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gb BILL FANKHAUSER .... BOBBY JEAN LEE .,.. BILLY BODDEKER ..... DONALD HOLLEY ..... BETTY JO MCDANIEL. . . MAXINE MCMAKIN ..., BRUCE SIMONEAUX. . , THALIA BREWER ....,. MARY LOUISE WINTERS .... BETTY JO WOLLEY ...,... BRUCE VERNOR ..... Quill 5U'0l4,, PUBLISHED BY THE STUDENTS OF STEPHEN F. AUSTIN SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL VOLUME VII HOUSTON, TEXAS ,. . . . , .Write-ups ............Arf Cartoons, Lettering , . . . . ,Photography . . , . ,Typing . . . , .Business . . . .B0ys' Sports , . . .GirIs' Sports . . , .Circulation . . , .Layouts . . . ,Lgyoufs AP- , , XIUA i-in i 1 Ill .mm lllgl afgm , N 0 T E f l9Zl6 has been a happier year fhan we have had for a long fizfne. Y ,. 'av GY S Y WN1 x f r ' .1 6 i X gig ' z ' R Q I Frequenf good-byes and anxious lisfening for war news has given way fo fhe joyous greefing of refurning friends and fhe prospecfs of a happier and more plenfiful fufure. zfllfhough fhis, fhe firsf posfwar year, has given fhe Gorral sfaff some advanfages, phofographic supplies have sfill been on fhe crifical lisl. Hs fhe year passed on we finally gave up hope for an adeauafe supply of film and flash bulbs. We are ever indebfed fo ilusfins arf deparfmenf, Bobby Jean See, and lllahlon llively, under fhe direcfion of Mrs. Qeraldine Brady. They are responsible for fhe clay figures and backgrounds used on fhe division pages and fhe end sbeef. To fhem and fo all of you who have helped in so many ways foward fhe complefion of fhis book, we say Q Thanks a millionlgl W ., , 'S 0 . iris smrr. ll' ',.' b v i My g f i ffl' fl -' l ' lgg-Kc . 7 O s fi I I uf ls? ' 7 f f ' I If, If lbissgg ' 'i V l' I vgflifu sow bin Am 6 A .ll 0 Ili ll? H9 ill A E ,ia ,V - ' I-1 B .."',1,-F' -e Q!!! 3 'f H NT -t:?fs:g2K- NTENTS Doing an experi joh of pulling ilusliniies on lhe fronl page are our EXTRA! EXTRA! personalilies, ihe laculiy. 'ln ihe nexl seclion is our CLASSIFIED sludenl body--lrom lhe superior seniors lhrough lhe juniors, sophomores, and finally down io our aspiring freshmen. The SPUTLIGHT falls on Husiins mosi seleci siudenls, represenia- lives of our highesl ideals in scholarship, leadership, personalily. To poinl up our lraining foward a Hhealihy mind in a healihy body" we presenl lhe Musclw MUSTANGS. ' .Casi of all are ihe or- ganizaiions whose doings olien provide HUT CUPY for angyhody's pulolicalion. 22? 23, X? 23? 23? 23, nuciulalafhe -z:.15Q:3:..."-. -.'l"I2f af- ' " " ' P? Y" 7-I I-:f,,::..-. .: . :-":..' ' .Sir 1511: 7' . '17.""li.:.- 5 355 :L21 .f- I ..-1 .-' .:.. .- . : gl ' 'l'.: ' . Y .,. Z- "-. of-'.' 'F ' -':'.."-:-T3 Tyfhg. '-:fi--:vt-. -234, This year there was no argument about the dedication. The vote was unanimously in favor of that most de- serving group of fellow journalists- the Austin Round-Up staff and its sponsor. L- ,,. . .1 1-.1 2:3 ' -I? 25 . , .. g.'- 5: :fi " lt is impossible to overestimate the valuable service that these students have rendered to Austin. Most news- papers attempt to "inform and enter- tain" their readers. The Round-Up staff has gone further than that, they try to educate their readers as well. Their aim is to use the press as a means of instilling a sense of loyalty to their school, to their city, state, and coun- DOUGLAS WHITTY, Business Manager GLORIA WILSON JEANINE EMINIAN, Fall Editor BARBARA REED, Spring Editor MISS PHILLIPS, Sponsor try, and as a means of directing the students in a realization of their re- sponsibilities as future citizens. LOYCE JOHNSTON, Ass't. News Editor BILL FANKHAUSER, Literary Editor WANDA REDMAN, Ass't. Feature Editor BOYSEN ETIE, Feature Editor JEAN BORCHERDING, News Editor JEAN LEWIS, Ass't. News Editor Last year the Round-Up was chosen one of the best school papers in Texas by the Interscholastic League Press Conference. This year, with a smaller than usual staff of experienced writers, they have attempted to better that rec- ord. But whether they are given state- wide recognition or not, there is no question about their importance to their fellow students. No mention of the Round-Up would be complete withdut a word-and an emphatic one-about the sponsor, Miss Ardis Phillips. She has inspired in all who have worked with her a deep re- spect and admiration for her ability and tireless effort, her earnest en- deavor to achieve a high standard of journalism, and for her fine character and sense of fair play. The gratitude and admiration of the Corral-staff extends far deeper than the pleasure they share with the stu- dent body unfailingly on alternate Wednesdays. The best way that we can show our appreciation is by dedi- cating our journalistic effort to those future Winchells and Pearsons-THE AUSTIN ROUND-UP STAFF. OLIVER BOND, Ass't. Sports Editor A. B. HARRIS, Reporter RAY LAURENTZ, Sports Editor JIMMY ROBINSON, Sports Columnist 4 ,K Wi 0,4 N53 Gov Ay ,Q JU 3 4419 4054, 'On N5 ,LL Ally f p '14 BQOLVITBOD ' 4351, hofogrenager FN GQA44 w Nw lfufar' O . 6 Ac A Car, D661- dv fi C 0o,,. eff! - 'Sr 'Sf S07 foo . 9 ,Mah 'NW ager tau GLORIA BRANYON, Club Editor GLORIA RAIMER, Society Editor ELIZABETH TRUDEAR, Typist ANNABELLE ROURK, MARIE BRADSI-IAW, Column Editor -J, 1 rl mf' 1. sffraifl F' 25906 Through these portals pass the most stunning students in the world! Year after year they come and go, gradually hollowing cuts in the stone steps with the pressure of their hurrying feet. v 1 v ,hV.,- MTW , ,., WU, X, 14 AW J 3133, ,Q , f , -' , -v A . rmgg 5 4 U :W ,lsfkaa-we rZKlm,Q5i ' 1 ' 3 F f, w r, , 5' apr 79' Q J ?ko .M 71. IF' -L A , My I. 3 A"v,,,' .5 'U' Jil., 'Q s 41 1 'lf 54' A ' X X 7 J 4-1 ,6fy'q"n Qu Vg 'lr lvl 04 atb ' X v N .Q A , 7 -v. ' '54, 4,6 ' I .V . Ava, d . Q 'A ,if - A qu . , ' A. 'jg 70,23 VJ.. Q0 2 'Y gy yq., 'Q' 1 u 'af S o?UJ. .? "W 4 9 lv . 4. FUN, 1 92 . .,., I fs i i' 1 , i' Q Af vs 3 VE' my 1 IA ff , -"?Lff1'f -f- f --'W -- i i W-Jilin ' 19" ' Q MR. JAMES H. GOETTEE Assistant Principal W? SAR. -LOESCHER with the superin- 'endent of Houston pubiic schools, NAR. W. E. MORELAND. Qqniws... H E . 2.255-hgasv, x MRS. PAULINE CROUCH Dean Miss Annie Laurie Howard Rgistrar A it 'sf nce ' February 15, 1946 Mrs. Maxine Branard MVS' Pe""Y Hunnicuft Secretary Regfgmr February 15, 1946 .pf vw Mrs. Elizabeth Allin Mrs. Lourina Patton Dr. E. N. Shaw 599- MOUCUIM E- Thomas Clerk Nurse Physician R. 0. T. C. Mrs. Helen Tackett Librarian T. S. C. W. O 1.1-Wggjgg sk . -f mf i... 1. H y P 3 . Mrs. J. B. Holt Cafeteria Manager -4 .5-r al i K ' if Q " "f- V Qeisixx-:'frr.,l3ak f zeffi-fwwm. . sw' Q."-i 2352. . Mr. M. C. Gravbill Custodian L . l i Mrs. Ruth Kissel Mathematics Rice The University of Houston 'ifii 'Jim l g .1 fr-7'-if. my X ' kill? av- -V,' .MJ ' ., " A Mrs. Willavie Whiteside . English M35 The Corral .5152 Rice mf? 4- w: The University of Texas Ah"A Mrs. Evelyn Bates English S. F A. S, T. C. Mr. John C. S otti ' Physical Educgtion T' S' C' W' Football, "B" Basketball, Track College of Emporia, Kansas M,-5. Joneva Davis Miss Mollie Jackson Mrs. Frances Dement , Science Hisfory English, Speech Cheerleaders Rice S. W. T. C. Rice The University of Iowa The University of Houston Mrs. Geraldine Brady Art T. S. C. W. Miss Jessie B. Roy Mathematics The University of Texas Mr. Jesse M. Willis Mathematics Golf Coach Rice q i, , ., -, . , . V A' - . ' - f '- iff. 12' - :Ziff . ' V f i :ff K . i!" Mg "gli, , if -1. ,, ' 'f i A. .M . Y ,V t KN' . :Qi it , A .si gfAffg.i., MQ37g,g iigiwslg-Elk . f'fi.zfs, . "' if zesffisft, . ,. . , - '- 'V WL. K' , - Mr. A. Pete Dowling Physical Education Asst., Football Coach Tennis Texas A. 6. M. Miss Bertha L. Doering Mathematics The University of Texas Mrs. Hilda M. Bradshaw Mathematics, Spanish Mary Hardin-Baylor The University of Texas Mrs. Julia B. Leonard English, Spanish The University of Texas . tlkk . i M Mr. George Hartung at ,s,.' ,W, K Physical Education Miss Ruth Greenhill Basketball, Asst. Football History Swimming The Mustang Boosters 5. T' 5- T. C' Rice -1 ..- sk Q ibm. Q F , if fig? ' W ' if 71 , A 1 , , : . 5 if.. Ayi ' 1 ,..,- . 1 5. 4 Mr. Louis E. Marler Mr. L. A. Englin Industrial Arts Miss Hazel Henderson Texas A' 8' M' Domestic Art Hardin-Simmons College Industrial Arts Mississippi A. 81 M. l l Miss Ardis Phillips English, Journalism The Round-Up The University of Texas Mrs. Charline Potter History A National Honor Society Rice Miss Lucy E. Ulmer Mathematics The University of Alabama Miss Beatrice Lytle Science The Scottish Brigade New York University WW fi H... 7' . ' 'tx A 7 T A Mrs. Quay A. Free is ' I English in ze N. T. s. T. c. , ' Y b University of Colorado f 'P3, Y' Q? .. S - 5 Miss Lucille Leifeste Music Baylor University Mr. C. L. Rawson Mathematics Sam Houston State College Mrs. Mauryne Dailey Miss Ruth DaUQh9ffY Spanish, Guidance Director Social Science, Mathematics The Student Council Al0hO Club The University of Texas R569 Northwestern University .sl A x ,.,, fi 9,- its .. . 1. . ff ' -',3,35-fe . 1 saga i i Mr. A. M. Yorfangron ii Industrial Arts The University of Texas Mrs Betty Hash History Mr. J. P. Cornelius lndlustrial Arts E. T. S. T, C. The University of Texas Miss Adele Woggamon English Rice . 1 ? i l i r L i E L P. 3: F E r 2 F i V i VZ l I Mr, Michael Spampinato Spanish, French Instrumental Music The Mustang Band Rice V33 av Miss Evelyn McGinty Social Science, Latin Rice The University of Texas Mr. Irving W. Lumpkin Science "B" Team Football Coach The University of Texas Mr. ,Byron T. Parker History, Science University of Nebraska Mrs. E. C. Gates Science University of South Dakota V. ,,VV if ,U-' , V. iifili-'s i . . Miss Sadie McLean English Rice The University of Texas Miss Beatrice Harrison Dramatics, English Rice The University of Texas Miss ,Margaret Eby Physical Education The University of Texas Mrs. Marjorie B. Dyer Spanish Mathematics Mary Hardin-Baylor University Mrs. Verna S. Hogan English S. H. S. T. C. The University of Texas Miss Vernon Di Iworth 'lf Miss Helen Soncrant Shorthand Typewriting Secretarial Training The University of Texas H Spanish The Pan American League Columbia University WSJ-S1BUfk The University of Puerto Rico i YDeWf'f'nQ Holbrook University Miss Grace Hornaclay Physical Education T. S. C. W. Mr, J. W. Watson Bookkeeping Commercial Law Sam Houston State College Mrs, Edis S. Haynes English The University of Texas Miss Lillian Carleton English The University of Texas I .. s it. K ,L hi. 55: .M k .5 , . , - A T55 V, Vi 73 its. T. 'gjgisf - Miss Margaret Pearson Domestic Science The University of Texas 5 Mr. C. H. Sherman V Commercial Art Mechanical, Architectural Drawing Bradley Polytechnical College Miss Naomi Ekman ' Science The University of Texas Columbia University A 5 xx i H ilfzing ef beczuijy is cc joy forever: Tis loveliness mcrea.Ses,- ii will never 290155 mic zfzeihizfzgzfzes.-S,' buf siill will keep H bower quiei for us, cmd a sleep Full of sweei dreams, and healih .... From John Keats' "Endymion." ,gyg QE 'QM' , AXESX' 1 N RQHEMB U' N. ,,-,., ,, ,,,..,. .,,-.,,,., 77 SENIOR fe-Ns., ' COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN Ann Wood, Motto, Ray Laurentz, Picnic, Elizabeth Trudeau, University of Hous- ton Reception, Martha Langley, Senior Class Morning, A. B. Harris, Banquet and University of Houston Reception. Committee Chairmen not pictured: Billy Duncan and Maxine McMakin, Dance, Clara Ann Biscoe, Banquet, Jean Borcherding, Picnic, Annabelle Rourke, Senior Class Morning, Ralph Wallace and Mary Jo Ewing, Senior Class Night. SENIOR COUNCIL 5',f"l ,I ,V Ray Laurentz, H4-2, Betty Sue Harpe, H4-35 Mary Alice Copeland, H4-lp Kathryn Rentzel, H4-4, and Harlan Willis, H4-5. CLASS OFFICERS OF I946 RALPH WALLACE. . . ,.......... President CLARA ANN BISCOE. . . . .Vice-President MARY JO EWING, . , .,... Secretary PATSY CONN . . . .Treasurer BRUCE SIMONEAUX , . .,..,. Lawyer EDWARD KUHL, . . , .Sgt-at-Arms PATSY CONN BRUCE SIMONEAUX KR LOE5CHER-CLARA ANN BISCOE"JEANINE EMINIAN I RALPH WALLACE MARY JO EWING SENIOR ACTIVITIES EVENT DATE PLACE University of Houston Reception April 25 City Auditorium Dance April 26 Austin Gym Banquet May7 San Jacinto Inn Baccalaureate May 26 Church, Church of Graduate Picnic May 28 Lyondell Park Senior Day: Class Morning Class Night May 30 Austin Auditorium ABEL ADAMS ALFORD, WANDA-Mustang Boosters, '45-'46, Tennis Club, '45-'46, BAKER, QUlNCY LEE-Musta ng Boosters, '43-'46, Student Council, '44"45, Green Mosque, '45-'46, Aloha Club, '45, Sub Deb, '45-'46, BATMANIS, ELIZABETH-Pan American League, Pres., Letter, '43"46, N. H. S., V, Pres., '45-'46, Student Council, Letter, '43-'46, Lambda Sigma Alpha, Sec., '43- '46, Mustang Boosters, '45-'46, T. N. T,, Sec., '44-'45, Gym letter, '44-'46, Corral staff, '45. ALEXANDER ABU-,WARNER-Track and football, right end, '44- '46, "A" Club, Treas., '44-'46, HifY, '44-'46. ADAMS, RUSSELL-Football letterman, '45, Mustang Boosters, '42-'46. ALEXANDER, BETH-Mustang Boosters, '44-'46, ALFORD BAKER BATMANIS BEASLEY, BILLYE JEAN-Scottish Brigade, '43'-'44, Mustang Boosters, '44-'46, Sub Deb, '45-'46, Bowling Club, Sec.-Treas., Letter, '45-'46, Hospitality Club, '46, BEASLEY Aloha Club, '46. BELL, BILLIE RUTH BELL . E ,fg:,, Biscoe, CLARA ANN-Mustang Boosters, '43-'46, 5 + N. H. S., Pres., '45-'46, Bowling Club, '46, Round-Up, Asst. Ed, '43-'45, Speech Club, V. Pres., '43-'46, Scottish Brigade, Lt, Col., Reserves, '43-'46, Sub Deb, Pres., '44- 7 '46, Pan American League, '43-'45, Senior Class V. Pres.,'46, Debate Team, '44-'46. A K 1 if BLAKELY, RICHARD-Hospitality Club, '44, Aloha Club, Pres, '44-'45, Football letterman, '45, Hi-Y, i A A '43-'45, :,, BOFYSlL,GEORGE-Football, '44-'46, Band, '43-'46. ,V H Z.. BISCOE BLAKELY BOFYSlL BOLIN BOND V BLEVINS, MARY LOU-Volleyball letter, '44, BOLIN, DAVID-Mustang Boosters, '42-46, Aloha Club, '45, Hospitality Club, '46, Pan American League, '42-'43, R. O. T. C., '42-'44. BOND,OLlVER-T. N. T., '44-'46, Mustang Boosters, '44-'46, Round-Up, Sports writer, '46, Tennis Team, '46. 1-1' BORCHERDING, JEAN-Mustang Mounties, '43-'44, Volleyball letter, '43-'44, Sub Deb, '45-'46, Mustang Boosters, '43-'46, Round-Up, Circulation Manager, Club Ed., News Ed., '45-'46, Journalism letter, '45-'46, Quill 81 Scroll, '46, T. N. T., '45-'46, Hospitality Club, '46, Aloha Club, '46, BRADFORD, DOLORES-Scottish Brigade, '43-'46, Pan American Club, '43-'45, Mustang Boosters, '45-'46, BRADSHAW, JAMES-Bond, '44-'46, Bowling Club, '45-'46, Jarabe tapatio, '46. BRADSHAW, M. BREWER CARTER CESSNA CHAPMAN, KYLE-Am. Legion Award, '44, Mustang Boosters, '45-'46, Lambda Sigma Alpha, '44-'46, Win- ner of typing contest llnterscholasticl, '45, Pan Ameri- can League, Directiva, '44, Poem accepted by National High School Poetry Association, '46, Am. Junior Red Cross, '44, Reporter for Central Council of the Lambda Sigma Alpha, '45-'46, Fire patrol, '46. CHRISTIAN, MELVIN-Mustang Boosters, '45-'46, R. O. T. C., '43-'45, Aloha Club, '45, Hospitality Club, '45, Process activity, '44-'46. CLEVENGER,MlCHAEL-R, O. T. C., '43-'45, Hi-Y, '45-'46, Football, '43-'45, Swimming, '44-'46. BORCHERDING BRADFORD BRADSHAW, J AA BRITT Al BROWNING BRYANT CHAMBERS CHAPMAN BRADSHAW, MARIE-Scottish Brigade, Lt. Flags, '43- '46, Mustang Boosters, '43-'46, Mustang Mounties, '43- '44, Corral Staff, Asst. Ed., '45-'46, Sub Deb, V. Pres., '44-'46, Pan American Club, '43-'44, Aloha Club, '46, Round-Up,,Column Ed., '45-'46, Quill 8- Scroll, '45"46, Hospitality Club, '46 BREWER, THALIA-Student Council, Corres. Sec'y, '43-'46, Volleyball Captain, letter, '44-'46, Sub Deb, '45-'46, Pan American Club, '43-'45, Corral Staff, Girls' Sports Ed., '45-'46, Mustang Boosters, '44-'46, D. A. R. Good Citizen, '46, Green Masque, '45-'46. BRITT WANDA-Mustang Boosters, '45-'46, Aloha Club, '46, Hospitality Club, '46, Baseball letter, '44, Volleyball letter, '45. BROWNING, KENNETH-Football letterman, '45. BRYANT, MARYYMustang Boosters, '43-'44, Gyrn letter, '43. CARTER, GLEN-Foofbqii, '44-'45, Track, '44-'45, Hi-Y Club, '46. cEssNA, WILMA ci-iAMBERs,GiLBERT-Rolling Ponies, '44-'45, T. N. T., f45-'46 CHRISTIAN CLEVENGER lf .pr '--- CLIFFE, R. T., Jr.-R. O, T. C., '43"45, Football letter- man, '45. CONLON,CLAUDlNE-Mustang Boosters, '44-'45 Volleyball letter, '44-'45. CONN, PATSY-Scottish Brigade, Cap, drums, '44-'46, Sub Deb, '44-'46, Mustang Boosters, '45-'46, Pan Ameri can Club, '43-'44. COOK, B. COOK. P CLIFFE CONLON CONN COPELAND COPLAN CUNNINGHAM COOK, BILLY DON-R. O, T. C., '42-'44, Aloha Club, '45, Hospitality Club, '45 COOK, PEGGY-Student Council, '42-'43, Mustang Boosters, '45-'46, Aloha Club, '46, Hospitality Club, '46, COPELAND, MARY ALICE-Musta ng Boosters, '45- '46, Hi point team, '45, Mustang Mounties, '44-'45, Senior Council, '46. COPLAN, JERRY-Mustang Boosters, '45-'46, Bowling Club, '44-'46, R, O. T. C., '43-'45, Aloha Club, '46, Hos- pitality Club, '46. CUNNINGHAM, ALLEEN-Gym letter, '45, Mustang Boosters, '43-'46. DAILEY, BILL-Lambda Sigma Alpha, V. Pres., '42-'46, Pan American League, Pres., Treas., '42-'44, Student Council, '42-'44, Student Life Federation, '42-'43, Mus- tang Boosters, '43-'46, Basketball letter, '42-'46, Chorus, .Ni '45-'46, Green Masque, '45-'46, Rolling Ponies, '45-'46, 5, Hi-Y, '46, Fire Dept., Batt. Chief, '46, " DARLING, REX-R. O. T, C., Sgt., '44-'46, Non-Com- M- ' missioned Officer's Club, Pres., '46, Radio Club, Treas., wi if '45-'46, Student Council, '45, Pan American League, '45-'46. Mfg gl .. ' , 2 53, 'V DAVIS, DORIS-Scottish Brigade, Color-guard, '43-'46, DAILEY DARLING DAVIS, D. DAVIS, F. DERRICK DITTBRENNER DAVIS, FRANKIE-Pan American Club, '43-'44, Stu- dent Life Federation, '43-'44, Choral Club, '44-'45, Scot- tish Brigade, Drill Major, '43-'46, N. H. S., '45-'46, T, N. T., '44-'45, Sub Deb, Sec., '44-'46. DERRICK, RENEE-Mustang Boosters, '43-'46. DITTBRENNER, J. RILEY-Mustang Boosters, '45-'46, Hospitality Club, '45-'46, Aloha Club, '45, R. O. T. C., '42-'46, Speech Club, '44-'45. !,,. if DODGEN DORSEY DUKE, VIRGINIA-Student Council, '43-'46, Mustang Boosters, '43-'46, Sub Deb, '45-'46, DUNCAN, BILLY-Mustang Boosters, '43-'46, Aloha Club, '45-'46, Bronco Whirl, Manager, '45, R. C, T. C., '43-'45. EMlNlAN,JEANlNE-Scottish Brigade, Col., '43-'46, Round-Up, Ed. in Chief,-'44-'46, Green Masque, '44-'46, N. H. S., '45-'46, Quill 8. Scroll, Sec., '45-'46, Mustang Boosters, 43-'46, Mustang Mounties, '43-'46, Speech Club, Pres., '45-'46, Sub Deb, Treas., '44-'46, T. N. T., '45-'46, Journ., Speech letter, '44-'46 ETIE, BOYSEN-N. H. S., '45-'46, T, N. T., '46, Mus- tang Banc., '43-'46, Mustang Boosters, '45-'46, Round- Up, Journ. letter, '45-'46, R. O. T. C., Sgt., '43-'45, Speech Club, '46. EWING, MARY JO-Volleyball team, letter, '45-'46, Pan American Club, Directiva, '44-'46, Senior Class Sec- retary, '46. FANKHAUSER, BILL-Pan American Club, '43-'45, T. N. T., '44-'46, Corral Staff, Literary Ed., '45-'46, Mus- tang Boosters, '45-'46, Speech Club, '45-'46, R. O. T. C., '43-'45, Choral Club, '45-'46, Round-Up, Literary Ed., '45-'46, N. H. S., '45-'46, Fire Patrol, Asst, Batt. Chief, '45-'46, Green Masque, '45-'46, Journ. letter, '46. FENWlCK,JlMMlE-Football, Co-Capt., '44-'46, "A" Club, V. Pres., '45-'46, FITZGERALD, T. G.-R. O. T. C,, Capt, '43-'46, Mus- tang Boosters, '45-'46, Rifle team, '46. FLEETWOOD FORD DOWLI NG ,-.WB 4 DODGEN, BILLIE JEAN-Mustang Boosters, '44-'46, Sub Deb, '45-'46, Scottish Brigade, '43-'44. DORSEY, TOMMY--Football letterman, '44-'45, "A" Club, Sec., '45, Aloha Club, '45, Round-Up, Sports writer, '44-'45. DOWLING, THOMAS-R. O. T. C., '43-'46, Mustang Boosters, '45-'46. DUKE DUNCAN EMINIAN A ETIE EWING We 46- X? l i . t L. J f . . ,.rf A ""- . ' . 'Q'f?f,-Sffi FANKHAUSER ORRESTER FENWICK FITZGERALD FLEETWOOD, MlLLARD-Football letterman, '44-'45, Mustang Boosters, '44-'45, FORD, HENRY-R, O. T. C., '43-'45, Aeronautics Club, '43-'44, Orchestra, '43-'44, Mustang Boosters, '45-'46. FORRESTER, ANNA LOU-Pan American Club, '43- '44, Hospitality Club, '46, Aloha Club, '46, Volleyball letter, '44, Baseball letter, '44, Cheerleader, '45-'46, Orastangers, '45, Mustang Boosters, Cash Booster, '43- '46, Round-Up, '45-'46. FREITAG, JANE FREITAG, JEAN GIBBONS, LESTER-Mustang Band, '44-'46, Bowling Club, letter, '44-'45, T, N. T., '45-'46, Mustang Boosters, '45-'46. GLOVER, C. E., Jr.fR. O. T. C., S'Sgl'., '43-'45, Corral Staff, Boys Sports Ed., '45, Student Council, '45-'46. GODBY, ROSE MARlEwMustang Boosters, '43-'46, Scottish Brigade, '43-'46, GOLDSBERRY, EMORY GLENN-R. O. T. C., M'Sgt. tRet.J 343-'46, GOUGENHEIM, NORMA-Mustang Boosters, '43-'46, Gym letter, '45, Sub Deb, '45-'46. GRAMMON, CAROLINE-Scottish Brigade, Sgt., Tex. Flag, '43-'46, N. H. S., Sec., '45-'46, Lambda Sigma Alpha, Sect.-Treas., '43-'46, Mustang Boosters, '45-'46, T. N. T., '44-'46, Green Masque, '45-'46, Corral Staff, Editorial Ed., '45-'46, Sub Deb, '45-'46, Pan American Club, '43-'44, Am. Legion Award, '42, HALEY, FRANCES-Mustang Boosters, '43-'46, Hospi- tality Club, '45-'46, Volleyball letter, '44. HARPE, BETTY SU EASpeech Club, '45, Mustang Boost- ers, '45-'46, Sub Deb, '45-'46, Hospitality Club, '45-'46, Member at National Anthologh Society, '45e'46, Senior Council, '46, HARRIS HERBERT FREITAG,JANE-Scottish Brigade, Color-guard, '43- '46, Sub Deb, '45-'46, Choral Club, '45-'46, Student Council, '45-'46, Hospitality Club, '46, Aloha Club, '46, Mustang Boosters, '45-'46. FREITAG, JEAN-Scottish Brigade, Capt., Flags, '43- '46, Sub Deb, '45-'46, Mustang Boosters, '45-'46. FULLER, BENNIE-Mustang Boosters, '44-'46, N. H. S., '45-'46, R. O. T. C., Lt. Col., '43-'46, Aeronautics Club, '44-'45, Pan American Club, '43-'45, Fire Dept., Batt. Chief, '45-'46, T. N. T., '45-'46, Door Guard, '43-'46. oi BBONS GLOVER GODBY GRAMMON HALEY HARPE HARRIS, A. B.4Basketball lettermon, '44-'46, Golf let- terman, '45, N. H. S., '45-'46, Bowling Club, V. Pres., '45-'46, T. N. T., V. Pres., '45-'46, Pan American Club, '43-'44, Mustang Boosters, Chief Booster, '43-'46, Fire Dept., Capt., '45-'46. HERBERT, EDITH-Mustang Boosters, '43-'46, Junior Beauty, '45, Aloha Club, '46, Hospitality Club, '46. HESTER, JACQUELYN-Mustang Boosters, '43-'46, Hospitality Club, '45-'46. l -if 1 HILL, BILLY-Basketball team, '44-'46, Mustang Boosters, '44-'46, Round-Up, Sports Ed., '45-'46, Hospi- tality Club, '44-'45, Am. Legion Baseball team, '44"45, Track, '44-'45. HOLLEY, DONALD-Band, '43-'46, Hospitality Club, '45, Corral Staff, Photographer, '44-'46, Aloha Club, '45, JACKOWSKI, CHARLES-"A" Club, '43, Mustang Boosters, '44-'46. JOHNSON JONES, O. JONES. V. JOYNER KEIPER KELLY KEY KUHL, EDWARD-R. O. T. C., Capt., '42-'46, Aeronau- tics Club, '42-'46, Mustang Boosters, Bouncer, '45-'46. LALA, LEONARD-"A" Club, Pres., '45, Football letter- man, '44-'45, Track letterman, '45, Mustang Boosters '44-'46, Aloha Club, '44, Round-Up, Sports Columnist' '43-'45, Basketball Manager, '45-'46, Speech Club, '43- '44, Quill zs. scroll, '45, Ha-Y, '434'44. LANGLEY, MARTHA-Scottish Brigade, Capt., '42-'46i T. N, T., '44-'46, Pan American League, '42-'43, Mus- tan Boosters '42 '46' Choral Club '44 '46' Green Mas- 9 I ' 1 i ' 1 que, '45-'46, Sub Deb, Sec., '44-'46, Round-Up, '45-'46. H I LL HOLLEY JACKOWSKI JOHNSON, GEORGE-R. O. T. C., '43-'45, JONES, OLLIEF JONES,VlRGlNIA-Student Council, '43-'44, Pan American Club, '43-'44, Mustang Boosters, '43-'46, Vol- leyball letter, '44. JOYNER, CAIRL, Jr.-Hi-Y Club, Pres., '45, Mustang Boosters, '43-'46, Aloha Club, '45-'46. KEIPER, FAYE-Sub Deb, '44-'46, Band, lst Lt., letter, '44A'46, Mustang Mounties, '45-'46, Corral Staff, Circu- lation Manager, '45"46, Mustang Boosters, '45"46, Choral Club, '45-'46. KELLY, BlLLY KEY, MERVIN-Band, lst Lt., '43-'46, Orchestra, '44- '46, N. H. S., '45-'46, Mustang Boosters, '45-'46, Gavel Club, '45-'46, Debate Squad, '45-'46. KUHL LALA LANGLEY LATHAM, JEANN I NE-Mustang Boosters, ' 4 3 - ' 4 6, Hospitality Club, '46, Aloha Club, '46, LAURENTZ, RAY-Band, Sgt., '43-'46, Round-Up, Sports Writer, '45-'46, N, H. S., Pres., '45-'46, Mustang Boosters, '45-'46, Swimming team, letter, '45-'46, "A" Club, '45-'46, Football, '44-'45, Fire Dept., Chief, '45- '46, Quill 81 Scroll, '46. LEE, BOBBIE JEANNE-Band, Majorette, letter, '43- '46, Corral Staff, Art Ed., '45-'46, Green Masque, '45- '46, Sub Deb, '45-'46. LEE, C. LIGHT McDANlEL, B. McDANlEL, E. MCELROY, NELDA JEAN-Mustang Boosters, '45-'46, Choral Club, '43-'46. MCMAKIN, MAXINE-Mustang Boosters, Scribe Booster, '44-'46, Student Council, V. Pres., Principal's Com., '43-'46, Cheerleader, '44-'46, N. H. S., Sec., '45- '46, Pan American Club, V, Pres., '43-'45, Sub Deb, '45- '46, Modern Dance Club, '43, Hospitality Club, '44, Aloha Club, Hostess, '45-'46, Corral Staff, Business Manager, '45-'46, Gym letters, '44-'45. MAHAFFEY, HOMER-Mustang Boosters, '45-'46, LATHAM LAURENTZ LEE, B. LINKHART Ll PSCOMB LONGCRI ER McDONALD LEE, CARL-Basketball letterman, '45-'46, "A" Club, '45-'46, Aloha Club, '46, Mustang Boosters, '45. LIGHT, MARGUERITE-Scottish Brigade, '42-'43. LINKHART, GWENDOLYN-N. H. S., '45-'46, Hospi- tality Club, '45-'46, Choral Club, '45-'46, LIPSCOMB, KATHLEEN-Sub Deb, V. Pres., '44-'46, Scottish Brigade, Major, Drum 8. Bugle, '42-'46, Pan American Club, Student Life Rep., '44-'45, Speech Club, Treas., '44-'45, Mustang Mounties, '43-'44, T, N. T., '44-'45, Student Life Federation, '44 LONGCRIER, FAYwMustang Boosters, Pastmistress, '44-'46, Speech Club, '45, Student Council, Principal's Com., '44-'46. MCDANIEL, BETTY JO-Student Council, '44-'46, Mus- tang Boosters, '43-'46, Sub Deb, '45-'46, Corral Staff, Typist, '45-'46, Hospitality Club, '46, Aloha Club, '46, Pan American Club, '43-'44, Choral Club, '46. MCDANIEL, EUGENE-Football letterman, '44-'45, Hi-Y, Pres., Treas., Sgt.-at-Arms, '44-'46, Aloha Club, Manager Aloha Prom, '46, Am. Legion Baseball Team, '45. McDONALD,DONALD-Track, '45-'46, Chess Club, '44-'46, Mustang Boosters, '44-'46, Aeronautics Club, '44-'45, R. O. T. C., '43-'45, MCELROY McMAKlN MAHAFFEY ff-5. i -.....4A.. , --'ff - --,F . MANESS MA'l'l'lZA MEADOR MlLLlGAN,CLAY-Mustang Boosters, '42-'45, R. O. T, C., '43-'44. MIMS, FADRA-Aloha Club, '45-'46, Green Masque, '45-'46, Sub Deb, '45-'46, Volleyball team, letterman, '45, Mustang Boosters, '45-'46, MOORE, DORIS-Scottish Brigade, Adj, Major, '42-'46, Sub Deb, '44-'46, Hospitality Club, Treas., '45, Mustang Boosters, '43-'46, T. N. T., '45-'46, Choral Club, '45-'46. MOORE, VERNON-Hi-Y, '45-'46, Bowling Club, Man- ager, letter, '44-'46, T. N. T., '45-'46, Track, '45-'46, Mustang Boosters, '43-'46, Hospitality Club, '45-'46, Aloha Club, '46, R O. T. C., '43-'44 MUCKLEROY, SYBIL-Mustang Boosters, '43-'46, Vol- leyball team, '44-'46, Tennis, '45-'46. MUERY, RoBERT.AefomuraCS Club, '44, N. H. s., '45, Band, '44, R. O. T. C., '43-'45, Golf team, '45. MURMER, WILLIAM MURRAY, E MURRAY, J. MANESS, GLYNIS B.-Mustang Boosters, '45-'46, MATTIZA, DOROTHY-Mustang Boosters, '42-'45, Volleyball team, '45, MEADOR, HARRY-R. O. T. C., Sgt., '42-'44, Speech Club, '44-'45, Mustang Boosters, '44-'46, MILLIGAN MIMS MOORE, D. MOORE, V. MUCKLEROY MUERY MURMER NATH EY 41!"!N MURRAY, DARRELL--R. O. T. C., '42-'43, Bowling Club, '45-'46, Mustang Boosters, '43-'46, MURRAY,JANE-Mustang Mounties, '43-'45, Mus- tang Boosters, '44-'45. NATH EY, ALICE IIIIQ lu, PAPE, GENE-R, O. T, C., Sgt., '42-'43, Tennis team, let- ter, '44. PARKINJCAN-Scottish Brigade, Capt., Flags, '42- '45, Sub Deb, '44-'45, Aloha Club, '44-'45, Mustang Boosters, '42-'45. PERRY, JEANINE-Scottish Brigade, Color-guard, '42- '45, Round-Up, Typist, '44-'45, Sub Deb, '43-'45. tang Boosters, '45-'46, Gym letter, '46, High Point Letter, PHILLIPS, RALPH-Mustang Boosters, '43-'46, Hospi- tality Club, '45-'46, R. O. T. C., Sgt., '43-'45, Aloha Club, '46 PHlLPOT,JOi'-Band, '43-'46, Mustang Boosters, '44-'46, PICKELL, TOM-Mustang Boosters, '44-'46, Pan Amer- ican Club, '43-'45. RANDLE, PEGGY JEAN-Tennis Club, '45-'46, Mus- tang Boosters, '45-'46, Gym letter, '46, High Point letter, '46. REED, BARBARA-Scottish Brigade, Lt., Bagpipes, '42- '46, Mustang Boosters, '42-'46, Sub Deb, '44-'46, T, N, T., V, Pres., Sec., '44-'46, N. 'H, S., '45-'46, Quill 81 Scroll, Pres., '45-'46, Round-Up, Ed., '45-'46, Pan American Club, '42-'44. REED, BETTYE REESE RENTZEL O'BANlON O'QUlNN PAPE NEAL, WILBURN-Mustang Boosters, '44-'46, Aloha Club, Pres., '46, Choral Club, '44-'46. O'BANlON, CORRINAN-Scottish Brigade, Sgt, Vic- tory Flag, '43-'46, Mustang Boosters, '44-'46, Pan Amer- ican Club, '43-'46, Aloha Club, '46, Hospitality Club, '46, Sub Deb, '44-'46. O'QUINN, PAT PARKIN PERRY PHlLLIPS PHlLPOT PICKELL RANDLE REED, BARBARA REED, BETTYE JEAN-M usta ng Booste rs, '44-'46, Baseball letter, '45, Sub Deb, '44-'45. REESECAROLLYNE-Sub Deb, '44-'46, Scottish Bri- gade, Lt. Col., Records, '43-'46, Mustang Boosters, '45-'46. RENTZEL, KATHRYN-T. N. T., Treas., '45-'46, Sub Deb, '44-'46, Scottish Brigade, Lt., Bugles, '43-'46, Mus- tang Baosters, '45-'46. n 2 , RlDGE, NORMA-Green Masque, '44-'45, Radio Club, '45-'46. RIEMEN,CARLEEN-Scottish Brigade, Sgt., '43-'46, Mustang Boosters, '45-'46, N. H. S., V. Pres., '45-'46, Sub Deb, '44-'46, Chorol Club, '45-'46, Corral Staff, '45-'46. ' RIMMEY, GEORGE-Aloha Club, '45-'46, Mustang Boosters, '45-'46, Debate Squad, '46. ROBERTS ROBERTSON ROGERS my W K RIDGE ROURKE ROWELL it ebeb A E RUSSELL SANDERS SENGELMANN SHAW, A. Club, '45-'46, Hospitality Club, '44, Aloha Club, '46, Football letterman, '45, Track letter- man, '44-'45. SIMONEAUX, BRUCE-Cheerleader, Chief, '45-'46, Student Council, Pres., '45-'46, Mustang Boosters, Asst. Chief Booster, '45-'46, Senior Class Lawyer, '46, Corral Staff, Boys' Sports Ed., '45-'46, Hi-Y, V. Pres., '44-'46, Green Masque, '46, Bowling Club, '45-'46, Lambda Sig- ma Alpha, '43-'46, T. N, T., '45-'46, R. O. T. C., Sgt., '43- '45, Aloha Club, Treas, '46, Fire Dept., Asst. Batt. Chief, '46, Chess Club, '46, Hospitality Club, '45. SIVIL, BEATRICE-Mustang Boosters, '45-'46, Volley- ball letter, '44-'45. SHAW RIEMEN RIMMEY ROBERTS, HARDIE-Mustang Boosters, '45-'46. ROBERTSON, MARY JOE-Mustang Boosters, '45-'46. ROGERS, MARTHA-Mustang Boosters, '45-'46. ROURKE, ANNA BELLEwT. N. T., '45-'46, Mustang Boosters, '45-'46, Green Masque, '45-'46, Sub Deb, '44- '46, Scottish Brigade, Tap Sgt., Bagpipes, '43-'46, Round- Up, Typist, '46. ROWELL, RAMONA RUSSELL, JOHN-N. H. S., '45-'46, Band, Capt., '43- '46, Tennis Club, Two year letterrnan, '43-'45, Gavel Club, V. Pres., '43-'46, Mustang Boosters, '44-'46, Fire Dept., Asst. Fire Chief, '45-'46, Junior Traffic Court, De- fense Att., '45-'46, Harvard Book Award, '44-'45, Essay Contest, lst Prize, '45, Hospitality Club, '44-'45, Debate Squad, '43-'45. SANDERS, MARGIE BETH-Mustang Boosters, '45-'46, Sub Deb, '45-'46, Bowling Club, '45. SENGELMANN, DIANE-Mustang Boosters, '43-'46, Sub Deb, Treas., '44-'46, Aloha Club, '46, Hospitality Club, '46, Volleyball letter, '44, Baseball letter, '45, Pan American Club, '43-'44, Soph. Beauty, '44. SIMONEAUX 5lVll- SNAPP, CLETA-Mustang Boosters, '45-'46, Sub Deb, '45-'46. SNOW, WANDA STEVENS, BETTY JOYCE-Band, Sec., '44-'46, Volley- ball letter, '45, Mustang Boosters, '43-'46, SNAPPi SNOW STEVENS SUMNER TEAGUE THOMAS, JEANNETTE TRUDEAU VAUGHT VOSS, PEGGY-Band, Drum Major, '44-'46, Volleyball letter, '45, Orchestra, Sec., '45-'46. WALKER, J. L.-Football, '44, Baseball, '45, Mustang Boosters, '45-'46, Bowling Club, '45, Basketball, '44, Hi-Y, '44-'46, R. O. T. C., '43-'45, Aloha Club, '45-'46, Hospitality Club, '45. WALLACE, RALPH, Jr.-Football letterman, '45, R. O. T. C., Major, '43-'46, Senior Class Pres., '46, Hospitality Club, '46, Aloha Club, '46. THOMAS, JOHN TOBI N VOELKEL SUMNER, MAURICE-R. O. T. C., '44-'46, TEAGUE, MARGIE THOMAS, JEANNETTE-Mustang Boosters, '45-'46, 'P THOMAS, JOHN-Football letterman, Capt., '43-'46, Track letterman, '44-'46. TOBIN, DIANA TRUDEAU,-ELIZABETH-Scottish Brigade, '43-'44, Gavel Club, '45-'46, Mustang Boosters, Bouncer, '45-'46, Sub Deb, Pres., '44-'46, Cheerleader, Chief, '45-'46, Round-Up, Typist, '45-'46, Hospitality Club, '46, Aloha Club, '46, T. N, T., '44. VAUGHT, TRUMAN-R, O. T. C., '42-'43, Mustang Boosters, '45-'46, Aloha Club, '43-'44. VOELKEL, NORMA JEAN-Mustang Boosters, '45-'46, Hospitality Club, '46, Aloha Club, '46. VOSS WALKER WALLACE -t-- -- i' "'- 'At' T WARD WEBB WEISINGER WEST, ROBERT WHIPPLE,.lEANNE-Pan American Club, '44-'45, Mustang Boosters, '45-'46, High Point Team letter, '46 Gym letter, '46. WHITFIELD, JACK I WILBER, PAUL-N. H. S., Parliamentorion, '45-'46, Lambda Sigma Alpha, '42-'46, Mustang Boosters, '44- '46, R. O. T. C., '42-'45. ' WILHELM, JAMES-Mustang Boosters, '45-'46, Aloha Club, '46, Hospitality Club, '46, WlLLlS, HARLAN-Band, '43-'44, R. O. T. C., 2nd Lt., '43-'46, Rifle Team, '44-'46, Student Council, '43-'46, Senior Council, '46. WILSON, GLORIA-Scottish Brigade, Capt., Bugles, '43-'46, N. H. S., '45-'46, Quill 8. Scroll, V. Pres., '45-'46, Round-Up, Managing Ed., '45-'46, T. N. T., '45-'46, Mustang Boosters, '43-'46, Journalism letter, '45, Pon American League, Reporter, '43-'46. WISEMAN, PEGGY WOOD WRIGHT YAWS WEST WARD, MARION-N. H. S., '45-'46, Aloha Club, '46, Scottish Brigade, '43-'44, Mustang Boosters, '45-'46, Mustang Mounties, '44, Hospitality Club, '46. WEBB, MARION-Mustang Boosters, '43-'46, Hi-Y, V. Pres., '45, R. O. T. C., '43-'45. WEISINGER, LEWIS WHIPPLE WHITFIELD WILBER WILHELM WILLIS I WILSON WISEMAN WOOD, ANN--Scottish Brigade, Capt., Co. "B", '43-'46 Corral Staff, Editor-in-Chief, '46, Student Council, Re cording Sec., '43"46, T. N. T., Pres., '44-'46, Sub Deb '44-'46, N. H. S., '45-'46, Mustang Boosters, '45-'46 Quill 81 Scroll, '46. WRIGHT, PATSY-Mustang Boosters, '46, Band, '46 YAWS, BOBBY-R. O. T. C., '43"45, Mustang Boosters '44-'46, Hospitality Club, '45. 1, E A 4 L4- l Mrs, Hilda Bradshaw Top row: Jerry Sanders, James Bradshaw, Thomas Sweet. Second row: Charlayne Lobit, Bina Hansen, Beulah Demetre, Wanda Wallace, Lloyd Anderson, Mrs Brad- shaw ' Front row: Ann Manly, Doris Jaffe, Elizabeth Reich, Virfiinia Cecll, Andrey Walters, Beniamin Hard 531 M H3-l Mrs E C. Gates Top row Johnny Chandler Mrs Gates, Rene Vermillion, Donald Ellis, Lonnie Avery Second row Lamont Dillon- India Ann Boyd, Tom Aylswqith, Katherine Bailey, Ruby Mae Dowell Martha Helen Card, Rose Marie Winter, Donald Andrews Front row Bobby Bell Ruth Bolton, Wayne Bader, Doris Attra, Billy Boddeker, Joan Brtlninq Wesley Brtleogernan Jr, Richard Etheridge The reception following the mock wedding of Ralp Wallace and Edith Herbert. We hope Ralph never fal into the woeful ways of Wilburn, alleged heretofore H3-2 Mr, J W Watson Top row: Eugene Fitzgerald, Billie Mae Finney, Bob Lacy, Elaine Des Rochers, Lawrence Ereilist, Mr Watson, Mildred Davis, Pat Grymes, Billy McCarver, Tom Laws. Second row: Glenn Goodman, Beverly Cooper, June Brown, Shirley Brock, Darlene Engholrn, Yvonne Alston, Marion Frnka, Wayne Duddleston. Front row: Billy Delahoussaye, Norman Dunnam, Betty Jean Doggett, B'ob',Graham, Joyce Coon, Patsy Conine, Bobby Cody, Melbert Cudd. ' i l u H3-3 Miss Ruth Daugherty Top row: Bobby Hunt, Joe Mayes, Carroll Harris, Clyde James, Leon Bernard. Fourth row: Robert W, Miller, Charley Beth Hugher' Edward Kennedy, Jean Haddon, Miss Daugherty. Third row: Jean Reese, Sue McDonald, Dona Hudson, Betty Jane Jaenecke, Betty Jane Kiecke, Peggy Jean Griffin, Bob Hootman, Leonard Kilgore Second row: Norman Nelson, Donna Dell Horton, Dolores Kite, Muriel Sandel, Violet Berczik, Patty Holloway, Kathryn Naul, Dick Fankhauser Front row: Barbara Baumann, Myrra Rodriguez, Bess Mears, Dorothy Miller, Nellwynn Haigler, Barbara Jones H3-4 Mrs. Edis S Haynes Top row: L, B, Hill, Barbara Miller, Roy Marsh, Mrs, Haynes, Kenneth Pitts, Clarence Webber. Third row: Dan Shaw, Karol Miller, Luella Myatt, Dorothy Gideon, Carrie McCreary, Georgie Mae Hosek, Betty Lorenz, James Cessna Second row: Billy McGuire, Susan Harkrider, Juanita Price, Patricia Coffman, Golda Brehm, Waymon Martin Front row: Jesse Hensarling, Doris LaVerne Pyle, Alma Jean Schmidt, Jessie Ruth Minter, Marjorie Parker, Dorothy Manly, Arthur Hughes Miss Beatrice Harrison Top row: Gordon Polk Phil Prescott, Harrison QilllCl', Bxron Rusler, Billy Warriner Fourth row: Peggy Taylor, Miss Harrison Jeanin Robinson. Third row: Norman Mostert, Anita Royall, Sally Gunn, Dale Webb, Virginia Spurlock, Norma Thain, Shirley Smith, Wanema Smith, Charles Alford' Second row: Wanda Redmond, Billie Wilkinson, lo Dell Williams, Beverly Bock, Ann Re-eyes, Mary Nell Small, Gloria Raimer, Camille Springfield Front row: Peggy Wimberly, Rosie Wimberly, Elaine Whittleman, Shirley Munson, Myrl Briins, Lois Wilson, Rose Mary Williams To the inspiring strains of South-of-the-border rhythms these art department members prepare for a Pan-American display. fu' his It says here: "Equilibrium Reactions and the Law of Molecular Concentration." ll-lenry Baugh's concentration doesn't look very molecular to us.l ,fr H3-6 Mrs. J. S. Burk Top row: George Whisennand, Wanda Jean Scott, Kathryn Hiatt, Mrs. Burk, Glenn Gathright, Bill Arnold. Third row: Alfred C. Sarabia, Howard Abbitt, Ray Santerre, Faye Jones, Charles Schwartzkopf, Saranna Skelton, Joseph Savarino, Second row: Mary Sue Sloan, Ola Jeanne Gatewood, Peggye Boles, Betty Sue Temple, Billy Schoellkopf, Tommy Montgomery, Front row: Henry Baugh, Anne Showers, Virginia Trow, Ruby Speights L3-l Miss Vernon Dilworth 'Top row: Wesley Daulley, .Frances Caddell, lvy Jones, Dolores Becker, Marianne Bolton, Borda Lon Bower, Noel Searle, Bob Graham. Second row: Robert Gill, Maxine Brown, Nancy Branan, Helen Durren- berger, Gloria Eiland, Emma Joe Morris, Frances Sims, Miss Dilworth. Front row: Harry Challie, Curtis Cox, Camille Tingley, Clarence Byerly, Mary Jo Clark, Elizabeth Saulnier, Jesse Simmons, Aubrey Chudleigh. "'v-.aa-L ,gm H. il This highly select group, our home room delegates to the Student Council, ably represents us at the punch bowl. ' r iff: I ' We -W, vn- J... Austin's speech department really gets around. See blackboard for the occasion they were preparing for when the staff photog- rapher barged in for a snap. mm- ,vim L3-2 Miss Naomi Ekman Top row: John Lawler, Mary Nell Williamson, Miss Ek- man, Jolene Mason, Gail Williams, Sidney Ratisseau, Fred Riddle, Mary Blue Johnson, Marie Hopkins, Eddie Weiss Second row: Jack Huffman, Clovis Jean Williams, Peggy James, Betty Pearson, Neil Leva, Jimmy Alexander, Burford Rodgers, Russell Hudeck. 4.4-.m1a Front row: Frank L Helvey, Olga Lang, J O Walker, Ruth Dixon, Maxine l.aPine, Eric Johnson, Fred Jennings, Roy Williams, A group of sophomores in private consulta- tion l?l after the Student Council initiation ceremony. These secretaries-to-be appear to have all the necessary qualifications and then some. . . Hubba, l-lubbal L3-5 Miss Hazel Henderson Top row: John Gibson, Billy Can, William Bollman Miss Henderson, Harrell Leavens, Wilson McPhail, Jack Quarles Second row: Ray Arterburn, lean Logue, Eugene Rice. Marv Hulsy, Clarence Pyle, Willie Lee Adkins, Robert Evans, Donald Lewis. Front row: Gene Milligan, Doris Lucas, Eddie Armsteail, Helen Savoy, Melba Hunnlcutt, Douglas Davis, Mamie iersteman, Milrlred Hunt, Donald l nmbert L3-3 Miss Lucille Leifeste Top row: Hilda Payne, Valerine Marchant, Billy Depen, Alice Mackey, Billy Griffin, Wallace Miller, Geneva Saxton, Miss Lelteste, Bill Stewart. Second row: Williard Miller, Margaret Martin, Eldon Sarsby, Sylvia Sipple, Norma Jean Sawyer, Bob Suggs, Doris Platt, Russell Kelly, George Lacy Front row: Harvey Gartrnan, Cora Smith, Jack Patison, Helen Pelham, Norman McDonald, Jerrylyn Mapes, Arlen McKenzie, Mary Frances McKellar, Ed Leonard L3-4 Mr. Jesse M Willis Top row: Gerald Young, Dolores Payne, Dorothy Steely, Oreta Langham, Mr Willis, Geraldine Tice, Glenna Mae Webb, Robbie Lynn Wilson, Peggy Tatham, Marlllyn Waterman. Second row: Joyce Sellers, Marilyn Wareham, Wynn Claire Boyde, Billie Rhame, Mary Louise Thiel, Suzanne Oelfke, Betty Karl, Philip Heintz, Front row: Eugene Prewitt, Patsy Woodward, Gina Zambon, Aliohn Scott, Norma Woodard, Bruce Trammell R C Tnornpsrn, Patricia Rand, Edwin Vogt. Meatless Tuesday-or, Gable's back and Garsorfs got him. 3 l C H2-l Mrs Willavie Whiteside Top row: Jimmie Burson, Barbara Blackwell, Cozetta Bartholomew, Gloris Branyon, Blanche Bullard, Lucille Bailleres, David Bullock. Second row: Patsy Ehrlund Virginia Baker, Joyce Becker, Lois Berqluncl, Bertha Lee Beard, Helen Evans Front row: James Brooks, Barbara Jean Marek, A C Burkhalter, Jr, Nelvileer Blanton, Jo ilon Bishop, Marlorie Baker, John Crahan, Jr Oh, for the lite of a woiml HZ-3 Mrs Charline Potter Top row: Virgil Crawley, Edgar Ash, Sammy Canalito, Alice Louise Collins, Lucille Alleson, Ernest Benestante, Pat Campbell. Second row: Theodore Abbott, Jack Kitchen, Betty Crain, Jo Ann Kaufhold, Bobby Meacham, Mrs. Potter. Front row: Truett Airhart, Margaret Cronkhite, Shirley Claussen, Bernice Knight, Jean Swoboda, Eugene Kincaid, Marion Crawford H2-2 Miss Ruth Greenhill Top row: Haskell Davis, Jimmie Davis, Mary Lou Dacke, Georqe Doubravz Margaret Duncan, Alice Genthe, Jane Green, Don Dobbs. Second row: Kenneth Flagg, Bobby Gibbs, Carol Flanders, Dolores Gilmore, Sai Ann Reeves, Zaidee Guerin, Miss Greenhill Front row: Nick Dameris, Robena Deskin, Tommie Catherine Donnell, Fay Dewee Clara Marsh, Frances Grounds, Jackie Goddard, Wlllette Gierisch P l H2-4 Mrs. Mauryne Dailey Top row: Charles Newsom, Ray Hilton, Robert McDonald, Dorothy Foster, Margie McMahon, Gerald Milton, Louis Harvey, Martin Heemer, Darrell Nance, Second row: Bob Moxley, Jerry Martin, Tommy McBrayer, Bettye McKamey, Betty Michels, Marijane Johnson, Charlotte Hasty, Mrs. Dailey. Front row: Preston Humason, Jacqueline Holley, Shirley Goldenberg, Loyce Johnston, Juanita McDaniel, Katherine Massingill, Iris Jameson, Betty Jean McKellar. Miss Jessie B Roy Top row: Jimmie Longshore, Gail Oliphant, Frieda Pursch, David Yeager, Jeanne Lewis, Dorothy Long, Gordon Lockett, Don Paton. Second row: Billy Gulledge, Sharon Litherland, Ida Jean Pittman, Dorothy Pearce, Carolyn Ceirco, Paul Pigul, Gus Zgourides. Front row: James Youngblood, Dolores Quillen, Bobby Powl- edge, Charlamae Powell, Betty Ponton, Bettye Young, Gene Pollock, Richard Pearson, See any of the experts below when in doubt about intinitives and such, Diagramming is their specialty. 5 two 1 , 1 "lt's very simple," says Pop. "Just do exactly as I say and you will always be right H2-6 Mrs Mariorie B Dyer Top row: Stanley Stultz, Perry Rogers, Alice Sandburg, Claudie Swiney, Ruth Ann Spencer, Jack Sengelmann, Betty Joyce Rogers, Mrs Dyer, Gerald Stockbridge Second row: Bill Reynolds, Charlene Seate, Curtis Robinson, Jr, Jacquelyn Rechif, Barbara Robinson, Ruth Shaffner, Phillip Snyder, Margaret Scardino, Leonard Sweet Front row: Leroy Swope, Mariorie Reuter, Joyce Stingfellow, Carolyn Reeves, Betty John, Dorothy Shenton, Margaret Reuter, Roy Sullivan RLS 51... ,fig YF! N ,,,., ,,. f, A ,s if-L? Clay' modeling, design, painting occupy the artistic talents of these sophomores. And they're happier about it all than they appear. "'!.L'!"" Did you gather poison ivy for your wreath, Gene, that makes you so sad about the whole thing? Miss Lucy E Ulmer Top row: Jimmie Wade, .lean Turner, Shirley Thompson, Doris Thrash, Miss Ulmer, Joe White Second row: Floyd Webb, Joyce Faye Taylor, Pat Walker, Elza Gene Whitt, Dorothy Tinkle, Jimmie Wright Front row: Don Tillman, Betty Jo Woolley, Marilyn Wrist, Mary Louise Winters, lris Caldwell, Veda Ruth Ferriigia, Louis Thomas H2-8 Miss Margaret Pearson Top row: Denny Mattocks, Ernest Schnaak, Theresa Muraca, Harry Yantz, Jr, Joy Stilwell, Bobby Bourbon Second row: Compton Cottrell, Elsie Reed, Gene Loop, Norma ...-.fs Wallis, Margaret Dwyer, Gene Patterson i Front row: Royal Allen, Evelyn Freitag, Lorene Carter, Jeanette Sweet, Barbara Shelton, Mary Harris, Bill Briscoe H2-9 Mr. C. L. Rawson Top row: Ed Lundwall, lna Mae Eubanks, Gene Carter, De Etta Ford, Elaine Finfrock, Margie Taylor, Victor Longo, Oliver Cochran Second row: Mr Rawson, Roth Ellison, Doris Camp, Beth Worth, Jean Brock, Jeannine O'Dowd, Van Hooks, Billy Allen Front row: Glenn Abbitt, Joyce Skelton, Anne Landers, Kathryn Woody, Bobby McKinney, Jane Kerr, Carl Manning L3 ' -f C A at 1 ,f ,A , 1 ? r 'th '4 , A M I 'J' ,yn I, . Mr lrvinq W Lumpkin Top row: Larry Colvin, Marvin Biiqhorn, Claude Barrier, l-IZ-lO Mrs Quay A Free Top row: Andy Anderson, Albert Crovvnnver, Ruth McLain, Mahlon Lively, Virginia Mattiza, Katherine Mannirzrr, Second row: Gene Wilkerson, Mickey McMillian, Betty Blakely, Charles Ridge, Liesel Neal, Marjorie Priest, Reerla Hines, Robert Waters, Betty Kinsey, Robert Coble Front row: Charles Vibrock, Harvey Bodden, Betty Lou Shannon, Elizabeth Taylor, Ula Mae Zurborgi, Milrlrerl Daugherty, Dolores Harris, Thomas Haining, David Button. X A my .t -fi 3 .. 9- ' il 4 9 ev " f 5 W ff - L . x ,, 7 1- 3 -. . 3 ' ' ' i X X ' Raymond Ledbetter, Mrs Free, Jimmie Ray l-learron Q . i U 5 'Y M.. A 4 ws q 9 Q if ,O i M , , Q , A, N L 1 1 i if ,J 0 o if Q Vw 'f 4 9 l l E 4 3 H ' U l 1 Q , H as . j 7' In y X f X Dorothy Mae Anderson, Billie Dove Harrison, Mr Lumpkin, Billy Godwin, Tex Green, Anthony Montalbano Second row: Maurice Dodson, Earl Engel, Tommy Mornan, Anelda McGraw, Jack Phelps, Roger Francis, Georne Henson, Bill Elsenbrock, Don Dunham Front row: Harold McManus, Harrel Harris, Grady Cade, Doris Jean Mills, Arvel Pyle, Kellar Snapp, Leslie Dujay, Eugene Bernelle Miss Evelyn MCGinl'y Top row: J H Wilkins, William Price, James Lindsey, Miss McGinty, Adrian Zittle, Yates Williamson, Delbert Serry, Second row: Curtis Livesay, Myles Schutte, Annie Doris Thorn, Doris Ann Stiers, Pat Tillman, Margaret Poe, Elizabeth Hitt, Dorothy Shaw, Steve Demetre Front row: Bobby Utter William Mathevvs, June Wilkin- son, Elizabeth Vance, mill Johnson, Jack MCCreary, Don LeRoy Swindler, Robert Lee, L2-l Mr. A. M Yarrington Top row: G D Burkett, La Quita Cherry, Penny Brunson, Barbara Carter, Billie Anne Brovvn, Pat Cemino Second row: John Davis, Mildred Carroll, Beverly Bond, Berta Lou Cade, Hazel Dudley, Stuart Campbell, Front row: James Box, Martha Carol Brunson, Warner Dann, Marjorie Coselli, Betty Jean DeBarb1eris, Jeanne Devine Bill Crosby. -f "Posing? Of course not!" 5. yzfif-H me L Ri Q? .endif ww .Vamos a viajar por hernnosa Mexico-pausa- mos un momento para mirar a la encantadora San Luis Potosi. L2-2 Miss Sadie McLean Top row: Dwight King, Lois Epperson, Betty Hudson, Jacqueline Huddleston, Darrell Fleming, Mahlon Gremillion. Second row: Harry Green, Patsy Jevne, Roselyn Ford, Anna Jean Garrett, Dorothy Hooker, John Hayek. Front row: Dee Francis, Ortrud Beselmiur, Bonnie Gray, Louise Hoskins, Phyillis Grizzaffi, Jane Kerr, Marilyn Knox L2-3 Mrs Janeva Davis Top row: Jimmy Moffatt, Ann Ward, Marvis Marrero, Jean Moncrief, Carol Lovejoy, Mrs Davis, Autrey Tidmore, Mary Louise Pinkston, Betty Jo Needham, Sue Mays. Second row: Eugene Russell, Frank Trohon, Joan Tuttle, Raymond McLendon, Thelma Pomeroy, Anita Trammell, Barbara Martin, Lois Lernke, Jane Ledbetter, Charles Tyer, Leroy Taylor. Front row: John Thomas Oliver, Betty Murphy, Betty Warriner, Barbara Marshall, Eula Jane Richardson, Betty Tillery, Jeannine Owens, Bill Robinson, Edgar Love. L2-4 Mrs. Ruth K issel Top row: John Webber, Jimmie Waldrio, Dolores Williams, Hilda lmmore, Mrs, Kissel, Lorraine Searles, Larry Isbell, Leo Walker, Elbert Walker, Vandeen Simmons. Second row: Myreece Sloan, Kenneth Stevenson, Jimmie Dell Stark, Nancy Sory, Rose Marie Sullivan, Jo Ann South, Jean Walters, Dick Wilcoxen, Thomas Wizoreck. Front row: Carrol Ludtke, Jr, M J Wimrner, Jr., Ann Shurley, Yvonne LeComte, Betty Jean Stout, Juanita Smith, Joyce Walker, Jackie Shields, Alan Williams. L2-5 Mrs Marguerite Byrnes Top row: Billy Tom Griffin, Norma Bray, Ted Wilke, Billie Malone, Don Moorhead, Jack Front row: Pat Hudson, Thomas Clark, Rex Vickers, Paul Cross, Travis Drake, V. D. Hartley Curtis Sherrill. Brandt, Lucille Gibson, George Tralone Third row: lshbel Dunlop, Mariorie Elsenbrock, Margaret Lou Scales, Willie Mae Bigham Dorothy Enos, La Nell Tishendorf, Betty Zinkgraf, Ann Lucy. Second row: Eva Ellen Perry, Carol Lucas, Anne Howard, Catherine Nelson, Barbara Banning Emma Jean Darter, Wanda Beurlot, Carolynn DeGuire, Rachael Edmondson. H l -l Miss Lillian Carleton Top row: Lloyd Britain, Barbara Erzt, Shirlee Eaves, Jane Kinsey, Dolores Jenkins, Bobbie Anderson, Shirley Easterly, Marie Ash, Wayne Bridges, Miss Carleton. Second row: Bobby Evans, Carolyn Burleson, Lynn Conley, Joy Swoboda, Shirley Buys, Barbara Anderson, Evelyn Blackmon, Nancy Lee Carbin, Ervin Black. Front row: Betty Barrett, Dolores Batterson, Mary Ann Adams, Doris Jean Biering, Dwight Barrier, Frances Atkinson, Aline Brandon, Patsy McDonald, Roger Bonney. Stringtellow contemplates Nature. lt's spring again, obviously. Miss Adele Waggarnan Top row: Harlan Conway,,MarteI Cullen, Rose Marie Shuttle- worth, Betty Britt, Marjorie Crump, Gloria Jean Conway, Duane Dowell. Second row: Miss Waggaman, Paul Gill, Burl Purvis, Beniamin Gutierrez, Lottie Coull, Peggy Lois Crenwelge, Carl McElwain. Front row: Teddy Connor, Walter Dale, Geraldine Dodgen, Mary Belle Cagle, Joan Griffin, Jane Clingman, Faye Godwin, Jean Cross. Miss Ardis Phillips Top row: Patsy Harrell, Joyce Hill, George Harris, Paul Johnson, Hugh Frank, Jane Hartsfield. Second row: T K. Niland, Suda Hamilton, Dorothy Haberle, Lupe Huaceya, Betty' Norman, Betty Jean Hill, Malcolm Hillendahl, Front row: Bobby Hooper, John Foster, Bobbie Myrle Hamer, Lyla Johnson, Lois Johnson, Peggy Haywood, Harold Hock, Dan Franklin. A... 'W Hey, you in the background, can't you even pretend you're studying? X Austin's most decorated Scouts-Jacobsen and Pierce. J I I J . l-ll-4 Mrs Verna S i-logan Top row: Elwood Meyer, Donald Leach, Jo Frances Morales, Virginia Maples, Daisy Mackey, Earl Madeley, Billy Minturn. Third row: Pat LeBlanc, Jennie McAdams, Bobby Monroe, Jimmie Miller, Shirley McGary, La Don McVey, Kim McCreary, Mrs Hogan. Second row: Curtis Lucas, Dolores Martin, Geraldine Lane, Mildred Moore, Mozelle Miller, Joyce McMahan, William Mabry,J G Mason Front row: Charles Lyles, Robert Mclfarland, Betty Jo White, Marilyn Lubowski, Ester Marie Morales, Richard Lockwood Miss Bertha L. Doering Top row: Lawrence Smith, Betty Stephens, Ann Richardson, Max Schreider, Ramon Glider, Conrad Strelau, Le Alvin Stark Third row: James Sykora, Pat Stratton, Jaclyn St. Cyr, Betty Spinner, Pete Hunt, Marilyn Showalter, Emma Jean Senkel, Lee Stegall. Second row: Joe Simpson, Keith O'Brien, Marjorie Schilling, Patsy K Smith, Jack Snapp, Ramona Srnith, Roger Stockton, Jack Selstad. Front row: Valton Sturman, Betty Marie Sager, Mary Bennett, Ray Hall, Harold Scott. Mr Byron T. Parker Top row: Jack Knight, Elise Ready, Billy Kane, Ernest Priest, Jr, Millard Payne, Betty June Kirby, Margaret E. Rollins, John Darrell Glenn Third row: Royece Robins, Ruth Rutledge, David Petty, Alice Kennelly, Jorena Peterson, Peggy King, Elliott Pooley Second row: Dalmain Randle, Bill Rutledge, Betty Lee Par- rish, Helen Reese, Charles Patronella, Kathleen Kasper, Bar- bara Kerr, Lawrence Riley. Front row: Morris Robertson, Al Killgore, Wennan Pierce, James Korges, Johnny Kiel What's cookin'? Could be biscuits and ham, declares the team of Tunstall, Tucker, and Taylor. as inns: Hl8 Mrs Julia B Leonard Top row: Richard Hubble, Vivian Ross, Earline Spaniel, Betty Joyce Tragresser, Nora Scruggs, Mike J. Lewis. Second row: Jeanine Robbins, Virginia Miller, Barbar Brown, Gloria Morris, Jennie Mae Powers, Howard Wisenbaker. Front row: Joseph Ehrhart, Gwen Johnson, Betty Jo Miiyill, Ruth Ensminger, Annie Felicia, Pat Kemp Miss Helen Soncrant i Top row: Donald Krone, Florence Van Loon, Janet Cooper, Wynona Talley, Kathryn Verboss, Gloria Young, Bill Evans. Second row: George l-faferkarnp, Nina Belle Gallup, Joanne McAslcilI, Twilla Johnson, Kathleen Emery, Shirley Blackstock, Bob Canterbury. Front row: Willard' Lange, Jack Partain, Hilda Gotcher, Bar- bara Glaze, Nancy Jeter, Mary Handley, James May, John Cartrnill. Miss Beatrice Lytle Top row: Jimrnie Willson, Janet Winn, Iris Mae Wnrrl Mary Ellen Wilson, Elizabeth Tunstall, Barbara Taylor, Alpha Jo Womack, Tornrny Waycott. Second row: Bobby Willy, Betty Thompson, Jean Wilcox, Bernice Wallace, Betty Loli Wildrnan, Joe Henry Wieser, Martin Zoch Front row: James Allan Woodward, Joyce Young, Betty Wyatt, Pat'Whitt, Everett Thomason, Betty Jo Tucker, John Yar- brough Some of these young hopefuls will one day be gayly be- These freshmen are studying, not a horrid sea-monster decked in the uniform of the Mustang Band- meanwhile, as you may imagine, but the simple process of photo-synthesis they are working hard on their tone and fingering techniques, The object holding everyone's attention is only a gentle leat somewhat enlarged. wif' 7,3 .ff I :Q 9495641 C' M A :Lf s E 5 if R ff A ,gm .:'.?:-'E I QW QQ ,Q Q ,zz 4- 2, 'fy 5 2 Fi M. ? Q my + FIM P' rf, , inm- E 51 imc' .g,,..' 7 ,QQBA is yu x 1 w, sax Q - at Af, ' X N3 Nlw xy xx ,mf-f Q ,,,, A,-W M, M" 'E ,ki ,Vi km ,,.f""" ,ff W ..f""' f-+ ff, I,-ff' MNH, af ww NWN A- qw .. , 4 Jdfafdtwzffwy ,Ww"MW , - 'V .Jfsf f 1, ' A lil' Q-aw MOST POPULAR gAZ6LAOfA jl'u6!2au and .!4. ,jflarrifn Photos by Bernard BEST ALL-AROUND SENIORS axine We Wahn am! Way ollaurenfz Q-wr' , , -'H 'A' D.A. R. V '5nf??7J", A Good Citizenship . f -'ff 1 W Q .-, aw ' 'W 4 Award , ' P '-1, W Q K' U . 4 ' fa pk -i Q' A at . ww it f 1 " Y 'Mi' 'Qhif fu' ff Ak-' 5 5? fu 2. 4',1,'mMf' . ZSi':5M'W. gf wffw 'L i - i , it at wt fjsfagfy?t??w?7""' ' " Y W , , L gwf if V , i,,,1f,M, ,Q,A,f'H'4',o. , 1 X t ,. o,,v,, A ,N '1J.,fa74"', 5,gfg.Jw',,yf ' v ibm-5. , A,.,P"k"-M If fwffiii' ' gf. 4,4-'95, ff. A 'A L Y-, Q' ixi1'rmw.fwEf eiwi M xA'9"9fjw?' K I 'wa 2' f- Q M . 4. --'- 2 My . iff' A A-3 fm . H, , ,V o ,,f,,,t11g3a,+-5 QW, ri f it i a La rewer gf'nhi i twfi' 'f t iii.-f o .i Q 15 if f - , W .. x iw"-W' f .- f , 8 L- , f.:i "'3::'+s"'7' A . f A 'ifww w?'?gllf H9-'fffit Q, . t ' U ,M i f :,ffi:'f'fk 'V .iff of ,, ---1 ' mf5193'7,'gd9i"2v 45 eff? to ,A ' .I "" - A 'K-Q, 5 x ,f 4 5 ,gt ,193 W lm ' gl-g:i.w ' 1 5? flask. .. 42 H eww, ' I - ' if W IN I. ,nvfwrrf ,gt avi' if . n ' tv- QQ5- by ,V .4 ft fa' -V , h N - ff, Y 7 , W .f,g,,,',A. igy,A3,f, ,M-try. V ' 4 M 3 fix. ,fx ., .5 'fvfm n ,L if- .xy g 5 uf- -.ff fa , o i Q i i .t fi .',.f"g- n ,.. ' 1 AM... ,-1 , Jin! 11:--wi. 'gif so J' W , 2. Representative to the 'www A University of Houston WWWW my adam- Reception ranLie .moulin fglzxg, Sf' M UNA! U A-qt! QQ it X S E PJ I CJ R ,Qs BEAUTY l7l14f izqlyaillli? aak NE" 'FQX BEAUTY 635226111 calfzlgillt? J U P4 I CJ R mar, W sm Mme love arriaon BEA UTY Jl'eJ l'Q S O P H O M 0 R E BEAUTY F R E S Wdfgafet OFDM if-N ,M RUNNER-UP 52.14, Y b .ww H M A ,Q.,1 A x .,., , ..,k . 45 RUNNER-UP . aes 3' THE UNIVERSITY OF HOUSTON RECEPTION Ah! Spring is in the air!! And the fancies of all the senior girls lightly turn to thoughts of the University of Houston Reception. Slight whispers of "I think she will get it" and "My, doesn't she look pretty?" can be heard stealing their way from the center of groups standing about the hallways. The girls must have the general re- quirements according to age, rank, and scholarship. They are judged on the basis NOMINEES: of physical beauty, poise, gracefulness, good posture, and naturalness. At the first elimination, held on March 20, fourteen girls were selected to stay in the run-off. The elimination judges were five faculty members. The final selection was held April 4, at which time Frankie Davis was named Austin's representative. Doris Moore was second, Kathryn Rentzel, third. The pageant was held April 25 at the City Auditorium. Back row: Thalia Brewer, Edith Herbert, Norma Gougenheim, Virginia Duke, Ann Wood, Caroline Gram- mon, Jean Freitag, Jeanine Eminian, Jean Borcherding, Kathryn Rentzel, Doris Moore, Frankie Davis, Clara Ann Biscoe. Second row: Billye Jean Beasley, Pat O'Quinn, Anna Belle Rourke, Barbara Reed, Kathleen Lipscomb, Mary Jo Ewing, Peggy Cook, Marie Bradshaw, Carollyne Reese, Carleen Riemen. Front row: Jane Freitag, Frances Haley, Billie Jean Dodgen, Martha Langley, Betty Sue Harpe, Corrinan O'Banion, Patsy Conn. SELECTEES: It Back row: Patsy Conn, Doris Moore, Kathryn Rentz el, Ann Wood, Billye Jean Beaslev. Jeanine Eminian, Edith Herbert, Norma Gougenheim, Virginia Duke. Front row: Jean Freitag, Frankie Davis, Caroline Gram mon, Jean Borcherding, Thalia Brewer. f W Q. w 'S x is . f S1 ,H ,h , . h m 'V . , In :'- J L' ? 'QS' 7? M I x 41, 523535 .M L+ W ,n 51- L5 25 15 51, ,.. fn g. F.. l l l l- i FOOTBALL Mr. George Hartung was head mentor of both the basketball and swimming teams and assisted Coach Scott with the football team, directing the line. With only one letterman, the basketball boys had a slow season but more is expected of his swimmers. l i l With the two regular coaches busy putting the "A" team through their paces, Mr. Irving Lumpkin, in addi- tion to his duties as a science teacher, took over command of the "B" foot- ball squad and led the boys to their first district championship. Nineteen Forty-Six spelled three victories, two ties, and five defeats for Austin's football eleven. Getting off to a bad start in their pre-season games, the Mus'angs came back to defeat St. Thomas, Sam Houston, and Jeff Davis, tie Reagan and San Jacinto and was defeated by Milby and Lamar. ' Around the highlights of the season was the international game with Mexico City. The lads from south of the border won the game by a l2-6 margin. ln their first district tilt with Reagan, the Ponies proved to be highly underrated when they held the Bulldogs to a Coach John Scott, head mentor at Austin, directed the football and track team for the Mustangs. Inspired by this coach, the foot- ball boys placed fourth in the city and the track boys were among top contenders for city honors as the Corral goes to press. After a three-year hitch in the Navy, Coach Pete Dowling was as- signed to the Mustang coaching staff at midterm. Before the war he was a student at Texas A. 6' M., where he lettered in basketball, football, and baseball. scoreless tie. The next game with St. Thomas was exciting for the Green and White fans as John Thomas led the Mustangs to their l8-8 victory by making touchdown runs of 45, 85, and 55 yards. Their game with Davis was another thriller, with the Mustangs winning the game by just two points. The Ponies held off the favored San Jacinto Bears for another scoreless tie and took their last win of the year from Sam Houston. The district title winners of Milby found Austin lads an easy picking for their 39-6 triumph. Austin closed its season with a 24-6 defeat at the hands of Lamar. Right: John Thomas and Jimmie Fenwick, co-cap- tains. "A" T E A M coAci-ies JOHN scoTT AND GEORGE HARTUNG Front row: Richard Blakely, Frank Agnelio, John Thomas, Jimmie Fenwick, Alex McCamoridge, Louis Harvey, Joseph Savarino. Second row: Glen Carter, Lawrence Freilich, R. T, Llitfe, David Truell, Robert Miller, Billy Carr, Melbert Cudd. Top row: Preston Humason, Michael Clevenger, Sammy Canalito, Warner Abel, Ralph Wallace, Leonard Killgore, Edward Kennedy, Donald Leach, George Terrell. Boys not pictured: A. W. Shaw, Russell Adams, Charles Jackowski, Ray Arterburn, Tommy Dorsey, Kenneth Browning, George Showers, Leonard Lalaf Dean Thomason, Millard Fleetwood, Babe Walker, Eugene McDaniel, George Bofysil, Earl Madeley. Below: Ray Arterburn, manager. Below, center: Preston Humason, manager. Below: Charles Jackow- ski, manager. 1 War End ner Abel Leonard , . .Lala Back MIGHTY MUSTANGS OF "45" Tommy Dean Thomason.. Tackle Dorsey .,.. Center Ralph Wallace. , . End G' If If back Russell Adams .... Guard Millard Fleetwood ' End A. W. . .... Shaw George Showers Back End Kenneth Brownang Back fw- MIGHTY MUSTANGS OF 45 Babe Walker Center Cliffe Edward Kennedy Tackle Rrchard , Blakely Robert Back Miner Tackle Leonard Killgore, . , George Tackle ni Earl Madeley ,... Back George Terrell Guard Bofysil Back 3' Eugene McDaniel, , . Back Front row: Alfred Sarabia, Willie Mathews, T. K. Niland, Jimmie Longshore, John Gibson, David Yager, Eddie Wiess, Stearling Barrilleaux, Theodore O'Conner, Mgr., Frank Helvey, Ernest Benestante, Pat Tillman, Jack Quarles, Aljohn Scott, Dwight King. Top row: Coach lrving W. Lumpkin, George Haferkamp, Hugh Frank, Jack Brant, Ray Hilton, Glen Goodman, Russel Hudeck, Donald Paton, Duane Dowell, Ed Leonard, Paul Johnson, Eric Johnson, Ray Berry, Donald Horsfall, Walter Deacon, Morris Robertson, Paul Pigue, Albert Cronover, Willie Minturn, Gail Oliphant, Kenneth Flagg, Billy Schoellkoph, Mickey McMillan. "B" TEAM coAcH lRviNG LUMPKIN CITY Austin is justly proud of its undefeated i945-46 "B" Team which won the year's city championship in the first regularly scheduled city-wide "B" team season. The young Mustangs, coached by Mr. Irving Lumpkin, were undefeated, chalking up three wins along with an equal number of ties. Davis, Reagan, and San Jacinto were each handed a 6-O defeat by Austin, while Milby and Lamar fought the ponies to scoreless ties. Sam Houston was the only city team to score on the champs, tying them l3-13. Austin also won two non- district tilts over St. Thomas and Galena Park. Co-Captains FRANK HELVEY End JACK QUARLES Back Pat Tillman, Guard Ernest Benestante, Back T. K. Niland. Tackle David Yaqer, Back Donald Horsfall, Guard Ed Leonard, Center Willie Mathews, Guard Eddie Wiess, BaCl4 CHAMPS Certificates designating the letter "A" were presented to each of the "B" team lettermen. This is the first time the Austin "B" team has been presented letters. All of Austin is impatiently awaiting the fall of '46 when the "B" becomes the "A" squad and steps up to try for another championship--the District , l3 AA title. Stearling Barrilleaux, Back Kenneth Flagg, Back Aljohn Scott, End Russell Hudeck, Tackle 1 . , aww ig? 4, ,J ffm. . .:,.. 533 . ,,... .I ,Q 4' M :fig E sz! lb 4-0-A Burford Rodgers EA: Buddy Cummings Bruce Simoneaux, Chief MUSTANGS "S o n n y" Bnllman, ln their first showing of the season the Ponies reached the semi-finals in the Living- ston tournament, but didn't fare as well in the Jaycee and Conroe meets. The cagers defeated the San Jacinto Bears in a double overtime thriller as their only district win. Billy Hill was one Z .. . ,,7 , , B A S K E T B A L L COACH GEORGE HARTUNG With an inexperienced squad, including two lettermen, Coach George Hartung began plans for his 1946 version of the Mustang Cagers. Gene Pape, inexperienced, but willing to learn, hustled and played a good game at center position. of Austin's outstand- ing guards. Although he was not high point man, he contributed much to the tact and activity of the game. after becoming eligible Q-nv at mid-term, turned in some fine performances and is counted on for next season. -Q.. Ernest Benestante, one of Austin's promising guards in the future, through hard work and good playing made the "A" team this year Six-foot-one Andy Anderson, Austin s south paw pivot man, has two more years of eligibil- ity and should develop into one of the city's better players. A. B. Harris played a fine brand of ball throughout the season, finished third in the scoring race, and was Austin's first player to --v be named an all-city cager. Front row: Ernest Benestante, Billy Hill, Babe Walker, AW, S Bell, Andy Anderson, Gene Pape, Theodore Connor, Manager, Top row: Mr, George Hartung, Pat Foley, Bull Dailey, Billy Warnner, Larry lsabell, William Bollman, A B Harris, Ray Arterburn, Manager. GOLF MR. J. E. WILLIS Sponsor "B" TEAM cOAcH JOHN scott Front row: Duane Dowell, Theodore O'Connor, Mgr., Leslie Duiay, Jack Kitchen, Clarence Pyle, Ray Arterburn, Mgr., Ray Santier. Middle ww: James Baraan, Curtis Livesay, Mickey McMillan, Wavmon Martin, Billy Mintern. Top row: Russell Hudeck, Billy Kane, Howard Abbitt, David Trull. The "B" team boys started with a bang, but as the season progressed they lost some of their original drive and dropped through the hoop to land in a fifth place tie with Davis. Billy Schoellkopf was Austin's most outstanding performer on the hardwoods. Buddy Pyles also added his share of hustling and points in every game. Under the direction of Mr. Jesse Willis, the Austin golfers competed this year in the annual high school tournament. From a total of eight golfers, four regulars and an alternate were selected to play in the tournament. These included A. B. Harris, the only letterman, Gene Pape, Fred Riddle, Harlan Conway, and Glen Carter A. B. Harris, Mr. Willis, Jerry Coplan, and Fred Riddle. Jack Kitchen, Harlan Conway, Harlan Willis and Gene Pape, A I A Upper Prcture: Front row: Pat Tillrnan, John Thomas, Warner Abel, Jack Quar- les, Myles Schutte, Harrell Leavens, Grady Cade, Frank Helvey, Billy ilahoussaye. econd row: Bob Graham, Jimmie Fenwick, Richard Blakeley, Stearl- ing Barrileaux, Neil Leva, Bobby Utter, Earl Madeley, Paul Glll, Buddy Moore. Top row: Charles Tyre, Donald McDonald, Stanley Stultz, Buddy Montalbano, Willard Miller, Don- ald Trillman, .lack Brant, Billy Carr, Paul Pigue, Leonard Moore, Kenneth Flagg, Noel Searle, Mgr, Mile Relay: Jack Quarles, Leonard Moore, Pat Tillman, Grady Cade. Hurdlers' Myles Schutte, Bobby Utter, Wilburn Neal Not pictured: Harrell Leaven Pole Vaulters: Preston Hurnason, Warner Abel, Donald Horsfall, Sterling Barrileaux. r l '-1 TRACK COACH JOHN SCOTT With seven lettermen from the I946 track team, John Scott's Stephen F. Austin Mustang cindermen should have a very successful year. Winning all early preliminary meets by comfortable margins, the Ponies look like good prospects to win their first District i3 track championship. Having Reagan B defending years, the pected to Dash man, les, J Billy defeated, in test meets, the ulldogs who have been the champions for the last four Austin thinly clads are ex- go far in the state meet. Men: Grady Cade, Pat Till- Donald Leach, Jack Quar- ohn Thomas, Leonard Moore Delahoussaye. Lower Picture: Front row: Charles Newsom, Mgr, Donald Andrews, living Floeck, Al- fred Sarabia, Donald Leach, Jack Warren, Tommy Morgan, Allohn Scott Second row: Glen Carter, Mahlon Lively, Ben Gutierrez, Keith Har- rington, Harry Greene, Lewis TlW0m3Si TOVTWW Taylor, Gene Pol- lock, Tom Laws, Virgil Crawley Top row: Bill Dailey, R T Cliffe, David Trull, Gus Zgourides, Rus- sell l-ludeck. Dwight King, Harri- son Gluck, Bobby l-lootman, Bobby Meacham, Frank Agnello. Sprint Relay: David Yeager, Billy Delahoussaye, John Thomas, Don- ald Leach. -lb fee. High Jumpers: David Trull, Earl Madeley, A W Shaw. Long Distance Men: Donald Mc- Donald, Pat Tillman, Williard Miller, Paul Gill. . WN S W l M M l N G COACH GEORGE HARTUNG 1. Front row: Ray Laurentz, Thomas Comstock, Don Paton, Warner Abel, Richard Blakely. Second row: Lamont Dillon, Buddy Moore, Harri- son Gluck, Leonard Killgore, Douglas Davis, Preston Humason, Jerry Martin, Maurice Dodson. Top row: Tommy Harper, Coach Hartung, Michael Clevenger, Albert Killgore, Arlen McKenzie. Swimmers, to your mark! T E N N l S COACH PETE DOWLING Front Row Jack Senglemann Ernest Benestante Howard Abbitt Top Row Billy Warriner Ray Santerre Oliver Bond Gene Pape i 0 :P With three lettermen returning, Austin's swim- ming team got off to a good season under Coach George Hartung. The lettermen were Ray Laurentz, Maurice Dodson, and Jerry Martin. Jerry has two more years of eligibility. Other promising prospects included Tommy Comstock, Raymond McClendon, Arlen McKenzie, and Mike Clevenger. The tennis tear started with one re turning lettermar Gene Pape. Sonn Bolman and Billy War ner are the double team, Gene Pape an Ernest Benestante hol the singles positior The tennis tear played against Davis Reagan, and Lamar. "DAILY DOZEN" The gym classes, supervised by Coaches John Scott, George Hartung, and Pete Dowling, have a full schedule. These boys, in order to earn a grade, par- ticipate in lOO and 440-yard dashes, and do push-ups, sit-ups, and jump and reach. They are graded on their achievement and improve- ment. They also participate in such body building games as basketball, baseball, foot- ball, and boxing. To keep fit, they do exercises every day. "ROUGH BUSINESS" GYM "SURE SHOT" H MISS GRACE HORNADAY The l945-46 volleyball season began with great enthusiasm and hope. This feeling lasted throughout the season-still hoping for a win. Everyone came out to see the Austin girls take city again. The student body, however, understood that this inexperienced team could hardly maintain their spirit and W. KATHERINE MARY JO EWING FADRA JEANNETTE MORGAN MIMS the record set by last year's undefeated champs. The girls have lost none of have gained a great deal of spirit that they are counting on next year thi. DOLORES DOSSETT ROSEMARY WILLIAMS CHARLAYNE LOBIT I AMW VIRGINIA CECIL DOROTHY BARTLETT ALICE SANDBURG MARJORIE BAKER BOBBY SIMONS DOROTHY MATTIZA CLAUDINE CONALLY BETTY JOYCE STEVENS Algal VOLLEYBALL OFFICIALS I L 'I' II DOLORES MARSH SYBIL MUCKLEROY An important group to volleyball success, without which the team could not function, is composed of: RUBY SPEIGHTS, timekeeper. PEGGY BISHOP, hostess. DORIS ATTRA, scorekeeper. NORMA GOUGENHEIM, hostess. -- IN MISS HORNADAY'S CLASSES THE HIGH-POINT TEAM "Now, girlsl Take your gym suits home on Fri- day. Why weren't you dressed today? But of course you can play ball with a sprained ankle!" All these remarks of the team captains bring results-meaning team points. This is the team with more points than any other of Miss Horna- day's classes. First row: Daisy May Mackey, Jeanne Whipple, Helen Evans, Margaret E. Rollins. Second row: Frances Grounds, Jacquelyn Hester, Theresa Muraca, Peggy Jean Randle. PERFECT RECORD GIRLS Perfect record girls go with High-Point Teams. They too are graded on being dressed for gym and playing every day of the term. These girls are the kind a team captain dreams about. Top Row: Jeanette Morgan, Dorothy Bart- lett, Marjorie Baker, Jean McElroy, Mary Jo Ewing, Elizabeth Batmanis, Peggy Jean Ran- dle, Elizabeth Saulnier, Jeannine O'Dowd, Nellwynn Haigler, Jane Louise Kerr, Yvonne LeComte, Doris LaVerne Pyle, Mary Jo Clark, Allene Blaine, Dolores Kite. Second Row: Lois Lemke, Annie Doris Thorn, Carrie McCreary, Frances Grounds, Theresa Muraca, Dolores Martin, Juanita Price, Dulcia Reynolds, Jeanne Whipple, Maxine McMakin, Faye Godwin, Wanda Alford. Front Row: Barbara Anderson, Dona Hud- son, Myrl Bruns, Suzanne Oelfke, Charlayne Lobit, Jacquelyn Hester, Martha Helen Card, Dorothy Anderson, Katherine Massingill. VOLLEYBALL CHAMPS Second Period "Who do you think gives us the most competition?" "WelI, I don't know, but in our period, team 3 is hard to beat." This is typical conversation at the end of a semester. Who do you think won? None other than Team 2 of second period. First row: Lillian Burt, Evelyn Miller, Jean McElroy, Helen Durrenberger. Second Row: Wanda Britt, Peggye Boles, Mary Lou Blevins, Peggy Voss. IN MISS EBY'S CLASSES Perfect Record Girls Top row: Betty Barrett, Betty Lee Parrish, Dorothy Hooker, Bertha Lee Beard, Lois Berglund. Second row: Ruth Ellison, Ruth Bolton, Golda Brehm, Carolyn Reeves, Martha Rogers, lris Jameson. Front row: Suda Hamilton, Marilyn Knowx, Hazel Dudley, Joyce Becker, Billie' Anne Brown, Muriel Sandel, Bernice Yantz. OFFICE ASSISTANTS Top row: Ruth Bolton, Aileen Cunningham, Dolores Kite, Barbara Baumann. Seccnd row: Jeanette Morgan, Dorothy Bartlett, Charlayne Lobit. Front row: Diane Sengelmann, Doris Attra, Anna Lou Forrester, Frances Grounds. TWO-I N-ONE TEAM First row: Alpha Jo Womack, Charla- mae Powell, Bertha Lee Beard, Mary Lou Dacke, Joyce Becker. Second row: Iris Jameson, Barbara Ann Kerr, Lois Berglund, Annie Fe- licia. Miss Eby really has a super team "Two- in-One", they call them, Team two not only beat teams one, three, four, five, and six of period two, but beat teams from the first, third, fourth, fifth, and sixth periods, which in turn had beaten every other team of their consecutive periods. Naturally team two of period two is winner of all of Miss Eby's classes as well as High Point Team. Understand? . LMA- .........A....,............... i l 1 5 .i smmi GIRLS' ATHLETICS , swifvirviiisica MISS MARGARET EBY Austin's mermaids increase in num- ber considerably when spring rolls around. Hopes run high along about the time the Corral goes to press for new honors in this sport during the competition meets. Representing Miss Eby's trainees are: Dorothy Bartlett, Katheryn Bailey, Vir- ginia Cecil, Jeannette Morgan. These aspirant Robinhoods include: Mary Jo Ewing, Jeannette Morgan, Dolores Kite, Dorothy Bartlett, Fadra Mims, Dolores Dossett, Katheryn Baileyf Virginia Cecil, Sybil Muckelroy, Vera Payne, Dorothy Mattiza. lSittingl Carolynn DeGuire, Carolyn Ceirco, Myrna Rodriquez, Bar- bara Baumann, Jane Kinsey, Billie Malone, Janet Wing, June Brown, Gene Carter. lStandingl Dulcia Reynolds, Dorothy Miller, Nellwynn Haigler, Gloria Young, Mary Harris. AUSTIN ARCHERS MISS GRACE HORNADAY The days of King Arthur were never like thisl Did he ever have four such marksmen in his tournaments? Any resemblance to Sherwood Forest is purely coin- cidental-we merely wanted to catch these Austin archers on their second afternoon of practice. They were much more interested in Miss Hornaday's in- struction than in the staff photographer-an unusual phenomenon! They are learning 'quickly to draw the bow correctly in order to avoid unforeseen and often painful results. ,......-., . ,. o-,.,-.,,. ,.sLa,,., T, . . . t ,,,Y ,,,,,,.,, ...Ye Y... 5 AUSTIN NETTERS MISS MARGARETT EBY This spring we place much hope in our hard-working young doubles team -Bettye Reed and June Brown. The very promising singles player is Shirley Smith. ,.c..,,. Both doubles and singles enter into 'ff an elimination contest between the ,. ' .ff M' high schools of Houston. The winner of this contest goes to V regionals which is played on the Uni- versity of Houston courts. Two weeks Love-What? or What's the Score? Dolores Becker and Borda Lon Bower vs. Betty Jean Doggett later the winner goes to state for the finals. . and Marrianne Bolton. Outcome? Your guess is as good as mine. , . vwk rg - an ,' hunk This is one of the largest groups of aspiring young netters ,-'iss Austin has seen. A very good reason for this enthusiasm for tennis is the apt teaching ot Miss Margaret Eby, winner of sev- eral tennis titles: Women's singles and doubles lcityl '44-'45, State Women's Doubles in '43, Intramural singles at University of Texas '43. This encouragement should help these girls to try for wins of their own. Back row: Mary Harris, Lois Berglund, Martha Rogers, Jeanette Morgan, Dor- othy Bartlett, Dolores Harris, Peggy Jean Randle, Jean Wilcox, Clara Marsh, Betty Jean Stout, Betty Barrett. Front row: Elaine Des Roaches, Joyce Becker, Bertha Lee Beard, Kathryn Naul, Hazel Dudley, Charlayne Lobit, Marilyn Knox, Virginia Mattiza, Josephine Patterson, Dale Webb, Lois Lenke, Lyla Johnson. OUR YOUNG HOPEFULS GIRLS' ATHLETICS The fall semester begins with high enthusiasm for volleyball. When the winter weather comes, the girls are ready to learn a faster, more-warming indoor game-basketball. Then comes spring and everyone gets a start on summer tan with the mastering of baseball and archery techniques. Ping pong and badminton gain general at- tention when rainy weather brings them indoors. BASEBALL A smattering of the many baseball enthusiasts are: Side- lines: Fadra Mims, Sybil Muckleroy, Dolores Kite, Catcher, Dorothy Koehler, Batter, Dossettg Umpire, Betty burg, Third base, Ruby Some of the fielders Virginia Cecil, Kathryn Peggy Brunson. Speights. Ng rv as we ,Q 1 I X sex Q5 X QXQQ' 092909 04 Y' xo? hee, Q -lo o Q5 is 'wood 60 l 1 Norma Goughenheimg Pitcher, Dolores Jo Rimel, Second base, Alice Sand- are: Billie Dove Harrison, Vera Payne, Bailey, Dottie Newsom, Margie Baker, 42, 00 09, ,Qxe Q We 7. Q5 Q05 0 . C3381 .Ax Q60 no 30, 'Q 1 'll Wal 6 S06 ' O 010' te' e, o 65 Q Xi- fo v O Jax CHS ole' 4-lg' 0 srl XA Q F ra? at Q x' ,tx Q- we ,406 55 NQQOOK srl O K Oo +0 'gl' X O e, , .- QA 'sl' 7. '04 lc, ax? T505 5 lied- xox e" e, LQ. gl' X, -X19 X9 Q0 50 Q21 .00 ,bb .tv A so K0 to Ylxieblo 'bo X5 A lags 'Co QOQCL eliooxib' qof'iOc'?:8HfQgx9"' O 'D 6 ox 0, . 'N 296 "9i'b5e'. Joe effggo vioxx X50 Yee' el 'big X0 'PX X043 PING PONG lt looks like Dorothy Bartlett has really learned to serve. Now can Kathryn Bailey return the ball with such a stroke that the alert Jeanette Morgan will be taken off guard? Virginia Cecil also looks as if she is a player one would want on her side. BADMINTON Time out for a breathing spell as Mary Jo Ewing rescues the "bird." That last "smash" of Sybil Muckleroy's must have been a good one. Fadra Mims looks as though she had been prepared for a drive from Sybil. Dolores Kite seems ready to assist her partner in receiving any serve their opponents might send them. IFS M .f f Y. , ff- I Lai., 'GSW 555322 fgs, r , if ci? N V -swag , W wg 1-my 11. K J? fe W 'iv 7. ,Q Eg 'ff .ff li- Q W -1 m ,-jg 15, ,ii , ffl, ,X M.,- MM' ,, ,WJ- 'YH5 Sprung Trrm Prrwtdfn! UUHIIW' 1:-Ifizlm lfm HIM X,m:nu Swv NIH 'X '41-imuu Ulyfifffwfll-f?i'fi -,'- 2 ,-mf? . fyg,a,f, 1-K2f!f M ,n gmr ' Jkwafv YINS CITY CHAMPIUN ' I---wfffm ' f ind lm-I 'fi 1 lndvfii hw Gilm- mnx him-pin-H :H I uzwhnng Nuff pu, gm, wh, 1-,P Ham, r,.c,,r.m4 f,,,,,,4, In Marching, Playing Contest If-I 3: LU. . , RMU ,... ., XS- if , "UN 'k l"HN'f S.ff:f,:rjZE:4f?, -V Af ze-Q vi! flu,-f, t.,f?.,fff- X I New ffulfvlfzy Haiku 3 wx, 7 gg, fa H fwgfp IL.,,I,.,.1' M. Us fin! Ba lm, Hu in Hi 'W ff WIT V x'f"'-fu Annu-' Fnddrate-d Mustang B Tram Talsrs Nm" "Lf" U hw ' liudrnt Hunan: Davis, Hmmon Tie V CLUB CURRAL w ,fM,.ffp4z :'fff',",,Q,'f'QfZ' v A K Toulslhi fvlh ' 'H' ' ,, ,Q I 1 f 9 nm M... ' yw5547ls!g437K,jih 5 V Rfk , M Q4.,1,m..a. ld if fl? ,fy A 15 4 Q, ham kmhnh-K Ek f5,af'ffagf-nziaiifmf,Q M' H sw - f My , X, :U A N N f 1 . f., f an em San hrmtnifttrn f 4 - I H ,,.h. Uv N" VNU Y lklfaledbykusfin 1 I edos an 4' 'M Sl AM, HXNNPR5 Smokey Jn!! figm lnUvefflMn'MfiHer i , 'M U St nh mann , M n. , r , Lnmlimmf In Ruffin AW'M-:M-w--m..2.- ti Twain EXT? Siudenit . X' K' "ff I ? Q L Boosters To Presen ,ff-fy' qwpmz mf, . Pfam-rC!mfter Hwwmge 40 fix-A Who Dzed In Worl ,s, lg ,rf mimi' H :H I I FNB Make- ' 'Wm rm R..-an.,.ms. 44-Wm in Radu: Vnrwiie qpwqa ill. rfm.,,-KLW gg.,-in fr..a1' V VU! Vhlfkili gg ,gh um., S?1Mv15MP fi - '1- 1zfivu,5fwr1e!fem if U ff. ylkikfaiaxwfviff Hulllis :ff fzmgp iaafug uw' ' . NN Xwanxii B3 6.66061 Davis, Hard THE Grammon, Fuller 1' Laurentz, Riemen SOC l ETY MRS. CHARLINE POTTER One of the highest honors that a high school student can achieve is to become a member of the National Honor Society. This organization is com- posed of the top ranking fifteen percent of the Senior Class. To be eligible, the candidate must have at least a "B+" average-an "H" in con- duct--for all his high school work. From those who qualify scholastically, members are selected on the basis of service, character, and leadership, The most outstanding activities of the society are the formal and informal initiations. The formal ceremony, one of the most impressive services of the school year, is held in the library. Following the informal initiation these budding geniuses become full-fledged members of the society. Fall Clara Ann Biscoe Elizabeth Batmanis Maxine McMakin Marion Bishop Paul Wilbur A, B. Harris Fankhauser Reed OFFICERS Spring President Ray Laurentz Vice-President Carleen Riemen Secretary Caroline Grammon Treasurer Bennie Fuller Parliamentarian Bill Fankhauser Herald Benjamin Hard Sgt.-at-Arms Barbara Reed Program Chairman Frankie Davis MEMBERS Top row: Harlan Willis, Doris Jaffe, Patsy Wright, Mrs. Charline Potter, Virginia Duke, Wilma Cessna, Rex Darling. Front row: Elizabeth Reich, Gloria Wilson, Boysen Etie, Ann Wood, Mary Jo Ewing, Jean Borcherding, Kyle Chapman. e of y flve fra Norfbwesrern ofs. Ausflhis Qufll G Scroll rs are lrzcludeo' in fhfls pferur fbe Ausffrz and Goose Creek jo f7al1SrS. 7711611 are Marie Bradsbakg Glorfa Viqlson, Douglas Wlyfmg Jeans frze Ffhfhllarv, Barbara Reeoj and Wooof Offver lhefhbers of the MY! be named ar r efhesfer. x e 'ae X00 'A ix 0' , A ,P Z 0 A 0 , as Yip 'Pl C'35ef50 2' S, I Y, ZS? 36Zif'f,'i2 Kaffe ao S " Sw S0 S990 K P. Xoooegkoe Kiowa Yxo 9 Yxelxi ' 'K .O V Evllgo edxook K5 qlefbxox x 5. ev e -S1 QCXXQ 68 X' S, G N -0 YS A an o 4 0 ,O 5 5: 'I 'iv GQ'-soc 'xc 'aa e Qc- QS Q QQ e Xe' So Ox '96 qi 'O Pr O00 .00 4 x GQ oe ,KV Q 0 0 fa oe 9 C90 ig 0 ,oo 0 N 9 SKQQSXCQXZK 10 2 do 10 X' So 6 43009 P Covoo 'A 0 x o OSA 0 e, X06 6 5 .X ,QC KO 'R0Q?CS0 eb 066 xox 'NK Q4 a ok C 41 Pr 1 ,ax ie Ot-TLXI 'odxjflox C9 Q0 Q, 9 DXOXXQO C1 0' 6' ovQf0z Oexsazib' 40 'A C, Xie do ofxexzo 009:09 Spa Yxe, Q9 'D up 1 'O' on ty Z! 00 .50 3 X060 40 vb XNX ' 60 +x X is ,bo 0 vb exe 9' Q9 , Oo OO . 0' od .e '60 Xxfbxexg IAXK as 'x Q 00 vfoizka 565' Q 4 Q5 0 05' e, xo e, vxofiifxl XQ Od I. ex KK- aio. oe 8k,QSiiS.Zf 00144 Afvb Sckou SK,f'1,Sf 'ba gi., 5 MSS fwbfs pfeffrrfps QX 0 9 go C9' co Q Se' oo Q! The Sfepher: bf Ausnh chaof fbe lnrernatiorval Quill G S orgahlfed fry l 937 f of fosferfhg berrer erary work a ing on f er of croll was or the purpos Scholarship and lit 'hong ffye sfudehfs work be School paper and yearbook. Members of flze society 'bust rank lh fbe upper flvird of flveir class, do' Subeflbf W0fk 017 a School publfbafion, be classified as elfher a junior or 56771511 and 'bust have a Salbpl ffzefr best work approved b fiorval beadquarfers af Ufwverslfy of llllry '14-afry of 'hefhbe of Arm Qui!! G be end o Scroll f fbe sprlhg l Mrs. Daily and Mr. Loescher discuss plans for the THE STUDENT COUNCIL MRS. MAURYNE DAILEY "Wonder what Mary's phone number is?" No need to wonder, just look in your handbook. This is one of the many yearly activities of the Student Council. lf it's the record you want played in the lunchroom, or the "get well" card to an ill student, it will be taken care of by your Student Council representative. Besides these regular projects, this year the council aided in the "Victory Loan" bond drive which was held during the tall. The success with which they handled this undertaking was overwhelmingly shown when Austin became the first school in the state to go over the top. The council entertained mem- bers of the Goose Creek Student Council when they visited Austin during the Spring term. On the lighter side of the council's year was the not-to-be- soon-forgotten wiener-roast which the council and Lambda Sigma Alpha had during the Fall. 'Victory Loan. Austin went over the top, we are proud gto recall. Top row: Jack Knight, Leroy Swope, Benjamin Hard, Frances Caddell, Margaret Poe, Bob Suggs, Gerald Stockbridge, Aubrey Chudleigh. Second row: Harlan Willis, John Hauck, Ann Wood, Betty Jo Wooley, Peggy Lois Crenwelge, Marijane Johnson, Lawrence Smith, Bobby McKinney. Front row: Patsy Woodward, lshbel Dunlop, Bettye Young, Bill Robinson, Beverly Bond, Betty Wyatt, Dolores Dahl, Virginia Duke, Theresa Muraca. "T' Top row: T. K. Niland, Curtis Livesay, Billy McGuire, Maxine Mc- Makin, Mrs. Dailey, Patsy Cain, J. Riley Dittbrenner, Norman Mostert. Second row: Mickey McMillian, Harry Challie, David Bullock, Betty Jo McDaniel, Ruth Dixon, Yvonne LeComte, Jackie Goddard, Hilda Gotcher. Front row: Bruce Simoneaux, Billie Dove Harrison, Virginia Maples, Mary Joan Griffin, Jean Logue, lndia Ann Boyd, Barbara Jones, John Cummings. At the initiation ceremony. xfk THE M USTANG BOOSTERS MISS RUTH GREENHILL A. B. HARRIS-Chief Booster MAXINE MCMAKIN-Cash Booster BRUCE SIMINOEAUX-Assistant Chief Booster ANNA LOU FORRESTER - Scribe Booster JOHN CUMMINGS - Parliamentarian ELIZABETH TRUDEAU AND EDWARD KUHL- , Booster Bouncers Simoneaux, Harris Forrester, McMakin, Cummings, Greenhill "Get your ribbons here-Christmas cards for sale-Valentines for the lady." Yep, it's that famous gathering place for lads and lassies of Austin - the Booster booth. This booth is but one of the many activities of Austin's largest clubs, which, with a membership this year of 604, has surpassed the efforts of any other previous Booster club. The club, which has bought a bronze plaque that will appear in the main office in honor of Austin's war dead, has also compiled material which contains the names of all ex-students of Austin who served in the armed forces. This material has been placed in a leather covered book bought by the Booster club. ln addition to these activities, the club presented twenty Radiance roses to replace those in the front bed. A. B. Harris was elected chief booster at the beginning of the foot- ball season, with Bruce Simoneaux as his assistant. Dorothy Mattiza was elected postmistress and with her help the Valentine postoffice was a big success. Thanks also goes to Mr. C. A. Sherman, who designed several new stickers, made the ribbons, and remodeled the Booster booth. To Miss Ruth Greenhill our hands are stretched out in appreciation for her fine leadership as sponsor. Kuhl, Trudeau W .r l ,vs ' f mc..1s:,,u,,,.alut.m.,s 1. Behind the scenes are Bettye Reed, 'Bruce GREEN MASQUE PLAYERS Miss BEATRicE HARRISON "Curtain going up."' "On stage everybody." These are familiar phrases to the Green Masque Players. Under the direction of Miss Beatrice Harrison, the hard working students have produced some exceptionally fine plays this year. The training the student acquires as a member of this group proves to be invaluable for whatever profession he may choose to enter in future years. Although materials have been rather difficult to obtain for making props, somehow they have always come through by repairing some old sets. With every performance there are those people, unseen by the audi- ence, who work just as diligently on producing a play as the cast. These individuals give confidence to the actors, they do the sound-effects, work the lights, and various odd, but important, jobs. No matter how large or how small a part, the Green Masque Players always work with one idea held uppermost in their minds, "The show must go onl!" ln addition to the plays pictured, they produced: "Ladies Alone," "Lolita in New York," "The Beggars," "Sunset by Slanskyj' one radio play, "Love in a French Kitchen," and the senior play. Simoneaux, Kathleen Lipscomb, Carleen Riemen, Bill Fankhauser, Caroline Grammon, and Ann Reeves. Each one has appeared in a play during the year.' ' with and Leg? an a Belle BOWJAE nf! co-staffed A Studying the script are Fadra Mins, Thalia Brewer, and Buddy Moore. er Gibbo Seq MQ' ns. Sue McCullars, Bill Dailey, Jeanine Eminian, Beverly Ann Cooper, Joyce Taylor, and J. Riley Dittbrenner were the Cast of "Babbit's Boy." The "dickey-bird" provided for many laughs in this interesting, fast moving comedy. "Never Too Old," a colorful, sophisticated play with its mod- ernistic surroundings, was entered in the lnterscholastic League Contest. The players were Bobbie Jeanne Lee, Wynn Clair Boyd, Quincy Lee Baker, and Jeanine Eminian, ' Pi SUB-DEB CLUB JUNIOR AND SENIOR MRS. WILLAVIE Wl-llTESlDE "Have her' wear an evening dress", "No, blue jeans." "Oh, well, why not both?" "Fish or chicken, which'll it be?" So went the con- versations ot the junior and senior Sub Debs, who had a brilliant social season, especially elow eated: Kathleen Lipscomb Jean Borcherding Rose Marie Winters Carollynne Reese Annabelle Rourke Kathryn Rentzel Standing: Marion Frnka Gloria Raimer Anita Royall Doris Moore Golda Brehm Betty Harpe t row: Jeanine Erninian, Wood, Ann Manly, Doris e, Betty Kiecke, Carleen nen ind raw: Fadra Mims, Bob- Jeanne Lee, Quincy Lee 2r, Betty Jean Doggett, Jo Williams, India Ann Boyd, 'y Jo Rimel. the seniors, who spent rnost ot their nights thinking of tiendish ideas for initiating the juniors. At Christmas both clubs had a ban- quet at Gaidos. The social affair planned for late spring is a dance. OFFICERS Seated: Elizabeth Reich, Beverly Ann Cooper, Elizabeth Trudeau, Clara Ann Biscoe, Marie Bradshaw. Standing: Jean Haddon, Joyce Coon, Karlene Nunemaker, Joan Parkin, Mar- tha Langley, Barbara Reed. sb A - Below " Seated: Luella Myatt Sally Gunn Patty Holloway Barbara Abraham Frankie Davis Patsy Conn Standing: Corrinan O'Banion Jean Perry Jean Freitag Jane Freitag Helen Pelham Maxine McMakin Doris Davis Jean Bruning Saranna Skelton Dorothy Manly Third row: Billie Mae Finney, Billie Jean Dodgen, Cleta Snapp, Thalia Brewer, Caroline Grarnmon, Norma Gougenheim Virginia Duke. Tcp row: Betty Jo McDaniel, Billye Jean Beasley, June Brown, Virginia Cecil, Susan Harkrid- er, Bina Hansen THE AUSTIN FIRE PATROL MR. JAMES H. GOETTEE With heat we can't be beat! Come cold, storm, or fire drill, we are always there ready and waiting - who knows - someday the real thing might come along. HALL MONITORS MR. JAMES GOETTEE "Sign here"- are familiar words to anyone who roams the halls. Monitors say they are only doing their duty, but sometimes we wonder--especially when they ask a pretty girl to add her phone number. First row: Ray Laurentz, Fire Chief, Billy Boddeker, Asst. Chief, Capt. Campbell of the Eastwood Fire Station, Bill Dailey, Asst. Battalion Chief, A. B. Harris, First Floor Bat- talion Chief. Top row: Bill Fankhauser, Asst. Battalion Chief, Bruce Simo- neaux, Third Floor Captain, Douglas Whitty, Third Floor Battalion Chief, Benjamin Hard, R.O.T.C. Detail, Bobby Gene McKinney, Second Floor Cap- tain, Paul Wilber, First Floor Captain. Top row: Paul Wilber, Oliver Bond, Sidney Ratisseau, Alfred Sarabia, Mr. Goettee, Jimmie Ray Hearran, Hardie Roberts, Harry Green. Third row: Mervin Key, Jack Kitchen, Pete Hunt, Sharon Lith- erland, Carroll Harris, Joseph Savarino, T. K. Niland, Truman Vaught. Second row: Bobby McGee, Jack Phelps, James Wilhelm, Frank Helvey, Marion Webb, James Korges, Kim McCreary, Martel Cullen. Front row: Arvel Pyle, Paul John- son, J. G. Mason, Ernest Priest, Martin Zoch, Alan Williams. Front row: Miss Leifeste, Gail Williams, Darlene Engholm, Marjorie Priest, Martha Langley, Doris Moore, Delores Gilmore, Gwen Johnson, Joan Griffin, Geraldine Tice, Faye Goodwin, Bettye Young. Second row: Jeanine Eminian, Norma Jean Hartung, Jeanne Lewis, Altha Buselmeier, Doris Camp, Hilda Payne, Mary Sue Sloan, Reeda Hinds, Jean . 3, - W- -v., TFIE GAVEL CLUB MRS. FRANCES DEMENT "Should compulsory military training be adopted?" This is but one of the topics discussed by this distinguished group of debaters, orators, declaimers, and just plain speech enthusiasts that make up the Gavel Club. - Under the sponsorship of Mrs. Frances Dement the Gavel Club has entered representatives in many speech contests. The club, among other activities, presented two radio programs, an Army Day, and Navy Day Salute. This group has, however, proved themselves quite adept at other arts than that of speech, as anyone who has attended one of their socials will tell you. Top row: Mahlon Gremillion, Mervin Key, Cozetta Bartholomew, Jo Goosby, Jeanette Morgan, Bill Fank- hauser. Second row: Dick Fankhauser, Ralph Wallace, Danny Eckman, Joy Stillwell, Doris Marie Blakeslee, Paul Wilbur, Boysen Etie. Front row: Douglas Whitty, Bruce Simoneaux, Eliza- beth Trudeau, Beverly Cooper, Ann Reeves, Jean Haddon, Mary Sue Sloan, R. C. Thompson. THE CHORAL CLUB Cross, Dorothy McDonald, Norma Voekel, Jane Freitag, Evelyn Miller. Third row: Peggy Tatham, Wynn Claire Boyd, Shirley Munson, Carlene Rieman, Kathleen Kasper, Carollyne Reese, Ann Reeves, Suda Hamilton, Lottie Cowll, Alpha Jo Womack, Dor- othy Hooker, Dale Webb, Janet Wing. Top row: Tommy Bovee, Buddy Moore, Bill Dailey, Tom Leach, Lloyd Ander- son, Curtis Robinson, Albert Shaffner, Fred Jennings, Robert Guntz, Royal Allen Mahlon Lively. MISS LUCILLE LEIFESTE Under the direction of Miss Lucille Leifeste, Austin's Choral Club has done outstanding work this year. The club presented a lovely Christmas program and later sang with the Houston Symphony Orchestra in one of its special student concerts. ln addition to these extra-curricular activities, the club presented a program of Christmas music at the annual banquet of the Principals' and Supervisors' Convention. ' As the closing activity of the year, the Choral Club sponsored a spring music festival in which mixed chorus groups were used. At the Christmas Program. 'WI 2 WY 'I 2 . , W.. ,. . lf f N Q. 'gf-gfzerrfgx f sv l ln the office of the assistant principal, MR. GOETTEE: Top row: Hilda Gotcher, Billie Dove Harrison, Shirley Thompson, Doris Thrash, Rose Marie Winter. Second row: Mr. Goettee, Twyla Jean Mills, Shirley Blackstock, Billie Rhame, Ollief James, Dolores Gilmore. Front row: Betty Warriner, Yvonne Le Comte, Doris Jaffe, Barbara Ander- son, Marie Bradshaw, Peggy Lois Crenwelge. The efficiency of the clinic would without MRS. PATTON'S aides' decrease considerably SERVICE From locating Shakespeare's Macbeth or the dust-covered shelves of the library, tc swathing slightly scratched fingers in mercurii bromide plaster, run the duties of several o the Service Clubs. ln the main office, MRS. BRANARD, secretary, and MISS HOWARE r registrar, Top row: Trudeau ely on the help of the group below. 5.74 Edith Herbert, Howard, Virginia Miller, Howard, Elizabel Howard, Luella Myatt, Howard, Patty Holloway, Howarc Katherine Bailey, Howard, Suzanne Oelfke, Howard, Carol Flanders, Howari Third row: 'Ina Mae Eubanks, Branard, Beverly Ann Cooper, Branard, Dor Moore, Branard, Corrinan O'Banion, Branard, Virginia Eckerman, Branarc Jackie Goddard, Branard, Kyle Chapman, Branard. Second row: Buddy Moore, Branard, Gloria Raimer, Branard, Virginia Ceci Branard, Jane Brown, Branard, Faye Keiper, Branard, Patsy Cain, Branarc Barbara Martin, Branard. Front row: John Hauck, Branard, Ruth Ann Spencer, Howard, Billie An Brown, Branard, Zaidee Guerin, Howard, Bruce Simoneaux, Branard. Top row: Lourina Patton, Betty Jean Stout Juanita Smith, Shirley Lou Wilson, Doris Davis Betty Jo McDaniel. Second row: Mary Joan Griffin, La Don McVey Dorothy Pearce, Helen Frenzel, Margaret Cronk hite, Hilda Jo lmmore. Front row: Marilynn Lubowski, Barbara Jea Marek, Norma Jean Parker, Margie Suttles Terry lsom, Ann Reeves. GROUPS Those unfeeling students who maliciously, though unintentionally, dole out to their fellow scholars nine months of imprisonment in the form of a textbook are to be found in the bookroom. These, and the others of the eight service organizations deserve the appreciation of both faculty and students for their valuable contri- butions to the school. The office of the dean, MRS. CROUCH, would indeed be handicapped without these girls to check up on our absenteeism. Top row: Jeannine O'Dowd, Mary Blue Johnson, Mrs. Crouch, Carleen Bookiaoofvi ASSISTANTS 'Mn' Third row: Jorena Peterson, Margerie Beseler, Pat Walker, Dorothy Mc and Donald, Peggy Cook. LU NCH ROOM PATROL Second row: Mary Joan Griffin, Martha Helen Card, Lucille Allison, Mari- anne Bolton, Dolores Becker. Front row: Caroline Grammon, Nina Fae Tipton, Billie Lee Adkins, Peggy Griffin, Dolores Martin. Doing their bit under the direction of the librarian, MRS. HELEN TACKETT, are: Top row: Elizabeth Hitt, Shirley Eaves, Barbara Ertz, John Crahan, Blanton Crook, James Sykora, Camille Tingley, Norma Thain. Second row: Frances Caddell, Thelma Pomeroy, Pat Rand, Martha Carol Brunson, Quincy Baker, Bernice Knight, Betty Jo Needham, Jane Freitag. Front row: Marie Hopkins, Norma Jean Hartung, Doris Pyle, Peggy Cook, Autrey Tidmore, Elizabeth Trudeau. fm D .uf il1.,4t4r.u iv-sfz aa iinn, ,., . . M Top row: Thalia Brewer, Beatrice Sivil, Cleta Snapp, Patsy Banks. Second row: Hilda Jo lmmore, LaQuita Cherry, David Bullock, Margie Taylor, Margie Suttles, Mr. Rawson. Front row: Billy Joe Levell, De Etta Ford, Alice Kennelly, Truman Vaught, Peggy Brunson, Joy Stilwell, Gerald Stockbridge. Hollywood is waiting for these operators of the movie projector when they graduate out of service to us and to their sponsor, MRS. FRANCES DEMENT. Top row: J. Riley Dittbrenner, Tommy Morgan, Edwin Vogt. Front row: Bruce Simoneaux, Ray Hilton, Harrell Leavens. aw- 1 11 x r--muemwi 1 1 THE READER'S GU I LD MRS. EDIS HAYNES With the organization of The Reader's Guild the literati of the junior and senior classes are joined to- gether in one of Austin's newest clubs. The Guild in full-swing the second semester held many interesting and cultural programs. Along with the signing of the charter at the initial meeting, Mrs. Miller Stewart presented a book review. The Reader's Guild, with a membership of 45, is expected to become one of Austin's leading clubs. The club is indeed indebted to Mrs. Edis Haynes for her tireless efforts in its behalf. Standing: Ted Turner, Bettye Reed, Anna Lou Forrester, Quincy Lee Baker, Bess Mears, Mar- gie Sanders, Martha Rogers, Wilma Cessna, Virginia Duke, Jean Borcherding, Bill Fankhauser. Seated: Carleen Riemen, Pat Wright, Kyle Chapman, Pat O'Quinn, Boysen Etie, Norma Gou- genheirn, Thomas Sweet, Maxine McMakin, Diane Sengelmann, Mrs Edis S. Haynes. AUSTIN HOSPITALITY CLUB MISS RUTH DAUGHERTY "Move that. palm over-flower the lights-We've gotta hurry!" As you probably guess this ls the Austin Hospitality club in action the afternoon of the auspicious occasion --the Aloha Prom. Miss Daugherty's social relation's class endeavors to create-a gracious atmosphere at Aus- tin High and does a very good job of it. Top row: Billy Duncan, Aloha Club Reporter, Ralph Phillips, Aloha Club, V. Pres., Wilburn Neal, Aloha Club, Pres, Ralph Wallace. Soc Rel, Pres, James Wilhelm, Soc, Rel, Treas Fourth row: Joe Hunt, .Aloha Club, Soc. Chm, Buddy Moore, Aloha Club, Sec, Peggy Griffin, Soc. Rel., Sec., Mary Jo Ewing, Soc. Rel., V Pres Third row: Bruce Simoneaux, Aloha Club, Treas, Betty Kiecke, Aloha Club, Hostess, Jane Freitag, Soc, Rel., Soc Chm, Elizabeth Tru- deau, Soc Rel, Prog. Chm, Jean Borcherding, Soc, Rel Re- porter. Second row: J. Riley Dittbrenner, Aloha Club, Slgt -at-Arms, Violet Berczik, Soc Rel., Hostess, Dorothy Gideon, Soc. Rel., Librarian, Harold Ash, Soc Rel, Sgt -at-Arms. Front row: Glenn Gathright, Aloha Club, Host, George Whisene nand, Soc., Rel., Host. T. N. T. CLUB MRS. CHARLINE POTTER At the beginning of the year, there was heard a small "pop" coming from room Zll. That was the T. N. T. club starting the year. Now, under the able guidance of Mrs. Charline Potter, this organization has well earned its explosive title. Our Latin American neighbors and Russia were only two of the main topics of discussion when the eager beavers gathered 'round the Round Table. To further our international spirit of goodwill the Chinese Consul enlightened them on the problems of present day China, They concluded the year with a bangllll Top row: Doris Moore, Anna Belle Rourke, Gloria Wil- son, Jean Borcherding, Maxine LaPine, Ann Wood, Bill Fanlchauser, Barbara Reed, Katherine Rentzel, Martha Langley. Third row: Marion Frnka, Jeanine Eminian, Faye Jones, Boysen Etie. Second row: Bruce Simoneaux, A. B. Harris, Virginia. Spurlock, Elizabeth Reich. Front row: Benjamin Hard, Lester Gibbons, Gilbert Charn- bers, Donald Andrews Front row: Grady Cade, Jack Quarles, Bruce Simoneaux, Buddy Moore, Irvin Floeck, Pat Tillman, Mr. Lumpkin. Second row: Paul Johnson, Mike Clevenger, Jimmy Longshore, Jerry Martin, Don Paton, Mahlon Gremillion, Edward Kuhl, Bill Dailey. tanding: Frank Trahan, G. D. Burkett, Lawrence Smith, Alvin tark. eated: Bruce Simoneaux, Donald McDonald, Miss Doering, Pete tunt, Billy Boddeker. BOWLING CLUB MISS ADELE WAGGAMAN MISS LILLIAN CARLETON Sponsors The rolling ponies, with a strength of 65 mem- rs, has I4 teams which bowl in inter-school mpetition every Thursday at the Recreation lleys. Austin was the first high school to introduce bowling league which was organized four years o. Since then all seven high schools in Houston ve followed suit and prospects are bright for :ture regularly - scheduled matches between :hooIs. Letters are awarded at the end of each semester it 6, 1, Tqi. Mo off, '11 the top bowlers in the leagues. O '7qO?,If,:Q0e,.0 ,A JS 6 fa, G71 05 '79 sf' 437' N9 e 0 4, 1 '7' 'S' " 'fo tv 'S o 41 990, 0 9,4-96804 OO CN wi 05- Qi 'ee' A to Cf ' 006-66,6 ' JB oo G' 4? 6 0' 0 0760 91- f LG ! LG, fa GQ, if O46 as . ,ly PQ O' '-S' f of '71 H I-Y MR. IRVING LUMPKIN Under the direction of Mr. Irving Lumpkin, the Austin Hi-Y has had a very busy year. The purpose of this organization, sponsored by the international Y.M.C.A., is to create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and community, high standards of Christian character. The club held night meetings and other activi- ties. Their first conference meet was held in Gal- veston. 0 6 9 0 f J' '7 . 9 is O16 66 'rf X606 6 '71 f 'X .owl 9 94- ark. .og Oo? J' .N - G N Gmc. Wie M056 GO e geoflbsl 0 KK I XO Qi , WPI 0 CQ a xoxo S42 get QQ? was mfs' Q3 6 Xen Ui QCA QXQ' 90' -. Q2- 'o 52 i Je Q 0-A C00 CW Bei, xg. X629 Oz wie W . Q X Q , Q, . Q71 '65 Qi 'S sl V Q0 Nic ' C, XNXX ge ape Q00 .Ste 2345 V goo Q. Q30 ,QW Q0 X, ,LQQ QQ Q4, - 3 O oi . , X90 XXQQ QQ fb 90? Xe. ,gow QNX Q00 Dogs QNX. C, XNBQQ C999 dh, eve CN QOQXSI Y ark. Pt W, C, Jia , 050 QQ 30 xy, . X 5 X , YTQQQBS to Q' -, III SSI Ge II .6621 Stow? 636 Wo' 0003 tdfl OQQQ' QQXBX 634' QOH Xl Cf 559 QOQ 9' 'XQ5 BI QQ. TNI to Yxalk X096 YQSI P' eoe 'W ,256 Up ,ev .QW M 0 fb W QQ, QQ Ge Q, gal - ,660 SN, We Boi Zio LN Cell Q . 2,6 co Q50 tix Q9 Q W 1 O-A QDQ ga QQ, Q Y?-OS 96 I 12,5 balk QQOQ Colby-el' Saw WQ0 go WA ci tlxgoixgte ci to S- 5, BXXOQYXBZQ. -, we QOQGXXI egam K ,o'1OoqQQge-I Q ov , Y YI eve XI we aQ'lILfI ii. YA A QIQN CLARINETS El Roy Sullivan Wallace Miller Gene Loop Dick Bullock Betty Jo Wooley Vernon Pierce Lloyd Anderson Billy McCarver Richard Pearson Raymon McLydon CORNETS Jack Patison Truman Moses Charles Vibrock Billy Griffin Eugene Fitzgerald Norman Mostert Gordon Polk Bobby Monroe Harold Hock Glen Draper -W. W, .- airnmf ,. .. FLUTES Patsy Wright Arlen McKenzie Harvey Bodden SAXOPHONES Mickey McMillian Joyce Skeleton Betty Jean McKellar Claude Davis f,W:,,g,......M-w fat-,-ws - WW ,- ,,. , BARITONES Mervin Key Marilyn Wareham Virgil Crawley DRUMS Denny Mattics Bobby Cody Boysen Etie Bobby Bell Charles Purdy Ray Laurentz Thomas Clark Arlen Wiggins Eugene Rice Aljohn Scott Jack Glasscock BASSES FRENCH HORNS TROMBONES Tommy Comstalk Tommy McBrayer Donald Andrews James Bradshaw Jimmie Burson Lester Gibbons Edgar Ash Howard Reese Jimmie Ray Hearron BELL5 Dick Fankhauser Margaret Cronkhite VIOLINS FLUTE CELLO PIANISTS Conrad Strelau Harvey Bodden Jane Clingman Ann Howard Philip'HeintzA Dolores Williams Eigiryjgfgggzg TRUMPETS CLARINET JOYCS H"' Nancy Branan Eugene Rice El Roy Sullivan BASS Audrey Walters Billy Shields Virginia Eckerman Norman Mostert DRUMS PGQQY Cllafln Carol Flanders Leah Rae Letney Bobby Bell Perry Rogers Gene Weinzel For the first time since the war the band took a trip to the football game at Galves- ton. The Mustang Boosters and the foot- ball team were, as usual, inspired by the presence and playing of the band at the various football games. The Mustang Band honored the school by being awarded a Bronze Plaque for winning first place in a marching contest in Decem- ber. Their masterful marching was a bright spot in the Houston Rodeo Parade. The outstanding spring events were the concert at the Music Hall for 2500 teachers of the State Teacher's Convention and the trip to Huntsville for the contest. Rounding up the hard work, the group had one fine time at the annual picnic at Lyondale Park, TROMBONE Howard Reese First place awards made to the Mustang Band at the State Contest in Huntsville, April 6, l946: Band: Concert, sight reading, marching. Ensemble: Clarinet Trio: El Roy Sullivan, Gene Loop, Wallace Miller. Flute Trio: Patsy Wright, Harvey Bodden, Arlen McKenzie. Brass Quartet: Gordon Polk, Bobby Monroe, Jimmy Hearron, Howard Reese. Brass Quartet: Charles Vibrock, Billy Grif- fin, Marilyn Wareham, Tommy McBrayer. Solo: Patsy Wright, piccolo, Donald Andrews, trombone, Mervin Key, baritone, Marilyn Wareham, baritone Officers Captain: MARVIN KEY First Lt.: FAYE KEIPER First Lt.: JACK PATISON Second Lt.: TRUMAN MOSES Second Lt.: LESTER GIBBONS me , if 'G' xr Y PATISON THE MUSTANG BAN D -gtx ' 1 Drum Major: PEGGY VOSS 5 Majoreftes: BOBBIE JEANNE LEE PATSY WOODWARD 0 CHARLENE SEATE voss, LEE, wooowmzo, SEATE MR. MICHAEL SPAMPINATO Sega ' .-"F-.., 51: 'Q Moses 4' Director Q' -Q 9 Ag , KEIPER t A V 1 "' K dl'-s KEY GIBBONS -2 E., W ' I k Y V ' A A 1 THE STUDENTS' PAN-AMERICAN Top row: Suzanne Oelfke, Gloria Wilson, Willard Miller, Nancy Branan, Rene Vermillion. Fourth row: Bob Suggs, Barbara Baumann, Mickey McMillian, Jimmy Moffatt, Truett Airhart. Third row: Shirley Lou Wilson, Mary Louise Win- ters, Jean Swoboda, Margie McMahon, Marilyn Wrist, Carol Flanders, Jeanne Lewis, Frances Grounds. Second row: Jean Wilcox, Yvonne LeComte, Joy Swoboda, Kathleen Emery, Mary Hendley, Betty Crain, Nick Dameris, Claude Barger. Front row: Lawrence Smith, Betty Warriner, Ortrud Buselmier, Anne Landers, George Doubrava, Don Andrews, Virginia Eckerman. THE MUSTANG MOUNTIES MRS. E. C. GATES LEAGUE Mrs. Mauryne Dailey Mr. Michael Spampinato Miss Vernon Dilworth Mrs. Hilda Bradshaw Mrs. Marjorie Dyer Amijos Mios! Taking the spotlight early in the year when the Mexico City football team paid its respects to Austin, the Pan- American League, under the sponsorship of the Spanish teachers, has had a colorful season. Highlighting the year were Mexican suppers, movies, visits from Cuban and Mexican students, a pro- gram for the Lions Club, and the not-to-be-forgotten Pan-Ameri- can assembly program. Credit also goes to the hard working Directiva members who shared the responsibility of keeping the members informed on all events of Pan-American interest. OFFICERS iLeftl Top rowi Lamont Dillon, Sec., Fall term, Gloria Branyon, Treas. Fall and Spring terms, Benjamin Hard, Sec., Spring term. 1 Front row: Elizabeth Batmanis, Pres., Fall termg Benjamin Gutier- rez, Pres., Spring term. , JQY in Y ir, Y.. if Like the fine ladies of Merry Old England who gaily rode forth to the chase as the rosy fingers of dawn touched the earth, so sally forth each Sat- urday morning the enthusiastic equestriennes of the Mustang iviuunties. Joy Stillwell, Jean Turner, Barbara Robinson, Jacqueline Rechif, Mrs. Gates, Elizabeth Reich, Detta Ford, Marjorie Beseler, Jeannette Morgan, Maxine LaPine. il' few 'lan 5 . WEL fy' Ini- 53' 5 9 v , m ,A nwHWQ W" '?iw9'E7- -,fry H ...V 1 'J 1' f M 'JQ ,ze 3. 'LL ,X no WMM, .- :W Q , ,vig 5 'ifsbi I'!5'7fv' " -' eff! gf aff., L- 'lv gk x ' ' 'f -Snail, - iliwif f 1 Vfwflz 'iii K J ,Q W J, .i 2 BRIGADE SUMMER, FALL Most noticeable change in Brigade tradition for '45-'46 was the fiery lit- tle red feather. Green ones were not yet back from the war. The Brigade calendar began back in early summer with the all-day infor- mal initiation at Lyondale Park. The "Major Meanies" pictured here de- vised many of the fiendish ideas that were tried on the initiates. Drilling weekly at the Austin foot- ball games kept them busy during Sep- tember, October, and November. The bus trip to Galveston was their first out- of-town game since the beginning of the war. Another highlight of the fall season was the sport dance given by the Flags during the Thanksgiving holi- days. After the football season closed, slumber parties began to fill the girls' calendars. The inauguration of the Brigade Bowling League gave them many pleasant Friday afternoons. LIEUTENANT COLONELS: COLONEL JEANINE EMINIAN CALENDAR WINTER, SPRING At Christmas time the Bagpipers were honor guests of the Lions' Club of Houston. They entertained the club members with a program of bagpipe music-notably their unique "Jingle Bells." After luncheon they were royally transported back to school in limousines. According to its established custom, the Brigadiers drilled at the Shrine Ball in February. This is usually the last public performance, but-luckily for the graduating seniors-it wasn't the last for '45-'46, The top officers, bag- pipers, and a skeleton crew from the drum and bugle corps put on a benefit performance at Edison Junior High School for the East End Boy Scouts. "Detour-there's a mud-dy road aheadl" These were the memorable lyrics from the annual spring program produced by the Brigadiers. These in- genious empresarios selected the out- standing events of each school month and presented them as pages in their Calendar of Memories. The month of May brought the in stallation of officers for '46-'47 and the unhappy leave-taking of the senior members. MAJORS1 CAROLLYNE CLARA ANN FRANKIE DORIS KATHLEEN REESE B'5C0E DAVIS Moons LiPscoMB BUGLE CORPS APTAIN GLORIA WILSON JoAnn South Carleen Riemen Mary Sue Sloan Kathryn Rentzel Virginia Spurlock Marjorie Parker Jean Haddon Betty Spinner Mary Louis Thiel Rose Marie Winters Rose Marie Godby Jeannine Lewis Betty Jean DeBarbieris Marjorie Priest Faye Jones Margaret Scardino Peggy Carpenter Gene Whitt Jo Ann Tuttle Doris Thrash Shirley Buys Dorothy Tinkle Dolores Gilmore Rosie Sullivan Joyce Coon Jo Goosby Jerry Burchardt Joyce Sellars WWW Mill N W., Amari: BAGPIPES CAPTAIN MARTHA LANGLEY Margie McMahon Rose Mary Wirnberly Carole Flanders Dorothy Long Dorothy Moncrief Bettye Young Anna Belle Rourke Autrey Tidmore Jeannine Owens Betty Jo Needam Elizabeth Reich Mary Louise Pinkston Marjorie Schillings Frances Cadclell Shirley Thompson DRUM CORPS CAPTAIN PATSY CONN Jessie Ruth Minter Joyce Stringfellow Karlene Nunemaker Beverly Ann Cooper Billie Mae Finney Martha Carol Brunson Bernice Knight Doris Lucas Ula Mae Zurborg Robina Deskin Norma Jean Sawyer Ruth Ann Spencer Betty Michels Betty Kinsey Marilyn Wrist Willette Giersch Patsy Cain Mary Louise Winters ,M x ii' '-FK: P-V M 'ws K, 2 Sm , A 5 -531 Xooix n-I X 2 'XJ ' N Q. Vx: eq Ynmwz 'f - N, A as K . 4 4 V ?5'514ffp,,.,,.t 1 ffm li? Q 31? G 'mf A H A K-hw ik, 5 23:43 345 141595 yxfkrp-, f arming -z:,w WN ,J S? x 1? r ': gig ur- ff ' .-,fu . M" Iliff" 1 ' A 1 wa " i'1iv??. A1 'Mm ax ,L Igib ' .1 , wg, gyixme mt'-'gh , L'V:g, Fi,r 3,1 , - W If i . "9 L f hiyn .-xg , K , , X5 'PX X -' - 'V ' X : 44. -lr if 3 bv fr ' V 4 6.13" fix VN, h-..,yff- N-,.,A Nj, if 5, .L EQ" 5 f .1 Y 7ffJftE.'f'ff?fx 'ff " ,Q 'ws M' fy. wi 35,43 .N .!6M,i7A4+ 45 XM ,L KK r, mg 'Lf rxfw ,' 'fi f.,1s5Yk , , , 5,9 ? xf ,A xg Agxff htm' , W5 x o x X' 0 YKNXJQ Q X16 ' 'a .S nb ' Mqlh, -1-3-3'-EX - , 5 4 nl 'Q . r - 1 kv qi T' 'Q X k 1 1 '-X5 ' '14 X9a My O1 W 5 Qi X5 "H 764 v .JB :Yi A . . m-Nia .wit . I . W I , . V, 4 5 ' ' . ' 'A ll if I Luk- X A wr gg u , , X I h Mimi' V - Q, A T H 5 ' V 4- Q -L 1 gf 5 A Q 35' l gl ' -H 1 ' ,Mmm ,af ik Q 7' 1, 'f ' ' x -'17, V , Lx tiki 'ff " EL 1 ' N S ffig,ff!'?f1lit ff4wf5'.lLw J ,L A Q, ,E kg Y ,. Q.. M' f E3 A - ' In X 5 .A f' 1 ' :L . ' ' . ,gy 15,4 5, A 2 ,, 5 35 1 ,ltv ,Z A-Aww L M, 1 2 .rr mag xyw. , , yifl - K 3 . Mx , . K . 5 I I 'A K5 gt f- qv , N, , .wi in . . aa MFZJIQ 1 www f Q. . 5 Q x Mme? ny s .S ,ZMTMQ Q S..R.f,Sx M X V QA 5 V V , :cf N' H' N" 7' 'Q' M' Md 5' U, 1,40 V, yd v ig . ' , A is y A y I' V' 5 gn' 1 A , A v A W ' I I I ljgjf H ?ff V! ' , I .,,, , , I ff , I Q M I ., X zf V . ,ff i 1 i 11, ,- 4 t , f A ' .wa 1 M.faw -A2-H'lggfwfffvfzev-f 6 A L 9 4 ' 1-2 2132111 A ':' 'Spf'-ff ' A K 'MQW M ' M ' Lf Lf' S 4 Q X - MW 'V ' , - f ' ' ' - , ,fx - 'M ' , ' iff LW M -' H QT. ,w , k - if 9: af., ,ft . Lf, -.Mu A , A - ,W ., ' ,V .M H fu- w.' I THE AUSTIN R. O. T. C. ..":.':L-.'.5'f I Capt., CO. B. OFFICERS Kneeling: Bennie Fuller, Lt. Col., Retired Instructorj Benjamin Hard, Lt. Col., Regimental Com., Billy Boddeker, Major, Regimental Executive Officer, Bobby Brownhill, Capt., Co. A, Wayne Duddleston, Capt. Adjutant, Glenn Goodman, Standing: R. C. Thompson, lst Lt., Executive Officer, Co. B, Harlan Willis, lst Lt., Executive Officer, Co. A, Norman Dunnam, 2nd Lt., Co. A, Platoon Com., Norman Nelson, 2nd Lt., Co. A, Staff, Joe Mayes, 2nd Lt., Co. A, Platoon Com., Edward Armstead, 2nd Lt., Co. B. Platoon Com. MW . Pslkle yxot-IS' , cial we def' wmnxniiexziorexgg xea '55, C53 SPONSORS: aww eve? Oi nit- 'ald'B a . X16 ,. 39 5, 5x0 , et ,de tw? est kctie gov pm-9 awe Mary Nell Small -gels WQV Ma me G' was edt We and Dux 6 T- Hard Gloria Raimer .nQul5h aging Comm QQP. HB' 'COX ' - YNVO . 0 . . India Ann Bovd ,fi dlsxl tO' mevltce 60:65 K eniaml ,N U ct ,Ae tea vopwf WY. S es, 5 an, B beiow W we The Reserve Officers Training Corps was organized for the purpose of pro- viding military training in high schools and colleges so that the cadets may be appointed reserve officers in the military forces of the United States, should the occasion arise. The Austin detachment is designated the First Regiment, has an enrollment of ll5 cadets, and has participated in the Armistice Day Parade, the City, ln- spection, Army Day Parade, the Federal Inspection, and the annual Final Review at the High School Stadium and various Rifle Matches during the school year. This year the cadets elected four bat- talion sponsors, a lieutenant colonel, ma- jor, and two captains, boosting the morale in general, 'i . 'Q ' YN dm A 'thehl MixeS ancj Et me han go0W.xCv,iX3ax Scofe and 'Q Yxeafgfi vnayxxfWQK,xn,A Glen'-Xara' xndxqi n. tO' PWS fi Du. beg xoeiededfe ifofj, Nomawe Wg S. e We. an XQUQ iw wnwimov me 9-'O wi a U09 at Sunrise review for Armistice Day parade it 9' gg QP, .. 'll' Yr! FIRST PLATOON Joe Mayes, 2nd Lt., Platoon Commander First row: Dan Shaw, Sgt., Rex Darling, Sgt., Steve Demetre, Pvt., Robert McFarland, Pvt., Buddy Walker, Pvt., Tommy Baker, Pvt., Jadk Selstad, Pfc., Gene Milligan, Cpl. Second row: Maurice Sumner, Sgt., Dewey M. Goldsberry, Pvt., Van Hooks, Pvt., Kenneth Hulsey, Pfc., Burton Pitts, Pvt., John Thomas Oliver, Pvt., Don Lambert, lst Sgt. Third row: Arthur C. Hughes, Sgt., Carroll Har- ris, Pvt., Royce Rolin, Pvt., Frank Trahar, Pfc., Charles Blanar, Pvt., Billy Lazarus, Cpl., Her- man Bernard, SfSgt. 6 t. COMPANY "A" A. -,, l' SECOND PLATOON Norman Dunnam, 2nd Lt., Platoon Commandei First' row: Eldon Sorsby, Sgt., Marvin Crawford Sgt., Bill Arnold, Pvt., Lee Griffith, Pvt., Gene Petterson, Pfc., Harold Scott, Ptc., Bill Bris- coe, Cpl. Second row: Dick Wilcoxen, Cpl., Bob Canter- bury, Pfc., Donald Krone, Pvt., Robert Cable Pvt., Nick Demeris, Pvt., G. D. Burkett, Pfc. Third row: Harry Challie, Sgt., Jack Knight Pvt., Ed Lundwall, Pvt., Burl Purvis, Pvt., Har- old Kyle, Pfc., James Youngblood, Cpl., Bob Suggs, SfSgt. Y Y .. ,?-. WY. Y Y Y-+v,r.....s,r.., SECOND PLATOON Edward Armstead, 2nd Lt., Platoon Commander Front row: Yates Williamson, Cpl., Bob Moxley, Pvt., Harlan Conway, Pvt., Bill Evins, Pvt., Neil Davis, Pvt., Jack Raffels, Pvt. Second row: Wayne Bader, Sgt., Douglas Whit- ty, Sgt., William Henry, Pvt., Curtis Robinson, Pvt., John Cartmill, Pvt., James Cecil, Pvt. Top row: Dilbert Terry, Sgt. David L. Sutton, Pvt., Bobby Monroe, Pvt., Jack Denny, PVT-, Pat Kemp, Pvt., Donald Ellis, SfSgt. i..... COMPANY "B" F I RST PLATOON R. C. Thompson, lst Lt., Company Executive Officer Front row: Norman Mostert, Sgt., Billy Kirby, Sgt., Blanton Crook, Pvt., Charles Vibrock, Pfc., Frank Hover, Pvt., Joe Simpson, Pvt., Denny Mattocks, Cpl. Second row: Richard Pearson, .Sgt., Gene Wil- kerson, Pvt., A. C. Burkhaltei: Jr., Pfc., James Sykora, Pfc., Malcolm Hillendahl, Pvt., Eugene Rice, Cpl., Richard Etheridge, SfSgt. Top row: Eugene Prewitt, Sgt., Lee Stegall, Pvt., Harold Hock, Pvt., Elwood Meyer, Pvt., Rob- ert Jacobsen, Pvt., Gene Weinzel, Cpl., Sidney R. Tisseau, lst Sgt. THE 1946 CORRAL ,. swf,- fauh N i ANN WOOD, Editor Left, below STAFF MARIE BRADSHAW, Asst. Editor Right, below. BETTYE YOUNG, Sophomore Editor. DONALD HOLLEY, Photographer MRS WILLAVIE WHITESIDE, Sponsor BRUCE VERNOR, Club Editor BENJANHN HARD, Asst Senior Editor ELIZABETH RElCt-l, Senior Editor e literary staff takes tirne off for a Smlle BETTY JO McDANlEL Editorial Editor BILL FANKHAUSER thely arent left handed-the picture was printed Literary Editor backward CAROLINE GRAMMON Asst Editorial Editor BUDDY CUMMINGS Asst Editor Boys' Sports BRUCE SIMONEAUX, Boys' Sports Editor THALIA BREWER Girls' Sports Editor 'Ti .4-03? MAXlNE MCMAKlN, Business Mgr. ROSE MARlE SULUVAN, Freshman JOYCE STRINGFELLOW, Junior JO ANN TUTTLE, Asst Freshman BETTY JO WOOLLEY, Faculty Artis! Editor Editor Editor Editor x R -1 E S if Y 'SX f + 6 1 K L, v y ,. X 1 g A, W E A-I x Q 'S lg if yi , . ff jg Bb '-ing. Q ,Vg fair f max ,ff K i X ff Y if 1 if 'Sf BX

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