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f"'p,4'-vi' Ai 'rw IB 1 ,. 21, i 2. "r -' ' xr. 4- K 1 v. , .XA ' vw. ,A ,- x 2 1 - ,W -Aww .1 g . .g L, , ', 9 Q h I. .K ws. ' 3 iii? ' AL,:5'g.f,1 .Q f 4 0.4.11 uf' QW' ,ww .J uw 'H .gf ' L ,g'2-nfs" , 'n , 5 1 137' 2 :gf xrb' em 25,4 N, A . . " , gg I 3 K 'P' -0 31: ' .fl .lsr , , , ,R f 4 I3 -.Y.,N- I .22 - A . , : mf T wa- .. .. xii-'S fi H f as f , . ,P Q Y M! ' Q5's r , 2 V TN -'H' 9 1 LQ ii: U1 lg. , a F' +5 'lr AQ x, gil 'MR ,,.- 5 an ' '1 4, ag ,,:,n. ,,1,,x, sn ,,,4:i 4.5 ,S 'fr nl ff fy S 5' Q U 115124, ty J M., .gy . X I. ft, A fl' f VL 314- . 5 1 Y 1 N 4 ui . CQNTIENTS ADNHNISTRATION CLASSES FAVORITES fNCTIVITIES SPORTS ADS'NSNAPS 4 4, , 5 fum ,-was W, 4,2 MU 5 ,4 .S W 1 , SUM S xv-Q'iw3-1--H,g-2.-eq' 1: 4, SQL Q ,W 'K Y. . ,.. .Mrk , E, :N K U Q S 6 ENG F Ii, v C IL.. if Y A 1 4 k 1 KI K, fs..--F ' QA i S S S + if so . Editor in Chief Circulation Editor Class Editor Business Editor Photographer Literary Editor THE STA FF 'll BILLY BODDEKER KATHLEEN KASPER RICHARD ETHERIDGE ROSE MARIE WINTER PUBLISHED BY THE STUDENTS OF WAYNE BADER BETTYE YOUNG STEPHEN F. AUSTIN SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL VOLUME VIII EUNEP3QlUTltQlUNS To congratulate Austin, we must extend those congratulations to the Mustang, symbol of Austin, who has pranced triumphantly through the fields of education and sports. Through the years it has come, claiming its share of glory and honors until today it stands before us proudly looking to the future with high hopes and ideals. 1 brought the establishment of the clubs and activities that have be- come traditions today. To commemorate this tenth year, the Corral staff presents a review of the achievements of some of these as re- flected in its dedication pages. 'A' ir 'A' 1 was the date of the first Corral which paid iust tribute to the fine administration of our principal, Mr. G. A. loescher. The staff, under the direction of Mrs. Edis S. Haynes, included this appreciation in the dedication: "Only under the leadership of such a man as Mr. loescher could so great accomplishment have been attained . . . an efficient executive and a practical educator, a democratic idealist, and an enthusiastic booster of school activities, an understanding friend and a sympathetic counsellor, and a genuine believer in the ultimate sincerity of youth." 'A' 'A' 'A' 1 had these headlines on the dedi- cation pages: "Gin a Body Greet a Body-Bonnie Brigadiers." Under the direc- tion of Miss Beatrice Lytle and Mr. Michael Spampinato, the Scottish Brigade had as early as its second year made quite a name for itself. The Corral staff and Mrs. Haynes outdid Robert Burns in their Scottish phrasing throughout the book. This paragraph from their tribute to the spirited Brigadiers might have been written today: "The bright Scottish plaid of their unique uniforms, the quick-stepping precision of their marching, the snappy musical cadence of their drums and bugles, the added charm of their bagpipes, and the effectiveness of their drill formations and folk dances have won unceas- ing admiration and acclaim from the public in general." i' 'A' 'A' 1 9 4 0 put the athletic department on top with a winning football team! ln this third year of Austin's history:-"The Mus- tangs accomplished a feat hitherto achieved by only two other Houston teams: Participation in the semi-finals of the state playoff." The Corral awarded those victorious athletes the highest honor in their power: The dedication. The team, paced by such outstanding players as Harold Stockbridge, Ted Scruggs, and rence Kocurek, was coached by Mr. John C. Scott and Mr. Sam lefkowitz. They exemplified our motto, "Mens Sana in Corpore Sono," more effectively than any other Austin team. 'A' 'A' 'A' 1 1 brought first the beginning of Selective Service in America, then, on December 7th, Pearl Harbor. With this, our minds turned toward the military. The Reserve Officers Training Corps, at this time under Commandant Jesse M. Willis, was awarded first place in city-wide Federal Inspection. For several successive years its rifle team has held top rank. In '45 two cadets were among the high five in the William Randolph Hearst Trophy rifle competition. ir ir 'A' 1 and the Mustang was five years old! This time it was the band that was way out front. "Because of the top honors our band has received in state and national contests for the past two years land, we wish to add, for each successive year thereafterl, because all of Houston recognizes its superi- ority and invites it to make special appearances on memorable occasions, we swell with pride. But because it has brought so much ioy to the hearts of all Austinites, we dedicate this book to Spamp and to OUR BAND." ak ir 'lr 1 was not without progress at Aus- l tin, though classes were often overwhelmingly feminine. The Corrall had to give way to the war-time shortage of materials, and, to the regret of many, there was no year- book. Our colleague, the Round-Up, came to the rescue, however, with a special edition to honor the favorites in the spring of this sixth year. ir ir ir 1 saw little change in the paper, metal, and film supply, but we had a book: the Pony edition which reviewed in almost vest-pocket size our seventh year. 'A' 'A' 'A' 1 9 4 5 recorded a boom year for the Mus- tang Boosters. Always the largest organization in the school, the club excelled even its own record in its eighth year. With the Boosters backing Austin at every turn and with Miss Ruth Greenhill the dynamic force behind the Boosters, it was inevitable that they win full honors. 'A' 'A' 'A' 1 sent orchids to the Austin Round- Up and to its able sponsor, Miss Ardis Phillips, for having sustained its weekly publication throughout the war years and for winning state honors at the Interscholastic League Press conference both in '45 and '46. This year our newspaper has excelled even that by winning national honors. More orchids for the Round-Up, please! 'A' 'A' 'A' 1 9 4 7 should be commemorated by a gift of tin. The art department and its monitor, Mrs. Gerry Brady, solved that problem for us by pressing designs into soft aluminum for the division. Each of these is meant to ex- press the Corral's tribute to that phase of Austin's life. To all the Mustangs, past and present, MANY HAPPY RETURNS!! The 1947 Staff 1' K' nf A ,,.4uv'4""yM-Mwos '., - ',,.--ff' -v sly Isl, if ' ,iq H N , - 5, I ' Q-2, I 1 f 15 kk, 2 A 'lf 'Y - if "' 'R ,A l A Ni' '?' Nt A V' h Q-Q in..-mf , , .3 ...' -.- .. 'Y W 5,3 ' 5m ibn ii.-v.: -, z 49, 'S " i x 5 , y Q gf 4' L Mr- rx , 4, fs. .AS , .V we Q.. 7 fx 'W' N t' if f SFX ggi", ix w- 1 4 y - 5 5 , Us if f G- 4 .A W l 2' ' ,gf x if Q y , P g , ,wygg gi A'g,jim 2 1' Q yi W W- X X 'S 9 K KW 'Mx . W "N""Ns-qqgmm N U 5 'xffv ., vg fg It ,i K 5 Q, 4 Sstylfc Ku 5 A X S Q3 . . Q isa 3 ' . Fi H' i -1 sg V P Q 1, f N :f'3',' N x' nr is 4134, I Q Z ,if kgs ,,,L- ' tx 3, , M is gk Lixx L ,,x,i-fi A, f 3 lk Q A fi? jf ,...,gv 5"'fX I Q why. THE EXECUTIVES wi Q MR. G. A. LOESCHER MRS. PAULINE CROUCH Principal Dean MRS. MARY KATHERINE ASHMORE MR. JAMES H. GOETTEE Clerk Assi. Principal MISS ANNIE LAURIE HOWARD MRS. MAXINE BRANARD Registrar Secretory The medal for distinguished service that opens this section is awarded especially to those loyal faculty members and school employees who have served Austin during all the years of its existence. That you might distinguish between those members and the compara- tive new-comers, we have presented the former in in- dividual pictures and the latter, in groups. MR. J. P. CORNELIUS Industrial Arts MISS RUTH DAUGHERTY Social Relations General Mathematics Hospitality Club MISS NAOMI EKMAN Chemistry Chemistry Club MISS RUTH GREENHILI. Civics, Social Problems Mustang Boosters MRS. EDIS S. HAYNES English, Dept. Chairman MISS BEATRICE LYTLE Home Nursing Scottish Brigade MRS. MAURYNE DAILEY Spanish, Pan.American league Student Council, Handbook and Directory MISS VERNON DILWORTH Spanish, Pan-American League MRS. E. C. GATES Biology Mustang Mounties MISS BEATRICE HARRISON English, Dramatics Green Masque Players MISS GRACE HORNADAY Physical Education Archery, Volleyball MISS SADIE R. McI.EAN English Radio Club ,sms S. w""' A 'OA' wr .,.1,.e,..,- .1 1" f x v We , I li 57 . . ' . 3 is K ta., Bw MR. J. W. WATSON MR. JESSE M. WILLIS Commercial law Mathematics Bookkeeping Golf Club Mrs. Verna Hogan Austin barely missed completing her tenth year here. Her gracious charm, her unceasing energy and efficient labor toward our academic growth are sorely missed, though their example will remain among us. She couldn't have chosen a be'ter name for her new life, we Austinites agree! MISS MARGARET PEARSON Foods, Lunch Patrol MISS ARDIS PHILLIPS English, Journalism Round-Up MR. JOHN C. SCOTT Physical Education MR. C. H. SHERMAN Mechanical Drawing TOP ROW MR. C. L. RAWSON Mathematics MRS. CHARLINE POTTER Social Science National Honor Society Book Room SECOND ROW MISS HELEN SONCRANT Secretarial Training MISS BERTIE SIMS Music Commercial Clubs MISS ADELE WAGGAMAN English "A" Club Commercial Art Choral Club THIRD ROW MR. MICHAEL SPAMPINATO MISS HELEN TACKETT MISS LUCY ULMER Spanish Librarian Mathematics Band and Orchestra Y'Teens Music Director, Scottish Brigade Miss Hazel Henderson is discussing the textile strength of a new material with Pro- fessor Irving W. Lumpkin of the physics de- Rolling Ponies Mr. A. M. Yarrington, teacher of industrial arts and Mr. G. L. Johnston, typing teacher, examine some work of the art department. partment. Capt. F. S. Stallings and Sgt. M. E. Thomas discuss the merits of a 50 caliber machine gun in the R.O.T.C. Rifle Range. Why the startled look, Sarg? He's not pointing at you. Four members of the math department Mrs. Marjorie B. Dyer, Mrs. Hilda Bradshaw, Mrs. Marquerite Byrnes, and Miss Bertha L. Doering. The social science department gathers in the library for a brief conference. Left to right: Mr. Byron Parker, Miss Evelyn Mc- Ginty, and Miss Mollie Jackson. H nrsi 1 - 5. fr""' ff L-2 fi f' ,AM I ,X 1"""N , , J ii K g J - I lf' " 1 ' N-C 4 5 E M Mrs. Geraldine Brady, Art, and Mrs. Julia B. Leonard, English. Mr. George Hartung and Mr. A. P. Dowling, physical edu- cation. Mrs. Frances Dement, Mrs. W. D. Whiteside, and Mrs. Quay Free, English. Mrs. Lourina Patton, Nurse and Mrs. J. B. Holt, Cafeteria man- ager. Mr. M. C. McGraybill, Head Custodian. Mr. W. A. Gaffney, Custodian. Lela Toliver, Maid. Mary Spencer, Maid. Ada Brown and Equila Starks, Maids. I1i1'1's1'm1 pugw nppndlr' 11'r1.x rl1'x1'gr11'rl ami f'.z'f'1'11lr'1l ln' DOlfUTIll' IIINH. .ma ff fi -'Ffa , 'rx I .s 2- 3 , I 'r.'5,,, Y. Y If f 5 C Q X 9" lV"N, NN X .QM Y if 1 Q I X Vi f N X N5 J. :I X K-N . J K a F 1 A JL ,.,,,Q. SENIOR COUNCIL Norma Jean Horlung, Eddie Weiss, Audrey Walters, Wayne Duddleslen, Glenn Goodman, Georgia Mae Hosek, Bobby Bell, Helen Pelham, Ruth Dixon. SENIOR ACTIVITIES DANCE April I2 UNIVERSITY or HOUSTON RECEPTION April 25 BANQUET May 5 PICNIC May 27 SENIOR DAY: cIAss MORNING May 29 CLASS NIGHT DANCE UNIVERSITY OF RECEPTION BANQUET PICNIC SENIOR DAY: CLASS MORNING CLASS NIGHT HOUSTON COMMITTEES FOR SENIOR ACTI Miss Daugherty, Mrs. Bradshaw Co-Chairmen Mrs. Crouch, Chairman H4 Homeroom Teachers Miss Henderson, Mrs. Leonard Co-Chairmen Mr. Walson, Chairman Miss Greenhill, Miss Eby, Mrs. Gales, Mr. Harlung Miss Harrison, Chairman H4 Homeroom Teachers G. A. Loescher, Chairman Program-Mrs. Haynes, Mrs. Demenl, Miss Sims, Mr. Spampinaro and H4 Homeroom Teachers Austin Gym University of Houslon San Jasinlo Inn Lyondell Park Auslin Audilorium VITIES John Cummings, Campus Ivy Jo ns Elizaberh Reich, Mary Nell Small Borda Lon Bower William Bollman Belly Jane Kiecke, Leonard Killgore Bob Graham Marianne Bollon Georgia Mae Hosek Virginia Cecil Billy Boddeker Doris Jaffe Ray Arrerburn Q. 1 SENIOR CLASS OF I947 OFFICERS Presidenl BILLY BODDEKER Vice-Presidenl BETTY JANE KIECKE Secretary DORIS JAFFE xy? 5 Q 5 7 Treasurer JOE SAVARINO I yy Lawyer sosav HUNT i Sergeant-at-Arms LAWRENCE FREILICH S V ki As I I Jaffe, Boddeker, Kiecke, Freilich, Hunl, Savarino Barbara Abraham Willie Lee Adkins Irma Alvarez Yvonne Alston Lloyd Anderson Donold Andrews Ray Arferburn Harold Ash Doris Attra Lonnie Avery Thomas Aylsworth Wayne Bader Kathry J n Bailey an lk' 3-9 .Is Doris Barnes Sally Barry Cozetta Bartholomew Dorothy Bartlett Clara Batterson Henry Baugh Barbara Bauman David Beerbower Delores Becker Bobby Bell Violet Berczik Howard Berg Herman Leon Bernard Richard Blakely Billy Boddela William Bollman Marianne Bolton Ruth Bolton Borda Lon Bower India Ann Boyc 'UI QTY' Goldo Brehm Shirley Brock Julian Brown l an Bruning Myrl Bruns Dick Bullock ris Caldwell Martha Helen Card Virginia Cecil Aubrey Chudleigh Bobby Cody Patsy Conine June Brown Wesley Brueggeman Frances Codell James Cessna Joyce Coon Muriel Cahal Glenn Childress Beverly Ann Coopel 'UK Y? Curtis Cox John Crochet John Cummings Darrell Davis Mildred Davis Douglas Davis Billy Delahoussaye Beulah Demetre Elaine Des Rochers Ruth Dixon Betty Jean Doggett Tommie Catherin l 6? 'Ll Melbert Cudd Beverly Dawson Lamonte Dillon e Donnell Delores Dossett 'iw' ,Q X 105 ' 'Ds l if' in gy ,X 'V' Wayne Duddlesten Norma Dunnam Donald Ellis Darlene Engholm Mary Katherne Epps Richard Eiheridge Roberi Evans Dick Fankhauser Lawrence Freilich Billie Mae Finney Eugene Fitzgerald Pat Foley Helen Frenzel Marion Frnka Cathryn Fuller Ola Jeanne Gatewood An. Perry Glenn Gathright Harvey Gartman Willette Gierisch Peggy Jean Griffin Beniamin Hard Billy Godwin Pat Grymes Nellwyn Haigler Margie Gersteman Glenn Goldsberry Sally Gunn Susan Harkrider 'S' I nn... John Gibson Glenn Goodman Jean Haddon Keith Harrington Dorothy Gideon Bob Graham Bina Hansen Carroll Harris , f nf' fx 'T A 7 'Y orma Jean Hartung Becky Hatfield Frank Luther Helvey Jesse Hensarling Elizabeth Hitt Patty Holloway Bob Hootman Marie Hopkins Donna Horton Georgia Mae Hosek Dona Hudson Becky Lou Huffar Charley Beth Hughen Arthur Hughes Mary Hulsey Melba Hunnicutt Bobby Hunt Jean Ingram Doris Jaffe Peggy James in an-at il' Phe rv. Faye Jones lvy Jones Barbara Jones Bettye Karl Eward Kennedy Betty Jane Kiecke Leonard Killgore Betty Kinsey McClaugherty Dolores Kite La Juan Koerner Robert Lacy Don Lambert Olga Lang Oreta Langham Maxine La Pine Torn Laws Harrell Leavens Dan Lee Ed Leonard Trellis Leonard Donald Lewis William Lippincott Doris Lucas Billy McCarver Dorothy McDonald Sue Ann McDonald Charlayne Lobit Carrie McCreary Billy McGuire Betty Lorenz Sue McCullcrs Mary Frances McKellar 1 ,unme- 1-N. db. L. K. 3 JX 'X rw fi'- 'Y 6 Z1 Arlen McKenzie Wilson McPl1ail Alice Mackey Ann Manly Dorothy Manly Margaret Martin Waymon Martin Serena Maxwell Joe Mayes Bess Mears Barbara Miller Evelyn Miller Karol Miller Joan Miller Robert W. Mill Wallace Miller Williard Miller Gene Milligan Jessie Rutl1Minter Sammie Mize l Emma Joe Morris Truman Moses Norman H. Mostert Norman C. Nelson Annell Norton Ruth Parr Kenneth Pitts Meyer Nelkin Dorothy Parrett Doris Platt Marjorie Dawn Parker Helen Louise Pelham A is Wi .M in E is Luella Myatt Karlene Nunemaker Jack Ronald Patison Gordon E. Polk SKK Betty Ponton Phil Prescott Gloria Raimer Patricia Rand Elizabeth Reich Eugene Rice Myrna Loy Rodriguez Byron Rusler Juanita Price Doris Pyle Wanda Jean Redmond Betty Jo Rtmel Lloyd Rutledge Ann Reeves Jimmy Robinson Muriel Sandel l l I -HUP' QW l Jerry Sanders Ray Santerre Elizabeth Saulnier Joseph Savarino Norma Jean Sawyer Alma Jean Schmidt Billy Schoellkopf Myles Schutte Charles Schwartzkopf Wanda Jean Scott Noel Searle Joyce Sellers Albert Shaffner Dan Shaw Dorothy Shaw Ann Showers v- 9' 'Ui Ox mei 6 Q- Frances Sims Saranna Skelton Mary Sue Sloan Mary Nell Small Shirley Jean Smith Wanema Smith Cora Smith Eldon Sorsby Ruby Speights Margie Spiller Camille Springfield Martha Virginia Spurlock Dorothy Steely Bill Stewart Doris Ann Stie Bob Suggs Thomas Sweet Peggy Tatham Billy Jecm Taylor Betty Sue Temple 1-x 5' Q y 1.9. M X Mary Louise Thiel R. C. Thompson Camille Tingley George Trammell raine Vernagallo Xudrey Walters Eddie Weiss Edwin Vogt Beverly Waddell Marilyn Wareham Billy Warriner Elaine Whilileman Douglas Whitly is Jean Walker Edith Dale Webb June Wilkerson Virginia Trow Norma Jean Wallis Clarence Webber Anita Gail Williams Q23-ep.. -tux if 'PRN Jo Dell Williams Rosemary Wimbf Yates Williamson Lois Wilson Peggy Ann Wimberly Rose Marie Winter Patsy Woodard Gina Zambon THE T947 SENIOR CLASS BARBARA ABRAHAM: The Scottish Brigade '43-'47, Top Sgt., Sub- Debs '45-'47. WILLIE LEE ADKINS. IRMA ALVAREZ: La Directiva, Treas., Mustang Boosters, Mustang Band, Gavel Club, Rolling Ponies. YVONNE ALSTON: Mustang Boosters, Hospitality Club '45, Aloha '46, Gym Letter '46. LLOYD ANDERSON: Mustang Band. DONALD ANDREWS: Mustang Band '43-'47, Band Letter '46"47, Student Council '46-'47, La Directiva '45-'47. WILLIAM ARNOLD. RAY ARTERBURN. HAROLD ASH: La Directiva '43-'45, Aloha '46. DORIS ATTRA: Sub-Debs '46-'47, Mustang Boosters '43-'47, Tennis Club '46, Student Council '46, La Directiva '43-'45, Aloha '46. LONNIE AVERY: Mustang Boosters '43-'45, ROTC '43-'45. THOMAS AYLSWORTH. WAYNE BADER: ROTC, 2nd Lt. '46, Non-Coms' Club, Officers' Club, Mustang Boosters, The Round-Up, Photographer, Letter '46, The Corral, Photographer, Quill and Scroll, Harvard Prize Book Award '45, Hospitality Club. KATHERINE BAILEY: National Honor Society '46-'47, Sub-Debs '46-'47, Student Council '43-'44, Mustang Boosters '45-'47, La Directiva '44-'46, Volleyball Letter '45-'47, Gym Letter '46, Baseball Letter '44-'45. DORIS BARNES. SALLY BARRY: Gavel Club, Debate Letter, Speech Letter. COZETTA BARTHOLOMEW: Gavel Club, Treas. '45, Pres. '46, Mustang Boosters '45-'47, Sub-Debs '46-'47. DOROTHY JEAN BARTLETT: Sub-Debs, Tennis Club '45-'46, Mustang Mounties '45-'46, Student Council '45, Aloha '46, Mustang Boosters '44-'47, Hospitality Club '47, Volleyball Letter '45-'47, Baseball Letter '44-'45, Gym Letter '45. CLARA BATTERSON: Mustang Boosters, Tennis Club. HENRY BAUGH. BARBARA BAUMAN: Sub-Debs, Mustang Boosters '454'46. DAVE BEERBOWER. DOLORES BECKER: Mustang Mounties '45, Mustang Boosters, Scribe '46"47, ROTC Sponsor, Capt., Officers' Club, Letter '46-'47, The Round-Up, Girls' Sports Ed., Journ. Letter '46, Quill and Scroll '46-'47, Rolling Ponies. BOBBY BELL. VIOLET BERCZIK: Hospitality Club, Hostess, Aloha: Mustang Boosters '45-'47, Gym Team Capt. '47, HOWARD BERG. HERMAN LEON BERNARD: ROTC '43-'47, lst Lt. '47, Non-Coms' Club, Officers' Club, ROTC Letter '47, Gavel Club, Sgt. at Arms '46-'47, Speech Letter '47, Rolling Ponies '46-'47, Bowling Letter '47, Mustang Boosters '45-'47, The Corral, ROTC Ed. '47, Mustang Band '44-'45, RICHARD BLAKELY: Hospitality Club '43-'44, Aloha, Pres. '44-'45, Mustang Boosters '43-'47, Senior Class Sgt. at Arms '47, Football Letter '45. BILLY BODDEKER: Pres, Senior Class '47, Mustang Boosters, Chief '46-'47, Quill and Scroll, Sgt. at Arms '46-'47, La Directiva, Sec'y '44, The Corral, Cartoonist '45, Editor '46-'47, Fire Patrol, Chief '46-'47, Gavel Club '46-'47, Speech Letter '47, The Round-Up, Artist '44-'47, Journ. Letters '45, '46, Mask and Gavel Club '46-'47, Rolling Ponies, Pres. '45-'47, Chess Club '45-'46, Jr. Red Cross Rep. '46-'47, ROTC, Lt. Col. Ret, '46-'47, ROTC Letter '47, Officers' Club, Pres. '45, TNT '44-'45, WILLIAM BOLLMAN: Football Letterman '46, Co-Capt., Basketball Letter '45-'46, "A" Club, Hospitality Club, Aloha, Student Council, Pres. '46, Mustang Boosters '43-'46. MARIANNE BOLTON: Sub-Debs, Sec'y '46-'47, The Round-Up, Circulation Mgr., Quill and Scroll, Journ. Letter '47, Mustang Boosters, Gym Letter '45-'46. RUTH BOLTON: Mustang Boosters '43-'44, Hospitality Club '46-'47. BORDA LON BOWER: Sub-Debs '46-'47, Mustang Boosters '44-'47, Rouni-Up Exchange Ed. '46, Journ. Letter '46-'47, Quill and Scroll '46-'47, Hospitality Club '46, Aloha '47, Student Council '44, Prin:ipaI's Committee '45, Tennis Club '46-'47, Rep. The Corral '45, Head Cheer- leader '46, Gym Letters '46-'47. INDIA ANN BOYD: La Directiva '43-'45, Mustang Boosters '44-'46, Sub-Debs, Sec'y '45-'46, Student Council, DIRECTORY THE 1947 SENIOR CLASS Treas. '44-'46, Rolling Ponies, Bowling Letter '46, ROTC Sponsor, Capt., Maior, '45-'46, Officers' Club, Treas. '45-'46, Freshman Beauty '44, Hospitality Club, Sportsmanship Letter '44-'45, Baseball Letter '44-'45, Gym Letter '46. GOLDA BREHM: Mustang Boosters '45-'46, Sub-Debs '45-'47, Hospitality Club '46, Aloha '47. JULIAN BROWN. JUNE BROWN: Quill and Scroll Pres. '46-'47, La Directiva, Pres. '44, Tennis Letter '45, Sub-Debs '45-'47, Bridge Club '46-'47, Mustang Boosters '44-'47, The Round-Up, Bus. Mgr., Adv. Mgr. '45-'47, Speech Club, Vice- Pres. '47. WESLEY BRUEGGEMAN: Rolling Ponies '46-'47, Mustang Boosters. JOAN BRUNING: The Scottish Brigade '43-'47, Top Sgt., Lt. Flags '47, Letter, Sub-Debs '45-'46, Nat'l Honor Soc'y, Mustang Boosters '45-'47. MYRL JOYCE BRUNS: Rolling Ponies '46-'47, Gym Letter '46, High Point Team '47. DAVID RICHARD BULLOCK: Mustang Band '44-'47, Band Medal, Orchestra '45-'46, Student Council '45, Rolling Ponies, Mustang Boosters '43-'47. FRANCES CADELL. MURIEL CAHAL: Hospitality Club, Prog. Chmn. '46-'47, Mustang Boosters '46-'47. IRIS CALDWELL: The Scottish Brigade '44-'47, Sub-Debs '46-'47, The Round-Up, Hospitality Club, Mustang Boosters '44-'47. MARTHA HELEN CARD: Legion Students' Award 45-'47, Choral Club '46-'47, Nat'l Honor Soc'y '46-'47, Mustang Boosters '45-'47, Hospitality Club '46-'47, Am. legion Award '45, Gym Letter '45-'46. VIRGINIA CECIL: Sub-Debs, Mustang Boosters '44-'46, Quill and Scroll, Soc'l Chmn. '46-'47, The Round-Up, Feature Ed. '46, Journ. Letter '45-'46, Gym Letters '44, '45, '46, Volleyball Letter '45-'46, JAMES CESSNA. GLENN CHILDRESS. AUBREY CHUDLEIGH: Student Council '44-'45, The Corral '47, Mustang Boosters '46-'47, Rolling Ponies, Gavel Club. BOBBY CODY: ROTC '43-'45, Mustang Band '45-'47, Two Letters, Band Medal, Mustang Boosters. PATSY CONINE: Mustang Mounties '43-'44, Orchestra '43-'44, The Round-Up, Typist '46-'47, Rep. The Corral '47, Journ. Letter, Mustang Boosters '43-'47, The Scottish Brigade '43-'47, Brigade Letters, Sub-Debs, Treas. '45-'47, Student Council '46-'47, Rolling Ponies '46-'47, Hospitality Club '45-'47. BEVERLY ANN COOPER: The Scottish Brigade '44-'47, Brigade Letters, Maior, Drum and Bugle '46-'47, Mustang Boosters '45-'47, Gavel Club, Soc'l Chmn. '46, Sub-Debs, Pres. '45-'46, Vice-Pres. '46-'47, Chorus '46-'47, Green Masque Players '45-'47, Hospitality Club '46-'47, The Round-Up '46-'47, City Declamation Letter '46-'47, Speech Letter '45-'46. CURTIS COX: Mustang Band '44-'45, Mustang Boosters. JOHN CROCHET: Rolling Ponies '46-'47, Mustang Boosters '44-'47. JOHN CBUDDYI CUMMINGS: Student Council '43-'47, Vice-Pres. '45, Lawyer '46, Mustang Boosters, Lawyer, Asst. Chief, '43-'47, "A" Club '44-'46, Cheer- leader '45, Football Mgr. '44. MELBERT CUDD: Football Letter '46. DARRELL DAVIS. DOUGLAS DAVIS. MILDRED DAVIS: Y-Teens, 5oc'l Chmn. '46-'47, Student Council '43-'44, Green Masque '46-'47, Hospitality Club '47, Aloha '47, Mustang Mounties Vlustang Boosters '44-'47, Gym Letters '46-'47, High Point Team '46-'47. EEVERLY DAWSON: Sub-Deb, Mustang Boosters, Green Masque Players, The Scottish Brigade, Chorus. WARREN WILLIAM DELAHOUSSAYE: Mustang Boosters '43-'46, Hospitality Club, Reporter '46, Aloha, Chmn. 45-'46, The Round-Up, Asst. Sports Ed., Quill and Scroll, Track Team Capt. '45-'46, Letters '43-'46, Golf '45, State Track Meet High Point Wan '46, Football '46. BEULAH DEMETRE: Hospitality Club, Vice-Pres. 46-'47, Mustang Boosters '46-'47. ELAINE DES ROCHERS: Mustang loosters, Tennis Club, Mustang Mounties. LAMONT DILLON: Mustang loosters, ROTC S-Sgt., Radio Club '44-'45, La Directiva, Sec'y '44-'45, I Players '46-'47, 'li-Y. RUTH DIXON: Mustang Boosters, Student Council, Mustang Aounties '45, Gym Letter '45, Volleyball Letter '46. BETTY JEAN JOGGETT: Nat'l Honor Soc'y '46-'47, Sub-Debs '45-'47, Rolling Ponies 46-'47, Mustang Boosters '44-'47, Hospitality Club '47, Aloha '47, ROTC iponsor, Capt. '46-'47, Officers' Club '46-'47, Student Council '44-'45, Baseball Letter '44-'45, Sportsmanship Letter '44-'45: ROIIINQ Ponies '46- TOMMIE CATHERINE DONNELL. DOLORES DOSSETT. WAYNE DUDDLESTEN: Hi-Y '43-'45, Mustang Boosters '43-'47, Cash Booster '46-'47, ROTC, Capt. '43-'46, Hospitality Club, The Round-UP: The Corral, Journ. Letter '46-'47. NORMAN DUNNAM: ROTC, 'lst Lt. '43-'46, The Corral, Sports Ed. '46-'47, Mustang Boosters, Rolling Ponies '45-'47, Bowling Letter '46. DONALD ELLIS: ROTC, Capt. '43-'47, Rolling Ponies '45-'47, Mustang Boosters '46-'47, Bowling Letter '46. DARLENE ENGHOLM: Nat'l Honor Soc'y '46-'47, Chorus '43-'47, Choral Club, Sub-Debs '45-'46, Mustang Boosters '46-'47, Gym Letters '43-'44- MARY KATHERINE EPPS: Linguae Latinae Languidaa '46-'47. RICHARD ETHERIDGE: ROTC, 2nd Lt., Non-Coms' Club '43-'45, Mustang Boosters '44-'46, The Corral, Sr. Class Ed., Class Editor '45-'47. DICK FANKHAUSER. BILLIE MAE FINNEY: The Scottish Brigade, Capt. '43-'47, Sub-Debs '45-'46, Mustang Boosters '43-'46, Hospitality Club. EUGENE FITZGERALD: ROTC '43-'45, Mustang Band '43-'47, Letters '45-'47, Rolling Ponies '45-'47, Bowling Letters '46-'47, Football, "B" Team '45. PAT FOLEY: Basketball, "A" Team. LAWRENCE FREILICH: Football '45-'46, Senior Class Sgt. at Arms '47, Hospitality Club. HELEN FRENZEL: Mustang Boosters. MARION FRNKA: The Scottish Brigade, Color Guard Sgt. '43-'47, Sub-Debs '45-'47, Mustang Boosters '45-'47. CATHERYN FULLER: Mustang Mounties '46-'47. OLA JEANNE GATEWOOD: The Scottish Brigade '45-'47, Letter '47, Sub-Debs '46-'47. GLENN GATHRIGHT: Hospitality Club, Treas. '46-'47, Aloha, Host '47. HARVEY GARTMAN. MARGIE GERSTEMAN. JOHN GIBSON. DOROTHY GIDEON: Mustang Boosters '44-'47, ROTC Sponsor, Lt. Col. '45-'47, Hospitality Club '46, Runner-Up Soph. Beauty '45, Gym Letter '44-'45. WILLETTE GIERISCH: The Scottish Brigade '44-47, Choral Club '44, Journ. Letter. GLENN GOODMAN: Mustang Boosters '44-'47, ROTC, Capt. '43-'46, Aeronautics Club '44, The Round-Up, Hospitality Club, Football '46, Letter, "B" Team Football '45. JOSEPH BOB GRAHAM: Mustang Boosters '43-'47, The Round-Up Sports Ed. '46-'47, Quill and Scroll '46-'47, Hospitality Club '46-'47, Journ. Letter '46-'47. PEGGY JEAN GRIFFIN: Mustang Boosters '44-'47, Rolling Ponies '44-'45, Hospitality Club, Sec'y '46, Aloha '46-'47, Sub- Debs '46-'47, High-Point Letter '44. PAT GRYMES: Mustang Boosters '46-'47, ROTC '43-'45. SALLY GUNN: Sub-Debs, Mustang Boosters '46-'47, Mustang Mounties '46-'47, The Corral, Art Ed., Asst. Girls' Sports Ed. '46-'47, Nat'l Honor Soc'y '47, Y-Teens '47. JEAN HADDON: The Scottish Brigade, Lt. '43-'47, Mustang Boosters '45-'47, Sub-Debs, Sgt. at Arms '45-'47, Gavel Club '46. BINA HANSEN: Nat'l Honor Soc'y '46-'47, Sub-Debs '45-'47, Mustang Boosters '43-'47, The Scottish Brigade, Top Sgt. '45-'46, Hospitality Club '45, Ed. Pan-Am. News, Pan-Am. Letter '46-'47, La Directiva '47. BENJAMIN HARD: ROTC, Col. '43-'46, Mustang Boosters '45-'47, Hi-Y '46-'47, Rolling Ponies '46-'47, Orchestra '43-'45, La Directiva '43-'46, Speech Club, Sgt. at Arms, Fire Dept. '45-'46, TNT Club '45-'46, Nat'l Honor Soc'y, Pres. '45-'47, Student Council '44-'46. NELLWYN HAIGLER. SUSAN HARKRIDER: Nat'l Honor Soc'y '46-'47, Sub-Debs '45-'47, Mustang Boosters '44-'47, The Scottish Brigade, Letter '44-'47. KEITH HARRINGTON: ROTC '43-'44, Football "B" Team '46, Rolling Ponies, Bowling Letter '46. CARROLL HARRIS: ROTC '44-'45, Football '46, Mustang Boosters '46, La Directiva '46. NORMA JEAN HARTUNG: The Scottish Brigade, Adj. Mai. '43-'47, Sub-Debs '45-'46, Mustang Boosters '43-'47, Hospitality Club '45-'46, Rolling Ponies '45-'47. BECKY HATFIELD. FRANK L. HELVEY Ill: ROTC, Sgt. '43-'45, Track Team '45-'46, Football '46, Football "B" Team, Capt. '45, Senior Class Poet. JESSE HENSARLING: Fire Dept. Capt., Mustang Boosters, Swimming Team. ELIZABETH ANN HITT: The Scottish Brigade '44, Mustang DIRECTORY THE I947 SENIOR CLASS Boosters '44-'45: La Directiva '44-'45: Mustang Boosters '43-'47: Sub- Debs '45-'47. BOB HOOTMAN: Mustang Boosters '44-'47: Hi-Y '46. MARIE HOPKINS: The Scottish Brigade '44-'47: Radio Club, Prog. Chmn., Pres. '45-'47: Sub-Debs '46-'47. DONNA HORTON: Museum Scholar- ship Award: The Round-Up. GEORGIA MAE HOSEK: D.A.R. Citizenship Award '47: Senior Council Rep. '47: Mustang Boosters '44-'47: Radio Club, Pres. '45'47: Sub-Debs '46-'47: Gym High-Point Team '44-'45: Gym Letter '47: Hospitality Club: Aloha '47: Pan-Am. '44-45. DONA HUDSON: Mustang Boosters '45-'47: Hospitality Club '46-'47: Gym letter. BECKY HUFFAR: Y-Teens. CHARLEY BETH HUGHEN: Mustang Boosters '43-'47: The Scottish Brigade '43-'45: Sub-Debs '45-'47: Green Masque Players: Hospitality Club '47: The Round-Up, Asst. News Ed. '46-'47: Journ. letter: Quill and Scroll '46-'47. ARTHUR C. HUGHES: Mustang Boosters: ROTC, Mai., Non-Coms' Club, Officers' Club. MARY HULSEY. MELBA HUNNICUT. BOBBY HUNT: Mustang Boosters '44-'47: Football '46: Chess Club '43-'45: Senior Class Lawyer '47. JEAN INGRAM: Sub-Debs '45-'47: The Round-Up, Adv. Mgr. '45-'47: Journ. letter '47: Quill and Scroll '47: The Corral, Adv. Staff '47: The Scottish Brigade, Capt. Flags '43-'47: Hospitality Club. DORIS JAFFE: The Scottish Brigade, Capt. Co. "A," '43-'47: Nat'l Honor Soc'y, Vice-Pres.: Sub-Debs '45-'47: The Round-Up, Col. Ed. '44-'47: Journ. Letter: The Corral, Adv. '47: Mustang Boosters: Senior Class Sec'y '47: Quill and Scroll '47. PEGGY JAMES: The Scottish Brigade. BARBARA JONES: Principal's Committee '47: Hospitality Club '46: Aloha '47: La Directiva '43: Gym Letter '47. FAYE JONES: The Scottish Brigade '45-'47: Sub-Debs: Mustang Mounties '44-'47: T.N.T. '46: Mustang Boosters '44-'47. IVY JONES: Hospitality Club '46: Aloha '47: ROTC '45-'47: Fire Dept. '46: Mustang Boosters '46: Mustang Band '45. BETTYE KARL. EARL EDWARD KENNEDY: Mustang Boosters '45-'46: Fire Dept., Bat. Chief: Football Letters '44, '45, Team '43-'47. BETTY JANE KIECKE: Vice-Pres. Senior Class '47: The Scottish Brigade, Capt. Co. "A," Lt. Col. Res. '43-'47: Sub-Debs: Mustang Boosters '43-'47: Aloha, Treas. '44-'45: The Round-Up '46-'47. LEONARD KILLGORE: Mustang Boosters '43-'47: Fire Patrol '46-'47: Hospitality Club '46-'47: Football Letterman '44-'46: Swimming Letter '46-'47: Hockey Letter '43-'47. DOLORES KITE: Hospitality Club '46: Aloha: Mustang Boosters '43: Gym Letter '43-'45: Rolling Ponies. LA JUAN KOERNER: Gavel Club. BOB LACY: ROTC '43-'45: Mustang Boosters '46-'47: Student Council. DAN LAMBERT. OLGA LANG: The Scottish Brigade '45: Mustang Boosters '45-'47: Mustang Mounties '44. ORETA LANGHAM: Rolling Ponies '46-'47. MAXINE LA PINE: The Scottish Brigade: Mustang Mounties: TNT: Sub-Debs: The Round-Up, Asst. Sports Ed. '47. TOM LAWS: Football '46. HARRELL LEAVENS: Football '45: Traci: Letter '46-'47: Rolling Ponies '45-'46: Hospitality Club '46: Aloha '47: Fire Patrol, Bat'n Chief '47: Mustang Boosters '43-'47: Student Council. ED LEONARD: Hospitality Club '46: Aloha '47: "A" Club '46-'47: Mustang Boosters '43-'47: Football '46. TRELLIS LEONARD: Mustang Boosters: Y-Teens, Prog. Chmn.: Green Masque Players: Chorus: Council Member Hi-Y and Y-Teens. DONALD LEWIS. WILLIAM LIPPINCOTT. CHARLAYNE LOBIT: Nat'l Honor Soc'y '46-'47: Gavel Club '45-'47: Mustang Boosters '46-'47: Rolling Ponies, Bowling Letters '44-'45: Tennis Club '45-'47: Volleyball Team '46-'47: Gym Letters '44-'47. BETTY LORENZ: Mustang Boosters '44-'47: Sub-Debs '46-'47. DORIS LUCAS: Aloha '47: The Scottish Brigade '43-'47: Sub-Debs '46-'47: Mustang Band. BILLY McCARVER: Mustang Band, 2nd Lt. BETTY KINSEY McCl.AUGHERTY: The Scottish Brigade, Drummer '45-'46: Mustang Boosters. CARRIE McCREARY: Radio Club, Treas. '45-'46: Mustang Boosters '44-'47: Gym letters '44-'46: High Point Team '44-'45. SUE McCULLARS: Mustang Boosters '43-'45: Green Masque Players. DOROTHY MCDONALD: The Scottish Brigade, Bagpipes '44-'45: Chan Club '46-'47: Speech Club. SUE ANN McDONALD: Nat'l Honor Soc' '46-'47: Mustang Boosters '45-'46. WILLIAM MCGUIRE: Gavel Club '4: Mustang Boosters '43-'47: Student Council. MARY FRANCES McKELLAl Mustang Boosters: Choral Club: Rolling Ponies: Sub-Debs. ARLEI McKENZIE: Student Council: Fire Control, Capt.: Mustang Band, I Place State Flute Solo and Trio, Band Letter. WILSON McPHAI Mustang Boosters: Hospitality Club. ALICE MACKEY. ANN MANLY: The Scottish Brigade, Lt. Co Records '46-'47: Nat'l Honor Soc'y, Treas. '46: Mustang Boosters '45-'41 MARGARET MARTIN. WAYMON MARTIN: Mustang Boosters: Rollin Ponies. SERENA MAXWELL. JOE MAYE5: ROTC, lst Lt.: Mustan Boosters '46: Tennis Team. BESS MEARS. BARBARA MILLER: Sub-Deb Mustang Boosters '44-'46: Hospitality Club. EVELYN MILLER: Chori Club '45-'46: Hospitality Club '46-'47: Mustang Boosters '44-'46: Valle' ball Letter '45-'46. KAROL MILLER: Mustang Boosters: ROTC. JOAI MILLER: The Scottish Brigade, Flags '44-'47: Sub-Debs '46-'47: Mustan Boosters '44-'47: Mustang Mounties '45-'47: Hospitality Club. ROBEF MILLER: "A" Club '45-'46: Football Letter '45. WALLACE MILLEI Mustang Band '44-'47: Mustang Boosters '46-'47. WILLIARD FREDRIC MILLER, JR.: Rolling Ponies '45-'46, Bowling Letter '46: Track Tear Capt., Letter: La Directiva, Vice-Pres. '46. GENE MILLIGAN: Round-UI Cartoonist: ROTC '44-'47: Mustang Boosters: Rolling Ponies. JESSI RUTH MINTER: The Scottish Brigade, Letter '44-'47: Hospitality Club '41 Aloha '47. SAMMIE MIZE. JEANETTE MORGAN: The Scottish Brigad: Co. C '44: Bridge Club: Speech Club: Speech letter: Mustang Booster Nat'l Honor Soc'y '46: Mustang Mounties, Sec'y, Pres.: Tennis Clul Archery Club: Girl Reserves, Pres.: Volleyball Letter: Gym Letter '4. '46, '47. EMMA JO MORRIS: Mustang Boosters '43-'47: Hospitali' Club. TRUMAN MOSES: Mustang Boosters: Mustang Band, Lt.,i Lette NORMAN MOSTERT: ROTC, Sgt. '44-'47: Mustang Band '44-'47: Studel Council '45-'47. LUELLA ANN MYATT: Mustang Boosters '43-'47: Rei The Corral '46-'47: Student Council: Sub-Debs '45-'47: Volleyball Tear Letter '46: Gym letter '44: Baseball Letter '44. KATHRYN NAUL. MEYER NELKIN: The Corral, Co-Club Ed. '4' ROTC, Sgt. '45-'47: Gavel Club, Treas. '46-'47. NORMAN NELSOI Mustang Boosters '44-'47: ROTC, 2nd Lt. '43-'46. ANNELL NORTOt Mustang Boosters: Hospitality Club. KARLENE NUNEMAKER: Mustar Mounties '46-'47: Mustand Boosters: Sub-Debs '45-'47: Student Counc The Scottish Brigade, Sgt. '45-'47. RAYMOND O'KEEFE. MARJORIE PARKER: The Scottish Brigade, Sgt. '43-'47: Hospitali Club '46: Aloha '47: Mustang Boosters '43-'46: Rolling Ponies. NIN RUTH PARR: Mustang Boosters '43-'47: Volleyball Team, Letter '46-'4 Sub-Debs '45-'47. DOROTHY PARRETT: Hospitality Club '44-'45: Gy Letter '45. JACK PATISON: Mustang Band, Ist Lt., Letter '43-'4 Orchestra '43-'47: Hospitality Club '46. DOLORES PAYNE: Mustar Boosters '45-'47: Aloha '47: The Scottish Brigade '46: Choral Cli '46-'47. HELEN LOUISE PELHAM: The Scottish Brigade, Capt. Co. "A Drill Major, 43-'47: Sub-Debs '45-47: Mustang Boosters '43-'47: Hc pitality Club '47: Rolling Ponies '45-'47: TNT '45-'46. KENNETH PITT Mustang Boosters '46-'47: Hospitality Club '46-'47: Mid-Term Gra Class Lawyer. DORIS PLATT: Green Masque Players '46-'47. GORDO POLK: Mustang Band, 2nd Lt. '45-'47: Mustang Boosters '45-'4 Orchestra '46-'47. BETTY PONTON: The Scottish Brigade, B. Sg Co. "C" '44-'47: Mustang Boosters '45-'47. PHIL PRESCOTT: Musto! Boosters: ROTC '43-'46. JUANITA PRICE: Mustang Boosters '46-'4 Gym Letter '44-'47. moms PYLE: Gym meer '44, '45, '46, Volleybr Letter '46. GLORIA RAIMER: Hospitality Club '46: Aloha '47: The Scotti DIRECTORY THE 1947 SENIOR CLASS lrigade, Letter, '43-'44, Mustang Boosters '43-'47, Sub-Debs '45-'47, ioc'y Ed. The Round-Up '46, Quill and Scroll, Journ. Letter '46, lunner-Up Freshman Beauty '44, Sophomore Beauty '45, ROTC Sponsor, tlaior '45-'46, Cheerleader '46-'47. PATRICIA RAND: The Scottish lrigade, Letter, '44-'47, Mustang Boosters '46-'47. WANDA REDMOND: 'he Scottish Brigade, Letter '43-'47, Mustang Boosters '43-'47, Sub-Debs 45-'47, The Round-Up, Ass't Feature Ed., Editor '45-'47, Nat'l Honor ioc'y '46-'47, Hospitality Club '46, Aloha '47, Quill and Scroll '46-'47, Iourn. Letter '46. ANN REEVES: Mustang Mounties '44-'45, Gavel Ilub '45-'47, Speech Letter, The Scottish Brigade '43-'45, Hospitality :lub Sec'y '46-'47, Mustang Boosters '45-'46. ELIZABETH REICH: The icottish Brigade, Sgt., Col., '43-'47, American Legion Award '44, Legion itudent's Award Club, Pres. '44-'47, Sub-Debs, Vice-Pres. '45-'47, Nat'l lanor Soc'y, Sec'y '45-'47, The Corral, Soph. Ed., Sr. Class Ed., Class Editor, '43-'46, Quill and Scroll, Sec'y '46-'47, Mustang Mounties, Sec'y 43-'46, Brigade Bowling League '46-'47, la Directiva '43-'45, T.N.T. 45-'46, Mustang Boosters '43-'47, Orchestra '43-'45, Houston Jr. Traffic Court, Judge, Bailitf '46-'47. EUGENE RICE. BETTY JO RIMEL: Sub- tebs '45-'47, Mustang Boosters '43-'47, Baseball Letter '44-'45. JIMMY LOBINSON: The Round-Up, Fall Ed. '46, Mustang Boosters, Quill and lcroll, Treas., Journ. Letter. MYRNA LOY RODRIGUEZ: Mustang Ioosters '45-'47, Sub-Debs '45-'47, Green Masque Players '46-'47. IYRON RUSLER: Rolling Ponies '44-'46, Mustang Boosters '44-'47, ROTC, igt. '43-'47, Radio Club '46-'47. LLOYD RUTLEDGE: Gavel Club '46-'47, lustang Boosters '44-'47, Hospitality Club '46-'47. MURIEL SANDEL: Sub-Debs, Gym Letter. JERRY SANDERS. RAY ANTERRE: Mustang Band, Letter. ELIZABETH SAULNIER: Mustang oosters '43-'47, Mustang Mounties '46-'47, Baseball letter '45, Gym stter '45. JOSEPH SAVARINO: Senior Class Treas. '47, Hi-Y '43-'44, lustang Boosters '43-'47, "A" Club '45-'46, Football Letterman '46. IORMA JEAN SAWYERs The Scottish Brigade, Bagpipe Drummer, Sub- ebs. ALMA JEAN SCHMIDT. BILLY SCHOELLKOPF: Chief Cheerleader I6-'47, Mustang Boosters '45-'47, "A" Team Basketball '46-'47, Football stterman '45-'46. MYLES SCHUTTE. CHARLES SCHWARTZKOPF: Hi-Y I3-'45, La Directiva '43-'44. WANDA JEAN SCOTT: Hospitality Club. OEL SEARLE. JOYCE SELLERS: The Scottish Brigade, Cpl., Letten I5-'47, Gavel Club '45-'46, Mustang Boosters '45-'47, Student Council I6-'47, Choral Club '46-'47, Mustang Bond '45, ALBERT SHAFFNER: horal Club '43-'46, Rolling Ponies, Mustang Boosters '44-'46. DAN HAW: Mustang Boosters '44-'46, ROTC, Lt. Col., Officers' Club, Pres. V4-'47. DOROTHY SHAW. ANNE SHOWERS: Mustang Boosters L4-'46, Sub-Debs, Student Council, Hospitality Club, Ass't News Ed. 'ne Round-Up '46, Quill and Scroll. FRANCES SIMS: Mustang Boosters -3-'47, Hospitality Club '46-'47, Rolling Ponies '46-'47. SARANNA CELTON: Sub-Debs '44-'46, The Scottish Brigade, Lt. Co. "A," The :und-Up Ass't News Ed., Mustang Boosters '43-'46. MARY SUE SLOAN: tustang Mounties, Vice-Pres. '43-'44, Mustang Boosters '43-'47, Gavel lub, Treas. '45-'47, The Scottish Brigade, Top Sgt., Capt., Letters 3-'47, Sub-Debs, Treas. '46-'47, Choral Club '43-'47. MARY NELL VIALL: Sub-Debs '46-'47, Hospitality Club '46, Mustang Boosters 4-'47, Radio Club, Vice-Pres., Pres., '44-'47, Aloha '47, Runner-Up unior Beauty '45, Cheerleader '46, Gym Letter '44-'45, ROTC Sponsor, apt. '46. SHIRLEY JEAN SMITH: Tennis Club '43-'44, Mustang Boosters 3-'46, The Corral, Girls' Sports Ed. '47, Hospitality Club '46, Aloha 7, Tennis Letter '45-'46. WANEMA SMITH: Sub-Debs '46-'47, Mustang :osters '44-'46, Rolling Ponies '44-'45, Hospitality Club '47, Gym ltter. CORA SMITH: The Scottish Brigade, Cpl., Sgt. of Flags, Capt. 4-'47, Mustang Boosters, Choral Club '44-'45, ELDON SORSBY: La rectiva '45-'47, Mustang Boosters '45-'46, ROTC, Sgt. '44-'46. RUBY IEIGHTS: Sub-Debs '45-'46, Baseball Letter '45. MARGIE SPILLER. CAMILLE SPRINGFIELD: Mustang Boosters '43-'47, Hospitality Club, High Point Team '44-'45. VIRGINIA SPURLOCK: Student Council '46-'47, Mustang Boosters '44-'47, The Scottish Brigade, Top Sgt., '44-'47, Brigade Bowling League '46-'47, Sub-Debs '46-'47, TNT, Sec'y '45-'46. DOROTHY STEELY: Mustang Boosters '43-'47, Gym Letter '44, BILL STEWART. DORIS ANN STIERS. BOB SUGGS: ROTC, Maior, Officers' Club, '44-'47, Mustang Boosters '44-'47, Nat'l Honor Soc'y '46, Student Council, La Directiva '45-'46. THOMAS SWEET. PEGGY TATHAM: The Scottish Brigade, Sgt. of Flags '43-'47, Mustang Boosters '43-'47. BILLYE JEAN TAYLOR: Mustang Boosters, Band Maiorette '46-'47, Band Letter '46-'47, Gym Letter '46. BETTY SUE TEMPLE: The Scottish Brigade, Capt., Letters '46-'47, Mustang Boosters '43-'47, Gavel Club, Sub-Debs. MARY LOUISE THIEL: Sub- Debs, The Scottish Brigade, Sgt., Mustang Boosters. R. C. THOMPSON: ROTC, Lt. Col., Officers' Club '44-'47, Mustang Boosters, Radio Club, Sec'y '45, Student Council '44, Nat'I Honor Soc'y '46-47, Gavel Club, Vice-Pres. '45-'47, Debate Team '45-'47, Speech Letter, Debate Letter, Radio Speech Letter, Jr. Traffic Court, Pub. Att'y '46-'47. CAMILLE TINGLEY: La Directiva '43, Mustang Boosters '45-'47, Green Masque Players '44-'47, Sub-Debs '46-'47, Gym Letter '44, Hospitality Club. GEORGE TRAMMELL: Hospitality Club '47, Mustang Boosters '43-'47, Football Letterman '46. VIRGINIA TROW: Nat'l Honor Soc'y '46, Mustang Boosters '43-'44, Gym Letter '45, LORAINE VERNAGALLO: The Scottish Brigade '44-'46, Letter. RAYMOND VIAL. EDWIN VOGT: Mustang Boosters Hospitality Club, Fire Patrol, Lt. BEVERLY WADDELL: Gym Letter. JEAN LOGUE WALKER: Student NORMA Brigade '46-'47, Council '45-'46, Mustang Boosters '45-'47, Junior Beauty '46. JEAN WALLIS. AUDREY WALTERS: The Scottish Brigade '43-'47, Orchestra '43-'47, Sub-Debs '45-'47, Contract Bridge '46-'47, Green Masque Players '46-'47, Mustang Boosters '43-'47, Mustang Mounties '43-'44, Hospitality Club, Senior Council '47. MARILYN WAREHAM: Mustang Band, Mustang Boosters, Orchestra, Gym Letter '46. BILLY WARRINER: Mustang Boosters, Basketball Letter '45-'47, Mustang Boosters '46-'47, Volleyball Letter '46, Tennis Letter '45, Gym Letters '45, '46. CLARENCE WEBBER: Mustang Boosters '46, ROTC '44-'47. EDDIE WEISS: ROTC, Sgt. '43-'45, American Legion Baseball Team '45-'46. ELAINE WHITTLEMAN: Hospitality Club '46, Aloha '47. DOUGLAS WHITTY: The Corral, Ass't Editor '47, The Round-Up, Bus. Mgr. '45-'46, Journ. Letter '45, ROTC, Non-Cams' Club '44-'46, Gavel Club '44-'47, TNT '45-'46, Green Masque Players '46, Mustang Boosters '45-'47, Fire Patrol, Bat'n Chief '45-'46, Hospitality Club '47. JUNE WILKERSON. ANITA GAIL WILLIAMS: Gavel Club '44-'45, Mustang Boosters '43-'47, Choral Club '43-'47. JO DELL WILLIAMS: The Scottish Brigade '43-'44, Mustang Boosters '43-'47, Sub-Debs '45-'47, Mustang Band, Sec'y '46-'47, Gavel Club, Treas. '45-'47. YATES WILLIAMSON. LOIS WILSON: Sub-Debs '45-'47, The Scottish Brigade, Lt., Letters '43-'47, Hospitality Club '46, Aloha '47, Mustang Boosters '46-'47. PEGGY WIMBERLY: Sub-Debs '45-'46, Hospitality Club '46, Aloha '47, Mustang Boosters '45-'45, The Scottish Brigade '43-'44, The Round-Up '46-'47, Journ. Letter '45-'46, Mustang Mounties '44-'45, Gym Letter '46. ROSEMARY WIMBERLY: The Scottish Brigade, Capt., Mustang Boosters, Sub-Debs, Choral Club. ROSE MARIE WINTER: Nat'l Honor Soc'y '46-'47, The Corral, Bus. Mgr., Administration Ed. '47, The Round-Up, Ass't News Ed. '47, The Scottish Brigade, Sgt., Letters '43-'47, Brigade Bowling League '46-'47, Mustang Mounties '46-'47, Sub-Debs '45-'47, Mustang Boosters '46-'47, La Directiva '45-'46, Gavel Club '47, Masque and Gavel Club '47. PATSY WOODARD: Student Council '44-'47, Mustang Band '45-'47, Hospitality Club '46-'47. GINA ZAMBON: Gym Letter '44. Mrs. E. C. Gates Top Row: J. Walker, B. J. Rimel, K Bailey, I. A. Boyd, D. Attra, L. Avery G. Childress, Mrs, Gates. Second Row: D. Ellis, R. Bolton, J. Bruning, B, Bell, W. Brueggeman, H Ash, M. H. Card, B. Abraham, L. Dillon Front Row: W. Bader, R. M. Winter, R. Etheridge, O. J. Gatewood, M. liv- ingston, D. Davis, C. Fuller, H. Berg, B. Boddeker. Mr. J. W. Watson Top Row: P. Grymes, B. Cody, P Conine, S. Mizer, M. Frnka, F. Jones S. Brock, B. Lacy, E. Fitzgerald. Third Row: Pop Watson, W. Duddle- sten, L. Freilich, J. Coon, B. M. Finney Y. Alston, D. Engholm, E. Desllochers P. Foley, T. Laws. Second Row: B. McCarver, R, Santerre B. Graham, B. Delahoussaye, L. Rutledge J. Brown, B. Cooper, N. Dunnam, B. J. Doggett. Front Row: J. Crochet, M. Cudd, G Goodman. Mrs. Hilda Bradshaw Top Row: M. Bolton, Mrs. Bradshaw, A. Chudleigh, B. Stewart, P. Rand, B. Hansen, E. Saulniew, C. Lobit. Second Row: D. Platt, L. Anderson, A. Walters, I. Alvarez, B. Demetre, C. Tinglny, B. Karl, G. Zambon, D. Steely, V. Cecil. Front Row: B. Hard, D. Becker, E. Reich, R. C. Thompson, B. Suggs, J. Ingram, A. Manly. J. Morgan, D. Jafte, B. L. Bower. I f Miss Ruth Daugherty Top Row: L. Bernard, N. Nelson, B. Hootmon, J. Savarino, K. Nunemaker, B. Baumann, J. Miller, D. McDonald, E. Kennedy, C. Schwortzkopf. Third Row: C. B. Hughen, N. J. Har- tung, J. Haddon, B. Dawson, M. L. Rodriguez, B. Jones, P. Holloway, B. Mears, S. McDonald. Second Row: B. Lippincott, W. J. Scott, D. Beerbower, D. Hudson, Miss Dougherty, R. Miller, B. Hunt, B. J. Kiecke, P. Griffin. Front Row: J. Mayes, C, Harris, M. Sandel, D. Horton, L. Killgore, M. Nelkin, R. Vial. Mrs. Edis S. Haynes Top Row: K. Miller, W. Martin, C. Webber, L. Myatt, S. Skelton, G. Whis- sennand, K, Pitts, J. Hensorling, D. Shaw, Mrs. Haynes. Second Row: T. Leach, H. Frenzel, D. Gideon, S. Harkrider, B. Hatfield, B. Mill ler, M. Parker, M. S. Sloan, R. Speights, B. S. Temple, D. Whitty. Front Row: B. McGuire, B. Lorenz, C. McCreary, D. Manly, J. Price, D. Pyle, A. J. Schmidt, A. Showers, V. Trow, G. Brehm, G. M. Hosek. .ua is fi-N -semi I P Miss Beatrice Harrison Top Row: S. Smith, C. Springfield, N. Mostert, V. Spurlock, G. Polk, D. Webb, J. Brown, S Gunn J. Robinson, A. Williams, M. K. Epps. Second Row: M. Bruns, B. Rusler, J. D. Williams, R. O'Keefe, G. Raimer, A. Shoffner, L. J Koerner M. LoPine, S. McCullars, A. Reeves. Front Row: W. Smith, K. Blakely, M. N. Small, E. Whittlemon, L. Wilson, P. Wimberly, B. Worrmer A. Norton, B. Huggar, H. Gluck. -A 1 ,s Stacks? The Bare Facts Sultan Schoellkoph lnc. Kitty! "Bless You for Being An Angel" l3. As the Knee is Bent Oops! "After the Ball Was Ov ery. Cheesecake and Ice Cream A Lunch Bag Some Trunk, eh? Beast of Bourbon Bird's Eye View Touchee Dedicated to PhiIlip4Phillip Space Small and Smoe ., gf'-Q lHm-m-m-ml And How Are Your Foreign Affairs? Sox, 5th. Avenue WelI-dressed Juniors The Better to Hear You With W, - 2265 Who's got a Lawnmower? Loo': at those Limbs!! - 1 ...P N b XM K X 5 - L L' ig E 4 ,W Q M Q ,K N i ik ji gy- gf. Q 5.-wx L, . fm- . is K' ', ,5.N,g ' .1 1 ,'f:twSm:i"' if X N S Q3 N' 1 N K wk an Q x K S I W 5 X 3 . 1 " 4 W. ' 1 x A X is . Q ,K AQ, - 1, ,QW J. 'S f Mw R Qi if Q X S w . N . - .mr E Yi! A S .S X TG!!! in li-'ilu ' as Y 6 3 NJ 3: V ,Q :fi ,N . if M 2 ' ?w 1? N 3 N 'YN X 'is Q 5 4 SES Qs - X' ' A . 'SIS'-Q-Qifi A xl! .fa 5, ...., fx 5 ' ' . - 1- iz' gg um glxff 2 ' yi 9 x Q Am S y ,-+ Y ' wtf' . L iii!! Mk g S Miss Hazel Henderson Top Row: D. Lewis, D. Lucas, H. Leav- ens, D. Lambert, H. Savory, E. Rice, B. J. Jaenecke. Second Row: R. Evans, M. Gersteman, J, Gibson, N. Haigler, M. Hulsey, M. Hunnicutt. Front Row: W. L. Adkins, D. Barnes, H. Bough, B. Bock, W. Bollman, J. Cessna, D. Davis. One of Miss Jo:kson's classes in history seems to be concentrating on gsography at the moment. Miss Ruth Greenhill Top Row: B. Gibbs, R. Gunlz, R. Kelly, D. Dobbs, W, Deakin, K. Flogg G. Prewitt, G. L. Doubrava, G. Draper Second Row: M. Duncan, J. Patterson A. Genthe, G. Tice, F. Grounds, J. Green M. Waterman, N, Woodard. Front Row: D. Gilmore, M. Gilliam N. McDonald, C. Flanders, M. L. Daxke, A. Reeves, Z. Guerin, J. Goddard. Mrs. Mauryne Dailey Top Row: M, Heemer, D. Anderson M, Johnson, G. Cade, E. Engel, B. God- win, B. D. Harrison, L. Harvey, R. Hilton B. Michels. Second Row: B. Elsengrock, J. Mc Daniel, T. Morgan, G. Milton, T. Mc Brayer, M. McMahon, J. Holley. Front Row: I. Jameson, B. Witbeck, 8 McKinney, B. J. McKellar, J. Martink, A Pyle, T. J. Mills, L. Johnson, Mrs. Dailey I I C. J L. .W Top Row: R. Hudeck, J. Burson, D. M. Blakeslee, S. Barry, A. C. Burkhalter, J. B. Crahan, Jr., Batterson, M. Beseler, D. Bullock, B. Borow. Second Row: P. Bishop, M. Blanton, W. Doulley, J. Alexander, B. L. Beard, L, Berglund, J. Becker, Huffman. Front Row: G. Branyon, Bailleres. B. Bullard, N. Butler, V. Baker, B. Blackwell, J. Burchardt, M. Baker, ,P J . 'xr' A Nr , lu P Top Row: E. Ash, C, Livesoy, L. Allison, Mrs. Potter, P. Bartock, S. Cluussen, S, Demetre, T. Abbott. Second Row: J. Davis, J. Swoboda, J. Brandt, J. A. Kaufhild, J. Gardner, A. D. Thorn, P. Tillman, Meloy, B. Utter. Front Raw: B. Johnson, P. Cain, M. Cronkhite, R. Richey, J. Niles, E. Kincaid, B. Knight, J. H. Wilkins. Top Raw: V. Longo, M. Scardino, O. Cochran, J. Senglemann, J. O'Dowd, G. Stockridge, A. Sand burg, R. St. Cyr, R. Sullivan. Second Row: M. Reuter, D. Sheraton, R. A. Spencer, B. Robinson, R. Jones, J. Rechil, G. Carter Mrs. Dyer, O. Rogers. Front Row: B. McKinney, J. Stringfellow, B. John, M. Tuttle, E-. Seifert, J. Kerr, C. Reeves, R Shaffner, D. E. Ford. ...Q I Top Row: A. Crownover, B. J. Wooley, J. Turner, R. Ledbetter, R. McLain, L. Thomas, A. Anderson J. Wade, B. Vernor. Second Row: M. L. Winters, D. Trull, M. Priest, V. Mattiza, F. Webb, D. Hines, S, Thompson, M. Wrist, M. Lively. Front Row: D. Tillman, M. Dougherty, P. Walker, E. G. Whitt, l, Caldwell, B. M:Claujl1crty, L Vernagallo, J. F. Taylor, D. Thrash. Miss Jesse Roy Top Row: D. Yeaqur, 'W. McPhail, J Longoshore, G. Olinllant, B. T. Allen C. Ceirco, D. Pierce, J. Brock, B. Briscoe Second Row: E. Payne, E. Lee, C Powledge, R. Pearson, S. Litherland, C Bell, J. Provenzano. Front Row: B. Young, G, Lockett, G Zgourides, B. Ponton, G. Pollock, P. Pigue, B. Lazarus, D. Long, l. J. Pittman Miss Margaret Pearson Top Row: D. L. Sutton, D, Williams M. Taylor, H. Loop, B. Bourbon, A McCutcheon, K. Woody, N. Wallis. Second Row: C, Purdy, L. Carter, B R. Lee, U. M. Zurborg, B. Worth, B Shelton, E. Taylor, E. Freitag, G. Patter- son. Front Row: A. Zittle, l. Dunlop, M Harris, T. Muraca, E. Reed, J. Skelton J. Stilwell, C. Ridge. Miss Mollie Jackson Top Row: A. Heaton, B. Jarrell, R, Foster, N. Williams, C. Howell. Front Row: J. O'Keefe, J. Calaway, J Brandt, J. Durrenburger, P. Bartsh. An English class of Mrs. Hoga.1's lnow Mrs. Austinl . .xi fi 2 .11 K H' "For He's a Jolly Good Fellow Fla! Fool Floogie. Lovely Scenery. Champion Tennis Player? Bcoulilul River. Whofs he so happy about? No, No,-take il owoy. Poulin? McKinney ond his "hcl-rodf Top Row: B. A. Brown, P. Campbell, M. Ccrroll, H. Davis, T. Comstock, F, Deewees. 'iecond Row: E. Benestante, M. Clark, M. C. Brunson, V. Crowley, M, Coselli, M, Crawford, Mr. Yorrington. Front Row: H. Attra, S. Campell, G. D. Burkett, B. Carter, B. Crosby, J. Davis, N. Domc-ris. S 'gr Lllllfl Top Row: J. Brooks, S. Stoltz, C. Swiney, F. Simon, D. Humason, H, Green. Second Row: M. Gremillion, J. Hahn, D. Hiiker, L. Hoskins, B. J. Hudson, J. Kerr, D. Frances. Front Row: J. E. Bishop, D. Eckmon, B. Crowson, R. Ford, A. J. Garrett, B. V. Gray, D. King. Tcp Row: G. Ablzitt, C. Bfarer, R, Eilscn, B. Murphy, B. Tillery, J. Moncrief, M. Marrero, B. Mar- shall, C. Lovejoy, V. Hooks. Second Row: S. Mays, B. Robinson, J. Owens, J. Moffatt, R. Mclendon, J. Tuttle, M. L. Pinkston, B. J. Needham, T. Pomeroy. Front Row: C. Tyer, B. Warriner, F. Trahan, A. Ward, A. Tidmore, B. Martin, E. Lindwall. 1 , ' 5 x Top Row: L. N. Tischendorf, B. Zinkgraf, C. DeGuire, H. Ken1edy, G. Terrell, D. Moorhead, R Vickers, T. Wilkes, T. Drake. Second Row: M. L, Scales, M. Elsinbrock, C. Sherill, N. Bray, A. Lucy, D. Enos, T. Bovee, H. Mc- Manus, V. D. Hartley. Front Row: L. Gibson, C. Nelson, B. Banning, J. Harper, A. McGraw, E. E. Perry, H. Harris, W. Beurlot. Mrs. Marguerite Byrnes Top Row: J. Herron, D. Terry, M. Mc Million, G. Wilkerson, E. Walker, D Thomason, L. Isbell, W. Dunn. Third Row: R. Cable, H. Yantz, R. M. Sullivan, M. Nelson, M. Dwyee, J. D Stark, W. Sory, K. Stevenson, Mrs. Byrnes. Second Row: A. Williams, T. Wizorick J. Waldrip, J. South, N. Strine, J, Wal- ters, J. Sweet, D. Wilcoxen. Front Row: E. Schnaak, Y. Le Comte, L. Searles, J. Smith, M. J, Wimmer. Miss Lillian Carleton Top Row: J. Kinsey, E. Blackman, R. McKenzie, R. Evans, M. J. Griffin, L. Barrett. Second Row: F. Atkinson, S. Buys, J. Swaboda, G. Loggins, C. Burleson, S. Easterly, B. Erxt. Front Row: B. Anderson, A. Brandon, P. McDonald, N. Hammett, D. Barrier, D. Batterson. Miss Bertha Doering Top Row: C. Strelau, B. Stephens, K. Look, E. Beaver, L. A. Stark. Second Row: J. Sykora, P. Stratton, J. St. Cyr, B. Spinner, E. J. Senkel, M. Showalter, R. Stockton. Front Row: L. Stegall, M. Schilling, P. Smith, R. Smith, V. Sturman. Sophomore Absentees Top Row: J. R. Cecil, H. Wisenbaker, R. Hubble, J. Clingman, F. Grisson, B. Leslie. Second Row: N. Davis, P. Chafin, D. Dahl, S. Hamilton, D. Shaw, B. Griffin. w m M' .. 5 I fx Fe its. Top Row: B. Crook, J. Gilbert, M. Cullen, T. Connor, D. Dowell, R. Gill. Second Row: B. Gutierrez, J. Cross, P. Crenwelge, G. Knight, R. M. Shuttleworth, L. Coull, M. B Cogle, B. Purvis, Miss Woggamcn. Front Row: C. Mcllwain, F. Goodwin, J. Griffin, J. Goosby, D. Garner, M. Crump, W. Dale, D. Golds berry. Top Row: G. Harris, J. Hartsfield, M. Hillendchl, T. K. Nilond, P. Johnson, M. S. Heise, S. Homillon, B. l omer, L. Johnson. Sezond Row: T. Harper, J. Felts, L. V. Huocuia, J. Hill, B. Hosea, P. Nichols, H. Franks, B. Sneed, R. Jacobsen. Front Row: J. Hermes, H. Hock, D. Hcberle, J. Hill, P. Horell, L. Johnson, J. Foster, D. Hughes. Top Row: E. Meyer, C. Lyles, B. Monroe, V. Maples, E. Morales, J. McAdams, J. F. Morales, W. Mabry, K. McCreary, P. Le Blanc. Second Row: Mrs. Hogan, D. M. Mackey, L. D. McVey, G. Lane, J. Miller, J. McMahon, D. Martin, R. Lockwood, B. Minturn. Front Row: B. McFarland, C. Lucas, T. Lubowski, M. Miller, M. Moore, E. Madelay, D. Leozh, J. D. Mason. f is , . . W -..manic-s:..zil H ,.... .. Top Row: B. Kane, M. Robertson, L. Robinson, R. Robin, H. Kyle, J. Peterson, M. Rollins, J. Kirby, J. May. Second Row: D. Petty, D. Randle, E. Priest, A. Kennelly, P. King, H. Reese, B. Kerr, B. L. Parrish, J. D. Glenn. Front Row: J. Kiel, V, Pierce, C. Patronella, A. Kilgore, K. Kasper, J. Korges, E. Peasley, M. Payne. Top Row: P. Kemp, B. L. Wasser, R. Ensminger, Mrs. Leonard, D. Fowler, B. Thompson, M. Lewis. Second Row: N. J. Parker, G. Morris, C. Davis, E. Spaniel, V. Ross, B. Slandard. Fronl Row: B. Brown, A. Bourland, B. Melvill, J, Ehrharl, L. M. McGiboney, B. J. Tragesser, E. Wheller. 3 swam- .,.. "'s,. Top Row: B, Solend, J. Cleary, M. Luce, D, Greiner, J. Blazksheor, D. Mann, F. Chandler, TZ. Hc- Creary, G. Price, J. Faulkner, A. Hopkins. Second Row: R. Alvarez, A. Garcia, R. A. Drummond, H. Dodge, R. Hollenberg, P. Moslerl, R. Smith, A. Todd, 5. Mourel, S. Morel. Fronl Row: M. L. Liles, E. Cox, B. Ripley, A. Eggleslon, L. Turner, V. L. Einkauf, S. Wrighl, C, J. Hood, A. Kno':, R. Suler. Top Row: L. Wolf, L. Williams, L. Velotta, G. Stewart, E, Stewart, G. White, W. Steely, K. Spradley V. White, J. Show, A. McDonald. Second Row: J. Kendrick, C, Kirkwood, B. Norton, A. Martin, P. Landrum, G. Robicheaux, C. Martin A. Koy, E. McKinney. Front Row: M. Atkinson, M. Barrett, L. Hake, S. Farnsworth, J. Cunningham, A. Broderick, D. Boone M. Brooks, E. Hammil. ,,-. vw -Q Y A A i ffl X ,L-0'5 Top Row: D. Tatum, J. Shields, J. T. Oliver, J. Finch, D. Adams, J. Kirkland, T. Greene. Second Row: E. Love, J. Bradford, M. Green, J. Chambers, J. Walker, O. Buselmeir, J. Bock, Mr. Lumpkin. Front Row: J. Russell, P. Grisffasi, S. Barrilleaux, C. Lucas, E. Love, M. Knox, B. Pitts. EX Miss Beatrice Lytle Top Row: M. Watson, J. Wing, A. J. Womack, J. H. Wieser, T. Waycott, M. Soch, J. Willson, A. Wiggins, D. Van Meter, D. Warren. Second Row: B. Taylor, E. Tunstall, N. F. Tipton, B. l.. Wildman, B. Wallace, B. Yantz, I. M. Lower, T. Taylor. Front Row: J. Yarbrough, J. Wilcox, B, Thompson, P. Whitt, J. Young, B. Wyatt, J. Woodard. Miss Helen Soncrant Top Row: B. Acord, C. Brinkley, B. Canterbury, G. Baughmann, B. Evins, B. Glaze, K. Verbois, D. Krone. Second Row: W. Lange, S. Blackstock, B. Hurry, J. Cooper, W. Talley, J. Par- tin, N. Jeter, J. Cartmill. Front Row: M. Hendley, J. McAskill, N. B. Gallup, F. Van Loon, K. Emery, H. Gotcher. T'was the night before Christmas! Hey! You in the background don't you know it's Christmas and quit trying to stuff that large parcel into that little stocking. Mr. Jesse Willis Top Row: C. Manning, M, Sloan, E. Lander, C. Newsom, R. Wisdom, T. Green, J. Shields, G. Malone. Second Raw: G. Tate, P. Snyder, T. Haining, J. White, J. Webber, J, Kirkland. Front Row. L. Walker, C. Marsh, M. Boll, B. Rawson, C. Lucas, V. D. Simmons, Mr. Willis. I2l'I'I.SI4UII prrgw r111pn.wr'.'i' IVIIX lll'.YI.1QlIl'l1 mul i'n'x'11l1vl lun Nfl 'l'.1l l.llf HI "l'l,l'fll. i Q ':,. :': K J M K X Q rw Y ' -- , "'- M L f 1 f ' XS - Y 'd .4 ' " Q X Sfm- Qx X ' X Q , X , K 'QL .Q A x-. + .. K .gated . A f 1 se W x. X K LV,IN S ,vm l .K A L Q' .sl A-ww SIM f" y F , -ul NN-6 5 9. . 52152 HN me - 12 5 ' . I '4 , .. . H , . ., . t - , Sfyff 1"1 ..,- - 'Ru 'fy ., ...N . ,4 ..,,- ,J .,.,v-g ,-,X . 3-555' 5. 'i 3 'ug 1 5' t' SJ '. .wr ui Hu-Y-vw, . , Q . r iff- -' f -'I 6513! 1 3 .g2.,3Q.'fffi:5xq E9 , N,:.:'kQg, ,Q ,Q 1 5 TQ "1"' ,Q 'Q . XL vw 3 6' fi ' X A ' gh, R:-3.f .wg K ff, k"T' x K. v ,Vg X as ,v..,,. ,L 24 lw ME f f"'v:5' X .mf ' I Q K ff y ,Q ,M " l glffla OZTOH 0lfUel" MOST POPULAR GIRL 'lflfff Z? f l ldlll 0 fflllll MOST POPULAR BOY 1351 31 Q 1 9'-u ' S 5. .15 ' Q E w we 'a .ff ' s . .. 4 5 I . v Q ' Vx . X If if ,XX . .ev ,vig .-F' 'P X X 1 ' , . - . Q., N,,.: . 5 Q ' s Q 5 . , X. Y gy s-N N X' My K -,.. x K. . . Q1 X X N N N 5 X N X x Qi Y Hgfl 'E . it -1 j9ll'l1Ur-Q fm? hun- 5 W'-W4 2-5, RUNNERS-UP R f- f 1- ff 7- f f-Zxllflilnll GIIAVIII, dll lll - llll , l.fl'Al'lIl!0l' Q SOPHOMOF all S2 1 All the favorites IH Miss Greenhills new lH'1llll'f'l UH , ffl 0.5, JUNIOR convertible, with Mo at the wheel l,lAlIN1'f71f'f1'Qf''f,"j"Hlfr HIlX1!l'XlJffI1'4lIlf. f.w.'f!1ml!f1 .Y ll,l,7 ffl N ' ws I wif? ,1a!'Y'?' 941 I gg . gy, . 'ff f .ffl Q X.. g',g'45f',: , ,J Y' 5 H' v f k 4 x'i 1 ,,.,, 1 F an if 5 Q c I ." 1 ' Lt! x L 1 I ff , . 1 I Fill! I V J' ' 4 vx. K x ff I .1 - 1 1, J. , . 1 ' f ' .3' Q., I! ,l ' A" I 'z ' 'Q r ' K 5 NNN. l ' ,, :X , 'E S'x '1 .. k XX .,l ' r vel' n 5 . P r 1 .' S ky A A A. B. 1 V ,ii .f rx Y 157 THE MUSTANG BOOSTERS Austin can be iustly proud of its Booster Club which has added much to the spirit and activities of the school. The Booster Booth on the second floor is not only a favorite meet- ing place for Austinites but it is also where decals, miniature footballs, bracelets and pennants are sold. The club had its Christmas and Val- entine post offices here under the capable leadership of Marianne Bol- ton, Postmistress. Some of the money made on these various activities went for the purchase of sweaters for the cheerleaders in recognition of their services. Again this year slogan ribbons for the football games were sold and a spe- cial Booster section was maintained at 'P MISS RUTH GREENHILL Sponsor, Spring every football game. A non-profit proiect but one which holds a high spot in Austin's social life is the Bronco Whirl. This dance is sponsored each year by the Boosters in honor of the football lettermen of that l M, season. One of the reasons for the club's superior record is the untiring f, effort of Miss Ruth Greenhill and Miss Ruth Daugherty, sponsors. l , Miss nun-I DAUGHERTY Sponsor, Fall , x ia , ..,.5Aaxg.,. 1 K Q , . T K I 'C X if 5 "" if i 05 J if ,pvx 0 ge' , XA ,Q 09 , 0' - ' e e 'imm' ." ' of Sk I "" e 'Y e Q 5 J A-41" e Y . .x 1 ' ""' l ' BILLY sonosxsk WM, X 059' K go S Chief Booster CN5 Q00 S om 3o 01537 -goo Over ON r-'fx if Many, including Jaclyn Sl. Cyr and Elioll Pooley, enioy lhe Bronco Whirl. X' Warner Dunn, Bouncerg Delores Becher, Secreloryg Harry Green, Lowyerp Theodore Connor, Bouncer. 1 .A 4 'X go.. Q.. .-- .,. Mary Ann Bollon, Poslmistress. '4 'C-2 +1 FALL OFFICERS ANN MANLY I Treasurer ELIZABETH REICH SecretarY DORIS JAFFE ViceAPresident BEN HARD President Une I FYOYII ROWS Nick Dameris, Virginia Cecil, Mary Ann Bolton, Barbara Baumann, Dorothy Bartlett, Cozetta Bartholomew, Ruby Dowell. Second Row: Annell Norton, Betty Lorenz, Jeanne lewis, Betty Kiecke, Jean Ingram, Helen Frenzel, Ina Mae Eubanks, Top Row: Audrey Walters, Ruby Speights, Geneva Saxton, Norma Jean Sawyer, Myrl Sandel, Patricia Rand, Suzanne Oellke. THREE OF THE FALL MEMBERS: Susan Harkrider, Martha Helen Card, Charlayne Lobit. NATIONAL HONO SOCIETY MRS. CHARLINE POTTER Austin's chapter of the National Hon Society of Secondary Schools was install! November 30, 1937. Seniors with high sch lastic standing, outstanding in leadershi character, and service are admitted by i vitation. Mrs. Charline Potter is the sponsn 5.9 SPRING OFFICERS R. C. THOMPSON Presid BETTY DOGGETT Vice-Presid JOAN BRUNING Secret SALLY GUNN Treusu BINA HANSEN Parliamentar BOB SUGGS Sergeant-at-A Y? THE STUDENT COUNCIL MRS. MAURYNE DAILEY The Student Council, under the direction of Mrs. M. Dailey, publishes the Student Directory, sells Coronet magazines, and Buys new records for the lunchroom. This club is composed of a regular member and an alternate from each homeroom who are chosen on the basis of scholarship and citizenship. l THE GAVEL CLUB GPR pn- -.v .3 . Tap Row: C. Livesay, T. K. Niland, J Clutter, B. Butcher, B. Robinson, M. C Brunson. Second Row: N. Mostert, B. Griffin, J Goddard, M. Cullen, J. Crahan, A. J. Gar rett, L. Wolf, J. Sellers. Front Row: B. J. Wollev, Treas., Mrs Dailey, Sponsor, B. D, Harrison, Carr. Sec'y. W. Bollman, President, Boop Young, Sec'y., B. Cummings, Parliamentarian, Johnson, Music Chairman. .V .. swgl Rec'd M. J Top Row: Martin Zoch, Don Tigner, Vir- ginia Spurlock, Suzanne Oelfke, Gerald Stockbridge. Second Row: Leroy Swope, Jean Walters, Jimmie Miller, Mariorie Schilling, Shirley Henry, Natalie Butler. Front Row: Donald Andrews, Jean Yakey, Eva Ellen Perry, Delores Dahl, Barbara Jones, Anne Showers, James Korges. The Gavel Club this year has entered many lnterscholastic speech meets including the Waco 'fl Speech Tournament and the City Tournament. The year's activities culminated in its annual banquet at . Ripley House, May 3, l947. A 1 Q I Q ict ' ' 3 V . J . ,, 5 '5 25' f .- Q 'l 4 .1 17 5 J 1 I -L'-I ,Q y y .P - " ' 'TPWTW A 'X s ' Q 1 xl" ' L 4 ,, Q ' , "-'Ax B f .Fi wi E ' .Q E 1 S Il i: X -1 5: "' f'4f i -' . , , ' 'W fi ' ' . ii 1 " " BR ' ' E 'Q , y will' E 5 fi K i :ff-4.-e in ' '-f' lf' ' imswemmwsmw Front Row: B. Bower, E. Thompson, R. H. Winter, M. Cul- len, City Tournament, R. L. Wilson. Top Row: B. Smith, J. Glaze, R. Smith, A. Chudleigh, M. Rollins, G. Patterson, C. Ceirco. Front Rcw: B. Hard, D. Eckman, City Tournament, R. C. Thompson, City Tournament, C. Lobit, A. C. Burkhalter, City Tournament. Second Row: L. Bernard, Billy Boddeker, C. Bartholomew, J. Crahan, City Tournament, J. Lawler, City Tournament Top Row: N. Nelkin, J. D. Williams, City Tournamentg S. Barry, City Tournament, A. D. Thorn, D. Greiner. THE STUDENTS' PAN-AMERICAN LEAGUE MISS VERNON WILWORTH, Chairman The mission of the Students' Pan-American League, as stated in its national charter, is: "The active furtherance of inter-American un- derstanding and solidarity to the end of creation a culture of Democracy." La Directiva, composed of members elected from each Spanish class, is in charge of the club's activities, which include study of Houston's oppor- tunities as a Pan-American air and sea port, mov- ing pictures, and round table discussions with Latin-American students. It is open to all Spanish students. The Pan-American Club is under the direction of Miss Vernon Dilworth, Mrs. Maurine Dailey, Mrs. Mariorie Dyer, and Mr. Michael Spampinato. LA DIRECTIVA FALL Front Row: Harry Challie, Betty Murphy, Irma Gs Alvarez, Jean Swoboda, Jeanne Lewis, Jean Wilcox, Donald Andrews. x 5, OFFICERS: Front Row: Gus Zgourides, Vice-President, Fall, Jeanne Lewis, Presiden Spring, Ben Guitterez, President, Fall, Johnny Chandler, Vice-Presiden Spring. Standing: Jean Swoboda, Treasurer, Spring, Patty Holloway, Treasure: Spring, Gloria Branyon, Secretary, Fall, Suda Hamilton, Treasurer, Fall Second Row: ,lo Goosby, Robert McFarland, Dolores Williams, Johnny Chandler, Anna Jean Garrett, Eddie Weiss. Top Row: Kenneth Flagg, Gus Zgourides, Patsy Rand, Joy Swoboda, Carroll Harris, Bob Suggs. 1' 'Gov' so, SPRING l Front Row: Jean Tinsley, Ortrud Buselmeier, Betty Lou Rule, Barbara Butcher, Betty Wyatt, Aleeta Broderick, Wynona Talley. Second Row: Theodore Connor, Barbara Heinsohn, Irma Alvarez, Ruth Smith, Phyllis Mostert, Ruth Spencer, Donald Andrews. Top Raw: George Doubrava, Tom McBrayer, Marilyn lubowski, Bina Hansen, Thelma Pome- roy, Mozelle Miller, AI Killgore. .. v 'A .,..,. 1 'MR X :J , , op Row: Farnsworth, Whitt, Flanders, Eckerman, McCreary, Abbott, Top Row: Krone, Turner, Thompson, Thrash, Wolf, Luce. lkney,Hqrrig,Zurbor.g, Second Row: Morales, Clingmon, King, Peterson, Winters, Lucy, econd Row: Reuter, Baker, Reuter, Bullard, Rechif, Morris, Haberle, Henderly, Heise. enburg. Front Row: Cecil, Hansen, Editor of Pan-American Paper, Fall, Crahan, font ROW: Sllellonf JOHGS, HU0CUlU, WOOUY, R0bln50n, McDuniel, Editor of Pan-American Paper, Spring, Kerr, Kinsey, Young, Tapatio, P. glund, Pursch. R E N A. Layout. .1 Top Row: Vernor, Scales, Cleary, Gibson, Bernard. Third Row: Brat, Miller, Chambers, Evins, Cochran, Byerly, Sorsby, Tidmore, Webb. Second Row: Dunlop, Griffith, Drake, Carroll, Tischendorf, Brunson, Banning, Sullivan, Ceirco. Front Row: Demeris, Knox, Cooper, Cooper, Brown, Wilson, Ward, Zinkgral. 19 MISS B. HARRISON Front Row: lrma Alvarez, Audrey Walters. Second Row: Mary Nell Small, Myrna loy Rodriquez. Third Row: Margaret Furman, Student Teacher, Beverly Ann Cooper, Zadie Guerin, Miss Harrison, Beverly Dawson, Charlie Beth Hughen, Georgia Mae Hosek, Neil Leva. lst LIEUT. TRUMAN MOS BILLIE ES MUSTAN MR. MICHAEL SPAMPINATO nspcmp.. G lst LIEUT. DONALD ANDREW TAYLOR CHARLENE SEATE, Drum Maior PATSY WOO BETTYE "BOOP" DWARD YOUNG lrma Alvarez, Arlen McKinsey, Carl Mcllwain, Harvey Boden, Annell Norton, Claude Davis, Betty Jean McKellar, , , , Elroy Sullavan, Wallace Muller, Juluo Farnsworth, Gene 1 Joyce Skelton. , , Betty Jo Woolley, Vernon Puerce, Bully McCarver, Arlen gin-s, Richard Pearson, Donald Tatum, David Sutton, A Hopkins. Ist LIEUT. GORDON POLK JIMMIE RAY HEARRON DICK FANKHAUSER BILL McCRACKEN CHARLES VIBROCK BILLY GRIFFIN GORDON POLK EUGENE RICE NORMAN MOSTERT BOBBY MONROE VIRGIL CRAWLEY ALBERT CROWNOVER GLENN DRAPER JACK GLASSCOCK FRED SIMON EUGENE FITZGERALD Z- r ORCHESTRA MR. MICHAEL SPAMPINATO Conrad Strealau, Robert Jackson, Nancy Brennan, Marilyri Luce, Jane Cling- man, Audrey Walters, Jack Patison, Gordon Polk, Eugene Rice, Carol Flanders, Virginia Eckerman, Carl Mcllwain, Arlen McKenzie, Albert Garcia, Perry Rogers, Phyllis Mostert, Tommy McBrayer, Joyce Skelton, Julia Farnsworth, Peggy Chafin I Dolores Williams, Bobby Bell, E. A. Boeler. AUSTIN JUNIOR CHORUS MISS BERTIE SIMS Top Row: Aline Brandon, Rita Suter, Ann Shurley, Beverly Dawson, Martha Sue Heise, Betty Tragesser, Sylvia Sipple, Jean Cross, Julian Brown, Harold Ash, Jimmie Hearren, Eddie Weiss, Doris Marie Blakeslee, Shirley Henry, Rose Katheryn Pizzitola. Second Row: Faye Jones, Autrey Tidmore, Mary Joan Griffin, Shirley Morel, Donald lewis, Bobby Cody, Virgil Crawley, Van Hooks, Sudo Hamilton, Gloria Eiland, Margaret Martin, Mary Sue Sloan. Front Row: Carolyn Reeves, Marie Hopkins, Jane Williams, Dolores Harris, Lottie Coull, Barbara Blackwell, Tommy Bovee, Gene Patterson, Sterling Barrilleaux, Peggy Crenwelge, Mariorie Crump, Betty Sue'Temple, Ellen Stewart, Rosemary Wim- berly. AUSTIN SENIOR CHORUS MISS BERTIE SIMS Top Row: Trellis Arnold, Sylvia Sipple, Mildred Davis, Anita Gail Williams, Donald Curtis, Eugene Rice, Robert Guntz, Van Hooks, Wilson McPhail, Bob Suggs, Jo Ann Tuttle, Juanita Smith, Rosemary Sullivan. Second Row: Mozelle Miller, Darlene Engholm, Janet Wing Powel, Camille Springfield, Marian Greene, David Pullock, Jack Patison, Ann Gager, Dorothy Haberle, Mar- tha Helen Card. Front Row: Theresa Muraca, Eva Payne, Frances Siks, Kathleen Kasper, Dale Webb, Gloria Jean Conway, Doro- thy Ande'son, Jean Moncrief, Betty McKamey, Dolores Gilmore. f.--l s. ......... of if 1 4 THE HOSPITALITY CLUB MISS RUTH DAUGHERTY First Row: Jessie Simmons, Darrell Davis, Margie Parker, John Crahan, Evelyn Miller. Second Row: Dick Fankhauser, Ruth Bolton, Borda lon Bower, Patsy Canine, Georgia Mar Hosek, Patsy Rand, Melho Hunnicutt, Francis Simms. Third Row: Ed Leonard, Peggy Wimberly, Wanda Redman, June Brown, Ann Reeves, lois Wilson, Beulah DeMetie, Donna Hudson, Jessie Ruth Minter, Kenneth Pitts. Fourth Row: Sonny Bollman, Ivy Jones, Elaine Whittleman, Billy Dela- houssaye, Gloria Raimer, Dolores Kite, Miss Daugherty, Martha Helen Card, Clarence Webber. an NT 'L V x o i -...O irst Raw: Gordon Polk, Wesley Daulley, W. S. Bell, George Trammell, Jessie Hen- ing, Ray Arterburn, Wayne Duddlesten, Jimmy Robinson. erond Row: Bruce Trammell, Jean Walker, Camille Tingley, Betty Doggett, Patsy odward, Mary Frances McKellar, Annell Norton, Donald Lewis. hird Raw: Earl Engel, Billy Warriner, Clara Batterson, Peggy James, Betty Pearson, ie Hopkins, Audrey Walters, Trellis Leonard, Mildred Davis, Ivy Jones, Gene Milligan, ourth Row: Carrie McCreary, Charlie Beth Hughen, Ann Showers, Willett Giersch, othy Manly, Waymond Martin, Karol Miller, Speedy McPhail. me-ys , K 'S Q F ,S Q f MAKING LEIS FOR THE ALOHA PROM. INeed a bigger needle Gordon?l ROLLING PONIES Harrell Leavens and Leonard Killgore confer with their bowling sponsor, Miss Adele Waggaman. Front Row: D. Ellis, F. Simms, T. Airhart, A. C. Burkhalter, Miss Waggaman. Second Row: Y, Lo Comte, P. Allen, N. Jeter, G. Morris, B. Doggett, B. Robinson, J. Turner, B. Zinkgraf. Third Row: D. Becker, D. Garner, H. Durrenburger, J. Kinsey, D. Kite, J. Zanders, J. Goddard, L. N. Tischendorf, F. Godwin, L. Riley. Fourth Row: B. Boddeker, M. Bruns, C. Bruns, B. Gray, B. Harrison, J. Clingman, M. Hendely, J. Crochet. Fifth Row: R. Cubalt, S. Ratisseau, G. D. Burkett, L. Ber- nard, H. Challie, B. Riscoe. Top Row: B. McKinney, A. Chudleigh, A. Zittle, L. Killgore, M. Parker, W. Miller, H. leavens, F, Webb, N, Dunnam. YY," wr- .4 " ' gf' , Q A 93 , ' 4 - -we RAC? lan gli fir MUSTANG MOUNTIES MRS. E, C. GATES Perfectionl This is the ultimate goal of those daring equestriennes who venture forth every Saturday morning to the Palace Riding Stables. Mrs. E. C. Gates is the sponsor. Front Row: Bert Gray, Betty Brown, Joann Carter, Patsy Allen, Joan Miller, Barbara Taylor, Jean Turner, Jenny McAdams, Rose Marie Winter. Mounted: Jacquelyn Rechif, Betty Temple, Joy Stillwell, Carolyn Dwyer, Nova Allen, Ruth McClain, Mrs. Gales. uw Qfsvrsmmaw ss? xx .-- -fine HKD! EWG? Il' lvl L wuwwwl IE' 1 ste 0-in Top Row: Lorraine Vernagallo, Elaine Whittleman, Dorothy Manly, Barbara Jones, Patsy Conine, Nellwynn Haigler, Charlotte Hasty, Billy Mae Finney, Ruth Bolton. Second Raw: Betty Jo Rimel, Betty Kinsey, Peggy James, Mary Hulsey, Golda Buhm, Betty Pearson, Violet Berczik, Doris Lucas, Alice Mackey. Front Row: Jean Walker, Ruby Speights, Luella Myatt, Barbara Abraham, Myrl Bruns, Sally Barry, Doris Marie Blakeslee, Muriel Cahal, Dona Hudson, Elaine Des Rochers. Miss Helen Soncrant is the sponsor. 1 "' J 3 BOOK ROOM ASSISTANTS MR. C. L. RAWSON Top Row: .lorena Peterson Mr. Rawson, Sonia Hazland. Second Row: Betsy Rawson Alice Kennelly, Dorothy Hooker. Front Row: Jane Greene Margie Suttles, lean Brock LUNCH ROOM ASSISTANTS MRS. MARY K. ASHMORE Peggy Wimberly, Mrs. Ashmore, Billie Taylor. MOVIE OPERATORS MRS. FRANCES DEMENT Top Row: Blanton Crook, Denny Mattocks, George Malone, Lawrence Freilich. Front Row: Billy Lazarus, Tommy Morgan, Glenn Goodman, Walter Dale. l 5 Front Row Rose Mary Wrmberly Anne Showers, Joan Miller, Myrna Loy Rodriquez Beverly Dawson Patty Holloway Second Row Virginia Spurlock Beverly Cooper, Marion Frnka, lris Caldwell, Myrl Sandell Karlene Nunemaker Sally Gunn Top Row Faye Jones Saranna Skelton Patricia Rand, Rose Marie Winter, Ola Jean Gatewood Mary Louise Thiel Katherine Naul, Front Row: Mary Ann Bolton Delores Becker Elizabeth Reich, Wanda Redmond, June Brown Virginia Cecil Luella Myatt. Second Row: Jean Ingram, Clara Batterson, Helen Pelham, Betty Jo Rymel, Betty Doggett, Gloria Raimer, Audrey Walters. Top Row: Norma Jean Sawyer, Peggy James, Marie Hopkins, Miss McGinly, Golda Brehm, Doris Jaffe, Betty Kiecke. A. The Masquerade Ball start- ed the Sub-Deb year with a big bang. Winter flannels and pigtails were seen at the in- formal initiation held at Mac- Gregor Park, while the formal initiation in the form ofa ban- quet was held at Bill Williams. The year ended with a formal tea held in the spring. Jp Row: Nancy Branan, Geneva Saxton, Lois Berg- , Margaret Ruter, Natalie Butler, Dorothy long, Spencer, Norma Woodard. nurth Row: Bertha lee Beard, lris Jameson, Thelma rroy, Betty Murphy, Betty Michcls, Mary louise eston, Jeanine Owens. iird Row: Virginia Baker, Margie Taylor, Dorothy e, Yvonne LeCompt, Lucille Gibson, Margaret Lou 25. ,cond Row: Elizabeth Taylor, Patsy Cain, Jane rt, Betty Jean McKellar, Pat Walker, Elza Gene t. ont Row: Autrey Tidmore, Margie McMahon, ' Crain, Zaidee Guerin, Gloria Branyon, Jackie ford Top Row: Dorothy Anderson, Ina Mae Eubanks, ariorie Reuter, Margaret Scardino, Jeanne Lewis. Fourth Row: Jacquelyn Rechil, Doris Blakeslee, Mari- ne Johnson, Dorothy Pearce, Alleen McCutcheon. Third Row: Carolyn Bell, Alice Sandberg, Doris rash, Jane Green, Jane Meloy, Jean Swoboda. Second Row: Frieda Pursch, Jerry Burchardt, Willettc ersch, Jo Ann Kaulhold, Jean Turner, Juanita Mc. iniel, Front Row: Blanch Bullard, Barbara Blackwell, Mari- 1 Wrist, Mary lou Winters, Shirley Thompson. JUNIOR SUB-DEBS MRS. MARJORIE DYER OFFICERS Jeanne Lewis, Treasurer, Margie McMahon Vice-President, Betty Michels, Sergeant-at-Arms Patsy Coin, President, Mrs. Dyer, Marilyn Wrist Secretory, Mariione Johnson, Program Chair- man, Gloria Branyon, Reporter, Dorothy Ander- son, Social Chairman. WANDA REDMAN Editor THE ROUNDUP R 5 1 ' 4 Q Front Row: Jimmy Robinson, Wanda Redman. Top Row: Miss Ardis Phillips, sponsor, Loyce Johnston, Associate Editor, Virginia Cecil, Managing Editor. l I X JIMMY ROBIT Student Spo BILLY BODDEKER JUNE BROWN Business Manager CU"'00f'iS7 . s I M ' , , ' 4. J Y 4 ' .A EQ . 7 sw O . l '. ,X , 1 A . f' Borda lon Bower, Exchange Editor, Juno Brown, A - Jean Ingram, Advertising Manager, Marianne Bolton, Circulation Mgr. GLORIA RAIMER Society Editor ROSE MARIE WINTER Assistant News Editor JEANNE LEWIS Page 2 Editor SARANNA SKELTON News Editor DORIS JAFFE Feature Editor Q GLORIA BRANYON Society Editor JACKIE GODDARD Column Editor ZAIDEE GUERIN Club Editor ANNE SHOWERS Headline Editor CHARLEY BETH HUGHEN Literary Editor PEGGY WIMBERLY Typist JOYCE COON Typist BILLY BODDEKER Staff Artist JOE PROVENZANO Assistant Sports Editor WAYNE BADER Photographer GENE MILLIGAN Staff Artist THE CORRAL s HS. I i 1.--mr' I i' X 'fx A ,- 'Vmmw' Q Yr ,A 1 BILLY VBODDEKER BETTYE YOUNG Editor in Chief KATHLEEN KASPER Club Editor Circulation Manager BADER, WAYNE: Photographer. BERNARD, LEON: Subscription Ca M paign, Clubs. Q. 'A ,J BODDEKER, BILLY: Editor, Cartot Insert: DUNNAM WAYNE BADER f Y"" E ls n ee Photographer 4 "'W""""' A' ' BURKHALTER, A. C., JR.: Layoi CULLEN, CRAHAN, SYKORA, BURKHALTER I 7 his 9 4 we l ,'k,. iiSE7"'r A 'W-NJ? rx. ri ratify? A L.. Photography. BUTLER, NATALlE: Art-Favorites Division Pa CHUDLEIGH, AUBREY: Equipment. CLINGMAN, JANE: Sophomore Class, Gi Sports and Club Layouts, Filing, Pict Orders, Advertising, Circulation. CRAHAN, JOHN: Junior Class, Senior Circi. tion and Directory, Advertising, Negat File, Picture Orders, Typing. CULLEN, MARTEL: Sophomore Class and C Layouts, Circulation, Senior Directory, Typi Negative File, Picture Orders, Advertisi Asst. Photographer, Write-ups. CUMMINGS, BUDDY: Boys' Sports Layouts. DUDDLESTEN, WAYNE: Boys' Sports: Fall. DUNNAM, NORMAN: Boys' Sports, Sei Class. ERZT, BARBARA: Filing, Picture Orders, CIL Classes. ETHERIDGE, RICHARD: Class Editor, Sei Schedules, Administration, Layouts in Sections. GUNN, SALLY: Art Editor, Administration 4 Clubs Division Pages, Asst. Girls' Sp Editor, Favorites Editor, Senior Schedules DUDDUESTEN, WHITTY, JOHNSON, NELKIN STAFF OF '47 ,-,K . 'Vit'- C g 1 A ,g,:,,,. K J . ,r . ,Q 1RP7i'. ' " Ross MARIE WINTER RLCHARD FTFLFRLDGE Advertising Manager Class Editor HORTON, DONNA: Art - Ads 'n Snaps Division Page. JOHNSON, MARIJANE: Layouts for Clubs and Class Sections, Typing, Junior Circulation, Advertising. KASPER, KATHLEEN: Circulation Manager, Senior Pictures, Layouts for Class Section, Editing and Filing. .ONG, DOROTHY: Art-Classes Division Page. VlcCUTCHEON, ALLEEN: Typing, Filing, Senior Directory, Classes. SIELKIN, MEYER: Asst. Club Editor, Layouts, Advertising, Sports. QUNEMAKER, KARLENE: Typing. SENKEL, EMMA JEAN: Typing, Filing. SMITH, SHIRLEY: Girls' Sports, Layouts. LTRATTON, PATSY: Picture Orders, Filing, Typ- ing. LYKORA, JAMES: Boys' Sports, Clubs, Layouts, Equipment Maintenance. 'lCE, GERALDINE: Typing, Circulation. VHITTY, DOUGLAS: Assistant Editor, Boys' Sports, Senior Section. VILDMAN, BETTY LOU: Art+Cover, Sports Division Page. VINTER, ROSE MARIE: Business Manager, Ad- vertising Manager, Layouts. : ...i X"" fl, K , i it X. is BUDDY CUMMINGS Boys' Sports Editor Upper Photo: iseqiedt CLINGMAN, NuNEMAKEa isiundangt snrz, McCUTCHEON, smm-4 Lower Photo: lSeatedl BERNARD, KASPER, SENKEL SALLY ,GUNN Ar' Editor iStandingl TICE, WINTERS, CHUDLEIGH, STRATTON 'E y,..:x Q9 VINTERS, MARY LOUISE: Advertising. 'OUNG, BETTYE: Club Editor, Literary, Senior Class, Picture Orders, Layouts, Typing. l Linguae Latincie Languidae MISS EVELYN McGlNTY Top Row: John Cartmill, Jerry Burchardt, Franci Atkinson, Mary Katherine Eops, Lois Johnson, Haro Hack, James Korges, Miss McGinty. Second Row: Jeanine Owens, Margie Schilling, Mil Lewis, George Harris, Alleen McCutcheon, Patsy Ha rell, Dick Fankhauser, Jackie Hahn. Front Row: Virginia Spurlock, Anne Shurley, Bel Jean Hill, Frank Helvey, Warner Dunn, Eddie N Kinney, William Price. -'sr law A. Mauryne's Moronicos M' 'L L 1-W 333 ' Muchachos MRS. MAURYNE DAILEY Top Row: Marvin Buchorn, Ben Gutierrez, Mickey McMillan, Betty Blakely, Ina Mae Eubanks, Faye Jones, Gerald Stockridge, Bruce Vernor. Second Row: Nick Demeris, Sue McDonald, Bertie Seifert, lrma Alvarez, Eula Mae Zurborg, Barbara Shelton, Charles Purdy. Front Row: Oliver Cochran, Jacquelyn Rechit, Jeanne Lewis, Lupe Huacuia, Patty Holloway, Charles Schwartzkopl. ,N -iii' L-.. Legion Student Award MRS. PAULINE CROUCH Top Row: Gene Hopkins, Martha Helen Card, Joy Hill, Ervin Asbeck, Suzanne Oeltke, James Korgi Bruce Vernor. Front Row: Mickey McMillan, Mrs. Crouch, Jeani Owens, Barbara Banning, Elizabeth Reich, Joan Cl ter, Billie Dove Harrison. Fire Department JAMES H. GOETTEE The Fire Department, sponsored facilitates the evacuation of the rapidly and efficiently during fire through their efforts Austin has ran schools in the city. Front Row: Tom McBrayer, Ed Niland, Harrell Leavens. Second Row: Leonard Killgore, Dan Shaw, Bobby McKinney, Bu Tommy Morgan. by Mr. Goettee, building safely, drills. This year lied high among Kennedy, T. K. Billy Boddeker, ddy Cummings, HI-Y The Austin Hi-Y is affiliated with the national Hi-Y and during the year has taken an active part in playing basketball, swimming and other leading sports. This year it was a participant in an Honor Delegation to Corpus Christi in which Houston's Hi-Y won high honors. It is a service club of the Y.M.C.A. sponsored by Mr. Carl Cooper. Top Row: M. Heemer, H. Burg, Max Snider, Claude Sweeney, John Gibson. Second Row: Bobby Bourbon, Ben Hard, Dee Francis, Harold Harris, Don Tillman, Robert Jacob- son. Front Row: Donald Lewis, Victor Longo, Mr. C. Cooper, Carl Manning, Donald Lambert, Jimmy Burson. Quill and Scroll MISS ARDIS PHILLIPS Front Row: Elizabeth Reich, Wanda Red- mond, June Brown, Virginia Cecil. Second Row: Charlie Beth Hoghen, Billy Boddelcer, Loyce Johnston, Doris Jaffe, Wayne Bader, Jean Ingram. ,ar as I' R a d i o C l u b MISS SADIE R. McLEAN Top Raw: Billy Godwin, Bonnie Gray, Bernice Crow- son, James Faulkner, Jack Hahn. Second Raw: Bob Moxley, Eugene Rice, Georgia Mae Hosek, Carrie McCreary, Bill McCracken, Fronl Row: R. C. Thompson, Mary Nell Small, Gus Gulierrez. Rf XY Nurses' Aides MRS. LAURINA PATTON Top Row: Gloria Eiland, Aline Bran- don, Jennie McAdams, Elizabeth Taylor, Mariorie Taylor, Ruth Drummond. Second Row: Mrs. Pallon, Barbara Car- ler, Lorraine Vernagalo, Moriarie Schill- ing, Thersa lsom, Nellie Williams. Front Row: Carol Lucas, Jeunell Sweel, Belly .lean Slout, Barbara Blackwell, Joan Griffin. Y Teens MRS. HELEN TACKETT Top Row: Peggy Wimberly, Aline Brandon, Carolyn Ceirco, loan Griffin, Belly Tillery, Palricia Rand, Frances Cadell, Dorothy Haberle, Wynoma Talley, Sally Gunn. Second Row: Janet Cooper, Shirley Easterly, Florence Van Loon, Becky Hul- lar, Thyra Smilh, Nina Bell Gallup, Bar- bara Glaze, Scolly Wosser. Fronl Row: Mrs. Taclrell, Robbie Lynn Wilson, Myrna Loy Rodriguez, Mary Jo Grillin, Barbara Sneed, Evelyn Black- man, Belly Hill, Aulrey Tidmore, Jean Cross, Lois Johnson. Bra na rd and Howa rd'.s Top Row: Mrs. Ashmore, Beverly Ann Cooper, 'atsy Cane, Margaret Reuter, Ina Mae Eubanks, Aariarie Reuter, Shirley Blackstock, Hilda Gotcher, Douglas Whitty, Peggy Bishop, Yvonne Alston. Second Row: Joyce Becker, Bertha lee Beard, :len Gathright, John Houck, Bill Stewart, Lois Crouch's Office Assistants MRS. PAULINE CROUCH Top Row: Doris Pyle, Betty Hill, Elizabeth Hitt, Janet Snyder, Mrs. Crouch, Patsy Smith, Margaret Cronkhite, Martha Helen Card. Front Row: Dorothy Manly, Betty Jo Meurill, Helen Savoy, Mary Blue Johnson, Pat Walker, Peggy Walker, Mary lou Winters, Billie Mae Fin- ney, Office Assistants MRS. MAXINE BRANARD AND MISS ANNIE LAURIE HOWARD erglund, Wanda Redmond, Saranna Skelton, Helen urreiiberger, Miss Howard. Front Row: Barbara Martin, Virginia Eckerman, abby McKinney, Gloria Roimer, Jack Sengelmann, heresa Muraca, Melvileen Blanton, Katherine ailey. Goettee's Office Assistants MR. JAMES H. GOETTEE These groups of girls are under the direction of Mr. J. H. Goettee. They help him in his work by doing general office work, they file, type, and run numerous errands. Top Row: Rose Marie Winter, Billie Dove Harrison, Wanda Jean Scott, Dorothy Anderson, Barbara Anderson, Peggy Crenwelge. Second Row: Dorothy Enos, Twyla Mills, Jeanine Owens, Yvonne le Comte, Patty Holloway, Mr. Goettee. Front Row: Marion Frnka, Doris Lucas, Joyce Sellers, Shirley Buys, Dolores Owens. These girls are under the direction of Mrs. Pauline Crouch. They assist her in all general office work and the checking of absentees. Tap Row: Ruby Dowell, Doris Blakeslee, Lucille Allison, Mina Faye Tipton, Mary Ja Griffin, Janet Cooper, Ethel Thobideaux, Mrs. Crouch. Front Row: Willette Gierisch, Patsy Harrell, Jean Swoboda, Eva Ellen Perry, Kathleen Emery, Mildred Moore, Margie Gersteman, Betty Doggett, Dolores Martin. M A ,CJ 'I 93 lxj Frcnt Row: J. Fells, W. Talley, J. Brun- ing, O. Cochran, J. D. Williams, C. A. Howell, B. Stephens. Second Row: P. King, R. Sullivan, P. Rand. Third Row: M. L. Pinkslon, C. Bell, E. Vogt, M. Hopkins, C. Cierco, A. Ward, N. J. Hartung, A. Tid- more, F. Coddell, J. Cross, P. Kemp. Front Row: D. Fonkhauser, M. Cudd, R. O'Keele, B. Ponton, L. Vernagallo, B. Hullar, A, Norton, C. Fuller, C. Webber, M. Nelkin, Second Row: L. Freilich, M. Hulsey, D. Pyle, 4H. Durrenberger, F. Caddell, L. J. Koerner, F. Shown, P. Woodward, L. C. Cox. Third Row: N. Dunnam, B. Brownhill, B. Rusler, J. Bruning, S. Mize, B. S Temple, M. K. Epps, D. Steely, P. Wim berly, H. Berg, E. Weiss, D. Lewis. LIBRARY ASSISTANTS Parker's Spa rkers MR. BYRON T. PARKER Front Row: A. McKenzie, E. Reich, D Hudson, V. Spurlock. Second Row: M. L. Thiel, M. L. Rod- riquez, G. Zambon, M. Hunnicutt, V Berczik, P. Conine, G. Brehm, B. J. Tay lor, O. J. Gatewood, C. McCreary. Third Row: R. Sanlerre, Y. Alston, D Parrett, M. Hopkins, P. James, S. Gunn R. Bolton, D. Davis, G. Goldsberry, H Ash, B. T. Parker. Top Row: I.. Bernard, E. Sorsby, B Lippincott, J. Sawyer, C. Batterson, M Cohal, M. Davis, J. Cessna, D. Beerbawer B. McCarver, W. Miller, Pcirkie's Sparkies MR. BYRON PARKER RUTHlE'S ROUGH AND READY ROWDIES MISS RUTH GREENHILL Front Row: J. Walker, R. Speights, Secretary, C. Bartholomew, Social Chairman, J. D. Williams, Reporter, R. Parr, T. Shurl teff, S. Barry, B. Jones, Treasurer, D. Engholm, A. J. Schmidt. Second Row: B. Lacy, L. Rutledge, P. Prescott, L. A. Myatt, B. Miller, N. Nelson, D. Shaw, 5. A. McDonald, B. Mears, C Harris. Third Row: R. Hudeck, Vice-President, B. Arnold, H. Leavens, M. Wareham, P. Holloway, O. Langham, T. Laws, B. Hoot man, O. Huston. Top Row: D. Ellis, K. Harrington, P. Watson, W. Brueggeman, B. Hansen, S. Harkrider, I. Alvarez, L. Avery, R. Blakely Miss Greenhill. GREENHlLL'S SPLIT PERICD HALF WITS MISS RUTH GREENHILL Front Row: P. Rand, A. Showers, M. Livingston, J. Quarles, N. Searles, M. N. Small, R. M. Wimberly, R. C. Thompson, W. Giersch, B. Boddeker. Second Row: H. Frenzell, M. Frnka, P. Griffin, J. Haddon, G. M. Hosek, T. lsom, K. Nunemaker, M. Parker, D. Payne, E. Hitt, Miss Greenhill. Top Row: W. L. Adkins, D. Becker, M. A. Bolton, S. Skelton, I. Caldwell, B. Cody, G. Polk, L. Dillon, B. Barrow, .l. Mays, fy . 1 WlLLlE'S WORRY WARTS Z Top Row: Truman Moses, Lawyer, Billy Warriner, Booster Reporter, William Ballman, President, Dorothy Bartlett, Betty Doggett, Social Chairman, Katherine Bailey, Shirley Brock, PatGrymes, Ben Hard, Roy Williams. Third Row: John Gibson, Eugene Fitzgerald, Charley Beth Hughen, Jesse Hensarling, Nellwynn Haigler, Delores Dossetl, Harvey Gaitman, Rose Marie Winter, Frank Helvey, Miss Greenhill. Second Row: Norman Mostert, Jimmy Robinson, Charlayne Lobit, Robert Miller, Juanita Price, Barbara Abraham, Serena Maxwell, Shirley Smith, Bobby Hunt, Front Row: Bob Suggs, Arthur Hughes, Richard Etheridge, Host, Camille Tingley, Hostess, Bobby Bell, Vice-President, Wan- ema Smith, Donald Andrews, Aubrey Chudleigh, Sidney Ratisseau. Top Row: Frank Helvey, Donald Horsefall, Tommy Shurtleff, Thomas Sweet, Jack Patterson, Edwin Vogt, Bill Arnold, Phil Prescott. Second Row: Raymond Vial, Bettye Karl, Wanda Jean Scott, Myrl Bruns, Jeanette Morgan, Mary Frances McKellar, lvy Jones, Kenneth Pitts, Miss Greenhill. Front Row: Elizabeth Reich, Camille Springfield, Virginia Trow, Maxine LaPine, Joann Miller, Elaine Des Rochers, Doris Atlra, George Whisenund. GREENHlLL'S FIFTH GREENHlLL'S GGOFY GCVERNMENTAL GOOP5 -A.. Top Row: B. Lorenz, D. Horton, W. McPhail, K. Naul, J. Savarino, C. Swarllkopf, D. Whirly, Y. Williamson, D. Davis, E Kennedy. Third Row: G. Goodman, B. Cooper, W. Martin, D. Manly, K. Miller, B. McGuire, A. Walters, B. M. Finney, J. Sellers. Second Row: W. Redmond, C. Smith, E. Leonard, H. Pelham, W, Duddleslen, L. Killgore, B. Kiecke, N. Harlung, J. Coon, Miss Greenhill, M. S. Sloan. Frgnl Row: R, Arlerburn, J. Ingram, D. Jaffe, B. Schoellkopi, B. Cummings, G. Raimer, B. Graham, B. Bower,'J. Brown, A. Manly. Top Row: Jim Cleary, Charles Gwallney, Jack Kilchen, Eric John- son, Floyd Webb, Ray Arlerburn, Joe Provenzano, Gerald Stock- bridge, Jack Sengelmonn. Second Row. Harrell Leavens, Ivy Jones, Perry Rogers, Floyd Henderson, Arvel Pyle, Pat Cemino, J. G. Mason, King Mc- Creary. Fronl Row: Donald Leach, Tom- my Morgan, Wilson McPhail, George Trammell, Russell Hudeck, Frank Agnello, Dean Thomason, Sherwood Boyd. SAFETY PATROL MR. JAMES H. GOETTEE Top Row: John Chandler, Marlin Zoch, Billy Griffin, Mr. Goellee, Norman Mc- Donald, Ray Sanleere, Dave Beerbower, Tommy Harper. Second Row: Harrell Leavens, James Korges, John Lawler, Donny Eckman, T. K. Niland, Morris Roberlson, J. H. Wil- kins, Al Killgore, Fronl Row: Leonard Killgore, Dick Wil- coxen, Harold McManus, Pal LeBlanc, Billy Warriner, Bob Graham, Joseph Savarino, Bill Lippincoll. Jarabe Taptito! The courtship of Humpty Dumpty. Profound medita- tation? Atmosphere! Women of the world? Girls, it couldn't be that funny! With that face it must be a sour note! "The Boar." Slap Happy! Coming up in the world? Rough! 1711 ision pagv uppositr' 1 df sigmvl and v,rvr'11tz'rl BI' TTY LOU Wlllllllf ': Q "" Y V K - 'QQ liffx H :XY 'L al fffr f.f,..'RT1 R x N O04 X gi'lkx1" i cfx' PAW" w . I . ' , , cy' Lixki ' tam, I ' .rx "' X ' if Liv ' Xl' .pq R N A, LH" ' f x - i '!,x gr " ' x hx - 1,0 ! vt. Qx'AQ, ,Q Ar! K JN ' i 5 xt 4 I ,ry , 4 X if , Q P-N ..-an I ' . ',!nl ,L I x ii H l 'A :ff 'D .,v ,I X n .. 5 . x E' X Y - 'N - Q z 87. I , 6 I ' QGf559mww 1 .4lf."""""""Ki--v- """' ' mrs' 251311 A . 1 X xc r ., Q . X 'mf ' K n O Nu' vga J! x s X f I , Q., t , f ' f- ' Xxx qi ""f 8. in-9l,,,,,', , fy.--... ty! 1 f . " S I A a Zi E 1 wfw " ,Q A! x Q in Q ' 'fM"" da soNNv aouMAN Jos sAvARlNo DAVID TRULL ,QV GEORGE TRAMMELL LAWRENCE FREILICH MELBERT CUDD BABE WAlKER LOUIS HARVEY BABE BENESTANTE EARL MADELEY JIMMY LONGSHORE TOM LAWS MUSTANGS PAT TILLMAN FRANK AGNELLO DEAN THOMASON . wk M.. is X XX X . - 4 ' pez. ..-. , " T. K. NILAND ,gf .M 1' any ED KENNEDY BILLY DELAHOUSSAYE DONALD LEACH fffifxw DAVID YEAGER -H? LARRY :seen 'ft wig , X.. ., .lv gk. , ,nam lg -fe' 1 P w . vs Twig . ,ai V: , .. . 'lfwxfiatlw ,- .. . 6 ' -' ' . ,.-550' 1 . ,vL,sl,sr,t fi ' N - like V . . 'rs . .. f sf'-ti I , f. L. . , , -,Y C I -- ,f:,S'.-f-- f 11 . Q. Z 4 MGR. NOEL SEARLE Last fall the Mustangs played a full sched ule of ten games and failed to hit the win column once They played a clean, hustllng and colorful brand of ball The lack of a top-flight scoring combina- tion proved to be our main hindrance, al- though at all times we were considered dan- gerous. Though we lacked experience in most positions, Frank Agnello and Dean Thomp- son were outstanding in the line while Larry Isbell and "Sonny" Bollman were the main- stays in the backfield. Many of the sophomore and iunior play- ers Iooked promising and if they develop under the able tutoring of coaches John Scott and Pete Dowling we should be a top contender for the city-possibly the State titles. Mon. MICKEY MQMILLIAN MGR. LESLIE DUJAY A 745: 0 I 1 1 ' . o 0' A th 4 Q n wir I T, .- , . K ,sv Top Row: Terrell, Agnello, Thompson, Utter, lreilich, Walker, Goodman, Madeley, Trammell, Kennedy, Niland. Second Row: King, Hunt, Laws, Benestante, Trull, Killgore, Leonard, Harvey, Longshore, Hudeck, Berry, Helvey. Front Row: Searle, Isbell, Cockran, Trammell, Boll- man, Tillman, Savarino, Cudd, Yeager, leach, Mintern, McMiIIian. L ill 2 'ig 4... t MGR. PAUL JOHNSON -14 '46-'47 B TEAM ? 1 1' '.A A 6 0 ' Q 'V . L 5 , Ji' - ' Q, ,f A . b v i tmg R ft'-R , C E C , i Q ' t ,. , T i ta . V, .Q E- A' .5 S , g ,- pq, K, l , -X, , YK -X5 f tc, . LX lx t Q - by , Ya, - K Q , , Q rf. - H tp k X, , v W .- T f ig W - , , 4 fi A M - Q - - --.,..,..... Q ' . . . ' , 9 ' , - - Q, I5 'f f N, W 6 T T X t . X J R U N -i t i T K 51 .. y n 4 , K X 3 ,N S dl Q , R ,x ANY' x it or C Q t - C U f- ' . - , Q'f,m , A C ' it 3' K 4. Q - vK': S ' ui A E Wgfbig f - . 41 E " ' ' i. f- 451.2 Q 1 i ye, In Bi Xi Yi, N 2 x V Q , . wvv, l . X. Q gi , 5 - Q - t 5 Sex Q ,,, . . R' ,Q . A y ' , h r 5 5 13 N If I K ll kkhk ' Q K x S E t .lv N . 5 I fi N 4 , ,im X -4 it , 1 ' af D E E E' j..'x,:3 'rtg-fr?-Ffwiwrez 51 "'ffa:t2", . ' .A T is at 2 R 'W:"'."'vf ii' .H mfs'-'Ziff' + , f 3 ,i f.1i:'.,tr 2.1514 ,gg ,Nei A g fix X5,,g,fiR-.f?'., , C ' 'S livin. :e l 'lfxal-we-tZ'2f F' r ALS: fjffs i Top Row: Tommy Morgan, Duane Dowell, Danny Ekman, Clarence Byerly, Albert Crownover, Claude Brinkley, Ernest Priest, Keith Harrington, Stanley Stultz, Martin Zoch, Buck St. Cyr, Paul Pigue, Raymond McClendon, Jack Brandt, Carrol Harris, Morris Robertson, Bob Brownhill. Second Row: Doc Humason, Eddie Landry, Billy Hurry, Harry Yantz, Roger Stockton, Robert Waters, Gail Oliphant, Berl Purvis, Jack Quales, Billy Acord, Roy Williams. Front Row: Tommy Comstock, Eric Johnson, Curtis Livesay, George Malone, Raymond ledbetter, Walter Deakin, Glen Abbitt, David Warren, Milton Clark, Frank Trahan. CURTIS LIVESAY CLAUDE BRINKLEY DUANE Dowm 1 l st f -- gf " or Q it R h C ,f STANLEY STULTZ BUCK ST. CYR wi! ERNEST PRIEST G Q . 5 , W' K' t . F W1 gr . X-f 5 l X, ' C x 1 ' .N Q wx ff . , , The annual football banquet honoring the season's Iettermen, Friday, December 2nd Ball High Pasadena Goose Creek Reagan Austin High Davis San Jacinto Sam Houston Milby Lamar X o HEERLEA MISS MARGARET EBY BIILY SCHOELLKOPF GLORIA RAIMER DERS A MARY NELL SMALL GRADY CADE TRUETT AIRHART 09' .P Lldx l l BORDA LON BOWER The cheerleaders are the people who keep up the school spirit and good sports- manship. This year they did an exception- ally fine iob, for when things looked black we could always depend on them for a snappy yell to bring up our spirits. To these six, we, the students of Austin heartily praise their work in introducing peppy new yells and building up the old spirit. BASKETBALL g 51, gg fi if ' ' 2 iifilfiitf DANNY oRsAK , rl A , ' l A .A I 1.A"- ' if f A . 14' ' ? , , ii Q' . . BABE WALKER i Y, JERRY Rmiuvs -fi 1 . f X Il , 1 Y. , gc D, Q' - 'V E LARRY lsseu A ANDY ANDERSON I RAYMOND GEHRIN4 . A, ,. xb , S K l -' , flair? l I . l x if f g R AW 5 . . 15. , MICKY MCMILLIAN 2 amv WARRINER SONNY souMAN The Mustang hardwood team, though off to a bad start and without quite enough power to get their offensive started was a very game and scrappy group throughout the season. Encouraged by the playing of Larry Isbell, Sonny Bollman, Andy Anderson, and W. S. Bell, the Austin cagers tried hard, played the game fairly, and won the loyal support of the school. Na O 'ls , N soo T TRACK Donald Leach. Pat X, Tillman. "if ,Qi Y' Harrell leaven Jack Quarles- Grady Cade. The Mustang thinly-clads are out to defend their state championship. They have made a fine start. ln'the Lee Relays they took first place while in the city meet they came in second. With such dependables as Bubba l U Tillman, Earl Madely, and David Trull the Mustan each, Grady Cade, Jack Quarrels, Pat gs have proved to be vvorthy contenders for the state championship. BASEBALL Some veteran baseballers here to start us in a big way. Left to right are: Second Baseman Joe Sovarino, Catcher Eddie Wiess, Short Stop Sonny Bollman, Pitcher-Outfielder Billy Warriner, Pitcher4Catcher Bob Graham. Coming to Houston' High Schools for the first time, the baseball outlook here is very bright. Work has been started on a new diamond and high school baseball has many enthusiastic backers in Houston. Favorite in most pre-season choices are the Austin Mustangs, a scrappy little ball club with many veteran amateur players. Some of the best looking prospects at this stage are Lefty Walker Deakin, pitcher, Larry Isbell, Wayman Martin, Bobby Bowlean, Bill Lippincott, Billy Kane. 1.1122 Glenn Abbitt knocks out a line drive to center I as Bob Graham was ready to grab the ball. Coach D ling looks on. l Coach Dowling and Joe Sovarino, second baseman, discuss some important stra- 1 tegy. l f Standing: Thomas Comstock, Leonard Kilgore, Tommy Harper, Edgar Ash, Oliver Cochran, Dwight King, Mr. Hartung, Al Kilgore. Sitting: Bob Brownhill, Paul Pigue, Jesse Hensarling, Tommy McBrayer, Ken- neth Graham, Ray Hilton, Jerry Martin, Douglas Davis, John Bough. TENNIS Though not very successful this year in the city's tennis tournament, the Mustang netters, paced by the doubles team of Sonny Bollman and Billy Warriner and two fine singles players, Joe Mayes and Arlen Mc- Kenzie, did display nice form and power. In the hot spots it definitely showed that they were fighting all the way. , x SWIMMING The swimming team, at time of publication, had not entered into any -competition, however, with the quantity and quality they have in material they should prove to be a real threat in the forthcoming meets. Front Row: Arlen McKenzie, Joe Mayes, Leonard Kilgore, Warner Dunn, Bob Graham. Top Row: Kenneth Graham, John Gibson, Billy Warriner, William lSonnyl Boll- man, Glenn Goodman, Billy Boddelner. ,gf as ' Y. . ' 3 sf Q it I' in ' ,-"ix . 1, V 'Y '1s',s --'Y 5, ' ' MEN OF THE YEAR IN SPORTS Early this year the Corral sports editors asked the coaches to select players outstanding the sports in which Bollman excelled w football, basketball, and baseba in various interscholastic sports. Coaches John C. Scott, George Hartung, and Pete Dowling were unanimous in their decisions as to the best all- around a t h I e t e: William "Sonny" Bollman. Among Leach Last summer Bollman was selected the Chronicle and went to Chici as Houston's representative Esquire's gathering of ton row's baseball stars fl over the country. Thomason FOOTBALL f N B Isbell BASKETBAI 'M TRACK Warriner ' Graham TENNIS . A BASEBALL . Jw. v Q V ' ' BOLLMAN MAN OF THE YEAR In the points of the star,figure the most outstanding Selected to represent the basketball squad a players in the representative sports. Dean Thomason at left end was the mainstay of the line. Never in the history of sports at Austin has anyone maintained a reputation equal to that of cinder-man, Donald "Bubba" Leach, who began making a name for himself in track during his freshman year. Bubba now holds the rank of sophomore. man-of-the-year was Larry Isbell. Billy "Sparky" Warriner was a hard-hitting net the Mustangs. At the time the Corral went to press the basebal had not officially entered any competition. Accorc the coaches, Bob "Jug" Graham is expected to himself a star catcher. I V-5' ' 165335 THE A U STIN R.O.T.C. Axes! -1 5 S STAFF Billy Boddeker, Lt. Col., Dorothy Gideon, lt. Col., Arthur Hughes, Maior, Dolores Becker, Major, Bob Suggs, Major, Belly Doggett, Muior, Donald Ellis, Lt. Col., Bar- bara Robinson, Capt., Dan Shaw, Lt. Col. 'uw-4-0' CADET LT. COL. R. C. THOMPSON MXSGT. M. E. THOMAS CAPT. F. S. STALLINGS Standing: Wayne Bader, Lt., lvy Jones, Lt., Eugene Prewitt, Lt., Gene Milligan, Lt., Eugene Rice, Lt., Leon Bernard, Lt. Kneeling: Harry Challie, Capt., Sidney Rotisseau, Capt. T A yv .0 IIAII Platoon Sgt. Gilbert Terry, lst Platoon lst Squad: Gene Patterson, Steve Demetri, Robert Verbois, Royce Robin, John Mitchell, Harry Dodge, Donald Crone. 2nd Squad: Jock Selstad, Thomas Bennet, Charles Blonar, Heath Till, Robert Jacobsen. 3rd Squad: Nick Demeris, Dewey Golds- bury, Enlae Adams, Julia Brown, .lack Denny, Byron Rusler. Captains Gene Milligan and Billy Dove Harrison command as the company stands in close interval formation. Platoon Sgt. James Youngblood 2nd Platoon 4th Squad: Harold Scott, Dick Wilcoxen, Marvin Kenely, Lester Ricks, Billy Norton, Dalman Randle. 5th Squad: Meyer Nelkin, Donald Mann, Robert McFarland, David Thomson, Govan Griffin. 6th Squad: Harold Kyle, Alvin Bartsch, Van Ray Hooks, Burton Ritts, Elmer Cox, Billy Lazarus. CGMPANY "'B" Platoon Lt. Eugene Pruett, lst Platoon lst Squad: David Sutlen, Blanten Crook, Donald Curtis, Jack Glass, Billy Jorden, James Gammage. 2nd Squad: Edward Lunduall, Thara Dameris, Bill Evans, George Harris, Jimmy Hutchison. 3rd Squad: James Sykora, James Cala- way, Clifford Whitehill, Charles Daves, Denny Mattocks. Jitkizf- fb .I ., ,, A 1- . A : . sex l , 3 s ' . .,f"' er: W ' Captains Ivy Janes and Barbara Robin- son command as the company stands in close interval formation. Platoon Lt. Eugene Rice, 2nd Platoon lst Squad: Bobby Monroe, Gene Wil- kerson, Bob Canterbury, Gene Grosane, Marvin Crawford, Tommy Bovee, A. C. Burkhalter. 2nd Squad: Malcolm Hillendahl, lee Stegall, Brenton Smith, Robert Cable, Max Mills, John Robertson. 3rd Squad: Pat Kemp, Nicki Strine, Charles Martin, Edward Thompson, Stephen Wilson. 4: ll"lh DLUI IIDI'l DKIUFNUE MISS BEATRTCE LYTLE, Sponsor MR. MICHAEL SPAMPINATO Musical Director 7' ce COLONEL ELIZABETH REICH This year of 1947 marks the tenth anniversary of the Scottish Brigade. ln 1937 it was first organized by its present sponsor, Miss Beatrice Lytle, and music director, Mr. Michael Spampinato. During those ten years the Scottish Brigade has literally 'gone to the topl' having gained renown not only in the city but the state and nation as well. The Scottish Brigade attained a high mark of per- fection in its drilling this year. In addition to drill- ing at all 'football games, the Brigadiers engaged in numerous social and civic activities. Some of these nf ?d?vQ'?,. c . ,xykgvw "' 1 ' ANN MANLEY occasions were the informal initiation at Lyondell Park at the end of the summer drill, the Shrine Ball, the Canadian Legion Dance, the Eastern Star National Convention. Last Spring the Brigadiers formed a bowling league which continues to be one of the highlights of the spring activities. The "A" league individual averages for the season run as high as 129 with Betty Kiecke, Betty Michels and Elizabeth Reich competing for top honors. Adiutant Maior Norma Jean Hartung Drum and Bugle Maior Beverly Cooper Drill Maior Helen Pelham QSO' Lieut. Col. in Charge of ll BETTY JANE KIECKE Lieut. Col. in Charge ol Re FLAG CORPS Jean lngram, Captain, Joan Bruning, Lieut., Peggy Tatham, Margie Beseler, Marion Frnka, Betty Panton, Maxine La Pine, Norma Woodard. BAGPIPE CORPS ! . ,, 4 ,gp Rose Mary Wimberly, Captain, Norma Saw- yer, Mary Louise Pinkston, Carol Flanders, Lieut., Marilyn Showalter, Marjorie Schilling, Virginia Maples, Elizabeth Tunstall, Jean Moncrief, Frances Caddell, Barbara Taylor, Autrey Tid- more, Margie McMahon. wiki! ' 4 . ., 'S-"'1-ff .s 4- ,. , .X-Fr .M Nu .c -5 ,4- -., we , Q .N-. 2 1 K 1 Appearing in the Brigade Follies which reviewed the past ten shows were these former officers. Seated: Ann Manly, Lt. Col., '46, Martha Jo Hulsey, Maior, '37, lee Dell Barker, Captain, '37, Bonnie Damon Williams, Maior, '38, Ruth Kendal Hackbarth, Ll. Col., '39, Betty Pearson Richardson, Cal., '40, Mary Jane Murray, Lt. Col., '40, Pelham, Maior, '46, Standing: Betty Kiecke, lt. Col., '42, Elizabeth Reich, Col., '46, Shirley Smith, lt. Col., '42, Shirly Eaton, l.t. Col., '44, Shirley Johnson, lt. Col., '44, Winell Henkle Reed, Col., '43, Frankie Davis, Mcior, '45, Doris Moore, Maior, '45, Beverly Ann Cooper, Moior, '46, Norma Hartung, Major, '46. 1 DRUM CORPS Front Row: Patsy Cain, Thelma Pomeroy, Ula Mae Zurborg, Jesse Ruth Minter, Lieut., Billie Mae Finney, Capt., Marilyn Wrist, Margaret lou Scales, Joyce McMahon, Patsy Nichols. Middle Row: Ruth Spencer, Betty Michels, Shirly Thompson, Beverly Bond, Emma Jean Senkle, Palsy Smith. Top Row: Doris lucas, Korlene Nunemaker, Jocquelyn Holley, Joyce Stringlellow, Martha Carol Brunson. l BUGLE CORPS Kneeling: Jean Haddon, Lieut., Joyce Coon, Sgt., Joyce Sellers, Sgt., Mary Sue Sloan, Capt., Margaret Scordino, Sgt., Vir- ginia Spurlock, Sgt., Rose Marie Winter, Sgt., Mary Louise Thiel, Sgt. Standing: Dorothy Tinkle, Shirley Buys, Jo Ann South, Doris Thrash, Wanda Beurlot, Dorothy Enos, Jeanne Lewis, Betty Spinner, Margie Priest, Barbara Banning, Elza Gene Whitt, Betty De Barbarious, Faye Jones, Patsy Jevne, Frances Atkinson, Jerry Burch- ardt, Rosemarie Sullivan, Delores Gilmore 2 ag ee 1 ,annex gt fi, ., ,. ,Q , ' . . '- ' .. R f. g. , 5. M. 9 ,x ,px 'af' 'I 4-. TOP OFHCERS Helen Pelham, Drill Maior, Beverly Cooper, Drum and Bugle Maior, Ann Manly, Lt. Col. in Charge ol Records, Elizabeth Reich, Col., Betty Kiecke, Lt. Col. in Charge of Reserves, Norma Hartung, Adiutanl Maior. COMPANY B Capt. Betty Sue Temple Lt. Wanda Redmond Top Sgt. Nancy Brannon Sgt. Marie Hopkins left to Right: Joy Swoboda, Shirley Claussen, Carol Loveioy, Peggy King, Betty Jean Hill, Virginia Backer, Jean Swoboda, Barbara Martin, Virginia Eckerman, Evelyn Freitag, Ida Jean Pittman, Natalie Butler, Carolyn Burleson, Margie Reuter, Freda Pursch, Carolyn Bell, Janet Cooper, Lucille Gibson, Jackie Rechif, Dwight Barrier, Marie Hop- kins, Betty Sue Temple, Wanda Redmond, Nancy Brannon. . s., COMPANY A Capt. Doris Jaffe Lt. Saranna Skelton Top Sgt. Mariiane Johnson Sgt. Geneva Saxton Left to Right: Jimmie Dell Stark, Dorothy Pierce, Doris Blakeslee, Nancy Sory, Jane Hartsfield, Jo Ann Kaulold, Lorraine Searles, Barbara Blackwell, Peggy Crenwelge, Margie Taylor, Susan Harkrider, Kathleen Kasper, Betty Murphy, Blanche Bullard, Barbara Anderson, Martha Sue Heise, lris Caldwell. Saranna Skelton, Mariiane Johnson, Geneva Saxton, Doris Jaffe. COMPANY C C0Pl- Com Smlllt Lt. Lois Wilson Top Sgt. Dorothy Manly Sgt, Betty Ponton Squads: Mary Ann Adams, Lucille Balleres, Loyce Johnston, Hilda Gotcher, Shirley Blackstock, Joy Stillwell, lshbell Dunlop, Patricia Rand, Ann Ward, Mozelle Miller, Patsy Harrell, Zaidee Guerin, Mar- garet Reuter, Elizabeth Taylor, Doris Ann Steirs, Delores Quillen, Lorene Carter, Charlotte Hasty, Betty Ponton, Ann Manly, Cora Smith, Lois Wilson. BETTY BLAKELY BILLIE DOVE HARRISON linesman Scorekeeper VOLLEYBALL These are the proud members of Austin's girls' vol- leyball team. They went into the foray with spirits and high hopes, but spent a very disappointing season, placing fourth in the city tournament. For their untiring wig' K Y. '5 'X at 'F if 7 V . CFO T 1 -1. Z? -113,1 . X543 Uv efforts, good sportsmanship, and "iust wait until next season" attitude, we award our thanks and continue our strong faith in them. ,M Q' MILDRED MOORE CAMILLE TINGLEY Timekeeper Linesmon F. GROUNDS ,gs 4 0 J x vb 441 .O + Q-3,0 X 4, N. 53 ? 5 Q 'd 5 qv .Y K 4 ,,, fs 5 A KTJXVIH y, 1"""i Muraca, Alice Genthe. Grounds. MISS GRACE HORNADAY Front Row: Mary Nell Small, Bailey, Virginia Cecil, Betty Rimel. Back Row: Ruby Speighls, Dolores Kite, Mclvileen Blanton. W. l A., in .gh , A k 1' Intramural Volleyball These are the winning volleyball teams of our girls' physical education classes After playing each team of their respective classes they play the winning team of each other period MISS MARGARET EBY Front Row: Kathryn Woody Carolyn Ceirco Theresa Back Row: Ruth Dixon, Myrna Loy Rodrnquez Frances Kathryn PS-wp.. f w 'M 53- Volleyball teaches co-ordination of mind and muscles. Nkf' J QM-R., Girls excused from participation in the more strenu- :us sports carry on a ping pong tournament through- :ut the year. It's Cecil at bat. Better be a home run, the bases are loaded. YEAR-ROUND ACTIVITIES These sixth period girls demonstrate proper basket- ball technique. Charlayne Lobit guards an opposing forward while Theresa Muraca keeps Dale Webb at a safe distance. 1. Badminton is another of the many sports that fill the girls' calendar. During December and January it receives a lot of attention. ,,.,-'W .-C" W , K GOOD FORM, ISN'T IT? The Austin tennis team is composed of Shirley Smith and Dorothy Bartlett, doubles, and Bobbie Lee, singles. In the city meet, Bobbie was defeated by Lamar, 6-3, 8-6, in the quarter-finals. Shirley and Dorothy met Lamar's Jean Richard and Ann Bowles in the semi-finals and were edged out 6-4, 9-7. .ff 7. if A fl 4 . u " sf' rf . - R, ,- 1 uf ug. v, ' X ' QQ,,f ,,,'.,? A. 'f' 1 22-in if QL: :wr W f x S ' ' FST s BOBBIE LEE sv IA. INE1 Mildred Moore, Theresa Muroca, Carolyn Ceirco, J. Leibert, Char- COUNTING SCORE! Ruth Smith, Vlfglnlll M0llll0, Mlldwd MOOYE, r Lobit, Virginia Mattiza, Ruth Smith, Katherine Massingill. Charlene Lobit. ARCHERY MISS GRACE HORNADAY y SHOOTING: Theresa Mumw, Carolyn Ceircol J. Leiben, The girls taking archery this year are looking forward to the city meet in the ,ine Mmsingm. latter part of May. The four girls having the highest score in the Junior K . gms- -- " N- 5 .1 Columbia Round will represent Austin. Here's hoping, gals! SWIMMING MISS MARGARET EBY Swimming, ci sport which teaches form, co-ordination, and balance, captures many girls' attention in late spring. After mastering the more elementary techniques our more talented mermaids practice hard for a chance to take part in the city swimming meet at the Y.W.C.A. held in May. "Qi y I UW . - I Marilyn Wareham demonstrated good diving Al ' l 4 fofm- Wolllng their turn on the board are: Yvonne leComle, Patricia Landrum, N. Hammett, Clara Marsh, Betty Jean Stout. 1. 10,49 'T Perfect Record Girls To receive a perfect record you must be present every day in the semester dressed in regulation gym suits and achieve an average of A. The girls pictured below have met the preceding requirements. MISS MARGARET EBY Front Row: D. Biering, B. Parrish C Reese, T. Muraca, R. Ellison, B. L. Bow Second Row: M. Rollins, M. Clark Barrett, J. Smith, D. Becker, D, Haberle Top Row: B. Zingkraf, A. Neal, E. Saul nier, B. Robinson, W. Tally, P. Mostert. The High-Point Team has the highest number of team points for the semester. Points are awarded for dressing, presence, and participation. HIGH POINT TEAM Front Row: P. Grizzaffi, L. Burns, White, D. Boone. A Top Row: A. Shurley, L. Q. Cherry, M. TT Davis, H. Dudley. , 1 . . if maid , , ' .. x. MISS GRACE HORNADAY Front Row: B. Taylor, G. Branyon, J Goddard, V. Ross, M. Knox, E. Perry, D Pyle, I. Becker, C. Lobit, B. Hudson. Second Row: H. Dudley, M. Davis, D Harris, 8. Blakely, A. Sandburg, B. Beard K, Massingill, M. Card, C. McCreary, l. A Myatt. Third Row: A. Lucy, J. Kerr, G. Hosek B, Jones, R. Shuttlesworth, F. Godwin, R Foster, M. Baker, .l. Griffin, J. Baughman Top Row: Y. l.eComte, K. Bailey, l. M. Eubanks, R. Smith, P. Griffin, B. Sager. Division page opposite was designed and executed by DONNA HOR7 1 ' 0 f AQQ -'Wx 'I 4" Q 'E' Vfz ry . 5 J I".1x'. I s t Pix lik af ' hi' I k 1 I 1 1 P nu u ' v I N .. ig Aft 0- W .' cw- if 1.0 1.4 . v , xyjf v I , ' I 0' ' I ' Y 'J' xy s'4'5 x' xx u 9.1 ' Q gll9h 1 if en WP" 1:69101 ' gum wether itis recreation or worlr, be certain that you are safeguarding night and malzing seeing easier by using plenty of proper lighting. To reduce eyestnin and protect precious eyesight . . . fill all your sockets with sight-saving sizes . . . 150-watt bulbs lor tahle larnpsg 300-watt bulbs lor loor lamps. The luv: cost ol electric service today malzes it possible for everyone to enjoy the benelits ol better lighting lor only a levi cents a day. Dolisonueu Y Z-i""-N I ll Houslon .lighting dna' :-: sig.. .2-. - fs. -P Piwer GPG 7 vu- sriuenn IIVICE PIODIICIII Ol L0 H. F. WATSON CO. MECHANICAL CONTRACTORS 4911 Stimpson W 6-9493 by ,.,. f Wd .E ,-.L 'I '- fI7'5r,- 'IIIPUxgyQ15 ,, M L. .W rs In-ATTN !l':.'m4y1:IvY?f2fiI1ns I W b 'MQg I a" n.. - TRENCHING MACHINES AND BULLDOZER EQUIPMENT PIPE LINE CONSTRUCTION GENERAL EXCAVATION BEST WISHES TO THE GRADUATES W. B. Ruth ancl Co. General Insurance 803 Houston Merchants Exchange Building IU HIL ffm... 5204 Lawndale Wentworth 3-1631 Mrs. C. L. Lowe " IT'S A CURIOSITY-ALMOST EVERYTHING" AT GOLFCREST VARIETY SHOP 5204 and 5206 Telephone Rd. W. 9-1577 HOUSTON FILM SERVICE Films-Cameras-Developing 8m.m. Film-Rental Library l6m.m. 2200 Telephone Road W. 7418 Barnum lor is it Brown?l and Bailey For the Comprmltw lnoothest Department Store Serving . immd Immm HMS MMM ll' Elllfrifl ROEBUCK AND CO, Wayside and Harrisburg l Houston, Texas W. D. lBilll MILLER l Blow hard, girls Wildman, Murphy, Barrett H W, YY, , wif ,Q ,H , Y For Year Round Greeting Cards and FI for All Occasion soda, smnonery Complgmems of at i Call: l SCHULTE UNITED EsPERsoN FLoRlsT Lobby Niels Esperson Bldg. ' 'J' X -I Sol Main slreel l ' 'W' 1- D l Q" l I L S 0 , . C' 44107 3 BTAIIONERYA mum! Cn C 20M C IO33 "Kiln-'ll -' l-1N'il'vl'l'H!'1' V" . , .!,!l.'!n 'llJ Louisiana Bakery compuarmr, of Lawndole Gm Shop H05 Dumble LENOX PHARMACY 5125 lvwndvfe Specializing in 5321 Harrisburg Blvd. W- 3-1156 Birthday and Party W. 7l53 Gifts for all ages Cakes Metropolitan Food Center "BEST MEAT IN TOWN" 2304 Telephone Road Herpitologist and matrix Repetitious, aren't they? ethyrogaster transversa Sitting on top of -? BEST WISHES TO THE GRADUATES BELL BOTTOM FOUNDATION CO. L Black Brothers Furniture Co. Drilled and Belled Footings 744 Tl h R d Exclusive Users Bell Bottom eep one on Reomer A -'Just 2 mocxs mom Ausrm mow' 4655 Telephone Rodd "coMPLErE Home FURNISHlNGS" w. 9-2727 w. 6-7491 l' 'l'l'lE BIG NEWS "" ..., 1-un-v 4' IN OUTBOARD MOTORS? 5 Tt.'s the talk of the industry-roller bearings in- stead of the commonly-used bronze bushings on wrist pins, crankpins. and for crankshaft main bear- ings. You can't imagine what a difference it makes in smoothness, pep, instant starting, and slower trolling . . a tireless outboard always "rarin' to go." Come in and see the new Mercury 6 hp. "Rocket" Twin. Many lucky folks already have their new Mercurys. More are in production. Come in and see about yours. SOUTHEAST SUPPLY 5010 Claremont Street W. 7387 Distributors in Coastal Texas OWN A MIICUIY. . .MC'C"l'eSS IN OUTIOAID IXCILLINCI I C- 2 l l . . l Another Mlnlmox conference Compliments of DOW MOTOR COMPANY Your Chevrolet Dealer Milam at Walker HOUSTON WATCH CO. 911 Franklin Avenue Watches-Diamonds-Jewelry A Friendly Place to Trade R. J. Slagle, President S x WIFIIHNEII Q INHHHI Il l li A '.,,.. ' 'lul my ' ' .,,., W ' U K H .. n A A I P . BUILDING A GREATER HOUSTON ' 9 COMPLIMENTS or DR. BERNARD FARFEL '1 P""1 Cute! We see you, Milligan! We Business? COMPLIMENTS or COMPLIMENTS OF NELKIN'S SUPER FOOD MARKET 1920 Jensen Dri P 2073 W I I I COMPLIMENTS OF W. K. CHAPMAN AND CARL S. SMITH CRESCENT MATTRESS 81 UPHOLSTERING CO. NEW AND USED FURNITURE ExptR tg d Uphlt g 3821111 1, 9 Dork Eyes Jc:ck of all trades ..ACe.. THE ALASKAN 606 Main Street FURS READY-TO-WEAR MILLINERY B. CLOUSE LUMBER CORPORATION 2201 S. Wayside W. 6-4198 TURKISH VILLAGE coMPL1MENTs or ROBINSONIS I MAGNOLIA STATION 4546 Leeland Avenue I ..Y f. dl 1 our r1en y wi 1648 I Magnolia DeaIer" 1411 mumble W'Y'Id' 4 "WE SERVE NOTHING BUT THE BEST TCICPIWNE R d w. 6-0011 wt 6-431, I . I A 3 It COMPLIMENTS OF MARTIN E. HAMILTON representing SOUTHERN ENGRAVING COMPANY MANUFACTURERS OF YOUR OFFICIAL CLASS RING SHILLING PHOTO SERVICE Amateur Supplies Kodak Finishing 5217 Lawndale W. 3-2938 Compliments of Food Town City of Foods 1220 Telephone Road W. 6-6806 M. J. Adlof Memorials 'A Final Thought- A Precious Memory" 1011 Telephone Road W. 6-3173 Compliments of Triangle Pharmacy 5430 lawndale W. 6-2784 'Tia A.. ........ xo. X. 5 wr N C, A F 19? ' 'pus A A' 1 D N- ji Vx gsm K 'I WELANDER MATTRESS COMPANY 1907 Clay Avenue P. 7900 "BETTER MATTRESSES FOR LESS" EDWIN T. FEIGLE CO Typewrilers Adding Machine Supplies 2903'f1 Fannin St. F. 1400 WE APPRECIATE YOUR BUSINESS COMPLIMENTS OF Hopson Distributing Company T418 Fannin Si. MODERN GROCERY 2820 Telephone Road FRESH MEMS AND VEGETABLES w. 6-0352 IKRUG E R'S. 06040140 616 Main Street Houston, Texas Texas' Dependable Jeweler for over 40 years Compliments of PAUL'S SHOE STORE 725 Main Street Pair of Deuces. Queen and Jack. Full House. Ace. One Pair. Cold Hand. Awl or nothing at awl. Levy enosorw cooos co, l"'Gi' ' Wwlflll ' if 'ls H54 - - ' ' f ' ',. L -,t e 9 sakowitz Exquisite Modern Furniture 804 Rusk 1115 Broadway 3110 Lyons Ave. 'lO'l0 Shepherd KING FLOOR CO. Floors Sanded and Finished Compliments of Sanders, Vacuum Cleaners 81 Polishers Rented THEATER Floor Coverings, Shades and Blinds 3236 Telephone Rodd 4901 Stimson Street W' 6-I24I Corner 900 Block Telephone Road Ulfs Showtime All fhe Time" W. 6-2623 Compliments of BOULEVARD FUNERAL HOME See Us for Insurance forthe Whole Family 6929 Harrisburg Blvd. W-411 I J. V. Cossaboom Home of Sympathetic Service Energetic people. Glamor? Boop and friend. EAST END VARIETY AND HARDWARE 402 Telephone Road W-0285 Home Supplies Compliments of P. CUNNINGHAM CO 4913 Leeland W 6-l795 Compliments of Com Iimenh of FAILING EXPLORATION P and JACOBSON-YELLEN SUPER MKT DRILLING CO' 2702 Telephone Road 5528 lawndale W. 5765 W. 6-8308 Boy it was hot! Glamour in uniform. Complimenfs of KAUFMAN DRY GOODS 2238 Telephone Road W. 3-1006 EASTWOOD CLEANERS 4700 Harrisburg W. 4105 Modern Cleaning II! B I H F H P p HOMES AND CHILDREN " WEDDINGS " PARTIES COMMERCIAL COPIES FILM DEVELOPMENT I I RAEBURN STUDIO II 713 Fannin Street P. 6557 I I COMPLIMENTS OF SPEEDY KH PICTURE FRAMING AND Zz Z m cz we 4 33 f , X. PAINT STORE . V ,, Ar jx 1703 Telephone Road DEPARTMENT STORE W' M248 3016 Te"PI'o"e Road Complete Line of House W. T022 N Paint Eos! End's Finest 7 AI"CondIIIoned Sundry Items Needed Department more Every Day in your Home I C. P. J kins H. l. J It' I . Jesmlvs . 0 S M 341300 YQQXT 1222 live Oak C. 6264 Quite c family! , PALACE RIDING STABLES 5700 Block Almedo COMPLIMENTS or PORT CITY YARDS INN y L. 9303 5, PORT CITY XTOTZECLIZYSS-'-N .'-5 ' gig VETERINARY SUPPLY 4,05 Co,,W ,, C, t C. 4-H53 P rking Space QA J h Skagg J. R. Sk gg I Q W 47 Years Dependable Service COMPLIMENTS OF DELUXE CLEANERS 81 DYERS l l PARKER'S MUSIC CO. 916 Capitol F. 9124 I l COMPLIMENTS OF 1 Q BuRGE's DRIVE IN l Q 5 E i ' X or "Best Food in Town" l l 91 w. 6-7029 E' f l xrgvllfezaluuzxv lxlihlllvjg ...D , 7 l ,, , Y, , l l Wonder if she can take 3 1 dictation-too? l Slove driver? No, nothing Compliments Of l DAD'S HAMBURGER l lik e th at - iust going l l through the daily drills. Broodmoor Phormclcy 2 "A meal in one" l-:ol Telephone need 5'-lf' Dfiflks W 2183 l 400 Telephone Road l pn-5,-nfs, as .,:.,..g- ---- t i . t X Qin 'Hi' "Wm-. .m.g,,,,,,,, 'f ..- 51 Nmllluyi vu .- ' N ' " V' ,NJ 4' I I at - I "' mi.: t u , . t ij 'hu -. REHDY TO SERVE YOU -, f Nm 0 ,L ' on land and sea! 'K V i P ' U Q y -On the waterfront H I -In the home -Cash cmd Curry MILLEIYS LAUNDRY i ! I What makes you think I'm cz wolf, bczby? King's Row. About fcice! Present arms! Thot's the halibut ull! Signs of the times. Tolent Inc. Lough, Fools!! On the Prowl. I'm rough, see! Well, Kiddo! 9. Lemme at 'em. Ain't Africa grand? IO. Peoples. Blob, blob, blob, etc. ' l. How about cz ride, mister? Double decker. ' 2. A. C. of C. O. D. on the Q. T THE REIN COMPANY Prmtew of the 1947 Corml 1201 BONNER ST V 4 2611 HOUSTON TEXAS 'fm "L gwwmg, .gg-95.5539 3 'avg A .x s u mmw41,-W .4-.g4...:f..gk:,rm..,.'xm,.41.xxaf1a4c. ' ' ner' '- I1 ll N I4 .15 f lg ,ix I' ' 'il s I 'A ,.--ZZ' , , -1: 1""h,,x' 14 'Q 4 - " ' VSWR 1+- L51 Ag ii'

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