U MUSTANG WMOVUNTIES XVIII an vluttm-1' of hnofs, an rloucl of dust, and n hoarty 4'Ui! IIO! IVI0unti0s!" the Mustang Muuntivs ' X ' ' ' " -' ' " 'K 1' hvtwvvn forty mul fiftv IllUIIlhl'l'S. nulv again. Spmlswm-fl by Mrs. la. L. Kmtm, H10 club 15 cmnposul m, K h ' 1' " - -' " ' " -Q"-1 ' 1 vc-vk at Pzllnm- Riding Stnblvs. 1-ru I ax ul ilu-ws-'1,,u 1Kll151!llIIlH5ll1li sum ll UIIIKS xx ' I f. I 'l'l11- Nluluxtivs lu-l4l an llilllfllli'1 all Bill YYilliz1nls'm1Ap1'ilQ0. In .IlllH'., qllnlliynlgf gurls wvrr- mvm'1lc'1l lvllms. IVIUSTANG NIOVNTIFS nn! rmzx' Pu-tty Pmtlx Brown, Palsy Invvjoy, Bully JUEIII !x'1l'CliIltflTl, I0 Arm Cnthrlght. Anim .loyrfx Carolyn Vltllilfkvl' .-Nlvvlzn U1'mlm'i1'k. Sllil'l0y Ilvnry, Iilvzuxox' Kvsslvr. Imln lwalny, Barham lkxrry, Ywildrvd Ifumnsml. Chzxrlc-ml Snupp l,1-mm Sfllifiilll, rrnnl mzrl Putw Curl:-r. Hvlz-11 Burk. Pmllv 'I'0wlf'r. .lnyrv Barn0S. Wl11l'lmwHulP, Mrs, clflt0S. .IZIIIPI Nlirxvllzl, I.:-sliv VVrigl1l Y'mrlmru 'l'zw'Ior. Bl'l'llil't' Yxmlz, Clurolyl-1 Sir-vc-rlsorl. NlilclrvdYVIm1Cvm1d0n, Al nv Dunlop. f ' 7' 'nw I"llQ ozlrllwl- Xlilnln-cl IHIIIHISOII. .loan I'x'inH'. How Malriv fN'1m'N00l0y, Bvlty Ruth Rvown. fylnry Sum-d. Iatrmcm Ilugl ., . .5 I.m'm-jnv, Bilfbilltil Bvrry. Kullllvml Smith, Imax Nzmlvy. Ra0.TO:n1 5!!llIll.I1P1'Ylil Sfhlfillll. jx . X ,f KP LA Asuzs ,I ff K I . ff 1 ' 3 QT'-we , 6L4CK.-53 ,ABlE 5, OFFICE ASSISTANTS MBS. IVIAXINIC BRANABD MISS ANNIIC LAURIIQ HOWVARD lu addition to running dozens of errands every period, these jack-of-all trades, type, file, and sell srltool supplies. Uh, brother! just imagine what would happen if they were all absent the saute clay. Front Row: .lim Deyoe, Barbara Lee, Rosemary Robertson, Bar- bara Berry, Phadalia lNlrFerrin. John Hauck. Frank Brown, Oma Lynn Treadway. Nanry Tucker. Joyce lA'lCC0ll0lll. Serond How: Doris VValton. Bar- bara Nlyati. Velma Swoulie. Jeanette Henson. Betty Nelson. Raymond Gehring. Peggy Cren- welge, Joan Parker. Third Row: Shirley Ann Davis. Sherrill Carmirltael. Joyce Hollien. Fourih Hour George Armstrong, Lillie Mae Keepers. .lames Sykora. ' 35.2 .48 Fronl Roux' Shirley Buys. Patsy Harrell. Willie Ann Pier. Betty Parrish. Carolyn Womntztfk. Barbara Buth Barnes. Barbara Ann Barnes. Sfrond Row: Martha Parks, Martha Sue Heise. Beverly Fleming. Annalvell Allen. Mary Sue Ptobinson. hlartha Carroll, Bose Nlarie VVesterman. lNlr. Goettec. GOEllEE'S ASSISTANTS Always on their toes., Mr. Goettee's assistants do a multitude of chores every day that help keep 'ole S. F. A. runnin' sntoothly along. l OUILL AND SCROLL 3 Dwight Barrier Carolyn Burleson .lane Clingman Nlartel Cullen Peggy Dickey Peggy Elliott Barbara Erzt Bonnie Gray Kathleen Kasper Kitty Look Toni Lubowski Sally lVlClN1urtry MISS Bli'l'SY S'l'lCNlBl.l'1 cling journalists, You'll usually hear them grabbing surh stuff." .fXustin's Chapter, whieli was fountletl in 1957, is sponsored by Miss Betsy Slt'IlllJlt'. Members are aclniittefl after doing superior literary work on any of the three Austin puhliea- tions, the ClIl'l'Il1, HOIUII1-I '12, or llmlrllmnlf 111111 Direrlory. They must he reeonnnenclerl by puhlira- tion sponsors or the prinripal, and samples ol. their work IIlUSt he approvetl hy Quill and Scroll head- quarters at Northwestern l'niversity. These :students also must rank in the top lllirtl of their class. OFFICERS President ...,. Vice-President. . Secretary ...... ' , - ,.., Dwight Barrier gi freasurer ...,. Sergeant-at-Arms . , . Social Chairman ,.......... ...lVlartel Cullen b Q 4 .... lflliott l'ooley - A ' .... Nlillard Payne ,....,..Pat Stratton ' - A .... Kathleen Kasper MEMBERS Ioy Swoboda Antrey Tidmore Alan VVilliams Loretta VVolf Millard Payne David Petty Elliott Poole-y Patsy Richey Le Stark Pat Stratton i X Front Row: Dwight Barrier. Joy Swoboda, Miss Stemble, Carolyn Burleson, Pat Stratton, Autrey Tidmore, Loretta Wolf. Martel Cullen, Elliott Pooley, Kathleen Kasper, Millard Payne. Back How: Le Stark, Alan Williams, David Petty, Patsy Richey. ln this organization you'll linfl .Xustink hud- ahout Hfl6'iifllllll'S., line rretlit, features, antl other 5H1PERIOD SPEECH CLASS MRS. FRANCICS Ul+1MlCN'l' NYith 1-11th11sia1s111 and 01101'gs-lic' clr-tm-1'111i11z1ti011,thvsv sp00c'l1 stlidvlits 0lli0Yl'li il V0111' of illl0l'l'SIillQ work, club Illl'l'iillg.IS.. mul p1'ug1'z1111s. Thvy all 2lg.Il'P0 that Mrs. llc-111v11t 1'0a1lly 11-nclivs spvvfh 211111 111z1kcs you likv it. Frou! Roux- Juno! Hmthfotv, Joyce' ixifixlilllilll. Nmiry J0If'1', Claud- 1-llai Klmivilliuii, P111 Builvy. Dvlc11'1's Ilz1tlr'1's011. .lu :XXIII Hilssr-ll. .91'f'r11111' lfoux' K11lhlvv11 Smith. hlziry AKSJIIIIS. Rvth txllll Small. Pflixzihvlll Biirk, No1'11111 Hmiry, .l4'illlilll' iI'll!'lll'l'. Dorothy Chris- ll'Il0f. Thirri l1'011': Gary Pri1'v, Nhirthii Parks. B1-ny .lPilll Bull. Jo A1111 Ilairlwll. .li111111i4- lim-lu. .lu Ixllll llnx, fi1llllf'I'illC' l,z1 Faso. Nancy lll'lllii!'j'. Pall Long. Ulm iXlOOl'l'- head. "op lI,0ll',' lffl Io rigllf Ka11'v11 'l'41l1-1'. Uvlly Dollar. Domlliy i1'l'i'I'. l'iiiZili7Piil Rvvd. Nlvlhzi ivlffiilllll, 30110111 ll,0l1'.' Ixft lo righr H1-1011 fiihsoii, Iffvvlyii Xvilllghll. lJ0ln1'vs Ihisv. l3z11'ha11'a1 Smith. Doris ixlllliilli Phyllis I,11ss011. N1-lliv 'I'111'p0y. LUNCHQROQMVHOSTYESSES YIHIIEIIIICS to this 1111111 1 1f I st ' l ,, 1 1 10 ossos, mu u11Ch1'0o111 is always kvpt 111-at and o1'cl01'ly. 'I'h0i1' waltfhful vyvs nrv always 011 thc' eilvrt for thosr- who ll0I17t tl10i1'l10stt0111z1k0itaplvasantplacvto vat. co-operate with 1llllChl'00lIl rogulatimls, and thvy do e me the pzeameu . . . theje ate out team! OF SPORTS Have you ever stopped to wonder what it is about a football or a baseball game that makes your spine tingle as you sit and watch? For one thing, it's the beauty of seeing a group of indi- viduals working together toward a common goal, doing their dead-level best to beat their opponent fairly and squarely, and working together to patch up a hurt teammate regardless of how his injury affected the game. Perhaps nowhere as in the sportls department does one recognize the necessity of teamwork and fair-play. How many times have members of the football teams heard their coaches say, c'Boys, get out there and try to win, but win it right." For after all, it's not really the score that matters so much, but how that score was made. And where else do you learn better to drop from your vocabulary the words "I" and 4'lVIe', in exchange for the word "We',? Many of our athletes will go on to even greater success in college, others will not. Regardless of this, however, there is at least one lesson that each will have learned from the athletic departments, the truth of that immortal uUnited we stand, divided we fall." f, t at M? at get if Sift , p E - gf- ig, we fe ls el Xlyfzvww X, get we ,t mf 1- 2 . f A .,. N fx-M Nr' 'OJTB LL The '4-8 season as a whole went fairly well for the Mustangs. They won five games, lost five, and tied one, for a .500 average. The Pony squad was made up of good college prospects since six of them received scholarships to different schools. Next yea r's squad will have only two lettermen, but We are suro the coaches will build a fine team around these boys. Harlingen ...... 0 Austin ...... 12 Jeff Davis ,..... 18 Austin ....,. 1 Galena Park .... 6 Austin ...... 21 San Jacinto ..... 8 Austin.. . . . . Galveston ...... 13 Austin ,,.... 20 Nlilby . ........ 13 Austin .... .. Conroe . . . . . . . 0 Austin . . . . . 14 Sam Houston . . . 6 Austin . . . . . . 1 5 Reagan ...,..., 12 Austin ...... 0 Lamar . , . ..... 14 Austin . . . . . . St. Thomas .,... 0 Austin , . . . . 0 l'oachrs: Joe Lyle. Pete Dowling and John Scott cava Q N , .4 fs K F pt , .. E ' w ,- . .ami ' kgggzfkx x-it -Q Ass- ,n, ""f pf Q . Rh X L , ,WX . U qw, - x -L N- Q55 -1 A. 5 L X5- Fsis. L .. Qi ' K Q f WW alarm 680-4 X-QM: f 1 , .. N ,N as T. 3 'Ng xi ' .-., ofa-6W.W gi Q f vvr! W' 3 if f if 4 " ff fin L N 42fff,,,fL,.' fr A- xxmmm Xxmm 'Q Vx N Top Rolf: Clnxulm' l31'i11klvy. .lvrry Phillips. lCvP1'Otl Vllll0IH2lS0ll. Bob llural. lvlilfllll Koch. l'lI4ll0S X Y I. Prix-st. Billy lVllIlllll'Il. Rogvr Stocklm1. Burl lurvis, Mgr, Norris R0lN'l'lSUIl. Nlgr. lfllll .l0llIlS0ll. fllirfffll' 1lUIl'.' l3.11'1'vll l+'lv111i11g. ljllillli' Dnwm-ll, Clyde Dupuy. Billy Arord, FI'illIl'i Agflwllo II1-1'l1e1'1 Wulf. llilly llllI'l'y. ll1m'a11'1l 111151-k.'l'1-mllXlz1l1nl'l'1-y. linflom lfozw- llllliliil l,vz1Cl1. T. K, Nilamcl. l'lill'l Nlmlvlr-y, l.fII!'I7I4'II.' iflydv l711p11y. T. K. Nilzmml. Billy IIIIITY. lyllillllq Dowvll. Billy lxlllllllfll. l'll'I1t'SI Priest. llilljv Arurml. li11r'kf11'Izf.' lllllllhl l.v411'l1. l'lI'illlli Agnvllo. Clz111deBrinkl0y. l'lill'l lVlz1rl0lvy, Savorino BASKE' BA LL Despite a season of hard luck, the Pony hardworkers turned in some fine performances. Losing their only tall man at mid--term, the Mustangs had to rely on their sharpshooting. With sophomores composing half the team, pros- pects for the future look brighter. Standing: Coach Joe Lyle, Hubert Wolf, Bobby Fuqua, Curtis Lucus, Jerry Minter, Glenn Laggins, Dan Orsak, Coach Pete Dowling. Kneeling: Mgr. Don Moorehead, James Scott, Mickey Kenneda, Jimmy Moffatt, Jerry Phillips, Bill Robinson. B-TEAM STANDOUTS McCreary Bruin Bowser Cash Armstrong R fs Jnflfju N0 rr' K is l f 5 Q ., . 1 I gg? S J 5 ll .X 5 E .5 gn QW? 77745 .X X K Emwm Q iW1ffMVwf'L' U I, Q45 , N V A IM A i wr , ,Mi H ,J ,f O N., v Q ' . . , , , 1 , v t .1 ,f t . ,N-r"' in-4 f , 9 V8 Y' IK A J, 'ji -'-nf i fi was a a 'O -ML Swifmk ,, Q- TJ" k - . il A bi T44-f 5 1 -'iz ., 'Q H 1 L 13, -6 . 7 A- -V Q: 9 . .M 1 Ai W., W., ., I .0-Q l I X 5, 40' 05 Q Q Zu' ei lnal ---- 5 ,Qs JPN 2: .018 Wx KJM' ' f 1-1 x. K A SXX'llllIll1'l'S.lOy0lll'lllill'lil 8. l,oulf.s' l'0ll,Cfll.fl'l'1.Y mllgll, lull ix llc- roug 1' Wlmt's11ptlu-rv,lmysl' 9. Two IIl0l'0 points. "l3ullrlog1" Ring 10. lnnkzlttllc-lvil'tli1',G1'0l'g10. l"irvll1ntpill.l5mmyl ll, Nllmt, cutv fc-Ot! lnoks happy, clovsxft lui' 12. lSll,T lll' vlltm-7 N'Vl1ntta furc, Bublm. 13. Gr-ttum "RoCk"! What form! BAS!-EBF LL Play Ball!! This was the hardy cry from Coach Pete Dowling, March 7, 1949, the first day of practice. Plenty of boys were interested in making the team but because of the limited number of uniforms the squad had to be cut. VVO were a little weak on pitchers., but we made up for that with our hitting. liveryone had the right spirit and was ready to go all the Way. MANAGERS Top How: Leon Gerlich, Dexter Culver, Don Moorehead. Bottom How: Roy Rue, Morris Robertson, Dee Francis, Jack Haun. 1 9' NP' P Y-no Top Row: Coach Pete Dowling, Claude Brinkley, Billy Minturn, T. K. Niland, Robert Willy, .l. W. Sills, Billy Kane. Bottom Row: Billy Savorina, Keith O'Brien, Martin Zock, Roy Duke. .- ip, 1 gig fag, :aaa OQQQJQJQ1, n X 5 x M in 1 K X' Q In Y A W. .X 'qi L x . A 'skis Qi 3 Q if - R:-e :NV sy i SN - - 7 Q h l 1 . P KX xf a 0 K . ,xx K 1 .ir--Q Ax sv:X . k X M ' Qi g h My ,xwm A Y lu Q x X . ' w 'Q 3 X ' ,q I k a, k .1 X X,,. D V 'Q N-2' h, . 1 M, f ' W ' W Ll M J, X I .N ' , ' . 69549 J JQJQQ ' ' I' g D u Work! work! and more Work was the cry from the Coaches when the boys reported for track. With only one letternian returning, the coaches knew what had to be done to produce a winning team. lt was tough going but the boys sturk it out and tried their best to win. Pole vaulter: Billy Hurry Standing: Lloyd Brommel, Bernard Rogers, Albert Garcia, Dale Hughes, Hollis Choate, Harrell lVIoore, Dee lfranris. George White. Billy Brown, Don Greiner, David Sellars, Paul Gill, Conrad Strelau. Frank Chambers. Donald Krone, Lynn Ding, Walter Bullitt. Kneeling: Ted Mahaffey, Bobby Joe Williams, Billy Hurry, Bob Brownhill, Claude Davis, Earl Maclelsfy, Bill Robinson, Clyde Dupuy, Fred Pontello, Burl Purvis. 'NVQ Distance Men: Harold Moore, Jerry Huggs, Bernard Rogers, and Roy Lohan. Q Timber Topper: Burl Purvis and Conrad Strelau. uarler Relay: Jim Brovvnhill, Bubba Leach, Ted Mahaffey, and Claude Davis. Page One-hundred-thirty-seven s ll mx m I N - swi 1111,1 ang has always horn a sport that Anstinitvs Oxcol in, For tho past tlirm- Vvars, tho Mustangs havn- takon high honors in nvarly vvory incl-L tl1vy'vc- K'IliC'l'l'll,illl1l this yvar was no Oxcvption. Tho hack- stroko. hroaststrokv, anrl tho rvlays woro thi-ir spi-ciallios. Swimmcrs: Al Kilgoro, Johnnie Broker. Tommy llarpcr, Ray Rule. .lark llarbar, .l, D, Nr- Calnhriclgv, Blulmly FilI'll'lgll, Billy Graham. llicliaril Casa. James Henderson. 'INN F Tennis prospocts popped up from ovoryvvhvrog it sm-nivd that, vvvry- ono wanted to swing a rackvt for 'olo S.F.A. Wfitl' a lot of hard work and practice, Coach Scott producvd a fine team. Racketmen: Kirby Chancey, Roy Evans, Gerry Jerald, Pat I.e Blanc, Royrc Robin, Jimmy Willson, Bud Warren, James Holly. Pagr- One-hundred-thirty-eight . f -1 A , fi' -l H VJLL- B LL NVith ai mimlwr of rt-tiiriiing lvttvrnivn, Miss llornaday's 1949 volley ball team was in good shape and rondy foi'z1c'tio1i.'l'l10 girls had plvnty of llllSil0 and that good old fightin' MllSlaIlg spirit. Slmzrling: Miss llornzidziy. Olga Millvr. Janice Stovvor. Georgie- Knight. lVlzirian lVlrI,oClilam, lllllll Smith. Doris lloonc. Miss llby, Svrozld lfozrx In Yonm- llylv. Ruth Liindwaill. lllvc-lyn llziughn. Gone Conway. Jnnot Nlzuriilla. lloris .lohiisoii 1517110171 Row: Curolvn Thzicker. Belts' Pzivnc. Shirlcv Duron. Mziriaimzi Forrest. Nlnry liven Dwyer. l,ou Plllvn Neighbors. Got off that floor! Did thvy get it ovor? l l i s Qu 4.5 W V Miafi X- '.-: f f - we 1 ,L . '43 ,mv Vi v,-. f .MW.,,x.,. . -Q .Q 4 HJ 4 , , --5-.. WW .f- S . 5 ar . f? ,ii ss' it iii! .. pw-I ' Sm A .wtf 3.-FX A SL 9, Q 4 K-27 fl ,H .f , Y 'MTU' X .. li Fi wskbgfig Q S55 K .ff-5 , '- lr .. 'L ffr.-,ff , 4 ,, ,f f',f'ffj f9' , rf.. S5- A 3 ln! Gr . 5 1 L 52 an Y xv fi' Lu li if ""' RAIZISIIRN STUDIO P O R T R A I T S 7713 FANN HOMESANDCHHDREN PHONE PRESTON 6557 ' PARTIES ' WEDDIN COMMERCIALCOPIES FILM DEVELOPMENT 2423 RICE BLVD. PHONE LEHIGH IO6O IN STREET 4428 Telephone W. 9-2008 Compliments of The Manufacturers E D S of FINE MEMORIALS Southern Monument Co. All Kinds . of Markers - Monuments - Mausoleums Guaranteed iPrices Within Reasoni Compliments SHILLING Come To A81W ROOT BEER STAND 2011 TELEPHONE ROAD Coldest Root Beer and Best Hot Dogs In Town HXTH MUSIC CO. Houston's Leading Band House COMPLETE STOCK OF WORLD'S FINEST BAND INSTRUMENTS Phone F. 9501 1015 Fannin Houston, Texas PLAZA FOOD SHOP Two Locations 4711 DOWLING STREET 3826 BROADWAY H. 2886 W. 9-3512 Compliments of TOM TAYLOR repr esen ting Swdwm Zmyflwmq Gamfmmf 2+ Manufacturers of your OFFICIAL CLASS RING COMPLIMENTS of ELLINGTON Florists 6950 Lawndale W. 6-2618 COMPLIMENTS of BLACK BROS. FURNITURE CO. 744 Telephone Road Complete Home Furnishings W. 6-7491 Congratulations, Graduates! You Deserve the Best . . . For only the best in business educa- tion can assure you of the best avail- able positions in business. Investi- gate our class in: Shorthand, Office Machines Bookkeeping, Typing Visitors are welcome "Across the Street from the Post Office' 1217 Capitol Phone A. 8-633 1 ATKINS 81 MCCLURE AMUSEMENT CO. I 715 La Branch Ch. 4-1332 Compliments of MARINE DRUG STORE 6602 Canal W. 5600 Archie Damon Service Station Gulf Products and Fishing Tackle 2331 TELEPHONE RD. W. 6-0454 Class rings-Club pins Guards--Silver Buckles C""":"I"'e"'S THE GEORGE ALAN COMPANY of Manufacturing Jewelers 603 West Eleventh - T yl 1024 S OU T H E RN PETROLEUM BARTON'S SERVICE Sales and Service LABORATURIES 4801 H burg W. 4144 W. 4145 HILLIS STUDIO Por rai s Weddings-1:ami1y Groups S P E E D Y 00 ' d W' 5349 PICTURE FRAMING AND Compliments of WORTHAM'S PHARMACY PRESCRIPTION DRUGGISTS 1703 Telephone Ro d iggs at Calhoun J. 2-9 08 W. 3-4248 Compllmenls of C plete Lin f H P t BROWN II PHILLIPS S d N C, Phillips "66" O. S. T. at Holmes Road Y O U R G 0 A L . Must NEVER BE UNDER A COLLEGE EDUCATIONU There is nothing that should ever be placed before your educa- tion . . . although, other things may seem more important to you now . . . and an education trivial. Your education is everlasting and cannot be taken from you. In this day and time, any man or woman who does not have a college education is handicapped from the beginning and cannot compete with college graduates in the endeavors of life. In deciding on your future always remember that the wealth of a nation comes from the soil . . . In deciding your future business or professional career give serious consideration to the agricultural enterprises . . . Cattle breeding, Agronomy, Soil Chemistry, Veterinary Medicine, Genetics, Soil Conservation, Agricultural Engineering, any of these fields of endeavor are vital to the national welfare. No other business can offer you a more secure future than Agriculture. We recommend that you enter anyone of the many Agricultural Colleges and take the courses that will help preserve this great nation for future generations. Whatever you decide upon, regardless of whatever field it may be in . . . Get YOUR COLLEGE EDUCATION AS A FOUNDATION ON WHICH TO BUILD YOUR CAREER. A. B. LAWRENCE RANCH Cattle Breeders In Texas Since 1830 - 74 Breeders of Registered Brahman Cattle ROUTE 2, BAYTOWN, TEXAS M A R 'S SERVICE STATION Sporting Goods-Supplies 5021 Harrisburg "Prescription Specialists" TRIANGLE PHARMACY R. E. DICK, Owner LEARN TO BOWL Have Fun and Enioy Healthful Recreation LAWNDALE BOWLING 5430 Lawndale W. 6-2784 Its a Curiosity - Almost everything CII - W. 3-6686 Golfcrest Hardware gl Variety 5204 Telephone W. 9-'I577 lnstruments--Records- Music-Radios-Repairs PARKER MUSIC CO. Houston's Most Complete Bandhouse 902 WALKER ICorner of Travisl Best Wishes HUB LUMBER CO., Inc. BUILDING MATERIALS 5519 Lawndale Phone W. 3-T696 Houston 3, Texas "Your Friendly Magnolia Dealer" LANG'S MAGNOLIA STATION Lawndale and Telephone W. 3-3290 from O PAUL'S suof sronf LAUNDRY 6- CLEANER-s 725 Main SL Cold Fur Storage Vault On Premises 5615 Lawndale W. 3-28'll HORACE S. FULKERSON PLUMBING - HEATING and INDUSTRIAL PIPING Phone 1921 Hackne W. 6-2052 Housto Compliments of B.8 C. CLEANERS 4730 Telephone Road W. 9-3966 TERRACE LAUNDRY and CLEANERS 1309 CALHOUN - PRESTON 5171 Your South End Laundry Compliments of GOLECREST BAKERY BIRTHDAY CAKES OUR SPECIALTY 4914 Telephone W. 9-4707 LENOX PHARMACY The Prescription Drug Store 5321 Harrisburg John S. Dunn 81 Co. Wayside 7153 Houston T GENERAL INSURANCE Compliments BONDS of CAPITOL 9431 HOUSTON I No"ct'ti'XRS glI'II1I'IEIl' IIIIIFI I I H . Il l I XI ! Q 49 YEAns DEPENDABLE SERVICE Fannin St. at Walker mgiffiglwr YEA MUSTANGS! E gl E Construction Company GENERAL CONSTRUCTION W. 3-4193 1919 Hackney APPLIANCE CONTRACTORS OF NEW CONSTRUCTION A 8 5449 215 Milby TWIFORD PRINTING CO. "Your Friendly East End Printers" 917 Telephone Phone W. 3-8190 Compliments of MILTON FLOWER SHOP 4441 Polk Avenue Ph e W. 7661 Houston, T uk Best Wishes from A Friend and Neighbor 'A' '7eflapAen G ' eamfpanq INCORPORATED Contractors and Engineers 1710 TELEPHONE ROAD HOUSTON, TEXAS Compliments of lnmvza efffliiffgmg. limi-z DEPARTMENT STORE 30l6 TELEPHONE Jack and Charlie WISHING WELL DRIVE INN 912 TELEPHONE ROAD Home of the Famous REAL BAKED HAM SANDWICH W. 1022 Junior Malts Thick Malts l54t 2095 East End's Finest Air-Conditioned Hamburgers 15,5 Department Store Cheeseburgers 200 I. C. BALLARD Lingerie Hosiery LUIVIBER CO. Gifts Good Lumber 4665 Calhoun Rd. F. 7307 S Xi S SHOP READY-TO-WEAR P A K I W A Y Infants Wear Hamburgers - Sandwiches 5607 Telephone W. 9-3545 HOMEMADE CHILI 5003 Harrisburg W. 5223 Compliments of MERCHANT LAUNDRY PICK UP and DELIVERY 732 Telephone Road W. 9-1575 PAT and PAL Drive-Inn Sandwiches and Fountain Service 2 02 h 8 5 63 Compliments of THE UPTOWN OPTICAL CO. 801 Capitol Avenue Lucky-Seven Store 4 5 JACOBSON-YELLEN SUPER MARKET 2702 Telephone Road PHONE W. 5765 "Service That Satisfies" LAWNDALE CLEANERS 81 DYERS Compliments of BURRIS, BENTON, 81 BAKER ATTORNEYS 510 Union National Bank Building Ladies Work a Specialty Specializes in Chinese Dishes Shirts Laundered as Y L k Th Proprietor J. S. LIM Hats Cleaned d Bl k d 4,15 F F 0351 WeGiveS8eHG St p Compliments of F t D I y Service SAM S0 RELLE LUMBER CO. 5535 L 3 l W- 3-3360 2330 Telephone Road w. 6-2606 STOCKTON'S MARKET ?Z2'i'173ZIZ scnuuz 5 05 d W. 3-7255 Compliments of P H A RM A C Y LAWNDALE GIFT SHOP 5125 Lowndole W. 3-T156 Res. Phone W. 6-9324 Phone W. 7848 THE DEPENDABLE DRUG STORE PAINT PRODUCTS SALES CO. Wall Poper-Paints-Venetian Blinds 4438 C I W. 4133 O. l. KASSAW 5203 HARRISBURG C pl L We gjfofciaf of 5202 LAWNDALE Wentworth 3-T 631 LAWNDALE COFFEE MRS- C- L- LOWE SHOP .12 NOW AIR-CONDITIONED 9 LE. V ggvv sROS,0RY GOODS CO. L ndole t 75th Street Center Please Note: Take timely warning, readers wise, They offer you variety, too, Your friendly merchants advertise ln everything that's smart and new. Within these pages, every one, Turn every page, read every ad, To help you get your shopping done. With problems solved, you'Il be so glad! They offer values in gifts galore Read our ad section with firm belief, To save you footsteps store-to-store. With confidence buy and find relief! Courtesy-THE HOUSTON SHOPPING NEWS Compliments of VERNQN MADDOX KIIIIPP 8z'I' IIlILY,J1M. 901 MAIN AT WALKER UTTLE SUPER MARKET Shoe Cube of Sufi ima 205 South 75th St. Houston, Texas SENIOR GIRLS, AFTER GRADUATION, WHAT? Do you want good pay? Interesting work? Pleasant surroundings? Excellent opportunities for promotion? These are just a few of the many attractive features of the posi- tions now open in our Company. No experience necessary and we will pay you while learning. APPLY EMPLOYMENT OFFICE 202 SHELL BUILDING SOUTHWESTERN BELL TELEPHONE COMPANY HFQE nu 515 I if Jfynr .ada V1 if ! W Q A fab m 4 gg, 6, 'X mug 'V ' X 5 " -M ' ' J ax X A Q 'U l Q , c Os S 1 4 .QP s -Nl N xt P W O v ! 2 - N0 C5 ugh,-. 7' . P 53 X -li 4239 gi xx., E X 1:5 b NN Ulf 'a '39 f 4 4 E ' Q W I X U ' .ff ':, af f i fb , , ' A V 1 4 1 , 20 -Nw V JRN U QL , ' I ! i , T-1 L ' ' a 1 fxm 6 'et 2 L x Qi. iigffi u Q - V 'Y ' DREAMS... - .- In H 1' ll ms 'sn lei!!! aii?ll!"' 'id '.M'Is!!'A'HV-lil'T!.12fQ4iiil!5fg. 5: B . I P' Us 9 won '2- P' 5,5 -f 2 4? I Q 1 of A For Dreams and ambitions are auute the same, T' is And empires rise at their magic name: rn g There is never a blessing we haveitoday, , .Qs But somebody's dreaming has paved the way. 5 ' A Yt , . X9 Why! Out on the edges of endless space ? 5 'P . ' 'yo God dreamed a dream forthe human race. 69' -Basil wauas 51 it I . if wifi I .miie I Q. 1'l".Y..i1 'I1'!!fi?ins..Zlu,1:nw .., - wisp

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