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' V . Ju., mu My X ll A if 151, iff '-,als miK N 555' . , f if if A f AQ SQ Tlx if-1 . ' W I fri gif," 45: , ' Efgjkgdw sf 22 JW f' ibfif, f O , . 1 --- - 71- ,F "fix -0 11 . . -1 fri!-N-""1i4f"'f.l 7'f'v"':,-'T5 .05 """11fi El3'1"'I1'2i'2'-'f1iF" 'fQff?f"51.??3fi1.f"' 19:54 'Y '13 WE- ' ' " If--1-1--111511.-"'Q'ff5V -L' E., Aff- 1-',""gr -32'-. QAM - f"."--gy Ky 3.5.1.-5 1 I If f 122 4- 1 T121 .115-1' V - -' ,.T,:j11g"1f1g,g1,i 34' 1i'fi'1L - 1' -Y 11- , -V 1, 'L M11 1! A 1, ,J KJV, 1.1.1 Q., 1-fs -.,: V III, .. N.. . 1 s . b , M ,.1 E.. .. .111 ,. - - '. X ' 1 1 1' ' x G 11 fx F 1 .A 1' 1 , ', rj jx 9 1 ,- f it ,I U I' 'x A 1 1 1 1 . 1 1, 11 0 1 H! ,fo ' 'M Q x V v I 7 V? J: 1, ,L iff 2 ,1. ' a-22 15? "l ":1F 'E .vi D - 1151 -1-4,1 , ' N "W QW .171 V1 L 1. -1 . . fig 1? . A 1635 1 L ,jf '3- .fnlrfl rc. . 515 .1 . - 1 A1 .V , 11.2 ' - ' Iii! .511 Q A' Q f V? 1 ,..: 1 1 , 4532-iixfbf P- ' 'iV 3 - 1 1 " C K ' '1 LL fry? , 1 J 4 jkiiamlmc n , I to g 'gr' f- 41.1 IA- ALLYCII1 3 O .4 c' U? Eff K 1 1 ' " 1 1 1 , 1 . 1' ' 1 ,1 ,, 1 1, V+ 1 'Stacy v .'b A 0 A'Ov' gi 1 W Q I I1 fi 'W 1 W LM L!! 1' I In f 11 '!1 ,. I 1 1 11 fy A I J K Sr l v 5 K VJ af ' F N SE v f I I 1 I h ' 'fi 1127 I 17 I wi F7 ' C f X ffmgf X V ' ' ffl.,- t 1 17 ' ' 'UUK1 '11 1111 1 1 - A . 1 IL h11T1r1f2l?g '- 1 -. 1 l'l o.o ljf1Q7 K- 4.1 vi f f 1-Q-....., K- f 8 11 ,1 , W 1 1fq1 -4. 1, WM, JW Z Q 11 11,11 1 .1 - '51 1 , --rj ' 'Q 1 S, ' .j-,ag :ig ,iq J. -if 1 'I .1--fr. , x11.- . ,. 1 ,-1341?-'L' ' ,,.,'j,-..y,'J 1" 'icky 1 i- 119:31 ' 1 , 1 ' K ,, f'V.L1f.ffX '73 U' K ' --x+'f2ffZ, 'X 'f " 1 . A 'fkfki A 0 1 n 1 411.Lfi'11sJf4 1 1 51, 3 X V " 1 1 'N U-1k1g,fj',i? 1 1 ' .L '-. ' 1' - 1 ., - ,-1 , ' -F P X" ' ' L 1.1, ' 1 11 -17. . Xvz,f?j1'fj.r:- .. , -,1 1. ,1 -1 i 1, 1. 1 1 ' 1 .1-15,1 1 11 1.--.Eng ff 1 'XM - L ,'- '1 M21 --'11 'Q'-f' - .' 11 f ' ' - ' ' X '1 7 :wifi 111' 'Jr 11+-1.191-4'ii'd5rfS41IL L ' ' lg! .:, 1 'fx A 1 5 .,-Lf 1."wi?'5c"2511'1-F'-'"i":9vf411145"511'1 ' L'A 4,1 . 1.1. 1. "ri - . r x ,v f 'UL , .cl Y., , .. Sl Nt. - ,. 'LYS ., X -1' X X vff' '43-, .ar ' .Y .-.., ,:, 2 w F . ,f , ,.. . + , , f . ,u .1 xe- ' . 1 -.I X. - . 4 . - -. ', y 1 . y .'.' , . . -Q, iiisacq-E?+"!xK'EF1-1 ,f..: W S'-9 iQ La- x v r' Fri 'I fri- A -L 'fe' " ' -if X NV.. .iw ,-.Ph . -:Hy .L N145 X A . v ' , ' 4 . "S . vm I, -W- -. 7 , 1 A , . " T , K , - 4, I ,- xx x -- - . X M, N 1' ,Y 4' -' I: x - . ' .x. ,Kg ' x N . , - , . I r I K . x r , ,f u 1 1 f -K , X '. Q, ,1 .- . .-F' .I N 1 N . -ll g A I.. , ri, - I . .xi , - 1 X" '-..- f. ' 1 , 1l ,I' X . X - 4. 4. ",., V - ,- . , xv V . -. L f -. .f , , , in 4, R -Va-1. Nl, . '-- 1 ,- ,, ,, X . 6 Y . - R W - - -,, f-sv" Q .Q ' I . . .' ' ln x 1 ' - ,f . .I .-- p ,, -- , sf., I V' z, ..w 1 . x... ., ' ' ' . - '-fgf,fa- pig , R .UF D,-' - --..1 , . , A, k. wi. THE STAFF ' Editor in Chief JACK PAYNE Assistant Editor JERRY ETHERIDGE Literary Editor BEN ALLEN PARK Business Manager DOROTHY DARILEK Circulation Manager MARY LOUISE WINTERS 72 1945 0221 PUBLISHED BY THE STUDENTS OF STEPHEN EAAUSTIN SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL VOLUME VI HOUSTON, TEXAS FOREWORD Before proceeding to the actual substance of this yearbook, right here we would like to review the motives which have guided us in putting it together. Most of you, we know, are graduating this June. You ore leaving your salad days, and noone knows what the entree may bring forth. You may look back with ceaseless longing, on the other hand nothing may delight you more than the knowledge that you cannot relive your youth. At any rate these times will be gone, and the period in unrecreatable. This book is designed as a cross section of your senior year. lt contains a record of your friends, your activities, your experiences. When you're growing old and gray, you can glance at this book, and remember . . . ,V THE STAFF TABLE OF SCGNTENTS I. DEDICATION .... ul. VIEWS ....,....A lu. ADMINISTRATIQN lv. CLASSES ..., .,., v. FAVORITES .S.. vu. SPORTS ,.,S...,,. VII. ORGANIZATIONS I. 'Cnet XX x 60 So Psvoond 'One sc'nooX evenj qeot e 'xs o o OC,'fN'x'N Kxnok skonde ook keno 'One oxnevs. '-5 'One Kofn 'eo dedxoote vne qeofooov- to 'enok OC'fN'x'iNl . Yo: Pxosixn 5 Booskev Udo, 'cnxe 'nos 'oeen o record X4 1, fnefnbevsnxo oXone, 've 'noe e1-c,eeded'x'cs ovesfxoos veoovd ok 'L Xoq cvnondved fnefn'oevs.'Vne Booexev-5'nox1e fnose fnefnbeve 'vnon onq ovnex Psnsixn cmo. x 'Vne cmd 5 fnoxn wow Ks eoooovixng 'Qne 'QooK'ooXX 'aeofn.'Vne cneevs 'uofn 'vas rooed-okk secixon ok 'one exodxofn were on 'xrnooveonk 'Qocxov Rn oo: Keonf 5 refixe-Konce to on GOGKXNI dm ov 'xn we c,ofnoXe'ixon ok o eocoesekd c,oon'Qero'iXocX-.'Vne Nxoe Kong Booskevs oXso deooxoked 'Qne gooX-oo-sts, ond ok 'One end of: 'Qne seo-son xnonov ed 'Qne Keoqn v4'x'0n 'Qne onnooX Bt onco Nnxd. 'Vneve were mfnovs to 'One evxeek vnok Qneve xNooXd 'o o t'Q0'oons Qnxe xgeow 'Qov 'Qne gOf0G'5', no new skoovaa weve oxl oxXo'oXe 'oecoose ok K'ne vlor .'Vne Booskevs fnonoged, K'nooc3n, sN'x'0n so one-5 on dnond Ko ook oox enoogxn 'xox 'Qnvee gofnee. Psn 'xnievesixng ond vokxnex ovo'c'vco'oXe oc,'iN'x'n4 ok 'Qne Boogie: Nos 'Qne Cxwkexfnng Qndxl 0Xen'ixne oo-ek o'x'x'xc,e. Ooex oixng 'xn K'ne Booskev 'oooxn on 'Qne second 'doog 'One :Ado e.oXd oowds on dew eved 'Qnefn Rot on oddx'ixonoX Kee. 'Vne doo-alxness wo 'on-sv. ond dneXoed v.eeo 'One Boo-skets on 'One cvedxi Qxde. 'Ke K1 eoeonl 'Qne Booskex Udo ooovoonoked 'One rnone YLQXX Rn 'one ofskkoe. On 'Qnxs vIoXno'e oXoo,oe ov oeiixn PAOKWQX nov! senfxng 'xn 'One ot ed onoX Ks one ok 'Qne mos! oowson - Nix-as Vsovn Cav eendnx 'One Keonv, Kes e nonx e, ond x nor ose Px New Mo. K6 Ko OSX 'Cn AN YW 'xox Qne Xdo 'Qne nofnee ok 'en Roxoes. 'VnXs 'xnsoxnng 'xng ekkovae ok onq Psosixn c, Psnd o dew eoeclxoX woxd ok u'Qoo' 'Qne ckoos soonsof . . .'Vne Boogie:-5 Koo Coveen'nxXX 'oooe-'Qs 'Qne Booskevs. new gfeo'i 4'x'QoYx'N , oevsonoww owen xnos 'xne-ow ed desi oixon ovlxn 'io xnevo Rn dnev swdenks, bode mode Xnev YxxevoXX :eo xxodvixon. Vxexixeqfxng QXX 'One-se 'vnxngs , we odfnxnng dedxeoke 'Cnx is N051 PS6 3005199 . 'YYNE S L KQWYX 3 ? B 5 ie uf 3 51 so N Roo CouoY 5 Q 5' 4 T x E 1 lunch-time in the spring bright patterns sketched by the mid-doy sun. VIEWS QM WI Ig I fail 0" , . . memories of footbaII games, Brigad d 'IIs T k rds- ru , rac reco and graduation. THE HOUSTON PUBLIC SCHOOLS STADIUM AND FIELD HOUSE r A x Nw v S 1 9 Q MEQN ' l5 CSCDNQ I Xwwf N Q 31 Q5 X Sf' I? S S3 NX ,W ,z WWf,,.7 , ' 'I , KW? f x vwwmMwfW,W x -ai SX Y s x X M ...,, X. jf .xx xxx iJ X- .496 NX Lil, ff. MR. GEORGE A. LOESCHER Principal Under the inspired guidance of Mr. Loesch- er, the students of our school have many ad- vantages ond privileges. For the seven years of our school's history, he has devoted his time to creating these things. His aim is to forward the interests of the school and of the student body. We are sincerely appreciative. UCH PAUUNE CRO Mas. Deon MR, JA Assistant PHNCZJJETTEE Q MESHG OFFICE Mrs. Maxine Branard, Secretary Mrs. Evelyn Puig, Clerk Mrs. J. Perry Hunnicutt, Registrar Miss Beatrice Lytle, Scottish Brigade Mrs. Helen Tackett, Librarian Miss Mollie Jackson, Social Science MATHEMATICS STANDING: Mr. J. W. Watson, Mr. Jesse M. Willis, Mr. C. L. Rawson SITTING: iss Bertha Doering, Mrs. Hilda Bradshaw, Miss Lucy Ulmer, Mrs. Ruth Kissel, 1 Miss Jessie B. Roy, Mrs. Marjorie Dyer, Mrs. Betty Hash, Mrs. Nellie B. Dawson F ACULTy SCIENCE Mr. Irving W. Lumpkin Miss Naomi Ekman Mrs. E. C. Gates Mrs. Marjorie Dyer Mrs. Janeva Davis Not Pictured: Mrs. Bernice Keating f, I I f 'Q , f fl ,I ill ,,L' ,. '37 I I OCKI QCJOOO XRQQ- Yxexe W we CP 0. 060 VN fawfxh' vIXQ,5.3' ENGLISH STANDING: Mrs, Lucille F. Dealy, Miss Ardis Phillips, Mrs. Edis S. Haynes, Miss Lillian Carleton, SITTING: Mrs, Frances Dernent, Miss Adele Waggaman Mrs. Julia B. Leonard, Miss Sadie R. McLean, Mrs. Verna S. Hogan. ' NOT PICTUREDZ SPANISH Mrs. Mauryne Dailey, Mr. Michael Spampinato, Miss Vernon Dilworth. Mrs. Willavie Whiteside. SOCIAL SCIENCES STANDING: Mr. Frank M. Potter. SITTING: Mrs. Charline L. Potter, Miss Norma Ruth Greenhill, Miss Ruth Daugherty, Miss Mollie Jackson. PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT, BOYS fMr. John C. Scott Mr. E. W. Summers Mr. Irving W. Lumpkin F I NE ARTS DEPARTMENT Miss Beatrice Harrison, right Miss Bertie Sims Mrs. Frances Dement Mr. Michael Spampinato Mrs. Alice C. Woodruff HOME ECONOMICS DEPARTMENT I rightl Miss Hazel Henderson Miss Margaret Pearson PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT, GIRLS Miss Grace Hornaday Miss Sue Garrison INDUSTRIAL ARTS DEPARTMENT Mr. A. M. Yarrington Mr. C. H. Sherman Mr. L. A. Englin Abernathy, Charles Abernathy, Kenneth Abraham, Merlin Abraham, Robert Adams, Billy Adams, Clayton Adams, W. C. Ahrens, Bob Alexander, Yale Alexander, Robert Allbritton, E. L. Ammons, Victor, Jr. Anders, Bernard Anderson, Billy Anderson, J. O. Andler, Claude Andrews, Bill Andrews, Billy Anthony, George Anthony, Joe Anthony, L. B. "Armstrong, J. R. 'WArney, Billy Arnold, Billy Arnold, Charlie WArnold, Ray Arrington, John Arterburn, Jimmie Ashlock, Coleman Atterbury, Albert Audish, Wilson Auer, Kenneth Ayeryt, Bill Ayers, Edward Ayers, Edwin N. Ayers, Bobby Aye, Louie J. Bailey, Charles Bailey, Henry A. Bailey, Jimmie Balke, Clayton Ballew, Jack Balshaw, M. C. Barber, Lee Vern L. Barfoot, Harvey Barlow, Clarence Barnett, Glenn Barnhart, Barney Barnhart, George Barton, Dick L. Bates, Ralph Batson, James D. Batterson, Mark Battle, Johnny T. Baumgardner, L. Baylor, Albert Baylor, Billy Baynes, Richard Beasley, James Beaty, Leon C. Beck, Lonnie W. Befeld, Alfred Belk, Robert Bell, Jimmy Bell, Richard A. Bell, Sidney Samps Bender, Harold Bennett, Billy Bennett, Jones L. Bennett, Leslie Bennett, Osborn Bennett, W. C. Benz, James David Berger, Hubert Berry, Edward ""'Betz, Frank 'Beverly, Brenner Bichell, Robert Bierman, Billy R. Bilbo, Douglas Billingsly, Paul Bilsback, Willard Bird, Clayburn Birkhead, N. Bisby, Lois Black, Billy Blackburn, B. Blackwell, L. D. Blackwell, Robert Blair, Bobby Blair, Gayle Blair, Russel Blankenship, B. Blaschke, H. Blau, Dean Bond, Bruce Bond, Randle Boney, Frank "Boney, Lewis Bottera, James Botts, Harry B. Bovee, Charles Bower, Richard Bowers, John Bowlin, James E. Bowser, Al Boyd, Billie Boynton, Buck "Boysen, Randolph Box, Carey Brannon, Robert Brannon, Roy Brauner, W. J. Breckenridge, G. Brewer, Jackie L. Brewer, Morris "'f'1Bristow, Clayton Bristow, George Britain, Fred Brittain, Kenneth Brock, Johnny Brockman, H. Broderick, J. G. Broussard, Ondina Broussard, Robert Broussard, Walter Broussard, Wilbur Brown, Albert Brown, Calvin Brown, Howard Brown, James M. HONOR ROLL Clancy, Thomas D. Clarac, Edward ttClark, Billy Clark, Dorothy Clark, Edgar Clark, Roy Clinkscales, E Cobb, Jack Cody, Joe H. Coker, Guy M. Colley, Richard Collin, R. P. Collins, Harry Collum, Bern R. Condor, Wm. Conkling, Richard "Connor, E. L. Connor, Robert Cook, Edwin Cook, Harlan Cook, Royce L. cook, William Cook, Wilford Cooper, Loueva Cornelius, Jack Cowart, Jackson Cox, Leigh Cox, Dewey Cox, Lloyd f"Crabb, J. D. Craver, Pete Crawford, Newton Creel, Donald Cronin, Herschel Cross, Roy Cross, Vernon Crosby, H. L. Crouch, Bill Crow, Bill Crow, Wilbur Crowley, Marilyn Crump, Herbert Crump, Leo B. Brown, Richard Curry, Alex Bryant, Vernon Curry, Bill Bulkley, William Curry, Wallace Bundy, Thomas "'tCustard, Hewitt Birch, Norbert Burnclrett, Edward Burt, Frances E. Bush, Joe Bush, Bobby Busse, Harlan W-Butler, Dwight Butler, James, Jr. Byron, Lester Cade, Bill Cade, Bob Cagle, Jack Cagle, Joe Calhoun, R. C. Callahan, Robert Callaway, W.A, Callihan, Henry Camp, Carl Camp, James W. Campbell, C. T. Cannon, Joe Cannon, Roger "'f':'iCantrell, James Cantrell, M. "Caravelle, Vincent Carmena, Jahn Carnes, Robert "Carpenter, E. L. Carroll, Jim L. Carroll, Joy C. frtCartier, Bobby "'tCase, Van Catsinas, Nick Cearley, B. Edgar Chadwick, John L. Chase, Earl L. Cherry, Elmer W, Cherry, Ernest Chudleigh, Harold Chudleigh, James Cutropia, Louis Cypert, Billy J. D'Amico, Nash D'Amico, Sam Daniels, Jacque O. Daura, Matthew Dault, Raymond Davenport, Jesse Davidson, Wade Davies, William Davis, Andrew L. Davis, Billy Davis, Johnny Davis, Merlin Davis, Thurman Davlin, Elwood Dean, Billy M. Decker, Arnold Decker, E. G., Jr. Decker, Jack DeHass, Bill DeLand, Bob DeLange, Arnott Derr, Frank Derr, John C. Derr, R. C. Dever, Johnny Devine, Jesse, Jr. Dibrell, John Dickey, Myron Dildy, C. K. Dimond, Oscar Doak, Harland tDobey, Milton Dodson, Billy Dorsey, Norman "Doubrava, Jack Dove, Bascom Dove, Billy Jack Dowden, John F. Clampitt, Robert C. Downs, Jack Dowling, W. I., Jr. Driscoll, Thomas Duckett, Dorin Duclos, Dalton Dudley, Forrest Duke, Bob Dunasky, Charles Duncan, Florine Dunnam, Edwon Dutton, Giorr Duty, John Dyer, Benny Eddy, Robert L. Edminister, T. C. Edwards, Russell Eldrige, Gordon Elkins, Curtis Elledge, J. D. Ellis, Baron Ellis, Odell Ellis, William Evans, Ettabelle Evans, Russel Ewald, Lucille Ewald, Vernon Ezell, James Fairhurst, Edward Faslun, Roy Fereday, Swan Ferguson, M. T. Ferguson, W. F. Fink, Carl Fisher, Billy Fitch, Robert Flavin, Arthur W. Follett, Dewey Foote, Jack J. Ford, Billy N. Forman, Bruce Forman, David "Foroi, Joe Foster, Jimmie Foster, Robert E. Fowler, Bobby Fowler, Jack Francis, Jim Frankie, Jorace Frederick, George Freeman, Norman Freilich, Irving Futch, Gus "Gaines, Harold Galli, Cesare Galli, Ralph Galny, G. H. Gambrel, A. J. Gatton, M. Gault, Robert Gause, Leonard Gel lenthin, Carl George, David L. George, William Geraci, Frank Getz, Allen Gilbert, Larry Gilbert, Norman Gilbert, Roy Gillespie, M, L. Gilpin, Don P. Jr. Gleitz, Allen Glenn, Albert Goff, Frank P. Goff, George Goggan, Herbert Goldapp, Wm. A. Gonzalez, Bill Goode, J. H. Goode, Stan M. Gordon, Bob Gottlob, T. J. Grado, John Graham, Tom Grant, Francis A. Grant, Morris Gray, James L. Graybill, Tommy Green, Clifford Green, Hebert Green, Norris Greene, Buck Greene, Kenneth Gregg, William "Gregory, Elton Gress, John L. Griffin, Bill Griffin, Carl Griffith, James Grover, Shelly Guarino, Bobby Guillet, Robert Gurley, lrving Gusman, James Guiterez, Jerry Guiterrez, Stanley Guynes, John A. Gwaltney, Bill Haden, Charles Hamilton, Wayne Handley, Guy Hansen, Christian Hansen, Oscar Harding, Billy Hardy, Jack 'Hare, Wendell Hargrove, Charles "Harris, Allen Harris, Brooks ""'HBlfiS, Ferris S. Harris, Winston """Harrison, Allen Harrison, Gillford Hart, H. C., Jr. Hartman, Eugene Hartman, Norman Hartman, Roy Harvey, Raymond Hastings, Billy Hastings, Harold Hatcher, John D. Hause, Evin Hausenstein, W. Haver, J. C. Haver, Paul Hawkins, Ken. VC. Hawkins, L. Hawkins, Robert E. Hayes, George Haygood, Loyd Hayley, H. C. Hayley, Herman Hayley, Milton Hays, Billie Heath, Clifton Heemer, Leonard Heinze, Louis Heitman, Bert Heitman, Talmage Helmcamp, Dewey Helmcamp, Juddy Henshaw, Fred Hensley, Paul Hernandez, T. Hightower, Robert Herron, Bob Hill, Billy Gene Hill, Charles Hill, Jimmy Hill, Jae Hill, Rolland Hillman, Harolcl Hines, Gene 'Hoffman, John Hoffman, Oscar W. Hoffman, Tommy "f"Holberg, Mickey Hollingsworth, J. Holm, Joe Holmes W. M. Holms, Percy Holt, Charles Holzinger, David Hooper, Vernon Hoovestal, Joel Hope, Harry :Hi Hope, Roy Hopper, N. W., Jr. Horne, Harvey W. Howard, Bill Howell, Ernest Hubbard, Carter Hudeck, Albert Hull, John L., Jr. Hunter, John Hutcheson, Floyd Hutchings, Marvin Hutchinson W. A. Hutson, Harry E. lsbel I, A. W. Isaacson, John Jackson, Billy Jackson, Herbert Jackson, Moody Jahn, Oran H. James, R. E. Jameson, Joe P. Jamison, Leon Jarrell, Jimmy Jefferies, C, Jefferies, N. Johansen, Norman Johnson, Earl E. Johnson, Eugene Johnson, Fred A. Johnson, Hubert Johnson Jerry Johnson Jesse Johnson M. H. Johnson, Simeon Johnson, Tommy Johnson, Vernon Johnson, Wm. H. Jonas, Edward Jonas, Russell Jones, Billy Jones, H. A. Jones, Harold Jones, J. C. Jones, Marcus Joy, Dennis L. Keeton, Sidney R Kellerman, R. Kelley, Byron Kelly, Edwin, Jr. Kennedy, James Kennedy, Leroy Kennedy, Ray Kerley, Nolan A. Kerr, H. C., Jr. Kessler, Edward Kier, Ervin Kiger, T. C. Kimbrough, Billy Kimey, Harlan E. Kimey, Milton King, Bill King, Howard Klopp, Vernon M. Klos, Victor Knight, Sanders Knox, H. A. Knox, Teddy Knox, Thomas Koch, Jimmy Kocurek, Lawrence Korff, Connie Korff, Hal Korge, Otto, Jr. Kornmayer, E. F. Krog, Bill Kruemcke, Paul Kuhn, Oscar Kung, Walter Kuntz, Richard L. LaBauve, Elwood Lacey, William Laird, Jules L, LaLanne, Jack Lamb, Richard G. Lancaster, Jim Lane, Carroll 'Lane, Charles Lang, Willy D. Langwell, S. "Lassen, James H. LaVanda, E. R. Lawler, Randall Laws, Edwin Laycock, Richard Layton, T. J. Lee, Jesse E. Lee, T. J. M tLeediker, Gail, Jr. Leinweber, G. F. Leinweber, Hulen Lemke, O. D. Lemmon, Ray Leonard, Billy Leonard, Cyril Leonard, Harold Leonardt, Bruno Leonardt, Carl Leona rdt, Lay Lesser, Fred E. Levens, Farrar H. Lewis, E. B. Lewis, George Lewis, Harvin Lewis, Nick J. Lewright, Walter Liebert, Victor Light, Warren Lilar, James Lind, John A. Lind, Oscar T. Linton, Charles Lively, Harry Livesey, Earl F. Lohse, Clifford Lollar, Jimmy Loomis, Raymond McAlpine, Ross McBride, Bill McBride, David McBride, Frank McCarty, Robert McCellan, Bill McCloskey, Jack McCoston, Robert McCoy, J. L. McDaniel, Bill McDavid, Mary McDonald, Claude McDonald, Travis McDuffey, J. C. McFarland, Bill McGrew, R. L. McKenzie, Jack McKinney, Ralph McKinney, Ramon McKinney, Umphrey 'McLaughlin, J. McManners, T. McNeese, J. E. McPherson, D. McWhorter, A. Medberry, Clinton Medlenka, Florie Medlinger, B. Menefee, J. T. Merianian, Paul Metcalf, Raymond Miller, Harold W. Milton, Joe E. 'l'Mitchell, Billy F. Moberg, Arthur Moncrief, David Mond, R. H. Montes, Paul Moody, Charles Moon, Dean L. Moore, Arno Loomis, Tom Moore, Delbert Love, Carold Moore, Donald Love, Floyd Moore, Harry C. Lovelady, Billy Moore, John Loving, James F. Moore, L. D. Loving, William O. Morcom, Billy Lovingfoss, H. C. Morcom, Pat Lowe, Percy E. M"Moreland, Sam L. Lucas, Frank W. Lucas, George Lucas, John Lucas, Robert Ludwig, Raymond Lyons, Bob Lytton, Eli Roy Maas, Ernest Maas, Hebert Mace, Bob D. Mace, H. J. tMaclaine, George Madeley, George Mahoney, Jack Mahoney, Johnny "ttMahoney, Walter Mahr, Tommy Maiey, Glenn W. Manley, Mansel Manley, Robert L. Manly, Eugene Manning, Ted Maples, Jack Marchant, Dan Marling, J. W. Marshall, Bob Marshall, Paul Morgan, H. L. Morton, Perry Moses, Brian Moss, Cary B. , Mott, Tom Mount, Ray Mount, R. H. Munlin, M. C. Murph, James I. Murphy, Robert L. Musachia, Johnny "Myers, Cato Nagorka, Robert Narciso, John Needham, Elwin Needham, Grover Neiman, Vernon Nelson, Sander Neveu, Calvin ""it"Neville, Bill Newmann, Earl Newton, Aber Nicholson, John Norman, Lamar Norman, Wiley Ofield, Billy Martin, Bob Ogilvie, C. J. Martin, Joe Oliphant, Cheekie Martin, Margaret Oliphant, Robert Mashburn, Bobby , "'tWOlsen, John Paul Mason, J. L. "Olsen, Robert F. Massey, Eugene Massey, Harlan Mathis, Martin Matteson, James Matthews, Bill Maughmer, Lynn A. Mayes, Lester Owens, Bobby Oxley, Frank O. Palmer, Kenneth Parker, Clarence Parker, Jack Parker, Sonew HONOR ROLL Parker, Talman Parker, W. R. Partridge, H. E. Patterson, M. Patterson, R. Payne, John N. Pearson, Bill Pearson, Bobby "'tPearson, Dick Peet, Jimmy Peet, Nick Peet, Steve Perez, Jimmy Perez, Michael Perkins, Bobby Perry, Bob Perry, Edward Peterson, Albert Peterson, Bror Peterson, Charles Peterson, David Petheriotes, A. Petheriotes, J. Petry, Arthur Petry, Louis Phelps, J. C. Picramenos, James 'Pinder, Harold Pitner, Charles Pittman, Jimmy 'fPittman, Roy L. Pizzitola, C., Jr. Platt, Alvin Platter, Allen 'Pledger, Alton Pledger, William Poffinger, Vernon L. Pohl, Fred F. Pontello, Tony Pool, Howard I. Post, Edwin A. Post, Walter Poxon, Raymond Presswood, G. Price, Dewey Prince, Clayton Putnam, Frank Qualtrough, Jack :t"'Qualtrough, T. Radliff, A. D. Raiford, Russell Ramey, Bill Ramey, Victor Ramsey, Billy, Jr. Randle, Richard Rao, Charles Ratliff, Lesley Raub, Bobby Raub, Tommy Rawls, Frank C. Rayburn, J. L. tReaves, J. K. Reed, Bill tReed, James B. Reed, Laney Reese, Albert R. Reese, Gordon Rein, Harold Reynolds, Dick Rial, C. D., Jr. Rial, Robert M. Rich, Kenneth Richard, Lester Richardson, G. Richardson, Harry Richardson, Pete Ridley, Bob E. Ridley, Don Riley, Douglas Riley, John W. S'Ringer, Richard ' Ritchel, Joe H. Robb, Harold S. Roberts, Fay Roberts, Marshall Roberts, Rogie Roberts, William Robertson, Bobby C. ""4'Robinson, Arlen L. "Robinson, Jack R. Robinson, James Robinson, Kenneth Robinson, Robert Rogers, G. W. Rogers, Glynn Rogers, Richard Rollette, James Rollins, Jack Rooke, David Lee Rosenbaum, Morris Rosenfelder, A. Ross, Jack Rougagnac, Henry Rougagnac, John Rubin, Julian Russell, Billy Russie, Marvin 't'iRussie, Norman Russie, Stanley Ryan, W. L. Samperi, Ciro Sanders, Jack Sanders, Edwin Sanford, Paul Sarabia, John J. Sawyer, Don Saxton, Marjorie Scardino, Robt. Scartino, Billy Schaeffer, Bob Schedler, R. R. Schiro, George 'Schleier, Tommy Schwartz, Don Schwenke, Jimmy Sclwing, Johnny Sciortino, Bill J. Scruggs, Bill Scruggs, Ted Seaman, Everitt Searley, Edwin Seigal, Charles Selden, Burnel Sevier, Jessie J. Shafer, Robert H. Shatfner, Oliver Shaffner, Ray Shannon, Weldon Sharp, John B. Sharpley, James Shedelbower, J. Sheffield, Hoyt Shelton, Sherrill Shepherd, Opie Shepherd, Samuel Shields, James Shockley, Ernest Short, Donald Showers, Allen Shown, Frank Shracler, Nixon Shudde, Weldon Shuman, Stanley Siegal, Charles Sieck, Gerald Siems, H. T. Simmons, A. Bailey t'i'Simons, Herman Simons, W. B. Sims, Harry Skidmore, Robert Skipper, Ubon Slack, Raymond Sloan, William Small, Billy C. Small, Herschel Small, Robert Smith, Albert Smith, Alton Smith, Billy Smith, Elmo R. Smith, Franklin Smith, Fred Smith, Harold Smith, Jack Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, James L. Louis Lynn Thomas Walter Wilbur J. Snyder, Arthur Sones, Charles G. Sorenson, Bob Sorenson, Ralph, Jr. Speck, Norman Speckles, James Spencer, Billy Spencer, Kenneth Spencer, Merrick Sorsby, Lester Spiller, A. D., Jr. Springer, Joe Staliworth, H. Stamm, Edwin Stanley, Deward Starnes, Charles Steely, Cliff C. Stelwagon, John Stephens, Robert Stephenson, E. L. "':iSterling, Leroy Stewart, L. D. . Stickney, Steven Stockbridge, Harold Stockton, Jimmy Stokey, Bert Stokey, Ernest W. Stratton, Melvin Straub, Robert Stringf ellow, J. Stroud, Don Swann, Swenso Sypert, Rou Lee n, John John Tanner, Harley Tarter, J. B.,Jr. Taylor, Byfield Taylor, Clarence Taylor, Herbert Teague, Juanita Tharp, Thoma Philip s, Ben Thomas, Maurice Thomas, W. P. Thomason, Keith Thompson, Arthur Thompson, Leonard Thompson, W. S. Thornton, D. D. Tibbs, Robert Tice, Kenneth Tierney, Charles Tierney, Jerry Tingley, Earle Tinsley, Roy Tinsley, Roy Tipton, Lee Tipton, William Tipvs, Tofte, Tofte, Toler, Toler, Toler, Tones, John A. Norman Walter Fred Hel lum Lester George E. Toole, West Townsend, David Tong, Howard Traweek, Charles Traweek, Glenn Traylor, J. C. Treat, Trewcl, Trumb Tryan, William J. Michael le, Harry Millard Turnage, Thomas Turnage, Joe Turner, Charley 'Turner, H. A. Turner, Jerry Turner, Louis E. Turner, John Turner, Orville Turner, R. J. Twiford, Thomas W Tynes, Roy Tyler, James Utter, Walter Valentino, J. G. Vance, George Vandegaer, W. Van Meter, Clyde Venable, William Vetrano, Philip Viola, Philip ft'Vogler, Gerald Vorman, Jean Voslah, Roy Wade, Albert Wade, George Walker, Bill Walker, Leighton Walker, William Walton, Ray Walton, Tommy Warriner, George Warriner, Jack Warring, Henry Wasek, Eugene A. Wasek, Leo J. Washburn, James Watson, Walton Way, Gus Waymire, Robert Weaver, Walter Weingartner, H. Weir, Jack Wells, James f"'Wells, Lynn E., Jr. Weyrick, Robert West, George Wheeler, Bill White, George Whitfield, J. M. Whitley, Roy Whittaker, James Whittaker, L. Wick, Foster Wilkins, Leslie A. Wiese, William V. Wiesenthal, S. J. Wilcox, Walter B. Williams, Ernest Williams, Jack Williams, James Williams, Roy Williams, Thomas E Williams, Tilmon Williams, Wiley Williamson, B. Williford, Eugene Wilson, James E. Wilson, James T. Wilson, Kirk Wilson, Yates Winner, Charles Wirth, Fred Wolf, Hubert Wood, Jean Woodard, George Woods, Charlie Woods, Liavel t4't"Woodworth, D. B. wright, Gerald T. Yarbrough, F. L. Yater, Carrie Young, Frank R. Young, Raymond Youngblood, R. L. Zapp, Herbert D. Zinkgraf, Joe 'Killed in action t'Honorably Discharged "ttMissing-Prisoner THE STUDENT COUNCIL MRS. MAURYNE DAILEY PRlNClPAL'S COMMITTEE-: SEATED: Jean Tyer, Leroy Swope, Borda Lon Bower, Mr. Loescher. STANDING: Harlan Willis, Virginia Duke, -Billy Walton Johnson, Fay Longcrier, This allegedly most representative body in Aus- tin has for its main annual project the slapping together of that most ,coveted publication of Aus- tin's wolves, The Student Handbook and Directory. Not being content with this, they attempt the colossal task of soothing the jangled nerves of the student body at lunch with the purchasing and playing of such masterpieces as "Ac-cen-chu-ate the Positive" and "Fry Me Cookie with a Can of Lord." Furthermore, on the more serious side, the Council sends "get well" cards to ailing Austinites and seeks to assist Mr. Loescher in his endeavor to keep Austin the best school in Houston. Mm OFFICERS: Ben Allen Park, Maxine McMakin, Fred Schubert, Mary Lou Bennett, Mary Lee Steinhort, Jack Payne. Tor ROW5 Bob Suggs, Curtis Livesay, Betty McDaniel, Patsy Woodward, Delores Thompson, Elizabeth Batmanis, Dolores Hare, Doyle Adams. . 3rd ROW: Harry Green, Doris Thrash, Fried Pursch Virginia Duke, Patty Holloway, Jackie Goddard, Gloria Branyon, Katherine Edwards, Jean Tyer, Dorothy Green, Ruth Fulton. znd Row: 7 Eric Johnson, Fay Longcrier, Thalia Brewer, G. D. Burkett, Mary Jane Johnson, Barbara Jones, Billy Robinson, Borda Lon Bower, Patricia Elder, Billy McGuire. ist ROW: John Willard Cummings, Truett Airhart, Ann Wood, Jo Ann South, Rex Darling, lndia Ann Boyd, Bruce Simoneaux, Leroy Swope, Harlan Willis. qi- N fa fs - c , V? , . 50.6301 . Z X K m w q- W!! . "H-If Clqzcsc 5 " Z' Z ZZ f 4 i ?14 9, www . . ky-55825 mf Z' V, ,. W,,,.,.,f 4 I0 if ,K f , .,,,,, H ,MN ,ilqlf W 1 I' ff DAX, THE SENIOR COUNCIL Mr. G. A. Loescher TOP ROW: Billy Walton Johnson, Dorothy Green, Bob Selstad, Barbara Andrews, Helen Powledge, Bob McClure. lst ROW: Jean' Tyer, Dolores Hare, Dorothy Bennatt, Mr. Loescher. NOT PICTUREDI Betty Lou Jou rnell. The duty of the Senior Council is to determine the date and the place of the various senior activities. The chairmen of the Senior Committees make all the arrangements and preparations for their particular event. Dance .......... U. of H. Reception .... . ., April2O.... April 28 . . Banquet .,............,........ May 7 ,.., Baccalaureate and Commencement . .May 27 Picnic ....,,..,..,...,......., May 29. . , Senior Day: Class Morning .... . . . May 3l . . . Class Night . . . ....May3I,.. TOP ROW: ... ...Austin Gym . . . ,City Auditorium . . . .San Jacinto Inn High School Stadium . . . . .Lyondell Park . .Austin Auditorium . .Austin Auditorium Norman Johnson, Charleene Dees, Jack Estes, Mary Lee Steinhort, Bill Oliphant. Ist ROW: Horner Harris, Marjorie Gray, Virginia Vetrano, AA-...,r,-, ,,,, 14 A. . -r -v- i COMMITTEE cl-IAIRMEN OFFICE S OF RS L ,Ks C1-,A STU fj RLEENE D ,AR '7426 EES M POLLY JONES f ' ,,, MW CHARLES CLEMENTS ...H Q Qgf 1 CHARLES HEBERT BILL ABPLANALP, LOIS ADAMS, DOYLE: TNT, 42-44, ROTC, Major, 42-45, Mustang Boosters, 42-45, Student Pan-American League, 42-43, Student Council, 44-45, Fire Dep't., Capt. 42-45. AIRHART, PATTY LOU: Scottish Brigade, Lt. Bagpipes, Colonel, 42-45, Lambda Sigma Alpha, Pres., 42-45, Sub Deb, Pres., 43-45, NHS, 44-45, Student Pan-American League, Directiva, 42-43, Mustang Boosters, 42-45, TNT, 34, dgspfality Club, Sec., 44, Student Life Federation, ec., - . ALLEN, JIMMIE LLOYD: Swimming Team, Co-Capt.,42-45, Football Let- termon, 44-45, Mustang Boosters, 42-45, Hi-Y, 44-45. ALLEN, NEILL: Mustang Boosters, 42-44. , X ANDREWS, BARBARA: Mustang Boosters, 43-45, Student Pan-American League, 42-43, Volleyball Letter, 43-44, TNT, Pres., 43-45, Mustang Mounties, Pres., 43-45, Sub Deb, 43-45, Student Council, 42-43, Sr. Council, 44-45, NHS, 44-45, The Corral, Girls' Sports Ed., 44-45. ARNOLD, BETTY LOU: scorfish Brigade, Ad: M ' 43-45- s h 45, Mustang Boosters, 43-45, Sub Deb, Pres., 4225, The tOIE'Z?c Green Masque Players, 43-45. ' 1 ATCHISON noLoREs: M 1 B r 42-45- s b D - - Hospimlify'club, 45. Us Ong DOS ers' ' U eb' 43 45 1 BALKE, CLAYTON: Swimming Team, Capt., 42-44, Hos- pitality Club, 42-44. BARGER, BETTY LEE: Scottish Brigade, Color Guard, 42-45, Hospitality Club, 44, Student Pan-American League, 43-45. BATMAN IS, STRATO BATSON, ANNE: Aloha Club, 44-45, Sub Deb, 44-45, Mus- tang Boosters, 44-45, Student Pan-American League, 43-44. BENNATT, DOROTHY: Mustang Boosters, 44-45, TNT, 43-44, Volleyball Letter, City Trophy, 44, Student Pan-American League, 42-43, NHS, 45, Hospitality Club, 44-45. BENNETT, MARY LOU: Sub Deb, 43-45, Student Council, -Re- porter Principal's Com., 44-45, NHS, 44-45, Student Pan-American League, Directive, 42-45, Student Life Federation, Vice-Pres., 43-44, TNT, Sec., 43-44, Mustang Boosters, 44-45, The Corral, 44-45. BENTON BYRON: ROTC, 2nd Lt., 42-45,'Swimming Team, Mgr. and Trainer, 45, Track, 45, Bowling Club, 44-45, Green Masque Players, 44-45, TNT, 44, Mustang Boosters, 42-45. BERGQUIST, DOLORES BEURLOT, CYRUS: ROTC, 42-44, Hospitality Club, 44, Mustang Band, 42-43. BIEHL, DONALD: ROTC, 42-44, Student Pan-American League, 42-45, Bowling Club, Sec. and Treas., 44-45, Mus- tang Boosters, 44-45, Hospitality Club, 44. BLEDSOE, DOROTHY BOGGS, WINIFRED CLAIR: Student Pan-American League, 44-45, P. E. Letter, 44-45, NHS, 45. . BOUDREAUX, ELOISE: Scottish Brigade, 42-44, Mustang Boosters, 44-45, Aloha Club, 44. BOURBON, BETTY: Sub Deb, 44-45, The Corral, Ass't Sr. Class Ed., 44-45. BOX, BETTY: Scottish Brigade, Sgt. Co. C., 42-44, Sub Deb, 43-45, Mustang Boosters, 42-45, Hospitality Club, 44-45, Green Masque Players, 44-45, Student Pan-American League, 42-44. BOYD, BETTY RUTH BRENNAN, JEAN O'BRIEN: Football Letter, 44, Track, Capt., 43-45, Aloha Club, 45, Student Life Federation, 43, Round-Up, Ass't Sports Ed., 45. BRUMLEY, JOE REE: Hi-Y, 44-45. BURK, OUIDA JHO: Volleyball Letter, 43-44, NHS, 44. Hospitality Club, 44, Volleyball Letter, 43-44. CASHDOLLAR, CONNIE CEIRCO, DOROTHY BURNETT, PATRICIA: NHS, 44-45, Mustang Mounties, 43-44, Sub Deb 43-44, Student Pan-American League, 42-45. BUSER, FREDDIE LEE: Mustang Band, 42-45, Chorus, 42-45. CALLAS, VIRGINIA CARY, BARBARA KAY: Sub Deb, 44-45, Mustang Boosters, 44-45 WM CHANEY, BETTY: Scottish Brigade, Color Guard, 45, Mustang Boosters 43, Hospitality Club, 45. CHAPMAN, MYRTLE: Scottish Brigade, Sgt. Co. A, 43-45, Mus- tang Boosters, 42-45, Hospitality Club, 45. CHASE, HERSCHEL: Chess Club, 45, Mustang Boosters 44-45, Fire Dep't, 44-45. CHIAVONNE, ANTOINETTE: Sub Deb, 43-45, Scottish Brigade, Trumpet Sgt., 42-45, Hospitality Club Sec., 44, Green Masque Players, 44-45, Mustang Boosters, 42-45. SQSIESTENOT, ELIZABETH. Mustang Boosters, 44-45, Scottish Brigade, I CLEMENTS, CHARLES: ROTC, 2nd Lt., 42-45, Sr. Class Treas., 44-45, Hi-Y, 45, Cheer Leader, 44-45, Mustang Boosters, Lawyer, 42-45, Student Pan-American League, 42-43, Hospitality Club, 45. CLIFTON, ALFRED COFFELT, BILLY! Mustang Band, Letter, 42-45, Hospi- tality Club, 45, Track, 45, Bowling Club, 45. COLLEY, RICHARD COLLINS, CAROLYN: Scottish Brigade, Color Guard, 44-45, Sub Deb, 45, Mustang Boosters, 44-45, Student Pan-American League, 45, Hospitality Club, 45. COOK, NELDA JUNE: Scottish Brigade, Sgt., 42-45, NHS, Sec., 44-45, Mustang Boosters, 44-45. COOPER, ALICE: Mustang Boosters, 44-45, Aloha Club, 43-44. CORNETT, CHARLES COSELLI, BETTY 4' -": 57' couLL, GLADYS .'., K K, Cox, MURRAY! ROTC, Capt., 42-4s- Th c l s f Ed - ' f , i - 1 1, Mustang BOOSTGVS, 45, Bowling Club, llice-llPregn44, por S I' 45' A : A ll W CROSBY, Boa: Hl-Y, 43: R a-u A ff l 4:54 " Mustang Boosters, 44-45' oun D, ss SDOrts Ed., 44, -il Y it S ':'ii ,s', - CULVE 1 , i t , ' ' , Q R, LAURA Volleyball, 44 45. M U - CUUMEI- 'W-PH ' , llsl ,. A 'R ' -4 DARILEK, DOROTHY l-l.: saanlal-l Brigade, sat. 44-45- L. 4-gb, ,, A NHS. Vlce-Pres., 44-45, Sub Deb, 43-45, Mustang Boosters, ' 3 4' A , 44-45, The Corral, Bus. Mgr., 44-45. VVVAV 5, 3 , ll DAVIS, EDITH: Aloha Club, 44, Speech Club, 45. DAWKINS, THOMAS GUY DEASON, BETTY LOU: Mustang Boosters, 43-44, Mustang Band, 42-45, Student Council, 42-43, Orchestra, 44-45. DEES, MARY CLARLEENE: NHS, Vice-Pres., 44-45, Mustang Boosters, 42-45, Student Pan-American League, 42-43, Hospitality Club, 45, Lambda Sigma Alpha, 42-45, Volleyball Letter, 43-44, Round-Up, New Ed., Editor, 45, Sr. Class Sec., 45. ' DEVINE, RAYMOND: ROTC, Lt. Col., 42-45, NHS, Treas., 44-45, Mus- tang Boosters, 44-45: Fire Dep't., 45. fi DURDEN. BILLIE JEAN: Mustang Boosters, 4l-42. Iggy' 4 i DIXON, VIRGINIA LOU ooAK, J. sRAxToN: M r B d, 42-455 M f B 44-455 chess Club, 45. usqng an Wang casters' DOCKERY, JERRY CLARKE: ROTC, 42-445 Mustang Boost- ers, 43-455 Hi-Y, 43-455 Basketball Team, 43-455 Speech Club, 42-435 Student Pan-American League, 42-43. DOWELL, BOBBY M. DRIGGERS, JEANNIE: Mustang Boosters, 45. DUKE, IRENE: Mustang Boosters, 43-455 Tennis Club, Let- ter, Pres. and Mgr., 44-455 Volleyball Letter, 43-445 Intra- mural Basketball Letter, 43-44. DUNMIRE, JAMES SEYMOUR: Mustang Boosters, 455 Hi-Y, 44. DURDEN, BRANTON ANDERSON: NHS, 45. l EARLES, BOBBY LEE EARLES, GENE EDWARD: ROTC, Sgt., 42-445 Hospitality Club, 44. EARLES, LYNN HOWELL: Aloha Club, 45. EASTERLY, LaWANDA JEAN: Mustang Boosters, 42-455 Round-Up, 455 Hospitality Club, 43-45. EATON, SHIRLEY DAWN: Scottish Brigade, Lt. Col., 42-455 Sub Deb, 43-455 Student Pan-American League, 43-44. EDWARDS, KATHRYN MARIE: NHS, 455 Scottish Brigade, Cpl., 44, Top Sgt. Co. B, 455 Austin Chorus, 43-455 Hospi- tality Club, Treas., 455 Lambda Sigma Alpha, 43-455 Mus- tang Boosters, 43-455 Student Council, 455 Student Pan- American League, Directiva, 445 Sub Deb, 44-45. EIGNUS, GENE: Mustang Band, 2nd Lt., 44-455 NHS, Pres., 44-45. ELDER, ANN ELDER, GRACE ESTES, CHARLES EDWIN: Mustang Boosters, 44-455 Track Team, 45? Student Council, 43-44. ESTES, JACK HOMER: ROTC, 42-445 Mustang Boosters, Chief, 455 Stu- dent Pan-American League. 42-445 Sr. Class Pres., 45. .elitist .mah . E1-i-limos: :env H., Jn.: The con i, A 'f sd. 45- M t QM W 41-425 lcsheh Club, sec.-Trees., 43-45,oRoT?, sgfj 42'-44f5s?S3efi0c5gif1 ' Cl , - , sw FISHER, JAMES H.: Track, 43-45. FLANDERS, JEAN EVELYN: Sub Deb, 43-445 Mustang Mounties, 43-445 Mustang Boosters, 42-455 S tt' h B ' d Drum Sgt., 42-455 Student Pan-American Leggauef 42-42? e' FORD, MAURICE LAMAR: NHS, 44-455 St d t P -A ' 42-445 Student Council, Principal's Committeg,e413-44?n mencon League' FOSTER, DONALD IVICTOR: Mustang Boosters, 44-455 NHS, 44-455 Student Pan-American League, 42-445 Student Council, 44. FOSTER, JOHN STANLEY: TNT, Vice-Pres., 44-455 ROTC, Sgt., 42-445 Mustang Boosters, 44-455 Speech Club, 45. FOWLER, JACK PATTERSON: Football Letterman, 44. FULTON, RUTH: Scottish Brigade, 43-455 Sub Deb, 44-455 Hos- pitality Club, 455 TNT, 445 Student Council, 45. GARVIN, HOWARD WAYNE GASKELL, BETTY HELEN: Scottish Brigade, Capt, Co. B, 42-455 Mustang Boosters, 42-455 Mustang Mounties, 42-435 Student Pan-American League, Directiva, 42-445 Student Life Federation, 42-435 NHS, Treas., 44-455 Sub Deb, 43-455 Green Masque Players, 44-455 The Corral, Brigade Rep., 44-45. GERIEODE, FRED OLIVER: ROTC, Capt., 44-455 Mustang Boosters, 4 -4 . GORDY, MORRIS J.: Student Pan-American League, 42-435 Student Council, 43. GOSSETT, JOE DON: ROTC, 43-45. GOTCHER, MARY GERTRUDE: Scottish Brigade, 43-455 NHS, 44-455 Sub Deb, 43-455 Student Pan-American League, 43-455 Mustang Boosters, 44-455 Round-Up, 45. GRAF, H. D., JR.: ROTC, Letter, Rifle Team, lst Lt., 41-455 Mustang Band, Letter, 41-455 TNT, 44-45. HUGH J Basketball Letterman 43-45' Football Letter man, 44, Round-Up, Sports Ed., . P v-.4 GRAY, MA 0 1 l ' I Q Sub Deb, 43-445 Scottish Brigade, Color Guard, 43-45, NHS 44-455 Student Pan-American League, 42-445 MUSTCIMQ BOOSTBVS M, 42-45. 5 x GRAY, ROSELYN JO GREEN, BONNIE ROSE: Mustang Boosters, 44- GREEN, DOROTHY LEE: Student Council, 445 Sr. Council, 45. GRANBEIIRY' 'Z 44-45- i-los itality ciubf 455 TNT, 43-44. RJ RIE HELEN TNT 43 44' Mustang Mounties 43-445 HAFERKAMP, BETTY JEAN: Hospitality Club, 43-45, Student Pan-Ameri- can League, 44-45, Mustang Boosters, 43-45. HAMPTON, NORMA JEAN HARDING, FLORENCE EMILY: Scottish Brigade, 42-45, Sub Deb, 43-45, The Corral, Girls' Sports Ed., 43-44, Mustang Mounties, 42-44, Green Masque Players, 44-45, Hospitality Club, 43-45, Mustang Boosters, 42-45. HARE, DOLORES: Mustang Boosters, 45, Mustang Mounties, Sec., 45, Sub Deb, 44-45, TNT, 45, The Corral, Club Ed., 44-45, Sr. Council, 45, Student Council, 43-45, P. E. Letter, 44, Hospitality Club, 43-45. HARRIS, HOMER FLOORE: TNT, 43-44, Student Pan-American League, 42-44, Mustang Boosters, 42-45. HARTSFIELD, JUNE EVELYN HAWKINS, MAXINE MYRLE: Volleyball Letter, 45. HAWLEY, NORMA JEANE: Round-Up, Jaurn. Letter, Page 2 Ed., 45, Sub Deb, 43-45, Mustang Mounties, Sec., 42-43, Scottish Brigade, Trumpet Sgt., Top Sgt., 42-45, The Corral, Ed. Staff, 43-44, Speech Club, 45, Mustang Boosters, 42-45, Music Club, 44-45, Green Masque Players, 44-45, Round-Up, Head Typist, Adv. Mgr., 42-45. HAYGOOD, DORIS JEAN: Mustang Boosters, 43-44, Vol- leyball Letter, 42. HOWARD, BETTY LOU: Scottish Brigade, Top Sgt., 42-45, Sub Deb, 43-45, Mustang Boosters, 44-45, The Corral, 45, Student Pan-American League, 42-44. HOWARD, CLINTON HUGH: TNT, Sec., 44-45, ROTC, lst Sgt., 43-44, Student Pan-American League, 45. HOWELL, PATRICIA LOU Husv, MARY LOUISE: s' att' h B ' d , 42-45, s b D b 3- 5- Boosfers, 43-45, Hospimnfy drab, TE? e U e ' 4 4 ' Mustang HUMASUNI VERA JEAN: Volleyball Letter, 44, Bowling Club, 44, Mus- tang Boosters, 45, Hospitality Club, 44. HEBERT, CHARLES MANUEL: ROTC, Sgt., 42-44, Hospitality Club, Pres. 44, Mustang Boosters, 42-44, Student Pan-American League, 43-44, Sr. Class Lawyer, 45. HELLUMS, BILLIE GERALDINE: Student Pan-American League, 42-43, Mustang Boosters, 42-45, Hospitality Club, 45. , HEMBREE, OUIDA JO: The Corral, Co-Ed. Girls' Sports 44-45, Volleyball Letter, 44, NHS, 45, Baseball Letter, 44 HENDERSON, LORA LYNN HOLLEY, H. M. HOLTKAMP, CAROLE ESTELLE: Scottish Brigade, Color Guard, Drill Major, 42-45, Sub Deb, Treas., 43-45, Mustang Boosters, 42-45, Round-Up, Ass't News Ed., 44-45, Hospi- tality Club, 45, Student Pan-American League, Vice-Pres., 42-43, NHS, 45. 1 HUME, DORIS MARIE: Bowling Club, 45, Mustang Boosters, 44-45. Hospitality Club, 445 Volleyball Letter, 43. HURST, MYRTIS RUTH: Mustang Boosters, 44. INGRAM, MARY ANN: Mustang Band, Letter, 42-45, Volleyball Letter, 445 Tennis Club, Letter, Ass'tr Coach, 44-45, Baseball Letter, 44. IRWIN, MARJORIE ANN: Mustang Boosters, 44, Volleyball Let- ter, 44. ISAACKS, EARL EDWARD: Basketball, 44-45, Hospitality Club, Treas., 44, Tennis Club, 43-455 ROTC, 4l, Fire Dep't, 44. ISBELL, JACK EDWIN: ROTC, 42-44, Hospitality Club, 44-45. JACKSON, JO LOUISE POE JARVIS, CLAUDE G.: ROTC, Sgt., 43-445 Mustang Boost- ers, 44-45p Fire Dep't, Capt., 44-45. JASCHKE, MARY LOU ISE JOHNSON, JANE: Scottish Brigade, Top Sgt., Drums, 42-45, Sub Deb, 4.3-44p Round-Up, Page 2 Ed., 43-44, The Corral, 44, Mustang Mountles, Vice-Pres., 42-43, Mustang Boosters, 42-45, Green Masque Players, 44-45, Hospitality Club, 43-45. JOHNSON, MONNA E.: Scottish Brigade, 42-44, Mustang Boosters, 42-45. JOHNSON, NORMAN L.: Bowling Club, 45, Student Council, 45, ROTC, 2nd Lt., 43-455 Aeronautics Club, 43-44, Mustang Boosters, 43-455 Fire Dep't, 455 Student Pan-American League, 43, Door Guard, 43-45. JOHNSON, SHIRLEY LOU: Scottish Brigade, Lt. Col., 44-455 Round-Up, Adv. Mgr., 44-45, Green Masque Players, 45, Sub Deb, 44-45, Mustang Boosters, 42-43. JOHNSON, WILLIAM WALTON: NHS, Pres., 44, Student Council, Treas., 42-45, Lambda Sigma Alpha, Treas., 42-45, ROTC, Capt. Adi., 42-45, Track Team, 45, Sr. Council, 45, Student Pan-American League, 42-45. JOHNSTON. DOROTHY MAE JONES, HARRISON EDWARD: ROTC, 45. JONES, NONA PAULINE: Round-Up, Column Ed., 44-45. JOURNELL, BETTY LOU: NHS, 44-455 Sr. Council, 455 Student Pan- American League, 42. KASPER, BETTY JANE: Sub Deb, Vice-Pres., Treas., 44-45, Scottish Brig- Q ade, Capt. Co. A, 42-45, Round-Up, Artist, 44-45, The Corral, Artist, 44-45, Mustang Boosters, 42-45, Mustang Mountres, 425 Student Pan- AB American League, Treas., 42-43. HUME, MARY JOYCE: Mustang Boosters, 44-45, Sub Deb, 44-45, KELLY, NANCY KING, ALICE LaRUE: Student Council, Principal's Com., 43-44, Tennis Club, 43-45, TNT, 44, Aloha Club, 45. KNEISLEY, SHIRLEY MAY KNIGHTON, NORMA GERALDINE: Orchestra, 43-45, Speech Club, 44-45, Volleyball Letter, 42, KORNMAYER, THEODORE JOSEPH: Mgr. Football, Basketball, Track Teams, 44-45, Postmaster, Booster Valentine Box, 45, The Corral, Ex-officio Contact Man for Sports, 44-45. ' KOUSAKIS, BESSIE J.: Mustang Band, 44-45. KRAUSE, JOYCE ALLYNE: Mustang, Boosters, 4l-45, Bowling Club, 44-45, Volleyball Letter, 45. KROPP, KATHRYN DOROTHY: Mustang Boosters, 44-45, Student Pan-American League, 42-45, Volleyball Team, Letter, 44.. LALA, GEN EVI EVE . ,VCU Mustang Boosters, 45. LANE, HENRY CARROLL pitality Club, 44, Tennis Club, 44, Student Pan-American League, 44. LAURENTZ, GLENN ROBERT: Hospitality Club, 45. LEE, JOHN CHARLES LEONARD, STELLA JEANNIE: Hospitality Club, 45, Mus- tangs Boosters, 45, Scottish Brigade, 42-45, Speech Club, 4 -4 . LETNEY, NINA ELIZABETH LEWIS, ALBERT MAURICE LEWIS, BERNICE: Mustang Mounties, 44-45, Scottish Bri- I gade, 43-45, Speech Club. LILES, CAROLYN LITHERLAND, LOUIS OWEN: Hi-Y, Pres., 42-44, ROTC, 42-44: The Corral, Class Activities Ed., 45, Mustang Boosters, 44. LANCASTER, MARSTON: - Round-Up, Sports Ed., 44-45, Sub Deb, 44-45, LASSITER, BETTY JEWEL: Mustang Boosters, 43-45, Hos- .1 ,X ,,VA ,,w1 , I . , . 'tr -vt f :ge I' ' Q S 'W 1- ' .ii . Q.. 7- ' twt,w'l"iof .ste f ' I . N 5 A A 2 I V B " 4 -- 9. ' ,gf J Li' 55:55 1 f gf. . .1 ' ' sl? 7 'V,,5j'g'9ff1gQijV . rj .f - ' . r -419355. y . , T,-.ry-1: 'gf 'E W' N M libs W .fi 4 2. . ' ' . 4 .1 .M , , , , - inf QTY" f f'..'f:lZj,, ,Vi ,V .L-.'..3,.2:' f ' iff?-.fiiigsmlvf " "-.J-'55, 'fitis it ,gf M, ,. . -fm, 'M'--zsiffgwtl-. ' till' S5519 ' Y. v '1:.:'i -- sz: ,gi-Q . -' A, . .A jflt-WW: X ' 1 -- '. -' . .'SPii4:flfzef i i. ltlil- 'ifiE?l'2iiw f- me-.rss f "'-'ffffllfifis-1 ' 'f'l:f::'l.--IL: 'g fm-I::.t.ffip,.f'1.:" " -5 im-:1eg,z+'. "'t1--ii'-e.g5i5s5i:5-,rg if 'U .41 '.- , -' 1 . .,.. . A A . - , f y y I ' L i ff' f .gi?1'f,,,.l A ,. ,tr i '1fii2i-"- f "'. giz:.vJ 2 . . im ' ,- I 7'i7.lli+'flQ'-A' '- -- . . 2, 'iff' M u 22' -f '1 ' 'S M "si-lm e 1 . 3 t MARTIN, BOB: Mustang Boosters, 43-45. MARTIN, JACK M.: Aloha Club, Sgt. at Arms, 44-45. MATTESON, HELEN: Mustang Mounties, 42-43, Boosters, 44-45. MATTESON, JOHN D., JR.: Mustang Boosters, 45. ' MAY, KATHLEEN: Mustang Band, 42-455 Orchestra, Sec., McCLURE, JOHN ROBERT: NHS, 45, Mustang 44-45, Mustang Band, 43-45, Sr. Council, 45, Bowlers, 45, Chess Club, 44-45, ROTC, 43-44. LITTLE, BILLIE LORAINE: Scottish Brigade, 42-45, Mustang Boosters 44-45, Aloha Club, 45, Student Council, 44-45. LOBIT, BERTHA LOUISE L.gCKETT, MARTHA: Softball Letter, 44, Hospitality Club Rifle Team, 44. LOWERY, BETTY JANE MADELEY, CHARLES RAYMOND: Most Popular Senior Boy, Football, Letter, Capt., 43-45, Basketball, Letter, Capt., 43- 455 Track, Letter, Capt., 43-45: Mustang Boosters, 43-451 Fire Dep't, Chief, 44-45. MALINAK, LANELLE DORIS: Mustang Boosters, 445 Aloha Club, 43, Stu- dent Council, 43. MAPLES, BEVERLY JO: Mustang Boosters, 42-455 Scottish Brigade, 42-445 Bowling Club, 44-457 Student Pan-American League, 44-45. MAPLES, DORIS RUTH: Mustang Boosters, 42-455 Scottish Brigade, 42-44, Bowling Club, 44-455 Student Pan-American 1 LOFGREN, BILLY READER: ROTC, Sgt. 43-44, Hospitality Club, 455 League, 44-45. Mustang 45. Boosters, Mustang MCDANIEL, MARIE: Mustang Boosters, 42-45, Bowling Club, 44-45. McDOUGALD, ELIZABETH ANN: NI-IS, 44-45, Chief Cheer Leader, 44-45, Scottish Brigade, Sgt. Bugles, 42-445 Mustang Boosters, Bouncer, 44-45, Sub Deb, 43, Round-Up, News Ed., 45, TNT, gi-g4g45Student Pan-American League, Treas., 42-43, Hospitality u , . McFARLAND, BILLIE JEANNE: Mustang Boosters, 4l-455 Hospitality Club, 44-45, Volleyball Letter, 44-45. McKENZIE, GILBERT: Mustang Boosters, 43-455 Mustang Band, lst Lt., 43-45, Swimming Team, 43-44. McKINNEY, JO AN: Scottish Brigade, Cpl., 42-43, Mustang Mounties, 44-45, Mustang Boosters, 42-45, Aloha Club, 455 Volleyball Letter, 44-455 Sub Deb, 43. McMURTRY, MARY FRANCES: Best All-Around Senior Girl, NHS, 451 Scottish Brigade, Drum Capt., 42-45, Sophomore Beauty lRunner-Upl, 435 Jr. Beauty, 44, Student Pan-American League, 42-435 Aloha Club, Vice- Pres., 44-45, Sub Deb, 43-44, Green Masque Players, 44, Round-Up, Feature Ed., Page l Ed., 44-45, Mustang Boosters, 44-45. MEADOR, HARRY: ROTC, Sgt., 42-445 Speech Club, 44-45, Mus- tang Boosters, 44-45. MERCER, CHARLOTTE: Scottish Brigade, Sgt., 42-45, Sub Deb, 43-455 AIoh'a Club, 43-45, Mustang Boosters, 43-45. METCALF, CAROL: Scottish Brigade, Sgt., 43-45, Sub Deb, 43-44. MICHEL, BILL MILLER, JOHNNIE EVELYN: Mustang Boosters, 44-45, Aus- tin Chorus, 43-455 Student Pan-American League, 43-45, NHS, 45. MILLER, RUBY MAY: Volleyball Letter, 44-45. MILTON, DAVID DEADY: ROTC, 445 Student Pan-American League, 43. MOBLEY, DONALD A.: Student Council, 44-45, TNT, 43- 445 Aeronautics, 43-445 Mustang Boosters, 42-45, Chess Club, 44-45. NELSON, BONNIE SUE: Mustang Boosters, 42-45, Scottish Brigade, 42-44, Aloha Club, 44. NEVUE, PANSY NEWMAN, LESLIE J., JR.,: Chief Cheer L:ader, 43-44, Student Life Federation, 43-44, Hi-Y, Pres., 43-447 ROTC, 42-44. NICOLS, LAVERNE: Round-Up, Girls' Sports Ed., 43-44. NORCOM, DAVID P.: ROTC, Capt., 42-45. MOSES, PHILLIP LYLE MU ELLER, ALICE JOYCE MURPHY, LOUISE: Volleyball Letter, 41-447 Baseball Let- ter, 43. MURRAY, JEAN A.: Mustdng Mounties, 43-44. MYER, RUSSELL S., JR.: Mustang Boosters, 44-455 The Corral 44-455 ROTC, Sgt., 42-44, TNT, Pres., Treas., 42-455 Chess Club 44-455 Golf Team, 42-45. NAGORKA, RUTH C.: Hospitality Club, 44, Mustang Boost- ers, 44-45, Volleyball Letter, 44. x-5 PATTEN, FLORA MAE PATTERSON, FRANCES CAROLYN: Scottish Brigade, Sgt., 42-44. PAYNE, JACK: Mustang Boosters, 44-45, Student Pan- Amerlcan League, Yice-Pres., Treas., 42-445 TNT, 44-45, The Corral, Ed. in Chief, 44-45, Student Council, Sec., 42-45, Student Life Federation, 43-44. PEARSON, GEORGE PETERS, MARGUERITE A.: Mustang Boosters, 42-45. PIERCE, BARBARA OHMAN, MARILYN JOYCE OLIPHANT, WM. WAYNE: Hospitality Club, 44, Football Letter, 445 Swimming Letter, 43-455 Sr. Class Sgt. at Arms, 45. OLIVER, JACK WAYNE: Mustang Boosters, 43-44. ORSAK, MARJORIE RUTH PACE, STEVE K.: Mustang Boosters, 44-45, Bowling Club, Mgr., 44-457 Chess Club, 43-44. PALLA, MINETTE: Mustang Boosters, 44-45, Mustang Band, 43-445 Orchestra, 44. PARK, BEN ALLEN: Student Council, Parl., 44-45, The Corral, Literary Ed., 44-45, Round-Up, Page 2 Ed., Literary Ed., 44-45, Chess Club, 43-455 Speech Club, 42-45, TNT, 45. PARKS, OVA JEAN: Mustang Boosters, 42-45, Soph. Beauty, 43: Gym Letter, 42, Student Council, 44, Bowling Club, 44. PASSWATERS, DOLLIE JOY: Sub Deb, 44-45, Lambda Sigma Alpha, 44-45, Bowling Club, 44-45, Mustang Boost- ers, 44-457 Hospitality Club, 45, Mustang Mounties, 44. POPE, GLAD! S D. POTTER, TOM: Football, Mgr., 43-44, Aloha Club, 43, Golf Team, 44-45, Speech Club, Vice-Pres., 45: Hi-Y, 44. POWELL, VONNIE LEE: Mustang Band, Maiorette, 42-455 Hospitality Club, 445 Mustang Boosters, 42-45. POWLEDGE, HELEN: Sr. Council, 45, Hospitality Club, Vice-Pres., 45, P. E. Letter, 44-45. PRICE, ANNETTE PURDY, GLADYS MAE: Lambda Sigma Alpha, Vice-Pres., 44-45, Sub' Deb, 44-45, Baseball Letter, 44, The Corral, Editorial Ed., 45, P. E. Letter, 45, Student Pan-American League, 42-45, Student Council, 43-44, Mustang Boosters, 43-45. RANSOM, ELINOR: Mustang Mounties, 45, Student Pan-American Sgalglue, 44-45, Mustang Boosters, 44-45, NHS, 45, P. E. Letter, RAY, ALLENE: Scottish Brigade, Sgt., Tenor Drums, 42-45, igb45Deb, 43-45, The Corral, Co-Class Ed., Head Typist, RAY, EULENE: Cheer Leader, 44-45, Mustang Boosters, 42-45, Scottish Brigade, 42-44, Hospitality Club, 44-45, Sub Deb, 43-45, The Corral, Ass't Typist, 44-45. RAWLEY, STANLEY T.: Basketball, 45. REED, GENE RUSSELL: Football, Letter, All City, 43-44. REEG, CHARLYNE LOUISE: Mustang Boosters, 43. REYNETT, KATHARINE LORRAINE: Mustang Boosters, 44. RILEY, NANETTE REGINA: Mustang Band, 2nd Lt., 44-45, Mustang Boosters, 44-45, Round-Up, 44-45, The Corral, Circulation Mgr., Fall, Round-Up Rep., Spring, 44-45. RISLEY, CLIFFORD: Mustang Boosters, 4I-45, Student Pan-American League, 4I-42, ROTC, 4I-43. RTS, RUTH MARION: S ttih Brigade, Lt. Co. B, 42-45, Rggrsd-Up, Typist, Columnist, C42-45,..Aloha Club, 45, Mustang Boosters, 42-45, The Corral, Ass't Typist, 45, Sub Deb, 45. ROBERTSON, BONNIE JEAN: Scottish Brigade, Sgt., Capt., porter, 43-45, Speech Club, 45. 42-45, Scottish Brigade, 43-44, Student Pan-American League, 42-44- ROBERTSON, GRACE E.: Mustang Boosters, 42-45, Aloha Club, 45. ROBINSON, PATRICIA MONTEREE ROGERS, JOHN LEWIS ROYALL, JESSE THOMAS, JR.: ROTC, 4l-43, Bowling Club, 44-45, Mustang Boosters, 44-45, ST. CYR, JEANNE ARDEN SAYERS, MARY JOAN: Mustang Boosters, 44. SCHAUB, KATHRYN THERESA: Scottish Brigade, Top Sgt. Co. B, 43-44, Mustang Boosters, 44-45, Hospitality Club, 45. Co. C, 43-45, Mustang Boosters, 43-45, Round-Up, Re- ROBERTSON GEORGIA B.: Hospitality Club, 44-45: MUSTGFIQ Boosters. SCHROERLUKE, EUGENE SCHUBERT, FRED J.: Mustang Band, lst Lt., 43-45, Orchestra, 43-45, Student Council, Pres., 43-45, Mustang Boosters, Bouncer, 43-45, Student Pon-American League, Directiva, 43, Best All Around Sr. Boy. SCOTT, BETTY: Mustang Band, 43-45, Orchestra, 43-45, Mustang Boosters, 43-45, Aloha Club, 44. SEGREST, JOYCE ANN: Mustang Boosters, Sec., 44-45, Sub Deb, 43-44, Hospitality Club, 45. SELLERS, SYLVIA BESS: Scottish Brigade, 43-45, Mustang Boost- ers, 44, Hospitality Club, 44, Mustang Mounties, 44, Bowling Club, 44. SELSTAD, ROBERT ARNEY: Mustang Boosters, 44-45, NHS, Herald, 44-45, ROTC, Capt., 42-45, TNT, 43-45, Sr. Coun- cil, 45. SEXTON, LAURENCE J.: Mustang Boosters, 44-45, ROTC, lst Lt., 42-45, Student Pan-American League, 42-44, Student Council, 42-44, TNT, 43-45, Rifle Team, 43-45, Fire Dep't, 43-45. SHEFFIELD, FLOY GRACE: Scottish Brigade, Color Guard, 42-45, Mustang Boosters, 44-45, Aloha Club, 45. SHIELDS, KATHRYN G. . zslvzwfw, L g5,,.,,lfq l,-,Q ,,.,,53.qQg--Wll,-4,5 gr .2 MW ' , - - Ai Q.. it . , SIECKI GERALD E.: Mustang Boosters, Cash Booster, 44. H gt SIMMONS, NELLIE MAE: Aloha Club, 45. f gc 4 f 1 SWPSONI FONNW ANN1 Speech Club, 45: Hospitality 1 fm llfl' ! Club, Llbrarlan, 44-45. f' if it L"aif'7 fl "-' 1 EFS-:??iE?flii5 SIMPSON, NANCY LOU: Mustang Boosters, 43-45, Tennis Club, 42, t,:E'.ggg.5,f53Qi-E,in I , "" , SIMS, FRANCES MARIE: Mustang Boosters, 42-45, Sub Deb, 43-45, go fl, HOSDITOIITY Club, 45- . +-' M ix.. ,gg SIMS, JUNE El.EANoR: Musmng Boosters 44- Volleyball ' G . l,tl Letter 44 , , I ' ' 'Q l i ' iw, ' 'Wil 'les -' '-Q.: .Y-'Nigel 2 1 uf- X f - ..,. lffiw 1931-.' tl -2 ..- -- L. V .. A, - . .. ,,,m,., I . V ssl: pw. .a I 4, SKIDMORE, RUTH HAZEL: Mustang Boosters, 42-45, Mustang Mounties, 42. SMITH, DOROTHY RAY: Mustang Boosters, 43-45. SMITH, FRANCIS PARKE: ROTC, Capt.. 42-45, Fire Dep't, 45, Rifle Tecm, 45 SMITH, JACK RILEY: Mustang Boosters, 44-45. SMITH, JOYCE SMITH, KAY: Hospitality Club, 44-45, SOILEAU, RAY BURKE SVZFQSRSIAZJIEEIANI B.: Mustang Boosters, 44-45, Tennis Club I Cub, Mustang Band, 45. SPEIGHT, BETTY JOE: scottish Sec., 43-45, Round-Up, B . M . 44-45' M . - ' pQn'American League, 45-lla. QF, , ustang Boosters, 42 45, Student Brigade, Lt. Drums, 42-45, Sub Deb SPRADLEY, GLENN MARLON: ROTC, 43-45. SPRINGER DOYLE R.: M t B t l- 2- ' Dep't, 43-45, Football Letter?s45f1g 005 ers' 4 4 ' Fire SPRINGER, MARY FRANCES: Mustang Boosters 44-45' S tt' h B' d Lt. Co. C, 43-45, Sub Deb, 43-45, Mustang Mounties, 43-422. Is nga E' STEELY, JESSIE MAE: Hospitality Club, 45. STEGALL ALTHEA GENE: s ffh B' a c r. Fl 42-45: NHS, 44-45, Round-Up?oE: Ed.,r'g2gi' 3 Eg., 43335: Mustang Boosters, 42-45, TNT, Treas., 43-44. ' TAGGART, BILLY BANKS TANKSLEY, JOHN W.: ROTC, Master Sgt., 42-45, Hospitality Club, 44, Mustang Boosters, 42-45. TARDO, J. PATRICK: ROTC, Cpl., 42-43, Student Pan- American League, 42. TARTT, HERBERT BLAKE, JR.: ROTC, Ist Lt., 42-45, Chess Club, Pres., 43-45, Student Council, 43-44, Speech Club, 44-45, Mustang Boosters, 44-45, The Corral, Sr. Class Ed., 44-45, Declamation, 45. TAYLOR, THOMAS E.: Round-Up, Chief Ed. Writer, 44-45, Mustang Band, Capt., 43-45, Orchestra, 44-45, Student Po'n-American League, Pres., 42-45, Bowling Club, Pres., 44-45, Speech Club, Pres., 42-44, Mustang Boosters, 42-45, Swimming Letter, 42-45, Journalism Letter, 44-45, Chess Club, 44-45, Hi-Y, 45, NHS, 45, Corral, 45, Boys' Sports Editor, Fire Dep't, Capt., 44-45, Debate, 43-45. 45, Student Pan-American League, 43, STEINHAGEN, CHARLOTTE L.: Scottish Brigade, Sgt. Victory Flag, 42- 45, Hospitality Club, 45. STEINHORT, MARY LEE: Student Pan-American League, Sec., Vice-Pres., 42-43, Mustang Boosters, 42-45, Sub Deb, 44-45, Round-Up, Managing Ed., Assoc. Ed., 44-45, The Corral, Snapshot Ed., 44-45, Student Council, Sec., Treas., 43-45, D. A. R. Good Citizen, 45, Hospitality Club, 45, NHS, Sec., 44-45, Sr. Class Vice- Pres., 45, Corral Beauty, Jr., Runner-Up, Sr., 43-44. STEPHENS, JIM: Cheer Leader, 44-45, Green Masque Rlilnyerss 44-45, Fire Dep't, Ass't, Battalion Chief, 44-45, , 4 . STROUD, HELEN M.: Mustang Boosters, 44-45, Scottish Brigade, Lt. Co. A, 42-45, Hospitality Club, 45, NHS, 45. SWAIN, SIBYL JOAN: Orchestra, 43-45. TADLOCK, FRANCES ETHELYN: Mustang Boosters, 44-45. TERRY, CARROLL: Chess Club, 44-45, ROTC, S!Sgt., 42-45. THACKSTON, BARBARA LOU: Scottish Brigade, 42-44, Mustang Boosters, 4l-45, Hospitality Club, 44. THARP, GEORGE W. THOMAS, JEAN: Sub Deb, 44-45, Mustang Boosters, 44-45, Volleyball Team, 44, Student Pan-American League, 42-43, Hospitality Club, 44, Round-Up Staff, 45. THRASH, CATHERINE ALLENE: Mustang Boosters, 42-45, Student Pan-American League, 42-45, Mustang Band, 42-43, Hospitality Club, 45. THURMAN, KENNETH RAY: ROTC, S!Sgt., 42-44, Hospi- tality Club, 44-45. TODD, RAYMOND A., JR.: ROTC, 2nd Lt., 42-45, Mustang Boosters, 44-45, Student Pan-American League, 42-43. TOOLE, MARY E. TREADWELL, ROBERT C.: Chess Club, Sec., Treas., 43-45, ROTC, S!Sgt., 42-45, Mustang Boosters, 44-45, Student Pan-American League, 42-43. TULLOS, BETTY JOE: Mustang Boosters, 42-45. TYER, JEAN: NHS, 45, Student Council, Principal's Com. 43-45' Sl-lb Deb. 44-45, Mustang Boosters, 43-45, Student Pan-American tea?-ligtfeji austin Chorus, 43-45, Student Lite Federation, 44, TYNES, VIRGINIA: Student Council, 42-43, Tennis Club, ji-jg, P. E. Letter, 42-43, Sub Deb, 43-44, Bowling Club, VANCE, KATHLEEN VETRANO, VIVIAN VIRGINIA: Most Popular Sr. Girl, Scottish BHQUCIE, Capt. Drums, Drum 8. Bugle Major, 42-45, Sub Deb, Sec., 44452 MUSTUDQ Boosfers, 42-45, Round-Up, Photographer, Co- Adv. Mgr., 44-45, Aloha Club, Sec., 43-45, Mustang Band, 45, Gfeen MOVSCIUE Players, 44-45, Mustang Mounties, 42-43, Student Pirort-fzrgmerisgn League, 42-43, Orchestra, 42-43, The Corral, Snap- s o ., . wALoRlP, SHIRLEY WALKER, MARY BETH: Hospitality Club, 44. WALKER, OWEN HEYWOOD: Basketball Mgr., 42-45, Chief Cheer Leader, 44-45, Mustang Boosters, 41-45, Aloha Club, 44-45, Fire Chief, 43-45, Football Letter, 42-43 WALLACE, BILLY WALLACE, EMMA ROSE: Hospitality Club, 44, Mustang Boosters, 42-45. WALLACE, JAMES LAURENCE: Speech Club, 44-45, Mustang , Boosters, 42-45, Bowling Club, 44-45, Green Masque Players, 44-45, ROTC, 43-45, Radio Club, 44-45. WARREN, ROY THOMAS: ROTC, Capt, 42-45, Mustang Boosters, 44-45, Hospitality Club. 45. WATTS, ERNEST g:tYC2sTT, LOU ALICE: Mustang Boosters, 42, Sr. Council, 44, Aloha Ll l I Y V Y WELLS, PEGGY JEAN: Hospitality Club, 44-45, Mustang Boosters, 43-45, Volleyball Letter, 43. WESLEY, DOROTHY D.: Mustang Boosters, 43-45. WILEY, DAVID WILCOX, BILLY BURK: Aloha Club, 45. WILLIAMS, DOROTHY MAE: Scottish Brigade, 44-45, Speech Club, 44-45, Mustang Boosters, 44-45. WILLIAMS, ROSE HELEN: Aloha Club, 44. WILLIAMSON, DONALD EDWARD: ROTC, First Sgt., 42-45, Round-Up, Sports writer, Ass't rewrite Ed., 43-45, Journalism Letter, 43-44, Mustang Boosters, 42-43. WILLIAMSON, EDNA EARLE: Scottish Brigade, Top Sgt. Co. C, gl-45Q5Mustang Boosters, 41-44, Mustang Band, Sec., 44-45, Orchestra, ec., . WILLIAMSON, NORMA CH ERI E WILLIS, JAMES RAYMOND: ROTC, S!Sgt., 42-44, Student Pan-American League, 43-44, Hospitality Club, 44. WILLIS, MARLAN PAUL: ROTC, 42-44, Mustang Band, 42-43, NHS, 44-45, Student Pan-American League, 42-44. WILLS, DORIS ANNE: Bowling Club, 44-45, Volleyball Letter, 44, Mustang Boosters, 42-45. WILSON, IRMA JEAN: Mustang Boosters, 42-45, Hospitality Club, 44. 44-45, Mustang Boosters, 42-45. WOMACK, JAMES V. ' WOOD, HAROLD FRANKLIN WOODS, JAY: ROTC, 44-45. WOODS, MARY ANN YOUNG, REBA MAE: Scottish Brigade, Lt. Bugles, 42-45, Round- Up, Ass't News Ed., 44, Speech Club, 44-45, Mustang Boosters, 42-45, Green Masque Players, 45, Student 'Pan-American League, 41-44, Sub Deb, 44-45, TNT, 44-45, Journalism Letter, 44-45. ZINKGRAF, HOWELL LEE: Mustang Boosters, 44-45, ROTC, 41-43. ZINNECKER, WALTER HUGH: Football, 44. ZOCH, JOYCE M.: Scottish Brigode. 41-45. WIMBERLY, JO EDDY: Scottish Brigade, Sgt. Co. A, Sgt. Flags, WIMBERLY, WAYNE HARRIS: ROTC, 42-44, TNT, 44-45. fr , Fx-fm, , . j,,,f,5.. V4 'icq I 'J'-A 1,51 'Nw L 4-l Miss Helen Soncrant TOP ROW: Harry Bugge, Michael Clevenger, R. T. Cliffe, Jeanine Eminian, Anna Lou lfor- rester, Frankie Davis, Mary Bryant, T. G. Fitz- gerald, 2nd ROW: Miss Soncrant, Kenneth Browning, Robert Muery, Joan Parkin, Ralph Phillips, Marion Bishop, Elizabeth Batmanis, Joe Phil- pot, Wilburn Neal, lst ROW: Henry Ford, Vernon Moore, Maxine McMakin, Thomas Dowling, Doris Moore, Pat Conn, Mary Lou Blevins, Clara Ann Biscoe, Bennie Fuller. NOT PICTURED: Billy Hill, Donald McDonald. L 4-2 Miss Beatrice Lytle TOP ROW: Ralph Wallace, C. E. Glover, Carol- lyne Reese, Barbara Reed, Marilyn Long, Kathryn Rentzel, Anna Belle Rourke, Glenn Goldsberry. Znd ROW: Eugene McDaniel, Paul Wilber, Ruth Hanna, Betty Tones, Mervin Key, Martha Langley, Bruce Simoneaux, Tommy Dorsey. lst ROW: Tom Pickell, Carl Lee, Kathleen Lipscomb, Elizabeth Louise Trudeau, Ramona Ellen Rowell, Rinni Derrick, Virginia Jones, Charles H. Jackowski, A. B. Harris. NOT PICTURED: Wanda Snow, Genevieve Wil- liamson, Donald Holley, Leonard Lala. LGW SENIORS f H 3 l Mrs Alice Woodruff TOP ROW Lee Roy Thomas Nora Gonzalez Corrinan OBanion Marie Bradshaw Caroline Grammon Harold Hazelwood Bill Fankhauser Znd ROW Boysen Etie Margie Beth Sanders William Carlson Ceola Schamann Mary Jo Ewing Thalia Brewer Peggy Cook Kenneth Bush Ist ROW John L Russell Beth Alexander Mary Alice Copeland Marion Ward Holene Sutton Diane Sengel mann Glen Carter NOT PICTURED David Bolin Loyd Witt Beatrice Sivil Lebon Agnello H 3 2 Miss Mollie Jackson TOP ROW Ray Laurentz Carleen Riemen Faye Kelper Betty Joyce Stevens Alleen Cunningham Leonary More J L Walker 2nd ROW Darrell Murray Peggy Jean Randle Ann Wood Fadra Mims Jeanne Whipple John Thomas Miss Jackson. lst ROW: Bill Dailey Clay Milligan Jeannette Thomas Norma J, Voelkel Bobbie Jeanne Lee Marion Webb Lewis Weisinger. NOT PICTURED: Norma Ridge James Wilhelm Bettye Reed Jean McElroy. H 3-3 iMrs. Frances Demerit TOP ROW: Ray Love, Frances Haley, Jacquelyn Hester, James Bradshaw, Barbara Jackson, J. Riley Dittbrenner, George Bofysil, 2nd ROW: Rudolph Reed, Mary ,Joe Robertson, Clau- dine Conlon, Fay Longcrier, Gwendolyn Linkhart, Blllye Jean Beasley, Donald l-lorsfall, Mrs. Dement. lst ROW: Billy Kelly, Jacquelyne Britain,,7Jack Gerald Blackwell, Betty l-laroe, Wanda Alford, Edward Kuhl, Jimmie Fenwick, Frank Brown. NOT PICTURED: Melvin Christian, THE CLASS OF 1946 H 3-4 Mr. lrving W. Lumpkin TOP ROW: Wayne McManners-, Nancy McKellar, Dor- othy Mattiza, Jane Murray, Billy Lollar. Znd ROW: Mr. Lumpkin, Warner Abel, Gene Pape, Jean Perry, Sybil Muckleroy, Jack Burt. lst ROW: Jack Martin, Quincy Lee Baker, Anna Marie Hainline, Elizabeth Elder, Russell Adams. L 3-l Mr. C. H. Sherman TOP ROW: Oliver Bond, Billy Duncan, Ruby Detee, Edna Mueller, Jimmy Standard, Paul Evans, Beulah Demetre, Shirley Blackman, Jack Grounds. Znd ROW: Lloyd Anderson, Doris Davis, Norma Gou- genheim, Edith Herbert, Virginia Duke, Jean Borcherd- ing, Billie Jean Dodgen, Barbara Harrell, Mr. Sherman. lst ROW: Darrell Davis, Rose Marie Godby, Dolores Bradford, Sue McCulIars, Douglas Whitty, Peggy Boles, Cleta Snapp, Tom Leach, NOT PICTURED: Donald Bridges, Wanda Britt, Jean- nine Latham, Opal Shipley. L 3-2 Mrs. Hilda Bradshaw TOP ROW: Truman Vaught, Peggy Voss, Shirlee E. Johnson, Howard Abbitt, Bonnie Hunter, Joe Maas, Gene Ray Graybill, John Lindsay. Znd Row: Mrs. Bradshaw, Bobby Yaws, Jean Freitag, Tommy Montgomery, Virgil Wall, Annelle Keith, Albert Shaffner, Jerry Sanders. lst ROW: Glenn Gathright, George Johnson, Jane Freitag, Betty McDaniel, George Whisennand Ill, Har- ley Fleming, Jr., Ted Turner, Sr., Gene Macey. NOT PICTURED: Becky Hatfield, Marion Pizzitola, Golda Oliver, Arthur Sadler, 165' L, its X THE CLASS ., -- 4 SO, Pulling 3 'fast one .f 1 lg' - f "' U25 ' ff la?-aign ,.- ' f 402W ,-f' wwf" J- Y-gf ""' -' 2 -f H 2-l Mrs. E. C. Gates TOP ROW: Wilson McPhail, Tommy Bovee, Willie Lee Adkins, Wesley Brueggeman, Marian Ellyn Payne, Harold Ash, Carolyn Hampton, Marcell Carter, Dorothy Edmunds, Ruth Bolton, Richard Etheridge. 3rd ROW: Mrs Gates, Lonnie Avery, Doris Barnes, Jean Bru- ning, India Ann Boyd, Renee Blaine, Ray Arterburri, Anelda McGraw, Doris Attra, William Bollman. Znd ROW: Billy Boddeker, Dorothy Bartlett, Barbara Abraham, Peggie Burton, Gloria Blackman, Joel Bailleres, Gracie Embra- guglio, Elaine Allen, Bette Jo Rimel, Katherine Bailey. lst ROW: Donald Andrews, Bobby Bell. . NOT PICTURED: Richard Ohman, Donald Ellis. H 2-2 Mr. J. W. Watson TOP ROW: Bobby Cody, Billy McCarver, Elaine DesRochens, Pat Grymes, Mildred Davis, Wayne Duddleston, Marion Frnka, Charlayne Lobit, Mr. Watson, Norman Dunham, 3rd ROW: Melbert Cudd, Tom Laws, Patsy Conine, John Crochet, Lloyd Rutledge, Beverly Ann Cooper, Billy Delahous- saye, Jean Logue, Lawrence Freilich, John Gibson. 2nd ROW: Glenn Goodman, Billie Mae Finney, Bob Lacy, Don- ald Lewis, Maurice Dodson, Betty Jean Doggett, Virginia Cecil, Harrell Leavens, Margie Gersteman, Eugene Fitzgerald. lst ROW: Pat Foley, Bob Graham, Doris Lucas, Joyce Coon, Buddy Cummings, Muriel Cahal, Douglas Davis. H 2-3 Miss Ruth Daugherty TOP ROW: Marv Lou Hensley, Betty Jaertegke, Betty Kiecke, Doris Jaffe, Jean Ingram, Mary Hulsey, Karlene Nunemaker Billy Joe Levell, Glenn Childress. 3rd ROW: Charley Beth Hughen, Mary Joyce Newsom, Dona Hudson, Kathryn Naul, Barbara Jones, Carroll Harris, Mildred Hunt, Violet Berczik, Bobby Hunt. Znd ROW: George Henson, Nellwynn Halgler, Bina Hansen Edward Kennedy, Leonard Killgore, Jesse Hitt, Bob Hootnwan Miss Daugherty, Norman Nelson lst ROW: Don Lambert, Norma Jean Hartung, Jack Quarles, Melba Hunnicutt, Benjamin Hard, Dolores Kite, Rosrnarye Henderson, Joe Frank Hugon. H 2-4 Mrs. Edis S. Haynes TOP ROW: Hilda Payne, Valerie Marchant, Kenneth Pitts Jack Phelps, Waymon Martin, Karol Miller, Bill Stewart, Cecil Pendergrass, Barbara Miller, Dorothy McDonald. 3rd ROW: Jerry Maresh, Jr., Wallace Miller, Mary Frances McKellar, Luella Myatt, Helen Louise Pelham, Ruth Parr Jessie Ruth Minter, Marjorie Parker, Ida Mae Marino, 2nd ROW: Roy Marsh, Billy Mercado, William McGuire, Del phia Lou Pitts, Annie Meyer, Valeta McAfee, Dorothy Parrett Harvey Gartman, Dale Paschal. lst ROW: Jack Patison, Alice Mackey, Clarence Pyle, Juanita Price, Dorothy Manly, Harold McManus. NOT PICTURED: Edward Leonard. H 2-5 Miss Beatrice Harrison TOP ROW: Sidney Ratisseau, Anita Gail Williams, Burford Rodgers, Joyce Waters, Gloria Wilson, Ann Reeves, Norman Mostert, Harlan Willis, Elaine Whittleman, J, O. Walker Eddie Weiss. 2nd ROW: Mrs. Ethel Dowden, Byron Rusler, Maxine LaPine Bonnie Gene McCurdy, Billie Wilkinson, Mary Nell Williamson Elizabeth Reich, Audrey Walters, Clovis Jean Williams, Peggy Wimberly,' Myrl Bruns, Billy Warriner. lst ROW: Harrison Gluck, Rosemary Williams, Louis Wilson Bobbie Oliver, Jimmy Robinson, Wanda Jean Redmond, Gloria Raimer, Rosemary Wimberly, Beverly Bock, Jo Dell Williams Roy Williams. NOT PICTURED: Anita Royall, Shirley McCauley. H 2-6 Mrs. J. S. Burk TOP ROW: lvy Jones, Frances Sims, Joe Bozarth, Jesse Sim mons, George Terrell, Charles Schwartzkopf, Charles Bra Alfred Sarabia, 2nd ROW: Mrs. J. S, Burk,,Saranna Skelton, Ann Showers, Santerre, Faye Jones, Elizabeth Saulnier, James Sullivan ginia Trow, Eddie Sheinberg, Mary Sue Sloan. lst ROW: Eugene Bernelle, Joseph Savarino, Betty Sue Temple Martha Dee Sharp, Camille Timgley, Ruby Speights, Bill Smith, Bob Hernes. NOT PICTURED: Ethel Thibodeaux, Raymond Vaness. CF 1947 l Q l l 'ff GAzuuoT i L .5 1 Q s U- 7 HEIGHTS , V - ,xxx Klxwx xi, cgfk-51,5 Lx! f 1 - DuNcE ...xg l l W , il c , . L - lf xl V j . . U 1 ,fY+Yni THE CLASS V msfff R I N, y , ff Avg-n Z- ,,,t2:e 4 H 2-7 Miss Hazel Henderson TOP ROW: Martin Morales, Robert Miller, Yvonne Alst Shirley Smith, Phil Prescott, Peggy Griffin, Betty K Ann Manly, Betty Ward, Eugene Prewitt. Znd ROW: Miss Henderson, Aliohn Scott, Gina Zamb Oreta Bell Langham, Sue Ann McDonald, Shirley Bro Florence Brelsford, Gerald Young, Jean Haddon, Patty H loway, Kyle Chapman. lst ROW: A. W. Shaw, Darlene Engholm, Dorothy Ste Kellar Snapp, BettylLou Lemke, Joan Miller, Dick Fa hauser, Camille Springfield, June Brown, Joe Thomas NOT PICTURED: Coleen Austin, Kathleen Jones, 'Film Dugan. E H 2-8 Mr. Frank Potter TOP ROW: Bill Carr, Jimmie Bradshaw, Virginia Spurloc Susan Harkrider, Dan Shaw, Shirley Stultz, Dorothy Strou M ry Nell Small, Georgia Mae Hosek, Gilbert Chambers. ROW: Eugene Rice, Harold Vosloh, Truman Mos Brehm, Glennice Miles, Jack Cockerham, Charl Carrie McCreary, Rex Darling, Edward Armstea El 'lst ROW: Arthur Hughes, Jesse Hensarling, L. B. Hi Betty Lorenz, Wanema Smith, Lester Gibbons, Peggy Ta lor, James Johnson, Dorothy Gideon, Gene Weinzel. NOT PICTURED: Ethel Thibodeaux, Raymond Vaness, A L2-l Miss Vernon Dilworth TOP ROW: Leon Bernard, Martha Helen Card, Grady Cac Bill Elsenbrock, Ann Gress, Gloria Eiland, Robert Gi Marianne Bolton, Larry Jsbell, Eddie Wayne Bader. , 3rd ROW: Miss Dilworth, Jack Frankie, Tex Greene, D lores Becker, Wesley Daulley, Rea Berry, Mary Jo Cla Helen Durrenberger, Nancy Branan, Lamont Dillon, Frann Caddelli 2nd ROW: Frank Flint, Bob Brownhill, Borda Lon Bow Lue Everage, Aubrey Chudleigh, Paula Ann Barrett, Mal Brown, Claude Barger, Clara Batterson, Harry Challiei Ist ROW: Jerry Cumingham, Carrol Baskin, Clarence By ly, Larry Calvin. NOT PICTURED: William Bell, Curtis Cox, Earl Eng Roger Francis, William King. P .1 'f 5 Al l w ,J 7, A -- L 2-2 Miss Noomi Ekman -JP ROW: Don Phillips, Juanita Holmes, Doris Jean irper, Don Dunham, Janelle Phillips, Margaret Poe, John wler, Owen Huston, Fred Jennings, Russell Huclek, d AROW: Miss Ekman, James Hinds, Ruth Dixon, Dolores illingsworth, Marie Hopkins, Peggy James, Billy Godwin, k Huffman, Warren Lovingfoss, Eric Johnson. Row: Curtis Livesay, Mary Blue Johnson, Betty Jean nson, William Price, Frances Hughes, Billy Screws, imy Alexander, Keith Harrington, Neil Leva, 5 ROW: Delbert Terry, Trellis Leonard, Betty Pearson, bert Lee, Nan Shears, Billy Kerby. L 2-3 Miss Bertie Sims P ROW: Bob Suggs, Geneva Saxton, Elizabeth Hitt, Rena Maxwell, Eldon Sorsby, Myles Schutte, Jack Mc- eary, Arlen McKenzie. d ROW: Steve Demetre, Doris Platt, Russell Kelley, Don e, Sylvia Sipple, Norma Jean Sawyer, Billy Griffie, Cora an Smith, Dorothy Shaw, Billy Depew, ROW: Williard Miller, Pat S. Tillman, Jerrylyn Mapes, Enette Morgan, Norman McDonald, Doris Ann Stiers, illie Matthews, Evelyn Miller, Don Swindler. T PICTURED: Margaret Martin, Betty McManners, Ber- Mae Spurlock, Margaret Knight, Jacquelyn Salmon. L 2-4 A Mr. J. M. Willis P ROW Dean Thomason Norm oodar I a E : , a W d, Eiz beth nce, J. H. Wilkins, Glenna Mae Webb, Peggy Tatham, arilyn Waterman, Ruby Mae Dowell, June Wilkinson, ayford Rawlinson, Bobby Utter. id ROW: William Walker, Robbie Lynn Wilson, Geraldine ce, Adrian Zittle, Estella Truitt, Suzanne Oelfke, Pa- icia Rand, Joann Scofield, Tom Shaw, Theresa lsom, ene Vermillian, Mr Willis. t ROW: R. C. Thompson, Betty Robinson, Rose Marie linter, Patsy Woodward, Mary Louise Thiel, Billy Rhame, lwin Vogt, Shirley Lou Wilson, Dolores Payne, Joyce :I lers, Marilyn Wareham. O OT PICTURED: Billy Johnson, Lera Worsham, Bruce rammell, Dick Schiveley, Philip Heintz. gguiet -X THE CLASS H l-l Mrs. Willovie Whiteside TOP ROW: A. C. Burkhalter, Jr., Jimmie Burson, John Crahan, Virginia Baker, Gloria Branyon, Blanche Bullard, Helen Evans, Melvileen Blanton, Ray Bittle, Znd ROW: Benny Barrow, Marjorie Ray Baker, Barbara uiack- well, Doris Marie Blakeslee, James Brooks, Lucille Bail- leres, Natalie Butler, Cozetta Bartholomew, Patsy Ehrlund. lst ROW: David Bullock, Margie Beseler, Lois Berglund, Joyce Becker, Bobbie Jean Brown, Bertha Lee Beard, Virginia Ecker- man, Peggy Bishop, Sarah Barw, Garrett Brannon. NOT IN PICTURE: Virginia Baker, Billy Brown, Mary Jean Brown, Fred Burt. H l-2 Miss Ruth Greenhill TOP ROW: Bobby Gibbs, Robert Guntz, Robena Deskin, Lee. Ford, Betty Duncan, Kenneth Flagg, Alice Genthe, Dolores Gilmore, Walter Deakin, Donald Dobbs. Zngl ROW: Miss Ruth Greenhill, Monte Gilliam, Carol Flanders, Zaidee Guerin, Jackie Goddard, Willette Gierisch, Francis Grounds, Jack Glasscock, Margaret Duncan, Josephine Patter- son, Glynn Draper. lst ROW: Nick Dameris, Ouida Driggers, Jimmie Sue Davis, Mary Lou Dacke, Sara Ann Reeves, Frances Foust, Alvin Do- reck, Tommie Catherine Donnell, Fay Dewees, George Dan- brava, Haskell Davis. NOT IN PICTURE: Jane Green. H l-3 Mrs. Charline Potter TOP ROW: Marvin Crawford, Edgar Ash, Shirley Claussen, Mona Armour, Truett Airhart, Dorothy Koehler,.Lucille Allison, Margaret Cronkhite, Joe Harold Kirkland, David Blair, 2nd ROW: Bob Carlson, Gerald King, Bobbie Jean Corley, Rob- ert Carroll, Betty Crain, Virgil Crawley, Jo Ann Kaufhold, Alice Louise Collins, Pat Campbell, Theodore Abbott, Mrs. Potter. lst ROW: Randal Carnes, Ernest Benestante, Bobby Meacham, Bernice Knight, Eugene Kincaid, Milton Clark, Patsy Ruth Cain, Wayne Curling, Jack Kitchen: ' NOT IN PICTURE: Sammy Canalito, Darlene Calvert, Betty Jean Clifton. . H I-4 Mrs. Mauryhe Dailey 'OP ROW: Charles Newson, Ray Hilton, Jacqueline Holley reston l-lumason, Mary-Jane Johnson, Juanita McDaniel, 'lelba' Howell, Hal Halyerton, Martin Heemer, Louis larvey. nd ROW: Mrs, Dailey, Robert McDonald, Charlotte Hasty, 'larjorie McMahon, Dennis Howard, Loyce Johnston, Gerald lilton, Iris Jameson, Katherine Massingill, T, K, Minor 'orothy Moe, Darrell Nance. ft ROW: Tommy McBrayer, J. D, I-licks, Patsy Lee Banks, raig McGarrah, Shirley Goldenberg, Betty Michels, Jerry lartin, Dolores Marsh, Betty Mcliamey, Betty Jean Mc- ellar, Raymond Mielsch. IOT IN PICTURE: Kathleen McKellar. H I-5 ' Miss Jesse Roy EDP ROW: June Lee, Billy Gulledge, Bettye Young, Gor- n Lockett, Betty Contol, Pat Liskow, Jimmie Long- iore, Charlamaie Powell, David Yeager, Gus Zgourides nd ROW: Joe Provenzano, Dorothy Long, Jeanne Lewis iieda Pursch, Billy Lazarus, Dolores Quillen, Paul Pigue obby Powledge. at ROW: Sharon Litherland, Don Paton, Dorothy Pearce, imes Youngblood, Gene Pollock, Lynette Poole, Gail Oli- Lant, Ida Jean Pittman, Richard Pearson. T IN PICTURE: LeRay Letney, Eva Madge Payne, ene Plemons. - H I-6 Mrs. Nellie B. Dawson OP ROW: Leslie Stolle, Margaret Reuter, Dorothy Shen- ln, Marjorie Reuter, Stanley Stultz, Joyce Stringfelllow, rbara Robinson, Jacquelyn Rechif, Gerald Stockbridge ed Simon. d ROW: Mrs, Dawson, Leonard Sweet, Bobbie Simmons, ward Reese, Perry Rogers, Ruth Shaffner, Betty Joyce gers, Margaret Scardino, Jack:Sengelmann, Charlene ate. t ROW: El Roy Sullivan, Patsy Smith, YVODQQ,S4lff3UD' Swope, Phillip Snyder, Carolyn Reeves, -Nlaryan Helen Sayers, Alice Sandburg, Claudie Swiney. IN PICTURE: Roland St. Cyr, Alice, Schilling, Ruth Spencer, Marjorie Suttles ,. - OF 1948 THE CLASS H l-8 Miss Margaret Pearson TOP ROW: Steve Boggs, Moniek McCutcheon, Bobby Bourbon, Dixie Woods, Jeanette Sweet, Aileen McCutcheon, Denny Mattocks. Znd ROW: John Lange, Billie Lou Sterling, Theresa Mu- raca, Bill Briscoe, Evelyn Freitag, Lorene- Carter, Royal Allen, Jimmy Todd. lst ROW: Harry Yantz, Jr., ' ' Pat Wright, Barbara-Shelton, Joy Stilwe l, Elsie Ree , Gene Loop, Billy Jolly. NOT PICTURED: Ernest Schnaok, Dolores Dosset, Ada Mc- Ferrin. gym, 0 H l-7 Miss Lucy Ulmer TOP ROW: Donald Tillman, Pat Walker, Elza GeneIWhitt, Dorothy Lee Tinkl, Jimmie Wright, Edward Williams, Marilyn Wrist, Shirley Thompson, G, W. Lee. Znd ROW: David Trull, Louis Thomas, Joyce Faye Taylor, Jean Turner, Joe'White, Margaret Weiss, Lorraine Ver- nagallo, Veda Ruth Ferrugia, Jimmy Mayes, Miss Ulmer. lst ROW: Bruce Vernor, Doris Thrash, Betty Jo Woolley, Iris Caldwell, Lorraine Walston Jim Wade, Oranelle Ver- million, Geraldine Van Dyke, Floyd Webb. NOT PICTURED: Mary Louise Winters. H l-9 Mr. C. L. Rawson TOP ROW: ,Gene Grow, Bobby Gene McKinney, Joyce Skelton, Annie Laurie Mg:Donald, Nina Ruth Ellison, Jean Brock, Dennis Perez. 2d ROW: Mr. Rawson, Fayon Amox, Carl Manning, Dn- lores Thompson, lna Mae Eubanks, Margie Taylor, Oliver Cochran. ist ROW: Gene Tinnin, Gene Carter, DeEtta Ford, Elaine F'nfV0Ck, Cal'0lYfl Bell, Betty J. Watson, Victor Longo NOT PICTURED: Glenn Abbott, Geraldine Johnson, Sonja l-laglund, R. H. Youngblood, Bertha Ray Roy. WW! L l-4 Mrs. Ruth Kissell Students not present for original picture: TOP ROW: Wllburn Smith, Jackie Shieldson, Ray Williams, Elbert Walker, Myreece Sloan, Leo Walker, Billy Walling, Eddie Landry. lst ROW: Eugene Valentino, Jo Ann South, Joyce Walker, Ann Shurley, Jimmie Dell Stock, Jean Walters, Kenneth Stevenson. ' OF 1948 L l-l Mr. A. M. Ydrrington OP ROW: Richard Brown, Carol L. Jackson Jack Chambers Peggy Brunson, Pat Cemino, Billie Anne Biown, Rose Conf able, James Box, Mildred Carroll, Derrell Adams. nd ROW: Tolbert Champenois, Jackie Bradford, Beverly Bond eanne Devine, Jeanette Commander, Thomas Comstock, Hazei udley, LaQuita Cherry, Betty Jean DeBarbieris, Josie Marie unn, G. D. Burkett. lst ROW: Harvey Attra, Berta Lou Cade, Barbara Carter stewart Campbell, Warner Dunn, Betty Jean Daniels Bili Crosby, John Davis, Martha Carol Brunson Joanne Alban Slick Demeris. ' ' QOT PICTIJRED: Rogcame Blough, Sterling Barrilleaux, Martin Day, Mariorie Coselli. L l-4 H Mrs. Ruth Kissel P ROW: Nikki Strine, Yvonne LeComte, Delores Williams, TTY Surrey, Rose Mane Sullivan, John Webber. d Rowi JlfTlmY Waldrip, Dicky Wilcoxen, Delores Wilks, Jean Stout, Nancy Sory, Thomas Wizoreck, George I I . t ROW: IM J. Wlimmer, Alan Williams, Juanita Spurlock, anita Smith, Lorraine Searls, Vandeen Simmons. E.. L l-2 Miss Sadie McLean TOP ROW: Pete Hunt, Bonnie J. Gray, Anna Jean Garrott, Marian Greene, Lois Epperson, Louise Hoskins, Jerry Elliott, Phyllis Grizzaffi, Jane Kerr, Bill Hatfield, Darrell Fleming, Barbara Marshall, Jack Hahn. 2nd ROW: Dee Francis, Danny Ackman, Dwight King, Dorothy Hooker, Kenneth Graham, William Henry, Marilyn Knox, Betty Joyce Hudson, James Horton, Harry Green, Thomas Kilgore. lst ROW: Jesse Edwards, Jerry Finch, Roselle Kleinkneght, Patsy Jevne, Johnny Grivors, Mahlon Gremillion, Roselyn Ford, Jacqueline i-luddleston, John Hauck, Kenneth Hulsey. L l-3 Mrs. Janeva Davis TOP ROW: Edward Love, Robert Jacabse, Thelma. Pomeroy, Carol Lovejoy, John Thomas Oliver, Sue Mays, Anita Tram- mell, Laverne Pengra, Barbara Martin, Jane Ledbetter, Edgar Love. Znd ROW: Mrs. Davis, Lois Lemke, Jeannine Owens, Betty Murphy, Lee Norman, Frank Trahan, Elinor Morin, Ann Ward, Betty Clyde Tillery, Jo Ann Tuttle, Billy Robinson, Ada Jo Pritchett, Jimmy Moffatt. lst ROW: Percy Marchbanks, Jr., Raymond McLendon, Marvis Marrero, Bettie Menefee, Jean Moncrief, Aubrey. Pool, Betty Jo Needham, Mary Louise Pinkston, Eula Jane Richard- son, Charles L. Tyer, Leroy Taylor. . NOT PICTURED: Autrey Tidmore, Eugene Russell, Danny Ra neey. il Qu Liagf A, avi, if :N RUNNER-UP 772aJ:.q.ofQa,5iainlzo1zL QM SENIOR BEAUTY 011a,y.can.Pa!zkA, RUNNER-UP 2f0.lQ!LQ,5llffDlL JUNIOR BEAUTY gm awww, RUNNER-up CMmMW4,EMmn SOPHOMOREBEAUTY 5bmh.HhMum 1 M, RUNNER-UP '17Zan,ebJzie,L'nu.llL FRESHMAN BEAUTY Qaidezyuefuh, ,aff ,si I. JUDGED THE MOST BEAUTIFUL SENIOR Y IN THE HOUSTON HIGH SCHOOLS UNIVERSITY OF HOUSTON RECEPTION CM fzoffiamja OST POPULAR SENIORS Unflzano, ghmzmwzwzqiu, VVBEST ALL-AROUND SENIORS '771a1zq.jJzanccA, 'l7Zc?7Zu1zfJu1. Jfmd, .Sdudwzi REPRESENTATIVE j TO UNIVERSITY OF HOUSTON I RECEPTION CAROLE HOLTKAMP ' E I 5 5 2 ii MARY LEE STEINHORT ' D. A. R. GGOD CITIZENSHIP AWARD I S CAROLE I-IOLTKAMP RUNNER-UPS CAROLYN PATTERSON PAT AIRHART STANDING: OVA JEAN PARKS Norma Jean Hawley, Mary Louise Huey, Mary Frances McMurtry, Eulene Ray, Betty Jo Speight, Marston Lancaster, Reba Young, Betty Kaferkarnp, Minette Palla, Shirley Johnson, Mary Lee Steinhort, Jane Johnson, Betty Bourbon, Dolores Hare, Gladys Mae Purdy, Althea Stegall, Betty Jane Kasper, Jean Tyer, Anne Batson, Betty Lou Arnold, Allene Ray. Y Georgia Robertson, Joyce Segrest, Barbara Cary, Mary Frances Springer, Ruth Roberts ,,K:,,, Barbara Andrews, Polly Jones, Jo Eddy Wimberly, Myrtle Chapman, Marjorie Gray, ""'I'l Antoinette Chiavone, Dorothy Williams, Dorothy Bledsoe. NOT PICTUREDZ Florence Harding. ..,...,. X LUUS4' Q gbcin P QR . W' ' Q35 S am. N Q,.fx-em FOOTBALL JOHN C. SCOTT WYLIE SUMMERS IRVING W. LUMPKIN 5 , I 01 lf AE Q A ,.-,. A f , X T' O O ' ' "7 ' A . :T 49" .2 With only three lettermen returning from last year, the Austin gridmen opened their fall training with 70 hopefuls reporting. The boys had speed, but were lighter and more inexperi- enced than last year's squad. Mgr. Teddy Kornmayer The returning lettermen were Gene Reed, John Thomas, and Charles Madeley. Other prom- ising prospects were George Showers, Millard Fleetwood, Tommy Dorsey, Billy Oliphont, Warner Able, and Russel Adams. The Mustangs had a hard season, but looks like they will really make it tough for the other schools next year. They have plenty of fight, and this year has given them the experience they - needed to make a good team. Capt. Gene Reed Capt. Charles Madeley Capt. Bill Oliphont peding Mustang e AUSTIN O SAN JACINTO 7 The hard knocking San Jacinto Bears nosed out a 7-O victory from a stam- 'I Ieven. John "Nose" Thomas played a bang-up game urlfl he was injured. Warner Able J' mie Allen George Bofysil Jean Brennan AUSTIN o REAGAN 26 In the first district game of the season, the Ponies bowed to a 26-O defeat I d n the field but lfT1 at the hands of the Reagan Bulldogs. Austin was outp aye o , not in spirit. The Ponies were charging just as hard in the last minutes as in the first. Tommy Dorsey Jimmie Fenwick Millard Fleetwood Albert Foster AUSTIN o DAVIS is Ci G "Au City" Reed, the Paced by rugged Iinemen Ralph Zedlitz an ene b 'II' t e but were overwhelmed I8-O by a hard Mustangs turned in a ri lan gam hitting Davis eleven. .nw . ' ' "' 'T' Slim. my I .f ' iliii I r i f I iaici - .1 9. ' V :fri zgfi . , v"' iw:'3fi'f-" . it . r , ,, 2 Jack Fowler Edward Kennedy Leonard Kilgore Leonard Lala AUSTIN I2 SAM HOUSTON O ln a high wind and heavy rain the Mustangs, paced by captains Reed and Oliphant, plowed their way to a I2-O victory over the Sam Houston Tigers. It was the Ponies' first win in the city competition this season. The first tally was on a fumble of Salvaggio, and from there the Ponies seemed to have run away with the game. Gene MCD0"'lGl Les Newman George Showers John Thomas AUSTIN 6 MILBY 25 ' For the first time in the history of both schools the Milby Buffalos defeated the Mustangs 25-6. Though most of the game was played in Austin territory, the Buffalos could break through but once in the first half. ln the second half, however, Millard Fleetwood caught a pass to go over for the Ponies' sole tally. Ralph Zedlitz Hugh Granberry AUSTIN O LAMAR 6 For the first time in the history of both schools, the Mustang eleven was defeated by the Lamar Redskins. Through wind and rain the battling Ponies triumphantly defended their goal for three periods, but shortly after the beginning of the final period the overpowering Redskins got a lucky break-through for the only score of the game. The try for extra-point was no good, and the Ponies went down 6-O. Gene Reed, Austin's only claim to all- city, turned in another swell game. I ,.-'wr if Q J , mi J xx Q N ',, 90 sd n Ex 44 5 ai 0' 1 f U ' 'YNAGQ hm ,, V ' Mya! - 1 VYY TOP ROW! Frankie, Walker, Carroll, Fisher, Harvey, Lee, Gluck, Pickell, Liskow Boddeker, Quarles, Mr. Lumpkin Znd ROW Laws, Shutte, Savarino, Delahoussaye Moore, Daulley, Graham, Tillman Leonard, Jackowski, Longshore 'lst ROW Mielsch, Dodson, Greene, Can, Pique, Flagg, Martin, Trul, Boilleres, ' Stockton, Terrell. i: 'xi iv , .- , slew, Walk ff' L Chiefs Ann McDouga'ld and Owen Walker We 44 . Xena V-ox! Oklhe 44044 K5 096 20 and Q9 J. CXNorXes Claw C H E E R L E A D E R S ,h7""1'Sfepfv Miss Sue Garrison e'7S Qailkuoa Q- Mo -5 5 s BASKETBALL MR. JOHN C. SCOTT TOP ROW: A. B. Harris, Jack Minter, Earl Isaacks, Hugh Granberry William Bollman, Alfred Clifton, Carl Lee. lst ROW: Billy Hill, Charles Johle, Ray Love, Douglas Biggs Donald Bridges, Charles Madeley, Capt. The Austin cagers started off their i945 season with a bang, by placing second in the Livingston tournament and going to the semi-finals in the Conroe meet. However, as the season progressed, the cagers lost some of their original drive and ended 5th in the District race. Jack Minter was the cagers' spark plug and the only one ofthe Mustangs to receive honorable mention on the All-City team. Mgrs. Teddy Kornmayer and Leonard Lala. Madeley goes in tor a basket in the Lamar game TRACK MR. Joi-:N c. scott g A6 Track was our most outstanding sport this season. At the invitation meet directed by the Houston Independent School District, Austin's outstanding tracksters brought our school second honors. At the lnterscholastic League meet, our team came in second. Our relay team was especially strong. Austin had the best 440-yard relay team in the city. Charles Madeley was a generally good all-around man but his forte was the high jump. He broke all previous records, including his own at the city meet, by two and one-half inches. John Thomas Jean Brennan George Showers Billy ln the city track meet held on Friday, April 13, the Austin tracksters came in second with a total of twenty-four points. Madeley took first place in the high jump and second place in the broad jump. i , THE AUSTIN NETTERS Mr. Wiley Summers George Thorp, Hugh Granberr Y, Gene Pope, Fronk Brown, Earl lsoacks, John Russell Les Newman Avg. .. ,. ., THE AUSTIN GOLFERS Mr. Wiley Summers Russell Meyers, Gene Pope, A. B. Horris, Tom Potter. l Madelev going over the bar in one of his h ig h hi jumps. gh- - F WF? 2 -rdf? .,.., SWIMMING TEAM COACH, MR. WYLIE SUMMERS The Austin "Ducklings" led by Billy Oliphant and Jimmy Allen have developed into good material for the City and State Meets. Billy Oliphant is the fastest tree styler while Jimmy Allen leads in both the back stroke and breast stroke. Four of the most experienced swimmers, Oliphant, Allen, Taylor, and Swindler, have combined to produce an exceedingly fast relay team. All in all the team has turned out to be one of the most promising in Austin's history. 'lst ROW: 4 'ffmwmm Ray Laurentz, Robert Miller, Tommy Taylor, Gilbert Mclfensie, Byron Benton. f 2nd ROW! I f George Bofysil, Warner Abel, Maurice Dodson, Jack Frankie, Jimmie Fenwick, Michael Clevinger, Billy Oliphant, Wilbur Neal, Jimmy Allen, Don Swindler, Robert Lee. 3rd ROW: Kenneth Browning, Fillmore Duggan, Douglas Davis. N""M-a ,,-..,,----1 L--A XS-X if K SN-S' I' ta ff' . K, N. , . 5,219 ft-ig. Steinhort, Hurst, Haferkamp f ff ,if W ll mi 04 ,C 5.55 , V , 40:5 P f " , 'X ll I' ffl" .ff 4 W 'QQKQQ 6 Xwqw ffm I ,Q i - O xxx fl fi! if f Behind every success there is the story of a continuous and in- dustrious effort. Such was the formula of the Girls' Volleyball Team this year. With this formula the City Championship, the dream of the entire team, was realized. Under the splendid coach- ing of Miss Garrison, Austin's girls won the title from Reagan, the previous champs. Their keenest competition was San Jacinto, where the score was tied many a time but Austin finally bested their opponents 28-24. We really are proud of the girls as they put another crown of glory on "the good old Austin Spirit and good Sportsmanship." uf THE GIRLS' CHAMPIONSHIP VOLLEYBALL TEAM 'X 40 A QQQO Culver, OV I Q QW vox VW is 0' I 'Q I f X 5 ff flaw ft!! bf ii 5 .V 4 V, -W 4 K :gig ' - .. . . . . I .Mtv When volleyball is out of season, the girls begin expending energy on bas- ketball. This sport requires vitality, team-work, and considerably shorter fingernails, but our girls manage all this. Time was when girls' sports consist- ed of jumping up and down and screaming, in bloomers to the knees. Austin's girls now go into baseball with a will, though, as many blisters and skinned knees will testify. Later on in the spring, when sun and wind are of threat to camellia complexions, the girls retreat to the in- side and take up ping pong or bad- minton. l. Timeout 2. Just Loafing 3. Play and Guard 4. Free Shot 5. Shoot Center Other late spring activities pursued in spite of the heat are tennis and archery. As a general rule the girls can shoot a straight shaft and true. The boys on the track during practice, however, say they have noticed early in the season several wild shots, but they get it all right in the end. Tennis has always been a favorite sport of Austin girls. They seem to have beeh lfiguratively, of coursel born with tennis balls in their mouths. Perhaps this partly accounts for our great success in this field. 6. Swing It 7. Checking Up 8. Skinned Knees, too 9. Batter Up l0. Hit that Bird HI POINT TEAM Miss Sue Garrison TOP ROW: Juanita McDoniels, Marjorie Ray Baker, Ruth Shatner, Iris Jameson, Winifred Boggs. Znd ROW: Luella Myatt, Thalia Brewer, Mona Armour Betha Beard, Betty McKameys, Helen Powledge. lst ROW: Lois Perguland, Myrtis Hurst, Marjorie Irwin, Kathryn Kropp, Dorothy Bennatt, Barbara Andrews. Mid To the "High Point Girls" in Miss Hornaday's and Miss Garrisonfs physical education classes go gym letters. These girls have proved themselves to be good all-around athletes by having a "clear record" in all class activities. All A's in gym, participation in all class acti.vities and regular attendance, determine their "clear records." The "Best All Around" or "High Point Teams," in both Miss Hornaday's ahd Miss Garrison's classes will also receive gym letters. To be all-around, a team must have IOO percent cooperation of its members. Points are given for winning and participation of members in class activities. HI POI NT TEAM HI POINT TEAM Miss Grace Hornadoy Miss Sue Gvrrison TOP ROW: TOP ROW: Dorothy Gideon, Peggy Taylor, Peggy Griffin, FCIY DeWee5f I-OIS BGVQIUUCII Dorothy Stroud, Camille Springfield. -IOYCG Befikeff PQQQY BISIWOP- lst ROW: lst ROW: Wanema Smith, Dorothy Steely, Carrie McCreary, Melvileen Blenfon, MONO AFWOUFI Mary Nell Small, Georgia Mae Hosek. SOFO Ann RGGVSS- P. E. OFFICE ASSISTANTS Miss Grace Hornaday Miss Sue Garrison TOP ROW: June Sims, Mary Ann Ingram, Connie Simpson, Johnnie Miller, Grace Robertson, Betty Haferkamp Fay Longcrier, Claudine 'Conlon ' in Row Charleene Dees, Ouida Jo Hembree, Betty Poole, Irene Duke, Jean Thomas, Betty Jane Williford, Georgia Robertson Anna Lou Forrester. HI POINT TEAM Miss Grace Hornaday TOP ROW: Allene Cunningham, Darlene Ingleholme, lndia'Ann Boyd, Anne Batson. Znd ROW: Trellis Leonard, Dorothy Gideon, Carrie McCreary, Georgia Robertson Elizabeth Batmanis, Doris Thrash, Gladys Mae Purdy. lst ROW: Peggy Taylor, Virginia Cecil, Suzanne Oelfke, Charleene Lobit, Charlamae Powell, Ruby Speights. VOLLEYBALL CLASS CHAMPIONS WINNING TEAM WINNING TEAM Miss Sue Garrison Miss Grace Hornaday TOP ROW: TOP ROW! Nelda Muckleroyl Joyce Krause, Frances Haley, Dorothy Mattiza, Katherine Reynette TIWCIIIG Brewer, MGFY JO EWIUQ- Ist ROW: 1Sf ROW! Virginia Joins, Jeannine Lqthqml Billie Jean McFarland, Louise Murphy, Anna Lou Forrester, Diane Singleman. Fay Longcrier, Doris Ann Wills. Mary Ann lngram, I.aRue King, .Shirley Blackman, Betty Poole, Irene THE AUSTIN NETTERS Miss Grace Hornaday For the first time the lnterscholostic Tennis Meet was organized and sink of the city's high schools participated. In singles Shirley Smith and LaRue King have represent- ed Austin while Irene Duke and Mary Ann lngram do the honors for us in doubles. So far, Austin has lost all of its singles but won its doubles. Up to date, Austin has played Davis, Reagan, and Milby. The game with Lamar remains to be played and the finishing of the dou- bles match with San Jacinto. nm-.... S Duke. Mary Ann lngram Irene Duke Winners of city and s',, regional championship in girls' tennis doubles. SW I MMI NG Miss Sue Garrison As the warm days of spring arrive, they seem to beckon to Austin's would-be-mermaids as if by magic. Surely these girls with their enthusi- asm will really be grand swimmers and not sink like rocks when they hitwater. I During the swimming season, as always, run- hing make-up, and wet, bedraggled hair reigns supreme over their appearance. But even this doesn't seem to dampen the girls' spirit in the least. I Betty Haferkamp, Martha Helen Card, Holene Sutton, '- Marjorie Ray Baker : ' Q V -f ' LIAIJJL I , L... 'f X v Qggg tm.:-.1-.--. .,.-, fc- 4...1 ,, Q ""' ' Xf:2:I-:sv ,...,,, . X 1- X X QQ fx X X Q. X X: 5 X 4 QN ' 'f22'f 'fe l.,EN F W vf X X X -1 Q . sid, ff 'f WWA ff wid Q s+M ., q0J.f3iC,5u,5 X THE SCOTTISH BRIGADE Abraham, Barbara Airhart, Patty Lou Alban, Jo Ann Arnold, Betty Lou Austin, Coleen Baker, Virginia Barger, Betty Lee Barry, Sally Beseler, Margerie Biscoe, Clara Ann Blackwell, Barbara Blakeslee, Doris Bond, Beverly Bradford, Dolores Bradshaw, Marie Branan, Nancy Branyon, Gloria Brown, Bobbie Jean Brown, Mary Jean Bruning, Joan Bruns, Myrl Brunson, Martha Carol Brunson, Peggy Bullard, Blanche Burcharde, Jerry Butler, Natalie Caddell, Frances Cain, Patsy Ruth Caldwell, iris Carter, Barbara Carter, Lorene Chaney, Betty Chapman, Myrtle Cherry, La Quita Chiavone, Antoinette Claussen, Shirley Collins, Alice Louise Collins, Carolyn Commander, Jeannette MISS BEATRICE LYTLE Gierisch, Willette Gilmore, Dolores Godby, Rose Marie Goddard, Jackie Goldenberg, Shirley Gotcher, Gertrude Grammon, Caroline Gray, Marjorie Green, Jane Guerin, Zaidee Haddon, Jean Haigler, Nellwyn Hansen, Bina Harding, Florence Harkrider, Susan Hartung, Norma Jean Hasty, Charlotte Hawley, Norma Jean Holtkamp, Carole Hooker, Dorothy Hopkins, Marie Hoskins, Louise Howard, Betty Lou Hughen, Charley Beth Huey, Mary Louise Ingram, Jean Jaffe, Doris Jaenecke, Betty Jean James, Peggy Jevne, Patsy Johnson, Geraldine Johnson, Jane Johnson, Mary Jane Johnson, Shirley Lou Johnston, Joyce Kasper, Betty Jane Kaufheld, Jo Ann Kiecke, Betty Knight, Bernice Long, Dorothy Long, Marilyn Loveioy, Carol Manly, Ann Manly, Dorothy Martin, Margaret Menafee, Betty Michels, Betty Miles, Glennice Lee Miller, Joan Minter, Jessie Ruth Moncrief, Jean Moore, Doris Morin, Elinor McCauley, Shirley McCurdy, Bonnie Gene McMahon, Marjorie McManners, Betty McMurtry, Mary Frances Naul, Kathryn Needham, Betty Jo Nunemaker, Karlene O'Banion, Corrinon Parker, Marjorie Parkin, Joan Patterson, Josephine Pearce, Dorothy Pelham, Helen Perry, Jean Pinkston, Mary Louise Pitts, Delphia Lou Ponton, Betty Poole, Lynette Pritchett, Ada Jo Pursch, Frieda Quillen, Dolores Raimer, Gloria Rand, Patricia Ray, Allene Reich, Elizabeth Rentzel, Kathryn Reuter, Margaret Reuter, Mariorie Rhodes, Maryan Reimen, Carleen Roberts, Ruth Robertson, Bonnie Jean Robinson, Betty Rourke, Anne Belle Royall, Anita Sawer, Norma Jean Saxton, Geneve Sayers, Helen Scardino, Margaret Searls, Lorraine Sellers, Bess Sharp, Martha Dee Sheffield, Floy Grace Conn, Patsy Langley, Martha Rechief, Jacquelyn Cook, Nelda June Lee, June Redmond, Wanda Jean :ll-I' Qgrgma Coon, Joyce Lewis, Bernice Reed, Barbara Sloan Mary Sue Cooper, Beverly Ann Lewis, Jeanne Reed, Elsie Smmg Cora Crain, Betty Little, Billie Reeves, Ann Soufh' Jo Ann Daniels, Betty Jean Lipscomb, Kathleen Reese, Carollyne ' Darilek, Dorothy Davis' Doris CAPTAitlIEALITlH,l?EiTEGALL Davis' Frankie Gertrude Gotcher, Betty Lee Barger, Jo Eddy Wimberly, Floy Sheffield, Q DaV'5f f"Tim'e Mariorie Gray, Nelda June Cook, Joan Parkin, Carolyn Collins, Charlotte Steinhagen, DQPSVDJQVIS, BSYTY Jean Billie Little, Mary Louise Huey, Dorothy Darilek, Betty Chaney. Deskin, Daisy Robena Donnell, Tommie Catherine Driggers, Ouida Dudley, Hazel Duncan, Betty Lois Duncan, Margaret Eaton, Shirley Eckerman, Virginia Edmunds, Dorothy Edwards, Kathryn Eiland, Gloria Eminian, Jeanine Finfrock, Elaine Finney, Billie Mae Flanders, Carol Flanders, Jean Freitag, Evelyn Freitag, Jane Freitag, Jean Frnaka, Marion Fulton, Ruth Gaskell, Betty Gersteman, Margie South, June Sory, Nancy Speight, Betty Jo Spencer, Ruth Ann Spiller, Margie Springer, Mary Frances Spurlock, Virginia Stark, Jimmie Dell Stegall, Althea Steinhagen, Charlotte Stiers, Doris Ann Stilwell, Joy Stringtellow, Joyce Stroud, Helen Sullivan, Rose Marie Tatham, Peggy Taylor, Joyce Taylor, Margie Temple, Betty Sue Thibodaux, Ethel Thiel, Mary Louise Thompson, Shirley Tidmore, Audrye Tillery, Betty Clyde Tinkle, Dorothy Trammell, Anita Trudeau, Elizabeth Tuttle, Jo Ann Vetrano, Virginia Vernagallo, Lorraine Ward, Ann Warsham, Lera Whitt, Elza Gene Williams, Delores Williams, Dorothy Williamson, Edna Earle Wilks, Delores Ann Wilson, Gloria Wilson, Lois Wilson, Robbie Lynn Wilson, Shirley Lou Wimberly, Peggy Wimberly, Jo Eddy Wimberly, Rosemary Winters, Mary Louise Winter, Rose Marie Wood, Ann Wood, Dixie Wrist, Marilyn Gay Woodard, Norma Young, Betty Young, Reba Zoch, Joyce Colonel Wi' a flare o' drums, the skirl o' bagpipes, an' the tartan o' the clan o' Lytle swairlin' in a wee bit o' the Fling, The Scottish Brigade marches on the field. This bit of transplanted Bonnie Doon is the drill corps of Austin. Proper drilling is taught the girls by our own "Annie Laurie" Lytle and the beating of the drums, the moaning ofthe bagpipes, the blar- ing ot the bugles by that super-Scot, Michael Spampinato. Their work has made the Brigade renowned for individualism, precision, exact- ing discipline. The girls themselves get a lot of the credit, for the best laid plans gang aft agley without intelligent understanding and obedience. PATTY LOU AIRHART Lt. Colonel in charge of Records SHIRLEY EATON Lt. Colonel in charge of Reserves SHIRLEY JOHNSON Adjutant Major BETTY LOU ARNOLD Drum and Bugle Major, VIRGINIA VETRANO Drill Major CAROLE HOLTKAMP DRUM CORPS Captain Mary Frances McMurtry Beverly Ann Cooper, Gloria Eiland, Billie Mae Finney Jean Flanders, Florence Harding, Jane Johnson, Bernice Knight, Marjorie McMahon, Jesse Minter, Karlene Nunemaker, Corrinan O'Banion, Allene Ray, Norma Sawyer, Betty Joe Speight, Joyce Stringfellow, Shirley Thompson, Joyce Zoch. 1 BUGLE CORPS Captain June South v Jerry Burchardt, Antoinette Chiavone, Joyce Coon, Jeannine Eminian, Rose Marie Godby, Caroline Grammon Jean Haddon, Nellwyn Haigler, Norma Jean Hawley, Bernice Lewis, Jeanne Lewis, Marjorie Parker, Delphia Lou Pitts, Kathryn Rentzel, Carleen Reimen Margaret Scardino, Helen Sayers, Mary Sue Sloan: Virginia Spurlock, Mary Louise Thiel, Jean Whitt, Gloria Wilson, Rose Marie Winter, Reba Young BAGPIPE CORPS Captain Carollyne Reese Patsy Conn, Carol Flanders, Charley Beth Hughen, Martha Langley, Kathleen Lipscomb, Dorothy Long, Marilyn Long, Betty McManners, Doris Moore, Jean Barbara Reed, Elizabeth Reich, Anna Belle Rourke, Bess Sellars, Elizabeth Trudeau, Rosemary Wimberly, Betty Young, Betty Lou Howard. Perry, COMPANY A Captain Betty Jane Kasper Coleen Austin, Sally Barry, Clara Ann Biscoe, Doris Blakeslee, Joan Bruning, Myrtle Chapman, Frankie Davis, Jean Freitag, Ruth Fulton, Bina Hansen, Jean lngram, Betty Jean Jaenecke, Doris Jaffe, Mary Jane Johnson, Betty Kiecke, Ann Manly, Geneva Saxton, Saranna Skelton, Helen Stroud, Peggy Tatharn, Betty Sue Temple, Jo Dell Williams. COMPANY C Captain Bonnie Robertson Barbara Abraham, Dolores Bradford, Nancy Branan, Dorothy Edmunds, Charlotte Hasty, Marie Hopkins, Joyce Johnston, Dorothy Manly, Helen Pelham, Betty Ponton, Patricia Rand, Jacquelyn Rechif, Anita Royall, Cora Smith, Mary Frances Springer, Doris Ann Stiers, Geraldine Tice, Edna Earl Williamson, Lois Wilson, Shirley Lou Wilson, Margie Beseler. COMPANY B Captain Betty Gaskell Virginia Baker, Marie Bradshaw, Gloria Branyon, Natalie Butler, Doris Davis, Jane Freitag, Marion Frnka, Norma Hartung, Kathryne Edwards, Peggy James, Katherine Naul, Freda Pursch, Wanda Redmond, Ann Reeves, Ruth Roberts, Betty Robinson, Martha Sharp Robbie Wilson, Peggy Wimberly, Dorothy Williams, Ann Wood. gasa,w,,Jwweeamqff-ef-we M-.ww wffftswff-:ws,f.-.1 efeeaw,,f,,.,.r,.,A,e awww, THE AUSTIN R. O. T. C. S!Sgt. Malcolm E. Thomas STAFF SfSgt. Malcolm E. Thomas, Commandant Lt. Col. Raymond Devine, Regimental Commander Major Doyle Adams, Regimental Executive Officer Capt. William W. Johnson, Intelligence I Capt. Parke Smith, Personnel Capt. Bob Selstod, Supply Officer Capt. Norman L. Johnson, Plans and Training The R. O. T. C. at Austin High School, designated the Ist Regiment, is a unit of the Houston R. O. T. C. The objects, aims and ultimate mission of the R. O. T. C. are to train and qualify selected young men as reserve officers and non-commissioned officers in the military forces of the United States, should the occasion arise. To qualify such leaders, the P. M. S. G' T., in charge of Military Training in Houston High Schools, follows and directs the execution of a program prescribed by the War Department. The Commandant of Cadets, Staff Sergeant M. E. Thomas of the U. S. Army, endeavors to assist the P. M. S. C1 T. in training the members ofthe Austin R. O. T. C. Unit. Since its organization in I937, the Unit has distinguished itself many times. In I939 it was awarded first place in the Federal Inspection. Its rifle team has won the City Rifle Trophy. Two cadets were among the high ten in the City-Wide Rifle Competition and one among the high five in the William Randolph Hearst Trophy Rifle competition during the current school year. The unit participated in the Armistice day parade adding much to the patriotic feeling. The Cadet officers held their annual Military Ball at the 2nd Battalion, Texas Defense Guard Armory, February 2, l945, sponsored by Colonel C. S. Harrison, P. M. S. Er T. RIFLE TEAM 1 STANDING: Laurence Sexton, Glenn Goodman, Bob Selstod, Donald Andrews H. D. Graff. KNEELINGZ Edward Armstead, Benjamin Hard, 'Fhomas Dowling, Harlan Willis, Norman Dunnam. Absorblng the fundamentals of map-reading. COMPANY ."A" Company Commander-CAPT. MURRAY COX Company Executive Officer-lst LT. BENNIE FULLER Platoon Commander-2nd LT. WAYNE DUDDLESTON Platoon Commander-2nd LT. T. G. FITZGERALD Edward Armstead Carrol Baskin Billy Bodtleker Bill Briscoe Billy Brown Marvin Crawford Cloudy Crow Norman Dunnam Bill Frankhauser John Gibson Frank Helvey Bob Hermes Donald Horsfall Joe Frank Hugon Ted Jones Don Lambert Billy Lazarus Karol Miller T. K. Minor Martin Morales Norman C. Nelson Ralph Phillips Sidney Rcltisseau Byron Rusler Dan Shaw Billy Smith Glenn Spradley William Stewart Truman Thibodaux Joe Thomason J. O. Walder Edward Williams Jay Woods James Youngblood no il. ., Qdlf Y' fLiL' -.i, J we Q I . Q 9 fi X . f ff ,f A-7 lj 'NAA R ,, , Au AM-BUS!-dkwx ., - COMPANY "'B" Company Commander-CAPT. ROY WARREN Company Executive Officer-I st LT. BLAKE TARTT Platoon Commander-2nd LT. RALPH WALLACE V Platoon Commander--2nd LT. H. D. GRAFF Donald R. Andrews Lonnie E. Avery Hermon L. Bernard Bobby R. Bourbon James R. Brooks Glenn E. Goodman Pat Grymes Benjamin F. Hard George C. Henson Jesse E. Hitt Warren Lovingfoss Gene A. Macey Phill Pearson Donald L. Phillips COMPANY "C" Eddie W. Bader Tommy Bovee Don Barton Jack Burt Harry Bugge William Carlson Bobby Cody Rex Darling Lamont Dillon Thomas Dowling Donald Ellis Richard Etheridge Paul Evans Harley Fleming Robert B. Gill Emery G. Goldsberry Keith Harrington James Hinds Fred Jennings Eric Johnson George Johnson James Johnson William K. King Billy Kirby Bob Lacy' Roy Marsh Denny Mattocks Norman Mostart Joe Mayes Darrell Nance Eugene Rice Jerry Sanders Bob Suggs Delbert Terry R. C. Thompson William Walker Calisthenics Company Commander CAPT. DAVID NORCOM Company Executive Officer lst LT. LAURENCE SEXTON Platoon Commander 2nd LT. R. A. TODD Platoon Commander 2nd LT. EDWARD KUHL 'O- , we 2 lil . v if l "gl 'H CLARINETS, B FLAT Fred Schubert Betty Lou Deasor Bobby McClure Nan Riley Wallace Miller Billy Coffelt Clara Kieper Betty Ja Wooley Elroy Sullivan David Bullock Joe Philpot Lloyd Witt Frank Brown Clovis Jean Williams ALTO CLARINET Marion Bishop E FLAT CLARINET Bobbie Jean Lee BARITONES Mervin Key Marilyn Wareham BASSES James Bradshaw Norman McDonald Gerald Young THE MUSTANG BAND Mr. Michael Spampinato TENOR SAXOPHONE Lebon Agnello TROMBONES Gilbert McKenzie Donald Andrews H. D. Graf Howard Reese Lester Gibbons Richard Fankhauser CORN ETS Jackie Patison Tommy Taylor Truman Moses Gene Eignus Glenn Draper John Russell Kathleen May Norman Mostert- Ray Laurentz Edward Fitzgerald DRUMS Mary Ann Ingram Betty Scott Bobby Bell ALTO HORNS FLUTES George Bofysil Jimmie Burson Arlen McKenzie ' Curtis Cox Alice Schilling Q71 gL.M,QL.c.p" FRENCH HORN Tommie McBrayer ALTO SAXOPHONES J. Braxton Doak Jerry Maresh Gflfw sf-Wwe 6 on fx W5 BELLS Freddie Lee Buser Margaret Cronkhite Betty Lou Lemke Soils' . . 00 . . Svc we N4 Smoqta C0963 Be Oman Yx YJ me That s a C sharp major chord l" "Krudl lt's D flat major!" These SFORZANDO remarks are what pierce the serenity of our alma mater's auditorium . every third period. Yes, it's "Spamp" and the band! This versatile organization tit can change from a stirring Sousa March to a hot jazzy kick l with a mere flick of the batonl has become truly on institution of Austin. It plays for all pep grallies, football games, most assembly programs, and puts a spirit in them that only it can. Also, it was the only band picked to play for the Girl, Scout Show at the Coliseum on March 18, andat the ceremonies at the Turning Basin on Victory Fleet Day, after which the band was conducted on a tour through a,Liberty ship. They had a splashing good time at Galveston when they went there to play for the Splash Day Festivities. At the "Bonds for Bands," spon- sored by radio station KTHT, the Mustang Band placed second. lt received credit for o SIOOO bond because it was the only high school band in Houston that could play "Wood Chopper's Ball." The big event of the year for the members of the band, however, was the City Music Con- test at the Coliseum, held in April, The bond concluded a most successful season with their annual evening concert. OFFICERS 2nd Lt. Gilbert McKenzie lst Lt. Nan Riley Capt. Tommy Taylor lst Lt. Fred Schubert 2nd Lt. Gene Eignus Q -iff... 54 B X X 4 , . ff X fl: 4 Z TH E ORCH ESTRA MR. MICHAEL SPAMPINATO TENOR SAX Lebon Agnello DRUMS Bobby Bell Charles Tyer VIOLINS, FIRST Virginia Cecil Phillip Heintz Benjamin Hard Gene Kinney Nancy Brannan CLARINETS -lo'-In Swoin Betty Lou Deasor Renee Vermillion Lloyd Wm Elizabeth Reich A Ray Bittle TROMBONES H. D. Graf VIOLINS, SECOND Howvrd Reese Audrey Walters CORNET Virginia Eckerman Jack pofison Carol Flanders Percy Marchbanks FRENCH HORN John Lawler Tommy McBrayer Under the able direction of Mr. Michael Spam- pinato, our school orchestra has given us lively music which strongly appeals to our imagination. Two such pieces were "ln a Persian Market" and "French Canadian Country Dances." This spring the orchestra cooperated with the other high BARITONE Mervin Key PIANO Geraldine Knighton ALTO SAX Jack Kitchen VIOLA Perry Rodgers 27th. schools of Houston in forming the accompaniment for the three hundred voice choir of "The Holy City," given at the Music Hall March 26, and Betty Joyce Stephens Renee Derrick ' FIRST ROW lGIrIsl Shirley D, Eaton, Odean Spears, Ruby Speights, Jean Tatham, Doris Ann Wills, Betty Jo Tullos, Betty Coselli l Johnny Miller, Marie McDaniel, Gladys Mae Purdy SECOND ROW Dorothy Williams, Theresa Muraca, Wanda Alford Sylvia Sipple, Barbara Thackston, Bessie Kousakis Monna Johnson, Marie Wright FIRST ROW lBoysl Alan Williams, Royal Allen, Boysen Etie Fred Gerbode, Eugene Rice, Edward Leonard SECOND ROW M. J, Wimmer, Bill Frankhouser, Fred Burt Albert Shaffner, Carroll Terry, Parke Smith,Jimmy Wallace, Charles Clements, Wilburn Neal, Joe Peil, Ernest Benestante. Miss Bertie Sims' singing. THE CHORAL CLUB Miss Bertie Sims, Sponsor FRONT ROW: Helen Sayars, Dale Webb, Bonnie Gray, Connie Cashdollar, lrma Jean Wilson, Norma Jean Hawley, Hilda Payne, Helen Stroud, Rose Hellen Williams, Mary Sue Sloan. SECOND ROW: Jean Tyre, Edna Earle Williamson, Jeanne Lewis, Darlene Engholm, Betty Pearson, Eva Payne, Dolores Gilmore, Willete Gierisch. THIRD ROW: Joe Ree Brurnley, Hal Halverton, Ralph Wallace, Byron Benton, David Norcom, Fred Jennings, Billy Duncan, Robert Guntz, Don Williamson, Douglas Biggs, Robert Suggs, Harold McMamanus, Glynn Derbonne, Murray Cox. choruses this year have enjoyed a season of varied Out of three hundred students presenting "The Holy City" at the Music Hall, sixty-five were from Austin. Four of the soloists were Austin students. Besides these extra-curricular activities, the chorus did some beautiful music for the Christmas Program which we all enjoyed. SOLOISTS Wilburn Neal, Shirley D. Eaton, Bessie Kousakis, Joe Peil. r-aiearfgvm. f.--'f - H ,vm-Wtfum:'rf--we-s.a,,W.fe , THE MARRIAGE PROPOSAL Maxine Hawkins, Betty Lou Arnold, J Kenneth Bush. DRAMATICS THE GREEN MASQUE PLAYERS Miss Beatrice Harrison The six plays, as well as the senior play, which were presented this year, were the result of tireless effort on the part of this group. The dramatics department has been a workshop for the development of teamwork, self- expression, and a finer appreciation of the dramatic lit- erature of all time. The mutual dependence and co-operation which exists between the individual actors, and also between the cast as a whole and the technical staff is invaluable training tor whatever profession they may choose to enter in fu- ture years. This teamwork is subtle but absolutely neces- sary to the proper interpretation and production of the play. You in the audience cannot realize with what pre- cision the action is .accomplished The motivation of every movement, every line, must be in exact accord- ance with the theme. The six plays which were presented during the past year were "Spot Cash," "A Spot of Lunch," "The Mar- riage Proposal," "Villa for Sale," '7The Florist Shop," and "The Teapot on the Rocks." STORING THE PROPS Norma Jean Hawley, June South. RENEWlNG THE PROPS Gloria King, Qorothy Bledsoe, Norma Ridge, Quincy Baker, Fadra Mims. ARRANGING LlGHTS AND STAGE PROPS Althea Stegall, Jeannine Eminian, Byron Benton, Reba Young, Florence Harding, Jimmy Wallace. MAKE-UP ARTISTS Virginia Vetrano, Antoinette Chiavone Jane Johnson, Jimmy Stephens. REHEARSAL Betty Gaskell, Marjorie Gray, Betty Lou Ainold, Betty Box. THE FLORIST SHOP Norma Ridge, Jimmy Wallace 6 +900 693' 829 Q- 00 Yip alex Q' 5' KZ PREPARING THE SET Camille Tingley, Maxine Hawkins DOOR GUARD Capt. Norman Johnson, Officer of the Day TOP ROW: Raymond Devine, Doyle Adams, Bob Suggs, Ted Jones, Gene Crow, R. C. Thompson, Norman Johnson lst ROW: Arthur Hughes, Eugene Rice, Boysen Etie, Bob Hermes, Billy Brown Billy Lazarus, Eugene Prewitt. .pa- TOP ROW: Oliver Bond, Kenneth Thurman, Hugh Zinnecker, Roy Warren, Parke Smith, Louis Harvey, Jesse Hitt, Arthur Hughes, Joe Philpot, Marlon Willis. 2nd ROW! William Bollman, Billy Hill, Joseph Sovarino, Edward Leonard, John Thomas, Millard Fleetwood John Crochet, Eugene Fitzgerald, Joe Mayers. lst ROW: Claude Bangen, Bruce Tramrnell, Jack McCreary, Carroll Harris, Fred Schubert, Harlan Willis, Truett Airhart, Jerry Cunningham, Leon Bernard, Jay Woods. HALL MONITORS Mr. James H. Goettee TOP ROW: Gene Plemons, Gene Kinney, Earl lsaacks, Ralph Zedlitz, Billy Oliphant, Charles Madeley, Teddy Kornmayer, Ralph Phillips Earl Kirkland, Bruce Vernor. Znd ROW: Jack Payne, Jimmie Wright, ' Hugh Howard, Bill Fankhauser, Jack Minter, Ted Jones, Donald Holley, James Willis, Cairl Joyner, Marvin Crawford, Jimmie Stephens, Mr. Goettee. 151' ROW: Harry Bugge, Williard Miller, Claude Jarvis, Keith Harrington, Billy Jolly, Charles Jackowski, Ray Laurentz, J. H. Wilkins, Wesley Brueggeman, Carroll Baskin OFFICE HELPERS Mrs. Maxine Branard, Mrs. J. Perry Hunnicutt, Mrs. Evelyn Puig BOOK ROOM ASSISTANTS Mr. C. L. Rawson LEFT: TOP ROW: Doyle Springer, Myrtis Hurst, Barbara Miller, Patty Holloway, Beverly Cooper, Ann Reeves. Znd ROW: Billy Wilcox, Peggy Wimberly, Gladys Mae Purdy Suzanne Oelfke, June Brown, Gilbert McKenzie. 'lst ROW: Doris Jean Haygood, Charlotte Mercer. BELOW: TOP ROW: Ruth Spencer, Carol Flanders, Zaidee Guerin, Jackie Goddard, Gloria Raimer, Marie McDaniel, Wanda Redmond. 2nd ROW: Frank Brown, Yvonne Alston, Dolores Atchison, Jane Johnson, Homer Harris. lst ROW: ' Betty Kiecke, Florence Harding. TOP ROW! Emily Seldon, Georgia Robertson, Vera Humason, Dolores Thompson. Znd RCW: Helen Stroud, Kathryn Edwards,Jeon Borcherding, Mr. C. L. Rawson. lst ROW: Anna Lou Forrester, DeEtta Ford. OFFICE ASSISTANTS Mr. James H. Goettee TOP ROW: Billie Rhame, Doris Marie Hume Doris Thrash, Nelda June Cook, Dorothy Darilek. lst ROW: Carole Holtkamp, Helen Matteson Shirley Thompson, Florence Harding, June Lee, Sara Ann Reeves, Mr. Goettee OFFICE ASSISTANTS Mrs. Pauline M. Crouch TOP ROW Gertie Ruth Blattner, Lucille Allison Nancy McKellar, lrma Jean Wilson Bess Sellars, Monna Johnson, Joyce Krause Doris Anne Wills, Dorothy Bennatt. 2nd ROW Betty Lou Journell, Mary Joyce Hume Jane Johnson, Carolyn Patterson Marie Bradshaw, Jo Eddy Wimberly, Jessie Ruth Minter, Wanda Alford Mrs. Pauline M. Crouch ' lst ROW Betty Jane Lowery, June Eleanor Sims Mary Lee Steinhort, Ruth Nagorka Allene Ray, Eulene Ray, Ann McDougald Corrinan O'Banion, Virginia Troll Althea Stegall 1 1 I I 1 I 1 FIRE DEPARTMENT OFFICERS Chief: Charles Madeley Sponsor: Mr. James H. Goettee TOP ROW: Al Foster, Jimmy Stephens, Jerry Dockery, Charles Clements, Jack Minter. 2nd ROW: Tommy Taylor, Gene Reed, Ralph Zedlitz, Raymond Devine. lst ROW: Ray Laurentz, Charles Madeley, John Thomas, Teddy Kornmayer. Tolkowl f CAFETERIA ASSISTANTS Cairl Joyner, Truman Vaught, Jean Brennam, Dick Bullock, Pat Tardo, Ted Jones. 'lst ROW: H. D. Graf, Donald Mobley, Jimmy Stephens, Gene Reed, Lebon Agnello, Charles Johle. Monitors ..,.....,,.....,.., Miss Margaret Pearson LIBRARY ASS l STANTS Cashiers ..... Mrs. Evelyn Puig Peggy Wimberly, Ann Reeves, Beverly Ann Cooper, Dollie Passwaters. ABOVE: Betty Box, Mary Lou Jones, Virginia Jones, Betty Scott, Catherine Thrash. RIGHT: Elizabeth Christenot, Barbara Thackson, Monna Johnson, Bonnie Nelson, Doris Jaffe, Myrtle Chapman. i ,.1- 7 J ' 24 All John Foster, Russell Meyer, Frankie Davis, Barbara Reed, Clara Ann Biscoe. 2nd ROW: Bob Selstad, Ben Allen Park, Dolores Hare, Mrs. Potter, Mary Lou Bennett, Kathryn Rentzel, Hugh Howard, Jack Payne. Ist ROW: Elizabeth Batmanis, Kathleen Lipscomb, Barbara Andrews, Jeannine Eminian, Ann Woods. FALL OFFICERS Hugh Howard. . .Secretary. Althea Stegall . . .Treosurer. Once a month, loud orations, declamations, debates, and extemporaneous speeches can be heard ringing through the night. This, as you may justifiably sup- pose, is the called meeting of that pride of the forensic arts of Austin High, the Orastangers. However, this club not only devotes itself to such weighty problems as "Re- solved: Eighteen Year Olds Should Vote" but very often throws shindigs that would compliment Elsa Maxwell where these intelligencia really break down and show that they are adept in more arts than speech. . . ...... Barbara Reed THE TNT CLUB Mrs. Charline Potter The TNT Club, made up half of Democrats a'nd halt Republicans, is twice as explosive as its name indicates, as many of the guest speakers can tell you. Some of these men who have spoken at the celebrated night meetings are the consuls of EI Salvador and Great Britain. However, these noctural "bull ses- sions" are not the only form of enter- tainment for the Then, Now, Tomorrow Club. They have indulged in a Christmas Party, a much-planned-for hayride, and its annual wassail tossed in honor of the graduating seniors. X 15 SPRING Russell Meyers . .President. . . . .Barbara Andrews Ray Soileau . . .Vice-President. ....... John Foster ,f Elizabeth Batmanis .1 4:10 50,64 iflb 4 X ,gf 1 if 6' l pofiid ' xl 9. 5 v ff X i 6 71 f I o 1 all i ' x -Q A '.'.. ,JM .- !' ff? THE ORASTANGERS Mrs. Frances Dement TOP ROW: Dorothy Williams, Bonnie Jean Robertson, Tommy Potter, Anna Lou Forrester, Jeannine Emlnian, Kathleen Lipscomb, Betty Lou Arnold. Znd ROW: Fay Longcrier, Betty Kasper,.Jo Dell Williams, Beverly Ann Cooper, Jeannette Morgan. lst ROW: John Russell, Jimmie Wallace, Ben Allen Park, Blake Tartt, J. Riley Dittbrenner, Joe Pell. TOP ROW: Bernice Lewis, Clara Ann Biscoe, Dorothy Edmunds, Cozetta Bartholomew, J. M. Leach, Clifford Risley, Johnnie Matteson, Helen Matteson, Tommy Taylor. 2nd ROW: Betty Pontius, Barbara Blackwell, Doris Marie Blakeslee, Sally May Barry, Norma Jeane Hawley, Polly Jones, Mrs, Dement, R. C. Thompson. lst ROW: Gail Williams, Connie Cashdollar, Connie Simpson, Elizabeth Elder, Russell Adams, Anna Marie Hainline, John Foster, Douglas Meyer. ylo ' I 1 STUDENT PAN-AMERICAN LEAGUE Miss Vernon Dilworth, Mrs. Mauryne Dailey, Mr. Michael Spampinato FALL SEMESTER OFFICERS SPRING SEMESTER TOMMY TAYLOR . .,.. .,.... P resident .,.. ,.,. T OMMY TAYLOR MAXINE MCMAKIN . . . .... Vice-President. . . . . . INDIA ANN BOYD BILLY BODDEKER ..... ,... S ecretary ,... .... B OB BROWNHILL STRATO BATMANIS ....., . . . . . Treasurer ,... ...... . ERIC JOHNSON MARY LOU BENNETT ..,...,... SLF Representative ........... KATHLEEN LIPSCOMB To the strains of "Rancho Grande" and "Cielito Lindo," and by the strain of seeing "Buenos Dias, CarmeIita" for the fourth or fifth time, lnter-Ameri- can spirit is being cultivated in the Student Pan-American club of S. F. A. Chief among the activities of this group was the auditorium program featur- ing a play, "Spanish Without a Master." 61 Aff M5 TOP ROW! Edward Armstead, Billy Warriner, H'ugh Howard, Joseph Sovarino, Neil Leva. 4th ROW: Oliver Cochran, Alfred Sarabia, Miss Dilworth, Mr. Spampinato, Mrs. Dailey, Nick Dameris, Gerald Stockbridge. 3rd ROW! Robert Muery, Patty Holloway, Elsie Reed, Charles Schwartzkopf, Noel Searle, Jean Tyer, Jeanne Lewis. 1X0 621 PVP els ' ' Znd ROW: Gladys Mae Purdy, Helen Louise Pelham, K0ll'1fYn KVOPPI Elinor Ransom, Yvonne LeComte, Clara Batterson, Borda Lon Bower, Buddy Cummings. Ist ROW: -Eric Johnson, Kathleen Lipscomb, Bob Brownhill, India Ann Boyd, Tommy Taylor, Maxine McMakin, Billy Boddeker, Mary Lou Bennatt. NOT PICTURED: ' Doris Jaffe, Gertrude Gotcher. , Spanish dancer with MANTILLA and EVERYTHING! THE HOSPITALITY CLUB Miss Ruth Daugherty When you become a member of one of Miss Daugherty's Social Rela- tions classes, you automatically become a member of the Hospitality Club. They sponsor different activities during the year and the most active one is the planning and executing ofthe Semi-annual Aloha Prom. TOP ROW Miss Daugherty, Joyce Segrest, Polly Jones, Ruth Fulton, Charleene Dees, Carolyn Collins, Myrtle Chapman, Leonard Lala, Reba Young 2nd ROW Jack Minter, Ken Adams, Billy Duncan Connie Cashdollar, Addison Hilton Jessie Mae Stulz, Elinor Ransom Jimmy Dunmire, Billy Hill lst ROW Byron Benton, Roy Warren, Ray Santerre Martha Lockett, Ralph Zedlitz Mary Lee Steinhort, Clay Milligan John Foster 1 1 1 1 TOP ROW: Doris Moore, Betty Jane Kiecke, Charles Johle, Ted Jones, Carole Holtkamp, Jimmy Standard, June Eleanor Sims, Mariorie Orsak, Miss Daugherty, Catherine Thrash, Betty Haferkamp, Beverly Jo Maples. 2nd ROW: Joe Hunt, Gene Kinney, Rosemary Henderson Bonnie Clark, Nancy Simpson, Betty Lou Journell, Louise Jaschke, Valeta McAfee, Warner Able, Charles Clements, A. W. Shaw. lst ROW: I J. L. Walker, Maurice Ford, Nellwynn Haigler, Betty Chaney, Steve Pace, PEQQY Voss, . Bobbie Jeanne Lee, Betty Lou Deason, Joan Swain, Jack Quarles. TOP ROW: Charlotte Stelnhagen, Bettye Miller, Helen Powledge, Quincy Lee Baker, Mary Hulsey, Billie Hellums, Katherine Sterling, Miss Daugherty, Katharine Reynette, Doris Marie Hume, Shirley Waldrip. 2nd ROW: .lack Smith, Lawrence Baldwin, Dorothy Bennatt, Dolores Atchison, Bobby Allen, Billy Duncan, Ann McDougald, Billy Coftelt, Martha Lockett, Marie Sims, Mary Louise Huey. ' lst ROW: Glenn Gathright, Dorris Barnes, Millard Fleetwood, Les Newman, Charles Hebert, Jeannine Leonard, Louise Murphy, Barbara Cary, Carolyn Collins, David Milton, James Fisher. l The Sub-Deb Club was organized in i937 to improve the cultural life of the members and to promote wholesome social activities. ln l942 the mem- bership ot the club increased enough to necessitate a division into two groups, the junior and senior chapters. Each group has its own social activ- ities, but for the larger affairs they function as a unit. SUB-DEBS Mrs. Willavie Whiteside This year's program included a sport dance for the initiation of new members, a tea in February and Open House in April. JUN IORS TOP ROW: Kathryn Rentzel, Marilyn Long, Betty Tones, Clara Ann Biscoe, Kathryn Edwards, Jean Tyer, Jeannine Leonard. 'lst ROW: Patsy Conn, Doris Moore, Elizabeth Trudeau Annie Belle Rourke, Martha Langley. TOP ROW Jeannine Eminian, Carollyne Reese, Ruth Fulton, Marie Bradshaw, Carleen Riemen, Frankie Davis. lst ROW: Quincy Baker, Diane Sengelmonn, Kathleen Lipscomb, Corrinan O'Banion, Barbara Reed, Ann Wood. SEN IORS TOP ROW: Barbara Andrews, Jean Thomas, Barbara Cary, Eulene Ray, Allene Ray, Betty Lou Howard, Gertrude Gotcher. 2nd ROW: Dolores Hare, Myrtle Chapman, Marston Lancaster, Norma Jean Hawley, Dollie Passwaters, Reba Young, Dolores Atchison, Betty Bourbon. lst ROW: Betty Gaskell, Antoinette Chiavane, Dorothy Darilek, Mary Box. Joyce Hume, TOP ROW Mary Frances McMurtry, Round-Up Reporter, Fall Florence Harding, Social Chairman, Fall Jane Johnson, Program Chairman, Fall, June South, Parliamentarian, Fall, Shirley Johnson, Social Chairman, Spring, Anne Batsan, Parliamentarian, Spring lst ROW: Carole Holtkamp, Treasurer, Fall, Virginia Vetrano, Secretary, Fall, Betty Jane Kasper, Vice-President, Fall, Patty Lau Airhart, President, Fall, Betty Lou Arnold, President, Spring, , Ruth Roberts, Vice-President, Spring, - " Betty Joe Speight, Secretary, Spring, 5 vw Mary Frances Springer, Treasurer, Spring. K L, .5 1 ,Y , h H M5851 .':'.f,--', Q IM., '.f1 v 555 WML, V an X A 'ew up: gg., A Q w ' me-uf ,+ .f .wif-feeffrgir ' it . it iff , . ...Q-M T' 'L f,Q,,,,, , 1...eaa1?:' i""' f' . F2',s:.Eif5 ' lx ,i , ,bi ,az ATIUN Y Halollou ' ,Xxx 19 E M g ' I iz I' C? . 2 f ll' .XR FALL OFFICERS lAbovel: BILLY WALTON JOHNSON ........,..,,. President CHARLENE DEES ..,........ , . .Vice-President MARY LEE STEINHORT .,.. ..,,., S ecretary BETTY GASKELL ........ .,...., T reasurer Maurice Ford .... ...,.,,....... P arliamentarian FALL MEMBERS iBelowl: Althea Stegall, Mary Lou Bennett, Marjorie Gray, Patty Lou Airhart, , J Ann McDougald, fi 'l ll P Gertrude Gotcher. I All NATIONAL Mrs. The National Honor Society is c the senior class. The members are ership, service, and character. The most important activities 0 initiations of new members. These a Q LAMBDA SIGMA ALPHI' Mrs. Pauline M. Crouch The Lambda Sigma Alpha is composed of s t u d e n ts who have won the American Legion Awards at the end of their first year of high school. This year, the club's main endeavor h a s b e e n the war stamp drive. Our officers are: President, Patty Lou Airhart, Vice-President, Gladys Mae Purdy: Secretary, Elizabeth Bat- manis, Treasurer, Billy Johnson. ROW. Bruce Sirnoneaux, Kyle Mrs. Pauline Crouch, Ka Ist ROW: Billy Walton Johnson, El Suzanne Oelfke, Elizabe 5- r I ,R SOCIETY mf the top ranking I5 percent of n the basis of scholarship, lead- b are the formal and informal ch semester. I ' SPRING MEMBERS ILeftl I TOP ROW: Paul Wilber, Jean Tyer, Helen Stroud, Elinor Ransom, Nan Riley, Tommy Taylor. lst ROW: s -Barbara Reed, Allene Ray,- Mary Frances McMurtry, Johnnie Miller, Maxine McMakin, Fred Schubert. ATI HoNoK Sade xx ' , x SPRING OFFICERS: SITTING: Barbara Andrews, Program Chairman, Nelda June Cook, Secretary, Dorothy Darilek, Vice-President. STANDING: Gene Eignus, President, Bob Selstad, Herald, Marlan Willis, Parliamentarian Donald Foster. Sergeant at Arms, Raymond Devine, Treasurer. Z Iollie Passwaters, Martha Helen Card, rds, Charleene Dees, Paul Wilber, Bill Dailey. ch, Caroline Grammon, Patty Lou Airhart, s, Gladys Mae Purdy, Bob Iirownhill. SPRING MEMBERS: TOP ROW: Frankie Davis, Bob McClure, Beverly Joe Maples, Carole Holtkamp, Bobby Allen. 2nd ROW: Mervin Key, Ouida Jo Hernbree, A. B. Harris, Jeanine Eimian, Kathryn Edwards. Ist ROW: Winifred Boggs, Marion Bishop, Clara Ann Biscoe, Dorothy Bennett, Elizabeth Batmanis. The Hi-Y is a Wednesday evenfng club CHESS CLUB .gee O09 Miss Bertha Doering YW SEATED: 0 W s-"--- 4 :'Q4ejg3e2Q "Ahal Checkmate. with my passed pawn." "But it's my move. I took your KRP en passantf' "Oh, yeah?" These are the weird cries that can be heard resounding through the cafeteria each Thursday afternoon. To a newcomer, this may seem strange but all old Austinites know it is just the Chess Club. The club, tutored by Miss Bertha Doering, is organized to promote 'interest in the "game of Miss Doering, Ben Allen Park Wallace Miller, J. Braxton Doak, Jerry Etheridge, R. S. Meyers, Tommy Taylor, Bobby Hunt, Carroll Terry, Bob Treadwell. STANDING: Kings" Membership is open to all students, of dear old S F A, beginners as well as chess sharks. Blake Tartt Bob McClure, Donald Mcoonaia, amy aaaaeker. TOP ROWI .XM ' X ,,II,f4. THE 'bi ,f I' Miss Lillion Corleton gf? , 'X Miss Adelle Woggomon Miss Waggaman, Jimmy Bradshaw, Jo Ree Brumley, TommY THYIOV, John Cl'0Ch9T Adrian Zittle, Truett Airhart, Murray Cox, Miss Carleton. 2nd ROW: ' b 4 Raford Rawlinson, Betty Karl, Charlyne Lobit, Marie McDaniel, Doris Marie Hume, Virginia Tynes, Dollie Passwaters. Ist ROW: Lester Gibbons, Myles Schutte, Joyce Krause, Betty Joe Tullos, Donald Biehl, Steve Pace, Jimmy Wallace. .X x, 9 so w ill WP! "ROLLING PONIES" sy Strike! They're all down! That's the goal of every bowler of Austin's "Rolling Ponies." Those hard-working ponies are at the alleys every Thursday afternoon com- peting against each other to be one of the highest ten bowlers who will be awarded letters. FALL OFFICERS SPRING President Eddie Sheinberg Tommy Taylor Vice-President Murray Cox Truett Airhart Secretary Betty Joe Tullos Donald Biehl Sergeant at Arms Lester Gibbons Manager Wiley Norman Steve Pace I L Jimmy Moffatt, Don Paton, Cairl Joyner, Eddie Sheinberg, '-I-IZ.. l-larold McManus, Gene Macey, Bruce Simoneaux. ,-1321 zna now: , '- Mr, Lumpkin, Jack Quarles, Burford Rodgers, Joseph Savarino, l- . .... .. .. ... , A J4i-..1.,... n...,-... l:+Lvvlanr4l Mr. Irving W. Lumpkin FALL OFFICERS SPRING President Gene McDaniel Owen Litherland Vice-President JOSGDB 5aV3l'iflO Eddie Sheinberg Secretary Dilfiald 555995 Jack Quarles Program Chairman Bob Maffln Noel Searles which meets under the expert supervision of Mr. Irving W. Lumpkin. Its activities include participation in Easter Sunrise Service and the Anti-Tuber- culosis Drive In the past meetings, the club has enjoyed talks from an officer who took part in the D-Day invasion and from a man who has served many of his recent years in China. lst ROW: Tom Laws, Marion, Webb, Darrell Nance, Charles Clements, Tommy Taylor. Ruby Mae Dowell, Barbara Andrews, Faye Jones, Dolores Hare, Jeannine Eminian, Barbara Martin, Mrs. Gates, Jeanette Morgan, Jane Ledbetter. MUSTANG MOUNTIES Mrs. E. C. Gates High-ho Silver! Away! And out of the gloomy pre-breakfast, eight-o'clock, Saturday- morning stillness come the thundering hoofbeats of Mrs. Gates et entourage- And the Mustang Mounties ride again! This all-female club of equine prowess, sponsored by Mrs. Gates, an otherwise harmless science teacher, is organized for the sole pur- pose of riding horses. The members' joy knows no bounds at the sight of a correctly-ridden horse. Barbara Andrews does the honors, Jeannine Eminian does the loaf- ing, and Dolores Hare does the work. Jerry Tice, Barbara Robinson, Jacquelyn Rechit Jo Ann McKinney, Lois Bergland, Ann Reeves, Bernice Lewis, Elinor Ransom. A l T H E RO U N D-U P Miss ARDIS PHILLIPS Charlene Dees June South Betty Joe Speight Editor Student Sponsor Business Manager If you want to know all about Austin, just take a gander at the Austin Round-Up, the school's official newspaper, published under the sponsorship of Miss Ardis Phillips. In the paper may be found news, formal and informal feature stories, personality columns, sports news and comment, editorial discussion of current problems, literary columns, society and club news, humor and exchange columns, and specially drawn cartoons. The staff is now sending copies of the Round-Up to Ex-Austinites in the armed forces. Jean Thomas Reba Young, Headline Ed., Carole Holtkamp, Asst. News Ed., Mary Lee Steinhort, Associate Ed., Gloria Re write Ed Miss Phillip SPORT EDITORS Leonard Lala, Douglas Biggs Billy Hill, Hugh Granberry, Tommy Dorsey. Ben Allen Park, Literary Editor, Althea Stegall, Page 3 Editor, Mr. Scardino, Printer, Mary Frances McMurtry, Page l Editor. Ann McDougald, News Editor, Betty Jane Kasper, Artist, Jeannine Eminian, Feature Editor, Polly Jones, Column Editor, Jane Johnson, Society Editor. Clara Ann Biscoe, Circulation Manager, Marguerite Peters, Exchange Editor, Shirley Johnson, Advertising Manager, Virginia Vetrano, Advertising Manager. Ist ROW Tommy Taylor, Editorial Writer Ramona Rowel, Columnist Ruth Roberts, Columnist. 2nd ROW Jean Ingram, Sophomore Editor Doris Jaffe, Sophomore Editor Marston Lancaster, Typist QUILL AND SCROLL MISS ARDIS PHILLIPS The Quill and Scroll is an international or- ganization whose members are outstanding high school journalists and students. To become a member, it is necessary to rank scholastically in the top fourth of the class, to do superior work on a school publication, and to have samples of published work approved by the society's directors at Northwestern Univer- sity. Austin's Chapter was organized in l937 un- der the sponsorship of Miss Ardis Phillips. Corral staff members in the Quill and Scroll this year are: Barbara Andrews, Dorothy Dari- lelc, Jerry Etheridge, Ouida Jo Hembree, Jack Payne, Gladys Mae Purdy, Allene Ray. ,K-iigsxf-7 Round-Up staff members are: Charlene Dees, Jeanine Eminlan, Gertrude Gotcher, Carole Holtkamp, Ann McDougald, Mary Frances Mc- Murtry, Barbara Reed, Althea Stegall, Mary Lee Steinhort, Tommy Taylor, Jean Thomas, and Gloria Wilson. THE CORRAL STAFF MRS. WILLAVIE WHITESIDE A..-l Editor in Chief DOLORES HARE Club Editor DOROTHY DARILEK Business Manager i.. I Assistant Editor The Corral Staff of ,l945 ossumes full responsibility for the foregoing pages. We offer one apology-due to war-time restrictions on film and bulbs, we could not always retake pictures that failed to turn out well, nor could we take many action shots. Aside from this, no apologies, no excuses-in fact, no comment at all. The judging of this book we leove entirely to you. MRS. WH ITESIDE Sponsor TYPISTS Ruth Roberts Antoinette Chiavone Eulene Roy Elizabeth Botmcmis Dorothy Green Allene Roy HEAD TYPIST Dorothy Darilek BUSINESS MGR. Owen Litherland Gladys Mae Purdy, Editorial Editor, and Asst. CLASS EDITOR Editor Etheridge regale the staff with a bit of mood music. It I ft .DF K HOMEROOM REPRESENTATIVES TOP ROW: Luella Myatt, Charley Beth Hughen, Betty McDaniel, Cleta Snapp, Bernice Knight, Mary Jane Johnson, Trellis Leonard, Renee Derrick, Shirley Johnson. Ist ROW: Norman McDonald, Joyce Coon, Peggy Griffin, Jacquelyn Rechit, Borda Lon Bower, Jean Brock. BOYS' SPORT EDITORS Tommy Taylor Blake Tartt Murray Cox x S . fy cv gfgfydlfaw fi .ev u 1, 'A , x ff. QW Q ii ggdnyf W, My Mgvfiff L :X , W ' Ja xxx Eff' ' Xkyyi?Wrjl,e5 gsgi V Sv 5-My R -N75 F ' A 4-w-el?:,a,,,4,,2,a..f' . 1 K .,-, . . 1 , . , , X 2 -, -. , ,' . -I ' ' 4pj'Pwl- ,,.'-f '- -pg.. 4 .ipf :Lg .. ' - -. fl :rn '-.7.:':J'-,::1xHfz-wif QQ wwwfa y yxw, 3 'F' WWUQWLLNJWH 6 1 Kr, rp' QS 1 '59 R K fu ii -Q A I' . S X gl fm N X xg Jf ??1g'1, xx . H it M xo qua-. umm 'arf X OMSJWP 1, x g7ljj1'BiIl,yi .ff f' 1 '-AJ f r'gq:gvg,fjFZr gf Q ww dw fl??f?yi5?l Q32 -035 O ,jx QED WIRX QQ, digg I ff! X f 7 X by , 2 8 ,M L go 61 "K K bm NW X uf AW . ' .. V ,QM 1f.".v2 'Suu .N

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